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Full text of "Adjutant General's Report Containing the Complete Muster-out Rools of the Illinois Volunteers ..."

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f I L L iTSTQ I S 


B 3 9015 0023:) 17-) /" 

Vol. V. 
i8ra»d 1899 





■ I?. 



U^i^s O/wL ■^-^/i . j/i fl j 

y Google 

S?5SE;i-^!!^E5^3safii(!SsliS^S&i^S3S3S^^S^^3^^^^5S=^'H!"i^' il 


■ IZ 

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1838 and I89S 

Brigadier General JAMES B. SMITH, Adjutant General 


FaiLuri Bbos., State Prnmrsiu. 


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When. Where. 


Junes B- Campball ... 
John 3. PankhoaBer.. 


June 2B.1S98 
Jane la.tsft 



Lieutenant Colonel 

Julr: aiBSB 

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Melville W. Spencer. 

June 28. ms 

Mftjor uid SuncoD... 

Georce E. Merodtth. 

JohD B. Tolllvei .. 

Rest. iBt Llent. *□<] A.d]. 


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Enrolled and muBtered In as Msjr>r 9th 111., 
command 1 11 K reg1m«Bt Nut. iv to Hnv. 23, 
lUea, laulunlve. per $. 0. 19. ilprll lO. 1899, 
htBilquarura 7lta Armi ('orpa: on leave of 
Bbsenca from Oct. 7 to Oel, II. I8»a. Incla- 
alve. per 8 O. I!S. Ocl. 1. 1893, hi'a'lqaar- 
ter> 7lb Armr Corps; on lesve ot absvnos 
from Msrh ilS \o March 29, 1899. incluslva. 
ver S, O. m. aeries 1899 Deportment HrOT- 
Inoe ot HavsnB. Cubai leave ot sbsenee 
extended (3) tbree duys per S. O. Hi. De- 
parinii'iit fci.vltice of Hsvana. Oubi, 
series 1809i elck March 30. 189^. Id quarttra, 

enrolled atter muster-in ot reilment vice 
FunkboDser. promoied: oommlBslon dated 
Nut. 19. IsSBi aci^i-ptrd cuDiuil^aton and re- 
ported for dutr Not. 19. 1B98: Joined reel- 
m'Dt Bt SaTsnoah. Ga . Nov. U. 1B98: mua- 
tered In witb new rank at iJavai<Dab, (J a, 
Nov ze, iSiTB. bsr Lieut. Col. C. B Rihbu). 
JurtEe A'lvoeate and Mu>ieHn« Oaic.r; 
re-muslered st AUEusra. Ga., May 18, 11)99, 
to rank aa Major (ri.m Nov, la. 18S8. by 
CapiBlD EdBsr W, Howe. ITth lufantrT 
UuetFrloe Ufflcer. per ttJrKmpblc auiboc- 

pBld Bx Major from Nov. m. 1898: Par due 
aa Major trom Nut. 19, I!i98. to Nov. 25, 
1898. Itjclualve; on It'ava ol Bb!<»nce from 
UarcbSlto Aprils. 1899. per ^.0. 31. Ma ch 
St, 1899. Deparimeut ProTlnce of Havana, 

ment'froiD Feb 19 to Fr b" 27. .B99.''locl'if8- 
Ive.nnr 1..9. 119. Keb 16.]8e<>.headqu.irt(,rB 
1A Brlimde. let UIvIbIdd. lib Army Corps; 
aick Keb. 28. 1899. In qaartetB, la tlae ot 

Enrolled and muaVered Id as MsjoV and'Siir- 
Keon 9tb III : BPpolDlpd on hoard ot aur- 
reona per S. O. TU. ^ject S. I89B. baadqast- 
ters 2d Dlvlxloa, lib Army Corps: oD 
leave of abseni-e from Sept. 21 to Oct 11, 
1898. InclualvB. per 8. O. 113, Sept. n. IS9B. 
bfailquBTifrx 7Ib Arm; Corp-: alch Deo. I, 
1S98. In quarters. In line o( duly 

Enrolli^d and tuu'ternd Into service as let 
LleutenantCo C. «lh III.; appolnied Karl- 
mem at Aljutant Rro. 10,1898. per Q O J*. 
Deo. 10, lb99. headquarters 9tb 111 Vol. lot ; 

WrUht. promoted Captain Co. C, 9tb IIL 

Inrolled and mustered la'ag' R^Elmeniai 
QuBrtermxter 9tb III : on leBTr ot absepce 
Iiom Sept. ^ to Sent. 2D. 18S8. Inelusive, per 
3. 0. 93. Sept, T. 1898. beadquartets 7ib 

Nov, 19 to Nov. 21. 1898. IncluBtve. per S. 
O.ttS. NOT.l3,|g9S,tieadatiariers let Dlv. lib 
Army Coros; leave ol abaeni^e eiveaded 
ten days from Nov. 2* to Dpc 3. IS9S. In- 
cruBlve, per S. O. 17S. Nov. 8. 18^8. bead- 
quartern 7tn Army Corps; sick Jan. 8, 1HS9, 
In quBitacB, in line of duty 

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Ut Lieut, and AaBt.SuiB. 

June 28.1898 


,.„ »»» 

Walter R, WaBhbora.. 

iBt Llent. and ABSt.Snra 

June 28,1898 


loir 2,1891 

JohD A. St. Clair 

Seet. Sereeaut AlBJor ... 

June 28.1898 


Julr 11,18M 


Jnir iLUsa 

Charles M. Sneed 

Prtnctcal Mnstctan 

Jane 13.1898 


July 11. UW 

James B. Clark 

Rett. Q. U. SerBsant.... 

Jane 28.1898 

jQlr I.18ia 



Jan* 28.1898 


Jnir (.ISSS 

Omar E. Date 

Tans 23.18W 


Jnlr 1I.18W 

Herman Moot 

Rest. HosDltal Steward, 

Jnne 28,1898 


JolJ It 1898 

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Bprlasfleld ... 

By wbom. 
Llent Ballon... 

Llent BaUoq... 
Llmt BalloD... 
Llenk BallOD. .. 


Enrolled and mustered Into eerrlce as 1st 
Lieu ten ant and AssiatuntSarEeoD 9th tll.i 
xick Deo. 12, 1B98, In quiirtere. In Hue of 

id and mnstered I. 

arch 23. 11IB9. Uepftrtmeni 
nvans. Cnbii; I'I'-t' Hon 9: 
re. In line of di 
__.olli;cl and mi 
Chaplain Elb 111. 

SnrseoD 9th ill. ; 
S.,0. 81. 

Into aery lee 

s of diBBblllly Iron 

veAot Major Sth III.; 


ID 3th i 


.. UeLeaobboro. 

lied and mnslered In as Chief Mnslclan 
111 : paid as ChlfC MuslcUn from Juna 
...0 Jnlr 10, lB9g, luclueWe; fnrlouitbed 
from 8ePt. SO xo Oct. 19. lltia. Inclusive, 
fourth IndoiiemeDt heiidqUHrlerEi Kli 
Arm; Corps: deposited wltb UbJot 
WrlehLA. f. M., Nov. 1. 1898, one hundred 
and fatty dollars IIH^OO); deposhed vlth 
Major emlth. A. I'. M., U. 8, A.. Feb. 10, 
18»il. slltr aollars OEO.UOl 

Snralled as private and naxtered In ag 
principal Haelclun Sth III.; paid aa urln- 
clpal MualclBD tram Jane Z« to Jul7 10. 
18»B, Inclusive; furloUEhed from Oct. 10 to 
Uct. IS. »9B, Inclualve. fourth Indotesment 
head qu alters 7th Artnr Corps 

Enrolled and mu'teted In aa prlva'e Co, A. 
Bib 111,; anpolnted UeglmeDtal Quarler- 
master Sereeant from priTale Cu. A.Btlt 
III.. Deo. 13. 1SB9. per R, G. O. IJ. Deo. 18, 

SurlDKlleld... L 

aorliiKfleld... L 

, 18148: nIcK Sept. S. 
._t. 15. isis Inquan 
'! dueD.S.SOSB 

a, Enrolled as prlva 

.. Llent. Ballon... 


ird fro 

.a Heapltal auder Q. 

O. 114. A. U.O. SO, In line ot duty 

nrolled as private: Diustered In aa Hospl- 

ard from June 28 to July 10. 1898, ioclnalret 
crippled by talllDR ovr suy raps July ZS. 
18W, tnllDOof duty InqoarierB 

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Obarles JndsOD Poole 

Ueat. Hoxpltol Steward 

Oct. 80.1888 


Uai §.lBn 

JanssW. Bird 

Inne i8,iegB 

Blliabethtowo ... 

Jaly I,18H 



Nov. W,18n 

Jane 2S.1BS8 
Jnne a.U)S 

m. Cumel 


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Lieut Ballon... 

ScrlnEfleld ... 

SprlnEfteld ■ 

Ueat. B Alton. .. 

OrUlDslly enrolled for two rears at Mt. 
VerDon, 111.. b> Artiascr Co. K. 9th til. 
Vol. [□!. June 28. 1891. b; Can'fttn A. U. 
EIrby.Sth 111. Vol. tsf.; muet^red In at 
ArtlHcrr rame compsny bI SprlQuQetd, 
III.. July 10, IS9B, by U«uieiinnt KbIUiu; on 
duly s»i BtiHudsDt at reelmental hospital 
from Juna 39. IBaB, to Oct. 19. 1B98. Inciu- 
Bloe; itansferren to HoapltBl Corps U. 8. 

1898. per S U, 18. tiHttrlquBrttrg 1th Army 
Corps. Camp Cuba Libre. Klorlria, »iima 

duty w"ih"rei[1nient: sDpiilnted HoBpltsl 
Steward Bth 111. Vol. Inf . Oct. 20, 18^8: din- 
oharicedHK nrlTHte Hoapliul Uorps U 3. 
A.. M>^y B, IB98. M take effect Uct. S9, 1B9B: 
dhcbaree Bsd Bniil stxt^menis given; 
cbarsEter eicelleat: newly enrolled sa 
Hnxpltal Steward Oih til. Vol IcCMftyS. 
1898. totahe etftcl Ucl. ilO. iB!*8; has been 
Bald Droperly (or entire tprm of eecTlca to 
March SI. 1899: this ioldler bng sorved 
CODIinuouBly ilnee June Z8. IB9S; hs has 
eerred wlthiiat the Uulced Statas and U 

tUB of^Act" o" C<m'Kr'i.«°. approved''jftn'll7 
IB99: the new enrutlment la laobedlenca 
ti' ladoraement by A, G. O . dated April IT, 

dter'i record and make the eetylca con- 

tlnuoQii; due U. 8. la.lB 

LawrencTUIe Enr«lle.l and niUBt^rKd In as private to Com- 
pany Q. 9th til. Vol. Inr.i prnmoled S«f 
iieantCnniDanyU, JulylB.]S9S. per 6. O. 
No I. Hdttrs.Stb til Vol. Inf.. game date: 
traneterreil 'o band as SerEeant from Go. 
Q. Jmy 18.1898. per G. O. No. 1, Hdqrs. 3tb 
III. Vol. lr'f..t<aD]e1ate:IranpferredE0Co. 
Q. as •'Hnjeant, Kfib. IS 1899. per 8. O. No. 
109. Hdqra. 9rh l]I. Vol. InF.. Bams dale; 
transferred to band as ''e'eeant from Co. 
O. Aprtli.1899. rerS. O. No. 169. Hdqre.Sth 

beid "nf "thin Serepant lu^Co. G. In order 
that Ibe Dumber ot »erceants allowed the 
reelniint bylaw mlebt ont be exceeded'. 
slc« la hospital Frb. I.I899, and Apill 3. 
1889, all not Inline ot duty 

Elltat>alht'wD OrlElnally enrolled aud mustered ae private 
Co. D. 9ib til.; Irapsterred to band from 
Co. D. July 18. 1BS8. per R. Q. O. No. 1. Jnlr 

Lawrano 'yllte Enrolled after muilorlDj Joined band Nov. 
90.1898. at SnvQDDah. Ua.. per anthorlty 
Secretary War; elck Feb. 11.1899; sicb 
April 1. 1B99. alt In line ot duty; all In hoB- 


OrtelDally enrolled and muatered as private 
Co, B. 8Ib 111.: IraoBf-rred to baud from 
Co. B.July IS. 1S98. per K. U. O Ho. l.Jaly 
18.1B9B: sick Uaccb 12.1899, la llneot duty. 

Ut. Carmet .. Orlelnally enrolled abd mastered as private 
Co. », 9th 111 : IrauBterred to band from 
Co. a, April 1. 1899, per R. S. O IS9. April 1, 

17Byne City .. Orlclnally enrolled and mustered as private 
Co. L, nth 111,: iraoHferred to band from 
Co L.Ju!yl8.IB99.T'erti O No.l.JnlylS, 
1898: alck D'O. 19.1898; alet Marob ll-iRM- 
■11 In line of dnty, all to qi 

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AuiT. 19.1898 

jQir i8.i8n 

Dec. 2S.1898 
Deo. 18.1898 

Jnite t».aat 
Jan* a,tm 

Chailea E. UoKlnner. 


July 10.18» 


Jnne 28,1898 


Inly B.iBn 

Jane IS. 1898 

Jnly lQ.lMe 

SlEiUDnd Shoeman.... 


July 10.1898 

Jane £8.1899 


July 1U,18B8 

Cb&rleiE. VTftlterB... 

June 3B.1S3S 

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... Lieut. Ballon... 

a. OrlglQslly enrolled and mustered as prlrMa 
lu Uu. A. Sta 111 : trsDEiterred to b&nd from 
Co. A. Jail 18. 18US. V" H, G. U Na. l.JnIr 
-' 'B98: etcb Dt'C £0.1838; elck Feb 1«.I8S9, 
In Hue of duly, all lu hoepltal; due U. 

SftTanuBh.Qa. . 
SprlDBlleld ... L 


SaTBnnoh, Ga .. 

SprlDsfleld .. 

, .J9».forTlalBlloa3M A 

ot War. abxent lees tbao a dsv; senteDced 
^o fnrtvit ODe dollar (11.00). flne deducted 
on Match. 1899. pay colli ai'-li Nov. 6.18SS, 
Id bosDltal; elek Uar. 12. 1889. in quarters, 
all In line of duty 

.. OrlKlaallr enrolled and innHtered Id aa prl- 
-ate In Co. F. 91b 111.: transferred lo band 
-romCo. r.JuIylS.l«98.perK 0.0 No I, 
July 18.1898; sick Jan. Il,l«99i aick Feb. IS. 
ie«9-. elck April 1.1899. all In line of duty. 
all In QUBMerH 

.. Bnrolleil after muatertn: joined the band at 
Savaanah. Oh., Jan. 1,1899. per antborlty 
Kecrctary War: enrolled and mustered In 

.. Enrolled after muster In: jnlned tbeband at 
javannah. Ua„ Jan. 1,1839, per authority 
Becrelarr War: enrolled and mnetered aa 

jrlvfttelnband! daeO. 3. 10.07 

■ Orldnally enrollBd end m nelered -in aa pri- 
vate Id Vo F. 9tb 111,: tr-nsforred to band 
from Co. F. July IB.ISSS, pec K O- O. No. ' 
,..._ .„ .™. .._^ jjj^j^ 15,1899. Ir " - 

Lieut. Ballon... 
Uent. Ballon .. 


OrUlni '' 


n ilDs'oi 

— muatered-ln as prl* 

Co L. 9lh 111.: traoHferred to band 
Co. L. Julyl8.1B38. perR.Q. U. No. 1, 

S.mi: ( 

bU. ! 

OrlilnaTly eurolled and a 

Co.O. 9th III.: transfer. „ 

Co. O. Juir 18 18S8. per R. 0. O No. I.July 
la.l^SS: traDBterred to Uo. U. Feb. la.lSiS. 
per R. 3. O. IDS. Feb. 13: transferred to 
bandlcDiaCD.t). April 1.1893, per R. S. O. 
1(3, April 1: Blob Jan S6. elck Feb. 7. Bick 
April 12. 1899, all not In line ot duty, all In 

Orl Bin R 1 1 y e n ro 11 V a and m u s ttVad ae' pVlVate 
Co.L.Sth 111.: traaBferred to band from 
V«. L July IS, 1838, per K G O. No. 1, July 
IB. 1898; sick Nov. i3. 1898: alck March IB, 

1899. all iQ line or duly: all Id auarlets 

ncolled after muBier-ln: Joined hand at 
Savanaab. Ga.. Oct. SO. 1898: enroUrd and 
mustered ae rrlvato Id band.cer aoihorlty 
29. 1898[ s?-"- 

.. Sprlnsfleld... 


Ll6nt, Ballon... 

Co. E, 9ih 
Co. K.Ju- 
18. 18118: B 
In QuarCe 
.. Orlelnallyi 
Co. K. Bth 
Co. K ,lul 
•8. I8i«; e 

Ekl!y enrolled and mnslered as prlvali 

IB. 1) 


-- jc G. O. lit, A, G, O, HO: aick 

March 21. 181>9, all lu Hue ot duty: all In 

.. OrlKlTially enrDlleil and mnstered as private 
Co E. Bib III. 1 Irangteired to band from 
Co. E Jnly 18, 18^3. Per R O. O. No. 1. July 
18. 1898: Bick Sect S. I89B: iiranted sick fur- 
lough for 30 dav a. nnder G. O. 111. A. 0. 0. 
"0. U, S. 1898. all lu line ot duty 

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DUehan/rd (ddo- 


Frank B. Uimaa 

Ira Mam* 

Charles M. Ledbetler. 

Joe V. Uroiik 

Tboma« A. Hill 

Jamei H. Ledbaltei.. 

DUaharafd (v arder 


Lientanuit Coltmel... 

Et. Q. M. Serseant . . 

Jons :S,1S98 

Elltabethtown . 

Jon* a, ins 

Sbawneetown .. 

Hosted by 



Lleat. BBlloa... 





OilEtnully enrolled and mastered as prlvata 
Co. l>.!IIb 111.; traDsCorred to bund from 
Ca. LJuli IS. ISGS. per K Q. O. No. 1. Juir 

IS. iB3ti: Bick Oci. lu, itist: fuilouictaeit (or 
JHi durs. uQiier a. O. ii(. A. a U. W. S. tbSS; 
Btcb Jhd. le. 18V9', Blck Vfb. I. 1B98. nil la 

■luuofduly; aJI la buBPlLal 

lu-iered lu ae Lieutenant Uoiouel, 9lh 111 ; 
raslEued Be LleuteUBot Culouel Kov. IS, 
ISW; aupi'lated and cummlgsloQed ae Col- 
ouel *ib 111.. Nov. IS. ms. Der H.O les. 
Nov. IB. 1898. Hdors. 7(b Ariur Caros; on 
ICKve of Bi.»eDce {rom Oct. 1 to Uci 22. per 
12S. Oct. I. I'm. Hdqre. 7tb Army Corns.... 
:nroUedaa private: masiered luasR.U U. 
Tsericeaut; diew p>r bb K. Q. U. SerEeant 
trotu JuueZtl (0 Jn<T iD. iHIS. iDClUBloe: 
dla.tbarEed uD cerilficate vt physical <IIb- 
ahllliT Uec. 19. iSWt; dUabtlltr iDcorred 
prior to eoll!tiDenl: bI<:Ii »«Pt. 20. 18SS. In 
quBrters: furloUEbeil lor 30 days, under 
U U. in. a. O. O. ao. C. S.. laiS; dlBOUsree 
and HqbI elHl«DieDt8 tumletaed: eervlce 

Orlnluallr euriilled apd mnstered Id Co. D. 
9tb III.: trapaterred to band from Co. D 

joir IB. ibflH. iKt tt- Q. O. Ho. 1. Juir is, 
inaa: dlschamed Sept. il. l«9ij. on cectlQ- 
cats or pbFBlcHi dIsaMllty; dlBBbllhr Id- 
curred prior to eDlUttueui; dlncbarES aod 

BLd faUhtuU..."'!'.." .!..' '.'...?. 

Orlilnallv eDcolled and mnatered bb private 
Cu. U.Sih 111.: iranx^rrtiil to baod from 
Co. l>, July 18. I8S8. per R Q. O No. I. July 
IB. I8S8: dlscbBTEed Hmt. 11. I>98.od cbtiIO- 

loenllHtiU'-Dt: cil>«:h.rEe and final giHte- 
mepl faiulBhed: Bervloe bonest and (allh- 


riEinallT ep rolled and mnatered as prlvste 
Co e. Jniy IB. 1B9B p^r H (i. U. No. 1. JdIj 
IS. mn tiHDsturrt'd tr<iDi band to Co. f, 
Nuv. 30, IS3S. per R O O.. Nor. M. ISBSi 

descrtutlvelli't furnlBhpd 

Orleluallr enrolled and muxtered as priTato 
" \.8th 111 : tr-QBterred lo band In.m 
k. July IS. IdM. uer K O. O. N". I. July 
198: alrk Dec. 20. Is!l8. In Hue of duty; 
1><'0. ZS, 1«98. not la Hue <<t duty: all In 
lera: t'Bii^I.-rred from band to Co A. 
a 1893, per K tj. O. Bl. Dec. is. 189Si 


Uriglnally enrolled apd oiueiered ai private 
"o. B. 9tblll: transicrr'd to hand triim 
0, B.miy >B 1H3B. per R. S O No I. July 

m-, Blck Mar. 20, 18»9.' all In line of duty; 
II B<ekueae In boBi'lial; tr.DBterred Irnm 
Bod in C", D AprW 9. 1899. per K. 8 O 170. 
..prll 8.1893: desrrlpTlve Hxt furnlKbt-d.... 
OrlElualli enrolled and muaie.eil aa private 
Co. H. »>b 111 : trBQ<-terred to b .ud trom 
Co. K Juir 18. 1B88, per K G O. No. 1 July 
IB. IH^B: Blck Oct 22. nSi. alck In bOBpltal; 
BlTea BO ria!* furiouEb ucilar O. O 11«. A. 
U. O. 30. <;. 8 IB^B. In line of duty; dli- 
rh-raed by order i^foretary of War. per S. 
O 81. Mar. 2^.1899. to date Uar. 18.11)09: dll- 
charEB and deal aiat'-menia furitlBhed; 
-^vlce honeac aDd taltblal: dna U. S. 


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Frad C«m[.bell 

P Ivate 

Ree.Hoipltal Steward.. 



July 11.1G3S 

9MHie™Mf wnitht.... 

iBl. Lieut, and Ree. Ad] 1 

Jane 2S.18Bt 


Jair ii.ue8 







28 IBSe 


Jnly 1.18S8 

Hosted by 



HvansBD w 




By whom. 

Spiln field 

Lleat Ballon 

Enrolkd bb private and mnetered In aa 
Principal Musician; paid aa ITIncip^ 

clualve; reduced to privaia from Prlaclpai 
Mualol-n «os. 18 1898, per K. 0. IS. 
1898: Bleb Sept. £.18911. la haepltuhturlutish 
BO days under U IM. A. ti. 0. BO. i . 8. 
1698. la line of duty; dlscbarBed by order 
Sfcrefary War Mar, «.1B9!t. par S. O. 69. 
Mar. n. K93. A. O. O.. Washington. D. U.- 
dlBol,ar«e »ud flniJ =t»c^m^u[B (urniahed; 

HoapliBl Steward; dr»« n-y h.h Ho>>p1ial 
Steward from Jnne tn ISSS. to July 10, 1898, 

tSrl"nc''hed%Dr SO^a'aJB^undl*; g" O^lll.' a! 
G- 0. BO, (J, S. ie9», in line o( duty; died 
Oct. IS. 1898. Bt MoLeaD^b-ro. Ill: Baal 
alBtements and Inventory ot ■-iteclB tor- 

WHBblDBton. D C. Mar. 21, IH99; Bervlce 
hon-ataud taltbful; due U, S. 12 97 Uaptain Co C. 9.h [11,. Dec. 10, 1898: 
assumed duties Bame date: on leive ol 
absence frorfl Sept, 19 to Oct, 10. 1898, per 
8. 0. 101. Hdqra. 7lh Army Corps, aeries 

Hdbtbrid ih. 




Bt whom. 




Enrolled and mustered-ln aa Cnntaln: ab- 
Beat with leave, from July It 10 17,1899. In- 
clusive, at MpLaaDBboro, HI. per order 

leave from Sept. 2B to Oct 8.1898 Inclusive, 
per & O. 100. HdarB.7th Aroiv CoruB.S-p. 
19. 898: OD a cb leave from Oet. 21 >o Nov. 
9.1B98. IncluBive. per 8. " m, Hdq?g ?,h 
Army Corps. dat«d Oet. 2I.IS^S: eiteaded 
20rt»ye, per 8, 0. 168, Hdqra, TtB Army 
Corps: reported for duty Ndv. 24.1898; 

a-r-dfi'M?, Agin. 'iKs 

IM Battalion. March 27 to April 7,ie»9. [n- 
cluBlve. per S. O, 74. Hdqrs. 711. Army 
Corps, dated April 8.1899: ab^fnt wlib 
lesve from April 28 to Blay 12.1899. Inclu- 


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Alvln 0. Eohola 

Jul* !8.188t 

Hosted by 



_.. Jlo9,lgM,ln- 

lalhorlty KeBl- 

imaDdu Stn 111. U- S. T. lot.; 
UftTs. from Dot. ID Co tS. IhSS. 

it 8. 0. 115. 2d DliUlou 7(h A. 

Corps, dated Oct. B.1B9S; »baent with leave 
March ai (iHfc Ha'ina. March 31. IS)9. r«- 
tea<ed rrom quaraatlne April MUSS, at 8a- 
TUiData. Qa}. to April 20.1899. Inclualve. 

Sir B. O. ae, HdqcB. Dspl, ot ProTluce of 
avaaa, dated March aO. I8»9: alck Id Quar- 
ters Hept. 11 to 17, 1H9B. IdcIubIt*. Dee. II to 

ly 21,11 

to IT. II 


IIl'voIb." , ^. „. -. 

1893; In commanil of eompan;. Mept 23 t< 
Oct. 8.1838. lECluslre. 0"t. !0 to Nov. 21, 
1898. IncluilTe UfO, (t to 13. IKIB. Dec. IS t( 
18,1898, Jan. 17.1HU9. each loclaslTti, all pe: 
R. 8. 0. lUi: IQ command of companv Peb 

:1,1S99. ■ 

orily: I 

luQd of a 

. Lieut Ballon... 

lolled and n: 
s'^K iHi* date 

etered In an 3d Lleuten 

ted Oct. 5.1N9)I: In com- 
Issloued lUIT and band 
ntof 9[hlll. Vol.. from 

.. McLeansboiD. 


furloueb Aurll 28 to May 1,IH9S 
.. e. per H. 8. 0. 179, dated April 21 
1. Gorolled KB DrlvBle and muslered-lE 
11 8Bra. an ■ ' ' 

llo Uec. ID. II 
a. (),. IB98: 
!B to July I. It 

LB Q. ul 

re. In line of dnC7; on fur- 
a 21.1898. lacluBlve. nar iih 
tb. Armv OorpB. dated Oct. 

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When. Where, 



June 38.1891 


BeUe Cltr 


July 1.1808 

JnlT 10.1808 
Jnly *.1898 

Jair 1,1808 

July 1,1898 
July 1.1808 

July 1.1808 


SUM C. Freneb 

Jans 30,1888 

Jane 1B.1BS8 
June 38,1B9B 

Lewla Blehard* 

UcLeanaboro .... 


Thomas V. HumlltoD.. 


nne 2g.lBS8 

McLeacBboro .... 

]aly 1.1'J9B 

JamaaW. Lewla 


June 28. 1898 

uly 1.1898 

Hosted by 



Sculnxaeld... L 

,. Llent. Ballon... 

SprlnKBBM... L 

Bprinefleld ... L 

8prIa([SeId .., 

., EnrollBd as pdvata and muatered In »3 8er- 
snii P4ld aa Serceanl June 28 to July 8. 
9. iDolaslvp: sick Id quarleraSect ixa 
IS3a. IncluBlve. Marsh 16 to IT. 1899. la' 
i»lve. all In Hue of daly; nn elck tar- 
Lgh from Sept. la to Oct. il. 1S9B, Incla- 

■e. per O. O. 111. A, G. O, 1893 

_. illed sa private and mustered In as 8er- 
eeant In Co. U 9th 111. Vols.: transtaried 
- - -ierBBBBt from Co. L to Cd. A, 9th 111. 
a. per R. 8. O. He. dated Jan. I2. 1899, 
le dare; nald as SerseanC Iroiu Jnu« 

oJnlyB.lBSB, Inoluslwe 

lied as private and mnaterad In as Cor- 
poral: paid as Corporal June 2StoJuly8. 
1S9S, Inclusive: promoted from Corporal 
>S«rEeant per R tj. O. 116, dated April 
11.1899: tried by IJniiiinarT Cuurt Dec IS, 
.898. (or vloUtlon SBth Article n( War. 
Imnk on dutT, aectcnoed to forfeit moO) 
.wo dollars: fine deducted on DocemOeT, 
.S9S. par-roll ; due U. H. two days' pay as 
CurporaKJane 28 and W and dlDf^^renca 
of pay belwpen prl^aie and Coiporal from 

JuneStD July 3, 1BE8. Inclusive 

•"-- lied as prUate and muetered la aa Cor- 

Soral: paid as Corporal Itom June !8to 
nly S. 1898. Inclnslve: elck In quarters 
»ept. ZSIo 29. IBtS. Inclusive. Feb. StoS, 
1899. Incluelve. alck la hospital Oct. 6 to 
Dec. 8. 18BK. Inclusive, all In line of duty: 
n sick furlouirh from Dec. 3, IB9B to Jan. 
.1899. Inclusive, per G. O. 111. A. Q. O.. 


rolled uB private and mustered In as Coi- 
inral: paid as Corporal June 28 loJulyS. 
B9S Inclusive: sick in ouarten July 2i to 
25. 1B9H. iDolusWu. Sept. 4 tO 1. IB9B. Indu- 
' s, Auer. 19 to 22, IB98. lorluBlve. OcL 6 tO 
SHti, luclualve. March 20 to ti. 188B. lo- 

.._Blve. all In line of duty 

>. Enrolled as pitvaTe and mustered In as Cot- 

^Inoluelvl: s'lck'"In qulwters j'uli'zuo 
B9S. InclufllTB. Sapt. 14 to IB IB99. In- 
...-ilve. alckln hospital Oct. tO to Nov. 16. 
189B. Inclusive, all In Hue of dNty; on gick 
(urlooeh from Nov. IS to Dec it. 189B. In- 
clusive, per U. O. 114. A. Q 0. 189»: uu 
furlDunb from Sent, 21 to Uct. IZ. 1B98. In- 

Qiiartetsllb Army Cotps. dated Sept. £0, 

.. Enrulled as private and ojuatered lo as Cor. 
''ral: paid as Corporal June 2HloJui>3, 
S8. luclualve: sick la quarters July 24 to 
'. 1S9B. Inclusive, sick In hoHpltal Sept. IB 
1 Oct. 18. iDcluilvB, all In line of duty; 
1 sick turloueh from Oci. I9 to Not, IB. 
._98. iDolualve. perG. O. IK, A. G. O., 1898. 
,. Enrolled an private aod mustered In as Cor- 
'»); paid as Corporal June 28 lo July 8. 

2Si ieSi. Inclns'lve. Oct, 4 to 6, 1898. Inaln- 

■ <. alUnJIueof duty: due (I, 9. »0 4S.... 

il»d and mustered la as private: pro- 

*dtrnm private to Corporal Ane. KL 

,perB a. O. 21, aame date: sick In 

,-_rtBrs July 10 to M, 1B9B Sept, 4 to 7, 

I89B, Dec. IS to IS, 1898, each Inclusive, all 

'd line of duty 

rolled and mustered In as private; pro- 
aoied from private lo Corporal Dec 1!, 
S98. per R. Q. 0. 7«. ssTpe dale: sick In 
.uarters AuE. 19 to 21, 1B38, Inclusive. In 

Hosted by 










Jnn* 18,1S9B 

Jnly 1.1898 


JODO 28.1898 

July <,1B9S 

Jaly 1,1898 



Tnlr IS. 1898 


Jal; 1S,IBSS 

JnlT 1.1898 

Jary 4.1G98 

July 4.1S9S 

July 4.1898 

As key. Andrew J 




Beny, Wlllittm I 

Jima ia.l63i 

aoLeauBboro .... 

Hosted by 






Br whom. 


Lieut. BallOQ.... 


Enrolled and miiBtMBd In as private; pro- 
moted from private to Corporal V-i 2B. 

Lieut. Col. Swift 


1B98 perR. 8. 0. M. same date; dns D. S. 


Jo! oed'aiid'an^niiBd kttVr" mnaBr-in"6"E" com* 

vate; promgied from nrlTato to Corporal 

Jan. 11. IS99. per B. 8 U. EMiame date; 

Blck In Quaners Aug. IS to 20. 1896 Incla- 

filve. Sept. 11 to n, 1S98. Inclusive. Sept. 1» 

to M. lB9(i. Inclu.lve, March IS to Ifi. 1899, 

Llent Ballon.... 

Inelualvo, Kick In bo^pltHl Jan. S to 10. 
18S9. Inclaglre. all In line oF duir 


Enrolled and maalBrt-d In hi private; Pro- 

1»99. perR. S^0.\ii6>ii. same date; sick In 

19 lo 20, IHUM. liioluilTa, all Id line (it duty.. 


Llent. Ballon.... 


1899. per K, 8. 0, m. lame date; sick In 
Qnarters Jnlr 30 to Anr. 1. 1898. inclii!-lva, 

plta'l 8el't."B'to*Oc"l^'27.'Ys9B' luol°8l?l." 
all In line o£ duly: on sick turlonuh Oct. 
21 ID Nov. 28, I89S. iDcliielve. pet Q. 0. IK. 

Ueut Ballon 


A. 0. IS98' due U S toes 


Enrolled and mnatered In as private; oro- 

rooted to Corpora! trotn pilvata April U, 

1S99. per R. S. 0. 115. name date: alck In 

Quarters July M to 22. 1898. Inclusive. Jnly 

ESf.SI. 1898. lucln-lve. S*pt. IB to 17. 18B8. 

Lleat. Ballon 


Feb. J to 9. 1899, Inclusive, all In line of 


'dE Sral'f ^SrHS 

H to 19. 1B98. lECluBlvB, (n lino o( duty 



Brtlfloar: paid ai arllflcer Jubb28 to July i, 
Burol'lBd ae prlvate'and 'muBter'<-d''rn' ' as 


Llent. Ballon 


waioner: paid ag wagoner J one 28 to Joly 

a.lB9B. Inclusive: Blck In quarterg Sept. » 


Llent. Ballon 


muBlolan; alck !n QaarterH Jnly 19 to 20, 

IS9S, inolnslve. In ..t dotr; tried by 

Hnmmary Courr Nov. 10,1893. for violation 

32d Article o£ War, absent without li-ave 

NoTcrober, 1898. pay-roll; due U. 8 lO.tS.... 


Lleat. Ballon 

musician; sick "n aii"arterB' Dec* 28 lo 29, 
IKIS. IncluBlve. Jan. 21 to 27. 1S99. Inclnslva. 
all In Une of duty; transferred to ree!- 
mantal band July 18. 1898. per B. iJ. 0, No. 
I. Bame date; trausfarred from reelmenlal 

LlenL Ballon 

band to Co. A. per B. 8. O. No. M. Dec. 28, 



Blck Id boBPl'a\ Sept. 1 to Oct. iz. I89S. In- 

cluBlve. all Id IIdo ot dnii: On sick fnr- 

lonzn Oct. 12 to Nov. 11, 1898. Inclusive, par 

Q. 0, VI. A. a. O.. 1898: due IJ. ■<.. »0.« ... 

Llent Ballon 

Blck In qnanerB July 12 to it. 1898. locluslve. 

Tried by BummaVy'CoiiVt Aos''M,'l8^8,'v^o'- 


Llant. Ballon 

lallonW Article of War.fordmnkonu»8B; 

■enteooed to forfeit ope dollar (11 00): fine 

deducted on Anguil, 1898, pay-roll; due 0. 

3.. Kl.ffl : ........A 

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Jane 2a,im 

June ZS.I898 
JnnB J8.18M 
June 28. less 

jQlr 10.1898 
JQDS 18.1898 

Oct. 11.1898 

Jane SB. 1898 
Jane SS.189B 


MfiLeaniboro ... 

UoLeaoBboTO ... 


3ft7KnilHh. Ga.... 


la\j t.lB98 

July 1,18)8 

July 1.1S8B 

Hosted by 




}. Enrolled and n 

moted 10 Corporal irom pnvme aept. uu, 
1888, per K, Q, O. 30. Bame rtata; reduoed to 
ranks f rnm Corporal March IS. 1S39, per R. 
S. O. I3i^. SBniB dare; sick In quarJetS 
gppt. 28 lo 23. 1898. iDcluslTGi sick In bos- 
pltal Dec. 2S. 1B9B. to Unroll 15. 1E99, Inela- 
elve. all in lloe of duiT: dleebareed from 
bOBPltiil and nitaclied to provoat Bnard. 
Savannah. Ga.. March 15. 1899. per verbal 
order fdsj. Tremble; returned to dutT 
with company April 28, 1B99; ^— '■'--• — 

.. UcLeauaboto. 


sick li 

. daeU. S. ties... 




Sept, 3B to n, 1898. It _.. ._ 

daty: sink In hOBpltal Jan, 21 lo ia. Itj99, 
'icIUBlTe, Jun. SOloFeb 1.1899, Inclusive, 
eb, Slafl. 1899. Inclnslve, Feb IStoMuroh 
I, 1899, inclusive, all not In line of duty: 
a furlonah from Sept. Z7 to Oct. 12. 1898, 


. Lieut Ballon... 

arters 7Ih £ 

,. Enrolled as private and innBlered in aa Cot- 

5 oral; paid as Corporal June 28. 1398. to 
uly 3, IBBS, Inclualve; rpdnced to ranks 
from Corporal March 22. 1899. per S S,0. 
Ill, aame date: slcb In quarleia Sc'pt. l to 
6.1898, Inclnalve; Sept. 13 lo 16. 1898. In- 

„ to M. 1898. Inc 
Inclnalve; Jan. I 

In line of duty; ouu u, o-vivua. 

g. Sick In qnarters Oct. S to 16. 1»98. lacluelve; 
-• -■! In hoBpltal March 28 to 29, 1699. Inclus- 
atl In line or duty; sick In hospital 
_ _j. 19 to it. 1898. Inclusive, not )□ line of 
dutri on sick furlunich Oct. IS to Nov. U. 
189B. per G. 0. Ill, &. Q. O., IB98; extended 
ID days, per telp era phis [nBtrucllooa from 



Lieut Ballon.., 
Lieut Ballou... 

. Walpole .. 

fidueD. 8 10.20 

Llent.-Col. Dwyer C 

from Sept. 27 to Oct, 12. 1898, p 

dors^ment Sdqrs. 7th Armr Corps, dated 
Sept 20, 1898... 

«"21° 'iBsi"' In oln elveT's'leii 

■a JulyBito .. 

1. 1. 11198. Ipclualve; Ads, 22 to 
-' — ; Sept. 13 to lT.l»9B,ln- 

a line of duty; 

Dec. t, 
Unoiuslve, per 

Deo. 2610 2e,lS98 Inclualve, all In line of 
dnty: on sick furlough Sept. II to Oct. 10, 
1898. Inclusive, per Q. O. II*. A. Q. U.. ISSB. 

Hosted by 










June tg.iess 
Jnne 28.1898 

Jnns IS.18S8 
Jane U.189S 

June ffl,W98 




MoLeMMboro .... 


Eaton. BsnlimtaR... 

Hosted by 



E. Itj 10 19. l§sa. Inch 

SpTlDEfleld ... 


Client, Ballon... 
Lfsnt. Ballon... 

. ikin 

. MeLtuitboto. 

.. rranBferred liom Co, 6 to Co, A. >lb 111. 
Vola.. Jkq. IB. 18SB. D«r R. ti. O. U. »mi 
dale: lick In hospital Not. 27 to ». 18l». In- 
cluaiTK, In IIdb of duty; aick la hoiultal 
Deo B 10 B. 1898. IdcIubIvs; Deo. 11 to 21, 
18S8. iDClnslrei Jan. IS to Feb. 1. IBSV, In- 
Ciuelve, all not Id line ot duty; Bick in hOi- 
pItBl MKcb 1 to 11, ie99, InclaelTs. Id line 
of dat7; Kick In qnarters Marob 12 toll, 
1899. InclaBlTS. In line of duti: due V. S. 

l\e]L In hostiltsi Sept. l to Oct. 7, 1B9S: sick 

it the fid Article o 

i {rom Decembar, lB9e, paf- 
Slcli InqiiKrirrVjiiir Mto Vs/l'^.YnciuslVei 
Jan. II to !S, 1809. 1nclii°Iye. hII In line ot 
dntr: on sick tnrlouBh Nov. 16 to Dec. li, 

IBBB. iDCluslva. Q. 0. 111. A. 9. O., IKBS 

Sick Id quarters July 24 Io2t,l»9B.liiclutlT*; 
dck In boapltnl Sept. IB to Oct. IB. 1B9B. In- 
sIdbItb. all la line of duty: on aick far- 
loDcb from Oct. 13 to Nov. IB. 1898. inola- 
give, per <i. O. lU. A. E>. 0. 1898: doe U. ». 
to 32... 

0. Sick li 
Feb. IB 

deducted on December. 

U.S. (0.30 

.. Sick In quarters July 21 1 
'.. I to I. 1B9B. Inclui 
'; tried by Samnii 
im. for TlolatloQ of ' 

(ll.M) oi)'e"doUBr''tr'lBd^ 

Aug. 21, 1898. fur vk 

Artlcleof War. druDkennHss^ una uub uvi- 

lar (tl.OO) and tvo dayi cocBnenient; both 

tlmea deducted on Aasast. 1898, pay-roll: 


1 line oi 

a forfeit 

Hosted by 










June zg.ise 

June ZS.iast 
June 28. ISM 

jQOe 18, IBM 

June I8.1S9S 

Jane 2S.U98 

Jute 28,1898 

Jane 28,1898 
Jnne 18.1898 



UcLMDeboro .... 

Jul7 1.1B98 

Jul J 1.1B9S 


Hosted by 




Sptlnrfleld . 
SnliiKfleld . 

Llent. B«lIoa. . 
Lieut. Balltm. . 

HoodTllIe .... 



Jul! 28. 1888. per R- Q. O. No. . _. 

paid Bs CorparRl.Iune2atoJul;3.l898.ln- 
elusive; sick Id quorteij Juir 2E to 2S, 189B. 
Inctoslve. Sept. IZ to 13, 1699, IncluelTe. Oel. 
1 to 6. 1898. iDclusive. nil In line i,r dati: 
Blck la quartets March la to 21. 180S. lacln- 
Blva, noi In Hub of duty; eiot In honplwl 
Jan. 17 to Feb 2. 1899. Inclusive, la line ot 
■■ Aq«. 27 

tour daJlara 
II to 30. 1S9B, In- 




(MODI: fine deducted on . 

roll; In confinement A 


SlcR In quarlera AuB I' 
sire. Deo. 22 to U. 183B. idciubivs; bici m 
boapltal Dec. 2« to 29. 1898. luclaBlve, nil la 
Hue oC duty 

Sick In quarters HaTchEIto SE. 1BS9, incla- 
Bire. InJIne oe duly 

Sick In quarters July IE to 2S. 1898. Incln- 
Blve. Aug. 19 to 20. 1898. Inotuslve. Sept, 7 to 
8. 1B98. InclaalTe.Nov, 11 to 18. 1898. Inetu- 
slve; 9<ck la hospital Noy ii to Z8, 189S. In- 

clualve, all Inline of duty 

Inrolled a* prWate und muatered In ae Cor- 
poral; re d tie ed 10 rank a from CorooralDeo, 
13, 1898. per H G. O. No. 75. asms date: paid 
aa Corporal June SB to July 3, 1886, Inclu- 
bIvb: Blck In qnartera March 7 to S, 1699, In- 
cluslvy. In line rif duty 

Sick In quarters Oct. 21 to ST. 1898. luclnelve: 
McklnhoBPltalNoT. SI0 16.189S.lDC]nE' 
all lu ilneof duty; on furlough tj 
Oct. 12. 1B98. IncluBlTe. per Itb euaun 
ment. Hdqrs. 1th Arm; Corcie. dated Sei 
M, 1898 

Sick In quarters Sept 11 to IT. 1-98. luc: 
8|«b: Kick In hospital Nov, 18 to Dec. : 
1898, Inclusive, all In llaeot duty; on ti 
lough Sect. 21 to Oct. 12, INSS, Inclual^ 

Ear ith iQdoraemBDt, UdqrB. 7tb An 
orpg. dated Sept. £0.1898; sick lu quarte 
Hsrob IS to 16. l|i9H. Inclnelve. In line 


t. 27 to 

lEred ii 

ed from , ^ 

DerR. O. O No. 8. same date; reduced to 
ranks from Corporal Aub. 21, 1898. per K. 
Ii. U. No. 21, aamB date; aick In quarters 
Aae- 23 to 21. 1898. Inclusive. Oc, 1 to 2. 
1898, Inclusive. Dec. iS to 20, 18BS. Inslnalve, 
Jan II to 13. 1899. Inclnelve. March 7 to 8. 
1B99. iDClnalve. all Id Hue of daty^ tried by 
Summitrv Conrt Aiie. 27. 1898. for violation 
Ot the 62d Article Ot War, found gnllty and 
eentBQCed to be conllned nt hard labor lor 
one month (30 dayn) and to forfeit one 

Bprlnsfleld .. 

Llent. Ballon... 
Lieut. Ballon... 


Sick In quarters 
Sick In q 

ind One remitted, per R. Q. O. 
ed Sect. 13,1898. by order Lieu- 
■~ ■ dne a 8.8019 .... 

HostecJ by 











Jane 28,1998 
June 38.t8W 


Time W.1B98 

Jnne Z8.1GSS 





Jul K.18B8 

Jlaee. JoMph A 

Jims 18,1BB8 

Jnne ».im 
Jans SB.189S 



M*7berrr, GeorKO P.. 

Hosted by 




.. Lieut. Baltoa BrouEhton... Joined and etiTolled aftar mtister-la ofcom- 

InclunlTs. March a to 5. 1809. iocliielrel 
MuTCb U to 16. lfiS9. iDclnBlTe. Jcli IS to 
SB. 1X99. Inclusive. Am. IS-:0. Inclusive: 
sick In busplUl Feb- 29 to MBrcb 9. 18)9. 
Inclusive, all In Hue of dutr; tried br 
Summary Court. vIolBtlon £lat Article of 
War, lelnalDS to obey orders of iuphIoc 
officer; lealenoedto tonrdaya' hard labor; 

dneU, 8.S0.19 

SpriniBeld ... Lieut. Ballon Rural iJIck In quarters July iS to 28. 1898. iuci naive. 

- - 1 lu 10 an. 1B«8. Intlualve. all In Una of 

__ r: dueU. S.MM 

SniluEflBld... Lieut. BaUon Uartln'sStOro Sick In quarters Jaly leto 18. 1898. Inclusive. 

' - 1 IS to Zl, 189B, Inclusive. S'pt. 1 to 7. 

I. Inclusive. Maicb T to II. \m. luolu- 

a, all In Hue of ctuty; on sick tnrlonsh 

>t 10 to Oct. 9, 1B9B, Inclusive, per «. O. 

.... A. G. 0„ 1B9B; due 0.S.J1.4S 

Llent. Ballon Dablnen Sick In quarters July 21 to ZS. lH9B.lD(laBlve-. 

aIcK In hospital Sept. 19 to Oct. 9. 1898, In- 
cluslvii, Jbq 11 10 Keb. !!. 1899. Inclnslve. 
all In lluo of dnty; ou sick furloueh from 
Oct. S to Not 8. 1898.1nclaalTe. perG. O. 
lU. A. a O.. 189M: due U. 8. *a.l3 

Lieut. Ballon VTatpole Sick In quarlets July 21 to Z8. 1808. Incloitve, 

Oct. IS to 19, 1998. iDCluBlve. all In line of 
dniT; on furloueb Sept. 3T to Oct. u. 1898, 
Inclusive, per fourth endorsement Bead- 
quarteiB 1th Army Corps. daWd Sept 10, 
18S8 ., 

Llent. Ballon Walpole 3lck In quarters Juir 18 to SI. 1898. loclnslve, 

July £3 to U. ISS8. lucluBlve. March £0 to 
Zi. 1989, Inclusive; sick !□ hospital April 
11. 19B9. to May 3. 1B99, sll In line ot dqty; 
iranstertfd to a hOKpital In New York on 
hospital mission May 3. 1B39, per tele- 
graphic iDstrucilons received May 11. 1B99; 
dlstharBe and descriptive list trausniltted 
to mustered In officer to be forwarded by 
reKlslered mall to Adjutant General U. 8. 

A.. WaahlnBioa. 0. C; due V. S. »1.0I 

.. Lieut. Ballou McLeanabDro. Sick In quartern July IB to IS. laOH, lQclu^lve, 

Sepl. 8 to 1(. 1P98. Inclusive, all In line ol 
duty: ou fnrluoab »epl. El lo Oct. 1Z. 1B9S. 
Inclusive, per fourth Indorsement Head- 
qnsrlers 7th Army Corps, dated Sopi, W. 


SIcklnquartersJnIy 19 colli, 1698, Inclnslve. 
Seat. 1 to 1, 1898. Inclusive. Sept ID to 13. 
1898, Inclusive. Sept. 19 to SI. 1898. tncln- 
elve. Sept. Zt to iS, 1S9S. Inclnslve. Oct. S 
to I. 1889, Inclusive. Oct. 13 tu ». 1898. In- 
clusive: sick In hospital Oct. IS to Nov. U, 
IHSB. Inclnslve. all In Hue ot duly: on aick 
fnrlouEb Nov. 11 to Dec. 23. 1898, loclu- 
slve. 6 O. Ill, A. G. O. 1898, due U- 8- 


Sprlntfleld — Llent. Ballou BrOuKhtOn.-. Sick In bospUal Dee. 21 to iT. 1898. Inclusive, 

March IB to Zl. 1B99. locluslve. April 11 lo 
ig. 1899. lurlQslve: sick lo quartsiB March 
iS to lil. 1899. Inclusive, alt In line of dnty; 

rtoe U. S. Wia 

Ick In qnaiters July 28 to 27. 1838. Inclusive; 
sick In hosplial Dec. 2), 1898. to Jan. 21. 
1839. Inclusive. Feb. 7 to 10. 1899. [nclnslve. 
all In tine of duly; tried by Summary 
Court Nov. 1. 1838. vloUtlon S!d Article o( 
War. absent without leave less (ban 21 
hourai aentenced at hard labor for two 

Hosted by 









Jnne Z8.18M 

Martin, William L.... 


Jnly 1.1898 

MnoieU. Benjamin P. 


Jane lS.iB9g 

McLeanolioH) .... 


Nailer. Frank U 

Jane 28.1898 

Jnne E8.1B8B 

McLeansbero .... 

Jnne IS.1898 


Hosted by 





Spilnsfleld . 

SprlneBeld . 
BprlnEfleld , 


Uent Ballon 

Lleat. Ballon. . 

Llent. Ballon... 

Lleni BalloQ Bronvhton .. 

Ratal mil.... 


lick turlouEh Sept. 21 to Oct. 20,18! 

mcmslve. p«r O. O. HI, A. Q. O., ISBS; dun 

U. S., JO.*B 

Tried bv Summnry Coart la month of Jbd- 
n>iry. IS99. tor Tlolotlon of 21st Article of 
War; BeOTenood to 10 days' hard labor: duo 

U.S.. SO. 13 

tck <□ qnartera Oct. 28 to 29. 139S, InclDslve, 
Jim. 28, 1tl99; ilek In boapllsUaa. lEto 21. 
ies9, Inclusive! Blek In quarters Jnlylt. 
1BB8, -'"- ' ■-■-■- 

Sick It 

Lleat. Ballon.. . 
Llent Ballot)... 


artere Dee. 13 ID 17. ISSS. IcelUBlve. all 
Hn line oi duty; 9lck In boapltal Dec. 

i«1ve, all In line of duty; on furlaush 
ly 31 to AUB- 8. 1898, Inclusive, per verbal 
lerot reeloieDtal comnmndBr 

:o 13. It 

elusive, Dec. 12 tc 
■"b~8bpI. 9 to 

.11 In II: 

jBlye, Sept. 
of duty; 


- -aMat.l--- 


Ick la quartete Uar. S to 11. 1899. Inclualve, 
la line of duty; transferred from Co. L to 
Co. A. 9th 111. Vol.. Ceb. 19, 1899. per R. S. 
O. 112. aamedateidueU. S,tl.8T 

O. MZ,aHmedala; sick la quarters July 20 
to2t. 18^8. lucluelve. lit IIdo ot duty; on 
furloDih Mar. 23to Aor. 11.1899. iQcluelTe, 

per etb Endorsement. Heailgur "'- 

Army Corps, dated Mar. IS, 

due O. 8.. 

Sick In quarters Aug 


quarters Sept. tS.tB98. Hei 
iclualve. Jan lStol8.i8S9. 
] TO 81. 1899. lacluslye. Mar, 
1 of duty 

IS, 1899, all 

Sick Id 
July li ro ID. igso, idviusivh. tiuiy iv «u w, 
1898. iDclnalve. Sept. 2S to OcL &. 1898. Inclu- 
alve, Nov 3 to 4. 1898. IncluBlve; aloh Id 
bo'.pUBl Peb I9t'- Mar. 11.1899. Incluolve; 
bIck In quarters Mbt. 12to28. 1899, Inctn- 

KlvB.allfnllnBof rioly 

'rled by Sutniuary Conr' ' - -. - . 

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Rupbard, WmiiunL.. 

Jnns 28,1838 

July 1.1898 


June a. 1893 
Jane a. 1898 

Julr I.1S98 
July *,1B8S 


JnD« 18.1B9B 
JUQ« £8,1898 

M«LeKD«baro .... 

July 1.1898 
July 1.1898 

June ZS.189S 
Not. 1.1898 

jQlr <.1B9S 
Not.-. 1.1698 

3aTann»h, Qa.... 

Hosted by 



Mdbtkbbd In 



By whom. 


Lieut. Ballon 

BroaebtOD ... 

Sick !n quarters July SB to ZI.18B3, Inclusive, 
Sept. 19 to z;. 1898. iBcluatve. Oct, 28 to 89. 
1898. InclnBlve: xlclc In hoapltel Oct. ao to 
Dec, T.1898, IncIuBlve. all In line of doty; 
on Blch turlonnh from Dec. 1.1898. toJan. 
E. 1899. per G. U. 111. A. G. 0.. 1898^ oo de- 
tached Bflrrlce with provost Busrd at 
SavanQBh. Oa.. from Jan 6 to 25, lh9H, In- 
elusive. Der rerbal order of MhI. Tremble. 



Sick In quarters July 21 to 3S. l'B8. Inclusive. 
July ZI. 1898. Bept. 4 to 8, 1898. Inclusive. 
Dec. 22. laSb; sick In hospital Dec. 25, IH98. 
to Jan, IS. 1899. InclUBlve. all In line of 
duty; on fletached^servlCB with provoal 
guard. Savannab. Qa.. from Jan. Ii to Si, 
1899. iDoluslvfl. per verhal order Mdlor 

Sick In quarters from July 2i to 2S, 1898. In- 


Llent Batloa 


clusive. Aug. IB to 2D, 1898. Inclusive. Srpt. 

m Id 13. 1898. Incluslvt!. ijopt. 2t. ijept 28 tO 
BO. IBBS. Inclusive. March 7. 1899. alfln lloe 


of duly; due U. 8.. 10 30 


Sick In QUarteTS from July 19 M 20, 1B9S. In- 

on da'acbed service with provost Euard. 

Savannah. Ga.. from Jan. 26, 1899. to April 

1»,I899, Inolasive, per verbal order Major 

Tremble: ei.tUlfd to one montb's extra 

pay only; did not serve outside U. S. A.... 



81ck In onarlers July 21 to 25. lBS8. InC Uslve, 
ISepl. 1 to «. 1898. lacluslve, all In line oi 
dnty; on sick turlouEh from Nov. It to 

Dec 11. I89S. Inclusive. U. O. 114. A. Q, 0.. 

1898; due U. 8., 11.02 




Sick In qiiariers Sent. 19 lo Oct. 6. 18B8. In- 
clusive. In line of duty: tried by Summary 
Court Dec 27,1898. violation SSd Article of 


LtoDt. Ballon 


Lleat. Ballon..... 

Appointed conjpuny cook tjerl, 1, IGSS. bf 

company commander and approved verb- 

ally by reelmenlal commander same dale: 

record by 8. O. No 20J. bea.lquarttra 9th 

111, Vol. Inf , May 19. 1BS9; .ertucert to tbe 

ranks from (look Nov. 22. 1888. ner G. 0. 

No. 6J. headquarters 9th IM. Vol, Int.. 

pHvate;" appointed company^co^k b°Eln- 

nlug: Sept 1. 1898. by order of Capt. Buck; 

rednoed from Cook lo ranks Nov. 32. 1898. 

Lieut. BaUon 


oerK. G. No. 67, same date .. . . 


Sick in quarters J uly 26 to 26, 1898. IncluMve; 

March 29 to 25. 18B9. Inclusive: sick In hos- 

pital March S to 22. 1899. locluslve. all In 
line of doty: tried by Summary Ciurt 

violation 82d Article of War. abaeot wlih- 

Llent Ballon 



Slerin^oan'taf J ulV 'ii! im' Sepi: 'w. ms. 

to Oct. 1. lH9a. iDclustve. March IS to IB. 

1899, locluslve. March 28 lo 81.1899. tnHu- 

elve. April 14 to IE. 1899. Inclnslve. sick In 
qaarlers Oci, 2 lo 4. 1894 Inclusive. March 

Ltent Ballon 


19. 1899. Atarch 20. 1899. In hospital, all tn 


Sick In quarterV JuVy'izri'MlNov.'ito (. 
IBSa-lnoluBlve. Deo 13. 1898. all In line Ot 

Llent. Col. Dwrer 

Cincinnati. 0. 

duty: duel! 3. $0 63 

Joined and enrolled after muster-la ol com- 

, Hosted by 









Jnne 28 IBSB 

Wallar, Henry C 


Witller. William 

Jnne 18.1898 

Jnlr 1.1898 


June 18.18» 

Diicharg(d'^!ba order] 

SuTder, GMn.-e F? 

Jnne is,ms 

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Br ■* 

Sprlnefleld . 
BprlBsfleld . 

SpriiiESeld . 
Sprlnsflvld . 

. Lieut BftUon... 

. lilent. BkIIdu... 
. Lieut. BbHod... 

. Lteot. BbIIdii... 

. Llaat. Ballon,.. 

. Ltent. Ballon. 

. Lleot Ballon. 

. Llant Ballon. 
. Llenb Ballon. 

). Bnrollpd and n 

.a Not. 27. IBSIJ. tnclualve, 6. 0. 1 

. sixth eDdorsement, daied 

.. Sick In quanerg JuJy 21. 1S98. Aui 
Sept IK to 11. 1B9S. InclasEve: ale 
" il Sept. !i to 28, IBSil. IncIUFilr-' 

l( in 

Oct.B, 1!. 

-■■. A Or. O., lOM 

In quarterB July IS to 13. 1898. tnelnalve, 
. Jy U. 1898. Ans. 19. tSBS. Aug. iS. 18SS, 
Feb. S to 11. 1899. lucluBlTe. all In line of 

3ept. 19 to Z3. IBCB. iDclaelTe; s'Ck In h-spl- 
tal Oct. 10 to Nov. IE. 169^. In'lueWe. bII In 
'. ISK 

dHtedSept. 13. 18^.. 

"' ' inbO'pllal Sect 

k In qnartera Sep 

'.OO VI, A. O U.. 

00 ' n slofe turloDKh, 
uctiooB from S«c re- 
Dec, n. 1898; on fur- 
8. 1B98. iDciUBlve. per 
ira. 7tli Aimr Corps, 

f to' i, irai incinelTe: 


sick furlDDifh trom Sept I 

>. Sick Id goartera Joly IT. 1S98. Oct. Z7. IBSS. 
Dec (, leSB MHreb 20 lo 24 1899 lnetii»iie, 
al] In llii>' of duty; on fuHi oicb fiom Sept. 
■il to Oct. I!. IS9S. lnRlu>'Wb. per 4th en- 
doreement Hdqrs. lib Army Corps, dated 

Sept 10,1898 

rmncfer-red (rnm Oo. L to Co. A.9tb 111 Vol., 
M~rcb le, liflS, per it. H. U. No 131, same 




idnced from mi^iician 

I. !S9B. Sept. 4 


t Jscti 

IT? 0(1^ 

red In < 

of ^li 

rsphic I 

It Hdqrg. 


int. n, 1898. 7th Army Corps: dlec 

d Brial •tstement slven; eerrlce bonest 
d faithful 

Enrnlled as private end mnetereil In aa Cor- 
poral; paid BB Corporal June W to July 8. 
IBUB. lDc]n»lTi>: rS'lilced from CorporHl to 
ranks S-Dt BO, IS9B. per R 8 O. No B9, 

' ■ "ompany MubI- 

>r L'Bpt Bocki 

9. July 19, 1098. 

. Am, 23,1898, 


Aus 1«I0 18. 1898. Itic 
Oct. 1 to 3. 1898. Inc las 
Oct, T to Dec. 28, 1BB8. 
oldU'y; dlaehareed al 
tal. Ft M»er. Va.. De 
BTftphlo iHBtrucitlnns 
21. 1898: dUcbsFKe a 

cluBlve all In II 

Hosted by 










lune !8.18B8 

Jnly 10.ISm 

June £8.1898 

Hosted by 






Bt whom. 


Lieut Ballon 


Enrolled SB private and mnBlered lo as Cor- 

poral: paid aa CoroDral Judo 2B Io Jule 8, 

1S98, Inoliislve: aick In onarterB July 21 lo 

Ze.lgeS. IncluslTi^; sick la hoBpita) Oct. S. 

1898. to Jan 2, 1H99. InclnBlve. all In line oC 

dulr: dUcharBBd at this eeneral hOBPltal, 

n. Myer. Va . Jan i, 1*99. nor tel^erapblo 

inBtmctlona from A. G. . dated JaD. S. 

1B99; dtscbsrKe and Sual statement dven; 

service honest and f»iih£ul 


Ll«at. Bolloa 


Sick in quHrletB tjept. 28 to 29, ims. IdcIub- 
Ivb: Bickin hospital 8epl »0. 18E8. to Jan. 

20, 1899. Inclusive, all In line of dnty; dIS- 

cbarsed at tills eenersl hospital. Ft. Mser, 

V8..Jan. 21. 1899. per teleirraplili; lastrnc- 

tlona tron. a. e. 0.. dafed Jan 11. lB99i 

Llent. Ballon 


vice honest and fatlhful 


SIOS in anarters''jnly fl^SsM. ApE.'-iB i898 

alch In hOKplial Nov, U. !898. to Jan. IS. 

1899. all In line of ants: dlscharsed at this 

huspllal near Ft. Myer. Va . Jan. 27. 1899, 

byorrter of Secretary oC War! dlschamo 

and Snal statement siren: tried by (inm- 

mary Court Jan 9. 1889, for violation 62d 

Article o( War; sentenced to forfeit two 

Llent. Ballon 

dollata <S2.0D) 


Enrolled as private, mnatered-ln as Ser- 

lte»nt;pald as Serfeent June 28 lo July S, 

ISSS. Inolnaive; alok In quarters Sept. 2J. 

189S: alck In hospital Nov. 20 to Dee. 2, 1898, 

iDCluslvB, all In line of nuty: Irfed hy Snn.- 

mary Court Dec- 19.1B99. for violation B2d 

Arifcle of War, (aPseut without Ifave leas 

thSD 21 bour^). aeDlenced to fnrfelt two 

dollars (J2 001. aoe deducted on December, 

1898. pay-roll! di»eh»reed at CRmo Colum- 

bia. Havana, Cuba. April 10.1899. per S. 0. 

Uatob 22.l899:"dlseharSrBSd Hnai" ataW- 

went Blven: service honest and faithful .. 

aprliiKDeld ... 

Uent. Ballon 


Transferred from Co. H to Co. A. SIh 111. 

Vol. Int.. Dec. 26, 1898. per R. 8. 0. No, 61, 

same date: tried by Summary Court Feb. 

8.1899, for violation BZd Article of War; 

senteaoed to hsrd labor for five (61 days 

and to forfeit one dollar W1,00). floe de- 

Snmmaty Court Jan. 18,1X99, vlulatlon 82d 

Article of War: found eulltv and sen- 

tri^'Jfhy Summary CoS'rtl"motih<'f JaSn- 

arr.1899, Bentenced to three days' labor 

discharged at Camp Columbia, Havana, 

Cuba. March 26, 1899, by order of G. C. M., 

tor vIolstloD SOth and Zlat Anlele of War, 

per 3.0 IB. Hdqra tat DIvMon. 7th Army 

Corps, dated March 26, 1899: rtlacharBB 

ot par. 111. article 21. Army reEulatlonB 


Uent. Ballon 

Transferred to rpsniar band, per R, G, O., 

Llent. Ballon 


Nov. 1. dated July 18.1888 


Sick In qimrterp, Jiilj 16, 1898: transferred to 

HoapliBl Corps. U.S.A., Aue. 23.1898. per 

G, O. No, 78. A. Q. 0.. 1S9S 

Hosted by 









Jtue 28.18BS 

June 28.1898 

Tone 28.1898 

MeLeuuboro .... 



McLeanibow .... 






C« 1 in 

June 2g,IBt9 

Hosted by 



Lieut. Ballon... 

PruielB MUlB 

Lieut. Ballon. .. 

nrolled sod muBtered-ln aa private: pro- 
moted from canka to Corporal. Jnly 28, IHSS, 
per R. G). O. No 8. aama dale: reduced 
from Corporal to rni^ks !jept. SO, 1898, pel 
R. 6. O. EO. same date: a ick Is quarters 
Sept. 28 to Oct. 4. 1898. Inolaslye. In line of 
dniy; tried by Sommary Coart Sept.Slh 
1898. tor violation 62d Article of War: Beil> 
tenced to forfeit one dollar (Sl.OOl, tine de- 
dueted from September, 1898. payroll: 
transferred to Co. L.Oct. 11.1898, pet R.Q. 

O. No. ST. same date 

Trsnaferred from Co. D to Co. A. »th III. 
Vol. Inf.. Jnly IS. 1898, per R. S. O. 8. aama 
datp; tranaferredfromCo. AtoCo H.Bth 
111. Vol. Inf., Deo. It, 1898. pel H. 0. O. No. 

61. sanjB date 

ick Inquarlera Oct. 3 toE.18GS. Inelnilve.ln 
line of duty: promoted to the rank of Reg:. 
Q. M. Sergeant, to (III Taeanay cauaed by 
diachireeof Frank Hauna, per H. Q. O. 
No. 17, Dec. 18,1898 

Keant: pnld aa Seneant from June Z8 to 
July 8, 1898, Inclusive; on furlough Sept. 

doceement. Hdqra. Tib Army Corps, trans- 
ferred to Co. L from Co, A, 9ih 111. Vol. 
Inf. aa Q. H SerEoaut, Jan. 22. 1899, per R. 

3. O. No. as. aame date 

Sick In quartera Sept. IB to £0, 1898. loclualve, 
Inllneof daly: tried by Summary Court, 
Feb. 6,1899. violation S2d Artlale of War. 
(leavlne Qoat of duty without permission 
from non commlsalDned ofScer In charrel. 
sentenced lo forfeit one dollar (il.OO). tine 
dedncttfd on February. 1899, pay roll; tried 
by Summary Court In month o( January. 
J899, violation 62d Article ot War. (drunk- 
ennosal; found eullty and sentenced to Oa 
confined for 10 days: tried by Summary 
Court month of January. 1899. violation 
S2d Article ot War: found eullty. sen- 
tenoed to 3 days eitradatv: transferred 
from Co. & to Co. L. 9tta III- Vol. int . Feb. 
13.1899. perR.Q. 0.113. same date 


Ufstebed In. 



By whom. 


LUnt. Ballon 


Enrolled and mnetered In as Captain: sick 
In quarters end bofpltal from Jnly 29. ItSS, 
to Sept 13. 1888, InHuaWe, In line ot dnty; 

Co°rBir"jackBonvlll™ Fll^Ooi'. 9.'ia88:'e/ 
tended ten days by third endorsemfut 
Hdqrs. 7ib Army Corps. JackaonvUle. 

Battalion of' 9th Rpelment Illinois Volun- 
teers, from Pea. J9, 1899, to Peb. 26. 1B9B. In- 
clusive, per 8. 0. IJ. Hdqra. 7lh Army 
Corps, Havana, Cuba, by d. 0. 15i, HdqrS. 
oftheArmy. A. Q. 0.1898 

Hosted by 









Jnlr 4.1818 

Jobn E. 8o7«tei 

June a, 1898 

Shawneetawn .... 

Hosted by 



.. Enrolled and 

.. LlSDt. Ballon... 

CBiIDC Coll 

1, Jan. la 10 March T. 1898, 
■ ■■ 3 of if 

t In 

iliboQt leave Oct, Si and W. Deo. It and 
2.1898; par for time absent to be deducted 
n this roll: doe U. S. 139.00. treatment to 
d dlylelon haenltal. 1th Army UoTpe 

ointed Q. U. Sereeant Jaty 2e, inia. R. Q. 

). No. 8. Hdgrs, 9th 111. Vol., pame date;. 

nnolDted lat »4erseant from Q. U. Ser- 
jeant Aus. 1. IB9S. K. a 0. *h. Udqra. 9th 
11). Vol.. same date: due U. 8. SO.SD-, aick 
In auartere from Sept. 30. 189S. to Oct. B. 
1898. Inclusive; abaeul. nick !□ 2d dlTlBlon 

■at, Can 

) Cuba I 


SprloBfleld... L 

snltal March a to 11, 1899, iDClnelTe: on 
..jb furloueb from Oct, 11 to Nov. IB, 183B. 
inolnslve. G. O. Hi. A. G. O.. 1*98. all to 
llneofdutv: paid as Sereeant tromjune 
"" :o July 25, IS9B, Inclualve 

Inslve, ner 8d endorsempnt Hdqrs. 7ih 

□y Corps. Camp Cuba Libre, Fla., Sept 

— , IB98; sick lu qnarters Dec. 2!l, 1888. In 

line of duty; paid as Sereeant from June 

" ^0 July S. 1898. laclnalve: due U. 9. 

leant: alck In reeimenlal hoapltal April 7 
:ol0.1899. Inclnalve; sick in anartern AnrI) 
11 to 18, 18B9. Inclnalve, all in Una of duty; 
paid as Sereeant trnm June 28 to July 3, 

L89B. Inclnaive; due D. S. 10.30 

iroUed aa private; mustered In aa 5ec- 
seanC; on furloufih from Sept. 23 to Oct, 8, 
1898, IccloalVH, per third en'loraement 
Hdars. Ith Artnv Corps, Came Cuba Ubre, 
"'-., Sent. 23. 1898; alck in qnartera Sept. 
22, 1898, inclualve, March 10 to 12, IS9B, 

lalion Sid Article of War. 

8, inciuaive; due 
.a q'.'m' 


I. Enrolled as private; mualirpd In 

Sereeant; rednced f rom Q M. Si 

private July (, 1898, R, G. U. No. 8'a, HdqrS. 
9th 111 Vol.. same date; appointed - " 

ivate July'l. 1*98. R. G, 0. 

2. Bdqra. »ib ill. Vol.. same 
ame; paia as Sereeant from June 28 to 
July 3, 1898. Inoluslve: due D. 3.10,80 

Hosted by 









WalterW. Wood 




Hosted by 







Lieut Ballon. 

Lieut Bsllon. 

Lleat. Ballon. 
Llent Ballon. 



Bnrolled sa private and ranaterad In bb 
Corporal; apcolntBd aergreact fro' " "" 
ral sept. 1 "■"" " "^ '■■ »' " 

S. O. 94, Hilqrs. Dili 

rolled- . , „^. .„._., 

appointed Sergeant from Corporal Ad?. 2S. 
IdSS. b; recommend all on ot company com- 
maoder, approytd verbally lame date. b9 
reelmental commHoder. the appointment 
belDB made ot record by 3. O. No. B4. and 
No, 201^ Hdqrs_. Blh_ 111. Vol.Jat.. Jan. 28. 

1899. and Mas 
Corporal from June 

USB; due soldier tO 

chareed to colteal ai 
have been made on 
belne the dlSeTenci 

1888. InclnalTe 

d aceordli 

paid c 

S. II) au 

Enrolled ae private and mniilei 
poral: oD forlouirb (rom Got. 
facluBlve, per second endort 
QuarterB Hh Army Corps. 
Libre. Florida. Oct. 1. 1898. ai 
remalne ot Leitlle Hhaw; 

tended to Oct. IS, 1898. inclnt .„. 

ond endorsement headquarters Ttb . 
Corps. Camp Cuba Libre. Florida. Oi 
1B98; paid 
July" ■'- 


louEh ex- 

..rolled e.: 

tered Ie 


Sept. 2' 

i JulyB.lE'9B.liicluBlrei 

id mn^tered In as Car- 

1899. Id tine of duty; nal 
JuneSHIoJaly 8.1898, 1: 

Ilneotduty; paid as Corpoisl fro 
28 to July a, 1898. lneluBivBi due U. 
Enrolled and mnstered In as privi 
pointed Corporal from private J 

Hosted by 










Willie W. Wtleht 


Jons tS.189£ 

Hosted by 



JUdbiisid Id. 

SpctnsBeld ... L 

.. Ueat. Ballon... 

Sth 111. Vol. Int. July !S. 1S9S jer Q O. 
No. (. beodqiiartera 8tb 111. Vol. Int., 
Inme date: appointed (Joiparal from prl- 

!8. 1839; etiBent. 
tal.Canip Coba 
Heot. S. 18»a. lac 

Libre. Florida. 

plUl rrom Dec, I to 13, \S2a. iucluelve; la 
general boapltal Fort McPbernon, Qa.. 
Dec. 13 to 20. 1898. Incfuslve, all In line of 
duty: on nick turlonEb D^o. !1. 1898, to 
Jan. ED, 1899. 1aclQ»tTe. P«r G)- O. til. A. G. 

iTlnu t 

laid to 

belpg the tUfftrenne of Dar betwepn Cor- 
poTRl and private from Aug. 83 to Au« 31. 
1898, iucluslTe: paid correctly tor Aueuat 

and accordlDB lo muster 

Enrolled and muatered la ag private; trans- 
tnrredto Co. B from Co. K. Juljr 37, laSS. 
R. Q. 0. No. 7. beadquartere Btb 111. Vol.. 
same date: appnlnted I^orDoral from prl. 
vat" Deo. 13. IHSS. K. 8. O. IB. head Quarters 
«h 111, Vol., same date: alott In quarters 
N arch 13. 14 and 22. 1899, all In line of duty; 

dTi« n. a sfl.'in 

nstered !□ as private: ap- 

1 Co I 

iral fro 

_-R. S. 0.67, B 

Bpeclal dutv. Kuard for prbooera to St. 
AueuBtlne, Fla.. Dec. 13 to la, IBSB. Incla- 

Blve; due b S. SO iB 

Enrolled and iDUStered In aa rrivale: ap- 
id Corporal from private Jan. 16, 
erR. S, O, 70. same date: tried by 
lars Court Nov, U. 1898. for viola- 
Id Article of War, absent less than 

I In ( 

— >e of doty; on sick furlonffh 

from Oct. a to Nov. 26, 1898. Inclanlvp, per 
G. 0. in, A O. O.. 1898; due U, 8. SO 30..... 
Enrolled and muBtered in as private: ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Feb. 6, 1899, 
per R, S, O. 127. lame date: on furlonib 
from Sept. 26 lo Oct, 11.1898, inclusive, per 
Bd endorBem»nt, Hdqrs. 7Ib Arniv CorpB, 
Camp Cuba Libre. Pla.. Sept. 26. IB9S; slofe 
' " ~ 1BS9, InelDBlve, 

In line 

nrolkd and i 

red In 

fate Aprl'l IB. 
Its: dne D, 8, 

Hosted by 










Jalr 1.1S98 

James M-Brnoe 

Jm. W. ShnffelbareeT 




Jane 18, ISM 


Jul; 1.1898 

B«lUh, TboulBB F 

Jane 18.1898 


Jul7 4.188B 

Butler. William W.... 

June 28.18BS 

July 4.1SS8 

Hosted by 



SuclasBeld... 1 
Bprlnifleld .. 

BiTlnKfleld . 
EprlnKfleld ... 


Lleat. Ballmi. 
titeut. Ballon. 
Llent. BbIIpu. 

Lieut. Bnllou. 

Lieut. Ballon. 
Lieut. Ballou. 


Sun field . 



Enrolled end Tnnatered 1u an private: ui- 
PDlnted Cook M»ccb IB, 1899. ner H. 4. O. 

110, gftme dute: tried bF Nummary Court 
Not. K.liIBB, tor violatloD or tbe eld Article 
ot W&r. Bentenctd to forfeit five dollars 
(tSOD] and Bye dHyB lBt>or: floe was de- 
ducied OD Nayeraber. less, OBy-rall: ou fur- 
longh from Oct. 1 lo Oct. 15. 1X98. Inclnilve. 

SBF Bd endoisement. Bdqrg. 7tb Army 
OTPB.CampCnba Libre. Pia , Oct, Ifi. 11)98: 
bIcK Id reRlmenlal bospltal from Dec, 12 
toDec. IE. UIS8. Inr.laBiT*; abBeDl. alck la 

Eeneral hosp1lal.Fi. MePhersoD. Gla.,froin 
<eo, 16 to Dpc. 23, 1»9B, Ipolnelve: on tick 
tnrlouah (rom Dee. U. IHBS, to Jan. i3. IBSB, 
iDDluslye, per U. O. lit, A. Q. O.. IBtB, all 

Enrolled ae private. mustered In eg maal- 
clio: elck in guariera Aue. 10 to Aue. U, 
lasa. incluelve: absent, siuk in IH dlvlilon 
hospital. Camp Cuba Libre, Pla . from 
Aue, IB to ane. 22, IBSS, laoloslve, all In 
llneof dnfr; due U. 9.10 30 

Enrolled and mustered In ae private: ap- 
potDted mnMcian from private July U. 
ims. per V. O. No. 1; elck In quartera from 
Auf. 30 to Sept. G, 1S98 Inclni'lve: alck in 
quarteTH Seut. !0 to Oct. 1. 1S98, InEluilve: 
abaent. sick in Ed divisloo bospltal. Camp 
Cuba Libre, Fla., Oct. » lo Oct B, IMS. in- 
clusive: skk In Qusrtera April 15 and IE. 
1899. all Id line ot duty; eic^ Id quiriers 
Dee. 2Z to n. 1898, iQDlaBlve, not in line ot 
duty: doe U. 8. M 30 

Enrolled as private and mustered tn as 
snlflcer: alok in qnartsra Jnly H and i^, 
1B38, in ilne of dut)> ; paid aa artificer from 
JunaZSto Julya,IB38, lEcluelve; doe U. 8. 

Enrolled and muatered In as private: ap- 
pointed watoner from private Feb. 1, 1899. 
per R. 8. O. 9B, name date; alok in quarteri 

1898, inoluBlve. Nov. S to Dec IB, 1898, Id- 
cluilve; abaenC, Bick in 3d dlTlBion bospl- 
tal. Camp Cuba Libre. Fla . (rom Sept 8 to 
12, 1)J9K. IdcIubIvp: on elck furloaeh [rom 
Sept. 28 to Out. 21. 1898, Inclnalve, per G.O. 

111. A. Q. O.. t8B8, all In line of duty; dn« 

U S 80 30 

leb In quartera Deo. £1.1898.10 llneof duly; 

dneU. d. M.30 

Ick Id quartets Jnl; 11 and Sept. £9, 189S. In 
line or duty: due D. >:«. 10 U 

lorolled IB private and mustered In ai 
wagoner; reduced frum waeoner to pri- 
vate Feb. 1. 1899, pi>r H. N. O. 99. aame date-. 
Slukln quarterB Marrh28to Anrtl 18, 1899. 

not Id line of duty: due LT, 8, S( 00 

ink In rfirlmentalbuspltal from July tl to 
AuK. 1(. I8SS. laclnBlve. in line at duty; dna 

tl. 8.J0 80. 

Slob Id quartera Ant. 30 and 31. IB9S, loelti- 

sive, 1nllDeo{dnly:daeU. a. 10,30 

Ick Id quarters July 18 to ^7. 1898. IdcIubIto, 
Jan. IT to 19. 1899. Inclusive, all In line 0( 

duty: due U. d tO.GS 

Hosted by 



ObttdII, Henry D 

Clajton, Al<i 

Cloak, Joaeph E 

Colvard. CbsTles 

Coi.Charlei D 

DstIb. John W. F 

DarlH, IbDmagG>.... 
OaJpb. Hiram 


EoKlRDd. Joeerh 

ErwlD, AaloaO 

Fsriner, Joseph D,.... 

doodpMter, FtankllD. 


Private .. 
Prlrate .. 

PrlifstB ,. 
Private .. 

Private .. 
Prlvftte .- 

Shawnestaivii .. 

Jnne 28,1B9S 
Jane 2B.1B9S 

Shawneetown .... 

Jnir 1. 11 
Jnir I. V 


Jnne Zg.IBgs 


June 28,1898 
June ZS.1S98 

ShawDeetotm .. 
Shawneetown ,. 

l7 «." 

Ir i.u 

Shawneetown .. 
Shawneetown .. 


Shawneetown .. 

Hosted by 




SprioeBeia . 
Sprlnsflald . 

SprlDKlleld . 

SDTlnslleld . 
Si>rln«a«ld . 

Llent. Bnlloa... 
Llent. Ballon.., 

Lleat. Ballon... 
Ll«at. Ballon... 

Bnirolled M private and mnstcrad In s< Cor- 
pora!; reduced from Corpora! to pclvatB 
April IB. IGSS. uer R. 8. O. ns, esme dKte: 
sloh In qnarters Jnly 10. July EH to 30. In- 
clusive, aevl B and T, IjeDt, IS to 2S. Inelug- 
■- Deo. 33 to28. 1S8B, IncliiBlTe 

.-. . to 3.1] 


crll UO 

In 2d 

Llent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 

Llaut Ballon. 




cluHlTC. rier G. O. 111. A. Q. O.', 189S. all In 
llnf of dnty; paid as Corporal from June 

2BtoJuly3, 189(. InclunlTH 

On Hpeclal duty aa nnrsH at Ed Division ho»- 
""■^l, Uanic Caba L'bre. Pla., per R Q. O. 
Iat«d ^epC GO. mVS; due D. S- (O.BO 

il: reduced from Corporal to private 
ViS.liSS. K. U. O, Sia.i-amHdate; dlfler- 
» Id pay between Corporal and private 
him from July 1 to Jnly JS. 1898. In- 
live: aloklnQuattemfromOot. IStolB, 

September parroil; dne V. S. 

STckln ad DfvialVn hoVDlVHi/Cain'pOowa'rd', 
Savaniish. Qa.. from Dec. ] IBSS. to Dec. », 
189S. iDBiaalve. not Id line of duty; on itck 
furloneh. dated Dec. 7. 1898. to Jan.«. 189>, 
Inclusive, per 6 O. lU. A. 3, O.. 1898 

Sick In quarters Jnly IG. 18D8, In line Of duty : 
due U.S. 10.14 

On turlongb from Sept. 26, 18SB. to Oct. II, 
1B9S. iDclualve, per Sd endnrsement Hdqn. 
lib Army Corpi. Camp Cuba Libre. Fla„ 

Sept 8. 1898: dne U. S. W.U 

lok In quarters July iS. 1306. tn line Of 

Sick Id reKtmeniai bVlpi(ai'Dee!Vto iillMe^ 

lui'lnMve: elck lo itKniral bogpltal. Ft. 
MePberaon. Oa.. from Dec. IS. 1898. to Jan. 
10. IB«9. Inclualve. all In line of duty; dna 

u. S.M.7I ..: 

NoremarkaidueU. 8. »S.29 

Sick in reiilmental hoBpilal from Oct. Kto 
Oct. !9. 18118. iDClnalve; eick In 2d DIvIkIod 
boanltal. Csmp Onward, Ha . from Nov. 2S 
" '^— 'iBSB.lDcluslve.allln ilnaotdniy; 

dneD 3. lO.M... 


M Oct. I 

.-. jnd «. IB9S. 

Inclusive, elljnltos 

ilonhoapltf .. , _„ ., 
■~. ai toMarcbSl, 

.OI.O. .■ii.iuoi.o, iiu> .u iiiin uf duty 

I'k Id !'< Division boapltat. Csmp Onward, 
Oa.. from Nov. E8 to Deo. 18.1898, Inclnxlvei 
abaent.elck.lD eeneral hoapl'al.Pt.UcPher- 
son, Ga,. from Dec. 11 to Dea. lE. 1818, In- 
from Dee..26. 1898, to Jan. !S.1B99. Inctuslve. 
Q. O. lU. A. Q. O.. IBSSi dne U. 8. lO.gO 

Hosted by 









£lca«r. Db11o(C 

Hammond. John 


Hemphill, Knfnt U... 

EallemBD, Henrr H... 

Johnaon, Sidney E.... 

]Dne !8,I8M 

June Z8,I398 


Jalr B.1B8B 

Jnns ai89s 

Hosted by 






9pTlDiSeld . 
SprlOKfleld , 

Lieut. BkUou... 
Lieut. Bftlloa.., 

. Sanfleld .. 

. Rolsnd.... 

. Lieut. Ballon, 

. Lienl Ballon. 
. Lleat BaUon. 

RtdKwa; .. 

SprlneDeld .. 

,. UaaL Ballon.., 

. Llent. Ballon.., 
. Llent. Ballon... 

sick. In diTlsloD hoaoltBl. Canm 

aalve. . 

Id quarteTS Jai 
■1 Fed. ~ —- 

IS9. all 1 

orlooeh trum Oct. _. 

...i, Inelaslve, cer U. U. 111. A. 

O O.. IB9S 

.. Slcb iB onartSTB Deo. 21 and ». 1S98, In line 


"'■k IQ Zd DItIsIod hosEilial M Cildip Golnm- 

L._ from JBD. »10_Jaii 

1. IB to 

.__ ., to2B.l899. Indoalve: ab- 

, Bick In 2d DLvlaton hOBDUsI at Camti 
mbln.Cubn.Croiii April 19. 189B. all tn 
of doty; Hnal alBt^msiii" and dli- 
re furnlebed maaterlDii! officer, to b« 
B.rderl to artJiiiBDtBeiieraL of United 
)B Armr; dne U- S.. IS. 26 

Mint Sept. IE to 18. 1898. iDcluBlve, In 

..jaof daty 

.. Sleb Id (|iiBrter« JuIt 21 ID 27. InolnBlve. 
Iject. 18 to i2.iK8S, IncluslTs, all In line of 

.. Tried bi''auminaVy"Oonrt'NovV— .'im'l'oi 
violation oC Sill Article of War; soDteneed 
^o forfeit two dollarB K.W. and five ..ays' 
a deitucled o 

h from Sep 

II. liiS, Incluiilre. par Id EndorBS- 
-. H-sdoiiariers 71h Army Corpa. 
p Cuba Ubre. Fla., Sept. ;!6. 1898; due 

.. Sleklnn'iartera 
" leaCdnty 

I2,189N. inoiuBlve. 
Uivlsloo hospital 
lUHLiiure. na. Auc. IS to SepC. 
nluBlFo. not In line of duty: ab- 
t (nrloneh from Aub aitf ■' — 
Gl O. 111. A. U. 0..18B8{ < 

to i^ept. 



y Corps. Cami 
mi Bick In 2i 
CuIdiuMb, Cut 

. 3t John*.. 

. Shanneetown 3 

i' " K " hospital.' CKmD Columbia. 6nba, 

-lers Sect. 13 to Oct. S.1S98, lucln- 

llTlBlon hngpltal."CsmV'i.'oiam< 
Jan »ioJaa.IT.IS99,lnelu>lTei 
larti^rs Jan. 18 to Jan. 2). 1899. In- 

,. Shawneetown T 

lament. HenHquarieiH Itb Army Corps. 

jp Onward. Ga : sick Id quarters Sept. 

1^.1898. Inclaslve. all In line of dntT! 

^„.U. S..MH 

. , Stck In Quariera Mar. IG and 16. 18»: sick In 
regimental bOBDilal »ar. IT. 1899: sick In 
Quartera Uar. 18 to 21. 1899. IneluslTe. all In 

Hosted by 











Jnl» 1.1898 

Jtine 28,1898 


Jnir 1. 1898 

Loean. Mosea M 


Jnne 28. 1898 

Jons 26,1898 

rune 28,189(1 


JnlF *.1898 

Julr 1.1^8 

July 1.18SB 


Jane 18.1898 
Jnna 18.1898 

jQlr t.lS98 
Jnl; 4.1898 

Shftwnestowu .... 

Hosted by 




„ Enrolled ind mastered !□ >9 (irlvnte: &[>• 
pointed Cncik Irom prlvstc Jan. 2R. tB9». 

ST R. B, O. S3, eame date: relieved from 
QtT aa Cook on accimiit ot lllne b. ner B. 
a. 0. IM, Mar. 18.1899. same date: elek In 



SprlUEfield .. 
Bprlnsfleld . 


Llant Ballon. 

Uent. BklloD. 
Lieut. Ballon. 

Llent Ballon. 

LUnt Ballon. 




., Llent. Ballon- ., 

Llent Ballon,. 
Llent. Ballon., 

,. On fnrlonBh from Oct. t to Oct. 15.1BG8, <□- 
oluslTe, Der Sd Endorsement, Vh Army 
Corps. Camp CubH Libre. Fla.. Oat I.IS98; 
81ck IQ ReBlmaEiEil hospital^Mar. SI, 1S99; 

'" " 'ai 


L. Sick In ZA DlTislou hOBplCal. Camp Cnbn 
" ■■ re, Pla , Oct. 9 to IJ, 1898. iDcJustve: 
.... Id general bospltal. Ft. Tnomos. Er-, 
from Oct. u to Dec, 31. 1898. Inclusive, all 

dre« pa 

8. 1898, 1 

.0 private Feb. 3.1899. p 

dueled nn 
lariers Dei 
le o£ duly; 

„. 1899, Ini-- 


by Sammary Genre Jan. IS. 
dollars [13 OC 
to SO. 18S8, I 

Ist blvLH 

f MH"h 

1 Colum 

, Inclu' 

Rick i 

, RIdsway.... 

, DahlBien... 

. RIdswar.... 
. Neir Haven, 

o 9. 1898. I no Ins I ve; 
1 in □usyiiHi. L,Hmp MacSerzte, Oa., 
□1 April 30.1899. to May S, 1899, all In 

i of dntv; cine D, 8. iO US 

In quariers f^ept 18 and Dec. 89. IB9S, 
line of duty: slok In Quartera April t, 
I. not In Una cif duty; [lae P S„MtO,.,. 
'.\i2\ to April l, 

tf; dlffere 

rters April 6 and B. 1899. all In line it 
f: due U. S. fo.iT 

inODKrtersJnly 2( and Jnly 30, 1898. In 

of docy; tick In quartern Nov. SI to 

Deo. 80, 1898. Inelnslve, Jan. 28 lo Feb. 1. 
1899, iDClnalve, Peb, IT to 19, 1899. Inclaelve, 
all In line of duty; dne C, S, 19.90 

Hosted by 







laly 4.1388 

Inl; «.1898 

June 28,1898 


July '4.1888 


JnlT 4.1898 

Bonth. William V 

Jane tS.iSS8 


Jnlr 10,18118 

July S.1898 

Jnlr 8. ISM 

JUDS 28.1898 


Jnl7 B.18B8 

Jan. J8.I8B8 
Jnne 28,1898 


Hosted by 



SpTtngflBld • . 

[■lent. Ballon .. 
Llent. Ballon .. 

7l«iui> .... 
Rlle;TlII« . 

Bbinn't. Biek Id tr«n*TKl bo*p1t^. Ft. Thoni' 
as, Et- from Oct. It to 1). UI8. tDclUBlTs: 
■Ick In qnartirt D>fl. I«, II and !1. ISiB, 
M«rch 10 la It. 1819, iDclntlre. all In Una o( 
datr: od alek fnrloncb from Oct. ZD to 
— ISBg, iQcluBiTS, per G. O. lU. A. Q. 

nnn ri a. in it ... .... 


paj batwean Corporal 

.... • Mm trom 3a\j II to Jalj 

ssi, ISM. iDclaaW?; redDcad from Corporal 
-:o prlTat» Jnlr SB. ISM, par R. Q. O. No. 8, 
isms data; dck In qnartsii Anr I and 
jept. II. 1898: ilck In realmcntal hoapltal 

Not. 26 and ZI. 1808. all In Hue o[ dDt7 

"■ ■ In quarlBH July l. Bept 2* to it. ISSB. 
:lQslira. Not !] to D*c. 21. 1898. Inclailve. 

In line of doty; dus U. S. 10.81 

urLoufh from Sept, !(1 to Oct. ll,1899.1n- 
>)Te. per third oudorsemeDt headqiiar- 
V. .8 Tih Army Coro*. Cuiop Caba LibrB, 
Pla.. Sect. IS. 1898; lick In Qnartcri March 
13 to 16. 1SS9, IdcIdiIt*, In line ot duty: dne 

O. 8.WM 

.. On farloneh from Sept. M to Oct. ll, lS98.1a- 

. LloQt. Ballon.., 

I DlTldon boipltal, Catnn Cuba Libre, 
' ., from Oct. SO to Sept. s, 18»S, Inolnelre. 
I Id qusrterB from Sept. I to Oct. i, 
....J, InolQslTe, Oct. 21 Id Not. 9, 1S98. In- 
Otuxlre. Nov. IS to Dec. 11. 1898, InelaBlTa; 
absent, elc^ In ECQnral boapltal Ft MC' 
PhersoD. Oa. trom Dec. it.lSiB. to May t. 
1899. all In line oC dnty; eervid In United 
States only; dns odIt one month'* extra 


1893. per R. B. O. No. S. tame date; tried 
by Snromary Conrt Not. il, 1898, for viola- 
tion Sid Article of War. geoteitced to for- 
feit flftr cent* <S0 50), fine dadnctod on 


Llent, Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon, 
Llent. Ballon. 

B. Q O. No 6, lame date: on Bptcfal dntv 
as Ctsrk. DlT. Bdqrs. Camp Columbia, 
Cnba. March n to B0,IB»9, par S. O. 78. 
Bdqrs. UI DItIbIdu 71ta Army Corpa; ap- 
volniid ('orpsral from prlTate. Jnly 26, 
1898, per R. O O. So. 8. Kame date: redaced 
from Cornoral to nrlvaCe Jan. 19.1899. par 
R. 3. O. ?0, earoa date: dne D. S. I0.3O 

Tell City, Ind. TraoBferred lo Co. B from Co. 6. Nov SO, 

i. per R. S. O. No. BO, Bams date; alvh tn 

.rteri Dec. IS. IT and Z0.1B9B. Feb. I and 
rch 14 U, 20.1899. taelQilTa. all In line ot 

„ ._.y:dneD. » U.tO 

EedrOD Sick in quarter) Sept. IS to Oct. 0, 1SS8, In- 

olnilTe. alllnllnaotdDty 

CDtlonwoDd .. On fnrlonih from Sept. IS to Oct. II, 1898, la- 
olnalre. per 3d endorsement. Hdqra. Tlh 
Army CorpB. Camp Cnba Libre. Fla.: da* 

Hosted by 






When. Wh«r«. 


Tully Ensane 


Jons i8,iB9i 
Jaoe a 1898 


Jolr 1.1898 
JniT t.l8ie 

TIptOD, Qtotf W 


Jane 18.1858 

S!; ta 


Jane !B,IB98 

!S; ts 

wmiamiaii. Oanlel... 

June 18,1898 

Shawneetown .... 

Jnlr 1,1838 

WriEbt, BobMt E 


DUthamtd (for iUa- 

Jnne 18,1898 

SbawnsetewD .... 

Juir «.1B9S 

Hosted by 



HuiviRiD In, 

Rprtnefleld . 

Sprlnefleld . 

.. LlBVt.B>Uoii... 

,. Lieut. Ballon... 
.. Llent Balloa... 

.. Lieut. BallOQ... 
.. Llenl. Ballon, .. 

,. Lieut, Ballon... 
.. LUnt. Ballon... 

. Llent Ballon... 

.. Ltent. Ballon... 

Bank, Tenn . 







Tried br Snmmarr Court Aub. £0. 1898, for 
TiolatloQieiil Arl>cle of Wur; lentauaed to 
forfeit four dollBrs (U 00) and four daia' 
labor; Bna deduoled on Angnit piy-rall; 
tried by ^□mmiirT Court ijept. 3B, IbSS, for 
violation Wi Article of Warluboeni lesa 
than one dar), ientence to forfeit oue dol- 
lar 01,00): aoe deducted on November 
pay-roll: tried br Snmmary Conn March 
18.1899, for vIotulOD ttid and BZd Article) 
of War (abient leai tban one dar); aen- 
tencod to forfeit flfteen dollar! and elity 
cents (S1G.6Q) to be deducted on thli roUl 
■lok In quarters Oct. IS and Dec, ■», 1B9B. Is 
Hub of duly; due U. 3. (1.02 

Sick In qn&rlerB Nov. z to Dec, 31.1398, Incln- 
mve.Dot In line of duty; eick lu Quarter* 
Dec. 29 and iO. 1898, In Hue of dutr 


aici Id qunrterB July 18. iQ and Auk. lE.lBSg. 
In lice of duty: on furloaabOct 2Sto Nov. 
S<,1B8S. iDciuslve, per U. O. lU. A. G. O.. 
18»8:eHendedto Dee. 23, 1888. by order Wat 
Uept..Wa8hlDeCDD. D. C 

Dee a to K. 1698, Inclusive, all In line of 

duty: dueU. S. M.03 

Sick lu quarters JuIt 1. Ane. 10 and U.Sept. 
" -) 8,1898. lucluBlvo, Oct. S and Dec. 29, 
I, March 18, 1899, all In llneof duty: nick 
luarteri 4prl1 11 10 18,1899, Inclusive, 

In Hue of iluty , 

Enrolled as private; mustered In as Ser- 

aud private, due hlu from July * lo July>98, Inclusive: reduced from tjerseant 
to nrlvate. July Jfl.lSBS, per R. S. O S"*. 
tame date: sick Id quarters Anit. 29. Deo, 
3 and 10.1898, all Ullne otdDty:dneU, S. 

In BOBclal duty as cook at reslmental hos- 
pital from Sept. l, 1898, to Ubv ;iO. 16911. 
verbal order of Col. Jamei R. Campbell; 
due L'. 8. fl.tB 

lurolled as private, mustered In as cook; 
trlPd by iSammary Court Auk. 20. 1898. for 
Tlolallon ot the fl2d Article of War: 
aenteDced to forfeit four dollare ( K.CO) and 
four daya' labor; fine whs dednnied on 
Qnal statement; dlBUharEBd Aue. 20, 1898, 
on Sureeon'e certlBcaleof dlssVilllrv: disa- 
bility did not occur Id line of duly; dl«- 

lurolled as private andmuaterVd'lnaB'iit 
SerEeant; reduced {rom 1st SsrKeanC to 
BerEeaut AUE, 1.1898, per K. Q 0.4^, same 
date; reduced from SBrueaDt to private 
Aue 2B,189B, net H.a.O.No. 18. fame date: 
sick In quartera Sept, 24Io Oct, 2S,1898, In- 
cIubIvb. pot In line ot duty: dlschareed 
Oct, 25. 1898. on SurEBOn's certificate of 
disability: diBabllliy did not occur lallne 
at duty: dlacbareB and Bnal etatei- ^- 
(nrnlshed by company commander . . 

Hosted by 









DUiUratd Ibv Df^ 

Joaenh E. Neh*r 


June 18.IS9B 


July Liset 

Wallar Kline 


Inlr 1.1S9S 

Jane iftiwe 

Hosted by 



BlDlimD IM. 

.. Triad br SummKrr Canrt Not. S, 1B9!. for 
TloTatloD of the aSth Artleie o( War; 
eenlenced bo forfalt ten dolUri 1110.00) niiil 
16 days' l&bor: floe hm deditoteil on Mo- 
vomher pBy-roU; sick In reglmenla! hospi- 
tal from Den. la to 10. ISex. InclaalTe; ab- 
■ ■ ■ ■ eeneraL hoepltal. Fl Mo- 

Hick li 

Cubft, fmm Pe 



Llant Balloa. ,. 
Lieut. BkUon... 
Lieut Ballon... 

Llent. Ballon. . . 
jlent. Ballon... 

. ClDOlonat!, O. 
. C»iDP Point . 

. VlatuB 

. Baimond.. 

. 2S to MsTcb IS, 1S39. all In 
n sli:k furlDueb tram Doe. 
!a. 18B3. per li. O. 1«, A. Q. 
.rteilL Apr. 1. 1B9S. on Snr- 
te ot dlaafallltTidltibllltr 
□ line □[ duty; dlscbaiae 
' famlBticd bj com- 

BTjBd Nov. 8, 1898.'ijV'teie(rr'af'h'l'o"io- 
ctlODS from War UdpHrtmeDt Waeh- 
"r,. n ('.,: dIecfaHrEe and floal atats- 
bad by COD] pap y com maud oT. 

DlBGbareed Dec 

Enrolled . 

polnled Corporal 
per R. G O. No. l 
Deo. 12. 1898, by 
from War Depai 

, WathlnEton, D. 


Inzton. D. C; dlecbar 

irK. G. O. No 8, Kume data: oickiold 
_li,ho8PltaI.CamDCaba Libre, FU.,rrom 
Sept. ao, 1B98. to Nov. 6. ISSS, IquIusIt*, la 
line or duty; abianl. nicfa In nenoral Dospl 
tal.Ft Myer,Va..(ror " ■' 

ar Ben'eral 

tucnlabed by Adjntan 
ton, D. C: HdbI atatemen 

Fc.Myar, Vft 

y Sick In id DlT, hospital. Cbd 

Fla.. Oct. 1' 

> Cuba 


duty: eranted forloaah from Id [)Iv, hoa- 
Pllal. Camp Cnba Libre, Fla,. (date not 
known); farloneh extended to Ineladejon. 
1B.18S9, by letter A, U. O.. Waiblnirton. D. 
C. Ma; 10. IBSB. slened H. O. Bf^raland. A. 
A. e.; disebareed Jan. 18, 1S99, by order 

DaPBrtment, Wasblneton. D. C. at 

Island Aratnal, Rock Island, III: dla- 
re and Dnal rtatementa tnrniabad br 
r Blonet. UaJ. Ord. Dept. D. B.&., 

oapltal. Camp 

Cuba Libre, Fla,, from Oct IS to Dae. 1. 
1B9S, InclQslTe: on alck (nrJoueb from 
Dec. E. :83B, taJBH 11, 1899, InclnslTfl. all In 
line of duty: dlechsried Jan. 11, IS9». at 
DahUran, III., by order War DepBTtment. 
WashlnBtoD, D. C; final a' ' * 




!, Waahinittoa, 

Hosted by 



■Jaoob LaWBOn... 

.. Jim« niBse 


-ClkudeH. B>n]««... 

n Shawneetown... 

is 3b>wneelowtt.., 

HIltDoS. Boleijaek... 

IB Shumieetoirii - 

rhomns Hnthlson. .. 

18 Sbawueetown .. 

18 ShkwneetowD ... 

Hosted by 




. Lieut. Ballon... 

too. D. L 

lecharEtd by S. O. IE. B>'>d- 

Army. A, U. 0.; final slato- 

fncnlibed by eomDany BOmmanrter: 
- by Adjutant GHniirttl. WaBhlnK- 

Bnralled bb DrlTste: Tnaeteied Id b 
cIkd: reduced from Musician to 
July 29. liSS. Comnany Order i. ean 
ontnrlongh from Sept. 19 to Oct. 
iDcluelTe. t>er tunnh eDdoreemeat 
7th Army Coipf. Camp Cubs Lib 
Bent 19. liS-l: dUoharged Keb. It. 
order War Department. WBahlm 
C.: dlBcbaree and Qnal filateniei 

_- .. . D. C.1 fliiHlBiaio- 

ineiitB farnlshi'd by comPBii7<^Di]iinaDdi'r; 
dlBCbaree by Adlntaoi tieoer&l. WaehluB- 
ton, D.U 

Curalkil as orlVBta: mnstered Ip aa (.'orpo- 
ral: sick In Ut dlvlalon bOF<i>1t»l. Can^p 
OowBrd. Qa., Deo. U to IB, 1898. Inclualvei 
abBPHt. Blck In teoeral hospital. Ft. Mc- 
Pli«r«'>n, tia.. Dec. 18 to !2. I89B. InclnslTe, 
all Id line ot daty: on ilvk furlouib from 
Dec. 21, 1898. Co date of dUcfaBrie.per Q. O. 
tt4. A. G. O.. 1898: dli^cbareed Marcb «, 
1B99. hy order War DfpariDiBnt, WsBhlrg- 
toa, D. C; final BtiLtemeniB tcrnlsbed br 
eomoany conimnnrier: dl^ohfree by Ad- 
Imant Oeneral. Wa«hlDeIoD. D, C 

■rltri by Snmiiiary Court Sept, 8, l^SS. tor 
violation SIfd Article nr War: BenleDced to 


! dollar 

; tried by 3nii 

ot V 

a. tor violet' 


D 33d Article 
I dollar; 

dedncted; vas noted on flnni 
stflipmenti; irled by Summary Cciurl Dec. 
8.t898.torTlalatlOD21»t end 3Zd Article" ot 
War: «spl«nced to forfeit tffo dollars 
(la.Ofll: fine to he -lertiioted on final ntaie- 
ment; on furlougb Crom ISept. vs lo Oct. II. 

., 8art 

■ third 1 


Dee, 22 U . 

Bich In aeneral hoepltal. Ft. MePberson, 
Ga„from Des. 28, 1^98, to Jan. 5.1^9, iDCla- 
Blve. all Id line of diitii on «1cb turloneb 
from Jan, 6, IfSS, to date ot dlacharse. per 
Q O, II*. A. fi. 0-. 1S98; dlicbarfted Feb. 
21. I8!t9, by order War DePBr'ment, Wasb- 
Ineton. D C: floal atatements tnrnlBhfd 
by Gumpany commander; dlnebaree tur- 
Dlabed by Adjuiaot General. WaehlPEtoD, 


Snrolled an vrlTBte: muBtered In an Cotpo- 

Hosted by 










Jnua 18. ISM 

Tnlr U.1S9S 

Jnaa IS.IS98 
June a,lBss 
Jnns KAm 

Jnn* 28,1888 

Jnaa SS.I8»' 

Jnns t8.1St8 

Jon« W.1898 
Oct 11. WW 

Jane S.18M 
jdim a,iBW 
Jane 28,188^ 





ShawneetowD .... 
Shawnaetown .... 





Sbawneetown .... 











Buner (JUIIders '. 



Hosted by 





S]»liia:lleld ... 


SpclDCfisId .. 

BftTuinab, 6 


Ballon .. 
Ballon .. 



.. SlcktognarUr* from Oct. 21 to Kot. 1. 1818. 
InelDsWo. Not. za. Dec. I. 1898. all In line 
o( doty; dl«chat«ed April 8. 1(08. per 8. O. 
11. Hdqrs. o{ the frovlncs of BaTaQB. In 
coniDllanca with Q. O. fil. Udqn. ot tUa 
Army. A. Q . WaablnetOD. I>. C: dti- 
obarica and final statemenla larnUbed br 


.... l."6."«"Hdq'rB 

if BaranH. in complianae wltb 
adqra. o( the Army. A. U. O.. 
ID, D. 0.; dlBcharKe and final 



Enrolled a) private and i 
Musician: trauafecred to 
1899. per R. (i. O. No. 1. ean 

I date; descrlp- 

ledate; deacrlptlra 

1. BftllOQ ... 

:, Ballon ... 

Th'mpi'nTllle '. 
Pilot Knob. 

.. Owensboro,... 
.. Csaer'iCreek, 

Col. Dwyer 

Uacomb .. 

. Uent. Ballon.... G 

.. Lient. Ballon .... 

Libre. Fla.. from Sept. £2to SO.IHSS. Incln- 

itory o( effect* and final atattment (or- 
-ded to Adjutant General, WaehlaKton. 

Inqnartara JniyisrJs'ft'nd'zT! isSBj'ln 
io( duty: on fiek furlouKh from Oet. 
898. to No». ll.lbaB. InclualT^. pbf K Q. 
No. IH, A. Q. 0.. I8S8; died Ni't. 1,1898, 

.. Llent. Ballon . 

,. Shawnaatown T 

ono(S2'1 and a2d Artlclaa 
I tarorfetlTWDdollarBBnil 
: fine deilncted on Aueu: 

onot «d Article of WbCj' 

ry (Jonrt Sect. SB. 1898. tor 
V'tlclBoT War! ecntpaced 
liar III. OD): fine dednoled 

llneordnty: sick tn lat I 
at Camp Onward, Ga.. N 
of death: died Not. 8. 1 
Gffxcta and tlusl at>itenil 
Adjutant Oaneral. Wsshl 

Hosted by 











Inne 2e.iSB8 


rnlr 11 1839 

Jnn* 18,1898 
Jnne IB. Use 

Cbatlea Q. Howell .... 


Jalir 1.188B 

JamaiQ. BiMb 

Tnlr 1.1888 

laca 3S,1B9B 

Hosted by 





.. NocrlaClty... 

EDtolleil and mustered !□ as Reiilmeiital 
Adjutant 9ib 111. Vol. Int.; aopolntad and 
masterad la as Captain Co. C. 9th III. Vol . 
Int . Deo. 11, 1898, vice Capt. T. B ITallec. 

dale, per 8. O. 160. A. li. O., SpflQBfleM! 
III.; elcb la qaarlers from Marcb IS to IT, 
IS99, InclQilve: aiak In reelmental hospital 

duty _ _._ 

Iniolled and nmatered In bb 3d LleuteDant 
Co. C, 9ib 111. Vol. Inf.; absent nllb leave 
from Oct 5 to Oct. 19. ISga. iDClaelve, ner 
8. 0. 121. Itb ArmT Corps. 1899; appointed 
and mpatered In as 1st Llentenant. Co. C. 
9tb 111. Vol. Inf., Dec. 11. 189S. per S, O. leo. 
A. a. O.. SprlHBflttld, 111,, vice 1st Lieut 
Qeoree E, Meredith, an polo ted Etegimentikl 
Adiatani; In oommaiirt of Co, C. 9th ill. 
Vol. Inf.. from Nov. 32 to Deo. 2. 1B9B, In- 
clusive, BDd from March 13 to Uacch 19, 
1899, Inclnslva, per 8. O, TO, Itb Armr 
Corps, March SI, t899i slok Id qnartera 
from Dec, 21 to Dec. ii. 1898, inolDSlve, all 

Inllueof duty 

Enrolled as private, maeterad In as Ist Ser- 
t: drevpay as IstSereeant from Jane 
Jail' S, 1898, lacluBlve: on fnrlonah 


of 8er 

tblrd endorsement headqanrterB Tth Army 
Corps. Oct, SI. 1898: dlacharired Dec, 10, 
1898, to acoeDt commlaalon per G, O. 166, 
A, 6. O., 1898: appolated and ma)<tered In 
as 2d Lleatenant Co C, 9tb 111. Vol. Int., 
Dec. 11, 1898, vice Zi Dent. Qeo. H Felty. 
appointed Ist Lleuteaant: appointed Keeil- 
mental Ordnance Officer per B, Gl. O, U, 
March!*, 189» 

Enrolled aa private, mastered In as Q. U. 
Sergeant: drew pav as SerEeant trom 
June IS to Jair B. 1898. loclnslTe; si<k In 
quarters Nov. 1 and S. 1S9S, In line of duty: 
appointed 1st Serjeant from SerEeant 
Dec, 11. 1898, per B. O. O. 19. same date; 
doeD 8.(0.30. 

Enrolled aa private mustered In aa Cot- 
poral: drew pay as Coiporal from Jnne 28 
toJnly 8, 1898. loclnalve; appointed Ser- 
DRsnt from Corporal Oct. 31, 1898, per B, 
V SB, Nov. 1. 1898: paid aa Sergeapt 

n Oct. i 


.,. -._ BOf 

d Corporal from 

seant: drew pai aa Sereeant from June 28 
to July 3, 1898. Inolualve: eleb In quartera 
July 14. 1898. In MneoEdatv: tried by !4am- 
mary Court Sept. 28. 1898. tor vlotatloa SEd 
Article ol War. absent less tban one day. 
Sent !E. 1Bi«: geateoeed to forfeit two 
(9200) dollars: One deducted on Seplem- 


to Julys. 1898 IncI 

Sept, 27 to Oct. 1! 

vllle. third enrtor-emeot H 
Atnjy Corps, Sept. 91. 1898, dne D, 

red In as 8er- 
II from June SB 

Hosted by 



WllllHiaD. BuBb;.... 
ChsrloB E. HermBn .. 
WlliUm J. FaitrldBe. 

Elmer A. Beese 

HSDCT A. Grimes 

Edward Hellnei 

Qeorire E. WilB 

FrankM. StrOQP.... 


June 28,1B98 

Jane 28.U98 

Jiine ZS,tS98 


Jalr 1. tBSB 

Hosted by 




1 Cor- 

_ -une £8 

BDpolniBd Ser- 

□ Corporal Dec. It. 1831). cer R. 
name date; on apeelal dotr BS 

SecKBftnt per K. a O. IBS. May S. 

1889; due U. d. WSO 

■'td as private, mnstared Id as Cor- 
: dren par ab CotporRi (ram Jane £8 

It S, 139)1, ludnslve; bIcK In qauterR 

tiom Sept. 11 10 Sept. 11. 18Sa, laoluBlTS. nil 
' 1 line of daty; appoluted ^erseant from 
orporal Harcb 1. 1899. per B. S. O. 13, 

>niedate:dneO. S. la.SO 

rolled as prlrale. nmstered In as masl- 
Isn; appointed Corporal from maalelan 
Qlr 26, 1898, pec K. G. O. B, same data; 
_re« pay as Corporal from June SS to July 
IB. 1898. InolnalTe; alck ■□ uuarters Sept. S, 
1898: Blok In quarters from Sept 11 lo 
Sept, IS, 1898, iuoluelve; alcfc In quarters 
Sept 21,189!t. all In Hoe of dnty; on fnr- 
lonsh Sept, iJ to Oct. li. 1S9B, Inolaslve, at 
"-rmi. 111. third endoraemant haartqnar- 
■a 7th Army Corps, Sept. 27, 1898; dne D. 

). MHO,., 
irolled a 


1899. Inolnalve, all li 

Nov, 8. 1 
s Feb 5 to 

1 of duty... 

IB Corporal from Jnne ; 


e. all In 

red In 

IS98, In- 


Jane IB 

,„, jS Corp.iral 

to July 3, 1B9S. Inclnalve: slek In 
July 19, 1898. In line oC duty; on 
from Sept. 21 to Oct. 13. 1898, iDoiusire. at 
' 11. by 3d eodorj'emeDt BdqrH. 1th 
- ._ . _ irpa. Sapt. 27 I8BB; alEk In dlTlslon 

■B from 

Va., from April C ti 
Ive; alcl ■ 


,r Fr."M0I 

liai. Ft. Monroe, 
— — 1. 1899. inolnBlve, 

Una of dnly: duo U. 8. »i 0! 

SprliurBeld... Llant. Ballon Carml Enrolled aa private: mnatered In as Cor- 

ooral: drew pay aa Corpoial [lamJaneSB 

;oJnly3. 189S. Inolnslve 

SprlDBBeld ... Lieut. Ballon Crosayllte .... Borolled aa private: appolattd Corporal 

from private July 26. 1B9B, per R Q. O. S, 

ral f 

:y 2B. 1"88. lac 
l«. 1898: tick in reBimrniBi 
1 Feb. 12 to Feb. IB. 1899. In- 

June 28 to 

bOBpltal J 

mH?y Court Marob 9. 1899, tor violation 21st 
ftrtlole of War, refuBlnB to obsj anparlor 
offli-er March 9, 1899: Bentenr-ed to tortelt 
two (S2 00)dallarB: tine deducted on Uareh. 
1B99, pay-roll: daeU. S.WBD 

Hosted by 








WflllamL. eudael.... 


July 1,18» 

Alberto. Feltr 





Jane 28.1898 


Joly <.18M 

Walter 0. BdmondB... 



Jane 28.1898 


JalT <,1WS 

Hosted by 






By whom. 

Lieut. BtUon... 

Lieut. BbIIod... 

[jleDt. Ballaa... 

Llent. BftlloD... 


Llent. Halloa. 
Llent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 


Crosavllle ... 

Enrolled aa private: alcb In qnarters Sept. 
29 and 21. 1S9S: sick In qnarlers Nov. Zl, 
1898. all in line of doty: ou Bpeclol daly at 
iBt DlvUion Udqra.. Tth Army Corpg. from 
Dec. S to Deo. Z8. 1898. InoJualve. per B. O. 
160, HdQTB. Igt Division, lib Army Corps, 
Dec, 6, 1698; appolnied Corporal from pri- 
vate Jan. IT, 1899, per K. t). O. 72, same date; 
doe O. a. M. 80 

Enrolled as private; appointed Corporal 
from private Get. 9. 1898. per S O. 0.87, 
Oct. It. 1898; ovetpHTd torly-eliiht cents 
(SO.lg)oD Oetober. 1B9S. pay-roll; OHtd a* 
Cornoral from Oct. 3. 18S8; due U. 3. tO.IO.. 

Enrolled as prlvaie; appolnied Corporal 
■ ■ - -~.o -— B G, O., Oet. 

._ _.. . .,-.- , B July 18, 

1898. In lice of dnly; appointed Corpoial 
from private Oct. 21, 1898, per K, S. 0. 92, 

rolled B 


.jJnlyS.ieSS, , 

tromijepl. 11 to Sept, 28. 1898. Inclualve.all 
In line of duly: on fnilouEb Crom Sept. 18 
to Oet. n. IS98, InolQBlTO, pec S. 0. lU. A. 
a. 0., and Q. O. 3D. C. S., 1899. Wa^blnaton. 
D. C: rednced to ranks Oct. 9, 1B99, per K, 
Gt. O ST. Oct. 15. 1B98; appointed Ci^rpocal 
trom private Deo, 12, 1899. per K. Q. O. It. 


InroUed as private: appointed Corporal 
from private March 1, 1899, per R. S. 0, lit, 

same date 

Enrolled aa private; appointed Mnalclan 
from private Jnlv 28, 1898. pet R. G. O. 8, 

Bsmedate: dnelLB. SD.aO 

Enrolled aa private; appointed UnelclaB 
■Ivate Oct, IB, 1B98, per Co. O l.Co. 
Ill, Vol, Inf., Bsme date; skk In 
a Oet, 96. 1898; sick >□ Quart era Oet, 

Hosted by 



PredC. Luetlnt'.. 

James B. Raner 

DsTli] M. AllSD 

Bates. HermaD 

BIuKinuii CrItIb £ 
Boweo, ClidsE..., 

Barilgs, William L 


Jane :8.1SS8 

June t8.1S»B 

Jnne 2S.IS93 

Jnce S8,IS98 


Jnly I.IS98 
jDly 1. 18B8 

Hosted by 



Sprlnarfleld .. 

LIsQt. Ballon. 

Ltent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon . 

Lieut Ballon. 

EDrolled end mnatcreil'ln rb pTlvate; al>- 
polnted cook from prlVBte, Ani. 1J,1898, 
pec G, O. No. e>s, Hdqra. 9th III Vol. Int. 
same date; r«duotd to rauke Nov. l.ibSS, 
per a. 0. No. S«i*, Hdqra. Sib 111. Vol. lut. 
eamedHte: iippolnt«d Cook (rom prlTate. 
Noy. 30.1898. b» Compiiiiy Commander, ap- 
pcoved verbaliy M KeslmeDtal Comman- 

" e'ootd, per 8. O. No. 63 and 

o. 205. Hctors. 9th III. Vol. 

■■ ! 19, 1898, 

par.l.. _ _. . _ 
1dI„ dated Dec. 

1888, by verbal oi 

ofdntTI paid ag prlvG 

le racks D<-o.: 

ipfloy Uommsn- 

irbHllr,by tteel- 

i Dee. 21,lBsa. Hlllnllae 


1, 1898, to »t<pi 8Q, 18^8, Indue Iv 
I to Des. 31,1898, IqeIubIvo. a,Dc 
1. 1899: due soldier difference 

1 (or N 

183S: due U. S. difference ol pay between 
Corporal and private, from Aag. l lo Aue, 
18,1838. Inclualve, and from Deo. :8 to Dto. 
31,1893, InelDBlve. msklne a balance of 
ninety-als cents IJO.aa) due eoldler 

Enrolled as private: on fnrlouEb from Sent. 
20 lo Oct. d, 1898. Inolnelve. by *th endorse- 
ment, Hdara. Iih Army Corps. Sept. ;». 
1898. at Enfield. 111.1 appointed Artificer 
from private Marcb 1.1899. per R. S. 0. 121, 
SBBaedBte; due U S. 80.80 

Enrolled as private, mastered In aa Wsjt- 
oneri reduced to ranks July S9.I89B, per R. 
Q. O- 8. same date; difference In pay be- 
- - " - July 

Bick 1 

I89S, al 

k In dlv|. 

elonhoBpKal troio Jap. S4 to Feb 28. li-, 
tncluplve, sick In quarters Marcb II and 
li. 1899, all Id Hue of duty; appointed 
naeanBr from private April 9. 1899, perR. 

S, O. m. same dale 

Enrolled as private, tunatered In rb Cor- 
poral; reduced to ranks Jnly2B,i898. per 
B.Q. 0.8, aame date; difference In pay be- 
oral, due from Jnly 


Sick In division hospital from Jan, n to 
Feb, 8,1899, Inclnelve, all In line of duty; 
dueC. a. S0.19 

Enrolled bb private, mnstered-lp as Cor- 

■ " .::-:.:;.::::.::iK^ 

._ ... Corporal, due from July 

July 2S. 1898. Inclusive; due U.S. SO 30. 
■,n quarters July 19,1898, slcklnquar- 

Den. 20.1898, alck In division bospltal 

from Jan. IB lo Jan. 21. 1899, iDclnalTe, Bick 
In qnarters from April IB to April 18, IBM. 
luclnslve, all In line otdiity 

8Ick I: 

Hosted by 









Clarfe. Clarence 


Jnne B8.1B9S 


Jnne M.I898 

Jnne 28.1898 
Inne !8.1g»8 

Jtllie 38.1BS8 

Jtllie 28.I8BB 
JUD« 28.1S9S 






DaTennort. Cbrle.C. 

Downs. Stephen A... 

Emerson. Benjaiuln F 

Hosted by 




Ueut Balloa. 

Lleat, Ballon. 
Li«nt. B&llou, 




Llent. BftUoa... 

ilok Id quarters from 3aly 26 to Julr % ISSB. 
tTipla>lT«. Blck In qoBTterB from Dec. IS. 
18B8. to Marcb 1Z,1^», Inclnnlve. elcft In 
dl Tie Ion hoar Hal tiom March IS to March 
21.1899. Inolnslve. slcb In qnartt^re (Tom 
March 25, 1B89. to date. iBoIuslve. all In line 
Of dni»; dneO. S.IO.JO 

lIoK In qnartera Jtilr 2S.lS9S;on turloneh 
from Sbdi. 2D to Oct. t.lBBS. Inclnelve. at 
Bnaeld. III., by Ith endoraement. Hdqra. 
1th Army Corps. Hevt 20,1B9S. sanie ex- 
tended 10 dai8 to Oct. It. 1698. byltboD- 
dorsement, Hdqra. 7th Army Carps. Oct. 
3,lKIB.ifhleh waa then extended IS days to 
Oct. 18.1898. InelDBlve by lih endoreement, 
HdQTS. 1th Army Corps, Oct. 12.1898: sick 
fD qnartera Not. 2l.lg93,all In llneaf dnty; 
due U.S. SO. ao 

Slofe In qnartera Jnly 2S, leSB. slok In quar- 
ters Oct. ZS, 189)*, sick In division hoBpllal 
tram Jan.Sto Jan. 21.1S99. Inelaalve, sick 
In qnartera March £8.1899. all In Una ot 
duty; due U. S 10,33 

9lok In qnarters Jnly li and 21. 1898: elck ID 
Quarters from March 13 to 15. 1899. Ineln- 

Blye. all In Una of duty 

lek In qnartera Jalyt and IB. 189B: alck Id 
Quarters from Sept. T to Sept. IG. 1898. 1d- 
otnalye: alck In division boapltal from 
Sept. 16 lo Oct. 11, 1898, Inclualve: absent. 
Hick at Ft. Thomas. Ky., from Oct. 15 to 
Oct. 81. 1B98. iDClnalve: on furloush from 
Not. 1 to Not. W. 1898, at Trumbnll. 111.. 
perQ. O. ill. A. 8. O., and G. O. SO, C. 8. 
W9S. Walhlnffton, D. C; same extended 30 
days to Dec. 20. 1898. by telerram from 
Adjutant General, WaablnetoD D. C. all 
Inline of duly 

Sick In quarters Jnly SI. 1898: sick In quar- 
ters Sept. 25. 1898: skk In qnarlera from 
Sept 27 to Oct. 8, 1!I98, Inclusive: sick In 
quarters from Nor. 8 la Nor. 12. 1898. Icclu- 
slve: sick In quarters from March 25 to 
March 27. 1898, Inclusive, alt In line of daly : 
tried by Summary Cour' Mareh 18.1899,for 
violation 3!d Article of War. absent March 
11. 1899, leas than one day; septenoed to 
forfeit three dollars 113 GO); same deducted 
OD March, 1899. pny-roU 

Sick li> ouariera -luly 12, 1698; Sick lu qaar- 
tery July SI. 2S, SI and 28. 1898; slok In 
Sect. 1 and tS, 1808: sick In quar- 
1 Dec. 29. 1898. to Jan. 2. 1899. iDCia- 
, _.. iDllneotcinty; due U. 8, JO SO.... 

Slok In qoanars Jnly 12. 18BH; sick in quar- 
tOTS (rom AUB. 10 to 13. 1898, Inclnatve: 
Siek In hosDital. Pablo Beacb. Fla., from 
Ana. 13 to 21. 1898, Inclusive, per H. S. O. 
11. Ane. 13. 1''98: sick In quarters from 
Ans. 21 to Hevt 10. 1898, Incluelve: on fnr- 
lonch from Sept. 10 to Oct. 9, 1S98. IdcId- 
BlTe. per G). 0. Ill, A. O. O . and Q. 0. SO, 
C. S, 1838. Washlnaton, D. C; elck In 
quarters from Nor. 2 to 1. 1898. InolnslTSi 
sick In quarters May 1 aqd S, 1899, all In 
line Of duty 

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jDue 28,1898 
June 28.1898 


Jtti7 18.I89S 

June aS.I8« 








June 28,1899 


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Sprlsefleld... Lieut. Balloa.. 

SDttnsfield .. 
SpitnKtleld .. 

SprlnsBeld ... 


Sprluefleld ... 

Uent. Balloa.. 
Lieut Batlon.. 

Lieut. Ballon.. 

Llent Balloa... 
LleDt. Balloa . . . 

Lletit. Ballon... 
Lieut. Ballon... 


Elnmand; . 

UroeBTllle . ■ . 

CrosBTllle ,. 

Tried by SQcomary Court Aqb. 19, IBB8, for 
Tlolatlon 8Zd article oE War. abBeci Ang. 
IB. IB9B, lees than one dai: eenleDced lo 
toifettone dollar ISl.OO): fine deducted on 

;. 1GB8. ] 

1 qnar 

fTom Sept. 10 to 23, [SSS. IcclnalTe: i 
division hospital (rom Sept. 33 to Zo. isns. 
Incluaive: elck in qnarters from Sept. il 
to Oct. 12, 1B98, IncluslTs: alck In qnar- 
tera MaFch 8 and B, IB93, aU In line of 
dntT: appointed Cook ficm private Nov. 
L ues. per R. S. O. 26^. Bame date, vice 
Fied C. Lncklni. redneed to private: Te- 
dnced from Coob to private Dec. El. 1899. 

K3r B. S. 0. 13, Dec. 21. 1B9S, Co take effect 
ov, 80. 1898; due U. S, 10.80 

Slok In qaertera Anif. U. 1898: pay due aa 
pilvate from E'eb. iO to Keb. i1. 1B99. Incln- 
Blve, aame havlns been deducted on Feb- 
rnaiy, 1BS9, pa;-ro]l tbrauEh error; aleli Id 
qnarters trotn April II to April IB. 1BD9, In- 
clusive, all In tine ot datv 

IneU S.IO.aO 

Ick In qnarters Jnly 13 and le. 18S8: aick to 
qnartera from Sept. Ito 11. 1B9B. Inclnelve; 
Bleb In division hospital Irom Sept. 12 to 
Oct. I, IBSS, Inolnslve: on fnrlouKh from 
Oot. 1 to Nov. 1. I8SS, Inclnslve. at Carml, 
111., per G, 0. 114. A. S. O., and G, O. 80. O. 
8. 18SS. Vf ashlnetOB, D, C. : Same extended 
16 dais by Adjutant General. Washington, 
D. Nov. IB, 1I.B8. all In line of duty; 
dueU. 8. !0.4» 

8tck 1u quarters Jnly IB, IBOB; sick In qnar- 
'---I from tjept. 12 to 25, 1B9S. Inclusive, all 
.-.Ineof duty; due U S. lO.SO 

31cb In quarters Jnly 21. 1898; sick In qnar- 
ters Sept. 20 and 21. I8II8; atck Id qnartera 
from Sept. 21 to 30, 1898. Inolneive. all la 

line of duty; dne U. S. 10.30 

tueU. 8. ( 

In quarters Joly 21 and 28, 189S; sick In 
artere Anc 18 and 13. 1898: sick In guar- 
's Sept. 3 and 1. 1898, all In line of duty; 
ed by Summary Uoart Tdarcb 1, 1899. tor 
ilatlon Zlat Article of War. tor retusinE 

adncted on Marc. 

B from Oct. 10 to Oct. 19. I89B, li 

sick ti 

I by Snr 

8, all Ir 

line of duty: -. 

March 18. 1SB8, for vlolatlnn 3Sd Article of 
War and 2lBt AtlltlB of War, absent with- 
out leave on Marcb IT. 189S, one day. and 
dlBobeylns superior ofScer; sentenced to 
forfeit three (13.U0) dollars: fine and pay 
tor time absent deducted on March. 1SB9. 
pay-roll; sick In quarters Feb. 19. 18S9: aick 
In qnartera Uarch !« .1899; slak In qnartera 
May 1 and ). 1899. all In line of duty 

DueD. 8. tO.EO 

gick In qnartera July IT. 1898: sick In qnar- 
ters Sept. 6 and 9. 1BBS: sick In qnartera 
Feb. IT. 1898. all In line of dat; : dne U- 8. 

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Hlislaaon, Charles M. 


JnnB IS 1898 


Jul* t I8S8 

InlT 1.1S9B 

Juir 18.1896 


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Sick to qoBFterB Ana. U. ise8: F^lcb In 

■ — '—m Ave- 31 to Bepti. 2, 1899. Inoli 

s Hepl. IS Hud liO. 189^ 

SprlOBfldd . 

ScrlDsBeld . 



Lieut. Ballon. 

Llent. Bsllini. 
Lleat. Ballon. 

Lleat. Ballon- 

Llent. Ballou. 
UaJ. SpBniie,. 

Llent. Ballon. 


.divlBlon hOBplta! fi 

. IB93. Inclaslve; on farlonth from Beet, 
to Oct. i2. 189B. InclaBlve, &t CroaBTlIle, 

1.. par Q. 0. 11*. A. G. O . and G. O. 80, C. 

, Waahlnffton, D, C.; sick In quariera 
_apl. 11 BDd U. IteS: Blck Id qUBrtcra Dec. 
1, 1B98: sick In qnanera Jan. IG. 1S99. all In 
line of duty: abaent without kaTsoneday. 

' """" " ly roll: elck In ijoartera 


all i 


B'eb.li7,lBS9.lnolnalTo, BamehaTfnKbee.. . 
dacted on t'ebmarT. 1899, PHy-rall Ibroug:)! 

■■'.Is.v " '"•- 

a from March 9 tc 

Marcii 18, 1S99, InelnBlie, v . 

duty: Blck !□ qnartere May 1. 1899. In line 


Sick Id quatterB Jnly it and !6. 1B98: alek In 

Snartere Sept, S, lS»8i elck In qnanera 
torn Sept. 20 to Sept. 2!. 1II98. Inclnglve: 
alek la qnarters from Uct. G tn Oct. B. iBSt). 
iDCluslvei Bick In qnarterB Dea. Z).»98; 
sick In qaaiterB from Slarch le to March 
19, 1699. iDCinalve, all In line ot doty; due 

D,B, 40 30 

. Sick In quBCterg Feb. B and 9, 1899. all in line 

oldutyiduaU, a. 8U So 

., Sick Id qnarters from March 24 ti 
-196. Inolualve; Blck In q 

10 March 30 

Si etc 

S. 10,30. 
" rdaei 
S99. Inc.-, 
D Febmai 

flick I 

n lice of dnty; dae U. 

aa private from Feb. 21 

lelmeDtal'hoeplMi Mar 

le. ittui: Blek In dlvlalon hoapUal from 
HarchlBto 29.1899. iDolnalve: ilek In qnar- 
tera from March aO to April S. 1W». iDClna- 

Its. all In line of dnty; dne S, S1,1S 

NorrlaClty... Sick In aaartars Julyl8.lBB8; alok la regl- 
niental hospital from Dee. 119, 1S98. to Jan. 

laonvllle. l, 1B99. IncluMve, all In Hue ot duty 

■-■ — ' inj by enllr- ' -• ° *■ 

Oa:iu - 

Feb. I, IB99. PI 

l.^O. 106. 1 

In qnartera from April 13 ti .. 

■--IQBli'e.Hll in line of doty; dosU. S 
Id qaHTlers Jnly I7,IB99.)d line ot 

1899; Elcli 

Sept, B. iBSSi elek 

mra Oct. 1 and B, 1B9B: alck In qnar- 
:C I, IB93. all In lice of duty: tried 
imary ' oarl October, tB9S. for ylola- 
ar Article of War. dleubeylns au- 
oBlcer: seDteocfd to forfeit Ihres 
(SJOO): tine dedaoted on Ociober, 
TTOll: Blok Id quarterB Not. 28,1898: 
quarters Dec. 28, 1B98: elck In quar- 

., Tried by SammarF Coarb Nov, — , 1898, tor 
vloIalloD ot the32d Article of War, sbapct 
Irom roll call: aentenced to forfeit ouo dol- 
lar [tl.OO): flne deducted on NaT«mber. 
1898. pay-roll! doe n. B.IO.BO.... 

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Martin. Frank J 

MaulBberrr.Wm, P... 


Jun* 28.1888 
Jane 18. 1888 

Jnne 1S.18W 
June 18,1898 

June :8.189s 

June 28.1898 
Jane I8.1B9B 


U1U«[, William T 

MoPl.ll. Alfred 

HeCorkle. William E. 
NBPUr. Bnooh Z 


Jnoe 28.1898 
June 28,1898 

Jane 28.1BS8 

Jane !B,1898 

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EDroIled ns private, mnetered Id i 
dcew pav aa nrliacei from Jnn 
B. 1898. Inclusive; sick In qaart 
1898; alck In quartera from Oc 
81. 1B9B. Inclnalve; slolt lu am 

Sprlnsll«ld... Lleat, BEaiDti .. 



Spilna field.. 


Llent. Ballon.. 

Llevt. Ballon.. 
Lieut. BbIIou . 


.. School.. 

,. CrDsivlUe... 
.. CarmI 

, all In line of dnty; 
"" ^0 Oct. 12. 1898, 

Carm). 111., by Sd endoree- 
Vrli Aimj Ci^rps, Sent. la. 
1899; elob In Qaartere feb. S.1899i sli^k In 
Quarters from Marc b 8 to March £9, 11)99. lU' 
clQBlve; alok In division hospital from 
March 21 to April B, 1 — ' " '" ■' - 

le of dm 

n April 

;a dale, iQcluBlve, all 

'B fro 

Et.Q.O. IS. a 

ceri* J nl* j'l fl and m! '1898 :' ' alBk 'li 

all In line of duty; 

B U.S. 


II In 


laarters Jnir 18, ISWt etek to 
ijenl. 1. 1898: alck la dlvlalop hos- 
n Marsh tu to Match 81, 1899. in- 

.11 In line ot dntj 

inarlers Oct U. 1898; sick In 
from March II to la. 1899. loclu- 
- ■ 7: dueU. 8.11 32..,, 
.1899, Id tine of duty; 

ilok In quartera Jnly 11, 1898; sickluqnar- 
tera Sept, i, 1898; alck In qnarters from 
Sepi. 12 to Sent. 23. 18911. Incln-ivc: op tar- 
loneh from ;jeri:, 33 to Oct 12. 1898. IdcId- 
alve, at Uarml, 111., per ti. O lit. &. O. O.. 
and O. O 80, C. 8.. 18B9. Wa-hlnsmn. D. 
C. all In litieof_clntij_dn»_0. SIU.BO... 

eick In di 
Nov. 89. II 
Feb. IS. 181 


Sick In quar 

■ 0=pll»lfl 

u^lve. al 

95. 1B9S; alck Id 

Nov. 17. 1898. Ii 

Bpllal from h 

to AIan;h £0.1899. In- 
t Aprll"ll."lB99'.'for 

.. Llenl. Ballon .. 

felt thrrs dollara (18.00); line dednetod on 

tWaroll; dne U. 8 S3. 30. 

.. OnfurlonEhfroml^ept. 21 to Oct. 12. 1893. In- 

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lone 28, IBM 


July 1 IBM 


Powers, John W 

BSD ebaw. Carson 

Hltaoh. Fradorlcti 


Banner, Joseph A .... 



SpUtmui, [JiTSteaQ.. 

June 28,1S«8 


Hosted by 



Bf Whom. 


SprlDBfleld .. 
SpFlnEfleia . 

8prlB>fl«1d .. 
SviliiBBeld .. 

Bprlnefleld ... 

Lieut. Ballon. 
Lieut. BbIIoq, 

Ltent. Ballon. 
LleDt. Ballon. 

Lieut, Ballon. 







Lieut. Ballon. 
Llent. Balfoa- 

Uent. Ballon. 

Ltent. Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon 

DsblETon . . 

SlcblnquartarsOct. S. II 

<ll. 189B. Inclusive, alllnllneof dutr: 

__jU. 8.. M.Wl 

Slcb In qnBctetB from Oct. I to 18. 1B9B. iucln- 
slve. all in Una of dntr; dne Onlted States. 

10. BO 

SiiTolied as private: mustered Id as Corpo- 
ral: drew par as Corporal tromJnne EB to 
Julys. IB98. InclQBlve: reduced to ranbg 
Oct. 9. 1898. per H. O. 0. No. SI. Oct. 15, tB9H; 

rlvate Jnir 26.1898. 
date: reduced to 
3. S. O. No. I. Co. 

ointed Uu.lclantroi 
er R. O. O. No. 8. ea 
.iinksOct.lS,lS8B. ce 

C. Bth 111. Voi. Int.. ._ 

anftriers [roro Jnly 2Sto 27, 1S98, IndnBlve; 
il) In line ol duty; on lurloaRb from Sept. 
it to Oct. 12.1899. iDcluelva. at CBrml. Jit.. 
br 8d Endoreemeot. Headquarlera lib 

" -'- - 2J,18B8; Blck In division 

!8toADr,i. 1899, Incln- 
i (toil) dWlnloo hOBpltal 

„ _ b] at Ft. Monroe. Va.. 

from &pr.StDl3, 1999. IncluBlve: alck In 
Keneral boenllal. Ft. Monroe. Vs., trom 
April 19 to Mb; I. 1899. iQclnslve, all In 

llDooIdQty: dneU. 8. W.BO 

.. Sicblociuartersfrom Jan. lOtoFeb. 19,1B9B. 

iDClQBlve. Blllnllneordnly 

., 31ch In qnarlers July 21. I88S: Blok In qnat- 
teaa Ane. IS. 1898; alGk In quarters from 
Ane. 2i to Aar ZC. ie9S. loelnelTe; tick In 
" ' ' a boBpltal from Ana. ZG to Auk 29. 
jluBlve; alok In qnartaca Sept. 18 
■ — ■ ■ -lers Feb. 17. 1899, 

all It 


inarters April 1 and 

G. O. 8. SBmedHie; alck 

a. IB nnd 17, IB99: *lck In 

1899. all In line of 

,. SIct In q 

—1 Hept 20, 1899; l 

>1 March 19,1899; Blck In qnarteta March 
_.__99. alllnllneoldutyidueU. S. lO.SO... 
..SleklnqaBrteraOct. IB, r899. iullneofdaty. 
--^ ■□ qnarters Sent. !B, 1898. In lln» of dntJ; 
___ J In qnarters Oct 80 and 91. 1898. not In 
line of dntr; siek In aoarlera Deo. 8, 1898; 
sick In quarters March 11,1899, all Inline 

„ 3lok In quBrie'rVJaiy ie.'sz'and'VsVi^'i'VVck 

n Oct. 2. 


— Jive, all In line ol doty; on tnrlDngh 
from Dec. 10 to Dec. 91. 1898. Incluntve. at 
Carml. 111., by lib endorBement Hdqra. Tth 
Army Corps, Dec. ID, 189B; dne D. S. ».».. 

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June £8.1898 

Tudb 28.1898 

Juoe a8.189S 
Jnae 19.1898 

Vineyard, John E 


Hosted by 



SpTlnfffleld... Llent. Ballon .. 



Uent. Ballon. 

Lleat. Ballou. 
Llent. Ballon. 

tag 3 la Auk 20, 
to Seat, n, 1S9B. 

Ida. o, an. c. .s„i8i«. 

;ul6. 1698. luclui 

». alJ is 


li Iq 

April 9. 
$1.02 .... 


Enfield . 

-,- ._ July 16. 1898; t 

ten tram Sept. 13 u> Seot.' 

Blve; BlRk In quarters from Dec. 29. 189B,to 
Jan 1.1899. iDclDBlve. all In line of duin 

dueU. 8. 10.30 

E!nioUed and mnntered la as prlrete; au- 
Dolnied Uomoral from private Jaly 26. 
1898, per R. U. O. 8. tame date; drew pay 
aa Corcoral from Jane2Bto Jnly 2S. 1898. 
inclusive; Mi^k Ip quariere July 21 and 28, 
189)1. all In linr. nrdu v: nn fiirlnneh (ram 
'e. at Mill 
3dqre 7tb 
Army i_i>rpa. .^ept. ei^ ia9D: sick In Quar* 
ters Oct. SO. 1898. Id line Ot duly: reduced 

from C*''^""*' m nrlTftTa .Inn IT IHtna v\^r 

,R. B. O 

July 26 and 27. 1898: slck'li 

-n turlonih from Oct 7 to 

Nov. 6.18»8, IncluMve, atCarrleiUllla.lIl.. 
per G. 111. A, G. O.. and G. U. SO, C. 8., 
183§, Wasliloeton. D. C. all nnt In ltn» Of 
duty: aick In quartuiB from Deo. 19 to Dtc 
21.11)98. IncluBive. all in Una of dnty: duo 
0. S. 

Od fnrlanEh trom Sept. il to Oct. B. 1898. In- 
olQ-lve. at Raleleh, III., by tonrth enflorse. 
mem headcinarti-rH 7th army Corpa, Sept. 
;!3.IB98; eich In quarters Oct U 1898: sick 
In Quartera Uarcli 1G. 1899. all In lice o( 

dnty; due U. B . 10,30 

ilck In qnanere Jnly 12. 1GB8. la line ot doty; 
dUfU S. 50.30. 

Enrolled as private, masiered In bb Set- 

o July 

d31. 18 

nxive: a\ck Id qua 
-Ick In q 


198. iault 

iiek In 

losplral from Nov. 6 to Nov 16. 
live; Bick In hospital at Pablo 
oeKiiD, ri>.. from Sept 2 to Oct. 28. 1898. 
iDClualve, per 8. O. 88. headiiuartera 7th 
Arniv Cdfpb. »ept. 2, 1838; sick In division 
hoepllHl f [om Oct 28 lo Niv 3, 1899, IdcIq- 
alve; on furlnusb from Nov 1 to Dee, 8. 
l«;Brni1. II! uprHO lU.AHO.. 
i-hineion. [) C; 

and tl. O 

D C: re __ 
Feb. 21, 1899. 

iDclu^ire. sa 
Febrniiry, 1( 

1 30 days 
. itBPt Glei 
d frnm b 


tera lat DivtBlon, 7ih Army 
;, 1B93. to April 8. 1893. InclP- 

Hosted by 











Tulr *.1S9B 

Dltckartjtd Ha accept 



Ial7 <■ t89i 

Joseph P. NewmaD... 

Jane £8.1898 

jDiy LiBSS 

Jul; f,lS3S 

Jair 1. IBSS 

DiiclMrBed Ibtt order) 

June 28.1893 

Hosted by 



Savannah, Ga 

Lieut. MoD«;er 
Lieut. Ballon. ..- 

.. Llaut. Ballon... 

.. Llent. Ballon... 

. Lleat. Ballon... 

ClnelnBatLO. SIcli In qnartera Marcb 8. IB99. In line o( 
dulri dneU S. tl.OS 

Canal Eurolledaod mnalered In as Captala: aick 

In qnarierB from Nov. a lo Dec. 3, 1893. In- 
clDslve, all In line of du(r: tealsuad Dec. 
10. 1SB8. Der est. S. O. 2S;. paiarraph 4. 
A. Q O.. Waablneton. D. C; servlee Hon- 
est and taltbtul. 

Enrolled m private, oiDSteied la ae lat Ser- 
ecant; dre<r pay as 1st Sergeant {rom 
June 28 to JdI; S. 1B9B. Inelnslvn: on tnr- 
Innih from Oct at to Oat. ag. iSKB. Inoln- 
slvs, to aocompanj cemalna o( Sergeant 
Wm. A. Myers to biB late borne. Carml, IJl.. 
by tbird endoreement hendquBFters Itb 
Azms CocpB, Oct. il.l8SS; dlacbarEed Deo. 
lU.lBSS, to aCETflot commission pfirQ. O, HO, 
A. Q. O.. 18BS, vice Sereeanl Seorge H. 
Felly, promoted to I9t Lleatenaoc: dis- 
charee and final sta-ement tnralebed: 

eecvlce boneet and NltbfQl 

Diaehareed Abb 2B. IBSa. on account of dnr- 
eeon'e certificate of disability from vbtI- 

duty; dUcbarfte and Saal alatemeut fur- 
nished; service honest and tslthful 

Sick In quarters July II. IG and 19. IH9B: steb 
la reslmental hospital July 22 and 23, 1898; 
sle&rDHuartera July 28.1893; atcb In quar- 
ters from ^utr. 5 (o Aus. 13. 1898. IncluaWe; 
Blcll In division hospital from Ave- H to 
Aue. 26,18BB, loclnalve, b1] In lloe ot duty: 
dlacbareed Aag. 26, WSS, on aocouat of 
^urseon'a cenlBcate of dlaablllty from 
malarial poleonloe and previous Illness, 
dl^choraed and final statement fumlahed; 
service boaeet aod falthtul. 

Sick In quarters From July 19 Co AnE. 2S. 
IBBB, Inclusive, all la line of dnty; dls- 
cbancd Ane. 26. IB98, on account ot enr- 
eeou'fl oartiaoale o( dlaablllty from pre- 
vlous sickness; dlschareed and flnnl 

f a'th^!'...."'?^.'.. ^..!.!'.^".'!?... ?"*.!.."!'.. 

Dlacbarged Sept. 27, 1898. on aeconnt of snt- 
ceon's cerilficale of disability; fractnre of 
both patellae Pilstlne before enlistment; 
dlacbBried and flns] atatement Inrnlstaed: 
aervlaebooeot and faithful 

DIsohorEed Sept. 27, 1BB8, on account of aur- 
ffeon'a oertlfloale ot dlaablllty; demortla. 
nvtln line ot duty; discharged and Bnal 
statement farnlsbed: service honest and 


.IcK la quarters July 27 and 28.1838; sick la 
quarters from Sept. S to Kept. 5. IB^B, In- 
clusive; alrk In regimental hospital from 
Dec. 11 to Deo. IT. 1898. Ice last ve; alck In 
division bnspliBl from Dec. 17, 1898 to 
Dec. 13, 1899. Inslnslve. all )n line of duty; 
on furlough from Drc 22. 1B98. to Jan. 20, 
1899, Inclusive, at St. LoqIs, Mo., pet O. O. 
Ill, A. G. 0.. and Q. O 20. C H.. 1898. 
WBabluffton. D C; diacharffed Jan. IB, 
1899. on telegraphic anrborlty from Secre- 
tary of War: dlsohargerl and floal state- 
ment turulabed: service honest and (alth- 

Hosted by 



Joseph M. BecHwltb. 

Tboa. T. Rejnolda.JT. 


EIvIb U. CleaTelnnd.. 

Hosted by 



SvilneDeld... L 

,. Llent. Ballon... 

to Oct. ID. USa. iQcluelTS. at Enfield. III., 
per G O. Hi. A. Q. 0.. and Q. 0. 30. C, S.. 
18S3. Washiaetos, D. Ci eick la qnHrtara 
from Oct IB to 18. igsa, IndnalvH: eick In 
QiiBTterB (rom Nov. 2 to 9. IfiSS. InolaHlre; 
absent etck In ituueial hospital. A1cPb«r- 
80D. Ga., from Deo. IS. 169B, Co Jan. G.ISES. 
Inclnglve; on InrlODg-h from Jnn. 6, 1899, 
to Feb «. 1B99. tnclaglve, at Enaeld. 111.. 
per O. 111. A. Q. 0.. and G. 0. aO, C. 3.. 
1SS8. WashlDston. D V-: same eiteoded to 
date o( dUcharse per order Adj. Oen. 
WaBblDBton. D. C.. all In line of duty; 
dischareed P«b. IB, IB3B. per 8. O, 4t, IBS9. 
Bdqra. at the Armii; disclinrsed and final 
statement (nrnUhad; service honest and 


Sick Id qaartora from 9eot. 29 to Oct. 4.1898, 
UicluBlveiSlcJK In division hospital ti 

Oct. 5 

rBneral hoapttBl 

of duty; i 

9, Indue 

. sick In 

(. 1893, 

v«i M. u. IK. a- e. O.. and O. O. 30. V. S.. 
IB9S, WashlnalOD. D. C.; name eitecded to 
date of dlscharEe per order Adjutant Qsn- 
eral. WashlnstOD, D. C; dlscharired Feb. 
18, IB99^er 6. O. II. 1S99, Hd(ir«. Ot the 
Army. Wnahlneton, D. G : dischareed and 
Snal statement ftirnUhed'. serrice honest 

and falthfnl 

Sick In quarters Joly 21, 1SS8: slcklnqaac- 
tera from Aue. H to 28. 1808. iDolnslVe; 
sick In division hospital from Aua. 13 to 
Nov. 16, 1S9B. Inclnslre: on furloneh from 
Nov, IS. 1898. to Dec. 11. 1898. Inclusive, at 
Bpworth, 111., per Q, O. lit. A. G. O.. and 
G O. 30. C. S.. Was hill It ton. D. 8.: sama 
eiteoded 30 days tn Jaa, II, 1999. lacluelve, 
<tb endorsement. Hdqrs. Ith Army Corps, 
Savannah. Qa.. Deo. It. 1898; same ez- 

IneCon.D. C, to and Inclndlae Ma'roh 18, 
1SS9. all In line of duty; dlsGharEed March 
18. 18S9, per 8. O. 87. Washington, D. U., 

vision hospital from Jan. 2 to Jan. 10. 1899. 
inclaslvei slrk In eeneral hospital. Ft. 
McPberson, Qa.. (ram Jan. lO to Jao, SO, 
1899. Inclusive, all In line of duty; on fur- 
longhfrDrnJan, ZOto Feb 19. inclusive, at 
Qtoasvllle. II!,. per Q. O. lU, A, G. O.. 
and G. O, SO. C. S.. 1B9B, Wasbloetoa, D. 
C ; same nceuded per order Adjatant 
General. WaebloKtoD. D. C. to apd In- 
clndlDE March 29. 1899i dlaeharsed March 
29. 1899, per S. 0, 73. A. 0. O.. Waahlnston, 
D. C I dischareed and final statemeiit (or- 
nlahed: service honest and faithful 

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When. Where. 


JotmH. Sablotto 

Jnlr IB. 1898 

Tuiy 18.1888 

CharleBB. Qnrdnor... 




JqIi IB. ibis 

Wm A S^i% 

JnlT 18.189e 


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Udbtebed In. 

Sprlniileld ... 

Lieut. BfUlon... 
Llent. BalloD... 
Llenl. Ballaa... 

. Cannt 

. CottsBeGro 
, Sampter.... 

Bprtnsfleld... L 

31ck In quarters Aur. 1,189S, eick In qnai" 
teca Sept. 11.1898. Blok la reglnienUI hos- 
pital trom Nov. 14 to Not. IS, I8SS. Incla- 
alve. MRk In quarlera Nor. 17.1BS8: Blck Id 
-■•-•^Ital. Savannah, Qb.. from 

give, all in Jlne of dut 

jDEie 28 to Jnly 26.1S98, Inclnslve: dls- 
CharBBd April 8. lS99. per G. O. B». A. G. O., 
Waafilneion. D. (J.: dlaehnreed and flaiki 
ststement fnrnlabed: Bervice bonest and 


]nroLled aa private, mnatered la aa Corporal; 
difference In pay between private apd Cor- 
poral, dne from July I to July IS. 1898, In- 
CluBlve; redaced to ranks Jnly K. 1898, per 
H. a. O. S, game date; alck In quartera 
July 2S, 1898; absFnt. sick In Eaoeral hos- 

Kal at Fi Thomaa. Ky.; on furlouih trom 
t. IS 10 Nov. 12. 1898, Incluaive. at CarmI, 
111., per G. O. 11*. A. Q. O.. Waeblniton. D. 
C,. and Q. O So, G. ^. 98. Hdqra. Ith Armv 
Corns, allln Jlne of duty: dlacliarsed April 
S.1899. per Q. O. 54. &. Q. O . WasblDSton, 
D. C : dlBcharged and final ntBtement for 
nlihed; aervlae bonest and faithful 

Enrolled aad mnstered-ln aa lat Lieutenant. 
9th 111. V. 1 : appointed Keelmenlal O. O.. 
per extra B. O. O, 7, July Z7, 1898; abaent 
with leave from Aue. 1 to Aue. 3,1898. Id- 
elusive, at Curml. 111. by verba] order 
RecrlDientBl Commander; anpolntsd Reel- 
mentHl Adjutant Dec. 1U.1S9S, per R. (i.O. 
7(. aamedate; commapdlns Ca. C. 9ib III. 
V. I. from July 20 to Ana. U. 1B98. tnclu- 
slvB, and trom 8eot, 11 to Sept 23, W93. in- 
clusive, per R. 8. O. £9. March 18, 1999 

Sick In quartera from July 21 to July 2B, 1898. 
luclUBlve. all In line of duty; tran a f erred 
Aas. 23. 1899 to hospital corps D. 8. A. per 
3. 0. 78. Hdqra. 7th Army Corps, same 
date; descrlpllva Hat furnlahed 

TrBUSferred tn Co. L. 9th 111. V. I.. Jnly 21. 
I89S. per R. Q. O. 4. par. 5. aame date: des- 
orlptlve Hat furnlahed 

Transferred to Co. 8. 8lh 111. V. I. July 21. 
— " " " ■ ". aame date, des- 

K G.O. - 

crIptlvB list furnished 

Enrolled as prlvaTe. muateredlD aa Ser- 

~ ~<ant;; drew pay aa Serteant trom June IB 

Julya.lHSS. —'--'—■ -'-- ■ 

Tlile, Fla.. of typhoid fever, all In line Ot 

Sampler. III.; Inventory ot efffiota and 
final atatement forwarded to Adjuiapt 
General. Was him ton. D. C: aervlce hon- 
est and faiihfnl 

Sick In quarters from Sept. BO to Oct. Z, 1S9B, 
' '[ipIvb; sick In division hoapital from 
StoOcC. 22.1899. Inclusive, ail In line 

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June 2B.18SS 

July i.tsra 

July 4,1B9B 

Edward Ferroll 

Joly 4.1888 

Q. U, Serseant 

July *.1B98 
July f.lB98 

Jnn* 28. IMS 

Jane ZB,1B9S 


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Lieut. BsllOD... 

Iileat BeUIdh. , 

Enrolled and mualered In bb Captalo: on 
tick leave fniiii tievt. It <o Oct. 11. 1898. Id- 
clnslve, uer G. O. fio 111. A. Q, O.. ISSSi 
In Birtst Feb. £0. 1893; released Feb. 21. 
1899. KlthDUllrUlOTchRrEes 

Enrolled and mustered In aa let Llentenanti 

alTe, Inllceof dut7: itbsemwlthoutleava 
from Oct IB to Oct. Z(. IB98, Inoinslse, per 
tblrd eadorsemenl Biiqca. Tih Army Cores. 
Oct, 15. ISM; rfitnroed to reKliuent for 
dut; Oct. 2B, ie9S; Hbsent wllbout leave 
Ool. 26 to Oct. 27. igsa laoln-Ive; pay (or 
time Hbaent to be deducted [rom this roll: 
delalled aa Ordtiauce Officer Nov, ID, 1S9S. 
per R B. O. No. 2B; relieved Nov. 21. 1898. 
per K. 8. O. No. Bl. Nov. il. 1898; In com- 
mand o( company Sept. 11 to Oct. 12, 1888, 
Inclusive: sick In qnartera Oct. la to IS, 
1698, Inclaelve, In line ot duty; detailed to 
iBl DIvIbIdd Hesdquertera, ?th Arm; 
Corps, to aaslat Cblef Quartermaster, S. 
O. No. 1. 1st Division ?11i Army Carps, 
Jan. 20. 1899: sick in lat Division bostilta] 
from (date udBdowii); vaa left In 2d Di- 
vision taosDltal, Havana. Cnba: dUcbaree 
transmlited to mnscerloE! offlcer to be for- 
warded by realaCered mall to his officer. 
2d DItIbIod, lib Army boaplta!, Baena 

Vista. Cuba 

Enrolled and mnetered In aa 2d Llentenant: 

Nov 17. 1898, per fourth e'ndorBemenl 
Hdqrs. 7th Army Corps; leave of absanco 
eKiendi'd Nuv. 18, 1888. to Nov. 23. 1898. per 
8 O No. IBB. A. G. O., lib Army Corps. 
Not, 18. 1898: returned to reelment tor 

dnty Nov. 20. IS9B 

InroUedas Drlvate and muelered In aa lat 
Sereeant: dren Servcant'a pay from June 
2B to July 8. 1S98. laclnslve; sich In quar- 
teta July 30 to ai, 1898, Incloslve. In line of 

Enrolled as private and mastered In aa Ser- 
Keant; drew SerBBaoi'a pay from June 28, 
1898. to Jnly 3. 1898: sick In qnartere Seot. 
1 to *. 1B98, Inolnslve. Sept. B to 12, IS98, In- 
clnnlvei fuHooEtaed, alcS. ijepi, 12. 1898. 
to Oct. II. 1898. InCluBlve. per O. O. 111. A. 
Q. O., 1898: turlouEb extended Oct. 12 to 
II, 1896. InelUBlve. per fonrth endoraement 
Hdqra.Itb Army Corpn; returned toi«Kl- 
mentOct. 17. 1898. all Id line ot duty 

Enrolled as private: mustered In aa Sei- 

Seaut; sick In 2d Division boapllal, Camo 
nba Libre Fla . Sept. 15 to Oei. 21, 1898. 
IncluMve: alck In hospital, Pt. Meyer, Va., 
Oat. 2!, 189S; (arlouithed. Bisk, Nov. 20. 
1898. to Uea. 2B. 1893. Incluaive: returned 
to reelment Deo. 25. 1898. all In Hue of 
duty: drew aerieanl'a pay from June 28 

to July 3. 1898. Incluaive 

Enrolled as private; muatered In as Ser- 
eesnc: drew Semeant's pay from June 2a 
to Jnly 8. IS9B. Inclnelve; sick In quarters 
Sept 31 to 29. 1898. Iccluslve. Dec. 13 to 16. 

1898. Inclusive, all In line of duly 

iDTOlled and muatered In as private In Co. 
B. 8th UL; transferred per B. S. O. No. 
110, from TOKlmental band to Co. D. 9tb 
III., April 9. 1893: promoied from private 
to Sergeant, per H, S. 0. No, ITl. April 9. 

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Jons 2B.1S98 

Juir ai.IS8S 
Tune 28. IBM 

Jane SB. 1898 

Jane 28.1898 

June 2&1BS8 
June ZS.18SB 

June Z8.189B 







JolF 4 1898 

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Sprtngiield .. 
SpriogBeld .. 

SpriniBeld .. 

U«nt. BalloQ-.. 
Llent. BbUod... 

. EKz&betht' 
. CoTrBTllIs. Sy 

EDiolled as private; mnstered In as Corpo- 
': promoted to Sereeanl Jul; £6, 1898. 
K. Q. O. No. 8; drew SeieeaurB pa; 

Sprlnefleld .- 
8prlti>aeld .. 

Lleat. Ballon... 
Llent Ballon... 

Llent. Ballon... 
Llant. Ballon. .. 

Llent. Ballou... 

Llent. Ballon.,, 

Bsrolled aod mnatered In bb private: p 
iroied from private to Corparal Jan. Ztl. 

I89B. perK. S. 0. No, 99, Jan. 26. 1SB9 

!Dto11ed and mnstered In us private; pro- 
motBd from private to Corporal July 28. 
1898. perR. Q. 0. No. 8. July 26, IMS: drow 
Corporal's pay from Jniie28 to Jnly 25, ISBB, 



Nov. IS to IB 




, ]89lf, iDOln- 

moted from private to Corpora] Juiy 28. 
1898. per R O. O No 8, Jnly ES. 1898: dren 
Corporars pay from Jnne 2B to Jaly IS. 
ises. InclnRlve; elrk Id Ibi Dlvlalon hospi- 
tal Camp Colnmbla. Cuba Feb iSto April 
S,1869, lEClualva, not In Una of dniy: slok 
Id qnarters Feb G to 7. 18B9. iDClaelve, In 


Enrolled as private, mnatered In aa Cor- 
poral; draw Corporal's pay from Jnoe 2S 
to Jnly S. 1898, Inclaslve: slok In qasrlera 
Aug. 18 to It. 1898, Inclnalva; tick Id 2d 
Division hospital, Camo Cnba Libre. Fla.. 
Ans. 21 to Sept. 11. IS98. inclnelve: tnr- 
lOQehedBlok eept. 16 to Oct. W.1898, In- 
clusive per Q, 0. 111. A. G, 0. 1898:fBr- 
loQEb BileDdeil Oa:. 15 to Nov a.iaSS, per 
Bd End, H. Q f- - " -" '- ■' ' - 

s prIvB 

rrlvate to Corporsl Joly 26 
O, No. 8: drew Corpnra" 
le Sg to Joly 25, 1898. loclusl 

ve: Blek In quarters Oct. 23 tj> 
inclnslve; from Nov. 8 to B. 
sjck in^Zd Division hOBpl- 

9 ' Feb. 3 to 

Ed rolled as private, mn 

ral: reduced to lankn 

_. O.O.No.8JulrE6.iei 

S-lvale to Corporal Am 
.No 9i« July 28.1898: 

■- — - -rlvale'a t,_ 

,- Jnly 28, 189S 

InquarwrB Deo. 1 to 8. 1898, 
Btck In Ij-t Division hospl'al Cnr 
bla. Cnba, March 18 to 2G.tB99. 
all In line of duty 

y lis. 1898, pe: 

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Cbu-lea F, Feirell 

Jalr IB.iBW 

July I.IBBS 
July i.isn 


June SB,im 

John T. Vlnyacd 

Jolr 1,IS88 

Jnne 28.IB3B 


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Lleat. Bsllau. 


Lleat. BatloD. 
Lleat. Ballon. 

Lieut Ballon. 
Lteat Ballon. 

Brownfield . 

Sprlnefleld... L 

. Enrolled aa , mustered In kh private ta 

Co. E.Sthlll.. transCerred (lotu Co. E M 
Uo. D9>Lb 111. pec B. O. O. No 1. par. 2. 
Julr 21, 1B9B: Blck In Qunrlers July 2B to Z», 
. IS9S, Inclnelve, in line of doty; ncomoted 
f mm pilvate to CarnorHl Sepi 1, 1S38. net 
B. S. O. No It's Sept. 1.18SS: sick 1q quBr- 
ters Sept. 7 to i:. 1B9B, Inclusive, Sept. IS 
to 1E.1S9S, Inolualve. all Id line oF duty: 
detailed to Hdqrs.. Zd Brlsade, lat UIv. lih 
A. C. as Act. Com, Sxu Sent. 17, 189S; re- 

tnrned to reelment Not, 2. 1889 

:;urolledand mustered In as private; elok 
Inqnarlera Sept. ISto U. 1898. Inolnslve; 
slcfelnad Division hoepltBl C era p Cuba 
Libre, Kla.. Sepr. !S lo Oct. 11, 1898, Incln- 
slve: on sick tnrlouBh (rom Oct. 12 to Nov. 
I1.1S38, iDCluelve, per Q, U. lU. A. O. O.. 
1893. all In line of duly: promctpd Icom 

SrIVBte to Corporal Dec. 1. 1888 pertt. 8. 
.No. «, Dec. 2fl.lBBB 

|i:Diolled and maatered In as private In Co. 
L9[h III.. tTansrerred from Co. LtoCo. 
08th III F'eb.t, 1899, per R. S. O, No. 103; 
promoied from private to Corpornl Feb. 

16, 1B89, perR 8. O. No, 116 

Enrolled as private, rauetered-lu aa musi- 
cian; sick In quarters UarobT to S, 1899. Id- 

. l<:Drollvd and mnatered-ln'as "nrivHte'ln'Co. 
1> Btb 111 . tranaferred from Co. L to Co. D 
Bthlll. Jnly 21, I88H, per K Q. O. No. t, 
- .2. detailed as mnslclan C. O. No, 2. 
y2(l.l898; sick In quarters Sept 21 to SS. 
I. Inclnslve. In line of duty; sick In 
irtersOct 12 to 17. 1888. Inclusive, not 

Ine of duty 

lied as private, mnatered-ln as wairon- 
drew waeoDer's pay June ZStoJulrS, 
—S. Inclusive; sick In Quarters Ane. g to 
5, 1888, Inclusive. Sept. 23 to 28.IBB8. In- 
ciu-lve, Nov.Stoll, I89B, Inclndve. all In 

. Enrolled as private, mustered-ln as Ser- 
teant. redoced to ranka by rvQnesiJnlr 
26.1898, perR. G V. No. 8. Juir 2fi.l898i 
entllled to difference betwepn nrWa'e'a 
nay andgereeant'spay from JnlyltaZ6. 

W. 1898. Inclusive, Sept"" "t"2o!l893. In- 
clusive. Sept 22 to 2S. 1B9S, iDcluAlce. all 
In line of duty; prnmoted from private to 
aitlHc^rDao. 1,1898, per B. B. O No, 18, 
D--c,2G. 1888: sick In 2d DIv. Hoop.. Camp 
" 'nmbla. Caba, Jbd. S to 17.1899. Inclu- 
,.,j; Blck In quarter Feb. 10 toll. 1899. In- 
clusive. Ppb 12 to iS,1899. Inclnslve.all in 

Una of duty 

. Qorolled and mustered In as private; sick 
In quarters Sept. ZS to 2(, IS9S, Inclaalve, 
line of duty; promoted from private to 
Cook Jan. 26. 1899, per R. 8. O. No 90, Jao. 


■; Id quarters Sept. 11 to 12, 1888. Inclua- 
), line of duty; farloaabed from Sept 
to O'-t, 12. 18B8. per tlb endorsement 
Iqrs. 1th Army CorpB. Sept. 21. 1888; re- 
. .rted to regiment for dntv Oct. IB, 1898: 
absent without leave from Oct 13 to Oct, 
18. 189B; pny for time abseai to be dedacted 
from this roll: sick In q'lartiirs Nov. 30 to 
Dee. 1. 1898. iDcluxlve; Feb 19 Co 20. 1899, 
Inclnalve. atl in Hue of duty 

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June 18.1898 


jQir 1. tm 





Jalr (.1898 

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SpTlnglleld . ■ . 

Sprlnsfleld .. 


Llent. Ballon... 
Lieut. BalloD.. 

, Cave'ln-Reek. 

, CTOaavUle.... 

Lleai. Bolton. 
Lieut Bollou. 

Llent. Ballon. 

Llent Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 

Bock Creek... 

BcomBeld . 

.. East StLonlB 

Sick In qaarterB Jnl; 2S to 29. ISSfi, InelnslTe. 
Oct. II to ;e. ises. Inclattlve: sick In 2d 
Division boapItBl, Camii Cuba Libre. Fla., 
Oot. ITtoZB. 1898. Inolnalve; on sick far- 
lonirh Oct, SO to Nov. 29, 189tl, psr G. 0. 11*. 
A. a O: lfi98; tnrlonah extended Nov 79 
to Dec. 28. 1898. per 1th f ndorafmenl; Hdqra. 

Dbo. 2T. 1B9S, all In line of duty 

Sick In unartetB Nov. 12 to ig, 189P. Indnstva. 
Jan. 16 TO 17. 1899. Inalaelve. March N to 10. 

1B99. inclusive. In line of duty 

Ick In gnarlerBADK. 2 to 3. 1B98, Inclusive: 
sick In reKlmental bosplUI Aug. i lo ».1g98. 
Inclnslve; sick In quarters Sept 3 to S. 
IPSS, Inclusive. Oct, S7 to 38. 1S98, Inclusive. 
Nov, a to la. 1898. InclnBiva: sick Id reei- 
mental hosollsl Dec. IB to 20. IK9X, Inclna- 
Ive: BlcklnrPElmeotal hospital Dec. 2( to 
25, 1899, iDcIuaive; alck In Eenerxl hOKpltal. 
Atlanta. Oa . Dec. 28, 1888, to Feb. 16, 1899. 

all In line of rlntr 

Ick la 1st Dtvlilou hO!<pltal. Camo Colum- 
bia. Gnba. Feb, 14 to 28, 1899. inclnelva. In 
line of duty 

Sick in quarters Oct, II ID IE. 1898, inclntilve, 
l«io 17. If98, iDcliiBlve, Feb. 8 to 10. 

11 in Une'of dutji due D.'9, w'ss 

Sick Id Quarters Aug, 2S to 28, 1898, inclusive, 
8epi. 21 to 28, IB9H, Inclaslve; sick Id let 
Division bnspltfll, Catnp Columbia. Cuba, 
Feb. IT to W. mi. iDoluslve, all In line of 

Blek Id quartecB Jal; W to 81, 1898. Inclusive. 
In line of duty 

SIek In quarters July K to 27, tBBB, Inclusive. 
July 18 10 29. IS9S. Incluplve, Auir, 16 tn 18. 
189B, IncluBlve, tjeot. 29 to 29, 1B9B, Inclus- 
ive, Oot, 20 to Bl. iB?8, IncluBlvB; BlcklD2d 
Division bospllal. Camp Cuba Libre, Pla . 
Oct. 27 to Nov, 10, 1898, IpcluBlve: on alck 
furlnoehNov, II to Deo. lO. 1898, Inclualve. 
per G O. Ill, A O, O . If98; -im at home, 
as shown by surEOon'e cfrtiflcate, Deo. 11 
tn 28, IB9B, Inclualve: returned to reitlmeut 
Deo. 29. 1898, all In line of duty; due U. 8. 


Ich In quarters Nov. BO to Dec 9. IB'S. In- 
clusive, Dee. 19 to 20. 1838. Inelnslve. Dee. 
36 to 28. 1B9B. iQclnslve. Dec. 31, t\iS». Id Jau. 
1. 1899, iDClnslve, Jnn 11 to IE. 1899. ludns- 
Ive. Jan. 18 to 19, 1899, InelpBlve. all Id Hue 
of duty 

Tried hr Summary Court Aug 27, 1898. for 
■ ■ tlonBZd Article of Wsr: ST 00 fine: de- 
'd from Ansnet pav-roll; Blcklnqnar- 
Jr.t, S lo Oct. 11, 1898. iuclnalve, all In 

Sick In quarters July 2< to 28,1898, Inclusive, 
AuE 21 to 22, 1898, Ipclnelve. Aui. 24 to 36, 
1B9S, Inelnslve, Oct. 7 to 9. I89«. Inclu'^lve; 
sick In 2d DlvlBlon hospital, Cannp Cuba 
Libre, Pla„ Oct. 16 Id Nov. 8, 1898, Inclus- 
ive: sick In JoBlab Simpson eetieral bospl- 
lal. Fi, Monroe. Va.. Nov. 1 to Dec. 23, 1898, 
Inclnstve: niek Id qairters Jan. 8 to 9, 1899, 
inclnstve, Jan 10 to II, 1899. InrlUHlve. Jan. 
31 to Feb. 1. 1899. Inelnslve, Hsreta 2« to 27, 
1H99, Inctnslve. Msreh 29 to 31. 1S99, Iuclna- 
lve, ell la Hue of duty 

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F It tB 

Jons 88.1898 

Jone ».18»8 

June S8.18BB 
June 26,]e9b 

Jons B8,1BBB 
Jnne 18,1898 

Jone 28,1S88 

June £8.1898 

Jnne 2B.18M 

Jnne 2B,18^^ 






July I.I89B 

JoJy 1,1B9S 


GlDBer. Chatlea E 

Qlnior. Laoer E 

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SprlDBDeld . 

By whom, 
LleatBalloa. .. 

Llent Bitllon... 

Llent. Ballon... 

Lieut. Ballon. ., 
Llent B»Uoa... 

Llent. Ballon... 

Llent. Ballon... 
Ltent. BbIIdd... 

Lisnt. Ballon... 
Lieut Ballon... 



Eddyrllle .... 

Ballne Mlnee. 

Sick In qnarterg Dec. 8 to 20, IBB8. Inclusive. 
Marches to it. IS99. laclaBUo. Id Line ol 
dnii: Ided by Bumm-.rv Conrt March 8, 
18»9, foiTtDlatloii6M Article of War: sen- 
tenced 10 (orlelc 11.00 v^y: flne dednoted 
from Maren roll; tried by Snoimary i onit 
March -a. 1899. for vliilarton 62il Article ot 
War; seoteDced to forfell SI DO pay; flue 
deducted from March roil: due U. 8. W»8. In'cluslTe.'MBr'chKlta IS, 
tB99. inclnetve: absent nlitaoui; leave rmm 
camo Ftih S7.18S9: piiy for lime absent de- 
dnoledfrom Pebruary pay-roll 

Sick in auai'ers !4epi 19 lo W. 1898. loclu- 
slve. Nov. 13 to 2t. 1698. IncluBlve. Dec. 90 
to 31. 1898. inclnalve. all not In line of duty. 

Tried by Ejummary Court Nov. «. i8lJ8. tor 
ylolatlon llih Article of War; Bentenoed 
to forfeit lis SO pay and SO daye bard luOor; 
&De deducted frnm November piy-rolli 
alck Id Quarters March 20 t<i HO. 1839. Ineln- 
Blve. in line of duly; doe CT. S. M 88 

Skk lu qaartera July IS lo 30. 1898. Inclnslye, 
An«. l£to I6.189B, incloelve. Ang. 20 to 21, 
1B98. laclueive. Oct li to 15.1898. lacluelTe. 
Oct la to 18, 1898. Inclnalve, all in line ol 

kkta qaartera' Jniy'as to 29!'il98rinc,:'8Ve'li 
In lat DlvMoti hospital. Camp Colnmblo, 
Ci^ba, Jau, 16 to 23. 1899. InaluMlve : In quar- 
ter! April 28 to 2B, 1S99, iQcln-ive. bjI lu 
line of duty : 

Sick In quarters Sept. 21 to 29. I8!'8, Inclusive, 
" - " --I 11. 18BS, Inclaalye, Ool. 17 to Jl, 
usive, April 1« to IB, IBM, Incln- 
iQllneol duly 

Sick Id quarters Oct 18 to 31. 1898. iDCluelve. 
Ouc. 1) to Not, 1, 1893, lucluslve, Pob. 8 to 1. 

1899, all In line of duty 

InroUsd ae prlval". muatered In aa Cor- 
poral: drew Corporal'a fay from June 28 to 
Jnlv 8, 1898. lui'lustve; sick In quanera 
Jiilyaa to 23,1898 Inclualve. July '£6 to 28. 
1888, luclualve. all In line of duty: reduced 
to ranks Jan. ze, i8»8, per H. S. O. No. SO, 
Jan lie. 1899; eick In qUKrters Jan lO 10 II, 
1899. 1nclQ!<lve. March II to IS. IB99. Inclu- 
sive. March £0 Co 21. 1899. iDolualve. all In 

line of duty 

ick lu quarlers July :s to 27. 1S9B. inclusive, 
Aue. n to IH, 1898. Inclualve, Sept 7 to B, 

Sept. 20to21,l'B98. iDi^liialve, 8<-pt. 21 to 22. 
1898. Inclosivi'. S^pt 23to 21.189S.1nclnMve. 
March 1< to IG. 1899, Incloaiye. March IS to 

18.IB99, iQCluelvB. all In line of duty 

:lck Id quartera Feb. 6 to S. 1B9B. IdcIubIvb. 
aick Id lat DIvMod basnl'ol. U hid P Col- 
umhla. Cuba. Feb. 21 to Moroh 21. 1898. In- 
closlTe. alllDllnaotdnty 

Hosted by 








Glpson. Andrew J 


Jnne 28.1898 

Jul 1 IB98 

lulT 1.1S9B 

Jone 28.1898 



June 28.1S» 



Jul; u.ie9e 


July 14.1898 

HorD«y.JohD T 

June :B,lBtS 


Hosted by 




Not. l.lSSa. iDClUBlve, ^o1 



e, U 



1. 1. 1SB9. luoJusIn 

SpilnicBeld ... 

Lleat. Ballon. 

Ltent. BbIIod. 

Lieut. Ballon. 

Lleat. Ballou. 
Llent. Ballon. 


U. S.S1.16 

.. Sick In quHrters Dee. 3 to 1. 1898. iDclnelve. 
In line of duty 

rolled BB PTlvate. mustered In hb Car- 
,orol; rednced to ranfea per R. H. O No. 8, 
Jnly ZG.lSSa; eDiltled to dlfferenca between 
orlvftte's n"y. and Corporal's Bar from 
JdI; 1 to 25. 1BB§. IncluBlre: alcb In gnar- 
-re Sept. E6 to Oct. 8. 1B9S. laGinBlve. Nov. 
_ toS. IS9B. iDcluelve. iDllneofdnty 

.. Sick In qnartera Not. 30 to Dec. S. 1898, In- 
clnalve, In line of duty 

.. Enrolled aa prlTate. mnstered In as Corpo- 
ral: rednoed to caDks JnlvBl. 1S98, perK. 
G. O. No. V^: drew Corporal's pay fro 
■ "■ 38. Iivcluel '-- ' 

.,M.....-.o v,^„i .™ IT, -I 'BM Inc 

7 to S. 1S98. iLcluslTc 

SprlosQeld .. 
SprlnEtleld .. 
SprlnKlleld .. 

Llent, Ballon. 

Llent Ballon. 
Ltent. Ballon. 

blent. Bellon. 
Lleat. Bntloa. 

Llent. Ballon. 

BlIzabetbt'WQ S 
Peters Creek. I 
Rock Creek . . 

T. 2. ISea. InclaBlveFeb. 1 

e, In line of duty 

- a Sept. 23 to Xt. 1898. 1 

slTe. Oct. 30to.._ 

II to 19. IS9S, InclnslTe. all iD lloe ot doty.. 
lek In Quarters JniT £5 to ie.lBSB. iDcluBlve, 
Oct. « to 7. 1B98, iDcluBlve. Not. IS to 21. 
1898. IticlnelTe: In let DIt. boBPltal. Camp 
ColnmblB. Cnba. Jan IB to Feb S. 1899 In- 
elnalTB. all In Une of duty; dne U. S. tO.SB. 

.. Knrolled as private, mastered In a a Corpo- 
ral : reduced to ranke July IS, 1888. ppr R. 
E). b. No. 8; entitled to dlfferecce between 
prlvate'a and Corporal's pay from July 1 
La2S,IS98. mclnalve: sick In qnartera Not. 
16 to21,ie9S. IpcluelTe. Id line of duty 

.. Eurolled and mastered In as DFlTele; pro- 
moted from prlTHte to anlfiDer Aue. 1. 
-■-- per C. O. No. 2: reduced to ranks 
artificer Deo. 2t. 1898. per K.8.0. No 
" "" — " '"■Ud by SnmmsryConrt 

Feb. 1! 

; Qne 

dedacted from Pebruar, ^_, .„ 

.. Sick In qnarlerB Aoe. 27 to 28. 1B98. IpcluslTe, 
" le ol daty: furlouehed Sept. 27 to Oct. 

8S. per Vb endorsement Hdqrs. 7th 

Army Corps. Sept. 27,1898; atck In qoartera 
Deo. 28 to 21. 1898. Incluelve. Jan U lo It, 
189». tnolnalTe; stek In lat UIt. hospital. 
Camp Columbia. Cnba.Jao. 17 to Feb. 10. 
ISSS.InolUBtve: ale k In an arte tb March 5 to 
?. 1899 iDClaBlre, March 21 to 2&, 1839. In '- 

Hosted by 










Jnae ZS,18G8 
June ZS.1SB8 

June 23,1898 

JnUB Z8,1SS8 

Jnly 8.1898 

Jone 28.1898 
JnnB 28.1898 

Jane SB. 1898 

Jnae 28.1898 

June 28.1SSH 
Jnne 20.1888 

June 28.1898 

Jnne 28.1898 
Jnne 2g.igw 

ElUabetbtown .. 









Jul 1 1898 



Hosted by 




SpclDefleld .. 

SvrliiEQeld ... 



Meat. Balloo... 
Llent Ballon... 


9prinEBeld ... 

ScrliiBfleld . 

. BliiBbetht'nu 

Sick In quarters Jntr 2S to 29. 1393. InelnslTe , 
'--.. I to a, 189B, iQolaslTo. PeO. t to 8, I88B, 
lallFe. Feb. 7 to B. 1S99. iccluelva. all In 


Uent. Ballan. 
Lieut. Ballon. 

Lletit. Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon. 

Llent. BbUov. 
Lleat. Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 

Libre, ria,. Oct, IS ti. „. 

"--'---"-■ -'i, Oct. IS to Nov. S8.1SS8, 
.0.0. 1891): recoiled to 

36. IB88; Blok In quarters 

Dec. IB to 18. 1B9S. liLclueive. alllnllneof 
dutr; absent wiibout leave Feb. 21. 1899; 
Day for time abeeut to be dedacted from 
tblBrollidaeU. S 10.38 

Cave-lD -Bock Sick In anartera Sept. 25 to 31), 189S, liiclnslve, 
" ■ 3Q to Oct. 1. IB9B. Inclnalve. Feb. ato 
J. Inclualve, all In line of duly. . , 

Spatka Hill .. Sick Ir - ---- "" - " 


I, iDctuslv. Deo. 13 to S(. 1858. Inoln- 

Sobers RIdEe 

Sparks Hill 


all in line of dniy 

Enrolled and mnatered la with Company B. 
Sthlll.j transferred from Company S to 

8[>mpanr D. 91hlll., ]n]y21.1B3B. perU. Q. 
. No. I. par. 2. Jnly 2t. m»: detnlled aB 
company clerk Nov. l,IB9B.DerC. O. >]o. >. 
atfik In quartern Nov. 26 to 28.1B98. luoluslve, 
Jan. 20 lo 21. 1B99. luclnalve. all In Hoe Of 

Inrolled and moateted In aa private; pro- 
moted from private to cook Aug. 1. 1898. 
per C. O. No. 6; reduced troto oook to 
ranka Deo. Z6. 1898. per R. 3. O. No. i. Deo. 
26. IB9B; sick In qnartera March 19 to £0, 
1899. toclualve. la line of duly 

31ct In quartflta Nov. » to U, 1898, Inclnalve. 

In line of duty 

!ck Id qnartera aept.Sl to 2a 1B9B, iQclualve, 
Dee 29 to 31.1898. Inclnalve. Jan. 12 to 13, 
1899, Inclusive, all In line of duty: dne IJ. 

Sick In qnartera Oct. 81 to Nov. 3, 189B. Incln- 
alve; alck In realment hoapltal Dec. 3 to G. 
1898. InoluBlve; sick Id qnartera Feb. 9 to 
10.189!). iDOlnalve. all Inline of duly; dne 

Blck In quarters July 25 to 29, 1B9S, iDClualve, 
Sept. 22 to 30;189B. Inclusive. iSept. 19 lo 21, 
1698. inoluBlve. all In line of duly; placed 
In attest Nor. 11. 1898, tried by SnmaiBry 
Conrt Nov. U. 1S98. tot violation 39ih Article 
of War: srnttnced to forfeit 16.00 pay and 
10 dara' hard labor; Hne dednoted from 

?-roU: a 

Cave- In- Bock. 
Ut. Canuel... 

.. Sick In 2d d 
Cuba. Jan 

aloh In'rei 


IvB. In line 

p Columbia. 
S. InclUBlve; 


III., brc. 2fl.ia>iB, pe; 

2e.l898; Blckloquar 

Elusive. Jan. 11 to ^d.iokb. mciuaiTe; sioii 

In lat division hOEUlial. Gamp Columbia. 

Ouba, Jan. ze lo Feb. 15. i899. Incluelve. not 

In line of dnty; alck In quartera March 27 

tD28.1893. luclualvu March 29 lo 30.1899, In- 

ilaslve. March 31 to April 2. 189}. Inclnalve. 

all In line of duty 

Hosted by 









Miller, WIlllBm D 



Blli»bethtown ... 

Jnlv 1,1888 


PriT te 

June 28.1888 
Jane 28.1898 




Burner. DrInhB 

jDlr 1,1898 

June i8.18B8 



June !8.IS9S 
June 2B,1BSS 

lain 1.1898 


Jnlr 4.1898 

Jane ffl.M»8 

Hosted by 



SpTlmiaeld... L 


9t>llaKfleld .. 


Six Inarfleld ... 

LlenC. B»tlou... 

U«nt. Ballon... 

Lieut. Ballon .. 
Llent Ballou... 

Llent. Ballou... 
Lieut. BallDO... 


Lieut. Ballon... 
Lieut. Ballon... 

SpilDKQeld... L 

:. Sick In Quartera Jnl; 27 to 2B. tBSS, tnolnslYe. 
tiept. U to It. 1898. iDclnalve. sIUd line of 
dulli tailonrbed Sept. n toOal. 1Z.1B9B. 
per Sd endoreement. Hdqrs. 7th Army 
CoFPB. Sept. 21. 1898: returned to reelmeut 
Oct. 18.iaS8: Hb a en t without leave Oct. U 
to 18,18S8. inclusive, pay to be deducted 
from this roll for time h 


B Not it t. 

aaire; In 

. CBTa-ln-Bock. 

. UcCormlck. 

, Bldewa;.-.. 
, Malrvllle. Et 

Ecneral hoapitat. Camp Onward. Gs.. 

1 ta3S.tB9R, tncluelve. nil In lice ot dutT ... 
. Sick in quartera Jniy 16 Co ET, 1898, laelDBlTe. 
3ept. 1« to 15.1898. iDcluslve. 8ept 2i to 25, 
1898. inalnelve. Oct. ZZ to 90. 1S9B. InclaalTe. 
Not. SB to 30.1898, incluslTe. Dec. 8 to I, 
1B98. inclnalve; in 2d dlvUlon bOHDital. 
Csmp ColQDibta. Cuba. Jsn. IG toS7,tS9B. 

ipoIualTe. all Id line ot dm; 

Ick In qoartera from Sppl. 2S to 30. 1899. In- 
clusive. Oct. 1 to 11.1898, IncluBlve, all Id 


..... .. Clerk, per C. O. No. 8. 

Oct. 1. 1893^ relieved Nov. 1, 189S. per C- O. 

No 1D.1S98 

lek in guartera Sept. 28 to Oct. 1, 1898. inoln- 

Blve. In line at dntr 

Sick in Quart em Sept. is to ifl. 1898. inclusive. 
"-^C. 93 """ " 

t. iDcluBlve 



, Qoloonda.... 

. Marlon.Ky.. 

. Spark's Hill.. 
. Cave-lu-Bock. 

_.- .notlnllu. 

ot dut;; sick in quartern Feb. Tto 8. inolu- 

Bive, in lice ot duty _ 

lick in quartet a Oct, 6 to B,1698. InclnBlve, 
Feb 2StoUarchl.1399,lDClnBive.inllneof 

Sick lDqu'afterB'jnir':2Vo'zV.V9W.Viicin'Bive,' 
Nov. 9 to 12.1898. Inclusive. Nov. 28 to 29, 
1888. Inclnaivei sick In 2d divigion hoapl- 
tal. Camp ColuTnbla. Cuba. Jan. 18 to Feb. 
1.1899. Indaeive; nick In qnartera March SO 
to Si. 1899. inclusive, all in line of dnty 

SnroiJed and mustered in Uo. K. 9thlll.; 
tranet«rred to Co, D, sihlll.. Juli £1. 189B. 
per a, G, O. No. I. Jnir 21. 1B9B; elct In 
qnarlerB JnIr 29 to 27. 1S9S. inclnalve. 
Sept. 2« to 25. 1898. Inclnsive. Nov. 19 to IB, 

1R»8. IcelnalTe. in line ot dnli 

' — ■'- - -1 to 12, 1898. Inolu- 

iDolnBlve, March 
ill In line of duty. 

.. ,_„ _., .. to 9S. 1898. Inelu- 

Sept. 22 to SD. 1898. IncluBiv"; sick lu 

Zd DlTlBlon bOBpltal. Camp Cuba Libre. 
Fla.. Oct. 8 to 9. 1998, incfuBlve: sick in 
hoapilal. Ft. Thomas, Kv., Oct, IZ to Nov, 
«. IISB, InclnBlve; on Blck fuHouEh from 
Nov, I to Dec. 3. 1899: retarned to regi- 
ment Deo. 7. 1898; reported to JetTerBOn 
Barracka. Mo.. Dec. 3. 1898. aa reqair.-d by 
furloueh: sick in quarters Oct. 1 to E. IBSB. 
inclnalve, all in line of daty 

:ick In quarters Sept. 22 to 29. 1898. Inoln- 
Bive Id line of dntr: turlonghed Sept. 21 
to Oct. IZ, IB98. inclUBlve; Teturai^d to 
reeiment Oct. IB. 1898; absent wittiant 
■ -B Oct. 13 to 16. 1S9B. iDcluBlve; pay 10 
ediictvd fortlmeabsent from this roll; 
tn ad Division hoBpttnl, Camp Colum- 
bia. Cuba. Jan. 1 ta Z2, 1899, Ipolnalve. In 

line ot duty 

.. Sick in quurtera Sept. I toS. 1898, inelnalve. 
Nov. t v> 10. 1898. Inelnsive. all In line ot 

Sick in q 

Sick in 

Hosted by 




Smoek, Thomas . . 

IS UcLenuBtiaro .. 

TlnBle;. Thomas A... 

.. Jnne 28,1898 


liaeleY. James A , . 


TacDM. Cburler E.... 


Wlltlame. Kobert B 

<a BUiibethtown.. 

Hosted by 



Udbtkhid In. 

SprlDsfleld... L 

SprlDBfleld ... L 

,. Bllzabetbt'wn 

.. Lieut. Ballon... 

Hfticb II to IZ, I 

28, 1899, Innlual' „ 

^clDilve. all In Hue ot datv .. 

W, 1B99. In- 

Enrolled and mastered in In Co. L, 8th 111.; 
transteired from Co. L. 9ih 111., to Co. D, 
9ih 111., JnlT 21. 1SG8. per B. Q. O. Ho. S. 
JnlT ai. 18981 aick In qnnrterB Jalr it to 
to. »Bg. tDclQBlve. AnE, ISIolS, lli98. Ill- 
elnslve. In reglmenlBl boBoltal Ang. 16 to 
19. 1898. inclusive. In quart ere Sept. tloS. 
1S98, Inclusive, In reirlmental bOBpital 
Ssiit. 8to 9. ims, iDctntlve. mill Division 
bospltsl, Camp Cubu Llbro, Fla., Sect. 9 
to 13. ISSK. InclusWe: on bIcIi f^iiIouBh 
fromSept. ItoOct. 13. Ifl9»_, 1 ' 

ol dut 

■B Ocl. 30 t( 

t Oct. IS. les«; a 
" T.l. ir 

t Due 

Bl] In Una 

without leave Deo 3, 

.0 be deducted from this toll fot 
_.. _..._ .^ realmental boapltaj 

sent witboat i«aTe May I, iSBSi pay for 
time abaent to be dedacted from tbie roll, 
ilck la quBTtera Juir 11 to Aug. I. 1B9S, tn- 
ciaelve: Bick Id 2d DItIsIod bospltsLCamp 
Columbia. Cuba, Jan. IS to H. ISM. Inclu- 
sive; Bleb In anartetB Jan. 28 to 29. I8S9. In- 
eluafve. and Peb. 3 to t. 1899. IucIdbIvo: 
sick In 1st Division hosoltal. Camp Colam- 
bla, Cubs. March l* to ti, 1899. Ineluatve, 

all in line of duty; dueU. S.S0.3S 

Ilek to qoarters Sept. 12 lo 25, 1898, Ipclu- 
Blve, Dec. 16 to 19. 1898. Inclusive. Id reel- 
iiienta! hoepltal Dec. St to 28, 18^8, Inclu- 
alve. In 2d Division tanapltsl. Camp Colum- 
bia. Cuba. Jan. IS to SO. 1899. inclusive. In 
let Dlvtelon hospital. Camp Columbia, 
Cuba. March U to 21, 1899. Inclusive; tn 
qnattBrs March 31 to April I, 1899, Inclu- 
sive, all In line ot duty 

ilok In qusiters Sept. £2 to 23, 18e8. luctu- 

to 2, 1898, incluBlve. > ... ^ 

elusive, all In line ot duty: tried by (lum- 
mary Court Nov. 17 for violation ol aad 

- ). Inclusive, all In line of duty; 

doeU. s.sosa - 

Enrolled as private; 
eeant: reduced to Tanns, 

8. Ju!l 28, 1898; entitled t. 

tween 8erireant's and private's 
July I to 25, 1898. Inoluslve: sick m huk- 
tera Oct. 9 to 11. 1898, Inclusive; sick In 2d 
Division hospital. Camp Cuba Libre. Fla.. 
Oct. 11 to 12. IS9S, Inclnolve: on sick for- 
lonah Oct. 12 \ " - .-..-.. 

irB, 9.0. No. 
■■- lOB be- 

slek at bome. as s 

nby ai 

tlflcate Nov. 13 Co Dec. 9. 1898. I 

Bitended Nov. 12 to 

Hosted by 









Tune ZS.183e 

June 38,1B9S 
June 28.189S 

July U.1B9B 

Jane 2S.1SS8 
June ffl,i89» 

jona sa.m9 

June 18,1898 
June 28,1898 



Ellf ftbethtown ... 


DiteharetdHfor dita- 

Jnlr 1,1898 


Hosted by 



SprlueSeld .. 
SvrliiEAeld .. 

Lieut. Baltou .. 

. Cave-lD-Rock . 

. EllEabetht'WD 

Sick In qnnrtera Jalj ZS to 21, 1898, IneinslTe. 

' 1 Hue of duly, and eick July SI to Aug. 

1SS8. Inclaslve, Sept. S t« 12, 1B9B. Inala- 

ve, Nov. 10 to 11. 1893. Inclusive, all m of duty 

Sick In quHrtSTB 3aly 2E to ZS, 1898, loeluBfTe. 

illed and mustered In ae i>clviite; pro- 
_jtBd ttom private to CorDoralJnU ZB, 
1898. per K. U. O. ^o. 8. Jnlr 2G, IHi^i re- 
1uced to rankB Aug. 1. 1898. per B. Q. O. 
•iti. 9i«. July Ze, I8»»: drew Corporal par 
Irom June za to July 2i. ieo8, Inclaslvv, 
ilok In cesilrQentiil hospltnJ Jun. 8 to 9. 

e, Oct. 1 

, ...9. Inolnalve, 

all In line ot dmv 

,. Sick In qaEirtere July ZEtoZB, 1898. iDcinf lye. 
8ep>. Z« to 80.1698. InCluBlT-- "~- • '- " 

1B98. I 


„ll In line of duty; irled by Summary 

I Feb. 18. 1898, lor ylolRtlon tia Artl- 

DieoEWar: senienced to forfeit Weents 
of pay; anedeoncted from February pay- 
roll: 5ae 0, S.S0,38 

.. Sick In Quarters July 30 u 31. 1B98. Incjaslie 

S-pi. a: 

18BD, - 
In n 

1899. Ii 

e, Oct. 21 

, iDOluel' 

I. Oct 1 

l1 hOBplta} Alarch'vto 

all Is 

lOt d 

[>rll 2, 

,. Lieut. Ballon .. 

Sick Id qnarterg Jajy 16 to 20. IB9S. lucIiisiTe. 
July 28 to 30. 1S98. InclneUe. all In line of 
dnty; dlecbarged Aqk. 29 by Command- 
ing general Till flrmj Corp a. as per en- 
daratmeut on eureeon^ft certificate of dis- 
ability Aug. to, 1898: servlcee honest and 
talltaful: final atatements and dlscharse 


Ick In Quartera July It to 20. 1893. Inelnslve. 
Iulln«ot dnty: dlscbareed Auv. 2», 1898. 
by UommandlOR General Tib Army Corps, 
ae per endoraemeat on aureeon'a certlB- 
cate of disability Aus. 10. 1899: dlaeharee 
and final Btatfmeniit fnrnlehed; servlcei) 

honest and faithful 

.. Ellsabetbt'wD Enrolled as private; mustered In as Cor- 

Siral: redneed to ranks JnlyiS, 1898. per 
. Q. O. No. 8, July 26. 1898; promoted to 
gorporal from private Anr. 1. 1898. per R. 
. 0. No. 8>9, July 29. 1898: ali'k In qnar- 
teraJnlyZI to 22. 1698. Inolaflve: sicl In 
ad Division hoapltal. Camp Cuba Libre, 
fla., »ept. 26 to Oct. 21. 1898. Inclaslve: 
sick Id hospital. Ft. Meyer, Ta,. Oct. !G. 
1898. to Feb. 1. 1899. Inclaslve. ai: In line of 
dnty; dieohareed hy order Secretary ot 
War Feb. 1. ISsa: deacrlpilve- list, final 
statem eats and dlscbaree farnlslied; ser- 

vlOBs honest and faith Eu) 

Sick In quarters Jnly IB to 20. 1398. InelaslV'^. 
Sept. 19 to 21. 1898, Inclaslve: sick lU 2d 
Division hospital. Camp Cuba Libre. Fla.. 
Hept. 21 to Oct. 6. 1898. Inclaxlvt, all In 
line of duty: on sick tarloneb Oct. 7. 1898. 
to dale of his dlacharee Ftb. B. 1399. by 
order Secretary of War: dlscbam and 
floal Btatementg fumlebed: seivleea ban- 
eat aad falcbful 

Hosted by 









Ira ^d^m^'"''^' 

JdIf lS.18ffi 



Oeorire P. Bleeth 


Jnir 4,1B9S 



lalr I.1S38 


jQly 1,1S98 


Not. ze.UOS 


Dec. !S.189& 

SBvaansh, Qa.,., 

Hosted by 



. Llcnt, Bftltoq ... 


SDrlnKfleld ... 
SPrinefleld ... 

Savannah, Go. 

Joined cc 
field. Ill 

[jtent. Ball on. 
Llent. BbIIov. 
Lieut. Ballon. 
[llent. Ballon, 
Ueat. BallOD, 
Llent. Ballon, 

Lleat Ballon, 

Lient.-Col, Dwyer 







t, Llent.'Col.Dwyer 

Jack'Tilte. Fli 


sick ii 

pllal, Camp Onward, (ja , Nov. iO ii. 

nnkaawn: Blok In aeneral hoecltal. At- 
tanlH. lin., dale nnkDOnni od alck tnr- 
looeli to Kook Creek. III. (date nnkaown) 
to date of dUchft'ee Feb. is, l8S9. b; order 
SecretRir of Wai: dlacharge aud Snal 
atatttmentB taialehed; eerfloiia honeat 

and talthfol 

enrolled as private: muetered la as Cor- 
porali promoted (rem Corporal lo Bor- 
seant Jiilr ES, 18S8. ner K. S. O. No, B, 
JnlF za, 18811: elck In quaners !4ept. 2S to 
2S, 1898. InolQslve, Nov. 3D to Dec. 1. 1B9B, 
Inclusive; Id renlmeiital boeptcal Des. 4 to 
6, 1898. InolnBlve, all In line ot duty: dli- 
....,,„ |ggj_ pg^ n, p. N(j. 61 ■ 

19: diBchar 



jllutment at SprloE- 

. 1B9II: iransferred from 

. — ;hI band. Sih 111., Jnly IB. 

0. No. 1, July IB, ISBB: de- 

BOrlptlVH Hat tarolabed 

.tiroUed ae private: mastered In bb Artifi- 
cer: difference In pa; between private and 
Arilflcer rtna trom July t to n, 1S9B. laOuB- 
Ive: transferred from Co, B to regimental 
band. 9ih 111., July IS, ISSS.per K. O, O, ^o, 
I.July la, I8R8: d«BCrlptIve Hat FaruUhed.. 
TranBterred from Co. U to regimental band, 
9ib 111.. Jnly 18. 18G8. par K, G. O. No. I, 
Jnly IB, 1898: deacrlptlva !lat farnlshBd.,,, 
laaeferred from Co. D to Co. K. »Ib III., 
Jaly 20, mas. per K. S. O. No, 1, Jnly 2i, 

1S9B: descriptive Hat turalshed 

raaatorred from Co. D Co Co. L, Jnly £8, 
1898, per R. 6. O. No. i. July 22. 1838: de- 

iqnartera Jniyi:: 
1 to t, 1B9S. iDcli 

t. O, 0. No. E, July 22. 
••— -ihed 

'. Aa'i. 19 tn U. 

(erred toad Dlvlsloc hospltsl Autf'sB.lbSB. 
per 8. O. No. 78. Hdqrs. 7th Ariov Corps. 
AuB- ZS. 1898: deaorlpclvs list turnlabed.... 
ranBterred to Co. U 9lh 111., £ torn Co. '>, 
9th III , H~eb. 1. 1B99, per K. d. U. No. lOJ, 

Feb. 3, 1899: deacrlpllve list furnished 

oined ootnpany hv enllfltment at SaVHanah. 
Ha, Nov. 25, 1S99: enrolled and mustered 
in aa Cook: reduced from Cook to rnnka 
Jan, 20, 1899. per K, :^. O. No. SO. Jin. Z8, 
1899; tranflterred from Co. D lo Co. 1. 9lh 
■'■ " '- - ■^, O. No. HI, Feb. 


me. iQclnalvo. 
T. IS. 1B9S; 

__. iSBStdeBorlpllvelli 
aicklnoaartera J"l¥22.--. 
Ann:. 12 to le. 1B98, Icclns 
1068. Inclusive. Nov. U, 1B9_, ._ . 
hospital Nov IB. 1B9B: died Not 
Inventory of efffota and final atarements 
forwarded to Adjutant General. WashI uK- 

too: alcknesa In line ot duty 

olned compBTtvbv eallatment at ^lavannab. 
G».. Out. 28. IS98: Hick In reelraental fiosol- 

Isl DUlalon hiapltal Ja'n 6 to 7. l°n9.Camp 
ColnmOla, Cuba: died Jan. T. IB99. In 1st 
DIvleloa hospital. Camp Columbia, Cuba; 
BlcKnesalDlloeof da'by 

Hosted by 










June M.lg»e 

Jane 28. UW 
June ie,im 









Joseph W. Porterfleiil 
Geocse BBcton 

Cb talD 

Jane as.lSSt 

Jnne zs.igss 
Jane i8,1896 

Palrfl Id 

S 1S9S 

Hosted by 







By whom. 


Went Ballon 

Lleat. Ballon 

Llent Ballon 

Bock Greek.. 
Rook Creek... 

31ok In qaartera Jnly 26 to 29, 18S8. Inclusive. 
Sept. 2 to S. 1S3B. Inelualve; Blck Id 2d Divi- 
sion boBPltal. C&mp Cnba Libre. Flu., Sept. 
21 to 21. ISSS.lDciuElie; furlouEhed Sept. ZS 
to Oct. 12. 18B8. InoluslYe. per M endorse- 
meal Bdqrf 7tb Armr Corps. Sept. 21. 189B; 
deeartedOct. 24. 1B9Si dne U. S.Sa% 

Sick In quartera July 26 lo2S. 1898. Indus Ire: 
tuTlouKtied Sept. 21 to Oct. 12. 1S98. luctua- 

Corps. Sept 27. 1S9S; deserted Oct. 2t. 18S8; 

Enrolled aDdmoetarVd^'n as privVtoiii Co. 
E. 9th III.; tiBDBCerred {rom Co. £ to Co. 
D.Sth III,, per E, G. 0. No, 1, Par. 2, July 
2I.1S98; promoted from private to Corporal 
July 26,1898, per K. S. 0. Mo. S.July £li.l89i<: 
elok In quarters Sept. Ifi to 17. t8S8. Inclua- 
Ive; Blck In regimental bospIlBl Sept. 20 to 

1899; elck on hospital ship Missouri April 


tilent Ballon... 

Bprlniraeld , 
BpcIoEfteld , 

Llent, Ballon... 

Oraoted ten days' leave of absence to visit 
bla home at Fairfield. III., trom Oct. 6 to 
Oct. IB, I8B8. InOuslve, Hdqrs 2d Ulv. 7 
A, C; ordered to report In pereon with 
oompaoy to Maj. Rnssel B. Harrison. Pro- 
vnst Marahal. Jacksonville, Pla.. by S, O, 
No, 17, Sept. 27, 1888; order revoked; 
ordered to report with Co. E aud take com- 
mand of Provost Station So. S, S O, No. 
«G, Bdqrs. zd Brie. 1st Dlv. 7 A. C. Deo. 
1,1898. tiavauDHb, Oa.. from Dec. 2 to Dee, 
£8.1898, Inclusive: appointed Provost Mar- 
shal oF Qatnee, Cuba, by Qeneral Field 
" ■ No. 1. Hdqra 2d Brie, 1 ' "' " " 

hill. Vol. laf. fro 
_ J. 18118. iDClaslve, S. 
Granted tan days' leai 

S. O, Sifi Hdqra 9lh 111. VoVlat."." 

date; etanted ten days' leave of abHenoo 
tovlstt bla home at Fairfield, 111 , from 
8epl.23to Sept. 27, ISES. Inclusive. SO. 
No. IDS Udqrs, 7th A- C 

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When. . 

Jnne ZS.18S8 

Jane 28.1B9i 

JQI1« i8.18SS 
June 28.1B98 

Jons as.isee 
Jtme 28,1938 

Jane J8.18S8 

July B.1898 

JnlT 6,1888 
Jnij 6.1898 

Jnly G.18S8 

JulF 6.1998 

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SprlneBald . 

.. Lieut. Ballon... 

. Iilsut. BnllOD. 
. Lieut. BalloD. 

. Lieut. Ballou, 

Blok In realmei 
19.1899, In c 111 si 
11 to ApiUl3.ll 

mall to 91 

d. [II.. EC U. O No. SO, 

l,tB9S. InclusWe; dls- 

iTamiintB tocwardod br 

.r In U. 8. eeneral 

Enrolled UB private: musteredln m Qubt- 
Termaster tJerEeant July S. 1893: pftlrl as 
Quarter master Seceaant from JaaeZSto 
Jolr 1.11)98. Inelnalve: sick Id Zd DiT. 
boBpllal, Camp Columbia, Cuba, trim Jan, 
19 to Feb. 2,1899, Inclpslre. all to line ol 

3 prlFB 

I'lve: J 

a Hevt. 20.m8. to Sept. 22. 1S9S, IdcIu- 
e. and trom ^eo'- 21 to Oot, Z, 189B. In- 
iBlve, all la line of dot;; dae D. S W 30. 
>]|ert aa prIvBta JuDe2!'. 18^: isaslered- 
aa Corooral July 5.1B9B: paid aa Corporal 
im JuQe28 to July l.itjsa, InclUMlve; on 
-loueb from Sept. 2). 189B. to Oct 11, 
8. Inclaslve, at Falifield, [U.. per K. Q. 

: S. 1899, InolDBl 

B Feb t 

I Feb. 1 

and Kick la 
- ■ InatVB. 



EBBQtJulye.ISSS: paid aa Sergieani trom 
JaneESto July t.IB98. IncluBlye: dnlalled 
as Sprseaut Major of Zd Bat. 9rh III Vol. 
Inf. July 13.1H98. by order of Col. Camp- 
bell: detalleit frora SnrE«ant 9th III. Vol. 
Int. S. O. SB's D<-Dt. :0. lS»g; detallt'd Act- 
ing Servant MaJorStli 111, Vol. Jnf.,S O. 

y. alMpllneof dot 

Enrolled aa i 

Seot. 10 to Nov. 1. 1B98. luolu'lve: elct la 
qaartera Dec. !Z to 21. IB9S. IpclnslTe, all In 
line o( dniy: on turloaeh I3. O lU. A S - 
O . Not. Z to Dec. 1, IB3B. luelaalve, at Fair 
field. 111.; dne D. 8. 10.80 

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John P. McA(ee 


Jane 2S.1S98 


Lew L. PlemlDc 


1a\j 5.1B9S 

Jnae J8.18SS 

Hosted by 






By whom. 


Llant. BaJlon 

Llent. Ballou 

Lieut. Ballon 

Llent, Ballon 

Llent. Ballon.... 

Llent. Ba ion 

Llent Ballon 

Lieut. Ballon .-.- 
Llent. BalloQ .... 










Enrolled as private, mastered In as Cor- 
poral July B, 1898. paid as Corporal from 
June 28 to July Inclusive; sick In 

M^lsJriDdufiyi: fltch'fn guaSetB Sept"'.' 
1898. and Sept. 2S. 1898; alcS In quarters 


toMackoDElehcBpltal. AnuuBia. 6a'. Mar 
e. 1899. IncluBlve, all In line of duly; on 
farlouEh at Fairfield. 111.. R G. 0. 80. from 


rotal July 5.1898; paid aa Corporal fTom 
Jnne28 to Jnly 1, 1888. Inclnelve; tick In 
qnartprs April 29.1699. In line of duly; on 
detai'hed dnty Ist Dlv<)<loD beadquartera 



Enrolled and mustered In as private; pro- 
mated to Corporal Jan. 1, 1899. R. S. P. 0. 

clnalve. Feb. 18.1899, March 29.1899. all In 


Enrolled aa private'. moalVt'id in aa a Cor- 
poralJuly B.1B9B; paid a,- a Corporal from 
June £S to Jnly 1, 1898. lacluslve; sick In 
quarters from Oct. 6 to Oct. 12. 1B9B. Incln- 
aive. and Nov. U to Nov. IT, 18D8, Inc In.-lie; 
Biek Id 1st Division hoaoliaJ. T.h Arms 
Corps, Jap. 2 to Feb. I^.ISS". lucluslve. all 


Enrolled aa a private, mastered In tts a Cor- 
nural Jnly E. 1S98: paid aa Corporal from 

In qnaiters Jul; 12 to July 29. ib9S IdcIu- 
alve, »ept 27 to Oct. 1, 1898. Inclusive. Gel. 

hoapltal. 7th Army Corps. Oct 10 to Nov. T, 
1898. Inclnalve. all in line of duty; on fur- 
louBh at Fairfield, 111 . 3 li*' A. Q O.. 

1898, Nov. 8 to Deo. 6. 1898. Inclusive 

Enrolled aa a private, mualerpd in as a Cor- 
P<.ralJaly6.1898;pald6s a Corporal June 
28 to Jnly 1. 1898. Inolaslvs: elo^ In quar- 
ters July 21 to 32.18SB, Inclnslve. Dec. Z2 
and 23. 1898. Inclusive, all Id line of dnts; 
on furloueb at Fairfield. III.. A. G. O. No. 
ea. from eit>pt. 38lo Oct 11. 1898. Inclaalve; 


Enrolled and mualered In as a prlva-o; pro- 
moted to Corporal from prlvale March 1. 
lt»9. R. 8. O. m^. aame date; detailed 

O^'no^ 24.*'(r?m'"s*ept 2ol"'ie9Tto* Oct. IS. 
1898. tnclualve; detailed al Q. M. Depart- 
ment. Bth Hi Vol, luf.. from Oct 16. 1898. 

fns 1"' Seiffeint CrE,^'9t"lM Vol. Int. 
from Deo. 23. 1898. to Feb. 118.1899, IncloBlve, 

m'iS'ted w''cofp°'rBTM»r"cli''*l.?8wV.'8^0.' 
Vii'a. aamedale: Blch In quarters S^pt. 19- 
21, 1898, InclnslTe. Sept. SJ to Oct. 7,1898. 


same date: sick In qnaitere Jnly IS 19, tB9S, 
loclualve. Aug. IS. 1898. to Sent. 21. 1898, 
Nov. 2 to 3. 1898, Inelnslve. Dee. 21. 1898. all 
m Ineotduty 

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June 28.1898 
JmiB 28.iSBB 

Jnas 28.1898 
June E8.1B98 

June S.1B9B 

Inne ZB.lS3a 

Jane 18.1898 
June i8,I89B 


Jalr 6.1898 

Jul; 5.1898 


Jdlr G.1818 
Taly 5.1S98 


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.. Llent. Ballon .... FalrBeld Entailed atiil tauBtered Id b» Wasouer Jair 

I1.1898: paid aa wsKDoer fiom June 28.1B0S. 
toJuIr 4.1808, iDclneive: promoteil to Cor- 
potat from wHioner April IB. 1898. R. S. O. 
ITI. game date: eiek In quarleta Jnli 31, 

IB38. Nov. U,1BB8, Inline ol duty 

Enrolled and mnateied in ae private; ao- 

e Dinted mnHlclan b7 order of Colonel 
ampball July 18, leSSi Blck Id quarters 
tiept. £9 to SO, 1998, InclDBlve, Oct. S to 9, 
1898. lEolnalve, Nov, B, 1898. all in line at 

dnlr; due D. 8. 80. SO 

Llent. Ballon Fairfield Enrolled and mnelered In as prlvslei ap- 
pointed mnalolan. B. S. 0. No Si, Jan. 1. 
1899: alok la qnaneri Awe. 19. 1898. Oct. 13 

to u. 1898. Inelnalve. Oct. 16 to 11. 18!IB. la- 
olneive, Jan. IS to 19. 1898. Inolnelve. Feb. 
11 to IS. 1899. Inclusive. April 21 to W. 1899. 
Inclnilve. April Z9, 1899. all In line of dnUr ; 
dne U. S. 10.30 

SprlDEfleld... [ilent. Balloii Ut.Erle Transteirsd (rom Co. K. 9th 111. Vol. Inf.. 

jQir 21, 1898. by B. S.O. No. 2. Jnly 9.1898: 
promoted to waif oner April l6.189B,B.G.O. 
171. eame date: due n. 8.80. ao 

SpllDStleld... Llent. Ballon MarBhall. Mo,, Enrolled as private, mtistered in as artificer 

Jnly £,189S; paid aa ariifioer Jane % to Jal; 
1, 1^. Inclusive: tried by Sammarr Court 
Antr- 18, 1898, for violation of the (Id Article 
of War. dmnfc and disorderly^ sentenced 
to forfeit one dollar: fine and paideduoted 
on Anvust. 1B88. pay-roll; tried by Sum- 
mary Court for violation of the 3id Article 
of War, March 18. 1898. absent leee than U 
boars; sentenced to [orfeit two dollars; 
fine and pay deducted on March, 1839, pay- 

. Lieut. Ballon Ut, Brie Bnroiled' sa'cooky wVth'VanW ot'Cor'poraii 

1 In as company cooli plan. G, 1898: 
„ Corporal from June 28 to July 4. 
iDCluaive; sick in qnartera Ane 21 to 
. iS. inelnalve. Bept. Z. Oct. 13 to U, 

iQCiaaivB, all in line of doty 

. Llent. Ballon Clene On furlouah at Mt. Etle.R.Q.O.No.SO.Sent. 

Oct. 11. 1BB8. Inclnaiva; sick in qnar- 

>ct. IS to 18, 1898. iaclnalve, Oct. 20 to 
3. Inelnalve. Oct. 25, 1898. Nov. 19. Nov. 
90, 1898, Inclusive, Jan, IS. 1B99. all In 

SprlnBfleld... Llent. Ballon .... SPrlnsfleld... Stck In qnartVrs's^pY'iil'to'SBlim'liicin- 
sive. Oat. IT. 1898, Jan. 26.1899, ail In line of 

Sprlnrfeld... Lieut. Bikllon FalrBeld 31ck In'qnaWera'juiy 22'and*2B!ifes,'ineiu- 

alve; slok in lat. Di v. hospital. 7rh Army 
Corps. Uec. 2i. 1898. tO Jan. H. 1899, Incln- 
Give, all in line of dnt>; on farlonEh. Q.O. 
Ill, A. O. O,. 1S9S. at FalrQeld, 111., from 
Jan, ( to Feb. 2, 1899. Inolasive: reported 
tor transportation to reslment at Savan- 
nah. 8a,. and vae detached to provost 
headquarters to await truisportailDn to 
join his company at Havana, Feb, 6.1899... 

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Jnne 28.1898 

Jnna 28.1898 

June 28.1BW 
June :8.iSS8 

Jane 28,1898 

Jnne 28.1898 
jQOe 28.1898 

Jane 28.1898 
June 28.1898 

Jnae 2S.189S 
Jnne 28.189S 


CaTtaBton. JameaP.. 


Hosted by 



28 to July 2B, 1B9B, In- 

, lBa». Inolaalvn. 

iluBlVB. Nov. 21, 1 

._ .a [)1v. bospltftL fFom Dec. Zl. ISBB. to 
JsD. 21, 1B99. iDclusiTe: sick In quartna 
March 10 to n. 1S9S. InclualvH. fllRCch 27, 
1899, Anrll 7 to Act II B. 1899, inclusive; reel- 
mental hOBpllal Anrll 9 and 10, 16B9, iucln- 
Blvei sick la 2d Ul«. hoapttHJ, Itb Aim; 
Corps. ApTll IL to 19. ItsfS. iDclaslve: sick 
In quarters April 80. 1899. all In line ot 
datr: tried by Summary Court March 20, 
•"■■" '--TiplatloDof the 62d Article of War. 

druDk ft 

. disorderly 

to forfeit 

ro dol- 

d hoeultHl from Sept. 1 tc 

SprlDi field.. . 

Lieut Ballon... 
Lieut Ballon... 


, Newton . . 

IS98. IneluBlveidne D.S. 80.30 

■" laf erred to Co. E from Co L,. 9lh ill. Vol. 

._t.. K.G.O. No. 6, JnW23. 1098 

.. Sick lnqaarteraJnIy23,lgB8.July 21 to26. 1898, 
■no.: sick'-"' ■■■-"-----'"-" ■ " "' 

[ In Z<i Ulv. bDeplta1.7tb A. ( 


:romuct, ii, ibC" " 

., dlill! 2d D'It' hoBpltal, 7th A 

18 to Oct 11, 1B9B, Inc. S.O. No. 61. Hdqre 2d 
Dly..7th A.C.: OD detached duty at let Dlv, 
BdqiB. .7Ih A. C. Jan. I» to April 1,1899. Ins., 
8.O. No. n. Hdqrs. lat I)lv.. Jun.Sl, 1899i 

dneD. 8. JO.BO 

... . . o . p^j 2,iF" 

.. Rick 

I to Oct. 25,18! 



Lleat Balton., 
Lieut Ballon.. 

. Pttirfleld.. 
, Fauaeld.. 

. Sick In quartetn Oct. 1 to Oot.,.a, 1S9S, InclD. 

sive. in line or duty 

. Sick In quarter B S#pt. 8-Sept. I.1B9S. Ipcln- 

SDlInsfleld ... 

Lf«at BbIIoq... 
Lleat. BbIIob... 
Llent Ballon... 

.. Lleat Ballon... 

. Llent Balloa... 

. Fairfield... 
. Fairfield... 

jtafhospltBl July 28 to July SO. 1898, In- 

claalve, all In line of duty: dne IT. S. 10.22. 
. Sick In qaartere Adk. 29 and a0.1898. Inclu- 
sive. Sept. 11. 1893. Sepc. 17 to Sept. S5. 1898, 

ad July 2S, tl 
ct. 3. 1898, 1 

8, Incinslve. N 
Nov ~ ■ 


I9S. Sept. 
' -0 Nov. 

JB, 1898. Inclusive, 
)ec. 81,1898. March 14tal3. 

b11 In line ot duty 

.. Sick InqnarterB Sept. IB.ISSS; alck Id 3d di- 
vision bospltal, Sept 19 10 23.1898. Incla- 
Blve; sick In gnartera Sept. 2t and 25. Sept. 
80 to Oct I.189S, tnolnslve: Blck In 2d di- 
vision bospltsi Oct B to8,IB98 Tth Arm; 
Corps: sick In qnartera Oct 8.1698. Oct IS 
— •■■ •■'"8. lnolnalTe.alllnllneotdnty;due 

.. 8!( 



I. Oct. 28 to 21, 

>lve. April 8.1899, all In llueotduty; dne 

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June ae 1898 

Pal fl W 

Jnir S.I89» 

June 28,1888 

Qrader. Robert JS 

HarcU. WlllUm 

Jnne ^1898 
Jtme 28,1898 

Barrlneton, Wm, D... 


Jane 28.1898 

JulT E,1B9S 

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Hdsicbbd In, 

On fnrlougb at Mt. Eile,Ill..Q. O. No. 80-. 
ijept. zl to Oct. 11.1SWI. iDclDBlvei Bick tn 
Isi dlTlslou haepltnl. 1th Armv Corps. Dec. 
SlUi Jan. 21,U9S. Inclusive: transferred to 
U. S. aenecaL hOBpHal at Fort MoPhetsoo. 
Ua., fromJan. 3tD2(.18S9. Inclnelye; slok 
Id quarters Jan. 28, 1B93. all In line o! dnly. 

Sick Id quarters »ept 20 to 31.18118. Inclnalve, 
Sect. 2a to Oct. H. 1838, laclutlTe. Nov. IB to 

pit al Nov IS to zi:18?8. IncluslTeislckln 
IBt dlvtsloD hoapltul. 7tti Army Corps, 
Nov, 36 to Dec la.iaUS. Inclusive, ellln line 
ol duty; od detail duti by verbal order of 
Reelmental CommaudsT. 1st division bead- 

SuanacB, 7tli ArmyCorpa: proroal guard 
nty Match 18. April 8, 189S. Inclusive: dae 
U, 8,W 80 

Sprlnsfield... Llent. Ballou Sprlnsfield... SlcklDquHrters 3ept.2l)to2I,lSS8. loclusive. 

Oct. 9. 1838. Jau, as.iseg. alllDllneotduty. 

aprluBfleld... Lieut. Ballon Albion Slok 1q quarters Julv iO to 21, 1898. Indnalve, 

Aq2. IH.taSd, oue dar, Dept. 1.18SS. Sept. 21 
toal. 18B8, iDclnslve, Oct. 29 to Oct. SO.tBBS. 
lucluslve, Nov. 2 to Nov. B, 18BS, Inolualve. 
Deo. 24,1898; sick In IKt division hospital. 
7thArmTCorps, Dec, S7.189S.toJHn,2,18S». 
Inclusive, all In lloe of dniyj on furl on Kh 
at Albion, 111,, a. O. lU, A. Q. O, Jan, B to 
Feb. 1.1899, lacluBlve; on (urlongb at Al- 
bion. O. O. lU. A. Q. O. tram Sept. 28 to 
Oct za. 1S9S. Inclusive: attached to p 10 voBt 
BUard headquarters Mavannah, Ga.. Etom 
Feb 2 to Feb. 7, 1899. Inclusive: rejoined 

htaeompaQr Feb. 8, 18S9 

,. BtebmDnd,Ky Sick In quarters In Hue of duty. Nov. so. 1S83. 
Uaroh 8 to March 10, 1899, Inclualvo. March 
:4 tu :e. 1899, lacluslve, April 10. 1898: sick 
In 2d division hospital, 1th Army Corps, 
from April 11.1898. to date, all not In tine 
of dutyi discharge and flnal statementB 
delivered to mnBterlns: officer to be for- 
'wurded by reelsteted mall to soldier at 2d 
division hospital, 7th Array Cerps, Ha- 
vana, Cnba: due U. H. IB. 03 

Spilnvfield ... Llent Ballon Colbonn Sick in quarters, Bept. 21 lo Oct. 5. 1898. In- 
clusive, In line of duty: detailed as guard 
escort to paymsBter from Feb, 16.1B9S, to 
Feb. 19.1899. Inclnalve: due U.S. 10.89. 

SprtoEQeld... Lieut, Ballon FalrBeld Trantterred from Co. E. 9ib III. Vol. int., to 

Co. E. E. G. O. No. 2, jQly 9, 1898, on Jaly 
21, 1898: aick In QUuitete from Aue. S3 to 
Aug. SO. 1898. inclusive. Oct. 13 lo Oct. 19. 

1898. Inclusive, Oct. 2T to 28, 1898. Inclusive, 
IQ em*reeiicy hospital, 7ih Army Cocpg, 
Jan. 20 to March 9, 1899, Inclusive, In qnar- 
ten March 10 to 21. 1B99, Inclnslve, all Id 
line ot duty 

LlentBallDu Falrtleld Transferred from Co. H, 9th III. Vol, Int.. to 

Co. E, July 21, 1898, B. G, O. No, I. same 
date; sick In qUHrters Sept, It to IB. 1898. 
Inclusive. Oct. 1( to 16, 1838. InciuBlve, In 
2d Division hoapllal. ^tb Army Corps. 
tTOm Oct. IS to 21. 1B98, Inclusive, In U. H, 
general bospllal. Fort Meyer, Va., Oct, 2S 
to Dec, It. 1898. incluslva. all tn line of 
duty: sick in quarterB (com UarcbBto 3. 

1899, inclusive. March 21, 1839. not in line of 

'ransferred from Co. L, 8th 111, Vol. Inf., to 
Co. E, R. 0, O, No, 5. July 21, 1898; slcE in 
quarters Sent. 23 to 2d, 1898. inoluBive, Oct, 
ze to Oat, 30, 1898, Incluilve. all in line of 

Ick in quarters July 25, In line of duty: 
Hick in Hacfcenile hoBpltal. AuKnBta, Qa.. 
Hay 7. 1899. to this dale. Inclualve, not in. . 
Hue of duty 

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June S8.1S98 

Jane 28.189S 

June 18.1898 

Tnne 28.1S98 
June 28.1888 

Jnne 28,1898 
Jnue a.i89S 

Jane 28.1898 

Jane 28,1898 

June 28,1898 
Jure 28.1898 


Shavrneelown .... 

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Oct. 11. ISflS. IncluBlve, In reelmental hos- 
plul Oct. U to 13, 1898, iDClUBlve. In 2d 
Division hosmtal, Ttb Army CornB. Oct, U 
tu »av. 3. 1S3II, InclTialTe. In £d Dlvlelon 
hospital, 7th Army Corps, Jan. 16 to Feb. 3. 
1B99. iDclaalie. all in Una of dpiy: on fur- 
louBh SI Mt Krle. Ill , from Nov. I. ISSa, to 
Jan. I. 1899. laclualTe. G. O. lU, A. G. O., 

_ -n qnarterB Sept. 
boBpltal. Tih Army 
189S. luoluelve. In 

J. ■iO. 18119, JsD il. 1899, March 

Sprlnefleld . 
SprlOEfield . 

Bprlnefleld .. 


SpriDB field . 
SprtusBeld . 

fiprlDKfleld . 
BprlaeSeld . 

Lteat. Ballon. . 
Lieut Bftllom.. 

Ut. Brie.. 

March 9 te 11, 1699, . . 
olJ iu line of duty; dut 

In line of da tr J due U. S £0.39... 

iBlTe. Not. 7 

Jov. 19. 1898. 

elusive, April 1. 1S99. 

Lieut. Ballon.. 


1. 1899. ta .. 
fnrloagb a 

Oct. : 

ibeuEte hospital U 
it In line ot duly: 
f. 11I..K. Q. O, No. 
1898. iDclualve: 

Ueat. Ballon,. 
Lieut. Ballon . 

,_ JnlyZO, 1898.1nclu9lTe. 

Ane, »1, 1B3B, Oct. 19 to 22. 1898. IncluelTe. 
Nov. ZE, 189S. Nov. ». 1898. Dec. 31 to iS. 

1098. luclnslTe.allln line of duty 

Sli'k In qnartara Jnly SO to 21, ISSS. tnclnslve. 
Aue. IG to IC. ibS8, Inclnslve. Iu 2d Division 
hospital. 7th Army (Jnrps, Auk. 17 to Sept. 
S, K9i. Inclusive, [a qusiteis March 2. 1819, 
April 23. 1899. all In line of duty; alck In 
Quarteri April ID to tl, 1893. Inolualve. not 
lo line Of duty; on farlouah at Fslrfleld, 
111., «. O. 114. A. Q. 0.,l[t98. Oct. BwNov, 

IT. I89S. iDcluBlve: dueU. S. (9.80 

Ick In qnarters July 21 to 26 1898. Inclusive, 
all Inline of duty; on lurlonsli at Ut. 
ifFio III H. G. O. 80. Sept. 27 lo Oct. 11, 
-■-- ■' '■ —.30 


}, 9th 1 

1. Vol. Inf., ■ 

_. K. 8. O. S, July 26. IBS8: elch In 

Quarters Oct. Z<. 1698. Get. 28 to Z3. 1898. 

luclD'.lve. Unv. 10 to IS. 1898. Inclusive. 

Nov. 20 to 21, 1S98, Inolnslve, Deo. 1 to 8. 

1898, Inclualve, all la linn ot duty; dueU. 

S. $167 : 

ilet In quarters Peb. 8. 1899. In line of dntvi 

tried by Summary Court Feb. It. 1893, 

vIoUtlDQ «2d Article ot War. disorderly: 

Bencenced to five days' extra duty 

llct Id quariera July IK 19. 1S08. Inclnalve, 

D>^._1.USS. March 1S16. 1899. luoluslve. 

■t F-b. 1*. 1! 

B oC V 

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June ffl.iBfle 

Jnne 2B.1SBE 

P ! fl Id 

jQlT G.1898 

NlBbet, William B.. . 


June ZS.IS9e 
Jtine 28.1Bgs 

Jnly 9,1898 
Jalr 6.1898 

Jolr E,1B9S 

Jnly S.1898 
Jnly G.1S98 

July s.iess 

SamPBOn. William.... 

Jane 2S,1BSS 

June ZS.1898 

ahBQDOn. Ferry 


Jnne £8,1898 

Jnly S.1BD8 

Sleelh. Qeonte T 



Jnne 28.1898 

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Mdbtkbbd Ih. 


Ut.Erle Sick iB unatters Oct. 2B, 1898. Ool. 28to Not. 

■i. 189B, iQcJadve, all Id line of itatTl on 
furloagh Ttsrbal order Cammiuidtiie Qen- 
eiBl lib Army CorcB to MC. Erie tram Dee. 
9, 1B9S, to Dec. II, ISSH. inclusive, pnrpOM 
of BccompsnylnK the remains ot Clinton 
Petty to hie hoiaei dne C S. n £0 

Sptlneflald... Llent.Ballaa Mt Erie -ick In quarters UcC. 11 to is, 1898, locltialv,. 

IQ !lne ot Onty: due U. S. W.30. 

Sprlnifleia ... Lieut. Selloti Falrfleld SlQk In quarters July 15 to 25, Inclnxlve. Ana:. 

1. 1898. all not In lloe ol duty; alok In quar- 
ters Sept IB 21. 1B9B. Inclaslve. Sept 27- 
28. 1898. Inclusive, all In line ot duty: alek 
Id quarters May S. 1899. to date, all In line 
of duty; dneU, 3. »D.EO 

SprlDKfleld... Uent-Ballaa Johnsouvtlle . Sink in quarters July I9. 1898, InclaslTe. 

Oct. e-7, IB9B. Inolualve. Oct. 9 to Oct. 10, 
1898. Inclusive. Oct, 1*, 1898, Oct, 18-20, 
1898, Inc In aire, bU lu Una ot duty 

Sprinefleld ... Lleat. Ballon Falrfleld Sick In quarters July It. July 21. 169B. Inclu- 

tive. not in line of duty; alok In quarters 
luiy 27. IBBB. Nov. 7 to 8. 1B3B. luolnalve, all 

,n lino of duty; due U. S. S0.30 

.SprinlHeld ... LLeut. Ballon OIney Sick in quartere Oct. u. IB98, avn. 2B to Feb. 

- -S99. IncluslTe. Anrll 1 to 6. 1899, laolu- 
.. a, all In hne ot duty; dae U S. tQ GD.... 

.SprlDBIfleld... Llent. Ballon Faltfleld -lek lu qaartera Ane. 20 to 21, 1899, lucln- 

-■-a. Sept. 1, 1898. and Dec. 22 to 2S, 189B, 
.^.iuslve. lu line of duly: due U. S 10.30.. 

Sprtnefleld... Llent. Ballon Cline Sick In quarters Ane. 24 to 8e<>t 2.1B98.1n- 

Clualve. Sept. 17 to Oct. 18. 1898. Ineluslve, 
Nov 21 to 21, 1838. Inclusive, all In line ot 

Sprinifleld... Llent. Bollou Ontario Sick Iti'auaViVrrj'nly 22.'iB98"AiiB''.'z9.'iHe8.' 

' 'E. SI. 1898. Ijept 29 to Oct. 1. iB9S. Inclu- 
i, Nov. 22 to 23. 1t!98. Inclnalve; la 2d 
■IbIoe hospital, Tlh Array Corps, Jan. 
27. 1S99, InclualVH, all In Hue ot duty; 

--jD. S.soao 

Sprtasaeld... Lleltl, Ballon Ut Erie -Jlck In quarters Nov. 29 to Nov. SO. 1898. In- 

-'~^lve, 2a DlvlBlon hoanltal. 7th Army 
pa. Jap. le to Feb. 8. 1898, Iscluslve, all 

._.lneot duty; doe U. S. 10. BO 

SpilneBeld ... Ueut. Ballon Faliflald Sick lu quarters Nov. 19, t89B. Nov. 2£ 29, 

1898. Inclusive, Deo. 2B, 1898, Ist Division 
hospllHl, Ith Army Cotpa. Deo. 27 29, 1898, 
laolualve; alck In quarters l>«c. GO, 1B98, 
alllnllneot dutyj due CI. S. 80 30 

Sprlttafield... Llent. Ballon .... Bdwarda Sta. TrHnnterred (ram Co U. 9th 111. Vol. Int.. to 
Ud. K. per R. a. U. No. 1, July 21, 1898; sick 
In qnartera Jul; 21. 1898; stok In leKlmental 
boaoltal' July 21 to 29. 1888, inrlualve. In 
quariers Sept.S.lBSB. Oct, 2 to Oct. 6.1S98. 
InclUHlve. Ocl, IS lo Ifl. 1898, lnclD'<lve. Oct. 
ii to 21. IB98, InclQ'lve, Oct. 2G to 2«. iBSS. 
Inclnalve. Dec 81. 1>'98. to Jan. 1, 1899, Inrln- 
slve, April 9 to 10, IMS, lucluslv.-. all Id line 
of duty; alok In quarters from Mar. 9 to 11, 

1899. Inclusive: sick in let Division hos- 
pital, 7tt Army Corps. Mar 12 to April 1, 
189R. Inclnslve; In quarters April eioT.1899. 
laclUBlve; In 2d Division hospital, 7Th 
Army (Jorps, April ll, 1B99, to date, all In 
line ol duty: discharge and flnal state- 
ments delivered to muBterloE office, to he 
forwarded by reelsterifd mall tu aotdler at 
2^1 Division hospital. 7lli Army Cores, at 
Bavaua, Cuba; due U. 9.. S3 03 

Sprlnsfleld... Lieut. Ballon.... Ut, Olive Joined by enlistment at iJctlnKBeld. Ill, 

SprlnEQeld.,. Llent. Ballon .... PaUBeld 3lck laq'ua^l^rVjuDe^Oto'Feb'l'Ui»'.'lIicitl- 
-'-^.ln llnootduly 

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June 2S.1S9S 
Jone 28.U»8 

Jnna S8.1B9S 

Jnne !8.I838 

June ZB.1891 
JdUB 28.1898 

June SS.IS98 
Jnne 2S.1838 

June E8.18SS 
Jane !8,18»8 

g Id 

Jnly i.lSBS 

ThompaoD. Qeorae W. 


Wayne City 

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Sprlnefleld . 

Spilncfleld . 

ScrtneQeld ... 

. LfsDt. Ballon .. 
. Lieut. Ballon.. 

Lleat. Bolloa .. 

Ltent. Ballon .. 

Mt, Ecle.... 
. SpilneQeld , 

. Shawn eetown 

,. Lleat. Ballon .. 

Sick In anarterg July H.1B3B. Jnli !1,I89B. 
- 1. 15 to 1»,IB98, iDOtuslVc. Aur iSASHB. 
. lil to IS, 1898. InclnBlve. Nor ii to n, 
. Inclnslce, Deo. ilO,189S, Jan. Sl.ltiSS, all 

Sick In qaarcecs July 11. leSB, Feb. aa, Uar. 13. 
1G9S. Iticlualve, all In line Of duty: alck In 
auiFteri Jnlr Zl to 2i. 1898. iDcLnaiTe. Ans. 
IL to Ana:. Ze.lBBB. IucIusIto, Ui^pi, 1.189B. 
tJept, ZS to 97.189!), InclnBlTe. Ocl, a.l89B. 
Nov. IB (0 19. liSS. InclnetTe. Jan 32. IB99, 
feb, 11 to IS. 1899. IncluslTe, Feb. IT. 1(>99. all 
In IlDooC duir: tiled brSnmaiaTTConrt 
Feb. 11.189B, tor violation ol UZd Anlcle ot 
War (absent leee tbati 24 honra); eeD- 

ti.ta 1 '...'.'. 

IcklDQanrtera JalflG to 19.1898. Inclnalv^. 
□oCUneot duty: sick !□ quuitere Oct£3. 
1898. In line ol duty; due United tslBtea, 

Itk tn'quarterR'JQly'irto JuVy'ifliisW.'in'- 
olnelve, Sept 29 10 Ocl S. lr98. Inelaalve. 
Nov. ai.lBSe. Feb. IB. 1899, Id Hue Ot dnty; 

dueUnitea atales. M.7S 

ranateTTBd [mm Co I. 9(b 111. 7ol. Inf.. to 
Uo E. nor BOO No. 4. Jnly zl.iBSS; due 

United Stales. ID. SO 

SteB In Quarters July 22. 1898, July 21. 1898, 
Dee.28. 18U8. all In line ot duty: »kk In 

Co II, 1899. Incinslvo, liar. 1 to'e. 1899, Incln- 
Blva: In lit DWIalon bospital, Jth Army 
CorpB. Mar. 7 to Mar. 26. 1899, InclnalTe; 
May IT. 1899. to date. Dor In line of dntr; 
tried by Sammary Uontt Aug. 19, 1BB9. (or 
vlulalloD at 32d Article o( War (absent lesa 
than 24 hones), and reprimanded; due U. 


Ipk !□ quarters Sept. 18. 1898. Sept. tl to 24. 

1898. iDOIUBlve. Jan. 16, 1899: In id Division 
bosDlial. Tib Aimy Corps. Jan, IS to Feb.fl. 

1899. Inclusive, all In line of ddty; due V. 
8. JOfiO 

Transferred from Co, S. 9lh HI. Vol. Inf., to 
Co. B. per K. ii. O. No. 2, Jnly S.IB98; de- 
tailed as Company Clerk of Co. E. 9Ib III. 
Vol. Inf., from Oct. I. 1893. to Dec. 20, 1898, 
inolnalve. per Co. Order No. B. Oct. i, 1898; 
temporarily detached as Charee clerk, 
per Uo. Order NO. 8, Deo. 21. 1898. at Pro- 
voBt Headquarlers. Savannah, Qa , from 
Dec. SI. 1898. to Jan. Z, 1899, Inclusive; de- 
tailed aa Company Clerk, per Co. Order 
No. I,Jan.8,l)i99. from Jan. 8.1899. to Mev 
20.1899. loeluaWe: aick in quarters Jan. 2Ci, 
1899: slDkln2d Division hospital. Ttb Army 
Corps, Jan. 21 io Feb. e. 1899, Inclusive; In 
qnartere Mar. 22, 1899. Uar. 29 to 30, 1899. In- 
oluEiIve. Apr 12.1899; all In Ilbe of duly .... 

Sick In qaartera Sept. 29 to Oct G, 1698 In- 
clusive, Oct. 10 to 14, 1898, Inclnblve; In 2d 
Division hianlliil. Tth Army Corns, On. IE 
to 21. 18BB, Inelualvo: transferred to United 
tilaies Beneral bospiial at Port UcyerB. 
V«.. from Oct. 25 to Nov. 25, IS9B. Incluntve; 
Id quarters Feb. le. 1899. all In Hoe of dnty; 
on turlouEh to Falrfl-ld. ill , per G. O. No. 
114. A. Q. O . Nov 26 to Dsa -iS, 1888, Incln- 

slve: doe D. 8.. SO BO 

lick In qnarlera Aue, IS, 1698. Nov. M. lESS, 
Inclusive, Nov. 1' IS. 1898, Inclusive, all In 
llneafdu'v; on fvrlonirbto Mt Brie, III., 
R. S. O. 80. Sept. Zl. 1898. from Sept. 2T lo 
Oct. 11. 1898, Incloelve; due D. S. tO.SO 

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OUtharatd for (dit- 

June 28.1BDB 


July MB9B 


Qnftlla. William E 


Ui4fhara(d {bv ordir) 

June 2S.IS9S 

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SprlDEfleld . 
Spriuelleld . 

By whom, 
. Lieut. BitlloD. 

. Lieut. BaUou. 

. Lieut. B»lIon. 

, Llent. Bftllou. 
. Llent. Bnlloa. 


Joined coDipBDi by eDllBtmect July 13. 18S8; 
Blck In qnarteiB Stpt. il lo »vi>l. m. 18SS, 
iDCiaslve; on luilontcli at i^alrfltld. 111.. K. 
O. O. Ho. SO. from neoi !S to Ucl K, 1898. 
Inclaslve. !□ ilne of dnli; Enrtonub «z- 
t«Diled by War Uepiirtm«nl from Oct. IS to 

Nov. 10. 18BS. iDOiUnlTB 

Sick In quHriHiB Aug. W21. 1IS3H. IncluBlve, 
HevX. iH-Oat. 1. IBua. InclnslTB. Oct. 9. 1888. 
Oct, IMl. Ih98. luclaslTB. Jbq. IS, IHSB, 
Uarchl^. iS9lt, Uaicb » lU, IBKi. IdcIubIvh, 
March iu:!:i, IHIIH, Inclaalve, Maich i5£T, 
]S9», loclaalve, aJJ In line of dgiyi aick In 
Quarters Oct- 20 23. 1S98. IcoluBlTe. Oct, ifl- 
aa. mas, InclualTe, all not in Has 01 dutyi 

duaU.S (O.W.. 

llBcharEed Aug. 26. 1898. on aurgeDn'B cer- 
llUcale vt dl<iBbllliyi dlSKbliliy Incurred 
bbforu enllBCment: dlscbsTKe and final 
BiatemeclB tumlBbed; BeivioBliDneat uid 


Ilachargid Dso. Zl. ISSS. on Burgeon'ti cerllfi- 
cale ol dlxablUtT: discbaise end final 
HtatemeDCB turuUhed; BETitce honvBI and 

SluE Id Quartera ^ept. !3 21, IS88. Inclnelve. 
Sept. ludO. ISSS, iBclDBlre. Mov. 27X1. 1S9S. 
Inclusive, all lu Hue u.t dun: tittdbiSam- 
mury UouH Aue IS. ll>3l>, tor violation tZd 
Article of War, drunk and dlBOrderly; Bi:Il- 
tenced ti' lorlek ivo doUara ltl.«0): fine de- 
ducted from AUBuBt paj-rollidlBChareed 
Dec. 31. IsUS, ou Bureeon's certificate ot 
oUabtl1ty;dlBChar«eBnd final aiatcmcnlB 
turiilBbed: BBTvloe taone«t and faltbfuL... 
tck In Quartera Juli it, IBHt. AuE. 1». 1»88, 
EJept. IV2I, 18BS. Inclusive. Oct. 13-ie. ISM. 
inclnalve; In 2d DIvl'IOD hoBpllal. lib 
Armr Uarps, Oct. 11-21, It9tt. IlcIubIvo: 
tran!-fiirred to U. S. Kuneral hosplUI, Port 
Mesera, Va., Oct. 26. ISW. and remaloed 
nntll J HD. 16. HHS, Inclusive, all In Un- o{ 

eerllBcaie ot dl^iubl'lUF: dilcbaiBe'' a°d 

and faltliful ".. ..'. 

lckIi.qUBrierBJlily2a.18SFilnZd DlvlaloD. 
lib Army (Jorpa. from Oct. «-iO. 1W8. In- 
clusive; transferred to U. 8- B«neral hos- 
pital. Ft. Tbomua. E;,. Oct. li, IH^e. and 
rcmBlnaa to Jan. Iti. 1BS3. Inclusive, all In 
Itue ot duty; dlacbariied J^d. ]3. JSW. on 
BUrseon'B ci^rltQcale of disability; dls- 
chatee and final etateroents turnlsbed: 

service bnneat and fHlibfnt 

^IcB In reEtmentMl honoltal July 12. 1898: In 

" ' n Uneot "uiy; 

K (i. O. No- W. 
Inclu-lve; fnr- 
Uct 12, 1B88. in- 
26. 189B. by tele- 

ied by 8, 0.''S| 

nnah. Ga : dla- 

fioal Btatementa tarulebed; 


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June 28.1898 
June S8.1B9B 

June 29.1698 
June £S,189B 

June Z8.1B3S 
Jane Z8,1S9« 


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Sprtnsfleld... Ueut. Ballon.. 

Tranaferred from Co. F, 9th 111. Vol. Inf., to 
Co, E. R. G. O. No B. Jul! 28. 1B3B; sick in 
qaartere t^ept. 16 to IB, mt. IcclnBlse: In 
Zd Dlrlslon Sosciltal.lTb ArmT Corp«, Seot. 
20. IBSS-NoT. 7, lHt8. locliiHlve. all la llns of 
dnti; on (urinush at Fairfield. 111.. Nov. H, 
lS39-JaD. 11. 1899. Inclusive. O O. 111. A. Q. 
" ■■ ■ Lraed Jan. 12, If99. pursuunt telB- 

raclilo li 

! from 

.; dlBcbareed &l Jcfleri 

v. 2J, 18B8. Deo. 
9. Inclua 

iBojualvB; Oct. M. II .,,... 

I, uuc- 9, iflps-uev. ^. iirfo- inciUBlv«, 

line of diilv; on furloQich at Clans. 

Ill . O. O. Ul. from Dec. 29. IHSB. tu Feb. t. 
IHSg. Inclusive; tried by Ijummary Conrt 
Aue. 18, 1S9S, tor violation BZd Article at 
•Tar. Absent lees tban St bonca; reorl- 
manded; dlschaned at Jeffereon Bar- 
rftok". Mo.. Pab, a, 1899. S. O. No. aO. A. U, 
O..Feb 8.1899; d' ' ......_ 


te furnlabed: f 

id f alth- 

[Q Sept. : 

19, 1898-DflC __, _. __ 

forioaKh at Clatie, 111., A. G. O. 11*. Deo. 
Se,iH98-Feb. G. 1899. Inclaalve; diacbareed 
Bt Jefferson ISarracke. Mo.. Feb 8. 1899. d. 
O. no. A, Q. 0.. Feb. 8, 1899; dlaohartre and 
final etBiementa furDlabed: service honeat 

and fslthtul 

Skfc la Qnartera July 19. Jnly ZO. 1898. Inctu- 
Blve. Sept. IS-iS. 1898. Inclusive. Seot. iO- 
Oct. 6, LII98. Inclualve. Nov. m-Dee. E.1B93. 
iDoluelve; In lat DIvMoa hospital. Ttb 
Army Corpa. Dec. 2I,1S9S-Jan. t<,l899. In- 
clualve. all Id Uae of duly: on forlougb at 
at, MarlB. Q. O. 11*. A. Q. O., from Jan. »- 
Jan;Z9,lBe9. Inclualve; dlechareed at Jt-tf- 
erson Bsriacks t^eb. il. 1899. S. U. No. l». 
&. (J. O.; dleobane and flnal atatemBale 
furnished: aervloe honeat and falihtul.... 
■ ' ' - - — - - 23-33,1898, la- 

t Dlvlsli 


Corps. Deo. 2*.lB9a-Jan, 8. 1BB9, ail In line 
of dut;; on fnrloueh Mt. Erlx. Ill . Q O. 
U». A. G O.Ja'i. 4-Feb 19, 1899. 1nclu=lT8: 
on ruiloa^h at Mt Erie. 111.. O O. lU. A. 
G. O.. Sept. 26-Oot. Z5. 1899. Inclualve: dls- 
ebarired S. O. 49. A. Q. O.. Feb. 20. 1893. at 
Jefferson Barracks. Uo.; dlscbarice and 
final staiementa farolehed; aervioe^oneat 

and teUhfnl 

Sick Id anarl' ra from Oct. H-ie. 1S98. inclu- 
alve. 2d DlvUlonboBPi>a1.7th Army Corpa, 
Oct. 17- Dec. IS. 1898. Inclu>ilve. all Id line at 
duty; on fnrlouxh at Mt. Erie. III.. Q. O. 
li«. A, O. O , from Dec. 16, 1898. to Feb. 19, 
1899. luclnalve; dl'chareed at Jeffereon 
Barrecka Feb. 2a. 1899. ». O. No. tU, A. Q. 
O.. Jan. 8.IS99; dleeharge and final atale- 
ments (arnlehed: aervloe boneit and 

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Jens Donahoa... 

Freetonli Fuaftbonger 

Lester S. Terra - 

Jnne 16.1898 

RlKdOD B, Staaler .. 

Mulon Bennett .. 

Joseph Campbell. 


TaFloc, Gilbert... 
Ednard JODBB.... 

Walter JooeB 

Franh McEall.... 




June ZB.I8M 
Jalr 1B,I8»B 

Jnne 28. 
Jnne iS.lBW 
Jnoe 18.1898 
Jnne 28,1898 
Jnly 18, 

Spriitrllald . 
3prlnrfleld . 

Sprlnslleld . 
Belle CItr.. 


Hosted by 



Udbtebed In. 

.. LleDt. Ballou... 

.. Llent. Ballou... 

,. Lleat. Ballon... 


gprlDBfleld ... 






Sick Id anartera Oct, is to SO. 1B9B, Incluiive: 
la 1st Dlvlaion bospltal, 1th Aimi Corpa, 
Dec 8.1898, to Jan. 11.1899. lacluslre: irans- 
teiTBd to O. S. BBneral hoepltul. Fl, Mo- 
PberaoB. Qa,. Jan. 1. 1S93. and remained 
there to Jan, E, 1893, Inclusive, bU In jine of 
dni;: on lucLoutti at Palrfleld 111. t). O. 
114. A, a O,. Jna 1T.1B99. to Feb, 15.1899, 

i Coc- 


luroUed as private, maaierea in 
poralJuly S. 18B8; on (urlouffli at ftiDioQ, 
11!,. 0. O. 111. A. G. O.. from Sept. 28 to 
Oct. E6, 189S, iDclnslte; dntalled at bead- 
quarterH ^d Briiiade. lat Division, 1th 
Army Corps, with Brigade CcmrohaacT 
fTom Nov. 1. 1898, to l^eb, 1. 1899. luciuslve, 
brvetbalocderoE rfBlmentsI commander: 
dlcoharKed March 29. 1899, ai Havana, Cnba, 
8 O. No. 11, A. G. O.: discharge and final 
Btatemente furnished: aecvlce honest and 


Sick In quartecB July 28, IB9B, Sept. 11. 1S9S: 
' ' Division hosnlial. 1th Army Uorpi, 
■ Ian. 8. 1899, InolualTe; 

Bllerr ... 


Ls given; secyloe hou 

transferred to 0, 8. een 
Mcl'hersOQ. Oa. Jan 1, 
to Jan, 17, 1899, IdcIub 


_,__.. _ o. s, 

feb. IB,18S9. to pro. 
annah, Ga . from 
□sivv; dlscb arced 
a. Cuba, S. O. NO. 
ree and Qnal atate- 
ehoneataud faith* 

lUSh cite 

discharied at Havana, 
» O. No, <i. Major Gei 
pIlBDce wUb G, O. 6t. i 


Dined company by enlistment at SprlDr- 

Beld. lll.on Jnlr 18.1898; iiFinaferred to 

Co. E , »th III Vol. Inf.. July 18. 1893. B. Q. 

(J. No, 1, July 9,189S. same data 

TranRferred ID Co D,9lli lit. Vol. Int.. Jnlf 

- ■"■- R.G,O.No.»,aamedate. 

red to Co. L, 5th 111. Vol. Inf.. July 

,.. H,Q,0 No e.aamedate 

Transferred to Co. D, 9th III. Vol, Inf „ Jnly 

St.l893, R.O.O. No, I same dnte 

transferred to Co. B, 91h III. Vol. Inf., Jnlr 

91.1898, K.G,0. No. 4, same date 

oined company by enllatment, Sprluifleld, 

III,. July IS. 1BB8; transferred to Co. K. 9th 

III, Vol. Inf.. July 18. 1B99. B, G, O. No. 2. 


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Robert A. Robertson. 
FlemlDes y. Roberts' 
Qeorse D. Sands..... 
CbarleeE. Walters.. 
TtaomM W. Cnikey.. 


Wild on W. Wilson.... 
William A. Klmmel... 


Edward b Wilson. 

Clinton Hettr 

Des tried, 
AlonzDlilbsDD .... 



Private . .. 
Private .. 
Private .. 

Private ... 

Jnoe 28,1898 
Jane 28,1898 

Jnne Z8.1B9S 

BUzabetlktowii , 
Eliiabethtomi . 




Jane 98,1896 

Hosted by 



Udstbbsd ih 



By whom. 

Llent. Ballon 



TranBferred to Co- D, 9th III. Vol. Inf., Jnly 
S1,1H»I. K.Q 0. No. t game date 

0.. No. B, BBmedateLlcanBterredtoD. 8. 
Hospllal CorPB. S. 0. No. 78. 7th Amy 

TraDsrerred frdm Re't.'tiaiid "la'ra."E,'9th 



Stta 111. Vol. Inf., by H.a.O. No, IB, Auer. 19. 

W W 17. 1898. iDolnalve: died o( typhoid 



Stck Id qaailers Aug 2S lo 2S, IB9a. InrlOBlve. 
Sept. 4 to 6. 1888. Inclustre, Sept 10 to 19. 
1898. IncLuBlve; Id Zd Dlv. honpltal, 7th 
Army Corps, Sept. 20 to Oct. 18. }Wr, Id- 

never apprehended 

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Jaly 8.1898 

JohD S. DUlm 


iDlr 4.1SS8 

lane 2S.18S8 
Jnna S8.18SS 

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,. Lleat. Ballon... 

Sprlstcfleld ... L 

nah, da. 

Enrolled aod mDalerad-ln with eompan; m 
Ist LileatecBOt; on leave of ^beence trom 
8ept ZStoOcM3.l83B. iDolaelTe. per S. O. 
US. Tib A. C. Hdqrs.. same date; iDcam- 
nrnnd of campan^ from Dec. II. 139B. by 
vlrtae ot rank, vice Capt, JodUq, re- 

6. 169, Bdqrs. A. Q. office. SptIdk- 

II. J eommand of company 

March 16 to 23. 1899. la- 
'□ line of duty: 
ui. l.IBSS. SavBii- 


t "Lieut 

S. U. No. 1G8..A Q. omcce SpHoEfleld, 111., 
to Tank from Dec. 22.1898! mue>ered-Ia as 
let Iilealenuit at SaTuinBh. Qa.,JaD. 1, 


Earoltcd aB a orlrale, mnsteced-lii as a Ser- 
Beaiit; futlounbed from Sept. 21 to Oct. 8, 
1B98, Inclusive, at Beotoa, 111., perttben- 
doreemeDt Hdqre. Tib A. C same date: 
appointed 2d Lieutenant from SerEoant 
Dae. 21, I89S. per S. O. No. 1T3. A. G. offloe. 
Sprlnefleld, 111. seme date; mnetered-ln 
aa 2A Lleotenant Jan. B, 1899; aeDtimed 
dnty same date; paid aa Seceeant from 

JnueBSto Jni7 6,l8BS, loclualvt 

Inrolled and miietered In ai a private; ao- 
polnled Corporal from private Aos. IB. 
1898. per R. Q. 0, No. 61. same date: ap- 
— - '■ -" ' ■ - Corporal Dec. 

t K. S. O. No. 

), Ine 

lick li 

Nov. 22.1898. Ipcluelve; alck Dec. :9 to Dee 
80,IB9B. Inclualve; slclt In qnarierR Feb. 1! 
to Feb. 18.1898, Inclnalve; Bleb In quartera 
Feb 28,18ft9;elcklD quarters Uarcb 18to 
ZI,IS99, Inelnelie. all In line ot dnty; due 
Boldler S1.20 by error on January. 1839, pay- 
roll, havlne been cbareed to collect an 
overpayment said to have been made on 
August. 189B. pay-roll, belni the difference 
Of pay between Corporal and private from 
Ane. 16 to 31,1898. Inclusive: paid cor 
rectlT tor Ausustl 1898. and accordlDKta 
■ ';dUBO. f 

Enrolled aE 

1 priVB 

„._ from June 18 to 

JalyG.189S. Inclnslve: on fnrlouvh trom 
Dec. 13.1898. to Dec. 22. 1898, inrlualve. to 
Christopher, 111., per 1th Eadornement 
Hdqrs. Ttb A. C.; sick la qaarters Jnly ST, 

1B9B, In lino of duty: due U. 8. tO.ZB 

Enrolled aa a private; mustered In as a Ser- 
~ "~ paid as a Sereeaot from June SSto 
■"- .-.-'-; ,ick Oct. I- •-•■ 

.,..,'_„ "a^cMo 

r.l899: aick In hospital 
Inclusive: sick April 12. 
p. to date, all In line of 
In hospital 2d Dlv. 7th 
uba; diecharse and final 

.. remitted to mueterlns 

be Inrwarded by registered mall 

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HeiiTT A. Connor 


Jnne ie.iees 

Jane 28, ISM 

June 2B.iBee 

June !8.188S 

Jnne 28.1898 
Jnne J8,1B9S 



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Udbtbbbd 1h. 

Where. Br whom. 

Juli g.lfisa. Ineluei... 
CromJal;S to Aut, 9,11 
line ot duty; appolntei 
Corporal Den. ED, 1S9S, pe 
samedale; due U. S. SIS 
Enrolled aa a pTlvRte. m 

rFQaest Dec. Z0.1B98, i 
Hdqre.Stb 111., same d 

S>Bnt from DrlT»te Jar 
.No. 81, aamr '-'- - 

R. S. O. Mo. dl. 

bo Jnlis.mes, 1 
private, rouatered la ks a 
D Oct. 8,16 

ll.l898i BlcH li, .,- 

Inclusive: iick In DIv. Hoap. Ool. 11 to 11, 
1S98. Inclnslve; elch In quarters Dec. £1, 
1B9S. to Jan. 1.1899. iDOlaelTe. all In llneot 
duty; paid as Seriteant from June 28 to 
JnlrS.lBSB, Inclusive; reduced from 8er- 
reant io private by bis own request per B. 
B. O. No. (1, Dec. 20.1898: apDoloted Cor- 
poral from private Jan SI, ms, per R. S. 
O. No. Sj. Bamedsta; appointed SerEoant 
from Corporal April 17,18SS. per K. 8. O. 
No. ns Bdqre. SCh 111., fame date... 

Corporal: paid ai 


.tered In 
>l from Ji 


mars Court Sept. 6, ..- _ . 

ArilolB ot War: Bentencerl to tortell OL. 
dollar Sl.OD): dedncled on Septemner, 1838. 
parrolli tried br Summary Court Deo. is. 
1888. for TloladoD OZd AriiDl- of War. ab- 
sent lese tban one day: aecteuoed to for- 
feit two dollaro iK M), to be deducted OD 
tblB roll; on fnrlough froni Deo. EO. 18B8, to 
Jan. SS. 18>9. tocluHlve: alck In quarters 
Sept. BO to Oct. 8. 1SS8. luclaalve. In line of 

duly: duaO. a, I0.B7 

Enrolled as ■ private; ranxtered In as a 
Corporal; paid as a Corporal from June ZB. 
1BB8. to Joly S. 1898, IocIuhIvs: sick In quar- 
ters March 20 to 23, IBOT. Inclusive: alck In 
guartera Sept. T lo 11, 1899. Iaclu»lve! elek 



I. lesd. 10 Jan. I. 1B89, Inclutlve. In 
dalr; sick In reslmontal bcicpllal 
to date, not In line of dnty; due U. 

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Jnne ^.1898 

Jnue 28,1BW 

Juir e,lHSS 


June 28,1898 


JnJy «.lligs 

Jana ES,lBie 

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Llent. Botlou... 


Lilemt BallDii... 

lorolled and mugtered Id ae a private! ap- 
pointed CotPpral trom ptlvata Aue. 16, 
less, per K. &. O. Na. SI, adqni. 9Th III.. 
earns date; ikh In quartera Julv U. I)iBSi 
sick In quartera tjept. ZB. IBSB; on lurloaih 
tioin Oct. U. ISHS. ID Not. IS. IHBS. ner G. O. 
Hi, A. Q. . 1899. at ParHeh. 11].: elck In 
dlvlBlon heiplisl Msrch 11 to Uarota !1. 
1BB9. InclualVB, alJ In line of duty; tried by 
Snmmarv Conrt Dee. l». IH9lf, for violatloa 
Sid Article of Wur^ senteaced to forfeit 
two doUara O^.DO): deducted on December. 
IbSB, pay-roll; due soliiler S1.20. rieduoied 

been oharyed w"col'leot 'on^overpaTme'ii'l 
aald to have been on Au^HSt, IB9B, pas- 
Toll. belnn ths dttference of pay between 
Corporal and prlvaie from Aug. IG to Bl, 
1S3B. Inclusive: paid correctly for AnKaat, 
lesB. and according to muster; due U. 8. 


Appointed Corooral from private Ane IB. 
18B8. per K. Q. O. No Bl, Hdqrs. Bth HI.. 

S. 1S98. Ina'laslve: sick in quartern Usrcb 
SO to April 1. 1SB9. luciualve, not la line of 

IfBS. per B. Q. O. No. IS. R. qre. 9ta ill., 
eame dsta: alck In qnarTers July la to IG. 
1^99. luclnslve: alck In quartera July 2Ei lo 
29. 1S»I«, Inclualve: aleklndlvlalon bospllai 
Jan. T to II. 1>S9. iQCluBlve, all in Hue o( 

duty; due U. S. W.«3 

ppoiuted Corporal Irom private Dec, 20. 
10*8. per R. S. O. No. II. Bdarn. 9tb III.. 
same date; on furloneb )4ept. 21 to Oct 11, 
1*98. Inclnaive. at Cbrlstiiphor. III., per 
fourth endorsement Hdqrn. 7tb Armr 
Corps, aame date: Bleb in quarters Sept 
1 to G.1S93. inclualve: sick In quartera Nov, 
21 to 2t, IS9H, Inclnalve: sick Nov. Zfi In 
reelmental hoeplial. to Dec. 1, HBB, tncln- 

alve; sick in dlvlaion bospltal 6 10 

Dee, -, »9^ InoluBlve. all In line of doty,. 
Appointed Corporal from private Dec. 20. 
1699. per R. 8. O. No. tl, adqra. 9ih 111.. 
aamedaCe; sick In quarters July li to 13. 
1899. iDclnaive: etck In quarlera Oct, IC to 
20. 1898. fnciuslve. all In line of duly: eick 
Dec. W. IbSH. to Jan B. 1899, Inclualve, In 
city boeplial. Savannab. Qa., not In line o( 
daiyi ou fnrlnuBb ai Benton, 111 .Jan. Sto 
to feb. 19, I89S. Inclusive, per <i O. No. 
Ill, A. Q. O., t89H: tried by (Jummary 
Court Nov. It, 1998. violation S2d Arliete of 
Wsr: sentenced to forfeit three dollarB 
( 800): deducted on November, 1898. pay- 
roll: due D S. SD28 

ppolnted Corpora] from private Dec. 20. 
ItSB, per R. '^. O. No. 11. Hdqrs. 8th 111., 
tame date; aick In hoeplial Juit le to 21, 
lt9H, inclusive; alck in qn«T>eT9 Nr>v. 2 to, 
8. II'SS, Inclusive: sick March li to 13. 1899, 
Inclualve. In dlvleion hixnliati ai. k In 
quarters March 30 to 23. 1893, Inclusive, all 

In line ot duty 

nnntnied Ciirporal [rom privafe. Feb. 14. 
1898. p°rR. S. O. No. IIS. Bdqrs.Rtb 111.. 
s»roada<e; sick, in quarters. July 28 (o 29, 
1898. inclusive: alck In miarrera U»o. 20 lo 
2l.l898.ino]u«lTe; sick lu quart-re Peh 11 
ta2B.I899,lnclunlTe: sicB In division hos- 
pital Feb. 23 to March 10. 1839. InoluBlve, all 
in line o[ duty; due U. 8. 12.67 

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AmoB D. Bonlntree ... 

William E. CiRrk 

QutO. Wmiftma 

NntbanlelL. HoEes.. 

BdmnDd F. WIIHbihb , 

Bkxter, Mog«a B 


Brown. Blohard 3. 
BarllEOD, Enoch .. 



Trnmpetet .. 

Jane ia.lSH 
June 28, ISM 


Jnne 28,18 
Jnne 18,18 

June 28,1896 



Jnli I «,189» 
JulT 6.1898 

JqItJi 6,1B9S 
Jnly (8.1808 

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By whom. 

/ SprlDEBeld.. 

SprlDeSeld . 
Sptinefleld , 

Lieut. BbUoq... 
Llent. Ballon... 

Llent. BhIIou... 

Llent. BdlloD... 
Lleat. Ballou... 

Llent. Ballon... 
Llent. Ballon... 

17, a 

■ prlva 

I. O. No. ITS. Hdqra. Bih III.. 

-wr ... , Sept, 37 to 29, 

HerB Deo. 8 to 
a ot dat:;i dne 

matured In rb a Cor- 
TB] from Jnne £Bco 

. . M898, InolualT*: l_ 

Doral 10 TnimpeierAii?. 18,1898. per B. 0. 

O. No. 51. Bdqra. 9th 111. SHioe d&te 

.. Appolntad Trnmpeter from orlraM. Jan. 9. 
" !. O. No. B, Hdqrs. Co. JT, Bth 


- _ _ . _. , a. Co. P.aih 

Lta; Bkk Id guarlere. Nov.8 to 
of dDty, Inclnilve; dna 

It In 111 

.. Appointed n 

ir BegTa. O. No. B9. Hdcirs. 9th llr.'. 
-le; Bick In qnarttra Julr 27 to 28, 
lUBlve: lick in regliDant hosDlt»l. 

18.1899, IncluBlve; slci In division 

hospital from Jan. 1 to Uarch 11.1SS9. In- 

B. all la line of dotr 

i as a privata, ' ■ 

Tram peter, Jaly 
20. 1898. 

aced to private from 
7,1898, par (jo. O. No, 1, 
Oy Snmmsry Conct Not, 
eia Article otWHr; sen- 
LDd jlxty 

It deducted ttoi 

private trom 

Trampeter; rednee 

■"— -apeter, Jnly 7,1899. per Co, O, No. B, 
' ! tcled by ynmraBCi C'"nrt Mar. 

.. Llent. BallOQ... 

i. G, O. OS. e 
.jfrinty: line 
I. Blrh In dlTlalo 
plial. Ft. Th, 
louirh to Car 

18, [B9B, IdcIubivb, per o, u. lit. a. u. u.: 
Bick In dlvlJlon hngplial Jan. 21.1899. to 
Mnrcb 3. 1B99. inclnslye. all In line of dnty: 

I. On forloaBh'froin'SepV.'i'ito Oct.'iijSSSfin' 
■ live, at Warrensbnrg, 111. per Ith «n- 
Bement, Hitara. 7<h Army Corns, neme 
>•; Mnh Id qoanera March U.1S93, In 

lofdu'r; dueC. 8. M,v8 

at on furloneh Sant. 27 to Oct. 11 1898. 
uBlve. ar West Enri.llT, per Ith en- 
aement, Hdqr!. Ttb Army Corps, same 

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June iS.iSSB 

jQl; 8.18G8 

CoDk. William E! 


Jnne 18.1SW 

jDlr «,tS98 

Tune S.1SS8 


jQl; e.ll>ft8 

Drew. Warren 3 


EllU. William H 

Jnns 28.18^ 


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Uustbhsd In. 

Br whom. 

Bprlngfleld . 
Serin meld . 

SprloKfleld .. 

Sprlnafleld ., 
BprlDEfleld .. 


Sprloefleld .. 
SprliiKfield .. 

. LUat. BolloD BautOQ jlcb In quarter a Ane. 16 tu 11.1898, Inclualve, 

sick In dlvleloD hoepl'al Aus. 18 lo Oet. B. 

1638, lucluBiye; on turloneh Oct. e to Deo. 

E. Inclusive, at Uenton,!!!., pnrU.O lU. 

A.U. ai89S: Blaknesaall In UuaotdntTi 

dae D. S.M.n 

. Llent. Ballon Chiletcpher . . ^tok In gnurters Oat 8.18S8, la line of dot;; 

dneU. 9 SD.aS 

. LUat B&llon Benton On farlonKb Nov. 11 to Zl. 1898. 1 not naive. &t 

Benton, 111., tier 1th endorxemenl Hdqre. 

Tib Arm; Corps. Bsme date: «1ck In dl- 

elve: nlckFn DnUed'Btates Sen era I hos- 
pital Dee. Z8, ISeS. Atlania Qa.; Aiirll B. 
]Sb», ordered with Tib C. B. inr : returned 
ID oamDBTir Hay 6, 1B98: eutltled to only 
one month's extra pa;, not bavlne aerved 
out ot United States: alcknesB ail Id line 

of duly; dnoD. fj-iaas 

eick III quarters Nnv. 8 to 10. 1898, Inolailve; 
Ick In qaarterg Dec. ii, 1889, all In line of 

Jots; dueD. 8. liBl 

Sloli In quarters Jnly 15 to IB, 18SB. IneluKlve; 
elck Id qaarters Sept. SO to Oct. Z. I89S. In- 
ciualve; tried by Sammary Coart Nov. II, 
1888. violation SZd flrtiole of War; aen 
leuced to forfeit three (83.00] dollars; 
BDionol deducted nn Nov.. IBM, payrolls: 
slcklndlvl-lon hospltslJau. il to Feb. 8. 
1S99. ttiolnslve! sloknese all Inline of duty; 
dueU. 8. JlIB 

'lek In qnart.ri July M. 1838; alek In quar- 
ters Oct 20 to Nov. 1. tBSB. tnclUHlve: elcit 
In qiiKfcra Nov. G to Nov. 9. IHSa, I Delu- 
sive, all In line Of "uty; dueU. 8. SO IS.... 

lies In quarters Sept. 30 to Nov 23. 1898. In- 
clusive, not In line of duiy; (icklnqusr- 

FleN In division hospital Uarch'ia to Aprii 
S, lB»9Mnclnjlve, In line of duty; due D. 
8. MM 

)d furlongb from S'-nt. 27 to Oct II, IBBS, 
Inolualva. at Frankfocl. 111., per Ith *n- 
dor)-eaient Hdqrs 7ca Army CoTPa. sHife 
date: slek lu qua'ieia Ju:y IS to 26. )S88. 
tnclugive, Inllneof dtlW 

lick in Quarierx Oct. 8 toS. leSS.Influelve; 
nick Id iIItI«Iod bo<pltal Oct. lOtoiO. 18M. 
Inclusive, all lo line of duty: doe D. S. 

'ried by Summary Court Sept, !9. 1898, tor 
violation tZd Article of War; senteuced io 
forielt one (II 00) dollir; amoont da- 
dnciedon Septemiier, IbSB. pay-roll*; Pick 
In O'lerierg Nov. 29 to Dae. 1. ise8 Ineln- 
Blve. In line ot duty: tri.'d by Summary 
C"urt Krb Id. 1B99. vlolallooM r! Article of 
War; si'ntenci'd to forfeit tvo lf2.C0} riol- 
larg; amount deduated on February. 189*, 


,. Benton. Sick In division hospital Jan. 9 tn 18. 1899, 

Inclusive; alik In diTlstOu hospital Peb. 
:3 to Uarch 25, 1898, Inoinalve. all In line of 

Lteut. Ballon Jaokaonvllle.. Sick In'qiiaVteVe'SepV Tto Oec'.'i6'l898.'in- 

clnalve.DOC Id lint- of duty; on furlouth 
8fpt.97to OoC 11, IHWj. tni'lnslve. at Jack- 
Honvlll-, 111. per 4th endorsem-nl H-tqra, 
Tth Army Corps. vamH dale: tried by Sum- 
mary Court Jan. SO. 1S9B. vicil-tinn SBd 
AriUle of War; Eenienred to forfeit (Si OD) 
dollars; deducted from January, 1898. pay- 
colla; dneU. S. 80 35 

Llent BtUlou. 
Ueut Ballon. 

Ltent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 

Lletit. Ballon. 

Llent, Ballon. 
Lieut. Ballon. 

Benton .. 


Sprlnetleld .. 

HostecJ by 









jQlr e.iS3S 

Harrison. Gilbert A... 

JDDO 28.189S 



Inns Z8.1898 


July 6.1S98 

HoJIaad, Cliarley 

Hubb»rd, HarrrE.... 

June i8.18B( 


iDir if.iBSt 


Juns ZS.IB9t 

June 28.189a 


Hosted by 




,. Llent. BbIIod.. 

.. Lieut. Biillou... 

t. Ballon... 

. Llaut. Ballon... 

SprlnKfield . 
SprlDEfleld • 

. Lieut. BalloQ. 

. Ll«nt.Ballou. 

. Lieut. Ballon. 
. Llent BbIIoh. 

. Lieut. Ballou. 

MalKeytown . 

ick In reilmeiital hngnltal Dec. 31. 1B9S: 
Hick In qniicteiB Oec. ii to 2(. 1S98. laclu- 
Blre: f-luk In qnartera Dec 18. I39B, and 
March 10, tS99, all In line at duty; sick In 

Ink In quartBr8juiyi9Vl83S,'ti'!*BVi89S.'in- 
clastre. In line of dntyi due 8. lO.ilB.... 


let In QuBrt^rB Sept. 12, 1898: nick In di- 
vision hospital Sept. 13 to £8. 1898, Inela- 
slve. Sept. 29. 1898; on fuilonsh to Not. 
IS, 1898, Inclnslsa. at CbHat<]|>her. 111., ner 
a. O. lU. A. O. O.. IBSg; skk In dlvlsloii 
hogpltal UHrcb 9 to 29. 1899. iDClnsive: 
Blck In division hospital April 17 to dale: 
absent eick In December In division hos- 
pital, Havana, Cnba: dtscharee anil final. 
statemepts transmitted lo muslerlns oS- 
oer to be forwarded bv resletered mall lo 
Adjiitapt 9enera]. WastalnEtOQ. D. U.: 
slcknaas all In line of datr: dae 0. ». 


Ick In qnorters Sept. IB to !2, 1S98. tocla- 
elve: sick In division hospital Sept. £3 to 
Oct. 12. IKBB. Inclnslve; on fnrlouBh Oct. 
13 to Nov. 12. I8»8, Inclnslve. at CbrUto- 
pber. Ill , per 8. O. IK. A. Q. O., 1839; elefc- 

DBsa all In line of rluts 

On (urlonah Sept. Jl lo Oct. 11. 1B9B. Incln- 
slve. at Uarlon. 111., per (th Endorxement, 
Beadqaarters Tth Army Corps. Bame datei 
sick la Quarters u«g 23 to 30. 1898. Incln- 
slve, In line of dnly; tried br Summarr 
Coart Feb. 15, 1899. (or violation ot 62d Arti- 
cle o( War: senlenopd to forfeit one dollar 
111.001: amount deducted from February, 
1899, pavroltb: tried bs> SummEtrr Court 
Mar. B.1S99. for violation of ozd Article o( 

( amount dedui'.ted from March, 1899, 
pay-rolls; dne U- 8., 10.28 

Slcfc In Quarters Sept. 28.1898: slc-k !□ dlvl- 
eloQ hoBpItalSfpi. 29 to Oct. 1.1898. Iccln- 
Blvai sink In llnlled 'Slate* Keneral hos- 
pital at Ft. Thomas, Ky.; fnrlouKhed from 
said hospital Ucl 19 10 Nov. 18. 1B9S. per O. 
O. No. 111. A. G. O., 1898. at Benton, III.: 
00 duty with paymastpr from I'eb. 10 to 19. 
1899, Inclaslve. by authority of couimand- 
Ide officer of 9thlll. Ree.; sIckoeBs all In 
line of duty 

Tried bv Snmmaiy Court Nov 16. 1898, viola- 
tion «2d Article of War; eentenced to tor- 
felt three dollars (13.00): amount dedocted 
from November. 1898. pay-rolls; sick in 
qnartera Mar. BD to Apr. 10. 18S8, Innlui-lvo; 
sick In division hospilsl from April 11 to 
lB,ies9. IncluBlve, all In line of duty; due 


ick In division hospital Jan. 13 to 21. 1899. 
Inclusive. In line of duty: paH as private 

from June 28 to July 17,1898, inclui-lve 

Ick Id quarters Nov. IE to 21). 1898, inclusive. 

In line of doty; dueU. S . 51.69 

ick In division hospital Jan. it to Feb. 11, 
1839. laclu sly e. In line of dnty: due U. S.. 


'raneferrad from Co. I, 9tb III. Vol Inf., to 
Co. P. Bih 111. Vol. Inf.. per R. 9 O. No. S. 
Headquarters 9th 111. Vol lnf..JulyiB.J898, 
Jollied Co. Fsame date: tried bySummary 
Court Feb. 11. 1899. for violation o{ G2d Artl- 
rle of War: seulenced to forfeit five dol- 
lars ((S.OO): amount deducted on February, 
1B99, pay-rolls: due U. S., $1.E9 

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Enroll ED. 





JnlT e.iSBB 


jDl; e.lBS8 

Jalr S.18W 

Neal. Barney B 



June !8.189S 


Hosted by 




eeted at Benloa, III . KboDt 

ice: tbei 

I) for 


SprlaKfltld . . . 


Lieut. Baltou... 

EfflDiheiu .. 

--. .0 Ja«k8onTt11e. 

Fla.. Oot. 8. 1S98 cnnllned la prison until 
aboat June B. 1S9B, when he iraa mrned 
OTST to bis compnay commander nntll re- 
leased, and returned to duty wllhont trial, 
br gpeoUl Order No. »T, datedMar. 28, t89». 
at Headqanrtera Isl UlTlslon. 7tb Arm; 
CorpB, HaTBca. Cuba: Private JoneB 

ment UDltl Marcb, 1899. si ntilch Itme flft;- 
auedollns and ihlrtr-tbreeoentn IIJI.33) 
wag dednctf d For trHiiHpnrlBtlon and c 
muUtlon rations, and ^ea pt 
ftDCes [or ths time of his ubeei 
to be deducted eleven dollar 
Bleeplits car OD tbis roll! cay... 

Private Martin — on furlough Out, 11 to Oct. 
20, 18B8, InoIuBlve, ftl Thompaonvllle, III.. 
per (Ih Endorsement Hdqrs. 7th A. C.. 
name date; tried br Summary Court Not. 
It.lliOB. {or violation al 6Zd Article of War; 
sentenced to forfeit two dollars (11.00); 
amount dedueted on November. 1998. paT- 
lollaiBlcklnqaarteraMai. is to IS. 1890. in- 
clusive, not In line of duty; due U. S.. 

aick3ept. IS.1B9B, same date turlouahed to 
■■-T. 13,lB9§.BtMulkejtown,Iil.. iDcluBlve, 
O. O. No. Ill, A. Q. O.. 1898; Blckneag In 

iOfduly;dnen, S., ja.D3 

.._ In divlalon hospital t^ept. 8 te 29.1898, 
InclaHlve; on tnrloiTsa Sept. 3D to Oct. 20, 



Lieut. Ballon. 

Lieut. Ballon. 

Llent. Ballon. 

eeneral hospital at Atlanta. Ob.: after- 
wards reported to company for duty (datei 
□□known), all In line of duly; due D. 3.. 


■-■- ' Sent. 28 to Nov, 2J. 1898. IQ- 

Lrters Sept. SO to Oct. 6.1998, IdcId- 
1n line of duty; alBk In gaarlars 
Uar. 19.1899, Inclualve. In line ol 
:k In dlvletOD hospital Uayeto 
I In Hue of duty; duo United 

Bick In quarters Sept. 11 to 13,1898. Inclu- 
sive; alck In qusrters Sept. 2T to Oct, 1, 

1898. Inclusive; sick In division boapital 
Oat.2Bt« :;7.1808. iDcluelve: on furloueh 
Oet.Sto Nov. 7,1B88, Inclualve, »l Benion. 
111., per G. O. lit, A. O. 0.. if" ' " ' 
anarteraDec 11toS8.te98. Ir' 
line of duty: due U.S. 12.01 

Sick Inqnarters Nov. 33ta2S.iS98.1ucluBlve: 
Sick In quarters Dec. 7 to 9.It"S8, luclnalve; 
Bick In qusrtera Deo. 21 to 22.1898, Inelu- 
Blve; Bick In quartern June 2B and Uarcb S, 

1899, Inclusive, all In line of duty; tried b» 
Summary Court ^ at. Zl. tbOB. violation «t6 
Article of War, absent leas.tlian one day; 

Ucted fro 

> forfeit 

latlon eSd Artlcli 

e mm 

■sCou"'t'Nov.l5, 1898. TlO- 

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Palmer Walter W 


Jane 28.1898 

Jnae £8.1898 
June 28.I8S8 

Jane 28.1888 

June 38.1838 

June £8.1898 
June 28 1B»B 

Jair 1B.1B98 

Jane ra.iBDS 
Jane 28.1898 

JUDB 28.1893 
Jane 28. lean 

.lane 28.1898 


Ramsey. Charier 








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BiiHoKfleld ... 





Sprlneaeld . 
Spclnsfletd . 


Lieut. BBllon.. 

Llant. BalloD . 

Lieut. Bolton.. 
Llent. Bullou. . 

Llent. BbUou... 
Llent BsUon... 

Llaat. Ballon.. 
Lieut. BbIIoq... 


Proukfort ,. 

UstlOD , . 

jiek Id qnsrterB Not. I 

olS.lBSS InclDslTe; 
13 to 26. If' SB. Incln- 
Jan. 1. 18S8. ell In 



, InclnBlvB, all In line of 

■Sick In reglinanUl haspical'Fab.'aB to'MuCh 
tO,189B.lnclnElve, inline Ot duty; due D. 
8. »l.BO 

Sick In qnarterB Oct. 24 to 28, l^»8, Inelnalve. 
Inllneof dutr:dooU^ S. 83.03 

n line ot dnr 

t, 28 to Oct. 7. 

le U. a. go 60 ... 

Not. IB. ISBS. violation fl2d Arllcle ot War; 
sentenced to lorfell ihTee (13 DO) doUaia; 
^dadnctedOD NoTember. 189S. nar-roli 

J oral: paid as i 
uly 5,1898. Inr 

Corporal from Jni 

naive: reduced (roi 

B. G O. No 19. 

In line of riutr: eick in quarters Jan .. .. 
Feb. 13,1893. tBClualve. not In line of dnir: 
on turloUKb Oct. S to it, 1898. Inaln-.lve. at 
Sharllsn. Uo„ per 1th endorsement, heid- 

rs ich A 

Traneferred to company from Co. G,9Ib 111., 
portt a. 0. No 89, Oct. 20. 1898. beadquar- 
ters 9th 111 ; Joined comp&ay same date; 

due [I. a. 1D.2J 

:nro1led b> a private, muetifred In bb a vae- 
oner; paid aB wngoner from June 28 to 
Ju1y6.183!(, Inclusive: reduced from vat- 
oner lo private pec R G. O. No. 39, Oct. 12, 
IB98, beiulQuarters {Ith III.: stck (□ qnat- 
ters Sept. SO to Nov. II, 1888. IncluBlVe, not 
In line "f duty 

Transferred to comnany from Co. H.9th HI.. 
S. S. O. No 185. beadqnarteiBflthltl^ 

- Article of V 


■t Nov. 1 

r. 1898. r 


klohoBPltalOct. 5 to IO.IS98. Inclnelve 

...Uoeof dutFiduetT. 8. tl.ll 

Sick In qnarteiaSept. 21 to 29, i89S. Inclusive; 
lick In dlTlslOD hospital Sept. 30 to Oec II. 
.898, Inclnelve. In U. S. Gen. hospital Oct. 

.._ >.._ ... . p,^|,o„ 

Ky ; Bick In qu 
1893. iQclnalvP: a 
Eluile. GB..Ma} 

irll ES to Mar 8. 

e dolli 

(JonrtSepi 18.1898 for 

A i-HclB nf W«r, spntenced to foiv 
deducted on Sep- 
>. uuyruii; irled by Snmmary 
16, 1838. (or vlolallon ot tbe Ud 
Vnr. Benteuced to forfeit eeven 
dortneted from 

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Silk wood. Jacob... 

Smltli, Charlea M 

TlDcent, wnilun B 

WlIlluDS. Ellawoith. 
Wlllluns. Hiram O.. 

Yates, IroN 

JameeM. JodIId 

Jobu S. Dillon 

HftlaeyB, Laavlit..., 

Private . . 




June iS-iBSS 

Jane 2S. 
June !8.]S9!t 

Benton .. 
Benton .. 

Jnne ZS.1S9S 
June i8,lS98 

Bentvn . . 

July I. II 

July S.11 
Jaly 8.11 

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Sprtnefield... L 



SloS in quarters July 21. 1888; slofelnquar- 
taiB Jult 27 m 80. 1898, InolnBlve: sick ine- 
It. In quBTterB. to Kept. 12. 1898. iDClueive: 
aick Id auarlBrs Oct. 2» 10 2T, 1S9S, loclu- 
give. Kit Id Itce of daty: due D S. S0.85.... 
liek In qoartera }a\j 16. and In auattera 
JnlySI. ISB81 Blok In quartera Uarch 28 Co 
ZS.IH99. Inclnalve: slok In quarterB ApilllS 
to It. 1893. Inclnsive. all Id Hoe oCdatyidne 

D 8.10.85 

Stok Id quartere 3ept. 97 to 29. 1898. iDclnilTe: 
Bick In division boepltal Seot. 30 to Oct. U, 
IS^S, InclnBlve; on fnrIon«h Oct. 26 to Nov. 
il, IB9B. Inolnslve. at Chilelopher. llL.a.O. 
lit, A. G O.. 1898. all !□ line ot dutr; dne 

r. 8. 10.91 

lick Id 3t. John's bospltal. SPTlneeeld. 111.. 
Ja!r 8 to Anc 29. 1898. lnclnBlTe; on fniv 
Jouirh Ann. 2i to Oct. 23. 1898. 1dc1db1v«. at 
DnQuoln. III., ver G, O. lU, A.G.O,, 1898, 
BlcknesB nil In Hue of dnty; trW by Bxtm- 
mary Conrt Nov, 12, 1898. for violation of 
the ezd Article of War. centenoed lo for- 
feit bIi dollaie (K,D01: amonnt dadnRted 
OD November. 1898, say roll: dne U.S. 10 OS 

■■ Llout BalloD. . Popes Prairie Enrolled as n private, mostered In as a Cor- 

pOTal: reduced from Corporal to private 
Jnly 28, 1898, per S. G. 0. No. S, Hdarn. 9th 
111,, same date; Bick In qnanere Hevt, 5 to 
8. 1893. iDoloalve: siek In dlvlsloD bospltal 
Oct. 9 Cn 12. 1898, iDcloalve: xlck In U.S. 
Oen. hospital. Ft, Tbomas, Ky., from Oct. 
18 to Nov. Z. 1698. InclDBlve. aninllneof 
dnty: dneU. 8. S0,6B 

SpTlnsfleld... Llent. Ballon Frankfort..., Sick In qnsrtera Nov. 20, 1898, and Deo. 28. 

1888. all In line of duty; dne U. S. 10,12 

SprlDcBeld... Llent Ballon PlnmBeld .... Sick In gnartera Oct. 6 to 9. 1898. Inclaslve, 

In line of dnty: sick In qaartera Oct. 18. 
1898. to Jan. 3, 1899. Inolnslve, not In line 01 


Ueut. Ballon DnQnOln Oo tnrloneh from Sept. 18 to Nov, 18.1898. 

Incluelva, at DnQuoln. 11].. per G.O.IU.A. 
Q.0..189a: Bl<-k In division hospital Jan, IS 
td Feb, 3. 1899, InclnBlve. in line oC dnty: 

dne U. 8. W.SI 

Uent. Ballon Benton RBclenatlon acoeptecl to dale from Deo. 29. 

1898, per teleKrapblo InatTQCtlona dated 
Dec. 21. Wnshlaeton. D. C A. G O.: ab- 
sent with leave from Sent. 20 to Oct. 19, 
1898. Inclusive, at Benton. 111., per 8. O. 
102, A- G. O., Sept. 18, 1898; absent with 
leave from Dec. ID to date ot reslenatlon. 
at Benton, III., par S. 0. No. 3. Dec. 10,1898. 
A. Q. O 

ScrtneBeld.., Llent. Bnlloa Beoton Dlscbaried Jan. 8. 1899. Havana. Cuba: dla- 

-^-Tse and final atntements furnished: 
:hareed to accept appolnlmanl as Zd 

Spriaefleld,.. Llent. Balloa Ewlne Enrolled aa a private; muBtered In aa"a8er- 

Seant: paid aa b. Semeant from June 28 to 
nly S. 1898. Inclnalve: atck Id division 
boBpltal Sept, 15 to 21. 1B98, Inclusive; on 
fnrlouirh Sept. 2S to Oct 2S. 1888, Ijicluplve. 
at EwluB. !».. per Q. O. HI, A. Q. 0.: alok- 
ueBS In line of duty; rednaed from Ser* 
aeant to nrlvate Sept. 90, 1S98, per R. G. O. 
No, 28, BdqrB. 9tb 111,, same date: pro- 
moted to Senteant from private Nov. 6. 
1898. per K. 6. 0. No. IS. Hdqrs. 9tb 111., 
same date; dlsobarKed April 8, 1899. per 
8. 0. No. 13. in Dompllaoce O, O. No, U. 
Hdqis. Depactmeut Province of Havftoa. 
Caba: dUchar^e and Sual atatemeutB far- 
nlahed: service honest and talthtnl 

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Jane 28,1898 


JoJy 8.1898 

June 28.1898 

June 28,188S 

June £8.1898 

June 28.1698 
Jane tS.lB»8 

June 28,1SW 
Joue 28.18*8 

July 6,1S3S 



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Udbtebed In. 

.. Ciltteuden-. 

Enrolled aa a prirate; mustered la as 3 
Corporet; paid ae a Corporal (rom June !a 
to Jnlr s. itsus, InalaslTe: sick In dlvtaloa 
hospital Sept. 12 to Not. 10. WBH. taclnBlTe; 
slek lu D. !j. general hOipiial »ut. II to 
date of dlBcharee; dlncbaree and flcal 
statemeuts fnrDiataed Feb. Zl. IDUS; skb- 
nesa In line of dnti; eeivlce honest 
and faltblulj dlechuTBod per order ol iiac- 

Inrolled as a prlvace: mneCered In as a 
Corporal: paid as a Corporal rrom Jane IB 
10 Jul; S. KSa. Inclailve; on turlouth 
Sect. 21 to Oct. 2t. 1N98. Indaalve, at Ahln, 
III., per O. O. U*. A Q 0., 1«98; elck In 
dlTlsloD hoapltal Dec. 2 to 11, 1898, In elu- 
sive; on furlouEh Ueo. 12. IBllti. to date of 
dIsaharKe: alckneea all In line of duty; 
dlEchamed Feb, 13. i»i9S: dlscbarice and 
Bnal siatemeDta furDlahed: serTlce hon- 
est and lalthCul; dlBcbuied tier S. U, No. 

It. A. U. O., Feb,21. IBM 

Enrolled as a private; musierred In as a 
Corporal; paid KB a UOTPural tromJuaeZti 
to July 8. IS9B, Inclusive; rednoed from 
Corporal to private per S. Q. O, No. SI. 
Udqrs. Bth III., same date. Ane. 16, ISSti; 
sick 1p boeplial Jul; 11 to Aos. 28. KtS. In- 
clusive; on iDtlouEli Aue. 29 to Sept. 30. 
l»»i, per O. O. lit. A. Q. O. : aickneas all In 
line of duty: dlacharKed April 10. 1'SS. per 
Q.O.No.Gd.BdQra. Department of Havana. 

nlshed: service honest and laltbtui 

Ick In division hoaplial Seat. iO \o Nov. 10. 
1S»8. Inclusive: sick In D. 3. Eeneral hos- 
plial. n Monrue. Vu., Nov, 11. Ib98. to d»te 
of dlBcbarite; dlscharsed Jan. 28. 1§99; 
dUcbarce aad Snal BtBtemenlB Iurnieb*d; 
alokneas all In line of duty; service bOO- 
eat and falttalul; dlscharsed per order of 
Secretary of Wat 

DlBChartred on Aue, 81. ISSB. on Sureeon's 
certlBcHte ot dleabllUr. which existed 
prior 10 enlistment; dlacharse and floal 
statements lurnlshedi service honeal and 

Sick In qnaiters Nov. 29 to Dec. 11, U98. In- 
clnslve: on furlouKh, O. O. 111. A. G. 0.. 
K3S. at HlamBeld, 111.. Dec. 12 to date of 
dlacharae; slckneaa In line of duty; dU- 
chsraed Feb. SO. 1899; dlscbaree and final 
statements furnished; dlecharsed per H. 
O. iS. A. Q. O.. Feb. 25, ISUB; service hon- 
est and faUbful 

Ick In quarters Dec. T. 1)>S8; seni to n. S. 
g-neral hoepltal. at Atlanta. Qa., Dec. 9. 
lanit: on furlough, per Q. 0, IK. A. 6 O,. 
1(98. at Benton, 111 . to date of dlacharee: 
Bickneas all in line of duty; dlacbarsed 
Feb, 20. Ib99; diacbaree and Hnal state- 
ments furnished; service boneat and 
fallbfuli diBchareed per S. O. «D. A. G. O.. 
Feb. 26, 1899 

Appointed TriimDOttr July 11. 1898. per Com. 
pany Order, aame date: sick Sept. 21. 1B9S, 
In quartere; on tnrloneb Oct. S to Nov. T. 
U98. Inclusive, at Marion. Ill . per G. O. 
m. A. e. . 1S»8; alck Dee. 28. 1898. In U, 
S. Bi^neral boaoltal. at AIlanlH, Ga.i on 
farlnaah (date unknown) at Marlon. 111,1 
dlacbaiged March 80. 1899: dlacbarse and 
final atateineaiB furnished : «lcknesa not 
lu Hue of duty; aervloe honest and faltb' 
fnl: dlBcbarsed per S. O, No, 68. a. Q. O.. 
March SI, IBW 

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Charier M.Sllbtrood.. 

Jane i!8,iB98 


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Mastered la. 

,. Camlaka.Kas. 

Sick In dlTlBlon hoapllal Sept. 12 to Sov. 10, 
1B9B, Indnelve: descrlptlvti Hat furnlglkeil: 
tried ay eummnrr Court Dec. IE, ibSB. tIo- 
iBtlon ezd Article of War; eentenced to 
fortult one dollar (tl,9D); dedQCted from 
December. 1B88. per-roll; BloBaesa all In 
line ot dntu: duebarKed Jen. !e. urn-, ser- 
vleea honegt and tulihfDl; dlBcbariied per 

order Secretary ol War 

pnolnisd TrumpelBr. Co. Ordt*r. July 7. 
IBBS. Bsme datei rednced tiom Trumpeter 
tn i,r(„ot- nBi- do Order, AuB. i8, 1898, 
rUloD boapitHl dept. 

Sick 1i 

o Oct. 1. 

1, l^t. '1 


* Ky., 

kiCL. tvut eiov. la. laus. inoiu«iTfl, Pt^r G. O, 
lit. A. a. U . ISSS. ID Ckmloky. E«B.; dI8- 
chHFEed April 4. ineS, D»r B. O No. tO. In 
oompllBUPB with Q O No. 6#.adqrB. Prov- 
. .u i-..i_. -'■-.;bHrBeBndfloal 

rolshed; i 
leHi all Ir 

Ul Sept IZtoSepl. 20, 
■DOS. luuiu^i.t,; uu turlouefa Sept 21 to 
Mot. 20. 1(198, iDcluHlve, at Akin, III-, all In 
Moeot dTity. per Q O. ul. A G. O.. IB3B: 
dlacharaed Jhh. !B. IBOO. by order of Secre- 
tary ot War: dlsobarice and Qoal atate- 
menlB (umlihad: aerylcebonnpland lallh- 
lareed per S, O. No. 81. A. e. 0.. 


1 hoepltal Dec. 2B. IBSS. 

kojan. IB. IB09: on furl on lb Jan. U to date 
of dtacharee at LadovB. lod . per G. U. lU, 
A a O., ISSB; dlachsrsed Peb. SI, 1809. per 
order Secretary of Wnr; dtactaane and 
final statcmentB tornlBhed! avrvlce bonest 
and fsltbtui; diacbaried per H. O. No. 51. 

A. Q. O,. March a. 1899 

Sick July 11. 1B9B. In Quarters: Bick In V.S. 
Keneral hospKal. t'urtrean Monroe, Va.; 
rurloiished to ChrlBlopher.UI. under CJ.O. 
Ill, A. (J. O.. IB98, to date of dIachNrae; 
dlanhargBd Jan. 30. 1899. per order Secre- 
tary of War; ri1-pVinrfr0 HTtd RtlnT arHta- 


. ..„ ^..' 8. U No. 29, A. ^. 

O.. Feb. *, USB 

On furlODKb Dec. 21. 1898, per ». O. lit. A. 
Q. O.. 1S98 In line of duty ai Benton. [II,. 
to date of dlacbaree; dlacbareed Feb 18. 
1899, bi order of the SBcreinrji ot War; 
dlacbaree and final BtatementB fnriiiataed: 
sepTler hoiieni and falrhful; dljicbatued 

per 8.0, No. 43, Feb. 2I.1B99 

)n tnrloueb Sept. 27 to Oct. 11, 1B9B, faclUB- 
Ive. at Benton, 111, p>-r ttb endursem-nt 
Hdqra 7tb army Corps: xald fnrlouEli ez- 
leDdM on acDOnDl of slckiiess Co dale of 
dlECharVH; tried by Nummary Court Aue, 
21. IBBS, vlolarlon B2d Article of War, aB- 

felttbree OS'OO) dollars and one day allow. 

dlacbarsod Jon', 21. IBSB, by order'of §ecre^ 
tary of Wan dtBcbarae and Bnal state- 


", O. No"il. A. G. 


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7Qlr 8.IBSS 

Louis C. ScrKner 

Jane Z8,iess 


J»lr 6,IB98 

Jnlr 18.1898 


Oscar Moisbsreer.... 


Jnlr 18,1B3S 

Jane 28.1S9S 

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Snrliuraeld ... 

Lieut. Ballon. 
Lieut. Ballon. 

Lleat. BalloD. 
Lleat Ballon. 
Uent. BallDQ. 

Lieut. Ballon. 

Lieut. Ballon. 


Beaton Foet. 

Belle Rive... 

DnQnolD .... 


TraiJifaiTed to companr from Co. L, flth 111., 
per K Q. O. l^o. 1. Hdqrg. 3th 111 . Jair IB, 
1898; Joined compaiir eame date; trang> 
(erred to hospital Corps. D. S. Anns, per 
ti, O. No. 7S. A. G. O.. Aus. !S, 1S9S; de- 
aeilpllve If si famished 

Traneferred to 3th 111. reelmental band, per 
R, Q. O. No. 1. July 18. 18SS: trsnaterredlo 
company from Slh 111. bacd.per S.O O. No. 
ei. Nov. 30, 1H9B: transterred to Go. E. 8th 
111., per a. a.- 0. No. «£. Deo. z, lB38j de- 
acrlptlve llBt furnlahed 

Eorolled aa private; muetered In as Artifi- 
cer; paid aa Arilflcer from Jnne 28 to Jnl7 
6,1899.1nclnBlFe; appointed iSereeast ttont 
Artificer Sept. 3U, 1B9S. per R. G, O. No. 28. 
HdqrK. Sth 111., same date; reduced to pri- 
vate from SerBeatt Nov. ' isan nor a a 
9. Ha. IB. Hdqra. 91b lll..g 

list tatniahed 

Transferred to Co. F. 9th III, July2». 1888. 
per R, 0.0. No. G. Bdqca. Sth 111., sama 
dat«: deicriptlve Hat fmnUhed 

Transferred (0 9th lU.^eBlmental band Jul; 

„ .. L 111., Juli 20. 1898, 

K. ». O. No. 2. Udars. Bth 111., same 

e: deacrlptlve list tuiolehed. 

aferred to Elh HI. regimental band July 

. __ j{ y y ^^ ,_ Hd(,„ 9tli III. 

1; deacriptlvellattar 

.._ ._ jpltal AuB. 9 toai. 188B. 

tnolastve; died Aaa. 3t in dtvlalon boapl- 
tal. Camp Cuba Libre. Fla.; laventoryoC 
effeota and final atatements fnrnUhed Ad- 

Jniant (ieneral, U. 8. Arms 

kb In division boBpltal Sept Z8 to Oct. B. 
1B9B; died in division hospital. Camp Cnba 
Libre, Oct. S. IB9S; Inventory of etTecti and 
final a rate merits furnished Adjutant Gen- 
eral, U. 3. Army 

Enrolled and mastered In aa a private: ap- 
pointed Corporal July 26. 1898. per B. O. O. 
8. Hdqra. 9th 111., same date; on farlontrh 
Sept. ii to Nov. !S, IS99, Inclnalve. at Chris- 
topher. HI., per Q. O. lU, A, (3. O. : sick In 
dlvlelon hospital Deo. 9 to II, 1^98; died 
Deo. IS. 189B, id Dlvlelon hoapllal. Sayan- 
vah. Ga.. CamD Onvard: Inventory of et- 
. I a_., _. famished Ad- 

jutant Qbdb 

]. TJ. 8. i 

s furnished Adjutant Oen- 

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Frank B.Oitun... 

.. iBt Llaatenaut .. 

William D. Walker... 


F«lti, HarT;M... 

Will luuB, Walter C... 

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. Llent. Col. Bwltt. ! 

EnTi>ll«d aod mnBtered In ae Cftctaliij ab- 
Bent witb leave trom Aqk, 1 to Aue. 8, 18)8. 
tnclualve. fa; antboritr ot OommaadlDB 
Qeneral ol !d DItIbIou, 7th ATm; Cocpsi 
aheent with leave troja Oat. 13 to Oct. zg, 
1SS8. InolnBlTe. at Ut. C arm el. Ill,, per 9. 
O, No. Ill, BeadqnarterB 7tD Armr Carpi, 
dated Oat. 13. 1S9S; absent with leave from 
Deo. 15 to Dec. IB.tSM, InoluBlre. at SaTau- 
nab. Oa.. per Huthorltr oE CDmrniDdloe 
Qeneial ol Ut DIvIbIoq. Tth Arm; Goipe, 
dated Deo. 15. 1888; sick In :d Dlvleion hoH' 
pltal from Feb. 17 to Uar. ]8,I89». InclnslTe, 
notlnllaeot duly: due tf. 8.. SZl.dO, for 
treatment Id Sd DWIston bo8PltBl,7Ih Aimy 

Entolled and mnBtered la an let Llenlenant; 
absent with leBve from Not. 4 to Mot. K, 
I8SS. InclnslTe. at FrIendBvllle, III., per 8, 
O. No. lia. Headquart«rs iBt uItIbIoh, 71h 
Army Corpa. dated Mot. i, 1898; sick in 
leglmentBl hospital from Mar. 22 ta Uar. 
S7, 1B9». InelaslTe. In line of duty; on 
special daty vlth proTostinard, perTer- 
bal order ot Col. Campbell, from Apr. 8 to 
Apr. SE>,16S9. InelUBlTa; vaa In Bommaud of 
company from Feb, I* to Mht. 18. i89». In- 
clnalve. per S, O. No. 77. Headquarters 7tb 
Army Corps, dated Apr.S.iB9a 

Enrolled and mastered In as Zd Lieutenant; 
BbaBnl with leave (ram AnK. 27 to 8ept, 2, 
ISSa, Inclualve. at Fablo Beach. Fla., per 
B.O.Mo.81, QeBd(]uartera7ltaArmfCorps, 
dated Ann. SB, 1899 

Enrolled aa pilTBte and mustered In as 1st 
HerBeant; In arrest by olTll anthorltlea at 
SprlnEQeld, 111., from Jnly 10 July ». IBSS, 
IdcIubItb; released nllhont trial: sick In 
Qoariera from Nov. Z6 to Not. 26. 1898. In- 
olaalTc. Jan. 21 to Feb. ID. 1899. InclDslTe; 
tick In leilmental hospltat from Uar. l to 
Har. B.189». Inclusive; alck In let Division 
hoapllal {rem Mar. 8 10 &pr, «.18a9, InClQ- 
sIva. all In line of duty; paid as 1st 
SerfceaiiC from June 28 to July 7. 1898, In- 


Enrolled and mnalered In aa private; drew 
pay as Serseant from Jnly 21 to July iE, 
1898. Inclusive: appointed Bergeant Jnly 
Zi, 1893; sick In quarlsrs from Sept. 8 to 
Sept. 21.1898. Inclusive. In line ot duty; on 
dutT at Pabto Beach. Fla.. Sept. 2t,l89S. 
p«r B. O. No. 81. Headquartere 7lh Army 
Corps, dated Aug. Zfl. 1898; retnrnRd to 
company Oct, BO, 1998: reduced to ranks by 
Q. 0. No. 38, Headquarters B(h 111, Vol, 
Inf,. dated Oct. i:.1898: appointed Qnorter- 
master Sereeaut from private, per Kesl 
mental Orders No. 69. Dec. 8, 1899. on 
special daty at Headquarters ot United 
Stales forcBB by order of CommsudlnB 
General of Unllect States forces. Dfa. 81, 
IB9S; retnrneil to company Jan. 11.189S. per 
8. O. No- 1. Headquarters 2d Brlaade. tst 
Division. 7th Army Corps, same date 

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Mt, Carrael 

June Z8.1898 

Jane 2S.1S98 

July 8.Ig9S 
Julr 8,1898 



Ut. Cormsl 

Jnne ZS.1S98 

Mt. Catmel 

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Llent. Ballon... 

Lieut. Ballon... 

DiDBtered Id hb prlviitei ap- 
PQlDtea (jorporsl Juli!8, 1898 from prlTSte. 
perG.O.No.S. Hdqre. Bctillt.Val In!,, dated 
JalT a, 1899: drew pay from June 28 id Jnir 
:iS,l89S. iDClnalve. 89 Corporal: od turloneu 
from Sept, 27 to Oct. 12, 188S, inolnalTe. at 
LIdd, 111., per 1th EHdoreement, 7tb Arm; 
Corps, dated Sept, 2G. 18BS; eick In auarlprs 
from Oct. 2i to Oct. ZE, lb98. Ipcluelre; ap- 
pointed Seraeant from Coiporal Nov. 10, 
1B9B. cer Q. O No U. UeadquarlerB 9th til. 
Vol. Int., same date: dne Uolted States. 


Enrolled aa private and mustered In as Cor- 
poral: drew pay aa Corporal fromJuneSS 
to July 7, IBM. Inclnalve: on tarloneh from 
Hapt. 27 to Oct. 12, 1B9B. Inclnalve. at Ml. 
Carmel, ill., per 4th Eadoraement. 7tb 
Irmr Coioa. dated tiept 2e. 1B9II-, aick In 
qnartera Not. I to Nov. 7, IMS, Inolnalre: 
rednced to rankg Nov. 11, 1BS8. per Q. O. 
No. IS. Headquarters Bth 111 Vol. Int.; ap- 
pointed SeTEeaiLt from private Nov. 13, 

1898. Headquarters Bth 111. Vol. Inf., S. O. 
No. 6e. saitie date: elcfaln reeltaentel hos- 
pital Mar. IS to Mai. ES.18B9. Inclnalve; alck 
In division hoapllal Mar. ZS to Apr. 8. 1899. 
Inolnalve: pat aboard Hospital Ship Mls- 
aonrl. and sent to Fortreas Monroe, Va., 
all Id line of duty. April 12.1899; retomed 
to dnty May 1, 1893 

Enrolled ae private and muetered Id as Q. 
U. Sereeant: drew p»y as Q M. Sereeant 
trom June 28 to July 7,1893. ln<!lii<<lve: aIck 
In quarters Sept. 10 to Sept. 22, 1898. Incln- 
alve; gick Id qnartera Nov. 28 to Nov. 80, 
189B.lnolu»lTe, all In tine of duty: redneed 
to ranka Dec. 8. Itt98. per Q. O. No. 69, 
Headquarters Stta 111, Vol. Inf., aama aate; 
appointed BerKeant from private Jan. 17. 

1899. per S. 0. No. 74. Headonartere 9ih 111. 
Vol. Inf., same date; dne Dnlted Slatei. ..... 

BDTOlled as private: mnatered In as Ser- 

Sssnt; redueed to ranka July S6,IS98. per 
. U, No. 8, HeadqnarterB Bth 111. Vol. Inf.. 
same date: appointed Corporal from pri- 
vate July 2i. leSB. per O. O. No. 8>9. Head- 
quartere 9th ill. Vol. lof., eame date: drew 
pay aa Corporal from Jnne 38 to Jnly 7.1899, 
Inolnalve: slot In quartera from Sept. 1 to 
Sept. 2. IB9S, Inclnalve; alek lu quarters 
Sept. 21 to Sept. 25.1898. Inclusive: sick In 
quarters Oct. 6 to Oct. 9, 1898, IncluBlve! 

Dec. 30. 1898, Inclual' 

il hospital flee. 

e. all In line of 

euelneerlne ration trip 
ned Oct. 29,1898; sick In 
April 2S to April II, IB3B, 

iDolnaive. not in line of dnty 

Inroiled as private, mustered aa Corporal! 
drew pay h^ Corporal from Jnoe 28 to Jnly 
T.1S98. iDClualve: on furloueh from Sept. 
27 to Oct 12, U99. Inolnslve. at Mt. Carmel. 
Ill, per 1th eDdorsement Hdqra. 7 A. 0.. 
eame date: sick In quartem Feo. UtaFeb. 

Inllneof duty; dlicb arse and final state- 
ments traaemltted to muaterlne officer to 
be forwarded by registered mall to sol- 
dier's address Qen. Hosp.. SaTaunah. 6a.. 

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JnOB 28.1898 

Mt. C«nnol 

July S.1S» 

July 8.1898 
JulF 8,18(8 

JnlF 8.1898 

June 28.tS96 
JoDfl S8.tS» 

Ht. Csnnal 

Mitebell, MarlonA.... 

July B.ieS8 

July S.1S98 
July 8.1898 

Joni 2S.1S88 

Mt. Oarmel 

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.. Lleal.BiJIon... 

SprmiHeld .. 



Llent. Bmllon.. 
Llenl. Ballon... 

. Ut. Connel— Emolled as private, mnatered as Corporal; 
dreiT par aa Corporal from June 'iS to Jalr 
1.1S98. iDclaslve; on epeelal duty with 
Bee- Bealtb Officer Feb. S,tB9S. per S. O. 
No. 10. Hdqra. »th 111 . same date: retnrned 
to company UbV 3. IS99. per ti. 0. No. ll». 
Hdqrs. 9tb 111., same date: due U- 8- SO 80.. 

Enrolled and muateredaa private; drev pay 
aa Corporal from Jane 2Hto Jnl; 7.1888. In- 
cluBlvo: appointed Corporal from private 
July2S.lS»8. Q. O. No. 9. Bdqrs. Seh 111.. 
BBme date: due D. S. ID.BD 

Unrolled and inuitered m private: drew pay 
B«CorpatBl from June IB to Jali 7, 1898, 
IneluBlve; appointed Ooipotal from pri- 
vate July ZLIBSS. Q.O. No. B, Hdqra.nh 
111., same date; ilok Id qnarterB from Deo. 
19 to Dee. 31.1698, InclDSlve. in line o( 

dPtyj daeU. S. 

. Enrolled and muatered ae private; ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Nov. 10. 
1BSI8. G. 0._No. IS. Hdqra. Bth HI., same 

. UL Oannel.. 
, West Salem. 

drew pay a: 

Bprlnirfleld... L 

SpTlnsfleld... L 


,..,_,_. ji Jnne !B 

-., Inolnelvoi difference betwee: 
pay and Corporal pay from Jnly 


I private 

,_, _. , s to July 

Xt,169B, Inolnslve. due soldier: reduced to 
Tonki from Corporal July 26.1898, 6. 0. 
No. 8. Hdqrs. Stb 111., same date: slok In 
qnarterBAuc-.2( to AuCf. 27.1898. Inclusive, 
In line oC duty; appointed Corpora] trom 
private Nov, H, 1S9S. G. O. No. 48. Hdqra. 
0th Itl .same date: sick In quarters Deo. 
IZtoDec. 14.1898. Inclusive, all In line o( 
duty: due U.S. M.SO 

..Enrolled and muBtered aa private; Blok In 
quarters Oct. S2 to Oct. ZG.1898. hnclualve, 

it In line ol duty; promoted toCor- 

Irom private Nov. II. 1898, pet G. O. 

No. 43. adqca.gth 111., same date 

.. Enrolled and maelered a private; on far- 
Ion Kb from Sept 21 10 (Jet. 12,1898, Incln- 
slve at Bone Gap. 111., per Itb endorse- 
ment Hdqra. Ttb A. C. dated Bept. 26.1898; 
aopolnteo Corporal trom private Nov. 10, 
"198. per O. O. No. 46. Hdgrs. 9tb II!.. same 
ate; dne U. S, ao 8li; alok Id qnartera Jan. 
I to Jan. 21.1899. Inclualve. all In line of 

-- Enrolled and mustered a private: ilek In 
qnarters Sept. 16 to Sept. 1B,IB9S. Ineln- 
slve; appointed CorpoFal from private 
Nov. 14,1893, per e. 0. Mo. 18, Hdqra. 
aame date: alck In quartere Sept. 2Sto 
Sept. se,lB98. Inclualve. April 1 to AdfU 
10,1899. Inolnalve. all In line of duty 

.. Enrolled and muatered a private; alck In 

TB 8epl. Z6 to Sept. 26,1898, Incln- 

Ickln Div. Hoap. Sept. 26,1898. all 

o£ duty; on alck furloueb from 

Nov. atoDec. 2.1B9B. Inoluslve. at Sclota. 
Ill-, per O. 0. No. Ill, A. O. U. ISaB; fur- 
lou eh extended from Deo, B.I898, I^Jan. 
" ' D elusive, per authority Adjutant 
7th A. C 12tta Indoreementi re- 
turned to dutr Jan. 1,1899: appointed Cor- 
poral from private Mareb S, 1^. per S. O. 
No. 126, Bdqrg.9thlll., aamedate 

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BIjby. Wm. ClMsnee. 

Bailer. UartiD J 

WilklDBon, Robert R.. 


J a 1B9S 

Inne 28,189! 

Ut. Oamel 

June 2S.IS98 

Mt. Camel 

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SRVMUikfa, Gs 

I>lent.CoI. Dwrer CI 

/ 3Drlnrt«td ... 

Enrolled ai 

mBnt hOBDltal Nov. 11 
InilnaotdQty; on bi 
niBBlerJsD. n.KS»; 
Blok In qaarterfl alBri 
InclQBlTe. in line oi 

...mJnne B8 toJiil»», 

1898, iDolnglve; on sdscIsI dutytoeuard 

B-lsoDSTS en route to St. A.Deast)De, Fla., 
ee. 28 to Dee. ao. ms. Inclnslve. per S. 0. 
No. la, Dec. 2S.mS, HdqrB. U. S. forces; 
reduced to innks UBruh 30.1S99. per S. O. 
No. IM. Hdqra. 9th 111.. Bame dale; trsuB- 
lerred to Co. 1 March 5.1bB9. per !5. O. No. 
"I. Hdqra. 9tt 111., samr - — ' ■" 

iprll B 


Hdqra Slh 111., , -,.. 

Siralfcom private April 8.1899. per 8. O. 
0. les. Hdqrs.Sth 111., same date: dneU. 

with PM- 


1 18 to March IS. 1899. <.u duif.29.1SS8, Id Company 
A, 17lb InFantry; re-enlisted Id aama com- 
pany Sept. l.liiSS, and served antil Anr.Sl. 
189S: re-enllated Sept. 21.1891. In tEtG In- 
[aatry, and served uatil Sept. ZO, 1898, when 
dlschareed under provlelona of paFaeraph 
lit. A. K. 1S9B; enrolled In 7ih llUnola Vol- 
unteer IntantrT, April 26, 1B99. and aerved 
with that reirlment nntU mnBtered out on 
Oct. 29,1898; entitled to re-en tUtment pay; 
ten years conllcuona service entitled to re- 

enlistment pal - 

Enrolled as private, mnelered as waeoner; 
"Terence between private and wasoner'B 
}, from Jnne 28 to Jnly T, 1899. Inclualve. 

.eU. S 


-.0 Dee. 

81,1898, Inclnslve, Id line Of dulyi due U.S. 


Inrolled and mustered aa private; alck In 
19 to Aas. !D, 1898. Inolualve. 
ly; appointed Artificer from 
ih 11.1899, per 3. O. No, III. 

March pay-roll; S12.BD to be dednpted from 
thlB roll: In condneinent from March 29. 
1899. to April 18.1889. inclusive; four d aye 
deducted from aentenoe by O. O. No. 2S, 
Hdqrs. 7th Army Corps, dated Apr. S. IB9I>. 
EnroUed aa private, mustered aa mualclan; 
alck In division hospital Sept. 2i to Nov 7, 
I8S8. iDcluaive: on sick furlough from 
Mov. 7to Dec. 6.1898, Inclusive, at Gards 
Point, UL., per 9. O. No. lU. A. G. 0. 1898; 
turlaneh extended from Dec. 7.1898. to Jan. 
* ■"■"" — '■' " "- 116. Hdars. Depajt- 

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Biodsbaw, Frank . 

Aaele. WttlUm.... 

BalTd. ChnrlegO... 
Baker, Chnrleg H.. 

BeDelt, Norman K. 
Belt. Bert 

Betnlnser, Nelaon.... 

Blood. Borsce L .. 
BolllDeer. Harlen 

Brian, AuatlaF... 



.. June £B,1BS8 

Ut. Garrael... 
Mt. Carmel... 

.. June 28,1898 U 

.. lalr 8,1888 
„ Jalr 8,1888 

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SnriDSfleld . 

Lieut. Bnlloa. 

Llent. Ballon. 
Llent. Ballon. 

Springfield. . 
Springfield ., 

Ut. Cnnnel.. 
Ut. Camel.. 

Sick In qasTterB Aug. IB to Ane. 20,IBBB. In- 
olaelTe: on tnrloQgh fcom Sept, 21 to Oct. 
12, 1898, loelntilva, at Mt. Cannel, III., per 
lib endoreement, Hdqri. Ith Arm; Cotpb. 
dated Sept. 2S. 1898; tailougti esleDded 
(romOei. IS to Deo. B.IB98, Inclusive, by 
aathorltr Cbtef UnBterloK Offloor State ol 
Oeorela, Ma; 8.1899; alck In anaiterB from 
Dec. BO to Dec. ai.l89B.lnDluBlTe. all Inline 
of duty; traneterred to Go. I, Veb. 1B.1898. 
per 8. 0. No. IID. 9tb 111. Hdars., eame 
date; traneferred to (Jo. G, April 6.1899, 
per a. O. No 163. Hdars. 8th 111., eame date: 
appointed Uuaiclan April 1,I89B. br Cap- 
tain Bavllh dueU. B.tQ.lS 

Ick In qnarteiB Aug. 3 to Ang, 4.1898. Incln- 
Blve. Oct. II to Oct. iT.iees, iQclnelve. all In 
llneoldnty; dne U, 3. ID.SS 

Sick In qnartera Sept. 12 to Sept 11.1898, In- 
olDBlTe, In line at dntyi due U. 8. 10.80.... 

Enrolled as private, mastered as Oorporali 
appointed ijerseant from CotpotbI, yloe 
Peter D, Wort, rednoed in ranfeti Jnly 16. 

1898. per e.O. No. 8. Hdqra. BtU 111., same 
date: drewpayaa Corporal (romJune £S 
to JnlT 1, 1B98. Inolnslve; deduct dlSerence 
on tbU roll betveen Bergennt Bsd private. 
from June 21 10 Jnly 7, 18U8, Inclusive, and 
between Corporal and Sergeant from July 
B to Jnly 2B.1B98, ineluslvei reduced to 
ranka Nov. £1.1898, per Q, O. No. U, Hdqrs. 
9lh 111, same dale: eick In qoartere Jan. 
26 to Jan. 21,1899. Inclusive, In line of duty: 
tiled by Summary Court Marcti 28, 1893. for 
violation 62d Article ol War: sentenced to 
forfeit ta.OD of hla pay; deducted on March 

1899. pay-roll 

Stck In quarters Sept. 11 to Sept. a. Sept. ^ 

April 1 

.3 Nov. 1,. 

) March 20. . 

_, ... J. IncIualvB. all In line ot 

duty! dneU.S.W.BO 

On fnrlongb from Sept. 27 to Oct. 12, 189B. 
Inclusive, at Ht. Carmel, 111., dst tth en- 
dorsement Hdqra, 7tb Army Corpa, Sept. 
2fl, 1S9S: aick in quarteta Sept. 9 to Sept. 
It. 1898. Sept. 18 to ^ept. 14. 1638, Inclusive. 
Feb. 7 to Feb. 8, 1899, Inclusive, all In line 
oC doty: sick In dlvlalon hoapltal Feb. 8 to 
Uarcb 4, 1B99, Incluelve, not In line of 

8. 189B, iDclualve: sick In division hoapltal 
Nov. 8 to Nov. £9. 1B98, Inoloslve; sic^ In 
quarters July 17 to July 18, lS9g, Inclusive. 
July 21 to July 22, 183B. Inolualve. alt In 
line of duty 

Sick In quariera Jnly 17 to July IB, IB3B, In- 
olualve, Jnly 21 to July 22, IB3B. Inclusive. 
In line of duty; on Bpeolal duty at id Di- 
vision Hoapltal HdqrB. Sept. 22, 1B38, per 
8. O. No. 100, Hdcira. sd DIvUIon. Itb 
Army Corps, same date, to Oct. 8, 1898, 
wben be vaa returned by verbal order 
HdqrB. 2d Division, 7 tb Alto y Corpa 

Sick In quartera Oct. B to Oct. 12, 1838, tnolu- 
-'Tei sick In dlvlalon hospital Oct, 12 to 
IV. I. lbG8, iDDlualve, all Id line of duty; 
aIck lurlongh from Nov. G to Dee, I. 
IB, Inclusive, at Llnu. 111., per Q, 0. 114. 
a. O.. 1898; dneD. S.W.10 

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Corrle.WlllUm M ... 


<?ou<ib,Jahii F... 

Deliber, jHBOb... 
DlioQ. James J... 

Duncan, Harrer E.. 


/one SS,taS8 

Ut. Clime). 
Ht. Oartnel, 

Ut. Oannel. 

Jalr B. U 
jQlT e, IS 

B,t8W \ 

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Lieut. Ballon. 
Uent. Bkllon. 

Llent. BkUoh. 

Mt. Carmel.. 
Mt Conuel.. 

West Salem. 

ick In qaarterB EJept, 3 to Sept. S. 1898, 
8«pt. 9 to Sent. 10. 189S Sept. U to Sept. 
IS. 1808. indue lye; slcS In dlvlaloD boepl- 
tal !i«pl. 16 10 Oct. 3. IBSB. InclaelTS. all in 
Una ot dnty; on elct furlouBh from Oct. 

4 to Nov. 3, 1SS8. Inclusive, at Ruarb. Ill . 
per W. O. ill, A. 0. 0.. 1898; fnrlouah OK- 
tended Nov. 2 to Dec. 1. 1898, IdcIu^Ivs. 
8. O. No. 138. Hdqrs. Dept. of Labps, 
dated Nov 19. U98: Fetarned DeD. 2. 1838: 
Blc& Ic Quarters Ftb. It to Feb. 15, 1B99. In- 
clusive, In line of duty 

Sick In division hoaptiul Sept. 6 to Sept. 17, 

1898. IncluelTe; sick In realmental fioapl- 
tal Oct. II to Oct. IS. 1898. Inclusive, all In 
line of duty; elck In division hospital 
Feb. 18 to March li, IBS}, Inclusive, not In 

InroUed ae prlvaVeV'mui'Vered 'in aa'Se'r^ 
eeuaU reduced tn raiika July ZG. 18:18. per 
Q. O. No. 8. Hdars. 9Lh ill., aame date; 
appointed Corporal from private July 2». 
1^98, per O. O. No. 8>i3, Kdgra 9tb 111., aama 
datBi difference between Corpoml and 
private pHy fnitn June iS to July 1. 1838, 
InclUHlre, due U. S.: dlffeiencs between 
Corporal and SereeaQt pay from July 8 to 
Jaly ZE. 1893. Iccluilve. due Boldier; alek 
In qaartere from Jul; 21 to July 27. 1898, 
inclUBlve. Auff. 9 to Auk. 28. 1S98. Iccln- 
aive. all in line nf duly: alck In quaitiera 
from Aaa- 29 lo Sept. 23. 189S, IdcIusIvp. Id 
Una of duty: on sick (urloUEh from Sept. 
21 to Oct. 23. 1898, IncluBlve. at Ftlenda- 
vllle. ill., per G. O. No. lU. A B. O.. 1898: 
fnrioueh extended from Oct. £1 to Nov. 

23. 1898. Inclusive, per telcBruphle tnairuo- 
tlona of Seccelarr of War. date not 
known; returned lo duty Nov. 19, 1B98; 
sick In quartera Dee. 21 to Dec. 23 1S98. 
Feb. II to Feb, 17, 1899, March 19 to March 

20.1899, all Inclusive: Bick In reelmental 
bospKal March £0 to .March 21, 1899: sick In 
division hospital .March 21 lo April B, 1899. 
all Inclnslve. all Id line of dnty; was pat 
aboard bOHpl^al ahip MIbbdutI Aprl! S. 

1899. and sent to Josluh tilmpnon hospital 
at Foitreba Monroe, Va.; aritred April 13. 
1899; dtecharEH and final statements (cans- 
mlttsd to musterlntc ofBcer to be for- 
warded by regUteted mall to soldier's ad- 
dress, JoaUh Slmpaop hospital. Fortress 
Monroe, Va 

lick In quarlera Nov. IS tn Nov. IT, 1898. In 
elusive. In line of duly; due U. it. 19 3D.... 
Sick la quartecs AnK. 4 to Aner. 18. 189B, In- 
clusive: was aent to hosplt'l at Pablo 
Beach, Fla., Aac. 13. IB9S, per 8, O. No. 17, 
Auk. Z2, Hdqrs. 7th Army Corps; returned 
(o duty Auk. 32. 1898: sick In quarters Nov. 
13 to Nov. IS. 1B98. Inclusive; sick In di- 
vision hospital Jan. 8 to Jan. 26. 1899, In- 
cluplve. all In line of duty: due V. S. 

Inrolled as private: mualered In as Uor- 
pocal: difference between private and 
Corporal pay from June 28 to July 7, 1898, 
Inclusive, due tT. S : reduced lo ranks 
Oct. 12, IB98. per S. O. No, 33. gih Hdqrs., 
same date: alck In quarters Nov. i to 
Nov. 6. 1893: alck In division bosDlial Jan. 

5 t« Feb, 2, 1899. luclUBlve, all In line ot 
dot*: on special duty at reKlment»l bak- 
err March 28, 1899. pel Q. O, No. 8S, Bdqra. 
9t& 111., same date 

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June ZS.1S9S 

Jtm« t8.1SS8 

June ZS.1898 


Ut. Camel 

Jnlr 1,1898 


Jane S.18S8 

Jalr 8.1898 

Hunt, Charles H 

Mt. Caimel 

Jane 18. INS 

M^ Carmsl 

Hosted by 




SpTlnEfield ... 


Br whom. 
Lieut. B&llou... 
Ll«at. Ballon... 
Llent. BaUon... 

Lleat. Ballon. . 
Llent. Balloa.. 


SivlnKfleld . 

Llent. Ballon. . 
Llent. Ballcni.. 

e U. tj SO 30. 

Ick Id qaartsra Oct. 2 to Or 
i]i7lsloD boapltal Jan. 8 to 
olnslve. Blllnllneofdaty; 

Sick In quarlera from Dec 19 to Dec. E1.1S9B, 
Jan. Ed to Feb. t. 18S9. all Inclusive, all Id 
llneoIdatFi due U. 9. 10. 3D 

Sick In qaarterB from !jept. 9 to Sept. li. 
1B88, Inclnslra: aick In division boapllU 
Usr. S. 1899: put thnnM hnflUllBl ehln Mta- 
aonrl April 1. 18U9: 

roa April 1J,IB99; , -. 

1B9B, all In Una o[ da's: due U. 8. M.SO..,. 
.lok In qnBTteFB July 2S to Juli' 2S. 18»8. Julv 
31 to Aucf. 2. 1S9S. Sept. 5 to Sept. S. 1S98, all 
InolutiTBi March 11 to March ]S. 1893. 
April 80 to Uar 1. 1869. all IncluBlve. all In 
line of dutv; alck In hoaplIBl fromMny 1 
todate. aottnllneaf duly 

8lob In qnartere Auk 19 to Am. za. 1898, In- 
aluBWe. March 1 to March 3. IS99. InoinalTe. 
all in line ofdnty: dne D. a. SO.Ot 

On tnrloush from Oct 1 to Oct. IS, 1898, tn' 
oluBlTC, at Krlendsvllla. III., per anChorttj' 
Bd Indorsement Hdqrs. let. Dlv. 7th Army 
GorpB. Oct. «. 1898; Bick In qnartera Nov. £l 
toNoT.!9. 183S, Inolualve. In line ot duty; 

due D. 8.10.80 

^ranBterred from Co. B. Sth III.. Jnl7 IB. 
1B99, par Q. O. No. S, July 28. 1S9B, Bdqra. 
9th 111. : stck In qaartera Bept. u to Sept. 
IB, 188B, Sept. ZS to Sept. E6. 1B9S, IncluBlve. 
all In line ot duty: on BPectal duty at 
dlvlalon headqaarterB aa provoel guard, 
by authority let Dlv. HdoTB., dated Nov. 
le.lBSS; returned to contpanr April 8.1899. 
circular U. UdqrB. Ith Army Corpa. same 

Sick In qnartera Sept. 12 to Sept 11. 1898. 
Sept. 16 to Sept. 21, IfiS8. all Inclnglve; alck 
In division honpltal Sept. 21 to Oct. 8, 1B9B: 
sick In Fort Thomas hoBPlCal, Ky.. Oct. 8. 
1898. to Nov. II, lS»a, all In line of duly: on 
Blek furlouffh from Nov U to Deo. IS. 1898- 

InoIuBlvB. at Mt. Carmel, I" ' 

A.Q.0.,lB9e: Blck Inqnar 

irS.O 11 

I 21. 

I, all I 

a of 

Flat Roek. .. 
Ut. Camel. 

SO. 10 -.. 

. . tiept. 8 to Sept. 16, 1898. In- 

In division hoapllal Sept. IT 

to Oat. 2.1SS8. Inclusive, all In line of duty: 
on alcfc fnrloneh from Oct 3 to Nov. 2.189S. 
InolQBlve, at Ut. Carmel. Ill , per O. O. No. 
lU, A. a. O., 1899: FurloaEb extended EO 
davB. per S. O. No, IIG. SdqrB. D apt. of 
Lakes, dated Oct. Z(. 1898; relnraed to com- 
pany Deo. 2. IB9B 

SIek In quarters Sept SO to Oct. «, IS98. Oct. 
SO to Oat. 31. 1898. alt Inelnslve: n'ck In 
dlvlalon boapltal Jan. 8 to Jan. 18. 1899. Feb. 
i 10 Feb. 29. 1899. Inclusive, all In line of 

dntv: dueU.a. 

Sick In quarters Nov. 80 to Dec. 2.1898, Indn- 
slve. la Hue of duly 

. Sick In qaarlers Oct. 22 to Oct. 28. 1898. Nov. 
9 to Nov. H, Nov. 26 to Nov. 28. 1898. Inoln- 
Blve. Uareh IS to March IS, 1899. Id llneof 
duty. UarcbZl to March 2B. 1899. all IdcIii- 
alve. notlDllneof duty; doa U. S. Dt.2S... 

. Sloklnquartera JaJ^v^27 to July 28. 199a Deo. 

TiBlon hospital 

I olnilve' not In Hue of dnty; dne 0. 8. tO.TO 

April 9. 

. Hosted by 










Jdd« 18.1898 

Jane 28.1SS8 

Joae !8,1B«8 
Jane 2B.1S98 
Jnne SS.1S98 

Jnne 28.UBS 
June 28,1888 



Ut Carmel 

at. Oanuel 

Ut. Cftrmel 

Ut. Cannel 

Ut Oormel 

Jul 8 law 

Hosted by 



Udbibbbp Ik. 

y Corps, daied Dee. SI 

1 ret aloe d 

I SptlDEfield.. 
/ Spilnrteld.. 

Llenl Ballon.. 

.. Ut. Cstmsl.. 

,. FrlendBTllle. 
.. FrIendsTllle. 
.. Ht. Caimel.. 

1. headgUBT 

diia^proved and PrlVa'tVJohnsaD 
turned to oompanY tor daty; %2*. 
poriatloB and aubBletence whb . 

Irom Deoember pay-roll; also Sldi., , 

dedooted. belDE abieut wliboot leave Oat. 
i to Not. 12. ISSSi also 33 days clatbiac 
Bllomjioe dednoted; ilak )d qaattera 
MarchEOto Harabil.lBW, Inolaelve; gent 
to mOICary hospttal, Savannah. Qa,. April 
£a.l8». to date, all In Hue of duty; dls- 
obarss and floal atalementa traasailtted 
to mnaterlne officer to be forwarded by 
reelBteied nail to eoldler'e addreae, ees- 

etalboBplUI. Savannah. Qa 

31ch In qnarlera Sept. Ii to Sept 12, Sept ZB 
to Sept. £B. 1888. all ImMoBlve. all In line Ol 

' Blok in division hoBPltal Jan. 81 to 

"" ■ iclnslve. not In line o( 

Sick In qoBrteiB &ue. I< to Aue. IS. 1899. 
Sept. 5 U> Sept. 8.1888. Inclusive, all Id Hdu 
Of duly; abaent vfllhout leave from Ocl. 10 
te Nov. 12. 1898. Inclusive: arrested at 
Sprlne&eld, 111.. Nov. 13.1S9S; returoed to 
reelment by authorities and tried tor de- 

irc^ SB, 1S88. 1 

Deo. 'ss', 1888. IncluBlve. all in line ot dnty: 

to Feb. », IBTO, laclnslve, a „„„ , 

doeD. S. M.OS 

:lck In reslmeutal hospital July il to July 
S5.189B.lnctDBlve; on special duty_ at reBl- 

InclDBlve: on special duty at resl- 

mental bakery Nov. li. 1898. per Q. O. No. 
U. beadqaartere 8[li 111., same date; tried 
by Summary Conn Nov. Si. 1838. vlolntlon 
of SZd Article ot War; sentenced to fortelt 
I1.W; taken from November. 1883. pay-roll: 

goartera Sih 111.. Not. n, 1B9B: on special 
dot; at brizade headquarters Dec. 1B.18B8. 
perS. O. El. beadqaactere 8d Brigade, tat 
Division. 7th Army Corps, same date: re- 
lieved from brleade headquarters March 
SI. 1888, per S. O. No. 83. headquarters £d 
Brlirade. Ist Division, 7th Army Corps. 

Bamedate; dneD. 3.80.3) 

Inrolled as nrlvste. mastered ai Corporal; 
'■■- ° -3r(i. O. 

slve, dae soldier; etcE In qua 
to Ane, 4. 1898. &ue ii to Am 
Inelualve; sick tn division ho: 
to Sept. 2». I88S. locluslve. a 
doty: on stck lUTlouih t^ept. 
I89B. Inclusive, per ti. O. tU. 6 

doe U.S. TO.30 -- -- 

Enrolled as private. 

, IdcIu- 
■tere An^ 2 
B1.IB9B, all 

Hosted by 










June 2H,1S98 

Jane £8,1836 
June 28.1B9S 

Jnne !8.]SM 
Jane a. 1898 

Inne 28.1898 
Jane f8,l89S 

Jnne 2B.189B 

Mt. Carmel 


Mt. Cwmel 

Mt. Carmel 

Mt. Camel 

Ut. Cumel 

Mt. Camel 

Mt. Camel 


Ut. Carmel 


FtestoD. Samuel H.... 

Hosted by 



Lleat. Ballou... 


I SprlDideld .. 
/ SmUsfleld,. 


Lteat. Bnllan. 

Lieut BftlloD. 
Llsnt. Ballon. 

Lleat. Ballou... 
Llent, Ballon. ., 

HI. Carmel.. 

Credlt, &Tk.. 

Sptlnefield .. 

Lleat Ballon. . 

8lak In auartere St>Dl Utn IS.ltJSS.incluxlTe. 
In Hue Of dnl;: on epiiclal duiv ul 2d Brie- 
Bda, IBt DtvlBlan. beiidquiirteFe Feb. B.1B99. 
by verbal order oF beadquartera Stti III.: 
tBlnrned to company April 8. 1899. par cir- 
cular 1(. headqnarters lib Army Corpa. 

Ick in quar'tera Juir 21 to 26''Se[it.'27 to OaV. 
e, 189a. lualnslire, Jan. Z8 to PeO. 
elusive; elck In division hospital Feb. 7 to 
March 11. IW9, laclaelve. all Id llaeot dntr; 

Hue u. 8. watt 

iKk In qnartera Nov. 18 to Nov. It. 1S38. 
March 21 To March 28, 1899. all Inclailve. bU 
in line of duty 

Sick in qnartsra Feb. 18 to Haroh 1.169!), Id- 
clasivo. Id line of dnty 

Sick In guartera July 27 Co Jair 29. 1898. 
Sept li to :jept. II, iBSBi sick Id dlylgloa 
hoipltal from Sept. ti to Sept. 29. 1898. all 
ineluilve. all in line of duty; od alck far- 
louEb from Sept. ES to Oct, sa 1898, InclQ- 
slve. per Q. 0. 11«. A. Q. 0.. IS9S. at Robln- 
BOD, 111.: Bick in qaartere Nov. 1 to Nov. 8, 
Dec. IS to Deo. 21.1898. all tnclualve, Jan. 
IS to Jan. IS; sick in dlvlaloD bospltal from 
Jan. 18 to Feb. (i sick Id quarters tiotn 
Mareb 11 to March 18. 1898, Inelaslve. all tn 
line of duty; od sMolal daty aa reglmeDtal 
color Kuard. per a O. No. 167, Apr!]6,189S. 
headqaarters Sth 111.; due U. 3, SQ SO 

Sick In qoartera July 2G Co July 'il, 189S. In- 
ctneive. Id line of duty: daeU. 8.(0 80.... 

Bntllled to only one month's par.DaCha*lbt 

Nov. 8 to Nov. 10: alck'ln reKlmental boi- 
pttal Nov. 10 to Nov. 11; sick In division 
boaptCal Nov. 11 to Dec K, ISSS: elck In 
Fort Mcpherson hoepltal from Dec. IE, 
1688, to Jan. ai. 1899. iDcluaive. al) In line ot 
duti; on eick furlopKh from Jan. 24 to 
Feb. 29, 1899. inolaslve. at Roblceon. 111.. 
per G. O, lU. A. G. O.. 189S; sent from 
Jetferaon Barracks, Mo., to SsvaQcali, 
Gft.. Feb. aa and wns quartered with pro- 
vost anard per 8. O. No. 8S. Hdqra. D. B. 
forces. Savaaoab. t)a.. dated Feb. 27, 18)9: 
rejoined company AprU 2S. 1899; due U- S. 


Stsk In qnartera JnlySOtoJoly 81. tS98, 
recrlmental hospllal Oct. IS to Oct 17. di- 
vision hoepltal Oct. IT to Nov. 8. all Inela- 
alve; sick In Joalah Simpson hospital 
Nov. B to Dec. St. 1898, fncloslve. all in line 
of duty; on lick torlonsh from Dec. S. 

1898, to Jan. (. 1899, InclaBive. at Mt. Car- 
mel. 111., per G. O. No. ill. A. G. 0.. IBBB; 
sent from Jefferson Barracka. Mo. Jan. 1, 

1899. to Savannah, Oa.. to be qnarlered 
with ProvOBt Board. awalCIne tTBDBPorta- 
Clon to his rcElment. per §. O No. 88, 
Hdqrs. D. S. forces. Savannah. Qa., dated 
Jan. 9, 1S99; rejoined resimenC Jan, 28. 

Sick in qnartera Dec. 16 to Dec. 21, 1888. In- 
clusive, not Id line of dntv: elok in quar- 
ters March 1 to M>ircb2, March 11 to Maroh 
2-i. IB99, iDcluBlve. In line of duty 

Sick In quarters Sept U to Sept. 16, Sept. Zl 
Id Sept 23, Sept. ZB to Oct 8, 1998, oU In- 
clnalve, all in line of duty 

Hosted by 



Bin. James 7 

Rath.GBoriB W 


Baah. David T 

BoBb. JamesW 

SaudaTS. JohnO 

Stuideii, Uaaea L 

Saner, Prod F 

B an rord, William J... 

Shearer. Clarence E.. 


Private .. 
Pilvate .. 

..June 28,19S$IU 

18 Ut. tiaTmel... 
sut. Carmel... 

.. JnlF H.1BS) 

.. Jolr 8.1SW 

Hosted by 




Lieut Ballon.. 

Lfent. Bftllon. 

Llent Bftlloa.. 
Llant. Ballon... 

Ut. Cumel. 


Ul Cnrmel.. 
Ut. Cumel.. 

Slcb Id qaarters Not. 1 to Nov. 8. reelmentsl 
hoepltnl Not. B to Nov, IS. division hos- 
pital ^0T. 13 to Deo. IG. IbBB. aJl iDoloslve. 
all In Hue of dntf i on elcti faclouib from 
Dec. IS. ISBS, to Jan. I. 1899, IdcIubIts. BD 
Ut. CaTmel, 111., per G. O. No. Ut. A. O. O., 
1B98; turlongh eilended from Jao. 5 to 
Feb. «, ISSg, Inclualve, per salboilti Hdara. 
Departmsnt oC Lakes {date not kiioiTD): 
was eenb From JeBeiBOn Barracks. Mo., to 
SaTftnnsb. Ot,„ to be quartered with pro- 
vORt Board, awaltlnir trane portal ton to bis 
regiment, per S. 0. No. 60, Bdqrs. D. 8. 
* _8«TaQnah, an-, dated Feb. 1, 1B98; 

. __ Feb. I. _. 

I QDarteiB Sept. 10 

I Oct. 2. In 

diTl lion tie gpltal Oot. 2 to Oct. Fort 
Thomas. Kt,. hospital Oct. U to Oct. 27. 
all InalnslTe. all In line of dntii on fni. 
loDKh from Oot. E3 to Not. 1«. 1898. IdcId- 
stve, at Mt. Carmel, 111., per anihotlty Fast 
SarEeoD A. B Bait. Fort Thomaa. Ey.. A. 

" " ~>: was sent from 

uiB, luu^ Hot, 16 to rejolD 
_._ . _. _.. 'annah. Ga . arrlTlnt Not. 
IS, 1898; transportation IS3.80, snbelBtenee, 
S8 OQ; paid from October and NoTember. 
IBSS. pay-roll 

April S. tSS3, InclaslTe, not In line Ct 
_Jy; dQBD. a.W.IB 

Sick In qaarters Sept, 8 to Sept. 9. Sept. 13 
to Sept. 15. 1B8B, all InclnslTe, all In line ot 
duty: tried br Summary Court Not. 11. 
isas. for TloiattoD Bid Article of War, ab- 
sent from 7 p. m. to B a. m.. Not. 10, 1B9S. 
Inclusive; seotenced to forfeit iO.ED, same 
deducted from November, J8SB. pay-roll: 
due D. 8.S0.30 

Slek In quarters Sept. 9 to Sept. 11. 1B9B, Feb. 



Article of War. absent from 7 P. m. Nov, 
9(0Sa.m. Nov. 10.1898, sentenced to for- 
feit GO cents, deducted on Nov. 189B pa;- 
tolh Blok In qnartera Maich 11 to UareliU. 
1S99, Inclusive. In Hue of dutyidueU-S. 

Sick In gnartets Sept. 8 to Sept 11. Dlv. 
Hosp. Sept. 15 to Oct. 1S.189S, all Inolu- 
slve. alt In line o( duty: on sick tarlnnsh 
from Oct. U to Nov, 1»,1898, at SDrlDBfleld. 

lll-.perG-O. No-lt(. A. G. O., 1B9B. 

ilck In quBTtera Jul^ 25 Co July 20. Sept. 1 to 
Sept. 8. Not. 2 to Not. 3, Dec. 28 to Dee. 
29.1898. InelualvB. In line of duty; Jan. 19 
to Jan. 20.1899. Dlv. Boap. Jan 20 to March 
U. 1899. not In line of dnt;: due (J. S. lO-BO. 

Sick In quarters July 18 to July 19. Aoir. 2 to 
AdI.4, Sept. Hto Sept. IB, IB98. all iDCluslve 
InllneotdntyiDlv.Hosp.Sept.lBtoOot I. 
1S9S. Inelnslve, not In Una of dnty: on sick' 
fnrlOUKhOct-ltoNov S, 1898. Inclusive, at 
Ut- Carmel, 111., per G. 0. No. lU. A. O. 0.. 
1898'. turlonsli extended from Nov, S to 
Dec 3, 1898, Inclualve, per aalhorltr 
Hdqrs. Dept. of Lakes (dale onknown); 
rejoined company Dec- 2.1898: dae U.S. 

Hosted by 








Berbold. Willlnm 

Sboaff. Herman B 

June E8,18»i 

Ut. Carmal 

lone Z8.1S98 

Slonaetd. EIIU 


Ht. Carmol 

InlT 8.1898 

Ut. CBrmel 

iQlv B.iet« 

iQlr 8.1898 

Mt. Carmel 

July 8,1898 

June 28,im 

Mt. Cannel 

Hosted by 



BPrinfffleld . 
aprinsfleld . 

SpduKfleM . 
SprlneBeld . 

Lleat. Ballon.. 
Lleat Ballon.. 

Llent, BoUon. . 
Ll«at. Ballov.. 


Ml. CBioiel.. 

Spilnetl«ld . 
9pTtnKD«ld .. 

Lleat, Ballon... 

Ut. Cannel.. 
Mt Carmel.. 

Enrolled > private mastered as Corpoial; 
redneed Co rauka July 1B.IBS9. per Q. 0. 
No. 8, Hdqrs. Bth 111., same date: differ- 
ence between prlTaie and Corporal'e pa; 
from Jnly B to Jul! ZE,1B9S. InclUBlve, due 
Botdler; slok la aaarters Sept. 2B to Oct. B. 
Hot, li to Nov. H. D«o. IS to Dec. 21. 1898, 
Jan. 21 to Jan, £8, March 20 to March 21. 
IBW. all iDclQelve. all 1p line oCdaty 

lick In qaarters Sept. 2S to Sept. ZS.lBSg, 
March ii to March 23.1S99, all Inclaelre. oil 
In line of duty 

Itok Id cmanera Oct. 18 to Oct 20, inclnslTe. 
"-- " to Dec. 20, InclDslTe, DIt. Hosp. 

Dec. 20 -.. ._- „ 

Deo. 21 to Deo, 2S.1BS8. Inelnel' 
llnaoIduty;DlT.Hoep. Jan.lO I 

V 2). InelnBlve, In qDartets 

all In line at 

Enrolled aa Private, tn 

leD. S,: Bloklnqaar 

dntyidneU. S. 80.80 

lick In qnartera July 25 to July ZB. DIv. 
HOHp. Dec. 1G to Dec, 20. 1B98. all InolaBive. 
In line of duty; on special duty at Udqra. 
2d Brieade. 1st DIv. T A. C. Jan. 1B,188», 
pet S. O. No. 8, Hdqra. 2d Brieade. 1st 
Dlv. I A. C. SBine date: returped to com- 
pany April a, 1S03. by circular U. Hdqra. T 
A. C same date; due IT. 8. 3O30 

Sick In quarlera Aue. S to Aue- 29. Sept. IS 
to Sept. 27, Dlv. aosp. Sept. 21 to Nov. 20. 
1898, alllnclnalve: on alck tarlonrb front 
Nov. 26 to Deo. 25. IB98. Inolualve. at Robin- 
eon, 111., per authority Q. 0. No. Itt, A. S. 
O. 1888; alck In qnartera Feb. 17 to Feb. 18. 
1898, Inclusive, all In line of duty; due U. 

aiek In Qaartcca March 16 to March 19. Reg. 
Hoap. March 19 to March 22. Dlv. Hoap. 
March 22 to March 21 1899. Inclnsive, all fn 


llneoCdutyidnatl. 3. tt 

..... gjp^ 26 to Sept. 27. Dlv.- 

DUBu. oHLii. .id ta Oct. 30.1898. all Inelnelve, 
Inlineof du1y;Dlv.HoBp.Jap. IB to Feb. 
9,1898, Inclusive, not In line Of duty; alck 
In qnartera Fell. IT to Feb. 18,1899, Incln- 
Blve, In line of duty; on special duty 
reatilar bakery March 2B.tB90, per Q. O. 

No. 85. Hdqrs. 9tb 111., eame date 

Enrolled aa private, mustered aa Corporal; 
reduced to ranks Jnly 26.1898. pitr G). O. 
No. 8, Hdqrs. Sthlll., eame date: dlffereuoo 
between private and Corporal, pay from 
July 8 to July 25. Incluelve. due soldier: on 

aeolal duty Sept. 7. aa mounted orderly 
dlvlg I on headquarters, per vertaal order 
Bdqra, 9th 111,, game date: rejoined com- 
pany Dec. 1.19S8, perS. O. No, 151, Hdqra. 
2dDlv. 7th Army Corpa. same date: stck In 
quarters Uaroh 16 to March 17, 1899. Inclu- 
elve. all In line ol duty: due U. 8. tO.lS.... 

Hosted by 







Jnne 28.1898 

Inne £8.1688 

Jnly 8,1898 
Jair 8.IS98 


Ut. Csrmel 

Wlcth.Stmon P 

Mt. Carmel 

Jgly 8,1888 


Mt 0»nnel 

June 38,1898 

Mt. Camel 

Ut. Camel. 

jQlr 8.1818 




Jane 28,1898 

mt. Carmel 

Hosted by 



SprlnsBeld .. 

Llent. BMllon.^ 
Lieut. Bolloa.. 


Llent. Balloa.. 
Ltent. Ballon.. 

Bprtnifield... L 

FaaldUiB:, O. 
Ut. Ctimel.. 

Bick In quarters Jan. ES to Jnne 30. Mmoh 
28 to March ZS. Apiil 7 lo April 10. 1S99. all 
Inolaslya. all In line of dutr: dno 

Sick In quartera March l» to Maroh U. April 
10 to Aurlt IZ, IBM. all loclnalye. all In line 
of dntr 

Sick in onarters Sept. 11 to Sept. 20: divialon 
hospital Sept. 2D to Oct. 8: Bent to Fort 
Thomas, Ky.. hospital Ost. 8: oo slek lar- 
louiihNoT. S to Deo. 2,1898. all InalDBWe, 
per G. 0. No. lU, A. Q. O. 1B98. all in line 
of doty; dueU. 3. M.OS 

Sick In quarters Oct. 13 to Oct. IT; ceslm'tal 
bospltal Oct. n to Oct. 18; dlvlBlon hospi- 
tal Oct. 18 to Not. 1.1898. all In da B lye. all 
In lineofduIyionBlektarlonBh from Nov. 
fi to Dec. 1.IS98, iDclaslye. at Ut. CHrmel, 
III. per a. O. No. IM, A, G.0. 1898; fnr- 
Boash eitended from Use. S.1B98. to Jbq. 1, 
189S. IneluBlye, by authority Hdqia. Depf. 
of Lakes, per S. 0. No. lu, dated Nov. 2S, 
1808; gent from Jefferson Hairacks, Mo., 
toSayannah. Oa. Jan. *.1B99. to be Qnar- 
te red with proyost Board avaltlne trani- 
ponatlOD to JolD bis reElment. per 3. O. 
No. 132, Hdqra. U. S. Forces. Savannab. 
Qa,, dated Jan. 9, l89Bi rejoined companr 

Gaids Point. 
Ut. Carmel.. 

instered as Sereeant: 

pay from Jane 28 to July 8. 1898. 1: 
dae D. S.: reduced to raoka Jai 
" 0. No. 7i, Hdqra 

of duty. 

19.1899. all 


Enrolled as a private, mastered aa a Cor- 

forali reduced from Corporal to private 
air as. 1898. per S. O No. 8, Hdars. 9th III., 
same date: difference between private aiii 
Corporal, pay from July 8 to July^ze.U 

e, due Boldler;^ ( 
<rSepi. iS. Deo. 15 to 

B u. a 

io oepL. 'a. ueo. lo to ueo- ui. louo. aii laoiu. 
aWe. all In line of duty; due U. S. lO.OS.... 

Sick In qaartera July Z£ to July:8,1898, In- 
olaalve. In line of duty; tried by Summary 
Court for violation of 8id Article of War, 
Nov. 26.18981 Bned t7.eO: collected on No- 
vember pay-roll; detailed by verbal order 
for provost duly ac First Division Bdqrs. 
March 19.1899; retarned to company April 
3,1899. by circular II. Hdqra. 1th Army 
Corps, dated April G.I8991 due U. H.W.SO.. 

Dlaoharced from service April 2, 1899, by or- 
der of Usior J. K. UcDIIl. Chief Surseon. 
lat diviaioB hospital. Camp Calumbia, 
Cnba. oertlBcate ol disability; aervlce 
honest and faithful; desartptive and Quals 

Dlseharsed from service April 1.1899. by or- 
der of Major-Beneral Lee command Ins. 1th 
Corpa. Camp Columbia. Cnba. per 
•- " * G. p.. Wa_BhinBton, D. 0.; 

Q. O. No 

and finals furulahed 

Lawr'nceville Transferred from Co. Q to ReRlmentRl Band 
July 18.1898. per G. 0. No. 1. Headquarters 
9th 111., same date; descriptive circular 
famished: transferred from Regimental 
Baud to Co, a, Feb. 13. IS99. per S. O. No. 
108. Headqaarlers 9ih 111., pame dale: 
transferred from Co. to Keelmental 
Band Apr 1. 1899. per S, 0. No, 169. Head- 
quarters 9th III., same datoi descriptive 
list furnished 

Hosted by 








July 8.18SS 
Jnlr S.1S98 

Jane ZS.1SSS 

Mt Csrmel. 


Laird. QeorseB 

PrlvatB ... 

Ut. Cannel 

Jnl; 8.1888 

U(. C>mel 

Bliby, Wm. Ctftrenee. 

Mt. Camel 


June !S.1698 

Mt. Oarmel 

Hosted by 



SpclQKDeld . 
SnrlnirBeld . 

SpriDirfleld . 

8prtiu!fl«M . 

SprlDEfleld .. 



Lleot Ballon.. 
Lleat. Ballon.. 
Lieut Balloa. . 

Ll«at Ballon.. 
Lleat. Ballon.. 
Llent. Ballon.. 
U«nt. Ballon.. 
Llent. Ballon.. 
LlenC Balloa.., 
Llaot, Ballon.., 

Llent Ballon.. 






Ht. Camel... 


Mt. Caimel... 

Ut. Carmel... 

.. , ..._B Mh !_.. 

feired from Co. Q to BeKlmeDtal Band 
Anr. 1, 1B98, Det S. 0. No. IBS, HeBdqaarteiB 
9tti III., same date; deecrlptlTe list fnr- 

TruEBterred from' Co.'g' Vo'CoVf. "JvilVli.' 
""B. per e. 0. No. *, Beadqnartera 9th 111,, 

ne date: descriptive list fnrDished 

iBterred from Go. G to Co. B, Jnly Zfl. 
B. per O. 0. No. S. Headquarters 9th 111, date; deecrlptWe list furnished 

Transferred tram Co. G to Hospital Corps. 
Aqb 23. 18S8. per S. O. No. lOS. pu. 4. 6. O. 
"- '" i-^Q. 0., C. S 1898: deaerlotlveltat 

e date; descriptive 

0. No, 3B, Hdqra. Bth 111., same 

uBLu, deaerlptlve list farnUhed 

Transfeiied from Co. G to Co. B, Nov. SO, 
18»a. per G. O. No. eo. Bdqra. 3th 111., same 
date: deaerlptive list furnished 

Tranefened from Co. 6 to Co. D. Deo. Z8. 
UftS. per S. 0. No. 52. Hdqrs. 9Ih 111., game 
date: descriptive list furnished 

TraDBferred from Co. G to Co. A. Jan. IB. 
1899. per S. O. No. 79. Hdqrs. 9th 111, same 
date: descriptive list tninlehed 

Tranaterted from Co. G to Co. I. Feb. IB, 
1B99. per 3. O. No. 110. Hdqrs. 9Ib 111., suue 
date; descriptive list furnished 

Transferred from Co. to Co. 1. Feb. IS. 
1889. per S. O. NO. 10, Hdqra. 9th III., same 
date; deacrlptiva Hat [nrnlebed 

Transferred from Co. Q to HeEimental 
BaDd, Apr. 1. 1ES9. per 8. O. No. 1G9. 
Hdqrs. 9ih III,, same date; descriptive list 


:raDSfeired from Co. S to Co. 1. Mar. S. 
1E99, per S. 0. No. 127. Hdqre. 9th 111., 4(im« 
date: descriptive llet fornlshed: trans- 
ferred from Co. I to Co. S. per B. O. No. 
lae. Apr. 6. 1839. Hdqrs. 9th 111., same date. 

(See Corpora] No. 12. body of roll) 

'ransferred from Co. G to Co. I, Feb. 12. 
1899. per S, O. No. 110. Hdqrs. 0th III., aame 
date: deecilptlve llet forulehed: trens- 
ferred from Co. I to Co. G. Apr. 8,1699. per 
S. O. No. IBS. Hdqrs. 9th 111., same date. 
(See Musician No. 2. body of roll) 

Died Oct. 8, 1838, at Jacksonville, Fla.. at 
typhoid fever! Inventory ot effects and de- 
BorlptlTe list sent to A. G. 0.. Wasblncton. 

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June Z8.18S8 



iQlr 9.18H 

James A. QolDS 

Oot si.ieu 

Oct. ii.isaa 


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Where. Br whom. 

U&j.BaUoa Falifleld 


LUat.-Col. Dwret 

Snrolled and mnatered In as UaptalD Co. H, 
SlhUI. Vol. Int.: absent with leave from 
AM, so, 1898JO 6apt. 12. ISBB.lnolnslTe.per 
O. No. Bl. HdQrB. 7th Arm; Corpi. Jack- 


tnd fro 

). ll3,Hdqrs 

1 Feb. 19, II 

... Match U, 
UKT. iDcluelTe. per H. O. No. 2S, Hdqta. 7Ih 
Armir Corps. Bavaiia. Coha, Feb. 1. I89Bi 
arrived at TamoH, Fla„ Feb. 21. 1B9S. wbea 
tiLliliiE ndvaniaee of leave, and left eame 
point on Temrn Jaurne; Uareh 9, 1899: IS 
daye' bait par dedocted on MHrch, 1899. 

Eaiolled as privat 
eeant Jul; 9. 1896 

... „. No. 11. same dale: alck 

In qnartera from Sept. U to Sept. 29. IBHi 
on eick rorlonsh from Sept. 29 to Oct- 26, 

Eromoted to let Llealenaat; appolntei 
teuCenant March e. Ig0». vice Ist L.leu(en- 

ant McKnlsbt. died 

Snrolled as private and mnsCered In as Uor- 

Soral: paid as Corporal from June 28 to 
uly §. 18BB, Inclusive; appointed Bereeaut 
from Uorporal Dec. 29. 1II9S. per K. S. O. K. 
same date; appointed let Sereeant from 
Berseaut Jan. (, 1899. by Company Com- 
- ■ - 'rloueh Sept. 2J to Oot. II 
per Q. '^ ~ "■ 

r-. -Ucbart 

_jre. 0, 156, A. W, 0.. 1 

mission as 2d Lieutenant, vice 2d LleDteu> 
ant Slocumbi appointed lat Lieutenant.... 

Unrolled as privale and mnsleced as Cor- 
poral; pnld as Corporal from June Sato 
Jul; B, 1B98. Inelnalve; appointed SeiRoant 
from Corporal Deo. 1, 1898. per R. S. O. 69. 
BBEae dale: Appointed 1st Serseant from 
Sereeant March il. 1B9», per R. ». O. Ul. 
same date: bIcIe In quarters Feb. a, 1999. In 
lino of duty 

?rausferred to Co. H from Co. B.9th 111. Vol. 
Inf.. UarcbB. IB99, per B S. 0. 13T; joined 
campBo; at Havana. Cuba. March IB. 11199; 
on special daty aa reElmeutal clerk, R. S. 
O. S2le: appointed Sertceant from private 
Hnrch 21. 1S9B. per K. S. O. US. saioe date: 
dneU, S. ttl.*8 

enrolled as private and mastered in as l^er- 

Jeant: paid as SerKeent from Jnce 2S to 
oly 8. 1898. Inclnalve; reduced to taokB 
Ans. S. 1B9S, per K. S. O. No. U, same date; 
appointed Hereenut from private Sept. S. 
per R. 8.0. , same dale; sluk Id hospital 
Jan. 810 Jan. 21. IH99: sick In qaarterB July 
2E to Jul; 27: aick In auartera Dec. II and 
IS. 1899. Inclnelve. all !□ line of daty; ap- 
pointed Ist SerEeant from Sereeant Deo. 
1. 1B98. by (Jo. O. No. 6. asme daro; reduced 
to SerEeant from let Ijereeant Jan. 4. 1899. 
per Co. O. No, 7. same data: due D. S. 

to, as 

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Tbos. J. Bartholomew. S 

Jumea R. Baher. 

BeDjuulD L. Baker ... 

Cyrua Merritt 


SlmonP. BrrBQ... 

Andrev UoQehee'. 

JohDL.C. ElllB... 

WlUlMD F. Newbr 
FredC. TlnlUB.... 


18 UoLeoDsboro .. 

,. Jnne 28, IBM 


.. July »,« 
.. Jnir 

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UaJ. Ballon. 

UbJ. Btaion. 

Uaj. BiJIoQ. 

Ual. BalloQ. 

UaJ. Ballon. 

Uaj. Ballon. 
H«j. Ballon. 

U11I ShoalB.. 
Ulll ShoaU.. 

Ivate: mDetered 1q bb Ser- 
t .Irom Jnueaio 

frG. 0. 11*. A. G. O., 1 

July a, 18S8. Inclnalre; tried by Summary 


. vIolailoB ei 

Article of 

anOed; t 

by SamniBi; Canrt Dot. 11. 1898. Tlolalton 

sad Artlola of War; sentenced t" ■■ 

duoed to ranka; on turlouEh r 
to Oct. 11. ISSg. per G. O. No. 
Tth Army Uorps; eick in quariera noT. a 
to Dec, 1. 1B9H, InclnBlve. Id line of doty; 
appointed SergeaDt from private Nov. 1. 
189B, per R. Q. 0. No. u. aune date: sick In 
quacters Sept. IS to IT. 139B. iBclaglve, tn 
line or duty 

Earolled aa pilTate; mastered In M Was- 
oneri paid aa Wasoner tiam June ^ lo 
July BjlSSS, laclnilrei appointed Serceant 
trom VPaBoneT Jan. 21. ISK. per R. B, 0. 
No. 85. lame date; alck In qnaitera Sept. 7 
to Oct. S. IB9B: Blck In hoapfial Oct. 9 to 19, 
1898, iDClELBlve, all In line of duty 

Enrolled aa orlTBte, mnalered aa private: 
appointed Cocporal from private Jan. 21, 
1B99, per B, S. O. 81, same date; etck In 
quHrlere Ocl. 2 to Oct. 8. ISG8. luclaslve.all 

In line of duty; due O. S.tOM 

□rolled and mustered In as private; ap- 
pointed CDrpolalfromprlvate Jan. 21,1699, 
per K, a. O. Ho. 8(, same date; alck In 
quarteraOct, 21 to Nov, I,1S98, laclnalve; 
elcklnbOapltaltromNov.ltoNov. lS,ie93, 

"•□ quarters Nov. 27 to Dec. 

1. all In line ot duty; dna 

U. tJ.IO.OS.. 
'F-mefecFed to V< 
Vol. Inf. Ane, I.— 

Bame date: elck In qi , 

e, 1S98. loelnslve. In line ol daiy ; appointed 
"-"Potal trom prlvat ' "" " 

i. No. M, B 

Eorolled and [i , „, 

pointed Corporal trom private Jan, 21,1899. 

SjiB, 8, O. 81, Bamedate:slcklnqaarCerg 
at, 28 to Oct. ai, 1898, Inclualve. In line of 
. — ...^ — J :, ._ ._ pjiyate: ap- 

pointed Corporal 

private J BE 

irH.S.O. No. SI. same date: s 

n.dS .. 

Uuslolan: paid aa a Musician from June 
28,1898, to July 8.1898. Inclnalre: redueed 
from MUBlolao to ranka Aufr, 10,1898, by 

pointed Corporal from prlvateJau, £l.'l899, 
per B.8.0, No, 81, aame date; on alck fur- 
iDDKti Oct. S to Nov, a. 1S98, iDcluBlve. per 
G. 0. 111. A. G. O. B8: atcE Id quarrera Sept. 
12 to Sept 21.1898. tnclnalve: alok In quar- 
ters Jan. e, im. all In line of dut;; due U. 

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lane 28,1S38 
Jnne iS.tBSe 

Jane 28.1898 

July M89S 
Jons iB,iB9S 
June a. 1898 




GeoTse U. Bmllh 

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.. BIbiB Grove. 

, Eorolled Rnd miiBUred as prlvater cald as 
pTlTStefrom June 38 to July 8, IH9S, IdbJu- 
slve; slak In hoBpttHl July 27,1898. to Aar. 
t,lS3S; on ekb furlouEb Sect- 10,]B9S. lo 
Qel. 8,1B9B, IncloalVB. DerS. O. No 114. A. 
G 0.9S; Bisk In quarters Jan lB,tS99; sick 
in qaanerB Nov, i. ie98. B.1I In Hoe of dutT ; 
BPiiolated CoiporHl from prlvstajftn. 21, 
1899. per K. S. O. No.Bl. auue date: due (f. 
a. 10.30 

Enrolied and muatered at private; appoint- 
ed Corporal trom private Feb, 18.189S. per 
R. a. 0. No. sa. samedate: sick in quarters 
Sept. 27 to OcL6.ie98. inolDalve: sick In 
quarters Crom Dec. 21 to Dec. 2G. IB3S, In- 
sluelve, all In lice of duty; dna U. ». SO. 01. 

Baroiied aa prlVBie. ranstered ip as CoT- 

foral; paid as Corporal from June 28 to 
ulr H,lBi>8. inclusive; reduced to ranks 
per K. t^. O. No £3. Dec. IS.WB; appointed 
Corporal trom private Feb. 18. L8B9, per R, 
S. 0. No. 118. game dale: sick Id quarters 
Jan. 13 to Jan. 16,1893. Inclusive; olck In 
hoapital Jan. 16 to Feb. 4.1898. Inclusive, all 

in line Qt duty; due U. S. SO. 08 

Enrolled and mnalered in aa a prlvaie; on 
sick turloueb Ost. 21 to Uct. 28. 1898. Incln- 
alve. perQ. O. 114. A. 8. U. 1998: sick la 
quarters Dec. 18 to Dec. 1B.I80B. ipclnslve. 
■11 In line of duty: appointed Corporal 
from private April 3. 1899. K. S. O. No. 169, 

aame date; due V. S, SO.ia 

. Enrolled and mastered !□ as private: eicfe In 
quarters July 15,1898: sick In quarters 
Sept. 16.1899. to tiept, 2e.iS9». Inclaslve; 
sick In quarters Jan. 17,1899; alck in quar- 
ters Jan. 19. all In llneofdulv; appointed 
Sorporsl trom private April 30. 1839. per R. 
, O. No. IBI, eame date; on detached ee^ 
vice wllh provOBl ^aard. Marlanca, Cnba, 
Jau. 17 to April S. :S99, lnr<:luslve, per G. O. 
No, IT. Hdqrs. 7lb irmv Corps: paid as 
private Jane ZB.1B98. to July 1.1898. Incla- 

, Enrolled aa private and mastered aa a Unsl- 
clan; paid as Mu del an trom June28.lS9B. 

Oct ItaOct.S, 1893; alck in bospltai Oct 8 
to Oct 18, 1898, Inolnsive; sick in hospital 
Ft. Thomas. Ey . Oct 14 to Nnv.lG.lS98.iIl- 
clnslve; on sick furlousb from Nov, IB to 
DeE.lS,1898.1no!ijMve. per G 0.114.A.G. 
0.1S98: elckin nuHriers Jan. 14.1893, aicb 
in hoBpltal Jan. 16 t-i Feb. 1. 1899. inclusive, 

all Id line oC duty; due [;. S. KI.T6 

Enrolled and mustered in as private; paid 
aa private from June 28 to July 8. IB98, 
Inclusive; on furlooBb from Sept. 27 to 
Oct. 11, IBSB. luciualve, perG O 80. Hdqta. 
7th Army Corps: slek In hoppltal Sept. 14, 
1B98. 10 Sept. 19. 1S9B. IncluKlvei alck In 
auartera Nov. 30 to Dec. S, 1699. lacluolve; 
sick In quarters Dec. 26 to Dec. SO. 1893. Id- 
clualve; sick la quarters April 8 to April 
4. 1899. Inclnalve. all in line ot duly: ap- 
pointed Mnalclan Aue. 10. 1S9B. i>er Com- 
pao; Order No. — . same date 

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Aokermui, Cbntles E. 

BalteF.JohD a 

June misss 

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Sprlucaeld... M 

.. Uaj. Ballon... 
.. Uai. Ballon... 

SDrlDEflald... U 

Enrolled as private: duatered as CoTDoral; 
paid B.e Corporal from June 2S to Jnly S. 

1898. Inclaelvc: reduced to cmika Ane. U, 
1838. per R. G. O. No. 13. same date: 8lok 
In qantterg July id, 189B: elck In qnatiera 
Dec. Z8. 1898. to Jon. 8, 1B99, lEcluelve: alck 
In qaartOFS Jan. ID to Jan, IB. 1893, Incla- 
give: sick to dlvUlon hospital ITeb. IT to 
Unroll G. 1899. Inctuslvei appointed Ar- 
tiflcer from private Aoe !<• 1898. b; Com- 

SHoy Order No. 2, same date, all In line of 

lurolled and mnetered In as PTlvate: sick 

SI quarters JnlT IG. 1B3S; alck Id Quarters 
cC le to Oct. iS, ISea. Inclnelve: alck tu 
quarters Oct. 29 to Not. S, 1898. Inclualve. 
all IQ line of duty; appoistod Waeoner 
trom prlTBte Jan. il. 1899. per S. O. Mo. I. 
Bams date: duo U. 8. SO.IB 

Enrolled and mustered us private: alck In 
quarters Dac. B to Deo. S, 1898, loci us I to; 
Blok Id boxpltal Jan. 8 to Jan. 19 1899. In- 
clualTe. all In line of dotr: appointed 
Company Cook from private Aprils. 1899. 
by company commander, per B. B. O. No, 
ITS. parasraphz. same date 

Sick Id qnatiers July 21 to Aue. B. 1998, In- 
cluBlve: Bick In hospital Sept. 16 to Sept. 
29. 1B98, IncluBlvei sick In quarters March 
ze aod Uarcb n. 1899. all Id line of duty: 
on fnrloueb Sept. iS to Oct. 25. 1893. laclu- 
aive. per Q. 0. 114, A. Q. O., C. S. IB98: dna 
U. a.ll.Bi 

Sick In quarters July 12 to Julj' H. iBSS, lu- 
Clnalve: Slok in hospital Jan. 2E to Foh. 10. 

1899. InolnBlve; sick In quarters April 3 to 
AprlU,lli99. Inclusive, allln line ot dat;; 
doeU 8. tl»6 

On alck tnrlonsh Sept. is to Oct. S, 1898. lu- 
InclDslve, per G-, O. lll.C- 8. IB9B. A. SO.: 
sick In quartora Nov. 3t to Due. 2. 1898. In- 
elusive; on furloueh July is to Jalr SI. 
1898. Inclnslve. per verbal permlsalon ot 
reeimental commander; alck In hoppltal 
Sept. 810 Sept. 0,1898. InclUBlve, all In line 
oCduiy: dueU.S.M.03 

Tried by Summary Court Aue. 19, 1898, vio- 
lation tSd Article ot War: sentenced to 
forfeit one dollar (El 00) and to be confined 
two days at bard labor; fine deducted on 
AuiuBt piyroll. 1898; tried by Summary 
Court Deo. iO. 1898, for vlotallon 32d Arti- 
cle ot War, absent Dea. 16 to Dec. 19, IbSB, 
Inclnslve: sentenced to forteltflve dollars 
(lE.DO) and 10 aerre ttn (tOl days at bard 
Nbor: fine deducted from December pay- 
roll, 1898; pay tor time absent deducted 
from December, 1898, pay roll: sick In bOB- 
pital from March I to March 9. 1899. Incln- 
slve, In line ot duty; paid aa private from 
June 28, tS98. to Jnlr 1, 1838, Inclusive; due 


ick In quaiter» Oct. 12 to Oot. 23. IB9S. ID- 
claelve. not In line of duty; slok In quar- 
ters Nov. S to Nov. 10. 1B3S, Incloslve. DOt 
In line of duty; alcb la hospital Feb. B to 
March 16. 1899, not la line of duty; due 

U.S. to 43 

Ick In quarters Ana:. 13. 1898: sick In Quar- 
ters Oot i to Oct. «, 1898. Inoinsfve; alck In 
quarters Dec. 28. 1898. to Jan. 1. 1899. Ineln- 
alve, all Inline of doty 

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June 28.1898 
JnDe ZS,1S9« 

Jnne 28.1898 

Jane 2B.1BSS 
Jul; 1.1B3S 

June ZB,1BS8 

Jane 1B.1S98 
June £8,1893 

Jnne 28.1698 
Jnne 28.1888 

Jnne 28.1898 










9 1888 






Ut Vernon 

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ScrinefieM .. 

BprlneBeld .. 

Uo}- BnllOQ 

MaJ' Ballon 
UaJ. Ballon 

Mai. BalloD 

UaJ. BaJlOD 
Ma}. Ballon 

UbI. Ballan 
Maj. BaUou 

U*J. Ballon 



EeenvlUe . . . . 
MUl Bhoali . 

On turloneh Sevt 21. am. to Oct. K, ISSB, 
iDcIaBlTe. DEr Q. O. 80, Bdqra. 1th Armr 
Corps; alck In quarteiB Dee. 2Z lo Deo. Zb, 
1S98. luclnslve. In line of dutr: due U. S. 

Sick Id aaaitere &ar. 12 to Atib. 11, 189S. In- 
cluBlTe: aick in hospliBl Ann. M to Bapt. 
3. ISSa, iDclualve; eU-k In hospital Jan. 11 
to Jbe. em, 1HS8, inclualvB, all la line of 
duty; ou elck furJoufli ftom Sept. 6 to 
Got. 6, 1B98, Inclnalva. pec Q. O. IH. A. Q. 
0.. C. S. ISgis: iurlOQBii extended from 
Oct. e to Sov, t. isaSLlncluslTe. per tele- 
eraphlo iDStrnctlong Ward A. A. Q., Oot. 
11,1898: dneD. S, S0.26 

Slolt In quarters Oot. 1 to Oct. 3. 1898. Inoln- 
slve; Btck In quartare Jan. 17. 1899. and Jan. 
18. 1B99. In line of dutr: sick !□ quarlera 
Matah 9 to Uarcb 2S. I)i99. Inclnelve. not In 
tine ot duty: due O. 8 Sl.SE 

Transferred to Co. H from Co. A. »tti 111. 
Vol. Int.. Deo. 2T.169B, uarft.S. O. No. gi. 
par. 2. seme date; Joined comciaDf tor dotr 
at 3avannBli, Qa., Deo. T, 1898, sume date... 

Appointed Corporal from private Anz. u. 
189B. per R. 6. O. No. 13. same date: re- 
duced 10 tanks Jan S1,I!<99. per R. ^. O. 
No. 81. same date; Paid as private jDne2S. 
1888. to June 30.1898, Inclusive 

Appointed Corporal from private Deo. 23. 

1898. per R. S. O. 5G same date; reduced 
to ranks Jan. Zi. 1HS9. per R. S. O. 81. eatne 
date; sick In boepltal Feb. 21 to MarobZl. 

1899. InclaelTS. IQ line of duty; doe O. S. 


Isk Ip quarters March 12 to Uarcb 16. 1899, 

Harch za,'l8B9, Inclusive, In Una ot duty; 
dueU. 8. la.flO 

Sick Id hospital July 19 lo July 20. 1398. Id- 
I'lualve; sick in quarters Dec. 30. 1B9B, to 
Jan. 8. 1899, IncluBlTe: sick In qnariera 
Harch U to March IS. 1899. IndlnstTe. all In 

Una ol duty; dueU. 8. Jl,6l 

ick in quarters Jan. 19, LB99; Bich In quar- 
ters March 11 to March la. 1899, InslOsiTe. 
all In line of duty; duu U B. tO,03 

Sick Id boBpltal Sept. 11 to Sept. Si. 18911. Id- 
elusive; siok In quacterB Sept, 27 to Oot, 3, 
1898, Inclnstve; aick In qnarlera Dec. 10 to 
12, 1898. Inolualve; sti-k in quartets Jan. 
20 td Jan, 22 1899, Inciualve. all In llns of 
duty; tried by Nummary Court Aqs. 2T. 
1898.foTvlatatIonof Iheazd Article o[ War. 
sentenced to forfeit two days eitra duty. 
abaentleSBlbBDZl bours 

Sick ID qnartera July 28 to July 30. 1898, In- 
clnslve: sick Id boaplial Sept, 2 to 9ept, 
10, 1898. Inclusive; aick in qusrlers Nov. 3 
to Not, 9, 1898, Inclnslva; sick in quar- 
ters Deo. 30. 1898. to Jan. 8, 1898. inclusive; 
sick In hospital March II to March IS, 1899, 
Inclnalve, all In line of duty: on sick tar- 
lough from Sept. 12 to Oot. 8. 1898. inclu- 
sive, per G.O.Mo.lU.A.G.O., 1898: dueD, 


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Jnne 29,18BS 

Jnlr 1.189S 

Joir J.1SS8 
June ZS.I898 

Jane E8.1S98 

Jnne 28.1898 

June miBBS 

Jul J f.IB96 
Jane 28.1S9S 





Jul 9 1898 

Fortnay. Nofth 

Jul; 9.1898 

Henaoa. Greal? 

Hosted by 



Udbterkd In. 


MoJ. Ballon .. 

im per R.6.D. No. S. Bums data; reduceil 
:o ranks AUE, 11. 1838, per H. G. O. No. la. 
~ ledats'. npnolnted Corporal from prl- 
, ... .. .-«, ... D Q ,-. •.,. 8(,Bam8 

,„ ;oNov, 18, 

..j: aick In qnaiters Deo, W. 

1,189», Incinsfve; sick luQuac- 

tara Jan. II to Jan. 19. W». tooluaive. all In 
line of duty; reduced to ranka April 8. 
1S99, per B. a. 0. 189. eame date: paid aa 

priTate June 28 and 29, 1888 

.. Sick Id hospital Juir 2i to Jnly as, IB9B. In- 
slualvei Blck Id quarterl Sept. 27 to Oct. 
I. ISSg, Incluetve; sick In quarteri Jan. 21 
to Feb. I. 1699. Inclnslre. all In line of 

,. 61OklnWVwBNovVB0VoDei;V,'is98VVrci 
Id bospltal Dec, 20. 18Sa. to Feb. 3. 1899. In- 
olnalveielcklnqDurterBlfeb. lOtoPeb. U. 
1B99. InduslTs. ^1 Id llpe ot dnty - 

.. 3lok Id hospltRl Oct. 2 to Oct. 22. im Incla- 
-■-e: aick In quarters March81to April a. 
9. InnlaslTe. all In line ot dntr; OD Blck 
.—■lough from Oct. 21 to Nov. 21, 1H8S. In- 
clusive, per G. 0. 111. A. Q. O., 1S9S; fur- 
loush eitended BO dars o" ' "' 




■led by 

serve ten days at bard labor; fine de- 
ducted [rem Deoemher. 1898. Pay-roll; ab- 


SprlneBeld .. 



Hbj. Ballon 
Mo). BaUoa. 

Uaj, Ballon. 

9prlniert0D . 

Sick In hoBiiital July 10, 1G9S; slok In qaar- 
tere Sept, 21 to Oct. 2, 1H98, inclusive, all ia 

llnooldnlr: dna S.Sl.SS 

■rledbr Sammiiri Court Ane. 19.1898. via- 
latloQ 32d Article ot War; sentepced to 
forfeit one dollar 111.00) ot hia pay; absent 
leas than 21 hours: 9ne dedacted from 
Ad met pay-mil, 1HS8 

Detailed a» cook to reElmental band Oct. 15. 
1898. per E, Q. O. 31. same date: relumed 
to company and detailed aa cook to resl- 

!□ quarters Murci 

-'"Slve: Blck in qui^rLurb Acm t*, tupB-, 
I Id quarters Mar 2.1899, all In lice of 

— ...j: Blck 
ruh 12.1899, In- 
Aprll 2- 

Ma}. Ballon,,. 

Maj. Ballon,.. 

, Bnmt Pcalrle 

Lppointfld company Cook Anir. 1. 1898, by 
C. O, No. B, same date; reduced to ranks 
Feb. la. 1899. by CO. No. 9. aame date: dae 

u, 9. ao!i 

,. Tried by ijnmmary Cour' Aug, 20,1698. vio- 
lation 62d Article of War: aeotenced to 
forfeit one dollar (IL.OOI: fine deducted 
" n Anguat, 1898. pny-roll; triad by Bnm- 
jy Court Oct. 8,1898: sentenced to for- 
feit fifteen (SlB.COl dollars, and to be con- 
fined tor fifteen (W days: fine deducted 
from October, 1898. pav-roll; pick In quar- 
" 1.12 to Oct. 22,1BS8. inclusive; akk 
:era March ID to Usich IB, i 899. In- 
.all In line of duty; due U, S,. (0.03. 

.. Sick In regimental hospital March 1£. 1899; 
sick In division bospllsl from March :8 to 
April 1S.1899; alck in general bo 3 pit ai Sa- 
vannah. _aa. April ZT to May 8,1999, inolu- 


ranks j'an! 31,1899', per a. S. 6. No. 81, 

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HR[e, loaeph J 

Jordan, William F,... 

June 28.189S 



Inlr »,1B8B 



July 9.18*8 

[,eeC Charles it 

Jane 18.1898 


Jtllie »I89S 

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ilGk In 

SDrioefleld... Moj. Ballon Johuaonvllle.. Sink In qaarteca Dec. 11.1893, to Dec. IB 

Inoluvfve. not In llae of dots; ' 

quarters Deo. IS Co Dec, 18. 1898. IL , 

eick la qnanete Jan. IS to Jan. I»,lg99. IQ' 
clnBlve. all In line of duty; dne U. 8, 

SDrlDBfleld... UoJ. Ballon Sti Ulle Annoluted Corcoral frgm private Auk. 11. 

•■-" -r B. U, 0. No. 13. same date; le- 

;o ranks Jan. 21. 1889. par B. 8. O, 

.w..., dame data: due U.U.I3.8>i 

SDriDBfleld .. Mftj-Balloa Mill Shoale... Slcln In qaartera Jnly 23 to Julr E3.l8» 

cJuelVR: Blck In quiicteis AnK. 23,1B9B. to 
AuB. 27, ia9S. iDcLoslre. all Iw line oC datv: 
lick In quarters Nov. 2 to Dec. 29. 1898. In- 
clnslve. not In line of duty; due U. S. X0.C8. 

SprlnKfleld... UaJ.B&llon QoldenQate.. Appointed oompiiDr cook t^eb. 10. 1898. br 

C. O. No. ID. anmo datr: sick Hept -JS to 
Oct. B. 1899, InolnelTe. In line of duty; re- 
dued to ranks bs companr commandei, 
Marcli29.lS99.pere. a. 0,11. Hame date... 
" • a private; mQBtered In as Cor- 
Id aa Corporal from Jnne ZB to 

J8. InclQalve: tried by Summary 

Court AOB. 20, 1898. Ylolatloti Had Article of 

~ ■ to forfeit two dolJars 

ly; flne deducted from 

..yroUi on alck turlouBh 

Oct. 10 to Nov 9,1899. inolnfiive, per O. O, 
l. A. e, O.. JS9S; alok In qnartera I>«c. 11-. 

Jaiy S. le 

..kOeo, 1 ... , 

ci_ hospital _ Sept. 10 to Oct. lOj^ 1898, Inclu- 


Bpilnsaeld .. 
SpctDBfleld , 

Sprlnsfleld . . 
SprlasBeld .. 

Haj, Ballon. 
MaJ. Ballon. 

itai. BftllOQ. 
UaJ, Ballon. 

UaJ. Ballon. 
Us j. Ballon. 

Ha J. Ballon, 

Burnt l^olrle 

,. On fuilouBb from »apt. 21 to Oct It.lB3B,ls- 
-■-slve. per S. O, 80, headquarters 7th 

ny CorpB; alck in quarters Nov. 10 to 

Nov, 12, 1898, Inclusive; alck In quarters 
~ieo. 16 to Dec. 1S.lS9g, inclualve: alck in 
uartera Deo, 20.1898: sick loqUHrtera Jan. 
I to Jan 12, 1999, Inclusive: sick in quar- 
trsJan. 2B,1S99: sick In qnartera April I, 
199. all Inline of duty; due 0. 8. 11.02..,, 
k In qnartera Oct. S to Oct. 9, 1998, Inclu- 

Qolden date. 

Brtatow, Ky. 
Six Mile 

Sick In quarters Ijept. 21 to Oct. 2.1898. In- 
olualvo; sick in qnurteis Nov. S to Nov. 10, 
1988, Inclualve: alck In qnartera Oct. IB to 
Oct. 23.1898: sick in hoBpllal from Oct, U 
to Nov. 19, 1898. Inolnalve. all In lino Of 
duty: on alck tnrloueh Nov. 18. I89S. to 
Dec. 19, 1898, InclBslve. per Q. O. Hi A. 
G. O., C. 8.. 1898: due U. S.II.IIS 

Sick In boaplCal July 13, 1899: elck In division 
' spllal Feb. 5 to Uar. 31.1899. inclnalve. 
_.. Inllneof autv:due U, 8., 10.72 

Appointed Corporal from private, Deo. 23. 
189B. per R, H. O. No, £9. same date: re- 
duced to ranka Jb.ii, 21. 1B9B. per R. 8. O. 
No, 81. iame date; alck In quarters Sept, S 
to Sept. II, 1898. Inclnalve, all in line ot 
datT:dueU. 8.S3.B8 

Sick Id qusrtera Oct. 19 to Oct. 25.1898. Incla- 

)t Ip II 

J of dnt 

e AoB. U, 

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Jane 28,1B98 


Jnne 28.169! 

June 3S.1SS8 
Jnne 28.1S98 

Jnne 28. 1898 

JddB ZB.1E9B 

Jane 28.1898 
Jnly 4.1SSS 

June 28.1S9E 
Jane 28.1898 

June 28.18» 




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■ Mn9TEBED Ik. 

SpiliiEflela . 
SDitaKfleld . 



.. UoJ.Ballou. 

.. Uftj. Balloa. 

■ UaJ-BsUan, 

■ Ua}.Bn[lon. 

■ Uaj. Ballou. 

■ UaJ. Ballon. 

. Uaj.Bftllon. 

. MaJ, Ballon. 

• MaJ. Ballon. 
. UaJ. BalloD. 

Uaj. Balloa... 

Harris. Mo.. 

Sick In gaiirterB Deo. 18 to Dec. 11. 1E9B, In- 
cinalve: sick In bosDltalJui. Zl to Feb. Z3. 
1S9». all In line ot dnti: on tuclongb Sept. 
21 to Oct II. teas, Inclnalve. per a. O. No. 
80. G. S. 1B91I, HdgrH. 7th Arm; Cocce: dne 
o.a., lo.oi 

_aelJ. 8. ll.Si 

Sick In qnartera Jnlr 10. 1838: sick In qaar- 


■s Jan. 1 

Jan. r 

:2,1B»9. liiclnelve. 

30,1899, Isclnelve: due 

Slek Id ounTters Jnl; 10 to Jnly 11.1898. in- 
clnslve; elcb In qusnera »ept. 8 to Sept.lT. 

1898. Inclusive: sleb In qnartera Nov. B to 
Not. 10.1B9B, Inclualve; aick In reBlmental 
hospital Jan. 18 to Jan. 19. 1899. loclnslve. 
all m line of duly: due U. 8..S1.<Z 

Slek In quarters Sept, 17 to Sept. 19.1898. In- 
Clnslve; sick In bospltalJan. 8to Feb. I. 

1899. IculnsWe; on EurlooBli Sept. 21 to Oct, 
11,1898, iDclnBlTe, Per 9, O. No. 80, Hdqra. 
Itb AtmT Corps, all In line oldutr 

Enrolled as private; muaiered In aa Cor- 

5 oral; paid as Corporal from June :S to 
uly 8. 1898. incluBtve: reduced to ranks 
An?, 11,1898. per tt,Q,0 No. U, i>sm«clate: 
Bick In quarters July 21 to July 26,1898, 1n- 
claBlfe. all In line of daty: detailed to rea- 
Imenta! hospital as teamster, per verbal 
order of reelmentsl commaaderi due U.S. 

SO. [9 

lick Ip QDB 

■k In hngp 
n line of duly 

.-^uartera Mar. 9,1899, all 


-, 1898, In- 
clusive, not Inline of duty: on furloueb 
(alok) Sept. 12 to Oct, 8.1888, Inclusive, per 
Q. O No. HI, A, G, O.. C. S. 1898 

9lck In quBTtera Jan. IS, 1899: sick In quar- 
ters Jan. S5. 1899. all In line of duly: due U. 

Enrolled as private apd mustered In aa Cot- 

.Inly 8, 1898, Inclns^e: sick la qanrters 
Sepl 2a to Sept. ZG.189B. Inclusive: elrtc In 
hospital Sep- " * " ' ' 

o Oct. z; 

a. Indus 

of aad Article of V 

„_, 1698, 

roll; reduced to tauka Jan. 21.1899. per 

_.. J. 0. No, 81. same dale 

Sick In qnartera Feb. 23 to Feb. 2T. I899,ln- 

lualvoi sick In March *, 1899. all In 

ne of duty; dueU. S, SO.l* 

■ ■ hospital Sept. 22 to Nov. 29. IP" ■ 

Feb. IT. 1899, Inolualye. ell la line ol 

on sick Eurloneb (rom Nov. 28 to Deo. ai, 

1898. InclualTe. pet Q. O. 111. A. G). O., 


Sick In quarters Sept. 11 to Sept 19. 1B9S. 
luclualve: sick In qnartera Dec 2T. 1898. 
to Jan. 10, 1899, Indnalve. all In line of 

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Julr 9.1838 

Jane Z8.18M 

JnuB a.lB»i 

MoLeansboro .... 

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SprlnsOeld ., 

SprlnarBeld . 
ScHiurfield , 

SnilUKfleld . 
Serin Efield. 

Hsj. BaUoa. 
Uaj. Ballon 

Uaj. Ballon . 

Uaj. Ballon. 

Mai. Ballon. 
Blaj. Ballon. 

Uaj. Ballon, 

Mad. Ballon. 
Mb], Ballon. 

Mb J. Ballon. 



SvilBEerton . 

.. . InclnalffBi reduoBd to 

iBDks Auff. U, 183B. car B. 8. O. No. IS. 
same date 

TaEsferrad to CD. H from Co. M. per B, S. 
O. No. 89, same date; Joined comDany at 

Havana, t:aba, J aa. 26.1898, K, tf, O 

Tried by Snmniary Court AuB- a', lh3S. Tlo- 
latloa eZd Article of War: ienteoced to 
forfeit (ELS ED) fifteen and sixty ciidts and 
to serve 30 days' conSDemcnt; amount of 

rolled a 


OBid a 

R Cor- 

B 2StO 




' 8, Inolnalve; slcb In quar . ... 

Illy 20, 189B. Inclnalve, In Una of duty; 
nrlouab Jnly EO to Jnly 23, 1898. Incln- 
. by permlaelon ol Ri;itlm«ntal Com- 
der: rodnced to iBnks Jrd. £1. 1899. 
. ._ B. 8. O 8t. same date: due D. S. tO.OT. 
Sick lu quarters Jnly 38 to July £9. 1B9B. Ill' 

elusive, lu lice of duty 

Sick Id quarters Sept. 8, 1898; ttick In quar- 
tera Sppt, 18. 18SS; sick In quarters Not. 
22 to Nov. 3G, 1898. IncluGlTo; sick Inqnar- 
t«r8 Nov. 30 to Dec. 21. 1898, Incloslve; alcb 
In quarters Dec, 16 to Dee IT, Inclusive, 
1B98: sick In qaartere Dec. Z2, 1898. to Jan. 
8.1899. Incluilve: glek In quarters Jan. 10 
to Jan. 13, 1899. Inolnslye, all In Una o( 


Sick In qnartera Sect n to Sept. 2B, 1BDS. 
iDCluslvei sick In division hospital Oct. 
B 10 Oct. U, 1899. InclnalTe. all In line of 
duty; on nick furloueh Oct. 14, 1898, lo 
Nov. 13. 189B. Inclusive, per G. 0. 111. A. 
W, O., IBBB; appointed Corporal from prl- 

rednced to rauke Feb. 18, 1899, per R. S, O'- 

lia, 3Bine date 


Sick In bospltalJnIy 16 Co July 26. 189S. In- 
cluslTe: dUcbareed from servtcs AuE 2«. 
1898, on snrECOn'B certificate of disability 
(idbdIbI and phyilcall Incurred prior to 
rollstmentat JackBonvlUe; dtecharRe and 

andfaltbCnl: dne U, S.32.3S 

lUcharEed from service Aus. 26. 1898. on 
Burzeon's certlBcste of dUiibllliy (meDtal 
and ptayslcal) iBcnrred prior to enlist* 
ment; final alatement and dis cbsree ilven 
soldier: service bDueat and falthtnl; die- 
ohareedat Jaakaonville. Pla 

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Harry Dowline 

June SB. 1898 

June Z8.I898 

Jane 28.1898 
Juoa £8.I3a 

Jnly (.18S8 


jQly 9,1BS8 




Dittharoed (6b Or- 
Chsrlea L. Wood 

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Jul? 8. 1898. fnolua 

Jal; IS to Jul; 21. 1998 
•a:. 12 to Sept. B, 1893. 1 
loDitb Sapt, 6 to Oct. 

. 1SS8, InoloBlTe, 

a)ot b 

; Qne deducted on 

roll; Hqb 

tslthlul: dlBcharsed on eurseon's certia- 

of dlBBhllltv IncurcBd prior to enllBt- 

;: due CJ. 8. 13 60 oyerpald by SlaJ, 
__, 3BB. U. 8, V„ on July, 1893. pftyroll..,. 
). Slab In qnanera Sept. 2B to Uct. 2. 1898, In- 
-'--'-- -'-'- '- ■- pllftl Oct- 2 toOot.aa, 
1,^ Fl _MB»et, Vs., Ost, 

--.- .0 time of dli- 

obaree. Dee. 29. 1898. InclnslTe. per Q, O. 
114, A. O. O.. 1898. ml In line of datr: tried 
by SuniniBcy Court Aor. 20. 1898, Violation 
"'1 Article of War; eentecced to forlelt 
la dollar (SI Oa) at bla pay; amount of 

le dedaeted from AuEasC. 1898. payroll: 

aoldUr dlBcbareed Deo. iS. 1898. rer tel«- 
araphio InatruEtlon. Ward. A. A. G.; iel«- 
srapbic InstmotloDB recelred Jan. 7, a»B: 
dlBcharse and AdhI atatementg given) Bdc- 

VlCeahouentBcd taltblul 

.. Sick In quarter B Jaly 21 la Jaly 28, 1898. In- 

1898: t 

I Id 

Nov. 30 to Deo 

„ ,__ Dbc 10. 

Dec. 33. lasB. toJan. 
I Una of duty: boI- 

_. 9. lucluslve, a.. .„ — , . . 

dier dleeharEed on auraeon's oertlflcati ,- 
disability tepllepsy) Feb. 12. 1898; disa- 
bility IneuTTed ptloi to enlistment; dla- 
oh arBB and final statement given; eeivlce 

;b20. ises. all In II 

jcbarged on sur 

disability Marob 20. l 

i. 18 to Jan. IB, 1899. Inclusive; 
lera JBU. 28 to Jan 80. 1899. In- 
k In division hospital Peb. 11 

o Dntr Sergeant 4li«. S. 

.. .... .to'ORt. 9, l89S.liicluBlve. 

, _r Q. O. No. 80, A. B. O : aoldlec dls- 
ohareed Jan. 20. 1899. by telegraphic lu- 
atmetloas Ward, A. A. 0.; discbarge and 
Baal etalemeots given: Bervtces honest 

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JohoN. Robemon.... 

Jnir 1,1898 


July S.IBDB 


OtoreeN. Hetdloeer. 



Inly 9.1898 



Jnly 9.18)8 

Jane 28.1898 

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Maj. Ballon.. . 
Uaj, Ballon... 

Enrolled na piivate: mustered In sa Cor- 

Soral: paid as Comoral Irom June 2Slo 
uIt B, 1898. iDCluBlfe; alck In quarters 
JnlyZeto Jalr Z9, ttOS. InclunlTe; on tur- 
lOHBh JniT 18 to Jnly Zl. 18SS. inclualve. bT 
penalsBion of the KeElmental Com- 
mfinder: eiok In qnartars Sept. 6 to Sept 8. 
1898.,lnoluBlvB: sick lu boapltal Sept. 8 to 
Oct IS, 1898. Iniiluelvei alck Jan. I Co Jan. 
8. 1S98, InoluBlve: on alck fnrloneli Oct. 12 
to Nov. m. 1898 Incluelve. per 0. O. 111. A. 
G. O. I89B1 slok In OQftrters Jan. 17 to Jan. 
19. 1899. Inalaslve. all In line of duti; re- 
duced tram Corporal la private Jan, SI. 
1B99. per R. 8. O. 81; soldier dli-cbareed b; 
telesraphlc Instructions trom Ward, A. A. 
0., Marcb 20. 1899, Havana, Cuba: dUcbarie 
andfioal EtaiemenlB elveni services hon- 
est and faithful; dne U. S. I0.2J 

Sick Id qaarteiB July Zl to July 26, IB98, In- 
clusive: sick In bospltal Oct. IS to Nov 28. 
1B98, Inclusive; sick In hospital Dec. 8. 1SB3, 
1o Peb. 1, LBN.Inclu'lve.alllnltneotdDty; 
on Blck turloueb Feb. 7 to March 1. 1S99. 
Inclaslve.pcr G. O. lU. A. Q. O..C. S.. 1898; 
soldier dlHcbareed at .Jefferson BsTrai^ks, 
Mo., March 21, 1899; discbarse and final 
Btatflments fflven; servloes honest and 

Enrolled as private and mustered In as 
Artlfli-er: paid as Actlfloer from July ( to 
July 8. 1898, Inclusive; reduced to ranks 
Aor, 16, 1898. by Co. O, 2, same date; on de- 
tached service at lit Division headquar- 
ters, per R. S, O. ^o 88: soldier discbat Bed 
April «. 18S9, per 8 O. No. M, A, G. O., 1th 
Army Corps, at Havana, Cuba; dlacbaree 
and flual statements elven; services hon- 
est and faithful 

Inrolled and mnstered In aa private; ap. 
pointed Corporal from private Dec. 1, 1898, 
per fC. S, O, No, 5B, Par. 1. same date; sick 
In hospital Deo. 29, 1898, In line of duty; 
redaried to ranks Jan. 21, 1899. per R. 8. O. 
No, SI. same date; dlscharzed Apill 9,1893, 
per G. O. No. 64, per A. G 0. No, 18. 1899. 
Washington. D, C; dlschaiee and final 

ta'thS'I'..°..'..T!.'!'.,. **".".!!. ..*°!f...'Il. 
Slok In quarter July 20, 189B; pick In hospital 
Sept. 30 to Nov. 30. 1898. Inclusive; on alck 
fnrloueh from Nov. 30 to date of his dis- 
charge March 7, 1899; discharged by A. A- 
G-; descriptive list and Snul atatemeilt 

sent by mall lo soldier 

Inrolled as private, mustered In an Ser- 

July8,1898, Inclnalve; sick In Hosp. Aas. 
22 to Aue. 27,1898, Inclualve. Id line of 
daty; transferred from Co, H to Hoip. 
Coma, U. 8. A.. Ane. 31. 1898. per G. O No. 
69, Hdqrs, 7 A, C; deicrlptlve list elven... 

Transferred from Co. H. to Co. M„ 9tb 111.. 
Aas. !, 1898. per K Q. 0. 19, same date 

Transferred from Co, H. to Co. P. 9tb III. 
Vol. lof , July 23. 1898, per R S. O. No, tS, 
same date: sick In quarters Jnly iT.iess, 
to July 20.1898, Inclusive: descriptive list 

Tran sf erre'd' to' Co. "e" 9tb *il l' * '('rnio'Co.' H. 
9th 111., per R, S 0. No. 1. July 21.1898; de- 
scriptive Hat Blven 

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Stephen Qraham.. 

t. 1st Lieutenant .. 

LewlB A.C«llett... 

EdG- Brown... 

ECnilolch Aeblscher... 

Charles N. Campbell., 

., iBt LlenteDani... 

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SvtlzeSeK... U 

. Trlea by SnmniBr 
violation of iiil f 
-.0 f oTtelt oue m< 

Oct. 16 to"Noi 
■■ e of dntsr; 

its (I1G.60I and oca month's 
II hard Isbor. omount ot fine 
11 &usust. Ifies, pHY-roU: elck 

inmmBry Conct Nov. 
of Bi!d Article oC War, 

D h»d labor; tried b 

i 0.185. same date: deBcrlptlve mt 
muttered Into Co. H bb id 

Sept. IB to Sept. 20.1898. tncloelvei 

leave of absence from Sept, 19.1898. .. 

pct.Z.lS98._ln_olii!lvB, oer S. O. 80 Hdqrs. 

- C.: appointed IsC Lleuteaapl trom Zd 

Lieutenant, Dea. t,i898. vice 6. £. Da,!, 

'-• ■ ' — * ■ restened; killed at GnlneB, 

— '--enlory of effects and 
Ad Jul tut eenerarg 

Cnba, Feb. 23.1899;li 

,.>k In Dlv. Hoap. Sept. 19 to Sept, M. i'm; 
Died In DIv. Hosii- Sapt, 2S at Csmp Cuba 
' " re, JachBODvllle, Fla.: InventOTy of et- 
ta and final a'atementa sent to Adju- 
[General's ofBi^e. Waablnzton. D. U.: 
„.. vlcea boneat and fatlhfnl; CBuse of 

death, typhoid fever 

. Skk In qnacters Oct. 18 id Oct, 21,is9S. In 
■■ 1 of duty: died In Dlv, Hoap, Camp 
IB Ubre, JackaonvlUe. Fla . Oot. 21. 

_._3lve: alok In Hobp. Den. S to Dec 6, 
l«es; died In DIv. Bosp. Dec. CISSS. at 
" auDBb. (3a..; catise ot death, typhoid 

oeloBive. R 9, O M, Siiqr 

^ A. C; died 

lOD, 111,; 


orj ot eiteotB and final s ...^„.>, 

to AdJutflut Qeneral'a ofBoe. Wash- 

JD. D. C.: BervloB boneataad taltbtul. 

,. Bniolled SB Sereeant: pinatered In as 2d 
" " ■ ■' ~~(1 apBplnt6d__lat Lieutenant 

■-• M8B8. 

1.1898. t 

Oct. 4. 

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jDir S.ie9B 

July 8.1898 

June SB, 1888 


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Hbbtbbid In. 

Sprlneaeld... X 


MaJ. Ballon .. 
MbJ. Ballon.. 

.. LoaiBvllle . 

,a CaplBln; «b- 

— 1 to Nov 19,1838, 

itLonlavllle. III.. iierS. O. 137. Hdara. Ith 
AtmF Corns, dated Nov, *. 1B9S; leave ex- 
tended to Hov. 20. per S. O. ISl. Hdqrs. iBt 
^lv., Ith ArmF Cores, flsted Nov. It. 189B; 
□ cammmid of 3d Battanon from Seot. 10 
Sent. 19. 1S9B, per S. O. 73. Hdars. Ith 

Army Corpa. dated April 1. 1839 

.. Enrolled aod mustered In hb let Llentanant; 
■ It with leave from Sept. 10 to Sept. 18, 

at LouIsvUlB, 111 , per S. O. No. U, 

Hdqra. 7ili Army Corpa, dated Sep' " 


with permfsBlo: 

'IbIoq at Unba, 

,_ i States, from March 2 to 

March 2i, 1839. at Loulavllle. 111., per S. O. 
No. 30. HdqrB. 7th Arnty Corpa. dated 
March 22. 1389; atcb Id quarteca from Feb, 
" CO Feb. 19. 1899. Inclnalve. Incnrred In 
le of ilntr; Incomiuandot company from 

.,„.;. 10 t. „ 

a. O. No! 73, 
dated April 1, 

i. Incli 

Ted Id as 2d Llentenant; 

~ ' service aa ActlaE Aa- 

er Zd Brlcaile,2il Dl- 

sVi)7No.9l. Hdqrs.2d 

Oct, 19. 133 

Brleade, 2t __ , 

dated Sept. 6. 1B9B; relieved by ordt. „ 
" amamllne Qeneral lid Hrliade, Zd Di- 

3. per 

li b"i'oraBr"o( ComtDHndTna Officer 9th 

— W. Inf.. Ant. SO. 1898 

.. Enrolled aa private. muaCeied Id ae Ist Ser- 
jeant: drew pay as let SerBssnt (com 

Jape 2B.lB3a, to July i. 1893, Inclusive 

.. Enrolled aa private, mastered In as Gor- 
~":al; drew pay as Co rpocol from Jane 
:0 July 7. I89B, Inclnnlve: appointed 8ei- 


il Deo, i, 1899, per R. G. 

c. t. 18 

I, foe V 

ne day, aentenced to forfeit one dollar 
il.OO); deducted from September. 18^ 

, ay-roll: due D. S. 81, IG .- 

„ Enrolled as private, mnatered In aa Ser- 
Beant; drew pay as Serieant from June 
~l to July 7. 189B, Inclaalve; on turlnush 
t Clay City, III., (rora Sept. 87 to Oct 18, 
198, Inclnalve, per 3d Indorsemeiit Hdors. 
h Army Corps, dated Sept. 26. 1898; dae 

,, S. KJ.BO 

,. Enrolled as private, mnatered In as 3ec- 
nt: drew pay as Seraeant from Jane 

July 7. IBS8. Inclnalve: elch In qnar- 

1 from July 28 to Joly 29, 1838, locln- 
...j: elek Id qnartera (ram Sept. S to 
Sept. 8, 1898. InolualTe: on glcb tnrloneh 
from Sept. 11 to Sept. 23. 1898. tnelnslve. at 
Bible Grove. Itl. per O. O. No. 111. A. G. 

O., 1896. all In line ol 

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ea t 

June 28.1898 

June 2B.1S98 
June IB, 1898 

June 18,1898 

June :8.18»8 
lane 28.1898 


June 29.1898 
June 38.1898 










Jnly S,IBS8 


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. Enrolled as pilvnte. DJustered In as Cor' 
pore,); drew pay as Corpotai from Jnne 
28. to Jul; 7, ises. Inclusive: aCfolmed 
Seigeaot tiora Cornaral Dec. 1. 1898, per B. 
O. No. G2. dated Dec. 1. 1893; aick In qnu- 
-— from Sept. a to Sept. 13, iBSa, Incln- 

1 sick In qaarters from Sept. 21 to 

Sept. 28. 1B98. Induelve: 9lck In id Dlv. 
hospital. 7cb Army Coipb. from 3»pt 13 to 
" ■ M, IB!* iQolnsive; on slcK (urlouBh 

Oct. 12 to Nov. B. 

. O. IH, A. G. O.. 
1 line oi aniyi due D. S. W.30.. 
9 private, mnetered In ns Ooi- 

i. all 

Sprlnsflald .. 
SprlDBaeld .. 

SprlnEfleld . 

Uaj, BklloQ, 
Msj, BbIIoh. 

Uaj. Ballon, 
Mad. Ballon. 

Lanla villa ■ 
LonlBvlUe . 

O. 132. dated March 1, 1B9!I; sick In qoar- 
! from Dec. 27 to Dec, 28. 18E8, Incln- 

a, Inciurred In line of duty 

lied as private, mastered In as Cor- 
al: drew pay as Corporsl frotn June 
July 7, I8S8. Inclusive; Blck In reel- 
3tal hospital from Apb. 16 to Auir- 21, 
I, Inclusive; alck at Pablo Beach. Pin., 
m Aua. 12 to »ept. E, 18S8. Indusive: 

to Jnly 7. 1S9S, Inclttslve: due U, S,ll,lb.... 
.. Enrolled as orlvato, musiered In as Cot- 

S oral: drew Corporsl'a pay from Jnne 28 to 
oly 7. 189S. Incluelve: iilf;k In quarters 
from Nov 8 to Dec. 1, 1898. Inclnnive, not In 

line o£dnty:Blok ' 

to July I8.1S9a, In 
JueD. 8.10.60.... 
-. Enrolled as privati 
poral; draw Corpi 
jQlyT.--- ■ ■ 

>. In line of duty; 

1 private July 2S, 
no.B. dated July 2e,lB9S-, 
pay from June 28 to July 
: sick In 2d DIvIbIoq hos- 

tUlIODElh at Loul 

.. Enrolled as private, mustered In a: 


ted Cor 

July 29.1B9B. per R O, No. 8 dated Jaly 28. 
1S9S: drew Corporal's pay from June 28 to 

Jaly25,IB9a. lnc]aslre;dneD. S. lO.Ot 

,. Enrolled and mustered In as private; ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Nov, IS. 
■"*", per K O. No. BO, dated Nov. 18.»88: 
.__ d by Summary (Jonri March 13. 1B9S. 
violation asd Article of War, absent less 
than one day; sentonoed to forfeit three 
dollars (13.001: deducted on Marcb. 1S99. 
pay-roll ., 

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James P. Eobetson.. 


Wllltnm E. StebblDB 

3Di!lt)Kdeld July S.: 

June 28,1898 

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.. Enrollei] and mustered !□ aa privi 
pointed Corporal trom prlvme Dei 

- ir R. O. No. 63, dated l.lSSa; 

__ideUclied eeivlue at lat DItIbIo 
□UKrtsrB, 7tb Army Corps, aa 
guard par order Commandinii Uem 
Division. Jth Army Uorna. frora I 

,0 Aprll6.lB9B; due U. 8. S0.D1, 

Id and ' '- '- 

„.ed Con 

■ K. O. 

k In quarts [s from July lEi to July 16. 

a March 29. 1899, InclUilve: sick 

1S9». Inoluelve. all in line of duty. .. 
Enrolled as nr" " - - ■ 

iwral; reducec 

July:!e.iBa8 he 

1B9S; due dtffe 
Tftto and Coi- 
July 25.1899. 1 

- -8 Cor- 
id Julr 26. 

ir of prl- 


Zd DlTlslOD, 7th A 

" "B98. from Oct. 7. 

,-islve; absent on __. 

aloD of Commanding Otner... -. 

of Caba ro visit Dulled States from Marc 
SSto April U.1B99, Inclnslve: furlonith ei 

a of ai 

val of 

a regiment In the United State 

ler Sectetary of War; dae United States 

entj dollare and ninety oenta (IZO.90). 

lOtiDt of InmaportatlOD farnUbed aol- 

ir and one day'a cooked rations fl[ti-one 

_.Jts ISO 61) by Captain P.W. MlUor, Chief 

MuatBrlcK Oflioec. from HarrlBburs. Pa.. 

~ " ~inuah,Qa.; DrdereddlBcharsedfrom 

tvlce of the United atates to date 

April H, 1899 per S. O. No. 80. A. Q. O.. 
dated April LB, 1898: parasrapb ZT, S. O, No. 
80. April 18.1899. A. Q. O.. relatluE to Cor- 
poral Noah Walborn Is revaked per S. 0. 
So. IDl, A. Q. O,. dated May), 1899; due U. 

3. M1.08 

.. Enrolled and mustered In aa private: an- 
ointed Corporal from private Mac. 1.1889, 
,erH. O. No. liZ. dated Mar. 1.1399; sick In 
qaartera from Sept. 13 to Oct. 3. 1S8S. Inoln- 
slve: on sick turlouebat Ava,Ill.. from 
Got. 1 to Nov. 1. 1398. per U. O. No. lU. A. 
0. O.. IS98: Carloasb eitendad from Nov. 
I to Nov. 28. lgS8. Inciaslve. Per order of 

Secretary of War. all In llneof dnty 

., Enrolled and mustered In aa private; ao- 
■ ■ ■ " ■ " vats Apr. S. 1899. 

pr.3.ia99: Bick ID 
an. ^lO.lggg. InclD- 
Q Feb. 1 to Feb. e. 

», iDcluslve, allln: 

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Albect PllEBerald 


Jnne 2S.1SS8 

Jnue 28,1898 

Jane 28.1838 

June !8.18!I8 
Jnna 28.1BW 
Jane 28.1898 

June 28.1891 
Jnne 28.1896 

June ia.i89e 

June 28.1898 

Jnlr 10.1838 
Jnne 28.1898 

Jnne 28.1898 





wmiamT. VauBhan.. 

GaoreeS. AnderBon.,, 








jQlr 8.1898 

Harvey 8 rltton 

Jntr 8, 1896 

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SpTlnsfleld . 
SminiHeld , 

SpilDEtleld . 

Sprlntaeia . 
8pilncfl«1d . 
Scrlneaeld . 

Sorl, Tfleid, 

SprluBfleld . 
Spilnsfleld . 


HaJ. BalloQ... 
Ma]. Ballmi... 

Uaj. Ballan... 


Uaj. Ballon... 



Clay City. 



Sprlnirfleld . 

Eniolled BB DrlTnte: mustered In ae Arti- 
ficer: drew pay as Artificer tram June Z8 

toJnly J,18BS. iDolnalTB 

Drolled ae private and muBtered In as 
Wasonei; drew pay as Wasoner from June 
28 to Jnlv 7.1898. Inolnalse 

Enrolled as prtvate: mustered In as Musl- 
olan: siek In qnarters tram (Jet. IB t" f^"* 
19, 1898, InclQBlve: Bick In reilment 

pltaKro " ■ " " 

allinllD. _ 

Enrolled and mnalerad L .._ __ 

pointed Mualclan from private Jan. 18.1899, 

SB! R. O, No. 2. dated Jan. IS. 1899; due U. 
.. 10.07 

InroUed and mustered In as private; ap- 
DDlDted GompEmy Cook Irom prlTale Nov. 
1, 1B98, per R O. No. Si's, dated Nov. 1.1898; 
dne U. e -" "■ 


red In as 

199; sick li 


: Blek la 

(99; alcklB t>-~ 

of dnty 

Enrolled and mnetered In ae private; Blekin 
gnarters Irom July 30 to Aua. 9, 1838, Inclu- 
sive; alok In quarters from Oct. 28 to Nov. 
1.1699. IncluaWe, all In line of duty; ulck In 
anarters from Nov 9 to Dec. 4,1898. Inolu- 
Bl"e. not Id line of duty; sick in quartets 

fromDeo. 28,18SS. Intlneotduty 

lorollBdandmuatBredlnaa private; Bickln 
hoepltal from Oct. 7 to Nov, 16, 1B98; on 
sick lurlaugb from Nov 18 to Dee. 11.1898. 
Inclnalve, at Lonlavllle. 111., pet G. O. No. 
111. A. Q. O., all In line of duty; due U. S.. 

Enrolled and mnatered In as private; sick. 
In quarters Sept, II to Sept. 19.1898. Inslu- 
Blvo: aiok in quarters Scot. 80 to Oct. 7. 
1898. Inclnalve; sick In qoartcra Nov. lit to 
Nov. 2I.1B9S, all In line of duty; due U. S., 

Enrolled and muatered In as private; sick 
quarters from Nov. 18 to Nov. U. 1898. In- 
clUalvB, alllulineofdnty 

Enrolled and mualered In as private: sick 
In quarters ijept. 23 tu Oct. 2. 1898. incta- 
live; flak In qaartera Nov, t to Nov. 9,1898. 
Inclusive, all In line of duty; due D. 8„ 

Enrolled and mustered In as private; absent 
on Inrlonytli Erom Sept. 27 to Oct. IS, 1898. 
Inclusive, ger endorsement Heariqnarten 

j, per end' 
y Corpa, i 

Ith A 
in qn 

dneU. S.. SD.30... 

1. 19 tc 

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June 28.1S98 



June 2S.189S 




a 1898 


WltlidmS. CcmntoD.. 







Jnne 28.1B9B 





s:: ^f K 



June 28.1898 



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Br whom. 


Mai. Ballon Loalsvllle.... Enrolled and mustered In as prlvKte: stck 

In qnarlecs from Oct. 6 t» Oct. 7. It93, In- 

NoT. 6. 1898. iDCluslve; sick In quarters 
from Not. 8 to Not. 2i. 1899. Incluelve, not 
Id line of duty; due O. S. 10 30 

. Ubj.BoIIou Louisville.... Enrolled and mustered In as prlTMe 

u..*.n.....i. On ■''Drolled anil muetered In HS iiTlTate; trana- 
tetredfrom Uo. D loCo. I.Feb. 13.IB9a, per 
S. O. 111. Hdqrs. 9ih 111., dated Feb. 13. 

. Maj.Ballou Clar CItr Enrolled and mustered tn as uilvate; due 

D. a (OHO 

. Mai. Batlou LonlsTlUe Einrolled and mustered in as private 

. Uaj.Balloa LouisTllle .... Enrolled and mualered In aa prlvale; ab- 
sent on furloueb from Seiit. 27 to Oct. IS. 
1898. iDctuslve. at Louisville. 111., per third 
eDdorsement Hdqrti. 1th Army Corps. 

dated Sept. 26. 189!): due U. 8 SDOT 

, Uaj. Ballon Pans Bcrolled and mnatered Id aa prlvnte: elek 

, A ^ J J (p ggpj 12. 1898, 

quarters Feb. 2 to Feb. 
Biek in Quarters from 

... B9B. all in Itoeofduty.,, 

, Uaj.Balloa Clay City Enrolled and mustered in as prlvatei ab- 

—-• on fnrlouirh Sept. ZJ to Oct. 13. 1BB8. 
iBivo, ai CUy City. Ill , per third en- 
ement Hdqra. 7th Army Cocpa, dated 

26.1898; dueD. 8. JOn 

Sprlnsfleld... Moj. Ballon LoulaVlUe . . . . Enrolled and mastered in aa private; sick 

'- ~ - • Oct. 5 to Oct. 13. 1898. In- 

SprlasSeld... Ua]. Ballon Clay City Enrol led 'end'^usiered in agprlvBteVn'led 

hy Summary Court Feb. 11. 1889. tor viola- 
tion e2d Article o( War: aent<iiii:e. five 
days' extra duty; sick in quarters Aub. 18 
to Adr. is. 10S8, Inclui'lTa. Incnrretl Id 
lineof duti: sick in duaiters from Nov. 8 
to Dec. 1, 189B. Inclusive, not in line ot 
dulr: tried by Summary Court April 1. 

tlTo'(6) days' extra duty; dnelT. )j. JO.IB... 

MaJ. Ballon Clay City Enrolled and mustered In aa pilvale; sick 

'- •'- (roro Nov. 3 to Nov. 6. 1898. In- 

urredinlineofduty; due U. 8, 

Qprlnefleld ... UaJ. Ballon Louisville .... EnrDllodund miia'tere'diii aa'private: "Blck 

In Zd Olviiion hospital from ian. llto Feb. 
as. IS99. Inclusive, incurred In lino oldnts. 

Sprlnefleld... Maj.Ballou Bible Oiove.. Enrolled and mustered in aa private: sick 

in quarters from Sept. 2S to Sent. 26. 1898, 
InoInalTO: sick in 2d Division hospital 7ih 
Army Corps, from Oct. 6 to Hov. 8. 1898. In- 
olusive; abaent. on alok furiouBh from 
Nov. B to Dec. 12. 1898, inclusive, per O. O. 
111. A. a. O.. all in line ol duty; dne O. S, 


Maj. Ballon Hord Enrolled and mustered In as PTlvate; due 

MbJ. Ballon Clay City Enrolled and 'mVBVe'red'in'aViiVlVate!'.'*''.r.! 

Uaj. Ballon Sall'r Sprinors Enrolled and mustered lu as private; sick 

Oct. 5 lo Oct. T, 1898, Inclusive, 
.^.-....^....llne of duty 

MaJ. Balloa OskalOOSa.... Enrolled and mnatered in as private; tried 

by Summary Court Feb. H. tb99. for viola- 
tion ot Bad Article ot War: sentenced to 

mary Court April "4. 1899, violation e2d 
Anlcle of War; fined Ave (G) days' extra 
duly; dueU. S. W.OT 

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Jane S8.I898 




Baiijsniln F. Eeeler... 

July S,1B9B 
July S.IS9S 

QeoreeC. Landii 

Jnne 2S.\m 
June ZSASat 

Mt. Carmel 


Mlrailcli McKinney... 

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By whom. 



U>j. Ballon 

Uaj, Ballon 

M«J. Ballon 


Ma]. Ballon 

MaJ. Ballon 

Mai. Ballon 

MaJ. Ballon 

UaJ. Ballon 

Uaj. Ballon 

Uaj. Ballon 

Maj. Ballon 


Maj. Ballon 


in quarlers from Sept. 2t to Sept. 27, IBM. 
inoLUBlve; alck In quartera March 1110 

duly; abHesI o'n fitrloush' from Sept. 27 tO 

Enrolled and mnatered In bb private; sick 
lu quacterB erom Oat. 8 to Oct. IS.IBSS, In- 
einalve. tncncred In line of dut;t dne V. 


Sailor Sprl'ga 

In qaartera from Nov, 2B lo Dec. 1, im. 

l^flS.s'lo§"tr*ho"Bpfiaf from jBnI'Bco Jan', 
14,1899. Bick Id qaartera from lo 
Jan, 21,1893. all In line of duiy; sick In 
quartera from March IE lo Match 21.1898. 

SpTlneaeM ... 

Enrolled and mueiered In aa private; sick 
iDhoeplul from An(r. 27 to H^pt. 26,1898: 
Blok In quartera from Fab. 1 to Feb. 3. IBSS. 
Incurred In line of duty; absent on alck 
tnrlonEh froiD tjeul. 27 lo Oct. 2(. IS9S, per 
Q. 0. No. 114. A, Q. O. 1888. all In line ot 


In quartera from Sept, 26 to Sept. 28. 1899. 

Clay City 



dated Dec, 1,1888; drew pay aa Corporal 
from Jnne2Slo July 8. 1899. Inoloalve,.... 

lu qaartera from July 2B lo July 27.1898; 
ali-k In hoBPlial from <Jct. 27 to Nov. 8, 
1898. all In Hue ot duty; detailed at Brig. 
Hdqra. 2d Brie.. 2d Dlv. 7th A. C . aa Brit 
Clerk Sept 23.1898, to April 12,1899, per Q. 
O. No BS. Hdqra. 2d Bde,. 2d DIV,7thA. 

BIley villa .... 
Clay City 


Enrolled and mustered In aa private; alck 
In qaartera from July U to July 13.1899. 


Enrolled and mastered In as private; alVk 
lo hospital from Jan 17 to Feb. 8, 18B9. In- 


Enrolled and mu'iered In aa private; alck In 
qnartera from Jaly IB to 22. Ib99. iDclnalye, 
Bleb In quartera from Ana, 13 to Aue IB, 
1898. InclQslve. alck tn qnartarB from Ool. 
31 to Nov. 6. 1898, iDfiluBlve. lick In quar- 
ters from Nov. 12 to Nov. 14. 1898. Inclu- 
sive, alck In quartern from Ni.v. 18 to Nov. 
27. 1888. Inclaalye, all In lino o( duty 

8, KI.88 

Ut. Camel... 
Ballot Sprl'BB 

In quarter, from Oct. IB to Oct. 21.1dBB. In- 
claalve, alck In Rest. Elosp from ^ov. 8to 
No*. Ii.i898. Inclusive, alck In quartera 
from Nov 12 to Nov 27, 1898, Incliislve, all 


Enrolled and muBtered In aa private: Crans- 
terred to Co, I from Co. Q. Feb. 13. 1899. 
per R. 0. No. no, da-ad Peb. 13, 1S89 

Enrolled and mnatered In aa private; alck 
In qnartets from Sept. SO to Oct. 8.1898. In- 
clualve. sick la qaartera from Feb. 6 to 
Feb. 14. 1899. Inclusive, all In line ot duty: 

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Jane 28.1898 
Jane E8.1B08 

Jane 28.1898 

Jane 28.1898 

Jane ZB.IS98 

Jane 28. IBM 

June 28.1898 
Jane M.1898 

Jnne SS.189S 
Jane 28.1898 
June £8,1898 

Jaae Zg.l8S8 
Jane 2B.lg9B 













VitBll K. PuroeU 

Charles PurcBll 

Loreneo D. Pater 

William S. Potts 

Jacob a. Patrtdee 

Charles H. Price 



Sqalre S. Smith 

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Mdstbbbd Ih. 

Sprlnefleld .. 

SptlsBfleld -. 


Brubskei. .. 
CIbt C1»... 

L»a!BvllU .. 

.. UnJ. Ballon.. 

,. MaJ.BnlIoD jSBilaT SdtI'g 

.. Mal.BallDD Sailor SptI'i 


BprlnElleld . . . 

MaJ, Balloa... 
UftJ. Balliio. .. 

Maj. Ballon.., 
UaJ, Ballmi. .. 
Uaj. Ballon... 

Salloi Sprl'B 
Clay City... 


Clay City... 
Noble , 

Enrolled and nmatered In an private: Blok 
In gnatterB from Sect, id to Oct. I, lg9S. In- 
olnalve: sick In quarters from Jan. 81 to 
Feb. 1.1899. InclaBlTA. all in line of daty... 

BnraUed aod mnaiered In bb DrLvate: alok 
Inqaartere from Jul; 15 to July 1S.189B. In- 
clusive; alck la qiiaTters from Nov. S to 
IfDV. IS. 1S98. inclusive, all la line of dnty; 

dae 0.8,10.30 

Inrolled ani muatered In as private: eick 
In quarters (ram Sept. ZB to Sept. 3D, 1S9S. 
Inclnatve; alck In qnartera from Oct.l9tO 
Oct. !1, 1898, Inolaalve. all la line of duty; 
due D. a.M.SZ 

Etnrolled aa private; mustered In aa Cor- 
poral; reduced to private from Corporal. 
JuIyzg.lS99, per R. O. No.S, dated Jaly 26. 
IS98; due difference between pay of pri- 
vate and Corporal, from July 8 to July 16. 

1B»8. Inclusive: due U. 8. SO. 01 

iDioIled and mustered In aa private: slek 
In quarters from Nov. 3 to Nov. H. 1898. la- 
oluaive: slok In quartera from Nov. S t« 
Nov. I2.18»B. Inclusive, all In line of duty; 
tried br Summary L'onrt April 1, 189B. viola- 
tion fiZd Article of War; fined Sve leidayB' 

e«tradnty; daeU. 8.80,61 

InroUed and mastered In as private: alck 
In qnartera from Sept, 2f to Oct. *, 1898. In- 
clUHlve: Bint In quarters from Oct. IB to 
Oct. 2^,1898. tnclualve; alck In qaarters 
from Nov. U to Nov. », ISSB, Inclusive, all 
Inllneof daty: due D. a. W.M. 

Enrolled and muaiered In as private; ilck 
lo quarters from Sept. 18 to Sept. I8.18BB. 

Inclusive. Incurred In tine of duty 

InroUed and mustered In as private: alck 
luqaarteri from aok. 13 to Aur. 16,1898, 
InelDSIve: alck In quarters from Nov. IB to 
NoV.t3.18B8.lnclualve; elck In reeiineDtal 
liaspllal from April 11 to April IS. 1899, In' 
olualve; sick In qaartera April 16,1899. all 

InroUed and mastered I'a'aa private; dne IJ. 

a M.ST 

Enrnlled and mustered In aa Drtvatej due 

US 1181 

Enrolled and mustered Id aa private: alck 
Id let UlvlaloD Hospital. 7tti Army Corps. 
from Get. lOtoNov. 11.1893. Inolnalve; on 
sick tarloD?]] at Noble. 111., from Nov. 15 
to Dec. 11.1899, Inclusive, per G. O lU, A. 
G. 0, 1898, allln line of duty 

InroUed and mustered in aa private: slek 
Id quarters from aept, 7 to •Hot. 10. tll98.ln< 
elualve: sick In Quarters from Sept. W to 
Oct, 3. 189Mnclnsfve; alck Is qaartera from 
Oct. lltoOct. 19,1898. Inclusive; alck mist 
Division Hospital. Jth Army Uorus. from 
Jan. IB to ireb. 2. 1899. Incluelve. all la line 
ofduts: duoD. 

InroUed and mnetered In aa private: tried 
by Summary Coart Nov. 17.1898. violation 
ezd Article of War; aenlenc^d to forfeit 
tvo dollars <}2. 00); deducted on Novem- 
ber. 1898. payroll; on detached service aa 
Coot, Ht Hdqrs. 2d BrlBHde. Sd Division, 
7lh Army Corpa, from Sept. 23 to Oct, 10, 
1898. iDclualve. par G, O. No. BB, Bdqra, 2d 
Brlsrsde, 2d Division. Uh Army ;:orpB, 
dated 8epii. 2i. 1898; relieved by verbal or- 
der of Commandlna: General 2d Brleade, 
2d Division. 7tli Army Corps, Oct 10, 1898: 
alck la quartera from Jan. 13 to Feb. IB, 
1889. lueluBlve. not in Hue of duty; due O. 

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Edeat U. Stucker 
Charles A. bailee.. 

QarvlQ Sboulders 

Stepbeu P. Tfaornton.. 
JohD U, Williams 

MorrlBon B. WDIImub. 


eaarl B. Wblie 

Diicharged (6h 

aifordO, L-ulb'artaon.. 


PilTHte „ 

Private .. 


Jamee A. Eatoa .. 

Jnue Z8.189G 

jQUe 38.1898 

June 28.1898 

Lou la villa ., 
Louisville . , 

Ut. Csrmol, 

LonUvllle .. 

Louisville .. 

LoalBvUla . . 

Louisville . . 

LoalBvllle .. 

Juir 8, ISM 
JalT 8,1898 

jDlr 8.11 
July 8,tl 

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Sprlnslleld .. 

MbJ. Ballou. 
MaJ. Ballon . 

Uoj. BallDD. 

Uk>, BaUou. 

Uei. Ballon. 

MaJ. Ballon. 

UbJ. Ballon. 
MaJ. Ballou. 

Ma]. Ballon. 

Bradford. Ind. 
at. Caitoel. 

Clar Cltr 

Bailor Spr[nst 


oiled aDd mustered lu bb private 

Enrolled and muatered In as private: due 
D.S.I!, 38 

Eoiolled and mustered In as prlvalei tried 
by SnuiinBry Court Deo. 7, 1899. for viola- 
tlor of 62d Artlele at War; aenlenoed W 
forfeit five doHarn (IB. 00) and ten (101 days 
labor; flue deducted on jHnuair. 1K93. pay- 
roll: Cried by 6unjmsry Couit Apr, l.iesff, 
tor vlolailOD of 62d Article of War; sen- 
t«noed to Bve (51 days eitru duty; tried bs 
Summary Couri Apr. le, 1890, for violation 
ol 62d Article of War: seuteaeed to forfeit 
three doUara 118,00): disapproved by Gom- 
mandlnB OfBcer of 9th llllnola Volunteer 
Infantry: traoaferred to Co, I from Co, Q. 
Feb. IE, 1899. per ft O. No. 110. dated Feb. 
lS.1890;dueU. S. SO,t§ 

Enrolled and mustered In aa private: elck 
Id Quarters from Nov. 10 to Deo. (, 1BS8, 
Inclnslve. not In line of duty; dne IT, 3. 

SO an 

iDroUed and mnstered In as private; elolc 
In qnarlera from Ju y 13 to Jnly ao, 1898, In- 
clusive: elok In quKClera from Oct. IS to 
Oct, 20, iDclnatve, all In line of dtily; tb- 
sent on Inrloneh from Sept. E 7 to Oct, is, 
1898, Inolualve. per 9d Endorsement, Head- 
qnartera Tth Army Corps, dated Sept, ZS. 


Inrolled and mustered In ae private; on 
elck turlourb (rom Nov. 12 to Dec. 13, 1898. 
per Q, O. No. Ill, A, Q, O,. 1898, In lloe at 

duty; dueU. S.S0.4B 

Enrolled end mustered In as private 

Enrolled and mustered Id as private 

Enrolled aa private; mnstered Id bb Ser- 
jeant; drew pay as 8ereean( from Jnoe £8 
to JnlyT. 1898, Inoloalve; slok Id 2d Divi- 
sion hospital, 7'h Army Corps, from Sept. 
IS to Nov. n. ISSS, Inclualve: on alcli fur- 
loueb from Not. 18 to Deo. 17. 1B98. incln- 
alve, at Lonlevllle. Ill,, per 6, O. lU, A. Q. 
O.. 1898: tuDoueh extended to Include date 
of dlscbarse. per order of Secretary of 
War, all In line of duty; descriptive list 
and flDBl alBtementa mailed (a command- 
Ine oCBcer at Jefferson BarrHCka. Mo.. Jan. 
17,1889; dlsobareed Jan. 27.1898, per S. O. 
No. SS. A. G. U„dated Jap.27,lB99:BmonDt 
due soldier on ctoltitns allowance, as 
stated OD final BtBtemeut, 117.89: amoitnt 
■cmally due soldier at tbls date (Jac, IT, 
18991,118.96; Bervlces boneat and faltbful.. 

E:Drolled as private: mustered Id ub Corpo- 

Jul'y 7. 1898, iQclnelve: tried bv Nummary 
Court at Joslab Simpson boBplial, Ft, 
Monroe. Va.. Jan. 7, 1899, for violation of 
32d Article of War (absent less tbau one 
daT); aeutenced to forfeit two dollarx 
((2.00): approved .Ian. 0. 1899: deducted 
[rom JftQUBry, IB99. payroll: alck In reitl- 
mental boapital from Oct. II to Oct 19. 
I89B, Inclnslve: sick In 1st Division hos- 
pital, 7th Army Corps, from Oct. W to Nov, 
10,1898, Inclnslve: alck in Joalab Simpson 
eeneral hoapltal from Nov. 11,1893. to Feb. 
23.1898, iDolnelve: descriptive Hat anil final 
Htatementa mailed aoldler Jan. 20, 1899; 
dlacbarEed Feb. 23. 1899. per order of Sec- 
retary of War: services hooeat and 

Hosted by 



Henry D. filbson... 

Ohulea Gllliluid... 

BIchHFd H. HadsD 

Jane S8.I8BB 

Jnoe 28,1898 



.0 Jaly S, 
Mo. ES. dHi 

Sprbiirfleld... U 

198; »1ck In quarieca JqIt 
(uartere Jnly 13. 18SB: sick 

27 to Nov 


fe (nt- 

lonah from Nov, is to Dec IB, 18-_. 

live, per Q. O. No. lU, A, G, O,. 1B98; fnr- 
loDEb extended to date o( dlBOhariie. pet 
order of Secretur of War. all in lice of 
dull; deacrlntire Hat and flnnl Btalementt 
mailed In noMier &t Loolsvllle. III.. Jan. 

dlaGhBreed Jan. 35,1889, Per G. O. 

&. G). O.. dated Jftn. EG. I8e»i Bervlee 

md faith tnl 

- ' 'ersd In aa private; alck 


lo Opt. S. 1 

.. SallorBprlnrs 

3, in- 

-. _ Feb. 8. 

isfn. imMnaivo; on sim tuiloDgh ttom Feb. 
9 to Mar. S, 1899. Inclusive, per Q. O. No. 
lU. A. a. 0., 1898: fatlough eitendea to 
date of diacbarse by order of Secretary of 
War. all In line of duty: descriptive list 
and flnal Btatenienta mailed to aoldler Mar. 
1.1899; discbareed Mar. 24, 1899. DerB.O. 
No. li, A. a. O.. dated Mar, 2f 1899; service 
honest and fHltbfnl 

Enrolled and muaiered In aa private: aiek 
In onartera Jab 13 to Jnly 18. 1898. Inclu- 
sive: alck Id qaartera from Aue. 17 to Sept, 
ll.lB9fl. iDdualve; slok In quarters from 
Nov G to Dee 1.18S8, Inclnstve: aick In Ft. 
McPhersoQ, 6a . hospital, from Dec. 16 to 
Doc. B6. 1H98. IncluBlve; on alck turJonjth 
from Sent, II, 1898. to Oct. 10. 189B, Incfn- 
elve, per (1. O. lU. A. Q. O.. 189^; on slok 
furloneb from Dec, 26, 1898. to Jan ZE, 
1899, iQclnslve, per Q. O. lU, A. 6. 0„ 
1S98; fnrloneh extended until date of dia- 
cbaree. by order of Secretary of War. 
ail In line of duty; descrlutlve Hat and 
final atattments mailed aoldler Feb. 1. 1899; 
dlBchaTied Feb. 6, 1899, per 8, O No. 39. A. 
Q. O.. dated Feb. a. 1B99; service honeBt 
and faithful 

Enrolled and mnatered In aa private; sick 

a fro 

July 11 

y 19. 1 

InOluBlve; sloli Id Ft. B 

tal from Nov. 39 to Dec, IB. 1898. Inclnalve; 
on alck f artouffh from Deo. 19. 1S9B. to Jan, 
18, 1899. Iticluelve, per B. O. 114. A. 9. O.. 
-898; furloneb (extended to date of dia- 
iharee. bv order of Secretary of War; de- 
icrlptlve lUt and final atatementa mailed 
.0 soldier Feb. IB. 1B99: dlEcbaried March 
8, 1899. per S. O. No. BS, A, G 0„ dated 
Harcb S. 1899: aervlce boneat and faithful. 
,. Eotolled and muatored In as private; aIck 
' - -" -■ ■ ly Corps, from 

Oct. 2 

r 10. 1! 

b Slmpaon hoapltal. Ft. Monroe. Va., 
Nov. 11. l)i9B,to Jan, £7. 1899,100.; dea- 
orlptlve llstmalled C O. Joalah Slmpaoii 
"lap. Jan. £0,1899; dl'charitad at ,loslab 
mpson boapital. Ft, Moproe. Va .Jan. 17, 
W, perorder Secretary of War: dlaohacie 
,_d final atatemepia given at above boa- 
pital: service honest and (althfnl 

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Chnrlea Eelllmua .. 

Charles A. Smtth .. 

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Sprlnsfleld... i 

Svilneasld... H 

ScriUKAeld... K 

.. Enrolled and tnuBteced In bb privale; slok 
In quarters from Mot. 'ii to Nov. 28, 1896. 
Inoluulve; sick In Eeoeral hospllal. Ft. Uc- 
Pheraon, Qs.. from Deo. 8. 1888. to Jan. ID, 
1899, InclDsive^ od sick (nrloazli Jan. 11 to 
Feb. 10, 1899. InclualTe, per G. O. 111. A. O. 
0.,1S98: tnrlouKb extended to date of dla- 
oharse. b; order of t^ecretarv of War. all 
In line oC duty; de^orlDtlve llet and final 

Jefferson Banachs, Mo,, Feb. 7. 1899; dls'- 
oharsed FBb,__i3. 1889., per S. 0._No.l3.A. 

cluVlVe; fl' 

Oct. 27, te 
boepltal. 1 

1 JoBlah 

to Deo ...., „ 

fnrlouEb from Deo. i3 to Jan. 21. 1899. In- 
olnslye; fnrloueti extended to date of dla- 
oharEe.peT order Seoretary ot War. all In 
line of dntf: Snal Btatementa malted 
BDldler at Louisville, 111., Matcb l, 1889; 
dUchareed Uarcb B. per S. 0. No. EiS. A.. 
Q. 0„ dated Marob 8. 1899: servloe bonest 
and faithful: descrlDtlve list turnlsbed 
Joelah Simpson hosulCal .. 

ered In e 


yZS. 1B98. I 

i. O, No. S, dated July 
e from July 8 

tbat of CorpO'al and privi 

to Jnli 26,1898, IncloBlve. __ 

eerrlce as clerk at HdqrB. 2d Brigade, Zd 
DW., 7th Army Corps, Per S. 0. No. Si. 
Hdqra. 2d Brliade. 2d DIt., 7th Army 
Corps, dated Sept. Z3. 1838, from Bept, iS. 
1898. to Oct. ID. 1898; relieved by order of 
Commandlns General 2d Brlgradb, 2d Dlv,, 
~" ■ mr Corps. Nov. 10. 1898: slok in 2d 
ospltal, Ith Army Corps. Oct. ID to 

.1, 1899. luclnelve, Incnrred In line 

of duty; dlaetaartced Jan. 1, 1899. per tele- 
-raphlc Instructions of the aeccetary of 
' - '-n. 3 1899. ooDflrmed by 8, O. No. 

. t>,' 6.. dated Feb. 

jC and faltbfnl: Degci 

mailed soldier at Ft. Merer, V: 
1898: dlschaTee and flual state 
-' ' ' "it hospital at Ft. Meye 


I list 

sick I 

I, Inc 

I Nov, 1 

hospital. Ft, MoPhersoD, 6a,. from Dec. 
28,1898. to Jan. 1. 1899, InolaslTe; □□ sick 
furlouBh from Jan, S to Feb. I. 1899. In- 
Clnelve, pec G. O, lU, A, G. 0„ 1B98: (or- 
lonsh extended to Include date of dla- 
cbarlce. per 8, O. 27. Hdqrs. Jefferson 
Barracks, Uo,. dated Jan, 1. 1X99: descrip- 
tive list mailed Commepdine OtQcet Jef- 
' ton Barracks. Mo., Feb, 7, IB99; dls- 

«ed Feb. IS. 1899. ser S. O. No. 13. 
. O.. dated Feb. 21. 1899; lervlce 
honest and faltbCal 

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Simeon N. Hinds 

Jal7 8.189S 
lalr S.1898 


June 28.1S9S 


Q'hompsoa A. McKlo- 

Jane i8.i8»8 


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Enrolled and miiBtered In &H pcIvHte: ab- 
sent on (urlonKh from Nov. :i, isoa. to 
Dee. 1. 1S9B. Id Elusive, tierltb endOFBement 
HdqFs, IBt DIvlBion. Tth Army Corps. 
dated Not. 12. 18S8; niek tn qunriers from 
OcC. 5 to Oct. 21. 1S98. Inclnalre; Bick la 
Qaarlers Nov. Z to Not, G. 1898. IncluslTs; 
Blck In 1st DItIbIdd hoBnItia, 7th Army 
Corp 9, from D«c. 1 to Deo. it. ISBB. Incln- 
bItb; absent on slok farloneh troni Deo. 
32 to Jen. 21, 1808, InclnsWe. per 6. O. 111. 
A. Q. 0., IB9B: fnTlonah exCtnded to In- 
clude date or dlBCharee. per S. O, No. 11, 
HdarB. JeSeraon Barracks, Mo., dated 
11, 1B39. all !□ line of duly: descrlti- 

B Hat a 

nailed t 

C. O. JeUereon BarraokB, Mo, ... 

1899: dlecharsed Jan, 26. 1899. per 8. O. 
Ho. 21, A. Q. O.. dated Jan, W, 1699: aer- 
Tlce honest and faithful 

DOtoted Corporal from prlTWe July aT 
1898. R. O. No. B. dated Jul; iS, 1B9S: sick 
In Querterfl JqIt 16 to Jnly 18. 1898. InolO- 
Slve, Incurred In line of duty; dlecharsed 
Sept. 13, 1B9S. by anrseou's certlllcate of 
dIaabllltT. per 4th endoraemeDt 1th Army 
Corps, dated idept. 9. :S98: service honest 
--' faithful: drew Corporal paj from 



Luj: arew 
July 2S. 1 

: diB- 

11. 1896. Inclusive, per Sd eDdoraemeDt 
Hdqrs. 71b Army Corps, dared Sept. !S, 
1B9B: dlsebareed Dec. 9, 1698, per tele- 
srapblc InstrnotloiiB of Secretary ot War. 
dated Dec. S. 1898: confirmed by 8. O. No. 
298. A. 6. O., dated Dec 19. 1898; aeFvice 
boneat and faithful: dlsoharee and final 

Enrolled and mustered'in aa'prlyaieVVrck 
July 21. 1898. 


t Inc 

a line ot d 

dIsohaFEed Sept. 12. 1898, by s 
certificate of diaablllty, per lih upuursu- 
ment Hdqra. Tib Army Cotpb. dated Ana. 
2S. 1898; service honest and faithful; dls- 
charse and Qnal statements (nrnlshed .... 
Enrolled audmnBtered In as private: tFled 
br Smnniary Court Sept, E. 1998, violation 

ner 1th eDdorsemeut Hdqra. 7tb Army 
CorpB. dated Sept, S. 1898: Bervloe honeat 
and taithtal: dUcbarsB and final state- 
ments furnished 

)aTolled and mustered Id as private: sicb 
In QuarterB from Sept. 1( to 19, 1B98. Inolu- 
fiTe: Bick In quarters from Oct. 2,3 to Oct. 
30. 1S98. IncluslTe; sick Id quarters from 
Nov. B to Nov. 29. 1898, Inolualve. all In line 
of duty; diachareed Not. 30. 1898. on sur- 
geon's certificate of disability, pof llh en- 
dorsement Hdqrs, 7tb Army Cerps, dated 
Not. 29, 1898: service honest and faltbtol: 
dlBcbarae and final statements fUFoIsbed. 

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July 8.1898 
Jaly 8,1898 

Jul; a.iS98 

July 8,1898 
July 8.IS9S 

June 28.1898 
Jdds 2S,1S98 

Ut. CftrniBl 

Emll C. Jobuson 



July 8.iew 

July S.1S98 
Joly 8.1898 


jQUe Z8,188S 
una 28.1898 


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Udbtebbd In. 


Sprlnefleld . 


3prlna;fteld .. 

Hftl. Ballon... 
UaJ. Ballon... 

tlai. BalloD... 

Mb). Bftllon... 
Uaj. Ballon... 


9prlntaeld ... 

LonUTllle .... 

EoTolled ind mueterfd In aa pilvBte; dU- 
ahaiied Not. 8, 1898. on enreeoD'a certia- 
Bate oF dUablHtr, per tth endorsemcnC 
Hdqrs. 7th Acmy Corps, dated Nov. 7, lflS8: 
sorvlce honest and taltbtul; dfechaieeaud 
flnalatataments furnished 

Enrolled and mnstered In aa nrlvatei ab- 
sent on fnrlonsh Sept. 21 to Oct. IH, 1898. 
luolnelve, at Clay City, 111,, per 3d endoist- 
ment Hdqra. 7th Armr Corpe, dated Sept. 
Z«, 189B: alck !□ Qaailera from Not. 11 io 
Dec. 1, 1893. Inclnelre, not Incarred In line 
□r dDly: dlachareed Jan. 3. 1899 ni -k- 
sean'a certlflcate of dlaablllt;, o 

sood; diacharEB ai 

TraoBferred to Co. I 

I. U. S. ForooB, n 
d JsD. 1 -— 

. final 

acrlpilvB Hat fntnlnhe- ..^ ^ 

TrBDaferrad to Co. I from Co. 6. March 6. 

-- 1», per B. O. No, 12T, dated MbccU t, 1839: 

interred lo Co. O from Co. L April «, 

19, per R. O. 166 dated Aorll 3,1899: de- 

SflDt 1,1898. par S. O- No, 7L. hosdqnattera 
7th Army Corps. dat>^d Sect. 1.1898: de- 
GcilptlTe list tnrnlsbed Sept. 1.1898 

Enrolled and muatered In as prlTaie: trans- 
ferred to Co. F from Co. I. July z:i.lB9S.per 
R. 0, No. e. dated July 22. 1898; dascilptlTe 

list furalahed July aj, 1898 

nmlled and mustered In as pilTSte: trans- 
tarred to Co, H from Co, I, Oct. ZD.189B. 
per B. O. No, 21, dated Oct. 20.1898: de- 
eorlptlve list furDlshed Ocl, £0, 1898 

Enrolled and mustered Id as prlyate: trans- 
ferred to V. 8. Hospital Corps from Co. I. 
Sapt 1,1898. per R. O. No. 71, dated Sept. I. 
1898; dasorlpilTe list tarnlahed Sept. 1. 
1B93 - 

Enrolled and mastered In as prlyate: trana- 
ferred to Co. E from Co. I July ai. 189s. per 
B. O. No, 1. dated Jaly 21.1838: descriptive 
list tnmlalied July 21, 1BS8 

Eprotled aa private, mnstered In as Ser- 
'row Serjeant's pay from June 28 


1, Ith A 

alck 1. 

y Corps, from Nov 

died > 

18 to Nov, 20,1898. lnola»l' .. _ 
1898. Incurred In Una of duty; nnai siaie- 
meats and Inyontory of personal effects 
mailed Adjutant General. WasblDEton, V. 
C: service honest and falthtul: died In 1st 
Division hospital. 7th Army Corps. Sa- 

Ep rolled ai 
In qnnrfB. 

:s froa 

: sick 
m. lu- 
ll. 7th 

,, cJorpB. from Oct, 20 10 -_, , 

fllve:OQ sick furlouEh at Clay City, 111,, 
from Oct. 30 to Nov. :a.l89S. inolnslve. per 
0. O, No. lU, A, O. O., 1H9B: alak in Ist 
Division hospital. 7th Army Corpa, from 
Deo, e to Dec, 30.1898. Inclualve: died Deo, 
SO. 1893. all In line oC duly; Baal statemeata 
and Inventory o( effects forwarded to A. 
6 0„ WashtnetoD. D. C: service honest 
and falthtul! died In lat Division hospital, 
7th Army Corps, SaTunQah. Qa., of eera- 
bro spinal meningitis 

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June 28.1W8 

June ZS.1S9S 


June S8.I8SS 
June a. 1896 

Ht. Veroon 


Ut. Vernon 

Mt. Vernon 

Mt. Vernon 

July iO 189S 

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Udstebed In. 

1. Ut. Vernon. 

■ Enrolled and mnatered In ne lat Lieutenant, 
commandlns oompuiT Iram JoIrZO to 31, 
IBSB. laolDslve. Sept. IS to Oct. 3, ISSS, 1n- 

,. let Lieut. BbUoq. 1 

.. let Lieut. Ballon. ! 


iBt Uent. Ballon. ) 

s. Not 

3S. inc 

va. HavMi». 

O. No, 80, HdgrH. 7th Army Co 

Cuba, April IB, IB9B. per H.O. No. 15S, c 

BTapb 1, A. Q. O . S. 1B98: nrnointed Cap- 
tain Nov. IS. I8B3. vice Capt. A. M. Sirley. 
realened. and aeanmed eummand o£ com- 
pany eame date 

,. Enrolled as t. private and mustered Id as 1st 
SerKPBDt; paid ar "' " ' ' — 

28 to July 

: fro 

i. iDCjl 

t Ser 

t Nov. 

1 1st 

._ _a from April 10 to U. 

1899. Inclnslve: abltnt, sick In boapltal.zd 
DIvlilOQ. 7th Army CoFpa, Havana. Cnba. 
from April 19 to May 20, 1899, all In line of 


_nTolled na private and mnatered In as 
Q. M. SarBeanl: absaol. sick IQ hoapltal. 

2d Dlvlal. 
villa. - 

, 7tli S 

• Corp 

i, InclQS 

.11 Oct. 19 It. 

nolQBlve. per G. O. lU, A. B. O.. 1B98, al 
a llQe of dnty; appointed id Llentenap 
Jov, HO. 1899, and muatered In at Savao 
lah. 6a.. Nov. 2g. 1898: sick In qnacten 
rom March IB to 10, 1899. Inclnalve; aid 
.□ realmeptat hospital from March 20 ti 

Said as Q. h. ^'erEeaiit from June SS ti 
oly9. 1888. Inclusive 

.. Enrolled as private and mnatered In as Sei 
B«ant: alck In qnarters Aue IE to IE, 189B 
Inclnalve; AuB. 20 to SO, 1B9H, Inolualvo 
Sept. Z to 3, U9S. Inclualve: Sept. (. ISSS 

.. G. O.. 1898, I 
d iBt Serseant 
perB. G O K 
Nov. 16. 189£ 

lick far- 
" Inclo- 

Jnly 9 1B98. Inclnalve 

Enrolled and mustered In as a private; ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Nov. 16. 
- — r R. G. O. No. 66. dated eame date: 
ted Q. M. Sarffeant from Corporal 
I, IBBS. per a. G. O. Mo. 89. para- 

I. dated Bame date 

aa orlvale and mnatered In B' " 

poral; onfnrlonBh" " - ..--™ 

Inclusive, at Walloi 

doraement Hdqrs. 

Oct. 14.1898; tuiloueb extended Oct. 21 t< 
" " B.1G3S, Inclusive, per endoiBemenC A 
" It. 28, 1898; sick In ouartera Sept. El 

.0 IS, 1898, 
ir third en- 

Jnly 9, 1898. Inclusive 

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Mt. Vecnon 

Jane 2S.lS9g 

Ut. Venion 

jQlr 10,tSB8 


Mt Vernon 

Jane 28.1898 

Mt. Vemon 

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UcBrsitED In. 

.. let Ident. Ballon. ( 

.. iBt Lleat. BbIIov. Q 

,. lot Ueiit. Ballon. I 

,. Mt Lieut. BBlIon. I 

lied as private Bud muBtered In as 

poritl; received p^y &b CorpocftI from 

e £d to July 9, 1»9B. IncluBive; bp- 

ited Sereeaut [rom Corpotal Nov. 16, 

-... per K. G. 0. No. B6; abBent. sick In 

boapitBl, iBt DlTiBloD. 7th Armr Corps. 

"-TSBB. CabK. Irom Feb. 18 to March 11, 

inOluBive. In lino of doty: dne D. S. 


, Enrolled Bud maBtered In as private: 8l«k 
' luaclera Hapl. 6 to U. 189!<, Inclusive; 
eol, Bick In hospital, zd Division. 7th 
„.jir Corps, JaokBonvUle, Fla.. Irom 
Sept. U to Oct. II. less. InclaBive: on sick 
'arloueh from Oct. li to Nov. 8, 1H98. la- 
.luelve, per O. O. lU. A. Q. O., 189S. all In 
llDB of duty: BPPolnlBd Serg-eBiit from 
prtvBte Nov. 16, IS98, per R. Q. O. No. 66^, 

SprlnEfleld... Ii 

I Lleat, BallOD. E 

., Enrolled Bnd mnstered In as privalei on 
fnrloush at Qulncr. III., from Jnly 23 to 2S. 
- — '. InelQslve. per verbal B. Q. O., alck 
._ aoarters Ana. 29 to 80. »98, Inclusive. 
Ane. 81 to Sept. 1. 1898. Inclusive, April I 
to 11. 1898. Inclusive. bII In line of duly; 
BPpoltiled Corporal from private Nov. IS. 

t. G. O. 1 

'. 55: I 

IjntBnI's office as clem 
iBc. 10. isiis. per ft. G. O. Ho. 16: bd- 
oloted Serve ant from Corporal Feb, 3. 
399. per R. Q. O. No. 98; dno D. 8. S0.23.,, 

;orporal: sick In qnarters from Sept. ES to 
i, 1BG8. Ibclutlve, Oct. 16 to 17. 1S98, Inctn- 
Ive. bI! In line of duty: received pay bb 
Jorporal from June 2S to July B. 18B8, In- 

clnslve; due U.S. SO 87 

Transferred to company from Co. F, BIh 111. 
Vol. Int., per B. 8. 0. No. 2, dated July 20. 
1898: Joined compHny at SprlnEfleld. 111., on 
--- -I date: elck In quarters July iJ to 28. 

Inclusive; on forloueh from Oct KIO 

Oct. 26.1898. Inclusive, at Belle Blvu.Ill.per 
3d endorsemeDt Rdare. 2d Dlv., 7th Army 

id Oct. 1 

IS9B: sick li 

to April II, lasv, mcmelve. bj 
duty; appointed Corporal fr 
Jnly 2B. 1898, per R. G. O. No. 
''-—oral from June " 

31 April » 
tn line of 
a private 

-. lojQiySB. 

, _, jverdrew pay difference 

ween private and Corporal for time 

...m June2Bto July EG. 1898. Inclusive 

- Enrolled as private and muBtered In as Cor- 
poral: onfurlonsh from Sepl. 26toODt.1I, 
1898, Inclusive, ai UC Totood. 111., per Itb 
endorsement Hdqrs, 7ih Army Corps. 
Jacksonville. Fla; sick in quanerH from 
Oct 26 to 27. 1S88. iLolnslve. In line of duty : 
received pay ae Corporal from June 28 to 

Jnly 9. 1898, Inolaslre.. 

.. Enrolled as a prlvale and mustered In bb 
Corporal: sick In anarters from Jnly IB to 
Jnly 21. 1398. inclaslve, not In line of duty; 
received n " ' ' ' "° '- 

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Jane 2B.1SS8 



iDDe 28.1BSS 

June 2S,1S8S 

Ut. Veroon 

JdIt W.1BSS 


Jane !8.1898 

Mt. Varnon 


Jnne 28.189B 

Ut. Voraon 

Hosted by 





1 Where. 

Br whom. 

\ SpriniSeM,.. 

■at Llent Ballou. 


Enrolled as private and mnxtered In as Car- 
purali Bbscnt on deiHcbrd aurvU*. at bri- 
gade taFRdguarirrB as Cleife. per K. U. 0. 
No. as, Hdara. 2d BriBude. M UIvIbIod. lib 
ArmrCorpB. dated Sept. 2S.IB9Bi Bbeent. 
eick In biisplial. 2d Dlvlalun 7th Army 
Corps, JacBfouvllle, trum Sept, 26 to Oct. 
9. lb9S, Inclusive: absent, sick in boeplial. 
Ft. TbomuB. Kr.. from Oct. 9 to Nov 21. 
I8as, lEclu-lve: Mok In quarter. Nov. 21 tp 
Nov. 26,l(i9tl, inolu^lvn, all In Hue of duty; 
received pay as Corporal from Jupb2!1 le 

Ut Lleni BaUon. 


luly8.1S»8. iQcloslve 


enrolled and niUBwred la as a private: ap- 

pelated Coriioral Imm prlVHte Oct. 20, 1E88, 

per K. G. 0. No. *0. paraaraph 2, of eame 


dKte.JsoSBonvllle. ria.; sick In quanere 


(rum Sept 2» to 21. IbBS. Inolualve, Sent. 80- 

ti>Uct 1.1898 lacluBlve.BlllDtlneof duty. 

j Bprlnrfeld... 

Ut Llent. Balloa, 


p..1nted Corporal from private Dot. EO.'iSBB, 
per K. G. O. No, tO, oarBerath S. of tame 

fr^o'm Sepc^arto ^29, 1S8B. lnclua"ve'!'iS'^l?nS 

lat Lieut. Ballon. 


otdun: doe D.S »J8i 


Eorolled and mnsiered In as a prlvaie; ap- 

poluied Corporal from private Dec. !8, ]»B9. 

perR S.O.No.61.ofBi.madate, Savannah. 

fo"r "vluiatioS a"" Allele""" War labJeot 

IcBB than .-ne day) floUlne. not eutlty 


I8t Llent. BaUon. 

WaltOBVllle .. 

Enrolled and mustered Id as prlvaie; ap- 

iQcluslve, Nov. 23 to 21, 1898, lnclUBlve,'Feb.' 
S tofi. iB99. IncluBlve. all tn Hue of duty;. 

lat Llent. BaUon. 

U(, Vernon... 

due C. S. to 21 ..: 


Enrolled and mustered In as Musician: ab- 

sent on ilelached servlqe at brleadehead- 

quarlers an Mimoced Ordtrly. per order 

Division. 7th Armi Corps. Sept. 10.1898:. 

apDulnied Corporal from muelclan, Feb. 3. 

1899 DerR.G.O.No 9S, d.ted Feb, 3,1899, 

Camp ColuDjlita. Havana. Cuba; rftnrnrd 

to lompauy from brigade beadqianerB. 
April .. 1899, per R, .s.^O, No. 31: aeia-beci 

m Clerk at Adjutant's office April S, 189». 

per R. S. O, No. IS3. of same date; doe D. 

iBt Llent Ballon. 

Mt. Vernon,.. 

5^10 30 


Enrolled and muet*-red la as a prlvatp; ap- 

polD'ed Corporal from private Feb. 16, 1889. 

Cuba: on fuTlonehfrom Sept 21 to Uci. 9,' 

i898.1o.ilUBlve. ai Mt.Vemon. 111., perlth. 

endorBem„n t HdqrB. 7th Army Corns, dated 


dueU, S,»i|.08 


Ut Llent. Ballon. 


Eorolled aod mastered In as private: «p- 
polaied Carporsl from private Feb 20, 1689. 
per K. S. O. No. 116. of hb me date, 
Cuba: Blckln nuartera Ir.m ,laly2ato«. 
11198. Inf.Iu.ive. Dec 21 to 22, Ib98 Inclaslve. 
March I to 16.1899, Inclusive. Mfl.cb 16 to 
ap-ll d, 1B99. IncluBlte: absent, sick In 
bospltal BbiD MlBBonrI April <>ol2.1899, 

MSu"oe?Va*, Ap''rll 12% May sWa^'alnn 
Hue cif duLy; dlachareed and Bnul siata- 

Sf (o?wa?dad by^-eB^Bt^red^LSfl to Jotiih- 
himpson General Hospital. Ft, Monroe- 
Va.: due U. S.M.H 

Hosted by 








Chief Coos 

Mt, VeiBon 

July 10.1898 

lane ig.lB» 

Mt. Veimon 

luliF 10.1S98 

Joseph T. Brock 

WllJItim M^AndeiBon 

Jalr 10,1898 


June a.l89^ 

Mt. Vernon 

Hosted by 




Spilnsfleld .. 
SptlDsfleld . 

It LlanL Ballon. 
ttLleat. Ballon. 

Ut. TetnoD., 

SpilDsfleld .. 
Sprlnsfield .. 

Ut Lieut. Ballon. 

it lAtat. BnlloQ. 


Mt. Vemoa.. 

.. latLlant. Ballon. } 

Enrolled end niiinterei 
pOtBted ljhle( Cooh 
l«9B, pel R. B. O. Ni 

Gnrolled and mustered Id na a p 
Potowd buelflr br verbal order o: 
commander July 11.1B98: due V. 

3t same dale, 

il^tluu of ;i2n Article of onedav withnnt 
ullty; aloklc 

UBlve. In llDfl oi 

, Artlfleer from pi 

per R G, O. No. 66. of ?ame date, B 
nah.Oa: bIcK In quartos AucT. Z8 
IHSS. Inclnalve. Oct.Sio 7.1898. Incli 
Nov. 8 to 4. 189M. iDcliiElve. all in I 
diitr: tried by SummBrr Cniirt Fe 
1899. torvlolailon of Sii and fi2d Art' 

•■roll: ai 

01. a-ivi 
led wse 

r trom 

AcrlMG.lSPa. per K. S. O. No. 
■ Ml tS, 189B; due U. S ID 14 

luarters trnm Sept. 22 to !4/l898. Incln- 
e: Dec 15 to IS. 1B9«. Incluelve. all In 

>otduty:i1neU. S. I0,4S 

lied and muete'ed In as private: eick 
IQarterarrom Sert. ID to 23.IH9!t. Incla- 
e; on sl.-h foH"neb from Sept. !2 to 
t. 21. ISiH. Inclu^lvF'. at Mt. VerDOo. Ill , 
■GO, No lit. A. G. O. 1B9B: furlnnsh 
»nded from Oct 23 to Nc.v. M.I898, I 

Q A, G. C, 


JI.1B98: " 

nioPherS'^n lita . iTi>m ere, dciobo. totian. 
4. 1899. iBeloBlve: on ptok farlooih tniin 
Jan. B to F-h. 4.18»9. locln-lve, per G O. 
No. lU A. G. O . 1898. Bll Id Iti-e of dntv: 
fUrlnnKh "itenripd to Inclnde May 20.1899. 
tiyCapl. Edg-sr W, Cnwp miisterlneofBcBr 
AuenMB. Gb.. May 18.1699, by anthorlly 
ffrsntfld by Seen-tary of W«r: snllKed to 
i._,-_ >-een,n 


I. 111. 

and tnnatered to aa Private: alclt 
■- from S»nt l! to 13.1898. Inchi- 
Bivp; ansi'Dt. alcfe In hnopltBl 2A DIv. 1th 
A. C H-VHna. Cuba, fn)ni Marph 16 lo 26, 
1899. iDfi'nMve: on fnrlonth Sent. 26 to 
Oct. 11, 1S98. iDClnslve. at Zoll-ha Sprlnei, 
■;.,. _.- .... „„rt .rp„n,eril HilarB. lih A. 

'ept S 

■1 qn-r 

Hosted by 









JeieeO. Blrdaoofr.... 


Jnne iS,ie3> 


July 1D.1S» 



Ul. Teraon 





JalT 10.18SB 

June 2S,1B8k 

Hosted by 




e of War. dru. 
, Bemencett I 
iireol AUeea ■ 

.. tatLlent. B^lon. i 

.. IstUenl. BallOD. [ 

iloeoCdutr; ontnrlonKQ S'tiia StiPl. M to 
Oct, I.1B9K. iDClualv. at WoodlawQ. 111.. 
per tlh endorsement Qdqrs. 7th A- 0. 

dated Sert, 26. iBSa 

" rolled and uiuat'-red In an a crlTate; elcb 
1 Teelmcntal boaDUal from Aue. St to 
_ei(t. J, ItoB. iDcluslvBi aick 1q quarters 
tram -iein. 17 lo S5, m% Inclusive: Svol- 23 
:o t3. 1883. Inelualve; Oct. 1 lo 2. 1898. inclu- 
ilve. all Id lioe o( datri Oct 3D lo Not. 2. 
laSK. IncluslTB. N"V. IB ro 16. 1898. Inclusive. 


). Inc 


"b lo"p?l* 
'of Warl 

.. lBtLl«nt. BftlloD, 

BtLleat. Ballon. 

..._ ,-. iffflflrt 1,... 

Jul; 3i. 199S; sbaei t tick iDlbosPlUl 2d, 
"'vision. 1th Army Coiua. Jacbsonvllle: 
L. from Sept. il to Oct. »,16»g. lOBlaBlve. 
<lcl[ farloueh from Oct. 8 lo Nov. t, 
t£tS, Inirlusive. per». U No 111. A. U. O.. 
Kna. sick In qnartera from Sept IS loll, 
1B9S. Inclusive. Dec. 6 to S. 1898. inala»lT«, 
"en. 11 to 12.1898. toolaaive. all la liae of 

Williams Tllle EDrolled and mnsterett In as private: absent 
OD dolacbeil >erTlci> at brlsade bendquar- 
tors aa ABslataeC Cook b. O. O. No. 
Bl'«.ta«adquart>-T8 td Brigade. Isi Division, 
Itb Army Cuips. dated Dec. 19.18S8: dne U. 
8. SO 30 

TaiewsllCo.. Enrolled and nmiter^d In aa prlvnte; aluk 
■ - • July IJ to J2, I8S3. lupln- 

1898. Ineli ■ 


1. -id I 

(1. Oa . from Nov 


Hosted by 









Ut. Vernon 

Ut. Vernon 

Jnlr 10,1199 


Jnlr 10. un 


Ut. Vernon 

Hosted by 




stUent. Ballon. ( 

. lat Lieut Ballon. » 

,. iBt Lieut. Ballon. 

WallODVllle . 

.. latUeatB&Ilon. I 

BDrlDKfleld... li 

It Lient. Ballon. E 

dHva baril labor: tried by BomniBry Court 
Nov. S,IB9S, violation Bid Article al Wm, 
diuDk and disorderly conduct: Biaolenced 
to Qve dHvs h«rd labor and (orreltare of 
three dollara (ISOD); deducted on Noyeia- 
ber. 189S. psyroll: tried by Sammarr 
Caort Nov. 2i. IS98. for violation B2d Article 

In bosoUal. let Utvlalun. 7th 
, Hftvaoa. Cuba. Irom Fab. 18 
99, Inclusive nil not in line of 


■ *■ -y Court Mo ch U. 1B9S. for vlo- 

*-'-'- -" "-- '- kBDd dn. 

.. forfeiture 

deducted Mi ' 

D 62d Article of War 

•■roll; aick ii 

n Jnli 

Come. HaVBOa. Cuba. Msrch 16 to ZZ.lHsg, 

InolQslTB, Klllnlineoldaij 

Enrolled and muetered 1u aB Krlyulei abseot 
on detached Ber»lca Bt 2rt Div., JIB A. U.. 
JacbHOavllle, Pla. as orderly Aue. 21. ISS8. 
perK. O.O. No. 29.ldBl«d Aue 21.i8;jlt: re- 
turned to comiUDy at SavHtiBeb. Ga , Nov. 
Z0,l89S:trledbyS V Sept. 2U,lBtlB. forvlola- 
tlonil'^rl Arllcleot War.abtenl lesatban one 
daywllhoat leave: BeDtenced to torfeliore 
of one dollar; deducted on November. lb9B. 
paT-roll; BicE Id quarters from 9et>t. IB to 
19.lli98.lQelu8lve. Jan 7toe,1699.tBelu9lve. 
Bba«iit. Blck In bosiiital, lal DIvlaloD. 7th 
Armv Corps. Bavana. Cuba, from .Jan. 9 to 

poral; redu 


and mustered 



Hosted by 











aicbaril A. Helm 

Jul; 10. ISM 

Jane a, ISM 


Hosted by 






1B( Ll«itt. Ballon. 

iBttLlBnt. Ballon. 

Spilnsflald. .. 


lat Ll«Qt. Ballon. 

lit Llant. Ballon. 

tit Llent Bftllon. 

lat Llent. Ballon. 

Bnrolled and DmBtered In ba a urlvale: >lck 
Id qUBrlera from Jali 20 to 22, lt9S. IdcIu- 
slve. Ans 2 to 1, IHSH. Incluetvx. Aug. II to 
13.189S lao.luslve: atixent. sick Id hosiil'Hl 
ot 20 Dlvlalon, 7th Aimr Corps, Jackson- 
vllle. Pla.,fri>m AU7. IstoSepi. Z1.IB3S. 1a- 
cluslve: on elct turlouth Irom Sept, '42 tO 
Oct 21,1898, Inelualve, per H.O. No IH.A. 
B O . IKiH: furlaueh extcDded From Oct. 13 
to Dec. 1, 1898, inclnglT« per t'.li Kodorse- 
menl 7th Array Co-pe, dated Oct. 20. 1898. 

G. O., dated Sept. S2, laES. all In line of 

Enrolkd and mnatered In sa a PTl^iXe: elck 
In qaartera (rom Aoir 28 to 28,1898. Ineln- 
eWe. Sept. 17 to li. I^9B. iDcltiatve. Jar, 11 
to22.IB99,iDclualve:op a!ck furloneb f com 
Sepc. 22 to Oct. 21.1898. inclnalve. pet S.O. 
No. lit. A, Q. O.. iaS9. nil In line or diit;; 
deduct from OTerpsr on Febiiiury, 1899, 
payroll, flfleen HoIUts and slily O'Cta 
rsie.«)) : Hb-ent. alck In hospital of Zd Did- 
stOD.Iih Army Corra, HavmiH, Cnbu. Jan. 
23toFeb. 2,1899, Inrlualve; abJOBl, sick In 
hogpltHl. hi husPltHl ablp MleKiDTl. and In 
tJuIied Slatea KeneiBl Hospital at >5ayan- 
usb, Qh , from Mar 1.1899. lo Apr. 28.1699. 
Influalve, nlllnllneotduty 

Enrolled and mnatered In aa a pilyiite: alck 
in quartera from Aur. Z* lo 2B.1898, Inclu- 
sive. Get. 8 to*. 189S. InrlnalvB, Nov 28 la 
80,1898. iDcluelve. Dec 2to3.1gSg. loclu^lye, 
all In line at duty: tried by emBmai; 
Court Mar, 10. 1899, (or vlnlailoD of Slid Ar- 
ticle of War— absent [rom dreas paFsde; 
Benippced to forf-lture of ooe dollar 
(ll.OOJ: deducted on March, 1899. pay-roll.. 

Enrolled and musteri'd la aa a prlvntK; sick 
In qnarteia from July 28 to S\. 1898. IpoIu- 
aive. Inline at <tuty: tried by Siimmatr 
Coart Sea. 19. 1899. for violation of 62d Ar- 

tschod service at HeadQuarr.rB of 2d Brl- 
BBrie, 1st DiTlaioo. 7ih Arms Corpe. Savsn- 
DBb. Ga,. as chief cook, per S U. Head- 
qnaiters let Division, 7th Army Corps, 
dated Oct. 31. 189^: relnrned to comoan; 
from brisada beadquaitera Apr, 1. 1899 per 
B 8. O No 31, Headqaanera Zd Brl««de. 
1st DtTlalon. 7th Army 0<irps. same datei 

dueU, 8. I0 8t 

Snrolled atd mustcTed In as a private: on 
[arlanah from Sept. Z« to Oct.ll,lB98. In- 

Headguarlera 7tb Army Corps. dated b'ept. 
28, 1898; tried by SummaTy Court Nov. 22, 
1898. tor violation of y?d Article of War— 

aenienced to three days' extra duC;; sick 
In quartera from Dec, 10 to 11.1898. Inoln- 

give, in line of doty; due U. 810,67 

Enrolled aod mustered In as a private: sick 
In quarters from Oct. 4 to 8, 1898. inclnslve. 
Get. It to 12. 1893. inclnaive. all In line of 

E n rol led anil m'a ateVed i n' aV a nr'l vat e :' "aVck 
In qnartera from Oct. IS to IB, 1833, iDClu- 
*ivB; alck In realmantal honpltal from Oct, 
16 to 17. 1B9B. IpcloDlve: sick Id reelmental 
faosplial from Mar. 21 (o 'J2. 1393. InoluBive. 
all in lloeot dnty; dae U. S. 12.11 

Hosted by 










Jane Z8.US8 

Jose 2S.1S» 

Jnne ZS.IS9E 

JnD« 18.1898 

Jnoe 18.1S98 

Jime 38,1898 
Jnn« 28.1888 

June 28,1898 



Mt. Vernon 



Ml. Vernon 



July * ISM 

Inly 10.18*8 

Hosted by 



I Where. By whom. 


laX Lieut. BaUon. 

l»t Lieut BaUon. 

1B( Lieut Ballon. 


tit Lieut. BbIIoq. 

Ut Lieut Ballon. 


1st Llent. Ballon. 

Lieut Ballou. 
let Lieut Ballou. 


Transferred to Co. K from Co B. 9th III.Yol. 

Inf.. per K. Q O. tio.t^. doteil July 27, 
18B8: dolned cdiciibdt ac SorlDstlcln. 111., 
on game date; abeeot. aick In tioacltal. Zd 
DMelon. 7th Army Corpn. JacKsuaTllle, 
Fia.. ttomnept.i^toOct.iiS.UM. ineJnslvei 

in alch tuTlODKb Oet. £7 
■ iBire, per Q O. Ni ' 
:h In quartei 

111. 1 

, Q. O. 

^.u<...<i. ..»..» tu BO. 1838. IncIuBlie, Dec- 7 
to S. 1899. InclDslve. Hll In Hue o( duiyt 
tried by Summary Conn Mar, 10. lS99.[or 
vlulatlou of na Article of Wai— Hbeent 
tram dreaa parade; aenlenced to [orteltare 
o( oua dollar <IL. 09): deduiMed on March. 

1899. pay-tolli doe U. S I0.6T 

rransfetred to cnrnpany from Go. B. 9tb III. 
Vol Inf.. per H. (i O. No. 614, dated July 
!7. lt»S; iiAr-- ' 

-B from March 8 

. ., -1, 1898, 
tal hOEDltal 

EuTolled and muetered In as private: elck 
■ inarterB from July a7 to28. 18.M, locloa. 
. Auk. 26 to 21. ISS\ lucJuBUe, Sept. iS to 
lB9S. luclualve. grot. SH to 28, 1898.1b- 

1. iDctDBlve. all Ii 

by Summ 

re: Audlnic. not 
B private: tried 

clUBlve. In line of dutr: detailed 
■il. 1H93. dutQ. O. n. 1 

rolled ae private and muatertd lo as Coi- 
>ral; Itled by Nummary Court Aue. 21, 
sa. for violation 32A Article of Wur. ab- 
iDt leas tban one day without leave; sen- 

hy aenta (IVGOJ; deducted on AuEUBt. 

«ntencetl to torielture 

In quarters Iritm Aut. 11 to 18. 1898. Inclus- 
ive. Das. -il to 12. ma. Inclusive, all In line 

otdutyidna 0. ». W M 

Enrolled and muatered In as private; due 

U ". «0.!0 

enrolled and muBtered In as private: elck 
narters from S»pt. 17 to 10, 1898. tnclua- 
Nov. 22 to 31. 1S98. Inclualve. Dee. li to 
898. Inclualve, all In line of duty 

Hosted by 



NoriaaB B, Ealtten . 
wmum C. KnJflan . 

Sneens H. LareecC, 
LneO. Lnwne7 

Jotm U. Lee 

■Bobflrt H. Mactin 

JackBOuT. U»alC... 


Private . . 
Private .. 

.. Jane SBAWS 

.. Jane £8.1S98 

Mt. Teraon... 
at TemoQ... 

.. Jnir 10,18 

.. Jnir 1D.U 

iSUt. yernon... 

Hosted by 



.. lit LiBut. Bolloa. 


it Lieut Baltou. 
It Lieut. BalloD 

Mt Vernon. . 

,. Ut Lient. Ball«u. 

.. 1st UeDt Ballou. 

GoFOlled and mastered In as a prlvalc; nick 
tnquurrera from Deo. SttoH?. 1S9N Inelui- 
Ive; ahaHat. sick la hofpltsl. 2d DlTlBlun. 
7thArniy Uorp". Hsyana Cuba, from Jan. 
7 TO 21. 1«39, iuoluslve, all In Koe of duty... 
Inrojixil aad muatered In br a private; alcb 
tu quariers Oct, 1 to 9. lgS3. Inelnslva; ab- 
sent. Blot in hOBpliBl. £d Dlilsinn, Tlh 
Army Corps JaiksonvilJe. Fla . from Oct 
SIO 21. iB^N, IPBlustvei on elch turiouEh 
from ObI, 25 lo Not. 20. ISR3 Inelnslva. per 
G O. No, 114. A. U. U., ItlSS. all Is llD« ot 

InrolleT'end muBtBVVd'lVaV DriVaiei'VVek 
iQaiiarterxfrom Ans. ZSto 2i. 1808. tor lus- 
Ive. Uct. 12 to IT. I89B. Inclueii'e. Nov 10 to 
LI. 1898. tnelualYB. Nov ao lo Dfo. B. USB. 

loCu-lTO. all In line ot duiy 

Iprolled and mnstered In aa a prlvat«i due 

V S.J116 

Gnrolled and muaterfld In as a private: ab- 
-,. Blck la bospltal. 2d Dlitslnn. 7th 
IV Carps. Jecbsouvllle. Pla . OcN S lo 
H98. Incluxlve: abrent. ficfe Id hospital. 
Vlooroe. Va.. Oci. 30 10 Dec 27, lt)SS,ln- 
Ive: on slnE firloash fmm Dec. 28. 
, to J.n. 27. 1899. tDCluslve. per U. O. 
III. A. U. O.. 1S98. all In llD« of dut;... 
Enrolled and mastered In »» a private; alffk 
tn qunrtTB Sept ie to Oct, 1. I89S. IdcIo- 
slv. In Hon of duly; ttlarl by Sumioarr 
Conrt Nuv. 2. iim. for vIolaMon 62d Arrlcle 
of War. dmnh and dlso^rderly ooniluet; 

forf>'Uareof flvedDtlKradGOO); deducted 
00 November. I89S. pay'roK: due 0. S. 


nrolled and muatered In as private: eick 
111 quarters Jul? 2g tn 29. 1898, tncluslve. 
Aae. 26 to 29, 1898. Inclaslve, Sept 25 (o 
Oct. IS. 1898. Inclusive. Nov. 25 tn Dso. 6, 
IN9B. Inclusive. Dpc. IB to 21. 1898. Incln- 
slvo: on slik furioneb from Oct 16 to Nov, 
II. ISKB. loeluslve. p-r O, O. No. III. A, Q. 

0. 1899 all Id Mae ot duty 

iDrnll'd and D>aslered Id an prlvxte: sick 
In quartern D^c. 2 to 3, 1B9S. Innlnslve. 
Sept. 27 lo Oct. 1. 189B IdcIui'Itp, all la line 

rf duty; tried by Somrosry Ccinrt 17. 

1839. for violation S^d Article ot War. 
druok and disorderly cnuduct: eenteoced 
to lorfeltore of fue dollar (11.00): de- 
dnoted on Febroary. 18B9. psv roll: tried 
by tjumniary Court Anrll 18. 1899, for vio- 
lation 2l«t Article of War. dNob^yliiK Bu- 
oerlor officer"! sentenced to forfeiture of 
tfU dolUrs 1110.00) and 30 d-ya' coodne- 

1SB9. for violation 8!d Article of War.abseni 
litrs than one day wit bom l-nv<-:sentenred 
Infnrfettnrnof OHO dolfar (SI 00) : trl-il bv 
IB. 1899. I 

of W 

d dlB- 

P'll It 

'ar. tbi 

tnd flisrespecifuL neni 

iRninnCPd to forfel'DF 

labor: all tbfS» 
^ommandloe' offl 
*. ISOT; due V. S. 

for violation 20th Ar- 

'lor tf'wird blm; 
of five dollars 

.fin em en t at bard 
lines disapproved by 
9ili III. Vol. Inf May 

Hosted by 



ClTde H. McCormlck. 

Bdward H. UcEverfl. 

JnmeB M. HcEsDile... 
J Mae McEentte.. 


Thorn KB R. foole. 

June ZS.1898 

June 28, UM 
June 28.1898 

Mt. Vernon. 

Spilnsfield . 

Ut. Veiaon. 
Hi. yemon. 

Sprlnsfleld . 

SprlDsQetd . 
tit. Vernon , 

Jul; 10. U 
Jol; lD,li 

Hosted by 




.. Mt Lieut BbUoh. i 

.. lat Lieut. B&llon. i 

SprlQBfleld .-. 
Bprtnsfleld ... 

It Lleat. Ballon. 
It Llflot. BbIIod. 

.. 1st Llent. Ballon. . 

.. 1st Lieat. Ballan. I 

fnrlouBh from Oec. 32 to No». 21. 18S9, lu- 
cLuslvP. per fi. O. No. 114. A. U O.. 1893: 
turtouBh eitended Irom Nov, Si to Deo. 6, 
•"S. luclnBlTe, oar eodoraeniBiit A. O. O.: 
rurlouih dated Oct. 22. leSS. ail In line 

lemeDt Hclqrn. Iih Armj' Corps, dated 
_.,t, 27. 1B98; furlongh eilended from 
Oct. 12 to ao. 1B98, InclnslTe. per 1th en- 
itorBement BdqiB 7lb ^rmy CorpB, datdd 

Belle Bin... 
Belle Hire... 

I In ta 


nns. K 

., Ooi. 9 

Bent. IS to Oct. 8 tsus. IncJi 
lick Id hospital . Ft. Than 
.0 2>. 1D98. Inciueire; on ..^^ .»[.»»■» 
from Oct. 3 to Oct. 29. 189a, Icclnslve, net 
Q. O lit. A. Q. CslJluIlneof dnif: due 


. rransferred to cotdphdv from Co. E. 9th 
■■■ "it Inf. per K. G. O. No. 8. dated July 
>S; Joined company at soclnxBeid. 

.J Hume (late; alck Id guar [era from 

Nov. 13 to 16, 1BS8. Nov. n tn 19. Deo. 1 lo t. 
Dec. e to S Dec. 23 to 23 inclaaivp. ^11 In 
line of duTF: absent nicb in boepltal, 2d 
DIvUton. 7lh Army Coroi, Hsvana. Cuba, 
[rem March 22 to El. 1891). tnnlnalve: f>lck 
In reelmental hospital March 2ti. 1899. all 

In Hoe of dutFi dueU. S.M1.I3 

iroUed and musfred In aa private; eick 

ZS. leSB: sick In quarter<> fro 

lo 2&. 1898, In 
B. Sept. IB 
tn 29, 1893. 1: 

I 23. 1S98. iDolUBlve, 

tmy Corps. Havsna. Cuba. fr.imJan. 7 
I II. 189», Inclusive, all In line of duty;'d br Snnnnar; Court Ads 21. U98. for 
violation 32rt Article at War, absent l»8B 

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June i8.189S 


JolT 10,18» 

Tnlr 10.1B98 

Ut.TerDOD ....... 

June as. ISM 
June 28. UM 


WeslBTT, SbbcIb 


June as. 183? 


JuJy 10.1898 

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SnrliiBileld ... 

SDrlSEfleld ... 


I8t Llent. Bolton. 

tat Llent. Ballon. 

iBt Llent. BEdlon. 
Ut Lieut. BiJlon. 

1st Lieut. Bullou. 

Mt. Vemon.. 

EnrollBd and mustered in bo a prlyate: aick 
In qaartere from Sect. 9 to Oct. 11. IS98. In- 
claslve. Dec. 2D lo 29. 1!9B. Inoluslve: ab- 
eeDl. sTok In hoBCltal. Ft. UoPbereon. Qa.. 
Dec. 2». 1S98. to Feb. S. 1899, iDclnBJre; on 
Blck turlouEb tionx Fub. I Co Uarcb B, 1899, 
IneluslTe. par Q. O. No. in. A. Q. 0.. l8BBi 
on Blck furloaeh from Oct. IS to Nov. 1, 
mS. iDClnalTe. per Q. O. No. Itl, A. Q. O., 
lesij, all In line of duty 

Tiansterred to company from Comrany I. 
gib 111. Vol Int., per H. G. O. No. 36. dated 
Oct. 12. 189B: joined compnny st JackBon- 
vlUe. PlB., on SHme dHie; ntck In quarC«re 
Irom Oct. 12 to IT. I83S. IncluslTR, Oct. U 
^toia, 1B98. Inclusive. h]1 In line of dnty ... 

'quaners from Srpl. IT ID 19. 1IJ9S. tn'cluslTe, 
Uept. 23 to i9. less. Inclusive, all In line of 
du'ii tiled or Summaiy Court Aue. Zi. 
1^98, for vIolaMon Bad Article of War. ab- 
BBPt leaa tban ooe day wltbont leave: 
aeaCenced to forfeiture of one dollar and 
fifty esata (tl.60): deducted on Anenat. 
1893. payroll; tried by Summary Court 
March 10. 1899. for violation 83d Article of 
War, absentlromdreaa parade; aentenced 
to forfeiture of one dollar (tl.OO); de- 
dueled on March. 1899. payroll; on (Ur 
lough from Sept. 28 to Oct. II, 1893, Inela- 
slve, at Mt. Vernon. Ill, per tomth en- 
dorsement Bdqra. 7th Army Corpa, dated 
Sent. £6, 1898! dnoD. S. O.Sl 

iDrolleil and mualered In aa private; doe 

19. II 

a private; pick 

lesa thi 

leave: lenleneed to I 
tried by Summt 

of 01 

— — . without 
days' extra nuly; 

: Deo. IB. 1B9S. for 

Zlat Article o{ War. disobedience 
^ndluK. notsullty; detailed on 

_, — .,-. perB. a. 

No. 29. of aamc date: returned to com- 
OanyNov. 20. IgSB. at Ijavannab. Oa.: due 
U.S. KM 

Enrolled and mustfred In ae a private 

"□rolled and muatered In as private: sick 
In quarters from July 2J to 30. 1C98. Inoln- 
nlve. Sept. i3 to 26. 1898, Inclusive, all In 
Itne of duly; tried by Summary Court 
Deo. 28, 1898. for vlolatlop Had Article of 
War, absent from dr«s a parade: a^ntpnced 
to Ave days' eilra duly: due D. S. S1.98.,.. 

Enrolled and mustered In as private; sick 
Inqoarlers from Sept. 21 to 2». 1898, Inelo- 
alve. Oot. 19to2Z,1898.lac]nMve.Nov. 19to 
ii.iB98.inclD8lvc. all In llneof duty: tried br 
iinmmary Conrr Nov. 10. 1898. tor violation 
SM Article of War, absent lesa tban one 
day wlibont leave: aenleneed to forfeiture 
of arty cents (IO.GO) : deducted on Novem- 
ber, I89S, pay-roll 

Enrolled and mustered In as a private: sick 
In quarters from Sept. 11 to 22, 1898. Inclu- 
Blve. Sept. 20 to 2T. 1S98. Inclusive. Dec. 1 
to 3. I89B. Inclusive: absent, sick Id boa- 
pital. 2d Division. 7th Army Corps. Ha- 
vana. Cuba, from Jan. S to Feb. 2. 1SE9. In- 
clusive, allin line of duty 

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P fttO 


July I0.i8Ba 

Jniy 10.1898 
Julr 10.1898 



Jane 2».a9i 



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It Lieut. Ballou. I 

. lat Lleat. BbIIou. \ 

.. Bnro 


8 Heat. 21 to Oct. 1. 1898. iDcm- 

, 2 toB, 16SB. InolaslTe, Oct. 20 to 

21. im. iDcluBlve. Not. Z7 to 28. 1)198. IQ- 
clnalve. all In Hoe of dutr; tried by Sum- 
Mary Court Deo. 27. IfSH, far violation Sid 
Artlclu of WHr, drunk and disorderly con- 
duct: Beoteuced to Qve days' extra duty; 
tried bi Summary Court M&rchB. 1B99. tor 
rlolatlou SZd Article at War, absetil lees 
than one flay wlibont leave; Bemeiioed to 


] Uatcl 

roll; I 

parade: Bentanced to forfeiture of o 
■ ■■ -.l.m)): deducted on March, IG 
due D. 3 $0.22 

line of d 

Sept. 11. iDW. tor TToiatiOD : 
War, absent lesa tban one 
leave: flndlae, not sullti; t 

lollura mou): de- 

. Summarv Court Nov. 22 
tlOD 62d Article ot War. dr 
derlr condact: aentenced tc 

. . iBt Llenl Ballon, I 

t. Btuk, In hofipltal. 2d DlvlalOD. Ttb 
□V Corps, JackSDDVllle. Fla.. from Oct. 
3 IS. 1888, Iticlualvo; on slclt furloneh 
_.. .11 Oct. IS to Nov. 17. 1898. lEcluftvB. per 
Q. O. No. 111. A, U. O., 1888: Bick In quar- 
ters from JBU. SB to 81, 1888, Inclusive, all 

!u Hub of duty: dueD. 8. I0.28 

"nrolled as private and rnnalered in as Cor- 

^ to July 9. 1SS8, Inclnalve; aick la anar- 
lecatrom July 18 to 2M883, Inclusive. Sept. 
31 to 23. KVa. Inclusive. Seat. 2B to 28, IBSS. 
Inclusive. Oct. 30 to 31, 1888. iDCluslve. Dee, 

forfeiture of two doll 
on Dec amber. 1B9S, pa 
Corporal to private, i.,. 
— -r Oontt Deo. 27. I89B. 

roll: reduced from 

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Mt. Vernon 

Mt Vernon 

Jul J 10.1888 
July 10.1898 

Juir 10.189B 

W 11 

JOUB J8.1888 

Jnlr 10.18W 

Auea^al^SLKim ... 


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Ist Lieut, Ballou. 

1st Llent. Ballon. 

Llent. BbIIoq. 
Igt Llent. Ballon. 

WBltonvUle . 

SprlDBfleld . 

iBt Llent. Ballon, 
iBt Ltent. Ballon. 

Ut. Veroon.. 
Mt. VeiDon.. 

BuFolled and maateied In as private: slok 
In quarters Sept. 21 to 'il. 1S3B. Inclnslve. 
Marnb Zl to 12, IK9B, Inolualve: E'tck !□ reEi- 
mental bosDlial March Z2. 1899; absent. 
Blck, In hoipltnl. 3d Division. 1th Army 
Corps. Havana. Cnba, from Marob IfS to 
April 8, 1899, iDclnslve; absent, alclc. In 
hospital, boapltal ship Missouri, (rom 
AprllSlo IS. 1S89. Ibclaslve; abaeat. sick. 
In hospital. Ft. Uonroe. Va.. April li (o 
Ua;8, 18S9, Inclnslye. all In line of dntr; 
returned to dntr Uay 5, 1899. at Augnsta, 

Enrolled and mustered In as private; alck 
In gnarters Jnir >0 to 2t. IB98. tnclaslve, 
Ceb. U to IE. 1899. Inalnaive. all In iloeof 


Inrolled and mustered In as private: dne 
U, 8. IO,*S , 

Enrolled asd muRiered In as private; elck 
In quarters (rom -Ian, 16 to IB. 1809, inclu- 
sive, Ane. iS to ze, leSB. inclualve. Sent. II 
to ZZ. 1B9B. Ineluslve. ^ept, ZI to 28. IBSg. In- 
elusive, Sept. 29 to 30. 1B98, inclusive. Oct. 
a to 10. 1898. InaluNlve. March 1 to S, 1899. 
Inclusive. Jan, 12 to 1B.IB99. Inclusive. Feb. 
12 to IT, 1899. iDClnslve; elck In rcalmantal 
hospital from July 29 to Aue. 2, 18SB. Inota- 

12 Co' IB. 1899, Inalnatve. all In line of dutr; 

violation SM Article of War. drnnk and 
disorder! J Bonduet : sentenced to f orfellnre 
oC one dollar (Sl.OD); deducted on March, 
1899 PttiToll; dneO. S. SO.fll 

Inrolltd and mualered In aa private 

Inrolled and mnstered In as private; on 
furlouffli from Sept. 26 to Uct. II. 1B9B. lu- 
cluBlve. at Mt, Vernon. Ill . per lih en- 
dorsement Hdqra, Tth Arrov Corps. Jack- 
sonvllle. Fla,. dated Sept. 2S. 1898; tried by 
Summary Court March 10, 1BB9, tor viola- 
tion BSd Article of War, absent from dreSfl 

lar WM: deducted on Maroh. 1899, pay- 
roll: elcfc in qaarters trom Nov.211o22, 
1898. Inclusive: absent, elck. In hospital. 2d 
Division. 7[h Array Corps, Havana. Cuba, 
April 19 to May 20. 1899; dlicharee and fln^ 

car. to be forwarded by registered mall to 
A. G. O.. Washington. D. C: due U. S. 

Enrolled and mustered In as private: alck 
la onarters July 2S to 29,IB9B, iDclnslve, 
Sept. 1 Co 2.1898. Inclnslve: abaent. sick m 
hosplul, 2d DIv. 7th Army Corps. Havana. 
Cuba, from Aprlieto 19.1B99. Inclual7e,all 
In line of duty 

Enrolled and muatered In as private: on 
turlousb (rom Sept. ZB to Get. 11.1898. In- - 
elusive, per tth endorsement. Hdqrs. Ttb 
Army Corps, dated Sept, 2S, 1898. at Jaek- 
aonvllle, Fla : (nilouah extended from 
Oct, IZ to 31,1893. iDolualve, pet 3d endorse- 
ment. Hdqrs. 7tb Army CorOB. dated Oat. 
12, IB9B, as per endorsement on furlouEh 
from Bdqrs. Tth Army Corps, dated Sept. 
2B,189B: doeD. S, tOOl 

HeslKoatlon accepted, Co date Nov. 15.1893. 

-BrS, O. No, zas, A. a. O. Nov. 10,1898 

ilenatlon accepted, to date Nov. 20,1B9S. 
IT 3. O. No. Z6S, A, Q, O, Nov. 8.189B 

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WtlbnrDN. Dodds.... 

Jnne £8.1898 

Mt. Vemoii 

Jnly ia,18R8 

SisehaTBed {for diaa 

Jddg 2S,1B98 

Ut, Vernon 

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-UlLlent. Ballon. 1 

t Lieut. Ballou. { 

Olaoharged Dec. Zfl.lSSa. per telGsrapbli: or- 
der War Depuctmeat; dtucbartie and Bnal 
slBtemeDta turnlahed; enrolled aa private 
and mustered in as Serscant: elck In 
quarters Itom AoK- 9 to lt.l89li, IncIuelTS. 
Ane. 2> to m. IB8S, Inolnglye. Sept. 1 to Oct 
11,1808. Inclnalve; on elck fuclcueb from 
Oct. 15 to Nov. M, I88S, InoluBlve, per G. O. 
No. 111. A. Q. O. 1898: turlouch extended 
from Nov. 16 to Dec. 11.1S98. inclnatve. per 
order Secretary War. dated Nov. lS, 

Sir endoraement on furloueli from A. Q. 
.. dated Oct. IE,18»B: reduced f rem Ser- 
eeapt to private per R. Q. O. No. E9, par. t: 

Bervice honest and faithful 

Enrolled as a private and mQatered In ae 
SerBeant: on elck turloush from Sept. 10 
toOct. 10.1898. InclDslve. per Q.O. No. 111. 
A. O. 0. 1898; tarloush extended from Oct. 
10 to ». 1898. Inclusive, per order A. G. 0. 
dated Oct, 10.1898. as per endorsement on 
turJoDBbtromA. BO. dated Sept. 10.1B9S. 
all In line of dntv: tnrloneb extended from 
Oct. ZS.1S98. to Feb. S.1B93. lueluMve. per 
order A. G. 0.. dated ^eb. 3. 1E99: dln- 
chareed Feb. 3, 1893, per 9. O. No. 30. A. Q. 
O .dated Feb. 1Z,IB99: dUchart-e and final 
Blatements furalabedi sorvlce boneatand 


Enrolled as private and mustered In as Cor- 
poral; sick In quarters from Sep- "- — 

Oct. z ._. 

furloaeb Oct 

I. Inclusive, lo line of dnty: < 


21.1SS3. Inclusive: abaeui, alck In bospltal. 
Ft. McPberson. Oa., from Dec, 28.1B9B, to 
Jan, 4.1899. Inclusive: on elck tnrloneb 
from Jan. 6 to Feb. l, 1S98. Inclusive, per G. 
O. No. 111. A. G. 0, 1898. all In line of dnly, 
furloneb extended from Feb. 4 to 10 1899, 
locluslffe, per order A. G. O.. daled Feb. 
Z0.1899; discbareed Feb. !0. 1899. per S. O. 
No. 40. A. G. O.. dBt«d Feb. 20.1899: dis- 
chaise and final etatementa tarnlsbed: 

BerrrceboDest and faith tnl 

Enrolled and mastered In as private: sick 
In quarters from July 21 to Z9. 189S. Incln- 
stve, JulyHD, Aoe. !l,lB9)i, Inclusive, all In 
line of duty: dlschareed Aue- 21,1898, pet 
Itb endorsement. Udara. Itb Army Corps, 
of same date, on Surseon's certlfloate o( 
pb^slnal disability; dlscbaree and flaal 
HtatementB furnlsbed; service honeatand 


Inrolted and mustered Id as private: sick 
In quarters from July 16 to n, 1898. Inclu- 
sive. July 24 to 2B.1S9S. iDClualve. all In 
line of duty: dlscbareed S«pt. 10,1S9B. per 
4lh endorsement. Hdqrs. 7th Army Corps, 
.• J... — Surgeon's .----'" ' 

physical disability; . 
atatementa f amis bed; 

eitlflcate oi 

e honest and 

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Inne sa,im 


iDlT 10. ISM 

July lO-im 

Michael B.QnliilftD... 

Vi$i>liartiea'ibtl ordtr) 

Ut. Cernoti 

Q. H. Senreont 

June 28.189B 

Jtt. Vernon 

Julr 10, IBM 

Trans ftrred. 

Qeoree Qbolson 

June miSSS 


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.. iBt Llent. Ballon. I 

,, Enrolled aa a Drivate and mniiered In m 
wazoner; slok Id qoartera Jnly 15. 1898, 
Ana. IS to 14. IS98. Inolaslve. Au^, iS to 21. 
1S9S. Inolnalve. Sept. 3. 1898. Sept. 17 to IB, 
1S3S, iDclnaiTo, Sept. 26.1898. all <n line of 
duty; dlBchaceedSepli. £8.1898. per toarth 
end are em en t headqaarlers 7tb Army 
Cocpa. of same date, on BQrreon'a certlS- 
CBte of phyalcal dUabliity; dlachuTKe and 
final -"-- — 


1st Ltent Ballon. [ 

.. lat Llent. Ballon. I 

.. let Iilent. Ballon. 1 

.. let Lieut. Balloa. I 


id In a) 

■a Jnly 20 to £1. 1898. Inclnslva: Oct. 
iu.lfcBB. Inoluelve. Oct. 2T to 'i-. 1898. In- 

re. Nov. 13 to 18.1898. InclDBtye. all In 

line of duty; Feb. SI to March 11.1899. In- 
clDslTO. not Id Hue ot daty; dtachareed 
Uarob IS. 1899. anreeon'a certificate o( 
dieablllty. oer fonnh endorsement head- 

Siartera lib Army Corps. March 15.1899. 
ayana, Cuba: discbarge and final state- 
menls farnlBhed: dlsBblllty not In line Ot 
dnty. but silsted prior to enllalmeiit; aer- 

Tlce boneel aod faithful 

ntolled as prli'atB and mustered In hb Ser- 
Heant: sick In quartere Sept. 17 to 18.]8$8. 
IncluelTo. not In line of duty; on furloueh 
from Auc.aOto Sept. 3.1898, InclnBlye. at 
Mt. Vernon, 111., per fourth endoraemBnt. 
headquattBra Jib Army UorDs. dated Ana. 
~ " ■ ■ ■ )nTllle, Plft.; redaced from 


). No. 

lBted»ept.l9.1898. Jac) 
'Breed Nov. £5, IB98. on HoruBuu h coriiu- 
„te of phyalcal disability: dIsHblllty sot 
Incurred In line of dnty; service honeat 

rolled and muatered In aa 
- - I 17, 1 

iTBte: ale bin 
". Inolua" 

___j In hoBpltal Zd Dlylalon, 7lh 

Army Corps, Jaehsanvllle, FlB, from Sept. 
17 to Uct. 7.1698. InclQalye; on alck fur- 
lonahfromOcl, Sto Nov. T.183B, lnc]uelve. 
per G. O. 114. A. G. 0..1898; fnrloaeb ei- 
tended from Nov. 8 to Deo 7. 189B, Ineln- 

_, -ir A.G. O., datedNov.7,18B8, 

lement on fnrlonab from A. 

Q.O. dated Oct. 8.1898: turlonRh eiteiidad 
from Deo. S, 1B9S. to Jan. 6.1899. Inclaslve. 
psr order A. G. O. dated Dec. 8.1898. as per 
endorsnment on tnrloneb from A. 6. O.. 
dated Oct S. 1898; tnrlouEh extended from 
Ian. Tto Feb. IS. 1899. InolualTe. per Order 
^. G. 0.. dated Jan. 1. 1899, aa per ecdotae- 
- — ' — •-— loueh from A. G.O. dated Oct. 

ability: dlacharee and Bnal f.. . 

fOrnlBbBd; sarvlce honest and falthtnl... 
,. Dlacbarsed Nov. 16. 1898, to enable him t 

.. lat Lieut. Ballon. I 

t.2S,lS9a; for history see 2d Llenten- 

.. EDKllBd and muVte'red in aV a private: 
transferred Jnl; 27.I89B to Go. B. 8th 111. 
Vol. Int.. per B. O. No, 6*9 ol same date; 
descriptive list famlalied 

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June 38.1898 

June 28.1898 
Jnne 18.1898 
jQDe 18.1988 
Jnne 28.1898 






Jnlr 10.1B9E 

June 29.1888 
Jnne 28.1898 

June ffl.189S 
June 28.1888 


Mt.l Vernon 

Mt. Vernon 

Ut. Vernon 

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Sprlnrfleld .. 
SprlnEBeld .. 


lent. BbIIod 

Lleat. BsIIon, 

- Ht Lieat. Bnllea. ' 


Palrfleld Eniollei) and muatered la bs a private; 

transferred Jaly 21,IH3!J, to Co. E, BCh 111. 

Vol. Inf.. pec B. O. No. 8 o£ asjna date; 

deacciptlve list tarnished 

NevHayen... Enrolleil and mnetered In ae a pilvate; 

transferred July 27,1S8S. to Co. B, 9th III. 

Vol. Inf.. per K. O. Ko. 6>s of Bsmo date; 

deacdptlve list tumlahed 

Hoard Enrolled and mnstered in aa orlvata: . 

tarred Oct. lE.lSSS, to Co. I. Bih 111 Vol. 

Int.. per B. O. No. Si of some date: de- 

acrlptivfillBt fnrnlBhPd _ 

Hainon.La.... Enrolled _.. 

feired Jaly t», 16911. to reelmental band Pb. 
R O. No, 1, ot same date; desorlptlve list 
furnlabert ._ _._ __ 

Mt. Erie Enrolled „ — 

(erred Jaly ai. 1S93. to Co. E, Bth III. Vol. 
Int. pec B. O. No. S of asms date; ds- 

Mt. Vernon ... Enrolled and mnatered In aa prlTBte: trans- 
ferred JalT 13. IB9S. Co regimental band 
per regimental order of same date; trans- 
ferred from realmental band Nov. I.IBSS, 
to Co K.Bihlll. Vol. Inf.. pec R. O. No.ll, 
Of same date; transferred Noy. 3.1B9B. to 
regimental band per B. O. No. li ot aame 
date: descriptive Hat furnlahed 

Eberlr Bnrolledandmnaleredlnsi ._. .. 

ferrad Jnir 21, 1898, to Co. B, 9th III. ^ .... 
Inf. nee R. O. No. 3 of same date: descrip- 
tive Hat farnisbed 

Mt, Vernon .. Enrolled aa a private and ronstered In a 
Artiaoec: transferred Aug. 23.1898. to hos- 
pital corps. U. 8. A., per S. O- No. 79. bf ad- 
Snartera 7th Army Corpa. Ane, 23. IB98; 
esorlptive Hat famished 

inrolled as private and mustered In as 
Corporal: sick [□ miarterB from AuE- * to 
10,1898. Inclnalve. Sept. 2.1898. Sept. U to 
20.1898. Inclaalvei absent, sick la hospital. 
Ed Dlvlalon. Ith Army Corps. Jackson- 
ville. Fta.. from Sept. 20 to Dot. 13.1898. In- 
Claslve, all In line of dnty; died Oct. IS, 
1SBS. of t?phold. In 2d Division hoapital. 
7thArmy Corps, at JaokBDnTllle.Pla.: In- 
veotorr ot effects and Snal statemeata 
forwarded A. Q O.. WaahinBlon. D. C: 

Bsrvlce honest and faithful 

Enrolled as private and muE'tered In as Cor- 
poral, absent, sick In hospital Zd Division, 
itb Army Corps, Jaekaonvllle, Fla., Sept. 
21 to (Jot. 2.1898. inclnslve. In line ot dnty; 
died Oct. Z.1898. at 2d Division hospital, 
Jacksonville, Fla.. of pneumonia fever; 
Inveolory of effecta and final statements 
forwarded A. G. O., Waahlneton. D. C,; 
service honest and faithful 

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Wftrner D. CioDch .. 


let Llentenuit... 

2d LteateDODt... 

Cburles P. QarrlaoD . 

Q. U. SerEeant... 

MoLeoDBboTO ., 

June 28.I89S 

UoLeMiiboTO ... 

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.. Llent. Ballon... 

,. Enrolled and mustered Inas Captain; sick 
'- -luarters from Oct. 21 lo Nov. 1, 1B38. In- 
ilve. from Mov, 12 to II, 1B98, Inclnalre. 
m Mnrch is (a SI. 1899. Incluelve. from 
[It IS to 16. 1898. IncJnslve; abBent on 
( leaie (rom Nov. 15 to Deo. 1, 1S98, per 

t DlTlBlon, 7tli A 

aavannah.^ <Ja..^ Deo. 9. 1: 

O. No. mr'dared VeEr iV.' 1899. "Hav 

.. Enrolled and mnatered !n aa Zd Lleatenantl 
-■-■- — "It Division boupital Irom Sept. 16 

a Not, 1. 183S. Inclaaive: 

> SI. 1BS9. luclae 

_ r S. 0, No, n, Hdare, 

7lti Armi Corps. Havana. ( 
ta for dntr to the c 

It Division, 

ba. Jar 


1. 1B»8; ordered 

Va,. per 8. O, No. *T. 
vision of Cuba. Maicb 
loatlOD tor commleaion. 
U. S. 

terlna officer to 

mail to Adjoti-, _ „ 

Armr. WastiliietOD. 1.0 

.. Enrolled as Private: mnatered I 

Inelaslve. from »j 

3e comnHn; Feb. 
at Fort Alanioe, 
ated Hdars. Dl- 

e sd Llenteuant. 

.smltled ti 

, per U. O No 111, 

M)'3B,'iB9», {lc 

9. Idq 

a 18.1 


, ja bosril hospital boat 

Misaonrl Jan, Z6. 1B9B. by order of chief 
Bareean. Provlocs of Havana. Cubai 
leaves hospHal boat and entered Dnlted 
States Oeooral hospital. Ssvannsb. Ga., 
March U. 1838; reports for dntr to Co. L 
April 2B. 1899. at Savapnah. Qa., all In line 
ot duty; nald as 1st Sereeant from June 
S8 lo July B, 1898, iaolnalve; due D. 8. 


,. UaLeansbora Tranefened from Co, A to Co. L as Ser- 
jeant Jan. 32. 1899. per Et, S. O. No, 8«: ap- 
Silnled Q M, Serjeant Jan. 22. 1899. per 
. 8, O, No. 86, same date; paid as Ser- 
Keapt from Jtine 28 to Jnl; S, 1899, luda- 

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June £8,1898 
Jnne 28. 1898 

Jniie :8.iS98 

Jdii« 28.1898 

June ZS.1S98 
June 28.1896 

Jnne 28.1898 
Jnn« 18.1898 

Jnoe 28.1898 




Wayne <;i» 


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SDTliwAeld... L 

I. Enrolled as DTlvate; mustered tn as 8er- 
eeaut; sick Id qnarters from Marcb 17 to 
za. 1899. lualaalT-e. all la line at duly; paid 
-s Uereeant From June 28 toJal;9, 1S93. 

iclualve; due U.S. (0 08 

rolled as private: mnstered In as Ser- 
.eanti sick In quarters from Ane. U to 
27. 1BB8. Icclnalve. not In Has o( duty: Sick 
' qaartera Dee. 9. tB9S. Marcb S. 1899; on 
i tnrlonah from Sept. 20 To Oct, IB. 
I. inolQBlvB. per G. O. No. lU, A. G. O. 
1; extended froni Oct. SO to Nov. 18. 
I. iDclnelve. per 1th endorsement on le- 
iBt Hdqrs, 7lh Army Corps. Jackson- 
.._e. Fla.. Oct. 20, 1698; nald us SerEBuit 
from Jnoe 28 to July 9. 18S3. iDClnBUe; doe 

" S.I0 30 

tiled as private: mustered In as Ser- 

„.8. iDclnslve. Oct, 21. IS9B; sick Id boepl- 
tal from Uec 31. 189tt, to Jan. 6, 1S99. Incln- 
slve. all In line of dutr: reportK v> pro- 
vost hesdqoartera for dnty Savannah, 
Ga.. Jan, B. 1839, and rejoined the compani 
Feti.8. 1899. per 8. O. No. 26. Hdqrs. U. 8. 
Forces, aavaonah. Ga.. Jan. S. 1899; paid 
as Sereeant from Jnne 28 to Jnlr 9. 1S9S. 

Inolnslve; due U- S tO J8 

n. Enrolled as private; mustered In aa 8ei- 
leant: «lck In qnarters from July 13 lo 11. 
im. IncluslTS: sick In ist Division hos- 
pital from Oct, i 107. 1898.lnolnslye: sick In 
« Darters (rem Oct, S to 10, 1998, iDclnslve, 
ram Uarch il to 27. 1899, Inclusive, all In 
llneof doty: paid bb Serseant from Jnoe 

2810 July 9, 189S. Inclusive 

J, Enrolled as private, mustered In as Cor- 
poral: sick In quarters Jan. 11.1899, Jan. 
lS,1ij99. all la line of doty: paid as Cor- 
poral from June 28 to July 9,1898, Inclu- 

.. EnrolledWurlvoW.'mnsteVfl'd ''in "as 'Cor- 
poral: on furlouih from Sent. EO to Oct. 
10.18S8, Inclusive, per Ith endorsement on 
equest Headflrs. 7th A. C. Jachsonvllle, 
I'la., Seot. 2D,1S98: extended from Oct, 11 
at2,lS9a. Inclusive, per let endOTsement 
<n request Hesdqrs. 7th A. C. dated Oct. 
6.1898; paldaa Corporal from Jono 28 to 

_Qly 9.1898. inclusive 

., EcTolIed an private, mustered Id as Cor- 
poral: sick In quarters from Oct It to 20. 
1898. Inciaalve: sick In hospital from Oct. 
aitoMov, 15.11-98, inclnslve:<}n nick (nr- 
loueh f rom Nov, 16 to Deo. 11.1898. Ineln- 
slve. per (i. O. No. Ill A. 0. O.. 1li9S. all In 
line of duty: paid as Corporal fromJane 
28 CoJoly 9.1898. lociualve: due D. tj. 10 19. 
I, Enrolled as private, mastered In as Cor- 
poral: OD turlonehfrom Dei;. 20 to2E.1898, 
Inclusive, pec 3d endorsement on request 
HFKdgrs 7th A. C, Savannah, Sa.. Di'c. 19. 
1898: extended from Dee. 20 to 27.1898, lo- 
cluelve; sick in hospital from Joo. i7to 
Feb- 1.1899, Inclusive; sleh in quarters Feb. 
1, lS98.toFeb. 8.1899. all In line of duty; 
paid as Corporal from June 28 to July 9. 

1898, inolnslve 

enrolled as private, ran" tore d In as Cor- 

SQral; detailed to Ree. Com. per B. Q. O. 
0. H. Jacksonville. Fla., Antr. IO.i898: 
paid as Corporal from June 28 to JoiyS. 
1B98, Inolnslve: doe U. 3. 10.30 

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FnualaM. Qormon... 

WUIlamL. Gldoomb.. 



Jul! 10.1898 

ChuleaA. Lasater.... 

JOM 28.1898 

McL«Biisll)oro .... 

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Si>ilQirfleld ... 

Llent. Balloa.. 

Corporal fro 

t HaartnrB. 7tli A. C, 
ject. 2i. lltSB: D«1d ae 
» to Ja\y 9. 139B. In- 

pril K. IB3R. all In lice ol 

3. Inclusive: due U. S 

to 9. US9. laclnalve. Oct. 25, 1898. Jan. SO. 


InTOlled aa private, mnetered In bb prlVHte; 
BDnolnted Corporal from privaic Dvf.. 1, 
IS9B. per R. 8. O- No. ea. pariierapb 1. 
dHted ^avuDnah. Ga.. Dec. 7. 1B9S. to take 
effect from Nov. 1. 1B98; nloi In unartera 
July tl.lB98. In line ot duty: due U-B.S0.9O 
Enrolled as Dtlvale, mnnlered In aa private; 
apnofnCed Cornoral from private Per B. 
Q O No. SB. dated Savannah Qa.. Dpo. I, 
tB9B, to take elTect Nov, 1. ID9B; eleb In 
quarters from Feb. S to April IB. 1899. In- 
oluelvB. all Id Hue of duty; due U. S. JO.M. 

rolled Bi 

annolnted Corp 

1898, from Jan 81 t. 

appolnteil CorooTal fri 
1899, per B. S. O. No. 1 
Feb. 1. 1S9»! Bleb In qr 
to ZG. 1898. InclDEtlvf 
Feb. IGtalS. IB99, lac 
dntsridneD.S. 80.13.. 
Enrolled bb private, mi 
Lppolatei] Cblef Cook 
899. per R. S. O. No, In ax prl- 
troiQ private 

1. IB99. innluBlve 

t S3.0D. Ado de- 


d la as private; 

arters from Jnly Z3 
Sept. S, 1SS8, from 
[iBlve, all In lice of 

atered la aa private: 

BprluEtleld ... 

», lSn9. [or 
Bentenced i 
January. li 

■ irom ^;o ra jniv ai. 
I Snclnuflpld. eAir,^, „,..„. „„- 

, - — ,...jte July za, 

1898 per Co. S. O. No 2. at Sprloefleld, 
111., July 22. 1398; on furlouEh from Sept. 
26 to Oct. 10. 1898, Inclnslve, nee fonrth en- 

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Jnlr 10,1898 

JulT 10.1898 

Jnly 10.1898 

Jnse 28.1898 


Jane ZS.I8S8 

Julr 10.189S 

jsi^. js-r 


JSSI i:ii? 


BoTBltt. Charlie 

Bntler, Qllbeit 

Jm« 28. mm 


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Udstehkd Ih. 

„ SnirolUd and mnstered Id aa prlvatei ap- 
pointed MueloliiD from orlvaie. rar Co. 
a. 0. No. I, SprlQsfleld. lil . Jal; tl, 1898; 
tried by Sammarr Conrt Nov. 17,tBB8.Tlo- 
latlOQ S2d Article of <Var: eeutenced to 
forfeit flftr cents (lO SO): Bne deducted On 

.. ..__ .„.8^ DBr-mll; tried by Sum- 

)l>. 16, IS3». violation Bid of 
m February, 18S9. pay-roll; 

SDriusSeld ... L 

,. UcLeanBboro. E 


Lieut. Ballon. 

Lleat. Ballon. 
Ltent. Ballon. 



,. Llant, Ballon, 
.. Llem. Bklton. 

t. Ballon. 
t. Ballon. 

.. Ltent. Ballon. 




Oct. ID. 1898. Ineln- 

.. Sept. W, 1SH8; paid as Arilflcar from 
--je ZK to July S, 1S9B, Inalnslvei dne 

.. Enrolled and muBtered In as private; ap- 
pointed WnBoner from private Jnlr 11. 
18»8. per Cu. S. 0. Mo. 1, Sprluaflcld. 111., 

H^-. .....I- V— 1.^1 Sept. B to 80, 

.rtersllov. S to 
_ _ __ _ _ ... — , 18S8, Dbo 9, 

1839, from Dec. SI to 26, 1B9S, iDclnslve, 
Jan. 8. 1S98. from Jan. 2L to it. 1(99. InclQ- 
Blve. Feb. l to n, 1899. InoluelTe. tiom 
Match l-i to April II. 1899, InolnBlve: op 
elctc farloneb from Oct. I to BO. 1B9§, In- 
cluBlve, Dor G, O. Itl, A. G. O.. 1898; paid 
ae Waeoner from June 28 to Jntr 10, 18SS. 

Inolnslve. all In Hue of duty 

kk In division hoepltal Nov, 27 to Dec. 29. 
183S, Inclnslvei on eick turiouffhtrom Deo. 
ao. 1808. to Jan, 28. 1899, per U. O. 114. A. Q. 
O.. 1898, all In line oC duly 1 dne U. H. lO.BO. 
Ich In inarlerB Oct. :S, 1898. from Dee, 21 
to 21. 1898, iDClQSlTe. all In line of duly .... 
Ick In qnarters July 12, 1898, Jnl; 10, 1898, 
Aug. 23, 1BS8. Oct. li. 1898! Blck In hospital 
from Jan. SI to Feb, 9, 18B3, Inclusive. April 
^. 1899, all In line of duty; Bick Id qnartera 
March 12. 1899. March IT. 1899, not In lln« 

Duo u. s. ».'so'.;'.""'.'"";i".i'.r.iii;i'""*.i 

iSlck In qnarcere Hay 3 lo 8. 1899. Inclusive, 
all In line of duty 1 dueU. S. M.IS 

SIcb la hogpltal Jnly IT to 21, 1898, Inclnalve, 

Slofe In qaarters Sept. S, 1898, from Sept 10 
-- 12, 189S. inoluBlvB, all In line of duty; 
ik In quarters April 13. 1899. April 18. 
..J9,noHn lloo of duty: doe O. S.ttlB,... 

Sick Id qnarterB Jul; It to 1«. 1898. Incluelvei 
from March 8 to 8. 1899. IncInBlve. March 
10, 18il9, from March 23 to 21. 1B»9, InclUBlve. 
from April T to 11, 1899. Inolusiva. from 
April IE to IT. 1899.lDclDBlve: on aick fur- 
lough from Nov. 8 lo Dee, T. 1898. Incln- 
elve, per O. 0. Ill, A. G. O . 1898: extended 
from Dec, 8 lo 22.1898. Inclusive, per fiurth 
endorsement, od reoneat HdiirB. 7th Armr 
Corps. Ijavannah. Ga.. Nov. 29, tti98; ex- 
tended from Dec. 28, 1898, to Jan. 9, 1899. 
per fourth eadoraement.oD requeet Hdqrs. 
Ttb Army Corps. BavaDft, Cuba. Jan, IS. 
1899, all In line of daty ; dne U. 3. 80.18 

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Cwroll, William C... 

June 2B.lB«e 


July I0.I8B8 


Wayne CHr 




July 10.1893 


July 10.18S3 

fane S8,im 

Wayne (!ltr 

Jnly 10.189S 



July 10.18B8 


June 88.1898 

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UrsTBBiD In. 


SorlllBfleld ... 

Llevt. Ballon. 
LlenL BoUon. 

Llent Ballon. 

LlenC Balloa. 
Lleat. B^loQ. 

Lleot. BtUlon. 

Llent Ballon. 
Lleot Ballon. 

Sprlnlfleld... L 

,. Llent. Ballon... 

.. MuUnB Store Sick In qaartera Aar. 29, I89S.1D line of dutr i 
tried b^ ISammarr Conrt Not. 11. 1S3B, vfo- 
latton aid ArLlcle of War, abaent Croni Nor. 
11 [0 IS. ises: BenteQced lo forfalt three 
dollars (».!»); fine and pb; for time ab- 
aentdedacted on November, 1898. pay-roll i 
tried by Snmmari' Conrt Uaroh te. 1899, 
violation Bad Article of War; sentenced to 
torfaitooe dollar (tl. 00); Hoe dednoled on 
Usrcb pay-rolls: absent lass tbnn one day. 

Ine U. a.»ll9 

■Ick In qaartera Feb. 6. 1899: from Feb. 8 to 
IS. 1899. Inolualve. all In line of dnty; dae 
U. a. to 03.. - 

■ranaferred from Co. A Oot. 21. 1898, per B, 
S. O. No. ST, same date; eick In auHrlers 
from Nor. 2 te 6,1898. Inclui'lve. Dee. 31. 

1898, Feb B, from Feb. U to lg.lS93.1nc]nBlvH. 
Uaroh 14, 1899. from Marcb 11 to 18. 1899, 
iDClualve. Maroh 21, 1899. all in line of 

Delafield SIcb In aoMt'eVi' De'c. 19. 1898, in lliie"of 

CovinKton.Ky Skk In'qnarteraVlniy'iiVoViViMe.'iiiVlaJfve, 
all In Uui; of dnty; detailed To reelmaatal 
bakery Nov. 10, 1899, per verbal order of 
Col Camobell. Savannah Ga., Nov- 16. 1898. 
Enrolled as private and mustered In as 

Juty'll."8B8"Dar"co. !^° 6"no. 1. IprlS^ 
field. 111.. July 11. 1898: sick In qnarlers 
July 11. 1B9S. AnK 26. 1898. Ane. 30. 1«9S. 
from April 7 to 8. ISBS.lnclualve, from Aprl! 
t to IS. 1S99. iDCluslve, all In line o( daty; 
dneU. a 11.M 

Sick In bosplta] from Oct. 81 to Nov. 11, 1898, 
inclnelve: alck Id qaartera Deo. 20. 1888, 
Jan. 21. 1889; aick In bospltal from Jan. 2G. 
to Feb. 19, 1899. IneluBlve: elek In quarters 
from April 17 to 18, 1899. Inclnelve. all In 
line of dnty 

31cfc In hoepltal from Ave, 27 Co Sept. 5. 1898. 
Inolualve: on sick fnrlonsb from Sept, G to 
Oct. 1. 1898. Inemslve. per G. O. HI. A. G. 
O.. iS98i eitended from Oct. 6 to U. 1898, 
Inelnalve. per telefn'sm from A. G.. Waeh- 
Ineton, D. C. Oct. 11, 1898; extended from 
Oct. SStoNov, 2G. 1898. Inelnalve, per 1th 
endoraement. on reqaeat Hdqra. 7th Army 
Corpa. Mavannah, Ga.. Nov, 5, 1B98: ex- 
tended from Nov. it to Dec. 28. 189tl, Incln- 

e^O.^Waahlnstoa^D^cH Dec. I l,S's98: 'ex- 
tended from Dec. 21 to Dec. 21, 1893, Inelu- 
Blve, per 2d endoraement, on reanest 
Hdqrn, D- 8. forces. Sivacnah, Ga.. Dee. 
2B. 1888: alck In haapltal from Jan. 13 to 28, 

1899. Inclualve. from Feb. 8 to 11. 1B99. In- 
elnalve. from Maroh 9 to 10. 1899. Inclusive. 
April 26. 18^9, May 1. 1S99: alck In hoapltal 
Uay 2 to date, all tn line of dnty; due U. S. 

Sloh In quarters from jQly25 to 28, IB9S, In- 
elualve: alck In hoapltal from Nov. 18 to 
Dec. SO, 1993, Inclualve; on alck fnrloueh 
from Dec. 80, 1898, to Jan. 29, 1899, Inctn- 
slve, pet 8, O. No, HI. A, G. O.. 1898, all In 

line of dnty 

Inrolled aa private: mustered in as Cor- 
poral; returned lo srade of private, pec 
R. a. O No, 8. Sprlnitfleia. 111.. July 26. 
1898: sick In qaartera Ade. >S. 1898. Irom 
Sept, 20 to 2«, 1888, Inolualve, from Jan. S to 
11. 1899, Inclualve. all Id line ot duty 

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July 10.1:898 


TnlT ».1898 


JolT 19.I8BB 

June 28.1899 

Handler. OBOftr 

Jnne isabbs 

jQlr 10.1888 


jDne 28.1Bea 


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SDriDKaeld .. 

Lleat. Ballon. .. 
Uent Ballon... 

. BronnsTllle , 

Sprlnrfleld . 

Uent. BalloD... 
Lleat. Halloa... 

SDrtnefield .. 

Lieut. Ballon... 
Lleat. Bnllon... 


Lleat. Bsllou... 
Lleat. Ballou... 

EnOeld .... 
Dablsren . . 

, Garml 

. UcLeansboTo. 
, UcLesnsboro. 

Sick Id qaarters from Mi 

April IS. 
v.s 10. le. 

ram oepi. nu lo uct. S. 1898. 

31, ]S9», Feb. Z. ISSB, from 

1S99. Inclusive. March ii, 

30. 1BS9. April 1. tB99. from April 

iEolasl'e, -" '- " ' '' — 

_, Inclualve, fri . _., 

laclaBlve.tcam Dec. Zl) lo 21,lB98.!iiclnalve. 
from Jan. 3 lo 7, IfiSS. iDclnalTe: sick in 
hospital from Jan. 1 to IS. 18S8. Incluslvs. 
all In line ot datv; doe C. 8.10.80 

TraniferredfromCo. E JalT22.u>98. per ft. 
Q. O. No. B, HprlnsAeld. 111., same date; 
lick In qaarterg AQK. H. UM. Sept. 21.1898; 
slebin hospital from Oct. 26 to SB. 1S9S, In- 
Olaslve. Oct. 31. 1S9S. from Nov. IS ID 23. 
18B8. Inclaslve. Irom Jan. 17 to Feb. 18. 1899. 
Inelaslve. In qaatters Mar. biji ls.lbB». in- 
OtUBlve. fromMar. 2BtD Apr. 18. 1)t99. lacln- 
alve. Apt. Zt. 1899. all In Hue ot daty 

SIcb Id qnarters froni lleo. It to 20. 1BS8. In- 
olnslve. slek In boapltal (ram Dec. a to £3, 
InolaBlTe, all InllneotdntT; on tarloDBh 
lTOml!Jept.»toOat.l0,)BSg. Inolpslve. per 
4th Scdoiaement, Headqaarters 7th Arm; 
Corps, Jacksonville. Fla., Sept. 22. 1B98.... 
iick Ui quarters Uaieh 10. 1889, from Uarch 
17 to 18. 1899, Inelnslve. all in line of dnti: 
tried br Sammary Coait Uarcb le, 1899, for 
vtolalloa of 32d Article ot War— absent 
less than 13 hours; sentenced to forfeit 
one dollar (tl.OO): fine deducted on March. 

lB99.pav-roll;dne[;.S. 10.34 

lick In qaarCera Jnlr 19.189S, Sept. 2B to Oct. 
1, 1B9B, iDClnelve, all In 11ns ot duty; doe D. 
8.10.B8 - 

Sick In qi 

Nov. l.'lM8r8lck''ln"hogniiHT"from'NoT!i4 
to IB, 1898. iQclnalvei sick In quarters from 
Nov. 19, 1S98. to Feb. 15. 1899. luolnslve. all 

Id llneot duty 

lick Id qoaiters Jnly 11. 1S98. from Oct. 2S to 
37. 1898, Inolaslvei elck In hoapltal from 
Oct. 28 to Nov. 4, 1898. InolnBlVe, 611 In line 

o£daty;daea. S. lO.BO 

Sick In qUBTterB Aoe. 19. 1898. (rom Sept. IS 
to Zl, IHBB. InolUBlve. (rom Deo 36 to 81, 1398. 
luclaslve. trom Feb. 11 to 14.1899. Inalastve. 
from March 8 to II, iS99. Inclusive, all In 
Hue of dnty; tried by Summary Court Oct. 
21, 1S9B. tor violation of 39ih Article of 
War: eentenoed to tortelt^flve dollar 

: Bne deducted from October, IBS8, 

tOZB, 189S, Inelnelve, from Sept. 27 Co Oct, 
to, 1898. Inclnelve. from Jan. I3 to 19, 1B99, 
lDoluslve,Uarchl3,1889, alllnllnsof duty; 
das D. 8.W.10 

31ok In quarters Sept. 13. 189B, Sept. 21, ieS8, 
from Oct. 3 to 4. 1898, Indaslve, all In lice 
of duty; doe D. S. 10.03 

Slok In quariers Sept. 8, IBSB, from Sept, IB to 
19, 1H9N. Inclualve, Sept. 21. 1898, from Oct. 
21 tD3S.189B, Inclnalve. Dec. S, 1898. Dec. 14. 
1B98: sick la boHPitalfromJHn.S to 28.1899, 
luolaelve, all In line ot dnty; dae D. 8.. 

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June !8 iBSS 

Hobbs. OeoBc 



July 10.1898 

Jane 28.1808 

Jnne S.1SS8 
Jnne ZS,1888 

July to. ISM 

July 10.1S88 

jQlir 10. im 
Jnly 10.1S9B 


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.. Uent. Ballon... 

.. Slcklnqiiiiiters jDl;Sl.lg98. IromAnE. ISt 

29.iS9f '--' --- ■- ■-- = 

to 8e| 

S: on Bick turloueb from 
17,1898. iDOluBlve, per O O, 
" eitendi^d from Oct ISta 

UacPSi Nov. II, itaS; eiteoded (rom Not. 17 
Deo. 12, 1898, per 1th Endorsement, on 
nest. BeadcinBrtera 7ih Aim; Uarps, 


SDrlnsfleld . 
SprliiKileld ... 


Lleot, Ballon... 
Ltent. Ballon... 

In hospital tcom Dec. 23 to 29, 1898, In- 
...3lvei sick In qnaiters March IE to IS, 
1B99. Inclnelve, from Marcb 26 to 29 1B99, 
' laelve. all in line of duiri dne U. S., 

■ UcLeansboro. S 

.. Llent Ballon... 

Oct. I to 11, im, Incluetve 


I, Idc 

Jan. 12. ieS9. hU la line or datv; tried br 
'■ - nmarj Conrt Neoi. 2B.18S8. for violation 

2d Article of War; Beotenced to forlell 

dollHr (1100): aaededncIedonSelitem- 

ber, 1898, pay-rollB; tried br Summary 
Court March 19. 1893. tor vIolatloD Of S2d 
Article of War— Hbseut leas than 12 hours; 

lenocd lo forfeit one dullar <Sl.DO)i tine 

., 3tck !□ bosclti 

il,lB9B, iuclaii 
898. IncluBlvi 
sluBlve. from 
live; alckln: 


mm Not 

B Feb. 7.18». 

larch 1 to !,1B99. iDclDBlre; sick la 

il from March 33 to Anill 3,1899. In- 

eldslve; Blck In qnacters from April 4 to 7, 
18911. Inclusive, all In line of duty : tried br 
Snmmary Court AuBT. 19, 1888. tor violation 
Hi Article ol War. absent without leava. 
from AuB. 17 lo 18,1898; rpprlmanded by 
Court: pay tor time absent, deducted on 


B U. B 

,. SIckli. . 

8.1898. iDClnalve, from D. 

Inclusive, Jan, 13.1899. all In line of dm 

Oct, 2 to 
TO, 1B98, 
f duty: 
line of 

SpilnK&eld ., 

Llent. Ballon... 

rters Jan. 91.1899. Feb. 9.1899; 
pltal from Feb 28 to Maroll 30. 
Iveialckln quar "' ' "■ 

7, 1B99. InclUBlve 

9. Inclusive, from Arrll 13 tc 

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HUler. Cbaclfls R 


Inlr 10.1S»8 



Oman, Memo. 



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MlTBTKIlBt> tH. 

Sprltiefleia .. 
Surinsfleld .. 

SprlnsBeld .. 

)y whom. 
Meat. Ballon... 

Lt«Qt Ballon... 
Lleat. Ballon... 

Llent. Balloa... 

, Oliia 

. Dahlsren.. 

. Broagbton.. 

i. MaJ. HMdonald.. 


Llsat. Ballon... 
Lieut. Ballon .. 

, Cannl... 

Sicfc In quartere Ane 11.1SB8. Sept. ZI.1B9S, 
from Oct. litaia.lSBS.lDcluslTe. from Jan. 
IS Co Za.lB99. Inclusive, all In Has of dQt7i 

dneC. S. SO.SS 

in InrlouBb from Sept. 2i to Oct. 10, 1S9S, In- 
elnalye. p«r 4th eHdorsemenl, on reqneat. 
Jacksonville, Fla. Sept 22.iB9iJ, HdQrn.Tth 
ArmyCocpB. !jept. ;is.iS9S: dae U. S.M.OT. 

31ek In hosplCBl from Oct. il lo Dee- B.1BS8. 
iDolnBlve: eick In qnarters April ZS to Mar 
Z.1BS9. InaJnelve^slDklnhOBDltalfromMa* 
ito date, all In line of daty; on fnrlonsh 
Nov. !9 to Deo. 28. l»9a, InelualvB. per H. O. 
Ill, A. Q. 0. 18BH: due U. 8.10.30 

Sick Id quarters from Joly ZO lo 22, 18S8, In- 
-Inslve, from AprU 12 to 1T.1B99. Inolnslve. 
-.11 In line ot dnty 

Enrolled na private, mustered In as Cor- 
poral: Blok Id qnartera from Oct. 7 to in, 
ISW. Inclaslve, from Dee Z2, Jon. i, 
lem. InelQBlve, Jon. 2t.1BSR; from Feb. IG 
to lS.lg9», Inclnitve. April 8,1BW, all In line 
of duty; tried bi Sumoiarr Court Nov. It, 
1B98. vIolHtlOB SSd Article ot War: absent 
lees tban 12 bonrs; eentenoed to forfeit 
fourdollara (MOO}; fine deducted on No- 
vember. I89fi. pay-roll: tried by Summary 
ConrlNov. 16,1898. vloIftlloB 3ad Article of ■ 
War. Bbsent leas than 12 honra; sentencei 
reduced from Corporal to private; tried by 
Summary Conit Nov. 2S.1B93. violation 82d 
Article of War. abseot one day. Nov. 21 to 
22. IBM: Benienee.i day extra duty; pay for 
tims absent, deducted on November. 18B8, 
pay-roll; tried by Bummary Court Mareh 


Dec. 21,lSB)t: returned to srada uf private. 
Feb. 1,1899. per R. 3. O. 102. same date; 
sicktn hospital from Uarcb 27 to 29.1898. 
Inolaslve; slok In quarters March S.1899. 
aick In hosoltal May 2 to date, all In line of 

duty; due D. 8. J11.B7 

Ick In qaartera from Sept. 2£ to Oct. G. 1898. 
Inclusive, all In line ot duty: dae D. 6. 


Id furlouth from Sept. 26 lo Oct. I0.1B9B. Id- 
clUKlve, per Kh endorsemeni. on requeat 
Hdqrs. 7th Army Corps. Jacksonville. 
Fla., Hevt. 22,1898: sick Id quartera Jac 18. 
1899. from March 2 to IB.1899. tnclQslve. 
from Mareh 22 to Aprtl 18.1899. Indnelve, 

all In line of duty 

Sick In hoapltat from Sept. 23 to Oct. 1, 1898, 
Inolaslva; on sick furloueb from Oct. S to 
Nov. 2. UBS. Inclusive, per G. O. No. 114, 
A. G. O.. leSS; eiek In qunitera from March 
Utot2.lhG9. Inclusive, all Id lloe o[ duty; 

Tiolatlan 62d Article ot War; sentenced to 
forfeit one dollar (tl.OO): line deducted on 
Atumat 1988. pay-rolls: due C. S. tO.SI 

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PtI t 

Jnoe 28,1B9S 

June 28.WS8 

June 18. IKK 

Jtme 28.IBS8 
June £8,1898 

Joue aB.i8»S 
Jnne 2S.189S 

June 28.1B98 
Jone ZS.1S88 

McLanneboro ... 

Jul 10 issa 


July ID.1B3B 




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frnmNos. 12 tolB. tMB 
18S9. Nov, SO. 1S9B. (rn 
iDcLnelTe. Deo. 20. 1891 
.i«Ti 21 to SB, 1899, In 
». from March 21 t< 

SpilnsfleM . 
Spilnsfleld . 

SprinrBeld - 
SprlnKfleld . 

Lieut. BbUod .. 
Lleat. Ballon .. 

Lleat. BbIIoh.. 

Wb»do Cits . 

DahliTen . 

Inclualve, Not, 21, 
1 Deo, 7 to B, 1B8S, 
Jan. 1. 1^90, from 
IqsIvo March 18, 
2S, 1899. iDciuHlve, 
from April lo 10. ISM. Inclaalve, April It. 
18B9. from April 24 to 28, 1B9B, IncltiBlvB, 
from April 30 to Mas 1. 18S9. InclnBlre. all 

!□ line of dnty 

Ick In QDBrters from Sept. IS to II, I8S§, 
Inclusive, from Sept. 27 to Oct, 17, 1898. 

InoluHlTS. all In line of dnly 

Slok In quarters Dec, 10. 1888. In Una of dutr; 

due D. 8, S4.51 

Ick In qnarters trom Sfpt. 17 to SI. 1898. Id- 
olnelve. nil In line ot duty; due D. B. 

fck lii'guBr;erVAns.'V8Vl'898V8epV'lV,'i899; 
Not II, 18<<S: Kick In bOBcltal trnm Jan 21 
to Feb 1.1898, IncIuslTe. all In line of dnty: 
due u, a. Mao 

Tranaferred from Co. U Feb. 1, 1899. per R. 
fl O. No. 193, Hame (late; sick In quarterx 
from Usrcb E to IZ, 1899. InclnalTe. not In 

line of duty 

in fuclnueh from Sent. Z6 to Oct 10. 1898. 
InelnslT". per ilh Bodornemenl on r*qUBgt 
H'lqra. Tib Army Coma, JnckaonTllle, Fla,. 
Sept, !2. 1S98: tried by Summary Court 
Jan. 27. 1899, TlolBtlou Bzd Article of War: 
• * • -- four dollars IJIOO); 
- -roll: 

deducted o 

Sick In quariers AUB 
all Ip line ot duty: ou 
ZE to Oct. 10. 1898, li 

January. IB99, pay-ri 
iiB"2V,'iB98." Sept'e 

m Sept. 

Q fumlshert from Bti 
[sonTlIle, Fla.. cost 
D); pame deducted c 

Nn. B. MuiIuffHeld, 111,, eame date; alEk In 
boapltal from Feb. 3 to March 31. 1S99. lu- 
claBlye: ou baapttal boat Mlaaourl and In 
United 8 area hoBnlta], Ft. Monroe, Va., 
from April 1 to May i. 1899, inclnalTe. all 
In llpe of duty; detailed aa iruard to Pay 
master Carr, per S O. Hdqra. Ttb Armj 
Corpa, Jan, lfl,A899; reduced from Corporid 
lo private Feb. 1, 18B9, per R. S O. 101. 
aamedatni nald hb Corn oral from Jnne 2B 
to July 28. 1899, Inolnflve: due f oldter tbe 
difference between prlvate'n pay and Cor- 
poral's pay from Jan. 1, 1899, to Jan, St. 

1899. Inctnnlve 

llctt In ho?pitfll from Sept. 2 to S. 1898, la 
elusive: on Dick fnrlopKh from Sept. S to- 
Oct 1. 1998, InclualvB, per Q, O. lU, A 8. 
0., 189B; eitepded from Oct. S to 10, 1S98, 
Inelualve, per Itb endoraement on rpuneat 
Hdqrs 7th Army Corps, JaokBonvllle, Pla,, 
Oct, 2. 1898: tried by Summary Court Nov. 
2. 1898. TlolatlnD 62d Arllcle of War: sen- 
teoced to forfeit aaven dollara and fifty 
rents (IT.SO) and ten diiya' extra duty: 
flnA deducted ou November. 1898, pay-rolla; 
siek In realmi'ntal boapltat from June 18 
ln2S,iB9».lDClnalTB, from April I to 2. 1899, 
luGlnslve, all In line of duty; dn« U. S. 

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Jtme 18.1898 


Jnir 10.1898 

WUion. Frank H 

H&ye. Walker Lee 

Jane 1B,1S8B 


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SPClUKfleld ... 
Sprinsfleld ... 

Uent. BalloD. 
Lieut. Ballon. . 

.. Llent. Bklloa... 

I 10, 1898. Inclu- 

_. .. .stQ 0. 114. A. O. O.. IBOS. Hll la line 
Of duty; tried by finramarr Uonrl Feb. IJ, 
■'"■'' -'-■-■— "-1 Anlole of Wan Bon- 
le dollar ISl.OO): floe ds- 

,. Pona... 

.. Connl.. 

.. Bnfleld. 

Sluk i! 

B tro 

18. II 

i, in- 

In hoepltal Irom Sepl, 19 ti 

Oct B, IB9B, IncliiBlve; nn Blck farloneb 
from Oct. 9 to Nov. T. 189S, loclnalve, per 
G. O. 11*. A. a. O.. 1888, all In line of dntr: 

due U. 3.11.16 

Slak In qnarters Jnly it. 1B9B. from Not. IB 


3. lacliiBlTe from Uarch 10 to IS, 

' islTO. all In line ol dntr 

.a pilVBte. mnalered Id fta Cor- 

, hluanarteTB Julr 21. 1898. Sept. 

Jg.lHSg. Bleb In liOBplt&l [rom Ocl. 1 toiO, 
189B, luclualve: on eick Inrlonth from Oot. 
a) to Nov. 18, 1B9B. InclntlTo, per G. O. lU, 
A, Q. O. 1898. all la line of doty: rednoed 
from Con>orftl u prlvMe pet R. G. O. No. 
SI. ijayanDEi, Ga., Deo. 8. 1B9B: transferred 
to band Dee. 13. 1B98, per R. G O No. n. 
same date; transferred to Co. L from 
band Jan. ZMB9B, per B. 8. O. No. B». 
~ ana, Cnba. same date: paid as Cor- 

1 from Jane 28 to July 3. 1S98. Inoln- 

Blve:dneD. S. M88 

.. Sick In hoBpliBi from Jnly 18 to 23, 1818. In- 
cluBlye, nick In quar'ers July -it. 1B9B. kII 
■ '■ e ol doty; dlscharired &~~ " '"" 

ii ttb ei 


1 of dlBablllty; dUcbart-e and final 


.. Sick In gnnrterB Jnly II 
i1 July 21. 1898: dlBo"- 

Blok In hoBpl- 

perllh endoiBement on SureeOD'a eartlfi- 
-— e of disability; dlschiirKe and final 
— lemenlg readeced: serrlce honest and 

falthfnl : 

1. Sick In qaarters July SI to ta. 1898. inclu bItB, 
Aot. 29. 1898. all Inllneof dnly; dlBGharsed 
Sept. !8. 1898. per Ith endorBemenl on 8nr- 
seon'fl certtficBte of disability; dlecbaree 
and final flratcments rendered: service 

honest and faithful 

.. Tried by BnmmBry Coort Aqk. 23, IBBS.Ior 
violation of S8d Article of War. sentenced 
:o forfeit one dollar (tl.DO). fine df ducted 
)nAaBuet. 1898, pay-roll; dlscbareed SBPt. 
a. 1898. per lib endorBemeat on tjureeon's 
jertlOeate of dlaabllky; diBCbarie and 
final aCatemetita rendered: sarvlce not 

■- neat and falthfnl 

In quartera July 20. 1898. from Sept 1 to 
tBS8, Inclualve, from Sept. 98 <o Oct. 1. 

). Not. 29. 1898. Deo 

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EdsIs. Ernest E 

Hftller. ObBlon 

Jnne M.1898 
Jnna ES,188S 

JnlF 10.1SW 
Jnlr 10.189S 


Lamm. Qeorce A 

Jnne M.18B8 

Jaly 10,1898 

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Enrolled aa prlVHte. mnatered Id as Cor- 
pi>TBl:gIcklD qaartera Aae-ZO. 1898. Aor. 
SI. 1S99. from Xect. 15 to 26.1898. IdcIdsIvs. 
fmm Not. 11 to IG, IS98, laclaelve. Dee. 21, 
1898. Bll iQllae of daCT: on tnrloush from 
Bept. SS to UcE. ID.IBSH, ttiPltislTo. ppr Ith 
endorgemeDt on request BeB<lqT>, lib A. 
C. JftcksoDvlUe. Fla., Sept. 2i!.1fiS8; ex- 
tended [ram Oct. 11 to IS. 1898. IcDJUBlTe, 
perlth eudoreeraent nn request HeiidqrB. 
Tth A. C, jBskHODVllle! FIb , Ooi. 9.1898: 
dlschureed Ueo. 80,1898. by order In tele- 
Brftin trom Secretary of War as per 8. O. 
No. 2T. A. O. (J. Veb. 2. 1899: dlscbarEeaad 
Una] statementa reodered; paid ae Uor- 
imrBl (rom Jair 28 to JulK 9.1SSS. Incln- 

alve: eerrtce bonegt aod faithful 

Ilok In qnartera Jnl; 28. 1898. from Sept. 10 
to 18.1898, Inalaslve. from Mov. 19 to 24. 
1BS8. luclualve, trom Nov. 29 ro 80.1898. In- 
OIUBlve. from Dec. tS to SO. 1893. Inolnslre: 
OD sick (arloo^h from Sept, !S to Nov 17. 

1898. inclUBlve. per U. 0. 114. A. U. 0. 189Si 
extended from Oct 18 to Nov. 1«. 1898. In- 
clusive, per «tli endarsement on rtqneat 
Hesdqra. Ith A. C, jHcksonvllle. Fla.. Oct. 
IE. 1898: on eiek furlouffb from Dec. 80. 
189Sto .Jan. 28, 1839. InclUBlve. per Q. 0. 114. 
A,G.O. 88; eilecded from Jan. SatoSO. 

1899. Inelnslve. per i. O. No. 29. A. G. 0. 
V^b. 1, 1890. all In llnoof dnl7: dlBctaBrsed 
J»D. BO.lSsa. nerS. O. NO. sr - " " "i"- 


1. iS98, 

,_. J. ti. IK. A. u. u.. 1898: on 

furlouebtcomJan. 8 to Feb. 4,1898. Inclu- 
sive per a O. 114, A. 6. O,. 1898: eitended 
from feb. 8 to 20.1899, luclnalvo per 8. O. 
No. 4B. A G. O.. Feb. 2S. 1899. all In line of 
dntv: diacharee certificate alven from A. 
G. O.; dlaebareed per S. 0. No. 48, Feb. 20, 
dateil A. Q. 0.. Feb. 2S.I899: dlBcbarEO end 
final BlHti'iiienta rendered; dhchBree cor- 
tlfloate farotihed from A. G. O.: aervlee 


d faithful... 

Slefc to qaarters Aur 2T. IS98. from Sept. I 
10 Oct. 14, 1898. InclUBlve: on fnrlonsl 
Irom Dec. 14 to 28, 1888. Inclualve, per 2i 

torses. SavaDDBb. Qa , Dec. 1 

G 0. 

tificBte fni 

...J. 10. IB98. to Jan. 9. - , 

G. O. 114. A. G- O.. 1898: extended from 
Jan. 10 to Marcb 18. 1899. Inclualve, oer S. 
U. No. 84. A. G. U.. March 18. 1899; dli- 
ohareed March t8. 1899. per S 0. No. H. A. 
G. O , Marcb 18. 1B'<9; dUcbaree and Baal 
atalements rendered. dUcbarge Certificate 
tamlebed from A. G. O.; service boneit 
and faithful 

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UoUahoiu Thomaa ... 

3al7 18.U9S 
Jnne 98.1898 



Jaly I.18S8 



Jane 28.1898 

Wayne City 

joiif 10. use 

Jnlr 10.1898 


Bio*. Charlea F 

aallowair, M. D 

Smock. ThMMB 


Jnir 1B.18BS 


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Lleat. Ballon.. 





Llent. Ballon 



Llent. Ballon 



Llent. Ballon 



Llent. Ballon 



Llent. Balloo 


Llent Ballon 


Transferred from Go. E to Co. L JnlT 22, 
1B9B. ner B. G. O. No. G. eame date: sick in 
quarters Jnlv 2a, 1868. A\xa. 18. 1^ from 
Aue. SO to Sect. 1, 1898. IJiclneiTe. from 
Oct. i to ze. 1698. Inolnslve: aloh In hospital 
from Nov. !0 to Dec. li. HaS. Inclusive; on 
BlckCQiloaah tromDec. la. 1898. toJan. 11. 
11)89. iDClnalve. per O. O. Itt. A. Q. O., 1808; 
extended from Jan. 12 to March tl.lSS9.1n- 
Clnslve, per d. O. No. TI, A. O. Q.. all In 
liae of dnty; dlscbareed Uaiofa 81, 1899. 
per B. O. No, 71. A. Q. O.. April IS. IgBRj 
dlecharee and final atatemenls rendered: 
dlacHarae certttlcate famished from A. G. 
O-: service honest and faltbtnl; due U. S. 


'ransferred from Co. D Julr 21, ISSS, per R. 

Adit .IS, 1898. Sept. 9. 1898. from (Jet, 7^to 
12. 1898. iDclaslye. Dec. lO, 1898. Dec. 24. 
1898, llec. BO. 1B9S, Msrob IS. 1899, all In line 
ot datr; elch in quarters Dec. 21 to 21. IbSB, 
Inclnslve, not In line of dnty; tried by 
Sumraarr Court March U, I8i)9, violation 
62d Article of War: sentenced to forfeit 
three dollars (S3. 00): Qoe deducted on 
March. 1899, pay-roll: dlscfaareed April I, 
1D99, per <i. No. Gl. A. O 0.. Uarch 22, 
1899; dlacharee and flual statemeniB ren- 
dered; service honest and (althfal 

■ransferced from Co. (J July 21. IBSB. per R. 
Q. O., same date, Sprloafield, 111.: tried 
by General Court Martial, violation 20[h 
and 2Ut Articles of War; fonnd tuUCy and 
sentenced to be dishonorably dtacbareed. 
forteltInK all par and allowaDces due him, 
and to bo eontlned at bard labor at such 
fort as the revlewjaeanthoTity may direct, 
per General Court Uartlal Urder No. 11, 
Hdqre. Ttb Army Corps. Savannah. Oa., 
Deo. U). 1898; placed Id confinemeDt from 
Bept. 12 to Dec. 15. 1898. previous to trial: 
conflned at St. Fraacfa Barracks, St. 
Ancustlne. Fla . per 8. O. No. 116. Hdqrs. 
1st Division. 7th Army Corps. Dec S3. 1898. 

'ransferred from Co. A Feb. IB. 1899, per R. 
G. O. No. 112. same date; tried by Sum- 
mary Court March IB. 18B9. violation 82d 
Article of War. abeeo less than I! honrs: 

deducted on Marob. 1899. pay-roll;' dls- 
chareert April 16, 1899, per G. O. No. 6*. A. 
U. 0. Uarci) SZ. 1899; dlscharce and final 
Btatemects farnUhed; service bonestand 

Transferred to band July 18, 1898. per R. G. 
O No 1. Springfield, III.; deaprlptlve Ifit 


ran^ferred to band July IB, 1898. per R. 6. 
O. No. I. Sprlngfleld. 111.; descilptlve list 

Transferred to band July 19. 1898. Per B. G. 
O- No. 1. Sprlniifield. 111.: desorlptlve Hat 

Transleired to band July 19. 1898. par B. O. 
O. No. 1, SprlQBfleld. Ill,: descriptive list 

Tran>ferted to Co. P. Jnly 21, IB9S. per B- G. 
O- No I, 8pHD«fleld, ill.; desotlptlve list 

Tran 8 terre d "to Co.' D,' Jni y J L IMS' per B.' G*. 
O. No. t. Bprlna&eld. 111.: descriptive Hat 


ransferred to Co. D, July 21,1838. par B. Q. 
p. No. ^, Sprlngfleld, 111.; deaorlpUve list 

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Oronoh, James A 

Q. H. Seiseant 

June SS.1S9B 

Bell City 

JnlF 10.1898 

NaU«r. Chulev 


Jnlr 10.1888 


JnlT 10.1898 


Jnne ZS,1SM 


Jaly 10.1BSS 

Jnlr 6.1896 

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HCStRUt) Is. 

Sprlnfffleld .. 
SprttUEBelil .. 
Sprlnefltld .. 

BDrlnefleld .. 

Br wbom. 
Lleat. Ballon... 
Lleat. Balloa... 
[ileot. BallOD... 


Uent. BalloD-.. 
Lieut. Ballon .. 

.. Uent. Col. Swift. . 

,. Llent. Balloa .. 

Llent. Ballon. .. 
Llent, Ballon... 

. Temple Bill.. Ttaneterred toCo. E, Jn1rZ2.18M.peiR. Q. 
O. No e. liprlDBtleld. Ul.i descriptive lut 


Vera Transferred to Co. E.Jnlr a. iBtS.Der B. 0. 

O. No. e SprlDeSeld. 111.; detcrlptlve Hat 


. NorrisOltT... Enrolled as private, mnstered IQ al Cor- 
coral: trangCerred ID boaaltal corps Ant. 
81,1898, per S. O. No. 18. bcadaDarlera Tth 
Armr Corps. JacksoQTille. Via.. Ans. S«. 
1S9S; paid as Corporal from jQneZ« to Jnlr 
9. 1898, lacluslvei desarlptlve Uet far- 

Transterreil to bond Dec 1S,1B98, per R 8. 
O. No. BS. SaTaonsh. Qa.. same date: for 
tbls soldier's record see bodt ot Roll Ho. 
«4; descriptive list fDrnlebed 

Sick In uaarlBra Sept. 12io2B.l''»9.1nolQslTei 
on Bica lurloaeb from Sept. iS to Ucl. 10, 
1893. luclQ^lve. per Q. O. No. 114. A. Q. O. 
1SU8: trsDsteired toCo. A. Jaa. 23.1B99. par 
B. 8. O. No. 86. Havana. Caba: descrlpllve 
Hat furnished 

Sick In qnarteca from Sept. 13 to IS, 1898. In- 
claslve: on sick forlooeh from Oct. 8 to 
Not. l.lSSa. Inclusive, per G. O. 111. A. Q. 
O.. IBSBi eitecdsd from Nov. 2 to Dec. I. 
1898. laelnalve, per ith eodoreemenl on 
reqaesti extended from Deu 2 to Deo. ai, 
1898. iQclU'lve. per etb endoTsemeui on re- 
qaest A. Q. O., all In line of dutr; traPS- 
larred to Co, D. Feb 1.1B93, per K 8.0. 
No. 103, Feb. 1. 1 859, Havana, Cuba; de- 
scriptive list furnished 

lick In quarters from Aue. 25 to 21, 1893. In* 
claslve. Sept. U. 1898. Oct 8. 1898. all In line 
of dot;: transfTred to Co A. Feb. 18. 1SS9, 
perR B.0. 112. Havana.Cuba: descriptive 
flat tarnished: due D.S. JO S3 

Transferred to Co. A, March 13.1899. per B. 
" O. No. 181 Havana. Caba: desorlptlve 
t fncnlsbed 

Sick In qaarters July S8.I83B; elck In hos- 
pital from Sept » to 20.1898: died Sect !0, 
lB38.[nSd division hospital. JaasannvlUe. 
Fla.,ot typhoid fever, all to line of dnty; 
Inventor; ot eSec's and Sua] statements 
forwarded to A. G O.: service honest and 


Ick In quarters from Dec ID to lS.IB9».1o- 
elusive: died Dec. 18, 1S9S. Ist Division 
bospltal. Savantiab. Qa.. ot cerebre spinal 
menlnK'tis. all Id line of duty; Inventory 
ot effects and final statsments forwarded 
toA. Q. O,; service honest and faithful.,. 

Sick In qnarlera from Oct K and 16. 1898. In- 
claelve: sick In hospital from Deo. II to l», 
189H. Inclusive: died Dee. 19,IH9lt. ist Dl vi- 
sion hospital, SavRDnah, Qa. of prrltonttia 
all In line of a\Hj: Inveotary ot effeota and 
final statements forwarded to A. Q. O.: 
aervlae bonaet and (altbtnl 

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Jane ZS.18De 
Jane S8.1898 

Jane 27.1S98 

June 2B.1S98 

Jane 2S.1SS8 

June 28.18SB 
June 2S.1898 


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.. Lleot. BalloD... 

,, Enrolled Bud mnetered In as Captain; &b- 
BOnlfflth leave Jul; 2i 1o laly U. iBSS.In- 
eln«lve, per vorbal order of KeBlmentftl 
Communiler. BamadBte: absent vllh leave 
Sect. 9 to Sect. is. 1898. Inclusive. 1th eu- 
doTBemeal H. Q. 1st DIvUIud. Itb Army 
CorpB. Sept. S. ISSS: Nov. ( to Nov. 11. 189B, 
tndnKlve. per S. O. 132, H. Q. 1st DWisloD. 
Tib Army Corps. Nov. 1. 1S9S; Blok In auftt- 
teiB Deo. 21 to Dec. 21. lESS. Inolaalve. Jan. 
ST. IBU9, Uarch IS to IS. lt)99, InolaBlve. all 

In line of da t; 

.. Enrolled and muaitred la ne Ist Llfuteoant; 
' Bnl wltb leave JalF Zl lo 27. l8aa. Inolu- 
...B. by Terbal order KeElmental Com- 
mander, same date; on BDeclil dnti as 
regimental bealtb officer Aue. It, 1898. to 
Nov. 18. 1808. per (J. 0. 11. H U. 9th III. Vol.. 
Ans. It. 1808: absent oo eneclal dnir at 
-prlnaflBld.lU., land In transli) from Nov. 
I to :s. 1893. Inclusive, vei H O. IfiS. Far. 
H. Q. 7th Army Coroa. Nov, 19, 1898: slak 
1 Qnartera Jan. S to Jan. :a. 1809. Incln- 
vb; In reBlmeotal hoBpItal Mari:h 25 to 
2S. 1899. Inclnalve: iQ quBrlerB ;UHich£9Io 
April 2, 1899. incloBlve, all In line ol duty.. 
Enrolled after moster-ln of company at 
Sprlnitfleld, III,. July il. iSSS: abexnt wltb 
' ve from Jnl; 39 to Ans. l. 1B9S. per 
bal order Retlmental Commander. 

le aate; detailed bb Battalion Adjutant 

Sept. I. 1898. by verbal order ReEElmentid 
CamtDBDder. same date; detailed a9 ["CO- 
voBt Harihal. Ist Division. Itb Armv 
Corps. Dee. 8. 1898. to Dec. SI. IBSB, Inrln- 
fllve, per 8. 0. 183, H. Q. Isl Division. 7ib 
Army Corps, Deo. 8.1898: detailed as Adju- 
tant 3H Battalion from Jan, 1, 189B, per 8.O. 
9. H. Q. 9th 111. Vol.. Jan. iO. IB99; sick In 
d Division hoBpltal Jan. 19 la Jan. 2t, 1898. 

[loluBlve. In line of duty 

rolled and mastered Id as private; pro- 
moted to Seieeant from private Jnly K. 
898. per Q.,0. B. H. Q 9tb III. Vol.. July SS, 
1188: promoted 1st SerEeani from 3eT- 
:eant Ave. 25, 1898. per Co. O. 1, H. Q. Co. 
1. 9lh III. Vol., Aqs, 25, 1898: paid as Ser- 
reant from June 28 to July !«. 1B98. Inoltl- 


.. Enrolled and mustered In aa a private; pro- 
moted to Q. U. Serecant from private Dec 
1, IS9B, per G. O. 03, H. Q. 9th III. Vol .Dec. 
1. 1898: sl«k In quarters Oct. 3. Oct. T and 
Oct. B, IB9B, all la line of duty; dne U. 3. 


.. Enrolled as Drlvate: mustered In aa S«r- 
int; Blck In quartere Nov. 2». Dec. Zl. 
uec, 23. 1898, March 13, Uarch 11. 1B99: In 
reelmentHl hospital Oct 27. 1808. March OS 
to 27, 1899. Ipctuslve. all In line of duty; 
paid as aeroeant Junt 28 to July 10. J898, 

Ineltislve: due U, 3 10 81 

" lied as a private; rnQstered In aa Ser- 

nt: slDk la quarters Dec, IB to 11. 1B9B, 

line of duty; paid as Serieant from 

. __ e 18 to July 10. 1898, Inolu live; dtie U. 8. 


"- — lied as B private; mustered In as a Cor- 
bI; promoted to Sereeant from Cor- 

alOct. B, lB99.pRr8. O »a, S Q. 8th 111. 

Vol.. Oct. 6. 1898; pBld aa Corporal from 
~ ie23 to July 10,1808, Inclusive 

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June a.igas 

June 28.iNe 
June a. ISM 

June ZS.lBBa 
Jaat a. 1896 

Jane 28.1898 

Jnna tS.iS98 

Robert L. Downey .... 
Edward 3. Clsrpool... 

Peaily B. Sseer 

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SprincBeld . 
Sprlncfleld , 

Br vhom. 
. Llent. BallDD. 

. lilent. BollDii. 
. Lieut. Ballon. 

. Lieut. BaUon. 
. Ueat. Ballon. 

Sailor SprEB. 
AQKQata Spes 

Enrolled as prlvaM: moBtered Id bb Cor- 

Biral; promoled to SerEeant from Corporal 
eo. Z, IB%. per e O 6t, H. Q. Sita JIL.DeO. 
S. 1898: alck In quartera Nov. 18. Deo. SI. 
1K»). to Jan. 2. 1839, Incinelye. Feb. 2 to 8. 
18»S. tnclualye; lu reelmentBl hospital Dec. 
28to3D. 18BB. iDOlnsive. all In line of Outj; 
paid aa Corporal from June Si to July 10, 

1838. Inclualve: dne U. 8.10,30 

nrolled ae a privaie; mustered la bb a Cor- 
poral; on furlonsb trom Sept. 21, 18S8. Co 
Oct. 12, 18G8. InclnalVG. by (tb endorsement 
H. Q Tth AiiUF CocpB. »ept. 26. 1898: dick 
in quarters Deo. S. ISiS, March II. 18^8. all 
In line of daty; raid ae Corporal IromJnne 

ZSto Jnly 10. 1898. Inctualve 

□rolled as a private: muetered In aa a Cor- 
poral; on fnrloueh Sept. IS lo Oct. 4. 1898. 
fncloalve. per 1th andorsement H. Q Itb 
Armr Corps, Bept. 18, 1808; tink In qnar- 
teraNoT, 18 and 13. 1898, Deo. 19 and 20.1888. 
Dec. 21. 1898. March 9 and 10, 11)89, Uarcta SB, 
1689, all In line of dntr: paid as Corporal 
tiom Jane 28 to Julr 10, IB9S. Inclusive; 

dne O. 8. I1.1S 

enrolled na a nrlvate, muetered In as a Cor- 
poral: Bick In qnanera Not. 2i and 27. UBS, 
(u Hue of dniy; paid ae a Corporal from 
June 28 to Jaly ID, lb9S. iualualve: dne U. 

8„ 80.80 

Inrolled bb a private and mustered In ae a 
private: promoted to Corporal from pri- 
vate July 26,1898. per 6, 0. 8. headquarters 
Slh 111. Vole. July 26.1898; skk In quarters 
Bept. 1810 21.1898. InclnslvB. Sept. 21 [0 3D, 
1SS8, Inclusive. Oct. 3.1888, to Nov, 4,1898. 
Jan G. ISm. all In line of dnir: paid as Cor- 
poral from June 28 to Julr 25, 1898. Inclu- 

alve; dueU. S. Jl.lB 

Inrolled aa a private, mnaterad In as a Cor- 

foral: Blck In quarters Jul; 26 to 28,1898, 
icluslve. Sept. 22. 1898, all In line ot duty: 
paid aa Corporal from June 28 lo Jnl; 10. 

1893. Inclusive: dueO. 8, S0 71 

Inrolled as a private, mustered In as a waK- 
oner: promoted to Corporal from waEOnei 
Jnly 26, 1888, per 8, O, 8. headquarters 9th 
111. Vols.. Sprlncfletd. 111.. Julv 26, 1888; 
Blck In quarters July 13 to 16.1898. Incln- 
stve, Nov. 8, 1898. Nov. 10. 1898, Deo. 20. 
1888. March 9. 1899, all In line ot dntr: 
tried by Summsry Court Maroh IT. 
1898, for violation B3d Article Of War: len- 
tenced to forfeit two dollara {(2,001; flue 
deducted on Uarch, 1899. pay-roll: paid aa 
Corporal from Juue 28 to July 26.1898. In- 

clufilve; due U 8. I0.S8 

Inrolled as a private, mustered In aa a prl- 
vete; sick In quarters Aug. 11 to 20, 1898, 
iDOlnaive. Sept. 11.1898. Dee. 28. 189S. March 
10. 1889. Uarcb 26 and 2T. 1889: In Zd Division 
hoapltal. Jacbeonvllle, Fla.. Sent, IS to 
Oct. 18,1898. Inclusive: on alek furlough 
from Oct. 18 to Nov. 16.1898. Incluxlve, at 
lola. til., per G. O. lU. A. Q. O . 1898; fur- 
lousb extended from Nov. 17 to Nov. sj. 
1688. per 1th en dors emept headquarters Tth 
Army Corps. Nov. IB, 1688. all In line o( 
duty: paid as Corporal from June 28 to 
July 10,1898, Inoluetve; dne U. 8.10,65 

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UKrtlii L-Jainhm... 


Harold O.OIil«h 


June £8,1888 


Inne 28.1898 

Jons 18.1888 

Jane 28.1888 

Aitbnr L. Sodbbt 

June 28.189! 

QcorseW. Toliver..,. 


June 28.18S8 

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SDTlneflBld... L 

.. Lfent. Balloa.. 

StnliiKlleld... L 

.. Enrolled and mustered In as vrlvate; ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Oct. K, IBBS. 
J. O. la,Tkeadqiiarlera Bth III. Vola..Oct. B, 
_NS: on forlouith JdIt iS M Aqk. I.ISW, 
iQolDslve. at Flora, 111., per verbal order 
regimental eommaiiiler. same date! Blefcl)]. 
2d DtTlBlonhoBpltal. Uartanss, Gnba, Jan. 
9 to 17.18911. InolnelTe. In line of datji due 

O. 3.I0.U 

.. Enrolled and mnatered In aa a private; ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Deo. t. li-SS. 
-sr Q. O. es. headqaartera Sthlll. Tole.. 
eo 1.IS9S; elck id qnartere Ooi. B. Oct. U, 
eo. 21 10 it. less, Inclaelve. March )9 to 21. 
J99. InclnslTe. April 11, 1B99; In roKlmental 
hoBplIal Jan. IT and IS, i899. IncIuilTO, 
April za to ^6. 1B9R. InelnBlTe, all In line of 

dntr;dneD. 8. IDBD 

.. Enrolled and mnBlered In aa a pilTate: ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Dee. 1. IBtS, 
B3r 6. O. ra. headqnarleie Bth III. Vola.. 
eo. 1,1898: elcb In quartera Oct. 3.1899. In 

line of doty; dneD.». 90.85 

.. Enrolled and mustered In hb a private; ap- 
pointed Corporal from private Deo. 3. 1898, 
per Q. O. 81. beedquarters 9ih III. Vols.. 
Dec. 2. ISSB: eick Id qaartera Aud. 39. Sept. 

II. Bept. zg.lSGS. hU In line of dniy; dnaU. 
S. tD.22 

.. Enrolled BB a private, mustered In as a Cor- 

Soral: rednced to ranhs from Corporal 
mIyJO. 1S98. per 6. O. 8. headqnarlerB 9tti 

III. Vols.. Jaly2e,lB98: appointed Corporal 
from private Uorph 2,1899. per H. 0. IZS. 
beadquBTtera 91>i 111. Vols.. March 2.1890: 
due difference Id par between private and 
Corporal from Jnly 11 to Jnly 2S,ieS6, Ir 

pointed maalclan March e, 1 

D as a private: 


Llent. Ballon .. 

.. bleat. Ballon. . 

a 6. lit, A. e. O.. iiii. all in line oi 


„ mnBlclRn April 12.1899, per CO. 

6. Hdqrs. Co. M, 9Lh III. Vol.. April 12. 

1B99 .. 


. ._ __ Jnly SI to 

I. 1S9B. Inclusive. Sept. IB. I89B, 
1898. Feb. 16. March 28, 1S90. all In 

atv: paid as artlBcerlrom Jone 28 

to jDly 10.1898. iDClasive 

,. Enrolled and mnstered In as a orl vats: ap- 
pointed wsBooer July 28, 1808, per Co. 0. 
^. Hdqrs. Co. M. »tfi 111. Vol., Jnly 26. 
1898: paid an a naeooer from Jnne 28 to 

Jnly2S.1898. Inclnslve 

.. Enrolled and mDatered In as a private: ap- 
lointed cook from private Jan. 17,1899. per 
i. 0.73 Hdqrs. 9ib 111. Vol. Jan. tl.lNS; 
lick In quarters JqIt 2!. Sept 1. Sept. SO, 
3ct. B. Oct. 12. from Dot. 12 to 31. 1808. In- 
.ilnalve, Nov. E and S. 1899: In Reg Hasp. 
Oct. S to 11. 1B9H. inclusive. Oct IB. 1898, 
Nov. 1 to 1.18^8. Inclusive, all in line of 

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Inne 28,1BH 


June ».1898 

BsDhart. Cul 

Iiue te.iSS8 


iQlr U.US8 

June 18.1896 

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Lieut, B^lloa... 
Llaat. B&llDii... 

. Xenla... 

of 8 

EDTolled as » wl^ate. mnetered In as a Ker- 
eenut: reduced to Cornoral from Ser- 
KBHDt JuJt«S. perQ. O- B. Hdqn. 

r eeDtence 

.- „,.0Q at »M 

Article of War March S. IB9B; elck In qn»r- 
tersjalr 1G.1BU8. July ZB to SD.lSSS. IdcIq- 
alTe.aept, 27.1898. Oct. 1 and S. Ig9B, Oct.. 
IT, IBDS: In Res. Hoat). Feb. 11 to 19. 1S99. 
Inclusive; absent sick nt Sd Dlv. Hobd. 
JaefcBonvllle, Fla.. Oct. :2 Co Nov. 11, 1898. 
InclQSlve: In Ft. McPherson. Atlanta, Oa., 
Qen. Boep. Nov. IS to Deo. ID. 1-98, IncJa- 
live; on eick tarlausb Dec. 10. 188S. to Jan. 
10, IB99.Ht Flora, III., per Q. 0. lis. &. Q. 
O.. 1898. all In line of duti: reported tor 
dnly at Savannab, 6a.. Jan. ID. leSB. at- 

pftodlnittniiiBportBllonper 8. O 3*, para- 

Srapta ID. Hdorg. U, S. toreea. Savannah, 
a.. Jan. 10.1899; reported at Kea. Came 
nearSavapa, Cnba, Jan. S5.1BS3: paid as 
Corporal from June 'la to July 10. ISS8. In- 
eluelve: due dlffereace In par betnean 
Corporal and tjeceeant from Jul; U to 2s, 

1898, InclnslTe; due U. S. ID SO 

.IcklnqaatteraSept. 27.1898. Deo. Z«to27, 
1898. InclQBlTe. March 16, 1899, all In line of 

duty; dne U. 8. M.08 

;ick In quarters Jul; 1« to 16. 1898. lllcluBlT«. 
19 to 29, Ib98 incluBlve. Aug. 23 and 21. 

Hobo. Julj'28to ... 

pllalon board tranepoit Mobile Jao. « to 
Jan. I. 1899. IncluslTe; In Id Dlv. Hoep. 


■s Dec. 25,1898, li 

Transferred to Co. M from Co, H. 9th III. 
Vol., per G. O. IB Hdara. Bth III Vol. Ana. 
81.1898; aick In qnatters Oct. 17 and IB, 
1B9B. Not. SO and Dec. 1. I8«a, Dec. 8 to 8, 
1S98, Inclualve; In Dlv. H05p. Oct. 20 to 27, 
1898. lacluslv: In Ree. HoHp. April IZto 
IS. 1898. IncluBtve: on Blck farlouah from 
Oct. 21 to Nov. 28, IS9S, Inolatlve at Flora. 

perQ. 0,114.1898, all In lino of duty 

Ick In Ren. Hasp Jan 14 and IE. 1899: Id id 
Dlv. HoBp, from Jap. IB to 21, ]89». Inala- 
_. — _,,..,. .... ... ^f]gj i,y y, 

ArtlclB of War, i 

». for violation 

forfeit one 

I. ^ne dedpcted March. : 

pnyruii; qhbU. 8. 10D8 

Ick In qaarlerB Ana. 30, 1898. Sept. H. IS9g, 
Got. 2. 1898, Nov, 1 to 6. 1898. Inrlnslvo. Nov, 
2S, 1898. Dec 1.1898, "lee. 8, 1698. Dec. !8tO 
SI. I89B, Inelnalve. Jan. It. iS99: In Reg. 
Hoap. April IB and 16. 1S99. all la line 
ofdnlridneU. 8. tO.SO 

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n<n« .-.. 

June 18.1898 
Jnne J8.1B98 

Bowen. NathHnlel C... 

Jane 18. 18X8 
June n.l898 


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Hdbtbbu) is. 

. SiiTolled after TnaBter-ln of comptmT; 
Joined oompftny at sprlnsBflld, 111. July 
". L^i tiled bi Summary Court Nov. 1. 
..Bti. for vlolattoa of SZd Article of Wn, 
abseot leaa than one day, BeDtenaed to 
forfelc two dollars (tlOO], flue deducted 
Movember nayroU: triad by Summary 
Court Dec. ia.lB9B. for violation ofSId 
Article of War, aDeeut three (3) dais, 
tenced to tocteIC one dollar (Si 00). flue 

this roll; tried by Sammary Conn Deo, IE. 
im. for Tlolatlou of czd Article ot War. 
seDtesced to ten (101 days extra duty; tried 
by Summary Court Feb. 11. 1S9V, lor vlola- 
"-n»ad Article ot War, absent lesi tbaq 
i day, sentenced Co five days eitra duty: 

dueO. a. 10.86 

SDrlnefleld... Lieut. Ballon Flom Sick In qnarier* Noy. 39. Doe. 1, Dec, U, 

Dec.ElBndifl), 1898, all In line of duty ; dae 
U.S. 11.76 

BvilDKBold ... Lleut.Ballon Oberlln, O.... Sick In quarters July IB. Oct. W. Hav. 1. 

Nov. 28 to 3D, Inclusive, Dec. I. 1898: Jan. 
13. ISOS, all In line of duty: oa furlonib 
from ijecit. 27 Co Oct. IE, IBSB. per faurtb 
endoraemenC Hdqra. Tlh Army Come. 
Sent. ZB. 1B»S: trail sportatlun from At- 
lanta, na.toJackeonvllie. Pla , farolahed 
by Lt. Col. SinslecoQ. D. Q U. H.; coet ot 
traucportatlon Qve doUara and tweuty-flve 
cental deducted on October. 1898. pay-roil: 

dueD, S. WOl 

.. Sick In quarters July IT. Aue, zO and 21, 
Deo. ti to Z(, 1883. Inclusive. Jan. m and 21. 
luclnalve. Jan, 20. Feb I and 8, Uarab ZO 
and 21. ISSfl: In reelmenCal boanltnl Dec. 
— 18118, all In line oC duly: tried by Bum- 
kry Court Nov, 11. 18SS. tor violation of 
..J Article cf War, absent one (l) day; 
Beuteuced to forfeit afty ISO) cents; flne 
and pay for time absent deducted on No- 
vember. tb99. pBvroll: tried by Somniary 
Court Feb 11. 1839, tor violation 32d Ar- 
ticle at War. absent [efg than one day; 
aeoteooed to five (6) days' eitra duty; 
tried by Summary Court Uarch IT. 18M, 
for violation 33d Article ot War: sen- 
tenced to forfeit two dollars (12 00): 
Que deducted on March, 1839, pBy-roll: 
tried by Snmmary Court April 1, 1899, tor 
TloJatlOD 32d Article of War. abseni; less 
than one day: sentenced to forlelt one 
dollar (II 001; aentenoe disapproved and 
fine reinltted by order Reelmenta] Com- 

Slct In aua»erB''sVptri6!'NoT,'io!"M8, j'sji" 
26, 1P99 all In Hue ot duty: tried by Sum- 
mary Court Feb, 11. 1899. for violation SZd 
Article ot War, absent less than one day; 
sentenced to five IE) daye' extra duty 

Due D. S.MIS 

Sick In quarters July 28 to 28. Inclusive. 
Aqs, 19 to 21. Innlu<lve. Dec. 19 and !0. 
Ib98. Jan. 28, March 18. March 20. IS9B: In 
division boBpltai Aut. 21 to i^ept.l, i*^ 
Inolnalve: on sick turiouEh tmm Sept^ 6 
to Oct. 4. 18U8. Inclusive, at Bdeeivood, IlL, 
per O. 0. 114. A, Q, O,. 189!), all In line of 
duty; due D. S. 10.62 

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Julr 16.18SS 






Jmie 88.1898 

jQlr 11,1898 
jQlv 11.ISS8 

Jane U.18S8 




July I1.189S 


Jone ZS,im 

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Ubbtbbbd In. 




Llevt. Ballon... 
Lieut. Ballon... 

SprlOKfleld .. 


lAem. BaHou... 
UeaC. Ballou... 

,. Enrolled afier muster-In of comcan- 

oomtianF Rt BDrlDBfleld, III , Julr 

sick loquacterB ^epl, 22, Sept. 2B to sT. In- 
clQslTe. Oct :>. ie»9, March li. 1B99, all In 
lloe oC dnlyi tried b; Summar; Court 
Feb. 11, 1899. tor violation of V^d ArClole 
Qt War. absent less tban one ila;: een- 
teneed to torteit two dollarB (13 00): tried 
by SnmniBrT Court March 2. liSt. for vio- 
lation eiA Article oF War: Bantecoed to 
forfeit flew (601 cente; tried bv Sniomarr 
Court Uarcb II. 1S>9. tor violation 33d Ar- 
tloleof War; aentsDced toforfet'-ni" rfni- 
lar(ti,C0);llDeOD above three oa< 

Bating three doll ara and fifty ei__._ 

^-'"— — — "arch. I6S8. pay-roll: Ided 
,. „_urtAi»rtl 4, 1899, tor viola- 
tion ot 2l8t Arilole of War: aentenced to 
forlelt three dollars (13.01)1^ senleaced dh- 
id flud Qne remitted by order Reel- 

?: joined 

I; In hospital 

.. Slcklaqnar 

irttcle o( War: aenlenced to 
dollar (11.00) ; floe deducted OQ 

.pay-roll; dne O-a.t0.:3 

.era Oct. £ and B. Oct. H, Oot. 18, 

--- -..13, D60,31.,lS9B;lnreE;lniental 

hosDllal Oct. 9 to 1!. Inclusive. alT Inline 

of duty; dneU, 8. S0 80 

,. Sick In quartars from July » to 28, Incln- 
' s. Oct. Z and B. 189H. Uarcb 16 and IT. 
— J: In division hospital Oct. 1 to 9. 18^. 
Inciuslva: oti aick furloueh from Oei. lO 

■ ■• ■ • IvB. at Flora. 111., per 

. 1S9S; furlourh ax- 
to -/s, 1398. iDclualve, 

dneU. 8 S0 3n 

Xenia 8lek In qnanera Nov. 6t0 8.i898, Inolnslve, 

In line of duty: due U. S. SO.ll 

. Senla SIek in auarters Oct. 1 to t. Inctuslva, Oct. 21 

and 21. Nov. 13 and U, Nov. 17 and 18. IS9B, 

Df duty; trledbySnmniBryCourt 

1899. tor violation of a3d Article 
sentenced to forfeit BFiy (GO) 

- --fl riBduc'ed on March, 1899, par- 

TOll; due U. 8,10.08 

"■ ■ ' lee 2aio31.1898. InclnalVB, 

1899. all In line of dnty: 

— 9, loolnslve, not In lino of 

dutri due V. a $0,13 

,. DuoO, 3. (0.70 

"■-klnqairter^ Sent. 20, Oct. 1. Oot. li. Deo. 
_ and 6. D-c, 16, 1898, ,Jan, 1. Jan S. Jan. ID. 
18W; 2d dlvlalon hoapltal, "- - ~ ' • 

.. SlcklQ.. 

March 8 and 7, 

all In 11 


tried b 

1I.1S99, tor vlola- 


7 ISDl C 

March, IL _ _. . _ _ 

Sick InquartB'a Ana: 2S.i»»9.In llneof duty; 
tTledby:?umiii»ryCuurt March 11.1889, far 
TlolxtloD 33d Article ot War: aenteDcfd to 
lortek fifry (6(1) cents: Boe dndncted on 

■' -■ —19, payroll: dne U. S. JO. 65 

IvIsloD hoapltal Oct. S to Nov, 18, 
itve; on fick (nrloueh Nov. 8 to 

J, Inclusive, per Q, O, 111, A, Q, 

0. 1893. all In line ot duty: due d. 8. SOU- 

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Julr 11.1WS 

Durland. William G... 
Edeoi. GeOTBe W 

iQlr 16.I8S8 

Jane 28.189B 

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.. LteDt.Sidli>a.. 


Lieut. BaIIod... 

.. Lieut. Ballon... 

Slek In qusrterB July !« to a». laclaalve, Ane. 
22 to 21. tDClualve. U«c. 11, Dee. 13, Dec. 23 
aadSl.lBSU. Jan. n.iB99: on elcb furloaah 
from Oct. H to Hov. S.lSSa. IcclnelTe, per 
G. O. lU. A. Q. O. ISSS, all In Hue oF <1utyi 
tried bT SnmniBrT Conn Vet. 11, 1899, tor 
violation eU Article ot War; seiilenced to 
fortelt ten dollars (110 091: floe deducted 
from Pebinari, 1S99 par-rolli tried by 
SnmmarT Court Unmb 17.1899. tor viola- 
tion S8d Article of War; eeateuced to for- 
feit fifty (BD) OBctB; verdict disapproved 
end fine remitted br UeElmeDtftlCommui- 

der; dae U. 8. 10.07 

Inrolled aa a rrtvate. mnater.d in as lat 
Ijereeanl: reduced lo SerKeant fr^m let 
IjerEeant Auif. 2S, 1S93, per company order 
1. Hdqrii. Co. U, 9ib Ul. Vol.. AnE. ES. LI)9S; 
reduced to raa£a from StiiireaiiC Dec. 2. 

Vol', Dec. 2, 1B9S; sick in'onnrlere March 
Si and 33, IBtig. In Hue of doty; pHld oa Ut 
Sereeant from June 26 to Jalr lO.lBSS. In- 

QlQslve, per Itb endorsement. Hdars O.S. 
ForeeB. SaTanDuh, Qs.. Dec. 13 1S9S; elok 
In quarters Uat. < and S, Nov. 1, Not. 17, 
and Deo. IS, 1B98. all In line of duty J dae U. 
S. S0.7S 

Sick In quarters Aus. 22. Ane. a7. An?. 29, 
and Oct. liO. 1838. Jan 20.1899^ In reelment 
hoxpltal Aug. 28.IS9B; on sick furtnugb 
Sept. lltoOct. 10.1898. Inclnelve, at Xenla. 
III., per a. O. lU. A. ti. 0. 18S8, all In Una 
of duty 

Sick la qparCers Aug. 2t and 25. Sept. 21 and 
22. and Deo. M. 1088, alt In line otdutp; oB 
fnrloiiebOct 5 to Oct. 19. ie98. inclusive, 
Dtr Itb endoreement, Hdgrs. 7tb Army 
Corps. 3epi. 30. 1B98: tried by Summary 
Court PeO. 19,1899. for violation of ibf e2d 
Arilcle of War: aenteoced to three tSldays 

extra doty: due U 8.S1 30 

[nrolled after mOBler loot company; jnlned 

Sprlnefleld. 111.. July iti.l89a: 

in quarters Nov, SO. 1898; Id reslment 

tialJan 19 and 20,1899, all In line of 

, ; dne U. 8. SO.OT 

Enrolled an a private, mustered In as Cor- 

Jd1v!6, 1398. perQ O. 8. Hdqrs 9thllI.Vol.. 
jDty2e.lB98; sick Icqaarters Auir. 29 and 
Oct 9.18Sa. Uarcb 0.1899; In hospital Oct. 
11 to 2fl.l89S. Inclusive: oa sick turlonih 
Oct 21 to Nov 26.1898. Inclusive, per Q. O. 
111. A. O. O. 1898 all In line of duty: dne 
BOldler difference Id pay between prtvate 
and Corporal trom July 11 to 2S, 1898. InclD- 

give; due U.S. W 72 

Detailed Cor en^rd. dlvlHlan headquarters. 
Dec. 22. IB98: returned to company. Camp 
Cotambla. Cuba. April S. 1899: eick In quar- 
ters Aus 27 and 2S, from ^epl. II to tS. In- 
clusive. S^Pt 19. aeot, 22 and Nov e. IB9S. 
April i to 18. 1899, tDcluBlvei In 2d DItIbIoD 
hoBpltat April 3 to 9, IB99. IdcIdsIvx: an 
sick furlouEh Sept. 23 to Oct 22. 1898. In- 
olusive. at K lora. Ill . per Q. O. 111. A.U.O.. 

8. all li 

IB of dl 

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Jones, Edd B 

JOptiD, Will 

Kiatc, HeDFT 

Ijsnderbsch, Lewis T. 
IiowrsT, Jolm 

Marorott. Qeoree R... 
Miller, James &. 

Mitchell. Hairr C 

Morris. Joseph W 

Unmbr. Wlltlam Q... 

Muaser, Walter Q 


Private .. 
Private . . 

Jnne 28.1898 

Jane 18.1898 
Jnne 2B.lS9f 

June ZB,tB8e 

jBDe 28,189^ 

Jnlr 11.11 

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By whOD]. 

Llent. Ballon DuQuotn Tranalerred to company fromCo. F.Bthlll. 

Vol.. ADtli e. 1890, V6T 8 O. lES. R. Q 9tti 
III. Vol.. Aprils. 1899; tried by Summsrr 
CoDrt April 1. ISHS. for Tlolat'on ol ISd Ar- 
Ctole Of War (sbaent lees than one da;} 
and IDib Article ol War; gentenced to toi- 
■■■- '-- dniiara (tB.OD); lentence dlaap- 

ai flneremittedbyorderot I(««i- 

menial Command er: due U, 8. M.OB 

Llent Ballon Senla Slcb Inqntn^raJnlyZS to 28.181)8. Inclnalve, 

Sept. 21. 1BS8. Dec. IS and la. 1898. all In line 
>t dntr: on turlonnhSent-ZaioOot. 7.189S. 
ncluBlve, at Xeiita. 111., per Ith endorse- 
nent. HdQrB. Itb Arm; Corps. Sept. 19. 

Llent.Batlott Edeewood.... Sick In'qnBrterV Juiy'ifi't ... ._.. 

Ivov.K. Not. 30,1898. Marrh IB and 11.1899, 
April 1, 1899. all In line of duty; dne U. S. 


Lieut. Ballon Flora Sick In qnartTS Anv. ZB.1N9S.1d tine of dntr. 

Llent. Ballon Clora dick In quariera Sent. t.lBSH, In line of dot;: 

tried by Summar; Coarl Nov. it.lBBB. for 
vlolaiioD 8:id Article of War: sentenced to 
live (£) dava' labor: tried by gummary 
Conrt March 2.1899. for ilolaiion of m 
le of IVari Bsulenced to forfeit one 
r [11. UO); fine drdneii-d on March, 

pay-roll: dn^ V 9.M.97--- 

SprlUfrtleld... Ltent. Ballon EdEewood.... Sick In uuarieTe Jnly 31 to 

" -- ■ 'ncluaiva, Oct. 6. Nov, fl. Nov. 86, 
idfMlBgB. all in line of duty; due 

SprlnKfleld.-. Lient. Ballon Edaewood.... EnrollVd aa a private, mante'redin asQ U. 

" reduced to rtinka from Q. H. ». Dee. 1. 

. per «. O. as. Hdqrs. 9Ih III. Vol.. Deo. 

iS: tick In quartera Nov. S,lB98: In 

ment hospital Nov. 6 to Nov. 8, 1S9B, in- 

.IvR. all 1u Hue of duty; on furlouih 

__,t. 19toOoI. 1, 189S. IncIuBlve, at Edse- 

irood. 111., per 4th endoraemaDt. Hriar". 7th 

Army Corp^ Sept. 18.1898; paid as Q U. 

8. from June BS to July 10, I83B, incluiilre; 

dneU 8 II IB 

.. Enrolled as a private, mustered In Mnel- 

cIbd: reduced to ranke at soldier's request 

MarohB.189B.per8. O. 1B9. Hrigre 9i6 111. 

"ol.. Marcb2.1B99: on ale k furlouRh Sent. 

to Oct. !6,1B98. iDcluslve. at Flora. 111.. 

frQ O. IIJ. A. Q. 0. 1698, In line of dnty; 

-aeU. 8 80 W 

Sprlnefleld ... Llent Ballou Xenia Sick In qaariers Sept. Z. Sept. 17. Sept. 19. 

Nov. 25 to 28. Inclnalva. Dec. O.Dec. K.Dec. 
Ito 10.1898. Inclusive; In hoapital Sept. 20 
10 Oct. a. Inclnaive. Nov. :iR to Deo. 2.1898. 
Inclusive; on alck forlnnBh Oct. B to Nov. 
1. lB9a. Inclusive at Xenia. Ill . per G. O. 
Ill, A G 0.1898. all In line of duty; due 

U. 8. 10 18 

. Llent. Ballon Pslsetloe Enrolled after m 

i; at Sprint; Held. 111., July I6.1BS8; 
quarlPrs Oeti, \\. Oct 18. Nov 2t 
c 1Z.1R9B. Marcb 24 to 31.1899. lucln- 

_ . 1 In line of duty ; tried by Summary 

Court Nov. 25, 1698. tor violation of 62d Ar- 

" :lent War; sentencFd to forf elt two dol- 

rslSZ.DOIand two[!) days' extra duly; 

,e deducted on November. 1898, pay-roil; 

-jbD. 8,i0 2a 

'. Sick In qnariera Sept. IS to 19. Inclnslve. 
Oct. lands and Sept. BO. 1898. all Inlluaot 
datyj dneU. S.W.O* 

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J h M 

P Ivate 



June 3B,lEy8 

aicB, William T 


Jnna M.18M 



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Md»tkbid In. 

Lieut. Bnllou.. 

SPTlnBfleld ... 

Llent Ballon.. 
Lieut, Ballon.. 

Mnj. McDonnld . 



Slcklnqaarterg Jnlr 2eto23.1899.lDi<lnslTei 
'n hoaDttuI DQ bourd tranniiort Mobile Jan. 
. to 7. IS3». iQcluslTei In id UlvUlon bos- 
iltal Jan. D lo EZ, 1B9II. Incluaive. all In line 
i( duty: on tnrlouah Sept. 27 toOei. iB, 

I. Inclui 


doreementH'tai's. Tth &rmr Cotps, Sept. 

as. ItBB: dne [1. 8. J16.M 

Sick In qaarteTS MnrcH t. WS9. March S3, 
1899: In bOBplcnl Oci. 11 and IS, 18$B. all In 
line ot duty: tiled by. Summary Court 
Dec. IS. USa. for violation E2d Article of 
War; sentenced to three (3) dare' eitra 

Sick In'q'o'acteVfl An'e'*20 and 's'lVOot.' a! Oct' 
., n.. ,,. .. x,._ . ,..-■_. ^^ov, itO 

99. all In 

— . .- by Snm- 

mary Court Feb. 1, 1S99, tor violation 3Zd 
Article of War, abasnt less than one day: 
sentencc^d to ten days' extra duly: tried 
by Summary Court l^eb. U, 1899, for viola- 

May 16. II 

169!). all In line of duty 

mental bosultal Jao. IE. IS99: In 
3 hoBpitnt Jan. 18 to SI, 1689, In- 
II Id Hue ot duty; due U. S. 

1,17, IS99: prevlDUG military SL. . 
]h Regi,, III. Vol. Int., Itom April 
o Out. M. 1B98. Inclualve; laothor- 
A. G. O., WaahlBBlon, D. C. 

B Cor- 

poral: reduced to ranks 

nee, 1. 1S98. per sentence ol Summary 
Court tor Tlolatlon ot B2d Article ot War, 
Nov, 31, lB9a; Blok tn quarters July 16 Co 
July Ti. 1898. inclUBlve. Jan. IS. IVSa; In 
reaimental hospital AuB IB to Aue St. 

■ ■ ■ ■ 2d Dlvialon hoaplta! 

■ ■ ■ ■ ent sick 

.. ,_, 22. 1(199, 

li furlouah from Sect. 23 

Sick Id anarters Aue. 17 to 22. inclnslTe, 
Aas. 89, Sept. 27. Dee, 1. Deo la lo 20. 1898, 
InclUBlve: in regimental ho!<pltal Nov. 28 
(o Deo. 9. 1S9B. Inclusive, March 7. 1»99: 
in iBt Dlvialon hospital UarebSto April 
l,1898.1ncln9lve; absent sick on bosE.ICal 
sblp MIeaonrI April 1 to April 11, 1898. In- 
clualve: at Joalab Simpson General bog- 
pltal from April 12 lo May 3, 1D99. luolo- 
Blve.all In Hue of duty; reported to com- 
pany Ma; 4, 1899; doe U. S. 

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She», WlllUnj T 

Shlplev. Uan(o^aa... 

IdIt 11,1888 


UltIob. Cbnrlee H 

Jnoe M.i8»b 

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.. Sick Id quarters Jaly 26 to 2H, 1S98, Inclusive. 
In lloe of duir: on rnrloueh from Xept. ZS 
w Oct. 7. 1S9S. InolQslTe. at Floia. III.. Dei 
Itb eodorBemeDl Udqra. lib Army Corp*. 
Serr. is. less: tiled by Summnry Court 
" -' 1. IFHD, for violation at S2d Artlcls 

JO rarteltonHdolj»r 111.00); Que da- 

dacted on Uarcb. 1899, pay-rail: due D. 8. 

SO 68 

.. Sick la quaiterg Aus. !S and 21, Sect. ZS, 

IE, 1608: Jai 

LO a. Indue 

Q from Oct. 

D 19. 1[ 

. . -7. Deo. 


.. Llent. Ballon... 

slve. at Flora. III., rer 1th endoriemeut 
Hdqrs. 7tb Army Corps, Sect. 30. 1899; dae 

U. S M37 

>. Stct in quarters Nov. 13. Deo. 21, Deo. ZB, 
18BS. Fee. IB, March 9 and IB. 1899. all In line 
or duty: tried by Sammary Court Ane. :9. 
1898. for vlolfltloD of a2d Arltole of War, 

teuned to forfoic Sve doUarti (SB.OOl'. and 
UDderso t«o (2) days conQnemenl: Que 
and pay tor time abaenl deducted oil 

AuruBt, leos. pay roll; due U. S. SO.OS 

Ick In quarters Am. 17 to ii. Inclusive, 
Sept. IS and IB. Inclusive. Sept. 9D. Dec. 2! 
to 21. InclnaWe. Dec. ZB and 29, 1B9H. Feb. 11. 
UI99: on sick fuiloueh from Oct. i to Nov. 
e.1898, Inclusive, at Flora, III., per G. O. 
Ill, A. Q. O., lSS8. all In line of duly; In 
- - - " ' - 1898: Id botpitftl Oct. s to 

Nov. 6. 1S98, 
iue U. S. K 

It In 11 

1 otd 

s July 12, July 16. e 

SprlQKflela... L 

.. Sloklnauarters July 12. Sac 



i: In 2d Division bospltal .. 
_. .0 Jfeb. S, 1899, Inclusive, all In line of 

.. Sick In quartera July 2* to 28. ineluBl've. 
Sept. IB and 11, Seot. 21 and Dec. iT.lSBa. 
Feb. 16, 1899; In hospital Sept. 2S to Oct. 11. 
■ — , Inclusive; on a Ick fur I on eh from Ool. 
) Nov. IB. 1893. InoluBlve, at lola. 111.. 
per G. O 111. A. G. O., 1898: furlouEh ex- 
tended from Nov 17 to Nov. 80. J59S. Inolu- 

r 1th e 


SPrinsBald ... 

Lieut. Ballon... 
Llent. Ballon. .. 

7th Army Corps, Nov. IB, 1B9B, all In line el 

dnty;dueD. S. SOia 

Ut. Pnlaskt .. Sick In quarters July te and Oct. 8,1898. all 

Inlloenf duty;dueO. 8. *0 09 

.. Sick In quarters Nov. IS to 10. Inclusive, Dec. 
" 'B9S, Uarch ZD and il and April 7.1890: 
._ eilmeutal hoapllal Aug. I.Nov. Bto U. 
IBOS, Inclusive, all In line of duty: tried bT 
Snromary Coutt March 17.t899. per viola- 
tion 3Sd Article of War: aentenced to for- 
feit fifty (GO) oenta: tine deducted on 
Uarcb. 1899, pay-roll: due (J. B. t0.30 

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June 28.WS8 


July ll.lBDB 

Jnne 28.1838 

June 28.1898 

^^'"""Tat^t "*'"" 



JohnJ. Wllklus 

DUehatetd Iby »r- 

June 28.1888 
Jmie 28,1898 

Jutr n.iB98 

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SpTlnsfleld ... 

SKrinsfleld . 

Sprlnefleld . 


B7 vhom. 

LleDt B&llon... 

Llent. Ballon... 

Lleot. BbIIoq... 
Llent, Ballon... 

Lieat. Halloa... 
Lteut. Ballon... 

Llent. Bollou... 
Llent. Ballon... 

Llent Ballon... 
Llent. Ballon... 

Herfick Sick In qanitersSept. ZOioSS.lSSS.Inclnslve; 

Id regimental hneplial Jan. IS and 19.1893. 
IncluKlve: In 2d U>v\s1an hoacllal trota 
JsD. 24 Id Feb. 11, 1899. lai^lnslvei on elck 
(nrloneh from Sept, 23 to Oct 22.IP98. In- 
clusive, at Herriek, 111 . per 9. 0. ll*. A. 
a O., 1608. all in Hue of duty; dneU, 8, 


Sick In (iiiarcerg Sopt, 21 and 2S. Sept. ZH to 
Oct, E,189B. Inclnslve. all In line of rlntr: 
tried hy Summary Court Not. 2M8fiS, tor 
Violation of 6!d Article of War; sentenood 
to two (2) days esira duty: dne U. !*, SO.BO. 
Sick In qaarCera Dec. U. 1398. and Dee, ZD, 
IS9S: In reelmentiLl bo^pttal Dec.I.IS98, all 
lollneof dotj; dueU, 8.S0,U 

Xenla Sick In auartera Nov. 30. 1893. In line of 

duty; tried bs Snmoinrv Court April II. 
IB»9. tor TloUtton of S2d Article of War. 
abaent tiro (3) days: seDtenced to forfeit 
Blx dollaTB (61. aad toe violation of 33d 
Article of War, Benlenoed to forfeit 
fonr dollars ((1,00): Bnes and pay for 
time absent to be deducted on this roll; 
due U.S. JO 33 

Blnard Sick In auacters Aug. 20,1898, from Oct. 1 to 

3.1838, Indnatve. all In line of duty; dne 
U. S. sa.65 

Clark v'e. Ten. Sick In quarters Ans. 17.1808; discharee 
and finul ataCi'ment tumiebed Aue, 26. 
1898, rer SursRou'scertiaceteof disability, 
apororerl Hilars. 7tta t. C, Aug. 21, 189S; 

aervloe honest and faithful 

Ilk in quarters July U.1B9S, AnB,18t0 19. 
1898, Inclusive, all In line of dnty: dls- 
chnrge anil 9nHl statements furalabed 
Sept. 12,1888. per Snraaoo'B oprtlflcate of 
illaabllltv aoproved Bdqra. Irli A. C, 
Sept. t,ie9S; service honest and falihEul... 

Flora Enrolled ue otivate. mnatered In as Ser- 

laaive!ln''llQe''of duty: dtachanre and 
1I atatemest^ fiirolBbed Sept, 12, 1S9B, 
Surseou'c cerrlBcale of disability ap- 
ved Hilqra, Itb A. C, Sept. 7, IBW: 


Flora Slnit in quartern Julv 11 to July 16.1898, In- 
clusive, An?. 23,1898: la Bee. Hosp, Nov. 
1 to Nov, 6. 1838, InclQBlvB, all In line d( 
dnly: difcharire and final statements fur- 
nlahed Nov, 28,1898. per SurBfi''n'B certlfl- 
caleot disability approved, lih endorse- 
ment Bdqre, Tth A. C-, Nov. 22. 1898; ser- 
vice honest and tallhfal 

Senla SIckIn qnartera Sent. 7.1898.Sept. nand 

22. 1S9S. Sept. 29 to Oct. 2.1898. Inelnilve: in 
2d Dlv, Heap. Oct. I to 18. 1898. Inelnstve; 
abaent sick at Gen. Hasp. Ft. Meyer, Va,. 
Oct. IB. 1898, 10 Jan. 6. 1899, Inolnalve, nil In 
line of duty: descrlDIlTO list sent Com- 
manding Officer Sen, Hosp.: dlacbacire 
and final statementa furnlahed at Ft, 
Meyer, Va., by Capt. W. F. Llppiit;. As- 
slsiBntSareoon, U. S. A,,. Tan. «. 1899. all 
In line of duty per toleBfaphlc orders War 
Department S. <i. O. Ian. S, 1899; aerrlce 

honest and faithful 

91ck In Ree. Hoao. Oct. 12 to 18. 1998. incln- 
siTe: nbaent alek at Qen. Bosp. Pt. Meyor, 
Va . Oct, ts, 1898. to Jan. E, 1899. Inclnslve, 
Inline of duty; descriptive list sentto 
CommandiuB Officer Gen. Bosp.i dls- 
charee and final statempnta furnished at 
Ft. Meyer, Va., Jan. 6.1S99. byC8Pt,W,F. 
Lippltt, As.idFtant Snre°on D, S. A., per 
telearaphin orders War Deparunent A, Q, 
Oi Jan, f. 1899: service honest and lallhiuL 

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Walter J. UallHtln.. 

Berr; E. Greenwood.. 

Cbarlea 0. WltllunBou 

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3. Sick In cinarters Aug. 19 to 2D, ISGS. Inclaslve, 
'^ept. 21 to Zi. I89S, InolaslvE. U«c. 21. 18S9. 
U In llDfl of dQlj: on turlOQith SeM 23 to 
)cl. 1. 189B. InolUBlve. per Itta eudoreement 
IdqiB, Tth A. G., Sept. 19, iSoS: forlough 
itanded tiom Oct. Bta ^[)V. 7, 1893. InoJn- 






1898: £u(- 

193. iDC 

I, 7Hi e 

n Nov. 18 

Sdgra. 7ltiA. C Dea. 20.1898; dtacharie 
and flaal slatem^uta fnraiBhed by Com- 
paoy Co mm am] PI Feb. 11,IS99, per tele- 
crniphtc oraer War DepnrliDeDt A. G. V. 
feb. 7, 1B99; servloe bonast und talthtul... 
[tolled aa ft private. mnBtered In m Cor- 
ioibI; reduced to ranfaa from Cotporsl per 
i O. 8. SilqrB. 9ih 111. Vol. July 26.1898: 
Ick In quarters Mept. 2Z. Deo. 16 to n. 1898. 
Dolualvp, Deo 19 to 23, 1898, inclusive. Dee. 
.5 to 27. 1898. iDClualve: ebaent sick at Uen. 
Hasp. Ft. Mcfhi^raoQ, Ga . Dec. 28. I89S, to 
Jan, i. 1899. Inclusive; an sick furlouEh 
from Jan, 6 to Feb, 4, 1893, Inolualve -" — 



■• -."ill.."!; 


I ttaec 


. Feb. 20. 1899. PL _. 

I era. War Department, 
). 16. parairaph 11 A. G. 

it' iai Sept.' i'o' 'a'nd "Deo. 

. to Oct. 7.1898. InciuBlve; In 01' 
trom Oct 8 until sent to Ft. TtaoiH 
IfttB not furnlalied L'ompanr Com: 
entConsn Hosd. Ft. Tboman, 1 
□ BlckturlDpgb from tbnt bospl 

te leers 
0.. Jao 

a W»r Department A. S. 
.b1 BtstemeDts raalled to 
, 111,, by Company Com- 
'fffl famished by Com- 

__>. 20,1899, purenant to teleirsplila 
dera. War Department A. e.O. (S-b S. 
'6. paraarapb 1(, A. Q. 0. Feb. iS. 1839.., 

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Ueorse &.. McHeor; . 

Jane Z8,18S8 

HeDTr E. Ultlsh .. 

SdwtnO. Piimm... 

DIteharatd (SB tt 

martial ordtra.: 

James A. foonr ■■ 

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SprlnKS«M... L 

£lck Id quartera 3a\T 25 Co Jalr2S.1898. In- 
elusive: iQ hoBPltHi tjept. I210 19.1HS8. In- 
eiuBive: on alok furloueh Sept, IB to Oet. 
18.1898, IncluBlye. at Flora. IIJ.. per S. O. 
111. &. G. O. IbSS: Bick In quu;terB Oot. IB 
Mid 19.1898: In hoBoUa,] Oct. 2ti, lEeS: ab' 
sent, Blck to id dlvlBloD hospital Oct: 21 to 
Not. 11. 1»3B. InctuelTei transftrred bi 
lioBpltal (rain to JoatBh SlmpgOD tieneriA 
HoBpltnl. PC Monroe, Va . Nov. U.1893: Id 
JoslAh SlmpBOD bosDtta! from Nov. 11. 1898, 
to Feb. ZS,1S99, InoIuBlve, all !□ line of 
duty; descriptive llBi sent to CommandlDe 
Officer. Gleaeral Huspltal, Ft. UoDroe.Vn.; 
dlscbsrifl aod BDal statementa fumlBtied 
by CommandlDE Ueceral HoBpltai, 
at Ft. Monroe, Vn., Feb. 23. 1699, per orders 
Secretary of War 

EDTOtled BB prlVB,tB, muBlered In HB Cor- 

Boral: reduced to raoke from CoTpoiOt 
<ec. 1.1898. per O. O. 63. Hdqre.Sih ill. 
Vol., Deo. l.lSSHj sick In annrtcra Sept. IB 
to23.1B9N.liicluBlve: In Zd dlvlsloD hospi- 
tal Sept. 31 to Not. 10. 1898. loclnBlveitraaE- 
lerred by hoapltal train to Joslsh Slmp- 
BOn Genrrul Hoepttal. Pt. Monroe. Yo.. 
Nov. 1L.1898: In eeneral boBpllai. Pt. Mon- 
roe, Va.. Nov. 11. 1898. to Uarcb IS.1S99. Id- 
clnsive. all In line of doty; descriptive llet 
Bont Com mend Id If Officer, Qeneral SobpI- 
tal, Ft. Monroe. Vs.; diECbaree aud aaal 
BtateniBniB [ucHlebedbyCommandlDeOffi- 
cer Oeneral HobpIChI. Ft. Moaroe. Va.. 
Marob 16.1899, per orders SecretBrj of War; 
paid KB Corporal from Jnae IB to July 10, 

1898. Inclusive 

Inrolled bb a private, mastered In aa Mael- 
clan: alck In Qnarters Scot. I9.1B9S; In 
hoBpllal Sept. £0 to Nov. 7.1898. InciuBlve: 
on Bisk fnrloneb from Nov. 8 to Dec. 8. 
1KB9. lucluaLve. at St. Louis, Mo., par G. O. 
lit. A. O. 0. 1898; furlnueb extended from 
Dec. 9, 11-98, to Jan. 8, 1839, per teiearapblc 
orders War Departmant, &. G. 0„ b11 In 
line of duty; tried by Snmmary Court 
Feb. It. 1899. tor violation of 82d Article of 
War (ahaent less than one day); Bontencad 
to flvB (6) davs' extra duly; tried by Sum- 
mary Conrt Feb. 11.1899. for violation 6Zd 
Article of War: sentenced to forrell flva 
dollars (SB. 00); fine deducted on February, 
1898, pay-roll: dl'CharKB and Bnal atate- 
menta tnrnlBbi'd at Qucnados. Cuba. April 
B. 1899, per G. O. HI. A. U. O. Marcb 21, 1899: 
BBrvlce hoaest and faithful: thla aotdler 
served In the Spanlah apd American war. 
onibe iBlBQd of Cuba, and la entitled to 
twomontba'BstrapaTi due D. 9, SI. IB .... 
lok la qaartura Ane-. 18 and II, 1899, Id line 

Auk. id! 1898, Inclusive; absent without 
leave, from and after Aaa. is, 1893; repott- 
ed aa dei'erter Ane. 29.1898; surrendered 
toUejor MellvllieW. Spenuer at Carml. 
111.. Oct 10.1898; cost ot iranBPQrlaclon 
and Bubal'iteiiRe will he cbareBd aealnat 
th" pay of Private James A. Younij. 8 0. 
■SI. Hdqri. 7th Army Caroa. Oct. II. tS98, 
triad by Keneral court martial Oct 21. 1S9S, 
aud Re^tl^nce[t to be dtaboporabW dls- 
chareed from Iba Bfrvke of the United 
States, to forfeit all pay and allowance aud 

8(. Francis barrack". SI. AusQsilne Fla.. 
Seueial court martial orders No 10 HdqrB 
la I division, 7 th Army Corps. Dec. 6.18^. 

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Jnoe t8.iS38 

Jane 28.IB9tJ 

June 28.1898 
Jane SS.1S98 

June Z8.18B8 
Jane Z8.189§ 

Jnna 28.1896 

FeFdlaond Towne; 

Diti. . 


'"'" "■'"* 

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By whom. 

Llent. Ballou 

Llaut. Ballon 


Lieut. Ballou 

LiBnt. Ballon 

Llent. Ballon 





pera,0.I.Hdqr8.Blh 111. Vol.. July IB. 11198; 

dtBOrlptlya list fnrniBhBd 

Transferred to Company L. 9Eb 111. Vol.. 

^S^Z-S'o'ii as !it S'oS'A 


Army. Sept. 1. 1898. per S. O, 78. Udqre. Ith 
Army Corps, Aoe. 33. ma. and a. O, 68. A. 
a. 0. 1898; deaerlptlveUst tornlBhad 

1B99, per S. 0. 199. Bdars. 9th III. Vol..Jan. 
^as,lB99: descriptive Hal fnrnlBhed 


1899. inclnsive, Sept. 25 id 2B,iB9Bi on slok 
furloQBt from Sept, 21 to 0»t. 26,1688. In- 
GlQslvB. lit Flora. Ill . per G. O, ll». A.G.O. 
1S9S, all In line ot duty; accldeiitalty killed 
by rifle ahol from Upilnefield rtSe In tUe 
banda of a eoldler In ftdjaoent gtrest at 


SIek in uoartera Jnly 16 to Jnly 2{.189B. ta- 
cinslve. Sept. 29 to Oct. 2. 1S93. laclaslve: 
In 2d dlTisloa hospital Oct. 8. Nov. 6.1898. 
InolnBlvfl. all !n llaB of duty; died of 
typhoid fever at Zd division hospital. Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Nov. 6,1899: fitatemenl that 
there were no personal effeola lu the handa 


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WU n. 

Edward C. Yoone 

RoF B. Hnrper 

C I I 


Llentenaut Colonel 

Frank B, Alslp 

Apr. Za,lg9S 

Alvac L. Bommtqne— 

MlltonJ. Foreman.... 

fipc. 26.1898 
Apr. 28.1898 

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Udstikid in. 




Br whom. 


Cant, Roberti.... 


BrlKBde; dno 1)71 Bhort; paid on Jaly 

Capt. Eoberts.... 

Gapt BobeitB.... 

Capt. BobertB.... 
Capt BobOTtB.... 

Uabt. Kobeita.... 






of abBBCoe to ylelt CbloaBo! Ill..'for eeren 



III., (orsli dars fromjQl»IBto22. PBr 8. 
No. Ifi. Hdqrs. 1st Army Corps. July 6, 

BecTalltnK ofUcer for 2d Sauadron at Chi. 
oaeo. 111., per 8. O. No. 21. Hdqrg. Isl 
Army Corps, dated June 8. 1S9B; departure 
June 10. return Jnne 17, 1899: On leaye of 
BbasDOB to rialt Chlcaeo. III., for seTen 
days from July 15 to ii. 1B9B. per 8 O. No. 
26. dated Hdors lEt Army Corps July It. 
1888; on leave of absence to vUlt ChloaBO. 
Ill,, ten dsya trom Ana, 12 to 21. 1898. Per 
8. 0, No. 71. BdqrB. 3d Army Corpa, Ane. 

1B9S, per a. 0. No. 82, dated Hdqrs. iBt 
AriDy Corps, Joly 22. 1808; on lenve on 
walllns order from Sept. 12 to Get S. 

1898. per 0. 0. No. IBO. A. S. O . IB98 

Actlna ABslelan Adjutant General let Cav- 
alry Brleade. d Army Corps, from AuB. 
8, 18BB, nor O. 0. No. 21. Hdqrs. lat Cayalrj 
Brigade, Aue. S. 1B98; retleved Aur. 21, 
1898. by departure o{ reslmeut to Fort 
8herldan. HI : on etch leare from 8ept S 
to Oot. 8, 1898, per Q. O. No. lU. A. G. O.. 

duty at Camp Thomas. Ga.; on leave of 
absence from Oct. 1 to S. 1898. par G. 0. 

36; relleveil Juno 2. 1898. per B. S. 0. No. 
t, June 2. 1898; Actlou Hafrlmontal Adju- 
tant trom AOB. 8 to 21. 1898. per R. G. O. 
No. 21. Par. 2, Aus, 8, 1898: Actlnz Reel- 
mental Adjutant from Bepl. 5 to Oct. i. 
1898. per verhal orders of Reelmental 

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Lonis M. Rsevea 

QeorKB B. Linn . 
Orvllle W. Meflflehael 


J«Bae Howe 

Albert £!. Uower;.. 

Charlaa L. Bnlloik. 

isC Lfent. AdjuCftnt, id 

<t iiteut. Adjutnnt/ftd 

Apr. 16.1BB8 

Apr. £t.issa 

Chloaso ... 

Captain. Aest. Sarceoo. 
I8t Llent., AsBt. Snrceon 

Ape. a6,lBB8 
Apr. 2S.1S98 

Cbloaso ... 

CaptufD. Chaplain .. 
SetEeant Blejor 

.. Apr. SBASSe 
.. Apr. H,189S 


,. Mar 21,1! 
.. Mar ii.U 

.. Mar 21- !l 
.. Ua; 21,11 

Georce B. Holden 

Q. H. SerECant... 

.. Apr. 2a,mac 

ClareDoe H.Tbompaon 

Oblef Trampeter .. 

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C»pt. Roberta. 
CaDt- Bdberta. 

.. Cspt. Roberta... 

Spclnsfleld ... 


Capt. Robeita... 
Capt. Roberta... 

Sprlnslleld .. 

Cu>t Bokertt... 
Capt Boberti... 

,. Chioaea... 
,. Chlaaso .. 

Chloaeo .. 
Clilcai:o .. 


Buffalo. N.Y. 

.. Cftpt. Robeita... 

to visit NashTllle, 
a from &-ag. IS to 31, 

" " ■ . lat CavBirr 
J iBsve of abseaea 

Sept. 10 to Oct. S, 

IS98. per G. O. No. 130. A. U. 0.. 1898 ReeimeDtal Uidnimoe OSlc«r. pel 
K. G. O. No. 1. Par. 2. aluce Mar il. iS98.... 

Actine Briaade CommUaary lat Cavalcj 
Brigade, per S O. No. 1. Sdqra. lat CaT- 
ulr; Brleude, June 2. 189B: leported for 
dniv at Fort Sheridan, HI.. Hevt. It, IS9Bi 
on leave of absence on valtlne ordeia 
from Sept. li to Oot. G, 1898, per U. 0. No. 
130. A. G. 0.,189S 

Blaateced In Mas 31. 1S98. as Aaalstant Snr- 
aeon: appointed ReEElmentalSurBeoa with 
rank of Major, per S. O. No. 116. &. O. O.. 
Sprlnetleld. 111.. JdIt 28. 1898. to rank from 
Juir as. 1898: Actine Brleade Spre^on tat 
Uavalty BrUade, per U. O. No. 18. Hdars. 
Ist Cuvalry Brigade. July 28. 1898; rellaved 
Auk. Zt. 1898. bi depaitare of leelmeuC toi 

Fort Sheridan, III 

Id leave of abaence on waiting ordeia from 


8, per" Sr6."No? il8."~A."(jrO.,'SBr)nB^ 

[natered'lnaa let Sergeant of Troop 1: ap- 
pointed Serg#ant Mejor, per R. 3. O. No. 
82. par. i. Sept. 10. 1899; eick In hospital 
from Auer. I to a. 1858, in line of dnty; aick 
in ouarters from Aue. 1 to 10. ISSS. in Una 
of daty: on turlDueb for eeven Oara. from 
Ane. 11 to 18.1858, per authority granted on 
application, dated Heudguarters let Cav- 
alry Brluade. Aug. 11. 18S8; turlOUBb ex- 
tended three daya. from Aug. 18 to 21. per 
autboilty on application, dated Headquar- 
tera lat Cavalry Brigade, Aoc.U.lSSB! fur- 
lough extended 20 daya. from Aucf. 22 W> 
Sept. 9. 1899. Der atttborltv grauted by Gtb 
Endorsenii'at. on appiicatloc. dated Am. 
24. 1898. UendQuHrlera M Army Corps: 
aervlDB In four seara of conllnuoua aer- 
vloe: dischanied from Troop P. 7th Bnlted 
States Cavalry. April 21.1898; In the aettle- 
mcnt for clothing, the sum oC K.SJ. for 
cloihing laauQd him by the State, ia In- 
cluded In the total amount of olotblni: 

lloli ill oiiarterVtMrn Sept". 26"io'.^^^^'.''l89ej 
of malarial fever, contracted In tine at 
daty. at Fort Sheridan. 111.: in the settle- 
ment tor ciothine. the sum of 81.68. for 
clolhlne issued him by the State, la In- 

)n farlongh from Sept. 6lo Oct. 6. la'sS.'per 
a. O. No. ISO, A. 8. O.. 1893; in the settle- 
ment for clothing, the aum ot 13.01. for 
clothing Issoed him by the State, la in- 
ctnded Intbe total amonnt ieamed 

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Bee. Saddler Sereeant. 

Hospital Steward 

HoapltaJ Steward 

HoaDltEl Steward 

Apr. X.1SK 

Apr. ».18»e 
Apr. Z8.1S9S 


API. ZB.lS9e 
Apr. ZS.1B9S 
Apr. 26.1898 

Apr. Ze.Ig98 

Ma; 21,1S9S 

Gaoree 9. Parks 



Bospltdt StewiiTd 

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Cut. Robeita... 

,. On (nrtoUKh for aeyen daya, to Tlslt Chi- 

ta. 111., 1 

t. 21 t( 


sninted br endorsement on Bppllcatloa, 
dated beadqaarters 1st Cavalry Brlsade. 
&ag. IB. IBSSi on fnrlouth from Sept E to 
Oct. 5, IB8S, tier G. 0. Mo. 180. A. G. O.. leSS: 
In the gettlement {or clotblac. the enm of for clqthlpe Issued him b; the State, 

SDrlnsfleld... C 

fevET. oODtractea In line of dnty at Camtl 
Thomae. Qa., from July SO to Aur. ZS, IhVB; 
a sick fiirloueh from Aus. 2£ to Sept, 21, 
.J9B, per U. O. No. 111. A. G, O . 1(9B: on 
fnrlonBh fcoro Sept. IS to Oct. S.1B98. pec 
lit O No. 110, A, 6.0. .1898: In the settle- 
ment Cot clothlne. the sum of U,69, for 
eiothlDK lusoed him b7 the SiHte. la In- 

olnded In the total amount Issned 

)d siGk fuclouBh from Auk. Zi to Sept, M. 
1838. per G), O. No, lit, A, Q, O.. IBSS; on 
fnrlooah from Sept. 21 to Oct. 6. 1SB8, per 
0. O, No. 130. A. S, O., 1898: in the settle- 

t for 

:. the 

clothlne Issued 
~'"ted In the tobai aixioaut i 
. ..jd In aa private in Troop I 
Hospital Steward July 2E.1898. 
Ko.iS. Jnls2B.189S 


*, for 

,. Capt. Roberta... 

Mustered In as Sereeant I 
2d Lieutenant of Troop I, 
lo date from Aug, ir 

ded In tl 

nsteced In as Hospital Steward: appointed 
l9t Ueutenaut and Assist ant Sureeoo, per 
i. 0. No. lie. A. Q. 0., dated Bprlnefleld, 
III.. July Z5.1G9B: In the Issue tor clolhlntr. 
-■-- —-not 11.95, for clothlne Issued him 
I State, 1b Included In the total 


nrolled A 

S, 1S9B, a 

i In Troo 

R. S, 0. Mo. 19: reduced, by his own te- 
st, to rank of Sereeant, In Troop I, 
e reelmenC. per R, 8. O. No, Si. Sept. 
WS: descriptive list tnrnUhed 

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Apt. ZS.1B98 

Apr. 38.1888 

Apr. Zfi,18BS 

ipr. 28.1899 

Apr. 2e,lSBS 
Apr. «.I898 

Apr. 29,1898 

Apr. 36.1898 
Apr. 86.18D8 

Apr. 28. IBM 
Apr. S8.1B9S 

Hurry B. TrlBgB 

May 21. IBM 

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,. Cbloaeo On leave Mar 18 to Mar ZO: leave extended 

to Mav 28. per endorsement Brleade Com' 
mtindet. Camp Tenner; on leava July 23 to 
Julr 29. per S. O. 3£. headoaartere iBt 
Army Corps, Camp Tbomaa. July 22. 1S9S.. 

SptlnsSeld... Cwt. Roberta.... CWoaeo On leavo July 2 to Jnly 9, per PBdoreement 

Brigade CDmmander. Camp Thomag: on 
leave dept. a ta Uct. E.ISSS. car G..0. ISO. 

i. a. 0.. 8.1898 

Sprlnoifleld... Capt. Roberta.... Chiearo On leave May it to May II. per endorsement 

Brigade Commander. Camp Tanner; on 
leave Aue. 12 to Aas. IE. per en<l./rBBment 
Bileade Commander, Camp Tbomas; on 
leave Sept. 6 to Oct. S. per fi. O. laO. A. G. 

O.. 8, lB9d 

.. Cblcaeo SIek in quacterB July B. Zl. 22. Antr. 8. all In 

llneotdnty: on tarlonsh Sept. 8 to Oct. 6, 
per G. O. ISO. A. Q. O.. S. 1898: In settle- 
ment tor olotblnR la Included the Bum 
S8 20, total value of articles Issued by the 


,. Cblcaeo On tnrlnneh May 22 to May 2G per endorae- 

- mt Brti;ade Commaiider, Gamp Tanner: 
fnrloQffh Sppt. 6 to Ocl. t. per Q. O. ISO, 
S. O.. S. MS: In aettleiaent for cloiihlne 
Included Ihe sum S3 99. total value of 

_. ^loles Issued bim b? the State 

.. Capt. Roberta.... ChlOaKO On turloueh Sept, 6 to Oct. i. per 6. 0. 130, 

A. H. O.. S. 1H9S: In settlement for «loiblnr 
Is Included tbe sum X1.07. total value of 
articles Issued him b; the Slate; due D. 

S. S0 23 

,. Capt. Roberts.... Chlcaero On furloosh June 15 to July S per endorse- 
ment Brleade Commander. CampThomae: 
sick In quarters Aug. 3L and Sept. 1, in 
line of dntyi on turloaah Sept. G to Sept 
25. per G. C 150. A. li. O.. 8. 1888; in settle- 
ment tor ololblne Is Included the sum 
S6.82. total value of articles Issued him by 

tbe State; due U.S. 80.22 

.. Capt. Roberts.... Chlowro 31ok In quarters Juno 18 In lineof duty: sick 

In hospital June 15, In quarters June 20 
and 21. all In line of doty: on forloueh 
Sept G to Sept. 25. per G. 0. 130. A. G. O.. 
% 1898; In settlement for clothlne Is In- 
clnded the sum s;.9l. total value of arCiclea 
Issned him by the State: due U. 8. SO.OI.... 

SprlOKfleld... Capt. Roberts.... Cbleaeo Onfurlmwh Sept.e to Oct. 6, per G. O. ISO, 

A. 9. O.. S 1S9S; In settlement for clothlns 
Is Included tbe sum S6.82. total value of 

articles Issued bim Oy tbe State 

Sprtnvfleld... Cant. Roberta.... Chloaeo Enrolled a' Trumpeter; appointed Serjeant 

and detailed Band SHreeanC per R. 0. O. 
13. July 1, 1833^ elck In qaartera May 31, 
June 4 to June ^. all in line of duty; on tnr- 
loneh Mar li to May 16. Per endorsement 
Brieade Commander. Camp Tanner; on 
turlouKh S*pt. 6 to Oct. 6, per G. O. 130. A. 
Q. 0.. S. I89B; In settlement lor clothlna la 
Inoluded the sura St. 37. total valoe of 
articles Issued to blm by the State; due U. 

8, SI 80 

Enrolled as Corporal; promoted to SeTESant 
r B. G. 0. 36. Camp Thomas, Aoe. 23; 
turlouEh Sept. 6 to Oct, 5. per G. 0. 130, 
G. 0..S. 1B9S; In settlement (orclothlnB 
Included the snm S6.B2. total value ot 
(Idea Issued him by the Slate: due U. 


On furloueh July 16 to July 21. par endorse- 
mem BrUadpCommapiier. Camp Tbomas; 
on tarlOQBh Sept « to Sept. is and Sept. 21 
to Oi!l. 6. per Q. O. 130, A G. O.. S 1898: In 
settlement tor clolhtne Is lucludeil 36.01. 
total value of articles Issued him by the 

y Google 






Wftlter 3. Blcbe; 


Aw. a. 1898 


Uar Zl.tBB8 

JohaE. WOBtbere .... 
PaaJ F. Gromks 


kvt. 28,1898 


mas SI. 1898 

Frank D. DeveDdort.. 


Aw. 88,1898 


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Oapt. Boberts.. 

Capt. Robette.. 


CftPt BobectB.. 

Uftlit. BoberCs.. 

value aC articles UsDedby the State 

Sick Id bospltol Jolr 29 to Ane- 1: In quar- 
terg Aag:. ( to Ave. ID. Auk- i! to Au2. 11. 
all In line of daty; on farlouah Jnl; B to 
Jnly 9, per endoFBemeDt BrlgHde Gom- 
muDder. Oamp Thomai: on fnrloneh Hevl, 
15 to Oct. fi. per Q. O. lUO. A. O. O., S. 18!ia: 
Id eeiclement of clothtne le InGlnded 
(9,01, total valae of Kitlctea isBneil by the 
Bute; dnoU. 8. SD.30 

Sick In qnikrtere May 23. July S, July 11 to 
July £8; In hospital July £8: In qnacters 
Joly 29 and Aue. 1 to AuE. 3, all Una of 
dntyi on furlonc-li Auet. iG to A az- 21, per 
ecdarRemi^nt Brigade Commander: od 
tuiloueh Sept. 6 to Sept. S5. per G. O. ]8<l. 
A. Q. O., H. 189S; In BBtllement for cloth- 
iDK U Included SB.Sa. total value of artlclsB 
Uanedtobim by the State: dne U.S. 10.80. 

rolled a 

Dted C 

,_., K. G. O, 13, Camp Thomas; on 

(urlooBb May 21 to May 21, per endorao- 
inent Biteade Commander, Oamp Tanner; 
on fariouch Mept. B to Sept. IS and SeDt. 28 
to Oat. 5. per Q. 0. 130. A. Q. O.. 8. 1B9S: In 
Betllemenl of cIothlnK ta Included iG.ez, 
total value o( articles Isened to him by cbe 
atate; due 0,8.10 08 

Od turlouEh July 7 to July 11, per endorse- 
OD furloueb Sept. e to ijept. SE. per (i. O. 
leo, A. 6. O., S. laeS^ In aettlement for 
olothlus Is iDClQded 36.82. total value ar- 
ticles Issued him by the State 

Sick In qaartern June I to Juae 10, Hue o( 
duty; op furlonelt May 11 to May 17, per 
endorsement Brleade Commander. Camp 
Tatiner: on farlouKh 8ept, IB to Oct. 6, per 
O. 0, 130. A. Q. 0.. 9. lliSB; In settlement 
tor clothlmt Is Included JS.B2. total value 
articles Issued blm by the State: due U.S. 

prODjoted'to Corporal, per R, S. O. 7G.Aue. 
23: on tDrlaQBb Sept. « to Sept. 2G. per G.O. 
ISO. A. O. O.. S. 1B9S: In settlemeot for 
slothlnK Is Inclnded tSM. total value of 

articles Issued bira by the Stale 

.bsent Ironi dress parade July 82; triad P. 
O. C. : Bcnteuced to forfeit Sl.QO. per B. 3. 
O, ISO, July ZO: above floe deducted on pay- 
roll for Jnly. ISSS: In settlement for cloth- 
Ins Is Inclnded »a S2, total value of artlolas 
Issued him by the State: due 11. 8, SO.DS ... 
Sick In quarters June l; In hospital Aus.I 
and 8; In quarters Anit, 1 to Ane. 10: In 
hospital 11 to Aue, 30: 1p quarters Aue. 31. 
alt iDa of duty; on (orlonEh Sept, U to Ost. 
S.perQ. 0. lao. A. 9. O.. 3. 18S8: absent 
fromdrass parade July 22; triad by V, O, 
C.: sentenced to forfeit SlD.SO and pay. per 
E. S. O. ISO, July 2«: above fipa deducted 
on pay-roll for Jaly. 1B9B; In settlement for 
olothlDK It iDcladed 89.01. total valaeol 

•rKi-les IssDed him by the State.. 

loneb Sept, S to Got. 5. per Q. O. IBO. 

issned him b; 

leU. 8,M,22,.. 

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WllltamJ. Bell.. 


Aot. 38.1888 
Apr. ze.lS3S 

April 28.1898 
April ZB.18fl8 

April ».I898 


Ual 31,1SU 


April 2B.1SS8 
June 16,1SS8 

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Sptlnefleld .. 

Cspt. BobsTta.. 

Cart. Roberta.. 
Capt. Rob«rtB.. 


.. CaptCRobecte.. 

Capt RobertB.. 
Cnpt. KobertB., 
CBPt Roberts.. 
Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta. . 
.. Capt. Roberta.. 


Obleaso ., . 
Chicago .. , 

Ctaloaeo .. . 

Chicago ... 
CbUaeo!.. . 

Sick Id bospltal Aug. za to Aue. 3i: on far- 
lonsh 3L to Sept. 30. per Q. O. 111. A. 
" " " ^furjouBh Oct. 1 to Oot. 6. 

ded 19.01. total 
a bribe State: 

iae Is Included $i 

On furloneb Sent. 16 to t,^. „. „. ™„, 

A.G. 0.,H.189S; la settlement Cor olotblns 
la Included Si>B2. total value of articles 
Isaoed him br the Ststa 

Sick Id ciQarterB July 19 and 20. Aag. S to 
Aus^BO; alMlne^f dQly^ on furloueh 8eol. 

value of arUclea 1 

t. 6. 1 

itaCo: dneO. H.Sl 
iturloueh Mas 21 
nect Brleade Con___ 
infarloneb Sept. etc 
L 0.0,8. l—" ■ 

er 6. O. 130. A, 9. O.. S 

tforclothlnrlelDcludedtS.82. ' 
■ ■ I Isaned him by tba 

I settlen 

B of c 

laaued him by State; due U S. M.BD 

Ick In ouartwa Juli 3,llnPof duty; chareed 
whh Tlolailna; 32d Article at War; tried b? 

F. O. C.i sentence, oot enUty, per R, S. O, 
Bl. July 6: ou turloueb to Oct. e.per 

G. O. ISD. A. Q. O.. S. teOBi In-lD seiMement 
(or clothlDK 1b iDcladed 19.01. total value 
articles Uaaed blm by State; due D. 8. 
II. 8S 

On furlough >iept. 18 to Oct. 5, per Q. 0. 180, 
A.Q.O.S. 1893: Id settlement for clotblne la 
Included $8 82. total value of articles is- 
aned him by the State 

On furloueh Sept, Iti to Oot. G per Q O. 130. 
A.G.O.S 1B9S: In aettlemeDt fnroloiblns Is 
lualuded t7.1S. total value of articles IB- 
auedby the State: due O. S. 

On furloueh Sept. 1« to Oct. 5, ptr Q, O. lao, 

On farlnneb May 19 to 23 per eDdoraement 
Brliade Commander Camp Tanner: on 
tDrlonah Sem. S to Oct. G. per O ISO, A, 
0, O, S. 8. 98: In Bettlemant for clOlhlDB la 
Included the sum SS 82. total valaeorar- 

s Is Included 19.01. 

raMayiS acdMay 

IB to Oct. 5, perQ 6. 130, 
D aeltlemenlforcloibln«la 

^rtlck_ _. 

Sick In que 
A,6 0.S. iBas:mB 

tnolnded S9,0«, lot„ 

aoedbythe State 

Enllated per S, O, SI, A.Q, O S, 1898: absent 
without leave 19 hours July i. tried by F. 
O.C: aeotenced to forfeit JS,00 nay and 
five days' bard labor per Rez. S, O.M, 
Jaly 8: above sentence dedaeted on pay- 
roll of July. 1S98: on turl'iuih ^^rpt, « to 
Sept. 36. nor Q, O. ISO.' A. Q 0, 8. 1898; no 
olotblnetaBnedby the State 

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DaJardtii, John W.... 
Dolan. WlUlam 

Drone;, Lawreuoe.... 
Deneve, Anffuat J 

DaveDDort. Charles D, 

Edward!. HU ton L.B. 

Flsa. ChaTleeB 

Fuller, LeoH 

Oadfior, John C 

QleaaoQ. JobD D 

Galti, William 

Qbfo la, Charles 


Private . .. 

.. Jtme 15,1898 


98 Chloaso ... 

SB Cbloitfo ... 

.. June 1S,1S98 
.. Jnae 15,1898 

.. June U.189e 

Hosted by 



Udbtkbid Is. 


Sprlnsfleld... C 


.. Ckpt. BobertH.... Chloaeo Slclt In qnsrCera Jniie IS; tn hospital Jnly B: 

InQUftTterHjnlr 10: In bosnltsl JuliU, aji 
Id lloe of dotTi do InrluiiBb 8«pt. 1« to 
Oct. 6, per Q. O. IBD.IA. G, O. S. 139»: In aet- 
tlemeac tor clothlne Is iDclnded IB 0(, coul 
valne of artlclBs laaned htm bg the State.. 

.. CaPt. BobeitS.... CblcsKO Slcbln hOHpiIal Jnlf B to July Vi; !□ qaac- 

ters JnlF 18: In boapltal Jnlr 11; la quac- 
MreJul^lSand 10; lu qaulera Sept. U to 

; absEint wltbout leave nine boura May 

W: tried by Sammaty Court, sentenced to 
one day baid IbIidi, per B. S. G. Ho. 1. 
Camp Taaner; on epecUl duty at BriK, 
Hdqra. June 7 to per order Com- 
BlEUldlbe Ufflcer; In aetttement for cloth- 
Ini la iDDlnded tl.U. total value OE artklea 
lasued bribe dtate 

.. Ktiot AlBlp Chleaso Eallated pur G. O. Ul. &.. 0.0. S. iSSg; on tnr- 

louebSept, IGtoOct. 5. perG.O uo. A.U. 
O.S.189S;Doalotb1nKlaBuedbr the State.. 

.. U»]or AMp Chicaeo Eollated per G. 0. «1, &.G.0 B. 1886; On far- 

loasb Sept, B to Sept. IG and sept. 26 to 
Oct. 6, per G. O. ISO. A. G. O. 8. 1898; PO 
olothlBElSBnadhlm by tbe State; daeU, 
8. 80.80 

.. Ualoi Alaip CblcaBO EDllsted per Q.O. 6I. A. G. O. S. 1B8S; sick In 

quartere Jane Z! to June iS, Aue. 10. all In 
llDSordaty; on fnrlouEli Sept. 16 to Oct. 
S, per O. 0. 190. A.O.U.S. 1H98: no clnlhlne 
iBsaed hlmby tbe State: due n.S.SQ. 01.... 

CbloBEO! On ape El al duty at reglmeatal atore Jnae 

t2 to AuE 2i per order Commandlne 
Officer: on turlongli Sept. 6 to Oct. G, per 
G. 0. 130. A.8.0.8. 1899: lu settlement for 
OlothlPE la Included 81.81. total valne of 
artlcIralBBaedby tbe!jTale:doeD. S.17.T0 

.. Gapt. SobectS-... Cbleaso ^Ick In quartera June 23. Id bosplEal .^ugr. 23 

to Sept. ii. all In line of duty: on turloueh 
Sept. sa to Oct. 6, per Q. 0. 130. A, G. 0.. S. 
1898: In aetUement tor cloibluE la locluded 
SS.Oi. total Talae of aitlclea Issued by the 


Cbloaso EnllatedperQ. 0. 61. &. ■). U.. S. 1898; elcb 

in quarters Ant. 16. In line of duty: onfur- 
loaebSept. StoOct. 5. peiG. O. ISO. A. G. 
O.. S. 1S9S: no dothtDK laaned him by tbe 

Capt. Roberts.... Chloaeo Sick In qnartera Auff. S. A-aa. 2H to Auk. SI, 

Sept. 2 to Sept. I. all In line of duty: tried 
byF. O.C, overataylne paaa; sentenoed 
to forfeit J3.60 pay. per IT. O. (J, Est. (Jth), 
July 31,1888; above flue deducted on pay- 
roll for Aueust. 1S9S: on furlnueb Sevt 6 
toOot. 6. perG. O. laO. A. G, O. S, 1898; In 
settlement of clnthlne Is Included 66.82. 
total value of articles Issued by tbe State. 

ChioaEol Sick la (tuariers Am. B to Aae. lO. Sept. 1. 

all In line ot duty; on furlough Sept 6 to 
Oct, 5, per G. O 190. A. G O.S.1893: in 
Bettlement of clothlnn Is locluded SB. Si. 
total value of articles Isaued br tbe State. 

.. (Japt. Roberts.... Chicaso Sick Inqnarlera Aue 23 to Aue. 27. line of 

duty: on furlough Sept. 6 to Sept 15 and 
Sent. 26, Oct. S, per G. O. laO. A. 6. O.. S. 
leOS; tn aettlement for clotblni la Included 
89 0(. total valne of articles Issued by the 
Slate: dneO. S, »B.81 

Capt. Boberts.... ChlCBBO Sick In qaatters July 20, line of dnty; on 

fnrlouBb Sept, 6 to Oct. 6. per Q O. ISO, A. 
G. 0,S. 1989: In aettlement for olatbluK 
la Included tT.l5. total value of arclclea 
Isanedby the Slate 

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Gcahain. Albert ... 

Hardlue. Cbarlea.. 

Hetnrlob, Uox 

Qoy. Martin 

Hor, Ole 

Relnle. JohaG.... 

Ha^nBteln, Otto.. 
Jobnaen, PeterR.. 

Eelser. William A. 
Lorlmer. jDhnW.. 


Private .- 

Apt. ».1S9S 



Aur. 26.1898 
Apr. 9,038 

Cblea^ .. 
ChtoaEo .. 

Uar zi.isas 


Mar Zl.lSBS 

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.. Capt. Bobaits. 


Caiit. Roberts. 

SDTtnEfleld .. 
SDClUKfleld .. 

Capt. Roberts, 
Capt. Roberts. 

.. Capt Roberts. 

.. CBPt. Roberts. 


.. Chleaeo Eallsted per Q. 0. 61, A. &. 0„ i 

Inquaitars Jape £0 to June 21. lloeot duty: 
abetpt wltboul leave: tried by 3 C sen- 
tenced to Idaya' bard labor, per See- S.O. 
No. t. Kt. 8ber[dati. Sept. a; on {nrlangb 
Sept, e to Sept. IS. aod Sevt 2i to Oct. S. 
ISilS, pec a. 0. 130. A. a. O.. S. 1898; !□ set- 
tlement Cor olothliiE la locladed II. St. total 
Ta,]iie of artlclea leaned him bv folate 

. CblCBKO Sick In qnurtera May 31, Aug 

lice of dnty;on special d _ 
beadqaartera Aue. IL to Aug. 2*. vei oruur 
Commandlne (Jfflcer: on fuilOQsh ^eol. E 
to Oct. (. per G. O, 130, A. O. O.. 8 lesS: In 
senlement for clot hiDE Is Inclnded 5S.3I, 
total Tiilne of artli^tea Issued him by the 
atale: daeU. S.M.68 

.. CblCBKO On fnrloueh Sept, B to Oct. S. per G. O. 130. 

A. U, O . S. 1898: In settlement for clothlDS 
la Included SI.TS. total value of articles is- 
snedbitheatata: due [J. S. 10.03 

.. Chicaeo Knllated per Q. O. Bl. A. O, O . S. ISSS; sick 

Id quarteia Ans, 18 to Aas. 2i: In hospital 
Ane. -a: In anarlem Auk. Z< to Ang. 21; la 
hoapllBl Aug. 28 to SifPt, «. all In line of 
duly; on f orlouith St-pt. 8 to Oct. 6. per G. 
0, 189, A. ti. O.. id.l89B: no clothlue leaned 
htm by the StiLCe: dueU. S. 10 0( 

.. CHlcaao BnllBted per a, 0. 61, 4. Q. O.. 8. 1898; alek 

in qparters Aujr, 8 to Ane, 12; In ttOBplteJ 
AuB. 31 to Srpt. IB, line of duly; on far- 
loueh i^eut, IS lo Oct. 5. per G. 0. 130. A.Q. 
O,. S, I8SB: no olotbluE Isatied by State; 
due D. 8. W. 08 

. Chloaeo Sloklnquarters July I. In hospital July S to 

futloUBh AuB. 21 to Sept,' 21. perG,'0.'ll4. 
A. Q, O., 8, 1898: on furloueh Sept. 22 to 
Oct. S, pur G. O, 130, a, Q. O,. S, IMS; In 
settlement (or clothing U Incloded >S,B2. 
total yalue of articles Issued him by the 
State: due V. S W.B8 

. ChlcaEO On rurlouvh Sept. 6 to 8ept, IS. and Sept. 2B 

to Oct. 5. per <i. 0. ISO. A. G. O., ». 1«98; In 
aettlement forolothlnE Is Included I9.0t. 
total value at articles laaued by State 

. Chioaeo 9lcb la quarters July £l and July 22, In hos- 
pital Aue, S to AuB. SO. la quarters ane, 21. 
all In line of duty; on farloaiih Sept. G to 
Oct, 6. pur G, O, IBO. A, G. O., S. 1SS8: In 
seitlemtnt for clothing la luclnded ta.Ot. 
total value ot articles laaued to him by the 

. Cblcaso Sieh Inquarters Jnaeil. Sept, 3. all In 1 

ot dDly; irled by V. O. C. dUobeylae s 
tinel, sentenced to tortett 12 00 pay na. 
O. C. eit, 1, July 1,1888: above sei 
dedpcted on pay-roll for Jnly, IB9B: o 
louEh Sept, 6 to Oct, E. per G, 0. 130. 
O. !<. 1898; In satttemcpt for clotbtni 
eluded St.Si. total valus of arildea 1 
by State; dne 0. 8 11.06 

, ChlcsEO Sick In quarters May U Id tine ot dnty; 

absent wlT:h out leave from July 7 toJaly 
S. tried by P. O. C, Btntenced to tocfelt 
WOO nay and five dava' hard labor, per 
Res. 8. O, 89, July 12: abova fine deducted 
on pay-roll for July 1898; od tarlnnKh 
SeptStO Sept. 28. per G, O-130.A.8,O. 
3.. 1898; in settlement for clothlns Is In- 
cluded S8 81. total valne of articles Isstied 
by the State 

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P 1 te 

Ape. X.lS3i 

Chi a 

Mar 21.IS98 
Uar 31,1898 

jUorrleoa. Jobn B 


Apr. 29,1898 

Apr. 2«,t89B 

KeBsler. Fred N 

McCBllom. ClsnfleL.. 

Miller. Henry E 

Miller. SIlHB M 

MutfUy. Qeorge S.... 

Mucrar. William A... 

Apr. 26.IR98 
Apr. ».1S98 

Apr. 28.1888 

Jnne 1E.18S8 

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.. Capt. Bomne... 

,. Sick In gaarters July 'i 
absent with on t Ipave 
Med by F O. C. SBnlen 

In line of duty; 
3\s honre July S. 
ei to forfeit S7.D[> 



C'pTbomttB.Q M 

.. Capt. Roberts. . 

.. Capt. Roberts.., 

Capl. Roberts. .. 
Capt. Roberts... 
Capt. Roberts... 

Capt. Roberts... 
Capt. Koberta... 

.. Cblca^... 
.. Cbtaaaio .. 

roll for Julr. IS9B; on fnrlouEh '^ept. IS to 
Oct. 6. per O. O. I3D A. G. 0. S. I89S: In 
seltlemeot for clotDlne- Is Included lE.TZ. 
total value of arilcles Issued by Cbe State. 

It for cl _ 

le Of artlciee Issued him by tbe State.. 

_ in quarters Aub 8 to fiug. 12 In line of 

duty: abBent without leave six hours July 
e. tried by F. O. C. sentenced to forlelt 
$3.00 psy and Bve days hard labor per ReR. 
■ " "O.JulyB; above sentence deducted 
■ roll tor July. tS38; on fnrlonirb 

J to 8ept 2.5 per 8 O. ISO A- Q. O, 8, 

1898; In settlement tor clotblne Is tx ' ' ~ 

St.9a. total VI 


,. ChteaEO ., 
,. Chlcaso^ .. 
,. Ctaloaco .. 

,. Chlcoso .. 
„ Cbleaco... 

.. Sleblnqoarters knt. S to Au^. 12. Aue. is 
•.o kag. !T: In hoapltal Aqb. 28 to Sept. 4. 
LiMnllneot dnty; on furloHKh Sept. B to 
3ct.6PBrH. O. ISO. A. G, O, S. )8SS; In 
settlemeat for clothlui Is Included $8.82, 
:otalyalue of aitlsles Issued him by the 
.itate: due D. 8. W.BO 

Od lurlouzh Sept. G to Oct. G per Q. O 130, 
A. Q. O S. 1898; In setllement for clotbliE 
Is IneladediV 01, total value of articles Is- 
snedbr tbe State 

On (orlonsb Beot 6 to 8ept IS and Sept. is 

1 of olothlnit Is 

total value of articles Issusd by tL. .^....v. 
Sick In qnnrteta June IB to .Tune 21, In line 
of duty; on furlough Sept. IS to Oct. B, per 
G. O. ISO A. Q. O. 8., 1898; In sflttlemeat 
' II olothlne Is Included J1.9II. tntnl ibIt<» 
'. articles Issued by the Stat 

l:dneU. S 

I furlough 8ept, 8 to Oct 6 perO'G.'iM,' 
L. G. O, 8, 1898; In settlement for clotblne 
s Included ST »(, total value of articles Is- 
sued by the State; due C. S. lOOB 

.. 9lck In quarters AuB. 7 to AuB. 10 In line of 
dut^;_onfurlon((h Sept. IS to Sept. ar 

Q. 6. IBO A. Q. O, S . 1898; In "sBttlement 
tor ctothlns Is Included IG.72, total value 

of anloleslBsnedby the State 

BKullBtedparS 0.81. A. Q. O. S. 1898; slch 
)n quarters Au?. 8 to ADgr. 10; In hospital 
Aue. 11 to Sept. 1, In qnaitere Sept. 3 to 
Sept. 1. alt In line of duty; on furloaih 
Sept. fl to Oct. S per G. O. ISO, A. G. O. 8.. 
1898; no olotblner Issued by the State: duo 


. Enllnled perO. O. 61. A. G 0. 9.. 1 
Inqnarters Aqe. zS to Aue 30.1 
duty; on special duty at reKlraen 
'■"--■ - ■ irCom 


iirloueh Sbp. . .- „,, ,r^. 

G. 0. 130, A. H. 0. S., 1698; no oIothlnB is- 

anedbytba State 

.. Enlisted per G. O. Gl. A. O. O., 8. 1898: ab- 
it from dress parade July 12; tried by 
•M OfBcer's Court, found not eolity: 
— . _i.k.... T (j[g^ by 8 

rtSept 3; 

..._r per R. S. O. No. ., ,. 

loaBb 8»pt 6 to Oct. S. per O. O. 130, 


O.. 5. 1B98; do clothlns issued by the State. 

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Mitchell. Cbaclea.. . 

Neleley. Frnnk M.. 
Newman. Charles A 

O'Brien. John e... 

Olsen, Herman J... 

Preaslei'. Kdwara.. 
Patton.Don W 

Paasmore. ObarleB. 
Ruben. EIner B... 



Apr. ZS.1 
Apr. X. 

Chlcaea ... 

Chloata ... 
Chlcaeo ... 

Jnne is.isea 

June 1&.IS9S 
Hny 21,IS9S 

Mar zi.i«ge 

Mbf 2I.1S9H 

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.. Can. Roberts... 


Cant. EtobertB.. 


CaDt. Roberts.. 
Cftiit. BobarCs.. 








I. O. O.. 8 . 

' Iceladed 1G.B3. 
id by the State; 

... AVG.'O.rsViKSVon 

. ioOct-e.perG. 0. ISO, A, 
10 cloiblns lusaed b; State: 

9,0, l... _ 

lement for clothlne 
I value of articles Is 
..— D.B. M,J5 

Gnllated per <i. U. t 
turlou.Bh 8apt 6 
Q, 0„ S, 189S: -- 
dueU, S. 11,05 

Slek In qaaiters Jane is to June 2t, line o( 
duty; on furloUEh l^ent. 6 ID Sept. IE and 
Sert, as to Oct, B. per 9 0, 130. A. 9. O,. S. 
ia»a: In Bettlement tor clutblng la Inoladed 
19 M. total value ot arClclea Iseaed br tbs 
atatei doe U. 8. IS.BS 

dloltlD qnartera Aas 16 to AnE. Zl. line of 
dmj; OD furlonsh Sept, 6 to Oct. 6. per Q. 
O 130, A, G. O,, S. IBSS; In BBttlement for 
clatblitE Is Included 13.01, total value of 
arllcles iBBUed b; Ibe State 

EnllBied per 6. O, Gl. A, G. O., 8. 189S; sick 
In QQB,rtera Sept 2 and Beot. 3. line ot 
dutr: un turloutb Sept. S to Oct, S, per 9. 
0, 190. A, 9, O., 8. leeS; no olothlnic laBued 
byStatfl;dneU. S. KI.90 

On furloneh Sept 8 to Oct. 6. per 9, O. 130. 
A. 9, O,. S. 1898; In aetUement tor clolhlne 
Is lacladed 19 01. total value ot artleles 
Issued by the State: daeU. S, 10,03 

Sicb; In quarters July 3 to July 6. line of 
duty; abaeni without leave ali hours; 
tried by Summary Court, SBnlenoed to 
four days bard labor per K, 8, O. No, I, 
Sept. 3; an turloueb Sept 6 to Oct, e, per 
G, O, 130, A, 9, O , 8 ie9S; In eettlement 
for clothiog la Included a6.1i. total value 
ot articles Issued by tbe Statei due D. S. 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

deducted on pay-roll for July. 1S9B; or 
h Sept. B to Oo(. 6. per G. 0, 130, ( 
_ .. J. 189B; nocluthlng Issued by tbe S 
due U. a lO.lS 

r F. O. C, Eit No. 2. Jul 
oted on c " ' ' ' 

Officer's Court,"!, ,. 

-,. 8. 0, 130, July 21 
II for Ji 

6 to Sei... -. ,.. _. 

0. 130. A. 9. O.. S. 1B9B; In settlement for 
elothlne Is Included 19.01, total value o( 
articles Isguad by the State; due U. S, 


„, IS to 

f, Ani[, 21 to Aue, 27. all Id linn ot 

duty; absent without leave ten bonrs July 
- tried by Field Offloer's Court, aentenoed 
forfeit Se.OO pay and Qve daya hard 
.„bor, per B. S. 0, 60, July S; above flne de- 
ducted OD pay-roll tor Joly, 1B98; on fuc- 
'auEb Sept, e to Oct. G. per G, O, 130, A, G. 
J,, 8, 1898; no clotblne' Issued by the 

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Aor. a. 1898 
Apr. 2B.18B8 

Lrnue 15.1898 

Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. a. 1898 
Apt. 26,1898 

Apr. 2S.1898 

Apr. 28,1898 
June 1E.I89B 

Apr. ^28,1898 


atone, John W 

Upbam, BeDiamlDR.. 

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Cspt- Boberta- 

GBDt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta,. 

ibaent 16 houia July t wllhoal leave: tiled 
by F. O. C; sentenced to forfeit Il.OD uid 
five days hiird labor Dei K. 8. O. 51. Jaly S: 
above flue deducted on hbv-ioII for Julj, 
IBM; on ftirloiiirh Sept, e to Oct. 6. par Q, 
O. ISO. A. G). O.. S. 1B98; In settlemeot [or 
clotblni l9 Included 16,82. total value of 
BTtlclea laaned br ibe State; dae D. 9. 

ID. 01 

3tck In qnarterEi Aue. S to Ads. 10, lice of 
daty; on furlonch Bepl. 6 to Sept. IS. per 
G, O. IBO, A. G. O,. S. 1888; In setllBment 
for clothlni Is included S6.8Z, total valne 
of articles loaned by tbe State 

InlUted net Q. O. No. 61, A. Q. O.. 8. 1888; 
on tnrlODKb Jnly 11 to July 21, per endorae- 
Dienl of Brigade Commander; on turlonarh 
Sept. 6 to Sept. 2B. per Q. O. No. 130. A. 
" " " -~"i; nu clothlne laaoed by tbo 

Slek li 

D, S.> 



loot articles Issued by Stale; due 

._ fuiloneb May 19 10 May 23, per endorse- 
ment o[ Brlsade < Commander al Camp 
Tanner; on f otlouKh Sept. 6 to Oct. 6, per 
». 0. No. 130. A. G. 0,. S. 1898: <n tbe set. 
tlement for olotbtoE Is Inelnded IS. 88, tbe 
total value Of articles Issned by the State. 

lick in bOBPlIal Jnly 7, In Qnartera July 8 to 
ID, in hoapltal Aue. 11 to Aus. SO; abaent. 
slok In Leiter bospital at Cblokamnusa. 
Qft., Auir. !0 to Sept. l?, all in line of duty; 
on tarlouBb Sept. 18 to Oct, 5. pei G. O. No. 
114. A. G. 0.. S. 1893: Id eettlement for 
clotblne Is Included SOW. total valne o( 
articles lasned by tbe State: due U. 3. 
SO. 91 

Lbsent wlibout leave from Aug. 28 to Aus. 
81: tried by Summary Court: senteuaed to 
forfeit IS. 00 pny and 12 days' taaid labor, 
pet B. 8. O, Ko, 1, Sept. a, 1888; on fnr- 
louerli Sept. 19 to Oct, 8. per Q. O. No. 130. 
A, e. O., S. 1898: In the seitlemeat for 
alothlng IB inoluded $9.01, total value o( 
artioleg Issuei^ by the State; due U. S. 


lick In onartera July 27, In line of duty: on 
furlough Sept. 6 lo Oct. 6, per G. O. No. 
ISO, A. G, O..^, 1898; !n the settlement for 
clotblns is Included 86 82, total value of 
articles leaned by tbe tjtate 

inlisted per G, O, No, 61, A. Q, O,. 8. 1898; 
aick Id quarters Aue. 21 to Autr, 27. in line 
of dnty; absent fiom drees parade Jnly 22: 
triedbyF.O.C: sentenced to forfeit 11. 00 
pay, per 8.0, No. lEO. July 28; above tine 
deducted on pay-roll for Jujy, 1898: On tur- 
louih Sept. 6 to Oct. S. per 6. O, Ho. 130, A. 
Q. O., 8. 18BH; no clotblne issued hioi by 

Sick In quarters Aqb, 21 to Aug. 27, In line 
of duty: on torloofU Sept. 6 to Oct. 8. pet 
6. O. No. 130. A. G. O., 8. 1898: In the set- 
tlement for clotblne- IB Included 18.82. total 
value of articles lasned by the State: due 
O. 3.10.7B 

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Apr. Zt.lBas 

Avr. 26.1898 
Apr. 36.1898 
Apr. 36.1838 

Apr. ES.1S9S 

Apr. ».IS9g 

Apr. Z6.1S98 

Apt. 36.1898 
June te.l898 

Jane 1S.18S8 
Apr. JS.1^ 



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.. Cspt. Roberts... 

.. CapC. Roberts... 

■ ■ Capt. RobsTtB... 

.. Capt. Boberts... 

.. Gnpt. Boberts... 

Qprlnefleld... C 




,. Oapt, Roberta... 

.. UaJ. AlBlp 

Ub]. AlBlp 

Cspt. Robena... 

O. No. 130, A. G, O., 8. 3898; lo 

lor oLotblDK Is InclDded 19. Dl, total 
ot Eirtieles iBsned b; the St ' 

., S, 1B9B: In tbe aettlemenl 

In toTlonih Sent. 6 to Sent. ». and Sept 
to Oct. B. car Q. O. No. 130. A. Q. O., B. 1' 
In settlement toi clotblne In Inclnded K 

leU. 8. 

! of Kctlulea Isaaed b; ti 


ofduti; onforlojsh Sept, S to Oet. B, per 
t). 0. No. 130. A. Ut. 0.. S. 189S: lo aettle- 
ment for clothlne Is loclnded SG.SZ, total 
value of artlclea Iseaed br tbe State; due 

U.S. 10.01 

Icb In QUEirteca Aue. 9 and A^e. 10. In line 
of dnly; absent from dresb parade Jul? !!; 
tried by V. O. V.: sentenced to forfeit Sl.OO 
pay, per B, S. O. No. lao, July E6; fine de. 
dacted OD pny-rolJ for Jnly, 1698: on fuc- 
longh Sent, tl to Sept. 16. atd Sepi. 26 to 
Oct. S, perG O, No. 130, A. Q. 0„ S. IBM; 
in Bettlament for clothlne If Included 5904, 
total value of artlclea Issued by the Blata: 
due D. B.W.OB : 

Sick In quartera June e, July II, July 12. 
July IE to 18. 2S and 21. Auir. 1 to Aue. 11. all 
line ot duty; on furlough June !l to Jane 
29. per endoTBement Brleade Commiinder; 

on f nrloueh Sept. G to Oct. S. per Q. , 

A. G, O.. S. 1B3B: Id settlement for clotblae 
la InclDded S9.D1. total value of articles 
Issued by Stale: due U. B. SB.IT 

Absent areas parade Jul j 22; tried by F. O. 
C.; aeuteoced to forfeit tl 00 pay, per B. B. 
0. 13D. July 26; above fine deducted On pay- 
roll tor July, 189H; on turloOEh Bent. 6 to 
Sept. ZE, per Q. U. ISO. A. Q. O.. 8. 1B99: In 


■*. 0. 130. A. G. 

clothlne la 

Sick In quarters Ai 

la hospital Aui[. 3L. _ 

laueh eept. 6 to Oct. B. per 

O.. S. 1893; In Bettlemeat ... 

Included 19.01. total value of articles Iss-.- 

br the State: due U. S 85.50 

Unilaled, per G. O. 61, A. G. O., S. 1893; sick 
Inquartera Aue. 8, line of duty; on f ni- 
lough Sept. 6 to Sept. IB and Sept. IS to 
Oct B. per G, O. 180. A. Q. O.. S. 1B98; no 

□lothlni Issued by tbe State 

.. Enlisted per G O. 61, A. O. O . B. 1898; sick 
'n hospital Aug. 23 to Sept. IS.llne of duty; 
>n furlough Sept. 16 lo Oct. G, per O. 0. ISO, 
V. ». 0-, S. 1898: Qo clothing Issued by the 

itate;dneU, S, 1106 

,. Sick In quarters Aue. H to Aug. 27; In hoi- 
pltal Aue. £8 and 29. line of duty; sen- 
* - • ' '- -Bit 13.00 pay by F. O. C, (or 
IBS, per m, 0. C. eit. No. I: 
luoted on pay-roll tor An- 
oiled as Oorpnral: reduced 
Et. 9. O. 19. July 1. 1898; on 

10 to Oct. B. per O. 0. 130, 

3. ie9B: In settlemput for clothloir 
' - - ■ gjjjg gi uriioiea 

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Apr. 26,1898 
Apr. IB. 1898 






. When. 




Apr. as. IBM 

Apt. 26.1898 
Apr. 28.1898 
Apr, 36.1888 

Apr. 3S.189S 
Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. E6.1898 
Apr. 36.1898 






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By whom- 


Capt. Koberts.... 
Capt. RobetM.... 



Sick In quartera July tl, line oC datv: on re- 
cronioe service at Chleaeo June 10 to Jane 
21: dIecbBFEed Aus- IS. per Bureeoa'B cer- 
tificate of dlaablllty; dlaeharee and final 
HtBtemeut Blven; In aeitltment tor cloth- 
ing la Included IT.OI. total value Ot aillclea 


Tried by F. O. C. July 8 lor abBBDce from 

a. a No. 60. July B; aIck In hoapltal Jnly 

to A. Q. ; In eettlement for clotblne la 
Included 18.20. total value ot articles Issued 
bribe Slate 

Hdbtkbbei Ih. 



.. Capt. Roberta. .. 

Capt. Roberts... 
Cspt. Boberte... 
Capt. Koberta... 

Capt. Boberta... 
Capt Roberts... 

BloomlnstDQ . 

,. Capt Boberta. 

.. Bloomlneton, 

,. Bloom luBtOQ. 
,. UlDDeapolls, 

Absent on raorultlns: service at Blooming, 
ton. Chlcaeo and Lacon. III., from June E> 
to 21. tB9!f. per S. O. 21. lat Army Corpi 
and Dept. of the Gulf; dne tor commn- 
tallon ot quarters on above service from 
JuQe9toI», 1898. Jt9 20 

Absent with leave awaltlDg orders from 
Sept. 7 to Oct, 5. 1ES8. per (i. O 130. A. 8. 

0..S. 1898 

ibsent with leave awaltlne ordera tram 
Sept. I to Oct. 6, 1^8. per S. O. 130. A, G. 

O., S. 189B 

Inrolled as a tjenreapt; appointed 1st Ser- 
Ereant Ane. 2l. 1B98, Per Troop Order Sa. 
5: on fnrloneh from Sept, IS to 21. I89S, 
per G. 0. 130, A. G, O.. S. 1898; In the set- 
tlement for clothing Is included the sum 
ot sa.26. tbe total value of articles Issued 

him by the State 

in fnrlonB'h from Sept. 9 to Oct. 5, 1893, per 
G. 0. 130, A, Q. O.. S. 1S98; In the settle- 
ment for ololblne Is Included the sum ot 
18.22. the total value of articles Issued him 
bytho State 

Absent on furloueh from Auc, S^ M 31. 189S, 
by authority Brlsade Commander: oa fnr. 
IpUEh from Sept. to Oct, G, 1899, per G. 
0. 130, A, G. 0., S. IGSK: In the settlement 
forclolhlns la Included the sum of S9. 28, 
the total valuo of articles Issued blm by 

the State 

.bseni on furlouah from Sept. 6 to 22, 1898, 
per Q, O. ISO, A. Q. O.. S. 1898: In the set- 
llemeot for clothing Is Included the sum 
of 16.12. the total viiluo ot articles Issued 
him bs the State 

Inrolled as Ccmoral: appointed SerKeant 
Jnly 1. 1899. per G. 0. 13, Redlmental Com- 
mander: In the settlement tor clothlnz Is 
Inclnded the sum ot S9 !S, the total value 
of articles Issued to bim by the State: on 
turlonah from Sept 29 to Oct, t. IB9B, per 
0, 0, 130. A. Q. 0,. S. 1899 

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HarrrH, Tompkins... 


May 20.18B8 

May S0,1S3S 

Mar Z0.1SS3 

Uay 20.1888 

John B, WaUace 

Uar 20.1898 I«.ie9t 


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Hdstbbbd In. 


CapL Roberts. . 

CitDt, Roberts.. 


Unrollod as Corroi-Rl; apDoLnteil Sereeant 
July 21. less, per Ij. 0. 11. Keelmental 
UommandBr; RbaeEt on £urlou«h trom 
Sect, e 10 Oct. 5, 189B. per U. O. IW. A. &. 
0.. S. 1898; In tba BettLemenI for clolhlDZ- 
la iDCluded the sum of 38.2s. the total value 
of articles Issued blm by tbe State 

Oo furlonah from BEPt. 23 to Oct. B. 1898, per 
Q. O. 13Q, &. U. O., a. 1833: In tbe aetlle- 
ment for clothlue iB Incladed the som oC 
19.01. tbe total Talae of articles leaned blm 

by the Slate: due D. 3. JO.ta 

baeni on tnrloneb from Ijept. i to Oct. i, 
1898, per Q. O. ISO. A. Q. O., S. 1898: Id the 
settlement foi clothlnt la Included tba 
enm of «» 01. the total value of articles 1e- 

aaed him by the State; dae U. 3. »1.B8 

btent on fuiloueb from Sept. 6 to Oct. 6. 
18S8. per U. O. ISO. A. U. 0., S. 18B8; In tbe 
settlement for clothlnir la lucluded th& 
sum of )7,17, the total yalae of articles Is- 
sned him by the State; dueU. S.I0 7S 

Enrolled as a private; appointed Corporal 
July 1. 1898. per 8. 0. 13. Keelmenlal Com- 
mander: slclt In hospital trom Aug. 'it to 
Sept. 1. IS98. In Itne of duty: absontelch 
OQ ftirlouEh from Sept. 1 to Sept. 7. 1898, 
at ChlcsBO, 111., per Q. O. IH. A. Ci. O.. S. 
1898: on tnrlouiib from Sept. S to Oct. t. 
1893, per G. O. UO, A. O. O., S. 1898: In the 

sum of S7.Bl.the total yalae o( articles la- 

aned him by the State: due U. 8. SO.Id 

)□ detached xervloe v^Dh recrultluE party 
from June 9 to 21. 1898. per S. O. 21. Ist 
Army Corps: enrolled aa a prlTete: ap- 
pointed Corporal J aly 1. 1899, per li. 0. 13, 
ileslmental Commander: on furlonih 
from Sept. 3 to Oct. S. 1398, per Q. O. ISO, 

A. a. 0.. S. 1898: !□ the settlement tor 
Clotblne la Included the sum Of JS.62. the 
total value ot artlclos Issued him by tbe 

Incolkd aa a private: appointed Corporal 
July 1. 1393. par O. O. U. Keslmsntal Com- 
mandar; on turlounh from riept. 6 to Oct. 
G, 1898. per G. O. ia9, A. S. O.. 3. 1898: In 
tbe aeltlement far ctlotbluB Is Included the 
sum of (7.17, the total value of aiilolea Is- 
sued him by tbe Slate. 

Inrolled as a private; appointed Corporal 
July 1, 1893. per G. 0. 13, realmenlal com- 

B, 1893. per O. Q. lEO, A. G. O.. S. 1898; In 
tbe settlement for clothlne Is Included the 
sum of 88.37, the total value ot arrlelea Is- 
sued blm by tbe State; dneU. S. I3.E0 

BnTolled as a private; appointed Corparal 
AuE. it, 1898, per S. O. 77, retflmectal com- 
mander; on fnrlonirh from Sept 6 to Oot. 
B. 1898, per 6. O. 139. A. G. . S. 1893: Id 
the settlement for clotblni Is Inolnded tbs 
sam of 17. tl. the total value ot articles Is- 
saod him by the StMo 

Enrolled as private; appointed Corporal 
Atiff il, 189B. per 3. 0. 77. regimental com- 
mander: on InrloUEh from Sept. t to 2!, 
1898. per G. O 130, A. G. O.. S. 1398: la the 
settlement tor clOihluE U Included the 
sum ot IB. 37. the total value of articles Is- 
sued bim by tbe State 

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Kobert L. Wright 

kVt 28,1888 



Uar 20.1B98 

Mar zo,isra 
Mar M.1898 

ADr. 26.1B98 

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HvBTEim In. 

.. Capt. RobertB.. 

.. Capt, Roberta... 

,.. Tried br Field OflLoera' Conrt and toand 
ealltrof belne drnnk and dlsorderlr and 

- --■■o forfeit J7. 00 olhla pay and be 

_j hard labor for five dsye, par 

S. 0, 162, HdqrB. iRt Cavalry BrlRade, Aug. 
7. IBSB: OD furlDuah from Sept. 6 to 2i, 
IBBS. per Q. O. 130. A, O. O., 1S9S: Id the 
aettlement for clothlDe la iacladed Iha 
sum of S8.S3, tba totftl valae of articles Is- 
sued him by the State; abOTe flne de- ■ 
ducted tiom payrcll for Aueaet. 1898 

.. Joined and enrolled as farrier after mnater- 
iD of troop under G. O. 61, A. Q. O., S. 
— 3; on ftirliiUBh from Sept. SB to Oct. 6, 
.,.9, per G. O 130, A. G. Q.. 8. 18B8; no 
cloIhiDK was laaned to him by the State... 

.. Sick !□ hoapllal from Aue. ai to 28, 1898, In 
of duty: absent, sick, on furlouih 


Oct 5, 1S9B. l 

O.iBO. A.G.O.',"8."lS98;Tn the aettlrn 
for clolhlns U Inoluded Ihe snm of $».7U, 
the total value oE articles lasaed him by 

the Stata 

.. Sick In hospital from Ang:. 29 to Sept. 18. 
1B9B. In lino of duty; on furiouBh Crom 
Sept. 19 to Oct. S. tees, per G. O. taO. A, G. 
0„ S. 1898: enrolled BB private; appointed 
trumpeter July 1. 1898. per Troop Order 
No. 1; In the settlement (or clothlnii Is Id 
eluded the sum of 13,31. the total voloe of 

artlolea iBeaed him hy the State 

nrolled as pilvate; appointed laddler Jnly 
1. 1898, per Troop Order No. 1: sick In 
quarters from Jane 10 to June IS. 1698. In 
line of dnly : sick In quarters from AnK. 3 
to U, I89B, In line of duty; on furloueb 
from Sept. as to Oct. S, 1898, per Q. 0. ISO. 
A. G. O.. S. 1898: In the soitlement for 
clothlne Is Included the sum of K.K, the 
■ ■ ' ' .-...- jjagad him by the 

.. Arrowamlth.. 

eU. S 


State: du 
" rollod s 

_ni. 1, 1_._. _ _ 

furlough from Sept. 6 

0. 0. 130. A. G. O.. S. 1S9B: sick In basplli 

from June T to 9. 18S8: In qoattera Jun 

n line of duty; InlheSBlIli 

bine Is lncliid»<i fh» -nn. n 

s Isa 

.. Capt. RobertB... 



Gapt. Boberta... 

Capt. Roberta... 

Oct. 6, 1898, per 

Q. 0. ISO, A, G. 0,9. 1HB8: la Ihe settlement 
for clothlntr Is Included the sum of S8 iS. 
the total value of articles lesned him by 
the State 

Sick In quarters from Aug. B to 20. IB98. In 
line o( duty: sick In hospital from Aaz. 30 
to Sept. 11, 1898. In line of duty: ou fur- 
lon«h from Sept. IB lo Oct. B. 1898. per 8. 
0. 180, A, G. O.. S. 1B99; In the settlement 
for elcihlnff Is Included the snm of IS.3S, 
1 the total value of articles Issued him by 

BIOomlDKton.. In tbe Betitemenf tor clotblne is Included 

I .^ of SI. 61. the total value of article 8 

, _ .. ihoState 

Bloomlneton..,Slek In qunrteia Erom AuB- 20 to Sept. S. 
1898, In Use of duty; an furlouEh from 
Sept. e to Oct. 5, 1S98. pec G. O. ISO. A. G. 
0., S. 1898: Id the settlement tor clothloK 
is Included the sum of the total 
value of articles Issued him by the State.. 

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A.PT. 26.1698 
Apr. 28.1898 

Conltor. eeo. W 

Mar 20.1898 


Jane Z0.16S8 


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Capt. Roberti.. 

Oapt. Bobwia.. 
Oapk Bab«rti.. 

Capt. Boberta.. 


C&pt. Robert!.. 

Oq fnTlonifh from Sent. S lo Zi. 1898. par G. 
O, ISO, &. G. O.. 8. 1B98: »lok In Qnartere 
from Jane 19 to U, 1S98. In line ol dutr; Id 
the lettleiiient for elotblne li InoJaded th* 
BiiiD of, tbe total itiaa of aittelc* li- 
med him brtho Stale 

On tnrlonah from Sept. e M Oct 5. 1S98. per 
Q. O. Ito. A. 0. 5., S. 1SS8: In the eetUa- 
ment tor olothlDK Is Inelnded the sain of 
(1.11. tbe total TBlDeolartloleilMaed bin 
by the State 

Tried br Field OfflosTi' Comrt and tonod 
Knlltr of trambllns, and eeutenecd to for- 
feit IS W of hia par. ptr. 8. O. 11. Hdqre. 
let Oavalrr Brlsade. Jnir t. I8t8i on tar- 
iDDKh from Sept. S to Oet. B. 1B98. per Q. 
O. ug. A. Q. O.. B. IBM: In the lettlemeut 
for olOihlBB li Inelnded tbe eani of tl 41. 
the total ralne of article* Isined him br 
the State: aboTe One dpdneted fiom par- 
toll tor Jal7. 1898; dneU. 8. 

Tried br Kluld OmRere' Conrt and found 
nlltr of hobIboI of dntr and e^nteneed to 
lonr days' eonDoeinani at bard labor, per 
8. to, Hdqr*. lat Caralrr Urlsade. Jone 
II. 1898: on farloDBh traD Sept. 6 to Oot. 
t, 1898. per G. O. UO. A. G. O.. S. 1898: 111 
Ibe aettlemcnt torelotblne la Inelnded the 
■tun of ol M.3T. the total Talae of artlelea 
lamed him br tbe dtite 

Jolued and enrolled after mo ater^ of troop 
under G O. Bi. ft. G. O.. S- 1S98: on fnr- 
louih from Sept. S to Oot. t, 1898, par G. O. 
ISO. A. Q. O.. a 189S: no elolblDS waa !■- 
■ned to him br the >jtBte: due U. S. tl.tS.. 

Slek in gaaHera from Anr. 15 to IT. IShs. In 
llneotdatr: In theieLtlementtorelothlnK 
la Inelnded tbe inm of 9T.S1. the total valne 
of artlelea lagned him br the State: doe 

On fnrloneh from Sept, 8 to Oct. E, 1898, per 
G. 0. 190, A. a. O , a. 1SS8: alok in hospital 
tromADK. UtoU, 1B9e. Inline Of dntr: In 
tbe setilament far clothlnK U loclndea the 
aum of M.S7, tbe total value of artloles Is- 
aued him br ihe Stale: due U. 8. 13. M 

Sick In boapltal from Ads. 19 to 29, 1S9S. In 
Hue of duir: abient, elek, on furloDBh 
from AoB, IS to Sept. I, 1898. pel G. O. IM. 
A. G). O., H. 1898. ax Bloomlniiton, 111.: dd 
fnrlonKh front SeDt, S to U. 1898. per Q. O. 
130. A. G. O.. S. IS98: In the eettlemmtfor 
olothlne la iDoladad the turn of I9.84, the 
total value of artlelea Issued him br tbe 

Joined and enrolled after mnnler In of troop 
per G. O. SI, A. O, O.. 8. ISM: on (□rlouBh 
from Sept. 8 to Oct. t. 1898, per G. O. ISO, 
A. G. O., 8. 1898: no olotiilnE wm- lamed 
to him br tbe Htite: due (J. 8. H 01 

Joined and enrolled after muiIeT-ln of troop 
per G. O. Bt, A. G. O., 8. 1899; ilok In quar- 
tera from Joir It tu H, 1898. In line of 
dutr: on turlonsb from Sept. 8 to 22, IB9S. 
per G. O. ISO, A. G. O.. S. 189S: no clothlDf 
was leaned 10 him by the 4tsle 

Tranefeired from Companr K Jnly S. 189B. 

8er S. O. 86, reEtmenial commander: sick 
1 qnartera Aue S to 21. isas. la line of 
dntr: on furlouBb from !Sepi. S to Oot, t. 
1B98. per Q. O. ISO, AGO, 8. 1S98: In the 
aettlement for elothlns la Inelnded the 
aum of •9.83. (he total Value of artlelea Is- 
anedblm bribe Slate 

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Apr. 26.1B8S 




May at, 1888 

Mar Z0.18B8 
May 20.ISW 

May 2i,iBt8 

May Z0.1S98 
JODH 18.1898 

Apr. 2S.1BSP 
Apr. !B.18»e 

Apr. 24.1893 
June 18.1898 

Apr, 26,1888 


May 20,1898 
Maf 20.1S9S 


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., Capt. Boberts... 

.. C&pt. Roberta... 


Arrowamlth . 

Bloomlnstou . C 

.. Cftpt. Bobeits... 


Cttbt. Roberta... 

Enrolled ae WasoDeri reduced to ranki 
Ade. t, 18»g, per Troop Order No. *; slok 
la aaartera Erom Jnoe 26 to July 1. IBSS. In 
line of dntri In the setllemenl for alotb- 
InelB Included Ihe sum ot 19.72. the total 
valne ol actlclea Isaned to blm bj tbe 

On tutlonBh from Sept. 23 to Oct. 5, 1S9B. per 
tl. O. ISO, A. G. 0.. S. 1893; In tbe eettle- 
ment tor olothing' Is Included the enm ot 

by the atata? cine O. 8. SO IS 

Sick Id aaerlere JuIc7toS. 183S. In line ot 
duty: on fudoueb (torn Bent. 8 lo Oct, 6, 
1SS8. per O. U. UO. A. Q. O., S. 1B98; In tbe 
eettlemeat tor olothlnff Is inoluded tbe 
enm of I7.EI, tbe total value o( sritclea Is- 
euedblmbTtbotitate: duaU. 8, SO.JS 

lalned Auk. ZS. ISSS. at ChlckemBuen Park. 
G>a., by transfer from Troop E. aame red- 
ment, per 8. O. 71, Keelnieutal Com- 
mander: absent sick on iurloueb from 
AtiB, 2Bto9eot. 6. 18S8. perO. 0. 11«, A. Q. 
O.. 8. 1BS6. at Cbleaeo. 111.: od tarloneh 
from Sept. fl to Oct, S. 1898, oar G. O. 130. 
A. 8. O.. 8. 1KI8; aapninled Serseaul Ane. 
iS. 1899. per paraarapb Z. 8. 0. 71. Reirt- 
mepiBl ComiDBnitor: In tbe eettlement fnr 
ololbtnir le Included tha sum ot U.6Z, the 
total value of articles Issned him by tbe 
Stale In Troop K; on detached duty head- 
quarteie rcelment. Auz. 28 to Aua. 39, 18S8: 
due U. S.tS.BB 

AoBlEued to special duty with RetlmeDlal 
QnartermaHtar April 29. 1998. by Hvsimen- 
lal Commander; relieved from aald duty 
July 1. 18B8. per Is. O. 31. Iteelmental Cnm- 
raander; on tuilonith from 8epl 28 to Got, 
S. 1888. per Q. O. lUO. A. <i. 0.. B. 1898; In 
tbe BettlemeaC For clotblnff Is Included 
tbe sum ot Sl.19, tbe total valae of aitloles 
Issued to blm b; the State; dne V. S. 

Joined aod enrolled sfter mo^ter-ln □( troop 
□nier G. O. 81. A. Q. O.: 1898: sick In hoa- 
pltal from Ante. 11 to 98, 1898. In Hue of 
duty; onfnrlourb from Sent-fitoOat S, 
1898. per Q. O 180, A. S. O.. 9. 199"; no 
OlothlDi WS8 laaned to him by the Slate... 
Ick In quarters from Aue. i to 13. 1998. In 
line ot duty; on torloUBb fromfteot. 6 to 
Oct. e, 1898. per O. O. IflO, A. G. O.. 8. !B98; 
In the BotlleroPDt lor clothlnB la Included 
tbe sum of 19 37. the total value of artlclea 

Isaned him by the 8tatB 

lok In hosptlal from Auk. T to 16. 1898. la 
line of duty; on (urlouBh fr"m Sept. 6 to 
Oct. 6. 1S98, per G. O. lao, A. Q O.. 8 1889: 
In Ihe settlement tor clolhtna ta Included 
tbe anm oF S9.ET. tbe total value ot artlclea 
Isaned him b; tbe State 

Sick In boxpltal from Aue. SS Co 30. 1H3B. In 
line of duty: absent nlcK on furlouah from 
Ane. 8Q to Sepl, B. I89B. uer Q. O. lU, A. 6. 
O . 8. 1888. at BlnomlnelOD. Ill : on tnr- 
loofrh tiom Sept. I to Oat. 5. 1898. per G. 
O. 180. A. Q. O.. 8. 1898': In tbe settlement 
tor ctothlnic la Included the anm ot (9.9«. 
the total value of artlclea Isaued blm by 
the Stale; due CJ. 8.1183 

Joined and enrolled after moater In ot troop 
under G. 0. «1. A. G. O . 8. 189S: on fnr- 
louib from Sept. 6 tn Oct t. IBBS. per G. 
O. 130. A. 6. O.. 8.;S9B: DO clothing Was 
1 8 aaed to him by tbe State 

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Apr. a8,uae 

Jnna 18.1896 
Jima iLUte 

Apr. Miwe 




Hay 10 18*8 

UaT za,iifB» 

Apr. 1I.IM 
Apr. icun 

Apr. HI. 1888 

Ptint „ 

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Onn. BobCTts... 

[ In^iinartGra fromAiiB;,8 to ll.UW.In 

"^nt's^Ek on 

. .. .. „. 1 isBg. mt 

O. O. lU.A. Q. 0..8. 1B9S. tX BIoomlnKton. 
111.; on fnrloush tnia Sapt. B to Oat. s. 
ISW.mtG. O. IBO. A. a O.. S. IBSS; In the 
settlenieiit tor elothlUB ts looluded th« 
Bom it Ibt total Tklne of ulliile« li- 

>a«d bin bf tb* S»te 

I . JolDfd and •nrollad kttar mnster-ln ol troas 
nndoT ii. O. n. A. O. O.. 8. IBB81 sick In 

■rtni trom Aug. II to Bent, i, IHK. In 
leof dntr: on farloosh from SJeci. S to 
(896. per a. O. in, A. Q. O., B.'1S9S: no 

5«*a liineil to him bj the Slate; 

Jolnod uid anrallad after mnster-In of troop 
ander Q. O. «I, A. Q. O., S. inS; slek In 
.rt»ri trom Am. Zl to Bapt, i. IBSS. In 

I of dntTl on furloueh from Sept. ( to 

Oet. S, tSSS. per Q. O. ISO, A. 6. O., ti. 1BS8; 
loolothlnswailiiDed to him br the State; 

-Ine D. S.M.M 

.. Joined and enrolled after mnater-ln of 
troop, noder ». O. No. ai. A. G. O., 8. UM: 
■Ick In hospital from Anr. 6 ta Sept. g.isge. 
1b line of dntv: anient, slek on furloQBh, 
from Sept. a to Oat. S, 1888. per Q. O. No. 
"- - a. O., », 1S9B; no olothlns' waa . 

.1 him br the State; dQe United 


"' k Id boapttal from Jane 17 to St. 18S8, In 
narteri JvneJltuH, 1883, not in line of 
atr; on fnrlouEh from Jnir zl to Ans. z. 
198. bi endOTsament of let Army Corpa: 
_i!rl furlonih eitende'l to Ana. S. 189B. br 
endoTBemeDt of lit Oavalrj Brlrade; on 
fntlonKh from Sent. 8 to Uot. E.IBIS. perU. 
O. No. ISO. A. G. O., B. iraei Id tbe aettle- 
ment for olothlns li Ineladed tbe enm of 
r.Sl. the total THiue of arlldes lesnpd him 

hTtha 8'ste; due United Statet.U.eO 

.. Siek In hoipltal lUy tt to 17, I89a. In line of 
dntr: elek In qnartPTa trom Angr. 1! to II. 
18M. In line of dnt;: on farlonsb from 
Sept. t to Oct. t. 1S98, per O. O. No. ISO. A. 
<:l-0.. 8,1898: m tbe aeltlemenc for oioth- 
InSlilDclnded the (nmof 17. Bl, Ibe total 
valae of artlrle* tiiQeO him by the 8tate; 

doe O. 8. 88. (a 

"' '[ In qaarierafrDta JnnelBtoiB. ISBH. In of dntr: etc k In quarters 
to Aug. B. 189B._ In line -• -■- 

Bprlasfield ... 

Oapt, Bobeiti'L, 

Oapt. BoberUJ.. 


m July ZS 

. .. Q. O. No. IKI. A, G. O.. _ _ 

.ettlera^Dt for clotblnt le Inoluded the 
of IB S3, the total value of artloles 

Jd him by tbe Stale 

.. On fnrlaoEb from Sept. Sla Oat. 8. 18*8, per 

" " ~ ■ " 0„8. 18ii8; In tbe aet- 

.-Kla Included tbe sum 

or U 81, the total value of clntblntr Uened 

bim by the State; due tJ. S. W.75 

. On fDrlonitb from ftnt. It to Oct, B.IB3S. per 
Q. O. No. ISO. A. Q. O , 8. 1898: In the aet- 
tlement tor clotblne la Included the Bom 
of 8T.81, Ibe ti^tal valne of artiolea Isaned 

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Apr. X.1SSS 

LeClalr. Lnelen 

UuahBll. VaveeH..., 


Apr. 2B.18B8 

May 20.18B8 

UanplD, WllIlBmH... 


Ua; 20.1898 

Apr. 28.1898 


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Where. By whom. 

ScTlnefiBld... Capt. BoberW... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

n hOBplIB,! (LnJurGi) liy hurae) July 9 to 

16. 189S, la llnenf duty: elcic In quartera 
•rom Auk. 1» to Stpt.a.lSBB.ln llneot duty; 
baecl. sick oo tnilDuEli from [jcpt. 3 to a. 
,9SS, per Q. O. No. iU. a. Q. O.. 8. IBUS: on 
farlOQih from Sept S to Oct, S. 18SH, per G-. 
O. No. ISO, A. S. O., 8. ISSBi In tha oeitle- 
rnent for olothloe Is Included the sam of 
SI.EI. the total TAltte ol artlolei lasned him 

by the Stale 

.. Joined and enrolled after mneterlnof troop, 
per Q.p. No. 61, A. G^0...8. 1898: o ' 


mith (i 

;oOct!6.18S8. c 

rG. O. 

tor clothlns la Inclnded tl; 

aum of SlIo," 

loaeb from Sept. 20 to Oct. 6, IB9S. pec 

, Aesleoed to hospital aa pharmuolBt. At 
26. IB9g. by Keg. Commander, and contlnt 
-■---B Qntll mueiBrcd niit: oo (arlou 
■■ - ■■ ^0 Oct. B, 1S98, per Q. O. T 


,. Capt Robens... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

Capt Roberts... 
Capt. Roberts... 

,. On (arloneh from aspt. E to ;£a.l8»B. per Q.6. 
No. 13D. A. G O.. 8. 1899; In the sotilc-ment 
for clothlnBrlSlnoluded tbs Enm ot J8,?e. 
tbe total T&lne ot artlclea Isaned to him by 
the Stale: one D. SH.JS 

.. Tried by Pleld Otacera' Conrt and found 
Kullty of Karnbllne, and sentenced to for- 
feit 13. DO of bis par, per S. 0. ii. Hdqra. 
lal Cavalry Brigade. Jaly 6, 189B: nick In 
hospUal from Ads. 12 to 3D, 1898, not In 
llae of daty: on CuilouKh from tjept. 6 to 
Oct. S. 1H9§. par Q. U. I3D, A. Q. O., H. 1K9S; 
lntheBeitlBm«nt for clothlne If '" ■■ 

Saadoyal .... 

a of »1 


. On tucloneb from Sept. 23 to Oct. E. 1838. per 
" O. 130. A. G. O.. S. 1898: In the settle- 
But for clothlos la Inclnded the eum of 
~' ' itotalvalueof articles Uaaed him 


B V.i 

.. Sick In aoarters from July 30 to Ans, 7, 18B8. 

In line of dutyi tried by Snmmary Court 
d touod Bull ty of belntt absent wlihont 
ive from i a. m. untU 7 p. m. Sept. 19, 

1858. and aentencsd to forfeit 13. EO of his 

r 3. O. 98, BdqcB, lat CaThlr?. SePt, 12," 
■" ■- '"- - "' - •- ■ -'■ t iB In- 


Capt. Roberta... 

Capt. Roberts... 

S. 83.50.. 

It je.37. I 

e Stat. 

doe D. 

Arrowamlth .. On tnrloasb from Sept. 8 to 22. 1898. per G. 
0. 130, A. Q O.. S. 1898: Id tbe settlement 
tor clothlDB la Inclnded the eum et 17.51. 
the total valoe of arlloles Issaed him by 

the State; due D. S. $0 *3 

" ■ rloaah tcom Sept. fl to Oct. S. 1898, per 

' by the State: due U. 8. SO.U... 

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Mneleudrk. P«terA. 



u*r n,uw 


U»y S0.18M 


June 1B.189S 

lime U,1RM 

Uar ia,iBSS 

PrlvaW , 

Mar ».18W 

Apr. 38.1888 


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SprliurBelil ... 

Capt. Bobflttt.. 

Capt. Boksrta.. 
Capt. Boberte.. 
Capt. Boberti.. 

Oapt. Bob«r(B.. 

Capt. Bobaiti.. 

AiTOWBmltfa . 

In line of dntr: In the isttlatDent for 
BlothlcB U Included the ■□m otW tt, tU 
total Talae of aitlolai lianed him br (ha 


Od larloarh from Sept. R to Z3. 1BS8, pec 
Q. O. 130, A. O. O., a. 1S98: Id the eettle- 
mentlor olotblns la luelnded theaam of 

Sl.U. the tfltal ralne o£ artlelaB liaaad 
Im by the Stats 

)ii Inrlonsh from Sept. 6 to Oot, S, 1898, per 
8. U. 130, A. Q. O,, 8. 18»8i In tlie settle- 
ment tor clothlns 1b IsolailBd the anm of 
t6.ST, the total valae of artlelea Iiaoed 
him by the State 

Joined and enrolled after mnaler-ln of troop 
under d. O. el. A. ii. O.. 18S8. aloh In hoa- 
pital from Auk. 30 to Sepi. 1. 1898. In Hue 
of dntr; absent. Blck. on fnilongh from 
Sept. 1 to T. 1838. per G. 0. lU. A Q. O.. 
S. 1398. atOuBna. ill : ontarlouth tnim 
8(Pt. S to Oct. t. 1838. per 6. 0. 130. A. Q. 
0.. 8.1838! no olotbloe WBB lasned to him 
by the State 

Joined and enrolled after mnaterln of troop 
under U. O. 31. A.G.O..S.IBG8: lick In boa- 
plUI from Ane. 28 to Sept. 1. 13S8. In line 
of dut;i absenl. sick, on lurloaah from 
Sept. 1 to T. 1S9S, per Q, 0. 11«. A. Q. 0„ 8. 
1898. at OnarBa. III.: on turlonRh fiatn 
Sept. S to Oct. 3. 1888, per Q. O. 130. A. Q. 
O., 8. 1898: no olothlnE waa leaned to hbn 
by the State 

Oa forloaih from »epl. SS to Oct, 5, 1898. per 
Q. O. 130. A. O. O.. 8. 1B9S; In the aettle- 
meet for clothing la Included the anm ot 
■S.03. the total TBlne of articles loaned him 

Oo furloneh from Sept. t to Oot. 5. 1838, per 
Q. O. ISO. A. Q. O., 3, 1898: In the aettle- 
uent for clolblns la Included the anm of 
15.68, the total Talae olartlelea Isaned him 

by the State: dneU. S. M.Sfi 

Ick In hospital from Aus. 19 to !0, 1838. tn 
Hoe o( daty; abaent, alcfc, on fnrlonBh 
fcom Auk. 20 to Sept. 18. 1838, pet Q. O. 
m. A. G. O.. B. 1898. at BloomlDBton. III.: 
on turloQEb from Sept. K) to Oct. G. 1838, 
per e. O- ISO. A. 6. 0.. S. 1888: In the eet- 
tlemant for elolhlnK la Included the anni 
of II. Gl. the total yalaa of artlclea laaaed 

TO htm by the State: dneU. S. tO.31 

On fnrlDDKh from Sept. 8 to Oct. 3. 1838. per 
Q. O. ISO. A. Q. O.. S. 1838; In the aettle- 
menl for clothlne la Inclnded the earn of 
83.81. the total vhIub of articles tsaned him 
bytheSlBte:dneU. 8. 10 73 

ABBlsned to BPBclal dnly with Regimental 

t. 8 to Oot, 9. 1888. pi 


e lettlement for aIol 

Sick m qnartera Jnne 
duty: on fnrloueh from b 
1S98. per G. O. 130. \. Q: O. 

to 10. 1898. In line o( 
m «Br,I.. fi to Oct. t, 

1883: In the 

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May 2D.189B 


Ape. ze,lB98 

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Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Cspt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Robert!.. 

CbdI. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Joined aad enrolled after mnsterln oC 
Troop, under G. O. 81. A. G. 0., S. 1898; 
sick in hospital tram Aqk. 19 to 9ept. II. 
1898. Id line ot dutT; on foTloush from 
Sept. It to Oct. S, 1BS8. per G. 0. IBO. A. Q. 
O.. S. lti9B: no clottalnE waB iBBued to him 
bitbe titato; dne U !j. 80.43 

SIek In qaarters from June 13 to lb. 1B98. In 
lice of dntr: absent, alcft. on furlouih 
from Ane. £8 to Sept. 7, 1BH8. per G O. Ill, 
A. G. O.. S. 18t8, at BloomlnEton. 111,. In 
llDQOt dntr: on farlough from Sept. 8to 
Oct. B, IS»8, per G. 0. 180. A. G. O,. 9. 1898: 
Intba Bettleraent for clothlPE la Included 
the f um of tB.87, the total valns at articles 
Uened Dim by the Slate: due i;. 8. S1.3S.... 

On turlonffh from Sept. 8 to Oct. 5, 1898, per 
G. O. IBO. A. G. O., S. IfiSS: In the settle- 
ment Cor clothlnE is Incladed tho aum of 

98. per G. O- IHU. A. G. 0„ S. 
iBW>; in tue settlement Cor clothlDS 19 In- 
jlnded the aam o{ 87 M. the total valae of 
irtlclealaBnedhlm by The State: dae (J. 3, 

LeeebnrB. Ind 

of duty; i 

.r G. 0. 1 

O.. 8. 1898; In the settlen...- _... 

Ib Included the Bum of Si.Si. the total value 
of articles Itsned blm by the State; duo 

D. 8.5013 

SIek In hospital Ane 27 to 30, 1898. to Hoe of 
dtlty; aba en I sick on turlDUEh from Auk. 
SOtoSepl. 7, 1B98. perG. O lU, A.Q. O-.P 


i farloash 

Sept. 8 to Oct. S. 1898. per Q. O- I3D, 
A. u. O., S. 1893; In the Bettlement Iot 
olDthlns la Icclnded the anm of WX, tbe , 
total valtte of attlclea lasaed him by the 


Sick in boapllal from Jnly 7 to AuE. 11. IBOg, 
in llpe of duty; absent sick on tnrloneh 
from ADir. ll to Sept e, 1898, per G. O. lU. 
A. G. O., S. 189B, at Beecher City. 111.: on 
farloneh from Sept. 9 to Oct. S, IB98, per 
8. O. ISO. A. G. O.. S. 1B9S; In the setlle- 
ment Cor clothlDE Is Included the sum of 
SS.12. the total value of attlcles IsBued htm 

by the State; due D, 8. 80 90 

In furloueb from Sept, 6 lo_ Oct. 6. 1896. t 

M.87, the 1 


hI ralne of articles Issued btal 

e:dueU.S. 10.90 

" 1 after master In of Iroop 

dnty; aick In anartera from Aur 31 to 
Sept. 1. 1898. In llua of duty; on fnrloneh 
from Sept. 23 to Oct. G. 189B, per Q. O. 130, 
A. G. 0,. 8. 1898: no elothlns was Uauad to 

(rom Juir 8 toV.iBSa'.In line 

there until muetered oi 

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TBDMatw. WIHImh W 

Apr. W.1S88 



UftT mun 

Jnn* laute 

June 1S.UM 




Joiit 18.1W« 




Avr. M.iaK 

Uar S0,1SW 
Mar 20. im 

Apr. tl,UW 

MiT t0.18S8 

Diteharttd (far dtia- 
Clatt. WalterB 


Apr. 28. UBS 

H«r 9>.I8M 

William F. ZleKler.... 



Apr. M.IM6 
Apr. 20.1898 

U» SM8M 
Mor 20.1W8 



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.. Cant. HoberU... 

. Cm. Hoberti.. 

Bprlnsfleld ... 
SpilnsBeld >.. 
SprliutDeld ... 


Cwt. BolMrM... 

Capt. RobcrtB... 

Out. Bobcita... 

C*Dt. Boberti... 
Capt. Boberti... 


Tried bT r. O. C. ind foQad Entity of ab- 
Benlluif himself nlthoul Irava bdcI f-eji- 
tenced lu taitmt tiOa at bli vny and be 
eoBOned at haid labof lor Sva dan per 8. 
O. lEO. Hdari. 1st Oavalrr Briaade. Julr 
tS. 1818; on larloaib Irem Seox t to Oct. 
S, IBIH. per S. O. 110. A. O. O . 8 IBM; In 
tba lettleDiiDt tor olothlug li Inelndtd ths' 
turn ol W.BT. tbe total valae of artlslei Is- 
■QAd him br the BMte; above floe wat d«- 
dueled Irom Bar-roll loi J ulr. 1898 

On IntloDih troa Sept 8 to Oet 5, 18W. per 
». O. IW. A. G. 0-, 8. ISBS: In the eettle- 
ment tor olatblnB la Ineloded tbe inin of 
tt.Si, the total valne ot artlslee laiued him 
brthetitaie: dQea-8.>l.n 

Joined and enrolled after malter-ln of troop 
nnder Q. 0, 81. A. Q. O.. S. 1SS8: on fnr- 
lonah from 8pj)t. U to Oot. 8, ISSS. per O. 
O. in, A. O. O.. 8. 18S8; no elotblns wa8 
Itined hlmbv tbe StHte 

Joined and enrolled after mnster-ln ot troop 
nnder U O. «i, A. Q, O., S. t898: ilch In 
boipltal from Aug. 11 to Bept. £1, ISSS. In 
Una of dntyi on torloneh from 8ept. 28 to 
Oel.5 1898. peiQ. 0. 180, A.Q. 0..^. 1898: 
no clothlDi iraa lB«ned to htm b> tbe 
State: dneD. 8..l.» 

Joined and enrolled after mniter-ln ot troop 
per 8. O Bl. A. e 0.. B. 1898: alak In qnar- 
tera Sept, 1 to E. 189x, tn line ot dntij on 
forloDBh from Sept. S to Oot. fi. 1B88. pir 
O. 19*. A. G. O.. 8, IBM: no elothlBi was 
Uened to him hr the State: dne D. B, H.8E. 

Od farloaeh from Sept. S to Oct. G, IB18, par 
a. O, m. A U. O . B. 1898: In the settle- 
ment for olothlnB li Inoladed the sam of 
EI.Gl. tba total vaTne of articles lesned hltn 
Ytbe Slate 

On larlonrb from Sept, U to Oct. 8. 18B8, per 
Q. O. tso. A, U. . 8. less: In tbe settle- 
meet for clolblnit Is Included tbe snm of 
■1,18. tbe total Tame of antclns lisned him 
brthe State 

On tnrloiurh from Sept. fl to IS. IBN. per 3. 
O. ISO. A Q. O.. 8. UBS; In tbe lettlament 
rorelotblnela Inolnded the som of t8.«l, 
the total Talne of utleles issned him br 
tbe at ate 

On InrloQEb from Sept 10 to zl. 1818, per Q. 
O, ISO. A. Q. 0., B. 1S8S! In the letllem-nt 
forelotblDB ti Included the snm ot 15.81. 
the total Talaa ol articles lesned btm br 
the State 

SIek In hOBplisI from Hay 11 to Jnl; 8. ISBI. 
In line ot dntr: left In St. John's hospital, 
SprlnsHeld. IL,. when rettlmeot moved to 
Chlckamanaa Park, (ja.. Mar SO. 1898: dls- 
eharred Jol* 8.1898. on enrseon'g eertlfl- 
eate of dlsabllltr at Bprlntlleld. Ill 

Enrolled as a private: appointed Corporij 
JniT 1. 1898, per U, O. l). reslmpntal eom- 
maDder: sick in qnartere Ane, 8 to IB. 18SS. 
not In line of dnty: dtaoharred Anf. M. 
1888. on enrceon's certlfleate ot dlssbllltr. 
*t Chlckamanra Park. Ga.: In the eettle- 
ment tor oloihlna It luclndad the sum of 
S9.SS. thetiotal value of artlelee tssned biw 
hr the State 

Dtseharaed to sceept sommtsslon: no order 

In tbe settlement for olotblDS Is Inoladed 
the snm ot 17.S1. the total valne ot articles 
Issned bim brthe Slate; died Ang. It. 1898, 
of ea'-diao embolism, at Lookout Mood- 
tain, Tenn 

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Sudauth. Howard 


lone 1S.1BSII 
Apr. 26.1898 









Apr. 2t,lBg8 

Apr. 2S.1B«S 
Apr. 26.1B9S 

Apr. 28.1898 
Apr. 36.1888 

Uar SI. 1898 

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Bj whom. 


Capt. HUla 





Furb. Gb.; In the aeitlemeat Cor clotblnK 
li iDclnded the sum o( 16 37. rhe total value 
o[ arlklea leened him by Iha Slatei UO 


.. Cant, BobertB... 

Sprlnsfleld ., 

Capt. Roberta.. 
CapC RobOTta.. 

.. Capt. Robert 

.. Capt. Roberta 

.. Capt. Roberta... 

Cbleaso Absent with leave Beveadaye. Jul; 18 to 20. 

ISaS. per S. 0. No. ii. let Aimy Corpa; sick 
iDQDBrtetsAuff. IStoSeDt U.18S8. In Una 
o( duty: absent, sick tjeot. I to in. iBsa, 
per a. O. tio. 111. A. Q. O.. 1X98. In line ol 

Cblcsso AppDiiitedileeliDeDtaiGoiiimlVeaTV.'per'R! 

-■ O. No. t, Jure Z, 1898: relieved from 
— J dntF per K. S. 0, No, »T, July 26. IMS.. 

Chicago Absent OL nick leave aeven days. July 26 to 

AuK. Z. 1B3S. DBT 8. O. No. SE, Ueadguarters 
ltd Army Corps: Bbsetit wltb leave ten 
dBiB. Auff. la to 32. 1B68. per B. O. No. 78, 
iBt Cavalry Brtaade. Csmp Thomaa, iua. 
U.ltlS8: tkbeenC^epl. 8. 18S8. to Oct. 11,1898. 
per G. O. No. lit. A. Q. O , 189H 

ChUaeo Enrolled as SerBeant; appointed lat ger- 

EeBDt July 1. 189H, per verbal order ot 
troop commander: In the settlement tor 
olottalne la Included the aum of SI. 99. the 
total vnlue of aitlclea Issued him by the 
State; on (urlouth from Sept. 9 to Oct. t. 
1H9B. Inclusive, pst li. O. No. ISO. A. Q. O.. 

18B8: due U. 8. Si. 03 

Inrolled as private; nrcmoted Corporal, Per 
K.G.O.No 13.Julyl,IB98; promoted Ser- 
geant per B, B. O. No. Bl. dept. 1, 1898; ap- 
pointed Quartermaster SeraeBQi. per ver- 
bal order of troop oommauder Sept. 1,1898: 
In the settlement for cloibln? la loduded 
the sum of St. 32. total valne of articles 
lasnea him by the StBle: due United Slatea 

SI. 10 

lorolled as tst S^raeant; reduced to 8er- 
eeant, per verbal order of troop com- 
mander. July 1, 1898: on tnrloueh Auet- 18 
to 1^0. 1898. per eDdoreement o( Brieade 
CooimBQdeT. Aui. 13. 183S: on turloneb 
Anr. 30 to Sept. 6. IS98, per verbal order of 
K<^KlmeatHl Commander. Aiier. GO, 18Q)i; on 
furlough Sept. a t" Oct. S, 1B9B. per G. O. 
No. ISO. A. G.O.. 1B9B; elcb Inqnartera Jcl; 
&. ». 10. II and 12. A.ue:. 30. In line of duty: 
Id the Bet'lement tor clothlDEls Included 
the sum of 16.31, ibe total value of arllclea 
iBsuodhlm bT the State 

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BBlnhudt Zara 

API. te.i3te 

4pr. il.isn 
Apr. M.IBS8 
Apr. mm 

Apr. M,ug8 


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,. Gapt. Roberts.... c 

.. Caiit. BobertB... 

.. Oapt. Bobsrts.-. 

.. C&pt. Robeita... 

.. C>pt BobertB... 

Ick In qaaiterB Jnne 15 to IB. Aue G. ISSS, 
In line of dnty: on furlonEh Sept. 6 lo Oct. 
B, 1B9S. tncluelve. ver Q. 0. No. ISO. A.6.O.. 
1898; la the Battlement for clotblDe U lu- 
eladedtbeenmotSS.oa. Ibe tol&t valaa of 
artloles laBaed him by the State: due U. S. 


EnrolJed bb Corporal: promoted Sereeiuit. 
R. Q. O. Ko. 1!. July 1. 189S: on furlonah 
1. 17 lo ii, 1B3S, per ecdorxeineTit of BH- 
e Commander: aick In quartera Jane 
__ .a 15, Aae. 5 to 8. 1838. la Hue of duly: In 
boBpltul Ade. 23 to Sept. 5. 1898. Id line dI 
"-yionfarloueliSepl fl to Oct 5,lB9B.ln- 
iWe, per 6. 0. So. 130. A Q. . ia»8: In 
Bettlement for clothlne la Included the 
1 of KM, tbe total THlne of artleles 

led bim by the State. 

lied B9 private; promoted Corporal 

July 1.1SS8. per R. 8. O. No. 13. Jnly 1.1898: 
n BPBclal duty at reilmenlal headquar- 
.jra April 2S. 1BG8; relieved by 8. O. No. 24. 
July 2, 1893: pcomoted Sereeant. per H, 8. 
O. No. 8..9epl. 1.1H9B', Bbaeut. alck.Sepl 2 
to 6. 1898. per 6 O. No. lU, A. G. O . 1898: 
in lurlousb Sept. 6 to Oct. 5. 1898. per ii. O. 
So. ISO, A.G. O.. 189B;lntheaet<lementtor 
clothluer Ib laeluded Ibe sum of Ifi.09. total 
value of BTtlclea Isaued him bt tbe State; 

dueO. 8. S4.85 

Enrolled aa private: promoted Sereeaat, 
' pBiR. S. O. No. 31. Sept 1. 1893: nnder ar- 
— I for TlolfttlOD of 6Id Article of War: 
„..db)iP. O.C.; Ben tanced to forfeit S3. 00 
of bla pay and to cooflnement tor live days 
- nurd labor, per 8. 0. No. »1. Headqnar- 
... J lat Cavalry Brigade. July 6. 1898, Sne 
dedDcted from July pay: sfck to quarters 
JiiDe3Bad3. IB9B. In tine of duty: la ihe 
settlement for clothlne In Included tbe 
lot SB. 09, tolalvalneof artli-lealBBUEd 

L by the Slate; due O. S. S3, 60 

. Enrolled ae Farrier: promoted Serecant per 
B. «, O. No 13. July 1, 1898; on aceolal duty 
a Stable Serireanl. by verbal order of 
roop commander. July l; In tbe eettle- 
lept for ctothlne' la Included the eam of 
1.24. total value of arllolee laaued him by 

ie Slate 

'.k In quarters June to II. 1898. July 12 to 
_S. nan. In line of duty; lathe settlemant 
for clothlQBlB Included the sum of SS.a4. 
total value of artlclea lasued him by the 
Stale; on furloae-b Sept. E to Oct. 5. 1898, 
Inclaslve. per Q. 0. No. ISO. A. O. 0.. UB8: 

due U.S. U 03 

,. Enrolled aa private: promoted Corporal, 
oerB. a. O.No.l».Julyl.l89S; alok In hoB- 
pltal May 24 and 15: Bick In quxrrera June 
t. Aus. 16 to 19: aIck In ho^ultal Auk. Z( to 
23; aIck In quartera Aiiir 29. all In line of 
duty: on furloueh Aur. 29 toS'pt. S,1B98. 
-r Q. O. No. 114, A. U. O , 1899; on fur- 
. . JBh 8f pt, 6 10 Oct. B, 189". lociuBlve. per 
G. O. No. 130. A. a O . 1898; In the setile- 
menC for clothlne l9 Included thp eum at 
16.09, total value of articles Issaed him b; 
Ihe State 

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fTalMr D. Hyatt 

BenrT T. ChaM, Jt... 

Qerald R. Child 

Albeit B. Bntler 

Theodore M. Kerkhotf 
Bertiurd H, Fowior... 

Euesue a, OeJucnatt 

Apr. 2S.I898 

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Mdbtirid Ii>. 


Capt BobertB.... C 

.. Capt. B*bens.. 

.. Capt Bob«itB... 

,. Capt. BobertB... 

..Capt. Robert!.... C 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt. Boberta... 

,. Enrolled aa priTate: pcomoled Corporal, 
per B. Q. O. No. IS, Juir 1. 1S9S: alck Id 
qnartera Uay 21. June i. t. IS. iO. 90. Ane. 
IS CO IS; In hoepltal Ads'. 19: In qaariera 
Auff. 2D: In hospital Aue il toSept. IS.ISSS. 
ali ID line of dot;: on furloueh Sept. IS Co 
Oct. i, per G. O. 1J9. A. U. U.. 1898: Id the 
aettlement (or olotbloi Is Incladed Ihe 
Bnm ot IG.IS, total value or arllolea lasned 
him b; the State 

.. Enrolled ae private; promoled Corporal. 
per K. O. O. No. 18. July I. IBSSi Bfck tU 
aaarters Jnne 1, 13S8, In line of dnt;; Ipih* 
seltlemenl lor <^loIblDe Is inclnded the 
jQmotls.5S. total Talue of articles Isened 
liiiD br the State; on tarlongb from Sept. S 
to Oct. 6, IBBS, per G. O. Ho. UD. A. G. O.. 

.. Gcrolled as private; promoted Corpora). 
per B. a. 0. No. IS. Jolr 1, IBSS; slok Id gnar- 
lera JnneZ5and2B,183!t; on farloUKb Sept. 
H to UoC. G. 1888. Ipclaslve. per 6. O. No. ISO. 
A. Q. 0.. taSS: no clolhlns was Ugued to 
him by the titate: dne U. S. IG.SB 

.. Enrolled as private: promoted Lsnce Cof 
poral. per Troop Order, Jnir l. 1B98; pro- 
moted Corporal, per R. G. O. No. Bl, 8ept. 
1.1888; slolt In qnarters Jane » and [0, 1898. 
lnllneat<laii;ontarloUKhSept 6 to Oct. 
IB. 1SS9. per Q. O. No. 130. A. G. O.. 1838: in 
the settlement Cor clolhiDK Is Inolnded ths 
sam of se.09, total vslne ot articles lesned 
him by ihe State: due D, 8. «,78 

,. EuTolled as private; promoted Corporal, 
per R. G. O. No. 81, Sept. 1, 1898: on far- 
lauKh Sept. S to Oct. S. 1888, per G. O No. 
ISO. A. G. O., 1898: In the eeitlement for 
clothlDitlB Included ibe sum of tt.21. total 
value ot articles Issued talm bf tne State: 

due D S.M.Si 

" lied as private: promoled Corporal, 
,.. K. G. O. No. 31. Sept. I. ISSB: dd de- 
tached service with recraltlnir offlci-r In 
Jhlcaeo, June 10 to ZO, tlj9H. per G. O No. 81, 
t.G.O, June 1,1898: ou forloaifb S«pt. e 
o Oct. I. 1S98, per G. O, No. lUO. A G. 0„ 
1898; In the aetUemeot for oloihlns Is In- 
cluded the sum ot H.Zl, total value of artl- 
clea Issued bim bj the Slate; Que D. 9. 


" lied as private: promoted Lance Cor- 
, — al. per Troop Order. Sept. 1, 1898: on 
Inrlonih Sept. 8 to Oct. S. 1898. per G. 0. 
No ISO. A G. O.. 189B; imhesetrlementfor 
c loth I us U Included the sum otBt.SS. total 
value oE aniclea Issued blm bT the State; 

dueU. S, t.86 

■liaentSepi. 1, 1898, twelve boars, wlthoat 
leave: unijer arrett for violation ot 8M 
Article of War; Irled by Summary Court 
and aenlenced to forfeit tS.OO of bis par 
[ind tour dsya' BOnSnement HI hard labor, 
per R. S. O.. »ep[. 8. 1B98: on furlouBta Sect. 
5 to Oct B.1S9S. PerQ. O. No. IBD. A. G. O., 
189S! In tbe settlement tor elothlnn Is In- 
cluded the sum of 86.81, total vsloe of arti- 
cles Issued him by tbe State: sick In quar- 
ters May 27. June t. I8. 18. »ept. S, t. G. In 
line ot doty; due O. S.M.09 

.. On turlouih Sent. SCO Oct. S, 1898, per G. 0. 
No. UD. A. G.0. 1898: In tbe settlement tol 
elotblne Is Included the sum of tS.SI, tbe 
total value of articles Issued blm by the 

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Uiir ::i.iB9B 

Uay ZI.189S 


AtklnBon. Arthur ii... 


Jnne 16.tSS8 
Apr. Z6.1SS8 


June 16.1B9S 

Mar 21,1SSS 

Apr. ze.isw 

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Capt. Baberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.... 


Capt. R«bertB... 


BurlDsfleld . 


Cspt. Roberta.. 

ChlcBEO <■■ 

Capt RobettB.. 



ChlOBBO . 

Cbloaeo . 

ChliBso . 

EDTollpd BB pTlTBter appointed Parrler. per 
verbal order ot Iroop oomniaDiler. Jnir 1. 
1893: Bkk inqaartera Aqk. 21; slcklnhoB- 
ultal Aus- 28, Id llneot datr: on furloneh 
Aus. 29 to tjept. 5. 189B. per 0. 0. No. lU. 
A G O.,13B8;0D turlouEhSeDt.StoOot.E. 
18S8. per ». L. No. 130. A. Q 0.. 189S; In the 
BBltlement for alothlns la Incladed tbe 
earn ot 15.13. total value ol arilcleB laaned 
him by Ibe State; doe D. S. tO.TS 

Enrolled ae private, appointed blackemlth 
per verbal order Troop Conjniander ialT 
Z5.189S; In the aettlemenc tor doihlnt U 
Inclnded the sam of M.B8. total value of 
actlclee Issued him by the Btaie 

ve?bll or^er'TroolfcommandBr"""?!' 
1S98. on fnrlonch Sept. 6 to Oct. S. 1898. In- 
olualve, per O. 0. ISO. A. G>. O., IB9S; In the 
aettlement tor clolhlne 1b Included the 
anm Otis. 7B. Cot al value ot urtlclea laaued 
him by the Stale 

Enrolled as nrWate. ftppnlDled aaddli'T per 
verbal order Troop Coniuiander Julv US. 
18B8; under arrest for -violation of 82d Ar- 
ticle of Wnr. tried by Summary Court Bnd 
sentenced to one day's confinfment at 
hard labor May 21.18914. per verbal order 
Reelmental Commacder; In tbe settle- 
ment for olothlQs la Included tbe sum Of total value of arttclea lasued him by 
theatata. Due D. 8 Mas 

3!r-kln quarlera July 18,186f. not In line of 
daCy; Aag. St. Sept. t.lBSa. In line o{ 
duty; on fnrloueh Sept. S to Oct. £.1898. 
perO O 130.A.aO.,18eB;ln(heBe»lemeDt 
for clotblne la included the aum of 18 09. 
total value of artlclea Igened blm by the 

Sick In quarCera Jane 21. July IS. 1(9B: os 
furloueh June 28 to Joljr 5.1898, per 811- 
dorsemfnt Brigade Commander: on tnr- 
louRh Sept. S to Oct. S 1898. Inclnslve, per 
Q O 130. A. G. 0. 1898: no oinihlna was ta- 
Bued him by tbe State; dne O. 3.13.60 

On farlouth Seat. B to Oi^t E. I89S. inclusive, 
per a. O ISO, A. Q. 0.1898j no olothluK waa 
Issued blm by the State 

On epecUl duty as Kesimental QuBrter- 
master Julv l to Sept. 6. per verbal ordera 
Reelmeniul CommuDdrr: under arreal for 
TloTatloDof S2d Arltcle of War: rflleaaed 
by S O. No 1. Sept. 3. 1BS9. KeEt. H.tqra.j 
BlcklnnnarterBJuneO and 7 and 14 to 30. 
and July 15, 1B98. In line ot duty; on fur- 
loneh "ent. S to Oct. 5. 1898. per Q. 0. 180. 
A. S. 0..tB98:lntbeBett1emeutforclothlne 
iB included the sum of tl.lQ. total yalne at 
ertlfllea laaued bim by the SCute; doe 0. S. 


Ick in Qnartera Jnly 1. 8. IT and 90. 1698. in 
Hue of duty; no olotblnB waa Issued him 
byihe State: due U. S 81.35 

Sick Id quarters July IB. 23. 29, 30 and 31, 1B9S. 
' 'Ine of dntyj on fnrlongih Sept. 18 to 27. 
I. Inc.. per O. O. No. 130.&.G.O.. IBSB; no 
:hlD2 waa iBBued him by the- State: dns 

Bl. Hdqra Ist Cavalry Brigade AuB. 10, 
1B98: sick In quarteia May ». June IB. Aug. 
Ito 8.1S9S. In line of dnly; on furlouali 
Sept. eto25.1BBB, Inoluslve. per B. O. No. 
I30.A 0.0..189S; In the settlement for clotb- 
InB is Included the aum of 16,31. total 
valne of BTtlclea Issued him by tbe State: 
dneD, 8. M.16 

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Ubt Zl.lSJfl 

DeVamay. WlUlam D. 

Apr, !B,1898 
Apr. 2S.18B8 

Apr. 2S.1BB9 
June m.lSSB 


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Oapt. BobertB.. 

Cnpt. Roberts.... 

Capt. Roberta 

Capt. Roberte.. 

Capt. Robarta.. 

Capt Boberti.. 

CreaceDt City 

Ontnrloueh Sept. aS to Oct. G. 1899. Inclu- 
sive, per e.O. No. 130. A. Q. O . IBSH; In the 

State: doBn.q.«,SE..._ 

Slcfc In anartert Hay El and ZB, ISSS, In Hoe 
of dat^: on fnriou|rbJJe[it.^6 to Oci^S. i^. 

„ ,. artTclBBTa"- 

e; QueC. S. U.SE 

Z8. Jnlyl.V' »«"116, 



of Seaie 

! of * 


i, 189S. by order 

I. O.ll 

farlonsh Sept. B to Oct. S. 139g. In- 
OlnalTe, per G. O. ISO. A. Q. O.. 1B9S; to Cbe 
Bettlement for clolhlne la Inclnded tbe 
enmotlCt, total valae of articles laeued 
blmbythe Stale 

Sick in qnarterB Aue. 28, 1898. In line of 
duty: on furlanEti Sept. S to Get. d. 1898. 
per a 0. 130, A. U. O., 1898: In the aattle- 
meat for olothlnE Is Inoladed the eum of 
tB.W, tbe total valne of artlnlea IsBDed to 
blm by tbe State: due U. S. tO.SO 

8lek tn qnartera June 8. B. 9. 10, 2fi. 26. £B. 
Z». Aas. It to 20: la bospfial Jnne 27, Ane. 
ai to £4. Id line of duty: on turloueh Adz. 
29 to Sept. i. 1898. per Q. O- lit. A. G. O., 
IBM: on furloagh Sept. S to Oct B. 1898. In- 
Cluslve, per Q. 0. 130, A. Q. O.. 1898: In at- 
rent for drunkennesa: tried by Field 
Offleem' Court anS eentenced to forfeit 
16.00 of hiB pay and Btb daya' oanSneniept 
at hard labor, per R. S. 0. 9S; fine de- 
ducted from July pay; In the aettlement 
for clotblna la Included the aum of 11.21. 
total Taiue of articles Issued blm by the 
State; doe U. 8. lO.TB 

On fnrloneh Sept. S lO Oct. S. 1898, IncluslTB, 
per Q 0. 130, A. Q. 0.. 1898: In tbe settle- 
ment (or cloihlne 1b Included the aum of 
K.Bl. total valne of artlclea lained blm by 
tbe State ;—■:-■; 

Slok In onarters June 3, 1B88. In boapltal 
Anr. 9 to 19. Id Lelter hoapltal AuE. SI to — 
l^—.-per Q. O. II*. A. G. O.. 18*8. all In 
line of duty; In tbe settlemetit for elolblns 
Islnclnded the Bun of 16.09, total valne ol 
artlolee laaned him by the State 

Slob In quartsTB June 11 and July 16, IBTO. Id 
line of duty; In the aettlement for olotb- 
InK la Inoladed the aam of 0.09. total 
Talae o( artldeB IsBued blm by the State; 
daeU. 8 IB.28 

Slct In ouftrterB Jnne B. 9, 10. Jnly IB to M. 
1S99, In line of duty: In the aettlement for 
ololhlne Is Included the sum of ». 31. total 
value of artisleB lasued him by the Slate; 
an tuTlouih Sept. a to Oct. S. 1898. In- 
clnalve, per Q. O. No. 130, A. Q. 0., 189B; 

dueD S.SO.BO 

ID farlouBh June 28 to July 7, ISBS, per en- 
dorsemsut brteade commander; on special 
duty at renlmeatal OTdnsnce store Anr. 8 
to9ept, B, 1B9B: on fnrloush Sept.Bto Oct. 
B. 1B9S, per G. O. No. 130, A. G. O.. 1895: In 
tbe Bettleroent for clolhjne la Included the 
aum of II. 9S, total value of aitlclea laaned 
him by tbe State - 

SIek In hospital Aug. 21, 1898. In line of 
duty; on furloueh Sept. B to IS, 189B. In- 
oluslve. per G. O. No, 130, A. 9. O., 1B98; 
no clothlns was laaned to him by the 

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DeflD WBrren 

Apr. 2MBSS 


May 18.18SS 

Hawerdlne, ThoB. 8,.. 


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UuiixaiD IN, 

Calll. RobertB.. 




Cavt. Roberts.. 

MoJ. Alsip 

Cavt. Eob«Fts.. 



CsDt. Roberts.. 

Oapt Roberta... 

Enrolled as Corporal: promoted Sereeuit 
br B. G. O. No 1», JuJv 1. IBSS; on ta-- 
lonffh tinUl fuitber oidera, pec rorbal o 



dlcecttoPB (lom Secretary oi War: re- 

0. No. 31. Sept.'l, 189S; la the' setllcmeDt 
tor clotblne U Incladed the Bum Of le.W, 
total value ot Brtlcles Issued hliD by tlie 
State; due D. S.J0.7S 

Iniolled BS private; promoted Corboral by 
a. G. O. No. IB. Jnly 13. July 1. 18G8: re- 
dneed to ranKs, per B. 8. O. No. SI. Sept. 

1. 169B: on farlonth Hept. S to 25, 1898, in- 
eluslve, Dec G. 0. No. 130, A, Q. O., 1898; 
no clothlne was Issued to him by Ibe 
Slate: due D. S. H.afi.; 

Dnder arrest for vloUtloa ot 3M Article ot 
War; tried by Summary Court sud (ouod 
tullty ol belnE sbseut wUbout leave 13 
bonra Sept, l. 1698. but on account of 
tormer Eood bebavtoroo flue Imposed, per 
B. S. O. Sept. S. 1898; slch In quaneca 
Sept. IB. 1998. In line ot dull': In settle- 
ment tor clothlce Is included the sum ot 
$1.21. total value of articles Isaaed blm by 
the Stale! due D. S. M.85 

Sick In quBrterB May U, 1B9S. In line of 
duty; OD turlouab Sept. S to Oct. E, 1898. 
per Q, O. No. 130. A. 3. 0., 1898: In the set- 
tlement for cloth Inn Is Included the sum 
otH.ii. total value of aitloles Issued blm 
by the Slate 

On [Qcloujcb Sept. S to Oct. 5. IG98. per Q. O. 

130, A. a 0, ■■"- ■- -' - --" --- 

OlotblD^ Is In 

. 189S: In the 
' ' d the I 

'■5 U. total 
[be State; 

him by the State; t 

Infurloneh Sept. 8.. ._. 

130. A. 0.0.1888; no.cloihlnE 

;r Q. O. 

bytheStBte;di . . __ 

Ich In bospllal Aue. II to 20. IB98. In line ot 
duty: on tnrloueh Sent. 6 to Oct, G. 1838, 
Inclusive, per Q. O 130. A. G). O.. 1898; In 
the BettlemepC toe clotblns Is Inclnded the 
sum ot 18.09, total value of artlclea issued 

blm by the State: due U. S. 10.75 

On special duly wltb Hospital Corps April 
iS to AUE. 9; absent sick Aue, 9 to Sept. 8 
pec O. O. 111. A. G, O,. 1893; on forlouEh 
Sept 8 to Oct, 5, 1B99, Inolualve. per S, O. 
ISO, A. S. O., 1898; !□ the settlemsnt for 
clctbluE Is Included the sum ot 11.21, total 
value ot articles Issued him bv the State.. 
In CnrlouEh Sept. S lo Oct 5. 1898. per G. O. 
130. A. a. O.. 1898; In the setllemeat tor 
clothlnK Is Incladed the sum of U 21. total 
value ot sTtlcles Issned him by the State; 

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H Wlllism 


Jtma IS. MSB 

UbT 21.1898 

Kaehl. Lndwie T 


June 1«,1S9B 

Jane IB, 1899 
Apr. 26,1898 

Mar G.1898 
Aw- M.18S8 

Lathrop, CharleB L... 


Apr. IS.1S9S 

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Hdbtbbbd In. 

Capt. EtobertB.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

CBi>t. BobertB.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

CbcC. Roberts,. 

Capt, BobertB.. 

Sick In anarteiB Jane 1 
»: Blck In hOBDllal A 
ot dot;: la arreat for 

aickln «..._ .. . 

Aqk. 11 to 20. 18BS, l„ >. , . 

Blck Aug. 18 to Sept. 17, 1S98, per Q. 0. 11*. 

A.. E). O.. ISSS: on f urioneli Sept. 21 to Oct. 

S, InoluBlTe, per G. 0. 180, A. Q, 0., JBBS; 

DO oIotblDS was laaued to blm br (be 

StaWiduetl. S.,W.M 

Siok (D Quarters June Zl. Jnlv 11 aad 1B, I99g. 

In Hue ot duty; on farloneh Sept. G lo Oct. 

S. 1S9S, iDclnBtve. per O. O. lao, A. a. O . 
ItH: no elothlDs waa lasaed to blm by the 

State: dneU. S..S4.IB 

8toklnqaartera June 31 to !9. Aue. 29 and 
Sept. IE. 1B9B, in Hue ot duty: on fartoagb 
Sept. 7 to Oct. T. 1898, Inoln^ive, per Q. O. 
in. A. 6. O., 1S98; DO clothlDB w ' 

8.°aii 1*0 l" 

Sept. ItoOot. E. ISSS. IncloBive. per G. U. 
No. 180. A. Q, O., 1B»8: In the BelUeoient 
forelothlDKla lueladed the snm of tl.SI 

e Of a 

a by tl 

: abaeDt 

B la sued 

Stck Id qnartera Jane Zl and Jsly 16. 1898. In 
llaeotdaty; □□ turionEh Sept. B to Oot. G, 
1898. iDalQBlve. per Q U. 18D. A. Q. O.. 1898; 
no clothlue waa laaaed to him by the 
State; dne p. 8..W.60 

Stck In anarlera Jnly 20 to 23. 1898. In line of 
duty: on (nrloueh Sept. 6 tn Oct. E. IBSS, 
InclDBlre, per Q. O. 13D, A. Q. O . 1898; Id 
the aetelement tor clothloe i" )ncladed the 
anmottS.TS, total value ot articlea laaned 

blm by the State: dueU. S ,H.SO 

In gpeclal duty at reelmenlal pOBtofSfie 
JnDB 1 toAuE. 10. 1898. per verbal Order 
reElmental oommander; alck In hospital 
Aes. 10 to 21, 1898, la Hoe of dnty; absent 
Biek Anr. 21 to Sept. 7. 1K9S. per G. U. lit. 
A. Q. O., 1898: on turloneh Sect. 8 to Oct. 
G. 1S98, iDClUBlve, per Q. O. ISO, A, Q. O., 
1898! in the eettlf<n]«nt tor clothloe Is In- 
cluded the sum el H.eS, total value of arti- 
clea I eaued blm by the State 

Od apeolal duty with hospital corps A 

eonUDander: i 

qaarCera Jni 

I 8. JQly 

.. BDd 13. 


6 to Oct. G. 1898. tnelnalve, per O. O- 130. A. 
Q, O.. 1898: iDtbeaettleinent (or clothlDK 
tslDcludedtbeBnmof 81.68, total valne ol 
artloleB lasued him by the State; dae U. 

8.. MBG 

SleklnauarterBJune 9 to 12. Anz. I 

lE.'sO to 2(: Id hospital Auk- 28 to Sept. 
1898. alljn 11ns jot duty; _ on furlouih 

D bjtli 


doeO. 8. »1.26 

Stck in quarters May 21. elck In hospital 
Ans. 9to30, BieklnquarterBADK. 81. Sept. 
ltol.1808, all Inline of dnty: on fnrloneh 
Sept. 8 to Oct. £.1898. iDcluslve, perQ.O. 
ISO, A. Q, O.. 1H9B; In the aettlement (or 
clothlnc- 19 Included the nnni of te.GS. total 
value of articles laaned him by the State; 
dneU. S.Mas 

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UoT ai.iBBe 

Apr. ZS.1BS8 
Apr. Z6.1SSa 

JUcEay. Charles 

Mertlman. Harry 0... 

Apr. M.1B38 


Apr. ai.1888 

M.HT I1.1S88 

O'Laary, Gomel las... 

PlMt.Chatlei 1 

Apr. ».im 


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.. Cspt. Roberta. .. 

,, Capt, Bobects... 

.. Sick In quartera Aue Z8 and 31. Sept. 1 and 
ot duty;uu Eurlnueh Sept. fl- 
iDClnslve. per O O. ItO. A. 
u. v., laaa-, ill the Betl[Gment for olOthlDK 
U Included tbe sum ot S4.6e, total value of 

,. Sept. 1, 18S8, abseut wlibout leave bIx hoarai 
■- — egt [or violation ot aad Article of 
tried ti9 Summaiy Con ~ ' 

eoced to torleltl! 


lard lab 


SprlnEfleld .. 


.. Capt. BobertB.. 

CftOt. BobertB... 
CapU Boberts... 
Capt. Boberts... 

.. Capt. Roberta... 
.. C&pt. Roberts... 

Capt. Boberts... 
.. Capt. Boberts... 

i. iDllceof daty: 

need by SommHrr, 


it R. a. 

t for 

clotblne 1b Included the anm ot S5.I3. t 

vataeof artlclea laaued him by ihe StaLa; 

doe U. 8. JO 76 

,. Sick In quarlerB Sept. l to 3; alck Id hoepl- 

■ -Sept. 3 to Oct. 5. 1898, lu line of duty: 
;Eie aelllement tor clothluB la Included 
sum ot 81. 6B. total value of artlclea la. 

._jd blm by the State 

.. On forloneh Sent, 6 to Oct. B, lias, Inelaalva, 

per Q ISO. A. Q. O.. 1«9S: In the seCIIe- 


._B Slate 

.. SIek Id qnarlera June 6 and 18, June 22 to 
Julyl. Jnly U,18 and 16. Sept. 8 audi, 
1888; alck In hoapllat June 20 and 21,1898. 
.11 In tiDeot dutr: on turloaih Aue. II to- 
8 perendoteement Btlaade Commander; 
_li.ent without leave Sept. 1.1898, toar 
honrs, tried by aummar" " 

immary i 
U.OQ of b 

I ot IS 6S. total 

R. 3 O Sept. a. 1893; la tl 
olothlnK la inoiuded the 
value ot artlclea Issued him d 
dueU. 8 10.60 

,. On Inrloueh Sept. S to IS. Inoln 
" 'SO. A. U. O , 1SS8: In the ael 
blDE la Included the sum o of articles laaued him b 
daeD S 

,. Abeent without leave Sept. 1. 1 
days, tiled by Summary C~ ~ 

„. Sept. 8,1898; !n the aetilement tor 
elotblDE la Included the anm of le.BB, total 
- ' )f articles la aued him by the State: 

4uartera July IT to ai. Aue. 2t to 81, 

Sept 1 to 1, U9S. alt In line of duly ; on far- 
loDib Sept. 8 to Oct. B,1GB8. Inclualve. per 
fi. O. isa. &. 6. O.. 1898: In the aettlemxnt 
for olothlne, la Included the Bom nf ci.BN. 
total vulue of artlclea Is 

by the 

.. 8lek~in quaitera^JUEB'V.YsVii.'aB.a.' Jnii'is 
snd 21. In line of duty; on turlough Sept. 
3 to Oct 5. |B9B. Inclusive, per 6. O. 180. A. 
G. O 1898: In the aettlement for clothlne 
la Included the sum ol 18.89 tolal value of 
" ' ^a laaued him by the State; dne IT. 8. 

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fnne 18.1898 


June 18,1898 


Her 11.1888 


Uar »,1S8S 



Slmpion. Wlllred A.. 
Snyder. Frank M 

Apr. 2I.1B88 
Star 11.1898 

May 21,1888 


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.. Caot. Boberta... 



UsJ. Alsip 

Cspt. Roberta. .. 


SptlBEaeld .. 

Uaj. AUlp 

Capt. Roberta... 

Chleaeo . 

CblcsBO . 

Chlcavo .. 


Capt. RabertB.., 

.. Uapt. Boberta... 

Sink In qaarterB June 1. Aa«, Zloodzai gick 
In hoedtat Aas. 1, Z and B, 1808, all In IIbb 
oCdntyi on fuiloach Sept. B to Oct. E, 1838, 
IniMaslve. per G. 0. ISO. A. Q. 0.. IHSSi In 
the setilemeni tor clattalncle Inctnded the 
sum o( 16.78. total value at aitlclea l9Ba«d 
Mm by the State; due U. 8. S5.i8 

Sick In qunrterB Jane iS to 30. July 1 end 1, 
Anff. za and SO, 1898, In line ot dnli; an 
turlociEb Sept. 6 to Oct. Q. 1898, IncJutlve, 
per a. 0. lao. A. G. O.. 1898; In the settle- 
mem (or olothlce Ib Included the enm of 
tG.BB, total value otattlclea lasned him by 
the State 

Slok In quartecB June B. July t, 3. IE, IT. 
1896: In line of duty: In arrelt for vlola- 
tloD ezd Article of War: tried by Field 
OtBcers' Court: aentenced to forfeit KM 
ot hiB pay and fire daya' oonflnement at 
bard labor, per endoraement Hdqra. I*t 
Cavalry Brttiade. July B. 1S98; fine de- 
dneCed from Jaly pay; on farlonih Sept. 
6 to 0<3t. t. 1898. Inclualve, per Q. 0. ISO. 
A. Q. O., 1898; In the aettlement tor cloth' 
Ins 1b Included (beenmot St. 68. total valne 
Ot articles iBsnedblm by the state 

!<lGk la gaarters Jnly 2 to IS. IB98. In Hue of 
duty; no olothloB wag issued to him by 

the State; dae U- S. 11.85 

Id fnrloagb i^ept. B to 26. 1893, Inclnslve. 
per G O. lUO. A. G. O., 18B8; In the settle- 
ment for clotbloB Is Included the sum of 
U.G8. total value of articles iBSned him by 
the State; dneU. S. U.8S. 

Sick In qnarters July 21 SQiI S3. 189S. In Una 
ot duty: ttUd by field OfflcerB' Court [or 
vIolatlDK G2d Aillule of War: sentenced to 
forfeit 11.00 of his par and cooBDement 
tor five daya at hard labor, per S. O. No. 
El, HdqiB. let Cavalry Brleade. Camp 
Tbomas. Jnly S. 18S8; tried oy Summary 
Conrt tor violation of 21 bi Article of War; 
sentenced to forfeit KM of his pay and 
conQnement tor Bli daya at hard labor; 
sentence disapproved, per B. S. O. No. 1, 
Sent. 8. 1898; on turloneh Sept. S to 25. 
1898. Inclualve. per G. O. ISO. A. 6. O.. 
I89tl; In the settlement for clothluK 1b In- 
cluded Ihe enm of tl.6H. total value of arti- 
cles iBsued him by the State; above fine 
di^dacted from July pay 

OnfurlouEh Sept. 6 to Oct. G.1S98.1ncluBlv«. 
~ 0. 180. A. G. O.. 18S8; no oloiblna 
ined to him by the Stale: due U. S. 

On' fur loiiah' S e p t. 8 to Oct" B.' 1898.' InciuBi ve, 
per Q. O. 13D, A. G. O^ 1898: on apeclai 
duly reElmental poBtoCace. July 9 to II, 
1898: Id the settlement tor clolhtnK la In- 
clnded the sum of St. 68. total value of 
articles iBBned him by the State: due U.S. 

»31 B3 

Sick In quartari June 1 nud July 24, 1898, In 
" - - of duty: on furlouBb Sept. 8 to Oct. G. 
'-"'—'— — G. O- IBO. A. G. O.. 
■ • ae la In- 
ralue of 
Ine D. 8. 

I settlen 

I for I 

Sept. B 

ISO. A. U. . 1898: In the settlement tor 
cloihlns 1b Included the sum ot tt.C8. total 
value ot articles Issued him by the State.. 

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Uar ll.tS» 

Us; ».1l»9 

Smitb. Joaeph P 

Uar ll,t8S8 

Uay 2l.ie9» 

Tbompson, LonlsC... 

Uar Z1.18DB 

Van AeUtrn. Albert L 


Apr. tt,tm 

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.. Cspt. SobertB... 
.. Oapt. Roberts... 

.. CaPt. Boberts.. 

., Sick Id qnartera June 12. Jnly 17. IS aaa 19. 
lasa.ln line o' •"-■-■ — •-■ ■' ■■ "— ' •- 

Oct. B. less, t 

tatlouKh Sept, S tc 

--- " " "" A. G, 


iDcladed the sum of St.ea, total ., 

articles laened him brthu State 

.. Sick In quarters Jnir 21 to 21. Au|r £8. IS98. 

' llneof dutr: on fnrloueh SapI.S to Oct. 

1S98, luoloslve. per Q O IBD. A Q. O., 

IS; tried by Field Officer a' C"Urt (of 

.mbllni and aentenced to forfeit $.<.l» of 

9 pay. per S. 0. No. 61. BrUsde HsBd- 

,-Hrtere, Jnly B, 1S98: Bee deducteil from 

Jnlr oaTi In the HOttlemenc for r.lothlnR la 

' ' led the earn of 11,68. lotat vulne of 

„ jalBsaedblm by the State: doe U.S. 


"■ "d as BeriTBant; I"' — ' "- — """ — 

i O. No. 

'B JaDe2to6. »tol2. 

Sept. 1. 

. Bick 1: 

31. Sept. 1 to 

I of duty: OD (urioDKh Sept. 
G, 0. ISO. A. 

,. Gapt. SobertB... 

,. Capt, BobertB... 

,. Uapt, Roberts.... 

.. Capt, BobertB... 


Sick In Quarters June 11 to 21, Aqs. B HSd 9, 
Sept. I and S, 1899, all In line ot duty: on 
' lODib Sept, 6 10 Oct, S, 189S. InFluslve, 
G. O. 130, A. Q O., 1B9S; no ololhlnB 
i iBSaed to him by the State; due U, S, 

lied as Sergeant; appointed Quartor- 

master Semeant, D«r verbal order of troop 
commander, &pr. :S,lS9a: red n ced tn rank B 
per It. S. O. 31, Sept. I, 1B98: on futlouah 
Sepl.a to Oct. 6. 169S, inclusive, p " " 

value ot articles . __ 

lick In quurters July IT to ZI.1S9B, In IIdS Ot 

ck In quarters jane li, 1898, In fine of duty; 
>n special duty at reelmeptat cnmmUeary 
rune 2 to Sept. G. 1898. per verbal order of 
;rooD commander: on furloaah Sept, 6 to 
Oct 5. 1B9S. locluBlve, per Q. O 13D. A. Q. 
" 18S8: In the Battlement tor oloibluE Ib 
laded the sum of a6. 53, total value Ot 

....Idea Issued him by the State 

,. Sickle quarters June 11, 18 and ?0, July 8 to 
■- Am 23. Id line of duty; — '" ■— '■ — 

in of 33d 

e ot 

1898. and aeotenced to forfeit SI. DO 
lay and three days' copQaement at 
thoc. per R. S. O,, Sept. 3. 1898; In 
blement tor elothlna l« Included the 
S6,S3. total value ot articles Issued 

Ibe Stats: due U. ij 13 60 

□artersJuneeaDcl22,l8BB Inllneot 
n furlnnsh Heat. 6 to Oct, B. 1898. !□- 
. per G. O. 13D, A, >i O.. 1B9B: In the 
lenl tor cloltalne Is toclnded the 
M.B9, total vutae ot articles Issued 

I. A GO. 1898: In the 
BeKiemen^ lur ciDthInc Is Included tbe 
, Bomof 1G.E3. total valneof articles Uaned 
blm by the State: dae U. S, tO.TE 

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IQDB 1B.18B8 

Ufty 11.18BS 


May Z1.1S9S 

yonoE. JobnW 


Uay (.1898 


Uay Il.lBW 

Inne 16.|8» 

jDue I6.1BS8 


Fniiok. ChsrIeaH.... 



4pr. 28.1898 

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Uditbrid in 




By whom. 


M>j. Alilp 


Sick Id anarters Aaa. 12 to ». 1SS3. In line ot 
dot;: on tuIlOQEh Sepl. 6 to Oct. G.1B9S. 1D- 
cluBlve. per G. 0. 18U. A. G. 0.. 1898; no 
clothlDB wag iBsned him by (be iState: due 

On tarloneh Sept. 6 to Oct. 6.1898. InoluBlve. 


Capt BobertB... 


per Q. 0. 130, A G. . 1898: n the eettle- 

meat for elolblnK la Includea the sum ot 

Cwt. Bobeiti.... 


S6.fi3, total value o£ artiolBB leaned him by 
the SlBto 

Sick In quartere June 18 and U. July 11 apd 

12.1898. In line otduti; absent. Btch. AdB. 

as to 30. per G, O. 111. A, G, 0.. 1S98; on iur- 

lODBh Sept. e to Oct. 6. IB9S. InclQslve. per 

G. O 130. A. G. 0. IS»8: iD the aeillemeut 

for olotblne U Included the sum of U.tS. 

UaJ. AlBln 


total valoe of artlcios iasned him by the 



doty; on furlough Sept. « to Oct. 5.I8S8. In- 

elusive, per G. 0. 180. A. Q. . 1898: no 

clothlni -WM iBBued him by the State; due 

u. a.ia.eo 


Capt. KobertB.... 


Slok^ln^^qusrters^ e^s 5nL'?a'to IB^Bulnlln'o 
of duty; OD special dnty ut reelmental 
DOBl Dfftoe June 1, Julv 20. 1898: dlachBrited 
July H), 1898 per »th endorBBmeal on Siir- 

seon'scerilQcateofdUablhtr. July 20. 1888: 

Isbnedhlm by tbe State 


Ma]. Alslp 


Sick In qnartere June Si to IS, 1898, tn line ot 
A. 6. 0., 1898: DO BdhI Btatemect rendered. 

Par. ISB. A. B.: noclothlnewas leaned him 

Capt. Boberts.... 


Enrolled aa Uorporai; reduced to ranks, per 
K. G. O. No. 13. July 1. 1898: on farlongh 
AnK.^tOtl. per endoraemeot ot Briaade 

G. <J. No. 198. A. U. O.. 189«: final Btata- 

mentB rendered; Blofe In Quarters May 27. 

Jnne 2, 10. 17, 1B9B, all In line ot duty; In 

tbe Botllement for clothing la Included tile 

Bum Otis. 81. total valne of artlclea Ueued 

bim by ihs State 

Sick In qUBrt«ra July 8, Aue. 11. 1898. In line 




of duty; dlaoharaed Ana 2B. 1898, per ilh 

end'TSatnenl. oD Soreeon's certlfleate Ot 

dUcblliiy; tinai Btatemenl rendered; no 


Capt. Boberts.... 


Enrolled as private; promoted Sereeant 
Major, per R. M. 0. No, 7S, Aaj. 30. 1888; on 
OD epurfal duty at KeelmecCat Headqaar- 
lera May 8. Aus- 30, 18B8. per verbal Jrder 
ot KaKlmenlal Commander: articles lB«ned 
bytheStateahoviiiinrolhof TroopI 


CapL BobertB.... 

Sick In QDHrlera Jane 11. 13, Joly IS. 11; In 

hospllal July IS^io Aue. 1.898: died AoB. 1. 

etAry— Grave 13190. Sections; final state- 

meat and Inventory of effects forwarded 

to A. Q. : In the aetllement for clothlnE 

Brtlclee laBUed him by the 8tHt 

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Wim£mH. Roberts... 


Apr. S7.ie9S 


Apr. SI.1S»8 

Uxr 21,189S 

LonlBJ. iBKalls 

JohnH. TlDtoQ 




km. n.isBS 


Api. ».l^ 


CbarlMP. Dolby 

JohDA. RMk«I; 

Apr. 17.1898 
Apr. n.lSM 



Mar 2J.IBBB 

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.. Capt. Roberta... 

.. Capt ftobertip... 

SpilDBOelcl... Capt. Roberta.... SprliuBeld... Od special datr June 9 to Jaae 21.18M, per 
9. O. No. II, let Armr Corps; In meat 
Sept. 22 to Sept. 39, ISBH: releaaed per ver- 
bal order R. C. 0.; leave of abeeuee JDI7 

BprlPt:tl«ld... Capt, Rob«rt8.... Sprlnzfleld,., mustered into U. S. service as 2d Llenten- 
aot; promoted let LUntenant Aaz. 2. Mas. . 

Sprlnirfleld... Capt- Roberte.... SprlneOeld... Muxtered Into D. 8. lervice as 8erireant; 
(l!Bctiarir('d:comiii1sB)oned id Lleulenaiit 

Aqe. 2,189S, atCsmpTbDmes. Qa 

.. Capt Roberts.... Bdwardsvllle. Ma»iered loto U. S, service as SerBeauti ap- 
--'--?dlBt Sareeant Aue 1.189S, pertroop 
No 1. BUmH date: OQ turlousQ Sept. 
o(. «. 1899. per G, O. No, IBO, A. Q. O.. 
n eetlletuent for clothing Is Included 
im of )8.69. total value of articles la- 

jjlm by the State: due O. S.M.M 

EnllBled BB private Jane 2t.I89S, per 6. O. 
ei, A. G. O., IBBB; assleped to troop June 
2a verbal order Reg. ComniBader; pro- 
moted Sereeant 8«Pt, — , 1898, br troop 
order Ho, — : furlonehed Sepr. G to IB, 1898. 
pec 6. O. Ree. Hdqra ; no clotb.lne nas la- 
sued blm bvtbe State 

Earolled a? private; appointed Q M. Ser- 
Boant Jul7 1.189B. Pfr R. S- U. No. is, 
dated HdQrs, let 111. Vol. Cavalry: redaced 
to Sergeant per troop order No. &. dated 
Seot, 29,1898; sick In boapltnl May 22 to 21. 
1B98, Inllneof dnty:onfaT]oDB'bSept,6to 
Sept. 21 and »ept. 2* to Oct, B. 18:18. per G. 
O. No 130, i, 9, O.. 1898; In sotlleniBnt for 
Clothlni 1b Included tbe sum DfI9.41,tbe 
total value oF articles Issued him by the 

State; dne D. S, 10 60 

Instered Into D. 9. service as let Sereeant; 
redupod to SeriteBQt par troop orjor No,l, 
Adb. 1, 1B9B; on Bpecial dut; In Uoepltal 
Corp* Aue, E, 1898, per verbal order Res. 
Uomd. officer: on (ucl<>TiEb Ijept. sto Oct. 
S.tSOa.perG O. No. lao. A. 0.0.1898; In 
eettlement (or clotblns U Inoladed (be 
tam at 18.89. the total valne ot articles Is- 
sued him by the State 

Enrolled ae private, promoted to Sercreant 
JulT 1.1898. per S. 0. No, IS. dated Hdqrs. 
iBt III. Vol. Cavalry: tried by IT O. G Jnty 
S and sentenced to forfeit se.oo ol hiB pay 
for vlolallns 82d Article ot War for bnlnB 
absent from 8 p. m. to 12 mldnlEht July 1; 
onfnrloniih Sept. S to Oct. 6,18SB. perO. 
O, No. 130, A, 8. O.. 1898: In settloment tor 
elothlns la Included the sum of S6 B3, the 
total value of arllclee Issued blm by ibe 
Stale: this fine was deducted from Jair 

SprtiiKfield,.. Capt. Roberts.... Sprlnefleld... Enrolled 'as private, 'promoted SeiEsant 
Jalr I. per S. 0. No la. dated Hdqrs. let 
III. Vol. Cavalry; sick In quarters July It 
to AOB. 8, ItSS. In line of duty; on fntlonah 
Sept 6 to Oct, E,189B, per » O. 130. A. O. 
O.. IS9B: In tbe settlement for olotblni t« 
iDclnded tbe sum of tE8ll, the total value 

0( articles Isened him by tbe State 

.. Capt. Roberts. ... Spilnefleld,.. Enrolled as private, promoted to Kerseant 
JalylperS.0 No. 13. dated Udqrs. Ut. 
III. Vol. Cavalry, and BBslirned f special 
dnty aa Res, Stable Serseant by same 
order; on tnrlanRh Sept. 2S to Oct E,1898. 
perQ. O. ISO A. S. 0..189S: In eettlement 
torclothlneie Inclnded the enmofSB.Ba, 
the total valne ot nrtlclea Isaued him by 
the State 

.. Sprlnefleld ... 

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Se ee BC 

Api. 27,1898 
kpT. IT. 1898 

Uw 21.1899 


Uay 2L.!!>98 

Apr. n.l89S 


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Capt. Roberta.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 


SprlDsfleld ... 

Capt. RobertB.. 

Capt. BobflTts.. 

Sprliiefleld ... 

Mustered Into D. S. aarvloa BS Sergeant; ra- 
daaed to CorcorHl JdI; 1.189B. Pat S. O. 
No 13. dated Bdqrs let II!. Vol. UaTalryi 
anpolnted SersaiiDt Aus. 9.1898. par B, O. 
No. Bl, dated Hdqrs. iBt 111. Vol. CKValrr: 
on furloueh ijapi. S. IfiSS, to Oct. G. 1«S3. par 
Q. O. No. 130, A. O. O . 1898; In tbe Beltle- 
meat for clothing Is Included tbe sum of 
U 2S. the totnl Tftlue of srtlclaa iBsaad Mm 
br ihe State; dne U. S SJ.OU 

UuBtared Into U.S aervlcs as Coroorat; an 
special dutr July 9 to .lulr Z2,ie33, as Re- 
Ctnlllne Clerh, cer S.O. No. 81, A.G.O.. 
IhSS; sick in quarters Aue. 13 lo Ans, It, 
leSS; Bick In taoBPUul Aue. U to Auit. £9, 
lias. In line o( dnty: on iDrlouKli Aits'. 30 
to Sept. 4.1898. parU.0. 11*. A.G.O., 1899; 
en furlouRb Sept. e to Oct. G, 1S93. per O. 
O. ISO. A.Q.O.. ie9Bi In the Battlement for 
OlottiliiB' Is Included tbe enm of Si.Gt, the 
total value ot aclioles laBued him by the 

MnBlered Into U- S. service bb Corporal; 
fined by Field Officers' Cnntt Saij 6. 1898. 
perS O.No GT. July e.lB98. and aentenced 
to forfeit 11.00 of hia pay tor violation of 
azdArtlclaof War. overataylne paae: ibia 
flne and pay deiiactad from Jnlr pay: alck 
In quaTteta June 3 to June 4. 1898. Jane 23 
to June2t. ia9S. In line of duty; In the set- 
tlement tor cloth tnK la Included the sum 
of K.SI. the total value of artlalea IsBued 
hitn by tbe Stale; on fatlounh Sept. G to 

Oct. B. 1838. per G. O. ISO, A. O. 0.. 1898 

Drolled as private; appointed Corooral 
July 1, 1898. pec fl. O. No 13. dated Hdqra. 
iBl III. Vol. Car : on forloagh Seat, b to 
Oct. 6. 1898. pec B. O. No. 130, A. Q U.. 1898; 
In tbe settlemeut for clolhlni Ib Included 
the sum of ti. IS, the total VBlaa of aitlcleB 
leaned him by the Slate 

Bncolted aa private; appointed Corporal 
Jnly 1. 1898. per 3. O. No. 13. dated Hdqra. 
1st III. Vol. Cav.; on furloneh SePl. 8 to 
Oct 6. 1898, per (i. () 130. A. G. O., 1898: Id . 
tbe settlement for clothlns Is Included the 
sum of »8.I9. the total value ot articles 
Issued him by the State: dne U. S. .31.53.. 

Enrolled as private: appointed Corporal 
Jnli 1. 1S98. per H. O- No. 13. dated Hdqra. 
Istlll. Vol. Cav.: on furlough Sept. « to 
Oct. B. 1898, per G, O. IBO, A. G. 0., 1898; 
in tbe settlement for clothlntc la Inoluded 
the Bum ot 38,60. the total valne of articles 
lasued him by the State: due V. 8.. 13.60.. 
InroUed aa private; appointed Corporal 
Jnlv 1. 1898. per S. O. No, 13, dated Hdqra. 
iBilll. Vol. Cav.: on tnrloueh aue. u to 
Aue. 21, 1898. per 1th endorsement on apcll- 
catlon; furlounb Aub. 21 to Sept, t, par Q. 
0. 11*. A. G. O.. 1S9B; fnrtoaab Sept. E to 
Oct. 5. 189S, per G. O. ISO, A. G O. 1888: In 
the eettlfment for elothlDE: la Inoluded the 
anmof 87,17, tbe total value of articles le- 
aned him by the State 

Inrolled as private Apr ZT; appointed Cor- 

girsl Sept. £9. 1S9S. per S. O. No dated 
dqrs. lat HI. Vol Cav.: sick In quarters 
AUB, sa. Z9. 1B98. In line ot dnty: Id tbe set- 
tlement for clothlPE la Included Ii.s8, tbe 
total value o( articles laaued him by tbe 
State; furlonib Sept. 10 to Oct. 6. 1898. G. 
O IBO.A. Q. 0..1833 

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Vlooent T. DallniMi,. Trnmpetet Apr. 37,1888 Sprtufffleld 

Wltlliim R. Hsy... 


DavldA. Sparks Blaakamtth 

Willis Clojd Saddler, 

AnuBtrOD?, WtltiamJ 

When. Where. 

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.. Cnpt. Robens... 

SprlnKfleld... C 

.. Cai^ BottertB... 

.. Oapt. Roberta... 

.. Cftpt BobertB... 

Bnfoired as TramDetef : trlefl by P!eW Offl- 
cera' Court Jalr 7. 1899. per 8. 0. No. Bl. 
d&t«d Udqca. iBt Cav. B'ts-: Bbaent vlth- 
out leiiTe Eiom [I p. m JuIf < to 7 p m. Jnlr 
5, 189S, vlolatloD S2d Article of War; a«n- 
tenced to forfeit IS 00 of hie pay and be 
oonflned five days at hard labor; thia flno 
was dedacted from Jalr p&S Tolh tried by 
Field Otacera' ConrC Aus. 10. lS98, per S. 
O. No. 171. dated Hdqra. 1st Cav. Brie., 
and eeutenced to futtelt IB. 00 at his pay 
apd To be confined elebt d-.ya at hard la- 
bor; violating a2d Anlcle i ' "" 

maeif b 

AUE-Gantll If 

.t lea . _ 

I from 

has not b^en deductei 
lurloueb Cram Sept. 6 
laO.A.G. 0..1898;ln8 
Ine is iDolnded the sutr 
value of aitloles laaued 

"r.m hi. 
him by t 

or cloth- 
he total 

B Stale: 

Iode)) Aqe. 19 to Aus 



.-lontrh Auk. .. „ 

Sept. 1. 18S8. per Order Hi: on furloo»b 
Sept. fi to Oct. 6. 1893. per G. 0. No. ISO. 
A. U.0..18»l: Id SBttlement focelotblnK 
l8 Inclndtid 13 SB. total value of artlclea le- 

Enrolied aa prlvaie: appointed Fariler Jul; 
' bal order troop cotamander; 

Id Offlcera' Coart Jnly I2j_pe» 


pay for vlolatlne GZd Article ot 
BlrlklEB tt. BsDltioe In the f-- 
1898: thiKBoewaa deducted fro^„_,., ^-, 
roll: on fnrlouBli Sept. 6 to Oct. 6, 1898, per 
Q.O. No. ISO. A.U.0..1S9H:lii8eItlenieDt 
for clotblnE la Included 17 El. Ibe total 
value of artklea isaaed him by the State.. 
(ustorad In U. 8. servlco aa Farrier; on 
furlonBh Seot^S^to Oct._B.W9B. per S. O. 

5t. the total 


dneD. S..J3.97 

f!nro]led as private: aaslened to apeelal 
dDly aa »^addler Jnly l. 1898. per verbal 
order troop commander: aick In qnarters 
Jbd. 20 to Aus. 21. 1898. Id llni! ot duty; on 
farlonEh Ana- 2i to Sept. S. 1898. per Order 
nil on failoogh gert. B to Oct. b. 1898. O. 
O. ISO. A. a. U.. 1893; In the Betllement 
forelothlDKle Included tb" sumof S6.E3, 

It of a 


I. 18. 1898. Id line of dal 

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Arnold. QeoreeC 

Andrewe, Oils &■ 

Adamg. Searles 

Adams. EIlBha B 

AsbciofC, Heor; B.... 
BcfHlt. H«nr; 3 

Bailey. Gteocse L 

Broad wa;, James C... 

Bnokthorpe. Robert It 


Private .. 

Private , , 

El. 1896 
Apr. 21. 


Mar 2I,]8W 

Jnna 31,11 
Uar 21.11 

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,. Capt. Roberta.. . 

.. Capl. BobeTtB... 

.. Cspt. Roberta... 

., Caot. Roberts... 

. , Cspt. Roberts... 

.. (Jspt. Roberta... 

Enrolled bb private: tried by Field Offlcera' 
Conrt Aos. 10, 1SS8, per S. O. ill. daied 
Hdqrs. IgtCavalrT Brleade. and sentenced 
to forfeit W.OB of his pay and be eouflned 
ill dniB si hard labor for vlulatlne B2d 
Atllale otWar. abaentlps blmaelf from 4 
- - Ansf 6 t( • - - ^-- "-'- 

him by the State: on lorlooKli Sept. 26 M 
Oct. E. lfi9B, per Q. O. 130, A. Or. O.. 189B 

dneU. B. J1.D5 

On tnrloUBb Sept. S to Sept. 11, 1899. p 

htm by tt 
Sick Id m. 
July 11 Cc 

jDly 8. 1B98: In hospital 

13. 1S38; Blck In quarters iSept. L 
UDU e, iobS. In line of dnty: on fuclenBh 
Sept. B to S, 18B8. per order leelMental 
BjiTVBnnz on fnrloneh Sept B to Oct. G, 
G>. O. Mo. 130. A. Q. 0.. IbSS; In 
' tor clothloe la Included the 
.01. the total yalne of actlclea 1b- 

by the State 

Sick In hoBpItat July ZS to Jnly 31. IB9S; In 
- - - ■ ■"'16, 1898, In line ot duty; 



SpilDEfleld ... 

Capt. RobertB... 
Cspt. Boberts.. 

Capt. Roberts... 

fprlnsSeld ,. 

e total a 

■ , Stat. 

it of nrtlclea ISBKed 

>ng;h 8 

>z G. 

„. H. 0.1 1898; inselllementfor 

elotblne la Lnclnded the snm of JS.e2. the 
total value oC articles Issued him by the 
State; due U, S. Sl.!5. 

Sick In ausriera Sept. 3 to G. 1898, In lliie of 
duty; on furlongh Sept. G to Oct. 6. 1898. 
par G. O. Mo. 130, A, li. O., 1899; !□ the set- 
tlement for clothlne Is Included the Bum 
of UM. tbe total value of artlolea laaued 
him by the Stale: due U. S. S3 S7 

Tried by Field Offlcera' Conrt, S. O. No. U, 
Jnly S. 1893, HdcirB. let Cavalry Brieade. 
and septenced to forfeit M 00 of hia par 
and five days at hard labor, for violatlas 
62d Artlolea of War.drnnk and dlaorderly; 
ibiB fine was dednnted from bla Jnly pay. 
tick In quirters June £G to June 26, IS98. 
Jnly 30, 31, 1898. In line of duly: on fiiT- 
loush Sept. a to Oct. 5, 1808, Per G. O. No. 
130, A. a. O.. 1898: IQ settlement for ololh- 
iDK In iDcluded the anm of the total 
value of artlclea leaued him by the State.. 

On furloush Sept. B [o Oct. G. laes. Q. O. No. 
130, A Q, O.. S. 1898: no clotblos was Is- 
Bned him by the State 

On fnrloneh Sept B to Oot. 5, 1M8. G. O. No. 
130. A. G. O.. S. 1898: In the settlement for 
olothlPK is Included the nam. oEss.Bl, tolal 
value of arllnlea Issued him by Ihe State: 

■ by 

6: sentenced to forfeit 13,00 of blH pay 

forvtolatlnK62d Article of War, eambllnB! 
floe deducted: sick In hospital June Z» to 
July 1, 1SS8: Id auacters Jnly 2 to Jnly 10. 
13»8: sick In guBrters Ane. 10 to Auk. 18. 
1B8S. iQlloe of duty; on farlonah Au(r. 2B 
to Sept. G, 189B, per order ill: on furloDeb 
Sept, e to Oct. t. 1898, Q. 0. 130, A. 6. 0„ 
S. 1898: In settlement for clothlnar Ir '- 

.._J.J .1.. ,. ., ^l_ f^fg^ ^_,_. 

>e State... 

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Cuntrsll MoDoDftld.. 


Apr. B7.18S8 


May Zl,ie»8 

OartlBi. Qeoree U.... 


Jaue 3I,IBSS 


Elliott. Frank 8 



Ua7 21.1898 



Apr. S7.1SB8 

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B; whom. 


SpilDSfleld . 
SprlnsSeld . 

Sprinvfletd ... 

Capt. Boberta.. 
Capt BobertB,. 
C&pt. Boberta.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Capt. Boberta.. 
Capt. BobertB.. 




Capt. Roberta.. 
Capt. Roberti.. 

Capt. BobartB.. 

jprluaHeld ... 
Toronto, Can. 

Sprlnafleld . 
Modesto .... 

n turlongh Sept. 6 to Oct. 6. 189S, H. O. ISO. 
A. li. . S, 19M: In the aat'kment (or 
olothluir iBtacluded the enmof Sl.^a, total 
Vftlne of arttclsB Isaaed blm by the State.. 

On tarlonsh tiept. S Co Oct. E,189S, 6.0.190, 
A,6.0..18e8;ln theBeltlementotDlothIni 
la Inclnded the avta ot U.SB. total value ot 
artlcleBlsanedhlmbrtbe State 

On epeelal duty a> Orderly at HdqrB. let 
Cavalry Brigade JnlyU to Aag. U.lfiSS. 

Bir verbal Order Be gl mental Command! he 
ffloer: Inrloush Auk. 12 to Aim. <S,Ig3B, 
8er 1th endoiBemeDt on application: on 
ATlonEb Sept. 6 10 Oct. S.1I)9S. <i O. So. 
180. A, G O.8.. 189B;lnaettlemeiitotoloth- 

o( 8.rl[cles Issued him bithe State: doe D. 
S.KM -. 

Bnlleted JuneSl.lB98. per 60. No. 61, and 
aaelsned to troop per verbal order Segt- 

Sapt. etoOot. 6, 1(J9S, H. O. No. ISo/a. Q. 
O S.. lSS9;na clotblngwaa Isaned to him 

bytheStateidueO. S.SS.SO 

Ed Hated June 11.1898. per G. O. No. SI. A. 
0.0.8..IBB8i BsalEned to troop per verbal 
orders BeKlmentnl Commander Jnne 23. 
ISSS; sick In quarters Aug. 1 to Anir. e. 18*8. 
In line of duty: on furloneh Sept S to OaC. 
S. 1S98. G.O. No. ISO. A.G.O.8.. 1898: no 
dathlne was Ueued him by the State: due 

U. s.iaeo 

Ickln auortere July 13 to July 20. 1899. In 
Hue of duly: on turloiiEh Sept. 6 to Oct. 6. 
1S9B. Q.O. 98, AG O.S., 1898: In the set- 
tl-^menttor clothlor la locluded the asm 
otl7.Gl. total value of articles Issued blm 
bvlhe State 

9lck In quarters Judo £8 to June !9. 1898: In 
settlement of cloiblDE Is Included the 
[ total value ol articles leaned 
_.-] by the State: doe U.S. M.16 

Sick In hospital June iS to July 11, 1898: In 
qnarters July IS to July 21. ma. In line o£ 
duty; op furlough Sent. 3 to Sept. IMSSS. 
G.O. 130. A.y.O,S..lg98: In the settlement 
torolotbtngls Inelndedlbe sum of Jt.ei, 
total value of artloles lasned him by the 

A.G.O.ij.. 1898: In the eettlement tor 
ctothlue Is Included the sum of ii H. total 
valoe ot articles lBsn<id him by Ihe State., 
m forlonah 3eut. to Oct. B.1B98. G.Q. ISO. 
A.QO.S., 1898: In the set'lement for 
clothluK Is Included the sum of ».E8. total 
valae ot arlleles laeued him by Ihe Stale: 
due U. S. JO.BO 

Slok In quarters July E to T. 1898. Ans StoS, 
Sept. M. Id line of doty; on furlnneh 
8«DI.flloOct,5.l898. G.O. ISO. A.G.OS.. 

eluded the sum of n.Bl. tbe^fotol v'lhe of 

articles Issued him br the State 

In turlouEh Soot. 6 to Oct. B, 1898. GO. ISO, 
A.G.O.S.. 1899; In the settlement tor 
clothing la Inclnded the anm ol 88,88. the 
total value of articles laeaed him by the 
State: due D. 8. 10.60 

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Gearee, WllllullE.... 


Oowln, Wmism e .,„ 


HacrlaoD. Ensene J. 

BolmsB, Jamag W... 

HoaaMn. Cbarlea B,. 

SprlDEfleld ... 

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^prliiKflelil ... 

Capt. Roberta... 

SpilnBfleli] ... C 

.. Cwt. Bobecti... 

irG.O. Ho. 61, &.Q. 
v> troop bT verbal 

.mander; tried bj P. 

O. G. Jnl;3L,189B:p«r S. 0. No. ISO dBt«d 
Bdars UtCavalc; arlaada, and aeuleDced 
to {orfelt ta.OO of hia pay and be Oocflaed 
it hard labor for hve dufe for Tlolstlas 
" irilole of_WB,r7-druuk Bud fluhtlDB': 

i from Mb i 

B 2T t 

. ,_. 1 sick In q 
B SD.lSeS. In lln 

pt. t ti 

Oct- B 


_ J. 130A.G.O.8.. 189S; no clothlDB wa» 
taaned bim br the Statei this Ads has uot 

*— -D deduEted 

In qaartera Sept.. t-B 1898. Id line of 

dntyio^ tuiloQl^ Sept, B w 9i>t^6.1g9& 

dntr; on t 
per U.O. i; 


irclotblns la InoLnded the sum 

of u 


totcloiblDS Ib Included the 

J». per SO. No Reit. 

IMCav.; onfurloueli Sept. 6. 189a. 
6. 1898. per <J. O. 130. A, ii. O.. U. 1 
ololbtuff was Usaed him bs the Uta 
.. Od turloaeh tjept. 6. 1898. 1o Oct. B. V 
1. O. ISO. A. G. O., ^ ■""■- ■- "-- 

.. Capt. Boberta... 

he getile- 

m br the 

. ., verbal orders of _., 
commander June 23, 189B: tried 
■ ^ t Jnlj -' ■ — 

by Flel 

.. Capt. Koberta... 


.. Bnllated p 


Capt. Roberts... 

clothins n 

,,r (J. O. 81, A. (J. O., S. 1858;' aa- 

slened to troop by verbal orders of regi- 
mental commacder Jane £8.1898; lick In 
bospllal Jnly n lo Sept. 8, IHSS. In line of 
■ ity: futlouRh from Sapt. 10 to Oct. 5, 1898. 
it Q. 0. 190. A. S. 0., S. 18981 CO clotblns 

aa laanBd hlin by the Stuta - 

lated per G. O. Bl. A. Q. 0,, S. 18»3: aa- 
-KQed to troop by verbal order of regl- 
meotal eammander tried by Summary 
Court per B. O. No. 102, Bee. Hdqrs. iBt 
Ctt*., fielne Connd Dot BuUty of belne 
'dmnk and disorderly" In violation of Bid 
I Article of War: no olothlna was Issued 
bim by the Stale: tried by Field Officer*' 
Court An«. II. 1898; gnUty of violation of 
B3d Article of War: eeclenced to forfeit 

I by Pleli 

', IS, 1898; eulltr ot violation of 8Zd 
' '■ "" ■ :t without leave, and 

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June 31,1898 

Jooe 11,1898 

InKrani. QeorES 

Jacobv, Oeone Henry 


4pr. 3B.18M 

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MoaTSBiD In. 

SpiiUEBeld... C 

.. CitEit. RobertB... 

Sprlnsfleld .. 

Sl>rliiirfl«ld .. 

Capt. Boberts... 
Cspt Roberta... 

SpcluEfleJd .. 
jprlDsBeld ,. 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

iOof li 

lad fro 

ol sad Arllde ot War", 

Lrnde, und sentenced to tar- 
pay^ Ibis bas not beeu de- 
" ■ ■ Sent 6 

Oet. 6. 1898, per a, O, 130, A G, 0„ ,. 

BBS; In aetUement tor olothloB Is Incladed 

be sum ot M.68. the total valae of artioles 

.aiaedblm by the Stale 

.. Bnllated per U. 0. Gl. A. S. O.. IS 189S: as- 
slened to truop Joae 23. 1898. per verbal 
order rezlmenlal commandet; on furloaeh 
Sept. 6 to Oct. 5. 1898. per » 0. 130, A. ii. 
O.. 8. 18SS; no cloiblDS vas Issued bim by 

the Stale 

EurolUd per Q O. Bl. A. Q. O., 8. INSS: as- 
slened to troop June 23. ma. per yerbal 
order reelmeotal commander: aick in bos- 
pltal Aus. 2» to Sept. 29, 1838, In line of 
duty: on fnrlongh from Sept. HO to Oct. 5, 
1S98. pec Q. O, lao. A. G 0., 9. 1899: DO 


.. Tried br field Officers' Court July T. 1B9B, 
-er S, O. 63. dated Hdqrs. lat Car, Brie.: 

intenced to forfeit KM " ' 

B2d I 

■cie ot 1 


absenting himself. 

It beltiR deducted fron 

jy Field Officers' Com _. 

It from parade In violation of 33d Ar- 

ticle of 

Flxld Officers' Court Aue. Ifl. 1898: ai 
wltboQt leave lo vlolaUop of ll2d Artit 
War: sentenced to forfeit 112.00 of hi 
and 16 days at bard labor; tbis flne bs 
been dpdacted; aick In quarters Ji___ . 
and 8. 1899 In line nt duly: on failooKb 
Sept. 9 to Dot. S. IBBfl. per«. 0, 130, A. G. 
O.. S. 1893: lu seltlemeut for clotbii 
IS.tS-lba amount ot articles !i 




d blm 


Sept. 28, 1898. p 

sued blm by S 
SleX In Quarter 

laU, »■ 

'Tides Is- 

l, IMs'Tn 

1 (uriougb Sen 

tTemenC for aiothine'is'lnc'liided t^e sum 
of 15,78. the total amount of articles Issued 

■■ I by the Slate; due D. 8. JO, 60 

jted per G. 0. No, 01. A, Q O.. 8. 1898: 

aaniifned to hospital Jnne S3, 1B9S. per 
verba! order of rsKimenta] comniaader: 
' ' In qiiartera AuE. I to 11, in line of 

■; furloueb Aaff. BO to Sept. 8. order 

reelmental surreopi on furloueb Sept. S 
-- " -. B, 189S. Q. O. No. 130. A 3 O.. 8. 

..0 clothtns waa laened blm br the 


■ ■ Assltned to special duty as cook la hospital 
corps July IB to Sept. I. 1898, pet verbal 
order reirlmenta] eommaader; on furloaeh 
"- - 3 to Sent. 28. 1898. Q. O No, 180. A. 
8. 1898; Id settlement for elotbine 
ludsd the anm ot (S.3t. tbe total 

It ot Billoles Issued him by the 


On furlou_gb Sept, 6 to Oct 6, 1898. Q O. No. 
ISO, A. Q. 0.. S. 1B9S: in Betilement for 
clothine Is Incladsd tbe sum o( H.68 total 
value of artloiea Issued him by the State.. 

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Apr. n.lBBB 
Jniie ai,lB9S 


Apr. 21.189(1 
Apr. 2J.18S8 

Apr. 27,1898 

Apr. 27.1898 
Apr. 27.1898 

Apr. 27,1898 
Apr. 27.1898 











Neff. Bndolph H 

NeldeteutE. Wm. H.. 

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.. Csiit. Bobertg... 

.. Capt. Bobects... 

.. Capt. Boberts... 

.. CaDt BobactB... 

.. Cact. Boberts... 

.. Capt. UabflriB... 

,. Cttpt. Bobarta... 

k In hospital Aub. 1 to Aas. 17. In line of 
dalTi on tnrloQKh ijapt. e to OcC i. t89S, 
U.O.No.lSII.A.U.O..aiaS8i Id settlement 

tor olothlng la Incladed the Bum ofW.fli, 
total Tstue of artlclee lasaed him br the 

BBfltffned to hOBpltol per verbal order resl- 
mental commander, Jane £8, 1B98: elck In 
bOBPltBl Jnli SI to AuB. II. 1898; aick lu 
belter hoapltoi Ane. 11 to Ana. 25, ISBBi on 
stob fnrloneb AnS' W to Sept. E; on Cur- 
loaeh Sept, B to Oct, 5. I89B, G. 0. No. ISO, 
A. Q. O.. S. 1S98: DO clotblD8 was laaued 
him by the State 

Tried by Field Officers' Court Jaly G. issa. 
8, O. No. ei. dated HdqcB. Ul Uavalrr 
Hrleade: aentenced to forfeit Sfl.OO of bU 
pay, Tlolallne Bad Artlole of War. OTer- 
etajlnir paea : this Hoe has been dedncted 
from July pay; tried br Field Officer*' 
Court Aug. 11. TlolallDE Bid Article of 
War, abaeat withont leave; aenteaced to 
forfeit (2.00 of Ma pay: this flue hag not 
been dedacted; lu the aettlement for 
clothlnz li Included the anm of total 
aunt Of aitlclee leeaed hlra by the 

.. Oir£nrlOQ((h'9Vpt.''6toOot.'6.'is»8'G*'0.'No! 
ISO. A. G. O.. 8. ISBS; m tbe aettlement lor 
clDlblnela Included tbe anoi of tl.6H. total 
amount of articles laened blm by the 
atate; due O iS. IB.M 

.. Sick In boapltal July 2S to Ane. 39. 1SD8. In 
line of duty: on forlooKh Aug. 30 to Sept, 
5, per order reelmenial anrEeon; on far- 
loqeb Sept. B to Oct. 6, 1898. Q. O. No. ISO, 
A. O. 0., S. 1SS8: In Bettlomcnt tor clotb- 
Inrla total valoe 
of articles leaned him by the State , 

.. Tried by Field Offloera' Court Aoe. 8, tIo- 
iBtlna: S2d Article of War. absent wlthoat 
ca: aentencedtoforfelCtl.COofhlepay; 

aettlement for ololblne Is Inclnded the 
anm of 11.68, total amount of artlclea la- 

aued him by the State 

e Slok In qunrteie Aue. 2 to Aus. S. 1S9B. In 
Use of duty; on furlouab Sept, 6 to Sept. 
!S. G. O. ISO. A. G. O.. S- IBSe: In the eet- 
" uent for clothing ta Included the aain 
l(.6B. total smonnt of articles lasned 

ibFthe Stale 

In hospital July 18 to Auk. fi. lB98i In 
,_jrtera Aue. I to Aub, 10. 1898. In line ol 
datyi on fnrloneb Ane. 11 to Sept G. per 
order leKlmental aurgeoc; on furlonsh 
Sept. a to Oct. S. 1898, 6, O, No, 130. A. G. 
O . a, 1S98: In eetilemeDt tor clothlas U 
' eluded the anm ot X(,fi8. total valae of 

tides laaued him by tbe rotate 

£ In quarters July 8 to July ID, 1898. In 
^e of duty: on turlouith Sept, S to Oct. B, 
.SN. Q. O. No. ISO. A. G, O,. S. 1898; In the 
settlement for clDthlns la Inclnded the 
aum at (4, SB. total value of artlclea laaued 

blm br the State; due D. S 10,50,. 

,, OofurlouEbSept. «toOot, S,I898. 0,0, No. 
IBO. A.a.0,S. 1B9B; In the aettlement for 
clothlnB la Included the anm of U 6B. total 
value of articles leaued him by tbe Slate.. 

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Apr. 27.1898 


June 21.189S 

Apr. 21.1898 
Apr. B7.18B8 










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Cupt. BobertB.. 

Cmnt. KobeiU.. 

Bprlusfleld ... 


Capt. RobartB.. 

OaPt. BobertB.. 

Capt BobettB.. 
Capt. Bobens.. 

Capt. Boberta.. 

Cbloaro .--- 

_, .29 to Ana. !l,1898.ia 

iineof dnt;: onfnrlonEh Sept. 1 to St^Dt. 
5. per order Reslmenial SucEeon: on tur- 
JouEb 8epC « to Uat. 6. IB9B. 6. O. Ho ISO, 
A.B.O.B. ISBS; In the setllement of cloth- 
iDt: Is iDClBded Ihe eumoItG.GS, total valne 
of artlolea Issaed him by the State: ap- 

5[>lnted Iiuice UoipochI Juir i. IS9B. R. S. 
. No. 13 

EDllatedpere.O, No. II. A. G. O. S. tS9gi 
Bsalaoed to troop June 23, IBSB. per verbal 
order HeelTQentB] CommaDler: eick In 
qaartera June 2( to Jalr 29. tS98. [□ line o( 
cints: on tarlonirh Sept 3 to Oct. K.189S, O. 
O. NO. 130. A.Q.O.S. IBBH; no clothlne wae 
IsaDedhliubyIhe »tate 

Tried by V. O. C. Juli 7,1898. per 8. O. No. 
fiS. dated Udqra. lat CavalrF Brleade. 
senteneed to forfeit ST. 00 of hi a pay; OOD- 
Sned at hard labor for five days tor viola- 
tion of aiA Article of Wur, absent wltbant 
leave: Cbia flue was dedncted from Jnl; 
pay; tried by G . C. M. AtiE. B, 1B98. 8. O. 
No, IS. dated BdqiB. Camp Qeo. B. 
Thomaa; eentenoed to forfeit SS.OO of hia 
pay for violation of S2d Article of War. 
abeont without lesve; ihlB fine was de- 
ducted from Aueu»C pay: elcb In quarter! 
June 3 to June 1. IfiSS. In Una of duty: tried 
br P.O.C. AUB. 11, 1B9B for violation oE 3Sd 
Article of War. absent from parade sad 
sentenced to forfeit S2Da of hIa puy and 
conflued three dara at bard tabor: ibla fine 
bBB not been deducted; lu the Bettlement 
of clotfaltis la lucluded tbe eum of 37. SI. 
total value of articles Issued htm by the 

Promoted Berffeant July 1 per 8. O. No. IS, 
tiee. Hdqrs : reduced to ranka Sept. Z9, 
IB9B; R. 8. O,: tried by F.O.C. July 7, per 
8. O. No. 63. dated Hdqra. 1st Cavalry 
Brlaade. Beptecced to forfeit III. 10 lor 
violation of 3M Article of War. absent 
without leave; on furloueli Bept. 9 to Oct. 
6.1B9B. Q. O. No. ISQ. A.Q.O.S. IB9B: In «et- 
tlemenl of cloIhlnE la Included tbe sum o( 
S4 SB. total value of articles leaued bim by 
the State 

BnllatedperG. 0. No. SI. A. Q. 0. 1838: aa- 
alsned to hospital per verbal order ReEl- 
mental CommaDder June 23. 1899: on tur- 
loueh Sept. 6 to Sept. 21. 1898: no ctotblne 
WHS laaued to him by the State: due D. 8. 
S3 9! 

On fnrloueh Sept, e to Oct. 6, IBBS. Q. O. No. 
130. A.Q.O. 189!l: In settlement of clotblne 
la Iticluded tbe sum of 15, B2. total amount 

of articles Issued him by the State 

Ink In honplial July 21 to Ju1y2l,lS98, fn 
Hue of doty; alok In hospital Sept. 1 to 
Sept. 1,1833. Inline of duty: on fnrloDeh 
Sept e to Oct. G. 1898. Q O. No 130, A. Q. 
O.S.1898:1d settlement of clothlos Is In- 
cluded the sum of SI3B. total amount of 
articles Issped bIm by the State 

OnfnrloashSept,StoOct. G.1S98. Q. O. ISO, 
A. Q. O. 8. 1898: tn aettlement of clothins 
Is lacladed tbe anm oft! SB, total valae oi 
artloles laaaed him bv tbe State.. 

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pBTts William H 



■* cm fl W 

aw 11.1898 

Apr. Sl.lSSa 


May Zl,lgBS 


BpaldlnR, Bobert B ... 



Uar 2i,isas 

Apr. 27.1898 
Apr. 27.1898 



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Where. Br whom. 


.. Capt. Roberta... 

CaPt. Bobeita.. 
Capt. Roberta.. 

. BlnS Sprloaa. 
. JaokaODTllle 

.. BIck In quarters Ua; 22 to Mar ZB. 1S98: aick 
'--le 16 asd Jane il; la qnairtera June it to 

^B !3: In qaarters Anp. !J to Aae- 28; In 

hoepltat Aas 23 to Sept, 12. In line o( dat;: 
-1 fnrlonah Sept. IS to Oct. S, 1899. Q.O. 
:D, a. e O. 8. I89S: In aetllement of cloth- 
,g is InolQdarl the aum of ST Bl. total 
nonut of urttctee laj<aed him br the State 
._ atered Into D. S. aervlce aa Corporal re- 
duced to ranka Jnlj 1, R. Q. 0. No. 13: 
Blok In hoeplta] Jnl; 28 to Auk. 7. In line of 
duty; on forlongh AuB. 1 to Sept. B, per 
■ r KeelmentHl Sorgeon; - ■ ■ 
- " ■ -,18S8, G. O. IBC 

jotof clothlne ... 

f 18,58, total amount ot a 

Isaaed hliu bribe State 

On furlough Sept. B to Sept. 28.1898. G. O. 
18lt, A; Q. 0.1898; In settlement of clolhlne 

.. Capt. Roberts... 


Capt. RobertB... 

.. Capt. Boberti... 

arade; Ihia 



Tried b; F. O. C. Jul; 12, S. O. No. 83 dated 
Hdqra. 181 Cavalry Brigade, sentenced to 
tortelt (1.00 o( tila pay for ^i-—-- — - 
Article o( War. absent from p 

fine was deducted from Jnly c_. . 

loufh Sept, e to Oot. G. 18B8. O. O. lao. A. 
Q. O. S. 1898; In aettlement of clothlneU 
iDcladed the sum of II 68. total rmouut Ot 
Bttlolei leaned him bytbe State 

Tried by F. 0. 0., per 8. O. No Bl. July 11, 
lat Cavalry Brlaade Headquarters, for 
— '— '-Q o( aid Article of War-absent 
leave: sentenced to forfeit U.OO of 

,.., aad to be conBned five daya at 

bard labor: 9ne dedacted on Jnlr pay-ioU: 
Blok In quarters Aui. 17 to Aug. 29, In line 
of duty; on (nrioneh Ans. 80 to Sept. 6, 

ter order ot Regimental Surgeon: on fnr- 
lagH Hept, 6 to Oct. S. ms, per O. O. No. 
13l>, A. O. 0.. 3. 1838: In the settlement for 
elothlDgiBlDclndfdthesnmoft7.Il, total 
f articles Issaed to him by the 

Aaalgned to apecUl dnty on Hoapltal CorpB, 
Joly 20. 1808. per S. Q. No. 13, dated Head- 
qnartera Ist Illlnola Cavalry; on tnrloDKh 
Aag. 18 to Aug. 20, per 1th endorsement on 
appUoatlon: on farlongh 8ept, 8 to Oot. 6. 
18»8. per 9. O. No. 130, &.Q.O, 8. 1B9B: In 
tbe settlement for olotMne la Included the 
anmofie.SS. total value of articles Isaned 
h\mby the State 

Tried by F. 0. C. Aag. 18. lor violation Ot 
'— *-tlolBof War— ahseot without leave; 
forfeit 17,90 ot big pay aad 

... ays' hard labor; tbia One bag not 

beendedaoted:ln tbeietilemenlfOTClotli- 
lnB li Inolnded the anm ot 81.68. total valne 
ot articles iBsnedblm by the State 

aick In hospital May IS to May 26. in quar- 
ters Ang. 11 to &aK.16.l88S. Inllneotdnty; 
In the settlement for elotblns Is Incladed 
tbe anm of U.68. total valne ot article* 
Issued him by the State 

eight di 

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Mar zi,i»9S 


Uar 21.1898 

XVr. 91.1898 

SprlnKflBid ...... 

Ua; 21,1888 

Uar 2I.1)»8 


Uay 81.1898 

&pr. 27.1BW 


May 21.1898 

Uar 21,1888 


Jons ai,lBS8 


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.. St.Pftiil.M1nn 


SnrlDSSeld ... 

Capt. BobcHa... 

Caot BobertB... 
Capt. Roberta... 


SprlneDeld ... 


Capt. BobertB... 
CapL Boberls... 

Capt. BobertB... 

Capt. Roberta.., 

SpTlnefleld . 
SprlneBetd . 

Srrliteileld . . 

t. 18. V 


B Juir pay; 
3. O. No. Jfl. 

BODtenced to forfeit iS.OO oft _ 

lloD ISd Article of Wai^abeect wlth- 
oDt leave: thle fioe waa deducted from hie 
Antuet DBF! tried br F. O. C. Aug. U, and 
aentenced to forfeit 12.00 aa& two dayB' 
bard labor, violation a3d Aitlole of Wai— 
absent from raiade: tble Une bas not 
bEBD dednoted from bla pay; aick In 
hoapltal May 26 to Ua; iT; sick la hoapltal 
Aue, 29 to Sept. 1; In Quarters t^ept. i to 
Sept, 3, Inllneotdaty; In tbe settlement 
for cloiblne la Included tbe snm of tl.51, 
total value of articles Isaaed blm by the 

Sick In'hosiiVtiJ' JtiYy Vl'to Jiify'ie.'im'ln 
line of duty; on furloueh Sept. Bto Oct. 6, 
1998. per G. O. No. ISO. A. li. 0„ 9. 1999: In 
tbe eettlement for clotblor is Included the 
etimofse.GS. total value of act Idea laaned 

blm by the State 

n the aeitlement for clothlne Ib locluded 
tbe sum of, total value of articles 
ISflued blm by the State.. 

on fartouffh Idppt. E to Oct E.1398, per Q. O, 
No. 130. A, Q O.. 8. 1988; In tbe settlement 
tor clDIblne Is Includad tbe snm of SS.ES. 
total value of articles Iseaed blm by tbe 

il duly J 

,1 Beadqufl 
3amp Seo 

airy Brigade, Camp t 
July It to AUE, 24, 189B. 
Ke^lmental Command 

at Cay. 


pec verbal order of 
'--; on furlooeh 
oepc. u CO yjci- d, lowa, per G. O. No, ISO, A. 
Q. O.. S. 1898; In the setilemant for clotb- 
1ns Is Included the aum of se.B», total valne 
of articles Issued blm by the Stats 

In the eettlement for clothlne li Included 
tbe aum of 11 63. total value of articles 
Issued hlmbs the State 

Tried by Summary Court, Hdara. lat 111. 
Vol. Cav,, found not eallty, per a. S. 0, 
No, 102; In setilement of clothing Is tn- 
cludsd tbe snm of 13.63. total value of artt- 

clea furplshed him bytheBt&le 

Ick In hospital Julv 7 to July 21. 1898. In line 
Of duty; asalBned on special duty to hOB- 
pltal corps May 22, 1898, per verbal order ot 
reiclmental commander: on farlouEb Aag. 
7 to Sept. T. per order reelmentsl sureeon; 
on forloneb 8opt. 8 to Oct. 6. iS98, per G. 
O. No. 13D, A. Q. 0.. 8. 193B: In settlement 
of olotbluE Islnelnded tbe aum d£ J1,95. 
total value Dl articles Issued him by tbe 


mllated June 21. 1898. per Q. O. No. Bl. A, Q. 
0.,S.183S: asalzned to troop June 23. per 
verbal order reBtmental commander; sick 

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Wllkeo, GeotKB 






Apr. 21.1898 
Apr. 2;.1BBS 











Predertck L. Pray 

Apr. Z6.18B8 


Charlofl B, Baeer 

Fred H. Sellfcrmim 

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Br whom. 

Capt. RoiMrU.... 
Capt. Roberta.... 

Copt, Roberta.... 

Capt. Roberta... 

Capt. Boarnlque. 
Capt. Roberta.... 
Ciipt. Eoberta.... 


Sprintaeld ... 






line o£ daly: on Inrlonth Sept. S to Oct. E, 

te.ES, total value of artlolBB IgaQed him by 

line of dnt;: on furJoush Sept. 6 to Oct. S. 

of 16.63. total amocat ot Bitlclea Issned 

him by the State 

Enlisted per 6. 0. No. fll. A.Q. 0.. 8. 1898; 
aaalsued to hospital cocpe pec verhftE order 

leave; aentonced to tortelltl.GOofliU par: 
this amoant baa not been deducted; Blab 
in hOBpital Auir. 30 to 'jept. 12. 1898. In llpe 
ol daty; on fnrlDUEh Sept. IS to Oot. S, 
1B9S. per G. 0. 13U. A. GO.. S. 1B38: no 

olothlDB was Isstied him bf the Stale 

Bnllated per G. O. No. 61, A. G. 0., S. 1898; 
ftsslened to hospitui per verbal order ot 


Ine 32d Article ot War. ubeent without 
leave; not enlltyi on furloueh Sept. i to 
Oct. 5. 1S98, per G. O. No. 130. A. G. 0.. S. 
1898: noolotblnswaJilBBuedtohlmbithe 


Aeelened to troop per R. S. 0. No, 60 Aub. 6. 
]SB8: on furlooBh Sept, 8 to Oot. t. 18Ba. per 
G. 0. ISO, A, G. U . S, 1898: no clothlne van 


1888. per 8. 0. 173. A. G. 0.. dated Waah- 
b? 3. 0^ A. G. 0.. No. 16B, dated WashlUK- 

MnaiEBsu In. 



Br whom. 



Capt. SoberU.... 




Enrolled audmnatered as Captain 

Enrolled and mustered as lat Lieutenant.... 
EuroUed and musterud as 2d Lieutenant; on 

to IS. ISSS, (lamp'Geoiie B. Thomas. Qa.. 


Absent without leave from t p. m. nutii ii 
a. m. July 3. I8»8: tried by Field Offleei-*' 
Court and found rulltr Of vlolatlQK the SBd 
Artlflle ot War; and aentenced to forfeit 
J2D.0O of his pay. aa per 8. 0. No. 68. Jnir 
e. 1898; deducted from July payroll; on 
furlonKb from Sept. 6 to Oot. E. 1888. a* 
oerG. O, No, 130, A. G. O.. d. 18^8; In the 
settlement (or elothlns Is Inolnded the 

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Apt. SS.18B8 
Apr. 28,1898 




Apr. M.t8BS 


Uar ZUlSSe 

aiohitrd Hurler 


Apr. 28.1898 
Apr. a. 1898 


May n.lBB8 

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.. Gacit. Robert!,.. 

,. Capt. Bobeita... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 


Capt. ItobarU... 

.. Capt. SobertB... 

,. 31eb In qaartera Jnl; 2 and I. 1S93: siek In 
hoapltal Jalr t to 18. 1S98: aick Id qaarters 
JqIt 13 to IS, 1898. Id line Of doty; on tur- 
loQsh Irom Aus 18 to St, 1SB8. bi order ot 
brigade commander Aug. IB, 1S98: on tar- 
lOQEb tram Sept. 8 to Oct. S. n»B, as per 
6. O. Ko. 13D, A. Q. O.. 3. 1868; In tbe set- 
tlement tor clothlne la inaluded tb« sum 
of 87. tt, the total valne ot articles lasnod 
by the litate 

,. Enrollfld as Corporal; promoted to Sergeant 
pet S. a. O. No. 18. JaJT 1. iSSBi absent 
wltboat leave Ang. 29 to 80. 18S8; absent 
' bontleaTsAnr.lltoBD.m.ADe. 18.1883; 
rges nreterced: not tried; antnrloaib 
...ffl Sept. 9 to Uct. E. 1899, as per G. O. 
No. 180. A. <i- O.. d. 1893; la tbesntlement 
tor elolhinET la Inclnded tbe snm ot ST.ll. 
"-} total valae ot articles Issned by tbe 

,. Enrolled as Corporal: promoted to Sersesnt 
>er R. G 0. No. 18, July 1, 1898; sick In 
,_ jtera July IS, 1893, and (rom Ane. IB to 19, 
WVS, In the line of duty ; on tiirluneh Irom 
Sept. 8 to Oct. i. inas, aa per Q. O No. 130. 
A. Q. , 8. 1898; In the seHlemenl for 
ilotbine Is Included the sum ot $7. Gl, total 

'Bine of articles lasned by the State 

..jk In qnsrtere from May 24 to 2T. 189B; 
from Jnly II to 13, 1898: from Sept. 2 to 6. 
'IBS, rot In llDB ot Huty; on furlouEh from 
Bpt. G to Oct. 6. IS98, ae psr Q. O. No. 180, 
. Q. O., !i. 1BS8; In the settlement tor 
otblnBlalnelodedthBanmof JI.Sl, total 

. alue ot articles Issued by the state 

,. Ob fnrlonjh from Wept. 6 to Oct. 5. 1898, as 
per O. U. No. lao, A. 0. O.. S. 1898; In the 
settlemi'nt tor clothing Is Inclnded tbe 
snm of s;.El. tbe total value of arlloles Is- 

sped by the dtale 

,. On rnrlongh from Aug. 9 to n, 1938. as per 
8. O. No. 1, Hdqrs. 1st Cavalry ttrlgade. 
Camp Qeorge H. Thomas, Qa : on tnc- 
lOQirh from Sept S to Oct. 5, I8B8, as per 
Q. O. No. ISO. A. G. O., d. 1898; In the ael- 
tlement forclotblngla Included the anm of 
SE.82. the total value of articles laaued by 

Id qnafwrfi'Aiig.'B to iV.'isMraiid'Anir'. 

19, 1898; slob In bospltal Aug. S8 to 81, 1898. 
InthellDaofdaty; on elckleavefrom Aug. 
It to Sent. S. 1898; on tnrlonah from Sept. 6 
io Oct. G. 1S98. as per G. 0. No. 114, A. G. 
O.. 3.1888; Id the aettlement tor cloihlne 
Is Included the sQm of si. 51, the total 

valae ot articles leaned by the ;itate 

.. Snrolled as Sericvant; reduced to Corporal 
nr R. G. a No. 18. July i, 1883; eick In 
Lrters June 11. IB9B. In the lice ot duty; 
furlaugh from Sept. 19 lo Or-t. S. 1898. 
„ per O. O. No. 130. A. Q, O., S 18B8; in 
the settlement tor olotblng la Inclnded the 
snm of 87. 61. the total value of articles la- 

aned him by the Slate 

Sick In auartera from Jnly 80 to Aug. 4, 1898. 
and Ane. 3. I39S. In Che line ot duty; on 
fnrlongh from Ijept. 8 to Oci. 5. 189S. per 
G. O. No ISO. A. G. O.. 8 1398; In rho set- 
tlement tor clothing la Included the snni 
Of SB. 8Z, the total value ot articles lasued 

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Sobett J. Ends 


Apr 18,1898 


Uar 21,1898 

Apt. 2S,)SM 



API. M.1B98 


Ua; 21,1898 

Apr. S«,18S8 

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C»pt, Roberta.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberts. . 

Cant. Roberta.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Slcti In quarters Jnly 7 to 22. to U, 1S»8: lick 
Id hospltBl Jul; 21 to Sept. 33. 1898. In line 
of daty: on farloaab Irom Sept. i3 to Oct. 
5, ae per 6. O. No. Ill A. Q. O., S. 1898; in 
the aettlement tor clothlcK U loclnded the 
samoIII.Gl, the tolai valae ot article B l8' 
aaedbrthe Stale 

ODlarlaDKb from Sept. 6 to Ocl. S. IBBS. ai 
per G. O. No. 130. A I3t. O.. S. 1898: In tbe 
settlement for cIotMns Is Included the 
sum ot 17. Gl, the total value oE oriicles U- 
sued by the Stale 

On tnrlouEh Ctqid Sept, a to Oct. 6. lEBS, as 
per Q. 0. No. ISO. A. 8. O , 8. 1898: !n the 
settlement (or ctothlos U looluded the 
Bnm of t7.lll. the total valne of articles Is- 

Bnedbythe Htale 

nrolled as privalei promoted to Coipor&l 
aa per R. 6 O. Mo. IB. J uJy 1. 1B9B: on tpr- 
loaah from Sept. IS to Oct. 6. 1S98. as per 
G. O. No. ISO. A. a. O., B, 1898: In the Bat- 
tlement forolothlnB Ih loolndBd ihe sum 
of (7.61, the total valae of artlo lee le sued 
bytheSiat" - 

Slok In qi 

as. W to 

..It G. O, No, ___. 
eltlement of cloth- 
ot (7,51. the total 

A. G. 0,.B. 1898: In t 
inilB Included the i 

!Qiolled as pilvate: promoted to Corporal 
as per R. Q. 0. No. 13. July 1. 1898: tried by 
Summary Coart and found gnilty of ylo- 
latlna GZd Article ol War and eenteaced to 
forfeltSl.OOof hlapay BspereiiraclS. O. 

IJt'olB. 1898. to line o( duty; on forlooBb 
from Sept. 7 to 13. 1898, and Sept. IB to 20. 
1898. as per 0. O. No. 130, A, ti. 0„ S, 1898: 
In settlement for clolblne la Included the 
sum of 17.61. the total value ot articles Is- 

Bued by the State 

Tried by Plold OIBoera' Court and found 
enlltyof vlolatluethe S2d Article ot War 
and sentenced to forfeit 1-^— of hU cay. 
as per H. O, No, 77, July 7, 1S9B: deducted 
from July pay-roll: alck In auarteia June 
I. ma: sick In hospital from June 7 to 10. 
1898: Bick In qunrters June 10 to 17. June 
21 to July 1. July 8 to 17. Au it. 21 to 29. 1898. In 
tbe line ot duty: on sick leuve tram Aue. 
28 to Sept. 1. 1898: on furlouEh from Sept. 
B to Oct. 6, 1898. as per li. O. No. m, A. Q. 

B Included the sum uf 17, SI, the 
'iilQB of articles lasued him by thi " 
- -- 28,1898; 


bospital Auk. 28 to 31, 1B98. In the line of 
doty; on sick leave from Aug. 31 tn Sept. 
G. 1898: on furlouirh from riept, 6 to Oct, S. 
189S. as pur d O, No, lU. A, G. 0.. 8. 1838: 
In the Bsitlpment for clothlne la iDcluded 
the sum of S7.G1 the total Talae of articles 
I Bsn ad by the State 

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Jane 15.1899 

MW 12.18BS 

Apr. 28,1898 
Apt. 26,1898 

June IE. 1888 

Apr. :«.1S9S 

Mar 1I,18»8 
Apr. 28.1888 


May 2I.1S» 
Mar 21,1898 


Bsriy. Wllllnia J 

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Udstebbd In. 

Enrolled aftRi i 

. G. O.. 

tried t 

Seers' CQQit and touTid (ulllr of vlolst- 
{ ibe fiZd Article of War and leniBDeed 
forfeltia.ODof h\ecaTaspi>r 3. O. No. 
I. July !0. 18S8; dedacied fmin JnW pay- 
11; bIcH Iq qasrtera Aug. 10. 1S98. In the 
e of rluti: on furloTisti frum Sept 9 to 
It. fi, 1838. a" per G 0. No, laO. A G, O.. 

Cept. RoberU.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Capt. Eobzrta.. 




Capt Roberti.. 

ae. Bsnd 10. 139B, In ibe Hue of duly; lo 
e eettlBmeEt tor clDlhlcB Ig Included tbe 
im of VIM. xif loiat Talne of arllelea Is- 

iBd by thn Slate. 

turloiish frnm Sept a to Oct B. 18«S. as 
irG. O. No 130. A O O.. 8. IBSB: In tha 
ttlement for alotbloB la Included the 
im of t7 El. ihe total value of artlolea U- 

led by the State 

id by field Offlcers' Court and found 
It EQllty of vlolHtlTig the E2d ArilRle d 
ar aa per S. O No. iS. June 37. 1S9S; aick 

nosDttol Aqk 33. IR98; 
a 2Bto Sppc. B. IB9S, 1:_ 
□ furlotirta from Sept. a 

Oct 6. 

Q. O No 114. A. G O,. S. ISBS; 
kment tarclDthtDic la Inclnded 
"""""""'"' ~"'~ie of articles 

UDiofU.61. . 
Id by tbe Stati 

__ „,D6rG O.No.ei. 

A. G. . S. 1S98: alok In boapltat Am 30. 
ISBB. to Senl. 2, 1B9S: on alch leave from 
ljept.2 to 6. 1898: elcb In quaitera front 
Sept, BtoS.1SS8.lD line or duti; nnfurl-'UEb 
from Sept S to Oct. s. 1B9S. bk per Q O No. 
lu, A, G 0.3. 1898; no clothlnB iaaned by 

tetalled aa clerk for t 
Cbloaeo.lll. Janegto 
(rODiSepi a to Oat B. 


. „,0. No. 

liu, A a.O..S IKSS: In tbe seitlemert for 
cloihlns la Inoluded the enm nt tT.Bl. 
tola! valne of articles Uaaod him by Ibe 


Ir,k in quarters Jnne 9.18''8. in line of daty; 
on furlouBh Sept. a to Ont, B. 1B9B. an per 
G O No. 139, A, G, O . 3. 1B!>S; in the aet. 
tli'ment for clothlne la included the Bum 
of II. SI. total value of articles lasued bim 

by the Slate 

Tried by Field OIBcera' Court and tnnnd 
lilty of vIolBtioe th* lOIb Arllcle ot War, 
id e-ntencrd to forfeit »,D0 ot bla pay 
■ ~ ■ ■ - »r 8 O. 

m July pi 

1.1898: £ 


... Jnly 
- - .-, ., „ 1898. In 

duiyi on furlonih from Sept. :istoOet S. 
1B9B. aaperU O No. 190. A G O B i8SS: 
Id the eettlemeDt tor olothlDK la Inclnded 
the sam ot t7.fil. total value ot arclcles 
lasnedblm b; the State 

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Apt. zg.isn 

Ape. ZE,1SSS 


Jnno 16.188* 
Apr. 26. UK 

June ie.l8M 
Apr. 26.1898 

Uay iz.iess 

Ape. iSAm 
Apr. Z8.1B9S 


Ua 21 1898 

BlMlifort, Carl H 



CampbBll. Hftrre B.. 

Hosted by 



,. Capt. Robarts... 

srG. 0. No,'iao"ATfcl,'6",s7l89Brinthe 
It for clDTblne Is locladed the ax 

lolBil thIqh of ait lele B U sued h 

by tbe StBti 

.. » O.. S. IH3»: In the aettlea 



Uaj Alalp 

Cnpt. Roberts.. 


.. Capt. Roberts.... 

.. Capt. BabectB.. 

189»; deducted from April, 
lar-TOlIx; sick In quarters 
il 8. ibBB, in line of dnt;i 
- " t B.1S99. BB 

On (nrloush from Sent. 21 to 

- T Q. O. No 130. A O. O , B. i»iis: m tne 

[Cleuient lor clotblne In Included the 

moFtl.EI. total value or ail Iclei Iganed 

_.nibstliB State 

.. Enrolleri after mneler. as per G. O. No. fll. 
A. G). O., »- 183S: on furtoneb from Seat. S 
10 Oct. B. 1899. na per U. O. No. Ill, A. a. 
0: a. ie»B; no ctotAlas was Issued by the 


" 'i Id quartetB fri>m Aue-StolS. 1838, In 
..jieofdutr: on fiiTiouifh from iieDt. a to 
Oct. B. 1B9S. as net 6. 0. No. ISO, A. G O.. 
". 1898; Id the seltJeDi<>Dt far clotfalor Is 
loludad Ibe auiD of (7.S1, tolal value ot 

Ttlclea Issued him b; tbe State 

.rolled after mu»ter. as pec Q. O. No. 61. 
i. G. O.. a. 1898; no clothing naa Issued by 


ro"i7,"i89a.'ln line of duty; "on' 
from Sept - ■ ■• - -- -. 

1. 1398. andJnlyie 
26. 1^98* ( 

„ -. .. .tQ, O. 

i. Q. O.. S- 1898; In the geltkmeDt 

Tor cioiDlnE Is Included Iba Bum of K.Si, 
lotal value ot articles Issued him b; the 

Aug. 3J to 30.' 1898! 

■* idBullW 

Viir, and 

DRY sod 

the 3M Article I 
] forfeit *2M at 

Sent 6 to Oct. E. it^S. i 

A. G. O.. S. I 

olothluB Is '"" 

ir G, O. No. ISO. 

Is Included the eum of S7. Si. total 

articles Issued him by the State; 


,. Sick In quarters from Ad(. 81 to Sept.a.lS9S. 
. ..... .... _.. (orloneh from ?'epl, 

r G. O No 130. 4. Q. 

O. S 189S:lntbBBettlBnientforclothln([ls 
■ -■■--- -n of JT.Bl, Ihe total valoa 

of nrtlcli 


,. Tried bj P. O. C. and fonnd eallt? of vlolat- 
■netbB 62d ArtldB ot War and aentenced 
« forfeit 11.00 of hla nay aa per 8 O. No. 
" ' " " ' ■- ■ a from July p 

furlonEb fro 

9 O. No, m a. u. I, 

DiBnt tor elothlDS li 

lue, 80 to Sent. 5. ms: o 

of articles IsBDed b; 

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Cook. Thomsa A 




CnlTeT, Hoirard W.... 

May 2I.18B8 

Doan, WlllUm P 

Uay 21, tees 
May 21. UW 

Flaher, Walter J 


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,. Capt. Boberta... 

.. Cant. Roberts.... 

,. Cwt- BobertB... 

.. GEtpt. Roberta.... I 

.. Tiled by V. O. C, and fonnd ealttr of vlolat- 
•oe the sad Article of War sad BODteneed 
forfeit tS.OQ of his pay and Ore dana' 
lonDDemenc as per i. O. No. SI, JqI; S. 
8B):i: deducted trum July payrall: Bled la 
jusTlerg Mar za and June S.IBSH. Id line of 
dutT! OH farloueh from Sept. iS to Oct. S, 
IB3S. as per ti. U. No. 190. A. 8, O 8. 1B9B; 
In the aetllement for clothlnE Is Included 
the sum of IT.Gl, tbe total value of articles 

laBQBdbithe State 

.. Tried bj IT. O. C- and found Bullry of tIo- 
latlDir theaad Artlnlci of War and sentenced 
to forfeit II 00 of his par bb per H. O. No. 
17. July 1.1898: dtducied from Jutr pay- 
roll; elck Id quarters from June ItoSO. 
1898. aod f rnm AUE. 11 to !0, 18lif. In line of 
duly:onfQrloDch from SepI 8 to Oot. 6, 
1893. aa p>-r G. Q. No. 1£0. A. Q. 8. I8»B: 
Id tbe aettlemenb for clotblDE le iDcluded 
(hesumofST.GI.ibe total THlue of articles 
Isened by the State 

- ikln quariers from June 11 lo 18,189?, In 

Oct. 5.]89B,'aa ner Q. O.No. 130. A. G). O. 
y.l8G8; In the settlemeDt for clotblnsls 
Included the eum of SI.Gi. the total yalne 

of arllclea iseued by the Stale 

.. Dialled as clerk at Hdqra iBt Brigade of 

41, June :9.ia98: bI, h In hoBplial July 

— .3 Aug. a. 1898: Blck In qnart-'rs Ans. 3 to 
16.1898 and Ane. n to ^4.1898. Id line Of 
duty: on furlough from Sent, fl to Oct. E. 
■"-. aB per Q. O. No. 180. A. G. O. S. 18B8: 

he settlenieDt for olotblne Is Included 

jed by the Stale 

.. Sleb Id qaarters Aaz. 9 to Anir. 28,1898: sick 
' hospital Anr- Z8 to Sl.tBOB, In line of 

); on fnrlciush from Sept. 8 to Oct. ' S.' 
i. BB per a. O. Ha. ISO, A. a. 0. S. 1898: 
tbe Betllemept for clotblDK Is iDctaded 
I asm of iI.El. the total value ot arlloles 

..,DPd by tbe State 

.. Od furloueb tram Sent. B to Oct. G.IS98. bb 
per O. O. No. ISO. A. G. O Ij. IB9Bi to the 
settlement far clothlDE Is Inclndi'd the 
Bum ot a ti. ibe total Talue of articles Is- 
sued by [he State 

.. Sick In qDBFierB July U (o lit. 1899. and Aue. 
■"■iZ8.1B9S;elc)(la hixpltal Aae 28.1898, 
.- .Ine of duty: an Bick leave AuE. ZStO 
Sept. E.1893: on turloueh fiom Sept. S to 
Oct 8.1898. BB per U. O. No. lit. A (i. O. 
1. 1S98; In the eeltt'^m^nt (or clolhlnslB 
Deluded the sum of IIBI. the total yala« 

.rartlcleelBBnedbrihe State. 

.. Sick In quartera June B. IB98; sick In bospl- 
' June 10 to 10. 1S98; iD quarters June 16. 
i. Id Hue of dntr: on (prlonsh frnm 
.__e 20 to Mepl. 18, 1B9S, by order or Maior 
General Brlckenrldee Aue. 18,1898: on Idt- 
longB from Sept. 18 to Oot 5.1898. as per 
Q. 0. No. 130, A G O S. 1898: Id the set- 
tlement for clotblnE Is iDOlodPd tbestun 
of IT 61. the total value ot artlolea Issaed 

by the State 

a tnrloncb from Sept. e to Oct. 6, 1888. aa 
perQ.O. No ISO. A. Q. 0.. S. 1898: Intha 
aettlfinent for cloiblne: Is Included the 
sum of 18.81. the total value of articles Is- 
sued by the State 

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When. Where. 


Flood JohnP 


Apr. 2B.1898 
Apr. 2G,1S98 

June 16,189' 
Apr, 88.1888 

June IG.tSW 
Apr. 26.1898 

Apr. Z8.1S9S 
Apt. 26.189B 

Ma? 21.1BS8 

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Udbtbubd In. 

Omttbn. Neb. 

□ftpt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Cwt Roberta. . 

9lck In hoepltal May 2d. 1898; QDaranttlied 
and left &t ObQiD Taciier. 111., at peat 
bOQtiB: reportHd (ur duty at Camp Qeorge 
B. Tbomas. Qh.. Juoe 13. 1898: slei In 
gnartere June 11 to IB. and Jnly 11, 1S98, In 
the line of duty; on furlonEh from Sept. 6 
to Oct. E. 1t38. SB per Q. 0. No. 130. A. Q. 
O.. 8. 1B98: In Ihe aBtllement for olothloK 
Is InelDded the gam of »1. !B. the total valne 
ot articles Iseued br ihe State 

Abaenl without leave Jnly 1. 1898: tried br 
Field OfBeera' Conit; and found cmlltr ol 
Tlolatlue the 3:d Article of War and aen- 
tODced to Foifelc S3, DO of hie pay and five 
daia' confint^tnent, aa per 6. 0- No. 62, 
July 8. lasS; dcdacted from Jalr payroll; 
sick In quarters July 1. 1898. Ane. 31 to 
Sept. i. 1S9S: alck In hospital Sept. 2 to I. 
189S: on farloueh from »ept. 6 to Oci. S. 
16S8. as p^r Q. 0. No. 114, A. O. O.. S. 18SS; 
Id the Betclemenl for cloChlne Is Included 
the sum of S7.G1. the total value of aitlclea 
lasued by the State 

Eorolled alter muster aa per G. O. No. SI. 
A. G. 0,. 3. 1B»8: eick In quartera AnK 29. 
mS, In tbe line of duty; on furloueh from 
Sept. 23 to Oct. (, 1898. as per Q. O. No. 130. 
A, 13. O.. 9. US8; no clDthlnR Isaned by the 

Sick In QnarteCB May 23 to 28. 1898; sick In 
bospltul Junellaod 13. 183S: elcklnqnai- 
ters Jnne Id and Aug. 2S to 28, 1898. In the 
line of dut» ; on sick leave Aue- 30 to Sept. 
2, 1898: on turlouBh from Bent. B to Oct. S. 
1898, as per Q O. No. lU, A ». 0„ S L^»a■. 
Id the settlement tor cloihlns la Inclnded 
the Bum of S7.G1, Iha total valne of articles 

Issued by the State.... 

nrolled after mnater as pec O. O. No ftl.A. 
G. O , 8. 1893: on turloush fiom Sept. 6 to 
Sept, 26. 1898. as per '^. O. No. 130. A. &■ 

O.. 8, 1898; no oiothiDs Issned br the 


Tried by Field Officers' Court and found 
SDllty of Tlolallne the 32d Article of War 
ftod sentenced to forfeit 11.00 of bis par 
as per S. O. No 11. July H. 1S98: deducted 
from July payroll: sick In quarters Adb. 
20 to 28. lt9S, Adk. 30 to Sept. 6. 1898. In the 
line ol duty: on tnrlonab from Sept. { to 
Oct G. 18S8. as per li O. No. 111. A, 3. O.. 
S. 189d; In the settlement for clothlna: Is 
Included Ihe aum of, the total valne 
of articles lasued by the Slate 

20. 1S981 sick Id hospital Aus. 2Q. 1898. in 
tbe line of doty; on f nrloueb from Aui. iO 
to Sept. 9, 1898. and Ciom Sept. S to Oct. G, 
1398. ae ner B. O. No, HI, A. Q. O . 8. 1896: 
In the settlement for clotblna: Is iDClnded 
the tam of II. Gl. the total yalue of articles 

Issued by the Tjtste 

'lied by Field Officers' Court and found 
sullty of vIolatlDi: tbe 3Sd Article of War 
and sentenced to forfeit S2,00 of his PM 
and seven dais' ocnflDeraent, as per 8. O. 
No 22, Sept. 6, 1898; alck In qnartera Auk. 
etc 11. 1893, and Sept, t, 1S9B, In tbe line of 
dnty; on torlouah from Sept. 28 to Oct. G, 
189S, as per U, O, No. ii(. A, O, O.. 8. 1893; 
In the aettlament for clotblcs Is Included 
tbasnmof S7,G1, tbe total value of articles 
Issued by tba State; dneU. 8, IS.GD 

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Apr. UAttb 

Apr. 2S,1898 

Holniea, asrrey A.... 
Horcburff, Albert J... 

AM. 26.1898 

Hosted by 




CEtpt, BoberU. 

Capt. KobertB.. 

Oapt. BobertB.. 

Cnpt. BobertB.. 


CnpC, BobertB.. 

Od furious)! from Sept. B W Oct. B. 1BSS, aa 
D?r e O. No. 180 A. 6. O , S. IBfS; In the 
BBttlemtHt tor cloih^ne la Incladed the 
gam of 97.51. the total value ot acllclea 1b- 

the line of doty; on rurlough from Sect. 8 
to Oat G. IBSa, aa Vf.T G. O No. 13D, A. Q. 
O: S. 1B9B: In the BelllemeiiC for clothlne 
iBlDclndedtbeBumof IS.SZ, the total Talne 
of article B iBsued by the StBte 

Stck in Quurtera June U to i<. not !q line ot 
dot;: !^eDt. B to G. 1898. In the line ot duty: 
on tniloQirb tiom !Jept. 8 lo Oct i, iHSg. as 
per O. O. No. ]80. A. O. O., S. IWi; in the 
Battlement (or oloihlnc la Incloded th« 
snm ot 17. tl. the total Talae ot articles 1b- 
Bued by the State 

On tnrloaeb from Sept. 6 to Oct S, 1B98. as 
per a. O. No. ISO. <t. 6. O . 8, IM: In the 
settlement for clothlns iB incladed the 
sum of 17.G], the total Talue ot articlea Ib- 
Boed bylhe^tBta 

Sick In QUBrtecH June 4 to Jane 8, IB98. Bnd 
Sept. ;:, less. In the Une ot duty; on fnr- 
loatch from Sept. ( to Oct. S. IB9S. aa per Q. 
O. No. lED, A. O. O.. 8. leSB; in the eettle- 
tneDt for clothlDK is tncluded the sum ot 
SI.G1. tbe total value of articles Issued by 
the State 

Sick In qnaners May iS to June 3. ISSa, sod 
June e and 17.1698. In the line ot duty; on 
farloneh from Sept. 6 to Oct. s, IBSS. as per 
O. O. No. 1)0. A. O. 0.. 8. 1893: In tbe set- 
tlement foTOlothlne IB included the earn 
ot, the totfti value ot aiticles iasued 

Enrolled as blackBinith; reduced to urlyate 
Aa([. 1. 1BG8: Bick In qnsrtera Uay 2» to IS. 
1893. Ant. 9 to 27. 1893: sick in boBpital 

aiiHiokleavefromSei>t.2toI.lH»8ion tnr- 
loneh from Sept S to Oct. G.t89S. asper G). 
O. No. Itt. A. 6. 0.. S. 1893; In the settle- 

I ment tor clothlne Is Included ihe snin ot 
11.51. the total TBiaa ot articles isaaed by 
the State 

Enrolled after muster aa perQ. O. No. ei. 
A, G. O.. 8. 1B9B: tried by Summary Court 
and found euIIT; ot TiolatlDt tbe Sid Arti- 
eleot War and eenteDced to forfelilZ.OO of 
Mb pay and elirhl days' confln^meni a» per 
8. O. No. !2. Sept. 6. 1853; tried by Sum- 
mary Court and (onnd BuHty of ytolfttlne 
Ihe E3d Article ot War and senteoced to 
forfeit H. DO of hia cay aa per 3. 0. No. 2a. 
Sept. S. 1899; on fnrloueh from Sept. 2i to 
Oct. 5. 1B9B. aa per Q O. Mo. 130. A. G. O.. 
8 18S8: DO clothing Issued by Ihe State.... 

Sick Id QuarlerB Am. 3 to 14. 1E98. In the Una 
otdQly; ontorloueh from Sept. 6 to Oct. 
5. 1898. aa per Q. U. No. IBO. A (i. 0.. 8. 
1398; la the settlement tnr clothlmr la to- 
eluded Ihe eom ot SI. El, the total value ot 
Bitlelas Issued by the State ■ 

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Apt. 28.1888 

June lfi.l89S 
Apr. S6.1S98 
Apr. Z8.1S9S 

Apr.l ZS.1S98 

June 16.1898 

Jane 16.1BS8 


Apr. ZS,I89G 
Apr. 28.1898 

LovBWBlI. Ralph E.... 

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Sprln afield.. . 

Sprlaeaeld . 

Cant. EtoberCs.. 

Maj. AIslp 

Capi, Robeits.. 

Capt. Boberts.. 

Tried bi Field Officers' Couct and fonbd 
KuUty of violation tbe 31d Arllcle or War 
andeeatenced to forfeit »1,U0 of hlH pay 
and three dniB' conSneinenl as per 3. O. 
No. 2B. June 6. 1S38: deducted from April. 
Mar and June ph7-ioU: Blck Id quanera 
Jupe BO. 18S3, AuE. 3 to 13. li^SS: Id hoepltsl 
Aue. la to 81. issti. lu the line of dutn on 
tiak leave Aug. si to Sept. S. ISBBi on lar- 

. 6 to Oct. fi. 1838. a 
O.. S 1898^ la the 
e Is Included the s 
sine of articles lesi 


im of 

Capl. Boberts.. 

Capt. Bobeits.. 

_,clolhlnet , _„ 

Id Ihe setllemeDt for dutblne 1b Iccloded 
□ of 87.61, the total Value of artlclea 

.... bi the State 

31c b Id quarters Aue.SO. 1898. iQ'the llDe ot 

dntr; on furloueh from Sept. e to Ocl. 5. 

1898. B9 per U. U. No. 190. A. Q. O.. H. 1898: 

Id Ibe settlement for olotblne Is Included 

the sum of Sl.&t. the total value ot aitlclei 

Issued by the State 
Sick In hospital May 

1BS8. a 

.nrlouKh from Sep 
■rQ. O. No. 130, AG 


n turlonsh fi 

1. O. No. 180, 1 
eot (or ck 

.9, C, 


I: atak In i 

ir G. O. No. Bt, 

toBZ, 1899, Id hL ._ 

qaartera Jnlr IB to SO. 1888. Id the line ot 
dot;: on elch leave from Sent. 3 to e, IBW; 
OQ furloueh Sept.. 6 to Oct. 5. 1898. ae per 
G, O. No. Hi, A. G. O.. S, 1898; no clothlne 
WB9 Issued by the htate 

On farloavb from Sept. 8 to 12.1899, Rs per 
G. O. No. IBO. A. G. O. S 1898; tried by 
Sumniary Conct and found enllty ot vlo- 
laclna: the Bid Article o{ War and sent- 
enced to forfeit II DO of hla pai and Qve 
days' oonflDement per S. O. No. 101, Sept. 
26. 1898: dedacl 7G cents for transpoTtatlon 
asnerS. O, 83. A. A. G. O. Dept, of tho 
Liakes; no Clothlne Isaned by the State; 
eniolled after luuaier as per Q, O, No. 61, 

A. 9. O. S, 1898 

Inrolled after master ils per 9.0 No. SI. 
A. G. O. S 1893: sick la quarters June 21 
and Joly e to 1T. 1898, and Ane. 10,1898. and 
Ane. IZto 15. lb9S.inline ot dnty: od tut- 
louEfh from Sent. 6 to Oct. 5, 1898, as per Q, 
O. No 130. A. G. O. S. 1B9S: no clothlne Is- 
sued by the State 

SIcblQ quarters AuB 14.1398, Id llneof duty; 
on fntlnnah irom Sept, 6 to Oct B. 1898. as 
perG.O. No. 130, A, G. O. S. 1898: In the 
settltDienl for clothlne Is Included the 
8nmofST.Sl.thaiota1 value of articles Is- 
sued by the State 

OntnrlouEh troiuKert. etoSept. 24.1898, as 
parQ.O. No. 130. A. S. O. S. 1898: m the 
BsCllement tor clotblne ts Inclnded the 
eumof 87.51, The total value ot aitlcles is- 
snedby the State 

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Apr. JiftlSSB 

Ma; I1.1SW 

Ulie. Walter E 

Nallr. Blehard 


Ua7 21,1S9S 

Plwt, Edward D 

Apr. !8.1S98 

Hosted by 




.- CbiiC, Boberte... 

.. EnroIlRil utter miiater sa pei Q. O, No. 61, 

' \ Id quarlarB Jnly«, 

I. Aub ^ tq 28, 1B98. 

SeDt. 2tuS,l»98, In tine of ilai;:ODfur- 
louelilromSaDt.B to Oct. 6,1698, perQ.O. 
No. 111. A.Q.O.a. 1898; □ocloiblnswaa Is- 

■ 'jFthe State 

I P.O.C. tonnd Bot fuiltr of t 

latin E ttie (( 
No. Z3. June i 
touud eallts' ( 

e of W 



.'urfelt K.OOot his 
iflaement per S 0. 
- ■ ' Jul? 

No. 6t,July B.ISSB: dedDCted fi 

par.roll: e<ck In quarters Mbi £8, 1896. ._ 
Ilneof dati; on rorioanh tiom iiept. 6 to 
Oct. E. 1B98. ae perG. U.No. 130. A. Q. O. 
». IB9S: Id the Bettlemont for clothlne Is 
' icluded the Bum of 17.B1. the total ralne 
f articles tsBUBd by the Stiito 

rolled after muRter aa per U, O. No. 61, 

A.O.O.ti. 1B98; Bick In qusrlerB JnneZI, 
1898, Aoa ti to 11,1S9S. In line of duty: oa 
futloueh from Sept. 6 lo Oct. 6, 1888, as Per 
Q.O. No. no. A.Q.0,8. 1898; no clotbins 

»aB ISBUPd by the State 

irolled after maater hb per G. O No, 61. 
^.a.O.a, 1898: flick In quartors Ang. :a to 
J8,1898. In tloeof dnty; on furlougb from 
Sept. 6 to Oct. G, l^s. as per O. 0. No. ISO. 
A, a. O. S, 1898: no clathltiB lasued by the 

"■ ■ 1 by F, O. C. and found BUllty of Tlo- 
CE tbeSSd Artlcleof Waiand aecteneed 
_. JorfeltU.ODof bis pay and seven d^yg' 
aonBnement per 8 O No. Zi. Sept. fl. 1898; 
«lak In quarters May 24. 1X98. June 18 to 18. 
1898. In ^Ine of duty; on farloueh from 
Sept. ^a ty Oct. 6, 1S9B. ae per G. O. No. ISO, 
A.O O.B. 1898: In the Bettlementtor cloth- 
PK Is Included the >um of SI G1. 'be total 

ralue of articles Issusd by lb. StHte 

ckin quarters IUay2a to jDneg.l89g. tn 
Ineof duty; on furlough frnru Sept. « t» 
Jet B, 1B9B, SBPtrW.O. No. ISO. A.a.0-3- 
189S: In rbe settlement for c 

ded the i 

mot X 

-. Capt. Roberta.. 

. Ullwankee, W 

.trtlolefi issaed by the State , 

Sloh In qnarlers 8 to 11. and 12 to 

Inline of duty; on sick leave Av 
Sept. G.IS98: on turlonEb Irom Si 
Oct. S. 1898. aa per Q. O, No, III}. A i 
1898: In the ••ettl'^menl for clothlt 
eluded tl ■ 



., Slek II ,^ 
1898. Id I 

A Q, . _. - - 

cloth IDE l« iDcIl 


:o 29. 1898. Jnne il 
™Vh f™S 

of artlciea Isaaei 

ir Q, O No. 
■.-ttlement toC 
ot ST.Bt. the 
bim by the 


.. Detailed Id reElmental hospital May i. 1898; 
traDsferred to briES'te hospital Ads. 2. IS98. 
at Camp QeorEe B Thoman. »a.: rrpoited 
to troop at Fort f^berlilsn. 111., Ane 31. 1898: 
— turloueh from Sept. 8 to Oc. 6. 1898, as 
,-r a. O. No. ISO. 4. G, O,. S. 1898: In the 
settlemept for cloihlnK la Included tbe 
Bumoi U.Gl, tola) value of articles laaned 
bfmbythe State 

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PnSer, Manrlce L 

RovmDB, JobnD .. 
Boot, Charles G... 

Seiaper, HenrylO. H.. 

Sehroeder.'OMo F. 
3panldlae, Uearie 


StMk. Edward P.. 
SvauBoa. Charles. 

.BiVBnson. Oscar .... 


Private .. 

Jnue lt,i8» 

Apr. 26,1898 

ChlcBEO ... 

Jane 16, 

June lB,im 

June I6.I8BS 


Jnae IE, 
Jane 16. 

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,. Capt. EobertB... 

.. CBpt RobertB... 

.. Absent wtthoat Je 
by Field OfBcer 
of Tlolatlng- Ibl 
Benteoced to fo 


,ye Mar 2L to 23.189! 
i' Court and iound 
ild Article of Wi 
felt 15. OD of hla II 

iducted from Acrll.Mar 
: tried bj Field Offioera' 

Court ani- 

32d Article of War. and 

felt >3. 00 of bUpaf aQdHvedara' codBi 

a, July 8,11)89; flue i 

oil; on turloueb fri 
-a DerQ. 0. -- ■ 

A. a. O., 8. 
' hlDg la 1 

: Id 

d the SI 


by Field Offloers' C 
ly of Tlolallnc tbe Sai 
seutenced to forfeit : 
S. O, No. 71. June 6 

Oot.6,lM8: per gTo"'] 

ilemeut for olotbtne 



.. Capt. Boberta... 

.. UeJ. Alslp 

Capt. BobertB... 

Chicago .. 

Cblcaero .. 

.- .Ine of duty; on furloueh from ^'ert. « to 
Oct. G. 1893. ae per ». O. 130. A. G. O . 8. 
IB9S; lu tbe Bettlemeut for cloihln; la In- 
cluded the earn of (7.61, ibe total VHlue of 
aniolea isBDed by the Stale; doe U. S. 

.. Sick In qi 

193. In Hue 

:o Sept 2S. 

K». ag irnr d. O. No. IBO. A. Q. O.. S. 1B98: 
I the eetllemenlfor clDthlne is luoluded 
le bhid of 17.51. the total value of artloles 

laned bribe Stale 

„. rolled after muster aa per Q. 0. No. 61. A. 
a. O.. S. IB3S: OD (Drloutb from Sept. G to 
Oct. G.1898. aa per Q. O. No. 130. A. G. O.. 
" -as:nocloth 

b (ro 


'. iB9g. a: 





Capt. RobertB... 

Maj. AlBlp 

Maj. Alaip 

Mai. AlBlp 

Cblcaeo .. 
Cblcaio ., 

,. On (nrlongh Sept. 6 tc, , ._. „, ,„ 

G. O. No. 130, A a. O.. S. 1898: Id tbe set- 
tlemoDt for clothlDE la included tbe sum 
of ITGl^the total valne of artlctea laaned 

by tbe ^tate... 

,. Enrolled after n 

G. 0.. S. 1898: 


.i. 6.. f. 1898: ou furloDgh from Sept. 6 to 
Gel. t. 1BS8. SB ppr G. O. No. 130. A G- O.. 
" -898: no ololbloE was Iseued to bim br 

„ Enrolled aftermuVlBrarperG.'O'NO.'BLAl 
6. O,. S. lesS; on fiirlouab from Sept S to 
"-.. S.1S98. an per G. O No. 180, A. B. O.. 
a3B; no clotblce Issued by tbe State.... 

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Ai>r. 3e.iS3S 

Jnno IB. 1898 
Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. £6.1898 

Uay ie.lS98 

Usr 12.1GS8 
Apr. 2S.189B 

Ubv 1Z.1898 

TonsIeT, Edward 0... 



Yetliurr. Clifford W.. 


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.. Capt. Roberta... 

.. Caot. Bobeita... 

.. Capt. Boberta... 

.. Rack lalBDd. 

,. CarC. BobettB... 

Od elck leave fiom Aqb, 28 to Sect. 5. 1898; 
on tarlonsh (ram Sept 6 to Oct. S. 1868, a.e 
parW. O. No. lU. A-^G. p., S; 1" 

iBperG.O. No.ei.; 
8 'of dury 

, , -estate.. 

G, O., 8. I89S- «!"!. 

28, IS9S. In ti _- ,. .- 

from Sept. « to Oct. 6. 18BS, ftsper 0. O. 
No. DtO. A. a. O.. S. 1898: UO clatblnE la- 
eued by ihsSiate 

Tiled br Field Ufflccrs' Contt and foand 
guilty olTloIallne tbe 6Zd Article of War 
and eanlenced to torlelt SI. 00 of hla pay 
and Qve days' coaBnement out S. O. No. 
84. July 8. ISBS; tried by Field OflJcera' 
Court and tonnd Bullty of violating the 
3Zd Arilcle g( War and aentenced to for- 
feit SI. 00 o{ biB pay per S. O. No 83 July 
11. 189H: all deducted from Jnty pay-rail; 
alck in quottera June ^ to 11, IhBS, Ana. l» 

Aue! 30 10 Sept. 6, 1898: op InrlouEb tiom 
Sept S to Oct S. IfiSa. ae per Q. O. No. Ill, 
A. a. O.. 8. 1898; In the seitleniont tor 
clothlne la included tbe Bum ol SI.Bl, tbe 
tolal Talne of articles Issued by tbe Htate. 

llnl. i<T nnt,rlara Inir G tO Sept. 3, 1898, QOt 

1 furloaeh from Sept. 
per G. O. No. laO. A. 
aettlement for cluth- 
nm of SI. 61. tbe total 
ed brtbeSlati 

6 to 3ept. 21. lt9S. as 
G. O . S. 1898; In Iht 
IDK la Included tbe 
value or articles IBS' 

20. I 

a tbe 

line of dnty; on turlouKh from Sept. 6 tt 
Get. E. 1898. as per G. O No. 130. A. O. O.. 
8. laSH: Id tbe aettlement for clatblns is 
Included tbe Bum of Sl.Sl. tbe total value 

)Qfurloneb from ^apt. 8 to Ooi'ii'.'iMBi'as 
per G O. No. ISO, A. W. , 3. i8BS; in the 
eetttetpent (or clotbins: la Included tbe 
Rum of IT. SI. Ibe total value of aitleleB la- 

le State. 

.■ Cour 

and t-v 

and sentenced to forfeli 33.00 of bla p 
and Sva days' cosflnemsnt per a. O. N 
6t. Jaly 8. 1838; deducted [tooi Julr P' 

on tnrlouith from Sept. 8 to Oct, S. 1898. 
per G O. No. 130, A. G. O., 8. 1898: in I 
setrlement for clotblue IB InclU'led t 
sum of J7 SI. the tc--' — ' ' 

e of artloleB 1b- 

ISSa. Aus 16 to W. 1898; In the hospital 
Aae. 28 to Sept 1. 1993. la the lloe of dnty; 
died at post boapltal. Fort Sheridan. 111.. 
Sept. 1, 18S8; body burled in Brave No — 

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When. Where, 









George P. Tjiner 

BenJnmlD P. Chase. J t 


Apr. 26.1898 
Apt. 26,188* 

Apr. !6.1B»e 
Apr. 2fi.l8»8 

Apr. 28.1896 
Apr. a, 1898 

Llewellyn A. HcCalla 
BdivnTd B. Stephens. 

Hosted by 







B7 whom. 

AUB. 3 to 6, 1B98; elck In hospital Auk 6 to 

rBBlmanlal hlspriBl" Camp Ge'creS h! 
Thomas. Gb., ftua. 18. 1898; final disposi- 
tion of body. Donoar's Grove. 111.: In the 
settlement tor cluthlnff la Inoladed the 
sum o£ 87.61 the lota! value ot attlclea Is- 




B, whom. 


Capt. Boberts.... 
Capt. Roberts.... 

Capt. Roberts.... 
Capt. Roberts.... 

Capt Roberta.... 
Capt. aoberts.... 







Absent, sick from AuB. Bi to Sept. S. 1898, 
per tf 0. 114. A. G. 0.. 1898: absapt Sept! 
IJ lo Oct. a. per G. 0. 114. A. G, O.. 18BB.— 

Sick In ouanara June 16 to IB In line Ot 
duty: detailed ref-lmental commandlnB 
officer per S. O. No. 4J. Hdara. Ist ill. Vol. 


*?lit'p^?^*&TU"2! t± ys"..'.^"!:.^: 




^^^^'S^^No^^^lSr ?h^e7l''EU-'d°J.Vrtsr- "aV- 
polutadlatSereeantJalya, 1898, by verbal 
orders troop commHuder: mustered Id as 
JSergeant; on furlouzh Sept 8 to Oct. 8, 
1S9S, locludre. per G. 0. 130, A. G. 0.. 
1898: In the sattlement for cloihlne Is In- 
cluded tbe sum. 18.18. the total value Of 
articles leaped him by the State; dne U. 

July 1. 1898. per S, 0. No. 13, Iheee head- 
quarters: returned from this duty Auk. «. 
1898. per S, 0. No. 62, these headquarters. 

tr"d'"by *^feld OfflceTs' C?urt* and Ten- 
enced to tor£elc»ll.*0 of his ray per 8. 0. 
lo S2. Hdorn 1st Cavalry Brigade JnlyB. 
898; above fine deducted on pay-roll for 


the aum. SB. 86. the total value of artlclea 
Issued him by the State: due U. 9. 10 80... 
SlcH In unarlera In line of duty June 9 to U. 
IS98, aud Aug. 10 to S8. 1398; on fnrlouth 
July 11 to IB. IBBS. Inoluslve. per brigade 
commander's endorsement, on appllea- 
tlou: onfurlouKh. sick, Aug. B8 to Sept B. 
1B9S: on f uilouih Sept. 6 to Uct. G. 1898. In- 
clnalva. per Q. 0. 130, A. G. 0.. 1898; tn 

Bum, IS 63, the total value of articles Is- 
sued by the SUte 

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Sandolph W, Holluid 

Uoy :i.iS9S 

CbacleaQ. Gaidner... 

Ape. £6. IBM 

May 21.1888 

Apr. SS,1898 

Mar Z1.IB9B 

Uny 21.1898 
M«y M.1BWI 

Apr. Z6.18» 

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Gapt. BobeitB... 

Gapt. Koberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

CapL Roberts 

Gapt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Gapt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Mustered in as private; appolDted Sereeant 
Jnly 1. 180«, per 6. O. Ho IX, thpse Bead- 
qpartere: appolDted Trooti Qnartenn aster 
tJersesBt JuJy 2». IBSB. by verbal order of 
troop eommaader: sick at reiilmenial bos- 
pltal In line ot dntj An^. 29 aud 30. lB9Si 
OH turloUBb. skk. Auir. aa to Sept. S. IHSH, 
InslDslve. ner 6 O. 114. A. 6 O,. 1898: on 
furlongb Sept. B to Ool. 6, ISBS, incluBlVB, 
perQ O No. ISO. A. G. O., 1898, Id iheset- 
tlemeptfor clotblnE Is Included ibe anm, 
t1.«S. the toul value ot ankles Issued 
him o» the State 

[aelered In as private; appointed Seraeant 
July 1, 1898. per Q. O. No. 18. these ifad- 
Qoartflrs; on fnrlouEb from Sept S 1o Oat. 
6. 1898. Inclusive, per Q. O, ISO. A. O. O.. 
1899; In the Betllement tor cloiblne Is In- 
the Sam. t2.96. the lotal value of articles 
Issacdhlm by the BiBte 

Ipatflred In as Corporal: appointed Ser- 
eeant Aue. 20. 1SE8. per order PommandDle 
ofBcecot rerimeDi: on tnrloneh Sept. S to 
Oct. £.1898, iDRluslve, p«r 6. O. No. 130. 
A. G. O . ISBS; In the selHement for cloth- 
IDB Is Included the sum, ts.1t, the total 
value of articles Issued him by thu Stata; 
aoldler underpaid tl.52 on Aueust pay- 
roll; daeU. 8. I0.9D 

LuBiered In as Cariiural; anpolnted Sei- 
leant Aue. SO. 1896. by order commandlDC 

flne"f dutV Aaa.'a 'to"l9. lS9B,'\i' hospital 
Ans. 19 to ZI. 1899; absent on furlough. 
BicS AUE. Z7 10 eeol, it, per Q. O. lit, 
A. G. O., 1898; abeeot. on Inrlonvh Sept. 
26 to Oct. 6. 18BB. per G. 0. No. laO. A. 8. 
O., 1899; in the BeitlBment tor clothlne Is 
Incladed the snm. IS. 79. the total value ot 

arlk lee issued him by the Slate 

UuBtered in ai Corporal; Blck lu onarters 
In Hoe of duty June 12 to £0. and July S to 

O.' SI, these headquarters: on fnrloush 
Sept. « to Oct. G. 11158. per Q. 0. 130. A. G. 
O.. 1898: Id Ihe lettlement forclothlne U 
Included the sum of 17.68, the total value 
ot articles Issued him by the State: due 

the D. 8. M.eo 

[uHtered In as Corpora); on turluueb Sept. 
6 to Oct. 6. per 6.0. 130. A. G. 0. 1898: In 
the settlement for clothine Is Included the 
Bum olU.lS, the total value ot arHoles la- 
sued him-by the State; due U. 8. S5.«! 

Ink In quart era In line ot duty May 23 to 
June 7: on turlonib Sept. 8 to Oct. 6. 1d- 
clupiva. per 8.O. 130, A. G. O. 1S9B: In the 
settlement for olothliie la Included the 
sumoftl.28. the total value ot artlalea la- 
soedhlm by the State 

Mustered In as nrlvate; appointed Coiporal 
July 1. per G. O. No IS. these headquar- 
ters; on fnrlonrb Sept S to Oct. G, Inclu- 
sive, per G. 0. 130. A. Q, O. ISBS: Id the aet- 
Ilement tor olothins iB included the sum 
of 17.61. the total value ot artlales Issued 
him by (he State; due D, ». It.GD 

Mustered In as prlvste; appointed Lance 
Corporal Aur 1.1S98: appointed Cnrporal 
Aus. 20. per order Uommaudlnr Offi<:erol 
the R«3lment; on furlouEh .Sept. 6 to Oct. 
S. toclnBlve. per G. O. No. 130. A. Q. O. 
1898; In the settlemeat tor clothing la In- 
cluded the snm ot 86.8!. the total valaeol 
articles Isaued htm by the Stats 

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LonlB V; Seidel 

Junen J. Weeks 

JuneBM. Fitch 

John Wetlln 

Htuik BlKelns 

Woodward Holmol... 

Arthur L. Thompaon. 

Qeorsa O, Napier 

Edward A. HoBn: 

Robert VaKsllD 

Aitater. John B 

Beanett. Cbacles K ... 


Cbloaso .. 
Cbleaeo .. 

Ua7 31.1898 

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Udbtebsd In. 

- Capt. RobeTtB... 

.. Cnpc RobeitB... 

.. Capi. BoberU... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

,. Capt, Roberta... 


Capt. Sob«i(B... 

.. Capt, Roberta... 


Capt. Roberta... 

.. Mustered In as private; appointed Corporal 
Ane. mi. per order Uommaiiddig Officer of 
HoBtment: on turlDutrh »ept 2S tu Oot. 5. 
■ lelaslve. per 13,. O. 130. A. Q. O. ISSS; Id 
le aettl«Tn«iit foroIothlUE Is Included the 
_:imof S7.51. tbe total value of articles 
iBBnedhIm by tbe jjitate 

,. Uastered Id aa private: elclt In gnartera In 
line of duty July l( to 18; anpolated Cor- 
poral Aur. 2a. per order CommandlDe 
OfBcer of Reelment: on turloueli tiept. B 
to Oct. E luolaelva. per G. 0. No laO. A. 
G. 0. IUSS; la tbe eettlenieot for olothlos 
Is Included tbe som of 87.51, tbe total 
value of articles la Bued him by tba State; 
dueU. fS.MBI 

.. UDBtered In as private: appointed Corporal 
' a. 20. per order CommandlD^ Offlcer of 
Elment: on furloueh HtpX,. iS to Ont. i, 
ilUBlve, per 8, O. 130. A. S, O. 1688: In 
I eettlement for clothlnB la Inolnded tbe 
m of IS.eZ, Ibe rolal value of arilciea la- 

3d bim by the State; due V. S. M BO 

. tered In as private; appointed Corporal 

Sept. E. per S. 0, 81, tbese bearlqaartera; 
on furloueh BepI to Oct 5. IdcIuhIvb. per 
O. O. No. 13D. A. Q. O. 1S5K: In tbe settle- 
menl forclotblae la Included tbe aum of 
tS.62, tbe total valae of articles Issued 
btahy the Stale: dun 0,S. MIS 

.. On furloneb Sept. 6 to Oct. B.lnc. ner Q.O.No. 
ISO, A.Q,0. lasa; In tbe settlemect for 
glotblns la iDclnded tbe sum oflS.Sa. tbe 
total value of articles Issued talm by tbe 
State; due U, S. JU.7S 

..Sick In Quarters lu line of duty July Z3 to 
VOK 2: on furlough alck Ane- 3 to Sept 2, 
jerQ,0.114, A. U, O. 1S98: on furloueb 
Jept. e to Oct. B, Inclusive, G. O. No. 180, 
A. G, 0. 18K8: Id tbe aetClement for clotb- 
Ine Is Inclnded tbe anm of 11.95. tbe total 
vaTneof artloleBlsauud him by tbe State: 
dueD.a. SS,«l> 

.. On farlonsta Sept. B to Oct. 6. iDclualve, per 

" 0. 130.A.G.O. 1898: la tbe settlement 

rclnthlDilslnclnded (ha sum of1S,6Z. 

—J total value of artloIeB Issued blm by 

the State: due 0. S. IB.EB 

. . On furloueb Sept. e to Oct. i. Inclusive, per 
G O. ISO. A. 0. 0. 1B93: Is the eettlement 
for clotblDE le Included tbe sum of se.£2. 
the total value of articles lasned by tbe 

.. On furiougb Sept. fl to Oct. 3. Inolnalve. per 
G. 0. No. 130. A. G. 0. 1B9S; la the settle- 
ntforclothlDB la Inoloded the an m of 

i. the total value o{ artlclea Issued him 

by tbe State 

"d farioUEh Sept. 6 to Oct. t. inclusive, per 
G. 0. 130. A, G O. 1898: Id tbe selltemeDt 
forclotblnErtslacluded tbe sum oESEGS. 
tbe total value of artlclea Iseaed him hi 
the State 

.. On to Oct. S.ie9S.lDCluBlve. 
-ler G. O. No. 180. A, G. O.. 1898: In the sat- 
lemeot (or clotblnv Is Incladed tbe anm 
^t IS.aS, the total valae of artlcU-s Issued 
him by the State: due D. 8., JO. 97 

,. On furloueb Sent. 6 to Oct. B. 1898, per G. O. 
No, ISO. A. G. 0.. 1893: In the seltlemeat for 
olotblDK Is iDcluded tbe sum of ».B!. the 
total value of articles Issued him by the 

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Bower. CbaTlesW... 



June U.IS88 

Apr. SB. 1898 
June 16.18H 




DJion, CboTlea W 

M>r 21.1898 

Apr 26. IBM 

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Spiiugteld... Csttt. Boberts.... ChlfiUTO... 

,. CBpt. BobertB... 

.. Cacit. Boberta... 

.. On tnrlouBh Sept. 26 to Oct. G. 1S9S. Incln- 
' 1. Dtr Q. O. No. 18Q. A. Q. O .1»8B: In ths 
.lemanl for doihlne Ib Inolndaii the 

'■-■---■ vmIub o( artlolea IB- 

— . not deflntted: gen- 

forfeit $^ W of hla par uiil five 

.. B' confluemeDt at bard IiLbor bi Field 
Offlcert' Court tient. 16, ms. absent with- 

., On farlonih Sept. IB to Oct. B per «. O. No. 
-"" A. Q. O.. 1898: In tba settlement for 
:blDE U iDcluded the aom of the 
il yolne of aclldes laened bim b; Ibe 

,. Slot in qiiarfere Aai 21 to 29; Bbeen't slok 
turloneh AUE. 29 to SeDi. U uei Q. O. 
A. Q. 0., 1S9U: on fucloueh tjepi. 6 to 

6 per a. O. No. ISO. A. Q. O.. 189S: no 

clothlne was isaned lo him b; the State... 




Capt. Bobens... 
Capt. Roberta... 


Capt Boberta... 


SprlDtrOeld... C 

Sprl&Bfleld ... 

Capt. Robert!.. 

.. Capt. BobettB.... 

hard labor par 8. O. 

; five days' pht dedncted 
y roll: on tnrlouBh Sept. 

1SS8: Id (he BettleraenC 

elndadthoBQin of 17.11, 

rtlelee lasned him by the State: due U. 



,ti furloaah Sept. 8 t'n Oct. 6. iDclnalTe. pa» 
Q. O No. 180. A. G. O., IBM: In the aettle- 
it for clothlDE' Is inclnded the aam ot 

2. the total Talne of articles issued him 

br1heStat8:dU"U. S., I0.3S 

.. Sick In hospital Aun. 19 to 30; absent sick on 
fnrloueh Auff. 30 to tJept. 5 per Q. O. Ill, 
A. Q. U., 1898; on tnrlouffh from Sept. 6 to 
Got. B. Inolnalve. per Q O. IBB. A. G, 0.. 
1893: In the settlement tor clolhlns Is In- 
eluded the BDm of SB 62. the total value o( 
"cles Issued him by the State 

.. Sick In qasrters ;jep 

130, t 

pi. a toOct. B. IneluslTS 

. O.. II 

: !n 


t for 

cloihlnels iDclnded the anm of )B.S2, tha 
total value o( articles Issued him by th« 

8tftte:dnelJ. 8,.MI.TB 

Od CarioaKb Aug:. 8 to 11 per brlende com- 
mander's endomeinent on application; on 
turlouEh Sept, 16 to Oct. B. Inc1a)<lve. per 
G O. lao. A. G, O.. 189S: lu the settlement 
for clotblDE Is Included tbe sum of 1B.62, 
Ibe Jptal valua^^of articles Issued blm br 

nn furl on Eh 
ir 6. O. No. 

*eDt I to Oct. 6. Inclusive 
30. A. G. O.. t99B: In Ibe 
jlotblcE Is Included the si 
total vatoe of arllclea issi 


"Ick In qnaitera June 4 to I 
louBh Sept, 6 tn !»,•. R. iRnt 

G.O.iao,A.c.- , .. 

tor elotblne Is Inclnded the inm of (7.1>t. 
total value ot artloles Issued him by 

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Uar 81.1898 

Apr. 2S.1S9B 
Ape. 26.1898 

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Where. By whom. 

,, Abaentwltboat leave sad 
tenoed to forfeit »a.SOo£ 
IBS. beadqUHiterB IBI; 
Ace- U; floe ded noted oi 


s^DcIllBfield .. 


Capt. BobertB. 

. Chic* ED .. 

. ChtCBEO .. 

.. Capt Roberta... 


e Stall 

: In hospital Aue. S3 to 29: abeenl. stck 

oDtnclonirh Aqe. iBlo Sept. S. 1898. per Q, 
O, 111, A. G. O.. 1893: on furloueh d«pl. 6 U> 
Oct. 6. iDElnBlTB. par G. O. 130, A. «. 0„ 
IS9S; In the settlemnnt for clolhlne is In- 
clDded tbe inm IS. 82, the total valae of 
■"cIbb tsaaad hlni by tbe Btale: due D. 

_. -0,90 

.. Absent wlthont leave Aur, S3 to Sect. Si 
placed in conQnement Sent H, hnvlnir been 
tried b; Pleld Officer's 
to rorfelt SS,00 and "■ 
labor, per S 0, 89, tl 

., Capt Roberta.., 

Sprln afield . , 

Qprlnsfleld .. 

Capt. Boberts,.. 

Capt. Roberta... 

and sick Id QQBtterB Jaly !2 to Aug, 19. In 
the line of dntyi on furloash Sept 8 to 
Oct. G. iDClneive, per 6. O, No. 130, A. Q. 
0..1BS8; in the eetilement for clDthtce la 
included the sum 11,51. the total value of 
articles Isaued to him br the State; dne 

V S,«.8( 

.. Havlne been drunk waa tried bT Field Of- 
fleer's Court, and BBnienoed to forff it SL 00 
oC hla pay, and to flye days at hard labor. 

r S, O, I 

BHzade July 8, tHSS; this fli 
' Q July ■■ ■ ■ 

>s deducted 

wlthont le 

s tried by Field OfScer'a 
TL aua sBBLBuoed to forfeit 16,00 o( hla 

Biy and three days at hard labor, per S. 
. 1SG. headquartera lat Cavalry Brigade 
. 21, 1BS8: Tbta waa deducted from 

.U9t payroll: on furloueh Sept. 8 to 

Oct. 6. inclnaiVB, par W, 0, 180. A, Q. O.. 
1S98: In the Bettlemttnt for clothlnic Is lU' 
Olnded tbe nam t5 63. the Itotal value of 
articles Isaued him by the Stale:lduethe 

U. S., I0,« 

.. On furlouth Sept. 8 to Oct, i, Incluilve. per 
Q, 0, 180. A. Q, O, 18B8: lu tbe setilement 
forclothinKlsincladed the snm » 62. the 
*""il value of articles issued him by the 

.. SlciTlnQuiirters MBy'io'ta'aBVjuiy'is'toiy, 
realmeiital hospital Aug, 12 to 21: i.elter 
general hospital Aas. 21 to Sept. 8: on fur- 
lOPIh Sept, 8 to Get. E. inclusive, Q.O. Ill, 
A. U, O.. 1898: In the aettlBtuBot for cloth- 

'.be sum !S 62. the total 

Bsned bimby Ihe State.. 

.. On turloneh Sept fl to Oct, 5. ioiilualve, per 
G. O 180. A, Q, 0,, 1B9B: in the seillement 
forelotbinEls Inclnded the sam K.GS. the 
total value of articles issaed him b; th> 
State; dne 0.3. 80.90 

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Apr. 2e,lB9S 
June ifclSW 

Apr. :S,1S98 

June IS.I8W 
API. ».I8W 

Apr. 2S.1BB8 

Apr. ZS.1S98 

Apr. M.1W« 
Apt. IS,lSffi 

June ie.»898 
June I6.I8»a 

f ranee. Spencer 

flranten, Joseph A.... 

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Capt. Roberts.. 


UitJ. AUIp 

Capt Bobeits.. 


Capt, Roberts.. 

Capt. Robects.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

CblcsBo. On farlooBb Sept. B lo Oct. G, Ipotaslve. G. 

0. 13D. A. S. O.. 189S; In the aettlBmrnt far 
olotblDR la luetnded the Bnm tIEi. tbe 
tot&l TalDB of articles Isaaed bim by the 

CblcMtD Havlnar been abeeat without leave was tried 

by Field Officer's CoaiC and sentenced to 
iorte\tt^.BO ot hia pa; Bod two dar's can- 
flDt-ment at hard Ubor. per S. O. IBS. bead- 
qnaiterg 1st Cavalrr Brigade Ane, U.ia»S; 
ihU Hue was dedacted Irom Aneuat pay- 
roll; on turloaah Bept, IS to Oct, S, Ineln- 
Bl«e. per U. 0. 130. A. (3. O , lim; no eloth- 
■ne WHS Issued to him by the dilate 

Cbkaso Sick In quarters Mar 29; onturloush Bept. 

6 to Oct, 6. iDclasWe. par G. 0. 130. A. 6. 
O., 18119; In the setilement for elolhlns Is 
included the sum JIS.62. the total yolne of 

Cbicaeo On turloneb etert. B to Oct 5. IncinsWe'Dsr 

[}. O. VdO. A. Q. U.. 1)I9S; no clolhlae was 
was Issued to him by tbe Stats 

Chkaso Sick In quarters Onna 1-. on (urloueh 8ept. 

6 to Oct g, InolnslvB. cer O. O. IBO. A. S. 
O.. US»: la tbe settlemeut for clolhlni ia 
iQClnded the sum of K.H. the Cilal Talue 
of articles Issued him bi the State: due 
D-S. ja.BU 

Chlcaeo UaTlnv bi-sn absent wlihout leave was tried 

br Field Officers' Court and sentenceil to 
forfeit <3. 00 of bis puy and Ore dur'' ooa- 
fluement at hard labor, per S. O, B3,HdarB. 
Ist Cavalry Brieede. Juli 6.IS9N; dedncied 
fioiD Jul; pay-roll: on furtoneh Sect. E to 
Oct. B, Inclusive, per O O, lao. A, H, O,. 
18a8; In the eettiempnt for clotblne Is fn- 
olnded The sum., the total value of 
articles issued him by the State 

ChlcBBO Sick In quarters Aiif[, 10 to ijept. 5: on Mr- 

loueh Sept. 6 to Oct 6, lesB, inclDi-lTe. per 
Q. 0. 130. A, 6, O.. leas: in the velilpmeiit 
for clothing la Incloded the sum, Si.Bl.ibe 
total value of articles Issued him by the 
State; duaD, S. St,a* 

Cbloaeo Od furlauKh Sept. Bio Oct, G, Incluslvp, per 

G. O lUO, iV. Q. O , laSB; In the xeillement 
for eloiblne is included the sumiT.Gt. the 
total value of articles Issned him by tbe 

Chicago Sicb In quarters June S and 6: absem. alek. 

on tnrlnmih Sept 6 lo Oot. S, Inoluslva, 
pi-r G. O. No. 130, A. Q. O,, 18B8; Id the 
settlement for clothlns U iDclnded tbe 
BDm, iS.fiZ. the total value ot artleles la- 
sued him by the State; due U. S. SG B2 

ChlMEO 3lck lu rpaimentBl hospital Aus.ZO. — ; sick 

■- inarlers to Bept. *. 1B9B; reel- 

Qtat hospital Sept, 4 to . ; 

clothlDB was IsBued to htm br the 

Chloaso B^vTnir used prof Bue'arrd'ohscrDeVaniruaVe 

to sentinel, was tried by Field Officers' 
Court and sentenced to forfeit tz 00 of bis 
pav, per S. 0. 140, Hdqr4. Ist Cavalry 
Brigade, Jnly !I, IB9B; for smokins In 
ranks at attention, sentenced by Field 
Officers' Court lo one day's conflnemeot 
at hard labor, per S. O 19G. Hdqrs. Ist 
Cavalry Brlinde; on furlouah Sept, B t« 
Oot. G. Inclusive, per G. 130. A, G. O.. 
18»ai no olothlnE was Issaed to blm by the 
State; above Aue deducted (rom July pay. 

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Prt te 

lone 16.1898 

Apt. 26.18S8 

Jnne 18,18B8 

Apr. 21.1898 
Apr. 36.1886 

Apr. U.1BS8 

Apt. S«.lB9a 
Apr. 21,1886 

Mar li.l89e 

June W.I89S 

Apr, 28.1898 


Johnson, Jacob 

Johnatone. Babeit.... 

Lowarr, A.ndrBW J.... 

May. Charles I 

Ueyera. Georse 

Uay SI. 1898 


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.. Capt Boberte. 



U>j. Alalp 

GaDt. Roberts . 

.. CsDt. Roberts. 

,. Capt. Roberta. 


Uatit. itobetti... 

.. Capl. Roberts... 

.. Gapt Roberts... 

. Cbleaeo sentenced lo one day's conflnement at bud 

labor, per 3. 0. 136. Hdqrs. let Gavairr 
Brigade, oa farlotiiih Uepi. 6 to Oct G, In- 
clnalve. per Q. O. 130, A. Q. O . IB9B; no 

clotblne: lasned to hlin hg the State 

.. Gbieaeo.. Slcb In qnarters JunelS and 17: on turlouEb 

Sept. 26 10 Oct. 6, IncIanlYB, per O. O. No. 
130. A. Q. O.. 1898; In the BettJemeul tor 
elathluE Is Incladed tbe enni. 11. Bl. total 
yalue of articles Isaned bim by the Stale: 

dneU. S,«3.eo 

.. ChtcsBO OuInrlonEhSept. ZfitoOot. S, Inolnslye.per 

O. O. ISO. A.Q. 0.,1BS8: no clalhlne tseaed 
to him by the Slate 

. Chicaeo met In qnartere June 28 to 3D: on fnrlooeb 

Sept. fl to Oct. 6, laclualve, par G. 0. 130. 
A. G. O.. 1898: In aettJement for clolblDK 
1b Included the sum. KM. total valne at 
articles Issued him by tbe State 

. Cblcaeo Sick tp qaarteFs Jane 8 and 9: absent on 

tncloneh Ans. SO to Sect. 1. 1898. 1898, per 

0, O. lit, A. G. O.. 1899: on failonich Sept. 
8 to Oct. 6. IncluBive. per G, O, ISO. A. G. 
O.. 1808: Id eelclement for clotblne le In- 
clnded the sum. 87. Bl, tbe total Talae of 

. ChlcaBO Absent from drill pelade wlihouV JeaVe; 

tried by Field Officers' Court: sentenced 
to torfelt 12.00 of hie pe>;. per S. O. No. 
100. HdqrB. let Cavalry Driside. JdIt 10. 
18SS: dedncted (rom Jnlj psy-roll; on tnr- 
loDBb Sept. 6 to Oai. G. Inclunlfe. per G. O. 
IJO. A. 0. . 1898: In the settlement tor 
clothlnc 1b Included the snm, ST. SI, the 
total value oC articles Issued bIm by tbe 


lok Id guarlere Jpue IS to 18 and AuB. K to 
!1:on tnrloaeb Sept e to Oct. S. Inclusive. 
per a. O. 110, A. Q. O . it9B: la tbe settle- 
ment tor dolblnz U loclnded tbe BDm of 
8i.62. the total value ot articles Issued bIm 
by the Slate 

Sick la Quarters JnneZi to ZS, Ree. Hosp. 
AOK. 2 to £. Leiter Honp. Aub. t to Sept. G: 
on Inrloaeb Sept. 6 to Oct. 6. Inclualve. per 
G. O 114. A. G O.. 1898: la tbe settlement 
forclotblcBla Included tbe sum ot SI. SI, 
the tola] value ol aritcles isaned bloi by 
tbe State 

Seaienced by Field Offlcera' nourt to for- 
feit Si.HO ot hlB pay per S. O lOB. BdqrB. 
Ist Car. BrlB.. July 16. 1898: deducted trom 
Julr par: sick In quartets June 13 and U; 
on fuiloDBh Sept. e to Oct. fi. loeluslve, 
per O. O. ISO. A. U. O,. 18S8; In the aettle- 
ment lorClothlnBle Included the sum ot 
S2.I9. the total value of articles Issued him 
hy the state 

Tried by Field Officers' Court and found 
eullty of ■triklnr horse and sentenced to 
forfeit ta.OOot bis Day uerS O lie.HHqra. 
Ist Cav.. Jul; ii. isua: deducted from July 
pay-tolls: slcklnboapltal Jaly Zl to Aub- 

1, In quarters Aub. l to 18: on turloueh 
Aue. 18 to Sept. 18 ner G. O lit. A G. O.. 
1898; on fnrli'iiBb Sept. IB to Oat. G per Q. 
0. ISO A O. O.. 1898: no cloihlni was Is- 
sued to him by the State: due U. §.. 81.60.. 

Oo furlDQBb Sept. 16 to Oct. 6. Inslualve. 
petG. 0. 130. A. 6 O.. 1898: In the settle- 
ment for clothlnB Is Included The sum ot 
tl-Gi, tbe total value of articles Uaaed him 
b»the State 

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Moderwell. John 0... 
UoDnflee, Ch&ilea... 

Neahc. Arthnr H 

Norton, Obarlea 

O'BrloD, Mlcboel 

Pfan, Edward W 

Pinner. BeDjamIn C. 
BsUlef , John J 

Sawrar. Phillip A..... 
ijchntetiler. Geoiee... 




.. June IS, 18 

,. Adt. 2S,18 
.. JuDB IS. 1898 
. !B.189» 



.. Jnne IS.ISW 
.. Mar 21,1698 

.. Jane le.iass 
.. Mbt zi.tBes 

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UcaTiBBD In. 




By whom. 




Sick in quar[erB Aqb. T to 2D; abaecc sick on 

M* ■»■!: S,fA'lSl ?. S o'S 

6. 1898. lnola-l»e, POrQ. 0. 130. A. 13. 0.. 
ISBh; do clothlDK vas laBued to him by the 


Capt. Roberta.... 


lonah Sept 6 Co Oat. 6, laoluelvB. per 9 0. 
oln'thliia ia Inaluded the sam of ti.SZ. the 

Capt. Roberta.... 


total valua of artloles lesued him by the 



5; elck on larloueh oept fl to Oct S, inoiu- 

alVB. per Q. 0. 114. A, 8, O,. 1898: In Iha 

BFttlemBDt tor siothlnB la Incladed Ibe 

iu^d "him bj! the* State". '!?■.?..'"."-!'?.. f.' 


Capt. BobertB.... 


Sick In quartBra July 11 lo 13, Aug. 8 to IB; 
on furl^uch Uept. e to Oct. 5. InclUBlve, 
perO 0, laO. A. 0.. 1SB8; Id the setile- 
ment for elothine 1b laclurted the «nm of 

Cnpt EtobertB... 


IS. 63. the total value of aitlclsa laeued him 


Mufllered m hb QiiBrterm aster Sere'eant and 

reducBrt to the ranks July 1 Per S. 0. IS. 

these Hdqra ; aick In quarters Jul; 18 to 
2S. Auff, ! to B: sick on furlouah Sept. 1 to 
IS per li. 0, 114. A G- 0, 1898: on lurloneh 

Hept 18 to Oct B. InclualvB. per Q. liO. 

Ins la Included the aum of IS. S3, the total 

value of articles l-eue.l hlra 0; the Stale.. 




Absent without leave Sept H per S. IS 
and dcnteocxd to forfeit 11.00 of bin ■ohv 
and ava dais' coDHnement by Pield OfH- 
cere' Court Sept. 16. 1898: sick in QUariare 
Aas. i to S«pt. 8; on furloaeh Oct. 1 to 

Oct. G. Inelualve. per 0. 0. IW. A. G. O.. 



IHSS: no ciothlDE was iaaued to him by the 



Sept. 8 to (Jot. 6, Inoluslve, per 6. 0. 130. 

A a. O.. 189S; no elothlLit waa Issued to 

Capt. Roberta.... 



the sum of U.K. the total value of arilclee 

laeued hlto br the State: dna V. 8..U.SG... 


Capt. Roberto.... 


On furloueh Sept. S6 ti> Oct. S. InclDSlve. 
per G, O. 130. A, a 0.. iSBSi no cloth In B 


was laauerl to him by the State 


Tried by V. O. U. and found sruUty of uslnsr 

dlBreap''cttul laaEuase to a non com- 

missioned officer Ba4 aeotenced to forfeit 

W.OO of his pay «iid five daya at hard liibor 

per S. 16!. HdqB. let Cavalry Brleade, 

Aoe.7.189S:on furloueh Sept IBtoUot B. 

Inolnalve, per G. 0. laO, A. Q. O 1W8: in 

tbe senlcmeut for olnthloE ia Inelodt-d iba 

Capt. Roberta.... 


earn of S5 83, the total value of artlclea Ib- 
auedhlm by the Stale 


31ck En quaitera Mar :0-35: on furloneb 

JanelB-26. per Brlitade Commander, an- 

doraement on application: on (urlnnrh 

Sept. a m Oct. B. inolnalve, per B O 130, 

Inir l9 includeri the aum of «,B1, the total 

vain" of arrlclea lasned him by tbe Btate; 

Capt. Roberta.... 


dueU 8 SJ60 


Oo turlnnshSept.StoOct,t, laclnslve. per 

G,0. 130, A. 0.0. 1833: In tbe eetilenixnt 

torcloihlnela Included the 8umot«5.6J, 

the total value of artlclea Uaued him by- 

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Apr. 2B.1SM 

Uay :i.Ifi»3 


Stevenl. Fred H 

May 21,1B9S 

Thompson, any 8 

Ufty 21.i89S 

Wftkem Harold 

A.rr, ze,1891 

Ma; 2I.1S9S 

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MDalBRBD in. 

..Capt. Bobeits. 

.. CkdL Roberta. 

,. Capt. Robeita. 



Maj. Alalp 

Capt. RobBrti.. 

,. Cbleaeo 

,. CblCBtO. 

.. Chicago , 
.. ChlooKO' 

.. Ohicaeo. 
,. Chleaeo. 

.. Capt, Roberta.. 



UbJ. Alslp 

CaiX. Roberts... 

Cbleaeo ... 

Od lorloush Sept, 16 to Oct. 6. iueluBlve. per 
Q. 0. 190. A. Q. O. iwi: In ibe Beitloment 
tor olotblne Is tnclnded the sum of 31 El. 
the total value ot utlclea Isaued blm b; 
tna State 

On fnrloueh Sept. 6 to Got. B, inolualve. per 
U. O. IBO. A. 13. 0. 18S8: In the eettlemsDl 
lor cloitilQe Is InoluHed the nam ot MUl, 
the total valne ot artlolea laaned blm br 

Od fnrloneh S( 

I Got. 6. Inc 

... Q. O ISO. A. Q. O. IB9S: in the settle- 
me nt for cloth In e Is Included tbe unm ot 
t2.19, the total valQe of articles laeaed 
bim by the State: due U. 8. 13 EO 

5l<'k In quartpra June 1. Ree. HoBpl Ans. 
29 ro Sept 10: on torlotiEh Sect, le to Oct, 
S, Indaalve. perQO.iSO. AO.G.iSBS^Inthe 
eettJem«nt for olothlne le included (be 
eum ot IT. 51. the total Taioe of articles le- 
aned blm by the Stale; dne O. 3. 10,16 

laturloueh Sept. ifl to Oct, S, Inolualve, 
PBT 6. O. ISO. A. Q. 0. 1808: no clothlnE naa 
laened to him br tba State 

Ab«entwllhoul leave; Bentenced to forfeit 
$3 00of hla Dayand to five days' confiae- 
mect at bard Fabor vei S. O. sa. Hdqrs, 1st 
Cavalry BrUa<ieJn1v 7,1S99: sick iDOaai- 
tSFB Sept. 1.1S9S1 sick on furloutb Sept. 
S-lperS.G. lU, A.G O ISBS: on fnrloueh 
Sept, BtoOct, 6perQ.O.130. A.G.O. 1 — 

Id the aettlen 

t (ot clot 

_.. lofJI.Sl, the total value of i 
.__uedhlrn bv the States above i 
ducted from July par-roU; doe D. S 
"n tarloueb Sepi. 6 to Oct. 6, 1898, Ino 
perQ, 0.18D. A. Q. O. IB98: tn the 
meat tor clotbinff is Included the the total value of articles lesu 

bv the State; due a. 8 13,60 

D f urlaueh Sept 6 to Oct. G. ioelosl 
n.O, l30.A.e.G, IS9B; In IQb »bM 
for clotfaloe la included tbe 
value ot arl- ' ' 

a InnindK^ 
■ -tlctea 


tides leaned him by 

LMera May M'toM; ' absent with- 
; aen'eoced to forfeit 89.00 of bll 
1.0, toa. Hriors. lat Cavalry Brl- 
- -^1 In c 

:o tortolt 

__ withont iPave Aue, lB-21, 1898, 

and sentenced to forfeit 1600 of bis pay 
and seven daye at hard labor per S. O. IS. 
Hdqrs 1st 111 Vol. Cav.. Sept. 6.1898. els 
.1 . p,y dedooted trnm An^nnt nnv-iHlll' 

jt Sept.S-ia. and 

JlO.OOof hla pay and to 16 day i. 

■ ■- r 3 O 89. Hdqra, l«t 111 Vol. Cav,, 
.11,1899: first fine deducted from July 
rolle: on furloueh Sept. 26 to Oat. S. 
,_ 3 O 130. A, O. O. 1898: in the settle- 
ment for clothlne Is Included tbe snm of 
the total value ot articles laaned 
lythe Stale 

, On turloueh Sf'Pt. 6 to Oot, 6. locinslve. per 

n^ .,^ . n^ 1898:noolotblnewa»lB- 

Bued to blm by the State... 
felt SI on 

mtenced ti 

- .. -. 5 hard 

laoor per o. u oi, Hdqra. Ist Cavalry Bci- 
eade, July 1, 1898: deducted from July pav- 
rnila; alck In quanera July B9, Aoe. «; 
Reet. Hoflol. Aue. 19-29: on turloneh Sept. 
SStoOct. 6. InclnBlve. per Q. O.IBO. A. Q. 
0-1888: In the settlement for clotbine is 
Included the sum ot st.TB. the tnul value 
ot articles la sued blip by tbe State 

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June W ISM 

Jnna 18.1898 

Weltlk. JoaBph, Jr.... 



Apr. 2S.1898 



Aor. %tagB 


May 21.1898 



Apr. ZS.lg3a 

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By whom. 




Sick In reBlmental hOBolUI Jnne 20-22, qnar- 
tBtS M-aSi on turlouBQ Sept 6 to Oct 5. 

J89B; no cloiUlng was Uanod to hlra by th» 

On furlooBh Sent, 28 to Od. S, Inoiuslve. Per 


Caot. Bobettfl.... 


On fBrlouiib Supi. 6 to Oct S, InoluRlve. per 
U. 0. ISO. A. G. . I«S8: In the Betllempat 
lorclotblnB is included the sum M,62. the 
total Talae of artlclee laeued him by the 


Capt. Hoberta.... 


Absent wlthoutleaye Aug. 16 to t9. 1888. and 

to 12 dars at hard labor, per apeclal orders 
iieactqaaiters lat 111. Vol. Cav. ; on Mr- 
liueh Sept. IB to Oct. 6. iDcluslva. per G. 
0. 130. A. G. 0. 1898: Id Ibe BettlemeDC for 
ololblDff is Included the enm IS.Si. the 

Capt Roberts. ... 

total valae of artlclea laaned blm bj the 

On tarlonah Sept 6 to Oct. t. iDoliiBive. per 


Capt. Koberts.... 


SIcfc In QUHrter 9 Jnlv 16 and 16; on farlouBh 

Capt. Sobarta.... 

8.1898. by order Miijcr Gener>il Breckea- 
rtdiie per foarrh endorgement and gar- 

Capt. Rebeita.... 

Appointed Corporal Jnly 1. 1B9S, per G. 0. 1, 
theee headquHrters: dixctanrsed anH fln^ 


Capt. Bobarti.... 


Appointed St^reeant July 1. 1868. per G. O. 
13, tbege beadquanera. and dUcbarKed 
and final atalement slven Aqe. 23, br order 


Capt. RobeitB,... 


Muatered In as lat SorEfiant: reflncad to 
dnty Sereemit Julr 6. to the ranks July 11. 
1898. by S O. i2. tbeBF<beadaaHrtera: trana- 
ferred to Troop H^lhl.^reBlmeBt. Jnly U. 


Capt. KcbertB.... 


Died at Camp Th-;ma8, Ga.. Aue. ZO.lsW.of 

0.. AUE. BI.1S98; alcklnquarleraAatr. SKi 
6.1898: shk la reirimentsl hospkal Aue. 1. 

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Ednard C. Batlei 
Charles M.BeHiu, 

ChrU.C. Taylor., 
Ben WInelow 

Cbarlea F. Fanli. 

Late Hayes 

Thomas Saul 

OscatJ, Llndaticm.. 

Cbrlstlsn B. Ellgore. 

Donald D. MoIatTie 

2d Lleal«DaDt.., 

Q. U. SeiEeaot... 

Apr. 26.1tI98 
Apr. Ze.lH98 

AnE. 18.1898 

Ma; £D.1S!H 

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Capt. Roberts.. 

Bloom In e Ion. 



Cact. Robeita.. 

Capt. Roberte.. 

On IfiftTB Jnly 16-21. 1888 

la :eavaJaly2gio Ave. T, doe S18.ES. halt 
Has tor all days erroneouals withheld br 

MbJoi BarlzBll from AQenst p8>y 

lt»cb»eed from Troop B. tmne reslment. 
to [Hke commlaBlon iB 2d LlBntenant In 
Troop a. same reBlmvnl; so oriler re- 
calved from Adjalant General's oiHcB us 
to rlaht of dlBctaarae; appointed Aaa. IB. 
1BS8, 2d Lloutanant 

Bcrolled hb pilrate: appointed Sereeuit, 
per B. B. O. No. 13, Camp aeoree H. 
Ttaomae. July 1. 1898; appointed Quarter- 
master SereeaQC, per verbal order ot 
_Jiily 1^1898; apBolDted 

1st B 

D 6rdBr 

I. Ft. 


O., IB9B: no QlOthlnS naa ibbueu uiui uy 

tbe Slate: daeU. S, 16.05 

Iprolled as private; appointed SErBeant. 
per K. Q. O. No. IS. Camp Qeoriie H. 
Ttaomai'. Qa.. Jaly I, 1898; appointed 
Troop QaaitermaBtet Sereennt, per TroOD 

. ill-. . 
Get. 6. 

S to Get 

I. 1B9B; absent, skk In 

„. ,, ,. 28 CO Sepi. 6, 1888, per 

G. 0. m. A. Q. O., 1898; on iuriough Sept. 
6 to Got. B. 1838. per li. O. 180, A. Q. O.. 
1B98; no clothlne was Isaaed him br the 

State; dueU S 10.08 

Inrolied aa private; appointed Serceapt. 
per B. Q. O. No. 13, Camp Geo. H. Thomaa. 
Oa.. Jnly 1, 1898: sick In lloe of datr la 
boepltal. Camp Thimae, Ane. 22-21, i898; 
Siek In line o£ dnty Id bOHDftal. Ft, !iher1- 
dan. 111., Auer. 21! to 20. IWt: on furloueh 
Sept. e to Oct. 5, 1898, per Q. 0. 130. A. Q. 
O, 1833; no clolhlns lasned blm by the 

Slate: dne D. S. SO. 08 

Enrolled as private: appointed Sereeapt. 
per K. O. 0. No. 13. Cnmp Searge H. 
Thomas. Oa., July 1. 1888; on furlonah 
Sept. 8 to Oct. 8. 1883. per 13. O. No. 130, A. 
O. 0., 1S9S: no cIothlQE Issued him by the 



— , , appointed Serseant, 

ft! K. Q. O. No. 13. Camp Georie H. 
homas. Oa., July 1. 1888: on lurlanah 

Sept. 6 to Oct. 6. 1898. per (J. O. No. lao, A. 
O. O., 1898: no clolblns leaped him by 

State: dueO. S.SO.EO 

Inrollei) ae private; appointed Corporal by 
B. 6 O. No. 13. Camp Georee H Thomas, 
Qa., July 1. 1898: appointed SeiEeant. per 
B. 8. O. No. 17. Camp Thomas, Go., Am. 
21. 1898; on furlough Sept. to Oct. S. 1t>98. 
G. O. 130, A. G. . 18B8: no clothing: 

Issned b: 

>y State; dae D. S. 10.98... 

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Uay £0.189S 

Howard BrlotoD 


Ape. 26.1B9B 

May a).iW» 



Apr. 28.1898 

Bloom JDEtOD 



Apr. 2B.18SB 

Hosted by 



Enrolled «h private; appointed Corporal, 
per H. a. O. No. 13. Cump OeoiEe H. 
Thomiia. Oa., Jaly i. 189S; sick In lice of 
duty In boepltBt. Camp lieoree U, Thamas. 
AuE IS 10 £1, leSN: etck In lice ut duty In 
ho^pltiil, Ft. Sberldan, 111.. Aiie. 27 lo 80. 
1I)9B; on furiooeti Sevt t M Dot. fi. 1898, 
per 0- O. 110. A. Q O., 1B9B; do aiothlng' 


Cast. Roberts.. 

) b., lB9i 
e: due U. 

iom»a, 6a.. July 

- -lots. 189., ,.._. _. 

o clolhlne Issued blm by tbe 

ppolntecl CoViiorBl. 



StkTlnarBeld . 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Robsrts.- 

Cftpt. Roberts.. 

Oapt Boberts.. 
Capt. Roberts.. 
Capt. Boberti.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

R. G. 0. No. 

Qa.. July I, II 

_o ololblne Issned blm by the 

eO. S. 14,36 

* le; appointed Corporal per 

Thomas July IT 
it duty Id boepltsl. 



Bloomlueton . 


tlaee. July 2S to Ai 
illneol duly Aug 

610 Oct S.imperG. 6. No. 130. A. G. O.. 
1898: noclotblDelsauHd blm by the State: 

dneU. S..S3 15 

!nrolled as private: appointed Corporal per 
R. G. O. No. IS. Camp Geo H. Tbomas. 
Ga.. July 1. iSSS: on furloueb Sept. S to 
Uct, B. I89B, per G. O. ISO. A. Q. O.. 1898; 
□o Rlothlns leaned him by State; due U. 


Inrollcd as private: appolDied Corporal per 
K. a. O. No. 13. Camp Geo. H. Thomas, 
Gb.. July I. ISSS: on detached eerripe at 
recmltlnr atatloa. BlaomloKton. 111.. Jane 
11 to 33. 18B8. per B. O. «1. A. G. O.. 1SS8; 
on turloneb Sept. 6 to Got, 6. 1898. Per Q. 
O. 1»0. A. G. O.. 1B9S; no clotblnf Issued 
blm by State 

GuroUsd as private; appelnled Corporal pet 
K. G. O. No. 13. Csmp Geo. H. Thomas. 
Gb,. July l, 189N: detailed as Clerh at Post 
Hdqra.Auff. 2B. 1898. Fort Sheridan. 111., 
to Sept. 6: on torlourb Sept. 6 to Oct. S. 
1898, per O. O, ISO. A. G. 0.. 1898: no cloth. 
Inf Issued him by the State; due D. H., 

BuroHed as private; appointed Corporal per 
R. a. U. No. TT.CampGeo. H Thomas. Ga.. 
Auic. 31, 1B9B; no ciothlDe Issued him by 

the Stgle: due U. 3.. SO. 29 

Intolled as saddler: on turlourb Sept B to 
Get G. 1898. per (}. O. 130, &.O.0. 1898; no 
cloth In B' Issued him by the State; due U, 

larolled as private: appointed Wazoner 
Aug-. 1, 1B99, PT yerbal order troop com. 
mander: on furlough Sept, S to Oct. G. 1898, 
per Q. 0. 130, A. G. 0„ 1898: no elottalnE is- 
sued him by the State 

Inrolled as private: appointed Tcnmp^ter 
by verbal order of troop commander Jnoe 
1, 1898; on turlouEh Sept. E to Ocl. G. 1S98. 
per O. O, 130. A. Q. O.. 1S98: do clothlne 
IssDod him by the State: due n. S..S0.TG.. 

Hosted by 








William B. DuDk 



Apr. ie,lB38 
Apr. !S.I»9e 

May i0.18S8 

Apr. a. 1898 
Apr. ZS.189S 

Jane 1B,IB9H 





BlooroloKton.. .. 



J«ne 18.1888 

June 18.1888 

Apr. 28,1898 


Hosted by 



BIoomlnetoD . Cspt. Hllli 

CaDt, RobertB.. 

Snriiiefleld .. 

SlDomlnetoii . 

BloDmlneton . 

Capt. BobBttB.. 
Capt. RoberiB.. 
Capt. Roberts.. 

Cspt. HUU 

Cart, itoberte.. 
C»pt. RobertB.. 
Copt. HIIU 

Sprlnefleld... Capt. Boberta.. 


BIoomlDKtoD . 
BloamlUKtoD . 


Enrolled as prlvnte: mipolnted Trnnpeter 
bT Teibal order at tcoap commandeT JdIt 
1. 1868; Blek In line of duty In hospital, Fori 
Sherfdan. III., Aae £8 to 30 16S8; Blck In 
line of duty In hoipital &□£;. 3i to Hept IB. 
ISyS; on CnrlouKh »ept, is. iaS8. to Oot. t. 
1B98, per O. 0. IW, A. O. 0., 1838; EO dolh- 
Ina lasned him b; the Scute; due O. 3.. 

JolDGd and enrolled ub private after maBter- 
InoCtiooD: BppolDtad Fairlei per verbal 

order OfttOOO O0l"'"nn'l"'- m" l ISIW- nn 

farlough Sept 6 

Ho. ISO, t 


Oct G, IMS, per Q. 0. 
IB; no olothlnK lasQed 

D. 8.,r- " 

him by the _., 

On tarlOQBh Sept. B ro Oct. i. IB9S. per Q. 0. 
No. 130. A. G. O.. IS98; no olothlnr lasned 
him by the St ate 

.io cloiblDK iBBDBd him tay the Stale 

Enrolled as ptlvste; appointed Serteant per 
R. 9. 0. No. la. Camp Geo. H- ThomaB, Ga., 
Jply 1. 1893: In arroat by civil aathorltlei 
at Chattanoosa. Tenn., July :i7 to JB. 1898. 
IOC disorderly conduct; tiled and COQ- 
vloted ot the offepse; reteased op payment 
Of fipe; Id arrest at Camp Thomas. Qa., 
Joly :9; charee. violation H2d Article of 
War. Bbaent withOQt leave: tried by Field 
Officers' CotiTt. found anllty. and sen- 
tBBced to be rednced to the ranka and for- 
feit Sia.OD nt bis pay per S. O. No. 1G1. 
Hdqra, isl Cay. BrU . Camp Thomas, Qa,. 
Aue. 1,1898; Sue paid and dedocted from 
Ausnet pay-roll; tried by Snmmai y Conrt. 
charee. violation 62d Artlole of War. diso- 
bedience to noncommlaeloDed officer, 
found BPllty and aentenoed to five days' 
confinement at hard labor and to forfeit 
tl.OO of hlB pas: tried by the aame oOPrt. 
obarse. violation Bad Article of War, ab- 
eence from dresa parade, foand guHn and 
aentenoed to forfeit SI 00 ot hia pay, Reo. 
S C. Ft. Sheridan. 111.. Sept. 6, US8: no 
clothlDs laaned him by State; lait two 

_ G.O.. 1898; no clolhlni 

j;dQe U. 9. SI. 61. 

On fnrionith Sept. B to Oct. 6.1898, per G. O. 
130, A. O. O., 1898; no olothins Isaned by 

Slate; dne U. S 8*. 35 

.lok in line of duty In hospital Camp Tboni' 
aB. Qa.. Aug. 11-15. 1868; absent, elck In 
line of dacy Ane IS to Sept. B. 1«98. per G. 
O IM. A. G. O.. 1868; on furlonBh Sent. to 
Oct. S,1898, perG. O. lao, A. G. 0,1868: no 
clothiDs Issued by State; dne 0. S. to. 03... 

Joined and enrolled after master-In pt 
troop; furioujfhfid Sept. 8 to Oct, B. per Q. 
O. ISO, A. Q. O , 1868; no clotbloB Issued by 

Stale; due U. 8, S0.U6 

Id farlough Sept. 8 to Oct. 6,1888. per 8. 0, 
13D. A. U. O., 1898; no clothliifr fssaed by 

OnfaciouzhSept. Bio Oct. S.IBSB. per G. 0. 
■""■ A. G, O,, 1898; no ololhlne leaned by 
— :B:due D. S.St.ia 

Joined and enrolled attermnslerln ot troop; 
turlopghed'^epl. 6 to Oct. S, per 6.0. UO. 
A, G- O.. 1898; no clotbins lasued by State; 
dne O. a.Sl.36 

Absent. Bick In line of dnty Adb- 18-18. 1898; 
fariDOEh ezlepdnd per Q, 0. 114, A. G. O.. 
1898. to Sept, B, 1898; on mrlongh Sept. 6 to- 
Oot.E.189S.perU.0.13<I.A,G.U,. 1898; na 
clotblni l9Bued by State; due U. S. 10,10... 

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Daaoe. Geores H 

Apr. M.189S 




& s-s 


Fsolk. Clarkson 


Uar 2BAm 

Mar s>.l83S 

Hlfffflna. Prank E 

Hsmblin. QBOrge W.. 


Sloominifton . .... 

HamtltOD. Bert 


June IS. 18^ 

Apr. ZE.189S 


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CupL. KotieiCs... 
Capt, Roberta... 


Csiit. Roberts... 


Capt. RobectB.. 
CbpC. Roberts.. 



Bio am In Eton , 


' Slate:. 

fa a 

rlouEh Sept. 6 to Oct. S. I89S. per Q. 0. 130. 

.. G. 0.. 1S98; no cloihinB tMx.cH h= Si«ib 

tailed AellPB Con 

rliade. Camp Geo. a. inimaB.u 

I to aott. Z6. 1B98. per Brleado 

'ort° Bhetld'an. III. Ave ll.lBSst 
lUBhSept. 21 to Oct.B,lS98, per ( 
-. a 0: 1893: no clothing: laaaed t 
dueU S.saiiS 

On tndoutih i^ept. e to Oct. E. 1S9S, p 
13D. A. Q. O.. leaH; no olotbloE la 

No ololhlDs Isaned bj State; due D. S 10.29. 

Jo'ned and etiral1''d atier muster-In of 

' >od; od fnrlouBb Sept. S to Oct. S. LS98. 

r Q. ISO. A. Q. O.. 18SS: no elotbliiE 

_.>ned br State: due U.S. 30. 11 

On rurlooEb Sept S to Oct 11. 1898. perQ. O. 
130. A. Q. O.. 1BB8: no clothlaE tsBaed by 

Trlei] bv Hammair Conrt TlolBllon 38d Ar- 
ticle of War. absent from drees parade: 
tonnd sulHy and sentenced to forfeit 11.60 
of bis pay. K. S. O, No. 1, Fort t^beiliian. 
111. Sept. 3.1S9S: on farlouEb Sept 8 to 
Uct S. per 0. 130. A. U. O.. l)iS8: no 

olothlEB Issued by State 

Vied by Siimmary Court; cbacie. violation 
33d Article uf War. absent from dresa 
natade: tound Enllty and sentenced to 
forfeit tl.BO o( his pay. record Snmniary 
Court. Fort Sburldan. 111., )jepl. 3.1808; on 
forloosh Sapl, 9 lu Oct. 6, 1838. per 9. O. 
lao. A. a. 0.1 1898; no clothlne Usned blni 
by the State; due P. S. M 76 

On furlontb Ana 13-19. 18^8: furlODEb ei- 
tended on enr^eoD's certificate: returned 
- dnty Aus. 29. 1393; _'■■-- 





SprlneBeld . 


Capt. Roberta... 

pt. Roberts... 
pi. Hills 

I. Capt. Hills 

. CapL Roberta... 

. Hills 

. Capt. Roberts... 





130. 4. a 0. 1893: I 


_ ,. _. . _bylhe State 

Joined and enrolled after mnater In of irooD; 
' ' inch Sept 6 10 Oet. S. IS9S. per Q. 
L. Q O. 1898; no clotblne Issaed 

ihe Stale 

Joined and enrolled aftermaater'lnof tronc: 

■ But sick In line of duty AuE T to Sept. 

.33, per Q O. 11*. A. H O. 1893: on fur- 

fb S"pt 6. 1898, to Oct B. 1898, per Q O. 

A. Q. 1393; no clalhlnE Issned bim 

L. Joined and c 

rolled after 

tr In Of 

latlon of 83d Article of War. abaenl 

mdresH parade: foncidnnt enlHv; Rec 

_ jamary Coort Pt. Sheridan, 111., Sept. 6. 

1398; no clotblne Issued by ibe State: diw 

per 9, O ISO, A G. O. 1S99; no clothlne Is- 
sued him by Ibe State: due U. S. mOl 

Absent sick In Hoe of dntv Aue J to Sept. 6. 
1B9B, perG. O lU, A G, O. lew; on fur- 
loQsb Sept. 6 to Oct. G. 18B8, per Q 0. 130. 
A. 9. 0. 1898: DO olottalng Issaed blm by 
the State; doe V. S. ti.lB 

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EeeffBD, Theodore 
KenDlns, fred 

EauCer. Chria J 

Kmesar. tinstava F, 
E«lser. Qeor^e A.... 

LoveleBB. Tout 

Larcenc. Ira 

LantE. James B 

Lanvley. Elmer E... 

LonK. OmerE 


Moore. LawBOn B 













BtoomlDEtOD . 

BloomlnatoQ . 

BloomlDgtan , 
Bloomlnetou , 
BloomlnstoQ , 

BloomlntctoQ . 

Bloomlotrten . 

Bloomlatrton . 

BiMmlnartoD . 


Apr. Se.lSS8 

Apt. H.US8 

Apr. 18.1S98 

Apr. 2e.l8K 

Apr. ZB,I8S8 
J nee IS,' 

May 20.181 
Uar 20,1EI 
May a).ie: 

May 30.18 
Jane IS. IS 

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Udsibrkd in. 



By whom. 


Gapt. Roberts.... 

Sick in lino ot dnty; In hospital at Ft. Sheri- 
dan. 11],. Aub. alio Srpt,1. iitiS; onfor- 
loueb Sept. 7 to Oct. S. 1898, per G. 0. 130, 
A Q.O. 1B98; no olothlnK iaeued him by 

the8tate;dueO. 8. lO.flO 


Cftpt. BobBrlB.... 

BloomlnKton . 

1" arrest Aas. zo. 1S9B: ch arse, violation ot 
32d Article of War, absent from 10 a. m. to 


iWoVb'ii p^e-i^rn^rcefV}* 

Sheridan. 111.. 8ept. 6, 1BS8; no clotblue la. 

sued him by the State: due U 8. J2.70 

On tnrloueh Sept. 6 to Oct 5.1898. per G. 0. 


Capl. Roberts. ... 

Bloonlaffton . 

Capt. RobartB.... 

130. A. G 0, 1808; no olothinB Issued him 
by tbe State.... .............................. 

Go turlouBh Sept S to' Oct. B. 1898. per G. 0. 

ISO, A. GO. 1898; no dolblne leaned him 

by the State 

Capt. Roberts.... 


Uapl. Koberla.... 


elothlng Issued him by the State; doe 0. 


TrlfKl by Summary Court" cbariterTUiatron 
of Sid Article of War. ab-^ence from dress 
parade, found enilly and senteneed to for- 

feit Jl.ODot his pay; Rec. Summary Coo rt. 

Vt, iherldan, 111.. Sept. B.18H8: no cloihlni; 



^tck in line duty, in hospital at Ft. Sberl'. 
dan. 111., Auk- 27 to Snpt. 10,1898; on far- 
lough Sept. 10 to Oct. 6,18S8, per Q.O. No, 
130, A G.O. 1899; DO clfhlns Issued him 

by the Slate: rius U. S. S0.83 


Capl. Roberta.... 

Fair Dale 

Sick Id Hue ot du'y. In hospital at Ft Sheri- 
dan, til., Aue- W to Sept. It. 1833; on tur- 
louBt Sept. 11 to Oot, 6. 18!S. per Q. 0. 130, 
A. Q. 0. 189B; no elothlne SBued him by 

the State: due D. 8. 80.80 


Capt. Roberta.... 


Tried by Summary Court for violation of 
S3d Article of War. abseuee Crom dress 
parade; fonnd not enlUy; Kec. Summary 

Court. PI. Sheridan. Ill, Sept. 6. 188B: on 

furioUBh Seot 8 to Oct. S, 1838. per G. 0. 

No. 130, A. G 0. 1898; no clotblPt; Issued 

him bv tbe State; due D. S. )0 30 

SprluEfleld . . . 

Capt. Hoberts.... 

Bloom Id gtOD . 

Sick In line of duty, in ho"pltal Camp Geo. 
H. Thomas Auir. It to 23.1938; no clothlnB 
Issued him by the State; due D S.tOW... 




Joined and enrolled after master o( troop; 
sick in line of duty In boEPltal. Camp 
Georere H. Thomas. Ga.. Ane. 19 to 'ii. 
1B99: on furloniih Sept. 6 to Oct. B. ISSg.Per 

soed him by the State: due D. 8. 83.85 

In arrest at Camp Georee U. Thomas. Ga., 


CttPt. Roberts..,. 


July a. 18B8; charge, violaUon o£ asd Arti- 

cle of W»r, Bhsect without leave: tried by 

Field Officers' Court and found eallty and 

sentenced to confinement at hard labor 

tor five days and torCelt 13. DO of bin pay. 

per 8. O SO. Bdqr». Ist Cavalry BrlKBile. 

CampGeorae H. Thomas, Ga . July 11, 

nKy-'rolh^lcS Hi^Idb oYduly 1n'™Bplt°K 

Ft, Sh.rld.n. III. Aui flO to Sent. 7. 1898; 

on fufloueh a^pt. s to Oct. 6. i8»8. perG. 

0. 13D. A G. 0.. 1898; no clothiuE IsBUed 

him by the State; duo D. S. 10.16 

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Mm I0.18B8 
Apr. se,l8S8 

Apr. 28.1898 
Jnne 18.1898 

Tune 18.1896 
June ie,iB98 

Apr. Z8,lBra 
Apr. ».1S98 

Jme 1S.18M 
Apr. ».tt98 

Apr. K,]898 




Mar 20 ihW 

Uar ED. 1898 


Porter. Wniiam S 

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SprlnEfleld... Capt. Bobetts... 


Capt. Roberts. 
Cftpt Hills.... 

Capt. Hills .... 
Capt. Hills ... . 

SprlQirfleld .. 
SpclDEBeld .. 

Capt. BobertB. 

Capt. Koberls. 

Anchor . . 

,_., ;o«, 1898: sick In 

llDB of i3at7 Id hoepltftl, Ft Ijborldan. III., 

Am, 2J to SO: oa furlouBh 30 to Sept. 

e. 1B9B, ner Q. O. Ut, A. Q 0. I89S: on tnr- 
loueh Sept, 6 to Oct. 5. 189S, per O. O. im. 
A. a. O., ie9§: no clotblne lasnedhlm by 

thsStfttO! dno O. 9. SO. 09 

.. Placed In boBpiral. alck tn Dne of dot;, 
CHmp OeoTge H, Thomus. Gb , Aas. Z2, 
1898: returned to duty. ITt. SherldHn: 111.. 
Auk. 21. lasa; tried bi Bnmmiin' Court, 
cbarae, vluUtlon of 3ad Attlrle of War, 
abaeuce from dress pardcle: found gaWty 
and aenlenced to forfeit il.OO of hts 
EST. per R. S. O. 87. Ft Sheridan. 111.. 
Sept. 10, 1898: on furlouah eept. e to Oct. 
5. 1S98. per O. O. No. 130, A. Q. O., IS98: no 
Glothluff leened blm b; the ^tate: due U. 

feeued blm by the S 
lolDod I ' 

! fttter 

e of d 

bosDltHl, Ft. 
98. in li. o. 

.. Orldley 

,, BloomlnetoQ. 

SharldHa. Ill, 

furlough Sept 8 to 

130. A. a. 0., 18BS; , ....,„vu. u. 

the Stale; due O. S 80.18 

.Joined and enroled after mueter In of 
troop: sick In line of dat5 In Lnapllal, 
Camn Qeorge H. Tbomas. Qb... Auk. ii to 
24. 1898: aick In lice of duly In hosplial. 
Ft. SberldHn. 111.. Aub. 26 lo Sept. II. 1898; 
on furlouib Sept. 14 to Oct. 5. 1898. per Q. 
0. 130. A. (i. O.. 1898; no cloiblus leaned 
him by Che State: due U. S. Jl OS 

On (arloush Sept. e to Oct. i. 1S58. per Q O. 
139. A. li. 0.. 1898: no clotblntr Issned blm 
bytbe State 

Sick In line of duty In hoapltal. F(, Sberl- 



Cap! Roberta. 
Capt. Roberta. 

,. Bloomlnscon,. 
,. Bloomlceton,. 1 

him by State; due D. 8.84.84 

)ii«h Sept. a to Oct. B. 1898, per 8. O. 
e O., 1898; DoclothluE Isaned blm 

Field Office 
bard labo; i 

d forfeit 13.09 of bla I 

found ttiillty sad aenlenoed to forfeit 
_ .0 of bla pay; record Summary Court. 
Ft. Sheridan, Sept. fl. 1898: on furlough 
Sept S to Oct. 6. 1898, per G. O. 130, A, 8, 
0.. 1898: no clotblDS Usued blm by Slate. 

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June 1B.1S38 
Ma; 20,1898 

Hay 20,189a 


Riddle. Charles A 

Ronrs, Cllttan H 

EMnBh. Willi™ 

UaF Z0.1S99 

June 1B,IB9S 


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.. Capt. Hobertg... 


9t at Camn Oeo I 

%: charne. vloJai 

aobedlenee U 

. TbomaB.Qa,, Jnir 
on 62d Article at 

oflloeri iTlBd I, 

found Bulltr and aentenced to Qva (« 

,_, ,jrB O. No. 68, Huqrs, 

latCav. Br1ff..i;8mD ThomsB, July S, IsSS; 
flue paid and deducted tiom July DM-roll; 
'n hOBplIal, Camp 

3 li, 1898; I 

erldan. 111., 

SpTlnsSeld ... 

Capt. Boberta. 
Capt. Roberta.. 
Capt. Roberta. 

.. C&Pi. Roberta. 

,. Cwt. Roberta... 

.. 91i 

due U.S., to, 2! 

' ' line o[ duly In hOBDiial. (Jamn G 
tiomiix, Ga.. Jalf 22 to Aiis. 1. If 

.. SblTley. 
.. Hadaon. 

.. Decatur 

.. Uinlei.. 

llneot dniy AUB 7 to Sent. 

6. iB9S. per G. 0. 111. A. Q. O.. leSS; oo for- 
loniili Sept 6 to Oot 5, 1893. per G. O. lilD, 
A. U. O.. 1B9B: no ctotbtiiK Uaned blm br 
tbe State: dne IT. a.. S1.4S 

0" f urt'iuRb Stpt. e to Oct. t. 1S88. per 8. O. 
No. ISO. A. O. . 18Sa; no clotblne lasaed 
hlra by the Stale 

On furloueb Sept B lo Oct. S, 18SH. per Q. O. 
" 130, a, S. O., IfSH; no cloihlni leBDed 

by tHe State; due U. 8..SI.65 

._. "..O.Ho. 


olbtni; las 

- . lorloueb Sect. _. .. 

I83S. per G, O. No. 130, A. G. . IXBSi due 

(J. S, lO.H 

p arrest at Camp Geo. H, Thomas. G a., July 
20. 1B98; charee. Tlolallon iZA Article of 
War. absence without leave; tried by Field 
Oaicera' Cniirt. found KuUly and aCD- 
t*iiced loconflnemenc at ibree days' hard 
labor and forfeit IS 00 ot hia pay per S O. 
111. Bdqra. let Cav, Brie.. Camp ThomaB. 
Ga.. Jaiy W 1B9»; fine pxld and dedncted 
from July nay r"ll; dd furlough Sept, t to 
Oct i. 1898, per 6. 0. 130. A, G. Q.. 1S9B. do 
clo'hlnB issued him by State: due U. B„ 

Tried by S 

83d A 

r»de, f™ 

Icle of 

ree. violation 
iced 10 forfeit 

., _ 0. No. 1. Ft. 

Sept. !. l898;^on (urlonct 


BlDomlnEton , 

Capt. KobertB... 



ti.eo of bla V 

Sheridan. HI.. .. ,._ . 

Sept. a to Oct. B, I89B. per 9 O. No. IJO. A. 
a. 0., 1898; DO clotblDB teaned blm by tha 


On furlouah Sept 6 to Oct. B, IBSS, per Q. O. 
" " ' " ■ clothlDB laaned 

IHOf d 

le of duty 

hnaplial. CamD 

8. 18S8: 

. Ft, S 

n tnrloai'h Sept. 

.jr G.O, lao. A, G. 6.. 

jocloihine laBued him by the Stale; 

dueO. S..W08 

Ob fnrlouEh St'pt, 6 to Oct. 5. 1898. per G. 
O. m. A. Q, 0-, 1898: no cLothlns laeued 
him br the State; due U.S, .10.09 

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Apr. a. 1898 

Apr. 26.1S98 

AprtI 28.1896 
April 26. IS9S 

April ZG. 1898 

April ze. 1898 
April se,ises 

April 2B.1S93 
Jane 18,18» 

jDPe 18.1898 

Bloom Innton 



Bloom Ineton 






Bloom Id EtoD 

Ma 20 1898 

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8[>rliiEfleli]... C 

-' Capt. Roberts.. 




Capt. Roberta.. 
Capt. Roberts,. 

Capt, BobeitB.. 
Capt. Roberts.. 
Capt. Hobertt.. 
Capt Roberts.. 

Was bins too. 


Capt. Roberts.. 
Capt. Hills 



Bloom Ineton 


Enralled as private; appointed Sereeantper 
R. ij. O. IS. Jnlr I. 1893. Camp Qeo. H. 
Thomas, 6a.; apDointed 1st Senreant per 
Terbal order troop commander same date; 
reduced to rauka at his onn request per 
R. S. O. No. 77. Camp Geo H. Thomas, 
Ga, Ane. 21. ISSh tried by Snmmarr 
Court, ebaree, Tloletlon SM Article oC 
War, absence from dress parade. Cound 
ealltT, extenaatiuB clrcumetancea, Rxc. S 
C Fc. Sheridan. Hept. fl, 1896; no clotblng 
Issued him br tbe State: due Sll.ll.anpald 
bi Mad. HsrtEsll op aeconpt ft error on 
Aniast par-roll, belne the difference be. 

Auk. I to SI, 189S; dneU. ».. SO gS 

In arrest Sept 2. IB98. chBrge, violation Bid 
Article of War. disobedience to con com- 
missioned ofBcsr: tried br Summary Court 
and found grullly and aenteuced 10 flvo 

forVeu''lj"lJo'o"Ms pav sbt K^S^Vno, l. 
Ft. Sberldsn. 111.. Sept. 8. 1898: no clotblne 
Issued him by the State; due D. 3., 80.16.. 
Ou special dnty as haapltal clerk from Mar 
1; 1B9B: no clotblne Issaed to him by the 

gickln'lViie'of duty Yn'boBiiitB'l'Camp Geo' 
" Thomas, Oa.. Aue 23-!l.lE9S; sick Id 
, of duty In hospital Ft Sheridan, IIL. 
t.sato 8ept. ZZ.189S: on furlouEh Sept. 

I; uo DlotblnE'lasued him by tbe Stale'; 
..jU. S. 10 18.. 

On furl oneh Sept. 6 to Oct. E.1898, perQ. O. 
No. ISO. A. a. O.. 1S98; no ololblns Issued 
hImbylbeKtste; dueU.S. tS.IE 

On furlonah Sept. S to Got, S. 1898. per G O. 
130. A. G. O.. IB9B: do clothlOB Issued him 
by State; doe a .... . ... 

On tnrloosh Sect e to Oct. 6. 18»8, per Gf O. 
liio. A. a O.. 18S8: no clotblpe iHsned blm 
by State 

In arrest July S.189y; cbsree, violation U.d 

tried by Field bfflcer's Court and tonnd 
RuUty. BDd sentenced to confinement fur 
Qve days at hard Tabor, and tort^lt $7 00 Of 
his pay per S. O. No. GS. headquarters 
First Cavalry Brlsade. Camp Thnmas.Gft,. 
JulyB,lBBB; fine paid and deducted from 
July par-roll: absert. aick Inline of duir 
Ane. 18 to Sent. B.IBSS, per H, O. lit, A. G. 
O., 189B; on fnrlonch Sept B to Oat. 5. 1898, 
per Q, O, laO, A. O O., 1898: no olothlcB 
Is-ned him by ibe Srate; due U. 8 S0.30.., 
)□ furloneh Sep' 6 to Oct. G. 1898, per 0. O. 
130, A. 6. O , 1896; no clotblDK issued him 

bribe Slate; due U S, SO.OS 

olned and enrolled after niuster-tn ot 
troop; sick In line of duty In hospital. 
Camp Geo. H. Thomas. Ga.. Aur. U-21. 
1)198; sick In Una at dnlr In hospital Port 
Sheridan. 111.. Ans. 80 to Sert. 1.1898: on 
furloasb Sept 6 to Oct. 8,1898. per 6. O. 
No. 130. A. e. O . IB9B: no cTothl.iB Issnsd 

him by tbe Stale; due U. S 80,18 

Joined and enrolled after mustet-!n ot 
troop; on tnrloneh Sept. « to Oct S.1B9S, 
per O. O. 1S», A, G, O., 1688; no ctothlDB 
Issaed him br the State 

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July 11.1898 


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I enrolled Eitter miiBter-Iti of 

._ Brrest July 7.1898; charee, vlola- 

Uon 62(1 ActlolB of War, refnaing to ftttend 

Eractloo march; tried by FlelU Officer's 
Durt, fonnd guilty and Bentenced to for- 
feit SS.I» of bis pay. record Field OQcer'a 

1898: fine paid and deducted from July pay 
roll; on tarloiieh Sept. 6 to Oct. 6. 18B8, per 
G. 0. m A. t*. 0., 1S9S: no ololhlns Issued 

r State... 

iriQ of 
e. vlola- 

.. Capt. RoberCg... 

L. in ai 

t July B.1B99: charge vlolatloQ Bid 

B of 4 

with oil 

tried by Field 

mfnt at bard labor and forfeit S3. SO o( his 

EEiy. per S, 0. No. BQ. headquartero Pirat 
a^alry Brigade, Camp Geo. H. Thomas. 
July i].189!<; fine paid and deducted (rom 
Jaly Day-roll; in arrest Sept. 6.1H9B: charge 
violation 32d Artr ■ ' "" 

t leav 

1 by 



Capt, Roberts... 

Sept. 11.1898. l:ODp. m.. to9;ll0p. m.; due 

U. S. S0.16 

. . Slcfc In Hoe ot duty In hospital. Camp Geo. 
B.ThomaB, Ga., Aug. ISCoZl: sleblnllae 
ot duCy la bospltal. Ft. StaSrldaD. III.. 
Aug. 28-31. 1898; on fnrlough Ijept. fl to Oot. 


SprlDsfield .. 

Capt, Roberta... 
Capt. Boberts... 

Capt BobertH... 
Capt. Roberts... 

Stoomlngtou . 

Bloom In eton. 

ReslgnatloD accepted to date Aug. B, 1898. 
~;r S. O. No. 185. War Deparlment. A. G. 

.. same date 

Becond physical examination May 21. 
98; naa rejt^cied on May 25. 1899; was 

- -' ■-■- "y State . 

.. CBlred no pay from time of enlistment.. 

. Died July ZBof typhoid fever. Lelter general 

hospital, Chlchamanga. Oa.; received no 

~-y from time of enlistment; no clothing 

nad him by State: slot In hospital June 

_. ;oJuly29, 1898 

.. JoJ_Bed troop Jolyll.lSBS. atCam^^GeO. H. 

Thorn I 


lefec fro- 


First Cavalry, III, Vols, per S. 0. No. 33. 
same date; deserted Auk. 12.1898. Camp 
Geo. B. Tbomas. Qa.; due D. S. tor cloth- 
ing DVerdravn at date of desertion It.Wi 
last paid previous to desertion by Ma]or 
Clifford Arrlck to July 31.1838: no clothing 
iBsned him by State 

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April 2B. 1888 










Mar 20,189fl 

Smith. Harry D 

ipr. Z8.18S5 

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By nbatn. 


Capt Roberti.... 

Id arrest July lO.Uea. charee 32d Article of 
War. abaepcH nltbout li^ave: tried b? 
Field Officer's Court and foind sntltr| 
aeDtencedto IB days oonanement at bard 
labor and forfeit StO.OO of bis pay per 8. 
O. No. UO. heailqaarlers First Cavalry 
Brigade. Camp Geo. H. Thomaa, Ga., July 

pay-roll; deserted AuB. IZ, 1898, at Camp 
Geo. H. Thomas, Qa, ; due soldier for cloib- 
lurnotdrawD to date of desertion (8.17: 
last paid previous to desertloD by Mijor 
Clifford Arrlck to July 31.1898: tio cinthlnff 
issued him by the Slate: doe 0. S. J0.21... 

Udstibbd IH. 


By whom. 


Capt. Roberta... 
Capt. Roberts... 

Capt. Roberts ... 
Capt. Roberts... 

Capt. Roberta,.,. 

Capt, Roberts.... 
Capt. Roberta.... 









^'.''ii'r^,^"UV*".^'"'-"-''^- "" ^■''■ 


LpaVBjuliS to July 10. 1888. per 8.0.12. 
Hdqrs 1st Army Coeds, July 2,1398: leave 
Sept. 6 to Oct. B. 1898. per G, Q, 130. A. Q. 






Sick leave July 28 to Aui. 81. 1B9B, Per G. O. 
ill. A. 0.0. 189B; leave Sept. 6 to Oct C, 
1B9B, per Q. 0. ISO. A. G. O. 1888 

Placed Id arrest July 6,1S9B, charsa violation 

and sentenced to forfeit ISO 00 of his pay 
per 8, 0. SB. Ist Cavalry Brigade Camp 
Geo. H. Thomas. Oa., July «. I8S8; on tnr- 
loueh Sept. 6 to Oct. B. ih98. per A. S 0. 

f.' i?a.r,ii%'.'r.-';U",ff '» 

vame of articles iBsued bim Oy the State.. 
Enrolled as a private; appointed Corporal 
per K, 8. 0. 18 July 1. 1898: promoted to 
Sereeant per 8. S. O. IB. Augusl. IB9B; on 
furlonsh Sept. IB to Oct. B. perQ.O. ISO. 

Included the sum of 16.28. tbe total value 

of articles issued by the Stale 

On furlough sick at Lookout Mountain. 

Sept. B to Oct G, per G. O. 180. A. G. 0; 
ISM: lo settlement tor clothing U Included 
tbe sum of SS 62. tbe total value of articles 

Issued by tbe State; due D. S. »3 60 

Pnrlonif h Sent. 8 to Oct. B. 1898. par G.O. ISO. 
A. G.O. 1899; sick In qaatteis July 18 ti 
July21, 189S;lnseltIemeni for clothlDBls 
Included the sum of SB.B2. the total valne 
of articles Issued by ibe Stale: due 0. S. 

Furlough Sept.' ' Vftd ' OcV ' 6. V89S. PoV G io! 
13a.A.G.0. im; In settli<meDt for cloth- 
ing is Included the sum ol 15.62. the total 
value ot articles issued by the State 

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Coz.Cbarle» S 


Mar 7.U9S 

Uay XO,tSeB 

Apr. 28.1898 

Uay 20,1898 

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.. BDtolled as Corparal. viomoted Sereesnt 
pet It. G, O, la. July 1, 1898; on fnrluagh 
Sect. 6 10 Sept, IE, IH38. Sent. 2E to Oct. 6, 
1898. perQ. 0. 130. A, G. O. 1B88: Id seltle- 
rarai for cJalhlDB is Inclnded tbe aum of 
S7, 51, tbe total valae ol atlictes Issued by 
the Slate 

. BDrolled aa a private, appointed Corporal 
^r B.Q.O, IB, Jlilr 1. IBBB: promotBri Ser- 
.jSDt perR, S. O. 16. Aae. IBUSi on lar- 
l0Dehgept.e to Sept. 10, 1B98, Sept 21 to 

.. Capt. Boberts... 

,. FarJoo^hSep 

,. Capt. Roberta, ., 

,. Capt. HobeTts... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

...leatartlclealaBued by tbe State; due 
U. S M.80 

,. FurlDueh Sept. S to Sept !S. 1S9B. Q. O. 130. 
A.G.0, 18^8: In seltlBiUBiiC tor clollilnff la 
Included tbe aum of iS 63, tbe total Talue 
oF artlclee Issued by the Slate: sick to 
qnarlera Aue< 4 to I.18S81n line oE duly.... 

.. Furlough Sept Etn Sept 10. 189S, Sept. 1« to 
Oct. (.1898, per Q.O. 130. A. G, 0. 1B9B: In 
aettlemeol tor clotblne la Included the 
earn of S5 6:, the total Talue of Brtl0le» 1g- 
Buedby the State: due U S, SIO.DO 

,. Enrolled as & prlvme: appointed Corporal. 
pec R. Q. O. 13, Jaly 1. 1838: oa turlonih 
Sept. G to Sept 16. 1SB8, SepL X to Oct. 6. 
Ig»S. per G. O. ISO. A. G. U.. 1898: Id IBl- 
tlement for clothlncr la Inolnded the eum the total value of artlclea Issued 


I Stati 

„ UUTOlled as a private: appointed Corporal, 
per R. S. O. S3. Aug. 1. 1699; sloh In hos- 
pital Aue. — to Aue, 10. less, Aut-. zb to 

.. Capt. Roberta... 

— total valne of aitlelBs Issued by tho 

.. Enrolled ae a private; appointed Corporal. 

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Uar 20,isw 

i^mith. Edward B 

KOt. 26.1868 

Mav ZD,1B9S 

A.OI. S.1898 

Mar 10. tm 

JuDe 11,1898 

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.. Capt. Boberts... 

., Capt. Boberts... 


Capt. Roberts... 

.. Enrolled aa SergeBiit; dropped JqIt 1. 1893, 
B. Q. 0. No. 13; placed in ftrreal Jnrr 7, 
139S; eb arse, viol stIOD of eSd Aritcle ot War. 
maklDsdlaparaeliie remarks of commaDd- 

lat offlcfir &Dd troop commander: trtud by 
Field Officers' Court for above offence uid 
Bentenoed to torlelt (7.00 of his pay and 
Hve days' at hard labor, per S. O. BT. Ist 
Cavalry BrltiBde.CsnipQeorEeH. Thomas. 
9a , July B, IB9Bi sick In quarters Auk. It 
t-ad It. 1S9B, In line of duty: on tniiuQKb 
Sent. B lo Oct. B. 1S3§. nerQ. O. IBO. A. Q. 
r clothlne la In- 

17,61, 1 


ilhlDg: iBsned by the Slate: apnolntrd 

rporal par B. S. O. J5, AuB. 2S. 1S9B; 

e deducted from TollJuly 31. 1899 

jllBd B9 B priVHte; appoluted Corporal. 
__r B. 8. O. Sept. a. I898: on fnrionffh 
Sept. e to Sept. 26. 18B8, per G_. 0. .130, i 

,.. t (or 

slnded the sum of ii.ii. the toml 

irtlcles leaned by the State 

irolled as Sergeant: reglrnedtoti 

O. lao, A. G. 0.. 1898; In 

Oct. 5. 1 

setilBmi-- .,. „ 

mof SS.fll, the total valne of 

__ed by the State 

.. Enrolled ae tmrnpeter: resleii< 
~B9B: reappointed trumpeter Ai 
n furloueh Sept. S to Oot, i. 1 

. A. Q. ' 

rled the 

ja Issued by the SraCe. 

.. Joined and enrolled after mueter-In of the 
troop: appointed farrier Aur. 1, IS9S: on 
furlouth Sent. to Sept. 10, I8BS. Sept. 16 
■ Oot. S, 1898, per «. 0. 130, A. G. 0., 1B9S: 
_. clothlnr Issued 10 him by the State 

,. On furloueh Sept. 6 to Sept. £6. 1893. per O. 
0. 130. A. O. O.. IS97: In settlement for 
Olotblne ia Included the sum of (6.63. the 
tetal value of articles leaned by the State: 
dueU. a.I0.4S 

.. Enrolled bb b private; appointed saddler 
July 1, 1898: pjaced In arrest Sept. 2, 1B98: 


and eentenced ti 

Oct. S. 189B. per Q. O. 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

nent for clotblne Is Included 
SI, the total valne of articles 
1 by the State: dne 17. 8. 

.. Joloed and enrolled after i 
troop; on fnrlonnh Sept. i 
Sept. 26 10 Oct. 6. 1S98, pe 

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Aarai. Edward 8 

Ua; 9.U9S 




km. 2e.t8»S 

Chiweo , 

Uar a).18BB 



Chmnberlln, Geo, H... 

JtiDe 14,1698 

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Capt. Roberts.. 

CitPt. Boberta.. 


Cacit Roberts.. 

SprlaeSeld . 

SprlnsSeld , 
SprlnefleJd . 

Cspt. Roberts.. 
Cftpt. Boberta.. 
Cept. Roberta.. 

CtaloaKO .. 

Capt. HIIU . . 

Chlcoao .. 
Lock port 

Chleaeo . 

Cblcaeo . 
Chlcaeo . 
CblcMCo .. 

Chlcaso - 

Ink Inqnartera Ans. B to Auc 11.1898. Jnli 
£0.1S!«8; »Uk In hospital Aue. 12to Aue. IS, 
183S. AUE- 23 to AUB. W. 1898. la Hue oi 
dutri on forloaah t^epc, 6 to Oct. S. 1838. 
perO. O. 130. A. G). 0.,l8»8:lnaettt«ineQt 
{or clotblDE Is Included the eDm of VIM, 

the total value of articles Usued b; the 
Placed In oanBDenieDt July b. 1B9S. cbarse, 

out le»?e; irle'd by l^leld Offioera' Court 
for above cffensB and sBnlenced to forfeit 
II. DO of his psy and flva days at hard labor 
uer ^. (J. B3. IStUav. BrtE.. Camp Geo. H. 
Thomas. Qa.. Jul; 6. 1898: on farloush 
Sept. E to Sept, ID. 1B93. ^ept. IS to Oct. 5, 
11)38, pur Q O 130. A. U. O.. 1898: in settle- 
Si. 61. the total value of articles Issued by 
the ^tale; fine deducted on roll of July 81. 


'laced In couilnemont June W. I89S. chaiee. 
violation esd Article of War. ualns vll« 
IftDgu^e to B eeuttnel; tried by Field Offl- 

fenced to forfeit ja.OU of hla pay and five 
days at hurd labor per Ij. O. 30. iBt Cav. 
Brig.. Camp Geo. B. Thoajas. 6a.. June 
21. 1898; DD fnrloneh Sept. 8 to Sept. iS, 
mS. per G. 0. 130. A. O. O.. 1898: In settle- 
ment for clothlns la Included the sum of 
»a.e2. the total value of actlclea issued by 
ibe State; Dne deducted on roll 01 June 30, 

In tarloueh Sept. e to ^ept. 16. 1898. Sept. 21 
to Oct. 6. 1898. par Q. 0. IBO. A. U. O.. 1898; 
In the aetilement tor clothlne la Included 
tbe sum of SI. fit. the total value of artleles 
lasned by the dlate 

.Ick Id quarters July 13 to July 22. ItSa. In 
line of duty: on furloueh S*pt. 8 to Oct. 6. 
1898. rer U. O. 110. A. Q. C. 189H: In Ihe 
seltleiaent tor dothlnir Is Included the 
sumof sl.fil. thetoial value of articles Is- 
aued by the State 

■iei In hosplcs! June K to July S. 1S98. July 
II to July 18. 18U8: sick In qnurters July IB 
to July 2S, IBSB.lD line of duty: on fuclouKh 
slcX July 26 to Sept G. 1899. per O. O IK. 

A. 8. 0.. 1898; on furloueh Sept. 6 to Oct. 

B, 1896. per b). O. 130, A. L». O.. 1B98: In SFt- 
llement for clothluK Is la eluded the sum 
of SI El. the total value of articles Issued 
by Ibe Stale 

Onfurlonsb Sept, 6 to Sept. 25. 1898, per Q. 
O. 130. A. a. O. 1898: In seltlemenl tor 
clotblDeta Incluiled the snm of SI, El. the 
total valae of articles Issued by tbe State. 
On furlouEh Sept. G to Sept. £5, 1898. per G. 
" 130. A. G. O.. 1898; In settlement tor 
!hlDE la Included the ^um of SQ.a2. tbe 
.-.^1 value of articles Issued by tbe State. 
Oa (»rloiii:h Sept, le to Oct S. 1898. pec G. 
" 130, A. G. O , 1898; In aettlement tot 
thine 1b Incluied tbe Bum of 87 SI. the 
il value of srllcles Issued by the State: 

Joined and enrolled after mnstecin of the 
troop; on furlough Sepi, 6 to Scot 16. 1898, 
Sept SO to Oct, S. IS98. per Q. O. 130, A. Q. 
O.. ibSN; no ctothlne lasned to him by the 

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Mft » I89B 



Apr. Z6.18S8 

June 11.1808 

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Udbtired Ih. 

tjprliiKtleld ... 

Capt. Bobeits.. 


Capt Bobeits.. 

SprlnBfleld . 


Spiinsfield .. 

Capt. Bob«rtB.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Lockport . . 
Chlcazo ... . 
ChlcBBO ., . . 

Sprinrt'Id .. 

SprinsBeld .. 

Oapt Boberte.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 
Capt. BobeitB.. 

Capt. BobertB.. 


Vol. 5 

ChloaBo .. 

Sick In qanrtera Jane 2 to Jnpe 6, 1G9S. In 
llneof Qatv: on furjoneh S«pt. 8 to Sept. 
2i, IB88, per O U. 130. A. Q. 0.. IHUBi In set- 
ikm-Dt rorclotbioe Ib iDclnded the bqoi 
of ti.Gl. the total valne ol articles Isiaed 

by the State 

iQ FarloaKh Sept. G to Oct. E. 1898. per Q. O. 
130. A U. U . 1S9S; in eettlemeDt tor clotb- 
leslalnclDded the earn oC 17.51. lbs total 
vaTae of artlcleB Issued br Ibe ijtate 

Joined and fnroJIeil after muster Id of tbe 
troop: OQ turJoueh Sept. a to Sept. li. 1898, 
per li. O. ISU. A. li. O. 1898: do ctothlot IB- 

Slck Id Quarters Aok. B to"Ai'iV.'3i.'i89S,"lD 

" 'Qir; on (urloueh 3*p[, S to Oct. S. 

O O lao, A. CT O. IHBB: loaettle- 

: ntotblns Is Included Ibe mm o( 

the total valas oE sitlclea Issued br 

3lck Id Qaarters June 4. Jaoe d. Julr IS. Jalv 
It, Adk » to St, 1899. m llDB of daiy: on 
lurloasb S^pt. 6 to S«>Dt. 10. 1898. Sept. 1» 
(0 Oct. B, 1B9S, per Q. O IBO. A. O O., IS98; 

' order tjecretarv 
BtruL:Ilor>e: &uh1 
ISHHO: on (arlonshSept « 
r O O. ISO, A G O . 1898! 

of t5 

i, the tola) vajQS 

ths State, 
violation of 6Zd 

9; char 

ae ot -„„„. 

irnouT leave: iriea oj P. O. C. for above 
Tense and sentenced to forfeit 19 <» of hlB 
^I aod five days' al bard Jab^r per S. O. 
', l>t Uarairr Brleade Gamp Oto. H. 
bomas, tja.. Jnlr II. 1998: op turlouEh 
Bpt E to Ijept. £B. i8Ba. per 3 0. tao, A. li. 
I89S; In aettlrment tor clotelng Is tn- 
nded Ibe bocq of S5S2 ttae mtal Talneof 
tlctea lasned br the State; floe deducted 

irnllof JnliBl.lB98 

'-■ Aue 19to Sept. 6, 1898, DOt 

'Q HI). A. O. O. VtSa-. tn 
clotblnsr Is iDcluiied ihe 
Iota] vdne of articles IB- 

..__ of ll 
: G. IB9S. I 


' for 

Slcklnquarteie July 25 1 
of dnly: on furlough Si 
per Q O. lao. A " " 
the total v.,lue 
State: enrolled 

Sick lolfuBrters* 
line ot duty: Oh 
16.1898, ■ievt 21 
'■JO. 1""" - 

Oct, 9. I8M. 
a. u- lAds; ]□ settlement 
icloded the sum of 17.91. 

>a Corporal: realBhed and 

bo May ZS. 1898. In 
L Sept. 6 to Sept, 
1898. peiG, O. ISO. 
■ ilnilB 

Sept, 29to"o'ol eriSSS.Per'aT O".' 190^*^0, 
r. .«,= ...1.1 — ■-isoed to hlmbrthB 

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Batch, Georee J... 

HanaeD. Daniel 1.. 

HBwklnB. William 
HeibBrt. Rudolph E . . . 

Herman. Bemacd 

HOBftU. William A 

Holmes. Nonnao v.. 

JeDhlDB, Mailon O... 

JeiiiiD. Harry 

Jone*. Albert L 


Private - 
Prlvat* .. 

ChleagD ... 


Jnoe K.1B98 

CblCBEO — 


May 20.IS98 

Jane I4.1S3S 

Jane U.ISSB 

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Capt. Roberta.. 

Oapt. Boberti- 

Capt. BobeitB.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 



Capt. Roberts.. 

Sick It 

— ""Wi! B\pk in hn*in.„... »»«h. .... .« .k. 

- ;. OD turlon«h Sep 

Oa. i.lim. Der Q O 130. A. U. O. IbSS; Id 
aettlemout tor clotblBs la loaJnileii tbe 
snmotSK.W, the tolsl VBlne of BiClcles Is- 
aned bi the State;, due U. S. SO.TG 

Joined and eurDLLed afier muBlEilLe of tha 
tcoop! elck tn quarter" July B to Jnly 7. 
Aus ll.inea, In line uf duty: oa facloneb 
ijepi. S 10 Uct. 5. 1898. per G. O. ISO. A. U. 
0. 1898: DO clothlnB laaned to bim bT tbs 

Joined ai 


erlngef the 
: to Jnlya*. 
lEh Sept. II 
I a O 1898; 

le Stat. 

SIoklDquarterBJuueGtoJuls £3.1S»8. Aus. 
etaADe.Ii.l898: tiick In hospital Anr I3 
to Aua, IS. IBM. In line of dutr; on furloueh 
eickAue. KtoAos. 2G, I8S8. pecO U 111, 
A. U. 0, 1898: on tarlonsh Sfpt. StoSept. 
It. from ^ept. 16 to Oct fi. 1SS8, per O. O. 
130, A. Q. O. 18B!*i In Bettlemnnt for cloin. 
tuE la Inclnded tha sam of 16.63, the total 
- ■ - -' llclealJi— "'—-'-- '■■ - 


on tarlDuirb S' 
0.130. A. O.- 
clothlnelB Inc 
toul value of i 

t. llt( 

coed Jul 

, IB3II. G 

It July 16,1898: char 

D,IHS8, 1: 





ai. 5,ltt9». per Q. 0. 180, A. ti. O.. 1B98; In 
iltlement tor oloihloe la Included the 
im of S6.62, the total vaJue ot aitlclea 
sued by Ibe State: flue deducted from 

.jllof July31.18HH 

Sick In qnansre Jaly 2J to July 80, 1899. in 
JIne oj duty: alck furlough Aub. 6 to Sept. 
«. IB9B. per O 111, A. Q O, ISOB; fur- 
louzhed )jept. 7 to Oct. 6. ItlSS. per U. 0. 130. 
A. k). O., 1B98; In aettiement tor OothloE la 
Included the aura of K.Sl. the total value 
ot artlclHB iHHued by the t^tate: enrolli^d aa 
Wagoner: reslEned on account ot aUkneas 

AUB. 1. 189S... 

jr-lp ot the 
Oct. 6. IBM, 
10 clOlhlDK 

to AuB"B0.'i8B8."l" 

ment for cIoiMds 

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Apr. 2S.1898 

May M.189B 







Apr. 2B.1898 

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Capt. Robsita.. 

Cftpt. BoberCa.. 


Capt. Roberta.. 

Opt. Hills 

Capt. BobectE.. 

Chloacco ... 

3lek In quHTteiB Jnly ^G to Jul; :a.l89§. In 
Hue of dutr; placed In aanflQemeDt June 
is. ISSB. charice. Tluluitoa Hid Article of 
War, wlllQlly dhiobeylne order (ronj n 
ttereenat and ualae thrertenlDr nad 
BbQBlve UnEnaEe: irled by Field Ufflcer'a 
Coart toT above oHeDBe aud fouud Dot 
Bullls per S. O- VI. lot Cavalry BilEado, 

O. 130. 1 
total V 

lot a 

d br the titat 

Sick In quarters June 18. June IB, July It. 
1898. In line of duty: turlongbed Sept. 6 to 
Oct. 5, IB9B. per Q. O. ISO. A. Q.O., IS3S; In 
Bettlemeut tor olothlus le Icclnded tbe 
sum ot 15 62, the total value of BrllolSB 
Issued By iBe Stats 

Sick In qnaitere «ept.— to Sept. 5.1898. In 
Hue ot duly; FurlouEbed Sept, « to Oci. S, 
1898. ner U. O. 190, A. (i O., liSS; In eettle- 
for oloihlas la Included the Bum d( 
' s o( articles lesned by 

t7.GI. the 
the S" 
Sink In 

ers July 11 to July iS.18B8', Alii'. 
•■I lu fiuH, 26. iBSS. In Hue of duty. tUT- 
lOQBbed Sept. B Co Sept. Ifi. 1398, ^ept, 21 to 
Oct, S,1B98. per Q. O 130, A. Q. O . 1SB8: In 
gettlemenl {or ctothtue la Inolnded the 
aum of IT. 51, the total value of aitlclea 
iBBaed by the Statu 

Sick In quarters Ju y 25 to Ana. 6.18B8. In 
line of duty; sick furlough Aug:. 1 tn Svpt. 
8,1899, per Q. O, 111. A. Q. O , 1898; fnr- 
touebed Sept 6to Sept, 15.189S, Sept. 2t to 
Oct G, ISM. per Q. 0. ISO, A, ». 0., 1898: In 
Bettlement for cliithlns 1b lucluded the 
sum of S5.«9. Ihe total value at articles 
IsBued by the Slate 

Sick la quariere Ane- 3 to Aas. 5, 1898; eick 
Id hospital Aug. 6 to Aug. 12,1898. In line 
□fdmy; furlou^hed Sevc flto^eot. 10.1898, 
8tpt.lB lo Ool. 6, 1998, perG. O 180. A. Q. 
innct for clothing Ib In- 

I ot 17^51. the to 

Joined and enrolled after mueterln of the 
troop; alok In ouai-Iera Jnly 2S to July 2S. 
1898, In line of dnti; placed Id conflnement 
Julsia.l89B; charge, vlolailon IJth Actlola 
of War cilpplQE tiorse'a tall; tried by 
Field Offlcer'^a Court for abore offeuee and 
sentenced to forfeit SO oenta of his pay per 
S. O. 9S. ISC Cavalry BrlEade. Camp l4eo. 

Ti ™.u ... ■-■-u_igsg. farioughed 

per Q. O. 130, A. a. 

-jsued to him by the 

leducted from roll ot Jnly Si, 

led and enrolled after maa'ter-ln'ot ib'e 
oop; OD turloueh Sept. 8 to Kept. 2S. 1898, 
^r U 0. 1^, AGO. Ifi98: Ho oiothlhg Ib- 

1, 1898: resigned o 


ilnted Farrier 
count ot sick- 
arte re July 13, 

1898: sick In hospital „„.. „., „. 

1898 on turlongh. Jiiok, Aug. IBtoSept 18. 
1898, per Q. O. 11*. A, G O.. 189S: on fnr- 
lough 8upt 19 lo Oct. 6, 1838, per Q. 0. 180, 
A. G O . IBBS; in settlement tor olothlne Ib 
Included the eum ot S5.62, the total valna 
ot aitlolea Issued by the State 

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Judo U.UBS 
Jnne 9.1898 


C'p TbomaLQa.. 

Moore. William A 


Newell. Homer U 



Uar zo.iass 

June U,1B9S 

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.. Joined and enrolled itfter mnsterla of the 
troop: on tnrlouEb Sept. e to Sept. IE, 1898. 
gapt. 2a to Oct. B, ISBS. per 8. O. 130. A, Q. 
0.,1SB8; noclothlnElBaaed to blm by the 



Capt. Boberts... 

Uorton Park, 


o him by tk 


,. Capt. Roberta... 

.. Capt. Boberts,.. 



Oapt. Bobetti.-. 

ChlMKo ... 


.. Capt. RobertB... 

— ID. Jane ll,JaDe22to 

.. _ ..Jnlriz, July IB. Sept. I to Sept. 5, 
1B9S; elctc la hosplULl Jane 11 to Jane IB. 
1S98. In line o( dntyi placed In eoDBuement 
July M, 1898. ebaree. violation B3d Aitlcla 
of War. aboentlaer hlmselC Iram review: 
tried br Field Offlners' OooTt tor above 
offense and gentenaed to tortelt IS.IM of 
hla par per 3. O. IW, lat Cav. Hrle.. Caiop 
Geo. H. Thomas. Oa-. July 16. 1898; on tar- 
loQsn 9ept 6 M Oct. e. 1B9B. per Q. O. 180. 
A a. O., ISSBi Id settlement for clotblns Ib 
inchided the gam o( 17. El, the total valae 
of artlclee Isened by the StHte; fine do- 
dnoted Irom roll of >tnty 81,1838 

.. Plsoed m conaDement Joly 10. 1898. charge, 
vlolatine: 3Sd Article of War, absentlna: 
himself (rotn place o( parade; tried by 
Field OtBcers' Court for above offense and 
sentenced to forfeit (l.OOoI hU pay per S. 
O- 8S. lit Cav. BrlE.. Camp Geo. H. 
Thomas, Qa., July 11. 1898: on furlough 
Sent Gto Sept. 10, IB98. Sept IS to Oct. 6. 
1898. per Q. 0. 130. A. U. O.. 1898: In eeltle- 
mect farclothlnr If. loolnded the Bum Of 
SE.B2. the total value of articles Issued by 
the Stale: fine deduoted from roll of July 

.. Sick !□ auartere May :i2 to May 21. June 3 to 
Jane 18. AdE. B to Aug, ID, 1^98, In line 0( 
duly: enrolled as a private: appointed 
Trnmpel^r Jnir 1, 1898: ceslsned and ra- 
' tied to ranks Au?. 1, 1898; on turlontb. 

J, AUB. l» to Sept. 18, 1898, per 8. O. m, 

A. G. O , 1898; on tniloueh Sept. 19 to Sept. 
2t, 1898. per O. O 180. A. Q. O.. 1898; In set- 
■ - ir clothlns la Included the sum 
e total viklne of articles IsBned 

. . JolDe 

.led ntter 

t tbe 

_>r above offense and 
•7,00 of h( 

-. Jffh Sept. 8 to Oct. S. 1—. 

_ 1. 0. 180. A- G. ()., 1898; no clothlnE Is- 
sued to him by the State 

"• ■ ■ oouanement July ID. 1898. charee. 

nv6 aayB ai nara labor 
'. Brie. Camp Geo. H. 

_ II, 1889: Qne dedqcted 

trom coll of Jnl; 31, 1898; od (nrlODBh 
Sept. 8 to Sept. 2i, 1898, per G O. liiO. A. O. 
O.. 1898: )n settlement for clothlns Is In- 
cinded the enm of the total value of 
articles Issued by llie State 

.. On fnrtouKb Sept. 6 to Sept IE. 1898, Sept. IS 
to Oct 5. 1898. per G. O. ISO. A. G. 0.. 1898; 
In settlemeot forclothlne Is Icclnded the 
Bnm of 17.51. the total valae of articles Is- 
sued by the State: dne U. S.. la. 60 

.. Jolntd and enrolled afler muaterln ot the 
troop; on tarlouEb Sept. lE to Oct. b. IS9B. 
per G. 0. 130, A. e. ■>.. 1S98: no clothlnK le- 
aned to him by tbe ;jtate 

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B im 


M 211Bg§ 

Apr. 26.W98 

Ua; Z0.1898 


Stcauae. Joseph 

SwarU. Jamea W 

Taylor. Frank M 


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.. On lurloneb Sept. S to BbpI. tO, l 

ChtoftEO •-■-.. 

Capt.Hllla .... 
Capt. Roberts. 

,. CMCBKO... 

.. CblooKO... 

.. Capt. BobertB... 

-...a bjtheStatL _. 

.. Joined and enrolled etter muRter In of the 
>; DD fmloaabi iSept. fl la Oct. {, 1S98. 
). O. ISO. A. G O. 18S3: no clotblnff la- 

.. On tnrlonKh Sept. B tr> Svpt. ia.lS9S, Sept. IE 
to Oct. 6,1888, per O. O. 180, &. U. O. 189Bi 
In eettlemeDt (or clolhlns la Included the 
n of II El. tbs total vUaa ot aillelee la- 

,. 31ck In quarters Jape 9 to Jnce II. IgSa. AaB. 
ID to Sept. i, 189S. In line of dati: on (ar- 
louBh Sept. 6 to Sept. 10,1898, Sept. 16 to 

e HlBti 
iltal / 

I'perG. b. mi; Q.~OrrS98; in a. 

jt for ololhlne Ig Included Iha sniu o( 

ST. Si. tbe total value of articles leaned br 
tbe Stale 

,. Sick In hoapltal AUK. i9. Hug. 80. 1898: eleb 
Inqaarcers JntyZto July is, ItiyB, Ans 23 
" •-- ZB,lS9a.lnllneotduty!on(uHouth 
;o Dot 6. IHBS, per 6. O. ISO, A. S. 

no eLotblnif lasued to blm by tbe 


.. Joined and enrolled atter maeter-In o{ the 
troop: on tarlouih Sept. 6 to Sept. IS. 
1898: Sept sa 10 Oct. 5,tB98. per G. 0. ISO, 
A. O. O. 1893; no clothluE laeued to him t>7 
the Slate 

.. On_ luHnaeb Sepc e to Sept 10, 1898. Sept. 

16 to 0"t, 

t for 

irG. O. ISO. A. QiO.lsfe"; 

■ ■ ■ -a tnoludedtha 

of art Idea la- 

^ofHBl.tL_ .. 

ened by the State 

.. Joined Bnd enrolled after mnster-lD ot the 
"--- on furloaeh Sept. IB to Oct. B. 

.. Capt. Roberta.., 

SprlncQeld ... 

Capt. Roberte... 

ticlea of War. Bbnence without lesre. dl 
Dectfnl l&PBuaee to non.couimlBonc 
:er and to a sentlneh tried by 8 ai 

-T Court (or abnve oHeD«»" in^ asn 

enced to torCelt SB.OO ojT t 

Kept. 2. ,,^3-. 

Oct 11 1S9S 

.. Sick In quarters Jane IB to June 30.1898. In 
line ot doty: OD farlonsb Sept. 8 to Oct. 5, 
1898. per Q. O. ISO. A. t). O- 1898; In aeltte- 
ment tot clothlnr la Ineluded the sum ot the total value of articles Ueued br 

duty; on furlotiarh Sept G to Oct, S, 
iiO p ISO. A. Q. p.,IHBB:Ju eetlle; 


ISM. the total value of artlclea laaued by 

the Staie: due D, S. WH 

"n fucloUEh Sept. 6 to Sept. 10. 1898. Sept. 
16 to Oct. B, 1898. pet Q. 0. 180. A, fJ. 0. 1898; 
in setllementlor elotblne la Included the 
snmotS7.61. the total value ot articles Is- 
- - - 1 by the State: due U. 3. S3.60 

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TUiBler.WlllEaio F... 
Walsb. Harry F 

Prlv I 

Apr. ie.lB98 

JnlT 1B.1SS8 
Aor. 28.1899 

Apr. Zfi.1898 

Aur. :e,isw 

Apr. 2S.1S98 

June 11.1898 

Apr. Z6.1B98 
Apr. Z8.1BS8 


Camp Ihomai.Qa 




Zfnner.ADthoiiTC. P. 

Oasood, Albert T 

Sohwelr. Pran. 

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C'p Thomas, ( 

.. CMt, Roberts... 

Cnpt. Bills 

.. Gapt. Robens... 

.. Capt. Roborts... 


Sprlntfleld ... 

Capt. Roberts.... ( 

.. Capt. Roberts... 


Cnpt. Roberta.. 
Capt. Robetts,. 

, Chloaco... 

. ChlCBEO... 

Sick to qaaiters July 30 to July 32,IB93. In 
llDeot dDty: ontDilousli Sent. StoOct.E^ 
ivas. per G. O. lao. a. U. O. 189B: In eettla- 
menE tor clothlaK le locladi'd Lhe earn ol 
17.51. Ihe tolfti Tftlne of articles Issued by 

the State 

olredand enrolled aifler mnslat-ln of the 
troop: on tnrloaah S.eni. 6 to Oct. G, IfiBg. 
per a. O. ISO. A. Q. O. IB9B: no elothlue is- 
snedtobim by the State 

Sick IQ qusrLerJt July 23 to Aus. 4. 1B9I<; stok 
to hoapttal July la to July iS. 189B, Id line of 
a<x\9: on Earlough Sept 8 lo Sept. ZB. 18S8. 
per Q. O. ISO. A. Q. O. 1898; In aetllement 
for olothlDK Is Included the sum of tl.96. 
the total value of articles Issued by the 


Ick In quarters Ane. 19 to Sept. 6. IBBB, In 
lloe of dutr: on furlooEh Sept. G to Uept. 
10. IB98. S>;pt. 16 to Oct. G. 18G8. per G. O. 
130. A. B. O. 189S: tii aettlement tor cloth- 
In (( 1B Included the tnm of Ss.ea, ihe total 
ralae of articles leaned by ibe State: 
p:aced iDCOnQnementJalylMBSB; ctaBrie, 
rlolatlOQ of a^d Article of War: absent 
nlthout leave: tried bi Field Officers' 
Court tor above offense and eentepced to 
forfeit It. 00 of bis pay and Qvedayx' con- 
flnemeDt at hard labor, per S, 0. >0S. let 
Cavalry Brlsade, Camp Gearee H Thomas, 
Qa . Jnly 16. I8B8; fine deducted from roll 
of Jul; SI. 1898 

Placed ID oonfiiement Jaly B. 1883: chaiie, 
violation of lii Article of War. adaent 
vlthoni leave: tried by Field Officers' 
Court for anove offpuse and eentenced to 
forfeit St.OO of his pay aod five daye at 
hard labor, per S. O. S3, lat Cavalry 
BriEBde, Camp Qeorge H. Thomas, 6a.. 
Jnly B. 1B3B: on fnrloneh Sept. fl to Sept. 
ZG. 18BB. pec Q. O. 130, A, O. O.. 1898: Id 
settlement for clothlPE Is Included the 
Bum of SB. 62, total value of articles laaued 
bv the Slate 

31ck Id quarters Auv. II to Ads. II. 1893. In 
line of duty; on furlODgh Sept. 11 to Oct 
G, 1898. per Q. 0. 13D. A. O. O.. IBSS: In set. 
tlament for elolhlnir la Included the earn 
of S7.fl, the tctal viilue of artlclea laSDed 

the State .■ 

olned and enrolled after master In of the 
troop; on furlough Sept. IS to Oct. G, 1B9S. 
per 0. O. ISO. A. li. O., 1S9B: sick In quar- 
ters Ade. B, 1898. In line of doty; no clotb- 
IDK laauad to blm by the State 

: alck la hospital July 30 to Aue. 11. 
In line of duty: on tarlotiRh, alck. 
11 to Sept. B, 1H9B. per G. O. lit. A. O. 
BS8: on tnrlonsh Sept. 7 to Oct. G. 
perQ. O. 130, A, G. O.. ISSSi nooloth- 

Dischartced at Camp Oeorae "h" Thomas' 
Ga., Ane. 23. IHSB, oy order ot EJecretary Of 
War, telearraphlclnatmctlona: anal atate. 


>lachari;ed at Cnmp George U. Thomas, 
Ga., Au^ 16, IB9S. on foarCb endoreement 
SorKeop*a oertlScats, (Secretary ot Warl 
physical dli^ablilty: aick In hoaplral June 
' - June 16, 1B3B, In line Of datyi floal 

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SlDolBlr. William H... 






Kennedy. Frea E 


Apr. 2a.l89S 
Apr. 2fl.iaBS 









Thomas J., Qnlnc;.... 


OeaTBeJ, Sperr; 

Apt. 2t.lB9g 
Apr. :S.18»8 

Apt. Z6.I89B 

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Mdstebbd in 




By whom. 


Capt. Robem.... 


Slek In division hospital Atie. 8 to Ans. 23. 
1S98. CB[DpThomE.a.H«.; dUcbaiged AnB. 
a. 1898, C»mp Gerne H. Tboniae, 6b,. on 
fonrth en dor Rem eat ^nrseon's eettlQcate. 
(Secretary of War) b; reaaon of phyelcal 


DlechBrsed at Camp aeoiea H. Thomas. 
Ga.. Jaly IS, 1898, on fonrlh endorsement 

Capl. Roberts... . 



KBTPlled KB Corporal; iTHnaffltred to Troon 


Capt. Roberts.... 


SeJ's'VlB, "niri. FHSsf died Jnly "f 18bV 
of accldeatal potsonlni at CampTbOmaa. 
Ga.; final stalementa famished; burled 



SherldBn, 111., of typhoid fever: enrolled 

menta furnished; burled at Waahlniton, 


Capt. Roberts. ... 


1899, died of typhoid fflver at htB own town. 
Valparlao, Inri.. Sept. U. 1898; final state- 
ments fnrnlehed; bnrled at Valpailso. 



8|l?t'nB'^eTd?a?b[n'e. oni'colt'a^lawi, ^t 

Mdstebed Is. 


Br whom. 


Capt. Roberts.... 
Capt. Roberts.... 

Gapt. Roberts.... 





8ept. « » Oet. B. 1898, per Q. 0. No. 130, A. 

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Uay 21.1898 
Mar 31.1898 

Thomas 5. BsTtlett.... 

Ubt il.1S98 

Mar 21.I8E8 
Uay 21,1898 

Ipr. Se.1898 

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Cant. Boberts.. 


Caiit BobertB.. 

Cspt. BobertB, - 

Capt, Roberta.. 

Capt. Roberts. - 

Unetered Into U. H. aervico aa CotDOral 
Troop I. let Cav., 111. Vol.. May SI. lasS; 

BromotedSereeaii'tAtie. ]a.l89B. perS. O. 
0. B3. Res-: pTomoted lal ^ereeaat Ijept, 
i:.189B. per Troop Order No. 6: sick In 
qattrteiBUav22to39.lllUB, July BO to Aus. 
T.189S. In lice ot dnly: on furlonih Sept fl 
to Oct G.ISSB. per Q. O. No. 130. A. Q. O., 
IBSB; Id the aectlement for clotblpc ts lu- 
olnded the BQm ol 17. Gl. tbe total value of 
aiUclca IsBPed him by tha State: dae D. 


Uustered loto U H. Berylce aa (Jnartenniis- 
SerBeanl Troop I. lat Cav., III. Vol.. 

J Zl. 1898: OH fiirlaash Sept. a. 1898. to 

Oct.G.lS9e. perO. O. No. IBO. A. G. CltfBS: 


" ' by the State; due U. S 

Is inc laded 

1899: Bick In qaartera Aug. IG. 1898. to Ads 
11. 1898: sick In boapltol Ane. IS, 1B9S. t 
Sept, 16, 1S9B, InllQBotdQty; c ' ' 

_.,„ .3. 18BS, to Oct. 5, 1S9S. 1 
130. A. a. O., S. 1898: In Ibe bi 
clotblnp Is lD0ln<<ed tbe Bum 
total value ot articles lesaet 

O. No. 

.tlemitnt (or 
jf J7.BI, tbe 
bim by the 

UtiBtered Into U. S. service as Sereeant 
Troop I. lot Cay,. flL Vol.. Uay 21.1698: de- 
tailed to BdqrB. lat Cav. Urlg:.. Camp 
Tbomas Ga.. as olnrk per S. O No. 2, dated 
Hdqrs. I9t Cav. Brls., June 8.1898; relieved 
from daty at HdavB. 1st Uav. Brig, per S. 
0. No. 72. dated An?. 2S. 1B9B; asslined to 
apeclal duty at HdqiB. lal Cav.. HI. Vol.. 
Ft. Sberldan. 111.. a» clerb per S. O. No. «7, 
Rez.. dated Aua 29. 1S9S: relieved from 
Bpeclal duty at Bdqrs. let Cav . lit. Vol,. 

Sept. 5, 1B9S: Hick In quarters Uay 21, 1898. 
to June 7, IB9B, Inline oFduiy; on turtniiEh 
Sept, e to Oct. 5, 19BB. per 13. O No. ISO. A. 

G. O.. I 

: In 


Ins I B In eluded t 
vaTueot articles laac 

dneU. S.. 10.21 

MnBteced Into U. 8, 
Troop I, iBt Cav , 111. 

No. IS.Hea'.. Julyl.lB9B:a 

8. lB98:'lti ihe Bettl-rofln 
included thu aum of IS.«: 
of articles iBsnedbIm by I 
Mnatered Into D. 8 aerv 

n of SI. 51. Ihe ti 

. J applica- 
tion dated Hdqni. let Cav. Elrlir., Ane. 3, 
ISM; on furlouah SfDt. « to Oot B. 1898. per 
" " '- ■"'■ • '■' " S. 1S98; In the set- 
Included ihe sum 
of artlalOB IsBuad 

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Brerett n. Shaw 


Apr. M.ieB8 
Apr. 2S,lStS 

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Copt. BobertB.. 

CHDt. Boberts.. 

Uastsred IdCo U. ij. eervfce tta Comorsl 
Troop I. 1st Cht., 111. Vol., Ma; 21. 1H98; 
promoted SerEeunt Adk. 19. 1899. per 8 O. 
No, «2. Kee.: on [arlongh Senl. B lo Dct. S. 
IBSS, perG, No. 130. a. Q. O.. 8. 189S: In 
tbe BettlFment for clothing' U Iflclndad the 
BQiauOISl. thRtatiiJ value of artldes 1b- 

Bued bim b; the State 

nrolled hs orlvatv Troop C. lat Cbv.. III. 
Vol.; OD special dnlj' fti clerk at regimen. 
tsl beadqunrtere Miiy 2], 1B38. to Aue. 29. 
IBSS. per v«rbal orclors reelinenlttl eom- 
muiidliieofficer: appointed SericeHnl Major 
Ans. 80, 1S9S. per 1. O. Ho. 7B. Uee ; re- 
duced to iirade ot Serereant 3epl. 10. I89B. 
at bis oito reqnest aod seeleped to Troop 
I, let Cav. . Ill Vol., per S. O, No. 8S. Reg. i 
on fnrloDBh 8ept, 9 to 18. li-OS. per Q. O. 
No. ISO, A. a. O.. S. WBi In the aettlewent 
torolutblnela Included tbe sum of 8S.«i, 
tbe total value of articles leaned blm by 

the State 

Inatered Into (J, S. service aa Corporal. 
Troop I, Isl Cavalry. III. Vola., May Zl, 

lS98.'DerH. O. No. lali. A. "G O.. S. 1898; 'Iq 
tbe Bectlemeat for ciDthlDe la Inciudr-d the 
eum of ST. SI. the total value of arlfoles 
Iganed blm by tbe Stixte: due U. 8. SOU.... 
lu'iered loto the U. 8. aervlee aa Corporal, 
Troop 1. Isl Cavalry. 111. Vols.. May 21. 
1S98: Bl.^^ In hospital Aae. 2. 1898. to Sept. 
IS. 1898. Id Hoe ot duty; on furlnpsh Sept. 
lfltoOcv6,1898.pera. O No, 130, A.fl, O. 
8. i»98: In ttae set tie me at for ahithloe le 
Inctniled tht> sum ot ST, 61. the total valne 
of artlclea leaned blm by the tjtale: due D. 

8, to. 78 

Inrolled as private; anpolnted Corporal 
July i.iS»S. ner 8. O. No. 13. Kei:tm»utBl: 
sloblnquartera Ji>(y9toIl, tSM, tDllnt'of 
doty: on iurloneh »epl S to Oct, G. 1898, 
per G. O, No. 130, A. G O . S 1898; In the 
seEilement for clothins la Included ihe 
BUm of S5.B2. the total value of artlclBB 
Issued him by the Stifle; due U, S. 10,22... 
Inrolled a"" private; aopolniert Corporal 
July 1,1898. per G, O. No. IS, iti'Elmcntal: 
slcklohoapltalJunellto 18. 1899^ slok In 
outrCarn June ti. i8S8. In Hoe of duly; oa 
furloueb Sept 6 to flot, S.1898. per G, O. 
No 130. A. 14. O., 8, 189S; In the settlement 
for olgtblne U Ineluried tbe aum 8T Gl. the 
total value of articles laBUtrd blm by the 


Enrolled as private: appointed Corporal 
July 1, 1888. par Q. O, No. IS, ReilmeDtali 
on farloueh Ane. 81 Co Sept. G,iB98. per 
order Reelmeutal ^nrseon; on furlnush 
Sept. te to Oct, 5. 1898 par G O N'>. 130. A, 
G. O , S 1B9<I: In the ^eltlemenr for cloth- 
Ine la luoluded the aiim of tG,B2. tbe total 
value ot arilcleBlaaugdhIm bg State 

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Usy 21,1S96 

Apr. 28.189! 
Apr. 16. less 


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. Gapt. Roberts... 

.. Cnpt Boberta... 

SprinKaeld ... 

OBpt Boberta... 

Mnetered Into U. 3. service aa Serseant, 
TraoD I, let Ga^alrT, III. Vols . Mar SI. 
1898; tried by Field Officer's Conrl JanB », 
1898. BtCamp TbOTiias, 6a., per ?<. O. No. 
— , tor vlolallai: 62d Artlola of War. In- 
gubordlnatlon. and senteDCed to be re- 
dnoed to rank of Drlvate and to becoEflned 
'0 dsra at hard labor; appointed Cor- 
ral Aag. 19 1X98, rier S. O. No 6i, R-at- 
iDtal; all' It la a u arte ra June 14 to20, IgtS, 
._ line of doty; on turloueb Sept. 6 to Oet. 
B.I89S. per 0.6. No ISO. A. O. O.. 8. Ib98: 
In the settlement tcr cloihlni ta Inclnded 
the anm at 11 SI. Ihe total value of articles 
Iseaedblm by tbe Slate: due O S. 16.18... 

iJorolled as private: sprnlnted Cornoral 
Ang. lB,ia3B. per H. O. No. SI. Reilmental; 
aick In qnartera July 16, to li. 18S8. Id line 
of duty; on furloueti Sept 6 to Oct 6. l89B, 
p«r li. 6. No. lao. A. 8. O.. 8. I8GB: In tbe 
aetltement for elotblng: le Included the 
mm of S7 ei. tbe total value of aittcies 
laauedhlm by tbe Slate 

Enrolled an private; a o pointed Corporal 
AUE. 19. 18^8. per 8. O No. 62. ReBtmeDial; 
sick In hospital June 2E to 2T.1S98. In lloe oC 
duty; on furloUiib Sevi 1 to Sept. G. iSM, 
per order Beelmental SarKBon; on top- 
loQEh Sept. 6 10 Oct. 5. 1»BS. per 6 O No. 
130. A. a. O.. 8. 1898: In the aattiemenl (ot 
ClothtDE la Included the sum of IS 61, tbe 
total value ot articles Ueued blm by tba 

rolled as Trnrapeter: on furlnpKb Sept. 
.3 to Oct. B.1B9B, per li. O. No 130. A G. O., 
S. ISSS; In tbe aettlement for clolhlue It 
' eluded the aam of IT. 61. the total value 
.: articles Issued blm b; the Slate; due O. 

S. M.BO 

ited June 16, 1898. per G O. No. «l. A. G. 

S. 1898: asBUnpd to troop June 17.1898, 
' verbal orders commandlne uftlcer; ap- 
„..ntert iarrler Sept. 1. I89S. per Troop 
Ordi^i No. 5: on furloush Bent 6 to Oct. 9. 
IB98.-per 6. O. No. I!I0. &. G. O., S. 1898; no 
clothlDE was Issued blm br tbe State; due 

O. 8. 10 IS 

Enrolled as saddler; tiled by Summary 
Court at Camp Tanner, 111., per U. H. O. 
No. 4S. May 26, I89B. violation 3Sd Article 
Of War, drnnkBuneaK on duty, and len- 
teoced to Forfeit sa.OO of bis pay and be 
Qtied &ve days at hard labor: deducted 
payroll June SO. IB98; tried by Pleld 
leers' Court at Camp Thomaa, Ga .July 
,. -8B8. ppr 8. O. No. «S, dated Hdqra. lat 
Cavalry BrUade. July 8. 1S9S. and seb- 
''ucd to forfeit 15.00 of his pay and to be 
inCned Ave days at bard labor: deducted 
a pay roll July 31. 1898: alck In qnartera 
Anc. 13 to 20. 1898; <-lck In hospital Aug. 
21. 1898. to AUE. 2». 1898: sick In quartera 
Ane. SO to Sept. i, 1893. In line of duty: on 
farloQKb Sept. 8 to Oct. S. 1B98. oerG. O. 
"- ISO, A. O O.. B. 1898; In the settlement 
__nttor olotblne Is-lncluded tbe sura o( 
ST.51, the total value of artlclea Issued 

■ ■ 1 by the State: dueU, S. lOBl 

_ _.lled ae bUekamlih; sick In quarters 
July 3D to Ana ^. 1898. In Hue of duty; on 
'nrloQBh from Sept. « to Oct. E. itSS. per 
3. O. No ISO. A. G. O . S. 189S: In tbe aet- 
lement for clothing Is Inolodfd the Bum 
jffl.Sl. the tnial value ot articles isaned 
blm by the State 

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Baker. John M 

Busier. Mas J 



Apr. 2e,18W 
June U.1B9S 



Mar 21.1B9S 
June 15.1898 




June 1G.189S 



Juno lfi.lS9B 
May 21.1898 


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Udbtebep In. 

SprlDirflsld ... CaDt. Koberts.... Moakln&w.... Entailed aa prlTnte; aselBned to duty as 
Troop WaffocBr Jufy 1, 189S, per Troop 
Oiift No. B, C. ».; Bich la qimciere June 
5, 18B8: Bleb In auHrterB Ans. 20 to 28. 189S. 
Id line of duL; : uu turlooEli tiept. 6 Co Ocl. 
S. 1888. DBF G. No ISO. A. Q. O., 8 IBM: 
Intbe Becilemect tor clothlDg: In Included 
the sum of S7, 51, the total Tulue of nrllcles 
lssQ>^d him by the »Utei due U. ». tl.ZS... 

.. Uapt. Roberta.... ChlcaffO Solleted June 15, 1S8!:. per G. O. No. 81, A. 

Q. O., 1898: Healuned to troop Jnne IT. 
18SB. per verbal orders com m and In ; offl. 
eerai aaBleuea to apeclal dutr as clerk Id 
brieadx comiolaBHry, par 1:4. 0. No. 11. 
dated HdqrB. Ut Csvalry BrlKsde. Camp 
Thomas. Ua.. JpDe :iS, »9S; teleaeed par 
S. O. No. t12, dated Hdqrs. 1st CavMrr 
Brleade. Am. 21. 1ES81 od turloueh Sept. 
e to Oct. 6, 1S9B, perU. O. No. 130. A.ti.O,, 
8. ISeS: nn clothloc was laitued htm by tbe 

Statn; daeU. S. «.« 

.. Capl. Bobocte..,. Cbloatro Bnllated June IS, 189S, per S. O. No. 61. A. 

a O , 8. ISSS; assliraed to trOnp June 17. 
186S. pec verbal ordeiB EommandlnK officer! 
on fnrloneh »ept 6 to Ocl. 5, 1B9S. per Q. 
O. No. 130. A, 0. O . 5. 1898; DO oIothlnK 
_ _ was lasued bim by ilie State 

Sprlaefleld... CapC. Bobeitg.... Chleaeo In the settlement tor clolhlns Is Included 

tbe Bum ot n.Sl. the total valna of articles 
laaaed him by tbe ijtate: due U. S. SD.13... 

Sprlnaaeld... Capt Boberta.... Chlearo Epllsted as tarrUr; relieved from duly an 

farrier Sept. 1, 1H9S. per Troop Order No. 
1; on turlouBh Sept B Co Oct. 6, per li. O. 
No. lao, A. U. O.. mS: In Che BeitUmeot 
tor clothlnt Is Included the sum of lE.Gi. 
tbe total value of actleles Uaued him by 

Ihe State 

ChloaEO Enltfiied June 15, 1898. per O. O. No. SI. A. 

Q. O.. a. 1B9S: asalcned to hospital June 
IT. 1898. per verbal orders commaodlpe 
officer; OD furloueb 8ept. S to Oct S, I^SS, 
per G. O. No. ISO. A 6. O , 1898: no cloth- 

InewBBlaanBd toblrabytheSlBte 

.. Capt. BobertB.... Chtoaeo Enlisted June 15. 169S. per G. O. No. 61. A. 

G U., 8. 1S9S; aselitaed to troop June IT. 
1899, per verbal ori^ta oommandlua ofBcer; 
alch In quarters Aue. 10 I0 Auf. 12. 1898. 
Auk. 19 to 17, 1898. )□ line ot duty; no 
clothlne-waa Issued him by the Sute; due 

U. 8 SD.B3 

ChhsaBO Tried by Field Offlcera' Court aC Camp 

ThomsB. Gb., per S 0, No. 1. dated Hdqra. 
I9t Cavalry Brigade, June 6, 1898, viola- 
tion «Zd ArClcie of War. diaobeylne order 
of sentinel, and eeutenced to forfeit Si.m 

hard labor: deducted from pay roll June 
80. 1898: Blck In quurtera Ane. IS to 2S, 
1S98; Blck In hospital Aue. iS to Sept. 1. 
I89B, la line of duty; on furloueh Sept. I 
to »ept. 5. 1898, per order regimental mi- 
geuEi on turlonah Sept. fi to Oct. 6. 1898. 
per G. O. No, ISO. A. G. O . S. 189)1: In ths 
eeCtlemeut for clothlns Is locluded the 
sum of II. Bl. tbetotal value of arllclea iB- 

.. Capt. Roberta.,.. Chlcaso In tbe settlement tor clotbine ' Is" inVTuded 

the BDU of 87.51, tbe total value of artlctea 
Issued btm by tbe State; dma U, S. 

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Apr. SB. IBM 

Apt. 2B.189S 

Apt. 28,1898 

Apr. IS. 1898 
Apt. 2E.18B8 

Apr, 28.1898 

Apr. 28.1898 
Apr. 26.1898 

CuBHOk, aeotse E 

Davidson. Le« U 

Eltel. CbarleB F 



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HDiTiBaD In. 

.- CaPt, BobertB... 

.. Cant. BobertB... 

SprlnsBeld ... C 

.. Capt. RoberU... 

..Triad b7 P. O. G- at: Cwnp Thomfto. Gr., 
July IS, 1SB8. per S. O, No. U. datedHdqrs. 
1st Cavalcv Srleade. Jnly IS. lt%. forylo- 
latlon oC the 33d Article of War. abeeuoe 
wltbant leave and sentenced to forfeit 

^.H) at hla pay and to be cooBned ut hacd 
boii deducted trom pay roLLa July SI, 
1898: alcb In qaaneie June 10. 1899; eitt In 
boBPltal jDoe II. 19US; In quarters June 12 
' 8. In llDB of duty; alck In hOBpltsI 

). O. No. 130. i 

,,, . .0 Oct. 6, 1SS8. par 
3. 0. S. mS: In the aet- 

IDB Is laeluded the sum 

tl.Sl. the total viilue of artlclea Issued 

-.ji by the State: due V. H. ts.31 

., Sick In qnarters Sept. 5, 1898; on tarloaeh 
- ■ ■• " ■ ' ■.rd.O. No, 130, A. a. O. 

_. ._ ttement for olothlne ta 

Ipclnded the sum of MM. the total Value 

of articles iFSued him by the Slate 

.. Tried by F. O. C. at Csmp Thomas, Oa.. 
JulyS.iess. perS.O.No. es.dated Hdqri. 
■ I Cavalry Briitade. Jnly B. ItiSS. (or vlo- 


for fell 

hlB pay and be confined five days i 
'-'--'r; ded — '-" ' "- ' 

i BlokiL,- „ 

nltal Aue. 29. to Sept. t 
EurlouEb Sept. € Lo Oci^ o, ikq, per u. \r. 
No. 130. A. G- O. S. 180H; Id the BeCtlemeDl 
tor clothlne is Included the sum of tl.Sl, 
the total value of article! Issued him Or 
the Slate 

.. Slcfc in hospital Aus. IS to ZS. 1898. in Una of 
dntyi on fnrlongh llrom Aue. 28 to Sept, t. 
'998, per order Kcglmeutal Surgieon: on 
.Brloaab Sept. 6 Co Oct. E. 1SB8. per G. O. 
No. 130, A. Q. O. S. 18S8; in tbe aetllement 
for cloth In? is Included the Bumoflt.63, 
the total valaa of acllcles iBauedhlmb; 

the State 

" eclal duty In CommlBsar; Department 

— .aborer per S. O. No 1. Kest.. dated 
May N, 1S93; returiied to duty Aus. l, IB98. 
^er verbal oiderE CommandlnB Officer; 
_ti turtonEh Sert S to Oct. S, 1898, per Gl. 
O. No. 130. A. Q. O.. S, 18D8; In the settle- 
ment for ctoihlnc Is [Deluded the aura of 
SI. El. Ihetotal value of articles Issaed him 
by the State; due U. S. H.gO 

.. Sick In quartera An{^ IS to 18.1898; iDbospi- 


<t. 8. IS9B. In line 

3f duty 

It for I 



,. On furlonah Sept.' il'lo' Oct. sVi 
No.ia0.a.. G. O. ?.1SB8: Intt 
for do thins la Included the aum oi ii.oi. 
the total vBlae of articles l.sned him bl 
the State; due U. tl. 80 SO 
a special doty in IIosp. I 

Jtc a. 0. No 7. iteat.; 
uneBlol0.1B9S; sici In quarEsre onue ii. 
lS9S-,ln quarters July 31 to 3S. 1898; In bos- 
pltal July 24 to Ad«. 18.1898. Id line of 
duty; on furlough Aae- 19 to Sept. S, 18BS. 

Sier order HeElmental Snreeoni on (nr- 
onsb Sept. B to Oct. S. 189S. per G. 0. 130, 
A. G. O. '4. 1898: In the settlement for 
Dlothinala Included the sam of 1S63, tha 
total valne of articles Issued blm by the 

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Apr. 26.1S98 


May 21.1898 

Apr. 26.1898 

Apr. Z8.1B9B 

Ma; 21,1898 

B&sUnea. HuTi' h.... 

June U.isg8 

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SpTliiBfi«ld ... 


Capt. Roberts 

Cant Robert*.... 

Onpt BobertB.. 



C&pt. BobertB.. 
Capt. BoberU.. 

Capt. Roberta. . 

Chtcaio .. 
Cblcwo .. 

Tried by P. O. C July 16,1898, per 6- O. No. 
S7. dated Hdqri'. let Cavalry Brieada 
Cmnp ThomftB. Ga, tar violation of Md 
Article of War. absence wllbout leave and 
sentenced to forteli 110.00 ot his pay aod 
to be copflned IG a-.isa st hard labor: de- 
ducted from pay-rails July 31, 1898; etch In 

Sept. 6toOctiB.183B, perQ. 6. ISO, A. 6.0. 
S.lB8S:ln the eeitlemEnt tor clothlDsla 
tcGluded tbe sum ct ST. 61. tbe total vnlao 
ot artlclsB laBued him by Iha State: due 

U. S »n8 

)n Bpeolal duty at Post Hdar- Ckbo 
TbomaB. Ga . aa orderly from July 21 to 
ISM. per verbal ordt-r HeBlmental Com- 
mander; Mcfc In qaartera June ilS.IBIiS, 
July 12. 1X98: In boai'ltBl July U to 16. 1B93: 
■□qaarter» July 16 to IB, Aus. 6 toS.lBSS. 
In ilne of dmyt on farlouBh Sept 6 "- "- 

) O. No. ISO. A 

6.O. S. issa: 

e IB Included 

of arlloleB 

6. 1898. [ 
the aom nf 17 E 

On furlough Sep 

for ototblDK la Included tbe Bum or ST. 51. 
(he total valne of arttcleB UBaed him by 
thB State 

Ilcfa In qoHrtera June 2.18B8. iua. IS to £B. 
189B; In hoaDltat &nx. U0,1H98: In qUHitera 
Ane. 81 to Sept ». 1898. In line ot duty; on 
fnrlouEh Sept. 6 to Oct. 9, 1B9S. per Q. O. 
No. no. A. Q. 0.. S 1B98; In the Beltlement 
tor cloibloB la ln<^tiiiled the earn ot >5.B9. 
the total valna of arllelee IsBued him by 
the "- — 

In qnartera Ana. Kl to Sept. 2.1898, in 
iiu''otdaiy;oa furlousb Sept. B to !:<ept. 
6. 1898. piT ReBlmental SurBoon: on fut- 
loneh Siipt.O to Oct. E.IB38. per Q. O. ISO, 
A. a. O.. S. 1898: In the Beiilement for 
elothlne Is inelnded the Bum oF 87.51. the 

1 ot B! 

D by tl 

furtouEh Sept 6 tu Oct- E 
No.lSD, A.Q.O.,8.i898:n< 
■ ■ hy the Stave: due " 

rV. O. 

forolothlneU li 

e total value ot articles laBued him by 


, June 

e.O.. 8. 1S38: aeale 

189S. pervprbBlordPr _ 

sick In onarlers Aug. 16 to 18, 1898. Sept. S 
tn 1; In hospital Sept. 6 to 21. <□ Hue ot 
duty; OD furlooeh Sept. 28 to Oct. 6.1898. 
per G>. O. No. lao. A. (J. 0.. 3. 1S9B; no 
elothlntlBsaedhlm by tbe State; due D. 

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Hewitt. Homor 8 


Jnne 16.1898 

Camp ThomaB.QB 

Jane 15,1898 

Hopper, George L 

jQlr «.1898 

Adt. 138,1898 
Apr. 28.1898 

Jane 16.1898 

Apr. 26.1898 
Apr. 29.1898 


JaaApbat. SernaTd P., 

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SprlUEfleld ... 

Cant. Roberta.. 

CaPt. BobertB.. 

EDllsted June 25.1898. per 0. O. No. 61. A. Q. 
" . 3. I8»Si aaslaued to troop Jane 2i. 1B»§. 
9r Terbsl order connuBnilluE officer; 
tfllened to epeclal dotj In hoBDltal CorPI 
i\3 iQ,ie99. per verbal order commaadlus 
Seer: on fucloneli Sept. 6 to Uot &.lli»a. 
9r t). O. No. IBD. A. G. O., 8, 1898; no 
otblng was Issued Co bim b; tbe ISiate... 
listed Jnlr 4. 18S8, ipec order A. S , Wash- 

5 too Barmcks, D. C.'. asslBQed to troop 
r 10.1898. per S.O. No. 32. Reslmeclali 
ck In quarleri Ane. IS to 16. Aag. 
< 10 29. 1893; in hospital AUE 30.1898; 

JniirteiB Am, J]1.1B98. Id line of dutr; 
urloueb tram Sept. 6 to Oct. G, 189S.per 
. O. No. 130. A G. 0., S. 189S; do olotblDS 
. as IsBnen to him by ihe Stute 

Tried by Field Officer's Court at Camp 
Thomas. Qa . Jals aO,189S, per 8. O. No. 
tOI. dated headquarters latCaralrr BrlE.. 
TloIatlOD S2d Article of War. absence with- 
out leave, and aeiilenced to forfeit S9.00 of 
his par and to be conflned Bve days at 
bard labor; deducted fcom pay rolls July 
81,1899: detailed a^ mesaecRer poathcad- 
auartera Ft. Sheridan, Ul., Ane. Hi to Sept 
6,1898. per verbal orders eommandlni ofd- 
cer; sick !□ hospital Aqb. SO to 30, 1B9S. In 
line of duty: on fuilough Sept. 6 to Oct S. 
1893. per U. O. No. 130. A, U. O . 8. 1898; In 
the settlement (or Cloth InE Is Inaluded the 
BUm of n.51. the total value of articles 
Issued him by the State: due U. S. SO. 00... 

Sick IQ quartere Aut:. 2 to 11, 1898; In hospital 
8ept, 2 to 11.1898. In line of duty; on fnr- 
louehSept. 12 to Oct, 5,1898, per G. O. No. 
130. A. O. O.. S. 1898: In the gettlemeot tot 
olothlQsl9 Included Ihe sum of tl.Gl, the 
tolHl value ol articles Issued him by the 

State; due D, B,I4,8J 

■Ick In hosplial Sept, 1 to 2, In line of duty; 
on tttrloujh Sept. B to Got. 6.1898. per G. 

O. No, ISO. A Q 0„ r 

ment tor clothlna la 
11. SI. the total value I 

by the State 

Inllsted Jane IS, 1893, per O. O, No, 61, A. G. 
O.. 8, 1B9S; asslKned to troop Jane 17, 1898. 
per verb al orders >at comnieQdlDS oQcecj 
aick In quarters Aug. IB to IB, ises. In lloo 
of duty; Id qnarlere Sept, 2. 1898, not la 
line of duty; no olothlnn was tasaed him 

by the Stale: due O. 8, 10, BO 

In special duty as Troop Cook, per verbal 
order of troop CDmrnspder, April Z7 to July 
1,1898; sick iD Qoarters July 19 to 29. 1893: 
In hospital Jaly iS. 1898; In qnarters July 
80 10 Aue, B, 1898, Id line oE duty; on fur- 
lopsh Sept e to Oct, 5, 1898. per O. O, No. 
180, A, O, O,. 8, 1899; In the settlement for 
elothlne Is Included toe sum of S7,B1, the 
total value of arllcles Issued him by the 

3lck Ip qaarters Aas.Blto Sept.t, 1898, In 
line ol duly: on turloueh Sent, 6 to Oct, 6. 
1898, per G, O. No, 130, A. S. , 8. 1SB8: tn 
tbe selllpmenl for ololblns la Included the 
sum of SI.ei. tbe total value of arttelea 
Isanedblm by tbe State 

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Lembrioli. Hentj P... 

Apr. miB98 

Apr. H.tsm 



Apr. SS.1898 

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Cttpt. Boberta.. 

CHEit, RobeitB.. 




Gapt. Roberta- 

Tried br Field Offlcera' Coart M Camn 
"" imBB. Ga., July V. 1B9B. per ti, O. No, «B, 
ed UeiidqnBrtHri! I9t Cavalry Brigade, 
vlolftiloB of AriilclBOt W--"- °' " 

ta.DO of t 

roUa of July II, IBSS; 

and sentenced to toifelt 

Bducted from pay- 
irled by SuramazT 
■■"■■■ KeBi- 

.1. Fort Sheridan, 111., for vioiaUon o( 
uof War No. 2Q—nBliis profane Ian- 
to commlHaioned oBlcer, aod sen- 

No. ISO. A G. 0..8. 1 

.- .> (UT- 

iDueh Sept. e to Oct. 5, ]88B. per G. O- Ma. 
1X0. A. 9 O.. 9. tS9S^ Id the aeltlement tor 
clotblQElBlDclDd«d th« Bum of S7.GI, the 
toiHl valne of artldea laaued him by the 


JDFOlled ae Trumpeter; tried by Field Offl- 

V Thomi of hie 

ofarCelt SS.DOot b 

per e. O. No 

1 of (7.5L. tb 
EoiUted JunelG.if 

Sept. 21.1398; i 

LUK- 28. 188*. p-r 8. O. 
I, A. Q. O.. S 1I-9S; in 

>ral Jnly l, IB9B, per O, No, 13. Reitl- 
ental:redDC«d toprlraieSept 1. 1888. per 
0!plt»l Order No. 1; tried by Field Offl- 
ir.'nniirt Bt rmnTi Thnmnu Rn.. hhp BO. 

looeh SBpt. e to Ooii, 6. 1B9S. I 
lao. A, 6 O, a.isas: lathe ei 
olothlDS Ib Included the sam 
total valne of article a Isaaed 

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fLVt. 3S.1SM 
Apr. !e.]sg8 

Apr. 28.1898 
Apr. Se.lS98 

Apr. 2S,tm 

June 21.1886 

June IE. 1898 

Apt. 2«,18S8 
Apr. l!«.ia9S 

Mar 21,1898 
Ua; 21.1893 

UUler.Harty I 

Ma7 a, 1898 

Uar 2Liesa 

Juno 21,1898 

June 16.1898 
May 21.1898 

Uar 21,189!) 

MorclBDO. Roberts... 

Camp Tbomai.Oa 



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Thomas, Oa. 

Caiit. Boberts.. 

Capt. Bobertg.. 

Capt, Robens.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Tried tir Field Ofilcers' CoQit at Camp 
Tbomas. Qa., Juli 1G.1898. cef S. O. No. H, 
dated Beadquarters lat Brleade. for viola- 
tion of ArtloiB oi' War No. 82— flbsenoe 
witbont leave, and sentenced to forfeit 
so. 60 of bU pay aod to be oonflned five 
.lasB at hard labor; deducted from pay. 
llB^of J_aly 81, l«9Ei: sick In quarters JiiQ.o 

tJept. S tc 

. — 1 for oloth- 

le sum of K.«3. the total 
iHSued bim by the State; 

__!D. 8.«D.5L 

Slc& In qnariers July 21 to il. ia»S. la lloi 
dnty; In ibe leltlaDieDt for cloihlnit Is 
cinded the enm of )G.B2, tbe total valnt 
Bitlnlea laauad him by the State: due 
B.M.60 , 

Aaslnned to aneclai dnty aa clerk In r 

a commandlaE officer; 
June 11 to Zl. 1888. aa 
a. O No «1, A.Q. O.. 
of post head- 

S. 1H9B: on detached 

verbal ordei ... 

lonebSeot. Bto Oct. 5, i-SS, perQ. 0. No. 
130, A.a.O.. 8.1S98; In the attllement for 

total valne of artlcleE Issued him by the 

Sick In quarters Aue. Hi to Sept, 1, IB9g, In 
if duty; onfntloneh Sent 8 to Oct. 6, 
per G. 0. No, — - -*^ - - — ■ 

iflE.GZ. t 

■ ■ ■ ■laHlaM.. .._., 

Court, Csmp 

IS Included the 

. theSlBi. 

>led by Field Offl ^..„^ 

Tbomas. On., per S. O No. B. June ^i. ISSS. 
violation ezd Article of War, flehtlaff, 
and 8''Dtenced to be confined tvo ilaya at 
hard labori sick Inqnarters June 8 to June 
B, IBW. In line of duty: on furlough Sent. 
6 to Oct. S, 1B98, narG. 0. No. 130. A, G O., 
8. 189B; In tbe settlement for clothlncr la 
bictQded the sum of ts ei, the total value 
" "■ ■ Issued him by the State: due 

11.8 M.TS 
InllBted J- 
G O., 8. 

Jane : 

□ed to 

ttains Issued hli 

13, aa 

1 June IE, )898, per Q 0. No, 

Q, O No 81. A- 

- --ip June M, 

lit officer : 

State; due 

_ -,. - — lened t<, ... 

189S, per verbal orders commanrilneoflleer; 
sick In quarters Aug. IS to 16. 189S. In Una 
of duty; no clofalner Issued him b; the 

Stale; due U. 8 

Sick In QnaTters Am. 8 to 17. 1898, In line o( 
duty: on furlonffb Sept. S to Oct. 5. 1898, 
per Q, O. No. lao. a. G. O , S. WB8: In the 
sBtilement (or oloihlng Is is leelDded (he 

Buedblm hy'the'^tate ^^.f." 

Sick Id auarlers May B8 tn June 2. 18B8, In 
" • ;r: on furloneh Kent. 8 to Oct. B, 
) O. No. 180, A G. O.. S. ISM; In 

sett Ion 


of at tides la- 

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A r S6.1888 

Chlca D 

Ma; 21.18W 

Apr. a.]m 

May a, 1898 

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Mdbterbd In. 

.. Capt. Boberta.... CblcoKO Sick !□ qaaTtera Jul; IG to is. IS98. !d baa- 

June IH to Z4. 1898. In qaarters July 2S to 
31. 1898. Id line of duty; In quartrre Aus. 
16 to IS. 1S98, Inllni) ofdnti; In Ihe eettle- 
meat tor clotblag 1b iDcluded Ibe Buin o( 
Si.K. the total vame t>t aitlclei Usned blm 
by Ihe State 

.. Capt. RobeMa.... Chlcaeo 9lok In qnartera June 8toJ9. 189B. In line of 

duly: on furlouEb 3ept e to Oct. G. 1898. 
per a. O. No. 130, A. Q O.. 8. 1S9S: Id Ihe 
seitleniBnt tor olothlDe la Included tbe 
Bnmof S6.S2, the total valne o( arrldes la- 

eusd htm by tbe St.<te: due U. 5. M.7£ 

Tried by Field TfRoerB' Court at Camp 
TbDmaa, Oa. July IS. 1898. per S. O. No. 
81, Oateii Uilqra. Isl Cuviilry BHeRde, ylo- 
latloc aad ftrtklB c-f War, absent without 
leave, and eeuteucKd m furfeic ».00ot bla 
pay anri to be condned Ave days at hard 
labor; deducted fruiu payroll JulySl, 1898: 
alck In quartera Aus' S tii 6. ]§9N. In line at 
duty; on furlouKh ;«pt. 6 to Oct B. per D, 
O. No. 130. A U. O,. Ij. 18S8: lu tbe Settle- 
ment for olothlnE Is Included th« eum of 
tE.e3. the total vbIub oC Hrlcles laaued hira 
by the State; dueU.S. 50.16 

.. Capt. Eoberts.... CbkaEO SIcS In hospital ijept. 3 to II. 1838. InUceot 

duty: on turlaosh Sept. 12 to Oct 6. tB9S. 
per Q. O, No, 130. A. Gl O . S. 1898; in ihe 
aettlenient tor clatblns is Included Ibe 

sued hlDiby'tbe StJtt"; due IT. S. tO.Ol.....' 
iok In qnartera Jum- 23 to 21, 189S; en alrk 
report Jnly S to 7. 1S98. July 12 to 17. 189B: 
in quarters Ane. S9, IS98! In hospital fluff. 
30 to 31. 1898. in lino nf duty; on torlooBb 
Sept. 1 to Sept 6, 1B99. per order regi- 
mental eureeon; un [urlonsh Sept. e to 
Oct. S. 1898, per G. O. No. 180. A. G. O., 
S. 1898; In the setilfmi-nt (nr clothlDB !■ 
includo'l Ibe sum of H.flZ, tbe total value 
of articles Issued him by tbe State: due 

D. 8.84.72 

.. Capt Roberta.... ChlcaRO Enlisted June is. 189B, per G. O. No. ei. A. Q. 

O . S. 1B98: assUtneif to troop June 17. 1898. 
pervprba! orders couimandloB oIBcer; on 
furlouib Sept 8 to Oct S, I8»i. per Q. O. 
No 130. A.Q. 0.,S I89S: no elotbfne was 

laaaed blm by the Wlale , 

. . Ghlcaso On furlousb Sept. e to Oct. 6. 1898. per G O. 

No. 130. 4. G. O,. S. 11198: In tbe settlement 
tor clotblns U Incladfd the >-Dm of 15.63. 
tbe totHj value ot articles Issued blm by 

tbe Slate 

.. Capt. Boberta.... Chioato Sick In quarters Aug. It to 17. 1898. In line of 

luty : oa fnrlantb Sept. S to Oel. S. 1898. per 
il. 0. No 130. A. (4. O.. S 1898; In tbe set- 
1>-Dient for clotbloB Is imploded tbe sam 
>t UM. Ibe total value .'f arllc-lea Issntd 

jim by tbe Stale; due U. S..«f.7! 

.. Chlcaso Trisd by Field OfBcora' Court at CsmD 

Tboma^•. Ga.. July SO. 189B, Per S, O. No. 
107. dated Hdar'i, lat Cav. BrlE.. vlolatloit 
SZd Article ot War. absence nlibout leave, 
and aeu'eneed to torfelt SfM ot bis pay 
and to be confined live days at bard labi'r; 
deducted from pay ro la Ji>ly 31, 1898; on 
furtoueh Sept. 6 10 Oct. G. 1X98. per G. O. 
No. 130 A. O. O., S. I83S; la the settle- 
ment (orcIolhloKla iDcluded tbe sum of 
JB.61, the total ynlU'S of arilolBS losnadhlm 
by the State: duo D. S., tO.Ol 

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Rotta. AnthoDT J... 

Soharle.Fraub A,.. 

Smith, FTBDkF.. 

Stevens, Edward D... 

Stone, FranbS... 

TTtrell. Herbert C... 

.. Jnne 16.1899 C 

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Sprlnefleld ... C 

SprlnKBeld... C 

.. CsDt. RolMrtB... 

,. Capt. RobertB.... C 

AssleDed to i]iit7 In hoBplCal oorpn Mbt 6, 
1898. per G. O. No, T. B^B.; on torloaeh 
Heot. 6 to Oct. 5, 1(19(1. per <?. O. No. lUO. A. 
Q. O.. S. 1899: In thii aettlemect tor clolh- 
lae la Included Ibe sam ot S&.62, tbe total 
Talue of articles leaned him b; tbe Slats., 
in special dtily aa leElmenlal troop cook 
Apr. SI to July 1. ISBS, per veroal orders 
troop comm^ndur: tick In qu&itera June 9 
tfl 10. 1898. la lloe ot dntr : In the settlement 
forclotblQa: Is Includpd the aam of 15.62, 
the total valaa ot tiriloles Isaued bim bi 

Sick Id qaarterg'Ani.'zV.'isiiiriQ'hOBpitai 
AUB. 3i to Sept. «. I39S, Id IIdb ot duty: on 
turloiieh Sept. 6 to Oct. G. 18B8. per a. O. 
Mo. ISO. A. U. O.. a. ms: In tbe aettlement 
for cloihlne Is Included the enm oC SS.G2, 
the total valae ot articles laaued him by 
theBtate: one U. S..»3.:6 

Eollaied June IS. IB9S. per e. 0. No. 81, A. 
6. O,. S. 1998: atelirDcd to troop June W. 
189B, per verbal orders commaadlne otB- 
cer: on Curloufh Sept. S to Oct. S. 1898. pec 
Q No. IBO. A. O. O. S. I89S: DO clothiDS 
was laaued him by tbe State 

Sick In quartere Aut;. 31 to Sept. I. 1SS8, In 
line of duty: on fnrloneh Sppl. 6 to Oct. fi, 
1898, per S. O. No. 13D, A. G. O.. S. 1898: Id 
the aettlement r..r olutblng la Included tbe 
eum ot Si S2. the total value ot actlctes la- 
aued bin by tbe St^te; due D. S..U. 12 .... 

Un special duty aa clerk Id Quartermaattr's 
Oepartmeut May U (a July S. 1898. per ver- 
bal ordera eommBJi4lnK officer; aick In 
quarlerH AuE. IB to 18. 1898. io line ot doti; 
In aeltkment f i>r clothins la Included the 
aum ot tSM. tbe toial value ot articles la- 
Bued him br the S'ate: doe 0. S.. u.K .... 
'rled by Sammary Court Martial at Camp 
Tanner. 111.. MaT 28. I89S. violation 82d Arti- 
cle of War, Bbf'^ni vllhoat leave, and aen- 
tenced to forf> It 12.00 of his pay and to be 
conBned one da? ui. bnrd talior: deducted 
from pay rolls Jnna SO. 1898: tried by Field 
OtBcnra' Court at Camp Tbomaa, Ga., July 
ai.lB98. per 8. O, No. 1, Tlnlatlon 62d Arti- 
cle of War. UKlne abusive laneaaee to a 
aentlnel. and aeocenced to forfeit is DO of 
blapay: deducted from pay-roll Ang. 31, 
1888: on apeclal dnl:y aa clerk In reglnivnlaf 
ordnKQCB rteparimeiit June 16 to Sr^Dt. *. 
1898 per verbal order commandlnB olScert 
on fuT-louBh S'pi. (I in Oct. S.1B98. perQ.O. 
No. ISO. A. Q. O . S. 1B98; In Ibe aeiaement 
tor clothlDE la Included the sum ot 15.62, 
the total value of artlclea lasued him by 
the State: due O. S.. SO 15 

Sick In quartera May 22 to 23. 1898, May 25 (o 
28, 1898. June 20 10 21.1898, In line ot dntvi 
on furloDib Auc. 30 to Sept M898. per 
order Realmeoisl Sureeon: on furloneh 
Sept. S to Oct. G, 1893. per Q. 0. Ha. ISO. A. 
Q. O . S. 1898: Id aettlement fur clothlun la 
Included Ibe aum of (B.62, the total value 
ot articles Issued him by the State: due U. 

9 S5.1* 

iQllsied June 15. 1898, per G. O. No. 81, A. 
O. O,. S. 1898: aaalined to troop June 17. 
1698. per verbal orders commanding of- 
fleer; on tnrloneh Sept 6 to Oct. t, 1898, per 
Q. O.No. 130. A. ti. 0.8. 1898; noclothlnc 
waslBBnedtohlinby the State 

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Wh a. 

ApF. 2S.1898 

Apr. 26.1898 
June 15.1898 

cm sso 

MftT 21.1898 

May 2I.IS9S 
Jnu^ 15.IS3S 

May al.l898 

Mny 2I.18M 
Itt«y 21. ISM 

Apr. 2«,189J 


Dieehargtd (for dim 

Apr. M,18»8 

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,. Capt. Roberts. -. 

.. Capt. Bobeits... 

.. Capt. BobeTtB... 

.. Capt. Roberta... 
.. Capt. Roberts... 

,. Capt. Roberta... 

. ChicBBv... 


Capt. BobertB.. 
Capt. Boberts.. 

. Gblcaeo... 
, Cblcaero.. . 

Sprlnsfleld . 
SpcinirBeld . 

. Capt. KobertB... 
. Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt, Robecti... 

..Capt, RotMrta... 

Cblcaeo .. 

ID Bpeclsl dnt; aa troop ooak Jaly I to 
Sept. 5.1S98, per verbnl order troop com- 
maadenon tarlDucrti»aDt. StoOnt E.18HS, 
per Q. O. No. 180. A, Q O , S. 1H98: Is tbe 
seltlemeiit for Dlotliloe Is Included the 
sum of SS.G2. the total value at iirtlclea 
Issued him Of the Si.aiej due D. S W.K... 
ID furloueh Sept. 6 to Oct S. 189S. per Q. O. 
No, tSO. A. Q U.. S. 1898; In the Meitleoieiit 
[01 clothlncr Is locluded the anm ot S6.B2, 
the total value of anlclea Isaued bim br 
theBlBte - 

BnllBted June 15, 1S3», per Q. O. No. 61, A. 
G. 0., a 1898; BSBltcaed to troop June 17. 
189S. per verbal orders oommandlDff of- 
ficer; sick In quarters AnK. 2 to 21. 1898; In 
hoscltal Aue, iZ to Sept. £9.1898, Id Hoe ot 
daty: onfurlouBh Sept. SO to Oct. 6,1898. 
per Q. 0. No. 180. A. O. 0.. S. 1898: uo 

elolhlDB was Issneil him by Ihe Slate 

Inllsted JuDe IS, 1898. per (i. O. No. 61. A. Q. 
C. S. IS9S; asslBDGd to troop June 17.1898. 
per verbal orders commaDdtne officer; on 
furloairh Sept. S to Uo'. 6.18S8. ner Q. O. 
No 130. A. U. 0.. tS. 1898; do cloiblns: vaa 
laaued bim by tbe State; due U S. tQ 93.-. 

Sick Id quanera Uay -iS to 27, 1898, Id line of 
''--y; Id the Beltletneac tor clothloK la lo- 
]ed[heaDmof£J.«2. the total valae of 
cIbb Issued him by the State 

EolUted June IS. 1838. per ». 0. Nu. 61. A. Q. 
O.. S. 1898: BBslEned to troop June 17. IB9S. 
per verbal orders oominandlne officer; oa 
furlouBb Sept. e to Oct. 6, 1S9S. per G. O. 
No. ISO, A. 13. O.. S. 1398: no alotblns WKB 


lorolled as private: appointed Lance Cor- 
poral Sept. 12, 1898, per troop order No S; 
on special dull as troop cler^ May 1 to 
July 1.189B, per verbal orders troop com- 
maoder; on farloiigb Sept. G to Oct. G. 1898, 
per G. O No. 130. A. G O.. S. 1893: In ibe 
aettlemeot for clot.htne la Included the 
Bum of the lutal vbIob of artlclas 
Issued him by tbe State: dnc U. S. 13.74... 

Kealanatlon accepted to date Aug 9. 1898. 
periB. O, No. 190. A. G. CADE. 18.1898.... 

lasteced iDto the D. ti. aervice as Corporal: 

order commandlne (ifflcer;dlachareed July 
IB. 1E93. per tlh eadoraomeDt on MuresoD'a 
eertlficaCe ot disability, dlsobaree and 

flDal Biatemenla furnlebed 

>1achareed July IS. 1898. per 1th endorse- 
ment on aurgeon'B cBrtiflcate of disability: 
dlschBTEs and final ^tatemenla furnlahed. 

Mnatered Into U 8. acrvlce aa aenr^aDt: re- 
duced to rank of private, per S. O. No. Gl. 
BeElmental; dlscba.rsed Aue. 13.1898, per 
Ith endorsemeDt on snreeon's certmcate 
ot dlsabltttyi dlscharae and flnal state- 
ments turnished 

Uostered Into 0. 9. servlof as Serfeant; re- 
duced to rank ot private per S. U. No. Gl. 
Keilmental: dlacbarsed Aue 13. issn. per 
«th eadoreement o>t enraeon's certlScate 
of disability: dlscliaree and flual state- 

DIsoharKBd Aue. 's.' 1999. psr Itb endorse- 
mani on Bnnreon's certlfloate ot disability: 
dlscharne and Dual Btaiemesta (urnlabed. 

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June I6.i8»s 

Apr. Z8.18Sa 
Apr. 3e.lS98 










Apr. 2S,18S8 
Apr. Z8,189S 

Uar U.IB9S 
Apr. ».18BB 
Apr. Z6.1B9S 






zi tm 

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Br wliom. 


Cant Roberts.... 

CBDt. Roberts.... 
Cspt. Roberte.... 



Bnffalo. N. T. 

Enlisted June IB, IBOB. per G, 0. No. Bl, A. 
Q, 0,. 8. 18B8: aaslnned to troop Jane 17. 
1B88. per verbal orders commandlnstfflcBr; 
on tarlouah July 2:i to Auk. 8, lli98. per llh 
endorsement on ttpplloatlon dated bead- 
qoarters lal Caialiy Brleade, Camp 
Thomas. Qe,.; discliareed Ane. 19.1898. per 
leleeraphlc orders War Department, 8. 0. 
No. IMI. A, G. O , .lue. 22.ias8: dlscharse 


Sprlnsfleld ... 

rranaterred to Uo. E. 6th Oblo Vol. int.. 


Uustered Into U. 8. nervlee as Ist Nerreant 
Troop I: appointed Sergeant Usjor per 8. 
O. No 82. paraaratih 2. HealmaDtai. Sept. 
10.1898: slcfc Id hospital Ans 1 to 6.1898; In 
quarters Ana 1 to 10.1898. In line of dniy; 

Bade, AuB. 11, IB9S: (urlongh eittnded 
three days from Aiie. 18 loai.perauthorlty 
on ao plication damd headquarters int Cav- 
alry Brlnade. AniM7, 189)t: furlouith ex- 
tended 20 days IrolD Aug 82, to Sept. B. 1B9B, 
per aulhorliy aranied by Eth endoreemenl 

quarters Bd army Corps; servinB In «h 
year of continuous service; dlachaceed 
from Troop P. 7ih D 8- Cavalry April Jl, 
18B8: In tba Bettleinent tor elotblns ta In- 
eluded the »am ot IS.62. the total value of 




Bv whom. 

Capt. Roberts.... 

Capt. Roberts.... 

Capt. Roberts.... 
Capt. Roberts.... 
Capt, Robflrts..- 


Detailed on Q. C. M. S. 0. SB. Hdqrs. 1st 

Army Corps. July 26. 18S8; slcfc June 1-5. 
1898. In quarters. Id line ot duty; mnstered 
In wllh troop aa Captain; on leave Sept. 
M, Oct. 1.1S98, 9 O. 18Q. A G 0. 1BB8 


Lieutenant Aug. 17. 1H9B, and asBlgned to 
Troop K. vice Ist Lieut. H. S. Stanton, te- 

leSvl s/p" B't"snpt!'zS.^'iaB8, G? 0?136. a! 


leave July 80, Am;. 1. 1898. 8. GB. Hdqrs. 


duly; 1o setllement tor olothlnit U In- 
cluded the sum ot 17.62, total value ot 

aastered la as Sersreant, made Troop Q. H, 
Seraeant Q. 0. 13. Camp Thomas. July 18, 
189B. Hdqre. 1st. 111. Vol. Cavalry; on fnr- 
lonerh Sept. 6. Oct:. S. IBM, (i. O. ISD. A. 0. 
0. 1898; In settlement for clolhlna le In- 
oluded the sum ol 8B.6I, total valne of 
clothes lasned bIm by the State 

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May 1.1898 
Ua; 11.1898 



R. flnley Brown 


Uar 21. ISM 

William Ltwdreni.... 


Apr. a. 1898 


Mar SI, 1898 

QeorseD. PleM 

Apr. J6.1898 

Apr. H.18S6 


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Cupt. Roberta.. 

Capt. RolMrti.. 

Uept. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Cant. Roberta.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

On fnrloneh Sept. 6. Oct. 5. 18S8. O O. 190, &, 

V. Q 0. 1 

. 9. Uol. 5. IBBO. G. 0. 

Q O. 1SB8^ I 

Idb la iDDlnded the Bum of H.78, total 
Tikineof cloihea iBBued blia bytbe iatate: 
detailed at BdqcB. li>i Cavalry BriEBde ae 
CommlfBary ^'ere;EHarJnDe7toll.lS9!», S. 
O S. HdQrfl. iBt Uavalry brleade 

Mustered In aa private. promolPd Sergeant 
pert). 0.13. Jul; l.ises; slc^ In auartera 
June G-e, 1S9B. June lT-£(, lts93. !□ line of 
daty: on ruFlougU Hen. S, Oct. 5. 1898. G. 
O.ISD. A. 0. O. I89S: Id aeitlemem tor 
clothlne la Included the sum of II .Gl, total 
valne of cloihea Issued bim bytheStalai 
due U.S. M.3T 

Uoatered to as private, promoted to Cor- 
poral Ree. Q. O. IS, Joli 1. 1S9S. promoted 
to Sergeant Ree- S O. 10. July 1S.1B9B: OD 
furlooeh Sept. 6, Oct. 5. 1898: G. O. 130. 
A. G. O. ISgSilnaettlementforntotblnela 
Included the snm of 17 51, total value o{ 
clo'bea Issued blm by tbe State; due U. S. 

Mustered In as Q. M. Troop :^er?eant. made 
Duty Serjtean- — "-' — ■'— "^ " 

y l.ii 

irloneh Sent. 28 
.. Q. O. 1898:1)1 

■ la I 
sum 01 vj.Di. total Tii^ue of cloiaes i«auiia 
him by the State 

Mnatered In as Corporal, promoted to Ser- 
BOBDt Res- 8. O. 67. AUE 29. 1898: detailed 
ReE Canteen verbal order Colonel, June 
IS, Ane. 19. 1898: op fuTloueh Sept. S. Oct. 
1. 1893. G. O. lao. A. Q. O. 189B: Id aelUe- 
menitorclotblDB H Included the sum of 
S7.ei. total value of lilotbea Issued blm by 
the State; due U. >i. loss's 

BnroMed as iirlvatp. promoted Corporal 
Ju1rl.lS98. KeK G. 0. 13; on furl on rh 
Sent. 6. Oct. G. 198. G. O. 130. A. O. 0.1898; 
In settlement tor ckithlne Is lucluded tbe 
BnmofX7.31, total vitlne of clothea Issued 
him by the iitote; due D. S. SB.77 

Enrolled a a private, promoted Corporal 
July I.IB98.Kee. O. 0. 12, 30day turloueh 
Sept 8.1633, G. 0. laa, A. G. 0. 1838; alek 
InqnSFlers July 6. 1893. lu line of duty: In 
settlement for clolhlnEf Is Incloded tba 
anmottl.EI, total value of clothea I saned 
him by tbe State 

BoToIled aa private; tromoted Corporal per 
B, G. 0. 13, July I. 11«B: on farloueh Sept. 
8 to Oct. 6. 1898, per CK O. ISO. A. G, O , 1898; 
etcfc In quartera Jane 6 to 8, 1998. Sept. 8 to 
8. 1S98. In ifne of duty; In aeltiement for 
clotDlDK Is iDclnded the sum of S7 51, total 
valne o( articles Issued blm by State 

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Uar 11.1898 


May Z1.18»8 

Tbomaa Unmhr 


Apt. zt.mi 

Apr. 26.1BB8 



Ma; 21. IBM 

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.. Citpt. BobertB... 

SpriDEfleld .. 

... Capt. Roberta... 
... Capt. Roberts... 

.. C&pt. Bobeita... 
.. CitDt. Roberts... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt. Boberts... 

.. Capt. Roberts. .. 

Capt. Roberts... 
Capt. Roberts... 


Ut. Pnlaekl . 

EnroUed se private; promoted CoriHiTal per 
R. Q. 0. 13, July 1.18S8; on lorlooeh Sept. 
e to Sept. 25. 183B. i>pi 8. 0. ISD. A. 6. O.. 
188S: In aettlemest Eor dotblne la Included 
the gnm of J7.61. total valne of ololbos Is- 
Boed bim br Slate: cooflned June IS. 
ohacire.vlolatlonead Article of War.dnink 
Bpd dhorderlr coodniit; trisd by Field 
OfBcere' CoQrt (or above ottenie uid sen- 
tenced to three days' oonanement t>er 8.O. 
19, BdqM, lat Cav, Ut Is.. Camp Thomas, 

.; trlec 

7 Fleli 

.ot V 

B' Court (or 1 

it witbont 

AuB-lS, IB98: to forfeit : 
Bdqrs. Ut Cbt. Brl«.. Ci 
the above fine war ''■' 

,s-roll .. 

to Oct 6,18Sa, perQ. 6. IBO. A. O. 0..18! 
aick In quatCera Juot I to 5, July ZO to Auk. 
81. IBBB.Iq line ot duty; In settlement for 
ClothlneUlneladeillheeumot IT. fil, total 

value oE clotbes laaued him by State 

—Drolled as private; promoted Corporal 
July 1, IBBB.per R Q. 0. 13; on fmloueh 
Sept 6 to Oct 6, 1IJ98. per G. O. ISO. A. 3. 
" 'SBS: glok Id qoartera June I and E, 1B9S, 
ae of duty, also Sept S to B; In setUe- 

t tor cloth In e Is included the sum of 

IT.GI. total value ol! clothes lasued him by 


,, Enrolled aa private; promoted Corporal 
Auf 2S. 18S8, per S. O. Hdqra. lat Cav.. 
• - 1. 33,1598: on furlouf h Sept. S to Oct. B, 
. per CI. 0. ISO. A. Q. O.. ie9S; la settle- 
it for clothlps Is Included Itae sum of 

1. total value of clothes Issued him by 


Enrolled aa private; promoted Corporal 
Aae 28. IB9g, per It. S O. SI; aick Jooe 23 
Mid 23. Aus. U to 29, lB9a. In lloe of duty; 
jn tuclouBh Sept. B to Oot. 6. ims. per G O. 
lao. A. G. O.. 1898; !□ settlement for clotb- 
Inic Is Included the sum of ST. 51. total 

value of clothes lasued him by State 

.. Sick June II to U. June U to 21 In hoarltal. 
Atiff. 12 to 13 In qnBrterB. In lloe of duty; 
CD farlouffh Sept. 6 to Oct. i. 189B. per Q. 
O. ISD, A. G. O.. 1898; In settlement for 
clotbluK la Included the sum ot*3. SI. total 
T slue of cloth ea la aoed htm by State; dtie 

C 8.. SO.M 

. Sfck Ane. Ifl and n. IBBS. In quarters. In line 
ot duty; on furloush Sept. 6 to Oct S. 1B9S. 
per Q. O. ISD. A. G. O., IS98; In settlement 
for clothine Is Included the sum of 17 61, 
total value of olothes laaued him by State; 

doe n. 8., 16 SB's 

. Sick July 13.1898. In quarters. In line ot duty; 
on turlouKh Sxot. 6 to Oct. E, 19BS, oer G. 
O. laO. A. Q. 0.. 1899; In settlement for 
clothlnpls Inotnd^d the sum of S7.61. total 

value of clothes laaued him by State 

. On turiouETh Sept. 16 to Oct. E. 1998. per Q. 
O. ISO, A. Q. 0. 1B9B; In aettlemnnt for 
cloth InCT la Inclnded the anm of S7. 61. total 

value of olothes Itisoed him by State 

Jlck June 15 tn 18. 1)198. In quarters. Aue. B to 
Sept. S. 1838. In boapltal. In line ot duty; 
— furlouBh Sepi. 7 to Oct. 6. 1898. per 

cloth Ins 

tiEued h! 

t tor 

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May 21.1898 

Mar il.l88S 


Apr. 26,18SS 

Sprlnefield. ...:., 

Uajr 21.18B8 


Uai 31.18M 



Jn!7 1.18S8 

Al>r. 2S.1BSS 


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Cact. Roberts,. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Capt Roberte.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt Roberts.. 

Ut, E^ilagkl.. 

CD Th'm'e.Qa 

Sick AOS. 23. Sept. 2,1S3S, In hospital. Id IIdb 
of daiT: OD farlougb liBiit, eto Oct. E.<g98: 
In ncttlemrnt tor clotblne Is loclniled tbc 
lumoC $6. Be, total value of clot bee Isnned 
him br Sla'o; tried by Field Offlpsts' 

Coart for violation of Article of War. 

ICamblinE; forfeit for above chBr?e, KM, 
per S O E6. Bilqrs. lat Cav. Brlz.. CaiDp 
Thomaa. Ob.. Jnlc «. 1898; the above fine 

was deducted ou ,1nty pay-roll 

iab Aue. Zl 1o £3, lESEi. Id Quarters. In Hue of 
duti; In ae'tlE^meut for alotnloK la to- 
c1uri«d the aum of S7.S1. total value of 
clolhea lt<9Ued bim by Slate; oa fiirloarb 
8ept. 6 to 0(^t. G, KM. per 8. O 18D. A. O. 
O., IBM; med by Field OfBcera' Court for 
vlolHtlon of SUd Article of War. xhaent 
from BtablPS. found eullty flned SI DO aad 
GOoBued July iS 'o IS. iB9B. at bird laboc 
per S. 0. «9, Hdqra. 1st Cav. Briir . C-mo 
Thomas, an, Joly 8, 1898; trl^.l hy Field 
Offl'^ers' I ourt for violation of 3Zd Article 

mllty and Bentenoed lo forfeit sa.o'l) ptr 8. 
0. 19a. Hrigra.laTav. Brli, Camp Thnmaa. 
Ga., Auff. Zl. 1899: tbese fiues deducted 
from July and Auinst pay: due D. S.. 


In forloaeh Sent. 6 to Oct. 6.18SS. pir fl, O, 
No. 130. A. O. O.. 1898: In the set r lament for 
clothlDtF la l-'oluded the anni of n.Gl. total 
value of clotbea leaned him bs tbe State: 

duo V. S ».!( 

On fnrlfnab Si-pt. 8 to Oct. 6.1898. oor G. O. 
No. 130, A. G O . 1S98: In the settlement for 
Dlathloe la Ixduded tbe aum nt 11.81. total 
VNlue of cl'tbes lacned him by the State: 

dueD 3 SI.SS 

Ick Aus 30. Sept. 6. 1B9S. In line nf doty, In 
quarters; on (nrloneh Sent. 8 to 0«t. fi, 1BS8, 
per O. O. No. 130. A. B. O.. 189B: In 'e'tle- 
menl tor clmhtne la Incladoi the »ora of 
(T.81. total valnn of clmhea Issued him by 

tbe Slate; due O. S. 80.21 

o'n-d and enrolled 8fl•-rmD>te^lnnf troop. 
per S. O. No. 61. A. Q. 0.. 1898: sink Jnl; 21 
In qaarlera. July 23 to Aur. 30. 1898. In boa- 
pllal. Id llneof duty: on (nrloneb Antr. 20 
tn-^ept.S0.1898.perG. O.No.lU A. G O., 
1898: alao Sept. 20 tn Oct. B. 1S9H. per O. 0. 
No. 130. A. G O.. 18e8; no clathluR Issued 

bimbytha Stnte 

olued and enrolled after muater-lD of troop. 
per 8. O. No. 61. A. G. O.. 1898: tranaterred 
July S. 1898, per s. O. Nn 28 to Beelmflptal 
headquartera; retr»naterred July ll. 1898. 

Ser R. S. 0. No. 83; no clothlns iasued him 
yihe StBtP 

ihxPDt Kllhout leave Ang. 39 10 Aufr. 30. 1898: 
enrolled and j^iutd after muater In ot 
troop, per 8. O. No. 61. A. H. O,. 1898: alck 
Auff. 23 to 2*. In ([aarlpra: on furlough 
Bent. 6 to Oct, B, 1898, Der G. 0. No ISO. A. 
G. 0,. 1898: no clothlns leaned him by the 


OnfurlnnEb^ent. «toOet. B. 1898. per Q. O. 
No. 130. A.G. O.. i8!fl:lnth8aettl6in»nttor 
clothlDrlalDGladeil tbe aura of 87. El. the 
total yalne of clothlne laaaed him b; the 

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Bordwelt. Tbomas .. 

BollBS. Frank 0.. 

Brtaseoden. Baliih.... 1 

Boiei, William E . . 

Btagt, Cbaites A.. 

.. Private Uav IS.I! 

., PriTBIs Apr. 2B,« 


Bio wna, Oscar H.-. 

.. Mni letlBSSSprlDetleld,. 

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Cant. Baberti.... 

Id the BBttleinent tor clotbinE Is Inolnded 
the eom of 17. El. tli» totaJ value Dt clotbei 
Issued blmb; the State', couBued Jnly 3. 
1S9S. chBTBe. violallon of Bid Article of 
War, trrlne to rua Bu^rd and uee of 
abDHlTe iBDgnafre ".o eentlDel; trittd br 
Field Officsra' Coart for above ofleiiBe, 
fODOd irnlltT. and sentenced to forfeit KM 
and Bt« dars at baid labor, oer S. O. No. 
£1, Ueadqaarlert lltt Cuvalrr Brigade. 
Uamp Thomas. Julir S. inns, Ane Si, 1B9S: 
coBflned. ob""" ^ini-i'"" -' m^i a.ii~i- 
ot War. HbBi 
Field Offloi 

□ AUE, 15. 1898: tried bf 
::oiiFt. found enllt; aud 

-■felt 810. DO end 16 daya at 

hard labor, per S. O. No. Hi. Heidguartera 


Llent. N.WIlaon. 

SprlDeflald .. 

Cspt. Boberts.. 
Caot. Boberts., 

Capt. EtobertB... 

line of duly; no cioDUde vaa l^eue' 
by tba Stale; cnnflnei Jnlv 13. 189H. c 

-' • ■ of asd A " ■ ■ " 


L. let llllnole Volnnteor tafauiiy. perS. 
O. No. laS. A. Q O.. JS9B: cay due him 
from May 8.1B9S, to June 1.1H98. Ill, 1«. per 

Manob, Co. U *tb IIIIdoIb Volnnteer In- 
Eantry: on farloueh Sept. B to Oet. 8.189S, 
per 8, O. No, 13D. A. S. 0.. 1S9S; Mck July' 

0,,1BSB; In tbi 

iiioludfld tbe !>_.., ._ _ _ 

rlotbes Issued him by the dtatei 

O. No. 130. A. Q. 
.lement for clotbloe le 
'( ST. 51. total valne ot 

Clay City. 

ed the sum of »;.B1 „ 

Issued hlra by State 

In furloueh Sept. 6 to Oct, 6. 1898. per G. 

0. 130. A, G. 0,. IflSB: elck Mav n to Juoe 

1. JnD«Z9toSD.18Ba. In quarters. In line ot 
dnty. also Aas. 29 to Sept. 8. 18R8, Id hos- 
pital! Id settlemeiit for clotblns Is Incladed 
the sum of IS. 23. total valne ol olothes U- 
aqed him by Slate 

fnrlonnhSepl. etoOci. 6.1B9B. per a, O. 

in . »i I-. .«.=. . — 'tllement tor oloth- 

of S7.61, total 

130. A. ( 

ine U „ „. . . 

value of clothes isanedblm by State... 

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&pr. 26.189! 



Apr. £8.1898 


M»T 2I.1S9S 


Apr. :S.1S98 


Mar 31.1899 

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Cnpt. Roberts.. 

CiiDt. RobertB,. 

Capt, RobertB.. 
Cspt. BobertB.. 

Cact. Roberts.. 

Capt. BobertB.. 

Ut. Pulaskt. 


CapC. Roberts.. 
Cspt. Roberts.. 

Ut. t'nlsakl . 

In settlemeDt for olothlne la luclnded the 
snm of I7.EI, total vulnaof olotbes laeoed 
him by State; conQnedJiilriS, USB, chares, 
vLolatlon SJd Article o( War. ahseEt from 
stables; tried by Field Offlcera' Coarl. 
tound sullty and seaienced to forfeit 31 DO 
and five daiB ai hard labor per S. O. M. 
Hdqra.latCHV, Urlic. Camp Tbomae. July 
S. 1B9S: the HbOTe fine deducted from Jnly 
pay; aick Aun. 28. 1S98, in hospital, la line 
oC duty 

OnrnrlonrhSept E to Oct. MBS8. peiG. O. 
ISO. A. G. 0.,189S: InaettlemenlfoFcIoth- 
Idk 1b inclnded the aam of tT.Sl. toial 
TBlne of eiothes Issued him by mate; sick 
May 25 to 2T, 1898, In qnartera. Jnna 21to 
ZS, lesa. Id quariera, In line of daty: tried 
by Summary Court [or violation of 32d 
Article of War, abaent without leave from 
« a. m. to 13 p. m. Auk. 20, IB3S; seulonced 
to forfeit ta.lXI per S. O. No. 1. Hdara let 
111. Vol, Cav.. Fort Sheridan. 3ept. 3. ISSSj 
dueO. 8., SG.aa 

In settlement for oliilhlnn la Inolnded tbe 
anmof I7,G1, total valaeof clothiiS laaued 

him hy Stale 

D Botllement (or clothlcs Is Included the 
earn of tlM. total value of clothlnE lenued 
hlTP by State: on futloush Sept. ZS lo Oct. 
S, 189H. per G. O. ISO, A. «. O.. 1098; due U. 

Slok Jnly I to Auk. S>, 1898. In guarcera. la 
line of duty: od (onoueli Sept 6 to Sept. 
26, !898, per 9. 0. 13», A. «. O.. 1B9«! In sst- 
tlement lorcloihlne la Included the Bum 
of tl.H, total value of ciolhxa Issued bim 
by Stale: tried ny Field Oaicer«' Court 
for violation of Oad Article of War. cam- 
btlni. and sentenced ti> (orfeli S3.0O per S. 
O.S6. Bdqrs. lat Cav, Briir, Camp Thomas. 
Oa, July «, 1898; above flue deducted from 
July payroll 

Tried by Field Omctirs' Court tor violation 
of !2it Article of War. absent wlthnut 
leave from 1 p. m. to ID p m Adr 10. 1898: 
B»nteaoed to forfeit 12,60. per 8, 0. 196, 
Hdqra. lai Civ. Brig.. Camn TSoma'^. Ga.. 
AuB, 21. 18S8; tried by Field OfQoera' 
C"urt forvlnUtlonof ead Article ot War, 
ualne dlareapeotful laoKuaBB to QOu-com- 
mUaloned oCBcer, and eenieuced to forfeit 
iJ.OD pay per S, 0. 131. Hdqra 1st Cav. 
Brln. Caup Tboaiaa. Qa., July 20. 18»8: 
arreated by civil authorities Sept 6. 1898. 
tried, found tfuUly at dlsinrblne Ibe peace 
aod fined te. SO; above BneB deducted from 
July and ADKust pay-rolls; In settlement 
ferclothtoirls Included the sum of S7 £1. 
total value of oioih-a Lsned him by Stute: 
on furlooeb l^ept. ^S to Oct. 5, IBOB. per O, 
O 130. A. a.O.,189!i:dueO, 8.«.96 

Op furloneh SePt S 10 Oct, S. 1B98, per 0. O. 
13D. A. Q. O., 1893: In aettlemeoi for clotb- 
tnir Is Included tde Bum at IT.Gl, total 
value of clothes Uaued hlra by State 

On turlouEh Sept. B to Oct. 6. 1698, per G, O, 
ISO. A. Cf. O., 1893: Id eettlement [orolorh- 
Id|- la Included the Bum of IT. 11, total 
value of clo'hes lasued him by Slate; tried 
by Field OflloerB' Conn for vlolailon of 
Sid Article of War. abaentlnK himself 

1898: aentenoed ?o'forf-lt sS.BO per"!; O.' 
19S, HdqrB, 1st Civ. 8rle . Camp Thomas. 
Qa.. APtr. II. 1S9B: aboee fine dedaoted 
from Aniast pay; doe U. S..C3.C0 

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Tnaa ZO.lBgS 


June :a.i8sa 


DollBlr. Oflcar E 

Dannahne. Joseph.... 

Uay 21.ieS8 


Uor 21, IBM 

DutBt, Charles 

Jnne 20,1S9S 


Jnne 20.1888 

Erans. KathRD 

Apr, 28.1896 


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.. Enrolled Bud Joined Mer i 

Sprlnsfleld .. . 

Serin Efield... 


Capt. Boberts... 

Capt. Roberte... 
Capt. BobertB... 
Cant, Boberts... 

ftbaentlcE blmeelC from ll p. m. Aus. II to 
4 a m. Adk. 12. 1S3S: sentenced to forfeit 
Sa.euper 3. O. IBS. Hdqra. lat Cbt. Brlsr., 
"-imp TbomaB. ()».. Ads Z(. 1893; above 

I e (I « ducted from Aunuei pay; on (ar- 

lOQeb from Sept. 6 to Oct. 8, 1898. per «. O. 
130. A. S. O.. 1B9S: :<tappai;e. W.IS. per 8. 
O. 98. Dept. of Lak'iB. Oct. i, 1898; due D. 

■■., S3 80 

Star In of 

. _. — , — i; Bloh Jnly 

-, . ...jeot datyi nooJatblae 

laiued him br the State: on furloatb »WX. to Oct. £.1898. Q. 0, ISD, A. G. 0., 


.. On tnrioueh Sept. fi to Cot. S.1898, G. 0. 130. 

.. Capt. Boberts... 

OOP. per S. t 

,... ._r clolblne Is loolnded (be 

II. Gl, total value ot clolhlne leaned 
„.„i bF Siftte: nn tnrlOQBh Sept. 29 to Oct. 
5. 1898. Q. O. ISO, A. 6. 0.. 1898; doe U. 3. 


.. Ineetilement for clothing' I9 lD<:iiided tbe 
m S7.M, total villus ot clotbea Isaaed 
_.jiby atalo: detailed special duly Jut» 
IS lu Aue. 3. 1808. as BDUadron cooK. verbal 
orders of Colonal: on furloatth Sent. « to 

Oot,B,189B.G 0.131I.A.G O . 18B8 

.. Slet July 23-2t, 185S. lice of duty. Id quarlerei 
In settlement tor clotbtni la locluded the 
" n S7.S1, total value ot oloibliii- Isaned 
Q b» State; 00 furlnuffh S»pt. 8 to Oct B, 
^. G O. ISO. A. G. O . 1898; tried by PleW 
Icer'e Court, violation 62d Article ol 
ir, ffambllnB; not — -" — 

ty: onfarlouahfient 

I. In II 

O 130, . 

a. 0. 1 

Oct. fi 

i "' 

] aettlement tor 

.. Capt. Boberts... 

_ n turlooBh Sept. 8 so Out. 6, 1898, G. O 180. 
A. G O., 1898: alok June 81, July 1-T. An«. 
"' 'a S'PC, 2, 1898. In auarters. In line oF 

. Capt. Boberts... 
. Capt, Boberts... 

's Court, violation 6Zd Article of Wn, 

, headquartr 

a torti 

CatDP Tbomaa, Ga., July 6.18^: above fin* 

rteduilPd from July pay roll 

turloueh AUB. 20- tSSS. to Sept E0.I838. Q. 
C). 11*. A. G, O.. 1898. and Sent 81.1898. to 
Oct. t, 1898, O. Q. lao, A Q. O., 1BS8: no 
■ hlnKlaaupd bin: by State: aiot Jniy !B 

.UB !0. In hospital, tn line ot duty 

jot paid for aervlcea from Aprllasto 

July3l.1898: In aetilpment for clolblnK Is 
'Deluded the aum. S2.11, total value ot 
lothea I'aund bim by Slate; absent, sick 
n St. JohD'B bnepltal. Sptlnefleld. III., 
.lay 25 to Ani. 30, ibOB; aaeleoed per verbal 
order of Coloneltoboapltal Sept. 1,1898; no 
,y for May. Jane and July. 1898 

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Foraker. TliomasJ.. 
Qudner. Irvine P 

GrH.d;. Joseph D 

Giabsm, Eennetb S. 

Hares, IbetbR 

Haynes. Lee V 

Hellei, Cbaries 

Henderson, Bobtertl 

Harris. Frank D 

H0II7. JenrF. 

InKrau. CalrlnA.... 


Apr. £8.1898 
Apt. 26.: 


Jane Z0.1S9S 



Mny 21.I8M 
May £1, 1S9S 

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Capt. Baberta.. 
Capt, BobertB.. 



Sprlnedeld .. 

.. Capt. RobertH.. 
.. Capt SobertB.. 
.. Capt. BobertB.. 

Capt. BobertB.. 
Capt BobertB.. 

Cspt. BobertB.. 
Capt. Roberts.. 

.. Capt, RobectB.. 

Slok JnlF IMS. Ane. 81 to Sept. 6.IS38. lu 
quBTtera, Jlue of duty, In Belilement (or 
clotblnK la Included the sum S7 El. lotal 

furloagh Sept. « to Clot. S, ISBH, G. 0. 130. A. 
G O.; dneD. 8. JO.W 

Op fuilouEb Sept S ta Oct. B. ISB8. G. O. ISO. 
'. G. (J.. 1693: In aetllement (orclothlnele 
icluded Ibe Bum II. at. total TalDe of 
..otbee Issued blm by State 

[n gettlemenl (or cloiblue U tnoluded the 
sum SI. SB. CoIbI value ot clolbes Isaaed 
blmbr State; dd furlough Sept. 6 to Oct. B. 
1898, S O. 130. A. G. I).. 1898: aick July 18- 
21.1b hospital. Auff. 18-21. 1G9S. 1e qtiaiters. 
In line of duty: trlod br Veld Offloar's 
Uoart, Tlolatlon aSd Article of War. abeapt 
trom atables: sullty. Beptenoed to forfeit 
tt.OO Bpd ave daya hiird labor Julr 13. 1898. 
per S. 0. 69. headauaiters Ist Cavalry 
Brleade. Camp Tbumaa, Ga.. Jul; 8.1098; 
above flue dednoted From Juli pay: dnv U. 




IckAuE. 8-11. 189S. Id hoapltat. In line ot 
duty; promoted SerKeaiii July 1. 18Sa. R. G. 
O. la: reduced to canka July 15. IB38, R. S. 
O, W: ubaent withom leave Sept. 1, 1888; In 
settlement for clotlilDs la lucladed tbe 
Bum tl.Sl. total vulae ot clothea laaued 

hi™ by State: due V. S. 13.60 

u ho>-Dltal AuE. IB, Sept. 6. 18es, In 
.._, of duty; on furloneh sopt. S to Oct. 6. 
1898, G. 0. ISO. A. G. C. 1898: In BetCltmeDt 
for clolhliJB: le Included ine sum., 
total value of clottisEi leaned him by Siste. 

8lek In bOBPltal July 8 to 7, 1S9B. In line of 
duty; OP furloueh f-eoX. 6 to Oct. 6. 1898, 
G O. ISO, A. G. O.. ISSS: la setlltimeut tor 
Ololhlne la Inoluded the nam, IT.Bl, total 
value of clothea laauad blm by State 

Sick In quarterB June SB to July G, ISBS. In 
line of duty: on lurlouRh Sepi, 6 to Oct. 
B. ISDS. G. O. 13B. A. G. O.. 1898: In settle- 
mept for elothtps Is Ineladed tfa« anm, 
ST. SI. total value of cloihea laaued him br 

IB luclpded tl 

>y »CHt< 

On furloPBh -^ept. S to Oct 6. 1898. G. 0. 130, 
A. G. O . 1898: detiklled reiilmetital hos- 
pital, verbal order Colonel, April 20. 1B9S. 
to Sept i. 1898: In aettlement (or elotblnr 
ta Included tbe sum, SI.Bt. total value ol 
clothes laaued him by State 

On furloueh Sept B to Oct. 5, 1898. G. 0. 1!0. 
A. Q. O.. 1898; no cloihluK Issued him br 

In of troop, per III. «l. A. G. 0.. 1898 

Inrolled and Joined after muater In of 
troop, G. O. Bl. A. G. 0.. 1898: on furloneh 
" -^ " -". A. Q. O., 

' G. 0.. 1898: sickip quarters Jpue S toe. 

July 29 t. 
87 51, 

31, 1B38. In 

1 value oiclothei TsBued hi 

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Jnne S0.18S8 

Apr. 26.1891 
jQne i0.ia9» 
Apr. Z8.18W 

Jnoe 20.1SX 

ADC. 2B,189S 

May 11.1B9S 

Apr. 9«.t89S 

Apr. 26.1888 











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Capt. BobertB,, 

Sprlnefielfl ... 

Cant. BobertB.. 


Capt. BobertB.. 


Capt. BobertB.. 


Capt Bobsrts.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt, Roberts.. 

6, 1B98. d. O, lao. A. Q. O.. 

1B9B; no clothlps laiued him by State; ab- 
sent wltbont leive Ang. 13 to IB, IBM; 
tried by Field OSlcers' Conrt, TlolattoD 
»iA Article of War; sentenced to torCdt 

too and BODSned at hard laboi nine davB, 
O, 195. Bdqrn. 1st CaTalr; tirlrade. 
Camp Thomiis, Qh., Aaa. 21. 1893: absent 
withoat leave AnE. l& and Sept. 12 to tS, 
1898; above flee dttdncted, AneoBt pay: 

due D. S. 81.60 

In (urlongb aeot. B to Sept. 25. 1888, Q. O. 
130, A. e. O.. 189B: iilck In qnartera Jalr 11 
to IS, 1898. Id line of dnty; In settlement 
tor clotblne U Inclnded the sam. tI.EI. 
total valae of olothiia Isaoed him by State; 
dneU. 8. «.7Z 

Enrolled and Joined after moBter-ln of 
trooti, G. O. 6t, A. Q. O.. 1B8B; on tnr- 
lonah ^evt. 6 to Oct. E, 1B9B, Q. O. 130, A. 
e. O., 1898; slok [n haapltal Joly 2 to J, 
1898, In Hoe of dnty; no olottasB laened 
him by State 

On furlouBh Sept. 28 to Oct. E. 1398, Q. 0. ISO, 
A. Q. 0., 1B98; ennilled as Corporal: pro- 
moted Sersfl&nt Jnly 1. IB9B. R. O. O. 18; 
reduced to ronka. 1). 0. 66. Anir. 28, tBSSi 
In Bettlemenc tor c'Jothlns Is Inclnded ihe 
sam. 17.61, total valoe of aitlolea Isened 
him by State 

BaroUed and lolned after mnaterln of 
troop, G. 0. 61. A. « O.j, 1899; on tarlonall 
Hem- 6 to Oct. 6, 1898, G. O. 130. A. G. O.. 
1898; no clothea Isaued him by State; tried 
by Field Offioers' Court, violation 32d 
Article of War; abiient from II p. m. AuK. 
11 ID 5 a. m. Ani. li, 189»; aentenoed to 
forfeit Sa.SD, S. 0. 196, Bdqra. let Cayaliy 
BrlgadB, " ■"■ ^ . . ~. 

On furtourh S< 
G. O.. 1898: aiCR in qnarii 
1S98. In line of duty; 1i 
IB la Included the : 

3, G. O. i; 

y Stati 

On forloaeh Sept, e to Oct. 5. 1B98. G O- ISO. 
A. 0. O., 1B98; sick Id hoapltsi Ang. 23 to 
Sept. 6. 1B98, In lloe of duty: In settlement 
(or olothlatr la Incladed the sum, 87.51. 
total valuF ot clothes lasaed him b; State: 
due (J. 8 80.90 

On turlongb Sept. 6 to Oot. i. 1898; alck In 
gaarteri, In line of duty; In settlement 
for ctothtoe Is Included the aam of 11.61. 
total value of clolheB lasned him by the 
State: dne 17. B.Uli 

Go furlouKb Sept. 6 to Sept. 2S, 189B, Q. O. 
laO. A. G. O., 1898: eltk In qnsrtera June 2- 
8. Jnly 11-18, 1898. Id line ot duty; In aettle- 
ment for eloCblDi Ib Incladed the sam of 
IT. 61. total value of clothea liaaedhlmhy 

the State 

)n farlonsh Sept. 6 to Oct 5. 189S, G. 0. 190, 
A. 8. O., 1898; Id settlement toe elotblnK 
1b Inclnded the sum ot 17,111, total amonnt 
at alotblDKlSBnedllilnibr the State 

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Norton, Wllliiun J.... 


Mar az.ie9g 


Apr 2B.iS9B 


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.. CaDt. BOlMTtB... 

.. OnfurloaEhSepC. EC to Oct. G. 1S9B. S. O. 
ISO, A G. O. 1SS8; Btck Ave. 16 17. 1838. In 
quBrtare. In line o£ dnty; In aettlement lojr 
cloihlus la luoladed ihe eum of IT.BI. total 
TBlneof clothas iBBued htm by the State: 
■■ y F. O. C. lor YlolBilon ot 62d Article 

1 Sumi 

'. fi eh Cine 


Sprlaefleld... C 

Sprlusfield .. 

Bpclnraeld... G 

Capt. Boberte. 

Capt. Boberta.. 

.. Cblcairo 

.. Cblcaeo. 
.- Ploia ... 

.. Capt Roberts... 

Ital July S3 
toT, 1898, In 

Article of War. . 

S. O. WO, SoDt a __ 

laheD oat o[ Septemher pay: flue ot ll.DD 
deducted from Jtiiy pay-roll: due D. B. 

Ou Inrlaueh Sept. 6 to Oct. S. 1B9B, Q. O. 130, 
A. Q. 0. 18W: alcb In quurtere Au«. 22-23, 
In line ot duty: Id iieltlenieDt (or clollilna 
Is iDclnded tbe nam of »I SI. total value ot 
clothes Issnedblm by the State 

la Bstllement for eSoihlng Is Inclnded the 
anmotH.tB.tOtiilva1ae of clothes Issued 
bim bi the Stale: ahaeni^e wlthont leave 
Sept. ItoS. lesS; dae U. S. 10.75 

Enrolled and joined after muster-In of troop 
G. O. SI, A. G. O.. 1899: ua clothlne Issued 
blm bv the Slate: on turloueb :^ept.eto 
Oct. 6. 1898. Q. O. 130, A. G. U.. l^o"- "'"t 
June 80 lo July 1: sick In hospK ' 
toZt; sicklu qnartarsAni. 8 ti 

llae of duty 

Id furiouBh Sept. 8 to Oct. S. 1898. 3. 0. 1», 
A. Q. 0. 18BS: In eeitlement tor clothlae la 
Included tbe gum of 17.81, totslvalneof 
clothes Issued him by the State: slob Id 
qnartere JnneS to 10. Auir. it. 14. 21. 189S. 
In line of duty; tried hy F. O. C. (oc viola- 
tion otfiZd Article o{ War. retuslne to 
obey DOncommUluned officer: Bentenccd 
to forfeit »1 00 8. U. ISl, Hdqrs. iat Cavalry 
Brliade Gamp Thomas, Ua.. July ^D. IBSS: 
above Sue deducted on July pay. roll 

On farlOQSh Sept. G lo Sept. 26, ie9S. G. O. 
13D, A. G. O., IbSS: tick !□ quarters JuneE 
to 17. »98, In Hoe at duty: In settlement 
for clothing Is included the sum of 16.88, 
total value of cloihea Issued him by the 
State: tried hy F. 0. C. for violation of 
azd Article of War. flghtlnt:; not crnllty, 
June 7. 1S98. Hdqce. Ist Cavalry Brigade. 

CampThomaa, Sa 

In forloush Sept. 8 to !6, 1898. G. O. 180, A. 
G. 0. iSflS: In settlement for clothlns Is In- 
.._j... .... - — ... .,„. ..... — .-leof 

, jkin 

, ._. .. a 20. July 19,An(r. 13 to2d, 

Ang, 89 to Sept. 6. 1B9S. In line of duty; 
— '— by P.O. C. (or vlolBtlonotSZd Article 
ar. zambllnir. aentenced to forfeit 

.^ . S. L). 88. Bdgra. lat Cavalry Brisade, 

Camp Thomas, July S, 189S; due U. 8. i0.1S. 

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Bo e Front 

PriT te 

June Z0.1B98 
irt. 2I.1BBB 

Ape. miggs 

Jane Z0.1S88 

Jnoe ZD.U9g 

Apr. 18.1698 








Jone 20 1899 


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). Onfnrloagb Sept. Zfi ii 

__. leave SeDt. ltd. ISBfl: Irled bs F. 0. 

C. foir TlolMloD of 62d Article of War, 

Dk. aectenced to torfeli 13.00 and five 

train 11:00 p. m. £ 
13. 1B9S, ssntenae 
■ard Isbor 

BentlDE hi ma elf 

.. CaDt. Roberta... 

in furlougb Sept. 6 to Oct. B. 1B3B. 6. O. IBO. 
A. G. O. 1S9B: Blch Id quarters Jnae 2B to 
31, Bick In hosDltal Aog. U to Sept. 6. IB9!I. 
■ ■lneofdnti: tried br V. O. C. (o 

,. Gapt, BobertB... 

B deducted from Jul; i 

.. On tnrlouBti Sept 

.. Capl. Roberta. ., 

■ ■ Capt. Roberta... 

.. Capt. BobertB,., 

.. Capt. Boberta... 

.. On turlOKEh Sept. H to Z6. 1SG8. per 0. O. No. 
130. A. a 0.. 1B9E; In the settlement for 
olotblne la Inoladed the sum of aa.B6. total 
value Of olotbes IsBued him br the Stale: 
tried bs Field Oflleera' Court for violation 
ot «2d Article of Wat— losu bo rdl nation to 
troop commander: aenlenced to forfeit 
SK.OO and five dare' herd labor, per u. O. 
'No. S3. Headqaarlera 1st Cavalry Brlesde. 
Camp Tbomaa. tia., Julys. iSilB: tried by 
Field Offlcera' Court for vlolftilon of B2d 

II p. m. Aue, II, to 2 p. m. Aue. R IBSS: 
aenteDced to forfeit U.OO and four dars' 
hard IsDor, per 8. O. No. 186, Heftdquf ""■ 
let CHValrr Brigade, Camp Thomas 

II. ja... 

B floee dedacted from 
pai-rolla: due V. S. 

.. Enrolled and Joined after mueter-lu of troop. 

- « a. O. No, 61. A. a. O., 18S8: on furlooeh 
apt. « to Oct. S. HS9B. per U. 0. No. IRO, A. 

-, O.. IB9B; no eloiblns was taeued him by 
Ibe State; elckJiilTt to 8. IBtlB. in quartern, 

Aue 80 to Bept. fi, IbOB, In line of daiy 

,. Enrolled and Joined after mneter-tn of troop, 
per G. O. No. 61, A. G. O.. I8S8: on lorloaKh 
Sept. « to Oct. B, 1898, pet Q. O. No. 130. A. 
G. O., liBB; no olotblnE was iaaned bla by 
b; tbe State: sick Jul; SO to Aue. 4. Aos. 
"" ']», Inqitartere, Aae. ZSto Sept. 6.1898. 

— Hospital, in line ot duty: due U. 8. 

.. On furlough Sept. 8 to Oct B. 1898, pec 13 O. 
No. 180. A. G. O.. 1S9B: In thesettlemonttot 
ololhinn Is Included the sum ot SI.BI, tbe 
total value ot clothes laaued him br tbe 

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IUa7 21.1BBS 


June a).lB»8 


Uar Z1.1S98 



Jane 20.1898 


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,. Capl. Roberts... 

.. Cftpl. RobortB.. 






Capt. Roberts... 

.. Csnt. Roberta... 

.. Portamonth.O 

ODfurlouEhSert. fitoOot B. less, per a. O. 
No. 1^. A. Q. U.. imi: ii^k Ane. 5 to B. 1S9S. 
Inqnarteri!. Inllaei't iJuir; In tbe Btittle- 
meoc tor olotblnit iv Incladed tbe anm of 
KM. total valoe of ulothes Uaned him by 

EnrolJed and Joined aUtermnnter In ot troop, 
per «. O. No ei. A, (i. 0.. 1838: no eloiblne 
wBS iBsned bim bi tbe State; alck Ana. 6 
to9,18S8. InquarlBca. In line of dnly; on 
fnrlongb 8eDt. S 10 Oct. S. 1B9B. per B. O. 
No. 130. A. a. O., 1B8B: dna U. 8 «.SS 

On farJoaeb Sept .6 to Sept. SS. 1890. per Q. 
O. No. 130. A. U. U.. 1XB3; In tbe sctilecaeDt 
Eor oJotblns 1b Incladed tbe gam of tS 8$. 

Sme^alck May 22 loV Jnne6 W l.^Jnl? 
23 to U, 1SS8. In anartera. la line of dot;; 
doeU, 8, ILBl-s 

Od farlonKh 8ept GtiiOct.MSM perQ.O. 
No. ISD. A. O. O.. 18981 Id the Bettlement 
tor alothlns Is Included the earn ot IS i«. 
totsl Talae ot clothHB laeued bIm br tbe 
State; sick Janu 2S to £9. AuE. 1&I0 2B.1B98. 
Id hospital. Sept S to B.189S, In (tnarteiB. IQ 
line ot duty 

Enrolled and Jolaed after mii!<ter-ln of troop, 
per Q. 0. No. 61. A. O. 0.. 1898; no clottalne 
wag leined him br the State; on furluueh 
Sept. a to Oct. G. 1S9I). cer Q. O. No. im A. 
G. 0, 1B9B; doeO. a, lO.ia 

On tDilODEh Sept. 6 til 2S, 1898. per G. 0. No. 
130. A.U. O.. UB8: In the Betel em eat tor 
clothlnr la Incladed tbe aom of It. 18, total 
value of cloibeB IsBued Mm bv tbt- Stale: 
tried bjr Field Offloere' Court for violation 
ot SZd Article of War— abBBDtlcir himself 
from It p m. Ana. 11, to S a. m. Am. 13. 
I89B; BBDienned to forfeit 12. GD, per 8 O. 
No. 198, HeadqnarterB let Cavalry Brlnade. 
Camp TbomBB. Ga., Auk, 2(, IBSBi above 
flaeaedneted from Aasnst pay. ._ 

Unetered tn as Ist Lleateuapti oa leave of 
abaenee from Jnir I7. 1SS8. to Juir U. 1896. 

Sir 8. O. No, 90. Headqaartera iBt Army 
orpa. Camp Tbomas. Oa ; also from Aug. 
S, 1888. to Aa«. 8. I83B. per S. O. No. W. Head- 
duarterB lat Armr Corps, Gamp Thomae, 
tia.. Am. 4. 19981 resleoatloD acceptifd (n 
date Aue,B,lS98.per 8.0 No IHS, War De- 
partment. A. Q. 0., Aug. 8.1898 

Borolled as private; prnmuted to Corporal 
Jnl7 I. IS'iS. per R. 0. O. No. 13: Id lbs aei- 
tlemcnt for clotblDic wan Included the sum 
of an. 96. total value ot clothlnr lesaed blm 
by lh« Stale: dlncbareed July 29. 1998. per 
R. 8. 0. No. «. per ij. O. No 119. extract of 
81. War Department. A. 8. O.. July :9. 1898, 
at Camp Thomas. Qa.: Bnal gtatemeDts 
riven; dlacbaraed to accept commlsBlon 
aa 2d I.Ieulenaiit 9t]i llliaola Volunteer In- 
fantry, Co M 

Enrolled and joined B.fterma^ter Inof troop, 
per 8. O. No. El. A. Q. . 1898: do olotblne 
vaa iBsned to hloD by the State; trans- 
ferred to Troop B lat llllnolB Votanteer 
Cavalry. July a. 1B98, per R. S. O. No. 28. 

Enrolled and'jDrnederteVmaeter- In of troop. 
perQ.O. No 91, A. Q. O . 1898: ooclothlnp 
waa Isaned bIm by the State: transferred 
to Troop 6. I"t Illinois Volanteer Cav- 
alry. JqIt 11. I8S8. per K. 8. O. No. BS. aame 

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Apt. 2S,1898 
UftT 14.1898 



Ditd intdUtaie). 




BaFScdW. Wrleht..., 

Cb.M. B. McCnlloiiBh 
Robert B.Tbomaa:.... 

Walter H, Downer 

William Hoff rlchter . . 
Lynn Weseott 



lac Lieutenant... 

lat Sereeant 


IS Laeon... 
IS IjaooD... 


.. Uay £0,1898 
.. Ma; 20.1898 

Hosted by 



«.,™. 1». 


Remark B. 


By whom. 


Opt. Roberts.... 
Capt. BobertH.... 


Ghata worth ... 

ia the Battlement for clothlnt! la Incladed 
theBumotM.ea, toialvalueof Elotbea Ib- 
sued him bi the State: detailed at Adlu- 
per B. tl. O. No. 58, Aug:. 11. IB9S; detailed 
at Headquarters let Illinois Voiuater Cav- 
alry, April 2t to July 3, 1B98, per verbal 
order of Colonel; traoBf erred to Troop B, 
lat llllnolB Volunteer Cavalry, Auk. 21 
1896, per R. 8. 0. No. 11. same date: due U. 


THed by FleldOKcerB' Court (or violation 
of I3d Article of WM-HehUoir: aenteoced 
to forfeit S2.00. per S. O. No. fiS, HeadQuar- 
tora Ht Cavalry Brleade. Camp Tboraas. 

value ot clothes Issued bim by the State; 

Ans. 15. 1898. of tynhold fever, at Letter 
General Hospital, Chlokamauira. Ga.; Hiial 
etalementBlven; above UuededDoted from 




By whom. 

Gapt. Soberts.... 

Capt. Roberts.... 

Capt. Roberta.... 
Capt. Roberta.... 

Capt. Baberta.... 

Capt. Roberts.... 
Capt. Roberts.... 


wltb leave from July 2t lo Aax. l, 1696, by 

Brigade. Camp T bom aa. Ga.; on Blct 
leave Aue. 26 to Sept. B. 1898: absent with 
leave from Sept. S to Oot. (, I89S, per G, 0, 

Philips. Wis.. 


Llentenanl Aug. 28, 1S98, by Governor 

Enrolled as Beraeant; appointed guarter- 
masterSerereaDtJunelO, I89a. andist ijer- 
Keant Anit. IB, 1B9», per vernal order by 
troop commander; on furloueh from 
bopt. a lo Oct. 6, 1HS8, per Q. O. 130. 
A. B 0.. 1B9B: In settiemeot for clotblnK 
Is Included the aum of J5,62,th« total value 
of articles iBsued by ibe Statei due V. 8. 



Enrolled as Serireant; appoln^d Quarter- 
master AQff. 18, 189S. per verba, order 
troop oommaDder; on furlonsh Sept B to 
Oot. 6. 1698. ner O. 0. 130. A. G O,. 1888: In 
aettlenient tor clothloe Is Included the 
anm of 15.62. tolal value of articles Issned 
bF the State; .lua D. S. as.27 

In settlement for clothlne IB Included the 
Bum tt.B2. the total value of artlelsB Is- 
jnedbythe State; on furlough Sept. 8 to 

^Oot. B. 1898. per G. 0, 13U. A. G. 0. 1S98 ... 

On fnrlooeh Sept e to Oct, B, 18S8, per ». O. 
130, A 6 O.. 1898; In settlement for olotb- 
luB IB as.BS, ihe total value of artlolea Is- 
sued by the Slate: due U.S. 35.86 



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Clanda B, Cartwrlsht. 

QeoT&e P. Toft 

Shermsn Goodrich.... 

Epley T. Ftshei 

Allen Boekler 

RsrmoDd W. Bane.... 


John Q. CoroOMn 


Edward HnTrald .. 

Fred H. Traett..., 


CoriKtral . . . 
Corporal .. 

Apr, Se.I8S8 

Apr, Z6.1S9S 

Apr. IS. less 

Apr. 26. 


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Spiinsfleld . 
SprlneBald . 
Sprlaeaeld . 

SprlncOeld . 

Capt. Roberts.. 
Cupt, Bob«ttB.. 
CaPt. SotMrta.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Capt Roberta.. 
Capt. Roberta.. 
Capt. Baberts.. 
Capt. Roberta., 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Oapt. Beberti... 

elotblns ts the sum. IS 63. total valae 
ot BFtlclea leaued br the State: dae U. S. 

}il fuTlonsb Sept. 6 to Oct. 5, 1S93. per Q. O, 
130. A. U. O.. 183B; tn aetllement for 
clothing le the earn, tt.SI. total value o! 
artlnlet laened by the State: due V. S. 
SS 50 

Enrolled ai a private; promoted TiereeaDt. 
a. O. IB. Bdqrs. Isl Ilf Vol. Cavalrir. July 
1. ISSa. Camp Thomae. Qa-i od furlonifh 
Sept. 6 to Oet. G. 189B, per Q. 0. 130, A. e. 
O.. ISSS: Id BfttlemxDt for clotblDs Is the 
SDm. SG.62, total valae of arllcles Issaed 
by the 8latB 

1, Vol. Csv 
i. 189B; on fnrloUKh ■ * - ■ " 

. ir y. 0. lao. A U. L ._ 

it for olothlne Is Included the Bum of 
;, total value o( arlicles laBoHd by the 

le of ai 

)r O. O. 

130. A, Q. O., 189S: I 
luE In Induced » 6i 

lasueilbTthe State 

On f nrloush Sept. a to Oct. B, 1B98. p 
■"" 4. G O,. 1833; lu BettlemBnC tor eioid- 
la Included Iho anm of S5.62. tor artl- 
iHBqed br the Slater due U. 8. 11 12... 
leh Seoi. 6 to Oct 6. ixes. per Q. O. 
. ,. .. — In Betilemnnt tor oloth- 
' ' 'Clclee Issued by 

i. G. O.. 

6 19.. 

Camp Thomaa, Oa., Jaly S, 1HS8; In setcle- 
meat for clorhlui le included tbe sum ot 
il.iU for articlea lesned by tbe State; 
above tine deduoted on July pay-roll; due 

Camp Thon___ _. 

loUEh Sept. ii to Ooi. 5. 1898. per H O. IS 
A. <i. O I89S; In »«ttIemBT,l for clotblDET 
iccladed Ihe sum of 15.62. total value ( 
articles leened by llie State; due IS. 1 

EpToIled as aaddl; 

Q, O.^ 

. 13. 1 


G».. July 1, 

Id hOHnltal from Aue 28 lo ii»pt 
Hue ot^duty: on furlouab Sept 18 
per Q. 0. 130. A. Q. O.. 189S; In e< 
for clothlue Is Incladed tbe anm 1 
value of articlee issued by tbe S 
U, S. 11.11 .... 

A. a 0., IWa: Inset 
Inoladed tbe anm o 
articles la sued by (b 

t. total vaine of 

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Apr. M,189S 
Apr. 26.1898 


iiar 20.1898 

WIUlH A. Hyerg 

Taleutlue V. Seldl .... 


ADr. 2B.18B8 
Apr. 2B,tB» 

Apr. Z«,IS9e 


Bobert Webber 

Alibe.FredBrlct K.... 

Apr. 26.1B9B 

Ha; 12.1SS8 


Uav Z0.1898 

Baldwin. Jnmes J.... 

Apr. !G.iegB 

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Capt. Koberta.. 

Enrolled ae b, private: promoted Corporal hj 
13. O. 31. bBBdqnarters Ist 111 Vol, C»v., 
Camp Tbomae, Oh.. Auk Ifi.l89s; on for- 
lonirh Sept 8 to Uct G, J833, per G O. UO. 
A. a. 0., 1H9S: in BerUemoDt (or oloihlliB IB 
Ipclnded SG.62. total value of articles 
Issued by tbe Slate: dae D. B. 11,94 

Enrolled ae private: promoted lo saddler 
July 1, by vrrbal order ol troop com- 
mander: on tnrlouib Sept. 8 to Oct, 6, 
189S, per 6, 0. 130, A. ii. O.. 1BB8: In settle- 

17. fit, total amount of BilteleB Uened by 

the State; due U S, tO.Bt... 

Sick In boapital Aug t to Aug. 8,1638: on 
furloueb !<eot. 6 to Oat G.lSea, per Q O. 
130, A. Q, 0„ 1B98: lu Belllement for '"- 

els In 

I tbe 

tal value 

.. Capt. BobertB.., 

,. Capt. Bobetts.., 

-, articles leaned br the Stale; dneU, S. 

IB. 27 

Joined and enrolled after muster In of 
tToop: appointed blacksmith July 1.1898. 
per verbal order troop oomniander; on 
tuTlouEh Sept B to Oct, S.ieSS. par Q. O. 
190. A. U. 0.. IKSS: no olotblne Issued by 
State: dneU. S. SO,U 

OnfnrlouifhSept,6loOct,B.lB9B, per Q, O, 
13D. A, Q CieSB; in setllemeni. for cloth- 
Ine Is Included the sum of 11,61, total 
value of articles Issued by tbe btate: dna 
D, S.1«.S< 

Sick In ho,ipltal Aue. St to Sept U. LBSB. la 
llneof dalf: on fii'loneh frum Sept, it to 
Oct 6. i)(ilB. par Q. O, 180, A. G O , 1898; In 
BetClemoDt fi;r cloihlnr la Inolnded the 
sum of SG 82. total amount of articles 

issued by the State 

n furloueb tcom Svut.B to Oct &,1B3B, per 
Q. O, im A, G. O.. 189B: In settlenient tor 
elotblng Is Included tbe sum ur Is6.6i. the 
total value of artlcleB issued by State: due 
O, B, 11.19 

iloloed and enrolled after muaterlD o( 
- 9:oDtnTloushfrom Sept. « to Oct E. 
perO O, ISO, &, Q. 0,. Ig»8: no cloth 
iras Isaoed by the State: due U. S. 


oueh 8epl » to Oct 5.1898. ... 

ISO, A (D 0.1S98: !□ setrlvmept for cloth- 
ing la Included Ibe sum 17,61, total value 
ot aiilclea Isaned by the State: due C. S. 


n turloueh from Jaly 12 to July i3. 1898. by 
order of cnmrnandlue oIBcer. lat Cavalry 
Brlirade, Ci^mp Tbomas, Ga.: trl.'d br 
Field Officer's Court for abaence without 
leave, found polity and sentenced to for- 
feit SB. 00 of bla par and conflnementto 
eight daya hard Ubor, per B. 0. 161. head- 
ouarters let Cavalry Brieade, Camp 
Thomas, Ga., Aue, S. ISSB: on (nrlouBh 
Sept 6 to Oct, 6,1898, per G, O. 120, A, Q. 

: lo s 

leof a 

thine Is 

led noted o 

130.^,0 0,,1898: In settlemepl (or «loth- 
Inela Included the sum ot S7, 51. total valns 
of artlclea issued by the Biste: daoD, 8. 

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BsBset. WiUlBm 

P Ivate 

Apr. 28.1893 
Apr. ZS.18RS 

Apr. 2S,1S9S 
Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. M.18B8 

Jane 18.1W8 
June 16.IB«S 

Apr. 2S.1898 

Ma; 12,1898 
June 1B.1B9S 

June 1«,1B9S 
Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. 2«.iaS8 

Jnne H,1B»B 


Ua 20 1898 

Brenner. BenJ. P.... 


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SvrlnBfisld ... Cact. Roberta.... Wenona Onfarloush Aqs, 20 to Sect. 19, 1S38. Der Q. 

O. lit. 4. Q. O.. 1S5S; In seitlcmeut for 
clotblne In Innlucled the euro of S7.51, total 

TBlaeorartlolBalsaiiBci bt tte Slate 

Sprlnsfleld... Cast. Boberts.... LseoD On turloneh ^ent. £B to Oct, G.iaes. nerd. O. 

180. A. Q, 0.. 1899: In BBrtlpment fi,r cloth- 
Iqk 1b Inulnrlpd Che sum of tl.GI. total 
THine of articles leaned b; tlie State: doe 

D S..»Q.U 

SprlnKflald... Capt. Boberta.... ChlUtoDtbe ... On fncloutta Sept 6 to Oct. e. 1898. per Q. O. 
130, A. 0. O..IB98: Id seitlemoDt for clolh- 
lue Is iDClnded toe anmof SI. 61, total value 

oearHeleslsBUPrt by tBe Slate 

Sprlnsfleld... Capt. ftoberte.... Henry Tried bi Field Offlcers' Court tor abgence 

wlttinar leave aail t'lnnd eullty: sentenced 
to fortelt 13.00 oC bis pay and to conSne- 
meat of Qve days at bard tabor, per S. O. 
101. BdqrB. IBI Cav. Brlff.. Camp Tbomae, 
»a.. July 16, III9H; a\^k In hoacDal from 
Sept. t to Sept. £7.1898. m line nf [Inly! op 
(nrlongh Sept 27 to Oct. B, IH98, pec G. O. 
130. A. Q. 0.1898; In Bettlement tor do th- 
in? Is Included tbe earn of 37.61, total 
value of anlcles le ined by the State: above 
fine was deducted on payroll tor Jaly: 
daeU. 8.. M.IJ 

.. Capt. Roberta.... ChllUcothe ... Od furloush (Sept. G to Oct. K. 18B8. per Q. Q. 
130. A, S, O.. 1898: la utllemeul for elotb- 
Ing- la Ipclnded the anm of SI.Gl. total 
value of ertlclee Issued htm by the State.. 

..Capt.HlllB LapralrleC't'F Joined and enrolled after moster-ln oC 

- - 5p: on furloueh from Sept. 8 to Oct 6, 

I, per U O. lUC, A. U O , 1838; do oloth- 

lasaed blm by tba State 

..CaptmilB LacoD Joined and enrolled after muitter-ln ot 

-roop: on furloueb Sept. £8 to Oct G. 1898. 
ler B. O IBO. A. ti. 0. 1898: no clothluB Ig- 
jaedblmbT the State: duel}. 8..1t.iG.... 

.. Capt. Roberts.... Cbillicothe... Sick Id hospital trom Aue. S to Aae. ZS.1B98. 
In line of dn^y; on tnrlonah from Sept. S 
to Oct. G, 1898, per Q O 130. A. Q. 0.. 1898: 
In seltli'meat for clothlnE la Inclmled the 
eum of 87.51, total value of articles lasaed 
by the State 

.. Capt. Roberts.... 7«ati(t8to'n,0 On tarlouih Sept. fi to Oct, 5. 1898, per S. O. 
180. A. a, O.. 1898: In jetllement for cloth- 
InK Is Included the sum of S7,61, total 
value of artlclea Issued b? the State; doe 

D. S„IB 37 

Joined and ec rolled afier mualer-ln ol 
trooD: on furloueh from Aor 20 to Sept. 
19. 1898. per Q 111. i. 0. O.. 1898: from 
Sepi 20 to Sept. :8. 1898. per Q. 0. 130. A.8. 
0.. 1898: DO clothing lasued him by the 
_ State 

..Cspt.HllU LaOOD Joined and earolled after niD8ter.<n o( 

tTOOP: on furlouEh Sept 6 to Sept. 28. I39B, 

per e 0. 130, A. Q. O.. 1898: no elotbln? le- 

_ suedhlmhy theStata; due D S,. S0.90,... 

.. Capt. Roberts.... Wenona On fnrlouib from Sept e to Sept, 2S, 1898. 

per GO 130, A. O. O . 1898; In settlement 
tOrclotbluB lelDcluded the aam of t7,Gl. 
total valne of artlclea Isaued hlra by the 

Statu: due U, 8.. SI, 19 

8prltii:fleld,.. Capt Roberta.... Henry On furlcuth frnm Sept G to Oct, s. IMS, per 

Q. 0. 130, A. B. 0., 1S98: In aetUemeot tor 
clothlne'Ia Included the sum ot87.SI, total 
value of articles Usued him by the State: 

due U, 8,11,18 

Joined and earolled after muaterln ot 
tronp; on furlough from Sept. ;i8 to Oct. G, 
1898. per G. O. ISO. A. G. O , 1S9B; no ntoth- 
Ins laaned him by the Stale: dae tl. 8., 

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Doede. Charles A.... 



Apr. Z».im 
Apr. ».I898 

Mar Z0.18S8 
May ».lf88 

June 18.1898 

FJOCHI. WllllHm J 

Q>hDa.Jamea H 


aumaec. Qldlon 



Apr. 21.1898 
Uar 12.1888 

May M.1898 

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3l>rliisfleld .. 


Sprlnefleld .. 

Capt. Bobens.. 

Cact. BobertB.. 

.. Capt. HIUb. 
.. Capt HUla 

.. Capt. Roberta... 

Capt. Roberta.. 
Capt. Roberta... 

Capt. Roberta... 




FlaiiBEiui . .. 

Wenona .... 

Weoona .... 

,. P'BeiitHlll.TE 

Od farlouKb from Sept. 8 to Sept, 2B, IBSS, 
per a, 0. 130. A. G. O., 1898: In aelllBinent 
fOF clothing la Inoluded the aam of IT.Bl. 
tolal viilue of articles Issued br the State: 

On farlouKhfcam Seot. SB to Oct. 5. 
O. 130, A. S. 0. tS99: Id aettlemt 

clothlne: la IneLnded tSdZ. totnl V 

articles laauedbr the State 

' ' ' leh Sept. e lo Oct. G. 1X98, per Q. 


aaaed br the Si 


clothloelesDed by the State .' 

.lolQBd and encolJed allermnaler In nf troop; 
on fDrlotish dept. e to Oct. G. per S. 0. 130 
A. O. 0. 18B8; DO clothing laened ■--"-- 


OotorloaKh Sept.'V to'Oot. B/Ver G 0. IBO. 
A, U. O. 1898: m settlenient tor clothlns la 
lucladed Cha sum of 17.111. total value of 
artlclea lisoed hv tbe Btata: dne D. S. 

1 settled 

)r OlOthlEB is 

Ihclnded the 

artlBlea lasued ., 

On farloneh from Sept. 8 to Oct. 6, i _ . _ . 
O. luo. A. O. O., 1898: In settlement for 
clothlns Is Included cbe sura ST.Bl, total 
Talua of articles Issued br tbe State: doe 
D. S, JS 82 

Sloh In hospital Sept. 7 to Sept. 15. la line of 
dnty: on Eurlonih Sept. 25 to Oct. 6. Per Q. 
O. 139. A. Q. O . 1S9B: Id settlement tor 
Clothina; la Inclnded M.Bl, total value o( 
articles lasned by the State — 

Tried or Klald Offlser's Court tor dinnken- 
neaa. IiijurlnK borse and absence without 
leave, toned entity and sentenced to for- 
feit SIZ.OQoE his OHT. and ZO days cou&ne- 
ment at bard labor, per S. O, IBI. bead- 

giarters let Csyalry Brlende. Camp Geo. 
. I'homas. Ga.. Ann. B.1B9B: on tarlouab 
Sept. 28 CO Oct. E. per 1^. O. 139, A. Q. O., 
1B9S: In settlement tor clotblSK Is Included 
the sum J7.B1, total value of articles Issued 
■"""'"" " aboye^flne deduotad Pay roll 


Capt. Roberta... 

Capt. Saberta... 
..Capt. Boberts... 

.. Capt. Roberta.. 


for A 

.eU. E 

juBb Sept. B to Oct. S. per G 0. 130. 

A. G. 0..1B9S: In settlement tor clothlne Is 
Inclnded the sum of II. Bl. total value of 

articles Issued hy the State 

On furlouBh Sept. 2» to Oot. 5. per Q. O. IW, 
' G, O , IB9S; In settlement tor clotblDfc is 

a U. I 

e of 

On furl 00 eh Sept. 21 
A. G O . 1698: In B> 

articles la sued br t. 

Sick In hoapltal June 13 to jaue IB.AnE. 20 to 
* ng. ZS. Aug. ZS to Sept. i. In line of datv: 
nCurlouKhSeot. BtoOct. G.1B9S, perG.O. 
<0. A. O. O: 1898: In settlement for cloth- 

r the State: due U.S. 

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Jone iB,iese 
Jane 16.IB98 

Apr 28.1898 

Apr. Zfi.1898 

Apr, 28.1898 
Apr. 29. 18m 

ms 12.1B9S 

Apr. 28.1898 
Ub7 9.1898 

May 9.1898 
MaF 12.1898 

Harden. Joaech 






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Capt. HUla... 
C&pt. HlllB..i 

SpBrland .. 

Oapt. RobsTta- 

Capt. RobertB.. 

Joined and enrolled after mneter-ln of 
troop; on Inrloagb Sept. £8 to Oct. 5. Der G. 
Q. 130, A. W. 0., 18S8; no olmhlnB tssned 

hlmbr the State: due n. 8. S3. 82 

m fnrloneh from Aug- 2D to Sept. 1». per G. 
O. 111. A. Q. 0.. 1)199; on farlouih from 
8«pt. 13 to Oct. B, per G. 0. 130. A, G. O.. 
1B9B; iolned and enrolled atteriuoBter Inot 
trnoii; no olothlne lesned him by the State. 

On fnrlouBh Sepl. B to Oct. B. per G. 0. 130. 
A. G). p.; lesS: In teltjement tor clothing la 


Sick In bogpltal Jane B to June 9: In hos- 

piiol from Ane. zi to , — , Inline 

o( dntr: In settlement tor ctothlne ts In- 
clnded the bqiq of S7.51, total value of aitl- 
dea leaned br Ibe State; due V. 8. iO.W... 

On furlonsb Sept. 6 to Oct. G. per G. O. 130. 
A. G. O.. 1BS8; In settlement tor clothlnK 
U Inolnded tbe anm of II. 51. total amount 
at articles tasued br the State: due D. B. 

)n turlonsh ^epl. IS to Oct. 5. pel G. 0. 180. 
A. Q. O.. 1898; In eettlement for clolhlnB 
l9 Included the sum of IS.S2, total value o( 
artlBles leaned by the State; attached to 
reelmental bospltal corca since mastered 
Id, by verbal order leElmeplal com- 

Tried by Field Offlcers' Conit fordlBObed!- 
— ce of orders; fondd gnllly and sentenced 
forfeit S3.0Q of ble pay and to oonflne- 

of S' 

r 8. O. ] 


Spiinirfleld ... 

Capt. Roberts.. 
Capt. Roberta.. 

Cspt. Roberta.. 
Capt Roberta-. 


FarmtnetoD • 

Iqra. lat Cavalry Brleade, Camp Geo 

a.. ThomHB. Gs., July II, 1898; tried ui 

Field Offlcera' Court, found ^ruUty and 

Camp Qeorze U. Thomas. Oa., Ane. B, 
1893: ontnrloneibtrDm Sept. S toOct S.Oer 
G. 0. 1^0. A. G. C. 1898: In aettletnent tor 
clolbluE la Included the sum of S5. 61, total 
value of articles laaned by the State: 
above fines dednetpd on nay-roUa for Jnir 
and Anenst; due U. 9. 15,30 

On (urlODSh Sept 6 to Oct E. per G. O. ISO, 
A. 3- 0., 18RS: In settlement tor clotbbie 
Is Included Ibe aom of 17.61. total value ot 
artlelee Issued by the Mlate 

On furloueh Sept. S to Oct S, per G. O, ISO, 
A. G. O.. 1896: In aeCtlement tor clolhlne 
iB Included tbe enm ofn.Sl. total valae of 
arilclea Issued by tbe State: due D. S. tor 
transportation fnrnUbed. 8S.71: due U. S. 


In Inrlonsh Sept. 6 to Oct. G. per G. 0. 13V. 
A. G 0,. 1998; In settlement for clOlblDK 
1b Included the sum of nsi. total valne of 
articles leaned by the State: due U. B. 

On furlQueh from Sect S to Oct. E. per O. O. 
ISO. A. G. O . 18B8: In BetHemaut forcloth- 
Ine 1b Included the enmof vaiae 
otaitlcleBlBanedbTthe State 

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Mar 12.18BB 

Apr. M.1898 

An. 2S.18»fi 

Apr. IE, 1898 
Inne 16.1868 
JnnB 18.1B9B 

Apr. JS.1B98 

Apr. 2e.lSS3 

Apr. M,lgBS 
Apr. 28,1888 

Jnna 16,1898 
Jnne 16.1898 
Uar 18.1898 

Apr. ai.l8BB 


at. 20 1898 

Uaj SO. 1898 

McCone. MlltoD 

Ulller. Edward L 


Uar SO. 1898 

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.. Capt. Roberts... 

SpiliiBOeld .. 



.. Capt. Robeita... 

.. Capt. Roberti.-, 

.. CaptHUlB 

.■ CaptHUU 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

Capt. Roberts.. 
Capt. Roberts.. 

Oapl. Ellis 

Capt. Hills 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

lied Ha blacksmith: reverted to prl- 
e jQtie 30, 1S9B. per rerbal order troop 
commaiider: tried by P\e\d Offlct^is' Uonit 
for absence without leaie and eenltnced 
to forfeit M. 00 of his puy and to Svh days 
oonflDemeDt at bard labor, per S. O. ISI. 
gdqrs, isl Cavalry Briaade. Camp Georae 
H. Thonias. Ga.. Ane. S. ISfiB: on farloueb 
Sept « to Oct. 6, par 6. O. 180. A. G, O.. 
-"1; In settlement (or elothlnff la Included 
— sum ot 16.63. total value of articles Is- 
mad br the 8late: above Que dednoled on 

pai'riillfor Auenst: dueU.S. 13.60 

.. On tnrlouEh Aqk SO to Sept. 19. per Q O. 
Ill, A. e. O. IK9S. on tarlouEh Sept SO to 
Sept. 28. per G. O. 130, A. O. O., 1B9S; In 
'Element tor clotblns Is Inclnded the 
lofST.Sl. total value of artlclHS Issued 

-irlongh Sept'otV bctl's. per'G! oViso! 

A. Q. O . ISaS; In settlement Coi elothlnic 
la Inclnded tbe sum of SI.GI. total valQe 
ot clolhlDK Issued by the State: due D. S. 

. Cbllllootbe. 

Qraimout .. 

ChlUlcothe . 
GhlcsEo .... 


articles Isaued bti 

to Oct, 5, per G, O. ISO. 

aettlement for cloth Id K 
n of SI.GI, total valae of 

r-Vn" of 

troop; on farloueh Sept. 3» Cc. ., „„ 

G. O. tSO. A. Q. 0.. 189s: no clothlQE Issued 

him by the Stale 

Joined and eniolted after mnater'ln Ot 

- ■- ' lueh Aug. 20 W Sept. 19. per 

. r, ,.,no. . j-__j 2.0 tc 

•_v. „, i,oi sj, ij lan i n n it— 
.lothlnB Issued h. , 

Sick In hospital Ane. BQ to Sept. 27, 1898. In 
line ot duty; on farloueh Sent. 21 to Oct S, 
18S8. par G. 0. 130. A. Q. O.. 1898: In settle- 
ment forclotblDKis Included the snm of 
«.B1. total value of articles Issued by the 
State: due D. 8., (0.08 

Od turloueh from Sept. 6 to Sept. 28. 1893. per 
a. 0. 130. A. G. O.. 1893: In settlement tor 
olothlnsls Inclnded the sum of 11. 61. total 
val tie ot articles Issued by the tjtatei due 
D. 8, JB.B7 

On fnrlouBb Sent, e to Oct, 6, 1898, per G. O. 
130, A. G. O., I89S; In settlement for clotb- 
Ins Is Inclnded the sum ot IT. SI, total 
value of articles Issued by the State 

On fnrloueh Sept. S to Sept. !8. 1898. per G. 
O. ISO. A. G. 0.. 1893; In settlement tor 
Glotblna Is Included the sum of 96.62, total 
value ot articles Usned by the State: due 

Od furtoneh Sept. 6 to Sept. S8, 1898. per Q. 

" 'BO. A. Q. O.. 1898: Joined and enrolled 
r muster-In of troop: no olotbloff Is- 

—.,3 to him by the State 

Joined and enrolled after mnater In of 

^rooBT on furlonub Sept. 8 to Sept. 28. 1898. 
>er G. O. ISO. A. O. O.. 1898; no ololhlDB Is- 

jned blm by the State 

On furloueb Sept. 19 to Oct. 6.1898. per G. O. 

IBO. A. Q. O.. 1898: In setilemeut for cloth- 

iDff Is Included the sum ot»I, SI, ti---' 

ta IBBU 

eU. E 

iick !n hospital Aug. 2S to Ans, 2S. 1898. Id 
Hue of dntv: on turloneh Seut. S la Oct. 5. 
1898. nei Q. O. 130. A. G. O.. 1898: In settle- 
msnt torclothlDKls Inclnded the aom of 
SS.oa, total value ot articles Issued b; the 

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Apr. ZftiaSS 

Apr. 26.ISBB 

Apt. i«.ISftS 

Sehulte. Henry H 

Shlreman. Onnlel H .. 

Silver, Lewl» E 


Uaj £0,1898 

June 1B.18B8 
Apr. 26,1898 



U» 2D.1S3B 

Thlenr. Qeorss .... 

Apr. 26. 1898 
Apr. se,189S 

Jnne 16.1898 


Bfar Z0,18B8 

Apr. !G,1898 
Apr. 26.1898 

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Wenona On furlonah Sect B lo Oct. S.lSBS, p«r 6. O. 

130. A. (i. 0..iesa: Id gettlemeDt f or cloth- 
Ins li Included the sum of 96.62, coial Ttilne 
of arcloles lieaed br the tjute; due D. 3., 

SprlneHelCl-.- Capt. Roberts.... Lbcod On furloneh Ann- 20 to Sept. 19. 1898. par G. 

0. lit. A. U. O.. 1898: In eettlement for 
ctotbtns la Included tbe num of t7.61. total 
VBlue ol arlloles lasuod by the Biate 

Sprlniraeld... Capt. Boberta.... ChlUleolhe... OnfurlouHhSepi.6 to, IsgB.oerQ. 

oloihloe 19 Included the aum of I7.S1, total 
value of articles tesQed by the State; due 
O. 8,.il.»0 

.. Capt Koberti.... Henry On furloaiih from 9epr. 28 to Oct. 6.1898. per 

9. O. 130 A, G. O.. mi; f\ck In hospital 
AUR. 11 to 13. Aue 11 to IS, iseg, In line of 
duty: In eetHetuecl foe clotblor U In- 
cluded the aum of »;.S1, total value of arti- 
cles Issued by tbe State 

.. Capt. RobeitB.,.. Peoria Sick In hoaplul Jane 29 to July 4, 1B9S, In 

'■-T of duty; ou (urtoneh Sfpt. t to Oct. 6. 

I, per Q. 0. 130, A, O. O.. 1B98: In aeltle- 
nt foroloihlnBiB luclnded the sum of 
,1, total value of articles leaned by tbe 

„.„t6: due U. fe.,»l.l2 

Iiaeon Capt. HIIU SnrlnsBeld... Joined and enrolled after muaier-lD of 

troop: onfuTlousb Sept. 6 to Oct S. 1B98. 
per 6. O. ISO. A. G 0.. 1898: no clothlnir Is- 
sued bimbf tbe State 

Sprlnefleld... Capt. Roberts.... Henry On turloneb Sept. t to Oc-t. b, 1898. per G. 0. 

"" A. 0.0. ,1888: Insettlemeot for oloth- 
la Ibchided the sun of ».62. total 
ae of artlclea Ixsued by the StHte 

SprinKfleld... Capt. Roberts.... BlDomlneton.. .OnCuriouEh Aue. 7 to Ana. It. 1898. by orr'er 

f^»^''™|^orBe'H, Thn''maa'! Qa*: oaYurlouKh 

II. e to Oat. G. 1B9B. per G. O. 130. A. <i. 
1898: In seitlemeTit for olothlnB la In- 
led the aum of S7.61. total value of arlt- 
1 Issued by the State: due U. S . SO. 90... 

SpTlnB&eld... Capt. Roberta.... Wenona On furiouKb Sept, 8 to Sent 28, 1898. perQ. 

O. 130. A- G. O.. 1898; iQ BBttlement for 
clolblnE Is Included the eum ot tT.6l. total 
valueof artlclea Issued by the State; due 

U S,.SB.lfi 

Varna On turlouah ••ept 1998. per Q. O. 

No. 130. A. Q. O.. 1898: m the setileraeut 
for dolhluE Is Included the aum of 87.61, 
total value of artlclee Issued by the State: 
dueU 8.16.19 

,. Capt Hills,. Henry On fnrlourh Sept 8 to Oct. 6. 1 BBS. per Q O. 

No. 130, A. Q. O.. 1698: Joined and enrolled 
after muster-In ot troop: no clothlne vaB 
leaned blm by the State 

.. Capt. Roberts.... Chteaeo Slcb In hospital Auk * to Sept. IS, I89B. In 

line or duty: on furlaueb Sept 16 tn Oct. S, 
1898. per G O, No. 130, A. G. O , 1898: lo the 
settlement for olotblur Is Included the 
sum of t7. 61, total value of articles Issued 

by tbe State 

Sparland On tarlouitb Ans 10 lo Sept. 9.1898. per 

ordTCommandlDsOfBcer, Camp Beorice 
H Thomas, Qa ; on fnrlouEh Sept 10 to 
to Oct 5. 1898. per G O No. 130. A. Q O., 
1898: lu (he settlement for ctoihlni U In- 
cluded tho sum of SS 62. the total value of 
articles iBsued him by the State: due D. S. 

,. Capt Roberts.... Cblllloothe.., On furlooch Sept B tn'Oot'sil898.'per'Q.'o! 
No. ISO. A Q O., 1898:; In the settlement 
tor clothlue Is included the sum ot Uffi. 
total value ot articles issued by the State; 

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Vandueeo, ElraDi L.. 

WastOD. RalDb 

Webster. Lewis £..... 


UeColIouBh, (JhitB. B. 

GbapuH). WaJui J... 

Sonason. earl 

Ed Llevtenant... 

.. Jnne I6,1S9B 
.. Apt. H, IBSB 

,. Apr. 2e.lSSg 
,. Apr. ».ia»g 

.. Jane 16,1898 

.. May Z0,1S9H 

.. May 20.1888 
.. Mar ZD.1898 








W fABltn 


Apr. 28.1898 
Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. se.iess 

Jane I9.IB98 

,,. 1 

Ma 21 189(1 

May 21.1898 


C. ThoiDaB.GB... 

Heiirr D. Sonlte 

June 18,1S98 

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Capt eills 

Capt. Roberti.... 

Capt. Hllla 

Capt. Roberts.... 

Capt. BobertB.... 
Capt. Roberta.... 

Capt HobertB.... 





Philippe. WlB. 

iroopi sick Id boaplCal &ae- a to ijeot. IB. 
1B98. Id ItDB of duty: on fnrloiiBh Sept. IB 
to Oot. 0. 1898. per 6. O No, 130. A. Q, 0., 
1B98: no elolblDS wbb lasned to blm br tbe 

for GlolblDK Is Included the anm ol 17.(1. 
total v^ne of artlcleB llBued by tbe State; 

trooD! OD (nrloneb Sept. 6 to Oct. S. iSW, 
per S, 0. No. 130. A. G. O.. 1B98; do cloth- 

chatEe and CdsI statement tnrDlabed; dls- 
obareed to accept commUnton Id same 
oompany; In tbe eettlemenC lot clothlns la 
InoludedtheBumofJS.flB the total value 



staff, per 3. 0. Mats. Hea<1qnacier9 lat 
Illinois Tolanteer Cavairr, Camp GaoiBe 


loDsh, of typhoid fever; burled at Lacoa. 
111,! final staiementB fDrnUbad: In the set' 
tlement for clothlne Is Inolnded the anm 
tS.ea, total value of articles Issued blm by 





By whom. 

Capt, Rabects'"! 

Capt, Roberta.... 
Capt Roberta.... 

erss :::::: 



On leave from Ang 12 to Ana. 19.1898. per S, 
0. 13, headquarters Sd Army Corps, Camp 
Tbomaa, Ga,, An?. 11.1898: on leave Auer. 
80 to Sept. S.IS98, per 3. 0, Bl. beadquar- 
tera lat 7ol. Cav.. Anz, 30. 189s: absent 
vltb leave Sept to Oct, B, 1898, perG. O. 


On leave Sepl. fl to Oct. B.1898. pet G. 0, 180, 


Sept 6 to Oct, 6. 1808. per G, 0. IM. A. 6. 
, S, 1898; In tbe settlement for clothlns 
Is Included Che sum ol 17,70. total value Of 
artlolfls lasned by tbe 3t«ie! sicklnquar- 

G. 0.. a, 189S: Joined and aaelened to 

(orfelts IIB.OO pay, per F, O. U., Eit, 1. 
bBBiiquartera Ist III. Vol, Cav,. 8, 0, 00. 
Violation S!i Article of War. Sent. 16. 1899; 
appointed Ouartermaater Sersaaut Jnly 1. 

same date; no oloiblna Issued him by the 
State; dne SIS.OO [ortell from Seotember 
pay. per F. 0, C. Sept, 15,1898; due U. S. 

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Set am 

Apr. %18St 


Majr 21 1898 

Mar 21.1899 

Apr. 26.1898 

Apr. £6.1898 
Apt. ZG,1S98 

Apr. ZB.1SM 

Apr, 26.1898 

Apr. 28.1898 
Apt. 26.1899 
Apt. 18.1898 

Mw 21,1898 


Cbarles RwbnTQ 

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UdsrsBiv IR. 

,. Uapt. Boberts... 

b; apDolnti'd Croi 
i( Mar Zl. 1898. p 

. Unsterer) In us ^se 
luactermaalet 8. 

coop order No. 3 . ,„ 

•freennCJuly 1.1898. Dsr trooD order No. 
D Bume dBle; eick In oaartera July » and 
6, in line of dntr; In natlienient (or olotU- 
.nste Included the sum o(n. 70, total value 

ot articles l)isaed him b; tbe Sjtate 

1q hosolCal June 

.- ■. i 16 and An«. 10 

and 1I.1S98. Id line of duty; on Furloueh 
r. 25 to Sept. a, 1898, per 9, O. Ill, 4. G. 
J, teeS: on furlough Sept. 5 ro Oct. E. 
, per «. 0. 13Ii, A, G. O,. S. ISBS; Id the 
lement tor olothlne 1b Ineluded lbs 
, ot IT 70. total valUB ot articles Issnad 

n Oot. S.18SS. I 

eant; on failoneh Sep 
r () 0. lao. A. «. O., 1 
nent for clothing IB 1 
at SI. 70. total T*lue 



Capt Roberts,. , 
CaPt. Roberts. .. 

.. Capt. Roberts... 


.e Stati 

I of B 

— ._ ....e ot dntv; on fnr- 

loueb Sept. 6 to Oct. 6,1896, Per 6. O, igo, 
A. Q. O . S. mS: forfeits 11.00 ot bi- dbt 
per P. O. C. Est, No. l. violation aid Ar- 
■■-leot War.headqaartBrBlstlll, Vnl Cav. 
,. . ,«.o. ,-.u ., irclolhlQK 


luded thesumotSI.'O. I< 
Isnued by th- Sratc 
ededacted: due U. ■< 

forfsK o( 

., Capt. Roberts... 

1 fnrlongh Sept. a to Oot. B. II 

". l^S'; In the set 

'^tnded the nam 

.. Uastered In ae 

per V. O C, _— . -. .. 
III. Vol. Cav. Sept, «.!• 

.. Capt. Roberta... 


c G, 'o' 13 H;tQrs:i;t': hi: 

ilBtB Osmp Thomas. Qa.: 

„... B.lB'fl.perG.O. 

G. O,, » 1898; in setll-'mpnt. for 
ne In InclOilerl ihe anm of «.TO. total 
of articles Issued blm by the State.. 

in furloueh Sent a 

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When. Whew. 


Arthnr Babbitt 

ClaudoM. alntOM.... 


Apr. ^.1S88 
4pr. M.IB98 

Apr. se.i8ffi 

Apr. a, 1898 

Apr. 28.1896 
Jnna 19,1B9B 

Apr. 28.1898 

Apr. 28.1898 



WUlIHm J. Ealeber.. 

Edward H-Boasnec. 
JameB V. BoatwrlKht 

Baker, JamesE 

BontUDlO. Clurles.... 

C'mp Thomas. Q« 

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.. Oapt. Bobflrta... 

stared !□ as private: promoted Corporal 
ulr 1, IBSH, per Q. O. 13. Hdqrs. let 111. 
Ol. CBT..iame dale. Camp T&amaa.IiB.; 

.Ji tarlonirti Sept. 6 to Oct. 5, 1I-S8. per Q. 

O. no. A. U O.. It. 1HS8; on Inrloneh Sept. 

1 to G, IBM. per O. 0. 111. A. Q. O.. d, 189B: 

.. Cspt. BobertB... 

.. Oapt. Bobertl... 

ared In ae private: appolnled Corporal 
rl.ieSS.par 0.0. IS. let ill. Vol. Cav.. 
la dale. Cuinp Thomaa, Ga.: on (Dr- 
ill Sept. S to Oct. 6. I89B, per Q. O- 180. 

... y v.. S. 1898; BioB In queriere Ssnt s. 

1B9S, In Hue o{ datF: Id gettlen 

clotblni IB looJadeil tl 

mol 17.70. total 

,. Capt. BobertB.... 


the sum of >7.70. total value at articles la- 
id him by the 8taie 

ered In as Blacksmith; «lcb In qaartera 
g. 27 to 28. Sept. 16 to — , tBSH. In line of 
uu^;; torteliB 13.00 of hie pa; per F. O. C. 
Ejt No. I. Ut Cav. Bris Bd Arm; CoipB. 
Camp ThomM. Qa,, July 10. ises: In the 
llemeDt tor olothlns Is Included tbe 
m ol (7.70. toEsl value of articles iBHued 
n br tbe iitate: rortelt sBilefled from 

July, 1898. paj 

,. UuBteTed In ae Farrier; on turlocgb Sept. fi 

to Oct. B, 1(08. per Q. O. lao. a. G. 0„ i898; 
In Beitlemeni la Included tbe enm of IT. 70, 
total value of artlcleB lesued blm br the 


.. Capt. BobeiU.,.. C 

.. Capt. Roberta... 

alcb Id qu 

Aui. 13 to __., , ,_ 

furloneh Sept S to Oct. S, 1898, par &. O. 
190. &.I3.0. a 1898: no cloIhlDE IsBued 

hlui by tbe Stste 

.. Sick Id quarters JdIv SO to Aue. 18. Anv, IS 
to 31. In hospital Am. 81 to »ept. fi. 1898, lo 
line of duty: rorfelts (2 00 of hln pay per 
P. O. C. Ext. No.l, IstCBV. Army 
Corps, Camp ThDmaa, Ha., Juij 18, lS98i 
on furloueb Sept. E to Oct. 5. 1898. per Q. 
0. 180, A. Q. 0., 8 1B98; In eettli-mt'nt for 
clothlna: Is Included the aum of 17.10. total 

t (f, O. C Ell. No. 

the SDm of 87 70. total value of ai „ ... 

Hued by tbe iitate: forfeit satlBfled from 
July par 

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Borle. Wllllsm 

API. as. 1898 

ClBnBBD. John B 

Apr. 28.1898 
Anr. M.18B8 
Apr. 28,1838 

Apr. SB.189S 

Delpolder. laTler .... 

Apr. 28.1898 

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Gapt. Bobsrti.. 

Ospt. Boberts.. 

Cnpt. Rob art!.. 

Sick In quarter! Ka.s £3 to £6, JdIt 11, Ante. 
37 to 29. leSS, la lloeof datr: forfetts tl.OI) 
ol tala par aod servas five dftis' Ubor. per 
Field Offlcera' Court. Ext. No. 1. Hdqrs. 
lat CftvMry BrlBade,3d Arms Corpa.Camp 
Thoma>. Un.. July l», ]B9!<; on furlunBb 
Aug. as (0 Sept. 6, ISSa. per Q. O, ill. A G). 
O.. 8. ISaS; OD furlouBli Sept. B to Oct. E, 
I89S. per li. O. ISO, A. D. O.. S. 1B98; Id set- 
tlement tor clotblDE Is iDcladed tbe sunt 
otS^.^a, total vnlae of arliclea Issued hfm 
hs tbe State; CorCelt satlsHed from Jnly 

Bnl* ste a jiiD e'l 6.' IbW, ' per Q' oV ei.' a'. G ,' .'. 
a. IHsa; Jollied and aselgDod to troop, per 
verbiil order realmeotal commandine 
officer, June IB, liiS-. on rorloUKh Sept 8 
to Oct. 6. IBBS. per O 0. 180, A, (i. O.. IBM; 

no clolblne Issued blmhj the State 

Ick In quarters June 12 and 13. JuIt IS, 1SSS, 
In line of duty; nn furloaah Sept. 6 tn Oct. 
e. IBBn. per G. 0. 130. A G). O.. S. 1898: la 
settlement tor cloLhins Is included the 
gnm of ST. ID. total value of articles Issued 
bim by the State 

Sick In auRrtrrs June 16 to IS. 1S3B. In line 
of duty: on fnrlouBb Sept. « to Oct. 6,1898, 
per Q. O. IBO. A. U O., «. 1B9S: In settle- 
ment foe clotblns U Ipcltided the sum of 
(MO, iDtBlTalue of articles lasned him by 
the Slate 

Sick In quarters Jnne 8. 1B9B. In line of dutyi 
(orlelts t8 00 of his pay and serves five 
days' labor, per Field OHlcere' Court. Eit. 
No. 1, Hdqrs 1st Cavalry Brigade, Sd 
Army Corps. Camp Thomas, Qa.. July 19, 
IBflB; on lurlouih Sept. B to Oct. 6. 1898, 
per Q O. W. A. O O.. S. 1B98; In eellle. 
mentfor oloiblnir Is Included the sum of 
J7.70, total TBlue of articles Issued him by 
the State: forfeit satlsfled from July payi 
on furloueh Aue. 3D to Sept. 3, 1898. per Q. 

O, lit, A. Q. . 3 IS98 

ortells (7.00 of his psv Bad serves flva 
days' lalior. per Field Offlnaca' Court. Eit. 
No. I. Hdqrs. 1st Cavalry Brigade, ad 
Army Corps. Camp Thomas. Ga., July 19. 
1B98: on furlouEh Sept, 8 to Oct. E, 1898, 
per Q, O. 130, A Q 0.8. 1898: In settle- 
ment for clatblnK Is Iroiuded the som of 
)7.70. total value of artlcl'-s Issued him by 
the Slate: forfeit satisfied from July pay; 

dueU. 8. »0,10 

Inllsted Jnne 16, 1898. per Q. O. 61. A. Q. O.. 
8, IBSB: joined and asslEned to traop. pei 

ofacer. June 19, 1898: slob In quarters July 
II, 1898. In line of duty; on turlouah Sept. 
6 to Oct E. IH9S. per Q. 0. 130. A. B O . 8. 
1893: Doclothloelssued himbythe <tate.. 
Ick In quaclers Jnly 1 to 9. Aug 21 Co 28, 
and Sept. i IB9B, In llpe of duty: forfeit! 
13.00 of bis pay, per Field Offlrers' Court. 
Ext. No. t. Hdqrs. tst Cavalry Brigade, 8d 
Army Corps. July 19. 1898, Camo Thomas, 
ea.; on turloQEh Sept. e to Oct, G, 1888, 
per Q. O. ISO, A. Q, I) , S. 1898: In seltle- 
mect tor cloThlne is Included the snm of 
JT.70. total value ut articles issued him by 
the State; toitalt satisfied from July pay. 

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Ape. 26,1898 

Apr. 3S.1BS8 

Api. 2S,1S98 

Apr. ».im 

Frlake. GuatoTe C... 

QoKertr. Frsok P 

Apt. 1I.ISW 

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Where. By wbom. 

.. EDlUted June 16. 1898. i 

SDHniHeld .. 
SpilnKfleld .. 

Cftpt. Roberta... 

.. Cnit. BobertB... 


le 19. 1 

9ntal c 

la. Aug. IS to 21. 1898. Id Dds of duti: on 
furtoneb Aue. 80 to Sem. 6. 189B, per a. O. 
'tl, A. G. O . S. 1893; on turlon^b Sent. « 
jO Oct. 5. 1BS8. per Q. O. ISO, A. G). 0.. S. 
1898: no clothlne laened him by the State. 
,. Slcb InquarteiB JiineZS toSO. 1898. In llneot 
daly: {ortelliSS.DD par. per Field Uffioers' 
Court, Bit. No. 1, Hdqrs. 1st Cavftlry 
BrlSRde. 3d Army Corna. Csmp Thomas, 
"- July IB, 189S; on furloaeii Sept. 8 to 

6. 1898. per G. O. IBB, A. Q. O. S. 1898; 

e Betllement for clottilnE la InolQded 
motn.JD, total V 

lythe^tale: forfeit ei 

. o Oct. 6. 11;__, ,.. _. 

O. ISD. A. Q. 0-. S. 1898: !□ Betllement tor 
ololhlDB Is Incladed the enm ot 87.70. total 
valne of artlclea Usnsd him by the StaCa.. 

.. 31cklaquarters^Hy26.Jime9, JuIyStolG. 
An?. 28 to 29. Id Uoe of duty: on lurlonBh 
AuR. Z9 to »ept. 5. IBBS, per Q. O. No. 114. A. 
" " S.lB98;onfnrloui[hS6Dt.BtoOct.S, 

it a. O. No. WO. A. G. O., 8. 183B; In 

the settlement toe clothlcfT U In eluded the 

m of 8. ID. total TBlueoI articles Isaaed 

_.ji by the Slate; doe U. S. M.BO 

.. Forfelte $7, (Dot hla pay and serves 15 day*' 
• bor, per Field Offlcera' Court, Bilraot 
0, 1. UeadquarteCB let CaVHlri Bileade. 
Army Corps. Camp Thomas, 6b,. July 
-„ 1BS9; In the aettlemenl for clotblPK la 
Included the sum ot 87.70, total yalue of 
artli-leB laaued him by the State; forfeit 
satlsSed from July pay 

,. Sick In quBrtera Aue. tl to 18, Auff. 13 to Z(. 
Sept. I to 5, 1838, In line ot duty; on fnr* 
iDueh Sept. 8 to Oct. 5, 1898, per Q. 0. No. 
'"D, A. Q. O.. S. IB9B; In the settlement tor 
_.otbIns la Incladed Ibe anm of 11.70. the 
total yalae of articles lasned him by the 

„ EDlisted Jni 

O.. S. 1898; 

pec verbal order ot ReelmeDlal Command- 
loeOlBcer. Jane IS. 1898; on special dmyaa 
blacksmith's helper from July 1 to Sept. E. 
1898, per verbal order ot troop commander; 
on (orloUBh Sept. 8 to Oct. 6. 1898. pec G. O. 
No. 130, A G O.. S. 1898: no elothlne taBned 
him by the State 

.. SIci: In quarters [day 21. July 1 and 2, July 7 
and8.Julyi3.Ane. 8 to 13. Ana. 17 to Z», Id 
'-Dsplial. Id line of duty: on faclouEh Ans. 
I to Sept. 6, per G. O. No 11*. A. G, 0., S. 
.tl98; on turlonsh Sept. fl to Oct. 6, 1898. per 
O. O. No. 180. A. Q. O.. S. 1898: torfelta 
SE.OO pay and &ye days' labor. Per Field 
UfQcers' Court, Extract No. 1. Headquar- 
ters IstCavBlcy Brls&de. 3d Army Corps. 
July 8, 1888, Camp Thomas, (3a.: tortelta 
8I8.D0 pay and IB daya' labor, per Field 
" ' (Jourt, Estract No. 1, lat Cavalry 
I, 8d Army Cores. July 23. 189B. 
'homas, Sa-: In the settlement foe 

f Is iDcludfld the sum ot 87.70, the 

total yalae ot articles Issued him by the 
StBt«; balance of 12. 40dne from July f<n- 
lefts; due D, 3. »8.71 , 

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Hang Georee 


Apr. 28.1898 
Apr. EE.1B9B 


Uar 2i.i8»e 

Uar 21.1898 

Apr. S6.13SS 
Apr. S6.189S 

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Udbicbbd Ih. 

,. En listed J ni 

.. Capt. Robert!... 

.. Capt. Bobem... 

.. Copt. Rob«rti... 

i lolEB 

e. t89B. E 

rG. O. No.61, A,C 
tSDed ti 

too p. 

— f Keelm 

lueOtacer, June 19. ISEB: dd ^peclsL dntF 
SB atttble orderly from JqIf 20, 18BB. per 
verbal order of rroov commsnder: sick In 
qnvterB &ne. n to sa. In hospital Aug. tlO 

, 1838. ID line of duly; '—' -' — 

was I e sued him by the State _ 

.. Sick In quarters Juoe II to iX. Aue, EiO,ti 

eV. ^ 

of dat 


duty as ooolE from July 16. 1898. per Troop 
" lerNo. 7. e&niedi.te. to Aue. 20.1898: on 
._.loai:lilroinS»pt. etoOct. S, 18B8. per Q. 
O. No. lao. A. G. O., 8. 1898, In the settle- 
ment tor clotblnE Is Included the sum of 
ST, 70. tolKl value ot articles Issued him by 


si duty as 2d cook, tro: 

Ser TBI ha,! order of troon (■omi 
ate; rellBved Jaly 9 

I May 21. II 

Oct, s, 1 

.. ., -n (urioueh 

n ]aly 28 to AuE fi. 1SB9, uer ad Endorse- 

jt. •Iti'ned Uealmental Commander. 

Jaly 2G. 1HM; on furlough from »evt. 9 to 

"-' ' •-■"' --- "i. o. No, lao, A G. o.. 8. 
t tor olothlne Is In- 
.0. total value of artl- 

. estate 

I. Auk. fS^iSss, Inline 

o[ duty; on turloDirb from 8epl, S to Oct. 

6. 1B98. per Q. 0. 180. A. Q. O., 8. 189B: in 

aettlemenl for clotblne Is Included tha 
m oln. 70. total Talnn of articles lasued 

.. Enlisted Jnt 
— hlmbs ■ " 

the State 

. Bnllstfld JunelG. 1 
" - — \: Joined ai 

per'a'o'.'Bi. A. G. O.. 
BBBtsned to troop per 

*iune i». iQHs; on lurloufb ^ept. 6 to Oct. 5. 
1B98. per G. O. 130. A. G. O.. S. 18981 no 

cloihlnR- Issued him by the State 

.. Forfeits SI. 00 of bis pay per P. O. C. Ext. 
No. l.Hdara, 1st 111. Vol. Cav. Sept.*. 1898; 
onfurlonih Sept. G to Oct. E, 1898, per G. 
O, tao, A. Q. O.. 8. 1893; In the aettltment 
•- ■ -"• - -1 Included the sum of S7. 70. 
[ articles Issued bim by the 
11.00 forfeit fro- " " — 

verbal orrter 

total V 

.. 3lck 

. _. 18. In hospital Sept. t 

8.1838, In IIdb of duly; on fnrloueh Sept, 
a m Oct. 6. 1898, per G. 0. 130, A, 9. O., 3. 
1S98: In the settlement foe clolblpe la In- 
eluded Ibe sum of S7.70. total value oC arti- 
cles Issued him by the State 

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Apr. 26.1898 






Unir 21.1898 

LUlr. William T 


an 21.1898 


Uoy 21,1898 

Apr. 21. use 

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Where. B; vham. 

Sprlnsfleld... Oapt. Boberta... 



Omt Bobert*.. 

Capt. Robeita.. 

, ChtcBiio ,.. 

.. Capt. BobeKs... 

■ ■ Capt Bob«Fti... 

SprinicBeld... G 

.. Sicfc In qaartere Jane 22, 
and 80. July 1. In. quai 
Jal; 16 and IE, Aaic. 10 

ind 1 

In hospital 

I. in 

leot duti: an Inrlongh Sept. ate 

..i8. per Q. 0. 130. A. Q. O.. 8. ISBS: In the 
satdement lor clothlns la Included the 
anm o{ fJO. total value of articles Isened 
him br the Stats 

., On furlonsb Sept. 8 to Out, S, IBM, pet G. O. 
ISO. A. O. O.. S. 1898: In the settlemeot tor 
olothtDS la iDclndtid the snm of S7 .70. total' 
value oC arllolee leaned him b; the State.. 

,. Sick In quarteca Mar 23 to !6. June aa. Aue. 8 
tolS. Auk. 21 to 21. In hoapltal Aug IB to 
Sept. f, 18S8. Id tine of datv: on CurloDErb 
Sept. g to Oct. e. 189B, per 6. O. 180, A. O. 
O.. S, 1898; iDtbeaeCIleiDeDt torcloihloK 

. EnllatedJuDOiCiSSS. perQ O.SI. A.O.O.. 
S- 1S93: joined and aBsiEced to troop pec 
verbal order o( resimental GommaDdlne 
officer June 10, 1898: on fttrloutth Sept. 6 to 
Oct. G. 1SS3. per O. O. lEO. A. ti. O.. S. 18GS: 
DO olotfalDE laaued him far the State: due 


" Dilated June IB, 1838, per G. O. 61, A. 8. O., 
3. 18B8: Joined and aBslgned to troop per 
verbal eider ol reEimental oommsndlne 
officer jQoe IS. 1898: no clothlnE Isened 

him by the State 

..Attached Co reulmentnl hoapltal corps per 
~erbal order o( ceBlmental oommandlna 
Seer MBy21.IB9B; on furloueh Anr, 18 10 
) per G O lit. A Q. C, S. 1898: Id aettle- 
_iBnt lor clothlDB Is Included the aum of 
17.70. total value of articles Issued him by 

the State 

.. SlcblnqaarteraMBySIBudZS. JuoeS. June 
21 and 25: June 28 to July S In boBpltal; In 
quartera July a to 24. July sz to Aus. H- In 
line of duty: on fuiloagh Sept. » to Oct. B, 
1899. per 8. 0. 180, A. G O.. S. 1898: In the 
settletnent for clothlQE Is Ineluded thB 
Hum of 17 .70. total v Bine of article s laBued 
bim by the State. 

.. Sick In uuaTlers Aug. 20 to 28. In line of 

dnty: on furlouih Sent. 18 to Oct, 6. 1898, 

-ti G. O. tgo, A. Q. O.. 8. 1898: In the aet- 

ement tor clothing la Included the anm 

87. ID, total value of articles issued him 

,/lhe State 

Blct in quartero Ana. 29 to liepl. 2; In hoa- 
pltal Sept. S to 1. In line of duty: on fur. 
fouah Sept. B to Oct. G.1S98, per S O. ISO. 
A. G. O., S, 1898; In the aeltlcment tor 
olothlne la Inelnded (he aum of 87.70, tfltal 
value of arllcles Issued bIm by the Stale.. 

.. Sick In quarters June 6. July 21: In hospital 
July 28 to 81.1898. In Una of duty; On Inr- 
louBh Sept. 8 - " — 

d by the.State 

.. Sick In qaarters July 28. 1898. In line of duty; 
rortelta U.OO pay and ten days' labor per 
F. O. C. Ext. 1. headanarters 1st 111. Vol. 
" -. Sept. 18.1898: In tr "■ ""- 

deduct 19.00 forfeit (tomSeptembec pay.. 

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Apr. !S.189a 

Uay at. 1898 

Apt. H.1BBS 


Uwklla.Wm. C 

Apt. 28.1898 


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Httbtbhed In. 

Capt Bobarti.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Roberts.. 

Capt. Rolietts.. 

Cftpt Robetts.. 

Capt. SobertB.. 

Cant. Boberte.... 

Slcklnqaartera JunelOaadll. tol3. Inhos- 
pltat.JnlTlTtoev, 1q qiiBrt«TB; Ans. 17 to 
il. to quariera: Id hospltBl Aug. 26 to Sept. 
21, 18M. In Hoe of duly; od fnrlonib Sept. 
BSWOet 6,1S9B. per G. 0. 130, A, 5. O.. S. 
ISSS: In eetdf ment for elotblng: la Inoluded 
tbe sum of 17.70, totSil value ol BTtloles 

elotblne Is Insluded the Hum of ST. 70. total 
valna at articles tnrniehed him br Ibe 

Bullsted Jane IB, 1898, per G. O, 61, A. Q. O., 
S, ie9B: JMaed Bud asslsued to tronp per 
verbal order commandlaE officer. June 19. 
1S9B: Blek Id hoBol'sl June 2t to July S. 
July ( to Au» fi. In quBrlera, Ane. 7 to 
Aac U, Inboepllal. Aug. IStoie. Id Qu«r- 
ters; On lurloush Ane, 19 to Sept. 6, JB9R. 
per O. U. 114. A. <.■). O.. S ibSS; on rnrlouuh 
Sept e lo Oct. 6.1898, ppr G. O. 130. A. G. 
O.; no cloiblnic leaued him by tbe Siatei 

Sick In qnart«r« May 35. July !E to 2S. AnK. 
18 to SO, Ann. :i to 29. In hospltnt. In line of 
dnty: on furlouBh Aug. S» to Sept. (. i89S, 
per G. O. IK. A. G. O., 8. 1898: In eeltle- 
ment forcloTblne Is loclnded ' 

ralae ot arllc. 

Slcli ln_qn| 

b.,"S' ia9S;"in" 

jnne B tc 
AUK n HI 11, lass. Id line oi 
looeh Sept, e to Oct. 6. 1898. 

lesued blm by 
eVjiiijeii'to it. 

nf inty; on far. 
er Q. O ]3D. 
iilemeut far 
if (7.70 total 

value of articles Iseneu mm d; ine siaiei 

dneO 8 »0.10 

Sick In quarters May 23 to 2S. Jnly IG to 17, 
Auir. 8 <o 11, AUB. IS to Zl, )n line ot dutvi 
on farloo^h Sept 6 to Sept. le, lg9S. per Q. 
0. 130. A G O.. 8, I89»: Id the settlement 
for clothing U Included ibe "nm ot 17.70. 
total valne ot »cilales Isaned blm by tbe 

SlcklnqoWiers Jnne'Vim'inTlnPofduty; 
on farlonah Sew. etc Oct. 6.i(i98, perG. 
0. 130, A. G. O., 8. 1898: in the ael'lement 
foTclethlnB la Included tbe enm of S7,70, 
total valne ot artlcleB tiBued bim by the 

Slckloquar.. __ 

fortpltB S5.110 ot pay BDd five d-ya 
per B". O. C . Eit. 1. heaitqaar 

b:. 13.iF9B.ln line of dDt;;: 

verbal order troop commander, aamn ilate: 
In tbe eetUement tor clothing la Included 
tbe anm of 17,10, total value of artlclea 
lasned nlm by the State: dae IB. 00 forfeit 

from Seotambar oay 

lick In quartera May 2S and 26, Aur.21to 
Sept £.1838. In line of dnty; on furlonEh 
Sept. e to Oct. e, 1899, ner G. O ISO. A. G. O. 
3 1898; In tbe aettlemeot tor clnlblns la 
Included tbe sum of 17, lO, tottl valne ot 
articles lasned him by tbe Bt&te 

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Apr. 26.1898 

Uftr 13.1898 

Apr. Zfl.l8S8 


ADt. ZB.1898 
Apr. 26.1898 

Am. S«,1S98 
Apr. 26.1806 

Uai 21.1888 

Uh 3I,18»9 
Mar 21.1838 

Mar 3L1898 

Uai 21.I89B 

Uaj 21.1898 
MW 21.1888 

UsF 21.1898 
May 21.1898 


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SprlnsBeld ... 

. Capt. BobertB... 

Capt, Robeiti... 
Caiit. Roberts... 


.. Capt. Roberts. ., 

. . 'ilek In quBTtera Jnne 3 to B. June ZO to 21. Id 
boeplCBl Jdhh 22 and 29, June 2* to SB In 
"lartera, in line of dntfi on furloaeh 
apt. e to Oet. G. IBDB. per S. O. ISO, A. 6. 
.... B. 1B98; In Ibe geUlEment tor clotblns 
iB iDcluiled the sma of 17.70. total *Blae ol 
artioleB Isgaed him b; the State 

.. Slok la quarters May W, Ang. Ifl to 13. 1898, 
In line o( dutr; on (urlonah Sept. 8 to Oet 
G. IHtltl. pbtQ. 0. ISO. A. e. O.. IS9S; In the 
' ' olothine 1r Included the 

..tal value of articles Isaned 

him by the State 

^Ick In qaatiera Jnlr 9 and Jnlr SO. IBSB. la 
line of dQt;: tortelta M.OO pay and Sre 
days' hard labor, per Pleld Officers' Conrt, 
Ext. No, 1. Hdqn. lat Vol. Cavalry. Sept. 
6, 1898: tortelta tt.OOoI pay and fire dais' 
' - - - labor, per Field Officora' Conrt, Bit, 
... J. Cavalry Brlaade, 3d Army Corps, 
Camp Tbomaa, Oa.. July 19. tesB: on far- 
■- — h Bopt. B to Oct. B. 1898. per Q. U. 130. 
_. J. O., S. 1808: in the eettlenjont lor 
elothlDZ li Included the lum of n. 10. total 
value a? articles Issned him by tbe State; 
July tortelt aatlsQedi dne 15.00 lortelt 

_1 In 

lonirh Ana 

A. 0. O . 0. iova: on lunouaD anu^, o to 
Oet. B, 1898. per G. O. ISO. A. O 9.. 8. IBSSj 
In tbe Betdement tor clotblnit Is Included 
the anm of gj.70, total VBlne ot arllclHB Is- 
sued Mm by the State; (11 travel pay end 
allowaaee dne From Camp Tbomsa, t)a., 
to Cblcago. 111., on turloneh Blven by 
Surgeon: (2) G. O. Ill, not arrived at that 

" '-■- " 1 Thomas, Qa.. Aug. 10. 

, „ Jhloaffo, 111., Aua. 11. 18BS; 

due a. 8. SO. 10 

.. 3lek In qnartere Ans. 9 to 11, IB9a. In line of 
duty; on tnrloueh Sept. 6 to Oct, G, 1898. 
perO. 0. 130. A. 6. O,. S. 1898; Id the set- 
tlement tor clothing is Included the snlD 
ott7.70, total value of Brtlelea Issued him 

,. On furiouEb Se 

180. 4. Q. O.. -. 

^.. -^ ,p_ („(^ 

n Oct. 6, IS9S. 1 
'r. In the t 

-rQ O. 

olothlae Is Includrd 

valueof articles ls8i.__ .. 

.. Blckinquartera July 1l.l898,lDtlT 
-, turlour" "-' • ■• - - 



,_ iih"ae"Dt!'B"to'Oct! B.' "1898. "per a 

0. 130. A. a. O , S. 1898; on apeclel duty as 
. .. _. -"bal order troop 



dale; In the aettlpmcnt tor 

Is Included tbe sum ot IT. 10. total 
by tbe State.. 

., S 1898; to tl 


J ol articles lesned 

,. Sick In quarters July ll 1 
AoE. 23 to 31. Sept. 2 to 
on rurlousb Sept. a tn 
0. 130, A. " " '= 

' ' ' ' B of articles laaned him by tbe 

! seHlement for 

jmotJ7.]0, total 

value otartlcles Issned himby tbe State.. 

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Aor. 28.189 


Mar 21.181« 

Penbody. Bobert 


M«r 21.1898 

Apr. il.isg 
Apr. «.i89S 

Ipr. ai8W 

lipr. IB.1B(8 

Mar M.i898 
UST 21, less 

May ai.lSBS 

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.. Cnpt. Baberta... 

,. Capt. Baberta... 

,. Capt. BobeiU.... C 

„ Capt. Roberta.... 

.. Capt. BobertB.... C 

On epeclal dnty as cook Sept. 2. iggs. Per 

relieved m cook Sent. 20. im pec verbai 

failDUBb Sept. !1 to 0>^t.' E. IBUS. per (jl. O. 
130. A. Q. O.. t!. 1893^ la the aeiilcnieDt far 
eLothlne IH Included the sum of IT.70. total 

EnlUted Juaa IS. im. par Q O, 61. A. Q. OV, 
3. 18S8: joined and asslsned to troop, per 
Teibsl order teslmertul commander Jnaa 
1». 1SS8: »1cK in quarlers June -ii. Julr IT 
toZS, Aos. iStoEL, la line of duty; on tnr- 
lousk AuE. 29 to Ijept. 1, 1899. per O. O. Ill, 
A. U. O.. S. 1S9B: on tnrlouKb Sept. 6 to 
Oct- B, 1898, pec Q O 130, A. 6. O., 8. 18Sa; 
DOClothlQE fasued him bf ihe Slale 

Sick In gnarteiB Mar 21 to 2T, June 1 to S. In 
Ilneof dnty; on furlonfih Sept. E to Oct. G, 
loss, per (i. O. ISO. A. U. O.. S. 18S3; In the 
settlement for clothloK la Included the 
sum 0137.10. total value of actlclea Issued 

him by the State 

Inllsted June )6, IB3B, pec 9. 0. 61. A. Q. O.. 
S. lauS: Joined and asslaned to Iroop per 
verbal order of reelmenlal oommBudlne 
officer JuQR 19. laSs; no olothloB Issued 

him by the State 

Ick In quarters May 2fl to 21, 4uf . IB lo 31, 
in lloe of duty: on furloueh Repc. a to Oct. 
6, 1B98. per G. 0. IBD. A, O. O., S. 1863: in 
ttaeseitlemenCfoFolothlaels Included The 
Buca of H.70. totBivalueof articles issued 
him by the SXate: forfeits St.OO cf pay and 
five days' bard labor pec P. 0. C. Ext. 1, 
Hdqra, Ut Cav. Brisade, Bd Army Corps, 
Camp Thomas, Qa.. July 18, 189B; fotteltB 
satis Bed from July pay: due D. S.. tO.SD.. 
Ick In quariers Uay 21 and !5, July 2B and 
... „. „. In hoapltHl AUff. 26 to SB: 

t, 6 to 7, 1B98, In line of 

__., , DO fnrlouffh Sept. 9 to Oct, 6, 1898. 
per a. O. im. A. Q. 0.. 8. 1898: la Ibe set- 
tlement (or cloihiuE is iDcluded the aum 
of 17,10, total valneof arttclea issued him 
by the Slate: (ocf'lta S13 pay and IG daya' 
labor per F, O C Ext. 1. lat Cav. Brigade, 
Sd Army Corps, Camp Thomas, Qa., July 
S3. I89S: torfeita SB. 00 of pay asd Qve daya' 
labor per F. U- C. Ext. 1, Ist Cav. BrUade, 
8d fltmy Corps, Camp Thomaa, Gfl., July 

U. 1898: daeSZ.lOoD July forfeits 

lick Id quarters May 27 and 28: In hospital 
Jnnel9to23; June 21 to July 1 in quailers: 
JulySto Aug. SlnboBpital: Auff. 9 and 10 
la quarters. In line of duty: on furloaeh 
AuB- 10 to Sept 5, 18S8, per G. O. lU. A, S. 
O.. S. 1898: travel pay and allowance due 
him on furloueh Issued ufon saraeon'a 
order from Camp Thomas. Qa.. to Chloaio, 
III.: Q. O, Illnot known at the time he left 
Camp Thomas, Ga..Aua:. 10. 18S8: arrived 
Id Chlraso. 111,. Aue. 11. 1898: "n fucionirh 
Sept. eio Oct. S, 1898. per G. 0. 130, A, G. 
0..9. 189B: In Ibe aettlemeat tor cloth Ins 
la iQcluded the sum of 17.70, total value of 
articles Issued him by the State: due U. 

8., JB.8S 

Ltlached to tezimental hospital corps per 
verbal order of rsKlmeatal commandlaE 
offlcet May 21. 1899; on f urlouEb \ng. 10 to 
Sept. 5, 1898, per Q. O. Ill, A G. O.. ». 1898; 
op furlough Sept 6 to Oct. 6. 1898, per G. 
0. 130. A. U.O,. 8.1898: In the settlement 
focolothluK le included the sum of S7. 70. 
total value of articles issued him by the 
State; due U.S.. to, 03 

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SIdley. FredE 

Tecrrberrr. Cha8.R.. 

Apr, 26.1898 

Apr. ».1898 
Apr. 2S.1S98 

API. 26,1888 
API. 28.1898 
May 11.1898 

Walter. Henre 

WelBh, ThomaH 


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Wbere. Bj whom. 

OtDt Roberts.. 

Sorlnefleld .. 


C>pt. BobertB.. 

Capt. Robeitg., 



lullated June 16. IWS. per G. O. 61. A. Q. O., 
S. U68: jolQed and BsslgDeri to trooii per 
verOftl order of reelniBntBl oommandlnB 
officer June 19. 1B9S; elcb In quRrterB July 
IG to 28. Aue ZD to 28. Sept, 3 and (; In hoa- 

pltal 3ept. 6 to ,1898. In lioe of duty: do 

clalhlnK laened him br the State 

Enlisted Jona IB. 189S, per Q. O. 61. A. Q. 0., 
9. 1BS8; Joined and BeslBned to troop per 
verbitl order of reslmenliLl commBodlns 
offieer Jane 18.1898: attuched to regimental 
hoBpltaJ corps per 8. O. U. Jet 111. Vol. 
Cftv.. July IB. 1898; on turlcneh AoB. ^ tO 
1«. 1898. per Bd Ind. Keg. Hdnra. let 111. Vol. 
Guv,, Auff. J, 1898; on furlouBh Sept. « to 
Oct S, 1898, per (J. 0. 130. A. O. O,. 8, JS98: 
DO clothlDC Issued hjm by the Scute: dne 

a 8.,i[i.9D 

EDlleled Jnne 16, ISSS, per 6. O. 61, A, Q. O,. 
S, 1898: Joined a.nd aeslened to troop per 
verbal order of reBlmenliil oommBndinK 
OffleerJuneig. 1898; Bleb in qnarteiB Jal7 

E, 1898, In line of dnty; on turloueh Sept. S 
to Oct, 5, 1898, per Q, O. ISO. A. U. O.. 3. 
1898; fortnltB SI. DO pay and flve daye' labor 
per F. 0. 0. Bxl. 1. Hdqra. iBt 111, Vol, Cav., 
Sect, 1. 1898; no oloihlae leaaed him by 
the State; dueU.OD forfeit from Septem- 
ber par 

Slcli In qnarterB May V5, May 21, Jnne B and 
9. June 2H to July *. July 20 to 23, Aug. 29 
and Sept. 4 and i, 1898. In Hue of dnty: on 
tnrloueh Sept. e to Oct. 6. 1898, per G, O. 
ISO. A. Q. O.. S. 1898; on fntlongb Aae. 16 
to 21. per 3d lad. Rea. Commander let III. 
Vol, Cav.. Aug. 15. 1898: forfeits 13,00 pay 

Ear Kit, 1, let Cav, Brigade. 3d Army 
orpe. Camp Thomas, Qa,, Jaly 19. 1898; 
in the settle men t tor elothlus Is loclnded 
theenmofSJ.lO, total valne of artlolea ia- 
aued him by the State: forfeit BotltQed 

from Jnly pay 

In f utlonab Sept, 6 to Oct, S, 1B9B, per G. O. 
ISO. A. d. O.. 8. 1898: In Beltlement tor 
elotblne is Inoluded the sum of ST. 70. total 
valne oi articles lesned him by the Sjtate.. 

Sick Inqnarlera Sept. 1.189S, In line of duty: 
on furloueh Sept. 6 to Oct, S, 1898, per 6. 
O. ISO. A. Q, O., S. 1898; la the Bettl«meut 
for clothlos IB Included the anm of (I. TO, 
total value of articlea iasued him by the 

Slcli In qnartera May ZS. Jnne 28, Ane. 28, 
Supt. 3 to 6,1893, In line of daty; tcrteltB 
S9.00 pay and ten daya' labor, per P, O. C. 
EEt, I, headquarters Ist III, Vol. Car., 
I^ept. 16,1893: In settlement tor clothing [a 
lualuded the Bum of 11.79, total value of 
articles Iseued him by the State: dne $9,00 

forfeit from September pay 

'ortelta W.OU pay and five days' iabor. pec 

F. O. C, Eit. 1, iBt Cavalry BrUade, Bd 
Army Corps, Camo Thomas, Oa,. July 19. 
IBS8; on fatlough Sept, 6 to Oct. B, 1898. per 
U. O. 180, A. Q. 0„ ;j. 1898: in the aettle- 
munt for clothing le included the eum of 
ti.ia. total value of articles laaued him by 
the State: forfeit aBtlB&ed from July pay, 

SlcKlo quarters Jnne 6, Jane S2, July 25, 
SeDt.ZBodS. 1898, Inline of dnty: on fur- 
lougbSept.eto Oct. 6, 1898, per S, O. ISO, 
A. Q. 0.. S. 1898: In the settlement tor 
clothing Is inoluded the sum ot t7.70. total 
v:iloe of articles Issued him by the State.. 

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Wharton Wm H 






May 21.1g8S 


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By whom. 








Cwt. BobertB.... 
Capt. Boberts.... 

8, leSS: joined and asBlened to troop per 
Terbttl order reBlmentBl command In B 
ofBcec. Juna 19, lbS8; elch In Qoarters Jnne 
ii to 29. AUB- 12 to AUB. 18, AUB, 33 to iS. In 
line ot dnlr; on furlonBb Sect. 6 to Oct, 6. 
1888. per G, O, 180. AG. 6.. S. 1898; nd 

SprinBfleld ... 

On furloUBh Sept. 6 to Oct. S.18SH. per 3. 0. 
130, A, 6, O . S. 1888: In the setllement (or 
clothing la locluded the sum of 17,71), tot^ 
value of artlclea Issued him by the State.. 

'*l''rownf™mhor'80-''i Hh ill^' '*^*' 
clothlne la Included the earn ot 17.10. total 
value ot arltelen Issued him by tha Stale.. 

Dlecharaed by teleBmchlc order Seoretari 

dan. III., dlscharse and final statemant 
elven; entitled lo Irsvel pas: In the settle- 
ment for olotblna 1b Included tba enm ot 
S7.T0, total value of articles Issued hlro by 
tha State; due U. 8 SO.M 


CftVt. BobertB.... 

1898. per 8. 0. 17S, A. 6. O,; eloIhiuB 
BOOOUDltrBBBferredto ad 0,8. Vol. Uav., 

no olothlnB Issued him by the State 

Deserted July T.18B8. at Uainp Thomas, Qa.; 

duty; In the aHttlement for clo'ThlnB la lo- 
oluded the sum ot (7.70. total value Ot 
articles Usued blm by the State: no rea- 
son known for desertloa: no EovernmeDt 

proparty taken, one pair of 'spurs and one 
Eorse brush; sick In quartets JuneS.189B. 
In line ot duty; In the settlemenl tor 
clothlne Ib included the sum of 11.70. tot&t 
value of aril Dies Issued him by the State; 

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Batph B. HolmeB 


Edd7E. 0. SbDtta.... 


M117 10.1898 
Apr. SD,1S9S 

May 1Z,1B9S 

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MnSTBBBD lir. 

Where. Br whom. 

SprlmtSeld... Capt. BobertB... 

Spnngraeld ... Cant. Hoberts... 

.. Capt, Boberte... 

,. Capt. Kobarta... 


Capt. Roberts .. 

.. GaPt. Roberts... 

Oa detached service, per B. O. No. £0. Head- 
qnartare let Army Corps, duted Judo T. 
1S9B. fiom Jane B to Jnne 18. ISSS. at Daa- 
Tllle. III.; rcjolDsd batlery Jane 18, 1898: 
on waltlna orders tor GO days. Sept. !3 to 
Nov. 21. per 8. O. No. mO. A. G. O 

OrlKlnallr mnstered In as id Llentenant; 
□metered oat as 2d Llentenant Sept, 8.1898. 
and mastered !□ as let Llentenant Sept. 1, 
iee8.vlcc Lieutenant Miller, resigned; ap- 
poloted Sncomary Court Offlcer, per B, O. 
No. 9. dated Sspl. IT, 1898; on waltluB 
ordera for 60 days. Sept Za lo Nov. 21, 1S98, 

perG. O. No. 130. A. G. O 

m leave of absence July Bto Jnlr IS. 1B98. 
8. O, No. 4S, HeailqnarlerB let Aijay 

Corps, dated July 2. 1898; cejolne 

._i-,o .a„G ... ^nre for 60 flays, 

■ G. O. No. IBO. 

Jul; 18.1898: on- 

Not. 91, 1 

Enrolled as let Seieeant April BO, 1898; dla- 
-■- -BedSept, fi,lB88, perS.O. No. 38, Head- 

rteta 8d Brleade. Proylelonal UlvlsloB. 

.Rsent promoilon dated Sept. 6, 1898; 

n aa Bd Uentenant Sept, T, 1898. 

vice Lieutenant Holmea. Promoted lat 
Llentenant; on wslclse ordera for 60 dayn, 
Bept, ^ to Nov. Zl, ISBS, per G. O. No. 130, 

t Seraea 

t April SD, 1898: a] 
Dt. per B, O. No. i 

I. G. O.; dpeU. 8. 

the aam of $13.71, the total Take of artlclea 
issued to hlni by the State: on farloueh 
foreOdaya. from Sept. IS to Mot. zt. 18M, 

Bir G. O. No. lao. A. Q. O.; dne V. 8. 

Id the settlement (or clothtnE la iDclnded 
thesamot<i0.7T. the total vaVae of article* 
Issaed to bim by the State: enrolled aa 
Corporal April 3Q. 1S»8; appointed Sereeant 
July 22,1898. per B. No. 3, dated July £3, 
1898: on furloueh for 60 days. Irom Sept. 23 
to Nov. 2L1898. per Q. O. No. 130. A. li. 0.; 

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Mar 10 18M 

Joseph J. Smith 

HecbertE. Bmlth 

Author Z. Eaatou 



Apr. SO. 1898 
Apr. 30.1SB8 

Apr. 80.1898 
Apr. a0.18S8 

Apr. 30.1898 
Apr. SO. 189a 

Ferdinand D.Marar.. 

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SprlasBeld... C 


SprlDsaeld .. 
SprliiKfleld . 

Oapt Bobatta... 

Cavt BabertB... 

Capt. Robarti... 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

■ ■ Capt. Roberta... 

cant Julr li. 1898. per B. 0. No. 8. July !», 
98; absent wltQoat leave Sept. ao. 1808; 
.iDfiDed la quBFlen; tried by Summary 
Court Hep t. 2a. 1B9B; found enllty of anld 

labor, and to forfeit 12.0Q to DoUed States; 
n turloaah for 6D dare. Sept. ZS to Nov. 21. 
BBS. per ti. 0. No. ISO. A. G. O. ; ttbaent lesa 
han U hoars; abneDt, atck at Danville. 
11.. since Nov. 21, 1093; snreeon'Bcertiaeate 

for eO daya. from Sopt 23 to Nov. 21. 18B8. 

per G. 0. No. ISO. A. U. O.: due O. 8. 

10. SO 

.. Id the settlement for clothlne Is Included 
m of J10.77, the total value of artl- 
nned to him by the Siaie: on Cnr- 
[ar 60 daye. from Sect. 23 to Nov. 21, 

jrG. O. No, ISO, A. Q. O.; due U. 8. 

SO. 68 

.. Id the aettlemeot for clothlne la Iticluded 

the sum of 110.17, the total value of article! 

iBsuBd to blm by too State: on farloueh 

for eo days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. ISsa. per Q. 

0.180. A. (3. 0.:dueU. 8.. 11,02 

'~ " B settlement tor e' ■ ■ ■-■ ■ 

the SI 

of S 

tal valuE 

of artl- 

, .J6 State; enrolled 

5 oral April HO. 1898: Hpno'nted Sel- 
ect. 10. iB9B,iipr B. O. No. G, dated 
tJept. 10. IBOB; on furloueb tor eo days. 
Sept. 23 to Nov. 21.1SB8. oer S. 0. 130, A. Q, 

O,! iae U. 8.. SO. to 

,. In the Beillement for clothing' la Included 
the anm of SIO-IJ. iho total value of articles 
Issued to him by the State; absent on fur- 
lonsb May 31 to Junes, 1898. at Danville. 
111.; rejoloed battery June e. 1898; od for- 
lough for eo days, r'ept. 28 to Nov, 21. IS98, 

perG, 0,130, A G. O 

.. In the settlement for cloth !□ a la Included 
' e snm of 117.70, the total value of artl- 
IS Issued to him by the State; sick Id 
...artera Auk. IQ to AuE. 12, 1898; sent to 
brlsade hospital at Arroyo, P. B., AuE. 12. 
""" ' ' ' " of doty; rejoined 

.. __ . ._r &. 0, 1 .. . 
tended to Nov 21, 1B9B, 
" iBdaya: rejoined b 

, G. Oj C. 8,; «i- 
erS. 0. 180. A. Q. 
tteryat Danville, 

for B2 days. Oot. 1 to Nov, 21, 18BB. per G. O, 
130, A. G. O.; on duty enardlng public 
prooerty Sept. 2» to Oct, 1, 18B8; due D. 8., 

ffaardlne: public p: 
Sept. 23 to Nov. 21, 

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Apr. S0.1SSS 

Apr, BD,1B38 

Apr. 80.1898 
May 8.1B9S 

Hot B.1BBB 

Mar S.1S98 

June IS.1B9B 

Apr. 30.1898 

June 18.1898 

Ma; 12.1898 

Mar IB. 1808 
May 12.1898 

Mar 12,1898 

Uay U.18SS 

Jnoe 18.1898 
May 13.1B9B 





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McaiEBBD In. 



Capt. ftolMrta.. 

CiiDt. Bobertg.. 

Intbe settlement lor aloth!DK 19 locladed 
the sum of 310. T7. the total value ot BTtl- 
cles issued to him by the State: aick In 
qnaiteie Aae. II to Auk. 2B, IBSS. Incarred 
In line oi Antj; on turloaah lor 60 daya, 
Sept. 33 to Nov, 21, 1B9S, per Q. 0. 130, A. Q. 
0.:duB U.S., SO-SO 

In the settlement for clothlne le Incladed 
the Bum of 118,71, the total value ot arti- 
cles Usued to bim by the State; sick In 
quarterB July 18 to Jaly 22. IH9S: slckoeBS 
Ineurrod In line ot datv; on fnrloUEh tor 
60 dsya. Sept, Z8 to Nov. 21, 18S8. per G. O. 
lao, A. Q. O.; due U. ti.. lO.BO 

In the BettlBment tor elolblng: 1b Included 
the Bam ot 110. 7T, the total value ot artl- 
Clea Issued to him by tbe State; on fnr- 
louKh fortOda^B. tJept. 2Sio Nov. El. IBSa, 

perO. 0, 130.A. O. O.; due U. B..«1,B* 

n the settlement for elothloa Is Included 
tbe anm ot SlU 77. total valae of artlolea 
Isatied to him by the State; kicked b; a 
mule aboat nbdomen May 21. 1S98; elck la 

Saartera to May iJT, 1B9H; Injnry Incurred In 
neot duty; on turlouBh tor 60 days. Sent. 
23 to Nov. ai, 1898, per G. 0, 130, A. G. 0.; 

dne D. 8„ 10.30 

n the settlement tor elotblnn Is Inuloded 
the anm ot S10.T7. tho total value ot arti- 
cles Issued to him by tbe State: enrolled 
as private May 6, 1893; appointed Corporal 
Sept. 9.1S9B, per 8. O. No, I. dated Sept. 9. 
18S8; Blck In quarteia June IT to June 19. 
1898: Incurred In Hue ot duty: abasnt with- 
ant leave dept, 20, 1898; oonaned to anar- 
ters; tried by Eiummary Court Sect. ZZ. 
1BS8: found Kullty ol said absence and sen- 
tenced to two days' hard labor and fortelt 
12.00 to D. S.: on furloneh for 60 days, 
Sept. J3 to Nov, ai, 1898, per G. 0. 130. A. Q. 
0,: absent less than ai hours; dne O. S.. 

In the Bettlemeni for ctothlne: Is Included 
theanmS1Q.77, the total value of articles 
Issued bIm by tbe State; enrolled as pri. 
vate May 6,1898, appointed Corporal per 
B, O. No, 1, dated Sspt, 9.1858; on furlonsh 
for ea days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. 189fi. per G- 
O, 180-A. G- O 

No olothlnv was Isaned to bIm by the State: 
enrolled aa private Jnne 13, IB9B: appointed 
Corporal per B. O, No, 6, dat«d Sept, 10. 
1858; on turloneh Car SO days. Sept. IS to 
Nov. 21.1838, per 6, O, ISO. A, G. U.; due U. 

In the settlement for clotblne Is Inclnded 
the sum 910,77, the total value of aTllcles 
Issued to him by the State; enrolled as 
private April 80, 1BS8; appointed Corporal 
per B 0, No. S, dated Sept. 10, ISSS; on tar- 
loneh for 60 days. Sept, 23 to Nov. 21.1S98. 
per G. 0, 130. A. G. O.; dne U. S, S0,30 

No clothing WBB Issued to bIm by the State: 
enrolled as private June 13,1898: appointed 
Corporal per B. O. No, 6. dated Sept, 16. 
1898: absent without leave July 2S to Ane. 
S,IH98: BtoppaEB Sl.lB by Major Blselov ~ 



22.1S9S. ^u□d sullty ot said absence and 
sentenced to two days hard labor and for- 
teltt2.D0tonnlted8tntes:onfurloi ' ' 

37 days Oct. IB lu i.,u-. ^.l., 
130, A, S, O.; absent on S< 

property Sept. 23 to Oct. 16.»93. .. 

._ '8,. a 

—.1898, less 

BuaTdlne public 

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Cor tal 

Apr. 30.1888 
Uai 1T.1S98 

June ia.iBB8 

Mar 0.1B88 
Apr. 30,1895 

Apr. S0.1B9S 
June ia,ISS8 

Uar 10.1808 

Mm e.iS9S 

i.Vt, ISO. 1898 
&.W. S0,1SW 


ilay i:.lSW 



Clyde C. BrtttrnKham. 

Thomftfl J. Daaeberly 



Bus hone, Frank 0>... 

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,. Cspt. Boberte.. 

.. Gact, BobertB.. 


Capt, BobeitH... 

.. Cape. TesBsr .. 

.. Capt. Kobetta.. 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt. Boberti... 

., Capt RDberti... 

furlouBh for 60 daye 8Hpt. 23 to Ni 

...8. per a. (). 130, A. Q. O.: due U- 8. . 

In the settlement tor olothlnB: le Inclnded 

.. days. Sept. a3 .. 

per a 0. 130. A;Q. O.; due U. 8. Sl.lB 

:o cluthlnn was IsBued to him by tbe Ijtate: 
sIcklDQuarteca Jn]r IStoJnly 21.189B; In- 
onrred In line o( duty; enrolled as private 
June 13, 1898; appololed Carrier Jub 1,1898. 

turloneh tor 60 days. Sept. 23 to Nor. 21, 
1898. per G. O. IflO, A. Q. O 

Id the eettlemept for dothlos li included 
tbeBnmtlO.77, the total value of anlcles 
leaned loblm br the tjtatei od fnrloDKh 
for M days. Sept 23 to Nor 31, 1898, per S. 
O. ISO. A. G. O.: due U. 8. »a,8S 

la the aettl<>meTit for clothlni; le Included 
the sum S13.11. tbe total value of articles 
Issued tn him by the State; absent without 
leave July !8 to Auk 5.1898: stoppaieU 80 
by Major Blselow on mnater and paj rolls 

tbe SI 


oE 810.7^ 

e of a. 
on fur- 


: plair 

illty ot^SB 
dsys, Oct, 1 

Sept. 22, 1(98; found 

D labor 

. ___ a 0. 130. 

dnty guardlns public property 
oepi;. ii ID Oct. 1.1898. at Danville. 111.; 
abseatlesBlban 24 hours: due U. 8 11. 02.. 

In tbe settlement tor clolhlnK Is Ircluiled 
tbe sum of 810.77. tbe total value of articles 
Issued to him by the State; on turlouEh 
for60dBys,8epl. 23 to Nov. 21,1898, per Q. 
0. 130, A. Q. O.; due U.S. 80. U 

No clothloB was Issued to him by the State: 
enrolled aa private Jnue 13. 1GS8; appointed 
Muslelun July 1, 1898. by verbal order of 
buttery commander; on furloneh tor eo 
days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21, 1898, per Q 0. 130, 
A. G. O-: dueO. 8. W.BO 

In the settlement tor alothlne Is Included 

0,A. 9. O ; dae U. 8, ll.Oa 

settlement for clothlnfr la Included 
mm of 110.77. the total value of artl- 
Q by the State! on fur- 

110.77. tL 

cles Issued to htm by tbe State: on tuT' 
loueh tor 60 days, from Sepc 28 to Nov. 
21, 1898, pera. 0. 13D, A. Q. O.: dne D. 8. 

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Blood. Charles E 








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Capt. Roberts.. 

Cant. Boberts.. 

Capt. Roberta.. 

Qapt. Roberts.. 

CsDt. Roberts.. 

plolhJnE Is Indnded 

auartere SePI. 3 to i. 1803. Incurred In lloe 
ot dntT: on farloueh for 6D days, from 
Sept. 2B to Nov. !1, 18fl8. per Q. O. ISO. A. Q. 

O., due 0-8. 80.30 

In ibe setilement for clothlnE Is iDOladed 

D ofg: 

.77. tl 

Q by It 

loaab for 60 duss. from Sept. 23 to Nov. 
21. IS98. per Q. 0. 130. A. G. O.: due U. S. 

JO. 80 

a the seltlemeDt tor elotbln^ I* tnclnded 
the sam of tl0.7T, the tatsl value of arti- 
cles Issued to him by the State; sick In 
quartets AuK. 29 to Sept. B. 189s. loeorred 
la IlDS of duty; On tnrlonEh foteodnys, 
from Sept. 2> to Nov. 21. 1898. per Q. 0. 180. 

In tbe settlement tor clothins la Inclnded 
the sum ot (10.77. tbe total valne ot artl- 
clea Issaed to bim by the State; on tar- 
laneh for SO days, from Sept. £3 to Nov. 
SI. 18S8, per U. O. 130. A. Q. O.; due U. S. 

In the settlement tor olotblnB tg Inclnded 
tbe snm at $10.77. the total value ol artl- 
cles leaned to him by the State; abeent 
wlthont leave Sept. Za.lB9B: placed In con- 
fluement: tried by Summary Court Sept. 
2Z.1B9S; found enlltyof said abaeuce and 
ssDleaoed to two days' bard labor, and to 
forfeit 81.00 to United Slaiea; od f nrloaeb 
for HO days, from Sept. 23 lo Nov. 21. 18(8. 
perO. O. ISO. A. a O.; absent lees than 21 

hours; due 0. S. W.OS 

a tee settlement tor olothlne Is Inctaded 
the satu of C10.7T. the total value ot arti- 
cles Issued to him by tbe State; alck In 
hosnltat aboard O. S. S. Roanianlan. Aug- 
a to Aup. S. 18S8; transferred lo Arllllery 
bOePltaFat Arroyo. P. R.. Aue. 0. 1B9S: sick 
In quarters Au?. 2i. 1B3B. to Aue'. a». 1B9B: 
glck In quarters Sept. 3 to Sept. 5. 1HS8. all 
sickness Incurred In line of duty; trans- 

inrned to TJutted Stmes on D. a, S. 
Panama; rejoloed company Oet. 11, 1S98; 
last ration lo Include Oct. IS. 1898; tnr- 
louBhed Oct. 11 to Nov. a. iS98. per G, O. 
lU. A. U. O.; eilended to Nov. 31, 189B. per 
a 0. 180. A. G. O., farlouBb tor 11 days: 

doeU. 8 !0 30 

In the settlement tor olothlnK Is Included 
■ ' 110.77, the total value of ar- 
" c fur- 

settle n 

jept Z3 to Nov. 
" - " -e U.S. jo- 

in ded 

,_, .aa total value ot articles 

issued to airn by the State; absent, sick at 
SprinsBeld. 111., May W to Juno 2.1S9S;con- 
tailoue dissase Incurred In line of doty: 
rejoined batter; June Z, 1893, at Cblcka- 
mauiia fark. 8a,; on furloueb for 60 days, 
8HPt. 28 to Nov. 21,1B9S. per Q. 0. ISO. A. 

e. 0.;dae U. 8. 10.11 

No clotbluB was Issued to blm by the State; 
sick In hospital at Arroyo, P. a,.. Aue- 1 to 
Aue. 21. 1893; sick In quarters Aue. 21 to 
Aue. 29. 188S. all Incurred In line of dntr: 
on furiourh far 60 days, Sept. 2a lo Nov. 21 
1898- par 0.0. ISO, A- G. O.: due O. S, 

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Juna 13 1898 

Jnae 13.1898 

Blyens. Joseph E 

Barrow, Charles A.... 

Boothe, James A 

Jnne iS.I899 


Mar 12,1808 

Apr. S0.U9E 

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By whom. 


Duyllle . 

Capt. Teaeer, 
GsDt. Teaeec. 

Capt. YeftEec. 

ilvln — . 

BUmMk . 

Capt. RobeitB.. 

Capt, Roberts.. 

Gapt. Roberts.. 

Ine^ns He\ie& to him br tbe State; 
loneh tor 60 (lays, Sept. 23 to Nov. 21, 
jr a. 0. 180. A. U. v.: due U. 8, iO.Ti. 

days, Sept. & to Nov. 21. 
A. Q. O.idaeU. S, S1.68 
Ko clotbtne nas Issued to 

furlODsb for GD 

LurloDsb t< 
8, DHrQ. O. 

> Include Sept. zs. 

Ill,, Sept. 22, 

0£ doty; las. „ ..^..v. ... 

1898: furlouBhed SoDt, 20W Oct. 18,1898, per 
O.O.lU. A. a. O.-. extended to Not, 21. 
1S9S. nei B, 0. 130. A. Q. O.; 63 days fnr- 

loneh; due U. S. S0.22 

lo clothinE was Issued to Mm by the StHte; 
alck In qnaTters Aue-ii to Ang 2B,ltjea; 
sent to hospital at Oaayiinift, f . K , Ang. 
26, 1698: rejoined battery Sept. 20, 1898. at 
DanTllle. 111.; disease Incarred tn Hue of 
dolv; furlouehed Sept, 12 to Oct. 11.1S9S. 
per Q. O, 111. A. G, O., and lelesram A. G. 
0., Ane. B0.iag8: extended to Nov. 21, 1896, 
per G, 0. 180, A. Q. O.. 71 days tatlouffh: 

cloth In e Is Included 
otal value o( artlolee 
B State; OD tarlonab 

0. 130, A. G O.; due U.S. 11. 67 

In the BetUement Far clothlne IB lasluded 
»1D,17. the total value of articles 
State: alckloQuar- 

In tbe eettltii 

lothlne: la Inclnded 

al value o( artli'l"" 

him by tbe State: aick In n 

ters Ans.Sto 10.1898. and Aug. 18 to Aug. 
18.1898; sent to br'""-"" •——— — "■.— 

ama, P. R.. Aue -.. 

InilDBor duty; rejoined bi , „„ _, 

1898. at Danville. Ill,: last ration to Inclnde 
8ept.!1.1898: turloaebed Sept. 19 to Oct. 
18,1898, per G. O. 111. A.6.O.: extended 
to Nov, 2i,18M, per Q. O. ISD, A, G. O.; due 

U. 8. Sl.02 

[n the Bettleuent for clothlne l« tDclnded 
the sum of (10 T7. the total value of artlolea 
Issued to him by the State; sick In gnsr- 

_ G. 0.;dGeU. 
In the settkmeut 
the sum of 118.74 

J from New Yorfc 
E. lll.:onfurlooeh 
.. 1898. pet Q. O. UD. 

-.- ythe State; sick In quar- 

ers Aue. I to Aug. 7. 1898. and Sept. £ lo 
lept. B. 1B9B; all Incarred In line o> duty; 
>D furlonah for 60 days. Sept. ii to Not. 21 
898, per G. O. ISO. A. Q. O.; due U. S., S0.86 

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CbilstereoD. Peter N. P 

Caldwell. Joseph R... 

GroQfahlte. Wm. P.... 

CrookB. ATtbni C 

Dlcken, Jerome B 

Private ., 
Private .. 

.. Joae 13. 1B9S 
.. June IS.tSBe 



SprlQKtleld ... 

.. Jnne Ifl.lBDS 
.. Jnne 1S,1BB8 

Dettmu, FredT... 

DDasheity.MrersMcC P 

Doiinellr, Sarrr... 

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Mdbtbbbd 1h. 

SDxliiSfleld ... 




Capt, yeaaei-' 

CaDt. Yeaeer., 
CaDt Teaeer.. 
Capt. Roberts. 

Cant. Roberts,. 




In the aeitlement for clotblns ts tnclnded 
the eum of S1D.71. the toial value of articles 
tBBDed to him b; tbe State; abaeatvlChoot 
leKTsSect 20. 169»; DlHcediD coDflnemeDt 
and tried br Snmuiari Cout;i Sept. 22, 1898; 
found eallt; of aald absence and eenlenced 
to two dura' bard labori. on taTloueh tor 
SO days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21, 1B9B. per S, O. 
lilO. A. G. O. : absent lees than zt hoara; 

doe D. 8.. 10.61 

So elothlps was leened to him by the State; 
■ k Id quarters Aufi. 15 to AuB. 18. IbSS. In- 
fred In Una of duly; on furloagb (or 80 
)a. Sept, 23 to Nov. 21,iaS8. per W, O. 180, 

G. O.idneU. 8..S1).7B 

lothing was Issued to him by the State; 
f nrloneh for 60 day a, Sept. iS i.o Nov. 21, 
S. per Q. O. ISO. A. U. U.i due U. S.IO.SD, 
lotblns was Issued to him by Ibe State; 
turlODEh for BO days, Bept. 23 to Nov. 21, 
__.8. perG. O. ISD.A. G. O,: due U. S.,»OH. 
In the Bettlement for clothing: Is Included 
the hum of SIO 17. the total value of articles 
Issued to him by tbe State; sick In Quar- 
ters July 18 to July 21. LSaB.aud Ana. 13 to 
Aqe. 18. I89B. all Incurred In line of dotr: 
OD Curloneh Cor 60 days. Sept. U to Nov. 21, 
1S»8. per Q. O. 130. A. G. 0.: dne U. S., 


n the aettlement for clotbine Is Included 
the antn of S10.7T; absent without leave 
Sept. 20. 18SS: placed In couQnement and 
tried by Bammary Court Sept. 22. 1898; 
found irullty oC eald abaeuce and aeutenced 
totwodaya'hardl.bor; on furloasb for flO 
days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. 1BS8. per U. 0. 130. 
A.0.0 : absence leas than 21 bouca: due 

U. 8..W-H 

n the setllemeat tor clothlne la luclnded 
tfaeeutnofSlO 77. tbe total value of articles 
tasned to bim by the 8tHti>; absent wllbont 
leave Juty2gto Aus. 6.1H98: atoppaee 11.18 
b; MaJ. Bleelow on muster and pay-rolls 
AnK. 81. im; on detached service per S. O. 
No. 20. dated June 7. 1898, Hdgra. lat Army 
Corps, from June 10 to June IB. :898. at 
DaoTllle. Ill ; rejolnod company June IB, 
1698. at Chlokamauga Park. 6a.; eorelled 

per B. O. No. I. dated Sept. 9. 1X98; abeent 
without leave Sept. 20, IVaH; confined to 
quartera and ttltd by Summary Court 
Sept. 22, 1898; found EuUty ot said absence 

reduced to ranka, to two days' bard labor 
and forfeit 82.00 to U. S ; on furlough tor 
GO days. Sept. 23 to Nov 21, 1S8B, per Q. O. 
ISO, A. 0. O.; absepce lees than 21 hours oik 

Sept, 20.1898; due U. S . SO. 30 

n the aettlemBni tor clothlnB U Included 
tbe aum of 110.71, tbe total value ot arti- 
cles laaned to him by the State: absent 
without leave Sept. 30. 1898; placed Id con- 
flnemeat and tried by Summary Court 
Sept. 22. 1898; found guilty of said abaence 
and sentenced to two days' hard labor; on 
turloueh foe 60 daya. Sent. 23 to Nov. 21. 
1838 perG. 0. ISO, A. G, U.; abseuoe less 
than 21 hours; due D. 3., SO. 9S 

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Apr. 30,1898 

Uar «.1S9S 

Apr. 30,1698 
June 13,1898 

Apr. 80,1898 
Afr. 30.1898 

Apr. !0,1B98 
Ubt 8,1896 






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Ospt Roberta.. 
Cnpt. Teutei... 



Cftpt. RobeitB.. 

Sept. 1 

1 tha StHle: alck II , 

a to July St.lSSS; sIcklnhoeDltnl 
Sepc. 13.ie9S. odU. S. i^. MbqI- 

Jterred lo 8lh Roalment Illinois 

Volnnteera hospllBl on U. S, 8, Msnlloba, 
Sept. 13.1898; all Incurred In line of dntr; 
rejoined bMtety at Danville, I!I.. Oct, 4. 
IBSS; on f arlougli tor 19 days. Oat. 1 to Nov. 
St.lSSB, per Q. O. ISO, &.Q.O.: due U. 3. 

n the eettlcment for clothlDS la Included 
the sum sia,7I, ttae total value ot articles 
Isapedto him by the Stale; slek In auar- 
tei9 Sept. 2 to Sept. i. 18S3; tcansterred to 
hospital at Ponce, P. K., Sent. 8,1888; all 
Incurred In line o( doty; rejolued company 
Oct. 10. 1898. at Danville, 111.; last ratios to 
Inolnde Oct, 10,1898: fnrloueihed Oct. 8 (o 
Nc.T.e.1898. per Q. Q. 111. A, G. O.: ei. 
tended to Nov. il.l898. per 6. 0. 130. A. Gl. 
O.lSdays turlonebjdueD. 8. 80.30 

a the settlement tor clothlnE la Included 
the sum tl0.7T. the total value of articles 
laaued to him tiy the State; ou turlouvh 
tor 6D days. Sept. 23 to Nov, 21, 1898. per Q. 

0. 130. A. G. 0.;ilne U.S. Si .03 , 

No alotblDe' waa Issued to him by the Slatei 
alokln quarters Sept. a to Sept 6.1898; In- 
curred Id line of duty; abaent without 
leave Sept. 20, 1B9S: placed IncopBnement 
and tried by Summary Court Sept. 22, 1898. 
fouDd irullty ot said absence and sen- 
tenced to two dayahard labor; onfarlouah 
toreodaya. 8ept. 23toNov. 21.189B, uer a. 
O. ISO. A. Q. O.; absent leea tban 21 hours; 
dueU. a. 81.69 

1 the settlement for clothlue la Included 
the sum 310,17, the total value of artlolea 
lesued to him by the Stale: enrolled as 
Corporal April EO.ISSS; reduced to ranks 
- ^ " ■■- - dated 

:o days. Sep 

, — J. O.; dueU. S. S0.52 

ttlement for clothlne is Included 
LllO.77. the total value ot articles 
bim by the State; alck In qnar- 

failoush for 60 d 

In tl 

by tha State; absent with- 

out leave July 28 to Aiie.'.1698: stoppasa 
Sl.lfl, on muster and pay rolls Ane. 31.1898. 
by Maior BIgelow; absent without leave 
Sept. £0,1898: placed Id conQQeineDt and 
tried by Suinmary Court Sept, 23, 1898; 
found Bullty ot said absence and sen- 
tepced to two days hard labor and forfeit 
Sl.CO to U, S.: on fniloueh for GO days, 
Sept. 23 to Nov. 21.1898. per G. O. 130. A. 
Q. 0.; absent Sent. 20,1898, less than 21 

In the Eettlsment for alottalns la included 
the sum 110.77. the total value ot artleles 
Issued to him by the State: elcb In Quar- 
ters Ane. 23 to AuE. 29,1898; sick at St. 
Elisabeth hospital, DaovlUo. 111,. Sept. IS 
to Sept. 29,1898; Incurred !u line ot duty; 
rejoined company Sept. 30. 1898: on fur- 
louBhforSS days. Oct. I to Nov, 21.1898. 
pel S. O. ItO, A. O. O,: due IT. S. 30,72 

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Ford. Thomas J 


Mar 10,1S>8 


FIrDD. RanaoD C 

June 19.1898 
Mar 12.1688 

May e.l888 

GIbeoD. Frank L 


GrlfflB. James L 



June 18.189E 

June 1M88B 

Jwie 13.1898 

Hlnman. Edward E.„ 

Hjland. Wm. E 

Apr. SO. ISM 

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.. Capt. Roberta... 

.. Capt. YesKer... 
.. Capt. Yewiet... 

Falnuonnt .. 

the Bettlemant tor ctothlDB la Incladad 
.he sum S10.77. the total value of artlcies 
Uaaed to him b7 the Stale; eu turloQEh 
• BOilarB, Sept. zatoNov. 2l.lB9S;dueD. 

Inilough for 60 days, I 

.. Capt. Bubarte... 

SprlMflBld... C 


Sprlnefleld . 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

Cant. Teaeer ... 

Capt. YesEfec ... 
Capt. Yeaser ... 
Capt. RobertB... 

.. lu the BettlemeQt tor clothlne: le Included 

"- " the tetai value of artl- 

n by the State: on fuc- 

' Sept, 23 to Nov. 

.. G. O.; due U.S. 

., In the HetVieiDent tor oro'lhinB is inclnded 
the sum ot S10.7T, the total vaJae of artl. 
clea lasned to him by the State; elck In 
quarters Aatr. 10 to Auf . 11, 1898, slekneBe 
Incuired la line ot duty; on tnrlonch for 
60 days, from Sept. 23 lo Nov. 21. 18ilH. per 

G. O. lao. A. G. 0.! due U.S. SO, 81 

a the settlement Cor olotblnii: la IncluiJed 
the Bam ot 113.71. the total value of anl- 
cles laeued to blm by the State; on fac- 
lODEb tor 60 dave. frun Sept. :S lo Nov. 
21. 1898, per G. O. 130, A. Q. O.; due U. 8. 


Alamo, Ind... No olothliiE: wae Issned to him b; the State: 
sick Id quarters July 18 to Jaly 21. 1898. In- 
curred lu line ot duty; on turioiiKb tor 60 
daye, Sept. 23 to Nov. 21,1898. per a. 0. ISO, 
A.G. O 

Bomer NoelothlnewaelBBaed tohim by the State: 

on tnriouKb for «D daya. trom Hept. 2S to 
Nov. 21, 1898, per G. O. IBO, A. G. O.: due U. 

Danville Nn elothlne was Issued to htm by the State; 

torlouch (or SO days, trom Sept. 23 to 

V. 21.I8S8, per Q. O. ISO. A. G.O.; doe U. 

_ JO. BO 

Danville In the eettlemenl for clotblne Is Inclnded 

the sum of S10.T7. the total value ot artl- 

without leave Sent. 20,1898: placed In oon- 

.. Capt. Roberts.., 

that! _ _ 

BlUement tor clothiat: la included 
u of 110. T7, the total value ot artl- 

— aned to blm by the State; slcfc In 

quarters June B to June 12, 1BS8. and June 
— to June 28, 1S9S. and Jnly 11 to Jaly It, 
8, all Incurred In line ot duty: en fnr- 
..JEh tor GO days, from IJept. 23 to Nov. 
21. 1898, per e. O. IBO. A. Q, O.; doe D. 8, 


In the settlement for elotblnv Is Inclnded 
the sum of 813.71, the total value of artl- 
clea Issued to blm by the State; on tar- 
louEh for 60 days, from Sent. 23 to Nov. 
-nr G.O.iao, A.G. 0,; doe U. 8. 

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Ua; 12.1898 

Uar 12.IS98 

Hopkins. Thomas B... 

Uay 10.180^ 


UST 12.1868 

Jnne 18. IBM 

Jane 13.18B8 

HnEhea. WIlliBmB... 

Jane IM8BB 

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Mdstebbd Is. 

.. Capt. Roberts... 

.. Csiit. Roberts. .. 




Gapt. Teaser. 
Capt. Teazer. 

Capt. Teaser. 
Capt. Teaver. 


Hoopeston . 

forlelt sa.OO toUnl 

for 60 days. Sept. a, 

0. 130, A. a. O.; absent leee Ibac 21 hoDCt: 

doe U.S. SO. JB 

Id the Bettlemant for clothlne la Incloded 
the Bum ot 110, TI. tbe total value of arti- 
cles lasued to him br tbe Stale; on tor- 
loQHh Cor 60 dara, from Sept. a3 to Nov. 

ai.lSSB. perH. O. 130. A. «, O 

a the eettlement for clothlne 1b Included 
of 110.77, tbe total v ' ' ■ 

a by I 

B Stati . 

Blck In 

hoepltal a. _. - _ . 

18. 1B9B. Incurred In line of dati: ... 

compaDrAnE.lB.lB9B: Blok In tit. Sllzabelb 
hoipltal at Danville. 111.. »ept. SS to Oct. 6. 
1898. Inearred In line of duty; abaect with- 
out leave Sept, 20. lB9g; placed In conSBe- 
ment and tried bySommarv nonil SeDI. 
iZ. IBOS; fonnd KUlity of s 

lard Ib 

cles Issued ti 

y the S 

1 (nr- 

),'l80. A. 9. O.! due U.S. 
Cor olothlne la Included 

Sept. Z2,1BSB: found saHty of said absence 
and aentenced to tvo days' baid Inbor and 
forfeit tl.OO to U. S.: on turloueb for iO 
days. Sept. 23 to — " '"" 

le less than El hi 

Furloueh for 
8, per S. O. 1 


3 him 

e Stat. 

u for- 

Nov. 21. 1S98, 

louBh for 60 daye, Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. IS 

per Q. O. liO, A. a O.: due U. 8., 10. 30 

Q tbe HOttlement (or clothlnE is Imilnded 
the sum of SlD,i7. tbe total value of arti- 
cles Issued to him by the State: absent 
wllhoat leave Sept. 20. 1B98; placed In con- 
■ Irlod by Summary Cotirl 
mud guilty of said absence 

Q. 0. ISO, A, ( 

ours: due U.E 

No clothing was' 

; abse 

Nov. 21. 

8M',"pec a 0. ISO, 
• clothlne was las 

led to him by the State: 
IK. 14 to 1^.1896; Incurred 
in furlough for 60 days. 
1898. per a. 0. 130. A. Q. 

sbHent without leave Sept. 10, l 

In conflnement and tried by 

Court Sept. £2. 1S9B; found guilty of 

Ho clolblne was Issued to blm by the State; 
on furloueb for 60 days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 
21.1898. per Q. 0. 130, A. Q. O.; due V. S.. 

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Jane U.18D8 


Johnke-Fred M 

Apr. 80.18BS 
Uw 6.1S98 


May 12.1898 

jBok^oQ. Vincent R... 



Mar 13.1898 

Eotlrlcfe, ThomHfl .T... 


May 10.1898 


Mar 12.1890 

Mar 10.1898 


Mar IS. 1898 

Jnae 1B,IB98 
Apt. 80.1898 



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.. Caiit. Ta&eer, ... 
.. Capt. Yecgei.... 

.. Capt. BobBTtB... 

-' Cwt BobertB... 
.. Capt. RoberM... 
..Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt. Boberti... 

. Seattle. Wash. 


Danville . 

Capt. Eoberts... 

Capt. BobertB... 
Capt. Roberta... 


No olotblDE waa Usued to blm by the State: 

- farloueh for GO dare. »ej)i. U to Not. 

1BB8. per G. 0. 180. A, Q. O, ; due O. 8.. 

No'ol oi h Id's;' was' { a e ii'ed to h'l'm 'by 't'h e St ate ; 
sIcfeinqnKiters Aue. B to Aue:. 2B,1B8B: In- 
omrea In Una of dniy; on fnrlonsh tor bO 
days. Sept. SS to Nov. 21. 18SS. per Q. O. ISO. 
A. G. O.; doe D. S., M.U 

Inted com pan 

maiider; on fnrlOQBb for S7 days. Oct. 16 te 
Nov. 21, 1B9B, per Q, O. 180. A. «. O.: on 
doty Kuardlne pnblio property Bept. !3 to 
Oct. le, 18BS, at Dativllla. Ill,: due 0.8., 


In the aettlement for clothinff la Included 
the sum of 310.71. the total value of artl- 
cles Isonsd to him by the State; on (or- 
lontrh torSOdaya. Sept.!"-- "- "' — ' 

,, , „, lolaivB]ne''o'f"artr 

cles lasaed to him by tbs State: on tur- 
louBh for BD daya, Sept. 25 to Nov. 21. 1698. 

the I 

n 110.71 

oE artlelea 

Issued to him by the State; abseDtwUhont 
leave Sept. 20,1898: placed In confinement 
and tried by Snmmary Court Sept. 2i. 18981 
fonnd mllty of said sbaence aad senteoced 
to too days hard labor, and forfeit Jl.OD to 
thoUnltnd States; on turloueh for 60 days 
Sept. 23 to Not. 21.1898, per G. O. ISO. A. B. 
ibaent lesa tban 21 houca; due U. S. 


tbe S' 

;he an „ „ _ 

Issued to him by Ibe State; en Bpeclal 
duty at battalion haadquatters aa orderly 
July 26 to Sept. 1.1898. per verbal order 
Major Hodnoy, Battalion Commanderj re- 
joined company Sept. 4. 1898; on duty 

__J1 (10.77, the total val 
ed to hlro by the State: 

O. ISO, A. Q. 0... 

Nov. 21.1S3B, I 

B, Sept 2S to Nov. 21, 

ner^d. 0.°L„ 

In the settlement tor clotbtne le Included 
- - - S10.7T. the total value of artlolee 

. ..led by t 

, found aullty of eald ataaenc' 

and eentenced to two days hard labor: o: 
furlouBb for 60 days, SppI. 23 to Nov. Zl 
1888, per G. O. ISO. A. Q. 0.: due [J, 8 

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Lather. Natbanlel B. 

LDiran. ChsrleB M 






Lalns. Bobeit U 





Uattln. Herbert L.... 


Mlneer. Gilbert Q 


Uveia, MelTln J 


UsTar, Iboniea L 


June 13, 
June IS.1S98 

June 13.1808 
May 6. 




May ia.l8S8 
Jane 13, IBS) 

Jnne 13,1898 

Mar IE. 1898 

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.. Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt, Boberta... 

State Line, Id d 

.. In the settlement for clothlns Is Included 
"- — m $10.17, the total value ol artlolea 
to him br the State; sick In Qaar- 

at. J to Aup. 19, 1898. and Aae. 21 to 

Aug'. 29.1898. all Incurred In lice of dntr; 
onturlonBh (or 60 daya. Sept, 23 to Nov. 
21.1898. perG.0. 130, A, G.O... 

In t 


t ton 

[□«]D.7T. the ti 


or a 

1S99. per 6. 

ia' inoTudBd 

msio.n, the total value of arttoiea 

Issued to him by Dha State; absent without 
ieftvo ISept. 30.1398; placed In conflneFn^nt 
and tried by Bam mary Court Sept, 22,1898; 
found EuUty of said absence and sen- 
tenced totvo days hard labor; onfurlaush 
toreodaya.Bept. 23 to Not, 21,1808, perQ. 
0. 180. A. Cf. O.; absent less than 21 honra; 

.. Id the settlement tor olothlns Is Included 
thesumSIO.')?. the total value of articles 
Issued to him by the State; on special duty 

.. Capt. Roberts.. 

. StateLlne.Ind li 

n tarloueh^tor^eo^di 

Q. 0. 130, A. Q. 0.; dno D. S, 
settlement for clothlne Is Included 




Capt. Roberta. 
Capt Teaser.. 

Capt Teaser,... 
Capt. Roberts... 

.. Capt Roberts... 

.. BoopeatoD .. 

.. Falrmount .. 

23 to Nov. 21,1898, per 8. 0. 130. A. G. 6.: 

dueO. 8, Sl.lO 

No elothlne Issued to him by tbe State; on 

furlouab for 60 dura. Sept, 23 to Nov. 21. 

189S, per G. O. 130, A. Q. O.; due C. S. SD.80. 
No clDihlne was Issued to him by the ^jtatei 
iU turlouEh for EO days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21, 
898. per G. 0. 130, A. 8. O.; slak !□ guar- 
ere Adz. 16 to Aas. 21. 1696; Incurred In 

Ineof duty; due U. S..S0.3S 

. etothlnit was Issued to him by the State; 
<n furloiiKb far io days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 

mQ. (J 

0,A.Q. O.i 

r clotbjne Is 


itclament (or clotbjne Is Included 
Ji 0( S10.J7. the total value o( arti- 
cles Issaed to him by tbe State; on fur- 
louEh tor 60 days, Sept. 23 to Not. 21. 1898. 
per 8. 0. 130. A. a. O ; due U. 8., 10.87 .... 
1 the Battlement for olothfne Is Included 
the sum of 110.77, tbe total value of arti- 
cles laaned lo blm by the State; on fur- 
loueh for 60 dsys, Sept. 23 Co Nov. 21. 1898. 

- 3r G. 0, 130, A. G. O,: dne U. 8., SO. 81 

the settlement for cloihlnir Is Included 
le sum o{ StO.ll, the total valuo of arll- 
es Issued to blm by the State: sick In 
,iftrterB Ane. 16 to Ane. 17, 1838: Incurred 
tn line of duty; on furlough for 60 days. 
Sept. 29 to Mot. 21, 1888. per Q. 0. 139. A. G. 

0-; due U. 8..S0.30 

■ ■■ tlement tor ciothlnff Is Included 

of S10.77, the total value of artt- 

eles Issued to him by the State; on for- 
lonzb tor 60 days. Sept, 23 to Nov. Zl. 1898, 
per G. O. ISO, A. G. O.: duo V. S., ».08 

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U»y 8.1898 
June «.ia88 

Mar 10,1B9B 

June 18.1B9B 

June 1S,1BBB 
Apr. g0.1B8S 

Mar 6.J8BS 

Apr. 30,1838 




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Mdbtebed Is. 

.. Gaul. Bobetta... 



Capt. Teaser.. 
Capt. Boberts. 

,. HoopeatoD . 
.. Danville.... 

.. Capt. Beberts... 

commander: on fnrloueb foreOdai^B, Sept. 
as to Nov. 21.1B98. per &, O. 130, A. Q. O..., 
No clothlnir was Isnned io him br Che State; 

Bick in boBpltai Sept.'^to Sept. 6.' 1S98: all 
Incurred In line of duir; transferred to 
hospital boat Sept. S. 1SS8: rejoined oom- 
panr Oct. IT, 1998. at Danville. III.: UaC 
ration to Inolnde Oct. 16. 1896: fnrlouebed 
from Oct, n to Nov. 21. 1888, 33 daye, per Q. 

0,130, A. G. O.idueU, S,.S0.6a 

In tbe aettlement for clotblne la Included 
tbe enm of I1D,77, the totitl vaine ot artl- 
olea isBued to him by the Stale; sick in 
quortere Aue. SO to Sect, S, 1898: incurred 
In line of duty: abaent without leave Sept. 
20. 1898; placed la conanement and tried bv 
■" 't Sept, E2. 189S; found Kullty 

No c loth In f WHS is sued ti: 
■ t in q * 

r May 

for clothlQg: Is Included 
7, the total value oE artl- 
m br the State: enrolled 
i. 18G8: reduced to ranfca 
" r of b 

2 furlouKb tor 60 days, Sep 

MS t 


I State: 
X 1898. 

and Ane. 21 tc 

line of duty; on fnrlouEh for M days. 

Sept, 23 to Nov. 21, 1898, per G. 0. 130, A. Q. 


la clothlne wan Issued to bloa by tbe Slate; 

on furlough for 60 days. Sept, 2B to Nov. 

21, 1898, per G. O. tSO, A, Q, O, : due V. 9., 


n the Bettlement for clothlna Is locluded 

.^ , .- hospital boat Relief 

Ane, IS. 1838: Incurred In line of duty: re- 
joined company ijept, la. 1898; last ration 
to Include Sept. 13, 1898: furlouehad Sept. 
IZtO Oct. 11.1898. per Q O. lu. A. G. 0., 
and InatructloQB Secretary of War, Sept. 
].18»8; extended to Nor. ;i1, 1898, perG. O. 
130. A. G. O., 71 days turloueta; duo U. B. 

In the settlement (or clothlne Is tpolnded 
the sum 810,77. the total value of arileleB 
leaned to him by the Stato; ou special 
duty as teamster at battalion beadqaar- 
ters July 20 to Aue, 3L, 1SB9. per verbal 
order Major Rodney: rejoined ooinnanr 
Aus. S1.1H98: absent on special dnty Sept. 
S tf, Sept. 18.1898, enroute from Ponce. P. 
B., to DanvilJt. Ill,: rejoined company 
Sent. 18.1808. at Danville. III.: ou furlouEb 
for GD days, Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. 1888, per u. 
0. 130, 4, G, 0,:due U. S. SS.77 

In the settlement for clothing is Included 
the sum SlO.n. the total value of art Idee 
Issued to htm by the State: sick In quar- 
ters Auk, 1 to AuE. i. 1899; incurred In Hue 
of duty; onfarloueb for 60 days. Sept 2) 
to Nov, 21.1898, per G. O, ISD, A. G, 0-; dae 

V. 3, »Q,ao 

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Ms; fi.isra 

June 18,1898 

June 18.1898 
Jane IS.iaOB 

June IS, IBM 

Jnne 1B,1SS8 
JUDB 11,1898 
June l<.iew 

Mar fi.1B98 

Mftr 10.18»8 
May e,lB9B 

Apr. so.iaes 


M» 11.1808 

Jnne 18.1898 

feteFaoD. Bftimond A. 




Qnade, PrederlckF... 

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.. Capt. BobeitB... 


DoDTlIle . 

Capt. Teiwtr. 

Capt. YenEer. 
Capt. Yeteer. 

AndBtiODS ... 

CheDeyvllle . 


SprlDEQeld . 

Capt, Yeaeer.... 
Capt. Yesger.... 
Capt. Yeaser..., 

. Capt. Roberts. ., 
.. Capt. Roberts.., 

a the Rpttlpment rcr clothlne l" Inr.Utiled 
the snm $10.77, the total value of artldeEi 
iSBUedtohlm by the Slate: slch In quar- 
ters An 2. 15 to Anir. IB. lSi». Inonired in 
Hnoof duty; absent wllhunl Ifftve Sept. 
za.lSBa: placed tnconBcempnt and tried br 
Summary Court S«pt. ::;.ie98;tDaadsullty 
of eald abEieace bpiI sentenced to tvo days 
hard labor and foreelt KM to U- 9.1 on 
' rnr CO dayB. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. 
a. O, 130. A.G. O.; absent leaa 
jura:dne CJ, S. »».« 

No olothlns WHS t9au«d to liliD br the State: 
OQ fiirlousb for 60 days, ijppt. ZSto No'r. 
!t.189a, per a 0. ISO. A. Q. O.: due D. 3. 
JO. 30 

No clothlnB was Issued to htra by tte State; 
'udoueh foe 60 days, per O. O. laO, A. 
„. J.: due U. S. W.30 

No clolhlne was Issued to him by the State: 
slob In Quarters Sept. 3 to Sept. S, 18M: In- 
curred In line ol duty: absent without 
leave Sept. Z0.IS9S: placed In confinetnent 
and tried by Summary Court Sept. !Z.I89B; 
fomid trultty o( said absence and sen- 
tenced to two days hard labor: oaf orloueh 
for 60 days. Sept. £3 to Nov. 21.1898. per U. 
0. 130. A. Q. O.; absent less tbau 21 hours: 

duelT. S.W.30 

ro clothing was Isf'ued to him hy the State; 
on furloueh for 60 days, Sept. 23 to Nov. 
21.1888. per e.O.130. A.Q.O.: due U.S. 

No ClothlnB was lisiied to him by ihe State: 
on farloogh for 60 flays, Sept. ia to Nov. 
21, 1898. per G. 0. 130, A- Q. 0.: dne U. S. 

No clotblni was Issued to him by the State; 
' "jnahforBO days, Sept. 23 to Nov. 
per U. O. 130. A. 8. O.; due U. S. 

No ctotbine was issued to him" by the State; 
sIcklnquartersAoa. aotoSent. 3.1B98: In- 
curred In line of duty: on fnrlouKh for 60 
days, Sept. 23 to Nov. Si, 189M, per G. 0. 130. 

A. Q. O.: due U. % $0.30 

a the settlement for clothlnK Is Inemded 
the snm of $10.77. the total value of arti- 
cles Issued to him by the Stater sick Itx 

In line ot duiy: on fiirloDgb forSOdays. 
from Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. 1898, pec G, O. ISO, 

A 8,0.: dne U. 8. JO, SO 

In the settlement for clnthlne Is Included 
the sum of S13.74. the total value ot arti- 
cles Issued to him by Ibe State: on fnr- 
looBh for 60 days, from Sept. 23 to Nov. 
21. IBM. per 8. 0. 130, A. G. O.: doe U. S. 


] the settlement tor cloihlnir Is Included 
the sam of 310.71. the total value of attl. 
clBS iBBuetl to him by the State; on fur- 
loush tor 60 days, from Sept. 'it to Nov. 
21. IB98. per G O. ISO, A. 13. O.: due D. S. 


) the selllement for clothlne Is locloded 
the sum of »lO,n. the tntaj value of artl- 
clea Issued to bim ny the Stale: sick In 
St. EUiahBth hi.apltnl at Danvtlle. III.. 
Sect. 15 to Sept. 22.IS9B, Incurred In tine of 
duly; rejoined company Sept, 22. 1898: on 
furlouEh tor 60 days, from 8f pt. 23 to Nov. 
2t. 18P8, par G. 0. 130. &. 8. O.: dne O. S. 

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May 1I.1S98 


lane 1S,1B9S 
Jnne 13.1898 

Redden. Cnrtla G 

Apr. SQ.iaSS 

Ranyan. William 


Selbect. Ftant Q 

Mar 6.1BW 


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Capt. Roberts.. 



Capt. TesEet,.- 
Capt, 7eaiei... 
GaDt. RoberlB.. 

Sprlne field... 

Rldse Farm 
Dan vine'... . 


n the aettliement lor clothing Is Inclnded 
the aum of S10.T7. the total value ot atH- 
clea Unued to him bv the State: on tur- 
loQitb tor fiO dave. from 8er>(. S3 to Nov. 
21. 1893. per 8. 0. ISO. A. G. O.: due (I, S. 

[n the settlement for olotbloir la iDclnded 
the sum of s[<).7T, the total value of arti- 
cles lasaed to b!m by the State: on tur- 
loueb for «0 days. tFOm Sept. 23 to tfov. 
21. 1898. no- G. 0. 130. A. 0, O.i dne U. S. 

Id the Bettlement for clothlui; la Ineluded 
the 8tim of S10.7I. the total valne of attt- 
cles Isened to him by the State; on for- 
loDEb tot (D days, team Sept, 23 to Key. 

21. lasa, per u. 0, lao. a. li. o.: due V. a. 


□ the aettlement tor cloiblne la Included 
the anm of 313,71. the total value of arti- 
cles Ueued to hlni by the Slate: slcb Id 
hospital Jnly SO to Aner. 2. 1893: alck In 
auatiera Aus. a to Aue. 6. 1893: sent to bos- 
Dltal at Arroyo. P. «,. Auk, 9. 1898: ro- 
lolni'd company at Gaayaiua. P. &,. Aqk. 
Zt. 1888: all Blcbne«9 Incurred la line of 
duty: oafurlonebforGOdafs. from Sept. 
2StoNoy. 21, 1893, per Q. 0. 130, A. G. O.: 

dneU- 3.30,30 

In the settlement for clotblne: Is Included 
the sam of 110.71, the total value of artl. 
clea Isaued la blm by the State: on fnt- 
loueh for 60 days, ttom Sept. zs to Nov. 

31. 1893. per G. 0. 130. A, Q. 0.: dne U. S. 


No clotblce was Isaned to him by tbe State; 

— fncloneh (or 60 day?, from Sept, 23 to 

V. SI. 189S. per Q. 0, 130. A. G. 0.; due U. 


No cloiblne waB Issued to him by tbe State; 
on furlough tor 60 days, from i^ect. 23 to 
Nov, 21, 1898, pec Q. 0. 180. A. Q, O.; due O. 

In I be BettleDoenC tot clothlne Is Inolnded 
the aam of S10.7T. Ihe total value of arti- 
cles issued to blm by the State; enrolled 
aa Corporal April 30. 1898; reduced to ranks 
per B. O. No. 3, dated July 10. 1B9S: on fut- 
louah for 60 days, from Sept. 33 to Nov. 
21. 1893, per S. 0. 130. A. G. O.; dne U. S. 


a tbe settlement for clothlnet la Included 
the sum of SI0.77, Ihe total value of arti- 
cles Issued to him by the ^tate; enrolled 
as Musician April 30. 1898: retnmed Co 
raoka July 1. 1S98, per verbal order of bat- 
tery commander: od fuiloush tor EO days, 
Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. 1898. per Q. 0. 130. A. G. 

0.:aue [J. S.,ia,Tl 

D the settlement tor clothing U Included 
Ihe sum of HE. SO. the total value of arti- 
cles Issued to blm by tbe State; sick In 

In line of duly; on fTirlouVh tor W days. 
Sept. 23 to Nov, 21. 1898. per U. 0. 130. 4. G. 

0.:dneU. 8.. 10 30 

D tbe settlement for clotblns: is Included 
tbe snm of SIO.77, the total valne of arll- 
clea Issned to him by the State: absent 
nlthoot leave Sept. 20. 1898: placed In con- 
flnement: tried by Summary Court Sept. 
22,1398: found eulltyof said absence and 
Renieni-ed to two days' hard labor and for- 
feit SI.DO to (J. ^.■, onforlonith torfiO days, 
Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. IBSS. per G. 0. 130. A. G, 
O.: absence less than 2« hours; due □. 8., 

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Uar 6.1S98 
Uitr 8.1868 

Apr. 80.1888 

Acr. 30,1898 
Apr. SO. 1898 
Apr. 30.1898 
Ubt 10.189S 

Jane l!.18Ss 

jDDe lS.tS»8 

jDae 18,1898 
Jnna 13,1898 



Mm 11.1896 
May 12.1898 

Mar 11.1888 
Uar 12.1896 

Mar 12.18S8 
Mar 13.1898 
May 13,1896 

Jane is, 1888 

Jnne 18.18S8 
Jnne 19.1896 

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CaDt BobectB.. 

SotlnBfleld .. 
SpriDBfleld .. 




Oapt B«bertE.. 
Oapt, Roberts.. 
Gapt. Boberta.. 
Capt BobertB.. 

Oapt. Yeaeer... 
Capt. TBom... 

Hoopeston . 

HoopeBton .. 

Q the eottUmeiit for clotblnc le InelDded 
tbH Bum of S10.77. the total valne of artl- 
elBH Issued to him by the Stsle; absent 
vlthoctleaTeSept. 20. 1B98: placed In con- 
flnemont and tried by Summary Court 
Sept. 2i. 1838: found eaUty of aald absence 
and sentenced to two dnva' hard labor; on 
turlouEh for ED dare. Sept. 2S to Not. 21. 
1898, per G. 0. ISO. A, 0. 0.: absence leas 

than ii honrs: due O. S.. 10.78 

[n the settlement for clothlns Is Inelnded 
of 110.71, the total value of artl- 
ed to him by Ihe State; sick la 
. Aue. 21 Co Ana. 2E, 1898; Incurred 
■( dnty; abKent without leave Sept. 
-■ -^d In oonHnement and tried by 
urt Sept. 22.1898; found Eutlty 
oi BHia Boaence and aenlenoed to tvo 
days' bard labor and forfeit 11.00 to U. S.: 
OD turlouifb for 60 days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 
21. 1898. per G. O. 130, A. 0. 0.; absence 

In the settlement for clothlne la Included 
tha Bum of » -V- ----.—.-- -. -. 

20, 1898; | 

1 by t 

e Statt 

without leave Sept. 30, 1SB8: placed In ci 
flnement and tried fay Snmmary <Jd~ 
Ijept. 32, 1B9S; found sullty of Bald abae 

gb for eo di 

irQ. 0. 130.A 

■ (3 than " 


for olothinE Ib Indaded 

the atim of SI0.7T, ihe total value of artl- 
olea Issued to him by the State; on fnr- 
loneh tor GO daye, Sept. 23 to Nov. 21. IBBS, 
perG, O. 130. A. Q. 0.;diiaU. 8..10.S9 

In tbe settlement for olothinE U Included 
the sum of 110.77, the total value of arti- 
cles Issned to him by the State; on far- 
lon«h for 60 days. Sept, 23 to Nov. 31, 1S9B, 

perG, 0.130, A. G 0.: due D. 9.. 10. 88 

the settlement for ciotblnr Is Included 
the sum of S 10. 77. the total value of arti- 
cles UsDed to him by the State: on far- 
louBb for bH days. Sept, ii to Nov. 21, 1898, 
perG, 0. 130. A. G. O 

Id tbe aettlemont for elolhlnE la Included 
the sum of S10.77. tbe total value of arti- 
cles Issued to him Sir Ihe State; on tor- 
louEb tor GO daya. Sept. 28 to Nov, 31. 189B, 
per G. 0, 130, A. G, O.: due U. S.. I0.t_3 

Bleb In quarters Aus. 2 to Aue 5. 1B9B. and 
Ans. 3L to Sept 2, 1898; all Incurred In line 
Of du^y] on^urloUEh for GO days, Sept. 28 

Nov. 2 

1898. D 

t, G, O.; 

loclothlnE waa Issued to him by the State; 
sick In hospital Ane;. G to Aue. B. 1B9B. at 
Arroyo, P, B., incurred In line of duty; re- 
joined company at Arroyo. P. B,. Aue. 8. 
IB98; on (nrlousb for 60 drys. Sept. 28 t« 
Nov. 21,1898, per G. 0, ISO. A, G, 0.: due D. 
S. 10 81 

[o olotblnr »Hs laaued to bim by the State: 
OQ furloush for 60 days, Sept. 28 to Nov. 
21,1898. pec Q. 0. 180, A, G. O.: due U. S. 


No iIothlSK was [asued to him by the State; 
on f urloueh for 60 days. Sept. 23 t« Nov. 
2I.1B9S. per G. O. ISO. A. G. O.; due D, S. 

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JUDS 16.18SS 
.Mb; 9.mif 

Apr. 30,189B 

June 13.1898 
ADr. 30.1698 

May 8.1898 

JUBB 18.1898 
June I3.1S98 

June 18.1898 
Jane IS. 1898 


June 1S,1B9S 

Tajtor. Wm. H 



Wakelaiu]. Harr^r C... 


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Where. By whom. 

Sprlnsfleld . 



. Capt. Yeaeer..., 
. OaPt. Roberta... 

Caot. YeatreT.. 
Capt. RabertBi 

,. Hoopeston 
,. Danville... 

,. NoelothlnEwaaleBaedtohlmbrtbe Statei 
OD fuTlang-h for 60 daFS, Sept 23 to Nov. 
21,189S, per G. 0. 130, A. G. O.; due U, 8. 


' ' I aettlement for clothlnB' la iaclnderl 

sum S10.77. the total valne of articles 

Issued to him b$ the State; on duty snard- 
- public crocecty at UaaTllle. lU.. Sept. 
^Kov. 21. 1S98 

.. lu the settloment tor clothlnE Is Ipclnded 
■' aumSio.77, the total value Of articles 

ed to him by the State: on turlouEh 

toreOdHys, Sept. 211 to Not. 21.1898. per Q, 

,. No cIotblDB naa Isaned to him by the State; 
n torloneb for SO days. Sept. 23 to Nov. 
1,1898. per G. 0. 130. A. 0. O.: due U. S. 

. In 

t for clothing li 


lasaed to him b 

tera July It to _ _.. __ 

llneotdaty; absent withoat leave Sept. 20. 

.. Capt. Roberta... 

c for 

Ji SI3,71, t-, 

Issued to him by the State: i 

.era Aus, 9 to Aue. 10, t89!l. Incurred Id IIdb 
>f duty; on furloneh for 60 daya. Sept. 23 
JONor. 21.IB98, perS. 0. 130. A. S. O.; due 
U.S. 10.30 

No ciotblDB was iBSued to him by the State; 
sick Id quarters Aua. 25 to AuK 2». 1898; In- 
cnrred lu Hue of duty: on torloaKh torfiO 
daya. Sept. 23 to Nov. 21, 1S98, pvr 6. O. 130, 
V. G. 0.: dueU. S. W8o 

..J olothlns waa laaued to him by the State; 
absent wfthoot leaye Sept, 21.1893; placed 
Id coDHnement and tried by Summary 
Court Sept. 22.1896: touad Eullty of aald 
absBDCH and ssuleuced to two days bard 
labor and forfeit SS.M to Uolted Slates; on 
' ■ h for 60 days. Sept 23 to Not. 21, 
r Q, O. latl, A. Q. O.; absaDt lesB 

lan 21 hi 

July L„ 

Sept. t. 1S98; 

e [;. S. I 

ill Incurred In 11 

□ bospllal at Ponce. 

31.1898: all Incaried 

rejoined company Sect. 

lothlne was Issued to bim by the State; 

i Id Quarters Sept IS to Sept. 22, leSS: 
„.urred la lice of duty; on furlough for 
GO days. Sept, 23 to Not. 21. 1898. per G. O. 
lS0.A.Q.O,!dneD. S..S0.30 

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Wellmui. Clarence B. 


J}Ueharaed (for dUa 

LowellT, Newton 


Milton J. Yea^el 

William B. Flock , .. 

DUehaTBtd (Ay ortlei 
FelliH. Wellman.... 

Frod H, Bauujsart ... 
Beic S. TbomDaon.., 


1st Lieutenant... 

Jane 13.18»8 

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. Gnpt. Boberta .. 

.. CiDt. EflbertB... 

No clothlni' we. i Issued to blm hy the St&te: 
Bkk In qnarters July H lo Aag. 6, 18W: 
elck 111 hoenical nt Arroyo. P. S. Aag. 6 to 
Au!;. !9, IHSS; bU Insnrreil In lloe of dutj-; 
rejoined comcany Aug. m. 1BS8: on fnr- 
lantrh for 60 days. Sent, i3 lo Nov Si, tSM. 

perG. 0. 110. A. U. O.; dne U. »,.S0.30 

>n leave of tihteDBi from Jut; 18 to Jolr 31. 
189S, per S. 0. B6, Hdors. 1st Array Corps, 
datoa Jnly 12, 1B9S', iesTe of BbaeQCe ei- 

8. O. SG. HdQrs. I9t Army Cotcb. dsled 
July 12. 1893; resigned Jnly 2S. 189S; resle- 
DBtlon BGCapted per G. O. 65. A. O. O., 

WaslitnBtoo, D. C dated Ane. 10. 1898 

a the HBttleineDt for clotblDg- Is Included 
the sum ot 310,77. the totnl value of art!- 
cl«a Issued to blm by tbe State: slok In 
CmarteTs July B lo July 20, 1698; disability 
not Incurred in line of duty; dlscbarsed 
on suraeon's certificate oF disability at 
CantD Thomas, Cblcbamauffa Purk, 6ti.: 
illsebiirKe and Sual eatement given July 

20.1898; eharacter good 

Id tbe settlement for clotblne In included 
the sum of S13.78, the total value of arti- 
cles lesned to him by the Slate; sick In 
quarters July IB io Jnly 31, 1S98; not In- 
enrred In lln» of duty; dlschaned oosor- 

Thomae. Chiokama — ----- .-i- ~. 


■e and final 

I In 

i of 

ahllliv at Camp Thomas. ChloKamnosa 
Park, Qa . July 11. 1898; disability Incurred 
In line nl duty; dlsntarge and final etste- 

ment elven; character BOOd 

L the settlement for clothlnn Is Included 
the sura of I10.7T. the total value of arti- 
cles Issued 10 him by the State; sick In 
.ere Aug. 22 to Aob, 2B. 1898, at tlaay- 
P. K.; dlBChareed at Ouayama. P. B,. 
»□ Buneon's certificate of disability Auk. 
25.Vii9: disability Incurred In line of dnty; 
dlacharee and final statement slveni cbar- 
acler good 

No olothlne wag Issued tohtm by the Stale; 
aick Id qnarters Jalyl to Julys. 1BS8; io- 
otirred In line of duty; dlscbarESd per 
telesraphls Instructions received from A. 
G. O. de.ted Sept. SB. 1893; dlsohsrae and 
final statement given; dlacharied at Dan- 
ville, 111.; character sood; due C. S., 10.22. 

In tbe setiletnent for clothtne Is Included 
" sumof 17. E£. the total value of articles 
led to him bv the State: discharged 
ij. O. No. n. Hdqrs. 3d Brteade. Frov. 

1, Vol. i 

IS 2d Lien- 
- ■ : dlB- 

Cles Issued lo blm by the State: sick In 
hospital July 17 to July 22. 1893. at Cbloka- 
maQEa Park. Qa.; sickness Incurred In 
tine of duty; discharge and final state- 

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Apr. 30.18B8 
Apr, !0,1S98 

Mm U.I8B8 

Uar 12.1S98 

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Remark B, 


Bs whom. 


Cant. Roberts..., 
CBpt. Roberts,... 



cles Issued to him br the State: sick In 
OffloTw^ashfa^OD, D, c'.'^ul? 5?"w9! 


so to Ane. S. 189S: sick In baapllal at Ar- 

"ansfertod' tt"h06gltal boat Hfilet Adb: 

In Use of Aatj; 'died lii St. Peter's hos- 
pital at BcooklVn. N. T.. Sept. B.18BB 

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