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Full text of "Aesculapian : the 2006 yearbook of the Drexel University College of Medicine"

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Table of Contents 

Candids 2 

Locations 14 

History 17 

Faculty 24 

Senior Timeline 48 

Graduates 56 

Baby Photos 263 

Events 273 

White Coat Ceremony, Welcome 
Back Party, Halloween, Winter 
Formal, PABC and SAMSA 
shows, Funniest/Worst/Best 
Moments, Hard at Work, Time 
on the Wards, Post-Exam 
Festivities, Early Match Day and 
Festivities, 100 Days Countdown 
Party at Murphy's, Good Times 

Match Day & Senior Events 294 

Underclassmen 305 

FinalFarewell 312 

Advertisements 314 



Senior Memories Senior Memories Senior Memories Senior Memories 

lass of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 



Wlien we began this journey four 
years ago, many of us traveled from 
afar, leaving behind what was 
familiar to pursue our dreams in 
Philadelphia. From the first day we 
received our short white coats to the 
countless hours in Auditorium A to 
Auditorium B and then to the ivards, 
we will continue to learn. There 
were times when we all wanted to 
give up, but as you page through this 
yearbook and see the M.D. on the 
end of your name, we hope you will 
feel that the experience was well 
worth the sacrifices for you and your 
family. With all that being said, this 
yearbook is intended to remind you 
of your time spent at Drexel 
University College of Medicine witli 
the ONLY people who truly 
understand: your classmates. 


nior Memories Senior Memor 


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s P ■■ - - ■■ 

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«- S 

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r - 1 « '*> V ' ' " 

--M - 

~ «^T 

I. Love Park; 2. Boathouse Row 
and Waterworks; 3. Liberty Bell; 

4. Boathouse Row by night; 

5. Society Hill; 6. Academy of 
Music; 7. Independence Hall; 

8. Benjamin Franklin Bridge; 

9. Kelly Drive; 10. Logan Circle; 

II. Philadelphia Skyline; 

12. Philadelphia Museum of Art 






1. Long Branch beach; 2. Pittsburgh skyline and Heinz Field; 
3. AGH; 4. Pittsburgh at night; 5. Pittsburgh skyline; 6. AGH at 
night; 7. Long Branch, NJ; 8. Heinz Field; 9. Borden Apartments 

Marc '"7.2002 

Orexe/r; • ^^ 

Coll eBe 

1S4S>, October 1: The Homeopathic Medical College opens its 
doors for the first time. Tuition was $ 140 per student for a 
2 year program. There wereatotalof 7 faculty and attendance 
was mandatory. Also, each student was required to complete 
a thesis to graduate. The College was located at the rear of 
229 Arch Street in Philadelphia 

The Farriers of Hahnemann Medics! Cdbgz 
Cor&taitine Herhg, Jacob Jesnee, & later Water Wliarecn 

1065: The faculty votes to allow women 
to sit outside lecture halls and listen, but 
women were not permitted to enroll as 

1399: North Operating Oaseroom 


n * ' r 

1S>69: The homeopathic Medical College 
was renamed In honor of Samuel 
Hahnemann, one of the pioneers of 
homeopathic medicine. 

18>93: PrRufus Weaver received the 
gold medal at theColumbia World Fair 
Exhibition InChlcagof or his dissection 
of the human nervous system, 
affectionately named Harriet? 

190C7s Sports Cry: 

Succus, entericus, gastric, bile; 

Auricles, ventricles, sigmoid, chyle: 


Hahnemann, Hahnemann: 

Rah, Rah, Reel! 


1909. Haremam Footba) Team 


192S>: Greater Hahnemann hospital, a 733 bed-20 story hospital, 
(currently the South Tower) was built for $2.5 million. It was the first high 
rise teaching hospital in the U.S.A. 

-^ - 'J. • 

19 13. The Army MOtia stationed at Hdmemar) 

19 13. Biology Lst> 

i tin r krt jrcni 

riMO tn ihr prcarar* m any 

itil* nu-kwurrtnmi* ■ I 


..nitit^ inlmuMiou. until th# Sopbomoraa 
wb <vn>faruiblv smMd 
: . 

laeam-roan. »s in* r*e»pUon t»urtii«l 
:■ llioif chancier 
4>li All Fr*»h mi «nt*>nu(i "h» CoU««t bnl 
t* m. ■ iu|»«uir«l by their nur»» toddle I 

I .uih: uniM tin circ imu u m wt *h^» thiti 
1 : ■ 
bytall urttUo wouki *■■■ 
... CoUagr 
$th OvMilk cwl»b nud ciiiiuuuou mro pnnrnt-d lo 

: , rr»»h Ou« plot of milk will 
bo served to —eh Frn»h -i me Di*iM&Mry d«Uy 
Frwh must furnlah their o*u U>id«* ud nipph*. 
6th All Fmnb w» forbldd*a u> w«w cl»»« »p» pr-P 
puaa. prta nog* or to *rtorn IbmnMlve* with pip»s 
emm or Ontiit.— ADtt Blur 
Ttta OiltiMHi- humility wA lh» art of dancing TWy 

8th Rbiu. 



Hazing Freshman in 1906 

1940: Pit George Geckler ( 1919 Alumnus) 
produced the first phonographic recording of 
human heart sounds. He also designed the 
*Ualk through heart? at The Franklin Institute. 

1941: Women medical students were admitted 
to Hahnemann Medical College. 

1946: PrCharles£ailey( 7S32 
Hahnemann Alumnus), Chief of 
Thoracic Surgery performed 
the world's first successful 
valvular surgery within the 
human heart, a mitral valve 

1957: Or. Chsries 3aiey ( 1932 

ALrrrus) on the co/er of Time 


19£>1, August 11: Hahnemann Medical College gained 
university status as Hahnemann University with 4 
fully accredited schools: School of Medicine, School 
of Allied Health, School of Continuing Education, & 
The Graduate School, i 



1923: Hahnemann Nursery Cart 

1969: Hahnemann Hospital was the first 
hospital in the U.S.A. to install a 
completely automated Emergency 
Command System (Code 99- Cardiac 



I gjess Sencr Formats 

are a Tradticn 

1913: Chemistry in the Herngi 

1 933: The Infamous Hahnemann 
Hospital S>ed Race 

196&Pr. WakerP.Lomax 

(1957 ALtrns) treating 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

in Fhladdphia 

1959: The last homeopathic elective was 
Hahnemann Medical College was the last 
homeopathic school in the country 

199<S>: Hahnemann 

celebrated i-fcs 


150 years of medical 


19 12: Hahnemann AnUJarce 

1399 Eye Su&ryOhc 

The Honored Hitienj &(f 

In the tradition of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann Medical College 


The Female Medical College 


The Homeopathic Medical College 


JVoman's Medical College of Pennsylvania 

TTahnemann Medical College 

1969: I 1982: 
Medical College of Pennsylvania I Hahnemann University 


1992: MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine 


2002: Drexel University College of Medicine 

(yLcMcufaptu.* \e.>lui afa"pe"i).\ 

So, jou'uejust opened the first pages of jour 
beautiful newjearbook, andjou are probably wondering, 
"what kind of name is The Aesculapian , how do J 
pronounce it and what in the world does it mean?' 

Actually, as we found when we began working 
on our jearbook that the origin of this title is both 
fascinating and ueru appropriate for a book that 
commemorates the many wonderful medical school 
memories of Drexel Uniuersity College of Medicine 

The word "Aesculapian" refers to a uery 
important demigod in^reek my tholqgj, "Aesculapius. 
According to legend, Aesculapius was the son of the 
jod Apollo and the nymph Coronis. Apollo saw that 
his child was educated by the centaur Chiron, who 
taught Aesculapius to become a skillful ^reek healer. 
Jn fact, Aesculapius became so adept in surgery and 
in the use of medicinal plants, that he was frequently 
referred to as 'the jod of medicine and healing/' 
Shrines and temples, at which the sick would worship 
and seek cures for their ailments, were erected 
throughout Greece. 

Aesculapius had two daughters who helped tend the ill at the temples: Tfgjjeia [whose name means 
"health," which is reflected in our modern word "hygiene"] and -Panacea [whose name means "a II- healing"). 

Jt was reported that Aesculapius belieued snakes to be sacred and powerful symbols of healing, 
and kept the serpents at his temples. The wooden staff of Aesculapius, always bearing a coiled serpent, 
soon became the traditional symbol of medicine, health, and wisdom still used today: the caduceus. 
What became of Aesculapius,jjou might ask? Unfortunately, some feared Aesculapius' healing power. Wosl 
notably, "Hades thejod of the Underworld feared that Aesculapius could restore the dead to life with his 
powerful healing arts. After sharing his concern with Zeus, who also feared the possibility that Aesculapius 
could transform humans intojod-like immortals, Aesculapius was struck with a might]/ thunderbolt which 
ended his life, 

Although Aesculapius met an unfortunate end, haue no fear; his legend will endure. As we 
graduate from medical school, we will continue to foster the tradition of Aesculapius, learning and 
practicing the healing arts of medicine. 


Richard Howak, W.D. 

AnHetdietg Dean 
Satin Vice President 

Sawum Parrish, W.D. 

Adfeeiaie Dean of Student AUaiu 

Barbara Sckikdier, W.D. 

Vice Dean f»t Educational and Academic Attain 
mV/WBA Pathway Vitecle* 
Genual Education Pathway VUectn 




Attedale Vem let Admttiem 


Attedale Vem. let 
Aiimitml and Evaliudieit 


Attitude Veau In Faadly Vaidtpm&d 


Attedale Vem let Medial Iduatita 
Pkytuim and PaUttd Pte^tmt 




Attedale Vem let 

Attedale Vem let 

Attedale Vem lex 

HUiwiitii Allaiu 

Pteqtam let lutegialed Leatmug 

littumaliM Tedttuteay 





Atteciaie Venn lei 

A .wd nt r Vtm le\ 

A tannic Vtm In 

Ptemedieat Educalieu 

Biemedicat (hud unit Sluditt 

CeMMUMitv Quitted Ptn<t«M.< 

Basic Science Faculty 

Vincent Aloyo, PhD 


Robert Alteveer, PhD 

Pha nn/Pli ys iology 
Physio Course Director 

Ann Barnes, MD 


Lawrence Bergman, PhD Elizabeth Blankenhorn, PhD 
Microbio/Inmumo Microbio/Imnnino 

James Burns, PhD 


|m I 

Jane Clifford, PhD 
Department Chair 


Theresa Connors, PhD Timothy Cunningham, PhD 
Neurobio/Anatomy Neurobio/Anatomy 

Dennis DePace, PhD 

Gross Anatomy Course 


G. John DiGregorio, 
MD, PhD 


Thomas Edlind, PhD 

Alessandro Fatatis, 
MD, PhD 


Denise Ferrier, PhD 


Biochemistry Course Director 

Itzhak Fischer, PhD 
Department Chair 

Janet Fleetwood, PhD 

Fam. Comm/Prev. Med 
Course Director 

Bradford Jameson, PhD 

Marilyn Jorns, PhD 


Zach Kassuto, MD 

Fam. Comm/Prev. Med 

Course Director 

Peter Katsikis, PhD 

Fred Krebs, PhD 
28 Microbio/lmmuno 

Kirsten Larson, PhD 
Course Director 

Michael Lemay, PhD Julian Messina, DVM, PhD 
Neurobio/Anatomy Pharm/Physiology 

Olimpia Meucci, 
MD, PhD 


Peter Meyer, PhD 




obert Moreland, PhD 


Hazel Murphy, PhD 

Neuro Course Director 

Robert Nichols, PhD 

Joseph Nickels, PhD 

Shao-Pi Onn, PhD 

Robin Preston, PhD 

Physio Course Director 


Paul Rapp, PhD 


Anthony Romano, PhD 


Donna Russo, PhD 


Microbio Course Director 

Francis Sessler, PhD 

Neurobio/ Anatomy 

Jed Shumsky, PhD 

Neurobio/ Anatomy 

James White PhD Michael M. White, PhD Brian Wi^dahl, PhD 

Neurobio/Anatomy Pharm/Physkjlogy Microbm/lmnuino 

Department Chair Department Chair 


Akhil Vaidya, PhD 


Willie 1.. I lard v, |r., MD 
Department Chair 

Gary Okum. Ml) 

Pathway Director 

Melissa Brodsky, \in 

lack Cohen \n> 

Susan Kaplan, MD Mohammed Keykah, MD lei rj I e\ ill. MD Nagaraj I kngaiwju, Ml ) Wo> p,oko r \ll> 

Vlexandei /onshayn MD 

Clinical Faculty 



Andrew Weschler, MD John Entwistle, MD, PhD Karl Grunewald, MD Albert Guerraty, MD 
Department Chair Pathway Director 

J. Yasha Kresh, PhD M. L. Ray Kuretu, MD Michael Strong III, MD 


Herbert Allen, MD 
Department Chair 


David Wagner, MD 
Department Chair 


Gail Rudnitsky 

Pathway Director 

Heather lee 
Bailey-Cooner, MD 

William Burdick, MD 

Eleni Pentheroudakis, MD Eileen Quintana, MD 


Leonard Samuels, MD Julio Vializ, MD 


Eugene Hong, MD Michele Lamoreux, MD Marna Sternbach, MD Nipa Doshi, MD 

Department Choir Clerkship Director Pathway Director 

osemary Harris, MD Russell Maulitz, MD Marc Newman, MD Donna Ott, DO Margaret Stockwell, MD Steven Zinn, MD 

'•-^4 1 «-" v K 


James Reynolds,' MD 

Interim Chair 


Mary Ann Kuzma, MD 
Clerkship Director 

Kathleen Ryan, MD 
Clerkship Director 

Allan B. Schwartz, MD 
Gencralist Pathuvu 

Ana Nunez, MD Amy Fuchs, MD 
hhien's Health Pathivay Intro to Clinical Medicine 
Director Course Director 

J) I ^ - . 

lift! 4t I j 

Ziauddin Ahmed, MD Daniel Alvarez, MD 1 enore Ashel, Ml) 

David Barilc. MD 


^X iii 

Michael Barrett, MD 

Joseph Boselli, MD Mashiul Chowdhury, MD Mei \ \ u I >anile\\ it/, 


Abhai Dhond. MD Pamela Duke. MM 

Clinical Faculty 

Michael Ezekowitz, MD James Fitzpatrick, MD John Fontaine, MD Michael Heife 

Kwan Kim, MD Peter Kurnik, MD 

1-, -) 


; 1 

Steven Kutalek, MD Sandra Levison, MD Nathalie May, MD Steven Meister, MD Howard Miller, MD Carolyn O'Connor, MD 

■jflB -«£*\ 

Wilbur Oaks, MD Richard Paluzzi, MD 

Steven Peitzman, MD Joel Posner, MD 

Siva Ramachan, MD Edward Schulman, MD William Sexauer, MD Kather: 

Michael Sherman, MD Christine Soutendijk, ME 

Marian Suarez, MD Shanthi Subbiah, MD Nielufar Varjavand, MD Eric Vogel, MD 

James Witek, MD Margaret Wood, MD 



Robert Schwa rtzmann, MD David Tabby, DO Anahita Deboo, MD Sigmund Jenssen, Ml 

Department Chair Pathway Director 

Carol L 

Paul Schraeder, MD Carole Thomas, MD A. Charles Winkleman, MD Jyoti Pillai, MD 



H. Warren Goldman, MD Perry Black, MD 

Department Choir 

Obstetrics & 

Ronald Wapner, MD Owen Montgomery, MD 
Department Chair Interim Chair 

Amy Levine, MD Shahab Minass 

Clerkship Director Pathway Dir 

Gregg Alleyne, MD Carl Delia Badia, DO Alan Donnenfeld, MD Iraj Forou/an. MP 





Richard Gersh, MD Laird Jackson, MD Kathleen Kuhlman, MD Michael Podolsk) . Joy Pretcher, MD Anthom Sdsdofte IX> 

MD, PhD 




•tice Trauffer, MD Mark Woodland, MD I ay Wright, Ml) 

\K icn ^ anoTi \i 

Clinical Faculty 


Norman Johanson, MD Stephen Bosacco, MD Peter DeLuca, MD 

Department Chair 
Pathway Director 

Kevin Gingrich. MD 

Helen Horstmann, MD Paul Marchetto, MD Henry Sherk, MD 


Milan Amin, MD Bosco Noronha, MD 

Pathway Director 


James England, MD, PhD Cheryl Hanau, MI 
Department Chair Pathuwij Director' 

Xiaoli Chen, MD Sidney Croul, MD Lorenzo Galindo, MD Fernando Garcia, N 

Marian Haber, MD Corrado Minimo, MD Robert Ownbey, MD Nikolay Popnikolov, Andrij Sverstiuk, MD 

34 MD, PhD 


anette Pleasure, MD 

Daniel Schidlow, MD 
Department Chair 

Anthony Acquavella, 


Clerkship Director 


Laura Smals, MD 
Pathway Director 

Carol Anderson, MD 

Shoshana Melman, MD Joseph Melvin, MD, JD Om Ptakash Mishra. MD 


Eleanor Smergel, MD 

. \ 

Nancy Spector, MD Doug Thompson, MD Alan /uhmw, MD 

inicai taculty 


Mary Ann Delaney, MD Silvia Gratz, MD Susan Hyman, PhD Sandra Koffer, MD Himabindu Koneru, MD Victor Lidz, PhD 







Richard Malone, MD Ralph Petrucci, Ed.D. David Rubenstein, PsyD William Sonis, MD 


Lydia Komarrucky, MD Lesley Hughes, Ml 
Department Chair Pathway Director 

Mark Alden, MD 

Jorge Freire, MD Mahroo Haghbin, MD 



Robert Siegle, MD 
Department Chair 

Charles Mulhern, MD p - Todd Makler, Jr., MD Donald Underwood, DO 
Pathway Director 




'illiam Meyers, MD 
Department Chair 




Michael Weingarten, MD E- Joan Goffrodo Mohammad Abedin, PhD 
Pathway Director Academic Coordinator 

George Amrom, MD Ari Brooks, MD Andres Castellanos, MD 

Paul Curcillo, MD Anil Kumar, MD 


lichael Marcucci, MD Michael Moritz, MD Constantinos Pavlides, MD Burkhardt Ringe, MD Mahesh Sh.uma, PhD \\\\ id Stein. MD 



aymond Talucci, II, MD Gillian Zeldin, MD 

inical Faculty 


Vice Dean 

Jeff Reed 

1 Medical Student 

Mara Aloi 

Mark Baratz, MD 

Tobi Berchen, MD 

Jon Brillman, MD . James Celebrezze, MD Nicolette Chiesa, MD Kimberly Cockerham, MD Joseph Colella, MD i 

Nick Colovos, MD Richard Daffner, MD Patrick Demeo, MD Adam Duhl, MD Michael Forbes, MD Mark Fye, MD 

James Garver, MD Robert Guthrie, MD Dennis Hanlon, MD Fred Harchelroad, MD Dean Healy, MD Frederick Heckler, M 

Imad Jarjour, MD John Kennerdell, MD 


Paul Kiproff, MD Dennis Krivinko, MD 

>mas Lundquist, MD George Magovern, Jr., MD James Magovern, MD Richard Maley, MD Christine Manges, MD James McMaster, MD 

David Parda, MD 

Gerald Pifer, MD Aurelio Rodriguez, MD 

Mark Roll, MD 


Raimund Rueger, MD 

Schneck-Jacob, MD 

Eugene Scioscia, MD Thomas Scott, MD Richard Shannon. Mi) 




Nicholas Sotereanos, MD James Valeriano, MD Michael White, MD 

Not Pictured: 

Richard Atkinson, MD 
Daniel Benckart, MD 
David Bertocchi, MD 
Sergio Betancourt, MD 
Chriatophet Bonnet MD 
C ha rles Cobb, MD 
I vena Dalai, MD 
Kenneth Goetz, MD 
Thomas Julian, MD 

Idum K.iins, MD 
Kevin Kelley, MD, ri.D 
Denice Leonard, DO 
David Moduli, MD 
Michelc Monaco, MD 
[oanne Oleck, MD 
John Raves, MD 
Deborah Kotenstein, MD 
Jan Scski, MD 

Ronald Ihomav MD 
\i I ance Weaver, MP 

[oseph Young, MD 

Queen Lane 

Student A ff a irs Office: 

From Left to Right: Marie Hartman, Sherita 
Glen, Shay Myers, Janet Moore, PhD 
Foreground: Samuel Vanish, Jr, MD 

Women's Health Education Program: 

From Left to Right: Eve Mitchell, Ana Nunez, MD, 
Winnie Jones, Candace Robertsone, Liz Thul 

Medical Education: 

From Left to Right: Joy Hudson, Deb Wasco, 
Barbara Lasher, Linda Freer, Benita Brown, 
Amy Fuchs, MD, Kaye Firmer an 
Foreground: Burt Landau, PhD 

Library : 

From Left to Right: Dave Wagner, Adrienne 
Jenness, Nancy Eagan, Martha Kirby 

Community Experience: 

From Left to Right: Christinette Thompson, 
Vince Zarro, MD, PhD, Ellen Cinchock 


Student R esource Center: 

From Front to Back: Jerri Simmons, Renee 
Wooten, Zeli colon-Penock, Juanita Womack, 
Shanae Moody, Marcia Carroll 


Victor Chemerys 


From Left to Right: 
Vincent Powell 
James Mitchell 

Not Pictured: 
Ed Smith, Supervisor 
Darryl Chapman 
Theodore Mathis 

Technolog y in Medical Education! Educati onal 

From Left to Right: Arnold Smolen, PhD, George 
Zeiset, Robert Cimerelli, Brendan McGann, Todd 
O'Donnell, Lori O'Connell 
Foreground: Dave Ross 

r i 

linical Rotation Sites 

Allegheny General Hospital 

Dean's Office 

Karen Miller and Jeff Reed 

Easton Hospital 

Department of Surgery 
1 torn left to right: Harjeet kohli, MD 
(Residency Program Director); Robert S. 
Block, MD (Department Chair); lames P. 
Koren, MD (Associate Residency Program 
Director i 

De p art ment of Obsi 

C.un ecology: 

Dame'. VI S< ImHirtzman MD 

(Student Clerk-In;' l\ 

Departmen t of Medie i ne 

I rom left to righl \ Rashid Makhdomi, 

MD (Department Chair) ritonia> I Pen 

\!/> i \i,; • ■ •• President); Jonathan 

en, MD; Han\y I Hakim, Ml • 
/. Lyon MD MRU « 

id t ■ Kemp WD (Resident 'n 

Director) Richard \\ 

dent 1/ Program I ' 

Robert Packer Hospital / Guthrie Clinic 

Department of Medical Education 

Front Row: Amanda R. Phillips, Student Coordinator 

Trish Stern, CME Coordinator 

Back Row: Shelly Monks, Administrative Director, Medical 

Education, Tammy Lindhorst, Supervisor, Graduate Medical 

Education, Gina Mosier, Administrative Coordinator 

Department of Family Medicine 

Dr. Genevieve Minick, Family Medicine Faculty 

Gloria Mack, Program Coordinator, Family Medicine Residency 

Laurie Gleockner, Program Secretary, Family Medicine Residen 

Dr. Thomas Gole, Family Medicine Faculty 


Lehigh Valley Hospital 

Sara Viessman, M.D. 
Director, Division of Education 

Department of Family Medicine 

Marc Shalaby, M.D. 
Internal Medicine Clerkship Director 

Department of Pediatrics 


Center For Education 

Mercy Catholic Medical Center 

department of Surgery 

4. Farrukh Khan, M.D., Asst. Program Dir. 

Jot Pictured: Chris Tzarnas, M.D., Chairman & Surgery Program Director 

)rville H. Domingo, M.D., Asst. Program Dir. 

eon Clarke, M.D., Prasanth Ramachandra, M.D. 

Margaret Carroll, Surgery Program Secretary 

Office of Medical Education 

Top Left to Right: Shirley Meade, Administrator 

Betty Rogers, House Staff Coordinator 

Bottom Left to Right: ]oan Loughney, Trans. Prog. Coord. 

Arnold Eiser, M.D., VP of Med Ed; 

Bonnie Pennington, GME Adm. Asst. 

Not Pictured: /. Harris Joseph, D.O., Trans. Yr. Residency Dir. 

)epartment of Medicine 

'op Left to Right: John M. Draganescu, M.D., Asst. Prog. Dir. 

Dolores Graham, Med. Prog. Sec; Michael J. Korman, M.D., Asst. Prog. Dir. 

'homas Lupkie, Admin. Coord. 

lottom Left to Right: Manzoor Rather, M.D., Assoc. Prog. Dir. 

[mold Eiser, M.D., Int. Med. Dir.; Joanne Connaughton, M.D., Assoc. Prog. Dir. 

Department of Radiology 

From Left to Right: Betsy Ann Izes, M.D., Prog. Dir. 

Regina Mclenski, Rad. Prog. Secretary 

Not Pictured: David P. Mayer, M.D., Chairman 

Pinnacle Health Hospitals (Harrisburg) 

From left to right, front row: Esther Tucci, Manager of Education & Research; 

Carol Fry, Exective Secretary, Department of Medical Education 

John Goldman, M.D., Program Director - Internal Medicine Residency 

From left to right, back row: Janene Beck, Coordinator - Internal Medicine 

Residency; Daniel Fischman, M.D., Department of Medicine Faculty 

Kathenne Sakmar, M.D., Department of Medicine Faculty 

Michael Holman, M.D., Program Director - Surgery Residency 

Mary Maren, Executive Sa retary, Department of Surgery 

Nirmal Joslu, M.D., V.P. of Medical Education, Research and Clinical Informatics 

Reading Hospital and Medical Center 

David I.. George, M.D. 

Director of Medical Education, Internal Medicine Program Director 

Associate Chair, Department of Medicine 

I ham St hwerdt 
Institutional Graduate Medical Education Coordinator 


St. Christopher's Hospital for Children 

First Row Sitting (left to right): Drs. C. I. Mesia, K. Chen, 
D. Lowe, A. O'Riordan, C. Reed, A. Chialastri, 

D. Schidlow, N. Spector, R. McGregor, H. Soriano, 
J. Foster, J. Pascasio, C. Anderson 

Second Row Standing (left to right): Drs. S. Long, 

A. Acquavella, C. Dampier, M. Rehman, J. Becker, 

L. Smals, R. Steckler, A. Baldirdge, C. O'Hara, J. Goplernd, 

L. Varlotta, E. Anday, J. Pleasure, A. Zubrow, 

J. Morrissette, H. Chaivla 

Third Row Standing (left to right): Drs. H. Kersten, 

E. D. Thompson, P. Matz, J. Piatt, H. Hardison, 

J. P. deChadarevian, E. Suarez, M. Jacobs, M. Szatkowski, 
G. Pelletier, F. McNesby, R. Lee Vogel, K. Herzog, 
C. Morales-Mateluna, E. Geller, T. Syed, R. Laguerre 

St. Peter's University Hospital 

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecolog y 

Back Row (left to right): Mark L. Mokrzycki, Residency Program Director 

Edwin Guzman, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM); Christopher Houlihan, MD, 

MFM; Joseph Jenci, MD, Academic Chairman, Clerkship Director 

John A. Carlson, Jr., MD, Chairman; Scott Puza, MD, MFM; Angela Ranzini, MD, 

MFM; William Lowe, MD; Richard Lynen, MD, Residency Program Associate 


Front Row (left to right): Elizabeth Hibbett, MD; Ngoc Tran-Hoppe, MD; Kimberh 
Baldzvin, MD; Robert Beim, MD; Shyam Hatangadi, MD; Michael Schiavone, MD 
Not Pictured: Paul Matta, DO, MFM; Carlos Benito, MD, MFM; Vivian Aguilar, 

York Hospital 

Department of Family Medicine 

Bottom Row, Left to Right: 

Ana Rivera-Tovar, Ph.D., Behavior Science 


Bruce Bushwick, M.D., Program Director 

Middle Row, Left to Right: 

Andrew Delp, M.D., Assistant Program 


Stacey Robert, M.D., Assistant Program 


Top Row, Left to Right 

Andre Lijoi, M.D., Associate Program Director 
Robert Fazvcett, M.D., Medical Director 
Pamela Runkle, Sr. Program Coordinator 

Department of Medical Education 
From left to right: Rachel L. Lins, Medical 
Education Assistant; Julie L. linger, Medical 
Education Assistant; Richard W. Sloan, M.D., 
R.Ph., Director of Medical Education; 
David J. Emrhein, M.A., M.Ed., Manager of 
Medical Education 

. -^Pt^- 


a aw 


nap 4". 


wts. s 

f i 

m 4\ ' 


1 1 

mW 1 ■ 



• ' 


Department of Medicine 

Faculty and Administration: Kathy Judy, Admin. 
Asst.; Brian Pollak, MD, Associate Program 
Director; John H. McCo?iville, MD, Chairman; Sue 
Bell, Program Coordinator; Kevin Muzzio, MD, 
Transitional Program Director; 
Lakshmi Pasumarthy, MD; Mark McKeague, MD; j 
Rob Pargament MD; Hal Baker, MD; Alex Zeigler, 
Residency Coordinator; Wolfe Blotzer, MD, Program 

Other Clinical Affiliate Hospitals 

Abington Memorial Hospital 
Atlantic Health System 
Bayhealth Medical Center 
Bryn Mawr Hospital 
Capital Health System 
Crozer-Chester Medical Center 
Eagleville Hospital 
Friends Hospital 

Graduate Hospital 

Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center 

Monmouth Medical Center 

Warminster Hospital 

Western Pennsylvania Hospital - 

Forbes Regional Campus 
Wilkes-Barre VA Health Care System 
Wyoming Valley Health Care System 

Mlden Apple * Meflwsc»pe Aw«m. 

W V First Year -April 9, 2003 ^*U3 

Interdisciplinay Foundations In Medicine Curriculum 
Denise Ferrer, PhD, Dept. of Biochemistry, Drexel Med 

Program For Integrated Learning 
Francis Sessler, PhD, Dept. of Neurobiology & Anatomy, Drexel Med 

Non - Faculty Student Body Award 

Mare Hartman, Office of Student Affairs, Drexel Med 

William Shriver, Division of Medical Education, Drexel Med 

Second Year - April 7, 2004 

Interdisciplinary Foundations In Medicine Curriculum 

John DiGregorio, MD, PhD, Deft, of Pharmacology & Physiology, Hahnemann 

Program For Integratfh I farninp. 

Donna Russo, PhD, Deft, of Microbiology & Immunology, Drexel Med 

Non - Faculty Student Body Award 

Lisa Qfelli, Office of Admissions, Drexel Med 

Jeff Reed, Division of Clinical Education, Allechany General Hospital 

Third Year - April 6, 2005 

Attending Physicians 

Dr. Douglas Katz, Dept. of Pediatric Surgery, St. Christopher' s 

Dr. Jenneer Lewis, Deft, of Medicine, Allegheny General Hospital 

Dr. Robert Massaro, Dept. of Ob/Gyn, Monmouth Medical Center 

Dr. Danel Taylor, Dept. of Pediatrics, St. Christopher' s 

Resident Physicians 

Dr. Matthew Van Deusen, Dept. of Surgery, Allegheny General Hospital 

Dr. Adrian Lata, Deft, of Surgery, Hahnemann 

Dr. Chad Nadler, Deft, of Surgery, Hahnemann 

Dr. Heather Gbbons, Dept. of Ob/Gyn, Monmouth Medical Center 

Dr. Jinn Teng, Deft, of Pediatrics, St. Christopher's 

Non - Faculty Student Body Award 

Mare Hartman, Office of Student Affairs, Drexel Med 

Dr. Samuel Parrish, Office of Student Affairs, Drexel Med 

Fourth Year - April 5, 2006 

Attending Physicians 

Dr. Joseph Boselu, Dept. of Medicine, Hahnemann 

Dr Cheryl Hanau, Dept. of- Pathology, Hahnemann 

Dr. Robert J. Schwartzmann, Dept. of NEURtxa x;y, Hahnemann 

Dr. Richard Shannon, Dept. of Cardiology, Aii-kgheny Genkkal Hosittai. 

Resident Physicians 

Dr. Steve Carr, Dept. of Mfixcinf; Au-kgieny Ginfkai. Hokittal 

Dr. Vasko Gulevskl Deft, of- Dermat(Xix;y/Intf:rnal Mfjkinf, Hahnemann 

Dr Jean Lef, Dept. of - Meixunf; Hahnemann 

Dr. Shfijx)n Stohi, Deit. of- Pediatrics, St. Gfstofwr' 3 

Non - Faculty Studen t Body Award 

Eric Abdui jafl Quf>jm Lane Caittitkia Sfkvm*, Drfxfi. Mfd 

Dr. Samufi. Parrish, Ofvxi . ( * 9n I x -nv Affairs Drexh Mfi > 

Victor Chemfkys, Qi ji>n Lane Mau Sjm k ES, I )MM i Mfd 


My 2DD2 







MCPHU SOM changes its name to 
Drexel University College of Medicine 

August 2DD2 

First day of orientation 
Welcome Back Picnic at the 
Germantown Cricket Club 
White Coat Ceremony at the Hyatt 
Regency Penn's Landing 
Annika is born to Anton Delport; 
Welcome Back Party at Waterworks 

September 2DD2 ^m 

Karen & Lynnely's Labor Day Party 
SGA Welcome Back BBQ 

October 2DD2 

25th Halloween Party at Memorial Hall 

November 2DD2 

9th Roshni SAMSA Show 

December 2DD2 

Mark Douglas & Jon Wert win best 
ornaments at Michelle White's Christmas 

lavwAary 2DD3 

6th Tuan's potluck and charades game 
12th Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain 
31st Winter Semiformal at the Hilton City 


February 2D03 

2nd Lunar New Year celebration at Joy Tsin 

Lau Restaurant 
21st Pediatric AIDS benefit concert; 

Anne and Bruce Nienstedt make their 

performing debut 

Marcfi 2DD3 

Spring break in Key West 

21st Karaoke night at Stephanie's 

April 2DD3 


Golden Apple/Golden Stethoscope 

11th Rango Ka Milan SAMSA show 
12th Karen & Lynnely's Birthday Party at 

Nam Phuong 

May 2DD3 

9th Gross Anatomy Memorial at the 
University of Pennsylvania 

9th SGA End of the Year BBQ 

24th Jacob Song is born to Jaekyung and 
Junghyun Song 

Jon Wert and Shane O'Shura go surfing at 

Long Beach Island for Memorial Da\ 

l\AV\e 2DD3 

Sonia and Eve go to Europe 

J[A\b) 2DD3 

Erik Sytvfn randomly spois i\irisa Kashkouli 

and Kale Buzz! in Prague 

5th Wedding of l ik i.i Ranauro Wolgasl 
and Walter Wolgasl in Stamford, ( I 
Danielle, GeraWina and Monica .mend 
the reception ceremon) in rarrytown, NY 
Heidi Solberg and Daniel Shankle wed 
Scott Fuji! and Kristl Oust' mam in 



August 2003 

15th Welcome Back Party at the Philly Zoo 

September 2003 

15th SGA Welcome Party BBQ 

October 2003 

1st Grape Street Pub concert 

24th Halloween Party at Memorial Hall 

November 2DD3 

4th H. Carter Davidson becomes the 
proud father of a baby boy 

December 2DD3 

5th Chandni SAMSA Show 

12th Ken Stone and Birgit Neuhuber Stone 

exchange vows in Tobago 
16th Nina's Surprise Birthday Party at 

Olive Garden 
19th Mifflin Elementary School Christmas 

Gift Drive; White Elephant Christmas 

Party at 3611 Stokley 
23rd Wedding of Rebecca and Kristopher 

Sean Heintzelman 

lavwAary 2DD4 


Marriage of Zachary and Jennifer 

(Lewis) O'Connor 
23rd Saradha Subramanian and Satish 

Sainath get engaged 
28th Birth of Jacob Stevens (1st son of 

Jeff and Angela Stevens) 
31st Winter Semi-formal at the Hilton City 



February 2004 

13th Danielle is born to Howie Felderman 

and wife 
27th Pediatric Aids Benefit Concert 

N\arcfa 2004 

Spring break in Puerto Rico 
15th St. Patrick's Day celebration 
19th Monkey Dinner at Joy Tsin Lau 

27th Engagement of Maggie Chang and 


April 2004 

7th Golden Apple/Golden Stethoscope 

9th Rangeeli Shaam SAMSA Show 

May 2004 
Birth of Jason Wolgast at Hahnemann 
University Hospital 
Last day of finals! 
Tragos for Cinco de Mayo 

J\AV\e 2004 

Murphy's (after the USMLE Step 1) 
12th Wedding of Jeff and Kelly Truitt 
13th Michelle marries Eric Chudou 
19th Drew Ingram and Jessie Brown gel 


July 2004 

6th First day of clinical rotations 
23rd Naomi marries Chris Curtis 

August 2004 

13th Welcome Back Party at the Franklin 

September 2004 

October 2004 

November 2DD4 

5th Halloween Party at Crystal Tea Room 
6th Horseback riding at Haycock Stables 
20th SAMSA Fall Show 

December 2T504 

17th Saradha's Bridal Shower at World 



lavuarty 2DD5 

Fishee Niendstedt (left) passed away 
after 2.5 years of fun. Fishee Too 
(right) carries on his good name 
Winter Semiformal at the Ballroom at 
the Ben 


February 2005 

4th Saradha Subramanian and Satish 

Sainath wed in India 
12th Snowboarding at Blue Mountain 
13th Lunar New Year Dim Sum at Joy Tsin 


Marcfi 2005 

6th Snowboarding at Blue Mountain 

April 2005 

3rd Karen and Lynnely's Surprise Birthdax 

30th Engagement of Carrie Schneider and 

Eric Brah in 

hAay 2005 

7th Rafting, camping, and paintball trip in 

the Poconos 
29th Karaoke night at New World 
30th Memorial Day BBQ at 3611 Stokley 

~)w\e 2005 

3rd Jennifer Deeney and Mi< hael So< k wed 

17th McGillan's 

18th Trip to Ocean City, New Jersey; 

Engagement of Raj Chudasama and 

Mita Gohil 
25th Mylaina and Nathaniel Sherwood wed 


July 2005 




Engagement of Megan Walsh and 
Kevin Kaplan 

Live8 Concert; John Kuryan and 
Jocelyn Poruthur become engaged 
Engagement of Insung Chung and 
Esther Mina Huh 

August 2005 
September 2005 

2nd Jeff Steven's 2nd soon, Caleb, is born 

October 2005 

8th John Kuryan and Jocelyn Poruthur 









November 2005 

Halloween Party at Finnegan's Wake 
Scott Osborn and Elizabeth Reilly get 
SAMSA Fall Show 

December 2005 

Neha Desai and Rushir Choksi get 
engaged in Tampa, Florida 
Summer Nugent and Shane Keller 
become engaged 

Engagement of Amanda Carleton and 
Andrew Hall 

lavuary 2006 

Neha's bachelorette party in NYC 

Early Match Day 

Winter Semiformal at the Crystal Tea 


Neurology Match Day 

L'Etage for Early Match Day Party 










February 2006 

Grace Lea Bernstein is born to Keri 

Bone and Eric Bernstein 

100 Days Party at Murphy's 

Thunder-snowstorm of 2006 (6"-12" of 


Snowboarding trip to Camelback 


Raj Chudasama and Mita Gohil wed 

Final rank order list due 

Snowboarding at Jack Frost Mountain 

Marcfi 2006 

Wedding of Insung Chung and Esther 

Mina Huh 


Post-Match party at North by Northwest 

and 32 Degrees 

Las Vegas here we come! 

April 2006 

20th AOA Induction Ceremony 
22nd Wedding of Neha Desai and Rushir 
Choksi at the Parsippanv Hilton in NJ 

May 2006 

6th Rick Vaghasiya and Priti Sheladia get 

14th Bowling at Thunderbird Lanes 
15th Senior Ball at Cescaphe 
16th Alumni Association Induction 

Luncheon, Graduation Awards 

banquet, and (lass photo 
17th Commencement celebration with t«imil\ 

and friends 
18th GRADUATION at the Acaderm ot Musk 
22nd Off to Greece 
29th Maggie Chang and Cheewei wed in the 

Bronx, NY 


inally, it's our time to rule the school. But first, we must 
complete our ERAS application, take the USMLE Step 
2 CK and CS, pass our medicine sub-internship and 
neurology shelf, and fill out our last survey. Then, we can 
coast for the rest of the year and take the Spanish rotation 
in Costa Rica or vacation in some exotic far off land before 
we cross our fingers and pray to a god during Match Day. 
If only we could be a fifth or sixth year senior... 

Nisha Elizabeth Abraham, M.D. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Union, New Jersey 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights.' ^i 

James 1:17 

"For I know the plans I have for you, " declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, 

plans to give you hope and a future. " 

Jeremiah 29:11 

I thank and praise my Lord Jesus Christ for His constant love, strength, and guidance, and for 

allowing me to come to this point in my life. The Lord has been so good and gracious to me 

during these past few years of school, and 1 will never be able to give Him enough praise. 

I thank you. Dad and Mom, for your unceasing love, devotion, support, and encouragement. 
Ever since childhood, you have always believed in me and given me invaluable advice and 
support along the way. I thank you for everything... the big things. ..and the little things. 1 
always feel very blessed to have you as my parents and words can not express how much I love 
you and admire you both. 

I thank you, Shawn, for always being there for me, and for being the best brother a girl could 
ask for. I consider you not only as my little brother, but also as one of my closest friends. You 
were always there to keep me sane and grounded during school, and I really appreciate that. It J 
looks like I raised you well. 1 love you Shawny! 

Lastly, I thank all of my friends, both old and new, for their love, encouragement and support. 
1 especially thank Aasha, Neha, Rani, Sibby and Sherry. You girls are like sisters to me and 1 
love you very much. 

Congratulations Class of 2006! We made it! Best of luck to everyone! 

Nikhil Agarwal, M.D. 

University of California at Riverside, B.S. 
San Jose, California 

To my loving family: Thank you for the support you have given me. 
I could not have done it without you. 

To my friends: Thank you for the memories. The long days and 
hard nights of studying and work were few and far between and 

will soon be forgotten. But the long days and nights of 

procrastinating and partying with my friends have already been 

forgotten. Here's to the memories that survived. 

Vinay Aggarwal, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B .A. 
Yale University, M.P.H. 
Providence, Rhode Island 

Mom, Dad, Sanjiv, Bkabi, Vishal, 
Nisha, Minall Nihhil and Siddarth: 

Thank you for supporting me on the 

path of my second career and offering 

your kind thoughts, wisdom and love. I 

am not complete without all of you. 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A. 

Durham, North Carolina 

TlMUR Akinli, M.D. 

o my family - It goes without saying that without your love and support 1 
ould hove never attained this goal. On the flip side, I wouldn't be 250 
Kousand in debt either, but why worry about details? Anyway, 1 love you 
uys and I truly appreciate the fact that you have always been there for me. 

b the DUCOMers - 1 think there are two things that will help you 
zmember my spirit most accurately as you gaze upon these pages years 
r om now. First, is that taking all of your tests is now mandatory and 
econd is that this page is out of order because it was a month and a half 
ite. Thanks to everyone who made these last four years as fun as possible. 

o Katie - 1 hope you said yes or this might be the biggest reason never to 
)ok at this page again. Putting up with me is not easy. I know this. I 
ant even imagine what I'm going to be like when they tell me I'm actually 
doctor. But no matter what happens along the way, always know that I 
rill love you unconditionally for the rest of my life. 

Good luck everyone. 

Wr »1 ^*91L 

l^^h. It ^ 

^T *qLj 

n «■ 

■ 1 fnH 

1 V '- A 4 "**■ 


• < ^ 



J~~/££ ,*>-o 

Arjumand Ali, M.D. 

University of Pittsburgh, B.S. 
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Dear Mummy, Baba, Azro, and Afshan - I realize more and 

more each day how lucky I am to have such a loving and 

supportive family. Thank you for everything you have done for 

me. I love you very much! 

To all of my friends - without you, med skewl would have been 
impossible. Thank you for all of your help and friendship. 

'We've got to hold on to what we've got 

Cause it doesn't make a difference 

If we make it or not 

We've got each other and that's a lot 

For love - we'll give it a shot" 


/]^^U ■& , Mb 


Hahnemann University, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

To oil my family, I thank you for your support, belief in me, and 
tience. To my mom and brother Hussam, your kindness and patience is 
erwhelming. You really went through a lot, especially you brother. 

To my wife, all my love and gratitude for putting up with me on rough 
jhts when deadlines were there.. .not to mention all the countless support, 
mething that I'll never forget. You gave me a great gift that will be cherished 
ever: our son Brandon. 

To my Dad, who through love and direct example showed me the way and 
ised countless scars off my soul. I deeply thank you, and wished you 
uld've been here like you were on a lot of my other moments. May you rest 
Peace, my dear Zuhair. 

To all my family members who are too many to mention by name, 1 thank 
a for always believing in my path and always helping out in many ways. 

To all my colleagues who helped me along the way, thank you for showing 
s true openness and professionalism. 

* A '*** 




h L "^.^k 


Cyrus Paul Bateni, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B .A. 
El Dorado Hills, California 

Well 1 suppose this is the end of one 

phase and the beginning of another of 

this thing called my life. I don't know 

why but the end of each phase always 

seems so anti-climactic. Maybe it's just 

Thanks to those who made this 

time possible. 

Oumi&fmi j %.ff. 

Megan Beatty, M.i 

University of California at San Diego, B.A., B.S. 

Oakland, California 

vtom and Dad: I can't even begin to thank you for believing in me, for 
iupporting me, and encouraging me. I definitely couldn't have done this 
vithout your support and love. 

*Jana: I will carry you in my heart on my graduation day. You gave me my 
irst doctor's kit as a child, and you were my first real patient. I love you, 
ind you have always inspired me to make you proud. I miss you so much. 

osh: You are my best friend and soul mate. Words cannot express what 
'our love and support have meant to me. You were my voice of reason during 
he insane times (of which there were many), and you were always so patient 
is you let me practice tactile fremitus and egophony, and as 1 blinded you 
vhile trying to visualize your retina. Now that this is over, 1 cannot wait to 
>egin the rest of my life with you. 

A doctor saves lives- it's up to people to create lives that are worth saving. 

-Philip Gold 

■ 0'St 

mm MM 

r 1 

1 1 AW'-i^Vi - (9 

■ ■ 1 





mv * 


L<£flte£kk*. J W\ 

,. i . 


r^ ~^ 


m I 


^^^^ in 


IL m*\m 

/Jim* Vaty, M 

Karolyn Beth Bell, M.D. 

Tufts University, B.S. 
New York City, New York 

Thinking is man s only virtue, from which all others proceed. And his basic 
vice, the source of all his evils, is that nameless act which all of us practice, 
but struggle never to admit: the act of blanking out, the willful suspension o 
one's consciousness, the refusal to think ■ not blindness, but the refusal to 
see; not ignorance, but the refusal to know. . . 

. . . This, in every hour and every issue, is your basic moral choice: thinking or 
non- thinking, existence or non-existence, A or non-A, entity or zero... 

My morality, the morality of reason, is contained in a single axiom: existem 
exists-and in a single choice: to live. The rest proceeds from these. To live, 
man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: 
Reason-purpose-self-esteem. Reason, as his only tool of knowledge- Purpose, 
as his choice of the happiness which that tool must proceed to achieve-Self- 
esteem, as his inviolate certainty that his mind is competent to think and hi. 
person is worthy of happiness, which means: is worthy of living. These thret 
things imply and require all of mans virtues, and all his virtues pertain to I 
relation of existence and consciousness: rationality, independence, integrity, 
honesty, justice, productiveness, pride. " 

Atlas Shrugged 

Ayn Rand 

Justine A. Bello, M.D. 

University of California at Santa Barbara, B.S., B.A. 
Orange and Oakland, California 

dedicate this page to the memory of my beautiful calico, Ludwig. She 

as always ready to take a break or a nap or just spend time between 
ading pages. Then in the middle of it all, she taught me about the 
ifficulty of making healthcare decisions for our loved ones when we just 
3n't know what is going to happen, and the pain of letting go when 
ley are gone. She will always have a special place in my heart. 

want to dedicate my graduation to my family. You have supported me 
t so many ways. I will always remember your love and generosity. 

9 my parents - Mom, Dad, Lee, Trish, your love and support, even as I 
langed my mind - more than once, are unparalleled. 

9 my brothers and sisters - Damian, Jennifer, Mark, Leigh, the more 
me we can spend together the better. Thanks for your support 

nd most of all, to Andrew - you've stuck with me and put up with the 
mg hours, knowing there are longer hours to come. Your encourage- 
ent and perseverance keep me going. But what really matters is that 
)u keep me grounded in the real world. 

1 love you all! 

-r / 

Cecilia Bergh, M.D. 

Georgia Institute of Technology 
Helsingborg, Sweden 

To My Loving Family and 

Friends for supporting me 

through the ups and downs 

- Thank you. 

I couldn't have done it 
without you. 


iSe^~6-*~ 5Wl i /no 

Eric Wright Bernstein, M.D, 

Emory University, B.A. 
Los Angeles, California 

rhank you to Drexel for the 4 years of knowledge and experience. My body 
has been bathed in wisdom, and by wisdom I mean fluids from patient's 
bodies. I also thank Drexel for sending me to Erie and allowing me to meet 
my most beautiful, sweet, amazing girlfriend, Keri. I love you with all my 

Worn, Dad, thank you for all the support, and 1 mean it in all senses of 
the word, I love you. Victoria, Kelly, Candice, Monka, and grandma 
Esther, 1 love you and thank you. 

ro all my peeps, I will cherish our memories, our embarrassments, all the 
fun we have had. To all my boys, BIG UPS. To all my ladies, keep your 
leads up. Remember, always be kind to others and treat your neighbor as 
,rou would to be treated. Smile at the person walking by you on the street. 
yVe are here because we believe that we can help others and allow them to 
ive their lives to the fullest. To my baby, I will always work hard to give 
foa as good a life as my parents have allowed me to have. I love you. 

( 0"o SfAj^^fc^ tv\a 

Tanaya Bhowmick, M.D. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Piscataway, New Jersey 

First, I'd like to thank my Mummy and Babai. The support, 
love, encouragement you have given me has carried me to where I am today. 1 wish 
that the connection that I have with you, I will one day have with my own children. 
I hope to always make you proud parents. 

Niday, I can't believe our 7 years together are already over. It seems like we just 
met, but yet I feel like I've known you forever. Thank you for always being there 
for me. I hope I am at least half a good a friend to you as you have been to me. 

My girls, it's been a tough 4 years, but we've made it! Thank you for the hugs, 
laughs, random outings - day and night, study sessions where we lived at school, 
and yummy food (if you know me, you know how important food is to me). Hope 
we stay close through the years that lie ahead. 

Don t worry. Be Happy! - this is a happy room :) 

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that 
nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. 

Oscar Wilde 

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Mohandas Gandhi 



Monica Rose Boyle, M.D. 

Boston College, B.S. 
Turnersville, New Jersey 

Dm and Dad, 

There are no words to express how much you mean to me. I could never have done 
is without you. You have always believed in me and, most importantly, encouraged 
! to believe in myself. Thank you just isn't adequate. 

I hope you know how grateful I am for all of your support and encouragement. 
i so lucky to have you not only as my sister but also my best friend. 

egg and Joseph, 

I couldn't have asked for better big brothers. I truly appreciate your love and 

hley, Matthew, Shannon, Gregg and Nikhilesh, 

I wish the best for you in every endeavor. Always reach for the stars. 

ove you all. 

i positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people 
make it worth the effort. " 

-Herm Albright 

4muur&. Z.. /£#k/*, fO k- 

Tuan Le Anh Bui, M.D. 

Emory University, B.S., M.M.S. 
Atlanta, Georgia 

really wont to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have helped 
me accomplish all of my goals and dreams. My family, who consist of not only 
my wife, Van, but also my parents, Ba Ma, Ba Me, grandmothers, Noi and 
Ngoai and siblings, Duong, Thuy, Tu, Long, Phuong, Ha, Quang, Trang, Son, 
Thach, and Thi, have always been there for me 100%. I can't express how much 
it meant to me to have you come up every few months to visit. You all never 
gave up on me and always supported me in everything I attempted. I love you 
for that and so much more. 

Also, I want to thank my friends at Drexel. The nights we spent up studying 
together will never be forgotten. The pot luck/quiz parties were memorable, or 
at least until we got too sleepy from the food coma. The Super Fun Nerd 
Challenge was and is the one and only. But the best times yet were the 
spontaneous field trips. I whole-heartily truly believe that I will never find 
better friends than you all. The only exception to that statement would be my 
wife, Van. Van, I still can't believe that God sent you to me. You are truly 
an angel. You are and always will be my best friend. To all of you, I dedicate 
this degree, because without you, I would have never made it this far. 


'Tu* %*>, MD 






#M' K 


■ * 41 

■few *^^^B v 'iMi 


HI ■ 


n ' 


"Mil ' i 



Kate R. Buzzi, M.D 

Bates College, B.S. 
Lawrenceville, New Jersey 

lis has been a long four years which would have been a lot more difficult 
thout all the support arid love I received from my family and friends. 

wnk you mom and dad for always being there. While my mom was greatly 
issed during the second half of school without her love and continual 
pport I would have never made it here in the first place. Thank you, dad, 
r everything you have done for me in the last four years. 

Iso, thanks to my smart and artistic sister, Karen for being supportive. 

tanks Rich for making me laugh and reminding me there is life outside 
edical school. He also receives extra points for putting up with my eternally 
anky state whenever I had to wake up before 6 am and while I was being 
urotic during exam time. 

lanks to all my frieruls who kept me entertained and in good spirits. You 
tys were always ready to help me procrastinate, order unhealthy food and 
erall make studying more bearable. I'll miss all of you! 

Good luck to everyone in the class of 2006! 

-? * 


1L N 7 

r> 9Kl 





» » 








j r i'vij 


Amanda L. Carleton, M.D. 

Wilkes University, B.A. 
Danville, Pennsylvania 

Mom: I owe this oil to you. Without your endless support, encouragement, 
selflessness and love, (not to mention all those home-cooked meals,) this 
little girl's dream could not have come true. You are an amazing woman. I 
love you. 

Andrew: Thank you for being a constant source of laughter, comfort and 
encouragement. You inspire me more each day with your energy and 
creativity, and I cannot express in words how much you have taught me 
about life and love. No matter what the next chapter of my life holds, I 
know the ending will be a happy one as long as you are by my side. 

Bailey and Jinx: Thanks for all the tail wagging and long walks. Your 
antics always bring a smile to my face, even on the worst of days! 

"To each one of you, the practice of medicine will be very much as you make 
it . . . to one a worry, a care, a perpetual annoyance; to another, a daily joy 
and a life of as much happiness and usefulness as can well fall to the lot of 

-Sir William Osier 


y^YiOundLoL ^Qjojhtbni TVl .p. 

John M. Carney, M.D. 

Cornell University, B.A. 

Yale University, M.P.H. 

Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 

appreciate all of the support from my family over the 
years. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Erin & Jayme and the 
babies Emily, Molly arid Jack. You have all been there for 
me during this latest challenge. 

Thanks also to the great friends I have come to know 
better during the past four years, and to those from 
before school started who shared the journey. I look 
forward to crossing paths with you all in the future. 

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help 
him find it within himself/' 
■ Galileo Galilei 

JU^.cL^ ^> 

Maggie Chang, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
Taipei, Taiwan 


-T^V^L-y *"> 

Po & Mo: Thanks for all your unconditional love and support. 
Every conversation and advice will stay with me forever. 

Sis: Lots of love and supply come from you for the past many 
years. Wish you lots of success!! 

CW: Lots of love and respect. There is always more to learn 
from. All I have to say is that everything will only get better and 

Friends: lots of good luck and appreciation for your kind support! 
Best luck for you all. 

"The way to choose happiness is to follow what is right and real 

and the truth for you. " 

— Oprah Winfrey 

H_ 1 

■^ *^^ 

■ ~ 



y :-:m 


David R. Chen, M.D. 

Lehigh University, B.A. 
Tenafly, New Jersey 

I thank my parents, grandmother, and brothers for supporting me 
in every way throughout my school years. I will miss my grandfa- 
ther who I lost during these four years and will always love him. 

I thank Kit Ming for caring and understanding me, for always 
being there for me, and especially for forgiving my shortcomings. I 
thank Tom and Judy for the fun times and for putting up with my 
weirdness, and all my other friends who I see much less than I 
ought to. 

And of course 1 thank God who carries me always and pushes me 
to improve myself in all aspects of my life. 

'Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by 
his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from 

wisdom. " 
Book of James 3:13 

Lorraine Lor Wen Cheng, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.S. 
La Canada, California 


When you set out for Ithaka 

Ask that your way be long, 

Full of adventure, full of instruction. 

The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops, 
Angry Poseidon — do not fear them; 
Such as these you will never find 
As long as your thought is lofty, 
As long as a rare emotion 
Touch your spirit and your body. 
The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops, 
Angry Poseidon — you will not meet them 
Unless you carry them in your soul, 
Unless your soul raise them up before you. 

Ask that your way be long, 

At many a summer dawn to enter — 

With what gratitude, what joy! 

Ports seen for the first time; 

To stop at Phoenician trading centers, 

And to buy good merchandise. 

Mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony. 

And sensuous perfumes of every kind. 

Buy as many sensuous perfumes as you can, 

Visit many Egyptian cities 
To learn and learn from those who have 

Always keep Ithaka fixed in your mind; 
Your arrival there is what you are destined 

But do not in the least hurry the journey. 
Better that it last for years 
So that when you reach the island you are 

Rich with all that you have gained on the 

Not expecting Ithaka to give you wealth. 

Ithaka has given you the splendid voyage. 

Without her you would never have set out, 
But she has nothing more to give you. 
And if you find her poor, 

Ithaka has not deceived you. 

So wise have you become, of such experienc 
That already you will have understood 

What these Ithakas mean. 

C. P. Cavafy 





Nina Lam Cheung, M.D. 

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, B.S. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Mama, Baba, & Dull: 1 love you with all my heart. I would not be here without 
your continuous support and love. You mean the world to me. Thanh you so 
much for always being there and believing in me. 1 am very fortunate to have you 
in my life. I hope 1 made you proud. Wo hen ai ni men. 

A-ma & Goong Goong: 
with your endless love. 

love you both very much. Thank you for showering me 

Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins: "THANK YOU!" for listening to the silly/boring 
stories, letting me sleep over, supporting me, and spoiling me. You are so 
awesome! Thanks for keeping me young at heart, my dear cousins. 

ALL My Dear Drexel Friends & Faculty: A huge "THANK YOU" goes out to you 
all from the bottom of my heart. Med school would not be possible without your 
guidance and support. Your friendships are priceless. Thank you for everything! 
I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I'll miss you all dearly! K.I.T. 

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy 

of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when [sjhe 
discovers that someone else believes in him/lherl and is willing to trust him/lherj. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 


BT "^^^3 

mm jj * 

J^SEc 2 ^ 



. i 

j O/L^XCtt^rto. 

Katherine Chin, M.D. 



# J^H 

Cornell University, B.S., M. Eng. 
Burke, Virginia 

After a While 

le yo 
The subtle difference between 
Holding a hand and chaining a soul 
And you learn that love doesn t mean leaning 
And company doesn t always mean security 

And you begin to learn 

That kisses aren't contracts 

And presents aren t promises 

And you begin to accept your defeats 

With you head up and you eyes ahead 

With the grace of an adult 

Not the grief of a child 

And you learn 

To build all your roads today 

Because tomorrow's ground is 

Too uncertain for plans 

And futures have a way 

Of falling down in mid-flight 

Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Ken for your unconditional love and 
support. And thank you to my friends who have taken care of me these 
past 4 years - giving me a home when 1 needed one, feeding me, listening 
to me, studying with me, partying with me, and growing up with me. 1 
couldn't have made it without you. 

After a while you learn 

That even sunshine burns if you get too 


So you plant your own garden 

And decorate your own soul 

Instead of waiting 

For someone to bring you flowers 

And you learn 
That you really can endure 
That you really are strong 
And you really do have worth 
And you learn and you learn 
With every goodbye you learn 

-Veronica A. Shoffstall 

fa&L^ Wt-. w> 

Edward Lee Choi, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Sayre, Pennsylvania 

To my Mom, Dad, and sister Emily: Thank you for all your love and support 
hroughout oil these long hard years of schooling. I definitely could not have 
lone it without your help. Mom, thanks for all the visits down to Philly over 
he years to help me move, clean my place, and of course for dropping off 
ood for me! Dad, thank you for all your advice on career options and all the 
eading materials I could ask for. 

'o my friends: Wow, well we finally made it! The long journey is over, but of 
ourse a new one awaits. Thank you to all of you who helped me keep my 
anity over these long years. The time has gone quite fast because of you 
uys. I'll always remember our many outings: trips for pho, watching our 
ivorite reality shows, Eagles games, and the many late nights at school 
ramming for tests. 

It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely 

-Alec Bourne 

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. 

-Mark Twain 



£<u( £Ju, w.p. 


Michelle Toba Chudow, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
North Potomac, Maryland 

'Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of 

difficulty lies opportunity. " 

- Albert Einstein 

To my fellow PILers: Thanks for a great two years! May your learning issues 
always be few and your concept maps always be complete. 

To my brother, Josh: Thanks for your support, for making me laugh, and for 
keeping me sane. I will always be your (Shelly)bean. 1 love you 3. 

To my mother, Sharon: Your never-ending love and support have made this 
possible. Wherever the future takes us, always know that I love you, too. 

To my husband, Eric: I never would have made it through the past four years 
without you. Thank you for your strength, your patience, your devotion, and your 
love. I love you so much! 

In memory of my father: 1 know that you're proud of me and smiling down on mei 
from up above. I miss you, and will always carry you in my heart. 

"Be careful about reading health books; you may die of a misprint. " 
- Mark Twain 


%eAUk Oiudur, M& 

Chi Tai Chung, M.D. 

University of California at San Diego, B.S. 

Alliant International University, M.S. 

Alhambra, California 

To my parents, thank you for all your love and support. I wouldn't 
know what to do without you by my side. I love you very much. 

To my brother and sisters, I love you all. Thank you for always 
being there. 

TD: AYE. Thank you for always supporting me. You just wait 
and see- -everything will be worth it later on. 

,m». a 

Insung Chung, M.D. 

Brown University, B.A. 
Irvine, California 

Up through my first year in medical school, I lived my life without 
purpose or clear direction. Though I considered myself a relatively 
good person, I knew that something was missing and I was living 
a facade. I came to understand that Jesus Christ died on the cross 
for my sins so that I could have a relationship with a pure and 
holy God. 1 remember asking God to reveal Himself to me so that 
I could fully put my hope and faith in Him. Soon afterwards, a 
series of events occurred in my life that I could only attribute to 
God answering my prayers. He didn't always give me what 1 
wanted but God gave me everything I needed. I was set free from 
the lies of this world-the ones that tell us that we have no need 
for redemption, that we are completely self-reliant. If any of you 
ever wondered about who God is, I would challenge you to pray to 
God that He would reveal Himself. If you have a Bible, ask God 
to help you understand what you are reading. If you have 
questions or would like to receive a Bible, you can reach me at 






Kathryn M. Dalbec, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 

Mom: Thanh you for supporting me through the roller coaster of medical 
school! Between the visits and our almost daily phone calls you have been my 
sounding board, my cheerleader, and my closest friend. I can't thank you 

Dad: Although your health may falter, I wish you the strength to see me 
through the next phase of the journey. 

Grandma: Thanks for all the recipes, chats, and encouragement! 

Grandpa: Thank you for teaching me that everyone sees the world through 
their own window — your advice never grows old. 

Aunt Vita: I will always appreciate your many kinds of support — thanks for 
being another Grandma to me. 

Christine, Andrew, Kate, Eve, Sonia, Meg, Parisa, Murry, Harry, Silas, and so 
many others: Thanks for putting up with the craziness and for reminding me 
to have fun! 

"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from 
doing something worthwhile.'' 
-Sir Wilfred Grenfell 


Trien Trungthanh Dang 

University of California at Irvine, B.S. 
Laguna Niguel, California 

I would like to thank my mom and dad for their 

support and love. I love you both very much. 

To my brothers, I love /all. Thank you for spoiling 

CT: Thank you for everything. W-A-N. You have 
really grown up, and I'm very happy to see that. 

Trien Dang 

H. Carter Davidson, M.D., P.h.D. 

Gannon University B.S. 
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 

To Carley: 

You have always believed that I could achieve anything 
that I wanted to and always trusted that I would only 
want the things that were important to our family. It is 
impossible to thank you for the countless sacrifices, end- 
less support and tireless effort you have offered. In the 15 
years since we first met, I have borrowed from you the 
strength, courage and confidence to persevere. Medical 
school has seen our marriage, the birth of Gavin and will 
see the birth of our second. It wasn't always graceful, but 
we did it - and in the end I think we did it well. I love you 
more now than I ever have. My debt to you is officially in 
repayment and I promise I will never let you regret your 
investment — Thank you. 

^£ <». - < «« , £ .>*m~-~ " 

Justin M. Dazley, M.D. 


Southern Utah University, B.S. 
Sandy, Utah 

To my family, your love and support has 

meant more to me than I am sure I 

have let you know. Conceding to the 

inadequacy of words, 1 will thank you 

with a pledge to act with integrity, 

diligent work ethic and all of the other 

lessons that all of my family members 

have taught me throughout my life. 



, y ^z> 

Jennifer Deeney Sock, M.D. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Yardley, Pennsylvania 

To Mom orul Doi.... Without your love, support, and guidance, I 
would not be where I am today. 

To Chrissy and Brian... Thank you for being my constant source of 
laughter and encouragement. I love both of you more than you 
know, and I'm so proud to be your big sister. 

To Cia, Elizabeth, ana 1 Molly.. .1 cannot thank you enough for 
everything these past four years. Between the countless hours of 
studying and sleepless nights, we formed a friendship 1 am honored 
to be a part of. Medical school was easier because I had you three 
to make me laugh, let me cry, and always be there when I needed a 

To Michael... Thank you for giving me the strength to push forward, 
support to fall back on, and love and patience throughout. It takes 
a very understanding person to be married to a medical student, 
and I appreciated everything you have done to help me along the 
way. I love you. 



<** 1 










^L+^ULJJU 1>. <Ut±, t M-b. 

Anton Delport, M.D. 


University of Cape Town, B.S. 

West Chester University, Post-Baccalaureate 

Cape Town, South Africa and Wilmington, Delaware 

To Elvtt: Thank you for all the love and support that you gave me during my 
4 years in medical school. Without your love and understanding it would 
not have been possible. You are truly a very understanding and giving 
person. I also want to thank you for all the hours you had to look after 
Annika while I was studying. It was hard for both of us during those times. 
Thank you ever so much. I love you very much. 

To Annika: You are a very special girl truly a little miracle child who has 
blessed our family. I know this world has a great future in store for you, and 
we will do everything in our power to facilitate that. Continue to have a 
happy childhood like you have had until now. I love you dearly sweet girl. 

Anja and Hannah: Thank you for also bearing through the long hours of 
studying. It has been a true joy to watch you progress through your lives, 
and I know that real exciting opportunities await you. Give it your very best. 
I love you both very much. 

Mom and Dad: Thanks for all the love, support and opportunities that you 
provided throughout my life. 




Peter Huntington Derrick, M.D. 

University of Washington, B.S. 
Seattle, Washington 

Mom, Dad, and Kothcrine - Thank you for all your 
patience and support. This long journey would not 
have been possible without you. 

Christina - I am happier with you than I have ever 
been. I am lucky to have met you and hope our plans 
for the future hold true. 

Friends - You have made medical school fun and 
entertaining. I hope our journey together doesn't znd 
at graduation, but continues onwards. Good luck 
with your future careers. I am excited to see where we 

all end up. 

^V^A^^V xv\V^ 

Neha A. Desai, M.D. 

Lehigh University, B.A. 
Cedar Grove, New Jersey 

To my parents: Thank you so much for all the love, care, support, 
encouragment, patience, and help. You are the greatest parents in the world 
and without you I would not be where I am today. Medical school would 
have been so much harder if it weren't for the endless number of things you 
helped me through. I am truly grateful in that no matter what, you are 
always beside me and will give up anything for me, my success, and well 
being. Words could never explain how appreciative I am for everything you 
mean to me and how much I love you both! 

Nima and Nihan Thank you for the endless hours of guidance and lending 
an ear for my countless hours of babble! I've always looked up to you and 
forever you will be my role models! 

Rushir: My happiest moment in medical school was when 1 met you. 1 can 
not wait to spend the rest of my life with you and I look forward to what the' 
future holds! 

Aasha and Nisha: We've been through a lot these four years but together w. 
pulled through! SET! Congratulations to you both! 


Samit Desai, M.D. 

Lehigh University, B.A. 
Sugar Land, Texas 

Let's begin with my parents. I'd like to think my genius began 
with my mother reading all those books to me or with me. Or 
was it my father and all that math? Who knows. I do know 
that I certainly wouldn't be here without either of you. I love 
you both. 

To my sister, who's always trying to one up me. I am smarter 
than you, but I wish I was more like you. I also love you. 

To all of my friends and Manju, thanks for making med 
school not only tolerable, but kind of fun. I have a feeling 
that in a couple of months, I'll wish I were right back 
here. ..playing bball behind school, "studying" in the C-wing, 
making late night Taco Bell runs. 

Scott Steven DeShields, M.D. 

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. 
Modesto, California 

"The memories of a man in his old age 
are the deeds of a man in his prime. " 

- Pink Floyd 

Sonia S. Desikan, M.D. 

Boston College, B.S. 
Dix Hills, New York 

Thank you, God, for my countless blessings. 

Mom, Dad and Michelle- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I 
could not have asked for a more loving and supportive family. 
You're the best! 

Nicholas- I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for 
embracing my whole med school world. I love you so much. 

Evie- How could I have made it through medical school without my 
partner in crime? Thanks for always being such an amazing friend. 

Friends- OMG, we finally did it! Thank you for all the fun times, the 
great talks and the never-ending laughter. Congrats, my fellow 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world. " 


Mark Stephen Douglas, M.D. 

Ill 4"-#* W1H fc 

V^ J 





University of California at San Diego, B.S. 
Anaheim, California 


A word of thanks... 

To my parents and relatives for their love and support [despite my being a pain in th 
rear sometimesl. 

To my brothers Dave and Scott for doing their own thing- I look up to you more the 
you'll ever know. 

To my boys Chris, Nich, Josh, Aaron, Mike, Conor, and Bill- for making me feel like 
I'm still at home, even when I'm 2800 miles away. 

To my Philly crew- Nasty, Surge, Shark, Cheese, and my Snoof- for making these last 
4 years some of the best of my life. 

To Vol and Trevor- without your help, I never would have made it past first year. 

To the faculty and staff of Drexel Med for your unending patience and tutelage. 

To Dr. Tonkon and the Apex staff- for the greatest pre-med experience ever. 

To the Drexel Med Class of 2006- you've made four years of late nights, endless 
tests, and away rotations seem like a fun week at camp. 

To God for the opportunity to serve your people- by your grace, anything is possible. 

^IflllfJ \_Jf Y 1* * 

HSp* \\ 



1 ^k T*D 


Christopher Drumm, M.D 

Rutgers University, B.A. 
Pittsford, New York 

I don't know how I got to this point 

but I know I had an awesome time 

doing it. Thank you to all of my 

family and friends that were along 

for the ride, 1 would never have made 

it without all of you. 

Joanna Yong Du, M.D. 

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. 
Garden Grove, CA 

Thank you mom and dad for years of support and 
understanding. What 1 have learned these four years of 
medical school cannot compare to the wealth of knowledge 
that I have gained by being your daughter. I love you. 

Thank you to all my friends in Philly and Cali who put up 

with my constant studying and MIA. Thanh you for your 
prayers, your companionship, and the laughter. 

And to Vince, my best friend, thank you for being there at the 
end of the day. You are the shoulder I lean on and the hand I 
always want to hold. I pray that God would bless our 
relationship in the many years to come. 

"Eighty percent of success is showing up." 
-Woody Allen 

Yaser S. El-Gazzar, M.D 

Rutgers University, B.A. 
Union, New Jersey 


I consider myself very blessed to have had the support that I have 
received over the past four years. 

To my parents: You have stood by me arid sacrificed your needs to 
see my dream come true. Your love has been my guiding light. I 
love the both of you more than words can express. 

To my bro: I can always count on you to be at my side when I need 
you. Your determination to succeed will be rewarded soon, I know 
that you will make us all very proud. 

To my friends: During my most trying times, you have been there. 
The past four years have not come without obstacles and dark 
clouds, I would not have made it through without you. I am lucky 
enough to be surrounded by great people who have done great things 
for me, for that....l am eternally grateful. 


■ 1 nT 

i ~ Wr* " v 


* ^*lS 



\ 4^k 

/ ^ tl***. Hi 

Sara Etemadi, M.D. 

100 ^S v ~' ' 


(\ ) . 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. 
Buffalo, New York 

Most remembered events: horseback riding and skiing 
with Linda, laughing with Amanda, lunches 1st and 2nd 
years with the blondes, nights out on the town, Byblos, 
Henry's, Philly MIT events with Koichi, driving to West 
Philly, Plymouth Meeting Mall, Libby's wedding, Psycho 
Roommate, Bahamas 03, LA 03, Manayunk Diner, 
House of Jin, Jamie's leopard, Ava's shoes, the Shore, 
countless others and of course, the library... 

Thank you for everything Mom and Dad and all my 
friends. 1 will miss you and treasure the moments we 
shared forever. 

Mandy Renea Fannin, M.D. 

Olivete Nazarene University, B.S. 

MCP-Hahnemann University, M.B.S. 

Newark, Delaware 

When I think back on the journey over the past four years, I can only think of 
)lessings and excitement as this has been a dream of mine for most of my life. As I 
ntered medical school through a more non-traditional route and a little later than 
nost, it was full of great enthusiasm as finally realized that I was going to be the 
ioctor that I had dreamed of from childhood. Well, reality surely hit me in my first 
wo years with the volume of material I had to learn and in my clinical years 
ealizing that patients don't present as I had learned in the first two years, 
lowever, I have realized that medicine has been rewarding and held more than I 
Ireamed it could. Now I am entering the field of Family Medicine which for me 
>ortrays all that I thought medicine would be. Family Medicine is a field where 1 
an be intricately involved in patient's lives and their family. 

These past four years have brought many other joys. I would be missing 
omething if I didn't thank my family for their support. I had the biggest joy in my 
fe after my second year of medical school when I married the most wonderful man 
n the world-Jimmy Fannin Jr. (who has become my biggest supporter). My family 
ios been there through thick and thin supporting me in all my decisions. However, 
he biggest thanks would go to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has carried 
le through all the ups and downs. He has been my biggest supporter and guide 
hrough my journey. 

The journey continues and my training at Drexel Med will always be a part of it. 
enter the next stage with excitement. Excitement at knowing that I can look back 
t these four years with pride and journey on in medicine where my heart has always 
'anted to be. 


H £. Felderman, M.D. 



Yeshiva University, B.S. 
Oceanside, New York 

To my beautiful wife: Thank you so much for beiag there 
for me when I needed you the most, to tell me when to 
study, when to go and do work, when to come home, and 
when to take a break. I couldn't have gotten through these 
past 4 years without you. I love you... how much? ... so 

To my wonderful daughter: Thank you for studying with 
me and trying to keep me awake (as you can see below). 
You have made me push to do the best that I can. 

To my parents, sisters, and. brother-in-law: Thank you for 
all the support that you have given me. 

Tanya Ross Flohr, M.D. 

Furman University, B.S. 
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania 

Four ycors have come and gone so quickly. Without the love and 
support from my family, these years would have meant nothing. 

Thank you Clyde and Vicki for planning all the fun get aways from 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your prayers, confidence and home 
cooked meals. 

Thanks Shaun for calling to check up on me after every major exam. 

Thank you Arujie, Diane, and Marc for all the interest in my schooling 
that you have shown. 

And most importantly, thank you sweetheart for convincing me I could 
tackle medical school. You gave me the world these past eight years of 
our marriage and supported me through all my endeavors. I love 
you more than anything. 

v - 



In C. Freeney, M.D. 

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, B.S., PharmD 
Pensacola, Florida 


Thank you so much for supporting and believing in me. The 
word love' can't even begin to describe my feelings for you. Your 
strength, conviction and grace have always been an inspiration to 
me. You stood beside me, encouraged me and when necessary 
dragged me to the finish line. I don't know what I would do 
without you. 

Uncle Perless, Aunt Martha, T.J., Timothy, Malikah, Melissa, Mr. 
and Mrs. Ray, Reggie, Solafa, Tony and Mr. & Mrs. Williams, 

Thank you for your love, support, wisdom and encouragement. 
I feel so blessed to have each of you in my life. 


You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. 


yJmy*A, Xuny. Jf £ 

United States Military Academy, B.S. 
Blackwood, New Jersey 

Mike Freidl, M.D* 

Cannonball comira. 





^H ^^ ^H 

* H 

r ft 





1 1 



^Mf < /4 



. '(' 

^E -«* I^L 




.^.:- ~~ 




Sco t Fujii, M.D. 

University of California at Davis, B.S. 
California State University at Sacramento, M.S. 
Hilo, Hawaii 

To my family: Thank you for supporting me in my pursuit of a 

To my friends: All of you hold a place in my heart. You have 
made my medical school experience enjoyable. I hope we keep in 
touch wherever we end up! 

To my wife: Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made for 
me. Without your love and support I would not have made it. 

The greatest thing a man can do in this world is to make the 

most possible out of the stuff that has been given him. This is 

success, and there is no other. " 

-Orison Swett Marden 

, "i> 


Kelly Michelle Galey, M.D. 

Macalester College, B.A. 
Lake Oswego, Oregon 

My family supported me in so many ways throughout my life. There 
isn't n single accomplishment of mine that I can think of without thinking 
how lucky I am to have so many people behind me. Over these past four 
years, I added some really amazing people to the list of people I have come 
to think of as family. 

Four years seems like such a short period of time for so much to have 
changed in my life. Like many journeys, the path through medical school 
was much more than the final destination. I lost several very loved people 
during my time, my grandmother Viviane, my grandfather Bill, and my 
mother-in-law Vry. I also gained a niece Alexandria, a nephew Liam, and, 
of course, my partner, Andre. 

Andre- I don't think I could have done this without you, and I am so 
lucky to have such a loving and patient partner. 

My parents have continuously supported me, from helping me pay for 
applications, to helping me plan a wedding on the other side of the 

I thank all of you for being such amazing friends and sharing this part 
of your lives with me. Sincerely, 

Kelly Galey 

Joh> Galiote, M.D. 

Juniata College, B.S. 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

1 L 

University of California at Berkeley, B.S. 
Potomac, Maryland 

Arti Gehani, M.i 

To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people 
and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest 

critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate 

beauty; to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better 

whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social 

condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you 

have lived. This is to have succeeded. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

To my friends in the class of 2006: 

Thank you for your friendship and the many entertaining 
moments that made our studying less painful. Because of 
you, I have laughed "often and much" over the past four years! 

Live Well, 


3 GaI^oawM. 

Bri Philip George, M.D. 

La Salle University, B.A. 
Douglassville, Pennsylvania 

To my parents, I cannot thank you enough. Medical school would 
have been almost impossible without your love and support. You 
have taught me to live and work as the person I am. 

To my brothers, thanks for always answering my phone calls and 
being there when I needed your help. I have learned so much from 
you both. 

To my friends, thank you for constantly distracting me from my 
studies. Its good to know there is always someone there to supply 
some fun. 

To all my teachers, past and present, if you can teach me, you can 
teach anyone. Thank you. 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. " 
-Albert Einstein 



Mandy Marie Gonzalez, M. 

University of California at San Diego, B.S. 
Ramona, California 

So much was given to get me where I am today. Thank You! 

My God -You gave me this desire and the means to do it. 

Tomas - I told you I wanted to be a doctor. Did you know what that meant for 
you? I think you did and married me anyway. You are perfect for the part. Being 
strong, you support me up every step and through every change. 

Arianna - You are the most wonderful surprise and the best thing that has 
happened to me. My life is so full with you in it. You taught me how to cherish 
precious moments and how to make our time together quality. Every stage in your 
life is my favorite. You are so loving, smart and fun. 

Mom and Dad -You give me good direction, the tools I need to succeed, and are 
always just a phone call away. Sorry to say, I have you scheduled to be on-call for 
the next 30 years at least. 

Family and Friends -Thank you for being there when 1 need you. You listen to my 
ups and downs and put up with my demanding schedule. 

"Whatever you are, be a good one" 
- Abraham Lincoln 

rtfa*Jy C7M&&*, M 



University of California at Davis, B.S. 
Davis, California 

My dearest Amma, your positive energy can infuse me even from 
3000 miles away. . . 

My dearest Appachchi, your soothing words rejuvenate me every 
time I am in a bind... 

My dearest Dumi our adventures and debates hove never failed 
to enrich my otherwise regimented life... 

My dearest Nila, your compassion is boundless and your 
creativity continually amazes me... 

My darling Matt your kindness and love has given me the 
strength to overcome many obstacles. Thank you for being 
patient with me. I love you... 

Thank you all. 


(^L~J~ @~Lj^.kp- 

David Hardeski, M.D. 

Temple University, BA. 

MCP-Hahnemann University, M.M.S. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

It would take at most a thousand lifetimes to 

meet as many amazing people as I have in 28 

years. I wouldn't have been able to do it 

without every damn one of them. This 

graduation is just another celebration of an 

incredible family and the best friends I could 

ever have hoped for. From the bottom of my 

heart, I thank all of you. 

Matt Hartle, M.D. 

University of Maryland, B.S. 
Boonsboro, Maryland 

I would like to thank my mother, father, and brother for all of the love 
and support they have given me. Thank you guys for believing in me and 
encouraging me when I needed it the most. 

To my wonderful and loving fiancee Amanda, thank you for being there 
for me and always being patient and understanding. You have made me ! 
so happy and have taught me much more than I could have ever learned ill 
medical school. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. 

To the rest of my family and friends, thank you for your words of 
encouragement love, and support. 

You have all made my journey through medical school pleasant and 
unforgettable. I love you all. 

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the 

source of all true art and science. 

Albert Einstein 

m 7tf«tfrfaS. l H.-b. 

Rebecca C. Heintzelman, M.1 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania 

I To my parents, who stood behind me through it all, sacrificed without 

I asking, were proud of me for all the little things in life, and made me believe 

I I could attain anything as long as I wanted it badly enough - I never could 
have done it without you. 

To my friends who made things lighter when they were dark and could find 
the humor in practically any situation - the best days are ahead of us, not 

And to my wonderful husband Kris, who was beside me every step of the way, 
who helped me find the balance between work and life, who never failed to 
make the path easier, the day brighter, or my life better - what can I say... I'll 
love you forever. 

The heights by great men reached and kept 

Were not obtained by sudden flight 

But they, while their companions slept 

Were toiling upward in the night 

■Henry Wadsworth 


ltd**** ^~^oU*^__~7r7p 


j J. Henderson, M.D. 

Western Oregon University, B.S. 
Corvallis, Oregon 

I'd like to thank the Lord for the many blessings He has 
bestowed upon me, and Yd like to thank my wife for being 
among the greatest of these gifts. 

What does the worker gain from his toil? I have seen the 
burden God has laid on men. He has made everything 
beautiful in its time, he has also set eternity in the hearts of 
men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from 
beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for men 
than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone 
may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil ■ this is 
the gift of God. 

Ecclesiastes 3, verses 8-13 

Stuart H. Hershman, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Woodmere, New York 



Ci nNA Marie Hillson, M.D. 



University of Virginia, B.A. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

To My Family and Friends - What a great experience this has been. I was 
so lucky to be near you all. Thanks for all of your love and support!! 

Mom and Bob: Thank you enough for everything: free room and board, 
endless advice and encouragement, welcoming my friends, watching Roxy, I 
just can't thank you enough!! 

Dad - Thanks for giving me the confidence to go to medical school in the 
first place and your support from across the world. 

Matt, Val, Gretch, Mike, Jen, Miles, Lara: We are so lucky to have each 
other. There is nothing like being with your brothers and sisters. 

Wyatt- The times with you made the years fly by - weekends in Princeton, 
Athens, San Diego, Henley, fun with Rox, what a great 4 years it has been 
Thanks for your support and understanding. I love you so much! 

C.L., A.B-H., M.J., S.V., J.H. - 1 cherish our friendships. I look forward to 
seeing where the future takes us. 

IMti&r* $&+*-, />/./) 

Susanna Naomi Holt-Curtis, M.D 

University of Colorado, B .A. 

University of Oklahoma, M.PA. 

Denver, Colorado 

Thanks first to God for all the blessings in my life. 

Mom and Dad, thanks for all your love and support, 1 love you both. 

Christopher, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, and I am so 
thankful that you are in my life - 1 Love You. 

Thanks to THOSE members of PIL2005 - you know who you are, and you 
know why. 

Heidi, Justine, Michelle, Tom, Trish, Dan, Andy, Eric - I feel really blessed 
to have you all as my friends - these four years would not have been nearly 
as enjoyable if you hadn't been there, I love you guys. Thanks to the rest of 
my family and friends. Ojii-chan, yatta yo! 

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and 
degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is 
worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is 
willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal 
safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made 
and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. ■ John Stuart Mill 


i i 

7 ^ "^ 

1 «~\> ■ ^"^^k 

He/ c 


^KL M 

S—~ .XJU: 

r*t> no 

Corey William Hunter, M.D. 

(PF-; ' ■ ' *& 




^^^^^^I^ERflV^ i * mQ^L ^P \ ■ 

University of Rochester, B.A. 
Miami, Florida 

Gibbs... there was never a dull moment and my head still hurts 
Rosen.. .you taught me how to have a real sense of humor 
Mike.. .thanks for never closing the door 
Olsson...what can I say man, thanks for being a good friend and 

casting light on the shadows 
Colin... you gave me a sense of inspiration that carries me to this day 
Michelle.. .for being the sister that 1 never had and never letting go 
Rob... to confine our times to a few words seems an insult, I hope I live 

up to the respect you have for me - you are my saint 
Miguel.. .for blurring the line between friendship and brotherhood do you sum it up, I hope you get as much happiness as you 

have given me by just being my friend - you are my hero 
Rene.. .for being a father after God took my first one 
Mom and Dad... I love you with all my heart and this is as much yours 

as it is mine. Thanks for getting me here and all that you 

sacrificed. Mom, thanks for never giving up on me. Dad, I 

hope you can see me and I only wish that I live to be half the 

man you were. 

Freeman R. Hwang, M.D. 

Houghton College, B.A. 
Storrs, Connecticut 

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who 
hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they 
will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. - Isaiah 40:30-31 

/ believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not 
because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a 
soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. ■ William Faulkner 

Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. 

You don't have to have a college degree to serve. 

You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. 

You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. ■ Martin Luther King Jr. 

The most important thing in life is to love and be loved. Everything else is extra. 

I'm forever in love with you, Fung! I couldn't do this without you, and I appreciate 
every sacrifice for me to get to this point. 

My thanks to my family (Mom, Dad, Christine, Truman, Jeff, Uncles, Aunts, 
Cousins, Grandparents) and friends! 

To everyone else: Have a nice day 

li&t*** K %*++**> . M.b. 

Dr Christian Ingram, M.D. 

University of California at Davis, B.S. 
Novato, California 

To oil my friends I hove met along the woy, I would just like to soy thank you. 
Y'all have mode these last four years fly by. I am going to miss you guys. Good 
luck in the future. 

Franco: Life would not have been the same without you sleeping through doss. 
Much love and good luck finding another Jeep. J-E-T-S jetsjetsjets 

Koi: You were always there to calm me down and put things in perspective. 
Thanks for being such a great person. See you in the big Cali. Let's go Oakland! 

Feces & Ty: You guys are the greatest. Good Luck in Colorado and please get rid 
of that filthy rabbit. Seriously, what purpose does it serve in life? 

Brevis: Everyone knows McNabb is overrated. Pennington is ten times better, as 
you will see when the Jets go to the Superbowl in '07. Next year is a good year to 
be o Jets fan. Thanks for oil the laughs. Lates. 

To my Family, I could not have made it through without you guys. Thank you for 
oil your love and support. 1 love you guys. 

And finally, to my wife. You have been there every step of the way and you have 
sacrificed so much just to help me through these last four years. Without you 1 
could have never done any of this. Thank you so much Jessie, I love you. 

David Irwin, M.D. 

Drew University, B.A. 
Smithtown, New York 

A \ Johnson, M.D. 

University of California at Riverside, B.S. 
Apple Valley, California 


To my parents: Thank you for all of your 
love and support. You arc the best. 

To my friends: I could not have done it 
without you. Thanks for making med 
school fun and exciting! 


Villanova University B.S. 
Orlando, Florida 

Sunir JOSHI, M.D. 

Vic J. Kabbany, M.D. 

University of California at San Diego, B.S. 
San Diego, California 

It seems like I have been in school forever. Now, I am finally through and can 
start my life as the first Dr. Kabbany. It has been a difficult journey, but my 
family has always been there to help me through it. 

To Mom: You were always there when 1 needed to talk. You gave me cooking 
advice over the phone and kept me company when I was lonely. 

To Dad: You always gave me news about the garden and all the projects at ho 
that I wished 1 could be a part of. 1 always appreciate the interest you have in 
my life. 

To Vicky: I never worried about the family with you keeping an eye on things. I 
always looked up to you as a sister. 

To Reine: My baby sister, I hope we can stay as close as we were during child- 
hood. 1 always had a close friend in you. 

To Richard: You have become a man. I am always proud of how strong and 
determined you are. I can't wait to see how great you turn out. 

To Mark: From the baby of the family to football player. Greatness awaits you 







Manjula Kari, M.D. 

Rosemont College, B.A. 
Lansdale, Pennsylvania 

Dad: We finally did it! Thank you so much for supporting me all these years! Even 
though I might not tell you this, you are one of the most influential people in my 
life. Everyday I strive to be just like you (they say genius runs in the family). You 
have taught me to never settle, but to try my hardest and reach for the stars. 
Because of your encouragement and push I was able to fulfill my dreams. I love you. 

Mom: You are truly the most amazing woman that I know. You have given me so 
much love and guidance throughout these years (not to mention great food!) 
Because of you, I was able to face any obstacles that came my way. Thank you for 
always making me laugh and helping me through the stressful times. I love you. 

\kfea: Thanks for keeping me up to date on ail the latest fashions, because God 
jznows that I would have been stuck in the 90s without you. Blister, you are an 
nspiration to me. Your carefree spirit has carried me through the crazy times. 
Thank you and I love you. 

; rienis, and T.I: So who said that med school sucked the life out of you? We had 
;o much fun these past 4 years! From the first week of orientation to Circa to Vegas 
o DC to Boston to our crazy nights out to nights just renting movies and hanging 
)ut. You guys have made these years very memorable and fun. It's been a long 
ide, but this is just the beginning! 

.ast but not least, you know who you are... I could not have made it without you. 


HI irSf i 



|U| ^^ 

B^^ M^^ M A. 

Mm *■ — 

IB . 


y ^k uuuu m muu W Mmm 
j£mmm\ WW- MmW 

<^ty,»f+bu %e~^, *?A. 

Parisa Kashkouli, M.D. 

University of California at San Diego, B.S. 
San Diego, California 

I want to thank my family, especially my 
mother, father and brother for their 
unconditional support and patience. Your 
constant encouragement has surpassed all 
time zones. 

And 1 want to thank my friends (on both 
coasts) for putting up with my constant babble 
and indecision. 1 have had an amazing time 
and I'm glad I was able to share it with you. 

P*>m» lUUuJk m.}>. 

Brandeis University, B.A. 
Miami, Florida and Mexico City, Mexico 

Sarah Katel, M.D 

Cree el aldeano vanidoso que el mundo entero es su aldea. 

Jose' Marti - "Nuestro America" 

\h get born, keep warm 

ihort pants, romance, learn to dance 

Zet dressed, get blessed 

r ry to be a success 

'lease her, please him, buy gifts 

Jont steal, don't lift 

'wenty years of schoolin' 

\nd they put you on the day shift 

ook out kid 

hey keep it all hid 

Utter jump down a manhole 

ight yourself a candle 

~)ont wear sandals 

ry to avoid the scandals 

'ou better chew gum 

'anna be a bum 

he pump don t work 

Zause the vandals took the handles 

Bob Dylan - "Subterranean Homesick 

When / heard the learn d astronomer, 
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in 

columns before me. 
When I was shown the charts and diagrams, to 

add, divide, and measure them. 
When I sitting heard the astronomer where he 

lectured with much applause in the lecture- 
How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick. 
Till rising and gliding out I wander d off by 

In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to 

Look'd up in perfect silence at the stars. 

Walt Whitman - "When I heard the Dont 
Learned Astronomer'" 



ly favorable showing 
be n oonviociug 
Icine Ky the 
im 10 matt 

filial it ci\u hai 

'y <>f the 
oil- opposition. 

JLuJ. fr**/ / 'H.#. 



~* / 

L ■ " — 







Kalamazoo College, B.A. 
Scarsdale, New York 


^ tCklijmcL MP 

From Oh, the Place You'll Go! By Dr. Seuss 


be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray 

or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea, 

you're off to Great Places! 

Today is your day! 

Your mountain is waiting. 

So. . .get on you way!" 

Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my way. 


s »' 

• / 

Ava Khosraviani, M.D, 

University of California at Irvine, B.S. 
Irvine, California 

Thank you mom and dad for all the 

sacrifices you have made to make 

this day possible for me. 

AX^M, V^^. 

C vlMBALL, M.D. 

Brigham Young University, B.S. 
MCP-Hahnemann University, M.B.S. 
Santa Barbara, California 

Sometimes it is not enough to do our 
best; we must do what is required. 

- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A., B.S. 

Monroe, North Carolina 

"And just so many nights I just dream of the ocean, 
God, I wish I was sailing again. Well yesterday's over my 

So I cant look back for too long. There's just too much to see 

waiting in front of me, 
And I know that I just can't go wrong. " 

- Jimmy Buffctt 

Joseph J. King, III, M.D. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Mel, Adam, my 

grandparents, Joanne, and all my friends for your 

support! 1 love you all. 

\Uf4^ u A 

ohn Klimaski, M.D. 

University of Notre Dame, B.S. 

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, M.S. 

Parsippany, New Jersey 

wish to thank oil who hove helped me to occomplish whot I hove done. 

To my friends and family- Thank you for your support and patience. 

Dave-Thank you for always being there for me. 

Sallie-Thank you for always listening when I needed someone to under 
stand what I was talking about. 

Gallo-You are my ambassador of Kwan. Thank you for getting me here; 
you are my brother by another mother. 

Dad-Thank you for all your support. No matter how far away you are, 
you have always been there for me when I've needed you. 

Mom-There's nothing to say other than I'm blessed to have a mother like 
you. I could have never made it without you. 

7b the fulfillment of one dream, and on to the next. Dreams really do 

come true! 



John Konstantin, M.D. 

University of Pittsburgh, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

To GOD: Thank you for the guidance and for the 

To Mom & Dad, Aunt & Uncle, brothers, sister and 
nephew: thank you for all your support, love and 
encouragement throughout these trying years. 

To my late grandparents: John and Grace, your 
kindness and love will never be forgotten. 

Glory is a great sensation, but the love one can get from his 
family is King of all emotions bar none. 

■ DOC better known as JK 


Krynetskiy, M.D. 

Rhodes College, B.S. 
Moscow, Russia 

These past four years have changed my life forever. If one 
disregards emotional scars left by things such as the Krebs Cycle, 
what remains is happiness in learning with friends. I met some 
wonderful people along the way and in the process found who I 

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for the impulse to keep 
going and finish what I started. It is with their love and support 
that I have made it this far. 

My friends - 1 am proud to have met you, wish you happiness, 
stay in touch. 

Crystal - you are wonderful. 

We are starting our professional careers and that's very exciting. 
Who knows what lies ahead? Don't worry, parents and friends- - 
we'll be fine. 


Jarrod M. Kucharski, M.D. 

Washington & Jefferson College, B.A. 
Leechburg, Pennsylvania 

Nothing in the world can take the place of 

Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more 

common than successful men with talent. Genius 

will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. 

Education will not; the world is full of educated 

derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are 

omnipotent. The slogan Press On' has solved 

and always will solve the problems of the human 


Calvin Coolidge 

30th president of the United States of America (1872-1933) 






Ramchandra Kulkarni, M.D, 

University of California at Riverside, B.S. 
Hayward, California 

Mom and dad: I attribute my greatest successes to both of you. I could not 
have gotten here without your unconditional love, unwavering support, and 
endless sacrifices. You have taught me to live life with compassion, 
enthusiasm, and integrity. Thank you for all you have done for me. Words 
cannot express how much you mean to me. I love you so much! 

Anu and Pannu: Not only are you my wonderful, beautiful younger sisters, but 
you are also my best friends. Always my pillars of strength, you have gotten me 
through a lot of tough times. I admire your creativity, passion for life, and 
selfless natures. Thank you for showing me how to live life to its fullest. I love 
you both so much and will always be here for you. 

Drcxel friends: When I first came to medical school, leaving my family behind 
on the West Coast, I was incredibly homesick. One of you said to me, "Don't 
worry, you have family here now." Through all the ups and downs, I thank all 
of you for always being there for me. 1 could not have gotten through these last 
four years without you guys. 

Cali friends: It has been hard being away from all of you, but I feel that the 
distance between us has only brought us closer together. Thank you for your 
constant support, encouraging phone calls, and making me feel like I never left 




i r /(^LlV 

« 1 1 ' ^r 


/^ j 

Mfc . 1^ 


LiLV^V ^V * , • m m 

Wfc* ::•:-.-* 


UctdJEs Wdtkw, fajfy 

Koichi Shun Kunitake, M.D. 

Massachusettes Institute of Technology, B.S. 
San Diego, California 

Miki: Thank you for your hospitality when you were 
in South Carolina... We'll get back to Europe again 
and I promise I'll spend more time in France this time 
with you. 

Hiroko: Thank you for all of your advice and for 
taking the time to fly down to Philadelphia to visit 
so often. I know as a surgical intern you have about 
as much free time in one week as 1 have every day, but 
I hope to return the favor next year. 

Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for your 
unconditional support over the past four years. 
Although I may not end up in San Diego for my 
residency, I know that III take every opportunity to 
stop by for a visit. 

^%*>X^%~- ip 

John Kuryan, M.D. 

Widener University, B.A. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

To my parents: Thank you for all of your love and support. Your sacrifices 
have allowed me to pursue my dreams. I owe everything to you, and I am 
proud to be your son. 

To my brothers: Alex, thanks for your guidance. You've shown me the 
importance of being a good physician and an even better family man. 
Tom, thanks for always looking out for me. You will never know how 
much I appreciate what you've done for me and our family. 

To Rick, Deepak, Samit and all of "Team": You complete me. 
Well, not really.. .but I wouldn't have made it through these four years 
without you. From C-wing to Cafe' Spice, from Hooters' wings to the 
discovery of Quizno's; thanks for the friendship, memories.. .and calories. I 
am honored to call you my colleagues. 

To Jocelyn: Thank you for being everything I've ever needed, and so much 
more. I am blessed by your presence in my life. Marrying you has been 
my greatest accomplishment. I'm so glad we'll be in this together, and 1 
know that the best is yet to come. 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. " Philippions 4:13 

Joann Aekyung Kwah, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Muttontown, New York 

Bock when school started 1 was so excited for how these four years 
would impact my life. I knew that it would amalgamate into some 
sort of good, but now as I (almost too) quickly approach the end of 
school I am blown away with how amazing these years have been. 
From accumulating the large volume of medical knowledge to 
learning how to do a physical exam to working with the deans and 
administrators for school- related matters to making great friends 
(which to me was just as important if not more than anything else), 
1 have far exceeded any expectation I could have dreamt up for 
myself when I envisioned my medical school years. 

To my family - Thank you for your unending love and support, I am 
so privileged to add another "Dr. Kwah" to the family! 

To my friends - Thank you for sharing your lives with me, I couldn't 
imagine my life without each of you now! 

To DUCOM - Thank you for helping me live a dream, I am forever 


J V A,w^_ £w£^.HT> 

Lee Ladha, M.D. 



■ ^1 

Pomona College, B.A. 
Phoenix, Arizona 

Mom, Dad, Shafu, Erin - I cant express How grateful I am fo 
your support, patience, wisdom, and love over the last four 
years. Knowing that you are behind me has made all the 
difference for me in becoming the newest Dr. Ladha in the 
family. I love you guys. 

Kirby - You have truly helped me to keep my life balanced over 
the last four years. Thank you for believing in me and for 
tolerating me at my brattiest. I love you. 

To the friends that 1 have made at DrexelMed - I really had 
no idea that I would find such intelligent, generous, and fun/ 
crazy friends in medical school. I feel so lucky to have you 
guys in my life and I am certain that we will continue our 
friendships in the future. 



/—r^ fc. 


^Ja^, AjD 


ii f '> 

Aasha N. Laheri, M. 

University of Maryland Baltimore County, B.S. 
Leonardtown, Maryland 

To My Entire Family: Without all your love, 
support, guidance, and patience I never would have 
been able to get through the past four years. Thank 
you so much. All the food was good, too. 

To Neha and Nisha: I am so glad that we met. 
You guys have been there for me throughout med 
school and I really want to thank you for that. 
Whatever distance may separate us, I hope we 
remain close. I will never forget all the happy 
memories. S.E.T. for life. 


fludU. il/alkc^-o. 

Lawrence Polung Lai, M.D. 

Duke University, B.S.E. 

University of California at Los Angeles, M.S. 

San Marino, California 

Thank you, Mom and Daa\ for helping me out through all the hard times, especially during tr 
past four years. I'm lucky to have you as parents. 

Thank you, Little Bra for putting up with all my antics and dealing with my peculiarities. 

Thanks, Mae, for supporting me emotionally and mentally throughout my years in medical 
school, especially in the beginning when it was the hardest. 

Thanks, Kevin, for keeping me in line when times were rough and confusing. We made it! 

Thanks to the D.C. crew for a great time! 

Thanks, Chi and Trien, for coming out with me on those late night runs to Chinatown. 

Thanks, Susan, for giving me good advice when I needed it. 

Thanks, Lynnely, for lending me all those movies. 

Congratulations to the friends that I did not mention but have not forgotten and thanks to all 
the professors and attendings that 1 have had the privilege of working with during my four yeoi 
at Drexel. 

"What people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can. " 
-- Henry David Thoreau 

^^ " 




r tn 


* " 

* ^ 



t ^ 



Kevin Le, M. 

University of California at Irvine, B.S. 
Westminster, California 


To Mom and Dad: 

Thank you for all your love and support. Words can not describe how 
much your hard work and strength through the years have given me the 
inspiration and determination to move forward. I hope you are as proud 
of me as I am of you. 

To Johnny and Linda: 

Thanks for being there when 1 needed you guys... and for not killing 
each other. 

To all my friends and the Class of 2006: 

Thanks for the fun times, laughs and great memories.. 1 hope that 
graduation does not mark the last time our paths cross. 

To Sweetie: 
«'You have been the most stubborn, argumentive and brutally honest 
person I have ever known., and 1 Love you so much for it all. 

• i 


iuong Le, M.D. 

Harvard University, A.B. 
Potomac, Maryland 

James S. Lee, M.D. 

VJ'lr ^^^^^^k±*M 



^^Jkfl \ \ 



]( Lee, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
La Crescenta, California 

To my dear family: It is your unconditional love and 
support that have brought me to this point and you 
will continue to be the rock I can lean on through the 
times that lie ahead. 

To my Drexel Med friends: We made it! Though we 
did a lot of whining and complaining throughout the 
past 4 years, it was fun to go through it together. I 
feel so blessed to have found such good friends here 
and I'm excited to see how things turn out for us 
from here on out. 


Paul S. Lee, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
Cerritos, California 

To my parents: I will never be able to express in words my gratitude 
for your endless love and sacrifice. I only hope that I will continue 
to make you proud. 

To my sister: Hey kiddo, thank you for always encouraging me and 
making me laugh. 

To my mother, father and sister-in-law: Thank you for your 
encouragement, support, and prayers.... also for always feeding me. 

To my wife: I couldn't have done this without you, sweetie. You 
are my greatest champion and inspiration to always do better. 

E rd Anthony Lee, M.D. 

Johns Hopkins University, B.A. 
Georgetown University, M.S. 
Bethesda, Maryland 

To my Mother, Father, and Brother: Thank you for 
all of your support throughout the ongoing journey. 

"The art of getting rich consists not in industry, much less in saving, 
but in a better order in timeliness, in being at the right spot. " 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"The first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take 
medicine. " 

- William Osier 

"Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the 
curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of 
wildflowers hidden in the grass. " 

- John Steinbeck 

^^1 ^^f WA 


M J 1 

- ' *P 


Ronald Tae Lee, M.D. 

University of Michigan, B.S. 

Georgetown University, M.S. 

Norwood, New Jersey 

Thanks to my family for their unconditional 
encouragement, love, and belief in me, especially during 
times when I lost faith in myself. Your support is a 
prerequisite for my survival. 

To my friends and classmates at DUCOM: Thanhs for 
the memories! Thanks for some company through this 
rollercoaster of a four years. . .glad to have you guys 
there through some proud and happy moments and 
plenty more of embarrassing ones. Congratulations, 

On medical school: I'm glad I came, glad I learned, 
and glad I saw. . .quite a bit of shock and awe. . .can I 
have my diploma now, please??? 

iUl^H.O. ,.., 

Mi ll R. Leedom, M.D. 


/^X//«A *(.b- 

James Madison University, B.A. 
Glenwood, Maryland 

Live neither in the post nor in the future, but let 
eoch day's work absorb your entire energies, and 
satisfy your widest ambition. 

- William Osier 

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most 
certain way to succeed is always to try just one 
more time. 

- Thomas A. Edison 

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning 
and gets to bed at night, and in between he does 
what he wants to do. 

- Bob Dylan 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
San Francisco, California 

Linna Li, M.D. 



■ i . i » 

i Jl 


^1 ^^^* <* 
■ ^ 




•< 11 





unjun Li, M.D. 

Brandeis University, B.A. 
Boston University, M.A. 
Boston, Massachusetts 

To Mom and Dad, 

No words con describe how groteful ond fortunate I am for your 
unconditional love and support throughout all these years. You have 
given me the most precious gifts one can ask for - the opportunity to be 
whatever I want to be, and faith that I would succeed. I could not have 
made it through without you. I love you very much. 

To Fei Fei, 

You are the big brother that every girl wants to have: funny, 
protective, always giving me the best of everything and never ashing for 
anything in return. Thank you for being my big brother. I love you 

To David, 

Thank you for believing in me and always being there to cheer me 
up. I am so grateful for your patience, for putting up with my silliness 
and loving me nonetheless. You are the best and I love you with all my 





:-.- ;;<«, 

W- 1 

1 3 






'- . . 


Kenny Lien, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 

Georgetown University, M.S. 

San Jose, California 

To my parents who have witnessed and guided my 
change from wanderlust to conviction, 

To my brothers who will always be my best friends 
even if I'm not 'tagging along" anymore, 

To my friends who have made my experiences fun 
and memorable; without them, I'm sure I would 
have gone off the deep end a long time ago, 

//^foty J^+*^ f M. D. 

Geraldina T. Lionetti, M.D. 

University of Connecticut, B.S. 
Hahnemann University. M.B.S. 
Stamford, Connecticutt 

We made it! 

Mom, Dad, Pat and Rose- You have supported me in so many ways and have 
given me so much. I have to thank you for putting up with the "perpetual 
student" 1 have been for the last 10 years. I promise that this will be the last 
graduation you will have to sit through! 

Ali- I'm so glad 1 met you at the start of all of this. You've taught me so much 
about myself and have taken me on so many amazing "adventures". Thank you. 

To all the close friends I have made- We've had a blast. There were times when we I 
thought we couldn't go on any longer, but we always managed to get each other 
through it. I'll miss our daily b#*ch sessions. Kelly Drive walks, coffee-shop 
weekends, and dancing until 4am. Distance will never separate us. 

And to everyone in our class- I feel as if I bonded in some way with each and 
every one of you. We really have an amazing class. Thanks for making the last 
four years memorable. 

I'm a better person for knowing all of you. 

'Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. ' - Lord Byron 


j^M^yX^^h AfD 

Aaron Robert Lloyd, M.D, 

University of Minnesota, B.S. 
U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Training Program, Reactor Operator 

Eveleth, Minnesota 

Mom and Dad.... I can't even begin to thank you for all you have done 
for me on this journey. Without your generosity and unconditional 
support this moment would have been impossible. 1 love you so very 

Jay & Mike.... Thanks to the best 2 housemates a guy could ask for, it's 
been a great 4 years! 

Emillia.... Thank you for being my best friend and so much more. You 
have never failed to bring a smile to my face, a laugh to my lips, or 
love to my heart. 

"Every year young people enter the medical profession . . . and they stick to it 
. . . not only from necessity but from pride, honor, and conviction. And 
Heaven, sooner or later, lets them know what it thinks of them. This 
information comes quite as a surprise to them . . . that they were indeed 
called to be doctors. . . .Surely a diploma . . . obtained by hard work . . . 
cannot be a summons from Heaven. But it may be. For, if a doctor's life may 
not be a divine vocation, then no life is a vocation, and nothing is divine. " 

- Stephen Paget, Confessio Medici, 1908 




/ Jr ' 

■4E M. LOPATA, M.D. 

Ursinus College, B.S. 
Warrington, Pennsylvania 


Johns Hopkins University, B.A., M.H.S. 

Trinity International University, M.A. 

Manila, Philippines 

Christian Lu, M.D. 

To my Lord Jesus Christ: when I am faithless, You remain faithful; when I feel 
tired, You give me rest; when I am overwhelmed, You are my peace; when I feel 
alone, You are with me; when I am proud, You humble me; whenever I feel 
discontent with my life, I remember that You gave up your own life, that 1 might 
live. Thank you. 

To my mom and dad: wherever you are, I hope I have made you proud. 

To my dear sister Reggie, Nelson, Noreen, Neil, Nicole, and Nadeen: thank you for 
your prayers and support, and for believing in me. 

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither 
the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything 
else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of Cod that is in 
Christ Jesus our Lord. " 

-Romans 8:38-39 

"The enemy is not pain or even death, which will come for us in any eventuality. 
The enemy is cancer, and we want it defeated and destroyed. " 

-George Zimmer 
Annals of Internal Medicine, 1997 



*C M.D 

y G. Luizza, M.D. 

Wilkes University, B.S. 
Dallas, Pennsylvania 

To Mom, Dad, Shannon, my family, and my friends: Thank you 
for all of the support you have given me throughout the years. It 
has been a long road, but it has been worth it. Thank you for 
being there through all of the good times and all of the bad times. 
I love you all. 

To my fellow classmates and future colleagues: It has been a great 
journey. Good luck to everyone. We now have our chance to 
make an impact on the future of medicine. Let's leave a good 
impression. Try not to work too excessively next year, because 
remember, medicine is "the only profession that labors incessantly 
to destroy the reason for its existence" - James Bryce. 

"The art of medicine is in amusing a patient while nature affects 
the cure. " 


i6o y \jtdA»>Y)Q7. oUuMf), 

Erik Lawrence Lum, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
Santa Barbara, California 

If I have learned anything in my four years of medical school it 
is this: 

It's not the journey that is particularly important, but how we 
get there and who is with us while we travel. 

So thanks to all of my friends and family who have made these 
past four years so wondeful and unforgettable. 

Thanks mom and dad for always supporting my decision to 
become a doctor. 

Thanks to Freeman, Howie, and Christian for supporting me in 
my journey with Christ. 

Thank you Jake, Casey, Alice, Art, J-Wo, Lynnely, Nina, 
Marian, and especially Jackie for showing me how to live again. 


fit ^^ 



s mf 

I Ti ^ _ — 

L l ,Jfcr 






J^' ! 

mf | 

Cornell University, B.S. 
Ponca City, Oklahoma 


Mom, Dad, Leah, and Tyson - Thanks so much 
for all of your love and support. You made this 
possible. I love you all so much. 

"What you need to know about the past is that no 

matter what has happened, 

it has all worked together to bring you to this very 

moment. And this is 

the moment you can choose to make everything 

new. Right now." 

■ Anonymous 

Amita Mahajan, M.D 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Ocean, New Jersey 

To Mom and Dad. thank you for your truly endless love and support. Through all 
the ups and the downs, your guidance and patience has allowed the young girl 
with the toy medical kit to achieve her dreams. I am forever grateful to have such 
loving and caring parents. 

To Mono and Sunil thank you for all your help. Mona, I have always looked to 
you first for advice, and you have guided me through the years as both my older 
sister and best friend. Sunil you are a great brother-in-law, and I hope I can be 
as compassionate a person and dedicated a physician as you. 

To Deepak, thank you for always being there for me, and surpassing your duties 
as my assigned "big." Your strength and character continually amazes me, and 
your advice and encouragement has meant more to me than you can know. 

To my friends, thank you for all your support and laughter. You have enriched 
my life, and have made this journey unforgettable. Go Team! 

75 it so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun... to have loved, to have thought, to 
have done?" 

-Matthew Arnold 

Congratulations and good luck to the class of 2006. 



ae «<q - 


yQrufa P^;a^ , ^ 

Massucci, M.D. 

University of Pittsburgh, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Mom: You have inspired me in more ways than you will ever 
know. You have given me your strength, independence, and 
perseverance that have allowed me to achieve my goals and 
dreams in my life. All of the sacrifices that you have made for me 
throughout the years have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for 
always supporting and believing in me and giving me the courage 
to follow my dreams. "Your favorite daughter" 

Anthony: You have been my rock throughout this entire process 
and I am sure that I would not have made it through these four 
years without all of your love and support. Thank you so much 
for being one of the most amazing people that I have ever met 
and know that you will always have a special place in my heart. 

Re: The happiness that I have known since meeting you is inde- 
scribable. I am looking forward to experiencing the journey and 
adventure that lies ahead. 

Danielle McClain, M.D. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Natick, Massachusetts 

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for all of your support 
over the years. I never could have done this without you. 
I love you two very much. 

Jim, I can always count on you for a laugh, you're a great 
brother, don't ever change. 

Lucy, we've come so far since IMS, I'm glad we've been able 
to enjoy the journey together. 

Monica, there is no one else quite like you, thank you for 
making this a fun four years. 

Finally, Paul, you are my best friend, my love... thank you 
for never giving up on me, I love you always and forever. 

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are 
loved. " 

■ Victor Hugo 

^Uvai4y c a^ M A 

Cormick, M.D. 

Ithaca College, B.S. 
Newton, New Jersey 

Danielle P. McGonigle, M.D. 

Wesleyan University, B.A. 

University of Southern California, M.A. 

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts 

Only connect... 

E. F Forster 




N U. 

«««„_ « p 


cco ***««- 






State University of New York at Buffalo, B.A. 
Rochester, New York 

Z± %.(U^, Mb 

Addisu Mesfin, M.D. 

University of Maryland at College Park, B.S. 

Columbia, Maryland 

Thank you to my family, friends, 

mentors and God for helping me to 

complete this journey! 

^r m! ' * ■ 

" 1 J 

^^(b r^^^^^W 


v B NMPViiy^ 


\*& ^ 

\ ^M ^1 




Oakwood College, B.S. 
Apopka, Florida 

To my parents ana 1 my family: "You don't choose your family. They are 
Gods gift to you, as you are to them." Desmond Tutu. I love you guys so 
much. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the past 
four years. For all of your sacrifices, phone calls, and credit card pay- 
ments, 1 couldn't have done it without you. 

To Douglas: Thank you for your love and support. For all the rides to the 
hospital at 5 in the morning, the surprise dinners, and the ever-present 
shoulder to cry on 1 am forever grateful. You are a gem and I'm lucky to 
have you. I love you Dooghas. 

To my church family and my kids: 1 will miss all of you very much. I hope 
that I have been as much as an inspiration to you as you have been to me. 
May we all strive to be who He wants us to be and may we see each other 
on the other side. 

To the roomies: Living with you guys was a great experience. 1 wouldn't 
have trade that time for anything. Your jokes, prayers and encouragement, 
and support were always appreciated. I wish the three of you the best in 
the future. Never forget the mice and Snuffy : ) 


5: i<u^3.^)^C;, *.-&. 

Stephanie J. Muh, MX 

Emory University, B.S. 
Palm Bay, Florida 

I would like to thank my mother and father for their 
love and support through all my endeavors. 

To Charlie and Rachel for always inviting me to your 
annual festivities and providing a place to escape to. 

To Patrick for always being there, I am so proud of 

Finally, to my friends, who I had some 
unbelievable experiences with and who helped me 
through some rough surgeries ! 

-*V*C- ■ 



JNG-BlN Mun, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Busan, South-Korea 

Deor Lord, you hold my hands and guide me even in the deepest darkness. 
Your mercy just overflows in me... 

To my parents. Thank you for your support! You always stood by my side 
when I launched into a new life and career- from Korea to America, and from 
music to medicine. Especially mom, for your love and trust, I simply cannot 
describe my thanks in words, you are THE hero. 

To my late uncle, Hoya Samchon. See? Coming to this country is not so bad 
after all. I made it through, and you could have done so too. 

Hey, Owen. Believe it or not, I still remember our friendship that started more 
than a decade ago when I was all alone, bewildered and home-sick. You 
always helped me, and I learned so much from you. 

Larry, my best friend in medical school. Remember our promise that we were 
going to help each other get through this? We finally made it!! 

To all our classmates. Alright! We've finished with one journey. Are we ready 
for another one? Let's go guys!! 

*/ can do everything through Him who gives me strength. " - Philippians 4:13 

/ }<s™~.A .<PU~,M.O. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
Cypress, California 

Nina N and a, M. I 

Dearest Mom, Dad, Jyoti, & Horit: Thank you for your constant 
support, patience and encouragement. None of this would have 
been possible without you. You never cease to inspire! 

To my dearest friends & classmates: Thank you for your 
friendship, support, endless laughter and countless memories. 
You guys have made it all worthwhile. 

To all professors, educators, physicians, health care personnel 
and patients that 1 have met: Thank you for educating me by 
sharing your time, knowledge, personal stories, and life 
experiences. I hope I can give back as much as 1 have received 
from all of you. 

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also 
dream; not only plan but also believe. 

- Anatole France 

^/U^ ' /\*rJU. HD 

Nguyen, M.D. 

Muhlenberg College, B.S. 
Cheltenham, Pennsylvania 

Bo Ma: From Saigon --> boat sailing the China Sea --> refugee camps --> 
ghettos of North Philadelphia--my future is blessed because of you. Your 
unconditional love, support & inspiration form the bright star that guides me 
through the years. I thank you. 

My Ladies & Gents: Whether it be the serendipitous acceptance of a roommate, 
spillage of O.J., a drive to 30th Street Station, or a Geno's cheesesteak, 1 am 
thankful for meeting those who have made the 4-year trip an unforgettable one. 
We laughed, we cried, we watched American Idol (& voted), we passed gas, we 
vomited, but whatever it may be, we have always been there for each other and I 
could not ask for better companions. 3611 Stokley rocks! 

Lynnely: You're my partner in crime & the sister I wish I had. Love you lots. 
Go, Quackernugget! 

Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I feel very peculiar. I feel like I've just 
got to bite a cat! I feel like if I don't bite a cat before sundown, I'll go crazy! 
But then I just take a deep breath and forget about it. That's what is known 
as real maturity. 

■ Snoopy 

w " ^^H 

Bf^p- ***^H 

/ 1 





^Ut75X^f^L ? M.I> 

Mychi Nguyen, M.D 

Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Allentown, Pennsylvania 

To my family, 

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for your infinite love and support. 

Ever since I was little, you have given me the strength and courage to do great 


Thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made to let me pursue my dreams. 

To my friends, 

Thank you for bringing so much fun and laughter into my life and reminding me of 
what is truly important in this world. 

I am grateful for the humor, candor, love, and friendship of such an amazing group 
of people. 

To laugh often and muck- 
to win the respect of intelligent people 
and the affection of the children; 
To earn the appreciation of honest critics, 
and endure the betrayal of false friends; 
to appreciate beauty; 
to find the best in others; 

to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed 
social condition; 

to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. 
This is to have success. 

-Author Unknown 

°%J^ L ^Uyv^ J DID. 

Nguyen, M.D. 

University of Florida, B.S., M.S. 
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Susan, and Cheryl for ail 

your support, trust, and belief in me. You guys 
are my foundation and. my strength. I have had 
the opportunity to meet some extraordinary 
role models and make some extraordinary 
friendships. Some 1 will never see again, but 
your influence in my life will stay with me 
forever. Those close to me, I hope we can remain 
in touch as long as possible. 1 hope we cross 
paths professionally and socially in the future. 
Love you Mom, Dad, Susan, and Cheryl! 




i~ n. r? 

Anne Valerie Maria Nienstedt, M.D. 

Dartmouth College, A.B. 

Hofstra University, M.A. 

Old Brookville, New York 

Mom and Dad, Twenty-eight years ago we began as friends. You've been 
with me from "Keebler", to the tree stump out east, "Daddy! ', steak and 
tomatoes and The Incredible Hulk, St. Croix Championships, oldies in the 
Chevelle, my first live solo with my guitar (it still smells the same), my 
first day at Dartmouth (every time I cry it makes me stronger), and my last 
day at Hofstra. You graduate with me now; I did the class work, you did 
the emotional work. I'm so happy to be your daughter. You've taught me 
to be good, loyal, smart, to love, work, persevere, take a stand, and to 
accept. Dad, you are my hero and my best buddy. Mom, you are my rock 
and my best friend. I love you and I can't wait to see what's next. 

Love, Pupa 

Max and Karol, You taught me to be prepared, to relax, and to take one 
day at a time. It's so much fun being your baby sister. I'm glad God gave 
me such protectors in life. 1 love you. 

Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for always making me feel so special 
and so loved, for teaching me right and left, to catch a ball, to bake, to be 
grammatically correct, and for giving me my doctor bag. I love you. 

tf^yfa 1Cu~*mu-,u : 

Iary O'Connor, M.D. 

Wilkes University, B.S. 
Frackville, Pennsylvania 

Thanh you Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, 

John, Melanie, Mike and all family members for your 

support, encouragement, and prayers that have 

brought me this far. Thanh you Zach, my wonderful, 

loving husband, for your friendship and humor that 

keeps me going. And finally, thank you Jesus for 

giving me a meaningful life. 

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly 
beyond all that we ask for or imagine, according to the 
power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory../' 

- Ephesian 3:20 


L~rLM.d'&*<~^ /t-'h 

Zachary O'Connor, M.D. 

University of Southern California, B.A. 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Youth for me was wonderful. I remember pulling my little sister along in our red 
wagon and trying on funny hats at other people's houses. 

My career goal at that time was to become a garbage man. No other occupation 
ALLOWED you to ride on the back of a big truck. I felt well-qualified and was 
eager to live such an exciting life. 

Obviously my path changed. If 1 listed all the people in my life who have helped me 
thus far, I would need another page. So I will only name a few. 

Mom, Dad, and Alexandra: for love and support at every turn. 

Grandma Letha, Grandpa John, and Grandma Faye: for helping me see more of the 

John and Luke: for accountability. 

The Lewis family: for a home in Pennsylvania. 

Drexel University: for teaching and training. 

Jennifer, my wife: for being my best friend. 

Jesus Christ: for life restored. 

1. Olsen, M.D. 

Allegheny College, B.S. 
Irvine, Pennsylvania 

To my parents: For always being tkere when I needed you. 
Your support and encouragement rank only second to the 
morals and values that you taught me. Your love means more 
to me than this degree ever will - thank you. 

To my Frieiuls: For putting up with my over-the-top, 
out-of-control personality. 

To Pittsburgh: For reminding me how good life can be - God 
Bless America! 

To everyone else who has helped me along the way: Your 
generosity will never be forgotten. 

i8o -/n£. 

Adam Richard Olsson, M.D, 

University of Oregon, B.S. 
Beaverton, Oregon 

To the fom: Lynette, Rick, Kelly, Nathaneal, Dave, Lukey, 
Benny, Abtabs, I love you guys. Thanks for the all of it: 
dinners in philly, Christmas's, phone calls with sis- I don't 
yawn :), New York Trip, Trash-talking, dallas club, Hide- 
and-seek, zerberts etc. 

To my friends: mullets, football, xochitl, professionalism 
committees, monmouth housing, 508, ex-cons, current 
cons, hoops, bourbon blue, Sweden, bar fights, gas stations, 
party balls, beef and brew, hot tub parties, fantasy fests, 
russia, stank feet, raw fish, birdaroo, murphy's, ramjammer, 
rachel-ap., nancy reagan, salsa, pahsah-khoshgehlam sp?, 
sahn dieahgo, aquatic sports, vegas, and ac to name a few. 
Vaya con Dios mis amigos, I'll miss you all very much. 


Jristina Ortiz, M.D. 


'• J 


HI fl 

1 i 


Texas A&M University, B.S. 
Los Gatos, California 



University of California at Santa Barbara, B.S 

Danville, California 

Scott Osborn, M.D. 

"if I am wise, it is because I know that I know nothing. " - Socrotes 

I hated Philosophy. Well, okay, I loved it— it is the pretentious Philosophers I hated— but 
my poor grades led to burned, boringly ethical Kant, trashed, idealistically utilitarian 
Mills... Nietzsche was saved (so I could seem cool at parties), but little else survived the 
carnage of the period; my career instead followed the path foreseen years prior by scrub- 
donned teddy bears. 

"Instead of having answers' on a math test, they should just call them impressions', and if 
you got a different impression', so what; can't we all be brothers?" - Jack Handy 

Medical school was the inevitable, unenviable result of a sharp-witted, optimistically loving 
mother, a brilliant, understanding father, an absolutely adversarial older brother, an 
enthusiastic if oft ill-communicative younger sister, and a subtle knack for the Scantron. 
My mother deserves specific attention paid to her for many fiscal — and emotional — 
bailings-out; without her, I would be lost, broke, sad and probably high on glue. 

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. " 

-Friedrich Nietzsche 

One thing to say for being a zillion dollars in the hole: Through divine timing, careful 
planning, and pure dumb luck, 1 managed to find the most beautiful, brilliant, and 
inspiring woman I have ever met. Elizabeth ... I love you so much, I'll tell you in person. 



3'Shura, M.D. 

Juniata College, B.S. 
Sellersville, Pennsylvania 

The motto I live by: you only get out of it what you put into it. 

My picture in this yearbook is a testament of the support and devotion 
of my family and friends, my rock. None of this would have been 
possible without you. A piece of a young man's vision, now a reality, 
in which a thank you doesn't even begin to convey my gratitude. 

Mom and Dad, you have overcome insurmountable odds so that I may 

live a dream. You are my heroes and my role models. You have shown 

me that anything is possible with hard work, but moreover, you have 

shown me what it means to be loved and I love you for this. 

Justin, you are more than my brother, you are my best friend and I love 


Lord, thank you for I have truly been blessed. 

Never forget that success is measured by happiness and that each day 
is a gift that you will never get to relive, so make the best of it. 


m ■ 

* i 

•- . . .. 

#^^K\ «f •*" * ^Bfn 


T"r&"|HBk . - J2i 


U . fa . 


* it- - '*" *w 



David H. Oustecky, M.D. 

Emory University, B.S. 
Islip, New York 

Krissy - you have long eyelashes and are my best 

Mom and Dai, Karen and Dave - thank you all for 
the support, guidance, patience and love. 

Steve-0 and Em - you are my favorite siblings. 

Crew - Shields, Tej, C-Note, Fuj, Dirwin, Cy, Kenny 
Spleen - you all rock harder than Trichobezoar. 


University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Berkeley, California 


This is the duty of our generation as we enter the twenty-first 
century ■■ solidarity with the weak, the persecuted, the lonely, 
the sick, and those in despair. It is expressed by the desire to 
give a noble and humanizing meaning to a community in 
which all members will define themselves not by their own 
identity but by that of others. 

■ Elie Wiesel 

We are a sum of the people who have graced our lives and I 
have been lucky enough to be graced a thousand times over. 
They have been unrelenting in their quest to show me the world 
and to understand my part in it. I thank you for Sunday 
brunches, baseball games in summer, little children wearing 
fairy wings to CT, and chocolate pudding at breakfast. I 
thank you all. 




David Shih-Wei Pan, M.D. 

Seattle University, B.S. 

Drexel University, M.S. 

Taipei, Taiwan 

Dear Mom, Dad and Aunt Clung -pi: 

I wont to deeply thank you for everything you have done for me: all the 

sacrifices made for me and all the unconditional love you have given me. Mom 

and Dad have been the best parents I could ever want. Aunt Ching-pi has 

been like a mother to me. 

Thank you for being by my side to help me celebrate my successes and accept 

my defeats. 

Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work, good judgment, courage, 

and honesty. 

Thank you for the simple things. ..the laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've 


You have been a source of strength and of support right from the very start. 

You are always ready to help in a kind and thoughtful way. 

I know there are no words to fully describe how much you mean to me, how 

much I admire you, how much I appreciate you and how much I thank you for 

all you have done. But as I start a new chapter in my life, 1 want you to know 

that your love and support are among my most cherished memories. 




^^I^F * ^1 

\ndra Pete, M.D. 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
Philadelphia, Pennsyhania 


^K -^ ^H 


'* 4«B%A 


■^ i 

■1'-* t 

^gf> - v | 


W f 


dW &*,**. [ 

Brandeis University, B.A. 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Thach Pham, M.D. 

I have made friends, and those friendships have changed my life. 
Going forward, I will have happy memories of our time spent 

I have made mistakes and asked for forgiveness. 
I am still learning how to live and to share. 

In addition to knowledge and wisdom, humility and honesty are 
also essential. 

Got to remind myself about the simple things in life! 

In the words of Mother Teresa, "We can do no great things, only 
small things with great love". 

Never procrastinate 

1UNG, M.D. 

Columbia University, B.A. 
New York Medical College, M.S. 
Livingston, New Jersey 

To my family, thank you for all the love and support that you 
have given me throughout the years. I could not have come this 
for without your faith in me. And Mom, you can finally cut up 
my credit cards and get rid of me now! 

To my friends (sup pups!), there is a special place in my heart 
for each of you. Whatever our future holds, I am grateful that I 
had the opportunity to share my life with all of you. I love you 
all, my soul sistahs! 

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what 
happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for 
the meaning of life. " 

■ Albert Camus 



u "•*>• 


Lauren Jodi Pmcow, M.D. 

Emory University, B.S. 
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 


Mom- thank you for oil your love, encouragement and support. I couldn't have done this 
without your help. And, no, I don't want to quit. 

Dad- thank you for being my Diddy. I can always count on my Did to come up big when I 
need a hand. 

Tlmmy- thanks for teaching me about bilateral subdural hematomas and for being my 
devoted sponsor. 

Jane- thank you for being a wonderful listening ear and keeping Diddy mellowed. 

Xaq- thank you for being a dorq and all the technical support through the years. 

Sam- thank you for being so stinking cute and fun to play with when I need a break. 

Andrea- thank you for being my best friend for these ten years, for being there for me when 
others were not. 

Mike- thank you for introducing yourself to me in the cafeteria. I would never have thought I 
would meet the love of my life in a library, but I guess we are just two nerdlingers. 

I love you all, 




jgL~X)*l> bft. 



Cornell University, B.S. 
Livingston Manor, New York 

Mom & Dad, Thank you for your never-ending support and 
encouragement. No matter how crazy my dreams may have 
seemed, you have allowed me to reach them all. 

Travis, Thank you for helping me to experience so much more 
than medical school these past four years. May our adventures 
continue long into the future. 

My patients, I have learned something valuable from each of 
you. I look forward to a lifetime of discovery within medicine. 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live 

- Mahatma Gandhi 

Q^JL Mb 

i III »»!'.. !Sii ' 

wE^ -a m\ 

J lis 


"_j '•'-^ 

^^^^^ ^^^^ ^Jkw^^ 

University of Rochester, B.A. 

Georgetown University, M.S. 

New City, New York 

Jason Price, M.D. 

To my parents, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done 
for me. Your support and encouragement has helped to provide 
me with the confidence to succeed in anything I do. Thank you so 
so much for all the love you have shown me! I love you both very 

To my bro, Thank you for always being my best friend. You've 
always been there when I've needed you! Love you! 

To all my friends, Thanks for keeping life interesting and making 
sure we enjoy ourselves away from the books and the work! 

"A bump in the road is either an obstacle to be fought or an 
opportunity to be enjoyed. . . it is all up to you. " 

■ Anonymous 


Wilkes University, B.S. 
Endicott, New York 

3c v V ■ - - '*-* 


Lekha Matsumori Rao, M.D. 

Johns Hopkins University, B.A. 
Saratoga, California 

To my mom and dad: I still remember the day I left you on the corner 
near my dorm in Baltimore in 1997. There have been countless other 
partings since then but I know they're all hard in their own way. 
Thank you for letting me go or I wouldn't be the person I am today, 
appreciate all your sacrifices and dedication to help me achieve my 

To my brother Neal: You taught me how to scream and cry. Important 
survival skills from a big brother who I can now count on for more 
than just bruises. 

For my Jiichan and Baachart: Even though you're no longer here, I 
probably couldn't have gotten this far without you. Korekara mo 

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the 
time to understand more, so that we may fear less. " 

- Marie Curie 

ppo, M.D, 

h?v~ ^r 


Barnard College, B.A. 

Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, PharriD 

Brooklyn, New York 

I thank God for giving me the strength to complete my medical studies, 
and 1 hope to use my knowledge to truly help my patients. 

Mom and Dad, thank you for your love, sacrifices and encouragement 
and for making me laugh when most stressed. 

Maria and Nick, you're wonderful older sibs; I've always looked up to 
you, and Stephanie, your multi-tasking skills are inspiring. 

To my dear nephews, Alex and Chris, you bring us joy and surprises — 
never a dull moment around you! 

To all my friends and classmates-good luck in your lives and careers! 

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word — excellence. To know 
how to do something well is to enjoy it. 

- Pearl S. Buck 







GlnOMjLo^Kjrt^o, Wyk 

P" ■ - ^n 

iL i 

Richard E. Redlinger, Jr., M.D. 

Yale University, B.S. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Mom & Dad: Thank you for your unyielding support of my 
dream. You reminded me when it was time to 'Get Serious'' 
and sacrificed more than I could ever repay. I love you! 

Greg: The best friend and best brother I could ever have. 
Thanks for always being there for me whenever I need a 

Gumby: Our long chats over a cup of coffee in your kitchen 
mean more to me than I could ever express. Thanks for all 
your encouragement and slush! 

PS. You really shouldn't hang those sorts of things on your 
bulletin board. 

To my friends: Thanks for standing by me through all the 
hard times and sharing all the good times. 

p2^ e jtpdQ,*^^ ^ h 

h Rose Reilly, M.D. 

Whitman College, B.A. 
Seattle, Washington 


(%yJ**A, -Ff*L T}Htty y jn.'b. 

Sudden journey 

Maybe I'm seven in the open field — 

the straw-grass so high 

only the top of my head makes a curve 

of brown in the yellow. Rain then. 

First a little. A few drops on my 

wrist the right wrist. More rain. 

My shoulders, my chin. Until I'm looking up 

to let my eyes take the bliss. 

I open my face. Let the teeth show. I 

pull my shirt down past the collar-bones. 

I can drink anywhere. The rain. My 

skin shattering. Up suddenly, needing 

to gulp, turning with my tongue, my arms out 

running, running in the hard, cold plenitude 

of all those who reach earth by falling. 

- Tess Gallagher 

Amanda Christine Rodski, M.D. 

Wilkes University, B.S. 
Drexel University, LeBow College of Business, M.B.A. 

Mountaintop, Pennsylvania 


Dad and Mom: Without your love and support, this day would have 
never been possible. I am forever grateful! 

Sean, Michael, Erin, Fran, Dave, Lucky, Brian, Alex, Elad, Beth, 
Taryn, Aaron, Geno, Tom, Leslie, and Mary Francis: All of you have 
helped though these years in some way or another. Thanh you for 
all of the fun, encouragement, wisdom, wit, advice, and laughs 

Life truly is a silent epiphany. 

/ love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength 
from distress, and grow brave by reflection, lis the business of little 
minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience 
approves his conduct will pursue his principles unto death. 

~ Thomas Paine 



Hl> «<M 

Rosenstock, M.D. 

Washington University, B.A. 
New City, New York 

Up*-' Aw^ 

Ernest Rudman, M.D. 

Boston University, B.A. 
Brooklyn, New York 

Mom and dad - I could not ask for more loving, devoted 
parents. You are both my greatest role models and I owe 
everything to you. 

Leonid and Roza Mandenblat - From the day I was 
born, you have been ready to give up anything for me. I 
could never repay you for all of your sacrifices. I can only 
express my deepest love and gratitude. 

Inna - Do not be content with my achievements; surpass 
them! I am very proud of you and love you very much. 

Alya - For four trying years you were my closest friend 
and most committed supporter. Thank you for your 
patient, unfaltering love. 

PHER John Russo, M.D. 

Villanova University, B.S. 
Garden City South, New York 

Dear Mom and Dad: Thank you for your 
immeasurable sacrifice over these past 24 years. 1 
would definitely not be where I am today without 
all your love and support. I only hope that I earn 
all I have been blessed with. I love you; now go 
and burn the checkbook. 

Dear Angela: You will be a great engineer. 

Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only 
contrary to what we know about nature. 

■ Saint Augustine 



University of Minnesota at Duluth, B.S 

MCP-Hahnemann University, M.M.S. 

Bloomington, Minnesota 

Jeffrey B. Rykken, M.D. 

Most importantly, I would like to thank my wonderful family 
for never failing to support me as I have progressed through 
my many years of school. I am indebted forever to my parents 
for all of their help; I would not have been able to get where I 
am today without their guidance. I am so fortunate to have 
such a loving family. Additionally, I must thank all of my 
great friends and classmates with whom I have shared so 
many memories. I am proud to have had the opportunity to 
get to know so many of you. May we never forget one another 
as we go in our different directions, but pray that we do forget 
those long painful nights of studying and scutwork over the 
past 4 years! I wish you all good luck and may we never lose 

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't you're right.'' 

- Henry Ford 


Saelens, M.D. 


Georgetown University, B.S.F.S. 
Potomac, Maryland 

A chance is what you take before you think about it. A calculated risk is what you 
take after you have evaluated all possible factors and have determined that risk. " 

■ Craig Elliot 

"When once you have tasted flight you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned 
skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. " 

■ Leonardo DaVinci 

lake me to the airport, 
put me on a plane, 
Hurry, hurry, hurry, 
before I go insane. 

■ The Ramones 

So toss away stuff you don't need in the end 

But keep what's important and know who's your friend. 

■ Phish 

7 have no idea how people function without near-constant internal chaos. I'd lose my 
mind. " 

■ Dave Eggers 

AmM^^P p 

Lynnely Stacy Sam, M.D. 

University of California at Irvine, B.S. 
Orange, California 

To Ma-mi & Pa-pi: From Cambodia to CA, you've built us a new life. If it had not been 
for your courage to do that & hardwork over the years, I could not have achieved this. 
Thank you for your unconditional love, support & bringing me up the way you have. I love 
you so much & 1 hope I have & will always make you proud. 

To Dano: Even though we bicker & fight a lot, you were always on my side when I needed 
you. Thanks for being such a good bro. 

To the Karuj Family: Thank you for opening your heart & home to me when I moved to 
Philly 4 years ago. Kids - I will miss you dearly. 

To the rest of the Family: The distance between us have never stopped you from showing 
your love and support of my endeavors. 1 love you all. 

To my Drexel Friends: Medical school would have been unbearable without you. Thank you 
for all the great memories - from the potlucks to the times we dined out to our many 
outings. 1 will never find better friends than you all. 

To Karen: Who would have thought that your roommate screening could lead to such a 
| great friendship! These past 4 years would not have been the same if we were never 
roommates, that's for sure! You are definitely the sister I would have wanted. I will miss 
you as we continue our separate paths. But I know we'll always be in touch! Love ya! 


er Amit Samujh, M.D. 

University of Washington, B.A., B.S. 
Seattle, Washington 

To my parents Michael and 

Kamla Samujh, 

my sister Camille, my friends, 

and Dr B. 

Thank you. 



IRS ^ift^^J 


Miguel A. Santos, M.D, 

University of Massachusetts, B.S. 
Newtown, Massachusetts 

I would like to start off by thanking the people that have 
helped me during the past four years... namely: mom and 
dad; my brothers Luis, Francisco, Hafid; sisters 
Stella, Alexandra, Lisa; and a very special person in my 
life, Sruvani. I would not be here today if it weren't for 
their love and support. To my close friends, Jimmy and 
Dmitry, I want to thank them for helping me keep my 
head straight during hard times. The past four years 
have been filled with challenges and new experiences that 
I'll remember for the rest of my life. 

I'm proud to be part of Drexel's class of 2006. I am 
proud to call many of you my classmates and wish all of 
you the best of luck in life; remember, "Where there's a will 
there's a way." 

/vp^ &*r«o 


Wellesley College, B.A. 
Madison, Connecticutt 

First, and always, to ray parents: You have always been as supportive 
and loving as possible, in every way possible. You will never know how 
grateful I am to have you. Thank you. I love you. 

To James: Thanks for keeping this whole thing in perspective, and 
providing comic relief at key moments. 1 love you, even though you're my 

To SAM, my very first friend in Philadelphia: your friendship and support 
mean so much to me. Thank you. You're the absolute best, and my first 
pick for "trust fall" partner. 

To AML, KBB, KMD, KRB, MMM and anyone else I ever shared a meal 
(or a beer) with: These were fun years, and since you all know what a 
dork I am, it is completely because you guys are so cool. 

Finally, to the class of 2006: 

"/ hope all your guys's experiences are unforgettable. 

- Napoleon Dynamite 

Carrie Marie Schneider, M.D. 

Cornell University, B.A. 
Erie, Pennsylvania 

I would like to thank my parents. 
Without your love, support, and 
sacrifice I never would have made it 
this far. 

To my fiance, Eric, thank you for 
always being there for me and helping 
me to smile even through the most 
difficult of times. 

I love you all. 

Ceu^^t y*^x JJ-*u-A>^ *YA 

Scott, M.D. 




T ^ 

Mi J 

7 ■ 1 A 


^^ ^X^ a$ 

Florida A & M University, B.S. 
Cheltenham, Pennsylvania 

To My Family, Friends, and Mentors, 

Thank you so much for your guidance, 
words of encouragement support, and 
prayers. I could not have done it without 

~ Sabriya Scott 

r UniversM I 

Tawa Tawjawnus Seabrook, M.D. 

Cornell University, B.S. 
State University of New York at Stony Brook, B.S. 

Freeport, New York 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for your support over the years. Any and all of 
my achievements are as much yours as they are mine. 

Stephany - There are friends and acquaintances and everyone in-between. 
Thank you for being my friend. 

To my beautiful sisters of Daughter? the Blue Dove of Zeta Phi Beta 
Sorority, Inc. - Whatever roads of faith and remembrance life has deemed we 
travel know that you will always be in my thoughts and hopes. EE-I-KEE, 
my sorors! 

/ am not tragic. There is no great sorrow in my soul or lurking behind my eyes... No, 
I do not weep at the world - I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife. 

- Zora Neol Hurston 

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate 
with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong 
because some day in life you will have been all these. 

- George Washington Carver 

/ have been in Sorrow's Kitchen and licked out all the pots. Then I have stood on 
mountains wrapped in rainbows, with a harp and a sword in my hands. 

■ Zora Neal Hurston 

T "J 


Lehigh University, B.S. 
Tulsa, Oklahoma 

To my Parents: Thank you for everything you have given 
me and every sacrifice you have made for me. Thank you 
for the undying support you have given mc through this 
journey. Thank you for your love. I would be nothing 

To my Brother: Thank you for being the greatest role 
model anyone could ask for. Thank you for all of your 
help, your support, and your advice. Thank you for 
always standing up for me. 

To my Friends, Family, & Wiehle St: Thanks for the 
memories and all the great times. Thanks for the laughs 
and the arguments. Thanks for the road trips and the 
all-nighters. Thanks for always being there. 

~ mm 


L. ^MrnAM 

■ - 






Dara Shalom, M.D. 

Washington University, B.A. 
Roslyn, New York 

To my family, thank you so much for all 
of your love ar\A support. 1 could not 
have done this without you! 

To my friends, 1 never thought we would 
be able to make these 4 years as fun 
as we have. Thanks for all of the 
laughs and great times. Good luck! 

Am a ?k*(*m, MP 

Yan Shen, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.A. 
Fremont, California 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for making the most 
important decision of our lives - coming to the US 
and giving me the future that I now have. 

Manu: Thank you for your constant support, even 
when we are 2873.14 miles apart. 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the 

- Mahatma Gandhi 

Mylaina Lyn Sherwood, M.D. 

University of Pittsburgh, B.S. 
Wexford, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad: Words can't express the gratefulness I have for everything 
that you have sacrificed to push me to my furthest. I am fortunate that you 
will be there during this new phase of my life. 

Josh and Andrea: I'm so proud of you. You have grown from being my little 
brother and sister to being successful young adults. This is an exciting time 
for you both, when you decide where life should lead after college, and 
whatever choices you make, they will be the right ones. Continue to work 
hard and do your best. 

Nate: Medical school has gone by so quickly for us. I still remember that 
afternoon back in Pittsburgh when I got my acceptance letter to Drexel. 
From there, things haven't always been easy. We've dealt with difficult 
classes to the long distance. Your love and support has made life more 
manageable. Now, we are going to do our residencies together and continue 
strengthening our marriage. 1 look forward to the many years ahead with 
you. I love you. 

To My Friends: From the agonizing hours studying, to having a good time, 
thank you. You all will contribute great things to your fields. Good luck! 

^jf fku^w 

, M.D. 

Lehigh University, B.A. 
Patna, India 

Thank you Mummy and Papa for being amazing parents. I have learned 
how to love and work hard from both of you. 

Kishalay you're a great brother and I love you. 

Pranam Amma, Baba, Nanaji, and Shini Di! We all miss you and I 
wish you were here with us now. 1 am very thankful to have such a 
loving and caring family. I could not ask for better aunts, uncles, 
cousins, nephews, and nieces... I hope we're always as close as we are 
now. Medical School would not have been the same without Tl. I have 
wonderful memories from all our trips, dances, parties, and crazy stories. 
I wish you guys all the best and hope we'll have many more fun times 

Nitasha, Saya, Reena, and guys are the best friends anyone 
can have besides being the most fun people in the world. It seems like I 
have known you all forever and I can't wait for all the crazy stuff we still 
have left to do. 

With love, 

rjU, M.2). 

Heidi Marie Solberg, M.D. 

Oregon State University, B.S. 
Lebanon, Oregon 

To my family: Four years on the opposite coast line has gone by 

quickly. Being away from home has reminded me of all the things I 

love about you. 

Mom: Thanks for the long chats and constant encouragement that 

has kept me sane. 

Dad: It made me laugh when you'd call, and not leave a message, so 

as not to bother me. I love hearing from you. 

Scot and Jennifer: I've missed seeing all the big changes in your life. 

Hopefully I won't miss too many more. 

Taylor, Brittany, and Alex: I've missed you guys so much. You're the 

best nieces and nephew around. 

To Dan: 

What can I say? I've loved you since undergrad, we married after 1st 
year, and you moved east for the rest of medical school. I appreciate 
the sacrifice; I know what it meant to you. This journey has been 
harried and bumpy, but at every step you've been there to smooth 
road. You'll never know how truly blessed I feel to have you in my 
life. Thanking you could never be enough. 


Song, M.D. 

Loyola University, B.S. 
Des Plaines, Illinois 

Mom and Dad: Thanh you very much for your support and unconditional love 
you have given me throughout the years. There is nothing in this world that is 
more comforting than knowing that my mom and dad will always be there for 
me. And that gives me the strength to drive on. 1 am blessed that I am part 
of our family and will follow your footsteps in giving love and support to my 

Candace: My one and only sister. You probably don't know how much 1 am 
proud of you for not letting up and becoming a person that you wanted to be 
and doing what you wanted to do. 

lunghyun: Nothing describes how grateful and blissful 1 am to have you in my 
life. You are the reason that 1 am at where 1 am now. I love you very much. 

Jacob: My little buddy. Mini-Me. But you know what? You are way cooler 
than I am. You know how to cook cell phones in the microwave along with 
your milk bottles. You know multiple ways to break things (VCRs, DVD 
player, and CDs to name a few). And most importantly, you know how to 
make your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa laugh. 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and /- 

I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference. 

■ Robert Frost 




fk \>4tm\ 

*1 S I* I 

0r V M 

j A ? 

. Vt 



4 Ml 

>' 3f#^^ 


4 ' 

/ *0 


r '•--• w^^^ - » 

■ ^v 








v.-. *J&-' 



Lehigh University, B.A. 
New York City, New York 

Thank you Dad for your unrelenting support and guidance. 
Thank you Mom for your encouragement and optimism. I 
deeply admire the both of you and hope I make you proud. 
Thank you sis for keeping me on my toes! Your extraordinary 
persistence has taught me a lot and I am so proud of you!!! 
Above all, Thank you God - for giving me everything I could 
ever dream of. Di, If, Nd, Ss, Ts,- good times! chuckle! 
chuckle! ;) 

if the way which, as I have shown, lead hither seems very 
difficult, it can nevertheless be found. / must indeed be 
difficult, since it is so seldom discovered; for if salvation lay 
ready to hand and could be discovered, without great labor, 
how could it be possible that it should be neglected almost 
by everybody? But all noble things are as difficult as they are 

- Baruch Spinoza 

9fefj^__*i * ., 


Stanford University, B.A., M.S. 

Honolulu, Hawaii and Mexico City, Mexico 

This is only the beginning of the fulfillment of a dream. 

Amma and Appa: Your support was what got me through. 
Thanks for pushing me and being the best parents in the world. 

Ramya: My baby sister-you being at Penn was my saving grace. 
I enjoyed our time hanging out in Philly- South Street, Italian 
Market, Reading Terminal Market, Old City, Penns Landing-the 
city was ours. 

Shivu: My baby bro--your laid back attitude and humor made me 
laugh and for that I love you. 

Arvind: My dear husband.Thanks for driving me to all those 
interviews and being my sounding board for everything --your 
support means the world. To a lifetime of adventures and love! 


McGill University, B.Sc. 
Anchorage, Alaska 


Michigan State University, B.S. 
University of Pittsburgh, M.S. 
Detroit, Michigan 


fay j^jn 

^^ J 


"Enthusiasm is caught not taught" Thanks Mom & 


Love "The Girls" 

Love you Binna & Boo 

will miss the PAD 

Overcoming all Obstacles, Matty. 


Johns Hopkins University, B.A. 
Aberdeen, Maryland 

Kathy Stahl, M.D. 



"* ■ 

A W r* 

W" "B 



hl4 n£> 

Stevens, M.D. 


.♦ * " 

m. A 

4 * M I 1 .j^Vi 

Brigham Young University, B.A. 
Eagle, Idaho 

What a great experience it has been to 
learn medicine! I couldn't have done it 

without the help, support and love 

of my family, many friends, and faculty. 

1 will always look back with 

fondness at these stressful, yet truly 

wonderful years of my life. 

Kenneth L. Stone, M.D. 

University of Maryland at College Park, B.S. 
College Park, Maryland 

Birgit: Thanks for being there, loving me, shoring your life with me, and 
believing in me. It's made all the difference. 

Mom & Dad: Thanhs for the love and the unflagging support. It's made it all 

Remington: Thanks for being my favorite little brother. The fact that you're my 
only sibling has nothing to do with the fact that you turned into a great friend 
and such a cool human being, (okay, maybe a little...) 

Anna, Howie & Shea: It's weird how three of my favorite people all took a 
longer path through medical school. I'd say that I'll miss you, except that I'll be 
keeping in touch. 

To the faculty: Thanks to the admissions committee for taking a chance on me 
and thanks to everyone else for putting up with me. Your efforts were appreci- 

To everyone else (even you, Stephen): I pretty much liked everyone I got to know, 
and several more of you that 1 didn't have the chance to. It's been a pleasure. 

"I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do 

- Pablo Picasso 




University of Maryland at College Park, B.S. 
Chennai, India 


/•JLul <ui ; mo>. 

Amma and Appa: Thank you for your 
continuous support and encouragement 
throughout all these years. 

Sriram: Thank you for always being there for me. 

Satish: 1 don't know how life would be without 
you. Thank you for the endless love and. support. 

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is 

- Socrates 

♦ • 

Ik 7 y MF A . 







^ £ t • 1 

A T\ # 

W^ T 

^ p* 1 



fir' * i 



1 /jlfl h' ^W 

1^1 1 V 





'k * 

^■flkt m 


r F 

* ! 



4feP> : t' 

t * 


■ V (1 



Kathryn Suslov, M.D. 

Columbia University, B.A. 
San Francisco, California 

In memory of my mother, 
Dr. Tamara Suslov. 

XV^ *» 


Brandeis University, B.A. 

MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine, M.S. 

Parsippany, New Jersey 

To my parents: Words can not express how blessed I feel to have you as 
my parents. Thank you for supporting me and giving me every opportunity 
to succeed since the day I was born. We dreamt this together. 

To my medical school friends: Thank you for another four years of college 
and the best four years of my life. We had such a unique and special 
group. I will always look back at medical school with nothing but fond 
memories. You all can party with the best. Thank you, guys. 1 had a 

To my friends at home: I guess it's now my turn to pick up a tab. Thank 
you for all your support and keeping me "in the loop" when I was gone and 
for the decompression nights down the shore. 

To Alii: Thank you for being my rock. Your love, devotion, and unbroken 
spirit sustained me throughout. 1 couldn't have done this without you. 
We did it! 

Life is no more assuring than love 
-Dream Theater 

i 1 %^ 

d "1 

d^BB *^^^ 



Karbo A. Tam, M.D. 

University of California at Berkeley, B.S. 
San Francisco, California 

Tizio, M.D. 

Princeton University, B.A. 
Pennsylvania State University, M.S. 
Staten Island, New York 


Maurizio "Morris" Rizzo, age 90 

230 /~1£> 

Huy Dinh Tran, M.D. 

University of California at Davis, B.S. 
Pleasant Hill, California 

To Martian and Papa, Ba Ngoai and Ong Ngoai, my sisters 
Tini, Tina, Quynh Tien and their families, and to all of my 
aunts, uncles and cousins: thank you for your incredible 
love and support all these years. I could not hove made it 
this for without you. No matter where I am, you are 
always in my heart and I love you all very much. 

To my friends: thanks for the greatest friendships one can 
ever ask for. In the last four years, you have made the East 
Coast a home away from home for me. I consider you all 
friends for life. I love you guys. 

am Tran, M.D. 

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. 
Fountain Valley, California 

Mom and Dad: This is as much for both of you as it is for mc. 
Thank you for always having faith in mc and showing mc that there 
is a light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't have gotten as far as 1 
did without your love, encouragement, and sacrifices. 

To my family: The last four years away from home has made me 
realize how much you all mean to me. I am fortunate to have a 
loving family that has supported me through thick and thin. I can't 
wait to come home again! 

To JD and the girls: I would be lost without you guys in my life. 1 
have learned so much from each one of you and am so grateful to be 
surrounded by such wonderful people. I would not be the person 1 am 
today without you all. 

To Katherine and the boys: Thank you for being such great 
roommates and friends. I'll miss the pranks, the cook-offs, the 
"botany" lessons, and beating you guys at Halo! 

^ Up *' Bb i J* a B ^HE—tx ii 

Shivani S. Tripathi, M.D. 

Emory University, B.S. 
Lakeland, Florida 

It would be impossible for any of us to sum up the intensity of 
the past four years in any words. I can try, however, to express 
gratitude to all the amazing people who have brought me here. 

My parents have guided me from the beginning, giving me wisdom 
and values that will carry me through life. 

My brother, Satyen, is always an example to me of a great human 
being, one who is calm, balanced, and sure. 

And then my friends, of whom I would especially like to thank 
Montra, Angela, and Lorraine- -these women have many times 
been my strongholds, and examples of compassion with fortitude. 

The biggest surprise of medical school was meeting Miguel my 
partner in all the challenges and triumphs, who has always given 
me the confidence to keep going. 

To all of you I wish peace, joy, and fulfillment. We will have 
many challenges ahead, and hopefully we can do some good 
things along the way. Thank you all for being my teachers. 

Ja^-- mp 

urrr, M.D. 

LaSalle University, B.A. 

MCP Hahnemann University, M.B.S. 

Feasterville, Pennsylvania 

1 * 





fl) 3i 









§.C)/UjJStfr- t fY) & 

University of Maryland at Baltimore County, B.S. 

Drexel University College of Medicine, M.S. 

Eldersburg, Maryland 

Todd Michael Tupis, M.D. 

I would like to thank my mother and father for 
their love and continued support. Without you, 
none of this would be possible. I love you both. 

Thanks to my brother and sister for being there 
for me. 

Jennifer, thank you for all that you have given me 
and for helping me stay positive. 1 love you. 

To all my boys from Bmore to Philly and back, the 
next round is on me. Cheers. 






n W. Turner, M.D. 

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S., M.S. 
Moreno Valley, California 

Mom and Dad: thank you so muck for all of your support 
throughout these years, I couldn't have made it this far without 
you both. 

To my Rita: these long years apart will soon be coming to an 
end. I can't wait to return back to California to be with you. 
Thank you for all of your love and understanding. I love you 
with all of my heart. 

To all of DUCOM friends: especially the Stokley crew, we had 
some great times together, from BBQs and Pho Hoa, to 
snowboarding trips and potlucks, to Al nite and karaoke and 
much more. I wish everyone the best in all that you do, 
personally and professionally. And whoever is the first to buy a 
house or vacation home (probably Pete or Lynnely), let's all get 
together and let the good times roll again. 

y^AyofA^^-^Tx^i.- o 

Alice Ulhoa-Cintra M.D. 

Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 
Drexel University School of Public Health, M.P.H. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

To my parents: words cannot express how grateful I 
am to have you in my life. Thank you for all the 
support, strength and love you have always provided 
mc. I could have not done this without your love 
arid encouragement! Mom, your courage and 
strength is remarkable. Thank you for fighting! 

To my sisters: thank you for the love, support and 
friendship! I love you both very much! 

To all my friends: thank you for always being there 
for me. I love you all! 


UMoa. £fo i lib 


Monmouth University, B.S. 
West Windsor, New Jersey 

Mummy and Papa, words cannot describe how much I appreciate the both of 
you. Your love, support and encouragement have been unrelenting. Thank 
you for always being there for me- from Mumma's famous platters and daily 
calls to Papa's wise words of advice and so much more. I love you both very 

Rima, Ravi, Dylan, Devan, thanks for listening and always giving me the 
best advice. I can always count on you guys for anything. I couldn't have 
done this without your loving support. Rima, now do you believe I'm a 
doctor? Love you guys! 

Priti, you came into my life unexpectedly and now I can't live without 
you. ..go figure! 1 can't thank you enough for the love and support you have 
given me these past 2 years. You are my better half and my soulmate. I look 
forward to spending the rest of my life as your partner in crime! 

Friends, I can't imagine having gone through med school without you guys. 
We have shared many good times and have created many memories... from "go 
to town'' to airing of grievances to the many Rangoon and Hooters 
trips... ahhh yes! Thanks for everything and good luck! 

Bhagwan, Ultimately, I owe all the blessings in my life to you. Please 
continue watching over me and those I love. 


WZxrt s&^/l 

jU ^w 

' 4 




Vladimir Valakh, M.D. 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. 
Miensk, Bielarus 

To my dear friends, mother, father, and 
sister: Thank you so much for your love and 
support. Without you this emotional 
roller coaster would have been hard to enjoy. 
Please keep in touch! 

If you think you're indispensable, check your 
appointment book a week after you drop dead. 

- Oscar London, M.D. 




— -^Ttt^liL i 

1 V 

^^r 'I'd 

m j am 


UkJimrVAkh. Hb 


Swarthmore College, B.A. 
Seattle, Washington 

Nidhi T Varughfse, M.D. 

Villanova University, B.S., B.A 
Staten Island, New York 

The Lord is my light and my salvation 

Whom shall I fear? 

The Lord is the stronghold of my life 

Of Whom Shall I be afraid? 

Teach me your way O Lord 

Lead me in a straight path... 

Wait for the Lord, 

Be strong and take heart, 

And wait for the Lord. 
■ Excerpt from Psalms 27 

Mommy & Daddy, my pillars of strength, for whom words are not enough to express 
my gratitude for their love, support, encouragement, and constant guidance. They 
have shown me the importance of helping others and being generous in all that 1 
do. I am truly blessed to have you. 

Glni & Filly, There are not enough ways to thank my beautiful sisters who have 
tolerated me, my ways and my many "favors." Without them, life would not be as 
fun, filled with laughter, or as interesting to live. 

To all my family and friends, you know who you are — whose presence, prayer, and 

I 1 support has been with me on this journey — thank you. I can only hope that I will 
make you proud to have been a part of this experience. 
Please continue keeping me in your prayers. I love you all! 


\ V 



Vodzak, M.D. 


Wilkes University, B.S. 
Dallas, Pennsylvania 

Mom and Dad, 

Thank you for oil of your love and support. Ever since I was little, you 
have encouraged me to do my best and follow whatever path I wanted to 
choose. You are wonderful parents and I love you both very much! 

Laura, Sarah, and Becky, 

I am very proud of each of you, and feel lucky to have such great sisters. 
Thank you for all of your support during med school - your laughter and 
optimism, and many phone calls and cards have helped me in so many ways. 
I love you! 

Thank you to all of my family and friends for your words of encouragement, 
your thoughtful wishes, and your prayers - they have helped to keep me 
going during many long nights! 

Dear Mark, 

I love you so much, and I am so proud of you. The past four years have 
been challenging, yet we have had many fun adventures along the way. 1 
know that as long as we are together, we will always be happy! 

Love always, 



Joseph Harold Walline, M.D. 

Yale University, B.A. 
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania 

I would like to thank my beautiful wonderful wife - Priscilla 
Song, for her awesome help (even from the other side of the 
world). Whether editing drafts of Fulbright applications, 
riding the Chinatown bus down to Philly or helping me 
through the strange mysteries of medical education, you've 
been everything to me, and I love you so very much. 

All my best to the fantastic teachers & faculty of Drexel 
COM, especially Dr. Vincent Zarro, Dr. Gail Rudnitsky, Dr. 
Samuel Parrish, Dr. Charles Puglia, Daniela Ascarelli, and 
the staff of the PIL office. 

Love arul thanks to my family (David, Vera, Catherine, and 
Dorothy Walline, and also my faithful dog, Qian-li) 

-Your Joe 


C. Walsh, M.D. 

Franklin & Marshall College, B.A. 
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

To Mom, Dad, and Christi — Thank you for your love — you always 
encourage me and I know I can always count on your support. 
You push me to do my best and never give anything less. More 
importantly, thanks for always being proud of who I am and what 
I do. 

To Jen, Elizabeth, Cia, Mission 9 ani all my other friends — Thanks 
for everything — always listening, being ready with pizza and wine, 
late night snowy trips to the airport, making up dances to study 
for exams, and assuring me that I did not have every disease I read 
about! 1 couldn't have done it without your help and distractions! 

To Kevin — Thank you for your love, support, and patience — you 
always answer the phone no matter what crazy time I call and 
always humor me by listening, no matter how tired, hungry, 
thirsty, bored, overworked, overwhelmed, hot, cold, or just plain 
cranky I am. You always make me smile, even when you're driving 
me crazy! "The sweetest days I've found, I've found with you." 


/IW £ WajUA, m.o. 

Jonathan M. Wert, M.D, 

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 
New Providence, New Jersey 

To Mom and Dad - Thanks for everything- your constant love and 
support of me (both financial and emotional), your patience with me, 
your faith in me and your bragging about me. You helped me make a 
lofty goal attainable and a strenuous time bearable. I will be forever 
indebted to you (and not only for the weekends at the shore house and 
the bi-monthly raids of the kitchen for groceries!). 

To the Rest of the Fam - You guys are awesome. I love you all and 
cannot thank you enough for everything that you've done for me. 

To My Friends - We did it guys, but somehow I always knew we would. 
Thanks a bunch. We've seen good and bad, happy and sad. I never 
could have made it without you. Somehow working out in any other 
gym or doing an "Irish Car Bomb'' at a bar other than Murphy's will 
■ never be the same. 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world. " - Mahatma Gandhi 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, 
and that has made all the difference. " - Robert Frost 



, . W /%z 

LjzU *-£bh A c 

,e L. White, M.D. 

Boston College , B.S. 
Georgetown University, M.S. 
Dennis, Massachusetts 

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to 
my angel mother. 

- Abraham Lincoln 

Lk{Wk£ t Mb 

Jeffrey Scott Widelitz, M.D. 

University of Florida, B.S. 
Plainview, New York 

To Mom and Dad... Thank you for all your support. You 
believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I owe you 
more than you could imagine. I love you both very 

To my friends... I wish you the best of luck with all your 
future endeavors. The past few years would not have 
been the same without you. 

Tew will have the greatness to bend history itself, but 
each one of us can work to change a small portion of 
events, and in the total of all those acts will be written 
the history of this generation. " 

- Robert F. Kennedy 

l ^ 

Iarie Williams, M.D. 

University of Delaware, B.S. 
Pennsauken, New Jersey 

Success is to be measured not so much by the position 
that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he 
has overcome while trying to succeed. 

— - Booker T. Washington 

/ used to want the words "She tried" on my tombstone. 
Now I want "She did it. " 

-— Katherine Dunham 

To all the powerful women in my family I've succeed only 
because of you 

— Sonya Williams 

Lucia Ranauro Wolgast, M.D, 

Yale University, B.A. 
Stamford, Connecticutt 

Walter, you are the love of my life and the most wonderful 
husband and father. Thank you for standing by me through these 
post few years with your guidance, support and unconditional love. 

Jason, you are my best accomplishment. Mommy will always think 
of you above all else. 

Mom and Dad, I am lucky to have both of you and I appreciate 
all that you have done for me. 

Tina, you are the best sister in the world, you are always there for 

Thank you to all my friends who have helped me through medical 

Best of luck to Danielle, Monica, Geraldina and the class of 


J_U4UU /fi+Aust> h/*Jf»*t , KM D. 

ne Wong, M.D. 

University of Washington, B.S. 
Seattle, Washington 

Mom, Dad, and Sibsib: Thank you for everything — 
your love, belief in me, guidance, patience, wisdom, 
listening, and endless support. I couldn't have 
made it without you. 1 love you so very much! 

My friends: Thanks to everyone! You made going 
to school fun and kept me sane when things got 
tough. I love you all and wish you the best! 





■ • 

lwA» <* 


03 06 200 

Jay Anthony Wong, M.D. 

University of Wisconsin, B.S. , 
Madison, Wisconsin 

To mom, dad, Judson and Jenny - who taught mc that success 
in life comes with being truly passionate about what I do. 
Thank you for your encouragement and support every step of 
the way. You guys have been my biggest supporters and I 
could not have done it without you. 

To my friends - who made those long days of studying a bit 
more tolerable. Thanks for a lot of good laughs on the golf 
course, basketball court, at the bars, and at the poker table. 

To Russell and Marie and members of East Falls United 
Methodist Church - thank you for your love and prayers. 

To everybody who has influenced and helped me along the 
way.. .thank you. 

\braham Woodburn, M.D 

Denison University, B.A. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"/ heard a nice little story the other day, " Morrie says. He doses his eyes for a moment 
and I wait. 

"Okay. The story is about a little wave, bobbing along in the ocean, having a grand 
old time. He's enjoying the wind and the fresh air - until he notices the other waves in 
front of him, crashing against the shore. " 

"My God, this is terrible, ' the wave says, look what's going to happen to me!' 

Then along comes another wave. It sees the first wave, looking grim, and it says to 
him, Why do you look so sad?' 

"The first wave says. You don't understand! We're all going to crash! All of us waves 
are going to be nothing! Isn 't it terrible?' 

"The second wave says, No, you don't understand. You're not a wave, you're part of 
the ocean. '" 

I smile. Morrie closes his eyes again. 

Part of the ocean, " he says, "part of the ocean. " I watch him breathe, in and out, in and 

■ Morrie Schwartz, from the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" 

Mom - you have always shined down on me from heaven, leading and guiding 

me... this one is for you 

Dad - having to play the role of two parents is not easy, and you did it better than I 

could have ever asked for. I could not have done this without you. Thumbs up 

Denison friends - thank you all for your support and undying friendship 
DUCOM friends - we did it, what a road. Could not have done it without you... 
Dr. Bcntz - my mentor and influence, you taught me the art of medicine and what it 
really means to be a doctor... 

Wellesley College, B.A. 
Los Angeles, California 

Susie T. Yang, M.D. 

Mom, Dad, & Henry, thank you for all your encouragement & support. Thanks 
to my bratty little cousin, Laura, for coming over and filling my parents' "empty 

Thanks to my girlfriends from back home, Geester & Grace, for staying such 
true friends and always making time for me. Remember, GSG Forever! 

Thanks to my college girls, Anne, Suna, Jules, & Di, for all their cheerleading 
during my med school application days and not running away when I asked 
them to read yet another draft of my personal statement. 

To my roommates past & present... Sharon and Cynthia, I would've been a lot 
more miserable and poorer in med school without you two. I am forever 
grateful for all your free advice, notes, and books. Sharon, I haven't watched a 
single Korean video since you left and Cynthia, we're still doing the Amazing 
Race, right? And to my current roomies, Joanne, Mimi, & Leika: thanks not 
only for being such cool roommates but also good friends. 

And last but definitely not least, thanks to "my man," Sean, for sticking it out 
and doing the cross country, long distance thing with me for the past 4 years. 
I love you. 


jam. * '- \£ ■• 

jp ••'-" j 



1 ■ 

/ *• a *• _..- 

). YlNGER, M.D. 

Villanova University, B.A. 
York, Pennsylvania 

^^ f Afp 

Casey Lynn Yossa, M.D. 

Cornell University, B.A. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

YuN, M.D. 

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. 
Cerritos, California 

To my family: Thank you for all your love and support. 
I would not be half the person I am today without you 

To my friends Drexel Med: How could I have gone 
through these four years without you guys? Every one of 
you is an inspiration. I feel lucky to have met such 
warm people here in the blistering cold. 

To my friends back in Cali: I love you guys! Thank you 
for listening to my boring gripes and rages via email 
and bringing me so much laughter and joy. 1 don't 
think I would smile my moon face smile if it weren't for 
the happiness you bring into my life. 


New York Cit\ 





Timothy Gerald Zelenak, M.D. 

Lehigh University, B.A. a 
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Try not to become a man of success, but 
rather to become a man of value. He is 
considered successful in our day who gets 
more out of life than he puts in. But a 
man of value will give more than he re- 


jsinh Narendrasinh Chudasama, M.D 

University of California at San Diego, B.S. 
Agoura Hills, California 

These four years have gone by faster than I could have imagined. I 
learned so much at Drexel and have plenty for which to be grateful. 

1 want to thank my parents, my sister and my family for being my 
anchor and my support. I could not have done anything without you. 
You provided me with exactly what I needed and always gave me a 
reason to work hard. 

To my wife Mita, 1 thank for being my second wind and for putting 
everything into perspective. You were the only thing missing from my 
life and 1 can't wait to start our new life together. 

And last but not least I want to thank the new friends I've made for 
making the whole experience a great one. As much as I may have 
missed California when I first came to Drexel now that we are all 
leaving I will miss you too. 


Raj Chudasama 


University of California at Los Angeles, B.S. 
Corona del Mar, California 

Scott Murry, M.D. 

Colleen Harrington Cameron Hassani Nima Hosseini Zee-Shan Javid 


ft* «** 

Daljeet Samra 

Raoul Bhatta 
Eudocia Cabello 
Cara Marie Cenera 
Michael Conklin 
Stephen Dai 
Bridget Dyer 
Jayanthi Ganne 
Richard Glass 
Gregory Houghton 

Udit Kondal 
Shari Krevitz 
Matthew Levin 
Yee Lu 
Martin Luu 
Sajjad Malik 
Emanuel Nogueira 
Julie O'Hara 

Samee Shahzada 
Samir Shaikh 
Huma Siddiqui 
Shiv Sudhakar 
Wahid Tazudeen 
Gopikiran Thota 
Moin Vera 
Carrie Willis 

Gretchen Glaser 

Micaela Jett 

Makesha Joyner Ambareen Khan Amanda Mullins Summer Nugent Valerie Orria 

Stephen Vandenho 


Dominic Tran 

cfaOU^ j ly 

(Lawrence Lai 
Tawa Seabrook 
:rnest Rudman 

leraldina I ionetti 
I fohr Konstantin 

I |. nine MaSSUCt i 


A. Dianna Moseley 

B. Heidi Solberg 

C. Freeman Hwang 

D. Justin Dazley 

E. Tanaya Bhowmick 

F. Thomas Henderson 

G. Adam Olsson 

H. Richard Lee 
I. Anthony Luizza 
J. Paul Lee 
K. Lynnely Sam 

^Juhvit, <J\l[D^.i? 

I Angela Shen 
F. Kathryn Dalbe< 

i . \l.ii k "\ in 

ll Meg Scheffler 
I Mark I >ouglas 
I Susan Phung 

A. Ashmitha Srinivasan 

B. Vladimir Valakh 

C. {Catherine Chin 
64 D. David Chen 

E. Stephanie Muh 

F. Karen Nguyen 

G. Corey Hunter 
H. Joanna Du 

I. Nisha Abrah 
J. Mychi Nguy 
K. Rishi Seth 
L. Kevin M 

Aarti Kulkarni 
Mandy ( lonzalez 
Todd Tupis 

tnnc Nicnsti-dt 

Q. Petei I N 

R. \l 

S | iu\ I ran 

I. Michelle I 

A. Emillia Ortiz 

B. Jonathan Turner 

C. Lauren Jodi Pitkow 
266 D. Ricky Vaghasiya 

E. Aaron Lloyd 

F. Cecilia Bergh 

G. Christopher Drumm 
H. Arti Gehani 

I. Sabriya Scott 

^U*e yun^A? 

A. Jonathan Wert 

B. Jaime Potosek 

C. Brian George 
268 D. Lucia Wolgast 

E. Saradha Subramanian 

F. Drew Ingram 

G. Amanda Carleton 
H. Jennifer Deeney 

I. Kathy Stahl 
J. Justine Bello 
K. Jarrod Kucharski 
L. Urania Rappo 

Christian In 
Parisa Kashkouli 
I imothy Zelenak 
Savior Fran 



R. |, nil 

S Nina Nanda 
I . Mvlaii 


\\ \ m, 

\ I >.imrllr ' 



A. Manjula Kari 

B. Suraj Puttanniah 

C. Tanya Flohr 

D. Zachary O'Connor 

E. Amita Mahajan 
270 F- David Irwin 

G. Nikhil Agarwal 

H. Jeroen Van der Hoeven 

I. Linda McQuarrie 


k. nm I 
k Sarah k.u.l 
I [oann Ku ah 

\l i.iii.'n Rykken 

\ i.i-cn Pi 

O t. hristophei Samujh 

P i rik Sytvin 

Q David Pan 

R Shari Kiev it/ 



A. Jennifer Vodzak 

B. David Klimaski 

C. Summer Nugent 

r 2 D. Evgghy Krynetskiy 

E. Kevin Le 

F. Arjumand Ali 

G. Shiv Sudhakar 
H. Eve Khlyavich 

I. John Shane O'Shura 
J. Howard Felderman 
K. Ava Khosraviani 
L. Sonia Desikan 

L .fit !9fei 

Fbtir years of laughter.. 
Fbur years of tears... 

Fburyearsofwonderiitgf the light was a 
train or the end of the tunnel. 
Tt all began with the White Coat Ceremony 
giving us hope and inspiration. The 
medical school mantra rang ottt, "Work 
Hard, Play Hard" a?id we listened. We 
eagerly anticipated the time between our 
exams, and celebrated in style with the 
Hallowee?i Party a?id the annual Winter 
Semi-formal. The years flew by, 
culminati7tg in Match Day - the frtdt of 
four years of dedication. Aftei The Match 
we enjoyed each day to the f idlest and 
partied like rock stars at our Senior 
Formal. Could we ever forget such 
memories? Never We only hope that 
these pages will document the joy 
medical school hid amidst the long hours 
spent worki?tg a?id studying. We can 
finally look forward a?id realize that the 
light was the end of the tunnel, a? id it was 
worth every moment. Hit joy... 


Lrf m. fc* 


Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 

viz* iKtj 1 1 urn •riiHzmwiMm vwamimlz wv> 


TLU CM) I HiM •rilm M WA ■ 4wlM£ go 


16 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Q 

Halloween 2002 Halloween 200' 


' 9 


K t ^K 



PR ^ 

4 »* 

\k m 


Halloween 2003 Halloween 2003 Hallowee 

illoween 2003 


Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 200( 

004 & 2005 Halloween 2004 & 2005 


1 JBrjK^I W 


Winter Semiformal 2003 Winter Semiformal 2003 

miformal 200 


Class of 2006 Class of 2006 





■ 1 

■ i HI 1 






BC & SAMSA Shows 

lass of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2( 

Funniest Moments 

1 . My parents were due to arrive for the White Coat Ceremony, & were to take a cab in Philly to the B & B where I was staying. 
Apparently, the taxi driver let them off at the wrong address (same house #. wrong street). My parents rang the bell with no 
reply, & then an observant neighbor used a spare key to let them into this house, which set off the alarm. Upon entering the 
house with no signs of me anywhere, my mom proceeded to search the rooms & closets for my belongings; finding none, she 
assumed I had been kidnapped. The police then arrived to investigate a possible burglary, only to find my parents with their 
luggage. My mom called me from the house phone & after I spoke to the cop, he kindly drove my parents over to the correct 
address. At least we arrived at the Ceremony on time! The owner of the other house later changed the locks, as she had never 
given her neighbor a spare key. 

2. During my medicine rotation at HUH, I was paged by a fellow student to help get a history from a Spanish speaking patient. 
Since we suspected that he may have TB, I asked him for a sputum sample - or to spit in the cup. He got up, headed over to the 
bathroom, came out, & proudly handed over a cupful of his urine. Blech. 

3. A fellow student telling Dr. Larson that he would like to "stick her" for the blood type lab. 

4. My passing out during orientation in the gross lab. Smooth move. 

5. A male student attends the CEAC pap smear teaching day & is in a room with 3 females students & the standardized patient. 
It's hot in the room. He's sweating. They keep telling him to take off his dress shirt & he pleads with them, "No, no." Finally they 
make him take off his dress shirt right before it's his turn to use the speculum. For his undershirt, the male student is weanng a 
playboy t-shirt with the playboy bunny insignia & the words, "I just read the articles." 

6. Woody singing Sir Mix-A-Lot's "I Like Big Butts" at karaoke at McGillin's while Geraldina & Monica danced. 

7. Chris Drumm's hand shaking so badly when he had to place a PPD for Adam Rosenstock (he got so nervous because he 
didn't want to hurt his friend); Rosie wanted to run away. 

8. In the middle of Auditorium A, during a molecular genetics lecture, a student slams his laptop screen down frantically 
as an inappropiate picture shows up on his screen. 



Worst Moments 

Best Moments 

1 . Being called "nurse" 

2. MCP closing (when I moved to East Falls at the 
start of medical school, I thought I'd be able to do 
most of my rotations right in the neighborhood; 
instead, I had to go to places like Wilkes-Barre and 
Johnstown, driving home almost every weekend to 
see my husband) 

3. Step 2 CS (a thousand dollars down the drain) 

Being called "doctor" by patients 

Actually helping people 

Orientation/meeting classmates and making trends 

with great people 

Playing football with classmates (in the first snowfall 

in front of school; being the only girt to play tooMt 

football; playing touch football in the Manayunk 

Sport and Social league) 



iJttJSJ Is 

aS^^r 1 

iff 1 




► *M" k " " 

Post-Exam Festiviti. 



lass of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 

106 Cla 


1 I '■ 


1 f 


■B^H^^ " *~*B ^r^^^^ 

¥ ^\ Jf U 

V ^ ■\S^Pk^ "J 

F *^<7* ^iK&il 

1 W t ^jf 

1 ^^k Ns V I ^^K 

1 / ^^Z % adkWB 

l\ I *%WtM 

Early Match Day & Festivities 

!arly Match Day & Festivities 


lass of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 200 

s of 200' 

ass of 2006 


Good Ti 


Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 



fter all the hard work and long hours spent studying, the 
countless numbers of surveys and exams completed, and 
the special occasions missed, it comes down to this very 
moment. As you walk across that stage to collect your 
diploma after hearing the "doctor" in front of your name, 
you should be proud that you have earned that title and 
the privileges associated with it. Graduation also marks 
your transition from student to alumni. And whatever 
part of the country you start the next chapter of your life, 
remember that you are never alone... because with 242 
graduates a year, you will definitely encounter an alumni 
from this medical school. 


iatch Day: M; 




Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 

Match Dav: March 16. 2006 


Om oJ-^OOfp 

OxsHt U. C*a* 9 e (4 Medicine. PkitadeCplua. PA 
ItU.'uut Medicine 

KiWul A»mim! 

Cedau-Sinai Weiiwif Centet. £m Angeteo. CA 

Internet Medicine 

UUeg Aggaunal 

Cedat»-Sinoi Medical Centet. £w Angetes. CA 

l«ifXKnt Wcdicine 

Ti«u* Akinfi 

Unineuity of I'itgutia. ClwttetteiMiitte. UA 

Avowand A6 

Migk Unttcy HMpiiot. Afteniwun. PA 

Genewf Sutgciy 

Saii(( Jueplu Hwpiiaf . PkeenU. A2 

Wedicinc - Ptetiminoty 

UC T)oiim Medicat Centet. Sactowente. CA 


Mega* Beaitg 

Btewt U. Csftege e( Medicine. Pltitadetpfcia. PA 


Kcu: England Medical Centex. Beaten. MA 

Genciot Suigety 


Aoington Meweiiat KMpitat. Afcinglen. PA 
Family Ptactice 


Uitginia Csmtneiwieattn Unuiewiiy, Rickntend, VA 
Intetnat Medicine 

Etic Betwtein 

UCXA Wediai£ Centet. £« Angete*. CA 


Ewenkwuet Awy Medicat Centet, Ft. Getden. GA 

Internet Medicine 

Tonoya BnauunicR 

UMBHJ-Rauett U'cod Jentwen. Pwcataiuay. IU 

InietKat Medicine 

NUwea Begle 

Btexet U. Coffee «i Medicine. Pkitadetpkia, PA 



Ewety U. Sclwet «{ Medicine. Atlanta. GA 
Ottkepnedic Sntgety 


Rksde \tiand H<wp/Bteuw Utdit.. Ptewdence, Rl 

Fndefia Ca&etle 

InfiPtination uiitnetd at student teguett 

Amanda Cottten 

Gteewiitte Hnpital System. Gteeiuutle, SC 


Jekn Coweg 

lUwt Uitginia Sckeet o{ Wed.. Metgantettw, WV 


Cow Marie Ceneta 

Temptc Uniuetsity Hespitat. Pkitadetpkia. PA 

Genctnf Sutgety 

Maggie Ckang 

Btexet U. Cettege e( Medicine. Pkitodetpkio. PA 

Medicine - Ptetiwinotg 

KY HMp-Cofumiio Pteslnjfetion. MY. MY 



UMBKJ-Reiett Weed JoJcnsen, Piscaiawag, WJ 

Internal Medicine 

£ettaine Cham 

Katiat-UCjCA Medicat Centet. Tettaace, CA 

Fawitg Ptactice 

Kino Ckeang 

Btexet U. Cettege 4 Medicine, Pliitadetpkia, PA 

Inietnni Medicine 

Katketine Cfcut 

appeiiiiweni pending 

EaWid Ckei 

Btexet U. Cettege ej Medicine, Pkitadetpkia. ?A 

Medicine. - Vxelimnaxu 

Yuvxaitonk Ckadoiama 

Olive View Meiical Centex, SuEmni. CA 

Intttunt Medicine 

Wictette Undent 

U. «( Wtnigfond WedicaJ Cento, Batliwete, MB 


Btexe£ U. CaMege «i Medicine, Plu£ode£plua, PA 
IntemaC Medicine 

liunng Ctnng 

PenwyEwwia Hwpitef , Pki£ode£plua. PA 

Medicine - PieCuninatg 

Hup. 4 (nc U. oi Penniutjinnui. PlutodeCpkio. PA 


MicW CwMm 

Henig Fold Health Sgsiew, Behoii. Ml 
Infetnaf Medicine 


Aiufin Medicat Educoiien PwguuiM, Aiuiin, TX 

Katfuujn Battec 

Indiana U. SckeaC 4 Medicine. Indianapclit. IK 

GenctaE Singetg 

Tuien Bang 

U. 4 Cafifomifl San Ftancioco, Txttw. CA 

Medicine - Ptetiwinaty 

UC twine Medicat Centet. Otange. CA 


ftaudd Bauidwn 

U. 4 Piit«l>utgn Medicat Centet. Pittolwtgk. PA 


Jwtin Baztey 

Stong Bwok Teaching Hupitatt. Sbwg Bueb. I1Y 

Ottnapaedic Sutgetg 

Jewtiiet Beeney 

Abingten Mewetiat Ho*pitaf. AtingUm, PA 


Scati BeSkietd* 

U. 4 CatiiMnia Son Ftanci»ce, Fte»n», CA 

Emetgency Medicine 


Ckutliana Cow, KeiwHfc. VI 


TIwkw Jeflcwiw Uitiueuity, Pki&uUfykia, PA 



Cu«i-Ckwf<?i W«Uai£ Cadet. UpEaiui. PA 


UC Son Fuuuuut. Saw Fuuituce. CA 



JdJuu Hepkuw HwpU«£. Bafiintsie. WD 
Ehwujuuij Wedkiuc 


U. n( PMtuuk Medical Cento. PiUabcwgk. PA 

lukwaf Medicine 


St. Cktiotopkew HcspifdE, Pki£adet|>luo, PA 

Kadi Duftu 

Kovot Hm|>Uo£. Cnwp Pendleton. CA 

Fatuity Pwicte 

Ckwtyket Vmmm 

OmlMd m HupUal. PMMpku. PA 

FoM<lt| Pwctice 

Junta Dn 

U. el Smiikew Cofifowia. £o» Awieteo. CA 


U. «i Atiziuio Affiliated Hoopilflfo, Tucami. AZ 

Emetgency (Medicine 

Ymw EI-Gozzm 

Euwtein/WoKtefio'ie WedicaE Cente*. Bw*u, MY 

Otikopaedic Sutgety 

Saw Etemadi 

Scu>|>g Wetcy Hospital 1 , San Dieae, CA 

ItUetHaC Medicine 

Hpmfy Fannin 

£anca»teii GenetaC Habitat, £onca»te>i. PA 

FdMtfi) Ptacfiee 

Htuuvii Tctdmman 

IMevuilewu WemMiaf Hospital. WoMistouw, IU 

Eweigency Medicine 

Tanya FWu 

Unioetsity of Uwginia. CkattotteswEte. UA 

Genetat Suwety 

Gum Fuwco 

Hcu'fltk Befk Isiacf Wedicot Cenlei. HeuiOM, IU 

Medicine - Putiwrnflnj 

Boston U. WeaWe Cente*. Boston, WA 


Ingud Fweny 

Meuy CaKuiCic Medical Centet. PkiEudefpkm. PA 

Internal Medicine - TtaKsitienaf 


Dtexe? U. College of Medicine. Pkiladelpkia. PA 

Oiikcpuedic Sutgety 

fa* ftp 

Dtexel U. College of Medicine. Philadelphia. 
Ottkopaedic Satgew 



U. of Rcckestet/StWKg Memotiat. Rockesfei. KY 

Genetat Sutgety 


St. Clwisfopkets HupUal. Pfciladelplua. PA 

Jayaniki 6mm 

Attegkeny Gemot Hospital. Pittslwtgk. PA 

OtoMaxiHofaciat Slltgety 


Dtexel U. College of Medicine. Pkiladelpkia. PA 
Internal Medicine - P\elimina\if 
Urui. cf Soutketn California. Lin Angeles. CA 
Ewetgency Medicine 

Bum Geeue 

Twnpte Uniiietsily Hospital, Pkiladelpkia. PA 

Ottkopaedic Satgety 

Gutdux Gum 

Auingtan Wemotiat Hospital. AtUgton. PA 

Ridt«u( Gum 

Soutk Kosjoii Cpwwimitij HupUal. Oceamide. KY 
Famity Pwtto 

Boyfdt UKiveuiii| Medical Ct»U\. VaKat. TX 


Cfit tf wAn GmamuW 

Duxet U. Cvtteoe of Medicine. Pkitaaclplua. PA 

Medicine - VvUmmauj 

UCLA Medical Ctnln. £«» A* 9 rfw. CA 


Mamenidu Medical CtnUx. 2wMijn. KY 

Oxihepaedit Sinqiui 

Cf fffff HihumUji 

JaJuu Htpkini HupUal. Bottuwu. MfD 

\nle\nal Medicine 


U. of PUhluHyk Medical CtnUx. PiUikuuik. PA 
\nie\nal Medicine 

Meuu Caiktlic Meditat Ctnltx. Vniladttpkm. PA 

Medicine - P\elminavf 

Ltnt Itland CttUte HupUal. Bu»Wy». KY 


Rekttca Hetntzebnan 

Thexel U. Cattle »f Medicine. Pniladtlplm. PA 


Vumt Htndtutn 
Ysik HupUal. Y»W. PA 
£me\q,enci) Medicine 

Stuatt Heukman 

9m Yoik Uk.h. Medical Centex/ Hupdnl. KY. KY 

O^fluif atdic Suyifty 

Cku»iuu HiStM 

Tk«MU JfffctMUl UKiMUiiy. PkifwW^kio. PA 

Fu*i(<( Pxaclitt 

Smmm Hih 

luplex Axmu Medical Cenlex. Ivpln AWC. HI 
Fawifif Pudia 

iww HupilalrCeuutt. KY, KY 

HtKHj Fold HtoUk System. Dehait. Ml 
\HedkUe-lmewnti) Medicine 

Cm«) Konte* 

Sloten IstoKtl U. HMpUof. Slaiw Island. MY 

Medicine - PwfuHwo'u) 

KYU Sduwl 4 MedicW. MY. MY 

Pkuaieat Medicine & Rekaiiliteii*n 

FlfWflH KtftJUJ 

Duxel U. Cottle of Medicine. Plutade£pl<ij>. PA 

Medicine - PwtuKuwu/ 

Hulk Slww Uniii.-Mannosjel. Moniuwsei. KY 


Dw» Inataw 

UC Dw Medical Centet. Sattawente. CA 

lnifuuit Medicine 

Daaid luw 

Dtexel U. College «( Medicine, Pkiladelpltia. PA 

Medicine - Puliininavj 

Dtexel U. Cetfege si Medicine. Pkiladelpkia, PA 


7fttVfti Jpp'ri 

Tluunw JeWe^m Uniaewiiy. Pltitadelplua, PA 



Ktmal Wtiiwt Centet. Sat Dicge. CA 

Awando JbJuum 

UC£A Medical Centet, £m Angeles, CA 

Sutgety - Ptetuninaty 

Pennsylvania Slate UniaetsUy. Hetskey. PA 

Oiiltapaedic Suxqpty 


Mcwncuin Medical Centet, £ang Btnuclc, 1U 

(Medicine - Ptetuninaty 

Univ. e{ Swtik Flatida, Towpo, F£ 


Makeesna Jegnet 

appriiiiinenf pending 

UietM Kaiiany 

Cedaw-Sinai WeA«if Centet, £<w Angeles. CA 

Internal Medicine 

Wflnjjio Kati 

Tktunas Jeifc. U./Dupwti Ckildun's, Pkila., VR 


Patisa KaskJuwli 

UC Daui* Medical Centet. Sactanteitte, CA 

litieinal {Medicate 


Kaiset Petinatiente £es Angeles, £m Att^eCea. CA 


Amiateen KJm* 

Afcutgta Menunial He«|>Ua£, Akingta. PA 

Medicine - Pteluninaty 

Dtexel U. Csfeege »( Medicine. Pkiladelpltia. PA 


Eve KJtfyooiefc 

Eut4leirt/M«iteji*te Medical Centet, Btwtx, KY 

Ana KWumiani 

Dtexel U. College e{ Medicine, Pkiladelpkia, PA 

Medicine - PtelunWwy 

Ckad Ktmiatt 

U. of UtoJi AfiiiCuitea Hup.. Sofi Lake City. UT 

Infernal Medicine 

Jasepk King 

Pennsylvania Hespilal. Pkitadel(>ltia. PA 

Ottk&paedic Oncology fteseatck 

David Ktiwufci 

UMDKJ KJ Medical Sckeol, Kewatfe, MJ 

Sutgety - Pteluninaty 

Uiit Kuutat 

Jamaica Hospital Medical Centet. Jamaica, KY 
Family Ptaclice 

Jok* Konstaniin 

UC San Ftancisce. San Ftancisco, CA 

Sutgety - Pteliminaty 

Siuui Kwtriiz 

Bteuut Uitiueuty. Puwideitce. Rl 
Wediciite - VttHmiiuvuj 

Etqeny KtfuiiUj 

t)te«£ U. Cethgt 4 (Medicute. Plu(«deeplua, PA 
Otihapaedtc Suigeii/ 

Jauwt Kiicfcaufci 

Atttutiic Reoiik Systew, SummU, KJ 

AmU KoOmiu 

KoiJltiidge Hup. IHedica£ Cetttet. Kattlvudge, CA 
Fawitij Pwciice 

Kaidti Kuitiiafee 

KmUi Sl«we UKitieMiti). Wottluutet. KY 

EHtetflena) IMedicute 

J«Jw Katgui 

EUtoUiii/WwUeiiow (Medicat Cewici, Bu«x. KY 


JftOMt 1(10011 

Batbut Uttiveuiii) (Medicat Ceittet. Biwfwt. IMA 
littetiutf Wediciw 

ZntcOui JCadb 

SaW Me», KY, KY 
Ewetgcucy IMedicute 

Aa»ka jCaketi 

St. Cluutefikeu HupUaC. PliiCadeCpkia. PA 


Lumuut Ltd. 

SUKY - Stag BwA. Stag Bwefe. KY 

Sutgety - PuCiMittauj 

tUfwpl'nfmi £* 

Diexef U. Cct£e?e «i IMedicute. Plti«ade«pkia. PA | 

Internal IMedicute 


UC luiute Medical Cetttet. Ouutge. CA 
Inteutal Medicine 

Mkd limtein Medical Centex. Philadelphia. PA 

TWaiiiwuiE - Radiebw 

(Med tmtein Medical Codex. Philadelphia. PA 


J$Mlt tut 

Euwlew/WcHletiM* Medical Cenlex. Buutx. I1Y 
\ide\nal Medicine 


U. «i Uteit AMitialed Hoop.. Soft lake City. UT 

HUdieiiu - PutiMiwuu) 

U. Teww Medical Scketl-Heutlen, Haiwlwi. TX 


Gauge Wwltuql** UiuueuiU), lUatlut^tMt D.C. 
lnUtiwE IMediciNe 


U. «i WatyCawl Weiicaf Cadet, Ba£li*uwe, WD 
Imeiqeneu Medicine 

Htttffir £ewK 

GwaWe Hwpilot, PlufftdeEplua, PA 

SeiteiaC Sutaeiuj 


)uxel U. Coefcge «i Wedicuu, Pfci£oiet|ikui. PA 
NutictKe - PutiMuiau| 

Cluue Cwtcet Cwiet, F« Cluue. PA 

Jaud Jwcpk Wetcy, Ami Hatlmt, Ml 

Kenna £ie* 

Wewi) Catiulic Medical Cenlex. Philadelphia, PR 

Medicine - Pielinmaxij 

Slwuj Bteait leachinq H«p.. SUwj Bte*fe. HY 


GexaUina litnetii 

Childxent Hmpdal LA.. £w Angeles, CA 


Am** LUqi 

Si. jCmim U. ScJcmI nt Watiwie. Si. jCoum. WO 

General Suujettj 

Adtieww £*pata 

llwmf Wedicat Cadet. Pulintwdk. I'A 


Cfctu&ut £u 

Dtexet U. Coffee o| Wedicwe. Plufodefyluo. PA 

lidewal Medicine 


Uiiiu, »( Swdlcew CatijMKift. £w Aretes. CA 

Aidkttuj Laxzza 

SaiNl £ufew, BelkteluM. PA 

EwwgeKfjj Weiieixe 


UC£A Wedieat Cadet. £05 Aiigelw. CA 
Udeiaal Medicine 

Am* tnfftf 

F»ii Cottiw FnwiCi) Weditiw, Fotl Cotton. CO 
Fatuity Ptatlite 

Wadui Laa 

Rludc Inland HMp./Buu* U„ Pxcvidenct. Rl 


Awla Wakaja* 

Ml. Sinai Sckwt «( Weditixe. NY. HY 

Medicine - PxeUnninav) 

St lukw/Rswewft. HY. HY 


BtMUK UkilitljUl). PtfrlddeRM. PI 

lideinol Medicine 

Joint WwMW 

Cfcuttiawi Cow. HeumtJt, BE 

Emetijataj WedieiMe 

Vaniette McClain 

I'mlein/Mcnietiexe Medical Centei. Buxx. HY 


Jactk McCvmitk 

Viexel U. Cdkae *} Weditute, Plutodetelua. Pk 

Imetaenci) Medicine 

Vanid WcGatufCe 

Ltna Island Jeuuk Wei. at.. Keu Hyde Potk. HY 


JCiwe WeQwittic 

U. »J CttftUuU ScJwiC »{ Wediti*e. Dewev CO 


Addiw Wt*W 

JbJiks Hrpkuo H«|>ilof. Batluiuw. WD 

Otlkfpaeiir Sutyeiy 

Ducm M»eta| 

SoUl Juepk Weui). Aw Attn. Wl 


SUpkaw Mak 

Henuf hxd Health Sytlent. Deluui. Wl 

Odktpuedie Surety 

AkaiuIa WuKiju 

Unuieuilg si Teiwuiet. Weai^ku. Til 

appeudjMMl pejtauia 

SmU W«wa 

HY Pu»k>jU%ian Hupdal/CtutU. HY. KY 


Km Hum 

UC£A Huoua! Cadet. Im k*aeU». CA 
Fo*ei!i) Pwdia/Wul-l)aH«| 

Kmm Ka*ae« 

TIwkuu JeHewm Uiiuieuilij. Philadelphia. PA 

Mfda Kfafe* 

UC ItviM Weiicat CetOtt. Otow. CA 

Internal Medicine 

Tk««M K*««t« 

Uiuiituili) 4 Ft»tuU. Jie >M ii » t Wt . Ff 

lulewof WtiiriM 

A«« KmmImU 

SoulJijule Httpdal. Bay Sk»w. KY 

Fajtfify T^toflvf 

Saw.' jCaitc*. Vt&thkm. PA 
Geiceu? Sutgetg 

U. ti Wotyfaiui Medical Ceitte*. Battiwew. WD 

Zaduty O'Cwuut 

U. of Kama* SciwE of Weiicwe. Widufa. KS 

Gewtat Swgewj 

J«w4m O'Cmmm 

U. ti Kmum Sckoet (4 Weiicwe. Wichita, KS 

Gewwf Sutgcig 


laxkenau Me»pi(o£. U'yiweuW. PA 
IlliOTKof Weiicwe 

Tu»m Otoe* 

Wagice State U./Deheit Wei. to.. Deheil, Wl 

Satgetg - PtttuKwayj 

league State U./Deheit Wei. to., Dehoil, Wl 


Aiaat OCmm 

Tupfei Ai*y Weiieat Cextet. Ttipte* AWC, HI 

\kbxxt Owiee 

St. £mh Clufitex's Hwpitat, St. Ioum. WO 


Enitia Ottiz 

Scott Weiieat Centex. Scott AFB. I£ 

Funutij Weiicwe 


U'ajkwgfeii Hespitat Centex, Ulaokwgteii D.C. 
EtKetgwicy Weiicwe 


U. of Pittelwxgk Weiieat Centex. Piltefcuxgk, PA 
Emergency Weiicwe 

Deeii Oiwteekg 

£0*9 Istani Jeiwjlt Wei. to.. Hew Hyie Paxk. KY 

Intexnat Weiicwe 


Cfcitixew Heapitat Oakland, OaMxwd, CA 


Wt. Sinai, Queen*. MY 

Weiicwe - Pxetuninaxy 

St. Uincenfii Weiieat Centex, KY, MY 



Ckitixew Heopifat o{ Pkitaietpkia. Pkita.. PA 


Ewenkeuiex Axtny Weiieat Centex. Ft. Gexien, 6A 
Genexat Suxgexy 

Sum Pkang 

Saint Meo, KY. MY 

Intexnat Weiicwe 

lauxex Piikeui 

Dxexet U. Cettege 4 Weiicwe. Pkitaietpkia, PA 

Internet Weiicwe 

Jamie Petwefe 

Waotacluuette Genexat Keopiiat. Beaten, 

liUtuiftt Weiicwe 


Jaeen Pxiee 

MY Pxwfcytexuw Hwpitat-Cexnett, MY. MY 


Suxaj Pnitanniak 

Hoep. oi fie Unia. oj PA. Pkitaietpkia, PA 

Emergency Weiicwe 


UC£A Weiieat Center. £m Angetee, CA 


UC£A Weiieat Centex. £04 Angetee, CA 

(Md Heaxetegy 

Urania Reppe 

MYU Sckoet oi Weiicute. MY. MY 

lidcuiaC Weiicine 

Riekaxi Reitinge* 

Eastern Uixgwia Sckoet e| Wei.. Kexielfe. UA 

Genexat Suxgexy 

Eluoieik Reittg 

Geexge Wtwkuigfen Unuiersity, UWungfeu D.C. 

litieiiuiE Weiicine 

Amenia Reiefel 

Wl. Sinai Hwpifal. MY. HY 

Emergency Weiicwe 

Aiaiit Re»e**teek 

ttcUfc Skere-jCeiig ItCaxi Jewult HS. Gieat Keck. KY 

GeiteW Sutgety/Waiwaooet 

Eweot RaaWit 

Miak Uattey Hoopitaf. AtteKieum, PA 




CkuUpkn Ram 

Ifwiktop Uituieuiii) Kupitat, Wweeta, MY 

Weiicwe - Ptetiwwaiuj 

UKiaeuiia 4 Cotoutio. Demiei. CO 


U. oi Wtwteooia Weiieat Sckoet, WwKeapetio, 


Atjow SuttM 

Diexet U. Cettege 4 Weiicwe. Pkitoietpkia. VH 

Weiicwe - Pwtutwwuj 

UWDKJ-RoM (Vooi JoIwooh. Catxieit. MJ 


[aflftfn Sow 

Kaioet Pew. Wooitawt Hitto. (foeitotti Hittt. CA 
Fomitg Vvuike 

Vafytl Sawa 

UC liuwe Weiieat Cextet. Ouwge. CA 

luietimt Weiicwe 

CluUtepket Sainoik 

Pewuytwwia State Uiuveuiiy. Hewkeg, PA 

Sutgetg - Ptetwcwaty 

Wigarf Sa«te4 

JacMoit WeMouat Hoopitat, Wiowi. F£ 

AKeotke»ietegy iKtewtkip 


Vxexel U. Cuttle «| Medicine. Vkiladefynia. PA 

OwM«xi££ftfaciflt Sui^eiy 


BmjCst Cefiege 4 Weiiciw!. Hewlcn. TX 

Cmw SefcMuw* 

Imph UwmUi) HupM. VnXudelpniu. PA 


S«iti||a Sail 

Ckejbud HitC Hospital P(u£ade£|>kui. PA 

Fawifu. P\«eti« 

Tmm Scata«k 

lUu: Yoife Mdkwfcsl Hospital BimMuk, KY 
Gutetal Surety 


Abiieqiwt Wewotiat Hiwpitot. Afcuiufat. PA 

Medicine - Pxelminaxij 

U. d Ma/ujimd Medical Centex. Batiuwi*. (MB 

Radio Eoa.y-Biao,iuistic 

Some St rt'tfi'ft 

Tenq>ee UkuumUu Httpilal. VkilaMpkia. PA 


Bwxcf U. Coifcae oj Wwuwe, PUWcfplua. PA 


KY Vwbulexia* HupM-Cvuutt. KY. KY 



Kauat WeiicaP Ceutet, Saw Oitv, CA 
Geueiof Suigcii) 

M^ai*a Skeuu«i 

WMlmqUn Hetpilal, U'aslwuilwi. PA 

Fatuity Pwtta 

Hum SuUiqai 

Tluwuw Jejf. U./Bttpwd CUiUt«i'», Pluto.. PA 



Uiiiv. of Swdkew Catif.owia. £m Aitgef« s. CA 
Genexat Suiacuj 

Bite Sunt 

U. si U/i«eMt«cM WeaWf Sckoet, Wadiso.i. U'l 
Family Ptactiw/U'aMau 


Pitt County Wwuwiaf Hospital GteauuM*. KC 

Entcuiettw) Wcdicuw 

Tiipea A*iku Weditaf Cadet, Tti^Bet AWC. HI 
iKtoutal Weiitiw 

Dupe. StiwMM* 

Kaisei PtwumcHic SF. San Txanctica. CA 

luttwaf Weditine 

Aslmuiko SvH't'Cton 

Readiwj HnspUftC/Werficaf Cwttt. Reading. PA 

Wtdicijlt - PlpflWWaly 

SUIIY Upstate Medical Ukul. Sywawe. KY 

Tempte Uwiieisity Hospital Pkitodelplua, PA 
Ewetaenai Medicine 

Kalkvf* SlakiU 

Woke Fuesl Unimsity. Winston-Sate*. KC 

Oitkopaedir Smaety 

KaiJwyn StaU 

A£teti Einstein Wei. Clt.. Plutadetplua. PA 

Ewcigewy IKedieine 

Jettug Sinau 

UA Weditol Cente*. Boise. IB 

IKedieine - PufiMuuwy 

Thexel U. Cotteye oj Weditine. Pluladefpnia. VA 


Kenneik Si*M 

£anca»h\ Genexal Hospital faneostet. PA 

Famity; Ptacii« 

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oppumditml pending 

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U»»»lm PauMytvMu H»*pU«t. Pi«»*umIi. PA 

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Jackie* Mtmtxitl Htspilul. Miami. Ff 


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Medici*e - ?\Amt*a\ij 

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Attejl«*j Howl kupiial. PiUtlsuiqk. PA 
Oitktpaedu Sux^cxif 

JmuAm Tmmx 

UCLA Medical Centex. £m Angeles. CA 

Inlmnf Medicine 

Alice UtW-Cintta 

AKegneny Genewf Hw|>iiflt. Pitlsfciugn, PA 

Iniewat Medicine 

Rick Uogkosiga 

II WDIU-Rid'Ml UW Jelmsiin. Piscolauioy. IU 

Internal Medicine 

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Ml. Sinai Sekwl 4 Medicine. KY. HY 

Medicine - PxelimuuHy 

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IK(. Sinai Medical Cenln. Miami Beach, F£ 


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Oxcqt* HeoCik & Science Unto.. pMiland. OR 


Kidki UnugktM 

Maunsnide* Medical Centex. Btssklyn, KY 

Enccigency Medicine 


Case Weslm Resewo UiutieuUif. Cleveland, OH 

Jenni»« IWzak 

Si. Ckwlephm Hospital, Pkiladefykia, PA 


Jwet-li WMm 

HY Hospital/Medical Ch. Queens. Flusking, HY 

EwciijcKfii Medicine 


Uniuetsiiy 4 Texas, Son Unlaw, TX 

Medicine - Ptelimina'iy 

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Alkxl Einstein Medical Ch., Pluladelpkia, ?h 



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Te^tf Uniaewily Hospital, Pkiladelpliia, PA 
Surety - Pnelinunaty 

Senya William 

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Cawie Wittu-Duiii 

Dtexel U. College o{ Medicine, Philadelphia. PA 

Internal Medicine 

Lucia UWgasl 

Einstein/Moateiiate Medical Centet. Btenx, 



Jacqueline lUwg 

Siueduk Medical Cento. Seattle, 

Family piiaclice/Pieuidence 


Jag Wong 

U. 4 Waiyland Medical Ceutet, Boliiwcte. WD 

Wlrtk WoedtuW 

Uniuewity 4 Pitlstuigk (Si. Matgaui). Pittslaigk, PA 
Family Practice 

Susie Yang 

■Cimia Linda Uiucetstfy. £ew« jCiuda. CA 

(Medicine - Ptelintinaty 

Univ. c| Seafkew Calitowia, £u Angeles, CA 


Casey Yuta 

AKeglceny GeaeiaE HtipM, Piltslivigk, PA 
Gettetal Sutgeiy 


UC Davis Medical Centex. Saciawenie, 
Einetgency Medicine 

Tunoiky Ttlttph 

Iniexmaliea witheld at student tequest 


|40**H BY NORtHme St 


Ml I 


- y 


\ Oath of fJippccrates 

I solemnly swear or affirm, by whatever I hold 


Chat I will be loyal to the profession of medicine 

and just and generous to its. members; 

Chat X will lead my life and practice my art in 

uprightness *nd in honor; 

Chat into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall 

be for the good of the hick to the utmost of my 

power,- holding myself far aloof from wrong, 

from corruption, from the tempting of others to 

vice; ^QV 

Chat I will exercise my art sokty for the benefit , 1 

of my patients, and will give no drug, or perform ' y 
no operation, for a criminal purpose, even if 
solicited, far less suggest it; 
Chat whatsoever I shall see or hea/of the lives of 
patients which is not fitting to be spoken, I will 
keep inviolably secret. 


. t 

Good morning. 

When I sat to write this speech, I felt I had two decisions to make. Hrst, what did I want to talk about? And second, what message did I want 
to convey? It turns' oat that I can really only talk about my own experience; it's what I know best. And the message I want to convey is pretty 
simple: I am so proud to attend this school with you all, and I can't believe how lucky lam to be among you. Heel we have learned so much 
from each other in the last four years; personally, I have learned exactly the kind of physician I want to be. 

1 have never worked as hardas^ did 'in graduate school, as an IMS student anch medical student. So$ never before learned so well and so 
quickly that a load shared is a load halved Students at our school are the most willing I have ever seen at helping each other out with 
academics, fundraising, or research. Help with any project, actually, never seemed more than a mass email away. You taught me to be the kind 
of colleague that others know they can refy on, because I know there will be many times when we'll all need someone's help. 

/ also had no idea that I wanted to make teaching part of my career until we spent so much time teaching each other. One of our school's 
strengths is recognising that different people learn through different methods. There are many programs here to help us figure out what those 
methods might be, but I found that the informal study groups we formed ourselves were the most valuable to me. You guys showed me how 
to teach my peers. I even remember Jen Deeney very calmly talking me through placing my first JV, which pst happened to be in her lefthand. 

Of course, above all I've learned to keep a certain balance in my life. We'd finish exams and head directly to Murphy's pub. We had snowball 
fights between classes on the front lawn. I've played more sports with you guys than there are ESPN channels on cable I can't believe how 
much fun I've had with you, and now I know I'll be making time for ridiculous pursuits like Qubgo championships for the rest of my life 

So, if you're as scared as I am of the awesome responsibility that is about to become ours, I hope you remember the first lesson : we learned: we 
are each other's support network. Don 't hesitate to cm on each other, if you need help. I hope we continue to care for each other, support each 
other, and never neglect each other. Thank you for teaching me that. I hope at least some of what I've said today resonates with you. I hope 
you're as excited as I am to graduate, and start the next phase of your career. Wherever it is, you have worked so hard to achieve it. Be proud 
of yourselves. 

And as much as we'd like to dunk we started out on Day One as great as we are now, the truth is we have many people to thank besides each 
other. Thank you to the famihes and friends who supported us. Thank you to the faculty, who taught us in classrooms and offices, hospital 
wards, labs and clinics. Thank you to the administration, who guided us through all kinds of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Without 
you all, what we were able to do for each other and what we hope to do in the future would all be impossible. 

Thank you, and congratulations! 



"•T did it when =T was a freshman, and 

you'll do it when you're seniors. Now fry 

like bacon, you little freshman piggies. 

FRY! " 

~ Simone, Dazed and Confused, 1998 

Okay, maybe we were never that cruel to 

you. After all, we did lend you our class 

notes, distributed old exams, and sold you 

our used books for cheap. Our years at 

medical school would not have been 

complete without the 

were one of the few people we could scut 

out on the wards. 








. <*«** ty&u>i 2006 tyi<i%&<y<yU &cUta<t< 

We siarteti on the Class of 2006 Aesculapian in earnest. We smiled and 

iaugked, discussing all the creative juices that were leaking out of our minds to 
make this the best yearbook ever! As the year progressed, those wonderful 
thoughts receded little by little and were replaced by the dread of weekends, nights 
'flim^'sometimes, early mornings being spent in the yearbook office. We cursed at 
the slow computers that seemed only minutes from crashing and slowed us down. 
We debated whether to delete senior pages for classmates who were delinquent. We 
waited anxiously for more candid photos to flow into our hands so our class can 
be well represented (even though we would not mind having endless yearbook pages 
of us). In the md f everything worked out. The computers were surviving (actually 
one died only weeks before the final deadline). Senior pages were turned in (at a 
snail's pace). And more candid photos than we could use came into our possession. 
We hope the hard work and endless hours we put into this yearbook translated 
into a book full of happy memories of our four years together that will transcend 
the time and space between us. If so, we have done our job. 

We could not have completed this enormous project on our own. We had help from 
many of our friends, especially Saradha, Ed, Jon, Kevin, Kenny, Jeroen, and also 
the underclassmen yearbook editors. So thank you to all our classmates who 
shared a glimpse of their lives by submitting candid photos for the yearbook. 
Thank you, Phil Klein, our Josten's editor/liaison, for making complicated tasks 
look easy. Thanks to Marie Hartman, Robin Smith, Shay Myers, Dr. Allan Tunkel, 
Victor Chermerys, Frank Lake, Carl Wolf Studios, and SGA for all their help. We 
also owe our gratitude to the many family, friends, faculty, and Honored Patrons 
who supported the 

yearbook by placing ads. Thanks to the Office of Student Affairs for welcoming 
us into their small space. And finally, thank you to our friends and family for 
putting up with us while we worked on the yearbook. 




Nina Cheung Karen Nguyen Lynnely Sam 

a Moseky, M.D. 

Today we are honored to share in your 
successful completion of medical school. 
It was the result of your dedcation and 
dependence on God. Continue to place Him 
first in your life and He will bless whatever 
you put your hands to do. 
We love you and are proud of your 

Congratulations, Lady Di! 

With Love, 

Mommy, Dad, Grandma Dade 


Uncle Pip, Aunt Annette, 

Dominique, Sam III, Philip, Tyler, & 

little Donovan 

Congratulations, Jeroen Van der Hoeven, 

Lots of Love, 

Tom and Eva, 

Nina & Doug and 

the Dutch Family 

Dora Shalom, MD 

The road you have chosen has been 
most difficult but with tremendous 
commitment and dedication, you have 
jrealized your goal. The medical world 

1'has a new "shining star." You 
continously amaze us and we know 
■that great things are yet to come. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Dara, Victor 

Mark A. Woodburn 

Mark, you have worked hard to make your 
greatest dream and your father's dream 
come true. We are all proud of you. 

With love, 
Dad, Aunt Sally, Uncle Jack, the 
Macioce family, and the Reynolds family 

— . 

. .MP B ' J Hi 


; step you have 
utiivfi to ^n your lifelong 

dream, and we are amazed by your 
drive and ambition. We know you will 
be an outstanding and compassionate 
doctor. May God bless you as you 
continue your journey. 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, Rima, Ravi, 

Dylan, and Devan 

Nina Nando, M.D. 

"What lies behind us & what lies 

before us are tiny matters compared 

to what lies within us" 

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes 

C ong regulations, Nina. 

We're so proud of the person 
you are & all that you have 
accomplished. The world is a 
better place with you in it. 1 

With Our Love, 
Mom, Dad, Jyoti & Harit i 

Dr. Meg Scheffler! 

Even though we've called you 
that (always hopefully) since 
you were very little, no family 
could be more proud to see you 
accomplish your dream. May 
the years ahead bring you a 
wonderful fulfilling career! 

With all our love and Best Wishes - 
Dad, Mom and James 

Dear Ami, 

You make us proud by your 
achievements through hard work, 
patience and intelligence. We wish 
you the very best in life. 

Mom, Dad, Mona and Sunil 


Shiv Sudhakar, M.D. 

Congratulations, Shiv ~ Shivu, Shivy, Boo-boo face! 
You believed and persevered... 
"If you can imagine it, 
you can achieve it. 
If you can dream it, 
you can become it." ~ Author unknown 

We are so proud of your accomplishment! 
Love and best wishes, 
Dad, Mom, Deeth and your family in India 

Aarti Kulkarni, M.D.! 

Wow, that sounds great. Aarti, you 
worked hard to realize your dream. You 
make us proud. We know you will be an 
outstanding doctor because you care so 
much about people. 

With Love, 
Mom, Dad, Aparna, and Anuja 

Kathryn M. Dalbec, MD. 

Congratulations to our 



We are so proud of you 

for this great 


Love ya, 

Grandma and Grandpa 



Kathryn M. Dalbec, M.D. 

You have always made me proud to be 
your mother. I am especially proud to 
^_ witness your becoming a physician, 
i^l which is a tremendous honor. Your 
hard work, perseverence, and kindness 
to others make you most deserving. 

Good luck in the 
challenges that lay 



&4A>c4*C&i6 T&&& @ku,tL<*><A*>, wH/^D. 

&ecei,u&c> (&&</*> tfo>oc ou>itt bkaic effect c^i^t^ ttvitt tG,te</it&, 
Ztbcct c<y<M,p>ti&&i<yi6 €M<£ hctitivtc/,, o&it& the ou-o-ttet. 

7 am &<*> pst&ottl <y^ tptyu, — 

^eitttttp avid 7 G,L(A*tlty4, 

have keen. 
*Wltb flit <*>£ my t<y>v>e twd 



My little shellfish has become a doctor! 

I'm really proud of you... 

...and will always love you three! 

Lots of love and congratulations, 


Michelle, Bubby & 1 always knew you 

would become a Doctor. You deserve 

everything you worked so hard for. I'm 

so proud of my wonderful grand- 
daughter. Mazel Tov! I love you very 


Jason Price, M.D. 

Through the years, with determination and integrity, you've always remained focused on your goal of 
becoming a physician. With love in our hearts we proudly applaud your successful achievement of 
realizing your dream. As parents, we respect your dedication and admire your compassion. We love 
you. - Mom & Dad 

"Image is what people think we are. Integrity is what we really are." - John Maxwell 

Jason, as a brother you have always i 

been devoted and admirable. You ^(^fc- 

are a great role model to us all. I ^T^"^ JaSOn ' thiS day & tk * e P itom ° f 

know you will continue to succeed I a U your hard work and 

and better the lives of all the people KSt *<M dedication to becoming a 

you encounter. Congratulations on M doctor. We are so happy for you 

your graduation! *I f today. Most of all you should 

With love, Brandon \^ '<* J be so proud of yourself for the 

Jason, I'm glad to see you graduate / / v^* — perseverance and drive to 

from medical school. It's been a , succeed in reaching this 

joy to see you grow up. Solly / 1 ? honored goal. 

always knew you would reach your : - ; ... With love, Avrill, tori, Rachel 

goal of becoming a doctor. He's & Jocelyn 

smiling down at you from Heaven. mn ml > 

With love, your Grandmother I 11^ * P 


Congratulations! With all our love from your proud grandparents, Miriam & Nat 

Mandy Marie Gonzalez 

Ever since you were three, you have 
wanted to be a doctor and have worked 
hard at doing so. We are all very proud of 
you, for doing what you were called to do 
and doing it so well. 

With all our love, 
Dad, Mom, Chad, Shelly & Baby, Tomas & 
Arianna, Sava, Josh & Lily and Robbie 

Susanna Naomi Holt. M.D. 

Your family and friends are very proud of you. Your 
dream since you were 4 years old is becoming a reality. 
Grandpa Sudo is smiling at you from above. He said 
you would be the one to become a Doctor. 

You are the eighth doctor in the Sudo lineage. Be 

We all wish you the best of luck and happiness In your 

Love from the entire family and especially from a very 
proud and happy Mom and Dud. 



Be proud of 

yourself, as 

we are so 

proud of you. 

Good luck as 

you continue 

on your 


Mom, Dad, Alison, Josh and Noodles 

It doesn't matter what cards you are dealt, it only matters how 
you play the hand." 

from Think Big by Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr. 

Tawa Seabrook M.D. 

We are so proud of you and all you have 
accomplished. You are the first doctor in the family 
and for this we are pleased. Your dedication, 
perseverance and faith in God have inspired and 
touched us. We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends 

'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you've imagined." 

~ Henry David Thoreau 

To My Daughter Emillia Cristina Ortiz 

My hope is that a "mother-daughter" relationship is so deep and 
long-lasting, that it is perhaps immortal. I am touched every 
week by your constant communication, your exciting stories, and 
your thoughtfulness. 1 tried to model for you as you were 
growing up all the wonderful and magical ways of life - being 
caring and compassionate, teaching you how to think, how to 
love and how to grow into your own person, and accepting 
challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. 
Remember to ask yourself - what do I stand for and did I make a 
difference in someone's life? Thank you for being my daughter 
hope we will have a very special "mother-daughter" link forever. 

Dr. John Paul Galiote 

Your determination and hard work have 
brought you to this special day. We are 
so proud of you! 

Congratulations, John Paul! 

u Dad, Mom, Alissa & joey 


We are very happy for 
you. Now you are a 
doctor and still 

Love, Mom, Dad and 

Adam Olsson, M.D. 

Adam has been such an inspiration! Being his mother, I, of course, 
remember him through all the phases of his life... from that little 
toddler in denim overalls riding that red hot-wheel bike through the 
years of watching him play soccer (only until he could play football), 
basketball and football. Adam displayed a remarkable ability to focus 
on the many challenges he faced in his academic endeavors. That 
determination paid off and he has now fulfilled his dream of becoming 
a physician. And now, his, positive attitude, hard work and drive has 
paid off... YOU DID IT, SON!! I LOVE YOU! Mom 

Proof It Gin Be Done 

As a toddler and a boy, you were fearless. 

From infant, to son, to brother your development was peerless. 

You were the picture of perfection to us. Then came your; "teenage" 
With nearly equal parts of curiosity, compassion and rage. 
You searched for your own keys to life's cage. 

God gave you strength, perception and made you smart. 
You alone questioned your success from the start. 
We always knew, when preparation was through, 
You'd find that special calling God put on your heart. 

If I were a writer developing an interesting life, 

I'd invent a character wandering, then focused, then rife 

With enthusiasm and an enormous success drive. 

I'd place all manner of distractions in his way, 

And then monitor his work, effort and play. 

I'd log every small victory until that day. 

In the final chapter we would be able to say; 
What an encouraging example we've witnessed today. 
Major accomplishment doesn't require perfection, 
Only dedicated adherence to a chosen direction, 
The character we're discussing is our eldest son. 
We're so encouraged, elated and proud that he's won, 
And proven that it's doable while having great fun! 

Congratulations Adam! We're proud both with, and of you! 


ong ago we stood in a field where all things grow. Where a toss of stones just 
o watch them thrown, and wouldn't wait for them to fall. We really knew 
othing about it. Where the brilliant paints, smeared to a canvas in haste, 
nd wouldn't wait for it to dry. We didn't know much about it. To us it was 
ut a cornfield drive, a spring-time high, and a language that was invented. 
\t some point, somehow, it started to breathe. 

hose who it reaches will fail to draw this picture, for the pen will no longer be 
'ielded by hand. Deep inside Russia, an old lady is singing barefoot in the 
now. No one understands her song. This is what I'll say. 

i the end, these pages can be embodied within a single suspended leaf, an 
ectrifying silence that floods the gaps, and a spirit that shakes within its 
ody. We then shall recognize that this is a true work of art. It was our 
reation, and it lives magnificent, complete, and timeless. 

y Wade C. Hickok 
October 2, 2005 

or you Adam. You are my best friend and I'm so damn proud of you. 

Adam, you truly have a beautiful mind and v.ntly a beauti- 

ful heart. Every single one of your future pav.aai , . I \. 5 vcu to have 
you in their life. You are truly one of my best friends. Thank you for-no 
matter how busy and exciting your life is-always tu. 
sister about the "everyday stuff." I love you and the pride i have for you 
is only surpassed by the incredible feeling of inspiration. You bnn. 
honor to our family. 1 cherish you and love you, brut 
to celebrate with you in May! All our love, Keltic, Dave. LuL 

Adam, I know we will always be able to rely on at least one thing in this 
unpredictable world and that is the love of each other. We have our 
differences. It never changes the fact that we are brothers. We have bled, 
sweat and cried for you and with you. No matter what, you must remember 
this, that we as your brothers have never been more proud of you than we are 
now. Through the thick and thin we have been, without brotherhood, we are 

Strength and Honor, 
Nathanael and Drew Olsson 

Ken Harris - Adam's High School B asketball Coach 

"I coached high school basketball in Oregon for 44 years and I must 
say that Adam was one of my all-time favorite players. I suppose 
that was partially because he was an outstanding player. But I haw 
coached other very talented playei- 

I believe my feelings are more dm to the fad that In ihovtd smh 
tremendous growth as a person during his three ytors i" our program. 
He progressed from a young man who didn t think nuuh ot s t hool to 
one who "saw the light". 

This maturity made him a better player but mote importantly 
enabled him to develop the kind ot goals which haw put him in the 
medical school's class of 2006. It brings tears to my eyes. I urn so 
happy for him and so proud of him. Great |ob Adam ! ! 

tag, M.D. 



Your hard work paid 

off! We arc very proud 

of you and we wish you 

continued success in 

your life. 

With Love Always, 

Mom & Dad 

& Brother 

&$S®: Nina 

"Because of your persistence and strong 

desire, your goal has been achieved. 

Tour future 

will be bright 

as a shining star 

in the sfy 

This world 

will be safer 

and healthier 

with your 



zMm & "Dad, 

Charlie & c jRgcbel, 
& Tatricl 

Qood jCucj^ and Qodspeedl 


I dedicate my M.D. degree to my parents, for without their will and determination, this 
dream would never have come true. With the vision of a better life for their family, 

one in which freedom was not suppressed, my 

parents took the risk of leaving their homeland by 

boat. Once medical professionals, they had to 

start from scratch in a foreign land, not knowing 

the language or culture, or where fate would 

bring them. We have been through hard times, 

but we have stuck together and persevered, and 

now there's another M.D. in the house. Thank 

you, Ba Ma, I love you! 






ds Nguyen, M.D. 


We arc so proud of you and the 
achievements you have accomplished. 
You have grown into an amazing man 
with many wonderful opportunities 
that lie ahead of you. We are so 
proud of the person you have become 
and we love you dearly. 

Mom, Dad and Susan 



We wish you to be 

a Good doctor. 


Mom, Dad and Grandma 

Jonathan W. Turner, M.D. 

Congratulations! 1 

Son, we always believed God had great plans 
for you. As a physician you will be a 
participant in His plan to bring healing to 
many. We are so proud of you. Your dreams 
are coming to fruition. 
With all our love, Mom and Dad 

Nikhil Agarwal, M.D 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the 
world.'' - Mahatma Gandhi 

Congratulations, Dr. Nikhil Agarwal! 

You dreamed a dream and now you 

made it a reality. You have always 

made us proud. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Ruchi, Suraj, and Nani 

Colleen Harrington, M.D, 

You set high goals at a very young age. 
You followed your dream. You won the 
race. We are all very proud of you. 

Dad, Mom, Donah & Liam 

Christopher A. Samujh, M.D. 


We are very proud of 
your achievements and 
we wish you a fulfilling 

career in medicine. 

Serve with diligence, 

compassion and 
humility and always 
remember that all lives V 
are precious. 

Mom, Dad, Nani and Camille 


Gerald Zelenak, 

ver the years, from King of Mardi Gras 

To high school valedictorian 

And now as physician, 

We have been with you 

In our love 

And in our prayers. 

We trust that you will hold 

this accomplishment in your heart 

with great pride and appreciation 

For you have been blessed with 

the ability to help others. 

And they shall be grateful as they 

call you 'Doctor" and give you thanks. 


Mom, Dad, Rob, Dennis 

Grandmothers Mary & Jenny 

Monica Rose Boyle, M.D. 

We are very proud of you, and all you have 
accomplished. Here's to you and the many more 
successes that are surely coming your way. 


Mom, Dad 

Jennifer, Samir, Nikhilesh 

Gregg, Allison, Gregg 

Joseph, Janet, Ashley, Matthew, Shannon 

Mom-Mom, and Pop-Pop 

David Klimaski, M.D. 

Dear David, 

You did it! You made your dreams come 
true. You didn't let anything sway you 
from your path no matter what detours 
laid before you. I'm very proud of you for 
the man you have become. Just 
remember your families, who are all proud 
of you. Good Luck and Best Wishes to 
the first doctor in the family. We love you, 
Doctor Klimaski. 


QRristopRer 31 dtusso, dS3. 

%/bu Rave stayed tRe course and acRieved your goal. 

<&e grateful and proud. <3f£oa), use your Sod-given 

talents to Help ottiers mtR sfiill and compassion. 

H/e are Blessed and very proud of you and your 
future contributions to society. 

Jill our love always, 

dfiom, l&ad and Jlngela 

Srandma and Srandpa are smiling from Heaven on 

your great acRievemenh 

juum Jodi Pitkow 

There are no words to describe how 

proud we are of your achievement. 

That sparkle in your eyes as a 

child has turned into a dream 

fulfilled as an adult. 

Congratulations for your 

ambition, hard work and 


May success be your reward. 

Mom, Dad, Zach, Sam, Tim and 


Justin Dazley, M.D 

John Adams once said, "The influence of each 
human being on others in this life is a hind of 


From the day you were born, to this day we 

knew you were a very special person. You have 

shown incredible determination in choosing 

this goal to become a physician and seeing it 

through. We have always had great 

expectations for you, and you have surpassed 

all of them. 

Always remember who you are, where you came 

from, and how you accomplished this goal in 

your life. Thanh you for being such a good 

influence for all of your family. 

We are so proud of you. Congratulations, 


I Erin Alexandra Pete, M.D. 


You reached the top of this mountain, too. We're so 
proud of you. With dedication, determination and your 
ever-present laugh, you attained your goal. 
Congratulations. With all our love, Mom and Dad 

Dear Erin: 

You impress me all the time and I'm so proud to be your 
sister. Thanks for all of your help and advice about 
school stuff and life in general. You have succeeded in 
all that you set out to do and I have no doubt you will 
continue to succeed. Love, Lindsey 


Just when I think 1 should be used to your accomplishments, you reach yet another goal 
and 1 get as excited for you as I did each time before. On top of the things that already 
make you an extraordinary sister, the knowledge and skill you've gained over the last 
four years will make you an extraordinary doctor. I'm so proud of you. Love, Jamie 

Suraj Puttanniah, M.D. 

Congratulations, Suraj!! You 
impress me as a sociable, friendly, 
and lively person. You are ever ready 
to help others and full of great 

IJ We all love your winning smiles and 
nproud of you. ...Grandpa Dr. Guru 

Congratulations, Suraj, on your 
graduation. Hope all your dreams 
as an E.R. Physician come true. 

We love you always and are very 
proud of you. ...Mom & Shivoo 

Erik Sylvin, M.D. 

When you informed us that your goal in life 
was to be a physician, we expected a 
challenge. Right from the start, we knew 
that given the opportunity to get into 
medical school, you would thrive, and you 
have certainly proven us right. It was a long 
road to get to this point but we couldn't be 
prouder of your perseverance, your knowledge 
and your ambition. Graduating with honors 
is the icing on the cake! 

Congratulations, Erik! You have always beta 
a wonderful son and brother and will 
undoubtedly make an extraordinary 

Bursting with pride and love. 
Mom & Dad 
Jared & Darren 

— I 


You worked hard to achieve your goal 
and there is no one more proud of you 
than your loving family. 

.ember to practice good medicine, be 
true to the ideals and high moral values 
we instilled in you, and in all your 
actions always bring honor to your noble 

Mom, Dad, and Alex 

J^i. (lohn <£kan& (D <^huxa 

*L/ou ±et a distant goal and noar it ha± 
become a reality. ( l/ve are 10 hioud of uou. 
Continue, to u±e uou% gift* to heLh otkeii, 
an dm u an/ou cvill a omeuou % ara u. 

Congratulations <£hane! 

^liom, !had&£u±tin 

Jamie E. Potosek, M.D. 

You have worked so hard to turn your 
dream into a reality. You will surely 
become a caring and committed 
physician. We couldn't be more proud of 
you and your achievements. 

Congratulations, Jamie! 
With our love, 
Mom, Dad, Josh, and Julie 

Trevor M. Olserv M.D. 

There are no words to describe how proud we 

are of you. We admire the sacrifices you have 

made and all the countless hours of 

dedication. Wishing you much peace and 

happiness in your rewarding career. 


We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Chamtodra Gurusinqhi, M.D. 

Hi, Darling Chami, keep going towards 
excellence, there is a lot more you can 
achieve. Be worthy of the trust many 

people will keep on you in years to come. 
Unlimited love, Appachchi & Amma 

I know at times the end seemed too far 

away, but you've made it, as I've always 

known you would. You're glorious, 

intelligent, and talented, but I believe your 

greatest asset is your incredible tenacity. 

I'm wishing you luck, though you'll hardly 

need it. Always, Your Adoring Sister, 


Chami, I'd give you the world if I could, but 
all I can say is that you are my hero. So 

Chami, where are the other six dwarfs? No, 

this time you aren't Bashful or Sneezy or 

Dopey, you're Doc. There goes my hero; 

Watch her as she goes. Love, Nila 

David John Irwin, M.D. 

Congratulations, Dave! 

Balance in Your Life is the Key to 


We are all so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin, and the 

whole family 

Manjula Kaii M.D. 

GOD bless you our Little Doll now 

Dr. Manjula Karl you fulfilled your 

dad's dreams. 

We are very proud of you for setting your 

goals and achieving them. 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, Sister blister Madhavi & 


, M.D.! 

Congratulations, Brian & 

Way to go! 

After much hard work 

You have accomplished your goal! 

We love you & are very proud of you. 

Dad, Mom, Ken II, Jen, Doug, Mia 

Gunner, Rayna, Zoe, Kira, 

Grandma, Grandpa 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! 
Live the life you've imagined. 

- Thoreau 

Amanda Carleton, M.D. 

Medicine is of all the arts the most noble. 
Wherever the art of medicine is loved there is also 
a love of humanity. - Hippocrates 

Amanda Carleton - As you graduate and prepare 
for the challenges of medicine, you should feel very 
proud of your accomplishments, and know that 1 
am very proud of you. 

Love, Mom 

Joseph King, M.D. 

We are so proud of you!!.' Never stop dreaming, 
Never stop doing, and always remember your 

FAN club - 
Mom, Dad, Melanie, Adam and 
All the Abdas & Kings 


Dr. Anne Valerie Maria Nienstedt 


Mom & Dad, 

Kirsten, Maximilian, David & Marshall, 

Karolina, Steven, Stevie & Jon, 

Grandma & Grandpa, 

Nancy & Keith, 

Cliffy Lambertson, and 

Spifford J. Johnson: C. T. C. 

we must 
\ m a journey 
;or us or spare us/' 

- Marcel Proust 


From the beginning, your goals have been clear, 
your focus unwavering and your strength 
extraordinary. You are our joy, our blessing, and 
our inspiration. 

With all of our love, 

Mom, Dad, Kyle, Vicki, Cole, Kail, Carson, Cory, 

Shay, and Abigail 

H. Outer Davidson, M.D. 

May the future carry you as far as you 
dare to travel in the direction of your 
goals and dreams. No matter what you 
do or how far you go, may it always lead 
home again to those who loved you first, 
who love you most - your family. 

Pap, Nanny, Ardie, Jani & Jeff 

John Konstantin, M.D 


You have been 
determined to make your 

dreom come true. 

We all are so proud of 


Congratulations, Yani! 

With Love, 
Dad, Mom, A.G., 
Sophia, George, 
Demetri, thia Hariklia 
and thio Cleanthi 

Micaela Ann Jett, M.D 


Our first generation M.D. 
We're so very proud of you. 


Dad, Ashley, 



Especially Mom 

Scott Randolph Osborn, M.D. 

When asked who our favorite doctor was, 
Wed say it was Scott of course, because... 
He is brother, and son, and fiance, 
But most of all you'd hear folks say 
That he followed his dream to Hahnemann 
^iixd along the way, learned skills 


He followed his Opa's Hahnemann route, 
To see what medicine was all about. 
His practice will be in emergency 
Which give us much reason for revelry, 
bo to Scott Randolph Osborn we wish you 

the best 
Because we all love you above the rest! 

Mom, Dad, Tom, Julie and Oma 

''Dreams are necessary to lifel^ 
Anais Nin 

Keep on dreaming and achiev ingt 
We love you, 
Gagi, Steve and Mom 


Jake and 
Pop-Pop Harry 

Jake and 
Grandpa Bill 

Jacob McCormich 

Class of 2006 

Congratulations - 
We are proud of you. 

Your Family 






Timur Akinli, M.D. 

As your family, we are proud to sec the third 
generation of our family carry on the tradition 
of service. You have set your goals, kept your 
focus, and with a great deal of hard work and 
effort you made your dream come true. We 
can only wish you the greatest success and 
satisfaction in caring for others, and we are 
proud that you have developed the skills 
necessary to face the challenges that lie ahead 
of you. We trust and believe in you always and 
we are all proud of your accomplishments. 
Most of all, however, we hope that you will find 
happiness in your life and accomplishments. 


With love, 
Mom, Dad, Akin and Cengiz 


I J 


subramanian M.D. 

|)ear j$arabi(a, 

•||uu tjaite 

^Aatazeb uf urittf your perfeberante, 

^nfptreb uf frrifij your bebtratiun, 

^HefttteriHeb uf urif \\ yuur tare aub luiie. 

|Se are iierjj proub uf yuur arljteuetneutf. 

fflt uiiflj you a iieqj refaarbiug & 

J3>urceffful career af a |Jebtatririan 8c 

j&ucreff tu all yuur purfutff. 

^LomSc Jab 
j&riram 8c j^afiflf 

Linda Ann McQuarrie, M.D. 

Congratulations, Linda! 

You choose the harder paths, 

Yet always find fun along the way. 

Happy traveling through the years! 

Love / 

Dad, Mom, and David 


Stephanie Y. P. Muh: Congratulations to our dearest daughter, Stephanie. We will be 
so thrilled when someone calls the house and asks for "Dr. Muh." We shall reply, 
"Which one? - Bones or bytes?" - Mom and Dad. 

Congratulations to our dearest granddaughter, Dr. Jamie E. Potosek. We are so very 
proud of you and wish you much success in your medical career. Love, Gram and 

Congratulations, Trevor, we are so proud of you and your achievements. Every job is a 
self portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence. With 
Love, Colby, Kristy and Morgan. 

David, you've gone from "I be a docta" to "David Oustecky, M.D." written in your 
children's books to now the real thing. You have worked hard for this; we are proud of 
you! Embracing you, loving you. Your whole family, Mom and Dad. 

Congratulations Julie, your hard work has reached your goal, first DR in family. Love 
Mom, Daughters Kristin & Taylor. We are proud of you. 

Vinay Aggarwal. Congratulations, Vinay! We are proud of you. You reached your 
goal and worked hard to make your dream come true. May God bless you in your 
future endeavors in becoming the greatest doctor. We love you. Mom, Dad. 

Dear Carter, We love you and are so very proud of your accomplishments. It's been a 
long road and you have traveled it well. Congratulations and God speed for the 
future. Love, Grandma Midge and Pap Davidson. 


Message from Loved Ones 

Scott O Wow!! Congratulations to a wonderful guy and a great new Doc! Love you, 
Wendy and Steve. 

Jeffrey Rykken: Congratulations, Jeff! It's been a blessing to watch you grow and work 
toward a goal and dream you've had for yourself since you were five. I'm so proud of 
you! We all are. May God richly bless you. Love, Mom. 

Jennifer Vodzak: We are all so very proud of you, Jennifer! Through your hard work, 
you dedicated your life to accomplishing your dream. With your caring gentleness and 
insight you will be an excellent physician. Congratulations, Jen! We love you. Mom, 
Dad, Laura, Sarah & Becky. 

Jeffrey Widelitz: Congratulations, Jeffrey Scott Widelitz, M.D. You followed your dream 
and now it's a reality. Wishing you all the best. Love, Mom, Dad, Robyn & Scott. 

Lucia Ranauro-Wolgast: Congratulations, Dr. Lucia Ranauro-Wolgast! We are very 
proud of you. You reached your goal and worked hard to make your dream come true. 
Good luck in your future. Love, Mom, Dad, and Tina. 

Alyssa Saelens: Congratulations, Dr. Alyssa Saelens! You weren't content to dream 
your dreams - you chose to live them. With pride, admiration, and love. Mom, Dad 
and Drew. 

Heidi M. Solberg: Congratulations! You have worked so hard and have reached your 
goal. We are all so proud of you! We wish you much success and fulfillment in your 
future. With Love, Mom and Nolin. 

Sarah Katel, M.D. - You started your clinical training about the time you started walking. 
Your dolls called you a wise and gifted healer. All of your future patients will echo 
that praise. We couldn't be prouder of you. Congratulations and Love from your 
whole family. 

Jarrod M. Kucharski: Dr. J' when you put your mind to it you can accomplish any- 
thing. Take pride in your achievement. May God bless you and all those you touch. 
We love you, Mom & Dad. 

Christopher Drumm, M.D. Congratulations to Dr. C. Drumm - Your family is so 
proud of you! You made your dream a reality! Much love, Mom & Brian. 

Arti Cehani: Dear Arti, Congratulations & best wishes from Mom, Dad, Mahesh, 
Sarika & Nithya. Wish you all the success & happiness in your life. God bless you. 

Congratulations to our dearest daughter, Amanda Johnson, M.D. Your determination 
and perseverance to achieve your goal has been amazing. May God bless you in your 
life's work to help others. We are very proud of you and wish you a rewarding life as a 
doctor. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Aaron Lloyd "Success is a Journey, Not a Destination" Congratulations, Dr. Aaron 
Lloyd! You followed your dream and worked diligently to make it come true. What an 
accomplishment! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and your Whole family. 

Jaime L. Massucci: Congratulations, Dr. Jaime Lyn Massucci. We are all very proud ot 
you and everything you accomplished. Your hard work, dedication and pcrsmtnMCl 
made your dream come true. Celebrate your achievement. Love, Mom, Dave. Anthony, 
Unc & Foxy. 

Danielle McClain: The most difficult goals to attain are also the most rewinding. You 
have made us so proud with your hard work and perseverance. Congratulations! Mom 
& Dad. 

ok£ cutest ^ cMi&Jte&s 

Class of 2006 

from the Administration, 

Faculty and Staff at Easton Hospital, 

an affiliate of Drexel University 

Residency Programs in 
General Surgery and Internal Medicine 







to the 


CLASS of 2006 

Mercy Catholic Medical Center offers high quality education for residents, combined with excellent clinical training 
within a community hospital environment. Our hospitals offer resident physicians fully accredited ACGME 
residency training in four programs. 

• Transitional Year Internship 

• Internal Medicine Residency (Categorical and Preliminary) 

• Diagnostic Radiology Residency 

• General Surgical Residency (Categorical and Preliminary) 

For further information, contact: 
Arnold R. Eiser, MD, FACP 
Vice President, Medical Education 
Director, Internal Medicine Program 
1500 Lansdowne Avenue 
Darby, Pennsylvania 19023 


Health System ** 

A member of Catholic Health East, 
sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy 


Drexel University 
College of Medicine 

In the tradition of Woman's Medical College of 
Pennsylvania and Hahnemann Medical College 

Congratulations to the class of 2006! 

We wish you the best of luck! 

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

CongratuCations JAndQood 
Luck To The CCass Of 2006 

Department of 

J^ \ Micro biology 
Immunology & 


Drexel Universily College of Medicine 

tongrcrtufations an5 

Best TDisfjes 
to tfie tfass (Df 2006 

IIYy* ]\/W Institute tor 
p ir\ Molecular Medicine & 
CVlD Infectious Disease 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Class of 2006! 

We are glad to share the future with Drexel graduates 
through opportunities in our residency programs: 

• Family Medicine 

• Internal Medicine 

• Obstetrics and Gynecology 

• Transitional Year 

Here's hoping that our paths cross againi 

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center 
Graduate Medical Education 

Personally focused. Experience driven. 




that lasts a lifetime 

Emergency Medicine 

Family Medicine 




Transitional Year 

1001 South George Street 
P.O. Box 15198 
Yor, PA 17405-7198 


M ^ c °9 n feec/^ 


0/> ^Hosp^ 



York Hospital 


615 2/06 


Congratulations to the Cuzss of 2006 

Wefcome to the Association of (Drexel "University CoCCege of Medicine 


"•"'•( «*tlCKIt&* 

MaryL Cote, M.D., WMC'59 - President 
Donald A. Girard, M.D., HU'82 - President Elect 

Mark C Aita, SJ, M.D., MCP77 
Stephen Baer, M.D., HU72 
Phyllis B. Baer, M.D., HU72 
Glen J. Barbee, M.D., MCPHU'98 
John P. Brady, M.D., HU'83 
Elinor H. Cantor, Ph.D., MCP'79 
Fred Crotchfelt, III, W 
Craig Q. Earl, Ph.D., MCP'83 
Jacqueline G. Emrich, Ph.D., HU'93 
Patrick J. Farley, Ph.D., HU'95 
Judy Figura, M.D., WMCW 
Gabriel Flaxman, DUCOM'08 
Polly Graham, M.D., WMCW 
John Hoak, M.D., HU'55 
Erika S. Kahan, M.D., MCPHU'01 
Johanna M. Kalemba, M.D., WMCW 
Herbert Kean, M.D., HU'56 

Janet P. Kramer, M.D., WMCW 

Alexis Lieberman, M.D., MCP'93 

Richard Malone, M.D., HU'93 

Sue McLeer, M.D., WMC'70 

Dennis H. Novack, M.D..HU72 

Lisa Payne, DUCOM'07 

Rhoda S. Pomerantz, M.D., M.P.H..WMCW 

John Leander Zapata Po, M.D., Ph.D., MCPHU'03 

Theresa A. Saris, M.D., HU'88 

Melody Standi, M.D., MCP71 

Monica Stewart-Bentley, M.D., FACP, FACE., WMCW 

Suzanne Steele, M.D., HU'93 

Julie Strizki, Ph.D., MCP'94 

Angela M. Stupi, M.D., MCP76 

Jason Stumhoffer, Ph.D., DUCOM'04 

Christopher A. Tobias, Ph.D., Ph.D.MCPHU'02 

Susan Whittier, Ph.D., HU'90 

The staff of the 


is proud of the accomplishments 

of the class of 2006 

We wish you all continued success! 

Congratulations to the Class of 2006! 
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Medicine! 

From the Faculty of the 
Department of Family, Community & Preventive Medicine 

Gregory Dobash, M.D. 
Nipa Doshi, M.D. 
Janet Fleetwood, Ph.D. 
Florence Gelo. D.Minn. 
Edward Gracely, Ph.D. 
Rosemary Harris, M.D. 
Franklin Hart, M.B.A. 
Eugene Hong. M.D. 
JulieAnne I Uavac, M.D. 

Michelle R. Lamoreux, Ml) 

Russell MaulitZ, M .!).. PhD 
Marc Newman. Ml). 
Donna On. D.O 

Mama Siernbacli. M M 

Margaret Stockwell, M D 
William Warrender, M.D 
Julie Yen, M D 
Steven Zinn, \l D 


VrexeC University CoCCege of 

CongratuCations and 'Best Wishes 

To the 

CCass 0/2006 

from the facuCty, 'Residents and Staff 


Department of Anesthesiology 




CLASS OF 2006 

From the Faculty and Staff 
Drexel University College of Medicine 

Department of Psychiatry 



CLASS OF 2006 

From the Faculty and Staff 
Drexel University College of Medicine 

Department of Neurology 



We wish you 

the best of luck 

on all your 

future endeavors! 


Congratulations and 
(Best Wishes 

CLASS OF 2006 

From (Dr. William C 'Meyers 

(FacuCty and Staff - 

Drexel "University College of Medicine 

(Department of Surgery 

i the Drexel University College of Medicine Class of 2006 
tment of Pediatrics, Drexel University College of Medicine 
and the Medical Staff at St Christopher's Hospital for Children. 

Daniel V. Schidlow, MD 
Professor and Chairman 
Department of Pediatrics 

St. Christopher's 
Hospital for Children 



President, Medical Staff 



^~f/?lass of 



Monmouth Medical 

(^/^ Regional Medical Campus of 
Drexel University College of Medicine 



Monmouth Medical Center 

Long Branch, New Jersey 

Treating. Teaching. Leading. 

That's the Power of a Teaching Hospital. 



Yours is an outstanding achievement. 

You represent both the great tradition and the exciting future of 


Best wishes in all your endeavors. 





In theTradition of Woman's Medical College of 
Pennsylvania and Hahnemann Medical College™ 




"All Hospitals Are Not Alike" 

fl Special 


?)r£X£l University 
College of Medicine 


Class of 2006 

Best Wis lies to All 





Department of 
Neurobiology and Anatomy 

Congratulations to the Class of 2006 

from the 

Archives & Special Collections 

Drexel University College of Medicine 

Remember your past as you forge your future 

Students in front of Woman's Med, ca. 1920 

WOMEN PHYSICIANS: 1850s- 1970s 

A Digital Collection 
http: / /archives. 


lations to the 

lass of 

From the Faculty and Staff of 
Monmouth Medical Center 

&£ Regional Medical Campus of 
Drexel University College of Medicine 



Monmouth Medical Center 
Long Branch, New Jersey 


to the 

Class of 2006 

from the 

Physicians of 

Cardiology Consultants 

of Philadelphia 



Richard A. Gambescia, M.D. 
Larry M. Borowsky, M.D. 

Scott Myers, M.D. 
Nancy Graboyes, M.D. 
Beth C. Gardner, M.D. 

Center City Philadelphia 

Everything you expect... 

Complimentary Hot Breakfast, facuzii, free local calls, 
free DSL internet access, 24-hour fitness center and a 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

With the location that you need... 

The Hampton Inn offers a center city location at a great value! We 

are within walking distance to all the best that Philadelphia has to 


Avenue of the Arts, museums, Chinatown, Restaurant Row, upscale 

shopping and America's most historic mile. 


13th & Race Streets 

Philadelphia, PA 

CLASS OF 2006! 






FAX #215-638-1877 






2600 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 
(215) 875-6900 FAX (215) 875-6910 




t tHCORPORATlfb • 

Edward Long 

Corporate Phone: 

(215) 785-2565 Fax: (215) 785-2312 elongl 

University Publication* 

For All Your Publishing Needs 

Congratulations to the Class of 2006 


The most effective advocate for representing the interests 
of physicians practicing in Philadelphia 

Join today: 215-563-5343, Ext. 101 

Best Wishes 



H I 

Discover the Warminster Difference 

Warminster Hospital 

Main: 215-441-6600 

Physician Referral: 1-800-354-6363 

Warminster Hospital 


Apple Transportation Co., Inc 
Apple Storage Co., Inc 


Phillip Johnson 
Sales Representative 

780 S 52nd Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 


(215) 472-4200 

FAX (215) 476-2858 

IPIecise ^Patronize 
Our Advertisers 


5812 N. 12th Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 


(215) 739-5155 
FAX (215) 739-3505 




Scott R. Greenberg, M.D. 


Center for Wellness & Anti-Aging Medicine 

1907 Greentree Road 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-1 112 
Fax: 856.424.2599 



From everyday collection 

to environmental protection. 

Think Green. 

Think Waste Management. 



Granary Associates 

411 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130 
215/665-7000 215/665-7001 FAX 

8 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018 
212/768-8886 21 2/768-8768 FAX 

• Project Management . Architecture 

. Planning and Design • Interior Design 

■ Real Estate Services 

% Sovereign Bank 

Mail Code: 20-0216-C81 
3131 Market Street 
Philadelphia. PA 19104 

Diane E. McCain 

Assistant Vice President 
Community Banking Manager 'I 

phone | 215.349.6000 

fai | 215 387.4404 

ton free | 877.768.2265 


James P. Mulqueerr 
GETINGE Infection Control 
Account Manager 

Phone: (800)541-5569 

Fax: (585) 272-5238 

Voice Mall: (800) 475-90*0. ext 4003 

Call: (610) 322-8663 



Getinge USA. Inc 
1777 East Henrietta Road 
Rochester. New York 

Arthur Hall Ad«ms/ARCHITECT/AIA 


P0 Box 1166 

309 Oavisville Road 

Willow Grove. PA 


p 2156598844 

f 215659.8873 

www.ahaoamsco com 

III! Adams&Company 

Architecture l interior Design I Planning I Management Consulting 


of a 


e&t WitiAeti 60 the 

stwuliMxM^ Tpla66> o/ 200 (i 

afrons or */lescuuUHan 2006* 

Dr. Robert V. DeSilverio 

Dr. Randall B. Gurak 

Dr. Bryce Templeton 
Sherita R. Glenn 

Dr. Robert J. Schwartzman 

Dr. Parviz Kambin 

Dr. Denise Ferrier 

Dr. Allan Tunkel, Randy, Lindsay and Emily Tunkel 

Drexel Sleep Center 

Marie & Stephen Hartman 
Michael J. Exler 

<M,ts>n, t&e *Dtexet Hviiu 



(?,<*CCe^e <*( T^teettctw.e 
(Jta*^ o( 2006 


©((tee *( Stctete^t ;4((al*4 'DtoUta* <*( TJtectteat Sdcceatl** 

©((tee <*( Ttlwiblty ^(,<At4l3<¥t *( (JliKXeai Sctcteatto* 

O^teetteat Se&aat ;4«l«*tt44i<K*4 0**tt*ctl*9 *Wle«lie«ti S^O'C^tt** 

^(o-twtatto^ 7ee4*tata^ Qy&wiwiuviLty &xp&%Li*tti ©((tee 
TW et*t«l P1£ ©((tec - * ' ^ B 

.1 _ 1 . , 

*' . 

** <*•" V 

r-+ 4 mr 

1 ' V 







H m ■ 

9 W : ' vv 9S 

*-5?~ ^^5? liSp 7 ife"^*"- ~tt& f*3