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%dUy$ fiks 0f Saints. 


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^ Set of Sermons on Samts^ Bags formerlg obserbeU 
bg tfjt 1Englfs8 €]^urc6, 






Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the University of Cambridge. 






•j-ft OF r^COiA 



^H 1 1 mi 2$ 




-^LFRic's Lives of Saints, now for the first time printed, may 
practically be regarded as forming a ' third series ' of ^Ifric's ^.. 
Homilies. The first series was printed for the -^Ifric Society 
in 1844, with the title — 'The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon 
Church. The First Part_, containing the Sermones Catholici, 
or Homilies of iElfric, in the original Anglo-Saxon, with an 
English Version. Vol. I. By Benjamin Thorpe, F. S.A.' The 
second series was printed for the same society in 1846, with 
precisely the same title, excepting only the substitution of 
'Vol. II.' for 'Vol. I.' 

The use of the phrase ' The First Part ' in the above title is 
remarkable, since we are not told what the ' Second Part ' was 
to be^ nor did any ' Second Part "* ever appear. However, in the 
list of ^Ifric's works given in the Preface to vol. i., there is 
mention of 'A Collection of Homilies on the Saints' days ob- 
served by the Anglo-Saxon Church.' It would therefore seem 
as if Mr. Thorpe had at one time the intention of publishing 
a second part, which most likely would have contained the 
Lives which I have now undertaken to edit for the Early 
English Text Society. 

Instead of '^ second part,' I employ the term 'third series,' 
because it better describes the exact state of the case. Mr. 


Thorpe's first volume gives us a ' first series/ extending over 
nearly a whole year, from Christmas to the second Sunday in 
Advent. His second volume gives us a 'second series/ again 
commencing at Christmas, and coming down to the Deposition 
of St. Martin (Nov. ii); followed by a few occasional homilies 
and some prayers. This enables us at once to understand 
^Ifric's allusion to his ' two former books ' in his own preface 
to the present work ; see page 3, 1. 7. In like manner, the 
Lives of Saints are arranged nearly in the order of the calendar, 
and present us with a ' third series ' ; though they were doubtless 
intended to constitute an independent work^ and are written, on 
the whole, in a more poetical and less didactic style. 

There is only one good MS. which could be taken as the 
foundation for the text, to which I have, accordingly, adhered 
throughout. This is the MS. marked Julius E. vii, in the 
Cottonian collection in the British Museum. But I have 
taken the opportunity of collating other MSS., wherever 
any other copies of the Lives exist, giving all the various 
readings in foot-notes, with the exception of a few late 
spellings that are, comparatively, of no value. The number of 
copies of each Life is given at the head of each, with an 
explanation of the symbols denoting the MSS ^. 

I have to remark that MS. O. (Otho, B. x) and MS. V. 
(Vitellius, D. xvii) are both very much injured by fire, many 
leaves being lost and destroyed. By help of the printed text, 
I have been enabled to give several good readings from them 
in passages which, without such assistance, are hardly legible. 
Many of the Lives are written in a loose sort of alliterative 

^ Tables exhibiting all the copies of all of ^Ifric's Homilies are printed in the 
Seventh Eeport of the E, E. T. S. for 1871, In the table of Homilies in MS. Julius, 
E. vii., the first homily is marked as being 'unique.' But it appears that this is 
not exactly the case, since the homily in MS. Bodley 343, no. Ixxv, fol. 155 (Wanley, 
p. 24), though beginning with different words, is practically the same thing. It 
is, however, a very late and inferior copy, from the various readings in which little 
is to be gathered. Yet I was glad to see that it contains the word vnle, which, at 
p. 20, 1. 170, I had inserted, by conjecture, to complete the sense. 

. i 


verse ; and, as the scribe, in general, has taken pains to mark 
off the lines by the insertion of points, I have printed them 
accordingly. The attempt to introduce alliteration has affected 
the style, and it is worth while to point this out by a different 
mode of printing. Those who prefer to consider the text 
as being all equally in prose can do so, by disregarding the 
division into lines. In the first homily (for such it is), there is 
no attempt at verse of any kind ; but in most of the narratives 
some attempt at embellishment is very evident. 

The text is printed precisely as it stands in the MS., unless in 
any case express notice to the contrary is given. This remark 
applies particularly to the accents and the punctuation. The 
very few contractions are expanded in the usual manner, the 
expansions being denoted by the use of italic letters. The sole 
exception to this rule is that the word ' and ' is printed in roman 
type, though in the MS. it is always denoted by the usual 
symbol. Moreover, Latin quotations are printed in italics for 
the sake of distinctness, though written, in the MS., in the same 
characters as the rest of the text. 

The modern English version of the Homilies, though revised 
by myself, is almost entirely the work of Miss Gunning, of 
Cambridge, and Miss Wilkinson, formerly of Dorking, who 
with great perseverance have translated not only most of the 
text as contained in this first part, but nearly all of the re- 
maining Lives belonging to the same series ^ For their kind 
and valuable assistance I am very grateful, as it has enabled 
me to proceed with the work in the midst of many other 

^ For the translations of the Lives of St. Eugenia, St. Julian, St. Lucy, and 
some others (as elsewhere noted), I am wholly responsible. 






[Cotton MS. Julius E. VII, leaf i.] 



-*^^ tatam^ Anglicam sermocinationew, studentes aliis prodesse 
edificando ad fidem lectione hiiius narrationis quibus-cumq^te pla- 
cuerit huic operi operam dare, siue legendo, seu Audiendo ; quia, 4 
estimo non esse ingratum fidelibus. Nam memini me in duohus 
anterioribus libris posuisse passiones uel uitas sanctorujn ipsoram, 
quos gens ista caelebre colit cum ueneratione festi diei, et placuit 
nobis in isto codicello ordinare passiones e^iam uel uitas sanctOYVLm 8 
illorum quos non uulgus sed coenobite officiis uenerantur. Nee 
tamen plura promitto me scripturum hac lingua, qwia nee conuenit 
huic sermocinationi plura inseri; ne forte despectui habeantur 
margarite christi. Ideoqwe redcemus de libro uitge''^ patrum, in 12 
qtto multa subtilia habentur quae non conueniunt aperiri laicis, 
nee nos ipsi ea quimus implere. Ilia uero que scripturus sum 
suspicor non offendere audientes, sed magis fide torpentes recreare 
hortationibus, qma martyrum passiones nimium fidem erigant 16 
languentem. Unum cupio sciri hoc uolumen legentibus, quod 
nollem alicubi ponere duos imperatores siue cesares in hac narra- 

^ MS. usitatem. 2 jt^g^ ^ita. 



This book also have I translated from the Latin into the usual 
English speech, desiring to profit others by edifying them in the 
faith whenever they read this relation, as many, namely, as are 
pleased to study this work, either by reading or hearing it read ; 
for I think it is not displeasing to the faithful. For I call to mind 
that, in two former books, I have set forth the Passions or Lives 
of those saints whom that illustrious nation celebrates by honour- 
ing their festival, and it has [now] j^leased me to set forth, in 
this book, the Passions as well as the Lives of those saints 
whom not the vulgar, but the monks, honour by special services. 
I do not promise, however, to write very many in this tongue, 
because it is not fitting that many should be translated into our 
language, lest peradventure the pearls of Christ be had in dis- 
respect. And therefore I hold my peace as to the book called 
Vitce Patrum, wherein are contained many subtle points which 
ought not to be laid open to the laity, nor indeed are we ourselves 
quite able to fathom them. But I think that those things which 
I am now going to write will not at all offend the hearers, but 
will rather refresh by their exhortations such as are slothful in 
the faith, since the Passions of the Martyrs greatly revive a fail- 
ing faith. I desire that one point should be especially noted by 
them that read this book, viz. that I do not like in any passage 
to speak of two emperors or Csesars in the story at the same time, 



tione simul, sicut in latinitate legimus; sed unum imperatorem 
in persecutione martyrum ponimus ubiqwe; Sicut gens nostra uni 20 
regi subditur, et usitata est de uno rege non de duobiis loqui. 
Nee potuimws in ista translatione semper uerbum ex uerbo trans- 
ferre, sed tamen sensuw ex sensu, sicut inuenimws in sa7^cia scrip- 
tura, diligenter curauimws uertere Simplici et aperta locutione 24 
quatinus proficiat Audientibus. Hoc sciendum etiam qwod pro- 
lixiores passiones breuiam^ts uerbis, non adeo sensu, ne fastidiosis 
ingeratur tedium si tanta prolixitas erit in propria lingua quanta 
est in latina ; et non semper breuitas sermonem deturpat sed 28 
multotiens honestiorem reddit. Non xmK\ inpute^ur qwod diuinam 
scriptura??i ^nos^rae Hngue infero, quia argued me praecatus mul- 
X^QXuiin fideliu77i et maxime sej^elwerdi ducis et secSelmeri nos^ri, qm 
ardentissime nostras interpre^ationes Amplectuntur lectitando ; sed 32 
decreui modo quiescere post quartum librum A tali studio, ne super- 
fluus iudicer. 


secge ]?e leof . \(jet ic hgebbe nu gegaderod on f)yssere b^c 36 
l^aera halgena ]?rowunga J^e me to onliagode on englisc to awen- 
dene . for J^an p)e Su leof swi'Sost and se'Selmaer swylcera gewrita 
me baedon . and of handum gelgehton eowerne geleafan to getrym- 
menne . mid J^aere gerecednysse . })e ge on eowrum gereorde nsefdon 40 
se'r. pu wast leof J^oet we awendon on J?am tvvam serrum bocum 
J^sera halgena f)rowunga and lif . J^e angel-cynn mid freols-dagum 
wurJ^aS. Nu ge-wearS us \)od, we J^as boc be ]:>8era halgena Srow- 
ungum and life . gedihton f)e mynster-menn mid heora J^enunguw 44 
betwux him wur'Sia'S . 

Ne secge we n^n J?incg niwes on |?issere gesetnysse . 
forj^an tSe hit stod gefyrn awriten 

on ledenbocum feah ]?e J^a laewedan men \(x,t nyston . 48 

' leaf I, baok. 


as we read of in the Latin ; but I everywhere speak of one em- 
peror as being concerned in the persecution of the martyrs ; just 
as our own nation is subject to one king, and is accustomed to 
speak of one king, and not of two. Nor am I able, in this 
translation, to render everything word for word, but I have at 
any rate carefully endeavoured to give exact sense for sense, just 
as I find it in the holy writing, by means of such simple and obvious 
language as may profit them that hear it. It is to be further noted 
that I abridge the longer narratives of the Passions, not as regards 
the sense but in the language, in order that no tediousness may be 
inflicted on the fastidious, as might be the case if as much prolixity 
were used in our own language as occurs in the Latin ; and we know 
that brevity does not always deprave speech but oftentimes makes 
it more charming. Let it not be considered as a fault in me that I 
turn sacred narrative into our own tongue, since the request of many 
of the faithful shall clear me in this matter, particularly that of the 
governor JEthelwerd, and of my friend ^Ethelmer, who most highly 
honour my translations by their perusal of them ; nevertheless I 
have resolved at last to desist from such labour after completing 
the fourth book, that I may not be regarded as too tedious. 

-^Ifric humbly greeteth alderman -^Ethelwerd, and I tell thee, 
beloved, that I have now collected in this book such Passions of 
the Saints as I have had leisure to translate into English, because 
that thou, beloved, and ^thelmser earnestly prayed me for such 
writings, and received them at my hands for the confirmation of 
your faith by means of this history, which ye never had in your 
language before. Thou knowest, beloved, that we translated in 
the two former books the Passions and Lives of the saints which 
the English nation honoureth with festivals ; now it has seemed 
good to us that we should write this book concerning the suffer- 
ings and lives of the Saints whom monks in their ofiices honour 
amongst themselves. 

We say nothing new in this book, 

because it has stood written down long since 

in Latin books, though lay-men knew it not. 


Nelle we eac mid leasungum {jyllic liccetan . 

for]?an f>e geleaffulle fsederas and halige lareowas 

hit awriton on leden-sprsece . to langum gemynde . 

and to trymmincge f>ani towerdum mannum . 52 

Sum witega clypode f)urh f)one lialgan gast and cwae'S . Mirabilis 
dews in Sanctis suis . et cet. Wundorlic is god on his halgum . 
he sylf forgifS mihte and streng'Se his folce . gebletsod is h6 god. 
"We awrita'5 fela wundra on J^issere b6c . forj^an pe god is wundor- 56 
lie on his halguw swa swa we ser ssedon . and his halgena wundra 
wurcSiatS hine . for]?an Ipe h6 worhte jja wundra J?urh hi. 
An woruld-cynincg hsefS fela f)egna 

and mislice wicneras . he ne maeg beon wur^ful cynincg 60 

buton he hsebbe pSb gepind^e pe him gebyriatS . 
and swylce fening-men . pe J^eawfsestnysse him gebeodon. 
Swa is eac psun ^ selmihtigan gode pe ealle pincg gesceop . 
him geristS pcet he hgebbe halige f)enas 64 

pe his willan gefyllatS . and J^sera is fela 
on mannum anum pe he of middan-earde geceas . 
pcet nan bocere ne mseg })eah he mycel cunne . 
heora naman awriten . for]?an pe hi nat nan man . 68 

Hi synd ungeryme swa swa hit geriscS gode . 
ac we woldon gesettan be sumum J^as boo . 
mannum to getrymminge . and to munde us sylfum . 
pcet hi us J^ingion to pam selmihtigan gode . 72 

swa swa we on worulde heora wundra cycSacS . 
Ic bidde nu on godes naman gif hwa pas boo awritan wille . 
pcet he hi wel gerihte be }?8ere bysne . and J^ser namare betwux 
ne sette f>onne we awendon . 76 

Uale in DomiNO . 

^ leaf 2. 


Neither will we feign such things by means of falsehoods, 
because devout fathers and holy doctors 
wrote it in the Latin tongue, for a lasting memorial, 
and to confirm the faith of future generations. 

A certain prophet cried by the Holy Ghost, and said ^ Mirahilis 
Deus in Sanctis suis,^ et cetera : ' wonderful is God in His Saints ; 
He shall give power and strength unto His people ; blessed is God.' 
"We shall describe many wonders in this book, because God is 
wonderful in His Saints, as we said before, and the miracles of His 
Saints glorify Him, because He wrought them by their means. 
An earthly king hath many servants 
and divers stewards ; he cannot be an honoured king 
unless he have the state which befitteth him, 
and as it were serving-men, to offer him their obedience. 
So likewise is it with Almighty God who created all things ; 
it befitteth Him that He should have holy servants 
who may fulfil His will, and of these there are many 
even amongst mankind whom He chose out of the world, 
so that no scribe, though he know much, 
may write their names, because no man knoweth them. 
They are innumerable, as befitteth God ; 
but we desire to write this book concerning some of them, 
for the encouragement of other men and for our own security, 
that they may intercede for us with Almighty God, 
even as we on earth make known their miracles. 

I pray now in God's name, if any man desire to transcribe this 
book, that he correct it well according to the copy; and set down 
therein no more than we have translated* 

Farewell in the Lord. 


[leaf 2, back.] 



n. De SanctB> Eugenia. 
III. De Bancto Basilic. 
mi. De Sancto luliano et basilissa. 
V. De Smicto Sebastiano. 
VI. De Sancto Mauro, 
VII. De Sancfsi Agnete. 
VIII. De Sancta. Agatha. 
[IX.] Et sancta lucia ^. 
Vim. [X.] De Cathedra sancti petri. 
X. [XL] De xl. militibus. 
XL [Xn.] De capite leiunii. 
XII. [XIIL] De Oratione moysi. 
XIII. [XIV.] De Sa^ic^o Georgio. 
Xmi. [XV.] De SaoiGto Marco euangelista. 

XV. [XVL] De Memoria sanctorum. 
XVI. [XVIL] De Auguriis. 
XVII. [XVIIL] De libro regum. 

XIX ^. De sancto Albano. 

XX. De Sancto ae'Seldry'Sa. 
XXI. De Sancto swy'Suno. 
XXII. De Sancto Appollonare. 
XXIII. De Vll.tem Dormientium (sic). 
XXmi. De Abdone et senne. 
XXV. DEMachabeis. 
XXVI. De Sancto Oswoldo. 
XXVII. De Sancta cruce. 
XXVIII. De Legione thebeorum. 
XXIX. De Qancto Dionisio. 

' These two, St. Agatha and St. Lucy, are counted as one, which, throws 
out the numbering as far as Chapter XVIII. 

^ Here a number is missed, but it brings the numbering right again. 



I. Of the Nativity of Chkist. (Dec. 25). 
II. Of Saint Eugenia. (Dec. 25). 
m. Of Saint Basil. (Jan. i). 
IV. Of Saint Julian and Basilissa. (Jan. 9; called Jan. 13). 

V. Of Saint Sebastian. (Jan. 20). 
VI. Of Saint Maurus. (Jan. 15). 
VII. Of Saint Agnes. (Jan. 21). 
VIII. Of Saint Agatha ; (Feb. 5), 
IX. and Saint Lucy. (Dec. 13). 

X. Of the chair of Saint Peter. (Feb. 22). 
XI. Of the Forty Soldiers. (Mar. 9). 
XII. Of the beginning of the Fast. (Ash Wednesday), 

XIII. Of the Prayer of Moses. 

XIV. Of Saint George. (Apr. 23). 

XV. Of Saint Mark the Evangelist. (Apr. 25), 
XVI. Of the memory of the Saints. 
XVII. Of Auguries. 
XVIII. Of the Book of Kings. 
XIX. Of Saint Alban. (June 22). 
XX. Of Saint ^^eldryt5a. (June 23). 
XXI. Of Saint Swythun. (July 2). 
XXII. Of Saint Apollinaris. (July 23). 
XXIII Of the Seven Sleepers. (July 27). 
XXIV. Of Abdon and Sennes. (July 30). 
XXV. Of the Machabees. (Aug. i). 
XXVI. Of Saint Oswold. (Aug. 5). 
XXVII. Of the Holy Cross. (Sep. 14). 
XXVIII. Of the Theban Legion. (Sep. 22). 
XXIX. Of Saint Dionysius (Denis ; Oct. 9). 


XXX. De ^ancto Eustacliio. 
XXXI. De Martino. 
XXXII. De Sa^c^o Eadmundo. 
XXXm. De Banctsi eufrosia (sic). 
XXXim. De Sa^c^a csecilia. 
XXXy. De Crisanto et claria. 
XXXyi. De Sancto Tnoma Aipostolo. 
XXXVII. De Int^rrogationibws sigewulfi pr^sb?/^er[i]. 
XXXVIII. De Falsis diis. 
XXXVIIII. De xii. Abusiuis. 

[leaf 3, back. There seems to be no other copy of this Homily.] 


Men da leofestan hwilon ^er we s^don eow hu ure haelend 
crist on f)isum dsege on sot5re menniscnysse acenned wses of 
psem halgan msedene marian. Nu wylle we swa f)eah for (5yses 
daeges maerSe cower mod mid f)sere gastlican lare oubryrdan eow to 4 
blisse ]?urh god ^. Sume gedwol-menn wseron J^uruh deoful beswic- 
ane swa ])CEt hi cwsedon f)8et crist godes sunu nsere sefre mid f)am 
halgan feeder wunicnde . dc wsere sum tima . ser J^an Jje he acenned 
wsere . ac \)(jet halige godspell hseftS oferswiSod swylcera gedwolena 8 
andgit for-oft. pa iudeiscan axodon crist hwaet he wsere. Da 
andwyrde he him f)us. Ego sum principium . qui et loquor 
nobis. Ic com anginn . J)e eow to sprsece. Nu ge habba'S gehered 
hu se hselend be him sylfum spree c . ^xBt h6 is ordfruma . and angin 12 
eah'a J)inga . mid his heofonlican feeder . and mid ]?am halgan gaste. 
Se faeder is dngin . and se sunu is angin . and se halga gdst is angin . 
dc hi ne synd na J^reo anginnu . ko, hi ealle f)ry synden dn angin . 

^ Prohably an error for god. 


XXX. Of Saint Eustace. (Nov. 2). 

XXXI. Of Saint Martin. (Nov. 11). 

XXXII. Of Saint Edmund. (Nov. 20). 

XXXIII. Of Saint Euphrasia. (Feb. 11). 

XXXIV. Of Saint Cecilia. (Nov. 22). 
XXXV. Of Crisantus and Daria. (Dec. i). 

XXXVI. Of Saint Thomas the Apostle. (Dec. 21). 
XXXVII. Of the Questions of Sigewulf the Priest. 
XXXVIII. Of False Gods. 

XXXIX. Of the Twelve Abuses. 



Men beloved, we told you erewhile how our Saviour Christ 
was on this day born in true human nature of the holy Virgin 
Mary. Nevertheless, we now desire, for the honour of this day, 
to stir up your minds by ghostly teaching for your happiness, by the 
grace of God. There were certain heretics beguiled by the devil, so 
that they said that Christ the Son of God was not eternally dwelling 
with the Holy Father, but there was a certain time (period) before 
He was born; but the holy Gospel hath full oft surpassed the un- 
derstanding of such heretics. The Jews asked Christ who He was ; 
then answered He them thus : Ego sum princi2num qui et loquor 
vohis : ' I who speak unto you am the beginning.' Now have ye 
heard how Jesus spake of Himself, that He is the Originator and 
Beginning of all things, together with His Heavenly Father and with 
the Holy Ghost. The Father is the Beginning, and the Son is 
the Beginning, and the Holy Ghost is the Beginning; they are 
not three Beginnings, but they all three are one Beginning, and One 


and 4n selmihtig god sefre unbegunnen . and ungesendod . ac se man i6 
w^t ^ j^e wyle habban senig pmcg ser anginne . forf)an Se seo balige 
]?rynnes . is anginn . and dn scyppend ealra gesceafta and nan J?ing 
nges ne nys wuniende pe se an wyrbta ne gesceope; Gif hwylc gedwola. 
o"5t5e awoffod man . wyle furcSor smeagen and f)8et anginn oferstigan . 20 
mid dysilicere dyrstignesse . ]?onne biS he }?am men gelic f>e araerj? 
sume heage hlseddre . and stihcS be Jjsere hlseddre stapum . o^poet he to 
tSsem becume . and wylle J^onne git stigan ufor . astih"S f»onne bu- 
ton stapum . ot5 pcet he stedeleas iy\p mid mycclum wyrsan fylle swa 24 
he furSor st4h. Dreo ping synd on middanearde . An is hwilwend-lic . 
pe hsefS seg'Ser ge ordfruwman ge ende . J^set synd nytenu . and 
ealle sawul-lease J)ing pe on-gunnan ]?a pa, hi god gesceop . and seft 
gesendiaS and to nahte '^gewurcSaJ?. G'Ser f ing is 6ce . swa pcet hit 28 
hjefS ordfruman . and nsefS nenne ende . poet synd senglas and manna 
saula . pe ongunnen Sa pa. hi god gesceop . ac hi ne ge-endiacS nsefre. 
Dridde ping is ece . sw4 pcet hit naefS nacSor ne ordfruman ne ende . 
poet is se dna selmihtiga god on })rynnesse . and on annysse . aefre 32 
wuniende un-asmeagendlic . and un-assecgendlic. Se feeder is angin . 
of nanum o'Srum . and se sunu is angin . sefre of J^am faeder acenned . 
and se halga gast is angin . sefre of J^am feeder . and of J^am sunu . na 
acenned dc fortS-stseppende for(5an pe se sunu is p2es fseder wisdom . 36 
of him . and mid him . and se halga gast is heora begra wylle . and 
lufu . of him bam . and mid him bam. On t5isne enne god we sceolon 
geleafan . and hine mid weorcum wurSian . forSan . pe ealle f)a 
halgan bee aegcSer ge on Jpsere ealdan . ae . ge on J^sere niwan so(51ice 40 
sprecaS be fere halgan Srynnysse . and soc5re annysse. pses 4n scj^p- 
pend w4t ealle ping . and gesih'S ge pcet gedon is . ge pcet pe nu is . 
ge pcet (5e to-weard is . ne he ndn j^ing ne for~git . ne him nan J^ing 
getfleon ne mseg. Ne 6n-dret he him nanes J?inges . for'San J^e he 44 
nsefS nenne riccran . ne furcSon nanne him gelicne. Symble he bicS 
gyfende . and he ne wanaS swa-f)seh nan ping his . ne him nanes 
j^inges nis neod-f)earf. Symble he bitS selmihtig god . for'San tSe he 

* MS. waet, alt to w^t ; read wet ; not w^t (knows). ^ leaf 4. 


Almighty God, ever unbegun and unended. But the man is mad 
who wishes to have anything before a beginning; because the 
Holy Trinity is the Beginning and the One Creator of all creatures, 
and there never was nor now exists anything that the One Worker 
hath not created. If any heretic or frenzied man seek to 
enquire further and go beyond the beginning with foolish pre- 
sumption, he is like unto a man who reareth a high ladder, and 
climbeth by the steps of the ladder until he be come to the end ; 
and then, desiring to climb yet higher, he climbeth without the 
steps until that, having no standing-place, he falleth with so much 
the worse a fall as he further clomb. 

There are three things on this earth : one is transitory, which 
hath both beginning and end; such are beasts and all soulless 
things which began when God created them, and afterward come 
to an end and turn to nothing. The second thing is eternal, 
so that it hath a beginning and hath no end ; such are angels 
and souls of men, which began when God created them, but they 
never end. The third thing is eternal, so that it hath neither 
beginning nor end ; such is the One Almighty God in Trinity 
and Unity, who continueth ever unsearchable and unspeakable. 
The Father is the Beginning, of none other; and the Son is 
the Beginning, eternally begotten of the Father; and the Holy 
Ghost is the Beginning, eternally of the Father and of the Son, not 
begotten, but proceeding ; because the Son is the Father's "Wisdom, 
of Him and with Him ; and the Holy Ghost is the Will and the Love 
of Them both, of Them both and with Them both. In this One God 
we must believe, and honour Him with our works, because all the 
holy books, both in the Old Law and in the New, speak indeed 
concerning the Holy Trinity and Very Unity. This One Creator 
knoweth all things, and seeth both that which hath been, and that 
which now is, and that which is to come ; neither forgetteth He 
anything, nor may anything escape Him. Neither is He afraid of 
anything, because He hath none more powerful than Himself, nor 
even any equal to Him. He is ever bestowing, yet never loseth 
any part of Himself, neither is anything needful to Him. He is 
ever Almighty God, because that He ever willeth good and never 


symble wyle god . and naefre nan yfel . dc he hatacS pi yfel- 48 
wyrcendan . and f)a unrilit-wisan. Dd gesceafta pe J^ses 4n scyppend 
gesceop synden meenig-fealde . and mislices hiwes . and ungelice faratS. 
Sume sindon ungesewenlice gastas . butan lichoman swa swd synd 
senglas on heofonum. Sume syndan creopende on eorSan . mid 52 
ealluw lichoman . swd swa wurmas docS. Sume gaS on twam 
fotum . sume on feower fotum. Sume fleotS mid fyc5erum . sume on 
flodum swimmacS . and hi ealle swa-]?8eh alotene beoS ^ to psdve 
eorcSan weard . and J^ider wilnia(5 . oSSe paes pe him lyst . o(5'Se fees 56 
pe hi bef)urfon . do se mdn ana gee's uprihte . pcet getacnaS . pcet he 
sceall md f>sencan upp . f)onne ny'Ser . J^elaes pe pcet mod sy neoSer. 
fonne se lichoma and he sceal sraeagen embe pcet gece lif . pe h6 to 
gesceapen waes . swiSor ]?onne embe psb eorSlican f>ing . swd swd his 60 
wsestm him gebicnat5. Ealle J^ds gesceafta habba'S anginn . and sume 
eac ende swd swd we ser cwsedon . dc se soSa scyppend naefS ndn 
angin . forSan pe he is him sylf angin . na gesceapen . ne geworht . 
Se geworhte ealle j^ing . and wunaS . d . on secnysse. Hine ne 64 
mihte ndn f)ing gewyrcean . for (Son pe ndn J?ing uses ser he . 
and gif h6 geworht wsere ne wurde he nsefre gelmihtig god. 
^ft gif hwylc gewytleas man . wenS pcet he hine sylfne ge- 
worhte . f)onne axie w6 hu he mihte hine sylfne gewyrcean gif 68 
he ser nes. He waes sefre tinge worht . and sefre wuna(5 un-ge-endod. 
His we magon wundrian . and we ne magon . ne ne motan . nd furSor 
embe {jis smeagen . gif we nellaS us sylfe for-pseran . Seo sunne pe 
onliht ealne mid-eard is godes gesceaft . and we magon understandan 72 
pcet hyre leoht is of hyre . nd heo of pSLin leohte . and seo hsetu gse^ of 
Jjsere sunnan . and of hire leohte gelice. Swd eac pses selmihtigan 
godes sunu is sefre of J^sem feeder acenned . s6^ leoht . and soS 
wisdom . and se halga gast is sefre of him bam . na acenned . dc 76 
forSsteppende . and se sunu dna . under-feeng menniscnysse and on 
jpisum dege wearS to menu geboren . to pi pcet he wolde us to his 
rice gefseccan. Nis nanum menu on Sisum deadlican life libben- 
dum nanes f»inges . swa mycel need . swa him bij? pcet he cunne 80 
J^onne selmihtigan god mid geleafan . and si})f»an his agene sawle : 
We habbaS eow oft geseed eowerne geleafan ^ be J^sere halgan Sryn- 
^ leaf 4, back. ^ leafs. 


evil, but hateth the evil-doers and the unrighteous. The creatures 
whom this one Creator created are manifold, and of various form, 
and move diversely. Some are invisible spirits without body, as 
are the angels in Heaven; some creep on the earth with their 
whole body as worms do ; some go on two feet, some on four feet, 
some fly with wings, some swim in the waters, and yet all these 
are bowed down earthward, and thither is their desire, either 
because it pleaseth them or because they needs must ; but man 
alone goeth upright, which signifieth that his thoughts should be 
more upward than downward, lest the mind be lower than the 
body; and that he ought to seek after the eternal life for which 
he was created rather than after earthly things ; even as his form 
showeth him. All these creatures have a beginning, and some also 
an end, as we before said, but the true Creator hath no beginning, 
because He is Himself the beginning, neither created nor made. 
He made all things and continueth from everlasting to everlasting ; 
nothing could make Him, because nothing was before Him ; and 
if He had been made, then could He never have been Almighty 
God. Again, if any witless man think that God made Himself, 
we ask him how He could have made Himself if He existed not 
before ? He was ever unmade, and ever continueth unending ; 
we may wonder at Him, but we may not, and must not, enquire 
further concerning this, if we would not lose ourselves. The 
sun which lighteth up the whole earth is God's creature, and we 
can understand that her light is from herself and not she from the 
light, and the heat proceedeth equally from the sun and from her 
light. So likewise the Son of Almighty God is eternally begotten 
of the Father, true light and true wisdom ; and the Holy Ghost 
is eternally of Them both, not begotten, but proceeding ; and the 
Son alone took human nature, and on this day was born as man, 
to the end that He might fetch us to His kingdom. There is 
nothing so needful to any man living in this mortal life as that 
he should know the Almighty God by faith, and afterwards [know] 
his own soul. 

"We have often spoken to you of your faith concerning the Holy 
Trinity; now will we, if we can, briefly tell you something about 


nysse. Nu wylle we eow sum f)ing be eowre sawle saeccgan . sceort- 
lice gif we magon. Ealle f)a geleafFullan fsederas pe godes lare 84 
awriton . saedon untwylice . and ge]:>w8erlehton on pam. anum . ])(]et 
god gescyptS selces mannes sawle . and seo sawl nis na of godes 
agenum gecynde. Gif heo wsere of godes gecynde genumen . 
witodlice ne mihte heo singian. pam men is gecyndelic pcet h.^ 88 
lufige fset pcet god is. Hwset is god butan gode anum se pe is 
healic godnisse . butan f»am ne mseg nan man nan f>ing godes habban . 
Das godnysse we sceolan simble lufian pe us selc god ofcymf) . ac 
J?issere godnysse lufu ne mseg been butan on f)8ere sawle . and seo 92 
dn sawul is se'Selboren pe Sonne tufa's pe heo fram com . J^e hi 
Jjyllice gesc^op })8et heo on hire andgyte habban mihte godes dnlic- 
nesse and gelicnesse . and J^ses wyr"Se wsere . pcet hyre god on- 
wunode. Uf)wytan ssecgaS . pcet ]?aere sawle gecynd is "Sryfeald . 96 
An dael is on hire gewylnigend-lic . oc5er yrsigend-lic . Jjrydde ge- 
sceadwislic. Twsegen J^issera dsela habbaS deor and nytenu mid us . 
pcet is gewylnunge and yrre. Se man ana hsefS gescedd . and rse'd . 
and andgit. Gewylnung is })am menn forgifen to gewilnienne pa 100 
Sing pe him fremiaS to nit-wyrSum J?ingum and to J?8ere ecan hsele . 
ponne gif seo gewylnung mis- went . ]?onne acenS he gyfernesse . 
and forlygr and gitsunge. Yrre is 'Ssere sawle forgifen . to Sy pcet 
heo yrsige ongean leahtres . and ne beo na synnum under- Jjeodd . 104 
for f)an Se crist cw8e"S . aelc f>ara pe synna wyrcS . is j^sera synna 
"Seow. Gif pcet yrre biS on yfel awend . J^onne cymS of ps^m un- 
rotnisse . and semylnysse. Gescead is Ssere sawle forgifen to 
gewyssienne and to styrenne hire agen lif . ^and ealle hire dseda. 108 
Of fam gesceade gif hit miswsent . cymS modignysse and ydel gylp. 
Gescead wexcS on cildruw na seo sawul . and seo sawul f)ih)3 on mseg- 
enum . and ne biS namare f)onne heo set fruman wses ac biS betere 
ne heo ne underfsehS lichomlice mycelnysse. Seo sawul hsefS swa 112 
swa we ser cwsedon on hire gecynde . p2ere halgan J^rynnysse anlic- 
nysse . on J^an pe heo hsefS gemynd . and andgit . and wyllan. An 
sawul is . and in lif . and An edwist . pe pSiS Sreo j^ing haefS on hire . 
and J^as Sreo J^ing na synd na Sreo lif ac dn . ne {)reo sedwiste ac in. 116 

* leaf 5, back. 


your own souls. All the orthodox fathers who wrote God's lore, 
spoke undoubtingly and unanimously agreed in this, that God 
createth each man's soul, and the soul is not of God's own nature. 
If it were taken from God's nature, evidently it could not sin. It 
is natural to man that he should love that which is good ; who is 
good but God only, who is supreme goodness, without whom no 
man can have anything that is good ? This goodness, from which 
Cometh to us every good thing, we must ever love, but the love 
of this goodness cannot exist except in the soul, and only that soul 
is nobly-born that loveth Him from whom it came, who created 
it such that it might have God's image and likeness in its under- 
standing, and might be worthy of this thing, viz. that God should 
dwell in it. Philosophers say that the soul's nature is threefold : ^r--"^ 
the first part in her is capable of desire, the second of anger, the ij^"*^ " 
third of reason. Two of these parts, beasts and cattle have in 
common with us, that is to say, desire and anger j man only hath 
reason and speech and intelligence. Desire is given to man to 
desire that which profiteth him, both in things needful and for 
everlasting salvation ; but if the desire be perverted, it begetteth 
Gluttony, and Lechery, and Avarice. Anger is given to the soul 
to the end that it may be angry against vice, and be subject to 
no sins, because that Christ said, ' Whosoever committeth sins is 
the servant of sins.' If anger be turned to evil, then cometh 
therefrom Wrath and Sloth. Heason is given to the soul to direct 
and govern its own life and all its deeds ; from reason, if it be 
perverted, proceed Pride and Vainboasting [Envy]. Keason, not 
the soul, waxeth in children ; and the soul increaseth in virtues, 
yet is it no larger than it was at the beginning ; but becometh 
better, though it receiveth no bodily increase. 

The soul hath (as we before said) in its nature a likeness to the 
Holy Trinity, in that it hath memory, understanding, and will. It 
is one soul, and one life, and one substance, which hath in itself 
these three things ; and these three things are not three lives, but 
one ; not three substances, but one. The soul, or the life, or the 



iSeo sawul . o^^e poet lif . ocStSe seo edwist . synd gecwsedene to hyre 
sylfra . and pcet gemynd . o'SSe Ipcet andgit . oppe seo wylla . beotS 
gecwgedene to sumum J^inga . ed-lesendlice . and f>as tSreo J^ing 
habba'S annysse him betwynan . Ic uudergyte . pcet ic wylle under- 120 
gytan and ge-munan . and ic wylle pcet ic under-gyte and gemune . 
bser J^aer pcet gemynd bi(S . pser biS pcet andgyt and se wylla . Uton 
nu bebealden pi wundorlican swyftnysse })8ere sawle . heo hsefS sw4 
mycele swyftnysse pcet heo on anre tide gif heo sw4 wyle . be- 124 
Bceawa'S heofonan and ofer see flyhcS . land . and burga geond-fserS . 
and ealle pas p'mg mid ge]?ohte on hire sih(5e geseet . and swa 
hra'Se swa heo gehyrS f)8ere burge naman . pe heo ser cuc5e . swd 
hratSe heo mseg J?a burh on hire gef)ohte gescyppan hwylc heo bit5 . 128 
Eal sw4 be gehwylcum ocSrum f)ingum pe heo ser cucSe . otStSe ne 
cu'Se . heo mseg on hire mode gescyppan . })onne heo gehyrS be 
J)am sprsecan . And swd styrigende is seo sawul . pcet heo furtSon 
6n slsepe ne gestylf) . ac ^onn^ he smeac5 be rome by rig ne mseg 132 
heo )5a hwile smeagen be hierusal^m . ot5t5e f)onne heo smea'S be 
anum ping . ne m?eg heo J)a hwyle be o^rum J^inge smeagen . 
ac bi]5 gebysgod mid J^am anum (Singe d^pcet f>8et gejjoht ge- 
wyte . ^and o(5er cume . Witodlice god selmihtig wat ealle ping 136 
togsedere . and ealle ping hsefS on his andwerdnysse . and hi sefre 
beoj? on his gesihj^e . and nsefre him uncuj^e . and J?is is pcet ge- 
cwseden is pcet god is seghwser call . fortSan t5e ealle f> ing J^e sefre 
wseron o'ScSe nti synd . of)]5e 'Sa pe towearde synd . ealle hi synd on 140 
godes gesih^e . an-wearde . na sene . dc sefre . Seo sawul so'Slice is 
]:>a3S lichoman lif . and fsere sawle lif is god . Gif seo sawul forlset 
Jjonne lichoman )?onne swselt seo lichoma . and gif god forlaet f>a 
sawle for ormgettuw synnum . |?onn6 swselt heo on pei7n sselran 144 
dsele swd pcet heo bitS for-loren f)am ecan life . and sw4 J?eah neefre 
ne ge-enda'S on pam ecum wytum . pes^ deetS hire gelimp'S . gif 
heo Iset rixian on hire pi gewilnunge and pcet yrre . swicSor f)onne 
pcet gescead pe hi gewysigen sceall to wel-daedum . 4 . Duruh pcet 148 
gescead dna we synd sselran f)onne J^a unge-sceadwysan nytenu . 
Mid twam wur'Sscipum ge-gloengde se selmihtiga scyppend {jses 
mannes sawle . pcet is mid eccnysse ^ . and eadignysse . Ac heo 
^ Leaf 6. ^ MS paes, alt. to pes. ^ seccnysee, alt. to eccjnisse. 


substance are considered by themselves separately ; and the memory, 
or the understanding, or the will, are considered relatively to certain 
things, and these three have unity amongst tliemselves. I under- 
stand that which I will to understand and remember, and I will 
that which I understand and remember. Wherever memory is, 
there is understanding and will. Let us now consider the wonderful 
swiftness of the soul : it hath so great swiftness that at the same 
time, if it so will, it contemplateth heaven and flieth over sea, 
traverseth countries and cities, and in thought disposeth all these 
things in its vision ; and as soon as it heareth the name of the city 
that it knew before, so soon can it in thought create that city, 
whatsoever it be. So also, as to every other thing that it before 
knew or knew not, it can create them in the mind whenever it 
heareth them spoken of. So active is the soul_, that even in 
sleep it resteth not ; but when it thinketh of the city of Kome it 
cannot at the same time think of Jerusalem, neither when it is 
thinking about one thing can it at the same time think of 
another, but is busied with that one thing until that thought 
depart and another come. Verily God Almighty knoweth all 
things at the same time, and hath all things present to Him, and 
they are ever in His sight, and never unknown to Him, and this is 
that which is said, that ' God is, everywhere, all things ' ; because 
that all things that ever were, or now are, or are to come, are all 
present to God's sight, not once but alway. The life of the body is 
the soul, and the life of the soul is God. If the soul leave the 
body, then the body dieth ; and if God leave the soul because of 
very grievous sins, then dieth it in its better part, so that it 
is lost to the eternal life ; but nevertheless it never cometh to an 
end in its eternal punishment. 

This death betideth the soul if it allow desire and anger to 
reign in it, rather than reason, which should ever direct it to good 
deeds. Through reason alone are we better than the irrational 
beasts. "With two dignities Almighty God adorned man's soul ; 
that is to say, with immortality and happiness : but it lost happiness 



for-leas f)a eadignysse f)a 'Sa he agylte . and heo ne mihte f>a ec- 152 
nysse for-leosan for(5an f)e heo ne ge-enda'S nsefre . psere sawle 
wlyte IS . pcet heo heebbe mihte . sw4 Ipcet heo leahtres forbtige . 
and heo bi"S atelic j^urh leahtras gif he him under-liS . Dsere sawle 
mihta syndon ]?as feower fyrmestan . and sselestan . prudentia . 156 
pcet is snoternysse . ]?urh J^a heo sceal hyre scippend under-standan . 
and hine lufian . and tosceaden (sic) god fram yfele . OSer msegen 
Is . lustitia . pcet is rihtwisnys . f>urh f)a heo sceal god wur'Sigan . 
and rihtlice libban . pset 'Srydde mgegen is . temperantia . Ipwt is 160 
gemetegung . mid f>8ere sceall seo sawul ealle )?ing gemsetegian . pcet 
hit to swif)e ne sy . ne to hwonlice . foreman f)e hit is awryten . Om- 
nia nimia nocent . Ipcet Is ealle ofer-done ^ f>ing dseria'S . Witodlice 
gemetegung is eallra maegena modor . pset feorSe msegen is . For- 164 
titudo . poet is strseng'S . oSSe anrednyss . ]:>urh p^ sceal seo sawul 
for-bseran earfo'Snysse mid anrsedum mode . for godes lufan . and 
neefre pam. deofle ne abugan to forwyrde . Das feower msegenu 
habbatS aenne kynehelm . pcet is seo sot5e lufu . godes . and manna . 168 
for'San pe seo sawul is gesaelig . "Se J^onne scyppend lufat5 pe hi 
gesc^op . and hire gefseran . and him fremian [w^ile] swa heo fyrmest 
msege . Seo sawul is gesceadwis gast . gefre cucu and meeg under- 
fon ge godne wyllan . and yfelne . sefter agenum eyre . Se w6l- 172 
willende scyppend Iset hi habben agenes eyres geweald . pi wearcS 
heo be agenum wyllan gewsemmed )3urh psds deofles lare . Heo 
wsercS seft alysad f)uruh godes gife . gif heo gode gehyrsumacS . 
Heo is unge-saewenlic . and un-licliomlic . butan hsefe and butan 176 
bleo . mid J^am lichaman befangen . and on eallum limum wunigende . 
Ne heo ne mseg be hyre agenre mihte of pam lichoman gewytan . ne 
seft ongean cyrran . butan se wylle pe hi geworhte . and on })onne 
lichaman asaende . Heo is on bocum manegum naman gecyged . be 180 
hyre weorces f)enungum . Hyre nama is anima poet is sawul and seo 
nama gelymp'5 to hire life . And sipiritus gast . belimp'S to hire ymb- 
wUtunge . Heo is sensus . pcet is andgit . o'S'Se fel-nyss . f)onne heo 
gefret . Heo is animus . pcet is mod . J?onne heo wat . Heo is mens . 184 
pset is mod Jjonne heo under-stent . Heo is memoria . pcet is gemynd . 
J^onne heo geman'S . Heo is ratio . pcet is gescedd . j^onne heo 

^ Leaf 6, back. 


when it sinned; yet immortality it cannot lose, because it shall 
never end. The beauty of the soul is to have power, so that it 
may eschew evil ; and it will be deformed through vices if it be 
subject unto them. The soul's powers are these four foremost and 
best ones j Frudentia, that is Prudence, whereby it must understand 
its Creator and love Him, and discern good from evil. The 
second virtue is Justitia, that is, righteousness [Justice], whereby 
it must worship God and live uprightly. The third virtue is 
Temjyerantia, that is moderation [Temperance], whereby the soul 
must measure all things, that it sin not by excess or by defect, 
because it is written, Omnia nimia nocent : ' All excesses [lit. 
things overdone] are hurtful.' Verily moderation is the Mother of 
all virtues. The fourth virtue is Fortitudo [Fortitude], that is, 
strength or constancy, whereby the soul should, with steadfast 
mind, endure hardness for God's love, and never yield to the Devil 
to its own destruction. These four virtues have one crown, that 
is, the true love of God and Man, because the soul is blessed that 
loveth the God who created it and its fellow-pilgrims, and [desireth] 
to do good to them to its utmost power. The soul is a rational 
spirit, which liveth for ever, and is capable of following either a 
good or an evil desire according to its own choice. The benevolent 
Creator letteth it have the command over its own choice ; then be- 
came it corrupt by its own free-will, through the Devil's teaching ; 
but it shall again be delivered through the grace of God, if it obey 
Him. It is invisible and incorporeal, without weight and without 
colour, clothed upon with the body, and dwelling in all the limbs. 
It cannot depart out of the body by its own power, nor return 
thither again except He who made it and sent it into the body 
should so will. It is called by various names in books, according 
to its offices. Its name is Anima, that is, Soul, and the name 
befitteth its life; and Sjnritus, that is Spirit, which appertaineth 
to its contemplation. It is Sensus, that is, perception or sensation, 
when it perceiveth. It is Animus, that is, intellect, when it 
knoweth. It is Mens, that is, mind, when it understandeth. It is 
Memoria, that is. Memory, when it remembereth : It is Ratio, 
that is, Reason, when it reasoneth. It is Voluntas, that is 


to-scaet . Heo is uoluntas . pcet is wylla . f)onne heo liwset wyle . 
Ac swa J?eali ealle fjas naman syndon sawul . selc sawul is gist . i88 
dc ^swa Ipe&h nis na aelc gast sawul . Se apostol paulus to- 
twaemde f»8es gastes naman . and J^aes modes f)us cwse'Sende . Psal- 
lam sjiiritii psallam et mente . pset is on senglisc . Ic singe mid 
gaste . and ic singe mid mode Se smg6 mid gaste . se t5e clypacS 192 
p& word mid mucSe . and ne under-stsent J^ses andgites getacnnnge . 
and se sing^ mid mode se tSe J^ses andgites getacnnnge under- 
stsent . Sec sawul is J^ees liclioman hlsefdige . and heo gewissatS 
J^a fif andgitu fees lichaman . swd swd of cyne-ssetle . pa and- 196 
gitu sint geliatene f)us . Uisus . ])cet is gesib'S . auditus . lilyst . 
Gustus . swaec^ on pam mu'Se . Odoratus . stsenc . on j?8era nosa . 
tactus . hrepung . oS^e grapung . on eallum limum . dc J^eah 
gewunelicost on J^am liandum . Das fif andgitu gewiese'S seo 200 
sawul to hire wyllan . and hyre gedafna'S pcet heo swd swA hlaef- 
dige . geornlice foresceawige hwset heo gehwylcum lime bebeode 
to donne . o'St5e hwset heo gehwylcum lime gej^afige on gewylnunge 
his gecyndes . ])CEt J^ser nan J)ing unj^seslice ne gelympe on nanes 204 
limes f)enunge . Sw4 sw4 god aelmihtig oferstih'S ealle gesceafta . 
sw4 oferstih'S seo sawul ealle lichawlice gesceafta mid wurSfulnysse 
hyre gecyndes . and ndn lichamlic gesceaft ne mseg beon hyre 
wicS-meten . We cwct'den ser pcet heo wsere butan bleo . forf)an 'Se 208 
heo nis na lichamlic . On lichaman biS bleoh . and seo sawul bicS 
sw4 ge-wlitegod . swa heo on worulde ge-earnode . Be f>am cwae}) 
crist on his godspelle . Tunc iusti fulgebunt sicut sol in regno 
patris eorum . pcet ys on senglisc . J^onne scina'S pa, riht-wisan swa 212 
swa sunne on heora feeder rice . Witodlice pa, drleasan beoS heora 
yfelum weorcum gelice . Nis seo or]?ung pe w6 ut blawaj? . and 
in ateo"S of»]5e ure sawul ^ Ac is seo lyft pe ealle lichamlice f>ing 
on lybba'S . butan fixum anum pe on flodum lybbacS . Oft bicS seo 216 
sawul on anum J^inge . o'SSe on anum gejjohte . swa bysig pcBt 
heo ne gym's hwd hyre gehende biS . j?eah 'Se heo 6n-locie . ne pesih 
heo sume stemne gehyre . heo hit ne understent . ne peah hi hw4 
hreppe heo hit ne gefret . Hwilon heo besargaS hyre lichoman 220 
sarnissa . hwilon heo gladaS on godum gelimpum . hwilon heo 
^ Leaf 7. 2 ]vjg spraec, alt. to swsec. ^ Leaf 7, back. 


Will, when it willeth anything ; nevertheless all these names 
are one soul. Every soul is a spirit, but nevertheless every 
spirit is not a soul. The Apostle Paul distinguished between 
these names of spirit and mind, thus saying — Fsallam sjnritii, 
psallam et mente. That is, in English, 'I will sing with 
the spirit, and I will sing with the mind.' He singeth with the 
spirit who uttereth the words with his mouth and understandeth 
not the signification of their meaning ; and he sings with the mind 
who understandeth the signification of their meaning, The soul is 
the mistress of the body, and governeth the five senses of the body, 
as out of a royal throne. These senses are thus named : Visus, 
that is. Sight; Auditus, Hearing; Gustus, Taste w^ith the mouth; 
Odoratus, Smelling with the nose; Tactus, Touching or feeling 
with all the limbs, but most usually with the hands. 

The Soul directeth these five senses according to its will, and 
it behoveth it that, as a mistress, it should carefully consider 
what it will command each limb to do, or what it permitteth to 
each limb as regards its natural desire, that nothing unseemly 
should befal by means of any limb's service. 

Like as God Almighty excelleth all creatures, so excelleth the 
soul all created bodies by the dignity of its nature, and no bodily 
creature may be compared with it. We said before that the soul 
was without colour, because it is incorporeal. A body hath colour, 
and the soul will be adorned according as it hath merited on earth ; 
of this spake Christ in His Gospel, Tunc justi fulgebunt sicut sol 
in regno ^^ct^ris eorum. That is, in English, ' Then shall the 
righteous shine as the sun in their Father's kingdom.' Verily 
the wicked shall be like their own evil deeds. It is not our 
breath [spi7itus] or our soul that we blow out and draw in, but 
air, in which all bodily things live, except only fishes that live in 
the waters. The soul is often so busy about one thing or one 
thought, that it heedeth not who may be near at hand, though it 
may be looking at him ; and though it hear a voice, it under- 
standeth it not ; though any touch it, it feeleth him not. Some- 
times it sorroweth for its body's pains, sometimes it rejoiceth in 
good fortune ; sometimes it thinketh of things that it knew before ; 


f)9enc^ J?a 'Sing Ipe heo ser cnSe . liwilon heo wyle wytan f>a 
t5ing pe heo ser ne cu'Se . Sume ping heo wyle . sume 'Sing heo 
nele . and ealle lichamlicra ]:)inga hiw heo mseg on hyre sylfre 224 
gehiwian . and swa gehiwode on hyre mode gehealden . Dsere 
sawle wlyte is Ipcet heo wisdom lufie . nd 'Sone eorSlican wisdom be 
pam pe j^us awriten is . Sapientia hums mundi . stultitia est apud 
deuTQ . pysses middan-eardes wysdom . is stuntnis aefcforan gode . 228 
Ac f)onne wisdom heo sceal leornian . pcet heo luiie god . and hine 
sefre wurSige on eallu??* hyre weorcum . and J^a ping leornige pe 
gode liciaS . and pa ping forlsete J^e him laSe syndon . pses 
wisdom is awryten on halgum bocum . and be Sam is f)us ge- -^Ta 
cwgeden . Omnis sapientia a domino deo est . tEIc wisdom is of 
gode . Is nu forSy selc man eadig and gesseb'g . se 'Se for gode 
wis biS . and gif heo his weorc mid wisdome gefadaS . Be J^sem 
cwse'S se sediga iob . pees mannes wisdom is drfsestnys . and 236 
soS ingehyd . pcet heo yfel forbuge . Witodlice pcet is so]:) wysdom . 
pcet man gewylnige pcet so'Se lif on pa,m pe he sefre lybban mseg 
mid gode on wuldre gif h^ hit on ]:)yssere worulde ge-earna'S . To 
f)am us ge-laede seo leofa drihten crist . se Se is soS wysdom . 240 
and sawla lif . se 'Se mid his ecan feeder . and mid psun halgan 
gaste . i on ecnysse leofa'S . Amen. 



[Another copy, much burnt and nearly useless, is in MS. Otho, B. 10, fol. 10. 
I give a few various readings, marked ' O.'] 

eugenian philyppus dsehter . 
hu heo Surh mseg'Shdd mserlice J^eah . 

and ]?urh martyr-dom ]?isne middan-eard ofer-swa'S. 4 

Sum sejjel-boren J^eegn wees philippus gehaten . 
Sone asende se casere commodus 
pe on Sam dagum rixode . fram rome byrig 

to 'Ssere byrig Se is gehaten alexandria . 8 

and he hine gesette to heah-gerefan 

1 Leaf 8. 


sometimes it desireth to know those things that it before knew not. 
Some things it willeth, some things it willeth not ; and every form 
of corporeal things it can shape within itself, and so shaped retain 
them in its mind. The soul's beauty consists in loving wisdom ; 
not that earthly wisdom of which it is thus written, Sainentioj 
hujus mundi stultitia est apud deum : ' The wisdom of this world 
is foolishness before God.' But this wisdom it should learn — to 
love God, and ever honour Him in all its works ; to learn those 
things which please God, and forsake those things which are 
displeasing to Him. This wisdom is written of in Holy Scripture ; 
and it is said of it, Omnis sajnentia a Domino Deo est : ' Every 
wisdom is of God.' Wherefore every man is happy and blessed 
who is wise toward God, and if he order his deeds by the aid of 
wisdom. Concerning this spake blessed Job, ' Man's wisdom is 
righteousness, and his true knowledge is to depart from evil ' : 
Verily this is true wisdom, that a man desire the true life wherein 
he may live for ever with God in glory, if he merit it in this 
world. To this may our dear Lord Christ bring us, who is the 
true Wisdom, and the Life of souls, who with His Eternal Father 
and with the Holy Ghost liveth for ever and ever. Amen. 



He who wishes it, may hear concerning the holy maiden 

Eugenia, the daughter of Philip ; 

how she by her virginity gloriously flourished, 

and by martyrdom overcame this world. 

A certain nobly-born thane was named Philip, 

whom the emperor Commodus sent — 

he who in those days ruled — from the city of Rome 

to the city which is named Alexandria ; 

and he appointed him as chief ruler 


ofer alexandrian . and segyfto lande. 
and h^t Ipcet he lieolde )?a romaniscan gessetnysse. 
Dses t59egn philippus . naes na gefullod on gode . 12 

for]?an pe cristendom nses l^agyt geond eall cuc5 . 
and seo re))e selitnyss p^g)'t nses gestylled. 
His wif wees gecyged claudia 

be J^sere he gestrynde twsegen siina . 16 

auitum . and ssergium . and ane dohtor 
eugenian . J^e w6 embe spraeca]?. 
Da befseste se feeder philippus to lare . 

pcet heo on woruld-wysdome wsere getogen , 20 

sefter greciscre u'Swytegunge . and Isedenre getingnysse. 
Eugenia )?a ])cet se^ele mseden . 
wel J^eah on wisdome . and on u(5vvytegunge, 
pa becom hyre on hand j^ses halgan apostoles Idr 24 

paules ]?ses mseran ealles manncynnes lareowes, 
pd wearS hyre mod mycclum on-bryrd 
J>uruh J)d halgeu lare . peah Se heo pk gyt hge'Sen wsere. 
Heo baed ]?a hyre feeder pcet heo feeren moste 28 

geond his hames on alexandiscre scyre . 
wolde sw4 cepan }?sere cristenra lare , 
for'San J^e heo ngefde on 'Ssere byrig nasnne 

geleaffulne mann pe hi Iseren cuf>e . 32 

fortSan philippus aflygde p& cristenan 
of alexandrian . ealle on ser. 
Hwaet J?a evgenia ardlice faerde . 

o'S pcBt h6o bec6m Jpser 'Sa cristenan sungen 36 

mid mycelre blisse J^us msersigende god. 
Omnes dii gentium demonia . dominies autem caelos fecit. 
Ealle J^eere hseSenra godas syndon deofla . 

and dryhten so'Slice heofonas geworhte. 40 

Eugenia f)a mycclum wear"S ^ onbryrd 
and mid wope gesprsec hire twsegen cnihtas . 
Jjsere naman wseron . protus . et iacinctus . 

pi waeron gelserede on leden . and on grecisc . 44 

* Leaf 8, back. 


over Alexandria and the land of Egypt, 

and commanded him to observe the Koman law. 

This thane Philip was not baptized unto God, 

because Christianity was not yet known everywhere, 

and the cruel persecution was not yet stilled. 

His wife was named Claudia, 

on whom he begat two sons, 

Avitus and Sergius, and one daughter, 

Eugenia, of whom we now speak. 

Then her father Philip put her to school 

that she might be educated in worldly wisdom 

according to the Greek philosophy and Latin eloquence. 

Eugenia then, that noble maiden, 

well increased in wisdom and in philosophy. 

Then came into her hands the holy apostle's doctrine, 

[the words of] St. Paul, the famous teacher of all mankind. 

Then was her mind greatly aroused 

by the sacred doctrine, though she v/as still a heathen. 

Then prayed she her father that she might go 

away from his house in the city of Alexandria; 

she thus desired to seek after the Christians' doctrine, 

because she had no one in that city, 

no believing man who could instruct her, 

seeing that Philip drave away the Christians 

from Alexandria beforehand, all of them. 

So then Eugenia quickly journeyed 

until she arrived where the Christians were singing 

with great joy, thus glorifying God : 

Omnes dii gentium demonia ; dominus autem celos fecit : 

* All the gods of the heathen are devils, 

and verily the Lord created the heavens.' 

Eugenia then was greatly stirred, 

and with weeping addressed her two servants, 

whose names were Protus and Jacinctus, 

who had been instructed in Latin and in Greek, 


mid eugenian mid woruld-licra lare . 
and wseron eunuchi . pcet synt belisnode . 
and wseron heora hlsefdige liolde and ge-trywe. 
Da nam eugenia hi on sundor-sprsece . 48 

Let hi gebrotSra . and bsed pcet hi 
hyre faex forcurfon on waepmonna wysan . 
and mid wsedum gehiwodon . swylce heo cniht wsere . 
wolde (Sam cristenan gen^alecan 52 

on wserlicum hiwe . pcet heo ne wurde ameldod. 
Hi fserdon 'Sa J?ry . and heora gefaeran forleton . 
d^pcet hi becoman to 'Saere cristenra wununge. 
peer hi daeges and nihtes heora drihten heroden. 56 

On tSam ylcan dcege com sum bisceop 
helenus gehaten . haliges lifes . 
mid myceh'e meniu . dn-modlice singende. 

Uia iustorum recta facta est . et iter sawc^orum preparata est. 60 
])(^t is ))8era rihtwisra wseg . is geriht-lgeced . 
and Jjsera halgena sicSfset is gegearcod. 
pes bisceop worhta faela wundra J^uruh god . 
and him wear's geswutelod on swaefne be py-sum . 64 

and eall J^aes maedenes mod him wear^ ameldod. 
Dd gespraec 'poet maeden sumne messe-preost. 
Eutropius gehaten pmt he hyre aerende 

abude J^am bisceope . pjBum wordum geornlice . 68 

w6 cSry gebroSra wylla'S gecyrran 
fram f)am fulan hae'Sen-scype , to haelende criste . 
and we nellatS ndtes hwon . us naefre to-tweman. 
p4 J^ses on mergen se maesse-preost 72 

ahead ]:>aes maedenes word . })am maeron bisceope. 
pa h^t se bisceop hi gelangian . 
mycclum ]:)anciende f)am aelmihtigan gode . 

\)€et h6 wolde him onwreon fjaes maedenes wyllan. 76 

He gendm hi pk onsundron . and saede hyre gewislice . 
hwaet heo man ne waes . and hwylcere maeg]^e . 
and pcet heo J^urh maegcS- ^ hdd mycclum gelicode . 

^ Leaf 9. 


together with Eugenia, in worldly doctrine, 

and were eunuchi, that is to say, castrated, 

and were to their mistress true and faithful. 

Then Eugenia took them apart in conversation, 

called them brethren, and besought that they 

would shear her hair after the fashion of men, 

and disguise her with garments as if she were a boy. 

She desired to approach the Christians 

in the garb of a man, that she might not be betrayed. 

Then went these three, and left their companions, 

until they arrived at the Christians' abode, 

where they praised their Lord by night and by day. 

On that same day came a certain bishop, 

Helenus by name, of holy life, 

with a great multitude, unanimously singing — 

Via iustorum recta facta est, et iter sanctorum frejparata est : 

that is to say, ' The way of the righteous is guided, 

and the path of the saints is prepared.' 

This bishop wrought many miracles by God's help, 

and it was revealed to him in a vision concerning this matter, 

and all the maid's intent was made known to him. 

Then the maiden addressed a certain mass-priest, 

Eutropius by name, in order that he might declare 

her errand to the bishop, speaking eagerly in these words : 

* We three brethren are desirous to turn 

from foul heathendom to Jesus Christ, 

and we desire on no account to be separated from each other.' 

"When therefore in the morning the mass-priest 

reported the maid's message to the famous bishop, 

then the bishop bade her be called, 

greatly thanking Almighty God, 

that He had been pleased to reveal to him the maiden's will. 

Then he took her asunder, and said to her assuredly 

how she was no man, and of what kindred she was, 

and how she, by the virginity which she had chosen, 


})ain heofon-lican cyninge . pe heo gecoren hsefde . 80 

and cwsecS peel heo sceolde switSlice selit-nyssa . 

for msegtS-hade (Srowian . and J^eah beon gescyld 

J)urh J^one soSan drihten . pe ge-scylt liis gecorenan. 

To hire twam cnihtum . he cwa3?5 Ipcet hi heoldan 84 

8e})el-borennyss on mode . J^eah Ipe hi mannum J^eowdon . 

and cweeS pcet hi crist geeprsece pysmn godspellicum wordum. 

Ne hate ic eow na J^eowan . dc g6 synd mine freond. 

pa be-bead se biscop {jam gebogenan msedene . 88 

pcet heo swd {jurh-wunade . on ]^am wserlicnm hiwe . 

oppcet hi on fante gefullode wurdon . 

and mynster-licre drohtnunge . dearnunge ge-J>eodde. 

Eugenia psi wunode on J?am mynstre 92 

mid wserlicum mode . peah. pe heo mseden wsere , 

mid hyre twam cnihtum . uncu'S gehwdm . 

And heold on hyre pesLWum halige drohtnunge . 

"Surh modes lij^nesse . and myceh*e eadmodnesse . 96 

-and j^urh halige mgegnu . }pam hselende ge-cwsemde. 

Heo peah. on lare . J^aes rihtan geleafan . 

and on godcundlicum gewrytum mid godum wyllan . 

and wear(5 aw end of wulfe to Bceape. 100 

Hyre ge-euenlsehton . eac hyre cnihtas . 

protus . et iacinctus . on synderlicre drohtnunge . 

and hyre digol-nysse eallum be-dyrndon. 

Philippus ^4 se faeder forwear'S on mode . 104 

and seo modor claudia . mid murcnunge wees for-numeu . 

and eall seo msegcS on mode wear's astyred . 

and sohten pcet mseden mid mycelre sarnysse. 

Hi axoden set wyccum and set wisum dryum . 108 

eac set heora leasum godum . be f>8ere godes J?inene. 

Him wearS pi gessed to sojourn J)inge. 

pcet Sd godes hi ge-gripon for hyre godnysse . 

p4 gelyfde se fseder fsere leasunga 112 

^ and het asmiSigen . of smsetum golde 

^ Leaf 9, back. 


greatly pleased the heavenly King; 

and said, that she should extremely suffer persecutions 

because of her virginity, and should yet be preserved 

by help of the true Lord, who shields his chosen ones. 

To her two servants he said, that they ought to preserve 

true nobility in their minds, though they served men, 

and said that Christ addressed them in these gospel- words, 

' I call you not servants, but ye are my friends/ 

Then the bishop bade the converted maiden 

still to continue in the man's apparel, 

until they had all been baptized in the font, 

and to join secretly in the service in the minster. 

Eugenia then dwelt in the minster 

with a man's mind, though she were a maid, 

with her two servants, unknown to every one, 

and observed in her conduct the holy service 

with gentleness of mind and great humility, 

and by her holy virtues pleased the Saviour. 

She increased in the doctrine of the true faith, 

and in divine writ, with a good will, 

and was changed (as it were) from a wolf to a sheep. 

Her servants also imitated her, Protus and Jacinctus, 

in private devotion, and wholly kept her secret. 

Philip then, her father, was disordered in mind, 

and her mother Claudia was seized with murmuring, 

and all her kindred were stirred up in their minds, 

and sought for the maiden with much sorrow. 

They enquired of witches and of wise sorcerers, 

and eke of their false gods, concerning God's handmaid. 

Then it was reported to them for a true tale, 

that the gods had taken her for her goodness. 

Then the father believed the lying tale, 

and bade men fasliion, out of beaten gold. 


hyre anlycnysse . and J)4 wur'Sode 

swd swd lialige gydenan . ac hit waes gold swd Ipeah. 

pa aefter ]:>rym gearum . J?£es Ipe heo gecyrred wses ii6 

gewdt se abbod pe ^hyre ealdor wses . 

and ])i gebroSra sona ceosan ongunnen . 

eugenian to abbude^ . for hyre drfaestan life . 

and nyston ])<xt heo wses wimman swa J)eah. 120 

Da wear's ])cet mseden mycclum hoh-ful . 

hu heo sefre weeras wissian sceolde. 

Ne dorste swd f)eah hi ealle gedr6fan . 

and hyra ge]?eaht forseon . ic fseng to 'Sam hade. 124 

Hwset Sa eugenia hym eallum gebysnode^ 

mid goddre gedrohtnunge . to godes ]?eowdome . 

and mid carfulnysse . Jjonne hyred gewissode. 

Hyre ge-uSe j^a se selmihtiga wealdend. 128 

pcet heo untrume menn mihte gehselan . 

Bw4 hwylcne swd heo geneosode licgende on sare. 

Heo aflygde eac swylee Ipi fulan deofla . 

fram ofssettum mannum . ]?urh soSne geleafan . 132 

pa wses sum wif wselig on sehtum . 

melantia gecyged . swiSe Jpearle ge-dreht . 

mid lang-sumum feofore . and com to Ssere femnan . 

Eugenia pi hi gesmyrode . mid gehalgodum ele . 136 

and eac gemearcode mid rode-tacne . 

and heo pcet re'Se attor eall ut aspiiw . pe hyre dserede . 

and wearf) gehyeled J?urh pcet halige mseden . 

J:>a bead seo wydewe pam maedene sceattas 140 

for hyre hsele . dc heo hi forsoc . 

and tihte Sd oj^re pcet heo hi dselde . 

J?earfum and wsedlum for Sam gewissan eadleane. 

Da gewaende seo wydewe ham to hyre agenum 144 

and com siSSan gelome . mid leasum mode 

to pam wlytegan msedene . wende pcet heo cniht wsere . 

and maenig-fealde sceattas hyre unmseSlice bead . 

dc pSL pa. heo geseah . pcet seo soSfseste feemne 148 

' See MS. Otho B. x. fol. 10 {as now numhered). ^ abbode 0. ^ bysnode 0. 


an image of her. and then worshipped it 

as a holy goddess ; but it was gold still. 

Then after three years since her conversion, 

the abbot, that was her elder, departed this life, 

and the brethren immediately began to choose 

Eugenia as their abbot, for her devout life, 

and knew not that she was a woman all the while. 

Then became the maiden extremely anxious 

how she was ever to direct men ; 

yet durst she not offend them all 

and despise their election, but accepted the office. 

Well then, Eugenia set an example to them all 

with good devotion to God's service, 

and with carefulness governed the community. 

Then the Almighty Ruler granted her, 

that she might heal infirm men, 

whom ever she visited, as they lay in sickness. 

She drove away also foul devils 

from possessed men, through the true faith. 

Then was there a certain woman, wealthy in possessions, 

by name Melantia, very sorely afflicted 

with a long-lasting fever, and she came to the woman. 

Eugenia then besmeared her with hallowed oil, 

and moreover marked her with the sign of the cross, 

and she vomited out all the evil venom that was harming her, 

and was healed Iw means of the holy maiden. 

Then the widow offered treasures to the maiden 

for her healing, but she refused them, 

and persuaded the other to distribute them 

to poor people and beggars, for sake of the sure reward. 

Then the widow returned home to her own, 

and afterwards came often, with a false mind, 

to the beauteous maiden ; for she thought she was a youth, 

and wickedly offered her manifold treasures. 

But when she perceived that the virtuous woman 



hyre laca ne rohte . ne liyre ru^nunga . 

pi weartS heo mid yfele . eall afylled . 

and gebrsed hi seoce mid bysmor-fullum gej^ance . 

^Heo bsed pi eugenian . pcet heo hi geneosode^ . 152 

and ongan hyre ssscgan hyre Bweartan gej^ohtas . 

cwsecS p(^t heo wsere wydewe on J)am geare . 

and hyre wer laefde unlytle sehta 

on lande . and on feo . and on fore-wyrcendum * . 156 

and unc naes gemsene . man on Sysum lyfe . 

Nu ® is min mod awend mycclum to ^e . 

pcet p\x hlaford beo })3era sehta and min . 

Ic wene pcet hit ne sy tinrihtwisnysse ^ . setforan gode 160 

pesih tSe J?ii wifes bruce . and blysse'^ on life , 

Da andwyrde eugenia J^yssere oleciinge . 

and cwse'S to f)am wife . mid ))isum ingehyde . 

pcet 'Sa gewylnunga^ J>issere andweardan^ worulde . 164 

synt ^^ swi'Se swicole . f>eah J^e hi gesweese beon . 

and J)8es lichoman lustas gelome be-pseceS . 

and to sarnissuw gelsedacS pa. pe hi swiSost lufia'S . 

^fter J^issere tihtinge and on oc5rum larum . 168 

beclypte seo myltestre^^ pcet clsene mseden^^ . 

and wolde hi^^ gebygan to bismorlicum haemede . 

Hwset "Sa eugenia . hi gebletsode . 

and cwse'S to "Saere sceande . pcet heo so'Slice wsere 172 

galnysse ontendnyss . and gramena msege . 

})eostra gefsera . and mid sweartnysse afylled . 

DeatSes dohtor and deofles fsetels . 

Habban ]:)ine sehta J^ine gelican . 176 

w^ habbatS ealle b'ing mid pa.m selmihtigan drihtne . 

Dd wear's melantia micclum of-sceamod . 

wende pcet heo wolde hyre word ameldian . 

buton heo By If on ser hit openlice cydde . 180 

^ Leaf 10. 2 gee MS. Otho, B, x. fol. 10, back. ^ geniosode O. 

* wyrcendum mannum O. ' 0. inserts hlaford. ® unrihtwisnys O. 

^ blissie 0. ^ gewilnunge 0. ^ 0, om. andweardan. ■"' sind O. 

^^-" }pone abbod. ^^ hine O. 


recked not of her gifts, nor of her whisperings, 

then was she wholly filled with evil, 

and feigned herself sick with deceitful intent. 

She then besought Eugenia to visit her, 

and began to speak to her her dark thoughts, 

saying that she had been a widow for a year, 

and her husband had left her not a little property 

in land and in cattle, and in domestic servants ; 

* and we two had ' (said she) ' no communion in this life. 

Now is my mind much inclined towards thee, 

that thou mayst be lord of my goods and of me. 

I ween it is no unrighteousness before God 

though thou shouldst enjoy a wife and happiness in this life.' 

Then Eugenia replied to this flattery, 

and spake to the woman to this intent, 

that the desires of this present world 

are extremely deceitful, though they be pleasant, 

and the lusts of the body oftentimes seduce 

and bring them to sorrow who love them most. 

After this persuasion and amongst other teaching, 

the wanton woman embraced the pure maiden, 

desiring to incline her to shameful adultery. 

Lo ! then Eugenia blessed herself, 

and said, to her shame, that she verily was 

a kindler of lust, a child of wrath, 

a companion of darkness, and filled with blackness, 

a daughter of death, and the devil's vessel. 

' Let them that are like thee possess thy goods, 

we possess all things together with Almighty God.' 

Then was Melantia greatly ashamed, 

and supposed that she would betray her conversation, 

unless she herself beforehand made it publicly known. 



Faerde pi ardlice to alexandrian byrig . 

to J?am heah-gersefan . Ipe waes ge-haten pliilippus . 

eiigenian feeder . f>eah seo fule pcet nyste . 

and begann hi to wraegenne . and wolde forssecgan . 184 

cwseS pcet heo eode to hyre licgendre . 

on laeces hiwe . and hi wolde for-lycgan . 

gif heo pcet bysmor forberan wolde . 

^c ic hrymde sona mid sarlicre ^ staemne 188 

olppcet an minra wimmanna ^me wi^ hine ahredde . 

Da gelyfde philippws )?8ere facen-fvllan ^ segene . 

and swi'Se gehdt-heort . *h6t hi ge-faeccan* . 

and eac (Sa ge-bro"Sra . ealle gebundeue . 192 

and heold hi on bendum . and on blindum cwearterne . 

d^pcet he mid wytum . pcet wif gewrsece . 

p4 com se ddeg Ipe se dema gesaette . 

and wseron gegeorcode (sic) pi re'San wyta . 196 

and wurdon gefaette aet-foran ]?am deman . 

fa unscildigan cristenan . on swaertum racentaegum . 

Da cwce'S . philippics . mid fullum graman . 

^to eugenian his agenre dehter^ . 200 

Sege J)u forscyldeguda hwi woldest (5u beswican 

pcet maere wif melantian mid forligre® 

and on laeces hiwe hi forlicgan woldest . 

Da cwaeS eugenia'^ . pc^t heo® ea)?e mibte . 204 

)5aes forlyres ^ un-hlisan hi beladian . 

and melantian onsage mid sotJe ofer-drifan . 

gif philippics wolde gefaestnian mid a]?e . 

pcet seo lease wrsegistre ne wurde fordaemed . 208 

Dd swor philippus pcet he fritSian wolde . 

)?a leasan wudewan . t5eah pe heo gelignod wiirtSe . 

pa baed eugenia'^ p(^t seo wyln sceolde 

saecgan ]?am deman hu hit gedon waere . 212 

and hu heo hyre hlaefdian wiS hyre lustas ahraedde . 

» Leaf 10, back. ^ gg^ jyjg Qtho, B. x. fol. ii. ^ facen-fullan O. 

*"* het gefeccan J)one abbod O. ^"^ to J)am abbode |>e waes his agen dohtor O. 

^ forligere O. '^ se abbod 0. ^ lie 0. ^ forligeres 0. 


Then went she quickly to the city of Alexandria, 
to the chief ruler, who was named Philip, 
Eugenia's father, though the wicked one knew it not, 
and began to accuse her, and wished to speak falsely, 
saying, that she [Eugenia] came to her as she lay in bed 
in a physician's garb, and desired to lie with her, 
if she would put up with that shameful deed. 
*But I cried aloud quickly with sorrowful voice, 
until one of my women delivered me from him.' 
Then Philip believed the deceitful story, 
and very angrily bade her be fetched, 
and the brethren likewise, all bound, 
and kept them in bonds, and in a dark prison, 
until he with torments might avenge the woman. 
Then came the day when the judge took his seat, 
and the cruel tortures were made ready, 
and then there were brought before the judge 
the guiltless Christians, in black fetters. 
Then quoth Philip with great anger 
to Eugenia, his own daughter, 

' Say, thou condemned one, why wouldst thou betray 
the illustrious woman, Melantia, to adultery, 
and, in the garb of a physician, wouldst lie with her?" 
Then quoth Eugenia that she could easily 
clear herself from the disgrace of adultery, 
and overcome by the truth Melantia's accusation, 
provided that Philip would assure her by an oath 
that the false (female) accuser should not be condemned. 
Then swore Philip that he would let go free 
the false widow, though she should prove to be perjured. 
Then Eugenia besought that the servant should 
relate to the judge how it came to pass, 

and how she preserved her mistress against her [Eugenia's] de- 


and se gerefa h^t eac pi cnihtas . melantian liy redes , 

cyt5an be tSison gif hi Ipis gehyrdon . 

pa cwsetS seo wyln . pcet heo wyste . gefyrn . 216 

hu eugenia^ ferde fracodlice on forlygre . 

and wolde pi set nehstan . hyre hlaefdian gebysmrian . 

butan heo mid hreame . hyre hr?eddinge ofclypode . 

J)is witan (sic) Ipis hyred-men . pe ic J)ider clypode . 220 

Da ssedon )3a hyred-menn pcet hit BO'S wsere . 

and ealle mid a^e eugenian^ forlugan . 

pa wearS se gersefa . f)earle gebolgen . 

and axude eugenian . hu heo ana mihte 224 

* ealle ]?a gewytan awsegan * mid a(5e . 

otStSe f)urh senige swutelunge hi sylfe aclsensian . 

Hwset t54 eiigenia seo sej^ele fsemne . 

cw8et5 pcet heo wolde hi sylfe be-diglian . 228 

and criste anum hyre clsennysse healdan . 

on msegtShade wuniende . mannum uncu'5 . 

and forcSy underfaenge^ set fruman J^a gyrlan . 

wser-lices hades . and wurde ge-efsod ^ 232 

JEfter pysum wordum heo to-tser hyre gewsedu . 

and set-sewde '^ hyre breost . J?am breman philippe . 

and cw8e(S him to ^ . pn eart min fseder . 

and J?in gebsedda claudia . gebser m6 to mannum . 236 

and 'Sds t5ine gessetlan synd mine gebro'Sra . 

auitus . and ssergius . and ic sot51ice eom 

eugenia gehaten . J^in agen dohtor . 

and ic for cristes lufe . forlset ^ eow ealle . 240 

and middan-eardlice lustas ^^swd swi meox forseah^''. 

Her synd eac ]pd cnihtas . pe ic cydde mine digolnysse . 

protus . et iacinctus . J^ine fostercyld . 

mid tSam ic becom to cristes scole . 244 

and ]53er on drohtnode ot5 }?isne andwserden dseg . 

and (5am ic wylle sefre otS ende {jeowian . 

1 se abbod O. ^ ^q^^q ^bbod O. « Leaf 11. * See MS. Otho, 

B. X. fol. II, back. ' underfeng O. ^ ge-efesod 0. "^ aet-eowde 0. 

^ 0. om. him t6. ^ forlet O. ^°"^*^ ic forseah swa swa meox 0. 


Moreover the judge commanded the servants of Melantia's house- 
To declare this matter, if they had heard it. 
Then said the servant that she long ago knew 
how vilely Eugenia practised adultery, 
and at last endeavoured to violate her mistress, 
but she, with her screaming, cried out for her help; 
Hhis these servants know, whom I called thither.' 
Then said the servants that it was true, 
and all with an oath lied against Eugenia. 
Then was the governor greatly incensed, 
and asked Eugenia how she, by herself, could 
turn aside with an oath all these witnesses, 
or by any manifestation clear herself wholly. 
Well then, Eugenia, the noble woman, 
said that she had desired to keep herself secret, 
and to preserve her purity to Christ alone, 
living in virginity, unknown to man, 
and therefore at the first had assumed the robes 
of a man's garb, and had had her hair shorn. 
After these words she tare apart her robes, 
and revealed her breast to the angry Philip, 
and said unto him : ' Thou art my father ! 
and thy spouse Claudia bore me as a child, 
and these that sit beside thee are my brethren, 
Avitus and Sergius, and verily I am 
named Eugenia, thine own daughter. 
And I, for Christ's love, abandoned you all, 
and despised as dung the lusts of the world. 
Here are also the servants to whom I told my secret, 
Protus and Jaoinctus, thy foster-children, 
with whom I went to the school of Christ, 
and therein have ministered unto this present day, 
and Him will I serve ever, even unto the end.' 


D4 oncneow philippus sw4 swd feeder eugenian . 

and auitus . and ssergius . hyra agene swyster . 248 

and hyra hyred-cnihtas . hi eadmodlice cyston . 

pis wear's sona gecyd . claudian . ^ })8ere mseder ^ . 

and heo mid wundrunge wear's befangen . 

and to eugenian^ com mid eake blysse . 252 

Hi pi gefretewodon . j^a faemnan mid golde 

hyre un-]pances . and up ^ gesaetton to him . 

pa clypode Ipsdt folc . pcet crist wsere BO'S god . 

and hi ealle herodon J?onne haelend mid wuldre . 256 

Eugenia hsefde ser gej^ingod . 

Jjaere leasan melantian to hyre leofan fseder . 

pcet heo mid wytu???- ne awrsece hyre welhreowan ehtnysse . 

ac crist sylf* asende swsegende fyr 260 

ufan of heofonum . J^aet menn onhawoden 

^to melantian botle . and hit mid ealle forbernde . 

sw4 pcet Saer nses to lafe nanSing J^e hyre woes . 

pa wurdon gefullode . philippus . and claudia . 264 

and heora twsegen suna . mid so'Sum geleafan . 

and seo mseste m?eniu . Ipses mennisces gebeah . 

to cristes bigengum . and IpA eristenan gegododon . 

D4 wurdon gesedniwode on '5am eahteoSan geare . 268 

\)i for-leetenan cyrcan . and seo geleafifulnyss weox . 

Philippus Ipa, asende to seu^ro J^am casere . 

and ssede Ipcet pi eristenan swicSe fremoden . 

his cynerice . and romaniscere leode . 272 

and hi wsel wyr'Se wseron . pcet hi wunodon butan sehtnyese 

on Ssere ylcan byrig . pe h6 hi ser of adrgefde . 

pa gejpafode se casere pcet '5am geraefan . 

and alexandria seo burh sona wear's afylled 276 

mid mycclum cristen-dome . and manegum cyrcum . 

and on ge-hwylcum burgum , blissoden pi eristenan . 

and mid wurSfulnysse . god wur'Sodon . 

Eac for pysum intingan . pcet segyptisce folc . 280 

1'^ hire meder O. ^ hire dohtor O. ^ hi up 0- * Here ends 

the fragment in MS. 0. ^ Leaf 11, back. 


Then Philip, as a father, recognised Eugenia, 

and Avitus and Sergius knew their own sister, 

and her household-servants humbly kissed her. 

This was soon told to Claudia her mother, 

and she was seized with wonder, 

and came to Eugenia with all joy. 

Then they adorned the virgin with gold, 

though she was unwilling, and set her up beside themselves. 

Then the people exclaimed that Christ was true God, 

and they all praised the Saviour with glory. 

Eugenia ere this had already interceded 

for the false Melantia to her dear father, 

(saying) that she would not avenge with torments her cruel 

But Christ himself sent a rushing fire 
from heaven above, which all men saw, 
to the house of Melantia, and burnt it all up, 
so that there was left nothing that was hers. 
Then were Philip and Claudia baptized, 
and their two sons, with true faith. 

And a very great multitude of the people were converted 
to Christ's service, and enriched the Christians. 
Then were restored, in the eighth year, 
the deserted churches, and the faith increased. 
Then sent Philip to Severus the emperor, 
and said that the Christians greatly benefited 
his kingdom and the Roman people, 
and they were well worthy of living unpersecuted 
in the very city whence he before had banished them. 
Then the emperor granted this boon to the governor, 
and Alexandria city was soon filled 
with much Christian people, and many churches ; 
and in every town the Christians rejoiced, 
and with due worship honoured God, 
as well as for this cause, that Egyptian folk, 


for-lgetenuw gedwylde . geljfde on drihten . 
And philippus forgeaf fsela eahta ]?am cristenuwi . 
him to gemaenan brice , and hi gemundode . 
^fter ]?isum gelamp . Ipcet tSa leasan hss^enan . 284 

wrsegdon philippum . to '5am fore-sseden casere 
Bsedon pcet he forl^te Ipa. lifiendan godas . 
and ealle J^a burh-warse ge-bigde to criste . 
\>i wear's se casere sona ge-yrsod . 288 

and behead philippe . pcet he huge to his godum . 
o'ScSe waere be-nsemed . wur'5-scipes . and sehta , 
pd dselde philippws digollice his sehta . 

geond ealle J?a scyre cyrcum . and ]?earfum . 292 

and ]?urh mycelne geleafan . manega otSre getrymode . 
sw4 pcet '5a cristenan hine gecuron to bisceope . 
Di sditer twself mon'Suwi gemunde se casere 
hwset him gesae'd wses . and ssende fraw rome . 296 

o'Serne gerefan . mid re'Sum bebode . 
swd pcet h6 ^ h^t acwellan J^one cristenan philippum . 
gif hit sots wsere . swd him gessed wse's . 

Da com se gerefa . and hine acwsellan ne dorste . 300 

on pg&s folces gewytnysse for heora freond-rsedene . 
dc asende sume . pe ssedon pcet hi wseran 
on criste ge-lyfede . ^c hi lugon swd ]?eah . 
D^ eoden to cyrcean mid swi'Slicuw facne . 304 

and 'Sone mseran biscop . on his ge-bsedum ofslogan . 
dc he wunade sw4 5eah on ]>am wunduw cucu . 
geond Jjreora daga fsec . and gefrefrode pa, cristenan . 
and sw^ mid martyr-dome . si)?})an gewdt . 308 

to '5am lifigendan drihtne J^e he on life wurSode . 
Eugenia hsefde . ser pin asteald 
mynecena mynster . mid mycelre gehealdsuwnysse . 
and seo modor claudia . hit micclum gegodode . 312 

and hi )?8er be-byrgdon J?one bisceop philippum . 
and hi sij?)?an ealle endemes fserdon . 
see modor . and seo dohtor to Ssere mseran rome byrig . 

^ Lesif 12. 


having forsaken their error, believed in the Lord. 

And Philip gave the Christians many possessions 

for their common use, and well protected them. 

After this it came to pass that the false heathen 

accused Philip to the aforesaid emperor, 

and said that he renounced the living gods, 

and inclined all the citizens unto Christianity. 

Then was the emperor forthwith enraged, 

and commanded Philip to worship his gods, 

or he should be deprived of honour and goods. 

Then Philip secretly distributed his goods 

throughout all the province, to churches and needy men, 

and by his great faith confirmed many others, 

so that the Christians chose him as bishop. 

Then after twelve months the emperor remembered 

what had been told him, and sent from Kome 

another governor, with a severe command, 

so that he bade him kill the Christian Philip, 

if it were true, as had been told him. 

Then came the governor, and durst not kill him 

in the witness of the people, because of their friendliness; 

but he sent (to him) certain men, who said they were 

believers in Christ ; nevertheless they lied. 

Then went these men to church with great deceit, 

and slew the illustrious bishop at his prayers. 

Nevertheless he remained alive after the wounds 

for the space of three days, and comforted the Christians, 

and so, with martyrdom, he afterwards departed 

to the living Lord, whom he worshipped in his life. 

Eugenia ere this had already founded 

a minster for nuns, with much devotion, 

and her mother Claudia enriched it greatly; 

and there they buried Philip the bishop ; 

and afterwards they all departed together, 

mother and daughter, to the great city of Rome, 


and tS4 gebrocSru samod . ssergius . and aiiitus . 316 

and pa romaniscan wytan . hi w61 under-fsengon . 
and for psere ealdan cycS^e IpsdS aeSelan philij)pes . 
pa gesEetton ]?a wytan sona j^a cnihtas . 

on tw?im heafod-burguwi . on healicum wur(5-mynte . 320 

senne on affrican . and otSerne on cartagine . 
Eugenia Ipi wunode on rome . 
and hire coman to gehwylce maedenu . 

and heo hi gebegde mid hyre gebysnunge to criste . 324 

and hi on m8eg(5-hade wunodon . Jjurh hyre mynegunge . 
pa waes on rome byrig sum cyne-boren maeden . 
basilla gehaten . on hse'Sen-scype vvunigende . 
seo wolde gehyran pi halgan lare . 328 

of eugenian muj)e . dc heo ne mihte hire genealecean . 
for'San pe cristen-dom wses . J^aer onscunigend-lic . 
Da sende eugenia pa twaegen haPgan . 

protuw . and iacinctum . to (Sam hsBcSenen msedene . 332 

Hwset pi basilla mid blysse . hi under-feeng . 
and deges . and nihtes mid pa,m deorwurSum halgum 
godes lare be-eode . and hyre gebseda ne ge-swdc . 
o'SSset Cornelius . J^sera cristenra biscop 336 

hi dearnunga gefullode . fram eallum fulnyssu?7i . 
pa wurdon gelome pa leofan msedenu . 
Eugenia . and basilla . and eac se biscop . 

on sunder-sprsece . swi'Se gebysgode . 340 

and digel-lice on nihtuwi . hi symble . geneosodon 
and haefdon heora gerihtu . mid )?am halgen biscope . 
purh Sas twd msedena . manega o'Sre becoman 
to cristes geleafan . and to clsenre drohtnunge . 344 

Durh claudian becoman eac clsene wudewan . 
mid goduwi wyllan . to godes geleafan . 
and fsela cnihta on crist gelyfden . 

J)urh t5d twsegen halgan . protum . et iacinctum . 348 

Basilla haefde enne hsec$ene wogere . 
pompeius gecyged . swiSe secSel-boren . 

^ Leaf 12, back. 


and the brothers also, Sergius and Avitus. 

And the Roman senators well received them, 

as well as for their old acquaintance with the noble Philip. 

Then very soon the senators appointed the youths 

to two chief cities, in conspicuous honour, 

one in Africa, and the other in Carthage. 

Then Eugenia dwelt in Rome, 

and there came to her many maidens, 

and she, by her example, converted them to Christ, 

and they dwelt in virginity, by her exhortation. 

Then was there a maiden in Rome, of royal birth, 

named Basilla, living in heathendom, 

who desired to hear the holy lore 

at the mouth of Eugenia, but she could not approach her, 

because Christianity was there held in abhorrence. 

Then Eugenia sent the two saints, 

Protus and Jacinctus, to the heathen maid. 

Well then, Basilla received them with joy, 

and, day and night, with the love-worthy saints, 

learnt God's lore, and never ceased from her prayers, 

until Cornelius, bishop of the Christians, 

secretly baptized her, [washing her] from all filth. 

Then were frequently the dear maidens, 

Eugenia and Basilla, and likewise the bishop, 

much employed in private conversation, 

and secretly by night they often visited him, 

and performed their duties with the holy bishop. 

By means of the two maidens many others turned 

to faith in Christ, and to a pure service. 

By Claudia's means also pure widows 

turned with good will to faith in God ; 

and many youths believed in Christ 

by means of the two saints, Protus and Jacinctus. 

Basilla had a heathen suitor, 

named Pompeius, of very noble birth, 


f>am ge-ut5e s6 casere . pcet kyneborene mseden . 

dc heo hsefde gecoren crist hyre to bryd-guman . 352 

and Ipone hae'Senan wogere forlpi habban nolde . 

pd gesohte se cniht }3ses kaseres f4tt . 

and pa, romaniscan wytan mid wop-licre ceorunge 

him mid sprsecon . and t5d msedena wregdon . 356 

eugenian . and basillan . biddende his fultumes . 

Hwset Ipi Be casere cwaetS bim to andsware . 

pcet basilla sceolde gebugan to t5am cnihte . 

o}))?e hi mdn to-heowe . mid heardum swurde on twd . 360 

And eugenian h6 h6t his godum geoffrian . 

d^^e hi man mid wytu77^ w^lreowlice acwealde . 

He h6t eac acwaellan . ealle J?a cristenan . 

gif hi noldon bugan to ^am bysmorfullum haecJen-scype . 364 
pd nolde basilla . brydguman geceosan . 
naenne butan crist pe heo gecoren ^hsefde . 
and wear's pi gemartyrod . for hyre maeg'Shade . 
set hdm on hire huse . mid heardum sweorde . 368 

-^fter ]?ysu7?i wordum . pa twaegen godes halgan . 
protws . and iacinctus . wurdon sona gelaehte . 
and hi sceoldon geoffrian . heora Mc psucn godum . 
o'SSe hi sylfe sceoldon . him beon geoffrode . 372 

Hi wurdon pi gelaedde . to psdie laSan dnlicnysse . 
Ac heo to-feol sona to heora fotum for-molsnod . 
sw^ raSe sw4 pi halgan hi to gode gebaedon . 
pa cwaej? se dema . pcet hi mid dry-craefte . 376 

J^d anlicnyssa to-wurpon . and wearS ge-bolgen . 
H^t pi be-haefdian 'Sa halgan cy"Seras . 
and hi swd ferdon . mid sige to criste . 

Dds martyras naeron naefre on life 380 

}?urh wif besmytene . ic hi wunedon on clsennysse . 
o'^ heora lifes aende . mid mycclum geleafan . 
^Efter pjsum wearS ge-leaht seo geleaffulla eugenia . 
and to p&m haeSenan temple getogen mid ge-'Sreate . 384 

pcet heo J^eere gydenan diane . godes wur'Smynt gebude . 

^ Leaf 13. 


to whom the emperor granted the royal maid. 
But she had chosen Christ for her bridegroom, 
and therefore would not accept the heathen suitor. 
Then the youth sought the feet of the emperor, 
and the Koman senators, with tearful complaint, 
and communed with them, and accused the virgins, 
Eugenia and Basilla, praying for his aid. 
Well then, the emperor said to him in answer, 
that Basilla would have to incline to the youth, 
or men, with a hard sword, should hew her in twain. 
And he bade Eugenia offer sacrifice to his gods, 
or men, with torments, should cruelly kill her. 
He also bade all the Christians be slain, 
if they would not return to vile heathendom. 
Then would not Basilla choose as her bridegroom 
any other but Christ, whom she had chosen, 
and thereupon was martyred for her virginity 
at home in her house, with a hard sword. 
After these words the two saints of God 
Protus and Jacinctus, were soon caught, 
and they had to offer their sacrifice to the gods, 
or else they must themselves be offered unto them. 
Then were they led to the loathsome idol, 
but it at once fell at their feet, as if crumbled to pieces, 
as soon as the saints said their prayers to God. 
Then said the judge that they by the aid of sorcery 
had overthrown the images, and was much incensed. 
Then he bade the holy witnesses be beheaded, 
and quickly they departed victoriously to Christ. 
These martyrs were never, throughout their lives, 
defiled with women, but continued in purity 
unto their lives' end, with much faith. 
After this the faithful Eugenia was caught, 
and dragged, with threatening, to the heathen temple, 
that she might offer the worship, due to God, to the goddess 


Di gebaecl eugenia . hi to 'Sam eelmilitigan gode . 
and pcet deofles tempel . grund-lunga to-feoll . 
and on eor(5an besanc . mid eallum his anlicnyssum . 388 

pd het se casere . ahon anne weorc-stdn . 
on hyre halgan swuran . and hi bescufan on Sa ea . 
Eac se stan to-bserst . and heo sset up on J)am wsetere . 
pcet S4 cristenan tocneowan pcet crist wses mid hyre . 392 

setSe hwilon ser J^one halgan petrum . 
be (Ssere handa gelsedde . upp on puTCi heagan brymme . 
pcBt Ipcet 'Sa sselican ySa hine forswelgan ne mihton . 
Dd h6t se casere hi si"5San bescufan 396 

on byrnende ofen . Ipder J^ser hate ba'Su wseron . 
ac J^set fyr wear's acwsenced . and Ipi ba'Su acolode . 
and ealle 'Sa ontendnyssa . mid hyre to-cyme adwsescte . 
Heo wear's J>d gebroht . into blindum cwearterne . 400 

and geond twsentig ^daga . hyre uses gety'Sod 
geniges big-leofan binnan Sam J^eostrum . 
dc se hselend com mid heofonlicum leohte . 

and brohte Sam msedene . mserne big-leofon . 404 

snaw-hwitne hldf . and on-lihte Saet cweartern . 
pa cwse'S se hgelend to Sam halgan mgedene . 
Eala 'Su eugenia . ne beo f)u afyrht . 

Ic eom J)in hselend . Ipe pu healice wurSost . 408 

and mid eallum mode . and msegne lufast . 

On Ipajn. dsege J?a scealt cuman to me . pe ic com to mannum . 
and on minre gebyrd-tide . Sti bist on heofonum gebroht . 
p4 com se cwsellere . on cristes akenned-nysse daege . 412 

asend fram j^am casere . and he pcet mseden acwealde . 
Heo wearS J^a gemartyrod . and cristene menn hi bebyrgdon . 
Da weop seo modor . mid mycelre sarnysse . 
set hyre byrgene . dip peel heo hi geseah . 416 

on gastlicre gesihSe . mid golde gefrsetewode 
mid 'Sam heofonlicum werode . pus hi frefrigende . 
Min modor claudia . me hsefS gebroht 

min hselend crist . to his halgena blysse . 420 

^ Leaf 13, back. 


Then prayed Eugenia to the Ahnighty God, 

and the temj^le of the devil fell utterly to the ground, 

and sank into the earth, with all its idols. 

Then the emperor bade men hang a hewn stone 

about her saintly neck, and throw her into the river. 

Even the stone brake in twain, and she sat upon the water, 

that the Christians might know that Christ was with her, 

even He who whilom led the holy Peter 

by the hand along, over the lofty surge, 

tliat the ocean billows might not swallow him up. 

Then the emperor bade men next to cast her 

into a burning oven, where were hot baths, 

but the fire was quenched, and the baths cooled down, 

and all the conflagration was extinct at her coming. 

Then was she thrown into a dark prison, 

and for the space of twenty days there was not granted her 

any sort of sustenance, amid the darkness. 

But the Saviour came, with a heavenly light, 

and brought the maiden abundant sustenance, 

a snow-white loaf, and illuminated the prison. 

Then said the Saviour to the holy maiden, 

' Behold ! Eugenia ! be not thou affrighted. 

I am thy Saviour, whom thou highly honourest 

and whom with all thy mind and strength thou lovest. 

On that day shalt thou come to me, when I became man. 

And on the day of My nativity thou shalt be brought to 

Then came the executioner, on the day of Christ's birth, 
sent from the emperor, and he killed the maiden ; 
so was she martyred, and Christian men buried her. 
Then wept her motlier with much sorrow 
at her burial, until at last she saw her 
in a ghostly vision, adorned with gold, 
with the heavenly host, thus comforting her : 
* My mother Claudia, me hath my Saviour 
Christ brought to the bliss of His saints, 


and minne feder gelogode on )?8ere lieah-fsedera getele . 

and J?u cymst to us . nu on sunuan-dseg . 

Seo modor gewdt 'Sa of worulde to heofonum 

on t5am sunnan-dsege . and j^a suna hi be-stodon . 424 

Sergius . and Auitus . and hi si'ScSan J^urh-wunodon . 

on (Sam socman geleafan . ot5 heora lifes ende . 

Sy wuldor . and lof . pam. wel-wyllendan drihtne . 

on ealra worulda woruld . ealra his wel-dseda , Amen. 428 




[Various readings are given from (MS. Otbo, B. x, fol. 3, &c.) and from V 
(MS. Vitellius, D. xvii. fol, 79, back, &c.); see also the note to 1. 334, p. "Jo. 
Both MSS. are much injured by fire.] 

se wses fram cyld-hade . switSe ge-healdsum . 
f)eah J>e he to langum fyrste . un-ge-fullod wsere , 
His fseder . and his frynd hine be-fsestan to ^ hire 4 

to woruld-wis-dome . t5a f>a he syfon wyntre W9es . 
forJ)an pe on j^am timan ne teah nan secSel-borennysse . 
nsenne man to wurcS-scype . butan he wisdom . 
ser (Sam lange leornode set gelsereduT/i- u'Swytum . 8 

pa wunode se cnseplingc on cappadoniscre byrig . 
fif gedr on lare . and fserde to grecum . 
to atheniscre byrig . seo wses J?a bremost ^ on lare . 
and eubokis se u(5-wyta . pe fser yklost wses on wysdome . 12 
underfseng^ fjonne cnapan . swd swa he frymdig wses . 
to hirlicre scole . and he leornode p^ 
swa poet (5a u'Swytan . his andgytes wundrodon . 
On J^sere ylcan scole wses seo wselreowa iulianus . 16 

cristen fram cyld-hade . se weartS casere siSSan . 
and awearp his ge-leafan . and ge-wende to deofle . 
Eac fser leornode . on J^sere ylcan scole . 

^ haten O. ^ bigceop O. ^ Leaf 14. * brymest V. 

^ uuderfeng V. 



and liath placed my father among the number of the patriarchs, 

and thou shalt come to us, now on Sunday.' 

Then departed the mother from the world to heaven 

on the Sunday, and her sons stood beside her, 

Sergius and Avitus, and they afterwards continued 

in the true faith, unto their lives' end. 

Be glory and praise to the gracious God, 

world without end, for all His benefits. Amen. 



A certain holy bishop was named Basil, 
who from childhood was very continent, 
although for a long period he was unbaptized. 
His father and his friends committed him to learning 
and to worldly Avisdom when he was seven years [old], 
because at that time no nobility exalted 
any man to honour, unless he had learned wisdom 
. for a long time beforehand of learned philosophers. 
Then the stripling dwelt in the Cappadocian city 
five years while learning, and went to Greece 
to the Athenian city, which was then the most famous in 

And Eubolus the philosopher, who was there the foremost in 

received the boy, because he was inquisitive, 
into his erudite school, and he learned there 
so well that the philosophers wondered at his understanding. 
In the same school was the cruel Julian, 
a Christian from childhood, who afterwards became Emperor, 
and renounced his faith, and turned to the devil. 
Also there learned in the same school 



se 8et5ela Gregorius se 'Se eft wearS biscop . 20 

and fsela^ wundra worhta {sic) . sw4 sw4 wyrd-wryteres secgacS . 

Basilius 'Sa wunode mid lpa.m u]5-wytan 

on lare ealles fiftyne gser . 

and eallne^ })one wysdom wundorlice asmeade . 24 

pe grecisce larewas ^ him leeran cuSan . 

Ac seo Ur ne mihte . I^e butan ge-leafan wses . 

J^am cneorS-lsecendum cnihte cySan be his scyppende . 

Jponne J^e he sohte . peah Ipe heo him secgan ne cu^e*. 28 

Him becom Ipk on mod f)urh mynegunge godes . 

p(^t heo ^ sceolde secan J?a soc5an lare . 

on cristenu??! bocum . be his scyppende . 

Hwset pi basilius . bli^lice ^ ferde . 32 

to egypta lande . and f)8er leornode twelf mona^ . 

on halguw bocum . be psds hselendes fsere . 

hu he |?isne middan-eard mid him sylfum alysde . 

j^fter geares fyrste . ferde him eft ongean : 36 

to his ealdan lareowe . and Iserde hine be criste 

hu mild-heort-lice he alysde mancynn '^ on rode . 

and hu h6 of deacSe ards . on 'Sam f)riddan daege : 

and to heofonum astdh . to his halgan faeder . 40 

Eubolus^ se u'Svvyta^ pi wear's 

swd mycclum of-lyst . basilies lare . 

pcet him ne hlyste^^ nanes metes . 

ic hi smeadon . Sry dagas . swi'Se smea-f>ancollice . 44 

ymbe pcet 6ce lif . and aetes ne gymdon . 

p4 gelyfde se uSwyta . on ]:»onne aelmihtigan god . 

and be-tsehte his eehta . ealle basilic . 

cwse'S pcet h6 aefre wolde wunian mid him . 48 

Basilius pi herede })one hselend mid wordum . 

and cw8e(5 to eubole his ealdan lareowe . 

Uton nu aspendan . ure speda on J?earfum . 

and swd mid ge-bylde bugan to fulluhte . 52 

^ feola V. 2 ealne V. ^ lareowas V. * cu^en V. ^ he V. 

«bliSeHceV. "^ Leaf 14, back. ^ Y . inserts '^a.. ^ u'SwiteV. 

'*• lysteY (correctly). 


the noble Gregory, he who afterwards became bishop, 

and wrought many miracles, even as historians relate. 

Then Basil dwelt with the philosopher 

during his learning, fifteen years in all, 

and wonderfully searched into all the wisdom 

which the Greek doctors knew how to teach him. 

But the teaching which was without faith could not 

inform the studious youth concerning his Creator 

whom he was seeking, though that teaching could not tell him. 

It came then into his mind, through the warning of God, 

that he ought to seek the true lore 

concerning his Creator in Christian books. 

Whereupon Basil blithely departed 

to the land of the Egyptians, and there learned twelve months 

in holy books concerning the Saviour's life, 

how He redeemed this world by Himself. 

After the space of a year he returned again 

to his old master, and taught him concerning Christ, 

how compassionately He redeemed mankind on the cross, 

and how He arose from death on the third day, 

and ascended to Heaven to His Holy Father. 

Then Eubolug the philosopher became 

so greatly desirous of Basil's doctrine 

that he had no wish for any meat, 

but they meditated three days very searchingly 

about the eternal Life, and took no heed of food. 

Then the philosopher believed on the Almighty God, 

and delivered all his property to Basil, 

saying that he desired ever to dwell with him. 

Basil then praised the Saviour with words, 

and said to Eubolus, his old master, 

' Let us now bestow our goods on the poor, 

and then with boldness submit to baptism, 


alysde fram bendum . f>issere leasan worulde . 

Del dydon 'Sa wytan . swd sw4 him bam ge-weart? . 

dseldon heora sehta . ealle pearhwi . 

and ferdon to hierusalem . fulluht secende . 56 

and manega hse'Sena manna . Ipurh hi 

ge-bugan . to drihtne . mid ge-leafan on-bryrde . 

Hi coman Sa siS^an to cSaere fore-ssedan byrig 

hierusalem . j^eer se hgelend Srowade^ . 60 

and ge-sohtan^ Ipone biscop . pe 'Sa burh bewyste , 

baedon fulluhtes . set his foiiwi licgeude . 

Se biscop wses halig weer . ge-haten maximitius . 

and wel-wyllend-lice hym ge-tySode . j^ses 'Se hi ge-wyhiodon . 64 

and sona hym mid ferde . to J^sere [flowendan^] e/i 

iordanis ge-haten . on pvere wse's seo * hselend ge-fiillod . 

Hwset 'Sa basilius hine to eorj^an astreehte . 

and mid wope gewyhiode . sum gewis tacen set gode . 68 

his geleafan to trymminge . and alede his raif . 

on J?8era 6i ofre . & code in nacod . 

pa ge-nealsehte seo biscop . and mid bletsunge hine gefullode . 

Efne lp8i faerhce . com fyr of heofonum . 72 

and dn scinen'^de culfre . scse't'' of J?am fyre . 

into 'Ssere ^4 . and astyrede 'Sset wseter . 

fleah si}:i)5an upp . forSrihte to heofonum . 

and basilius code . of ]?8em fant-ba'Se sona . 76 

and seo biscop hine be-wsefde . wundriende pdus tacnes . 

He gefullode eac si'S'San . J^onne fore-ssedan eubolu?>i . 

and hi begen gesmyrode mid gehalgudum ele . 

and eac gehuslode . mid J:>8es hselendes gerynum . 80 

Hi wunodon pk begen mid j^aem biscope ofer gear . 

and siSan gewendon to anre wid-gyllan byrig . 

antiochia geciged"^ . seo soSlice wses mid cristendome . 

afylled . gefyrn on eald-dagum . 84 

pa gehadode seo biscop . basilium to diacone . 

^ SrowodeV. ^ gesohton V. ^ Newly erased ; flowendan V ; 

flowwendan O, * &Q OY {correctly) , ^ Leaf 15. ^ sceat V. 

'' gehaten V. 


being delivered from the bonds of this lying world.' 

Then the wise men did even as they both had agreed, 

distributed all their property to the poor, 

and journeyed to Jerusalem, seeking baptism ; 

and many heathen men, through their means, 

inclined to the Lord, inspired with faith. 

They then came afterward to the aforesaid city, 

Jerusalem, where the Saviour had suffered, 

and sought the bishop who presided over the city, 

and besought baptism, lying at his feet. 

The Bishop was a holy man, called Maximinus, 

and benignantly granted them that which they desired, 

and immediately went with them to the flowing river, 

called Jordan, wherein the Saviour was baptized. 

Lo then ! Basil prostrated himself to the earth, 

and with weeping desired some certain sign from God 

to confirm his faith, and laid aside his garments 

on the river-bank, and went in naked. 

Then the Bishop approached, and with blessing baptized him. 

Behold ! then suddenly fire came from heaven, 

and a shining dove darted out of the fire 

into the river, and stirred the water, 

and afterward flew up straightway to Heaven, 

and Basil went immediately out of the font-bath, 

and the bishop clothed him, wondering at the sign. 

He baptized also afterward the aforesaid Eubolus, 

and anointed them both with hallowed oil, 

and also houseled them with the Saviour s mysteries. 

Then they both dwelt with the bishop over a year, 

and afterward went to a large city 

called Antioch, which truly was filled 

with Christianity long ago, in olden days. 

Then the bishop ordained Basil as a deacon, 


and he aefter fyrste . ferde mid eiibole . 

to his agenum 8ef>ele ^ . f>e he on ge-boren waes , 

Da mid pain pe hi cdman ^ to cappadoniscre scyre 88 

and eodou into f>a3re byrig J^a, wear's )?am biscope geswutelod ^ . 

on gastlicre gesihcSe . be Sam godes mannu^n . 

and pcet basil ius sceolde beon biscop pefter him . 

pa awoc eiisebius . J^sere ceastra bisceop . 92 

and asende his preostas . sona him to-geanes . 

h^t him gehingian . pix gelyfeden men to . 

and saede his ceaster-ge-warum . hwaet h6 geseah be him . 

Hi wurdon Sa under-fangene mid fulre estfuhiesse . 96 

and sec halga bisceop . hi heold arwurSlice . 

f>earle wundriende heora . wysdomes deopnysse . 

p4 gefter lytlum fyrste . forS-ferde sec bisceop ^ . 

and basilius s6 bylewitta ^ wearS to bisceope gehalgod . 100 

and on his setle ahafen . swa sw4 h6 geseah on a'r . 

f)urh godes awrygennysse pa pa hi wiS his werd ^ wseron . 

Hwset tSd basilius his bisceop-dom ge-heokl . 

mid myceh'e arwurS-nysse . f)urh p^s eelmihtigan wissunge . 104 

and godes ge]af)imge . '^mid lare ge-trymde . 

He bsed J^onne sehiiihtigan god . pcet he him ge-wi^sode . 

pcet he mid agenre sprgece . him offrian mihte . 

■Sd lyflican on-ssegednisse . mid soS-faestre |:>enimge . ic8 

Miter })am gebede . he wearS swiSe on-bryrd . 

]5urh ]5one halgan gast . & se hselend him com to 

on sumere nihte . mid his apostolum . 

and awrehte basilium . cwseS pwt he his bena ge-hyrde . 112 

J^a stod se hselend sylf . set J?am halgan weofode . 

and mid his halgum handum . hiisel senode . 

and J)am bisceope teehte . }?8es pe he biddende waes . 

He cwseS to basilie . beo pin nmS afylled ^ 116 

mid haligre herunga . aefter pinre bena ^ . 

pcet tSu mid agenre sprcece geoffrian msege . 

J)4 liflican ons?egednysse . mid soSre f)enunge . 

* e'pele V. ^ comon V. ■' geswutoled V. ^ se biscop V. 

' bylewyta 0. '^ weard V, ^ Leaf 15, back. ' afiUed O. ^ bene OV, 


and he after a space went with Eubolus 

to his own country, wherein he was born. 

Then when they had come into the Cappadocian province, 

and gone into the city, then it was revealed to the bishop 

in a ghostly vision concerning those servants of God, 

and that Basil should be bishop after him. 

Then Eusebius the bishop of the city awoke, 

and immediately sent his priests to meet tliem, 

bade summon to him those Christian men, 

and told his citizens what he had seen concerning them. 

Then were they received with great kindness, 

and the holy bishop entertained them honourably, 

exceedingly wondering at the deepness of their wisdom. 

Then after a little space the bishop died, 

and the virtuous Basil was consecrated as bishop, 

and raised to his see, even as he had seen formerly 

through God's revelation, when they were coming towards him. 

Lo then ! Basil governed his bishopric 

with great honour, by the Almighty's guidance, 

and confirmed God's church with his doctrine. 

Then he prayed Almighty God to show him 

how he might offer to Him, with His own form of words, 

the living sacrifice with true service. 

After the prayer he became greatly inspired 

through the Holy Ghost, and the Saviour came to him 

one night, together with His apostles, 

and aroused Basil, saying that He had heard his prayer. 

Then the Saviour Himself stood at the holy altar, 

and with His sacred hands consecrated the housel, 

and instructed the bishop in that for which he had prayed. 

He said to Basil, 'Be thy month filled 

with holy praise, according to thy prayer, 

that thou, with My own form of words, mayest offer 

the living sacrifice with true service.' 


pn wearS se bisceop mycclum ablicged . 120 

and genam pcet husel f>e se hselend ge-bletsode . 

to-brsec on })reo , and 6n-byrgede^ anes doeles . 

pone o^erne dsel be dyde gebealden 

mid bim to be-byrgenne . sefter bis forS-si^e . 124 

J^one Sryddan dsel be dyde on-sundor ^ . 

and bet bim smiSian on ^ smsetum golde . 

anre culfran anlicnysse . and pk up-ah6ng . 

bufan Jjam altare . and pser on ge-dyde . 128 

|:)one (Sryddan dsel . }?ses deorwur'San busies . 

and seo culfra* si|?}?an . simle bi astyrede . 

^et basilies messan j^riwa mid pam busle . 

Eubolus se uSwyta . and f)a yldostan^ preostas . 132 

stoden set psera, dura . stariende on pcet leobt. 

and be-beolden pa apostolas . pe mid pam bselende coman . 

mid wuldre ge-frsetewode . and bi wurdon dfyrlite . 

Hi ge-byrdon f>a stemne pses balgan sanges . 136 

and basibum gesawon . binnan set |?8em weofode . 

and feollan to bis fotum mid fyrbte fornumene . 

pa. 'Sa be tit-eode . and bim eall saedon . bwset '^ hi f>a^r gesawon. 

Se bisceop j^aes t^ancode . mid bly^um mode . 140 

and )?am folce ssede siSSan lar-spell . 

Witodlice basilius . ge-byld^ J?urb bis dribten 

be ende-byrdnyss awrdt . ealle 'Sa f>enunga 

{jsera balgan msessan . sw4 swd bit bealda'5 grecas . 144 

He awrdt eac munuc-regol . mid mycelre gebealdsumnysse . 

I^one J^e '5a easternan . and eac swylce grecas 

anmodlice bealdaS . peah. pe be hefegra ^ sy . 

J:)onne se '5e benedictus si]?]:»an us gebysnode . 148 

swylce to anginne . agenre ge-cyrrednysse . 

ac he tibte us . on asfteweardan f»ses ylcan regoles . 

to ge'Sungenra lareowa . lifes drobtnungum^ . 

and tymde to f)am regole . pe basilius gesette . 152 

Sum ludeisc man wolde . ge-wytan to soj^an 

' onhyrigde V, ^ onsundron OV. •"' of V. * ciilfre OV. 

^yldestanV. •^ Leaf 16. ^ gebild 0. MiefigraV. " drohtnungnaV. 


Then the bishop was greatly astonished, 

and took the housel which the Saviour had blessed, 

brake [it] in three, and consumed one portion ; 

the second portion he caused to be kept 

to be buried with him after his departure ; 

the third portion he caused to be set apart, 

and bade to be wrought for him in beaten gold 

the likeness of a dove, and then hung it up 

above the altar, and put therein 

the third portion of the precious housel ; 

and the dove ever after stirred herself 

at Basil's mass, thrice, at the time of houselling, 

Eubolus the philosopher, and the principal priests, 

stood at the door, staring at the light, 

and beheld the apostles who came with the Saviour 

adorned with glory, and they were affrighted. 

They heard the voice of the holy song, 

and saw Basil within at the altar, 

and fell at his feet, seized with fear, 

as he came out, and they related to him all that they had seen 

The bishop gave thanks for this with blithe mind, 
and afterward preached a sermon to the people. 
Verily Basil, bold through his Lord's aid, 
wrote in due order all the service 
of the Holy Mass, even as the Greeks keep it. 
He wrote also a monastic rule with great purity, 
which the Easterns, and moreover the Greeks, 
observe unanimously, although it is severer 
than that which Benedict afterward gave us example of, 
as it were at the beginning of his own conversion ; 
but he exhorted us, in the after part of the same rule, 
to the habits of life of illustrious teachers, 
and recommended the rule which Basil had established, 
A certain Jewish man desired to know for a truth 


be (5aere halgan msessau . hwylce mihte heo hsefde . 

and be 'Sam halgan husle . J^eali Ipe he hfe'Sen wsere . 

Eode pi to msessan mid oSrum mannuw , 156 

and hlosnode georne be 'Sgere lifliean onseegednysse . 

pi mid Sam pe basilius , to-brsec pcet husel . 

pB, puhie pSiTa ludeiscan . swylce he to-dselde an cyld . 

eode sw4 peah. mid oSrum mannum earhlice to husle . 160 

and him wearS ge-seald an snsed flsesces . 

and he ssep ^ of Ssem calice eac swylce blod . 

Heold swa f)eah sumne dsel hdm to berenne mid him . 

and 8et-8ewode^ his wife . and ge-wis-lice ssede . 164 

hwset h6 sylf ge-seah . and siScSan J^ses^ on mergen . 

com to basilie * biddende fulluhtes * . 

Hwset pi se biscop hine bli]?elice gefullode . 

and ealle his hiwan on J^ses hselendes naman . 168 

He eode aefter moessan ut . of f>am temple . 

and efne f>a sona hine ge-sohte an wif 

biddende his f)ingunge to anum ge-]:)ungenum ealdor-men . 

Basilius f)a awrdt f?a earman wife dn ge-wryt 172 

to }?8em ealdormenn on ):»isum andgite ^ . 

pis earme wif me ge-sohte . ^ ssede pcet ic mihte hyre 

to Se ge-{)ingian . f)onne cyS j^u nu ic bidde 

gif ic sw4 w^l "^wiS pe meeg"^ . swa pmt wif truwaS . 176 

pa raedde se aldorman pcet serend-gewrit . 

and sende him ongean sona on gcAvryte . 

cwaeS p8dt he wolde pam wife gemyltfcian . 

for his ]?ingunge . ac h6 swi peoh ne mihte 180 

pcet gafol alecgan . pe heo ge-laestan sceolde . 

pa asende se bisceop to |:»am foressedon ealdormenn . 

eft oSer gewryt . mid pjsum andgyte . 

Gif pn woldest myltsian . and swd f)eah ne mihtest . 184 

J^aer is sum beladung on ]:>8ere ssegne ^ . 

Gif J)u J)onne mihtest myltsian . and noldest . 

ge-bringe pe se hselend to hyre hafen-leaste . 

^ seap OV. 2 set-eowde OV. ^ Y om, pses. * — "* fulluhtes biddende 0. 
^ andgitu/»V. '^ L':'af 16, back. ''-'' mag wlS ^e V. ^ segene 0. 



concerning the holy mass, what power it had, 

and concerning the holy housel, although he was a heathen. 

Then went he to mass with other men, 

and waited eagerly for the living sacrifice. 

Then, while Basil divided the housel, 

it seemed to the Jew as if he were severing a child ; 

nevertheless he went with other men fearfully to the housel, ] 

and a piece of flesh was given to him, 

and he sij)ped moreover as it were blood from the chalice. 

Nevertheless he kept a portion to bear home with him, 

and showed it to his wife, and related truly 

what he himself had seen, and after this in the morning 

came to Basil, requesting baptism. 

So then the Bishop blithely baptized him, 

and all his household, in the Saviour's name. 

He went after mass out of the temple, 
and behold ! there immediately a woman sought him, 
beseeching his intercession with a distinguished alderman. 
Basil then wrote for the poor woman a writing 
[addressed] to the alderman, with this purport : 
' This poor woman sought me, saying that I could 
intercede for her to thee, therefore shew now, I pray, 
if I may [prevail] as well with thee as the woman trusteth.' 
Then the alderman read the letter, 
and sent to him in return immediately in writing, 
saying, that he would pardon the woman 
for his intercession, but nevertheless he could not 
remit the tax which she had to render. 
Then the bishop sent to the aforesaid alderman 
again another writing, with this purport : 
' If thou wouldst pity and nevertheless couldst not, 
there is some excuse in thy assertion ; 
but if thou couldst pity, and wouldest not, 
may the Saviour bring thee to poverty like hers, 


pcet pu. ne msege myltsian j^eah Ipn wylle . i88 

pa sefter sumum fyrste liira wearS swi^e gram 

se healica casera . and Let liine 2*e-bindan . 

and ^him to ge-bringan^ bysmorlice on lisefte . 

Da asende se ealdorman sona to basilie . 192 

biddende earmlice . pcet he J^one geyrsodon casere 

J^urli his ge-bedu^ ge-li'Sgode . and hit gelamp swa . 

pa ymbe^ syx dagas . se casere het sendan 

ongean ]?one ge-sw8encten ealdorman . 196 

of pddui nearwum bendum . and him f>4 bliSe waes . 

Da com se ealdorman to Ipam arwur'San biscope . 

*f>ancode his ]?ingunge . and ]?am earmum wife 

be twifealdum forgeald . p^es pe he hyre benam . 200 

pes ylca bisceop . pe we ymbe^ sprecacS 

ssede be him sylfum on sumne timan . 

pcet h6 nsefre on his life ne come neah wife . 

Jjurh hsemed-J^ing . ^c heold his clsennysse . 204 

On sumum dege*^ ferde . seo''^ fore-saeda bisceop . 

}3a rdd luiianus se arlease casere . 

mid mycelra fyrdinge . swi"Se fus to wige . 

and ge-cneow basilium . and cwse'S him sona to . 208 

Ic haebbe pe ofer-J)ogen . on ge-]?un^genre lare . 

and on utSwytegunge . Him and-wyrde se bisceop . 

Forgeafe god selmihtig . pcet Su fyligdest wysdome . 

and bead him mid penm. worde ]:>ry berene hlafes^. 312 

swylce for bletsunge . Jjses pe he sylf braec ^^ . 

Da h^t se arleasa onfon J)9era hlafa . 

and syllan ]:)am godes menh . gagrs to-geanes . 

and cwse'S mid hospe . horse mete is here . 216 

pcet he us forgeaf . underfo h.6 gsers . 

pa underfseng " se halga . pa, handfulle and cwseS . 

We budon pe casere . pes pe w6 sylfa brucaS . 

and p\x sealdest us to-geanes . pcet pcet "Se unge-sceadwyse nytena 220 

^~^ hine tobringan V. ^ gebedeV. ^ embeV. * inserts and. 

5 embe O. ^dtegeV. ' se V. » Leaf 17. » hlafas V. 

^^ breac V. " under- fens' V. 



that thou mayest not be able to pity though thou will.' 

Then after some interval the august emperor 

became very angry with him [the alderman] and commanded to 

bind him, 
and to bring him ignominiously into captivity. 
Then the alderman sent immediately to Basil, 
praying lamentably that he would appease the incensed emperor 
by his supplications ; and so it befell. 
Then in about six days the emperor bade send away 
home again the afflicted alderman 
<^7^ont of the strait bonds, and he was blithe thereat. 
Then the alderman came to the venerable bishop, 
thanked [him] for his intercession, and to the poor woman 
repaid by twofold that which he had taken from her. 

This same bishop, of whom we are speaking, 
said concerning himself on a certain occasion, 
that he never in his life came near a woman 
by cohabitation, but kept his virginity. 

On a certain day the aforesaid bishop was journeying, 
where rode Julian the wicked emperor, 
with a great army, very eager for battle, 
and he knew Basil, and instantly said to him, 

* I have surpassed thee in excellent learning, 
and in philosophy/ The bishop answered him, 

'Would that God Almighty might grant thee to follow 

wisdom !' 
and offered him, with these words, three barley loaves, 
as if for a blessing, such as he himself partook of. 
Then the wicked man bade [his men] receive the loaves, 
and give to the man of God grass in return, 
and said contemptously ; ' Barley is horsemeat, 
which he hath given us; let him receive grass,' 
Then the saint received the handful, and said, 

* We offered thee, Emperor, of that which we ourselves eat, 
and thou hast given us in return that which irrational beasts 


habbac5 him to big-leofan . gebysmriende us . 

pa ge-bealh hine se casere . and cwseS . mid ge-beote . 

]:)Oiine ic eft ge-cyrre . sigefgeste fram fyrde . 

Ic aweste J^inne buruh . and gewyrce to yr'5-lande . 224 

Ic wat j^ine dyrstignysse . and f»ine burh-wara . 

pe to-brsecon f)a anlicnysse . J^i ic sylf arserde . 

and me to f)8ere gebsed ge-bygdum cneowum . 

JEiter J^ysum worde be gewende to persum . 228 

and basilius cydde . his burh-warum J?is . 

and nam him to rsede Ipcet hi J)one re^an casere 

mid sceattum gegladodon . ]:>onne he of j^am si^e come . 

Hwset ]?a seo burh-ware bli'Selice ge-gaderode 232 

un-gerim feos . set-foran J^am bisceoj^e . 

pa bead he ]?am folce J^reora daga fsesten . 

and h^t hi astigan tip to anre sticoh-e dune . 

on psdve waes gefyrn . fore-msere taempl . 236 

sancte marian ge-halgod . mid healicu7?i wur'S-mynte . 

and hi set J^sere halgan stowe Ipone heelend bsedon . 

])oet he hraSe to-wurpe Ipses wsel-reowan andgyt . 

and hi ahrsedde w'ip Sone re'San casere . 240 

pa ge-seah se biscop . pi pk hi swic5ost baedon . 

on sumere nihte . sa?^c^a marian cuman . 

mid heofonlicum werode ^ to ]:»8ere halgan ^ stowe . 

and cwce'S . to 'Sam halguwi . J^e hyre gehendost stodan^ . 244 

Clypia'S powQ martyr mercurium to me . 

poet he ardlice fare . to J^am arleasan luliane . 

and hine acwelle . for J^an J?e he criste wiS-sdc . 

and be minum sunu . p?i,m soSan gode . 248 

tsel-lice spree]? . mid to-J^undenum mode . 

pa com mercurius . to 'Ssere meeran cwene . 

mid his ge-wsepnunge . and wear's sona asend . 

fram cristes meder . to jpses caseres slsege . 252 

Da wearS basilius . f)earle ^ afyrht . 

and code mid eubole eft to Ssere byrig . 

and siJ)J?an to San sancte . pQ on ^Ssera cyrcean^ Iseg . 

^ weorodumV. ^ Leaf 17, back. ^ stodon V. * swySeV. 

^~^ "Saere cyrcan V. 



have for their sustenance, thus mocking us,' 

Then the emperor was angry, and said threateningly, 

* When I return again victorious from the expedition, 

I will lay waste thy town, and make it into plough-land; 

I know thy presumption, and that of thy citizens, 

w^ho destroyed the image which I myself set up, 

and whereto I prayed on bended knees.' 

After this saying he departed to the Persians, 

and Basil showed this thing to his citizens, 

and took counsel with them that they should gladden 

the cruel emperor with treasures when he came from the 

Lo ! then the citizens blithely gathered 
countless treasures before the bishop. 
Then he enjoined for the people a three-days' fast, 
and bade them mount up to a steep hill, 
on which aforetime a famous temple 
had been dedicated to saint Mary with high honour ; 
and they entreated the Saviour at the holy place, 
that He would soon defeat the bloodthirsty man's purpose, 
and deliver them from the cruel emperor. 

Then the bishop saw, when they were praying most earnestly 
one night Saint Mary come 
with a heavenly company to the holy place, 
and [she] said to the saints that stood closest to her, 
^ Call the martyr Mercurius to me, 
that he may go quickly to the wicked Julian, 
and kill him, because he hath denied Christ, 
and concerning my Son, the true God, 
he speaketh blasphemously with inflated mind; 
Then came Mercurius to the illustrious queen 
with his armour, and was sent immediately . • 

by Christ's Mother to kill the emperor. 
Then became Basil exceedingly afraid, 
and went with Eubolus again to the city, 
and afterward to the saint who lay in the church, 


mercurius . se martyr mid mycclum wiirS-mynte . 256 

and sohte his waepnu . ^c h6 ne ge-seah hi na hwser . 

p4 axode he J^one cyrcweard . be Ipsds sanates wsepnum . 

and h6 swor Ipcet hi wseron ge-wyslice . pxr on sefen . 

pi on-cneow se bisceop . cucSlice his ge-siht5e . 260 

and eode eft to tSam munte . mid mycelre blysse . 

Kydde ]?am folce Ipcet se casere wees of-slegen . 

on J38ere ilcan nihte . swd sw4 him set-ewod waes. 

He eode eft ongean to J^am arwur"San sancte . 264 

wolde ge-wytan . gif his wsepnu coman . 

Dk stod his franca J^aer . fula be-gleddod . 

mid lulianes blode . binnan J)am gesceote . 

Efne j^ses ymbe seofan niht . com to J>8ere ylcan ceastre . 268 

dn ]?8es caseres f)egria . and cydde J^sere burh-ware J^is . 

lulianits wycode wiS })a ei eufraten . 

and him ofer-wacedon syfan-fealde weardes . 

j^a com sum cempa . uncu'S us ealluni . 272 

Bwipe ge-W8epnod . and hyne sona ]:)urh-J)ydde . 

mid egeslicum onhrsese . and ne jeteowde sitSSan , 

pSi hrymde lulian^^s mid hospe . 

and earmlice ge-w4t . on ure ge-wyt-nysse . 276 

Dus cydde se cempa . and ge-cneowode to J^am bisceope 

fuPluhtes biddende . and se bisceop him f)8es ge-tySode 

pa. bead basilius ^ J^sere burh-wara ^ heora feoh . 

ac hi ealle cwsedon mid anre stemne . 280 

gif we J)am dsedlicam ^ fjas cyste ge-u(5an . 

pcBt h6 ne to-wurpe ure wynsuman burh . 

myccle switSor we sceolan J^am so'Sfaestan gode . 

)5as lac ge-offrian . pe us alysde fram dea'Se . 284 

pu hsefst pcet feoh mid p6 . ge-fada embe loca hu J?u wylle 

D4 nydde * se bisceop pcet hi namon J>8ene ]?ryddan dsel . 

and ]?a twegen dselas . he dyde to J)sere cyrcean . 

and to pees mynstrees neode . mid msenig-fealdum creeftum . 288 

Twa gear rixode J^ses re'Sa lulianus . 

and nolde ge-healdan his p^eost-had on riht . 

^ Leaf 18. 2-2 "Sam burh-ware V. ^ J?ae/:Z daedlicnm. * neddeV, 


Mercurius the martyr, with great veneration, 
and sought his weapons, but he saw them nowhere. 
Then he asked the church-keeper about the saint's weapons, 
and he swore that they were certainly there in the evening. 
Then the bishop truly understood his vision, 
and went again to the mountain with great joy, 
and made known to the people that the emperor was slain 
on that same night, as had been shown to him. 
He went ag-ain to the venerable saint, 
desiring to know if his weapons had come back- 
Then stood his javelin there, foully stained 
with Julian's blood, within the chanceL 
Behold, about seven days afterwards came to the same city 
one of the emperor's knights, and made this known to the 

citizens : 
•^Julian was encamped by the river Euphrates^ 
and a sevenfold guard watched over him; 
then came a warrior unknown to us all, 
strongly armed, and immediately pierced him through 
with awful assault, and was not seen afterward; 
then Julian cried out with blasj)hemy, 
and miserably died, as we can testify.' 
Thus the soldier related, and kneeled to the bishop, 
praying baptism, and the bishop granted him this. 
Then Basil offered the citizens their property, 
but they all said with one voice, 

*If we granted these costly things to the mortal [man], 
that he might not destroy our winsome city, 
much rather ought we to offer the treasure 
to the true God who has delivered us from death ; 
thou hast the property with thee, dispose of it, lo ! how thou wilt.' 
Then the bishop compelled them to take the third part, 
and the other two parts he gave to the needs of the church, 
and of the minster, for manifold uses. 
Two years the cruel Julian reigned, 
and would not keep his priesthood in righteousness, 




Ac truwode on ]?oiie hoe'Sen-scype . ]>e liine to helle ge-brohte . 

Eft on sumne timan . weartS se arfgesta w6r 292 

for tSan so^an ge-leafan . leaslice ge-wreged . 

to ualens J)am casere . J^e "Sa cyne-domes geweold . 

8e wses on criste gefullod . Ac he ne cuj^e his geleafan . 

ac folgode gedwykle . J^urh gedwolmanna tihtinge . 296 

pa het se casere f)one halgan ge-feccan . 

to antiochia J)8ere senlican byrig . 

pa mid ]?am Ipe se gedwola . embe his deaS smseda {sic) , 

J)a wear(5 his agen sunu yfele^ geuntrumed . 300 

and orwena lifes . leeg set fortS-si'Se ^ . 

pd eode seo cwen to "Sam casere and cweecS . 

yfela J^u gefadast for gode ]?inne rsed 

nu swelt uncer sunu for San so'S-fsestan men . 304 

p4 clypode se casere . and cwse'S to basilie . 

gif 1pm lar is soS . and heo gode gelica'S . 

gebide for mine sunu . pcet his yfel beo afliged . 

Da cwse'S basilius . beald-lice to f>am casere . 308 

gif Ipn wylt onriht gelyfan . ^ )?onne lifac5 pm sunu . 

He be-het poet h6 wolde . and se halga ge-bsed . 

for l^aet seoce cykl . and him wses sona bet . 

J?a cwsedon psi ge-dw61-men . pe dwelodon Jpone casere . 312 

pcet h6 ne sceolde bugan . for basilies hire . 

of his agenum andgyte fram heora sewfsest-nysse . 

and ssedon pcet his sunu wsere gesundful J^urh hi . 

Mid p&m. pe fa dwol-men . hine bedydrodon J^us . 316 

pa, fortS-ferde pcp^t cyld . fserlice on heora handum . 

Eft on otSrum timan . se unge-lyfeda ualens , 

genam godes circean . of pum godes ]:>eowum . 

and for-geaf pam gedwol-mannum . pe hine bedydrodon . 320 

Da ferde basihus . to (5am fore-saedan casere . 

and mende pcet unriht . pe "Sa yfelan hine ongebrohton . 

swi poet se casere set nextan . betsehte to his dome . 

Hwset J)a basilius . to J?sere byrig ferde . .324 

nicea ge-haten . on ]58era wses gehsefd 

^ Y om. yfele. ^ £jid o/fia'jnieut in V. ^ Leaf 18, back. 



but trusted in the heathenism which brought him to hell. 

Again on a certain occasion the pious man 
was falsely accused, for the cause of the true faith, 
to Valens the Emperor, who then ruled the kingdom. 
He was baptized into Christ, but he knew not His faith, 
but followed heresy through the persuasion of heretics. 
Then the Emperor commanded to fetch the saint 
to Antioch, the beautiful city. 

Then while the heretic was considering about his death, 
his own sou became grievously sick, 
and hopeless of life, lay at [the point of] death. 
Then the queen went to the emperor, and said, 

* Evilly thou disposest thy purpose in God's sight ; 
now our son is dying on account of the just man.' 
Then the emperor cried and said to Basil. 

* If thy doctrine is true, and it is pleasing to God, 
pray for my son that his malady be put to flight.' 
Then said Basil ^ boldly to the emperor, 

' If thou wilt believe aright, then shall thy son live.' 

He promised that he would, and the saint prayed 

for the sick child, and he was instantly better. 

Then said the heretics, who misled the emperor, 

that he ought not to depart, on account of Basil's teaching, 

from their religion, of his own mind, 

and said that his son should be whole by their means. 

While the heretics thus deceived him, 

the child died suddenly in their hands. 

Again at another time the unbelieving Valens 
took God's church from the servants of God, 
and gave it to the heretics who deceived him. 
Then went Basil to the aforesaid emjDeror 
and complained of the wrong which the evil men had brought 

upon him, 
so that the emperor at last gave in to his judgment. 
So then Basil went to the city, 
called Nicea, in which was situated 


'pcet fore-ssede mynster . Ipe ^a manfullan abeedon . 

set ]:>am unriht-wisaii casere . and })a cristenan to-drsefdon , 

J?a cwsef) basilius , Uton be-lncan j^as circan . 328 

and pcet loc ge-inseglian . and ge ealle si^}>an 

waciatS j?reo nilit wunigende on gebedum . 

and gif seo cyrce biS geopenad . j^urli eowre ge-beiia . 

habbat5 hi eow gefre sitSSan . and ne ssecgatS us nenne )?anc , ss^ 

Gif Ipone se jelmihtiga god nelle hi eow geopenian . 

^ f)onne wacie we ane niht . }>one aelmihtigan biddende . 

pcet he us geopenige pa, ge-insseglodan cjrcan . 

and gif heo bi'5 swa geopenad ^ . heo biS si(^f>an ure . 336 

and gif heo J?onne ne biJ5 . ne bidde we hyre nsefre . 

Da ge-licode f)am gedwolum , j^ses bisceoi>es dom . 

and wacodon j:)a l^reo niht . and on )5am |)riddan dege ^ 

stodan aet J^gera cyr^can dura^ . singende ealle 340 

fraw aerne maerien . ocS ofer midne daeg . 

Ac hi crist ne gehyrde . for |?an pe hi ne cuj?on hine , 

pa wacode basilius . on ge-bedum ane niht 

mid J?am geleaffullan folce . and fgengon on eerne msergen- 344 

ealle to clypienne . Kyrrieleyson . 

mid hluddre^ stemne , to ^am leofan haelende . 

pa com fserlice mycel wynd . and wearp upp pa, diiru . 

pcet (5a scytelses ^ to burston . and heo si oh on J)one weall . 348 

Hi eodon |?a in . }?one selmihtigan herigende . 

and se bisceop messode ^ . and bletsode j>a ge-leaffullan , 

and fsela J^stra gedwol-manna . fengon to geleafan . 

Da ne mihte se casere . wi^-cwe]?an pam dome . 352 

dc let j^a godas^^ ]?eowas . pcet godes tempi bugian . 

and J^eera 4re brucan J^e him ge-ahnod wses . 

J)a fore-ssedan gedwol-men . wseron gefullode on gode . 

ac hi ne gelyfdan onriht . on |?one lifigendan ^^ crist . 356 

ac mid manegum gedwyldum dwelodan^^ pii cristenan . 

' Besides the copy in MS. O, fol. 6 (as now numbered), another different copy 
exists in ike same MS,, fol. 50. I give a few various readings helow, marked O3. 
^ geopenod 0. ^ dsege O. * Leaf 19. ^ duru O. 

^ merien O. "^ hludere O. * scittelsas O. ''' maessude 0. 

''' Sic; rc«(Z gudcs. ^^ lyfiendan O^, ^' dwele.lon Oj, 



the aforesaid minster, which the wicked men had begged 
of the unrighteous emperor, driving out the Christians. 
Then said Basil, ' Let us lock up this church, 
and seal the lock, and do ye all afterward 
watch three nights, continuing in prayer, 
and if the church be opened through your prayers, 
ye shall have it ever afterward, and give no thanks to us, 
If the Almighty God will not open it to you, 
then we will watch one night, praying to the Almighty, 
that He will open to us the sealed church, 
and if it be thus opened, it shall afterward be ours, 
and if it is not then [opened], we will never ask for it,' 
The proposal of the bishop pleased the heretics, 
and they watched there three nights, and on the third day- 
stood at the church door, all singing, 
from early morning till over mid-day. 
But Christ heard them not, because they knew Him not, 
Then Basil watched in prayers one night 
with the faithful people, and in the early morning, 
all began to cry, Kyrie, eleison, 
with loud voice to the dear Saviour ; 

Then suddenly came a great wind, and threw open the door, 
so that the bolts burst, and it struck against the wall. 
Then went they in, praising the Almighty, 
and the bishop said mass, and blessed the faithful, 
and many of the heretics received the faith. 
Then the emperor could not gainsay the decision, 
but let the servants of God inhabit God's temple, 
and enjoy the property which was made their own. 
The aforesaid heretics were baptized into God, 
but they did not believe aright in the living Christj, . 
but with many heresies deceived the Christians. 


Sum arwur|?e pegu haeftle aiie dohter . 

pA, he wokle gebringan . l>iiinan sumum inynstre , 

and criste be-teecan . to his clseiian J^eowdome . 360 

f)a weartS an his cnapeiia . to en's J^am msedene . 

and J?urh deofles tihtinge . hi digollice lufode . 

4c h^ ne dorste ameldian his ungemetegodan lufe . 

Eode pi to anum diymen J^e deofles erseft cu'Se . 364 

and beh^t him sceattes . gif h6 mid his scyn-crsefte ^ 

him J^aet moeden mihte ge-macian to wife . 

pa ge-brohte se dry-man . ]:>one enapan . to his deofle . 

and se deofol befran . f)one dweligendan enapan . 368 

gif h^ wolde on ^ hine gelyfan . and his hselende wi'Ssacen . 

^ wits pam ^ pe he gefremode his fulan galnysse . 

pa stod se earming . set-foran J^am arleasan deofle . 

psdY he healice saet mid his hel-cnihtum . 372 

and cwseS he wolde witS-sacan his criste . 

and gelyfan on hine gif he his lust gefremode . 

pa cwsetS se sceocca eft . Ge synd swic5e ungetreowa * . 

Jjonne ge min be-hofia'S . p)onne ic helpe eow . 376 

and ge wi]?saca'5 me eft . and cyrracS to eowruwt criste 

se)?e is swi(5e myld-heort . and myldelice eow under-feh]? . 

ac wryt ^ me nil sylf wylles . pcet J^il wi(5-saca " criste . 

and f)inum fulluhte . and ic ge-fremme Sinne lust . 380 

and )3U beo on domes dsege . fordemed mid me . 

Da awrdt se earming mid his "^agenra hande^ 

awi swa se deofol . him gedihte J)one pistol . 

and se deofol sona ssende to t5am ma^dene . 3 84 

his fulan gastas . J^e galnysse styriacS . 

and ontendan^ pcet mseden . to J?9es mannes lustum . 

Heo wearcS J?a geangsumod mid J^sera ormaetan ontendnysse . 

and feoU adune faerlice hrymende . 388 

Eala ]5u min fseder . gemyltsa J)inre dehter . 

and for-gif me J^am men . pe min mod me to spen'5 . 

elles ic mot sweltan . sarlicum dea(5e . 

* scin-craefte 0. '^ Leaf 19, back. '"'' si})|ian O. * ungetrivve 0. 

* writ O, ^ wijjsace 0, ''^ agenrse handa 0,. ^ ontende 0,- 


An honourable thane had a daughter 
whom he wished to bring within a minster 
and commit to Christ, to His pure service. 
Then one of his youths became known to the maiden, 
and through the instigation of the devil loved her secretly, 
but he durst not announce his inordinate love. 
Then he went to a sorcerer who knew the devil's craft, 
and promised him treasure if he, by his magic, 
could make the maiden become his wife. 
Then the sorcerer brought the youth to his devil, 
and the devil asked the erring youth 
if he would believe on him, and deny his Saviour, 
as soon as he had furthered his foul lust. 
Then stood the miserable one before the wicked devil, 
where he sat exalted with his hellish servants, 
and said he would renounce his Christ, 
and believe on him, if he would perform his desire. 
Then said the fiend again, ' Ye are very unfaithful ; 
when ye have need of me, then I help you, 
and afterwards ye renounce me and turn to your Christ, 
who is very merciful and mercifully receiveth you. 
But write me now, of thy own will, that thou renouncest 

and thy baptism, and I will perform thy desire, 
and thou shalt be condemned with me at Doomsday.' 
Then the wretch wrote the document with his own hands 
even as the devil dictated it to him ; 
and the devil immediately sent to the maiden 
his foul spirits, who stir up lust, 
and enkindled the maiden to the man's desires. 
Then she became vexed with the exceeding burning, 
and fell down suddenly, exclaiming loudly, 
' 0, thou my father ! have pity on thy daughter, 
and give me to the man to whom my mind enticeth me, 
else I must die a sore death.' 


pa weop se fseder . wolde hi ge-frsefrian ^ . 392 

and cwsetS mid mycelre sarnysse . to {^aere seocan dehter ^ . 

Ic wolde mid cleennysse . criste pe be-weddian 

to engla gefserredena . to frofre minre sawle . 

and Ipn pus wodlice wilnast ceorles . 396 

Heo ne rohte his worda for J^sera wodlican ontendnysse « 

and cwee'S pcet heo sceolde sweltan for-ra(5e . 

gif se feeder nolde ge-fremman hyre wyllan . 

Se feeder pa ^eet nextan , be his freonda reede , 400 

forgeaf pa earman dohter |?am deofles cnihte . 

mid mycclum sehtam (sic) . and his mdn nyste . 

Da nolde se deofles eniht , cuman nsefre to circan . 

ne godes word ge-hyran . ne pa halgan messan . 404 

WearS pa ge-openad his earman wife . 

his manfullan be-hat . ]pam hetolan deofle . 

and heo mid mycelre angsumnysse , arn to basilie . 

and cj(}de him be ende-byrdnysse hyre cnihtes wij^er-ssec . 408 

pa het se halga wer . hine to him gefeccan . 

and be-frdn gif hit swd WEere . swa his wif him seedc . 

and he ssede mid wope hu he beswican wear's . 

pa axode se bisceop . wylt ]:)d bugan eft to christe . 412 

Se wy|?ersaca cwseS . ic wylle georne leof . 

^ic ic ne mseg . J^eah ic wylle . forj^an pe ic wi(5->s6c criste . 

and on ge-wryte afeestnode pcet ic weere J^ses deofles . 

Se halga wer him cwaeS to . Ne hoga ]?u embe pcet , 416 

ure heelend is swij^e wel-wyllende . and wyle J^e eft under-fon . 

gif pn mid sotSre deedbote gecyrst eft to him . 

Hwset })a basilius gebletsode ]?one cniht . 

and be-leac hine on-sundron , on sumere digelre stowe . 420 

and tsehta {sic) him bota . and ge-bsed for hine . 

Com eft ymbe (5ry dagas . axode hu he mihte . 

Da cwse'S se dsed-beta , pa deoflu cumaS to me . 

and me switSe ge-egsia'S . and eac swylce torfiatS . 434 

and habba(5 him on hande min agen hand~ge-wryt , 

cweSat5 pcet ic come to him and na hi to m.e , 

^ gefrefrian O2. ^ dohter O2. ^ Leaf 20. 




Then the father wept, desiring to comfort her, 

and said with great grief to the sick daughter, 

' I desired through chastity to wed thee to Christ, 

to the company of angels, for the comfort of my soul, 

and thou thus madly desirest a husband/ 

She recked not of his words on account of the mad burning, 

and said that she must die very quickly, 

if the father would not accomplish her will. 

Then the father at last, by his friends' advice, 

gave up the poor daughter to the devil's servant, 

with much property, and knew not his sin. 

Then tlie devil's servant would never come to church, 

nor hear God's word, nor the holy mass. 

Then was revealed to his poor wife 

his wicked promise to the hateful devil ; 

and with great anguish she ran to Basil, 

and made known to him, in order, her husband's apostacy. 

Then the holy man bade him be fetched to him, 

and enquired if it were even as his wife had told him ; 

and he said, with weeping, how he had been led astray, 

Then the bishop asked, 'Wilt thou again submit to Christ V 

The apostate said, ' I earnestly desire it, my lord ; 

but I cannot though I wish, because I denied Christ, 

and confirmed in writing that I was the devil's.' 

The holy man said to him, ' Be not anxious about that ; 

our Saviour is very benign, and will receive thee again, 

if thou with true repentance wilt turn again to Him.' 

Lo ! then Basil blessed the youth, 

and locked him up apart in a certain secret place, 

and enjoined him penances, and prayed for him. 

He came again after three days and asked how he was. 

Then said the penitent, 'The devils come to me, 

and terrify me greatly, and also, as it were, shoot at me, 

and have in their hands my own handwriting, 

Baying, that I shall come to them and not they to me. 


Basilius him cw8e(5 to . ne beo t5u afyiht . 

gelyf so^lice on god . and senode liine eft . 428 

be-leac eft J^a duru . and lede him his mete . 

He com eft ymbe feawa daga . and cunnode Ipses mannes . 

Se cniht ^ cwsetS to (5am halgan were . ic ge-hyra (sic) j^a deoflu 

feorran . 
and hyra egslican )?iwracan . ac ic hi ne ge-seo . 432 

He beleac hine eft on p'd ylcan wysan . 
oS J)one feower-teo'Sogan dseg . and fandode his sit5(5an . 
pa ssede se cnapa . pcet he switSe wel mihte , 
nu to dseg ic seah . hu '5u ofer-swiSdest ]?one deofol . 436 

Basilius f)a on mergen . gebrohte )?one cnapan 
Into godes huse , and het gegaderian pcet folc . 
and bsed hi ealle wacian . Ipser on niht mid him . 
and tSingian J^am earman men . to ]:)am gelmihtigan gode . 440 
Mid Jjam J^e hi swiSost bsedon . binnan J^aera cyrcan . 
pa com se wsel-reowa deofol . wolde geniman ))one cnapan . 
of basiliw-9 handu?7i . hetolice teonde . 

and cwse'S to (Sam halgan . Ipcet he hine be-rypte . 444 

ne sohte ic na hine . ac h^ sylf com to me . 
her ic habbe his hand-ge-wryt . pcet ic hit ge-healde mid me 
to )?am ge-msenelican dome . on j^am mycclum dsege . 
Da cw9e"S se halga wer . we clypiatS to 'Sam haelende . 448 

up-ahafenum handum otS Ipcet pu peat hand-ge-wryt agife . 
Da clypodon hi ealle . kyrrieleyson . 
up ahafenum handum . wi(S heofonas weard . 
and efne J)a sefter fyrste . feol Ipcet ylce gewryt . 452 

ufon of J?8ere lyfte . to tSam geleaffullan biscope . 
He Jjancode pa, gode . mid gast-licra blysse . 
and axode J?one cnaj)an gif he on-cneowe pcet ge-wryt . 
He cwaeS ic on-cnawe psis cartan fulgeare . 456 

)?is ic sylf awrdt . J?am awyrgedan deofla . 
Hwset J?a basilius . hi sona totaer . 

and gehuslode ]?one cnapan . and f)am haelende betsehte . 
and Iserde hine georne . hil h6 lybban sceolde . 460 

^ Leaf 20, back. 


Basil said to him, ' Be not thou affrighted, 

believe truly in God;' and signed him [with the cross] again, 

and locked the door again, and brought him his food. 

He came again after a few days, and examined the man. 

The youth said to the holy man, ' I hear the devils afar, 

and their awful threats, but I see them not.' 

He locked him up again in the same manner 

until the fourteenth day, and examined him afterward. 

Then said the youth that he was very well, 

' Now to-day I saw how thou overcamest the devil.' 

Then Basil in the morning brought the youth 

into God's House, and bade gather the people, 

and besought them all to watch there at night with him, 

and intercede for the poor man to the Almighty God. 

While they prayed most fervently within the church, 

there came the bloodthirsty devil, desiring to snatch the youth 

from Basil's hands, pulling vehemently, 

and said to the saint that he had robbed him ; 

* I sought him not, but he himself came to me, 

here I have his handwriting that I may keep it by me 

to the general judgment at the great day.' 

Then said the holy man, ' We will cry to the Saviour 

with uplifted hands, until thou givest up the writing.' 

Then they all cried, Kyrie, eleison, 

with hands uplifted toward heaven ; 

and lo then ! after a space the same writing fell 

from above out of the air down to the faithful bishop. 

Then he thanked God with ghostly bliss, 

and asked the youth if he recognized the writing. 

He said, ^I recognize this paper full well, 

this I wrote myself for the accursed devil.' 

Lo, then, Basil immediately tore it in pieces, 

and received the youth to communion, and committed him to 

the Saviour, 
and taught him zealously how he should live 


^ on cristes geleafan . o'S his lifes ende . 
Basilius se maera . \vear(5 mycclum on-bryrd . 
and mid godcundre beorhtnysse ge-blyssod . for-J^earle . 
eode psi ardlice to anes preostes litise . 464 

and liet his gebro"Sra beon his geferan . 
Anastasius wses gehaten se ar\vui]?a maesse-preost 
pe se bisceop to fundode sw4 fserlice mid gange . 
Mid J^am wiuiode dn meeden maerlice drohtnigende . 468 

geond feowertig geare fee fsegre gehealden . 
Heo wees mannum ge]?uht swylce heo his gemaecca wsere . 
Wytodlyce se messe-preost wyste his to-cyme . 
purh ]:»one halgan gast . and wolde hine be-hydan . 472 

ac se bisceop wyste hwser he wses ful geare . 
and het hine msessian for his mserlican drohtnunga. 
pa set J>8ere messan . wearS his msercS geswutelod . 
swd pcet se halga gast hine ealne befeng . 476 

on fyres gelycnysse . J)£er hi onlocoden . 
Se messe-preost leofode be hlafe and be wsetere . 
and symle he fseste buton on freols-dagum . 
He haefde senne lic-cSrowere . be-locen on animi clyfan 480 

egeslice to-swollen . and un-sprecende fornean . 
and hine 'Sser afedde un-afunden oS J^set . 
Da eode basilius . to 'Sam clyfim . 

ac se preost nolde undon Ipk duru mid cee'ge . 48 1 

ac se bisceop hi ge-openade . eaSelice mid his worde . 
and wacode ealle ]:>a niht . mid j^am wsedlian hreoflian . 
biddende J^one haelend . pcet he hine gehseleda [sic) . 
and gelsedde hine on mergen for'5 . swiSe faegres hiwes . 488 
buton selcum womme . and w61 sprecande . 
pas wearS geopenad se drwurSe msesse-preost . 
and Ipcet halige mseden . ^ Ipe his buses gymde . 
and se bisceop gewende mid his ge-broc5rum ham . 492 

Effrem wses gehaten sum swiSe halig abbod , 
on wsestene wunigende . fela wundra wyrcende . 
and manegum o'Srum ge-bysnode . J^a pe bugan to lare . 
^ Leaf 21. ^ Leaf 21, back. 


in Christ's faith, until his life's end. 

Basil the Great was much encouraged, 
and was gladdened exceedingly with divine light. 
He went then quickly to a priest's house, 
and bade his brethren be his companions. 
Anastasius was the name of the venerable mass-priest, 
to whom the bishop went so quickly in his journey. 
With him dwelt a virgin, living virtuously, 
about the space of forty years, of good repute; 
it seemed to men as if she were his wife. 
Verily the mass-priest knew his coming 
through the Holy Ghost, and desired to hide himself; 
but the bishop knew where he was full readily, 
and bade him say mass on account of his excellent life. 
Then at the mass his virtue became manifested, 
so that the Holy Ghost encompassed him all over 
in the likeness of fire, as they were looking on. 
The mass-priest lived on bread and water, 
and he fasted ever, save on festival days. 
He had a leper shut up in a cave, 
fearfully swollen, and almost speechless, 
and had fed him there undiscovered until then. 
Then Basil went to the cave, 

but the priest would not undo the door with a key ; 
but the bishop opened it easily by his word, 
and watched all the night with the destitute leper, 
praying the Saviour that He would heal him, 
and led him forth in the morning of a very fair aspect, 
without any spot, and speaking well. 
Thus was made manifest the venerable mass-priest, 
and the holy virgin who took care of his house ; 
and the bishop went home with his brethren. 

A certain very holy Abbot was called Ephrera, 
dwelling in the desert, working many miracles, 
and set an example to many others who submitted to his 

80 III. DEPOsrno sancti basilh episcopi. 

Da ge-hyrde he be pam wundrum Ipe basilius worhte , 496 

and bsed gelome aet gode . ]}cet he him geswutelode 

hwylc basilius wsere on wur'S-scype mid him . 

pa wearS J?am abbode set-eowed . an fyren swer . 

se stod up a]:>enod . ot5 pk steapan heofonan . 500 

and him com stemn ufan Jjus clypiende hlude . 

Eala Ipu. effrem call swylc is basilius 

swylce pes fyrena swer . J^e f)u ge-syhst her standan . 

Da gewende effrem of f)am westene sona 504 

to (Sam halgan biseeope pcet he hine ge-sprsece . 

and basiliu^6s [sic) sende sona him to-geanes . 

and hine wylcumode . swa sw4 he wyr'Se wees . 

and f>a halgan him betweonan embe pcet heofonlice Iff . 508 

geornlice smeadon . swySe smea]:>ancollice . 

^fter l^aera halgan messan . mid }?am pe hi gereordodon 

cw8e(5 se halga effrem . to J^am arwurtSan biscope . 

Ic bidde pe arwur'Sa fajder pcet J^u me anes ]?inges ty'Sige . 512 

ic wat pcet f>u byst ty'Sa . swa hwaes swa ]?u bytst set gode . 

Bide nu set gode . pcet ic grecisc cunne . 

pa cwse'S se biscop him to . pu bsede ofer mine mse'Se . 

ac uton swa J^eah biddan f)as bena set gode . 516 

Hi feollan pa on gebedum . and basilius cwse'S . 

Hwi nelt j^u la effrem . nu Zn swd arwurtSe eart . 

beon msesse-preost and se o'Ser him cwsecS to . 

for(5an pe ic eom synful . pa ssede se biscop . 520 

eala gif ic hsefde ^ ]?ine synna ana ^ . 

Hi cneowdon ]?a seft . and aeffrem f)a sprsec 

mid greciscum gereorde . god herigende . 

and se halga biscop hine hadode to messe-preoste . 524 

and his wealh-stod to diacone . and hi wendon eft on-gean 

to J?am wid-gyllan westene . wuldrigende god . 

Sum swiSe welig wif wses . swylce on wudewan hade 

ac heo lyfde sceand-lice . swa swa swin on meoxe . 528 

and mid healicum synnum hi sylfe fordyde . 

^ Leaf 22. ^ ane, alt. to ana. 



Then he heard of the wonders which Basil wrought, 

and frequently besought God that He would reveal to him 

what manner of man Basil was in honour [as compared] with 

Then was shown to the Abbot a fiery column 
which stood up extending even to the high heaven, 
and a voice came to him from above, thus crying aloud, 

* 0, thou Ephrem ! Basil is even such 

as is this fiery column which thou seest standing here.' 

Then Ephrem departed immediately from the desert 

to the holy bishop, that he might speak with him, 

and Basil sent straightway to meet him, 

and welcomed him, forasmuch as he was worthy; 

and the saints betwixt themselves, concerning the heavenly life, 

devoutly meditated, very studiously. 

After the holy mass, while they broke their fast, 

the holy Ephrem said to the venerable bishop, 

' I pray thee, venerable father, to grant me one thing ; 

I know that thou art a dispenser of v/hatsoever thou askest of 

Pray now to God that I may know Greek.' 
Then said the Bishop to him, ' Thou hast asked beyond my power, 
but let us, nevertheless, ask this boon of God.' 
They fell then to prayers, and Basil said, 

* Behold ! why wilt thou not, Ephrem, since thou art so worthy, 
become a mass-priest?' And the other said to him, 

' Because I am sinful.' Then said the bishop, 

'Oh, if I had but thy sins only!' 

Then they kneit again ; and Ephrem then spake 

in the Greek tongue, praising God, 

and the holy Bishop ordained him as mass-priest, 

and his interpreter as deacon, and they went back again 

to the wide-stretching desert, glorifying God. 

A certain very v/ealthy woman was living as if in widowhood, 
but she lived shamefully, even as swine on a dunghill, 
and was destroying herself by deadly sins ; 


Heo wearS swa pesJa. get nehstan wundorlice onbryrd . 

J?urh godes mynegunge . and ealle hyre manlican daeda , 

awrdt on anre cartan . and be-worhte mid leade . 532 

gesohte pi basilium biddende and cweSende . 

Eale J)u godes halga be-seoh me to are , 

Ealla mine synna . ic synfulle awrdt . 

on f>issere cartan . and ic com to J?e leof . 536 

and ic bidde J?e for godes lufan pcet Ipu. m6 nnlyse j^a insseg- 

lunge . 
ac adylega ]?a synna . to drylitne me ]?ingiende . 
se god Ipe me forgeaf pis gode gef)anc . 

se wyle J^e ge~hyran me J?ingiende to him . 540 

pa genam basilius se biscop J^a cartan . 
and be-seab to beofonum . and cwse(5 to J)am hselende , 
Din agen daed Is drihten . pcet ]?u adylegie synna . 
J3U pe middan-eardes synna myld-heort-lice set-brytst . 544 

eat5elice p\i miht J)yssere anre sawle synna . 
adylegian . J?u so'Sfaesta drihten . 
Ealle ure synna synd mid pe awrytene . 

ac pin myld-heortnys is swi(5e mycel . and tin-asmsegendlic . 548 
Git pa basiliuws gebaed for pcet wif . 
waciende J»a niht . and pcet ge-wryt ageaf 
J?am fore-ssedan wife . and pi waeron J)a synna 
ealle adilegode butan anre synna . 552 

Seo wses seo mseste . and heo wear?5 pa, aemod . 
biddende^ mid wope f)one halgan wer . 
pcet he p'd mycclan synne mild-heort-lice adilegode . 
Bwd sw4 he dide pa. oSre . f)urh his drihtnes unnan . 556 

J?a cw8e(5 se erce-biscop . Ic eom eac synful . 
and myltse behofige . })^s heofonlican dryhtnes . 
Ac far pe to westene . and }?u fintst anne wer 
haliges lifes . se hatte effrem . 560 

agif him pas cartan . and cjp him ymbe pe . 
and he mid gebedum gegladaj^ god selmihtigne . 
poet wif gewende f)a to 'Sam westene swi'Se , 

^ Leaf 22, back. 



however, she became at last wonderfully moved 
through God's warning, and wrote all her wicked deeds 
on a paper, and sealed it with lead; 
Then she sought Basil, praying and saying, 
"^ Oh, thou saint of God 1 Look on me with mercy; 
all my sins I, a sinner, have written 
on this paper, and I have come to thee, beloved one, 
and I pray thee, for God's love, to unloose for me this seal, 
and blot out the sins, interceding for me to the Lord ; 
the God who gave me this good thought, 
He will hear thee, interceding to Him for me/ 
Then Basil the bishop took the paper, 
and looked uj) to heaven, and said to the Saviour, 
^ Thine own deed, Lord, is it to blot out sins ; 
Thou who mercifully takest away the sins of the world, 
easily Thou canst blot out the sins 
of this one soul. Thou righteous Lord \ 
All our sins are written down with Thee, 
but Thy mercy is very great and unsearchable/ 
Still Basil prayed for tlje woman, 
keeping vigil that night, and gave back the writing 
to the aforesaid woman, and then were the sins 
all blotted out, save one of the sins, 

which was the greatest, and she became then disheartened, 
praying, with weeping, the holy man, 
that he would mercifully blot out the great sin, 
even as he did the others through his Lord's grant. 
Then said the archbishop, ' I also am sinful, 
and need mercy of the heavenly Lord ; 
but go thou to the desert, and thou shalt find a man 
of holy life, who is called Ephrem ; 

give him this writing, and make known to him concerning thy- 
and he with prayers shall gladden Almighty God/ 
The w^oman then went to the desert quickly^; 

* There ia an abrupt transition here, but nothing is lost ; see 1. 633. 



and basilius wear's gebroht on legere 564 

to his forSsicSe . fore-wittig swa Ipeah . 

An sej^ele Isece wses wunigende on J^sere byrig . 

losEP gehaten . hseSen and ludeisc . 

se cutSe to-cnawan gif he cunnode j^ses mannes . 568 

be his sedrena hrepunge . hweSer he hraSe swulte , 

and Basilivs wiste purh godes onwrigennysse . 

J?ce^ he sceolde Ipone Isece to ge-leafan bringan 

and on fante fullian . ser his forS-siSe . 572 

J?a lufode he hine forSi . and gelome hine ge-sprsec , 

tihtende to ge-leafan . f)eah pe he lange witS-soce , 

Da on sumum dsege sende basilius , 

sefter Sam ylcan laece swylce he his lacnunga gyrnde , 576 

and het hine sceawian be his seocnysse . 

axude }?a hu him J^uhte . and se oSer him andwyrde . 

GearciaS J^a ping . Ipe eow gewunelice synd . 

to bebyrigunge . J>es biscop gewit hraSe . 580 

Da cwseS se erce-biscop . to Sam seSelan Isece . 

nastu hwset pu ssegst . pesih pn swd ne wene . 

Se Isece him cwaeS to . Ne lyfastu oS sefen . 

)5a cwseS basilius . hwset gif ic bide merigenes . 584 

Se ebreisca cwse]? eft . Ne biS hit swa langsum . 

^ Ane tid ic wene . pcet ]:>in sawul wunige on pe , 

ac gefada J^ine J^ing . for J?an pe ic pe ssecge . 

pcet J?es dseg ne ge-endaS ofer Se cucena , 588 

Da cwokS basilius mid blySum mode him to . 

Hwaet destu gif ic to mergen mid-deges gebide , 

Se ebreisca cweeS . sylf ic swelte Jponne . 

Se halga wer ssede . pu scealt sweltan synna , 592 

and criste lybban . }?urh geleafan awend . 

Se Isece him andwyrde . and cwseS . pcet he gelyfan wolde . 

and his wyllan gefreman . gif he wunode of ^ mid-dseg , 

He be-h6t J^a mid aSe pcet he to Jjam hselende gebuge . 596 

and fulluht under-fenge . gif se halga faeder leofode , 

* Jjeg-f 33, 2 Bead o^, 


and Basil was brought by disease 

near to his departure, foreknowing it however. 

A noble leech was dwelling in the city, 
called Joseph, a heathen and a Jew ; 
he knew how to distinguish, if he examined a man, 
by the feeling of his veins (pulses), whether he would die 

soon ; 
and Basil knew, through God's revelation, 
that he should bring the leech to the faith, 
and baptize him in the font ere his departure ; 
he loved him therefore, and frequently spake with him, 
persuading him to the faith, though he long opposed it. 
Then on a certain day Basil sent 
after the same leech, as if he required his healing, 
and bade him examine concerning his sickness : 
then he asked how it seemed to him, and the other answered him, 
' Prepare the things which are customary amongst you 
for burial ; this bishop will soon die.* 
Then said the archbishop to the noble leech, 
' Thou knowest not what thou sayest, though thou ween it not.' 
The leech said to him, ' Thou wilt not live till evening,' 
Then said Basil, ' What if I bide till morning 1 ' 
The Hebrew said again, ' It will not be so long ; 
for one hour, I think, thy soul shall remain in thee ; 
but set in order thy affairs, because I say to thee 
that this day will not close over thee alive.' 
Then said Basil with blithe mood to him, 
' What wilt thou do if I bide till to-morrow at mid-day V 
The Hebrew said, ' I myself will die then.' 
The holy man said, ' Thou shalt die to sin 
and live to Christ, converted through faith.' 
The leech answered him, and said that he would believe 
and perform his will, if he lived until mid-day. 
He promised too with an oath, that He would submit to the 

and receive baptism, if the holy father lived. 


Hwaet t5a basilius bsed Jjone selmihtigan god 

poet he his lif gelengde Jpam Isece to hsele . 

Se biscop ]?a leofode swa swa he bsed set gode . 600 

and on mergeu ge-langode j?one leece him to . 

8e iudeisca pa, com . and cwsetS mid wundrunge 

mid ealre heortan . Ic ssecge pcet crist is socS god . 

and heonan-for'5 wi'5-sace mid so'Sum ge-leafan 604 

J^am hatigend-licum bigengu7/i . pe 'Sa ludeiscan healda(5 . 

Hat me mi fullian . and mine hi wan ealle 

on psds haelendes naman , buton elcunge . 

Se eerce-biscop cwaetS . Ic eow ealle fuUige . 608 

mid minum agenum handum . 'Sine hiwan . and pe . 

})a grapode se Isece his lima eft , and cwae'S . 

Din msegn is aterod . and pa. mihte p\i nsefst . 

Basilius him cwseS to . We habbaS f)one scyppend . 612 

pe pcet gecynd gesceop . and se us ge-strangacS . 

He ards 'Sa mid f)am worde . and eode to cyrcean . 

and setforan jjam folce gefullode f)one Joseph . 

mid eallum his hiwum . and ge-huslode hi siSSan . 616 

and Iserde hi georne . be ^am ecan life . 

Sif>)?an he messode mannum to nones . 

and Iserde hi georne . and luriice hi cyste , 

and genam (5one dsel Jjses deorwur'San busies . 620 

l^e se haelend gehalgode . j^e he heold o"S j^a^t , 

and sefter p2ere huslunge . mid herunga ge-wdt . 

to J)am lifigendan gode . pe he mid geleafan wurSode . 

mid )?am he wunaS on blysse . d butan ende. AMEN, 624 

Hwset f)a se Isece pe ^eer gelyfed wses . 
feoll uppon his breost . mid flowendum tearum . 
and cwse"5 mid wope . wella basilius . 

gif Su sylf noldest . nsere }?u git for^-faran » 628 

f>a com mycel meniu on mergen to 'Sam lice . 
and Gregorius bisceop . pe mid basilic leornode . 
and oSre fela bisceopas . and gebrohten pcet lie . 

^ Leaf 23, back. 


So then Basil prayed the Almighty God, 

that he would lengthen his life for the salvation of the leech. 

Then the Bishop lived even as he had besought of God, 

and in the morning summoned the leech to him. 

Then the Jew came, and said, with astonishment, 

'With all my heart I say that Christ is true God, 

and henceforth renounce with true faith 

the hateful rites which the Jews practise; 

command me to be baptized, and all my household, 

in the Saviour's name without delay.' 

The archbishop said, ' I will baptize you all 

with mine own hands, thy household and thee.' 

Then the leech felt his limbs once more and said, 

' Thy strength hath failed, and thou hast no power.' 

Basil said to him, ' We have the Creator, 

Who created nature, and He will strengthen us.' 

Then with that saying he arose and went to church, 

and, before the people, baptized Joseph 

with all his household, and received them afterwards to communion, 

and taught them zealously concerning the eternal life. 

Afterward he said mass for the people until noon, 

and taught them zealously, and lovingly kissed them, 

and received the portion of the precious housel 

which the Saviour had consecrated, which he had reserved until 

and after the houselling, departed with praises 
to the living God whom he had worshipped faithfully, 
with whom he dwelleth in bliss ever without end. Amen, 

Lo ! then the leech who had there become a believer, 
fell upon his breast with flowing tears, 
and said with weeping, ' Alas, Basil ! 
if thou thyself hadst been unwilling, thou wouldst not yet have 

Then came a great multitude in the morning to the corpse, 
and bishop Gregory, who had learned with Basil, 
and many other bishops, and brought the corpse 


mid gastlicum sangum . Into godes cyrcean . 632 

We wylla'S nu ful ssecgan be 'Sam synfullan wife . 

pe basilius sende . mid J^sere anre synne 

to effremme j?am abbude . 'pcet he Sa (m adylogode . 

pcet wif becom set nextan j^m-h pcet widgylle westen . 636 

to 'Sam halgan efFrem . and he wiste byre fser . 

Suruh godes onwrigennysse . and hwaet heo wolde J^ser , 

and cw8e'5 hire sona to . ic eom synful mann . 

Heo awearp }?a cartan Sa . and cwaeS to effremme . 640 

Se serce-biscop me sende so'Slice to 'Se . 

pcet f>u 'Sas ane synne . pe on J)yssere ymlan stent . 

J)urh ]:»ine ge-bedu adilige . swa swa he dyde psk oSre . 

Se halga effrem cwee'S . nese nese debtor . 644 

ac se 'S6 pa. manega synne mihte adilegian , 

)?urh his J^ing-rsedene "Sa J?a 'Su bine bsede 

se mseg bet }?one ic biddan for 'Ssere anre * 

Gang ongean hra'Se to ^am godes menn . 64S 

pcet 'Su bine befo ser his forSsiSe . 

f)a arn pcet earme wif ofer pcet westen swi(5e . 

o"S pcet heo to J^aere byrig be-com . ]53er man bser basiliura . 

and feoll Sa to eorSan . flitende wi"S fjone halgan . 652 

pcet he hi asende . fram him sylfum to westene . 

on swa mycelne weg . and ne wear's gefrefrod . 

Heo wearp f>a mid j?am |)8et gevvryt on "Sa bsere . 

and cydde J^am mannum be byre misdsedum . 656 

^ pa wolde an ^sera preosta . wytan psi synne . 

and sceawode pa, cartan . and clypode to 'Sam wife , 

To hwi swincst p\i la wif . J^eos carte is adilegod . 

Seo syn wear's J^a adilegod . }?urh drihtnes mildsunge . 660 

swa swa basilius wolde . pe 'Sa wuldrode mid gode . 

Da fsegnode pcet wif . and pcet folc wuldrode . 

]5one lifigendan god . pe lyfaS on ecnysse . 

His lie wear's be-byrged on cessariam byrig 664 

cappadoniscre scyre . J^ser J)8er he sylf biscop wses . 

* Leaf 24, 


with ghostly songs into God's church. 

We will now relate fully concerning the sinful woman 
whom Basil sent with the one sin 

to Ephrem the abbot, that he might blot out that one. 
The woman came at last through the wide desert 
to the holy Ephrem, and he knew all about her life 
through God's revelation, and what she desired there, 
and said to her instantly, ' I am a sinful man.' 
Then she drew out the paper, and said to Ephrem, 
' The archbishop sent me verily to thee, 
that thou mightest blot out this one sin, w^hich standeth in this 

through thy prayers, even as he did the others.' 
The holy Ephrem said, ' Nay, nay, daughter, 
but he who could blot out the many sins 
through his intercession, when thou didst beseech himj 
he can, better than I, pray for this one : 
Go again quickly to the man of God 
that thou mayest reach him before his death.' 
Then ran the poor woman over the desert swiftly^ 
until she came to the city where they bare Basil, 
and fell then to the earth, chiding with the saint, 
that he had sent her from himself to the desert 
on so great a journey, and she had not been comforted. 
Then with that she threw the writing on the bier, 
and told the men concerning her misdeeds. 
Then one of the priests desired to know the sin, 
and looked at the paper, and cried to the woman; 
' Wherefore labourest thou, oh woman !■ this paper is blotted 

So the sin was blotted out through the Lord's mercy, 
even as Basil desired who was then in glory with God. 
Then the woman rejoiced, and the people glorified 
the living God who liveth in eternity. 
His body was buried in the city of Csesarea, 
in the province of Oappadocia, where he himself had been bishop; 


manegum fremiende . mid mycelre lare . 

and he sylf wolde sweltan for rihte 

ger 'Sam pe he for-suwode f>one so'San gelyfan . 668 

betwux f)am gedwol-mannum pe hine drehton for-oft . 

for tSi he wuldratS nu . d . to worulde mid gode. AMEN. 670 




[Another copy, much burnt and very defective, is in MS. Otho, B. x, fol. 7, 
See 1. 27. I give the various readiugs, marked ' 0.'] 

ON egypta lande . on antiochian j^sere byrig . 
Se wses secSel-boren of aewfestum magum . 

and on cristas lare ge-lsered , fram geogoj^e. 4 

pa wolde his feeder . and his frynd ealle . 
pcet he wifian sceolde f)a t5a he eahtetyne gaera wses , 
ac iulianus cwse'S pcet he cunnian wolde 

his drihtnes wyllan hu he wolde be him . 8 

He weart5 J^a ge-bysgod on his ge-bedum seofan niht . 
bsed pone selmihtigan crist pcet he his clsennysse geheolde . 
Da set-eowde se hselend hine sylfne on swefne 
pa,m sejjelan enihte on cSsere eahteo'San nihte . 12 

and cwsecS pcet he sceolde socSlice underfon maeden 
him to gemacan . pe hine ne moste ascyrian 
fram his clsenan lufe pe he gecoren hsefde . 

Se hselend him cwsecS to , Ic beo sylf mid pe , 16 

and on pe adwesce ealle ontendnysse . 
and pcet mseden ic ge-bige . eac to minre lufe . 
and on eowrum bryd-bedde . ic beo eow set-eowed . 
and )?urh eow me bitS ge-halgod manegra oSre clennysse 20 

^ and ic pe under-fo mid tSinum msedene to heofonum . 

^ Leaf 24, back- 


profiting many by his great learning, 

and he himself desired to die for the right, 

ere he would be silent concerning the true faith 

amongst the heretics who very often vexed him. 

Therefore he is now in glory for ever with God. Amen. 




A certain noble servant of God was called Julian 

in the land of Egypt, in the city of Antioch, 

who was nobly born of pious parents 

and instructed in Christ's lore from his youth. 

Then his father desired, and all his friends likewise, 

that he should marry, when he was eighteen years old. 

But Julian said that he wished to find out 

his Lord's will, how He willed concerning him. 

Then was he busied in his prayers for seven nights, 

and prayed the almighty Christ that He would preserve his 

Then the Saviour shewed himself in a dream 
to the noble knight on the eighth night, 
and said that he must verily take a maiden 
as a mate for himself, who would not sever him 
from his pure life, such as he had chosen, 
Jesus said to him, ' I myself will be with thee, 
and will quench in thee all desire, 
and will incline the maiden also to love of Me. 
And in your bride-bed I will be manifested to you, 
and through you the purity of many others shall be hallowed 

unto Me, 
and I will receive thee, with thy maiden, to heaven.' 

* The Ides of January correspond to Jan, 13. The right day is Jan, 9. 


Da awoc lulianus gewyssod })urh his drihten . 

cwse'S to his freondum . p<xt he on-fon wolde . 

mseden him to gemacan . and hi mycclum f)8es fegnodon , 24 

pa fundon his magas sum se'Sel-boren ma3den 

basilissa gehaten , and him f>a begeaten . 

pa wurdou gegearcode J^a gyftu sefter gewunan . 

^and hi butu coman on anum bedde to-somne. 28 

Hwset 'Sa iulianus hine georne ge-bsed . 

to "Sam hselende criste . poet he hine geheolde . 

wiS ealla ontendnysse . and yfele costnunga . 

Da weartS pcet bryd-bed mid brseSe afylled . 32 

swylce j^ser Isegon . lilie and rose . 

Da cweeS basilissa to J^am clsenau brydguman . 

Hit is winter-tid nu and ic wundrie J^earle 

hwanon pes wyrt-brse'S J?us wynsumlice steme . 36 

and me nu ne lyst . nanes synscipes . 

ac pdds hgelendes gej^eodnysse mid ge-healdenrc clennisse . 

Iulianus andwyrde J)am eeSelan meedene . 

Jjes wynsuman braeS pe Su wundrast ]?earle . 40 

npefS nan angin . ne eac naenne sende , 

pes brae's is of criste seSe is clsennysse lufigend . 

gif wit f)urh-wuniaS on ansundum^ maegS-hade . 

and hine clsenlice lufiaS . J^onne cume wit^ to his rice . 44 

and wit* ne beoS to-twsemede . 4c a^ to worulde blyssiaS . 

Basilissa cwseS . pcet heo on clsenum maegS-hade 

jpurh-wunian wolde . for Sam wynsuman behate . 

and habban pcet ece lif . and Sone haelend to bryd-guman . 48 

pa clypode iulianus on cneow-gebedum Sus . 

Conjirma hoc deus . quod operatus es in oiobis . et reliqna. 

Gefeestna }?is haelend . pcet pcet Su on us gewyrcst . 

and basilissa sona swa ge-lice dyde , 52 

pa astyrede pcet bryd-bed . and beorht leoht ]?a3r sc6an . 

^and '''crist wear's '^ gesewen mid scinendum werode . 

and his modur maria mid hyre maedenlicum heape . 

^ See MS. Otho B. x. fol. 7 (as now numbered). ^ anwealgum O, ^ we 0. 
* wyt 0. ^ O om. ^. ® Leaf 25. ''~'' crist sylf wear'S ])ser 0. 


Then awoke Julian, instructed by his Lord, 
and said to his friends that he would take 
a maiden for his spouse; and they were greatly glad of it, 
Then his kinsmen found a certain nobly-born maiden, 
named Basilissa, and obtained her for him. 
Then was prepared the marriage, according to customj 
and they two came into one bed together. 
Well, then ! Julian eagerly prayed 
to Jesus Christ, that He would preserve him 
against all desire and evil temptation. 
Then was the bride-bed filled with fragrance 
just as though a lily and a rose were lying there. 
Then said Basilissa to the pure bridegroom, 
'It is now winter-time, and I greatly wonder 
whence this fragrance of flowers thus wonderfully rises; 
and now I have no desire for any sinfulness, 
but (feel) only desire for the Saviour, with preserved chastity,' 
Julian answered the noble maiden, 

' This winsome fragrance, at which thou greatly wonderest, 
hath no beginning, nor eke any end. 
This fragrance is from Christ who is lover of purity; 
if we two continue in unbroken chastity 
and purely love Him, then shall we come to His kingdom, 
and we two shall never be severed, but shall rejoice for ever.* 
Basilissa said that she desired to continue 
in pure maidenhood, because of that winsome promise, 
so as to have the life eternal, and the Saviour for her bride- 
Then cried Julian on his knees, in his prayers, thus : 
* Confirm this, Lord, that thou hast wrought in us,' &c., 
Confirm this. Saviour, that thou workest in us. 
And soon Basilissa did even the like. 

Then the bride-bed shook, and a bright light shone thcrOj 
and Christ was visible, with a shining host, 
and His mother Mary with her virgin train. 


Crist clypode Jja to tSam clsenan cnihte . 56 

and cw8e(5 pcet he Lssfde oferswiSod 

woruldlice gselsan . and f)one gramlican feond . 

Of marian werode W93S pus geclypod . 

Eadig eart pu basilissa . forfan j^e ]?u gebygdest 60 

j^in mod to balwendum mynegungum . 

and middan-eardlice swsesnysse mid ealle forsilist . 

and pe sylfe gearcost to wuldre . 

pa com to ?Sam bedde boc fram ]?am bselende . 64 

and twegen his halgan mid twam cynehelmum . 

arserdan hi Jpa upp . and heton hi rsedan . 

Da rsedde iulianus }?as word on |?aere bee , 

Se J^e for minre lufe middan-eard forsihS . 68 

he bits so'Slice geteald to J^am unbesmitenum halgum , 

pe nseran on heora life besmitene mid wifum . 

Basilissa biS geteald to ]?asra msedena getsele 

pe marian folgia'5 f>8es haelendes meder . 7a 

-/Efter f)issere reedinge . and oSruw tihtingum . 

ge-wendon f>a halgan to f)am hselende tipp . 

Hwset f)a iulianus ungeweemmede heold his bryde . 

and hi woeron geSeodde mid so"Sre clsennysse 76 

gastlice p)eonde on godes gewytnysse . 

Heora fsederas waeron gefyrn cristene . 

Hit gelamp pa. ra'Se^ . pcet hi of life gewytan . 

and laefdon heora sehta )?am setSelum mannum . 80 

Iulianus J?a dselde . be his drihtnes wyssunga'^ 

heora land are . pe him leefed wees . 

and arserde him mynster and his msedene otSer , 

He wear's j^a faeder ofer fsela ^ muneca . 84 

and basilissa modor ofer manega mynecena , 

and hi pa. gastlican werod under gode* gewyssodon . 

on dseg-hwamlicre lare to heora dryhtnes wyllan . 

of) pcet se re'Se sehtnysse on egypta lande becom . 88 

fram J^am ^ wel-hreowan casere pe wees geciged dioclytianus . 

pa gebsedon . f)a halgan hi to {jam hselende . 

^ hra|>e 0. ^ willan 0. ^ fela 0. * inserts well. ' Leaf 25, back. 


Christ called out then to the pure knight, 

and said that he had overcome 

worldly luxury and the angry fiend. 

By Mary's host it was thus spoken, 

'Blessed art thou, Basilissa, because thou didst incline 

thy mind to salutary admonitions, 

and wholly despisest worldly delight, 

and preparest thyself for glory/ 

Then came to the bed a book from the Saviour, 

and two of His saints, with two crowns, 

then raised them up, and bade them read. 

Then read Julian in the book this word, 

* He that for my sake despiseth the world 

he verily shall be counted among the unsullied saints 

that never in their lives were polluted with women. 

Basilissa shall be counted among the number of virgins 

who follow Mary, the Saviour's mother.' 

After this reading and other persuasions 

the saints returned back to the Saviour. 

Thus Julian kept his bride unpolluted, 

and they were associated in true chastity, 

increasing in the spirit, in testimony to God. 

Their parents had been Christians long before; 

and it soon happened that they departed this life, 

and left their possessions to the noble pair. 

Julian then distributed, by the Lord's instruction, 

the wealth of their land that was left to them, 

and reared for himself a minster, and for his bride another. 

Then he became a father over many monks, 

and Basilissa a mother over many nuns, 

and they, under God, instructed the ghostly host 

in daily lore according to their Lord's will, 

until the cruel persecution came upon the land of Egypt 

from the bloodthirsty emperor, who was named Diocletian. 

Then prayed the saints to the Saviour, 


and he him asende J^isne frofer J^us cwsecSende . 
Eala pu basilissa J^ine gebedu synd gefyllede 9 a 

pcet ealle f)ine maedenu of middan-earde gewitatS 
aer (5an pe seo arlease ehtnys . ofer eow be-cume . 
pcet ge ne beon ge-wem-mede . j?urh Sa wodan ehteras . 
Hit wearcS pa. gefylled . swa swa him fore-ssede god , 96 

pcet ealle t5a femnan pe folgodon basilissan 
gewytan of worulde to {jam wuldor-fullan hselende , 
and basilissa siS'San socSlice gela'Sod , 

gewat on mseg^hade of middan-earde to criste . joo 

and iulianws mid blisse hi bebyrgde mid his munecum , 
And he abdd on life mid his leofan gebro'Srum 
tihtende hi geornlice , to 'Sam to-werdan gecampe . 
Da com martianus se man-fulla cwsellere , 104 

Into antiochian J)8ere egyptiscan byrig . 
mid ormettre ehtnysse . fram J>am arleasan casere . 
He sette Sa gebann J)8et nan mann bicgan ne moste . 
oSSe aenig J^ing syllan buton he onsseged-nysse . 108 

geoffrode J^am leasum deofol-gyldum . and his drihten witS-soce . 
Him wearS ]pa ge-ssed . be 'Sam so'San geleafan . 
pe lulianus heold mid his halgum gebroSrum . 
and sende to Sam heape bet hi gebugan 112 

to his deofolgyldum . pe Ises pe hi for-demede wurdon , 
Ac lulianus ne rohte J^aes re'San J?ywrace . 
ne nan his geferena forht nses on mode . 

ac wseron lust-bsere for f>one leofan drihten 116 

wita to J)rowienne . and eac waelhreowne deat5 . 
pa ge-cyrde se serendraca . and })is ssede f)am deraan . 
Martianus pa, het fone halgan Iulianu?7i 

him to ge-langian to langsumum wytum , 120 

and het siSSan for-bernan ealle his gebroSra . 
samod binnan ^ j:»am ylcan huse . pe hi heora beda be-eoden . 
pa wear's se halga heap }?am hselende ge-offrod . 
and )?urh pcet hate fyr to heofonan rice becom . 1 24 

On Sere stowe bee's geli0elede . gehwilce untrumc . 

^ Leaf 26. 


and He sent them this comfort, thus saying : 
* Ho ! thou Basilissa, thy prayers are fulfilled, 
that all thy maidens shall depart from the world, 
before the cruel persecution shall come upon you, 
that ye be not polluted by the mad persecutors.' 
It was soon fulfilled, even as God foretold to them, 
that all the women that followed Basilissa 
departed from this world to the glorious Saviour, 
and Basilissa afterward, truly invited, 
departed in virginity from the world to Christ, 
and Julian, with joy, with his monks buried her, 
and himself continued in life with his dear brethren, 
eagerly persuading them to the future conflict. 
Then came Martianus the wicked tormentor 
into Antioch, the Egyptian city, 

with immeasurable cruelty, from the impious Emperor. 
He made a decree, that no man might buy 
or sell anything, unless he offered sacrifice 
to the false idols and forsook his Lord. 
Then was (all) told him about the true belief 
that Jul! anus held, together with his holy brethren ; 
and he sent to that company, and bade them bow down 
to his idols, unless they were to be judged guilty. 
But Julianus recked not of the savage threat, 
nor was one of his companions afraid in his mind, 
but (all) were desirous, for their dear Lord, 
to suffer torments, and even cruel death. 
Then returned the messenger, and told this to the judge, 
Martianus then bade the holy Julianus 
to be sent for to himself, for lingering tortures, 
and then commanded all his brethren to be burnt together 
within the very house wherein they offered their prayers. 
Then was the holy company offered up to the Saviour, 
and went to the kingdom of heaven through the hot fire. 
On that spot are healed any sick people (that come) 



pVLrh J?8era martyra ge-earnunga . pe on J?8ere stowe 'Srowodon . 
Hwaet "Sa martianus se manfulla cwellere . 

hsefde langsuT/t gewinn . wiS f>one se^elan luliauum . 128 

and cw8ec5 pcet he geare wiste his seSelborennysse . 
and ic pe for-'Si tihte . pcet (5u J^am godum ge-offrige . 
sefter f)inre gebyrde . pcet hi pe bly^e beon . 
lulianus him ssede . pu eart so'Slice ablend 132 

mid J^inre yfelnysse . and for-f)i me pus olsecst . 
Ge habba'S manega godas . and manega gydena . 
we sotSlice wurSian genne socSne god . 

Eower godas synd agotene . o'SSe agrafene . 136 

hu magon hi beon ge-gladode . ]?urh aenige bigencgas . 
o]?]?e pSiToa. gemyltsian . pe hi mid ge-dwylde wurSia^ . 
peos race is swit5e lang-sum fullice to gereccenne . 
ac we hit ssecga'S eow on pa, scortostan wisan . 140 

Hwset pa martianus . het liis manfullan cwelleras . 
fjone halgan beatan mid heardum saglum . 
pa bserst Bum sagol into anes beateres eagan , 
ewa pcet his eage wand tit mid ]?am slsege. 

Se man wses )?am deman ]?earle nyd-behefe . 144 

and cu(5 j^am casere . and him eallum ge-cweme . 
Da cwseS martianws mid myccluw graman . 
Bwa micel is J)in dry-crseft . pcet t5u J)as dyntas naht ne gefretst . 
and f)8erto eacan ablendst . J^one pe pe beaton (sic) sceolde . 148 
lulianus J?a cwsetS . to J3am wel-hreowan pus . 
ClypiaS to eowruw godum . and to eallum gydenum . 
pcet hi nu gehselan . f)ises hsetSenan ep-ge . 

and gif hi ne magon . ic hine gehsele ]?urh crist . 152 

pa eoden pa, hgeSen-gyldan . •'into heora temple . 
clypigende hlude . to Sam leasan gode . 
Da andwerdan pa deofla . of f)am dsedan anlicnyssum . 
GewitatS fram us . we synd wra'Se ge-swsencte 156 

and mid fyre for-numene . for lulianes intingan . 
eefre fram 'Sam dsege f>e ge hine eerest drsehton . 
Hu mage w6 blinde f)one blindan ge-hselan . 

^ Leaf 26, back. 


through the merits of the martyrs who suffered in that place. 

Well, then, Martianus, the evil tormentor, 

had a long contest with the noble Julianus, 

and said that he had formerly known his high rank, 

'and I therefore exhort thee, offer to the gods 

according to thy quality, that they may be kind to thee.' 

Julianus said to him, ' Thou art verily blinded 

by thy evil mind, and therefore dost thus flatter me. 

Ye have many gods and many goddesses ; 

we however honour one true God only. 

Your gods are cast in a mould or sculptured, 

how can they be gladdened by any acts of worship ? 

or how shall they show mercy on them that erroneously honour 

(This story is very tedious, to tell it all, 
but we tell it you in the briefest way.) 
"Well, then, Martianus bad his wicked tormentors 
beat the saint with hard rods. 
Then one of the rods broke into a beater's eye, 
so that his eye rolled out, by means of the stroke. 
This man was very necessary to the judge, 
and well-known to the emperor, and well-pleasing to them all. 
Then said Martianus in great anger, 

* So great is thy sorcery that thou feelest these strokes not at all, 
and moreover thou blindest him who is told to beat thee.' 
Julianus then spake thus to the cruel one, 

* Cry to your gods and to all your goddesses 
that they will now heal this heathen's eye ! 

And if they cannot, I will heal him through Christ.' 

Then went the idol-worshippers into their temple, 

crying aloud to the false god. 

Then answered the devils, out of the dead images, 

' Depart from us, we are fiercely tormented 

and consumed with fire, for Julian's sake, 

ever since the day that ye first vexed him. 

How can we blind ones heal the blind 1' 



pa cwse'S lulianus Ipe poet eal wyste . i6o 

to martiane . mid micelre blisse. 
Gang into J)inum godum pe hi clypiaS to him . 
pa eode se ehtere into 'Sam temple . 

and ge-seah J?a anlicnyssa ealle to-cwysede 164 

gyldena and sylfrena . and sume of smyltinga . 
Sume of cristallan to-brytte mid ealle . 
pa ssede martianus pcet 'Sa so'Sfsestan godes 

mid gef>ylde for-baeron , pone bysmorfuUan teonan . 168 

pcet hi swa lulianum to him ge-bigan mihton . 
He baed swa J?eah Inlianum . pcet he his ge-beot gelseste . 
and p2QS cnihtes eage purh his crist ge-hselde . 
pa meercode lulianus J^ses mannes eage . 172 

mid cristes rode-tacne . and se cniht wear(5 ge-hseled . 
swylce his eage nsere nsefre ser gederod . 
Da clypode se cniht . and cwse'S to martiane . 
Se god is to gelyfanne . pe '5a cristenan ongelyfacS . 176 

and f>ine godas synd so'Slice deoflu . 
Martianus J^a hdt hine be-heafdian . 
for(5an J^e he gelyfde . on J)one lyfigendan god . 
pe his eage onlihte . and eac his heortan . 180 

He het eac geswencean mid swarum witum . 
Jjone halgan lulianum . and het hine Isedan 
geond ealle pa burh gebundene mid racen-teagum . 
Martianus hcefde his sunu ser befsest . 184 

to woruld-licre lare . and to u'Switegunge . 
on J^sere ylcan byrig . pe se gebundene eode . 
His nama waes celsus . and se ge-seah ]pone halgan . 
and hu godes ^senglas him mid flugon . 188 

awearp f)a his Ur-boc . and mid geleafan arn 
to J?am halgan were . and his fet gesohte . 
cwEe'S poet he wi'Ssoce psun sceand-licum godum . 
and crist andette mid ealre heortan . .192 

Ne mihte hine nan man of J^am geleafan gebringan . 
ne fraw luliane . f)urh senig J^ing ateon . 

^ Leaf 27. 

m ; ;.: • 


Then said Julianus, who knew all that, 

to Martianus, with great joy, 

' Go in unto thy gods, they call thee to themselves ! * 

Then went the persecutor into the temple, 

and saw the images all broken in pieces, 

both of gold and of silver, and some of amber, 

and some of crystal, wholly shattered. 

Then said Martianus that the true gods 

patiently endured that shameful injury, 

that so they might incline Julianus to them. 

Nevertheless he prayed Julianus to fulfil his boast, 

and to heal the servant's eye through his Christ. 

Then Julianus marked the man's eye 

with the sign of Christ's cross, and the servant was healed, 

just as if his eye had never been hurt. 

Then cried the servant, and said to Martianus, 

' That God is to be believed in, on whom the Christians believe, 

and thy gods are verily devils.' 

Then Martianus ordered him to be beheaded, 

because he believed on the living God 

who enlightened his eye and his heart also. 

He also bad men torture with severe torments 

the holy Julianus, and bad them lead him 

through all the city bound with fetters. 

Martianus had, ere this, committed his son 

to worldly instruction and philosophy 

in the very town through which the prisoner went. 

His name was Celsus, and he saw the saint, 

and how God's angels flew along beside him. 

Then he threw away his book of instruction, and with (full) 

belief ran 
to the holy man, and sought his feet, 
and said that he forsook the base gods, 
and acknowledged Christ with all his heart. 
No man could turn him aside from the faith, 
nor by any means withdraw him from Julianus. 


pa W8ert5 martianus and eac seo modor 

dreorige on mode . and heora men ealle . 196 

and martianus befrdn J^one mseran lulianum . 
liwi woldest J)u amyrran min ancennedan sunu . 
J5urh J)inne dry-crseft . and to )5inu??^ criste geweman . 
Beheald ure sarnysse . and urne sunu forlset . 200 

and ic 'Se ge]:)ingie to urum kasere . 
Celsus se sunu ssede ]?am swicolan feeder }jus . 
Ic wi'Ssace J?e feeder for f)inum gedwylde . 

and ic gelyfa on crist pe me gecoren haefS . 204 

witna gif Ipn wylle . mid vveel-lireowum tintregum 
]?inne agenre {sic) sunu . for ]:>inra goda bigencge . 
Gif ]?u nelle me of-slean . asend me to J^am casere . 
pcet ic psdv dea(5 ]:»rowige for minum drihtne criste . 208 

pa halgan wurdon gebrolite on blindum cwearterne sySSan 
be martianes hsese J^ser manna lie lagon . 
J?e wseran ser acwealde on (5am cwearterne gefyrn . 
J?a weollon eall maSon . and egeslice stuncon . 212 

pa fore-sceawode godes gifu . poet Ipser scean mycel leoht . 
and se stenc wear's awend . to wynsumum brse'Se . 
and eall se unwynsumnyss him wearS to blysse . 
pa cwsedon J^a cempan pe se cwellere gesette . 216 

J)am halgum to weard-mannum . ]:)8era wseron twentig . 
Unrihtlic us bi(5 . pcet we seft gecyrron . 
fram J^ysum beorhtan leohte . to blindum f)ystrum . 
fram life to deac5e . fram so'Se to leasunga . 220 

Hi feollon Jja ealle to lulianes fotum . 
mid ge-leafan herigende psds hselendes naman . 
lulianus ]:)a bsed mid ^ onbryrdnysse his drihten . 
pcet he fore-sceawode hu hi ge-fuUode wurdon . 224 

J?8er wseron binnan ]:'8ere byrig . seofan gebroSra cristena . 
J^ses caseres cynnes . and heora feeder wees cristen . 
)?am alyfde se casere heora cristen-dom to healdenne . 
butan eelcere eht-nysse . for 'Sam arwurSan cynne . 228 

Hi heefdon eenne meesse-preost swiSe meeres lifes . 

' Leaf 27, back. 


Then was Martianus, and also Celsus' mother 1 

sorrowful in mind, and all their men ; ■ 

and Martianus asked the illustrious Julianus, 

' Why wouldst thou destroy my only son 

by thy sorcery, and seduce him to thy Christ 1 

Behold our sorrow, and let our son go, 

and I will intercede for thee to our emperor/ 

Celsus, the son, said thus to the treacherous father, 

' I renounce thee, father, for thy error, 

and I believe on Christ who hath chosen me. 

Torture, if thou wilt, with cruel torments 

thine own son, for the worship of thy gods. / 

If thou wilt not slay me, send me to the emperor, 

that I may there suffer death for my Lord Christ.' 

The saints were then cast into a blind prison, 

by Martianus' command, where men's bodies lay, 

that were long ere this killed in the prison^ 

which swarmed all with worms, and stank horribly. 

Then God's grace provided that there shone a great light, 

and the stench was turned into a pleasant fragrance, 

and all the unpleasantness turned, for them, into happiness. 

Then said the soldiers whom the tormentor set 

as guards over the saints, of whom there were twenty, 

'It will be wrong for us, if we again should turn 

from this bright light to blind darkness, 

from life to death, from truth to falsehood/ 

Then fell they all at Julianus' feet, 

praising with faith the name of Jesus. 

Julianus then prayed fervently to his Lord, 

that he would provide for their being baptized. 

There were within the city seven Christian brothers, 

of the emperor's kindred, and their father was a Christian, 

whom the emperor had permitted to keep their Christianity 

without any persecution, for their noble birth. 

They had one mass-priest of very illustrious life, 


antonius geliaten . Ipe him msessan gesang . 
pas geneosode se haelend . and het hi gan to |?am cwearterne . 
mid heora msesse-preoste . ]}cet ]:)a men wurdon gefullode . 232 
Hi eoden fa on niht . and godes sengel hi laedde . 
and pcet cweartern geopenade . mid his handa hrepunge . 
pa ssedon ]?a gebro'Sra . Ipcet se hselend hi asende . 
mid heora msesse-preostse . ]?a men to fuUienne . 236 

lulianus J?a sona ])s&s pancode gode . 
and wear's |?a ge-fullod se fore-sseda cnapa . 
and his feeder cempan . on cristes naman endemes . 
pis wsearS })a ge-cyd . })am cwellere martiane . 240 

pcet ])& seofan gebro'Sra . butan selcere ehtnysse . 
woldan for cristes naman on Ipam. cwearterne J?rowian . 
pa het se cwellere hi . of ]?am cwearterne gelsedan . 
and axode hwi hi woldan butan ehtnysse J^rowian . 244 

pa cwse'S se yldesta broSor . to f>am arleasan deman . 
Andssete bic5 Ipcet treow . pe sefre grewS . on leafum . 
and ngefre nsenne wsestm . his scyppende . ne bringcS . 
swa synd we cristene . gif ure cristen-dom . ne biS acunnod . 248 
pa het se cwellere hi to ]^am cwearterne gelsedan . 
and sende his gewrit to pam wselhreowan casere . 
Gehelp urum godum . and hat to pe gefeccan . 
J^isne dry . lulianum . pe ure goda anlicnysse . 252 

mid ealle to-brytte . and minne sunu gebygde . 
fram me to his criste . and J^a seofan cnihtas . 
pe be ]:)inre leafa lyfedan buton ehtnysse 

on Jjyssere byrig for hyra mycclum-^ gebyrde . 256 

pB, asende se casere ]:)isne cwide ongean . 
gif lulianus J?urh-wuna(5 mid his geferum on ]?ysum . 
nim fela tunnan and do hi ]:»8er on innan . 

on-sel hi siSSan ealle o'Srum mannum to bysne . 260 

And gif he J?urh his dry-craeft pcet fyr adwescan mseg . 
gewitna hi ealle loca hu J^u wylle . 
pa het martianus pa, godes menn gefeccan . 

and axode Iulianu?>^ hwe'Ser hi aht smeadon . 364 

» Leaf 28. 



named Antonius, who sang masses for them. 

These men Jesus visited, and bade them go to the prison 

together with their mass-priest, that the men might be baptized. 

They went then by night, and God's angel led them, 

and opened the prison with the touch of his hands. 

Then said the brethren, that Jesus sent them 

with their mass-priest, to baptize the men. 

Julianus immediately thanked God for it, 

and the aforesaid young man was then baptized, 

and his father's soldiers in Christ's name likewise. 

This was then made known to the tormentor Martianus, 

that the seven brethren, without any persecution, 

were willing for Christ's name to suffer in the prison. 

Then the tormentor bade them be led from the prison, 

and asked why they wished, without persecution, to suffer. 

Then said the eldest brother to the impious judge, 

' Hateful is the tree that is always sprouting into leaf 

and never bears any fruit for its Creator; 

so are we Christians, if our Christianity be not known,' 

Then bade the persecutor to lead them to prison, 

and sent his letter to the cruel emperor, 

* Help our gods, and command men to bring thee 

this sorcerer Julianus, who hath utterly broken 

the images of our gods, and hath perverted my son 

from me to his Christ, and the seven knights also 

who by thy permission lived free from persecution 

in this city, on account of their high rank.' 

Then sent the emperor this reply in return; 

' If Julianus continues in this mind, together with his fellows, 

take so many tuns, and place them therein, 

burn them all afterwards, for an example to others. 

And if by his witchcraft he can quench the fire, 

torment them all, behold, how thou wilt.' 

Then Martianus bade them fetch the men of God, 

and asked Julianus whether they had thought of anything 


ymbe hyre agene J>earfe . on Ipsere liwile oSfjset . 
lulianiis seede . ure gefjanc is . swa swa hit wses . 
gif pu senig wite be)?olitest . we synd gearwe to J?am . 
pa mid J^yssere sprgece . bseron menn on ^eere straet 268 

anes hse^enes mannes lie . and se heard-heorta dema . 
het beran Ipone deadan , to his dom-setle . 
cwae'S J?a to luliane . Eower crist arserde . 

f>a deadan to life . Iset nu geswutelian . 272 

gif he soS god sy . and ge Jjisne arseran . 
pa and-wyrde iulianus . f)am arleasan deman . 
Hwaet fremaS f)am blindan seo beorhta sun-beam . 
Is swa l^eali tima ])cet godes milit beo geswutelod . 276 

Iulianus Sa hof to heofonum his eagan . 
biddende his drihten . pcet he Ipoue deadan arserde , 
pa sefter anre tida . ards se deade . 

and clypode ofer eall . Eala hu andfsencge gebed . 280 

and hu clsene msegS-hdd . is on j^isum mteran iuliane . 
Eala hwider ic waes gelsed . and hwanon ic eom, nu gebroht . 
pa het martianus mid his hosp-wordum . 

]?8et he ful E8ede his siS him eallum . 284 

pa cwsej) se geeadcucoda . me coman to sil-hearwan . 
atelices hiwes swa lieage swa entes . 
mid byrnenduwi eagum . and egeslicum toSum . 
Heora earmes waeron swylce ormaete beames . 288 

heora clawa scearpe . and hi sylfa un-mild-heorta . 
pas j^yllice me tugon to J^sere sweartan belle . 
Da mid J^am pe iulianus his drihten gebeed . 
pmt he me eft arserde . pa unrotsodon helware 292 

^and of godes }>rym-setle . wearS J?us geclypod . 
Beo se man ongean geleed . for minum leofan iuliane . 
nelle ic bine ge-unrotian on 8enigu97i j^inege . 
pa coman twegen euglas . and me of c5am deoflum genamon . 
and me gebrohtan to life . pcet ic nu on god gelyfe . 297 

sefter minum deatSe . )?one pe ic ser wiSsoc . 
pa wear's martianus mycclum gedrefed . 

^ Leaf 28, back. 


for their own profit meanwhile, up to the present time. 

Julianus said, ' our opinion is just as it was ; 

if thou hast thought of any torment, we are ready for it. 

Then, with that word, men carried along the street 

a heathen man's body, and the hard-hearted judge 

bade them bear the dead man to his judgment-seat. 

He said then to Julian, * Your Christ raised up 

the dead to life, let it now be proved 

if He be true God, and do thou raise up this man.' 

Then answered Julianus to the impious judge, 

* What profiteth the bright sun-beam to the blind man 1 
It is, however, time that God's might be made manifest.' 
Then Julianus lifted up his eyes to heaven, 

praying his Lord that He would raise the dead. 

Then, after a time, the dead man arrose, 

and cried aloud — ' Lo, how acceptable is the prayer, 

and what pure virginity is in this noble Julianus ! 

Behold, whither I was led and whence I am now brought ! ' 

Then Martianus' commanded, with contemptuous words, 

that he would fully declare his journey to them all. 

Then said the revived man — ' There tame to me Ethiopians 

of terrible appearance, as tall as giants 

with burning eyes and horrible teeth. 

Their arms were like immense beams, 

their claws sharp, and themselves merciless. 

These, such as they were, were drawing me to the dark hell. 

Then, even as Julianus was praying to his Lord 

that he would raise me up again, the hosts of hell were grieved, 

and from God's throne were thus addressed : 

* Let the man be led back, for my dear Julian's sake, 
I will not cause him a displeasure on any account.' 
Then came two angels, and took me from the devils, 
and brought me to life, so that I now believe in God, 
after my death, whom I formerly renounced.' 

Then was Martianus greatly troubled, 


and het hi ealle gebringan binnan )?am cwearteinie eft . 300 

and het gearcian (5a tunnan to heora baernette . 

swa swa se kasere h6t . ]?urh his gerend-gewrit . 

pa wearcS se edcucode man be-twux f)ysum gefvllod . 

binnan J)am cwearterne . and gebdd mid p&m. cristenum . 304 

otS pcet martianus hi to pam martyrdome gefette . 

Hi wurdon J?a gebrohte gebundene on racen-teagum 

ealle to J?am tunnum and to Ipsere ontendnysse , 

pa cwsetS martianus mid mycelre angsumnysse 308 

to J^am halgum werum . and to his agenum suna . 

Eala hwilc anwilnys and ge-ortruvvad wylla . 

Jjurh 'Sa ]?eos faegre geogaS . nu forwurcSan sceall . 

Eala ])u iuliane . f>e awendest minne sunu . 312 

swa Ipcet h.6 min ne rsec'S ne eac ]?8ere meder . 

pa com seo modor mid mycelre sarnysse . 

and ealle hyre hyred-men to f>8ere heofunga . 

and manega otSre menn to J)8ere mycclan wsefer-syne 316 

pa cwsetS Jjses deman sunu . to his dreorigan feeder . 

Ne furfe ge us bemsenan . ne urne sij? bewepan . 

bewepaf) eow sylfe . we siSiafj to heofonuwi , 

we faraS t5urh Ipcet fyr unforhte f>urh god . 320 

and we ansunde becumatS . eft to eowrum gesihf)uw . 

ponne pn me eft gesihst gesundne of })am fyre , 

Gef)afa Ipcet min modor me gesprsecan . 

and sume f)reo niht on mmmn raede beon . 324 

ic wene pcet p\i ne forleosa na^or ne hi ne me . 

pa wearS seo modor on mode geblissod . 

and se feeder cwse^ . '^poBt he f)8es cnapan willan 

wolde gefremraan . gif he of psun fyre come . 328 

pa h^t se dema his gingran J^is don . 

and eode mid his wife . aweg to his huse . 

for fan pe h6 ne mihte geseon hu his sunu forburne . 

pa h^t se under-gerefa hi ealle ge-bringan 332 

into t5am tunnum . and ontendan hi mid acuman . 

^ Leaf 29. 


and bade them all to be taken back to the prison, 
and bade men prepare the tuns for their burning, 
even as the emperor bade by means of his letter. 
Then was the revived man baptized amongst them, 
within the prison, and abode with the Christians 
until Martianus fetched them out to martyrdom. 
They were then brought, bound in fetters, 
all to the tuns, and to the conflagration. 
Then said Martianus with great anguish 
to the holy men and to his own son, 
' Behold, what obstinacy and desperate self-will is yours, 
whereby this fair youth must now perish ! 
Behold, thou Julianus ! thou pervertest my son 
so that he accounts not of me, nor even of his mother ! ' 
Then came the mother with great sorrow, 
and all those of her household to that lamentation, 
and many other men to the great spectacle. 
Then quoth the judge's son to his mournful father, 
* Thou needest not bemoan us, nor weep at our departure ; 
weep for yourselves ; we journey to heaven. 
We go through the fire intrepidly, by God's help, 
and we shall appear again, unharmed, to your sight. 
"When thou shalt see me again, unharmed, out of the fire, 
grant that my mother may speak to me, 
and that she for about three nights may discourse with me ; 
I ween that thou wilt lose neither her nor me.' 
Then was the mother joyful in mind, 
and the father said that he would perform 
the young man's will, if he came out of the fire. 
Then the judge commanded his officer to do this^, 
and went with his wife away to his house, 
in order that he might not see how his son was burnt. 
Then the under-reeve commanded them all to be brought 
(and placed) in the tuns, and to set them on fire with oakum 
' Obscure. It seems to mean that he commanded the tuns to be set on fire. 


and mid wuda belecgan . swa ]>(Mt se lig astah 

m^ l^one Sryttig fe^ma . on ]^ses folces gesih}.e . 

o^\>(^t ]>cBt 4d wses for-burnen . and ealle J^a tunnan . 336 

Da stodan J^a halgan . bale of l?am fyre 

glitiniende swa swa gold . l^us berigende god . 

Transiuimt^s per ignem et aquam . et eduxisti nos m refri- 

gerium . 
We ferdon furh fyr and wjeter , and l^u us Iseddest on 

ceimcge . 

pis ge-axode se dema . and ].yder efste mid bis wife . 

and sefter langsumre sprsece . let l^a modor to j^am suna . 

on synderlicre clysincge . \>(^t beo l^one sunu gebigde . 

pa gebsedon J^a balgan . binnan J^am cwearterne . 344 

for ]><Bt bse^ene wif . \>cet se bselend bire gemiltsode . 

Da wearS ]>^r eor^-styrung . and eall seo stow byfode . 

and l^^r scean mycel leobt . and maere brse^ \>^v stanc . 

swa ]>€et ]>cet wif wundrode . fees wynsuman hixlpes . 548 

and cw8^« ]>cBt beo nsefre ^v nabt swilces ne gestunce . 

pa gelyfde beo sona on fjone lifigendan god . 

and^'weartS gefullod est }?am fore-ssedan preoste . 

and fuUice ge-cyrred . to «am soSan geleafan . 352 

pa ge-axode se dema ])h ]?us gedon . 

and bet bi ealle gelsedan . to bis laSan andweardnysse . 
and cw^(5 to bis suna celse mid graman . 

Bsede J^u forj^i j^inre modor sprgece . 356 

])cet \)u hi gebigdest to J^inum bigenge fram me . 
Se cnapa fancode gode . ])e hi swa gel)igde 
to bis soSan geleafan . IpcBt beo ne losode mid bim . 
pa bet martianuB Ipcet man bi gelaebte . 360 

ac bi Mvurdon ablende ]>g Ipcet bebod begunnon . 
^fter p>isum bet se beard-beorta dema . 
bebeafdian J^a cempan . ]>e on crist gelyfdan . 
and ).a seofon gebro^ra . be Ut ealle forbernan . 364 

and beold gyt l?a feower mid J^am fore-ssedan wife . 
wolde bi gelcedan to bis leofestan godum 

^ Leaf 29, back. 


and surround them with wood, so that the flame ascended 

more than thirty fathoms, in the people's sight, 

until the pile was burnt up, and all the tuns. 

Then the saints stood there uninjured by the fire, 

glittering like gold, and thus praising God : 

* Transivimus ^;er ignem et aquam, et eduxisti nos in refrigerium : 

We have passed through fire and water, and thou hast led us 

into a cool place.' 
This the judge heard of, and hastened thither with his wife, 
and after a long discourse let the mother go to her son, 
into a private apartment, that she might persuade her son. 
Then the saints prayed, within the prison, 
for the heathen woman, that Jesus would pity her. 
Then was there an earthquake, and all the place trembled, 
and there shone a great light, and a great odour was diffused 

so that the woman wondered at the winsome fragrance, 
and said that she never before smelt anything like it. 
Then soon believed she on the living God, 
and was baptized by the aforesaid priest, 
and was fully converted to the true faith. 
Then the judge ascertained that this was so accomplished, 
and commanded them all to be led to his hateful presence, 
and angrily said to his son Celsus, 
' Thou didst ask for a conversation with thy mother, 
that thou mightest convert her from me to thy worship.' 
The young man thanked God, who so inclined her 
to his true faith, that she might not perish with him (i. e. 

the judge). 
Then Martianus bade that men should seize her, 
but they that began (to fulfil) his command were blinded. 
After this the hard-hearted judge commanded 
to behead the soldiers who believed on Christ, 
and the seven brethren he commanded to be all burnt; 
and still kept the four, with the aforesaid woman, 
and wished to lead them to his very dear gods 


])& him to lafe wseron . j^a «a ot5re losodon = 

])2&t hi hum l^am godum heora lac geoffrodon . 368 

He het pa gedeeftan . Ipcet deofles tempi . 

and ]5a halgan coman J^ider on bendum . 

and ealle )^a h^«en-gildan . \>e ]>^b huses gimdon . 

coman to f am temple . togeanes ]?am cristenum . 37^ 

pa bed lulianws gebigedum cneowum . 

mid his ge-feruw . pone heofonlican god . 

feet he his mihte geswutelode . mannu^^i to geleafan . 

und ]>cet tempi to-wurpe . mid his awyrigedum godum . 376 

^fter pEere bene to-bserst seo eorSe . 

and ]>ait tempi asanc . mid eallum his sacerdu77i . 

and fela psere hsecSenra forferdon samod . 

pa cw*« lulianus . to pam cwellere pus . 380 

Hwier is nu seo fegeruys . pines gefraetowodan temples . 

hw^r synd pa anlicnyssa . pe pu onwuldrodest . 

Swa swa hi besuncon on «one sweartan grund . 

swa sceole ge h^Sene on helle grund besincan . 384 

pser bits sefre ece f^T . and undeadlic wyrm . 

pe eowre lichaman cywS . and ge peah ne swelta^ . 

ac bi« sefre se lichama ge-edniwod to t5am witum . 

P^r ge bidda^ mildsunga . ac eow bip forwyrned . 388 

Git pa martian'Z^s for his manful-nysse . 

nolde on god gelyfan . ac wear« mid graman afylled . 

and cw8e« ]>cet he wolde wrecan his godas . 

Het pa bewindan heora handa . and f6t . 392 

mid gesmyredum flexe . and ffr under-betan . 

pa barn pce« fyr . and pa bendas samod . 

and psere halgena lichaman . belifon . unge-derode . 

pa wolde se man-fulla hi mislice getintregian . 39^ 

ac god hi ahredde . fram pam ret5um witum . 

land sume eac ablende . of pam bysmor-fullum penum . 

pa geseah se arleasa aidlian his smeagunge . 

and wolde pagyt cunnian anes cynnes wite . 4°° 

purh repe deor . pa pa his re^nyss ne mihte . 

^ Leaf 30. 

— > 


and honourest these wicked men as gods; 

thou forsakest the Almighty God who dwelleth in Heaven, i8o 

and sayest to the stone, ' Thou art my god.' 

Then turned Tranquillinus away after this, 
but the prefect bade men fetch him 

privily by night, and offered him in secret 184 

a golden wedge, if only he would teach him 
the great leech-craft which had so mightily healed him. 
Then said Tranquillinus, ' that Christ's gift 
might not be given in exchange for money, nor thus bought ; 
but believe in Jesus, and thou shalt be as whole as I.* 189 

Chromatins then begged him to bring him the man 
who had baptized him and healed him from the disease. 
So Tranquillinus went to the venerable priest, 192 

told how they had conversed, and brought him at once 
to the prefect, and he [Chromatins] said to him [Polycarp] : 
* Though the emperor's persecution vexeth the Christians, 
yet for my healing I will give you half 196 

of all my possessions, if ye can by any means 
cure my deformed limbs of these hard knots.' 

Then laughed Polycarp, and said to the sick man, 
' Christ can enlighten thy ignorance through His mercy, 200 
and easily manifest that He is thy Restorer. 
He that receiveth money, and selleth God's gift, 
he destroyeth his own soul, and the sick is not healed ; 
but believe in Jesus, and let thyself be baptized, 304 

and thou shalt be as sound as this Tranquillinus.' 

Then Polycarp enjoined on him a three days' fast, 
and he straightway told the same to Sebastian. 


hi tSa begen bsedon binnon J^am^ fyrste god . 208. 

p<xt he his geleafan ^ geswutelode Ipain seocan to hsele . 

Coman ^ him siS^an to and hine swaes-lice gretton . 

pa cwsetS sebastianus betwux^ o^rum sprsecon^ . 

ne scealt ]?u for f)inre hoeltSe anre . to tSam hselende gebugan . 

ne for (5inum lichaman anum Ipe Isetan fullian . 213 

ac swi(5or for hihte J^sere ecan hselcSe . 

and for ]?am ece ^ life . tSu scealt gelyfan on god . 

Do pin mod hluttor'^ pcet pu. leornian ^ msege® 216 

furh so"S-f8efct ge-scead hwa f)in scyppend sy . 

ne miht J^u elles habban pa, hsele pe pu. secst^*^ . 

Chromatius J^a " cwsetS . sume cristene synd . 

to pam bilewite menn •'^ . pcet 'Su ne miht afindan 220 

of anum J^usende anne ^^ pe msege ^^ 

^^ pe eawfsest-lice ^^ sprsece sprecan ^*^ oSSe leornian , 

liu mihton ]?as becuman to cristes geleafan *? 

Sebastianus cwae'S . crist geceas . fram frym'Se 224 

hyrdas . and yr'Slingas ^^ . and an-fealde fisceras . 

and hi sicS^an gelserde and to lareowum gesette . 

pu wurcSast manega godas . and manega gydenan . 

butan^^ p\i hi awurpe . ealle fram f)inre heortan . 228 

and j^one so'San god . pe tS^ gesceop . oncnsewst^^ . 

ne miht (Su hsele habban . ne pcet heofonlice lif . 

ac laet us nu secan ^° j^ine sceandlican ^^ godas . 

and to-brecon f>a stsenenan . and for-bernan^^ pA treowenan . 232 

amyltan pa, sylfrenan . and eac swilce tSa gyldenan . 

dgelan si(5San wsedligum ^^ . J^a amoltenan wsecgas ^* . 

Chromatius cwseS ne cume ge to J^am teonan . 

ac ic bebeode minuw J?eowum . pmt hi hi ealle to-bryton ^° . 236 

^ V. om. ^ V. geleafon. ^ C. V. Comon. * C. be-tweox. 

^ C. V. sprtECum. ^ C. V. ecan. '^ V. hluttur. ^ C. leornigan. 

9 V. mage. '" C. s^cest. " C. V. om. J)a. ^^ q i^en. " C. V. anne. 

^* V. mage. ^^"^^ C. J^eaw-faestlic (rightly). ^^ V. sprecon. ^"^ C. hyr^-lingas. 

^^ V. buton. ^^ C. oncnoews (sic). ^^ C. secean. ^^ C. scandlican. 

^^ C, for-beernan. ^^ C. wsedlicum. ^* C. V. wecgas. ^^ C. to-brytan ; 
V. tobrecan. 


Then they both prayed to God during that space, 208 

that He would make manifest His truth in the sick man's 

Afterwards they came to him, and kindly greeted him ; 
and Sebastian said amongst other words, 

* Thou must not for thy health's sake alone turn to the Lord, 
nor for thy body only let thyself be baptized; 213 

but rather for hope of the eternal health, 
and for everlasting life, thou must believe on God. 
Make thy mind pure, that thou mayest learn 216 

through true discernment who is thy Creator; 
else thou canst not have the healing that thou seekst/ 

Then said Chromatins, * Some Christians there are, 
men simple to that degree, that thou canst not find 220 

one in a thousand who is able 
fittingly to speak their speech or to learn. 
How should these come to the faith of Christ "?' 

Sebastian said, 'Christ chose, from the beginning, 224 

shepherds and husbandmen, and simple fishers, 
and afterwards taught them, and set them for teachers. 
Thou worshippest many gods, and many goddesses ; 
unless thou cast them all out of thy heart, 228 

and acknowledge the true God who created thee, 
thou canst not have healing, or the heavenly life. 
But let us now seek thy shameful gods, 

and break in pieces the stone ones, and burn up the wooden 
ones, 232 

and melt down those of silver, and likewise the golden, 
and afterwards deal to the poor the molten masses.' 

Chromatins said, ' Go ye not into harm, 
but I will command my servants that they break them all in 
pieces.' 236 



Sebastiaims cwseS . hi iie ciinnon Soiie geleafan . 

ne eac hi gebletsian . and h'uS se deofol geare^ . 

hu he him derige . for sumum dyrnum ^ gylte ^ . 

and cwa^'Saf) ^ J?a hseSenan . pcet hi wiirdon gehynde^ 240 

forj^an'^ j^e hi pa, anlicnyssa^ ^sefre to-brecan dorston . 

pa f>e habbacS geleafan . and leornodon to campienne^ . 

ongean J^one swicolan feond . unforhte J?urh^° god . 

and habbacS cristes byrnan . hi magon to-brecan t5a godas . 244 

Chromatins 'Sa cwseS . to J^am cenum godes pegrmm . 

gewurtSe godes willa " and eovver eac set pysum . 

Hi f)a sona begen be-gyrndon ^^ (sic) hi caflice . 

and to gode gebsedon . and to-brsecon "Sa anlicnyssa 248 

md )?one^^ twa hund . micclum gode f)anciende^^ . 

Chromatins heefde behydd ^^ . on his digolnysse . 

^n wur'S-lic ^^ weorc . on mechanise . geweorc ^"^ . 

of glsese . and of golds . and of glitiniendum^^ cristallan^^ . 252 

Se crseft sceolde wissian . gewisslice ^° be steorrum . 

hwset ge-hwilcum menn ^^ gelumpe on his lifes endebyrdnysse . 

ac hit wses swa gehiwod . sefter hse'Senum gedwylde . 

pa com sebastianus . and se sacerd policarpus . 256 

seft^^ to chromatic . and ge-metton hine untrumne . 

and cwsedon ])cet he ^^ sum f)ing hsefde ^" untobrocen . 

pe his hsele hremde ^^ f»urh recSe wiglunga ^^ . 

He c wee's |?a ic hsebbe on minum hord-cleofan ^^ . 260 

an wundorlic weorc me to ge-wissunge ^'^ . 

sefter steorrena gesetnyssu77i . swa swa hi standaS on heofonum . 

on J)am crsefte aspende tranquillinus min feeder . / 

of readum golde anum . md J?onne twa hund punda . 264 

pa cwsecS sebastianus . se ge-seeliga martyr . 

' C. V. gearo. ^ y. dyrne. ^ C. gyltum. "* C. cwe>a6. 

* C. gehynede ; V. gehenede. '^ C. for Sam. ' C. anlycnysse. ^ Leaf 34. 

* C. campigenne. ^" C. wi)?. " C. wylla. ^^ C. gegyrdon ; V. begyrdon. 
" V. ]>onne. '* C. J)^ncigende. ^' C. V. behyd. ^^ C. V. wundor lie. 
" V. geworc. ^* C. glitigendum. ^^ C. cristeallum. ^^ V. gewislice. 
21 C, men. ^^ C. V. eft. ^^'^^ C. hafde sum pincg ; V. hafde sum Jjinc. 
2* C. hermde. ^^ V. wigelunga. ^^ C. -clyfan. " V. gewissunga. 


Sebastian said, 'They know not the faith, 

nor even how to sign themselves ; and the devil will be ready 

(seeking) how he may injure them, for some secret guilt; 

and the heathen will say that they were hurt 340 

because they durst ever break in pieces the images. 

Those that have faith, and have learned to fight 

fearlessly against the treacherous fiend by God's help, 

and have Christ's armour, they may break in pieces the gods.' 

Then said Chromatins to the brave servant of God, 245 

* God's will, and yours also, be done in this.' 

Then forthwith they both begirt [begyrdon\ themselves vigorously, 

and prayed to God, and brake in pieces the images, 248 

more than two hundred, greatly thanking God. 

Chromatins had hidden in his secret chamber 
an excellent work of mechanical contrivance, 
of glass, and of gold, and of glistening crystal. 252 

This instrument was designed to show with certainty by the 
what should happen to every man in the course of his life; 
but it was so formed according to heathen error. 
Then came Sebastian and the priest Polycarp 256 

again to Chromatins, and found him sick, 
and said that he had something unbroken 
which hindered his healing through cruel spells. 
He said then, 'I have in my treasure-chest 260 

a wonderful instrument, for my information, 
according to the position of the stars as they stand in the 

On that instrument Tranquillinus my father 
spent, of red gold alone, more than two hundred pounds.' 264 
Then quoth Sebastian, the blessed martyr, 


Gif l^u fisne crreft healst ^ . Ipn bist l^e ^ sylf mi-h^P . 

Chromatius cwsetS . hw^t cleracS }?is senigum . 

ne we hit ne wur^iaS . mid ge-wunelicum offrungum . 268 

ac hit gewissatS us . J^urh wisne lareow-dom . 

to gearlicum tidum . and tunglena=^ ymbrynum . 

Policarpus ssede Ipis we for-seot5 . 

on l^am is * so^fest-nysse gelicnys^ . ac hit is leas swa l^eah . 272 

Sebastianus cwsej? . J^is is swutol ge-dwyld . 

and leas ydelnyss . swa swa we leornodon set criste . 

^Manega raenn adrincatS . on anum dsege togsedere^ . 

I^e on mislicum^ tidum to middan-earde comon . 276 

Oft on anum gefeohte feallaS for wel manige ' . 

J^e under anuw tungle . nseron ser akennede . 

Eft^ on anre tide twa mseden-cild ^^ cumat5 . 

and bi« ]>cet in syde-full . and IpcBt oSer sceandlic . 280 

Nis ])cet cljene herigendlic . ne \>(et gale talHc . 

gif him steorran forgefon" . fce« hi swa lyfedon^^ , 

ForSi synd laga ges^tte^^ . K^ ^^^^^^'' ^^^'^^^^^ ^'^^^'''' ' 

and ]>cet l^a riht-wisan beon ge-herode . and J^a unriht-wisan ge- 

hynde . 
Pa wundrode chromatius . heora wisera^^ worda . and cw^S . 
se is sot5 god . J^e swa gesceadwise biggengan hsei^ . 
He ge-)?afode (5a pcet hi lp(Bt weorc to-wurpon . 
ac his sunu tiburtius sona mid gebeote 28 

cw^f) ]>cet he nolde nates ^' hwon gej^afian. 
]>cet man swa deorwurSne crseft sefre to-cwysan sceolde . 
butan man J^a halgan wurpe . on twaegen '' hate ofnas . 
gif his f^der n^re gehseled . sefter J^aere br^ce^^ . 292 

pa for-bead se f^der ])one frecen-fullan cwyde . 
ac l^a halgan tihton ]>cet man )?a ofnas ontende^*^ • 

^ C. hyltst ; V. hyldst. ^ C. sylfum h.l ^Uc). ^ V. tungla - C . s^^^^^^,elicny.s; ^^eaf M, baC. ^^^^^ 

' C. mistlicum. ' 0. V. msenige. V. Olt. v 

" C. V. forgeafon. " C. lufodon ; V. lyfdou. ■» C. V. gesette. » C men 
..C.lybbon «C.wfera. "V. nates. " V. twegen. " C. spra^ce , 

V. brece. '" C. V. ontainde. 


' If thou keep back this instrument, thou shalt thyself be diseased.' 

Chromatins said, ' How doth this hurt any one ? 

"We worship it not with the accustomed offerings, 268 

but it teacheth us, by wise instruction, 

as to the yearly seasons, and the circuits of the planets.' 

Polycarp said, ' This we contemn ; 

therein is a likeness of truth, but it is false nevertheless.' 272 

Sebastian said, 'This is manifest error, 

and lying vanity, even as we learned of Christ. 

Many men are drowned in one day together, 

who at divers seasons came into the world. 276 

Often in one fight fall very many men, 

who erst were not born under one planet. 

Again at one time two maiden- children come, 

and the one will be modest and the other will be shameless; 

the pure is not laudable nor the wanton blameable 281 

if the stars assigned them so to live. 

Therefore laws are fixed that men may live rightly, 

and that the righteous be praised and the unrighteous shamed.* 

Then wondered Chromatins at their wise words, and said, 285 

' He is the true God who has such discerning worshippers.' 

Then he consented that they should destroy the instrument. 

But his son Tiburtius immediately with a threat 288 

said that he would not in anywise suffer them 

ever to break up so costly a work, 

unless the saints were thrown into two hot ovens, 

if his father were not healed after the breaking. 292 

Then the father forbade the wicked command ; 

but the saints begged that the ovens might be kindled, 


and ge-bsedon hi to gode . and to-bra?con pcet weorc . 

Hwset Ipsi fsBrlice com faeger ^ godes engel 296 

and cwa^cS to chroniatise ^ . crist me asende ^ to pe . 

on J^one pe Su gelyfst . pcet pine lima beon ge-hselede . 

^fter * )?ysum vvorde * . he weart5 eall ^ gehseled . 

and arn to j^am engie '' . wolde his fet gecyssan . 300 

Se engel ^ him cwseS to . Ne cys pu mine fet . 

ne Jju me ne hrepa . fort^an pe )?u ne eart gyt gefiillod . 

pa pB. se sunu pcet ge-seah . pa ge-sohte he f»aes preostes fet . 

and se feeder feoll to sebastianus ^ fotu7?i . 304 

bsegen ^ clypigende . crist is sotS god . 

and selmihtig godes sunu . pe ^° git J^egnas gode ^^ bodiat$ . 

pa wearcS gefuUod feeder . and sunu . 

raid heora inn-hyrede . ^^ and heora sehta^^ mannuwi 308 

segt^res hades menn ^^ . ma ]?onne an 'Susend . 

pa, cwsetS chromatins . se cristena pegn " . 

pcet he eallum gemiltsode . pe him sefre abulgon . 

and p'dm. eallum forgeafe pe him aht sceoldon^^ . 312 

and gif he hwsene berypte . pcet he him pcet forgulde . 

He freode ealle his menn ^^ . and him ^^ feoh daelde . 

and cwsetS tSeet he wit^-soce f^am gesweesum ^^ lustum , 

]:)issere worulde . pe is gewitendlic . 316 

His sunu tiburtius . se snotera ^^ cniht cwgecS . 

Ic awende minne willan . frarn'-" eallum woruld-J)ingum . 

to gastlicum weorcum . nu ic godes mann ^^ eom . 

an ^^ of f)am ge-tele ^^ . pe pcet ece lif under-foS . 320 

On J>am dagum wees sura wis papa on rome^* . 

gains gehaten . haliges lifes mann^^ . 

wi(S Jjone rsedde chromatins and be his rsede under-feng 

ealle pa cristenan into his cafertune . 324 

^ C. om. faeger. ^ C. V. chromatie. ^ C. sende. *"' C. Jjyssum wdrdum. 
^ C. eal. "^ V. lengle. "^ V. aangel. ^ V. sebastianes. ^ C. V. begen. 
10-10 Q^ gy^ godes J)enas ; V. gyt gode Jjenas. ^^ Leaf 35. '^ C. aehte. 

*3 C. men. ^* C. V. >egen. ^' C. sc61den. '•' C. men. ^^ C. him on ; 
V. heom. *^ C. ge-swaeslicum. '^ C. snottera. "^^ C. fram me {wrongly) 
** C. man. ^^ C. om. an. ^^ C. getaele. ^* V. romana. 


and commended themselves to God, and brake the instrument, 

Lo then came suddenly a fair angel of God, 296 

and said to Chromatius, * Christ sent me to thee, 

in whom thou believest that thy limbs may be healed.' 

After this word he was entirely cured, 

and ran to the angel, desiring to kiss his feet. 300 

The angel said to him, ' kiss not thou my feet, 

neither do thou touch me, for that thou art not yet baptized/ 

When the son saw that, he sought the priest's feet, 

and the father fell at Sebastian's feet, 304 

both crying, ' Christ is true God, 

and the son of Almighty God, whom ye two servants of God 

Then were baptized father and son, 

with their household servants, and men on their estates, 308 
persons of either sex, more than a thousand. 
Then said Chromatius, the Christian thane, 
that he pardoned all who had ever angered him, 
and forgave all who owed him aught; 312 

and if he had plundered any one, that he would repay it him. 
He freed all his slaves, and distributed money to them, 
and said that he renounced all the alluring pleasures 
of this world, which is transitory. 316 

His son Tiburtius, the prudent youth, said, 
'I have turned my will from all worldly things 


to ghostly works, now that I am God's man, 

one of the tale that shall receive the everlasting life.' 320 

In those days there was a certain wise pope in Rome, 

Caius by name, a man of holy life ; 

with him Chromatius took counsel, and by his advice received 

all the Christians into his residence, 324 


and him big- ly fan ^ fore-sceawode . for Jjsere swit51ican eht-nysse . 

pe tSa niwan asprang . gefter carines siege. 

pam casere nses pa. gyt en's . p(vt chromatins cristen wges . 

and he be-geat '^a leafe^ pc€t he of J^am lande^ moste . 328 

pa bebead se papa pam preoste policarpe . 

pcet he ge-wende of rome mid J^am rum-gyfolan ^ ]?egne ^ . 

and clypode to t5am cristenum . pe mid chromatiee^ wseron . 

Ure hgelend lyfde pcet mann^ his life gebeorge* . 332 

fara ^ nti se pe wille . ^^fortS mid chromatiae . 

and wunige se pe wille ^^ . mid me on J)yssere byrig . 

pa bsed tiburtius . pcet he beon moste . mid f>am papan . 

cwsetS pcet him wynsum wsere pcet he wurde ofslagan " . 336 

gif he mihte j^usend sic5on ^^ . for cSam socSan geleafan . 

and pcet ece lif ge-earnian pe nsenne ende nsefS . 

pa be-Uf sebastianus on J^sere byrig mid )?am papan . 

and se geonga tiburtius . and pa, twsegen gebrocSra , 340 

marcus . and marcellianus . mid heora feeder tranquilli^^ne . 

Nicostratus mid his bretSer . and his gebeddan Zoe . 

Uictorinus mid his brecSer . and his broSor suna . 

pas belifon on rome . on J^aere recSan eht-nysse . 344 

and J?a oJ?re ealle endemes^* ferdon awseg^^ . 

mid chromatiae ^^ . swa swa him ^'^ crist gewissode . 

pa gehadode se papa tranquillinum to preoste . 

his twaegen -^^ suna to diaconum . and pSi oSre to subdiaconum. ^^ 348 

sebastianum he ge-sette . him ^'^ eallum to mund-boran . 

Hi wurdon 'Sa gebysgode on heora ge-bedum ealle . 

daeges and nihtes . heora drihten herigende . 

biddende mid wope . pcet hi wurSe^^ waerou . 352 

for criste to }?rowigenne *^ . and be-cuman^^ to his halgum . 

Hi ge-haeldon untrume mid halgum gebedum . 

^ C. big-leofon ; V. big-leofan. ^V. leafa. ^V. wican. * V. rum-geofolan. 
^ C. ])egene. * C. V. chromatie. '' C. man. ** V. geburge. ^ C. V. fare. 
''*"'" C. omits. ^^ C. ofslsegen. ^^ C. si])um. ^^ Leaf 35, back. 

^* C. endemest. ^^ C, aweg. ^^ C. chromatie. ^^ C. heom on 

{xmritten heomon). '^ C. twegen. ^^ C. subdiacone. ^'^ C. weor])e. 

^^ C. Srowigende {om. to). ^^ C. becumon. 


and provided them with victuals, because of the fierce persecution 
which sprang up anew after the murder of Carinus. 

It was not yet known to the Emperor that Chromatius was a 
and he obtained leave to go out of the country. 328 

Then the pope bade the priest Polycarp 
to depart from Kome with the munificent thane, 
and proclaimed to the Christians who were with Chromatius, 
' Our Saviour permitted that a man should preserve his life ; 
go now, he who will, forth with Chromatius, 333 

and remain, he who will, with me in this city.' 
Then prayed Tiburtius that he might be with the pope, 
saying, that it would be sweet to him to be slain, 336 

if he might, a thousand times, for the true faith, 
and earn the everlasting life which never endeth. 
There remained in the city, with the pope, Sebastian, 
and the young Tiburtius, and the two brothers 340 

Marcus and Marcellianus, with their father Tranquillinus, 
Nicostratus, with his brother and his wife Zoe, 
Victorinus, with his brother, and his brother's son ; 
these remained in Rome in the fierce persecution, 344 

and all the others at last went away 
with Chromatius, even as Christ instructed them. 
Then the Pope ordained Tranquillinus priest, 
his two sons deacons, and the others subdeacons. 348 

Sebastian he constituted protector of them all. 
Then were they all engaged in prayer, 
day and night, praising their Lord, 

praying with weeping, that they might be worthy 352 

to suffer for Christ and to come to his saints. 
They healed the sick by holy prayers, 


and blinde on-liliton . Jjurh heora geleafan . 

and of wodu?n mannu?>i . Ipa, awyrigedon ^ deoflu afligdon^. 356 

Tiburtius gemette senne mann ^ afeallene. 

pmt he his heafod to-brsec . and eac his ban to-cwysde . 

pa sang he him ofer . pater nosier . and credan . 

and se mann ^ sona ge-sund-ful ards . 360 

and beah to fulluhte mid his feeder and meder . 

^fter Jjysuw wear's ge-lseht seo eadige Zoe . 

and for criste acweald . and becom to his halgum . 

pa o(5re wurdon eac ealle ge-martyrode . 364 

tranquillinus wearS of-torfod mid stanum . 

Nicostratus se aeSela wearcS 3eft* gelseht . 

mid feower his ge-ferum . and toforan J^am deman gebroht . 

fabianus gehaten . J^e feng to Jjsere scire ^ 368 

sefter chromatiae ^ . se wses 'Sam cristenan '^ onwerd ^ . 

He axode J^one casere hu h6 embe ^ hi sceolde ^° . 

■Sa h6t s6 arleasa hi ealle f if " pinian ^^ . 

Fabianus J?a se feondlica dema 372 

f)a 'Sa he ne mihte pa menn '^ gebigan ^^ fram criste . 

fjurh }?a reSan wita . pa, h^t he hi wurpan ut on sse . 

JSfter J^ysum wear's ge-lseht se geleafFulla tiburtius . 

pQ, h^t fabisinus pcet he J)am fulan loue , 376 

recels ge-offrode . oSSe code him sylf 

ofer byrnende gleda mid his barum fotum 

^^ Hwset Sa tiburtius . bealdlice eode . 

ofer ^a byrnendan gleda . unfor-bsernedum fotum ^^ . 380 

and cwse'S pcet him f)uhte . swylce he eode ofer blostman ^^ . 

Fabianus pa, pses ^"^ feondes J?en ^"^ . 

h^t beheafdian Jjone halgan tiburtium . 

and siSSan acwealde })one halgan ^^ castolum . 384 

pe haefde ge-innod ealle J)as halgan . 

^ C. awyrgedan. ^ C. aflidon. ^ C. man. * C. eft. ^ C. scyre. 

^ C. chromatie. "^ C. cristenum. ^ C. onweard. ^ C. ymbe. 

1" C scdlde. " C. wif (sic). ^^ C. pfnigan. '^ q jnen. 1* C. gebfgean. 
'^ Leaf 36. ^^"^^ C. omits. ^^ C. blostmum. ^'^"" C. deofles jjegen. 

^* C. cristene nan {sic). 


and enlightened the blind by their faith, 

and out of possessed men cast the unclean devils. 356 

Tiburtius found a man fallen down, 

so that he had fractured his skull, and moreover crushed the 

Then he sang over him the Pater-noster, and the Credo, 
and the man immediately arose sound, 360 

and submitted to baptism with his father and mother. 
After this was apprehended the blessed Zoe, 
and slain for Christ, and she departed to his saints. 
The others were all likewise martyred ; 364 

Tranquillinus was stoned with stones ; 
the noble Nicostratus was afterwards seized, 
with four of his companions, and brought before the judge 
called. Fabianus, who succeeded to the province 368 

after Chromatins, and was hostile to the Christians. 
He asked the emperor how he should deal with them ; 
then that wicked man commanded to torture them all five. 
Fabianus then, the fiendlike judge, 372 

when he could not turn the men from Christ 
through the cruel tortures, bade them be cast into the sea. 
After this the faithful Tiburtius was taken ; 
then Fabianus ordered that he should offer incense 376 

to the foul Jove, or himself walk 
over burning coals with bare feet. 
And lo ! Tibertius went boldly 

over the burning coals with unburnt feet, 380 

and said that it seemed to him as if he were walking over flowers. 
Wherefore Fabianus, the servant of the devil, 
commanded the holy Tiburtius to be beheaded, 
and afterwards killed the holy Castulus, 384 

who had hospitably entertained all these saints. 


He^ gehaefte eft si'St5an tranquilUnes suna . 
marcel lianus and marcus . on anum micclum stocce . 
and mid isennm pilum . heora ilas'^ gefaestnode . 388 

and cwaecS pcet hi sceoldon swa standan . on ]?am pilum . 
d(Spcet hi geoffrodon heora 14c ]?am godum . 
Hi sungon^ psi sona J^isne sealm him betwynan* . 
Ecce quam bonum et quam iocundum habitare fraires in unum . 
et cetera . 392 

Eala hu mycel god is . and hwylc wynsumnys 
"Sser t^ser gebro^ru ^ beot? on annysse . 
pa cwse'S se gerefa ^ pe him swa reSe wees . 
Eala ge ungesseligan . and so'Slice earmingas . 396 

alecga'S eowre ge-wit-leaste '^ . and alysaS eow fram witum . 
pa gebroc5ra cwsedon . ])cet hi on cristes lufe 
pa wseron gefaestnode . mid fulre blysse. 

and on swilcum estum ser nseron on life . 400 

wiscton pcet hi moston swa wunian ^ oS ende . 
Hi stodon f)a stille on psmi stocce gefsestnode 
ofer dseg . and ofer niht . heora drihten herigende . 
pa het fabianus mid fullum graman 404 

pcet hi man begen offctunge }?8er tSser hi on ge-bedum stodon . 
and hi swa mid wuldre gewendon to criste . 
Hwset })a fabianus . mid facne gewregde 

J^one 8e(5elan Sebastianum . to (Sam arleasan casere 408 

dioclitiane . pe on 'Sam dagum wses . 
pa, het se kasere hine gefseccan^ hraSe . 
and cwse'S him sona to . mid swicolum gej^ance • 
Ic haefde pe mid J^am fyrmestan^^ . J^e minum hyrede folgodon . 412 
and pu lutodest oS J^is on J^am laSum cristen-dome . 
Jpam godum to teonan . and me to un-J^earfe . 
Sebastianus cwseS Crist ic wurcSode'^ symle^^ . 
and for tSe ]:>ingode . and for ]:)inuw folce . 416 

* C. Hi. ^ C. ylas. ^ C. sungan. * C. betwdonan. ' C. gebroSra. 
^C. r^fa. '' C. -lyste. ^ C. wunigan. ^C.gefeccan. ^^ C.fyrmestuw. 
" C, weorljode, '^ C. symble. 



Again thereafter he put the sons of Tranquillinus, 

Marcellianus and Marcus, in a great pillory, 

and made fast the soles of their feet with iron nails, 388 

saying that they should stand thus, upon the nails, 

until they offered their sacrifice to the gods. 

They sung then immediately this psalm between them, 

* Ecee quam honum et quam iocundum habitare fratres in unum, et 

cetera.^ 392 

* Behold how great good it is, and how great pleasure, 
wherever brethren dwell in unity!' 

Then said the prefect, who was so bitter against them, 
' ye unhappy and truly miserable beings, 396 

lay aside your madness, and release yourself from torments.' 
The brothers said, that they for the love of Christ 
were fastened there, with full happiness, 

and were never before in their lives among such delights, 400 
and wished that they might so remain until the end. 
So they stood still, fast in the pillory, 
all day and all night, praising their Lord. 

Then bade Fabianus, in exceeding fury, 404 

that they should both be thrust through, where they stood in 

and they thus gloriously departed to Christ. 
Then Fabianus wickedly accused 

the noble Sebastian to the impious emperor 408 

Diocletian, who ruled in those days. 
Then bade the emperor fetch him speedily, 
and said to him straightway with treacherous mind, 
' I held thee amongst the foremost of my household servants, 
and thou hast lurked until now in that hateful Christianity, 
to the dishonour of the gods, and to my disadvantage.' 
Sebastian said, * Christ I worshipped ever, 
and interceded for thee, and for thy people; 416 


^ Ic me gebidde to tSam gode . pe bicS eardigende ^ 

on heofonum . mid healicum raaegen-j^rymme . 

"VVod biS se t5e bit set blindum stanuT?^ . 

^nigne fultum . on bis frecednyssum . 420 

pa wear's dioclitianus deoflice giam 

and h^t hine Isedan^ on beardum bendum . 

ut to anum felda and bine psev gefsestnian ^ 

and bentan bis mid flanum . oS Ipcet be bis feorh ageafe . 424 

pa laeddan J?a cempan f)one cristes |:egn . 

and setton hine to myrcelse . svva swa se manfulla bet . 

and beora flan bim on afaestnodon ^ . foran . and bindan ^ . 

swa Jjicce on selce bealfe hwylce'' iles byrsta . 428 

and for-leton bine sw4 licgan for deadne . 

pa com sum wudewe ^ . pe woes anes martyres Idf . 

on ]?3ere ylcan nibte . bser be leeg forwundod^ . 

wolde bis lie bebyrigan^*^ . and gemette bine libbendne^^ . 432 

heo Isedde bine pa to bire buse cucenne . 

and binnan feawum dagum . bine fuUice ge-bselde. 

pa coman ^^ pa cristenan . and Sone cerapan till ton 

pcet be faran sceolde feor fram Ssere byrig . 436 

Ac sebastian^ts ge-bsed bine to gode . 

astdb ]:)a ^^ up to ]:)8ere stsegre . pe stod wiS p^es easeres botl . 

and J^a ^a se casere com clypode bim puB to . 

Eowre bsetSen-gyldan pe bealdatS eowre templa ^* . 440 

cwycSa]:) ^^ fela leasunga eow be ]?am cristenan '^^ . 

secgacS pcet bi syndon swutol-lice wi Jer winnan . 

eowrum cyne-dome . and eac eowrum folce . 

ac eower kynedom godac5 J^urb beora godan ge-earnunga . 444 

for|?an ^'^ pe bi gebiddatS . for romaniscre ^^ leode . 

and for eowrum anwealde . unablinnendbce ^® . 

pa beseab dioclitian?^s se deofollica cwellere 

* Leaf 36, back. ^ C. eardigend. ^ C. don. * C. fsestnigan. 

^ C fsestnodon, ® C. hlndon. ' C. swylce. * C. weoduwe. 

^ C. for wiindon. ^° C. bebyrgan. ^' C. lybbende. '^ C. coinon. 

^^ C. om. ^* C, tempi. ^^ C. cyJ)aS. ^^ C. cristenum. " C. foi|7am. 
^^ C. r<5mware, ^^ C. ana blinnendlice {sic). 


that were left remaining to him, when the others perished, 
that they might at least offer their sacrifices to the gods. 
He bade then the devil's temple to be prepared, 
and the saints to come thither in bonds, 
and all the idol-worshippers that took care of the house 
to come to the temple, to meet the Christians. 
Then Julianus prayed, on bended knees, 
with his fellows, to the God of heaven, 
that He would display his might, to make men believe, 
and overthrow the temple with its accursed gods. 
After the prayer the earth clave asunder 
and the temple sank down, with all its priests, 
and many of the heathen perished with them. ^ 

Then spake Julianus to the tormentor thus : 
' Where is now the fairness of thy adorned temple, 
where are the images that thou didst glory in 1 
Even as they sunk into the dark abyss, 
so shall ye heathen sink into the abyss of hell, 
where shall ever be eternal fire, and the deathless worm 
that shall chew your body, and yet ye shall not die, 
but ever shall your body be renewed for the torture. 
There shall ye pray for mercy, but it shall be denied you.' 
Still Martianus, on account of his evil nature, 
would not believe on God, but was filled with anger, 
and said that he would avenge his gods. 

Then he commanded men to wind round their hands and feet 
with greased flax, and to kindle fire thereunder. 
Then burnt the fire and the bonds together, 
and the bodies of the saints remained unharmed. 
Then desired the wicked one variously to torture them, 
but God delivered them from the cruel torments, 
and even blinded some of the blasphemous servants. 
Then the impious one saw his endeavour was frustrated, 
and yet desired he to try one (more) kind of torment, 
by means of wild animals, when his savageness could not 



J?urh manna daeda . gedon swa he wolde . 

He h^t pa, gelsedan leon . and beran 

manega and mycele . to f>am halgum martyrum . 404 

ac J>a re'San deor . ne dorston hi reppan . 

dc bigdon heora heafda to tSaere halgena fotum . 

and heora lit5a liccodon . mid li'Sra tungan . 

pa h^t martianus his manfullan cwelleras . 408 

f)a halgan beheafdian . and hi J^ses fsegnodon . 

}?anciende gode . ealra his godnyssa . 

lulianus pi and se geonga cniht 

martianes sunn . and his modor samod. 412 

antonius se preost . and se ge-edcucode man . 

wurdon to-somne . of-slagene for criste . 

and ferdon mid wuldre . to }3am welwillendan heelende 

and to heora geferum J?e him fore-stopon . 416 

pcet is basilissa . mid hyre beorhtum msedenum . 

and se halga heap . J^e on tSam huse for-barn . 

and psi twentig weard-menn . pe se wselhreowa be-heafdode . 

and Jja seofan gebro(5ra . J^e he for-bernan h^t . 420 

and hi ealle nu mid gode on ecnysse blyssiatS . 

Hit gelamp f)a sona . swa hi ofslagene waeron . 

pcet mycel liget c6m . ofer pa, manfullan hseSenan . 

and swi(51ic eorS-styrung . and egeslic )?unor . 424 

swa pcet J^sera manfulra mycel dsel . for-wear'S . 

and nan stow ne set-stod . mid J^am stsenenum godum . 

ne nan h8e(5en-gyld se hagol ne belsefde . 

pa fleah martianws for nean adyd . 428 

and he weartS fornumen . sefter feawum dagum . 

swa p(st wurmas crupon cuce of his lice . 

and se arleasa ge-wit mid wite to helle . 

poera halgan lie . furh geleaf-fuUe menn . 432 

wurdon gebyrigde sona mid blisse . binnan godes cyrcan . 

Sy him d wuldor on ecere worulde . we cwe]:>a'5. Amen. 


by means of men perform what lie would. 

He commanded then to be brought lions and bears, 

many and strong, to the holy martyrs ; 

but the wild animals durst not touch them, 

but inclined their heads to the feet of the saints, 

and licked their limbs with their lithe tongues. 

Then commanded Martianus his wicked tormentors, 

to behead the saints, and they rejoiced thereat, 

thanking God for all His favours. 

Julianus then, and the young knight, 

Martianus' son, and his mother also, 

Antonius the priest, and the resuscitated man, 

were all slain together for Christ's sake, 

and went with glory to the kind Saviour, 

and to their companions who preceded them, 

that is, Basilissa, with her bright maidens, 

and the holy company that were burnt in the house, 

and the twenty warders, whom tho cruel one beheaded, 

and the seven brethren, whom he commanded to be burnt; 

and all they now rejoice before God for ever. 

It happened then, as soon as they were slain, 

that a great lightning-flash fell upon the wicked heathen, 

and a mighty earthquake, and terrible thunder, 

so that of the wicked ones a great many perished, 

and no place remained standing with the gods of stone, 

nor did the hail leave any heathen place of worship. 

Then fled Martianus, very nearly slain, 

and he was consumed (with disease) after a few days, 

so that worms crept alive out of his body, 

and the impious one departed, with torture to hell. 

The saints' bodies by believing men 

were soon buried with gladness within God's church. 

To Him aye be glory for ever and ever ! and we say, Amen ! 





[The various readings are from C. = MS. C.C.C. 198 ; and from V. = MS. 
Cot. Vitel. D. 1 7, fol. 35 b.] 

[Leaf 30, back.] 

Qebastianus hatte sum halig godes degn\ 

'^ se wges lange on lare on mediolana byrig . 

and wearS on criste ^ gefullod . mid fullum geleafan . 

He wses swiSe snotor wer . and sotSfsest on sprsece . 4 

rihtwis on dome . and on rsede fore-gleaw 

getreowe^ on neode . and Strang fore-J?ingere ^ 

on godnysse scinende . and on ealluw J)eawu?7i arwur(5ful . 

Dseghwamlice ^ he gefylde his drihtnes Jjenunge geornlice. 8 

ac he bediglode swa J)eah . his dgeda f^am casere 

dioclitianae ^ se waes deofles big-gencga '' . 

He lufode swa Ipeaih t5one halgan wser ^ . 

nyste Ipcet he gelyfde . on J^one lifigendan god . 12 

He ge-sette hine to ealdre . ofer an ® werod . 

and h6t hine symble ^'^ beon setforan his gesihcSe . 

and ealle J>a hyred-menn hine hsefdon for fseder . 

and mid lufe wurt5odon ^^ . forcSon pe god hine lufode . 16 

He folgode J^am kascre uncuS him swa peah . 

na swylce he ne dorste for his drihtne tSrowian . 

ac he wolde gehyrtan . tSa pe se hee'Sena ^^ casere . 

dseghwamlice acwealde . for cristes geleafan . 20 

pa geseah sebastianus hu sume J)a cristenan . 

woldon awdcian . for ^^ (5am ormeetum witum . 

and gehyrte heora mod . to J^ses hselendes geleafan . 

and psb gode gebrohte . pe se deofol set-bredan wolde . 24 

pa waeron twegen gebro"Sra ^* sej^elborene ^^ for worulde . 

^ C. V. J)egen. ^ C. om. on criste. ^ C. getrywe. * V. fore J)ingum. 
5 V. Dseghwomlice ; and in 1. 20. * C. V. dioclitiane. ' C. bigenga. 

^ C. V. wer. ® C. anum. ^" V. symle. ^^ C. weor}>odon. . ^^ C. haej^ene. 
*3 V. of. " C. gebroSru. ^' V. 8e{)elborenne. 




There was a holy servant of God, called Sebastian, 

who was a long time in the city of Milan for education, 

and was baptized into Christ with full faith. 

He was a very prudent man, truthful in word, 4 

righteous in judgment, in counsel foreseeing, 

trusty in need, a prevailing intercessor, 

shining in goodness, and in all his ways honourable. 

Daily he fulfilled his Lord's service zealously, 8 

but he concealed, nevertheless, his deeds from the emperor 

Diocletian, who was the devil's worshipper. 

He loved the holy man, notwithstanding, 

and knew not that he believed in the living God. 12 

He set him as prefect over a cohort, 

and bade that he should always be in his presence; 

and all the household held him as a father, 

and honoured him with love, because God loved him. 16 

He followed the emperor, unknown to him, however, 

not as if he durst not suffer for his Lord, 

but he desired to encourage those whom the heathen emperor 

daily killed for their faith in Christ. 20 

Then Sebastian perceived how some of the Christians 

were ready to lapse because of the exceeding tortures; 

and strengthened their minds in the faith of Jesus, 

and brought those to God whom the Devil desired to seduce. 24 

There were two brothers, nobly born as to this world, 


marcus . and marcelliaiius . mycclum geswencte . 

on bendum^ and on swingelum^ . for ^mn so)>an geleafan . 

Hi sceoldon }?a under-hnigan . ^nacodum swurde^. 28 

ac heora frynd abaedon'' fyrst . set ]?am gerefan 

tSrittigra nihta . Ipcet hi hi ^ gebigdon 

to 'Sam hseSen-gylde . f)e hi sylfe wur'Sodon . 

pa be-tsehte chromatins . se heah-gerefa )?a cnihtas . 32 

sumu97z J^egne '^ to ge-healdenne . se hatte nicostratus . 

Tranquillinus hatte ]?yssera halgena fse^der . 

and heora modor wses martia gecyged . 

hseSena J^a gyt . and hi f)yder comon 36 

mid myceh-e sarnyssa^ . J?8er heora ^ suna waeron gehsefte . 

and mid mycclum heofungum heora ° geleafan 

woldon awendan . and J)a wita^° gestillan . 

paer comon eac heora magas . and mid manegum tihtingum 40 

j^aera cnihta mod fram cristes geleafan . 

woldon awecgan" . swylce hi wislice dydon . 

heora wif eac bseron . heora beam him on handum . 

and axodon mid wope . hwi hi sw4 wselhreowlice dydon . 44 

Ipcet hi freonda^^ ne rohton . ne feeder ^^ocS'Se meder" . 

and heora wif awurpon^* . and wiSsocon heora beam . 

and heora ^^ swuran gearcodon sylfwylles to siege . 

Hwset t5a U ongunnon J^a godes cempan hnexian 48 

and heora mod awendon^^ to hyre maga sarnysse . 

Da geseah sona sebastianus j^set . 

hu J)a godes cempan . ongunnon hnexian . 

for Jjam mycclan gewynne . and wearcS him J^a tomiddes . 52 

and cwsetS to ]?am cnihtum . mid cenum geleafan . 

Eala ge godes cempan . ge be-comon to sige . 

and nu ge awurpa'S *^ eowerne cyne-helm . 

for ]?am earmlican swsesnyssum ^^ . Jjissera heofiendra^^ 56 

^ C. bdndum (with accent ; and so in many other words). ^ C. V. swinglum. 
^"^ C. nacedum swyrdum. * C. absedan. ^ C. am. 2nd hi, ® C. V. ])egene. 
' Leaf 31. ^ C. sfirnysse; V. sarnysse. " C. hyra. *" C. wltu. 

" V. awegcan. ^^ C. freondo {sic). ^""" V. ne moder. ^* C. for-wurpon. 
'^ C. heo {sic). '" C, awdndan. ^'^ C. habba'3 aworpen ; V. wurpatS. 

'^ C. swaernyssum. ^^ C. heofigendra. 


Marcus and Marcellianus, greatly afflicted 

with bonds and stripes for the true faith. 

They were to undergo the naked sword, 28 

but their friends begged of the prefect a respite 

of thirty nights, that they might turn them again 

to the heathenism, which they themselves honoured. 

Then the prefect Chromatins delivered the youths 32 

to a certain officer to keep, who was hight Nicostratus. 

The father of these saints was named Tranquillinus, 

and their mother was called Martia, 

heathens as yet, and they came thither, 3^ 

with great sorrow, where their sons were detained, 

and, with grievous lamentations, 

sought to pervert their faith, and stay the tortures. 39 

There came also their kinsfolk, and, with many persuasions 

endeavoured to shake the fortitude of the youths 

from faith in Christ ; as if they were acting wisely. 

Their wives also brought their children to them in their hands, 

and asked with weeping, why they acted so cruelly, 44 

that they recked neither of friends nor father nor mother, 

and cast off their wives, and forsook their children, 

and obstinately prepared their necks for slaughter. 

"Well then, behold ! God's champions began to yield, 48 

and to turn their thought on their kinsmen's anguish. 

Then Sebastian soon perceived that, 

how God's champions began to yield 

by reason of the great conflict, and he was soon in their midst, 

and said to the youths with courageous faith, 53 

*0 ye, God's soldiers, ye are come to the victory, 

and now do ye cast aside your crown from you, 

for the miserable blandishments of these wallers. 56 


Ne awurpe ^ ge ic bidde eowerne beorhtan sige . 

for wifa swaesnyssuwi ^ . o^Se for cylclra tearum . 

ArseratS eower sige-becn^ . fram eorcS-licum ge-wiluungum . 

and onginna^ eower gefeoht . ongean (5a unge-sewenlican * fynd . 

pas f)e h^r nti wepa^ . woldon mid eow blissian . 6i 

gif hi geare ■' wiston . ])cGt ])oet ge nu witon . 

hi wenacS to sojourn ^ . pcet J?is lif ana sy . 

and ne cunnon pcet o(5er . pe sefre endeleas bi(5 . 64 

pis lif is swa swicol pcet hit symble bepaeccS'' . 

|?a 'Se hit swif>ost lufia]? . and geleafan him to habbat5 . 

Dises lifes gewilnung . ge-lset J^a unstse'SSian ^ 

to manegum leahtrum . and to mislicum^ freced^'^nyssum 68 

He cwsetS J>a to ]?am magum . tSe j^a martyras mis-tihton . 

Gif nu pSLS gebrot^ra . be eowrum benum gebugatS . 

fram heora haelende ^^ to eowrum hseSenscype . 

tSonne beoS hi mid eow on sceortere blysse . 72 

and been ^^ si(5t5an ascyrede . swa Ipcet ge hi ngefre ne geseotS • 

buton on re(5um witum . on pam. widgyllan ^^ fyre . 

|:)ser dracon ^^ and nseddran . mid deofollicum ^^ to'Sum . 

f)8era hsecSenra breost . biterlice ceowaS . 76 

pser is wop . and wanung . and psds ne wurcS ^^ nan ende . 

Ge}?afiat5 ic bidde jjisum gebroj^rum nu . 

pcet hi fas witu for-bugan ^^ . and beo ^* ge embe pcet ylce . 

Iseta'S hi nu faran . to ^am forestihtan ^^ kynehelme ^^ . 80 

and ne beo ge ofdrgedde . ne beo'S hi fram eow ascyrede . 

ac hi fara(5 to heofonum . to^^ hselende criste . 

and^^ rodorlice wununga^^ witodlice under-foS . 

on pam ge sylfa^* moton mid him sefre wunian . 84 

selces yfeles orsorge on ecere ^^ blysse . 

^fter J?issere lare . and oc5rum langsumum spraecum . 

^ C. awyrpe. ^ V. swsesnessuwt. ^ C. -beacn. * C. -licum. ^ V. geara. 
^ C. V. so'San. '' V. bepsec^ symle. ^ C. unscsejjfian ; V. unscae'S'Sigan. 

3 C. V. mistlicum. ^^ Leaf 31, back. ^^ V. haelende heora. ^^ V. bee's. 
" C. V. widgyllum. ^* C. V. dracan. '^ C. deoflicum (sic). ^^ C. wyrS. 
^■^ V. for-bugon. '^ V. beon, '^ C. fore-stihtum. ^^ V. cynehelme. 

21 C. to ?Jam. " C. and to. ^^ y^ wunimge. '* C. sylfe. ^5 c. selcere. 


Cast not away, I entreat you, your glorious victory 

for wives' caresses, or for children's tears. 

Raise your standard of victory above earthly desires, 

and begin your fight against the invisible fiend. 60 

Those who here now weep, would rejoice with you, 

if they assuredly knew that which ye now know; 

of a truth they think that there is this life alone, 

and know not that other which will be everlasting; 64 

this life is so false that it ever deceiveth 

those that most love it, and have trust in it. 

This life's desire leadeth the unstable {or innocent) 

into many sins, and divers perils.' 68 

Then said he to the kinsfolk who were seducing the martyrs, 

'If now these brothers, at your prayers, 

turn back from their Saviour to your heathenism, 

then they shall be with you in a short bliss, 72 

and afterwards will be parted, so that ye shall never again see 

except in fierce torments in the vast fire, 
where dragons and adders with devilish teeth 
horribly chew the breasts of the heathen; 76 

there is weeping and wailing, and of this will be no end. 
Grant, I pray you, now to these brothers 
that they may avoid these torments, and endeavour ye to do 

the same. 
Let them now go to the predestined crown, 80 

and be ye not afraid ; they shall not be divided from you, 
but they shall go to heaven to Jesus Christ, 
and receive verily celestial dwellings, 

in which ye yourselves may ever abide with them, 84 

secure from every evil in eternal bliss.' 
After this exhortation, and other lengthy counsels, 


com leolit of heofonum . to 'Sam halgan waere^ . 

and mid ]pam leohte set-eowde ^ . an engel wiS hine . 88 

pa wurdon hi ealle . ]:)urh IpcEt wundor ablicgede . 

and j^aes J^segnes ge-bedda . ?Se J)a ge-broj^ra ^ heold . 

wses for six gearum . for swi"Slicre untruwnysse . 

hire sprsece be-nsemed . and heo hndh adune 92 

to sebastianes fotum mid fullum geleafan . 

pa cwsetS sebastianus . gif ic socS godes J?eow* eom . 

and gif pcet is soS Ipcet ie eow ssede . 

ge-openie ® J^onne se sehnihtiga hselend ^ 96 

pises wifes mu'S . pcet heo maege sprsecan"^ 

set^e Zacharian mu"S his mseran witegan . 

mid witegunge geopenade^ f)a 'Sa he awrat lohannes . 

pa sprsec pcet dumbe wif . hire nama wses Zoe . 100 

and cwsecS pcet heo ^ gesawe . Jjone scinendan eencgel ^^ . 

cumende of heofenum ^^ . to )?am halgan wsere ^^ . 

and heold ane boc . set-foran his eaguw . 

and be J^aere b^c . saede sebastianws Jja lare . 104 

pa cwaetS Zoe to sebastiane ^^eft . 

Eadige synd ^* j^a pe J^inum wordum gelyfaS . 

and pa beotS awyrigde pe J^ises twyniaS . 

swa swa daegred to-draefS pa dimlican ]?ystra^^ . 108 

and manna eagan^^ onlyht pe blinde waeron on niht^'^ . 

Swa adraefde })in Idr J?a geleaf-leaste fram me . 

and minne mu'S geopenode . and min mod onlihte . 

Hwaet tSa nicostratus wearS swi'Se afyrht . 112 

)?a t5a he pcet wundor ge-seah . on his wife gedon . 

and feol adune sona . to sebastianes fotum . 

biddende forgifennysse ^^ . Ipcet he )?a brotSra " heold . 

and unbend heora handa . and baed Ipcet hi awaeg^^ eoden . 116 

ac hi ^^ J?urh-wunodon swa pesih on Ipam gewinne ot5 dea'S . 

^ C. were. ^ C. set-ywde. ^ C. ge-bro'Sru. * C. V. jjeowa. ^ V. geo- 
pinige, alt. to opinige. ® V. wealdend. "^ C. V. sprecan. ^ V. geopenode, 
alt. to openode. ^ C. hi. ^° C. V. engel. ^^ C. heofonum. ^^ C. V. were. 
" Leaf 32. ^* V. synt. '^ C. |)eostru. ^^ C. cm. eagan. ^' C. om. on niht. 
^^ C. forgyfe-nesse ; V. forgifnesse. ^^ C. ge-bro'Sru. '^'^ C. V. aweg. ^^ C. heo. 


came a light from heaven to the holy man, 

and with that light appeared an angel opposite him. 88 

Then they were all astonished at that miracle; 

and the wife of the officer, who had charge of the brothers, 

for six years, through a severe sickness, 

had been deprived of her speech, and she fell down 92 

at Sebastian's feet, with full faith. 

Then said Sebastian, 'If I am God's true servant, 

and if that is true which I have said to you, 

then may the Almighty Saviour open 96 

this woman's mouth, that she may speak, 

He (I mean) who opened His great prophet Zechariah's mouth 

by a prophecy, when he wrote " John." * 

Then spake the dumb woman, her name was Zoe, 100 

and said that she had seen the radiant angel 

coming from Heaven to the holy man ; 

and that he held a book before his eyes, 

and from that book Sebastian taught the lore. 104 

Then again said Zoe to Sebastian, 

' Blessed are those that believe thy word, 

and those are accursed that doubt this. 

Even as the dawn driveth away the dim dusk, 108 

and enlighteneth men's eyes that were blind in the night, 

so did thy teaching drive away the unbelief from me, 

and opened my mouth and enlightened my mind.' 

Then Nicostratus was greatly afraid, 112 

when he saw the miracle wrought on his wife, 

and straightway fell down at Sebastian's feet, 

praying forgiveness, that he had detained the brothers; 

and unbound their hands, and begged that they would escape, 

but they nevertheless continued in that warfare till death. 117 


pa, ongunnon ^ heora magas myccluw be-hreowsian . 

]>cet hi aefre pa. martyras mis-lseran wolclon . 

and "^ ge-lyfdon J?a ^ ealle ^ . endemes * on crist . 1 20 

pa h^t sebastianus pone hsecSenan )?egn^ . 

pcet he }?a hseftlingas . pe h6 heold on })am cwearterne 

gebrohte to his spreece . wolde hi ge-bigan ^ to criste "^ . 

Ferde ]?a siSt^an . and ge-fette senne msesse-preost , 124 

policarpus gehaten . halig wser and snotor . 

pcet he J)a nige-hwyrfedan^ mid fulluhte aJ)woge . 

pa wear's gefullod se fore-sseda ^ nicostratus . 

mid his wife . Zoe . and f)rym and Srittigum mannum 128 

pe him ser folgodon . and ^^ mid him gefullode wseron . 

^^^fter J^isum wearS gefullod fjsera martyra feeder 

tranquillinus mid blysse . and his gebedda martia . 

mid heora hiwum . and heora suna wifum . 132 

jtEfter pysum ^^Jja hseft-lingas pe sebastianus^^ 

^^het Isedan of pa,tn. hseftum ealles^^ sixtyne . 

Daera martyra feeder marcellianes . and marces . 

wses ^* endlyfan ^^ gear ser his fulluhte ge-untrumed ^^ 136 

)?urh f)a mycclan fot-adle . and nahte his fseSes^^ geweald 

ne furSon ^^ ne mihte his mete him arsecan ^^ . 

for |?am segeslican-^ wearrum . pe on his limum weoxon . 

ac sona swa h^ andette ^^mid ealre heortan 140 

]?a halgan ]?rynnysse on Jjam fulluht-bat5e . 

fa wearcS he ge-hseled . fram eallum his sarnyssum'^^ . 

and herede }?one hselend . J^e him his haele forgeaf . 

paer waeron eac untrume . oSre twsegen "^^ enapan . 144 

ocSer waes wseter-seoc . oSer eall on wundum . 

ac hi wurdon gehselede . fram heora untrum-nysse ^* 

mid {jam pe se maesse-preost . hi mid J^am fulluhte af>w6h . 

1 V. ongunnan. ^'^ C. hi ))a gelyfdon. ^ V. om. * V. sendemes. 

' C. V. ])egen. ® C. gebigean. '' C. crist. ^ C. nfghwurfedan (sic) ; 

V. nighwerfdan, » C. fore-seede. ^^ V. om. ^^ V. omits II. 130-132. 

^^■^2 c sebastianus . het Isedan })a hseftlingas. ^^'^^ C. of ]>3em haeftura . ealle. 
^* V. waeron. ^^ C. endlyfon ; V. aendlyofon. ^^ V. geuntrumod. " C. fepea. 
^^ y. inserts he. '' C. rsecan. ^° C. V. egeslicum. ^^ Leaf 32, back. 

'^^ V. sarnys. ^^ C. V. twegen. ^* C. V. untrum-nyssum. 


Then began their kinsmen sorely to repent, 
that they had ever wished to misteach the martyrs, 
and in the end they all believed in Christ. 120 

Then Sebastian bade the heathen officer 
bring the captives whom he held in the prison, 
to his instruction, desiring to convert them to Christ. 
Afterwards he went and fetched a mass-priest, 124 

hight Polycarp, a holy man and wise, 
that he might wash the new converts by baptism. 
There were baptized the aforesaid Nicostratus, 
with his wife Zoe, and three and thirty men, 128 

who had followed them before, and were baptized with them. 
After this were baptized, with joy, the martyr's father 
Tranquillinus, and his wife Martia, 

with their household, and their son's wives; 132 

next, the captives whom Sebastian 
had bidden to bring out of the prison, sixteen in all. 
The father of the martyrs Marcellianus and Marcus, 
Was afflicted for eleven years before his baptism 136 

with a grievous foot-disease, and had no power of walking, 
nor even could he lay hold of his food for himself, 
by reason of the horrible knots which grew on his members ; 
but as soon as he confessed with all his heart 140 

the Holy Trinity, in the baptismal font, 
then was he healed of all his pains, 

and praised the Saviour who had granted him his health. 
There were likewise two other afflicted youths, 144 

one was dropsical, the other all over sores, 
but they were healed of their disease 

at the moment when the mass-priest washed them with the 
baptismal water. 


Hi wurdon pa. ealle . J^urli )?a wundra onbryrde . 148 

and on godes herungum^ hi sylfe gebysgodon . 

and gearcodon heora mod . to t5am martyr-dome . 

c^flice to campienne . for cristes geleafan . 

Hwset fa chromatins se mihtiga gerefa'^ . 152 

J)e romana byrig . under }5am casere geweold . 

het tranquillinum . ])<xt he him to come 

wolde witan set him . hwset his suna hraeddon^ . 

binnan J?am tSrittigum* nihtum . j^e he him 16t fyrste . 156 

hwse'Ser hi gebugan^ woldon . to Sam bysmor-fullum godum . 

o(5Se J?urh-wunian on (5am witum . for criste . 

He com tSa gehaten to Jjam heah-gerefan . 

and eac ne be-diglode . pcet he on ^ drihten gelyfde ^ . 160 

pa cw8e(5 se heah-gerefa . pe f)a git hee'Sen wses . 

and call swa yfele ge-tucod . swa tranquillinws wses ser . 

Me f)inc]? pcet ]?u bsede f)inum bearnum fyrstes . 

to pi pcet pu. gelyfdest . heora leasum gedwyldum . 164 

pa cwsecS tranquillinus . to chromatiae '^ pus . 

pa godas J^e ge wur'SiaS . wseron arlease menn^ . 

yfele geborene . and bysmor-fulle on life . 

mid facne afyllede . and forS-ferdon earmlice . 168 

Cwyst ^ J)u \k pcet neere ^° nan lyfigende ^^ god . 

ser {Jan ^^ Se saturnus his suna abite . 

and heora ^* flsesc sete on J^am Ig-lande cr^ta ^* . 

Eft his sunu^^ louis . pQ g6 wurtSiaS for god . 172 

se wolde acwellan his unclaenan fseder . 

pQ abdt his gebroSra ]?a ■'^hi geborene wseron . 

se iouis wses afylled . mid fulre galnysse . 

and nam his agene swystor" . to his ^^fulum synscype^^ . 176 

swa swa ge rsedaS on eowrum gerecednyssum . 

La hu ne dwaelast" Su . pQ on j^ysum gedwylde gelyfst . 

^ C. heofungum. ^ V. gerefe. ^ C. V. raeddon. * C. |)rittig. 

^ V. gebugon. ^'^ V. drihtenne gelefde. "^ C. V. chromatic. * C. men. 
» C. cwe])st, 10 C. nsefre. ^^ V. lyfigenda. ^^ y_ ^^^^ 13 q^ heo. 

^^ C. crseta. ^^ C. suna, ^'^ Leaf 33. ^'^ V. swustor. ^^"^^ C. fulum 

scinscipum ; V. fulan scinscype. ^^ C. V. dwelast. 


Then all were encouraged by these miracles, 148 

and occupied themselves in God's praises, 

and prepared their minds for martyrdom, 

boldly to contend for the faith of Christ. 

Then Chromatius, the powerful prefect, 152 

who governed the Roman city under the emperor, 

bade Tranquillinus to come to him, 

desiring to know of him what his sons had decided on 

during the thirty nights that he had allowed them for respite ; 

whether they would bow to the infamous gods, 157 

or remain in the tortures for Christ's sake. 

He came thus summoned to the prefect, 

and moreover concealed not that he believed in the Lord. 160 

Then said the prefect, who was yet a heathen, 

and quite as badly tormented as Tranquillinus was before, 

' Methinketh that thou askedst the respite for thy children 

to the end that thou mightest believe their lying heresies.' 164 

Then spake Tranquillinus to Chromatius thus, 

* The gods whom ye worship were wicked men, 

evilly born, and infamous in life, 

filled with crime, and died miserably. 168 

Lo ! thou sayest that there was no god living 

before Saturn devoured his sons, 

and ate their flesh in the Island of Crete. 

Again, his son Jove, whom ye worship as a god, 172 

who desired to kill his unclean father 

that devoured his brothers as soon as they were born, 

this Jove was filled with foul lust, 

and took his own sister to his unclean wedlock, 176 

even as ye read in your histories. 

Look whether or no thou errest, who believest in this deceit, 


and f)as arleasan ^menn arwurt5ast^ for godas . 

pM for-laetst pone selmihtigan god . J>e earda(5 on heofonuw . 180 

and cwae'Sst^ to J?am stane . tSu eart min god . 

pa ge-wende tranquillinus . awseg^ sefter J>ysum . 

ac se heah-ge-refa . het hine gefeccan 

dearnunga on niht . and him digellice bead 184 

anne ^ gyldene wecg . wit5 f»am pe he him tsehte 

f>one mseran Isece-crseft . pe hine swa ^ mihte-lice gehealde ^ . 

pa cwse'S tranquillinus . pcet mann^ cristes gife . 

ne moste syllan witS sceattuw . oj^fe swa ge-bicgan . 188 

ac gelyf on J^one hselend and J^u bist swa hdl swa ic*^ . 

Chromatins pa, bsed pcet he him gebrohte^ tSone mann^ . 

pe hine gefullode . and fram }?8ere cotSe gehselde . 

Tranquillinus tSa eode to t5am arwurcSan preoste . 192 

ssede ^° hu hi sprsecon . and hine sona gelsedde . 

to })am heah-ge-refan . and he cwsecS him to . 

peah pe fees kaseres ehtnys )?a cristenan gedrecce . 

peah. for minre hsele . ic sylle eow" healfne dael 196 

ealra minre ^^ selita . gif g6 mine atelican lima . 

f)urh senig ping ^^gehselen magon" . fra9?i f)ysum heardum 

wearrum . 
pa hloli policarpus . and cwse'S to jjam untruman . 
crist meeg f)ine nytennysse^^ . ]?urh his miltsunge onlihtan . 200 
and eatSelice set-eowian ^^ . pcet he is f^in ed-sta]5eligend . 
Se Se sceattas under-feht5 . and sylt5 godes gife ^^ . 
se for-detS ^^ his sawle ^^ . and se seoca ne bicS gehseled . 
do gelyf on f)one hselend . and laet pe fullian . 204 

and p\i bist swa gesund . swa ]?aes^^ tranquillinus . 
p& bead policarpus him f)reora daga fsesten . 
and l^is ^^ sona ssede ^° ^^ sebastiane . 

^"^ C. men ^rwyr^ast. ^ C. cwyj)st ; V. cwe'Sst. ^ C. V. aweg. * C. V, senne. 
^■^ C. mihtlice geli^lde ; V. mihtelice gehselde. ^ C. V. man. ' V. ic eom. 
^ V. brohte, ^ C. man. ^^ C. and saede him. ^^ C. om. eow. 

'^ C. V. minra. ^^"^^ C. gehaelan magan. " C. nyte-nesse ; V. nyte-nysse. 
15 C. set-eowan. i« V. gifu. " C. de^ for. is V. sawla. 

1^ C. V. J>e3. ^""-^ C, ssede sona ; V, sona cySde. ^^ Leaf 33, back. 




I pray to the God who dwelleth ever 

in the heavens in excellent glory. 

He is mad who asketh of blind stones 

any assistance amidst his dangers.' 420 

Then became Diocletian fiendishly angry, 

and commanded him to be led out, in hard bonds, 

into a field, and there to be bound, 

and assailed with arrows until he gave up his life. 424 

Then the soldiers led away the servant of Christ, 

and set him for a mark, even as the wicked man commanded, 

and fastened their arrows into him before and behind, 

as thickly on every side as a hedgehog's bristles, 428 

and so left him alone, lying for dead. 

Then came a certain widow, who was a martyr's relict, 

in the same night, where he lay sorely wounded, 

desiring to bury his body, and found him living. 432 

Then she brought him to her house alive, 

and within a few days entirely healed him. 

Then came the Christians, and urged the [Christian] warrior, 

that he ought to depart far away from the city. 436 

But Sebastian commended himself to God, 

and went up to the staircase, which stood against the emperor's 

and when the emperor came, thus cried to him ; 
* Your idol-priests who dwell in your temples 440 

tell you many lies concerning the Christians, 
saying that they are verily adversaries 
to your kingdom, and also to your people; 

but your kingdom prospereth through their good merits, 444 
because they pray for the Roman people 
and for your dominion, without ceasing.' 
Then looked Diocletian, the fiendish murderer, 



to t5am halgan were . J^e 'Seer swa heage stod . 448 

and cwseS orgaellice^ . ne eart pn 14 sebastianits . 

f>one ^e ic gefyrn h6t mid flanum acwellan . 

Sebastianz^s cwaeS . crist me arserde £eft ^ . 

to f)i pcet ic cytSe eow . setforan eallu7?i folce . 452 

eower unriht-wisan ehtnysse ofer Sa cristenan . 

pa h^t se casere J^one godes cempan 

^ mid saglum * ofbeatan . binnan his agenre byrig . 

pa dydon f>a cwelleras swa swa ^ se casere het ^ . 456 

and on niht behyddon his halgan lichaman 

on anum adel-seaSe . secgende him betwynan . 

pcet huru t5a cristenan ne becuman "^ to his lice . 

and him ^ to ® martyre macion ^° si^San . 460 

pa seteowde sebastianus on swsefne ^^ anre wudewan ^^ . 

lucina ^^ geciged . swi'Se sewfsest ^^ man ^^ . 

and ssede hwser his lichama Iseg ^^ . on fam adelan . 

h^t ^'^ hi faran to . and hine ferian J^anon ^^ . 464 

to catacumbas . J?8er cristes apostolas . 

PETRVS and pavlvs serest bebyrgede ^^ waeron . 

and lecgan ^^ his lie . set heora fot-lsestum . 

Lucina j^a ferde to Sam fore-seadan ^^ sea'Se . 468 

on middere nihte mid hire mannum-^ . 

and his lic^^ funde . and ferede mid wur'S-mynte 

to Ipsdve ylcan stowe . pe he sylf behead . 

and mid geornfulnysse ^* hine Ipsdr'^^ bebyrigde^^ . 472 

f>am aelmihtigan to wuldre . se Tpe ge-wylt^'^ ealle J^ing^^ . 

rixiende ^^ d ^° on ecnysse . eces wuldres cyning . 

^ C. orgellice. ^ C. eft. ^ Leaf 37. * C, stanum. ^ C. om. 2nd swa. 

6 C. hi het. ' C. V. becomon. « q ^ine. ^ V. om. ^^ C. V. macian. 

^^ C. sw^ne (sic) ; V. swefne. ^^ V. wuduwan. ^^ C. lucla. ^* C. V. eawfsest. 

A^ V. mann. ^^ V. lag. " C. V. and het. ^^ V. om. ^^ C. gebyrigde ; 
V. bebyrgde. ^^ V. legcan. *^ C. -saedan. ^"^ C. manum, ^^ V, lichama. 

^* C. geornfulnyssum. ^^ C. om, ])ser. "^^ V. bebyrgde. ^' C. gewealt. 
^^ C. Jjincg. ^' C. rixigende. ^° C. a ^. 


towards the holy man, who stood there so loftily, 448 

and said haughtily, ' Art not thou that Sebastian, 

whom I before commanded to be slain with arrows V 

Sebastian said, ' Christ raised me up again 

to the end that I might declare to thee before all the people 452 

your unrighteous persecution against the Christians.' 

Then bade the emperor that the soldier of God 

should be beaten to death with clubs within his own city. 

Then the murderers did even as the emperor commanded, 456 

and by night hid his holy corpse 

in a foul sewer, saying amongst themselves, 

that at least the Christians should not get at his body, 

and make him into a martyr afterwards. 460 

Then appeared Sebastian in a dream to a widow, 

named Lucina, a very pious person, 

and told her where his body lay in the sewer, 

bade her go thither, and bear him thence, 464 

even to the catacombs, where Christ's apostles 

Peter and Paul were first buried, 

and lay his body close at their feet. 

Lucina then went to the aforesaid sewer 468 

at midnight, together with her servants, 

and found his body, and carried it reverently 

to the very place which he had himself ordered, 

and with great carefulness there buried him, 472 

to the glory of the Almighty, who ruleth over all things, 

reigning for ever, King of eternal glory. 





[The other copy, in MS. Otho B. X, is burnt.] ^ 

"1% /Taubus w^s gehaten sum swyJ^e halig abbod . 

'"^'-*' se wses to lare befsest sona fram iugoSe . 

Jjam halgan benedicte . J?eah J^e he 0ef)el-boren waere . 

He J^eah wel on lare . and wses swiSe gehyrsum . 4 

J?am halgan benedicte . on eallum his haesum . 

and on eallum godnyssum gode selmihtigon })eowde . 

and eac his gebro'Srum gode bysne sealde . 

mid haligre drohtnunge . and he for-p>y dyre wses . 8 

his lareowe benedicte pe he geblissode mid weorcum . 

Hwilon ser we ssedon on sumere o'Sre stowe 

hu se ylca maurus . f)urh godes mihte eode 

uppon yrnendum wsetere . on anum widgyllan pole , 12 

f)a f>a benedictus hine h^t gehelpan pses cnapan . 

pe on f»8ere stream be-feol . pa, c5a he wseter fette . 

On sumne seel eode se halga maurus . 

ham to mynstre ^ weard mid his gebro'Srum . " 16 

and benedictus wses fa mid anum sewfsestum were . 

for]:>an pe his wif wses mid wodnysse gedreht . 

and maurus tSa gemette ser he to mynstre come . 

senne dumbne cnapan . and se wses creopere eac . 20 

ac se fseder . and seo modor . hine feredon j^ider . 

Hi feollon tSa butu . mid flowendu7/^ tearuw 

to maures fotum . and befengon his cneowa . 

halsigende }?urh godes naman . pcet he gehselde heora cild . 24 

pa nolde maurus t5am mannum J^ses ti'Sian . 

cwsetS pcet seo dsed nsere him gedafenlic . 

o^pcet pa gebrotSra bsedon hine georne . 

pcet h4 )?am healtan cnapan . his hsele absede . 28 

Hwset pSL maurus sona . beseah to heofonum and cwcep . 

^ Leaf 37, back. 




There was a very holy abbot named Maurus; 

who from his early youth was confided 

to Saint Benedict for instruction, though he was of noble birth. 

He throve well in learning, and was very obedient 4 

to Saint Benedict in all his commands, 

and served God Almighty in all goodness, 

and gave moreover a good examj^le to his brethren 

in all holy observances, and therefore was he dear 8 

to his master Benedict, whom he rejoiced by his works. 

We have said aforetime in another place ^, 

how this same Maurus, through God's might, walked 

upon running water on a wide pool, 12 

when Benedict bade him help the boy, 

who had fallen into the stream, as he was fetching water. 

On a certain occasion Saint Maurus was going 
homewards to the monastery with his brethren, 16 

while Benedict was with a pious man, 
because his wife was vexed with madness ; 
and Maurus met there, before he came to the monastery, 
a dumb boy, who was also a cripple, 20 

but the father and mother carried him thither. 
Then they both fell with flowing tears 
at Maurus' feet, and embraced his knees, 

entreating him in God's name to heal their child. 24 

But Maurus did not wish to grant this to the couple ; 
and said that the deed was not becoming to him, 
until the brethren earnestly besought him 

to pray for the healing of the halting boy. 28 

So then Maurus looked up straightway to Heaven, and said, 

* Viz. in ^^Ifric's Homilies, ed. Thorpe, ii. 160. 


pu ure haelend crist . pe behete f)inuwi discipulum . 

Sots ic eow ssecge . swa hwaet swa ge bidda'S . 

eow bicS ge-tycSod untwylice 'Sees . 32 

gif ge gelyfa'S . pcet ge f)a lac under-fon . 

set-eowa nu on us £elmihtig drihten . 

pcet we J^ine f>eowan synd . ]?eali (5e we synfulla synd . 

and we J^one ylcan geleafan mid lufe healdaS . 36 

-/Efter j^isum wordum he cw£ec5 to (5am wanhalan . 

On ]:>8ere halgan (5rynnysse naman . beo )?u hal cnapa . 

and stand on J^inum fotum setforan us gesund . 

mid mines lareowes ge-earnungum . eac swylce gefultumod 40 

pa aras se cnapa . and up rihte code . 

and mid bli'Sre stemne . bletsode his drihten . 

pe hine gehaelde . )?urh Sone halgan wer . 

Eft (5a p'd se halga benedictus . ham to mynstre com . 44 

and pcet wif wear's gewittig . pe he frara wodnysse ahredde . 

f)a wurSode h6 maurum . for J?am m8erlicuw2 tacne . 

pe he on Saere hwile gefremede . ]>e h6 on fyrlenum wses . 

Maurus wses eac oftost mid pSbxn eadigan benedicte . 48 

and his wundra wiste . and mid him worhte wundra . 

sume pserix we secgaS h^r . sume we forsuwia'S . 

and he wses fyrmest muneca . to Sam mseran benedicte . 

and pses mynstres ^ geweold sw4 swd him gewissode benedictus . 52 

On Sam timan asende sum ge-sselig biscop . 

of francena rice . to Sam halgan feeder 

mtenigfealde lac . and hine micclum bsed . 

pcet he him sendan sceolde . gif him swa ge-]:)uht waere . 56 

sume eawfseste munecas . pe him mynster-lif astealdon . 

for San pe he wolde arseran on his biscop-rice . 

munuclicne regol . be benedictes rsede . 

Hwset t5a benedictits . be his gebroSra rsede . 60 

swa swa him god geswutolode . asende pa, maurum . 

^ Leaf 38. 


' Thou, our Saviour Christ, who didst promise unto Thy disciples, 

''Verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask 

shall certainly be granted you on this (condition), 32 

that ye believe that ye receive the gifts," 

show forth now in us, Almighty Lord, 

that we are Thy servants, though we are sinful, 

and we will keep the same faith with (true) love.' 36 

After these words he said to the diseased, 

'In the name of the Holy Trinity, be thou whole, boy, 

and stand on thy feet sound before us, 

assisted also by my master's merits.' 40 

Then arose the boy, and walked upright, 

and with blithe voice blessed his Lord, 

who had healed him through the holy man. 

Then, after Saint Benedict had come home to the monastery, 44 

(and the woman had become sane, whom he had delivered from 

he did honour to Maurus for the glorious miracle 
which he in the meanwhile had wrought, when he [Benedict] was 

far off. 
Maurus was moreover oftenest about the blessed Benedict, 48 
and knew his miracles, and -worked miracles with him; 
some of these we will tell here, some we will pass over; 
and he was the principal monk next to the great Benedict, 
and governed the monastery as Benedict shewed him. 52 

At that time a certain blessed bishop 
from the kingdom of the Franks * sent to the holy patriarch 
manifold presents, and besought him much, 

to send him, if it seemed well to him, 56 

some pious monks who should found monasteries for him, 
because he desired to establish in his bishopric 
the monastic rule according to Benedict's design. 
Then Benedict, by his brethren's counsel, 60 

as God revealed to them, sent Maurus 

^ Innocent, bishop of Mans. 



j^eah t5e he uneatSe mihte for heora micclum lufe . 

hine him fram Isetan to (5am fyrlenan lande . 

He funde him 6dc geferan feower o'Sre munecas . 64 

and sume laewede menn to '5am lande mid him . 

and nam Ipone halgan regol . ]>e he mid his handum awrat . 

and betsehte maure mid him to haebbenne . 

and heora hlafes gewiht . and heora wines gemett . 68 

and asende hi mid bletsunga to tSam fore-ssedan bisceope . 

Eft on serne mergen . sende se arwur^a benedictus . 

twsegen his muueca to maure mid lacum . 

pcet is mid halig-dome . of j^ses hselendes rode . 7a 

and of marian reafe . and of michaheles pelle . 

and of stephanes lichaman . and of martines reliquium . 

and an serend-gewrit mid J)ysum wordum forcS . 

Onfoh min leofesta . J?as ende-nehstan Idc . 76 

Jjines lareowes . to langum gemynde . 

and eow to gescyldnysse wi'S deofles syrwunga . 

Ic ssecge tSe to so'San . pcet pu scealt gewitan . 

on (5am sixteo(5an geare f)8es tSe pu munuc wurde 80 

of j^isserse worulde . to wuldre mid gode 

sw4 swd crist gyrstan-dseg me cydde . be f)e . 

sitSSan pu fram us si(5odest . on fare . 

Ic secge pe eac nti . pcet eower si(5 84 

ne bi(5 na swd . sw4 swa we wendon . 

ac wyrt5 elles gefadod . and on o^re stowe . 

ac se selmihtiga god eow nsefre ne for-lset . 

^ ot5 pcet [ealle] ^ ge gelogode beon . 88 

FaraS nu ge-sunde . and gesselige becumatS . 

Maurus 'Sa ferde mid mycelre blisse . 

and his geferan samod . to francena rice . 

ac twegen his geferan . feollon be wege . 92 

dn of anum stypele . of)er on anne stdn . 

swa pcet hi wurdon to-cwysede . and cwylmiende lagon . 

ac maurus hi gehealde . on Jjses hselendes naman . 

^ Leaf 38, back. ^ A slight space here. 


(though he hardly might, for their great love, 

let him go from him) to the distant land. 

He found also four other monks as companions for him, 64 

and some laymen, to go with them to that land, 

and took the holy rule, which he had written with his own hand, 

and delivered it to Maurus, to have with him, 

together with the weight for their bread, and the measure for 

their wine, 68 

and sent them with his blessing to the aforesaid bishop. 
Afterwards in early morning the venerable Benedict sent forth 
twain of his monks to Maurus with gifts, 

that is, with holy relics, of the Saviour's Hood, 72 

and of Mary's garments, and of a hanging from S. Michael's Altar \ 
and of Stephen's body, and of Martin's relics, 
and a written message in these words ; 

' Receive, my beloved, these last gifts 76 

of thy master, for a long remembrance, 
and for a shield to you against the devil's snares. 
I say to thee, in sooth, that thou shalt depart, 
in the sixteenth year since thou becamest a monk, 80 

out of this world to glory with God, 
even as Christ yesterday showed me concerning thee, 
after thou wentest from us on thy journey. 

I tell thee also now that your way 84 

shall not at all be such as we imagined, 
but shall be ordered otherwise, and in another place; 
but Almighty God will never forsake you 

until ye [all] shall be established. 88 

Fare ye now well, and be ye blessed.' 
Then Maurus fared with great joy, 

and his companions together, to the kingdom of the Franks ; 
but twain of his companions fell by the way, 92 

one from off a tower, the other on a stone, 
so that they were crushed, and lay dying, 
but Maurus healed them in the name of Jesus. 

' See the note. 



Eac hi ge-mettoii on sumum mynstre be wege 96 

senne blindne man . se baed his hsele georne . 
set Sam halgan maure . and he hine gehsekle f>urh god . 
and h^t pcet he wunode butan worunge 

on godes J?eow-dome . Ipser on mynstre . d . 100 

and he swa dyde . eac siSSan of fam dsege . 
Eft he gehselde on o'Sre stowe 
anre wydewan sunu . Ipe unwene ^54 Iseg . 

and gefrefrode f>a modor . and men Ipsas wundrodon . 104 

and se cnapa arn sona to maure 

hrymende . and cwe'Sende . Ipu ahreddest mine sawle 
fram fyrenum witum . and he wear's munuc siSSan . 
Maurus geseah eac swa swa . him god geswutelode 108 

on })am ylcan fserelde . benedictes forS-si'S . 
and hti he to heofonum ferde . Jpeah \)e he on fyrlene wsere . 
Hi ferdon J?a forS to Sam fore-ssedan bisceope . 
Ipe hi ge-langian het . ac he ne leofode na f)a . 112 

ac wses for feawum dagnm forSfaren of life . 
and oSer biscop geset on his bisceop-stole . 
Hi wurdon Ipsi nnrote . and eoden swa pesih 
to Sam niwan bisceope . bsedon his rsedes . 116 

cunnodon hwseSer he wolde pses oSres willan gefremman . 
and him munuc-lif araeran . swa swa se oSer gemynte . 
He cwseS Ipcet he ne mihte embe munuc-lif f)a smeagen . 
be oSres bisceopes dihte . ac wolde beon embe his l^incg . 120 

be his agenum dihte . and ge-dreoh-lgecan his hamas . 
Hi feordon J^a ]?anon fram }?8ere scire bisceope . 
and god him foresceawode on sumere oSre scire 
on francena rice fulgode wununge . 124 

Sum ^ forS-f)egn wses Sa welig . on f)am lande . 
florus gehaten . and se hsefde gemynt 
mynster to arserenne . and mid munecum gesettan . 
gif he senige geaxode . pe sewfseste wseron . 128 

forSan f>e benedictus hlisa . on pcet land becuman wses . 
and him wearS eac gecydd be maures to-cyme . 

^ Leaf 39. 


Also they found in a monastery on the way 96 

a blind man who earnestly besought his cure 

from the holy Maurus, and he healed him through God, 

and bade that he should abide without wandering 

in God's service, there in the monastery, for ever; 100 

and he did so afterwards from that day. 

Again he healed in another place 

a widow's son, who lay there unconscious, 

and comforted the mother, and men wondered thereat, 104 

and the boy ran straightway to Maurus, 

crying out, and saying, ' Thou hast delivered my soul 

from the fiery torments,' and he afterwards became a monk. 

Maurus saw also, as God revealed to him, 108 

on that same journey, Benedict's departure, 

and how he went to Heaven, though he was far away. 

Then they fared forth to the aforesaid bishop, 

who had bidden to send for them, but he was not then living, 112 

but a few days before had departed from life, 

and another bishop was set in his episcopal chair. 

Then they were sorrowful, but went nevertheless 

to the new bishop, and asked his counsel, 116 

and enquired whether he would fulfil the other's desire, 

and establish monasteries for himself, as the other had intended. 

He said that he could not concern himself about monasteries 

at another bishop's dictation, but must attend to his affairs 120 

according to his own disposing, and make rules for his 

Then they departed from the bishop of that diocese, 
and God provided them, in another province 
of the kingdom of the Franks, an excellent dwelling-place. 124 

There was a wealthy viscount in that country, 
named Florus, and he had been minded 
to build a monastery and to set monks in it, 
if he could find out any that were pious men, 128 

because that Benedict's fame had come into that country, 
and men had also told him of Maurus' arrival. 



Se J^egn waes wunigende butan wifes neawiste . 
fortSan f>e his gebedda gefaren wses of life . 132 

and Isefde him senne sunu . pe sit5(5an waes munuc 
and abbod aefter maure . mserlice drohtnigende . 
swd sw4 peos bdc segtS swutelice her bseftan . 
Hwaet J»a floras ferde fsegen him to-geanes . 136 

and mid micelre arwurtSnysse . )?a eecSelan godes menn . 
under-feng to him . and fore-sceawode him wununge . 
herigende his drihten . and 'Sone halgum (sic) benedictum . 
Se florus wses tSa fyrmest )?8era francena ]?egna . 140 

and t5am cyninge leofest . pe on J^aera leode rixode . 
for(5an j^e he wses sewfest gefre fram his geogoSe . 
and eall J^ses cyninges rsed eode be his dihte . 
Florus Sa cydde f>am cyninge his willan . 144 

and be his leafan arserde on his agenum lande 
mynster . and munuc-lif . Sw4 swd maurus him dihte . 
and mid micelre are . pcet mynster gegodode . 
and priuilegium sette on swutelre ge-witnysse . 148 

and maure betsehte pcet mynster mid ealle 
to fullum freo-dome . for his sawle "Searfe . 
He offrode ^acc pa. on tSam ylcan dege 

his ancennedan sunu . ]?am selmihtigan gode 152 

to munuclicere drohtnunge under maures gymene . 
and cw8et5 pcet he sylf wolde . gif hit god swa fore-sceawode 
eall woruld-t5ing forlsetan . and wunian on Sara mynstre . 
on godes tSeow-dome . and he hit eac swa geleeste . 156 

He gegaderode f>a swi'Se gode wyrhtan gehwanon . 
and arserde pcet mynster eall be maures rsede . 
wi'S pB, mycclan 6i . pe menn hataS liger . 

Hwset t5a on sumum daege . saeton him aet-gaedere . 160 

florus . and maurus . to middan ^j^am wyrhtum . 
and maurus raedde . and rehte hit flore . 
pa, feol sum preost faerlice of psnoo. weorce . 

swd pcet h6 samcucu laeg . sweltendum gelic . 164 

and fleow eall blode . ac maurus hine het beran 

^ Leaf 39, back. 


This noble was living without a wife's companionship, 

because his consort had departed from life, 132 

and left him one son, who afterwards was a monk 

and abbot after Maurus, living gloriously, 

even as this book telleth clearly hereafter. 

Then Floras went joyfully to meet them, 136 

and with great honour received to himself 

the noble men of God, and provided for them a dwelling, 

praising his Lord, and the holy Benedict. 

This Florus was then the first of the Frankish nobles, 140 
and dearest to the king who reigned over that people, 
because he had ever been pious from his youth, 
and all the king's counsel went by his advice. 
Then Florus made known his desire to the king, 144 

and, with his leave, established, in his own land, 
a monastery and monastic discipline, as Maurus directed him, 
and with great favour he benefited the monastery, 
and assigned privileges to it in clear testimony [thereof], 148 
and altogether made over the monastery to Maurus 
with full liberty, for his soul's profit. 
He offered also then on the same day, 

his only son to Almighty God 152 

for the monastic life under the care of Maurus, 
saying that he himself desired, if God so ordained, 
to forsake all worldly things, and dwell in the monastery, 
in God's service, and he even so fulfilled it. 156 

Then he gathered very good workmen from all quarters, 
and built the monastery entirely by Maurus' direction, 
near the great river that men call the Liger [Loire], 
Then on a certain day were sitting together 160 

Florus and Maurus in the midst of the workmen, 
and Maurus was reading, and relating it to Florus. 
Then suddenly a priest fell off the work, 

so that he lay half alive, as if dying, 164 

and all flowing with blood, but Maurus bade them bear him 


to martines cyrcan . and maurus inn eode . 
and bsed 'Sone gelmihtigan for his arfsestnysse . 
])cet h6 J?am preoste gemiltsode . and hine mihtelice gehselde , i68 
He ards J)a eftsona . and eode to Sam preoste . 
and his wunda bletsode and cwse'S him baldlice to . 
On (Sges scyppendes naman . pe ge-sceop mann of eortSan . 
aris f)U gesund . and ardlice gang 172 

to tSinum weall-geweorce and hit wel ge-enda^ . 
H6 ards \)Sl gesund . swylce of slsepe awreht 
and began to wundrigenne hu he vvurde Sider gebroht . 
pa cw8e"S se halga wer . ne wurde tSu hider geferod 176 

on J^inum agenum fotum . ac 'Se feredon of)re . 
ac gang nu ardlice eft to J^inum weorce . 
f)el3es pe hit beo gelet to lange f)urh cSe . 

Da eode se preost . eft to his weorce . 180 

and florus hine astrehte to maures fotum . and cwseS . 
pu eart soSlice maure . psds mseran benedictes 
folgere on wundruw . be Sam we for wel oft gehyrdon 
}?yllice gereccan . and he f)earle siSSan 184 

maurum wurSode . and on wundrunge heefde . 
-^fter J:)ysum ongunnon . of Sam gegader-wyrhtum . 
tselan Sone halgan . pe gehselde f)one preost . 
cwsedon pcet he mid galdrum . na mid godes crgeftum 188 

Jjyllice geworhte . and wolde beon furSor . 
on oSrum earde . ]?on7ie he on his agenum wsere . 
swySor for gitsunge . Sonne for sewfeestnysse . 
Ac Sa f)a hi swi)?ost tseldon . f)one soSfsestan maurum . 192 

)?a wurdon afyllede . mid Sam fulan gaste . 
f>ry Jjsera wyrhtena . and hi weddon J^earle . 
swa pcet hyra dn . ge-endode sona . 

and l^a oSre twegen to-tseron hi sylfe . 196 

mid heora agenum toSum . and eges-lice grymetedon . 
Maurus pa, sona mycclum wearS astyred . 
and wepende eode into J^gera cyrcan . 

^and mid mycelre onbryrd-nysse bsed J^one selmihtigan . 200 

* MS. ge-ende, alt. to ge-enda. ^ Leaf 40. 


to Saint Martin's church, and Maurus went in, 
and prayed the Almighty, of His clemency, 
that He would have mercy on the priest, and mightily heal him. 168 
He arose then straightway, and went up to the priest, 
and made the sign of the cross on his wounds, and said to 
him boldly, 

* In the Creator's name who created man out of the earth, 
arise thou sound, and go out quickly, 172 
to thy wall-building, and finish it well.' 

He arose then sound, as if aroused from sleep, 

and began to wonder how he had been brought thither. 

Then said the holy man, ^Thou wast not borne hither 176 

on thine own feet, but others bare thee ; 

but now go back quickly to thy work, 

lest it be hindered too long through thee.' 

Then went the priest back to his work, 180 

and Florus prostrated himself at the feet of Maurus, and said, 

* Verily thou, Maurus, art the great Benedict's successor 
in miracles, of whom we very often have heard 

tell the like,' and he thereafter exceedingly 184 

honoured Maurus, and had him in admiration. 

After this began some of the assembled workmen 

to accuse the saint who had healed the priest, 

saying, that he, by enchantments, not by God's power, 188 

had wrought this, and desired to be greater 

in another country, than he had been in his own, 

rather for covetousness than for piety. 

But while they were most fiercely blaming the upright Maurus, 192 

then were filled with the evil spirit 

three of the workmen, and they became exceedingly mad, 

so that one of them died immediately, 

and the other twain tare themselves severely 196 

with their own teeth, and roared fearfully. 

Then straightway Maurus was greatly troubled, 

and weeping, went into the church, 

and with great agitation besought the Almighty, 200 


tSset he f)am deadan . and fam deofol-seocum 
gemiltsian sceolde . and heora sawle gehelpan . 
He eode f)a eft ut to pmrn earmum wodum . 
and on drihtnes naman . j^a deoflu afligde . 204 

of t5am wodum wyrhtum . and hi wurdon gehselede . 
He h6t eac beran into his gebsed-huse . 
J?8es fortS-farenan lie . J>e se feond acwealde . 
and wacode ealle pa, niht ofer (5ses wodan lie . 208 

and h6t f>aes on mergen . msessian for his sawle . 
and arserde fsone deadan f)urh drihtnes mihte . 
and h6t hine warnian . gif he wolde libban . 
\)cet he nsere on Sam mynstre . nsefre eft gesewen . 212 

of (Sam and-weardan dsege pe he of deaSe arAs . 
pa wear's ge-endod eall f)8es mynstres weorc binnan eahte gearum . 
and eac gehalgod . mid healicum wurSraynte . 
Hwset Sa florus gemunde hwset he gemynte set fruman . 216 
and hwset h6 gode beh^t . pa Sa he began pcet mynster , 
and bsed him )?a leafe . set his kyne-hlaforde . 
pcet he moste gecyrran . fram pam swicolum welum . 
and wunian on Sam mynstre Ipe he ge-worht hsefde . 220 

and be maures dihte adreogan his lif . 
and on godes f)eow-dome gastlice libban . 
and swd ge-earnian . Sa ecan myrhj?e . 

Se cyning Sa ge]?afode . fam pegne his willan . 224 

J^eah J^e he uneaSe mihte . on his mode findan . 
pcet he swa leofne freond fram him Isetan sceolde . 
and cwseS pcet he sylf wolde geseon Sa stowe . 
and Jjser andwerd beon f>onne he his beard alede . 228 

^fter Sysum ferde florus to Sam mynstre . 
and his kyne-hlaford com swa swa hi cwsedon . 
and bsed pcet he moste beon heora broSor for gode . 
and forgeaf sumne ham to peeve halgan stowe . 232 

and mildelice sprsec . to eallum Sam munecum , 
swiSost swa peah. synderlice to maure . 
and beh^t pcet h6 wolde him hold beon ^ eallum . 

^ Leaf 40, back. 


that He would have mercy on the dead 
and the possessed with devils, and help their souls. 
Then he went out again to the miserable madmen, 
and in the Lord's name put the devils to flight 204 

out of the possessed workmen, and they were healed. 
Then he commanded to bear into his oratory 
the corpse of the departed that the fiend had killed, 
and kept the vigil all night by the madman's corpse, 208 

and bade that in the morning mass should be said for his soul, 
and raised the dead man through the Lord's might, 
and gave orders to warn him, if he wished to live, 
that he should never be seen in the monastery again 212 

after the present day whereon he arose from the dead. 
So all the work of the monastery was ended within eight years, 
and also hallowed with high solemnity. 

Then Florus remembered what he had at first intended, 216 
and what he had vowed to God when he began the monastery, 
and besought leave for himself from his royal master, 
that he might turn from the deceitful riches, 
and dwell in the monastery which he had wrought, 220 

and spend his life according to Maurus' direction, 
and live holily in God's service, 
and so merit the bliss eternal. 

So the king granted the thane his wish, 224 

though he could hardly find it in his mind 
to let so dear a friend go from him, 
and said, that he himself desired to see the place, 
and to be present there when he laid aside his beard [received 
the tonsure]. 228 

After these things, Florus went to the monastery, 
and his royal master came even as they had said, 
and prayed that he might be their brother for [the love of] God, 
and gave certain property to the holy place, 232 

and spake affably to all the monks, 
but especially, however, to Maurus in particular, 
and promised that he would be friendly to them all ; 



and beer him sylf his lac . and lede uppon Ipcct weofod . 236 

Florus h^t (5a fortS-bseran his fsegeran macSmas 

on golde and on seolfre . and hi gode geoffrode . 

and his menn gefreode . setforan Sam weofode . 

and awearp his wsepna . and wearS pa bescoren . 240 

setforan f>am cyninge . to cristes |?eow-dome . 

and se cyning blyssode . and bly'Se wear's on mode . 

for tSaes J)egnes gecyrrednysse . and sotSum geleafan . 

Eft sefter gereorde . het se seSela cyning 244 

]>cet florus hine gesprsece . sev J^an pQ h6 ]?anon ferde . 

and h6 com J?a sona mid sumum oSrum munecura 

on munuc-wisan gescryd . })a weop se cyning . 

and f)ancode gode his godan wyllan . 248 

and tihte hine georne Ipcet h6 geornful wsere . 

on pam gastlican life and on godes )?eow-dome . 

swa swa h6 on woruld-f)ingum wislice ser leofode . 

and se cyning sy(5(San siSode ]:)anon . 252 

Eft J?8es on msergen rdd maurus to ]?am lande . 

J?e se cyning him geaf . and his cepte sum beddryda . 

s6 Iseg seofon gear to-slopenum limuw . 

and wees J?yder geboren to biddenne his hsele . 256 

pa bletsode maurus . })one beddrydan mann . 

and h6 sona gesund sylf tipp ards . 

swa Sset hit uses ge-sene hweSer he seoc wsere . 

pa bugon gehwylce gecSelborenne menn . 260 

to maures mynstre . to munuc-licere drohtnunge , 

Sume eac befsestan heora suna him . 

to godes J^eow-dome , o'^pcet paev gadorod wses 

hund-teontig muneca . and feowertig ealles . 264 

pa ge-cwseS se abbod . and ealle J?a gebroSra . 

pcet f>er ne mihte na md muneca wunian . 

J?e Ises pe Sam gebroSrum bigleofan ateorode . 

ac wsere pcet getel . wunigende sefre . 268 

ne Ises ne md . on }?am munuc-life . 


and himself bare his offering, and laid it upon the altar. 236 

Then Florus bade men bring forth his fair treasures 

in gold and silver, and he offered them to God, 

and freed his serfs before the altar, 

and threw away his weapons, and was there shorn 240 • 

in the presence of the king, for the service of Christ ; 

and the king rejoiced, and was blithe in mood 

for the thane's conversion and true faith. 

Again, after the feast, the noble king bade 244 

that Florus should speak with him, ere he went thence, 

and he came immediately with some other monks, 

clad in monkish-wise. Then the king wept, 

and thanked God for his good will, 248 

and earnestly exhorted him to be zealous 

in the spiritual life, and in God's service, 

as he had before lived prudently in the things of the world ; 

and the king afterwards journeyed thence. 252 

After this, in the morning, rode Maurus to the estate, 

which the king had given him, and a bed-ridden man sought 

who had lain seven year with relaxed limbs, 
and was borne thither to pray for his healing. 256 

Then Maurus blessed [signed] the bedridden man, 
and he immediately rose up by himself sound, 
so that it could not be perceived that he had been sick. 
Then all the nobly -born men devoted themselves 260 

to the monastic work in Maurus' monastery ; 
some also committed their sons to him 
for God's service, until there were gathered together 
one hundred and forty monks in all. 264 

Then said the abbot and all the brothers, 
that no more monks could dwell there, 
lest victuals should fail the brothers, 

but that the tale (of 140^) should always continue, 268 

neither less nor more, in the monastic life. 

^ See 264, lines 348, 353. 



Hit gelamp tSa siS^aii . pcet se gesseliga florus 
gewit of worulde . wiildor-ful to criste . 

on 'Sam f)rytteo'San geare . sefter ]?am pe he muimc ^wses . 272 
Sum erce-diacon com eac hwilum 
to maure . f)a nsefdon hi nan win 
buton on dnum gewealdenan butruce . 

and maurus pa. bletsode bliSelice Ipcet win . 276 

cw8e(5 p<^t god mihte gemycclian J^one wsetan . 
se "Se iu on westene wseter tit-teah . 
of heardum stan-clude . and of heofonuw asende . 
his folce big-leofan . feowertig geara . 280 

Hi druncon (5a pcet win . wel hund-seofontig manna . 
and sefre wses se buteruc brerd-ful wines . 
Maurus gemette senne man eft . 

se wses yfele ge-tawod . and bine set se cancor . 284 

and his weleres waeron awlsette mid ealle . 
and eac his nosu . for-numen mid attre . 
f)a bletsode maurus ):)one mann feorran . 

and he sona weart5 wundorlice gehseled . 288 

SiSSan nolde maurus of Sam mynstre faran . 
for nanre neode . butan he nyde sceolde . 
forSan Ipe he wiste liwset him gewitegod wses . 
"Surh sancte benedicte . Sa j^a I16 siSode him frdm . 292 

pcet he sceolde gewitan of worulde to gode 
on (Sam feower-teoSan geare . ]?ses pe he ferde fram him . 
and wunode pi on sundrum . and sette f)am gebroSrum . 
of)erne abbod . be heora ealra rsede . 296 

Sses ylcan flores sunu . pe we ser fore-ssedan . 
He weartS p& ge-bysgod on his ge-bedum J?earle 
on martines cyrcan mid his twam munecum . 
to Sriddan healfan geare mid ealre geornfulnysse . 300 

and mid gastlicre gewilnunge . godes miltsunge bsed . 
pa on sumere nihte . ge-seah he f)one deofol . 
pi pa, \i6 wolde gin Into godes cyrcan . 

Se feond hsefde him mid fela oSre sceoccan . 304 

^ Leaf 41. 


It befell thereafter, that the blessed Florus 

departed from the world, full of glory, to Christ, 

in the thirteenth year after he became a monk. 272 

Also a certain archdeacon came once upon a time 
to Maurus, and then they had no wine , 

except in one large-sized bottle. 

Then Maurus blithely blessed the wine, 276 

and said, that God could increase the drink, 
He who of old in the wilderness drew out water 
from the hard stone -clifF, and sent from Heaven 
food for his people for forty years. 280 

Then verily they drank of that wine, full seventy men, 
and the bottle was ever after brimful of wine. 
Again Maurus found a man 

who was evilly stricken, and a cancer was eating him, 284 

and his lips were rendered loathsome thereby, 
and likewise his nose destroyed by the poison; 
then Maurus blessed the man from afar, 

and he instantly was wondrously healed. 288 

After that Maurus would not journey from the monastery, 
for any need, unless he were obliged, 
because he knew what had been foretold him 
by Saint Benedict, when he had left him, 292 

that he should depart from this world to God 
in the fourteenth year after he had gone from him; 
and dwelt there apart, and set over the brothers 
another abbot, by the counsel of them all, 296 

that same Florus' son, of whom we have before spoken. 
He was then very much busied with his prayers 
in St. Martin's church, with his two monks, 
for two years and a half with all fervour, 300 

and, with holy desire, besought God's mercy. 
Then on a certain night he saw the devil, 
when he was about to go into God's church. 
The fiend had with him many other devils, 304 


and for-wyrnde him Iiiganges . and mid graman him cwaef) to . 
pu come hider maure to uncu'Sum earde . 
and wendest Ipcet (5u mihtest us aweg drifan . 
of urum wuuungum . ic ^u scealt witan nu . 308 

pcet ic mid mislicum dea'Se fine ^munecas acwelle . 
swd pcet earfotS-lice heora senig belifS . 
of swa micclum werode . ])e h6r wuna'S mid \>e . 
pa cwaetS se halga wer . to (5am hetolan sceoccan . 312 

Dreage 'Se se haelend . pe hsefS ealles geweald . 
p\x leas-breda feond . and facnes ord-fruma . 
Hwset ^a se sceocca sona fordwdn 

of his gesihtSe . mid swi'Slicum reame . 316 

swa pcet '5a munecas micclum afyrhte 
wurdon awrehte . Surh his wodlican stemne . 
and eodon ^ to uhtsange . ser timan swa peah . 
Maurus '5a eode Into martines cyrcan . 320 

and mid miceh^e sarnysse . ]:)one . soSfsestan god bsed . 
pcet he him geswutelode . be (Saes sceoccan gylpe . 
and him gewislicor onwrige . )?9es awyrgedan saga . 
Maurus 'Sa geseah senne scinende engel . 324 

.wi'S hine standende . and f>as word him secgende . 
pu godes dyrling . hwi eart 5u swa dreorig . 
witodlice se deofol w4t towerde 'Sing 

hwilon . na symle . f)urh sume gebicnunge . 328 

be f)am J^e he oft geseah . peah. pe he sylf leas sy . 
and pcet pcet he J^e ssede . is soS be daele . 
swa pcet se maeste dsel c5inre muneca sceal . 

of life ge witan . binnan lytlan fyrste . ^32 

and hi ealle becuma'S to 5am ecan life . 
and })u sylf si55an . gesselig him fyligst . 
to godes rice . f)urh gode geearnunga . 

^fter 5isum wordum . gewdt se engel him fram » 336 

and maurus j^ses on mergen f)a munecas gesprsec . 
and ealle his gesihSe him oj^enlice ssede . 
and manode hi georne pcet hi gearwe wseron . 

^ Leaf 41, back. ^ MS. eoden, alt. to eodon. 


and prevented his entrance, and with rage said to him, 

' Thou earnest hither, Maurus, to a strange land, 

and thoughtest that thou couldest drive us away 

out of our dwellings, but thou shalt know now, 308 

that I will, with divers deaths, kill thy monks, 

so that hardly shall any one of them remain 

of so great a company as now dwell with thee.' 

Then said the holy man to the hateful devil, 312 

'Christ, who hath j^ower over all, rebuke thee, 

thou lying fiend, and author of wickedness.' 

So then the devil straightway vanished 

out of his sight with a mighty outcry, 316 

so that the monks, much affrighted, 

were aroused by his furious voice, 

and went to nocturns, but before the right time. 

Maurus then went into Saint Martin's church, 320 

and with great sorrow besought the faithful God, 

that He would reveal to him concerning the devil's boasting, 

and disclose to him more certainly the accursed one's saying, 

Maurus then saw a shining angel 324 

standing beside him, and saying these words to him, 

'Thou, God's darling, why art thou so sorrowful 

Verily the devil knoweth future things 

sometimes, but not alway, through some token 328 

of what he has oft seen, though he himself be false; 

and that which he said to thee is true in part, 

so that the most part of thy monks shall 

depart from life within a little while, 332 

and they all shall come to the eternal life, 

and thou thyself afterward shall blessedly follow them 

to God's kingdom through good deserts.' 

After these words the angel departed from him, 336 

and Maurus then, in the morning, spoke to the monks, 

and told them openly all his vision, 

and earnestly exhorted them to be ready, 


and mid socSre belireowsunga lieora sawle ajjwogon . 340 

fram eallum synnnm . ])cet hi siSian mihton . 

to godes beorhtnysse . mid broSorlicre lufe . 

-^fter J)isum wordum . wurdon J^a munecas 

mycclum abryrde . and heora gebeda sungon . 344 

and hi sylfe gearcodon to pam soc5an life . 

and hi sylfe betsehton . Sam so'Sfsestan scyppende . 

Him com 'Sa se cwealm swa swa se ^engel gecwsecS . 

swa pcet an hund muneca . and syxtyne munecas . 348 

binnan fif mon(5um . of Sam mynstre gewiton . 

and maurus se abbod . ge-endode siSSan . 

swa se engel saede him sylfum . on ser . 

p9er belifon swa J^eah lifes on Sam mynstre . 352 

feower and twentig muneca . sefter maures forS-siSe . 

and he wses bebyrged . binnan martines cyrcan . 

pser beoS wundra geworhte Surh )?one halgan wer . 

Sam selmihtigan to lofe . SeSe lyfaS a on ecnysse . 356 

pses halgan maures lif wees pus gelogod . 

Sa pa he twelf wintra wees . he wees beteeht benedicte , 

and he wunode mid him twentig wintra siSSan . 

and on his agenum mynstre em feowertig geara . 360 

pcet synd eall to-gedere twd and hund-seofontig geare . 

Twegen J^eera muneca Se mid him fjyder comon 

forS-ferdon ]?eer on j^am fore-seedan cwealme . 

and twegen cyrdon ongean sw4 sw4 he sylf behead . 364 

eft to munte casin . Sanon pe hi ser coman . 

and hyre oSer awrdt f)as gewyrdelican race . 

on ledenum gereorde ac we it reccaS on englisc . 

Sy wuldor and lof . Sam wel-willendan gode . 368 

seSe wurSaS his halgan mid wuldre on ecnysse. Amen. 

^ Leaf 42. 


and to wash their souls by true repentance 340 

from all sins, that they might journey 

to God's brightness with brotherly love. 

After these words the monks became 

greatly moved (to devotion), and sang their offices, 344 

and prepared themselves for the true life, 

and committed themselves to the faithful Creator. 

The pestilence then came upon them even as the angel said, 

so that one hundred and sixteen monks, 34S 

within five months, departed from the monastery, 

and Maurus the abbot died afterwards, 

as the angel had told to him before. 

There remained alive, however, in the monastery, 352 

four and twenty monks after Maurus' death, 

and he was buried within Saint Martin's church. 

There miracles are wrought by the holy man 

to the praise of God, who liveth ever in eternity. 356 

This holy Maurus' life was thus divided ; 

when he was twelve winters old, he was committed to Saint 

and he remained with him twenty winters thereafter, 
and in his own monastery just forty years ; 360 

these are altogether seventy-two years. 
Two of the monks who came with him thither, 
died there in the aforesaid pestilence, 

and two returned again, as he himself commanded, 364 

back to Monte Cassino, whence they had first come, 
and one of them [named Faustus] wrote this true history 
in the Latin tongue, but we tell it in English. 
Be glory and praise to the benevolent God, 3(58 

who rewardeth His saints with glory in eternity. Amen. 




[The copy in MS. 0. is much damaged, but little of it being legible; and 
that in MS. V. is destroyed.] 


-lA. afunde on eaklum bocum . be tSsere eadigan agne . 

hu heo on rome byrig re'Se ehtnysse acdm . 

and on mseg'Shade martyi'-dom cSrowode . 4 

Da awrdt ambrosius . be f)am msedene ^us . 

On f)8ere tide wses sum secSel-boren maeden , 

agnes gehaten . on t5one hgelend gelyfed . 

binnan rome byrig . bile wit . and snotor . 8 

cild-lic on gearum . and eald-lic on mode . 

Seo wan Jpurh ge-leafan . wi'S pa, feond-lican ealdras . 

and on tSam fjritteo'San geara J>one dea"S forleas . 

and pcet ece lif gemette . fort5an pe heo lufode crist . 12 

Heo wees wlitig ^on ansyne . and wHtigre on geleafan . 

pa "Sa heo gewende^ of scole . (5a awogode hi sum eniht 

simpronies sunu . pe wses ge-set ofer tSa burh . 

to heah-gerefan . and wses hae'Sen-gilda . 16 

pa budon tSa magas f)am msedene sona 

deorwur(5e gyrlan . and deorwur'Sran beheton . 

^c seo eadige agnes . pcet eall forseah . 

and ]?8era* ma'Sma^ ne rohte . pe m.i pe reocendes meoxes . 20 

Da brohte se cniht to t5am clsenan msedene . 

deorwur'Sa gimmas . and woruldlice glencga , 

and beh^t hire welan gif heo wolde hine . 

psi andwyrde agnes . anrsedlice f)am cnihte . 24 

Gewit '5u fram me synne ontendnys 

leahtras foda . and dea'Ses bigleafa 

gewit fram me . Ic hsebbe o'Serne lufiend . 

^ MS. Julius has XIII ; but 0. has XII. ^ Leaf 42, back. ^ O. waende. 
* 0. tJara. ^ 0. madma. 




Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, 

found [written] in old books concerning the blessed Agnes, 

how she endured cruel persecution in the city of Rome, 

and in girlhood suffered martyrdom. 4 

Then wrote Ambrose concerning the maiden thus. 

At that time there was a noble maiden 

called Agnes, believing in the Saviour, 

in the city of Rome, gentle and wise, 8 

a child in years, but old in mind. 

She contended through faith with the fiendlike rulers. 

and in her thirteenth year lost mortality, 

and found eternal life, for that she loved Christ. 12 

She was fair in countenance, and fairer in faith. 

When she returned from school, a youth wooed her, 

son of Sempronius, who was set over the city 

[to rule] as prefect, and who was an idolator. 16 

Then straightway his kinsmen offered to the maiden 

costly robes, and promised [her] yet costlier ones, 

but the blessed Agnes despised it all, 

and recked no more of the treasures than of a reeking dunghill. 

Then the youth brought to the pure maiden 21 

precious gems and worldly ornaments, 

and promised her riches if she would [have] him. 

Then Agnes answered the youth fearlessly, 24 

' Depart thou from me, thou fuel of sin, 

food of crime, and nourishment of death, 

depart from me ! I have another lover, 


f)inne ungelican . on se'Selborennysse 28 

secSe me bead baeteran frsetegunga . 
and his geleafan bring me let to wedde . 
and me gefrsetewode . mid un-asmeagendlicra wur^fulnysse . 
He befeng minne swit^ran . and eac minne swuran . 32 

mid deorwur'Sum stanum . and mid scinendum gimmum . 
He gesette his tacn . on minum nebbe . 
])<:Bt ic nsenne o(5erne ofer hine ne lufige . 

He geglsengde me mid orle . of golde awefen . 36 

and mid ormettum mynum me gefretewode . 
He set-eowde me eac . his senliean hordas . 
■Sa he me geh6t . gif ic him geloeste . 

Ne mseg ic him to teonan o^erne geceosan . 40 

and hine forlaetan . Ipe me mid lufe beweddode . 
His ansyn is wlitigre . and his lufu wynsumre . 
his bryd-bedd me is gearo -^ . nu iu mid dreamum . 
His msedenu me singac5 . mid geswegum stemnum . 44 

Of his muc5e ic under-feng meoluc . and hunig . 
nti iu ic eom beclypt . mid his clsenum earmum . 
his fsegera lichama is minum geferlseht . 

and his blod ge-glende mine eah-hringas . 48 

His modor is maeden . and his mihtiga fseder 
wifes ne breac . and him d buga(5 englas . 
His wlites wuldriaS . pa wynsumuiz (sic) ^tunglan . 
sunne . and mona . f>e middan-eard onlihta'5 . 52 

purh his spsec geedcucia"S eac ^a deadan . 

and |?urh his hrepunge beoS gestrangode )?a unstrangan seocan . 
His speda ne ateoriatS . ne his welan ne waniat5 . 
pam anum ic healde minne truwan sefre . 56 

J^am ic me befseste mid ealre estfulnysse . 
ponne ic hine lufige . ic beo eallunga clsene . 
]?onne Ic hine hreppe . ic beo unwemme . 

tSonne Ic hine under-fo . ic beo maeden for(5 . 60 

and )?ser bsern ne ateoriaS . on ^am bryd-lace . 
pser is eacnung buton sare . and singallic wsestmbaernyss . 
1 0. geara. ^ Leaf 43. 


unlike to tliee in nobility, 28 

who hath offered me better adornments, 

and hath granted me for a pledge the ring of His faith, 

and hath adorned me with unimaginable honour. 

He hath encircled my right hand and also my neck 32 

with precious stones, and with shining gems. 

He hath set His token upon my face 

that I should love none other beside Him. 

He hath decked me with a robe woven of gold, 36 

and hath adorned me with exceeding [rich] jewels ; 

He hath shewed me also His incomparable treasures, 

which He hath promised me if I follow Him. 

I may not to His dishonour choose another 40 

and forsake Him who hath espoused me by His love. 

His countenance is fairer and His love winsomer [than thine], 

His bridal-bed hath been now of a long time prepared for me 

with joys, 
His maidens sing to me with melodious voices. 44 

From his mouth I have received milk and honey; 
now already I am embraced with His pure arms ; 
His fair body is united to mine, 

and His blood hath adorned my eyebrows {lit. eye-rings). 48 
His mother is a Virgin, and His mighty Father 
knew not woman, and to Him the angels ever bow. 
The winsome stars glorify His beauty, 

and the sun and moon also, which enlighten the earth. 52 

By His word even the dead are quickened, 
and by His touch the infirm sick are strengthened. 
His abundance never faileth, nor His wealth waneth. 
To Him alone I ever keep my troth, 56 

to whom I commit myself with all devotion. 
When I love Him, I am wholly pure ; 
when I touch Him, I am unstained, 

when I receive Him, I am still a virgin, 60 

and there, in the bridal, no child lacketh. 
There is conception without sorrow, and perpetual fruitfulness.' 


Se cniht weartS ge-ancsumod . and wiS-innan ablend 
sefter J^ses msedenes sprsece . J?e hine spearn mid wordum . 64 
He wear (5 f>a gesicelod . and siccetunga teah . 
of niwel-licum breoste . on bedde licgende . 
pa cunnodan Isecas hwi he licgende wsere . 

and cyddan f)am faeder . f)8es enihtes mod-leaste . 68 

pa sende se feeder sona to Sam msedene . 
pcet ylce serende . J^e his sunu ser ahead . 
ac agnes wi(5soc . ssede pcet heo nolde 

Ipses serran bryd-gnman 8e|?elan truwan . 72 

sefre gewemman J)urh senig wedd . 
pa fuhte "Sam heah-gerefan huxlic on mode . 
pcet heo of)erne tealde to-foran his gebyrdum . 
befran swa J?eah J^earle mid mycelre Srutunge . 76 

hwset se bryd-guma weere . pe agnes onwuldrode . 
Him wearS J?a gessed . pcet heo fram cild-hade sona 
cristen wsere . and swa mid dry-crsefte afylled . 
pcet heo crist tealde hire to bryd-guman . " 80 

Hwset Sa simpronius mid swiSlicum gehlyde . 
h^t hi gefeccan ham to his dom-setle . 
and aerest onsundron mid geswsesum wordum . 
olehte psim. msedenp . and sefter Sam geegsode . 84 

Ac pcet godes mseden ne mihte beon bepeeht 
]3urh aenige lyffetunge fram hire leofan drihtne . 
ne heo naes afyrht . for his )?eow-racan . 

pa ge-seah sympronius hyre sof)an an^rsednysse . 88 

and cydde hire freondura . poet heo for-scylgod (sic) wsere 
for hire cristen-dome : pe se casere onscunode 
Eft f>8es on mergen het se manfulla dema 

P&, eadigan agnen him to gefeccan . 92 

and ssede hire gelome hu his sunu hi lufode . 
ac him speow hwonlice . J^eah pe h6 swiSe sprsece . 
He ge-sset f>a his dom-setl . dreorig on mode . 
and behet Sam msedene menig-fealde wita 96 

buton heo wiSsoce f)one soSan haelend . 

^ Leaf 43, back. 


The youth was angered, and inwardly blinded 

after the maiden's speech, who had spurned him with words. 64 

He straightway fell ill, and drew sighs 

from the depths of his breast, lying on his bed. 

Then leeches enquired why he was lying there, 

and made known to the father the youth's mental disorder. 68 

Then the father sent straightway to the maiden 

the same errand which his son had before announced; 

but Agnes refused, saying that she would not 

by any marriage, ever stain 72 

the noble troth of the first bridegroom. 

Then it seemed to the Prefect shameful in his mind 

that she should account another before his son. 

He strictly questioned, nevertheless, with great threatening 76 

who this bridegroom was of whom Agnes boasted. 

It was then told him that she had been a Christian 

from early childhood, and so filled with delusion 

that she accounted Christ as being her bridegroom. 80 

Lo ! then Sempronius, with a loud voice, 

bade fetch her home to his judgment-seat, 

and first, apart, with persuasive words 

flattered the maiden, and after that intimidated her. 84 

But the virgin of God could not be allured 

by any flattery from her beloved Lord, 

neither was she afraid because of his threatening. 

Then Sempronius saw her true constancy, 88 

and told her friends that she would be accused 

for her Christianity, which the Emperor abhorred. 

After this in the morning the wicked judge bade 

fetch the blessed Agnes to him, 92 

and told her repeatedly how his son loved her, 

but he had little success, though he spake very much. 

He sat there on his judgment-seat, vexed in mind, 

and promised to the maiden manifold punishments, 96 

unless she would renounce the true Saviour. 


He cwseS seft sic5(5an to t5am snoteran msedene . 
Hlyst minum rsede . gif (5u lufast megS-hacl . 
])(jet (Su gebuge mid biggengum . lira(5e . loo 

to J?9ere gydenan ^ uesta . f>e galnysse onscunaS . 
Agnes (5a andwyrde . f»am arleasan and cwseS . 
Ic for-seah |?inne sunu cSe soj^lice is man . 

and ic nates hwon ne mseg on his neb-wlite beseon 104 

for mines cristes lufe hu mseg ic him to teonan . 
to {jam deadum anlicnyssum . me ge-eadmedan . 
pa cwse'S se heah-gerefa . to Sam halgan msedene . 
Ic forbser J^e o'S J^is . foiSan Ipe 'Su gyt cild eart . 108 

pu tselst ure godas . swa J^eah ne grsema )?u hi . 
Agnes him andwyrde . Se sehnihtiga hera'S 
swi(5or manna mod . Iponne heora mycclan ylde . 
and se geleafa ne biS on gearum . ac biS on glaewum andgitum . 
Laet j^ine godas geyrsian . gif hi aht magon . 113 

Lset hi sylfe beodan pcet we us to him gebiddan . 
gif f>u Ipis don ne miht . drece us loca hu f>u wylle . 
pa cwsd'S simpronius . se sceandlica dema . 116 

Geceos pe nu agues an f)9era twegra . 
0(5t5e J^u mid maedenuw }?8era mseran uestan . 
J?inue lac geoffrige . oSSe f>u lacSum myltestrum 
scealt beon geferlseht . and fuUice gebysmrod . 120 

and Sa cristenan ne magon ])e f)onne ahreddan . 
Hwset ])3i agues andwyrde . mid myceh^e aursednysse . 
gif 'Su cutest minne god . ne cwsede p\i Sas word . 
Orsorhlice ic forseo fine {)eow-racan . 124 

forj^an pe ic geare cann mines drihtnes mihte . 
Ic truwige on him forj^an Se he 

Is me trumweall . and un^ateorigend-lic bewerigend . 
Ipoit ic (Sinum awyrgedum godum ne Surfe 128 

ge-offrian . ne f)urh aelfremede horwan , 
sefre beon gefyled . mid pam. fulum myltestrum . 
Ic hsebbe godes encgel haligne mid me . 

pine godas syndon agotene of dre . 132 

^ MS. gyldenan, i.e. golden. ^ Leaf 44. 


After that he said again to the wise maiden, 
^Listen to my counsel, if thou lovest virginity, 
that thou submit quickly to the worship loo 

of the goddess Vesta, who hateth impurity.' 
Then Agnes answered the wicked man, and said, 
' I refused thy son, who truly is a man, 

and I can in no wise regard the beauty of his countenance 104 
for the love of my Christ; how can I, to His dishonour, 
humble myself to the dead image 1 ' 
Then said the Prefect to the holy maiden, 

' I have borne with thee hitherto because thou art yet a child ; 
thou insultest our gods, yet do not anger them.' 109 

Agnes answered him, ' The Almighty approveth 
the minds of men rather than their great age ; 
and faith is not in years, but dwells in prudent understandings. 
Let thy gods be angry if they can do aught. 113 

Let themselves command us to worship them ; 
if thou canst not accomplish this, afflict us, lo ! how thou wilt.' 
Then said Sempronius, the shameful judge, 116 

' Choose thee now, Agnes, one of these two things ; 
either thou shalt, among the virgins of the mighty Vesta, 
offer thy sacrifice, or thou shalt be associated 
with loathly harlots and foully dishonoured, 120 

and the Christians will not then be able to deliver thee.' 
Then Agnes answered with great resolution, 
'If thou knewest my God, thou wouldest not say these words. 
Without care, I despise thy threatenings, 124 

because I well know my Lord's might. 
I trust in Him because He is 
to me a strong wall, and an unfailing defence, 
so that I need not sacrifice to thy accursed gods; 128 

neither by pollution from without [can I] 
ever be defiled among foul harlots. 
I have God's holy angel with me; 

thy gods are molten of [mere] brass, 132 



of f>am c5e man wyrctS wynsume fate . 

o'StSe hi synd stsenene . mid f)am j^e man strseta wyrct5 . 

Nis na godes wunung on "Sam grsegum stanum . 

ne on serenum wecgum . ac he wunac5 on heofonum . 136 

pe sotSlice genimtS and J^ine gelican . 

seo grimlice hell . mid f)am grsedigum fyre . 

on p&m ge beo'S toblawene . and forbyrnan ne magon . 

ac beotS sefre ge-edniwode . tSsere ecan ontendnysse . 140 

pa het se woda dema hyre wseda of adon . 

and hi swa nacode gelsedan . to fam forligres huse . 

and het clypian geond pa. strset . and cyt5an be f>ysum . 

Hwset t5a godes miht mycclum wearcS geswutelod . 144 

swa pcet J^ses maedenes fex . befeng hi eall abutan . 

sona swa ]?a cwelleras hire cla'Sas of abrudon . 

and pcet fex hi behelede on selce healfe gelice . 

Hi tugon (5a ])(Et meeden to f>8era myltestrena huse . 148 

ac heo gemette f>8er sona scinende godes encgel . 

swa Ipcet nan man ne raihte for Sam mycclum leohte 

hire on beseon . o(5(Se hi hreppan . 

for }3an pe "Set hus eall scedn . sw4 swa sunne on dseg . 152 

and swa hi hi gearnlicor sceawodon . sw^ scimodon heora eagon 

swi'Sor . 
Agnes hi J^a astrehte ]:>one selmihtigan biddende . 
and god hyre f)a asende scinende tunecan 

Heo l^ancode tSa criste . and Sone clacS hire onadyde . 156 

and wses swi'Se gemaete hire micelnysse . 
beorhte scinende . swa pcet men geseon mihton . 
pcet god hire sende ]:>one scinende clatS . 

pa wear's f>sera myltestrena hus mannuw to gebsed-huse . 160 
and selc seSe Inneode . arwurSode god . 
for f)am heofonlican leohte . pe on Sam huse scean . 
pa com ]38es gerefan suna (sic) to j?8ere scinendan stowe . 
mid his sceandlicum ^ gegadum . wolde pSL godes f)inene ge- 

bysmrian . 164 

and sende him sona get-foran . sume Into hire . 

^ Leaf 44, back. 


whereof men construct fair vessels, 

or they are of stone, whereof men make streets. 

God's dwelliDg is not in the gray stones, 

nor in brazen lumps, but He dwelleth in Heaven. 136 

Thee verily, and such as are like thee, 

shall terrible hell, with its greedy fire, seize, 

wherein ye shall be blasted, and yet cannot be consumed, 

but shall ever be renewed in the everlasting burning.' 140 

Then the infuriated judge bade men take off her garments, 

and lead her, thus naked, to the harlot's house; 

and commanded them to cry throughout the streets, and make 

this known. 
Lo then ! God's [»ower was mightily manifested, 144 

so that the maiden's hair covered her all about 
as soon as the executioners tore off her clothes ; 
and the hair covered her alike on every side. 
Then they dragged the maiden to the harlots' house ; 148 

but she at once found there a shining angel of God, 
so that no man, because of that great light, 
could either look upon or touch her, 

for the house all shone as the sun in the day-time; 152 

and the more closely they looked at her, the more their eyes 

were dazzled. 
Then Agnes prostrated herself, praying to the Almighty, 
and God thereupon sent her a shining tunic. 
Then she thanked Christ, and donned the clothing, 156 

which fitted her size very exactly, 
brightly shining, so that men might see 
that God had sent her the shining clothing. 
So became that house of harlots a house of prayer for men, 
and each one who entered gave glory to God 16 1 

for the heavenly light which shone in that house. 
Then came the Prefect's son to the shining place 
with his shameful companions, desiring to dishonour the virgin 

of God, 164 

and straightway sent in before him some of them to her; 



ac hi wundrodon swi'Se . J^aes wynsumau leolites . 
and ablicgede cyrdon . to heora bysmorfullum hlaforde . 
pa "Sreade he hi J?earle . for'San pe hi fees scinendan leohtes i68 
swa swiSe wundrodon . and hi gewemman ne dorston . 
Arn )?a him sylf inn . mid sceand-licum willan . 
ac he feol astreht setforan Jjam msedene adyd . 
J?urh tSone deofol pe he dwoUice gehyrsumede . 172 

He laeg J^ser swa daed lange on Jjeere flora . 
Sa wendon his gegadan pcet he wsere gebysgod 
embe his fracedan dseda . pa fandode heora 4n . 
and ge-mette hine deadne . and dreorig sona clypode . 176 

Eala ge romanisce arfgeste symle . 
gehelpat5 us hra"5e . J^eos retSe myltestre 
mid hire drycraefte adydde urne hlaford . 

pa arn seo burh-waru . ablycged Jjider sona . 180 

and se feeder eac com . clypigende mid gehlyde . 
pu wsel-hreowasta wimman . woldest '5u geswutelian 
J)inne feondlican dry-crseft . swa pcet cSu minne sunu adyddest . 
Agnes him cwsetS to . hwi synd pa o'Sre cuce . 184 

pe hider inn-eodon . buton forcSon J^e hi arwur(5odon 
J?one aelmihtigan god . pe me myld-heort-lice gescrydde . 
and asende me his encgel . pe minne lichaman geheold . 
sej^e wees fram cyld-cradole criste gehalgod . 188 

pin sceamleasa sunu . mid sceamleasum anginne . 
arn into me . ac se encgel hine afylde . 
and (Sam deofle beteehte . J^e hine adydde J)8er-rihte . 
pa cwsec5 se heah-gerefa . to t5am halgan msedene . 192 

J?in saga bitS ge-swutelod . gif J?u f>one sylfan encgel bitst . 
pcet h6 minne ancennedan sunu . nu ansundne arsere . 
Agnes seo eadige him andwyrde pus . 

Ne synd ge na wyrSe . pcet wundor to geseonne . 196 

dc swa peah is tima . pcet drihtnes miht beo geswutelod . 
Gats eow nu J^eah ealle tit . pcet ic m^ ana gebidde . 
Hi eodon J^a ealle ut . and heo hi ana gebsed 
biddende hire drihHen pcet he ]?one deadan arserde . 200 

* Leaf 45. 


but they marvelled greatly at the winsome light, 
and returned astonished to their impious lord. 
Then he reproached them furiously because they had wondered 
so much 1 68 

at the shining light, and had not dared to defile her. 
Then he himself ran in with shameful intent, 
but he fell prostrated before the maiden, struck down 
by the devil whom he foolishly obeyed. 172 

He lay there, as if dead, a long time upon the floor ; 
then his companions thought that he was busied 
about his evil deeds, then one of them came to see, 
and found him dead, and immediately cried out in grief, 176 
•^ Alas ! ye ever pious Romans, 
help us quickly, this cruel harlot 
with her witchcraft hath destroyed our lord ! ' 
Then straightway the citizens ran thither astonished, 180 

and the father also came, crying aloud, 
*Thou crudest woman, wouldst thou show 
thy fiendlike sorcery, to destroy my son 1 ' 

Agnes said to him, 'Why are the others living 184 

who came in hither, but because they worshipped 
the Almighty God who compassionately clothed me, 
and sent me His Angel, who preserved my body, 
which was, from the cradle, consecrated to Christ? 188 

Thy shameless son, with shameless intent 
ran in towards me, but the Angel felled him, 
and delivered him to the devil who straightway destroyed him.' 
Then said the Prefect to the holy maiden, 192 

' Thy saying will be manifested if thou wilt pray the self-same angel 
that he will now raise up my only son in sound health.' 
The blessed Agnes answered him thus, 

' Thou art not worthy to see that wonder, 196 

but nevertheless it is time that the Lord's might be manifested. 
Go ye now therefore all out, that I may pray alone.' 
Then went they all out, and she prayed alone, 
beseeching her Lord that He would raise the dead. 200 


pa geteowcle IpsBv cristes encgel . and f?one cniht arserde . 

and he arn J^ser-rihte ut . ])a, he geedcucod wses . 

clypigende ofer eall . and cwsecSende j^us . 

An god is on heofonum . and eac on eorSan . 204 

se"5e is J^aera cristenra god . and eower godas ne synd 

nahtes . 
Hi ne magon him sylfum fremian . ne o^rum faltumian . 
pa wurdon pa. hse^engyldan . hetelice gedrefede . 
and clypodon mid gehlyde . be "Sam geleaffullan msedene . 208 
Anima'S animal hra'Se . J)a re'San wiccan . 
seo "pe tSus awent |?urh wicce-cr?eft manna mod . 
pa ne dorste se heah-gerefa . naht ongean f)a hseSen-gyldan . 
ac for-let his gingran togeanes psdre ceaste . 212 

and ferde him-sylf aweg . sorhful on mode . 
for'San pe h6 ne mihte pcet mseden ahreddan . 
wi'S p8b hse'Sen-gyldan . sefter his suna seriste . 
Hwset pm aspasius se under-gerefa . 216 

ne mihte wiS-cw8e(5an J?am cwealm-bserum folce . 
ac hdt psi ontendan for j^am micclum teonan . 
swy'Se micel fyr . and hi to-middes besceofan . 
Hit wear's f>a swd gedon . swa se wselhreowa h^t . 220 

ac se lig hine todselde . on twegen dselas sona . 
and for-swselde f)a 'Se pa ceaste macedon . 
and agnes seo eadige . stod on sele middan gesund . 
astraehtum handum |?us hi gebiddende . 224 

Eala Su selmihtiga god . ana to ge-biddene . 
ondrsedend-hc scyppend . soJdKc to wurSigenne . 
mines drihtnes feeder . Se ic bletsige . 

forSan pe Ic set-wand ]?urh f)inne wynsuman simu . 228 

jpsera arleasra f)eowracan , and eac f)8es deofles fylSe , 
Efne ic eom begoten mid godcundlicum deawe . 
]58es lig is to-dseled and pa. geleaf-leasan forswselede . 
Ic bletsige Se fseder bodigendlic god . 232 

pcet ic J?urh fyr unforht to Se faran mot . 
pcet pcet ic gelyfde pcet ic geseo . 
Sset pcet ic gehihte . pcet ic hsebbe nu , 


Then appeared there Christ's Angel, and raised the youth, 
and he immediately ran out, when he was requickened, 
crying everywhere, and saying thus, 

'There is One God in Heaven and likewise on earth, 204 

He who is the God of the Christians, and your gods are 

naught ; 
they can neither profit themselves nor help others.' 
Then the idolaters were sorely troubled, 

and cried clamorously against the believing maiden, 208 

'Away, away quickly with the cruel witch, 
her who thus by her witchcraft perverts men's minds.' 
Then the Prefect durst do nothing against the heathen, 
but left his deputy to stem the tumult, 212 

and himself went away sorrowful in mind, 
because he could not save the maiden 
from the idolators, after the raising of his son. 
"Well, then, Aspasius, the deputy- Prefect, 216 

could not oppose the blood-thirsty people, 
but bade men kindle, for this great dishonour (of the gods), 
a very great fire, and bade them shove her into the midst. 
Then was it so done, as the cruel man commanded, 220 

but the flame instantly divided itself into two parts, 
and burned up those who had made the tumult ; 
and the blessed Agnes stood unharmed in the midst of the fire, 
with outstretched hands, thus praying, 224 

' Oh ! Thou Almighty God, who alone art to be adored, 
Terrible Creator, who art truly to be worshipped. 
Father of my Lord, I bless Thee, 

for that I have escaped, through Tliy gracious Son, 228 

the threatenings of the wicked, and also the filth of the devil. 
Behold, now I am besprinkled with divine dew, 
this flame is divided, and the unbelievers are consumed. 
I bless Thee, Father, who art to be proclaimed God, 233 

that I may pass unfearful through the fire to Thee. 
That which I have believed, that I see ; 
that which I have hoped for, that T now have ; 


pe Ic andette mid mucSe . and mid minre heortan . 236 

and mid eallum inno"Se . ic pe gewilnige . 
^ senne soSue god . pe mid f>inum suna rixast . 
and mid |?am halgan gaste . an selmihtig god sefre . 
pset fyr wearcS pSL acwenced . pcet pser an col ne gleow . 240 
and pcet folc tealde pcet to dry-crsefte 
grymetende mid gelilyde . grame to feore . 
Da ne mihte Aspasius pa, micclan ceaste acuman . 
ac h6t hi acwellan . mid cwealm-bserum swurde . 244 

and crist hi "Sa underfeng . for his naman gemartyrode . 
Se feeder . and seo modor . mid mycelre blysse . 
gelsehton hyre lie . and gelseddon to heora agenum . 
and hi "Saer bebyrigdon . buton sarnysse . 348 

and Jjger gelome wacodon . wurcSigende {)a stowe . 
pa on sumere nihte gesawon hi cum an 
my eel msedenlic werod . and agnes tomiddes . 
Hi wseron ealle ge-glengede mid gyldenum gyrlum . 252 

and mid ormsetum leohte arwur'Slice ferdon . 
pa cwse'S seo halige agnes to hire magura (5us . 
"WarniacS pcet ge ne wepon me swa swa deade . 
4c blyssiatS mid me . Ic eom pysum mgedenum geferlseht . 256 
and ic mid him under-feng . swiSe faegere wununga . 
and "Sam ic eom on heofonum gej^eodd . pe ic her on eor'San lufode , 
JEfter J?ysum wordum heo gewende forS mid f>am msedenum , 
pa wear's J^eos gesihf) . swiSe gewidmsersod . 260 

Hit gelamp t5a siS'San aefter lytlum fyrste . 
on )?9es caseres dagum . pe constantinus hatte . 
pcet sume menn ssedon ]?a gesihj)e his dehter 
constantia gehaten . seo wses hsetSen pagit . 264 

heo waes swa J^eah snotor . and swy'Se unhal . 
and on eallum limum egeslice wunda haefde . 
pa tSohte heo . pcet heo wolde wacian ane niht 
set agnes byrgene . biddan hire hsele . 268 

Heo com J?a ]?ider J^eah pe heo hseSen waere . 
and mid geleaf-fullum mode . to Sam msedene clypode . 

^ Leaf 45, back. 


Thee I confess with my mouth and heart, 236 

and with all inward affection Thee I desire, 

One true God, who reignest with Thy Son 

and with the Holy Ghost, ever One Almighty God.' 

Then the fire became quenched, so that not one coal glowed there, 

and the people attributed it to witchcraft, 241 

roaring with loud clamour, and fierce against [her] life. 

Then Aspasius could not withstand the great tumult, 

but bade kill her with death-bearing sword, 244 

and Christ then received her, martyred for His Name. 

Her father and her mother, with great joy, 

took her body, and brought it to their own house, 

and buried her there without sorrowing, 248 

and there often watched, venerating the place. 

Then on a certain night they saw come 

a great company of virgins, and Agnes in the midst; 

they were all clothed with golden garments, 252 

and advanced gloriously with exceeding light. 

Then said the holy Agnes to her parents thus, 

* Beware that ye weep not for me as if dead, 

but rejoice with me, I am a companion of these virgins, 256 

and I have received with them very fair habitations, 

and I am associated to Him in Heaven, whom I loved here on 

After these words she departed with the virgins. 
Then was this vision widely spread abroad. 260 

Then it befell, after a little time, 
in the Emperor's days, who was called Constantine, 
that some men told the vision to his daughter, 
called Constantia, who as yet was a heathen ; 264 

she was, notwithstanding, wise ; and [was] very ill, 
having fearful wounds in all her limbs. 
Then she thought that she would watch one night 
at Agnes' tomb, to pray for her healing. 268 

Then came she thither, though she was a heathen, 
and with believing mind cried to the virgin 


pe tSa byrgene ahte . pcet heo hyre Lsele forgeafe . 

Heo weartS pa, on slsepe . and on swefne geseah 272 

J3a eadigan agnen . pas word hire secgende . 

Ongin anrsedlice t5u seSele constant! a . 

and gelyf 'Sset se ^ hgelend pe ge-liselen msege . 

t^urh J)one pu scealt underfon . (Sinra wunda hsele . 276 

pa awoc constantia . and waes sw4 ge-hseled . 

pcet on hire lice nges gesyne . aht J^sera sarra wunda . 

Heo ferde "Sa hdl hdm to hire feder . 

and hine geblyssode . and hire gebroSra . 280 

and ealle 'Sa hired-menn . for hire heele blyssodon . 

and se hsetSen-scipe wanode . and godes geleafa weox . 

Heo weartS pst gefullod . sw4 swi hire fseder wses . 

and hadunga under-feng . mid fsegere drohtnunga . 284 

and manega o(5re msedenu . J^urh hire mserlican ge-bysnunga . 

forsawon woruld-lustas . and wurdon criste gehalgode . 

Da bsed constantia . constantinum hire fseder . 

pcet he J^sere eadigan agne . ane cyrcan arserde . 288 

and hire sylfre ane (Srtih . J^ser het gesettan . 

pes hlisa asprang pst on eallum "Sam leod-scipe . 

and coman fela untrume to J?sere halgan byrigene , 

and wurdon gehaelede . f)urh (5a halgan agnen . 292 

pa romaniscan msedenu manega eac Surh-wunodon 

on clsenum msegShade . for cristes lufe . 

sefter agnes gebysnunga pe J)8er bebyrged is . 


sigefsest on gefeohtum . and ful leof J:)am casere . 297 

for his micclan sige . peah pe he nsere gefullod . 
Se awogode constantian pses caseres dohtor 

on ]?sere tide . pe tSa scy'Siscan swiSe wunnon wicS hine . 300 
wearS f)a se casere for f>8ere wogunge astyrod . 
wiste pcet seo dohtor . j^e drihten hsefde gecoren . 

' Leaf 46. 


who possessed the tomb, that she would grant her healing. 

Then she fell on sleep, and saw in a vision 272 

the blessed Agnes saying these words to her, 

'Begin resolutely, thou noble Constantia, 

and believe that the Saviour has power to heal thee, 

through Whom thou shalt receive the healing of thy wounds.' 

Then Constantia awoke, and was so healed 277 

that on her body was not seen aught of the sore wounds. 

Then went she whole home to her father, 

and rejoiced him and her brothers, 380 

and all the household rejoiced for her healing, 

and the heathenism waned and God's faith waxed. 

She was then baptized, as was her father, 

and received the veil with fair observances, 384 

and many other maidens through her worthy example 

forsook worldly pleasures and were consecrated to Christ. 

Then Constantia prayed Constantine her father, 

that he would rear a church to the blessed Agnes, 288 

and bade set a coffin there for herself. 

The fame of it sprang throughout all the nation, 

and many infirm people came to the holy tomb, 

and were healed through the holy Agnes. 392 

Likewise many of the Roman maidens continued 

in pure virginity for the love of Christ 

after Agnes' example, who is there buried. 


In those days there was a certain general called Gallicanus, 
victorious in fights, and very dear to the emperor 297 

for his great victory, though he was not baptized. 
He wooed Constantia, the emperor's daughter, 
at the time that the Scythians were warring much against 
him. 300 

Then the emperor was troubled on account of the wooing, 
knowing that his daughter, who had chosen the Lord, 


hratSor wolde sweltan ]:)onne ceorlian . 

pa geseah seo dohtor . hire feeder gedrefednysse . 304 

and cwsecS him Sus to . mid clsenum inge-hyde . 
Ic wdt Ipcet god nele me nsefre forlsetan . 
Awurp ]?iiie ymbhydig-nysse . and behat me J^am heretogan . 
pcet he me underfo . sefter tSam ge-feohte . 308 

siS'San he Sa scytSSiscan mid sige ofer-win"5 . 
For Ijysum behate . ic wille habban his doh^tra . 
attican and arthemian , to minre gejjeodnysse . 
6^ pcet uncre gifta . gegearcode beon . 312 

Haebbe he mid him forS to j^sere fyrdincge . 
lohannem . and paulum . mine Sa ge-treo\vostan . 
pcet hi mine }?eawas magon him secgan . 

and ic tSurh his dohtra his f)eawas oncnawe . 316 

Hit wear's swa geddn . pcet heo "Sa dohtra under-feng . 
and se heretoga ferde mid J>8ere fyrdincge . 
)?a gebaed constantia hi to gode sona 

mid mycelre onbryrdnysse pcet he hire bena gehyrde . 320 

Eala Su selmihtiga god . J^e for agnes 'Singunga . 
J?ines mseran martyres . minne hreoflan gehseldest . 
and me sylfre geswutelodest . J)inne so'San lufe . 
and )?u behete us . on f)inum halgan godspelle . 324 

Sot^ ic eow secge . eow syl'S min feeder . 
swa hwses swa ge hine bidda]? . her on minum naman . 
Ic bidde '5e min drihten pcet 'Su J^as msedenu . pe gestryne . 
and heora feeder gallicanum . pe me wile pe beniman . 328 

ge?5eod to clsennysse ]?ines geleafan . 
Geopena heora heortan earan to J?sere halwendan lare . 
pcet hi pe anne lufian . and eorSlice (Sing ne gewilnion . 
and mid beornendre lufe . to J^inum brydbedde becumen . 332 
jEfter J^ysum gebede gebugon (Sa msedenu 
to (Sam halgan fulluhte aer se feeder come . 
and wurdon gehadode to J^aes hselendes clsennysse . 
pa com gallicanws eac to gode gebogen . 336 

and hine gebged sona mid sotSum geleafan . 

^ Leaf 46, back. 


would rather die than take a husband. 

Then the daughter saw her father's trouble, 304 

and spake to him thus with pure intention, 

' I know that God will never forsake me, 

cast away thy solicitude, and promise me to the general, 

that he may take me after the war, 308 

after he shall by victory conquer the Scythians. 

For sake of this promise I will have his daughters, 

Attica and Arthemia, in my companionship, 

until our nuptials are prepared. 312 

Let him have forth with him on the expedition 

John and Paul, those who are most faithful to me, 

that they may tell him of my ways, 

and I through his daughters will learn his ways.' 316 

It was so done, that she took the daughters, 

and the general departed with the expedition. 

Then straightway Constantia besought God 

with great fervour that He would hear her prayers j 320 

* Thou Almighty God, Who for Agnes' intercession, 

Thy great Martyr, hast healed my leprosy, 

and to myself hast revealed Thy true love, 

and Who hast promised us in Thy holy Gospel, 324 

" Verily I say unto you. My Father will give you 

whatsoever ye ask Him here in My Name," 

I beseech Thee, my Lord, that Thou wilt gain to Thyself these 

and their father Gallicanus, who desireth to take me from Thee, 
associate (him) to the purity of Thy faith. 329 

Open the ears of their hearts to the salutary lore, 
that they may love Thee only, and desire no earthly things, 
and attain with burning love Thy bridal-bed.' 332 

After this prayer the maidens bowed 
to holy baptism ere the father came, 
and were consecrated to the Saviour's chastity. 
Then became Gallicanus likewise converted to God, 336 

and straightway prayed with true faith 


set J)8es halgan petres stowe pe stent binnan rome . 
Hine wylcumede se casere . and cw8e"5 him to mid blysse . 
pa '5a pvL to pdm gefeohte ferdest . fu ofFrodost J:am fulum 
deoflum . 340 

and nu Su sigefsest come . f)u ge-baede ])e to criste . 
and to his apostolum . cy(5 me hu hit sy . 
pa aleat gallicanus . to "Sam geleaf-fullan casere . 
and ssede be endebyrdnysse hu he beah to gode . 344 

pa scycSSiscan J?eoda ofslogan ure fela . 
and ic wearcS belocen on anre lytlan byrig . 
mid hwoulicum ^fultume . and we feohtan ne dorston . 
ongean cSone ormsetan here . he (sic) hsefde j^a burh beseten . 
pa offrode Ic gelome mine Idc J)am godum . 349 

oppcet mine geferan me and hi betsehton . 
'Sam onwinnendum feondum . and ic tSa fleames cepte . 
pa cwsedon '5a cristenan . Johannes . and paulus . 352 

Behdt f>am heofonlicum gode . pcet 'Su to him gebuge . 
gif he pe nu gehelp'S . and p\x hsefst sige . 
Ic '5a sona beh6t . swd sw4 f)a halgan me tihton . 
and me com J^ser-rihte to . godes encgeP mid rode . 356 

het me niman min swurd . and si'Sian mid him . 
Ic him fyligde "Sa . and fela englas coman 
on manna gelicnyssum^ . mserlice gewsepnode . 
geliyrton me mid wordum . and heton me g4n forS . 360 

d^pcet we becoman J^ser se cyning wses . 
He feoll "Sa afyrht . to minum fotum astreht . 
pa gebundon '5a godes cempan . bardan Jjone cynincg . 
and his twsegen suna . and betsehton hi me . 364 

Ne sloh ic nsenne . ne of-slean ne het . 
Nu is )?in land gehealden and J?a leoda pe onbuga5 . 
Ealle '6a heafod-menn pe to me gebugan* . 

mid heora cempum . ic gebigde to criste . 368 

Da o'5re ic forseah J^e swa don noldon . 
Ic sylf eom swa cristen . pcet ic gecwseS on behate . 
pcet ic heonan-for'5 ^ nelle habban wifes gemanan . 

^ Leaf 47. ^ 0. engel. ^ 0. gelicnysse. * 0. gebugon. ^ 0. heonon-forSo 


at the shrine of S. Peter which standeth in Rome. 

The emperor welcomed him, and said to him with joy, 

* When thou wentest to the battle thou didst sacrifice to the 

foul devils, 340 

and since thou hast returned victorious, thou hast prayed to 

and to His Apostles ; tell me how is this 1 ' 
Then louted (bowed) Gallicanus to the orthodox Emperor, 
and related in order how he was converted to God ; 344 

' The Scythian people had slain many of us, 
and I was locked up in a little town 
with a very small force, and we durst not fight 
against the overwhelming army, which had besieged the town ; 
Then I offered often my sacrifices to the gods, 349 

until my colleagues surrendered me and themselves 
to the attacking enemies, and I then took to flight. 
Then said the Christians, John and Paul, 352 

" Promise the God of Heaven that thou wilt bow to Him, 
if He now helpeth thee, and thou shalt have victory." 
I then straightway promised, even as the holy men exhorted me, 
and there immediately came to me God's angel with a cross, 
bidding me take my sword and go with him; 357 

thereupon I followed him, and many angels came 
in the likeness of men, gloriously armed, 

heartened me with their words, and bade me go forth 360 

until we arrived where the king was ; 
then fell he afrighted, prostrate at my feet; 
then God's champions bound Bardon the king 
and his two sons, and delivered them to me; 364 

I slew not one, nor commanded to slay. ^ 

Now is thy land preserved, and the people submit to thee ; 
all the chief-men, who submitted to me, 

together with their soldiers, I have converted to Christ; 368 

the others who would not so do I contemned. 
I myself am so much a Christian that I have said in a vow, 
that I henceforth will not have the company of a wife ; 


find me nu sefter-gencgan . Ipcet ic gode msege ]:>eowian . 372 

on socSre sewfsestnysse sw4 ic J^am selmihtigan beh6t . 

pa beclypte ^ se casere 'Sone godes cempan . 

and saede hu^ his dolitra drihtne Jjeowdon . 

and his twa geswustra eac siSSan gelyfdon . 376 

pa eodon hi to healle . and seo halige helena com 

mid Sam fore-ssedum msedenum . micclum blyssigende . 

hi ]?urh-wunodon on meegcS-hade . mserlice drohtniende . 

ocS J^aet hi gewiton of worulde to criste . 380 

Gallicanus pa. freode fif )?usend manna . 

and mid sehtum ge-welgode and wsedlum todselde 

his manig-fealdan welan . and gewende him J^anon . 

to sumum halgan were . se hatte hilarian^ts . 384 

^ mid sumum his mannum . pe hine ne mihton forlsetan . 

Feower land he forgeaf fortS In mid him 

sslj^eodigum to andfencge . and to selmes-dsedum • 

pa asprang his word wide geond land . 388 

hu se maere man manna fet acSwoh . 

and wseter bser to handum . and mid wistum J^enode . 

He weartS 'Sa swa halig . Ipcet he gehaelde untrume . 

and swa hratSe swd he beseah^ . on Sa wit-seocan menn'^ . 392 

swa wurdon hi aclsensode . fram pa,m unclsenan gastum . 

Eft tSa ]>Sb iulianus se arleasa wi'Serssece " . 

weartS to casere gecoren . ]?eah J^e he wsere to preoste bescoren . 

pa sette h6 geban . swa swa he wses bealwes^ full . 396 

pcet 'Sa cristenan nahton nan pmcg on worulde . 

adraifde J^a gallicanum f)one godes man aweg . 

and he ferde to ^ alexandrian Jjsere segiptiscan ^ byrig . 

^^ wende sitSSan ^° to westene . and wses tSser ancra . 400 

otS pcet sum hseSen-gylda . hine 'Sser ofsloh . 

forfjan pe he nolde ]pam fulum godum geoffrian . 

and he swa mid sige . sij^ode to criste . 

Eft iulianus se ylca" wi'Sersaca wolde gebigan . 404 

^ 0. clypode. ^ O. him hu. ^ Leaf 47, back. * 0, seah. ^ 0. om. 
^ 0. wi'Ser-saca. '' 0. bealwos (sic). ^ 0. "Sa to. * 0. egyptiscan. 

10-1" 0. si'SSan he gewende. " 0. illca. 


find me now a successor, that I may serve God 372 

in true religion, as I vowed to the Almighty.' 
Then the emperor embraced the soldier of God, 
and told him how his daughters were serving the Lord, 
and his two sisters likewise believed afterward. 376 

Then went they into the hall, and the holy Helena came 
with the aforesaid maidens, greatly rejoicing ; 
they continued in virginity, leading glorious lives, 
until they departed from the world to Christ. 380 

Then Gallicanus freed five thousand men, 
and endowed them with goods, and distributed to the poor 
his manifold riches, and turned him thence 

to a certain holy man called Hilarion, 384 

with some of his men who would not leave him. 
Four estates he gave up entirely, together with himself, 
for the reception of strangers and for alms-deeds. 
Then his fame spread widely throughout the land, 388 

how the great man washed men's feet, 

and carried water for their hands, and served them with food. 
Then he grew so holy that he healed the impotent, 
and as soon as he looked on the possessed, 392 

they were at once cleansed from the unclean spirits. 
'Afterward when Julian, the infamous apostate, 
was chosen emperor, though he had been shorn for the priest- 
he proclaimed an edict, being full of wickedness, 396 

that the Christians should own nothing in the world. 
Then he banished Gallicanus the man of God; 
and he went to Alexandria, tlie Egyptian city, 
going afterward to the desert, and was there an anchorite; 400 
until a certain heathen slew him there, 
because he would not sacrifice to the foul gods, 
and so he departed victoriously to Christ. 

After that Julian, the same apostate, desired to turn 404 



])'d halgan gebroSra . lohannem . and pauluw . to his hae'Sen- 

gilde ^ . 
ac J^rt'Sa lie ne mihte pa nigeraii godes "Segnas 
to his hirede aspaiian . ne to his hse'Senscipe ^ . geweman . 
j^a sende he him to sumne haeSenne wer . 408 

terrentianus gehaten . se haefde mid him 
ane gyldene anlicnysse . and cwse^ to 'Sam godes mannum . 
Ure hlaford lulianus . het eow ge-biddan 

to ]?yssere anlicnysse . ocSSe ic inc begen ofslea . 412 

pa cwsedon pix halgan . ne cunne we nanne god . 
buton feeder and sunu . and J^one halgan gast . 
I^yssere halgan Srymiysse ha^fS Jjin hlaford wiSsacen . 
and wile oSre geweman mid him to forwyrde . 416 

Hwset Sa terrentianus . het Ipa twsegen gebrotSra 
digellice beheafdian . and on heora huse bebyrigan . 
pa wear's iulianus . for his wselhreownysse 

sona Ipsss ofslsegsen . ]5urh sancta, marian haese . 420 

and cristen-dom wses J^eonde . and f)a halgan wurdon ge^cydde . 
swa Ipcet wode menn . wurdon gehselede . 
on Sam ylcan huse . Ipe J?a halgan onlagon . 
and terrentianes sunu . mid sweartum deoUe afylled . 424 

arn to heora byrgenum . egeslice wedende . 
and se feeder sona gesohte f>a byrigena . 
ancZdette his synne pcet he ofsloh Sa halgan . 
and wearS gefullod . and his suna wittig . 428 

f>am hgelende to lofe . J^e leofaS d on ecnysse . Amen. 




[The other copy, in MS. V., is destroyed.] 

-^ ON S^rae scyre sicilia . snotor and gelyfed . 

on Sam timan pe quintianus se cwefdm-bsere ehtere . 

^ 0. hae'Senscipe. ^ O. hae(5eiigilde. ^ Leaf 48. 


the holy brothers, John and Paul, to his idolatry, 

but when he could not entice these great servants of God 

to his court, nor persuade them to his heathenism, 

then he sent to them a certain heathen man, 408 

called Terentianus, who had with him 

a golden image, and said to the servants of God, 

* Our lord Julian commandeth you to pray 

to this image, or I must slay you both.' 412 

Then said the saints, 'We know no God 

save the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost; 

from this Holy Trinity thy lord hath apostatized, 

and desireth to entice others to perdition with himself.' 416 

Lo then ! Terentianus commanded men to behead secretly 

the two brothers, and to bury them in their house. 

Then was Julian, for his cruelty, 

soon after this, slain at Saint Mary's best \ 420 

and Christianity flourished, and those saints were made known, 

so that madmen were healed 

in the same house wherein the saints lay, 

and Terentianus' son, filled with a black devil, 424 

ran to their burial-place, awfully raving, 

and the father immediately sought the sepulchres, 

and confessed his sin, in .that he had slain the saints, 

and was baptized, and his son became in his right mind, 428 

to the praise of the Saviour who liveth for ever. AMEN. 



There was a certain noble maiden named Agatha 

in the province of Sicily, wise and faithful, 

at the time when Quintianus, the murderous persecutor, 

^ See above, pp. 64-66. 



})8ere scyre geweold wselhreowlice under J^am casere . 4 

Se wses graedig gitsere . and his galnysse underj^eod . 

deofles Jjeowet-lincg . and drihten onscunode . 

pa com him to earan be Agatlies drohtnunge . 

and smeade hu he mihte Ipcet mseden him begitan . 8 

h^t hi fa gefeccan . and betsehte hi anum fulum wife . 

afrodosia geciged . sceand-lic on ]>eawnm . 

Seo hsefde nigon dohtra . nahtlice and fracode . 

pcet heo geond J>rittig nihte hire f)eawas leornode . 12 

and hire mod awende purh Jpsera myltestrena forspennincgse . 

Hwset '5a affrodosia se fraeedosta wimman . 

mid hire nigon dohtrum gedrehte agathen . 

hwilon olecende . hwilon egsigende . 16 

wende ])cet heo mihte hire mod awendan . 

pa cweeS agathes . to fam yfelan teame . 

Eower word syndon winde gelice . 

ac hi ne magon afyllan min fiestrsede ge|?anc . 20 

f)e is gegrund-staj^elod ^ . 

Sis heo cwseS mid wope . and gewilnode to Srowigenne 

for cristes naman . }?a cwealm-bseran wita . 

swd swd se JiJurstiga . on 'Saere sunnan haetan 24 

gewihiaS wylsprincges . o'SSe wse teres celincge . 

pa geseah affrodosia . pcet heo pddve femnan mod 

gebigan ne mihte . mid hyre bismorfullum tihtincgum . 

and ferde to quintiane and cwce'S him J?us to . 28 

Stanas magon hnexian . and pcet starce isen 

on leades gelicnysse . serSan J?e se geleafa msege 

of agathes ^ breoste . beon sefre adwtesced . 

Ic and mine dohtra . dseges . and nihtes . 32 

naht elles ne drugon . buton hi aefre tihton . 

to J^inre gejjafunga . J?eah ISe us hwonlice speowe . 

Ic hire bead gyramas . and gyrlan of golde . 

and ocSre mser^a . and msere gebytlu . 36 

^ The line seems imperfect. 
^ Leaf 48, back. 


cruelly governed the province under the Emperor. 4 

He was a greedy miser, and subject to his lusts, 

the devil's slave, despising God. 

Then it came to his ears concerning Agatha's conduct, 

and he sought how he might get the maiden for himself. 8 

He commanded her to be fetched, and delivered her to a foul 

called Aphrodosia, shameful in morals, 
who had nine daughters, naughty and vile, 
that she (Agatha) might learn during thirty nights [a month] 

her (Aphrodosia's) evil ways, 12 

and might be perverted in mind by the enticements of harlots. 
So then Aphrodosia, that wickedest woman, 
with her nine daughters, vexed Agatha, 

sometimes flattering, sometimes terrifying, 16 

thinking that she might pervert her mind. 
Then said Agatha to the wicked team, 
' Your words are like wind, 

but they cannot defile my steadfast will, 20 

which is grounded immutably;' 
this she said with weeping, and desired to suffer 
the deadly tortures for Christ's name, 

even as a thirsty man in the sun's heat 24 

desireth well-springs, or the cooling of water. 
Then Aphrodosia saw that she could not bend 
the woman's mind by her shameful persuasions, 
and went to Quintianus, and spake to him thus; ^8 

* Stones may soften, and hard iron 
become like lead, or ever the faith 
in Agatha's breast can be extinguished, 

I and my daughters day and night 32 

have done nothing else but continually persuade her 
to consent to thee, but we have had little speed ; 
I promised her gems and golden apparel, 
and other honours and a great house, 36 


hamas . and hyred . and heo "pcet eall forseah 

on meoxes gelicnysse . Ipe li'S under fotum . 

pa yrsode quintianus . and het hi ardlice feccan . 

befran hi (5a set fruman . be hyre gebyrdum . 40 

Agathes pa, cwse^ . ic eom setSelborenre maeg'Se . 

swd swd eall min mseg'S me is to witan . 

Da cwse'S se dema . Hwi dest J^u ^e sylfe . 

tSurh wace f)eawas . swilce Ipu wyln sy . 44 

Agathes andwyrde . Ic eom godes J^inen . 

and mycel setSelborennys . bi^ pcet man be cristes (Seow . 

Quintianus cwsecS to pam cristes msedene . 

Hwset la nsebbe w6 nane sejjelborennysse 48 

fortSan pe we forseo'5 ]?ines cristes (Seow-dom . 

Agathes andwyrde f)am arleasan and cwaecS . 

Eower se'Selborennys becymS to swa bysmorfullum haeftnede . 

pcet ge beoS |?eowan synne and stanum . 52 

Quintianus cwsecS . f»a cwealm-bseran wita 

magon eat^elice gewrecan . 

swa hwset swa (5u mid wedendum mu'Se tselst . 

sege swa f)eah . ser (5u becume to j^am fore-ssedum witum . 56 

hwi tSu ure goda {sic) biggencgas forseo . 

Agathes anc?wyrde . J^am drleasan Sus . 

Ne cwsetS J^u na goda . ac gram-licra deofla . 

}?8era anlicnysse ge awendat5 on are . and on stanum . 60 

and ealle Sa graeftas ofer-gyldacS . mid craefte . 

Quintianws f>a cw8e"S . pcet heo gecure o'Ser 'Saera . 

swa heo mid fordemdum dyslice for-ferde . 

swa heo J?am godum geoffrode . swa swa secSelboren and wis . 64 

Agathes him andwyrde anrsedlice and cwae'S . 

Beo J>in wif swylc swa uenus . J^in fule gyden wses . 

and beo (5u swylc swa louis . f)in sceand-lica god wses . 

pcet git magon beon getealde . eac betwux ]?am godum . 68 

pa h^t quintianus . hi mid handum slean 

gelome on pcet hleor . pcet heo hlydan ne sceolde . 

Da cwse'S agathes eft (5a ylcan word . 


estates and servants, and she despised them all 

even as dung which lieth under foot.' 

Then Quintianus became angry and bade fetch her quickly, 

and questioned her first concerning her parentage. 40 

Agatha thereupon answered ; ' I am of noble race, 

even as all my kindred can bear me witness.' 

Then said the judge, ' why destroyest thou thyself 

by mean usages, as if thou wert a bondmaid V 44 

Agatha answered, * I am God's handmaid, 

and great nobility is it to be Christ's servant.' 

Quintianus said to the virgin of Christ, 

' What then ? have we no nobility, 48 

merely because we despise thy Christ's servitude V 

Agatha answered the impious man, and said ; 

*Your nobility turneth to such shameful bondage, 

that ye are the servants of sin and of stones.' 5.2 

Quintianus, the murderous tormentor, said, 

' We may easily wreak 

whatsoever thou mockest with insane mouth, 

Say, nevertheless, ere thou come to the aforesaid tortures, 56 

why thou despisest the worship of our gods'?' 

Agatha answered the impious man thus; 

' Speak thou not of gods but of cruel devils, 

whose likenesses ye make in brass and stone, 60 

and skilfully gild over all the graven images.' 

Quintianus then said that she must choose one of two things, 

either she must die in her folly with condemned (felons), 

or she must sacrifice to the gods like a noble and wise maiden. 

Agatha answered him resolutely, and said, 65 

* Be thy wife such as was Venus, thy foul goddess, 

and be thou such as Jove was, thy shameful god, 

that ye two may also be numbered amongst the gods.' 68 

Then bade Quintianus to strike her with the hands 

repeatedly on the face, that she might not declaim. 

Then again Agatha said the same words. 


Quintianus cwse^ . ^pn cyst^ pcet "Su gecure 72 

}?a tintregu to "Srowigenne . nu J^u minne teonan ge-edlecst . 
pset mseden him andwyrde . micclum ic wundrie 
pe snoterne mannan . to swa micclum dysige gebigedne . 
pcet 'Su swylce for godas heefst . Jje Se sceama'S to ge-euen- 
Isecenne . 76 

Oif hi so^a godes (sic) synd . godes ic f)e gewisce . 
gif pn hi onscunast wit cwe'SaJ) J^onne 4n . 
Hat hi swa yfele . and swa unclssne . 

pcet gif tSu hwylcne wyrige . pcet tSu gewisce him J)8es . 80 

poet his lif beo gelic Jjinura la'Sum godum . 
Quintianus hire cwseS to . Hwi clypast (5u swa fela ideles . 
geoffra tSam godum . pcet ic c5e gram-lice ne fordo . 
Da andwyrde agathes . unforht J?am deman . 84 

Gif (Su mid wild-deorum me nu beetan wylt . 
hi beoS sona hand-tame . jDurh J>ses hselendes nam an . 
Gif J3u me fyr gearcost . me cymS faer-lice of heofonum . 
halwendlic deaw . pwch drihtnes senglas. 88 

Gif tSu me swingla behsetst . ic hsebbe ]?one halgan gast . 
})urh '(Sone ic forseo ealle J^ine swingla . 
}?a cwehte se dema his deoflice heafod . 

and het hi gebringan on anum blindum cwearterne . 92 

and het pcet heo sceolde hi sylfe bejpencan . 
hu heo mihte get-windan J?am wselhreowum tintregum . 
Da c wee's agathes . pu earmingc be'Senc pe 

hu t5u mgege set-windan Sam ecum witum . 96 

Eode pa bliSelice to Sam blindum cwearterne . 
swylce heo wsere gelaSod . to lustfullum beor-scype . 
and betsehte hire gewin J)am wel-wyllendan drihtne . 
Hwset Sa on mergen se manfulla dema 100 

het Agathen gelsedan to his laSan aw(^werdnysse . 
and befrdn hwset heo smeade be hyre gesundfulnysse . 

Agathes him cwceS to . Crist me is for hsele . 

* Leaf 49, 

^ Read cwyst, i. e, sayest. 


Quintianus said, ' Thou sajest that thou hast chosen 72 

to suffer the tortures, since thou repeatest insults against me.' 

The maiden answered him, 'Greatly I wonder 

that thou, a wise man, hast stooped to such folly, 

that thou esteemest as gods such as it shameth thee to resemble. 

If they be true gods, I wish thee to be as a god, 77 

if thou dost abhor them, then we two speak alike. 

Call them so evil and so unclean, 

that if thou wouldest curse any one, thou shouldest wish him thus, 

that his life be like to thy loathly gods.' 81 

Quintianus said to her, ' Why speakest thou so much idle talk 1 

Sacrifice to the gods, that I may not cruelly destroy thee.' 

Then Agatha answered the judge fearlessly, 84 

*If thou wilt now bait me with wild beasts, 

they shall straightway be tamed to my hand through the name 

of Jesus. 
If thou preparest fire for me, there shall suddenly come to me 

from heaven 
a healing dew by the Lord's angels. 88 

If thou orderest me stripes, I have the Holy Spirit 
through whom I despise all thy stripes.' 
Then the judge shook his fiendish head, 

and commanded to bring her into a dark prison, 92 

and bade that she should bethink herself 
how she might escape from the cruel tortures. 
Then said Agatha, 'Thou, miserable, bethink tliyself 
how thou mayest escape the everlasting torments.' 96 

Then went she blithely into the dark dungeon, 
as if she were invited to a pleasant banquet, 
and committed her conflict to the benevolent Lord. 
So then in the morning the wicked judge 100 

bade Agatha to be brought into his hateful presence, 
and enquired what she liad devised for her safety. 
Agatha said to him, * Christ is my salvation.' 


Se dema axode . liu lange wylt 'Su iingesselige 104 

ateon J^as ydelnysse . mid cristes andetiiysse . 
vviS-sac "Sinne crist . and clypa to )?am godum . 
pe laes ^e pu Sin lif forlsete on iugo'Se . 

Agatbes andwyrde anfealdlice and cwsecS . 108 

WiS-sac Su J^ine godas . J^e synd stsenene . and treowene . 
and gebide pe to j^inum scyppende . pe soSlice aleofa'5 
■■^ gif Su hine forsihst . pn scealt on ecum witum 'Srowian . 
pa wear's se arleasa gehathyrt . and liet hi on hencgene 
a-streccan . 112 

and Srawan swa swa wiSSan wsellireowlice and cwseS . 
forlset ]:»ine anwylnysse . poet Sinum life beo geborgen . 
Agatbes «ncZ\vyrde on Ssere hencgene pus . 

Swa ic lust-fullige on J?isum laSum witum . 116 

swa swa se Se gesibS . |:)one J^e he gewilnode . 
oSSe se pe fint fela gold-hordas . 

Ne mseg min sawl beon gebrobt mid blysse to beofonum . 
butan min licbama beo on |?inum bendum genyrwod . 120 

and fram Sinum cwellerum on f^inum copsum agrapod . 
pa gebealh bine se wselhreowa and bet hi gewriSan 
on Sam breoste mid Jjsere hencgene and bet siSSan ofaceorfan . 
Agatbes him cwseS to . Eala Su arleasosta 124 

ne sceamode J^e to ceorfanne pcet pcet Su sylf suce . 
ac ic babbe mine breost on minre sawle . ansunde . 
mid pum Se Ic min andgit eallunga afede . 

Quintianus Sa h^t hi to cwearterne gelsedan . 128 

and bet hire ofteon . setes . and waetes . 
and cwseS pcet nan laece hi lacnian ne moste . 
Efne Sa on middre nibte com sum harwencge mann 
Into ]?am cwearterne . and his cnapa him aetforan . 132 

hsefde leohtfset on handa . wolde f^a halgan gelacnian . 
Seo eadige agatbes cwseS to Sam Isece . 
Ne gymde Ic nanes leece-crseftas naefre on minum life . 
ic bsebbe minne boelend J^e gebselS mid his worde . 136 

he maeg gif he wyle , mibtelice me gebselan . 

•* Leaf 49, back. 


The judge asked, 'How long wilt thou, unhappy, 104 

protract this vanity by confessing Christ 1 
Renounce thy Christ, and call upon the gods, 
lest thou lose thy life in thy youth.' 

Agatha answered simply, and said, 108 

' Renounce thou thy gods which are of stone and wood, 
and pray to thy Creator who truly liveth ; 
if thou despisest Him, thou shalt suffer in eternal torments.' 
Then the impious man became incensed, and bade stretch her 
on the rack, 112 

and cruelly twist her like a withy-rope, and said, 
' Forsake thy self-will, that thy life may be saved.' 
Agatha answered on the rack thus, 

'So greatly I rejoice in these painful torments 116 

even as he that seeth him whom he hath desired, 
or as he that findeth many hoards of gold. 
My soul cannot be brought with joy to Heaven 
except my body be cramped in thy bonds, 120 

and by the executioners be gripped in thy fetters.' 
Then raged the cruel one, and bade men torture her 
on the breast in the rack, and bade it afterward be cut off. 
Agatha said to him, ' O thou most wicked ! 1 24 

aft thou not ashamed to cut off that which thou thyself hast sucked ? 
but I have my breast sound in my soul, 
with which I shall at any rate feed my understanding.' 
Then Quintianus bade them conduct her to prison, 128 

and bade them deprive her of food and drink, 
and said that no leech should be permitted to cure her. 
Lo then ! at midnight came a hoar-haired man ^ 
into the prison, and his servant before him, 132 

having a lamp in his hands, desiring to heal the saint. 
The blessed Agatha said to the leech, 
* I never cared for any leechcraft in my life, 
I have my Jesus who healeth me by His Word ; 136 

He can, if He will, mightily heal me.' 

^ St. Peter. 


pa cwce'^ se harwencga . he me sende to "Se . 

Ic eom his apostol . and '5u efne nu bist 

hdl on his naman . and he sona ferde . 140 

pa eneowode Agathes . and 'Sancode criste 

pcet he hi geniunde . and his mseran apostol 

to hire asende . mid swylcum frofre . 

^fter ^am gebede . beseah to hyre breoste . 144 

and waes pa^t corfene breost . J^urh crist ge-edstaSelod . 

and ealle hire wunda wurdon gehgelede . 

p8er scean Sa mycel leoht . on ]?am sweartum cwearterne . 

swa pcet 'Sa weardas fliigon . mid fyrhte fornumene . 148 

pa tih^ton J^a heeftlingas . Ipcet halige meeden . 

pcet heo awaeg eode . and Sa wita for-fluge . 

pa cwse'S agathes poet se'Sele mseden . 

Nelle ic amyrran mine kynehelm . 152 

ne 'Sa weardas geswencan . ac ic ]:)iirh-wiinige her . 

pa on '5am fiftan dsege het se dema hi gefeccan . 

and cw«?'S pcet heo sceolde J^am godum geoffrian . 

oS^e mid teartum witum getintregod beon . 156 

pa cw8e"5 Agathes . pu earma <x72c^git-leasa . 

hwa wyle clypian to stane . and na to J^am so'San gode . 

(5e me fram eallum J?am witum . pe ^u weelhreowlice . 

on minum lice gefeestnodest . for his naraan gehselde . 160 

and min breost ge-edstaSelode . pe 'Su arleasa forcurfe . 

pa befrdn se hseSen-gylda . hwa hi gehselde . 

Agathes cwse'S . Crist godes sunu . 

Quintianus cwck^ . to '5am claenum msedene . 164 

git J^u namast ciist 1 Heo cwee'S him to a^if^sware . 

Crist ic andette . mid welerum . and sefre mid heortan to him 

clypige . 
Da cwcetS . se deofles pen . nu ic sceal geseon . 
gif crist Se gehsel'S . het 5a streowian geond J)a flor . 168 

fela byrnenda gleda . and to-brysede tigelan . 
and hi swi nacode het wylian on J?am fyre . 
pa wear's mycel eor'5-styrung . on Saere ylcan stowe . 

* Leaf 50. 


^hen said the hoar-haired man, ' He sent me to thee, 

I am His Apostle, and behold now thou art 

made whole in His name ' ; and forthwith he departed. 140 

Then Agatha knelt and thanked Christ, 

that He had remembered her, and His great Apostle 

had sent to her, with such consolation. 

After that prayer she looked at her breast, 144 

and the breast that had been cut off was restored through Christ, 

and all her wounds were healed. 

Then shone there a great light in the dark prison, 

so that the warders fled, seized with fright. 148 

Then the prisoners urged the holy maiden 

that she should go away, and flee from the torments. 

Then said Agatha, the noble maiden, 

*I will not mar my crown, 152 

nor bring the warders into trouble, but I will continue here.' 

Then on the fifth day the judge commanded to fetch her, 

and said that she should sacrifice to the gods, 

or else be tortured with sharp punishments. 156 

Then said Agatha, ' Thou poor senseless man, 

who will cry to the stone, and not to the true God 

who, from all the tortures which thou so cruelly 

hast inflicted on my body, hath healed me for His name's sake, 

and hath restored my breast which thou, wicked one, didst cut off?' 

Then the idolater enquired who had healed her? 

Agatha answered, ' Christ the Son of God.' 

Quintianus said to the pure maiden, 164 

* Dost thou yet name Christ?' She said to him in answer, 

* Christ I confess with my lips and ever call upon Him with 

my heart.' 
Then said the servant of the devil, ' Now shall I see 
whether Christ will save thee;' then he commanded to strew 

upon the floor 168 

many burning coals and broken tiles, 
and bade them thus roll her naked into the fire. 
Then was there a great earthquake in that same place, 


and feol se staenene wdh . uppan psds, stuntan rsed-boran . 172 
Ipcet he sellto-cwysde . and sum o]:)er cniht samod . 
swy(5e rihtlice swa . forSan pe hi rsed-boran wseran 
psds arleasan deman . to his yfelum dsedum . 
Eac swylce seo burh eall byuigende stod 176 

for 'Ssere eor'S-styrunge . and arn seo burhwaru 
endemes to j^am arleasan . axiende mid gehlyde . 
hwi he pcet godes niseden . swa gramlice tintregode . 
pa fleah quintianus . afyrht for 'Sam gehlyde , 180 

and eac seo eorS-styrung hine ge-egsode J^earle . 
het swa }?eah hi gebringan binnan Sam ewearterne . 
Hwaet "Sa Agathes inwerdlice clypode . 

mid astrehtum handum to J)am heelende pus . 184 

Eala Su min drihten . pe me to menn gesceope . 
and sefre fram cyldhade me gescyldest of]:)is [sic) ^ . 
pn pe woruldlice lufe awendest fram me . 

^Jju Se dydest pcet ic ofer-com pses cwelleres tintregu . 188 

scearp isen . and fyr . and pa slitendan clawa . 
]?u 'Se me on J?am witum gej^yld forgeafe . 
"Se ic bidde drihten . pcet Su minne gast 

nu to pe genime . for'San pe nu is tima . 192 

pcet ic J^as woruld forlaete . and to J?inre liSan miltheortnysse 
becuman mote . min leofa drihten . 
iEfter J^ysura gebede binnan pam. ewearterne 
heo ageaf hire gast . and to gode siSode . 196 

pa com seo burh-waru . and bebyrigde Eire lie 
mid mycelre arwurS-nysse . on eall niwere J^ryh . 
pser com Sa godes encgel gangende swa swa mann . 
J?am fyligdan set fotum fela wlitige cnapan . 200 

and sette enne marmstdn set J^ses msedenes heafde 
binnan j^sere }>ryh . J)ysum wordum awritene . 
Mentem sanctam spontaneam honorem deo . et patrie liber ationem. 
])cet is on englisc . halig mod . sylfwille wurSmynt . ))am 
w61-wyllendan gode . and eardes alysednyss . 204 

^ Perhaps read o'5 J)is, or o'S })8es. 
^ Leaf 50, back. 


and the stone wall fell upon the foolish counsellor, 172 

so that he was all crushed to pieces, and another man with him ; 

very rightly so, because they had been advisers 

of the wicked judge to his evil deeds. 

Likewise the city stood all shaking 176 

by reason of the earthquake, and all the citizens ran 

together to the wicked judge, asking with clamour 

why he had so cruelly tortured the virgin of God '? 

Then fled Quintianus affrighted because of the tumult, 180 

and also the earthquake exceedingly terrified him; 

nevertheless he bade men bring her into the prison. 

Lo then ! Agatha cried inwardly 

with outstretched hands to the Saviour thus : 184 

' Thou my Lord, who hast created me in human form, 

and ever from childhood hast shielded me until now ; 

Thou who hast turned away earthly love from me, 

Thou who didst cause me to overcome the murderer's torments, 

sharp iron, and fire, and the slitting claws, 189 

who gavest me patience in the torments; 

I pray Thee, Lord, that Tliou wilt now take 

my spirit unto Thee, for it is now time 192 

that I should leave this world, and should so come 

to Thy sweet mercy, my dear Lord.' 

After this prayer within the dungeon 

she gave up her spirit, and departed to God. 196 

Then came the citizens, and buried her body 

with great honour in an entirely new coffin. 

Then came there an angel of God, walking like a man, 

close at whose feet followed many shining youths, 200 

and set a marble stone at the maiden's head 

within the coffin, inscribed with these words, 

* Mentem sanctam spontaneam, honorem deo, et patrie lihera- 

That is in English, ' A mind spontaneously holy, an honour to 
the benevolent God, and deliverance to her country.' 2D4 


pa awende se encgel aweg mid |?am cnaj^um . 

and nes se mann on Ipsdve scire Ipe hi gesawe serj^dn . 

Hwset 'Sa quintianus cristes \vi(5er-winna . 

ferde on scipe . ofer semithetum 208 

embe agathen aelita . and eac wolde gehseftan 

ealle hire maegcSe . ae h6 ne moste for criste . 

Hine gelsehte an hors . Jja '5a he laeg on Sam scipe . 

hetelice mid to'Sum and hefde him upp . 212 

pa spearn ocSer hors to . and asprencde hine ofer bord , 

and nses his fule lie afundan sefre sicSSan . 

J)a ne dorste nan man dreccan hire megcSe . 

ac arwur'Sodon hi ealle . ge-egsode J)urh god . 216 

On J^sere ylcan scire Sicilian landes . 

is dn bjrnende munt . J)one menn hataS ethna . 

onseled mid sulphore . ])cet is swsefel on englisc . 

Se munt byrn'S sefre . swd swa ma o]?re do's . 220 

p'd ge-timode hit ymbe twelf-monaS 

sefter agathes J>rowunge . and ethna up ableow 

swySe egeslice ontendnysse . and arn be ]?am munte 

on flbdes gelicnysse . and formulton ^f)a stanas . 224 

and seo eorSe forbarn . oS pcet hit to J^sere byrig becom . 

J?a urnon pa, hseSenan . to padre halgan byrgene . 

and ahofen f>one ofer-brsedels of Jpsere halgan byrgene 

to-geanes J)am fyre . f)e hi afserde forSearle . 228 

pa wearS pcet fyr gestilled . and set-stod sona 

for agathen ge-earnungum . J^sere seSelan femnan . 

six dagas hit barn . and set-stod on J^am dsege . 

pe seo eadige Agathes . to Sam 6ce life gewdt . 232 

pcet swa wurde geswutelod pcet seo ceaster wearS ahrdtd 

fram p3ds fyres frecednysse . J)urh agathen . foref)ingunge . 

}?am hselende to lofe . pe his halgan swa wurSaf) . 

J)8es him sy ^ wuldor on ecere worulde . AMEN. 236 

^ Leaf 51. 


Then the angel went away with the youths, 

and there was no man in the province who had seen them before. 

Lo then ! Quintianus, Christ's adversary, 

went in a ship over Semithetus (the river Symsethus) 208 

about Agatha's possessions, desiring also to apprehend 

all her kindred, but he could not for Christ. 

A horse seized him, as he lay in the ship, 

savagely with its teeth, and lifted him up; 212 

then another horse spurned at him and flung him overboard, 

and his foul body was never found afterward. 

Then durst no man vex her kindred, 

but honoured them all, being awed by God. 216 

In the same province of the land of Sicily 

is a burning mountain, which men call Etna, 

kindled with suqiliur, that is brimstone in English. 

The mountain burnetii ever, as many others do. 220 

Then befell it, about twelve months 

after Agatha's passion, that Etna exploded (lit. blew up) 

with a very fearful burning, which ran down the mountain 

even like a flood, and the stones melted, 224 

and the earth was burnt up, until it came to the city. 

Then ran the heathen to the saint's tomb, 

and took up the veil ^ from the saint's tomb, 

against the fire which frightened them exceedingly. 228 

Tlien the fire was quenched, and immediately stood still 

for the merits of Agatha, the noble woman ; 

Six days it burned, and stood still on the day 

whereon the blessed Agatha departed to eternal life, 232 

that it might be manifest that the city was delivered 

from the peril of fire by Agatha's intercession, 

to the praise of the Saviour, who thus honoureth His Saints. 

"Wherefore to Him ever be glory to all eternity. AMEN. 

^ See the anthem to the Benedictus in the Roman Breviary office for 
S. Agatha's Day. 'The multitude of the heathen, flying to the Virgin's tomb, 
took thence \\Qvveil to defend them from the fire ; that the Lord might reprove 
them by delivering them from the peril of burning, for the sake of the Blessed 
Martyr Agatha.' 





[The other copy, in MS. V., is destroyed.] 

-L^ SWA pcet fram siracusa sohte mycel meniu 
ofer fiftig mila |?8es msedenes byrgene . 

on catanensciscre byrig mid mycelre onbryrd-nysse . 4 

pa com sum wydewe ^ seo waes geciged euthicia . 
betwux o^rum mannum . to Jpsere mseran byrigene . 
and hire dobtor samod . seo ge-sselige lucia . 
Seo wydewe wses unhdl . swa pcet hire arn blod 8 

geond feower geare fsec . and fsela laeca cunnode . 
ac hi ealle ne mihton byre anre ge-helpan . 
Hit gelamp t5a set Ipsere maessan . Ipcet man raedde \)cet god- 
spell , 
hu Ipcet wif wear's gehseled . pe wses on blodes ryne . 12 

"pSiSsi heo hrepode f>8es hselendes reaf . 
}?a cwcetS . lucia . mid geleafan to hire meder . 
Gif J?u gelyfst modor . j^ysum mseran god-spelle . 
gelyf pcet agathes geearnode set criste . 16 

J^atSa heo for his naman t5rowode . pc^t heo bine symle 
hsebbe on andwerdnysse on ecere blysse . 
gehrepa hire byrigene . and J^u bist sona hdl . 
pa sefter J^aere msessan seo modor and seo debtor 20 

astrehton hi on gebedum set Jjsere byrgene . 
Mid J?am pe hi lagon and gelencgdon 'Sa gebedu . 
J^a wearcS lucia on slsepe . and geseah agathen 
^betwux engla werodum . senlice gefretewode . 24 

and clypode byre J^us to . clypigende ufenne . 
Min swustor lucia . socS godes mseden 
hwi bitst )3U set me j^ses pe (5u miht sylf getitSian 

^ MS. wudewe, alt, to wydewe. 
* Leaf 51, back. 




Then Agatha's renown spread over land and sea, 

so that a great multitude out of Syracuse sought 

the virgin's tomb, from a distance of fifty miles, 

in the city of Catana, with great devotion. 4 

Then came a certain widow, named Eutychia, 

amongst other people, to the famous tomb, 

and her daughter with her, the blessed Lucy. 

The widow was diseased, so that she had a flux of blood 8 

for the space of four years, and had tried many physicians, 

but all of them could not help her, though she was but one \ 

Then it happened, at the mass, that the gospel was read 

how the woman was healed, that had a flux of blood, 12 

when she touched the Saviour's robe. 

Then said Lucy, full of faith, to her mother, 

'If thou believest, mother, this well-known gospel, 

believe that Agatha has merited something from Christ, 16 

since she suffered for His name that she might ever 

behold Him in her presence, in eternal bliss. 

Touch now her tomb, and thou shalt soon be whole.' 

Then, after the mass, the mother and daughter 20 

prostrated themselves in prayers at the tomb. 

Whilst they lay there and prolonged their prayers, 

Lucy fell asleep and saw Agatha 

amongst hosts of angels, splendidly adorned, 24 

and called to her thus, crying from above, 

'My sister Lucy, true virgin of God, 

why prayest thou of me that which thou couldst thyself grant ? 

^ A quaint expression. Many physicians could not heal one patient. 



J^inre mecler gelieolp )?in lialga geleafa . 28 

and efne heo is gebseled . lialwendlice 'Surh crist . 

and swa swa J)eos burh is gemsersod f>urh me . fram criste . 

swa bits siracusa burh . Ipurh. pe gewlitegod . 

for(5an Ipe pu. gearcodest criste . on J)inum clsenan mseg'S-hade . 

wynsume wununge . and (Sa awoc lucia . s3 

Heo aras t5a bifigende . for cSsere beorhtan gesihtSe . 

and ssede to hire meder . Ipu. eart mihtiglice gehaeled . 

nu bidde ic J^e . Ipurh. Ipa ylcan . Ipe Ipe mid ge-bedum gehselde . 

pcet pu nanne bryd-guman nsefre me ne namige . 37 

ne of minum lichaman deadlicne waestm ne sece . 

ac pB. 'Sing pe pn woldest to gewemmednysse me syllan . 

forgif me (Sa [to] clsennysse . to criste farendre . 40 

pa cwaetS seo modor . mine J^incg p\i wast , 

and ic heold nu nigon gear . wicS ealle hyncSa 

J)ines fseder ge-streon . and fur'Sor hi geeacnode . 

beluc serest mine eagan . and pa, sehta ateoh 44 

loca hu j^e licige . min leofa dohtor . 

pa cwsecS lucia . hlyst mines reedes 

ne miht Su naht Isedan of f)ysum life mid pe . 

and pcet pu on dea'Se sylst for drihtnes naman . 48 

pn hit sylst for f)an j^e J^u hit ne miht mid J^e aweg leedan . 

ac syle nu on gesundfulnysse psnoa socSan hgelende . 

swa hwset swa f)u gemyntest on forS-si}?e to donne . 

pus tihte lucia gelome J?a modor . 52 

otS pcet heo beceapode pa, scinendan gymmas . 

and eac hire land-are . wiS licgendum^ feo . 

and daelde siSSan J)earfum . and selj^eodigum mannum . 

wydewum . and wreccum . and wisum godes ]?eowum . 56 

pis com Jja to earan . f)am secSelborenan cnihte . 

pe awogode lucian . se wee geciged pascasius . 

arleas hae^en-gilda . and tihte pcet halige mseden 

to "^psera, deofla offrungum . ac pcet drihtnes mseden cwsecS . 60 

Hluttor offrung pcet is . and licwurSe gode . 

pcet mann wydewan geneosige . and wreccan gefrefrige . 

^ MS. lincgendum. ^ Leaf 52, 


Thy holy faith has helped thy mother, 28 

and lo ! she is entirely healed by Christ ; 

and even as this town is renowned through me, by Christ's favour, 

so shall Syracuse be renowned through thee, 

because thou didst yield thyself to Christ, in thy pure virginity, 

as a pleasant habitation;' and then Lucy awoke. 33 

She rose then trembling because of that bright vision, 

and said to her mother, 'thou art mightily healed. 

Now I pray thee, by that same One who healed thee by prayers, 

that thou never name to me any bridegroom, 37 

nor expect of my body any mortal fruit. 

but, as for the property that thou wouldst give me for my 

give it me for my chastity, as I am going to Christ.' 40 

Then said the mother, 'thou knowest my wealth, 
and I have kept now for nine years against all losses 
thy father's property, and have increased it further. 
First close mine eyes (in death), and then dispose of the property 
lo ! how thou mayst please, my dear daughter.' 45 

Then said Lucy, ' listen to my counsel ; 
thou canst take away nothing with thee out of this life, 
and that which thou wilt give at death for the Lord's name 48 
thou wilt give because thou canst not take it away with thee. 
But give now, in thy time of health, to the true Saviour 
whatever thou intendest to dispose of at thy death.' 
Thus Lucy frequently exhorted her mother, 52 

until she sold the shining gems, 
and even her landed property for ready money, 
and afterwards distributed it to the poor and to strangers, 
to widows and exiles, and wise servants of God. 56 

This came to the ears of the nobly-born youth 
who was wooing Lucy, who was named Paschasius, 
an impious idolater, who enticed the holy maid 
to make offerings to devils; but the Lord's virgin said, 60 

*A pure offering is this, and acceptable to God, 
that one should visit widows, and comfort exiles, 


and steopbearnura gehelpe . on heora geclrefednyssum . 

Ne dreah ic nu J?rym gearum . nane olpre dseda . 64 

biitan J^am lyfigendan dribtne . fas lac geoffrode . 

nu ic wylle me sylfe him soSlice geoffrian . 

for'San ic leng nssbbe . hwset ic on bis lacum aspende . 

pa yrsode pascasins . and bi spreecon fela . 68 

o(5 pcet be bire swingele bebet . gif beo suwian nolde . 

Lucia bim cwce"S to . psQS lifigendan godes word 

ne magon geswican . ne for-suwode beon . 

He axode cSa mid olle . Eart pu. la god ? 72 

Lucia bim andwyrde . Ic eom J^ses selmibtigan pmen . 

foYp'i ic cw8et5 godes word . for]^an ])e be on bis godspelle cwse'S . 

Ne synd ge j^e pddr sprecaS . ac spryc)? se balga gast on eow . 

Eft J)a pascasius orgellice befran . 76 

wunaS se balga gast on pe eornostlice . 

Lucia andwyrde pam. arleasan and cwae'S . 

Se apostol bebdt j^am '5e bealdaS clsennysse . 

pcet bi synd godes tempi . and ]?8es balgan gastes wunung . 80 

pa cwse^ se arleasa . Ic bate pe ardlice Isedan . 

to Jjsera myltestrena buse . pcet Su J^inne meegcS-bad forleose . 

pcet se . balga gast pe fram fleo . ^onne J^u fullice byst gescynd . 

Lucia andwyrde J^us . ne biS senig gewemmed . 84 

licbama to plibte . gif bit ne lica'S f>am mode . 

peab pn mine band abebbe . to Sinum bsej^engilde . 

and swa J^urb me geoffrige mines unwilles . 

ic beo |?eab unscyldig . setforan '5am so'San gode . 88 

se})e dem'S be J^am willan . and wat ealle J^incg . 

gif p\i me unwilles gewemman nu dest . 

rae bits twifeald clsennysse . geteald to wuldre . 

Ne mibt J^u gebigan minne willan to ]?e . 92 

swa bwset swa pu minum licbaman dest . ne mseg pcet belimpan 

to me. 
pa wolde se wselbreowa bis word gefyllan . 
pcet beo wurde geleed ^ to j^aere laSan fulnysse . 

^ Leaf 52, back. 


and help orphan children in their affliction. 

I have not for three years been employed about any other deeds, 

but have offered these offerings to the living Lord. 65 

Now I desire verily to offer to Him myself, 

because for some time I have had nothing to spend in His service.' 

Then was Paschasius wroth, and they spake much, 68 

until he promised her a beating if she would not be silent. 

Lucy said to him, * the words of the living God, 

cannot be suppressed, nor put to silence.' 

Then he asked her slanderously, 'What, art thou God?' 72 

Lucy answered him, ' I am the Almighty's handmaid, 

and therefore I speak God's words, since He says in His gospel, 

'It is not ye who speak there, but the Holy Ghost speaks in 

After that Paschasius arrogantly enquired, 76 

'Dwelleth the Holy Ghost in thee, in good earnest T 
Lucy answered the impious one, and said, 
'The apostle promised those who preserve chastity, 
that they are God's temple, and the Holy Ghost's habitation.' 
Then the impious one said, 'I shall straightway bid men lead 

thee 8 £ 

to the house of harlots, that thou mayst lose thy maidenhood, 
that the Holy Ghost may flee from thee, when thou art foully 

Lucy thus answered, ' no one's body is dangerously 84 

polluted, if it pleases not the (possessor's) mind. 
Though thou shouldst lift up my hand to thine idol, 
and so, by my means, offer against my will, 
I shall still be guiltless in the sight of the true God, 88 

who judges according to the will, and knoweth all things. 
If now, against my will, thou causest me to be polluted, 
a twofold purity shall be gloriously imputed to me. 
Thou canst not bend my will to thy purpose; 92 

whatever thou may est do to my body, that cannot happen to me.* 
Then the cruel one desired to fulfil his word, 
that she might be led to loathsome pollution, 


and begunnon hi teon to psere galnysse huse . 96 

ac godes miht weartS geswutelod . sona on ]?am maedene . 

swa pcet se lialga gast hi heold . and mid hefe gefsestnode . 

pcet pSL manful] an ne mihton Ipcet mseden astyrian . 

J^a cnitton hi rapas mid reSum an-ginne too 

hire to handum and fotum . and fela samod tiigon . 

ac heo nses astyrod . ac stod swa swa munt . 

J)a wear's ge-ancsumod se arleasa pascasius . 

and het him gelangian pa, leasan drymen to . 104 

poet hi pcet godes mseden mid heora galdrum oferswy'Sdon . 

ac "SaJ^a him naht ne speow . J^a het he spannan oxan to . 

ac hi ne mihton awecgan pcet mseden f>agit sw4 . 

Se cwellere J)a cwoeS to J^am clsenan msedene . 108 

hwset is se Intinga . pcet an p>usend manna 

pe ne magon astyrian swa unstrang swa (5u eart . 

Lucia him cwcc'S to . pesh |5u clypige tyn }?usend manna . 

hi sceolan ealle gehyran ]:)one halgan gast f)us cwe'Sende . 112 

Cadent a latere tuo mille et decern milia a dextris tuis tihi 

autem non adprojdnquabit malum . 
J)usend feallaS fram Jjinre sidan . and tyn ]:)usend fram J^inre 

swySran . 
pe sylf so'Slice ne ge-nealecse'S nan yfel . 

pa wear's se arleasa geancsumod eft swiSor on mode . 116 

and het raycel ad ontendan on ymb-hwyr[f]te pe&s msedenes . 
and mid pice hi besp[r]encgan . and mid spyrcendum ^ ele . 
Heo stod psi unforht on J^am fyre and cwge"S . 
Ic absed set criste pcet Sis cwealmbsera fyr 120 

me ne gewylde . poet pn wurSe gescynd . 
and hit f)am geleaffulhim afyrsige Jisere Srowunge forhtunge . 
and f)am unge-leaffullum pa. yfelan blysse of-teo . 
pa wearS se wselhreowa wodlice geancsumod . 124 

pcet his magas ne mihton his mod-leaste acuman . 
Ac heton acwellan pcet clsene mseden mid swurde . 
heo wearS pa, gewundod . pcet hire wand se innoS tit . 

^ Mifjht almost be read as swyrcendum. 


and began to drag her to the house of lust ; 96 

but God's might was displayed at once in the maiden, 

so that the Holy Ghost held her, and fastened her as by a great 

so that the wicked ones could not remove the maiden. 
Then they fastened ropes, in their cruel attempt, 100 

to her hands and feet, and many tugged at once, 
but she was never stirred, but stood firm as a mountain. 
Then was the impious Paschasius perplexed, 
and bade false magicians be brought unto him, 104 

that they with their enchantments might overpower the virgin 

of God. 
But when they sped not at all, he commanded oxen to be 

harnessed to her, 
but they could not even so shake the maiden. 
The murderer then said to the pure maid, 108 

' What is the reason that a thousand men 
cannot even stir thee, all weak as thou art 1 ' 
Lucy said to him, ' though tbou call ten thousand men, 
they would all hear the Holy Ghost thus speaking : 112 

Cadent a latere tuo mille, et decern millia a dextris tuis, tihi autem, 

non adpropinquabit malum. 
A thousand shall fall beside thee, and ten thousand at thy right hand, 
but verily no evil shall approach thyself.' 

Then was the impious one perplexed in his mind yet more, 116 
and bade men light a great pile all round the maid, 
and sprinkle her with pitch and bespattering C?) oil. 
She stood then undismayed in the fire, and said, 
' I have obtained of Christ in prayer that this deadly fire 1 20 
may have no power upon me, that thou mayst be put to shame, 
and that it may dispel all fear of torture from believers, 
and take away from unbelievers their evil joy.' 
Then was the impious one madly vexed, 124 

so that his friends could not assuage his madness ; 
but they bade men kill the pure maid with the sword. 
Then was she wounded, so that her bowels fell out. 


ac heo ne geVdt swa J)eali . ac {)urh-wuno(le on gebedum . 128 

swa lange swa heo wolde . and to f)8ere leode cwse'S . 

Ic secge eow to so}?an . pcet sib is forgifen . 

godes gelaSunge . and se gramlica casere 

dioclytianus . is gedon of his rice 132 

and maximianus se man-fulla is dead . 

Swa swa seo catanenscisee burh binnan hire weallum 

hsefS minre swyster agathen . miccle fore-)?ingunga . 

swa ic eom forgifen . fram J)am selmihtigan gode 136 

nu J>yssere byrig . siracusanan . 

eow to gejjingienne . gif ge fo(5 to geleafan . 

Mid ]?am J)e heo J^is spreec . wear J) se man-fulla pascasius 

mid racenteagum gebunden . and beforan (Sam maedene gelged . 140 

he waes ser ge-Avreged for his weelhreowum doedum . 

to romaniscre leode . pe 'Sa ealle land geweolden . 

He wearS pa, gebroht on bendum to rome . 

and Jja witan heton hine beheafdian . 144 

pEipSL he ne mihte his man-dseda betellan . 

Seo eadiga (sic) Incia on psere ylcan stowe wunode . 

pe heo ofslagen wses . o'^pcet sacerdas com an . 

and hi gehusloden . mid haligre (sic) gerynu . 148 

and heo gewdt to criste . mid J^am pe hi cwsedon amen. 

pa arserde })a leoda . J^ger heo Iceg cyrcan . 

and on hire naman gehalgodon . f)am hselende to wurcSmynte 

se'Se sefre rixatS on ecnysse god. AMEN". 152 




[Another copy in MS. U. ( = Camb. Univ. Library, li. I. 33) ; and a third in 
MS. B. ( = Bodley 343, If. 45) in later spelling. Of the last, I give only selected 
differences of reading.] 

seofon ^ nihton er ^ ]?am mon'Se pe we martins hatatS . 
Nu synd* sume men^ pe n3'ton hwset se nama ge-tacna'S. 
1 Leaf 53. 2 u. seofan. ^ U. B. ser. * B. beo«. * U. menn. 


nevertheless she died not, but continued in prayer 128 

as long as she desired, and said to the people, 

*I tell you of a verity that peace is granted 

to God's congregation, and the furious emperor 

Diocletian is deposed from his empire, 132 

and Maximian the evil-doer is dead. 

Even as the city of Catana within its walls 

has the powerful intercessions of my sister Agatha, 

so am I allotted by Almighty God 136 

now to this city of Syracuse, 

to intercede for you, if ye receive the faith.' 

Whilst she thus spake, the wicked Pascliasius 

was bound with chains, and led before the virgin. i-jo 

He had previously been accused, for his cruel deeds, 

to the Roman people, who governed all the land. 

He was then brought in bonds to Rome, 

and the senators commanded him to be beheaded, 144 

when he could not excuse his evil deeds. 

The blessed Lucy remained in the same place 

where she was struck down, until priests came 

and houselled her with the holy mysteries, 148 

and she departed to Christ as they were saying 'Amen.' 

Then the people reared a church on the spot where she lay, 

and hallowed it in her name, to the Saviour's glory, 

who ever reigneth as God throughout eternity. Amen. 152 



We commemorate in the calendar 'Cathedra Sancti Petri' 

seven days before the month which we call March, 

Now there arc some men who know not what this name siiinificth. 


Cathedra is ge-reht^ bisceop-stol on englisc . 4 

^and se^ halga petrus wees aliafen on Ipsuca dsege 

on his bisceop-stol . on Tps&re byrig antiochian . 

Jjone stol he ge-sset ^ . seofon gear fullice . 

and siSSan gewende * be godes wissunge ^ 8 

to l^sere meeran ^ rome byrig ^ . and J?ser binnan wunode 

fif and twentig geara . and fela wundra seteowde 

JDsere romaniscan leode . oZpcet he hi"^ to gelea^fan ge-bigde^ 

he ferde fram antiochian . for j^an J^e he wees apostol 12 

and sceolde gehwser gecuraan ^^ . and cristen-dom arseran . 

Jja gesset^^ he on rome o(5er^^ bisceop-setl . 

o'S pcet se ar-leasa nero . hine '^ahencg on rode-'^ . 

Nil '*wylle we^* eow secgan . sunie petres wundra. 16 

him to wur'Smynte ^^ . and eow to trymmincge ^^ . 

ac ure mac's nys . pcet we ealle his meer'Sa secgan . 

We ssedon hwilon ser . hu his sceadu geheakle ^^ . 

ealle f)a untruman pe heo oferglad . 20 

swa hwser swa he eode . and ^® hi ealle astodon ^^ 

ansunde . setforan him . pe on 'Sam fsenne ^^ ser lagon . 

Nu wylle we eac ^^ eow secgan . hu he ^^ sume daeg eode ^^ 

to ]9am godes temple . mid f>am godspellere lohanne . 24 

J?a laeg pser sum creopere lama fram cild-hade . 

se ^^ wees dseg-hwam-lice geboren to f)am beorhtan gete ^^ . 

pcet he ^^eelmessan under-fencge ^* set psbvn infarendum^^ . 

'5a beseah he to petre sumere selmessan "^^ wilnigende . 28 

Petrus sof)lice cwse'S . Nsebbe ic seolfor ne gold . 

ic l^e do pset ic haebbe . aris on drihtnes naman . 

hdl on ]?inum fotum . and gefeng his switSran^'^ 

arserde^^ hine upp . and he leop^^ sona 32 

cunnigende ^'^ his fe'Ses . hwse'Ser he cuSe gin . 

1 B. l-cw£eden. 2-2 -^ ^^^^ jg ^^^^ ^^^ 3 b. s^t. * B. wende. 

^ U. gewissunge. ^'^ B. burig rome. "^ B. he'om. ^ Leaf 53, back. 

^ B. begde. ^^ B. cumen. ^^ B. set. *^ B. on })are. ^^"^^ U. aheng 
on rode ; B. on rode ah^ng. ^^'^ U. wille we ; B. we wyllae^. ^^ U. 

wyrcSmynte. '® U. trymminge. ^'^ U. gehaelde. '^"'^ B. hdo stddasn. 

" U. fenne. 20 ^ ^^^^ 21-21 u. eode sume d^eg. 22 ^ j^^^ 23 u^ g. 
geate. 2*"^* U. selmyssan under-fenge. ^^ U. inn-farendum. ^^ U. selmyssan. 
'^■^ U. swySran ; B. swiSran hand. "^^ B. and arserde. '^'^ U. hleop. 


B. cunnende. 


Cathedra is interpreted 'Bishop's throne' in English; 4 

and Saint Peter was raised on that day 
to his bishop's throne in the city of Antioch. 
This throne he occupied fully seven years; 

and afterwards went by God's command 8 

to the great city of E,ome, and dwelt therein 
five and twenty years, and shewed many miracles 
to the Roman people, until he converted them to the faith. 
He left Antioch because he was an Apostle, 12 

and had to go everywhere and establish Christianity. 
Then he occupied in Rome his second episcopal see, 
until the wicked Nero hung him on a rood. 
Now will we tell you some of Peter's miracles 16 

to his honour, and your edification; 
but it is not our task to tell all his miracles. 
We said erewhile^ how his shadow healed 

all the sick over whom it glided, 20 

wheresoever he went, and they all rose up 
sound before him, who aforetime lay in the mire. 
Now will we also tell you how on a certain day he went 
to God's temple with the evangelist John. 24 

Then lay there a cripple, lame from childhood, 
who was daily carried to the * Beautiful * Gate, 
that he might receive alms from those entering. 
Then looked he towards Peter, desiring an alms, 28 

and Peter said, 'I have neither silver nor gold, 
I give thee that I have : arise, in the Lord's name, 
whole on thy feet,' and took his right hand 
and lifted him up ; and he leapt up immediately, 32 

trying his power of motion, whether he could walk. 
^ See ^Ifric's Homilies, ed. Thorpe, i. 316. 


Eode Ip'd mid blisse . binuan Ipam temple 

mid J^am halgum a,])ostohf.m ^ . }?one heelend herigende . 

pa. oncneowan hine ealle . '^pe hine cu'Son ser^ . 36 

and micclum wundrodon . psds wsedlan hsele . 

Eft set sumon saile j^a petrus sif)ode . 

neosigenne^ J?a geleaffullan . J?a becom he to liddan . 

^vvolde "Sa gebroSra gesprsecan* . pe on f>88re byrig eardodon . 40 

pd gemette h6 anne bsedrydan^ . binnon ]?am weallum . 

eneas gehaten . for eahte ^ gearum lama . 

pa cwoe'S se eadiga petrus . to pam earman bseddrydan' . 

gehaele 'Se drihten crist . aris and do pe gearowne^ . 44 

]?a ards se bseddryda^ un-bunden fram petre . 

se pe hsefS J)a milite . pcet he mseg un-binden^*^ . 

J?a fsestan cnottan . fyrnlicra synna . 

pam (Se mid dsedbote hine biddaS georne . 48 

pcBt he him gef)ingie ^^to fam hselende criste . 

pa gelyfde seo burh-waru . furh pses bseddrydan^^ hsele . 

on )3one soSan god . and gecyrde to fulluhte . 

and psb saroniscan^^ swa gelice dydon . 52 

loppe hatte sum burh . gehende Jjaere liddan . 

on f)8ere wees an wydewe . wel gelyfed 

thabitas ^^geciged . and swyf>e aelmes-georn ^* . 

and mid godum weorcum geglencged ^^ forj^earle . 56 

seo ^^ wearcS geuntrumad ^'^ on psnoa. ylcan timan . 

gewdt ^^ pa. of life . and Iseg on uppflora ^^ . 

pa ge-axodon J?a geleaf-fullan . J^e pcet lie bessetan'^*' . 

pcet petrus wses on liddan . f>am lande swa gehende . 60 

asendan^^ J^a twegen weras ^^wiS his'^^ . 

and bsedon pcet h6 butan yldincge ^^ hi ge-neosode . 

pa ar^s se apostol and ardlice^* f)ider com . 

* B. gastum. ^^ B. Jja ^e hine ser cu'Sen. ^ U. B. neosigende. 

*"* B. walde wi'S J)a ge-bro'Sise sp^can (U. gesprecan). ^ U. bedrydan. 

^ U. eahta. "^ U. bedzydan ; B. lamaen. ^ U. gearonne. ^ U. 

bedryda. ^^ U. unbindan. '^ Leaf 54. ^^ U. bedrydan, '^ U. 

saroceniscan (sic), ■^*"^* B. 1-haten . swiSe aelmesgeorne ; U. omits and. 

^^ U. geglenged. ^^ B. Heo. " U. ge-untrumod. *^ U. and gewat. 

■^^ B. hire tip-fldre. ^^ U. besseton. ^^ U. asendon ; B. ant senden. 

22-2^ B. to hm. 23 u yidinge. 24 ^ hterdlice. 


Then went he joyfully into the temple, 

with the holy apostles, praising the Saviour. 

Then all who knew him before recognised him, 36 

and greatly marvelled at the poor man's healing. 

Again, on another occasion, as Peter journeyed 

to visit the faithful, he came to Lydda, 

desiring to speak with the brethren who dwelt in that city. 40 

There he found a bedridden man within the walls, 

called ^Eneas, lame for eight years. 

Then said the blessed Peter to the poor bedridden, 

* The Lord Christ make thee whole, arise and make thyself 
ready.' 44 

Then arose the bedridden, loosed by Peter, 

he who hath the power to unloose 

the fast knots of olden sins 

in those that with repentance earnestly beseech him 48 

to intercede for them to the Saviour Christ. 

Then believed the men of the city, through the healing of the bed- 

in the true God, and submitted to baptism, 

and those of Saron did likewise. 52 

There was a city hight Joppa, nigh at hand to Lydda, 

wherein was a widow, a very true believer, 

called Tabitha, very diligent in alms-deeds, 

and adorned exceedingly with good works ; 56 

she became sick at that same time, 

departed from life, and lay in an upper chamber. 

When the faithful who surrounded tl^ body, 

learnt that Peter was at Lydda, so nigh to that place, 60 

then sent they two men to meet him, 

praying that he would visit tliem without delay. 

Then arose the apostle, and quickly came thitiier. 


eode to f)8ere uppflora ^ . and efne him embe stodon . 64 

wepende wydewan . and wan-hafele^ ]?earfan . 

^ seteowigende him^ pSL reaf . and pa, gerenodan . tunecan . 

j^e thabitas him worhte . ser J?an J^e heo gewite . 

pa het se halga petrus . pcet hi him pcet hus gerymdon . 68 

and gebigde "^ his cneowa biddende hire ^ lifes . 

Wende J^a to J^am lice . and hlude clypode . 

thabita aris . and heo J?8er-rihte ge-edcucode ^ . 

beseah to petre . and '^geset hire'*' upp . 72 

pa geleehte petrus hire lip>ian^ hand . 

arserde hi upp hale of f)ara bedde . 

pa asprang J^is wundor . wide geond Ipcet land . 

and fela gelyfdon on Ipone lifigendan god . 76 

pa wunode petrus sefter Jjsere wydewan seryste . 

manega dagas on ioppe . mid sumum ^gelyfedan menn^ 

symon gehaten . his hus stod witS Ipa Sce . 

pa wolde se apostol hine onsundron ^^ gebiddan . 80 

and astdh to Ipsere upp-flora ^^ . embe midne dseg utan . 

wses eac ofhingrod . and wolde jpser anbidian . 

pa. weart5 him seteowed . wundorlic gesihS . 

he geseah heofonas opene . and him com to an faet^^ . 84 

fy'Ser-scyte . and brad . and binnan penn. wseron 

^^ ealle cuce nytenu ^^ creopende . and gangande . 

him ^*com stemn to^* . Ipus clypiende^^ J^riwa . 

aris nu petrus . ^''and J)as re'San deor ofsleh . 88 

maca pe to mete ^'^ . pcet pu ^^ mege J^e gereordian ^^ . 

pa cw tie's se halga wer . ne gewur'Se hit leof drihten . 

forj^an Se ic ne onbyrgde ^^ . swa hwset swa unclsene bicS . 

pa com him eft ^° stemn to pus clypigende ^^ of heofonum . 92 

pcet pcet god geclsensode ^^ . ne cwseS pn"^^ pcet hit ful sy^^ . 

^ U. upflora. ^ TJ. wann-hafele. ^'^ B. sceawende. * B. he b^gde, 

^ U. heore. ^ B. cwlcede. '^"'^ U. ge-saet heore. ^ U. B. li])igan. 

^"^ U. ge-lyfedum men. ^'^ U. on-sundran. ^^ U. upflora; B. tip-flore. 

^2 U. feet. ^^"^^ B. fy'Ser-scyte nytenu . and alle nutene {sic). ^*"^* U. com 
"Sa stemn; B. c6m ]>a staefn to of heofenum. ^^ U. clypigende {pm. J>us). 

^^ Leaf 54, back. ^"^ U. metan. ^^"^^ U. mage gereordian ; B. mage 

reordisen. ^^ U. on-byrige; B. on-biirige. ^°'^'* B. stsefn "Sus clypigende to. 
^' U. clsensode ; B. clsensode on hdofenuw. ^"^ B. J)ii njC. ^^ B. bdo. 


went to the upper-chamber, and behold, there stood about him 
weeping widows and destitute poor, 65 

showing him the garments and the embroidered tunics, 
which Tabitha had made for them, before she departed. 
Then bade the holy Peter, that they should clear the house for him, 
and bowed his knees, praying for her life; 69 

then turned he to the body, and cried aloud, 

* Tabitha, arise,' and she straightway revived, 

beheld Peter, and sat up. 72 

Then Peter took her feeble hand, 

and raised her up whole from the bed. 

Then the miracle was blazed abroad throughout all that region, 

and many believed in the living God. 76 

Then Peter dwelt, after that widow's raising, 

many days in Joppa with a believing man, 

named Simon; his house stood by the sea. 

Then desired the apostle to pray apart, 80 

and went up outside the house-top about mid-day, 

was also an-hungered, and desired to remain there. 

Then was shown to him a wondrous vision, 

he saw the heavens open, and a vessel came to him 84 

four-cornered and broad, and within it there were 

all living creatures, creeping and walking. 

A voice came to him, thus crying thrice, 

* arise now, Peter, and slay these savage beasts, 88 
make for thee meat, that thou mayst satisfy thyself.' 

Then said the holy man, *let it not be so, dear Lord, 

for I have never tasted anything that is unclean.' 

Then came to him again the voice, thus crying from Heaven, 92 

*that which God hath cleansed, say not thou that it is foul.' 



priwa liim wses Ipus geclypod to . and ]:»ser-ribte wear's pcet fast 

■^upp to lieofonuin abroden ^ . eft mid J^am nytenum . 

"We wyllaS eow secgan , sceortlice j^as getacnunge^ , 96 

pcef' fyj^er-scyte "'' feet . mid Jjam fulum nytenum , 

hsefde getacnunge . ealles hasSenes folces , 

}3e on fytSer-scytum middan-earde fullice leofdon'^ . 

ac crist hi geclsensode . j^urh his tocyme on worulde . 100 

and for]?i cw9e|? se ^ stemn clypigende *^ to petre . 

J?8et he hine gereordode . mid j^am re}?enum'^ nytenum . 

for]?an Ipe hi wseron geclsensode . f)urh cristes j^rowunge . 

and he sceolde hi awendan of |?am wyrm-hiwe . 104 

Jjurh sotSe lare . to gesceadwisnysse . 

and to manna gelicnysse . of j^am lacSum hiwe . 

priwa clypode seo stemn . fram j^aere halgan "Srynnysse , 

seo ])& is ^n selmihtig god . sefre^ unto-dseled-lic ^ . 108 

Mid f)am Se petrus smeade . hwset his gesihS gemsende . 

Jja clypodon f>aer Sry weras . cnucigende set j^am geate . 

and axodon set Jjam hiwum . hwseSer se halga petrus 

J?8er wununge haefde . -^"woldon hine gesprsecan^® . 112 

Efne pSi se halga gast . him pcet ssede . and cwseS . 

pry weras Ipe seca'5 . of cessarean byrig . 

aris and far mid him . forj^an fe ic " hi asende " . 

Petrus psb eode ard-lice ^^ to Sam mannum . 116 

befrdn^^ for hwylcum intingan . hi hine axodon . 

hi ssedon Ipcet Cornelius ^^ hi asende ^^ to him . 

He is hundredes ealdor . and haefS godes ^* ege . 

swySe riht-wys wer . pcet wdt eall Ipeos scyr . 120 

him com to godes sencgel ^° . and cwseS pcet he sceolde . 

\)e him to langian ^^ . and }?ine lare gehyran . 

pa on serne mergen eode 

se ^"^ eadiga ^^ petrus . mid f)am serendracum « 124 

^"' B. lip abrdgden to heofenuwi. ^ B. bisnunge. ^ V . fi])er-scyte. 

* U. leofodon. ^ U. seo. ® U. om. ' U. reSum; B. Tse]>nm, 

* B. om. ^ B. un-to-daslendlic. ^^'^^ B. and wolden wi'5 him spraecen. 
^1-" B. h^om sonde. ^^ B. h^rdHce. ^^ -jj. and be-fran. " B. 
mycelne godes. '^ U. B. engel. ^'^ U. ge-langian ; B. laeden. 
" Leaf 55. 18 B. halga. 


Thrice was it thus cried to him, and straightway the vessel 

was drawn up to Heaven again, together with the beasts. 

We will now tell you shortly the interpretation. 96 

The four-cornered vessel with the foul beasts 

had for signification all heathen nations, 

who, in the four quarters of the earth, lived foully, 

but Christ cleansed them by His coming into the world; 100 

and therefore said the voice, crying to Peter, 

that he should feed himself with the fierce beasts, 

because tliey were cleansed through Christ's passion, 

and He Was to turn them from the likeness of the serpent 104 

by true doctrine unto reason, 

and to the likeness of men from that loathsome form. 

Thrice cried the voice from the Holy Trinity, 

Who is One Almighty God, ever indivisible^ £o8 

"While Peter considered what his vision should mean^ 

there cried three men, knocking at the gate, 

and asking of the servants, whether the holy Peter 

had his dwelling there, desiring to speak with him. s:i4 

Behold then, the Holy Ghost told him of it and said^ 

* Three men seek thee from the city of Caesarea^ 

arise, and go with them, for I have sent them,' 

Peter thereupon went quickly to the men, is6 

enquiring for what cause they asked for him. 

They said that Cornelius sent them to him ; 

*He is a Centurion, and hath the fear of God, 

a very righteous man, as all this province knows; 120 

to him came God's angel, and bade that he should 

summon thee to him, and hear thy doctrine.' 

So, in the early morning, went 

the blessed Peter with the messengers^ 124 



and eac his gebro'Sra samod to cessarean byrig . 

Cornelius gela'Sode his leofestan freond^ . 

wolde Ipcet hi ge-hyrdon . f)a halgan lare set petre . 

and code him to-geanes . ^and hine eadmodhce gebigde'^ . 128 

adune to his fotum . ac his onfencg^ petrus. 

Eode pSL inn mid cornelie . and cwce^ to him eallum . 

Ge witon pcet us* ludeiscum ne gedafenacS to genealecenne 

eow hge(5enuni mannum . ac me geswutelode god . 132 

pcet us nys to cwe^enne . pcet ge unclsene syndon^ . 

Ic com^ eac forj^y buton aelcere twynunge'' . 

ic axe** J^one intingan . hwi p\i me gelangodest^ . 

Cornelius cvvse'S f)a . me com to godes encgel^^ 136 

nu ser on dseg embe non-tid . ]?a]5a ic me ana gebsed . 

stod on hwitum gyrlum and cwce'S f)us to me . 

Jjin gebsed^^ is gehyred . fram J^am healican gode . 

and f>ine selmyssan synd on his gesih})e getealde . 140 

asend nu^^ to loppen to symone petre . 

and gelange^^ hine to pe . pcet he pe lifes word secge . 

Nu sende ic to J^e and we synd gearwe ^* . 

ealle pa. p'mcg to gehyrenne . J^e se liselend pe behead . 144 

Cristen-dom nses J^agit cutS on J)8ere byrig . 

ne pes Cornelius uses on criste gefuUod . 

ac he gelyfde swa ]?eah on j^one lifigendan god . 

and mid aelmessum geearnode ]?8es gengles ^^ wyssunge . 148 

and astealde psnai haej^enum healice gebysnunge . 

t5a f)a he to fulluhte heora fyrmest beah . 

pa cwcetS . se eadiga petrus . Ic on-cneow to sof)an . 

pcet gode is andfencge-^^ on selcere msegSe 152 

sef»e hine ondrset . and decS rihtwisnysse . 

Ongan J>a to secgenne J?one soJ>an geleafan 

J^am hse'Senan J?egne be cJses haelendes fsere . 

* U. inserts him to after freond ; B. inserts it after gelaSode. ^ B. ead- 

molice {sic) and begde. ^ U. B. onfeng. * U. oin. ^ B. be6n. 

^ MS. eom ; B, e6m; C. com (rightly). '' U. twuwunge ; B, twenunge. 

8 U. axige ; B. axie. ^ B. la^odest. ^^ U. B. engel. " U. B. ge- 

bed. ^"^ U. Ac send nu ; B. send. ^^ U. ge-langa ; B, la;d. ^* U. 

gearowe ; B. gearuge. ^^ U. B. engles. ^^ U. B. andfenge. 


and likewise liis brethren together, to the city of Caesarea. 

Cornelius invited his dearest friends, 

desiring that they should hear the holy doctrine from Peter, 

and went to meet him, and humbly bowed himself 128 

down, at his feet, but Peter took him up. 

Then went he in with Cornelius, and said to them all, 

* Ye know that it befitteth not us Jews to come near 

to you heathen men, but God hath showed me 132 

that it is not for us to say that ye are unclean. 

I came therefore without any doubt, 

I ask the cause wherefore thou calledst for me.' 

Then Cornelius said, ' God's angel came to me 136 

[shortly] before now one day about the ninth hour while I was 

praying alone, 
stood in white garments, and said thus to me, 
" Thy prayer is heard of the high God, 

and thine alms are reckoned in his sight ; 140 

send now to Joppa, to Simon Peter, 

and call him to thee, that he may speak to thee words of life." 
Now have I sent unto thee, and we are ready 
to hear all those things which Jesus commanded thee.' 144 

Christianity was not yet known in that city, 
neither was this Cornelius baptized into Christ, 
but he believed nevertheless in the living God, 
and by alms earned the angel's instruction, 148 

and set the heathen a lofty example, 
when he submitted to baptism the first of them all. 
Then said the blessed Peter, ' I perceive of a tnith 
that God is the receiver in every nation 152 

of whosoever feareth Him, and doeth righteousness.' 
Then began he to teach the true faith 
to the heathen officer, concerning the Saviour's life; 


hu he worhte wundra on Jpyssere worulda fela^ . 156 

and si(5San deaS ]?rowode sylf-willes for us . 

and on })am p)ryddan dasge ards of 'Sam deaSe gesund , 

pa betwux pjaum, worduin . wear]:) mycel godes wundor 

swa Ipcpt se halga^ gast com ofer j^a liseSenan . 160 

and hi ealle spreecon pe ^a lare gehyrdon . 

^ mislicum gereordum ' msersigende god . 

}?a wundrodon j^a iudeiscan pe Jjser wseran mid petre 

geleaffulle on criste . pcet se halga gast com 164 

ofer Sa hse'Senan . and se halga petrus cwse'S . 

hwa mseg waeteres forwyrnan ^Jjysum werum^ to fulluhte . 

^ nu hi J)one halgan gast habba'S under-fangen ^ 

swa swa we sylfe . and he sona het hi 168 

ealle fullian . on Jjses selmihtigan naman . 

f>a bsedon hi petrum pcet he andhidode " psur 

ane '^feawa daga"^ sefter heora fulluhte . 

Eft f)a(5a petrus com to pam cristenuw heape 172 

binnan hierusalera . J^a befrunon pa gebro(5ra 

pe of ludeiscum cynne ^ . on crist gelyfdon . 

Hwi eodest j^u to J^am hse'Senum . and on heora huse ge-aete . 

pa iudeiscan wendon pcet hi ana wseron 176 

gode gecorene . and forf)y swa cwtedon . 

On ealdum ^ dagum under moyses . se ^° . 

noldon J?a iudeiscan genealecan pam hsej^enum 

ne mid him gereordian . and swyf)e rihtlice pi . 180 

forj^an pe hi gelyfdon on "]?ane lifigendan god . 

and pB, hse'Senan gelyfdon on ^^ pa leasan godas . 

J^aSe nseron godas ac gramlice deofle ^^ . 

Nu woldon 'Sa Iudeiscan heora gewunan healdan 184 

sefter heora fulluhte . and forseon Sa hgej^enan . 

pa began se halga petrus . him eallum secgan . 

hwset him ^^god geswutelode ^^ serSan pe he J^ider sif)ode 


^ B. om. ^ Leaf 55, back. '*'' B. mislice reordum. ^"* B. 

wynsume were. ^"^ B. nu heo liabbae'S J)one halgJB gast on-fengon. 

^ B. abide. '^"'^ B. lut dagse. ^ B. cunne weron and. ^ I'lte d 

is erased ; U. ealdum ; B. ealde. ^'^ B. lage. ^^"^^ B. omits. ^^ U. 

deofla ; B. deoflae. ^-"^^ B. 1-swy telo Je were. ^* B. ferde. 


how he wrought many miracles iu this world, 156 

and afterwards suffered death of His own will for us, 

and on the third day arose from the dead un corrupt. 

In the midst of these words was shown a great miracle of God, 

so that the Holy Ghost came upon the heathen, 160 

and they all who heard that lore spake 

with divers tongues, magnifying God. 

Then marvelled the Jews who were there with Peter, 

which believed in Christ, that the Holy Ghost came 164 

upon the heathen, and the holy Peter said, 

' Who shall forbid water for the baptism of these men 

now that they have received the Holy Ghost 

even as we ourselves?' and he straightway commanded them 168 

all to be baptized, in the name of the Almighty. 

Then prayed they Peter to tarry there 

for a few days after their baptism. 

After that when Peter came to the Christian congregation 172 

at Jerusalem, then the brethren asked him, 

they of the Jewish nation who believed in Christ, 

' Why wentest thou to the heathen and didst eat in their house ]' 

The Jews thought that they alone were 176 

chosen of God, and therefore so spake. 

In old days, under Moses' Law, 

the Jews would not come near the heathen, 

nor eat with them, and very rightly then, 180 

because they themselves believed in the living God, 

and the heathen believed in the false gods, 

which were not gods but horrible devils. 

The Jews wished now to hold their customs 1S4 

after their baptism, and to contemn the heathen. 

Then began St. Peter to relate to them all 

what God had showed him before ho came thither, 


and hu se halga gast com ofer J?a li8ef)enan and cwcb^ . i88 

Gif god him forgeaf ^ f»8es halgan gastes gife . 
swa swa us on frymf)e on fyrenum gereordum . 
Hwset eom ic manna ^ \>cet ic mihte god forbeodan? 
pa suwodon f)a ludeiscan sySSan lii j^is gehyrdon . 192 

and wuldrodon^ god . \>(]et he wolde forgifan* 
J)am hsef enan dsed-bote to ]?am heofonlican life . 
Marcellus wses gehaten . sum msere godes )?egn . 
se folgode symone f)am sceand-lican dry . 196 

o^\>cBt se eadiga ^ petrus . f)one arleasan ofer-drdf . 
pa for-let ^marcellus J^one manfullan dry . 
and folgode petre and to fulluhte beah . 

Nu awraf f>8es marcellus . hu sanc^e petres dohtor 200 

petronella gewat ^ of worulde to criste . 
Petrus haefde wif^ aerSan \>e he wsere 
gecyrred to cristes hirede . ac he wif)-cw8et5 sic5'5an 
woruldlicum gewilnungum . and wifes neawiste . 204 

for]?an \)Q crist astealde clsennysse on worulde . 
and ealle his folgeras ferdon on clsennysse . 
swa swa petres cw8ec5 . cuj^lice him to . 

Ecce nos reliquiTnus omnia et secuti sumus te . quid ergo erit 
nobis ? 208 

Efne we forleton ealle J?incg on worulde 
and Ipe nu folgiaf) . hwset fore-sceawost pu ^^ us . 
On anginne middan-eardes . cwse'S se selmihtiga god . 
beocS gemenig-fylde . and ge-fylla'S f)as eorSan . 212 

and crist wolde on his to-cyme clsennysse ^^ arseran . 
and his halgan hired . heold on clsennysse . 
Menu hsefdon on frymcSe heora magan to wife . 
and swa wel mosten for Ssere wif-leaste . 216 

and gif nu hwa swa de'S nsefS^^ he godes bletsunge . 
Under moyses se ^^ . moste se bisceop habban 

^ B. geaf. ^ B. mon. ^ B, wundredon on. * B. gifen. 

5 B. halga. « Leaf 56. ' B. wrat. » B. ferde. » B. wif 

and child. ^^ U. fore-sceawastu. ^^ B. om. ^^ B. 'Sonne nsefS. 
^ B. lage. 


and how the Holy Ghost came upon the heathen, and said, i88 
"If God gave them the gift of the Holy Ghost 
as unto us at the beginning in fiery tongues, 
what manner of man am I, that I could forbid God V 
Then the Jews were silent after they had heard this, 192 

and glorified God, in that He willed to grant 
to the heathen repentance unto the heavenly life. 
There was a great servant of God hight Marcellus, 
who followed Simon the shameful sorcerer, 196 

until the blessed Peter drove away the impious man. 
Then Marcellus left the wicked sorcerer, 
and followed Peter, and submitted to baptism. 
Now this Marcellus hath recorded how St. Peter's daughter, 200 
named Petronilla, departed from the world to Christ. 
(Peter had a wife before he was converted 
to the family of Christ, but he afterwards renounced 
worldly desires, and conjugal intercourse, 204 

because Christ ordained chastity in the world, 
and all his followers walked in chastity, 
even as Peter indeed said to him, 

^ Ecce nos reliquimus omniay et secuti sumus te ; quid ergo erit 
nobis V 208 

'Behold, we have left all things in the world 
and now follow Thee, what wilt thou provide for us V 
In the beginning of the world said Almighty God, 
*Be ye multiplied, and replenish the earth;' 212 

and Christ desired at His coming to establish chastity, 
and preserved His holy household in chastity. 
Men had in the beginning their kindred to wife, 
and well they might, for the lack of women; 216 

and whosoever doth so now, will not have God's blessing. 
Under Moses' law, the bishop was to have 


an ge-£EVvnod ^ vvif . for j^sere gewissan sefter-gencgnysse ^ . 

pcet is pcet se sunu sceolde symle fon to ]?am hade . 220 

sefter his feeder geendunge and uan oSer ne moste^ . 

Hit mihte pa wel swa* . for pan pe hi ne meessodon^ nrefre . 

ac hi offrodon nytenu on heora lacum gcde . 

ne husel nses gehalgod serj^am 'Se se haelend com . 224 

and }?a niwan gecySnysse mid cristen-dome arserde . 

and geceas pa, clsenan ^ to his clsenum Jjeow-dome . 

na to nytena offrunge ac to his agenum lichaman . 

and bisceopas ne hed^ nu^ be gebyrdum^ gecorene . 228 

ac seo halige gela'Sung lufaS |?a clsenan . 

and crist wile habban pa pe him clsenlice J^enia'S . 

set f)am liflicu?7i lacum his lichaman and blodes . 

We sceoldan ^ secgan be fjsere snoteran petronellan . 232 

j^ses eadigan petres dehter . ac us be-arn }:)is on mod . 

Se fore-saeda marcellus saeda {sic) ^^ pcet heo Isege ^^ 

on paralisin swa swa petrus sylf wolde ^^ . 

pa axode titus Jjone ^^ eadigan^* apostol . 236 

hwi he gepafode pcet heo swa ^° lage on j?am leger-bedde . 

J^onne he ^"oSre alefede ealle gehselde^*^ . and heo ana Iseg swa . 

Da cwoeS se halga feeder . pcet hire fremode pcet . 

ac pe\£BS pe hwa wene pcet ure word ne msege 240 

hire hsele forgifan^'^ . ic hate hi nu arisan 

and us eallum })enian . and heo f)8er-rihte aras 

]:>enode hire feeder . and his ^- geferum hal ^^ . 

^fter j?sere f)enunge het se halga petrus . 244 

hi to bedde gan and beon eft^^ seoc . 

Heo j^eah Sa on godes ege ^^ and god hi eft gehselde ^° . 

swa pcet heo sylf mihte manega o'Sre gehselen''^^ . 

^ B. i-aewod. ^ U. seffcer-ge-gencgednysse ; B. aafter-gancnysse. ^ B. 

mot. * B. swa beon. ^ U. mgessadan ; B, messeden. ^ U. 

cljBnum (sic); for 1. 226, B. has — and cheas aerest his twelf apos^olas. and 
sy'SSan alle ])a clene lieorte to his claene ])eow-dome. "^ B. nii na. ^ B. 

burdum. ^ U. B. sceolon. ^^ XJ. B. saede. ^^ U. lage ; B. Iseg. 

^2 B. s»de. 1^ Leaf 56, back. " B. halga. ^^ jj o,,^, 

X6-16 ^ wolde otJre i-lefede alle haelen. ^'^ B. gifasn. ^*"'^ B. ge-refum (sic) 
al andsund alle If men. ^^ B. am. '^'^''^** B. eode to hire bedde o5'5et 

god hire eft htelde. ^' U. ge-ha^lan ; B. liielen. 


an espoused wife, for the certain succession, 

that is, that the son should always succeed to the priesthood, 

after his father's death, and no other might do so. 

It might well be so then, because they never celebrated mass, 

but they offered beasts in their sacrifices to God, 

neither was the housel consecrated before Jesus came, 224 

and instituted the New Covenant with the Christian people, 

and chose the pure for His pure service, 

not unto the offering of beasts, but unto His own body; 

and bishops are not now chosen according to lineage, 228 

but the holy church loveth the chaste, 

and Christ will have those that serve Him in chastity 

at the living sacrifice of His body and blood. 

We have to speak about the wise Petronilla, .232 

the blessed Peter's daughter, but this occurred to our mind.) 

The aforesaid Marcellus said that she lay 

in a palsy even as Peter himself willed it. 

Then Titus enquired of the blessed Apostle, 236 

why he suffered her so to lie on a sick bed, 

when he healed all other cripples, and she alone lay so ? 

Then said the holy father, that it was for her profit, 

'But, lest any one should think that our word cannot 240 

give her healing, I command her now to arise 

and serve us all;' and she immediately arose, 

served her father, and his companions, being made whole. 

After this attendance the holy Peter commanded 244 

her to go to bed, and be again diseased. 

Thus she was perfected in the fear of God, and God healed her again, 

60 that she might herself heal many others, 


f)urh halige gebedu ^ on "Sses liaelendes nam an . 248 

Hire waes sum oj^er mseden geferlselit felicula gehaten 

ful-fremed on godes ege . and on ealre godnysse ^ . 

ac petrouella wses swycSe wlitig on hiwe . 

pa com sum heretoga . se wses gehaten flaccus . 252 

raid mycelre fare to j^sere raaeran petronellan . 

wolde hi niman to wife for hire wlitigan hiwe . 

pa cwceS poit halige meeden to }?am heej^enan menn ^ . 

hwi come f>u mid wsepnum and mid weelreowum cempum 256 

to anum msedene unmihtigum to wige . 

ac gif Su me habban wylt hat cuman to me 

seSelborenne wif . and wlitige msedenu 

nu sefter Srym dagum . and ic efne mid him 260 

to }?inum huse cume . and he hire gelyfde* . 

Hw8et f)a petronella mid ^feestenum hi gebaed^ 

to 'Sam heofonJican cynincge . fe heo gecoren hsefde 

on eallum Ipam. fyrste . and felicula samod . 264 

d^pcet nicomedis se msesse-preost com 

on ]:)am (5riddan dsege . and dyde him msessan . 

and seo halige petronella pa. husel under-feng . 

gewende ^ to hire bedde and gewat sona . 268 

pa comon J^a wif swa heo '' hsefde gecwaeden "^ . 

and be-hwurfon^ hire lie of)]5ce^ heo bebyrged wses . 

swylce hi forSan comon pcEt hi J^a faemnan bestodon . 

pa awende se flaccus to feliculan his mod . 272 

and cwsef) hire j^us to mid J^rutigendum mode . 

Geceos J^e nu ardlice^ an f)yssere^^ twaegra^^ . 

of>]pe Su beo min wif . o'SSe gebuh^^ to urum godum 

and him Idc geofTra . ac heo him andwyrde pns . 276 

Ne beo ^^ic nsefre ]:)in wif . for'San pe ic sylfwylles eom 

criste gehalgod . ne ic f»am hsej^enum godum 

lac ne geoffrige . forSan pe ic on crist gelyfe ^* . 

^ B. bedum. ^ U. gdddnysse. ^ B. })egnum. * B. lefde. 

^"5 B. festine hire bed. ^ U. B. and gewende. '^"^ U. ge-cweden 

hsefde ; B. 1-cwajden hajfde. » B. bi-hyrfon. » B. heardlice. ^"^ U. 

"Sysra. ^^ U. twegra ; B. twegrce. ^^ B. ])u buh. ^^ Leaf 57. 

^^ B. ic criste 1-lyfe. 


tlirough holy prayers, in the Name of Jesus. 248 

With her another maiden was brought up named Felicula [her 

perfect in God's fear, and in all goodness; 
but Petronilla was very fair of face. 

Then came a certain ruler, who was called Flaccus 252 

with a great company to Petronilla the maiden, 
and desired to take her to wife for her fair face. 
Then said the holy maiden to the heathen man, 
*Why hast thou come with weapons, and rude soldiers 256 

unto a maiden powerless for war*? 
but if thou wilt have me, bid come unto me 
noble matrons, and fair maidens 

three days hence, and behold, I will with these 260 

come to thy house,' and he believed her. 
So then Petronilla prayed with fasting 
to the heavenly king, who had chosen her, 

during all that space, and JFelicula with her, 264 

until Nicomedes the mass-priest came 
on the third day, and said mass for them, 
and the holy Petronilla received the housel, 

returned to her bed, and quickly died. 268 

Then came the women as they had agreed, 
and swathed her body until she was buried, 
as if they had come for the purpose of attending to the woman. 
Then Flaccus turned his mind to Felicula, 272 

and thus said to her with a threatening manner, 
'Choose thee now quickly one of these two things. 
Either be my wife, or bow to our gods, 

and offer sacrifice to them;' but she answered him thus, 276 
* I will never be thy wife, because that of my own will 
I am dedicated to Christ, neither will I offer sacrifice 
to the heathen gods, because I believe in Christ.' 


pa h6t se arleasa flaccus . ]?a fsemnan gebringan 280 

on [?yster-fullu?w ^ cwearterne . and cwceS . poet raan'^ ne sceolde 
senigne^ bigleofan hire don binnon seofon nihton* . 
Heo wunode f»a sw4 seofon niht meteleas . 

and sy'SSan weartS getintregod for pan so'San geleafan 284 

and for hyre msegS-hade d^pcet heo wearS gemartyrod . 
and hire gast ferde freoh to heofonum . 
pa com nicomedis se fore-seeda masse-preost . 
and bebyrgde ^ hire lie to lofe J^am eehnihtigan . 288 

pa gelsehte flaccus f>one geleaf-fullan preost . 
and for(5an J^e he nolde para fulum godum geoffrian . 
het hine beswingan d^pcet he sawlode . 

He gewat pa to heofonan to hselende criste . 292 

]pam is wuldor and v/urS-mynt ® . on ealra worulda woruld . 



WE WYLLAB Eow GERECCAN J^iEEA fcowcrtigra ccmpena tJro- 
v/unge . 
pcet eower geleafa pe trutnre sy . ])onne ge gehyratS 
hu )?egenlice hi j^rowodon for criste . 

On ]?ees caseres dagum pe wees gehaten licinius 4 

wear's astyred mycel ehtnys ofer pa cristenan . 
swa peat selc cristen mann sceolde be his agenum feore 
J^am heelende witS-sacan and to hseSenscype gebugan . 
and pam deofolgyldum drihtnes wurj)mynt gebeodan , 8 

pa wees geset sum wselhreowa dema 
agricolaus geciged , on anre byrig 
sebastia gehaten . on J?am lande armenia . 
Se fore-ssede dema wses swiSe arleas . 13 

^ U. 'SeosterfuUum ; B. 'Seosterfule. ^ B. naw. mow. ^ B. om. 

* U. nihtum ; B. nihte. ^ U. be-byrigde ; B. burigde. ^ B. wur'S' 

ment d. 


Then commanded the wicked Flaccus to bring the maiden 280 

into a very dark prison, and said, that no man was to 

give her any sustenance for seven nights. 

Thus she remained seven nights meatless, 

and was afterwards tortured for the sake of the true faith, 284 

and for the sake of her virginity, until she was martyred, 

and her free soul departed to Heaven. 

Then came Nicomedes the aforesaid mass-priest, 

and buried her body, to the praise of the Almighty. 288 

Then Flaccus seized the faithful priest, 

and, because he would not sacrifice to the foul gods, 

commanded him to be scourged until he gave up the ghost. 

Thus he departed to Heaven to Jesus Christ, 292 

To Whom is glory and worship world without end. Amen. 


We will relate to you the l*assion of the Forty Soldiers, 

that your faith may be the firmer when ye hear 

how devotedly (lit. thane-like) they suffered for Christ. 

In the emperor's days who was called Licinius 4 

a great persecution was stirred up against the Christians, 

so that every Christian man had, for the sake of his own life, 

to deny the Saviour and conform to heathenism, 

and to sacrifice the Lord's honour to idols. 8 

There was set a certain bloodthirsty judge, 

called Agricola, in a city 

hight Sebaste, in the land of Armenia* 

The aforesaid judge was very wicked, 12 


cristenra manna elitere and arod to deofles willan . 

pa het se cwellere J^ses caseres cempan 

ealle geoffrian . heora Mc J^am godum . 

pa waeron on Jjam camp-dome cappadonisce cempan . i5 

feowertig cristenra^ unforhte on mode . 

sew-fsestlice libbende sefter godes lare . 

pas gelsehte se ^ dema and gelaedde hi to })am deofolgyldum . 

and cwseS mid olecunge . ])cet hi sej^ele cempan wseron . 20 

and on selcum gefeolite fsest-rsede him betwynan . 

and symle sige-fseste on swij^licum gewinne . 

set-eowia'S nu for^i eowre anrsednysse . 

and eow sylfe under-]:)eoda'5 J>8era cyninga gesetnyssum . 24 

and geoffriaS J)am godum serj^am J^e gebeon getintregode , 

pa cwsedon J^a cristenan . to 'Sam cwellere ]?us . 

Oft we oferswi(5don swa swa pu. sylf wistest 

lire wi'Ser-winnan on gehwylcum gewinne . 28 

f>a fa we fuhton for 'Sam deadlicum kynincge . 

ac us gedafena'S swy'Sor mid geswince to campigenne . 

for IpSLToa. undead-licum cynincge and J?e ofer-swiSan . 

pa cwceS se dema Ipcet hi oper J: sera dydon . 32 

swa hi ]^am godum geoffrodon and arwur'Snysse hsefdon . 

swa hi 'Sa offrunge for-sawon and gescynde wurdon . 

smeageS nu ic bidde hwset eow betst fremige . 

Da halgan andwjrdon ]:»am hseSenan cwellere . 36 

Drihten foresceawa'S . hwset us fremige . 

pa h^t se cwellere hi on cwearterne gebringan » 

hwset })a halgan Ipa, heora cneowa bigdon 

binnon f>am cwearterne J^us biddende crist . 49 

Alys us nu drihten fram deoflicum costnungum . 

and fram eallum seswicungum unrihtwisra wyrhtena . 

Hi sungon on sefenunga eft o'Serne sealm . 

and on heora gebedum wunodon })urh-wacole o'S midde niht . 44 

pa set-eowde se hselend hine sylfne his halgum . 

and hi Ipus getrymde to J?am to-weardan ge-winne . 

God is eower anginn . and eower inngehyd 

^ ' ra' in a different hand. ^ Leaf 57, back. 


a persecutor of Christian men, and ready to the devil's will. 

Then commanded the murderer that all the emperor's soldiers 

should offer their sacrifices to the gods. 

There were in the army (warfare) Cappadocian soldiers, i6 

forty Christians, unfearful in mind, 

living piously after the doctrine of God ; 

these the judge seized and led them to the idol-sacrifice, 

and said with flattery that they were noble soldiers, 20 

and in every conflict constant to each other, 

and ever victorious in sharp conflict. 

'Show now therefore your constancy, 

and subject yourselves to the king's commands, 24 

and sacrifice to the gods before ye be tormented.' 

Then spake the Christians to the murderer thus ; 

* Often have we overcome, even as thou thyself knowest, 

our adversaries in every battle, 28 

when we fought for the mortal king; 
but it becometh us even more with toil to fight 
for the immortal King and to withstand thee.' 
Then said the judge that they should do one of these two 
things, 32 

either they must sacrifice to the gods and have honour, 
or else contemn the offering and be put to shame; 
' Consider now, I pray you, what will best profit you.' 
The saints answered the heathen murderer, 36 

' The Lord will foreshow what may profit us.' 
Then bade the murderer to bring them into a dungeon. 
So then the saints bowed their knees 

within the dungeon, thus praying Christ, 40 

' Deliver us now. Lord, from the devil's temptations, 
and from all the deceits of unrighteous workers.' 
They sang in the evening again another psalm, 
and continued vigilant in their prayers until midnight. 44 

Then the Saviour manifested Himself to His saints, 
and thus encouraged them to the coming conflict : 

* God is your beginning (guide) and your encouragement, 



ac se bits geliealden se)?e oS ende f)urh-wuna'S . 48 

Ealle hi gehyrdoii Ipsds hselendes word 
and wurdon afyrhte . and forSi J^urh-wunodon 
buton slpepe oS dseg . heora drihten msersigende , 
Hwset ]:)a agricolaus on serne mergen gegaderode 52 

his geborenan magas to his manfullan ge]?eahte . 
and het him to laedan f)a halgan godes cempan . 
Hi pa ealle feowertig set-foran him stodon 

J?a began se dehiia eft hi herigan . 56 

cwse'S Ipcet heora gelican nseron on J^ses caseres lande 
ne swa ge-herede . ne him swa leofe . 
gif hi noldon awendan }?a lufe to hatunge . 

pa cweedon pa halgan . pcet hi hine hatodon 60 

for his geleaf-leaste . and lufedon heora drihten . 
pa. grimetede se wselhreowa swa swa grsedig leo . 
and het hi gebringan gebundene on cwearterne . 
for'San pe he anbidode J^ges ealdormannes to-cymes . 64 

pa com se ealdorman Sses embe seofon niht . 
and het sona gelangian pa geleaffullan halgan . 
pa cwce^ heora an . his nama wses quirion . 
Eala ge gebroSra uton beon gehyrte . 68 

swa oft swa we clypodon to eriste on gefeohte 
we wurdon sige-fseste sona J?urh his fultu???- . 
and we eac ofer-swi(5don J^one onsigendan here . 
Hwilon we wseron on micclum gewinne . 72 

and eall ure folc mid flearae set-wand 
buton we feowertig pe on 'Sam feohte stodon . 
biddende georne ures drihtnes fultum . 

and sume we afligdon sume feollan setforan us . 76 

and ure an nses gsederod [sic) fram ealre Jjsera meniu . 
Nu is ure wi'Ser-winna pes wsel-hreowa heretoga . 
o'Ser is se dema . and se deofol f>ridda . 

p-As Sry syrwia'S hu hi us beswicon . 80 

ac uton nu clypian crist us to gefylstan . 
and pa egeslican tintregu . ne J^a teartan witu . 

^ Leaf 58. 


but he shall be upheld who continueth to the end.' 48 

They all heard the Saviour's words, 

and were affrighted, and therefore continued 

without sleep until day, magnifying their Lord. 

Then Agricola in the eji,rly morning gathered 52 

his born kinsmen to his wicked council, 

and bade lead to him the holy soldiers of God. 

So they all forty stood before him. 

Then began the judge again to praise them, 56 

saying that there were none like them in the emperor's land, 

neither so extolled nor so dear to him, 

if they would not turn that love to hate. 

Then said the saints that they hated him 60 

for his unbelief, and loved their Lord. 

Then raged the cruel one like a greedy lion, 

and bade that they should be brought bound into the dungeon, 

because he awaited the chief magistrate's coming. 64 

Then about a se'nnight after this the chief magistrate came, 

and immediately bade summon the faithful saints. 

Then said one of them, whose name was Quirio, 

* Oh ye brothers, let us be encouraged ; 68 

as often as we have cried to Christ in the fight, 

we were victorious straightway through His succour, 

and we likewise overcame the approaching army. 

Once we Avere in a great conflict, 72 

and all our people escaped by flight, 

except we forty who stood to the fight, 

earnestly entreating our Lord's assistance, 

and some we put to flight, others fell before us, 76 

and not one of us was harmed by^ all that multitude. 

Now is our adversary this bloodthirsty Prefect, 

another is the judge, and a third is the devil ; 

these three lay snares how they may deceive us ; 80 

but let us now call Christ to help us, 

and neither the awful tortures, nor the sharp punishments, 

* Read ge-derod, harmed ; not fjaderod, gathered. 



ne senige bendas us ne beo^ to bealwe . 

-^fre we wseron gefultumode on selciim gefeohte 8^4 

swa oft swa we sungon ]?isne senne sealm . 

Deus In nomine tuo saluum me fac et in uirtute tua libera me . 

Et cetera . [^mt is on englisc-';] 
pu selmilitiga god gehsel me on ]:)iniini naman , 
and on l^inre mihte me alys [eaP] wealdend . 88 

Hi wurdon f)a gelsedde mid f)ysum lofsange to ]:)am re"Sum, 
and comon gehwylce to l^aere waefer-syne . 
Jja bebeold se beretoga J^a balgan and cwse|3 . 
Ge sceolan babban set me . wyr'Smyntas and sceattas . 92 

gif ge urum godum offrian wylla'5 . 
Gif ge ]5onne bee's ]?wyre to j^isum 
ge beo^S geunwurSode . and eac ^ gewitnode . 
pa cwsedon f)a balgan ^xjet bi 'Sone bselend wurSodon , 96 

and nsenne o'Serne swa healicne ne tealdon . 
pa bet se ealdorman mid ormeetum graman . 
heora neb beatan mid blacum flintum . ' 

ac J?a stanas wend on wiS J>sera ebtera ioq 

swa '^cBt Sa cwelleras bi sylfe cnueodon . 
pa gelsebte se ealdorman . senne ormetne flint 
wearp to ]:>am balgum . ac be wand J>wyres 

to ]:)am beab-gerefan . and bis beafod to-brsec . 104 

pa wurdon J?a balgan swy]?e gebyrte . 
and sungan sona J^isne sang mid geleafan . 

Qui trihulant me Inimici mei Iiisi injirmati sunt et ceciderunt . 
Mine fynd ])& me gedrefdon syndon geuntrumode . and adiin 

feollon . 108 

pa swor se dema pcet bi ]?urb dry-crsefte . 
pa, stanas awendon to beora witnerum . 
pa bet se ealdor-man bi ardlice Isedan 

seft Into cwearterne . and mid carfullom mode 112 

smeade wiS bis rsedboran bwset bim to r?ede f)ubte . 
hu be mibte bis bosp on J^am balgum gewrecan . 
Hi wui'don j^a gebrohte binnan fam cwearterne . 

^ Added in a later hand. ^ Leaf 58, back. 


nor any bonds sball be for our bale. 

Ever have we been helped in each fight, 84 

as often as we have sung this one psahn, 

Deus in nomine tuo saluurn me fac, et in virtute tua libera me: 

€t cetera.' That is in English, 
''Thou, Almighty God, save me in Thy Name, 
and in Thy might deliver me, Ruler of all.' 88 

Thereupon they were brought with this song of praise to the 

cruel one, 
and every one came to the spectacle. 
Then the Prefect looked on the saints, and said, 
* Ye shall have from me honours and riches, 92 

if ye will sacrifice to our gods; 
but if ye then shall be perverse against this, 
ye shall be dishonoured and likev/ise tortured.' 
Then said the saints, that they worshipped the Saviour, 96 

and accounted none other so high. 

Then commanded the chief magistrate, with exceeding anger, 
to beat their faces with black flints, 

but the stones turned against the persecutors, 100 

so that the murderers knocked themselves. 
Then the chief magistrate seized an exceeding great flint, 
and threw it at the saints, but it turned backward 
towards the Prefect and brake open his head. 104 

Then were the saints greatly heartened, 
and straightway sung this song with faith, 

' Qui trihulant me ini-mici mei ipsi infirmati sunt et cecideruntJ 
* My foes who afflicted me are weakened and have fallen 

down.' 108 

Then swore the judge that they through sorcery 
had turned the stones against their tormentors. 
Then commanded the chief magistrate to bring them quickly 
again into the prison, and with anxious mind 112 

sought out with his counsellors what seemed to them advisable, 
how he might wreak his contumely on the saints. 
So they were brought into the prison, 


and sungon J?ysne sealm mid swyj^licre blysse . ii6 

Ad te leuaui oculos meos qui habitas in celis . et cetera . [pcet 

is on englisc^] 
To J^e ic aha^bbe mine eagan drihten . 

pu. po eardast on heofonum . and hi eahie Sone sealm sungon . 
Hwset J^a on middere nihte com se aelmihtiga drihten 120 

of 'Ssere healican heofonan . and his halgan geneosode . 
and Jjysum wordum gesprsec^ pe her synd awrytene . 
Se pe so'Slice gelyfS on ];one lyfigendan feeder . 
and on his ancennedan sunu . and on f)one halgan gast . 124 
J^eah pe he dead beo . he biS swa J^eah cucu . 
BeoS gehyrte . and eow ne ondrseda'S Jjsera hseSenra wita 
pe synd hwilwend-lice . BeoS gej^yldige on J^issere hwile . 
pcet ge beon gewuldor-beagode on J^sere ecan worulde . 128 

pa wunodon pa, halgan f)urh-wacole oS mergen . 
on heofonlicre blysse ]?urh pses hselendes cyme . 
pa het se ealdor-man hi on mergen gefeccan . 
and hi ealle cwsedon swylce mid anum ^mutSe . 132 

Do's nu be us pcet pcet drihten wile . 

pa com eac se deofol . and hsefde senne dracan on handa . 
and swurd on oSre . f)us secgende J?am deman . 
pu eart min agen ongin nu swijje wel , 136 

Swylce he cwaede ofer-swi(5 pas cristenan 
}?urh tearte wita . pcpt hi to me gebugan . 
pa gewearS ]:»am ehterum on heora yfelum gej^eahte . 
pcet hi pa godes halgan on heardum bendum geleddon . 140 

to anum bradum mere mid bysmorfullum edwite . 
On J^am timan wees swi]:)e hefig-time wynter . 
and se fore-sseda mere wses mid forste ofer-|?eaht . 
and se winterlica wind wan mid J^am forste . 144 

pa scufon pa h8e]:)enan J^a halgan Into J)am mere . 
to middes f)am ise ealle unscrydde . 
and heom* weardas setton J^urh-wacole menn . 
pcet heora nan ne mihte mid fleame set-berstan . 148 

^ Added in a later hand. ^ The se looks like ei, and the r is above the 

line. ^ Leaf 59. * MS. him, alt. to heom. 


and sung this psalm with exceeding joy, ii6 

* Ad te leuaui oculos 7neos, qui hahitas in celis, et cetera J That 

is in English, 

* To Thee I lift up mine eyes, Lord, 

Thou that dwellest in the heavens,' and they sung the whole 

Lo, then ! at midnight came the Almighty Lord 120 

from the high heaven, and visited His saints, 
and spake these words that are here written : 
'He who truly believeth on the living Father, 
and on His only-begotten Son, and on the Holy Ghost, 124 

though he be dead, nevertheless he shall live ; 
be heartened, and be Jiot afraid of the torments of the heathen, 
which are but transitory; be patient for this while, 
that ye may be crowned with glory in the eternal world.' 128 
Then the saints continued watching until morning 
in heavenly bliss, through the Saviour's coming. 
Then in the morning the magistrate bade fetch them, 
and they all said as if with one mouth, 132 

* Do now by us that which the Lord will.' 

Then came also the devil, and had a serpent in one hand 
and a sword in the other, thus saying to the judge, 

* Thou art my own, begin now right well;' 136 
as if he had said, ' Overcome these Christians 

through sharp tortures that they may submit to me.' 

Then it came to [the minds of] the persecutors, in their evil 

that they would lead God's saints in heavy chains 140 

to a broad mere with ignominous taunts. 
At that time there was a very severe winter, 
and the foresaid mere was covered over with ice, 
and the winterly wind raged as well as the frost. 144 

Then the heathens shoved the saints into the mere, 
into the middle of tlie ice, all unclothed, 
and set vigilant men for warders over them, 
that none of them might escape by flight. 148 


peer wges eac geset swi]5e geliende J^am mere . 

wearm wseter on cyfe . gif Jjsera cy]?era liwylc 

wolde forlsetan liis geleafan . and his lie bacSian 

on l^am wearman waetere . for "Sees wyntres teartnysse . 152 

Hit begann pa, on aefnunge egeslice freosan . 

pcet pwt is befencg Ipsi, foressedan martyras , 

swd pcet heora fleesc for 'Sam forste tobserst . 

pa eargode heora tin for ]:)am ormsetum cyle . 156 

awearp his geleafan and wolde hine ba'Sian 

on f)am wlacum wsetere and wende fram his geferum . 

ac he gewdt sona swa he pcet wseter hrepode . 

and wear's seo wearmnys him awend to deaSe . 160 

forf)an pe his geleafa ne geleaste oS ende . 

swa swa drihten ssede him sylf on J^am cwearterne . 

pa gesawon pa, o'Sre hu J?am anum getimode . 

and sungon ]?ysne sang . swylce of anum mu(5e . 164 

Ne yrsa cSu drihten us on Sysum deopum floduwz . 

ne J^in hat-heortnys on J^yssere ea ne sy . 

Se pe hine ascyrede for ]?yssere scearpnysse fram us . 

his lima synd toslopene and he sona losode . 168 

We nella'S drihten nsefre fram pe twseman . 

oS pset Su us gelyf-fseste pe to lofe drihten . 

we ge^cygaS J^inne naman . j^onne'^ pe so'Slice heria'S 

ealle gesceafta . and ealle niwelnyssa^ . 172 

fyr . and hagol . snaw . and ceald is . 

windas . and stormas . pe f)in word gefyllaS . 

pu gsest ofer sae swa swa ofer grenre eorSan . 

and pu sej^elice gestilst hyre strangan ySa . 176 

pu gehyrdest drihten ]:)one heah-fseder lacob . 

]:)aj)a he for-fleah j^a frecenfullan f)eowracan . 

pe his agen broj^or esau gecwoe'5 . 

pu wsere mid iosepe In aegyj^to-lande . 180 

and hine of J^eowdome ahofe to hlaforde . 

pu gelseddest moysen of "Sam ylcan lande 

^ Leaf 59, back, ^ MS. ])one, alt. to |)onne (icyongly). 

^ MS. niwelnysse, alt. to niwelnyssa. 


There was also set, very handy to the mere, 

warm water in a vessel, if any of the martyrs 

desired to forsake his faith and bathe his body 

in the warm water, for the winter's tartness. 152 

Then it began in the evening to freeze awfully, 

so that the ice seized upon the aforesaid martyrs, 

so that their flesh cracked by reason of the frost. 

Then one of them turned coward on account of the exceeding 

chill, 156 

cast away his faith, and desired to bathe himself 
in the luke water, and turned from his companions; 
but he died as soon as he touched the water, 
and the warmness was turned into death to him, 160 

because his faith did not last until the end, 
even as the Lord Himself said in the prison. 
Then the others saw how it befell that one, 
and sung this song, as if with one mouth, 164 

* Be not angry with us. Lord, in these deep floods, 
neither let Thy hot displeasure be in this water. 
As for him who for this sharpness separated himself from us, 
his limbs are relaxed and he has quickly perished; 168 

we will never part from Thee, Lord, 
until Thou quicken us, O Lord, to Thy praise. 
"We will show forth Thy name, Thee whom verily praise 
all creatures and all deeps, 172 

fire and hail, snow and cold ice, 
winds and storms, which fulfil Thy word. 
Thou goest over sea even as over green earth, 
and Thou easily stillest her strong waves ; 1 76 

Thou heardest, Lord, the patriarch Jacob 
when he fled away from the wicked threats 
which his own brother Esau spake. 

Thou wert with Joseph in the land of Egypt, 180 

and didst raise him from serfdom to lordship ; 
Thou leddest Moses from that same land 


eft mid israhele folce j^urli fela tacna . 

and him weg gerymdest on J)8ere readan sse . 184 

pu gehyrdest eac siS'San {jine halgan apostolas . 
geliyr us nu drihten on ]?ysum deopum flode . 
and ne Iset us besencan on Sissere cealdan hreohnysse . 
ne lis ne forswelge J^es swearta grund . 188 

"We synd earmingas gehelp us nu drihten . 
We synd gesette on sselicum grunde . 
and ure blod fleo'5 to urum fotura adune . 

geliSe-waca nu J^isne unliSan cyle . 192 

pcet menu magon oncnawan pcet we to pe clypodon . 
and we beon gehealdene forSan J?e we hopiaS to (Se . 
Hwset (5a fserlice wearS mycel wundor Surh god . 
]?8er com heofonlic leoht to |?am halgum martyrum . 196 

swa hdt swa sunne scinende on sumere . 
and Ipcet is formealt on eallum J^am mere 
and Ipcet wceter wear"5 awend to wynsumum ba'Se 
Ealle J^a weard-menn wseron ^r gesvvefude . 200 

buton heora anum pe pjses ealles hlyste 
hu hi hi gebaedon . and hu se ^n forferde . 
pa beheold se ylca hwanon pcet leoht scean . 
(Sa geseah he bringan mid J^am beorhtan leohte 204 

ufan of heofonum an leas feowertig kyne-helma . 
Jjam halgum martyru . pe on 6am mere stodon . 
pa under-geat he sona poet se dn uses geteald 
to J^am cyne-helmum cristes l^egna . 208 

forj^an pe he nolde pa earfo'Snyssa forberan . 
Da awrehte se 4n J^a oSre weardas . 
and unscrydde hine sylfne and scset into Sam mere 
clypigende . and cweSende . ic eom eac ^cristen 212 

-He eode to Sam halgum . and clypode to Sam hselende . 
Ic gelyfe on pe drihten swa swa }3as gelyfaS . 
Iset me beon geteald to heora getele . 

and do me })8es wyrSne pcet ic wselhreowe tintrega 216 

for J^e J^rowige . and on Se beo afaudod . 

^ Leaf 60. 


back witli the people of Israel by many signs, 

and didst open out a way for them in the B>ed Sea ; 184 

Thou heardest also afterward Thine holy Apostles ; 

hear us now, Lord, in this deep flood, 

and let us not sink in this cold tempest, 

neither let this swart abyss swallow us up. 188 

"We are miserable creatures, help us now. Lord ; 

we are set in the watery depths, 

and our blood fleeth adown to our feet; 

mitigate now this ungentle chill, 192 

that men may recognise that we have cried to Thee, 

and that we are preserved because we hope in Thee.' 

Lo, then suddenly there was a great wonder, through God's grace ; 

there came a heavenly light to the holy martyrs, 196 

as hot as the sun shining in summer, 

and the ice melted away over all the mere, 

and the water was turned to a pleasant bath. 

All the warders had been before cast into sleep, 200 

except one of them who had listened to all this, 

how they had prayed, and how the one had died. 

Then beheld tlie same [man] whence that light shone, 

then saw he brought with the bright light, 204 

down from heaven, one less than forty crowns 

to the holy martyrs who stood in the mere. 

Then immediately he perceived that the one was not accounted 

of the crowns of the servants of Christ, 208 

because he would not endure the hardness. 
Then that one aroused the other warders, 
and unclothed himself and plunged into the mere, 
crying out and saying, * I also am a Christian.' 212 

He went to the saints, and cried to the Saviour, 
' I believe on Thee, Lord, even as these believe, 
let me be numbered amongst the number of them, 
and make me worthy of this, that I may suffer 216 

cruel torments for Thee, and be proved (to be) in Thee.' 


pa geseah se deofol pcet pa, drihtnes halgan 
wseron gefrefrode on lieora frecednysse . 

and on geleafan ]?urh-wunodon swa swa lie ser ne gelyfde . 220 
peat lii sefre J)one cyle swa gesaeliglice acoman . 
pa breed se sceocca hine sylfne to menn . 
gewracS his sceancan and wdnode liini sylfum . 
Wa is me earmum pcet ic eom ofer-swyj^ed . 224 

fram j^ysum lialgum werum . and ic eom gebysmorod . 
Hsefde ic selteowe }?enas . nsere ic J?us eaSelice oferswiSed . 
Nu ic wylle awendan J?8es wselhreowan heortan . 
to J^an ge]?ance pcet he J^yssa halgena lie 228 

ealle forberne and on 'Ssere ea awurpe . 
pcet fur^on heora bdn ne beon eefre afundene . 
pa sungon ^a halgan on J^am softum ba'Se . 
p\i eart ana god selmihtig scyppend . 232 

J?u '5e wundra wyrcst . and ure wi(5er-winnan ofer-swit5st . 
pu gescyndest f)one sceoccan pe embe ns syrwde . 
Hwset pa, on serne mergen comon pa. arleasan cwelleras . 
and axodon })a weard-menn hu-meta se an 236 

wsere to J)am halgum ge'Seod . o'SSe hwset he gesawe . 
pa cweedon J^a weardas to '5am wselhreowum demum . 
We feollan on slsepe swarlice ealle 

swylce we on deac5e lagon . ac he Iseg J^urh-wacol . 240 

geseah "Sa wundra and wraehte us siSSan . 
pa gesawe he ^ pcet leoht and he gelyfde sona . 
unscrydde hine eallne and eode into heom^ . 
and cwse'S mid hluddre stemne . pcet he gelyfde on crist . 244 
pa het se arleasa dema hi ealle gelaedan 
of (Sam bradum mere . and tobrecan heora sceancan . 
f)a ongunnon 'Sa hseSenan hi handlinga ateon * 
and to-brsecon heora sceancan . sw4 sw4 heom^ beboden waes . 248 
pa sungon hi f^isne sealm on j^aere brsece . 

Animci nostra sicut passer erepta est cle laqueo uenantium . ^ Et 
cetera . \^cjet is on englisc ; ^] 

* MS. we. ^ MS. him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 60, back. 

* Added in a later hand. 


Then saw the devil that the Lord's saints 
were comforted in their j^eril, 

and continued in faith as he would not before have believed 220 
that they could ever so happily have endured the chill. 
Then the devil turned himself into a man, 
writhed his shanks and bewailed himself, 

' Woe is me miserable, that I am overcome 2 24 

by these holy men, and I am put to shame ; 
had I faithful servants, I should not be thus easily overcome ; 
now I will turn the heart of this persecutor 
to the thought, that he shall burn up all the bodies 228 

of these saints and cast them into the river, 
that even their bones may never be found.' 
Then sang the saints in the soft bath, 

* Thou only art God, Almighty Creator, ' 232 

Thou that workest wonders and overcomest our adversaries ; 
Thou puttest to shame the devil who laid snares for us.' 
Then in the early morning came the wicked torturers, 
and asked the warders how the one 236 

had become associated with the saints, and what he had seen. 
Then said the warders to the bloodthirsty judges, 
' We all fell heavily asleep ; 

as if we lay in death, but he lay watching, 240 

saw the wonders, and roused us afterwards ; 
then he saw the light, and immediately believed, 
stripped himself entirely and went unto them, 
and said, with a loud voice, that he believed in Christ. 244 

Then commanded the impious judge to lead them all 
out of the broad mere, and to break their legs. 
Then began the heathen forthwith to drag t)\em 
and brake their, legs, even as was commanded them. 248 

Then sung they this psalm during the breaking, 
^ Anima nostra sicut 2^(^('8ser crept a eat de laciueo venantium, et 
cetera.' That is in English, 


Ure sawl is ahred of grine swa swa spearwa^ . 
pcet grin is tobryt . and we synd alysede . 25 2 

Ure ealra fultum is on (Sees drilitnes naman . 
se'Se geworhte lieofonas and eorSan . 
pa cwsedon hi amen . and heora gastas ageafon . 
and ferdon sw4 gemartyrode to ]?am selmilitigan drihtne 256 

"jpe him ser gefultumode on (5am frecednyssum . 
and hi gefre getrymde oppcet hi him tocomon . 
Da gedyde se dema swa swa se deofol gebeotode . 
het hi ealle forbsernan on swi'Se bradum fyre . 260 

ac Jja ban belifon aefter J^am bsernette . 
J)a awurpon ]?a hse'Senan into Sam widgillum streame . 
pis wearS geswutelod sona sefter J?rym dagum 
sumum halgan bisceope on ]?8ere ylcan byrig . 264 

Him comon to on sweefne f)a socman godes halgan . 
and sgedon hwser heora bdn J)a gebrohte wseron . 
Hwset Ipa. se bisceop of his bedde ards . 

and ferde mid his preostum to Sam flode nihtes . 268 

pa scinon Sa hin swa beorhte swa steorran 
on f>am wastere . and hi Sses wundrodon . 
Ealle hi becoman to anre dypan . 

and nses forloren naht on pam flode . 272 

and pcet leoht geswutelode swa hwser swa hi lagon . 
pa gebrohte se bisceop ealle f>a halgan bdn 
on gelimplicum scrynum . and gelogode hi up 
on geleaf-fulre cyrean to lofe J^am selmihtigan . 276 

Sam sy wuldor . and wurSmynt on ealra worulda woruld. Amen. 
Hwset losaS eefre f)am selmilitigan gode . 
Gif hwylc ungesselig mann his scyppende biS ungehyrsum . 
and nele j^urh-wunian on wel-dgedum oS ende . 280 

ac forlaet his gelsefan and J^one leofan drihten . 
ponne biS oSer gecoren to Jjam kyne-helme 
pe se oSer nolde geearnian ]?urh geswinc . 

sw4 swd ge gehyrdon on J^issere rsedinge . 284 

pcet an J^aera weard-manna wearS ]^am halgum geSeod . 
^ MS. spearwe, alt. to spearwa. 


'Our Eoul is escaped out of the snare as a sparrow, 

the snare is broken, and we are delivered. 252 

The help of us all is in the Name of the Lord, 

of Him who made the heavens and the earth.' 

Then said they 'Amen,' and gave up their ghosts, 

and went thus martyred to the Almighty Lord, 256 

who had before succoured them in perils, 

and had ever strengthened- them until they came to Him. 

Then did the judge as the devil had commanded, 

and bade burn them all in a very large fire, 260 

but the bones remained after the burning; 

which the heathen then threw into a wide stream. 

This was straightway revealed after three days 

to a certain holy bishop in the same city. 264 

To him came in a dream the true saints of God, 

and said whither their bones had been carried. 

Then the bishop arose from his bed, 

and went with his priests to the river by night. 268 

Then shone the bones as brightly as stars 

in the water, and they wondered thereat ; 

they had all come to [i. e. fallen into] a deep place, 

and not one [bone] was lost in the flood; 273 

and the light revealed wheresoever they lay. 

Then the bishop brought all the holy bones 

into a seemly shrine, and laid them up 

in the orthodox Church to the praise of the Almighty, 276 

to Whom be glory and worship to all ages of ages. Amen. 

What is ever lost to Almighty God ? 

If any unhappy man be disobedient to his Creator, 

and will not continue in well-doing unto the end, 280 

but forsaketh his faith and the dear Lord, 

then shall another be chosen for the crown 

which the other would not earn by labour, 

even as ye have heard in this lection 284 

that one of the warders became associated with the saints, 


and gelsehte f)one kyne-helm pe se otSer forleas 

ludas eac se arleasa pe belsewde J^one hselend . 

alieng liine sylfne sona on grine . 288 

and mathias se eadmoda wses gemaersod sif)|?an . 

and to apostole ge'coren sefter cristas seriste . 

and haefS f)one wurSmynt pe se wselhreowa forleas . 

}5urh his agenne swicdom }?a^a he sealde his scyppend . 292 

Nyte we hwej^er se weardmann wsere oefre gefullod . 

ac we witon swa J^eah hwset wise lareowas saedan . 

pcBt aelc 'Ssera J^e biS acweald for cristas geleafan 

bi^ soSlice gefullod poune he swylt for gode . 296 

and on his blode a'Swogen fram synna horwrnn . 

and [leofa'S^] mid p'dm drihtne pe he his lif fore sealde . 

Nis gode nan neod pcet we god wyrcan . 

ne he nan ping ne hset for his agenre neode . 300 

ac hit fremaS us sylfum swa hwset swa he us bebyd . 

and we beo^ gesselige gif we urum scyppende gehersumiac5 . 

and gif we hine aenne ofer ealle ])incg lufiatJ . 

se^e hine forlast he losa^ witodlice . 304 

peahhwaej^ere gelica^ ]?am leofan drihtne . 

pcet we his willan mid weorcum gefremman . 

and J)urh poet ge-earnian pcet 4ce lif mid him . 

Se apostol paulus sette on his pistole 308; 

pcet we soSlice synd ures scyppendes gefylstau . 

sw4 pcet ure drihten de(5 J^nrh his gecorenan 

fela ]:>incg on worulde . and fylst him aefre swa |:»eah 

forSan pe menu ne magon on mode asmeagan 312 

genige godnysse buton hit of gode cume . 

ne naht to gode gedon . butan godes fylste . 

He is swa mihtig wyrhta . pcet he maeg awendan 

yfel to gode f)urh his godnysse . 316 

Micel yfelnyss waes on iudeiscum mannuwz . 

psipa, hi syrwdon mid sweartum gej^ance 

hu hi crist acwealdon . and pcet com us to haele . 

^ Leaf 61. 

^ Added in a late hand ; written lyfaS, allered to leofaS, 



and received the crown which the other lost. 

Likewise Judas, the impious, who betrayed the Saviour, 

hung himself straightway in a snare ; 288 

and Matthias the humble was exalted afterward, 

and chosen as apostle after Christ's resurrection, 

and hath the worship which that atrocious man lost 

through his own treachery, when he sold his Creator. 292 

We know not if tlie warder were ever baptized, 

but we know, however, what wise doctors have said, 

that every one of those who are killed for the faith of Christ 

is truly baptized when he dieth for God, 296 

and is washed in his own blood from the stains of his sins, 

and livetli with the Lord for Whom he gave up his life ; 

God hath no need that we should do good works, 

neither commandeth He anything for His own need, 300 

but it profiteth ourselves, whatsoever He biddeth us, 

and we are happy if we obey our Creator, 

and if we love Him alone above all things. 

He who forsaketh Him, verily he shall perish; 304 

nevertheless it liketh our dear Lord 

that we should perform His will by our works, 

and thereby merit eternal life with Him. 

The Apostle Paul set down in his Epistle [i Cor. iii. 9] 308 

that we are verily our Creator's helpers, 

so that our Lord doth, through His chosen (ones), 

many things in the world, and notwithstanding ever helpeth 

them ; 
wherefore men may not think in their minds 313 

[that there is] any goodness except it come from God, 
nor [may they] do anything good without God's help. 
He is so mighty a worker that He can turn 
evil to good through His goodness. 316 

Great evilness was there in Jewish men 
when they laid snares, with dark thought, 
how they might kill Christ; and that turned to our healing 



and to ecere alysednysse and heom* to forwyrde . 320 

Hi synd J)urh-scyldige for lieora syrwunge . 

and heom -^ bicS gedemed be t5am J^e hi dydon . 

J^eah Ipe ure drihten f>a dseda him gej^afode . 

Yfele wseron f>a ehteras and Ipa, arleasan cwelleras 324 

J?e t5a martyras ofslogon . ac swa J^eah hit becom 

?5am halgum to wuldre and to ecum wyrcSmynte . 

and IpB, ehteras habbacS ece geny^erunge . 

Naeron swa manega martyras nsere seo mycele ehtnyss 328 

tSe se deofol astyrode ongean drihtnes halgan 

Jjurh his arleasan ^J^enas . pe 'Sone hse^en-scipe lufedon . 

God ge]?afa(S swaj^eah for his godnysse 

Ipcet his sunne scyncS ofer ^a synfullan heej^enan. 332 

and asend his ren-scura? ofer t5a rihtwisan menn 

and ofer 'Sa manfullan . for his mycclan cyste . 

and afet us ealle ge yfele ge gode . 

God gesceop 'Sa hsej^enan f)eah J^e hi hine ne cunnon , ^3^ 

ac hi ne beo^ swa-f)eah butan witum eft . 

forj^an fje hi ea'Selice mihton f)one selmihtigan under-gitan 

t5urh "Sa gesceafta . Ipe hi ge-seo(5 on worulde . 

Heofen and eorSe . and of)re gesceafta . 340 

sunne . and mona . maersiatS lieora scyppend . 

and men magon tocnawan^ . Ipcet se is msere god 

ana selmihtig pe hi ealle gesceop . 

Nu beocS fa hse'Senan buton beladunge 344 

rihtlice fordemede mid deofle on belle . 

foreman pe hi ne oncneowan crist mid geleafan . 

pe him lif sealde and and-lyfene fore-sceawode . 

An gecyndelic . se . is eallum mancynne gesett . 348 

pcet nan man ne gedo dare oSrum menn . 

swa swa se hselend cwae'S on his halgan godspelle . 

pcet pcet (5u pe sylfum nelt on J^inum life becuman . 

ne do 'Su pcet oSrum menn . ]pis cw^secS drihten sylf . 352 

Ac pSi hseSenan hynatS and hergia'S f>a cristenan 

^ MS. him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 6 r, back. ^ jyjg, tocnawen, alt. 

to tocnawan. 


and to everlasting deliverance, and to their destruction; 320 

they are very guilty for their wiles, 

and to them is adjudged according to that which they did, 

though our Lord permitted them [to do] the deeds. 

Evil were the persecutors and the impious murderers 324 

who slew the martyrs, but nevertheless it became 

glory and everlasting worship to the saints, 

and the persecutors have perpetual abasement. 

There would not have been so many martyrs had there not 
been this great persecution 328 

which the devil stirred up, against the Lord's saints, 

through his wicked servants who loved heathenism. 

God permitteth nevertheless, for His goodness, 

that His sun shineth over the sinful heathen, 332 

and He sends His showers of rain both to righteous men 

and to the evil, for His great bounty, 

and feedeth us all, both evil and good. 

God created the heathen, though they know Him not, 336 

but nevertheless they will not be without punishment here- 

because they might easily understand the Almighty 

by means of the creatures which they see in the world. 

Heaven and earth, and other creatures, 340 

sun and moon, magnify their Creator, 

and men may discern that He is the great God 

alone Almighty, Who created them all. 

Now are the heathen, without excuse, 344 

rightly condemned with the devil in hell, 

because they did not acknowledge Christ by faith, 

Who gave them life, and provided them with sustenance. 

One natural law is appointed to all mankind, 348 

that no man may do harm to another man, 

even as the Saviour said in His holy gospel ; 

' That whicli thou desirest not to befall thyself in thy life, 

that do not to another man.' This said the Lord Himself. 352 

But the heathen vex and plunder the Christians, 



and mid wselhreowum dsedum urne driliten gremia'S , 

ac hi habbatS }?8es edlean on J^am ecum witum . 

God forgif(5 us mannum menigfealde weestmas . 356 

J?8era we sculon brucan swa us gebeorhlic sy . 

pcet se lichama hsebbe hlyw(5e and fodan . 

pcet we ne beon beswicene f>urli Sa swsesan lustas . 

pe of ofer-flowednysse eallum J^am becuma'5 . 360 

j^e buton wser-scipe heora woruld adreogac5 . 

Uton we awendan ure willan to gode . 

and on eallum ]?ingum urne scyppend wur'Sian . 

sej^e gefre rixatS on ecnysse. AMEN. 364 



[The various readings are from W. = MS. li. 4. 6 (p. 77) in the Cambridge 
University Library ; D, = MS. 303 in Corpus Christi College (p. 327) ; and E.= 
MS. 302 in the same (p. 104).] 

pis spel gebyracS seofon niht ser lenctene. 


is caput ieiunii . pcet is on englisc . heafod lenctenes fsestenes . 
We etacS on J^am sunnan-daguw on undern and on sefen . 
^forSan pe se sunnan-dseg is swa halig 4 

pcet se man bi^ wyr'Se "Se on J?am dsege fsestan wile. 
pcet he beo amansumod gif he hit for his anwylnysse deS . 
Ne eac man ne mot . cneowian on sunnan-dagum . 
We sculon swa J?eah segSer ge on sunnon-dagum 8 

ge on oc5rum dagum druncennysse and oferfylle forbugan . 
be t5am pe us bee tsecatS , and huru swy'Sost on lencten . 
Nu ne beocS na feowertig daga 

Title. W. Feria iiii. in capite i. W.D.E. J^issere. D. wodnos. 

IEIUNII. D. 07ily Dominica in Quin- D. selfe. 

QUAGESIMA. E. Lae-Spel. 1n capite 2. W.E. Icngtsnes ; D. lencgtenes. 

ieiunii 3. D. >an. 

^ This homily is partly in prose ; and even in the alliterative part, the 
rhythm is hardly distinguishable. ^ Leaf 62. 


and with cruel deeds anger our Lord ; 

but they shall have their reward for this in the eternal punishments. 

God giveth to us men manifold fruits, 356 

which we are to enjoy as far as may be safe for us, 

that the body may have shelter and food, 

that we may not be ensnared by the pleasant lusts 

which come from superfluity to all those 360 

who spend their worldly life unwarily. 

Let us turn our will to God, 

and in all things honour our Creator 

"Who ever ruleth in Eternity. Amen. 364 


% This discourse belongeth to the seventh night before Lent. 
In this week on "Wednesday, even as ye yourselves know, 
is ' ca2)ut jejunii,^ that is in English, Head of the Lenten Fast. 
"We eat on the Sundays at the third hour and in the evening, 
because the Sunday is so holy 4 

that the man is liable, if he will fast on that day, 
to be excommunicated, if he does so through self-will ; 
neither may any one kneel on Sundays. 

Nevertheless, we must both on Sundays 8 

and on other days shun drunkenness and surfeiting, 
according to what books teach us, and most especially in Lent. 
Now there will not be forty days 

4. W.E. for ])am. 9. D. druncennesse; E. drucennysse. 

5. W.D. mann. D. J)an. W, forbugan; D. forbugen. 

6. W. amd.nsuraod. 10. D. be i)an ^e. W.D. bee. W. 

7. E. mot. D.E. tsecea^. W.D.E. lengten. 

8. W.D.E. sceolon. W.D.E, sunnan. 11. D. feowerti. 


on urum lenctenlicuw faestene gefjllede . 12 

buton we fsesten J?aer-foran to J^as feower dagas . 

wodnes dseg . and J^unres deeg . and frige dseg . and sseternes dseg . 

swa swa hit gefyrn geset wses J^eah Se we hit eow nu secgan . 

On ]pone wodnes dseg wide geond eor'San . 16 

sacerdas bletsia'S swa swa hit geset is . 

claene axan on cyrcan . and pa si'S(5an lecga'S 

uppa (sic) manna heafda . pcet hi habban on gemynde 

pcet hi of eorSan comon . and eft to duste gewendatS . 20 

swa swa se selmihtiga god to adame cwaecS . 

sit5San he agylt heefde ongean godes bebod . 

On geswincum J^u leofast and on swate })u etst 

J^inne hldf on eor^an . o^\)cet f)u eft gewende 24 

to p)8ere ylcan eor'San pe Ipn of come . 

fortSan Ipe Ipu eart dust . and to duste gewendst . 

Nis )?is na gessed be manna sawlum . 

ac be manna lichaman Ipe f$r-molsnia^S to duste . 28 

and eft sceolan on domes dseg Surh ures drihtnes mihte 

ealle of eorcSan arisan Ipe aefre cuce wseron . 

swa swa ealle treowa cucia'S sefre on lenctenes timan . 

pe ser j^urh wyntres cyle wurdon adydde . 32 

We rsedacS on bocum seg'Ser ge on 'Ssere ealdan se . ge on pseve 

niwan . 
pcet Ip'd menn pe heora synna be-hreowsodon . 
pcet hi mid axum hi sylfe bestreowodon . 

and mid hseran hi gescryddon to lice . 36 

nu do we f)is lytle on ures lenctenes anginne . 
\>cet we streowiatS axan uppan ure heafda 

12. W.D.E. lengtenlicuw. D. fees- 18. W. clasne. W.E. cyrcean ; D. 
tena. circean. W.D. lecgea'5 ; E. lecgan. 

13. E. butan. W.D.E. fseston. E. 19. W.D.E. uppan, W.E. ins. to 
])ar to foran J»as. W. beforan. J)i hef. J^set. D. habbon. W. gemynde. 

14. W. friiredteg, 20. D. eor'Stm. W. cdmon. W. 

15. W. gefyrn gesett. E. sett. D. gewdnda'S ; D. gewsenda^y. 
nu eow secgeon. W.E. secgon. 21. W. adfime. 

16. D. "Ssene. W. wide. 22. E. hsefede. 

17. E. sacerdos. W. swtl swa, 23. W.D.E. geswinceum; W.swiCte. 
W.E. gesett. W. his ; D E. is. W. est. 


fulfilled in our Lenten fast, 12 

unless we fast before that for these four days, 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 

even as it was appointed of old, though we tell it you but now. 

On the Wednesday, throughout the whole world, 16 

the priests bless, even as it is appointed, 

clean ashes in church, and afterward lay them 

upon men's heads, that they may have in mind 

that they came from earth, and shall again return to dust, 20 

even as the Almighty God spake to Adam, 

after he had sinned against God's command ; 

*In toil thou shalt live, and in sweat thou shalt eat 

thy loaf on earth, until thou return again 24 

to the same earth from which thou camest, 

because thou art dust, and shalt to dust return.' 

This is not said of men's souls, 

but of men's bodies that moulder to dust, 28 

and afterwards shall at doomsday, through our Lord's might, 

all arise from the earth, that were ever alive, 

like as all trees are always quickened in the Lenten time, 

which before had been deadened by the winter's chill. 32 

We read in the books, both in the old Law and in the new, 

that the men who repented of their sins 

bestrewed themselves with ashes, 

and clothed their bodies with sackcloth. 36 

Now let us do this little in the beginning of our Lent, 

that we strew ashes upon our heads, 

24. E. hlaf. W. gew^nde ; D. ge- 32. W.D. eer. D. cele. 

wsende. 33. D. raede'S. W. bdcum. W.D.E. 

25. W. c(5me. niwan. 

26. W.E. for \>st.m. W. gewenst ; 34. E. men. W, hyra. D. be- 
E. gewentst. hreosodon, cor. to behreowsodon. 

27. W. gcsid. 35. W.D.E. hi (for hi). 

28. W. dixste. 36. W. ha;ran; D.hffire. W.D.Hce. 

29. W.D.E. sceolon. 37. W.d6. D.E.we. W. lengctenes ; 

30. D. arisan. D. lengtenes. 

31. W.E. lengtenes; D. liengtenes. 38. W. strewia'S. 
W.D. Liman. 


to geswutelunge pcet we sculon iire synna 

behreowsian . on ure lencten-liciim fostene . 40 

Sum unge-rad mann wses mid selfstane bisceope 

on wiltun-scire on hirede . se man ^ nolde gan 

to '6am axum on [^one wodnes dseg . swa swa oSre men dydon 

pe f>a maessan ge-sohton . pa bsedon his geferan 44 

pcet he eode to J^am maesse-preoste . 

and under-fsencge }?a gerynu pe hi under-fengon . 

He cwse'S ic nelle . Hi bsedon f)a-git . 

he cw8ec5 pcet he nolde . and wealode mid wordum . 48 

and ssede Ipcet he wolde his wifes brucan 

on J^am unalyfedum timan . Hi leton J?a swa . 

and hit gelamp "poit se gedwola rad on ^sdre wucan ymbe sum 

serende . 
j?a gestodon hine hundas hetelice swy'Se . 52 

and he hine werode olppoet his sceaft 
aitstod aetforan him . and pcet hors hine bser for(5 . 
swa Ipcet Ipoet spere him eode J^urh ut . and he feoll cwelende . 
He wear's 'Sa bebyrged . and him Iseg on-u^Dpan 56 

fela byrSena eor'San binnon seofon nihton . 
psds t5e he forsoc j^a feawa axan . 

On J^aere ylcan wucan com sum tru6 to psds bisceopes hirede . 
se ne gymde nanes lenctenes faestenes . ac eode him to kicenan . 60 
)?a hwile 'Se se bisceop maessode and began to etenne . 
he feoll J^a aet Saere forman snaede 
under-becc geswogen . and spaw blod . 

ac him gebyrede swa Seah pcet feorh earfo'Slice . 64 

Us ssBde eac oft a)?elwold se halga bisceop 

39. W.D.E. sceolon. 46. W.D. underfenge ; E. uiider- 

40. W.D.E. urum lengtenlicum. funge. E. undefungon, cof. to under- 

41. E. sume. W.D. ungerd,d. D. fungon. 

selfstana. 47. W. l^a gyt; D. 'Sa get. 

42. W.D.E. mann. W. gan. 48. W. wealode; D. wealede. D. 

43. E. J)an axan. W.D. wodnes- weordwji, cor. to wordum. 
deeg. W.D.E. menn. 49. W. saede. W. wifes. 

44. D. ges6htan. W. ba;don. W. 50. W. unalefedum. W. tlman. 
geferan ; D. geferon. W. leton. D. Tpi, swd, ; E. swa ])a. 

45. D. msesse-preste. 51. W. gelamp. D.E. rad. E. 

^ Leaf 62, back. 


to signify that we ought to repent 

of our sins during our Lenten fast. 40 

There was a certain foolish man with bishop zElfstan 

in Wiltshire, in his household : this man would not go 

to the ashes on the Wednesday, as other men did, 

who attended at mass ; then his companions begged 44 

that he would go to the mass-priest, 

and receive the sacred mysteries which they had received. 

He said, ' I will not.' They still prayed him. 

He said that he would not, and spake strangely in his talk, 48 

and said that he would use his wife 

at the forbidden time. Then they left him so. 

It befell that the heretic was riding in that week about some errand, 

when hounds attacked him very fiercely, 52 

and he defended himself until his spear-shaft 

stood up before him, and the horse carried him forward 

so that the spear went right through him, and he fell dying. 

He was then buried, and there lay upon him 56 

many loads of earth within seven nights, 

because he had refused those few ashes. 

In that same week came a certain buffoon to the bishop's 

who heeded no Lenten fast, but went to the kitchen, 60 

while the bishop was saying mass, and began to eat ; 
then fell he, at the first morsel, 
backward in a swoon, and spat blood, 

but his life, nevertheless, was with difficulty preserved. 64 

Likewise Athelwold, the holy bishop, 

uccan. E. sume. 60. D. gymde. W.D. lengtenes ; 

52. W. gestodon. W. hi'mdas. E. lengtennes. D. dode. 

53. D. se {for his). W.D.E. sceft. 61. W.D.E. hwile. W.D.E. be- 

54. W.D. setstdd. D. setforeu. E. gaiin, D. him to. W. eteue. 
fo^ {sic). 62. W. sna.'de ; E. stiede. 

55. W. Tit. 63. W. underbic ; D.E. underbsec. 

56. D. bebyried. D. on uppon. W. spjlw. W.D. bldd. 

57. E. feala. W.D.E. nihtuw. 64. W.D.E. gebyrode. D. ear^- 

58. E. ])aes he forsoc. W.D. he. fotilice \)<Mt feorh. 

59. W. c6m. E. triiS. 65. D, side. W. etic; D. ^ac. 


pe nu wyrcS wundra 'Surh god . 

pcet he cu'Se anne mann mid selfege bisceope . 

se wolde drincan on lenctene j^onne hine lyste . 68 

pa sume dseg bsed he ]?one bisceop selfeh . 

blsetsian his ful . he nolde . and se dysiga dranc 

butan bletsunge and eode him ut . 

Man sleette J)a senne fearr feringa J?8er-ute . 72 

and se fear arn him togeanes . and hine 'Syde pcet he his feorh 

forlet . 
and gebohte swa 'Sone vmtiman drenc . 

^Ic }?8era manna pe yt oSSe drinc'S 75 

on untiman on j^am halgan lenctene . ocS(5e on rihtfaesten-dagum . 
wite h^ to socSan Ipcet his sawl sceal sarlice hit gebicgan . 
tSeah f>e se lichama her lybbe gesund . 
We sceolan gewilnian symle Ipses ecean lifes . 
forf)an pe on |?am life syndon gode dagas . 80 

na swa J^eah manega dagas ac ^ an . se ne geendatS nsefre . 
peah pe hwa wille her on life habban gode dagas . 
he ne mseg hi her findan }?eah Ipe he sy welig 
for^an Ipe he bitS oplpe untrum . o'SSe hohfull . 84 

oppe his frynd him set-feallacS . o'ScS his feoh him set-byrst. 
o(5^e sum o'Ser ungelimp on ]?ysum life him becymS . 
and pger-to-ecean he him ondrset his dea^es symble . 
Ne biS nan )?yssera yfela on ]?am ecan life . 88 

ac biS se in goda dseg mid gode sylfum . 
butan sorge and sare . and ealra geswencednyssa . 
and un-ge-endod blis betwux eallum halgum . 

66. W. nii. E, J)ar-ute. 

67. W.D. senne. D. mannn. W.D. 73. W.D.E. fearr. W. am. W. 
selfhege ; E. selfhehe. >yde ; D.E. J)ydde. D.E. forlet. 

68. W. lengtene ; D. laencgtene ; E, 74. D. swa. W. untiman. W. 
lengtenne. D. him. dr^nc ; D. drsenc. 

69. W.E. ffilfheh. 75. D. hit, cor. to et. 

70. W.D.E. bletsian. W.D.E. full. 76. W. untiman. D. "San. D.Iencg- 
E. and he. W.E. dysega ; D. dysige. tene. W. rihtfaesten dagum. 

W.D. dranc. 77. E. wlte. W.D.E. he. E. is (/or 

71. D. Jiim eode. E. eod hiw ut, his). W.D.E. sawul. W. sMice. W.E. 

72. W. sleette. E. anne. D.E. gebicgean ; D. gebycgean, 

fseringa ; W. firinga. W. ])oerute ; 78. E. j^seah. W. her. W. gesund. 

*■ Leaf 63. 


who now worketh miracles through God, often told us, 

that he knew a man with bishop ^Ifheah, 

who would drink in Lent whenever it pleased him. 68 

Then one day he prayed the bishop JElfheah 

to bless his cup ; he would not, and the fool drank 

without blessing, and went out. 

They were baiting a boar by chance outside, 73 

and the boar ran against him and thrust him so that he gave 

up his life ; 
and so paid for the untimely draught. 
Every man who eateth or driuketh 

untimely in the holy Lent, or on appointed fast-days, 76 

let him know in sooth that his soul shall sorely abye it, 
though the body may here live sound. 
We should ever desire the eternal life, 

because in that life there are good days ; 80 

not however many days, but one which endeth never. 
Nevertheless whoso will here in life have good days, 
he can not find them here, though he be wealthy, 
for that he will be either sick or full of care, 84 

or his friends will fall away from him, or his wealth will escape 

from him, 
or some other mischance in this life will come to him, 
and in addition thereto he will ever dread his death. 
There will be none of these evils in the eternal life, 88 

but there shall be the one good day with God Himself, 
without care and sorrow and all tribulations, 
and unended bliss amongst all saints. 

79. W.D.E. sceolon, D. ecan. W. 86. W. ungelfmp. 

Hfes. 87. E. J^arto. W.D.E. eacan. W. 

80. W.E. forJ)am. W.D. gdde. ondret. W.D.E. dea'5 symle. 

81. W. ^n. W. enda«. 88. W. nan. W.E. J)ysra. D. ])an. 

82. W. hwc-C. D.E. her. D.E. life. W.D.E. ecean. W. life. 

W.D.E. gode. W. d%as. 89. D. beo5. E. an. D. goda. 

83. D.E. her. W. findan. D. ])eah D. d&g. D. selfum. 

he. W. hesi; E. he si. W.D.E. weli. 90. W.D. buton. E. sorhge. W. 

84. W. for])am tSe. D. beo5 un- pare. W.D.E. eallu?» ; W.E. ge- 
truma. swencednyssuyjt. D. geswsencednes- 

85. D. freond. D.E. o5Se. D. sum. 

aetberst. 91. W.D.E. bliss. 


"Wei mseg ge-liwa witan Ipcet gif aliwser is myrc^ and wuldor . 92 
pcet Ipsdr is unasecgendlic wuldor J?3er se wunacS pe ealle tSincg 

gesceop . 
and god sylf haefS gehaten eallum )?am ^e liine lufiatS . 
\)cet hi moten wiinian on '5am ylcan wuldre 
mid him sylfum a butan ende . 96 

Wite nu Ipcet god ne lihtS nsefre . 
and warna ])(xt pn him ne leoge . gif J)U him lihst 
ne bepsecst J>u na hine . ac pe sylfne swyj^e wratSe . 
Moenig welig man is on 'Syssere worulde 100 

j?e wolde mycelne scet . and ungerim fees syllan 
wits J^am gif he hit gebicgan mihte . pcet he her for worulde 

lybban moste 
butan eallum geswyncum sefre unge-endod . 

and him ealle J^incg gelumpon swa swa him sylfum gelicode . 104 
and he waere orsorh sefre selces yfeles . 

Deah J?e hit swa beon mihte "pcet he ]?as blisse begitan mihte 
])e ic nu fore-fcsede . nsere hit swa 'Seah J^e geliccre J^sere ecean 

myrh'Se . 
f>onne biS )?am menn Ipe sit on cwearterne . io8 

wi(5 }?am menn J^e fsertS frig geond land . 
Nu se rica mann ne mgeg her habban pe md 
\)e ure senig j^a orsorgan and pa, unateorigendlican blysse . 
hwi nele he J^onne o"5c5e we gebycgan 112 

on f)ysum earmum life pa. ecean myrhtSe 
mid godum geearnungum and selmys-dsedum . 
Git we magan secgan sume bysne be Jpysum . 
Gif man Iset nu senne f)eof to siege . ir6 

92. D. ma;g. E. gehwa. W.D.E. 97. W. nu. 

myrhtS. 98. D. geof (for gif). 

03. W. iinasecgendlic. E. J)ar. 99. W. bepsecst. W. na. D. selfne. 

W.D.E. Jjing. W. gesceop ; D. ge- W, wraSe. 
worhte. loo. W. Menig; D. Meni. D, 

94. W. An god. D. self. D. aef'S, well. W.D.E. mann. W.E. >ysre. 
cor. to hsei^. W. gehaten. 101. W, scdt. W.E. am. and un- 

95. W. mdton ; D.E. moton. D. gerlm feos. D. ungerim f^os sellan. 
"San ilcan wuldran. 102. D. wiS 'San. W.E. gebicgean ; 

96. D. selfu?>^. W.D. a. W.D. buton. D. gebycgean. D. om. h^r. E. her. 


Truly may everyone know that if there is mirth and glory 

anywhere, 9 2 

that there is unspeakable glory where He dwelleth, who created 

all things; 
and God Himself hath promised to all them that love Him 
that they shall dwell in the eternal glory 

with Himself, for ever, without end. 96 

Know now, that God never lieth, 

and beware that thou never lie to Him ; if thou lie to Him, 
thou canst not deceive Him, but [deceivest] thyself most direly. 
There is many a wealthy man in this world 100 

who would give much treasure and unnumbered riches 
provided that — if he might purchase it — he might here live for 

[this] world, 
without all toil, ever endlessly, 103 

and that everything might befall him as it should please himself, 
and that he might always be careless of any evil. 
Even if it might be so, that he might obtain these joys 
of which I spake before just now, it would yet not be more 

like the eternal mirth, 
than it fares with the man who sitteth in prison 108 

as compared with the man who goeth free through the land. 
Now the rich man cannot here have, any more 
than any of us, that sorrowless and that untiring bliss ; 
why then will not he, or we ourselves, purchase, 112 

in this miserable life, the eternal joy 
with good merits, and with almsdeeds 1 
Yet we can tell you a parable concerning this. 
If a thief were now being led to be put to death 116 

E. on worulde. E. om. ])am menn to end of line. 

103. W.E. geswinceum; D. geswin- no. W.D. rica. W. lit^r. D.E. ma. 
ceora. D. tingeendod. 1 11. D.aeni.W.Eun-ateoriendlican; 

104. W. Jjing; D.E. })inc. D. ge- D. unateoriendlican. 

limpon ; E. gelumpe. W. gellcode. 112. W. hwl. W.D.E. gebicgean. 

106. D. Won. D. begetan. 113. W.D.E. earman. W. life. 

107. W. nii fore-seede. W.D.E. 114. W.E. g6dum. D.selmesdaedMwi. 
gelicre. 115. W.Gft. W.E. magon. W.D.E. 

108. W.D.E. sitt. secgean. E. bysene. 

109. W. frf; D. fri. W.D. land. 116. W.E. la.>t. W. mi. W. ])^of. 


hu wenst 'Su . iiolde he syllan ealle liis sebta 
J^eah pe ^ he welig weere . wiS Ipsm pe he libban moste 
gif man him J^ses ge^afian wolde . He ne mihte swa-]:>eah 
sefre libban . J^eah "Se he hine J^a ut alysde . 120 

ac he hsefde fyrst ane feawa geara . 
BicS nu micel rsed . J^am f>e his sylfes recS , 
pcet he him gebyege pcet ece lif J^e we embe sprsecaS . 
Nu f>encst t5u and cwiSst . hu meeg ic lp(^t ece lif gebycgan ? 124 
Ic tSe secge . sele J^e sylfne gode . 
swa Ipcet pvL lufige lpa> 'Singe f)e god lufaS . 
and Ipa. Sincg onscunie pe god onscunaS . 

God ascuna'S leasunga . and lufa'S socSfsestnysse . 128 

Ne beo pn na leas-breda oj^f^e swicol . 
ac beo socSfaest and symle getrywe . 

forSan pe se trywleasa ne bi'S nanum hlaforde to hsebbenne . 
ne eac ^tSses untreowan god^ ne rec^ . 132 

Hit bit5 swiSe langsum peel we ealle godes beboda 
her nu eow gereccan . ac do's an cSincg . 
cepe gehwd pcet he his lif on unnyt ne aspende . 
ac leornige godes beboda aet wisum lareowuw 136 

and pa healde swa he selost msege . 

Gif he hwaet to-brece ongean godes willan bete pcet georne . 
}?onne bi(5 he godes maun and god him sylS tomedes 
pcet ece lif . J^e we ser embe sprsecon. 140 

Nu bits 8elc mann gefullod on naman J^aere halgan f)rynnysse . 
and he ne mot na beon eft gefullod . pcet ne sy forsewen f)8ere 
halgan tSrynnysse to-clypung . ac seo soSe behreowsung and dsedbot 

117. W. wdnst. D. sellan. W.a^hta. W. dee. D.E. lif. W.D.E.gebicgean. 

118. W.E. feahhe. W.wdli; D.E. 125. W.E. syle. D. selfne. 
well. W.E. wis ])am 0e. 126. W.E. lufie. W.D.E. >ing. 

120.^ W.D.E. J)eah he. W. ])d lit. 127. W.D.E. ])ing. 

W. alysde; D. alesde. 128. D. on-scuna'5. W.D.E, leas- 

121. D. feawe geare. unge. D.E. soSfaestnesse. 

122. D. raeS (sic) ; E. raed. E. Jjam 129. W. Idas-brdda. E. swica. 
men J)e. D. selfes. 131. W.D. for p^m Se. W. tryw- 

123. W. dee. D.E. lif. W.D.E. leasa ; D. treowleasa. D. beo'S. 
spreca5. 132. W. e^c. W.D.E. se so^faesta 

1 24. W. cwyest; D.cwest; E. cwyst. god his (for "Saes . . . god). W. rec^. 

^ Leaf 63, back. ^"^ Written over an erasure. 


how thinkest thou ? would he not give all his goods, 

though he were wealthy, provided that he might live, 

if they would permit him this 1 Nevertheless, he could not 

live for ever, though they then released him, 120 

but he would only have a few years' delay. 

It is then a great consideration to him who careth for himself, 

to purchase for himself that eternal life, of which we speak. 

Now thinkest thou, and sayest, ' How may I purchase the, 

eternLil life?' 124 

I say to thee, give thyself to God, 
so that thou mayest love the things which God loveth, 
and detest those things which God detesteth. 
God abhorreth lies, and loveth truth. 128 

Be thou no liar, neither treacherous, 
but be true and ever faithful ; 

because the faithless are [good] for no lord to have, 
nor likewise does God care for the unfaithful. 132 

It would be very tedious for us here now to tell you 
all God's commands, but do ye one thing : 
let each one take heed that he spend not his life uselessly, 
but let him learn God's commands from wise teachers, 136 

and keep the same as he best may. 
If he in any wise sin against God's will, let him make amends 

for it earnestly, 
then shall he be God's man, and God shall give him for his reward 
that eternal life, concerning which we before spake. 140 

Now every man is baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity, and 
he may not be again baptized, that the invocation of the Holy 
Trinity be not contemned ; but true contrition, and penance with 

133. D, bee's. W. lansum. 139. D. bee's. D. selp. W. to 

134. W. h^r nii. W.E. gerecceon; mddes. 

1). gereceon, co7'. to gerecceon. W. 140. E. llf. W. xr ynibe spraecon. 

dn. W.D.E. ])ing. 141. D. beoS. D.E. man. D. ge- 

135. W.E. kepe; D. kepe. D.E. fyWod, cor. «o gefullod. 

gehwa. W. llf. W.D. unnytt. W. 142. W. mdt. D. gefyllod, cor. to 

aspj^nde. gefullod. W. si ; D. si. 

136. W.D.E. leornie. W. hlreo- 143. D. J)rynnesse. W. toclypung. 
wum. D.brihreowsunge, W. dsetbotj D. dued- 

137. W.E. mage. bote. 

138. W. ongean. W. bdte. 


mid geswicennyssum yfeles us af)wyli^ eft fram his synnum . f>e we 144 
sefter urum fulluhte gefremedon . Se mild-heorta god cwse^ be eallum 
synfullum m annum twa word swiSe fremfulle . Declina a malo et 
fac bonum . Ipcet is buh fram yfele . and do god . Nis genoh pcet Jju 
fram yfele buge . butan pu symle be Ipmve maeSe god gefremme . 148 
Daedbot mid geswicennysse yfeles . and selmys-dseda . and halige 
gebedu . and geleafa . and bilit on gode . and seo soSe lufu godes 
and manna . gebselaS and gelacniac5 ure synna . gif we pa, Isece-domas 
geornlice bega'S . God cwseS pcet he nolde pses synfullan ^dea(5 . ac 152 
he wile swy'Sor pcet he gecyrre fram his synnum and libbe . Eft 
cwse'S se aslmihtiga god . Gif se arleasa and se synfulla wyrcS dsed- 
bote ealra his synna . and hylt mine beboda . and rihtwysnysse 
beg8ec5 . he Ufa's and ne swylt na yfelum deaSe . and ic ne gemune 156 
nanre his synna pe he gefremode . Ms nan leahter swa healic pcet 
man ne mseg gebetan . gif he yfeles geswyc^ . and mid soSre 
behreowsunge his gyltas . be lareowa^ tsecinge behreowsaS . Se 
man pe wile his synna bewepan . and wiS god gebetan Jjonne mot 160 
he geornlice warnian . pcet he seft f)am yfelum dsedum ne ge-edlaece . 
Se man pe sefter his dsed-bote his manfullan daeda ge-edniwaS . se 
gegrema'S god . swa pcet he biS J^am hunde gelic pe spywS and eft ytt 
pcet pcet he ser aspaw . Ne nan man ne sceal elcian pcet he his synna 164 
gebete . for'San pe god behet selcum behreowsigendum his synna 
forgifnysse . ac he ne behet nanum elciendum ge-wis lif o)? mergen . 
Ne sceamige nanum menn p(^t he anum lareowe his gyltas cySe ^ . 
for'San pe se pe nele his synna on Sissere worulde andettan mid so^re 168 
behreowsunge. him sceal sceamian setforan gode selmihtigum . and set- 

T44. D. geswicennessum. W. us, 152. D. ews. mannes a/i5er synfullan. 

W.D.E. urum (/or his). E. wse. 153. W. cyrre ; D. gecyrron. 

145. E. sefte (sic), 154. D. arleasa. W. d8edb6te; D. 

146. W. twdp v/6rd. D. fremfullice. dsedbota. 

147. W. biih. E. do. D.E. god. 155, B.his ahove the Ujie. W,D.E, 
W.I),E, nis na. 'W,D. genoh. W. Su ; healt. D. rihtwisnesse, 

D. >u, 156, W,D.E. leofa«, W. na. D. 

148. W.biige. W.D,E.buton. E.god, dseh'a. 

149. W. Dsetbdt; D.E, Dsedbdt, D, 157. W. nanra ; D.E. nanra. W. 
geswicennesse, D.E. aelmes-dseda, W. healic. 

halie, 158, W.D.E, mage, W,D, gebetan. 

15T. W. geheelaS ; D, gehsele'S, W. 159, D. behreosunge. W, tsecinge ; 

gelacniatJ, D. Isecedomes, E. taecincge. 

^ Leaf 64. ^ Over an erasure. ^ The c is over an erasure. 


abstaining from evil, washeth us again from the sins which we have 
committed after our baptism. The merciful God speaketli, con- 
cerning all sinful men, two very profitable words, ^Declina a mcdo 
et fac honum* that is, ' Turn from evil, and do good.' It is not 
enough that thou turn from evil, unless thou ever, according to thy 
measure, do good. Penance, with abstaining from evil, and alms- 
deeds, and holy prayers, and faith, and hope in God, and the true 
love of God and men, heal and cure our sins, if we diligently use 
those medicines. God said that He desired not the death of the 
sinful, but He willeth rather that he should turn from his sins 
and live. 

Again saith the Almighty God, ' If the wicked man, and the 
sinful do penance for all his sins, and keep my commandments, and 
follow after righteousness, he shall live, and shall not die an evil 
death, and I will not remember any of his sins which he hath com- 
mitted.' There is no sin so great that a man may not atone for it if 
he cease from evil, and with true contrition repent of his guilt, ac- 
cording to the teaching of the doctors. The man who desires to weep 
for his sins, and make satisfaction for them with good, then must he 
diligently beware that he repeat not afterward the evil deeds. The 
man who after his penance reneweth his evil deeds, he so angereth 
God, that he is like the dog who siDueth, and again eateth that 
which he before spued up. Nor must any man delay to amend his 
sins, for God hath promised to every penitent the forgiveness of his 
sins, but He hath promised to no procrastinator certain life until 
to-morrow. Let no man be ashamed to make known his sins to a 
teacher; for he who will not confess his sins in this world with true 
contrition, he shall be shamed before God Almighty, and before the 

1 60. W. mann. W. bewepan. W. mdt. hreo wsiendum. 

161. D. georlice, cor. to geornlice. 166. W.D. forgifennysse ; E.forgife- 
W.D.E. eft. W. dajdum. D. edleece. nysse. W. \iL W. beh^t. W.E. after 

162. W.D. mann. W. dii'tbote. W. elciendum ins. men. W.E. gewiss. 
mjlnfuUan ; D. manfulluwi. W. dida. W.D.E. llf. W.E. merien; D. morigen. 

163. D. gremaS. W. god. W. om. 167. W.D.E. sceamie. E. men. 
swa J)aet; D. and (/or swa J)£et) ; E. W. ^xmm. D. wrowjly ins. raenn, 
om. swa. W. hdnde gellc. W. spfwS. after anurn. 

164. W. aer aspaw. D. apaw, cor. 168. W.D.E. for J)am fe. E. se 
to aspaw. W.D, nan. W.D.E. mann. nele. D. jnsre. E. andetan, 

165. W. gebdte; D. gebeta. W.D.E. 169. W. scemian, cor. to sceamian. 
forJ)a?n \>g. W. behe't. W.D.E. be- D. atforen. 



foran his engla werodum . and setforan eallum mannum . and setforan 
eallum deoflum set "Sam micclau dome . fjser we ealle gegaderode bee's . 
paer beoS cu'Se ure ealra dseda eallum f)am werodum . and seSe ne mseg 172 
for sceame his gyltas smum menn ge-andettan . him sceal Jjonne scea- 
mian . setforan heofon-warum . and eor'S-warum . and hel-warum . and 
seo sceamu him biS endeleas . Witodlice ne begit nan mann hys synna 
forgifnysse set gode . buton he hi sumum godes menn geandette . and 176 
be his dome gebete . Eft ne mot nan mann ne ne sceal secgan on hine 
sylfne f)ses Se he wyrcende uses . swa swa we on boeum raedaS be su- 
mum treow-fsestum wife . pe wolde hire lif forlsetan serj^anj^e heo luge . 
Hieronimus^ se halga lareow awrat on sumere stowe be Sam wife }?us . 180 
He cwseS pcet sum wer waere pe his wif forssede . 
swa pcet heo sceolde hi sceandlice forlicgan . 
and hi wurdon ]?a gebrohte buta to Sam deman . 
pcet unscyldige wif . and se foresaeda cniht . 184 

Hi wurdon pa beswungene . and swySlice getintregode . 
swa swa })a wses gewunelic to witnigenne forligr . 
Hi man clifrode pa mid isenum clawum . 

f)8et hi sceoldan secgan hweSer hit soS wsere . 188 

Da wolde se cniht his wite ge-endian 
mid sceortum deaSe . and forssede hi buta . 
pa cwseS pwt anrrede wif . betwux )?am anSrsecum witum . 
Eala Su drihten crist . pe ealle digle J^incg wast . 192 

tSu pe eart modes smeagend and manna heortan . 
]:)u wast pcet ic ne wiS-sace pcet ic sylf ne forfare . 
ac ic nelle secgan unsoS on me sylfe 

170. D. eetforen (twice). nesse ; E. forgyfennyse. E. men. 

171. W.E. micelan ; D. mycclum. D. geandgette. 

E. ])ar. 177. W. ddme. D. om. and be his 

172. E. p&r. W. daeda, dome gebete. W. gebete. W. mdt. 

173. E. sceama. E. men. E. ge- E. man. W.D.E. secgean. 
andetan. i;8. W. bdcum. E. sumumujw. 

174. D. setforen. W.D. lieofen-. 179. W.D.E. try wfsestum. W. wife. 
W.E. hellwarum. W.D. llf. D. alijetan. W.D.E. ser- 

175. D. endeleas. W.E. begytt. J)am})e. 

E. man. 180. W. awrat. W. sumre. W. wife. 

176. W. forgi fenny sse ; D. forgifen- 181. D. were(yor wer). W.D. wif 

^ Leaf 64, back. 


company of His Angels, and before all men, and before all devils 

at the great doom, where we shall all be gathered. There shall all 

our deeds be known to all that company; and he who cannot for 

shame confess his sins to one man, shall then be shamed before the 

hosts of heaven, and the hosts of earth, and the hosts of hell, and 

his shame will be endless. Verily, no man gets forgiveness of his 

sins from God, unless he confess them to some man of God, and by 

his judgment make satisfaction. Neither again may any man say, 

nor ought he to say, respecting himself, such [things] as he hath not 

done ; even as we read in books about a certain faithful woman, 

who willed to lose her life rather than to lie. Saint Jerome, the 

holy doctor, wrote in a certain place about the woman, thus — 

He said that there was a certain man who accused his wife 

of having shamefully committed adultery ; 

thereupon they were both brought to the judge, 

the guiltless wife, and the aforesaid youth ; '184 

they were then beaten and severely tortured, 

as it was then customary to punish adultery. 

They then scraped them with iron claws, 

in order that they might say whether it were true ; i88 

then the youth desired to end his torment 

by a short death, and wrongly accused them both. 

Then said that constant woman, amidst the horrible tortures, 

* Oh Thou Lord Christ! who knowest all secret things, 192 

Thou who art the searcher of the soul, and of men's hearts, 

Thou knowest that I will not refuse for myself to die, 

but I will not speak untruth of myself, 

forssede. 188. W.D.E, sceoldon. W.E. sec- 

182. W.D.E. forlicgean. gean. W.D.E. hwtJefJer. 

183. W. hi. W. butu ; D. buto, CO?-. 189. W.D. wlte. W. geendian. 
Mobutu; E. buto. W. dtiman. 190. W.forsaede. W.D.E. hi. W.D. 

184. W. linscyldie ; E, uiiscyldie. biita. 

W.D. wif. 191. D.E.wif. E. anwrsecum (sic). 

185. E. beswungenne. D. swiSe. W. wltum. 

^ 186. D. gewimelic wses. W.E. wit- 192. W.D.E. J)ing. W. w^st. 

nienne ; D. wltnigenne. W. forllgr; 193. W. smdagend. W.E. heortena. 

D. forllr; E. forllger. 194. W. w^st. 

187. D. mann. W. clffrode. D. 195. W.D. secgean. W. linso^. 

hisenum, cor. to isenuin. E. sylfne. 



])cet ic wic5 pe ne syngie . gif ic me sylfe forleoge . 196 

Heo cwseS psi to Sam cnihte . eala Ipn forcucSost manna . 

hwi woldest pu forsecgan unc unscildige swal 

Ic wylle eac sweltan na scyldig swaj^eali . 

and ic ferige mid me Tor's unsceSj^ignysse . 200 

forSan pe nates- liwon ne swylt se pe biS ofslagan to life . 

pa wundrode se dema pses wifes anrsednysse . 

pcet heo nolde andettan ou swa esivtopum wiiiwi . 

pcet se cnilit saede sona for yrliSe . 204 

and demde pcet hi man sceolde ofslean biita . 

pa arn pcet folc to ardlice for wafunge . 

and se cwellere sloh sona J^one cniht 

pe hine sylfne for-leah . pcet he leeg heofod-leas 208 

mid anum swencge . and hine siSSan bewende 

to J?am anrsedan wife . wolde hi ofslean . 

Heo let to siege and he sloh J?a t(5 

mid eallum msegene . ac pcet swurd ne mihte 212 

buton pSL hytle ceorfan . J^eah pe he hetelice sloge . 

He wearS J?a ofsceamod and sloh eft swiSe . 

]?a set-stod pcet swurd and }?one swuran ne hrepode , 

ac J)am cwellere set-feoll fserlice his gold . 216 

})af)a he swa hetelice his handa cwehte . 

pcet wif him cwseS to . Cniht nim [pin gold . 

pe lees pe hit j^e losige pcet Su lange beswunce . 

Swa orsorh wees pcet wif under J^am wseP-hreowan cwellere . 220 

pcet heo locode his goldes pe hi belifian^ wolde . 

pa sloh se cwellere git mid Jjam swurde hire to . 

ac seo halige f)rynnys pcet swurd gelette . 

196. W. syngige ; E. synnie. E. W.D.E. ofslagen. W. life. 

sylfne. D. om. all the line except 202. W. ddma. D. anrsednesse ; 

forleoge. E. andraednysse. 

197. D. })il. 203, D. hio. D. sw^. W. witum. 

198. W.D.E. forsecgean. W, lin- 205. W. d^rade. W. him (/or hi). 
Bcyldie sw^ ; D.E. unscyldie swa. W. ofslean ; D. dfsl^an. E. butan. 

199. W. na. W.D.E. scyldi. 206, W. arnn. D. t(5 hardlice. W. 

200. W.D.E. ferie. D. unscea©- wafunge. 
Sinesse. 207. W. sldh. 

201. W.D.E. for])am Se nates-hwdn. 208. W. forleah. W. Iseg heafodl^as. 


Leaf 65. ^ Glossed hy — vel heafdian. 



that I may not sin against Thee, if I belie myself.' 196 

She said then to the youth, ' Oh thou wickedest of men ! 

"Why wouldest thou thus falsely accuse us two guiltless ones? 

I desire even to die, not guilty, nevertheless, 

and I will bear forth with me my integrity, 200 

because in nowise he dieth who is slain unto life [eternal].' 

Then wondered the judge at the woman's constancy, 

that she would not confess, in such severe tortures, 

that which the youth had soon said from cowardice, 204 

and condemned them both to be put to death. 

Then ran the people quickly to the spectacle^ 

and forthwith the executioner struck the youth 

who had belied himself, so that he lay headless 208 

with one stroke, and he afterward turned 

to the constant woman, desiring to slay her. 

She bent down for the stroke, and he then struck at her 

with all his might, but the sword could not 212 

cut anything but the skin, though he struck fiercely. 

He grew then ashamed, and struck again strongly ; 

then the sword stood still, and did not touch the neck ; 

but the executioner's gold suddenly fell from him, 216 

while he was shaking his hands so violently. 

The woman said to him, ' Youth, take thy gold, 

lest that be lost to thee for which thou hast so long laboured.' 

So unconcerned was the woman under the cruel executioner, 220 

that she could notice the money of him who would deprive her 

of life (or, who would behead her). 
Then the executioner struck at her yet again with the sword, 
but the Holy Trinity held back the sword, 

D. ins. jjser after Iseg. 216. W. faerlice. 

209. W.D.E. swenge. 217. W. handa. 

210. W. anraedan wife. W. ofslean. 218. W. wff. 

211. W. leat; D. leat. \Y. om. to. 219. W.D.E. losie. 
D. sloh J)a to. E. slog (5a (om. tS). 220. D. wif. D. J^an. 

212. W. swurd. D. mihto. 221. E. locude. W. bellfian. 

213. E.butan.E.forceorfan.W.sldge. 222. W. sloh. W. git. E. to. 

214. D. ofsceamad. W. sloh. 223. W. luUige ; D.E. halie. W. 

215. D.E. setstod. W. swiird. D. j^rynnyss; D. ])rynnesse; E. Jjrynnysse. 
swura. D. gelahte. 


\)cet hit wundian ne moste J^ses vvifes swuran . 224 

pa wolde he J^urh-Jjyn hi fjwyres mid J)am swurde . 

ac se ord bigde upp to f>am hiltum . 

and ne dorste hi hreppan for'San fie heo nses dyrne forligr . 

pa cwEe'5 call seo meniii J?e tSser mid stod ofwundrod . 228 

]>cet se cwellere ne sceolde swencan hi na leng . 

and drifan hine aweg mid wsepne mid ealle . 

God wolde Ipa git his wundra geswutelian 

]?urh pwt anraede wif . and him gewear'5 J)a eallura 232 

'jpcet man fuude niwe swurd and niwne slagan J^serto . 

foreman Ipe crist wolde hi ge-edcucian of dea'Se . 

Heo wearS pa ofslagan . ac hire swura najs ]?urh-slagen . 

Heo wses swa-J^eah dead and sona bebyrged . 236 

ac god hi eft arserde eaSelice of deacSe 

on ]38ere ylcan nihte . and heo ansund lyfode 

on worulde siSSan lange to wuldre ]?ara eelmihtigan . 

se pe hyre unsc8e^c5ignysse swa geswutelode mid wundrum , 240 

Heo nolde seccgan unso^ and hi sylfe fordeman . 

for'San pe se leasa mu'S ofslih'5 psds mannes sawle . 

Nu ge habbaS gehyred pcet ge forhelan ne sceolan 

eowre agenne synne ne eac secgan na mare 244 

J^onne ge wyrcende wseron . pe ma pe ]:>is wif dyde . 

for"5an pe selc hiwung . is ant-ssete gode . 

Se cniht leah on hine sylfne and ofslagen wearcS sona . 

swa eac dauid cynincg het acwellan f>one mann 248 

pe him soede pcet he ofsloge saul J^one cynincg . 

and wolde mid f»8ere leasunge licettan wiS dauid . 

224. W. wundian. D. swiran. 231. W. j>ag'yt ; D. J)a-get. 

225. E. ])urhj)yn. W. hi. E. 232. D. anrtiede. E. wif. D. ge- 
swyres, warS. 

226. W. 6rd. D. begde. W.D.E. 233. W. fdnde. W.D. swurd. W. 
up. })gertd ; E. j^arto. 

227. W.D.E. om. and. W.E. forJ)am 234. W.D.E. forJjam^Je. 

•Se. D. derne. W.D. forligr ; E. for- 235. D. He, cor. ^0 Heo. W.E. of - 

liger. slagen. D. swiere. D. J/urh-slagan. 

228. E. mgeniu. E. J)ar. E. stod. 236. D. bebyried. 

229. W.E. swencean ; D. swEencean. 237. W. araerde. 

230. W.D. drifon ; E. drfan, cor. to 238. W.E. leofode ; D. lyfede. 
driPar. W.D.E. waepnum. 239. D. sie'SSan. 


that it could not wound the woman's neck. 224 

Then he would have pierced her through with the sword, 

but the point bent up to the hilt, 

and durst not touch her, because she was not a secret adultress. 

Then said all the multitude who stood there astonished, 228 

that the executioner should vex her no longer, 

and drove him away with his weapon altogether. 

God would even yet manifest His wonders 

in that constant woman, and it was thereupon agreed amongst 

them all 232 

to find a new sword, and a new executioner thereto ; 
because Christ would revive her from death. 
She was then killed, but her neck was not stricken through; 
she was nevertheless dead, and quickly buried ; 236 

but God easily raised her again from death 
in that same night, and she lived sound 
in the world afterward, for a long time, to the glory of the 

who had so made manifest her integrity by wonders. 240 

She would not speak untruth of herself and condemn herself, 
because a lying mouth destroyeth a man's soul. 
Now ye have heard that ye must not conceal 
your own sins, neither say any more 244 

than ye have done, any more than this woman did ; 
because all false pretence is repugnant to God. 
The youth lied about himself, and was straightway slain, 
as likewise king David bade them slay the man, 248 

who had told him that he had killed Saul the king, 
and wished, by that leasing, to dissemble with David. 

240. W. se, om. ]>e; D.E. ])e, om. 245, W.D. ma. W.D.E. om. ])e 
se. W.E. unscetSSinysse ; D. unsceS- after ma, W. wlf. 

J)innesse. 246. W.D.E. forJ)a?w^e. W. hiwung. 

241. W.D.E. secgean. D. iinsolS. W.E. and-saste; D. ansaete. 

W. fordeman. 247. E. lea^. D. seine. D. ofslagau. 

242. AV.D.E. forJ)aw. D. om. \>e. 248. W. e'ac. W.D. cyning. D.E. 
W.D. le'asa. D. ofslehj). bet. 

243. E. gehyrd. W.D. sceolon. 249. W. ofsl(5ge. W.saiil; D. sawul. 

244. W.E. agene synna. W. dac. W.D.E. cyning. 
W.D.E, secgean. W. mare. 250. W.D.E. liccettau. 


Dauid clypode )?a'Sa se cniht dead wses . 

Nu 'Su cwaede pcet f>u acwealdest J^one cynincg saul . 252 

beo J>in blod ofer J^e and bufan J^inum heafde . 

Se man pe wile his synna andettan and gebetan . 

he sceal don f)onne forgifnysse eallum Ipfrnn. manniim 

pe him ser abulgon . swa swa hit stent on p>am pater-nos^re . 256 

and swa swa crist cwae'S on -^ his godspelle . He cwaecS . 

Buton ge forgifan j^am mannum pe wiS eow agyltat5 

mid inwerdre heortan . nele se heofonlica feeder 

eow forgifan eowre gyltas . 260 

^Ic cristen man sceal cunnan his pater-nos^er . and his credan . 

Mid J)am pater-nosire he sceal hine gebiddan . 

and mid pam. credan he sceal his geleafan getrymman . 

Se lareow sceal secgan J)am laewedum mannum 264 

pcet andgyt to J?am pater- nosire and to 'Sam credan . 

pcet hi witon hwaes hi biddaS set gode . 

and hu hi sceolon on god gelyfan . 

We sceolan beon J^eonde symble on godnysse . 268 

and elce dseg geeacnian us J^a ecean speda 

J)a hwile pe we moton . forcSan pe we ne magon 

sefter ure geendunge aht d<5n to gode . 

ac Jpser we habba^ edlean ]:)8es (5e we ge-earnodon her . 272 

Ne sceal nan mann wenan ne on his mode f)encan 

pcBt he haebbe gefremod fela to gode . 

and ne f»urfe na mare j^yllices began . 

forSan pe he forlyst poet lytic pcet he ser dyde . 276 

gif he wenS pcet he ne 'Surfe ]:)anon for'5 wyrcan 

nan J^incg to gode . swylce he to god sy . 

251. D. waes dead. 259. W.E. inneweardre ; D. inne- 

252. W. cwjede. W.D.E. cyning. werdre. 

W. savU ; D. sawul. 260. D. forgifen. 

253. W. blod. 261. D. cristan. D.E.mann. D. om. 

254. W.D.E. mann. W. gebetan. his after cunnan. 

255. D.E. don. D. forgifennesse ; 262. D. pater-nosfer. 
E. forgi fenny sse. 263. D. J)an. 

256. W. ser, D. pater-noster. 264. E. leareow. W.D.E. secgean. 

257. D. his Jjam halgan. 265. D. angyt. 

258. W. ge. W.D.E. forgifon. 267. E. scylon. W. gelyfan ; D. 

^ Leaf 65, back. 


David exclaimed, when the youth was dead, 

'Now thou saidst that thou killedst the king Saul; 252 

be thy blood upon thee and upon thine head.' 

The man who will confess his sins and make restitution, 

he must grant forgiveness to all those per.sons 

who have before angered him, even as it standeth in the Pater Roster^ 

and as Christ said in His gospel ; He said, 

* Except ye forgive those men who sin against you 

with your inmost heart, your Heavenly Father will not 

forgive you your trespasses.' 260 

Every Christian man must know his Pater-Koster, and his Creed. 

"With the Pater-Noster he shall pray, 

and with the Creed he shall confirm his faith. 

The master shall teach the unlearned men 264 

the meaning of the Pater-Noster, and of the Creed, 

that they may know what they ask of God, 

and how they are to believe in God. 

We must be ever increasing in goodness, 268 

and every day increase for ourselves the eternal riches, 

the while we may, because we cannot, 

after our ending, do aught that is good, 

but there we shall have reward of that which we have merited here. 

No man may imagine, nor think in his mind 

that. he hath done too many good deeds, 

and need do no more of the like kind; 

because he will lose the little that he before did, 276 

if he weeneth that he need not thenceforth do 

anything good, as if he were too good. 

gelefan. to her ; E, her. 

268. W.E. sceolon. W. ])ednde, W. 273. W. nan. W. w^nan. W.D. 
D.E. symle. W. gddnysse; D. god- mdde. W.D.E. Jjencean. 

nesse. 274. D. basbe. E. feala. E. gode. 

269. W.D.E, selce. W. ils. W. 275. W. mdre. D.E. began, 
^cean sp^da. 276. W.E. for ]iamj)e. W. forlyst. 

270. W. hwfle. W.D.moton. W.E. W. lyttle. D. \,e he {for >£et he). 
for})awj, J)e. W. cJlt. 

271. W. ge^ndunge. W. to gode 277. W. wen^S. W.D.E. wyrcean. 
don ; D. to gode ged6n ; E. to gode don. 278. W. ndn. W.D.E. j^ing. E. 

272. E. J)ar. W, abbaS. D, aer, cor. gode. D.E. god, W. sf. 


Fela halige menn fram frymSe middan-eardes . 

wseron beforan us wundorlice gepogene . 280 

j^am we nu ende-menn geefenlEecan ne magon . 

ne c5a J^ing gefyllan ]?e hi gefremodon on life . 

for'Si we sceolan habban hum eadmodnysse . 

Eft is us to smeagenne hu se eelmihtiga crist 284 

his eadmodnysse cydde . f)a'Sa he to cwale sealde 

hine sylfne for us . and swa ure synna set-breed . 

hu mseg nu manna eadmodnys beon mycel gej^uht . 

togeanes his eadmodnysse pe gelmihtig god is . 288 

We ssedon nu J?is spel . for^an )?e her biS laes manna 

on vvodnes dseg . tSonne nu to dseg beotS . 

and eow gebyra'S poet ge beon gescrifene . 

on (Sissere wucan . o'SSe huru on Saere o'Sre . 292 

Sy him i wuldor 'Se leofacS . and rixaS on ecnysse . 

ece drihten . AMen; 



[The various readings are from W. = MS. li. 4- 6, in the Cambridge Uni- 
versity Library (p. 201); D. =MS Corpus Christi College, 303 (p. 333); and 
F. = MS. Corpus Christi College, 162 (p. 66). 

"7i~^rTER (5am Se moyses se m^ra heretoga 
-ZJLj of AE^gyfta lande mid his leode ferde . 
and ofer Sa readan sae siSodon mid fotu?7i . 
and becomon to (Sam westene . ]?a wan him on swiSe 4 

amalech se cynincg mid his leode feohtend . 

279. E. Feala, W.D.E. halie. hure. D. crlst. 

280. E. befor. W. lis. 285. D. eadmodnesse. E. cy"5de. 

281. W.D.E. o/w. nu. W.4ndemenn. 286. D. selfne. W. lis. W. swa. W. 
W.D.E. geefen-lsDcean. setbraed. 

282. W.E.gefremedon; D. gefremo- 287. D. eadmodnesse; E. eadraod- 
den. W. life. nyss. 

283. W. forJ>f. W.E. sceolon. D. 288. D. eadmodnesse. W.E. Jje is 
huru eadmodnesse habban. selraihti god; D. pels selmihtig god. 

284. W. lis. D. usis. W. smeagenne W. after this line inserts SI him ^ 

1 Leaf 66. 


Many holy men from the beginning of the world 

were, before us, wondrously perfected, 280 

whom we now, the latter men, cannot equal, 

nor accomplish those things which they performed in life ; 

therefore we ought to have at least humility. 

Again, it is for us to meditate how the Almighty Christ 284 

showed forth His humility, when He gave Himself 

to death for us, and so took away our sins ; 

how now can man's humility be much thought of 

against His humility, who is Almighty God. 288 

"We have told this story now, because there will be fewer men here 

on Wednesday, than are now to-day ; 

and it behoveth you that ye be shriven 

in this week, or at least in the second. 292 

To Him be ever glory, AVho liveth and reigneth in eternity, 

Everlasting Lord. Amen. 



After Moses the great leader 

had departed from the land of Egypt with his people, 

and they had journeyed on foot over the Red Sea, 

and come into the wilderness, there warred mightily against them 4 

Amalek the king, fighting with his people. 

wuldor on ecnysse. Amen; D. Si him XIII. Title. W. om. IN MEDIO 

a wuldor on ecnesse. Amen ; E. Si quadragebime. I>. in media quadra- 

him a wuldor on necnysse. Amen, gesima. F.arfcfoVELQUANDOVOLVERis. 

289. W.E. spell. W. for])aj/i ]j8. E. i. D. Efter ])an. F. msere. 
beo«. W. liJ^s. 2. W.F. egipta. W. Mnde. 

290. W.D.E. 0771. 'Sonne nu to dseg 3. D, sae. W.F. fotum, D. mid 
bee's, drium fotum. 

291. D. gebyr()(5. 4. W. becomon ; F. hecom. W.D. 

292. W. Jjysre ; D. Jiissere oS(5re. wann ; F. wan, cor. to wann. F. on. 

293. W.D.E. oni. Sy him, to the 5. F. amaleh. W.D.F. cyning. D. 
end. swi'Se feohtende. 


pa c>y8e(5 moyses to f>am cenan iosue . 

Geceos tSe nu waeras . and gewend tomergen 

togeanes amaleh . and win him on swy'Se . 8 

ic sylf wille standan on 'Sisum steapum munte . 

haebbende me on handa "pa halgan godes gyrde . 

Iosue ]?a ferde and feabt wiS amalech . 

and moyses ]?a astAh to ]:»am stieolan munte . 12 

mid aarone . and hur . Ipone selmigbiigan to biddenne . 

pa abefde moyses his handa on gebedum . 

and Iosue hgefde sige . and sloh pa, haecSenan . 

Eft t5onne moyses ne mihte lencg habban 16 

his handa astrehte . J^onne haefde amalech 

sige )?a hwile . and sloh pcet godes folc . 

Swa oft swa moyses ahefde his handa on gebedum 

swa hgefde Iosue heofonlicne fultum . 20 

and sona swa his earmas for unmihte aslacodon . 

sona sloh amalech . and sige haefde on him . 

Moyses handa wseron mycclum gehefegode . 

aaron f)a alede senne ormetne stdn 24 

under moysen . and he saet f)8er onuppan . 

and aaron ahsefde his hand upp on gebedum . 

and hur heold pa, o'Sre of)]:)ce^ hit sefnode . 

Iosue pa. hgefde heofonlicne fultum . 28 

and afligde amalech and his folc mid wgepnum . 

Be Jjisum we magon tocnawen pcet we cristene sceolan 

on gelcere earfot5nisse gefre to gode clypian . 

and his fultumes biddan mid fullum geleafan . 32 

gif he tSonne nele his fultum us don 

ne ure bene gehyran . ]?onne bi'S hit swutol 

6. W. kenen ; F. cenan. 13. W.F. aarone. D. ms. his brewer 

7. W.D. Geceos. W. ml. W.D.F. after aarone. F. 6r. F. selmihtigan 
weras. W. gewend. W.D. to merien ; god. 

F. to merigen, 14. W. handa. 

8. W.D. amalech. 15. I>- sl6h. 

9. W. standan. D.F. steapan. W. 16. W.D. leng. 

munte. 17. W. h^nda. W. astrehte. 

10. W. handa. 18. W. hwile. 

11. W. f^rde. 19. W. ahefde; D. ahsefde. W. 

12. D.F. astah. W. munte. h,anda. 


Then said Moses to the brave Joshua, 

* Choose thee now men, and go to-morrow 

against Amalek, and fight valiantly against him, 8 

I myself will stand on this steep mountain, 

having in my hands the holy rod of God.' 

Joshua then went and fought with Amalek, 

and Moses then ascended the rugged mountain, 12 

with Aaron and Hur, to pray to the Almighty. 

Then Moses raised his hands in prayer, 

and Joshua had victory, and slew the heathen. 

Afterward, when Moses could no longer hold 16 

his hands stretched out, then had Amalek 

the victory for a while, and slew the people of God. 

As often as Moses raised his hands in prayer, 

so often had Joshua heavenly succour; 20 

and as soon as his arms slackened from weakness, 

immediately Amalek smote, and had victory over them. 

Moses' hands were very much weighed down; 

Aaron then placed an exceeding great stone 24 

under Moses, and he sat thereupon, 

and Aaron raised up his hand in prayer, 

and Hur held the other until it was evening. 

Joshua then had heavenly succour, 28 

and put to flight Amalek and his people with weapons. 

By this we may learn that we Christians should 

in every distress, ever cry to God, 

and entreat His aid, with full faith ; 32 

if He then will not give us His aid, 

nor hear our prayer, then will it be manifest, 

2i.W.s<5na. D. earmes. F.aslaced- 26. W.D.F. iUron. D.F. ahefde. 

on. W. hiind. D.F. up. 

22. W.D. sl(jh. 27. W. hi'ir; F. ur. 

23. D. Moyse, cor. to Moyses. W. 29. F. amalsech. 

h^nda. W. miceluwi. D. gehefgode ; 30. W. to-cnawan; D.F. to-cnawan. 

F. gehaef^fode. D. cristene menn. W.D.F. sceoloii. 

24. W.F. {iiCron ; D. aaron. W. 33. W.D.F. us. 

aldde ; D. aldgede ; F. l(5de. W.F. 34. W. bdne. D. geheran. W. om. 

ormjetne ; D. onnaete. D. stan. hit. 


pcet we mid yfeluin dgedum hine ser gegremedon . 

ac we ne sceolon swa'Seah geswican J^sere bene . 36 

o'^pcet se mild-heorta god us mildelice ahredde . 

Moyses lisefde sige and mycelne fultum . 

}?a hwile pe he lieold his handa on ge-bedum . 

and his willa ne ateorode ^c se werige lichama . 40 

Nu habbe we gewinn wiS J^one hete^lan deofol . 

and he winc5 on us for?5an pe he wselhreow is . 

hu bits f)onn^ gif we nella'S to f)ani hselende clyplan . 

ponoie moyses werignyss ne mihte beon beladod . 44 

Witodlice bi'S ofer-swi'Sed ]:)urh J^one swicolan deofol . 

setSe nele clypian crist him to fultume . 

j^lc rihtwis man hsefde swa swa we rseda'S on bocum 

fultum and hreddinge . seSe mid fullum geleafan 48 

on his eaifoSuyssum to ^ara selmihtigan clypode . 

Nis nan J^incg swa la's f)am geleafleasum deofle . 

swa Ipcet hine man gebidde bealdlice to gode . 

fortSan )?e [se] swicola w^t pcet his wsepne sceolan 52 

J)urh halige gebedu toberstan swiSost . 

and he bi'S ofer-swiSod simble ]:)urh gebedu . 

For]?i he cunna'5 georne })onne we clypiaS to gode 

hu he msege tobrsecan psi ge-bedu mid costnuugum . 56 

and ure mod awendan of j^am weorce J^urli pcet . 

oSSe he mid geameleaste huru us gebysgaS . 

oppe mid smeagungum . smealice us hrem'5 . 

ponne we us gebiddatS mid byle-witum mode 60 

)?onne sprece we sotSlice to gode sylfum swa . 

And ]5onne we b6c rseda'S ocSSe rsedan gehyra(5 . 

35. D. ser. 44. D. ])onnum. W. werignys ; D. 

36. F. ac w^. W. ])£ere bdne ge- werigness. W. beladod. 
swican ; D. Jjsere bene geswican. 46. D. cleopian. 

37. F. lis. 47. F. mann. W.D. swa (once). 

39. W. handa. W. reeda^. W. bocum. 

40. W.D.F. weriga. 49. D. is eardfo'Snessum. F. sel- 

41. W.D.F. hsebbe. W.D.F. heto- mihtigan gode. D. cleopode. 

Ian. 50- W.D.F. J)ing. D. geldafleasum ; 

42. D. (5n. F. us. W.D. for])am|)e. F. geleafleasan. 

43. W. hu. D. beoc^'. F. om. J^onne. 51. F. mann hine. 

^ Leaf 66, back. 


that we have before angered Hira by evil deeds ; 

but nevertheless we should not desist from that prayer, 36 

until the compassionate God mercifully deliver us. 

Moses had victory, and great succour, 

the while he held up his hands in prayer ; 

and his will fainted not, but the weary body. 40 

Now have we warfare against the fierce devil, 

and he fighteth against us, because he is cruel ; 

how will it be then if we will not cry to the Saviour, 

since the weariness of Moses might not be excused ? 44 

Verily he shall be overcome by the deceitful devil, 

who will not call Christ to help him. 

Every righteous man has had, even as we read in books, 

succour and deliverance, when he, with full faith, 48 

in his difficulties has cried to the Almighty. 

There is nothing so hateful to the faithless devil 

as that a man pray boldly to God ; 

because the deceiver knoweth that his weapons must 52 

by holy prayers be soonest broken in pieces, 

and he will be alway overcome by prayers. 

Therefore he seeketh diligently, when we cry to God, 

how he may destroy those prayers by temptations, 56 

and turn our minds thereby from that work. 

Either he will, at least, occupy us with negligence, 

or subtly disquiet us with curious enquiries. 

"When we pray with simple-mindedness, 60 

then speak we verily to God Himself thus ; 

and when we read books, or hear them read, 

52. W.D. forjjam ]>e. W.D.F. ins, 57. W.mdd.^ndan; D.awDcn- 
Be, which A. om. D.F. wsepna, W,F. dan. D. ])an weorcum. F. j^urh J)oei 
sceolon. of J)arn weorce, 

53. W.D. halie. F. gebeda. 58. F. oSSse. W.F.gymeleaste ; D. 

54. W.D.F. ofer-swi^ed symle. F. gemeaste (ow. hum). W. i\s. 
gebeda. 59. W. us. F. liremS, cor. <o dere'S. 

55. W. forJ)f. f o. W. us. F. bylewytan mdde. 

56. W. magen ; D.F. mage. W.D. 61. W. swa ; F. swa (^nearly oh- 
to-brecan ; F. to-bnccan, cor. to to- literafed). 

brecan. 62. D. bee. 


jpoDiie spree's god to us f)urli f)a gastlican rsedincge . 

Se man mot Line gebiddan swa swa he mseg and cann . 64 

for'San j^e se eelmihtiga god cann selc gereord tocnawan , 

and on selcere stowe man mot msersian his drihten . 

and hine gebiddan beo }?8er]?aer he beo. 

Man sceal swaj^eah secan cyrcan gelome ^ . 68 

and man ne mot spellian ne sprsece drifan 

binnan godes cyrcan . forSan f»e heo gebed-hiis is . 

gode gehalgod to J^am gastlicu7?i sprsecum . 

Ne man ne sceal drincan oSSe dwollice etan 72 

binnan godes huse . IpQ is gehalgod to psun . 

pcBt man godes lichaman mid geleafan pser p'lcge . 

Nu doS menu swa-f»eah dyslice foroft . 

])€et hi willatS wacian and wodlice drincan 76 

binnan godes huse and bysmorlice plegan . 

and mid gegaf-sprsecum godes ^hus gefylan . 

ac Sam wsere betere Ipcet hi on heora bedde lagon 

tSonne hi gegremedon god on p&m. gastlican huse . 80 

Se}?e wylle wacian and wurSian godes halgan . 

wacie mid stilnysse and ne wyrcan nan gehlyd . 

ac singe his gebedu swa he selost cunne . 

and seSe wile drincan . and dwseslice hlydan . 84 

drince him set ham . na on drihtnes huse . 

pcet he god ne unwurSige to wite him sylfum . 

Us is neod pcet we clypian to criste gelome 

buton hyge-leaste and hiwunge swa Seah . 88 

Swa swa se lichoma leofacS be hlafe and drence . 

swa gceal seo sawl libban be lare and gebedum . 

63. W.F. spryc'S. W. us. W.D.F. 70. W.F. binuon. W. cyrcean ; 
rsedinge, D, circean. W. forjjam J)e. W.D, is 

64. W.D.F. mann. W.F. mdt, gebed-hils; F. is gebed-hus. 

65. W. forpam J)e. 71. F. spreecum. 

66. W.F. mot. F. meersian. D. 72. W.D.F. dollice. 
drihtenes naman. 73. W. binnon. 

67. D. \>seT (only once). 74' ^' J^igs, cor. to picge. 

68. W.D. secean cyrcean. F. cy- 76. W. wodlice. 

rican. W. gelome. 77. W.D.F. biunon. D. bismerli- 

69. W.F. m<5t. W. sprseca drifan ; cean. W.D. plegean. 

F, sprseca drifan ; D. drifan sprgeca. 78. F. gafsprascum. W.hiis gefylan. 

^ See Thorpe, Anc. Laws, ii. 356, 7wte. ^ Leaf 6'j. 


then God speaketh to us through the spiritual reading. 

A man must pray even as he may and can, 64 

because Almighty God can understand all speech ; 

and in every place must he magnify his Lord, 

and continue in prayer wherever he be. 

Nevertheless a man ought to seek church frequently, 68 

and a man may not talk nor hold conversations 

within God's church, because it is the house of prayer, 

hallowed to God for ghostly discourses. 

Neither ought a man to drink or foolishly eat 72 

within God's House, which is hallowed to this [purpose], 

that a man may there taste of God's body with faith. 

Now men, nevertheless, act foolishly very often, 

in that they will watch and madly drink 76 

within God's house, and play shamefully, 

and with foolish talking defile God's house ; 

but it were better for them that they lay in their beds, 

than that they should anger God in the spiritual house. 80 

He who will watch, and worship God's Saints, 

let him watch in stillness, and make no disturbance, 

but sing his prayers as he best knoweth how ; 

and he who will drink, and make a foolish noise, 84 

let him drink at home, not in the Lord's house, 

that he dishonour not God, to his own punishment. 

We have need to cry often to Christ, 

but without carelessness and hypocrisy. 88 

Even as the body liveth by bread and drink, 

so shall the soul live by doctrine and prayers. 

79. F. baetere. W.D.F. hi. W.D. hilse. 

hyra. W.D.F. l%on. 86. W.D.F. he. W.D. unwur^ie ; 

80. W.D.F. hi. D. gegrsemodon. F. iniwurSi, cor. to unwurSige. W.D. 
D. gastlicen. W.D. hiise. F. wlte. 

81. F. wacian. 87. W. clypion. W.D.F. geldme. 

82. D. wacian; F, wacige. W. 88. F. butan. D. hlgeleaste. 
stillnysse;D.btilnesse. W.D.F. wyrce. 89. W.D. lichama. W. hlife. W. 
W. gehlyd, drlnce ; D. cbince. 

84. D. wille. W. dwseslice. D. 90. W.D. sawul. F. seo sawul 
libban (/or hlydan). sceal. W. hire; D. larum. F. ge- 

85 . D. drincse. W. \vSm n.<. W. bedum. 



Fela dyslice dpeda deriaS mancynne . 

o'St5e for anwylnysse o'S^e for ungerade . 92 

Swa swa sume menn do^ pe dyslice fsestatS 

ofer heora mihte . on gemeenelicum lenctene . 

swa swa we sylfe gesawon . o'^pcBt hi seoce wurdon . 

Sume faeston eac swa . pcet hi forsawon to etanne 96 

buton on 'Sone o(5erne dseg . and £eton J^onne grsediglice . 

ac us secgaS bee pcet sume fseston 

swa pcet hi geswencton hi sylfe for^earle . 

and nane mede nsefdon Ipsds mycclan geswinces . 100 

ac 'Saes pe fyrr wseron godes miltsunge . 

Nu ge-setton Sa halgan fasderas poet we fseston mid gerade . 

and aelce dseg eton mid ge-dafenlicnysse . 

swa pcet ure lichama . alefed ne wur'Se 104 

ne eft ofer feet to idelum lustum . 

pes eard nis eac ealles swa msegen-fsest . 

her on uteweardan pzsre eorc5an bradnysse . 

Bwa swa heo is to-middes on msegen-fsestum eardum . 108 

]?8er man mseg fsestan freolicor Sonne her . 

Ne nu nis mancynn swa mihtig . swa menn waeron set fruman. 

Nis nan fsesten swa god ne gode swa ge-cweme . 

swa swa pcet fsesten is pcet man fulnysse onscunige . 112 

and leahtras forbuge . and forlsete sace . 

and mid godum biggencgum . gode ge-cweme . 

and mid gesceade libbe swa swa we saedon ser . 

Ne sceal se wise mann beon butan godum weorcum . 116 

ne se ealde ne beo buton aewfaestnysse . 

ne se iunga ne beo butan gehyrsumnysse . 

ne se ^welega ne beo butan selmes-dsedum . 

92. F. ^nwilnysse. W.F. ungerMe. 99. W.F. hi. D. geswsencton. D. 

94. W. hyra. W.D. lengtene. selfe. 

95. W. F. gesawon. D, heo. W. 100. F. nane. W.F. m^de. F. ins. 
hi. W. seoke ; F. sedce. set gode a ftemssf don. W.D. micelan. 

96. F. ejic. W.F. swa. D. eac loi. F. fyr. D. waren. W.D.F. 
fsestan. D. heo. W.F. forsjCwon. fram godes. W. mildsunge. 
W.D.F. etenne. ^ 102. F. Nii. D. gesettan. W.D.F. 

97. D. daeg, D. seten ; F. iton. F. gerade. 

greediglice. 103, F. eton. D. gedafenlicnesse. 

' Leaf 67, back. 


Many foolish deeds injure mankind, 

either from selfvvill, or from want of thought. 92 

Even as some men do who foolishly fast 

beyond their strength in the catholic Lent, 

even as we ourselves have seen, until they have fallen sick. 

Some also fast, so that they have refused to eat, 96 

save on the alternate day, and then ate greedily ; 

but books tell us that some so fasted, 

that they afflicted themselves very grievously, 

and had no reward for this great hardship, 100 

but were the farther on this account from God's pity. 

Now the holy Fathers have appointed that we fast with prudence 

and eat befittingly every day, 

so that our body become not enfeebled, 104 

nor again over fat unto vain lusts. 

Moreover, this country is not so abundant in strength, 

here, on the outer edge of the earth's extent, 

as is that in the midst, in the strength-abundant region, 108 

where men can fast more easily than here. 

Nor is mankind so strong now as men were at the beginning. 

There is no fasting so good, nor so pleasing to God, 

as is this fasting, that a man shun foulness, 112 

and avoid sins, and leave off contentions, 

and please God with good services, 

and live discreetly, even as we said before. 

The wise man must not be without good works, 116 

nor the old be without piety, 

nor the young be without obedience, 

nor the wealthy be without almsdeeds, * 

104. W. SW.4. forl^te. W.D. sake. 

105. W.D.F. msest (/or faet). F. 114. W. blgengujn ; F. biggencum ; 
Idelum. D. bigengnw. W. gecw^me. 

106. W. e;ic. 115. W. ssedon. D. ser. 

107. W. bradnysse ; D. bradnesse. 116. W.F. wisa; D. wisa. 
109. D. fseston. D.F. her. W.D.F. buton. W. g6dum. 

no. W. n\i. W. mancyn ; F, njCn 117. W.D. ealda; F. ealda mann. 

raancynn. D. frumon. W.F. eawfsestnysse ; D. eawfestnesse. 

111. W.D.F. god. W. gecwe'me. ii8. F. nd s^. W.D. buton. D. 

112. W.D. swa {only once). W.D.F. gehersumnesse. 

is. W. fiilnysse. W.D. ouscunie. 119, W.F. buton selmysdsedum 

113. D. leahtres. W. forbuge. W. (F. -dxdum). 





ne wifmen ne beon butan sidefulnysse . 

ne se hlaford ne beo leas on wordum . 

ne nan cristen man ne sceal sceandlice flitan . 

Eft bits switSe f>wyrlic . Ipcet "Searfa beo modig . 

and forcucSlic hit bi'5 ])€et eyning beo unrihtwis . 124 

eac bits swyj^e derigendlic pcet bisceop beo gymeleas . 

and un-fremful . bi^ Ipcet folc beo butan steora . 

otSSe butan . se' . him eallum to hearme . 

pissere worulde hsel is . pcet heo witan hsebbe . 128 

and swa m4 witena beo'S on bradnysse middan-eardes . 

swa hit bet fsertS sefter Sees folces j^earfa . 

Ne bits se na wita . Ipe unwislice leofatS . 

ac biS oj^en sott peah Ipe him swa ne tSince . 132 

Gif tSa gehadodaii menu healdaS godes tSeowdom 

on gesettan timan . and syferlice libba'S 

and gif tSa Isewedan menu libba'S sefter rihte . 

})onne wite we to gewissan . pcet god wile fore-sceawian 136 

ure gesundfulnysse . and sibbe mid us . 

and 'Sserto-ecan us syllan Sa ecan myrhtSe mid him . 

Gif 'Sonne psi heafod-menn . and tSa gehadodan lareowas 

{jyses ne gyma'5 . ac ]:>encatS embe woruld-]?incg . 140 

and godes beboda ne his biggencga ne gyma'S . 

)?onne wile god geswutelian his forsewennysse on him . 

otStSe mid hungre of)f)e mid cwealme . pcci hi tocnawan magon 

pcet se selmihtiga wealdend wryc"S his forsewennysse swd . 144 

and hi tSaer-to-ecan sceolan on j^am oj^rum life Jprowian 

lange otSfje sefre for heora lifes gymeleaste , 

120. W. wifmenn; D.wifmann. W, 
r. buton. JF. sidefuUiiysse ; D. syde- 

121. F. nd (ist time). W.D. leas. 

122. F. n6 {ist time). W.D. mann. 
W. sceandlice. W.F. flitan. 

123. D. beo'S. W. mddig. 

1 24. D. beoS. F. se eyning, 

125. F. hitbiS. W.D. deriendlic. 
D. gemeleas. 

126. D. beoS. F. Ipcet peat. W. 
buton. W.F. steore ; D. stdore. 

127. W. buton. D. je. 

128. D. J)isre, W. hsel. W. wftan. 

129. D. witena ma. W. brMnysse ; 
D. bradeuesse. 

130. F. faer«. W.D.F. J^earfe. 

131. D. heofS. F. wIta. F. se 5e. 
F. unrihtlice {Jb7' unwislice). 

132. F. sot. 

133. W, gehadodan. W.F. |)eow- 

134. W.D. gesettum ; F. asettan. 

135. D. om. and. W. lijewedan. 

136. F. gewisson ; D. wissan. 

137. D. gesundfulnesse. W.D.F. las. 


nor women be without modesty, 120 

nor the lord be false in words, 

nor must any Christian man shamefully strive. 

Again, it is very contrary that the poor be proud, 

and it is odious that a king be unrighteous; 124 

also it is very hurtful that a bishop be careless, 

and it is unprofitable that the folk be without a governor, 

or without law, for the harm of them all. 

It is for this world's safety that it have wise men, 128 

and however many more there are of wise men on the earth's 

so much the better will it fare with the people's needs. 
He is no wise man who liveth unwisely, 

but such an one is an open sot, though it seem not so to himself. 
If cowl-wearing men observe God's service 
at set times, and live soberly, 
and if the laity live according to right, 

then know we for certain that God will provide 136 

for our prosperity, and peace among us, 

and, in addition thereto, give us the eternal mirth with Him. 
If then the head-men, and the cowl-wearing teachers, 
will not take care for this, but think of worldly things, 140 

and care neither for God's commands, nor for His worship, 
then will God manifest in them (their) contempt of Him, 
either by hunger or by pestilence, that they may acknowledge 
that the Almighty Ruler thus wreaketh contempt of Himself; 144 
and they, in addition, shall suffer in the other life, 
either for a long time or for ever, for their life's carelessness. 

138. F. J)serto-^can ; D. J)xrto- after hungre. D.F. hi. W. tocnaw- 
ecean. D. sellan. W.D. ecean. D. an. 

myrgjje. 144. D. f orsaewennesse ; W. sewen- 

139. W. gehjCdodan. nysse. D.F. swa. 

140. D, gema'S; W. gyma'S. W.D. 145. F. ^acan; W. eacan; D. ecan, 
J)enceaS. W.D. J)ing. cor, to eacan. W.F.D. sceolon. W. 

141. F. bebodu. W. bfgenga ; D. Iffe. 

bigenga. W. gyinaS ; D. geinaS. 146, W. hyra ; D. hira. D. geme- 

142. W. sewennysse ; D. forsewen- leaste. F. ins. a gloss on I. 147, 
nesse. viz. — Vel We gehyrdon oft secgaii Im 

143. F. ins. oSOe mid hergunge wel hit ferde on J>isum eai-de. 


"Wei we magon geSencan hu wel hit ferde mid us . 

Jja'Sa f»is igland wees wunigende on sibbe . 148 

and munuc-lif wseron mid wur'S-scipe gehealdene . 

and t5a woruld-menn wseron wsere wic5 heora fynd . 

swa Ipcet ure word sprang wide geond J^as eorSan . 

Hu wees hit 'Sa sit5^an t5a }?a man towearp munuc-lif. 152 

and godes biggengas to bysmore hsefde . 

buton Ipcet us com to cwealm and hunger . 

and sit5c5an hsecSen here us hsefde to bysmre . 

Be })ysum cwsecS se selmihtiga god . to moyse on J^am wsestene . 156 

Gif ge on minum bebodum fara(5 . and mine beho^da healdatS . 

ponne sonde ic eow ren-scuras on rihtne timan symble . 

and seo eorcSe spryt hyre waestmas eow . 

and ic forgife sibbe and gesehtnysse eow . 160 

\)€et ge butan ogan eowres eardes brucan . 

and ic eac afyrsige 'Sa yfelan deor eow fram . 

Gif ge J^onne me forseoc5 and mine gesetnyssa awurpatS . 

ic eac swy^e hrsedlice on eow hit gewrece . 164 

ic do pcet seo heofen biS swa heard eow swa isen . 

and seo eor(5e f)8er-to-geanes swylce heo seren sy . 

ponne swince ge on idel . gif ge sawacS eower land 

■Sonne seo eorSe ne spryt eow nsenne wsestm . 168 

And gif ge })onne git nella'S eow wendan to me . 

ic sende eow swurd to and eow SICE'S eowre fynd . 

and hi f)onne awestaS wselhreowlice eower land . 

and eowre burga beoS to-brocene and aweste . 172 

Ic asende eac yrhSe Into eowrum heortum . 

\)cet eower nan ne dear eowrum feondum wiS-standan . 

147. W.D. ge]>encean. W. ferde. D. bismasre ; F. bismere. 

D. us, 154. W. lis com. W.D. hunger. 

148. W.F. fgland; D. egland. W.D. 155. W. lis. W. bysmore; F. bys- 
wuniende. mere ; D. bismore. 

149. W.D. munuc-lifa. 156. W.D.F. swilcum (/or Jjy sum). 

150. D. ware. D. feond. F.D. wesfcene. 

151. W. swc4. W. wide. 157. F. bebodu (for beboda). 

152. W.F. om. hit, wMch is supplied 158. D. renscuras. W.F. tlman 
in a later hand in A. W.F. J)a raunuc- symle. D. simle. 

llf. 159. W.D.sprytt. D.for?y(/oreow). 

153. W. bi'gengaa; D. bigaengas. i6o. F . om. the line. D. sehtnesse. 

1 Leaf 68. 


Well may we think how well it fared with us 

when this island was dwelling in peace, 148 

and the monastic orders were held in honour, 

and the laity were ready against their foes, 

so that our report spread widely throughout the earth. 

How was it then afterward when men rejected mona.stic life 152 

and held God's services in contempt, 

but that pestilence and hunger came to us, 

and afterward the heathen army had us in reproach 1 

Concerning this spake the Almighty God to Moses in the wilderness, 

* If ye walk in my statutes and keep my commandments, 

then will I alvvay send you rain-showers in due time, 

and the earth shall yield you her fruits, 

and I will give you peace and reconciliation, 160 

that ye may enjoy your land without fear, 

and I will also put the evil beasts far from you. 

If ye then despise me, and cast away my laws, 

I will also very speedily wreak it upon you j 164 

I will cause that the heaven shall be to you as hard as iron, 

and the earth underneath it as if it were brass. 

Then shall ye labour in vain, if ye sow your land, 

then the earth shall yield you no fruits ; 168 

and if ye even then will not turn to Me, 

I will send the sword to you, and your enemies shall slay you, 

and then they shall cruelly lay waste your land, 

and your cities shall be broken down and wasted. 172 

I will also send cowardice into your hearts, 

so that none of you dare withstand your enemies." 

161. W.F. buton. W.D.F. 6ga,n. above the line). T). waesm. 

D. eowras. W. brucan. 169. W. git. W. wendan. W.F. 

162. W.D. afyrsie. W.F. d6ov. T>. me. 

puts eow before 'Sa. 170. W. st^nde, D. swurd. W.D.F. 

163. D. gesetnesse. to. W. fynd ; D. feond. 

164. W. dac. 171, W. aw^sta'5, F. vvelhreow- 

165. D, do. W. se. D.F. heofon, lice; D. wealhreowlice. D. eowre, 
D. bee's, W.D. eow swa heard. W. cor. to eowere. W.D. l<(nd, 

isen. 173. W.F. asende ; D. asaende. 

166. W.F. aeren. W. .si. W.D. dac. D. inn-to. 

167. F. Idel. W.Und. 174. W. nan. F. dearr. F. his 

168. W.D. sprytt. F. eow (added {over eowruni). W. witJstiindan. 


pus spraec god gefyrn be f)am folce israhel . 

hit is swa (5eah swa gedon swyt5e neali mid us . 176 

nu on niwum dagum and undigollice . 

We sceolan god wur(5ian mid so(5re anrgednysse 

for'San ])e he is selmilitig god . and he us to menn gesceop . 

nu do w6 swytSe wolice gif we ne wurc5ia'5 hine 180 

us sylfum to J>earfe . and urum sawlum to blisse . 

God gewrsec fram frymtSe mid witum his forsewennysse . 

serest on cSam senglum pe unraedh'ce modegodon . 

and siStSan on adame pa, pa, he gesyngod haefde. 184 

Eft on noes dagum 'Sa'Sa menn dysgodon to swytSe . 

and mid forligre gegremedon god sebnihtigne J^earle . 

swa pcet he sende flod . and besencte hi ealle 

butan noe anum mid his agenum hiwum . 188 

for'San pe he ana waes of him ealluin riht-wis . 

Eft tSa f)a god wokle wrecan mid fyre 

pa fulan forbgeras J^ses fracodostan mennisces 

sodomitiscra tSeoda . f>a ssede he hit abrahame . 192 

Habraham pa. bsed f)one selmihtigan Sus . 

pu drihten pe demst eallum deadlicum flsesce . 

ne scealt (Su J^one riht-wisan ofslean mid J^am arleasan . 

Gif Sser beotS ^ fiftig wera wunigende on f)am earde . 196 

rihtwise setforan (5e . ara him eallum . 

Da cwseS god him to eft. Ic arige him eallum 

gif ic (Sser finde fiftig riht-wisra . 

pa began abraham eft biddan god georne . 200 

pcBt he hi ne fordyde . gif 'Sser feowertig wseron 

175. D- ]>&n. T>. forsewennesse. 

176. W.D. ge-don. W.F. ils. 183, W.D.F. englum. D. unrsed- 

177. W. nvi. W.F. niwum. F. un- lice; F, linraedlice. F. modegodon. 
digeliice. 184. W. adame; F. Mama. D. 

i78.W.D.F.sceolon. D. anraednesse. gesengod, co7-. to gesyngod. 

179. W.D. for]>aw. J^e, W.D. om. 185. F. noes. 

god. W. us. D. mannum. 186. W.D, forligre. D. gegraeme- 

i8o. D. nil do. W.D.F. we. W. don. D. gelmihtihne. 

W(51ice. 187. F. asende flod. D. bessencte. 

181. W.D, us. D. selfe. D. sawle. 188. W.D.F. buton. W. no(^ ; F. 

182. F. gevvraec. W.D.F. wltum. nde. W.F. anum ; F. Agenum (06- 

^ Leaf 68, back. 


Thus spake God, of old. concerning the people of Israel; 
it is nevertheless very nigh thus accomplished in us, 176 

now in these late days, and notoriously. 
"We ought to worship God with true constancy, 
because He is Almighty God, and He created us to be men; 
now do we very wrongly if we worship Him not 180 

for our own need, and our souls' bliss. 

God from the beginning avenged contemj^t of Himself by punish- 
first upon the Angels who rashly exalted themselves, 
and afterward on Adam, when He had sinned. 184 

Again, in the days of Noah, when men ^vrought very foolishly, 
and by fornication angered Almighty God exceedingly, 
so that He sent the Flood, and drowned them all, 
except only Noah with his own household, 188 

because he alone of them all was righteous. 
Again when God desired to wreak with fire 
the foul fornication of the vilest race of men, 
the people of Sodom, then He told it to Abraham. 192 

Abraham then prayed the Almighty thus ; 
" Thou, Lord, who judgest all mortal flesh, 
Thou shouldest not slay the righteous with the wicked. 
If there be fifty men dwelling in the place, 196 

righteous before Thee, spare them all." 
Then said God to him again : "I will spare them all, 
if I find there fifty righteous." 

Then began Abraham again to entreat God earnestly, 200 

that He would not destroy them, if there were forty there, 

literated). W, hiwum; D. heowum. 196. W.D. fifti. W.D. wuniende. 

189. W.D. for jjam pe. D. lieom. D. })an. 

D. rihtwls. ^ 197. D, rihtwisa. D. \)6. W.F. 

190. W. fyre. jira. D. heom, 

191. W. fulan ; D. fule. D.F. for- 198. D. eft t6. W. Me; D. arie. 
ligras. F. fracodestan. D. heom. 

192. F. sodomidiscra, 199. W. finde. W.D. fifti. D. 

193. W.D.F. Abraham. rihtwisa. 

194. W. (Umat. 200. W. begann; F. began, cor. to 

195. W. ofsldan. D. arleasum ; begann. 

W. ^rleasan. 201. D.F. hi. W. feowerti. 


rihtwisra wcra . wunigende on 'Ssere leode . 

God him (58es tij^ode . and he began git biddan 

o'^])cet he becom to tyn mannum . and him ti'Sode god t5a . 204 

])cet he nokle hi fordon . gif he funde tSser tyn 

riht-wisra manna . and he wende Sa him fram . 

God sende (5a sona to c5am sceand-licum mannum 

twegen englas on aefen . and hi abrahames bro(5or sunu 208 

loth . mid his hiwum . alaeddon of 'Ssere byrig . 

and Sser nses na mi pe manful neere gemet . 

God sende Sa ijr on merigen and fulne swefel him to . 

and for-bsernde hi ealle and heora burga towende . 212 

and ealne f>one eard mid egeslicum fyre . 

and 'Sser is nu ful wseter 'Sser tSa fulan wunodon . 

and loth se riht-wisa wearcS ahred 'Surh god . 

Be c5ysum man mseg tocnawan ])cet micclum fremiacS 216 

J?am leewedum mannum . J^a gelseredan godes 'Seowas. 

pcet hi mid heora (5eow-dome him Singian to gode . 

nu god wolde arian eallum 'Sam synfullura . 

gif he Ipser gemette tyn riht-wise menn . 220 

Eal-swa dathan and abiron (Se dyslice sprsecon . 

and mycelne teonan moyse gedydon 

ongean godes willan . cSa'Sa hi on fjam westene wseron . 

and forsawon his wisunge and swy'Se hine tseldon . 224 

God him wearS ]:>a yrre . and seo eorlpe to-baerst 

J^ser^ser hi wicodon . mid wifum and mid cyldum 

on heora ge-teldum . and hi ealle t5a suncon 

swa cuce into tSsere eor'San . of-hrorene mid moldan . 228 

and pcet o(5er folc fleah afyrht for heora hreame . 

202. W.D. wuniende. D. ])sera. D. byri. 

203. W.D.F. geti'Sode. W.D.F. 210. D. na. F. ins. manna after 
begann. F. })agyt. md,. W. manfull ; F. manful. W.i). 

204. W. becom; F. com. D. tij)- gemet; F. gemett. 

odce. W.D.F. I^a god. 211. D. ssende. W.F. fyr. W.D. 

205. D.F. hi. D. fordon. W. merien; F. m^rgeu. W. fulne. W.F. 
fiinde. D. tien. swefel. W.F. to. 

206. D. rihtwisra. F. ins. sona 212. W. hyra; D. heera (stc). 
after 'Qq,. 213. W. fyre. 

207. W. sceandlicu. 214. W. mi. W.F.D. fill. W. fd- 

208. F. sefen. Ian. D. wunodan. 

209. W. 16th; F. loht. W.D.hiwum. 215. W. 16th ; F. loht. VV. ahredd. 


righteous men, dwelling among tliat people. 

God granted him this, and he began yet to entreat, 

until he came to ten men, and God granted him then, 204 

that He would not destoy them if He found there ten 

righteous men, and He turned from him therewith. 

Then God straightway sent to those shameful men 

two angels in the evening, and they led Abraham's brother's son 

Lot, with his family, out of tlie city; 

and there were no more found who were not wicked. 

Then God sent to them, in the morning, fire and foul brimstone, 

and burned them all up, and destroyed their cities, 212 

and all that country with awful fire, 

and there is now foul water there, where those foul men dwelt, 

and Lot, the righteous, was delivered by God. 

By these things we may perceive that the learned 216 

servants of God greatly benefit the laity, 

when they, in their office, intercede for them to God, 

since God was willing to spare all the sinful, 

if He had found there ten righteous men. 220 

Even so [was it with] Dathan and Abiram, who spake foolishly, 

and did great dishonour to Moses, 

against God's will, when they were in the wilderness, 

and despised his guidance, and sorely upbraided him ; 224 

then God was angry with them, and the earth clave asunder 

where they dwelt, with their wives and children 

within their tents, and they then all sank down, 

quick, into the earth, overwhelmed with mould, 228 

and the other folk fled affrighted at their cry. 

216. W. to-cndwan. W. miceluw?. 223. W. ongdan. D.F. hi. 

217. W, lajwedum. W. geljjcreclan. 224. W. forsawon. W. wf sunge ; 
F. J)euwas, alt. to. J)eowan. F. wissunge. W. tjjeldon ; F. ge- 

218. F.D.hi. D.Jjt^owdome. W.D.F. tseldon. 

J)iiigion. 225. F. him, cor. to hiom ; D. heom. 

219. W. iirian. D. Jjan. 226. D. hi reinated. W.F. wicodon. 

220. W. gemette. F. tyn; D. teon. W.D. owi. 2nd mid. 

D. rihtwisa. ' 227. W.D. hyra getealduwi. D. 

221. W.D.F. Fall. D. swa. W. suncon, >a. F. besuncon. 

dathan; F. dtithan. F. jibiron ; D. 228. D. innto. A. rorene, cor. to 

abirdn. W. spra.>coii. hrorene. D. moklen. 

222. F. t(?onan. 229. D. ojjter. W. hyra. F. hr^ame. 



Manega of t5am folce myslice oft ceorodon . 
and fandoden godes and gremedon mid sprsecon . 
ac god hit gewrsec sona pcet hi swultan gehii . 232 

fortSan 'Se seo ceorung is swySe lac5 gode . 
and huru pcet mann gremige hine mid wor^dum . 
And gode is swyt5e lat5 on geleaffullum folce . 
pcet hi beon ungecSvvsere and f)wyre him betwynan . 236 

and crist cwsetS on his godspelle "poet nan cynerice 
ne stent nane hwile ansund . gif hi gesome ne beoS . 
for-'5am t5e god lufat5 socSfsest-nysse . and sibbe on mancynne . 
Eft dauid se cyning c5eah ]?e he gecweme were gode . 240 

agylte swycSe J^earle . and god him sende ^a to . 
gcid f>one witegan . tSas word him secgende . 
Geceos tSe nu an wite swa swa '5u wyrSe eart . 
oppe (5reo ^ gear hunger . ot5Se J^ry mon(5as gewinn . 244 

pcet 'Su swa lange fleo J?ine fynd gif t5u mage . 
otSSe "Sry dagas man-cwealm . pa ewee'S dauid him to . 
Un-ea'Se me is Sis . ac me is swa (Seah leofre 
pcet ic on godes handa befealle f»onne ic on mannes handa be- 
fealle . 248 

foreman pe his mildheort-nyssa syndon maenlg-fealde . 
God sende (Sa sona sumne encgel him to . 
and se encgel ofsloh hund-seofontig "Susenda 
on dauides anwealde ealle wsepmenn . 252 

pa com se encgel J^ser se cynincg sylf wses . 
and wolde tSa slean f)a ceaster-gewaran . 
ac gode ofhreow t5a and hrac5e cwaeS to Sam engle . 

230. F. mislice, cor. to mistlice. F. 

231. W. ffindodon ; D.F. fandodon. 
F. gremedun mid sprsecum, 

232. F. hi, co7\ to hit. D. wrsec. 
W. sdna. F. ins. swa {by later hand) 
after sona. F. swultun ; D. swulton. 
F. gebil obliterated. 

233. W. forJ)am J)e. 

234. W.D.F. man. W.D, gremie. 
236. W. un-])W8ere him betwynan. 

F. tinge|)w{fire. F. betweonan. 

237. W.F. nan. 

238. W. hwile. F. Ansund {accent 
hy later hand) ; D. ansund. W.D.F. 
hi gesdme. 

239. W.F.D. and (/or for fiam "Se) ; 
tJam 'Se added above the line in A. 
F. so'Snysse ; D. so'Sfsestnesse. 

240. W. he gecweme wsere. F. 
wsere. D. gode gecweme wsere. 

241. F. him god. D. ssende JjjI. 

* Leaf 69. 

^ ra added between the lines; thus altering it to Sreora. 


Many of the people variously murmured often, 
and tempted God, and blasphemed in speech, 
but God wreaked it speedily, so that they died somehow, 232 
because such murmuring is very hateful to God, 
and specially when men provoke Him by words. 
And it is very hateful to God in the faithful people, 
that they shall be disagreeing, and perverse among themselves ; 236 
and Christ said in His Gospel, that no kingdom 
can stand anywhile entire, if it be not peaceable, 
because God loveth integrity and peace among men. 
Again, David the king, though He were pleasing to God, 240 
sinned very grievously, and then God sent to him 
the prophet Gad, saying these words to him, 
' Choose thee now a punishment, since thou art deserving [of it], 
either three years' famine, or three months' war, 244 

that thou shalt flee for so long from thine enemies, if thou may, 
or three days' pestilence.' Then said David to him, 
* This is hard to me, but it is better for me nevertheless 
that I should fall into God's hands rather than that I should 
fall into man's hands; 248 

because His mercies are manifold.' 
Then God straightway sent an angel to him, 
and the angel slew seventy thousand 

in David's dominion, all males. 252 

Then came the angel where the king himself was, 
and would have slain the citizens, 
but God had pity then, and quickly said to the angel, 

242. D. gad. W. wdrd. 249. W. forJ)am pe. D. mildheort- 

243. W. Geceos. W. uu. W.D.F. nessen. 

^n. 250. D.stende. W.F.s<5na. W.D.F. 

244. F, has marJcs of ohliteration engel. W.D. t6. 

after c5reo. W.D. hungor. D. ])reo 251. W.D.F. engel. F. ofsloh. 

{tivice). D. gewinn. W.D. hundseofonti. 

245. D. nifege. 252. F. c4nwealde. W. wjiepmenn. 

246. W. J)ry; D. ]^reo. F.D. mann- F. waepmen ealle. 

cwealin. F. to. 253. W, c6in. W.D.F. engel. 

247. D. un-ea'Se. D. ins. \>is before W.D.F. cyning, 
Kwa peah. 254. W.D. slean. 

248. W. handa. D. I'c. W. Mnda. 255. D. ofhreow ])il. F. rafSe. 


genoh genoh hit is nii . heald f)ine handa . 256 

pa geseali dauid sylf hu se encgel sloh pcet folc . 
and clypode to gode . and cwse'S mid angsunmysse . 
Ic eom \)e tSser syngode . and ic sylf unrihtlice 
dyde togeanes 'Se . hwset dydon })as seep . 260 

ic bidde pcet pu awende wiS min Jjine hand . 
and wiS minne hired J?ine hat-heortnysse . 
pa com gad se witega gangende . and cwseS him to . 
Far nti and arser hra(5e an weofod gode . 264 

and geoffra Sine Idc poet Ses egsa geswice . 
pa dyde dauid swd . and drihten him gemiltsode 
and se encgel ne moste Jja menn ofslean leng . 
God nolde ofslean pone scyldigan dauid 268 

J^eahSe he syngode . forSan f)e he swySe oft dyde . 
ge ser ge siSSan swySe senlice Sincg . 
gode to ge-cwemednysse . and god him forSi arode . 
and Sa f>e Sser ofslagene waeron heora sawla waeron gehealdene . 
Eft wses sum leodscipe pe se lifigenda god 
wolde gewitnian ^for heora gewitleasum daedum . 
poet wseron Sa niuiuitiscan pe wodlice fserdon . 
Da sende god him to sumne witegan 276 

ionas gehaten . and het hi geswican 
oSSe hi ealle sceoldon endemes forwurSan . 
Se cynincg Sa gecyrde sona mid his leode . 
and hi ealle fseston Sry dagas on dn . and drihten him gemilt- 
sode^ . 280 
Ne mseg nan mann awritan ne mid wordum areccan 

256. F. genoh genoh. F. nu. W. awende. W.D.F. mIn. W.D. h^nd. 
h^nda. 262. W.D. hired. F. ins. awend 

257. D. om. sylf. D, hu. W.D.F. a/ifer hired. D, hatheortnesse. 
engel. F. sloh. 263. D. Ip^. W. c6m. D. gang- 

258. F. ins. he after Bind. D. cleo- enda. "W-D, t(5. 

pode. D. aiigsuninesse. 264. F. nu. F. dn weofed. 

259. F. 1718. sjU after eom. D. self 265. W. geofra. F. lac. F. egsa. 
dyde unrihtlice. W.D. geswice ; F. geswlca. 

260. D. om. dyde. D.p4. D. dyden; 266. D. dauid. F. swa. W.D. ge- 
F. dydon (above the line). W. pa. seep ; mildsode, 

F. ]>& seep ; D. J)as sc^ap. 267. W.D.F. engel. W.D. ofslean. 

261. F. iois. pe after bidde. W. 268. W.D. ofslean. 

^ Leaf 69, back. ^ F. rightly makes two lines of I. 280. 



' Enough, it is now enough ; hold thine hand.' 256 

Then David himself saw how the angel slew the people, 
and cried to God, and said with anguish, 

* I am he that sinned, and I myself did unrightly 

against Thee ; what have these sheep done 1 260 

I pray thee that Thou wilt turn Thine hand against me, 
and Thine indignation against my house.' 
Then came Gad the prophet walking, and said to him, 

* Go now, and rear quickly an altar to God, 264 
and offer thy sacrifice, that this terror may cease.' 

Then did David so, and the Lord had pity on him, 
and the angel might no longer slay the men. 
God would not slay the guilty David, 268 

though he had sinned, because very often he had done, 
both before and afterward, very excellent things 
to the satisfaction of God, and God therefore sj^ared him ; 
and those who there were slain, their souls were preserved. 272 
Again, there was 'a people whom the living God 
would punish for their witless deeds ; 
those were the Ninevites, who acted madly. 
Then God sent to them a certain prophet, 276 

hight Jonah, and bade them desist, 
or they should all be destroyed together. 
The king then turned directly with his people, 
and they all fasted three consecutive days, and the Lord had pity 
on them. 280 

A man can neither write, nor reckon in words, 

269. W. foTpa,m J)e. 

270. W.F. cjenlice. W.DF. ])mg. 

271. D. gecwemednesse. W, for])i. 
W.D. drode. 

272. D. J)^ \)6 Jjaer. F. ms. ealle 
after and. W. hyra ; D. hira. F. 
syndon gehealdene mid gode. 

273. D. waes. D. leodscipe. W. 
lifiende ; D. lyfigende. 

274. W.D.F. gewitnian. D. hyra. 

275. W.D.F. iiiniueiscan. W. vvod- 
lice fdrdon. D.F. ferdon. 

276. F. saende. D. heom (om. to). 

277. W. geh^ten. W.D. geswlcan, 

278. F. ^ndemes forweorSan. 

279. W.D.F. cyning. F. gecyrde, 
D. ins. to gode after sona. D. l^ode. 

280. F. ins. to Sam ajlmilitigan gode 
he/ore and hi. W. Jiry ; D. ])reo. D. 
heom. W.D. gemildsode. 

281. D. ma;g. W.D. n;Cn. W. 
awritan. D. w<5rdum. W.D. arec- 
cean ; F. gereccan. 


hu oft se selmihtiga god egeslice gewrsec 

his foresewennysse on scyldigum mannum . 

otStSe hu oft he gemyltsode man-cynne gehii . 284 

J3a tSe mid andetnysse heora yfeles geswicon . 

We ne sceolan ceorigan ne sorhlice bemsenan 

))eah tSe us ungelimp on sehtura getime . 

for'San pe seo ceorung is swycSe mycel pleoh . 288 

pcet man wi(5 god ceorige swa swa us ssede paulus . 

Tela ungelimpa beocS on ende Sissere worulde . 

ac ge-hwa mot forberan emlice his deel . 

swa pcet he Surh ceorunge ne syngie wi(5 god . 292 

and for "^sere woruld lufe him wite ge-earnige . 

pes tima is ende-next and ende ]?yssere worulde . 

and menn beo^ geworhte wolice him bet wy nan . 

swa ]}cet se feeder win(5 wi'S his agenne sunu . 296 

and bro(Sor witS olperne to bealwe him sylfum . 

and mid (5am geeacniacS yfelnysse him sylfum . 

ge on (5issere worulde ge on tSeere toweardan . ] 

ponne tSincS f>am arleasum swylce hi sefre motan libban . 300 

and ne cunnon cSone cwyde pe god cwsecS be swylcum . 

Uiri sanguinum et dolosi Non dimidiabunt dies suos . pcet is on 

englisc ; 
Da blodigan weras and tSa pe willatJ facn . 
ne sceolan hi libban heora dagas healfe . 304 

Da synd blodige weras tSe wyrcaS manslihtas . 
and tSacSe manna sawla beswica'5 to forwyrde . 
Da sceolan geendian swytSe yfelum deaSe . 
gif hi ser ge-endunge heora yfel ne gebetatS . 308 

282. D. egeslic gewrsec. 287. W,D. J)eah us. W. ungelfmp ; 

283. W. forsewennysse ; F. fore- F. iingelim, cor. to ungelimp. W.D. 
s^wenysse, cor. to forsewennysse ; D. on aehtum getlmie. F. getimige. 
forsewennesse. D. om. on scyldigum, 288. W. forJ)am ])e. D. om. swy0e. 
etc., to andetnysse i7ic. (1. 285). 289, D. ceorie, D. «w^ sw^. D. 

284. W. gemildsode ; F. miltsode. s^ede. 

F, nianncyn, cor. to manncyne. 290. W. ungelimpa ; D. ungelimpse. 

285. W. J)am ])e. F. andetnysse. W. 6nde. 

W.D. hyra. D. yfelas. 291. W.D.F. m<5t. D. senlice {for 

286. W.D.F. sceolon. W.F. ceorian; emlice). F. doel, 
D. cdorian. F. sorglice. W. bema;nan. 292. W. sw^. 


how often the Almighty God has awfully wreaked 

contempt of Himself upon guilty men, 

or how often He has pitied mankind in some way, 284 

those who with confession ceased from their evil. 

We must not murmur, nor anxiously bemoan, 

though mischance befall us respecting our possessions, 

because murmuring is a very great danger, 288 

that a man murmur against God, even as St. Paul has told us. 

There will be many misfortunes at the end of this world, 

but each one must patiently suffer his lot, 

so that he sin not against God by murmuring, 292 

and, for love of this world, merit for himself punishment. 

This time is the last time, and the end of this world, 

and men are made unjust amongst themselves, 

so that the father contendeth with his own son, 296 

and one brother with another, to their own destruction, 

and thereby add iniquity to themselves, 

both in this world and in that which is to come. 

For it seemeth to the wicked, as if they might live for ever, 300 

and they know not the saying, which God saith of such, 

' Viri sanguinum et dolosi non dimidiahunt dies suos '; that is in 

* The bloody men and those who choose deceit, 
they shall not live out half their days' [Ps. Iv. 23]. 304 

They are bloody men who commit manslaughters, 
and those who seduce men's souls to destruction. 
Such shall end by a very evil death, 
if they do not amend their evil before the end. 308 

293. W.D. wlte geearnie. 300. D. jjonnum. F, ])ing'5. W.D. 

294. W. tlma. W, ))isre. m(5ton. 

295. W.F. men. W. wdlice. W. 302. W.D.F. om. ^set is on englisc. 
betwynan ; F. betweonan. 303. W. waeras. W.D. f^cn, 

296. D. on {for wiS). W. agenne. 304. W.D.F. sceolon. D. hiera. 

297. F. beleawe (sjc). ,D. selfum. 305. W.D, blodie. D. mannslehtas ; 

298. W. geeacniaS. D. yfelnesse. F. manslihtas. 

D. selfum. 307. F. Da. W.D.F, sceolon. 

299. W. J)ysre. W. t<5weardan ; D. 308. F. jIt. W, hyra ; D. hera. 
towearcleu. W. gebdtatS. 



And 'Seah Ipe hi sume lybbon leng (5011116 hi sceoldon . 

for godes gec5ylde pcet him ne fremaS naht . 

ac hi ge-eacniac5 heora wita . gif hi ser ende ne cyrratS . 

Godes wisdom clypaS . and cwytS to eallum mannum . 312 

mid fsederlicre lufe ^f)us fsegere tihtende . 

Min beam ne forgit (5u mine beboda and se . 

ac healde Sin heorta (sic) hi ^ geornlice . 

hi gelengaS J?in lif . and f>u leofast on sibbe . 316 

and mildheortnyss and soSfaestnys . J^e soSHce ne forlsetatS . 

Hafa pe truwa on god of ealre Sinre he or tan . 

and ne truwa '5u na swySe on f)inre snoternysse . 

penc sefre embe god on eallum 'Sinum wegum . 320 

and he sylf gewissa'5 wel Ipine fare . 

Eadig bi(5 se man seSe gemet wisdom . 

fortSan f>e se wisdom is selra f)one scinende gold . 

and he ana is deorwurtSra f)onne c5a dyran macSmas . 324 

])cet is se wisdom Ipcet man wislice libbe . 

and his dseda gefadige to his drihtnes willan . 

pcet he edlean underfo . on tSam ecan life 

mid Sam selmihtigan gode . Ipe on ecnysse rixaS. AMEN. 328 




[Collated with U. = MS. Camb. Univ. Lib. li. i. 33, p. 283.] 

BE ©AM halgan were Se is gehaten georius . 
Nu wille we eow secgan pcet soS is be Sam . 

309. D. Iseng. 315- W. heald. W.F.D. heorte. W. 

310. D. heow. lif- 

311. W. hyra. W.D. wlta. W. 316. W. ho {alt. to he) gelenga^. 
eer. D. iris, {after ser) hiora, cor. to W.F. lif. 

heora. W.D.F. gecyrra'S. 317. W.F. mildheortnys ; D. mild- 

312. D. cleopa^. D. cwe^. heortnesse. F. soSfaestnyss; D. soS- 

313. F. faegre. faestnesse. W, forlaeta'S. 

314. W.D. Mfn. D. be^rn. D. 318. W.D.F. truwan.'Sime. 
forget. W. beboda. D. ee. 319. W.F. na to swi-Se. W. snotor- 

* Leaf 70. ^ hi is added above the line. 


And though some of them live longer than they should, 

through God's patience, it profiteth them naught, 

but they add to their punishments, if they turn not before the end. 

God's wisdom crieth, and saith to all men 312 

with fatherly love, thus gently exhorting, 

* My son, forget not thou my commands and law, 

but keep them [in] thine heart diligently; 

they shall prolong thy life, and thou shalt live in peace, 316 

and mercy and truth shall verily not forsake thee. 

Have thou trust in God with all thine heart, 

and trust thou not overmuch in thine own wisdom. 

Think ever about God in all thy ways, 320 

and He Himself shall well direct thy course. 

Blessed is the man that findeth wisdom, 

because wisdom is better than shining gold, 

and it alone is more precious than costly treasures. 324 

This is wisdom, that a man live wisely, 

and order his deeds according to his Lord's will; 

that he may receive the reward in the eternal life, 

with the Almighty God, who ruleth in Eternity. Amen. 328 



Heretics have written falsehoods in their books 

about the holy man who is called George. 

Now will we tell you that which is true about him, 

nysse; D. snotornesse. 326. W. daeda gefadie. 

320. W. ))enc. D. ymbe. 327. W.F. underfd. W. life. 

321. D. self. D. farae. 328. F. mid J)am pe leofa^ and 

322. W.F. mann. W. gem^t. F. rixaS i buton aende, amew {in later 
wisdom. hand, the orig. MS. ending with life 

323. W. forJ)am J)e. F. wisdom. (J. 327). D. om I. 328. 

W.F. sdlra bonne. D. selre. ^.., . ^t r rr 

324. W.F. ^na. D. deora. Title ; for mill., U. has viii. For 

32 j: F. 'ins. se 'above the line. W. ^^^^^^^' ^-/^^^ ^^^sio. 
wisdom. D. mann. W. wlslice. i. U. Gedwolmenn. 



pcet heora gedwyld ne derige digellice aenigum . 4 

Se halga georius wses on haej^enum dagum 

rice ealdor-man . under (5am rej^an casere 

]>e wges datianus geciged . on Ssere scire cappadocia . 

pa het datianus 'Sa haet5enan ge-gaderian 8 

to his deofol-gildura his drihtne on teonan . 

and mid manegum Seowracum Ipcet mancynn geegsode . 

])cet hi heora lac ge-offrodon ]?am leasum godum mid him . 

pa geseah se halga wer J)8era hse'Senra gedwyld 12 

hu hi Sam deoflum onssegdon and heora drihten forsawon . 

t5a aspende he his feoh unforh (sic) on selmyssuwi 

hafen-leasum mannum )?am haelende to lofe . 

and wear(5 ]?urh crist gebyld . and cwsecS to t5am casere . 16 

Omnes dii gentium demonia . dommws autem caelos fecit . 

Ealle Jjsera hsecSenra godas synd gramlice deofla . 

and ure drihten so?51ice geworhte heofonas . 

pine godas casere syndon gyldene . and sylfrene . 20 

staBnene . and treowene . getreow-leasera manna hand-ge-weorc . 

and g6 him weardas settaS pe hi bewaciatS witS feofas . 

Hwset J?a datianus deo^follice geyrsode 

ongean tSone halgan wer . and het hine secgan 24 

of hwilcere byrig he wsere . ot5c5e hwset his nama waere . 

pa andwyrde georius (Sam arleasan and cwsetS . 

Ic eom so(5Uce cristen and ic criste J^eowige , 

Georius ic eom gehaten . and ic hsebbe ealdor-dom 28 

on minum earde . Se is gehaten cappadocia . 

and me bet licaS to forlaetenne nu 

J^isne hwilvvendlican wurSmynt . and J)ses wuldor-fullan godes 

cyne-dome gehyrsumian on haligre drohtnunge . 32 

pa cwseS datianus . J?u dwelast geori . 

genealsec nu aerest and geoffra Ipme lac 

4. U. derie. 13. U. on-saegdan. 

7. U. datianus, for ])e wses datia- 14. U. un-forht. 

nus geciged. U. capadocia. ij. JJ.deraoma; omitted and added 

10. U. mancyn. in margin. 

11. U. Uc. 18. U. syndon. U. deoflu. 

^ Leaf 70, back. 


that their error may not secretly harm any one- 4 

The holy George was in heathen days 

a rich noble under the cruel emperor, 

who was called Datian, in the province Cappadocia. 

Then Datian bade men gather the heathen 8 

to his devil-worship, as an insult to his Lord, 

and, with many threats, frightened the people 

so that they offered their sacrifices to the false gods with him. 

When the holy man saw the error of the heathen, 12 

how they sacrificed to the devils, and dishonoured their Lord, 

then he distributed his property fearlessly in alms 

to poor men, to the Saviour's praise, 

and became emboldened through Christ, and said to the emperor, 16 

* Omnes dii gentium demonia, dominus autem caelos fecit^ 
'All the gods of the heathen are cruel devils, 

and our Lord verily wrought the Heavens ' [Ps. xcvi. 5]. 

Thy gods. Emperor, are golden and silvern, 20 

stone and wooden, the handiwork of unbelieving men, 

and ye set guards over them to watch them against thieves.' 

So then Datian became fiendishly angered 

against the holy man, and bade him say 24 

of what city he was, and what was his name. 

Then George answered that impious man, and said, 

* I am verily a Christian, and I serve Christ, 

"George" I am called, and I hold authority 28 

in my country, which is called Cappadocia, 

and it liketh me better to forego now 

this transitory honour, and to minister to the kingdom 

of the glorious God in holy service.' 32 

Then said Datian, *Thou errest, George, 

Approach now first [of all], and offer thy sacrifice 

21. U. Btsene •] treowe getreow- 27. U. Jjeowie. 
leasra. 28. U. habbe. 

22. U. ge. U. hi. 29. U. gerarde. U. capadocia. 

23. U. deoflice. 31, U. wuldorfyllan. 

24. U. ongen. U. segan. 33. U. georiMs. 

25. U. waere. 34. U. genealac. U. 1^. 


f)am uuofer-swiSendura {sic) apolline . se'Se soJ>]ice mseg 

]?inre nytennysse gemiltsian . and to his manrsedene gebigan . 36 

Georius f)a befran J)one feondlican casere . 

hwse^er is to lufigenne . o'SSe liwam lac to ofFrigentie . 

(5am hselende criste ealra woruldra alysend ? 

6p])e apolline ealra deofla ealdre . ^ 40 

Hwset tSa datianus mid deofollicum graman 

het t5one halgan wer on liencgene ahsebban . 

and mid isemim clawum clifrian bis lima . 

and ontendan blysan set bam his sidum . 44 

het hine J^a siS(5an of (Ssere ceastre alaedan 

and mid swinglum J^reagen and mid sealte gnidan . 

ac se halga wer wunode unge-derod . 

pa het se casere hine on cwearterne don . 48 

and het geaxian ofer eall sumne seltaewne dry . 

pa ge-axode pcet athanasius se dry . 

and com to 'Sam casere . and hine caflice befrdn . 

hwi hete 'Su me feccan ]?us fserlice to pel 52 

Datianus andwyrde athanasie (5us . 

Miht ]5U adwsescan J?8era cristenra drycrseft . 

pa andwyrde se dry . datiane '5us . 

Hat cuman to me pone cristenan mann , 56 

and beo ic scyldig gif ic his scyncrseft ne mgeg 

mid ealle adwsescan mid rainum drycrsefte . 

pa fsegnode datianus pcet he funde swylcne dry . 

and het of cwearterne Isedan (5one godes cempan . 60 

and cwsetS to Sam halgan mid hetelicum mode . 

For Se geori ic begeat J^isne dry . 

oferswy'S his drycrseft oSSe he j^e oferswySe . 

oSSe he fordo pe ^ oSSe pu. fordo hine . 64 

Georius Sa beheold }?one hseSenan dry . 

and cwseS pcet he ge-sawe cristes gife on him . 

38. U. hwit^er. U. \do. 44. U. blasan. U. sidan. 

39. U. worulda alusend. 45. V. insert ^beforehet.V.alkd&n. 

41. U. deoflicum. 46. U. J)reagan. XJ. sealtan. 

42. U. hengene ahebban. 48. U. cweartern. 

* Leaf 71. 



to the unconquered Apollo, he who may verily 

have pity on thy ignorance, and turn thee to his homage.' 36 

George then interrogated the fiendlike emperor ; 

' Which is to be loved, or to whom is sacrifice to be offered, 

to Jesus Christ, the redeemer of all worlds, 

or to Apollo, chief of all devils 1 ' 40 

Thereupon Datian, with devilish anger, 

commanded the holy man to be hung up on a gibbet, 

and his limbs to be torn with iron claws, 

and torches to be kindled on both sides of him ; 44 

after that, he commanded him to be led out of the city, 

and to be tortured with scourges, and rubbed with salt; 

but the holy man remained unhurt. 

Then the emperor ordered him to be put in prison, 48 

and bade enquire everywhere for some noted sorcerer. 

Then Athanasius the sorcerer heard of the matter, 

and came to the emperor, and asked him boldly, 

'Why badest thou fetch me thus suddenly to thee?' 52 

Datian answered Athanasius thus, 

' Canst thou extinguish the Christian's sorcery V 

Then the sorcerer answered Datian thus. 

'Bid the Christian man come to me, 56 

and may I be guilty if I cannot 

totally extiuguish his magic by my sorcery.' 

Then rejoiced Datian that he had found such a sorcerer, 

and bade bring God's champion out of prison, 60 

and said to the saint, with fierce anger, 

' For thee, George, I have procured this magician ; 

overcome his magic, or let him overcome thee, 

either let him undo thee, or do thou undo him.' 64 

George then looked upon the heathen magician, 

and said that he perceived Christ's grace in him. 

49. U. dry. 

51. U. befran. 

52. U. hwl h^te. U. fserlice. 

53. U. andwurde. 
55. U. awc^wyrdae. 

56. U. man. 

57. U. ic beo. U. scln-crseft. 

61. U. hdtelicuwi. 

62. U. g^ori. 
64. U. ^e fordo. 


Athanasius t5a ardlice genam 

senne mycelne bollan . mid bealuwe afylled 68 

and deoflum betcehte Sone drenc ealne . 

and sealde him drincan ac Lit him ne derode . 

pa cwsetS eft se dry . Git ic do an J^incg . 

and gif him "pcet ne deratS . Ic huge to criste . 73 

He genam tSa ane cuppan mid cwealm-beruwi drence . 

and clypode swyt5e to sweartum deoflum . 

and to '5am fyrmestum deoflum . and to (Sam ful strangum . 

and on heora naman begol J^one gramlican drenc . 76 

sealde ^a drincan f>am drihtnes halgan . 

ac him naht ne derode se deofollica wseta . 

Da geseah se dry Ipcet he him derian ne mihte . 

and feol to his fotum fulluhtes biddende . 80 

and se halga georius hine sona gefuUode . 

Hwaet 'Sa datianus deoflice wear's gram . 

and bet geniman f)one dry pe })8er gelyfde on god . 

and Isedan of 'Ssere byrig and beheafdian sona . 84 

Eft on J^am oj^rum dsege het se arleasa casere 

gebindan georium on anum bradum hweowle . 

and twa scearpe swurd settan him to-geanes . 

and swa up ateon and under-bsec sceofan . 88 

pa gebsed georius hine bealdlice to gode . 

Dews in adiutorium meum intende domine ad adiuuandum me 

festina . 
God beseoh 'Su on minum fultume . drihten efst pu. nu me to 

fultumigenne . 
and he wear's J^a gebroht mid ]:)ysum gebsede on j^am hweowle . 92 
pa tyrndon ]pa haeSenan hetelice pcet hweowl . 
ac hit sona tobserst and beah to eor'San . 
and se halga wer wunode ungederod . 
Datianus pa, dreorig wear's on mode . 96 

67. U. heardlice. 74- U- inserts ]?am after to. 

68. U. afuUed. 75. U. full. 

69. U. deoflan, 76, U. begdl. 

71. U. dry. U. do. U. Jjing. 78. U. deoflica weeta. 

73. U. cwealmbaeruw draence. 80, U. feoll. U. fuluhtes. 


Athanasius then speedily took 

a great bowl, filled with a noxious draught, 68 

and dedicated all that drink to the devils, 

and gave it him to drink, but it hurt him not. 

Then said again the magician, * Yet one thing will I do, 

and if that hurt him not, I will submit to Christ.' 72 

He took then a cup, with a death-bearing drink, 

and cried aloud to the black devils, 

and to the foremost devils, and to the most powerful, 

and in their names enchanted the fearful drink, 76 

and gave it to the Lord's saint to drink ; 

but the fiendish liquor harmed him not a whit. 

Then the sorcerer saw that he could not hurt him, 

and fell at his feet, praying for baptism ; 80 

and the holy George straightway baptised him. 

Then Datian became fiendishly angry, 

and bade seize on the sorcerer, who had there believed in God, 

and bring him out of the city, and instantly behead him. 84 

Again on the second day the wicked emperor commanded 

George to be bound on a broad wheel, 

and two sharp swords to be set against him, 

and so to be drawn up, and shoved backwards. 88 

Then George commended himself boldly to God ; 

^Deus in adiutorium meum intende ; domine, ad adiuuandum 

me festina.* 
'Give heed, O God, to deliver me, make haste now to help 

me, O Lord' [Ps. Ixx. i]. 
and he was then brought with this prayer to the wheel, 92 

Then the heathen men turned the wheel savagely, 
but it instantly burst asunder, and bent to the earth, 
and the holy man remained uninjured. 
Datian then became sad in his mind, 96 

83. U. geniman. U. di'y. 92. U. om. J)a. U. gebede. U. 

88. U. upp. hw^owle. 

91. V. inserts \>(et IB be/ore God. U. 93. U. hdtelice. U. hweowol. 
om. Qu. 


and swor ^urli "Sa sunnan . and 'Surb ealle his godas 

])(^t he mid mislicum witum hine wolde fordon . 

Da cwae^ se eadiga georius him to . 

pine Seow-racan synd hwilvvendlice . loo 

ac ic ne forhtige for tSinum gebeote . 

Jju hsefst minne lichaman on Sinum anwealde . 

ac t5u nsefst swa J^eah mine sawle . ac god . 

pa het se casere his cwelleras feccan 104 

senne serene hwer . and hine eaPne afyllan 

mid weallendum leade . and lecgan georium 

innon Sone hwser . J)at5a he hattost wees . 

pa ahof se halga to heofonum his eagan . 108 

his drihten biddende and bealdlice cwetSende . 

Ic gange into Ipe on mines drihtnes naman . 

and ic hopige on drihten Ipcet he me ungederodne 

of (Sisum weallendum hwere wylle nu ahreddan , 112 

p&m is lof . and wuldor . geond ealle woruld . 

And he bletsode Ipcet lead and laeg him onuppan . 

and Ipcet lead \vear?5 acolod J?urh godes mihte . 

and georius sset gesund on 'f^am hwere . 116 

Da cwse(5 se casere to J^am cristes J^egene . 

Nast IpVL la geori Ipcet ure godas swincaS mid f>e . 

and git hi synd ge]?yldige Ipcet hi Ipe miltsion . 

Nu leere ic Ze swa swa leofne sunu . 120 

pcet 'Su f)8era cristenra lare forlsete mid ealle . 

and to minum rsede hra'Se gebuge . 

swa Ipcet tSu offrige Ipam arwur'San appolline . 

and J?u mycelne wurc5mynt miht swa begitan . 124 

pa se halga martyr mid Sam halgan gaste afylled . 

smearcode mid mu(5e and to 'Sam manfullan cwsecS . 

Us gedafenacS to offrigenne ]?am undeadlicum gode . 

98. U. fordon. no. U. godes (for drihtnes). 

99. U. ediga. in. U. h^. 

102. U. haefest. 112. U. hwere. U. om. nu. 

105. U. serenne. U. afullan. 113. U. worold. 

107. U. innan. U. hwer. U. hatost. 114. U. he. 

' Leaf 71, back. 


and. swore by the sun, and by all his gods, 

that he would destroy him by divers torments. 

Then said the blessed George to him, 

* Thy tortures are transitory, loo 

but I fear not for thy threatening; 

thou hast my body in thy power, 

but nevertheless not thou hast, but God (has) my soul.' 

Then the emperor bade his torturers fetch 104 

a brazen caldion, and fill it full 

with boiling lead, and lay George 

within the caldron, when it was hottest. 

Then the saint raised his eyes to heaven, 108 

praying to his Lord, and saying boldly, 

' I go into thee in my Lord's name, 

and I hope in the Lord that He will now deliver me 

unhurt out of this boiling caldron, 112 

to whom is praise and glory throughout all the world.' 

And he made the sign of the cross over the caldron, and laid 

himself upon it, 
and the lead was cooled by God's might, 

and George sat sound in the caldron. 116 

Then said the emperor to Christ's servant, 

' Knowest thou not, George, that our gods are striving with thee, 
and even yet they are patient, that they may pity thee ; 
now I exhort thee, as a beloved son, 120 

that thou altogether quit the Christians' doctrine, 
and quickly incline to my counsel, 
so that thou sacrifice to the venerable Apollo, 
and thou mayest so obtain great honour.' 124 

Then the holy martyr, filled with the Holy Ghost, 
smiled with his mouth, and said to the wicked man, 
' It befitteth us to sacrifice to the immortal God.' 

115. U. cristes {for godes). 124. XJ. miht micelne wurSmunt. 

116. U. hwdre. 125. U. afnlled. 

118. U. ge(5riu5. 126. U. smercode. 

119. U. hi sund. IT. miltsian. 127. XJ. oflFrienne. 

120. U. Idofne. 


^fter tSisum bebead se ablenda datianus . 128 

pcet mann his deadan godas deorwur"Slice frsetewode . 

and ])cBt deofles tempi mid deorwurcSan seolfre . 

and het J^ider Isedan )?one geleaffullan martyr . 

wende Ipcet lie wolde wur'Sian his godas . 132 

and his lac geoffrian 'Sam lif-leasum godum . 

Hwset tSa georius to eortSan abeah 

J)us biddende his drihten gebigedum cneowum . 

Gehyr nu god selmihtig )?ines (5eowan bene . 136 

and }?as earman anlicnyssa mid ealle fordo . 

swa swa wex formylt for hatan fyre . 

\)cet menn t5e oncnawan and on tSe gelyfan . 

pcet f)u eart ana god selmihtig scyppend . n4o 

-^fter t5isum gebede bserst ut of heofonum 

swyt5e fserlic fyr . and forbernde pcet tempi . 

and ealle tSa godas grundlunga suncon 

into ]?sere eorcSan . and ne aeteowdon sitStSan . 144 

Eac swylce J?a sacerdas suncon fortS mid . 

and sume tSa haecSenan pe J^ser gehende stodon . 

and georius axode pone arleasan casere . 

On hwilcum godum tihst J?u *us to gelyfenne? 148 

Hu magon hi ahreddan Se fram frecednyssum . 

Jjonne hi ne mihton hi sylfe ahreddan . 

Hwset ^a datianus gedihte j^isne cwyde . 

and het Sus acwellan J?one godes cempan . 152 

NimatS f)isne scyldigan pe mid scincraefte 

towende ure arwurtSan godas mid ealle to duste . 

and dragatS hine niwelne his neb to eorSan 

geond ealle (Sas street and staenene wegas . 156 

and ofsleaS hine sy}3]:>an mid swurdes eege . 

pa tugon J?a hsetSenan ]?one halgan wer 

swa datianus him gediht hsefde . 

128. U. Ablenda. um). 

129. U. maft. U. deorwyr'Slice. 135. U. gebigdiim. 

130. U. deorwur^um. 138. U. weax. 

133. U. liic. U. stanum (for god- 139. U. men. U. gelufon. 

* Leaf 72. 


After this the blinded Datian commanded 128 

to adorn his dead gods magnificently, 

and the devil's temple with precious silver; 

and bade bring thither the faithful martyr, 

weening that he would worship his gods, 132 

and offer his sacrifice to the lifeless gods. 

Then George bowed down to the earth, 

thus praying his Lord with bended knees, 

* Hear now, God Almighty, thy servant's prayer, 136 
and utterly destroy these miserable images, 

even as wax melteth at a hot fire, 

that men may know Thee, and believe in Thee, 

that Thou only art God, Almighty Creator.' 140 

After this prayer, a very sudden fire burst out 

from Heaven, and burned up the temple, 

and all the gods sunk utterly 

into the earth, and never appeared afterward. 144 

Likewise, the priests sunk down with them, 

and some of the heathen who stood there at hand; 

and George asked the wicked emperor, 

'On what sort of gods persuadest thou us to believe'? 148 

How can they deliver thee from perils, 

when they cannot deliver themselves 1 ' 

Thereupon, Datian endited this decree, 

and bade thus to kill the champion of God; 152 

* Take this guilty one, who, by magic, 

hath turned our venerable gods altogether to dust, 

and drag him prone with his face to the earth 

through all the streets and stony ways, 156 

and slay him afterward with the edge of the sword.' 

Then the heathen dragged the holy man, 

as Datian had directed them, 

142. U. fur. U. for-baernde. 155. U. neowelne. 

144. U. aeteowdon naefre sy])})an, 157. IT. om. syj>})an. 

148. U. tfhst, 158. U. tugun. 

149. U. hf. U. fraecednyasum. 159. U.het (/or him gedihthsefde). 
153' U. pyssne. 


6^])cet hi comoii to (Saere cwealm-stowe . 160 

and se martyr bsed pcet he hine gebiddan moste . 

to t5am selmihtigan gode and his gast betsecan . 

He J^ancode tSa gode eallra his godnyssa . 

pcet he hine gescylde wiS })one swicolan deofol . 164 

and him sige forgeaf j^urh so'Sne geleafan . • 

He gebsed eac swylce for eall cristen folc . 

and pcet god forgeafe psere eorSan renas . 

for Jjan t5e se hseSa J^a hynde tSa eortSan . 168 

-<iEfter Sisum geb^ede he bletsode hine sylfne . 

and baid his slagan pcet he hine sloge . 

Mid J)am 'Se he acweald wees . Sa comon f)yder sona 

his agene land-leode geleofede on god . 172 

and gelsehton his lie and Iseddan to Ipsdve byrig 

fe he on tSrowode . and hine tSser bebyrigdon 

mid mycelre arwur'Snysse . J^am selmihtigan to lofe . 

pa asende [sona] drihten ren-scuras . 176 

and ]?a eortSan gewseterode Ipe ser wses for-burnen . 

swa swa georius bsed ser'San pe he abuge to siege . 

Hwset t5a datianus wear's fserlice ofslagen 

mid heofonlicum fyre . and his geferan samod 180 

J)a Sa he hamwerd wses mid his heah f)egenum . 

and he becom to helle sercSan pe to his huse . 

and se halga georius siSode to criste . 

mid Sam he d wuna'S on wuldre . Amen. 184 

160. U. hi. 169. U. gebede. 

163. TJ. H^. U. ealra. 172. U. landleoda. U. gelyfede. 

166. U. godes (for cristen). 173. U. Ifc. IT. laeddon. 

168. XJ. haejja. JJ.'pL 175. U. arwyrSnysse. 


until they came to the place of execution, 160 

and the martyr asked leave that he might pray 

to Almighty God, and commend his spirit. 

Then he thanked God for all His mercies, 

that He had shielded him against the deceitful devil, 164 

and had given him victory through the true faith. 

He prayed likewise for all Christian folk, 

and that God would give rain to the earth, 

because the heat was then wasting the land. 168 

After this prayer he crossed himself, 

and bade his slayer to kill him. 

"When he was slain, there came straightway thither 

the people of his own country, believers in God, 172 

who took his body, and brought it to the city, 

v/herein he had suffered, and there buried him 

with great honour, to the praise of the Almighty. 

Then the Lord sent rain-showers, 176 

and watered the earth, which before was burned up, 

even as George had prayed, before he bowed to the death. 

Lo, then, Datian was suddenly slain 

by fire from heaven, and his companions together, 180 

as he was going homeward with his high thanes, 

and he went to hell before he reached his house ; 

and the holy George journeyed to Christ, 

with whom he ever dwelleth in glory. Amen. 184 

176. U. rightly supplies sona after 181. U. degnum (sic), 
drihten. 182. U. om. his. 

177. U. geweeterode. U. aer. 183. U. gecSrius. 
1 80. U. heofonlice fyre. 




[Collated with C.=MS. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 198 ; U. = MS. 

Cambridge University Library, li i. 33 ; and V. = Cotton, Vitel. 

D. 17 (much burnt).] 

TO AEGiPta lande and "Sser Iserde \>cet folc . 
and to fulluhte gebigde fram J)am fulan hsej^enscype . 
He ferde )?a geond eall "Sset aegiptisce land 4 

sawende godes seed . and tSa seocan gehselde . 
^Hreoflige he geclsensode fram tSaere imclsenan cot5e . 
wode lie gehselde . and on witte gebrohte . 

and adrsefde J^a^ deofla \>q derodon mannum . 8 

pa gelyfdon "cSa h8e"(5enan on (Sone sotSan hselend 
and wurdon gefullode . and towurpon heora deofol-gild . 
He wear's )?a set nextan geneosod J^urh god . 
and se lialga gast het hine faran 12 

to alexandrian byrig . and bodian geleafan . 
Seo burli is maerost mid egyptiscum man-cynne . 
Hwset ]?a se god-spellere gegrette his gebrot5ra . 
and sgede \>oet se hselend hine hete faran 16 

to alexandrian byrig . and bodian geleafan . 
Hi ]?a sona eoden to scipe mid him . 
and bsedon god georne "^mt he his weg gewissode . 
He ferde t5a on scipe . otS "^xjet he gesundful becom 20 

to alexandrian byrig . and bodode (Sser geleafan . 
and fela wundra worhte and Sser wunode lange . 
Sum sutere siwode f»3es halgan weres sceos . 

Title. U. MAI ; C. de quarta . euan- egiptisce. C. land. 

GELISTAS . MATHEUS MARCUS . LUCAS . 5- C. s^wende. U. saed. C.U. ge- 

lOHANNES. haelde. 

1 . U. gefor ; C. for. 7. C. wdde. C. gehfelde. C.U. ge- 

2. U. egipta; C. egypta. C. l^nde. witte; V. gewitte he. 

C. ])£er Igerde. 8. C, deoflu. C.U. deredon. U. 

3. C. gebigde. C. h£e])en-scype. J>am mannur/i ; C. ))am mancynne. 

4. C. f<^rde. C.U. om. eall. C.U. 9. C. gelyfdon. 

* Leaf 72, back. ^ ))a is added above the line. 




Mark the Evangelist by God's direction journeyed 

to the Egyptians' land, and there taught the people, 

and inclined them to baptism from foul heathenism. 

Then went he through all the Egyptian land, 4 

sowing God's seed, and healed the sick. 

He cleansed the lepers from the unclean disease ; 

he healed the possessed, and brought them to their wits, 

and drave out the devils who harmed men. 8 

Then the heathen believed on the true Saviour, 

and were baptised, and cast away their idols. 

Then he had next a visitation from God, 

and the Holy Ghost bade him go 12 

to the city of Alexandria, and preach the faith. 

This city is the most famous in the Egyptian nation. 

Then the Evangelist greeted his brethren, 

and said that the Saviour had bidden him go 16 

to the city of Alexandria, and preach the faith. 

They forthwith went to the ship with him, 

and prayed God fervently that He would direct his way. 

He went then in the ship until he arrived safely 20 

at the city of Alexandria, and there preached the faith, 

and wrought many miracles, and abode there long. 

A certain shoemaker was sewing the holy man's shoes, 

10. C. towurpan. 18. C. sdna. U. C. eodon. 

11. C nyhstan. 19. U. bxdon. 

12. U. V. ins. J)a before het; so C. 20. U. He. C. JjjC. U.V. gesundfuU. 
ins. ]>^. 21. C. J)£er. 

13. C. bodigan. 22. V. geworhte. C. lange. 

15. C. gebro^>u. 23. U. ins. (above) hit gelamp set 

16. U. sxde. U. haelend. C.U. sume soele Jjset before sum sutere. C. 
hdte. siitere s^owode. 



and (5ui'li-]?ide his hand hetelice swyj^e . 24 

ac se halga wer hine gehselde sona . 

and to fulluhte gebigde and fela o'Sre mid him . 

Anianus wses gehaten se ylca sutere . 

and he gej>eah swa for gode . Ipcet se godspellere hine gesette 28 

fam folce to bisceope J^sere burh-scire . 

He ge-hadode eac Ipa "Sry messe-preostas . 

and seofon diaconas . and endleofan clericas . 

pa syrwdon "Sa hseSenan and hine beswican woldon . 32 

forf)an fe he awende heora gewunelican 'Seawas . 

and heora goda offrunga mid ealle adwsescte . 

pa ferde se godspellere fram 'Saere byrig . 

to 'Sam geleaffullum cSe he ser Iserde . 36 

and t5ser J>urhwunode wel twa gear mid him . 

and getrymede Sa gebro'Sra cSe he ser to gode gebigde . 

and )?8er bisceopas gehadode . and halige preostas . 

and ferde eft ongean to alexandrian byrig . 40 

and gemette Ipsdv fela gemenig-fealde on geleafan . 

and on godes gife cSeonde and he Sses J^ancode gode . 

Hi hsefdon eac araered on hrsedincge ane cyrcan . 

and weox se geleafa . and godes wuldor scean . 44 

pa worhte marcus myccle wundra . 

he gehselde mitrume on Sees hselendes naman . 

blinde and deafe . and bodode geleafan . 

^and Sa hseSenan cepton hu hi hine acwealdon . 48 

pa com seo halige easter-tid . and J^a hseSenan cepton 

hvvaer se godspellere msessode , and msersode his drihten 

24. C. ])urli ])ydde. C. Mnd. U. 31. U. seofan ; C. vii. U. endlu- 
h^telice. C. swy])e. fan; Cxi; V. aendlyfan. 

25. C.U. gehselde. C. s6na. 32. U. syrwdon, and {above) J)oh- 

26. C. gebygde, C. o]}ra. tan ; C, wurdon. U. hsejjenan. U. &, 

27. C.U. Anianus. C. gehaten, and (above) J)8et hi. U. hine. C. U. 
V. hatte (for wses gehaten). C. U. beswican. 

siitere. 33- C. forjjon he. 

28. C. swtC. 34- C.U. offrunge. 

29. C. bisceoppe ; U. biscope. C. 35. C. feide. 

•) ])geve. 36. C.V. geleafFullan. U. zr. C. 

30. C. gehiidode )?a dac J^ry moesse- Izerde, 

preostas. V. ^reo. 37. U. twa. C. mid him on. V. heom. 

1 Leaf 73. 


and pierced through his hand very severely, 24 

but the holy man healed him immediately, 

and inclined him to baptism, and many others with him. 

This same shoemaker was called Anianus, 

and he throve so in godliness that the Evangelist set him 28 

over the people as bishop of the city. 

Then he consecrated also three mass-priests, 

and seven deacons, and eleven clerks. 

Then the heathen laid snares, desiring to entrap him, 32 

because he had changed their wonted customs, 

and utterly extinguished the offerings of their gods. 

Then the Evangelist departed from the city 

to the faithful whom he had before taught, 36 

and there continued about two years with them, 

and strengthened the brethren whom he had before converted 

to God, 
and there consecrated bishops and holy priests, 
and journeyed back again to the city of Alexandria, 40 

and found there many multiplied in the faith, 
and thriving in God's grace, and he thanked God for this. 
They had also erected a church in haste, 

and the faith waxed, and God's glory shone. 44 

Then Mark, wrought many miracles ; 
in the Saviour's name he healed impotent men, 
blind and deaf, and preached the faith, 

and the heathen sought how they might slay him. 48 

Then came the holy Eastertide, and the heathen sought 
where the Evangelist was saying mass, and magnifying his 


38. C.U. getrymde. C. gebr6])ra. 44. C. s6. C. J)8er scean. 
C. ser. C. geblgde. 45. C, mycele ; U. micle. 

39. C. gehjidode. 46. C.U. gehselde. 

40. C. alexsandrian. 47. C. bllnde. C. d<^afe. U. bodade. 

41. U. gemenigfylde ; C. gemsenig- 48. C. hxTpenan cepton, U. J)a 
f(^alde ; V. gemsenig-fylde. Y. ins. gode (above); keptan. U. hi. 

after on. 49. C. eastertld. U. kepton ; C. 

42. C. gode J){incode. cepton, 

43. U- arji-rad. U. hrjedinge ; V. 50. U. hwa-r. C. msersode. 
hraedinge. C. on hraedince araered. C. 




J^e on (Sam ylcan dsege of deatSe ards . 

and uruon endemes to and hine gelseliton . 52 

Becnytton t5a his swuran sona mid rape . 

and tugon geond 'Sa straet . swa Ipoet pa, stanas wseron 

mid his blode begotene . and mid his flsesce begleddode . 

and -se halga marcus micclum J)ancode . 56 

J)am hselende criste pcet he for hine f)rowode . 

pa si(5(5an on sefentiman hi setton hine on cweartern . 

oS pcet hi bet5ohton hu hi hine acwealdon . 

Efne psi on middere nihte wearS mycel eorc5-styrung . 60 

and godes encgel fleah faerlice to f>am cwearterne . 

and awrsehte ]?one godspellere . and t5as word him ssede , 

pu godes J^eowa . f>in nama is awriten 

on Ssere liflican bee and tSin gemynd ne ateoratS . 64 

and t5u eart gefera 'Ssere upj^lican mihte . 

Jpaer 'Su d lyfast . and J?in gast bicS on heofonum . 

and J)in rest ne losaS naefre on worulde . 

pa astrehte se halga his handa and cwce^ . 68 

Ic Sancie tSe drihten pcet Su me ne forlete . 

ac gemundest min mid J?inum halgum . 

Ic bidde pe nu haelend crist . onfoh mine sawle on sibbe . 

and ne geSafa f)u pcet ic beo fram tSe ascired . 72 

Mid J^am Se he ]:>is cwsetS . pa, com crist sylf him to . 

on pddve ylcan gelicnysse pe he leofode on worulde . 

and hine mid sibbe gegrette . and saede him J^as word . 

Pax tibi marce noster euangelista 76 

Sy pe syb marce ure godspellere . 

And marcus him cw8e(5 to . Min drihten heelend . 

and se hselend sitSode sona to heofonum . 

51. U. aras. 58. V. Daes. C. xfen-tlman ; U. aefen- 

52. C. tirnon. C. endemys. C.U. tlman. C. hine. C. cwearterne. 
hine. U. geleehton ; V. geleahton. 59. C. hi. C. U. hi. U. hine. 

53. C. ]>i. C. sw^oran mid anum 60. C. ^fne. U. middre. 
rape. 61. C.U. engel, C. fserlice. 

54. C. streeta ; U. strst. C. st^^nas. 62. U.V. awrehte. U. s^de. C. has 

55. C. bl(5de. C. flsesce begleddod. and J)am godspellere })as word him 

56. C. U. miclum. C. J)<incode. ssede. 

57. C.U. hijelende. C. ])r6wode. 63. U.'jjfn. U. awriten. 


who on that same day arose from death, 

and ran together and seized him. 52 

Then straightway they knotted a rope about his neck, 

and dragged him through the streets, so that the stones were 

sprinkled with his blood, and befouled with his flesh, 

and the holy Mark greatly thanked 56 

the Saviour Christ, that he was suffering for Him. 

Then afterward, at eventide, they put him in prison, 

until they had considered how they might kill him. 

Lo ! then, at midnight there was a great earthquake, 60 

and God's angel flew suddenly to the prison, 

and aroused the Evangelist, and said these words to him, 

' Thou, God's servant, thy name is written 

in the book of life, and thy memorial faileth not. 64 

And thou art a companion of the celestial power 

where thou shalt ever live, and thy spirit shalt be in heaven, 

and thy resting-place shall never be lost in the world.' 

Then the Saint stretched out his hands and said, 68 

' I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast not forsaken me, 

but rememberest me with Thy saints. 

I pray Thee now, Jesus Christ, receive my soul in peace, 

and suffer not that I be separated from Thee.' 72 

While he was saying this, there came Christ Himself to him, 

in the same likeness in which He had lived in the world, 

and gave him the greeting of peace, and said to him these words, 

^ Fax tibi, Marce, noster euangelista,' 76 

' Peace be with thee, Mark, our Evangelist.' 

And Mark said to Him, 'My Lord Jesus'; 

and the Saviour straightway departed to heaven. 

64. C. liflican. C. at(^ora'5. 73. C. t(5. 

65. V. ^aera. U. uplican. 74. C. gellcnysse ; U. gelicnesse. U. 

66. C.V. leofast. leofode ; V. lifde. 

67. C. nseft-e; om. on worulde. 75. C. U. grette, C ssede, C. w(5rd. 

68. C. h;lnda. 76. C. euuangeliste ; U. euuan- 

69. C,});incie; V.Sancige. Cforl^ete. gelista. 

70. C. gemilndest mln. V, halgan. 77. U. sibb. C. marcus. 

71. U. haelend. C. ont'6h. C. sdwle. 78. C. him t(5 cwsej?. 

72. U. l^afa. C. o»i. J)u. U. astyred. 79. C. hseletid. V. tSa (/or sona). 


Hwset J?a on serne merigen comon (5a arleasan liee'Senan . So 

and becnytton his swuran eft sona mid rape . 

and drogon hine eft swa swa hi ser dydon . 

hiixlice sprecende be 'Sam halgan were . 

and se eadige marcus mycclum j^ais Sancode 84 

J?am hselende criste . and cwseS J>is gebsed . 

In manus tuas domme commendo spiritum meum . 

On j^ine handa drihten . ic betaece minne gast . 

and he gewat mid J?am ^worde of worulde to gode . 88 

mid Sam he a blyssaS butan earfoSnyssum . 

pa woldon )?a hseSenan his lie forbernan 

and worhten mycel dd . ac hit wear(5 adwsesced . 

swa Ipcet god asende swy"Se mycel ren . 92 

ofer ealne J^one daeg mid eges-licum cSunore . 

swa Ipcet manega hus hetelice feollon . 

and eac manega menn mid Sam |7unore swulton . 

and f)a oSre flugon mid fyrhte fornumene . 96 

Comon }3a sy'SSan sona f>a cristenan . 

eawfaeste weras and hi aweg feredon 

Jjses godspelleres lie . and ledon on anre ]>vyh . 

and mid arwurSnysse bebyi-igdon . mid gebedum Jjancigende . 100 

\)cet hi swilcne halgan mid him habban moston . 

him to mund-boran . to f»am selmihtigan gode . 

pam sy wuldor and lof a to worulde AMEN. 


We habbaj) nu gessed sceort-lice on Sysum gewryte 104 

hu se halga marcus wses gemartyrod . 
Nu wylle we eow secgan hu se halga hieronimus 
be 'Sam feower godspellerum . Se gode gecorene synd . 

80. C. U. mergen; V. merien. C. 85. CU. gebed. 

C(5mon. C. hxpenshxi. 87, C h^nda. C. betxce. C. g^st. 

81. C. sweoran. C. rapon. 88, C. gewflt. C. w6rde. 

82. C. drdgon. U. hi ser. 89. V. liL C.U. buton. 

84. C.U.V. eadiga. C. rnyclum ; U. 90. C. h£e])enan. C.U. He. U. for- 

miclum. U. om. J»a?s. C. })c'Cncode. bsernan ; C. forbxman. 

^ Leaf 73, back. 


Then in the early morning came the wicked heathen, 80 

and knitted his neck a second time with a rope, 

and dragged him again, even as they did before, 

shamefully speaking about the holy man ; 

and the blessed Mark greatly thanked 84 

the Saviour Christ for this, and said this prayer : 

' In manus tuas, domine, commendo sinritum, meum ; 

Into Thine hands, Lord, I commend my spirit.' 

And with these words he departed from the w^orld to God, 88 

with Whom he ever rejoiceth without weariness. 

Then the heathen desired to burn his body, 

and made a great pyre, but it was extinguished ; 

for God sent a very great rain 92 

during the whole day, with awful thunder, 

so that many houses fell with violence, 

and also many men died by the thunder, 

and the rest fled, seized with terror. 96 

Then soon after came the Christians, 

pious men, and they bare away 

the Evangelist's body, and laid it in a coflin, 

and buried it honourably, with prayers giving thanks, 100 

(that they might have with them such a saint 

to be their protector), to the Almighty God, 

to Whom be glory and praise for ever and ever. Amen. 


We have now related briefly in this writing 104 

how the holy Mark Avas martyred. 
Now will we tell you how the holy Jerome wrote 
concerning the four Evangelists who are chosen of God, 

91. C.U. worhton. V. micelne. V. 100. U. arwur'Snesse ; C. eadmod- 
waer'S. C.acwenced ;U. acwenced( /or nysse. C. J^^nciende. 
adwaesced). loi. C. on habban. 

92. C. swd. C. mycelne; U. V. mi- 102. V. heom. 
celne. U. ren. 103. C. lof. U. a. 

95. C.V. men. C. Jjunere. Title. C.U. om. item alia ; V. has 

97. C. 8(5na. U. om. \>a. before cris- de quatvor evangelistarum, 
tenan. 104, C. nii. 

98. C. aewfaeete. U. bl. 106. C.U. snotera {for halga). 

99. C. l^don on ^nre \>Tth. V.Srub. 107. V. synt, 


awrat on tSsere fore-sproece J?aSa he awende cristes boc 108 

of ebreiscum gereorde . and sume of greciscum . 

to Iseden-sprsece on j^sere 'Se we leorniatS . 

He cwaecS \)(et lucas ssede swa swa hit ful sotS is . 

"pcet manega menn ongunnon godspel to writenne 112 

butan }?am halgan gaste and Jjses hselendes wissunge . 

and be heora gewille ssedon swa swa him ge]?uhte . 

and f>am gelamp seo awyrigung pe se witega cwsetS . 

Wa J)am )?e witegatS be heora agenre heortan . 116 

and faratS sefter heora gaste . and cwse'Saf) Ipcet hit god ssede 

Ipcet Ipixt hi secgatS and god hi ne sende . 

Be swilcum cwseS se haelend eac on sumere stowe . 

Warnia(5 eow georne wicS lease witegan . 120 

}?a t5e cuma'S to eow on sceape gelicnysse . 

and hi synd wifj-innan reafigende wulfas . 

Ac seo geleaffuUe gelaSung ]?e is gelogod on criste . 

and on him gefgestnod swa swa on fsestum stane . 124 

ne under-feht5 j^a gesetnyssa f)e swilce gedwolan 

tSurh hi sylfe gesetton . buton soSfsestnysse . 

Se forma god-spellere [is] \>e gode gecoren wees . 

matheus gehaten ^]?one se hselend geceas 128 

of woruldlicum tollere to gastlicum godspellere . 

and he wses an 'Ssera twelfa godes 'Segna . 

f)e awrat on ebreisc serest J^a godspel . 

j^e on tSsera {sic) forman bee . beotS geendebyrde . 132 

He awrat hi on ebreisc f>am ebreiscum mannum . 

t5e on iudea lande gelyfdon on criste . 

and wolde mid Sam gewrite j^e hi wseron on afedde . 

heora geleafan getrymman . forSan ^pe he lufode hi 136 

108. C. awr^t. C. foresprxce. U. boc. 1 16. C.U. witegia^. 

109, C. gerdorde. 117. C. gaste. C.U. cwe^a'5. C. 
no. C.U. ledenre. C. sprxce. s^de. 

111. C. s£ede. U.V. fuU. 118. C.U. hi. V. s^gca^S. C 

112. C. mange men. U. godspell. C. asende. 

C. writenne ; V. writanne. 120. C. gewitegan. 

113. U halgen. C. g^ste. 121. C. sc^apa ; U. sceapa. U. ge- 

114. C. ssedon. C. heom. licnessa. 

115. V. and of J^arn, C. awyrgung. 122. U.hi. V. synt. C. reafgende. 

^ Leaf 74. 


in the Preface, when he translated Christ's book io8 

from the Hebrew tongue, and some from the Greek, 

into the Latin speech, in which we learn. 

He quoth that Luke said, even as it is very true, 

that many men began to write the Gospel 112 

without the direction of the Holy Ghost, and of the Saviour, 

and according to their own will said even as it seemed to 

and on them fell the curse which the prophet spake, 
'Woe to them that prophesy out of their own heart, 116 

and go after their own spirit, and say that God sf)ake 
that which they say, and God hath not sent them.' 
Of such spake the Saviour also in a certain place, 
'Carefully be ye ware of false prophets, 120 

who came to you in sheeps' semblance, 
and within they are ravening wolves/ 
But the orthodox church, which is established in Christ, 
and fastened in Him, even as in a sure stone, 124 

receiveth not the writings which such heretics 
wrote of themselves without truth. 
The first Evangelist, who was chosen by God, 
[was] named Matthew, whom the Saviour chose 128 

from being a worldly taxgatherer to be a spiritual Evangelist, 
and he was one of the twelve servants of God; 
he wrote the Gospel first in Hebrew, 

which is set in order in the first book. 132 

He wrote it in Hebrew for the Hebrew people 
who in the land of Judea believed in Christ ; 
and desired, by that scripture whereon they were fed, 
to confirm their faith, because he loved them ; 136 

124. C. sw^ swa. C. stdnum; U. 130. V. ])3ere. C. U. cristes {for 
st^ne. godes), C. 'Segena. 

125. V. eac ne {for ne). C. he J)a. 131. C. awrat. U. godspell. 

126. U. hi. U. butan. 132. C. V. pBeve. U. bee. C. gedn- 

127. U. ins. is bef. J)e : so C. ins. debyrde. 

ys. 133. U. hf. U. om. mannum. 

128. C. geh^ten. C. hselend. 134. C.hlnde. C. gelyfdon. C. crist. 
cdas. 135. C. wdlde. Cgewritum. U. hf. 

129. V. om. gastlicum. 136. C. forSam pe. C.U. hi. 


and he sceolcle ^a faran to fyrlenuw lande . 

to hsejjeniim leodum hi to leerenne . 

]?a wolde he on ser . his agenre leode 

pcet godspell awritan . ser^am J?e he gewende him fram . 140 

Se o'Ser godspellere is marcus . Ipe wses mid ]?am apostole petee 

getogen on lare . and to geleafan gebiged . 

Petrus W38S his god-fseder and hine gode gestrynde . 

and he swa lange folgode his fulluht-fsedere petre . 144 

0(5 poet he gesette mid so'Sum geleafan . 

ps, o(5re cristes hoc on italia lande . 

Ne ge-seah he crist on life . ac he leornode swa'Seah 

of petres bodunge hu he tSa boo gesette . 148 

and petrus hi sceawode and sealde to raedenne . 

Se tSridda godspellere is lucas . se wses laece on worulde . 

and wunode mid "Sam apostolum . and mid paule sy'St^an . 

J^eowigende psnoa. gelmihtigan butan eelcum leahtre . 152 

on clsenum life sefre buton wife . mid godes gaste afylled . 

and he tSa godspel awrat . and wislice geende-byrde . 

and actus apos^olorum eac he gesette . 

He awrat his godspell on achaian lande . 156 

and gewat to gode mid Sam halgan gaste afylled . 

Sa J?a he wees on ylde feower and hund-eahtatig geara . 

Se feor'Sa godspellere is iohannes cristes moddrian sunu . 

se W0es criste swa leof pcet he hlynode uppan his breoste . 160 

on tSam pe wses behyd [eall] se heofonlica wisdom . 

swylce he of Sam drunce f>a deopan lare . 

pe he siS'San awrdt on wundorlicor gesetnyssa . 

swa pcBt he ofer-stah ealle gesceafta . 164 

and J3a word geopenade pe englas ne dorston . 

137. C. scdlde })^. U. landum; C. 143. V. waes eac his. C. getrymde. 
l^ndum, 144. C. lange, U. fulluht-fseder. 

138. V. Seodum. U. hi. C. l«ranne; 146. C. "Sa. on )?8ere cristes bdc on 
U. laerene. igtalia l^nde, 

139, 140. C. w6lde he an ser \)a, god- 147. C. leornode. 

spel awritan hys agenre leode, &c. 148. U. boc. 

1 40. U. ser |7an ]>e. C. gewende; 149. U. hi. C. scdawode. C. raed- 
U. wende. enne. 

141. C.U. oni. is. C. se wses. 150. C. Isece. 

142. C. lare. C. geleafan gebiged. 


and he had to depart then into far distant lands 

to heathen nations, to teach them. 

Then he desired first of all to write the Gospel 

for his own people, before he departed from them. 140 

The second Evangelist is Mark, who was by the Apostle Peter 

educated in doctrine, and converted to the faith. 

Peter was his godfather, and begat him to God, 

and he so long followed his baptismal father Peter, 144 

until he had written, with true faith, 

the second book of Christ, in the land of Italy. 

He never saw Christ in life, but he learned, nevertheless, 

from Peter's preaching, how he should write the book, 148 

and Peter examined it, and delivered it to be read. 

The third Evangelist is Luke, who was a physician in the world, 

and dwelt with the apostles, and with Paul afterward, 

serving the Almighty without any sin 152 

in a pure life, ever without a wife, filled with God's Spirit, 

and he wrote and wisely arranged the Gospel, 

and he also wrote the Acts of the Apostles. 

He wrote his Gospel in the land of Achaia, 156 

and departed to God, filled with the Holy Ghost, 

when he was four and eighty years of age. 

The fourth Evangelist is John, Christ's aunt's son ; 

he was so dear to Christ that he leaned upon His breast 160 

in which was hidden the heavenly wisdom, 

as if he thence might drink the deep learning 

which he afterward wrote in wonderfuller writings, 

so that he surpassed all creatures, 164 

and declared the words which angels durst not. 

151. C. wunigende. C. hund-eahte-tig. 

152. C. "Seowgynde. C. aelraihtigan 159. C. suna. 

gode. V. leahtrum. 160. C. crlste. U. le'of. 

153. C. life. C.U. butan. C. wife. 161. C. ins. eal (U.V. eall) hef. se 
I54« U. godspell. C. awrjit. C. heofenlica. 

wlslice ge-^ndebyrde. 162. C. driince. C. Mre. 

156. C. awrat. C. godspel. C. 163. U. a wrat ; V. om. U. wundor- 
achaigan Linden. Here gesetnesse. C. gesetnysse. 

157. C. gewat J)3er. C. gaste. 164. C. oferstah. 

158. C. ylde. U. hund-eahtitig ; 165. C. w6rd. C. U. V. geopenode. 


He waes gerest gecoren eallra J^sera god-spellera . 

ac he is forcSi se feor^a forjpan J^e he sette J^a feorSan boc. 

seftertSam J^e t5a o^re ge-endebyrde wseron . i68 

^ and wide geond f>a woruld awritene wseron . 

On asia he wses Ipa he awrat Jja boc . 

and he leofode lange on life gefter criste . 

0^5 pcet psi ocSre apostolas geendoden heora lif . 172 

and sige-faeste ferdon to 'San sof>an life . 

Das feower godspelleras syndon gode gecorene . 

and hi ealne middan-eard mid heora lare on-lihton . 

swa swa ]?a feower ^an . (5e yrnaS of neorxne-wange . 176 

ealne f>isne embhwyrft endemes wseteriaS . 

and (Sas feower godspelleras god geswutelode gefyrn . 

on (Ssere ealdan se . ezechihele J^am witegan . 

He geseah on his gesihSe . swylce feower nytenu . 180 

An J^sera feower nytena wses gesewen . swilce mannes ansyn . 

pcet o'Ser wses lie anre leon hiwe . 

and ])cet f)ridde stod anum styrce gelic . 

and poet feort^e wses fagum earne gelic . 184 

pes mannes gelicnyss belimptS to mathe§ . 

foreman pe he ongan his godspell be cristes menniscnysse . 

Se leo belimp(5 . swa swa pa. geleaffullan secga]? . 

to marces gelicnysse . for'San pe he hlud swege clypode . 188 

swa swa leo grimmetetS gredig on westene . 

Uox clamantis In deserto . parate uiam dommi rectas facite semitas 

eius . 
Clypiende stemn on westene . gearciaS godes weg . docS rihte 

his patSas . 
paes celfes gelicnyss belimptS to lucan . 192 

for(5an pe he ongan his godspell . swd swd god him gedihte . 

166. C.U.V. ealra. 175. V. ealle. C. Mre. V. onlihten. 

167. C. forJ)ig. C. for'Sam. 176. C. ^an. C. neorxna-wdnge ; U. 

168. U. sefter Jjan. C. ge^ndebyrde. neorxnawange ; V. neorxna-wonge. 

169. C.U.V. J)as (/or )7a). U.worold. 177. U. ymbhwyrft; C. ymbe- 

170. C.U. wrat. C. b(5c. hwyrft. C. dndemys. 

171. U. oni. lange. U. life. 178. C. ow. and. 

172. C. U. geendodon ; V. geende- 179. C.U.V. ezechiele. 

don. C. lyf. 181. U. an. V. j^aere. C.U. om, feower. 

173- U- I'am. C. lyfe. C. ansyn. 

^ Leaf 74, back. 


He was the first chosen of all the Evangelists, 

but he is for all that the fourth, because he wrote the fourth book, 

after that the others were set in order i68 

and were widely written throughout the world. 

He was in Asia when he wrote the book, 

and he lived long in life after Christ, 

until the other apostles had ended their lives, 172 

and had gone, victorious, to the true life. 

These four Evangelists are chosen of God, 

and they enlightened all the world by their lore, 

even as the four rivers which run from Paradise 176 

together water all this orb ; 

and these four Evangelists God revealed of old, 

in the Old Law, to the prophet Ezekiel. 

He saw in his vision four beasts such as these ; 180 

one of the four beasts was seen as it were the appearance of a Man, 

the second was like a Lion's form, 

and the third stood like a Stirk (Calf), 

and the fourth was like a variously coloured Eagle. 184 

The Man's likeness belongeth to Matthew, 

because he began his Gospel about Christ's humanity. 

The Lion belongeth, as the orthodox say, 

to Mark's likeness, because he cried with a loud sound, 188 

even as the lion roareth greedily in the desert, 

' Vox clamantis in deserto, 2)arate viam domini, rectas facile semitas 

A voice crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye God's ways, make 

His paths straight.' 
The Calf's likeness belongeth to Luke, 192 

because he began his Gospel, even as God directed him, 

182. C.U."] j)8et. C. gelic; U. gelfc. for])am ?Je. C. hWd swige clypude ; V. 
C. anum leo ; om. hiwe, hlud on swege clypode. 

183. U. stod ; C. om. stod. C. cealfe i8g. C. swdi swfC. U. grymmette'S ; 
{for styrce). C. gelic. C. griinmette}). C.TJ. grtedig. 

184. C. anum (/or fagum). C. gelic. 191. U. clypiendes; V. Clypigende. 

185. C.Dses.U.gelicnys. C. mathee; C. stemne. 

U. math (5^. 192. C.V. cealfes. U. gelicnys ; C. 

186. C. for|)am. C. godspel. gellcnye. U. belimpe'S. 

187. C.U.V. Seo. 193, C.V. forpskm. U. ongann. C. 

188. C. marcMS. C. gellcnysse. C. spel (/or godapell). U. swa swa. 


fram 'Sam sacerde Ipe zacliarias hatte . 

for'San J)e man ofFrode on Sa ealdan wisan 

cealf for Ssene sacerd . and ofsloh set t5am weofode . 196 

pses earnes gelicnys belimptS to iohanne . 

forSan J?e se earn flyhtS ealra fugela ufemest . 

and maeg swy'Sost starian on J^sere sunnan leoman . 

Swa dyde lohannes se driht-wur'Sa writere . 200 

he fleah feor upp . swylce mid earnes fySerum . 

and beheold gleawlice hu he be gode mihte mserlicost writan . 

Se fore-sseda witega saede on his gesih'Se . 

pcet J^sera feower nytena fet wseron rihte . 204 

and hi eodon sefre sefter (Sam gaste . 

and hsefdon eagan him on selce healfe . 

pus is on (Ssere ealdan se . awriHen be t5am godspellerum . 

and eft on "Saire niwan gecySnysse sefter cristes menniscnysse . 208 

apocalypsis seo boc be tSis ylcum seg^ 

\)cet iohannes gesawe ]?a fore-ssedan nytenu . 

on Jpam ylcan hi we pe we ser ssedon . 

and hi sungon J?isne sang . mid singalum dreame . 212 

SanctuB . ^anctus . Sanctus . dominus deus omnipotens . qui 

erat . et qui est . et qui uenturus est . 
Halig . halig . halig . drihten god selmihtig . secSe wses . and 

setSe nu is . and seSe towerd is . 
Se halga sang geswutelaS J^a halgan J^rynnysse . 
on anre godcundiiysse sefre wunigende . 216 

seo tSe sefre wses . and eac nu wunacS . 
and sefre is towerd butan ateorunge . 
Nu we habbacS gessed on tSisre sceortnysse . 
hu god geswutelode f)a soSfeestan godspelleras . 220 

on J)0ere ealdan . se . and eac on Jjsere niwan . 

195. C.V. for])am. C.U. wisan. 203. C. fore-saede. ' 

197. U. gelicnes. 204. C.U. fet. 

198, C. forSam, U.V. ufemyst. 205. C. g^ste. 

200. C. dyr-wurj)a ; U. riht-wur?Ja. 206. C. h^fdon. 
C. writere. 208. C. niwan. 

201. U. feorr. Clip. 209. U. boc. C.U. be Jjysum. C.V. 

202. C. bebdold gleawlice. C. Bsegp. 
gleawlicost {for mserlicost), 

^ Leaf 75. 


from the priest who was called Zacharias; 

because people offered, in the old fashion, 

a calf for the priest, and slew it at the altar. 196 

The Eagle's likeness belongeth to John, 

because the eagle flieth the highest of all birds, 

and can most steadily stare at the sun's light. 

So did John, the divine writer ; 200 

he flew far up, as if with eagle's wings, 

and beheld sagaciously how he might write most nobly of God. 

The aforesaid prophet said in his vision, 

that the four beasts' feet were straight ; 204 

and they went ever after the spirit, 

and had eyes upon each side of them. 

Thu§ is it written about the Evangelists in the Old Law, 

and again in the New Testament after Christ's incarnation. 208 

The Book of the Apocalypse saith about this same, 

that John saw the aforesaid beasts 

in the same appearance, which we before said, 

and they sung this song with continual harmony, 212 

' jSanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, dominus deus omni]potens, qui erat, et 

qui est, et qui venturus est : 
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and which 

now is, and which is to come.' 
This holy song signifieth the Holy Trinity 

in One Godhead, ever abiding, 216 

who ever was, and also now continueth, 
and ever is to come, without ceasing. 
Now we have said, in this ejDitome, 

how God revealed the true Evangelists 220 

in the Old Law, and also in the New ; 

210. C. gcs^we. 216. C. finre. C. xfre, 

2 1 I.e. hi we. U. serfore; C. serfore. 217. C. sefre. C. (5ac. 

212. C. siingan; U. sungun. C. 218. C. sefre. C.V. toweard. C. 
dreamum. buton. 

214. C. ins. (before this line) ])cet 219. C. tSissere. 

ys. C. ins. eart J)u hef. drihten. C.V. 220. U. hti. 

toweard. 221. U. te. C. nlwan. 


and J^as feower ana syndon to under-fonne . 

on geleaffulre gelac5unge . and forl^etan J>a otSre 

pe lease gesetnysse gesetton . 'Surh hi sylfe . 224 

na ]?urh Ipone halgan gast . ne t5urh (Sees hselendes gecorennysse 

We geendiatS Jjus "Sas gesetnysse li6r . 226 


Spel loca hwsenne mann wille. 

[Collated with D. = MS. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 303, p. 290; 
and U. = MS. University Library Cambridge, li. i. 33.] 

qui est et qui erat et qui uenturus est omnii^otens . 
Dset is on englisc . Ic eom angin . and ende . cw8e]) drihten god . 
setSe is . and secSe wses . and secSe towerd is selmihtig [god ^] . 

An selmihtig god is on J^rym hadura sefre wunigende . 

sepe ealle J^incg gesceop . nu habbe we anginn J)urh hine . 

for(5an pe he us gesceop . J^a^a we nseron 

and us eft alysde J^a ]>sl we for-wyrhte wseron . 4 

Nu sceole we hogian mid mycelne gymene . 

pmt ure lif beo swa gelogod . 

pcet ure ende geendige on god (sic) . 

fanon pe us pcet angin com . 8 

We magon niman gode bysne . 

serest be 'Sam halgum heah-faederum . 

hu hi on heora life gode gecwemdon . 

and eac aet }?am halgum pe J^am hselende folgodon . 12 

223. C. forlxtan. Title JJ. Incipit sermo, etc. D. 

224. U. hi. adds quando uolueris. D.U. om. 
226. C. dndia'S. IT. her. C. adds spel loca hwsenne mann wille. U. al- 

•j sy J)am w^l willendan h^lende d, fha. U. D. o. U. 07n. deus. D. aen- 
wuldor -) 16f butan selcum ^nde on glisc. U. anginn. D. sende. D. to- 
^cnysse. Amen. weard. U. D. om, god. 

^ Above the line. 


and these four only are to be received 

in the orthodox church, and the others to be rejected, 

who wrote false writings, by themselves (only), 224 

not by the Holy Ghost, nor by the Saviour's choosing. 

Thus we end this treatise here- 226 



[A homily for any occasion.] 

' Ego sum alfa et co, initium et Jlnis, dicit dominus deus, qui est 
et qui erat et qui venturus est, omniiiotens^ That is in 
English ; * I am the beginning and the end, saith the Lord 
God, who is, and who was, and who is to come. Almighty.* 

There is One Almighty God in Three Persons, ever continuing, 
"Who created all things. Now we have [our] beginning through 

because He created us when we were not, 

and afterward redeemed us when we were lost. 4 

Now we have to take care, with great diligence, 
that our life shall be so ordered, 
that our end may end in God, 

from Whom came to us our beginning. 8 

We may take good examples, 
first, from the holy patriarchs, 
how they in their lives pleased God, 
and also from the Saints who followed the Saviour. 12 

1. D. wuniende. 6. D. lif, D.U. gelogod. 

2. D.U. Jjing. D. haebbe. D. angin. 7. U. god. 

3. D. lis. U. |ja ©e we. 8. D.U. us. U. anginn. D. c6/?i. 

4. D. alesde. D. forworhte. 9. D. g(5de. 

5. U. sceolse. D. mycelre gemene. 10, D. halgan. 



^rest abel adames sumi wees gode swa gecweme 

}?urh unsce'Sj^ignysse and rihtwisnysse . pcet crist sylf hine 

Let abel ^ iustus . Ipcet is se rihtwisa abel . 

Eft enocli se seofocSa mann fram adame . i6 

waes swa estful on his mode . and gode swa [ge ^]licwurt$e . 

])cet god hine genara swa andsundne on sawle and on lichaman 

butan deatJe up to heofonum . J>at5a he on ylde wses ]?reo hund geara 

and fif and sixtig geara . and he })urh-wuna(S swa andsund 20 

butan deatSe and butan geswince o'S antecristes tocyme . 

Noe eac for his rihtwisnysse ofer-com pcet miccle flod 

f>e ealne middan-eard ofer-eode . swa [}>(5e^^] tJurh hine 

wear's eft eall mancynn geedstaf)elod . 24 

Abraham for his micclan geleafan to gode . 

and for his gehyrsumnysse under-feng swilce bletsunge eet gode . 

pcet eall mancynn ($a pe gelyfa'S on god is gebletsod on his cynne . 

and his sunu Isddc sefter him leofode mid bletsunge . 28 

and god hine lufode . Eft lacob isaaces sunu . 

for his geswincum so(51ice wear's gebletsod 

serest set his feeder . and si'SSan set godes engle . 

and god him gesette fa o'Serne naman israhel . 32 

pcet is uir uidens dei^m ; [Daet is ongliscre spraece ^] ; se wer J^e 

god gesihS . 
and mid Sam naman wseron pa, getacnode . 
J^e nu on cristen-dome Suruh geleafan god geseoS . 
lob se eadiga and se anrseda godes Segn . 36 

wses swa ful-fremed on eallum godnyssum . pcet god sylf cwseS 

be him . 
pcet his gelica nsere Sa on Sam life ofer eorSan . 
pa baed se deofol set gode J)set he moste his fandian . 
hwseSer he Surh-wunian wolde on his godnysse 40 

13. D. gecwemse. licwur^Se; D. licwurSe, 

14. U. unsc8eJ)J)ignysse. D. riht- 18. D.U. om. swa. 
wisnesse. D. god (for crist). D. self. 19. D. buton. D. geare. 

15. D. riht wise; U. rihtwisa. 20. D.U. ansund. 

16. D. enoh. D. man. 21. D. buton. 

17. U. estfull. D. m6de. U. ge- 22. D. 6dc. D.U. rihtwisnesse. 

^ Leaf 75 back, ^ Above the line. 


First Abel, Adam's son, was so pleasing to God, 
through innocence and righteousness, that Christ Himself 
called Abel Justus, that is, the righteous Abel. 

Again Enoch, the seventh man from Adam, i6 

was so devout in his mind and so well -pleasing to God, 
that God took him, sound in soul and body, 
without death, up to heaven, when he was three hundred 
and sixty-five years of age ; and he so continueth, sound, 20 
without death, and without toil, until Antichrist's coming. 

Noah also, for his righteousness, overcame the great flood, 
which went over the whole earth, so that through him 
all mankind was again restored. 24 

Abraham, for his great faith in God, 
and for his obedience, received such a blessing from God, 
that all mankind which believeth in God is blessed in his seed, 
and his son Isaac after him lived with blessing, 28 

and God loved him. Again Jacob, Isaac's son, 
for his labour was verily blessed, 
first by his father, and afterward by God's angel, 
and God gave him that second name, of Israel, 32 

that is, 'Vir videns deurrij (that is in English speech) 'The man 

who seeth God,' 
and by that name those were signified, 
who now in Christendom see God by faith. 

Job the blessed, and God's constant servant, 36 

was so perfected in all goodness, that God Himself said of him, 
that his like was not then living upon earth; 
Then the devil asked of God that he might prove him, 
whether he would continue in his goodness 40 

D. ofercdw. U. micle ; D. mycele. 33. D.U. om. words in hracket. 

D. fl<5(i. 34. D. getacnode I>a {transposed). 

23. D.U. swa Jjcet. 35. D.U. })urh. 

25. D. mycelen ; U. miclan. 36. D.U. anraeda. U. J^egen. 

26. D. gehersumnesse. 37. U. fulUfremed. D. gddnyssuwi. 

27. D. eal mancyn. D. gelefaS. 38. D.U. gelica. D. Jjan ; U. om. 

30. D. gebletsode, D. eorSum. 

31. D. sengle. 



and bile-witnysse otS his lifes ende . 

o'S(5e he wolde fram gode abugan Ipurh. tSa ormsetan ehtnysse . 

pe se nitSfulla deofol him on asende . 

Hwset t5a se deofol anes deges ealle his sehta acwealde . 44 

and his seofon suna and cSreo dohtra . and hine sylfne eac si(5t5an . 

mid eges-licre untrumnysse geswencte . 

ac se anrseda 16b nolde nsefre abugan fram godes lufe . 

ne for ehtnysse . ne for untrumnysse . ne for his baerna lyre . 48 

ne nan dyslic word ongean god ne cwse'S . 

ac mid micclum gef)ylde he 'Sancode sefre gode . 

and mid inn[e]werdre heortan his drihten sefre herode . 

God hine tSa gehselde fram 'Sam egeslican broce . 52 

and his sehta ^him forgeald ealle be twi-fealdum . 

and he leofode 'Sa gesselig forSan pe he ofer-swiSde Ipone deofol . 

Dauid for his man-J^wyrnysse and mild-heortnysse , 

wear's gode gecweme and to cynincge gecoren . 56 

swa pcet god sylf cwse'S J?us be him . 

Ic afunde me dauid iessan sunu . aefter minre heortan 

seSe minne willan mid weorcum gefrem'S . 

Eft helias se geSela witega for'San Ipe he wan wiS unriht-wisnysse . 

wearS on heofenlicum craete to heofonum ahafen . 

and Sser swa swa enoch on orsorhnysse wunaS . 

for'San pe ndn gastlic Idc nis gode swa gecweme 

swa him bi'S pcet man winne wicS unriht-wis-nysse symle 64 

for manna rihtinge . mid man-]pw8ernysse swa 'Seah . 

and mid gemetfsestnysse . and mild-heortnysse . 

pcet man unriht alecge . and godes riht arsere . 

swa swa helias se witega . wan wiS unriht[wis ^Jnysse . 68 

o^cet god hine ferode on fyrenum crsete to heofonum . 

41. D. bilehwitnesse. 48. U. ehtnesse. D.U. untrumnesse. 

42. D. ehtnesse. U. bearna; D. bearne. 

43. U. jJsende. 50, U. miclum. 

44. D.U. dseges. U. Acwealde. 51. U. innewerdre ; D. innewaerdre. 

45. D. sunus; U. suna (altered to 52. D. ^an. 

sunas). D. ^ac. 55. D.U. man])W8ernysse. 

46. D. untruwnesse geswsencte. 56. D.U. cyninge. 

47. D.U. iob. 57. D.])us cwce^. 

^ Leaf 76. ^ Above the line. 


and in his innocence unto his life's end, 

or whether he would turn from God through the exceeding persecution 

which the envious devil sent him. 

Thereupon the devil in one day slew all his cattle, 44 

and his seven sons, and three daughters, and likewise afterward 

afflicted himself with an awful sickness; 

but the constant Job would never swerve from God's love, 

neither for persecution, nor for sickness, nor for the loss of his 
bairns, 48 

neither spake he one foolish word against God, 

but with great patience he ever thanked God 

and from his inward heart ever praised his Lord. 

Then God healed him of that awful affliction, 52 

and repaid him all his possessions by twofold, 

and he then lived happily, because he had overcome the devil. 
David for his meekness and mildheartedness 

was pleasing to God, and was chosen king, 56 

so that God Himself spake thus concerning him, 

*I have found Me David, Jesse's son, after mine heart, 

who shall perform my will by his works. 

Again Elias, the noble prophet, because he combated against 
unrighteousness, 60 

was taken up to Heaven in a heavenly chariot, 

and there, like Enoch, dwelleth securely; 

because no ghostly offering is so pleasing to God, 

as [that] is to Him, that a man alway strive against unrighteous- 
ness, 64 

for men's correction, yet nevertheless with meekness, 

and with sobriety, and mildheartedness, 

that one may put down wrong, and raise up God's right, 

even as the prophet Elias strove against unrighteousness 68 

until that God took him in a fiery chariot to heaven 

58. D. iesses. 63. D.U. nan. U. lac. 

59. D. se minne. D, gefremrti^, 64, 68. D. uni-ihtwisnesse. 

60. D. elias. D.U. wann. D. un- 66. D. gemetfestnesse. D. mild- 
rihtwisnesse. heortnesse. 

6t. U. heofonlican. 68. D.U. wann. 

62. D. enoh. D. orsorhnesse. 69. D. crate. 


fram eallum ehtnyssTim j^yssere y"Segan worulde . 

Eac swilce J?a (5ry cnihtas on chaldea lande . 

sidrddc . misadc . and abdenago . "jpe for "San so(5an geleafan 72 

on )?am byrnendan ofne gebundene wurdon 

to cwale aworpene . ac him sona cydde god 

hwylcne geleafan hi haefdon . J?a tSa se lig ne moste 

fur??on heora fex forswselan on J?am ade . 76 

ac hi ealle ut eodon ansunde to tSam cynincge . 

Eal swa eft danihel se deorwur'Sa witega . 

for his anfealdnysse and anrsedum geleafan 

weartS tua aworpen . })urh 'Sa wodan chaldeiscan 80 

into [tSara^] leona sea^um . ac hi leofodon be hungre 

seofon niht metelease . and ne mihton him derian . 

Manega otSre heah-fsederas and halige witegan . 

wseron wuldor-fulle weras . and wundra gefremedon 84 

on Jjsere ealdan . se . and hi ealle cyddon 

mid wordum . otS'Se mid weorcum . Ipcet se wuldor-fulla hselend . 

wolde us alysan fram helle wite 'Surh hine sylfne . 

Eft us secga(5 b^c . hu t5a synfullan forferdon 88 

and t5a arleasan sefre for heora yfelnysse '^losodon . 

fortSan f»e god is swa rihtwis . pcet ]?a rihtwisan men 

ne beotS bereafode heora rihtwisnysse mede . 

Ne eft "Sa arleasan ]?e hine mid yfelnysse gremiatS . 9 a 

ne magon nsefre setwindan ^am ecum witum ahwar . 

Eft on pses hselendes tocyme wearS se halga iohannes 

fetforan him asend swa swa heofonlic bydel . 

pcet he cristes wegas geriht-lsehte mid wordum . 96 

and to rihtum weorcum gewende pa leode . 

Witegung . and seo ealde . se . wunodon o^pcet . 

70. D. Jjysre. D.U. y]?igan. cjntiinge. 

72. D. sidr^c. misd,c. ~} abdenago ; 78. U. eall. U. daniel. D. deor- 

U, Sidrac. Misac, et Abdenago. U. urSra. 

])am. 79. D. anfealdnesse. D. geleafu??i. 

74. U. cydde god sona. 80. U. tuwa ; D. tuw^. 

75. D. sefdon. D. lig. 81. U. inn to. D.U. om. ^ara. D. 

76. D. hire feax. D. '^an ade. leofodan. D. hungree. 

77. U. bf. D. to 'San. D.U. 82. U. seofan. 

^ Above the line. ^ Leaf 76, back. 


from all the persecutions of this billowy world. 

Likewise the three youths in the Chaldean land, 
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who for the true faith 72 
were bound in the burning oven, 

and condemned to death, but God quickly showed forth in them 
what faith they had, when the flame could not 
burn even their hair in that pyre; 76 

but they all went out, uninjured, to the king. 

Likewise again Daniel, the noble prophet, 
for his simplicity and constant faith, 

was twice thrown by the furious Chaldeans 80 

into the lions' pit, but they lived in hunger 
seven nights meatless, and might not hurt him. 

Many other patriarchs and holy prophets 
were glorious men, and performed miracles 84 

under the Old Law, and they all set forth 
by words, or by works, that the glorious Saviour 
would redeem us from hell-torment by Himself. 

Again, books tell us how the sinful have perished, 88 

and [how] the wicked are lost eternally for their evilness, 
because God is so righteous that righteous men 
shall not be bereaved of the reward of their righteousness. 
Nor again, may the wicked, who anger Him by their evilness, 93 
ever in any wise escape from the eternal torments. 

Afterward, at the Saviour's advent, was the holy John 
sent before Him as a heavenly herald, 

that he by his words might make straight Christ's ways, 96 
and convert the people to right works. 
Prophecy, and the Old Law, continued until that time, 

83. D. o^Sre. D. medse. 

86. D. wuldorfulle. 92. D. yfelnesse. 

87. D. wlte. 93. U. om. Sam. D. )?a eceum. D. 

88. D.U. bee. ahwaer. 

89. D. yfelnesse. 96. U. mid wordum geriht-lselite. 

90. U. menn. 98. U. wunode. 

91. D. hyra. D.U, rihtwisnesse. 


and iohannes astealde J)a sti^an drohtnunge 

on J?8ere niwan gecy'Snysse swa swa crist liim gewissode . loo 
and he waes segcSer ge selic . ge godspellic . 
swa swa gemseru betwux moysen and us^ . 
swa anrsede godes man . pcet god sylf cwsecS be him . 
pcet nan mserra man nses on middanearde 104 

acenned of were and of wife . pus hine wortSode god ; 
hwset 'Sa ure hselend J^ses heofonlican godes sunu 
cydde his mycclan lufe pe he to us mannum heefde . 
swa pcet he weartS acenned of anum clsenan maedene 108 

butan weres gemanan . and mann wear^ gesewen 
on sawle . and on lichaman . soS god . and BO'S man . 
to (5y . pcet he us alysde f)a Se gelyfac5 on hine 
fram (Sam ecan dea'Se . mid bis unscyldigan deatSe . 112 

Be Ipam we magon to-cnawan cristes eadmodnysse , 
p(xt se healica god hine sylfne swa ge-eadmette . 
pcet he '5am dea'Se under-hnah and pone deofol oferswycSde 
mid jjsere menniscnysse and mancynn swa alysde . 116 

He is ofer ealle J^incg aelmihtig scyppend . 
and he wolde swa(5eah wite 'Srowian for us . 
nu is his eadmodnys us unwi'Smetenlic . 

forSan j^e we synd synfulle and sceolan beon eadmode . 120 

wille we . nelle we . and he wolde sylf-willes 
us syllan 'Sa bysne . SAva swa he sylf cwseS . 
Discite a me quia mitis sum et humilis corde . et inuenie^is re- 
quiem animabus ues^ris . [J^set is on englisc;^] 
LeorniatS set me pcet ic manj^wsere eom . 124 

and eadmod on heortan . and ge gemetacS reste 
eowrum sawlum . pis ssede drihten; 
Ne het he us na leornian heofonas to wyrceune . 
ac het us beon eadmode pcet we to heo^fouum becomon . 128 

100. U. om. from swa swa to god- 104. U. mann. D. mannes (for 

spellic inl. loi. man naes). 

loi. D. aelic. 105. D. J)urh ])8et {for ])us). 

102. U. moyse. 106. D. p&s. 

103. U. mann. 109. D. buton. D. weras. D. man. 

' This line is struck through in the MS. ^ Above the line. ^ Leaf 77. 


and John established the ascetic life 

in the New Testament, as Christ instructed him, loo 

and he belonged both to the Law and to the Gospel, 

like a landmark between Moses and us, 

so constant a man of God, that God Himself said of him, 

that no greater man was there upon earth, 104 

born of man and of woman; thus God honoured him. 

Behold then, our Saviour, the Son of the heavenly God, 
showed forth His great love which He had to us men, 
so that He was born of a pure virgin, 108 

without man's commerce, and was manifested as Man, 
in soul and in body, Very God and Very Man, 
to the end that He might redeem those of us who believe in Him 
from the eternal death, by His guiltless death. 112 

Thereby we may perceive Christ's humility, 
in that the high God so humbled Himself, 
that He stooped to that death, and overcame the devil 
by that incarnation, and so redeemed mankind; ^ 116 

He is over all things. Almighty Creator, 
and He would nevertheless suffer punishment for us. 
Now is His humility incomparable with ours, 
because we are sinful, and ought to be humble, 120 

will we, nill we; and He would of His own will 
give us the example, even as He Himself said, 
* Discite a me, quia mitis sum et humilis corde, et invenietis re- 
quiem animahus vestris ;' [that is in English:] 
' Learn of Me, for I am meek 1 24 

and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest 
unto your souls ; ' thus said the Lord. 

He did not bid us learn to make the heavens [do great things], 
but He bade us be humble, that we might get to heaven, 128 

no. U. mann. 118. U. wlte. D.U. us. 

111. D. gelefaS. 120. D. forcJamSe. D.U. sceolon. 

112. U. om. 0am; D. ^ari. U. ea^mode. 

113. D. Be ^an. D. eadmodnesse. 122. D. sellan. 

114. ge-ea5mette U. 123. D.U. om. ])aet is on engHsc. 

116. D.msenniscnesse. D.U.mancyn. 127. D. na us. 

117. D.U. Ving. D. sceppend. 128. U. becumon. 


for^an pe \>a, modigan ne magon^ to heofonum . 

Crist clypode on his bodunge . and cwnetS to eallum mannum . 

Penitentiam agite adpropinquabit enim regnum caelorum . \JpcBt 

is on englisc ; ^] 
WyrcatS daedbote eowra mis-daeda . 132 

fort^an f)e heofonan rice efne genealeech'S . 
Crist ferde t5a abutan geond )?a ludeiscan byrig 
bodigende godspel . and (Sa blindan onlihte 

and ealle untrumnysse ^ and adla gehselde . 136 

His hlisa asprang ])b, to Syrian lande . 
and man ferode untrume* feorran and nean . 
myslice geuntrumode . and monac5-seoce . and wode . 
and eac swilce beddrydan . and brohton to 'Sam hselende . 140 
and he hi ealle gehselde forSan pe he hselend is . 
pas ylcan mihte he forgeaf his mseran apostolum . 
pcet hi mihton gehselan on "Sses hselendes naman 
ealle untrumnyssa . and eac (5a deadan arseran . 144 

and acleensian ^a hreoflian swa swa crist sylf dyde . 
Twelf apostolas wseron Ipe wunedon mid him . 
and twa and hund seofontig he geceas him to bydelum . 
J)a ferdon twam . and twam . setforan him gehwyder . 148 

pas feower and hundeahtatig pe folgodon tSam hselende . 
synd tSa grund-weallas on godes gela^unge 
and f>a fyrmestan bydelas . and hi ure bee setton . 
swa swa hi geleornedon set heora lareowe criste . 152 

and heora lar becom to 'Sam ytemestum landum . 
Hit gelamp pa sume dseg . 'Sa Sa se hselend siSode . 
pcet sum man him cwseS to . Ic wille si]:>ian mid Se . 
and Se folgian swa hwider swa Su fserst . 156 

130. D. om. to eallum mannum. 136. T>. ealla. D.U. untrumnyssa. 

131. D. appropinquabit. D. celo- D. gehseldse. 
rum. D.U. om. Jjset is on englisc. 137. U. lillsa. 

133. U. heofona. D. genealsec©; 138. D. neah ; U. near. 

U. genealaehS. 139. D. monoSseoce. U. w<5de. 

134. U. ferda. D. iudeiscean burga. 140. U. bedridan; D. bedrydan. 

135. D. bodiende. U. god-spell. 

* cuman nsefre is added above the line. ^ Above the line. 

^ onlihte added above the line. * menn added above the line. 


because the proud can never get to heaven. 

Christ cried in His preaching, and said to all men, 

* Fenitentiam agite, ad2)Topinquabit enim regnum caeloru^n^ \ that 

is in English, 
* "Work deeds of penance for your misdeeds, 132 

for behold the kingdom of Heaven draweth near.* 
Christ then went about throughout all the Jewish cities, 
preaching the Gospel, and enlightened the blind, 
and healed all sicknesses and all diseases. 136 

His fame spread then to the land of Syria, 
and they brought the sick from far and near, 
diversely afflicted, and lunatics, and men possessed, 
and likewise the bedridden, and brought [them] to the Saviour, 140 
and He healed them all, for that He is the Healer. 
These same powers He gave to His great apostles, 
that they might heal, in the name of Jesus, 
all sicknesses, and also raise the dead, 144 

and cleanse the lepers, even as Christ Himself did. 
There were twelve apostles who abode with him, 
and two and seventy He chose Him as preachers, 
who went, by two and two, before Him everywhere. 148 

These four and eighty who followed the Saviour, 
are the foundations in God's Church, 
and the foremost preachers, and they wrote our books, 
even as they had learned from their master Christ, 152 

and their lore came to the uttermost lands. 
Then it befell one day as the Saviour journeyed, 
that a certain man said to Him, ' I will go with Thee, 
and follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest.' 156 

141. U. hf. D. gehelde forSam Se 151. U. hi, D. bee. 

he is haelend. 152. U. hi. D,U. geleornodon. D. 

142. D. mihta. XJ. mseruw. hyra. 

143. D. gehaelen. 153. D. pa becom. U. ytemystum. 

144. D. untruwnesse. D. ^^c. D. lande. 

146. D. wunoden; U. wunodon. 154. D. daege. 

148. D. setforen. 155. U. mann. \5 . inserts me after 

149. U. hund-eahtitig. si]>ian. 


Da cwas^ se haelend him to . Foxas habbat5 holu . 

and fugelas habbac5 nest . and ic nsebbe wununge 

hwider ic min lieafod aliyldan msege . 

Crist sceawode his heortan and geseah his prsettas . i6o 

forcSan pe he mid so'Sfsestnysse ne sohte pone hselend . 

ac foxunga wseron wunigende on him . 

and u23-ahefednys swilce healice fugelas . 

tJa ne mihte swilc mann simian mid criste . 164 

Crist eft f>a si^c5an . cwse^ to sumum oSrum . 

Fylig me on minre fare . and he afyrht andwyrde . 

Lset me serest drihten ardlice faran . 

and minne feeder bebyrigan . pa cwse'S crist to f)am menn ^ eft . 168 

GeJ^afa Ipcet pa deadan heora deadan bebyrion . 

gang tSu sylf sotSlice . and godes rice boda . 

pa synd so^lice deade J^e heora scyppende ne tSeowiatJ . 

and (5a pe godes beboda mid biggengum ne healdacS . 172 

fas magon bebyrigan J^yllice ot5re . 

and mid lyffetungum to leahtrum gehnexian . 

pa cw8e^ sum J^ridda man to criste eft Sus . 

ic wylle fylian pe leof . ac Iset me serest faran . 176 

and cy^an minum hiwum hu ic hsebbe gemynt . 

Him andwyrde {jus se hselend . Gif se yrSlincg behylt 

under-bsec gelome . ne biS he gelimplic tilia . 

pcet is on c5isum andgite . Swa swa se yrtSlincg amyrcS 

his furuh gif he loca'5 to lange under-bsec . 

swa eac sef e wile gewendan to gode . 

and bih(5 eft to woruld-J^ingum ne biS he gode and-fencge . 

Msenigfealde weeron Jjses hselendes wundra . 184 

and his halige I4r swa we leornia'S on bocum . 

and ealle his folgeras forleton ealle f)incg . 

159. D. mage. 169. D. hira. D, bebyrian; U. be- 

161. D. soSfaestnesse. byrgon. 

162. D. wuniende. 171. D. hyra sceppende. 

163. U. upahefednyss. 172. D. higengmn. 

164. D. man. 173. D. mago. U. bebyrigean ; D. 
168. D. bebyrian; U. bebyrgan. bebyrian. 

D. men; U. ow. menn. 174. U. lyffetunge. 

^ Leaf 77, back. 


Then said the Saviour to him, ' Foxes have holes, 

and birds have nests, and I have no dwelling, 

where I may recline my head/ 

Christ looked into his heart, and saw his craftiness, i6o 

because he sought not the Saviour with sincerity, 

but foxlike wiles were dwelling in him, 

and haughtiness, like unto soaring birds; 

for such a man might not journey with Christ. 164 

Christ again after that said to another, 

'Follow me in my way;' and he, affrighted, answered, 

* Let me first, Lord, go quickly, 

and bury my father.' Then said Christ again to that man, 168 

* Suffer that the dead bury their dead, 

but go thou thyself indeed, and preach God's kingdom/ 

Those are verily dead who serve not their Creator, 

and who keep not God's commandments devoutly; 172 

these may bury such-like others, 

and yield to sins by means of flatteries. 

Then again a third man said thus to Christ ; 

*I will follow Thee, master, but let me first go 176 

and tell my family how I have purposed (to do)/ 

Him the Saviour answered thus, ' If the husbandman look 

oftentimes backward, he will be no fitting tiller ;' 

that is in this sense ; as the husbandman marreth his furrow 180 

if he looketh too long backward, 

so likewise he who desireth to turn to God, 

and inclineth again to worldly things, will not be acceptable to 

Manifold were the Saviour's miracles, 184 

and His holy doctrines, as we learn in books, 
and all his followers forsook all things, 

175. U. mann. 183. U. worold-Singum. U.and' 

176. D. folgian (/or fylian). fenge gode. D. andfenge. 
178. D.U. yr«ling. D. behealt. 184. U. Menigfenlde. 

180. D.U. yrSling. 185. D. halie. U. lar. 

181. D.U. furh. 186. D.U. )?ing. 
18 2. D. gew3endan. 


segtSer ge wif . ge selita . and wunodon on clsennysse . 

for his faegeran behate . and for heofonan rice . 188 

Eft gefter his seriste and up-stige to heofonuni . 

J?aj7a se geleafa aras and man alede deofolgyld . 

J?a wurdon tSa halgan martiras swa micclum onbryrde . 

pcet hi sweltan woldon sertSan J?e hi wi(5socon gode . 19a 

and heora lif aleton ser(5an J?e heora geleafan . 

and wurdon ofslagene for tSam sot5au geleafan . 

fela f>usenda martira on myslicum witum . 

and hi habbacS J)a ecan myrh(5e for heora martyrdome , 196 

Se arleasa deofol pe is sefre embe yfel . 

astyrode f)a ehtnysse 'Surh arlease cwelleras . 

and wolde mid siege oferswicSan pa. cristenan . 

and godes geleafan alecgan gif he mihte . 200 

ac swa man ma ofsloh . swa faer ma gelyfdon 

tSurh J?a micclan wundra f>e tSa martyras gefremedon . 

Eft c5at5a god sealde sibbe his gela'Sunge . 

{>a wolde se deofol mid gedwylde amyrran J? one socSan geleafan . 204 

and seow tSa gedwyld on dyrstigum mannum . 

an t^aera wses arrius pe poet yfel ongann . 

ac him eode se innotS ut set his for^-gange . 

Manega wseron eac pQ myslice dwelodon . 208 

o?S pcet fa halgan fsederas heora yfel adwsescton . 

and f)one sojjan geleafan gesetton (Surh god . 

swa swa se hselend bine ^ tsehte his halgum apostolum ; 

pa wseron halige bisceopas gehealtsume on j^eawum . 212 

and wise msesse-preostas pe wunodon on clsennysse . 

and manega munecas on mycelre drohtnunge . 

and clsene msedenu pQ criste fjeowodon 

on gastlicre drohtnunge for heora drihtnes lufan . 216 

187. D.U. wif. D. clsennesse. D. ofslagena. 

191. U. miclura. 195. U. j^usend. 

192. U. hi swyltan woldan. U. hi. 196. U. hi. D. ecean. D. hyra. 
U. god. U. martirdoma. 

193. D. hyra. D.U. Aleton. D. hyra. 197. D. ymbe. 

194. D.TJ. insert t5a after wurdon. 200. D. alecgean. 

1 Leaf 78. 


both wives and possessions, and lived in chastity, 

for His fair promises, and for the kingdom of heaven. i88 

Again, after His resurrection and ascension into Heaven, 
when the faith was increasing, and men laid aside devil-worship, 
then were the holy martyrs so greatly inspired 
that they chose rather to die than to deny God, 192 

and laid down their lives rather than their faith, 
and were slain for the true faith, 
many thousand martyrs by various tortures, 
and they have the eternal mirth in return for their martyrdom. 196 
The wicked devil, who is ever (employed) about evil, 
stirred up persecution by impious murderers, 
and desired by slaughter to overcome the Christians, 
and put down God's faith, if so he might, 200 

but the more men slew, the more believed, 
through the mighty wonders which the martyrs wrought. 

Afterward, when God gave peace to His church, 
then desired the devil to mar the true faith by heresy, 204 

and sowed heresy in presumptuous men. 
One of those was Arius, who began that evil, 
but his bowels gushed out at the draught. 

Many there were beside who diversely erred, 208 

until the holy Fathers quenched their evil, 
and formulated the true faith by God's help, 
even as the Saviour taught it to His holy apostles. 
Then were there holy bishops, frugal in their manners, 212 

and wise mass-priests who lived in chastity, 
and many monks of excellent conduct, 
and pure maidens who served Christ 
in spiritual service, for their Lord's love; 216 

201. D. ma. U. ofsloh. D.U. ma. 212. D. halie. D.U. gehealdsume. 
U. gelifdon, 213. D. m£essepreostes. D. claen- 

202. U. miclan. nesse. 

206. D. Sara. 214. U. inserts for heora drihtnes 

207. D.U. ut. lufan after drohtnunge. 

208. D.U. dweledon. 215. U. f>eowdon. 

209. D. hyra. U, adwa?sctan. 216. D. hire. D. lufon. 


and Sa synd nu ealle on J^am ecan wuldre 

for heora clsennysse mid criste wunigende . 

Nu on urum dagum on ende J^yssere worulde . 

swicacS se deofol digollice embe us . 220 

liu he Jpurh lealitras forlsere Sa cristenan . 

and to mislicum synnum heora mod awende . 

ac t5a beo'S gesselige pe his swic-domas to-cnawa?5 . 

and his lot-wrencas mid geleafan ofer-swytSatS . 224 

He wet nu switSe and wyntS on '5a cristenan . 

forcSan pe he wat geare pcet })ysre worulde geendung 

is swySe gehende . and he on-et fort5i . 

AVe sceolan eac onettan and urum sawlum gehelpan . 328 

J?urh gdde biggengas gode to gecwemednysse . 

foreman pe we ne motan lange on (5ysum life beon . 

And Ipcet is godes mildheortnyss . J^eah tSe hit digle sy . 

On anginne Sissere worulde IpsipSL heo wynsum wses . 232 

and menn moston lybban be heora lustum 'Sa . 

j^a W8es langsum lif . swa pcet hi leofodon 

sume nigon hund geara . on cSaera heah-fsedera timan . » 

sume eahta hund geara . and sume eac leng . 236 

Nu is ure lif ungelic heora . 

fort5an J^e we ne moton lybban be urum lustum nu , 

ac we sceolan gehyrsumian ures hselendes bebodum . 

and mid earfo'Snyssum Ipcet ece lif geearnian . 240 

and seo earfo'Snys ongan on tSsere godspell-bodunge . 

Nu haefS god eac gescyrt swyf>e ure dagas 

swylce h6 swa cwsede . Ne sceole ge swincan to lange . 

ac bee's eow anrsede to [jam ecan life . 244 

f'aer'Sser ge butan geswince gesselige lybba'cS . 

Nu synd Sreo heah-msegnu . 'Se menn sceolan habban . 

217. D. 'San ecean. U. ecan. 223. D. gesselice. 

218. D. hyra clasnnesse. D. wuni- 224. D. -wrsenceas. 
ende. 225. D. wedt (sic). 

219. D. Sisre. 226. D.U. w^t. U. ])yssere worolde. 

220. U. swiwcaS. D.U. digellice. 228. U. sculon ; D. sceolon. 

D. ymbe us. 229. D. bigtengas. U. cwemednysse. 

222. D. mistlicum, D. hyra m6d 230. D.U. moton. 



and these all now, for their purity, are dwelling 

with Christ in everlasting glory. 

Now in our days, in the end of this world, 

the devil secretly layeth snares about us, 220 

how he by vices may* seduce Christians, 

and turn their minds to divers sins ; 

but those are happy who discern his snares, 

and by faith overcome his cunning deceits. 224 

Now he rageth furiously, and warreth on Christians, 

because he knoweth well that this world's ending 

is very nigh at hand, and therefore he maketh haste. 

AVe should likewise hasten, and help our souls 228 

by good services to the pleasing of God, 

because we may not exist long in this life ; 

and that is [by] God's mercy, although it be secret. 

In the beginning of this world, when it was winsome, 232 

and men might live therein according to their desires, 

then life was prolonged so that men lived 

some nine hundred years in the patriarchs' times, 

some eight hundred years, and some even longer. 236 

Now is our life unlike to theirs, 

because we may not now live after our lusts, 

but we have to obey our Saviour's commands, 

and earn by labour the everlasting life; 240 

and that labour began in the preaching of the Gospel. 

Now hath God also greatly shortened our days, 

even as He so said ; ' Ye shall not labour too long, 

but be ye steadfast unto the eternal life, 244 

where ye shall live happy without labour.' 

Now there are three Chief Virtues, which men must have, 

231. D. mildheortnisse. D. digle. 239. U. sculon ; D. sceolon. 

232. D. tSysre; U. >ysse. 240. U. dee. D.U. lif. 

233. D. men. D. hyra. 241. U. pcet (for and). D.ear^fo'S- 

234. U. hi. nesse. U. ongann. D.U. godspel-bo- 
235- I)- geare. U. om. from on to dunge. 

geaia in 1. 236. 243. D.U. he. 

236. D. laeng. 244. U. om. eow. D. anrzede. D. 

237. U. lif ungelic. D. hyra. San ecean. 

238. D. nu. 246. D. men. D.U. sceolon. 



Fides . Spes . Caritas . pcet is geleafa . and hilit . and seo socSe lufu , 

pcet is se geleafa . Ipcet he gelyfe mid mode . 248 

on ?Sa halgan Srynnysse . and socSe annyssej 

and pcet is se hiht Ipcet he hopige to gode . 

seg'Ser ge on gelimpe ge on unge-limpe . 

and nsefre ne ortruwige be ^godes arfgestnysse ; 252 

pcet is seo sot5e lufv . Ipcet man his scyppend lufige 

mid tinametenre lufe . and c5a menn pe wel willa'S , 

swa swa hine sylfne on socSfsestnysse sefre . 

For godes hifon we sceolon eac lufian ure fynd . 256 

swa pcet we (Sone man lufian . and his mis-dseda onscunian . 

Us is to under-standenne Sas endebyrdnyssa . 

Crist cwsec5 on his godspelle . pcet we god lufian sceolan 

mid ealre ure heortan ofer ealle "Sincg . 260 

and siSSan ure nextan swa swa us sylfe . 

and eac ure fynd he het us lufian . 

ac he ne ihte 'Seerto mid ealre heortan . 

ne swa swa us sylfe . for'San pe him soSlice geniht-sumat5 264 

pcet we hi lufian . and Ise'SSe to nabban . 

Jjeah 'Se we mid ealre heortan ne swa sw4 us sylfe hi lufian . 

Nu syndon eahta heafod-leahtras . f>e us onwiima'5 swit5e . 

An is gecwseden gula . pcet is gyfernyss on englisc . 268 

seo decS pcet pcet man yt ser timan . and drincS . 

o'S'Se he eft to micel niniS on sete o'5'Se on wsete . 

seo fordecS segcSer ge sawle ge lichaman . 

forSan J^e heo maca'5 ]?am menn mycele untrumnysse . 272 

and to dea'Se gebrincgS for Sam ^ ormaitan ^ drsence . 

heo fordeS eac Sa sawle . forSan he sceall syngian oft* 

Sone he sylf nat hu he fsertS for his feond-licum drencum . 

247. D, soSo. 256, D. feond. 

248. D. om. se. U. J>cef gelyfa mid 257. D. "Sonne. D. lufion. 
moda; D. pcet he gelefe mid m6de. 258. D. endebyrdnessa. 

249. D. so'Sa. 259. D.U. sceolon. 

252. D. arfestnysse. 260. D.U. J^'ing. 

253. D. lufu ; A. lufe, alt. to lufv. 261. U. om. and. 

254. D. unamaetenre; U. uname- 262. D. feond. 
tenre. D. lufu. D. men. 263. D. ehte. 

255. D. soSffcstnysse. 

^ Leaf 78, back. '^ 'Sawj is added above the line. 

2 Then is added. * The t is added. 


Fides, Sjyes, Caritas, that is, Faith, and Hope, and true Charity. 

This is Faith, that a man believe with his mind 248 

in the Holy Trinity and Very Unity; 

and this is Hope, that he hope in God, 

both in good and in evil fortune, 

and never despair of God's clemency; 252 

This is true Love, that a man love his Creator 

with unmeasured love, and those persons who wish [him] well, 

even as [he loves] himself, in sincerity for ever. 

For God's love we ought also to love our enemies, 256 

so that we love the man, and hate his misdeeds. 

It is for us to understand these ordinances; 

Christ said in His Gospel, that we must love God 

with all our hearts, above all things ; 260 

and afterward our neighbour even as ourselves; 

and likewise He commanded us to love our enemies, 

but He added not thereto 'with all the heart,' 

nor even 'as ourselves,' because it verily sufficeth for them, 264 

that we love them and have no hatred towards them, 

though we love them not with all the heart, nor love them as 

How there are eight Chief Sins, which sorely fight against us : 
one is called Gula, that is. Gluttony in puglish, 268 

which maketh a man eat and drink before the time, 
or again to take too much in food or in drink. 
This destroyeth both soul and body, 

because it bringeth upon the man much sickness, 272 

and bringeth him to death through immoderate drinking; 
it destroyeth also the soul, because he will often sin, 
when he himself knoweth not how he behaveth, by reason of his 

fiendlike drink. 

265. U. lufion. D.U. nabbon. 270. U. aete. 

2C6. D. ]>eh we. U. swa swa. U. 272. D. men. D. untruw?nesse. 

hi lufion. D. ne lufian nt) swa swa us 273. D.U. gebring'S. D.U. mid 

sylfe. (for for Sam). U. ormetum drencum ; 

268. U. ;ln. D. U. gecweden. D. ormaetum drenceu7w. 

269. D.U. Ipat {once). U yt. D. 274. D.U. forSanSe. D.U, sceal. 
mar ver timan et and drincS. 275. D.U. ])onne. D. drasnceu/n. 



Se otSer lealitor is forligr and unge-metegod galnyss . 276 

Se is gehaten fornicatio . and lie befylt5 J^one mann . 

and macatS of cristes limum myltestrena limv . 

and of godes temple gramena wununge . 

Se fridda leahter ^ is auaritia . pcet is see yfele gitsung . 280 

and seo is wyrtruma selcere wohnysse . 

Heo macac5 reaflac . and unrihte domas . 

stala and leasunga . and forsworennyssa . 

heo is helle gelic . forcSan pe hi habba(5 butu 284 

unafylledlice grsedignysse Ipcet hi fulle ne beocS naefre . 

Se feor(5a leahtor is ira . pcet is on englisc weamodnyss . 

seo de'S ^ pcet se man nah his modes geweald , 

and macaS manslihtas . and mycele yfelu . 288 

Se fifta is tristitia . pcet is "Sissere worulde unrotnyss 

pcet'^ is^ Jjonne se man geunrotso'S {sic) ealles to swytSe 

for his sehta lyre pe he lufode to swytSe . 

and cid J)onne witS god . and his synna geeac^nacS . 292 

Twa unrot-nyssa synd . an is J^eos yfele . 

ando'Seris halwende f)ce^ is^f)ce^^ se^ man for his synnumgeunrotsige. 

Se sixta leahter is accidia gehaten . 

pcet is asolcennyss oJ^J^e slsewcS on englisc . 296 

t^onne c5am menn ne lyst on his life nan god don . 

and bi'S him "Sonne mycel yfel pcet he ne maege nan god don . 

and biS sefre ungearu to selcere dugu(5e . 

Se seofo'Sa leahter is iactantia gecweden . 300 

pcet is ydel gylp on sengliscre sprsece 

pcet ^ is ^ "Sonne se man bi(5 lof-georn and mid licetunge fgertS . 

276. U. leahter. U. forliger. 283. D. U. forsworennysse ; A. 

276. 277. D. se o'Ser leahter is for- -nysse, alt to -nyssa. 
nicatio se is gehaten forligr t unge- 284. U. hf. 

metegod galnyss T he befyl'S Jjone man. 285. U. hi. D. nsefre fulle ne 

277. D. man; U. mannan. beoS. 

278. U. myltystryna. AAimsb,alt. 286. D.U. leahter. D.U.Ira. D. 
to limv ; D.U. lima. senglisc. D. weadmodnyss oSSe yrre. 

279. D. wunungse. 288. D. manslehtas ; U. mannslih- 

280. D.U. om. leahter. D. auaricia. tas. 

U. ^eo yfele. D. gyttsung. 287. U. se deS ; D. om. U. mann. 

* Above the line. ^ Leaf 79. 



The second sin is Adultery and unbridled lust; 276 

it is called Fornicatio, and it defileth the man, 

and maketh of Christ's members the members of harlots, 

and of God's temple the dwelling of raging passions. 

The third sin is Avaritia, that is, evil Covetousness, 280 

and it is the root of all wickedness ; 

it causeth rapine, and unrighteous judgements, 

thefts, and leasings, and perjuries. 

It is like unto hell, because they both have 284 

insatiable greediness, so that they can never be full. 

The fourth sin is /ra, that is in English, Anger; 

it causeth that a man have no power over his mind, 

and bringeth about manslaughters and many evils. 288 

The fifth is Tristitia, that is this world's Sorrow; 

this is when a man sorroweth all too sorely 

for the loss of his goods, which he loved too much, 

and then chideth with God, and addeth to his sins. 292 

Two sorrows are there ; one is this evil [Sorrow], 

and the other is salutary, which is that a man sorrow for his sins. 

The sixth sin is called Accidia, 

that is, in English, Idleness or Sloth, 296 

when a man careth not to do any good in his life, 

and a great evil is then his, that he can never do any good, 

and is ever unready for any virtue. 

The seventh sin is called Jactantia, 300 

that is in English speech. Vain Boasting, 

that is, when the man is vain-glorious, and hypocritically gocth 

289. U. Se fifta leahter. D. tristi- 
cia. U. Jjystre ; D. "Sysre. D.U. un- 

290. D.U. om. ])3et is. A. Jione, 
alt. to J)onne ; D. J)onne ; U. 'ponne. 
U. mann. D.U. geunrotsaS. 

292. D. cidt; U. clt. D. synnae. 

293. D. unrotnessa. 

294. D. halwsende. D.U. om. is 
J)cct se. U. mann. D. geunrotsie. 

296. D. asolcennys. D. senglisc. 

297. D. men. D.U. gfxl. U. don. 

298. D. om. ne. U. mage ndin. 
D.U. god. D, d6n. 

299. D. ac (for and). D. ungeare ; 
U. ungearo. U. selcre. D.U. du- 

300. D. seofo^e. U. leahtor. D. 
iactancia ; U. ianctantia, ^oith c ahove 
the line (in margin uana glo^'i'a.) 

301. D.U. engliscre. 

302. D.U. om. Ipcet is. U. mann. 
U. lofgeorn. U. (above licetunge) 
liciguiige ; D. liccetunge. 


and clet5 for gylpe gif he hwset dselan wile . 

and bits ]?onne se hlisa his edlean "Saere daede 304 

and his wite andbidacS on (5sere toweardan worulde . 

Seo eahteocSe leahter is superbia gehaten . 

pcet is on senglisc modignyss gecweden . 

seo is ord and ende selcere synne . 308 

seo geworhte englas to atelicum deoflum . . 

and (5one man macacS eac gif he modiga(5 to swytSe 

Jjaes deofles geferan 'Se feol aer "Surh hi . 

Nu syndon eahta heafod-msegnu . "Sa magan ofer-swiSan 312 

f>as fore-ssedan deoflu J^urh drihtnes fultum . 

An is temperantia . ])cet is gemetegung on englisc . 

f>8et ^ is ^ pcet man beo gemetegod and to mycel ne Siege . 

on sete . and on wsete . ne ser timan ne gereordige . 316 

Nytenu getaS swa ser swa hi hit habba'S . 

ac se gesceadwisa man sceal cepan his mseles . 

and Sonne swa'^ mid ge^sceade his gesetnysse healdan . 

J?onne mseg he oferswiSan swa Sa gyfernysse . 320 

Seo oSer miht is castitas . pcet is clsennyss on senglisc . 

pcet ^ is ^ pcet se Iseweda hine healde butan forligre 

on rihtum synscipe mid gesceadwisnysse . 

and se gehadoda godes Seowa healde his clsennysse . 324 

}?onne biS^ ofer-swySed swa eac seo galnyss . 

Seo tSrydde miht is largitas . pcet is cystignyss . on englisc . 

pcet ^ is ^ pcet man wislice his ^ sehta ^ aspende . na for woruld-gylpe 

psb Sincg pe him god Isende . on Sysura life to brucenne . 328 

God nele pcet we beon grsedige gytseras . 

ne eac for woruld-gylpe for-wurpan ure sehta . 

304. D. hlfsa. D. daede. 313. D. foressedon. D. godes (for 

305. D.U. wlte anbida^. U. to- drihtnes). U. drihtnes fylste. 
werdan. 314. T>. temperancia. 

306. D.U. Se eahteo^a. U. leahtor. 315. D.U. om. J)set is. D. "Sige 

307. D.U. englisc. (altered to 9icge). 

308. D. elcere synna. 316. D. aete. D. waste. 

310. V.msinn; J), man (above line). 317. D. nutenu. D.U. etatS. D.U. 
D. &Jic. U. modega'5. oer. D.U. hi. 

311. U. feoll ser. D. hi. 318. A. -wise, alt. to -wisa. U. 

312. U. l;e. D.U. magon. menn (altered to mann). D. kepan. 

^ Above the line. 


and doeth it for ostentation, if he will give any dole, 

and then is fame the reward of his deeds, 304 

and his punishment awaiteth him in the future world. 

The eighth sin is called Swperhiaj 

that is called Pride, in English, 

which is the beginning and end of every sin; 308 

it made angels into horrible devils, 

and will make the man also, if he prideth himself too much, 

the companion of the devil, who first fell thereby. 

Now there are eight Chief Virtues, which may overcome 312 

these aforesaid devils, through the Lord's assistance. 

One is Te.m'perantia, that is in English, Moderation, 

this is, that a man be moderate, and do not take too much 

either in food or drink, neither take his meals before the time. 316 

Beasts eat as soon as they have it, 

but the discreet man ought to keep to his mealtime, 

and then, also with discretion, observe his regular custom ; 

thus may he then overcome Gluttony. 320 

The second virtue is Castitas, that is in English, Purity, 

which is, that a layman keep himself without adultery, 

in lawful wedlock with discretion, 

and the consecrated servant of God keep his virginity; 324 

thus will Adultery be also overcome. 

The third virtue is Largitas, that is in English, Liberality, 

which is, that a man spend his possessions wisely, not for worldly 

the things which God lent him to enjoy in this life. 328 

God willeth not that we should be greedy misers, 
neither throw away our goods in worldly ostentation. 

319. D. Sone. D.U. om. swa. D.U. gehadode. D.U. clsennesse. 
gesceade. U. haealdan. 325. D. beo'S. D.U.galnys, 

321. U. englisc. D. ])Kt is on en- 326. D.U. cystignys. 

glisc clcennys. 327. D.U. om. i>(vt is. U. J)a't se 

322. D.U. om. ])ret is. D. loewede. mann. D.U. om. his rehta. 
D. buton. U. forligere ; D. forligre. 328. D.U. l>ing. 

323. U. sincipe. U. gesceadwis- 329. D. ge {for we), 

nesse. 330. D. ^ac. U. forwurpon. 

324. A. gehadode, alt. to -da; D. 


ac dgelan hi mid gesceade swa swa hit drihtne licie . 

and gif we selmyssan do(5 don hi butan gylpe . 333 

}?onne mage we fordon swa (Sa deofolliean gitsunga . 

Seo feor(5e miht ^ is patientia . pcBt is ge'Syld and j^olmodnys ^ 

gecwseden . 
pcet ^ is ^ \)cet se mann beo ge'Syldig and t5ol(o)mod for gode . 
and Isete sefie his gewitt gewyldre ]?onne his yrre . 336 

for(5an ]>e se hselend c wee's J^us on his godspelle . 
In patientia ue^^^ra possidebitis animas ues^ras . 
pcet is on engliscre sprsece . On eowrum geSylde 
ge habbaS eowre sawla soSlice gehealdene . 340 

Se heofonlica wis-dom cwseS . poet pcet yrre hsefcS wununge 
on Sees dysegan bosme Ipcet ^ is ^ "Sonne he biS to hrsed-mod . 
and se ealwealdenda dema demS sefre mid smyltnysse . 
and we sceolan mid geSylde oferswySan Ipcet yrre . 344 

Seo fifte miht is spiritalis {sic) laetitia . 

Ipcet is seo gastlice blys . pcet ^ is ^ ]>cet man on god blyssige 
betwux unrotnyssum ]?ysre reSan worulde . 

swa ])cet we on ungelimpum ormode ne been . 348 

ne eft on gesselSum to swySe ne blyssian . 
and gif we forleosaS })as laenan woruld-Singc . 
f>onne sceole we witan Ipcet lire wunung nis na her 
ac is on heofonum gif we hopiaS to gode . 3^:; 2 

pyder we sceolan efstan of Syssere earfoSnysse 
mid gastlicre blisse . Jjonne biS seo unrotnyss 
mid ealle ofer-swySed mid urum geSylde . 

Seo syxte miht is instantia boni operis . 356 

Ipcet is anrsednyss godes weorces . 
gif we beoS anrsede on urum godum weorcum . 

331. D. daelan. U. hi. D. licige. man; D. ])a'^ se man, D.U. ]>olmod ; 

332. U. aelmessan. D.U. hi. D. A. J)olmocl, alt. to Jjolomod. 
buton. 336. D. wuldre (for gewyldre). 

333. U. maga. U. fordon. D. 337. D. forSam'Se. 
deofellican ; U. deoflican. D.U. git- 338. D. pacientia. 
simge ; A. -ge, alt. to -ga. 339. D. spruce. 

334. D. mihte. D. "Solmod. D. 340. D. sawle., D.U.gecweden. 341. D. wisddm. 

335. D.U. om. ])(jet is. U. \)(jet 

* Leaf 79, back. ^ -nys added above the line. ^ Above the line. 


but deal them with discretion, even as it may please to the Lord ; 
and if we do almsdeeds, do them without boasting; 332 

thus may we destroy the fiendlike Coveteousuess. 
The fourth virtue is Patientia, that is called Patience and For- 
which is, that a man be patient and forbearing for [the love of] God, 
and ever let his reason be more powerful than his anger; 336 
because the Saviour saith thus in His gospel, 
* In 'patientia vestra jyossidehitis animas vestras ; ' 
that is in the English speech, ' In your patience 
ye shall verily have your souls in keeping/ 340 

The Heavenly Wisdom saith, that Anger dwelleth 
in the bosom of a fool, that is, when he is too hasty; 
for the All-ruling Judge judgeth ever with mildness, 
and we ought by patience to overcome Anger. 344 

The fifth virtue is S2nritualis laetitla, 

that is. Spiritual Joy, which is, that a man rejoice in God 
amidst the sorrows of this hard world, 

so that we may not be despairing in misfortunes, 348 

nor again rejoice overmuch in prosperity] 
and if we lose the transitory things of this world, 
then should we know that our dwelling is not here, 
but is in heaven, if we hope in God. 352 

Thither we should hasten from this distress 
with Spiritual Joy; thus shall the Sorrow be 
utterly overcome by our patience. 

The sixth virtue is Instantia honi ojyeris, 356 

that is, Perseverance in a good work. 
If we be persevering in our good works, 

342. U. dysgan. D.U. om. jjset is. 349. D. blission, 

D. hrsedmdd. 350. D.U. woruldjnng. 

343. U. eallwealdenda. 351. U. sceolon. U. her. 

344. D.U. sceolon. 353. D.U. sceolon. U. on {for of). 

345. D. leticia ; U. letitia. • D. tiisre ear^-fo(5nysse. 

346. U. gaslice (aZ/. ^o gastlice) bliss. 354. D. gastlicere. 
D.U. om. ^mt is. U. on gode. D. 356. D. instancia. 

blissie. 357. D.U. annednys. U. godes. 

^ 347. D. unrotnyssum. U. Jjyssere 358. D. anrsedc. D. g(jdum. 

re ban. 


(5onne mage we ofer-swycSan Ipa asolcennysse swd . 
for"5an pe hit biS langsum bysmor . gif ure lif bi(5 unnyt her . 360 
Seo seofotSe miht is seo socSe lufu to gode . 
]>cet we on godum weorcum godes lufe cepon . 
Na ideles gylpes . J?e him is andssete . 

Ac uton don selmyssan swa swa he us tsehte . 364 

gode to lofe na us to hlisan . 
pcet god sy geherod on urum godum weorcum . 
and se idela gylp us beo sefre unwurc5 . 

Seo eahteo'Se miht is . seo soSe eadmodnyss . 368 

ge to gode ge to mannum . mid modes hluttoruysse . 
for'San seSe wis bycS . ne wurtS he nsefre modig . 
On hwan mseg se mann modigan ]?eah he wille . 
ne mseg he on gecSinctSum forcSan \>e fela synd gej>ungenran . 372 
ne mseg he on his sehtum . forSan f>e he his ende-doeg ndt . 
ne on nanum ))ingum he ne mseg modigan . gif ^ he wis bi(5 
Nu ge habbac5 gehyred . hu J^as halgan msegnu 
oferswy'SaJ) Sa leahtras . pe deofol bessewcS on us . 376 

and gif we nellaS hi ofer-switSan . hi besenca'S us on helle . 
"We magon J^urh godes fylst c5a feondlican leahtras 
mid gecampe ofer-winnan . gif we cenlice feohta(5 . 
and habban us on ende pone ecan wurcS-mynt . 380 

d mid gode sylfum gif we swincacS nu her; 
^ Dam to wuldre cSe on ecnysse rixatS ece drihteji ; 
psim sy wuldor and lof . Ze 4 leofaS . 

mid feeder . and mid suna . and mid tSam halgan g[aste] on 
ecnysse. Aiaen.'^ 384 

359. D. ])one. U. maga. D, ofer- 364. U. don selmessan. 
swiSem. D. asolcennesse. D.U. swa. 366. D. ac Ipcet. 

360. D. bysmer. D. lif. U. her. 367. U. unwyrS. 

361. XJ. {after is) inserts caritas 368. U. ehteo'Se. D. eadmodnysse, 
above the line. 369, D. hluttornesse ; U. hlutto- 

36'2. U. godum. D. lufu. D. nysse, corr. to hluttornysse. 
cepon ; U. kepon. 370. D. for'SamSe. D. wis. D.U. 

363. D. anssete, corQ\ to andsgete. wyr'S. 

^ Leaf 80. ''' — ^ Added in a later hand. 


then may we thus overcome idleness, 

because it is a prolonged disgrace, if our life be useless here. 360 
The seventh Virtue is true Love to God, 
that we in good works seek after God's love ; 
not Vainglory, which is hateful to Him, 

but let us do alms, even as He taught us, 364 

for the praise of God, not for our own glory, 
that God may be magnified in our good works, 
and Vainglory may ever be worthless to us. 
The eighth Virtue is true Humility, 368 

both towards God and towards man with simplicity of miud ; 
for he who is wise will never be proud. 
Wherein may a man pride himself, though he wish it? 
He may not in his rank, because many are more distinguished 
[than he] ; 372 

nor may he in his possessions, because he knoweth not his last day; 
nor in anything can he pride himself, if he be wise. 
Now ye have heard how these holy Virtues 
overcome those Sins which the devil soweth in us ; 376 

and if we will not overcome them, they will sink us to hell. 
We can, by God's assistance, conquer those fiendish sins 
by fighting, if we fight bravely ; 

and have for ourselves, at the end, the eternal glory 380 

ever with God Himself, if we now labour here, 
unto His glory who eternally reigneth, the Everlasting Lord ; 
to whom be glory and praise, who ever liveth, 
the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost in eternity. Amen. 

371. D,U. hwam. T). man. U. Jc/ore on hello. 

modigean ; D. modigian. 378. D. fyst {corr. to fylst). 

372. D. geSin'Sum. 379. D. kenlice ; U. ckenlice. 

373. U. he {twice). D. is {corr. to 380. D. ecean wuri5ment. 
his). D. nat. 381. D.U. her. 

374. D. modigian; U. modigean. 382-384. U. j^aerto us gefultumige 
Jy. wis. se'Se leofa'S T rixa'S a buton ende ; 

376. D. us. Amen, D. omits, 

377. U. hf. D. omits all the line 





[Collated with D. = MS. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 303, p. 231; 
E. = MS. C.C.C.C. 302, p. 33.] 

Jje he sylf ser to geleafan gebigde on anum pistole . Ipcet is 
.eerend-gewrit . tSus cwetSende. Frafves . Spiritu. ambulate . et de- 
sideria carnis Non pe?*ficietis . et cetera. Mine gebro'Sra farac5 on 4 
gaste ^Ipcet is on gastlicre drohtnunga ^ and ne gefremme ge eowres 
flsesces lustas. pcet fleesc soc5Iice gewin^ ongean (5one gast . and se 
gast ongean pcet flgesc . pas Sincg sotSIice . pcet is se lichama . and 
seo sawl . winnacS him be-tweonan. Ac seo sawl is ^aes flsesces 8 
hlsefdige . and hire gedafna(5 . pcet heo simle gewylde Sa wylne . Ipcet 
is Ipcet flsesc . to hyre hsesum. pwyrlice fser'S set t5am huse J^oer seo 
wyln bi^ psere hlsefdian wissigend . and seo hlsefdige biS j^sere wylne 
under(5eodd . swa bi'5 eac J^ses mannes lif on hinder gefadod . gi^ Ipcet 12 
flsesc f»e is brosnigendlic and deadlic . sceal gewyldan f)one gast (5e 
is ece . and unateorigendlic . to his fracodum lustum t5e hi buta 
fordo'S . and to ecum tintregum gebringac5 . Se apostol cwsecS . Gif 
ge beotS J?urh (5one gast gelaedde . t^onne ne synd ge na under ee . 16 
He cwse'S on oc5re stowe . Nis nan se rihtwisum menn gesett . ac 
unrihtwisum . and na under-J^eoddum . Arleasum . and forscyldegod- 
um . for^an Ipe seo se . Ipcet is se rihtwise steor ne ge-gret })one 
rihtwisan mid nanum yfele . ac heo gewitnacS pa unriht-wisan be 20 
heora gewyrhtum . Se rihtwisa socSlice ne )?earf him ondrsedan psi 
sti(5an steora J^e godes . se . tsec^ . gif he him sylfum styrS fram 
ealluw stunt-nyssum . Paulus cwseS . swutele synd ]:ses flsesces^ 

Title. D. adds de epistola pauli 6. D. fleaces. D. flesc ; E. fifesc. 

& DE AUGURIIS. E. has only Dominica D. gewilnad {sic) for gewin'S ; E. 

Ill* VEL QVANDO UOLVERis. gewilna'S. E. gast. 

1. D. alra. 7. D. flesc. D.E. Jjing. 

2. D. er. D. gelefan gebfgde. D. 8. D. sawul; E. sauwl. D. heom. 
ane pistle. D. sawle ; E, sawul. D. pes, above the 

3. D. erendgewrlte. line. T>. flesces. 

4. D. mine. 9, D. hlafdfge. D.E. gedafena'5. 

5. D. gastlicere. D.E. drohtnunge. D. symble. D. wulne. 

E. gefremmege ; D. gefremfge (om. 10. D. flesc. D. hire hesen. D. 

ge). D. eoures. Jjwyrllce ferS et J^an. D. J)er se. 

^ Leaf 80, back. 




THE Apostle Paul, the teacher of all nations, exhorted those 
Christians whom he had formerly converted to the faith, in 
an Epistle, that is a letter, thus saying : ' Fratres, Sjnritu ambulate, 
et desideria carnis non perficietis, et cetera * — ' My brethren, walk 4 
in the Spirit, that is in spiritual conversation, and ye shall not 
fulfil the lusts of your flesh/ The flesh verily warreth against the 
spirit, and the spirit against the flesh. These things verily, that is 
the body and the soul, fight between themselves. But the soul 8 
is the flesh's mistress, and it befitteth her that she should ever rule 
the bondmaid, that is the flesh, according to her bests. Ill fareth 
it with the house where the bondmaid is the ruler of the mistress 
and the mistress is in subjection to the bondmaid ; so also will the 
life of man be ordered backward, if the flesh which is corruptible 12 
and mortal shall subdue the spirit, which is eternal and imperish- 
able, to its base lusts, which will destroy them both, and bring 
them to everlasting torments. The Apostle said, * If ye be led by 
the Spirit, then are ye not under the Law.' He said in another 16 
place, ' There is no law set for righteous men, but for unrighteous 
and disobedient, for the profane and the guilty;' because the law, 
that is the righteous rule, will not greet [i. e. visit] the righteous 
man with any evil, but it will punish the unrighteous according to 20 
their works. The righteous verily need not fear the strict rule 
which God's law teacheth, if he restraineth himself from all foolish- 
ness. Paul said, ' Manifest are the works of the flesh, adultery and 

11. E. wylne. D. J)ere hlefdian 17. D. ess rihtwisen. D.E. men. 
wfsiende. D. hlefdie. D. peve wulne. D, geset. 

12. D.E. underfeed. D. ))es. D.E. 18. D. unrihtwfsen. D. under- 
lif. J)eoddan ; E. under})eodu?w. D. Ar- 

13. D. flesc. E. brosniendlic ; D. leasen ; E. ^rleasum. D. fbrscyldgo- 
brosniendllc. D. deadlfc ; E. dadlic. dum. 

14. D. ecce. D. uuateoriendlic. D. 19. D.E. seo (for se). 

fraceden lusten. D.E. hi. 20. D. gewltna'S. D. unrihtwfsan. 

15. D. ecen tintregen. 22. D. stere; E. steore. D. om. 

16. D. geledde, D. J)anne. D. sylfum, 

synde ge. D.E. na. 23. E. stuntnessum. 


weorc . pcet is forligr . and unclsennyss . estfulnyss . ocSSe galnyss . 24 
hsetSen-gild . oSSe unlybban . feondraeden . and geflit . anda . and 
yire . sacu . and twira3dnyss . dwollic Ur . and nitS . mansliht . and 
druncennyss . oferfyll . and ocSre 'Syllice . Ipe ic fore eow secge swa 
swa ic fore [ssede] . forSan J)a ^e 'Syllice weorc wyrcatS . ne begitat5 28 
hi godes rice . Gehwa mot yfeles geswican . and gebetan . ac gif he 
'Surh-wuna'S on yfelnysse . and forsiht5 his scyppendes beboda . and 
deofla gecwem(5 . ]?onne sceal he unSances on ecnysse cSrowian . on 
t5am unadwsescend-licum fyre . betwux t5am wyrrestan wurm-cynne . 32 
pe nsefre ne bi'S adyd . ac ceowaS symle . f)£era arleasra lichama . on 
t5am hellican lige . Eft cwae'S se apostol on o(5rum pistole . Yratres . 
Nolite errare . Neq^te fornicarii . Neqwe idolis seruientes . Neqwe 
adulteri . Neqwe molles . 'Neque fures . Neqwe auari . 'Neque ebriosi . 3*5 
"Neque maledici . 'Neque rapaces , regnum dei Non possidebunt . 
Mine gebroSra nelle ge dwelian . naSor ne unriht-hsemeras . ne Sa 
^e hseSen-gildum ]?eowiac5 . ne 'Sa Ipe ocSre manna wif habbatS . ne 
Sa hnescan ve\ ^ wdcmod ^ . poet synd f)a tSe nane stic5nysse nabbatS 4° 
ongean leahtras . Ne Seofas . ne gytseras . ne drinceras . pcet synd })a 
Se druncennysse lufiaS . ne wyrgendras . f)8era mut5 bi'S symle mid 
gesettrode wyrigunge afylled . ne reaferas . nabbatS hi nsefre godes 
rice . He cwse'S )5a git eft forS to para folce Sus . pis ge wseron . ac ge 44 
synd nu afeormode . ac ge synd gehalgode . ac ge synd geriht-wisode 
on drihtnes naman ures haelendes cristas . and on gaste ures godes . 
\ Deofol-gild bi'S pcet man his drihten forlsete . and his cristendom . 47 
j and to deofollicum hse'Senscype gebuge . bysmrigende his scyppend . 
I OcSer deofolgild is derigendlic J^sere sawle . 
■Sonne se man forsihS his scyppendes beboda . 50 

and J)a sceandlican leahtras begse'S . pe se sceocca hine IserS . 

24. D. forllr ; E. forliger. D. 28. D.E. fore saede ; A. fore 
unclasnnys ; E. unclsennes. D. est- secge (wrongly). E. pa, Sa. 
fulnys; E. estfulnes. D. galnys; E. 29. D.E. rice. D. yfelses geswican. 
galnes. 30. E. yfelnesse. D. sceppendes. 

25. D.E. -J (/or oSSe o/ifer hge'Sen- 31. D. deofle ; E. deofole. E. 
gild). D. unlibban. un]?ancas. D. ecnesse ; E. eccnesse. 

26. D. twyrsednys ; E. twyrsednes. 32. D.E. wyrstan wyrmcynne. 
D. dwolic lar & nl]). 33. D. ))ara. D.E. lichaman. 

27. D, drucennys ; E. druncennes. 34. D. Uge. 
D. oferfyl. D.E. eow fore secge. 

^ Above the line. 


tincleanness, lasciviousness or lust, idolatry or witchcraft, enmity 24 
and strife, spite and anger, contention and sedition, heresy and 
envy, murder and drunkenness, surfeiting and other such like, the 
which I tell you beforehand, even as I told you formerly ; for they 
who work such works shall not attain to God's kingdom/ Every 28 
one may cease from evil and amend ; but if he continueth in 
wickedness and despiseth his Creator's commands and pleaseth the 
devils, then shall he against his will suffer in eternity, in the un- 
quenchable fire, amidst the worst serpent-kind which shall never 32 
be destroyed, but shall ever chew the bodies of the wicked in the 
fire of hell. Again, said the Apostle in another epistle, ' Fratres, 
nolite errare ; neque fornicarii, neque idolis seruientes, neque adul- 
teri, neque molles, neque fures, neque auari, neque ebriosi, neque 36 
maledici, neque rapaces, regnum dei non j^;omcZe6w7i^.' — ' My 
brethren, be ye not deceived ; neither fornicators, nor those who 
serve idols, nor those who have other men's wives, nor the effe- 
minate or weak-minded — these are they who have no sternness 40 
against sins — nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drinkers — these are 
they who love drunkenness — nor revilers, whose mouths are ever 
filled with poisoned cursing, nor robbers, shall ever possess God's 
kingdom.'* He said yet again to the people thus, * Such ye were, 44 
but now are ye cleansed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified 
in the name of the Lord our Saviour Christ, and in the Spirit of 
our God.' 

Idolatry is that a man forsake his Lord and his Christianity, 47 
and yield to diabolical heathenism, dishonouring his Creator. 
There is another idolatry, hurtful to the soul, 

when the man despiseth his Creator's commands, 50 

and practiseth the shameful sins which the devil teacheth him. 

35. E. fornicari. todre wyriunge. E. reafras. 

• 37. D.Ti:. om. non. 44. D.E. rice. D.E. om. eft. 

39. D.E. oSra. D. wlf. 45. E. halgode. D. gerihtwlsede. 

40. D.E. om. vA wacmod. 47. D.E. cristendom. 

41. D. leahtres. D. drinceres ; E. 48. E. deotflicum. D. haej^enscipe. 
drunceras. E. bysmriende, D. scippend. 

42. E. Sa druncennesse. D. wy- 49. D. dergendlic. 
rigendras J)aere. D. om. biS. 51. D. leahtres. 

43. E. geatrode wyriunge j D. geaet- 


pses gastes wsestmas . synd ]?a godan Seawas . 

^pcet se man lufige J^one lifigendan god . 

and haebbe tSa so'San lufe symle on his mode . 54 

and cSa gastlican blysse . and beo gesibsum . 

ge'Syldig . and 'Solraod . and on cSeawiim haebbe 

godnysse . and glsed mod . and man'Swsernysse , 

geleafan . and gemetfaestnysse . and modes clsennysse . 58 

and forhsefednysse butan higeleaste . 

Nis nan . se . wi'Serrsede f)us geworhtum mannum . 

ac t5a pe cristas synd cwylmiacS heora flsesc . 

Swa ])cet hi nella'S onbugan ^am bysmorfullum leahtrum . 62 

ne t5am yfehim gewihiungum . ac winnaS him to-geanes . 

otS Ipcet hi sigefseste si'SiaS to criste . 

and to 'Sam ecan wuldre . for t5am sceortan gewinne . 

and hi blyssiat5 on ecnysse bh'Se mid criste . 66 

[Seemo sancto augustini de augukiis.] 

Agiistinus se snotera bisceop ssede eac on sumere bee . 

Mine gebrotSra J?a leofestan . gelome ic eow warnode . 

and mid faederlicre carfulnysse . ic eow cuSlice manode . 

pcet ge andssetan wiglunge J^e unwise men healdacS . 70 

mid ealle forlsetan swa swa geleaffulle men . 

for'San butan ic eow warnige . and J^one wol eow forbeode . 

ic sceal agyldan gescead Ipsun. so'Sfsestan deman 

minre gymeleaste . and mid eow beon fordemed . 74 

Nu alyse ic me sylfne wiS god . and mid lufe eow for-beode . 

pcet eower nan ne axie J?urh senigne wicce-crseft . 

be senigum 'Singe . o'SSe be senigre untrumnysse . 

ne galdras ne sece . to gremigenne his scyppend . 78 

53. D. lufie. 59. D. forhgefdnysse ; E. forhaef- 

54. D. hsebba. D. so^a ; E. so'Se. ednesse. D.E. higleaste. 
E. lufe, alt. to lufan ? 63. D. ])an yflurn. 

55. E. an, for and. 64. E. sigfaeste. 

56. E. ins. T hef. ge'Syldig, D. 65. D. om. and hef. to tSam. D. 
jjolomod. D. om. and. wuldrae. 

57. E. godnesse. E. man-])W3er- 66. E. ecnesse. 

nesse. 67. Title. In T) only. E. Augus- 

58. D. gemetfestnysse ; E. gemet- tinus. D.E. bee. 

festnesse. E. cla?nnesse. 68. D. leofostan. E. gelome. 

1 Leaf Si. 


The fruits of the Spirit are those good dispositions, 

that the man love the living God, 

and have true love ever in his mind, 54 

and spiritual joy, and be peaceable, 

patient and long-suffering, and in manners have 

goodness, and gladness, and meekness, 

faith and temperance, and cleanness of mind, 58 

and continence without rashness. 

There is no law contrary to (against) men thus disposed, 

but those that are Christ's crucify their flesh, 

so that they will not incline to shameful sins, 62 

nor to those evil desires, but will fight against them 

until they depart victoriously to Christ, 

and to the everlasting glory in exchange for the short warfare, 

and they shall rejoice for ever blithely with Christ. 66 

Augustine the wise bishop said likewise in a certain book, 
' My brethren most beloved, often I have warned you, 
and with fatherly carefulness I lovingly exhorted you 
that, as for the odious witchcraft which unwise men observe, 70 
ye should altogether renounce [it], like faithful men, 
for except I warn you, and forbid you that mischief, 
I shall have to give an account to the righteous judge 
for my carelessness, and shall be condemned with you. 74 

Now I deliver myself as regards God, and with love forbid you, 
that any of you should enquire through any witchcraft 
concerning anything, or concerning any sickness, 
or seek enchanters to anger his Creator ; 78 

69. D. fsederllcre. E. carfulnesse. demsed. 

D. cu))llce. 75. E. lyse (/or alyse). 

70. D. wlglunge ; E. wiglunga. E. 76. D. eowar. E. axige. 

menn. D. healde'S. 77. D. enige. D,E. unirumnesse. 

71. D. forlaeton. E.geleafullemenn. 78. D. aldras {with space left for 

72. E. for'Sam. D. buton. initial). E. s(^ce. D, gremienne; 
74. D. lemeleaste {sic). D. for E. gegremigenne. D. scuppend. 



fortSan se (Se ]?ys det5 . se forlyscS his cristen-dom. 

and h'uS }?am hsecSenum gelic . ]?e hleota?5 be him sylfum 

mid Sees deofles crsefte j^e hi fordeS on ecnysse . 

and butan he selmyssan . and mycele dsedbote 82 

his scyppende geoffrige . sefre he biS forloren . 

Hleotan man mot mid geleafan swa peah 

on woruld-(5ingum butan wicce-crsefte . 

pcBt him deme seota . gif hi hwset dselan willacS . 86 

J?is nis nan wiglung . ac bi(5 wissung foroft . 

Eall swa gelice se tSe gelyfS wiglungum 

ocSSe be fugelum . o'SSe be fnorum . 

otSt5e be horsum . o(5Se be hundum . 90 

ne bicS h6 nd cristen . ac bitS for-cutS wi^er-saca . 

Ne sceal nan man cepan be dagum 

on hwilcum daege he fare . o'SSe on hwylcum he^ gecyrre . 

for'San J?e god gesceop ealle ?5a seofan dagas . 94 

fje yrna(5 on ]58ere wucan o'S f)ysre worulde geendunge . 

Ac se'Se hwider faran wille . singe his paternoster . 

and credan . gif he cunne . and clypige to his dryhten . 

and bletsige hine sylfne . and siSige orsorh 98 

Jjurh godes gescyldnysse . butan 'Ssera sceoccena wiglunga . 

Us sceama'5 to secgenne ealle tJa sceandlican wiglunga . 

f>e ge dw8es-menn drifacS . Surh deofles lare . 

o^Se on wifunge . o(5Se on wadunge . 102 

otStSe on brywlace . ocScSe gif man hwses bitt 

l^onne hi hwset onginna(5 . op])e him hweet bitS acenned . 

Ac wate ge to so^an . Ipcet se sceocca eow laertS 

79. D. forleost ; E. forlyst, E. 87. D. nis naht wigelunge, D. 
cristendom. wissunge. 

80. D. ))an he^enen ; E. Jjam hse- 88. D. Ealswa. D. wigelunge. 
})enan. D. heom sylfe. 89. D. fugelen ; E. fugulum. D. 

81. D. ])es. D. crefte. D. ecenesse. fnoren. 

82. D. buton. D. manega elmes- 90. D. horsen. D. liunden. 

san ; E. manega selmissan. D. mi- 91. D.E. he. D. naht {for nd) ; 

cele dedbote. E. na. 

83. D. scuppende geofFrie efre. 92. E. nan cristen mann. D. 

85. D. woruld|iingan. D. wicce- dagen; and inserts o^^e he nihte. 
crafte. 93. D. hwylce dege. D. hylce. D. 

86. D.E. seo t^ (error for se td,n !) gecurre. 

D. hwet delen. 94. D. gescop alle. D.E. seofon. 

' Leaf 81, back. 


for he that doeth this, he letteth go his Christianity, 
and is like the heathen who cast lots concerning themselves 
by means of the devil's art, which will destroy them for ever; 
and unless he offer alms and much penance 82 

to his Creator, he shall be lost eternally. 
Nevertheless a man may cast lots, in faith, 
in worldly things, without witchcraft, 

that he may allot himself pastures, if men wish to divide any 
thing [i. e. any land] ; 86 

this is no sorcery, but is very often a direction. 
So likewise he who trusteth in auguries, 
either from birds, or from sneezings, 

either from horses or from dogs, 90 

he is no Christian, but is an infamous apostate. 
Neither may any man give heed to days, 
on which clay he shall journey, or on which he shall return, 
because God created all the seven days 94 

which succeed in the week, until this world's ending. 
But he who wishes to journey any whither, let him sing his 

and Credo, if he know [them], and cry to his Lord, 
and cross himself, and travel without care 98 

through God's protection, without the devil's sorceries. 

It shameth us to tell all the shameful sorceries, 
which ye foolish men practise through the devil's lore, 
whether in wiving, or in travelling, 102 

or in brewing, or if a man pray for anything, 
when they begin anything, or anything is born to them. 
But know ye of a truth, that the devil teacheth you 

95. D. urnaS. D. j^ere. D. J)is- loi. D, ])e sot men {for ge dwses- 
sere woruld. E. om. geeundunge. menn). E. Lire. 

96. D. faren. 102. D. wifunge. E. omits this 

97. D.E. his credan. D. clupien. line. 

D.E. drihtene. 103. D. breowlaee. E. om. o^Se 

98. D. blesie. D. sulfne. D. si'Sise. on brywlace. D. hi liwes ; E. hi waes 

99. D.E. gescyldnesse. D. ])ere (for hwies). D.E. bit, 
deofle (/or sceoccena), D. wigelunge; 104. D.hwet (twice). 

E. wiglunge. 105. D. deofol (for sceocca). D. 

100. D. seamed. D. secgene alle. lerS. 

D. sceandlice wigelunge. 24—2 


f)yllice scincraeftas . pcet he eowre sawla haebbe io6 

Sonne ge gelyfacS his leas-brgednysse . 

Nu cwyc5 sum wiglere Ipcet wiccan oft secgacS 

swa swa hit agse'S mid soSum Sincge . 

Nu secge we to sotSan pcet se ungesewenlica deofol no 

pe flyhS geond Jjas woriild . and fela tSincg gesihtS 

geswutelatS J^sera wiccan hwset heo secge mannum . 

pcet J^a beon fordone J^e Ssene dry-crseft secatS . 

Fela saedon Ipa, dry-men . f)urh deofles crseffc . 114 

lamnes and mambres . swa swa moyses awrdt . 

and hi phardo forlserdon mid heora lotwrencum . 

o'StSset he adranc on tSeere deopan sse . 

Eall swa eac symon se swicola dry . 118 

swa lange he wan wiS petre . o'S pcet he wear's afylled . 

Sa J?a he wolde fleon to heofonum . 'pcet he on feower tobserst 

and swa ferde waelhreow mid wite to helle . 

Fela oSre forferdon pe folgodon dry-craefte . 122 

swa swa we on bocum rsedaS . ac heora racu is langsum . 

Ne sceal se cristena befrinan pa, fulan wiccan 

be his gesundfulnysse . |:»eahSe heo secgan cunne 

sum Sincg ]purh deofol . forSan pe hit biS derigendlic . 126 

and eall hit biS aettrig pcet him of cym.S . 

and ealle his folgeras forfaracS on ende . 

Sume men synd swa ablende . pcet hi bringaS heora 14c 

to eorcSfsestum stane . and ^ac to treowum . 130 

and to wylspringum . swa swa wiccan taecaS . 

and nellaS under-standan . hu stuntlice hi doS . 

oSSe hu se deada stdn . oSSe pcet dumbe treow 

106. D. fiullice. D. wiccecreftes 113. D. I^ane; E. ])one. D. wicce- 
(for scincraeftas), D. eower sawle creft {for drycraeft) secgaetJ. 

habbe. 114. E. feala. D. sedan. D. wige- 

107. D. Jeanne. D.E. leasbredene. leres {for dryuien). D. creft. 

108. E. cwseS. D. wigelere. D. 115. MS. Jul. has lammes ; D.E. 
wiccen ofte. lamnes. D.E. awrat. 

109. D. age's ; E, ^aeS. D. so'Sen. 116. D. pharao ; E. pliara6. D. 
D.E. ])inge. forlerden. D. lot-wrencen. 

no. D. ungesewenlice deofel. 117. E. dranc. D. pere. D. 

111, E. feala Iping. see. 

112. D. Jjere ; E. psere. D. wiccen 118. D.E. Ealswa. D. wigelere 
hwet, D. magen {for mannum). {for dry). 


such delusions that he may have your souls io6 

when ye believe his lying deceits. 

Now a certain sorcerer saith that witches often declare 

even as a matter happens with a true result. 

Now say we of a truth, that the invisible devil no 

who flieth through these worlds, and seeth many things, 

revealeth to the witch what she shall say to men, 

that they may be destroyed who seek this sorcery. 

Many things said the magicians through the devil's art, 114 

Jamnes and Jambres, [A. S. Mambres], even as Moses wrote, 

and they seduced Pharaoh with their deceits, 

until he was drowned in the deep sea. 

So likewise Simon, the wily sorcerer, 118 

strove so long with Saint Peter, until he was cast down, 

when he desired to fly to heaven, so that he burst into four parts, 

and so that impious man departed in torment to hell. 

Many others have perished who followed sorcery, 123 

even as we read in books, but their story is tedious. 

Neither shall the Christian enquire of the foul witch 
concerning his health, though she may be able to tell 
something through the devil, for it will be harmful, 126 

and all will be poisonous which cometh from him, 
and all his followers shall perish in the end. 
Some men are so blinded, that they bring their offerings 
to an earth-fast stone, and eke to trees, 130 

and to well-springs, even as witches teach, 
and will not understand how foolishly they act, 
or how the dead stone or the dumb tree 

119. E, wann. D. wi'Ssawc^epetre. 127. D. al. D. attrig ; E. netrig. 

D. oSSet. D. of-cuni'5. 

i'20. D. heofonon. D. fower to- 128. D. alle. D. folgeres. 

berst. 129. E. menn. D. synde. D.E. 

121. D. welhreow. lac. 

122. D. Fela forferden for o"Sre. 130. D. eord-festen. D. stanen ; 
pe drycreft lufeden. E. stanuw. D. treowen. 

123. D. bocenreda^. D. race us is. 131. D. welsprunges. D. tecatJ. 

124. D. J)an fulen wiccen. 132. E. stuntlic. 

125. D. -fulnesse ; E. -fullnesse. . 133. E. om. hu. D. stan. 

126. D.E. Jjing. D. deofel. 

374 XVII. DE AUGumis. 

him maege gelielpau . o'SSe lisele forgifan . 134 

^}?one hi sylfe ne astyriaS . of Ssere stowe nsefre . 

Se cristene man sceall clypian to his drihtne 

mid mode . and mid muSe . and his muuda abiddan , 

pcet he hine scylde wiS deofles syrwuuga . 138 

and besettan his hiht on 'Sone so'San god . 

se (Se ana gewylt ealra geseeafta . 

poet he fore-sceawige be his gesundfulnysse . 

loca hu he wille . swa swa ealwealdend god . 142 

We sceolan on selcne timan . and on selcere styrunge 

gebletsian us sylfe mid soSum geleafan . 

and mid rode-tacne J»a re'San aflian . 

for 'San f)e se reSa deofol wear's j:)urh Sa rode ofer-swiSed . 146 

and heo is nre sige-beacn ongean f)one sceoccan a . 

Eac surae gewitlease wif fara"5 to wega gelsetum . 

and teo'5 heora cild ]?urh Sa eor'San . 

and swa deofle betseca^ hi sylfe . and heora beam . 150 

Sume hi acwella'S heora cild serSam Ipe hi acennede beon . 

o'SSe sefter acennednysse . pcet hi cuSe ne beon . 

ne heora manfulla forligr ameldod ne wurSe . 

ac heora yfel is egeslic . and endeleaslic mor'S . 154 

peer losaS Ipcet cild la'Slice hse'Sen . 

and seo arleasa modor . butan heo hit sefre gebete . 

Sume hi wyrca'S heora wogerum drencas . 

o'S'Se sumne wawan . Ipoet hi hi to wife habbon . 158 

Ac Jjyllice sceandas sceolan si'Sian to helle . 

J^ger hi sefre cwylmiaS on J)am cwealmbserum fyre 

and on egeslicum witum . for heora gewitleaste . 

Ac cristene men sceolan campian wiS deofla 162 

mid strangiim geleafan . swa swa gelserede cempan . 

134. D.E. mage. E. gehelppan, 141. E. -fulnesse. 

135. D.E. J)onne. 142. D.E. eallwealdend. 

136. D.E, cristena. D.E. sceal. 143. D.E. sceolon. D. selcre. 
E. drihtene. 144. D. bletsian. 

137. D.E. munde. 145. D. afligan ; E. aflygan. 

138. D.E. gescylde. D. syrwun- 146. E. rdde. 

ge. 147. D. sigebeann {sic). 

1 Leaf 82, 


can help them, or give them health, 134 

when they themselves never stir from the place. 

The Christian man must cry to his Lord 

with mind and with mouth, and beseech His protection, 

that He may shield him against the devil's snares, 138 

and set his hope in the true God, 

Who alone ruleth over all creatures, 

that He may provide for his safety, 

even, lo ! as He will, as being the all-ruling God. 142 

I We should on every occasion and in every trouble 
cross ourselves with true faith, 

and by the sign of the Cross put to flight the wicked ones, 
because the wicked devil was vanquished by the Cross, 146 

land it is ever our beacon of victory against the fiend. 

Likewise some witless women go to cross-roads, 
and draw their children through the earth, 

and thus commit themselves and their children to the devil. 150 
Some of them kill their children before they are born, 
or after birth, that they may not be discovered, 
nor their wicked adultery be betrayed ; 

but their wickedness is awful, and everlasting their perdition. 154 
Then the child perisheth, a loathsome heathen, 
and the wicked mother, unless she ever do penance for it. 
Some of them devise drinks [philtres] for their wooers, 
or some mischief, that they may have them in marriage. 158 
But such shameful ones shall go to hell, 
where they shall ever suffer in the tormenting fire, 
and in awful punishments, for their witlessness. 
But Christian men must fight against devils 162 

by strong faith, like trained champions, 

148, E. gewitleasa. D.E. wif. D. 157. D. heo {for hi). D. drsencas. 

gewega. 158. D. sume. D. habban ; E. 

151. D.E. ser J^an. E. beoS. habban sceolon, 

152. E. accennednysse. D. heo 159. E. ])yllce. D. sceolon. 
{for hi). 160. D. ])jEm cwtElm-bseruw. 

153. D.E. manfulle. 161. D. om. and. E. fora (sic). 

155. D. locaS; E. losiaS. D.E. 162. E. menn. D. sceolon. 
ladlice. 163. D, cenpan (sic). 

156. D.E. buton. 


and forhogian fa haetsan . and 'Syllice liseSen-gyld . 

and pdds deofles dydrunga . and heora drihten arwur'Sian . 

J>onne gesih]? se deofol pcet ge hine forseo'S . i66 

and him bi^S f)onne w4 on his awyrigedum mode . 

pcet ge swa anraede beocS . and nimS andan to eow . 

and wile eow geswencan mid sumere untrum-nysse . 

o(5Se sum eowre orf ardlice acwellan . 170 

forSan J^e he mot selces mannes afandian . 

on manega wisau . hwsetSer his mod wille 

abugan f)urh Sa ehtnysse fram '5am selmihtigan gode . 

Ac wite ge to wissan poet se wselhreowa deofol 174 

ne mseg maunum derian mid nan-^re untrumnysse 

ne heora orf adydan butan drihtnes gej^afunge . 

God is eall godnyss . and he sefre wel wile . 

ac manna yfelnysse mod beon gestyrod . 178 

Jjonne ge'SafaS god ]?am sceoccan for oft . 

pcet he men geswence for heora mis-dsedum . 

Us is to secenne gif we geswencte beoS . 

pB. bote set gode . na set '5am gramlican wiccum . 182 

and mid ealra heortan urne haelend gladian . 

for'San Ipe his mihte ne mseg nan Sincg wi'Sstandan . 

He cw9e"S on his godspelle . poet buton godes dihte . 

fur Son an fugel ne befylS on deaSe . 186 

Wen is pcet he wille bewitan k his menn . 

ge on life . ge on dea'Se . ]?onne se lytla fugel 

ne befyl]? on grin butan godes willan . 

Ure drihten adrsefde deoflu mid his hsese of anum wodum menn . 

pa wses 'Sser gehende . an heord swina . 191 

and hi ^ sona bsedon poet hi moston faran into 'Sam swynum . 

164. D.^.hsetsan (as in text). 176, E. drihtenes. 

165. D.E. dydrunge. D. awur])ian. 177. E. his (for is). D. godnys ; 

166. D. forsiaS. E. godnes. D. hsefre. 

167. D. wa. E. awyrgeduTO. 178. D. yfelnyssa. D.E. gestyred. 

169. D. geswaencan. D. sume. E. 180. E. menn. D. geswsence. 
-nesse. 181. D. geswsencte. 

170. D. eowasr ; E. eower. 182. E. ins. secan before J)a bote. 

174. D. gewissan. D. deoful. D. to gode. D.E. gramlicum. 

175. E. untru?>^^esse. 183. D. ealre ; E. eallre. 

^ Leaf 82, back. ^ Above the line* 


and shun those hags, and such heathendom, 

and the devil's delusions, and worship their Lord. 

Then will the devil see that ye despise him, i66 

and it will be grievous to him, in his accursed mind, 

that ye are so stedfast, and he will take indignation against 

and will vex you with some sickness, 

or suddenly kill some of your cattle, 170 

because he must try every man, 
in many ways, whether his mind will 
swerve through persecution from the Almighty God. 

But know ye for certain, that the cruel devil 174 

cannot hurt men by any sickness, 

neither destroy their cattle, without the Lord's permission. 
God is all goodness, and He ever willeth well, 
but the minds of men may be excited to evil ; 178 

then God permitteth the devil very often 
to aJBQict men for their misdeeds. 
We ought to seek, if we be afHicted, 

restoration from God, not from the cruel witches, 182 

and with all our hearts please our Saviour, 
because nothing can withstand His might. 
He saith in His gospel that, without God's command, 
not even a bird falleth in death. 186 

It is to be expected that He will ever watch over His servants 
both in life and in death, since the little bird 
falleth not into a snare without God's will. 
Our Saviour drave devils by His best out of a possessed man. 
There was then nigh at hand an herd of swine, 191 

and they straightway prayed that they might go into the 

184. D. forjjam. E. |)ing. 189. D. beflihS; E. befeal'S. D.E. 

185. D.E. butan. buton. 

186. D. beflyS {sic). 190. D.E. wodan. D. men. 

187. D. ic {for is). D. men. E. 191. D. gehsende. E. flocc {for 
omits 1. 187, and part of 1. 188, to heord). D, swinan. 

<iea'5e. 192. D. heo ( for first hi). 

188. D. Jjanne. 


and drihten geSafode ]?a 'Sam deoflum ]?set . 

Hi tSa into pam swynum . and hi ealle aweddan . 194 

and urn on to 'Saere sse . and sona adruncon . 

Ne mseg se deofol mannum derian butan godes cSafunge . 

ne heora (5incg amyrran . f)onne h6 ne moste faran 

fuv'Son on )?a swin . butan him ge'Safode J^ses se hselend . 198 

Gif us deofol drecS . oppe ure f»incg adyd 

Ipcet getimaS f)onne swa for twam intingum . 

oplpe god swa J^reaS ure 'Swyrlican dseda . 

o'5'Se he ure afandacS on 'Ssere frecednysse . 202 

and se sceocca sceall aswseman aet us . 

gif we anrsede beotS on urum geleafan . 

and crist hine adrsefS poet he us derian ne mseg 

gif we t5a ehtnysse eadmodlice forberacS . 206 

and butan ceorunge symle gode J?ancige . 

Us becymS swa peah eall J^set to gode . 

gif we beo(5 ge'Syldige . and J^aneiatS urum drihtne . 

and on 'Ssere fandunge his fultumes biddac5 . 210 

sef)e eacSelice mseg us sefre ahreddan 

fram eallum frsecednyssum feondlicra costnunga . 

Lsecedom is alyfed fram lichamena tyddernysse . 

and halige gebedu mid godes bletsunge . 214 

and ealla o'Sre tilunga syndon andseete gode . 

swa swa paulus awrat f)ysum ^ wordum cweSende . 

Ne mage ge samod drincan . ures drihtnes calic . 

and 'Saes deofles cuppan . to dea'Se eowre sawle . 218 

and ure drihten cwaeS . pcet man gecwaeman ne mseg 

twam hlafordum set-somne . pcet he ne forseo J)one oSerne . 

ne we ne magon gecwseman . criste and deofle . 

Nu secgaS sume menn pcet him sceole gelimpan 222 

193. D. p&n (for Sam). 199. D. adyt; E. adydt. 

194. D. swinu/n^. D.E. aweddon. 200. E. f)onne getimaS ]>(Bt. 

195. D. urnan into. D. adruncan. -202. E. fraecednesse. 

196. D.E. buton. D.E. ge])afunge. 203. D.E. sceal. 

197. D.E. J)mg. D.E. he. 207. D. buton. D.E. JjanciatS. 
T98. D. an (for on). E. swyn. 208, D. eal. 

D.E. buton. D. heom. 209. E. drihtene. 

1 Leaf 83. 


and thereupon the Lord granted it to the devils. 

Then they [entered] into the swine, and they all became mad, 194 

and ran to the sea, and forthwith were drowned. 

The devil cannot hurt men without God's permission, 

nor mar their property, since he could not go 

even into the swine, unless the Saviour permitted him. 198 

If the devil vexeth us or destroy eth our property, 

then it so betideth us for [one of] two reasons; 

either God so punisheth our perverse deeds, 

or He proveth us through the peril, 202 

and the fiend shall vanish away from us, 

if we be steadfast in our faith, 

and Christ shall drive him away that he shall not harm us, 

if we humbly endure the persecution, 206 

and ever thank God without murmuring. 

Nevertheless it will all happen to us for good, 

if we be patient and thank our Lord, 

and in the trial pray for His assistance, 210 

who can always easily deliver us 

from all perils of fiendish temptations. 

Medicine is granted for bodily infirmity, 

and holy prayers, with God's blessing; 214 

and all other aids are hateful to God, 

even as Paul wrote, saying these words, 

* Ye cannot drink both our Lord's chalice 

and the devil's cup to the death of your souls;' 218 

and our Lord said, that ' a man cannot please 

two masters at once, lest be should despise one;' 

neither can we please both Christ and the devil. 

Now some men say that it must happen to them 222 

210. D. Jjaerae. 217. E. drihtenes, 

211. E. e^lice. 218. D. deowes (sic) cuppan. E. 

212. D. frecednyssum feondliccra. sauwle. 

213. D.E. for (/orfram). E. licha- 219. D.E. gecweman. D. maege. 
mene. 221, D.E. gecweman. D. deowe 

214. E. bedn. (/or deofle). 

215. D.E. ealle. D.oStSre. E. gode 222. D. men. 


swa swa him gesceapan wses . and geset set fruman . 
and ne magon forbugan IpcBt hi mis-faran ne sceolan . 
Nu secge we to soSan gif hit swa beon sceall 
[pcet hit is unnyt bebod] (Se god behead f)urh dauid . Declina a 
male et fac bonum 226 

Buh fram yfle . and do god. And eft se apostol cwse'S . 
swa man swySor swine cS for gode . swa he selran mede hsefcS . 
Gif selces mannes lif sefre sceola swa gdn . 

pcet he ne msege forbugan bysmorlice dseda . 230 

Jjonne bi'5 unrihtlic Ipcet c5a unrihtwisan onfon 
senigne witnunge for heora wohnysse . 
Eac 'Sa arfsestan beoS wolice gearwur'Sode . 

gif Ipcet so"S beon mseg Ipoet him swa gesceapen waes . 234 

and on unnyt we swincac5 on urum f)eowdome . 
o'SSe on selmyssum . oj^j^e on ot5rum dsedum . 
gif we his na maran edlean set urum drihtne nabba'S . 
J)onne Sa receleasan menn . \)e butan ge-rade lybbatS . 238 

and on eallum f)ingum wada'S on heora agenum willan . 
and on heora lustum heora lif aspenda'S . 
God selmihtig gesceop manega gesceafta . 

and heora nanum ne forgeaf agenre^ freo-dom . 242 

oppe gesceadwisnysse . butan Sam scinendum englum . 
and menniscum gesceafta . Ipe he mid his handum gesceop 
pas twa gesceafta habba'S gesceadAvisnysse . 

and selc man hasfS agenne freo-dom . 246 

pcet he wdt hwset he wile . and wdt hwaet he nele . 
ac god us ne nyt swa J^eah pcet we god don sceolon . 
ne eac us ne forwyrncS yfel to wyrcenne . 

223. D.E. gesceapen, D. frumen. 229. D. om. sefre. D. sceole ; E. 

224. D.E, hi, D.E, sceolon, sceolde, 

225. D,E, sceal, 230. D,E. mage. D, bysmserlice, 

226. D.E, insert \>oit . . , bebod, 231. D, J)one. E, unrihtlice. D.E. 
which MS, Jul, omits. D,E, \)CBt {for onfon, 

Se). E, bebad, D,E. Declina ; MS. 232. E. senige, 

Jul. has Decline. 236. D.E. selmessum. 

227. D.E. yfele, E, g6d. 237. E, edlan, E. drihtene. 

228. D, swa swa man. 238. D. men. 

^ So in MS. ; read agenne ; see \. 246. 


even as it was determined for them and ordained from the be- 

and that they cannot avoid acting amiss. 

Now say we of a truth, if it is to be so, 

[that it is a useless command] which God commanded through 
David, * Declina a malo et fac honum : 226 

Turn from evil and do good:' and again the Apostle saith, 

' How much the more a man laboureth for God, so much better 
reward shall he have : * 

if each man's life can ever take such a course 

that he cannot turn aside from shameful deeds, 230 

then it is unjust for the unrighteous to receive 

any punishment for their wickedness. 

Likewise the good are unjustly honoured, 

if it can be true that it was so determined for them ; 234 

and we labour in vain in our service, 

either in alms, or in other deeds, 

if we have no more reward from our Lord for it, 

than those reckless men who live without consideration, 238 

and go in all things by their own will, 

and spend their lives in their own pleasures. 

God Almighty formed many creatures, 

and gave to none of them their own freedom 242 

or reason, save to the shining angels 

and to men, of the creatures whom He formed by His hands. 

These two creations possess reason, 

and every man hath his own freedom, 246 

so that he knoweth what he willeth, and knoweth what he nilleth, 

but nevertheless God compelleth us not to do good, 

neither doth He debar us from working evil, 

239. E. om. on. D. wsendaS ; E. 246. E. mann. E. agene. D. 
weda'5. freodom. 

240. D.E. lif. 247. D.E. wat {thrice). D.E. he 

242. D. na( /or ne). D.E. agenne. {twice). 

D. freodom ; E. frigdom. 248. D. net. E. seeolon ddn. 

243. E. -wisnesse. D. buton, 249. D. yfele. 

244. E. gesceafte. 


for(5an Ipe he us forgeaf agenne eyre . 250 

He sealde swi(5e fseste gife . and swy]?e fseste . se . 

mid psere gife selcum menn ot5 his ende . earmum . and 

pcet is seo gifu Ipcet se man mot don pcet he wile . 
and Ipcet is seo . se . ])cet god forgylt selcum menn be his gewyrhtum . 
segtSer ge on Jjysre worulde . ge ^ on f)8ere toweardan . 255 

swa god . swa yfel . swa hwseSer swa he begse'S . 
Gif hwa nu wundrige hwi god wolde 

forgifan j^am yfelum mannum agenne freo-dom . 258 

J?one he wat on aer Ipcet hi yfel don willac5 . 
Nu cwe'Se we pcet hit ne gerist nanum ricum cynincge 
\)cet hi ealle beon J^eowe menn Se him J^enian sceolon . 
and on his anwealde ne beo fur'Son an frig man . 262 

Swa eac ne gedafnode f>am selmihtigan drihtne 
"pcet on eallum his rice nsere senig gesceaft 
pe naere on tSeowte J^earle genyrwed . 

Nu behofacS ure freo-dom sefre godes fultumes . 266 

forjpan t5e we ne dotS nan god butan godes fultume . 
Se us gewissige . 4 on cSysre worulde . 
and to })am ecan life gelaede J)urh hine sylfne . 
swa swa he J)am eallum beh^t pe hine lufiatS . 270 

Sy him wuldor and lof 4 to worulde. Amen. 

252. T). men. 257. D. om. nu. 

253. D.E, don. 258. D. J)an yfelen. D. agene. 

254. D.E. ae. D, men, D.E. freedom. 

255. D.E. J>issere. D. towerdan. 259. D.E. J)onne. D.E. wat. D.E. 

256. D. god. ser. 

^ Leaf 83, back. 


because He hath given us our own choice. 250 

He gave a most stedfast gift and a most stedfast law 

together with that gift, to every man until his end, both to poor 

and rich. 
This is the gift, that a man may do what he will, 
and this is the law, that God recompenseth to every man accord- 
ing to his works, 254 
both in this world, and in that which is to come, 
whether good or evil, whichsoever he practiseth. 
Now if any man should wonder why God willed 
to give to evil men their own freedom, 258 
when He knoweth beforehand, that they will do evil : 
then say we, that it becometh not any rich king, 
that they all should be slaves who have to serve him, 
and that there should not be one free man in his dominion. 262 
So likewise it befitted not the Almighty Lord, 
that in all His kingdom there should not be any creature 
who should not be strictly compelled in doing service. 
Now our freedom ever needeth God's assistance, 266 
because we can do no good thing without God's help ; 
may He ever guide us in this world, 
and bring us through Himself to the eternal life, 
even as He promised to all them that love Him. 270 
To Him be praise and glory for ever and ever. Amen. 

260. D.E. cyninge. 267. E. buton. D.E. gife {for 

261. D.E. om. hi. fultume). 

262. E. om. on, D. forjjon. E. 268, D.E. -us. D.E. jjissere, 
raann. 269. E. eccan. 

263. D. geJ)afenode ; E. gedafe- 270. D.E. he. D.E. behet. 
node. E. drihtene. 271. E. lof i wuldor. a; om. to. 




[Collated with MS. Jun. 23, fol. 131 b, which has numerous alterations; only 
the more correct forms are given here.] 

Se wses to cynincge ahafen swySor for folces gecorennysse 
J^onne tSurh godes raed. Fela oSre cynincgas 
rixodon ser geond ealne middan-eard ofer hse'Senum leodum . 4 
ac ofer israhela folc pe on god belyfde 
nses nan eor"Slic cynincg sercJan pe saul 
swa swa hi sylfe gecuron ofer hi cynerice under-fencg . 
Se beah hraedlice fram J?8es selmihtigan godes willan 8 

and nolde be his wissunge and be his witegan lare faran . 
and se yfela gast hine drehte mid deofollicum sticelsum . 
and on ungewitte his mod awende . 

pa forseah se selmihtiga god J?one saul set nextan . 12 

and hine of his rice awearp be his agenum gewyrhtum . 
and geceas him ^ to cynincge ]?one cenan dauid . 
Se'Se butan wsepnum gewylde (Sa leon . 

and Jjses beran ceaflas to-brsec mid his handum . 16 

and ahredde Ipcet gelsehte sc^p of his scearpum toSum . 
He ofwearp eac sy'SSan J^one swyf)lican ent 
goliam pone gramlican J^e godes naman hyrwde . 
and mid gebeote clypode bysmor godes folce . 20 

gearu to anwige mid ormettre wsepnunge . 
Hwset ^pa, dauid code togeanes f)am ente . 
and ofwearp mid his li]?eran })one geleafleasan ent . 
bufon 'Sam eagan pcBt he beah to eorSan . 24 

Geleehte pB, of Sam ente his agen swurd . 
and his ormaete heafod mid p>am of asloh . 
and hsefde Sa gewunnen sige his leode . 
Be f)ysum dauide cwseS se selmihtiga wealdend . 28 

2. cyninge ; for 'Sees. 3. Feala ; cjmingas. 4. asror. 6. cyning. 

* ceas, with ge and him ahove the line. ^ Leaf 84. 




SAUL was the name of the first king who reigned over God's 
He was raised to be king rather by the people's choice 
than by God's counsel. Many other kings 

had reigned before throughout the whole world over heathen nations ; 
but over the people of Israel, who believed in God, 5 

there was no earthly king before that Saul 

(as they had themselves chosen) assumed the dominion over them. 
He turned quickly aside from the will of Almighty God, 8 

and would not walk by His instruction and by the teaching of 

His prophets, 
and the evil Spirit troubled him with diabolic instigations, 
and turned his reason into madness. 

Then at last Almighty God rejected this Saul, 12 

and cast him out of his kingdom according to his own deserts, 
and chose for Himself as king the brave David, 
who without weapons had conquered the lion, 
and had rent the bear's jaws with his hands, 16 

and had delivered the captured sheep from his sharp teeth. 
He likewise overthrew afterward the mighty giant, 
Goliath the cruel, who blasphemed God's name, 
and with threats cried shame upon God's people, 20 

armed for single combat with exceeding great weapons. 
Lo then ! David went against the giant, 
and with his sling struck the unbelieving giant 
above the eyes, so that he bowed to the earth. 24 

Then he took from the giant his own sword, 
and struck off his huge head therewith, 
and so won the victory for his people. 
Concerning this David spake the Almighty Ruler 28 

7. rice underfeng. 10. deofelHcum. 14. cea,3 (alt. to chesia) ; cyninge. 

15- leo. 17. scdap. 21. ormsettre. 24. bufan j eagum. 


pcet he hine gecure pus cwe'Sende . 

Ic afunde me dauid aefter minre heortan . 

pcet he ealne minne willan mid weorcum gefremme . 

pes dauid wes witega and wuldorful cyningc . 32 

and gode gelicode otS his lifes ende . 

and mid ealre heortan him gehyrsumode d . 

He wses fort5i msere on micclum ge'5inc})um . 

foreman pe he cepte symle hu he cwemde gode . 36 

-^fter him rixodon on israhela 

manega cyningas mislice geworhte . 

Sume hi gelyfdon on Jjone lyfigendan god . 

sume on haeSengildum him sylfum to forwyrde . 40 

and pa, tSe god wur(5odon wurdon gemsersode . 

and sige-fseste wseron Symle on gefeohte . 

pa ?5e fram gode bugon to bysmor-fuUum hseSenscype 

J?a wurdon gescynde . and d unsigefeste . 44 

An Jjaera wses achab se arleasa cyning . 

pe forseah his scyppend and ge-ceas him bddl 

J^gera hsetJenra god , pe nsefde nane godnysse 

ac wees gramlic deofol mid ge-dwylde afunden ; 48 

]:>yses cyninges cwen wses forcu)?ost wifa . 

Gezabel gehaten hetelice gemodod . 

Seo tihte hyre wer to selcere wselhreownysse . 

and hi tyrgdon god mid gramlicum weorcum . 52 

On fam dagum waes helias halig godes witega . 

se absed set gode pcet he Sam yfelan cyninege 

r^n-scuras oftuge . for his reSnysse . 

Eode pSL forts feorSe healfgear 56 

butan r^n-scurum and reocendum deawe . 

and se witega helias gewende of t5am lande . 

and god hine afedde f)urh fugela Senunga . 

o^pcet he hine asende to sumere wydewan 60 

on sidoniscum earde . and hire ssede se witega . 

Dus cwsec5 israhela god . pcet Se ele ne ateoratS . 

32. wses ; wuldorfull cyning. 40. haeSengild. 47. godcundnysse. 

52. tyrigdon. 54. cyninge. 


that He had chosen him, thus saying, 

' I have found Me David, after Mine own heart, 

that he will perform all My will by his works.' 

This David was a prophet and a wonderful king, 32 

and pleased God to his life's end, 

and ever obeyed Him with all his heart. 

He was therefore exalted to great honours, 

because he ever sought how he might please God. 36 

After him reigned over the kingdom of Israel 
many kings, diversely disposed; 
Some believed in the living God, 

some in idols to their own destruction, 40 

and those who worshipped God were exalted 
and were always victorious in fight; 
as for those who turned from God to shameful idolatry, 
they were put to shame, and were ever unsuccessful. 44 

One of these was Ahab the wicked king 
who despised his Creator, and chose to him Baal, 
the god of the heathen, who had no goodness, 
but was a cruel devil, detected in heresy. 48 

This king's queen was the most infamous of women, 
called Jezebel, fiercely minded. 
She incited her husband to every cruelty, 

and they provoked God with hostile works. 52 

In those days was Elijah, a holy prophet of God, 
who besought God that He would withdraw rain-showers 
from the evil king, for his cruelty; 

so three years and a half passed by 56 

without rain-showers and reeking dew, 
and the prophet Elijah departed out of that land, 
and God fed him by the ministrations of birds, 
until He sent him to a certain widow 60 

in the Sidonian country, and the prophet said to her; 
*Thus saith the God of Israel, that oil shall not fail thee, 

55. renscuraa. 58. elias, 59 J)enunge. 60. wudewau, 



ne melu on ]:>iniim mittan . d^pcet mannum becymS 

ren ofer eort^an eow to wsestme . 64 

pa afedde seo wudewe f>one godes witegan 

mid Sam lytlan melewe . and fiam ^gehwsedan ele . 

and funde "Sa fatu aefre fulle eft . - 

o^lp cet god eft forgeaf eorSlice wsestmas . 68 

Betwux (5ysum gelamp Ipoet of life gewdt 

J^sere wudewan sunu . and se witega hine araerde 

eft of dea(5e |:>urh his drihtnes mihte . 

Eft t5a se selmihtiga het J^one witegan 72 

faran to his earde and to 'Sam arleasan cynincge . 

cwseS pcet he wolde sendan sySSan renscuras . 

Helias Sa ferde . and efne hine gemette 

abdias se seSela . and se arwurSfulla godes Segn . 76 

se fsegnode his tocymes and cwseS him f>us to . 

SwySe we axodon embe Se gehwaer . 

and se cyning sende swySe fela serendracan 

to gehwylcum eardum embe pe axiende . 80 

Nses Se leof gecyd pcet ic cuce behydde 

hund-teontig witegan and hi mid wistum afedde 

SaSa gezabel acwealde ealle godes witegan 

pe heo ofaxian mihte on ealre Sysre leode . 84 

Helias Sa becom to Sam cyninge achab . 

and he befrdn sona })one soSfaestan witegan . 

Eart Su 14 helias Se israhel gedrefst? 

pa andwyrde se witega J^am wselhreowan and cwseS . 88 

Ne gedrsefde ic na ^ israhel . ac gedrefdest Su sylf . 

and J^ines faeder hiwrseden . g6 pe forleten god 

and fyligdon bddl mid fulum biggencgum . 

Hat nu gelangian to me ealle pa. leasan witegan 92 

Se feowiaS bddl . and etaS mid gezabel . 

pa sende ce cyning and cydde his leode . 

and het israhela folc and Sa facenfullan witegan 

68. om. eft. 73. cyninge. 76. abias ; arfulla ; ])egen. 79, feala. 

81. Naes 0e ge-cydd la leof ; cucu. 83. ezabel (aZ^. to iesabel). 

^ Leaf 84, back. ^ na above the line. 


nor meal in thy barrel, until rain cometh to men 

upon the earth, to make it fruitful unto you.' 64 

Then the widow fed the prophet of God 

with that little meal, and the scanty oil, 

and found the vessels ever full afterward, 

until God gave again the fruits of the earth. 68 

In the meantime it befel that the widow's son 

departed from life, and the prophet raised him 

again from death, through his Lord's might. 

After that the Almighty bade the prophet 72 

go to his country, to the wicked king, 
and said that He would send again rain-showers. 
So Elijah departed, and behold there met him 
the noble Obadiah; and the worthy servant of God 76 

was fain at his coming, and spake to him thus, 
' Earnestly have we enquired concerning thee everywhere, 
and the king hath sent very many messengers 
to every country, to enquire concerning thee. 80 

Was it not told thee, lord, that I hid alive 
one hundred and twenty prophets, and fed them with food, 
when Jezebel killed all God's prophets 

whom she could discover in all this nation ? ' 84 

Then Elijah came to king Ahab, 
and he straightway asked the righteous prophet, 
'Art thou that Elijah, that troublest Israel?' 
Then the prophet answered the cruel one and said, 88 

*I have not troubled Israel, but thou hast troubled it thy- 
and thy father's house, ye who have forsaken God 
and followed Baal with foul worship. 

Now bid men call to me all the false prophets 92 

who serve Baal, and eat with Jezebel.' 
Then the king sent and told his nation, 
and bade the people of Israel and the deceitful prophets 

84. |?yssere. 85. Elias. 89. gedrefe; om. na. 90. forleton. 

91. biggengum. 93. iezabel. 95. ])cet -j het. 


ealle endemes cuman to lielian sprsece . 96 

pa cwfe'S helias to eallre Ipsere meniu . 

Hu lange wille ge healtian on twa healfe cSus . 

Gif ure drihten is god fyliaS f)onne him . 

Gif bddl is god fyliat5 his biggengum . 100 

pa suwode pcet folc . and helias feng eft on . 

Ic beldf ana ealra godes witegena . 

and baal hsefS feower hund and fiftig witegan . 

Nimon hi anne oxan . and geoffrian heora gode . 104 

and ic otSerne oxan geoffrige minum gode . 

and beon hi begen beworpene mid wuda wi'Sneo'San . 

Uton biddan sytS(5an onsundron get gode . 

ic aet minum gode pcet he mine lac forbserne 108 

mid upplicum fyre . and ge ^ eac swa don . 

beo |?onne se^ so(5 god pe asent ]?get fyr ufan . 

pa cwset5 eall pcet folc pcet he eenlice spraece . 

Da namon pa. deofolgildan J^one dunnan oxan . 112 

bewurpon mid wudu . on heora wisan to offrunga. 

and clypodon to baal pert he heora bene gehyrde . 

Stodon tJa fram gerne-mergen earmlice hryraende . 

ot5 ofer midne deg ge-drehte for'Searle . 116 

ne him answaru ne com ne seo offrung nges forbserned » 

)?a cwsetS helias to tsun leasum witegum . 

Clypiat5 git^ hluddor uncuS j^eah pe he slsepe 

pcet he huru awacnige . and eow wi(5 sprsece . 120 

Hi clypodon f)a swytSor . and hi sylfe gedrehton^ 

ac se leasa bddl ne mihte hi geblyssian . 

pa genam helias f)one of)erne oxan . 

beworhte mid wuda on tSa ealdan wisan 124 

Het c5a gewaeterian ealne f)one wudu . 

and clypode anmodlice to f?am aelmihtigan gode . 

pu eelmihtiga god J^e abraham on belyfde 

96. om. cuman ; elian. 97. elias ; ealre. 98. healfa, 99. god. 

100. bigengum. loi. elias. 102. belaf. 103. ba^l. 104. Niman ; senne. 
105. geofrige. 106. mid wuda beworpene. 109. don. 112. dumban, 

^ Leaf 85. ^ Above the line. ^ MS. gewundodon, alt. to gedrehton. 


to come all together to have speech with Elijah. 96 

Then said Elijah to all that multitude, 

* How long will ye halt on two sides thus ? 

If our Lord is God, then follow Him, 

If Baal is god, follow his service.' 100 

Then the people were silent, and Elijah resumed, 

*I only am left of all God's prophets, 

and Baal has four-hundred and fifty prophets. 

Let them take an ox, and offer to their god, 104 

and I will offer another ox to my God, 

and let them both be surrounded with wood beneath. 

Let us afterward severally entreat of God, 

I of my God, that He will burn up my sacrifice 108 

with fire from heaven, and do ye also likewise ; 

then let Him be the true God that sendeth fire from above.' 

Then said all the people that he had spoken excellently. 

Then the idolaters took the dun ox, 112 

surrounded it with wood, as was their wont with sacrifices, 

and cried to Baal that he would hear their prayer. 

They stood there from early morning, lamentably crying, 

until over midday, exceeding troubled, 116 

but no answer came to them, nor was the sacrifice consumed. 

Then said Elijah to the false prophets, 

'Cry ye yet louder, peradventure he sleepeth, 

that he may at least awaken and answer unto you.' 120 

They cried then the more, and afflicted themselves; 

but the false Baal could not gladden them. 

Then Elijah took the other ox, 

and surrounded it with wood in the old manner. 124 

Then he bade men water all the wood, 

and cried with single mind to the Almighty God, 

' Thou Almighty God, in whom Abraham believed, 

113. bewoihton; wuda ; offrunge. 114. bena. 115. -merigen. 116. dseg. 
117. andswaru. 118. elias. 119. gyt hludor ; om. ]>e; slape. 

120. sprece. 121. gewundcdon (/or gedreh ton). 122. baal. 123. elias. 


and his sunu Isddc . and eac swilce lacob . 1 28 

geswutela on J?ysum dsege Ipcet 'Su eart BO'S god . 

and J)is folc oncnawe cu'Slice mid geleafan 

]>cet ()u eart drihten god )?e heora heortan gebigst . 

<^fter (Sisre clypunge com fyr of heofonum . 132 

and forbgernde f)one oxan and ealne (5one wudu . 

and c5a twelf stanas 'Se stodon under 'Sam oxan . 

pa feol call \)oet folc forht on gebedum . 

and clypode mid geleafan to (5am lyfigendan gode . 136 

Drihten sylf is god . drihten sylf is god . 

Him cwse'S J^a to helias . Gelaecca'S J?a witegan 

J^e bdale Seowdon ^pciet heora n4n ne setberste ; 

hi wurdon (5a gelaehte and gelsedde to helian . 140 

and he hi acwealde ')p(jet Jjser nan ne belaf cucu . 

He astah Sa ardlice up to anre dune . 

and gebigedum cneowum baed Sone selmihtigan god 

\>mt he renas forgeafe eor'S-bugiendum . 144 

and het his cnapan (5a hwile hawian to (50ere see . 

gif senig mist arise of t5am mycclum brymme . 

]?a gecyrde se cnapa seofon siSum him to . 

and on Sam seofoSan cyrre ssede Sam witegan . 148 

\)cet an gehweede wolcn of Ssere widgillan see 

efne ]?a upp astige mid j^sere unscseSj^igan ^ lyfte . 

Efne t5a ards se wind . and Sa wolcnu sweartodon . 

and com ormsete scur of Ssere lyfte . 152 

pa gewende se cyning aweg mid f>am rene . 

and cydde his wife Sees witegan dseda . 

and hu he ofsloh Sa hseSengildan . 

pa asende gezabel ongean to helian . 156 

and swor J^urh hire godas mid syrwigendum mode . 

]>(Bt helias sceolde Sees on mergen sweltan . 

and beon anum gelic hire leasra witegena. 

pa for-fleah helias "^oet fracode wif 160 

128. swylce iacob. 132. ))yssere. 134, stodan. 135. eal. 

138. elias. 139. nan. 140, elian. 141. om. cucu. 142. astah. 

^ Leaf 85, back. 


and his son Isaac, and also Jacob, 128 

manifest this day that Thou art the true God, 

that this people may know assuredly by faith 

that Thou art the Lord God who turnest their hearts.' 

After this invocation came fire from Heaven 132 

and burned up the ox, and all the wood, 

and the twelve stones which stood under the ox. 

Then fell down all the people, terrified, in prayer, 

and cried with faith to the living God, 136 

* The Lord Himself is God, the Lord Himself is God.' 

Then Elijah said to them, ' Seize the prophets 

who have served Baal, that none of them escape.' 

So they were seized and brought to Elijah, 140 

and he slew them, that none of them remained alive. 

Then he went up quickly to a mountain, 
and on bended knees besought the Almighty God, 
That He would give rains to the inhabitants of the earth ; 144 
and bade his servant meanwhile look toward the sea, 
if any mist were rising out of the great ocean. 
Then the servant returned to him seven times, 
and on the seventh return said to the prophet, 148 

that, * behold there ariseth one little cloud 
out of the wide-reaching sea, in the stainless sky.' 
Lo ! then the wind arose, and the clouds grew dark, 
and there came a very great shower from the sky. 152 

Then the king went away, with the rain, 
and told his wife the prophet's deeds, 
and how he had slain the idolaters. 

Then Jezebel sent [men] to meet Elijah, 156 

and swore by her gods with treacherous mind, 
that Elijah should die for this in the morning, 
and become like one of her false prophets. 
Then Elijah fled away from that wicked woman, 160 

144. -bugigendum. 147. sifian. 150. up; unstaeSSigan, 

151. aras. 154. wife. 156. elian. 158, elias; merigen. 160. elias. 


ut to anum westene and weart$ 'Sser on slaepe . 

ac hine awrehte sona anscinende godes engel . 

het hine arisan and hine gereordian . 

He geseah pxr licgan aenne snaw-hwitne focan . 164 

and an lytel fset ful wseteres papa, he awaenode . 

He aet t$a and dranc . and eft wearS on slaepe . 

ac se encgel hine awrehte dpre siSe . and cw8e(5 . 

Aris hra?5e . and et . pn haefst swyf>e langne weg . 168 

He aet eft . and dranc . and code be 'Sam mete 

feowertig daga ondn . butan aelcum gereorde . 

Sum f)egen hatte nabotS . se haefde aenne win-eard 

wi'S t5aes cynincges botl . pa cwaeS se cynincg him to . 172 

Syle me tSinne wineard me to wyrtune . 

and ic pe o(5erne finde on fyrlene for-hwega . 

0(St5e mid feo ofgange for'San pe he is me gehende . 

pa cwaetS naboS him to . pcet he ne mihte alaetan 176 

his yldrena yrfweardnysse swa eatSelice him to handa . 

pa gebealh hine se cynincg and to^ his bedde code . 

wende hine to wage wodlice gebolgen , 

Him eode po. to gezabel and cwae . i8o 

Hwi eart tJu geunrotsod . and pe gereordian nelt ? 

pa saede se arleasa his yfelan wife . 

hu he J^aes win-eardes gyrnde . and him forwyrnde nabocS . 

pa olaehte gezabel J)am unrihtwisan and cwae'S . 184 

Aris and gereorda '5e^ mid rsedfaestum mode . 

ic "Se forgife J^one wineard tJe Su gewilnodest . 

pa sende gezabel sona anne pistol . 

to nabotSes neh-geburum mid f>isum ge-banne . 188 

HabbacS eow gemot . and to middes settat5 nabotS 

eowerne nehgebtir . biddatS lease gewitan 

pcBt hi hine forsecgan on eowere^ gesamnunge tSus . 

NabotS wyrigde on ure gewitnysse god 192 

161. ut. 163. arisan. 164. focan {glossed kake). 165. om. an 

lytel; full. 167. engel. 169. Sa (/or eft). 171. wingeard. 

* Above the line. ^ Leaf 86. 


out into a wilderness, and there fell asleep ; 

but a shining angel of God quickly aroused him, 

and bade him arise and refresh himself; 

he saw there lying a snow-white cake (baked on the hearth), 164 

and a little vessel full of water, when he awakened. 

Then he ate and drank, and again fell asleep, 

but the angel aroused him a second time, and said, 

'Arise quickly and eat, thou hast a very long journey.' 16S 

He again ate and drank, and went by help of that meat 

forty days together without any food. 

There was a certain thane called Naboth, who had a vineyard 
hard by the king's palace; then said the king to him, 172 

*Give me thy vineyard for a herb-garden, 
and I will at least find thee another farther off, 
or I will acquire it for money, because it is handy to me.' 
Then said Naboth to him that he could not let go 176 

his ancestors' inheritance so lightly into his hands. 
Then the king became angry, "and went to his bed 
and turned him to the wall, madly enraged. 
Then Jezebel went to him, and said, 180 

*Why art thou sad and wilt not eat?' 
Then said the wicked [one] to his evil wife, 
how he longed for the vineyard, and Naboth refused him. 
Then Jezebel soothed the unrighteous man, and said, 184 

* Arise and refresh thyself with confident mind, 

I will give thee the vineyard which thou desiredst.' 

Then Jezebel straightway sent a letter 

to Naboth's neighbours, with this proclamation, 188 

* Hold ye a meeting and set Naboth in the midat, 
even your neighbour, and bid false witnesses 
accuse him in your assembly thus: 

Naboth, to our knowledge, hath cursed God 192 

172. cyninges; cyning. 173. wyngeard. 174. hwEcvhwega, (glossed 

parMw). 178. cyning, 182. wife. 186. Mingeard. 187. genne. 

190. nehgebur. -} biddatS. 191. eower. 


and his cyne-hlaford . acwellacS hine si'S^an . 

pa dydon f)a heafod-menn swa swa pcet hetelice wif 

him on gewrite behead . and budon him^ to gemote . 

Fundon cSa lease gewitan f>e forlugon naboS . 196 

pcet he sceolde wyrigan wselhreowlice god . 

and his cyne-hlaford . and acwealdan hine mid stanum . 

Cyddon 'Sa gezabele . Ipcet nabotS cucu nses . 

Hwset t5a gezabel eode mid blysse 200 

to f>am unrihtwisan cyninge^ . and cwseS him 'Sus to . 

Aris nu and hafa 'Se nabo'Ses win-eard . 

f)eah (5e he pe 'Saes ne u'Se . h6 is nii unlifes . 

pa ards se arleasa . and ferde 204 

to nabo(5es winearde wolde hine habban. 

pa com him gangende to se godes witega helias . 

asend fram gode and seede him '5as word . 

Dus cwsecS se selmihtiga god . pu ofsloge and geagnodest . 208 

Swa swa hundas lapodon nabocSes blod . 

swa hi sceolon lapian and liccian J^in blod . 

ic adilegie f)inne hired and fordo f)inne ofspring . 

for'San f)e tSu me getyrgdest and min folc mis-tihtest . 213 

and gezabel sceolon etan selegreedige hundas . 

Hwset 'Sa sefter fyrste ferde achab se cyning 

to-geanes Syrian cynincge mid swySlicre fyrdinge . 

wolde mid gewinne wanian his rice . 216 

J^a het Syrian cyning sona his cepan . 

pcet he ana feolle of eallum his folce . 

pa gebende an scytta sona his bogan . 

and ascet ana fldn swylce on ungewis . 220 

and atsesde "Sone cyning betwux ]?8ere lungene . 

pcet he feallende sweolt on '5am gefeohte serest . 

pa gewende his here aweg swySe hraSe 

and leddon 'Sone cyning on his craete swa deadne . 224 

194. -men ; hetole. 195. om. him. 196. Fundan. 197. wyrian. 

201. OTO. cyninge. 202. Aris; wingeard. 204. aras ; ins. a,rd\ice (glossed 
niox and iwstanter) after arleasa. 205. wingearde. 206. alias. 207. asend 

^ Above the line. 


and his royal lord ; and kill him afterwards.' 
Then the chief men did even as the hateful woman 
had bidden them in the writ, and summoned him to a meeting, 
and found the false witnesses who belied Naboth, [saying] 196 
that he had impiously cursed God 
and his royal lord; and killed him with stones, 
and then told Jezebel that Naboth was not alive. 
Lo ! then Jezebel went joyously 200 

to the unrighteous king, and said thus to him : 
'Arise now and take to thee Naboth's vineyard, 
though he granted it not to thee; he is now lifeless.' 
Then the impious man arose, and sent 204 

to Naboth's vineyard, desiring to take it. 
Then came, meeting him, God's prophet Elijah, 
sent from God, and said to him these words, 
' Thus spake the Almighty God, " thou hast slain and taken pos- 
session ; 208 
even as dogs lapped Naboth's blood, 
so shall they lap and lick thy blood ; 
I will consume thy family, and destroy thy offspring, 
because thou hast wearied me, and misled my people ; 212 
and greedy dogs shall eat Jezebel." ' 

So then after some time Ahab the king marched 
against the king of Syria with a very great army, 
desiring by conquest to diminish his kingdom. 216 

Then the king of Syria straightway bade his men take heed 
that he [Ahab] alone should fall of all his people. 
Then an archer presently bent his bow 

and shot an arrow as if uncertainly, 220 

and smote the king between the lungs, 
that he died, being the first that fell in the fight. 
Then his army turned away very speedily, 
and brought the king in his chariot, thus dead, 224 

})a fram. 208, ofslohge. t geahnodest. 209, 210, blod. 211. adilegige. 
212. getyrigdest. 214. achab ; cining. 215. cyninge ; swiSlicere. 

217. het. 218, ana. 220. asceat aneflan; ungewiss, 224. loeddon. 


and his blod '5a fleow binnon t5am crsete . 

pcet liccodon hundas (5ac5a hi hdm comon . 

Da feng his sunu sona to his rice . 

oozias gehaten swy'S'e yfel-dseda . 228 

He ferdeswa swa his forcutSa^ feeder and swa swa his fracode modor 

him yfele gebysnodon . and binnon twain gearum 

his lifes cSolode . and his Isenan rices . 

He feoll of anre stsegere . and forSy gelgeg . 232 

Sende tSa to hse'Sengilde het axian be him . 

and helias gemette J?a menn tSe he asende . 

cwaeS ^ him sona to . swa swa him saede godes engel . 

Hwset la nis se selmihtiga god on israhela 'Seode . 236 

and ge faratS to hse'Sengilde eowre hsele to axienne . 

Nu cwseS se selmihtiga forSi . pcet se cynincg ne sceall arisan 

of t5am bedde pe he on liS . ac sceall beon dead. 

pa gewendon Sa eerendracan eft to tSam cynincge . 240 

and cyddon hwset se witega him be wege ssede . 

pa sende se cyning sona fiftig manna 

to 'Sam godes witegan . wolde hine gelangian . 

Da cwse'S se yldosta to Sam arwur'San witegan . 244 

Gang nu godes man of fsere grsedan dune . 

se cynincg gewilna'5 pcet Jju cume him to . 

pa anc^wyrde helias anrsedlice and cwse'S . 

Gif ic godes man eom . forbserne eow godes fyr . 248 

Hwset jpa mid 'Sam worde wand fyr of heofonum 

and forbsernde pa, fiftig manna mid ealre heora fare . 

pa asende se cynincg eft oSre fiftig 

up to Ssere dune psdv helias sset . 252 

and him eallswa getimode swaswa Sam oSrum flocce . 

pcet hi wurdon forbsernde mid brastligendum lige . 

heofonlices fyres fserlice ealle . 

pa asende se cynincg gyt "Sriddan siSe him to 256 

226. hi ham. 228. ddzias; -dsede. 229. om. forcu'Sa. 232. feol ; 

staegre ; forlSi. 233. -gylde ^ het. 234. elias ; men. 237. axigemie. 

238. cyning; sceal. 239. sceal. 240. cyninge. 244. yldesta (aZ^ 

^ A hove the line. ^ Leaf 86, back. 


and his blood flowed into the chariot, 
so that the dogs licked it when they had come home. 
Then his son straightway succeeded to his kingdom, 
called Ahaziah, a very evil doer. 228 

He walked even as his infamous father and his wicked mother 
had set him the evil example, and within two years 
he lost his life, and his fleeting kingdom. 

He fell off a staircase, and so lay sick. 232 

He sent to the idol-god, to enquire of him, 
and Elijah met the men whom he sent, 

and straightway said to them even as God's angel had told him, 
* "What, then ! is not the Almighty God in the nation of 
Israel, 236 

and ye go to an idol-god, to seek your healing? 
Now therefore saith the Almighty, that the king shall not arise 
from the bed whereon he lieth, but shall die.' 
Then the messengers returned again to the king, 240 

and showed him what the prophet had said to them by the way. 
Then the king straightway sent fifty men 
to the prophet of God, desiring to call him. 
Then said the chief to the venerable prophet, 244 

'Go now, man of God, from the grassy hill, 
the king desireth thee to come to him.' 
Then Elijah answered boldly, and said, 

'If I am a man of God, let God's fire consume you.' 248 

Lo then ! with these words fire came down from Heaven, 
and consumed the fifty men with all their company. 
Then the king sent again other fifty 

up to the hill where Elijah sat; 252 

and it happened to them also even as to the other flock, 
that they were all suddenly consumed 
by the crackling flame of the heavenly fire. 
Then sent the king yet a third time to him 256 

to eldesta). 245. man ; grenan. 246. cyning. 247. elias. 

248. om. man. 250. forbserde (sic) ; om. manna. 251. cyning. 

252. elias. 253. ealswa. 256. cyning. 


fiftig his tSegna . t5a feollan ealle on cneowum 

bidclende f>one witegan mid bifigendre heortan . 

pcet he hi ne forbsernde SeahcSe hi heora serende abudon . 

swa swa t5a of>re t5e him ser tocomon , 260 

Da het godes engel Ipoet he gan sceolde 

forc5 mid (Sam mannum . unforht to Sam cynincge . 

Elias t5a eode to J^am adlian cyninge . 

and him sylfum ssede pcet he sweltan sceolde . 264 

fortSan pe he asende to f>am sceandlican hsetSengilde . 

to befrinenne his hsele swylce god nsere on israhel . 

Da gewat se cyning swa swa se witega cwee'S . 

and his brotSor ioram feng to his rice . 268 

and hit endlyfan gear yfele geheold . 

and his modor gezabel manfullice leofode 

on fulum forligere and on gelcere fracodnysse . 

oppcet godes wracu hire wselhreownysse geendode . 272 

Betwux (Sysum wearS se witega helias 

up to heofonum ahafen hdl butan dea'Se . 

and lyfacS git on licha^man mid langsumre strangunge . 

Heliseus his gingra eode mid him on ser . 276 

'cSa cwceS se lareow helias to his leorning-cnihte . 

Bide me loca hwses pu wille ser'San pe ic beo genumen 

of Sinre gesihcSe . and of Sysum geswince . 

pa cw8ec5 eliseus to Sam arwurSan witegan . 286 

Ic bidde pe min feeder . pcet ic beo afylled 

mid J>am witegendlicum gaste pe on Se nu wunaS . 

pa cwseS helias to his leorning-cnihte . 

Myceles })u bsede . ac Su bist swa Seah tiSa 284 

gif Su most geseon hu ic sij^ige heonon . 

gif Su hit ne gesihst soSlice hit ne biS . 

Betwux heora sprsece com an heofonlic crset 

swylce eall fyren mid fleogendum horsum . 288 

257. feollon, 259. he hi. 262. cyninge. 266. befrinne. 

268. iordm. 269. endleofan. 270. gesabel. 271. fracednysse. 

273. elias. 274. hal buton. 275. leofaSgyt; langsumere. .276. eliseus. 

1 Leaf 87. 


fifty of his servants; these all fell on their knees, 

entreating the prophet with trembling hearts 

that he would not consume them, though they announced their 

like the others who had come to him before. 260 

Then God's angel bade him go 
forth with the men, fearlessly to the king. 
Then Elijah went to the sick king, 

and told [the king] himself that he should die, 264 

because he had sent to the shameful idol 

to enquire concerning his healing, as if God were not in Israel. 
So the king died even as the prophet had said, 
and his brother Jehoram succeeded to his kingdom, 268 

and held it evilly for eleven years, 
and his mother Jezebel lived wickedly 
in foul whoredom, and in every iniquity, 

until God's vengeance ended her cruelty. 272 

In the meantime the prophet Elijah 
was borne up to heaven hale, without death, 
and liveth yet in the body with perpetual strength. 
His disciple Elisha went with him before (his translation); 276 
then said the master Elijah to his disciple, 
*Ask me, lo ! what thou wilt before I be taken up 
away from thy sight, and from this toil.' 

Then said Elisha to the venerable prophet, 280 

* I pray thee, my father, that I may be filled 
with the prophetic spirit which now dwelleth in thee.' 
Then said Elijah to his disciple, 

' Thou hast asked much, but thou shalt, nevertheless, be so, 284 
if thou canst see how I journey hence ; 
if thou seest it not, verily it shall not be.' 
Amidst their speaking came a heavenly chariot, 
as if all of fire, with flying horses, 288 

277. elias. 278. loc. 283. elias. 284. M}'ccle3. 287. craet 

{glossed kert). 288. eal. 



and helias ferde on t5am faegeran crsete 

upp geond Sa lyft . and let afeallan his basincg . 

pa geseah heliseus hu he siSode up . 

and clypode hlude sefter his lareowe Ipus . 292 

Pater mi . pater mi . Currus israhel et auriga eius . 

pcet is on englisc ^ ; Feeder min . fgeder min . israheles craet . 

and his wissigend . pcet is crset-wisa . 

He ne geseah hine siS'San ac genam sona his basincg 296 

?5e of f)am crsete setfeoll . and ferde ongean . 

and wses godes witega swa wis swa se o(5er . 

and fela wundra worhte . and witegode fela Sincg . 

He arserde senne deadne mann^ ]?urh drihtnes niihte . 300 

senne on his life . and o'Serne sefter his^ forcSsiSe . 

^fter psds witegan forS-sife wearcS 

an lie gebroht to tSses halgan byrgene . 

and scea'San J?a afligdon fserlice (Sa lic-menn . 304 

]>cet hi forleton J^one deadan uppan his byrgene . 

and urnon aweg swa hra'Se swa hi besawon on Soue rej^an floe . 

pa aras se deada mid (Sam J?e he hrepode J?a byrgene . 

and eode ham gesund for heliseus geearnungum . 308 

Heliseus gehselde eac senne ealdor-man 

fram Sam atelicum hreoflan . se hatte nddman 

of Syrian lande . and he gelyfde on god 

jpurh pcet mycele wundor Se god on him ge worhte . 312 

Fela oSre tacna gefremede god ])urh hine 

on israhela Seode . on J>am yfelan timan . 

Heliseus Sa asende sumne oSerne wite^gan 

mid godes ssrende to anum ealdor-menn 316 

hieu gehaten . het hine halgian to cynincge . 

Da ferde se geonga witega to J?am foressedan ealdor-menn . 

begeat his heafod mid ele . swa swa se aelmihtiga het . 

and ahead him godes aerende an-raedlice and cwaecS . 320 

289. elias ; fsegran, 290. basing. 291. eliseus; upp. 294. om. 

|?8et is on englisc ; min {twice). 295. crset wisa (^Zossec^ kertare). 296. ac 
he genam; basing. 298. om. godes, 299. feala; feala ])ing. 

300. om. mann. 301. om. 2nd his. 303. Ifc ; his (/or Saes). 304. llcmen. 

* J)aet — englisc above the line. ^ Above the line ^ Leaf 87, back. 


and Elijah departed in the fair chariot 

up beyond the sky, and let fall his mantle. 

Then Elisha saw how he went up, 

and cried aloud after his master thus : 292 

^ Pater mi, i:>ater mi, Currus israhel et auriga eius ;' 

that is in English, ' My father, my father, the chariot of 

and its guider,' that is, charioteer. 

He saw him not afterward, but straightway took his mantle, 296 
which fell from the chariot, and went back, 
and was God's prophet, as wise as was the other, 
and wrought many miracles, and prophesied many things. 
He raised a dead man through the Lord's might, 300 

one during his life, and another after his death ; 
After the prophet's departure hence 
a corpse was brought to the saint's tomb, 

and robbers put the bearers suddenly to flight, 304 

so that they left the dead man upon his sepulchre, 
and ran away as soon as they saw the cruel flock. 
Then the dead man arose when he touched the sepulchre, 
and went home sound, for Elisha's merits. 308 

Elisha also healed a nobleman 
from the dreadful leprosy ; he was called Naaman, 
of the land of Syria, and he believed in God 
through the great miracle which God wrought in him. 313 

Many other signs God performed through him 
among the nation of Israel, in that evil time. 
Elisha then sent another prophet 

with God's errand to a prince 316 

called Jehu, bidding him hallow him as king. 
So the young prophet went to the aforesaid prince, 
poured oil on his head, even as the Almighty had commanded, 
and boldly announced to him God's errand, saying, 320 

305. forl^ton ; uppon. 306, flocc. 308. elisees. 310. oin. tSsun. 

313. Feala; gefremode. 315. pd. 317. hfed; cyninge. 318. geunga ; 
ealdormen. 319. het. 



God selmihtig cwseS be pe . ic Se to cynincge gesmyrode . 

ofer israliela folc . pcet pn call adilegie 

achabes ofsprincg tSses arleasan cynincges . 

pcet ic beo gewrecen on jpsere awyrigendan (sic) gezabel . 324 

Heo bits hundum to mete na bebyrged on eor(5an . 

Hwset tSa bieu se ni-gehalgode cynincg . 

ferde mid fultume to gefremmenne f)a j^incg 

Se him god bebead betwux his gebro'Srum . 328 

pa com him togeanes loram se cyning . 

axode hwaeSer he come mid sibbe swa caflice . 

Da andwyrde hieu and cwsecS unforht him to . 

Git c5inre modor manfullan forligr . * 332 

and fela unlybban syndon for'Sgenge . 

pa gewende ioram awseg sona . and cwsetS . 

Dis synd syrwunga . and hieu bine scet 

bseftan his baece . pcet him to-bserst seo heorte . 336 

Het hine '5a wurpan of f>am wege swa deadne . 

pa fleah iudea cyning pe com mid "Sam oJ?rum . 

ac hieu hine ofFerde and him his feorh benam . 

wende J^a to gezabel pe wses on psdre byrig . 340 

and stod uppon anre upflora senlice geglencged . 

and gehiwode hire eagan and hire neb mid rude 

togeanes hieu . and beheold his to-cyme . 

pa beseah hieu to psere sceande up . 344 

and het hi asceofon {sic) sona under-bsec . 

Heo wear's Sa afylled setforan Sam horsum . 

and psk hors hi oftraedan huxlice under fotum 

Hieu pSL code to his gereorde sittan . 348 

and sefter his Senunge cwseS to his })egnum . 

GaS to J^sere hsetse (vel sceande) pe ic het nifer asceofan . 

and bebyriaS hire lie for hire gebyrdum . 

Hi eoden ardlice to ac heo waes call freten 352 

butan J)am handum anum . and Jpam heafde ufweardum . 

321. cyninge. 322. eal adilegige, 323. ofspring ; cyninges. 

324. awyrigedan. 326. nighalgoda cyning. 327. Sing. 330. hwaer 

{glossed vtrum). 331. hieu, unforht him"] cwgeS. 332. manfulla forh'ger. 
333. feala. 334. aweg. 335. hieu him sceat to. 337. worpan. 


'God Almighty hath said concerning thee/' I have anointed thee king 

over the people of Israel, that thou mayest exterminate 

the offspring of Ahab the wicked king, 

that I may be avenged on the accursed Jezebel ; 324 

she shall be for meat to dogs, not buried in the earth.'" 

Then Jehu, the newly hallowed king, 

went with his forces, to accomplish those things 

which God had commanded him, amongst his brethren. 328 

Then came against him king Joram, 

asked whether he came, thus boldly, in peace 1 

Then answered Jehu and said to him fearlessly, 

* Yet thy mother's wicked whoredoms 332 
and many witchcrafts are going on.' 

Then Joram turned instantly away and said, 

* This is treachery ; ' and Jehu shot him 

behind his back, so that his heart burst. 336 

Then he bade him be cast out of the way thus dead. 

Then fled the king of Judah who came with the other, 

but Jehu pursued him, and took his life from him ; 

then went he to Jezebel, who was in the city 340 

and stood upon an upper floor magnificently adorned, 

and had painted her eyes and her face with red, 

to meet Jehu, and beheld his approach. 

Then Jehu looked up to the shameful one, 344 

and immediately commanded men to push her over from behind ; 

so she was thrown down before the horses, 

and the horses trod her ignominiously under their feet. 

Then Jehu went to sit at his banquet, 348 

and after his feast said to his servants, 

* Go to this witch whom I bade men throw down, 
and bury her corpse, for her birth's sake.' 

They went quickly, but she was all devoured, 352 

save only the hands and the upper part of the head, 

340, gezabel. 341. stod ; geglenged. 342. hiwode ; nebb. 344. upp. 
347. oftrsedon. 350. Jun. om. vel sceaude ; het ; ascufan. 351. bebyrgaS ; 
o?«. for hire gebyrdum. 352. eodon ; to. 353. buton ; ui'eweardan. 


and J^arn fot-wylmum ]?urli fule hundas . 

pa cyddon '5a cnihtas ]:)am cynincge ])cet . 

and he cwse'S to andsware . Ipcet hit wses ser swa gewitegod . 356 

pa waeran of samarian ^ hund-seofontig atSelinga 

achabes suna f)8es ealdan cynincges 

iorames gebroSra . pa het se bealda hieu 

(Sa ceastergewaran . pcet hi of 'Sam hund-seofontigum 360 

senne se'Seling gecuron him to cynincge . 

and fuhton him togeanes for heora hlafordum . 

pa sende seo burh-waru to 'Sam breman hieu . 

budon him manrsedene to eallum his bebodum . 364 

pa het hieu him to gebringan 

|?8era se'Selinga heafdu ealle f>9es on mergen . 

and he acwealde si'SSan selc pincg 'Sses cynnes . 

Gewende 'S4 to samarian fjsere fore-ssedan byrig , 368 

and het him to gelangian j^a leasan deofolgildan . 

pe b4dl wur'Sodon wolde bine gesprsecan . 

Het 'Sa gedreohlsecan J^ses deofles tempi . 

ssede pcet he wolde bine wurSian for god . 373 

swa swa achdb dyde and eac git swySor . 

pa comon Ipa sacerdas to fam cynincge ealle . 

and he bet hi ingan to 'Sam gode b4^1 . 

and him geofFrian J?a estfullan onssegednyssa . 376 

Hwset Sa hieu het hi ealle ofslean . 

and forbsernan Ipone bddl and to-breecan his tempi . 

"Worhton f)a anne gangtun . Ipsdr Saer se god bdal 

8er wses gewurSod wolice d^pcet . . 380 

pa com godes word to Sam cynincge Ipua . 

ForSan f>e pu. geworhtest minne willan geornlice 

on achabes ofsprincge . and hi ealle adilogodest . 

f)ine suna gesittaS pcet cyne-setl on israhel 384 

o'S "Sa feorJ?an msegSe . mid faederlicre gefter-gengnysse . 

355. cyninge. 356. om. to ; swa ser. 357. Da waeron on samdirian. 

358. cyninges. 361. cyninge. 363. asende ; ieu. 366. merigen. 

367. Sing. 370. hi gesprecan. 371. tempel. 373. achab. 


Leaf 88. 


and the soles of her feet, by foul dogs. 
Then the servants told that to the king, 

and he said in answer, that it had been so prophesied before- 
hand. 356 
There were in Samaria seventy princes, 
sons of Ahab, the old king, 

Joram's brethren. Then the bold Jehu commanded 
the citizens that they should choose a prince 360 

from among those seventy, to be their king, 
and fight against him in defence of their lords. 
Then the citizens sent to the renowned Jehu, 
promising him obedience to all his commands. 364 

Then Jehu ordered them to bring 
all the heads of the princes on the morrow, 
and he destroyed afterward every one of the race. 
Then he returned to Samaria, the aforesaid city, 368 

and bade men call to him the false idolaters, 
who worshipped Baal, desiring [them] to speak with him. 
Then he bade [call] the ministers of the devil's temple, 
saying that he wished to worship him as God, 372 

even as Ahab did, and. even yet more. 
Then all the priests came: to the king, 
and he bade them enter in unto the god Baal, 
and offer to him their devout sacrifices. 376 

Lo then ! Jehu commanded men to slay them all, 
and burn up Baal, and break down his temple. 
They turned it into a draught-house, where the god Baal 
before was wickedly worshipped until that time. 380 

Then came God's word to the king thus, 
' Because thou hast zealously executed my will 
on Ahab's offspring, and hast destroyed them all, 
thy sons shall sit on the throne of Israel 384 

until the fourth generation, in lineal succession.' 

374. cyninge. 376. estfullum. 377. hieii. 378. tobrecan. 

379. ow. anne; gangtun (<7^osse(i cloacam). 381. cyninge. 383. ofspringe ; 
hi ; adylegodest. 385. faederlicere. 


Manega cynegas wssron mjslice geworlite 

sefter J)ysum rixiende on israhela rice . 

and eac on iudea lande . o^'pcet se geleaffulla cynincg 388 

ezechias gehaten mid ealre heortan gebeali 

to (Sam selmihtigan gode . and his biggengas areerde . 

and towearp J)a deofolgild J^e dwollice op poet 

wseron gewur'Sode mid wolicum biggencgum . 392 

He rixode on iudea lande an leas 'Sryttig geara . 

and wislice leofode forSan pe he lufode god . 

and god hine gescylde wiS Syrian cyning . 

Sennacherib gehaten )?e mid hole him on wan . 396 

and mid ormsetre fyrdincge hine afyllan wolde . 

and asende his heretogan to . 'Se Imxlice spreec be gode 

and be ezechian mid ^mycclum gebeote . 

Hwset (5a ezechias anmodlice clypode 400 

to tSam selmihtigan gode . pmt he hine ahredde . 

Da asende god his engel to J>am syriscan here . 

and ofsloh on anre nihte an hund f)usend manna . 

and hund-eahtatig (Susend and sumne eacan 'Sserto . 404 

pa geseah Sennacherib sona (Saes on mergen . 

paet his here wses ofslagen mid heofonlicum swurde . 

Wende f»a sona hdm . and his twsegen suna 

hine ofslogon mid swurdes ecge . 408 

Swa ahredde se selmihtiga god J^one 8ef>elan cynincg . 

and eac his leode for his geleafan . 

-^fter (5ysum wearS geuntrumod ezechias [o'S] dea'S. 

and him com gangende to godes witega isaias . 412 

ahead him godes serende pus bealdlice and cwse'S . 

God cwoe'S be 'Se cynincg . pcet pu becwe'Se f)ine Sincg . 

for'San pe 'Su sweltan scealt . and Jpu so'Slice ne leofast . 

pa awende ezechias to wage his ansyne . 416 

and clypode to gode pxxs cwe'Sende mid wope . 

Ic bidde J^e min drihten poet pu. beo gemyndig 

386. C3aiingas. 387. rixigende; rice. 388. cyning. 392 biggengum. 
393. laes. 396. hole ; wann. 397. ormsettre fyrdinge. 398. om. to. 

405. merigen. 406. ofslegen. 407. Ge wende ; twegen. 

1 Leaf 88, back. 


Many kings were there, diversely disposed, 
reigning after this one in the kingdom of Israel, 
and also in the land of Judah, until the believing king, 388 
called Hezekiah, turned with his whole heart 
to the Almighty God, and raised up his worship, 
and overthrew the idols which until then had been 
erroneously venerated with wicked worship. 392 

He reigned in the land of Judah thirty years save one, 
and lived wisely, because he loved God ; 
ajid God shielded him against the Assyrian king, 
called Sennacherib, who with slander fought against him, 396 
and desired to destroy him with an immense army, 
and sent his leader to him, who spoke shamefully concerning God, 
and concerning Hezekiah, with great threatening* 
So then Hezekiah cried with single mind 400 

to the Almighty God, that He would deliver him. 
Then God sent His angel to the Assyrian host, 
and slew in one night one hundred and eighty 
thousand men, and some more besides. 404 

As soon as Sennacherib saw in the mornino; 
that his host w^as slain by the heavenly sword, 
he straightway went home, and his two sons 
slew him with the edge of the sword. 408 

Thus the Almighty God delivered the noble king 
and also his people, for his faith. 
After this Hezekiah fell sick unto death, 

and God's prophet Isaiah came walking to him, 412 

and announced to him God's errand thus boldly, and said, 
*God saith concerning thee, king, that thou must bequeath 

thy property, 
because thou slialt die, and thou verily shalt not live.' 
Then Hezekiah turned his face to the wall, 416 

and cried to God thus saying, with weeping, 
*I beseech Thee, my Lord, that thou be mindful 

409. jihredde; oin.god; cyning. 411, MS. Jul. of (wrongly) ; JuN. o?? 

(correctly). 414. cyaing ; ])ing 416. wende. 


hu ic setforan tSe ferde on fulfremedre heortan . 

and on so'Sfaestnysse pe symle gecwemde . 420 

Isaias se witega wses awseg farande . 

ac god hine gecyrde )?us him eft secgende . 

Gecyr to ezechian and sege him "5as word . 

Drihten god gecwae'S Ipe dauid on ge-lyfde . 424 

ic gehyrde Ipm gebed . and ic beheold J)inne wop . 

and efne ic (Se gehsele pcet "pu. hdl gsest 

nu embe J^ry dagas to J^ines drihtnes temple . 

and ic fiftyne gear pe to fyrste Isete 428 

(Sinum dagum to eacan . and ic eac J?as burh gescylde . 

pa het se witega isaias wyrcan senne clyj^an 

to p8ds cynincges dolge . and him com Sa heelu . 

He leofode fa si'ScSan oS pcet sixteo"Se gear . 432 

and mid ealre godnysse gode ^ gecwemde . 

Mannases waes gecyged ezechias sunu . 

and se feng to rice sefter his fseder geendunge . 

and mid manegum yfelum dsedum f)one selmihtigan god^ 436 

ge^gremode . 
f)a asende him god to swy'Slice steore . 
swa pcet him comon to c5a chaldeiscan leoda 
^ and hine gebundenne geleddon to babiloniscre byrig . 
and on cwearterne bescufon to sceame his kyne-scipe . 440 

pa behreowsode mannases mycclum his synna . 
and mid eallre heortan to f)am selmihtigan clypode . 
biddende miltsunge ealra his man-dgeda . 

and behet geswicennysse and hit eac swa gelaeste . 444 

Hwset 'Sa se selmihtiga god J)as earman cynincges 
bene gehyrde . and gebrohte hine 
eft to his cyne-rice of Sam reSan cwearterne . 
and he ge-bette sySSan post 'Sset he ser tobrsec . 448 

He oncneow pa, godes mihte and his mildheortnysse on him 
and awende his dgeda to his drihtnes willan . 

421. farende. 425. wop. 426. gehselde ; hal. 430. wyrcean ; cliSan. 
431. cyninges. 433. ealra. 434. Manages; ezechian. 435. rice. 

* Above the line. ^ Leaf 89. 


how I have walked before thee with a perfect heart, 

and in integrity have ever pleased Thee.' 420 

Isaiah the prophet was going away, 

but God caused him to return, thus saying to him again, 

' Return to Hezekiah, and say to him these words, 

The Lord God hath said, in whom David believed, 424 

I have heard thy prayer, and I have beheld thy weeping, 

and behold, I will heal thee that thou mayest go whole 

now within about three days, to thy Lord's temple; 

and I will allow thee a space of fifteen years 428 

in addition to thy days, and I will also protect this city !' 

Then the prophet Isaiah bade make a plaster 

for the king's wound, and health came to him. 

Then he lived afterward until the sixteenth year, 432 

and with all goodness pleased God. 

Hezekiah's son was called Manasses, 
and he succeeded to the kingdom after his father's death, 
and with many evil deeds provoked the Almighty God. 436 

Then God sent him a severe chastisement, 
so that the Chaldean people came to him, 
and brought him bound to the city of Babylon, 
and thrust him into prison, as a shame to his kingship. 440 
Then Manasses greatly repented of his sins, 
and with all his heart cried to the Almighty, 
imploring mercy for all his wicked deeds, 

and promised amendment, and he also performed it. 444 

Lo then ! the Almighty God heard the prayer 
of the poor king, and brought him 
again to his kingdom, out of the cruel prison, 
and he afterward restored that which he had before broken in 
pieces. 448 

He then acknowledged God's might, and his mercy towards him, 
and turned his deeds to his Lord's will, 

436. om. god ; gegremode. 437. sende. 439. Iseddon. 440. cweartern ; 
cynescipe. 441. manases. 442. ealre. 445. cyninges. 448. 6ir. 


and wel ge-endode f)eah "Se he yfele ongunne . 

His sunu amon swySe ungesselig 452 

feng to his rice . and hit unrihtlice heold 

swa pcet he forlet f>one ahiiihtigan god . 

and deofolgild beeode and dsed-bote ne ^ geworhte . 

Twa gear he rixode unrgedfsestlice . 456 

Da geweartS his |:)egnum pcet hi hine acwealdon 

and losias his sunu sona feng to rice . 

on iunglicre ylde and ge-efenlsehte dauide 

on ealre godnysse . and godes wyllan gefremode . 460 

He awearp yfelnysse and t5a unrihtan biggengas 

cSsera leasra goda pe his feeder on gelyfde . 

and geedniwode godes se . mid eallum biggencgum . 

and wiccan fordyde . and wigleras afligde . 464 

and drycrseft towearp his drihtne to gecwemednysse . 

JSTses so'Slice nan cynincg Ipe gecyrde swa geornlice 

mid ealre heortan to '5am gelmihtigan gode 

beforan iosian . ne eac siS^an ne com 468 

nan his gelica tSe swa gelyfde on god . 

An and f>ryttig geara . he rixode f)rymlice on hierusalem . 

and myldheortnysse weorc be moyses . se . 

symle beeode . swa swa us secgaS gewrytu . 472 

Ne mage we awritan '5a moenig-fealdan gerecednyssa 

ealra iudeiscra cyninga on Sisum lytlan cwyde . 

o(55e israhela 'Seode hu hi ealle leofodon . 

ac we cwe'SaS to so'Sum se pe synnum gehyrsuma'5 . 476 

and godes beboda forsyhS nu on J^ses godspelles timan . 

pcet he bi'S ]:»am cynincgum ^ gelic Se gecuron deofolgild . 

and heora scyppend forsawon . Se (Se so]:)lice is 

ana god selraihtig . sefre rixigende . 480 

pam sy wulder on ealra worulda woruld. Amen. 

453- geheold. 454. forlet; lyfigendan (/or selmihtigan). 

459. iunglicere. 460. gddnysse. 461. wearp yfelnyssa. 

^ Above the line. ^ Leaf 89, back. 


and ended well, although he had begun evilly. 

His son Ammon very unhappily 452 

succeeded to his kingdom, and ruled it unjustly, 
so that he forsook the Almighty God, 

and practised idolatry, and wrought not deeds of repentance. 
Two years he reigned without prudence ; 456 

then his thanes agreed that they would kill him, 
and Josiah his son straightway succeeded to the kingdom 
in youthful age, and imitated David 

in all goodness, and performed God's will. 460 

He cast away evil, and the wrong (false) worships 
of the false gods in which his father had believed, 
and renewed God's law with all observances, 
and destroyed the witches, and put the wizards to flight, 464 
and cast down witchcraft, to please his Lord. 
There was indeed no king who turned so zealously 
with his whole heart to the Almighty God 

before Josiah, neither afterward came there 468 

any like to him, who so believed on God. 
One and thirty years he reigned gloriously in Jerusalem, 
and works of mercy according to the law of Moses 
he ever practised, even as the scriptures tell us. 472 

We cannot write the manifold histories 
of all the Jewish kings in this little treatise, 
or how the people of Israel all lived ; 

but we say in truth, that he who obeyeth sins 476 

and despiseth God's commands, now in the gospel's age, 
is like the kings who chose idolatry, 
and despised their Creator; "Who is verily 

One God Almighty, ever reigning ; 480 

to Whom be glory to all ages of ages. Amen. 

463. T mid {for mid). 466. cyninw'. 473. gerecednysse. 474. cynega. 
476. so])an. 478. cyneguw. 480. god ana. 481. sy a wuldor. 




[Collated with U.^^MS. Cambridge University Library, li. i. 33, p. 289.] 

^ se wses to casere gecoren J^eahSe he cwealm-bgere wsere . 

sefter cristes acennednysse twam hund gearum . 

and syx and hund-ealitatigum ofer ealne middan-eard . 4 

and he rixode twentig geara reSe cwellere . 

swa Ipcet he acwealde and acwellan het 

ealle tSa cristenan f>e he of-axian mihte . 

and forbsernde cyrcan . and berypte "Sa unscseS'Sigan . 8; 

and feos arleasa ehtnyss unablinnendlice eode 

ofer ealne middan-eard ealles tyngear. 

o^lpcet heo to engla lande eac swylce becom . 

and f)8er fela acwealde Sa Ipe on criste gelyfdon . 12 

an (58era wses albanus se sej^ela martyr . 

setSe on J^sere ehtnysse eac weartS acweald 

for cristes geleafan . swa swa we cytSaf) her . 

On J^am dagum becom seo cwealmbsere ehtnyss 16 

to engla lande fram '5am arleasan casere . 

and f)a cwelleras cepton 'Seera cristenra gehwaer 

mid ormetre wodnysse . pa setwand him an preost. 

Se arn digoUice to albanus huse . 20 

and 'Sser setlutode his laSum ehterum . 

and albanus hine under-feng J^eahtSe he gefullod ngere . 

pa be-gan se preost swa swa he god lufode 

his gebedu singan and swySe faestan . 24 

and dseges and nihtes his drihten herian . 

and betwux Sam secgan 'Sone so'San geleafan 

J?am arwurj?an albane . oplpcet he gelyfde 

Title, U. inserts X. Kalendas 4. vj. hiind-eahtatigum. 

lULii before passio. 6. het. 

1. U. dioclicianMS. 8. he rypte J)a unscyldigan. 

2. wxre. 9. arlease ehtnyj. 

3. hundred. 10. tun gear. » 




There was a heathen emperor named Diocletian, 

who was chosen to be emperor over all the earth, 

though he was a destroyer of men, two hundred 

and eighty-six years after Christ's incarnation; 4 

and he reigned twenty years, a cruel murderer, 

so that he killed, and bade kill, 

all the Christians whom he could find out, 

and burned churches, and robbed the innocent ; 8 

and this impious persecution spread unceasingly 

over all the earth fully ten years, 

until it came also even to England, 

and there killed many who believed in Christ. 12 

One of these was Alban, the noble martyr, 

who was likewise killed in that persecution 

for Christ's faith, even as we shall tell [you] here. 

In those days came the murderous persecution 16 

to England from the wicked emperor, 

and the murderers seized the Christians everywhere 

with exceeding fury ; then a priest escaped from them 

who ran secretly to Alban's house, 20 

and there lay hid from his fierce persecutors, 

and Alban received liim, though he was not baptized. 

Then began the priest, forasmuch as he loved God, 

to sing his offices, and fast strictly, 24 

and day and night to praise his Lord, 

and meanwhile to teach the true faith 

to the honourable Alban, until he believed 

11. land. 20. digellice. 

12. crist. 21. set-lutude. 

13. J)8ere. aejjele martir. 22. h^. 
19. unmsetre {for ormetre). 


on (Sone socSan god . and wi'Ssoc })am hse'Sen-scype . 28 

and wearS soJ)lice cristen . and swy'Se geleaffiill. 

pa wunode se preost mid '5am arwurSan were . 

o^pcet se ealdor-mann t5e ehte 'Sa cristenan 

hine (Saer geaxode . and hine ardliee het 32 

to him gefeccan mid fullum graman . 

pa comon (Sa serendracan to albanes huse . 

ac albanus eode ut to f)am ehterum 

mid tJaes preostes ha^kelan swylce lie hit waere . 36 

and hine nolde ameldian '5am manfullum ehterum. 

He wear's J»a gebunden and ge-broht sona 

to '5am arleasan deman . Ipser he 5a defollican Mc 

his godum offrode mid his gegadum eallum. 40 

pa wear5 se dema deofollice gram 

sona swa he beseah on f)one soSfaestan martyr . 

for5an pe he under-feng 5one fleondan preost . 

and hine sylfne sealde to siege for hine . 44 

het hine pa, Isedan to '5am hseSen-gilde and cwcep . 

pcet he sylf sceolde 5a swaran wita onfon 

pe he f)am preoste gemynte gif he mihte hine gefon . 

butan he hra'5e gebuge to his bysmorfullum godum . 48 

ac albanus nses afyrht for his feondlicum J^eow-racan . 

for5an pe he wses ymb-gyrd mid godes weepnum 

to J^am gastlicum gecampe . and cwoe5 poet he nolde 

his hsesum gehyrsumian . ne to his hseSengilde bugan . 52 

pa axode se dema ardliee and cwse'S . 

Hwylcere msegSe eart f)u . o55e hwylcere manna . 

Da andwyrde albanus J?am arleasan J)us . 

Hwset belymp5 to pe hwylcere m8eg5e ic sy . 56 

ac gif 5u so5 wylt gehyran ic pe secge hra5e . 

pcet ic cristen eom and crist gefre wur5ige . 

31. ealdorman. 39. deoflican lac. 

32. ])er. 41. deoflice. 

35. Albanes, 42. U. om. swa. 

36. hacelan. 43. he. 

37. nolde hine. 45. hse'Senan gylde. 

* Leaf 90. 


in the true God, and renounced heathenism, 28 

and became verily a Christian, and exceeding full of faith. 

Then the priest dwelt with the honourable man 

until the magistrate who persecuted the Christians 

discovered him there, and with great wrath 32 

commanded him to be fetched before him speedily. 

Then came the messengers to Alban's house, 

but Alban went out unto the persecutors 

with the priest's cloak, as if he were he^ 36 

and would not betray him to the wicked persecutors. 

He was thereupon bound, and brought straightway 

to the impious judge, where he was offering to his gods 

the devilish sacrifices, with all his associates, 40 

Then became the judge fiendishly angry, 

as soon as he beheld the steadfast martyr, 

because he had received the fugitive priest, 

and given himself up to be slain for him. 44 

Then he bade men lead him to the heathen sacrifice, and said 

that he himself should receive the heavy punishment 

which he had meant for the priest if he could have taken 

unless he quickly submitted to his shameful gods ; 48 

but Alban was not affrighted by his fiendly threats, 
because he was girded about with God's weapons 
unto the ghostly fight, and said that he would not 
obey his best, nor bow to his idolatry. 52 

Then asked the judge immediately, and said, 
'Of what family art thou, or of what rank among men*?' 
Then Alban answered the wicked man thus : 
* What concerneth it thee, of what family I may be ? 56 

but if thou desire to hear the truth, I tell thee quickly 
that I am a Christian, and will ever worship Christ.' 

46. ])j1 swaeran wfta. 51. gastlican. 

47. h^. U. ins, on hef. ])am. h6. 55. andy^yvd.. 

48. he. gode. 56. belimpj?. 

49. feindlican peowracuwi. 57. wylt. 

50. h^. 



Se dema him cwsetS to . CyS me J^inne naman 

butan selcere yldinge . nu ic axie 'Sus . 60 

Se godes cempa cwccc5 to Ipam. cwellere pus . 

Ic hatte albanus . and ic on f>one hselend gelyfe . 

se "Se is soc5 god . and ealle gesceafta geworhte . 

to him ic me gebidde and hine sefre wurSige . 64 

Se cwellere andwyrde f»am arfsestan were . 

Gif 'Su })9es ecan lifes gesselj^e habban wylt . 

f>onne ne scealt "Su elcian pcet Su ofFrige 

J^am mserum godum . mid mycelre under'Seodnysse , 68 

Albanus him andwjrde . Eowre godas {sic) offrunga ne magon 

}je ge deoflum offriaS eower gehelpan . 

ne eowerne willan gefremman . ac ge underfotS to medes 

■^a ecan wita on Ssere widgillan helle . 72 

Hwset tSa se dema deofollice yrsode . 

and het beswingan f)one halgan martyr . 

wende pcet he mihte his modes anrsednysse ; 

mid j?am swingelum -^ gebigan to his biggengum , 76 

ac se eadiga wer wearS f>urh god gestrangod , 

and tJa swingle forbser swy'Se gefiyldiglice . 

and mid glaedum mode gode 'Sses J?ancode . 

Da geseah se dema pcet he oferswycSan ne mihte 80 

J>one halgan wer mid f)am hetelicum witum 

ne fram criste gebigan . and het hine acwellan 

mid beheafdunge for Sees heelendes naman . 

pa dydon ]?a heeSenan swa swa hi het se dema . 84 

and leddon "Sone halgan to beheafdigenne . 

ac hi wurdon gelette lange set anre brycge . 

and stodon oS sefnunge for Sam ormsetan folce . 

wsera and wifa . J^e wurdon onbryrde . 8S 

60. U. omits this line. 69. Eowere ; om. godas. 

61. TJ. om. to . . . Jjus. 71. gefremian. mede. 

62. gelyfse. 72. wltu. 

64. gebiddan. 73. deoflice. 

65. cwellerse. 76. swinglum. 

66. gessel^a. 

^ Leaf 90, back. 


The judge said to him : * Tell me thy name, 

without any delay, now that I thus ask.' 60 

The champion of God said to the murderer thus, 

*I am hight Albanus, and I believe in the Saviour, 

who is the true God, and made all creatures ; 

to Him I pray, and Him will I ever worship.' 64 

The murderer answered the glorious man, 

* If thou wilt have the felicity of the everlasting life, ■ 

then thou must not delay to sacrifice 

to the great gods, with full submission.' 68 

Alban answered him : ' Your sacrifices to the gods, 

which ye offer to devils, cannot help you, 

nor profit your cause, but ye shall receive as your meed 

everlasting punishments in the wide-reaching hell,' 72 

Lo ! then the judge became fiendishly irate, 

and commanded men to scourge the holy martyr, 

weening that he might bend the steadfastness of his mind 

to his (own) forms of worship by means of the stripes ; 76 

but the blessed man was strengthened by God, 

and bore the scourging exceeding patiently, 

and with glad mind thanked God for it. 

Then the judge perceived that he could not overcome 80 

the holy man by the severe tortures, 

nor turn [him] from Christ, and commanded them to kill him 

by decapitation, for the Saviour's name. 

Then the heathen did as the judge commanded them, 84 

and led the Saint unto his beheading; 

but they were delayed a long while at a bridge, 

and stood still until evening by reason of the exceeding 

of men and of women who were stirred up, 88 

78. ge]>yldelice. dunge). namam (sic). 

79. glade. 84. hi. 

81. hetelum. 85. laiddon. 

82. J)a {for and). U. ins. he bef. 86. brigge. 
hine. ^ 87. sefnunge. 

83. swyr'Ses ecge (for beheaf- 88. wera. 



aud comon to Sam martyre and him mid eoden . 

Hit gelamp "Sa . swa pcet se geleafleasa dema 

ungereordod sset . on tSsere ceastra o'S sefen 

butan selcere "Senunge unj^ances fsestende . 92 

Hwset <5a albanus efstan wolde to siege . 

and eode to paere 64 facSa he ofer ]?a brycge ne mihte . 

and beseah to heofonum Ipone hselend biddende . 

and seo ea })8er-rihte adruwode him setforan . 96 

and him weg rymde . swa swa he ge-wilnode set gode . 

pa wear's se cwellere pe hine acwellan sceolde 

J)urh pcet wundor abryrd . and awearp his swurd 

arn Sa ardlice ]?aSa hi ofer Sa ea comon . 100 

and feoll to his fotum mid fuUum geleafan . 

wolde mid him sweltan serSan f>e he hine sloge . 

He wearS f)a gean-lseht mid anrsedum geleafan 

to Sam halgan were 'jpe he beheafdian sceolde . 104 

and pcet swurd Iseg f)9er scynende him setforan . 

and heora nan nolde naht eaSe hine slean . 

Da wses Sser gehende psnoa halgan wsere 

dn myrige dun mid wyrtum amet . 108 

mid eallre fsegernysse and eac ful smeSe. 

pa eode albanus ardlice Syder . 

and bsed sona set gode )?8et he him sealde wseter 

uppan Ssere dune . and he dyde sw4 . 112 

pser arn }5a wylspryncg set albanes fotum 

pcet men mihton tocnawan his mihte wiS god . 

fa Sa se stream arn of Ssere sticolan dune . 

He wearS )?a be-heafdod for Sses ^ hselendes naman 116 

uppan Ssere dune . and to his drihtne ferde 

mid sigefsestum martyr-dome . and soSum geleafan 

89. eodon. 97. wilnode. 

91. ceastre. ajfen. 98. cwellera. 

92. buton. 99. w under _onbrurd. 

93. Hwaet. efestan. 100. & arn. hi. 6£. 

94. ^ode. brfcge. 102. swyltan. serj)am. 
96. 6d. 103, anrsedum. 

^ Leaf 91. 


and came to the martyr, and went with him. 

So then it fell out that the unbelieving judge 

sat unfed in the town until evening, 

without any meal, fasting against his will. 92 

Lo ! then Alban would hasten to death, 

and went to the stream when he could not go over the bridge, 

and looked up to heaven, praying to the Saviour, 

and the stream thereupon dried up before him, 96 

and made a broad way for him, even as he had desired of God. 

Then the executioner, who was to kill him, 

was touched by that miracle, and threw away his sword, 

and ran quickly, as soon as they had come over the stream, loo 

and fell at his feet with full faith, 

desiring to die with him rather than to slay him. 

He was then united, with resolute faith, 

to the holy man whom he was to have beheaded ; 104 

and the sword lay there shining before them, 

and not one of them would readily slay him. 

Then was there nigh at hand to the holy man 

a pleasant hill, adorned with plants, 108 

with all fairness, and eke full smooth. 

Then went Alban quickly' thither, 

and straightway prayed God that He would give him water 

upon the hill, and He did so. 112 

Then ran the well-spring at Alban's feet, 

that men might understand his power with God, 

when the stream ran from the steep hill. 

He was then beheaded for the Saviour's name, 116 

upon the hill, and departed to his Lord 

by victorious martyrdom, and with true faith ; 

107. haligan were. 113. wyll-spring. 

108. an. 1 14. mihte. geseo (/or tocnawan). 

109. ealre. full. 1 15. sticelan. 
no. U. om. ardlice. 117. up on. 

112. dude. n8. geleafun (corr. <o geleafan). 


ac his slaga ne moste gesundful lybban . 

for(5am J?e him burston tit butii his eagan . 120 

and to eor'San feollon mid albanes heafde . 

pcet he mihte oncnawan hwsene he acwealde # 

Hi beheafdodon sySSan f)one so^fsestan cempan 

pe nolde beheafdian 'Sone halgan wer . 124 

and he Iseg mid albane gelyfed on god . 

mid his blode gefullod and ferde to heofonum . 

Eft 'Sa "Sa cwelleras comon to heora hlaforde . 

and hi ssedon psb syllican tacna Se albanus worhte . 128 

and hu se wear's ablend J^e hine beheafdode . 

Sa het he geswican f)8ere ehtnysse and arwurSlice sprsec 

be ^am halgum martyrum . pe he ne mihte gebigan 

fram godes geleafan f)urh 'Sa gramlican witu . 132 

On (Ssere ylcan ehtnysse wurdon ofslagene . 

daron . and lulius . and oSre manega 

wera . and wifa . wide geond engla land . 

for cristes geleafan ge-cwylmede on witum . 136 

and hi ferdon sige-fseste to f>am so'San life . 

Seo ehtnys geswdc 'Sa . and eoden J^a cristenan 

of wudum and of wsestenum psdv hi wseron behydde . 

and comon to mannum and cristen-dom ge-edniwodon . 140 

and gebetton cyrcan J^e to-brocene waeron . 

wunodon Sa on sybbe mid soSum geleafan . 

Hi worhton eac pa, wur'Slice cyrcan 

}?am halgan albane t^ser he bebyrged waes . 144 

and pddY wurdon gelome wundra gefremode . 

f>am hselende to lofe Se leofaS a on ecnysse . 

pis wees geworden ser "Sset gewinn come 

Surh hengest . and horsan pe hyndon Sa bryttas . 148 

and se cristen-dom wearS ge-unwurSod sySSan . 

o^pcet agustinus hine eft astealde . 

119. gesundfull. 128. hf. ])a. 

120. for^an J)3e. 129. hu. 

122. hd. hwsene. 130. geswfcan. arwur"Slice. 

123. Hf. 131. he. 
125. gelufed. 132, witu. 


but his slayer might not live in full health, 

because that both his eyes burst out of him, 120 

and fell to the earth with Alban's head, 

that he might understand whom he had killed. 

They beheaded afterward the faithful soldier 

who would not behead the holy man, 124 

and he lay beside Alban, believing in God, 

baptized with his blood, and departed to Heaven. 

Afterward, when the executioners came to their lord, 

and related the wonderful signs which Alban had wrought, 128 

and how he was blinded who had beheaded him, 

then he bade them stay the persecution, and spake reverently 

of the holy martyrs, whom he could not turn 

from God's faith by the terrible torments. 132 

In that same persecution were [also] slain 

Aaron and Julius, and many others, 

both of men and women, widely throughout England, 

killed by tortures for Christ's faith, 136 

and they departed victoriously to the true life. 

Then the persecution ceased, and the Christians came 

out of the woods, and out of the wastes, where they had been hidden, 

and went amongst men, and restored Christianity, 140 

and repaired churches that were wholly ruined, 

and dwelt there in peace with true faith. 

Then they built likewise a worthy church 

to the holy Alban, where he was buried, 144 

and there frequently were miracles performed 

to the praise of the Saviour who liveth ever in eternity. 

This was done before that strife came 

through Hengest and Horsa who defeated the Britons, 148 

and Christianity was again dishonoured, 

until Augustine re-established it, 

134. ^;Cron. 143. Hf. 

136. cristaes. wffcum. 144. h^. 

138. ehtnyss. eodon ])<<. 148. hdrs. 

139. westenum. hi. behydde. 149. |>e (/or se). 
142. & wonuden. 


be gregorles lare fees geleaffullan papan . 

Sy wuldor and lof psna welwillendan scyppende 152 

setSe ure fsederas feondum set-braed . 

and to fulluhte gebigde Jjurh his bydelas. AMEN. 


[Collated with U. = MS. Cambridge University Library, li. i. 33, p. 294; 
J. = MS. Junius 23, fol. 66; D. = MS. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 
303, p. 340.] 

IS NV EAC to witenne pcet man witna'S foroft 
Sa arleasan ^ sceacSan and J?a swicolan "Seofas . 156 

ac hi nabba(5 nan edlean set fjam selmihtigan gode . 
ac swytSor Ipa ecean^ witu for heora wselhreownysse . 
for'San pe hi leofodon be reaflace swa swa re'Se wulfas . 
and J)am rihtwisum setbrudon heora bigleofan foroft. 160 

"Wolde hum se earming bine sylfne be]:»encan . 
and his synna geandettan mid sotSre behreowsunge . 
huru ^onne he on bendum bi'S . and gebroht to cwale 
swa swa se scea'Sa dyde . Ipe forscylgod hangode 164 

mid {^am hselende criste . and cwcccS him to mid geleafan . 
Drihten leof gemiltsa me . Jjonne (5u beeymst on tSinum rice . 
Se hselend him andwjrde . Sd^ ic Ipe secge 
nu to-dseg J^u bist mid me on neorxna-wange. 168 

pus ge-earnode se arleasa sceaSa . 
on his deaSes jprowunge Ipcet ece lif mid criste . 
forj^an Se he gelyfde on criste . and his miltsunga beed . 
Yfele detS him sylfum pe mid swicdome his tilatS . 172 

and he bitS sceacSena gefera J?e man sceandlice witna'S . 
Se swicola bedyddraS his dseda wi'S menn . 

153. setbrged. D. waBlhreownesse; U.welhreownysse. 

Title. D. Quomodo Acitopel 159. U. leofodan. D. reafld,ce. 

ET MULTI ALII LAQiJEis SE Si/SPEND- i6o. D. rihtwisan ; U. rihtwlsan. 

EBUNT. XJ. setbrildon. 

155. TJ. eac. U. wltna'S. 161. U. hiiru ])e. D. selfne. 

156. U. J)a. U. swicolan. 162. U. behreowsungse. 

157. D.U. hi. 163. U. hiiru. D. \>onum. 

158. D. ecan; U. ^can. U. wlta. 164. D. sceaSe; U. sceaSu. D. 

^ Leaf 91, back. ^ ecan, alt. to ecean. 


according to the instruction of Gregory, the faithful pope. 

Be glory and praise to the benevolent Creator, 152 

who delivered our fathers from their foes, 

and disposed them to baptism by means of His preachers. Amen. 


[N.B. This Homily is really distinct from the foregoing, but is not 
recognised as such in the Table of Contents.] 

It is now also to wit that we very often punish 
wicked robbers and treacherous thieves, 156 

but they shall have no reward from Almighty God, 
but rather the everlasting torments for their cruelty, 
because they lived by rapine, like savage wolves, 159 

and oftentimes snatched away from the righteous their subsistence. 
Would that at least the miserable man would bethink himself, 
and confess his sins with true contrition, 
at least when he is in bonds and is led to death, 
even as the thief did, who hung condemned 164 

with the Saviour Christ, and said to him with faith, 
' Lord and Master, have pity on me when Thou comest into Thy 

The Saviour answered him, 'Verily I say unto thee, 
now to-day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.' 168 

Thus earned the wicked thief, 
in his death-throes, the eternal life with Christ, 
because he believed in Christ, and besought His mercy. 
Evilly doeth he to himself who provides for himself fraudulently, 172 
and he shall be the companion of robbers, whom men punish 

The deceiver concealeth his deeds from man, 

forscyldgod ; U. forscyldegod. U. 1 70. U. |)rowungas. D. ece. D.U. lif. 

h^ngode. 171, U. hd. D.U. hine (/or criste). 

165. U. hdlende. D.U. miltsunge. 

166. D. Drihton. U. Idof. D.U. to 172. D. selfum. U. swfcdome. D.U. 
{for on). teola'S. 

167. U. awcZwerde. 173. D. beo'S scea'fSe. U. witna^'. 
i68. D. om. mid me. U. neorxna 174. D, bedydera'5 ; U. bedydra??. 

w^nge. D.U. men. 


ac hi bee's geopenode oft unjjances 

huru on domes deeg . })oer nan 'Sincg digle ne biS . 176 

and he heefS f>onne ece wite foreman Ipe his waerscype ne dohte , 

Se scea'Sa biS nu ofslagen and to sceame getucod . 

and his earme sawl syStSan syc5acS to helle 

to Sam ecum suslum on sweartum racenteagum . 180 

"We wenaS swaSeah pcet se eall Vealdenda ^ hselend 

wille ge-miltsian Ipam. manfuUan sceaSan . 

gif he mid eallre heortan and incundre geomerunge 

clypa'S to Sam selmihtigan gode ^ and his arfsestnysse bit . 184 

serSan pe Ipcet scearpe swurd swege to his hneccan . 

and gif he bemsenS his synna ^ swySor f)onne his lif . 

and mid wope gewilnaS J^ses ealPwealdendes miltsunge. 

Ac se swicola deofol })e beswac Sone Ipeoi . 188 

and sefre forleerde o(5 his lifes ende . 

nele naht eaSe on his ende geSafian 

pcet he l^onne gecyrre mid soSre behreowsunge . 

and mid incundum wope . to J?am wel-willendan haelende . 192 

ac cunnaS mid eallum crsePte hu he hine criste set-brede . 

Eac swylce hlaford-swican losiaS on ende 

swa swa us bee secgaS so^lice gehwser . 

Sum woruld-wita wees swySe wis on rsede acitofel ^ gehaten ^ . 196 

mid dauide J)am cynincge pe gode wses gecweme . 

on Sam timan pe absalon his agen sunu 

ongan winnan wiS f>one feeder . and wolde hine adrssfan 

of his cyne-dome and acwellan gif he mihte . 200 

pa wees se acitofel mid absalone on rsede . 

and rsedde him sona hu he beswican mihte 

his agenne feeder Sser he on fleame wses . 

1 76. D.U. Iping. cundre. D. geomrunge. 

177. U. ece wite. U. weerseipe. 184. TJ. cleopaS. D.U. 07n. gode. 

178. D. ofslagan, D. arfsestnesse ; U. arfestnysse. U. 

179. D.U. sawul. D. silSaj). bitt. 

181. D. om. eall. U. well-willen- 185. D. owi. J)e. U. sw^ge. U. 
da hselend. hneccan, 

182. D. manfullum. 186. D. swo?5or. U. lif. 

183. U. he. D. ealre. U. Inn- 187. D.U. ow. eall. D. wealdendas. 

^ Ahove the line. ^ Final e alt. to a. ^ Leaf 92. 


but they will be revealed, often against his will, 

at least at Doomsday, when nothing shall be secret, 176 

and he shall have eternal punishment, because his caution availed 

him nothing. 

The robber will be slain now, and ignominiously punished, 

and his miserable soul afterwards shall journey to hell 

to the everlasting torments, in swart chains. 180 

We ween nevertheless that the AUruling Saviour 

will compassionate the wicked robber, 

if he, with all his heart and inward lamentation, 

crieth to the Almighty God, and beseecheth His mercy 184 

before the sharp sword may sway to his neck ; 

and if he bemoaneth his sins more than his [loss of] life, 

and, with weeping, desireth the Almighty's compassion. 

But the false devil, who deceived the robber, 188 

and ever seduced him until his life's end, 

will in no wise easily permit him, at his ending, 

to turn then, with true repentance, 

and with inward weeping, to the benevolent Saviour; 192 

but will try with all his craft to draw him away from Christ. 

So likewise will traitors perish, in the end, 

even as books verily tell us everywhere. 195 

There was a certain councillor, wise in speech, hight Ahitophel, 

with David the king who was pleasing to God, 

at the time when Absalom, his own son, 

began to war against his father, desiring to drive 

him out of his kingdom, and kill him, if he could. 200 

Then this Ahitophel was with Absalom in council, 

and advised him straightway how he might ensnare 

his own father, while he was in flight; 

188. U. swicola. D. ins. se hef. J)e. 196. U. worold-wfta. U. wfs. 

U. besw^c. D. raede. D.U. om. acitofel gehaten. 

190. U. ge'Safien. 197. D. cyninge ; U. kininge. U. 

191. D. J)onuwi; U. 'Sone. U. gecweme. 
behr^owsunge. 198. D.U. absalon. 

192. U. w6pe. U. ]>a,m willendan. 199. D. adrasfen. 

193. D. fEtbrsede; U. setbrede. 201. U. wss. D.U. rsede. 

194. U. Eac. U. -swicen. 202. U. he beswlcan. 

195. D.U. bee. U. gehwer. 203. U. hd. 


ac sum ocSer pgdgn wi'S-cwaetS his ge'Seahte wislice . 204 

and tsehte Absalone otSerne r2ed 

wyrsan to his willan . for(5an pe hit god wolde swa 

"jpcet dauid wurde fram heora wodnysse ahrsed . 

pa ge-bealh hine acitofel and mid bealwe weartS afylled . 208 

fortSan pe his rsed ne moste ))am recSan gelician . 

for "Sses ocSres rsede and rdd him hdm sona . 

becwse'S pa, his tSincg . and acwealde hine sylfne 

on healicum grine pcet he hangigende sweolt . 212 

Swa geendode se wita his wsel-hreowe gef)eaht . 

secSe wolde beraedan his rihtwisan hlaford . 

Absalon "Sa ferde forS mid his unrsede . 

and wolde his agenum feeder feores benseman^ . 216 

and habban his anweald . ac hit nolde god . 

He rad t5a on his mule mid mycelre fyrde 

}?urh genne heahne holt mid hetelicum gepance , 

pa. ge-feng hine an treow be Sam fexe sona . 220 

foreman pe he wses sidfsexede and he swa hangode . 

and se mul arn forS fram pam. arleasan hlaforde . 

and dauides J)egnas hine ]?urh-Sydon . 

Swa geendode se fseder-swica mid his feore his unrsed^ . 224 

Eall swa eac iudas 'Se wselhreowlice belsewde 

urne hselend crist . acwealde hine sylfne 

hangiende on grine . godes wiSer-saca 

ecelice for-demed swa swa drihtnes belaewa . 228 

jElc man biS eac fordemed pe hine sylfne adyt . 

and selc agen-slaga a on ecnysse SrowaS . 

and hlaford-swican losiaS on ende . 

mid f)am getreowleasan deofle pe hi tihte to Sam swic^dome . 232 

204. D.U. ])egen. 214. IT. beraedan. 

206. U. wolde god. 215. U. unrsede. 

207. D. wodnesse. D.U. ahred. 218. D. rad. U. mule. D. ferde. 

208. U. bealuwe. 219. U. heah hdlt. U. heteluw. 

209. D. forjjam, U. raed. 220. D.U. feaxe. 

210. D. rad. D. ham. 221. U. h^ wxs. D. sid-feaxode; 

211. D.U. ])ing. D. selfne. U. sidfeaxe. U. hangode. 

212. D. swealt. 222. U. mill. 

213. U. Swj£. 

* benasmen, alt. to benseman. ^ raed, alt. to unrsed. ^ Leaf 92, back. 


but another thane wisely opposed his design, 204 

and showed Absalom a different counsel, 

worse to his [Ahitophel's] liking, because God thus intended 
that David should be delivered from their madness. 
Then Ahitophel was angry, and became filled with wickedness, 208 
because his counsel might not please the cruel man, 
by reason of the other's rede, and straightway rode him home, 
bequeathed his property, and killed himself 
in a high noose, so that he died by hanging. 212 

So the councillor ended his cruel design, 
who sought to advise wrongly his true lord. 
Absalom then fared forth with his evil counsel, 
desiring to deprive his own father of life 216 

and possess his dominion, but God willed it not* 
Then he rode on his mule with a great army 
through a high wood, with hostile intention ; 
then speedily a tree caught him by the hair, 220 

because be was long-haired, and he hanged so, 
and the mule ran forward from the wicked lord, 
and David's thanes pierced him through. 

So the traitor to his father ended his evil counsel with his 
life. 224 

So likewise Judas, who cruelly betrayed 
our Saviour Christ, killed himself 
by hanging in a noose, an apostate from God, 
everlastingly damned as the Lord's betrayer. 228 

Every man shall likewise be damned who killeth himself, 
and every suicide shall suffer everlastingly, 
and traitors shall perish in the end 
with the perfidious devil who incited them to treachery. 232 

223. U. J)urh])ydon, corr. to J)urh- U. belaewa. 

J)yddon. 229. U. for-d^med. D. selfne. U. 

224. U. fsederswlca. D. raed ; U. adyt. 

ra-'d (/or unrjBd). 230. U. a. D. ecnesse ; U. ^cnysse. 

225. U. swjC. 231. U. hlaford-swlcan. 

226. D. selfne. 232. D. hine {for hi), U. swfc- 

227. D. hangigende. dome. 

228. D. be fordemed. U. swd swdi. 


Eall swa fa unriht-wisan deman })e heora domas awendaS 

sefre be |?am sceattum na be so'Sfsestnysse . 

and habba'S sefre to c6pe heora soSfsestnysse . 

and swa hi sylfe syllac5 wit5 sceattum . 236 

Jjonne babbacS hi on ende for heora unrihtwisnysse 

mid J?am swicolan deofle J)a ecan susle , 

Se rihtwisa dema sceall deman sefre riht . 

and fyr(5rian Ipa, rihtwisnysse for godes lufon symle . 240 

for(5an pe Sa sceattas ablendacS swa swa us bee secgat5 

psera, manna mod J^e hi manfullice nimaS . 

and 'Sa domas awendacS to wohnysse sw4 . 

Ne sceall nan godes fegn for sceattum riht deman , 244 

ac healdan f>one dom gif he drihtnes man sy . 

buton lySrum sceattum symle to rihte . 

pcet he on f»am ecan life his edlean underfo . 

Sume menu syllacS eac cyrcan to hyre 248 

swdswd wdclice niylna . Ipcet msere godes hus 

pe wses gode betseht to his biggencgum ^ 

to '5am cristen-dome J^e crist sylf astealde . 

ac hit ne gedafna'S poet man dd godes hus 252 

anre mylne gelic for ly&um tolle . 

and se'Se hit de'S he sincac5 swy'Se deope . 

Gescylde us se scyppend pe gesceop us to mannum 

wi'S f)36S deofles swic-dom pe syrwS embe us . 256 

and us mild-heort-lice gelsede to ^am ecan life . 

on (5am is ece wuldor on eallra worulda woruld. AMEN. 

233. D. Eal-swa; U. Eall sw^. D.U. sceal. U. aeffre. 

234. U. na. D. soSfaestnesse. 240. D. rihtwisnesse. D.U. lufan. 

235. U. veffr6. D. ceape. D.U. soS- 241. D. forjiam. 
fsestnesse, 242. U. m6d. U. hf. 

236. D.U. hi. D. selfe sellaS. 243. D. awsendaS. D. wohnesse 

237. D. hi. D. -nesse. swa. 

238. U. ^can. U. plnunge {for 244. D.U. sceal. D.U. ])egen. U. 
susle). riht {alt to unriht), 

339. U. pe {for Se). D. rihtwisse. 245. U. he drihtenes. D. sf. 


So likewise those unrighteous judges who pervert their judgments, 

always for gain, and not for justice, 

and always offer their justice for sale, 

and thus sell themselves for the sake of money, 236 

then shall they have in the end, for their unrighteousness, 

eternal torments with the treacherous devil. 

The righteous judge must judge ever aright, 

and ever further justice for the love of God, 240 

seeing that bribes blind, even as books tell us, 

the minds of men who wickedly take them [Prov. xxii. 9, Vulg.], 

and thus pervert their judgments into injustice. 

None of God's thanes may decide a cause for gain, 244 

but maintain the judgment, if he be the Lord's man, 

without miserable bribes, ever for the right, 

that he may receive his reward in the eternal life. 

Likewise some men sell even a church for hire, 248 

as it were worthless mills, the glorious House of God, 

which was dedicated to God for His service, 

for that Christianity which Christ Himself founded; 

but it befitteth not that men make God's House 252 

like unto a mill, for vile toll ; 

and he who doeth it shall sink [or sinneth] very deeply. 

May the Creator, who created us as men, shield us 

from the deceit of the devil who layeth snares about us, 256 

and mercifully bring us to the eternal life, 

wherein is everlasting glory for ever and ever. Amen. 

247. U. he. U. ece. D. underfo. 253. D. tolne. 

248. D.U. men. D. eac syllatJ; 254. U. Ipe «e (for se^e). D.U. 
U. syllaS e^c. U. hyre, synga'S. 

249. D.U. swa swa. D.U. waclice. 255. U. ])e (for se). D. sceppend. 
D.U. hiis. U. manne. 

250. D. biggengum ; U. bigenguw. 256. U. om. j^e . . . us. 

251. D. self. 258. U. ^ce. D. ealra woruld. 

252. D. geSafenaS; U. ge-daf ana's, Amew; U. ealra worolda worold. 
U. doS (for d6). D.U. hus. Amen. 




[Collated with U. = MS. Camb. Univ. Lib. li. i. 33, p. 64. Readings marked 
' O.' are from MS. Otho B. 10, fol. 45 (mucb burnt) See 11. 68-119.] 

TTTE wylla'S nv awkitan ]5Eah de hit wundoklic sy 

' ' be "Ssere halgan sancte ^ seSeldrytSe })am engliscan maedene . 
J>e waes mid twam werum and swa-tSeah wunode mseden . 
swa swa Ipa, wundra ge^swuteliatS pe heo wyrc'S gelome . 4 

Anna hatta {sic) hyre fseder east engla cynincg . 
swy"Se cristen man swa swa he cydde mid weorcum . 
and eall his team wearcS gewurtSod )5urh god . 
./Et5eldryt5 wearS |?a for-gifen anum ealdor-menn to wife. 8 

ac hit nolde^ se selmihtiga god^ ])cet hire msegtS-had wurde 
mid hsemede adylegod . ac heold hi on clsennysse 
forSan Ipe he is selmihtig god and mseg don ^ eall Ipcet he wile . 
and on manegum wisum his mihte geswutela?5 . 12 

Se ealdor-man gewat Ipa t5a hit wolde god . 
and heo wearcS forgifen ecfride cyninege . 
and twelf gear wunode unge-wemmed mseden 
on J58es cynincges synscype . swa swa ^ swutele wundra 16 

hyre mser'Sa cytSa}? . and hire^ msegS-had gelome . 
Heo lufode f>one hgelend pe hi heold unwemme . 
and godes (Seowas wur'Sode . an J^sera ^ wses wilfrid bisceop 
J?e heo swy'Sost lufode . and he ssede bedan 20 

pcet se cyning ecfrid him oft behete mycel 
on lande and on feo . gif he Iseran mihte 
setSeldrySe his gebeddan . pcet heo bruce his synscipes . 
Nu cwae'S se halga beda pe pas boc gesette . 24 

pcet se selmihtiga god mihte ea'Se gedon 

2. U. om. sancte. 9. om. se selmihtiga. heore. 

4. swa (once only), swutelia^. 10. heemede. 

5. hatte. cyning. ii. om. gehnihtig. and eall mseg 

6. swa {once only). "pcet he wyle. 
8. -men. 12. mihta. 

* A hove the line. ^ Leaf 93. ^ psere, alt. to Jjsera. 




[See Becia, Eccles. Hist. bk. iv. c. 19.] 
We will now write, wonderful though it be, 
concerning the holy ^thelthryth, the English maiden, 
who had two husbands and nevertheless remained a virgin, 
as the miracles show which she often worketh. 4 

Her father, the king of the East Angles, was called Anna, 
a very religious man, even as he showed by his deeds, 
and his whole family was honoured by God. 
iEthelthryth was given to a certain alderman [Tondbyrht] to wife ; 8 
but Almighty God would not that her virginity should be 
destroyed through cohabitation, but preserved her in continence, 
because He is God Almighty and can do all that He will, 
and in divers ways showeth His might. ,12 

The alderman died when God would, 
and she was given in 'marriage to King Ecfrid. 
And twelve years she lived in wedlock with the king, 
yet continued an unpolluted maiden ; even as evident miracles 16 
often make known her sacred relics and her virginity. 
She loved the Saviour who kept her unspotted, 
and honoured God's servants ; one of these was bishop Wilfrid, 
whom she especially loved, and he told Beda 20 

that king Ecfrid often promised him much 
in lands and money if he would persuade 
^Ethelthryth his wife to brook the marriage-connection. 
Now the holy Beda who wrote this book 24 

saith that Almighty God might easily cause, 

13' fie(/o>*Se). om. ])a. god wolde. 18. unwejwmed. 

14. gegifeii ecgfri'Se cyninge. 20. om, bedan. 

15. om. ungewemmed. 21. "Se (/o?* se). ecgfrid. behi^te. 

16. kyninges sinscipe. swa (once). 22. ie6. he, 

17. ow. hire, mvd^g- (sic). 25. om. se oelmihtiga. gedon. 



nu on uruin dagum pcet £e(5eldry(5 J^urh-wunode 

unge-wemmed mseden . pedh Se heo wer hsefde . 

swa swa on ealdum dagum hwilon ser getimode 28 

]?urh })one ylcan god pe sefre j^urh-wuna ) 

mid his gecorenum lialgum . swa swa he sylf behet . 

^SeldryS wolde 'Sa ealle woruld-J^incg forlsetan . 

and bsed georne ]:>one cynincg pcet heo criste moste ]?eowian . 32 

on mynsterlicre drohtnunge swa hire mod hire to-speon . 

pa lyfde hire se cynincg })eah J?e hit embe lang wsere 

J5aes j^e heo gewilnode . and wilfrid bisceop pa. 

hi gehadode to mynecene . and heo sySSan on mynstre wunode 

sume twelf mona^ swa . and heo syScSan wearS gehadod 37 

eft to abudissan on elig mynstre . 

ofer manega mynecena . and heo hi modorlice heold 

mid godum gebysnungum to J)am gastHcan life . 40 

Be hire is awrytan (sic) pcet heo wel drohtnode 

to anum msele faestende . butan hit freols-daeg wsere . 

and heo syndrige gebeda swy^e lufode 

and wyllen weorode . and wolde seld-hwaenne 44 

hire lie ba(5ian butan to heahtidum . 

and (Sonne heo wolde eerest ^ ealle 'Sa batSian 

J?e on Sam mynstre wseron . and wolde him tSenian 

mid hire f>inenum . and fjonne hi sylfe baSian . 48 

pa on ]?am eahteoSan geare siStSan heo abbudisse wses . 

heo wearS geuntrumod swa swa heo ser witegode . 

swa pcet an geswel weox on hire swuran 

mycel under f)am cynn-bane . and heo swicSe |3ancode gode^ 52 

pcet heo on ]?am swuran sum geswinc f)olode . 

Heo cw9e(5 ic wat geare pcet ic wel wyrSe eom . 

pcet min swura beo geswenct mid swylcere untrum-nysse . 

27. wer. 36. om. syStSan. 

30. swa (once), behet. 37. ge-h^dod. 

31. ])ing. 38. om. eft. abbodyssan. 

32. cyning. 39. hi. geheold. 

33. mdd. hito-sp^on. 41. awriten. 

34. J>e cyng, om. ]>e. wsere. 42. maele. baton. 

35. wilfri?^. 44. -hwxnne. 

* Leaf 93, back. ^ Above the line. 


even now in our days, that ^thelthryth should remain 
a pure maiden, though she had a husband, 

as whilom in the old days it formerly befell, 28 

through the (grace of the) same God, who continueth ever 
with His chosen saints, even as He Himself hath promised. 
iEthelthryth desired to forsake all worldly things, 
and earnestly besought the king that she might serve Christ 32 
in the monastic life, as her disposition prompted her. 
Then the king permitted her, though it was rather long (first), 
to do that which she desired, and then bishop "Wilfrid 
gave her the nun's veil, and she lived afterwards in a convent [at 
Coldingham] 36 

about twelve months ; and she was then again instituted 
as abbess in the monastery of Ely, 

and [setj over many nuns, whom she trained as a mother 
by her good example in the religious life. 40 

It is written of her that she well ordered her own life, 
fasting save for one meal in the day unless it were a feast- 
and she greatly loved solitary prayer, 

and wore woollen garments. She would seldom 44 

bathe her body save at high festivals, 
and then she would first bathe all the rest 
who were in the convent, and would wait upon them 
with menial service, and then wash herself (last). 48 

Then in the eighth year after she was made abbess, 
she was grievously afflicted, as she had herself foretold ; 
for a large tumour grew on her throat 

just under her chin-bone, and she earnestly thanked God 52 
in that she suffered a pain in her neck, 
saying : ' I know verily that I am well deserving 
that my neck should be afflicted with so great a malady, 

45. Ifc. buton. 51, geswell. 

48. hi. 52. cin-. om. gode, 

49. eahteolSan, alt. to eahteteoSan. 54. wurSe. 

abbodysse. 55. saniere {for swylcere). 

50. swa {once). 




formal! f)e ic on iugotSe frsetwode minne swuran 56 

mid msenig-fealdum swur-beagum . and me is nu ge]?uht 

pcet godes arfsestnyss pone gylt aclsensige . 

I^onne me nu pis geswel scynS for golde . 

and ]58es hata bryne for healicum gymstanum . 60 

pa waes }?ser sum Isece on "Sam geleaffullum lieape . 

cynefrytS gehaten and hi cvvsedon f)a sume 

pcet se Isece sceolde asceotan pcet geswell . 

p8i dyde be sona swa . and f>aer sab ut wyrms . 64 

WearS him pa. getSubt swilce beo gewurpan mibte 

ac beo gewat of worulde mid wuldre to gode . 

on })am (Sriddan dsege syc5San se dolb wses geopenod . 

and wear's bebyrged swa swa beo bsed sylf and b6t . 68 

betwux bire geswustrum . on treowenre cyste . 

pa wear's bire swustor sexburb gebadod 

to abbudissan ^ sefter bire geendunge . 

seo Se 8er wses cwen ^ on cantware-byrig . 72 

pa wolde seo sexburb sefter syxtyne gearum . 

don bire swustor ban of S£ere byrgene up . 

and beran into ]:>9ere cyrcan . and sende pa gebroSra 

to secenne sumne stan to swilcere neode . 76 

forSan pe on J>am fenlande synd feawa ^ weorc-stana . 

Hi breowan J^a to grantan-ceastre . and god bi sona gebradode . 

swa pcet br ]:)8er gemetton ane msere J)rub 

wiS f)one weall standende . geworht of marm-stane 80 

eall bwites bleos bufan j^gere eorSan . 

and pcet blyd Saer-to gelimplice gefeged . 

eac of bwitum marm-stane ^ swa swa bit macode god . 

pa naman Sa gebroSra blySelice f>a Srub . 84 

56. geogo^'e. frxiewode, alt. to ge' 62. KynefriS. hi. 
fraetewode. 63. 'Sel^ce. 

57. menig-. 64. dude. 

58. arfaestnys. aclensige. 65. awyrpan. 

59. geswell scinS. 66. gewat. om. mid wuldre. 

60. hatae brune. hdalicum. 67. 'Se (for se). 

61. l^ce. 68. 0. and hy. om. swa swa — het, 

^ abudissan, alt. to abbudissan. ^ se is altered to 4, 

^ feawe, alt. to feawa, * Leaf 94. 


because in my youth I adorned my neck 56 

with manifold neck-chains, and now me thinketh 

that God's justice may cleanse my guilt, 

since now I have this swelling, which shineth instead of gold, 

and this scorching heat instead of sparkling gems.' 60 

Amongst that faithful band there was a certain leech 

named Cynefrith, and some of them said 

that the leech ought to lance the tumour ; 

he did so forthwith, and there came out matter. 64 

They thought then that she might recover, 

but she gloriously departed out of this world to God 

on the third day after the tumour was opened, 

and was buried, as she herself had asked and bidden, 68 

amongst her sisters, in a wooden coffin. 

Then, after her death, her sister Sexburh 

was consecrated as the abbess, 

who had been aforetime queen in Canterbury. 72 

After sixteen years Sexburh desired 

to take up her sister's bones from their burial-place 

and translate them into the church. Then she sent the brethren 

to seek a stone suited to that purpose, 76 

because in the fen-country there are few hewn stones. 

They rowed to Grantchester, and God forthwith prospered them 

so that they found there a great coffin, 

standing against the wall, wrought of marble 80 

all of white hue, above ground, 

with a lid fitted excellently unto it, 

also of white marble, even as if God had made it. 

Then the brethren joyfully took the coffin 84 

69. O. betweox. O. cyste lecgati. 76. st-S,n. 

70. swuster. 77. 0. forjjam. fenn-. 

71. abbodyssan; 0. abbodissan. om. 78. Hi reowon. granta-ceastrc. 
geendunge. hi. 

72. "Seo (/or seo). 0. waes jir cwen. 79. hf. niEere. 
0. cantwara. 81. 0. bufon. 

73. Seo (/or seo), 0. syxtene. 82. hlfd. 

74. swuster bin. 83. 0. on (for of), livvitum. 

75. om. J)rcre. 


and gebrohton to mynstre . mycclum 'Sancigende gode . 

and sexburh seo ^ abbudisse bet slean an geteld 

bufan (5a byrgene . wolde J»a loin gaderian . 

Hi sungon 'Sa ealle sealmas . and lie-sang . 88 

f>a hwile pe man tSa byrgene bufan geopenode . 

fa laeg heo on 'Ssere cyste . swilce heo Isege on slaspe 

hal eallum limum . and se Isece wees 'Sser 

t5e Ipcet ge-swell geopenode . and hi sceawode georne . 92 

pa W9es seo wund gebseled . Ipe se Isece worbte ser . 

eac swilce f)a ge-wseda . "pe lieo bewunden wses mid . 

wseron swa ansunde . swylce hi eall niwe wseron . 

Sexburh f>a byre swuster swic5e J^ses fsegnode . 96 

and hi Jpwogon 'Sa sy'S'San pone sawl-leasan lichaman . 

and mid niwum gewsedum bewundon arwurSlice . 

and baeron Into 'Ssere cyrcan . blyssigende mid sangum . 

and ledon hi on 'Ssere ]:>ryh . psdv Sser heo liS o'S J^is , 100 

on mycelre arwurSnysse . mannum to wundrunge . 

Wees eac wundorlic . poet seo 'Sruh wses geworht 

J?urh godes foresceawunge hire swa gemsete . 

swylce heo byre sylfre swa ge-sceapen waere . 104 

and set hire hsefde wses aheawen se st4n . 

gemsete J^am heafde f)8es halgan msedenes . 

Hit is swutol pcet heo wees ungewemmed mseden . 

J^onne hire lichama ne mihte formolsnian on eorSan . 108 

and godes miht is geswutelod so'Slice f>urh hi . 

pcet he mseg araeran 'Sa for-molsnodon [sic) lichaman . 

se'Se hire lie heold h41 on "Saere byrgene 

git oS J)isne dseg . Sy him Sses a wuldor . 112 

pser wseron ge-hselede J^urh Sa halgan femnan 

fela adlige menn . swa swa we gefyrn gehyrdon . 

85. miclum Sanciende, 92. hf sceawodon, 

86. ^eo abbodysse. 93. 8eo (for seo). geheeled. l^ece. 

87. O. bufon })aere. wold (sic) ban. 94. geweeda. 

88. O. om. ealle. lie-. 95. ealle niwe. 

89. O. bufon. 97. hi. woscean (for J)WOgon). 

90. O.U. lage. 0. sawul-; U. saul-. 

91. h^l. pe Isece. 98. niwum. 

^ se, alt. to seo. 


and brought it to the monastery, greatly thanking God; 

and Sexburh the abbess bade pitch a tent 

above the burial-place, wishing to collect the bones. 

Then all the community sang psalms and hymns for the dead 88 

while the grave was being opened at the top. 

There she lay in the coffin as if she lay asleep, 

sound in all her limbs, and the leech was present 

who had opened the tumour, and examined her carefully. 92 

The wound which the leech had once made was healed ; 

likewise the linen clothes in which she had been wound 

were as fresh as if they had been all new. 

Thereat her sister Sexburh was very glad, 96 

and afterwards they washed the soulless body, 

and wound it reverently in new garments, 

and bare it into the church, rejoicing with hymns, 

and laid her in the coffin wherein she lieth until now 100 

in great honour, for men to marvel at. 

AVonderful was it also that by God's providence 

the coffin was wrought so exactly fitting her, 

even as she was herself shapen; 104 

and at the head the stone was hollowed out 

as if fitted to the head of the holy maiden. 

It is evident that she was an unspotted virgin, 

since her body was not suffered to moulder in the earth, 108 

and in her, God's power is verily manifested, 

namely, to raise up corruptible bodies, 

in that He hath kept her body uncorrupt in her grave 

even unto this day ; wherefore to Him be everlasting glory. 1 1 2 

By means of this holy woman were healed 

many sick men, as we have heard of old ; 

99. 0. legdon ; U. bairon. 106. gemjjete. 

100. leddon. })ruh. Sser ])er. O, 109. hi. 

omits this line. 110. -molsnodan. 

loi. O. wuldruncge. iii. He. hal. 

102, dac. peo {for seo). 113. geliilede. faemnan. 

104. wjjere. 114. gehyrdon gefyrn. 0. omits 

105. O.U. heafde. aheawen pe. this line. 


and eac tSa f>e hrej)odon pses reafes senigne dsel . 

f)e lieo mid bewunden wses . wurdon sona hale . ii6 

and manegum eac fremode seo cyst micclum . 

pe lieo serest on Iseg . swa swa se lareow beda 

on Ssere bee saede . Ipe lie ge-sette be (5ysum . 

Oft woruld-menn ^ eac heoldon swa swa us bee secgatS 120 

heora claennysse on synscipe for cristes lufe 

swa swa we mihton reccan gif ge roliton hit to gehyrenne . 

We secga'5 swa-(5eah be sumum (Segne . 

se W8es J^ryttig geara mid his'^ wife on clsennysse . 124 

J3ry suna he gestrynde . and hi si'SSan buta 

Srittig geara wseron wunigende butan hsemede . 

and fela selmyssan worhton , o"S pcet se wer ferde 

to munuclicere drohtnunge . and drihtnes englas 128 

comon eft on his for?5-si(5e . and feredon his sawle 

mid sange to heofonum . swa swa us secgacS bee . 

Manega bysna synd on bocum be swylcum . 

hu oft weras and wif wundorlice drohtnodon . 132 

and on clsennysse wunodon . to wuldre f)am haelende . 

])e Ipa, clsennysse astealde . crist ure hselend . 

J?am is i wurcSmynt . and wuldor on ecnysse . AMEN . 135 




[Collated with G. = Gloucester Fragments, ed. Earle.] 

pADA se cristendom wses wel 'Seonde Ipurh god 
on angel-cynne under t5am ylcan cynincge . 

Ipa, geswutelode god pone sanct swy^un 4 

mid manegum wundrum . Ipcet he msere is . 
His dseda ngeron cu'Se ser^an ]:)e hi god sylf cydde . 

115. hrepodon. 118. Ipe (for se). 

116. hjlle. 119. b6c. 0. J)set (for pe). sette. 

117. mid um seo cyst. 120. b^c. 

^ Leaf 94, back. ^ Above the line. 


those also who touched any part of the shroud 

in which she had been wound, were instantly cured; ii6 

and likewise the coffin wherein she had first lain 

greatly benefited many persons, as the teacher Beda 

said in the book which he wrote concerning this holy woman. 

In like manner have laymen also, as books tell us, 120 

preserved often their chastity in the marriage-state, for the love 

of Christ, 
as we might relate if ye cared to hear it. 
However, we will tell you of a certain thane, 
who lived thirty years with his wife in continence; 124 

he begat three sons, and thenceforward they both lived 
for thirty years without cohabitation, 
giving much alms, until the husband 

entered the monastic life, and God's angels 128 

came just at his death, and carried his soul 
with song to heaven, as the books tell us. 
Many examples of such are there in books, 

how oftentimes men and their wives have lived wondrously, 132 
and dwelt in chastity, to the glory of Jesus, 
who consecrated virginity, even Christ our Saviour; 
to whom be honour and glory for ever. Amen. 135 



[See MSS. Royal 15 C. vii, Nero E. i, &c.] 
In the days of the noble King Eadgar 
when, by God's grace, Christianity was thriving well 
in the English nation under that same king, 
God, by many miracles revealed ^ 

Saint Swithhun, [showing] that he is illustrious. 
His deeds were not known before God Himself manifested them, 

121. crites {sic). 128. munuclicre. 

124. Se (/or se). J)ritig. wffe. 130. b(^c. 

125. sunes. butu. 132. wif. 

126. JjritifT. ha>mede. 133. huilende. 

127. selmessan worhtan. Se {for se). 134. driliten {for htelend). 


ne we ne fundon on bocum liu se bisceop leofode 

on l^ysre worulde . 3ert5an J^e lie gewende to criste . 8 

paet wses J^sera ^ gymeleast pe on life hine cuJ?on . 

poet hi noldon awritan his weorc and drohtnunge 

{)am towerduni mannum c^e his mihte ne cuSon . 

ac god heefcS swa J)eah his lif geswutelod . 12 

mid swutelum wundrum and syllicum tacniim . 

Des swy'Sun wses bisceop on winceastre . 

swa f)eah ofer hamtun-scire gesselig godes f)eowa . 

and eahta^ bisceopas wseron betwux him and sancte^ acSelwolde. 16 

nu nses us his lif cu(5 swa swd, we ser cwsedon 

butan pcet he waes bebyrged aet his bisceop-stole 

be westan J^sere cyrcan and ofer-worht* sySSan . 

oppcet his wundra geswutelodon his gesselSa mid gode . 20 

prym gearum ser'San pe se^ sanct into cyrcan waere gebroht 

of 'Seere stsenenan prjla pe stent nu wi'5-innan 

f)am niwan geweorce . com se arwur'Sa swySun 

to sumum gelyfedan smy'Se . on swefne seteowiende 24 

wurSlice geglencged . and (Sas word him cwsetS to . 

Canst Jju 'Sone preost pe is gehaten eadzige . 

pe wses of ealdan mynstre mid 'Sara oSrum preostum adrsefed 

for heora un]?eawum J^urh aSelwold bisceop . 28 

Se smicS ]?a andwyrde f>am arwur^an swy'Sune |?us . 

Gefyrn ic hine cu'Se leof . ac he ferde heonon 

and ic nat to gewissan hwser he wunaS nu . 

pa cw8e"S eft se halga wer to (Sam ealdan smy'Se . 32 

Witodlice he wuna'S nu on wincel-cumbe ham-faest . 

and ic Se nu halsige on J)0es hselendes naman 

p<^t Su him min serende ardlice abeode . 

and sege him to sof)an pcet swiSun se bisceop 36 

het pcet he fare to aJ)elwolde bisceope . 

and secge pmt he ge-openige him sylf mine byrgene . 

I-19. Lost in G. 23. niwan; cdm ; swiShun. 

20. swntelodon. gesaelSa. 24. smiSe ; swefne ; -eowigende. 

21. gearum ;jer-])an, 25. geglenged ; wdrd ; t6. 

22. sta-nenan Jjryh ; nii. 26. ge-haten eadsige. 

^ ]>sere, alt. to J)aera. ' eahte, alt. to eahta. ^ Above the line. * Leaf 95. 




neither have we found in books how the bishop lived 

in this world, before he departed to Christ. 

Such was their carelessness who knew him in life 

that they would not write down his works and conversation 

for future generations who knew not his power ; 

but God hath nevertheless brought his life to light 

by manifest miracles and wondrous signs. 

This Swithhun was bishop of Winchester, 

as it were over Hampshire, a blessed servant of God ; 

(there were eight bishops between him and St. ^thelwold.) i6 

Now as we before said, his life is not known to us, 

save that he was buried at his episcopal see 

to the west of the church, and afterwards covered up, 

until his miracles manifested his blessedness with God. 20 

Three years before the Saint was brought into the church 
out of the stone coffin that standeth now within 
the new building, came the venerable Swithhun 
to a certain faithful smith, appearing in a vision 24 

worshlpfully apparelled, and said to him these words ; 
' Knowest thou the priest who is hight Eadsige, 
who, with the other priests, was driven out 
of the old monastery by bishop JEthelwold, for their misconduct V 28 
The smith then answered the venerable Swithhun thus, 
*Long ago I knew him, sir, but he departed hence, 
and I know not for certain where he dwelleth now.' 
Then again said the holy man to the old smith ; 
* Verily he dwelleth now settled at Winchelcombe, 
and I now adjure thee in the name of Christ 
that thou speedily announce to him my errand, 
and tell him truly that Swithhun the bishop 
has commanded him to go to bishop ^th el wold, 
and say, that he must himself open my grave 



27. adrflbfed. 

28. lin-. 

29. dr- ; swiShiine. 

30. Ge-fyrn ; l^of ; ft^rde. 

31. ndt; nu. 

32. smi^e. 

33. nii ; wfncel- ; h;im-. 

34. nu. 

35. mln serende ardlice ab^ode, 

36. swi'Shun. 


and mine ban gebringe binnan Ssere cyrcan . 

forcSan J^e bim is getif>od . poet ic on his timan 40 

beo mannum geswutelod . And se smi'S him cwoscS to . 

La leof . eadzige nele gelyfan minum wordum . 

Da cwcetS se bisceop eft . Gange him to minre byrgene . 

and ateo ane hringan up of 'Seere J^ryh . 44 

and gif sec hringe him folgaS set J^am forman tige . 

Jjonne wat he to soSan Ipcet ic pe sende to him . 

Gif seo hringe nele up f)urh his anes tige 

f)onne ne sceall he nates hwon J?inre sage gelyfan . 48 

Sege him eac sitSSan . pcet he sylf geriht-laece 

his dseda and J)eawas to his drihtnes willan . 

and efste anmodlice to ]?am ecan life . 

Sege eac eallum mannum pcet sona swa hi 52 

geopeniatS mine byrgene . pcet hi magon tSoer findan 

swa deorwur'Sne hord* . pcet heora dyre gold 

ne bi'S nahte wurcS ^ wicS f)a fore-ssedan ma'Smas . 

Se halga swySun f>a ferde fram fam smi^e up . 56 

and se smiS ne dorste secgan ]?as gesihSe aenigum menu . 

nolde beon gesewen unso'Ssagul boda . 

Hwset (5a se halga Aver hine eft gesprsec 

and git ]?ryddan si(5e . and swySe hine f)reade . 60 

hwi he nolde gehyrsumian his hsesum mid weorce . 

Se smiS J^a set nextan eode swa cSeah to his byrgene . 

and genam ane hringan earhlice swa tSeah . 

and clypode to gode ]:»us cwaeSende mid wordum . 64 

Eala tSu drihten god ealra gesceafta scyppend . 

getitSa me synfullum pcet ic ateo f>as hringan 

up of Sysum hlyde . gif se liS her on innan 

se'Se me sprsec to on swsefne f)riwa . 68 

41. t<5. 48. sceal; ge-lyfan. 

42. la l^of nele he ge-lyfan ; w6r- 49. sySSan. 

dum. 50. daeda ; ])eawas. 

43. h^ (for him). 51. an- ; ^can life. 

44. ateo; J)ryh. 52. e^c ; hi. 

46. he. 53. findan, 

47. {Ines. 54. deor- ; hord ; dyre gdld. 

- hord, alt. to goldhord. ^ Leaf 95, back. 


and bring my bones within the church ; 

for to him it is vouchsafed that in his time 40 

I should be made known to men.' And the smith said to 

' Oh, sir, Eadsige will not believe my words.' 
Then said the bishop again ; ' Let him go to my grave, 
and draw up out of the coffin a ring ; 44 

and if the ring yield ^ at the first tug, 

then shall he know for a truth that I have sent thee to him. 
If the ring will not come up at his unaided tug, 
then shall he in no-wise believe thy saying. 48 

Say to him also afterwards, that he himself amend 
his deeds and conduct according to his Lord's will, 
and hasten with single mind to the eternal life. 
Say eke to all men that so soon as they 52 

open my grave, they shall there find 
so valuable a hoard, that their precious gold 
shall be nothing worth, compared with the aforesaid treasures.' 
The holy Swithhun then vanished from the smith's [sight], 56 
and the smith durst not tell this vision to any man, 
not wishing to be looked upon as an untruthful messenger. 
So then the holy man spoke to him again, 

and yet a third time, and severely reproved him, 60 

because he would not actively obey his commands. 
Then however at last the smith went to his burial-place, 
and took hold, though fearfully, of a ring, 

and cried to God, saying these words ; 64 

* O Lord God, maker of all creatures, 
grant to me, a sinful man, that I may pull up this ring 
out of this lid, if he lieth here within, 
who thrice spake unto me in a dream.' 68 

55. madmas. 63. ge-nam ane. 

56. swiShun; fdrde. 64, cwe^ende. 
58. -sagol. 66. m6; atdo. 

60. git Jjriddan ; swi^e ; J)r^ade. 67. hlide. 

61. hwi; hisum. 68. om. me; svv^fne J)rfwa. 

62. om. swa "Seah. 

^ Lit. follows him. 


He teah 'Sa \)cet isen up swa eacSelice * of (5am stane . 

swilce hit on sande stode . and he swySe J^ses wundrode . 

He (Sa hit eft sette on Ipcet ylce Jjyrl . 

and J?yde mid his fet . and hit swa faeste eft stod . 72 

poet nan man ne mihte hit J?anon ateon . 

pa eode se smiS ge-egsod J?anon . 

and gemette on cypincge J^ses eadzies mann . 

and saede him gewislice hwaet swySun him behead . 76 

and hsed hine georne pcet he hit abude him . 

He cwseS Ipcet he hit wolde cySan his hlaforde . 

and ne dorste swa 'Seah hit secgan get fruman . 

serj^an Se he bej^ohte Ipcet him 'Searflic nsere 80 

"poet he "Sses halgan hsese forhule his hlaforde . 

ssede J^a be ende-byrdnysse hwset swySun him behead . 

})a onscunode se eadsige a'Selwold ]:>one bisceop 

and ealle tSa munecas J^e on tSam mynstre wseron . 84 

for J)8ere ut-drsefe Ipe he gedyde wi(5 hi . 

and nolde gehyran Ipsds halgan bebod . 

J)eah "Se se sanct wsere gesib him for worulde . 

He gebeah swa peaih binnan twam gearum 88 

to J^am ylcan mynstre and munuc wearcS J?urh god . 

and Jpser wunode d^lpcet he gewdt of life . 

Geblsetsod is se ealmihtiga god ^ pe ge-eadmed pone modigan . 

^ and '5a eadmodan ahsefS to healicum geSincJ^um . 92 

and gerihtlsecS pa, synfullan . and symle hylt "Sa godan 

}3e on hine hihta(5 foreman pe he hselend is . 

Eft W9es sum earm ceorl egeslicc gehoferod . 

and tSearle gebiged f)urh tSone bradan hofor . 96 

fam wear's geswutelod on swefne gewislice . 

poet he sceolde gefeccan set swySunes byrgene 

69. t^ah ; upp ; st^ne. 78. wolde hit. 

70. s^nde stdde ; swiSe. 80. £er-J)an. 

72. ])yde ; st6d. 81. heese for-haele ; hlaforde, 

73. nd,n mann; atdon. 82. saede; swiShun ; be-b^ad. 

74. eode. 85. ut-drsefe. 

75. ge-mette ; cypinge ; eadsiges. 86. gehyran. 

76. ssede; swi^hun; be-bed,d. 87. ge-sybb. 

' Here up is wrongly repeated. ^ Above the line. ' Leaf 96. 


Thereupon he drew the iron out of the stone as easily 

as if it had stood in sand, and greatly wondered thereat. 

Afterward he replaced it in the same hole, 

and pressed it with his foot, and it again stood so fast 72 

that no man was able to draw it therefrom. 

Then went the smith awestricken thence, 

and in the market-place met a serf of this Eadsige, 

and told him exactly what Swithhun bade him, 76 

and earnestly prayed him to report it to him. 

He said that he would make it known to his lord, 

but however he durst not tell it at first, 

until he bethought him that it would not be well for him 80 

if he hid from his lord the saint's behest. 

Then he told him in order what Swithhun had enjoined him. 

At that time this Eadsige shunned bishop JEthelwold 

and all the monks who were in the minster 84 

because of the ejection that he had made regarding them, 

and would not obey the saint's command, 

though the saint was of worldly kindred to him. 

He retreated however within two years 88 

to that same monastery, and became a monk through (the grace 

of) God, 
and there continued till he departed this life. 
Blessed is the Almighty God, Who humbleth the proud, 
and exalteth the humble to high estate, 92 

and correcteth the sinful, and ever preserveth the good 
who hope in Him, forasmuch as He is the Saviour. 

Again, there was a certain poor churl, awfully humpbacked, 
and painfully bowed together in consequence of the broad hump. 96 
To him was certainly revealed in a dream, 
that he should obtain at Swithhun's sepulchre 

88. ge-b^ah ; gdarum. 94. hihtaS {alt. to gehihtaS) for 

90. life. Jjam, 

91. ge-bletsod; selmihtiga; om. 95. c^orl. 

god ; ge-ea'Smet J)a mddigan. 96. f»darle ; bradan. 

92. ^admodan ahef'S ; healicuni ge- 97. sw^fne. 
|/ingj)um. 98. swiShunes. 

93. g(5dan. 


his lichaman hsele . and Jpsere alefednysse . 

He aras "Sa on mergeu micclum faegnigende . loo 

and mid twam criccum creap him to wynceastre . 

and gesohte "Sone sanct swa swa him gessed wses . 

biddende his hsele gebigdum cneowum . 

He wearS ]?a gehseled J^urh ]:)one halgau bisceop . 104 

swa pcet nses gesyne sySSan on his hricge . 

hvv8er se hofor stode J^e hine gehefegode o^pcet . 

pa nyston f)a munecas be (5am mseran halgan . 

and wendon pcet sum o'Ser halga gehselde ))one mann . loS 

ac se ceorl ssede Ipcet swy^un hine gehselde . 

forSan J)e he sylf wiste gewissost be 'Sam . 

Sum wer wses geuntrumod swi'Se yfelum broce . 

swa pcet he earfoc51ice J>a eagan undyde . 112 

and unea'Se mihte a^nig word gecwe'San . 

ac Iseg swa ge-ancsumod oi'wene his lifes . 

Da woldon his freond ealle hine ferian to niwan mynstre 

to ]5am halgan iudoce . pcet he him haele forgeafe . 116 

ac him ssede sum man Ipcet him selra weere 

pcet hi to ealdan mynstre J)one adligan feredon 

to swycSunes byrgene . and hi dydon swa sona . 

Hi wacodon cSa ]?a niht wicS J^a byrgene mid him . 120 

biddende J^one selmihtigan god . Ipcet he Sam adhgan menn 

his haele forgeafe . Ipurh Ipone halgan swy'Sun . 

Se untruma eac wacode o'^lpcet hit wolde dagian , 

]?a wearS he on slsepe . and seo wurcSfulle^ byrgen 124 

J?aes 'Se him eallum )?uhte eall bifigende wses . 

and f)am adlian J^uhte swylce man his senne sco 

of Sam fet him atuge^ and he fserlice awoc . 

He wses Sa gehseled J^urh Sone halgan swySun . 128 

99. heele. 106. st6de ; ge-hefgode. 

100. ar^s. 107. m£eran. 

loi. creap; win-. io8. wendon; ge-ha;lde. 

102. ge-s6hte; ge-sajd, 109. c^oii sa;de ; svviShun ; ge- 

103. hicle ; ge-bigedum. ha.4de. 

104. ge-haeled. 1 10. for j^am. 

105. swii ; ge-syne. in. ge-tin-. 

^ Final a, alt. to e. ^ Leaf 96, back. 



his bodily health, and [recovery from] his crippledness. 

He arose then in the morning, greatly rejoicing, loo 

and with two crutches crept to Winchester, 

and sought the saint even as it was told him, 

praying for his health on bended knees. 

Whereupon he was healed by the holy bishop, 104 

so that thereafter it could not be seen on his back 

where the hump had stood that had oppressed him till then. 

At that time the monks knew not about the great saint, 

and they weened that some other saint had healed the man, 108 

but the churl said that Swithhun had healed him, 

because he himself knew the most certainly about the matter. 

A certain man was afflicted with a very bad disease, 
so that he could with difficulty open his eyes, 112 

and could hardly utter a single word, 
but lay thus tormented, despairing of his life. 
Then all his friends wished to carry him to the new minster, 
to Saint Judoc, that he might give him health; 116 

but some one told them that it would be better for them 
to take the sick man to the old minster 
to Swithhun's grave, and thereupon they did so. 
Then that night they kept vigil at the grave with him, 120 

praying Almighty God that He would grant 
to the sick man his health, through Saint Swithhun. 
The infirm man also watched until it was becoming day, 
then he fell asleep, and the worshipful tomb, 124 

as it seemed to them all, was all rocking, 
and to the sick man it seemed as if some one was dragging 
one of his shoes off his foot ; and he suddenly awoke. 
He was then healed by the holy Swithhun. 128 

112. swjC ; Ci^gan. 

113. tin-; jjunig v/drd. 

114. llfes. 

115. frynd ; nlwan. 

116. iud(5ce; ha-'le for-geafe. 

117. scede ; mann ; selre. 

118. ddligan. 

119. swi'Shiines; swa dydon. 

121. h^; adligan. 

122. hjjcie for-geslfe; swi'Sliun. 

123. Tin- ; eac. 

1 24. h^ ; slcTpe. 

126. Mligan ; swilce ; sc^o. 

127. om. him; atilge; fijerlice. 

128. ge-ha;led ; swiShun. 



and man sohte f>one sco swyc^e geornlice . 

ac hine ne mihte nan man gemetan ^ p^r gefre . 

and hi gewendan f)a ham mid J^am gehseledan menn . 

paer wurdon gehselede set Ssere halgan byrgene 132 

eahta untrume menn . sercSan Ipe he of 'Ssere byrgene 

up genumen wsere . wundorlice f)urh god . 

Eadgar cyning pa, sefter Sysura tacnum 

wolde pcet se halga wer wurde up gedon . 136 

and sprsec hit to acSelwolde {jam arwurSan bisceope . 

poet he hine up adyde mid arwurSnysse . 

pa se bisceop acSelvvold mid abbodum and munecum . 

djde up ]?one sanct mid sange wurSlice . 140 

and baeron into cyrcan smicte petres huse . 

J^ger he stend mid wurSmynte and wundra gefrematS . 

peer wurdon gehselede jjurh 'Sone halgan wer . 

feower wan-hale menn binnan "Srym dagum . 144 

and geond fif monJ)as feawa daga wseron 

pcet (Sser nseron gehselede . huru "Sry untrume . 

hwilon fif . o'SSe syx . seofon o(5Se eahta . 

tyn o(5c5e twelf . syxtyne . o'SSe eahtatyne . 148 

binnon tyn dagum J?ser wurdon twa hund manna gehselede . 

and swa fela binnan twelf mon'Sum pcBt man hi getellan ne mihte . 

Se lictun Iseg afylled mid alefedum mannum . 

swa pcet man ea'Se ne mihte pcet mynster gesecan . 152 

and pB. ealle wurdon swa wundorlice gehselede 

binnan feawa dagum . poet man })8er findan ne mihte 

fif unhale menn of J^am micclan heape . 

On J?am dagum wseron on wihtlande J^reo wif . 156 

]?a twa wseron blinde geond nigon geara fee . 

and pcet f>rydde ne geseah f>8ere sunnan leoht nsefre . 

129. s<5hte; sceo swiSe. 137, dr-. 

130. nan maun ge-metan. 138. upp; ^r-, 

131. gewendon; Mm ; ge-hailedan. 141. beeron; hiise. 

132. ge-heelede. 142. stent. 

133. un-; ser fiam. 143. ge-hselede. 

135. tacnum. 144. wann-hd,le; })nm. 

^ gemeten, alt. to gemetan. 


They sought very carefully for the shoe, 

but no man was ever able to find it there. 

So they returned home with the man that had been healed. 

There were healed there, at the holy tomb, 132 

eight sick men, miraculously, by the power of God, 

before that he was taken up out of the tomb. 

After these signs King Eadgar then 
desired that the holy man should be exhumed, 136 

and said to the venerable bishop ^Ethelwold 
that he should translate him with great pomp. 
Then bishop ^thelwold, with abbots and monks, 
solemnly took up the saint with chanting, 140 

and bore him into the church, St. Peter's house. 
There he abideth in honour and worketh miracles. 
Then there were healed, by the holy man, 

four sick men within three days ; 144 

and during five months there were few days 
when there were not healed at least three sick persons ; 
sometimes five or six, or seven or eight, 

ten or twelve, sixteen or eighteen. 148 

"Within ten days two hundred men were healed, 
and so many within twelve months that no man could count 

The burial-ground lay filled with crippled folk, 
so that people could hardly get into the minster ; 152 

and they were all so miraculously healed 
within a few days, that one could not find there 
five unsound men out of that great crowd. 

In those days there were in the Isle of Wight three women, 156 
two of them had been blind for the space of nine years, 
and the third had never seen the sun's light, 

145. geond flf ; fe^wa. 152. swa; ge-s^can. 

146. ^ry un-. 153. ge-hselede. 

147. flf. 154. fejiwa ; findan. 

148. tyn. 155. flfiin-; micclum he^pe. 

149. Binnan ; ge-hadede. 156. fr^o, 

150. nan man hf. 157. tw^; blinde; geira. fxc. 

151. lictun. 158. })ridde. 



Hi begeaton f>a earfot^lice him^ genne latteow 

aenne dumbne cnapan and comon to }?am halgan . i6o 

and ane niht J^ser wacodon and wurdon gehselede . 

-ge tSa blindau wif ge se dumba latteow . 

pa ssede se cnapa J?am cyrevverde pcet . 

and cwceQ lp(Bt he nsefre ser nalit cweSan ne mihte . 164 

and bsed pcet hi sungon ]?one gesettan lof-sang . 

On J^sere ylcan tide wees sum wyln gehaeft to swinglum 

for svvy(5e lytlan gylte . and Iseg on heeftnedum 

Ipcet heo heteliee wsere Ipses on mergen beswungen . 168 

J?a wacode lieo ealle Sa niht and mid wope clypode 

to Sam halgan swySune pcet he hulpe hire earmre . 

and fram )?am re"5um swinglum hi ^ ahredde Jjurh god . 

Mid f)am J^e hit dagode and man drihtnes lofsang ongan . 172 

J?a feollan 'Sa fot-copsas fserlice hire fram . 

and heo arn to cyrcan to fam arwurSan halgan 

gebundenum handum swa swa se halga wolde . 

and se hlaford com sefter and alysde hire handa . 176 

and gefreode hi sona for swy'Sunes wur'Smynte . 

Sum f>egn Iseg alefed lange . on paralisyn . 

and ne mihte of his bedde for manegum gearum . 

pa cw8ec5 he pcet^ he^ wolde to wynceastre sytSian 180 

huru on his hors-bsere . and biddan his hsele . 

Mid f)am pe he J^is cwseS to his cnihtum and freondum . 

J^a wearS he gehseled and gewende swa f»eah 

to }?am halgan sancte . siSigende on fotum 184 

fyrmest on ))am flocce on ealre fsere fare . 

and Sancode J^am halgan his hsele geornlice . 

Fif and twentig manna myslice ge-untrume 

comon to J^am halgan heora hsele biddende . 188 

sume wseron blinde . sume wseron healte . 

sume eac deafe . and dumbe eac sume . 

159. be-gec4ton. 161. ^ne ; ge-hxlede. 

160. dumbne. 162. bllndan; ddmba. 

^ Above the line. ^ Leaf 97. 


They got for themselves as guide, with some difficulty, 

a dumb boy, and they came to the saint, i6o 

and watched there for one night, and were healed, 

both the blind women and the dumb guide. 

Then the boy told it to the sacristan, 

and said, that he had never before been able to speak, 164 

praying that they would sing the appointed hymn of praise. 

About the same time a certain bondwoman was caught to be 
for some very slight fault, and lay in custody 
to be severely flogged for it in the morning. 168 

Then the whole night she kept awake, and with weeping cried 
to the holy Swithhun, that he would help her, a poor wretch, 
and through [the power of] God would deliver her from the 

cruel stripes. 
When it dawned, and they began to sing lauds, 172 

then suddenly the fetters round her feet fell from her, 
and she ran to the church to the blessed saint, 
with bound hands, as the saint willed, 

and her lord came after her and loosed her hands, 176 

and freed her at once for the honour of Saint Swithhun. 

A certain thane lay a long time crippled by paralysis, 
and could not move from his bed for many years. 
Then said he that he desired to journey to Winchester 180 

if only in his horse-litter, and pray for his healing. 
While he was saying this to his servants and friends, 
he was cured; but nevertheless he wended 

to the holy saint, travelling on his feet, 184 

foremost in that company during the whole journey, 
and earnestly thanked the saint for his recovery. 
Five and twenty men, diversely afflicted, 

came to the saint, imploring their health; 188 

some were blind, and some were halt, 
some also deaf, and some dumb, 

163. ssede. [G. omits from cnapa in 1. 163 to sege me in 1. 378.] 


and hi ealle wurdon anes dseges gehaelede 

f>urh J?ges lialgan Singimge . and liim ham gewendon . 192 

Sum |:»egn wees on engla l^nde on sehtum swy"5e welig . 

se wear's feerlice blind . j?a ferde he to rome . 

wolde his haele biddan . set ]:)am halgum apostolum . 

He wunode J^a on rome and ne wearS gehseled . 196 

feower gear fulli^ce . and befran pa. be swySune 

hwylce wundra he worhte sySSan he gewende f)anon . 

he efste J?a swySe and to his earde gewende . 

and com to f)am halgan were and wearS geheeled f>8er . 200 

and ham gewende mid halre gesihSe . 

Sum wer wses eac blind wel seofon gear fulle . 

se hsefde senne latteow f»e hine Isedde geh wider . 

^a sume dseg code he swa swa he oft dyde . 204 

and se latteow wearcS gebolgen and J^one blindan forlet . 

arn him aweg . and se o'Ser nyste 

hu he ham come . ac clypode to gode 

mid innewerdre heortan , and mid angsumnysse cwaetS . 208 

Eala pu mihtiga drihten manna and engla . 

geseoh mine yrmSe ic geseon ne mseg . 

and min lySra latteow forlet me pus senne . 

Gemiltsa me drihten f>urh Sone mseran swySun . 212 

and forgif me gesihSe . for Saes sanctes geearnungum . 

Eft he clypode pus . and cwce^ to "Sam halgan . 

Eala j^u milda bisceop pe manega wundra of cumacS 

]?urh )?one lifigendan god . leof ic pe bidde 216 

pcet f)u me ge})ingie to f>am mihtigan hselende . 

ic gelyfe pcet he wille gewislice pe tiSian . 

He wearS pa. gehseled . and hsefde his gesihSe . 

and ham code blySe butan latteowe ana 220 

Se "5e lytic aer j^anon wses gelaed jjurh Sone o]:)erne . 

and his magas Sancodon mycclum Sees gode . 

Af)elwold f)a se arwurSa and se eadiga bisceop . 

I^e on 'Sam dagum wses on winceastre bisceop . 224 

* Leaf 97, back. 


and they all were healed in one day- 
through the saint's intercession, and went their way home. 192 
There was a certain thane in England, very rich in possessions, 
who became suddenly blind ; then journeyed he to Rome, 
desiring to pray for his cure from the holy Apostles, 
he dwelt at Kome, but was not cured, 196 

for four full years ; then he heard of Saint Swithhun, 
what miracles he had wrought since he [the thane] had journeyed 

thence ; 
then made he much haste, and returned to his own country, 
and came to the holy man, and was there healed, 200 

and returned home with perfect sight. 

Another man was also blind for seven full years; 
he had a guide who led him everywhere. 

One day he went out as he often did, 204 

and the guide became angry, and left the blind man, 
and ran away, and the other knew not 
how he should come home, but cried to God 
from his inmost heart, and with anguish said, 208 

' Oh Thou mighty Lord of men and angels, 
look upon my misery ; I cannot see ; 
and my wicked guide hath left me thus alone. 
Have pity on me. Lord, through the [intercession of] great 
Swithhun, 212 

and give me sight for the saint's merits.' 
Again he cried thus, and said to the saint, 
* Oh thou mild bishop, from whom come often many miracles 
through the living God ; I pray thee, master, 2 1 6 

to intercede for me with the mighty Saviour, 
I believe that He will certainly grant thee' [thy petition]. 
"Whereupon he was made whole, and had his sight, 
and without a guide he blithely went home alone, 220 

who a little time before was led by another ; 
and his kinsmen greatly thanked God for this. 

Then iEthelwold, the venerable and blessed bishop, 
who in those days was bishop of Winchester, 224 


bead his muneciim eallum f>e on (5am mynstre wunodon . 

pcet hi ealle eodon endemes to cyrcan . 

and mid sange heredon pses sanctes meerSa . 

and god msersodon swa on f)am mseran halgan . 228 

swa oft swa senig wan-hal mann wurde gehseled . 

pa dydon hi sona swa . and sungon J?one lofsang . 

o'^pcet heom ^ lacSode eallum Ipcet hi swa oft arisan . 

hwilon j^rywa on niht . hwilon feower sy'Sum 232 

to singenne pone lofsang J)on^e hi slapan sceoldon . 

^and forleton ealle endemes ))one sang . 

forSam pe se bisceop wses bysig mid ]?am cynincge . 

and nyste butan hi sungon J^one lof-sang for'S on . 236 

Hwset (5a se halga swySun sylf com on swefne 

wundorlice geglencged to sumum godan menn . and cw8e?5 . 

Gang nu to ealdan mynstre . and })am munecum sege 

pcet gode swy^e oflicatS heora ceorung . and slsewtS . 240 

pcet hi deeg-hwamlice geseoS drihtnes wundra mid him . 

and hi nellatS herian }?one hselend mid sange . 

swa swa se bisceop behead f)am gebroSrum to donne . 

and sege gif hi nellac5 J^one sang gelsestan . 244 

Jjonne geswicaS eac sona Sa wundra . 

and gif hi J)one lofsang willacS set j^am wundrum singan . 

swa oft swa wanhale menn Jpser wur(5a(5 gerihte . 

]5onne wurSaf) mid him wundra swa fela . 248 

pcet nan man ne mseg gemunan on life . 

pcet senig man gesawe swylce wundra ahwser . 

pa awaecnode se wer of f)am wynsuman slsepe . 

and swy^e be-sargode pcet he geseon ne moste 252 

ne nan Isencg brucan f>8es beorhtan leohtes . 

pe he mid swiSune hsefde t5a^ gesewen . 

He aras swaSeah and swi'Se hra'Se ferde 

to ajjelwolde bisceope . and him eall f>is ssede . 256 

A]?elwold fa asende sona to J?am munecum 

of cyninges hyrede . and cwce'S pcet hi sceoldon 

]5one lof-sang singan . swa swa he ge-set hsefde . 

^ him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 98. ^ Above the line^ 


bade all his monks who dwelt in the monastery, 

that they should all go in procession to church, 

and with hymns praise the merits of the saint, 

and so magnify God, because of the great saint, 228 

as often as any sick man should be healed. 

Then forthwith they did so, and sang the Te Deum, 

until they all loathed to arise so often, 

sometimes three, and sometimes four times in a night, 232 

to sing the Te Deum, when they wanted to sleep ; 

and at last they all left off the chanting, 

because the bishop was busy with the king, 

and knew not but that they sang the Te Deum continually. 236 

Behold then, the holy Swithhun himself came in a vision, 

wondrously adorned, to a certain good man, and said, 

* Go now to the Old Minster, and say to the monks, 

that God greatly misliketh their murmuring and sloth, 240 

in that they daily see God's wonders amongst them, 

and yet they will not praise Christ with chanting 

even as the bishop bade the brethren do ; 

and say, "if they will not perform the hymn, 244 

straightway the miracles shall soon cease ; 

and if they will sing the Te Deum at the miracles, 

as often as sick men shall there be made whole, 

then shall so many miracles be done amongst them, 248 

that no man shall be able to remember in his lifetime 

that anyone hath seen such miracles anywhere." ' 

Then the man awoke out of that winsome sleep, 

and greatly lamented that he could not see, 252 

nor any longer enjoy the bright light 

which he had seen around Swithhun. 

He arose nevertheless, and very quickly went 

to bishop ^thelwold, and told him all this ; 256 

yEthelwold thereupon sent immediately to the monks, 

from the king's court, and bade that they should 

sing the Te Deum, even as he had appointed,' 


and se f»e hit forsawe . sceolde hit mid fsestene 260 

seofon niht on an svvarlice gebetan . 

Hi hit heoldon J^a sy'SSan symle on ge-wunon . 

swa swa we gesawon sylfe for oft . 

and f)one sang we sungon unseldon mid heom^ . 264 

Sum wer wses betogen pcet he wsere on stale . 

waes swa(5eah unseyldig . and hine man sona gelsehte 

and sefter woruld-dome dydon him ut pa, eagan . 

and his earan forcurfon . f)a arn him Ipcet blod 268 

into pSLTon heafde . Ipcet he gehyran ne mihte . 

pa wses he seofon moncSas wunigende swa ^ blind . 

and his hlyst nsefde . oppoet he mid geleafan ferde 

to {)am halgan swySune . and gesohte his ban 272 

biddende J?one halgan pcBt he his bene gehyrde . 

and him hum geearnode pcBt he gehyran mihte 

forj^an (Se he ne gelyfde pcet he onliht wurde . 

and cwseS pent he wurde wolice swa getucod . 276 

pa weartS godes wundor geworht an f)am menn 

J?urh swySunes ]:»ingunge pcet he geseah beorhte 

ansundum eagum . J^eah cSe hi aer wseron ut adyde 

of psim eah-hringum . and se ot5er seppel was ge-emtigod . 280 

and se oSer hangode gehal eet his hleore . 

Him waes eac forgifen pcEt he wel mihte gehyran . 

se tSe 8er nsefde ne eagan . ne hlyst . 

Is swa (Seah to witenne pcet we ne moton us gebiddan . 284 

swa to godes halgum swa swa to gode sylfum . 

forSan J^e he is ana god ofer ealle J^incg . 

Ac we sceolon biddan sotSlice fia halgan . 

pcet hi us J^ingion to pawi J)rym-wealdendum gode . 288 

se]3e is heora hlaford . pmt he helpe us . 

Hwilon wacodon menn swa swa hit gewunelic is 

ofer an dead lie . and (Sser wses sum dysig mann 

plegol ungemetlice . and to )?am mannum cwsetS 292 

swylce for plegan . pcet he swy'Sun wsere . 

Ge magon to socSum witan pcet ic swySun eom 

^ him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 98, back. 


and he that neglected it should heavily atone for it 260 

by fasting for seven days continuously. 

Thenceforth they ever observed this custom, 

as we ourselves have very often seen, 

and have not seldom sung this hymn with them. 264 

A certain man was accused of stealing, 
who however was innocent, and they at once seized him, 
and according to the sentence, put out his eyes, 
and cut off his ears ; then the blood ran 268 

into his head, so that he could not hear ; 
then for seven months he thus continued blind, 
and without his hearing, until he went in faith 
to the holy Swithhun, and sought his bones, 272 

praying the saint that he would hear his petition, 
and at least grant that he might hear, 
because he did not believe that he could ever again see; 
and said that he had been unjustly so punished. 276 

Then God's wonder was wrought in that man 
through Swithhun's intercession, that he saw clearly 
with perfect eyes, though they had before been thrust out 
of the eye-rings [sockets] and one apple [ball] was removed, 280 
and the other hung down whole, at his cheek. 
It was also granted him that he could hear well, 
he who formerly had neither eyes nor hearing. 
Nevertheless it is to wit, that we must not pray 284 

to God's Saints as to God Himself, 
because He alone is God, and above all things; 
but we should truly pray the saints 

to intercede for us with the All-ruling God, 288 

Who is their Lord, that He may help us. 

Once men were keeping vigil by a corpse, 
as is customary, and there was a foolish man, 
jesting unmeetly, who said to the men, 292 

as if in sport, that he was Swithhun. 
' Ye may know in sooth that I am Swithhun 


se "Se wundra wyrct5 . and ic wille pcet ge beran 

eower leoht to me . and licgacS on cneowum 296 

and ic eow forgife pwt pcet ge gyrnende Leo's . 

He wofFode 'Sa swa lange mid wordum dyslice . 

o^pcet he feoU geswogen swylce he sawl-leas wsere . 

and hine man bser ham to his baedde sona . 300 

and he Iseg swa lange his lifes orwene . 

His magas 'Sa set nextan J^one mann feredon 

to f)am halgan swif)une . and he sylf andette 

his dyslican word Ipe he dyrstiglice sprsec . 304 

and bsed him forgifnysse . and he wear's }?a gehseled . 

swd poet he hal eode ham mid his magum . 

Is eac to witenne pcet menn unwislice doS 

pa. Se dwollice plegaS set deadra man^na lice . 308 

and aelce fulnysse J^ser forS-teoS mid plegan . 

f»onne hi sceoldon swySor be-sargian f)one deadan . 

and ondrsedan him sylfum J^aes deaSes tocyme . 

and biddan for his sawle butan gew^de georne . 312 

Sums menn eac drincaS set deadra manna lice 

ofer ealle )?a niht swiSe unrihtlice . 

and gremiaS god mid heora gegaf-sprsece . 

J^onne nan gebeorscype ne gebyra'S set lice. 316 

ac halige gebedu Jjser gebyriaS swi]:»or . 

Hwilon comon to Sam^ halgan hund-twelftig manna 

mislice geuntrumode mid manegum brocum . 

and J?a wurdon ealle wundorlice gehselde . 320 

binnan Jjrym wucum . and hi wendon ham 

j^ancigende f>am selmihtigan gode ^ and f>am arwurSan swif)une . 

Sumes j^egnes cniht feoll fserlice of his ^ horse 

pcet him to-bserst se earm . and se oSer sceanca . 324 

and swiSe wearS gecwysed . pcet hi sona wendon 

pcet he f)ser-rihte sceolde sweltan heom ^ setforan . 

He wses his hlaforde swyf»e leof serj^an . 

and se hlaford J^a* besargode swySe j^one cniht . 328 

and bsed f>one selmihtigan mid inwerdre heortan . 

* Leaf 99. ^ Above the line. ^ him, alt. to heom. * Above the line. 


who worketh these miracles, and I will that ye bring 

your tapers to me, and prostrate yourselves, 296 

and I will grant you what you are desiring/ 

He thus blasphemed a long time with foolish words, 

until he fell silenced, as if he were lifeless, 

and they hare him straightway home to his bed. 300 

He lay thus a long time, despairing of his life; 

then at last his kinsmen carried the man 

to Saint Swithhun, and he himself confessed 

his foolish words, that he had presumptously spoken, 304 

and entreated pardon from him, and thereon he was made 

so that he went home in health with his kinsmen. 
It is likewise to wit, that men do unwisely 
when they doltishly jest at dead men's corpses, 308 

and introduce by their sport any licentiousness, 
when they should rather sorrow for the dead, 
and dread the coming of death for themselves, 
and earnestly pray for his soul without [any] madness. 312 

Some men also most unrighteously 
drink the whole night at a lyke-wake, 
and blaspheme God with their wanton speech, 
whereas no beer-drinking is seemly at a wake, 316 

but rather holy prayers are fitting there. 

Once there came to the saint a hundred and twenty men, 
diversely afflicted with many diseases, 

and they were all wondrously healed 320 

within three weeks, and returned home, 
thanking Almighty God and the venerable Swithhun. 

A certain thane's servant fell suddenly from his horse 
so that his arm and left leg broke, 324 

and he was so much crushed that they straightway thought 
he would at once die right before them ; 
he had previously been very dear to his lord, 
and the lord greatly lamented for the servant, 328 

and besought the Almighty from his inmost heart 


pcet he f>am menn geheolpe f)urh 'Sone mseran swif)un . 
He clypode eac to swi'Sune J^us secgende mid geomerunge . 
Eala tSu halga swiSun . bide pone hselend . 332 

poet he lif forgife J^ysum licgendum cnihte . 
and ic beo psds pe geleaffulra ]:)am lifigendan gode . 
eallum minum dagum gif he deS j^is })urh pe . 
Se eniht (5a aras hal gehseled j^urh sancte swi|:)iin . 336 

and se hlaford j^ses fsegnode . and mid geleafan god herede . 
Sum eald pegn wses eac on wihtlande untrum . 
swa pcet he Iseg beeddryda sume nigon gear . 
and of ^am bedde ne mihte buton hine man bsere . 340 

Him comon f)a on swefne to twegen scinende halgan . 
and heton hine yrnan ardlice mid him . 
^ pa cw8e(5 se adliga hu mseg ic yrnan mid eow . 
J^onne ic ne aras of Jjysum bedde ana . 344 

nu for nigon gearum butan of)res mannes fylste . 
pa cwsedon )?a halgan . J^u cymst to 'Ssere stowe 
gif Su fserst mid us nu . 'Seer J?aer Su under-fehst J^ine hsele . 
He wearS pa, swy'Se fsegen . and wolde faran mid heom ^ . 348 
ac J^ajja he ne mihte heom ^ mid syc5ian . 
pa flugon hi geond pa, lyft and feredon J?one adligan . 
o'^pcet hi becomon to sumum senlicum felda fsegre geblowen . 
and psdY wses an cyrce of scinendum golde . 352 

and of gymstanum standende on J^am felda ^ . 
and se halga swic5un on scinendum msesse-reafe 
stod set Sam weofode . swylce he wolde maessian . 
SwySun cwaecS pa. sona to J^am seocan menn . 356 

ic secge (Se broSor }3u ne scealt heonon-for'5 
nanon menn yfel don . ne nanne man wyrigan . 
ne nsenne man tselan . ne teonful beon . 

ne '5u man-slagum ne getSweerlsece . ne manfulluw reaferum . 360 
ne Seofum J^a ne olsece . ne yfeldaedum ne ge-'5w8erlsece . 
ac swi'5or gehelp swa pu selost msege 
wan-hafolum mannu?7i mid j^inum agenum spedum . 
and ]:»u swa J^urh godes mihte sylf bist gehseled . 364 

^ Leaf 99, back. '-^ him, alt. to heom. ^ felde, alt. to felda. 


that lie would help the man through the great Swithhun ; 

he cried eke to Swithhun, thus saying in his lamentation, 

' Oh thou holy Swithhun, pray to Jesus 332 

that He may grant life to this sick servant, 

and I will be for this the faithfuller to the living God 

all my days, if He does this through thee/ 

Then the servant arose, made whole through St. Swithhun. 336 

The lord rejoiced thereat, and with faith praised God. 

A certain old thane in the Isle of "Wight was also afflicted, 
so that he lay bedridden some nine years, 

and could not leave the bed unless he were carried, 340 

To him came in a dream two shining saints, 
and bade him quickly run with them. 
Then quoth the sick man, ' How can I run with you 
when I have not arisen from this bed alone, 344 

without some man's help, now for nine years ? ' 
Then said the saints, ' Thou shalt come to that place, 
if thou goest with us now, where thou shalt receive thy 

He was then very glad, and desired to go with tliem ; 348 

but when he could not journey with them, 
then flew they through the air, and bare the sick man 
until they came to a solitary field, brightly blooming, 
and there was a church, of shining gold 352 

and of precious stones, standing in the field; 
and St. Swithhun, in shining eucharistic vestments, 
stood before the altar, as if about to say mass. 
Then said Swithhun straightway to the sick man, 356 

* I tell thee, brother, that henceforth thou must not 
do evil to any man, nor curse any man, 
nor §peak evil of any man, nor be malicious, 
nor consent to manslayers, nor connive at wicked 360 

robbers and thieves, nor join in evil deeds, 
but rather help, as best thou canst, 
needy men with thine own goods, 
and thou thyself shalt be healed by the power of God.' 364 


Se adliga f)a 'Solite pcet he yfel nolde don 

buton )?ain anum J)e him ser yfel dyde . 

and (5am wolde don wel Ipe him wel dyde *r , 

pa wiste se halga swicSun hu his heorte smeade . 368 

and cwaecS bli'Selice him to . BroSor ic Ipe secge . 

ne do j?u swa pn smeadest . pcet 'Sii derige senigum 

J)eah t5e he derige t5e . ac f>inum drihtne ge-efenlsec . 

se 'Se nolde wyrian ]?a 'Se hine dydon to cwale . 372 

and het his folgeras pcet hi for heora fyondum ge-beedon . 

Eac cwse'S paulus se apostol to eallum eristenum mannum . 

gif 'Sinum fynd hingrige fed hine mid mettum . 

^ o(5Se gif him )?yrste '5u do him drincan. 376 

pa cwoeS se bedryda to 'Sam bisceope eft . 

La leof . sege me hwset ]>n sy manna . 

nu Su manna heortan miht swa asmeagen . 

pa cwse'S se halga swySun . ic eom sepe nu niwan com . 380 

swylce he cwsede swa . ic wses geswutelod nu niwan . 

pa cwoe'S se bsedryda to Sam bisceope eft. 

hu eart Su gehaten . and se halga him cwceS to . 

ponne Su cymst to winceastre . pu. wast minne naman . 384 

Se man wearS pSi gebroht to his bedde eft sona . 

and awdc of slsepe . and ssede his wife 

ealle 'Sa ge-sihSe pe he gesewen hsefde . 

pa cwseS pcBt wif him to . poet hit wsere swySun 388 

se "Se hine Iserde mid J^sere halgan lare . 

and J^one Se he geseah on Ssere cyrcan swa fsegerne . 

Heo cwoeS Sa to f am were . hit wsere nu full good . 

pcet Se man bsere to cyrcan . and J?u bsede J^one halgan 392 

poet he Se gehselde ]:)urh his halgan ge-earnunga^ . 

Hine man bser "Sa sona of Sam bedde to cyrcan 

binnan withlande . and he wearS gehseled sona 

379. sw^ asme%an. 383. ed,rt; ge-h^ten; t6. 

380, swi'Shun ; nii niwan c<5m. 384. wast. 

381. swa cwaede ; nii niwan. 385. mann. 

382, bedryda. 386. sleepe; ssede; wife. 

^ Leaf 100. ^ ge-eamunge, alt. to ge-earnunga. 


Then the sick man reflected that he did not wish to do evil 

save only to those who before had done evil to him, 

and that he wished to do well to those who before had done well 

to him. 
But St. Swithhun knew how his heart reasoned, 368 

and said blithely to him, ' Brother, I tell thee, 
do not, as thou thinkest, harm to any man 
though he may harm thee, but imitate thy Lord, 
Who would not curse those who put Him to death, 372 

and bade His followers pray for their enemies. 
Likewise saith Paul the Apostle to all Christian men, 
" If thine enemy hunger, feed him with meats, 
or if he thirst, give thou him drink." ' 376 

Then said the bedridden man again to the bishop, 
' Oh sir, tell me what manner of man thou art, 
since thou canst so discern men's hearts.' 

Then said the holy Swithhun, * I am he who now newly came,' 380 
as if he had said, * I was now newly made known.' 
Then again said the bedridden man to the bishop, 
' How art thou called ] ' and the saint said to him, 
' When thou comest to Winchester, thou shalt know my name.' 384 
Then immediately the man was brought again to his bed, 
and awoke from sleep, and told his wife 
all the vision that he had seen. 

Then said the woman to him, * that it was Swithhun 3S8 

who had instructed him in this holy lore, 
and whom he had seen so glorious in the church.' 
Then she said to her husband, ' It would now be full well 
that men should carry thee to church, and tliou shouldst pray to 
the saint 392 

that he would heal thee through his holy merits.' 
Then straightway they bare him from his bed to a churcli 
in the Isle of Wight, and he was instantly healed 

388. wif; t6; swi'Shun. 393. ge-haelde ; ge-eir\mr\ge. 

389. laerde ; Ijire. 394. sdna. 

391. nd; g6d. 395. ge-hauletl. 

392. man))ebsere; Itaede. 



))urh f)one selmihtigan god . for swy(5unes ge-earnungum . 396 

and eode him '5a ham hal on his fotuw . 

secSe ser wses geboren on bssre to cyrcan . 

He ferde eac si'SSan to win^ceastre for-rat5e . 

and cydde acSelwolde J?am arwurj)an bisceope . 400 

hu he wear's gehseled J^urh jpone halgan swif)un . 

and land-fer'S se ofer-seewisca hit gesette on Iseden . 

Nu is to witenne pcet we ne sceolan cepan ealles 

to swy'Se be swefnum . forSan Ipe hi ealle ne bee's of gode . 404 

Sume swefna syndon soSlice of gode . 

swa swa we on bocum rsedaS . and sume beoS of deofle 

to sumum swicdome hu he Sa sawle for-psere . 

ac his gedwimor ne maeg derian lpa.m godum . 408 

gif hi hi bletsiaj) . and hi ^gebiddaS to gode . 

pa swefna beo^ wynsume f>e gewurSa]? of gode . 

and f)a beoS egefulle Se of j^am deofle cuma"S . 

and god sylf forbead pcet we swefnum ne folgion . 412 

J^e Ises Se se deofol us bedydrian msege . 

Sum man on winceastre wearS yrre his 'Seowan men 

for sumere gymeleaste . and gesette hine on fetera . 

He sset Sa swa lange on f)am laSum bendum . 416 

o^pcBt he bestsel ut mid his stafe hoppende . 

and gesohte "Sone sanct swySun mid geomerunge . 

Se scyttel Sa asceat sona of J^eere fetere . 

and se "Seowa aras ahred fiurh Sone halgan . 420 

Sum mann wees gebunden on-butan \>cet heafod 

for his hefigum gylte . se com to })am halgan . 

and his swara heafod-bend sona to-bserst . swa he hine gebged 

Ne mage we awritan ne mid wordum asecgan 424 

ealle J?a wundra pe se halga wer swi"Sun . 

396. swiShiines ge-earnungum. 403. is lis to ; sceolon c^pan. 

397. «^ode ; hfim h^l ; fdtum. 404. switJe. 

398. aer; bsere. 405. swefna. 

399. ferde ed,c syS'San. 406. bdcum reedaS. 

400. ^r-. 407. hii hd ; for-raede. 

401. ge-haeled ; swiShun, 408. gddum. 

402. leden. 410. swdfna. 

* win ahove the line. ^ Leaf 100, back. 



by Almighty God, for Swithhun's merits, 396 

and he then went home whole on his feet, 

who before was borne on a bier to church. 

Then afterwards he went very quickly to Winchester, 

and told the venerable bishop ^thelwold 400 

how he had been healed through the holy Swithhun ; 

and Landferth, the foreigner, set it down in Latin. 

Now is it to be known, that we should not at all trust 

too much to dreams, because they are not all from God ; 404 

some dreams are in truth from God, 

even as we read in books, and some are from the devil 

for some deceit, [seeking] how he may pervert the soul, 

but his phantasms cannot harm good men, 408 

if they cross themselves, and commend themselves to God. 

Those dreams are pleasant which come from God, 

and those are fearful which come from the devil ; 

and God Himself forbade us to follow dreams, 412 

lest the devil have power to bewitch us. 

A certain man in "Winchester was angry with his serf 
for some carelessness, and put him in fetters ; 
he sat there a long time in the hated bonds 416 

until he stole out, hopping by help of liis staff, 
and sought Saint Swithhun with lamentation. 
The bolt at once shot out of the fetter, 
and the serf rose up, freed by the saint. 420 

A certain man was bound about the head 
for his heavy guilt ; he came to the saint, 
and his sore head-bond soon burst asunder as he prayed. 

We cannot write, nor recount in words, 424 

all the miracles that the holy man Swithhun 

411. egesfull(e). 

412. -1)(?ad ; swefnum, 

413. laes ; us; mage. 

414. mann ; menu. 

416. b^ndum. 

417. lit; staefe hoppegende. 

418. ge-s<5hte ; swiShun. 

419. scyttels; asc^t. 

420. anls ahredtl. 

421. ge-biinden on-butan ; bdafod. 

422. hefegum gylte ; cdm. 

423. sw^ra ; -bend. 

424. awritan ; w6rdum. 

425. swi^hnii. 



I^urh god gefremode on (Sees folces gesihf)e . 

ge on geliseftum mannu9/t . ge on unlialum mannum . 

mannum to swutelunge . Ipcet hi svlfe magon 428 

godes rice geearnian mid godiim weorcu??^ . 

swa swa swi]:)un dyde . J^e nu sciiiS ]?urli wundra . 

Seo ealde cyrce wses eall behangen mid criccum . 

and mid creopera scearaelum . fram ende o(5 oj^erne 432 

on fegSrum wage . pe Sser wurdon gehselede . 

and man ne mihte swa "Seali macian hi healfe up . 

pyllice tacna cyJ^a'S p(^t ciist is selmihtig god . 

J)e his halgan geswutelode J^urh swylce wel-dseda . 436 

|?eah (Je 'Sa ludeiscan Jjurh deofol beswicene . 

nellon gelyfan on }?one lyfigendan crist . 

ser'San j^e antecrist ofslagen bicS ]:)urh god . 

J?onne bnga'S pSL earmingas on ende J^ysre worulde 440 

tSe J?8er to lafe beo^S mid geleafan to crist e . 

and Sa serran losiaS Ipe ser ^ noldon gelyfan . 

We habba'S nu ge&eed be swiSune pus sceortlice . 

and we secgaS to so'San poet se tima wees gesselig 444 

and wynsum on angel-cynne . |?a^a eadgar cynincg 

Jjone cristeii-dom ge-fyicSrode . and fela munuclifa arserde . 

and his cynerice wees wunigende on sibbe . 

swa pcet man ne gehyrde gif senig scyp-here wsere 448 

buton agenre leode pe 'Sis hind heoldon . 

and ealle Sa cyningas pe on J^ysura iglande wseron . 

cumera . and scotta . comon to eadgare , 

hwilon anes daeges eahta cyningas . 452 

and hi ealle gebugon to eadgares wissunge . 

paer-to-eacan wseron swilce wundra gefremode 

f)urh J?one halgan swy'Sun . swa swa we ssedon aer . 

and swa lange swa we leofodon psQv wurdon gelome wundra . 456 

On Sam timan waeron eac wur'S-fulle bisceopas . 

427. om. Ji7'st mnnnum ; unhdlum. 433. segSeriiin w^ge. 

429, rice ge-darnian ; gddum. 435. tacna cyj^aS. 

430, swiShun ; mi scinp, 436. swilce. 

432. creopera; ^nde. 438. god (/or crist). 

' Leaf 101. 



wrought by the power of God in the sight of the people, 

both on prisoners, and on sick men, 

to manifest to men that they themselves may 428 

merit the kingdom of heaven by good works, 

even as Swithhun did, who now shineth through his miracles. 

The Old church was hung all round with crutches, 

and with the stools of cripples, (from one end to the other 432 

on either wall), who had been healed there, 

and not even so could they put half of them up. 

Such tokens declare that Christ is Almighty God, 

Who revealed His Saint by such good deeds, 436 

though the Jews, deceived by the devil, 

will not believe in the living Christ, 

until Antichrist shall be destroyed by God. 

Then shall those miserable people, with all who remain 440 

at the end of this world, submit themselves with faith to Christ, 

and the men of old sliall be lost who formerly would not believe. 

We have now spoken thus briefly of Swithhun, 
and we say of a truth that the time was blessed 444 

and winsome in England, when King Eadgar 
furthered Christianity, and built many monasteries, 
and his kingdom still continued in peace, 

so that no fleet was heard of, 448 

save that of the people themselves who held this land ; 
and all the kings of the Cymry and Scots 
that were in this island, came to Eadgar 

once upon a day, being eight kings, 41; 2 

and they all bowed themselves to Eadgar's rule. 
Then moreover were such wonders wrought 
through Saint Swithhun, as we said before, 

and as long as we have lived frequent miracles were done there. 456 
At that time there were also worthy bishops, 

439. aoweald {for ofslagen). 

440. biigaS ; pissere. 

441. Iflfe. 

442. aerran ; ge-lyfan. 

443. mi ge-S£ed ; swiSlidne. 

444. tlma ; ge-saelig, 

445. cyning. 

446. -d6in ; -Ufa anl-rde. 

447. -rfce, 

[Ct. omits 11. 448-498] 


clunstan se anrseda set Sam erce-stole . 

and a|:)elwold se arwur?5a . and otSre gehwylce . 

ac dunstan and aj^elwold wseron drihtne gecorene . 460 

and hi swySost manodon menn to godes willan , 

and selc god arserdon gode to cwemednysse . 

])(el geswutelia'S J?a wundra pe god wyrct5 f)urh hi . 


M annum is eac to witenne pcet manega dry-men 464 

maciatS menig-fealde dydrunga ]3urh deofles crseft . 
swa swa wischeras oft dot5 . and bedydriat5 menn 
swylce hi so'Slice swylc f>incg don . 

ac hit is swa 'Seah dydrung mid deofles crsefte . 468 

and gif hwa hit bletsaS Jjonne ablyntS seo dydrung . 
Be "Sam we magan secgan sume soSe bysne . 
Macharius wees ge-haten sum halig feeder 

on ^wsestene wunigende . fela wundra wyrcende 472 

munuc-lifes man . Sa wearS an mseden forbroden 
fiurh dry-manna dydrunge . ge-dwimorlice swa Seah . 
pcet mseden wses swa forbroden swylce heo an myre wsere . 
and eallum f>am f>uhte f>e hire onlocodon 476 

swilce heo myre waere . na mennisces gecyndes . 
pa leddon hire magas hi to macharie . 
and he sona axode hwset hi woldon mid )?am . 
pa magas him cwsedon to . J^eos myre pe Su gesihst 480 

wees ure dohtor arwurSe mseden . 
ac awyrigde dry-menn awendon hi to myran . 
nu bidde we Se leof . p(Bt Su ge-bide for hi 
and hi eft awende to J)am Se heo ser wees . 484 

Macharius ()a cwceS to hire magum Sus . 
Ic ge-seo ]:)is mseden on menniscum gecynde . 
and heo nis na awend swa swa ge wenaS pcet heo sy . 
and heo nan pincg on hire nsefS horses gecyndes . 488 

ac on eowruwi gesihf)um hit is swa gehiwod 

^ Leaf 10 1, back. 


Dunstaiij the resolute, in the archbishopric, 

and iEthelwold the venerable, and others like them ; 

but Dunstan and ^thelwold were chosen of God, 460 

and they, most of all, exhorted men to [do] God's will, 

and advanced everything good, to the pleasure of God, 

as the miracles testify which God worketh through them. 

CONTINUATION (St. Macakius). 

Men should also take notice, that many sorcerers 464 

cause manifold delusions, through the devil's art, 
as diviners (?) often do, and deceive men, 
as if they would verily perform a desired matter. 
But it is nevertheless a delusion, by the devil's art ; 468 

and if anyone makes the sign of the cross over it, then the delusion 

As to this, we may relate a true instance. 

A certain holy father was named Macarius, 
a dweller in the desert, working many miracles, 472 

a man of monastic life. Then was a maiden transformed 
by the delusion of sorcerers, but only in an illusory manner. 
The maiden was transformed so as to seem a mare, 
and it appeared to all who looked upon her 476 

as if she v ere a mare, not of human kind. 
Then her parents led her to Macarius, 
and he straightway asked what they wanted with her. 
Her parents said to him : ' This mare that thou seest 480 

was [once] our daughter, a worshipful maiden ; 
but accursed sorcerers have turned her into a mare. 
Now we entreat thee, master, to pray for her 
and to transform her again to what she was before.' 4S4 

Then Macarius said thus to her parents, 
' I see this maiden in human form, 
and she is not transformed, as ye imagine her to be, 
and she hath nothing about her of the nature of a horse, 488 
but she is so made to appear in your sight 


J?urh ^ees deofles dydrunge . and his drymenn leaslice . 

Macharius tSa gebsed for pcet mseden god . 

and mid ele gesmyrode . and mid ealle adraefde 492 

))as deofles gedwimor . f>urli his drihtnes naman . 

swa \)cet hi ealle gesawon . poet heo ansund wges . 

Swylce synd J^a dydnmga f)sere dry-manna; 

Sy wuldor and lof f)am wel-willendan scyppende 496 

J?e his halgan mgersatS mihtiglice mid wundrum . 

se'Se a rixatS on ecnysse . AMEN . 498 



[Collated with V. = Vitellius, D. 17 (very much burnt)]. 

com se eadiga petrus fra?7^ antiochian byrig . 
in to rome byrig mid manegUTW gebro'Srum . 
and bodode geleafan bealdlice f>am folce 4 

romaniscum . and ludeiscum . swa swa drihten him gewissode . 
swa ])cet ^a romaniscan and c5a re'San iudeiscan 
manega gelyfdon on Jjone lyfigendan hgelend 
J)urh petres bodunge . and ge-bugon to fulluhte . 8 

be-hreowsigende heora synna mid so(5re dsedbote . 
Hi under-fen^gon f»a godes word mid gastlicre blysse . 
Ipcet god wolde asendan his sunu to man-cynne . 

and ]5urh hine ge-edniwigian 'Sisne ealdan middan-eard . 12 

pa wses tSser mid petre sum arwurcSe godes man 

apollonaris gehaten . J^ses halgan apostoles folgere . 

to 'Sam cwce^ petrus sefter sumum fyrste . 

Efne Ipvi eart gelsered on eallum Jjingum be Sam hselende . 16 

Aris nu and under-foh f)one halgan gast . 

and haligne bisceop-had on p2es haelendes naman . 

and far to fjsere byrig Ipe is gehaten rauenna . 

18. V. biscophad. ^ Leaf 102. 


by a delusion of the devil, and by his sorcerers falsely.' 

Then Macarius prayed to God for the maiden, 

and besmeared her with oil, and altogether dispelled 492 

the devil's illusion, through the name of his Lord, 

so that they all saw that she was whole. 

Such are the delusions of the sorcerers. 

Be glory and praise to the benevolent Creator, 496 

who magnifieth His saints mightily by miracles, 

who reigneth ever to all eternity. Amen. 498 



In the Caesar's days who was hight Claudius, 

came the blessed Peter, from the city of Antioch 

into the city of Rome, with many brethren, 

and preached the faith boldly to the people, 4 

both to Romans and Jews, even as the Lord had commanded 

so that of the Romans and cruel Jews 
many believed in the living Saviour 

through Peter's preaching, and submitted to baptism, 8 

bewailing their sins with true repentance. 
They received God's word with ghostly joy, 
that God had willed to send His Son to mankind, 
and through Him to renew this old earth. 12 

There was then with Peter a certain worthy man of God 
called Apollinaris, the holy Apostle's follower. 
To him quoth Peter after some time, 

'Behold, thou art instructed in all things concerning Jesus; 16 
arise now, and receive the Holy Ghost, 
and the holy episcopal office in the name of Jesus, 
and go to the city that is called Ravenna, 


])SdY wuna'5 micel folc on fulum haetSenscype . 20 

boda heom ^ be pam heelende . and ne beo ^'u afyrht . 

Svvutollice t5u wast pcet se is sd^ godes sunu . 

secSe deadum for-geaf lif sefter deaSe . 

and wanlialum mannum mid his woide l3ece-d6m . 24 

^fter Sysum wordum se eadiga petrus 

gehadode ApoUonarem [and gehalgode^] to bisceope . 

and his handa sette ofer his heafod and cwcecS . 

Asende ure haelend crist his halgan engel mid pe . 28 

se geforcSige tSe . and |?ine fare gewissige . 

and pe ge-tif^ige pses t^e J?u ge-wihiige . 

and hine swa sende to^ 'Ssere^ byrig^ mid siblicum cosse . 

Appollonaris t5a ferde to cSsere fore-ssedan byrig . 32 

and Sumne blindne mann ^ gehselde . 8erf>an pe he to ISsdre byrig 

become , 
and manega gelyfdon ]?urh t^ses mannes h9elf)e 
on ©one so'San god . and swa wurdon gefullode . 
He com 'Sa to rauenna "Saere ^ byrig ^ and hracSe f)ser geswutelode 
psds haelendes mihte on wann-halum mannum . 37 

paer wses sum forS J^egen on Jpaere fore-ssedan byrig . 
se hsefde gehyred be 'Sam halgan were . 

and axode gif he cu(Se aht on laece-crgefte . 40 

Apollonaris him cwcetS to . Ne cann ic naht on lacnunge 
buton on J^ses hselendes naman . and se f)egen him cwcccS to . 
^ Efne min wif is for manegum wintrum untrum . 
psim wses selc Isece-crseft wic^er-rsede oS J^is . 44 

Nu gif senig miht is on tSe . ge-opena hi mid weorcum . 
Apollonaris tSa a^ic^wyrde and cwteS . 
ge-openige god gelmihtig eowre heortena eagan . 
pcet ge on )?one hselend gelyfan . {jonne ge geseocS his wundra . 48 
He genam ©a Saes wifes hand . J?as word clypigende . 
Aris nu on c^aes hselendes naman . and on hine gelyf . 
and ne sege |5U heonon-for(5 pcet senig sy his gelica . 

26, V. retains and gehalgode. 30. V. and pses J)e tij»ige ; wilnige. 

* him, lilt, to heom, ^ The words and gehalgode are struck through in 

the MS. ^ Added above (he line. * Leaf 102, back. 


where dwell much people in foul heathenism ; 20 

preach to them concerning Jesus, and be not affrighted. 

Clearly thou knowest that He is God's very Son, 

Who gave to the dead life after death, 

and to sick men healing by His Word.' 24 

After these words the blessed Peter 

ordained and consecrated Apollinaris as bishop, 

and laid his hands upon his head, and said; 

' Our Saviour Christ send His holy angel with thee, 28 

and prosper thee, and direct thy journey, 

and grant thee that which thou desirest ; ' 

and so sent him to the city with tlie kiss of peace. 

Therewith Apollinaris journeyed to the aforesaid city, 32 

and healed a blind man before he had come into the city ; 

and many believed, through this man's cure, 

in the true God, and so were baptized. 

Then he came into Ravenna, and speedily there manifested 36 

the Saviour's power upon sick men. 

There was a certain chief noble in the aforesaid city, 
who had heard of the holy man, 

and asked if he knew aught of leechcraft. 40 

Apollinaris said to him, ' I know naught of healing, 
save in the name of Jesus;' and the nobleman said to him, 
' Behold, my wife has been for many years afflicted ; 
all leechcraft has been adverse [useless] to her until now; 44 
now, if any power is in thee, disclose it by thy works.' 
Apollinaris thereupon answered, and said, 
' May Almighty God unclose the eyes of your hearts, 
that ye may believe on Jesus when ye see His wonders.' ^8 
Then took he the woman's hand, uttering aloud these words, 
' Arise now in the name of Jesus, and believe on Him, 
and say not henceforth, that any is like unto Him.' 


Heo aras J^a sona andsund of f>am bedde . 52 

and cwce^ ])cet nan god nsere butan se hselend J^e he embe bodade . 

pa wundrode se Ipegn his wifes hseltSe . 

and hi ealle siedon ])cet se is soS god 

J^e svvilce wundra maca'S . and se mseg on ge-feohte 56 

"pSLxn sige forgifan . f>e hine soSlice lufiaS . 

He wear's Ipa gefullod mid his wife . and cildum . 

and eall his hyred on J?aes hselendes naman . 

and fela Jjsera^ hse'Senra fengon to geleafan . 60 

Apollonaris f>a tSser wunode mid him 

on rauenna byrig . and bodode geleafan . 

and manega gefullode Sses folces meniu . 

Manega eac befsestan sy'S'San hi gefullode wseron . 64 

heora cild to lare Ipam. so'Sfaestan bydele . 

and godes geleafa tSser weox . and wanode se h8e"5en-scype . 

Hwset se halga bisceop Ipa, on 'Ssere byrig wunode 

t5a twelf gear fullice . and gefullode ]pa leode . 68 

and gelome heom^ msessode , and msesse-preostas gehadode . 

and diaconas . and clericas . and daeghwamlice mid him 

godes lof gefylde mid gastlicuw^ sangum . 

On 'Saere byrig wses sum pegn bonifacius geliaten . 72 

se wear's fserlice dumb . and his wif Ipa, asende 

to pam. halgan bisceope . and bsed his geneosunge . 

Efne Sa se bisceop eode to his huse . 

and an wif-man wses Sser wod on his huse 76 

^and se deofol clypode and cwseS ]3urh pone wodan 

to ^am halgan bisceope . ic gedo pcet man gebint tSe . 

handum and fotum . and heonon Se swa tihS 

of })ysre byrig . and se bisceop a^c^wyrde . 80 

Adumba Sa deofol . and of hire gewit . 

and ne sprsec f>u nsefre eft f)urh senigne mann . 

pa ge-wat se deofol of Sam wodan sona . 

and se bisceop eode J^ser bonifacius Iseg . 84 

dumb on his bedde . and gebsed for hine Sus . 

67, V, biscop. 69. V, masssa-. 72. V. bonefaclus. 

74. V. biscope. 80. V. J)issere. 

' ]>sere, alt. to ])?era. ^ him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 103. 


She arose then immediately, whole, from the bed, 52 

and said that there was no God but Jesus, of Whom he preached. 

Then wondered the nobleman at his wife's health, 

and they all said that He is the true God, 

Who doeth such marvels, and Who hath power in battle 56 

to give the victory to those who truly love Him. 

He was tlien baptized, with his wife and children, 

and all his household, in the name of Jesus, 

and many of the heathen accepted the faith. 60 

Apollinaris then dwelt there with him 

in the city of Ravenna, and preached the faith, 

and baptized a great multitude of the people. 

Many also, after they were baptized, 64 

entrusted their children to the teaching of the righteous 

and God's faith there waxed, and heathenism waned. 
So the holy bishop then remained in that city 
twelve full years, and baptized the people, 68 

and often he said mass, and ordained mass-priests, 
and deacons, and clerks, and daily with them 
celebrated God's praise with spiritual hymns. 

In that city was a certain noble, named Bonifacius, 72 

who became suddenly dumb; so his wife thereupon sent 
to the holy bishop, and entreated his visitation. 
Lo ! then the bishop went to his house, 

and there was a woman in his house who was mad, 76 

and the devil cried, and said through the possessed one 
to the holy bishop, 'I will cause men to bind thee 
hands and feet, and so drag thee hence 

out of this city;' and the bishop answered, 80 

* Hold thy peace, thou devil, and depart out of her, 
and speak thou never again through any man.' 
Then immediately the devil came out of the possessed, 
and the bishop went where Bonifacius lay 84 

dumb upon his bed, and prayed for him thus, 


Drihten hselend crist f>u t5e be-clysedest 
Jjyses mannes mu(5 , pcet he ne moste leng 

clypian to haetSen-gildu??! swylce him to fultume . 88 

ge-opena nn his muS pcet he msersige J^inne naman . 
and gelyfe pcet p\i eart lifigende god on worulde . 
Hi cwsedon "Sa amen . and on tSeere ylcan tide 
wear's his tunge unbnnden . and he blyssigende cwaetS . 92 

Nis nan of)er god on to gelyfenne . 
butan se ana pe ?Ses eadiga bodac5 . 
On f)am ylcan dsege gelyfdon of fsere leode on god . 
ma tSonne fif hund manna raicclum j^ancigende gode 96 

and f)am halgan were . })urh Ipone Ipe hi wurdon onlihte . 
Rufus wses gehaten sum hgecSen mund-bora 
])e (Sa burh bewiste . (5a wearcS his dohtor seoc . 
pa sende se feeder sona to (5am bisceope . 100 

and sona swa he f)yder com swa sawlode pcet maeden . 
Hi weopon Sa ealle 'Se f>8er-inne waeron . 
and se halga wer cwce^ . to hire fseder (5us . 
Ongin nu wel rufe and behat me mid a'Se . 104 

gif Sin dohtor nu hal biS . ])(^t pu hire geSafige 
pcet heo folgie criste . and Su oncnsewst nu his mihte . 
Rufus him andwjrde . Efne heo is nu dead . 
ac gif ic ge-seo pcet heo eft gesund leofaS . 108 

ic herige ]?onne godes mihte and heo hire hselende folgie . 
Mid ]?am Se hi ealle weopon ]?a eode he to Sam lice . 
and clypode mid ^ geleafan to criste . and cwccS . 
Min god drihten hselend . pe minum lareowe petre 112 

forgeafe his gewilnunga swa hwset swa he gewylnode aet Se . 
arser nu Sis mseden of Sysum reSum deaSe . 
forSan pe heo is J^in gesceaft . and nis nan god buton Su . 
Heo ards pa, sona . and mid lireame clypode . 116 

Msere is se god pe Ses mann us bodaS . 
and nis nan oSer god buton h6 ana . 
pa blissodon p& cristenan on cristes herunge . 
and pcet maeden wearS gefullod and hire modor samod . 120 

^ Leaf 103, back. 


'Lord Jesus Christ, thou who didst close up 

this mau's mouth, that he might no longer 

cry to heathen idols as if to help him, 88 

open now his mouth, that lie may magnify Thy name, 

and believe that Thou art the living. God upon earth.' 

They then said, ' Amen,' and in that same moment 

was his tongue unbound, and he rejoicing said, 92 

' There is no other God in whom to believe, 

except Him only. Whom this blessed man preacheth.' 

On that same day, more than five hundred of the people 

believed in God, greatly thanking God, 96 

and the holy man, through whom they had been enlightened. 

There was a heathen prefect, named Eufus, 
who presided over the city, whose daughter fell sick. 
Then the father sent at once to the bishop, 100 

and as soon as he came thither, the maiden gave up the ghost. 
Then they all wept, that were within, 
and the holy man spake to her father thus, 
* Undertake now truly, Rufus, and promise me with an oath, 104 
if thy daughter now be made whole, that thou wilt permit 

to follow Christ, and thou shalt now know His might.' 
B-ufus answered him, * Behold, she is now dead ; 
but if I see that she shall again live in health, 108 

I will then praise God's power, and she may follow Jesus.' 
"While they were all weeping, he went up to the corpse, 
and cried with faith to Christ, and said, 

' My God, Lord Jesus, Who to my teacher Peter 1 1 2 

granted his desire whatsoever he desired of Thee, 
raise up now this maiden from this cruel death, 
for that she is Thy creature and there is no God but Tiiou.' 
She arose then instantly, and with a cry exclaimed, 116 

' Great is the God, Whom this man preacheth to us, 
and there is no other God but He alone.' 
Then rejoiced the Christians in Christ's praise, 
and the maiden was baptized, together with her mother, 120 


and eall heora hired samod . sume f)reo hiind manna . 

and fela tSsera hsetSenra fengon to ge-leafan . 

Se feeder swa tSeah rufus . for l^ses ca seres re^nysse . 

ne dorste ge-openian pcet he on drihten gelyfde . 124 

ac he digellice lufode J^one geleaffullan bisceop . 

and mid wistum him ]?enode . and his dohtor wearcS gehadod 

to godes Seow-dome . and f)urh-wunode mseden . 

Appollonaris j^a wear's ge-wreged to f)am casere 128 

and to witnunge gelsed . and on J^am witum geandette 

faes hselendes naman . and sum hse'Sen mann 

f>e him swyc5ost onwann awedde Sser-rihte . 

and his lif ge-endode yfelum deacSe . 132 

pa woldon pa, cristenan bewerian Ipone halgan . 

and ofslogon f>8era hse^enra sume twa hund manna . 

Se dema f>a het laedan f>one geleaffullan bisceop 

into blindum cwearterne . and on bendum healdan . 136 

and him setes forwyrnan ])a3t he swa ateorode . 

Ac godes engel com to J^am godes men nihtes . 

and hine gereordode and mid his reede gehyrte 

eallum onlocigendum . pe 'Sser on ymbhwyrfte waeron . 140 

Hwaet Sa on J?one feor'San dseg het se fore-sseda dema 

gelsedan 'Sone halgan on heardre racenteage 

feorr on wrsec-sitS . ferigende^ on scipe . 

p£er wses sum se"5elboren man . atelice hreoflig . 144 

Jja axode se bisceop . wylt 'Su beon hdl . 

He cwa?(S ic wylle . and him andwyrde se^ halga bisceop'^; 

Gelyf on hselend crist . and se hseSena him andwyrde . 

gif he me gehselS he biS min haelend god . 148 

Appollonaris 'Sa hrepode f)one untruman hreoflian 

on 'Sses hselendes naman . and he wearcS hal sona 

mid f>am tSe he clypode cristes naman him to fultume . 

pa awearp se gehseleda his hseSen-scype him fraw . 152 

and gelyfde on 'Sone haelend . and mid geleafan weartS ge-fullod . 

Hit gelamp J^a sefter fyrste . pwt f)a unge-leaffullan hgeSenan 

^ Leaf 104. ^ Above the True. 


and all their household as well, some three hundred men, 
and many of the heathen received the faith. 

However Rufus the father, on account of the emperor's severity, 
durst not openly confess that he believed in the Lord, 124 

but he secretly loved the faithful bishop, 

and ministered to him with food, and his daughter was con- 
to God's service, and continued a virgin. 

Then Apollinaris was accused to the emperor, 128 

and led to the torture, and in the torture he confessed 
the Saviour's name, and a certain heathen man, 
who the most fiercely opposed him, straightway went mad, 
and ended his life by an evil death. 132 

Then the Christians wished to defend the saint, 
and massacred, of the heathen, some two hundred men ; 
then the judge commanded men to load the faithful bishop 
into a blind prison, and to keep him in bonds, 136 

and to deny him food, so that he might be famished. 
But God's angel came to the man of God by night, 
and fed him, and by his words encouraged 

all the onlookers, who were [standing] around. 140 

Then on the fourth day the aforesaid judge commanded 
to put the saint in heavier chains, 
and to carry him afar by ship into exile. 

There was a certain nobleman horribly leprous, 144 

and the bishop asked him, 'Wilt thou be made whole 1' 
He said, * I will,' and the holy bishop answered him, 
' Believe in Jesus Christ ; ' and the heathen answered him, 
'If He healeth me. He shall be my God and Saviour,' 148 

Apollinaris then touched the diseased leper 
in the name of Jesus, and immediately he was made w^hole, 
while he was calling on Christ's name to aid him. 
Then the healed man cast away his heathenism from him, 152 
and believed on Jesus, and with faith was baptized. 

It befell after a time that the unbelieving heathen 



ge-bundon f>one bisceop . and to t5£ere byrig rauenna 

geleddon on bendum . and beoton liine wodlice . 156 

Da ge-bsed hine se bisceop bealdlice to gode . 

and heora deofol-gild wear's to-wend . and heora tempi to-worpen . 

pa gesawon 'Sa hae'Senan J^ses halgan weres mihte . 

and clypodon mid gehlyde . be 'Sam geleaffullan were . 160 

Beo se ealda^ arleasa ardlice ofslagen . 

J>urli Ipone synd to-worpene "Sa wuldor-fullan godas . 

pa blissodon ]?a cristenan . and cwsedon mid geleafan . 

])cet se ana is BO'S god J^e swylce wundra wyrc'S . 164 

}?a betsehton )?a hee'Senan J^one halgan wer to siege . 

sumuTTi arleasum cwellere se wtes geciged taurus . 

and se taurus ge-samnode cSa ceaster-gewaran him to . 

and axode f)one halgan f)urli hwses mihte he ge-fremode 168 

J3a wundorlican tacna . ]>cet swa micel werod him folgode . 

Appollonaris him andwyrde . Nis 'Seos nan o'Ser miht 

butan hselendes cristes . and we habbaS godes gife 

on urum heortu??! . and f)a betwux oprum sprsecuw 172 

cwcccS se ylca taurus to J^am arwur'San were . 

Ic heebbe senne sunu Ipe ^ne ge-seah nsefre dseges leolit . 

gedo pcet he geseo on )?ines drihtnes naman ^ . 

and we sona gelyfa'5 Ipcet he is sot51ice god . 176 

elles we t5e for-bsernaS for Siimm deopuw gyltum . 

Da cwce'S se bisceop him to . Cume se blinda to me . 

pa com se blinda him to . and he cw<Tec5 mid geleafan . 

On )?8es heelendes naman geopena f)in eagan 180 

and geseoh J?urh hine . and he sona weart5 hal 

beorhte locigende . seSe blind wses geboren . 

Hi wundrodon pa, ealle . and anmodlice cwsedon 

pcet se wsere soS god pe swylce wundra worhte . 184 

and manega pa gelyfdon |:)urh ^a mihte on god . 

Taurus f)a brohte |?one bisceop digellice . 

of 'Sees folces gehlyde to sumum his landa * . 

157, 178, 186. V, biscop. 

* ealde, alt. to ealda. ^ Leaf 104, back. ^ namen, alt. to naman. 

* lande, alt. to landa. 


bound the bishop, and led him in bonds 

into the city of Ravenna, and beat him furiously. 156 

Then the bishop commended himself earnestly to God, 
and their heathen idol was destroyed, and their temple over- 
Then the heathen saw the holy man's power, 
and cried out with loud tumult against the faithful man, 160 
*Let the old impious wretch be instantly put to death, 
through whom are overthrown the wonderful gods.' 
Then the Christians rejoiced, and cried in faith, 
that He alone is the true God, Who worketh such wonders. 164 
Then the heathen delivered the holy man to be slain 
to a certain wicked tormentor, who was called Taurus ; 
this Taurus assembled the citizens to him, 

and asked the saint by whose power he performed 168 

the wonderful signs, that so great a crowd followed him. 
Apollinaris answered him, ' This is no other power 
but Jesus Christ's, and we have God's grace 
within our hearts,' and thereon, amongst other speeches, 172 

said the same Taurus to the venerable man, 
' I have a son who never saw the light of day ; 
cause him to see in the Lord's name, 

and we will straightway believe that He is truly God ; 1 76 

otherwise we will burn thee for thy great guilt.' 
Then said the bishop to him, 'Let the blind man come to me;' 
and with that the blind man came to him, and he said in 

'In the name of Jesus, open thine eyes, 180 

and see by His means;' and immediately he was made whole; 
seeing clearly, who had been born blind. 
Then they all marvelled, and unanimously said 
that He was the true God, Who wrought such wonders ; 184 
and through the miracles many believed on God. 
Then Taurus brought the bishop secretly, 
out of the people's tumult, to one of his estates, 



and hine pser afedde feower gear mid wistum . i88 

Syx mila fram rauenua . and hine sohton J)a cristenan . 

and his hire hlyston mid geleafan georne . 

And ealle Sa untruman pe \mn oft to comon 

warden gehc^elede . and ham gesunde cyrdon . 192 

pa sendon 'Sa hae'Sengildan mid hetelicum ge^anee 

serende to f)am casere . ])cet he acvvellan hete 

Jpone halgan bisceop . Ipoet heora biggencgas ne wurdon 

mid ealle adwsescte . })urh 'Sone drihtnes bydel . 196 

Da sende se casere sona him Ipis gewrit . 

Gif senig man gremige ure godas dyrstiglice 

gebete he wiS hi . o'SSe he beo adrsefed 

awseg of 'Ssere byrig . for^an Ipe hit ne biS na rihtlic 200 

Ipcet we wrecon ure godas . ac hi wreca(5 hi sylfe 

gif hi beo^ astyrode . Beo^ ge gesunde . 

pa het se burh-ealdor ^ f)one bisceop him to gefeccan . 

and axode hine sona . hwylcere eawfsestnysse he waere . 204 

swylce he cwaede hwae^er ^ eart ^ Su ^ cristen ocSSe hee^en . 

Se dema hatte demosten . and he wses deofles biggencga . 

pa cwce^ se halga wer to J^am hsecSenan desman . 

Ic eom so(51ice cristen . and sanctus petkus me Iserde . 208 

and he me hider asende to ]?issere ge-sseh'gan byrig . 

pcet Surh Ipses haelendes naman eow heel becume . 

Demosten pa. andwyrde ^am arwur'San halgan . 

Hwset sceall hit swa lang-sum . efne nu is se tima . 212 

pcet t5u forlsete J^ine ydelnysse and hic Sam goduwi geoffrige . 

Appollonaris him andwyrde . Ic offrige me sylfne 

for minum gastlicum bearnum J^e ic h^r gode gestrynde . 

and swa hwd swa hine ne gebit to psma heofonlican gode . 216 

se biS ecelice for-demed on pum ecan fyre . 

and 'Sa Se on god gelyfaS and mid geleafan beoS gefullode . 

I^a habbacS J^a ecean reste . and unawendendlice welan . 

Hwaet Sa demosten deoflice wearS gehdt-hyrt . 220 

and betsehte j^one halgan sumum hundredes ealdre 

to healdenne on cwearterne . o^pcet he hine acwealde . 

^ Alt. to burhge (forhurge) ealdor, ^ Above the line. ^ Leaf 105. 


six miles from Eavenna, and lie there sustained him 188 

four years with food ; and the Christians sought him, 

and listened earnestly to his teaching with faith ; 

and all the sick who oft came to him 

were healed, and returned home in sound health. 192 

Then sent the idolaters, with enraged mind, 

a message to the emperor, [praying] that he would command to kill 

the holy bishop, lest their worship should be 

altogether extinguished by the Lord's preacher. 196 

And forthwith the Emperor sent them this writing : 

* If any man presumptuously blaspheme our gods, 

let him make atonement to them, or let him be driven 

away from the city, because it is not right 200 

that we should avenge our gods, but they will avenge themselves 

if they be provoked. Fare ye well.' 

Then the governor of the city sent to fetch the bishop to him, 

and asked him straightway, of what religion he might be, 204 

as if he said, ' Whether art thou, Christian or heathen ? ' 

The judge was called Demosthenes, and he was the devil's 

Then said the holy man to the heathen judge, 
M am verily a Christian, and St. Peter instructed me, 208 

and sent me hither to this happy city, 

that through the name of Jesus salvation should come to you.' 
Demosthenes then answered the venerable Saint, 
'What needs there so long delay, behold, now is the time 212 
that thou must forsake thy folly, and offer sacrifice to the gods.' 
Apollinaris answered him, ' I will offer myself 
for my spiritual children, whom I have here begotten to God ; 
and whosoever will not pray to the heavenly God, 216 

he shall be eternally condemned to the everlasting fire ; 
and those who believe in God, and are baptized in faith, 
those shall have the eternal rest, and unchangeable riches.' 
Upon this, Demosthenes became fiendishly incensed in heari, 229 
and delivered the Saint to a certain centurion, 
to keep in prison, until he should kill him. 


Se hundredes ealdor wses 'Sam hsecSenan bediglod . 

and wges digellice cristen . and cwcet5 to }?am bisceope . 334 

Min feeder ic Se bidde . ne beo Ipu swa hrsed to deatSe . 

foiSan ])Q us is J?in ^ lif nyd-behefe git . 

ac far J?e nu digellice j:)8er Su friS hsebbe . 

G]5f>cc< Sises folces hatheortnyss hwset-liwega beo gestylled . 228 

He eode tSa nihtes poet he his life geburge . 

ac (Sa hseSenan wurdon wsere his fare 

and hine gelaehton . and hine swa lange beoton 

o^poet hi wendon pcet he wsere dead . 332 

He wearS swa-f)eah gebroht f)urh his gebroSra f>eniinge 

eft to Sam cristenum . and he anbidode on life 

seofon niht fullice . and hi fsegre tihte 

to f)am ecan life . and to geleafan georne . 336 

He cwoeS ic secge eow pcet swdra ehtnysse becumaS 

ofer f)a cristenan for cristes naman . 

ac aefter ^j^gere ehtnysse biS eft sybb forgifen . 

and Sa caseras bugaS to cristes geleafan . 340 

and 0elc deofolgild biS adilegod mid ealle . 

swa Ipoet man freolice mot msersian J^one selmihtigan god* 

geond ealne middan-eard . and him Idc ofFrian . 

and se Se on geleafan J)urhwunaS . se leofaS d on ecnysse . 344 

^fter Syssere tihtinge . and oSrum manegum sprsecum . 

gew4t se halga wer of worulde to gode . 

mid f)am he d wunaS on }?8ere ecean eadignysse^ . 

and his leorning-cnihtes ledon his lie arwurSlice 348 

on ane stgenene f)ruh . and seo stod wiS j^one weall . 

Twam Ises 'Sryttig geara* he wses heora bisceop 

on manegum ehtnyssum . ]:>am selmihtigan feowigende . 

and his edlean biS nu ende-leas forSy . 253 

mid f>am selmihtigan gode . f>e on ecnysse rixaS . AMEN . 

^ Above the line. * Leaf 105, back. ' ecan wuldre, 

alt. to ecean eadignysse. * geare, alt. to geara. 


The centurion was unknown to the heathen man, 

and wa8 secretly a Christian, and said to the bishop, 224 

* My father, I pray thee, be not thou so hasty for death, 

because thy life is yet needful to us ; 

but go thou now secretly where thou mayst have peace, 

until this people's rage be somewhat stilled.' 228 

Then went he by night that he might save his life ; 

but the heathen men were ware of his journey, 

and caught him, and beat him for so long a time 

until they thought that he was dead. 232 

He was nevertheless brought, by the ministration of his brethren, 

again to the Christians, and he continued in this life 

fully seven nights, and he sweetly and fervently 

allured them to the eternal life, and to the faith. 236 

He said, 'I tell you that grievous persecution shall come 

upon the Christians for Christ's name ; 

but after the persecution shall peace again be given, 

and the emperors shall bow themselves to the faith of Christ, 240 

and all heathen worship shall be utterly destroyed, 

so that men may freely worship the Almighty God 

throughout all the earth, and offer sacrifice to Him ; 

and he who abide th in the faith, shall live for ever.' 244 

After this exhortation, and many other words, 

the holy man departed from the world to God, 

with Whom he ever dwelleth in the everlasting blessedness ; 

and his disciples laid his corpse honorably 248 

in a stone coffin ; and it stood against the wall. 

For two years less than thirty he was their bishop, 

serving the Almighty in many persecutions, 

and therefore is his reward now endless 253 

with the Almighty God, who reigneth for ever. Amen. 253 




[N. B. This Homily has several slight corrections, and is printed in the 
corrected form. The original errors, being mere slips, are not worth pointing 
out, except occasionally. A few collations are given from 0.( = Otho. B. lo), 
which is very imperfect.] 

FTek efne on-ginS j^eera eadigra ^ seofon slaepera 'Srowung . (5ara 
■■— ■- haligra naman scina?5 on heofenum . lilita'S eac on eor'San 
beorhte mid crfstenum mannum . Dara is se forma his geferena 
4 heretoga Maximianus . 'Sser-to se of>er malchus . se gef ^nsuma . 
and se 'Sridda J?aer-to martinianus . J^onne se feor^a dionisius . 
se halga iohannes fifta . J^onne Saes sixtan serajDhion nam a is 
set nextan . 'Sees seofef)an constantmus . Dara seofen haligra freols- 
8 tfd bicS on geare fif nihton ser hUfmaessan . On ^am gefyrn 
gewitenan 'Ssere mycelan ehtnysse timan . J^a 'Sa haeSenan menn 
cristendomes leoman mid ealle a-dwaescan woldon . and aelcne 
mfne ofer eorcSan adylgian . and pa 'Sa dadigan martyras for his 

1 2 naman maenig-fealde earfoSnyssa ^ Sdfedon . Da decius se fweora 
^heold rice ofer eall romana rice . and him for ©issere worulde 
wel on hand eode Ipcet he godes ]?a gecorenan witnode . and hi 
on yrm^um getintregode . and hi buton gewande getucude eall 

1 6 swa h.6 wolde . Da gelamp hit aet sumum cyrre poet he ferde 
into anre byrig J^e man constantinopolim nemne'5 . seo waes heafod- 
burh on grec-lande . and of hddie he for in-to cartdgine . and 
^anon in-to efese . Da he (5a J>reo burga gefaren haefde . 'Sa 

20 het gelangian him to swiSe hra'Se ealle Sa burhwdra togae'dere . 
CwaetS \)cet he gemot wic5 hi habban wolde . Sona swa hi Jpaet 
ge-axodon Sa J^e on god be-lyfdon . t5a wurdon hi ealle tSearle 
afyihte . and heora gesomnunga ealle wurdon sona to-sceacerode 

24 (sic) . and J?a halgan sacerdas . and ealle (5a godan faerlice ge-yrmde 
hreowlice wurdon . He f)a decius se cdsere pa he for into 6fese 
mid t5rymme and mid prasse . he '5a his heortan dhof swa tipp 
ofer his maeSe swilce he god waere . Ongan t5a timbrian deofol- 

28 gyld on cirican . and bead Ipaet mid him Saer-rihte aelc man 

^ MS. eadriga. ^ earfetSnyssa, alt. to earfoSnyssa. ^ Leaf 106. 




Behold here beginneth the Passion of the Seven Blessed 
Sleepers, the names of which saints shine in heaven, and also 
gleam brightly on earth among Christian men. The first of them, 
Maximianus, is the leader of his companions ; the second beside 4 
[him is] Malchus the obedient ; and the third beside. Martini- 
anus ; then the fourth, Dionysius ; the holy Johannes, fifth ; then 
the name of the sixth is Seraphion ; and lastly, of the seventh, 

The festival of the Seven Saints is, in the year, five days before 8 
Loaf-Mass [Aug. 1.] 

In the olden time, long past, of the great persecution, when the 
heathen men desired altogether to quench the beams of Chris- 
tianity, and to destroy every memorial over the earth, and when 
the blessed martyrs suffered manifold distresses for His name ; — 12 
when Decius the perverse held sway over all the Roman empire, 
and things went well in his hands as regards this world, so that 
he tortured the chosen of God, and afflicted them with miseries, 
and punished them without fear just as he would ;--then it 16 
happened, at a certain season, that he went into a city which 
men name Constantinople, which was the chief city in Greece, 
and thence he journeyed to Carthage, and thence to Ephesus. 

When he had gone to the three cities, then he bade summon to 
him very speedily all the citizens together, saying that he desired 20 
to hold a council with them. As soon as those who believed in 
God learnt that, then were they all exceedingly afraid, and all 
their congregations were immediately disturbed, and the holy 
priests and all the good men became on a sudden grievously 24 
troubled. Then he, Decius the emperor, when he marched into 
Ephesus with magnificence and pomp, lifted up his heart greatly 
above measure as if he were God. Then began he to erect idols 
in the churches, and bade that every man should forthwith offer 28 


be his heafde deofle sceolde offrian . and gehwa dyde swa . for 
"Sses caseres ege . and elles ne dorston . ac selc hine sylfne on 
lichaman and on sawle mid J)am h8ef)engylde earmlice gefylde . 

32 tSccr ^eer senig deofol-gyld waes araered . eall seo burh-waru fram 
daege to daege be ^ses caseres bebode com togsedere . and man 
sloh 'Saer hryt5era and gehwilces cynnes nytenu . and cSabr geond 
eall (5a hsej^enan byrnende gleda streawodon . and (Sseron-uppan 

36 deofle offrodon . and "5a }?icnyssa smices . and "Sa brae'Sas cSses 
flsesces stigon upp on selce healfe geond pa, byrig eall swilc hit 
mist wsere . pcet man ndn J)ingc for-neah 'Seer geseon ne mihte 
but on smic -^ aenne . and ]:)onne "Sa hsej^enan on swilcon deofoi- 

40 scinne^ blissedon . Sonne weopon and geomredon J^a Ipe on god 
be-lyfdon . and hi on Ssere maestan dreorignysse wunedon ])<jet hi 
mid heora eagum swilce yrmSa aefre geseon sceoldon swilce hi 
Saer gesdwon . Ipcet aefre on mancynne swa mycelne anweald 

44 deofol habban sceolde . ne hi niston hwaet hi his dydon . ne hi 
na mare don ne mihton . buton bitere tiaras hi symle aleton 
and hnipiende eodon , and hi sylfe be-hyddon f>ser ]?yer hi mihton . 
Ac faerlice ymbe Sreo niht sende se cdsere his bvdelas and bead 

48 pcet man swiSe georne sceolde cepan cristenra manna . and 
gehwa J?aer he milite heora be feore hente . and gif man ahwer 
of-axian mihte pcet hi manna aenig on genere heolde pcet se waere 
his heafdes scyldig . and se pe hi ameldode pcet se waere my- 

52 celre mede wyrcSe . Hi Sa pB, bydelas and feala o'Sre eall swa 
hi to tSam sceatte hopedon . ferdon and sohton swa hwaer swa hi 
mihton findan ]:)a cristenan menn . and hu hi mihton t^am casere 
ge-cweman pcet hi sumne sceatt aet him gelaehton ; and hi t5a 

56 bae]:)enan men jponne hi cristene men ahwaer fundon . hi hi tit 
drifon . and him beforan feredon swilce lytle gaerstapan . and to 
t5am folce laeddon 'Saer ealle men haeSen-gyld mid tSam cdsere 
wur(5edon . and p3, cristenan nyddon pcet hi mid heom^ deofle 

60 on hand gangan sceoldon , and hi sume swa dydon . swa heom ^ 

earme pa, gelamp "Sa ]?a hi gesdwon swa mienig-fealde 6gan on 

mistlicum witum . "Sa wurdon hi sona un-geheorte and feollon 

adune astrehte . and deofle offredon be-foran eallum Sam folce 

^ Leaf 106, back. ^ -seine, alt. to -scinne. ^ him, alt. to heom. 


sacrifice to the devil with him, on pain of capital punishment ; 
and everyone did so for dread of the emperor, and durst not do 
otherwise ; but each one defiled himself miserably, in body and 
soul, with that idolatry. Wheresoever any idol was set up, all 3 2 
the citizens came together from day to day according to the em- 
peror's commands, and they slew there heifers and cattle of every 
kind; and there the heathen strewed burning coals all about, and 
thereupon off'ered to the devil ; and the thickness of the smoke and 3" 
the smell of the flesh rose up on every side throughout the city, 
just as if it were mist, so that one could see nigh nothing there 
save smoke alone. And while the heathen rejoiced in such diabolic 
delusion, those who believed in God wept and lamented, and con- 4° 
tinned in the greatest sadness, to think that they should ever have 
seen with their eyes such miseries as they saw there, and that the 
devil should ever have so great dominion over mankind ; they knew 
not what to do on that account, nor could they do more than let fall 44 
bitter tears continually, and go about bowed down, and hide them- 
selves wheresoever they could. But suddenly, in about three days, 
the emperor sent his heralds, and commanded that men should 
watch the Christian men very zealously, and that each man should 48 
seize them wherever he could on pain of death ; and if they could 
anywhere find out that any man had protected them, he should be 
guilty of death ; and he who betrayed them should be worthy of 
great reward. Then they, the heralds, and many others, as 52 
hoping for the pay, went and sought the Christians wherever they 
could find them, and tried to please the emperor, to receive some 
pay from him ; and these heathen men, when they anywhere 
found Christian men, drove them out, and carried them before 56 
them like little grasshoppers, and brought them to the people 
where all men were worshipping idols with the emperor, and 
compelled the Christians to submit to the devil like them- 
selves ; and some of them did so — so miserable was their lot ; 60 
for when they saw so manifold terrors in divers torments, 
they soon became disheartened, and fell down prostrate, and 
sacrificed to the devil before all the people, however much they 


64 swa ' him sefre se si(5 hreowan mihte . and f>a o'Sre cristenan pe 
tSair ge-hydde waeron pa hi swilce yrm'Sa ^ ge-hyrdon . hi biterlice 
on wope heofodon . and 'Sara sawla sarlice bemsendon [pe to 
heofona rice faran sceoldon . pcet hi gode swa earmlice 8et- 
68 lumpon . ac f»a (Se anraedlice gelyfdon ^ f)a Se Sider gelsedde 
weeron and fseste heora geleafan on god hsefdon . and for nanes 
mannes ge-J)reate heora drihtne wiSsacan noldon . |?am man eac nan 
J^ingc ne wandode . ac hi to eallre yrmSe getucode . and heora lima 

72 man ealle to-brsed selc fram oj^rum . eall swa windes bleed swsepS 
dust of eorSan . and hi man holdode and hi ealle hricode . swilce 
d^er wseterfldd swa fleow heora blod . and Sa heafod-leasan man 
liengc on Sa port-weallas . and man sette heora heafda swilce of)ra 

76 Seofa buton Sa«^ port-weallon on Sam heafod-stoccum . and "Sser 
flugon sona to hrocas . and hremmas . and feala cynna fugelas . 
and l^ara haligra martyra eagan tit a-haccedon . and flugon eft 
in-to Ssere byrig geond f>a port-weallas . and to-sliton 'Sa halgan 

80 godes dyrlingas . and on heora blodigon bilon 'Ssera martyra 
fleesc bseron , Searmas and inneweard . and pcEt eall fraeton , 
EarfoS-fynde wses 'Sar se man pe swilc ne mihte hreowan . nses 
tSser eac nan man on fare pe gryre and ege fore ne stode . for 

84 Sam mycclum yrmSum pe hi Saer gesawon ; wundor-lic wses pcet 
martyr-cynn and wiS deofol Strang gewinn . J^ser wses godes ege 
gesewen and open on fulre dsede . Swilc mihte campdom beon . 
swilce man Sser mihte geseon . ^pcet hi god inweardlice lufedon 

88 psi hi for Ssere lufe his naman yrmSe ge-J)afedon . and J^one sylfan 
desJp to San swi'Se J^afedon . and na pcet an msenan mihton and 
heora eorfoSa ^ behreowsian . ac gif we Saer waeron we mihton 
gehyran swa swa ealle Sa ge-hyrdon pe Seer set waeron . pcet wses 

92 on-mang Sam mycclan ge'Sryle . and on Sam egeslican ge-pryngce 
Sa man pa, martyras cwylmde . pe wolde J^incean faerunga swilce 
ealle Sa anlicnyssa Se on fiaere byrig to godon geond ealle gesette 
wseron Saet hi ealle aet-gaedere on-cwaedon . and anre stemne 

96 clypedon . pcet hi mid ealle aweg Sanon woldon for J^am mycclan ^ 

^ Leaf 107. ^ yrmSe, alt. to yrm^sk. ^ gelifdon, alt. to gelyfdon. 

* Leaf 107, back. ^ eorfeSa, alt. to eorfoSa. ^ mycclum, alt. to 



might rue the time ; and the other Christians who were hidden 64 
there, when they heard of such miseries, lamented bitterly with 
weeping, and sorely bemoaned the souls of those who should have 
gone to the kingdom of heaven, in that they had fallen away from 
God so miserably. But those who steadfastly believed, when they 68 
were led thither, and had their faith firm in God, and would not 
deny their Lord for any man's threats, these the heathen respected 
not a whit, but punished them by every affliction, and sundered all 
their limbs one from the other, even as the blowing of the wind 72 
sweepeth dust from the earth, and they cut thera up and mocked (?) 
them all, and, like a second deluge, so flowed their blood ; and 
they hung the headless on the town-walls, and set their heads, like 
those of others who were thieves, outside the town-walls upon 76 
head-stakes; and there immediately flew thither rooks and ravens 
and birds of many kinds, and hacked out the eyes of the holy 
martyrs, and flew again into the city over the town-walls, and rent 
in pieces the holy beloved ones of God, and in their bloody bills 80 
bare the flesh of the martyrs, the entrails and inward parts, and 
devoured them all. 

It was hard to find the man there who could not lament such 
[a sight], neither was there any man upon whom, in passing by, 
horror and awe did not come, for the great miseries which each one 84 
there saw ; wonderful was that martyr-army, and strong the strife 
with the devil ; there was the fear of God manifest and evident in 
that foul deed. 

Such a warfare would take place that men might there see, that 
they loved God from their inmost heart, since they endured affliction 88 
for the love of His name, and sufl'ered death itself so severely ; 
and not only would they lament and compassionate their sufferings, 
but if we had been there we might have heard, (even as all those 
heard who were there present, that is, among the great crowd and 92 
in the awful throng, when they were torturing the martyrs), that 
it would seem on a sudden as if all the images that were set up as 
gods all about the town, all spoke together and cried with one 
voice, that they desired [to go] quite away thence, because of the 96 


yrmt5iim f)e tSa godes halgan for heora (5ingan f)olodon . and 
swilce f)a straeta ^ ealle eac on-cwsedon . for ?5am halgan bdnum 
pe to-worpene him on-uppan geond ealle cSa byrig lagon . Eac 

loo swilce fja burh-weallas cwdcedon and bifedon . swilce hi feallan 
woldon for f)am halguw lichamum pe on heom ^ geond pa birig 
on aelce healfe hangedon. L4 hwaet mseg beon wop o'SSe sarignys . 
gyf ]?8et nses se niaesta segSres . o]:)f)e hwset meeg beon geomrung 

104 and Wilnung gyf pcet nses se fulla seg'Sres . pa, siSjpan man J)us f)a 
halgan hsefte and gebende and hi man swang . and bsernde . and 
swilce ofsticode swin holdode . and to ealre yrm'Se tucode . and 
■^a magas beheoldon hu heora magas ^rowodon . and on '5am 

108 port-weallon to waefersyne hangodon . and se brotSor beheold his 
swuster on wite . and seo swuster beheold hire bro'Sor on yrm'Se . 
se feeder wiS-soc his bearne . and pcet beam wiS-soc f)one feeder . 
and set nextan selc freond wiS-soc o'Sres for 'Sam micclan egsan 

112 pe hi 'Saer gesdwon . and heom ^ for 4n J^a witv '^ gemynte * wseron . 
buton hi 'Sser-rihte urnon and '5am deofol-gylde geoffrodon and 
drihtne wi5socon . pa, ne mihte na lengc manna senig hine sylfne 
bedyrnan . ac gehwa to sseles moste clipian and openlice mid 

116 dsedum cy5an . to hwsej^eran hlafordscipe he wolde gebugan . pe 
to ures ecean drilitnes . pe to Sees awyrgedan deofles . hwseSer 
him leofre wsere pe he 5am witum set-wunde . pe he hi for godes 
nam an acome. Da wurdon 58er ameldode seofon halige men 

120 gode getreowe . Ssera naman v/e awriton on 5a3re frum-sprsece 
heora halgan 5rowunge ; hi wseron geinetfaeste on ge-leafan J)8es 
lifigendan godes suna . and his 58et halige rode-tacn on heora 
lichomau getreowlice baeron . J^a ]?a hi gesawon 5a msenig-fealdan 

124 wdwan pe cristes f)a gecorenan dseg-hwamlice for his naman Safe- 
don and J^oledon . hi }?onne 5a seofon geomredon . and weopon . 
and heora nebwlite })urh 5a mycclan sorhge mid ealle ahlsensode . 
and seo wlitige faegernes heora geogo5-hades weornode and wdnode^ . 

128 and hi on ealne we<x on wseccan . and on fsestenum . and on 
halgum gebeduw geomrigende Idgon . and pcet eall hi dydon for 
Saes caseres 5ingon for ]:>on hi him se'r on hirede swi5e neah- 

1 straete, alt. to straeta. ^ him, alt. to heom. ^ wite, alt. (o witv 

(==witu). ■• Leaf 108. ^ Head vf&node. 


great miseries which God's Saints suffered on their account ; and as 
if all the streets spoke likewise, because of the holy bones which 
were thrown upon them, and lay all about the city ; yea, as if the 
city-walls quaked and trembled as though they would fall, on ac- loo 
count of the holy bodies which hung upon them, on all sides, 
throughout the city. Behold ! what can weeping or sorrow be, if 
that was not the greatest of both, or what can lamentation or be- 
wailing be, if that was not the fullness of both, when afterwards 104 
they thus seized and bound the. Saints, and scourged and burnt 
them and cut them up like stuck swine, and tormented them with 
every misery ? And kinsmen beheld how their kinsmen suffered and 
hung on the town- walls for a spectacle ; and the brother beheld his 108 
sister in torment, and the sister beheld her brother in misery ; the 
father forsook his child, and the child forsook the father, and at 
last every friend forsook the other, by reason of the great horrors 
which they saw there ; and the tortures were specially intended for 112 
themselves, unless they straightway ran and sacrificed to the idol and 
denied the Lord. Then none of the men could any longer conceal 
himself, but every one in due time had to proclaim and openly 
testify by his deeds to which of the two lordships he would bow, 116 
whether to that of our eternal Lord, or of the accursed devil ; 
whether it were more desirable for him to escape the tortures, or 
to bear them for God's name. 

There were there denounced seven holy men, faithful to God, 120 
whose names we wrote in the opening words of their holy Passion ; 
they were steadfast in the faith of the Son of the Living God, and 
they faithfully bare in their bodies the sign of His Holy Cross. 
When they saw the manifold woes which Christ's chosen daily 124 
suffered and endured for His name, then they, the Seven, lamented 
and wept ; and their countenances were all made lean through 
that great sorrow, and the bright fairness of their youth faded 
and waned ; and they in every way, in watchings, and in fastings, 128 
and in holy prayers, lay lamenting ; and they did all this on the 
emperor's account, because they had been formerly his nearest fol- 


gangele waeron . ]?onne swa oft swa hi gesavvon pcet se yfela casere 

132 and eall seo burh-waru togsedere comon "pcet lii onsaegednyssa 
deoflan offrian woldon . hi Sonne (Sas seofon halgan eodon him 
on-siindran J^aer hi tSonne mihton . and hi Sonne astrehton on 
Saere eorSan . and to gode hi gebaedon poet he heora gehulpe swa 

136 swa he wolde ; Sa gelamp hit amang j^am pcet sume hlosniende 
menn Saer betweonan eodon . and f)isra seofona georne heddon . 
swa oft ^ swa man gehwilcne mann sohte pcet he deofolgylde 
offrian sceolde . and }5onne gemetton hi (5as seofon halgan haiige 

140 cnihtas ealle set-gsedere on anum bure to gode gebiddende . and 
mid a]?enedum lichoman to him heora neode geomerlice msenende . 
and hi Sa godes fynd butan gewande sona into f>am ciningce 
eodon . and him Sus to cwsedon ; JDeoda hlaford us se besorgesta . 

144 gelimpe pcet Su lange libban mote on myrhjpe . and on mserSe 
J^ines cynerices . Du leof cyningc leod-scipas . Sine wide and side 
]9U hsetst pcet mann manige manna ge-hwilcne . pcet he Sam 
mseran gode offrie , and her on gehendnysse syndon j^e ]?ine 

148 deorlingas beon sceoldon . pe sylfne hi for-fleoS . and f)ine hsese 
forseoS . and ealle sefter gewunan cristenra manna dseg-hwamlice 
offriaS . ]9t3era is se yldesta maximianus . and his six geferan pe 
on Sissere byrig synd yldest getealde . f>a se casere |?is gehyrde 

152 Sa wearS he f)earle gedrefed on his mode . and bead pcet hi man 
Sser-rihte to him gelsedde . and hi sona^ comon mid floteriendum 
eagum for Ssere micclan angsumnysse . ealle heora heafda wseron 
mid duste besyfte . waes ]?eh eall heora myne faest on to-hopunge 

156 J^ges ecean drihtnes ; pa. axode h.6 se casere and Sus clijjode . hwi 
synd ge asceadene fram eowra geferena gemanan . pcet ge min 
bebod healdan noldon . poet ge Sam maerum godum offrunga ne 
brohton . ac nu ic eow bidde and aegSer ge-beode pcet ge hit 

160 geornlice beginnon . and pcet swiSe hraedlice gefyllon . and pcet 
buton gewande don swa ic eow be-beode . and swa ealle menn 
do)? wide on aeghwilcere J^eode ; Sa andwyrde him an Saera cnihta 
maximianus se lialga . dna for hi ealle . and cwaeS to |?am casere 

164 unearhlicere ^stemme {sic) . ^nne we wurSiaS ecne drihten . Saes 

^ Leaf 108, back. ^ sone, alt. to sona. ^ Leaf 109. 


lowers in his household. Then, as often as they saw the evil 
emperor and all his citizens come together desiring to offer sacri- 132 
fice to the devil, the Seven Saints went apart where they could, 
and then prostrated themselves on the earth, and prayed to God 
that He would help them as He would. Then it befell them 
that some spying men went amidst them and carefully observed 13^ 
these seven, whenever every man was sought for that he might 
sacrifice to the idol ; and so they found these Seven Saints, holy 
youths, all together in a chamber praying to Grod, and with pros- 
trated bodies sorrowfully complaining to Him of their needs ; and 140 
they, those enemies of God, without dread immediately went unto 
the king, and spake thus to him; "Lord of the nations, our most 
beloved, may it be that thou mayest live long in mirth and in the 
glory of thy kingdom ! Thou, oh dear king ! dost command thy 144 
peoples, far and wide, that every man shall be admonished to 
offer to the great God ; and here, nigh at hand, are those who 
should be thy favorites ; they flee away from thyself, and despise thy 
hest, and they all daily offer sacrifice after the custom of Christian 148 
men. The chief of them is Maximianus, and his six companions, 
who are accounted the chiefest in this city." Vfhen the emperor 
heard this, then he became greatly disturbed in mind, and bade 
that they should be brought straightway to him ; and immediately 153 
they came with eyes streaming because of the great anguish ; all 
their heads were sprinkled with dust, yet all their aff'ection was 
firm in their trust of the eternal Lord. Then he, the emperor, 
asked, and thus cried ; " Why are ye separated from the society of 156 
your companions, that ye would not keep my command, that ye have 
not brought offerings to the great gods ? But now I pray you, 
and command each of you, that ye zealously begin it, and very 
quickly fulfil it, and do it without evasion as I have commanded 160 
you, and as all men do widely throughout every nation." 

Then one of the youths, the holy Maximianus, answered him 
alone for them all, and said to the emperor with intrepid voice ; 
" We worship One Eternal Lord, whose might fiUcth the heavens 1^4 



mihta gefyllaj) heofenas and eorcSan ; him we offria(5 anum . and 
his t5am halgan bearne hselende criste . Ipe for ure neode on 
menniscnysse eode on Sam halgan gaste . Ipe of fseder . and of 

1 68 suna . unasegcendlic for'S-stsep'S and ealla gesceafta gehalgaS . 
]?as untodaeledlican (5rynnysse . we gebiddaj) mid eadmodnysse ; 
J>isan gode we offrunga gelome bringaS . and ure bena to him 
senda'S . lichaman and sawle claennysse . and modes . and mu(5es 

J 72 andetnysse ; f>as we hira beodaj^ gedefe . and J^inon awyrgedan 
deofolgildan we neefre nellatS offrian . py Ises 'Se we ns sylfe 
gebringa'S on fylSe . and siSSan on yrmSe 6eere helle ; gode 
anmn we tire neode betsecatS . and him ure sawle befeestaS . hine 

176 we ngefre ne forsacaS . ac hine we wur'SiaJ? sefre . Da decius se 
casere |)as word gehyrde . (5a na gestod he na selcne on-sundran . ac 
heora selcea sweord-fsetelsas he het forceorfan . and hi mid bendum 
foeste het gewricSan . and cwsef) to heom ^ eallum . Nu ge f)am 

180 raserum godurn offrian nella'5 . ne beo ge me nsefre heonon-for'5 
swa wurSe ne swa leofe swa ge ser wseron . ac fram me ge beotS 
ascyrede . and fram selcere myrhf)e . oSf)8et ic eft eow gestande 
and ic 'Sonne wi(5 eow stiSlicor aginne . Sonne ic tdle wiS eow 

184 habban wylle ; Ne Sincj? hit me f)eah nan rsed . ac ic eow laete 
unbeheafdod Ipcet ge swa earme eow sylfe and eowre Seondan 
geogoSe fordof) and for-spillaf) . on witon and on wawon and on 
mistlicum yrmSum . Ac ic eow nu gyt sumes fyrstes geann 'jpcet 

188 ge eow sylfe be):»encean . and on beteran mode gebringan . pcet 
ge eower pcet wlitige lif magon generian ; J^a se casere hi Sus 
gesprecen heefde . |?a forSan pe hi him leofe weeron . he het hi 
eft ealle^ uubindan . and unbundene aweg forlsetan pcet hi frige 

192 moston faran aweg swa h wider swa hi woldon . and se casere 
for to oSre burhware worhte pcet sylfe pcet he ser beeode . cris- 
tene menu drehte swa he swiSost mihte. Maximianus Sa se godes 
halga . and his six geferan gode Sa gecorenan . sySSan hi fyrstos (sic) 

196 on-fengcon and eenigne timan hsefdon . f)a halgan weorc pe hi 
ser begunnon . ser hi beforan Sam casere stodon . hi Sa ful- 
lice gefremedon . Namon set heora magon J^a sceattas genoge . 

^ him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 109, back. 


and the earth ; to Him alone we sacrifice, and to His Holy Child 
Jesus Christ, who for our need came in flesh in the Holy 
Ghost, who from the Father and the Son inexplicably proceed- 
eth, and sanctifieth all creatures; to this Indivisible Trinity we i68 
pray with humility ; to this God we frequently bring offerings, 
and send our supplications to him with purity of body and soul, 
and with confession of mind and mouth ; we offer Him these 
fittingly, and we will never offer to thy accursed idols, lest we 172 
bring ourselves into defilement, and afterward into the misery of 
everlasting hell ; to God alone we commit our needs, and to Him 
we commend our souls ; Him will we never deny, but will ever 
worship Him." When Decius, the emperor, heard these words, 176 
then he did not oppose each one separately, but he bade men cut 
off from each their sword- scabbards, and bade men bind them 
firmly with bonds, and said to them all ; " Since ye will not offer 
to the great gods, ye shall never henceforth be to me so worthy 180 
nor so dear as ye were before ; but ye shall be separated from me, 
and from every mirth, until I urge you again, and then I will 
proceed against you more severely, when I want to have an accusa- 
tion against you. It seemeth to me indeed to be unadvisable, 184 
yet I leave you unbeheaded — that ye so miserably undo and de- 
stroy yourselves and your flourishing youth in tortures and in 
woes and in divers miseries. But I yet grant you now some respite, 
that ye may bethink yourselves and bring yourselves to a better 188 
mind, that ye may save for yourselves your fair life." 

When the emperor had thus spoken to them, then, because they 
were dear to him, he bade men unbind them all again and send 
them away unbound, that they might all travel away freely 192 
whithersoever they would ; and the emperor went to men of other 
cities, and wrought the same that he had before practised, and 
vexed Christian men to the utmost of his power. 

Then Maximianus, the Saint of God, and his six companions, iy6 
God's chosen ones, after they had received the respite and had 
some leisure, they then fully completed the holy work which they 
had begun ere they stood before the emperor. For they received 
from their kinsmen abundant treasure, immense [quantities of] 200 



sylfrene and gyldene ungefoge . and )?a eawunga and dearnunga 

200 ealle godes (Sances spendon . and da^ldon hafenleasum mannum . 
and heom ^ betweonan rseddon and ]:>us ge-J^waerlice cwsedon . betere 
we alireddon us sylfe of Sissere burhware gehlyde ; faran us into 
piX7}i mycclan scrsefe her geond on celian dune . and we us 'Sser 

204 georne to gode gebiddau . and Sser we magon full eaSe on genere 
wunian oScSaet eft se casere into J^issere biiig fare . and he (Sonne 
deme swa swa he wylle . and us nan Jjingc on worulde fram gode 
ne gehremme . Ac do he ymbe us swa swa his willa sy . Ipcet 

208 we 8et-foran 'Sam casere J?urh his fultum magon martyr-dom ge- 
fremman . and set him 'Sone ecean cynehelm under-fon buton ende 
mid his lialgum . Da hi '5us sprecende wseron seofon 'Sa geco- 
renan halgan . Ip'd sealdon hi heom ^ fosstnunge betweonan . "pcet 

212 hi ealle pis woldon healdan . 0^ heora lifes ende . And pcet feoh 
pcet hi ser Isefdon hi mid heom ^ to ]?am scrsefe gemsenelice hgefdon . 
and ealle |?ider inn eodon . and msenigne dseg Sser-inne wunedon . 
and on aj?enedum lichaman hi to gode geornlice gebgedon . pcet 

216 he heora gemiltsode swa swa his wylla wasre . Setton him J^a senne 
wiener e getreowne . and swi'Se gesceadne . Saes ^ eadigan nama 
wses malchus se goda . set Ip-dm. wses gelaug eall heora foda . se 
heom on ealre hwile metes tilian sceolde . and he (5a mid ead- 

220 modnysse fengc to "Ssere gehyrsumnysse . and swa oft swa he into 
■^sere byrig code . he hine on waedlan hywe seteowde . and dear- 
nunga wses smeageiide hu hit on 'Sses caseres hirede ferde . and 
georne Sses pe he mihte earmum mannum selmyssan dselde . and 

224 his geferan mete bohte . and to heom f)one gebrohte . and heom ^ 
selc J^sera worda cydde pe he be heom ^ binnan porte ahwser sprecan 
gehyrde ; j^a gelamp hit betweonan J^am "Se f)as f>ing gewurdon . 
pcet se casere eft mid fyrde ferde into efese byrig . and he "Soer- 

228 rihte het gelangian maximianuw ]:)one halgan . and mid him his 
six geferan . pcet hi ealle set-gsedere sceoldon deoflum offrian ; pa. 
|3a he mid ungemete heom ^ behet selcne hete . pa. wurdon getreowe 
hi ealle . and mid ogan of-sette . and geliwa solite gener J^ser-rihte 

232 'See]' he senig findan mihte . and he malchus se getreowa fleah of 

^ him, alt. to heom. ' Leaf no. 


silver and gold, and spent them all publicly and privately for 
the sake of God, and distributed to poor men, and took counsel 
among themselves, and thus unanimously spoke ; " Better we 
should free ourselves from the tumult of this population ; let 204 
U5 go into the great cave here beyond on the Celian Hill, and 
there let us pray earnestly to God ; and there we may full easily 
dwell in safety until the emperor come again into this city ; and 
let him then decree even as he will, and let nothing in the world 208 
keep us back from God ; but let Him do about us even as His 
will may be, that we may through his aid accomplish martyrdom 
before the emperor, and receive from Him the eternal diadem 
without end with His Saints." When they had thus spoken, 212 
these seven chosen Saints, they gave each other a pledge that 
they would all hold to this until their life's end. And the money 
which they still had left they took with them in the cave in 
common, and all went in thither and continued therein many a 216 
day, and with prostrate bodies they prayed fervently to God that 
He would have pity on them, even as His will might be. Then 
they appointed a faithful steward, and very discreet ; the name of 
this blessed man was Malchus the good, along of whom [i. e. by 220 
whose means] was all their food ; his office was to provide their 
meat at all times, and he with humility undertook that service; 
and as often as he went into the city he shoAved himself in the 
appearance of a poor man, and privately enquired how it fared in 224 
the emperor's household ; and, as diligently as he could, distributed 
alms to poor men, and bought meat for his companions, and 
brought it to them ; and made known to them every word which 
he had heard spoken anywhere within the town about them. 228 
Then it befell that, whilst these things were taking place, the 
emperor came again with his army into the city Epliesus, and he 
straightway bade summon the holy Maximian, and his six com- 
j)anions with him, that they all together might sacrifice to the 232 
devils. When with excessive wrath he commanded each man, 
then they all continued faithful, and oppressed with fear, and 
everyone sought refuge immediately where he could find any ; and 
he, Malchus the fidthful, fled instantly from the city with awe and 236 


cSsere byrig sona mid ege and mid ogan . lieefde raid him pe&h 
eaf)elicne fodan . and com to his geferan and heom* eall cydde 
hu egeslice se casere be heom ^ beboden hsefde , pcet hi mou 

236 asg-hwanone secan sceolde . and hi Sa halgan f>a hi pwt gehyrdon 
ealle hi forhtedon . and to gode clypedon . and on geomrunge tSaere 
meestan him heora lif eall befseston ; d wees f)eah amang ]?am 
malchz^s heora t5enig-mann . and J^a ea^elican ]:»enunga Ipe he (5ider 

240 brohte heom ^ geornlice |?enode . pwt hi be dsele hi gereordodon . 
and Ipcet hi wurdon pe geheortran wiS f»am awyrgedan strangan . 
and f>one ealdan wi'Serwinnan ; (5a })a hi ealle set-gsedere comon . 
and to middes Sam scrsefe sseton pcet hi ge^msenelice gereordodan . 

244 Sa wurdon heora eagan afyllede mid tearum and angmode geom- 
rodon ealle heora heortan mid pi pe hit sefnian wolde and seo 
sunne sah to setle on-mang '5am pe hi on wope wseron . and hi on 
un-ea'Snysse sprsecon . hi Sa heom^ betweonan dn and dn hnap- 

248 podon . and swa lange hi hnipedon pcet hi ealle get-geedere on slsepe 
wurdon . ealle him wseron ge-hefgode Sa eagan of Sam menig- 
fealdum biterlicum tearum pe hi Sser aleton . and on Sam sare pam 
mycclan hi lagon and slepon . Ac god selmihtig scyppend pe is 

252 ealra gesceafta wealdend . pe his gecorenan biS swa milde swa 
modor biS hire agenum cilde . He sylf |?as seofonum halgum ^ be- 
head pcet hi swa slepon for his micclan wundrum . pe eft he gedon 
habban wolde . f)a halgan Se he ealre worulde furSor onwreon 

256 gemyute . He sylf Sas f)ingc swa gescifte . and mid his Ssere mseran 
fadunge gedihte . pcet heora nan gefelan ne mihte hu hi gewurdon 
on slse'pe . ne heora nan nyste hwaer heora sawla reston . Eall 
hit wses heom ^ uncuS . ac hit wses gode ful cuS . Ealle hi lagon 

260 slsepende geond f»a eorSan . and swa on godes naman andetnysse 
hi gewurdon on Ssere seftnysse . and pcet feoh pcet hi hsefdon Saer 
on heora seodum . leeg eac mid ptxioci halgum uppan Ssere eorSan. 
Da seo sunne begann Saes on morgen on-y wan eallum mannum hire 

264 Sone beorhtan leoman . ]?a het se casere georne smeagan . hwaer 
mann sefre J^a halgan ge-axian mihte. ^Ic mann pa sefter Sam 
ge-bode ofer eall ferdon . mann smeade uppan lande . man axode 

^ him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf no, back. ^ seofon halg, alt. to 

seofonum ha''giim. 


fear, having with him however some scanty food, and came to his 
companions and told them everything ; how fearfully the emperor 
had commanded concerning them, that they should be sought for 
everywhere ; and they, the Saints, when they had heard that, 240 
all feared and cried to God, and with very great lamentation 
commended to Him all their lives. Nevertheless, Malchus their 
serving man was ever among them, and the scanty food which 
he had brought thither he served to them carefully, that they 244 
might a little refresh themselves, and that they might be the 
more heartened against the accursed strong one and the old ad- 
versary. When they all came together and sat in the midst of 
the cave, that they might eat in common, then their eyes were 248 
filled with tears and all their hearts sadly grieved ; meanwhile it 
became evening, and the sun sank to rest while they were weep- 
ing and talking anxiously ; then, among them, one by one they 
napped, and so long reclined that they were all asleep together ; 252 
all their eyes were made heavy by the manifold bitter tears which 
they had let fall there, and in that great sorrow they lay and slept. 
But God the Almighty Creator, who is the Ruler of all creatures, 
who to His chosen is as mild as is a mother to her own child, 256 
Himself ordained for the Seven Saints, that they should sleep 
thus, for the great wonders which afterward He willed to do ; 
these Saints, whom He was minded further to reveal to all the 
world. He Himself thus ordained these things, and by His mighty 260 
disposing ordered it, that none of them should feel how they fell 
asleep, and none of them knew where their souls rested. It was 
all unknown to them, but it was fully known to God. They all 
lay sleeping upon the earth, and thus in the confession of God's 264 
name they fell into that quietness ; and the money that they had 
there in their scrips lay also with the Saints upon the earth. 
When the sun began in the morning to show to all men her bright 
beam, then the emperor bade search diligently wherever they 268 
could hear of the Saints. Then every man, according to the com- 
mand, went everywhere ; they searched in the country, they asked 


on porte . tSser man gengde geond eal! abutan f>one portweall man 

268 * strutnode on selcere stowe |?8er man hi sefre geaxian cu(5e . ne 
mihte hi nan man na hwer findan. He Jja se cdsere dreorigan 
mode . cwse'S to his j^egnum mid Syllicum wordum. Mycel is me 
unbliss minra dyilinga miss . pcet hi us swa fserlice mid ealle syn 

272 set-lumpene . swa msere cynnes menn swa swa hi wseron . for-f)i hi 
on-sseton and mid ealle ondr6don . 'pcet we heora ^ for^on grame 
been woldon . forSon pe hi ser us hyran noldon ; Da cwseS se 
casere to "Sar^i embstandendum ; Nese la man w4t . and ic eac pcet 

276 sylfe wdt . geseo we senigne mann pe georne hine sylfne to urum 
godum bugan wylle . eall pcet he sdv agylte Isesse ofjj^e mare . we 
Iseta'S hit of gemynde swilce hit nsefre ne gewurde . ^fter swilcum 
wordum and mseuig-fealdum o^rutn . Stopon psi in to '5am casere 

280 "Sa yldestan J^e on his hirede wseron . and j?a halgan to him 
wregdon and be heom pus sprtecon . Ealra manna hlaford geond 
pas widan worulde . we biddaS })inne cyne-scipe pcet p\i nan t^inc^c 
ne beo dreorig oStSe sarig for 'San geongan cnihton ealra goda 

284-feondum . for 'San hi under Se leof oS f^isne andweardan dseg on 
yfcle fjurh-wunodon Sses pe we gehyrdon siSSan f)u heom ^ to-lete 
l^one timan pcet hi hi sylfe be|?oliton . a hi ymbe pcet wgeron . Iiu 
hi Se mid ealle luis-cwemdom . eall pcet yfel pcet hi ger ^an be- 

288 gunnon hi pcet eall sySSan ful dydon ; namon aet heora magon lin- 
gerime sceattas . and ealle Sa to-wurpon geond ]:)as ruman burh- 
wegas . and S3 nd nu be-dyrnde and on diglon be-hydde pcet hi nan 
man ne mseg na hwfer gefindan . g)f Sin cyne-scipe swa cwyS . 

292 hit geworden biS sona pcet man heora magas gelangie . and hi 
man stiSlice 'Sreatige pcet hi be wite hi ameldian . ^ and to pe 
leof gebringan . Sa se casere Sas word gehyrde . he his mod sona 
gehyrte . het pa Sa magas gefeccan and began heom ^ Sas word 

296 segcan . Hwser syndon pa wiSer-sacan eowre ly'Sran magas j^e min 

bebod forhogedon . pcet hi Sam wurSlicum godum nane Mc ne 

offredon . buton ge hi nu her ameldian . ge sceolon heora wite 

asttindian. Da andwyrdon f)a magas . and sealdon micele aSas 

' Leaf III ; recul scrutnode. ^ him, alt. to heom. ^ Leafiii, back. 


in the town; as tliey went all round about the town-wall, tliey 
Bearched in every place wherever they could enquire ; nor could 272 
any man anywhere find them. 

Then the emperor, sad in mind, spake to his thanes with 
words such as these, " The missing of my favorites is a great 
unhappiness to me, that they have so suddenly and entirely 276 
escaped us. Being men of so great kindred as they were, 
therefore they have feared, and altogether dreaded that we 
should be angry with them, because they would not obey us 
before." Then said the emperor to the bystanders, " Nay, behold, 2 So 
one knoweth, and I also know it myself, if we see any man who 
will submit himself zealously to our gods, all that he hath before 
been guilty of, less or more, we let it [pass out] of mind as if it 
had never been." After such words and manifold others, then 284 
stepped in to the emperor the chiefest who were in his household, 
and accused the Saints to him, and thus spake concerning them : 
" Lord of all men throughout this wide world, we pray thy king- 
ship til at thou be not at all dreary or sorry for the young boys, 288 
enemies of all gods, because they have continued in evil under 
thee, lord, until this present day ; according to that whicli we have 
heard, after that thou didst allow them that respite wherein they 
might bethink themselves, they have ever sought how they might 292 
misplease thee utterly. All the evil that they had begun before, 
they have afterward fully performed ; they have taken from their 
kinsmen countless treasures, and cast them all about the open 
city- ways, and are now concealed and hidden in secret so tliat no 296 
man can anywhere find them. If thy kingship so sayeth, it shall 
instantly happen that their kinsmen be summoned, and be sternly 
threatened, that they, by means of torture, may betray them, and 
bring them, lord, to thee." When the emperor heard these words 300 
he immediately comforted his mind ; then bade he fetch the kins- 
men, and began to say these words to them, " Where are the 
apostates, your wicked kinsmen, who have slighted my command, 
so that they have not offered any sacrifice to the worthy gods ? 304 
Unless ye now here betray them, ye shall endure their punishment." 

Then answered the kinsmen and took great oaths, and implored 


300 and Sone casere bsedon and ofdreedde him to-cw8edon ; we bidda'S 
pe leof lilaford . pcet 'Su ge-hyran wylle ure word ; we fiin cynelice 
gebod naliwser ne forgymdon . ne we 'Sa weor'Slican godas nsefre 
ne for-hogodon ; hwi wilt f)u us leof witnian for o'Sra manna 

304 j^ingon pe |:)in gebod for-sawon . and ure sceattas for-spendon geond 
ealle eorSan . Her hi synd full ge-hende geond on celian dune . on 
sorge and on ege behydde . ne we be him na]?or nyton swa hi Sser 
libban . swa hi ^ser deade ligcon . Da hi Sus hi sylfe earhlice 

308 betealdon . fa het se casere hi faran swa hwider swa hi woldon . 
and hi feorh-fagene him fram sona (5anon eodon . and se casere eft 
sona Jjohte and smeade liweet he J^am halgan don mihte . o(5^e hu 
he sefre embe hy sceolde .and J)a J)a he him hearmian nolde for 

312 ]?i hit swa geweor'San sceolde . god selmihtig him J^a pses geu'Se 
■Seah he 'Sees wyrSe nsere pcet god hine geneosode . ^fre "Seah for 
his halgena earnunge . him Sa 'Sis gej^anc on mode asende . pcet 
he het pdds scrsefes ingaug 'Seer hi inne lagon eall hit mid 

316 weorc-stanum for-wyrcan . for (San god wolde pcet hi 'Sser stille 
reston . and ungehr^pode on Sam screefe slepon oJ> pas y'Stogenan 
tide J^e he hi eft mancynne f)urh his mycclan mgercSe for micelre 
neode geswu^telian wolde ; and he tSa decius let him to rsede pcet 

320 he p2i gersedde and he 'Sa his ge'Sanc geopenode . and ofer eall 
clypode . fare man swic5e hra'Se Jpyder geond to pscm scrsefe {jeer J^a 
wi'Ser-sacan inne dariac5 behydde . and hi man mid weorc-stane on 
seghwilce healfe ealle swa cuce tSser-inne for-wyrce . poet hi sunnan 

324 leoman nsefre lengc ne geseon . ne hi myrh(5e mid us heonon-forcS 
nabba'S . nu hi ure bebod healdan noldon . Ac beon hi tSser on 
yrmSe on selce hand beclysede . ocSSset hi mid ealle dea'S for- 
swelge . swa he let on his ge'Sance se casere and mid him eall 

328 seo burhvvaru^ pcet hi tSa halgan swa lifigende ontSam scrsefe wurdon 
beclysde . Da gelamp hit pcet Sser betweonan eodon 'Saes caseres 
dyrlingas hi twegen . wseron him swiSe leofe . and hi Seh-hwaecSere 
wseron dearnunga cristene begen . se an wees genemned f»eodorus . 

332 and se otSer rufinus . J^a sprsecon hi him betweonan swa hit nan 
^ Leaf 112. ^ burhware, alt. to burhwarv. 


the emperor, and, being much affrighted, answered him, " We pray 
thee, dear lord, that thou wilt hear our words ; we never neg- 308 
lected anywhere thy kingly commands, neither despised we ever 
the worthy gods ; why wilt thou, lord, punish us for the sake of 
other men who contemned thy command and spent our treasures 
all over the earth 1 Here they are full near at hand, yonder on the 312 
Celian Hill, hidden in anxiety and fear, neither know we con- 
cerning them, whether they be there living or there lying dead.' 
When they had thus fearfully excused themselves, then the em- 
peror bade them go whithersoever they would ; and they, fain of 316 
life, quickly departed thence from him ; and the emperor again 
straightway thought and considered what he could do to the 
Saints, or however he should act concerning them ; and since he 
desired not to harm them, because it was so ordained to come to 320 
pass, God Almighty granted him this, though he was not worthy 
that God should visit him. Nevertheless, for the merit of His 
Saints, He sent this thought into his mind, that he bade the en- 
trance of the cave, within which they lay, to be all blocked up 324 
with hewn stones, because God willed that they should rest there 
quietly, and sleep untouched in the cave, until the quickly com- 
pleted time when He would again manifest them to mankind, by 
His great glory, for a great need ; and then he, Decius, so took 328 
counsel, that he then determined and made known his intention, 
and proclaimed everywhere : " Let them go very quickly thither 
yonder to the cave wherein the apostates slumber hidden, and 
block them up therein all alive with hewn stones on every side, 332 
that they shall never any longer see the sun-beams, nor have mirth 
with us henceforth, since they would not observe our command ; 
but let them be there, in misery, closed up on either hand until 
death altogether swallow them up." 336 

So he, the emperor, purposed in his mind, and all the citizens with 
him, that they, the Saints, should thus be closed up in the cave alive. 

Then it happened that there went among them twain of the 
emperor's favorites. They were very dear to him, nevertheless 340 
they were both secretly Christians ; the one was named Theodore, 
and the other Rufinus. Then they spake between themselves so 


man iiyste butan him sylfon . pcet hi woldon "Sisra haligra rnartyra 
martyr-race awi^itan . and Ipcet gewrit mid j^am halgum Sser-inne 
lecgan . swa man in to 'Sam scrsefe g4n sceolde . pcet hit mid him 

336 p)8er-inne Isege . to swutelunge oS "Sone byre pe hi god selmihtig 
awehte . and hi man-cynne geswutelian wolde . 'pcet ealle men "Surh 
Sset gewiitt eft ongytan mihton . hwset Ip-a. halgan wseron pe man 
■Sser-inne funde ]:onne pwt godes wylla vvsere ; and hi 'Sa twegen 

340 getreow-fseste waeron dydon f)8er-rihte eall swa hi ser gemynton . 
eodon in to Sam scrsefe dearnunga on-sundran . and J?as halgan 
martyrrace eall swa heo gewearS on anum leadenum tabulaa ealle 
mid stafon agrofon . and hi Seet gewrit mid twam sylfrenan in- 

344 seglum on anre teage geinsegledon . ^ and wiS pa halgan Sser-inne 
swiSe digol-lice ledon . and Saes scrsefes locstan hi wel fseste 
beclysdon . and him 'Sanon sySSan ham-weard gewendon . and f)a 
ealle pus Singe Jjurh godes fadunge Jjus wurdon gedyhte . Da 

348 ymbe pcet utene . forS-ferde decius se yfela casere . and sefre selc 
dct'l eall his cynnes . and feala oSra casera ^ gefter him rixodon selc 
sefter o'Srum on heora c^'nescipes wuldre . and on heora anwealdes 
myrhf)e . and hi sume ^ hpe]:>ene . and sume cristene feala geara 

352 rixodon . oSSeet ]:)eodosius se msera casere archadies sunu fengc to 
rice . and embe eahta and Srittig geara J^aes pe he rixode . asprang 
gehwser on godes folce my eel gedwyld . and ferdon yfele menn 
geond eall pSdY hi mihton . and cristene men on gedwylde brohton . 

356 ssedon pcet se geleafa naht nsere pe ealle geleaffulle men buton 
tweonunge gelyfaS . pcet is pcet ealle men on domes dseg sceolon 
arisan mid J?am ylcan lichaman pe ge-hwa ser her on life leofode . 
and |?onne seghwilcum men tefter his geearnungum biS gedemed . 

360 swa to yrmj^e on helle wite . swa to myrhj^e on heofona rice . 
■Sisne geleafan woldon gedwolmen a-idlian . and of cristes gelaSunge 
mid ealle adweescan . and on Sam timan pe Sa bisceopas beon 
sceoldan . and godes |:)8et halige folc on rihtne weg gebringan . hi 

364 swiSost selces gedweldes tiledon . and selc gedwyld hi upp arserdon ; 
twegen Sser wseron bisceop-hades men pe selces yfeles heafod-hebban 
waeron . se waes gehaten theodorus . and se oSer gains ; hi naeron 

^ Leaf 112, back. ^ oSre casere, alt. to o'Sra casera. ^ wteron 

is here added above the line {needlessly). 


that no man knew it save themselves, tbat they would write down 
the martyrology of these holy martyrs, and lay the writing therein 344 
with the Saints, just where men must go into the cave, that it 
might lie therein with them as a testimony, until the time when 
God Almighty should awake them, and should reveal them to 
mankind ; that all mea might afterward perceive by that writing, 348: 
who the Saints were whom they should find therein, when it 
should be God's will. And they, the twain, were faithful, and did 
straightway all as they had before intended, and went into the cave 
secretly apart [from the rest], and engraved with letters on a 352 
leaden tablet the holy martyrology, just as it had happened, and 
they sealed up the writing with two silver seals in a casket, and 
laid- it therein very secretly beside the Saints ; and they closed the 
cave's keystone very securely, and afterward thence turned them 356 
homeward ; and so all these things were through God's ordinance 
thus disposed. Then about that time died Decius abroad, the evil 
emperor, and all his kindred, every whit ; and many other emperors 
reigned after him, one after another, in the glory of their kingship, 360 
and in the joy of their power ; and they, some heathen and some 
Christian, reigned many years until Theodosius, the great em- 
peror, son of Arcadius, succeeded to the kingdom. And about the 
eight and thirtieth year after he began to reign, there sprang up 364 
everywhere among God's people great heresy, and evil men went 
about everywhere they could, and brought Christian men into 
heresy, and said that the belief was naught which all faithful men 
believe without doubt, viz. that all men at Doomsday shall arise 368 
with the same bodies in which each one before lived here in life, 
'and then each man shall be doomed according to his deserts, either 
to misery in hell-torment, or to mirth in the kingdom of heaven. 
Heretics desired to destroy this faith, and utterly to extinguish it out 372 
of Christ's church ; and at the time when the bishops should have 
been ready to lead God's holy people in the right way, they, above 
all, fostered every error, and raised up every heresy. There were 
two men in the episcopal office who were the chief promoters of 37^ 
every evil ; one was called Theodore, and the other Gains. They 


fur'San wyrt^e Ipcet man heora naman on 'Sisre haligra martyr-race 

3^8 sceolde awritan . for 'San ^ J^e hi godes gela'Sunge swi'Sost drehton . 
and mid heora gedwolspreece eall folc amyrdon . and theodosius 
se msera casere pa, he swilce ungewitt selce dsege gehyrde . he 
wear's sarig Searle on his mode . and he wepende on his ge]:)ance 

372 hit bemsende . pwt sefre on his timan se cristena geleafa swa earm- 
lice £etfeallan sceolde. Sume J^a yldestan gedwolmen saedon . Ipoet 
menn of dea"Se n^fre arisan ne sceoldon. Sume hi cwsedon . Ipcet 
se lichama pe aene biS for-mogod and to duste gewend and wide 

376 to-sawon . pcet he neefre eft togsedere ne come . ac 'Sa sawla ana 
on domes dseg butan selcan lichoman sceolden underfon Ssere 
myrh'Se heora seriste; pus hi dweledon mid heora leas-sagulan 
sprsece . and heora modes andgytu mid ealle hi fordytton . pcet hi 

380 nan Ssera worda ge'Sencan ne mihton j^e ure hselend sylf on (5am 
godspelle be Seere seriste cwee^ . Amen amen dico nobis , quia 
uenit hora quando mortui in monumentis . audient uocem filii 
hominis et uiuent. ])cet is on urum gef)eode . SoS soj? ic eow 

384 seege pcet se tima Gym's . J^onne ealle deade menn on lieora 
byrgenum mannes bearnes stefne gehyra^ . and hi ealle dcucia'S. 
Dyllice halige word . and ungerime oSre 'Se on halgum bocum 
synd awritene . pcet god aelmihtig mssnigfealdlice . ge Surh his 

388 witegan . ge J?urh hine sylfne . and be Ssera martyra seriste wses 
sprecende . and Seah ealra J^sera worda hi wseron forgytene ; 
namon hiw pa gedwoll-raenn sen-lipige to gemynde . and lagon 
on heora gedwylde and godes worda swetnysse hi awendon him 

392 sylfum to biternysse . pe swa ^ godes folc drehton . and "Sonne 
for "Sisum wearS theodosius se meera J^earle ahwsened . and he 
his lie for Ssere sarignysse mid wacan hreafe scrydde . and ^^8es 
him ana cniht-leas on his inran bure . and hine sylfne Saer-inne 

396 beclysde . and J)9er hreowlice beforan gode gebserde . for-"San pe he 
nyste hwses he gelefan sceolde . J^a hine pa swySost drehton and 
on ungewisse gebrohton pe his witan been sceoldon. Ac selmihtig 
god se milda pe aelcne mann mid fulre mildheortnysse underfehj? 

400 pe hine mid fulre eadmodnysse ges^hS . J^a he Sees caseres mycclan 
hreowsuiiga geseah . him eac sona p(^t hreow and his poet sarlice 

^ Leaf 113. ^ Leaf 113, back. 


were not even worthy that one should write their names in this 
martyrology of saints, because they troubled God's church most of 
all, and misled all the people with their heretical speeches. And 3S0 
Theodosius, the great emperor, when he heard such folly every 
day, he became exceeding sorry in his mind ; and he, weeping, 
bemoaned it in his thoughts, that ever in his time the Christian faith 
should fall away so miserably. 384 

Some of the chief heretics said that men would never arise from 
death ; some of them said that the body, which alone is corrupted 
and turned to dust and sown widely, would never come together 
again, but the souls alone on Doomsday, without any body, would 388 
receive the joy of their resurrection. Thus they erred with their 
lying speech, and they utterly stopped up their minds' understand- 
ing, so that they could not think of any of the words which our 
Saviour Himself said in the gospel concerning the resurrection, 392 
"Amen amen, dico vobis, quia venit Tiora, quando mortui in 
monumentis audient vocemjllii hominis, et vivent:^' that is, in our 
speech, " Verily, verily I say unto you, that the time cometh when 
all the dead men shall hear in their graves the voice of the Son 39^ 
of Man, and they all shall revive," 

Such [are the] holy words and numberless others which are written 
in holy books, which God Almighty, in many ways, both by His 
prophets and by Himself, and concerning the resurrection of the 400 
martyrs, had spoken, and yet they had forgotten all these words; 
the heretics [only] held them in their memory privately, and lay 
in their heresy ; and the sweetness of God's words they turned to 
bitterness to themselves, who thus vexed God's people ; and there- 404 
fore for these things was Theodosius the Great exceedingly grieved, 
and for that sorrow he clothed his body with mean raiment, and 
was alone, without servants, in his inner chamber, and shut him- 
self therein, and there mournfully demeaned himself before God, 408 
because he knew not what he ought to believe, since those most 
troubled him, and brought him into uncertainty, who should have 
been his counsellors. But Almighty God the Merciful, who with 
full mildheartedness receiveth every man who seeketh Him with 412 
full humility, when He saw the emperor's great lamentation, at 


aiigiiiii . and liine pa na lengc ahweenedne habban nokle ; lie be 
6ac psi na lengc gej^afian ne mibte pcet bis balige folc Isege on 

4'^4 gedwylde . ac be for bis mycclan mildbeortnysse segSer ge 'Sam 
godan casere frofre geuf)e . and eallum folce 'Sees swi'Se ungefyrn 
be geswutelian wolde hwses ge-bwa gelyfan sceolde mid gewisse . 
and be liis Sa balgen gela|:)unge 'Sees ful tidlice ofSa^ra^ gedwol- 

408 manna gedrecednysse abredde . and bira eac Sa toweardon ealra ^ 
manna seriste . mid bis 'Sam beorbtan and 'Sam soSan leobte 
geopenode . on Sus gewordenre dsede. Da on Sam timan pe se 
cristena and se goda tbeodosius fullice on god selmibtigne wses 

412 belyfed swa bis yldran beforan bim manega wseron . and be bis 
neode to gode swiSe georne m.^ende. pa gelamp bit on Sam dagum 
pe Sas forsprecenan f)iiigc gewurdon . pcet god selniibtig gescifte 
senne swa ge-radne mann . pe abte ge-weald ealles Sees splottes set 

416 celian dune . f)ar pcet scrsef ^wses tomiddes pe Sa seofon halgan 
lagon imie slapan . and be Sa se ilea goda mann let Sser araeran 
ealle abutan Sa dtine bis liyrde-cnapan cy'tan . pcet bi Sser gebende 
mid beora blafordes yrfe Idgon . and v/iS cyle and wiS bseton bi 

420 sylfe geburgon . and bi georne pa byrdecnapan -and mid beora 
bandgemacan . sume twegen dagas on 4n ymbe poet wasron . oS pcet 
bi werige fornean comon Sser Sa seofon balgan full ge-bende Mgon ; 
and bi Saer sona unmyndlinga swiSe fsestbealdne weorestan upp 

424 abwylfdon . and sefre swa bi near and near eodon . bi fundon 
selcne stan on oSerne befegedne . and ymbe Ssene oj^erne d^eg bi 
Sees scrsefes locstan tit alynedon . pcet bi eaSelice mibton ingan . 
and ea]5elice utgan. Da gelamp hit pcet god wolde pcet seo balige 

428 geferraeden awebt beon sceolde . pe on Sam scraefe tile bwile 
gereste bsefdon. And be Sa ure bselend se pe unborenum cildum 
lif sylS on beora modra innoSe . and se pe mid bis anwealde Sa 
forsearedon bdn wecS of deaSe . and se pe eac lazarum to life 

432 gewende . and bine ymbe J?reo dagas Sees pe be bebyrged waes of 
deaSe awebte . be sylf synderlice mid bis agenre dsede J^as seofon 
balgan pe on Sam screefe slepon be bi awebte Sa of Sam slsepe . 
and bi saeton ealle upp gesunde sefter beora agenum gewunan and 

436 beora sealmas sungon . for-Si bim nses nan deaSes mearc on 
^ Saere, alt. to 'c^jera. ^ ealre, alt. to ealra. ^ Leaf 114= 


once repented Him of his grievous purpose, and would no 
longer keep him afflicted, neither would He likewise longer per- 
mit that His holy people should lie in heresy; but He, for His 416 
great mercy, both granted comfort to the good emperor, and very 
soon afterwards He willed to manifest to all the people, what each 
man ought to believe with certainty, and so He very opportunely 
delivered His Holy Church from the vexation of heretics, and 420 
by the deed thus wrought He revealed, by His bright and true 
light, the future Resurrection of all of them. 

Then, at the time when the Christian and good Theodosius was 
fully trusting in God Almighty, as many of his ancestors had done 4^4 
before him, and was very earnestly bemoaning to God his need, it 
befell in the days when these aforesaid things happened, that God 
Almighty provided a very prudent man, who owned possession 
over all the plot on the Celian Hill, in the midst of which was the 428 
cave wherein the seven Saints lay sleeping. He then, this same 
good man, let his shepherd-boys' cots be reared there all about the 
hill, that they might lie there handy to their lord's cattle, and 
might defend themselves against cold and against heat. And 432 
they, diligently, the shepherd-boys, as well as their hand-mates 
(companions) for about two days were employed in the work con- 
tinually, until, being nearly wearied out, they came where the 
seven Saints lay very near ; and they there soon, unexpectedly, 43^ 
turned over the very fast-set hewn stone ; and ever, as they went 
nearer and nearer, they found one stone joined on to another ; and 
just on the second day they set free the keystone of the cave, 
so that they could easily go in and easily go out. Then it hap- 440 
pened that God willed that the holy company should be awaked 
who had rested in the cave a fitting time. And He then, our 
Saviour — He Who to unborn children giveth life in their mother's 
womb, He Who by His power waketh from death the seared 444 
bones, He Who also brought Lazarus to life, and awaked him from 
death about three days after he was buried — He Himself extra- 
ordinarily, by His own deed, awaked them, those seven Saints 
who slept in the cave, from sleep ; and they all sat up in sound 44^ 
ealth after their own manner, and sung their psalms ; for there 



gesewen . ne heora reaf nseron nan j^ingc mo"5fretene . ac gegtSer ge 
l^a ilcan reaf pe lieom on nppan lagon . wseron ealle gesunde . and 
heora lialgan lichaman hi gesawon eall blowende . and ealle hi 

440 16ton swilce hi on sefen slepon . and sona tSses on morgen of Sam 
slsepe awdcedon . and Ipcet ilce gejjanc and seo sylfe carfulnyss ^ pe 
heom amang J?am niht-slsepe wses on heora heortan . eall pa, hi 
awacodon hi pcef sylfe ge]?ohton . and hi nan oJ?er tSing nyston . 

444 buton pcet decius se casere hete heora gec^pan . and (5a hi 'Sus 
dreorigende J^ohton and mid heora modes unrotnysse tearas al6ton; 
J?a besawon hi ealle to malche pe w£es heora geferena An . and waes 
he eac heora Sening-mann . and hi hine psi Axodon . hweet he on 

448 sefen gehyrde pcet man be heom sprsece on porte . He andwyrde pa 
malchus . and cwae'S to his geferum . p<xt ic eow to sefen ser ssede 
pcet ilce ic eow nu segce. Jjget mann ns toniht ofer eall sohte . and 
us man georne gehwar axode . pcet we deofulgyldum sceoldon 

452 offrian . and decius se casere is nu gyt smeagende hw£et we ge- 
faran habban . oSSe hwser he us msege ofaxian; nu wdt ure 
drihten pcet we 'Saes nane fjearfe nagon . pcet we him sefre fram 
abugan ; Jja andwyrde maximianus and cwee'S to his gebro(5rum . 

45'^ gif hit swa sceal gewurSan pcet mann us her finde and mann us for 
godes naman to tSam casere laede . we edc sona (5ider faran ealle 
switSe gearwe . and we t5ser setforan him standon us gearwe . and 
be-hate swilc wite swilc he us behate . we ndn })ingc ne beon 

460 ofdrsedde . ne we uran serran life ne wif)sacau nsefre . pcet we 
habban clsenlice godes lof mid us gehealden oS Sis . fjurh ]?one 
halgan geleafan J)ses lifigendan godes sunu ^ . and hi tSa ge-broSru 
clypedon to malche . and him to cwsedon ; nim nu broj^or sumne 

464 dsel feos mid pe and far to porte mid . and us sumne dsel 
hlafes bige . and of-axa georne Saes Se f)u msege . hwset se 
casere be us geboden lisebbe . and do us eft ealle gewisse psds pe J?u 
ofaxie . and bige us swa Seah rumlicor to-dseg be hlafe f)onne Su 

468 gebohtest gyrstan dseg . ^ and bring us bet behlaf ponne Su eer 
brohtest -, forf»on pe j^a hlafas wseron swiSe eaSelice pe us gyrstan 

* Leaf 114, back, ^ Sic; read suna. 

^ Leaf 115. 


was no mark of death seen upon them, neither was their clothing 
at all moth-eaten ; but both the very same clothes which lay upon 
them were all sound, and their holy bodies they saw all blooming. 452 
They all supposed that they had slept in the evening, and soon 
after in the morning had awaked from sleep ; and the same 
thought and the same anxiety which was in their hearts during 
their night-sleep, the same things they thought of when they 456 
awoke, and they knew no other thing save that Decius the emperor 
had bidden to seize them; and when they thought thus, being 
grieved, and on account of their minds' sadness, they let fall tears. 
Then they all looked to Malchus who was one of their companions, 460 
and he was also their steward ; and they then asked him what he 
had heard in the evening that people said about them in the town. 
Then he, Malchus, answered, and said to his companions, " That 
which I said to you before in the evening, that same I now say to 464 
you, that men sought us to-night everywhere, and asked diligently 
everywhere for us, that we might sacrifice to the idols ; and 
Decius the emperor is even now considering where we have gone, 
or where he may seek us out ; now knoweth our Lord that we 468 
have no need of this, that we should ever swerve from Him." 

Then answered Maximianus, and said to his brethren, "If it 
shall so happen that men find us here, and lead us for God's name 
to the emperor, let us straightway go thither very readily, and 472 
let us there stand readily before him, and let him command 
such punishment as he may command us. Let us not be at all 
affrighted, neither let us ever deny our former life, that we have 
purely kept up the praise of God amongst us until now, through 476 
the holy faith of the Son of the living God." And they, the 
brothers, cried to Malchus and said to him ; " Take now, brother, 
a sum of money with thee, and go to the town with it and buy 
us a portion of bread ; and enquire diligently, as well as thou canst, 480 
what the emperor may have commanded concerning us ; and do 
us all again to wit of that which thou mayest learn. Buy us, 
however, more liberally of bread to-day than thou boughtest 
yesterday, and bring us better bread than thou before broughtest ; 484 
because the loaves were very scanty which came to us yesterday 



sefen comon; sw^ hi l^ton f)d halgan . and ndn olper ne wendon 
buton pcet hi on sefen slepon . and j^ees on morgen awocon . and he 

472 ]:)a sona on aerne mergen ardsmalchus heora f)ening-man . and dyde 
call s\v4 his gewuna wses . nam ]?a mid him sumne dsel feos . s\v4 
micel swd hit mihte beon . Seah swilce hit wsere sum tw4 and 
sixtig penega . and wses pses feos ofergewrit 'Sees ylcan mynetsleges 

476 pe man Ipcet feoh onsloh . sona ]?8es forman geares Jja decins feng to 
rice ; Feower si^on man awende mynet-isena on his dagum . pe 'Sas 
halgan 'Sagyt wunodon onmang oj^rum mannu?7i . and on pam 
frum-mynet-sloege waeron twd and sixtig penega gewihte seolfres on 

480 dnum penege . and on psem seftran em sixtig . and on |?aem j^ryd- 
dan feower and feowertig . and on J?am feorf>an git Isesse swa hi 
hit psdY heoldon ; Da wses ]:>oet feoh pcet malchus haefde J?8es forman 
mynet-slaeges on decies naman ; Donne betweonan decies frum- 

484 mynet-slseges dagum pa, ]:>as halgan into ps^m scrsefe eodon . and 
be-tweonan theodosius timan pe ^a wses casere . jr^a malchus pcet 
feoh bser to porte . be ealdum getele wseron psi agane 'Sreo hund 
geara^, and twd and hund-seofontig wintra of 'Sam dsege pe (5a 

488 halgan slepon . to 'Sam dsege j^e hi eft awdcon ; and he Sa malchus 
sona mid cSam d^ege code him tit of Sam scrsefe . and f)a he f)8er-ute 
wses . 'Sa geseah he hwaer ]?a weorc-stanas lagon ofer eall J^ser on- 
butan . and he healfunga J^ses wundrode . peaih na swi'Se embe pcet 

493 ne smeade . ac he forht of psere dune mid micclan ege ny'Sereode . 
and he Jpanon cleacode swiSe earhlice to porte . and sefre he him 
wses onsittende pcet hine sum man gecneowe . and hine fjam casere 
J?3errihte gecy'Sde . and h6 nyste se halga pcet se oJ?er earma wses 

496 dead . ne furSon dn ban nsefde he mid oj^rum . dc toscsenede ofer 
eall lagon . and toworpene geond Sa widan eorf>an ; and h^ f)a 
malchus pa, he ful gehende^ wiS "Sses portes geate code . pa 

470. (fol, 21) begins tvith—aud 477. siSan ; mlnet-iserna ; dagan 
hy n^n o})er ne wendan (sic). J'a )7as. 

471. O. hi ; aefen ; mergen awocan. 478. wimedanamangojjranmannan. 

472. om. J)a; uierien ; J^enig-niann. 479. -mlnetslege wseran ; syxtig ; 

473. sum. sylfres. 

474. hit Jjawas {sic ; for micel 480. ^nan penige ; syxtig ; ])riddan. 
swa hit) ; beon ; swylce ; wjcre. 48 1 . pan ; gyt. 

475. syxtig; mlnet-. 482. heoldan ; pe {for psat). 

476. om. psei ; gearas. 483. mlnet-sleges ; decius timan. 

1 geare, all. to geara. * A. inserts wses, ivhich 0. omits. 


evening : " for they, the Saints, supposed and thought nothing else, 
but that they had slept in the evening, and after that awaked in 
the morning. And he then, Malchus their serving-man, straight- 488 
way arose in the early morning, and did all as his custom was ; 
he took with him a certain sum of money, as much as might be ; 
however, it might be some two and sixty pence, and the superscrip- 
tion of the money was of the very minting that had been struck in 492 
the first year of Decius' succession to the kingdom. Four times 
they changed the coinage in his days while the Saints still dwelt 
among other men ; and in the first minting there were two and sixty 
pence weight of silver in one coin, and in the second just sixty, 496 
and in the third four and forty, and in the fourth still less, as they 
reckoned it there. So the money that Malchus had was of the 
first minting in Decius' name. So between the days of the first 
minting of Decius, when the Saints went into the cave, and the 500 
time of Theodosius who then was emperor when Malchus bare the 
money to the town, by the old reckoning, there had past three 
hundred and seventy-two years, from the day that the Saints slept 
to the day when they again awoke. He then, Malchus, at once at 504 
daybreak went out of the cave ; and when he was out of it, then he 
saw where the hewn stones lay everywhere thereabout, and he in 
part wondered thereat, though he did not consider much about it ; 
but he, being afraid, went down from the hill with great fear, and 508 
he thence hurried very timidly to the town, and ever he was 
vexing himself lest some man should recognise him, and straight- 
way make him known to the emperor. He, the Saint, knew 
not that the other, miserable man ! was dead, and had not even 512 
one bone [joined] with the others, but [they] lay everywhere 
broken to pieces and thrown about over the wide earth. And 
as he, Malchus, was walking quite near by the town-gate, he 

484. minetbleges ; j^an scrxfe. 492, ac ; dune; 0. ins. a.nd before 

485. tlman ; om. casere. mid ; nijjer-hedde {sic). 

486. getealdan (/or ealdau); wseran. 493. ]?anan ; [c]leacode swyjje; 

487. geara (/o/- w intra). porte ; jrfre ; waes him. 

488. J)an ; awocan. 494. sum man hine ; J)an, 

489. scrjjefe. 495. gecydde ; he ; om. waes dead. 

490. -stanes ; ambutan. 496. am. he ; oJ)ran ac toscaenede. 

491. O. ins. swa after he ; healf- 497. eall wseran and towdrpene 
lut)ga; wundrade ; swyj)e embe ne lagan, geond J)a wldan. 

asmeade. 49^- port-geates. 


beseah h4 ]?ider-wearcl . and beseah to psere halgan cristes r6de- 

500 tdcne hweer heo uppan f)am port-geate stdd mid arwurtSnysse 
afeestnod . and Line J^ser gelaehte syllic wundrung . and on Ipsdre 
gesih'Se hine gestod wundorlic wafung . and he stod . and belieold . 
and him wundorlic pnhte . and he seghwider ^ beseah on seghwilce 

504 healfe . and h6 hawode on f)4 rode . and hit him eall wundorlic 
tSuhte . and he J>ohte on his mode hwset hit beon sceolde . and he 
tSa }?anon to of)ran port-geate eode . and he f>a eft sona geseah f>a 
halgan rode . and he f)ses wundrode J^earle . and he pa, port-geatv'^ 

508 ealle be-eode . and he geseah uppan selcon Jpa halgan rode standan . 
and eall he wses ful wundrunge and wafunge . and eac pa, byi'ig he 
geseah eall on oj^re wisan gewend . on ofre heo ser wses . and f)a 
gebotla geond pa byrig eall getimbrode on o]?re wisan on of)re hi 

512 ser wseron . and h6 ndn })incg J^sere byrig ne cuf)e gecnawan pe ma 
pe se man pe hi nsefre ne geseah mid his eagan . and J?a he wun- 
drigende })ohte swilce hine on niht msette ; }ja gecyrde he eft to 
Sam ylcan portgeate pe he serest tocom . and he fohte on his 

516 heortan . and cwoe(5 to him sylfum . hwset f>is sefre beon sceole fser- 
lices . pcet ic h^r geseo swd wunderlices . pcet gyrstan sefen on ealre 
Sisre byrig J^sere halgan rode-tacna (sic) nahwser nses gesyne . and 
heo nu [geond] eall is geswutelod . and on selcon port-geate is nu 

520 to-dseg gefsestnod ; and he eft sona f>ohte on his mode . and his 
hand up ahof . and senode hine sylfne and f)us cwcecS . god eel- 
mihtig gebletsige me . [hwsej^er hit furf)ou socS sy otSSe] hwsetSer 
me on swefne msete eall pcet ic her geseo fserlices wundres . and he 

5 ^4 sefter J?ysum gef>ance . teah him elnunge to be dsele . and bewdnd 
his heafod mid anum cla(5e . and earhlice eode into []?am] porte . 
and bearh him sylfum switSe georne . and pa, he com ful neah 
into [}?9ere] cypinge J^ser gehwilce men [heora ceap be ... an . 

499. he Jjyder- ; and he geseah dorlice. 

))aere ; om. cristes; rodetacn. 506. peer (/or ))a). 

500. hit (for heo) ; stod, 507. J)8es he. 

501. hyne ])ser ; swylc (for syllic); 508. O. ms. J)a bef. ealle. 
om. and. 509. full ; birig. 

502 gestod wundorlice ; stod. 510. oSer ; om. wisan; om. on; 

503. om. him ; wundorlice ; aeg- oSer ; ser. 

hwyder; gehwylce. i 511. botla gynd ; getymbrade ; 

504. he hawede ; J)a rode ; wun- om. on ; oj^er hy. 

^ Leaf 115, back. ^ port-geate, alt. to port-geatv. 


looked thitherward, and beheld the holy sign of the cross of 516 
Christ, where it stood fastened with honour above the town- 
gate ; and thereupon extraordinary wondering seized him, and at 
the sight wondrous amazement came upon him, and he stood and 
beheld, and it seemed marvellous to him; and he beheld every- 520 
where on every side, and he gazed at the rood, and it seemed all 
wonderful to him ; and he thought in his mind what it might be. 
Then he went thence to another town-gate, and he again saw the 
holy rood, and he wondered exceedingly thereat ; and then he 524 
visited all the town-gates, and saw the holy rood standing upon 
each one, and he was all full of wondering and amazement ; more- 
over he saw the city turned all into another kind from what it was 
before, and the dwellings throughout the city all built in another 528 
fashion from what they were before ; and he could recognise 
no part of the city, any more than the man who had never seen 
it with his eyes. And while he, thus wondering, thought that he 
was dreaming in the night, then he turned again to the same 532 
town-gate at which he had first arrived, and he thought in his 
heart and said to himself, " Whatever marvel may this chance to 
be, that I see here so wonderfully, that yesterday evening in all 
this city the sign of the holy cross was nowhere visible, and now 536 
it is everywhere manifest, and is to-day fastened on each town- 
gate V* And he again thought in his mind, and lifted up his 
hand, and crossed himself and thus said ; " God Almighty bless 
me ! is it all true, or do I dream in sleep all the strange wonder 540 
that I see here ? " And he, after this thought, partly took comfort, 
and enwrapped his head with a cloth, and timidly went into 
the town, and sheltered himself very carefully ; and so he came 
very near to the market where all men sold their ware. Then 544 

512. O. ins. arserede hef. waeron. 521. hand he upp. 

513. hy ; he wses wundriende. 522. me gebletsige. 0. ins. hw8e)])er 

514. om. Jjohte; swylce ; cyrde. hit furjjon sotS sy o'S^e, which MS. 

515. Jjan; om, second he. J\i\. oyuits. 

516. sylfan; fserlices. 524. fiysaii ; to elnunge be dgele; 

517. her ; swa vvundorlices ; eallre. bewand, 

518. }»ysse ; rodetacn nawer. 525. anan ; 0. ins. \>i\m. 

519. hit (for heo) ; 0.{7isertKgeond, 526. sylfan swy];e. 

lohich MS. Jul. omits; his (/oris); 527. O. f//6\ J);pre; cypingce ; menn ; 

aelcan ; om. is. 0. ins. heora ceap be . . . an. pagehyrde 

520. afaestnod. he hu })a nienn, uhich MS. Juloniiis. 


528 pa gehyrde he hu J?a menu] him betwynan sprsecon and oft . 
and gelome cristes helda eworon . and hi ndne sprsece J^ser ne 
drifon butan sefre embe cristes naman . f)a he swilce sprsece 
gehyrde . ?Sa ondrsed malchus him J^earle . and he Sses eall 

532 forhtode . and cwoeS on his mode . La hwset J?is sefre beon scyle 
pcet ic h^r wundres gehyre . eer ic geseah micel wunder . nu ic 
gehyre miccle mare . gyrstan sefen nan man ne mihte cristes 
naman nemnian mid hihte . and nu to-dfeg on selces mannes 

536 mannes tungan cristes nama is aefre on foreweardan ; Da . cwcecS . 
he eft to him sylfum . to so'San ne })incS me naefre pcet hit BO'S sy 
pcet f>is sy efesa byrig . for'Sy eall heo is on of)re wisan gestatSelod . 
and eall mid of)rum botlum getimbred . ne ^ her nan man ne sprictS 

540 on hseSenra manna wisan . ac ealle sefter cristenra manna ge- 
wunan ; J?a wi'Sgynde he eft his get5ance . and him }?us andwyrde ; 
ac ic nat eftsona . ne ic nsefre git nyste pcet senig of)er byrig us 
W3ere gehende buton ephese anre h6r on em celian dune . and h6 

544 stod Jjser stille ane lytle hwile . and f)ohte on him sylfum hwset his 
soSes wsere ; Da ofseah he senne geongne man . and code him to 
J39em ylcan . and ongan hine axian and cwoecS . Id wel gedo tSe 
goda^ man . ic wolde georne set Se gewitan J^issere byrig riht 

545 naman . gif f»u me woldest gewissigan ; Da cwce^ se geonga mann 
to him . ic pe wille full hra'Se secgan . ephese ^ hatte f>eos burh . 
and heo wel gefyrn sw4 gehaten wses. Da f>ohte h^ on his mode . 
and cwce^ . to him sylfum . nu ic wses of )?am rihtan wege mines 

552 ingej^ances . dc betere hit biS pcet ic eft fare tit of f»ysum porte 
tSylses pe ic to swi'Se dwelige . and for-f)y Jponwe ne cume to minum 
geferum pe me ser hyder sendon ; gewislice ic h6r ongyten hsebbe 
pcet me hsefcS gelseht fseste mines modes oferstige . pcet ic ndt na 

556 forgeare hu ic hit f)us macige ; Eall he malchus rehte [eft] his geferum 

529. spaece J)£er. 539. oJ)ran botlan getimbrad ; her; 

530. drifan ; em; swylce. mann; spyc'5. 

531. ondred he malchus. 540. eall. 

533. her; wundor (/or wunder). 541. O. inserts ahenan {sic) he/. 

534. myccle. ge])ance. 

537. sylfan. 542. ndt na eftsona ; nsefre gyt. 

538. ^phesa; gestajjelad. 543. O. ins. sefre aftei' waere ; 

^ Leaf 116. ^ giJcle, ali. to goda. ■'' ephefe, alt. to ephese. 


lie heard how the men spake amongst themselves, and often and 
frequently swore allegiance to Christ, and they used no speech 
there save ever about Christ's name. When he heard such speech, 
then Malchus feared exceedingly, and he was utterly frightened 548 
thereat, and said in his mind, " Lo ! whatever can this be that I 
hear wondrously here 1 At first I saw a great wonder, now I hear 
one still greater ; yesterday evening no man could name Christ's 
name with safety, and now to-day on every man's tongue Christ's 552 
name is ever in the chief place." Then said he again to himself, 
" Truly it never seemeth to me that it can be true that this is the 
city of Ephesus, because it is all ordered in another manner and all 
built with other dwellings ; neither does any man here speak in the 55^ 
manner of heathen men, but all after the customs of Christian 
men." Then he changed his thoughts again, and answered him- 
self thus, " But again I know not, neither knew I ever yet, that 
any other city was near to us except Ephesus alone, here just 560 
beside the Celian Hill ; " and he stood there still a little while, 
and thought within himself what truth there might be in it. 
Then he saw a young man, and went to the same, and began to 
ask him, and said, " Lo ! well may it be with thee, good man ! 564 
I earnestly desire to know from thee the right name of this city, 
if thou wilt inform me." Then said the young man to him, " I 
will tell thee full quickly ; this city is called Ephesus, and it was 
thus called from a very early time." Then he thought in his mind, 5^8 
and said to himself, "Now I was in the right way in my inward 
thought, but better will it be that I go out of this town again 
lest I be too greatly bewildered, and so may not come to my 
comrades who ere while sent me here ; certainly I have here per- 572 
ceived that the over anxiety of my mind hath here seized me, 
so that I know not very certainly why I thus act." (He, Malchus, 

butan; anra her on ne (sic) in celian. 550. gefirn. 

544. litle ; sylfan. 551. silfan ; riht. 

545. mann; om. him. 552, ac; o;m. hit bi'S. 

546. pan; ahsian ; om. and cwaetJ ; 553. minan. 

la wel gedo. 554, geferan ; saendan ; ongyte 

547. mann ; oni. georne ; J)ysre. {for ongyten haebbe). 

548. wissian ; om, mann. 556. 0. ins. eft twice, after he and 

549. by rig. after rehte ; geft^ran. 


liu him gelamp on eallum j^isum ]?ingum IpSi he eft heom ^ to com 
on f)am scrsefe pe w6 ser fore-saedon . and Ipa heora seo wundorlice 
serist eallum mannum wses geopened and heora poit halige lif eall 

560 geswutelod ; and h6 malchus J?a him swd wundorlice J^uhte eall pcet 
he geseah and gehyrde . tSa mid c5y J^e he wolde gin ut of t5am 
porte . he tSa on selmes-mannes hiwe code f)yder full wel gehende 
)?8er man hlaf sealde to ceape . and Sa he ]:)yder com . he sona teah 

564 penegas of his bosme . and hi \vit5 hlafe }?am cepe-men sealde . and 
hi J?a cype-men swife georne f)a penegas sceawodon . and hi swilces 
feos fregnSearle wundredon . and hi J^a penegas ]:»8er to wsefersyne 
beheoldon . and fram hence to hence heom betweonan rsehton 

568 [and] to sceawigenne eowodon . and heom betweonan cwsedon ; 
butan tweon hit is soS pcet we ealle h^r geseoS . Ipcet J?8es uncuj)a 
geonga cniht swi^e ealdne goldhord wel gefyrn ^ funde . and hine 
nu manega gear dearnunga behydde ; Da f)a malchus geseah pcet 

572 man his penegas swa georne sceawode . he ondred him f»a swi'Se 
hearde . and eall Jjser he stdd he cwacode and bifode . and for an 
wende Ipcet selc f)ara manna hine gecneowe . and cwce'^ . fa on his 
geSance ; Wella min drihten . hwaet ic h6r nu hreowlice hsebbe ge- 

576 faren . ne mseg ic me nanes ofjres wenan . buton pcet hi nu me to 
decie gelsedon . Jjonne ne mseg ic ndn gewis bringan to minum 
geferum ; and J?a beheoldon swi'Se georne fa cype-men hine . and 
be him on gef ance smeadon hwset manna he beon sceolde ; Da 

580 cwce(5 . he to heom ^ eallum earhlicon wordum . La leof ic bidde 
eow swa georne tycSiacS me fees '5e ic gyrne . f ser ge habbat5 fa 
penegas on handa . ateof hi swa swd ge willa'S . ne gyrne ic set 
eow nanes hlafes . ac ealra manna bruce ge betst segfres ge penega 

584 ge hlafa ; Da he f us wses to heom ^ sprecende . and swa hreowlice 

557. eallan J)isan J)mgan. 565. cypmenn; psenegassceawadan. 

558, J)an ; we eow oft foressedon ; 566. fregen])earle wundredan ; his 
MS. Jul. om. eow. (^for lii ])a). 

560. geswutelad ; he ; 0. (fol. 20) 567. beheoldan ; bengce (twice) ; 
begins at )>uhte. him ; rsehtaii. 

561. om. 'Sa ; tit; J)an. 568, O. ins. and, ivhich MS. Jul, 

562. om. wel. omits; sceawienne edwedan; him; 

563. mann. cwsedan. 

564. ow. his ; om. J)am cepe-men. 569. twe(5u ; her ; ])es. 

' him, alt. to heom. ^ Leaf 116, back. 


afterwards related all to his companions, how it happened to him 
in all these things, when he came again to them in the cave, of 576 
which we before spake, and when their wonderful arising was 
revealed to all men, and their holy life was all manifested). And 
he, Malchus, when everything that he saw and heard seemed so 
wonderful to him, and as he desired to go out of the town, yet 580 
went he in the disguise of a beggar very near where they were 
selling bread in the market ; and when he came thither, he at once 
drew pennies out of his bosom, and gave them to the market-men, 
in exchange for bread ; and they, the market-men, looked at the 584 
pennies very earnestly, and they wondered enquiringly at seeing 
such money, and they beheld the pennies there as a curiosity, 
and handed them over amongst themselves from bench to bench, 
and showed [them] to be looked at, and said among themselves, 588 
" Without doubt that which we all see here is true, that this unknown 
young man hath found very long ago a very old gold-treasure, and 
hath hid it secretly now for many years." But when Malchus 
saw that they looked at his pennies so earnestly, he feared then 592 
very greatly, and all as he stood there he quaked and trembled, 
thinking only that every man recognised him, and said then in 
his thought, " Alas, my Lord, what ! how pitiably have I now 
fared here ! nor can I expect for myself anything else, but that 596 
they will now take me to Decius ; then can I bring no certain 
news to my companions." And then the chapmen looked at him 
very earnestly, and considered in thought about him, what manner 
of man he might be. Then said he to them all with timid words ; 600 
" Lo ! Masters ! I pray you very earnestly, grant me that which I 
seek ; there ye have the pennies in hand, employ them even as ye 
will. I desire from you no bread, but ye, best of all men, may 
keep both pennies and bread." 604 

570. swy])e ; gefirn. swyjte geome J)a cypmenn hu georne 

572. sceawede ; ondr^d ; swy})e. hy bine beheoldan. 

573. cwacede ; bifede. 579. smeadan; mihte (/or sceolde). 

574. Jjare. 580. eallan earhlican worda. 

576. om. me; hy me her nu ge- 581. tiSiaS ; om.'^e; gyrnan (stc). 
laeccan and me to decie gelaedan. 582. psenegas ; hy swa ge. 

577. bringan nan gewiss ; minan. 583. eallra; betst bruce ge segjjer. 

578. geferan ; for the clmise be- 584. to him waes. 
heoldon . . . hine, O. has he beheold 


his ceap gedrifan heefde . hi soiia ealle up stodon . and hine on 
heora handa heoldon . and him to cwaedon ; Sege us hwset manna f)u 
sy . o|?J)e hwanon J^u cumen sy . J^e pu pus eald feoh gemettest . 

588 and J3us ealde penegas hider brohtest . pe on gefyrn-dagum ge- 
slgegeue wseron on yldrena timan . sege us nu pcet sot5e buton selcon 
lease . and we beoS Jjine geholan . and ealne wseg J)ine mid-sprecan; 
ne we nellaS pe ameldian . 4c hit eall stille Isetan . pcet hit ndn 

592 man ne j^earf geaxian buton us sylfum ; f)a wses malchus ofwundrod 
heora spraece . and J^ohte sarig on his mode . and cwceS . be him 
sylfum to f>am cype-mannum . syllice is me anum gelumpen . and 
earmlice hsebbe ic ana gefaren toforan eallum mannum geond pas 

596 widan eorcSan ; vElcon of>ran men is alyfed pe on ]?ysan life byt5 
gestreoned . pcet he of his yldrena gestreone hine sylfne fercian 
mote . ac me anon wreccan pses ndn J^incg ne mseg gehelpan ; nu 
me is min agen setwiten swilce ic hit hsebbe forstolen . and man 

600 mid witum ofgan willa'S set me . pcet ic mid rihtan J^ingon begyten 
heefde ; Da anc?wyrdon pa cypemen . and him tocwsedon . nese nese 
leofa man . ne miht pu us na swd bepse^cean^ mid J^inan smetJan 
wordan . se goldhord pe f)u gemettest and hine lange bedyrndest . 

604 he ne msdg beon forholen . nu hit swd upp is aboren ; he nyste 
hwylc andwyrde he heom^ syllan sceolde for f^am micclan ogan . pe 
him on mode wees ; Da hi gesawon pcet he stod J?ser stille . and him 
nan ]:»incg ne geandwyrde . hi fengon him sona on . and becnytton 

608 anne wrij^au eall onbutan his swuran . and hine fianon ealle atugan 
tomiddes J^aere cypinge . and hine man heold on middan f^aere byrig 
swa gebundenne . and hit sprang pa, geond eall . and wses sona wide 
cuts . and ealle men geond pa byrig urnon f>yder sona . and mid 

612 gehlyde selc . cwcetS . to oj^ran . pcet f>8er gelseht wsere binnan psere 

585. gedrifen ; Hy sona upp a- 592. geahsian butan; sylfan; of- 
st6dan. wundrad. 

586. heoldan; cwsedan. 594. sylfan ; J)an cypmannan ; anan. 

587. hwanan ; pu J>e. 595. eallan mannan gynd. 

588. gefirndagan. 596. wyde; ^Ican; menn his {sic) 

589. geslagene wieran ; O. i/is. allfed ; ))yssan life. 

casera after yldrena; cf. 1. 615; 597. gestryned ; gestryne. 

butan selcan. 598. mdte ; anan wreccan ; mdt 

590. gehalan ; midspecan. (for mseg) ; helpan. 

591. O. ins. nahwern [sic) after J)e. 599. min tlgen is setwitan swylce. 

^ Leaf 117. ^ bepseean, alf. to bepsecean. ^ him, alt. to heom. 


While he was speaking thus to them, and had thus sadly 
driven his bargain, they at once all stood up, and held him in their 
hands, and said to him : " Tell us what manner of man thou art, 
or whence thou art come, since thou hast thus found old money, 608 
and thus hast brought hither old pennies which were struck in 
ancient days in the time of our ancestors ; tell us now the truth 
without any lie, and we will be thy defenders, and thy advocates 
always ; neither will we betray thee, but let it all be quiet, so that 612 
no man need learn it save ourselves." Then was Malchus much 
astonished at their speech and thought sorrowfully in his mind, 
and said about himself to the chapmen, " Strangely hath it hap- 
pened to me alone, and miserably have I alone suffered before all 616 
men over this wide earth ; to every other man who is born into 
this life it is permitted that he may support himself out of his an- 
cestors' treasures, but to me only, wretch ! may none of this avail. 
Now I am twitted about my own as if I had stolen it, and they 620 
will require of me by tortures that which I had obtained by right 
means." Then answered the chapmen and said to him, " Nay, nay, 
dear man, thou canst not so deceive us with thy smooth words ; 
as for the gold-hoard which thou hast found and hast so long con- 624 
cealed, it cannot be hidden now it is thus discovered." He knew not 
what answer he should give them on account of the great awe Avhich 
was in his mind. When they saw that he stood there still, and 
answered them nothing, forthwith they took him, and knitted a 628 
twist all about his neck, and all dragged him thence into the midst 
of the market, and they held him thus bound amidst the city, and 
it spread everywhere, and was straightway widely known, and all 
men over the city immediately ran thither, and with clamour each 632 

600. set me mid wltum ofgan wile ; heom. 

J^ingan. 607. andswarude. hy fengan ; be- 

601. andwyrdan ; cypmenn; to- cnyttan. 

cwaedan. 608, anbutan ; swedran ; J)anan ; 

602. mann ; om. us; sp^can {for tugan, 

beDfficean). 609. 0. om. cypinge . . . J>aere. 

603. hord (for goldhord) ; O. (fol, 610. gynd. 

22) begins with langa. 611. menngynd ; urnan ; om. ])yder 

604. O. i'ltH. na before beon, sona. 

605. him sellan ; J^an. 612. gehlfde; saede (/or cwae'5 to) ; 

606. waes on m6de ; hy ges^wan ; cm. Jjsere byrig. 


byrig cin uncuS geong man ]?e yldrena gold-hord sceolde findan . 
and swiSe eald feoh ]?yder gebringan . Ipe man on fyrndagum sloh . 
and on 'Ssera yldrena casera ^ timan notodon ^ . and ]?8er weartJ pa 

6i6 gegaderod wundorlice micel folc . and ealle men wafedon his anes. 
)?8er he gebunden stod him tomiddes . and ofer eall hlydende aelc 
man . cwcecS . to oj^rum. Dys is sum selj^eodig man of suman 
ojjran earde . ne gecnawe we his nan ]?incg . ne hine ure nan ne 

620 geseah ngefre mid his eagan ser; and he malchus ealle f»a word 
gehyrde . and aefre wses his uneacSnys wexende . and he |?am folce 
aefre swa georne huru mid his eadmodnysse cweman wolde . pcet 
he Ipurh. his fullan eadmodnysse hreowan sceolde . forf>y he ne cu(5e 

624 ne ne mihte nane tale findan . ne he nyste to hwam he word 
sceolde cweSan; pa, hine synderlice selc man beheold . and hine 
nan man ne cu(5e gecnawan . and }?a pa. he on |?8ere micclan his 
modes wundrunge f>ser gestod dreorig . and swigende . ]?a arn him 

628 fserunga to ge)?ance . pcet he swi'Se micelne truwan hsefde p(Bt his 
magas pagit on fsere byrig leofodon . and his pcet msere cynn pe 
W3es swij^e namcutS eallum folce pe he f)8er binnan hsefde . and him 
]?a for dn puhte pcet he pses gewiss wsere . pcet he J^aes on sefen 

632 selene man gecneowe . and selc gecneowe hine . and he pses on 
morgen ^nsenne ne gecneowe . ne ndn hine . o})f)e ndn J^ridde be 
him sylfum ne let he buton swilce h6 of his gemynde waere . and 
he pi mid f)am gef)ance on pcet folc beseah on selce healfe . wolde . 

636 georne sumne man gecnawan . ojjj^e broker . o'SSe mseg . o]:)f>e 
sumne f>ara J^e him ser en's wses geond pa, byrig ; noes him ealles 
na pe sel pads pe he georne hedde . ne mihte h6 f>8er nsenne ges^on 
pe he gecndwan cuj^e . ac J^a h6 st5d )?ser sw4 hreowlice ana to- 

613. mann. 619. lare nan hine, 

614. swy]>e ; fyrndagan. 620. om. eer. 

615. O. ins. his hef. on; om. Saera; 621. weacsende ; ])an. 

casere; notede. 623. hreowsunge suman menn ( /or 

616. gegaderad wundorlic; menn; eadmodnysse). 
^nes. 624. niste. 

6T7. ])3er ])3er. 625. sinderlice beheold selc mann. 

618. mann; his geferan {for oji- 626. om. man; cii^e gecnawan; 

rum) ; mann. om. J)a ; h^ ; Jjsere. 

* casere, alt. to casera. ^ notode, alt. to notodon. ^ Leaf 117, back. 


said to the other, that there had been taken within the city an un- 
known young man who must have found a gold-hoard of their 
forefathers, and so brought thither very old money which had been 
struck in former days, and made use of in the times of the elder 636 
Emperors ; and then there was gathered a wonderfully great 
crowd, and all men gazed upon him alone, where he stood bound 
in their midst, and vociferating on all sides every man said to 
the others, " This is some foreign man of some other country ; we 640 
know nothing of him, and none of us ever saw him before with our 
[/^^.his] eyes." And he, Malchus, heard all these words, and ever 
was his uneasiness waxing, and he ever endeavoured at least thus 
zealously to please the people with his humility, that they might 644 
pity him for his entire humility ; because he knew not, neither 
could find any argument, nor knew he to whom he should speak a 
word. Then every man separately beheld him, and no man could 
recognise him ; and as he stood there sad and silent in the great 648 
astonishment of his mind; it suddenly occurred to his thoughts 
that he had very great confidence that his relatives still lived in 
the city, and his illustrious kindred which he had there within it 
were very well known by name to all the people; and it seemed to 6g2 
him strange that he was certain of this, that he thus knew every 
man in the evening and every man knew him, and afterwards in 
the morning he knew no one, nor no man him. No third thing 
besides he supposed concerning himself, save that it was as if he 656 
were out of his mind ; and he then, with that thought, looked on 
the people on every side, earnestly desiring to recognise some man, 
either brother or kinsman, or some one of those who formerly were 
known to him about the city. He was not at all the better for 66© 
that which he eagerly observed ; he could not see any one there 

627. stod ; swugiende. 634. sylfan; butan swylce he; 

628. swy})e. gewit {for gemynde). 

629. Jjagyt; om. on .. by rig ; ly- 635. he J^a ; ])an. 

fedan. O. ins. se]>ele and before 636. om. georne ; bro^ei- ; mapg. 

msere. 637. O. ins. manna after J)ara. 

630. swy])e ; eallan. O. ins. widan after byrig. 

631. gewis ; on seran eefen. 638. om. second ]je ; naenne Jjser. 

632. mann. 639. cnaewan. 

633. mergen. 


640 middes eallum J^am folce . hit sefre be him micele swi^or selc man 
sprsec geoud }?a byrig . oppcet hit wearS oil's on l^sere halgaii 
cyrcan eet J)am bisceop-stole . and man cySde pam bisceope marine , 
and ]:)am port-gerefan pcet sylfe . and hi budon begen pcet man mal- 

644 chum swi(5e waerlice heolde . pcet he ne setbuiste . 4c man hine 
mid micclan ofste to heora ^ gelsedde . and his penegas forS mid 
him l^e he ]:)yder brohte mid him . and pa men j^e malchum on 
cypincge heoldon hine sona f)anon abrudon . and to cyrcan Iseddon . 

648 and h6 j^agit n4n oJ:»er ne wende buton pcet hi woldon hine gelsedan 
to decie J^am casere ; and he f>a com to cyrcean . and he beseah on 
selce healfe hwider he sceolde , and pcet folc wafigende him s4h eall 
onbutan . and he beseah on selce healfe geornlice hwider h^ 

652 sceolde . and pcet folc hine hsefde swa yfele swilce he sumes J)inges 
scyldig wsere . and ealle men hine fram stowe to stowe brudon . 
and to wundre tawedon . and him wses sw4 tineaSe amang f)am . 
and him eall j:)a eagan floterodon . and bitere teares aleton . and se 

656 bisceop and se portgerefa namon f)a his peningas . and hi beforan 
J^am folce sceawodon and heora f)earle wundrodon . for]?i hi nsefre 
Eer ne ges4won swilc feoh mid heora eagan pe wsds on ealdum 
dagum geslagen on decias caseres timan . and wses his anlicnys on 

660 agrafen . and his nama f)8er eall onbutan awriten ; Da cwce'S se 
portgerefa to malche; Sege us nu hwaer se ealda hord sy f)e f)u 
digellice fundest . and hine eall 0)? nu bedyrndest f>yl8es pe pn his 
set-sace . h6r is se man full gehende j^e sum pcet feoh ^haefS on 

664 handa pe pu hider brohtest . and J?u hit him of j^inum handum 
sealdest ; Da andwjrde malchus . and cvvceS . to heom eallura . 
eall ic secge h6r beforan eow eallum folc soS . and gif hit eower 
willa is ge magon me gelyfan . pcet ic nsefre git ne gemette gold- 

668 hord swa swa ge me onsecgacS ; Ac ic wat angewis soS . pcet of 
minra yldrena gestreone me becom J^is feoh on handa . and of 
Jjyssere ylcan byrig mangunge ic me pcet feoh gersehte . and hit 

640. tomiddan eallan folce ; mycle 643. om. hi ; budan ])Sk begen. 
swij^ur ; niann 644. swyjje ; 0. ins. na hwern he- 

64 1, geond J)a byrig gehyrde (J'or forene; ac. 

sprsec . , . byrig) ; wees cW^. 645. him bam {for heom). 

^ him, aZi. ^0 heom. ^ Leaf 118. 


whom he was able to recognise ; but while he stood there thus 
mournfully alone amidst all the people, every man throughout the 
city spake it about him much more, until it became known in the 664 
holy church, at the bishop's throne ; and they told the bishop 
Marinus and the town-reeve the same news. And they both bade 
men keep Malchus very warily, that he might not escape ; and they 
brought him to them with great haste, and his pennies also with 668 
him which he had brought with him thither; and the men who 
had seized Malchus in the market took him away thence imme- 
diately, and led him to the church ; and he still expected nothing 
else but that they would lead him to Decius the emperor. He 672 
then came to the church, and looked about on every side where- 
ever he could, and the gazing people pressed upon him all about, 
and he earnestly looked on every side wherever he could, and the 
people regarded him as evilly as if he were guilty of something, 676 
and all men dragged him from place to place and wonderfully in- 
sulted him ; and he was very uneasy among them, and his eyes 
all overflowed and let fall bitter tears. Then the bishop and the 
town-reeve took his pennies and scrutinised them before the 680 
people, and wondered exceedingly at them, be