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Vke-Preddeiit and Professor of Chemistry, Antioch College 




London: CHAPMAN & HALL, Ldoied 

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Printed la U. 8. A. 


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The present work b the response to a demand (not at bH anticipated) for a 
French companion to the author's " Germajj-EngliBh Dictionary for Chemists." 
It follows the plan of the earlier book, which seems to have met with general 

Prof. F. W. Tanner of the University of Illinois has read the galley proof and 

added a number of biological terms, and Prof. Frank Vogel of the Maasachusetta 
Institute of Technology has read the page proofs and the manuscript of the Intro- 
duction and has also contributed the general statement prefacing the " Conju- 
gation of French Verbs." The author is hkewiae under obligation to Prof. C. W. 
- ^ Foulk, Mr. E. J. Crane and Dr. Maurice L. Dolt, and to numerous other friends 
who have given opinions or answered queries. 
Reference works chiefly consulted: General, Clitton-Grimaux-McLaughlin, 
' r French-Er^hsh Dictionary; the Larousse dictiontU'ies, especially the latest, 
J " Larousse pour tous." Teehniod, Répertoire technologique des noms d'indus- 
' tries et de professions f by French Government officials) ; Willcox, French-English 
^.^ Mihtary Technical Dictionary; De Méric, Mctionnaire des termes de médecine. 
^The material has been rather scattered, consequently a large proportion has been 
obtwned by the reading of books, catalogs and journals. 

A really good dictionary is a growth. No one can realize as well as the author 
how incomplete the vocabulary of this one still is. The very helpful corre- 
spondence regarding errore and omissions in the German-English dictionary 
leads to the hope that readers will go to the same trouble in this case. 


Xenia, Ohio, January, 1921 

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abbm, abbrsTÙtiiHi. 

adt. adrfirb. 

Ai/ric, Aaricultim. 

Anai. Aaatomy. 

Arith. Antbmetie. 

Bact. Bact^olocy, 

Calico Ptintiiw. 




Uacli. MMhineg. 














puticiirij adjective <u>d 












part païUeiple. 


proent participla. 












«- TheimochBniirtrjr. 

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lliaiiks to the many words which French and Engligh have in common and 
to the wonderful clarity of French expression, the beginner UBUally finds it 
easier to learn to read French than German, especially if he haa studied Latin 
to Bome account. Separable prefixes, involved sentence order and a certain 
well known " longwordformingtendency " are not there to trouble him. Chemi- 
cal names do not present great difficulty. Nevertheleaa there are pitfalls, auch 
as the numeroua idiomatic phrases, the irregular verb forms and the worda 
which, tho posing as old friends, do not mean just what they ought to ! These 
matters the author has tried to keep in mind in the preparation of the dictionary. 
The following notes may be of assistance in the use of the vocabulary. 

FhniseH. A larf;e number of phrases has been included. As a rule, a 
phrase is entered under the first important word which occurs in it, preposi- 
tions, conjunctions and articles being passed by («n détail under détail, Uml d'un 
coup under Und, etc.). 

Verbs. Conjugations of typical regular verbs have been placed at the end 
of the Introduction in the hope that this may save references to a grammar. 
Irregular verb forms which are likely to appear in scientific literature are given 
where they are most needed, i.e., in the vocabulary under their own spellings, 
and not safely concealed under the parent verb. 

General Words. A general vocabulary superior to that of many pocket 
dictionaries is included with the technical words. The special chemical mean- 
ing of a general word is ordinarily placed first. 

Words Common to Freneb and EngUsb. Words of the same or nearly 
the same spelling in the two languages are defined even when the meaning is 
exactly t^e same as in English. Manifestly, these words are only a selection 
from among those which mi^t have been included. Especially is this true of 
the names of chemical compounds. 

Derived Words. As a space-saving device the meanings of many words are 
merely indicated, reference being made to another word which is fully defined. 
For eicample, several senses of the verb braaser (to stir) are given. A listing of 
all the corresponding meanings of the noun hrassage is avoided by using for the 
latter word the form " stirring, etc. (see brasser)." Participles and participial 
adjectives are often treated in the same way. 

Feminine Forms. These are not given except in special cases. The usual 
sign of th3 feminine is the letter e; thus, gri» (gray) becomes grise in the femi- 


nine aingular, while neutre (neutral) which ends in e in the masculine form 
remaina unchanged in the féminine. The followii^ irregularities should be 

-Te (fem.) corresponding to «f (masc.) ; as, act^, active. 
-8e " " "i; 88, niireux, niireuee. 

-se " " -r; as, trompeur, trompeuêe. 

-tiu " " -c; as, btaTic, UaTtcke. 

•que " " -c; as, twe, turque. 

•gue " " -t; as, long, hncue. 

-trice " " -teiir; as, indicateur, ijuUcatrice. 

Doubling of the final consonant; as, gros, groaae. 

Plural Forms. The regular formation of the plural is by addition of s tc 
the singular. Departures from thia rule are: 

-am (pi.) corresponding to -»1, -aU or -au (sing,); as, égal, égaux. 

-ma " " -ou; as, caillou, cailloux. 

Nouns ending in -a, -x and -z and masculine adjectives ending in -s and -x in 
the singular are unchanged in the plural. 
Noons Used as AtUecttres. French differs from English in its adjectival 

use of nouns. In some instances the use is the same; as, odeur ither, ether odor; 
totuUon tilas, lilac solution. For the most part, however, French nouns used 
as adjectives might be construed as in apposition; as, ckiTnisle ingénieur, 
chemical engineer; fu^ séparateur, separating tube. On the other hand such 
English expressions as "sodium chloride " {chlorure de sodium) and "gun steel " 
(flcier à canon) require the use ot a preposition when rendered into French. 

Inoi^anle Nomenclature. Moat inorganic names are readily translated 
from French into English as soon as one learns that -ure corresponds to the 
Ekij^h -ide; -igue to -ie; and -eux (fem. -euse) to -ova. 

Names of hydracids differ in construction from the English names; aa, 
ehlorhydrique, hydrochloric. 

Names of salts containing the preposition de should not invariably be trane~ 
lated by using "of." For example, while acilale de cuivre is correctly trans- 
lated "acetate of copper" the form "copper acetate" is more frequent. 

Apparently, the older fashion of naming salts from the bases instead of the 
metals (ss carbonale de soude, carbonate of soda) is more persistent in French 
than in English, hence in many cases it would be well to use the modem form 
(in this case, sodium carbonate) in translating them. 

Organic Nomenclature. The use of adjectives in French organic names, 
instead of a combining form as in English and German, may be noted; thus 


the compound CtHiCU (dichlorobeozene) ia often called bmàne (or bmstne) 
ditMoré, althou^ diehLor<Aen^ne and evea the Germamam dichiwbenzai alao 

Names of eatera are found in which the name of the alcohol radical ia pre- 
fixed to the name of the acid; aa, ether amylaciiique. This should be rendered 
"amyl acetate" rather than "amylaeetic ester" or "amylacetic ether" if the 
compound CHiCOiCiHu is meant, and other cases ahould be treated similarly. 

Words ending in -Hque are used in a general descriptive sense more frequently 
than the corresponding English words in -ic; berbériniquê, for instance, would 
be properly translated "berberinic " if designating an acid, but it often means 
simply "of berberine" or "berberine"; as, sels berbériniqites, berberine salbi. 

German names ending in -insàure may usually be translated into French and 
English in two ways, that is, as acide -inigve (-inic acid) or as adde -ique (-ic 
acid) ; and it sometimes happens that the one alternative is chosen in French, 
the other in English. For example the compound named Levulinaâure is 
usually called levulinic acid in English while in French the form ocùje léimlique 
seems to be the more common. Such di£Ferencea are not nimierous. 

In order to have names which are in accord with the usage of the American 
Chemical Society as embodied in the " Directions to Abstractors " the follow- 
ing rules (which also harmonize well with the best usage in Great Britain) 
should be observed. They are not necessarily to be applied to names of phar- 
maceuticals and dyes, and possibly some exceptions should be allowed for 
commercial use only, as glycerin instead of glycerol. Differences between trade 
and scientific usage are always to be regretted. 

(1) Translate oxy- by hydroxy- when it des^nates hydroxyl, as is commonly 
the case in organic names. When oxy- designates the ketonic group (CO) it is 
preferably translated keto-. 

(2) Translate names of compounds the chief function of which ia alcoholic or 
phenolic so that the name ends in -ol; as, glycerol, resorcinol, mannitol, pinacol 

(3) When \be French ending -oj does not indicate hydroxy! it should be 
tnmslated -ole (as, anisole, indole), or in the case of a few hydrocarbons -ene 
(as bemol, bensene; toiuot, toluene; alyrol, styrene). 

(4) The ending -ine or -in should be translated -ine in the case of basic sub- 
stances and -in elsewhere; as, aniline, glycine, palmitiu, ^bumin. Exceptions 
are benxine (meaning benzene) and the names of alcohols and phenols (see (2)). 

(5) The form amido- should be so translated only when it denotes combina- 
tion with an acid group. Usually it is to be translated amino-', as, aeuU amir 
dtrpropioHtçue, aminopropionic acid; amidopHéTiol, aminophenol. The same 
holds Cor imido-, anihdo-, etc. 

(6) In such combining forma as bromo-, cyano-, chloro-, nitro-, etc., when 
tbey denote substituting radicals, the connective o is to be used invariably; as 


chl(^obemèneorehU>rbemène,chioTobcDzeae; acùIecAZoracât()>u«,chloroacetioacid. 
This usage is by no means universal, but those who cumot reconcile themselves 
to Buch spellings as " bromoacetic " should at least avoid the German forms 
bromphenol, acetphenetidine, etc., by uaing the connective o before consonants. 
(French literature does not contain so many of- theee objectionable forms as 
does the German.) 

(7) The French ending -one should be translated -one if it is the name of a 
hydrocarbon (or parent heterocyclic compound) which is f idly aalurated; other- 
wise, -an. Examples: methane, menthane, tolan, furan, pentosan. 

(8) Names of acids ending in -carboniqw are translated -cxtrboxylie, not 

1. General Statemeot 

{By Professor Frank Vogel) 

In general the tenses of aJl regular vei'bs and of most irregular verbs can be 
formed or recognized from the five principal parts, viz.: (1) present infinitive, 
(2) present participle, (3) past participle, (4) present indicative, (5) past 
definite indicative. 

(1) From the present infinitive, by adding directly -ai, -as, -a, -ora, -ez, -ont, 
the future indicative is formed. Likewise by adding -ow, -aig, -ait. -ioni, --iez, 
•aient the conditional present is obtained, but infinitives in -re always drop 

(2) From the present participle, by changing -ant into -ais, -aiB, -ait, -ions, 
-ter, -aienl, we obtain the imperfect indicative; and by changing -ant into -e, 
-«8, -e, -ions, -iez, -eni we obtain the present subjunctive. 

(3) The past participle with the auxiliary avoir for all transitive verbs (but 
with être for intransitives denoting motion, change of condition or position, 
and for reflexives) forms the compound tensee in the active voice. However, 
with the past participle and the required tense form of Are the tenses of the 
passive voice are formed. 

(4) The present indicative gives the imperative by dropping the pronoun 
of the second person singular and of the first and second person plural, also 
final H of the second person singular in the first (-er) conjugation is dropped 
except when followed by the pronouns -y or -en. 

(5) The past definite gives the imperfect subjunctive by ciianging the first 
person singular final i or a to sse, sses, -'t, seiojis, -asiez, -esenl. Note that the 
third person singular always has a circumflex {*) accent over the vowel (a, i, u) 
before the 1. 


2. Active Voice (and IntransftlTe Verbs) 
Laoer, brunir ajid rompre are used as Xy^f» of the three regular conjugatiooi 
in -er, -ir and -re. See the note about certain intransitive verba in paragraph 
(3) of the General Statement. 



BimvU Tetue* 

Compound Tenses 

Present Infinilwe 

Perfect Infinitive 

laver, to wash 

avoir lavé, to have washed 

PremU ParUciple 

lavant, washing 

ayant lavé, havii^f washed 

Past Participle 

h»vé, washed 

Present Indicative 

Past Indefinite 

j'e lave, I wash, am washing 

j'ai lavé, I have washed, I washed 

tu laves, you wash 

tu as lavé 

il lave, he washes 

a a lavé 

nous lavons, we wash 

nouB avons Uvé 

vous lavez, you wash 

vous avez lavé 

ils lavent, they wash 

ils ont lavé 

Imperfect Indicative 

Pluperfect Indicative 

je lavais, ï was washing, used to 

j'avais lavé, I bad washed, had bee: 

wash, washed 


tu lavais 

tu avais lavé 

il lavait 

il avait lavé 

nous lavions 

nous avions lavé 

vous lavies 

vous aviez lavé 

ik lavaient 

ils avaient lavé 

Past Definite 

Past Anterior 

je lavai, 1 waahed 

j'eus lavé, I had washed 

tu lavas 

tu eus lavé 

il lava 

il eut lavé 

noua lavâmes 

nous eûmes lavé 

vous lavâtes 

vous eûtes lave 

ils lavèrent 

ils eurent lavé . 



Fvtwe Alienor 

je laverai, I shall waah 

j'aurai lavé, I shall have washed 


tu auras lavé 

a lavera 

a aura hivé 

noua laveroaa 

nous aurons Uvé 

TOUS laveres 

vous aum lavé 

ils laveront 

ils auront lavé . 

Present CondiHonal 

CondUUmal Anterior 

je laverais, I should wash 

j'aurais lavé, I should have washed 

tu laverais 

tu aurais lavé 

il laverait 

il aurait lavé 

nouB laverions 

nous aurions lavé 

vous laveriez 

vous auriez lavé 

Us laveraient 

ils auraient lavé 


lave, laves,' waah (sing,) 

qu'il lave, let him waah 

lavons, let us wash 

lavez, wash (pl.) 

qu'ils lavent, let them wash 

Present Subjunclive 

Perfect SvbjwtelMe 

que je lave, that I may warfi 

que j'aie lavé, that I may have 


que tu laves 

que tu aies lavé 

qu'il lave 

qu'il ait lavé 

que noua lavions 

que nous ayons lavé 

que vous lavies 

que vous ayez lavé 

qu'ils lavent 

qu'ils aient lavé 

que je lavasse, that I might wash 

que j'eussa lavé, that I might have 


que tu lavasses 

que tu eusses lavé 

qu'il tavAt 

qu'il eût lavé 

que nous lavassions 

que nous eussions lavé 

que vous lavassiez 

que vous eussiez lavé 

qu'ils lavassent 

qu'ils eussent kv* 

* Onli' wb«n ti or tu foUom. 



bmnlr, to brovm rompre, to break 

(Only the simple tenses of these verbs are pven, the compound tense forms 
being exactly like those of lover with the substitution of bruni and rompu foi 


Présent Infinitive 
brunir, to brown rompre, to break 

Present Participle 
brunissant, browning rompant, breaking 

Paat Partieipte 
bruni, browned rompu, broken 

Present IndicaUve 

je brunis, I brown, am browning je romps, I break, am breaking 

tu brunis tu romps 

il brunit il rompt 

nous brunissons nous rompons 

vous brunissez voua rompez 

ils brunissent ils rompent 

Imperfect Indicative 

je brunissais, I was browning, used je rompais, I was breaking, used to 

to brown, browned break, broke 

tu brunissais tu rompais 

il brunissait il rompait 

nous bruoisBiOQS nous rompions 

vous brunisaicB vous rompiez 

ils brunissaient ils rompaient 

Past Definite 

je brunis, I browned je rompis, I broke 

tu brunis tu rompis 

il brunit il rompit 

nous brunîmes nous romptmeg 

vous brunîtes voua rompttee 

ile brunirent ils rompirent 

i,,Gt>i:)^le — 

je brunirai, I shall toown 

tu bruniras 


nous brunirons 

vous bnuûres 

ils bruniront 

je bruniitus, I should b 
tu brunirais 
il brunirait 
nous brunirions 
vous bruniriez 
ils bruniraient 


je romprai, I shall break 
tu rompras 
,il rompra 
nous romprons 
TOUS rompres 
ils rompront 

Prêtent Condiiùmal 
1 je romprais, I should break 

tu romprais 
nous romprions 
vous rompries 
ils rompraient 

brunis, brown (sing.) 

qu'il brunisse, let him brown 

brunissons, let us brown 

brunisses, brown (pi.) 

qu'ils brunissent, let them brown 

romps, break (sii^.) 

qu'il rompe, let him break 

rompons, let us break 

rompez, break (pi.) 

qu'ils rompent, let them break 

Present Stdijujictive 
que je brunisse, that I may brown 
que tu brunisses 
qu'il brunisse 
que noua brunissionB 
que vous hruniasieE 
qu'ils brunissent 

que je rompe, that I may break 

que tu rompes 

qu'il rompe 

que nous rompions 

que voiw rompiez 

qu'ils rompent 

Imperfect Suiyunctk 
que je brunisse, that I might brown que je 
que tu bruniBses 
qu'il brunit 
que nous brunisaioni 

that In 
que tu rompissee 
qu'il rompit 
que nous rompissions 
que vous rompissiez 
qu'ils rompissent 

3. Passive Tolce (ConJ notion of Ctre) 

The passive is formed from the past participle (which agrees with the subject 

in gender and number) by using with it the appropriate tense form of «re. 


Examples: û e»t lavi, he (or it) is washed; eUe a été lavée, she (or it) has been 
washed; ih serment brunis, they would be browned; ayant iU rompu, having 
been broken. The conjugation of être is as followe: 

étant, being 

Présent Indicative 
je Buid; I am, I am being 

il est, he IB 

été, been 

vous étee, you are 
ils sont, they are 

Imperfect Indieatioe 
j'étais, I was, was being, used to be 

tu as été, you hare been 
il a été, he has been 
noua avons été, we have been 
vous avez été, you have been 
ils ont été, they have been 

Pluperfect IndiccUiee 
is été, I had been 

tu étais, you were 

tu avais été 

il était, he was 

il avait été 

noiM étions, we were 

nous avions été 

vous étiez, you were 

TOUS aviez été 

ils étaient, they were 

ils avaient été 

Post Definite 

Piut Anterior 

ie fus, I was 

j'eus été, I had been 

tu fus, you were 

tu eus été 

il fut, he was 

U eut été 

nous fûmes, we were 

nous eûmes été 

vous fûtes, you were 

vous eûtes été 

ils furent, they were 

ils eurent été 


Future Anterior 

je serai, I shaU be 

j'aurai été, I shall bave been 

tu seras 

tu auras été 

il sera 

il aura été 

noua serons 

noua aurons été 


ayant été, having been 
Past Indefinite 
I have been, I w 

:, Google 


Prêtent Conditiorud Conditional Anterior 

i, I ehould be j'aurais été, I ehould have been 

s tu svirajs été 

ila seraient 

ils auraient été 

Boia, be (eing.) 
qu'il soit, let him be 
soyous, let us be 
aoyei, be (pi.) 
qu'ib soient, let them be 

Preêent Svi^unctise 
que je sois, that I may bo 
que tu sois 
qu'il soit 
que nous soyons 
que voua soyez 
qu'ils soient 

Perfect Su^t/uneKne 
que j'aie été, that I may have been 
que tu aies été 
qu'il ait été 
que nous ayons été 
que vous ayes été 
qu'ils aient été 

Imperfect St^U7tCtii>e 
que je fusse, that I might be 
que tu fusses 
qu'il fût 

que nous fussions 
que vous fussiez 
qu'ils fussent 

Pluperfect Sttbgunetiee 
s été, that I might have been 

que tu eu 
qu'il eût i 

qu'ils eussent été 

4. Beflexlve Terbs 

In the simple tenses, refleidve verbs are conjugated like the correspondii^ 
active forms, but with the use of the pronouns Tne, le, se, twits, vous, se (as the 
person sjid number may be). In the compound tenses, in addition to the use 
of the above pronouns the auxiliary Sire (instead of avoir as in the active forms) 
is employed; thus, Uwer (active), se laver (reflexive); oaoir Itw^ (active), a'itrt 
Imi (re^nve). 


Reflexive verbe are translated: 

(1) Reflexively; as, se laser, to TCash oneaelf. 

(2) Reciprocally; as, se laver, to wash ea«h other or one another. (The 

above two meanings are not usually given in the vocabulary.) 

(3) Passively; aa, se pMier, to be published. (This meaning is itften 

given, especially when it is a customajy one.) 

(4) Intransitively; as, I'or »e fond, the gold melts, gold melto. (Such 

meanings have been included as far as possible.) 

Ifte following inflections must serve as examples for the reflexive verbs: 

Present IndieaiiM Perfect ItidieaUve 

je me lave, I wash myself, I wash je me suis lavé, I have washed myself, 

I have washed 

tu te laves tu t'es lavé 

il se lave il s'est lavé 

nous nous lavons noua nous sommes lavés 

vous vous laves vous vous êtes lavée 

ilB se lavent ils se sont lavés 


.■by Google 


— abbm, (aij'mitriciue). 

•, pr. 9 line, of tmai 
Biiymnifltrifl (aJ) . 

à. pnji. to; M: on, in; o(: bf ; from; (Kword- 
ii« to. (When it ia used batween aubatui- 
tivH tlie second modifies the finit, Aa canne 

E (of a perpendjcular) ; 

«, moleoulu lowerinc (or deprea- 

op. let fttll (ft perpen- 
dicular) ; radiioQ (aji equation) ; bbata, re- 
duce, dimiidab, dapiesa; abase; degrade. 

' kiUiuc, ataughtar; de«tTuction, 
aemoLiuon; throwiiur down; loweriiu- 
d la poudre, blaatiiig. 
hydrauh^ae, hydrftulic «"ï^ïtij or eica- 

"ender deceDaratA, detariorata' 
BH. m. oaat (of animals) ; material cut or 
pulled down; alaughter; outtinc or pullinc 

ibatOl. - abatis. 
ibattolr, m. abati 

. «lauaït«rhODaa. 
>.U kaock dowD. throT down, o 
pulldown; kiU, Hlaushl^r; doprc* 

— i.r. fall, fall down; abab 

come diacoura^ed. 
■bci«, m. abaoeei. 
■bdue, /. abeoina. 

I. leadinc away; (PliviM.) abdu- 

deUvet; tube. 

I. alphabetical; elecaentaryp 
Bbellle, /. bee. 
■bCUt«, /. nltroclyeerii- 
abèClTt T-t itupefy, render stupid. 
abhorrer, v.t. abhor, defeat. 
■bHilDe, /. abieUn. 

BbMUnte, /. (Sol.) a tree of the fir genui 
lAbie»): broadly, any of Tarioua eomfera. 
BblétJguv, a. abJEtio. 
mblnWiin. abysa. depth, deep; (Canillei) tallow 

ftbltuer^a.f. injure, apoil; niin, destroy, engulf, 
OTBTwhelm, — T-r, spcnl; sink, be engulfed. 

kblOKentM, /. abiogeneeia. 

abUtton, /. ablation, remoTs). 

ablatlvo, adv. in confusion, promiaeuously. 

■blette, /. bleak (a Eah with dlvery scalea). 

abliuiiti a. <£ n. abluent, detergent. 

■blnel', t.I. waah. waah olT, 

■bol, m. bark, barking; bsy, (last) sasii, 

BboUr, i.r. aboheh; cancel, annul, repeal. 
~ Huemeati m., aboUlion, /. aboUshment, 
abolition, etc. (eee abolir). 

buudantly; copioualy. 

■bondanec, /. 

lundinc, plenti 

subscribe; coatraet. 

•hanidr, >.l. imprors. — 1.{. dt r. become good 

abHtrheor, m. absorber, —a. sbeocbinc. 

or better, improve. 

•hard, «. spptoBch. 

d-— . fiiBt. at firet. 

mbsoDdrc, i.l. absolve, acquit, excuse. 

»bH>IIB, p.p. Dt tibeoudie. 

dj> i'~. from the fint. 

sbMtnt, pr. S «nff. at abeoudn. 

»kit«tlr, ..r. abstain, refrain. 

kbstcncr, t.l. dean», clean. 

sbortlf, a, * m. Bborti've. 

>lul«r«ir, a- abstergent, detergent. 

absQent, pr. S ^w. of abatsnir. 

■likeJ.JuDctioD: (fliol.) snastomosis; inter- 


aboDcber, ..l. join end to end (u tubes) ; bring 

result; have reaull, aucoecd; (of i 
abecees) come to a head; {Boi.j bud. 
abontlsuDt, p.a. abutting, etc. (eee abouti 

mbnsif. n. abrasive. 

mbr^é, m. abridgmeat, Bummary, réeum^, ab- 

etract. —p.i. abridged, brief. 
Abr^er, t,t, abridge, abbreviate, ehorten. 

abreiiTiWei abreaiement. m, soaking, etc. 

■brenicr, t.l. soak, saturate; wal«r; irrigate; 

iFaintina) prime, eiw; CSoopI lye. 
BbrtTlaUon, /. abbreviation. 
abrl, m, shelUr, cover, refuge; specif., dugout. 
à V- — dfl, proteded from, aheltered from, 

abricotier, m. apricot tree. 
abriter, s.l. ebeller. cover, protect. 
abroger, i.f. abrogate; repeal. 
abselBM. /. abscissa. 

1 (.Arlemiii 

— pontique, Komau wormwood (Arltmiaia 

abrintlie, a. sbôutbiated. 

abaoln, a. absolute ; peremptorf. 

«baoliinicut, ode. absolutelr: penmptorily, 

abvaliant,, of absoudre. 

abnlTcat, pr. 3 pi. of absoudre. 

abvorbant, a. absorbent, absorptive, absorb- 
ing, absorption. — m. absorbent; (flxpfo- 
tive*) dope. 

(. absorb. — t.r. be absorbed. 

abstrait, a. abetrac 

■betrsItëmeBt, adv. abstraotly; abstractedly. 

abslnrant, of abstraire. 

abstrteb, m. •= crasse noire, under craeit. 

abstitu, a. abstruse. 

absurde, a. absurd. 

absnrdemeiit, adu. abeurdly. 

abannUté, /, absurdity, absurdnees, 

abus, m. abuse, misuse; error, mistake. 

sbaaer, v.i. (with ds) make ill use of, abuse. 
— r.^ deceive. — r.r. be deceived, be mis- 

Bbnsir, ti, abusive, excessive. 

abrsBlD, a. Abyssinian. 

ablDI. m, (Lead) s 

et. 01 


lademy fin ils French sensée}, 
lOgany; cashew (Anocordium 


verwhelming. oppressive, au- 

OQopoliiation. monopoly. 

I. load. 


acceptcnr. m. acceptor (as ( 

■cceptlOQ, /. regard, préfèrent: 

ing (of words], 
acets. Kl. access; attack (of fe 
Bcccssolie, a. A m. accessory. 

. _ cident, utddent&lly. 
Bcddente), a. acddeaUJ, adventicioaa. 
■eeldeiiMlement, adt. usoidentallr. 

; plftce lide by ndi 
(Printino) braw ; Binbraee. — t.r. beoon 
stuok together <u a nibbar tube). 
1. sooammodatiiia. 

immodiitc, adapt: 
put up (with). 
«ccomnm i M. t.l, MMompaiur: luit, harmoni» 

t m. aooord: agn 
aoreed; in baooti 

■ccoapWi p.a. ooupled. Joined. 
■ecoDHement, m. eouplina. pairing; , 
u ni t in g; (AfocA.) oouplLug, coimecl 
•ceonidcr, (.1. couple, pair; join, 

declan; aoknowled^ (reoeipt, 
Ménaplitbut, m, aoeaapbtbeDS. 
ufinte, n. atvelini. etc. (see aofeer). 
»c&>ln, a. relatinc to or of the nature oi >te 

- ateel, «Ualy. 
M«rbei a. (of taatca) obarp, banb, aorid. 

rC, p.a. steeled, edced 
«harp, keen. 

imper; rendec keen. 

: tipped witJi fteel; 

BCetmL m. aoetaL 

BcétanlUde, /. aoetanilide. 
acCtatv, m. acetate. 

— d'ahanins, aluminium » 

'4 UqmrUt (PAorm.) ■ 

— feniQue liquida, {Ffiatm. 

of lead Bubacetata. 
MetUcaaon, /. aceUfici 

uettmétrle, /. 

Kétmc, /. acet 

<cif., (lacial ac 
— rnitallitabl,. Klacial at 
monodUari, n 
acide — trvMoré. tricbJoroacetie actd. 
BCCtol. m. ketol: acetol; (Pimm.) Boetolatui 
■ottomel. m. (PAarm.) oiymeL 
acCtamelU, a. treated or mixed vilh oxymel 
BCétomètre. m. acetioBter, acetometw. 
M^tometrle, /. acetimetry, acetemetrr. 
■cétoDe. /, ketone: acetone. 
acCtoDémle, ■célombenle, /. acetonemia. 
■eéloDlqnei a. ketonic: acetonic; of or coi 
tainlng aoet^ne. 

■célannrle, /. acetoDuria. 

I, /. ftcetoglty. «Mtou» quality. 
aeétoilEQA, m. ketonme; acetoidme. 
aeet-pHenetliUiM, /. (PAorm.) phsaiuwtm, 

»c«tphciietidiii (p-boetophenetide) ■ 
mcetrUeCtate, m. uetoHoeUle. us^tylw»Ute, 
kcttrUef dqiie, a. acetousetic. SECtyUoetio. 
BcétyUeétoDe, /. acstylacetoi» (2,4-peii- 

aeCtrlant, p. a. aoetyUtine. 
Beetle, m. iicstyl. 
keftrUae. m. acetylene. 

mcétrUnlqne. a, of or pcrtainiiic to acetylu». 
atétfler, r.t. acetylate. 
'■ " m. aoetylide. 

I. (S0IO achene- 

ttenae, furiouii, deeporate. 

be bent or net^ be infuriated. 

mchat, m. purehue, pumhauiv. 

•chc, /. soy piBDt of the genua Apium (of 

whioh «lery a one ipecia); pmley. 

acldear, m. (Bltaehint) acid-liquor mu. 

MldUaat, P.O. acidifyini. — m. acidifier. 

— d* nuMlmme, skirret. 

— d» mamû, smallace, vild celery. 

rutu. tor aeparating the fatty acidi fron 


MldlAer, r.I. Hoidify. — D.r. become amd; tor 

Mldlmeirie,/. acidimotry. 

turn (toward). 

addlie,/. acidity. 

arhev^e. m. finWiin*. 

«Mole, o. acidulous, nubacid. 

Mherï, P.O. finiahod, perfect; wonwiiit. 

•cMnK, p^. acidulated; acidulous. 

MldDlcr, ..1. addulate. 

aelMTer, i.l. Snish; complete; conclude. 

■cter, m. BteeL 

— d «mm, sun steel. 

adlCTOlT, m. finishing tool; finisUoE room. 

— n^n^, fined steel. 

uhiaée, /. any plant of the genua AchOUa On- 

— d OBlil». tool etsd. 

cludinB milfoil or yarrow). 

— it rmort, spring steeL 

— o«t»re. boron steel. 

uhoUe, /. Hcholia. lack of bile. 

— ou cAronM, chrome steel. 

achopper, ..i. <t r. atumble. 

— <m r««rMr*, reverberatory imsMS sImL 

— b««•.»^fl<, bhstersteei. 

■chrDDile, /. BchromBtism. 
BCbromlque. a, achroniic, oalor1e«. 
BclcDlalie, a. acicular, needlo4haped. 

mMc det ehamhnt, ohamber add. 

-^-' du f^trm^ eitrifl add. 

— du tartr9, (destro) tartaric aofcd- 

— ffrat, fatty acid. 

— H. H Rold. 

— mdrin, hydroehloria acid. 
— -mineral, mineral acid, 

— Ihymique, thymic 

(For the meaning of other phraate of 

id (often used, esp. in 
m of thymol but also 
leic acid hydrolysis 

— cémenté, cement steel. 

— chrOTfiA. chrome steel. 

— ctmlé^ cast steel, ingot ete«l. 

— danuuit, damask steel. 

— de Damai. DuosBCUB steel, di 

— dt fonU, furnace steel. 

— de forge, forge Btoel, fined stM 

— dt fuaiffn. cast steel, ingot ste 
-(fcrinpM, ingot aleel. 

— det Indtf, woots, Indian at« 

Mkr dtux foil corroi/é, daubl»«h«ar Bt«d. 

— dou2. mild ated, Eoft ate^l. 

— dw, — durci, hard Bt«eL 

— ferreux, half AteeJ. 

— Stmdu, coAt Bt«el» ingot fltoel. 
— ^bndii ou cmmt, onidble «teeL 

— forcé, foraged steel. 

— tTuKm, wooti, Indian steel. 

— laminé, rollad eieel. 

— maUfaMi. malleBbte Bt«cl. (ores itod. 

— morcAami, roll«d BC«el. 

— mouU, CAAt n(«el. 

— nofvref , Datural (rt«el. 

— nidaU. nickel steel; iiicke1.^1ab 

— jiàîi, polished steel. 

— Touit, bliBter steel. 

— puddW, puddled steel. 

— raffnt, refined steel. 

— raffini à deux marquee, double-s 

— raffini à iuu marque, sioale-eheft 
— -recuit, reheated fiteeJ. tempered 

— MUPODS, wild steel. 

— touilable, welfUiwiate^ 

— «oajf, «eld steel. 

— spécial, special steel. 
^ — supérieur, hard steel. 

— Imdr», soft steel. 

' — stf. bard steel. 
Ml«nce, m. steelina. 
If f. steelina; 

, steel work 

mcMrle, /. steel mill, steel plan 
Mlef-nlckel, m. nickel steel. 
Bclast«, a. aolBBtio. 
tHwmpte, T», payment. inatsDi 

— napel, monkshood (Aconitum najwHw). 
MonlUne, /. aconitine. 

mcoalOqae, a. sconitio. 
MMK, m, (Bol.) Aeon». 

— odorant, — vrai, calamus, sweet flag (A 

MOtrlédone, MOtyUdone, a. acotyledonoui 
ft-conp. m. jerk, start, sudden movement o 

iMr, i.f. aoquire; attain, obt^O! pni> 
ehue: «soertaJn (afact). — r.i. improve. 

( ting- of acquérir. 

acquired, etc. (see acquérir). 

vledae. — p. def. 1 A t rinfi. of 

aequIt-à-caDUoili m, permit 

Kcqnlttement, m. payment; 
Mqnltter, e.l. pay, discharge, 
gation); receipt; acquit. 
len, a. acrid. 
Icraté, /. acridnesg. acridity; 

acrolélne, /., 
aerolélqaa. c 
acryllqne, a. 

cOon, /. actio 

n; share 

(of st«ck); geeticuto- 

tion; anim 

ation (in 

speaking, etc.). 

— dtprioriU 

ce share (not sjmony- 




s with M 

mmon share). 

— pri^ffilt. 

de priorité. 

— proleOrice, 

e action. 

movabb; (Inic) 

MHvltf,/. activity; {Maeh.) • 
Mtnmllt^ /. actuality. 
•«toel, a. actual; present; at 


6 aérien 

then, Bt Ihst time. 

meuM. f. »iut«ii«g. 

occupy onoBlf (with). 
adopter, f.l. adopt. 

screUqnB. a. scydic 

MTK, p.a. BcyUted. 

adorer, -.I, adore. 

mcyfer, i.t. uyU(«. 

adOB, m. slope, talus; eloping bed (in gardaoa): 

iAeric.) riàse. or tillage in ridges. 

adosse, p.a. having the back sgainit KHQ^ 

adapter, r.f. 5t, odjiut; adapt, sui 

thing, supported at the back (said, Bj;.,of 

St: auil; apply. 

a Ubls fastened to a waU). 

adosser, t.t. «t the back of (agaiiut), support 

at the back, teao, rest. 

adoucir, v.l. aottea; eweatcn; smoath; polidi; 

d-aade. miied or treated with 

acid, to 

round oS; (Aftfol.) soDeal; make milder. 

whicJi Mid hM been added); add 

add up., /. .onveyiD*. piping (« of water). 

become soft^ sweet or mild, be relieved or 

adeolDB, /. adenine. 


adepte, m. 4 /. adept. 

Bdberence, /. adherence, adhadon. 

Cofmetab.etc,); poliahin* powder; soften- 

adhèrent, a. adherent, adhering. 

ing (of colore). 

adbercr, v.i. adhere, cling, stick. 

adbfslon,/. adhedon. 

(see adoucir).; Srst polish (of metals). 

adUbatlBme, m. adiabatic etate 

or phe- 

adorn, m. woad. 

•«lantc, m. (Boi.) adiantum, maidenh 

adlpeni, a. adipose. 

adreuer, i.l. addrese: send, forward. — i.r. 

address oneself; be addressed; ^iply; 

•dlpageme, /, (P/,v8Mi.) production of fat. 


adipose, /. (Med.) adiposia. 

adroit, o. adroit, eïpert, élever. 

adsorber, v.l. adsorb. 

adjoignant, p.p. of adjoindre. 

adsorption, /. adsorption. 

■dlolsnlt, p.dif. S Eins. of adjoindra. 
adjoindre. ...(. adjoin, attach. 

adulte, a. ± m. or f. adult. 


— m. adjunct, aasociatei asaiatant 


adulterer, t.i. adulterate. 

— pr.S ana. of adjoindre. 

aduste, a. burnt, adust. 

advenir, r.i. happen, befall. 

aOlDSer,!.!. adjudce: award; seU |at 

adjuvant, «, * m. adjuvant. 

advenu, p.p. of advenir. 


(of a company), manager, trustee 



pr. SpJ, 

advient, w. S ting, of advenir. 
aérateur, m. aerator ; fan, ventilator. 

admirer, «.I. admire; wonder at. 

aère, P.O. aerated; ventilated; aired, airy. 

admis, p.a, admitted, etc. (see ad 


aérra', ^.l. a«talc; veuUlat»; air. 

aérleo. a, aerial; of tt 

1, a. nËTobic. — ffi, afiroba. 

Bteocta». a. Sea gu aêrogiae, under ge 
BffoUtlie, m. aerolite, nSnilitb. 
■éfoHtUqiie, a. aerolitio. 
•fntmètre, m. nerometer. 
a^Onietrle, /. fteninietr;. 
>enwtet, m. ïirostat (used in lYeuob oi 

•ente,/. iia«1estone. setite». 
uttUdiWt T,L render insipid or B 

d«ÂdAû; diHguat. — s.r. beaoa 

flit; pbU. 
aflUUssuil, P.O. inspid, S&t. vapir 
albdlMementi m. imipidity, flsti 

UbHr, I J. weaken; dilate; reduce, 
debase (coinace), — v.i. become 


j: debility. 

BflUbUsseur, a. neakening; IPholoe.) reduc- 
ing. — m. (PAolDii,) reducer. 

al&tn, /. affaire thina, matter, question, etc.; 
(also pi') business: occupation; undert^- 
mt; fortune; difficulty^ dauger; quarrel; 
battle, engagement; (legal) owe; need. 

■^•C^ ■>. postins, ete. (bm affiolui). 
Bdiei /. Ull, poater, plaoard. 
Bckw, t.t. past, post up; annoiuuia, pobGib; 
parade; expose. 

a. sharpened, sharp. 

afflUtf, v.t. affiliate. — v.r. jcôn (an organis»- 

>8li]« a. aiuular; related, at-law. 

afllnace, m. refining, ete. (see affina-). 
— anylaû. (JlfetaJ.) puddling. 

affineiTienti m. refining, etc. (see affiner). 

affluer, >. I. refine; fine; ripen (cheese); beokl* 
(fiai); point (necdin, etc.). — n.r. beooma 
pure, bBoame refined; (oF cheese) ripen; 

■mncrle, /. reGDor. 

■IHneilT, m, refiner. 

■fflnllKln, a, of or pertaining to affinity. 

■fllnlté, /. affinity. 

ainnnatlvement, ado- affirmatively. 

e, m. {Paptr) thinning the pulp. 
'evel, fiueh; properly miied. 
m. leveling: (Otol. it Mining) 

tie level of; bring to 
ix in proper proportion 
be level or flush; (of 

I, fiow, run; throng; abound, 
p.a. (of the msgnetia needle) disturbed, 

ainiuattc, m. (Jron) fuel supply, 
■innilllement. m. undenulidiig. caving In, 
erosion; exfeliatioo (by mat); cavity; 

afnnUUer, i.l. undermine, erode. 
affranchir, 1. 1, free. liberate, deliver, exempt; 
pay, prepay; fire (casks); trim, torn 

affraneUHBeiiient. m, freeing, etc, (see affran- 

alTréter, •.!. charter (a vessel). 
allMiueiiieiil, adt. frightfnlb', horribly. 
B&Tcui.-a. frightful, fearful; hideous; detest- 

affront, m. affront; disgrace. 

KKtcb. lookout: Mdina pl*oa: 
B^e (of a tun). 
— df , OD tbe lookout tco'. 

aOùba, 1 1 sbaipen. 

BflUleOr, m. sharpeuer. 

■On que. in order that, «• tli»t 

■Moln. a. Athou. 

Afrique./, Afri™. 

— <ju fiwi. South AfricL 

ÏCUIM, o. (flo(.) B«unDU>. 

MUlc, ™. Mwic. 


— None, — pargati}. whit* aj 

laric, purgin» 

■«aiic (foiw»™ c#«nalù 

wate. /. «g»te. 

MatlBCT, »atlaM-, ..I. ugatin. 

■gare, agsTe, m. sbbyb. 

!>.. «. age. 

«t«, a. seed. old. 

«Cencement, m. Birangement: 

(pJ.) fittings. 


■CeDC^t D.t. arrange; diipo». 

adjuBt, orders 

fit up. 

■««ula, m. m^marsadum book, 


■(«raaUler. c.r. ksefl. 

■g«Dt, m. ae^ut; medium. 

-de liaùm. mean, of union 

(On,. Chtm,) 

. flp«cif.: fuel ZELade int 
fomi of briquete or lumps from coal duet 
or the like; unrefined sugar molded 
biiquetfl; rnav oompoeed of a miiti 
manganeae diodd* and coke for Leclanchâ 


aclUnt, P.O. agitating. 
agltatear, n. rtiner, qieinf. . 

d with a diak-sbaped 

— micanypÀe, meehanical etii 
ittTweinc) maflhiug apparati 

— ordinaire, ordinary gluq at 

^Itatloiit /. agitation (atirring, ehaking, etc.). 
aclter, i.l. agitate (stir, sbake, disturb, etc.). 

— t.r. be agitated, be in motion, 
a^mCnnt. aglntliiàBe. etc. See agglom^ 

acneaiit m, lamb. 

■snelliw, a. In lai'ni ogiutini. lamb's wool 

acrafCt/, fastening (of varioua kinds), faatenar, 


mctBiidlgsement, m. i 


«fréable, a. atEreeable, pleaaant, pleasing, 
Bgreablement, ain. agreeably, pleasantly. 
Bgrfier, v-t. accept, receive favorably; approve; 

permit, — D,i. be pleaûng, be accô>tabte. 

•Cr^stioii,/. aggregation; aggr^ate; admis- 
sion (into a society or company) ; (uiiivttr- 
HÎty) fellowship, admisaon Ut a fellowship. 

afifsC, m, a person who has been declared 
fitted to teach in a secondary school or in 
a university, fellow, temporary profeasor. 

BETËCH, 1.1. aggregate; admit (into a sookty). 

agretneiit, m. consent, 

ness, plsassatnesa, charm ; pleasure; i 

— d4 habtrndoire, labontory va 
à I' — <Je, with the bU of. 

do, i.l. tiairt, help, ud. — 1> 
TEulEe un {of) ; hdp oiusafilf or 
axsrt oniwdf ■ 

— en i'aidani de, with the Bid 
employnLBQt of- 

— - - nfflenr, n. (Ofon) blower' 
ii. erandfather; (pt.) uioei 

•IcnlMce. alKittMDient, n. vûdifioatùai 
IDlser. v.l. «lidify: statpen, 
li f7>. any ^iflciea of AUium; unully, garho 
(Allium Hlinim). 

(of a pfopdler) 

— At mouHn, (Glaaa} a waipc 
hy cylinder elaas when thi 
naca ie too aold. 
i ftllét a- winced. 

'leron, m. blade, paddle (as < 

bird's wing); T ' ' 

wins, blade, fin; lug. fiance. 

■Ixrelet, a. sourish, subacid, iligbtly sour. 

Blsremoliie, /. (Bol.) acnmonv. 

Blgremore, m. powdered soft wood charooal, 

lued in pyrotechaica. 
klgret, a. slittbtly »c 
aigrette. /. a.' 
slsretté, a. h 

metals) brittleo' 
new; (Ucd., pi. 

cold-ehortneaa; hsjsh- 


if — , mofsoTei. beôdes. further, in addition 

-, by Boother w^. by other means. 
e, a. lovely, amiable, kind. 
tt n. macnet; loadstone. 

à cheval, horseshoe magnet. 


tieed, become magnetic. 
altnantlii, a. magnetic: adamai 
•liner, v.!. love, like, be fond of. 

i, Uke. be fond of. 

alsrlMemcnt, m. ai 

WBdb, < 

alfuEDe,/. needle; pointer, index, hand; BjÛTe, 
pinnacle, peak; IRailtnayt) switob. pcanta. 

— d c&udre, sewing nsedJe. 

— aimanUi. macnetie needle. 

— à trirater, knilting needle. 

— dt louHole, oompass needle. 
^d*fanl, 6Hucpin. 

— * pta, pine needle. 
_—™ M de plaHne, platinum needle. 

"* — "" a. necdle-^iiqiodi acioular. 

/■ lon_. 
fireamui) filing pi 


né, a. eldest, elder, senior. 
lul. adv. BO. thus. — conj. i 

ir« m. air; (in fumacas) blast. 

— ambiant, atmoeithere. 
^^ carbura earburetted air. 

— comprimé, compressed air. 

— fixt, (Old Cliem.) fixed ait 

p; (of 

dated air, specif, choke damp. 
vital, (Old C*«B.) vital air (oxygen gaa). 
in, m. brome; brass Cm the old indefinite 
«enw ol copper alliqF}. 

■trahi de CormOu, Corinthias bronie, Corin- 
thlan bnUB («Uo; of copper, giild and 

•!(•> /■ uw; (Smt) nufue: floor, floor ap&cel 
platform: heûth, aole (of a f amacfi) ; bed ; 
fan (ad of a bammer) ; a«ie- 
— ■ dt ffriUm/g, roaatiiiff hearth, roastïriB fur- 

— (b fmt, point of the conipaa. 
Bbdle,/. whortleberry, blueberrj' (Fiiccinium). 
bIi, m. board; (of a caik) itave; ibelf. 

— ' de carton, pasteboarâ. 

uiaatt, m. addition. 

aloatcr, t.l. ± n. add. — >.r. be added. 

— toi à. put f ùth in. beUeve. 
KlODtall, m. - ajutage. 
alnstace. m. adjuslios, flttiiuc, floiabing. 
ajiutementi m. adjustmeiit, etc. (see ajuster). 
■Joiter, i,(. Bdiuit; fit; Gtup, srrausc: tune; 

aim, aim at; attire, adorn; (.Mitch.) fit. 

— p.r. be adjuatfld; he Ëttfid; 6t; agree; 

be Tvceuciled: drem. 
alluteilT, m. adjuster; fitter; siier (of coiiu). 
«Jnatalr, tn. coin balance. 
■Jntase> ">- outlet tube, efflux tube, diacbarge 

tube or pipe, ajutage; (o( a burette) tip. 
ajntali, m. — ajutage. 

- oriffilal. Oriental alkbutor (oaloareout 
■IbeiKSi /- oUngstooe peaoh (cr aprioot). 

n. albumow. 
I, /. (.Org, Chan.) alkalaœjde [an 

inoe, aJkateMena; 

. alkaUganous. — 
ofd name for nitrogen). 

baiytic.coDtaJninx alkali metal and barium. 
•loUna-plDinbUfcv, a. (Crram.) atkslino- 
ilumbiferous, eontaimng alkaU metal and 

iDO^aJé, a. {Soap) alkatin&Aalinei con' 
^nioi alkali and Bait. 
Ino^Ulceiu, a. alkalinofliliceoua, eontain- 


alkaline-earth metal. 
mieallwtlon, /. alkaliiation. 
•Icallser, v.t. alkaliie, render alkahne, 
■kalolda, a. a^kabid. alkalmdal. — tn 

— zltHal, vegetable alkaloid, plant sllcalmd. 
skiliUqiH, s. alkaloid, alkaloklal. 
aimau. alcaiTBaa, m. alcanaia (wata 
ooolar of porous earthenwara). 


alcWtiilatc. m. ■Johemiit. 
•iMMd, m. alcohol. 

— t^ïwtt. obtnlutfi alfjohol. 
- — otivliQut, allyl alcohol. 
^ amyHque, unyl alcohol. 

— omyHqw dt ftntuniation, amyl aloohol 
fermeoUtion (a miitim a( 2- and 3- 

— anintpu, anisyl aloohnL 

— &tfnfl;/tfu«. bffTuyl aïoohr 

— buftflwus, butyl alcohol. 

— camphoH^ui. bomeol. 

— caproii^ut, huyl alcohol. 
^ caprirfi(7ti«, octyl alcohoL 

' — earburi. cajburctted aloohoL 

— dryHque (or eéroti(/u9). crayl aloohoL 

— de cour, in the rectification of alcohol, tbc 
third portiDD to dbtiU over, toUoning the 
tnot/en* ffoûù and precedinfE the bon ovût^ 

— de ftcule, atarfih epirit, fecula bnndy. 

— de npti^. ipi] ' 

— dêTuOuTt, denatund &1cd1id1 
~ dilué, diluted alcohol, dilute alcohol 

— ffimiusfrid, industrial alcohol, 

— tthalitpie, oetyl alcohol, etJial. 

— Hhytinique. ctycot, ethylene glycol (1, 

— «Atriiow. ethyl alcohol. 

— fin. in the rectiScation of alcohol, the 
pureêt portion of the diet^ate, Cologne 
spirit. It IB the finrt part of the bon boûi. 

^ futfiifotigue, furfuryi alcohol (2'fuTan- 

I, alcohol fi 

tit ffoùif annyl alcohol of fermentation 
(s miitun of 2- and a-mcthyl-l-bulsnol). 

— jntiitai^ue. melinyl (myricyl) alcohol. 
' — pUtAirfwue. methyl alcohol. 

— mj/rieique, myricyl alcohoï. 

— ordinaire, common or ordinary alcohol 
(ethyl alcohol; specif .. h distillate of about 
80 to 95 per cent strength). 

— pUnvUlAyliviK, phenethyi tJcohol. 

— pipénmyti^uer piperonyl alcohol. 

— primam, primary alcohoL 

— propoTwliffUd, propargyl aloohcd, 

— prvpv£t{fue> propyl alcohol. 

— Hcondoà-fl, jncondary alcohoL 

— fuMnfuv (or nbéryH^ue). aubeiyl alcohol 


ID invar'. mermpUn, thiol. 

— Ihionytiquet »e thionyliquc. 

— raniUiipit, vanillic alcohol, vanillyl aleûhol, 
- — Hnigut. vinio alcohol, ethyl alocjid. 

■IcooUae. /. alcoholase (lymaiie). 

mlcooUt, m. (Fliann.) spùit (strictly, one mada 
from alcohol and a plant by dkBtillatioD; 
one made simply by diisolviiig the vi^tile 
principle in alcohol la properly called tei'n- 

— amnumiacaî aromaiiQue, aromatic spirit of 

— ammimiatTOl Jftid/, fetid spirit of UU' 

— ajititcorbutitfue, compound spiiit of honft> 

I». (On Cliem ) ale 

/. (Pharm) tinct 

herb or herbs alcoholature 

atcoolË. m, (alrwhobc) tincture 

(For the meaning of phrasee 

idins phrases 

BlcooUsE, P.O. alo hoLied 
aJcoollBtne» m. alcoholism 
Kloooloiiiètlc, m alcoholometer 
KlcootomCbrle, /. alcobolometry 
Kleoolysei /, alcoholyais 
alcoolrser, c.I. ale holyie 
alGOomttre, m. alcoholometer 

_ . . loloocopj alcobolometry. 

mlcoosnl, m. alcosul 
attoyUtloii, /. aUiylalioa. 
alcoyle, m. alkyl. 
■leoflé, p.a. ^kylated; alkyl (as, mdiaU ol- 

coT/U, alkyl radical). 
Meorler, i.l. alkylate. 
aldèliydate, m. compound with an aldehyde. 

atdébrde, m. aldehyde. 

— acfttjiie, acetic aldehyde, acetaldohyde, 

— aiiylique. acrolein. 

— frmB^VVî, benzoic aldehyde, benialdehyde. 

— fculvK^™, butyl aldehyde (either normal 
butyraldehyde or isobutyraldehyde). 

— ctrmamigne, cinnamic aldehyde, cinnam^ 

' Duic aldehyde, orotonald». 

»Idehrde i: 

•WeiiTtte eumi«ivt, cumic slrHebyde. rnunalde- 
hyde, cutninaidehyde. 

— éthaliQut, palmitoldehydfi- 

— Uhyti^vt, ethyl aldehyde (aoetaldehyde). 
— '/orntffutf, formmldeh^le. formie aldehyde. 

— gflKolilpw, slycolaldehyide, gljioolie alds- 

— ononlAiiltttue, enButbaldehyde, enanthole, 

— pmUaUSdagat, protocatechnaldehyde, 
protocatochuic aldehyde. 

^ êatieiflique. Balicyloldehyde. sahcylic aTde- 

^ — toluique, tolualdehyde. toluic aldehyde, 

— IriMori, tnohloToacetaldehydB, chlnral. 

— mtfH(t«, valeraldehydo, valerie alde- 

— vinv/ue, scetaldehyde. 
•idehrdhjiic, a. aldehydio, aldehyde (as, 

groupement aidtliudiipu!, aldehyde gitiup). 

«./. aldoheiose. 
J, m. Bldol. 

n, /. aldoliuatioD. 

aUnwiitiriTe, □. alimentary, for or peitai 
to food; (Mech-) feed, foedin^. 

m. iMeck.) feeder, feed. 

BHnwDtatkin, /. KhmenUtlon. nutritign; 

ale,/, ale. 

■Urn, «. chance, ha 

aKsloIre, a. Iiaiarc 

mUne, /. awl. 

alentour, adr. around, h]i< 

^ bore, bore amooth, diUL 

Bieaoir, m. bwinc tool or m ac hin e, bore 

broach, reamer, bit. 
■Kfa>«, /. borinci. 
aUMi, m. (fiiu.) Aletria. 

— /ari«ui, ooUo root (A- farinosa). 
almnniittre, m. aleurometer. 

almlne,/. alexin. 

Bift, n. eeparto, alfa bSKtu lenaciitima). 
alfCnlc* m- alpbenie. sucar candy. 
mUtnlde, m. alfenide. 

^^ algaroWUa. 
hi m. powder of Aliaroth, alssioth. 
Dt/. alffpbra. 

o. algebraio(aI). 

\. algebraically. 
»^a, n. Aleiare. 
AlgMe,/. Alseria. 

e,/. (Bol.) alga (ii).al«»). 
'a,/, alidade. 

aUmenti m. food; 

(^ocA.) material ë 
iBaet.) medium. 

ipplied. supply, feed; 

■Umenteai, a. nouiiahinc, nutritive, alimi 
allnte, m. paragraph ; break. 
■Uplutlqnc, a. ahphatic, 
■Uqnote, a. aUquot. — /. aliquot part. 

sUe, p.p. of allai [to go) . 
•netemeDt, m. liiditaniiig, eagios. relief. 
alIéseT, I.I. lighten, ease, relieve, alleviate. 
tiOfSfr, v.t, reduce in ein or thicknea. 
alHciei a. brisk, Uvely ; vivaoious; gay. 

□(, odv- briskly^ Kaïly. 

, /. brieknea, livelineA; vivaû^. 
anËlola, m. wood sorrel (pxalia acelaBeUo). 
/. Germany. 

tnd, a. <t m 

aWnlqne, a 

allé - 

1. aliène. 

le (as, hyttroearbure aUénîque, 

ng, be about (to). 

aunt; fit; b< 
ti infini^vej bi 
-, (with en) s< 

othout saying, be se 
;o together, harmon! 

lUIace,/. ïlloyi UriM.) allicstiou. 

— ({■ Wood, Wood's Blloy, Wood's melal. 
:t- <1( fio«. Ross's alloy, Roh'b metal. 
*^^nce./. sUiviM. 
•fté, p 

■llnTtoiuiement, m. alluviati 

all^e, Ri. allyL 

allele, B. allyl. 

BllylMle, m. nUylsne. 

""~" a metAllio dsri^ 

f. (jVtn ) almKndile, almi 
' alosa, hor» aid 

tube; Uie j&okBt oi 

•loetlae, /. BloAtin. 

extension, atretcbiiia. atrotoh. 
lenetheo, elongaM, pcolou; 

— i.r. ISDcthen, etas' longer; 

mJû. it imptr. 1 pi. of 
/. (Win.) iiUophuie. 

_ /. alloQiïpy. 

^ .idlotmptaue, a, allotropiii. 
-"-' ' jn. allatropieia. 

^illiline-lètt« m. Idadlinc, piwe o1 
iltnnn Kill m. cu lightra'. 

1. light, kindle, set fii 
f umaoe, a Hie like) ; excite. 
t>ksBre,liabt up; be eiciled 

.^- ehtmiQiu, chemie&I match. 
— ■ congrive. Congre ve match. 

— dttùntê, safety match; fusi 

— toufi4e, xutlur match, brimv 

— jthorphariqut, phofiphorus m 

— ntdaii "—' - 


Bourse, direotioo; worldog (of i 

-^ (TIM, (Metai.) pODt * 

ffus, viwa ; even if, althi 
i}u> ~, till then, 

render heavy; 

Blpbmbétlque, a. B]phabetic(al}. 
alptaabétlqaeinent, adt. alphabeticsUy. 
alpIiBbétiiei, I.E. alphabetic, alphabet. 

■llriiéiile. alphmnli, m. sJpheni 

alphénol, I 

alcohol and a 
■Iptn, a, Alpine, : 

and which is both ao 

alUrable, a 

ritermat, p.a. altérai 
alterative, — m 

.) alduifou. 
. altBrabiUty. 

. (of foods) 
irrt: (Jfsd.) 

. ultentlie. 

/. oltentioD, aduttsnUon, etc. («e 
altén. p.a. Altered, adultaatcd. «ti. (see 

•Itérer, i.l. alter; apecit.. ehuige for the worse, 
impair, spoil, adulterate (food), debase 
(coin), disturb; makfi thinrty. ^a.r. alter, 
be Altffed, undergo obance, detflriorate, 
ipoiL — vA- excite thiret- 

altqrnuim, /. alternation. 

tlteniuit.'p.a. altern&tiDi; ftlternate. 

BltcrnBteur, m. alternator. 

ftltcnutirt a. alternate; alternative; (flirc.) 
altematine; (AfocA.) reciprocatinB- 

■IteniBtloili/. alternation; (of croi») rotation. 

•IteriwtJTep/ alternation; alternative, 

^p. alternately, ia «uooee- 

■Iteme. a. lOeem. <kBol.) alternate. 
alterner, v.i. altemstfi ; rotate oropa. 
altll«e, m. (Bel.) althea. 
■Ithéllic/. sltlieine (aaparacine). 

.r pertainioA to alumi 

alnmliM-nitbkllliqAe, /. alua 

alamliio-lluTiiife, /. alumino 
alnmlno-tfaernitqne, a. alum 

uid iron, 

— adcini.- 


— dtftt.iTt 


noniotoj, am 

—A Name, 

— dipota», 



m (pot» wiam »hma>. 

Kl /, preparation of al 

alaner, i.(. alum. 
alimerle, /. alum worki. 
alnnltrai /, alum pit; alum irab. 
alnninrê, a. alumiDiferoui. 

- ■■ /. («in.) alunite, 
■IniiDKtne, m, (Afin.) alunoceo. 
alnte,/. (LauAa-) aluta, 
alréolslre. □. alveolar. 

m. ^ f. cell, small cavity ; aooket; tnmt 
labamcal sense) ; alveolus- 
alrsson, alrgse, n. Ifiat.) Alyssum. 

anubllltéi /. amiability, kindoeaa. 

■DUdou, m. amadou, punk. (Qerman) tinder. 

amadonerfCt /' amadou factory. 

agaric {Potj/ponÂt iffniarivt). 

unaierir). — m. (C*rom.) thinniim «cent. 
ulcrl*semei>t,m.ETowiiu[tliiDorleKi; lam 

anulcamatlan, /. unalsamation. 
amaJ^me. nt. amalgam. 
BnulEamer, i.i. A i. amaleamate. 

; kernel; Duoleui 

n. almond milk, milk of almo 
base: (Ora- Chrm.) amandin. 

■mMgnltei /■ unbicuity. aœbisuoiuiMcs. 
amblsniiMiit, odi. unbiiuouilr. 
amblUoDiia'i >.(, upire to. 
ambre, «. amber. 

(perfuuiâd with ambarcriB). 
iretlc /, amber md. muilc h 
(seed oi the abèVûovkl. 

(Amne.) amendment . 

improves the aoil by moctifyioc its phynoal 
piopertiee laXbvt than b; eupplring plant 
fcxïd; acofwding to one authority omejidt- 

of fertiliaer neneanry to replace the ma- 
tsrial raoored by a crop)' 
MDOcr, a.l. improve, amend, reclaim; im- 
prove (ami) by the UAe of amendmeate (see 

Si/. brin^Dg, etc. (eeeameoer); inlet, 

conduot, bring û 

.(. bring, lead, i 

oe. admit; lower (ft nag). 

t t.J. Toako thin, reduoe in ni 

I. bitter. — m, tdtter nbatann 

yr txntmU), du Bud, 

Ulte, m. (fibrous) aabutos, amianûiui. 

pialinà, platiniBed aabeatog. 

Ulté, p.a. covered or tieatfid with asbestoar 

1. asbeatine, ubeetot. 

/. Oflbeatoa clotli. 
amibe, /. IZoM.) smeba, amceba. 
unlboldei a- (fiioJ.) arneboid^ amceboid. 

— aeidt, acid amide. 

iMé, a. amido; (when the aubatanoe ia of Uie 
nature of an amine and not an amide) 
B oarectiy) ai 

mjdine (an amiiioimino baa*); 
amiojn urom starch). 
il<i-. BmiDo-, amido- (should be translated 
amido- only when the compound ia of 
amide nature, otberwiae amino-). 

. (Pftoto*. * Chm.) (unidol. 
1. starch («pedally i 

itod starch, nit 

.. starch; starched. 
;. treat nntb starch. sUmfa. 
/, starch factory, starch wra-ka. 
n. starch maker, starch mauii- 
faoturer; starch dealer; a kind of grain 
similar tospeH. 
BIIlldOBDlJtt«, /. a kind of kooading trough 

used in starch manufacture. 
amldopbelKil, m. amiaophenoL 
ullldllTe« m. (metallic) amide; any compound 
■ [as HeiNHiCI) in which ammoniacal hy- 
drogen b replaced by a metal. 

* thin or thinner, tl 

untuei /. triendehip; ta- 

MmméHat, /, ammeliiie. 
umnonal, m. CKii>'.) ammonal. 

■nunonUeallM, /. ammoniacal quality. 

amnio Uqae. a. Bmniotic. 
■molnilrlr, i.i. ds r. diminish, decrease. 
amoUlT, t.i. & T. soften; aeaken. 

priming. Btarting, (of a h 
— et MnotU», higb-tsnaon 


à friction, friotion prinocr. 

— de ttnnon. hJ^h-teDsion fiiae. 

— pfriphéri^ui, riiD-fire primer. 

begioning holea, na a center bit. 
BTt 9.t. mordant. 
0. amoipboui 

UDorttssear. m. deadsoer, damper, etc. (h 
amortir); (EJw.) dimmer; shook slaoïtM 
eolootrum of nowi, bccatincs. 
jcrind (on a grindstona). 

ampère, m. (El":.) ampere, 
ampère-benre, m. |E^.) ampere hour. 
ampteemêtra, m. (£!«.) ammeter, ai 

amphibie, a. amphibious. — m. ampbil 
amphibole, /. (Afin.) amphibole. 
aml^bollte, /. (Peb-og.) ampbibolite. 
■mpbliène, a. (£M. it Old Cirm.) i 

ampbora. /. ampho 
ampbaUn, a. amp 
amplement, adv. tu 


ampltllcitiiec fern, of amplificateur. 
ampimer. t.l. unplify^ msen ~ 
UDpHtaile, /, amplitude. 
amponle, /. bulb^ a bulbou 
l^uaaed b«low) ; {Fharm. 

le glucoBde). 

dt Croùkti, CrookeB tube. 

blistered; (of etyls) turgid. 

1. blister. 

/. DiminutÎTe of ampoule. 

■mndkle. /. tonsil. 
mmfiAAUD, a. ajnyedaUne (i 

ftlmonds); toasillaT- 
amrCdKlUie, /. amyidalin (1 
a. amygdalii?, 

n. araygdAloid, aioygdaToidal. 
1- amylaceouSf starchy. 
ine, a. In the phrane éOttr amiil- 

la the phrase éÛivr tanytaso- 

. . la the phrase éûur 

omi^brffmA^drwuf , amyl bromide. 
BinrldlhWhrdllqin, s. In the phrase tOur 

ann/lM3rhydrigvt, uay\ chloride^ 
mmjte, tn. amyl, 
Binïwiie, m. amykne. 
unyUormlquei a. In the phrase ether amid- 

/onm'îiK, »myl formate. 
■mrUodbrdifqne, a. In the phrase MAer 

amt^iadhvdrigue, amyl iodide. 
•■DrUqlUi, a. srayt; lot fermentation) smylie, 
■mrlnltTeiii, a. — amylaioCeui. 
amyliMe, /. amyloid, ^- a, amyloid, unyl- 

tuorMrUque, a. amylolytia. 
unrlopeetlne, /. amylopec^. 
■--«,/. amyloae. 

anacwile, tn. fruit of the oaahew, includins 
hypocarp (caahew apple) and nut (cas 

anacardier, m. (Bal.) anacardium. 
anaéroble, a. {Bact.') anaErobie. — m. ai 

aoaltéile. analgle, /. analgesia, analgja. 
analgCfliM, analstiM, /. ansljesine (n 

7 wélectrlqne 

analgCslqae. analilqllei a. it n 

aoaloive. 1. analogous, —m. 
analysablCi s. analyuble. 
analree, /, analysis. 

— ckimigut, chemical analysis. 

— Uèmetttave, elementary analyaisi uHimaM 

•nalymiir, m. anaiyui 

■ a. analytics]. 
anaJytlqne. a. analytio, analytica]. — /. Bna> 

analytlqnenHiit. seIi. analyticalty. 
anaiWSi m. pineapple, ananas. 
anaphrlacdqae. a. anaphylaotic. 
anapfarlatodiie, /. soapbylatoidn. 
anaiAylBite, /. anaphylaxis. 
sn«sttKinat<e)i -maOqDC. a. anastdcmatio. 
anastJgmati m 

anato,/. annstto(!). 

anatomle,/. anatomy, 

anatomlqnOt a. anatomical, anatomic. 

BOeCtn*! m.p'. ancestors, forefalhers. 

•DCtaiue, /. (BM.) any plant of the «SDm 
Anchusa, bucloss, oxtongue, 

ancien, a. ancient; oM; former, late, ex-; old- 
fashioned- — m. 

of old; 

-; hraee; fii, ei 
andaloDS, andalonslen, a. Andalusian. 

,nnihilate, deatroy, abotish, an- 
annihilatian, etc. Csee 

de, a. et m. mieroid. 
•neuc, /. she-Agg. 

(ail d'~. ua's milk. 
■neBtbfaUnt, a. uiegthelic. 
aneatliesle./. anothena. 
aneslliéiiler, >.l. sDath^w. 
ancstliéalqae. s. li m. aaeathctic. 
anctli, uiet, m. (Bol,) Anethum. 

— odorant, dill (j4Rd(Auwt gravtolta^. 
Boétbol, m. anetbole. 

BUfe. m. angel; angel fish. 

kDSéUqiie. o. suEslJc. — /. uiceli» {Am/dica 

uistne. /. (Med.) nngiaL 
anCUlB, a. English, — m. Eimliab (luicuMe). 
AnglftlSi m. EaaliBhmaa. 
angle, m. noeh, 

— aiffu, acut« aneTa. 

— critique, critical angle. 

— d'iffûert-tf, right uïAle- 

— diidn, dihedral angle. 

— droit, riaht uigle. 
^- o-ptiyue, optic angle. 

— jjoii , plane sosie. 

— rapportew, protiaotor. 


— trièdre, trihedral angle. 
ansUslte, /. iMin.) uiglente. 
Angleterre, /. England. 

■ngolMe. /. anguish; apaai 

Mnt, adv. angularly. 
angnlS, a. angular, angulated. 
aiiEiiIeiUi a. angular. 
BngDBtarë. /. anguatura bark, angnstur». 
kDhrdratei m. anhydride. 
knbfdre, a. anhydrous. 
anbfdrlde, m. anhydride. 

Snyhdriller, s.r. become anhydrous, 
anliyilrlutloii, /. dehydration. 
anhrdnte. /, (Min.) anhydrite. 
anbrgromttrlgue, a. not hygroaoopio. 
anllldiirc. m. anilide. 
■nlUne,/. aniline. 
animal, a. J: m animal. 
anlmallBatton, /. animsliiaUon, 
anlmallsf, p.a. anïmaliied; animal. 

animalité, /. anima 
anlmatenr, a. mïm 
■Dlmatrlee, /em. ot 

ring: Uok. hoop, band, odlar, (ài- 
lular) rim, (ring-^haped) handle; loop; 
Doil; ringlet: (£!«.) ring armaturo. 
d — , pdth ring, ringed. 

— de tûreté. safety ring. 

— floaiur. Boating ring, ring float, 
annte, /. year. 

email ring, ringlet, aj 

nodyne, sootbing ; 1 

anodlqae. a. |£l«.) anodic, ano 
anomal, a. anomalous. 

•none, /. (flot.) Annona. 

anonym, a. anonymous; joinl«taek (km 

anormal, a. abnormal. 
anormalement, adi, abnormally. 
anortblqae, a. (Min.) anorthio (triclinie). 

posed of arcs of tt 

V- previously, 
catob, hook; (o 

■ntérivnr, a. a: 

anUHorlté, /. p 

•nthncénlqne, a. aatlui 

•nUuBcéno-aaUoDéi a. i 
anUmctne, /. anthracene 

anthracite, m. anthracite 

■nthraellUMï, a. anthra 

antbracnoHe, /. (Bol.) Hnthracn^ 
antluscomHTB, m snthracome 
sntliragAUol, m. anthra^allol. 
■ntbrmnlllqae, a. anthrsoilic. 


, /. Bnthraquinone. 
uitbTSTnflnc, /. anthramSn. 
anthrol, m. anthrol. 
ulU&dde, a. et m. antacid. 
antUlcaUn, a. A m. uiUlkaUiTe. 
aatlsspbriUiit, s. antlasphyiiitinc,' 
■nttealcalre, m) ba^er asnpoutid, icale n 

aaacathoile. /. anti^athode, 
uiUcbkire, m. n 
anHdpBtloDi / 

■cipation; {Com.) »d- 

aotlelper, e.i. anticipate, 
■ntJcombnetlble, a. et m. inoombunible. 
aatl-consélant, a. aotifreeiiuc. — m. u 

■nUferment, n. aaliferment. 

antlKène. m. anticen. 
antUiniDDtlqne, a. it m. antihypnotic 
" ' ---. leale-pTflventiiig, 

antimoine, m. a 

— diapfuyréli^iie. {Fharm.} diaphw^o i 
ible powder) - 
iDtJ montai. 

— «lifurf. antinu 
antlniODlal, a. Ji t 
antlmoDlate, m. a 

!> dihydrosen potaudun 

antlmonlde, a. & m. 


itted (hydioaeo). 

antlnMinlnc, i 

_ . . antineuralgic' 

anflpandtaln, a. & m. antiparasitJc, 
anUpUoctetlqne, a. à: m. antiphlogistic. 
kodplasMaile, a. antipbatic. 
anUputilde, a. antiputrefactive, antiseptio. 

— tn. an antiputrefaotive iubstanee. 
antlpricaqne, a. & m. aptipyretic. 
aDttpyrlne, /. antipyrine. 
antique, a. antique; antiquated. 
antiquité, /. antiquity. 
antlrhiailullWDt, a. ± m. antirheumatia. 
antt-nmlUe, a. anti-rust. 

m. antiseptio. 
(Mni.) antithe 

antlsepHque, a. , 
antlséram, m. an 
antlthcrmfqiie, o 

BDtltlièM, /. antil 
antltoilne, /. anti 
anUtodqae, a, ai 
BnHyfnïneiu, a. 

anUirinlqae, a, < 

aUDite,/. iMed.) i 
Anrenh n. Antwei 

IM, /.pf. AppalAchiAHA. 

apt rlmllqilil. a. ABcnodlc. 

BpClinr, a. stimuUting tht uppet 
ApericDt. aperitive. ■ — m- Bpp 
itif; (Uid.) aperieat, aperitive 

aplastlqiw. a. splastiii. 

■plat, n, flat tint. 

aplstt, p.a. a>ttened, fUt: oblaM (spheroid): 

•^tlT.T.l.flittenideba». — i.r. be flsttened. 

n. SMteniDC 

flAtteDing; flsUuas. 
aplatlHerle, aplaUiaolra, /. âattlnc mill, roll- 

d'- — . upri«ht, phimb; perpsodiculsrly. 
pliunb; in equilibrium. 
■pMltroplne. /. apstropine. 
BpODurpUiM, /. apomorphisB. 
apoaorUqac. a. sposorbic. 
apothlca^ m. airathecsry. 

jy'a Bh<v: diqw: 

apAtrc, m. apoatle. 
apoadiw, m. (PAnrm.) infuàon. 
apparaltie. e.i. appear; be clear, be evident. 
apparu, m. apparatui: 'maiÀine. device, 

pomp: (giirgical) dmdnE; style ol cod- 
etruetion: ooum (of itone. eto.); (of 
bricke) bond, 

— à duir^tment, charging apparatui. 

— à dûon, ohlorîne apparatus, 

' — à colonne, iDiatiUinij) eoluma apparatus, 

— a Jlamm4t, (MU.) flame projeokmi. 


■liaKU A prilicemenl da (ru, (IftI.) faa 
reqfiratore or maelu. 

— d (or de^ ntieaeiUttunt, trioldins apparatus. 

— brai/eia; crushing (or grindiog) apparatua, 
orusher, grinder. 

breaker, crusher, stamp mill. 

— (TaUumatt. lighting appamtua; igpHim 

— lUlmirbew. eleansiac apparatus, wasbiuc 
apparatus, washfr. 

— dé chauffait, heatïQc apparatua, heater. 

— de dnfftaçe, {MeialJ) ahinglin^ machirter 

— d'idairaffe, Mgh^ng apparatus; li^htjn^ 

— dt cmiUi. castluc (or founding) apparatus 

— dK Uanroo», leaohing apparatus, liiÏTiation 

— de luceion, suction iqipacatUB. 

— da •ùreli, safety device. 

— Jurtnclicn. fire eiOnguisher. 

— diaij/BeuT, dialysing apparatus. 

— dutiUaloirc, dietiUing apparatus. 

— iialon, calibrating apparatus, calibrator. 

— friuorifiqui. refrigerstins apparatus, refrig- 

— giniraimiT, Ecneratioe apparatus, genarb- 

— ifraiutuT, lubrioating apparatus or device, 

— mrdaxtw. an apparatus for mixing or 
working pasty material miier, beater, mal- 
axator, etc. 

— maUta-, (iVocA.) driver. 

— phelotra'phi^ai, photo«tj 

— producteur, (for gswg) Esnentinc appara- 

— propulseur, propelling apparatus, propel- 

— protoclear, protecting (or protective) de- 

fil.) a ki 

— SlromtH», {ma.) 

appuelDife. m 
■pparelUer, t. 

apparatiu, florter, 

epHre; drc« (cloth). 

upparent; oorapioi 

apparition,/, HppeBTHncc; ippari 
■ppsTtement, m. aputment, Buib 
app>rt«iiaDt> p.a. belong 
appartenir, t.i. beloag: coDoern, t» 

ince (of), be the duty lot). 
appaittent. jf. S linir. of appartenir. 

appamt, p-def- fi airm. of apparaître, 
appauvri, p.a. irapovenAhed, eihauatfid. 
appauvrir, t.t- impoverUh, eihaust, — 
become poor or pcKirer; deteriorate. 

appel, m. call; appeal; tension, pull: (of ail] 
draft; ventilation; roll ciU; challenge. 
— par tibfateuT, — tibrS, [Elet.) buEser. 
appelé, p.a. sailed, etc. (see appeler) . 
appeler, t.t. call; call tor. require; draw, drivi 

(ef a chimney) draff. — v.r. be called. 
"ïe, m. appendix; appendage, prDJeo 
Btud. eto. 

lalce heavy, w«shdown; dull 
heavy; be oppreesed; dwell 

appCtlMant, a. appetiiiiv. temptiiiff. 

apirileable. a, appUcable. 
WPUeatenr, m. {Wme) paateuriiar. 
appUcatlan, /. application: postinc [of bills). 
applique, /. Bomething applied or affixed, 

(f>i|lUing) bracket fiitm-c, bracket. 
appliqué, P.O. applied ; attentive. 
appliquer, i.(. apply; poet (bills). ^B.r. he 

applied; apply: apply oneself. — t.i. 

require appUcaUon. 
appoint, m. balance, remainder, difference. 

amount over; i^Tplotiw-t) priming charge. 
«ppolntemeuts, m. pi. salary, pay. 
appointer, >. I. point.oharjKn to apoint: tack. 

apport, m. contribution (as to the capital of a 

oompaay): deposit (of documents), 
apporter, (.1. bring; contribute: adduce, cits; 

r. append, add. 

apprédateur, m. eetimator, valuer, appredo- 

■PIHfeler, i.( 
apprenant, j 
apprendre, t 

apprenti, m. & t- appr 
apprentlsMte, m. ap;: 
apprêt, m. dresàng. f 

./.dneeer, Ooiehei: (Papar) oalen- 
aers, eurf acing rolls. 
apiffifl, p.p of apprendre, 
appmbatlon, /. approval, approbatioa. 
approchant, a. hïe, somewhat like. near. ^>- 

approche, /, approach. 

appmcbË, P.O. approiimata; broualit near, etc. 

(see approcher). 
approcher, i.f. bring or place near or nearer, 

bring up: approach. — e.r. A t. approach, 

approfli>nillr, p.I. deepen; go deeply into, study 
profoundly, fathom. — >,r. deqwn; study 

appmfondluement, m. deepening; profound 

approprie, ; 

. appropria 

lui table; 

in order, fix up. ' 
ap[HoureT, i.i. approve, approve of. «auction. 
approTlstonnement, m. supplying, supply. 

approvisionner, i.f. supply. 
approitnutlf. a. approiimate. 
approilmatlon. /. approximation. 

aniul, m. support (in various sen»); prof), 
stay, rest: fulcrum; balustrade; r^i iill; 
emphosia, stress; prefsure, imprcM. 

appuie, vr-1 â:Z tijtQ. of appuyer. 

appul-maln, m. support for the band, band 

appnrer, t 

K|Me, a. oorid. tort: hanb, rough; 6CToe. vl 

tpninent S 

^nmsntt odi, aoridly, ate. (see ipn). 
BfiH, pTBp. after; behind, beyond; ibout. at; 
BCBiiut, upoD. — adv- after, afterward. 

«prèi-<IeinalD, sdi. dt^' after tomorrow. 
kprts-sDem, n, (period) itter the w*r. 
«prta-mldl, /, a m. aftemooo, 
ftpnté,/. aeridily, eto. («eipro). 
Bpalde,/, spgii; (.4rcA,] apse, 
BPle, a. capable: quaMed, St, 
■ptttade, /. oapabihty, cHpaaty, aptitude. 
»pn«> "' inlusible; inonmbuatibl*. 

ir-beuing, aiiuifecoai. 

ambe, a. AnbiD; Anblaa. 
Ai^le, /, Arabia. 
BTSblDe. /, imbm (arabio add). 
uabliMae, n. arabinooe. 
armblqae. a. ar^io. 
•nblte, /. arabitol. aralnte, 
aiBbonlqne, a. araboaio. 
mne, n. airaek. 
arachide, /. peanut (Aradàa hypogaa lod re- 
lated ipeciH); (BM.) Araehia. 
aracbldlaae. a, srsuhidie. 

anwoDlte, /, (Afin.) ansonite, 
ualsnee,/. Epider; apider'i web. 
•rsUe, /, <pai.) Aralia. 

— ipintuêf, Herculee'-club (.4. tpinowa). 

— nuv, wild «arsaparilla (Aralia niufuauJù) , 
UMH, i.t. level: be flush with. 
■ratolTe* a. farminjE. asrioulturaL 

arboraMcnt. 3. arborescent; branohed (oha 
artmrlutloii, /. arboriutioD, dendrite. 
atborlié. a. arboriied. 
arbouse, /. arbutus fruit, arbutui berrr. 
BibODiler, m. (Sal.) arbutui. 

^—commun, strawberry bee (A. untdo). 
arbre, m. tree: (AfacA.) ahaft. spindJe, » 
aile, arbor; maet. 


— d-ittomae, heartburn. 

— dmaniHik, «rank shaft. 

— d'urinr, ardor urinie, soaldina ol the 

Udlllon, m. tonrie (of a buckle). 

— à pm*ji4t, fustet (Colinu. (toMbu). 

ardolM, /. slate; slate color. 

— i suif, tallow tree; wai myrtle. 

— i iflmtiJoB, korme», kenoes oak (Qum-cw 

— enidi. cranked ihaTt, ennked Bile. 

r*i* ertux, hollow riwtt; htdbw tMV. 

— dsbmiC. upricht shaft, vertical duR or 

— lis anuAi, horiiontal iriukft: main ihalt. 

— du Diane, arbor Duns, arboreHent vlvis. 

— d« AauM fuiait, loreat tree, timber tree. 

— de aaturne. arbor Sstuini, arborMsant laad- 

— dt tour, lathe spindle, mandrel. 

— At emmunicoMur, gearinc shaft. 

— du Uroir, ecoentiia shaft. 

— /ratfisr, fruit tree. 

— tultrmidiairt. ooiuitenhaH. 

— phiinêophwue, ariwr Dian», 
rbrlBsfiaa, m. shrub, bush (of oundenLle 

arboe. /, clay used ai a flui. 
arbuste, n. shrub, bush (of small bIm). 
arbaflne, /. arbutin. 

m. are; arch: bow. 

loltatgue, volttûe are, electric arc 

de, /. curved part, arch, bow (as of a Md* 

die); arcadth 

/. ruddle, red ocher. 
are-bOQUn^ m, buttrcB, stay, prop; flyins 

arebal, n. brass (In the phrase fll iTardkat, 

_ - . /. (Bot.) anselioa. 
arebe, /. fire chamber, furaaoe, «rcfa: arch (of 

kiods): ark. 

s, (Plan) a furnace la which the pota 

archives,, archives: record offloe. 

aretJiine, a. arctic. 

ardemment, ndi. ardently. 

ardent, a. burainc, blaaina, glowini; ardent; 
(of oolors) brisht, vivid; (of hair) red, 
sandy; spirited. — m- laais fatuus. 

ardenr,/. ardor: (of oolors) vividnew; (Jlf*i.> 

lembling atiitfl- 
Brdii, Os arduous, steep, diffioult. 
■rdnlte, /. srduouaneiB. 

uAne, /. aoDd ; uen 
■renciu, a. aandy, a 

■rtamitrc, m. bydrometfT, a 

— * chtrcJvur, «xplorinc iiyi 

ing ■pindle (to indioats i 

' idifls is to be used). 

; ridae; swti, beard (of grain); 
■h) bo»: (Arch.) ami. 
I poiêtoa, {Tah.) herting bone. 
fiHte, rounded edge. 
've, ohvp edge. 
u orMefl, sharp^dged. 
one. /, (Bnf.) priokly poppr (ArgtnBne). 
matt, n. silver; mone}'. 

— citmi, {MinJi horn eilver (cerarcyritfl) . 

■ nr flils^er; epeeif-. sil- 

■fgenté. p.o. ailverod; silvery, Bilïer-white. 

atgentoie, /. ôlver ware, silver i>late. 

Mfenteqr, m. nlvem. 

•iSCDtffire. a. arEeatiferoui, ooataisinc (diver. 


amentaii. «, an alloy of copper, nidwt aad tii 
VgentorA, /. silvering, silver plating. 
— iitetro-chimi^ut, — ffojrant^ue, elcctroidlve 
ing, silvar eleotioplating. 
HfUacAi a. argUlaceoui. olayey. 
■liOe, /. olsy. 

— d /açontur, poMer'» olay. 
' — d fowgire, slato olay. 

^ à iwrntMtte, kaolin, porcelun olay, 
^ pauvre, leu olay. 

— plaiUgut, plaatlc slay, potlei's day. 


le rlfradaire, refractory elay, fire day. 

■riclimre, a. argilliferoiu. 
arcBtte, /. argilits, clay slate, 
mrclIhMé, a. srgillaceDus, olayey, 
arcUo-aloIlD, a. coutaiaing olay and alkali, 

arcUo-ealEBlre, a. oootaining clay and lime, 


, of et 

arcUo-alllceiUi a. o 
utUoMe, a. like clay, argilloid. 


itaining olay and vHea, 

argue, /. a machine for drawing ingota of gold, 
, rough-draw (gold, ulvtr, «te.); 
/. Brgaerlte (a native amalgam. 

'■L argue with. 
„. . . /■ (Min.) pytatgycile (Ag^bS;). 

BiMlte, /. aridity. 

Bristol, m. (Piùrm.) ariatol. 

" ■ " " /, (BdI.) Arirtoloohia. 
arlttamètiqne, /. arithmetio. — a. arithmeti- 

ement,adi ai 


m. a weU 



a strengthening part oi 



metalUc), frame, truae. 



heathing. facing: GtUns 

ing: («oonrt*™) arma 

amie,/, arm 

weapon: arm 

(of the servioa). 

— d/n., fil 

— MontAs, 

araing weapon. 


miUtaty wea 

—, balliatiowemion 



— myée, ri 


arme, pa. ai 

med. etc. (see 


armée, /. ara 

y; fore» — 

a. /m. of 


cock (a Ënarm); wind (a dyne 
noire, /. olceet, cupboard, preee, 
— à dtAticcatiun, drying closet. 

iKood U- 

I. (Bot.) 

— abtinûte. — - dét chi 

molllDi m- a kind of ailk made at Lyons. 
more /■ frame, brews, etc. («e armatun) ; 

dyuUDO); armor. 

5.I., i. * r. curve, bend, areh. 

[, m. {Ceram.) alquifou. 

UiachMdi UTarhenieitt, m. pulling up, etc. 

anftCliA-pted. Td the phrase d'arracht-pitd, 

uiiiiit«rrupted]y, coimcutively. 
amclier, r.I, pull up. dii up. pull out, tear out; 

tor away, pull off, atrip off; take away 

(violently); eradioate; extort. 
unk, m. arrack, 
airaoiemeilt, m. arrangement, etc. (see arran- 

■er); eoanomy; order, method. 
arrmnier, i.l. arrange: adjust; suit, please; 

trim, trim up. drees. — v-r. be arranged; 

pla» oneself; make arrai«emen(e ; manage, 
MtCt. m. stopping,, stop, stoppagi 

stop, cheok, catch, arrest, stay; iudgn 

attachment; steadfastness, 
ftrrttftg^* in- (Jtftu/i.) etop, check, arrest, cj 
«IrttB Kit, m. BUB check. 
arrêta, >.t. stop; check; fasten, fii; ar 

dctiuu; seise, attach (legally) : decide; 

gage tlodeing, etc.). — i.r. 4 i. stop, b 


>: dveU (i 

catch, cheok. 

laok, backward, behinc 

i.L delay, defer. ; 
stay, behind. 


irriva; approaeh; ooi 

armndlaBacc. m. rouading, n 

unding; roundneos: 

ippLieatiou of a glaie by poumig 
the ebject. 

AmMOlff SI. sprinkler, watering pot. 

A.B.S.> abbree. of appareil mpiretwe special 

(the name of a ïVench gaa maek). 
u«indln>Ettarl>i m. araenie dimethyl (oa- 



•nénlsté. a. arseoate 

knenlMl, a. arsenical. 
mnenleaiu, pi. man. o( 

■rsénlDrCt m. siseoide. 

— d'Iii/droçène, hydrogen anenide, anitie. 
ara«iM>Ilthe, m. (Min.) aisenoUte. 
■nliute, m. arsnate; arsonate {incotreet UK). 

art, m. art; (pi.) fine arts. 

— d* Hermès. Hermetic art, alchemy, 
■rtémlde, arUmbe. /. artemisia, wormwood. 
titèïïe,/. artery; (SIM.) feeder. 
■rtériallaer. t.t. arterialïie. 

wUiiel, Mt^icui, a. arterial, 
/. IMed.ji 

m. artichoke. 
def, sweet potato. 
M, hnuseleek. 

article: joint: linl 

— «pWrtgus. ball-and-eocket jo 

q. nrtifice; fiifiworkf fiiQworko, pyro 

— d'fcSairafft. mny illmni 

Sue, iDDket, etc. 
^ dr (n»rT«, militu? firewi 

kfttins flreworki 

ks; Btnt«v*ai. 
devios lued f( 

— itlaifont, — artifice d'^lunufl. 

— fncvndvm, inoendiiry firework, inoan- 

t, ads. artiflcùl^. 

maker, pyrotaohotBt; 
er of shelle, fuan, eto.). 

e,/. artiUsiy. 

artlllc m, & J. artiat; adept. 
arOiteiiwnt, aih. artislJDBlly; akillfully, 
ArU ct Metlm, <Mm. of Itcole oationale 
d'art» et métiers (national school ot arts 
and trad»), any one of a olau of enginee> 
in< Hhoola. 

aûret, m. (Soi,) Asuuid; epeoif., ssarabaoca 
{A- europotum). 

— du Canada, wild finffer (.4- omadentej. 
mmoDe»/. aaarone (1, 2, 4-trimQtho£y-A-prope' 

ubMlc, n. aabeatoa. 
slbolaiK. m. (Afin.) aabolite; (wrongly) 


B, /. (P^orm.) aabolio. 

. ■ — m. asvHidant, avnoodencA 

ateentuir, m. elevator, lift, binat. 
aKeulon, /. riang, rise, aaceDt: «neasloii; 

(of a piston) upatioke. 
tt e oMloaatl, a. ■eoeneioaal. upward. 
MCMIe, /. (ZM.) aaddian. 
udte, /. (Mid.) aadteg. 
McMplitdc, /.. ueMplmi, n. (fini.) tay of 

eeveral asdepiadacooufl planta, speaÈf. 

Ewatlowwort (Cyrtanchum mncttoiicum), 
■seomrcCte, a, (Bat) ascomyoetoiu. — m. 

Qt, adv. aaeptioally. 
aaeptidH, aaeptdfy. 
(PAorm.) Bseptol. 

■ilaUqiK. a. Aaiatiii. 

MparaxInlQiiei a. 

•ipenlOD, /. iprinkling; aapernon. 
upenoti, m. sprinkler, sparger. 
uphaHne, /. (ÊziilMniu) aaphaliw. 
Bsphkltei m. asphalt, aspbaltam. 
upbadtle, m. (bm.) asphodel. 
■apbydADtt p.a. asphyxiating. 

■sphfile, /. asphyxia. 

asphyxiate, sufTooa' 
. iMed-) asphyxiai. 
Ice lavender, aapio 

it Iiole, air hole. 

uction. Bucking, aapiratinc: a» 

aspirator; exhauster; ventila 

L, exhaust; inhale. - 

tender baalthj', purify. 
Bnt, ni- «wfciwg healthy, purifie» 

_.. . assault, attack. 

aneebement. «. drainage. 

UHmbln, r.l, assemble, eoUent, pul toKathsr; 

. J. (jtfacA.)putorhiiveuiicleriiontrDL 

auu* adr. eikough, lufficiently; rath», piua- 
ably. — m- enougb, auffîciQaoy. 
— bitn, fairly well. 
Bwledi pr. 3 linn, of usHnr. 
■ssWgert '-t- beeleee; beset. 
■asiéra, /ui. 3 aio;, of asseoir. 
uilettc, /. plate, diefa; pasitian; boiÛDutal 

uslgnatlan, /. aBdimneiit; ohsok; assigaa- 

aswKtË, p.a. 

associated, etc. (eee aesociei) 
iciBta; partner; stookholdsr. 

UMKh^' «.(. 

(.r. be- 


auolt, pr. 3 » 

na. of asseoir. 

darken, obscure 

make gloomy 

— B.r. bee 

oms dark or glue. 

knocii down, kill 



beat: stun, overwheloi; boi 

Mwmptif, = 


BBorted; matcbed 


assert; mati^h; 



— t.r. * 


■Houpir, i.i 

render droMW; 


— ..r. be 

Ap; be 


II. 0. reoderiat drowsy. 

etc. (see 




i: firm, steady. 

Jtr adv- assuredly, «rtainly: o^ 
curely; confidently. 

■aUrlaqBe. i». asterislc, 
■" r.. asteroid; 

Asti (wine); a kind d( silk; - istia. 

te of whiting, soap and aludioL 

astragal; (Sol.) Astngalua. 

•symétrie,/, as 
ksymftilqiie, a 
urmptdte, /. 

■Ulamlto, /, <IUin.) aCacamite. 
ateUer, m. workroom; workshop, taotoiy. 
working party, £ang; studio. 

— d*artificiers, {Mii-i (pyrotechnie) labont- 

— ds fonie, foundry; smeltery; melting 

», m. (OU Chen.) athan 
itbermane, a. athermanous. 
Ltherome, m. (Med.) atheromi 
itmidomètre, m. atmometa, : 
itmolysei /. atmolyais. 
itmomfttre, m. atmometer. 

iphère, /. atmosphere. 


atamlcttéi /, stomidtr. 

atoUvae. a. atoiio, nonpoisonoua. 

atoirL m. (i'^orm.) atoiyL 

atraUlaln, a. (tf sd.) atrabiliary. 

fttM, m. heartb. 

*fttre< -iflb; am, rùtAoeAln, reddiAh, HrddJn, 

Ereenish, etc. 
BtnUetliiae, atrolaetiniqae, a. atrolaetio. 
atromaïKlnËi a. (Paper) bUnk-boidend. 
Bli«|iani]iie. /. atropttmuie. 
et. atroiÂy. 
o- atropic. 

attaëliaiit, p-s. attubinc, etc. (see attaoh). 
attache, /. attactameot: fastcuint (of any 

kind), tie, cord, band, brace, rivet, alamp. 

attacbé', p.a. attached, etc. (Me attacher). 
— T». attaché; adherent, 

ittachi faeteD (in any way]. 

attaaoable, a. attaokabU, liable to attack. 

peu — , rehaotoiy. 
attaque, /. attack. 

— aux va, — ^ gautàtt, — par ifOM, {Mû.) eu 

Lve attack, 
; address., of atteindre. 
atteindre, i.l. attain; reach; strike, hit: in- 

attelnt, p.p. £ pr.S nne. of atteindre. 
atteinte, /, itacb; attack, blow, stroke, hit; 

hart iT— . out of reach, beyond nach: irr»- 

attendant, of attendre. 

en — <ri». till, until. 

keep (wine, etc.). — i.r. eipect; rely. 

tempH (rt«l), subject (dan pots, fur- 

atlrlbuer, C.I. attribute; assicn. —dj-. claim 

attrttion,/. attrition. 

an. Contraction of d le. 

auke. /. dawn; float, paddle, bucket (ol a 

aubier, m. sap wood, sap. (ffst) alburnum. 

auinin,a-any: (with m, eipreeaed or implied! 
no, not any. —prm. any, any one, (pi.) 
some; (with nc, eipreesad ca in4)lied) no 
one, not one. none. 

der; tenderness. softnea. 
attendu, pa. waited for, etc. (see attendre). 

>MMItfU «ua, eoneiderinc that, alnoa. 
attente,/, waiting; eipi ' 
■ttmt^. I.I. attempt. 

attenUon, /, atUs 
atteutlrement, oi 
atténuant, p.a. ■ 

. m. m j iliin fl tefàd, etc. (see 
attiédir); lukewanimen, t^idneea; oool- 

attonehement, m. contact; touoh, 
attonelm', i.i. touch. 
attracteur. a. attraetitit. 
attractif, a. attractire, attraoUng. 
attraction,/, attraction. 
attracOvemeut, adi. with attractit 

attralre, t.I. attract, entice, 
attrait, n. attraction; b^t. — p.p.i 
attrape,/, oruoible tongs: catch, tn 
attraper. i,t. catch; aet: striks; ch 
attrsrant, of a 

heating ETsdoally. etc. (see 

aacMoMMBti adt. in uiy my, «t »11; (with 
fu, flxprcABed or implied) in na waj, not at 
nil: (>» conuDDnty) to s «rttOn eH ' 

avdK«i / audwsity. 

kduu, «to. See de{i, de 

— JA| aboTB, over; (fiff.) beyond. 
-dcTRiit. win in front, befoe. 

— dtf. before; to meet. 

andiOaii,/. hauins, audition; «ttcôdanoa 

audltotre, n. auditorium; «udienoa. 
aasa. /. trough; busket (of a wheel); hod, 

— i tfaufrim, l«r buckM. 

— de rotàlaçe, bod (of an inooriKaaUng mill 
for gunpowder). 

— dt tttmpaçt, (Jbrtil.) dipping bYiugh. 
■osée. /. troughful; hodfuL 

MVet, m. gmaU trough; buokat (of a whr 
aoonTeyor); groove; cartridge oairit 
/.inoreuei aDgmtntatiaii 

«■Jonrd'Illll, adB. today; oowadayi, at 

aolE, pt. (rfaiL 

aone, m. (BkI.) alder (Abiui); alder wood. 

— /. oU (old meagure, 1.1S8 metiri). 
■niM^ll. /. (Pot.) elecampane (Inula Aelmtum). 
MipaniTBiit, aài. previoualy. before. 
•o^ta, ail. near, near by. 

; niiiMt. with (p«eon>); 

aurlcolalie, a 
antUtoe, a. ai 

anrlqua. a, aurio, 

aaroat, f-at. S pi. of avoir (to have). 

annwe, /. dawn; aurora. — o. * n. the ooh 
of the akr at dawn (used variously ta mea 
pink, reddish yellow, or golden ^Uow). 

aniMe bariaU, aurora 
anmre, m. suride. 
mnryle* m. auiyl. 
aawl, adw. also, too; i 

»weU; indeed, in fact, for. 

adi. immediately, at ouoe; (usually 

MUUre, a. (of taet«) harsb, rough; austere, 

austértU, /. haiehoeB, eta. (see auitire). 
Anstralaale, /. Australasia. 
'" /, AuatraUa. 

BDtant, adt. as much, as many, as far. 

d' — , by as much, to the san* otent. 
d — motni. the leas BO, all the les. 
d' — plue, the more so, all the mort. 

IT less) beoauai 

ant«I, m. altar; (Metal.) altar: either Sre 
bridge (grand ouUf) or Sue bridge (psKf 
aulel); (Ailron.) Ara. the Altai. 

antcnr, m. author; authority. 

aatlientlqne, a. authentic. — /. «igiiial 

anto-baUon, m. dirigible. 

SDto-ounlon. m. auto truck, motn tmok. 

anlorlare. m. it a. autoclave. 

antocoplste, a. |self-)copyin8. 

anln-eicltateiir, a. (Site.) self-einting. 

aoto-eicltatlon. /. (Blac.) self-BXdtatiiHi. 

antagfii», a. autogenio, autogenous. 

BUtolyM, /. autolysis. 

BatolytJqDe. a, Butolytio. 

antomatte, aatomatlclM, /. a' 

sutoinatlqnemmt, udt. automatically. 
- - lumn, faU, 

lutomobile manufad 

anlODUitrlee, ftm. of automoteur. 

o] from sLaughtend ah«ep. 
rn»;-proiortioii: (WacA.) leftdi 
(Soap) s lye of deiuity 2S* B. 

) Hpt^led; forwmrd, «nrly; ] 
advuu»; hasten; (lun. ■ 

front, f on 


— J.-C., belofB Chriit, B.C. 
■1 — , on, onwHrd» f^fwardn ahead, 
n — dp, in advance of, b«f on. beyond, 
intagfr, m nHynptPff odda; donation. 
■BitawMiJUiwt, ode. sdvuitac«oiu1y, 

vanta^eotu; beoomiB^; pn 

m. (Mttal.) foreh«arth. 
a. it n. lut but one, next to Iwt. 
advance ffuud- 
nrnnt-CoOt, m. Içretante. 
MSnt-Ciicne. m. (period) before the war. 

d* — , befors-the-war, aate-beUum. 
MBBt-takCi adt. A m. day before ycstarday. 

blind. — m. dt /, blind pi 
ff.e, blind ; iitc^ up. atop- 

, p(. of a™r (to haT*). 

■tMc, a. a^, dealRXB, cnedy. cnqrins. 
— de, iChan.) having atnnv affioitijr for. 
kTldlté, /. aridity. 
arient. pr. s tine, ol avenir. 
•TlMi imp. » pi. of avoir (to hare). 
BTltlT, 1 1, depiedats; debase, dégrada. — «j^ 

ifjt ffooda) depreciate; (of priofl) faD. 
kfObaeinent, m. debasement, ete. (ae* aviUiJ. 
rx, «oak or stain with wins. 

iTb,m. notioe; preface; opinion: information, 
intellicence: vamina; oountel, adviea: 
deoision; vole. 
d nut, — , in my t^iinion. 

— atUoHH, offlaial notioe. 

iTtm. t.l. adviae; inlonn; iMnMiv«,«e. — «.i 
± r. think. 

— de, think of, ne to.' 

Mtoas*. m. bn^laûnc, «to. (see aviver). 

brighten, hdahMo. IttÊtteo (colon); pot- 
idi, bumiiifa; quidun (with tnUDury, u at 
mft^"n mirrwa or In sleotroiiJfrtiii;) ; cut 

■nknWi a. too. — DL MO eomvoaai. 

(a fin); eDliv*D. — i.r. briihtain. beoome 
bri^tir; nvivB; (at paia) twooma nhaipar, 

MDCSt. m. «ilvooata; baniMer, lawyer. 

mnmUtr, «. avondo, aDlgalor peac (tne) . 

mmiBe./. oata; oat plant; (jil.) oat oron. 

B**lr, >.<. have. — m. property, patenwioni; 

^ lÛTairt d. have buBinen with, luiv* to do 
with; be deaUnc with. 

— M fairt, muat have done (and lo tor other 
infinitiv» than fitir9). 

— Km, take piaee, oomir. 

— ttnlde.tet wind of. 

a ^ o. there i.. thwe Mb; (of time) it ii, ago. 

^vo». there haabeen 

there ha 

re been. 

A V »<■«. there -a., there were. 

SToUner, r.f. be adjaoent to, 

b<Hiler on. 

— ..r. beadja«nt.l> 

avons, pr. t pi. of avoir 

to havel 

■TOuE. p.a. avowed; app 

oved, - 

™. attorney. 

Rvoner, r.i. acknowledge 


•rrUlet, m, spriDg wbes 

aie, m. bbb; mIb, arbor 



sdal, a. uial. 

(PAarm.) lard, adepe. 

loinatïd lard. 

unel, o. aiifll. 

ay. m. a kind of «parklinE wine Ir 


■rant, p. pr. having (from amr) 

Al. Bymbol for aigfi (nitrogea). 


aiedarach, rnargoea. 

aaalate, /. nitrata. 

— ^arntnl, aiiver nitrate. 

— da c&ouc, aaloium nitrate. 

— de cuwv, «vper nitrate. 

— d» /gr. (errie nitrate. 

— da /«r liquida, (PAorm.) edutJOB of tenia 

- — de pSomb; lead nitrate. 

— de pobuK, potaalum 

— de aouda, lodimn nitratt 

itiate, nilnta al 

e liquida, (J*Aam.) eolutiui ttf 

Matfardiiqiie. a, hydiaioia, tnaiolo. 
aaoUne, /. aaotine (a nitroceuous (eitiliaar; 
alaO) an erploAve of the gunpowder type). 

— d'omiii, amyl nitrite, 
■otomètlê. m. aaotometer. nitromatar. 
■•((HrliémDCtobllMi, /. nitrio oxide I 

iiotiire. m. nitride. 

dfl plomb, lead nitride. 

aiot^, m. nitryl. nitro aroup. 
aioilque. a. aioiy. 
aaoirbeniCiM, m. aaoxybemene. 

— da cuin-fl, blue verditer. 
anirase, m. bluing, etc. (nee aaurar). 

anirer, t.l. blue, eolor blue, aiura. 

axyme,a. unleavened. ~n.a 

p:hy Google 

— d'attente. (8u(iar) OTibillinr. 

— (Umnimr, decmting tûk. 


m BtonflB bmttery) 


1, bachelor. 
bBCUklie, a. bucOlAi, baàOBiy. 
budlle, n. biicillua. 
iNwIlle-TirBiile, m. cunuiu builluB, aholars 

bMtéilcIde, a. bactericide. 
bacUile, /. bBatcrimn; (pi.) bacteria. 
bactériet aérobiea, af^robic bacteria. 

erial, (lésa oltaa) b(W(«riui. 


hmetériotfaK, f. bactc 
limctCrlolrsInCt /. bacteridyiin. 
bactriolea, /.pi. sold beatings. 
baiUmlcr, m., bsdsnde, f.<fic. 
Bwle« n. Baden (duchy) ; Baden-Baden (vater- 
inc place). 



badlKsoiii m. IPainHag) whitewash, or we 
any solar: badigeon; patty. 

'«. (seebadicMiii- 

m. (S^.) an «Imaceona Itm «f 

.. /. (Suffar) a trou^ which oondiuda 
■ugar cane ta the rolla. 
bagne, /. ring: boop, eollar, sleere, band. 

— d'opjiui, supporting ring or ooUar. 

— d'aatfmbiaffe. collar. Aleerc. 

— dt tpimiture, paoking ring, piston ring. 
/. bladder Beasa pod. 
r, tn. Ifiot.) bladder eenna (Colu- 

ua arbcrtêeens). 
bacncttv*/, rod; atiok. wand. frwit<;h; ramrodi 
(of a rocket) etisk; dnunitick. 

— dt nettaj/affe, oleaning rod. 

bmle, /. berry; bay. 

- — de ffenémer, — dt ff9nièwe, junipar b«m^. 
bBlsnase, m. bathing, etn. (see baigner). 
miCDCT, r,(. bathe, lava; wet. — i.i. float, 
dip; BcïAk, be immerved. 

ir bath. 


, (PIMoo.) silver bath. 

— ds Bariçtë ariiflcitl, a bath imitating the 
Bulfur water of Bardgee, made by adding a 
prepared miiture of salts to ordinary water. 

— dtf andret. ash bath. 

— de dtveluppeminl, {PholBg.) developing 

- de uuniùr, bed of mortar. 

- dt phmb, lead bath. 
. dé êobie. Band batb. 

- dt ml, salt batb. 
, dye bath, Uquw. 

— de tremp9. tempering bath. 

— dewpetir.Btesnibsth; (Mod.) nj 

— de rv-age, (Photog.) toning bath. 


bmlanette, /. bayoaet. 

talKT, >-l. d r. kin. - 


iMlue, /. f^, deoline. 

— dudkin*». l^ofB 

kaluer, ■.(, lower; bow 

ltheh«d). -. 


«ink. deeline; detoiornte. — ,r. 


foU; t» dBJected. 

— m. »ttin« 

ot the 


baluHn, /. bottom, fo 

ot. part jurt «bovo ti>» 

Ibcs (tia of wJDe in n cuk). 
bmlHOlr, m. (SoKI brioe tuik. 
baUl, m, broom; (A lartr) laop; (Site.) btuah. 

— de e&nmunication, commutator bruih- 

— ^feoHffbf, dyniLmo brush. 
fealBle, pr, S tine, of balayer. 

balml». balkl, a. In mbit balai'(i) , balu ruby. 

1. balaucuiff, ntu. (»« balan- 

:; (Aifron.) bbration. 

&ri«; BwiiuEi rock; «oiflh, «i- 

, /, biUaan factory, vuLla factory; 
balance making;. 

attter, r». beam, lever; pendulum: preia 
(for fltflmpinff, puochiiuE or the Ilka) ; fly, 
flyer (of a vheel); balance, balance wheel 
(of a wat^); rod (of a pump); balanoe 

— dicovpoir. cutting ] 

balançoire, /. ewins; 

apparatus for aiftiitj 

talkTMl*, balBremcnt, m. aweeinng. 

whelebone.aem comme 

■MJbutasc, m. ballaatinc. 

bmDc/.ball; bale; pack; bullat; (BvO-hii^ 

— àtdairer. (/V".) light baU. 

— àfeu. (Pirro.) fire ball. 

— à fumée, /.Pyro.) unoke ball. 

— ardtnle, (Piro.l liaht ball, 

— emu/ue, conical buUet. 

— d'oTtHia, pyrotechnie ball, fire ball. 

— dt rflmpfUBoi/f, ehrapnel bullet. 

— liâtavte, (Pyro.) light ball. 

— mvhipis, fragmentation buUet. 
bmller. t.t. (AfaCoJ.) baU. 

kanan, m. balloon; specif. . a ^iheiieal or round- 
bottomed Oaak, balloon Baak (but alao 
applied rather loosely to certain oth^ 
flaaka); carboy; infiated ball (aa a foot- 
ball; top (of an automobile) ; hood. 

— it col omrl, shttft-neoked balloon. 

— à ditHOaHtm. — i dMaier, balloon Soak 
for distillation. 

— à fiilrtr, romid-bottomed filtering fia«k. 

— d fund vial, flat-bottomed flaok (usually a 

bolder with delivery tube and etopoook. for 

— à Umg Eat. iona-necked balloon, bolthead, 

— d'ariificw, fire baQoon. 
~ de PaileuT, Pasteur flask. 

— d^txtroftion, balloon flaak for ertraetion 
(short wide neck, fiat bottom). 

— dUviettr, dilution floak (uaed in the analy- 
sis of air). 

— ■ rfavrte, a special bottle (resembling a waah 
^1e liquid and 

in the f 

ioBate. • 

batlotc. /. (gol.) Ballots. 

biUIOtle,/.aDullba]l;awineTnBel; -ballots. 
"ottcff T-f. toss, toes about, ahake; pack in 
balee; ballot for. —v.i. shake, wobUe, 

r, m. banana |pla 

incin. bed, stratum; I: 

bed; bank (of sand, et 

— d Anmfflar, {Pj/n.) oh 

inch; (TecA.) frame, 
hkine frame, ofaokiDC 

tartifirxt. (iVo.) laboratory table. 

~ra; hoop: bandage; bandaging. 
auntichùuc, rubber tire. 

bsDile, /. btod; Btrip; slip; stnp; b»lt; ban- 
dace; tint; side, flhoK. 
taodéi PrO, bimdaged, etc, (bïa bander). 
— IB. DampTesnoa (of a spring). 

. kdh» 

h oord) ; I 

wind up (a Bpring) ; tiflhtfiu 

(wimething elMtie) ; coek (a gimi . — >.i. 

be tight. 

' nkvbeat Sour; buskwhest. 

lonUtoe, /. ahoulder belt. 

iMKt, /. tjutakirtB, flDVirona, miburba. 

ictt /. hamper; awning; tarpaulin; iMin- 

ito» /. bankruptcy, 
m. banker. 

. tub; bucket; trough; tray; (Olamt', 
Tor coolins the blowpipe. 

1, — m. bai^ 

trbTetqiie, a. of Bajbary. 
taAe, /. beard; rouih edge, bun (of oastingi. 
etc.); (Pamr) deckle; barb; wattle, gill; fin. 

— de pium», feather of a Quill. ^ 

fcf bfn, n. Domfloffer. bluebottle (Csntaur» 
(twiiH); barbel (a fish), —a. cornflower 
(blue), light blue, 

terbclé, a baibed. 

buUUmi, m, barb: barbel 

bsrbotace, m. bubbling, etc. (gee baiboter): 
mash (as of bran and water) . 

barbolCT, r.<. |of gaH») bubble; paddle, dab- 
ble; mumble. — -ï.t-miïTiiUr; dip; aplaeh, 

barbotenr, m, bubbler (vwel in which a gas 
delivery tube dipa intc a liquid, t.ff. a gaa- 
waahing bottle or a potash bulb); mixer, 
atimr, agitator; duck. — a. bubbling; 

— à paiettta. paddle miier. 
' " 'ocket wheel. Fhain pulley. 

■, /, (Ciram.) slip, «lop; (Pliarm.) 

barhn, a. bewded; (Bat.) bertxte. 
bardaau. m. shingle; slate (for rooflng). 
bardidle, /. Ifflaa) bullion bar (an arm or bu 

on whioh the glaas ia rested) . 
baril, m. baireh baml-shapBd veasel. 
bariHe, /. barilla (either alkali or plant). 

— douce, the first quality of Spanish crude 

— mitarioét, aeoond-crade planish crude 

bariDet, m. small barrel, keg; (Ou) a hariKHf 
tal washing apparatus, hydraulic main; 
{Math.) barrel, drum, cylinder; (nf a fuse) 


iriegated, party4olored, motley. 
» barrique. 

I machine, irtùm. 

— pBriadf, portable barometer. 
bantmetrtqae. a. barometric (al). 
bantméttlqaeiiient, aàt. bsrometrically. 
bantmCtiocraplM, m. barometmgraph. baro- 

bBToniw, /. baronees. 

barcMiite, a. (of pearls) irrepilar. baroque; odd. 

baniae, /. (small) boat, skiff. 

barqaleal. (Snap) tanks having per- 
forated false bottoma and used for th* 
preparation of lye. 

banmce, m. dam; barrier; (Jfil.) barrage. 

bamMt m. barras, galipot. 

bane,/, bar (in various senaes); line.stroke. 

— dr. T-bar. T-iron. 

— (f aÛw, (Else.) pœitiïe bus bar. 

— dt fnameau. — ât Drills, fire bar, grate bar. 

— dc rttmiT, (Eltc.) negative bus bar. 

— {f «menJrtffue. eccentric rod. 

— du foyer, fire bar, grate bar. 

— itmoin, (Moal.) trial bar. tap bar. 
barrcan, m. (imall) bar; bar (le^ sanaa). 

— de çriUe. grate bar. 

— d'ewi, teat bar. 

barm, i.t. bsr; dam; strike out, oroa out. 
barrette. /. (small) bar; rib, stay, atr^ 

— d'emai, test bar, teat strip. 


. /. baml disk («gp. for liquid*). 

oHMfizuv, cauHtic baryta, bArium oxide. 
hydr^iée, hydrmted bajyta, barium hydroj 

t, t. (Uin.) buiU. barytM. 
bMTtlqnc, a. of or pertsiiiiiii (o barium < 
baiyta, barytioi as, tul/ate barytitiie, ta 

barjrtun, m. baHum- 

Inu, a. lo«: lu»«r: thallow. — n. boMon 

Ipwer part, foot: flt<Hkir«. — adt. low 

down. cfi. 
rl— .down; low, off with; dowD witb. 

— fo^vT, {Metal.) any broad, low furnaw (t 
witb afaaft fumaoo). luArth 

bottom; from 

I»«altliiiie, a. bsMltic. 
baoRDVi /- tazmed aheepakin, aheep, baail. 
teiaut, t>-a- tanned, sunburnt. 

(e«p. of th« steel- 

swipe, basFulF 

yard kind) ; aj 

o! a trough or fnpe whioh is rooked 

and backward; reciprooatloc or 

lUH-food, m. low ground 
■hoal; (rarely) deep 

— i.r. be based, 
bottom ; shoal we 

bMophUe, a. 


Bee baa foyer, under bos. 

(Biol.) basopbilie, basophilous. 
i.ofbaa. —/.shoal; (Aftuic) ban. 
../, farmyard; back yajd. 
bUM-etdlll, /. base metal, esp. an alloy of 

buse-mn, /. low water, low tide. 
basacrie. /. (LnWAsr) plumping liquor. 
bawesae./. lownees; basea(«, meaiuKn. 

specif, scale pan; dock; (Anal.) pelvis. 

— filtrant, filtering basin, &1ter bad. 
bwdne. /. a variously shaped open venel (luu- 

olly circular in forra but either shallow or 
deep and either metal or pottery), pan. 

— amique, a pail-shaped veeacl, widening 
from bottom to top and having the han- 
dlat on the ùdea. 

— (^HndriTie, a cyUndrical vessel or JAr, 
usually with handles on the sidce. 

bauinu', r.l, dampen, moisten, sprinkle; bathe. 
bassinet, m. (small) basin; (of a fuse) oup. 

bassatJn, m. (Dj/ein^) indigo vat. 
baatilnqiie, m. a kind of black-ash funtaoe. 
bas-rentn. m. lower part of the belly. 

batkiOe,/. battle; battle arrsi. 
batailler, v.i. battle, struggle. 

. a. bastard, mongrel, hybrid. 
bataM, /. sweet potato, batatas. 
batariquv, a. In the phrase forms botongtM, 

bateau, m, boat, 

d tHipsur, steamboat, steamer. 
balcaa-cltcme. m, tank boat, tank s(«amer. 
' Se, /. pan (for washing gold) . 
I, p,a, built; fSanine) basted, — m. frame, 
framework; support, bed, stand ; basting. 
bâtiment, m- building, structure; vfeeel, ship. 

— dt Brodaalion, (Salt) graduation bouse, 

âtlr, v.t. build; (Seiciia) baste. — i.i. build, 

— D.r. be built; build for oneeelf. 

blton, m. stick; rod, cane, etaS. wand, baton. 
bdtorië ramput, by snatch». 

(ZoflJ.) batrachian. 
batlaie, m. beating; stamping; 
thrashing; driving (of piles). 


bedtina: (wineinc (d(K«) : flchtioc; 
iMaeh.) emus, workint. —m. l«f {of ■ 
d<w[)i clspper (of ■ bell); Iwtteii (of ■ 

(a, /. beater, beetle, runnuir; (of m chum) 
be*tcr, pluncOT. 

beatinc; boat: "Itpp'Titi fi>p- 

ktterlei/. battery; fightins, friQ'. 

— Stâri^u», elootrio b»ttery. 

— d'or. Bold bo»tw. 
Iter; chuini tbraflbing uu- 

(cMefly Fefit). 

batCrVi v.L beat; pound, etrike. boioiiieT, bat- 
ter, nun, thrish. driva (piles), ooin (money). 
— v.i. bcAt; throb, palpitate; clap, itamp; 
(UaiA.) be locae. 
— KR pMn, be in full blaat. 

battu, p.a. beat«n. etc. (see battre). 

battDK, /. Bold Uoquer. 


— taUdtnim, (Piorm.) a solution of kauri 
sum in an equal weicht of BO per MDt 

— dé Canada, Canada baleam. 

— de CarUvuènt. baliam of Tolu. 

— d> ifmtùt, (Bol.) horse balm (CoUinamia). 
^ de cpfuAu, copaiba, copaiba baloom. 

— dtOatad. balm of Oilead. 

— -dt la Mtcqut, balm of Gileod, Mecca bal- 

— de Ptrou 

-de Firm 

— de T-ol» (or Mu). balsam of Tolu (or tolu). 


rad merourio oxide. 

several narootic and aromatio plant eub- 

— sert, (Sol.) qworznint. 

bmiix,i>(. ofbuL 

buultti,/. (Vin.)bauiite. 

banrd, a. talkative; gomping. 

iMTaioU, 0, Bavarian. 

iMTe, /. alarer, slobber, alime, foam. 

brnnr. v.i. slaver, slobber, dribble, run, (ot ink) 

bavBtta,/. bib; plate. 

BaTHra, /. Bavaria. 

baToebé, p.a. btuired, printed indiatiiiDtly. 

■wTUrt, /. rough edge, s> 

9, burr, bewd, m<dd 

Qi a. beautiful, handsome, fine, elegant, fair, 
pleasant; proper, fitting; Qa compound 
words) etep-, -in-l»w. ■ — m. best; beauty: 
beautiful; beau, fop. 

much, greatly. — m. muoh, a 
great doal, a good deal. 
d — près, by far, by a great deaL 

de — , by far, by much. 
bCMte, /, - 

.er; Up (of a Tessel); beak, bill; 
a Btm or retort); any of v»ious 
£ parts, nose, spout, stud, catch, 

EandeSEence. inoandeai 
itae, burner for creati 

— cachetenr, a burner for **«l'"f letters, etc. 

— Carael, Garoel lamp. 

— da cwoffu, stork's bill; herb Robert {Go- 

— d« MlretJ. safety burner. 

— .d'^toin,(jtfin.)a twinned eassiteri te crystal. 

— de tirade, — bee k tirage. 
— papiUon. fishtail bumer(T). 

rane's-biU (i 

bêche. /, spade. 

beeherilBi. m. beaker. 

béftjtt, v.i, li I. etammer, etutter, lisp. 

belce, a. (of wool) raw, natmal; of the color 

of. or made from, niw wool. 
bd, a. ITsed instead of beau before vowels 

and in oertain phrases. See beau. 
bdge, a. Belgian. 
bdge-«t)fi>l«n, a. (Zint) designating or pertain- 

Bdclqne, /. Belgium. 

benadans, /. belladonna. 

beOadODlne, /, belladoDnioe. 

belle, a. fern, of beau. — /. belle, fur one. 

beniqaeni. a. warlike, martJal, belliowe. 

beUlte, /. (£zt>l-) bellite- 

ben, m. ben, ben nut, ben tree (Marinça). 

/. blessing, benediotion, cons^ 

n.> profit, gain: (Oem 

«raie, a, kind, benevolsat; (of etudsnta) 
spoffl»!, not candidate for a degree. 
Ckle, m. {Pi/ro.) BenciJ Light; (cap.) 

Mnlt, béni, p 


beiUolii, «. 



tranoportfd in factoriee, minu, strj. 
baeket, cauo, cradle» oar, akip, buoket. 
e, /. I^ot.) avena. bennet (Geur 

itienyl eulfoae. 

beiueDrle, m. tienienyl. 

benihrdrol. m. beniohydrol. bembydrol. 

bemldliie, /. benaidinc. 

benlliie, /. beniene (or, Cam. beniole); ben- 

— cohphanfg, turpentine (tbe oleoreeia). 

— delà A/mail, beDiene (or bentola), 

— Moire, !i»ht beniole. 

— lourd*, hisavy beniole. 

— rni^ie, oil of turpenlino. 

— Tfeit, heavy beniole. 
bCBiomte, n. beoioate. 
bcniobleil, m. benio blue (■ dye). 
beniDllMliie, /, (Dyei) benaoSavine. 
bcnio(tirfiir>iie, m. beniofuran. beniofur- 

"ne, /. benioln. 

lemol, m. bannie, beniol (the oamnwdal 
product); beniena (th« eompouud). 

bciUDiiBphtoI. m. beoionai^tbot (S-n^ihtlirl 
benaoate, uaed aa an antieeptia). 

beaif lamina, /, bemylainine. 

bemrle, m. benayl. 

bvnarUqav, a- beniyl, benaylio. 

béquille, /. oruteh; handle (of a soek); prtith 

btrberine, /, boberine. 
bwbérinlqne, a. berberine, of berbetine. 
bMtv,/- iBol.) WW parsnip (HeradaanJ. 
bcrooD, m. oradle (in variooe BeDaea): baird 
vault: (.Pounding) a fumaee for dryinc 

'ock; deceive; (Ërurovinff) cradle, 
bcrcamotc, /. bergamot. bergamot orancc; 

berffsmot oranffe tm- 
berBatnaUn, m. ber^™ot onmte tree (Citrut 

betrer, m. ghepbtod. 
béribCri, m. berib^ 
bérU, m. b«7l- 
Bermndes, /.pi. Bermudas. 
bél7l> m. beryl 
béiTiliDni, n. berylUum. 

task, labor, buûncice. 

besicles, /.pi. spectacles. 
besocDe, /. work; 

.(. woit 

Mte,/. heaet, brute, animal; idmpleton; avc^ 

sion. — a. silly, stupid. 
bCtI», /. stupidity, folly, nonaense. 
btuaae,/. betony iBttonica). 
bitnni m- coacretc; (rarely) coToatnun. 

— aggloméré, ordinary cement concrete. 

— ontU, reinforced concrete, armiwed eon- 

— au quart, — au teptiime, etc. ooncrete 
etc of other materiaL 

Mtoa Coiffotl. > kind oî o 
fpi'ing «mnd with tx 
and iiddioa WAt«r. 

bétonnUre, /. conorste miio-. 
bette, /. any plant of th« geniu Beta, ii 

beéta and chard. 
betterave, /. beet, beetroot. 

— à auen, ouffar beet. 

— frntrragen, fora^ beet. 

— peloiiéra. beet foi cooking. 

— mi^iire, HUgar beet. 

— da oKoo, caeao butter (icB protHrir called 

de mMicade, nutmeff butter. 
it HcAa, cow butter, ordinary b 
^Wnt, fretih butter, unsalted hutt 
/. place where butta 

bertbMqoe, n. [Bd(.) Indian pennywort. 
bCnwrd, m. beioar. 
bésoardtgae, a. beioaniic. 

ofsda —. old name tor sUa«iii arid. 
biMsCtrle, m. biaoetyl, 2. 3-butaDedion«. 
Mxddc, a. biacid, duKÎd. 
Hals, m. ilope. inclination, alaut: bias, benl 

way of looldoï or prooeediiig, shift. — i 

Blantinc. obUque. skew, aakew. awry- 
de — , «I — , obliquely, aalant, aakew, on th 

bUaer. >.i. slant, slope, slope off. 
Mktomlaae, a, diatomie. 
Mbairtlqne, a. containiuc two atom» of bt 

Hum, dibarium. 
Mbailqiie, a. bibaaic, dibasic, 
Mbdot, m. small ornament, kniokknaek. 
blbQosrapbe, m. bibliographer. 
btbUosraplile, /. bibliography. 
MbDocTaphlgm. a. tHbliographioCat). 
blUtothécalre, m. Ubrarian. 

e,/. hbrary; bookoase. 

. (Ora. Chem.) introduce tw 

Mbrombydriiiue, a. (Org. Chan.) of the nature 
of a dibromohydrin (thug, athylene chloride 
la oalled the iiher bibrùmhj/dri^we of glycol). 

a. dicalcium, dicaloic. 
9i n. bicaTl)onate, 

7 bUodnro 

MMTbim. m. dicaibida, bioarMde, (fonneriy) 

Mcaire, a. (MaUi.) raised to the fourth power. 
blebet, m. annatto. 
bicUoré, a. dichloro. dicUoro-. 
bleUorhrdrliitu, a. of the nature of a dichlo- 

rohydnn. See bibromhydriquc. 
bltUomre, m. di chloride, bichloride. 
btchranimtê, m. dichromate, bichromate. 

— de potfuK, potanium ilichromate. 

— de aowUt cùdiiun dichromA(«, 

do», IR. can, tin-plate veasel (often holding 
about S Liters) for oil, gaaoltne or the like ; 
large juE or pitcher of wood or metal; 

— tnfendtore. IMQ.) incendi 
a», /. (tfocA.) rod, arm. 

rod, side rod- 
— - iTaceaupieTHént, coupling rod, 

— motrice, driping rod. 

«D, odi. well; voy; very much, much; 
quite, entirely. — m. good; good tliisg, 
bleaaiiia; property, estate, ponmiuloa. 

à —, succnsfully. 

t prell under- 
stood; certwnly. 

— entenda <rus, it being undemtood that, piw- 
vided that. 

— peu, very little. 


en —, honorably: fav 

«i — ^tK, Bo that; however, however m 
Mea-être, m. welfare, oomfort. comforts. 
blenAbaDt, a. beneficent, bénéficiai. helphiL 
Menblt, m. benefit. 
Memul, a. biennial. 
UentOt, adt. soon, shortly, presently. 
bMre, /. beer; bier. 

— dtBmntwick, mum. 

— de conafTvs, — - de oorde, lager beer. 

MiairS, a. mottled, party-colored. 

of the oature of a diiodrAy 

iiodide, biiodide. biniodide. 

a, m. (PAorm.) luue nàa. 

il(«tte. /. jewdry; |cw«]>r'> trade « ihop. 
1, m. balaim sheet, 

/.bile. «01. 

dt boat, oigsll. 01 tula. 
Ire. a. biliary, tale. 

id, m. billiards; InUiiiid table or room. 

,/. amall ball (of metal or other matariBl); 

tnlliard ball; marble; los; billet; euokv, 

■boot; euttiDs (foe propagatioD). 

i, m. note, bill, tioket, ballot, «rtiOcalc 

ja hanVM, bank note. 

gimpU. promiaaory notfi; (RaUaa^B) sinvle 

'ii« m. oc^ bronu; billon (debased alk^ 
lormarly used for money) ; (AvrJc) ridfe. 
t, m. blook. 

Mf a. dinitrated, dinitro. — fn. dii 


Umle, /. bioohemutry. 

bJrnlste, m. biochemiat. 

raphe, m. biographer; Inocr^ih. 

TKpUe, /. biography. 

)fle, /, biology. 

>Clqiic, 3. bioloeicCal]. 

>ll8te. bMocne, m. biologiat. 

rde, HI. dioxide, (formerly) bioiide. 

;d diasd 

hiinie oxidep 

Fo atomii ol potsB- 

1 primary aloohol 

MnceaC, a. biréfringent. 

a. arayÎBh brown, brown, swarthy. — -oA. 

a aeoond time, twice (uaed with niunbera; 

DtoMdtdi porealaina, bieouit poTMlain, liJiiiiik. 

a. (of bread) baked longer than ■■■■i^l 
redyed, dyed a aeooad time, 
bevel; benJ. 

. a. biMOondary. ( 
.1. r«dye, dye a second tSi 
crain) datkea, deteriorate. 

e, /. (Win.) Inamuthinite, biamutb- 

Hamntli-Métliyle, m. binnnth triethyl, 

UwectW. «,l. bisect. 

biMftMon, /. bisection. 

MaseetrlM, a, /m>. ot bineoteur. — /. hiin 

blatn, m. Eniter, bistre. 

MnibatltDé, a. diiubstituted, bisubstituted. 
UmUtC, n. bisuiate, acid sul&te. 

— de 90ude, sodium bisulfite. 
Mmlfltlqliei a. of or pertunins to a bisulSte, 

bbnilStic. iMBuIGte. 
UnilftuVi m. disulfide. biaulBde. 
Mtartnte, m. bitartraU, aoid tartrate. 

— de jKtatMt potassium lutarbvte. 
Utertlmln, a. bitsrtiuy. Cf. biprimaiie. 
bltto'. m. iHtters (the liquor, eqi. made from 

blafUd, a. dull, 

, m. brush (of 
soft hair) ; badger. 

- antii/ue, (Otate) wbite Ela« wilk 
uish (Teen tint, cathedral sUaa. 
fU. antimony wMM. 

ut Sorgtnt, • fiiu vtritty of white lewL 

— dé baryU, hwyt» white. 

— d€ biamuth, bismutli wHte. 
-'— de Bouffival, « furm o{ whttuiE^ 

— de oiruH, white lead, lead white. 

— de CAampoonfli whitiui whiteoLoff. 

— dé chaiix, whitewaeb, coat ot whilewaeh. 

— dé Climt, Chinoaa white. 

-^ dé fard, pemri white ^nôo biflmuth ni- 

— di HambovTg, Hamburi white. 
_ dé BiMoadé, Dut«h while. 

— de Kremé, Kremnits white, bems white. 
^ de lait, milky white. 

— de lune, (Jlfdol.) while heat, weldinc heat. 
^ de M«udên, a form of whitinf. 

. — dé MuUipwae, Jead Butfate. 

— dé néisé, goow white (aino white}. 

— ' di perffl, pearJ white (bismuth oxychLjride). 

— de pJffmA, white lead, lead white. 
^ d'Btpùffne. Spaoiah white. 

— di Ttohi; a form of whiting. 

— de tine. line white. 

— d'au/, esfl white, white of egg- 

— Ah. blaoo fiie (barium sulfate). 

— nul, dead white, dull white. 

— minéral, whiting, whitening. 
.— * permanent, permaneut white. 

— mle, dingy white, grayiih or yellowiih 

— éoudant, weldiog hMt, white heat. 

:h BHer: ■ Icind of white wool 

u, ohen 

tl bleaohing. 

AneUri *.(. whiten, bleach, bUncb; waeh; 

oÏBan, poliah (metals) ; reSne (caet iron} ; 

tin; drflH, trim, rough^grind, imooth; 

Bald, parboil; waahfor; exonerate. — t-i. 

turn white, whiten, bleach, blaach, pale, 

fade: lof hair} turn gray; graie. — v.r. 

turn white, whiteu, bleaoh. 
— à la chaux, whitewash. 

at, laundering; whHe- 

bUnchlicuit, p 

btenchluerlei /. bleacbery; bleaohlng trade 
laundry, plaoe where elothee are waehed. 


, whiteoing, etc. (see blan 


ftm, of blanchlnenr. 
have a white reflectian. 
. m. welding heat, white heat, 
m. {Mining') blanket. 
bUnUtc, /. blankite. 

blanquette, /. blanquette (a kind ot kelp or 
crude goda) ; a white iparkling wine of the 
Midi; (Dtri.) low winee. 
blé, m. wheat; (with oualifying words) grain, 

etc.): wheat Geld, g 
— barbu, bearded wheat. 

in field. 

btonde, /. (Afin.) blend, blende. 
~ ' ~ blendoui, of or eont^ning blend, 

round, hin^, injure; offend, 
round, hurt, injury; grief. 
Met, a. bletted, oyB»ipe, half-decayed. 

.i, bïet. become ovec^^ipe. 
bleu. a. blue. — m. blue; bruiae. 

— luur, — Mette, aiure, aky blue. 


— Coupier, Coupler's blue (induUm). 

— d'acier, sl^i blue. 

— d'anHine. aniline blue. 

— de Berlin, Berlin blue. 

— de Brème, Bremen blue. 

— de ffaiiamine, ga l la mi ne bloe. 

- d-trnaH. smalt. 

- de Uddala, Meldola's blue. 

— de methvUne, methylene blue. 

— de naphtot. naphthol blue. 

— de fTieholtm, Nicholson'B blue. 

— de ffH. Nile blue. 

— de nuit, night blue, 
~- dé Parié, Parie blue. 

— de phényiine, pheaylene blue. 

— dé PnuM, Pruioian blue. 

— de roi. king's blue. 

— de tafre. saffer blue, smalt. 

— de Saxe. SaioD blue, Saurny Uaa, 

— de Sierêt, SAvres blue. 

— 'de tatuytène^ toluylene btue. 1 

n ff fndfJT^ indigo bEue» indisotiD, 

■^ iovptien, Esypti&a bLua, aopp«r glial. 

— hydron, hydron blue- 

- lumitre. light blue, bleu lumière (the dya) ; 

— tmtbn. dark blue! (Pjia) nicht blue, 

— turbin, « dark, mat blue, 
, — Victoria, Viclori» Mue, 
Wenltre. □, bluish. 

blmlMADt, of ble 

MenlHenMBt. m, turm 

biCn-teplB, m. (SIo. 

thai ■ ■ ■ 


UeuM, pa. tiuied *ith blue, bluish. 
blMitcr, t.I. tinge with btua, blue sliehtly, 
bUndkCe. m. armut, armor plating; cafdng, 

protection; (Afil.) blindage. 
bUDder, >.I. armor; aa»; (Uil.) bliud. 
blue, m. block; lump, man. [ot; log. 
— it jMtn, (boA.) BypBum bloek. 
flR — , in a lunip, in the lump. 
Uocaie. n- «topping, eto. (aee bloquer). 
blocDB, m. blockade. 

blond* a. light-colored (light yellow or light 
• brown, diAtinguiahed from blanc, white) ; 

blond, fair, ~m. light color; blond. 
btODdmr, /. light color. 
blondir, t.i. turn hgh^oolored, turn Ught yel- 

low, (of grain) whiten. 
blondoyer, i.i, h&ve t. hghl yellow reflection. 
Noam, m. iMttol.) bloom. 

.. ËÏ. 


with plaster). 

fuU overgarment). 
bloette. /. Bpvk, iqiarkle; Oake or icale ol 

blnetteTf 9.i. spark, iparifle. 

bhitMVt "•. bolting. 

blBtcr, 1.1. bolt (flour, oement, etc.). 

Unterlc, /. bolting mill, bolUng house, 

bintalr.itt bolter, bolting machine, bolting cloth . 

■coace (of a candlntick) ; iiteel edge (on 

boblnnge, m. iqKM^ng, winding; wiring, ooil- 
boblDC. /. bobbin, q^ool, drum, reel; (Ebc.; 

floil, oholdng ooil 

— <U Hukrniorg, Huhmkorff coil, 

— d'indtiftwn, — iiîdactria, induction ooiL 

— îrufuifa, aecoodary oc "' 


bocsrder, r.i. stamp, crush (orea, etc 
bocaoi. pi. of bocal. 
bœuf, m, oi; (pf.) cattle; beef. 

(. driuk; absorb, drinl 
Boak up; awallow (an 
drink ; (of paper) blot- — n 
ing; ereek, inlet, channeL 

— Udnc, soft wood (i 

utdt), —■.£. 

— Saiçle, eaglewood, agallooh. 

— d'wnaro.nU. miLhoeaity, 

— iTavbier, sapwood. 

— idriU, wood sawed into plauki, boatdt^ 
etc., timber, lumber. 

— dt BrésH, braiilwood- 

— dt brin, whole timber (not «plit), 

— de eampêehe, logwood, oBmpeaehy wood; 
iPliam.) bematoirloD, 

— de charpenU. timber, lumber. 

— da cha^aat, firewood. 

— de fOru6-tifffon, timber, lumber. 

— ds fer, iroQwood. 

— de fir Uonc, V«t) Sidtnatfion efm r m iii cr 
its wood. 

— deJU. wood out with the grain. 

— de frêne, aah wood, aah. 

— da (raloc, guaiooum wood, lignum yittf, 
— dflÂabte/utoK,foreAt timber; timberfomrt, 

— de pttiUe, straw board. 

— it roH, roMwood (the cabiast wood) ; rho- 
dium wood, njoeHood (oon titinin g % ir%f 
mut oil). 

— dt tam«. locwcMjd. 

— de gonbit, Bmdftlwaod. 

^ tU «appan, sapaa wood (a red dyewood). 

— dM llu, bTMlwood (T). 

— duffeU, dry wood, BCaKmed wood. 

— d> temfcir., dyowbod. 

— dt ertiHiZ, timber, lumlMr. 

— d'Jmlf, loBwood. 

— d'ouvrfl, timber, lumber. 

— doux, soft wood; oaAcariUa; Uc<si« root, 

— draii, Btnùaht-Brained wood. 

— dnBrêtQ, braiilwood, 

— du cmtn. hetuiwood. 

— dut, hud wood, hsrdwood. 

— dura, artifidal wood, wood pulp. 

— jIn, fine wood, cl«»«n^ed wood, 

— ttnta, {Pharm.'i metereura. 

— pr», soft wood 

— javat. yelbwwood, «peoif., the wood of 
Menu HmMria. 

— ' parfait, heartwood. 

— . tùufré, eulfurated wood. 

— fejidn, ioft wood. 

— wif, oreen tirabor. green wcwd. 
iMlsatBi m. woodwork. fnuDiuc, ewinai plank- 

kuisf, a. wooded: wunsooted, psoeled. 
bolwrle, /. waimootiiia, paneline. 
bidsetu, a. woody, licueoui. 

tinfUÏBfaedfrom baieëeau n 

drioal); buflhe]. 

■Isaon. /. drink, beverxee, 

piquette; diinkiiic, dnm] 

pluc of a stopcock or tap 
J., without a qualifyinc 

balte, /. box; can. ohert, s 

— A f*u, fire boi, 

— à fitmée. bmoke boiL 

■ — à no^ou, (Poundww] oo 

— à téacHft. rea^nt box. 

(, (of ■ fimiMe) wind box; (of ui 

batM da dttHKuMOn, (Kj«.) «nnneotins I 

— d> Pfiri, Petri didi. 

— da rlntlana, (flac.) i " 

— ^orù/int, original bol or e« 

{Maeh.) irnsulai 

bolTent, pr. S pi. <nd>c. it lubf. of bm». 
boll m. bole; bolua. large pilh bowl. 
bolalre, s. bolar, bolarr. 
bolet, m. (Bat.) boletuL 
BnllTle, /. BoUvia. 

bombkglaCe, m 

— fumioèTie, amoke bomb, 

— ineendù^B, inceadiary bt 

à — compte, chei^ly. 

à — marché, cbaap; cheaply. 

à la bonne heure, very wcH, good, so be 

— ètÙl, Tm the nctiecatioQ of alcohol) the 
fraction which followe the aicooi de cœur and 
ia followed by the mouen eiii lit iaoludea 
the aicoot fin and botdc alcohol of second 
quality); a superior quality of certain 

fcortiw prtiniire, (Soap) ■ sail lye of 28' B. 

banni iKondc, (Soap) a salt lye of 26* B. 

— teint, fast dye, fast color; fast. 

de bonne heure, hkiq, early. 
bonbon, m. bonbon, aweetmeat. 
bonbonne, /. carboy; large bottle suoh a 

toOt, S. openiiia, vent, outlet, inlet, (of i 
cask) bungbote; stopper, bung; iluiefl. 

— (raif-pWn, oyerflaw. 

— de TvrrvjAittoQt, opening for putting in ma 

lioii4iHi, m. bunn, vtopper; Oe» often) bung- 
bole; bondoa chew, bondon, 

feMEbenr,», (ood fortune, luek; welfsre; «uo- 

1. /em. of bon. ■ 

nrapty, mncerely; exactly. 
bMUMt. m. asp; end <A a windaw-glan oylin- 
der to wbnh the blowpipe la attached. 

koHted goode, knitting, 


b*iiBe(4«, /. «hade (on «rtai 


bonté, /. goodness, 


-is (boric) 

bonette, /, (Jtfin,) 

borate, «. borate. 

-de cAaui, b 

rate of 



— d..™i!, bora 

.e of soda (aodi 

bordure, /. border, edging, edge, binding. 
bordiiifi o. bordered. 

bortel, a. nortli, northern, boreal. 
bore-mfitlirlc, ft. boroa methyl, boron tt 

boréthylê, m. borethyl, boron triethyl. 
borcne. a. ont^yed: (of tiiingB) deficient 

borldame, m. boridsm, boi 
borlqae, a, borie. 
bortqoé, n- treated with 

bonw, f, boondary, limit; post (to mark a 

— d'liHachs, Ifiitc-) binding post. 
bomti^ m. bomeol. 

borner, v-t. limit, confine, restrict; bound. 
bomrlamlne, /. bomyltuoine. 
bomyle, m. bomyl. 
bomrltDO, TH. bomyleae. 
boro-tDiiKitlqiie, a. bomtungstio. 
bonire, m. boride. 
bouace, m. booiiig, boss, swelliog. 
boue, /. bump. boos. protuL>eraDce, proD^ 

nence, hump; (Art) relief. 
boHOler, I.E. emboH; dent. 

/.botany. — a. botanical. 
int, odt. botanically. 
bobrolde, a. botrrwlBL 
botte,/, bundle, bunch, (ofwirs) eoil, (of yam) 
hank; boot; butt (large caik); (Zinc', 

.11 bundle. 

bODcanave, m. amoking (of meat or fiah) . 
boiieaiuice<'i '■'• amoke, cure by smokiiig. 
boneant, m. hogahead. 
boaehagc, m. stopperiog, eto, (aee boucher). 

— i l'èmiri, makhic of ground stoi>i»rB, stop- 
per grinding. 

bonchc, /. mouth; opening. ori£ce. 

Xr fH. filling, plugging, stoprùng. 
stopper, stop, atop up. plus, plug 

',, provide with a ground lAoppir. 
,.. butchery; butdier trade. 
bfHfche-tron, m- stopgap- 
bouehon, m. stopper; plug, stopple, oork, 
tampon, wad, wadding; cap, cover, lid. 

— il dëuj: troué, two-holed atopper. 

— d t'émeri. ground stoppa. 

— d'amoree, fuse plug, primer phig. 

— de aûreU, safety plug. 

— ds vidange, drip cook- 
' iber stopper; rubb« 

bODCher, I 

banehonnleT, m. malier of, or dealer in, i 

bancle,/.loop, ring, eye; bend <aa of a H-t 

Ibow, turn; buckle; curl <ot bur). 
boDclN, t.t. buolile: ring; curl (hur). 

toadln, m. (stuffed) puddius, mui 

Bpring. H fuse, a roller, ft glue bulb, a roU 

boadliuce, m. (S«p) pressng (of toilst xisp) 

into s homoseaeiiua eylinder. 
bondloef /- ^Ulattbiowing) bull'a-«yfl' 
bondlDemei /. ■ suwliiiie for prenins toilet 

bane,/, mud; slime; mire, diii; puiL 
booéc, /. buoy. 

boOMIIt a. muddy; ulimy: foul, dirty. 
boDB&e* /. puff; nhiff, lô'âath; outburst. 
bvaOw. T.i. puff, puff out, buUe; (of bread) 

boiiJB, p.a. puffed, puffy, swolleD, bloiLt«d. 

boufflr, f.(. A i. puff up, puff out, bloat. 

bonKCi m. bulge, swell, conventy; closet. 

boDter, It. budce, stir. 

^oncle. /. candle, taper (egp.. a candle made 
from wai or fatty acids, in distinction from 
ehandtiièj ; cylindrical or cmndlfr^baped 
filter (eep. one for aterilising liquids), 
filter candle; (.Med.) boucie; {Mach.) 
spark ptuff. 
'-~Bn-kefdd, Berkefeld filter. 

— Chamberland. Cbamberland filter, 

*— décimale, deoimal candle, botifiie dédmate. 

— dé aire, wax candle. 

— de lUarinc, stearin candle (mode of >t«acia 

— d'oribuB, redn torch. 

— électrique, electrio-light carboQ. * 

— normaU, standard candle. 

— aifariîiji, - bougie de «Marine. 
bongfc-benrei /. caadle-bour. 
boairan, m. buckram. 

r. fermentation (of beer, eider. 


bouillait, imp. S n'no. of bouillir. 
bODlIlaiit, P.O. boiling; scalding hot. 
"~lent, pr. 5 pt- iridie. dt «i^', of bi 
■ -'!,/. distillery. 

— d'#au-de-TÙ. braady distiller or (in general) 

— dé cm. one who distils only from eertain 
fruits of his own rusiug, such as grapes, 
apples, peare, plums. 

— de pfofeétwtt, a distiller who usee material 
raised by oUiers, or materials not allowed 
the b^uiUttir de tru, such as peachea, apri- 
cots, potatoes, sugar beets, cereals, 

— d'ot, bone boiler. 

oDII, p.a. boiled. — m. btdled meat. 
«■nue, /. pap, gruel, thickened milk; hence, 
paatfl, masb, pulp; (Paper) pulp. 

boiling water, boUtr, 

bODlDOD, m. bubble On a hot liquid or in the 
solid formed by cooling it), bleb; bubbling; 
broth, stock; ripple, wave; (A(nv.) liquid 
manure; (QUue) an air bubble formed in 
gathering the molten glass. 

— btanc, (fiat.) mullein. 
booUlaniwiiwnt, n. bubbling, efferveasenoe. 
booiUomiMr, v.i. bubble, bubble up, eflervcHe; 

(iish out, gush forth. 

booUlette, /. boder, kettle. 
boOlDatta, e.t. boil gently, simmer. 
boiilace. m. (Sunor) the aipreeging of sogar 

beets; also, the expressed beets. 
bonlansc, /. unbolted fiour. 
boaUiiger, m. haker. — (.1. bake (bread). 
boulaiiserle, /. i>aldDc; baliery, bakeshtv. 
boule, /. ball; bulb. 

— à <nu, gas connection (having a baU-ehived 
part to which one « more stiq>CDeks a» 

— à TObinelé, a ball-shaped eonneotian (tor 
to which stopsoeks an at- 


~ de Ueu, blue ball, baU of bluing. 
— dé ROÛ-, ball of black pigment or dye, 
black ball. 

— à boui perd, eyebolt. 

— d rfowMe, keyed bolt. 

— à icTou. screw bolt, bolt and ni 

— à ffoujfCle, pinned bolt. 

— d ireilùt, wing boH, fly b<dt. 

— iaraiidé, threaded bolt, M 


n. bunch, oliular, alutnp, toH, niiip ; 
qlder buckthorn {RKam- 

bonrde. /. poorest qu&hty 

bonrseoD. m. bud; 
boDrseonneiiieiil. ? 

rf«ood); oivil- 
liDot; (pi.) lons-otaplt 

Bonrfosne, /. Buraundy. 

bonTKOCne, m. Burgundy vine, burgundy. 

boursnlSiioi), a. Bursundian. Buriuody. 

bOUllet, m. - bourrelet. 

botirrmche, /. borage t^orat/o n^cifuiHt}^ any 

plant of tbe jicdub Baraco. 
bourracc, m. (Mininç) tunping- 
bomre, /. (a fibrous mAss or nuteml) wad, 

Ehort bair; down; t4ff wool; Qoes; ailk 
waste; tnish, refu&e; (Mininç} tam^ùng. 
baniTé. p.a. paeked. eta. (see boumr). 
boamM. D.a. aaoged; tormented. 

n, padding, pad; swelling; flange. 
* wad. ituS, pad, tamp, ram. 

- — dta tanottiiw, tangent golv 

— tUctrvpit, BBJvanomet^r. 

boot, m. end; extremity, tip; bit. —pr.i 

sinff, of bouillir, 
boute, /. hogshead; bairel: tub. 

■ * . 1, (Bipi.) igniter, 

L, /, bottle; (for oompreflEed gsseSj 

bubble, ' 

— dtLej/de, Leyden jar. 
-~ da HTon, aoap bubble, 

t. (Oiiui) become full of buttles. 

1, stud, lug. handle; 

plug; bud; pimple, pustule 

iMHitUTC, /, slip, cutting; sucker, shoot, 
bovtn, a. bovine, pertaining to eattle, 
borau, m, intestine, gut; hose, (fleiible} tul 

boranderle, /. gut works, 

brftoelett m, circular band, ring; bracelet. 

toaeMe,/. (Boi.) bract, 

Iwal, m, pitch; tar; rosin. 

— ffToa, soft pitch, 
residue left when 
not over 200°). 

— KguiiJ*, tar. 

— t€c, hard pitoh. dry pitch Ce,g,, the rseidue 
left when coal tar diatiliation is pushed as 
far as ia practicable). 

bntlae, /. wood ooals (either glowing or not), 
embers, bed ef coals; overbumed, friable 

— chimigae, tinderboi paste. 
bran, «. bran: sawdust. 

branewd, m, handbarrow; litter, stretcher, 
brftDcbet/, l)ranch; arm, division, subdivision, 

etc. ; (of a tripod) leg. 
brandwmeDt, m, braneiiing; tiruicb tube oi 

bnDCb«Ti t.t. branch; connect (tubse, wirea). 
bnocbette, /. small branch, branchlet. 
branderle, /. brandy distiurâr, 
bnndeTtn, m. brandy (made from wine) 
bnnderlnler, m. brandy distiller or seller. 
branle, m. swing, swinging; motion, impulse. 
branler, t,l, swing; shake (the head). — t.i. 

bnnlolni m, bsAdlc, Itiver (of a bellows) , rook- 
Btatf; seaaw. 

tain direction). 
brtu,m. arm; handle; (jVocA.) lever, rod, bolt, 

i —, by hand, hand-, 
bruagc, m- braaing, hard-soldering. 

Lth hard solder. 
brwder, m. fire of wood coals; brasier. 
brasUler, v.i. shine, sparkle. 
brsaqne, /. (MtinX:) brasque, lining (as a paste 

of powdered charcoal and clay). 
brsgqner, i.I. brasque, line with brasque. 

Lbble, puddle; 


/. brflwery; bear «hop. oaf A. 
m- brewer; mixer, rabbler, pu 
itftu), meahmzdoaJ atirrer (or n 

btmanitt,/. (Min.) braunit*. 

bnTe, a. bnva, (allitDC, fine, worthy, kind. 

bnire> /. puddle (moiet olay used tor lining), 

brabis, /. «we, (femiile] sheep. 

breecloUni, a. breodated. 

brtche,/. cap, breach, hole, notch (in an edge! 

braf. a, brief, short. - 
m — . in briet. 

BiMI. n>. Braul. 

iR^stl, m. braiilwaod, branL 

brtcUlen, a. Branlian. 

brtaUlae, /. brasiUn. 

brfisUlflr, t.(. dye red (with braiilwood) ; i 

1*r, shiver, — i.i. (all to powdor, 
brtrillflt, m. braiilatto, braailetto. 
brésitleiir. m. braiilwood dyer, 
Bretacnc, /. Brittany. 
tnetelle. /. strap, sliiia: brsoe, si 

brette, a. tootlied, jancd. 



il«at; oertiHcate; 
{Dyeing} a decootii 

draft; drench, 
diploma; eom- 

hreretable. a, psieatable. 
brevetacv* Tn. (AJum) atldi^on of p 



bnTctcr. v.t. p 

brtKftde, /, sane, party, body, band; InigadiL 
brtlftdlcri n. foremaa; oorporsl. 
briUalueat, adu. brilliantly. 
biUlsnt. ». brilliant. — n. biillianoy; polish; 

bright work, 
brinaiiter, t.l, cut aa a briliiaut; honor. 
brllleDieDt, m. tnilliaucy. lusto-, 
biiUer, *,t, shine; be brd^t, be brilliant. 
brlD, m. bit, small piece; strand; stapb. flbe^ 

lof wool, etc.) ; blade, ahoot, aprig, twig. 

bHnasse, /. hemp comi 

brindlHe, /. slender bn 
bHqne, /. bricks (of soap) Dar. 

— bbmdu, fire brick; white brick. 

— crut, ilnbumt brick." 

— d< litei, cork briok. 

— ' di parement, faoe brick, fadng briok. 

— de «fortes, slag brick, slag stone. 

— émaiiUB, enameled brick, glased briok. 

— hoUandaiie, Dutch brick, Dutch elinker, 

— pUée. brick duat. 

— réfraetave. fire briok. 

— «rni.^, glased briok. 
- — vitrifiée, vitrified briok. 

brtqnet, n. steel (for striking fire); tinder box. 

— chimvpte, chamioal tinderboxi aotomatie 

brtqnetaffe, m. brickwork. 

brfqneté. p.a. bricked; made of bricks; brick- 
colored, (.Med.) Uteri tioua; imitatina 

/. brickmakînc; brick factory; 

briqnetenr, m. bricklayer. 

briqneller, m. brick maker (or eeller) ; match 

maker (or seller); hrioklayec. 
brli|iietlw-faiiitst«, m. brick-chimney builder. 
brlquettaie, m. briquetting. 
brlqitette, /. briquette, briquet. 

— de psusffùr, coal-dust briquette. 
— . de tourbe, turf briquette, turf cake. 

brlti m. breaking, ahatteriog, s m as hin g. 
brisant, Tt.a. breaking, etc. (see briser); (of 
exploeivea) shattering, disruptive, sudden. 

brIaC, P.O. broken. 


brise-Jet, m. a 

ing the for 

1. (see briser) ; 


'. break; (of light) be i 
1. Brinol board, bristol. 

Mmre, /. break; crsck, flaw; broken part; 

folding joint. 
brittanlqae, a. British. 

binding; (of fabrica) figored. 
bMcbette,/, pin, p»; skewer. 
bioeliDie> /. utitching (of booka); Ivoehure, 

bivdEilei /. embroidciy: inaignia. 
hulc, pr, S tine of broyer. 
bralemcnt, brolmcnt. m, — broyage, 
Inoiiiacétiqae. a. bromoacetio, bromaoetio. 
bnmal, m. taroma!. 

•-, /. bromoalizami. bromalixarin. 

mine: iBot.) brome gran. 

e, fn. hydrobromida. 
bromhfdrlnei /. bromohydrin, bromhydrin. 
bTombrdriqiie, a. hydrobrumie. 
bromique, a ' 

bramaftnme. m. bromofonn 
mide and iodide. 

bntDchlqne. a. broncbial. 
bMnohlto, /. bronchitis. 
bniiUBte. m. broniing; bm 

— adérf, steely brooH, 

— A doditê, bell meUl. 

— di •lickel. nickel bronir 

— dur, — (furet, hard bronie, hardenc 

— en pimdre. bronie powder. 

— phosphoreux, phosphor bronie. 

— ailieeui:. eilicon bronie. 
a. bronsed; browned; brou» 
' r, m. Bteet bronse. 

— douce, soft bniah. 
-mjadi mêlai, wire bnuh. 

— patat-partùut, amaU dusting briMh. 

— ndg. atiff bruah. 
Haer, i.e. brush. 

brosserie, /. bmahmaldng; bruah faotory, 

brossler, n. bruah maker. 

bmunre, /. (LeaUur) rxilot bniahed on. 

I m. hull, husk (of a nut, specif, watnnt'i 
broaet, m. gruel, porridge, broth- 
broactte. /. wheelbarrow. 

fttUe, /. barrowful. wheelbarrow load, 
broncttw, t.t. wheel in a barrow. 
broDCttenr, branetUer, m. barrowman. 

. bloK 
ilDardi m. fog. n 
branlllement, m. mi 

1er. bungle, make trouble. 
bronlllCTle, /. discord, Quarrel, trouble 
bropasalllc, /. brushwood, underbrush. 
bronter. r.i. browse; (of tools) cut une' 
broDtUle. /. small twigs or ahoot« ; tride. 
brownien, a. Brownian. 
broyage m, grinding, etc. (see hroyer). 

broyeur, m. grinder, etc. (aee broyer). 

— à bouleie, ball griader, ball mill, 

— pTthérièaieUT, crusher and pulveria^. 
broyeoie, /. grinder, etc. (see broyer). 
brayeUBo-mflaiiietue, /. grinder and miier. 
bn>Tens«-sé«faeDaei /. grinder and drier. 
bmcellea, (apring) forcepa, (apring) pin- 

e, rustle, tattle. hiUD, etc. 


m. noiae: rumbling, 1 

bnilt, m. noise*; aound; run 

— p.p. * pr. S nina. of bruire. 
brObble, a. burnable. 
bittlmsa, m, burning (spedf. ol woeds, bmA, 

etc.); hole in a fumaoe fire. 

Iwftluitt p.a. bumÏTif. eto. (ne brûler}, 
hrlMi p.a, burned, biin]t> ete, (see bTÛlc'). 

— m. bum; burning. 
^HIlemfiDt* m. bumio^- 

brOler, i.l. bum; roaat; diatill (wine. etc.). 

— ù bum, — v.r.bumoDflHeU; bebumt. 

— >n dedoT», (of » buraec) bum at the bue. 
brOlerte, /. diitiUin«; distillery, rap. brandy 

brûleur, n. burner: heatra; distiller (eap. of 
bruidy): roaster (as of ooffea). 

— ambviani, traveling distiller, 

— à petroU, oil burner, petroleum burner. 

', f. bum: scald: buniinci iAfic.. 
HUM, /. thick fog or mist 
'UiHQx* a. ioeey, misty. 

• — châtairit chfStDUt 

— daÎTr tight brown. 

— de BruxrUtt, Biu 
Hde by charrinB 

bmnl, m. burnish, polish. - 
etc. (see brunir) . 

bru Did m, bumieh. polish. 
brnDlsHa^, m. burnishing; browning. 
bmnlssenienti m. browning: bumishiog. 

bumiaber (tool). 
bmnlsaUTe,/. browning; bumisbiol, polishing, 
bran-mat. a. dull brown, mat brown. 
bTDn-ntnllle, o. rusty brown, rust-colored, 
brasqna, a. sudden, abrupt; brusque, blunt. 
brnsqueioent, adv. suddenly, abruptly; 

brat, a. crude; r 

rough, unpolished, 


e, — de fonte, roug 
1. DOkr. rattling, h 

brortee, /. beath, heather: heath, moor. 
brronCf /, (Bol.) bryony. 
brroDliu, /. bryonin. 

bnandl^, m. bleacher; laundimr. 

babe, /. pimple. 

bDbon, JB, (Mfd.) bubo, 

bnbonlqiie, a. bubonio. 

bneali, m., bnodlle, /. buckwheat. 

bneco, n. (Fliann.) buchu. 

bûcbe, /. (of wood) bitleC, etick. loa, bloek; (ol 
coal) lump; iWimdrmnmc) block. 

bdcbw, V.I. hew, cut. — m. woodhouee, wood- 
shed; woodpile. 

bQebette, /. small stick (of wood). 

bOehlllea, /.pi. borinss. 

bue«,/. damp vapor, moisture; (formerly) lya. 

bnOle, m. buffalo: huS (leather); buffsdok. 
buffleterle, /. the chamois proceee applied to 
01 hide, also the leather bo produced, and 
artialee made of it. 

(AncJnso), esp. 
English A. qfïnria/H is ti» 

J to). 

bDls. m.(l 

bnlMOD, m. bush; thicket. 

bulbe, m. 4 /. bulb, 

— de ailthique, — dt •a/ran Miard, (PAohk.) 

bulbeni, a. bulbous, bulboee, 
buUe,/, bubble: blister, bleb, vesicle; droplet, 
drop; bulla; bull (edict), 

— d'egêai, aseay report, report of analyaiv. 
Bull, assoc. chim. ma. dlst., aUtra. Bulle- 
tin de l'Association des Chimistee de 
Sucrerie et de Distillerie. 

Bull. ad. pbarmacol., abbm. Bulletin dei 

Bull. soc. chlm., abbrn. Bulletin de la Sodét4 

chimique de Fiance. 
Bull. soc. ensoDr. Ind. nat., abbrei. Bulletin 

de la Société d'Encauragement pour l'Ia- 

bnlIeDI, a. veeicular, 

bnreso, m, office; table, desk, coontar; 

bureau; officers of an organisation, 
burent, p,'I«^. 3 pi, of biùre, 
burette, /, burette, buret; cruet; i_Maeh.) oil 

- à hvOi, oU can, oiler. 

-analaiie. Sink's ba 

(haying the bot- 

torn closed and the 


braachiog off iuet 

below the top). 

~à pinci, burette with 


stopcock (Qeissler 


B dt Mohr, Mahr burette (piiichoo^ 
I, m. ictram.) ft kind of «old luster. 

metftl); specif., (Afilol.) cuttini ou 

bnrlDM, t.t. enflTttvâ, etc. (see buriiu^e). 
bnsa, /. noiils (se of ■ blowpips di bello 

bloat pipe (of A fumftce); twyer; ] 

rentUfttinff pipe ; channel; buunrd. 
— dt nmffft, blest pipe. 
baMent. imp. 3 pi. nibj. of boire. 
bnMCnde, /. (Bot.) red beuberry (Ami 

phyloa uvo-vrei)- 
iNtlf fn. object, purpose, sim, end, bosI; 1 

— p.def. S ting, at boire. 
bnUUnlne, /. butalsniDe, 
bnte, p.a. Sled, âetermiaed; butted. 
bnUe, /. Sied piece, lue, stop, shoulder, 

I>art; ftbutment; atrikinc, tap^ùng. 

buter, (.Csim (at); hitthemaA. — sJ-bott; 

bntte, /. BilisU hill, hiUoek, knoU. 

bnttoir, bnttour, td. (Math.) catch, stop, pni' 

ieotioD, stud, tappet, drivor, doc. 
batrle, m. batyL 
bntrUlul, m. butrlene. 
biitrl«iilaii«, a, butylène, of butylène. 
batj'nqne, a. butyl 
bntfTMe, a. butyrftoeous. 
bntyrate. m. butyratc. 

bo^TCOi, a, of butter, buttery, butyraoeous. 
bntrrlDe, /. butyiin. 
butyrique, a, butyric. 
bntrroamrllaDe, a. In the phrae« tOter buly 

ToamifiiQut, ftmyl butyrate. 
butrromètre, m ' 

e. fit tc 

blotting, bibuloua, atonorh- 


«q oUm, (ostitiiDètni) M 

«>, ff, abbra. of ». 

C.^ abbnw. (ooefficient d'abUMnmsat) a 

dent of (fnflùnc-pcôiit) lowering. 
fa, pnm. Abbreriatfld form of ofJo. 

oJooet; fltudy; 
iwer ubie. 

cabinet, m. o " 

«■He, m. nble, ropa. 

— dt /ronirniunon 

— douNe. tSI*c.) I 

— tntlaUiva*, wire uDls, wire rope. 

CÉblcr, >,l. )sr up, twut into ■ cable; sabla. 
esbftcholk, m. iJewtiry) ooboohon. 
■~ It. BoatVmillt ohecae. 
1, m. kid Blcin; bumlBhing tooL 

t, soluble codM. 
-tIftM, — caoooycr, -y^. 
lo tree IXhiotinima ea 
to planUtioQ. 

m. iTienn wh&le, cachalot. 

CkAemlra, n. Kaslmui. Cashmera. 

e, /. iMed.) uaohBxiA. 

" 'in.) HKholoni. 
k, m. (Qiatt) a box 1q vhich blow^ûpoi 

; {Math.) Indax pUte. 
dre, n. frama, bonln; framanrcrk; outline 

■ksleton organiiati'oD. 
dnr, ci. HETBs. tally, faarmonlH, mit. 
«luCt a. decaying, fallinff, dcoliniiic; null 

void: IB<^.) I " 

■ Mie, m. Euftee. 

— au iaU. coffee and milk, or the light bi 
color ot thi». 

— d9 ffraina, cereal colfce. 
— ■ dt Moka, Mocha DoffM, 

— du Soudan, kola nuCa. 

— tfti poudre, ground coffee. 

— torrifif, roasted coffee. 
roa«t«d coffee. 

». coffee tr 

/. coffee plantation. 

te, m, cacodyUte. 
emcodfle. m. cscodyl. 
^umdi^qac, a. cacodyUc. 
cacotbtHiu. /, cscotheline. 

family Cactaoeae). 

■ i>, Google 


atiUer, m. blank book, record book, Dotsbook, 

— d'anolyw, analy^cal notebook. 

Cfthot» m. jolt, jolting; obatacla. 

tàboUr, i.l. A i. jolt. CSot.) offset bulb; {of gmrlie) elon. 

callk, /. quoil. 

eallHt p.a. ooaaulated, mirdled, clotted, — fn. 

euiid, curds, cossulatsd piu-t of milk, 
■"■■■ '"~ ' ". n. curdline, dotting. 

. . - curdled milk; curd, curds. 
calUebatU, p.a, curdled, dotted; curdy. 
caUlebotter. t.l. it r. curdle, dot. 
eaDle-lalt, m. (Bal.) chewe rennet, bedetrow 

(Solium, enp. ydlon bedstiftw, O. teram, 

i»lled also taiOt-iai! iaant). 
citllenieiit, m. coaoulation, eurdling, olotting. 
ealUer. >.l. it >. consulate, curdle, clot. 
caillette, /. rennet. 
caUhit, m. eoaculum. curd, clot. 
ealDoB, fn. pebble; flint, flint Etone. 

— rmdir rolled pebble. 

uinoiiljice, m. (piram.) flintwiuv; pebble 

. a. pebbly; flinty. 
I, m. rood metal, maoulun. 
emlllDiii, pL of caillou, 
ealDfa,/. (Pharm.) oahinDAtoot, oahinoa. 
caire, m. coir (ooôonut fiber). 
cstue,/. cue. boi, cbest; (foi liquids) tank; 
sale; bank, uaslûer'e office; cash; fund; 
shell (of a drum oi a puUey) ; body (of a oar, 

Dder; (.Sugar) the i 
non of one of the cylindrical umt 
tiple-cffect evaporator. 

carbonifère. Carboniferous limestone. 
cotpiQlier, shell limestone, 
AydrauJi^iu!, hydraulic limestone. 

kind of Idla for extraetiu^ sulfur. 

calcarone (lazice SMlfur kiln). 
ealcMidiie, /. chaleedony. 
ealeédoQleiu, a. chaloedonio. 
ealdftn, a. caleiferous, 
ealdlltlu, /. compact limestone. 
Mldnsble, a. oalcinable. 
ealdnace. n. ealciniitian, caldninji. 
olelnatloii, /. calcination. 
ealdjae, /. calcine (calcined product) ; (gnam- 

□xidce (lead stannate) in varying prcpp«^ 
tions; (Soda) the strongly heated second 
hearth of a furnace for converUng sodiunt 
chloride into eodlum sulfate. 

caldneri >.!. calcine, bum (as lime). 

e^tjniue, n. if3iat>) minute surface orack. 

calcfqnci a. of or containinc calcium or lime; 
as, cAlwure cairvpia, calcium chloride. 

ealclte, /. (Mitt.) calcite. 

«skill, m. calculus; calculation; arithmetjc. 
— differenlitl, differential calculus. 
.a. calculating. 

m. calculator. — a. calculatinf . 
e^eulntolrc, a. calculatory, ealculating. 

[. (Med.) calculous, oalculary. 
ieoe to level, steady or suppor 
chock, block, wedge, key, qu 

cslebâwe, /. calabash. 
calecoD, m. (pair of) drawers. 
oOédonlen, a. Caledonian, Scotch; of or 
ainms to New Caledonia (aa, rrunsroij 


m. calendar. 



k, n 


tmla, v.t. 

evel, eet, adjust 




wedge, key; 

I (a 


(of a 

boat) draw. — e.i. 


ealhter, t> 

. calk, csnllc 

..(. stop up 



tight, d» 

le, stuff. 


m- caUbratioc 


caUbre, m 

caliber; cal 



: te 


/. Cïlilornû. 

lobby; hohbrhoiw. 
AAtride, astnddJe. 
n. calia (alloy for taa cwiiB(«n). 
:, a. callûiia, indurated, homy. 
/. calloflity. 

p.a. cslmiiig, BDothins: (Med.) 
— m. (Med.) oalma'ive. 

ing beat; (of pLpee) hot-air, hot-water, 
ffteun (u the caw may be)- 

— à an-, bot-air heater. 

— à eau, hot-water hcAter. 

olortlliine, a. calorific. 

calmifQVVi a.hoat-mgutatina. — n. haat insu- 

ealorlméMe, /. ci 
otlorUnétrtqne. t 
ealorliiiie, m 



>. (Stigar) caloriaatM. 
calot, tn. block, wedge. Cf. «le. 
GAlotte, /. Mlotte. akull cap; henoe, suytl 
of EÛmilar shape: cap, calotte, capr^ 

ona laas than a bsmiephare), cupola oi 
roof or lininfi* «Dd of a wiadow-claaa cj 
der opposite the blowpipe, caw of a wa 
.) brain cap. 

ealqna, v.l. trace, copy (by traciiii). 

ter, tappet; i 

d flaiL, gold-of-pleasure {Can 

eumcDc, /. (SatCI a hup of na aah. 
camlOD. m. trunk, diay, camion. 
eamlDiuiBce, m. truokaee. drayage, eartac*. 
ranapoTt by truck or dray. 

oamomiUe «dioaire. 
— ' d'AUfmoffne, Gcnn&n camomile (Mah4' 
caria diamemOla). 

— de Periâ, Pernan iiuect powder. 

— ardmairi, wild eamomils (Matticaria 
qtaeiea, eap. M. ehamomiOa). 

— puante» stinkinB eamonùle {AnJAamit 

emmourioti «i. cernent for filling the jranta 

between Sagatonea. 
camp^nc, /. campaign (e.g., in metalluny); 

•eason; country; field: voyage: ooustry- 

kmpeacliy wood. 


csraplioeu'iMiilqiM, a. caœphooaiboiylio. 

CBinpluiKlycnnn^QBt a. eamphoclucuronie, 

eamphol, m. campbol (bomeol). 

iphcdique, a. campholie. 

Moi — . bomeol. 

iphoratc m. eamphorste. 
omphored, n. a lort of wide-mouthed bottls. 

iphofirere. a. producing eamphor, 

iphorique, u. oamphoric. 
annpboroldei a. reeembling camphor. 

iphcffone, /. csjnphorono. 
eampIiOTanlqDe, a. camphoronle. 
campbrei m. camphor. 


— d» mmlhe, mint camphor (menthol). 

— du Japon, Japan csmphor. ordinary oam- 

— Kumebfinat, bromocomphor, (FAam.) 
■nonobromat«d camphor. 

mphrt, a. camphorated; aamphoraoeous. 
mpbrc-poadrsi m. camphorated powder. 
eamphrer. t.t. campborate. 

brtor, m. camphor tree. (CiBBom<iiB«m 

CBludleD, a. Canadian. 

i: groove; fluting; bed 

onette, /. duckling; (Wtamng) uop. 
cmnerai, m. oanvu; outliiw. ulialetoii. 
II. penlcnlte. 

gutMr, channd, Doaduit, dnin. 

— dt CtvioB, Ceylon cinna 

— de Maaàian, (PAorm.l ' 

— dt Stûçon, Sftiaoa cian^ 

esniMtte. /. ' «nette; — csrmelln. 

«•non, m, etumnn, «un; (ooUectively) « 
Artillery; aylindrical part or object, na 
barrel of a nfle or m ayringe, the nDiil 

. rifle; rifled bural. 

claimed rubber. 

tulfiirl, ndcaniti, vulcaniied rubber. 

ewtntchoutnic m. treating with rubber, rub- 

eaoutcliaatef, >.l. tr«t with rubber, rubber- 

eaoDtclKiiitlcr, «. rubber plant; rubber 
umtclKiiittnn, a. produoiiig rubber. 

— dt Bojme-Etpirana, Cope o[ Qocxl Hope, 
capable, a. capable. 
capacité, /. capacity; expert- 

eaptlUlre, a. capillary, — m. e 
Jary tube ; maidenhur fern, 
cspUUrlté, /. capillarity. 
capitaine, m. captain. 

capital. — m, capital; chief thintf. 



capltal-aetlaii(i), m. 

capitale, /. capital (eitner rat; o 
eaidt^enMUl, ode. capitally; e 

capltalUer, i.l. capitaliK. 
capltelUte, m. capitalist. 
capltal-abltgatlonB, m. liabiliti 
CBpltel, m. (Soap) A lye of ashes 


lit; or letter), 
ly; enentiaUy; j 


II. corporal. 

eool faprt^uc) 

d«;l (to the phrase ai- 
hexy] (in tba phrase 

csprrle* m «pryl (leaa properly) «tyl. 
OprrUqvA, a. oprylio, octyl (id the phn 

cappioc (as of bottlea). 

«p; (SiploitHa) cap, primer, detonator; 
(JtfwA.) rios gace. 

— d tfimt, perforated dish, rtrainor, colander. 

— OKC mancht, dieh with handle, (in tarât 

— coniqut, a dish hav 
inverted fmstuni of a 

— d'htaporaiwn, — évai 

■uprarenal capeule, 

Lo the place where i 
. atlon, /. catching. 
capter, i.t. catch, collei 

by piping! 

ina, coUeotion. 
Hiire; make avail- 
the place of u»; 

m. captive, prisoner. 
b; subdue; confine. 
IS for a bottle or a test 

opnchouDE, a. capped, hooded. 
mpudne. /. nasturCium; baad (of a firearm). 
opnllne, /. a black fabric made of wool, loat'e 
^ 'r, need in the purifieatioo 

oqiuce, m. banslinc. 
oqne, /. a kind of barrel. 
oqaw, i.f. barrel. 

HTBcali, E^aracoly (an alloy). 
character; chûacteriatic. 

.a. charactariiing, -teristio. 
characterise; distiDOuIeh. 


_.- . a. A /■ ûharaeteristic. 

«■IkTe, /. vash bottle, waabinc bottle; carafe. 

with carameL 
oiin^ (of gold). 

caratbra, /. ^Id all 

«, alloying of gold with eopper, or the 

car^anil, phenyl 

urbaMttqiie, a. 

csrblmldei /, csrbimide. carbonimide. 
earbinol, m. carbinol. 

cubo&xotlne. /. carboamtine (a kind 

blasting powder). 
earbodrnamltc, /. carbodynamite. 
orbollque, a. carbolic. 

rbgnatc m. carbonate. 

— d'amrnoniatue, carbonate of ammonia, 

— dt rhaux, carbonate i>f lime, caleium oar- 

e of soda, sodium 

— ^ amdt potoB^, potas 

— de ttrtmHane, strontium 

— JittwM, lithium oarboni 

■ ^colique, nickel carboc 

earbonateiir, m. carbonator; (Su 

car bone, m. carbon. 

— combini, combined carbon. 

— dt Ttat^, annealing oaibon. 

— de trempe, temper carbon. 

— fixe, filed carbon. 

a. EuboDireroiu; (Ocnl.) Cubon- 
cvbonlmelrc* m^ carbotiiineter (a bunt for 
' m dioxidfl). 

caibnnltc. /. (Expl.) carbumte. 
carbomMd, a. resembling carbon. 

earbonrle, m. ear 

carborundnm, n 
earitonUfare. m. 
eaibMiiirimiii, a. 


ÏD diïulfide. 
... tvboayl hemoglobin, 
carbon rnonoiide hemoEkibin. 
earboirlc, m. rarboxyl. 
owb^lprnwliilqnei a. pyrannecnrboiyliE. 
euteinbf noUqnc a. pheaokarboiylio (d«- 
oatic hydroxy acida). 
- carbur«t(t)iiiv, — m. car- 
'in engiiHM). 


«•Ibnnttkni, /, carburiution. carburation, 
caikiii*. m. carbide: Bperâf., hydrocarbon. 

' — acMvUwiV^, acetylene hydrocarbon. 

— aUhtigue, lUlene hydrocarbon. 

E» hydrocar- 

— dUUiiilémgue, diethytenjc hydrocarbon. 

— diUribéniçue. diterpene. 

— eUtuUvi^M, ethylene hydrocarbon. 

— mélaili^ue, metallio carbide. 

— nuTuilirtMniqui, terpene proper (CiiHii). 
^ paijflérébénique (or muUitérébêni^ut), poly- 

; carfauretted; 

caroUMi /- annealing Idln for plate Ala^ 

earcu, m. rsËDcd cast iron. 

eATCftsie*/. akeleton; frame, framework: a 

(ofat«pedo)^ oarcasa; body; {MO.) a 

casa, inoendiBry aheU. 
earceli m. (F/mlamtlrti) canwl. 
rucdDoniateili, a. {Med.) carciaomatoui, 
faidnome, m. tUtd.) carcinoma. 
eArdaye, nt- cardinv; teaneling. 
ordamome, eardamone, n 

eardsD. /. Cardan joint. Cardan jo 
à la —, Cardanic, in the mann 

«rdCi/. card, cardiOK machine; teaaol: chard, 
cudcr.ti.t. card <ffool, etc.); teaeel <cloth). 

ofa). — a. of the heart, cardiac. 
eardlalHe. /. (MaI.) cardialKta. 
cardlsqiK. o. * m. (Utd.) eardiae. — /. 

IT of the 

rieiD (papiun). 
cwie, /. {Mid., etc.) oaries. 

— êiehe, {at vood) dry rot. 
(srlUoD. m. rod_(ol iron) ; ohl 
«rintlilCD, a. 

in« a furnare with the chim 
smoke pipe, (in a boiier) Gre tube. 
ouneti tn. notebook, memorandum book; ao- 

— joumaiitT, journal. 

carolTore, a. camiyoroua. — Cami- 

carotlde, a. A j. (Ayiax:) carotid. 

CHoabe, /. orob ban, onb. 

nnog^ /. - «roube. 

hat); baokand 

rane, p.a. Kiiured; square: 

the é,« oiled 

iiirr4(H<ebeloff). — m.Kiu 

an iron b«- of 

«quuB (ma aeotion, > (ux 

nbed. art^i^ 

ow landing, etc.: (Paver) 

a ai» about 45 

by 60 cm, (IS by 22 in.), mediuiD. demy. 

Rftftllr ™. tile; pane (of clan) ; paving brick; 
floor; ground; square; check, checker; a 
ooarw Ële of square croes sectioa; Eafdfln 
bed; tailor's (owe; square cushion; 
(Wotimrv] Bbetcher; (Cords) diamond; 

— da lutia, stove tile. 

ttm^ett m. mibical grain [of explosÏTH 

ins needle; (Zctl.) pUice. 
caltdl«r, m. tile maker. 

tt adv. squarely, square. 

CMiièTB, /. quarry ; oaiear; raoe course; arena 

guTOM trie , /. coach (or carriage) building. 
Carmsal OT , m. ooacli builder, carriage builder. 
euTOiBfe. m. checkering, aquuce. 
cvrtBt /' cardboard; card; nuqi, chart; bill, 
aooount; biU of fan. 
—' coucUs, glased cardboard. 

r, m, (AfocA.) a protecting pi 

t- cartilage. 
CftTtUagldAllI, a. cartilaginous. 
carton, m. pasteboard, (paper) board; a ineo 
of paeteboard; paateboard case or boi 
carton; portfolio; cartoon; (Printmo) , 
double leaf, or four pages. 
— ' biiumê (or biiuminij, tar board, tar paper 

— Brislol, Bristol board, 
— , coucAi, glaaed board. 

— covtertt covered pasteboard. 

— cair, leathf9i»ard. 

— tTamiantt, asbestos board. 

u noulw, board made from old 

. labeatoe board. 
— dt mouho^, board made from paper pulp 
nolding or prsasizig iato sheeta. (in part) 


board made from old paper- 

— de prentar numlaot, botrd made, Uke piver, 
from original materials. 

— - dt Umrbe, peat board. 

— tn pAU de boiêr wood board. 

— alad, glased board. 

— minimi, Mbeslti* board. 
— ' ondvU, corrugated board. 

— porcslainc, enameled board. 
en — . (of books) in boards. 

utoD-ciili. m. leatherboard. 
c&rtotmafei m. binding in boarda; making of 

paper-board objecta; pqwr-board boxee 

(ooUectively) , 
tarUmat, p.a. bound in boards. 

anner, i.i, bind io boarda. 

dnneric, /. pasteboard (or paps board) 

manufacture; paper-board factory. 

onnmi, a. rceembling paat^board, stiff. 

(iti-pBlIle, m. itrawboard. 

OQ'-pâtei m. papier-mftchâ, paper pulp. 

oti-|d«TC m. A hard variety of papw 

/, thimble, shell (for extrttctions) ; 
cartridge. — m. case; frame, cartouche 
(for a name, title or the hke). 

— à blant, — à poudre, — MoncAs, — sons 
toSs). blank caitiidge, 

— à famte, smoke cartridge. 
earbinebeifc, /. cartridge factory. 
csTTKcnil, m. carvacrol. 


m. cueum (pu«itu«in). 
1- filing case, eet i>f |rig«oiiho]e«; i 

caspleD, a. Cuplui. 

ta CoÊpietme. the Cupian 8e&. 
cmHtne, m. helmeC; (Bol,) bood, helm. 
cswincttc, /. oap. 
mublB, a. brwkoble. 
VAaSlCC* fn- bte&klns, crushint. 
eauant. p.a. bruldiic. etc (kb caaar); br 
tie, Hhort; peremptory- 

— à ciiaud, bot'^ort) red-ahart- 

CftMe,/. bre&kiDs, breakup; ladle; pan, ban 
boiler; sue (eqj. for typo); (fiol. 
Fham.) chbU: (Velsf.) onioible: (Wiiu 

- m boi», (PAarm. 

— traie, purginB n 

. bark, Ghïijen c 


weak; (of wine) 

tPandi/) cnck, snap ((Me reached at about 

127" C). 
caMe-cobe. m, an iiutnunent for breakinc up 

large pieoea of coke. 
camf-dlabh, m. (Boi.) at.-John'a-wort {Hmmr- 

easae-^m, caaga-plemn, m. 

tatin- poitrine, m. fiery liquar. 
caMICTt v-t- break; cniah; crack 
— i.i. * r. break. 
— ie tide, break the vaouum 

'; (Bot.) I 

caiMTide, /. canarole 

— a. breaking, crush' 

•onade, /. raw or muMorado «ugar, i 

— à ffrain ioT à ffraint) , granular tr 

— anchMde, ctmehoidal fracture. 

— de bois, woody fracture. 

a, granular fraeture. 

— métaUi^ue, metallic ftaeture. 

utlDe./. (Metal.) lim 

caraet, a. casual, incidental. 

an, a, Catalan, (loa often) Catalonian. 

aie, r. catalue. 
catalepsie, /. (Med.) catalepoy. 
Catalotme. /. Catalcmis. 
«atalocne, n. catalog(ue), liM. 
eatakigiieiiMiit, m. catalqwinei eataloauing. 
catalocner, g.l. catalog (uc). 
catalTBC, /. catalysis. 

'fMT, C.I. catalyie, catalyse. 

rwur. tn. catalyier, catalyst. 
eatalrte, /. catalyat, catalyser. 
catalrtlque. a. catalytic. 
catapfaorAaa, /. cataphoresia. 
catapborttlqae, a. cataphoretic. 
(Btapbame, m. cataplaam, poultice. 
catapnce, /. caper epurge (Euphorbia lalkt/riM). 



eaWchhine, a. catec 
eatéclm, eaté-ehii, 

catécorie, /. cataBory. 
catégorique, a. categorical. 
cathartlne, /. cathanin (cathartic add). 

irtlqae, a. <£ m. (Med.) cathartic. 
catbedrale, a. dt f. cathedral. 

itb£r#tlque, a. d: m. (Med.) catheretic. 

Ithète,/. (Ofom.) cathetua, perpendicular. 
catUtometre, m. eathetometer. 

oBthodic, cHthodi 
uthoUean, m. (tfcd.) cathalicoi 
eati, p.a. glossed, lusteied, ^n 

;h by pressing). 
Icrinff (of cloth). 
— a. iatoptriti(al). 

— de, because of, on i 

cmastlFlW,/. CI 
eaiutlBer, D.l. c 

— ou cliionBi di line, (Piorm,) Canqiuoin'j 

— de Vitnne. (Phana.) Vienna oustio 
Vietau. pute. 

Mtnstliineinent, adt. caiuticsilly. 

ontCrfsaDt, p.a. 

cmnUrleatloD, /. cj 
Miiitériier, 1.1. cau' 
caution, /. seourity 

It (ss of a bftlsoce): staple; 
Mvalier; (Pojwr) a siu nor- 
> printing demy (about 17^ by 

— evrtew, sliding rider, adjustable rider. 
CBTC, /. collar. — a. hollnw, concave. 
C*T«aD, m. small cdlar, vault. 

— d oiaa, ice bo»- 

C*T«r, i.l. hallow, hoUow out, eioavate^ dig, 
mine, undermine: stake, bet. 

nous', hollow. 

Mtte,/. (C™m.)i 
, n, this; that. — 


cCanote. m. 

(Bol.) Ceanoth 


(PAo™,) New 

Jersey t» {Come. 

OBtl, pnm 



— det couliniri, color blindneas. 


natural steel. 

cMer, ..(, 

give up, part wi 

th; yield, suirendi 


ransfer; aeU. 

-..i. yield, give 



m«ii». specif, tl 


ee); specif., any Ir 

of the 

genus C«J™.,- c 

— de SiàerU, Siberian cedar, stone i 

— duLtdan, cedar 



— ™4»î, redc*dar 

tn» of tbe genus 


ceUHe,/. cedar r«in 

eelitUDti, of ceindre. 

«I^t, p.d6/. S line 

of «in 


cdndre, ..(. suiroun 

d: put 

mat, p.a. Bumiu 

ded, in 

clceed, encircled. 

— pr.S «no. of 


d, girdle 

eeU, PI-™. that; th 

t person 

he, «he, him, her. 

they, them. 



n; for all that. 

celadon, m. A a, pale green. 

céleri, m. celery. 
céléUté, /. celerity. 
célfsM, a, celestial, heavenly. 
htexi —. sky blue, aiure. 

/, (Min.) celeetite, oeleatine. 
on. she, her. one, the one, that, 
pron. this, this one, she, her: thelatta. 

celles-cl, pro» 
eelles-ll, prsn 

,b1es. or the like 

t, /.'ceil; oeUulé, amall eel!. 
I compter, — à fond iititi 

— compcaée, compodito celL 

— dp TAffma, Thoma Qoimtinff obunbcir. 
ecUDK, a. celliilar, eellubtcd. 

eellnllte, /. cellulite; i 

e, /. cellulDH 

— ' avifitique, BulQte oel 

MllnliHliiae, a. DeUuloa 

celait pron- hc, him, odc 

celnl-cl, pron. this, thi 

CChlt-U, 'pron. that, th 

fonner, the ârst. 
ccmlne, eembra, m. 

entatory; (Uinine) 

cénMDter, cl. (Metal.) lubisct to 

cement, caaehajtieu, face-h 

undergo cemenCatJOD. 

eCmenteai, a. of llie osture of c 

cendrace, m. (Foundina) aib 

— bltue, uundera blue (either ultrstaiui 

_ iwdered uurite. 

— de houHUt floal aahe£. 

— de piomb, dui?t shot, very fioe ahot. 

— (f M, bone sah. 

— fixe, permanent ash (one that rema 
when glowed). 

cendrée de boie, wood ashes. 

cendres tftrr/hre goldsmith'a uih, preeio 

etrtdree ffraveièts, a grayieh ]>otaAflilini c 
bonate (poarlash) made from wice leee. 
eettdret perUss, pnarlash. 

cendrf, a. ash-colored, asbeo, 
«Ddrf e, /. lead ashes, litharge 

■ — de Townavt a hydraulic cei 

ashes, bum to 

cont. cab,, abbret. (centimètre aube, e 

mètcH cubes), cubic centimeterlsj. 
CCnteoaire, a. centennial, centeoary, «Dl 

rian. — nt. centennial, centenary; a 

centMliDBl, n. cente«mal; percent: seat 

eenttere, «. centiare, centiar (1 sq. meter). 

aicool à 26 eentiimet, 2S percent aloohol- 
^en cenfihneë, in hundredths, in per «ot. 
ceotlgrade, a. centigrade. 

eentUltn, m. centiliter (10 ce.). 
eantlme, m. centime (about 1 cant a A d.). 
ceDtlmfttre, m. centimeter. 

central, a. 
centrale./, i 

antral eatablishmen 

centrallMtliui, /. o 

oentiatloD, /. ci 

entering apparatus, oentej 
centHhlKatear, m. '= ceDlrifugeur. 
ceatrlhigatlon, /. centrifugaliiation, o 

centrimsear, m., eenMrasense, /. oen 

gal machine, centrifugal, centrifuge- 
ecntrlpite, a. centripetal. 

eCramocr^lile, /. a 

tint, m. (.Pliarm.) Derate; !}o 

— rofiriÂitfiM, cold creanii c 

— dm Qoitlard, GquIarI'a cent 

— ipuioti^it, omtmeat of Mqo oôde, ûd« 

— «JuTjié, - e«nt de Goulard. 

céraMde, a. ooatoM. homy (or honiahaped). 
ccree, /. circk. ring, upecif . : the fruoe of i 

support for artid» in the 

OOP, riuf, (uinular) band, 
i; {of liquon) in the wood. 

1, m. coffin, casket. 
cAeale. /. i a. cereal. 
cCrtkllne, /, cerealin (aleurone); cerealiue (s 

c6«biine, /. cerebno. 
cCrtmanle, /. ceremony. 
cCrtoK, m. (i>Aarm.) cerate. 
e«iMDe, oertslte, /. cete^ia, oeiwine. 
ear. m. deer. stag. hart. 
céiMca. m. pi. oerium metals. 

erotic; eeroty], c*ryl (in 
phraae aUvot otraiiiiat, cvyl aJcohol). 
e^roirle, m. (But.) Ceroxyloa, wax palm. 
cAviyllne, /. pahn wu, ceroid b, 

certainement, odi. wrtainly. 
certes, aâti. certainly, surely. 
eerUfleati m. «niScate. 
certlflMtsiir, m. certiSer; i 
eerUOer, t.t. certify; cuarantei 
certitude, /. eertitude, eettù 

■unnesa (of haod). 

CéruK, cCmieen, s. cerulean, i 

" "" /■ (Diim) OBTuleln. 

cémllDe, /. soluble indigo blue. 
céramcD, m. (PlkiMtol.) cerumeD. 
rCrumlneiu, a. ceruroinous. 

le, /. white le&d, ceriue (the pigment). 

.. Used for «before 
cétBcé, a, « m- {ZnCt.) ce 

cétoidptrldlne, /. ketopïpeiidiue (pipsidon 

-■ MB, W. kstO», 

«, a./™. ot«. 

Il pron. thfly» thta 

- ' hcy, tlietn, th«e: the lattw, the 

il-It, pron. Ihej-, them, those; the forniBr, 

>> /. (£"'.) «badilU. cevndillit 

B, /. cevadina (veratrine oE Mirrik). 

n. (chapitre) ebspUc. 
, m. Ch&blù (a dry white wine). 
ClUlMtle,/. anvil block, anvil {of a powM' ham- 

); everyone, every- 

R. eaoh, eaoh on 
ehkfee, clune, /, rwdoe 

eitractioD of «taroh from wreala, bran. 

n. sbaereen Oeatber) ; afBictioa, crief. 
le; ohairiD. — a. ubd, peeviab. 

— hydrocarbonte, hydrocarbon chain. 

— laUraU. aida chfùn. lateral ch»jn. 
itraight chùn, i 

imall chain: (Math.) oteE 
Link (or, broadly, portion 
chain (in Ora. C/iem. often beat txai 

) ehunlwe 

chaînon itUfimt. lutf onlc croup, mlfo froup. 

— terminal, end aronp, t«rniiDal group. 
Aalr, /. fieah; <J.rtâlieT) flesh aide, flesh; 

(Metal.} Glmr; ohair (of Brail). 

— fotsHo, a variety of asbeatoa. 
dudrc,/. choir, profeuoTBhip; pulj^t- 
cliala, HI. - chai. 

dulM, /. chair; chai»; frame, framew<rt; 

(Mac*.) hanser, 
IlluUlt, imp. S ring, of chaloir. 
ehBlaad, m. customer, patron; bane, lighter. 
flbaleédallie, /. chalcedon;. 
clikleacrapUc, /. chalcography. 
ehalcapyrlle. /. (Min.) chalcopyiito. 
ehsJeiMlDe, /. (ilfin.) choloocitd. 
chile, tn. shawl. 
cbalitai, f. heat. 

— bianfJu, vhite heat. 

— d'èdwatffement, the amount of beat r» 

perature interval. 

— de combinaieon, heat of oombination. 

— ds ditttiviion, heat of solution. 

~- iatente, latent beat (heat of fusion or of 

— -aobdanfe (co'iuanfa), welding he*t. 
— tp^rÀfique (or tpidaU), specific heat. 
am, ardent, hot-blooded. 
i. matter, oigoify (used imperooD 

/, (Mi'n.) chaleolito (torberait«). 
elialkoprrltei /. (Mtn.) cholcopyrite. 
chiUliosliie, /, (Jvin.) nholoocite. 
cbslODpe, /. launch. 

straw; lime twig; (Aftmc) wood-wind. 

— A cat. gsA blowpipe, (gaa) blast lamp. Ciaa) 
blast burner. 

— à tmtfflerie, blowpipe with bellows. 

— oxfij/dri^iie. oxyhydrogen blowpipe. 

clialyli#, a. chalybeate. 

chAmbcrtln, m. Chambertin (a red Burgundy 

ehamboiirlii. m, a 

d of glass sand; a land 
E. case (aa of a door): 

whole, honeycomb. 

■; (of pneumatic tiroa) 

nprp«Bd-air chamber. 


oÏB leather; chamouuug- 
chanMlMnr, n. dwin 

diBtnp, n. Ëald; edxt 


— de force, field of d 


— fnotfné^i^iM, maanetjo field. 

— tournant, ratatine field. 

— Btauelf vimul field, field of vi 

de — , edgewise, edgeiiays, on e( 
ikmpasne. m. obsmpacDe (wii 

the phiue fin» champaeni, n i 

<d brandy. 


— ■ àta bùffjieite. dipped candle, so ca 
the rod from which the candles 

— - nutiiiée. molded candle- 

— romaiiu. (Fvro.) Boman oandle. 


tt /. eaadle factory <v shop, ohuid- 

clunse, m. change; «chance. 
cImhC^ p-a. chanced; ejchansed. 

ihnnging, ohangeable. vari- 

hangine, change, alteration, 

rcA^. {Mach.) revereinc (ear. 
change of atate. 

change; eicbauge. — i.i. A r. 

work) ; aCand 

etuntlBiHile, /, b 

chmtoDDE. a. (of paper) détective. . 
chuitoarDCT, i.f. (T'ecA.) out in profile. 
elUBTTe, m. hemp. 

— ie Cal^Mtia. — da Chine, jute. 

— dtla JtmaeOe-Zflanae, New Zealand fiai 

— de l'Inde, Indian hemp (Cannabia aalisa. 

-ik Man 

I, Manila hemp, maoila (from 
I, Canadian hemp {Apacvnam 

strap, claep, catch, k 
molding clay; bed in 


— femette, — porle-ifraine, female hei 

eliaiiTreni, a. hempen, hemp. 

bearing ; {Much.) 
. (of a mold) cope 
ich tiles are eet. 

itilDhead; (ofbeer. etc.) head 
ey) cowl, hood; felt: (TM 
of Malacca tin; (Minine) tl 

:ioiiof a 

— defer (tfiJiTiwJgi 
diapclet, m chaplet (. 

lan, '"Bieenhut." 
'eath, atring of beads, 
mbhng these) ; (on 

the like): eiplos^c 
chapellerie, /. hat n 


— VoiwiJ, (if a.) tuk.' 

dMfbon* m, chiLTcool; chbr; coal; caibon (u in 
■a electrio ceU or an hto lisht): (Mad.) 
uithr&i, charbon; (^i/ric.) amut. 

' — ddfluîn.drHwinadiarcofiltahaicoidanyuii, 

— à JUtrtr. SlteiÎTïg 



— artificul. cbarcoHl prepuvd by nubon- 
iiinfl a prepared mixtura (inete&d of wood 
or fAher natural raatfiriaJ), aynthetio chjuv 
ooal (bo called)' 

— rl airuder, aolderina earbon- 

— bitumineux. bitumiaouB coftL 

— coOitltv, (£I«.) bnuh. 

— de boia. wood charcoal. 

— de «mus, ntiHt csiboD, gM cvbon. 
^de houiUe. eokc; aathramte, 

— de lumitfe, lamp oarbon, electric light 

— de i'am. a lynthf tic charcoal mule from 
powdsvd charcoal, coal duat or the lilie. 
with pitch an a binder, and used as a bri- 
quetted fuel. 

— de pierre, atone cool (aathraclM)- 

— de tauie. willow charcoaL 

— de wu^t, a pure ciiarcoal made from augar. 

— tieciriçae. electrie carbon (either for arc 
licht or for battery). 

— en pmidrt, charcoal dual, powdered char- 
coal: coal dust. 

— fvlminani. fulminatlnB charcoal (rceidue 
obtained by heating tartar emetic to white 

— ffraphiiiqtie, graphitic carbon. 

— grot, fat coal, <bn>adly) soft coaL 

— minéral, (mineral) coat. 

— fdoeHgue, plastic coal. 

— pour piiet, battery carbon. 

— t^f&ai, vegetable charcoaL 
iarboniMCB< m. coal mining; coal mine. 
lUbonuJIle, /. small coal (or charcoal): 

(JUdaJ.) a mixture or cinders, sand and 


/. layv of oharogaL 
. t.t. char; blacken with eharooal; 
polish with charcoal. — v.i. A r. char; 
d^koait carbon. 

' '«« /. wood for m a lrin g charcoal. 
i> a. of the nature of, or contain- 
I, charcoal or carbon, oharry; IMtd.) of 

coal) dealer; coke oveo; stoker, fireman 

rbonnltoei /. charcoal pit or ovaa. 
durmlerie, /. pork in various forma, or I 
place where thue produda are made a 

iilureiitler, m. pork hutohet. 
'lanhm, m. thistle; teaael. 
— Unil. blessed thistle (Cnw 
cbardonner, i.e. teasel. 

den; (Paper, t 


" bruls, total load- 

— d'épreuve, test charge; teat loi 

— diinmuUe! (Elet.) bound char 

— exploaÎBe, burstiDS clisrge. 

— trt^utto, induced charge. 

— rénduelle, rwidual charge. 
~ ultls, useful load. 


CIlSTSf, p.a. cliarged. etc. (see charger); (of 
liqoids)turbid:(o(tliesky)overoast. —m. 
Id Buch phraaee as chargi ^affairée (cfaar^ 
d'affaires) and cAargé de court (one who 

ebarse-smorce, n. priming charge. 

çhui^meilt, m. charging, etc. (see charter); . 
load. chHrRe: regiAtered letter. 

cbarKHi v.l. chsrge; load; euggerate; tegister 
(a letter). — v,r. (of liquida) become tur- 
bid; (of the sky) become overcast; (with 
de) charge oneeelf with, undertake- 

ctaarieiir, m. loader: charger: stoker. 

eliariot, m. wagon ; carriage, trolley, car, truck ; 
(Mach.) carriage, carrier, slide, slide reat, 
traveler; chariot. 

charité, /. charity. 

cbarme. m. charm: (fiof.) hombeam. 

>Ee: (turoing) io 
-, with hinge<a), biuged. 

chmrpcnte, /. fraise, fmnam>rlc; Inininc 
bsriiiB, oarpentry. 

fnuoe, buitd. plan; nut tor 

chanMntole, /. a 


_ e, /. lint, 

durqaer, D.l. d-. 

cluUTie. /. »b«, lys anhte; CSoda) aihaiutod 

blaak uh, vat «nuts. 
dunetéc, /. cart load, cartful. 
eluiTettc, /. (two-wheeled) cart. 
dURbge, m. canace; oanyills< 
dunter. vJ. cart ; carry. 
eharml, m. carriage, drayace. 
rer, V.L cart, hauL 

B, /, plow. 

e,/. obartnuH. 
cliai, m. itarch siie; eye [of a needle). 
dUWBB, /. chaea, himtinc, pursuit: fioodiiw, 
fluafairift; (of mar^ioeryj play ; driving tool, 
set. Htter. drift, punch, etc. 
**'*'—. /. knife edge (of a baiance) ; mountinii. 
cluner. >.(. drive out, eipel; drive out. drive 
i; drive; propel; drive in; chase, pur- 

chat, n. cat. 
"'■"•-'t'"! /. cheatDut. 

— ^ cKnal, — d'Inde), 

— du Brini, braul nut. 
cUtmlBiiler> m. cbcetaut tree. 
>hat»ta, a. A m. cbcatnut, che 
ehltatre, /. (But.) catnip. 
ehktean, m. caatle ; chatean. 

duttoyant, p.a. chatoyant. 
dutoyemeDt, m. - chatoiement. 
■ '« chatoyant. 

at a bi(b lemperature, bot, 
lIHiA,/. heat, heating; briak Are, 
— blanc dm JuiH. — hianche, white h«at. 
-'«nuH, melting heat; (Witat,) welding 

i bni, luUb kettle. 

— A cuin, (Su^;ar} evaporator. 

— d eovdrm, tar pot, tar kettle. 

— Û liavtt prewion, bigh-pnesure boiler. 
-^ aHmentain. feed boiler. 

— d rclimr de flammt, return-flame boiler. 

— d (u&ei d'lau, water-tube boiJ». 

— auioeiavt. autoclave. 

— de /aiion, lead pot. _ : 

— de raffinaçe, nflninc iHÛler. '^~^^..- 

— Au, stationary boiler. 

— muUtlubulauv, water-tube boiler. 

— ncHonnetU, sectional boUer, water-tobe 

ntw. of chaloir. 

kettle, (small) Ixuler, caldron, 

. /. kettloful. boilarful. 
dUDdroiuierie, /. coppersmith's trail 
lan's trade; kettles, pana, etc. or 
-here they are made. 

ith. braiit 

pable of beinc heated, h< 

— d vapour, steam heating. 
Bolfe. /, heating; Bi ' 

place, hearth (of a fi 

ward, push. — 

— i.r. get hot or warn 

— blaTic. heat white-hot. 

stokehole, fire- 
fire, ûre up ; urge for- 
mat; warm; be heated. 

saturated solution of sodium aceUle, \ 
givce off heat on crystallising. 

, /. stokehole; ran^ of br 

an apparatus for he 
kpeclf., an attachment which 
imbustion tube to be Bupportei 
iver an ordinaiy Bunsen bum 

, ni. a preheater (or wine or 
1 liquid about to be dutilled, 
I, (Soil) one of the shallow t 
L aea water ia eubiected to tbt 

ehinler, 1. 1, treat w 
elunllcr, t». lime bi 
eluame, m. oulm, 

clUDM*, /. ba« Site 


-colcm^, qu 

- cauat^ui:, caiutio 

Ume, quioldime 



Idiug lime. 

air-Biaked limB. 

fiualte. oalc 

oride (old name) 

-/Ui*», slaked lime 

— hydr<iiée, hydrated lime. 

— kyàrauliijM6r hydraulic lime. 

— Uffères, hydraulie lime fiiiee, sepafatcd by 

— Umrdt. a kind of hydraulic lime whiob has 
bem subjected to baltinc to remoTe the 

' — mat0Tv, leAD lime, poor lime, 

— métaltiqui, metaïlio calx ; a blue pisment 
said to be oobaltoui anenate. 

— moritr dead-burned time, overburoed lime. 

— nilratte, nittale ot lime (calcium nitrate) . 

— ptuapfiatée, phcephate of lime (calcium 

— aodée^ Aoda lime. 

— sulJaUe, sulfate of lime (calcium aulfate). 

clulu-SIOte> nt. (commercial) calcium cyan- 

chaTlMtoi, m. chavibetol. 

eharicB, n. (flirf.) any plant of the genus Piper. 

ehaTlragc, chavirement, m. upsetting, tuni- 

(Kaul.) capsite. 
cheddlte, /, lExpl.) cheddlte. 
cbef, m. head: chief. 

-^ d'olsfter, works muiacw. 

etJe file, leader; first member (of a seriea): 
(JVil.) file leader. 

— de placm, tfSta^ë) foFemou fflaasblower. 

— dt trmaux, a person in cliaiie.of laboraloiy 
wvk but Dot lecturing. 

i; foreman. 

— , in ciiief ; in charge. 

', f. (Bot) celandine. 

way; path, track, oouree; road. 

ehemlWi /. case, oasing, ïscket, mantle, shell, 
liniDs: facing, revetment; shirt; 

de cylindre, cylinder jacket. 
de vapeur, ateam jacket. 
ebemlur, i.l. (put a coverinc of some kind oiO. 

ebenal, m. channel; gate (of a mold); gutter 

(of a roof), 
chenaux, pi. of chenal. 
ehCne, m. oak (tree or wood). 

— d icora, tanbark oak (any oak yielding 

— d fmiilta j?eraialantea (or wrtej), evergreen 

-- blanc, white oak, Quebec oak (Qihtcuj 
alba) ; a subapecin of the British oak (it has 
been called Q- pedimculala). 

— dtmer. fuecid seaweed, sea oak. 

— det Indet. Indian oak. teak. 

— rfa nie, Bïe oak. 

— lièsi. cork oak, cock (Querm ni&*r). 

— v^doncuU. a variety of the British oak (it 
hae been called Qwrrcut pedunmdata) . 

— rouvre. British oak {Qfitrcut roûw). 

— eajile, willow DAk (C^uercus pAflUoï). 

— wtU evergreen oak. specif, the holm oak 
(Oii*Tcuj iim). 

chêne 6 

cilAlie irtVH, holm oak iQuereuf iUx). 
^tncTls, m. hemp wed. 

dttaeratte,/. woody put of hemp, boon, ihiTe. 
ebenllle, /. cateipillar. lerre (ot » bntterfly or 

moth); ehonill». 
ditnopode. m. (Bot.) uiy member of the genus 

C/unopodium ^oosefoot). 


cbenopodee, cbCnopodUc, /. (But.) m 
member of b tribe of ptiinle Inohidi 
C/itnopodiwn »nd otbef cenera. 
cbeniit a. ho%r. homry. 
«bèqm. m. (Com.) check, cheque. 
cher. a. dear. — adt. de&r, dearly. 

eeek. look for, eeariih for, 

m quest of, go to brine, BO ■ 


' (optical ituErumen' 
ïfoh'er. - '■ 

chèrement, odi. deulr, dekr. 

ebéTlr, n.l. cherieh. 

cherté. /. dearaeee. 

eheit^, n. CheBhir? cheeae. 

cbéttf. a. poor, weak, wretched, meas. 

1, IB. bores; hotee power; donkey eni 

— . Bfltride, OAtraddle, 

— d«eaptfur,EteamhoT*epDwer; honepower. 

— ileetrique, electric horM pow«', 
elUT>l-in, m. harae^power year. 

trestle, rack, atand; speeif., (Glatè) a 
etond on which wiudow-glaH oylinderB are 

cheTal-benre, m. b 

^UfelQ, a. hairy, bearded; loiuE-haired. 

^ — m. hairy growth (aa of rootlete), beard. 
Ae>«Inre. /. (head of) hair; (Aitrm. it Bol.) 

Idd (animal and leather). 

at the bon 

/. CBof.) honeyeuckle, 
/. (>maU) (in, jack, 
m. roe deer. 

I leather, kid; [awi 

tbm, vnp. at the houee 

among, with; (with verba of 

Hibwae, /. (Uriat.) dioae, Kum. 
eUboUt m. caohiboo. eachibou reain. 
rïitatne. m. boSa, baffie plate; (^taole; chi- 

m —, in the manner o[ bafBe plates, with 
broken ji^te, etitterad. 

ehiciuiï, a. provided with baffin. 

ehleorCe, /. chiooiy. 

ehlen. m. dos (anitnal or Erippini device): a 
email car running on raila. for uae in faeto- 
ries; (of hrearnia) hammer, cooloDg piece. 

""""■"■" (f Aorm.) tritieom. 


- ojjkinal, Affrùpyrtm re 

ïbering. etc. (ee« chifFr 

miMm* /. graduation figurea, graduatii 
m. fisure; numeral, digit; cipher. 

itry, iatrochemisby. 
■miatric. latrocbemleaL 
cblmlatTlqiMDient, adt. iatrochemically. 

_ , _ . cbemico-physicAl. 
(Almle. /. chemietry. 

— offricoU, BgriculturaT chemistry. 

— analytique, analytical ohemietry. 
-^ apptigfiif, Hpphed chemietry. 

— bùtovique, biologic&l chemiflCry. 

chlmtotTopiniKi m. cImidi 
chimique, a, cheioickl, 
eUmlaiieiiMat, ad>. chcmii: 
— cur. chemicnUy pure. 

— ËhimistA-Analygt^. 
< — d'tndujlrw, induBtiial ohemiat. 
— vuiMniHur, chemirt in a oalioo priat«ry, 
print chemiat. 

uuIytioAj ohcnùflt (eap. 
>mpl«(ed the reaular tlitw- 
' red s djplonu), 
ordor cbemiit. dye 

n. chio&TDOt (from Smiiax fJnna); à 
IB bark. Penivian bark. 

ChllMs /. China. 

chlneft f-t cloud (as fabïïce), render chiné. 

chlo, m. (Metal.) taphole. 
ChlpacB, m. (LwuAir) infiltration. 
cUpw, ti.f. (LMtAtr) infiltrats with I 

chlniTfleD. m. aurgeon. 

ehlraislqiH, a. BuTEicsl. 

cUtliie, /. chitin. 

clil<KVCétat«, m. chlcroaoetate, ohlon 

chinraeMlqiie, a. chloroaoetiii, ohlari 

chlontcc m, chlnrins. 

«Alonl, m. cblora!. 

' "e, /, (ihloralorjiide- 

ehhmite, f». i 

y chlorunide, aminrn 

potajBJm n chlorate, cblorftte t 


chlonte di Kiudt, sodium sblonta. 

" I. «mtaininc chlorate, ohionta (m, 

cblofstloii, /. chlori nation. 

■trohydrochloric, nitfomori- 

— tigiMe, liquid chloriae 
lore. p.D. chlorinated, i 

{Pham.) chlorine 

chlorttbtlii. n. etbfl ofaloride. chloToethaiM. 

cUoreni, a. ohloroua. 

clilorbrdrmtei m. hydrochloride, chlorhydrate. 

— d'ammonia^jix. ammonium ehloride. 
chlorlirdiliiei /. chlwohydrin. chlorfaydriu. 

— dkrùnuffiM, chromy] i^loride. 

— ndfuri^tu, chloroaulfonic acid, 
ehlortirilriqnei □. hydrochloric, 
chiorlqi», a. chloric. 
chlorite, m. chlorite. 

cbloroaiûldare, chloro-BTnldDref m. ~ chti^- 

clilar»4tbrUlie. /. chlorethylin, chloroethyHn 

(oompoundorthe typeCUfOCiHi). 
chlorofiiniutlon, /. chloroformine. 
m. chloroform. 

' n. chloroformai. 

. chlorofon 

eUantmetre, m. chlorometer. 

ehloromCtrle, /. chlorometry. 

ehlarDmetrlqne, a. chloromeCric. 

ebloronltrt. a. containini or combined with 
chlorine and the nitro groap, ohliwonitra. 

ehloropbrUei /. chlorophyll, chlorophyl, 

cfatoropbTlUen, a. of or pertainiD« to chloro- 

cbkooplcrlne. /, chloropiorin, 

ehloioplatliiate, m. ehloroplatinate. 
— d'ammaniaçut, ammonium dil(fC4}lMi- 

ehloroplfttlDlqDe. a. chloroplatinie. 

eUoriMe,/. ehlivona. 

chlorose c 

rhlaraHl, m, oUoco ult. doubla cUaide. 
cblofambstitnC a, cbloro-gubatitutKl, chlcm. 
Cllla«Mlllfi>I>£i a. GODtkininB or oombined with 

chlorine and the BuUoaio KToup, chioroaalfa. 
vliloromlfttref m. ohloroaulâde. 
ebloroireaibonlqiic. a. Id the phitwe AW 

chtoroxycarboni^uë, ethyl chlorolarmate. 
Alonmce, m. ohluriiution, et«.(see chloruisi) ; 

(Pholoe.) spedf,. mteaiifloatiaQ with Bokl 


~ P.O. ohloriiiatmc. etc. (eee chlo- 

/. chlori 

cUanuet m. ohloride. 

— aeide, acid chloride. 

— eaUi^ue, CAlcium chloride. 

— d'adtyU, ooetyl chloride- 

— d-antmoini,. antimony chloride. 

— d'argent, silver chloridc- 

— d'oDcte, nHiacen ehloridg. 

— de baryum, barium chloride. 

— de torimu, cBiboD dilorida, Bpedf. ovbon 

— de chaia, chloride of lijne, bleachinf pow- 
. der, cblotJii*t«d lime. 

— de cAaux li^utde^ iPharm-) ecJution of 

'-^ dicoiaroM, tk chlorine compound that 
blflacbflB, u bleaching powder or ■ hypo- 

chloride, ipecil. cupric 


— de/ff,iro 


■ TOBoit. 


— deJulin. 

— demircw 



curio ohl 



i> chloride. 

— demttk^ 

methyl chlorid 

^ d* phatjiiwTe, phoepboruB chloride. 

— de phûtphoft (per), [dioiphorue penta- 

— dé plaUné, pUtinura chloride, «pecif . pl»- 
tinic chloride. 

■ — de phmb, lead chloride. 

—^ dm potaanum, potoBHum chloride. 

— de Hdtum. «odium chloride. 

— dm aoude, — . de etude liquide. BoluUon of 
chlorinated soda, lAborraque' 


chloride, 8>Ck 

— ifUam, tin chloride. 

— tCélain (jfrotoj , Btannoun chloride. 

— d'ilhi/le, ethyl chloride, chloroethane. 
- — de rinc Uquide, (Ptiarm.) Bolution ol 


— d'or, gold chloride, specif, auric ehlor 

IX, ferroua dilfside. 
— . ferrique, ferric chloride. 

— /erri^ue tiqtàdm, (PAomi.) lolution rtf fsrie 

— nersmrique. mercuric chloride. 

— ^anneux, etamunia chkaide 
elilonirt, f-a. chlorinated, ohloridiied, contain- 

clilonirw, e.t chlorinate, chloridiu. ehloridate. 
(CUorùiofe always impliea impreEuatioa 
or combination with chknne; Moridiee 
and MuridaU, «p. the latter, may a!» 
denote impregnation with a chloride. 
ChlorurtT it ueed in both «ensee.) 

Chot, tn. shock, collisioa, impact, knoddnt. 

— direct, Donnai impact. 

. — abiiip^e, oblique impact. 
CkMOlat, m. it a. chocolate. 

— au lait, milt chocolaté. 

— ' 071 powirff. chocolate powdw. 
cbocolateile, /. chocolate manufactateri due- 
otate tejrttay. 

(with a noun) prefecnd, beet. 

m, * a. (Med.) choiagoeCue). 
(Med.) cholemia, ohdiemia. 

{Med.) cholera, choloûo. 

^ chcleeterol, choleeterin. 

/. (Afad.) chiduria. 

I m- stoppage, BtandinjE idle, inactdv- 
dead season, slacli time. 

suspend work, stand idle; 

natter, affair; property. 

chtia, m. oabbsge. 

— palmiete, palm cabbsjEc; cabbage palm. 

— . potaoer. common cabbage. 

~- nrl, kale. 

choux de BruxelUt, Brussels sprouta. 
tboneninte, /. sauerkraut, pickled cabbage, 
cbonette, /. owl. 

m-fleor. m. cauliJIowar. 
HI4*T«, m. kah]-rftbi. 


kiDphiiQ, ^eoif, ML 

1, Chhstuui- 
e, /. (Bot- 
nmpiiire (CrilAmum tnaruimuni) un 
iDBTBh eAEnptdrfl or clanvort (SaUc^nfo 

cbntmatable, a, (Dyeing) shromable. 
cfantnut^W, m. ohromatiuc. (Dvme) ehrom- 

». chronal*. 
. ) d« futaHB, potu^um dichromaU, 
potassiurq kdcbroDuta. 

— dtf baryU, barium cbromatfi. 

— de plomb, lead chromaCc- 

ohromjitfid. chrotnad; chro- 
hromate, (Z>|ifliw) chromB. 

Arraocatoi ekrr>oekalqn«, m. u Imitatioii 
ipoBBd of oopper, tin And dno. 
/. (ifin.) chiyKKoUm. 
J /. {ZH«t) flhrynùdtDA. 

AiTioIlttae, /. (Uin.) chiysoUts. 

ehriMpIui^iie. a. abiyiiophiHiii]. 
/. (if.nO «I 

duomaUe, /. d 
dmtmatliw, /. ifiiel.) ci 
dmkmmllque, a. chromi 
Anmatlqueiiient, ode 

. . a. chromoiBnio. 

chronM^ilille, a, (fiiol.) chromophilous. 
ehTDiiwphvtâcnpUc, /. ohromophotography. 
n. (Ailron.i cbromoaphere. 

cbTrunlUnc. /. chiysiuiilins. 
ctarrwntliènw. m. chryunthf mum, 
ebrriWoUDe, /. Fhcysarobia, 
Arriène, n. cbrysene. 
dl^rabéryl, chrrioberll, m, uhrysoberyl. 

ebute. /. fiiU: [aUinc; faihin; {Metal.} njeeted 

de palenliel, fall of poUutisl, drop of poten- 

du bae, (Metal.) rejaDtcd lower «nd. 

du Aaui, (UaCoI.) nientBd upper end. 
chFl'l'A, a. chyloiU) chyLuwoua. 
clirlCi m. chfle, 
chjlfilut a. chylûUA, cfaylanoua. 
ebrlUlw. •(. cbyiiiy. 
A jlurfe, /. (M&d.) cfayluTÛ. 
ebrnie, m. (PAiinol.) chyme. 

■tAer, I.E. ohyioify. 
Chn*"!/' Cypn». 
Clinv^ m. Cyprufl wine. 
d, adt. here; now. <Ci may be attaehed to a 

w<ffd to limit the meaninc of oe» cetta. 

cdui-ci. thifl ODO, thù, the latter, 
dte ia Id. Ct ie sIbo used in ai 
indicate a product; ae, cftmueë 


clfl — , dfl fd) here and there. 

par — , par Id, here and then; now and then 
hither aod thither. 
et-aprèii adt. below, hereaflet. 
dUe, /. tartet. 
elbai>lelt«, /. chiTeg. 

dCktriMT. I.I. eicatriie. 
d-contrc. ode. oppoeit< 

ddnrle, /. ci 
atl, M. «ky 

ir factory, cider mill. 
imps«nie) Company, Co. 
heaven; roof (as of a roine); 
I (ai of a furnace or boiler) ; 

à ffraitdn fteun, ai^t-bloomiiw cwreiu. 

CIMII, pi. ol del. 

dsoe, /. (Sot.) bemiock. 

- — rfjftcjnalfl, — ordinatTfl, Conivn iw 

— weute. watfiT hemlDOk (Ctcufa n 
d-jolnt* a, ^ven herewjthr umexed. 
dl, m. eyeluh; (£<oI., pi.) oilia. 

ciller, l'i.'mnk, blink. 

dme,/. summit, top; (So<.) «yms. 

dment, m. cement, 

— à prim tente, ilov-aettiu oemratt 

— à prite rapide, qiiick.«flttm4 oemi 

— artifteiet, BJtiGcial oemvtt. 

— da Boulaant, Bomao Minent. 

— hydravHque, hydi*ulio « 

— prompl, quiok-iottiiig m 


ment, cemen 

etnusntw. ..1. «m™ 

; (SIoh) Tftrniah. 

dmeniler, m. «men 


dmetUn, m. nmeti 




duabR, m. cionabK 




— wrt. green cinn 

bur (green pigment e 

cHc» and P™™. bl 

dDdMideiDe, /. cL 

dDClMKlIlUlie. /. ci 

doAonlne, /. duc 

dndtoalqne, a. ciachouïc, 

aatù — . cinrhonlo acLd ((etrahydro^keto-l, 
2-pynui-3,4-elicBrboiylic aoid); leeg prop- 
cdy, dnohoninio wùL 


a. kineButtio(Bl). 

dnëdte, /. s Sna-cruned tufa. 

kinetia. — /. kinetias. 

dnslCDTt n. ahingler, squeeieT- - — a.Bliîngling, 

dntfenae, /. lUelal.) shineler, KlueeHr. 
dnnabre, m. " dnabre. 

ciauimon tree {CinrMmomum 

dnlrmge. m, bendi 
pUt« bending. 
dnln, M. bend, ci 
cintre, p.a. bent, . 
dntrcment, m. bi 
dntro', t.t. bend. 

fifty; Sftioth. — m-Bfty. 

(Beedntnr); aperdf.. 

dreonicilTe. >.<. 

— iTaHmtTSlaliBri, {EUc.) supply circuit. 

— da cliaroi, (Elec.) chsrging circuit. 

— de dirharffe. (Elee.) diacharfçiits oircui 

Am-.— ,1. 


|£lw^) disooDDeoted. 

ctrenUrité, /. cirouliirity. 

— d4, liUiM. Utbiiuo mtrata. 

(Com.) trmffio. 

— de lowit, Bodiuin oitnte. 

/OM —, ciiculale; csuh 


eltrtne, /. dtrsne, rf-limonme. 

dre,/.w«; wu «ndl.. 

dtarln, a. àtrine. 

— * c«M^. SMiiDI WW. 

Htrtne,/. lemon oU. 

— 61anc&t, white w»i. 

elMqae, a. dtrio. 

— ifaMIteCt), besiwu. 

— âm Chinn. CbituM vu. 

— d> «ri*-, myrtle wai. 

— d.IBl«M^, palmwii. 

dtroD. m. lemon; no; {mit from the ceauii 

— d« (torw, «ader'. w» 

Ci»™ ™d™ Onoludin. lemon, lime «id 

— d'K.p.x»», Spuiiid. »L 


ntron). — a. ]emon-«doml, lamon-yeDow. 

— du/opm. J.|»nwM. 

~/o$iae. laail w«I. MTM 

dmnnC a. like, or imellinc o(, tanon»; 

flivored with lemon. 

— mtnénili, minenJ ni, 


drt, P.O. w«i8d, etc. (aee o 


dnr, ■>.(. wu; bl-ok (shoa 

; polûh Oeather): 

flavored with lemon peel. 

dnlUe, /. clippiDA 

ortbelike), nippera (fnr'w 

dtorn>> v.. dtOFMiiie, /. cititen. 

dlneoDlqiw, a. citncoi^c. 

dtrftcon* fn- EBxden bAlm {Metitaa afficiTutiù). 


dTMte, /. (hsnd) bairow. 

dill, a. civil; oiviliao. — m. oiviliuL 

dilliwMlITi a. eiviliiing. 

dTllliuttkin, /. (dviliwtion. 

dTllla», t.t. oiviliH. 

dale, /. Kren. sieve; buldl». 

dmlnt, fJalD, n. auriferous fround. 

dalr, a. (of Gre, etc.) brisht; (<< oolon, rooma, 
ete.) licht; clear; thin; (of doth) Onay; 
(of money) avwlable. —m. lisht; (of 
cloth) thin part, — adu. cleorlr, clear. 
— wmS, thinly eown, Mattered. 

dabcsge, vt. clearine, purging <ap. the fne- 
ins of lugar cryetalg from mother Uqacr 
by water, einip, centrifugaliÀng or other 

claim, m. (Sufor) clearins sirup, olairoe. 
dslTCCTi dalrdr, i.t. dear, purge (eee clur- 

dalie. /. bone ash; boiler for sugai re£n- 

elalre-etollfe, /. an alloy of tin and lead. 
dalrementi adt. rlearly. plainly. 
clatre-Bondnrei /. - claire-étoffe. 
dBlret, a. nther lisht (in oolor); rather thin. 
— m. red wine of lifht color. 

elafre-nile, /. openwcsk, Uttiee, EntiDg; aky- 

d— , ÛKqwnwork, l&ttioedi (of tkbrin) i^wn. 

thinly sown, scattered, sc 
a. deu^4icht«d. 

tn, darapi orunp, doc; vioe- 
olaok v&ïve, clAck, flap valvi 


t. cUp, EfTIACk, 

m. clarifying ^ 

duUeation, /. clarifiostioii 
cluUer, i.t. * r. oUrify. / 

clartéi /. lisht; cIcatdwi, spwf- tniiex>ft'va<^ 
— du jour, daylight. 

(JuUqne, a. clutii. 
cbnatliBllto, /. (JIfin.) cUuBthalite. 

~" -r, m. (Set.) pri(Ûy oah (ZoMhoivIum. 
Z. mmriotnum) ; (PAorai.) i»ntboiy- 

1 — d'initrruptvm, (£Jw.) 
>. (Sol. 

fn. clergyzzum; ocbolaj, Barant; clerk. 
cl l c hlçCf m. atereotyijiiiffp atereotyijy. 
(Hellti m. eosnved iflate or block (fur.priut- 
incJ, cut, en£rmvii]«; slfireotyiw plata, 


1 slide. 

^ehw, ■.!. atenotypa. 

dlent)». customs'; patient; client. 

cHentUe, /. patronaaa, ■ 

clinquant, m. tinsel, imitation gold oi 

foil. . — a. tinseled, glittehne. 
dlqnet. m. click, catch, delEnt. pawl, ratchet. 
eUqueter, i,<. click, clank.' 
ellqueOs, m. clank, clsakinc. Jingle, jinsUnc. 
cUsMt /. screen, mat (as for draining cheue) ; 

wickor cover for a bottle; eplint. 
citué, P.O. wickered; wicker. 
eUuer, o.E. wicker, cover with wicker; (tfsd.) 

dRTedn, m. harpschord. 

cttrebto,-.. deavoblo. 

filât—, piano wire. 

etonl, m. an inferiw kind of soda. 

daTBiee./. sheep pox. 

«faXslMi, /. beU jar, bell glass; bell (in various 

daretoKe. m. keying. 

senses); cover {lot ■ dish); blister; (Cb- 

dBTcler, D.i, key, fasten with keya or 


™™.) bubble, bleb; (Hioi.) a ooverwi glass 

lera. . 

dish for plate cultures, sermn, etc. 

(brettMe. »>- - cUvetage. 

— à c«»™, culture dish (with cover). 

dsTette, /. key, pin. pen, cotter. 

— à doutllo, open-top beU jar, bell jar having 

— lis scTTogc, tightening key. 

a mouth or tubulation at the top. 

dkTettw, e.l. -claveter. 

— d ràic, vacuum bell Jar (with lower e<lge 

cbkfon, n. smaU screen, sieve or grating ; 


hurdle; wattle. 

clocber, t,l. cover with a bell jar. 

elef. cie, /. key (in various sense.); key 

etoebette, /. Uttle bell jar; Uttle bell; beU 

(ofartopcock); wrench; hook(ofac 


keystone; knot, hitch; (Obi») ». pi 

■ce of 

dolson,/. partition, septum. 

earthenwue fitting over the cracked 


of a pot and serving to hoU it togolher. 

— d érraui, screw wrench, nut wrench. 

— d molf^. a wrench with jawe adjusted by 

turning a smaU wheel. 

daolane, <i. (Msd.) clonic. 

— onsfnMs, mookeï wrench 

ttort, >,(, close; inclose. — i.t. close, shut. 

-à au ptrdw,, brad. 

— de bouche, tAck. 

— de ffirafie, doro. 

— d'ipiniu, brad; wire 

— de touSIet, tuk. 

it /■ coagulAbili^. 
, coaculable. 

uue, /. coafulaoe. 

lAteur, a. CDAEuIatory, acaguloiting. 

. coafuZ&tor. ooB^uliuit- 

' ■■ n, /, coBBiilation. 

, CDR^uJation of the blood. 
S: r. coH^ulste. 
coasDlniUf ïn- ««eulmn; coaflulAnt. 
coRlUe, /. iaffrior wool (from tiie tail). 
e, /. coalfsoenoe. 

CMltST. m. conl tsr. 

MWltarement, m. tnwliiitt with oool tu, 

Maltarer, i.i. tiest or imprenuite witb «oui 

catalt, m. cobalt. 




;tiiva]ent> cobalt 

ipotaAium cobaltic nitrito. 

a. cobaltiferouB. 
eobaltliie, /. (Afin.) oobaltiu. cobaltine. 
cobBlllqne, □, cobaltic. 
cobaltlûce, m. - cobaltage. 
cobalUaer, D.t, oover or piste with cobalt. 
fobare, n. guiELoa pis, cavy. 
caboldjne, /. (Vin.) limueiti. 
eobolt, m. pondored metallic arseolD, 

embe, /. notch, nick, out, slit, troove; au 
coebenlllaKe. m, cochineal dyeioe of dye I 
coebeDllle, /. cochineal; cochineal in 

with cochineal. 

lineal ûff, coohineat plant. 

hoc. pia; pork; drone: 

codunlUler. n 
eoeluin, m, h' 

{Metid.-) BO 

coootlcr, m. coco, coco palm (Caow maifera) . 
coetloa, /. bailing, coction; cookinci (PAv*- 

eodc, n. codc^ codex, pharmacop«a. 

art, etc.; (in distillation) middle fra* 
eartwood; ctomach (aa ia mal au co 
—, heortahaped. 

— dt fiait. Iua> ettp. 

Ifl^s V.U «p, cover the head or toft of; dma 

ing, futenins with wede;ea. 
vedKiHf p atata of beiii£ 
wedged, (of mschlce put«) jemminc. 
colnew. E.I, wedie; jem; drive in (wedg»); 
eorner. — ».r. (of nuwhine parte) jam. 

oaHl, m. eât (Kwonut biuk fiber), 

— d* pétfoU, petroleum ooke, col ooke. 
tokUaeUaB, eokeiBcaUon, /. eoldng. 

à — court, ihort-necked. 

— de cyone, Bwaii nock {epooif, a curved tub 

' — droit, ^ fiaeoD A large ouverture, undo 
fiaam; etiaieht neok. 

1. (PAon ■ ■ ■ — • - • 


f. (£ot.) a plant belonginK ta 
I a related genus, 

/. aolebieeine. 

>, (fiM.) iiMadow 
MiMtol, n. oolocitbar. 

1. (Boct.) colon bacillus. 

iCtram.) email tripod, 
/. * a. coKo. 

p»oka£o, pHTGQl, bale, eaee. 

pottal. parcel (Hnt by poet). 

f , by pHTi^ poet. 

. m. collaborator. 

. /. ooUaboratioD. 

wIlabonMMi /. flollaborato. 

I, oollHenie. — m. 

m. (Mtd.) ooUapae. 

oolle. /, glue; eiia, Binog; (adheaive] patte; 
(adhadve) cement; fining. 

— it bmielu, mouth glue, lip glue. 
— . ff amidon, etaroh pafite. 

— dé caoutchouc, rubber cemout. 

— da Plandrt pvrifiiê, gelatin. 

— dt pdM, paate, flour paete. 

— da peau, Bldn glue, hide glue. 

— dt poÙHm. Ë«h glue; isinglaii, 

— d'o., bone glue. 

— /orte, elue'. 

— £wutd«, liquid glue. 

— téeélalt. vi«etabLe glue. v^ataUe ei». 
euUectenri m. oolieotor. — a. colleetiag; (of 

a lene) eondenelog. 
ODllMtlf, a. It ■>. collective. 
coUecltoi. /. collection. 

mlieetloniieT, t.l. colleot. make a ooUectiaD d. 
eoUeellTenient, ndi, DollMtivaly. 
coUectlTlU, m. collectivity. 
eoDeetrlec, a. fm, of collecteur. 
colHae. m. college. 
mllfclen, m. ooUegian. — a. collegiate, ooUece. 

. (alao pt-) glue Btock- 

olarify (ail wine);' (Ceram.) faeten with 
Èlip. — r.r. adhéra, itick, etick together, 
o^e; be glued, siied, fined, etc. —r-i. 

eoBmUm, f. flange, rim, collar, ring; (Bol.) 



ollai; (r«A.)aecl. 



collar, colic*, etc 

{of a eu 


ST plant) collar. 

^ de jonclion, flange, collai 

, Jiouldc 


a veHol for fining beer, alw 

aoHenr. n. aluer, e 

PI, coUodion. 

— eantliaridt. (PAonn.) eutluriiial oidlodioD, 
bliffbving ooUodioiL 

— elaaHtiu, (PAom.) Ondtda eoUodion. 

— HvftiQU*, iPharm.) ityptio collodioa. 

— wMeatU, .iPharm.) btiaMrinc oollodion, 
cunthiiridiil cnUadion. 

m. coUotd- — IL oollfùd. oolloidBl, 
"lotypy> ooUotype. 
Cadloll'lliie, /, collmylin laoluble Bunoottoii). 
coUntoln, «. (Mod.) collutory, ooUutunum. 
«rfllTe, m. (VhI,) coUyriiun. 
eoliiuter, b.J, (Affrie.) waip, 
«oloeTntbliie. /. colocyntûn. 
Colombie /. Colombia 

(bîh of paper» a 

i; oolombier, columbicv 

ceramio pHte 

used tor m«iaun 

u contraction due to firin» 

or (or lutiDB m, 

rae» together; (Afelol.) ■ 

kind of lead OR 

; (Butidifia 

plaster Paria and baryta. 

catomblDe, /. dung 

of domeetio 


— d'Amirtlu., — 


American oo- 

; oolonJat, Bettter; 

\imn: piUaTi poat; (of a pump) 

— d rectifier, rectifying column, fractionating 

— ■ d robinet, upright pipe with atopeock or 
Miopbsne, /. colophony, main. 

m, /. eolocynth {CUniUiu 
, ookvinc; qjedf., dyeina. — hl 
, eokving matter; qiecif., dye. 

— baàque. baoiij dye. 
^^ biâae*A^U9, diaaao dye. 

— ntol, (fiisJ.) vital atùn. 
mlmmttolit /. ooloration, ootorinc. 
eolort, p.n. colored; (of wine) de^-oolofed; 
(of tinta) bright. 

it, m. oolorins, ooloralion. 

loier, coloriât; (CoKcd) print- 
ing roller, print roll. 
"*" eolnifio. 

coloriaBnic. colar^>roduoiiia. 
eoktrlinetre, in. eolorimeta. 

eoIorlmCtilqnc, a. colorimetrio. 

' " ■ mt, odi. ccJorinwtriomlly. 

. /. coloration. 
colarlatc. m. colwo-; lArt.) eoknit. 

eoltar, colth^, «Itucment. etc See ooal- 

tar, coaltarement. etc. 
oidnmblain, m. «alumlHUDi. 
ealia. m. colia. ipecif. rape or rapeaocd. 

(DiHtiactionB between ' ' huile de eolia." 
"huile de navette "and "huilade rabatte" 
an apparently rstHer conluaed. All may 
be trûslated " rape oil " or ^' colaa oil," 
praetically a: 

mou» in Engliah except aa " colaa «1 ■■ i. 

combat, «. c 

ombat, oontest. Btrifc. — pr. S 

fight, ™m 

comMen, odt 

how far. h 

fight: combat; oppoae. — i.f. 

how. how muoh. bow muy, 
ow low. — m. price. 
how long. 

— binaire, binary ct 


n tulfiirét, a 


unaadw, t.l. oommuid, order; (Com,) 
order; (Mach,) drive» control, operate. 

(Maeh.) gmr toffflthor, work toffetlier. 
eomnundltalre, m. donnant putuer. Bee 

ramblemeiit, m. fiUins, etù. (see combli 
combler, it. till, fill up; supply; fulfill, 
a. oombuetible. 
a. eupportinc combustion. 
aupport«T of oombuBticm. 
bure, p.a, burned; (Afôi.) oooflîat 

comnuDdlte, /. i^ommsudite, It finn ha^ 

lonsible only for the amo 
liavB invcEtfld, while the i 
nandiUa) are fully reeponù 
Dciétë en ooninisndite. 

u . . . «e, like, u if, SB m 

.(. remember, recall to mie 


— aaaloméri, briquetted fuel. 

— andan, ooal. 

— ifédairaçe, oombuetible used ag an Ulu- 

lerai fuel, epeoif. coal. 

«Mnbnitloii, /. combu 
'— au libre, Dombusti' 

— blanche, bright c 
ffuished from blue 

— bUae. blue-B>une c 

— ' lento. Blow CQmbU3^nn, 
— rponianée, spontaneoua 

eotaénUiue, a. oomenic. 

mmete, /. c< 
comique, a. 

/. order (for foods) ; drivii 

drive; control, control mechanism 

IruE (of ropes). 
d — dirKle, direit-actin(, 
— detmodroniQue. belt drive. 
de ■ — . ordered; feivued, sham. 

rff in) the b^sinning, at fint- 
■blilU, f. oom^ensurabilit'ï 

commenlklie, m. c 

oonunn'fanti a. commernsl. mercantile. 

oommereci m. commerce; trade, buBineas; 

— di dilail, retail trade. 

— en groa, wholesale trade. 

— rxUrittur, foreign commerce, foreign trade. 

commercial, a. 

commettre, i.i. commit; api 

oommlnuei, ■(, eomminute. 

iminutiaii, /. comminuti 


; /. idiook; 

■e, m. tnde imioi 
comparabUttè, /. compsrsbilit)'. 
comparable, a. cotnparabla. 

àdâùtr, divideim. 

«midaln, i.t. give pteuure, ~>.r. deliaht 

(in), bepleAaed (at); be delisted. 
mmplalsammeDt, adp^ ob\ipDgiy: wîUiosly. 
uplaisanoe; complacency. 




complet, n. complete. — m. complement. 

compIMement, ode. completely, 

complfter, t.l. complete: make up (u soht- 

tioM to a KÏven volume); pertect: fill up, 
Gompleie, a. <t m. complei. 
COmpleiltéi /. complsiity. 
mmidlotloii, /. complicfttioD. 
eompUmcnta, i.r. compUmsiit. 
nim[dlmenteiir, a. complimentuy. 
Gomidlaiif. P.O. complicated, compln, intri- 

behave. comport oueoeK. 

.«uDdi oompoeed; .<wmpa9- 
ïto; formal. — m. compouniL 

— bmzéni^ut, ajomatio compound. 

— ehhrt, chlorine compound. 

— amiwaf, (Old Chtm.) oonjus>te oom- 

" ■■■■■ - -"-"Ition ooitopound. 

mont hia lis lowest vaknce. 

— non latfrt, utaatunted «ompouni 
^ ùrgantf-maffniaiear or^udo ma^nefl 

— phaapharé. phoAphoruB compound. 
■ — saturi, Bftturat«d compound- 

— rulfonS, gnUoiiAted compound, sulfo m 

coinpNiincnt. pr. S pi. ituIù. A tuij. of coin- 

eompTMsenr. m. compreseoi; grease cup. 
compresfllbllit^i /. compreaaibility, -blenees. 
Eompreaslble, a. compieHible. 
eompnaglf, a. comprEasiva. 
compreuloii, /. compreoaion. 
comprlDuble. a, compresBible, 
comprlJOftntr p.o. oompruaing; natrauùiic, 
cotnprlmét p.a. compressed; restfuned* 

checkad. — tn. oompreesed tablet, com- 

pTEeeed pill. 
comprimer, i.I. compreae; reatrain, check. 
oomprimenr. m. compressor. 
eomprlj, p.p. erf comprendre. 

non — , not IncludiiiKH not iocluded. 
y ^-, iacludliu?, ineladed. 
mmprlCt p.def. 3 sine- of comprendre. 
eompromettrâ, c. 

compromis, p 

comptabilité, /. bookkeep 
keeping Bccounte, accoui 
ity, repponsibility, 

comptable, a. Accountable, rf 
accountant, bookkeeper; 

comptant, a. ready (i 

compte, m. account. 

au W du—, sfter a 

reporta of the Eeaaion 
campte-Ols, m. thread a 

a the yield. 

ney). ^iB. ready 

; pay: iJiarge; aooount, 

wnaidered; count (on), in- 


n inslmiiient for oouDtiaa 

inter, meter, iuljoator; 

— Gactrvpie, electric □ 
comptoir, m. (àhop) c 

mter; branch baok. 

ment, m. cnuhinc, e 
Esawv, .,(. (reduœ u 
break, comminute, brm 

, t, pr. S ting, of 
ooDEomfeK, m. cocumber. 

coDOordant, a. «mcorduit. 

' concur, contribute, coSpHvte; 

tipr.S tins, of ooncourir. 

r. concrete, erdïdj^, renda Of 

eteif sidid. 

connCtliHUialn, conctétlnuie, <■. oonoretion- 

oonilcnBUit, p.a, cond^nsiac. 
condcD^teiiT, m. (eep.£I«.) oondeuv. — a. 

eondenMtir, s. condenntire. 
imtioD, /. condenBHtion, 
1' stUrHur, Burfaoe onDdenuticm. 

«•ndfmenlBlK, eoodlnuDteni. a. condimi 

ooDdIt, m. ((sp. Pharm.) comfit, confeotion. 
condition,/ condition: service, employmea 

t. mil. conditianftU]'. 
. m. conditioning; apcoif., 
manner of paokinc for slûpment. 
indttlonner, il. condition. 
indaetane«, /. (£J«.) conductan». 

m. A /, oonductor; aupeciotend- 

•X) drivinc 

(VacA.) control. — 
drive, — f.r. oonduot ouAelf ; 
•ondnlt. m. conduit, pipe, tube, ducst, 
paBwce, ewul. — p.p. dt pr, S 

luct'; leuli 

— d'amtnét, deliTei? pipe or i 

— tTaapiraiion. malion pipA. fl 

— dt wnl, ventilation ahmft. 

lighting cone (funnel-olikped 

while thay Are bdng lijchted). 

— de friction, coqd oiuteli. 

— âniil, tbht gone. 

— jUAv^tur, fiJterinc eone. 

— ttimipié, truncated eane. 

eanftctloii. /. mâlcini, nuldna op, oi 
(J*Adrm.) confection 

-..r. be mod. 


specif., clothes nAker 


TVoXtnate, f. confereno 

, meeting lectu 

cIbh: oomptviKHi. 

— ...■. hold ■ 

(erenoe ; ^ve so ftddn 

ronierdr, t.t. confer; oom 

pare. ~t.i. oonf 

conferve, /. conferva, confervoid hIes, h 

...Si, ..,..„,_. 

«snlbnt, p.». eonfiding. e 

to. (iBBeonfier);o 

, >.i. (ive eanfi«unitioD or form to. 
confine, border. (Ueed in the jil.] 
I.I. confine, — n.i. border (on). 
:, preserve (fruité, etc.); pickle (in 
r) ; {Ltatker) eoalc in biit«, l>at«- 

I /. confirmatioa- 

onfitm. — >.r, be confirmed. 

:lded; (LeiUIW) 

/. ccmfaotioneiy; 

{LbMmt) bK(«, puer. — pr. * p.dd/. 3 til 
«uiatwc, /. pre>erve(s). jun. 

fiMJtory or «hop, pieeerve buuneefl. 
coDfltnrlcr, m. maker or seller of préservée. 
conflit, m. oonSict. 

nunele, btend ; con- 
— t.r. be conlDurtdcd; roûisle, blend; 
infuKij; (Orff. Chem^ be identical or, 

e9n/an<f avec le p-nitroaophénolj. 

_ , . notice (of leaping) ; diooharge, 

MDSMlCT, I.I. discharge, ditmia. 
confeUUUt^, /. consealabtenesB. 
Mincrisbic, a. oongeKlBble. 
conselsnt, p.o. congealing. 
ettlV^atlail, /, con^cUtion. congealing, con- 

Donfreal- epecif., freeie, 

CODKCltir. a. congestive, congealed. 

canjonctlllte, /. iMed.) conjunctivitis, 
CODjI^uf, a. conJiutHte; cDDJugated. 

knowing; akilled j 
eoDiialsseiiieiit, m. bill oF lading. 

'- 5 ëiTig, of conquérir. 
anqulA, p.a. conquered. 
DDqnlt. pjitf. 5 nnn. of conquérir. 


devote; c 

COIUeiT>tolT«, a. it m. oaiuervHtary. 

comerrei /. conHrve On Pharm. now often 
translated confection since tbe old distÏDiy 
tion between conserve and electuary has 
bceu Hbandoued); prsserved food; jar; 
ApeciF., (MicT-Qflr) at ain i n g jar: Ipi-i do1<b«1 

' — tUimetUain, preserved food, 


— d'écnrte d'oTiaiB'. (Pharm.} ooofeoUon of 
orange peel. 

. — de fruits, preeerred fruit (dried, piokled, 

— de téffumet, preeerved vegetables Cdrisd, 
canned, etc.). 

— de jtoieaone, preserved Bth. cured fiah. 
■. (Piorm.) e 

e, /. br&cket; wall Ëitura, hauler. 
«tnaoHdatlDii, /. cDnsolidatioD. 
coDSoUder, r.I. consolidate: (n'nan») 
— B.T, conaolidalfi- 

coiuotnptiûe, a, cnnsutnsble. 
CODMDipllOD, /. consumption. 
caiuortlDm, m. syndioate. 
coiuonde, /. (Bot.) oomfrey [Strnphi/tum). 
— officiwiU, </Tondt — , eommon tonihey CS. 

constantly; with ton- 

-, /. cc 

conatatkUon, /. aecertaioinc; rerifioai 

coiutaler, D.I. aacertam; verify; Btat«. 
ooiutlpmiiti p.a. ooiutipHting, 
CODstlper, r.I. CDEutipale. 
CODStKlutllti p.n. constituent: conetitu' 

I. flcmHultative, advisory. 
1- ± i- cooflult. — v-f- coi 
leaoother; b« eomutted. 

, health, strength i 

contunlner, i 

eontnetkin, /. cnn 

eoDtnctDTe. /. cod 

contradiction,/, ci 

iDtradtctolre, a., 

ctmtnlsneDt, pr. s pi. of 
contrslDdrc, t.t. couetr 

contraint, p.p. of oootraii 
contrainte, /. conatraint. 
contjalre, a. contrary; ii 

— à — , Aide by side. 

m ofb«t, on th« otha 

SBtive ftooelention, 

CDDtrfr-baUDcer, eoDtrebaUlimr, >.l. ooun- 
lerbsUnce. — i.r. oountorbalanoe each 

eoDlrelMuide, /. coDtrabuiil 
coab«-1u§, adv. dawtfwwrd. 
eoDtn-burettc, /. leveliuc tube (for Luue 

nitiomelen Bud the like). 
MDti«-clurte, /. coimterpoiH. 

' j-ecenr.m. back (oF ft chimney). 
, reluctanUy, iiawilliac^r' 

mlcrouiniit; bask 

I-. ± p.def. S ling. A p.p. of eon- 
treeUTB. — m, contradiction; rojoinder. 

contrée, /, country, re(ion. 
«ontre-ecniiliin. set screw (fur another Krew); 


atn ami, m. i»unt«rt«Bt, chsok test, 
nlnnicani /. counterfeiting ; eounterfeit 

(of patente) infringement; forgery; (ol 

books) pirated edition. 

ton. _ 
CDDlnbctloii, /. e< 

eoDtrebIre, i.t. a 
feign; disguise. 

t, amd. 5 sing, at cat 
•onm-ien, m. back plale (of a 
contn-flefae. /. brace, strut, stu 

contre-parol, /. ct 
rate, /, ri 


. m. ovenea, forcma 

(of a fumaee 

/ bBdcplate;rejnforaiDfi plate; 
'k plate, guard platfi. 
laqué, a. layered, laminated. 
troit ipaiêêeura, three-ply. 
contrepoids, m. counterpoise, 
contre-pall, m. wrang way (of the hair), 
à — , against the grain or the aap, thp WTong 


i: (of fabrics) 

■team, book 

nHatrerleDti pr. s linn. 
contre^Tls, /. check screw. 
Gontrlbiiaiit, p.a. contHbul 

Mtntilblitloii, /. oDDtribution; Ux. 
contrMaie, m. controUing, etc (see contnUer). 
oonliWe, n. control; cheeking, eheck; msric, 
■tamp; register, roU, list; eonte>Uer'a 

contrôler, i.I. control, check; calibrate; a«sr- 

tain by checking; stamp, mark (as goïd). 
contrâlenr, m. controller, checker, inspeirtor, 

oHitiQnvé, a. fabricated, forged, fabe. 
controTene. /. controreray. 

dispute, controvert, de- 

eonialncre, i.t. convince; ooc 
eooTalocu, pa, «onvinced; c< 
convBtDquant, p.a. convinciu 
eoDTallklre, /. (Boi.) convallai 
eonnllarlne, /. convallarin. 

conreiisble. a. suiuble; expédient; becoming, 

proper; well-bred. - — m. propriety. 
eooreiublenieiit, odr. luitably. 

a«reeineat; auitableDM: propriety. 

conTeaUoDi /. con 
conreDUi p.p. of a 
eaDT«t(eiiec, /. co 

t, 0, * /. Ci 

eODTCTRlOD. /. ooni 

COOTCrtl, p.o. oonvi 
eonTCTtlbUlU, /. a 

coUTCTtlManti p.p. of convertir. 
coDTertlweiiicnt, m. conveiwon, oouvertiDg. 

coDTCie, a. oonvei. 
eonniltC, /. oonïBàty. 
conTleat, pr. s n'np. of «mvenir. 
coDTlcr, 1,1, invite, Mi, beg, prompt. 
convint, p. dif. a rina. of convenir. 
«Hind, m. (rulwBf) train; oonvoy; fmurKl. 
— dt mareftajidite*, Freigbt train, Eood strain. 

' — dired (or KTpr^], express tnjn. 

eoordoKtiita rtdaw/vioireë, rect iin gi ilftr i 

eopmhu. n. copùlw. 

eopaVVi m, copubA tree, any tree of th 

copal, m., capale, /. oopal. 
copalloe, /. (Mtn.) oopklite, copaliiie. 
eopalme, m. aQpalm. 
coparer, ta. - copoler. 

B «apiTi, fir (deal, piue) shaTing, 
juz d'aUtaçe. borings. 

eopleuiemeiit, a 

coprab, copra, /., roore, m, copra. 
tapre^piaae, f. copredpi^. 
ooproprHU, /. joint i^'operty. 
copnlathtn, /. coupling; oopulation. 
copnlcr, >,(. couple; (of uimsls) copulMe. 

n>q, m- cock; (on shipboard) cook. 

eoqiH, /. ibell; eoceon; (of ebips) bull: (of a 

boiler) body; kinlc; (Ccram.) see ooque 

d'dBuf, below. 

— d'auf, encluJI; (Cerom.) a dull poroue 
state of tbe glass due to imperfect Titrifio^ 

— du Letajit, cocculus indious. 
cAqneUcol, m. coquelicot (tbe com poppy. Pa- 

coqadnclie, /. (Afaj.) nhooping cough. 
coqnelDChon, m. (Bol.) aeonite. 
Eoqaerct. m., coquertUe, /. <£al.) alkekengi. 
coqalll^, m. Bhellfiah; shell. 
eoqalUe,/. shell; (Paper) a siie about 17 X 22 
inches: (FouTidinc) chill: (Afoch.) caâng, 

coqaUler, t.'i. (Fajindins) cast in a chill mold. 

MHinllleiu, coqnllllei, a. shelly. 

eor, m. bora (instrument): corn (callosity). 

— (fa ctouM, hunting horn, bugle; (Mao*.) 

a part iooped lihe a bugle. 

corallleiu, corallleii, a. ooraL 
coralline. /, corallin, 
coniu, pi. of corail. 
corbean, m. raven; corbel, brocket. 
corbeille,/, basket. 
coTbelIlée. f. basketful, basket. 
cordage, m, rope, cord, cordage; cording (of 
wood); measuring (of wood) by cords. 

— goudrrmnf. tarred rope. 

cordât, m. a coarse wrapping cloth; coarse 

corde, /. oord, twine^ rope, string, line; thread; 
(of wood) cord; [G«<-m,) chord; (Music) 
string; (Glatê) a oordlike defeot on blown 
giass, due to incomplete fusion. 

— à nolon, violin string. 

— à viotimalU, cello string, violoncello string. 

cordf, ]i.a. corded; twisted; (Bol.) cordate. 

cordât /■ cord (of wood) . 
cordeler, t.t. twiat. twine, lay (into rope). 
con)eletie« f. email cord, atfiua, line. 
eorddlne,/. (OIou) lerret: selvedEe, liât. 
vprder, r,^, cc^; twist; meaflure b; the oord. 

— s.r. become Btiiii^ ; twiat; be corded. 
COrdcrie./, cordaie mskiiii: cordate biuineaa; 

corda^ fact^y, rt^ïewaJk. 
eordUU a. it m. cordial. 

eordln, a. oordHffe. - — m. rope Toaker or nellei. 
" e. /. CM»».) ioUle, cordierite. 
m. Btriim, dord; atmnd; 


brader; milled edfe (of a 

.1. twist; plait, plat, bnùd. 
.. /. shoe making, trade or ebop. 
m. small Dord, strias; braid; ai] 
Billing (on a coin]. 

1, m. cordovan (leather). 
Coidoae, /, Cordova. 
Cwte, /. Korea. 

a. tough, leatherlike. 
a. coriaceous, leatherlike. 
B,/. (Bo(.)tamier'BBumao. 
V, /. {Bol.) coriander. 

androl OinaloAl). 
,) corundum. 
corlDdonitiue, a. corundum, 
eorme, /. iwïice berry. 
cormier, m. service tree (âsrbua domaUca). 
rornallle. /. horn raspinsa. 
oonullne,/. (Afin.) camelian. 

" " ed tool for ramovii 


idblea tr 

e./.hor. . .,. 

iKT (of a sheet of paper) ; fi 


— d'abimdana, 
«OTDéf a. homy, horn, 

Bom of plenty. 

(Bol.) a member o 

sen, dyer^A veed {QeKi*ta 


el berry, fruit of the c<7neL 
fiof.) any plant of the «eaua 
1b and doBWoods). 
wt, flowering dogwood iÇor- 

carrying liquids; (jVefol.) con 

\tsirivei, a veaael for carrying ly 
dittiiiatvnt retort. 

m. eorollary. — a. (Brrf.) i 
/. (Sot.) corolla. 


(Careful modem uaafis 
term "body" for eubatanc 
_ _ , aldebydio subets 

— ' iHoté, nitrogenous aubntanoe, 

— combunait, supporter of combu 

— CDinpoel, compound. 

— Ovuz, hollow body; hollow wv 
. — dtuechant, dehydrating agent, < 

m. fon 

body, body of ge 

— grot, fatty substanos (including, in the 

moat genera] senae, fata, aoapa, fatty acida 

and even lecithin, ete,); specif., fat [corpt 

ooriHUcHle. m. eorpuiole. 

cofTespondaniMt /. eorregpoodenoe; c 


c*n«pi>iiiluit> p.a. ooiTespoDding. 

ei»r«p»ndre, i.i. it r. correspond. 
OOITliei p.a. corrected. — m. corrected a 
CMrlECT, v.t. correct- — T-r. be correcUd 

rect oneeelf , nf onn. 

— m. (Med.) oofToboraat, tonic. 
1, coTToborative. 

I. cormdioc, eorroeive; i 

t. corrode; erode. — t.r. be cor- 
roded; be (xoded. 
tomttf m- {LeafJier) cuiryin^: dayinfi pud- 

cormlrfe» /. cuiriery. 

Mnrompre, t.i, compt: soften (as iestlier or 

iron); deprive of plsaticity (ae wax). 

— r.r. become corrupted, softened, etc. 
o(»Tompii, pa. corrupted, etc. (see corrompre), 

etHTiHlf, a. it m. coTToeive. 

conwrage, nt 

plane (wood) ; (Dj/eing) spread out on 

MiiTor^, /, (Bat.) taoDBT's sumac. 
eoTTorciir» m. currier, etc. (see corroyer). 
«wmptton,/. corrup^n; specil-, putiefaeti 
Corse, /. Cornea. 

«m», p.a. full-bodied, full-Savored, stiang. 
eoncT, t.t. eivB body, consistency, flavor 

stren^tb to. 
carton, m. a kiod of Burgundy wine. 
ecHUblB, m- artificial corundum. 
oosecante, /. (MoIA.) cosecant. 

ctwmétiQiie, a. ft m. cosmetic. 

e, /. pod, huak, bull (of peas, < 
costette, /. chip, slice, coseette, 
eosseterle, /. cutting into chips ! 

attanceate, /, (MoM.) cotangent. 
cotamlne,/. aotamine, 

dicatidg a'dimensinn, altitude ( 
a plan or chert; (Cmi.) quotal 
c6te, /. rib; slope; shore,. coast. 

— à — , side by side. 

— de me, ullc floes, • 
CtU tfltoin. Ivory Coût. 

cote oeddtntaU, Wert Coaat (eep. of Africa). 
coté, P.O. lettered, numbered; {Com.) quoted. 
ette, m. side; (PrirUine) tons. 

liquely; near, by; close together. 
d ' — tte, beside, due to, near. 

— de la cJtair, (Leathtr) flesh ude. 

— jtoii, (Leather) hair aide, 
aide, ffldew^s; obliquely; awry; 

du — 



cOtItt, 1 

cate-d'<h, /. C6t&<i'0T (a department of 

iber, letter; (Com.) quote. 
tine, pertaining to the coaat. 
), /. aide stone (of a furnace) ; IFmmdint) 
one of the parts of a mold. 
cotin, (oUiiHg, m. 0Bt.) furtet (Cuttmu 

imeat; clubbing toaetha; 

- i.r. club together. 

■ — rtbtorbant, abeorbent a 

«, Bbort-etl4>1e cotton. 

nitnted cotton, 
ula ChH^(NO^i (according to Vieilte). 

jmy. downy; (of bair) 
covered with light epoti. 

inler.m. (Bol.) cotton plant. — (Lootlon. 
cotoD-poudrc, m. guncotton. 
eOtoyer, t.I. go along, coast, skirt, 
cotylédoo, m. cotyledon. 
cotrlÉdonalre, a. cotytedonary, cotyledonou». 
cotylédODï, a. cotyledonouB. 

m, neck, 

de (WW, see eol de cygne, Dsder eéL 

p.I), pfoOUChM, — Bl. 

m. (Paj-r) muoher. 


dt Mstpighi, Malpighian laysr. 

itoiantt, JDAulAdntc layer r 
[her, T,t. Uy, lay flat, Uy down, lay an; 
K»t; write down; imicribe, insert; (Papir) 
couch. — >.i. lie, lie down; sleep. — i.r. 
rotobed; lia, lie down; (of the aun, ete.) 

the aun. ete.) setting; bed, beddinf. 

caneUi, m. bed, layer, •tntum; (of t, boUsr) 
lasEioAT (Pardenmo) layer. 

foud, pr. S tine, of coudre. 

eoudfl, /. elbow ; knee, ancle, bead, turn, bow, 

loop; crank, cranked part. 
eoii(U, pu. bent, kneed, cranked. 
EondBT, e.l. bend (in the form of OD elbow). 

oakinc in tan liquor. 

Mndre. e.l. aew; tack on, sttach, — w.i 

— B.r. be eewed; be jcdned. 
randrtc, /. arid land. 
MUdremeati m. eoakinii in tan ligunr. 

conettc, /. aoeket; featherbed. 
couUge, n. flowing, leaking, caiting, e 

for) leaksjEe; waste; sealding, hc 
buokiim (in laundriFfl). 

— en aabtëf sand caating. 

(of machine parts) movable, slidina; (of 
kilns, etc.) Gonlinucus; (of aoil) not firm, 
caving; fluent; accommodaUng, —m. 
(_Maeli.) alide, glider, runner. 

metal) ; diacharge; 

a eMtiss): (Ottt.) 

.w. nln; leak', run out; eUde. 
slip, creep; (of fniita, etc.) 
ehipe) aink; (FovTidiTtg} mn 

— d sou, — d r«t>, in 

— d I'huHt, oil eolor. 

— à mordante, mordant dye, mordaitt «olor. 

— eompotie, eeoondary col<v. 

— d'anûiiu, anUine color, aniline dye. 

— dt chair, fleeh eolor. 

— de ftM dt mofifle, (Csmm.) overglase ^tA<M- 
~ de irand Jeu, (Ciran.) any eohir applied in 

or under the glaie. 

— d'imprimerie, colored printing ink. 

-/amtenl, f^ti 
— ftmcée, dark ool< 

— ffraJtée, pale col<ff. 

— îtaée, pale oolor, faint a 

— niniraie, mineral oolor. 

r, fugitive dys. 

dye produced on ibe fifai 
' diaio BolutioQ. 
fast dye. 

saddened or dariiened oolor. 

let color, fast dye. 
g, vitriflable oolor. enamel solor. 
-, color, Btain ; alter the eorfkoa if 
Hoy) by pickling. 

chia êerpenlaria). 


oonum bitlaria). 

a anakeroot (Aritfolo^ 

— dt mine, bl 

— d'atai. fint sttempt; proot «hot. 

— iftnt, glance, look, aiaht. view. 
C luckï shot (throw, roove), lunky 

- nir — . one ftftcr uiotber, guooauively. 


fur ie — , thii time, for od«^ 

g. Builty ; culpsble. — m. oullirit. 

«oapaae, m. outCing, elfl. [sae souper); Enion, 

[of liquidii): specif., addiUon of (ennent 

ing liquid to unfermented to etwt tbe fei 

coupuit, p.a. cutting, etc, ( 
sharp. — m. (shaip) edge. 

eonpc,/. euttiot; rut; section: 

or glflfla having a Foot and atf 

—^ m long. ioDgitudiiial section. 


wamb!, /. 


n; traoti 

«Ma Bhare); 

(of a 


eoapuK, / 

ditch, tnn 

cb: smaU bank 



of sardine. 

le; heart: 

pirit; temper. 

nly. currently; 



. <wdinBry, oom- 


th,iB.t.; length 




— àèrài, derived m 

— diJDOtitùib, inten 

[ cuireat, primuy ai 

— jxiillAaèê. p<dfpb«ae cuireot. 

— rtdfttai, rectified ourrent. 

— tdimqta. — terratrt, eartii ciutsdI 
ground ourrent, 

— tripfuué, three-phue (or triphasé) ouirenl 

— viffabortd, otrsy currçat. 

— nfrj, altematibs current. 
eonrbable. a. bcDdtible. 

eourbage, m. bendina, curviug, bowing. 
eonrtNUlL m. oourbsril IHymtnaa courbar^. 
eombariiM, /. eourbaril (resin), courbari 

conrM, p.o. curved, bent, bowed; croolied; 
1. bending, curving, curvature, 

pi. indie. A vtbj- of courir. 
relir, m. runner; rover; fréquenter. 
rgCi /. (fid.) cucuibit, member of the genua 

m- {Jijftino) roUer. 
/. belt; strap: band. 
nHBHHR, drivins bdt, bdt. 

eoiuiule bandmiiSt^. shoulder Btnq>. afaouUcr 

guiflhed from laboratory v 

nnler, m. mill race; Iffaiûa) a cloth 
to travel underrbcath the cloth t 
printed in arder to prevent «oiling ai 

pad. Duahion; [Maek.) journal 
Deanne, (journal) box, pillow, pillow Uock, 

— à bOUa, ball bearing. 
~ à fileltr, — d* filiire, «crew die. 
IWM», m. (/"iorm.) cubo; (flcrt.) any plant 

liua, p.a. sewed; attached; (of the mouth) 
ifitsnti of coûter; (of price) coot. 

— éirur]tiai, blunt knife. 
— ' tûdoit, Gcraping knife, scraper. 

— Tond, t ïund knife. 
ODtdet, n. onaU knife. 

DDteDerle, /. cutlery ; cutlery norke or ahcfi. 
f /. daraa^ done to [eathcr or akiiv 
y the knife used in drumng. 
r. i.i. cost: be dear (costly) ; be patufuL 
. costly, expensive, deal. 


:. tent clotli, drill, d 

. brood on, inoubAlc» brood over. 
eau. TÏDgtjd cover, rin« cover, rinse 

'.a. covered, etc. (see couvrir); ot: 
BcDTËt; deep-ooJored (wia«) ; cloud 

ler); sheltered (counlry). — n 

f^ covsinfl; facing; {Ceram.) slaii 
hud, diffioultiy fusibte aluminou 

blanket, covi^let! CC™,) security. 
enwrtc, pr, s »in^. indie. A tubj, of couur 
coBTTe-«moree, m. primer cap, primer ci 
connv-abjet, m. <Mktm.) cover glass. 

— B.r. cover oneself; be eovered; 

ooTdUiie, /. (Min.) eovellite, covdliae. 
CJn abbrm. Comptes rendus (which see). 

rpittins, etc. (see crsci 
crscber. i.t spit; gutter; (ot boilers) 

(Founding) run over. — t.l. spit, 8pi 
throw out. 
CracoTle, /. Crwxiw, Krakow. 
omcqnc, /. crack, fiaaurc. 
crale, /. chalk. 

— diBriajicon. (JUïn.) steatite. 

' priparie. [Pharm.) pn 


— prfcipiUe, (Plian 

CimlsiMIlt. ot cr 

cmltiMiit, in-, s pi. i: 

.) precipitated ck 
itc, * tubJ. ot cr 

lë ipi^Q nt vientu pat, I fear he 

aamponnir, i.i 
cninpoiuiet. i 

— de BrKtaone. horseradish. 
orkne, m. skull, cranium, —a. bold. 
crspsud, m. toad; mushroom anchor; aim- 
crapKudloe, /. besrins. buâhinf, bush, braas; 

«ssta pipe), 
rackle manufaoture. 
enquêté, a. (Ceram. 4 Glosi) crackle 

ermqacMe, /. crackle, crackle ware. 
eraqotlemeQt, m. crackhng, crackled 
mqnclcr, r.i. crackle (as porcelain or 
CTftqa«llD, m. hard biscuit, cracker. 

ersqnette, /. 

erkqnrti, /. crsck, fissi 

Jing, decrefutation. 
removed trom melted 

. /, pi. (of metals) dross; 
V scum of lime soaps, albumiooid 
c; dirt, ËIth; foulinc- 
black dross, specif, a miitore of 

enrcr. t.l. chalk, mi 
vitrified coal saha. 
nsrem, t>. chalky. 

sketch, outline. 

— de carbont, caf 

— de conleur, col 
— ' de ffraphHe. - 

with chalk. - 
I; (Elte.) ea; 

s de jiomb. lead 

inn^e, m. drswini. 

. inncoi, a. chalky. 
créance, /. credit; credence; f 
CTekncleri m. creditor. 
creatCDT, a. oreatiïe. — m. <i 
CreatliK, /. creatine. 
crésflnloe, /. cnatiiiina. 

«éatrlce. a, /«n, of srtetour. 
ertdlbUlté, /. oredibili^. 
crMIt. m. credit. 
crMIter, t.t. credit. 

erenuïlïfre, /. reck, toothed b»r, nuk bar. 

, sublimed Hulfur. fl( 
, cream of tArioi, 
laluUc, soluble créa 

a kind of suh latch. 
crCneler, e.i. indent; notch, cog, tooth. 
ertnelnre, /. ii 

entation, indenting, notfihiog. 

créosotal. m. (Pharm.) i 

— dit ffojidron de boia, weod^tar créosote. 

crêpavCi m. drceaing or ftfouinji of crApe; orap- 

ertpCt m. cT^ic; specif., erape. 

Vêper, E.I. crape, crimp, criap, 

atpl, m. rough ooat (o( plaater). 

crépine* /- Btrainer ; fringe; omentum, caut, 

n^tlT, ».(. grain (leather) ; rou«h-c«st. rough- 

crépllanta ^j.a. crépita ting, crepitant. 
ertpltetlDn, /., CTéplIement, m. crepitation, 

crtjflter, ci. crepitate, crackle. 
crépoD. m. crépon (a thick craped fabric), 
«rtna. a. crisped, curled, (ol hùr) woolly. 

* B, m. tniUght (either dann or dusk). 

— Para, Para cress (Spiianllut deraaa}. 
tttsrt, m. creeyl (an andseptio), 
ert«rl«< m- cresyl (the radical). 
cr£sftlque> a. creeylic. 
atsjnte, 1. creeylite {trinitro-H»-cteBol). 
créarlol, m. cresol. 
erttacé, a. cretaoeous. 
a41e, /. crest. 
erttta, m. (Vsi.) cretin. 
creton*, cracklings, freava (of taUow) 

, .. crucible. 
- brottfui. braaqued crucible. 

— A^Qovik, Oooch crucible. 

— it Heat, Hessian crucible. 

— de Parie. I>enoh crucible. Paris 

— de Raie. Rose crucible (with U 


:. burst, breaks 

crl) m. ay; creaking; rustling (as of a 

cHblase* m. sifting, screening, riddling. 

— d eecoutee, ahakine sieye, swing sieve. 

— easêeuT, bolter. 
criUn, t.t. «ft, screen, riddle. 
CriUcar, m. sifter. 

ale, m. lack, littmg jack. 

Crimée, /. Crimea. 

criminel, a, d m. criminal. 

crin, m. (coarse) hair, esp. horsehair; bristles 

. — Bigifat, vp^etsble fiber, «p. palm fiber. 
criquet, m. locust; cricket. 
eriqûre, / crack, fissure. 

criftpktlon, /. sbHvelLQg, etc. (see crsqier). 

aJ; crygt»] glllSB, cryatiU, flint 
glâ»: an objEot of tlUB, up. Di^nUl sIbh. 

— <1( racKt, roclt crystal. 

— d'JtIanife, Icelimd quit. 
-^ mixU, miied oryatal. 

eriitaux de t&uda. soda cryatab» aa] bocU 
(Bodium carbonate denahydrala) . 

criêla-ux de larlre, (Com.) tartir (naryatal- 
liied but not as highly puriSed M oream ol 

criilaax de Vènw, crystals of VenuB (old noms 
for cryatalliied Qopper acetate). 

crfitkllerle, /. ait ol makins crystal class or 
objecta of it; ciygtal kIau factny. 

BriatalUtoe, /. rack-cTyital mine. 

(ttotalllii. a. cryatalline. — m. ( Jnol.) oiystal- 


roehel, m. hook, smBll hook; olasp, oatoh. 
pawl, etc.; rabble; bead, turn; steelyard: 
faii«; crochet; ISlaes) a notched block of 
iron used aa a support for Che blowjûpoï * 
CPrinlinjj) bracket, erotohet. 
— de brasêoei. rabble. 

«lltolllllc, /. (Pliyiial. Cliem.) crystallin. 

erlitallllllté. /. crystallinity. 


eiolusal, p. a. srowing, etc. (aee croître). 

e.g. a «ckle; tread (of a tjre). 

— fracUmnii. fractional orysWliiation. 

emit, pr. a eing. of crare. 

erlaUltlser, ,.i.. t. ± r, cryrtalliie. 

croit, pr. a line, of croître. 

eroltre, i.i. irow; increaae; grow longer; (of 

ing pan, crystalliaing vnsel, crystalliier. 

a stream) rise. — >.l. augment. 

CTOU, /. cross; (Printing) dagger, t- 

cron, m. sandy sci. 

croquer, t.i, crunch; sketch roughly, -t.i. 

be crisp, give a crunching sound. 

croqniB, m. sketch, outline. 


Called also mme du Japan. 

CTOBM, /. butt, buttstock, stock: (Mach.) 

eourW en — de /u«i, bent like a gunstock. 

erot, m. saithenware pot for coUecting turpen- 

ducin« crystals artiHcially, 

tfUUoi, pi. of oristal. 

mton.m. (flDt.)croton. 

OHM, o. created, tufted- 

croton*. o. (Pliarm.} contwning croton oiL 

OlllqllSblc, a. open to criticism. 

oally shown in the formation of croton- 

criHqne, a. critical. — /. criticism; critique. 


criUqnement, ad,, critically. 

ero»*, /. dung; dirt, filth, mire- 

cfltiqner, «.I. criticise. 

crotter, v.t. dirty, foul. 

CTDC, m. hook; daw, catch; crunch (the 

erottln, m. dung (of horses, muks, etc.). 


— de ôheiol. horse dung. 


\ lump oi Buj 

itasoat^: deoaj ii 

filth, wbLIow. 
cmaplMaiit, p.a. atagnatine, utagniuit. 
CTonpoD, m. (JjtaUier) butt. 
croûte, /. uiut; (Cn-am.) roiiah form of wh» 

IB tubes pUtc or other fist object; (^fclI. 

«cab; (Tanninu) outer, fiaaioed psrt o 

bsrk; (Foundina) ekin. 
crorvble. a. credible, likelf. 
<n>ruiee, /. belief, credence. 
croyuiti p.a- belJeTiiiff- — m, believer. 
cnii a. orude, raw; (ol vAter) hard; rude 

rough, horeh; indecent. — m. ETOwth, (c 

wine) particulsr vineysrd or reilion; fabri 

cation. — p.p. believed, thought. 
ertt, ii.p. of croître. 
cnuDté, /. cTuelt}'. 
cruche, /. pitcher, jug. 

pitcherful, jugful. 

cuboctahedroD, i 
ioQ of cube and octabedran. 
ciielirbitscé, a. (BdI.) cururbitsceous 
cnenTbltsoées, f.jit. (Bol.) Cucurbitsc 

lenrblle, /. cucurbit. 
cndbcir. m. eudbeu. 

. . (ZoAl. 
cmt, p,def. a ling, of i 
crDt, v-^Uf. A <mp. 

trjaxAwn, m. {Phytica) cryoithonu. 

errowople, /. crycacopy. 

CTTptocvnCi a. {Botr^ cryptogamic, cryptoga 

trn^toa, m. krypton, crypton. 
crrptoplDG, /. cryptopine. 
edbace. m. ouûc cspadty, cubic con 
oubature, del*rmina.tion of cubic ct 

, /. gathering; crop, hsrveet. 
■MUIIr,>.t. gather; soil (rope); Dipoff<win 
Olat, euht, m. (JViniiw) cage. 
Oilier, enintte, /. spoon; Isdie; (suger) bi 
atSUer d fondft (or de Eouiit}, csfiting apoo 

niiiUrs en porcttaine, porcelsin BPOOII. 

calUerée, /. ep< 

enlr, m. leather 

— açffiomirf, 
leather Bcr 

— à aiutre, - euir d' 


p leather. 

— bmiilli. waited leather; i 

— Iirul, raw bide, green hit 

— chamoxti. chsmoifl Icstb* 

— cflewtu. Bcalp. 

— chromé, chrome-tanned 1 

— arS. wued leather, wa;c 

— cm, rough leather. 

— d'Attemaffne, horae leather. 

— de bemf, oi hide, 

— de tntlHe, buff, buff lesther, 

— de Cordouf, Ccvdovsn lesther, cordsrsii. 

— ds Htmffné. Hungary leather. 

— de molleterv, soft leather. 

— de papier, s paper imitation of lesther. 

— ds pouU, fine abeepakin, Rlove leather. 

— dt RiHiii. Ruesis leather. 

— <(. Valachiét. Wallachian leather, lesthtr 

nr thin leather, >uch u 

cnlr tn tMn ntff. lutfaer fully ourried. 

— en poila, green hide, raw hide. 

— éKri. acraped leather. 

— /oeCùc, artificia] leather, imilstion Icalhi 

— fori, fitout leather, specif. hdIb leather. 

— {oitQe, a variety at aabeetoa. 

— honffroyif Hungary leather. 

1, armoted, armor-plated ; armed, 

prepared. — TTt. armored vessel, specif' 

■mor, &naot piRte; aimor- 

cnlntsser, i 

b^l ' (si 

rmor, armor-plate; arm with i 
■o, prepare. 

■ ■ ' silk,' etc!) 

: oook; bak( 
cook, tw cooked : bake: smart, hurt. 
cnlm, I.I. cover with leather. 
cnlr-tolle, n. leather nlotb. 
cnlsace, m. charring. 

colaant. p.o. burning, eto. (see cuire); ehaip, 
keen, biting, BDiarting; suitable for eookine. 
enlscnt, pr. 3 pi. indie. A mhj. at cuire. 

r (of pottery, brick, flt< 

. firen 

(of a 

Be, /. kitchen; cooking, food; cookery. 
e. /, thigh. 

on, m. burning, boiling, cooking, etc, (se 
uïre); burned, boiled or cooked statf 

d ta lolie. ( 


I, iPera-m.) biscuit bakia 

mit. p. a. burned, boiled, cooked, et 

cuirç): done; ripe. — pr. S nnç, o 

— ou fiitt. (of sirup) boiled to thread, 

tnUCt 3- burning, boiliim, ctroking, et 

cuire); batch, heat. — p.a. /em, ol 

H reagent); (PAorm.) 

d, wrought copper; C' 

[a -ivhite alloy of cr^ 

— cru, crude copper, unrefined copper. 

— d« Chypre, blue vitriol, cupric sulfa**. 

— (fcclrelirttsM, electrolytic copper. 

— sna, (Afm.) gray copper, tetrsbedritc 

— Jamtnj, sheet copper, 
copper, bliatei eof^ 

— ■ pdnacU, (il/in.) bomite. 

— 'plvirp\ai6, copper phoephate- 

— p^teuz, (Afin.) copper pyritee. chaJoCH 

— rfluffe, pure (unalloyed) copper; (Afin.) 
red copper, cuprite. 

— lu^oU, capper sulfate. 

«red, etc. (see c 

. copperplate; 

Lt with c 

cuprous BUlfocyanidc) ; copper, coppe 
cupreoua (as, pyritoi eiarreuset, oopj 
ciilTTlqiic a. euprie. 

I. breech; (of a ehip) poop. 

tumbje, fsU'. 
ciilbalenr, m. tripper; rooki 
cul-de-lampe, m. bracket; 

(of a 

Lmd; 1 

I, /. cultt 


m BOuUtlxllt, (Bact.) droplat oultUTB. 

— m pigûre, (Bart.) etab milture. 

— en plague, iffact.) plate culture. 

— m ilrù, [BiKt.) stTEak culture. 
traene, m. oumene (properly used of ia 

pylbeoiene but applied tiao to ■ mixture 
of mesityleoe and pseudocumene. 
[mill, m. (fiol.) cuiuin. 

ramrai, CuCUOO. 

word for " cupi 

cnratler, n. tanner oi 
curatir. a. curative. 

euTCttc, /. a 

{Med.) c 

euriensement. aili>, curlougly. 
eurleni, n. eurioua; careful; interested 

cariocité,/. curiaaity. 

cuTMur, m. slide, alidei; ioder, punter, ■ 

cunoir, tn. slide, 

eumre, /. mud, slime (u from a dite))). 
eurTtUttte. a. with curved side or àda. 
euTVtllBDe, a. curvilinear, curvUitiejJ. 
euMsmlDe, /. cuecamine. 

if the outiele. 

<n of grape mash in vata 
^ making red wine) ; tub 

cnvct/. vat; tub. tank, copper, cistern ; (pneu- 
matic) trough; jar, cell (as for spectrum 
analyHs); (photographic) tray; (of a 
blast fuioaoe) interior, cap. the shaft. 
- d dbtorjition, absorption c«ll (for epeetral 

; i_Aeida) bottom of a lead chamber, 
hich the sulfuric acid collects; IQIaa} 
nail pot formerly used in refininc; 

ifMa) the mildly hestod pan t 
hearth of a Ealt-cake furnace, 
ITetle à pAntoprapAùi. photographer'^ ( 

— d'tgovtiatie, drip cup. 
trkr, n. tub. 


^ HDethiae C4-amiiio-2.6-di- 
aethylpyrimidiDe) . 
. cyanoi» {Ob,.). 
cramhrdrlne. /. cyuiohydrin, cyauhydriu. 
crmnbrdrlque. a, hydrwiyuiio. 
cyanide, m. cyanide. 
crmnlUde. /. cyanilide (csrbsnilonitrile). 
cnudne, /. cyanin, cyaniDe (both the plant 

eolor and the artificial dye). 
erudque. o, cyanic. 
«ruilt«. /. (Mtn.) cyanite, kyaoile. 
GTBDOter, m. ferrocyanogen. 
cranotcnate, m. ferrooyanide, ferrocynnate. 
efKOOtewn, m. ferrocyanogen, 
cramferriqae, a. ferrocyaniii. 
cymnoTcrTnre, m. ferrocyanide. 
crattdVèlM, m. cyanogen. 

■ ' ij or pertldaiog Xf> 

crailOPl>reCM,/.iiI. (fiof.) CyanophycH 

cranoiCi eranotliiDei a. 
craniiTBte, m. cyanurate 
crannratlaDi /. cyonidat 
cyaniUT. m, cyanide. 

— d^argent. siLver cyani 

— <fa bfnT)iU, beuïyl cy 

— dd pMofjM, potasaiun 

inided; cyanide: cyanide ot 

5 ei'tosine 

erelol>e>Tlainlnei /. oycloheiylambe. 

erclotaei7lc, m. cycloheiyL 

cydiddal, a. oycloidal. 

crdoIdSi /. cycloid, 

crclomftiirMlilqne, a. oydumeChylene (dea- 

ignating the cycloparaffina or poly- 

crdomitre, n. cyclometer. 
CTdopentadlène. vt. cyclopentadiene. 
crdopcntane, m. cyolopentane. 
erdopeDtanonc. /. cyclopsntanone. 

erdopterloe. /. cydopterine. 
ercloléttsnol, m. cyolotetranol (cyolobu- 

erclotétri'laiiiliie, /. cyclotetryUmine (cyolo- 

erUndrace, m. calendering! rolling: cylinder- 

crllndre. m. cylinder: roller, roll: arbiv, abaft. 
— ' à chemist, jackef«d cylinder. 
— à cirmltT, diingline ndl. 

— ^roiKur, oruaher roll, cru 

— coiRpr^wur, rotter. 

— CTWM, hollow cylinder. 

— dioretnmn 

— droit, right cylinder. 

— fiTiieumr, finishing roll. 

— /(mrn««ur, feeding cylinder, feed 
- ■■ ■ p«Mure cylim 


ih the cl 

cTllndrte, /. cylinderful. 

eyllndrer, v.t. calender (paper, cloth, et 

Heather or a road): cylinder, 
crllndrear, m, calendrer, calenderer; i 
cylindrique, s. cylindric<al). 
crllndrlqnement, adv. oyUndrically. 

cyprlpède. m. (G 

cysUlne. /. cystMne. 
cyatlne, /. cystine. 
CTRUqae, a. cyatie. 
cyat4dde. a. cystud. 
crtlslne, /. cytiune. 
cytolii^, /, cytology. 
cytoloclqnc, a. oytnlogicat, cytologie. 
cytolyw, /. cytolyws. 
cytolrtlqn*, a. cytolytic. 
cftoiilBBiiia. cytoidasinc. m. (fiiol.) ( 

cytoalne, /. cytoûne. 

d'. Contmclion of tf«. 
d'abOTd. See abord. 
dBTtylotrpe, / typewriter. 
dkctflotrple. /. lypewritiDc. 

aafatntotjptr, i.I. duuem . . 
d>sii«ié»trple, /. daguerTBotypy. 
dacnxTleD, a. of Dacuerre. daguerrsatypic 
dabUm. m, (Dv») dahlia; (fiol.) ■<-lilin 


dalm, m. buck, dea. 

dmlemu, n, — dalot. 

dallkte, m. Sagatone psTemsnt, flauiiis. 

daUe. /. slab, plate; Bacstone, flac; gutter. 

dans-œmvre. a<t>. (of 

dAphnlnc, /. dap h ni n - 

d'aptAa. Sea apt«g. 

dud, fn. pointed (dartlike) Same; dart: B|nll- 
dle; (of inBects) Btii«; (of flowers) pisÛL 
lt«r, 1,1, dart; «boot with (or aa with) a dart. 
1, m. durra, dari (a kind of millet). 

datUer, m. date tr 


iQ (hyoBoyamilw). 
. n. dolphin; mouth of a gutter pip«- 
DaaphJoiE. m. Dauphiné (old French proTinos). 
daapUnelle, /. (fioi.) larkepur. delphioium. 
d'sntant. See autant. 

with an inkn 
thus, d'aimr 

1. during; be- 
ans) ï.-ith: (of 

a, de fou. 

<; tithe 

ible; blook (for ptop- 
:. bleadÛDg. 
of ii»);ddiacle. 

d^ ni. die (p^. dii 

/, dealbati 

/. Bilding, 
dCb&cle, /. breaking u; 
debAclcr, tJ. open; cletf, 
déballage, m. unpacking. 
déballer, t.l. unpack. 
dtbandiT, ir.I. unbind; unbend. rcUi; 
débarquement, m. landing, debarkati 
dCbarqiier, i.i, dt i. land, disembark. 

r, fre. 

fleU, g. 


dËbarrenr, m. a mender of defet 
dtbat, m. debate; (Law. jit.) 

sing, of débattre. 

«NMtbAto, a. debauble. 

débonrber, >.l. waoh. free from mud or slime. 

«fibmttre. t.l. A i. debate, dispute, disouM. 

(Mi«ma) trunk, sluice; clean, clean out (as 

— n.r. BtruMle^ delate; be debated. 


(*I. from iUuminatin* gu). 

clean*, from mud or sUme. washer, dean- 

debet, «. debit. 

moving the mud deposited by hard water; 

deMlemcut, «dt. feebly, weakly. 

matter in sas liquor is deposited. 

Mbit, m. delivery, flo», rate of floa: supply; 


output; (jtfa^.) feed; debLt; sale; (retail) 

shop: liceD» (to seU) ; cuttina, uwioi (of 

ete. from (see bouire); untamp; (LnuA»r) 

wood, BtDDe, ete.); deUveiy (inspealdns). 


deboat, adr. upright, staoding, erect, up. 

debnlMT. !>.(. draw the embers « fite from. 

debmw, v.l. unaoMer, unbraie. 

retail, sell at retail; cut up, mw up (wood. 

stooe.ete.); debit; utter, apeak. — i.r. be 

etc. (see débrayer). 

delivered; sell, be sold; (of wood, ete.) cut 

débrayer, i.I. disconnect, disenaage. throw out 

déUtrar, m. * o. debtor. 

débrider, ri. stop; unbridle one's horse. 

dCbrls, m. remains, fragments, debris, fuhbish. 

— etatiton^it, (in Sour analysis) fiber. 

déblai, m. eicavaUon, cutting; out; (pi.) e.- 

caïBted material, nibbish. 

débrouiller, «.t. untangle, unravel, clear up. 

■i^dc— , abiaumealte. 

débrOter, ,.t. deoridiie. ((»•. or Kori.) 

ling away, eicavatioa; clBarine, 

début, m. beginning; debut; first book; first 

debUrer, r.l. cut .way. oleai away; clear. 

throw, first play. 

debater, «.(.begin; start; (in gamee) lead. 
dea-. d«a-, ten. 

det*. p«p. OB this aide of. —ad., on thiji 

débolBH, I.e. clear of timber, deforert. 


déiMdter, i.l. disconnect; dislocate. 

— It dtlA. here and there, on alt sides. 

dCbonder, ,.l. unbung; open the vent of. 

sn — , on this side. 

~ i.i. * r. acape, run out, burst forth; dis- 

por —, on this side, on this side of. 

chacEe. be emptied. 

decadence, /. decadenoe. decline. 

«■«border, ,.i. overSo», r^u, over; project; burst 

forth. — ».(. overflow; project beyond; 

outstrip, — I.r, overflow; bunt forth. 

déotteier, t.l, unpack, unbox; pay out. 


déboucher); outlet. 

Mbooefaer, i.I. unstop, unattqipei, uncork; 

open; (fftw.) unplug; «t (a fnae); punch. 

makeCabolel. — t.i. pass out, debouch. 

débouEler, t,(, unbuckle; uncurl. 

débonllUce, m. =. débouilli. 

— m htlirt. helical decanter (for removing 

dCbODlllMU, m. (Oi«ins) boUer; bleacher (of 

dé«snter, zJ. decant. 

deeanteur, in. decanter. — i. decanting. 

décspaie, déMpemetit, m. cleaning, eto. (ne 


déelUnirCi/. u 
déchloniTcr, > 

/, dec»rboiii»»tion, de«ibur- 

utere (10 cub^c meten). 
e, unsloflB (cloth, etc.). 

evenl, digclaw. make 

déceniiKlt a. dtïcennL&l, ton-year. 
dteeDtrace, m.. dCeentratloD, /., deeentr*- 

mmi, m. decentr&tion, decent«nn4E- 

déemiM, i.i 
dCeès, m. de 
déccTsnt, p. 
décerotr, t.l. <iereiv«. 
dêdutner, v.t. unchain; r 
d«eliarse, /. discharge (in 
let, vent; place for ke 

dfcdurger, il. 

from; unload: 

empty. — n.r, ci 

imloBd or 


(ot dya) fa< 

le ou 

t; (of rivera) emp 

diaehMser; imloader 

(of coke, eu 


ure; decadence, d 

of dtohcHT. 

d«ebet, m. le» 

dir:)ieU de MTT 

ate; (pi.) waats 


ken clue, c.illet. 

up, cut in pieces. 

dèchlrf, p.a. to 

.(Bee déchirer). 

rend, luerstc, tear i^ 
, dijitTMB: Blander. 
Bnt; tearioc; lacération 

ni dJchoii 

I, IObij 

Bcidedly. poaïtivsly. 

décidé, p.a. decided. 
dCcIdeiueitti ofJE. I 
décider, i.i. decide, determine, setu*. — (.i. 

decide. — t.r. be dnoided; décida. 

-de, decide on; decide to. 
déddu, a. deciduous. 
dedsntmine, m. decisram, 0.1 giam. 
décilitre, m. deciliter, 0.1 lit«r, 
dCelnuU. a. decimal. 
décimale, /. decimal. 
décime, m. décime. 0.1 franc. — f, tenth (paît), 

déclrace, m. removal of wax. 
dédrer, i.l. remove wu from. 
déclllf, a. decisive; peremptory. 
décisloii, /, decision, 
déclsUn. m. decistere, 0.1 cubic meter. 
déclavclie, /. disenjcaflinR gear, release, 
déclancbement, m. ~ déelenchemeot. 
décUnclicr, v.t. - déclencher. 
déclaration, /. declaration; verdict. 
déclarer, d.I. declare; reveal, disclcee. 

leeelf, appear, oocur; d^ 


décteDcher, i.I. unloose, relewei iUach. 


engaie, thron Dut of geai; unlatch 

déclic, m. click, catch, pawl, trip; trigger 

dédlD, m, decline. 

décUner, ,.l. A i. decline. 

décllTe, a. qlopÎDE, inclined. —/. elope. 

décllTCr, v.i. slope, be inclined. 

lois composé. iPharm.) compaund de- 

tion of aloee. 

bois de Camptdit, (Pliarm.) deooc&m ol 

séparât^ Ctbiiurs stuck 
detach. uostioliT udaIus, deglutii: 
corne unfiJued, oomc of!t corne Et 

«ec<dleUcc, m. removal ol the en 
of planta (e.g.- Bugar beets); sen 

décolleter, i.l. remove tbe crown 

a. decolprising, décolorant. 

/. deflolorisatioa, deooloratio 
jnc» deoDloriog. 
1. deooloriie, deeolor; dbcolor. 

decoasn, p.. 
déeoarer^ p.a. 

poAed. — m. deficit. 

à — , uncovered; unsheltered; otienly: 

(Com.) without securitj. 
découTertc, /. discovery. 
decoavnnt, p-pr. of découvrir. 
deeonTrenr. m. discoverer. 
décoairll, cl. discover; uncover; expoM. 

' fl discovered; 'be viable; T«Te^ 

décompte, m 
décompter, i 

décor, m. decors 

déeormteuT, m. i 

décOTBlJf, □. dei 

déeormllait, /. d 

., decortication, /, d 

detonpac*, ^ 

utting. eto. <see déco 


dtcruHr, B.l. - décreuser 

iéçu, p.p. deceived. 

punch. — . 




deenlre, s.l. thin (sirup). —t.r. become tl 

déconiMlu', ». 

utter; specif., an sp 

machine use 

d for cutting. 

Mtmpler, o.l. decuple, multiply by ten. 

««eeoiW'^. ™- -^ 

tl«r. euttin» machin 

oS from the vat aft« fermentation. 

déconpore, /. cuttinc, c 

1. unbest ol d( 
. of décot 



decnsMge. m. cleanins, etc. (sei 
l»aer, o.i. elepn; wash, scour 

déeraronnase, m. cleaninK (of a 

decrMlter, i.I. discredit. 

décrépi tattoo, /. decrepitation. 

decréiritei, i.i. decrepitate. 

décret, rn. decree. 

décretuage. decreawment. m, 
see déoreusor). 

decrcnmr, i.t. <sa 

. — ï.r. be desCTibed. 

décrire. t.l. descri 
décrit, p.p. * pr. S «inn. of dém«. 
décrivant, p.o. describing. 
décroebage, m. unbookiux, etc. (see décrocher), 
décrocbcr, i.f. unhook, unfasten; disengaee. 
décroissance, /. decrease, diminution, decline. 
decroUaant, p.a. decreaùng, diminishing. 
décrolBiement, m. decrease, diminution. 
déendtre, r.i. decrease, diminish. 
décrotter, p.f. clean, elean off. bnish. 
décioalr, i.t. (M«tal.) anneal, 
décronlsaace, m. (.Mdal,) aoneaUng. 
déerofltwe, r». cleaning (from crust) ; (fmind- 

inff) dressing down. 
décroflter, v.t. remove the crust trom, dean. 
décra, p.p. of décroître. 
decmage, n>. — déereusage. 

decrOmeat, décntufc. décruBement, ». - 

rack off from the va 

défCDdn, 11.1 

déféquer, r f 
Mfen, Jul. S 

iiOongt, m. uDgilding. 

4édorer. t.t. ungilc), remnvo the gildini 

dMonit*, /. ucgildlng. 

.p. of dédoubler. — m 
.1. dîride loto two, déco 

; dilute; reduce one hall; un 

two, dflcompoee, he rwolvfld: d 
iBlf; unfold^ be unlined. 
, a, deductive. 
dtdaetton, /. d«iuctian. 
dtdnctlTcment, odi. deducUvely, 
«dnlre, ti 

t; deduce 


défUtUncc, /. (uliuK: fsiDtinE; fùntne». 
demmr, >.t. fail; default: faint. 
d^blre* E.t. unmakp, undo, untie, take apart: 
disengase, uniear; talie off: defeat; make 

défait, p.p. i 



of dé 

défUte, /. def 


defSlqaei, .,< 

déOnt. ^. <vant. 



defect, Sa 


of défailli 

i — (i.,nu- 




B. defectively, 
prohibit, forbid. . 

, clarify, clear, purify. 

oval of iioDwotk; (of s hone) ui 

d«a, m. defiance. 

"- nee,/, distrurt; diffidence. 
deflbr^c. m. separation of fibers (^iee défibrer). 

deabrear, m. fiber Beparatot; (P 
DTinder; {Sugar) cane ahredder. 

défller, 7> 

0, open (a package). 

i,haveuiidea<of,tbBt); defy each 
1. unthreading: (Paper) breakins in 

unthread, unstring; {Paper) eepa- 
a£a) Into threads or fibers, break in. 
Î. vinthreader: (Paper) rae-cylinder 
— 3. unthreading; {Papm) break- 

déflmsrsieiiri m. deaagntcs, 
déflagraUon, /. dcfiaention. 
dËDssrer, ni. dofluErstQ. 
deiUcblT, i.t. A i. defleot. 

déflecnuteiu', tn. dephlsgmstor. 
deUfflIutlon, /. dephlecmation. 
déflecmir, z.t. dephlegmata, rectit]'. 
deaciion, f. ' ~ 

or, m. drawer, kiln {or oven) drawer; 
(for plate gloss) hot-push mui. 
dCToiitaeiisc, /. (Olati) pot wigon. 

deftnUer, v.t. strip of fruit: renrov. 

the tule 

of the (niit from (u ohve oil). 


free, open: graoeful. 


emisgion, évolution: clesring; i 

dCsmgeT, v.t. diœngBfle: liberate, bid 

t, evolve; 

clem- {s way); redeem. — a.r 

be diKU 

gs«ed; be emitted; be clewed 

McaI«T,i>.l'. clesn, comb, fssrabbit 


desminlr, i.l. degsmish, atrip, untri 

nninc (of 

Bug» beets). 

deianeblT, t,(, smooth, dress, plane 


, degeUt- 

det^ntnUDii, /. degenerstion. 
défSnért, P.O. deeenerated, degenerste. 
Î, degenerate, 
e,/. degeDcration. 

of luster (aa paper); re- 
i; than, melt, 
t, m. removal of glue, uugluinf. 

dCtljcerlDet. t 

oils), deglyc 
décommacei m. deet 


ive the glue (rom, uuglue 
remove the Blyeerin fron 

. — B,r. be deflated, be reduced, sub- 

dCgnr. m. discharge pi 


(see digcsger). 

>r tube; specif., (Dis- 

miU tor «couring cloth; 
ncnt lor cleatjing a tube or openit 
gun) priining wire; spout wbi 

détandronner. n 

désoardi, p.a. slightly warm; (of porcelain) in 
he state dt biscuit, ungtaiod ; reanimated, 
«vived: lively; charp, direwd. — m. 
Ceram ) biscuit baking, biscuit fire; also, 
liaeuit, unglaied body, 

aiightiy, take the chill oil 
of: cool, allow to cool (lo lukewarmnefl») ; 
(Ceram.) give the first or 

rtve; (fig.) 
slightly, be- 

dCsoUtâiit, p. a. disgusting. 

décoattemetiti m. dripping, dropping, trick- 

désoQttCTi (.t. drip, drop, trickle. 
dé(rmdaUÔo./. degradation; deterioration. 
.. .._ . ^pgjg^p. (of colors) degrade, re- 

degraded; degrade oneself. 
dégrafer, s.l. unhook, unfasten 
degraiene, m. degragene, a sub 

[see d*(trais»e«'). 

uidfl); correct the greoBy taote i 

latrBitract (filter p«per); (Curai . 

len pUstic, JfiaD) thia; impoverbh Otwl): 

i>. (Jjmtlwr) dégiu, 

— angtait, Bod i^, 
dcvé, m. désTGEi Btep, Etui. 

d« — en — , fttep by Btep, 

— cmlinmal, centigrade degree, degree « 

m BiBei diawioc {i 
«, draw (metala) . 


,1. reduc 

Mttmalw, t.l. (Bubject Ci 

ly, in a preUminory way) ] 
rcu^^bape, roush-ditfla: 

■ive a first filtration to (water) 


dfculACiiMiit, m. diacuise. 
dégnlBcr. t.l. diwuise, 
dËmstateur, m. taster. 
décnitBtlOD, f. ImtinK (of wine, eta,). 
dtcnitcr, c.l. taste, test by tasting. 
défDti m. daggett (erapyreumatic oil of bin 
debora, ads. out, without, outside. — m. o 

ou— , out, outside; abroad; eitomslly. 
au — dtf outside of. 

en — -de, outside of, out of; apart from. 

dChrdrac^Uqlie, a. dehydrasetic, dehyd 

dehrdromiiclqae, a. dehydromucic. 
d^jAt odi. already. 

dejcctear, m. ejector (of boiler scale). 
MiteOon,/. (Oeol it P/iytiol.) dejection; b 

dejetdr, r.l. 'jr r. warp. 

m. breakfast; breakfast service. 
dé ëoieil, a fabric that fades rapidly. 

d«U, prirp. beyond. (Used cbieBy in phrases.) 
au — , farther, beyond; more. 

de — , from there; beyond; from beyond. 

m — , beyond; further on. 

par — , beyond; farther; ruore. 
déUbrar, i.l. shatter, ruin, disordai. 
délai, m. delay ; time allowed for something. 

— de lieraitiM, time required for doliveiy. 
délalement. m. - debyage. 
dElalnac*- m. wool imlling. 
délalner, d.i. ginp of wool. 
deialnenr, m. wool puller. 
dClslase. p.a. abandoned; in disuas. 
deialMn, Ï.I. abandon. 
débltatBi dAMtemmt, m. removal of mSk: 

specif,, the workina or drying of butter. 
débiter, t.l. deprive of milk, work (butter). 
déWtoiuc, /. butter drier. 
dtlaSMnt, P.O. refreshing. 
delmvagc, m. dilution, weakening (of doIoib). 
dCbTer, i.l. dUute. weaken (colon). 
46lMja^[t, m. mixin g, etc. (see délayer); mi^ 
ture, thinned or tempered matarial. 

oiling, etc, (see délayer). — m. 
liquid used for mixing, tcmperirig ts thin- 

with a 
d#U}iiir, 1 

.) blung 

; (Cem 

or the like 
jte (colon), 
a délaya): 


délégaé, p.a. delegated. — m. deleg 
détetire, a, deleterious, HOiious. 
dCllbCre, p.a. deHberate; bold. 
déUbéKT, i.i. deliberate; decide. 
déllcmt, a. delicate. 
délicatesse, /, delicacy. 
déUcleui, s. delicious; delightfuL 
délié, p.u, untied, loose; fine, thii 

déllH', v.t. untie; looi 
délimita, I.I, delimit, d 
déliquescence. /. deliquescence. 
déUaaeacent, a. deliquescent, 
dïllqalnmi m.'deliquium; (tMe). déliquescence, 
liquid formed by déliquescence. 

m. rag cutting (see délisser). 

1. (Fajm) cut (rags) to workable «ii 

•f a stone) edge, side transverse to tJ 

dMllai«, délltemenl, r. 

déliter, i.f. A r. crumbk 

specif., efflorescence; {Med.) deliteaceac 
dHIIeannt, a, capable of bemi dieiHtevrBted; 

■pecLf., efflorefloent. 
déUnsnce, /. delivery; detireruu»; (FAïnoI.} 

eiptilaion at lh& After-birth. 
dtOTTe. m. iLflei^birlli. 

delpUnlne, /. d 

:>Tive of luster, iington. 
dflnlacc. m. unlutinc, cemoval of the lute: p 

moval of coke from a gut letort. 
délntcr, i.l. unlute. remove the lute tiDm. 
' _n. Btining of melted tlmxA. 
uler, •.- ■ 


thinnins (of plante) ; divo 

Maurnce. m. startma. 

(ifach.) Bl»rt«. 
iMTLtaneline, etc. (eee démêler) ; 
portinc [of wool); combing (of hair); 

Lêler* v-t. dieentangle, reduce ta order; dTe- 
tinguiah; dùwover. — p.r. be disentangled; 
be cleared up; stand out. 

.1. belie; 

let; diehelieve. 
or each other, t 

f buildiogB) gli 

immeasursbly, eices- 
BiVBly, enormouBly, 
démCtliTler, 1. 1. deprive of methyl, demethyl- 

demettK, i.(. dismis»; diulooate. ^c.r. quit, 

reeicn; be dislocated. 
demtimnl. p.a. living, etc. (see demeurer). 

a» —, on the whole, after «11. 

1. hemisphere, 
li-brilliant, moderately 

half borsepover. 
.. a. (.Paper) deaiBOBtini i 
made by oombined chemical anc 
mt, Bemi-obemicsl. 

m. (Elen.) semi-conductor. 
bind of lead glass in the 
lokinff of which crystal oullet û used. 

». half-disk. 
. m. half a tcu 
dcml-doabie, a, (Jewatj,) d 

Oetat-lernm, a, semi-firm; specif., (Ceram,} 
designating a paste which is rather stifl but 
can be kneaded by hand. 

deml-flii, a. (of metals) half-fine. — m. 

deml-flnlde, a. seioifiuid. 
deml-ftsadA. /. semi-fraud, partial fraud. 
dend-Kraa, a. (of coal) semi-bituminous; (of 
cheese) made from partially skimmed milk, 

deml-baal-tiiiuneui, m. small blast furnace. 
deml-heiirei /. half-hour. 
deml-Jonr, m. twihght. dim light. 
deml-Joimiée, /. half-day. 
deml-Iltn, m. half-liter, 
deml-kinsiMOT, /. half-length. 
deml-molecuk, /. half-molecule. 

by the fingers j^ not 


: to them 

dcml-moale, /. h 

?, half-wave-length. 

d>tclatc, /. demitint, half tint. 

demnlitile, /. bsette, : 

nnt.ipfl, etc. 

apart, take <: 
(gams); dUccH 
be dùmouatat 

t. removal from the mold, st 

dCiutiumtcar, m. d 

dendrite, /. dendrite. 
dcndrltlqiiei a. dendritic. 
dénétBnon, /.. déni, m. denial. 
dCnlcr, T.t. deny. 

dénltrer. t.t. denitrate. 
denltrldCktlon, /. demtrificatioii, 
demtrlDer, t.l, denitrify. 
deDombrement, m. Dumberioi, eaui 
oountlne; ceoflun; list, catatoc. 

dCDOncei. r.t. denounce; declare; denote. 
dénoter, t.l. denote. 

denrée, /. product, produce, vood, commodii 
Bpeeif., food produet, foodstuff. 
— alimenlaifs. foodatuff, food product, p: 

ity; deneeneefl 

lercury, real tica^ 

d, cUck. 

— rfelU, real density. 
dMtt, /. tooth. 

— de barraffe, catch, dett 
^de Hon, CSol.J daudeUon. 

— di Zoup. (Mach.) catch, detent, pawl. 

— d'enfrfnofe. tear tooth; ratchet. 

dcntt dt Inup, 03lat>) a low 'od with a double 
book at the end, for h^nHlmg the pota in 

, (Plumbaeo, eep. 

denté, a. toothed, <nf nheel 
dentelaire, /. (Boi.) leadwc 

m fill, thread Isn, 

— a, tooth-cleaqio^, 

dentlM, m. an ins 

dentifrice, m. dei 

dentine, /. dentine. 
dentltte, m. dentist. 
denture,/. (.Mach.) teeth, eocs. Bearing, tootli- 

ing; set of teeth. 
dénué, a. devoid, destitute. 

dépuelllé, u 

départ, m. p 


mperfect; odd. 

aorting; departure; place of depar- 
iàt; diacharge (of A firearm), — >-fr, 
. of départir. 

dispense, bestow. — ï.r. dep«it; 

dtpueer, .. 

pan, go 


eie«ed; be 


ongerthan; projeci 

nd; (MtUl.) oMirpole. 

dépêcher, V.1 


— ..r. hasten, hurry. 


. describe, depiot. 

. * m, dependent 




— ..1. tnkg 



oet, coats 


OUI — lfe,8 


M of. 


/. eipendituto. eipen», out!»y; oou- 
iption {as of eJectricity); ducharffe (u 
kter); dispeiiBary. 

, tp J. expend. speDd ; coDsume; wobIc, 
— n.r. be Hpeot; be conHumed. 
dtp^rdllioa, /. Ion, waote, diaùpa^on; (of gui 

or liquid) escape. 
deperlr, v.i. «sate sway, molder, wither, apoil. 
dépcnider, t.t. depopulate. 

I. (Old dwin: ' •' 

déphcMplionitlon. /. d . 

df pbinpliiH«r, t.t. dephoaphor 

dépItaBCi n. unbairing: (Minine) ran 

depltatJt, a. depilatory. 
dépUatJoD, /. unfaAitiii^, dfpilatioTL 
dépilatoire, a. it m. depilatoiy. 
dépUcr.i.l. unbair, depilate; cluu-otpi 
deplfltAr, 1.^. discover ; oiialead. 
deplt, m. epite, deeinto. 

_ , .1. diaplaceable. 
déplacé, p.d. dieplsi»d; out c 
d^lriacenieilt, m. diaplaoemf 

a diapleaflne. — v.r. nc 
o be pleased. 
«plaUant, a, uDpleuaut, diaagieeable. 
ïiaoval of plasteiing. 

depiOTer, (.1. diaplay; deploy. 

deplu. p.p. of dôpltjre. 

dépolarliaDt, p.a. depolariiiaA. -.- m, depolar- 

Upolarlsatenr, m. depolsriier. 

depolarization, /. depolarization. 
depoUrtwT, D.l. depotariie. 
dep<^, p.n. depoliihed, mat. (of ilasa) grouiid, 
«. depoliflbinfl, depoluhed sur- 

polish of; 

dêpoIlTr v.t. depolisb, remove t) 

■rind, frost (g1as«) ; tarnish. - 

polish, become dull, tAmish. 
depoBBMEe, depollBWinent, m. 

crinding, frosting (olilaes); tamiahmE. 
dtpoMce, m. deposition, settling, 
dêposn, t.t. deposit; layaside: d^ose. — i.r. 
be deposited, depoait; form a depont, a«t- 
tla. ^o.i. form a deposit, settle. 
), m. it /. depositary, 
%. deposit; depot; storehouse; depoai- 
; depository. 

5 dérlree 

d#po(a|e, depoMmciit, m. decantina, deiso, 

dépoDlUe, /. 

e, skin; crop (as of srun); 


skin: strip; deprive; plunder; 
reap, tather- (crops); abstract (acoounta); 

i-cr, work up (rq)orta, etc.). — v.r. 

oneself; be (tripled; (of wine) be- 

'" r.^ deprive. 

\a. deprived, unprovided (with); 

lowering; reduced 

déprlmw, t.I. dep 

dépffllt p.a. separated, parted. 

déparvtton. /. (Med.) depuration. 
depiuat(dl«, a. depuratory, depuratire. 
déparer, >.(. (Med.) depurate. 
dépDie, P.O. deputed. — m. deputy. 
deadlier, i.e. i^root; eradicate. 
ddalHtDIuble, a. unreasonable. 
dérantement, m. derangement, disorder. 

— v-r. be for get) out of order; trouble oDe* 
self; be deranged. 

dfeaUntloiii /. rat eilerminstiou. 

déréglé, p.a. out of order; irregular; ino^ 

déréstor, t.l. put out of order or adjustment. 

— B.r. get out of order. 

dérlTant, p.a. derived, originating, praeeedlng. 

— «.derivative. 
dérilatir, a. A m. derivative. 
déllTBtIOIl, /. derivation; drift; diversion; 

deviaUon; (Efcc.) ahimting, diunt; small 

1; secondary; derivative; 
re ol tbe nature ol aa etha 

■1, estremely. 

I. lately. lecently: lutlf. 
aeroiM. p,a. ehelled; stolen; aecret, privât*. 

à la dtrobéc, leoretly, privately. 
déroba', D.l. sbell. peel; etesl: eav«; hidi 

.(. (ofmrtab)ac!oiir.p 

crtable. a. diBtwreeable. 
jrtsblement, ode, diBSereeably. 
dCwcrfsatloDi /. dismteeni 

d$B>crécekblc, a. diiintegrnble. 
déUBTécCBllt. p.a. 

dia3£ETesat«: dio- 

dâmulement, m. imrolliiis. 

déroater, i.(. mialeul; dbaonci 

derrUM, prep, d; adi. behid 

buck put) hind part» rear, 

por — , behind, (ram behind. 

deobodDemrtll, m diaconUnuacce (ot 

dCmcldlDcBtloii, / desddificatioD 
deuddtflM. D.l. deactdify 

pipets) ; deatroy the level 
diHUTsnse, diudjugt: unce 


cl, imbiwli, unclstp; (liaeh.) 

t. quench the thint of, leCre^ 
/. deamidaae, desoniidaae. 

désippolntor, ï.(. disappoint. 
déwpprendTC, i.l. unlenm. fotiet. 
dés&ppris, p.a. unlearned, for^atten. 
degargcDtace, m., déurgentaUon. /. deaO- 

"e, /- -< deBarffentnoe. 

diaajray, diaorder, coniuf 
dCaartlciiler. i.l. dissrticuUle, diejoii 
(joint by jr.- ' 

DBtched, odd, iU-«ort«d. 

dëutort, a. unsaturated; 
déB«TBIlblie> m disadva 

deacenderle, /. (Mining a deeeem 

D, nibside, fkH. 

'; dsacend; Unci. 
, it«, (mc dewjBDdrfl). 
«./.descent; slope; t&luna down; pipej 
downEtmlu; (Jfed.) niptun, bvnlL 
a. deflcriptiTG, 
>, /. descriptioD. 
~ ~ Bt jn. unikftokiiiB. 

OfaaahrKme, eta. Sw lUbnytge, eta. 
>.!. <t i. leave, quH. 
I. maJta 1«d fullr ampty ^ part). 

dCaeneratttM, >.i. frte from cnut or aaala. 
ner» v.t eitiiuuûh [a bloie). 
.1. deflalB. — t.i. be deflated. 

disenrafle, diaconneet. 

imloflk (a vtwel); reJeaae faa 
brake) ; uncouple, dboonnect. 
ocHUtortUlar, i.l. dimntanale. 
déunTelopp«r. vJ. ofien, undo (as a paskace). 
MaeqiiUlbrc, m. abaenoe of equilibrium. 
déseqnllIliT*, a. disequilibnted, out of squl- 

dfaeqnlUbrar. v.l, throw out of equilibfium. 
désert, a. >t m. de«Tt. 

, discDuiaciiiff- 

.a. deeperate; sorry. 

mti o^. dcaperately. 

T.i. it r. deapair'. — t, 

_ r; dishearten, disoouraae. 

M«4Mdf, m. despair; oonoem. 

part, remove the low-boilioc Di 

. . weedinffi eiadicaUna weeds. 

iMHumiTi m. dishonor. 
Imner, i.l. remove the oil from, unoil. 
hrdrmtaiitt p.a- dehydratiofE. — m. dehy- 
drating agent- 
■"""" '-'--- ^^ dehydration. 

dehydrate. — v.r. dehydrate, 

■fênatloilt /. dehydroEenstion, de- 
dehydrogenise, dehydro- 

desiEnst«; denotfi, indicate, 
boiler compound — a. scale-removiiv- 

/. («in.) desmine (stilbite). 
/. deunotropy, deamotrai 
«tMobMr, (.t. disobey. 
deMbalruMil, deMMtrmOfV a. « m. 

deohatrueat, aperient 
/. deodorisation. 

/. desolation; distreu; veiatioB. 
desolate; distressed; sorry. 

th, hereafter; thenc 

déBQOfrMie, m. desulfuri»tion, desulfurina. 
déaonfrw, 1. 1, deaulfuriae, desulfur. 
désoisllQiie, a. deaoialic. 
deaoirdaiit, p.a. deoiidiiina. — m. deoii 

MtaxftAOoa, ) 

Hiidise. — • 
/. deoinenation. deonda- 


a blood, BpQoif,, ' 

(hidu or akina) to re 

dcastchemEnt. m. diyiuc, etc. (see dagaAoher. 
deBB^h«ffi 1.'. A i- dry, duiocat<; dry u| 
n (land); seuon (wood). 

d — ffiie, in order that. 
demnacst deMencment, m. lonemnc: 

, of desBtrvir. — m. de»»Mt. 
u- off; disaerve, damsco. 

deMleeatlf, a. A m. dcriccative. 

deuln, vt, design; drawiog, 

dcisltlia', vA. draw; aketoh, outline; Bet of 

dcssoufrsge, m. deaulfuri 
d«Bsoafrer, bA, deaulfunio, deauJ 
detsoat. ode. à: pmti. beluw. i 

tinguighed from ih 
op«r»tioiui, juikcly or 

(see dosuintaiï). 

Il from wool. 

adz. Bbova, I 
«r Bide, upper i 

d«BtiB, m. d«8tdi;i, tate. 
dcatJuatalrc, m. uldreaeee, conBignee. 
diHtiiutlan, /. destination. 
deitlner, c.l. deatino; resolve. 
dcBtmcteiiri a. destructive, destroyinc. 
deatnietlblllM, /, destruetibility. 
dealmctlUc, a. destructible. 
deatractir, a. datruHive. 
destruction. /. destruction. 
dt«llllt>s«, in. = deesuintase. 

/. dtBulfurstion, deeulturin- 

.1. deiuUiii, desulfurin. 

detail, m. detail; (Com.) retail. 

en ~, in detail; by retail, retail. 
detalUuit, a. retail. — m. rotailer. 
det&IUer, V.I. detul; cut up; (Cam.) retAiL 

; eleon (casks or boilen 


dftolciicot. pr. 9 pi. 

caska or boilere). 
'. removal of tartar or scale. 
I. deeoloring, etc. (sse dé- 

1 détwndre. 
1. blcBcfa. — >.r. 
less color, fade; 



; reducti 

[o[ sasCH) relai the prsssure on, 
expanci, aUow to sxpand; unbend, relax, 
slacken, loosen; take down, — fj-. (of 
gaue) expand; unbend, loossn, relax. 

détenir, ^.1. detain, hold, hold bask. 

detente, /. expanuon (of Eases); eipaumon 
valve; (âlsam) cut-ofl: detent, catch. tri«- 

detéHanttlon, /. deteriorati 
détértorei, t.t. tt T. deterioi 
deternilnahle, a. det«rmim 
dttermlnknt, a. tt m. detei 
detennlnatian, /. deteimiii 
détermine, p.a. determine 

it dtànalion, detonatinc. 

détonntder. v.t. draw from the tun or iiuik. 
détordre, v. t. lutwût. 
detors, a. untwisted. 
detortllleT, I.I. untwût. 
dËtonper, v.t. unsUip. 

détour, m. turning, winding; by-way, detour. 
' o. diverted, etn. [see détourner); 
roundabout; by- (way), 
t divert, deflcctt turn Midfl; deter, 
disHuade. — s.i. turn, turn off. — r.i". 

. or order; deransed. 


nollity: . 

H miied, be Udnaed, e 

at Meel) anneal, aoHen. 

r. m. (Sledj umealer. 
détTMSc, /. distma. 
détrlch^e. m. soitinc (of wod). 
dttrleber, r.t. eort (wool). 
dftrlmeDt, m. detriment. 
détrlpJemeDt, m. divigiou ïnto three porta. 
détrlpler, v.1. A r. divide into three parts. 
détrltSKe, m. cruahinc (esp, of oliveii). 
détrltcr, i.l. crush (esp. olivea). 
dËtrltJoD, /. detrition. 
detolHqac, a. iatal.) detriUT. 
dCtrltoIr, m. cruahing miU (eep. for olives). 
détrltaa, m- detritus, débris, 
détroit, m. atrait; pass, defile. 
detrODer, t.t. dethrone. 
dËtrnlre, i.t, destroy, 
detrnlMDt, p.a. ' 
dett«, /. debt. 
deuil, m. mourmne. 
dentane, m, ethane. 

■ ■ B, m. iOld Chan.) deutoi 
j iii/aide, iPliarm.) 

f. deuteroproteosi 

dendodore, m, (OldCAfl»,) deutiodide. 
deato-, dent-. (OU Clitm.) deuto-, deut-. 
(It properly de«gnat«d tbe second in ■ 

dento-lodiire, m. deutoiodide, deutiodide. 

deutosairurc, m. (pld Chem.) déutoaulfide. 
■ ■ " lld (7*em.) deutoiide. 

dratrUae, m. ethylene. 

deux, a. two; aeoond 

a few. —m 

— foil, twice. 

donUtoie. o. ««ond 

d story. 

— ja, (Siiflor) secc 

see sucre de 

deuÈtoe jet, un 

der i-ucrf). 

— lib-t. (for Kold) 

f 0.840 fine 

(about 20 carats 


devait, imp, 3 nna. 

f devoir. 

dévaler, ..1. iower, 1 

t down; descend. — tr. 

neer, c,i, preoede; outstrip, outdo, sur- 

devander, m, predceosaor. 

devant, jrrep. A adv. before. — m. front, fore 

part; prow (of a boat), — p,pr, of devrar, 

que, before, 

«ut de. before, 
dévaster, i.l. devastate. 
dévelapilablc, a, developable, 
déTeloppateur. m, (eep. Pholoe.') developer. 
développement, m, development, etc. (aee 

développer) , 
développer, tX. develop; unwrap, undo, uncoil, 

infold, — 'V.T. develop; be unwrapped; 

déreloppear, m, (ssp, Dynno) developer. 

—, before, near, toward, 

déVenement, m, poiirinE, etc, (ac 

■ser, o,i, pour; incline, lean; 

dËTlattOD, /, deviation. 

deviation, deSeoUnc. 

. wind, reel; unwind. 
. fid. S aino. of devnuf. 
it, pr. 3 pi. india. A tu&j. of dereoi 

derlDer, «.I. A i. divins. 
derlnt, p.def. S niw. of dm 

— approximatif, rou^h ei 

déTlIriflàble, a. dev 

dÊTOletuenti m. indinAtion, leaning; diAnheo. 
deroUer, f .1. unveil; revaal, discloH. 
derolr, v.t. owe; should, ouftht; mutt, 1v 

oblioed. — m. duty; KMocdatiDn of totIc- 

iiiarta, t.i. turn aside; elope, iaaliiu; pmie. 

der^ fvi. 5 nn^. of devoir. 

demilti ctmd. S aino. of doroir. 

deiUrltC, /. deiteri^, akilL 

dcitreount, adt. skillfully. 

deitrlDe. /. deitrin. 

deitrlner, t.t. deitrinete. trest or «at witl 

deiMnlgiM, a. deitri 

deilmcrni, a, deitrorotatory, deit 
~[j1ie« a. dextrotartonc 
1. £t adv. olockwiee, J 

ii«ht. (Bol.) deitione. 
deitroac /, deitrose. 
Ag^t abbra. (décdsrunme) decicr&m 
diabase, /. (Ptirog ) diabue, 
dUMle, m. (Med.) diabetea. 
dlaMUque, a., m. <t /. (Mtd.) iiat 
dlabétomètTCi m. diabetometer. 
dlkbl(i,m. devU; apecif., ■ maehine 

nuEBi for kneadiofl 

u) diaoatboLico: 

-."badly, wretohedly.' 
m. {Old Pha 

dlM«trltnlque. ». diecetyleDic, coatainir 

dUchjioiIi diachrlam, m. (Pliarm.) dj 

Ion, diachylum. 
dUeode. m. (.Pharm.) diacodion, diacodii 


dlBgODal, a. dlBAonal. 

dIsgoiuIeDieiit, aJp. disBonally. 

dlacrsmine. /. dis«Tini. 

dlsflredc, m. (fM Phana.) diacTdîum. 

dWeOoI, m. dialsohol, diûid alsotuJ. 

dlaldéhrde, in. dlaldehyde. 

dteUao «- (jVin.) diellacs. 

dUIUKlqne, a. (.Min.) diallasio, 

dUllyle, m. biallyl, diallyl, 

dlalTMble, n, dialyiable. 

dlalrw. /. dialyeia. 

dlBlyser, i.t. & i, dialyie, 

dlslyMor, m. dialyier. — a. dialyunc. 

dlalf Uqne, a. dinlytio. 

dUDUCnéaqoe, a. diama«netio. 

"" ^Uuoe, m. diamasneti4Di. 

itointin, m, d 

— à rabol, gisuer'i diamond. 

— brui, TouBh diamond. 

— brul do Ctyian, lircon, ueed at 

— taHU, cut diamond. 

laotA, a. slitterinfl, gliAtening, 
dlamanUfMe, a. diamantiferous. 

diuuftnUiië, /. diamantine (a poliahini 

dlaniÊlral, a. diametial. diBnietric(al). 
dlsroetralement, adi. diametrieaJly. 
dlamttn, m, diameter. 

1. diaminated. diamino. 

/. (Old CAAa.) Diana, «Iver. 

dlapbaDélté, /. diaphaqdt 

^, /. diaphonnie. 
dlaphorétlque, a. à: m. diapharstii:. 
dlspbrscme. m. diaphragm. 
dlaphracmé, a. bavins a diaphrasm. 

dUrrbte, /, (Med.) , 
dlaapore. m. (Min.) 
dlutuc, /. diastase 
diastaslque, a. dias' 


dtetkemuuisla, /. diathccnumoy. 

éCf /. (âdf.) diatom. 

' ' é, /. diatomioity. 

«.dûuo compound. 

T'.', , a, dîaioacetio. 

dluobnutae, dlaiolwnial, m. dluabeonDS. 

. FI. diaio derivativa. 
dfauD-Imlde, 3. dïuoimino, diuoimido. 
dlUMlquc, a. diuo. — m. diuocompoan 

dIsioitliéiMli n. duuopbeool. 
' "~ a. diaiotiiâble. 

1, /. diiuatintiaii. 

dichrolde, a. dichruia. 
dlebroluiiei m. dichroiem. 
dlcbnrfte. m. (Min.) diohroite (i( 
dlchronutlque. i. dichromatic. 
dleotrKdonc, dlaitrlédaii^. 

Gtsvnef m- (Bot,) dittaay, specif, the fru 

ella (Dictamnut albat) . 
— de CrUf. Cretan dittany (Jmoracu» i 

dIctCT, i.I. « i. dicta' 
dkUoniulN, m. did 
— d> chimie, dictioi 
dMrnw, m. didymiui 
dièdre, a. dihedral. - 

dWthrW. s 
dléthtUqne, a. 

tic<al). — /. dJBtttiai. 
dv. dietetically. 
lated, diethyl, 
liethïlonic, diethylene. 


deferred, delayed, poAtponed. 

— t.r. be diffère 
dUKrvnd, n. difference, dispute. 
dUKrenti a. different. 
dlfltreatJatlcMii /. differeutdatioD. 
. differential. 
/. differential. 

dlMrei, t.L defer, delay, luntpooe. — t.r. be 
deferred, be put oB, — t.t. differ: delay. 

dlffldle, a. diScule. — m. difficulty. 

dineUemsat, adt. difBcultly, with difficulty. 

dlllleult^, /. difficulty; difference, diqiute. 
•am —, without diffiiniltf, readily; nndoubt- 
edly; willingly. 

dll&9ct«r, D.^. diffmot. 
dllhactir, a. diffractive. 
diffraction. /, difFractlon. 

dUhislbllitC /. diffiuibilit?. 
durndble, a. diffusible. 

, a. di£estibt«. 

L it i. digest. — T.f. be digested. 

4, a product obtained by di^teatiort 

digmtlblllte, /. digntibility. 

dlcesdble, o. dlseetible. 

dlSMtir, I. A m. digeetive. 

dbtestloii. /. diaeation. 

dlgltkle, /. (Bot. it Pharm.) digitalis, foxglove. 

— d'Etpaanf. Dtffitaiia tAapeï. 

— o^iànale. — pfruTprie. common or official 
foxglove (DiffîtaliB purpwm). 

dlftUUne, /. digitalio. 

dititoilne, /. digitoxin. 

dlsnet a. worthy; dignified, 

dlsiiemont. ode. worthily, deaervedb', Buit- 

M, /. dignity. 
lAMff» v-i- dicms- 
Ssloili /. digreasioD. 
B, /. dam, dike; obstacle, barrier. 
_ a, t.l. dam, dike. 
dlh^ocEne, a. dihalogenated, dihalo, dihalo-. 
BiahMrc a. (Afin.) dihexahedral. — n. 

n. diliydr»t«, 
— ' da tirébenUiène, t«rpiaoJ bydr, 

I. dihydrobflû» 

n. dihydrogenated, dihydro. 
. -In*, /. dihydrorasoroinij. 
dlbrdriin> m. dihydride. 
dllode, a. diiadD. 
dUodliydntc, m. dihydriodkle. 
dUomulBi a. of or pertunuie to DijOD, a âty 

of BuTHuiuly. 
dfkk, m. (Bol.) dilu. 

,. i^xpl.) readinC) Blutteiin^, 

dilMCrer. v.t. read, tear, tsr up. 
dOatobltltC, /. eipannbiUty: dilsUbility. 
dnataMe, a. eipuisible; dilatable. 
dDstftntt p,a. Bipandine; dlLatiiif, diateudin^. 
— m. (jlfHj.>dili 

diluer, ci 


dDnrial, dHuTlen, 

dimfitliylcétonei /. dimethyl ketone [c 

dlmetbyiei a. dimetiiylatfd, dimethyl. 
dlmethyUqDB, a. dimetliyl, 
diminuer, v.(. <t î. diminiah. 

isBware form 
made in Belgium and elâewhere. 
dlTiiaphtylCT m. bLuapbthylr'dia&phtbyl. 
dindon, m. turkey. 

e, /. dinitroeoreBorci 

, fin.) dioctahcdiaL 
dlossoti dlofott m. CLmUier) daogett. 

dloifbutyHaue, a. dihydroiybutvrio, 

IKirtne, /. dioxypurine (purinedioue), 
dloirqulDone, /. dihydroiyquiooae. 
dloiybuitque, a. dihydruiytartaric. 
dlpentène, m. dipentene, inactive Umaoene. 
dlpepUde. n. dipeptide. 

dlpbénol, m. diphenol. 
dlpMnoUqne, a. dipheDolic. 
dlpbényUcétylène, m, dipheoylacetyleiiB, 

dlpbénybmlne. /. dipheaylamiae. 
dlpMn^earblnol, n. dipheoylcartûnol (beu- 

dljdienylcélone, /. diphenyl ketooe (phenyl 

dlphényle. m. bipbeuyl, diphenyL 
dlpbënylslroial, m. dipheoylglyoia] (beiuill. 
diphtérie, /. diphtheria. 
dlpbt«rlane, dlphtCtlUque, a. dipbtberitio, 

dl^coUque, a, dipicolinio. 
diploèdn, m. (Cryat.) diplohedron, dqdoid. 
dlploédriaue, a. (Crvit.} diplohednL 
dli^mbhine, a. diplumbio. 
dlpUme, m. diploma. 
dlpltttné, m. holder of a diploma. 
dipropyÛqne. □. dipropyl. 
dlpyïldyie, m. bipyridyl, dipyridyl, bipyii- 

dlre, i.l. say; tell; apeak; predict. — t,r. be 
said, be told, be spoken; profeaa to be. 
g, say, words, statemeD 

adv. directly. 

director, manager, auperintend- 
directinc; (B^.) ffuiding. 

dta«it, p.def. a pt. of dire. 
dirigeable, a. it m. ditigible. 
diricra, t.t. direct; maoBcc, conduci 
dbi pr. & p.def. 14* ting. o( dite (fc 

wash (silk) after dyeing. 

- diflceroible. 

diaccm, — t.r. be diAoemed, 

i; iElec.) intflrmit- 

dlicontlDitlté. /. diecDHtinuity. 

omnee, /. dùpropartion, inoon^ruity. 
~>e uuBuilablB; deny. 

dlsjoliidre, t 

baCable, queationabls. 

.(. discuM. — B.r. be dtMinBed. 

S pi. indie, it aubj. lïf dire. 

lient (of speech), éloquent, 
dliene, /. dBoHli. 
dligrxdeiu, a. awkward; tineruious. 

ÎBJoia, Beparatfi, — -b-t. be 
aisjouied, mcome separated, come apart. 
dl^lnt, p.a. disjoined, Bepareted, diaiunct. 
dlBionotcot. m, disjuaetDr; apecif., (Elec.) cir- 
cuit breolier, cut-out. 
dlsJODCtlon. /. séparation, disjunction. 
dldacatJan,/. dialocation; disineniberment. 
OUloqseT, i.I. dislocate; disjoint, digmcmber, 
dlsode, a. (Org. Chem.) containing two atoma of 

sodium, diaodium, dlBoctio-. 
dlaodlqu*, a. dieodium. 

dlsomoac. /. (Mm.) geradorSte, niekel glanée. 
dlspATBlMUlt, p.a. disappearing; transient, 

.t. disappear, 
tï /. disporily, 
dlsparitian, /. disappearance. 
dlipuUi p.p. of diepsrattre. ^a. miasinK, 

dispendleui. □. eipensive, costly. 
""■■■■ a. dispensable. 
11. difjmnsorï. 

I. dispense; diffuse (HghU; ei- 
cuse, exempt, dispense with. — t.r. be 
dispensed; dispense (with). 
(Ovtia) diffuser, 
disperse. — v.r- be dispersed: 

/. dispersion. 
dlspimlbOK», /. iivailsbiUty, disposability. 
diiponlUe, a. available, disposable. 
dlspo»« a. ocUve, lively, sprightly. 

r airanced; prepare. 

r. ploc 

dlspodtir, ma 

device; disposition: 

r. be dis- 
! apparatus); 

dlB|H«iiortlDnellet]MDt, adt. disproportiou- 
adt. disproportion' 

dlsqne. m. disk, disc. 
dlsTDpUr. a. disruptive. 
dlsseoble, a. dissectible. 
dlswetton. /. dissection. 
dlMcmUkMe, a. diafdinilBr, unlike. 
dlnemUablenmit, odn. disaimilarly, 
/. diaeimilarity, unlikene 

dlsaertaUan, /. dissertation. 
dIsilmllBrit«, /. dissmilsrity. 
dlsslpatloii, / dissipation. 
dissiper. 1.1. dissipate; divert, 
pate, be dissipated. 

lity, dissolvableneea; 

dlnriiiCtrliiiie, a, nsymmetriodil), uiuymtnet- 
tiûalt Gen oommcmly) diflvrinetn«L 

dbtanM, f. diatan». 

— «plonH. (fipIO atrildnc diaUnee, ndiua 
of «ftoct. 

itUlatloiii /. distillntioa. 

— fractionna, fractionAl dùtiU&tiim. 


dIatlDCteiiunt, adt. àMactiy. 

itstAncM, a. diBtincdve. 

Ivementr adv. dietinctivaly. 
dlBUnfoè, P.O. diBtincuished. 

tiiixuie1i«d^ dùtinipuah oneeelf. 

dlstordn, dlsÉon, a. distortod. 
dlstorsloii, /. dùtoition. 
dlHtnUc, v.t. datract: divert. 
dbtrsr^ntf ppr. a! dietr 
distribuer, t.l. distribul 

uled: (of ligiûds, eta.) flow. 
distributeur, m. dùtribut«, diitributer: car- 

rier: fof at«tua) resuUtor, — a. digtnb- 

■. b« diatrib- 

dMribaUvn, /. distritu 

valve geai (tor steam), 
dtltributmnwnt, odi distributively. 

; delivery, i 

dbairaii£, a. diauUonated, diaulfo. 
dliulCDiur, 11.1. disulfonate. 
dit, pr. 3 mç-, p-dtf- 3 Bina, à: p.p. 
■ay). — .p.a. Haid; told; fipokei 

4 docnmtmtw 

«Hbinnol UtodC (Pïam.) dith^md dtiodidi^ 

thymol iodide. 
dlto, adt. diUn. 
dltu^ae. /. (iltd.) diurena. 
dllll«ll«ue, a. « m. iUtd.') dinretie. 
dloniv, a. diurnal, d^ly. 
diiaffocr, (,t. WBJider, ramble. 
dlnlent, a. bivalent, divaleat. 
dlvrilent, a. diveUanC. drawii« aauuder (06a.). 
dlvovetuwt /■ divveenoe, divugency. 
dlvcTBCott P.O. divcrsiof. divercent, 
dlTcrt^t v.i. diverse. 
dlnn, a. varioua. diffor^nt. divoae. 
dtrcncBWnt, adt. vaiiouily, differently, dl- 

.t. diveraify. 

dlrailte, /. divenity; variety. 
dlnrtlr, B.I. divert. — >.r. bs divat«iL 
dlTldeade, m. dividend. 
dlTldlTl, m. divi-divi (CbhIpvihi apsdea 

dlfla*. P.». divided: finelj divided, 

dlvUément, adi. dividedly, aepmtely. 
dlTla^, v,t. divide; apeoif., divide finely, poiv^ 

der. — i.r. divide, be divided. 
dlvlwur, m. divider; (AfoA.) diviaor; (VikA.) 


lional. d 

dli-hult| a. A m. eighteen; eiihteontb. 

in —, eiBhteenpio, 18-mo. 
dli-holtlinie, a. & m. eighteenth. 
dtdème, a. it m. tenth. 

ou — . (of Bolutiona) ten p« oent. 
dli-neuf, a. & m, nineteen; nineteenth, 
dii-neuTl£m«, a. it n. nineteenth. 
itli-sepl, a. & m. eeventeeo: aevenleenth. 
dti-*eptieme, a. & m. eeventeenth. 
dll^Tlc, m. biiylyt, diiylyl. 
dtialne, /, ten, a total of ten or about ten. 

bn« — At, ten, about ten. 

una — d'flnn&a, a decade. 
dl., rAbm. (dioilitre) dedliteT(i). 
dm-, obfrm. {décimâtra) decimeter(a). 
dmo, dm', obbr». (décimètre oarrt) equal 
' ' neter(s). 

doclmartlqae, □. docimaatio(al); specif., per- 

(CVvif.) dudsohedroa. 
■itombàtdaî, rhombic doduâhedron. 

d àaa doiçtt de, vithin ui uw of, wi' 
liair'i brwdth of, 

— avricitiaire, little finger. 
~^ du milim, middle basse. 

— indieaituT, index finger, forefinger. 

— maj0ur, middla finger. 

;; apply; bid. 
■eli op; buyoDHeU; have; be published; 
be fought. — i,t. five; yield, bear; hit» 
Btrilce; nin; fall; fight. 
— à la ffriiit. clean or rake the grate. 

■nt. prM. ol whom, of which, whoae, wtiereof; 
from whom, from whioh ; with whom, with 

irafa. m. gilding. 

irt, p.a. sildsd, lilt (specif., gold-plated, h 
wei^ta) ; golden. — ■ n. ftilding. 

henceforth, hereafter, in the 

lild. — i.r. be gilded, become goldeu- 


a. fixed, standing. faAt, dead; dot~ 

Jcepiog; (of water) stagnant. — n. 
ileeper; post; (fixed) frame. 
llr, i.i. sleep; (of water) be atill. be atac- 

dtlUl. >n. ipigot hole; spigot. 

donnlt, v.dM/. S -mo. of dormir. 

dolt, pr. S WW. of devoir. — «. debtor. Dr., 

dermltir. a. A m, (»«!.) dormitive, ««orifie. 

debit side. 

dort, jir. 3 niur. of dormir. 

dolTt.. pr. S litv. tuS,-. of devoir; riiould, oueht. 

dornre,/, (aiding. 

dtdrent, pr. S pi. indie- * ™*;. of devoir. 

— i mordant, pigment ijlding. 

— au /ew. hot gilding, dry gilding. 

doler, «.(. unooth (by cutting), shave; buff. 

- a» mtràtri. — at. «uU, amalgam «Idinc. 

— o«(«*V, wet gilding. 

slick (leather, etc.); dress (wood) with an 


doKrite, /. (PsCtdo.) dolsiite. 

«KMriaqae, o. (PUne.) doleritio. 

with gold. 

dalomllKioti, o. dolomitic. 

dM, n. back; ridge. 

double, s. determinable; in props propoc- 

dAmo. m. dome. 

miiture); {IPint) dosage, hqueuring: 


(Jlfni.) dosage. 

au —, pri^jcrly proportioned or conatituted. 

(■«(—, it is » pity, 

dOMT, ».(. determine; prepare, mix or propor- 

tion properly: fiU or furnish with a meas- 

ured quantity; {Wini) dose, liqueur; 

JOT!, m. gift. 

done, amj. therefore, then, «o, now. 

doniiee, /. datum, knows quantity ; Informa- 

doser (of wine or medicine), —a. {.Mid.) 

tion; idea, — rt. doiméw, dal». 


dIHlDer, i.I. give; attiibute, uoribe, assign. 

doUmetrte,/. (jtfed.) doùmetry. 

lustoEiu, Custom. 
domrs. n. pearl millet ( Pcnnwlum li/Mndewa) . 
doublBEft, m. doubling, etc. (see doubler). 

~i|e, a. double; duplicate. — m. double; 

luplicate; copy; thicknces (as of paper). 


doalonreuMmeDt, oii. painfully. 
doulonrcui, a. painful; sore; Bonowful. 
doUTlIM, /. iMcd.) dourine (disease nl hones) 
doaall. m. spigot hole: spinot. 
doute, tn. doubt. 

Aort lit —, beyond doubt, undoubtedly. 

JoiM —, without doubt, undoubtedly, r 

donteuMmcnt, adji. doubtfully. 

doateiu, a. doubtful. 

iouvK, /. BiAve; ditch; fluke, fluke 

'cetly. softly, geotty, < 

domaine, /. d 
douie. a. A m 
donilême, a. . 

dram (the weight); draohm». 
re, m- dredfins; dracginc, 
„ . /. brewer'fl gruna. 
drawee, /. bonbon: sucuplum; unall afaot. 
pharmaandiirué, pbarâuuwutical loience. 

drain, m. drai 

•t. dredve; draff. 


— maUfivi — malGl. 
dnpant, m. (Paptr) presainc board. 
drapeku, m. flag. 

draper, i.l. make (a fabric) inw fioiahed ototh 
by fnllinR. drcsaina. Ptc. ; drape; cenaure. 

(cap. woolen stufla) ; drapery, cloth aelliiis. 
draptM, m. diaper, cloth aeUcr. —a. cloth. 
drastique, n. draetio. — m. (Utd.) dtaaHc, 

. ,. . t». (Lmlktr) shavinii, buffing. 
drafM, T.l. {Leal/ier} shave, buS (with a knife 

drarnlre, /.'shsvios knife, currier's knife. 
drayure, /. ahaviog (of hide). 
dr»cbe, /. (often pi., drtehea) spent wash, 
after distilling atarchy 

thiiiK for dressing or atraight- 
ng, drBHBBr, straightening rod, 

t. borer; (Paper) rag. 

/. dnigA; drua trade; drug shop, 
m. ^ /. dnigpflt, dealer in dm^a, 

dnrit, Tn. right: law; duly, toll; fee. —a. 
right: Btraight; upright; (Ore. Ckcm.) 
right-handed, dextro. — adt. right; up- 
right, perpendiculurly, 

A bun — , with good reason, jiutly. 

de — , rightful; rightfully- 

— de douane, cuetome duty. 

— d'enirée. import duty. 

— proiedéuf, protective duty, protective 

droite, /. Tight line, straight line; right hand, 

', orfi. rightly, justly, judioioualy. 
Luaing, funny, droU- 
I, m, iP/iarm.) dropax. 
- ■ iribble (wool). 

— adi. thiotly. 
dnue, /. (JUtn.) dniBe. 
da. CkintiHctioa of il> I*, of the, from tb;, in 

the, some, etc. (ks de). 
dfl, p.p. it p.n, {from devoir), due, owing, owed. 

Ha — aiter, he haa had to go; he must have 

il aurait — tatoir, he ought to have known. 
dnallne,/. dualin (a kind of dynamite). 
dnallsme. n. duslism. 
dnallRte, a. dualisCic. — m. duallat. 
dnallstlqse, □, dualistli:. 
dnbolUne, /. duboiane. 
dne. m. duke; owl (of certain kinds). 
dnetaC, m. duchy, dukedom. 
dDCtile. dncMble, a. ductile. 
dnctUmèlie, m. ductilimet«T. 
dnctlUU, /. ductility. 
dnltkie, m. weft, woof. 
dnlt», /, weft thread, weft yam. 
" " ■. dulcamarin. 

dulcifying. — in. dulcîËer. 
>n, /, (.Old Chtm.) duleiflcation, 
dniclBcr, v.t. (Old Chxm.) duloify (sweeten, free 

from aeidity. bittemeaa, or the like) . 
duldtûët/. dulcitaa. 
dnldte,/ dulcitol. dulrâte. 

1. Dunkirk. 
^ m. duplicate. 
Of /- duplication. 
dHPUdU,/. doublenen; duplitd^. 

dor, u. hard^ hanh, lough: stiff; hardened, 
inured. — odp. hard; stoutly- — m. hard- 
durabHIlt, /. durability, duiabknu» 
darablBt a. durable. 
■ ■ " -, od». durably. 

/. dunlumin. 

(BM.) duramen, heutwood. 
iQXf prep, during. — a, lasting, long. 

■ix, t.t.. i. & r. harden, 
nu feu, fire-harden, 

dorelsgtuiti p. a. hardemng. 
diirelffietiient, m. hardeaing. 
durcdSBCBT, a. hardemng. ^ m. hardenv. 
dmée, /. duralion, time, time int«rral; life, 
ddreUn, m. British oak (Qvtrau robur). 

doreiit, pr. S pi. indie. 4 tabi. of durer. — 1> 

def. Spl.ot devoir. 
dorer* p.i. last, endure, continue, remvn. 
dmMé, /. hardness, etc. (seQ dur) ; callosity. 
dtiriEloiit m. callooity; opecif., com. 

duret«ui, dai 
dyke, m. ((Teol.) dike, dyke.' 
/, dynamsgn 

djnamltage, m. dynamiting, 
dynamite,/, dynamite. 
driumlterle, /. dyi 
dyiisill]t«llr, m. dynamite maki 

handler: dynamite. 
drnsmltjere. /. dynamite magai 
dyruunoi /. (Blec.) dynamo. 
drnuiuvinc, m. (Eipl.) dyoami 

foods 811 

. e, /. (Phuiic') dyne. 
dysenterie, /. (Med.) dysentery, 

drspnee, /. IMed.) dyspnea, dyspncea. 
dyaproglum, m. dysprosium. 
dTiarmebde, /. dissymmetry, asymmetry. 
dTHSymétrfqae, a. asymmetrical, unaymmet- 

p:hy Google 

(pi., flAuit) *itu liquid) fittiate 
lished fTom precipitate) ; <often 
liquor, liquid; aqufioui extract; 

— adduUt, carbonnted water. aSn>t«d w. 

— ardente, ardent ipirit. 
bnndy), esu de vie. 

— à ttfroidir, cooling wa 


from flower», ben 

— blanche, (PJiorm . 
tion of lead eubscetate; brsD muh. 

— \yrim*t, bromine water. 

— calcaire, calcareous water, limewat«r 
(water Doutainiw cakium salts). 

— campkTée, <PAarm.) camphor water. 

— céleite, eau cétestc (solution ol cupric 

— eémetiiaioirs, {Minins) cement water 

andet amèrea, {Pharm.) 1 

(PAorm.) BtroDfer 

— iTan^. angel water (at 

— de brome', bromine waU 

— de chaux, limewatj 

n da Chint •• «au d'Écypte. 

— de Mort, chlorine water. 

— de chioroforme. (PAvrm.) chloroform water. 

— de ciel, rain water, 

— de Colo^mSi oolosne. CotogDe wat«r, eau àe 


plied to water act removed by ordin 
diyini at 100-120'). 

— de conilùaHtm, water of constitution. 

— de crittaiiiaation, water of crystalliiatj 
oryetal water. 

air at ordinary temperature. 

— de fleur d'oranger, orangO'flower water. 

— de fonUàne, well water, sprinff water. 

— de Oaalard, (Pharm.) Goulard water. 

for turnip hair black. 

— de Jatd. eau de Javel, Javel water. (' 
spelling JareBe is also used b French i 

— de Labarraque. Ijabarraque'a solutioD 
fluid or liquor), eau de LabarrafLue. 

— de Lace, ipid Phana.) eau de luce (miitur 
of oil of amber, alcohol and ammonia, some 
times with balm of Gilead added) . 

— de nuâl, malt extract, malt water. 

— de Mendererue — esprit de Mendererw 
under espnï. 

— de menihe verie, (PAorm.) Bpearmiiit watej 

— da napheC), orange flower water. 

~ dentifrice, tooth lotion, liquid dentifrioe 

— de PerMe - oau d'Egypte. 

— de pimejU de ta JamMque, (PAorm.) 

ie jmHe, well water. 

— dfl savon, Boapfludfl. 

— da SeUi, ScltKT natar; Qn cenenil) tmr- 
bonBted water, sSnted wttUt, *oda water. 

— dt vrarot. BpTioB watw. 

— dt laiUtU, tinlet water. 

— de trempr, {Metal.) hardBmnv watca-, 

— dirit,- eau-de-vie. 

— dt tilli, citr water, tap water. 

— dietaUtdxca 

— ditOUi de ftv, i-o»am. (PAorm.) 
oraDEe flowef water. 

water. witchba«1 «itraet. 

— diattUfa de iavntMent. (Piorm.) cherry- 
lau«! water. 

— dirtilM. d. mmU» jBwri.. {PAorm.) pepper- 

— diumi. de » 

», (PJio™.) r«e water. 

Hvint de Fmid, {Pharm.) yellow merouriol 

-^doime, txeth (not salt) w&ter; soft water. 

— dure, haid weter. 

-^/rrrte, iTQa water, chalybeate water; watei 
in which red-hot iron ha» been fLuenched. 

— ferruffineuêe, iron water, chalybeate water 

— /ralelu, fmh (not stale) water; cool water 

cold w 

— eatfutt, water i 

a«rateâ water. 

— IHBUW ™.p(( 
" plain eodfi." 

oarbonio afâd wati 

a substanee under ordinary dry co: 

nU, hard water (producing u 

HI ia boilen). 

îenns, {Pharm.) solution of j 

rater, medicated 

) bUck □ 

-^ phagidinw'it noirt, {Fharm 

curia] lotion, black wash- 
— ' phÀni^^éet a dilute aqueous solution of 

phenol, weak carbolic acid. 

— potabie. potable water, drinking water. 

— r^aale, aqua regia, nitrohydrochloric add. 

— rouilUii, water ia whioh rad-bot iron haa 
been quenched. 

- — aaUe, salt water, opecif. an aqueoue solu- 
tion of sodium chloride. 

— eaumâtre, brackiah water. 

— èiiénitetM, a natural vi 

— tîtriotiçue, {Mining) 

, hot-epriiui water. 

c, (PAom.) Goulard water 

eaux rttidudfu. reaidual liqu 

Baux TOUCH, IjSoda) red liquor, 

eau^c sainrvu, water that hb 

surface wi^out penetratÈn^ 

te, tgiardt) so 
riuala. privy vaull 


bituidy (or, in geoersl, dinilled 

medium strrâisth u&ed in etching). 

caoi-TanDeB, /.pj. - esui raimee, uoder eau 
ebirbmgf, elnrbcment, m. trimmiiuE. elfl. t«e 

Cbarber, v.t. (renioTe the edgsa, ends or rough 
'.m, clip, part, nip, chip, edge 

raueh-ahftpine fas of a 
ough sketch ; rough draft. 
t, roueh-Hhape, Toughcaat; a 

ébloDlsBement. m. dmiling. 
ebonite, /. ebomte. 
ébonUlaiit, of ébouillir. 
ébonlllantage. m. scaldinc. 
ébODlllBnler, v.t. «aid. 

ébonlltlr, v.i. boil down; bcdl away. 
éboulemcnt, m. falling in, fallinc down, crum- 

bhng; collapse; landslide. 
ëbonlcr, e.r. A i. fall in, faU down, crumble. 

— v.t, cause to fall down, throw down. 
ebOQllB, m. f^len materia], débris, rubbish. 

. of ébouillir. 
Fment, m. shakiiig, agitatian, disturb- 

ahakc, be 


ébranler, >.(. ehake, agitate. — ■ 

shaken, be agitated. 
CbrCchcr, n.I. notch (aa a knife); break; 

boilinc p<. 

ebnilltloil, /. boiling, Geaa often) ebuUitioD. 
ebniKc ji. (Glas.) an iron shovel used for iotro- 

m. Boalina. ete. (see éoailier)- 
/. soale; Sake, chip; shelL 

:aling, etc. (aee CoûUer). 
«eallk», (.1. scale; chip off. Bake oCT: ahell. 

— V.T. Bcale. Bcale off, chip off; ahfd!. 
écmll)ett«, /. Uttle scale; little aheU. 
éolDenl, a. scaly, squamous. 
écsle, /. shell; hull, husk. 

.t. shell 

1. husk. 

6«!»rt«te,/. Ao. aci 

— d.BK*™*, Bi 

brioh sea 


— d. //olIonAr, » 



— d* FeniH, Ven 


et (an 

oU scarlet 

off, remoi 

e the anglm of. 

Ccart, m. variatu 

D. devil 



error; (Optia 


«arf joint 

stepping aside; 


n; atn 


à V~, aside, apar 

— abêùlu. absolute eiror. 

ecboUoe, /. 

be dispersed. 
(Med.) UbcUc. 

éebansmblei a. eichangeable. 
Cchmncer, v.t. exchange. 
/. bracket. 

éshanlllll», m. swapk; qwdmsn 
mod«linfl booid. 

. >.l, Bdinpla, take lunplf 
gace, t«t (u weishta): mil difl 
suDpks of (e.g. Busar) in t^er to obt 
AtAndArd product, blend; make up 
m pattfiroB or abap«; i 

partitions in a kiln. (CertAin articles ai 
Erad in the compartmeats thu» formed ii 
eteod ùi ib aa^gera.) 

Lt«rva]; dear epace; width t' 
opening) ; pitch (of a screw) ; 

AchaDdnn, /. uald. 
edwolfc, m, (LaotAs-) sweating. 
é<A>tlfle, pji. bested; <of wood, et 
R- heating, etcs (wo 

,r. heat, become heated or hot 
become overheated; warm, become warm 
(of wood) diy-iot: (of yam) beoom 

écMant, of tohoir. 
édiec* m. cheek, defeat, fa 
«ebdle, /. Bcale; ladder. 

— pntportùmiuSU, diagonal aci 
't, reduced scale. 

; (ofabdder) 

échenal, (cshanoill. écbcDet. m 

'; (Fsundinf) gate. 

éebet, pr. : 
écberftte, /. ski 

a France 

LUA (a rounded molding), 
echlDDOiqae, tn. (ZaBl.i echiaoeoccus. 

Cthlnao, m. dieeee mold, 

ËcblqiiiH, m. oheokerwork; checkerboard; 

êebo, m. echo. 

.1. faU due; t 

n aground; Fail- 
. . . . ïf «choir. 

tclaboiuier, v.l. eplaeh, ipatt«r. 

éclair, tn. lightning; Bash, gleam; (A—aiine) 

Cclalnge, n. lighting, illuminating, iUuminatton. 

— au DOi, gas lighting. 

— du fond, (in spectra) continuous illumine 
tion, onntinuoue light. 

— électrique, electric lighting. 
Malrant, p.a. illunùoating, Ughting. 

édalrrlr. d.i. clear, clear up; clarify; Chin; 
brighten, poliah; 


_ . it m- clearing, 

see éclurcir). 

p.a. lighlfld, illuminated; well in- 
k1, experienced, enlightened; open, 
eat, m. lighting, etc, (see éclairer); 
leea, clarity. 

v.t. light, illuminate; enlighten; 
i; reoonnoitar. — z.i. give light, 
, gleam; lighten, flash. — -v.t. be 
<d, be illuminated; inform oneself. 

/. (Afed.) eclampsia. 

report, crash; fragment, sptinteT, 
chip ; luster (as of minenUe) ; bright 

— meUUigue, metallic luster; metallic frag- 

eclatant, p.a. bursting, etc. (see éclater); 

brilliant, bright; loud; shrill. 
CcUtemeot. m. bursting, etc. (see éclater). 

ret, shiver, splinter, spht. 


I t fcl WH , m. CSIcc.) apuk c&p. 

— rifftabUt ftdjustablQ npork fnp. 
idUfÊt^r, >.(. eclipse. — i.r. be eo)i|i«d. 
écBlw, /. Bpiintor. ^ilint; fish. fishpbiU, 
é<iefe,t,î. dawn, BppeM; open, bloom; hatch. 
édodDDt/- dAwniof. appeanmc»; blooionuagr 

bloom; hatchioB, hatch, 
(cshlM,/. gluioe; floodgBte; dun; look, 
école, /. nhool; schoclhouse; blunder. 

idol m 

m quality. 

' hid»). 

I. — m. Btewwd, HkbI 

. — B.r. be BOonoaiiKd. 

I. Btrippinc, borkioff, peelinâ. 
vCt J- bark; rind, peel; (earth'a) en 
ÇBot. ^ Anat.) cortex; (S^.) aurfaoe. 
' i Ian, tanbark. 
■ tfrudJamcAT (PAarm.) margoaa bark. 

-~ dt bigarade, bitter orange peel. 

— de boHrdaint, (Phorm.) franffula. 

— (b ceriiier <U Virffinie, (Pharm.) wild 

— de cUne, oak bark; (FAorm.) whit« oak, 

— < de cùtùn. lemon peel. 

— de atoffrte, iPharm.) cabba^e-tree bark. 

, — de grenade, (Ftiarm.) pomegramite, Eran- 

— delà racine de cotonnier, (Fliann.) ootton 
toot bark. 

— de ïa racine de ffrenadief, i_Pham.'i pome- 

— de margotitier, — écorce d^aaédarach. 

— de çuiUaja, tPharm,) loAp bark, qulllaja. 

— de Ian. tanbark. 

I.I. akin: taate touch to 
murder (a lansua^e). 
n. place where tuibirk is 
.1. break o9 tlie ennar of, 

, /. chip, eplinter, 
. a. Scotch, Scottish. 
t, /. eontlaod. 
(. huak. hull. 

m. (Leatiier) removal o 
matter from the Seeh side of the hide. 
in, m. screea; shield; baffle plate. 
éeniMWi m. cmahinc. etc. (see écraser). 

'. . ihed, eto. (we éonser); flat. 

éeruemnit. m. cruahinc. etc. (see écraser). 

crush; niuesie; flatten; t«1iiae; 

separatiDfl (as of milk by 
^crtm^r P.O. Hkimmed; separated; skim (milk). 

écif mett«, /. i] 
eertmeuse, /. a 

fiet^molr, m,, éctémotre, /. skimmer. 

. crawfish; Large tongs for h 
veighte; (Affroq.) Cancer. 

,; spell. 


écrit, pr. 3 ting. ^ 


teAU, m, lull, placard. 
écriture, /, writing; (C 

books; Scripture. 
éerimiii, m. writer: clerk, 
éCrilkUt, a( écrite. 
éerirent, pr, S ji. of *crin 
écriTCur, Tn. writer. 

t, (fema 

(of clotb, etc.) raw, unbleuhed. i 
,ed: (of iron) badly worked. 
. m. a. tnd« Dams for linc peroiide. 
1, m- dùeld; otown (the ooin, at preunt 
Pnjica the iMranfl pie») ; (pL) auaay. 

Idle, /. porringer, bowt, nucsr; <0i , 
«nulle, a nues^^haped metal veMSl 
corerQi on the inside with abort 
lued in obtainins caHatial oil from fruits 
(e.o. orwee). 

iBunt, P.O. foaminf, founy, frothing 
frothy; «onimy. 

— d> /ar, (Uin.) > porout form of hemi 

- da /ante, (Uelot.) i 

le covered with 

édifier, t.l. build, build upT astiafy; edify. 

éditer, iJ. publiah; (leea commonly) edit. 
Cdltenr.'ni, publisher; (teas eommoiily) editor 

1,/. e. 

eduemOoii, /. edi 
Mneatilce, fmt. 

Mulcorant, a, 4 m, edufoorsnt. 

"itf- edulcoratinjE, edulooi 

breeding, raiains. 

n. effect; (Cm.) bill; (public) funda. 
— retardé, delay-action, 
britanl, reodioK effect, ahattering affect. 
micani^ut, mechanical effect. 
MiiU, useful effect- 
— , ill fact, in reality, in effect, indeed. 

efficsdoug, BtTeetiTe, 

adt. efficacicualy. effectively. 
efficacy. efBcadoueneea. 

rawing out. etc (lee effiler), 
iwn out (as a sUn tube), tifwred, 
iDod; deader; raveled; fringed. 

lUaa tube), ttipa, 
- t.r. be drawn out. 

vel. ravel oi 

vel out, pick ti 

e the surface of, i 

'. efBoreaoenoe. 

odisruptive) electric diacharge; 

eAmyant, p-a. frightful, terrible, appalling. 

eOrlter, n.t. render friable, cause to crumble 

■ Lust (aoil). — i.r. crumble. 

frightful, fearful. 

' adv. frishtFuUy. dreadfully. 

e, alike. — in. equal. 

de. equal to. lUce: m companson witn 
CtmlcmeDd iidi>, egually. alike, likewise. — m 

eollotlsll, /. equaliiaCioa; eve 
«CaUser, t.l. onualiic; even, levi 
£(&U»ar, m. equaliser; rE^ulatj 

fiKUd ] 

iflsrdt m. TegBxd, Tp«pect. 
A V — ■ de, with reff»rd to, vith reapect to, re- 

à ttma f^tvda, in all respoota. 
ACArtr p.a. led ABtray, atroy. wuideriiVt loAt; 
scattered; mislaid; miA^uided; diaordored, 
fifarementi nt- wonderiiix; srror; wildncas; 

ésBrer* v.L lead astray; let wander; mialny; 
digotder, dcrtiDEe. — i.r. (o aitny, otny, 
wander; be mlalajd. be lost. 

[iliveo; rinse (linen); prune. 
k degerming. 
remove the germ of, de^erm. 

^borant, #lalmrB(ei)r, 
él&borattoD, /. elaboratii 

elMSCe, m. pnming. 
él^Dert B.r. prune. 
^laldlDe. /. eîaldin. 



ilein. elslD. 
eilKimètra, m. eteaœ 
eUldChrdc, m. puolc 

ébncé. a. aleadet. slim, Call. 
CI&nceTi t.r. sprina, rush, dash. By, soa 
ClUXlI, 1,1, it r. enlsrse. extend, widen. 
éUrsISMIlMnt, m. enlargenu 

élMtlelte, /. elostieity. 

— ie dmiàime jit. (St^nr) airup from which 


eiudque, a. d: n. elutie. 

élmtérUM. /. elaterin. 

— <fc pr<mwr it. (St4ff»r) HTup from which 

«aUl1t«, /, iUin.) elaterite. 

ebteifam, m. (PAarm.) elaterium; (Bel.) wild 

SKe; dnppmfc, dnp. 

fllvacCi m. washing out, waihing. 

«SOUtter, E.(. dr^n; let diip. — t.t. drun; 

«UTer, r.t. waeh out, wash (aaroga). 

diip. — n.r. drsia. 

ébranse, /, washer, —a. waahlDg. 

«CiHItleiir, m. drainer; drain, —a. draning. 

éi«ctlf, a. elective: «deotive. 

drun, drippine. 

élMUOD. /. election, choice. 

«lMttTOm*n(, ode. eleclively; selectively. 

^ODtture, /. draiBiogB. 

«etaTité, /- elcctivity; «lectivity. 

the bunch; cleaning (of ore). 

t^mmer, 1.1. pirk (mm the bunch (as grapn) ; 

Ck«McitC. /. electricity. 

clean (ore). 

électrique, a. eiectric, electrical. 

HntlKIWT, r,l. soralch- 

fsntUnnre, /. ecratch. 

Csran^. t.l. sheU (a» coro): pick (» grspes 

from the bunch); gin (cotton). 

come electrified. 

«Brtnce, m. grinding (as of gloss or diamond). 

Ccrtsé, m., eflns«e, /. diamond powder. 

tKrtsa, I.I. grind (glaaa, moible, tte.). 


egniBer, i.l. grind, pulveriu; metd (gun- 


*SnntIlI*. /. grindings. 

Bwpte./. Eeypt. 

eieetndTMtlon i: 

Hectmlrse. /. elKtrolfna. 
ElectTOlrsVi 'I- eleotrolyie. 
SectmlrBeiir, m. Blectrolyter. 
tiMlmljM, m. electrolyte. 
electrolrtlqiie, a. «leclrolytic. 
eicetrolrtlqpeinent, adr. electiolytiaUy. 
électronucikétlqiiCi o. elecCromacne^- 
aeetroDuwnetlBine, n 

tlectntmotilce. /em. of éleotmmoteur. 
£lee(nni. m. electron. 
H«eBoii£Otlf< "• eleotTDDtgative 
électronlqnef □. electronic. 
éleetrophore, m. electroplmmB. 
électropolalre, a. eleetrapol&r. 
électmpoaltir, a. electropowtive. 
electroscope, m. electroaoope. 
électtoHcopIqtl^f a. electroacopio. 

ei a. electrEBtSitic. — /. eli 

tleetToteebniqae. o 

IcotroteohnieW). —I. 

électNtrleuse, /. masDetic ore separator. 
électrotrpe, m. electrotype. 
élecimtrple. /. electrotypy» electrotype, 
électrotyplquci □. electrotype, electrotypic. 
électnim» m. electrum. 
électiulre, m. (PAarm.l electuary (now oft 

eleotuBiy a 

, the old diAtJnctioi 

been abandoned 
— da ptfivre, e 

; confection. 

ncntf adt- elegantly. 
CKont, a. elegant. 
Oemcnt. m. element. 
éMoMnlalre, a. elementary. 
CKnU, m. eleml. 
aealat, «l«oU(e, m. (PAorm.) a 

II. (PAorm 

CKDUtbe, m. (Af>n.) eleoUte, eUeotite. 
Ëléoplèlie« n. eleoptene, elœoptene. 
ewosacehamm, m. (PAonn.) ebeoeaccbsrum 
élentbérlcn, a, iPharm.) eleuthera, caeeuilla 
éleracd m- raising (of animi^). stock rais 

eiérateBr, m. elevator. — a. eleTsting, eleva 

■•niteur à sodili. bud 
éMntlon, /. elevaUoi 
(UaU.) involution. 
elermtolrc, a. elevaloi? 
S»m, m. A f. student, 

. elevator, 
ineresee (of priée); 

cholar, puful; yoTing 
-/. r8iaing(of ani- 

i. physics student. 

be erected, be produced, e 
élenirci /. pimple, puatule. 
«Iinlii>t«lir, a. eliminatinK, e 
ïllmliutlon. /, eUminatiDii. 
CIlinlnaialTe, a. eliminative, t 
éllmlnatrlce» fern, of fliminati 

e «lever); 

éUntloii, /. {.OU Fharm.) eliiatioii. seething. 

— de pTVpfiiti, {Fharm) tincture of ^o«s and 

— dt Kiivt, (PAom.) oompound tincture of 

tu), {PltiirTA.) par^ioric, oamphi 
ated tincture of opium, 
— ntrioliqae. (PAorm.) aromatio cuHurio »o 
elixir of vitric^. 

elbvo-t^^nlqne, a. ellaeotannio. 

e, m. {.Bot.) helleb 


«IKbortne, /. 

elUpM, /. eilipae; (Gmmt 
elUpaoMal. a. ellipeoidal. 
rlUpaoIde, m. it a. ellipei 
elUpUqae, a, elliptic (al), 
Cktse, m. eulogy, 

eMcDê, p 

. removed, t 

ftolgneineiit, m. removal, eto. 

dijitance; absence; neglect. 

iMgner. i>,I. remove: defer; 

be distant, be diftereat. 

tlu, p.a. 

lected, elect. 


«uder, , 


, emaciated, veiy thin. 

Mil, m. nuMi; (Cram.) ^ue (the te- 
■trietod tvI*oine to Uis'fthiidier «od lea 
fiulble (ÛKa, wbetber tnuupuent or 
opwiue, and by'oth«re to the opaque glftKS 
whidi K» oUled eaamela in Ensliab). 
— it cobalt, iiiult. 

□eliDE: (luiuc (see «mail). 
n1; slue (■« tmùl). 
leling; rUimg {see éimùl) , 
' '; gl&Kr (see Amùl). 

emballA|;«, m. packinc^ pAcldn^ case. 

"■ laolt, pack up. — i.r. hurry ofl, 

(o( ■ réaction) beoome violent; 

einbulller> i.r. barrel. 

I. a. erubarTBHÎag. 
:. obstrue 

tangle. — p.r. be erubarrassed ; be ea- 
tangled; (with dt) trouble oneself (about). 
tntbtat, f.UTech.) shoukter, Beat, ban. 
embmunre, /. walla lot a slan lumace), 

emtieUlr, i.i. embellish, improve (in appear^ 

sèment, m. embeUishment. in 
ment, ornamentatJOD, sdorament. 
HUblèe. In the phrase d'tmbUe, at dj 

«mbolteiDent, m. fittuw, ete. (see embo' 

embolt», T.i. fit. fit in. nest, join, ioii 

gage, put together, dovetail, mertise, i 

— i.r. fit together or into each other, 

together, he enfoged. 

tyttènu par — , arûndle system, skewer sysl 

emteodMr, i.l. (£1«.) (I) insert, cut in, (2) 
ranffe id serin; put oa a q>ii]die; spit, 
embranmeiaeiit, m. elouding, etc. (see u 

embranlDM', v.t 
embnmlTi i.I. b 
embrjwt, m. en 

eleud, fog, obaoure; embrniL 

eroérite, a.' 

meritus; skilled 

by long 'practice. 

v.r. wmhJ». 

«met, pr. S tint, of émettre. 

«metlDB, /. 



— ds bori 

soluble cream 

[ tartar, a nib- 

stance p 


— d./<r. 

emiaecr, t.l. mine 
eminence, /. e'mii 

- — à bu/uniTiBlte, bayoaet : 

nmsiieber. i.!. pntvids with & b 

futen, atUoh. join; becin- - 

êmotloD. /. I 

émoudrei s A- grind, iharpen {edged tools). 
ëmoiilacei m. grindins (a! edged tooli), 
CmoDluit, q( émoudn. 

'□mid. sbnrpened- 

frae hom foiim; dull, blual 

t. puk, pftok up, 

emparer, t.r. (vitii di) take up. absccb. uaini 

lata, dinolve; take poaaenion of. ««n. 

1. (Pharm.) emptum, empasma. 

. B.r dye blue with woad. 

empUate, m. embedding, etc. (see emp&ter 

eithe' by the cold proceas or by boilinj 

malt as a preliminary to mashing. 
«mpitcmeiit, m. embeddiiiK. etc. (eee en 

pasty, impasU: iky on thickly. iiiip«st« (aa 
colora): fill with paate: «log (aa a " ' 
atu9 ffowh). 


n. ba», (oundatian, foottng, 

. prevented; hindered; per- 
pleied; oooupied; iweoecopied. 
«ecbcmoit, nt. impediment, hindnnoe, 

ivent; impede, hiodar, op- 
sfrain. help. 
«mpclKiie, /. (LtaUur) vainp, upper. 

s.l. ataich, stiffen with atareh. 

atink, have a Foul odor- 
j t-t. entangle, embarraafl. 
emplUM, /. emphasie. 
einpbatlquci a. emphatic (al). 
emphatiquement, ad>. emphatically, 
emidir>Cmat«iu, a. (Mal.) emphysematoua. 
emphysime. m. (Hid.) emphyaeou. 
emptÛreOMat, m. maoadamiiiDs; broku. 
atone (for roada), road met 
atone ballaat (for railways). 

maoadamiae. metal. 

. on, invade, infringe on. 

empllact, empUement, m. piling, piling up, 
stackiiie; pile, stack. 

pile, pile up, ataek. 

, a. emplastic, adheeiye. 
npUtre, m. (Pharm.) plaster. 

— adhésif, adhesive plaster. 

-— valrnant, — ciphalique, opium plaatar. 

— di beUadcme, belladonna plaster. 

tharidea plaater. 

— de liiharoe, lead plaster. Htharge plaater. 

— dt matthal, menthol plaster. 

— de pJomÂ, lead plaster, diachylon plaster. 

— ris poil canûtaridt, warmioff plaster, ean- 
tharidal pitch plaster. 

— df poû de Bourgognx, pitch ptaater, Bur- 
gundy pitch plaster. 

— dt moon, soap plaster, 

— diadiylrm, dia-^lon, Gn modern usage) 
lead plaster. 

— d'iodMte de jiamb, lead iodide plaat' 

r, wlhflHVe pLoAtAT. 
' HmpU, lemd plaator- 
^ temporal, t^um plABter. 
' vitiratoin, cuithaiid« «rtte, UiBlenna 

p.n. filled, full. — f». (Suenr) B 
e in which irystalliBen for low- 
H Bugu- ue pltwed to be heated. 
" r. fill, fill up. 

pr. J nn{r. of eiaployer. 

■■get m. leadinfl: vpecifr, lînïoe c 
ic with leul; (AfilaJ.) smelting of si 

onpoli, m. Marsh pi 

— d'amidon, atarch ptute. 

t, f. {Mofh.) beariiur. 

pitch, cover with pitoh. 

m. [0?a«) manipulation with 

■J. (fflow) mauipulate <« «h^» 

iDty or pontil. 

U m. punch, puncher. 

weigh ; aurpaai. prenul o^ 
i.a. purple; purpled. 
1.1. purple, color purple, 
pf. of empreindre. 

vmpfmtt m. borTDwÎDfl; loan. 
«T- — . borrowed; uaumed; artificial. 

.a. borrowed; anumed; ajtïficïa]; 

cmpTKume, n. empjreuma. 
m. rival, oompetitor. 

milk of almoad. 

>n.) chloroform emul- 

— d-taaux ât IfrAmAtu, (PAona.) emnl- 
fùon of oil of turpeatine. 

— ' d'hui2tf de /air df irwnu. (PJbarm.) emulvon 
ef cod Hver fdl. 

— d'Jhuâtf de rïein, (PJburm.) ciaat<« tnl mii- 

by, while (or ant Ifanalated), - 
stead of ât fui, Sait, etc.) of hi 
it, of them, from him (her, it, 
(aee deï ; hia. hera, ita, theira; 
}m the fact that, ii 



(ui]' ot Tuîoai 


u ud ii»d □ 

ireod. katber. etc.); an îm 

terial for 

ui»; eDoivrti 


■pKfttkHis: en 


put or Btore in a «IIbt. 


eDcelnt, pr. 

S ™a. * p.p. of ai 


innH from a kiod of 

tndZf, fronkineeiue. 

mcbmai, m. (Ltather) lim« tiquor. 
aocMic, /. bid. bidding, auction. 
eitebCrir, I.I. ruH the price of: bid tor. - 
bidi become dearer. 

euebétlBHment. m. rise, increase (in prii 
encberaaeber, a.1. rabbet. 
enchfnêlrclnenti m. entanelitis; iiit« 

entAïisle, tanfile, (of cry 
lerlace; haltor, — i.r, become eota 

i,v.l. tmi: oil (olotb). 

. to. — enelenchemeat, 
onclBTe./. twundary; enDloaure; reoeas. 
encUTcr, e.l. incloee, enclone; fit, look. I 
ved^. key. 

«mcItqiiefaiBe. m. ratchet mMbanûm or (ear, 

mdOTC. T.I. inoloss, enclotie, include. 
«aelftAfp.a. incTosed, included. — m.incloeiire. 
•Dchiine, /. anvil. 
enclnmnaa. enctamiot, m., enclamette. /. 

1. obatnielJng. eDcumbering; 

obstaole, impedintont. 

— noire, black ink. 

— TtmQt, red iok- 

— 9j/m/patlivjue, Hympatbetic inlf. 
art, P.O. inked. 

ereaéi 1. (Meiol.) twice bested and buumered. 

encri«r, m. inketand; ink block. 

eacff Tore. o. ink-removing, ink-deetroyinc- 

rocniûtenteiit, m. incrustins; incruatation, 

ise» f, endoemosLB, eTidosmoM' 
endoamollqiie, a. Endounotic. 

1 m. (Po^) endosperm, 
gne, a. (Sof.) eaduapermio. 

cndothcvailqnrt a. endothermia. 
endotmliie, /. endotoiin. 
BndotryptAse. /. eadotryptsse, 
endroit, m- pToce: looality^ ùdc, point; right 
Bide (of a fabric); passiuEe fin a book). 
& V^ dt, with mi»ect to, ivith regard Co. 
d «i?n — , with regard to it (him. her). 
endntre, r.l, cost, cover, (reat, overlay, dope, 
endalMnt, of enduire. 
endaKi nt. coat, oostiag, layer; (sometbins 
used for ooating) wash, paint, pLutter. ete.; 
ffor airp^ea) dope; (Cwam.) Klase, glai- 




black wa! 

t. harden. 



C« m. hardeniiiR. 
endurer, r.r. endiirc; allow, permit. 
énergétique, a. eneiKetic; enersy-producini 

— mioanvpLf, mecEumical enersy- 

— Oiernivpie, heat energy, therm»! «»rgy, 

— MtHisabU, available energy, 
f nerglaue, a. enerEetic, 
énerglquement, ml», energetically. 
enhlter, v.t. fill (a slass pot) propeily so thai 

the batch in it haa a rounded top; cover 

enOtnWi /■ iofanoy. ohildhoodL 
enAnt, m. A /. cluld; infant. 
enfimtement, m. childbirth. 
enAnter. il. bring forth, give bi 

ig (a road); bscia on; head (pioa). 
innire, /. row, Hri«, string; atringing. 
iflOf adv. m abort, at Last, finally. 
illuniDÊ, p.D. ifnited, wt on fire; burning, 

iflimmer, r.t. set fire to, ignite, kindle. 

llU. P.O. inflaCod, iwullen. swelled, puffed up, 

iflement, m. inflation, etc. (see enfler). 
Jlcr. (.1. inflate, swelt. blow up, puff out; 

e, /. inflation , swelling, t\ 

enfonee, p 

eofooeeineat, m, ■ïnlcing, eto. (see e 

recess; hollow; depth. 
enfoocN, t.i, gink, loner, plunge; di 

break in, break open; deepen; bottom 
(casks). — B.r. sink; plunge. 

/. hoUow. hole. OBvity, deprenon; 
n (of a cask). 
, t.i. shape, fashion. 

eofoiirchemeat, m.. enfonrebiire, /. tcrk, 

enTouTnementi enfouriuMCe. m 

ifourner, t 

t, begin. 


enlbnmeari m. o 

n fchappade. iCeram-) \ 

Lents in the kiln (cF. Ëehappade). 

(Qliui) pot filler; 
CCeram.) oven num, kiln man. 
p.jw. of enfroindre- 
f. infringe, violate. 
. of enflure. 

enfonuge, m. smokini, etc. (si 
Ceram.) heating to about 1' 

lûiy, iDveotlastioa. 
•in*, of Boquérii. 

'Dot. — ir.r. loot, be Toot«d. 

enrBTBie, enrBremfiit, m. chicking, «to, (esc 

entmrer. r,i. checli. reatrain; atop, jam (ma- 
ohinery) ; brmke ; lock (u a wheel) : Bpok« 
ta wheel). — D.r. (of maahipery) rtop. fùl 
to «<sk, jam. 

«mgllbQBimti n. repetraticH], re^isteriaff, 
recordinK, nët«il; redstr;. 
,L ngietor, record. 

enrobeT, .-i. 


; Bpecît., cover with 

a protftîting envelope <aa foods with (elatin 

orparaffio): (Uicra 

1.) Bmbed. 

m. «king 

hardening [of gun- 

ir the Uke), 


t. riprap. 


enroimW, P 

o. rusted. I 



ooroflhiwd); rolUM. rolling up. 

shunt winding. 


aumder, • 

wind Cwii 

«, etc.); roll, roU up. 

s, m. bagging, tacking. 

itain with blood. 

— B.r. be heard; be urn 
agree; undenitand, — v-i. hear. 

— A hear to, consent to. 

itondOi p.a. heard, understood, etc 
tendre) : capable, intellisent: 

entante, /. understani 

log; i^t«lligence, at>iuty; 
MitCroUlUM, /. enterokinsH 
m. burying, h\ 

«D-Utc, m. heading (of reading matter). 
eat«te, a. stubborn; aDecled with headache', 
intoiicatad; infatuated. 

entlefi a. entire; whole, integral (numbers}', 
selt-wilTed, obatlasle, — m. whole, en- 
tirety, total, toUlity; (J rifh.) integer, 
en —, whale, entire; wholly, entirely, Iiilly, 
in full. 

entKnmenti adi>. entirely, wholly, fully. 

entoilé, a. cloth-covered; mounted on olctb. 

entonniwe, entonnenient. m.. entannalaon. 

lutting in caske. 



B, /. fprtaine) pUee where fl« 
I filled. 


fff' — , fuimel-flhaped, fiumel^-lilce, infundi- 

— A bmlt, bulbed funad: bulb-ehaped {im- 
nel, aqjarSitins funnd. 

— à bromt. bromine funnel, 
-^ A fiilrer à ckattà, — à fiitr^iiion chaude. 

Funnel for hot filtration, hot wfttsr (hot «ir. 

— ajouré, Qpenwork f imnet. 
(funnel vith large holes in 

— A longue dowUie. 1 

y funnel (butb-stasped, 

— ctsnnài, channeled funnel, libbed funnel. 

— ffn pffTcefainf , porcetun funneL 

I that Burrounda) 

ibeUnes, bowela^ 
if being carried 

itorsfle; placing in bond, 
entNpDser, i.t. store, depont. warehonee; 

place in bond, 
enbriHWMir, m. warehouse ke^nr; bonded 

entnpoHltalre, m. bonder; depoeitary. 
BIllrcpAt, m. waiehouae; bonded warehotoe; 

be kept, 1 
nintlen, n 

eiempa) meantime, meu 
. maintain, keep, keep up 
srsewith. — i.r. benuiinl 
kept up: maintain on»el 

entretient, pr. a ting, o 

tnxjaix, /, eaiyme. 

eocene, a. it 'm. (ffeol.) Ek»enB. 

eoUpUe. tellpyle, m. eolipile, KDliinla. 


either m 

LDically o: 

□ wool or wool cIdUi, 

-boniBinE) : 


fipBlller, ".1. deprive (wool, or wool oloth) [ 
vegetable matter (see épaillafre); strip (BUKf 
csne) of the lower leavca; cleBo (gold). 

épris, a. thiok. — m. thickueas: lEItc.) densit' 

' * /. thioltneM. 

fipancbement, m. effusion i 
épanchât t.t. pour out, enuse. — D.r. oe 
effused, ,(M«i.) be entravflnatod; overflow. 

oâtgB, n, atma^oe; SDattcring; distfit 
tioa; ■bedding; (5fuo(») dj^oea' 
gewa«e by flowing it upon land, lûd ti b 

«ptUtdM, r.[. siHwrf; scatter, distribute: ' «d. 

-..r. spread. 

épMioidT, B,(, open, eipand; oaose to bloom. 

— V.T. expsod. spread; open, bloom. 

opening (of flowers); (Mec.) pole piooe. 

round, cover: involve. 

BiiTcrra, fut. S nw. of envoyer. 

«pupUlement, ™, eeatt«1ng. 

«p>rplUer. ..(. «atter. 

pots in order to faiaJilste [uâon. 

ipaule,/. shoulder. 

eaTcre, m. reverse, bank ùde. wrong eide. 

— prep, toward, to, with regard to. 

epkuler, ..1. support, aid; shoaldtt. 

à J'—, wrong side out, up«de down, wrong. 

«peaDtre, m. (Sol.) spelt. 

«lTl«, /. envy; longing, desire. 


CIlTler, r.l. envy; long tor, daure. 

#p«dM', ,.t. spell. 

entleni, a. envious; deeirous. 

epellaUan. /. spelling. 

enTiron, ad., about. 

Cperon, m. spur; buttress; breakwater. 

«DTlroDI, environs, suburbs. 

enTOl, tn. sending, shipment; parcsl or loode 

— amir» rcmbouriemeat, C.O.D. dlipmant. 

— A-anM. sent free, 
envole, pr, 3 Hno. of envoyer. 

epl,m. ear,head(ofgraia); «pike; tuft; jetty: 

epUge, Cplatloo, /. earing, heading (of grain). 

envoUta, n.r. warp, bend (in tempering). 


eDToler, t.r, fly, fly away, fly off. 

Cpic«, v.a. spiced; pungent, biting. 

épleer, . (. spioe. 

— cherclitT. send for. 

épicerie, /. groceries (spiees, tea. ooffeo, sugar. 

épidote, m 

fplUKC. m. 

I, /. epilation, deinlatdon. 

fpllabilie, a. A m. epilatory. depilatory. 
ïpller. T.t. epilate. eradicate (hair). 
epUobr, m. (Bol.) willaw.herb. 
eplnace. m. (Soap) drawing off of the aqueous 

layer after the soap has been salted out. 
éplnud, m. apinaeh. 
éidDceler, éplncetct. ipiaetr, t.l, burl 

éplae, /. thorn; spine; {Soap) a tube used to 

draw off the aqueous layer from beneBth 

the soap; (Afefol.) a slwrp point on the 

fplIMIU, a. thorny, spiny, prickly. 

drying tower, calcium chloride jar. 

Cptee-rinette, /. (fîof.) buberry. 

— àpM. oïliuda with foot, eybuder. 


— dratntirs, oylindw with a vertid ohuuid 

épiDSiN, r.l. pin; priok. 

ipmitn, a. npin&l. 

emdxble, a. exhMstible. 

f pnisé, p.a. eihausted, spent; out of print 

f PIUO, T.t. .pliw. 

«puiser, cl.eihsust; eitraot; «enaà; drain. 

«pbtor, t.(. rsduoa to puts (by grinding). 

used for «itrasting beet juioe from the 

«[riDehage, n. pioking; Mrutiny. 


«Ptactaer, O.I. piok, cl«n; scnitoii»; weed. 

tplnehnre, /. pioUnss. luvings. pwin«^ eta. 

finer {« of oils); cleaner, —a. puiilyina, 

«pointer, D.t.bmk the pointai; paint. 


— de jAatini, platinum qnnae (specif., puii- 

eporatlOD, /. purification, purifying; refining; 

scrubbing (of gases); cleaning; refinement. 


époofuce, «. ,ç«ngin«. 

«pore, P.O. purified; refined; pure. 

CponstiT, 0,!. moncB. 

époque, /. epmh. 

«purer, v.t. purify; refine; scrub (gasea); clean. 

Cpoowr, >.l. «pouH. 

cleanse. — c.r. be purified, etc. 

fipoiuutaKe, m. dating. 

epoDSwtoir, m. inull dusting brush. 

mais <»p. old horses, mules, etc.), kuack«'a 


epoDtl, m. foreign natter in «ool cloth. 

«poutler, époaUr, v.t. burl (oloth). 

fpanrantablei a, frightful, drcsilful. 
epoDTanter. e.t. frighten, terrify, dismay, of épreindre. 

. _ expressed, preaeed, aqueesed. 
pr. 9 àno- of épreindrc. 

t; trial; experiment; proof; 

d r — dt, proof against. 
à V — de l'eau, waterproof. 
à r— du /m, fireproof. 

— à cAatid, hot tcet. 

— à froid, cold lost. 

bunrting teat. 

— de cKale^ir, heat ttat. 

— de durei, endurance tei 

test; try, prove; experienoe, 

undergo; fepl. 

^roavette, /. oyUnder (dsttow upright vessel, 

UBuslly of glass) : gage; teat bar, test piece: 

{Aeêa^fino) éprouvette, small spoon for 

— i etatUe tupfrieure, oyLinder with enlarged 
top, hydrometer jar. 

;i]erragG, nt- bevel, bevehng, dihedral ai 
inem, /. square; right-angled iron «* b 

right-angled elbow. 
à — , square, at right angles. 

, a. equidistant. 
tquilatersl, «qullatSre, a. e 
«qnlllbrMK, <n. equilibration 

«qulmolénilalre, a. 

equipage; < 

-ew, party (of worki 

«qalpotentlel, a. equipotentiaL 
«qultable, a. equitable. 
CqutTSlsnt, of Équivaloir. 
«qnlralemmeot, odi. in an equi 

livaleni», equivalency. 


évOlTBlentlltei m. an adhenut nf tbs doetrins 

o[ eqiùvaleals. equîialentiat. 
CqSlntlnir, /. equi-nJeace. 
équivaloir, t.i. be equiruleM. 
équivaut, pr. 3 «tn^. of équivaloir. 
équivoque, a. equivocaL —/, eqi 

— dt aeiçU, ergot of ryv. 
WCOtéi a. ercoted, spurred (■■ ryt) ; m 
«rfoUne, /. eiaotiniDe; (Pkarm.) erao 

eriMiIItbe, n, emolltb 
émder, 1. 1. arode, 
CnMir, a. eronve, 

evTUiti a. vaDderiiiE, «nat. 
cmtique, a. erratic. 

plwtio oompcntiou). 

errtbeme. in. {Mad.) erythema. 
érrthrine, /. erythrin. 
éiTtbrItCi /, erythrol. Brythrilol, errthrit*. 
teythrodeitrliM, /. erythrodeitiin. 
éwjtluapblHiÈe, f. erythrophleine, 
brUiroplirlIc, /. (fini.) aytluophyUCm). 
. érrtbioxrlcn. (Bol.} any member of thsocni 

es, prep, in the. 

eanrbonele, /. (Afin.l ci 

. omul; apiial; spiral at 

.1. Q«h (hidH). 
, Bt«ep; escarped. 

t, m. Scheldt | 
re, /. (Med.) aactiar, i 
n. eeohel (variety c 

Irlne, /. eaeriue (phyAfttticodue). 

— doa, closed (or iocloBBd) apace. 

— mori, dead space, 
ipaciu, distance, interval. 
9. place at 4 distance apart. 

— de doM, wood spirit. 

— de camphre, iPharm.) spirit ol eamphoT. 

— de «rnnelle. iPham.) spirit of oinnaraoa. 

— de AfindfrlriM, (PAorm.) spirit of Mindar^ 

— de peCrsfe, petroleiun spirit. 

— de raifort compati, (PAorm.) oompovbd 
spirit of horserxdiah. 

— de eeJ, spirit of salt (old name for hydron 

— de vinaiare, glacial nt 

— pj/roac£lit/Jie, c 

e. spirit of sal aomioiL 
ne, (ethyl) alcohol. 


(old D 

PfffoliffntuXr — pifTCJEvIt^ue, pyroli^DeoDB 
apirit, pyroiylic spirit (wood spirit, wood 

efI«1t-de-Tlii, nt. spirit of wine, sJoohol. 

ewinlUe, /. eijiater (oF bone). 

eaqolUeiu, a. splintery. 

esqnlne, /. chinaroot (rootitook of SmiUa 

eaqalue, /. sketch, outline. 

Mqulsser, t.f. slielch, outline. 

esquiver, c.(. evade. 

eual, m. test; tartioff; analyvs; sample, pcr^ 



à cAaud, hot te 
i fraid, cold teat. 

— dt durée, cnduTftlloe tttX- 

— jiar Boie humtde, wet AiLftlyaiB, uialyÙB by 

r 3{ 9-ahaped objeo 

taatwlnew, i 

(Eaglisb ui 

; (oftr 

of fluential oIIa, aiiho it is aomelJiii« uwd 
of the oiTfl theiDKlv» vid of other volatile 

— arwlatw, mn Amencnn oil of turpentine 
9i>ld lb EuelaDd ood Antwerp. 

— anHhvstinqui, (Phitrm-) fetid apirit of 

— arlifirUlh, any u^oial subatitole for 

— d'abèinthe, oil of wormwood, 
indei amiret, oil of bitter ilmoud. 

— dé bioarader dû of bitter-oranse peeL 

— de bouieau, — de bituia^ oil of sweet bi] 
oil of betula. 

— de tùpahu, oil of eopuba. 

— ' de eubibe, oil of cubeb. 

— de eucaiyptue. oil of eucalyptun. 
— * de fenoml, oil of fennel, 

— de gavUhfne, oil of gaultheria, oil of w 

— de Btniitrt, oil of juni^»r. 

— de hidêoma, oil of hedeoma. oil of peni 

— ■ ds laeande, oil of lavender. 

— de muK, extract of malt. 


tence de menthe poivrée, cûl of peppennint. 

— de menihe verte, oU of spearoÛDt. 

— de mioffuli, oil of miaouli (froia Meïaicitat 

— de mirbanf , oil (or essence) ol mirbane, 

ie, volatile oil of muatard. 

e, (volatile) oil of nutmeg, cnl of 

ain, see under p^tii-arain. 
petroleum apirit (a rather loose 
ed Co volatile petroleum distil- 

— d'trigirrm, oil 

— de roM, oil of ro 

iron, oil of Seabana, 


— de uron, an alcoholic soap aolution. 

— de lempline, oil from the cono» of Iho sUvet 
Ër {Abies pieea), 

— de Uribealhine. oil (or spirit, or essence) of 

— de Uribenthitie purifiie, (PAorm.) rectified 
oil of turpentine, 

— de Ikj/m, oil of thyme. 

— de vaiériane. oil of valerian. 

— arasae, reaiuiSod oil of turpentine, ueed in 
porcelain painting, 

— indienne, an oil of oamphor formerly used 

— ntinSraU. Rasoliiie, petrol, 

— natureile, eesential lùl (volatile oil of natu- 

— . rei^ifiie, (PainUno) rectified oil of turpen- 
{For the TQcaiting of other phrasee with plant 

IOÏÏ, m. Sight; progress, advance. 

iontti n. drying (see «sorer) ; seal 

mwtw, 1.1. dry (without heating, as by ex- 

poeure to air, wringing or centrifugalisiiM): 

euDTtr, >.l. wipe, wipe off ; dry^ endure, Btasd 
Ml, m. eut. — pr. a «no. of «trt, 
estuadB, /. ëtockade; [runewerk; plBtform. 
WtsfDOD. tn. B Dopper or tinplatc contunB 
used for traiuportiiig oils, etc. 

MtamptUace, m. bIi 
catampUIe, /. lUmi 
estampUIiir, i,i, atai 

r, m- «tsmp, punch. 
Mt-ce que. Used in askiii^ quntions- 

gu l> earpt fmit doea the aubalauM 

PI, Btomooh. 

eatmon, m. (Sol.) tumiED: 
oaJJed eBtrogoa (Artemiti 
B, /. (QloH) tadle. 

«tal>ll,p.a.«<:.(we«t»blir). — m. 

bench, wDrkbench; frame (as of a lathe). 

Ctabllr. D.l. eslablinh; fii, net, l»y, place; erect. 

«Use, m. story, floor; layer; 

step; (MintTi|7l level. 

«User, -.(. arrange in row» o 

ét«ere, /. Bhelf; «t of sheh 

ÉU1, m. etay, prop. 

étalent, t«p. 3 pi. of «tre. 

et>lm, m. fine carded wool. 

euin, m. tin; pewter vea«l 

— 4aU«. tinfoil. 

— de elace. biimuth. 

— m Uaa, block tin. 

— ™/e<.iU«, Bhe«tOo. 

— sW., gray tin; IpidCha 

tfti, m. bother atall (or shop). 

. — dt bouchmt, butcher stall (or shop). 
taU«e. m. (Ueplay; (of a (uroaoe. pi.) boebes. 
taler, z.L spread, epretul out; display, show. 

— i.T. spread, apread out; smear; (of ink) 


itandardiBog; ealibratinn; 


- au rÎRc, linckinci ffalvaniiiiiff. 

- dtt ^laaK, iilverinx of mirrors. 

- Bolganique, galvamiiiu- 

mtr. I.I. tin: (in Kensral) coat with * mst^ 

plate, silver, galvani», line, etc. 

mine, r.baltineeloth, tammy; (£«<.) stamen. 
etampacc, m. ■Caiapisi;; awacios. 
«ampe, A stamp; swsfe: panch: die. 
étampc* v.l. stamp; swage; punch, 
étamnre. /*. analloy ufledfortinning; thel^^ 

produced by tianing. 
étanebe. a. tight. 
à —, tiaht. 

— à la Hpeur, — dt sapeur, steant-tight» 

— A I'enu, — d'eau, watar-liBbt. 
étaneWll«, /. tightnen. 

étanclier, >.l. stop, stanoh; make bcht; oilk; 

queueh (thirst). 
étancon, m. prop, stay, stud, shon. 
étanK, m. pond. 
étaoti p,pr. of Eire, 

'. stage ; halting plaoe. 

-, this l>eiDg the c 


etat-nujOT, m, slatT; BUS olSoe. 
États-Unlii, rn-ri. United Stats. 

— d main. — porUiHJ, hand viae. 

eUnl,, of «Uu; o[ «t^ 

«tarer. v.l. prop, etay, support, shore up. 

«t*, tn. summer. — p.p. of être (to be). 

eielcnaat, ol éteindre. 

éteindre. t,t. eitïnguïsh; put out (flr«, lighta); 
quench (flame, metals, etc.); slake (tine); 
cancel; dim; allay. — s.r. t>e extincuiabed, 
go out. be quenched; become extinct; dû; 

elat. p.a. eitliicuished, BlBked, etc. (lee 
^tfdndre); out; faint, dyina; extinct. 
— ■ pr. 3 9ino, of éteindre. 

ntdAffe, m. diTutino, dilii^?; BtTAtflhing, 
etc. (aee étendre) ; (Glim) Satteninc: 

endrc, E.I. di 



.; ftpreut. atreteh, 

Clendn, p.a. dilute, diluted; stretched, etc. 

{see étendre) ; extensive. 
élendtH./. eitension; extent, compara, length. 
éternel, a. etern&l. 
ét^mnement, $t«rnânun(| m. snaenug, 

CIcniDW. D.I. soeeie. 
files, pr, i pi. of 8(ie (to be). 
fitCter, I.I. remove the head of; top (trees). 
eUuU, m. ethal (cetyl alcohol). 
«tluâqne, a. palmitic (acid); catyl (alcohol). 
tth»iu>l, m. ethanal (acetaldehyde). 
ac, m. ethane 

1. ethan 

il. ethyl alooh 
^. (Some I 
apply the t 

add «alt). 

— amj/ta^oUux, — - amvinitreux, amyl 

— anetChiai^Ke, anesthetic ether (sti 
purified ethyl ether). 

— OHjteai, nitrous sstet, (old usage) i 
ether; specif., ethyl nitrite. 

— aaiteux oUotAiai, (Pharm.) spirit of I 

— eht^hifdrique. hydrochlorio eater, (or^nic) 
chloride: speoif., ethyl chloride, ohloro- 

— dt pifroU, petroleum ether. 

— «IMiftw. ethyl ether; ethyl «ter. 

— hydriodique, ethyl iodide, lodoethane. 
'— hydrigm. hydrie ether (ethyl ether). 

— hydrochiorique, ethyl chloride, ohloro- 

'•^ mtthuHodhydrigue, methyl iodide, iodo- 

— mflhs/ligof, methyl ether; methyl cater. 

— TOélhyt^icique, methyl silicate. 

— numoddBrhydrigae, (organio) monocblo- 
rids; ^widf.. ethyl chloride, chloroeth- 

— nitrique, »» ether aeotique. 

— officinal. iPharm.) purified ether, ether. 

— officitiat alcoolùi. {Pharm-) spirit of ether. 

— pur, (Pliarm.) ~ ether officinal. 

— jtyroacitigue, 'pyroacetic cthST (oW DUne 

— ^i. ethereal salt, eater. ^ 

— sjiifurÉ, thio ctbHT, sulfur ether, (Mgaoio) 

— tulfuriqui, sulfuric ether (ordinary or ethyl 
ether) ; sulfuric ester, specif, ethyl sulfate. 

— 9uifurique aicootieê, {Pharm.) spirit of 

tbere, a. ethereal; specif., pertaining to etben 

étbérène, m 

I name for ethylene, 
etherifyinc (or esterifying) 
apparatus, ethorifier (or esterifier). 
ethérlflcaUon, /. uterification; etherifieation, 

(Ree the note under AAcr). 

ethérlBer, k.i. eatcrify; t^herify. (See «W,) 

— r.r. be esterified, eatfirify; beetherified. 

éthêriqnc. a. pettsinini to ordinary ether, 

ethereal, ether; pertuning to ethers (or to 

etherlMttoo. /. etherifioatûon 

tient see éthet); (Med.) etheniation. 
etherify; esterify; etheriw. 
-ler-alcohol, of or 

éther^iirde, tn, ether, (organic) cxide. 
etber-sel, m. ethereal salt, eater. 
CUllanlane. a. cthionic. 
éthlopa, m. (Old ChiM.) ethiops. 

— martial, elhiops martial (black o 

— minerals, ethiops mineral (black n 

— per H, black onde of merouiy, me 

eOiaiy-. ethoiy-. 
éthoirle. m. etboiyl. 
fithrlamlde, /. ethylamlnn. 
ethrUnUne, /. ethylamine. 
fithrUdlUne, /. cthylaniline. . 


e. /. etbylbeoHiw. 

éUule, m. ethyl. 

«thru, ti.a. ethyl, ethytated. 

Çtlirltae. m. ethylene. 

Bi /, gthylene dimi iÏDe, 


ethrUoe-dlthlDl, m. ethyleiuMlithioU*«thuie- 

CthrUnlqiiei a. ethylene, (leas often) ethylenie. 
CtbJICiiolactlqin, a. ethylene lutio (hyd»- 

étbjlix, t.l. ethylate, introduM ethy! into. 
ethrllaqne, /. ethylamine. (Obê. or Sore). 
ethrlldfinlqnc, a. etbylidene. 
eihrHdtnolMtlqtiç, a. ethylidene lutic (d«Bs- 

natiUE lactio Acid proper). 
étbrUqoe, a. ethyl, ethylis. 
étbylitiAlDiilqaei a. ethylmaïonic, 
CtivIpbêD^etloiie, /. ethyl phenyl ketona 

(x>Topiophenone) . 
CthTbninirlqa*, a, ethylaulfurie. 
fithrtnnB m. ethide (blnuy oompooad of ethyl). 
etlneelmnt, p.a. aporklinc, BpArldDc. 
tUneeter, i.i. ipuide, apuk. 

— iUeiHgut. electric epark. 
éttnmllBiiieiitf m. sporldinx, epArkioff. 
étlaW, p.a. etiolated. 

SHque, a. eDuiei(it«d, 
«Hquetcr, e.t. l&bel; tiekat: docket. 
éttqnetlc /. bbet: etiquette. 
êttrsUet a. capable of bein£ dr*wn or «tretched 
out. (of metale) ductile, (of rubber, etc.) 

6Uraca,n. drawincete. {aee «tirer): (Ccram.) 
eompmgioo (thru a template). 

éttréi p.a. drawn, et«. Ceee étirer); lon£ fin 
proportion to width). 

éttrer, v .(. draw, draw out (u metali or cLuë 
tubins); beat out, roll (metal) : stretch (ae 
rubber); atreteh out, lengthen, — B.r. be 
drawn out: be Btretched; etretoh. 


•tDlle,/. (£ip[.) etnite. 

filall^ /. fabric, cloth, rtuff; moterial, atutt; 
(LeoMtr) a tawing Uquor aonùatini of a 

aBt, p.a. ituffed; padded: : 
able: atout, stocky. 

sllCi /, star; etar-shaped on 
fuge) head, HtHr^baped i 
tubes; (Afoch.) star wheel 
k (radially) ; 8 

w; iCkareoot) the 

charcoal fires); damper. 

nt, {Mach.) packing, stuffing. 

itinguisher (f«f 
cloth made froi 

m. stopping, packing, 
stop (with tow, oakum, cotton 
: (JVikA.I pack, stuff; calk. 

étonplUe,'/' primer, fuse, match (the last term 

— d friction, friction piimer, friction fuse. 

— à percutnon, percuwioD primer. percuBoioD 


— di BiekfsTil. Biokford fuse. 

~ it itreU, safety fuse. 

— aedrinat. eleotrio primer, eleiitrio luae. 
' — /ubnipian^. friction primer. 

— parulanM, percuasion primer, pereuaaion 

\r provide (pyrotechnic dericca) 

étourdi. P.O. stunned; numb; slichtly warm; 
parboiled; allayed; giddy, heedless, 
irdb. t.l. stun; benumb; warm slightly (at 
water): parboil; allay (ss pain). 

It. adv. strangely- 

a. — m- foreigner; stranger; fat- 
foreign land, foroca 

Lling; Btrangling; condensing. 

i(ler. I.E. constrict, narrow; (/Vo., etc) 

^hoke; wiredraw (metal) : throttle (steam); 

Ltrangle; condense (a subjeot). 
«tm^lenr. m. throttling device, throttle valve. 
etrmnglolr. m. {Pyo.) choking frame. 

>e at, be arrived, b< of it, be in H, 

em (ooDtiniuiD. 

»(-« que. See tiia in the Tooabuluy. 
— A. —dé, ete. 5m the meuiiD£a of the 

H tM. thers iA, then are, ho ii, it u. 


'Qw«r; Bhrin k, coDtroot- 

ir. of etreindrfl. 
le./. ■ bsc of hoisehair or other oou» 
FAtarisI in vhloh are «Dclosed the woolen 
i in preHiiv oil meal or fattjr 

d, tla, tie up, daep. 
d, eto. Ce» étreindre). 

; bindiiiXp tie; cmbraos, 

p Oipecif,> ID a balaan the 
■timip-ehAped iupport for the pan); sup- 
port (of varioui Idads), atnp, hoop, btmd, 

ftroliifi. narrow; tiflht; vtriet; eloee, intimate. 
etntltemeilt. adt. namwly. eto. (see étroit). 
ftroltoSM, /. narrowneee» at«. (see étroit), 
ttadfl,/. study; survey (as of a railway) ; office 

à r — , under inveetigaljoa. 

I,m.rtiident. —, of étudier. 

.) eufumace; (Leather) a hoatiuff of 
the oiled aidna in steam ovens in the process 

éniTC. /. oven, eloeet. bath (for drying, for bao- 

terial oultures, etc.); dryios room, dryinc 

Jr oven, hot-air closet. 

tbo the Utter may be combined with it), 
— ^ d deatiehtr. drying oven, drying cloeet- 
— d deiëtcker dans U tide, vaouujn dryinf 

— éUctrigue. electrir 

^froide, — i^aci^e 


«tarer, n 

ene^jpte. eaealrptnii "• 

II é?sporé 

caealrptol. m. euealyptole (eiiwde). 
cncUwIiie, /. euchloiine (miitute of ehlarin 

dioxide and chlorine). 
eaebue, /. (Min.| euclsH. 
«nellilleiiiic, a, {em. Euolidean. 
eadUHte, /. (Afin.) eudialyte. 


euiCnoI, m. eugead. 

/. (fîcf.) eupatoi 

, /. (Bo(,) 

iphiM'i>Ucéc, /. (Bol.) euphorbiac 

(pï.l Euphorbiaoaœ. 
ipholMe, /. {Petroo.) euphotide. 
iphralM, enphnulCt /. (Bd.) Euphnsia, 

Bpecif. euphroey, eyebright (£. offteinaHa). 
-~' — B, /. eupione, eugdoD (an empyreumatjii 

eateita,/. e 


j»in( d'— 

cm, pron. they, them. 

* m. {Med.) évacua 

/. evacuation: em 

b: (ot 

iportation. Hypping; 

(SlMrn) ei- 

hauet, eduction; (Math.) evac 

n pipe 


ship, - 

i.r. be evacuated, etc 

«nder, i.r. 






éTsIoer, «,i 


— ».r 

evaponbl*, a. evapc 
t*apc»ratciir, m, eva 

ermporaUoD, /. evap 
evBpportoIre, a. evaL 

erapore. P.O. evaporated; giddy,]] 

i; fSa- 

tTaporlSBtlan, /, 

éraporer I 

VBOOPite: (fia.) yant. — t.r. 
beh«dlc«s, be 

LponktoTp evaporatinc appam- 

r pertainLDf to 
both evaporation and diatiOatioa. 

ïvasf, p^o. widened, enlorged, flaring, bell- 
ihaped, funnel-ebsped, bell-moutlied, 

éTMMQCDt* m, widening, cnl^^ement. Epread- 

ing, apW: «idtb (at the openiw). 
f VMcVi 9.L widen, enlarge, make flaring^ — v-r. 

eTSBUrv, /. widening, (flaring) opemng, 

éreÛ, m. wanÔDg, alarm. 

Cirellhr, «.(. wake, awake; eaU forth. — i.r. 

événement, m. event-, emergencr. 

Arent, m. (open) air; aiteration due to ecpoeure 

wr hole; escape hole, gas port; (of a fuse) 

floflh hole (also, punching bole); oavity, 

honeycomb (in metals); crack. 
eventoble, a. capable of being aired; alterable 

in air; etc. (see «VEoter). 
tieoblge, m. airing, etc. (see Sventer). 

eicntaaUté, /. eventuaUty, contLoBenoy. 
éTcnCael, a. contingent; eventual. 

Dontingently. dep«iid- 
seg; eventually. 

eveqne, m. bishop 

éTltKble, a. avoidable. 

éTltoment, m. aveiding, av^danoe; (railwfty) 

éfltOT, (.(.'avoid. ' 

éntlné, a. evolved, developed. 

iTOlner, t.i, evolve; perform evolutiona. 

Cvolatff. a. evolutional, evolutionary. 

6T»ltltlaii, /. evolution. 

éToqner, t.l. evoke. 

exact, a. exact; preoLse, etriet, punetoaL 

eiaclement, oJb. eiaotly. 

eiacUtDde, /. eiactnese, eiactituda. 

eiacCrmUon, /. exaggeration. 

eicenlrer, p.l. decenter, i 
excentricité, /. eooentricity. 
eiecDtrlqne, a, A m. ecoentrie. 
eieenbrlqiiement, adt. ecoentrioally. 
excepté, prep, except, excepting. — | 

eicesilTcinent, aili>. eioesHively, eieeadingly. 
excipient, m. (PAartn.) excipient. 

luitiiic. — m. eidter; (Ebc.) 

eiclnt. ft. ± v-def. S ting, of eidu 

aUtion (the lot). 

dnd of salt evaporator, 
.f. eiholq. — i.r. be exhaled; ev^K>< 

>e «quired, etc. 

«nty, petty. 
■, eoMeiit; on hand. 

atoek an hand, 

«iltMc,/, (Afin, 
cnwellii' ' 

; lÎTÏiic being; 

lotherme, a. eiothKiniB. 

eiotlqac, a 

eioUqncmant, ad>. eiotically. 

eipansIkUllé, /. expaoûbility. 

eipaiulDD, /. eipaDnoQ. 

npsnilflté. /. eipamâveneaa. 

expectsUon, /. eipectatioa, 

expectoranl, a. A m. (Med.) eipectmuit. 

eipMleat. a. t£ n. eipedteat, 

eipCdler, r,t. gend, forward, ebip; daapstohi 

eipéditeur, m. Bender, shipper, — a, eeadingi 

cipéditif. a. expeditious, speedy; prompt. 
npéilKtrô. /■ wndios, (orwarding, eliipment, 


upédltlmiieDti odi. expeditiously, speedily. 
Mlpfrlcnoe,/. enparimeat; teat; experience. 

— à Mane, blank experiment, blonli teat. 
eipérUneat*!, a, eiperimentol. 
ciIiérltneDtalemcnt, adi. experimentally. 

eipfrlmfmtatliHi, /. eipenmeatation. 
cxpérliiieDtatilce. /. experimenter. 
cxpérlnieDtCi a. experienced: tried, tested, 
eipérlmellt^, i.l. try, test, m ' 


ipUdtlf* a. explanatory, exp 
cipllutloil. /. eiplanBtioD, ei 
cipllcKe, a. explicit. 
eipUdlfi, /. eiplicitneee. 

[pIldtenHnt. odi. explicitly. 

[pliquer, o.f. expiais- —p.' 
give an explanation. 

oploltant 1 

1, «iploitoTp opflistor (uf mineg, 

orJdiif, oparst- 
min«, foctoneg, etn.); busmna, 
nine, form. etc. 
t. eiploit, work, op«rst«. 

aiA>l(cnr. m. eiptoitra; opsrBtor, manager, 

Ciplonteur. n. eiptorar. — a. eiplorinc, bi- 

andOntlDil, /. eiploi&tlon. 
tanlarta, td. eiplon. 
oiploMi'i r.i. tifiade. 
CIplDWUr, m. exploder. 
■aploilblc, a. eiplosive. 
Oplwlf, a. Se n. eiploBive. 

— d Ja «UuJoH niirft, lùtrixwUulfm sqilndve. 

— d la nifr oolirefrin*, nitroglycerin e^ilomve, 

— binairBr binojy exploeÏTa (one nonl *inin g 


, eiplniw non 
^, aftfeCï eiploù 
Fsvier eiplogivi 

n^ of which boa been regulated by ad- 
— timpit, ui eiploave coneieting of > fdngle 

fyire — ', eiplode. 
«mlOBivllfi, /. eiplosi 
cipoiuiDHcl, a. eipoi 

cxportatlOD. /. Eiportatics 
ciportatiiee, /. eiporter. 
Ciporter, t.t. export. — i.i 
Mportenr. m, eipotUt. 

, BipDqed; explained. 

purposely; sxpreeely. 

. eiprowive, 
ipnwion, /. eipreaaioD. 

eiqnUcDMn^ adr, eiqiùeitely. 
eulcntcnr, m. deaicntor. 

/. deeicoation, drying. 
, eluding; (Afed.) audol&o. 

/. exudation, 
eiladcr, i.I. i: i. niude. 
«(eulbUlté, /. eitsnubility. 

, abroad; outside. 

CItormlDei', t.l. eiterminate. 
eitemc, a. external; exterior (angle), 
vitlnctoar, m. eitinguuher, — a. extÏDguiJib- 

citlncttoD. /. eitinotion; ilaldni (of iiœ); 
euppnsiion; lew. 
— tpontanée. air alaking. 
BiUnctiicCi ftm. of eitinoteui. 
eitliunilbic, a. extincuiehable. 
eitlnMHoD. /. eitiipatii . 
ntlrpcr, i.(. extirpate, eradicate. 

■ ■ ■ white. 

citra-caldnS, r 

aupercalmnsd, caloned be- 

«tncUon,/. extraction; (JtfiuA.) dinharta. 
eitra-BD. a, extra fine. 
eitndrc, i.l. extract. 

rappel, (FAonn.) extract of dmi- 
r-aot of blaok cohosh, 
ue adtiqtu, {Pharm.) extract of 
corm, acetic exliact of colchieura. 
iœuf. {Pharm,) purified Tf'l 
I, madder eitraet. 

tioD used tor Eteriliiiai vata, etc., Jsvel 

— dé •otumt, (Piorm.) Goukrd'» aitract. 

— de funds, meoit eitr»ct. 

— MM, stlien^ eibut, ethar ertrut; 

— ithéri de captique, (PAorm.) oleoreaûi of 

— uiuide, (PAurm.) Suidextnut, fluid utraot. 

£ «[tremlté 

«itrall Hquide aromatig^e, (Pharm.) arcunatia 

— lA^balguffi (P^Kinn-) extract of t^um, 
eibwtrdlnalM, a. eiU&otdiiiaiy. 
eilrapolktlOD, /. eitiapolabon. 

extrémité, /. eitiemity. 


£, aAtm. frano; (fiAre) brotlnr. 
Oibrlunt, m. D ' ' 

fMctte, /. fact 

imidl) fs« 

fiebcawiDBnt. adi. sadly, etc. (see U 
ncfaeni, a. Bod, rEgrettable, unfa 

troublesomCt diaaer^eable. 
fScUe, a. easy: tsrile, ready, quick. 
radlement, odi. easily, readily. 
bultlW. /. facility: ease, readme». 

di — d. lie — tju3. de tetU — guf. so that, so aa. 
insuebs wayasforUiBt), 
ftconnage, rsconDement, m.. bcooDerle, /. 

ork; dnish off. finish: 

— dé charge, load fa 

ir (as of letters) : porter. 

!r fad 

— d# técuriii, factor of safety, 
facdce. a. artificial, factitious: eham 
thine artiflpial; specif., artifici 
facttcemeDt. ads. artificially, facti 
racttoo, /. faetioiii (MH.) sentry. 
Oictorlelle, /. {Math.) factorial. 

nue, a. innipid: 
radement. iidi. i 
tadet, a. 

lagot, m. fagot: bundb. 

tacoDCi /. iweetbread. 

faUnnlU, /. (Min.) fablanito, 

faible, a. weak; feeble; slight; lisht (in 

weight). — m. weak point, weak part; 

weakness; weak person. 
lalbleiDeDt, adv. weakly, feebly, slightly. 
lalbles», /. weakneas; feebleness; alightnen; 

lightness; funt. 
falbllT. i.i. weaken, grow weak, lose streneth; 

yield, relax, slacken, fail. 
hience. /. glated earthenware, ralence, delfb- 

ware (in English foUTia ]■ used eap. of the 

finer, decorative kinds). 
Talencerict /. glased eartheïiware factory, 

folenclcr, m. maker or s 

falllanti p.a. failinit, etc 

laUle, /, fissure: (Choi.) 

— - pr. nàbj. of falloir 

er of glased earthen- 
see faillir). 

faUUble. < 

ni. bankrupt. - 
, /. falUbilily. 
. falhble. -^ 
i. fail; err; 

« the point (of), be 

faillite, /. bankruptcy, failure. 

falm, /. hunger. 

falDe, /. beech mast, besch nuts. 

ftlre, B.f, make; do: cause; perfor 
form; study; play; say: 
charge (for foods) : matter, sip 
do: matter, signify: be. — i 

ne — ^u*, mftke oaly> do only, de 

iu — 9ue<Ie nmvr, to have just 

(For other phnwes cammeacdn^ 

the bËEt important word in ti 

fhluble, a. fe&aible. 

IppUct) pencih (.Anal.) fagciciUiu: ehetJ. 
ImdTi m. Duker. doer, eto. (aee fùre) ; author. 

(sire); fit; 
ric«) fiHd: 
■; deed. &ct; 

lie —, in fad, indeed; «tu»i, d 
en — dt. in i»int d(. 

par k —, in tact; b^ the (act. 
faite, n. t^, Bummit; ridse; wa 
falHïn, ». ridge. — /. ridee tile: 

ury, ben«dfu],bËrKiiiiAit«. must; Dueht, 
should. -^1T. (with en) be waning, be 

Bonmeil/aul, properly, as should bfi wenbied, 

il a folia un litre, one liter waa needed. 

U faiiaU venir, you (he, they, etc.) ahould have 

it fawlra gu'*l timnc, he «rill hoVE to come. 

taUa, p.p. of faUoir. 

AlslfleatCDT, m. adulterator; falaiâer. 

talslDcatlOD. /. adulteradon, sopbiaticstioa: 

blsifler, T.t. adulterate, sophisticate; debase 

fKlnn, m. shell majl. 

fo]nilBKe< m. application of shell marl to land; 
shell marl production. 
■ 'jeat (land) with aball marl. 

7 fauder 

Cinc, /, dry leaf. 

bncr, >.(. fade; wilt; turn, ted (hv)- - 

fade; wilt. 
Unie, /. mud, mire. 
fimgeiu, 3. muddy, miry, dirty. 
- -- ■ ■ - - any; floss silk (thread). 

fjtrdf m. (face) paint; false show, diaguiae. 

hrdesn, m. burden, load, 

Otrder* d,(, paint (the face); diesuise. — i 

weigh heavily; eink. settle. 
fluliuie«, a. farinaceous. 
fWHW,/. fiour: meal; farina. 

— d-in-ge. barley flour. 

— dure, hard-wheat Sour. 

— /o«rfJe, foaail farina (usually d 

— lacUe, a preparaticn of ccndezised milk and 

— tendre, sof^wheat flour. 

Duiy; powdery; mealy; fan- 
- m. starchy food; lefunio (in- 
s, beans, lentils, etc.). 
containing flour deprived of 

Î <t S ainf . Èubj. of fair 

IbUont, p. 
tmatae, f. t 

ranbonrs. m. suburb; faul 
huclier, v.t. mow, cut dow 
(bade, m, place where c 

aw^fid.»,bv.ot fmU«c ud of tkillir. 
inlt. cxnd. 3 •i-o. OÎ tiHfâx sad faillir. 
Id«. ... - taude. 
II,/. Mythe; naming kmie; (Xnal.) f.lx. 

ne», teo», [««. 

tSeoad, a. fertilo, fruitlul; f<»und. proU&i 

Hbundvit; ismuL 
«eooduit, P.O. tertiliùnc. nndenat fertile 

fteoadmtmr, a. fecuodatiui. 

wment, ad>, liiaely. —m. bendinc. eta. 
(au (»u«er). 

advandy (u ui ui&lytiod mult) ; i 
dutort; breftk (ope'a word, etc.)- 
bs b«tit. be mjped. etc.; bead, 

t, /. fabdty. falaencH; [alaehood. 
hiat. pr. of [iJlmr. — ^.S nno. of faillir. 
Iknte, /. fault; default, lack, want, 
/ova —, faiL 

— dë^ for lack of, for want of. 
Btu— .withoutful; vrithouC fault, faultleea. 
fiOUft CI. faulty, imperfect, 

itf adv. errooeoualy, wrengly. 
m. (Paper) felt. 

leather)' fair. '— m. fawn solor, yellow^ 

01, a. (alM; imiUtion, counterfeit, mock. 

— n. falaanHfl; îmitation: forgery; falae- 
faood; Bcythe. — rufs. falsely, oroaeooaly. 

— pr. I A X ling, of faillir. 

à —, falsely, wTougly; unevealy; out of 

fyunt oméAvtte, a purple variety of duompar. 
■ -.«uanitaCAmoniK. 


7 (JfiçdlaiB 

— /«noufl, deadly OBTTot iTkaptia fforironinl}. 

— aambier. the root of Diotcorea rhipoffo- 
noidw, used ja dyeing. 

— jour, false light: (ifw™.) any light that 
interféra witii ohaerration. 

— Uinl, fugitive (color or dye). 
fkai'fnlSi m-iil. incidental cipeoscB. 
fam-fnyant, m. ehift, évasion; by-path. 
faai-JouT, m. See faui jour (under fata). 

à la — lia, by means of, by help of. 

«q — de, for the sake of, in consideration of, 
in behalf of. 
riTonble, a. favoraJile. 
fkvursUeiiMnt. adt. faTorably. 
fsTorl, a. A m. favwite. 
tuioiiaer, >.(. favor; aeust. 
favorite, /«n. of (avori. 
fknud, m. beech, beech tree. 
farenee, (krencerie, etc. Sea falsn», el<. 
ffbriraie, a. .t m. (Mtd.) febrlfoM. 
nota. feeaL 

tSenlei /. starch (especially in its domeartic and 
medicinal uses; of. amidon), lecula; Bpedf., 
potato starch. 

— dé nub. oora starch, nudM March. 

— de pomma de terre, potato itardi. 
neolcncc, /. feculen». 

HcDlcat, a. starchy, oontaininc starch; faon- 
lent, muddy, turbid. — m- starchy ma- 

fificiller, s.l. convert into starch or feoula. 
ffimlciiei /. starch factory; et 


; for 

(elsnmDt, p.. 

Mndta, s.f. feign; scruple. 
Mntt p.a. fucned; inutation, 
Mdapath, n. (Mm.) feklspar. 

— odulairs, adulaiia.. 

— arffûifafmer kaolin. 

— tUfT^p pcariy feldspar, mooastoDa, 

— optUin. opaline feldspar, labradorite. 
hildspathliitie, a. feldspathii^. 

fUe,/. (Giai'l blowpipe. 

reie», ..(. A r. crack. 

Mm, a. fehne. — m oat (one of the Felidis). 

felle, /. - f«le. 

ranre, /. crack, chink. 

~ ' ^lectromotrioe) dae^o- 

iplittjng, eto- (see fendre), 
lemiene, f. ditting, cutting (of iron) into 

mill. ' ' 

fimdeur, m. splitter, etc. (see fendre). 

feadlUe, /. little crack, 

TendUlBiEIftlIt, m. cracking, splitting, chinking. 

fUldlller, >.l. it r. crack, spUt, chink, chap. 

rendre, ■,(. split; cleave; rend; slit; eraek, 
ohink,chap; cuttbni. — n.r. spHt. be qïHt, 
paît, be rent; crack, chink, chap, ^lUiils, 

ttaaae, f, fencbone. 
m. fenobyl. 
feMnll, in. (BM.) fennel. 

— ' amoTt bitter fennel, wild fennel. 

— idterd, din. 

— d'êau, wBtsr (enuel (CKwnMa jiMIiin- 

— d-Ilali - - ■ - ■ 

nel. ■ 

nphire (Cri(Amu« 

nek, chink, cleft. 

. fenuATeelc {TriooTieUa fanun> 

ftf, m. iron; (aleo pi.) a kind of iqiriai pincen 
used in "■■■'^"a oryataJ sUu; (iron) tool; 

— aàiré. Ateelad iron. 

— affina, refined iron. 

— à ffrtnn, gruiuUr iron. 

— à erot araint, ooar»«-gr»lnod iron. 

— aiffrt, bnttle iron, cold-short iron. 
—~àla calalane. C&talAn iron (wrouflht iron 

nude from the ore) . 

— à itt françaiw. iron mnde by a method 

' — à loupt, bloom iron. 

— arffiUax. (Min.) iron nl«y, d«y ironstone. 
- — à Êûuder, soldering iron. 

— auboit, — ou cAar6Dn d« bna, chsrooftl iron. 

— battu, forged iron, wrought iron. 

— bianc, white onot iron, whitfi iron (see nlno 

—Briaaiê, n ooUoidjd solution of ferric 
hydnnide obtwned by dialyiinc > solatioD 
of it in ferric ehlorido, Bravsis iron. 

— brûlé, burnt iron, orerbumt iron. 

— bml, erode ironi spodt., puddlsd bir. 
' — carbonate, iron carbon&to. 

— oBrlionaM oreflrai, (Mût,) dderito miied 
with ol»y, clay ironstone. 

— oarbonalt tpalhivue, (Mm.) spBthic iron 
ore, siderite. 

— earbimati lerreia, (tf in.) cUy iroostone, 

— corfumirfs, iron oarhonyl. 


caitant i froid, eold-sbort iron. 

— «niJreui, iron that is flawy from uh spots. 

— chromati, iron chromate. 

— thromi, (Miti.) chrome ÎIOQ ore, ebrome 
iron, cbunnite. 

— airroyi, wrought iron. 

— di fftr^, wrought iron. 

— dfl ^tuv, spearhead, liuuM 

— am lui», white-hot iron. 

» heated and hammered. 

— - jlèrtfuz, fibrous iron. 

— ;t>i, refined iron. 

— ./In au boil, chATeoal iron. 

— /mJu. ingot iron ; oast iron (usually oa 
fonte) ; molten iron. 

— fondu à air ciiaud, hot-blast iron. 

— fondu à air froid, odd-blast iron. 

— fort, strong iron, forsv iron. 

— gattanial, gslvaniwd iron. 

— oratti. filed iron, brushed iron. 

— hlldraU Umtmiua. (Uin.) bog iron 
(pwous limonitï). ' 

— THarleli, hammered iron. 

~ mm, mottled iron (cast iron betweei 

— noir, buck iron. eap'. black sh«t iroa. 

— ojiffiifa, (Min.) heni»tite. oligiat iron (the 

— adlUhiiptt, (Min.) oSUtii: iroD ore. 

— oxydi, iron oridc, oride of iroa. 

— oxydé rnuK, (tf ih,} ted iron on, ordiuury 

— oxydttU, (Jfin.) nu^Detite. 

— jJoiii»ur, flswr iron. 

— * pUiformt, (Afin.) pe& ore, piÀfonn iron 
ore Ccnumlar form of Umonite). 

— ptoi, hoop iron. 

— patiné, ptatiiùied iron, specif, platinum- 
plated iroD; rolled iron. 

— puiUU, puddled iron. 
^r^ffltié, refined iron. 

— rHutt, (Pham) reduced iioo, powder of 

— rouÛ, rolled iron. 

^ reusffrin, hol^ahort (or red-ahort) iron. 

— Hmdi, weld iron. 

— fpaikique, (Min,) spathic iron, eiderite. 

— ApJcula^e, (Min.) epecular iron, hematite 
(eihibitinc metallic luster). 

— ttndrt, cold-short iron. 

— tinffMi, ealvanifed iron. 

« IHDper (as distiucuished 

fermentation,/. fermenUtion; (fie.) ferment. 

— à chapeau, top fermeatjfction io which tho 
head is agitated by the fecapins gas. 

— OKendatUe et deseendante. fermenta^on in 
which the head alternately rises and falls. 

— basse, low (or bottom) fermentation. 

— çifculaire, fermentation charactenied by 

ing in one part of tlie va: and f allinc in 


diastaticfermentation; ensym- 

— ' haiOg, high (or 

— par dijM. bottom fori 

— tout le limpaati. top 
proceeds qiuetly with< 

elbllltC, /. fermentabiUty, 
elUe, a. fermenUble. 
cloee^ shut; fasten, bolt, pin. lock; 

IMDMtiirc, /. closiui, closure, etc, (see 
seal; fastening (of any kind); 
" • it-off; (OrdnonM 

.; chiael. 

— htrmétigut, hi 

rennler, m. fuou 

fmnoir, m. daap 

rrarslllc, /. (also 

IWrsHe, /. aa iroa vessel used in fusing n 
(QIou) an iron plate, as one on whi< 
glass rssts ia a âatteniOg furnace, a 
which glass is caet, or one en whic 
pots are set. 

fitted or bound with iron; 
roads) metaled, maeadaniiied; (i> 
shod; versed (in); banh, bard. 

(Olati) bottk 

tenet, m. bud kernel in ston 

tiw (m of ÏI shoe tace). 

— ^Btpao™, (Milt.) wd ir 

ferTlcyaDlirdilqiie, a. fen 

it n. ferrocyanîda- 
rem»-minKBiitK, m. ft 
loIrlMlèiie, m 

feno-tancatèiie, m. ft 

fCTTO t ypIt, /. (Pftotcv.) ferrotype, ti . . 
AnnglEivaii a. ferru^ouB, oholybeate. - 

(enneinDus medicine, ehalytisile. 
fnrnflDOMSlealre.a. pertuning to or cod 

iuff iioD And lia», fsrucJno-caloaieoui 
ffVfUBlIMMlté, /. lerruflinoufl qiuJit]^, 
feimrc, /, ironwork; Bhoelnc. bIiobb (of hoi 
rcrCUe, a. fertile. 

' ' t, ad(. fotllal}', frultfuny. 

a. Certiliaable. 
_'j>. fertjlinng, 
1,/, fertiliinlion. 
fertlllMir, t.t. fertiliie. 
tcrtUlté, /. fertility, fertilenesn. 
fbnle./. ferule; (Bot.) yenJx. 
fCmllqne, a. feruHc. 

Ute, decssaed. 
d — nu, with the naked or free Buna (not 
osiag a, uad bath, oil bsth or otbar fso- 

en — . on fire; (of a furnace) iu operation, in 

— Catalan, (.Mital.) Catalui forse. 

— iTf^nerie, (Mstai.) fining force. 

— d'artifici. firework, fireworka. 

— dt BmaaU, Bensal lisht. 

— d-ldairaçt, light. 

— da couitur, ocJorad tifht. 

— dt ntffliurie, (Milai.) refioina heuth. 

— de ridiictùm, reducing fl&me. 

— da tiffnaux, sjgnal lisht, aigaal fireworlL 

— d'ncBdorfon, ondiainc flune. 
— /oUaf, i«niil&tuiu. 

' — ffréffiois. Greek fire. 

— ffrièmt. fire dAmp. 

— RU, naked fire, naked flame, free flame. 
bkHt» d — . flre. atart up (a lumaoe): put in 

blut. blow in (a blast fumsee). 
BuUn m —. hum: - mettn i feu. 

n Hon —, (Milal.) put 

It of blast. 
rtlt — à, 

feuille, /. leaf ; foil: abeet; plate; loale, flake; 
liat; bUl; newspaper. 

— anjlaiM, (Rui6«T) out aheet. 

— d'oTBirU, lilver leaf, silver («1. 

— de (utwt, aheel of oopper. 

— de fer, plate or eheet ol iron. 

— de Sir-Hanc, sheet of tin (plate). 

— d'«ain, tinfoil. 

— ^ de venire, the middle layer 

— dt ifrvt, aheet of glaaa. 

— d'or, fM leaf, gold (oil. 

— la-mvUe, rolled aheet. 

— tcite. (Rubber) out sheet. 

renlDe-morte, a. d: m. dull yellow (r 

the color of dead leaves). 
tMIIUet, n. leaf; layer; thin plate; (of orye- 

tala) leaf, plate; folio. 
fBainelfi, a. foliated, —p.p. of feuilleter. 
I.I, turn the Imvee of, peruse. 
. m. edge (of a eut stone) ; soft place 

,1! leaf, leaflet; ossk (contain- 
c about 125 litera). 
r, I.I. put forth leaves, leaf, iMve. 
I, a, leafy; apeeif., having broad leaven 
distinguished from needles. 


featrablé. a. capable of Iwoe felted. 

ttairntt, m. teltjns. 

feutruit, p. a. felting. 

fraiie. n. felt; padding, pooliiiig. 

fenbé, pjt. felUd; felt^ padded, packed. 

I. Celtini 

,h felt). 

— (t> Calabar, Calabar bean (from Phyeo- 

— de hmcot, kidney bean. 

— lU Saini-Ianacc, Saint Ignatiiu'B bean 
(from Strychnos iffnatia). 

— dt mja, toy bean, aoja bean. 

— igaauri/rTie, ~ f^ve de Saint-lonace, 

— ptekurim, pichurim bean (fcom Ificlandra 

— tonkOt — Tonka, tonka bean. 
Kienile,/. (dried) bt*n; hot» bean. 
Uner, m. (Bol.) loouat tne (OUdil^). 
nnter, m. fibruary. 

flbrCt /. fiber, fibre; grain faf wood). 
^ ât boia, wood ûber; Erain of wood. 

— Ubtriennt. (Bet.) bast fiber, baat. 
-^ Uffneuu, wood fiber. 

— ItxHU, teitile fiber. 

— vulcanitêf, vulcaniied fib«r. 

flbrlnolrsc, /, fibrinolyala. 
flbrourtllaie, n. (Anal.) fibiooartilace. 
BbrocartlI>KlneDi. a. fibrocartilaginous, 
abrocellalBln, n. fibroeellular, fibToueoIi 
flbro-dmeDti m. a building msterisl conaii 

of cemeut miied with asbutoe fiber. 
flbrodtc, flbroUttic,/. (Afin.) fibtotite. 
Heeler, T.t. tie, tie up (with string). 
flMlIC, /. itiing. twine, packthread: t 

n (oD a card) ; knife < 

. thrust in, stick in. pTunse in, driv 
*ert; pwnt (maaonry). 

It, ode. faithfully. 
fldeUtC, /. fidehty, tuithfulnesa. 
- 1, m. gall. 

— da bauf, oi gall. 

Ueni, a. like gall, bitter aa gall. 

0er, a. proud; fiorve; 

trust, confide Qn). 
Serre, /. fever. 
ftéTr«iu, a. fertfiah. — m. it 

£eiy; great. — i 

OgeTt V.J. A r. congeal, set, solidify. 
Bxae, f. fig. 
— de Barbarie, Barbary fig, prickly pear 
(OpuTtCù opvnfia), 
OKolei', m. fig tree, fig. 
OSIiratlf, a. figurative; representing ot sym- 


It M. wire; thread; filament, fiber; 
yam; edge (of sharp tools); gr&m 

— à pJDfnb, plutnb line. 

— condwAmr, t^lee.) conducting wire, 

— CBUcert, (Blet.) insulated wire. 

— d-acCer. steel wire. 

— d'aHer, (Elec.) lead wire. 

— d'aroionfe, (Ovtice) spider line, croea i 

— d-archal, brass wire. 

— de ciaujwe. (Blec.) rewatanoe wire. 

— de taiion, brass wire- 

— - de ligne, (Elee.) line wire. 

— d'embailaffe. pack thread, wiapiung twine. 
— - dfl jtiatins, platinum wire. 

— de reUmr. (Elec.) return wire. 
~ da soK, ^Ik thread. 

— fiaible, (Sise.) fuse wire. 

— mé^iUiçae, wire- 

— rectmnerl, (Else.) inaulat«d wire. 

— thermique, {Elec.) heating wire- 

— tranchaiU, cutting edge, sharp edge. 
fllMm. m. spinning, etc. (see filer); (ilfalal.) 

addition of fresh lead in the cupellation 4^ 
argsntiferous lead; (Bol.) Filaga. 
Dlameiit. m. filament. 

— de mal», com silk, (Pharm.) lea. 


n. filami 

stringy, thready, filamentous; 

AM, P.V. of filer, —m. UuhkL 
flkr, >.t. qtiu: windiftw, draw; rue 
(liii«); spin out; oooduot, — i 
Ikjuidfl) flow in a viaooiu Btnam, b 
Top«; ffpiii; (of Btus) shoot; (of 
imolce; slip awby; purr. 
Illet, m. tiimd,' fib«, filament; (of a 
threiid: (of a liquid) fioe streaa 
nettinfc, Datwork; daah, Atrolce; 

— à droite, right-buided thread (of M 

— à gauche, left-handed thread. 

— do rfs, Bcreir thread. 


a perf tfatfid 

e, fn, filisree; (Pap8r)wat« 

SB^ané, pa. filicned, filicree; (1 

fltin, m. rope, oordage, 
AUe* /. daughter; girl; maid; Qun. 
SlOD, m. tOcal. Sc Mining) 'nàa, lode. 
nion-coDClie, n. vein-bearing roolc. 
flJoDf en» a. pertainlnff to or contaiiune ve 

lodes (as. ofte ;!lanùn. vein deposit). 
niMelle, /. filoselle (coarse silk thread). 
alMn. son; boy. — pl-otfll, 
OltraKC m. filtering, filtration. 
Oltnn^ P.O. filtering, filter, 
flltnteor, a. filtering. — n. fitterer. 
-" " 1, /■. filtration, flKerioB. 
I. filtrate. 

i bouçit, candle filto, cylinder filter. 

d eau, watei filter, 

d I'amianle. aebsMos filter. 

d pKa. plaited filter, folded filter. 

à praiion, pressure filter. 

A 9abU, — du êahle, sand filter. 

— BerJufdd. Berkefeld filler. 

— cantrifui/e. centrifugal filter. 

— Chambtrland, Chamberlsnd filter. 

— dai, closed (oi inclosed) filter. 

— d4>rD..£>Kur. preliminary filter. 

>ur, final filter. 

— micani^ue. mechanieal filter, 

- Jailli, plaited filter, folded filter. 

- aaiu pli, unplaited filter, 

— aant tendra, aahleia filter. 

laving a cock at the bottom. 
t. filter press. 

IT, m. filter=r 


fine; (of a 


edge or 



m. end; 

«, metal; fin 




. It, odi. Snanoially. 

/. — fine champagne (under fin) ; (pf ,) 
fines (speiaf,. coal durt). — a. fem. of fin. 
adt. finely. 

I, /. (Iron\ finery, refinery. 
S /- fineness; sharpnees (as of an c^tîcal 
iHgo); keeonees; nicety; delicacy, 
■ease, subtlety. 

finished, be complet! 

; finite 

flnlsseur, m. finisher. — m, finishing, final. 
Bole,/, flask: (lesa often) bottle; phial, vial. 
— à aOaipieB. a. pear-nhaped flat-bottomed 
flask used in analyeifi for decompositions. 

!, filteric 

: flask. 

k with m 

lees nearly apherioa! body), 1 
(when short-necked). 

— bailon à fond pUU, flat-bottomed flaek, 
Florence flask, 

— boufJiie à l'Émeri, flask with ground 
stopper, glass-stoppered fiask- 

— donwu*, conical fiask, eperif. Erlenmeyer 

IM> an Balitme, Batlc 01 Bohemiui bIu». 
— ' «II lina, flaek of Jen& glaiw. 

— Aalan, stuidard Si«k, uarmftl Ssalc 

— fom9 boutfiUe^ bottle-Ahbped flaak. 

— fonné poiri, pear-shaped Baek, 

— jauifêe, craduated ûtÀk, voJiuuetrifl flu 

— fuAuUa, tubulated finsk. 
flole-ballon, n. - fiole ballon, under finie. 
Oolite, /. (Win.) fiorite. 

Bnnt, p.dc/. s pi. of faire. 

ttrmCt/. (Cffin.) firm. 

Ha, p.cie/. I it < nn.;. of fairs. 

AaCt fn, State tnaauiy, eiohaquer, fiao. 

Ibcal, a, fiscal, 

Oueat, imp. S pi. nbi. ol fum. 

Br /. fifltula. 
Bstnleiu, a. fiituloua. fittuhr. 
fltt p.d€f. 5 titttf, of faii«. 
nti imp. S rinv- ruhj. at fain. 
lliBie. m, B""c 
Ibaleur, in. filing agent <ia PAotcii.); Sialive 

atalnliaei; fixer. — a. filing; atabilùinfl. 
Ole, a. filed (epecif., not volatili»able). — tn 

fixed Aubetanoe; filed etar; fixed ealary. 

ihe, F 

- i.r. fix, beoome fixed. 
fliltC, /. fiidtf , fiiediKeg; stabilité. 
FI* Symbol for fiuorine. 

flacho, /. flaw; crack; d^manon; inequality, 
flaeheni, a. fiawy. 
flacon, m. bottle. 

— à baunu du Canada, balsun battle. 

— à bee, lipped bottle. 

— abtorbeiv, abeorp^oa bottle. 

— à eapttde à vie, bottle with ecrew cap. 

— A coUtcti&iu, ■peobnen bottle, museum 

— à œloranlt. etuning bottle. 

— à cuBeae, a bottle having a depreaaion 
around the base of the neck to cateh liquid 

— à denaiU, apecifia gt 

— d doabU boticJujae. a 
JT the eto] 

y bottle, p 

— à lait, milk tMttlé. 

mouthed bottle (a ver; wid> 
bottle» aa one for aalta, ia called 

— à etmtri, - Oaoon bouché h I'Si 
*— A pied, a bottle vith a apeoial bi 

iir-mouthed bottle 

— i robinet, bottle with stopoook <uaua&y kt 

— i laaAarifiealiim. saocharifieation bottle, 
pressure bottle. 

— à lirop, aiiup bottle («p. a wIdEh.mauthed 
lipped bottis with slopins shoulder). 

— d tare, «eiAhing bottle, weighinff tube. 

— bouiAi A i'émiri, bottle with ground lUip- 
per, glaes-atoppered bottle. 

— campftorad. a aort of wide-mouthed battis. 

— compis-ffoTiitta. dropping bottle. 

— lowur, washing bottle (lor (aaea). 

— pour riaelife, reagent bottle. 

-~ pr<M>iU>iiiH, a wedge^h^wd bottle and 

in Bolor tasla. 

m, ITextOa} singer, 
flambotcnunt, n. fiaming, etc. (see flant- 

flamborer, v,i, flanwi bla». flash, glitter. 
flarobnre, /. {Dseina) unevenoess of colonne. 
flamme,/, flame; atreamer, pennant. 

— de Benoale. Bengal light. 
— ■ Mairaale. luminous flame. 

— nuc, naked flame, free flame. 

— oxj/danU, — d'oxjidation, oxidiaitia flame. 

— rédiutrice, — - de ridiuHon. reducing flama, 
flamme, a. flamelike, wavy: (Cemm.) flambé. 

— IB. (Cernm.) flambé glaie. 
flammèche, /. flamiog or burning partiole, 
■park; (in the Leblanc aoda prooeaa] 

Oan, m. disk, plate, planohat. 
flanc, m. flank, aide, 
Flandre, /. Flaikden. 

■ i>, Google 


JkQUCT, c.(. fiuilc; throw, ton. 

laque. a. Ssbby, flBcmd, aott, vmk. - 

flHflk (u for mercuiy). — m. plnte, i 

pinto, cheek p1at«; eupport' 

bsluii»); bar; Bail; 

flèelicr/ UTOw; sprout, ahoot: (of sucu «ne) 
ti^, heftd^ deflection, b»id, sac; (of an 
ATch or trmjectoiy) heiclit; npire, 

fltchlT, r.l. bond: (fla.) move. —,.i. bend; 
yield, givt wmy; (of pri«e) ikll. — v.r. 
beDd; yiekl. 

deflection; (of ta arch) beicht. 
Bcciiw. m. pUecmi (DiêtOlint) low winea. 
MMr.aJ. wither, fade; brand, —(.r. wither, 

KMMnre, /. withcnng, fadinc; brand; 

lletlw, tj. smooth. dreBC aep. on the edgea 
(u glan or pottery). 

BcDT. /. flower; aurfacei bloom (on fruits, 
etc.); hur aide (ol a hide or akin); mold 
(on wine, etc.); inner bark, part of the 
baik tiohcst In tannin; floe flour. 

— {or Jimr.) d. nn. wine mold {Mvcoi™.. 


flotte, /. float; buoy; fleet; navy. 

fltvt d-omwue, (.Pliam.) ami» flowani. 


Hotter, t.i. float; w»vet. floDtoate. 

fl^, d'arontc. flowen of ai»iiio, miblimed 


anenio triosda. 

flotteur, m. Boat. — a. floatinc. 

flria-i de bmJBm, flowers of benaoin (bensûo 

— inda. index flcot. 


flnalc m. fluate (old name f« fluoride) 

Aiur. d< MnnuU, flowers of biamuth, aub- 

fluM, o. fluate (fluoride) of. (06i.) 

timed bismuth trioiide. 

flDctiuaan, /, fluctuation. 

Aev, d» «ftoU, (Win.) cobalt bk«m. eryth- 

anetuer, t.i. fluctuate; waver. 


JUvi d> iButla moil. (PAorm.) calendula. 

fluMe, s. * ^. fluid. 


]teur> el line, flowers of linc. linc oiide (sub- 

BuMlflBnt, a. fluidifying, auidiiin«. 


Ikatblllt<, /. flùibility. 

Sedble, a. flenble. — m. flexible tube or pipe. 

Oexlon, /. bending, Aec^on, flexion; infleotion. 

fflnt, BlDt-clua, m. flint alasi. 

Doeoni m- flook, floocule, flake; (of smoke) 

Booculeot, flook;, flaky. 

m. (Paper) beating tnjuch, 

flore, /, Sont. 
florentJn, a. ETorentiae. 
FloHde, /. Florida. 
florlaial^ imp, 9 tint, of fleurir. 
florlMant, a. flouriahini. 
flou, n. (Afelal.) floce: (a) vitrified material 
floating in a puddling fumaee. (&) white 
Into steel. 

I, billow; 

height of liquids by m 
Oatre, flotre, m. felt, 
flottaiit, p. a. floating; flowing, w 

Bllr /. fluîdifioftljon» fluidûdrut- 
muauHV, v.l. fluidify, fluidité, nad«r fluitL 
fluldiqac. a, Euidic, Suid. 
flaMlte,/, fluidity, fluidneu; fluency. 
BoolMwato, m. fluoborat*. 

. . __ . .. (.Min.) fluorite. - 
phTAAe tpath fluor, fluor ipar. 
flaorantbène. m, fiuonuiUMDe. 

'a. aontaining fluorine, Auo ' 

Quoride, opecif. t 

— de eùTbOTitr 

UMci, m. & ait which may be ree&rded ee an 

ojiysalt in which fluorine hoa rcpiMnd 
■n partioUy or oompteteJy. 

dm, m. flui^ flow. 

s oxydante) oridijinfi flâmi 

ttm, m. fetug. frxtuB. 

J, /. faJth; proof. 

lie, IR. liyer; (.Old (Tliem.) Uver. hepar. 

— d'antimoine, livet of antimony, h^wr ai 

fouace, a. folisFeo 
IbUatlDIl, /, foUsti 




ara molded. 

nnkjnc oF wells. 
deei>en, daAen, «adden <a color) ; 
Il (a hole or shaft); lower; bottom 
(aa ca^ts) ; dry and Aolidify (aisu loavefl); 

adt. thoroly; at bottom. 


— da. as a function of. 

fbnetlaniulre, m. functionary, officiaL 
fonoUoDncI, a. functional. 

unctioning; opcmtiiai. 

itJoa; work, operate, act 
undation. base; grouod, 
lund Do&t; further and, 

à — , completely, thoroly. 

à — plat, flat-bottomed. 

d — ' rond, round-bottomed. 

au — , at bottom, in reality. 

de — en comble, completely, entirely. 

fondmmeDtklementi odr. fundamentally; 

flui; (Med.) diesolveat: a soft 
bonbon. — of fondre, —a. (Mod.) 

ftoodatliiD, /. foundation. 

foundation; reliance. 

,baee. — v-r. be founded; rely. 

foundry (or foundiuE), 

foadtfle. /. to 

— de bronte, Drc 

braee foundry 
-^ de cuivre jaurte. — del 

brasB founding. 
^- de fer, iron foundry, i 

on, brasH foundry. 

— du mif, tallow melUos bouBS. 
roDdn, t.i. melt, fuse; imelt; found; cut; 

dwolve; (Mtd.) di»oly«, rcsolvs; blsod. 

— T.i. melt, fu»; melt away; diaaolve; 

makt fall in; fftU (upon), rush (upon), 

biinrt. — ».r. meR, fuse; melt sway: 

blead. be blended. 
fODdrlcr, m. IJSaU) the and wall of a [uina«. 
foDdrlUea, /.pt. leee. dregs, aediment. 
fODdfttni. fund; ETOund, land; Boil; (fifl.) field; 

landed «tate; buiiin«s, — iil. of fcmd. 

B, /. melted gi 


i. (of paper) blot. 
fmigliie* /. fungjn. 
■OdkoMc, a. tuiieold. 

bat. pr. S pi. of fairs. 

ntnMne, /. fountain: sprini; reoeptaels or 
fiiturc for delivering liquids, eep. water. 

fonte, /. east iron, pie iron, çàe\ 'in general) 
cast metal ends metal; melting, fusion; 
melt, fused product; founding; caeting: 
anieltinff; blend, blending (u of woole); 
lot of HkiuB curried at one time; (of type) 

' — ' à affiner, forge pig. 

-an charbon de bois, oharooa' 

mt, rendering of fate by simple 
.he craoldings being strained off. 

- blanehie. t 

— ™irr™«. (Mttal.) a p 
silver or gold by proi 
matte and subeequeni 
preoious metal. 

d'aSinaiie. f orgs 
d'arf, a quality 

dt boit, oharcoa 
de throme, oast 

of «no u«6d 
artiatio caetin, 

iron, ehttooal 
chromium, o 

dt fir, cast iroD, 

pig iron 


— de moulaue, foundry iron, foundry pig. 

— eigdritpie, electria Hmelting. 

- iFioIUoUc, malleable ce 

— Toffinft, refined cast iron, refii 

— rubanie, mottled cast iron. 

— a^ideuse^ ailiceous oast iron. 

— «pisoef , epiegeleisen. 

— truiUe. mottled caat iron. 
fOrase, m. boring, drilling. 

./.force; power; strengUi; i 

irength of. by dint of, 1 

— de cheval, horn ^ 

— d'impulaifm, momentum. 

— (Tinertw, inerlja, vis inerti». 

— fln ehetauXr horsepower. 

— tlectramofriee, electromotive forc<. 

— morte, (Mrch.) vis mortua, dead form. 

Ï, IMkI 

.(. bore, drill. 
), / iKvinc, drillins; borïnc machi») 
'1; boriD£ houBB. 

r, boring bH, boiiu tool. 

fOKt-rlp*, n 

»mbiaed drill Biid rmqi fa 

^ . J BUffar be«tfl- 

fforviuer/- borins mAchine, drillinc mAcbîne. 
fOrhlt, p.a, forfffited. ~m. coutnwt; orinia. 
IMte, /. fnrgB. 

— d rafwfoûep roUiiuE miI3. 

— d'aSiiiêrit, (jtf iloj.) refinery. 
t&rgé, P.O. forged: wnnicht (u iron). 
IteKeable, a. furgeable. lUAlleabla. 
IkiriMS^ ftirfement, m. forgins, 
Uatti, V.I, forge, vork, humner. 
fiWtBnu>> >"' ■milb, blaclumith. 

tormmUebrde. m. fomuldrliydB. 

ftmutt, m. die. 

tormt, t- lorm; mold; shupe; (pZ.) msnneni. 
fbjihiel, a, formai. 
mmcDementi aài. fomuCly. 

— percAiorJ, carbon tatracliloride, tetrachlo- 

netiume, pertaimng to m«tluJK . 


mold. - 

' — dfl ■poioitt, potasaium fûmiAt«. 
. — d£ oDudf , Aodiom formate. 

a. formidable: fearful; t 

Date maodelio or phenylglyoollc acid. 
tbrnwcblnlde. m. cUu^ono. 
rarmOKfilMt a. generating formaldehyde. 
fOTmol, m, formol; Oooeely) formaldehydi 

. formonltrilB (hydroeyani 
ipftble of beiii4[ formulated. 

fommle, /. f c 

— 6™«, empirical formula (i 
relative or, often, the abeoli 
Btomg of different kinds but i 

mote cAim^vuf, chemical fonaubu 

— de tomiHiiHim, conatitational formula, 
etruetural formula. 

— dénlopp^. etruetural formula, 
empirical formula. 

y formula. 
. >i formula. 

r. be tumulated, be etatedi have the 

fbnnfte. m. formyl. 

fort* a. etrong; thick; haul, difficult, severe; 
skillful, clever; (of soil) heavy. — m. 
etrong part, thick part, beet part, main 
part, strengtt, depth, height; fort«; strong 
person; (ort. ^aih. strongly, hard, fast; 
greatly, ertremely, very. 
^~pra •DlabU, vei; slightly soluble, almoet 

(Med.) strength-giving medicinet tonic. 
forUilv. i.i. strengthen, fortify. 
fortuit, a. (ortuitoua, accidental 
IbrtaitAiiicnt, adv. fortuitously, by ehanoe. 

it happens. 
fbrtUDe. /. fortune; fortunate thing. 

d« — , by chsnoe, aeddentslly. 
fortane. a. fortunate. 
tOrnre. /. drilled hole, bored hole, ban. 

— d'aitatica, ccespool. 

— Hpfi<n'', (Seuta^/i) septic tank. 
fosse, in. ditch, drain. 

fou (or fol), a. crasy; (of things) unsteady; 

irregular; (IHwi.) loose, idle: (Bol.) wild, 

foolish: prodigioua; wanton. 
fondre, m. lightning, thunderbolt, (huuder: 

tun, vat, large c«sk Caantaining as much aa 

300 hi.), specif, one sometimes used for the 

fOpdrolement, m. etriking with lightning, ete, 

fOu(biiyaDte,/.|JV^.)a rocket making a noise 

foudroyer, i,l. strike by lightning or by any 
ponerful electric discharKe; Ihunderstrike; 

fbaet, m. whip; whipcord; lash; whipping: 

tnad, 1 

•-. dig; Bearch, explore. 

. etc. (see fouler), 
full, mill (olol' 

hmr à ffot. caa furnace; i^aa lain; gas ovea, 

— à manche. eniaU shaft furnace, cupota^ 

— é pain, baking oven, bread oveo. 

— d pldtre. plaAter kiln, specif, one for burti- 
ing idMum tc plaater of Paru. 

— à puddUr. puddling furnace. 

fODlnle, /. fuUinK mill. 
fonlenr, m. {Tcxtilet, elc.) fuller, null ma 
fonlolr, m. crusher (as for ([ap«): beater; 
rammer, tamper; fuUiiiB mill. 
— d tei^u, hopper crusher. 

nbinatioD crusher and preea 


— d refroidir, (&am) a fuTnaee (or compart- 

ia cooled aradoaUy aft«r b«ing Ûatteoed. 

— d fiaintr reein oven. 

— à révrbèrtt reyerberatory f urnaoe. 

— à rutin, (Cùkt) bedÙTB oven. 

— àaàde trmde, Aoda-aah fumaoe. 

— à Kit. hearth with bed. 

ouffler. - foui-ouvreau. 

— à briquet, brick kiln. 

— à aaionalrr, (Soda) black-ash fu 

— à eêmenier. cementation furnace. 

— d eott à récitpératiim, by-product coke 

— d cuire, [GIom) snneslinc oven. leer. 

— à curt, shaft furnaee. 

— .1 cttveOe, (Soda) a oalt-cake furnace uaing 
pota. as distinguiBhed from a mecha 


etinc furnace (a kind ( 
i) flattenioa furnace c 

— dt /utim, melting furnace. 

— de galirt, gallery furnace, galley. 

— électrique, electric furnace. 

— lifgeùit, (Zinc) Li^ge furnace» Belgian fur- 

— Martin, • — MarHn-Siement, Siemene- 

— Ferrot, Perrot furnace (a gaa furnace for 
heating crucibles or one for cupelktiou) , 

— ToMlif, (Cmnint, etc.) rotary kiln, rofatory 
Idln, rotating kila; (Mtlai.) rotating 

— touSli, blast futn&ce. 

— iuyètt. blast furnat^- 

For other phresea see the correeponding 

r. fork, hnaeh, 
KiDrchctte, /. (small] lork; table fork. 
, m. prong |ot a fork). 
a. forked, bra n c h i n a, 

rk, forking, branohing. 

fiinniMn, : ... 

obambflr (of a miufl); (military^ mine. 

— à aatcinrr, cAloining furn&K, calciner. 

— à ciiarbon, chareoal stove or fuma 
oharcoal (Ht. 

— à coupeUe, cupellation funuce. 

' — d ftamma, (Mereury) a double rererbe 
t«7 fumacv used at Tdria- 

— à aichtf. drying stove, drying fumaos- 

— d iahtB, A tumMB or stove provided wi 
inlet and outlet tubes for the uh oC gaseo 
fuel: tube furnace (fat heating tubes). 

— à tateê c£o4, olosed-veseel furnace (incliï 
ing chamber, muffle, crueible and reto 

— A vent, blast furnace. 

— calalan, Catalan forge (or furnace), 

— d'artifi4:e. pyrotechnic f utnacc. 

— dt caicinaoi. ralcining furnace, calrjner. 

— dt ruiiint, kitchen stave, kitcbec range. 

— de fffiliaoe, roasting fumarc. 

— riafofroratoirv, laboratory furnace, chemic 

— d'émaiaeur. ens 
muffle furnaoe). 

— di nfinaçe, refl 

neler's fun 

(For other phrases see the correspondÎT 

toamée. /. ebargs {in a furnace or kiln), bate! 

baking, ovenful, kilnful. 
rniiniette, /. small reverberatory furnace. 
fOaml, p. a. furnished, provided; thick. 
fanmlr. >.f. furnish, provide, supply, —t 

(with à) provide (for), pay (for). 
,. fun 

: sban 

supplies; specif., bedding. 


n. (OIw.) a fum 

roarracc. m. forage', fodder, food for animsl 

(cap. hay, straw, etc.); foraging. 
roDiracer, i.t. à: i. forage; pillage; rummage 
a. forage, lit for forage. 

jihy, woody (country); furry. Furred, 

line with fur; line with wood, serve (rope). 

roniTler, m. quartermaster. 

furring, wood lining; neat (of 

IbniTorer^ t,t, mislead. ^ i.r. err, I» wrong. 
ranteaa, fonrd. ni, beech, beech tree. 
lOja, m. hearth; Ëre; light, souroe of light 
focus; furnace; fire bol; foyer, lobby. 

— à orùle, grate hearth, grate fumaoe. 

— à Tfchattffer. reheating hearth. 

— ' d'affinaoe. — d'affinene, iUrlai-) reûnery, 
finery heutt. 

— de raffinerie, (Jfefaii.) refinery, fining 

— Iceieais, (lead) Bcoteh hearth. 

— oarooine, gas producer, produoer. 

•i. real fc 


fuei. Ï 

a blast fi 

in body, belly. 

tual foci 

(flamme réductrice) reducing flame. 

rracUon, /. fraction. 
lyacllonnalrei a. frsotiouaL 
Oactlonne, p.u. fractional; fractionated. 
frac Hon nement. m. fraotiomng, fractionation. 

fracture, /. fracture; breaking. 

rraetarer, i.i. break, fruiture. 

mgllc. "■ fragile, brittle, frail. 

fragilité. /. fragiUty, fragilenees, frailness. 

fngnieiit, m. fragment. 

rtacmentalTC, a. fragmentary. 

fM^nientatloii, /. fragmentation. 

' ~ _~Denter, e.t. break into fragments. 

fragrance. /. fragrance, 

fr>HTBnt, a. fragrant. 

fnl, m. spawning; spawn; smalHry; fraying. 

etc. (see frayw). Bee also frais. 

de ffrenouiUe, frog spawn. 
ftatclM. a. ftn. of frais. 
fralcbement, oifi. freshly, recently; coolly. 
nalcbeur. n, coolnese: freshness; chill; gentle 


r V'f. become cooler; (i 
nen; frceh air; roc 

a. haviog a rupbsrylike i 
Lllated; harioc a lasiibsTT < 



true, real: full, 
frank. — ad«. 
frankly. — ■>. 

tulip, oompletely. 

franc {19,3 oenti or v.i a.). 
ftmnials. a. French. — m. EYendi (langiige) ; 

(e^P.) l^nchmoD. 
FniKfkrt, n. Fnakfott, Fnmkfuit. 
~ " " "" ' , m. Frankfwt on tht 


if frai 

rnnm, I.I. tnose. 

frmoglbUlU, /. fmngibility, fraogiblenua. 
fnnclble. a. fnmciblB, breakable, fragile. 
fnofnUiie, /. fraugulin. 

, Btriking, etc- [eee frapper] 

fnwpe, p.a. itmok; stamped; iced; (otiloUi) 
sbimc, close; forcible, iil^Ud. 
trt — dt.he affected witb, Iiave, eihibit; be 

fnppimcnt, m. etriking. etc. (see frapper), 
fnppn, t.t. strike; hit. knock, beat, stamp: 

pree» into cakes (as soap); ice (wines, etc.); 

affoot. —>.». strike: hit, knock, beat. 

tiikei, beater, knoeker, stunpet. 

e, f. fraud. 

I. adulterate; defraud; 
oeni, adv- Frauduler 
a. fraudulent. 

fnliite. /. ihrinkMe, t<M (m 

during manufacture). 
rMaUcc rrdalemenl, n 

latêrie. /. adulteration, sophiiticstioa. 
rrdstcr. v,l, adullerate, sopluaticau. 
trelMttar, m. adalt«ator, sophisUoatw. 
trèle, a. frail, fragile. 
ftden, m. hornet. 
hémir, t.i. be agitated, vibrate, tremble, 

shake, quiver, (of water) simmer; rustle, 

Mmiucment, n. agitation, vibratian,Teta. 

fMoe, m. Ash (tfn or wood). 

prickly ash (ZanlAazyJum), 
" frequently. 
. /. frequeooy, 
IMqaenti a. frequent. 
frCqnenbiUon, /. attendwm <on odbtm>); 

frequenting, fréquentation. 
rrtqnentcr, (,1. attend (daises); frequent. 

frequln, m. a cask for sugar, airup, etc. 

Mn. wi. brother, 

frMQiMi /. fresco. 

fret, m- freight; chartering (of a vw el ). 

frCtar, >.<. freight, load; charter. 

frettCi /, hoop, ring, band, tire, 

frett^, i.t. hocp; Ssage; build up (■ gun). 

MabtUM, /. friability. 

Mkble, a. friable. 

frielie, /, fallow, faUow land, 

frictloii, /. ilied.) rubbing, friction. ^ 

trlKldlU, /. frigidity, coldness, frigidnoB. 

cold chamber, refrigerating 
chamber, refrigerator, refrigefatiiig Hppa- 

fMlorlfleatloni /. refi^getation, production of 

cold. (Bee frigociËm). 
rrfgorlOcr, E.i. produce ootd. — T-t refrigerate, 
eap. St low temperature, freeie (as meat), 
nfrigerating, refrigeration, 
producing, frigorifie; (of toiituna) 

frtre, i.l.. i. it r. iry 
Frise, /, Friesland. 

frit, p.p. .t pr. 3 tine. 
Mttacc. m. fritting, 
Mtts,/. frit; fritting. 

IMttlcr, m. frit 

MtDTC, /. fryij 


: frying oil, frying fat; fried 

t, adv. coldly, frigidly, coolly. 
froMenr, /. coldnesa. chill. 
froldiite, f. coldf DoldDeaa, oold weathu. 
noMiiraii, a. sold. 

; rumple; bruise; offend. 




fMUemeDti m. Eraiiiw, brushiiiE, d 
frOler, s.(. êtoec, brush, pus over. 
fMnuce» m. oheese; n cbww-sbaped support 
for cruciblflA. cruoible stand. 

— d pdiî fcrmt (or r*if«anl«), h»rd oheeee. 

^ cuif, floaked obecae. 

— de HoUande, Dutch cheetHi. 
*- d^Eidamt Edam cbecK- 

— demirOToa, cheese from partially akimmed 
milk, ùnele cheese. 

— fertnanti, fermeDted cheese. 

— fraû, freeh or unCermenlsd cheese, cottace 

r, rich c 

«4to1e-milk cheese, or filled che« 
-milk cheeee. 

mold; cheese n 

w»u. «oft cb 

m. Che» 
cheese dealer; (0c<.) i 

rheeee shop; cheese trade. 

fromcntt m. wheat. 

— aubaine, hard wheat, d 

(Indian) com, mai£e. 

— ipeautre, spelt, 

— touBelU. a kind of heart 
fMmeDtaee. a. frumentsce 
ftomentacéCi /. frumentact 

frondalMiii, m. foliage; leafing time. 
flnnde. /, sling ; frond tof f ernsl ; foliage. 
Rant, n. front; face; broR, forehead; head 

— dt laiBe. (Minine) fforking (ace. 
f>nn(lb«. /, de a. frontier, boundary, border. 
ftonttsplce, m. frontispiece. 

flottasc, m, rubbing, etc. (see frotter), 
fMttcmcDt. m. friction; rubbing, etc: (see 

— de iiJinemml, sUding trintioo. 
— ' de roulement, rolling fricCJon. 

fMtter, I.I, rub; grind (ee glass); scour; 

rubbingi friction. 

>2 fumée 

flotteur* m. rubber; friction piece; (^lec-^ 

rubbing contact. 
frottlB, ni. tbin coat, wash (as of a transparent 

frottoir, m. rubber; polisber. 
fïoa-fn>at froafrout m. matting, froufrou. 
ttactlflH', >.>, fructify; be fruitful, 
fractose, /. fructose. 

fïnctaenacmcnt, iidi>. fruitfully, profitabtr. 
jitful; profitable. 

tmltê, a. I 
fraltOT, 1.1 

iDSace, a. fugitive; 
fOtMsttC. /. furtive 
fagltu; a. fugitive. 

fnlte,/. leak,' leakage, 

fiight; eission, sb 

fUlgantloii, /. (Altai 

leaking, escape; fading; 

ift; avoidance. 

line) fulguration, bright- 

fallglnEUI. a. sooty, smoky, fuliginous. 
foUglDaBlté, /. fuliginosity, eootiness, soot. 
falmlooton, falml-eoton, m. gunootton. 

rDlmlnaDt, p.a. fulminating. 
fnlmlnate. m. fulminate, 
— <f 'or^n^ silver fulmmate. 

ftalmlnatfrlc, /. fulminate factory, 
fnlmlnatlon, / fulminatiori, detonation. 
fnlmloer, z.i, detonate; fulminate, rage. 
fulminique, a. fulminic. 
fulmlnnrlqne. a. fulminurio. 
fDlml-pallle, /. tExpl.) nitrated straw. 
fulmlBon. m. (Eipi.) nitrated bran, 
fumage, m. fuming; smoking; (Ajrtc.) manur- 

nimmlaouB m- iAffric.) maouring, dunging, 
fnnuDt, p.a. fuming; smoking; etettmiog; 

funurate, n, fumarate. 

fUitiarlne, /. fumarine. 

fnmmrtqae, a, fumarle, 

ftamarolle, /. (Oeot.) furaarole. 

f^mË, p.a, smoked, smoky; fumed; mftnured. 

uaokc; iteun; imk. - 

ol.) fumitory (FumaHa). 
/; (of wine) fumy, hewiy. 

— m. smoke-produàM gubstanoe, fumifsi] 

fnmlltd, m. builder or npsinr of cbinuieyt 
funiACflB» ovBnH, eta. ; Atove settar. 

ftmdtterle, /, buikliDg or repsii of shinuwyi 
Dvena, fumooce, etc. 

unoke-oonmumrig. — a. unoLo 

163 fuyuit 

I fuC* i baautttt, racket sod atink. 

— à dtnàbit tffett doubte-Ktion Iiue. eomtHiu^ 

— d tffit Ttlardt, delay-twition toee. 

— àia Conffrew, CoDgnva rookot- 

— deBickford, BicMord fiue. 

— iTécIair, fluh loaket 

— d'éclairage, light roobet. 

— de wûrrlt, BiJety fuse. 

— d^hottntw, iPj/ro.) àgDàl TOflkot- 

noee^etoiislenr, n. detanaU 

îpindle-«h»pEd, fviHiform. 

'uBB, melt; (ûf AAltfl on glowins char- 

-cact with orackliDE or pputt^ring; 

rmtliniM, m. furaa (or funuie), furfursn (or 


failllette, /. small rooket. 
ItaalOQ./, fuion. 

— à la uniStrrii. seatina with the blast. 


— ion**. iKneou» (osiDn. 

tarfUrol, ™. furfuTDlB (better «lied furalde- 


tmatnt, imp. S pi. mbj. of «tre (to be). 

fDttet, mat*!, m. f uatet (CWinu. wKnu. or ita 

i^iu, fuHuryl sloobol (2-furi>ncsrbinoI). 


Matoc, hutOk, m. fustio 

mt, p.d.^. s flwj. of etH (to he). 

rat, m. cask, barrel; shaft, trunk, pole, port; 

stock, frame, brace, handle. —tmp.SHna. 

for dpawingi chareoal crayoni charcoal 

nd,j. of «t« (to be). 

fntak. /. timber forest; large tree. 

fnrant, p.a.Tusinir. etfi. (see foserli (of tuaer, 

ratallle, /. cask, barrel: casks, barrels. 

rutainerlc, /. wood for oaska. 

rnMan> m. npindle (in variniu sonses): pin, 

fnl^, /. ■ oement composed of gtue and saw^ 

■Je. arbor. 

niMe. /. fuse. tu«; rocket; fusee, fuwe: 

fnUIe, o. futile. 

flTluM) a tool for enlargiiig openrngn: 

mtnr, a. * m. future. 

(ifaeh.) axle arm, barrel, ioumal, trpiadle: 

(uMnt. p,a, escaping, etc, (see M.); leaky; 

(of rolots) fugitive. 

Btcliace, m. misnc eto. (see titiia). 

tftehe, /. ElAple. 

Xkcuee, /. baUb, miaug (of «meat, ets.; 

■laJce (lime); bundle, botch. 

'; mud, mire; tiuali; (fla-J 

/. («in.) çadoliuite. 
1, m. Kwlolinium. 
/- nifiht Kiii, 

falftc-* (in lumes of oompouuds) suaia^v 

S>Iko1. m. (uaiacoL 

■billeterie, /, cod in anull lumps; Bmitll lum[ 

of coal. 
BklUetem, a, lumpy, lump, rubbly (as omil). 
KanicUn, m. coal in small pieoet: small pien 

BaUlette, /. coal in lumps, rubbly ooal; Jionj 

Kalne, /. shealli, case; shaft: flue; 

or shflll) gaine, priming tubs. 
■diur, C.I. sheath, iacaso. 
KalncHe, /. making or sellina af shea' 


■■lactique, a. lactic 

■alsctometre, m. ke 

■alsetamétrle, /. Balactometry. 

■aUctonlqiie. a. Eaiactonic, 

■■iBetaw, /. galactase; (Fht/nol.) galactosia. 

■iron-) calactic. 

iR.) Ealansal, galanf 

any member of the aenus Aljnna 

gaUirme, n. a fermented bevsrsxe n 


- -' roducine galbanum. 

■afaheptonlqnc, □. e 

m; (Mad.) itoh; (Bof.) 

/. («in.) galena, galenite. 
ne. a. («in.) gâleDie(al): (FAnrm. ct 
Mtd.i GsleniD(a]). 
■■lère, /. gallei; fumnce. galley. 
IKlerle, /. gallery: ahell, frame, platform 
(attached to the side of somethini); Bus 
(of a boiler) ; (.Minino) drift, adit, gallery. 
Balet, fn. pebble; gravel, shingle; disk (placed 
over the column of liquid in a polarimeter) ; 

— de rtmUmenl, frictioa roller. 
■klBtaic. m. CSunpowdtir) makiog press cake, 
galeter, i.I. (Chinpoader) press into pnsB caks. 
■■let-fiilde, n. rnUor gmde. 

gialcttc, /, (Ëat) cake; specif.. (Qunjwder) 

■«■enx. a, (of glass) covered with gall or soum; 

iteby. mangy, scurfy. 
GaUcc, /. GaUda (Spun). 
GsHele,/. Galicia (Austria). 
■aUeleiii a. Galioian. 
■aUpot, m. galipot, gaUipot. 
■kllpat«r, i.l. coat with galipot. 
RsUatc, m, galUte, 

— banque de bitmulh, (Pham-) bismuth sub- 

■Blk, /. gall (of plants); speoif., nutgall. g&D- 
nut; gallfly; knot, lump, eonoetioii (as in 

— d-Alep. Aleppo gall. 

— de chine, oak gaU. 

~ de Chine, Oiinne gall (from sumach). 
galMlne, /. gallein. 

:a yielding gt 

Kaftocyanlne, /. {Dyee) gallocynn 

>•/- EalvanoplMtleo, -plasty. 
Salnoopiutiqae, a. giilvBnoplutio. 
■alTumtyver, i.i. alsctrotype. 
Samblr. m. g&mbier, gambir. 

Jdnd of UmA- 

RBilt, m. glove; gkuntlet. 

— de laboraioire, laboTftt^sy alova. 
■Bnterte./. ElamDBkinK; eIovb trade, 
Kir»IH»gc tn. mBdcler dymng. 
Buanee, /. nudder. — a. mAdder^olored, 

/. Dudder dyflhou 

■hèlter» preoerve. 

jrins nuitler eitrauted 
'rora nuddar dyeing, 
field; madder dye- 

CUViMliM, /. garanon, ganmone. 

■aruitt m. dt / guarantor» guaranty, mmty; 

latAeing; aeciu 

garde. /. guard; protection, cuitody. — m 

guard; tweper^ warden , 
SBrde-eorpS, m. Tailing, rail, guard rail. 
BBrde-l^* m. fire guard; {Metal.^ fumaai 

BBTde-fMit m, - garde-oorpa. 
Bmrde-fMir, lude-ninriuaii, m. furnace man 
■■rdCTt vA- keep; yuard, — -ir.r, keep, remai: 
uuepoited; b«waro (of), keep (from] 

Sardc-rae, n. eye shade; lampshade. 
gate. /. (ndlway) station ; ewitob, «hunt. 
IWl^rlsn', v.t. A t. gargle. 
Carcariame, n. garirle, <V«I.) gargariam. 

" mieh, supply, provide, «took, fit. 

i; fiU; 1 

;. fao 

stuff; gamisb, deci 
■ambaage, garnlsieDieDt, m. furnishing, i 
(see garnir). 
SvniHwa batiqae, fUilai.) basic lining. 

Uing; lining; mounting; fit 

ing, furniture; edge, border; set, assort 
meat; outfit; oroameut; ^Mach.) packing, 
stuffing; bearing bor. 
— bofiqiit, litetal.l basic Uniox. 
faron, m. «purge flai {Daphm Dnfiliiim); 

(■rouille, /. kermès oak (Qwmi aKciSera) or 

e,/. Oas. 

KMtrlqBe, a. gssUic. 
Bfttc. m. spoiled part. 
Kfttcan, n. cake. 

Sandcr, t.t. dye with w 
Biufre, /. honeycomh; waffle. 
gaufrer, o.f. emboas; goffer, pis 
ganlCi /. pole, rod. staff, stick. 
Baulthfole, /. (Aoi.l Gaultheria 
— coudiie, wintergreen {G. pri 

BaylnsaltB, /. {.Mia.) gaylussite 
gai, m. gas. 

— ofrodètw. air oarburetted by passage thru 
ligbt hydrocarbons, air gas. 

— à l'air, producer gas (made with dry tit). 

— à TAi 

— asphyxiant, asphyxiating gas. 

— brûUi, burnt Eases, flue gase 

— earboniqiu, carbon dioxide gas. 

— d'Schappement. (of explowon ei 

— de duraffaee, fuel gas. 

— d'tclairage, illuminating gas. 

— (jal mamû, msreb tu. 

— détonant, dfltooatinji c*fl- 

— ill nllc, city (bs. 

— ' Éthilarant, — KHarartt, laughing cas. 

— rnixU, mixed cas, apecif, semi-water si 

— natarel. ostursl gw. 

— Ridit. Bicbé gu (a fuel gas made from 

wood or o^er organic matter) - 

— SUmen», SiemeikB gas, producer gas. 

— sif^ocanJ, aaphyxiatiiig gas- 

— lonnani, detonatlDg gas, 

BBiélfœrnie, a. gaaiform. gaaeous. 

gaiélté, /. saseousDeeg. guao^u natun « state. 

suit, t.l. gasi ipecif-, ^Melal^ reduce with 

gaseous fuel; corer with game; veil, 
wuette,/. newspaper, gaiette: (Ceram.) sagger. 


gélnci /. gein (humio acid). 
gtl, m. gel; fioet. 
fclKble, a. oongesJable. 
■«UUne, /. gelatin. 

— Kittimait, gelatin. 

— de ffuem. eiplûsîve gelatin. 

— téçétait, vegetable gelatin (gliadïn). 
■eUUoe, a. gglatined, coated with gelatin, 

treated with gelatin. 
lUQC-dlDUllIte, n. gelatin dynamite, 
gelatin maker. 
gélstlBein, a. gelatinous. 

.. gelati 


gelatJn or jellr, 
geTatioatfl. gelatinize. 
■f l>tlniri>niH, a. gelstiniform, 
VêlatlIliiaDt, p.a. gelatinizing. — a. galatinia- 

ing BgBnt. gelstiniier. 
CélatlDlBatloii, /. gelaCiniiation. geUtiniiing. 
gélatlnlser, r.t, gelatiniie. 
selBtlno-bromiire, /. geUtinD-bromide. 
gélaHno-chlonirc, /. gelatiuo-chloride. 
gClatlan. /. coogelation. gelation. 
■CbitoB*, /. gelatoH. 
teKe, /. jelly; frost, freew, trooring. 

— ûlvcérinie. (Pharm.) glyoerinated gelatin. 
■:el«', V.I., i. * r. freeiB, conge»]. 

ily, having a relatively 

(of Bt 
ending by frosi 

atlODt /. jeiiincacion, jeijymg. 

*, ..I. * r. jpUify, jelly. 
■eUforme, a. of the nature of a jelly. 
géllcolte, /. lExpl.) geliiaite. 
g^low,/. gelDse; (loosely) agar. 

" ' ' /. gelseinine; (Bol.) gelsemi 

«*inlr,..i. groan, moan. 

icmmve, n. indàng. tapping (of treea for 


— à mari, severe tapping resulting in the 

tor gasifying coal. 

death of the tree. 

— à vie, tapping in such a way aa not to IdU 

the tree. 

liquida. — o. carbonating. 



Kl —, rock Hit. 

n»drte, o. gasifiable, tending to gasify. 

■endre,/. (Anal.} gum. 

— à dodit. a gas holder with a bell which can 

be raised and lowered. 

Cfner, r,(. impede, hinder, embarrass; inooor 

venience, annoy, trouble. 

■énénti, a. à: m. general. 

SBMn, m. grass: turf. sod. 


■taut. m. giant. - ». giaot, gigaoHc. huge. 

■enéraUtfi, /. gener^ty. 

ttoÊrmimar, m. geneiBtor; 
from which nnothei > 
OTisinH] substance. — 

Bpedf-, s eubetano 
bfltAncfl ia foimed 

which othen are fonned {aa, unt allviot e 
ttt mAdur gtnérateurt, aa lUEoy and ït 
componant metals; U méhtTuff généraUu 
iTun compoit, the miitun from which i 

|«n£ntir, a. geoerati? 

>f land) fertile, 

BénCalqncmenl, ads. genetically. 
Senratrcllei cenMlndlei /. (Bol.) i 
■TeâAweed, dyer'a weed {GeniaU 

s, dyer'e broom, woadwa 

ténGHqne, s. genetic. 
OentlB, /. Geneva, 
BCDéTTctte, /. a drink made h 

B, /. bèifer, 

1, n. knee; (Tech. 

spcaf. ball-and-eocl 

geiMiillM«, /. joint, ci 

joint: toggle joint; 

— Saxt, Sa^on type (t 

a ahallow tyi>e 

|«IUI,m.pI. people, ' 
fent, /. tribe, race. 

'. yellow sentjan, b 
liana lalra). 
CentUnlnc, /. gentianïn. 

SSodlque. a. geoiiic. 
léoBrte, /. (Bm.) Geoffnea. 
/. geo«iaphï. 

uqBcnunt, <uh. geocraphioatlj'. 
/, geology, 


odp. geologically. 
VColatac m. geolooBt. 
SêomitTal, a. geometrical. 
Seomebrtc. /. geometiy. 
■eamfbrlqne, a. geometricfal). 
(temétrlqnement, adt. geometrically. 
■Crsnee. /. manuement, manaienhip. 
serMOmtéea, (Bot.) Geraniaeen. 
Céninlali m. geranial (oitial), 
■CranlDl, m. gersniol. 
ifranlque. a. geranic. 
Kennlnm. m. Wot.) geraiiiuin. 


Kentdoal, a. i 

jé»lt,Vi*.'lie, rest^be. 

setae, f. (Bot.) vetchling (LalAi/nu). p 

gestation,/, gestation. 

gestion, /. management, adcoiDistratii 

. Mt of bricks in the Hln. 
.>. squirt, vurt, spray. 

ddenr li 

Bklmr, m. Bpr»yer, atomûer, uoule, — o. 
squirtiiuE, eprayinc, ato m igi n g. 

BllléBle, /. (£«.) Gillenia, Indiiui physio (Par- 

■lllon, m. (fini.) miatlitoe (FiKUn olbun). 
Slo, m, whiiliy; (abusively) lin. 
SlnSKS, m. ticking (the cloth). 
Klnsembre. n. ^nàa. 

— 61dnf , white a^Dcer, Juuaîea cingar, peeled 

r (Zùuibdr offi^ 

Blnglbrinet /■ powdered gïti^er. 


wool sloth UHd foi 
/, ehondalior; {Fj/rù,. < 

I, m. (Min.) fire opi»l, airwol; (flw 
heliotrope, giiaeol. 
■Iimtloil, /, Eyrstioa. 
ElTfttolre, a. gyratory, gyr&tioiul. 
girofle, m, dove. 

a. -In the phrase canneUt giroJUe, elo^ 


I IBot.) I 

■Isanti of g^eir. 


) dflpoflït: podtion 
De eoTih; bearing. 

.ratified depoeit. 

B pi. of géâir, 
Btt> pr. J nriff. of gésir. 

■ttë, m. (minerai) depoait; bed; lodging; home; 
lower millstone; l(« (o[ beef). 
— JtZ^Tifm. vein depoeit. 
^ — «Mimenfotre, sedimentary depoeit, Beati- 
fied depoeit. 

IB f roe 

lurfHce of vui 

glné, a. (roety, (metsd. 
GI. Symbol of plucini'un Cberyllium). 
■l>C>Ce. m- ieing, etc. («e glacer) . 
Ciscc. /. ice; freeiing point; plate glass; lo 
ing glaas. minor; glsêa, Ihub; glass h 

ig (for pastry) ; ieing, sugu on 

— fondante, n 

— pilfa. crushed 
Ilaee, p. I. iced, et 

ntrify. '— i.i 

(see glacer); glacé; icy, 
; ohill; glaae: odeader: 

KcriC) /. plat»cUss works or bmimw; 

ueiir, n. gluei: calenderer. 

aeeui. a. (of gems) Bawed, flawy; ii 

glacial, a. glacial; icy, freeniig 
Cladale, /. (£o(.) ice plant {Mai 

SUeler, m. plate-glaas maker; 

Slaton, m. piece of io 

ing with glair. 

ilay; vault of a glasa furnace- — -a. 
phrase l^rn etaite, clay aoil, cl^, 
. clay, treat with day. 

ClalaHrc, /. clay pit. 

fland, n. acorn; tassel: (Anal.) glaas. 

Clande, /. gland, 

— turrénale, suprarenal gland, adtooai gland. 
tUnduialre, cUndOleiii, a. glandular, -ulous. 

.1. ± i. glea 

glaaqne, a. glaucous, bluish green. 

■letM, /. litharge. 

gleDcomètre, m. gluoometer, gleuoomeUr. 

■Hkdlnc, /. gliadin. 

gUasant, p.a. sliding, slipping; slipp^y. 

^uement, m, sliding, slipping, gliding. 

sUsser, t.t. elide, elip. glide. — i.i. sUp, slide. 

BllBsenr, m. slider; IMocA.) sliding piece, slide 

BlInHr*, /. slide bar, slide, si 

gnsmlr, m. slider, slide block, slide 
■IIsmItc, /. slider, sliding piece; 

block, gmde, 
■tohal, a. lump, total, entire, groaa. 

«.guide bar, 


ftobmlll, maac iil. of ^oImI. 

Ckbe, n. (loba; ball; glaaa «>v«r (u for i 

flobelUt a. rlobosa, vlobutar, 
■loblfarinc a. slobulaT, (lob»«liBped. 
■hibliM. /. alobin. 
Klobnlalra, a. slobular, iphericol, 
■lobale, m. globals; C^^.) c«piuck; pellet. 


(of ti 

ne. blood . 

— routfff, rvd DorpuBCle {ai the blood), 

— aaitffuin. blood corpuBcle. 
Elobiileni, a. Elobulous, globuUr. 
Ilobullclde, a. destroying blood o 
■lobuUii, m. (Phuriol.) leuDocylo. 
■lobllllile, /. globulin. 
ïtoballiiiiTle, /. (Med.) (lobulmuria. 
■tobulolTM, /. (Phnrial.) hemooytolj™. 


t, f. (loiy. honor, Bplsndor; {PW'-) &ud 

CkMserule, /. «nail i 

meruJe, glomerulua 

floiHiIne, /, iPharrn.) i 

; (Bol., *to.) ilo- 
In, glonolne (nitro- 

Slorlciiit a. glorious, «pbudid. 
iloaulrc, m. sloflaajy; vocabulary. 
ir m. guigJe, ciiTEUaa. 

common buidook {Arctium 
K grasa. cleaven tQaiHwn). 

oiu. Btioky. Hdhesirs, vj 
B./. gluoina (bwyllia). 

Staeobeploiilqae, a. glueohsptomD. 
Slnoomttre, m. glucomel«r. 
iJueoiilqlle, a. gluconic. 
e, /. glucoean. 
e, /. glucose. 

«t with gluoo». 

uQo» factory; glueoae lE 

jmear with binjlime or other riaooi 
Hubstaace, lime, make etioky. 
Slutamtne, /. ilutamiue. 
Klntamlqne, a. glutamic. 
glntarlqae, a. glutaiic. 
SiDtCD. m. gluten; glue, oement. 
(laHnmloIre, a. agglutinating, aggluCmative. 
KtatflM^ /, glutiu fold auno for gliadin and U 
■- 11. o. glutinou.. 

t, }. (JWd.) glycemia. 

SireCrt, tlreérat, m. {Phiam^i ilyceriu, gly»- 
eriu loolution of a oledidnal Aubatance in 
QVl/cèrsU «tmplfl, = gïyoéré d'amidoa. 

— d'oluR, glyoeiiu of alum. 

— d'omidon, glyoerite of «tarch, glyoetin of 

— Ae fcoropliicérïds, glycerite of botoglyoerin, 
Bolu^on of boroglyceride. 

— d£ p«pn'n0, glycerin of papain. 

— dfl phhvA, glycerite of phenol, glyoerite of 
oarbolic acid. 

— àt soutacéiau de jJdib*, âlyoerin of sub»»- 
tate of lead. 

— de tannin, glycerite {or glycerin) of bulDie 

— d'hudrruHi du Canada, glyoeiite of hydtas- 

ElrcMde,/. glyoeride. 

■IroMiw, /. glyoeiin (in Ors. Chm. better 
called glycerol) . 
— ' phénitut. (PharmJi glycerite of phenol. 

— lonniîM, (PAoDB.) glyoerite <or glycerin) 

Elreero-aneDbl*, t 

gljetnM, m. - glyoérf . 
— d'acide pkfnique, glyceiit» (or glycerin) of 

Elreéropboiptaate. m. glycerophosiibate. 
BlreêroplMwpboriqliei a. glyoerophosphorio. 
KljtÉnue, }. glycorose. 
Blreeiyle, glrcUe, m. glyceryl. 
^yelde, m. glyoide, 

larcin, ra. glyoin |a photographic developer). 
i^rcloatJoil. /. formation of or eombiuation 

with glycine, glycination, 
■Uelna, /. glycine; gludna (beryllia); CBofc) 


a plan 

Klfclnhim, m. glucinum Cberyllium). 

^yclquc. a. slucic, 

llrcacballqne, a. glycocholic, 

tjycocolle, m. glycocoll (glydne). 

sly eoK^iUH, /. glyoogenase. 

■IreoéSoe, m. glyoogen. — a. glyoogenom 

Slyooc^ntee, glycocéiile, /. glyoogeoeds. 

glrcocenlque. a, glycogenic. 
KlfCOl, Bi. glycol. 
I4reol>'oldc< /. glycoUmide. 
^coljqae, a, glycoUc. . 

ElreoM, /- «lueoae. Irarely) ïlyew 
■lïcOBMe. n. (luooaide. 
Elrcorarle, /. Blyoomirift. f lucniii 
1. (tycoBuriç. 

_ . . •»/■ glycyirhiiin. 

■Ijoiali in. glyoml. 

CirDiklliUne, /. glyaulidine Qmidaioliiie), 

Siroulllie. /. ilyaialioe (imiduote). 

■IrolTllline, a. ilyoiylia. Elyoïalio. 

SnelM, m. iPtlroB.) gneùa. 

Cnebsciu. cnelislque. a, ineiano, eoeiseuH 

KOr adt. la the phrAae toul de go. reodUy, it 

fOlMtetf ni.cup (taller than buH ftod frequent 

without ft handle) : goblet: (Pvro.) cbh 
f. msQufHCture a( drinkinc (lui 
in broadly» of bIbu veeseb; hoUo' 

I. iUatonry) pmnting. 

— dt futte. f uH cup. 
goémon, m. seaweed; epecif., fuci 
- 'ïe, m. (UnJ.) Eoiter, goitre. 

-~ dt fur, - tomme dea 

— det/unérailici. bitumEO. 

^ dea aagtt, {Old Chem-) mercury. 

— du Stnégal, SeneKal gum. gum Saaesal. 

— éiatti^iie, Hum elasdo, caoutchouc, rubber. 

— exptonw. explofuve gelatia. 

— loui-du-jIeuM, Qalam gum (a kind of sum 

— iat/ue, lao» gum lao. 

— tiicudo-adniiiinU(el, saw» gum. 

— Toive. red gum; (Old Ciem.i sulfur. 

— èauvaer, (fiTiWwr) wild rubber, aa eon- 

goDune-cntte, /. gi 

i: (of t 

imferi m. gum-bearing tree, gum tree 

tfeàl. tbe acad«, 
IDnuDinrCi a. gununiferoua. gum-yieldiiig. 
CDininiw<(lB«tlI, a. 
toaaaoat,/. gui 

loader, 1 1, biaae. 

\ it i. (of platea, etc.) buckle- 

awolled, awollen, diatended, in- 

■nsll, diiteatwn. 

gMle-de-idfean, a. of 1 

KOrger, nJ. (Pyra.) fill; lol 
KDrvDiuola, m. Oorgoniolf 
foiler, m. throat, Eullet. 

boUow, iwm; 

le irideaocDt ookff of a 

loudronoerle, /. 

prepared; pis 
landronnMii, a. 


isoet, m. wam (plant at tb« esdui Aram o 

— à bma ftuiUeat jack-in-ths-pulpit» Indiai 

Saolbe. m. (ulf, ^yn. 

taata, t.l. Eouge. 

■oiiJoD. m. gudgeon, pin, imc, dowel. 

■oolot, m. Deck (of i. battle or other vessel). 

■onplDe, /. pm; pet. key, splint. 

Ban^Don, m, (est tube brush (or one foi 

Uke); , 


goniriUaiiiier, p. 

brush, bottle Drusn or uie 
fotirde, /. (Duid ; Ouk, cAntei 
lonrv, /. adulterated drug. 
KDDMi, V.I. adulterate (dru(B). 
Bonraor, m. adulterator. 
XmuBe. /. pod; (of garlio) cloi 

. forge), 
nith a 1 

; (lea oHen) ■mell; reliah. 


CMItt«, /. drop; (Phnrm.) minhn; lAtKiyinn) 
bead; bljater (in a casting); globule of 
oxidised metal (in an ingot); (Jlffd.) août. 
— it — , drop by drop, dropwise. 
■ontteletta, /. droplet little drop, 
■Datler, i.i. drop, drip. 
■•■itleDi, a. gouty, — n, gouty perMo, 
^l /, gutter, trough, spout; 

rudder; helm; 

BODTenutmr, m. (JVocA,) governor, regulator, 
■i>Drenie« /, suidanoe, guide. 
■onTemement, m, govemmeat ; management. 

direction; steering- 
■•nterner, i.l, govern; steer; manage. 
■ODTenunr. m. governor; helmsman, 
■QUTlan, IF). Urge bolt. 
tajm, f. guava (the fruit) . 
gorsvleft m, guava tree, guava. 
STabemn, m. (PAorm.) fragment, refuse, garble. 
IT>bel>Kei m. (PAarm.) sorting to remove 

Crabeler. t.t. (Pliann.) oull the refute Iront. 

ITftee, /. grace; (hanks. 

— d. thanks to, owing to, an account of. 
crsdeni. a. graceful; gradcua, 
Cradatir, a, grwiational. 
Sndmthtn, /. gradation. 
Crade, m. rank, grade: degree: (.Malh.) 

BiadDfi, P.O. graduated. — n. graduate. 
SradiHl. a. gradual. 
traduellemeat, adr, gradually. 
Sradaer. 1. 1, graduate. 

bead; {Pharm.) pellet; {Slach.) buehing, 
step; IGiaat) opaque incluiuon. atone; 
<tfacl.) pustule, pock; shower; squall. 

à fffainê fini. Ana-grained. 

A graina orrAa, cloee-graioed. 

d groê ffraint. large-grained, coarse-gr^ned. 

— i Jaciitea. grain showing faoets of orystala. 
faeetcd grain. 

— awutfU. grain showing aoicutar orystals. 

— d'atnoTM, (.Pvro.j primer. 

— de bœuf, buffalo berry, bullberry {Lepar- 

ffnu'nfl df iin. linseed, flaisetd. 

— tfuiU. mottled grain. 

irmtne. /, seed; berry: egge (of sUkwonns). 

' — d'afr^treUt, amber seed, musk seed. 

— d'Atiffnan. Avignon berry, French berry. 

— d'icariait, kermee, bermes berry. 

— da Hn. Qaiaeed, linseed, 

— . de paradis, grain of paradiae. 

— de Perte. Faiàan beny. 

— de Turquie, (Indian) eom, muse. 

— ^une, yellow berry. 


irainet de TiUv, tilley, tUley seed 

Cralan tigtium). 

— HnEt^rialt, kermès, kermès berry. 

CnUoricT, irslner. etc. See greneler, 

cmlssaKe, m. greasing; lubricating; 

' leooming ropy, rt^ng (ae of wine) 

milky and 



tate du 


of sulfate 

n proportion 




-e. greaae 


tat) for 



nimal fa 






de laine. 

wool gl 




— boucaae, (ffot.) 

nfiia aaxifragà\- 

grande cisivt, [BoL) 

poison hemlook (Conl'w 

grande diffitate^ (Bot.) common foialove. 
tp^ndc joubarbe. (But.) common houAâle«k- 
grande matH, mun body (of a blast furnaoe). 
grande maam. (Bol.) wild mallow IMala 

grandi vilem, great selooity: full speed: 

train, quick dbpatch. 

— fof/cr, boaliof (of a blaat furnacpj . 

— gamin, — garçon, a glasablower's chief 
called vnriouBly finit footman, 

ball m 
arandt bUi, w 


mltse de minage, gréa» fol 

household UH. 

mnd (oMl, (Bol.) common sunflower. 

— de mouton, mutton suet. 

eutton tallow. 

le — OcAin, the Pacific Ocean. 

— de riiene. reserve fat. 
~ du iiiuTt. butter fat, 

— du porc, lard. 

snnd-dac, m. grand-duke. 

gnnitat, /. greatness, largeness, etc. (see 

— minérale, crude paraffin. 

— tégilale, vegetable fat. 

height, stature. 

ts and kitchens. 

KTMuUr. e.i. grow: inerease, - t.l. ma«nifyr 

dripping, kitchen stuff. 

make great; cause to grow, — ti.r, make 

craluer, i.l. crease: lubricate: clog (a file). 

py or oily. 

■nlsserk, /. grease business; 

grease abop. 

lion; growth. 

«r, oUer. —a. 

■tanit, m. granite. 

lubricating, greasing. 

— d Bodtl, grease cup. 

■Tant(«ni, sranltlque, a. granitie. 

-- méatni^ue, sell-actiag lubricator. 

■ranltOldc, a. granikàd. 

CralMcni, a. greasy: fatty. 

cnluler, m. grease dealer. - 

a. grease, deal- 

■nnnlal», a. granular. 

mm, m. (Baa.) Gram soluCio 

ETamea, m. (Bol.) grass. 

gnmlnee, /. (Jioi.) grass, gr 

«nineous plant, 

snnnle, m. granule. 


irsnnlcr, r.i, granulate, grain. 

snunme, m. gram, gramme ( 

5.433 graina]. 

cnnd, a. great: large: long, 

wide, high, tall, 

full; main, chief; gran 

■nnolDse, /. granuloM. 

maximum; great man: 

dignitary; (in 

■rapniane, a. graphic, graphical, —«.dia- 

eohoola) senior: grandee: greatness. 

gram, drawing, graph. 

mphltatloo, /. grapbitiiation; manufacture 

an — , on a large scale; (of pictures, etc.) 

of graphite. 

full-si«-, at large: grandly. 

snppe, /, cluster, bunch, (BbI.) n 

glomeratian, mass, tump; grapesbot, 
grape: cluster of buUete; powdered 

- de raùin, bunch of grapsa; grapeahot. 
■fapplers, the nonpulveruleat I'eeidue 
ibtained when hydraulic liiue is slaked. 
I slow-setting cement caltcd ciment dt 

ich; thick; làrg. C(wn.) aliphatic; (of 
fine) ropy, oily ; (of glas) milky and hard 
work (see graisse) ; (of metals) soft; (irf 
asting sand) loamy; (ol soil) heavy, 
layey: (of plants) fleshy; moist; slippery; 
ieBt,fiesh. — m.fat; flesh, meat; (Soap) 

rhite soap. — ^ojii!. thick, thiekly. 
grateron. m. goose grssa, cleavers (QaliuaO; 

burdock (Arctium lappa); sweet woodruff 

{Arpentla odorala); etc, 
■latlflcatlan, /. gratuity; allowanoei re- 

Kntlole, /. (Bdl.) Gntiola. 

CatlgUne, /. irBtialm, 
iraUa, adr. & a. gntis. (ree 
Cratt^e, m, Bcrspiug, etc. 
8r>tt«f /. Bcrapcr- 
Sratte-boEsse, /. wiie brus 
tnttcr, VÀ. scTHpe; sera 
(cloth); fiatter. —t.». 
grattoir, m. aomper: rske; 
ttatolt, a. 

'.) eraywocke, jcreywaoke 
•k; (of Boiuiie) d»p. 


SraTement, adt. gravely, seriou 

b« etched; (Puro.) split, en 

■nrler, n. (ravel; (.SolOalowm 

«ea sdt is heaped. 
■nrlllon, iR. coarse cravel. 
■rnlmèbv, I», gravimeter (a I 

É 1. climb, cUmb up, asmnd. 
,/. Bravilation. 
Krarite, /. gravity. 

— s-pèà^riue, specific gravity- 
Brariter, c.i. gravitate. 
BrarlTOlnmetre, m. aa instrument for 

uriuE out an eiai^t weight of liquid. 
Bnn^ screeniues (of plaster) ; rul 
Crarare,/. eugraviuc: etchinE. 
grC, m. will, inDliuation; likinR. 
da — d —, by mutual Bgreemeat. 
m —, in »ood part, kindly. 
BTCC, a. .6 m. Greek. 
Gl<c«, /, Greeoe. 

(rccqnc, o./Bm. of grec. — /. fretwork, I 
Brelh,/, graft: grafting; record offlee. 
(relier, p.I. graft; attach; implant. — i 

grafted; be attacbed- 
tr«cc a. (of ailk) raw. 
Crilc, B. slender, thin, somtl. ^m. hail. 
xrUer, i.(. pass (wai) thru the f&nr. ■ 

ttUet, n. rather slender or thin. 
grCloIr, m.. grHolrc, /. a perforated vei!t 

converting wu Into ribbons, threa 

grt^nfi before bleaohing. 
(rfilon, m. hailstone. 
Krenmde. V. pomegranate; creuade; 

-^ à fasti, riHe grenade. 

— d main, hand grenade. 

mmule /uianit, time grenade. 

. — inceruilulrr, inciindiary grenade. 

— sji^ocanie, asphyxiating Kronade. 
grenuUflr, m. pomegranate tree; grenadier. 
Cl«iudln, a. In the phrase rirop ^modin, 

sirup of pomt^cranate, 
greoadlliep /. airup of pomegranate, grenadine. 
trenage, m. grasulatjon, graining. «Kniog. 
grenaille, /, granulated metal; grantilat«d 

form (of metal); granular carbon; grain; 

small shot: refuse grain, taiUufe. 
en ^, granulated. 

— dt plomb, granulated lead. 

— iFtlain. granulated tin. 

— de âne, granulated lino. 
greualUcment, m. granulation. 
grenainvr, r.f. granulate. 
grenat, m. A a. garnet. 


grener, i.l. grain 

grenetcr, c.t. graii 
gréneUne, /. grenc 
grenette, /. little i 


/, frog; triturator «or antim 

DU, a. 

grained, g 

rainy, granular. — 

grain, g 

anular str 

, m. sandstone, grit, gritatgne; pav 



MT, grindst 


^d, i/e 

e, the refr 

letory material of H 

iblea, mad 

from Grecby and sa 

jr pondered glaaa; aleet. 
D.a. shriveled; (Cerom.) having rougl 
1 gla», — m. (Cerom.) roughneaa < 
ig ot the glaie, due to reducing vapoi 

■rCdlleiiieiit, m. ehriveling, e 

«amer, v.t. ahrivel, ahrivtJ up; trim (tl 
edges of a piece of glass); (C«ram.) give 
rough, pitted surface to. — t,i. sleet. 

. /. BuidBtoaequarrï; aandstone work; 

re, /. mortar uuid, ooaiae siuid: sand bank; 
utraad; Btrike (uf ymrlten). 

BrtTllte, m. strilur. - 

, hook, 

_ _ __ m: BCtfttchlng. 

■rifle, /. cUw; catch, 

mtch ; Btamped aign 

uatura): loot, rootl 

oriffrt dt airofit, clave 

(tlfler, >.t. aeite with, or u with, claws, grip; 

KTlIIUTdi m. hard BtoDcware, used ia cdi>- 
Doafusedly cryatalllBed ^pauia, 

I, ohve husks, marc of olivea; 

(TlllBie, m. roasting, eta. (see griller). 

— M êUdUê, (uilal.) Toasting in stalls. 

— #n tas. roaating in heaps- 

Erlller, „.i 



I kiln; 

grlmiHwe, m. climbina. 

irlmper, t.i. dt r. climb (up); (of saltis) isreep. 
grlneer, ci. grind, grata; gnaah. — «.(.gnash, 
■rIndfUe, /. iJBol.) gum plant (GrinMia): 

(Pharm.) grindelia. 
griotte, /, a sour cherry; a spotted marble. 
grlottier, m. a kind of cherry tree. 
Srlppage, m. seiiing. etc. |s«e gripper). 
Crtppeler, i.r. shrink. 
grippement, m. neiiing, etc. (see gripper), 
irlpper, I.I. seiie. grip, catch; snatch: shrink, 

contract. — - P.r. ehrink, shrivel. — s.t. 

(Mach.) grip. bind, wedge, grind. 
Crlppnre, /. (Moci.) worn part. 
grlB,a. gray, grey; (of paper) unbleached, brown; 

(of wine) pale; tipsy. — m. gray, grey. 

(Ill Oder, steel gray. 

— ' dair, light gray. 

— d'octer, steel gray. 

— A; /tr, iron gray: (D* 

— dt perte, pearl gray. 

— dc line, line dust. 

— fond, dark gray. 

cmUUe,'/. griuled 'color, 

and black. — a. griisl 

grlaard, a, dark gray, or gi 

Brosserie, /. wboUeale trade. 

•cherry bush, goosaberry. 
OB. -/.gross; laraepleea. 

grossly; imperfectly. 
gmBsltrelé, /. coaiaencai 
BTOSSir, i.t. grow large or 

lely; roughly, rudely, 
; OGarae language- 

nifying; enlarging; in.- 

magnifying power; enL 

■nH*. /. (jotto. 
StODpe. m. ciDup; »t. 

— direflmr, direr^tmc group, On dj 

— haptophort, h^tophoroiu crau] 

pthjrp ETOup. 

— imidir imido Cor imlao) ffroup. 

— fu//imiQTi4, suironic group, suLfo l 
— ■ toxoptutre, toxophorous EToup, toxophore 

' — yUriqut, yttrium grouj 
fiaapemeat. m. ttoi 

Ifilte.) coDDKtini. . . 

— pnxlUfiîiH, prsotbetia iroup. 
Stonpcr, I.I. croup; (Slec) conn 

— AI dentation, — «n fuanJiU. (££ec.) oooncct 

— en ttrit, -^ (71 lenaian, (SlK.) oouaeit i 

SniAIlt m. meal, coarae flour, specif, wïiea 
me»!; KriCfl, croate; flour; gruel; «ma 

>.(. ttancb. 

flmrAre, m. QruyAre 

— de cAouMS-Jwuri*, ba' 

whale refuae. 

— photphaU, phoophati 
Ade, /. woad, pastel (e 

ler dye or plant) . 
: cram, stud. 
Bédon, m. woad 

rely, hardly, little, 
-, recover; heal; be 

phone booth. 
— retpiruloirt, Toapiration chamber. 
KUHTC, /. war; warfare; war department. 
BuerrlcTi a. warlike, martial. — m. warrior. 
rneadre, /. woad. psatel. 
Cnudron, m. woad dyer. 
mvtf m, watch. 
inctter, b.(. watch; lie in wait tor. 

" ' throat, mouth Co( a btart fur- 

□aee); mouth (of a lewer). 

Die. /. mouth : (of a eud) muuls, moutli; 

(Founding) gate. 

B,/. (J™ 

/. (J™,) WW. 

Cnlehet, m. wicket; Uttle window; shu 
SUjdate, m. guiding, etc. (see guider). 
pitde, m, guide, — /. rein. 

rnildlve, /. a kind ol 


Cnlllolre, /. ferment: 

/, (flof.) 

■Kinder, v.l. raise 

cnlper, t.i. wind, 
Calae, /. manner, 

en — de. instead of, hy way of. 
ffammlftrv, a. gummiferous, gum-bf 
nuxn, snrinm, EnrjDD, m, gurju 

■ ■ (from DipUraooTnu ipeei»), 

Cntta, /. Short for gutta-peteha. 
Cntta-penlu, iDtta-perca, /. gutta-percha. 
tntttt J- eamhoge, gum guttff . 

901.) Kuttiferous; (i/in.) in the 

tape or the like). 

m. gypsometer (apparatus ira 

trpsomttrhiDe, a. 

crnMrc, a. gyntoiy. 

haWie. a. c^iabla, DompateDt, skiUful, derer. 
babUemcpt, odi. ably, ikillfully, cisverly, 
lubUf te, /. ability, ekill, cUvernoK. 
habUlaie, m. diauug, etc. (see babiller). 
babmemeat, m. clothing. 
hBblller, i.l, drew; cover, wrap; clutbe; fit, 

become. — f.i. Et, be becomioc. 
h»blt, m. attire, clothea, gumant, suit, habit, 

habitant, m, inhabitimt, resideiit. 
habitation, /. dweliini, habitation; bauut; 

Bettlemont; plaotatioa. 
baliltiir, (.1. inhabit, live in. —i.i. dwell. 
habltDde, /. habit. 

d' — -, ordinarily. 
haMtael, a. ububI, cuetomary ; habitwi. 
habltmllement, adt. lumally, cuHtomarily; 

habituer, v.i, habituate, aooustom. 

bacber, i.l. chop, hack, cut (in piecei), hash, 
mince, shred; hatch, ahade. , 
/. hatohet. 
'UaUj — hachetle-marteau- 

choppiag board. 

haleter, it*, pant, breathe auiokly. 
haUm«tn. m. - halomitre (first del.}. 
halle, /. market, market place. 

hakwhlmiqne, a. 

taliOKêae, th. halogen. 

- a. halt^eu, halo- 

hatograpliie, /. halosraphy, deei 
halolde, a. haloid, halide. ~» 
kalolosU, /, a treatise on salt 
halolOBlqDe, a 

b«,/. hip. haunch; (fxA.) le(. 
kUbaDC, /- (Bot.) henbane {H^otfyamut 

n. open abed. 

happckiorde, m, imita 
liappemcnC, m. adbeh 
happer, t.i. adhere, buck, — i.i. snap u] 

snatch, aciie. 
harainif, /. crate <as for glaaa or porcelain). 
bardertc, /. iron auUate (Oii.T). 
dariog. hardy, v 

I apeoif. to the ceni» 

harmonie, /. harmony. 
tiarmonleiiscmeDt, ad>. fa 
liarmoiileDi, a. hsrmoaioi 

bBMTd, m. ctum»; BCDident; huard, riBli; 

au — 'd«, at the rule df. 
por — , by chanoB. by B™«lent, chanoa. 
haurder, ..(., r. 4 t, hamard, risk, vontuie. 

hectoatK, becto, m. bectolitei. heetoUtrs 
<100 lite™; 29,417 U.S. «ah.. 22,0097 

ou- yd*.). 

Mdonal, m. (Fliarm.) hedonal. 
bHtontbe, m. (flol.) .anflower. heliaotbn». 

UUee, /. heUii (Mtch.) screw. 

. rt. haehisJi. 
tuitchetliief /, (Mirt.) hatohettitc, batoKet^e. 
hite, /. haste, hurry, bestiness. 

d ta — , en — -. in haste, hastily, hurriedly. 
bftter, p.l. * r. hasten, hurry, quielien. 
bftUf, a. hasty; premature; (of fruits) early- 
hfttATcment, ode. hastily: earty. 
hanfwerk, m. run of mine, mine run. 

B,/. r 


Twsed; (of weather) clear, 
haut, a. high; deep; upper: (of onion) bright. 
— tH. height; Cop. — odt. highly, high; 
above; back; loudly, aloud. 
df-^en6aa,fromabovo: froni top tO bottom. 

haute prsnhm, high praauie, 
— /DUT71WU, bhuit funiacB, 
Is — Rhin, the Upper Rhine, 
par en — , upward; by the upper w^; at 
the top: up abovB, 

baulenwQt. odi. highly; openly ; loudly, 

haulcor, /, hwght: altitude; depth; loCtiaess, 
à ia — r^, on a level with, abreast with, 

bant-iaumean, m, blast fumsix. 
battrse, /, (Afin,) haOyne, haQynite, 
bafanei a, light chestnut, — m. Havana cigar 

ortobacco, — /, (cap,, with to) Havana. 
hSTTC, m, harbor; (cap., with Le) Havre. 
Bare (I*), /, The Hague, 



bCWter, t.l. stupefy, 
hCllétDdc, /. (Meà.) t 
bfbnlqne, a. Hebre' 


beOcoldal, a. kdicoidal. 
hfiUcolde, a. helicoid, helical. 
faeHachronile, /. heliochromy 

henoehromlque, a. heliochromio 
beilofraphle, /. heliogcaphy. 
belloirapUqne, a. heliographic. 
fa^HofraTure, /. héliogravure. 
bËUopIasMe, /. a ptoceee of photo- „ 
héHotropliie, /. heKotropin (piperonal). 
b^Hotrplc, /. heliotypy. 
MUDm, m. heUum. 
fadUbON, m. <Bot.) hellebore. 
betinlnthef m. intestinal worm, helminth. 
' belmlatblgne, a. A m. (Med.) helminthio, 
belTéttqne, n. Swiss. 
bCmatélne, /. hematein, hsmatein. 
taematle, /, red blood oorpusde. nrythrooyte, 

htmatlne, /- hematin, htematin, 
bttnatlqae, a. hemstio, hematic, 
bematlte,/, (Afin,) hematite, —a, hematitic, 
blnod-red, blood, 

— brunt, brown hematite, limonite, 

— Tmtjje, red hematite, ordinary hematite, 
béinatoerlt«, m, hematocrit, hs^matocrit. 
Mmatos^ne, m, hematogen. hicmatogen, 
fa£matoIdlxie, /. hematoidin, hEematoidin. 
b^matolyse, /. hematotyais. hemolysis- 
fatmalaporpbyrlne. /. hematoporphyrin, 
bemaMiyle, m, logwood tree (namaian/km.). 
hCmatoi^ne, /. hcmatoiylin, hsmatoiylin. 
taCmatnrle. /, (Med.) hematuria, htemsturis, 
hémlalbnnuMe, /. hemialbumose, 
hémlctrculalTC, n, semicircular, 
bémlcrllDdriqiu, a. hemicylindrical, 
hémUdre, a. (.Cn/H.) hemihedral. 
bémMdrle, /, (Oyrt,) hemihedrism, bemihedry. 

— jtiagiidTe, pla^ihedral hcmihedHsm- 
hémlédrliltie, a, hemihedral, (rarely) hemi< 

hémlmelUqiie, a 



hemltnpe, a. iCri/it.) hcmiDope, hemi 
' It /• i'Orytt.} heEnitropiam» 

bémoertomètov, m. benuiaytomMer, bento- 

betooflobliie, /. hemoglobiu, hamoslotria, 
" " ièbv> m, homoglobinoinMer. 
0, /. hemofiJobiiiuriL 
9r /' hematolyoia, tirmolyns. 
, nCi/. hfimolyaia, hamolysia, 
béniotrtlqne. a, heouLtolytic, hBmolytiD. 
hfimomCbe, m. hemomet«r, hemadyiiometfir. 
bénMqirrTOtt m. hemopyrrolQ. 
hemonmiile, b£inorrb>Ble. /. hemoirhsse. 
hemoiTaiIiiDC. benKmli^qne. a. hemor^ 

bémotTDlde, Mmorrholde. /. hemorrhoid, 

IiéiiioitkUque, a. di m, hsmoslatio, haiiio- 

bftiiMiaeii, m. heaequen, hcnaquîn, noal hemp. 
taeimê. henneh. m. beau. 
MpBT, m. (Old Chrm.) hepu. 
Mpatlqne. a, hcpsCio, — f, (fivl,) bepatica. 
MpatlHtloD, /. hepïtiutiDQ. 
hépatlaer, r.l. hepatiia. 

hepatite,/. (iVin.) hepatite; <.Mcd,) hepitita, 
hcpiomèCre, m. Aa apparatua for regulAtina 

the evsporBtion uT sucu aolutious. 
IwpMmetrle, /, meuurement of the degrue of 

eoic, heptade- 
beptamettajUnei m. heptunethylene (oycto- 

IieptaiK, m. heptane. 
beptose, /. hept«w. 
beptrlènc. m, heptflena. 
heptrllque, a. heptyl. 
bennt, m. herald. 
berb>e£, a. herbaceoiu. 
bnlM,/, herb; grue. 

en — , green, uoripe; prospective; ïnBmbryo. 

^ â fièvre, « herbe parfaite. 

— A jaunir, yellawweed (Reieda Ititenla); 
woadwaien (Oenùla tinctina). 

^ A hup, welfabaue, moDliahood Hcirnitum). 

— d rayons, madder. 

— A Robert, herb Robert. 

— au êcnrl/at, BPurvy ITS» (CnMeoria ojin- 

— au Mire, aaltvort. flasawoct (Saltola koK). 

— aaz chantrea, hedse mustard ÇSiai/mbrium 
officinale) . 

-~ du Saint Anloini. HÎIloi 
nerùm anffutHJoUum). 

STnpDÙaniUd, alkakeivi; belladomia. TÛ<b^ 


['auRe, yellowweed [RtHia luteola). 

^an, bleacb on the ffraag. 
., herbivoroua. — m. herlùnve. 
tttxati land; (Afebij.) clay flux. 
. I. Herculean. 
héréditaire* a. hereditAry. 
hérédité, /. heredity ; heinhip, inheritanoe. 

pri^Uy. ™' "■ ''■ - 

bérllMT, s.f. bristle; cover; {JUowmrv) rcnich- 
caat, — v.i, hriatle; bee^œ rou^h. 

M. hedgehoc; {Madi,) eos whefi]. 

hérltace, m. heritace. inheiitaiK». 

hériter, i.l. ± t. inherit, 

héritier, m. heir. 

hH-métIcIté, /. state of being hermetii 

hermétlqiie, a. hertnetii?(Bl); Herraetie, 

bertnétiqiiemeiit, on 

Hérodote, m. Herodotus. 

D (alchemical doo- 

hcrse, /. harrow. 
h«n«r, r.l. harrow. 
béillatlon, /. heuUtion. 
béilter, D.i. huitate. 

, /. hnperidïn. 

/. (Jtftn.) a ferruffînoiia InftUlkiteh 

r— , on the inatuit. immediately. 
IT othBT phrHsea *ee under bon ud tout), 
happily, advuitacKiusly, 

lieiueiiit a. happy; 
licDrt, m. ahocsk, kno 


, atop; buffer, hurt«r; aili- 


Lcxahedral. — nt. heiahfldroa. 
a. hflxahvdral. 

beimlirdrsiéi a. henhydrated. 
Imahfdrobeiutiiliiue. a. ot la partunioK t< 

beiahydrophflnol (oy- 

heiab rdntpyrldlque. 

hBiahydropyridine (piperidine). 
heiKhrdmre, m. heiahydridc. 

'■■,'" . heiaiDBthylenB (radical 

d Dompound; the latter is better called 

lyUnlqne, <i. of or : 
, a, bexanitrsted. hem 

heiatomlqac a. 
beilte, /. hen ' 
heioiilqae. a 

btijltne, m, hexylene. 

heirUnlanc. a, heiyleae, of huylene. 

heifllqae, a. heiyl, heiylic. 

bIbOD, m. ovl. 

hldroUqne, a. ± m. (Med.) hidrotic, BudoriSe. 

1. exhilarating. 

htlf, Ti>.W<X.>hilum. 
blpparsle. m. hippuraCe. 
hlppurlqnc, a. hippurio. 
"' e* /. hirudin. 
/. hialadine. 


c» /. hifltoehemiatry. 

_ , /. hiatofeneei 

bbtosCnlc, /. hiatoceiu'. 
hlatogenlqae. a. hiatoceneti 
histoire, /. history; atory. 
blatolo^, /. hietalocy. 
Ustolofflque, a. hiatoloaic, hietoloeioal. 
blsloloclqueinent, adD, hlitolo^oally. 
hlstolotlste, m. histoloaiiC. 
hlgtalyw, /. histolygia. 
hlitonc, /. hiatoae. 
blstorlen, m. historian. 
historique, a. historic, bistoriocL 
historiquement, adt. hiitarioally. 
blTcr, m. winter. 
hlnrnal, a. winter; wintry. 
blTemcr. e.i. hibernate, winter. 
bf., abbnt. hectoliter (a), heotalitnM. 
hoehe, /. notch, niok. 
boeber, >.(. sbiùce; notoh, niek. 

)utch. — Bi. Duloh (Ian- 

Holland. — m. Dub 

botocrlstalltn, a. (Pctroe.) holooryttalline. 
hotoMre, m. (Cryit.) holohedron. — a. bolo- 

boloédrle, /. CCrv«J.) holohedrism. 
holoèdrlque, a. (Cru<l.) holohedraL 

apable of being hi 

boiao]ocic(al), bomolosouB. 
boinoloflquenHilt. ode, homoloipeHllf . 
hnmolOKue, a. homoloaoua. 

homelosiie; (Low) honiola- 


Hongrie,/. Hunsary. 

bone, /.hoe. 

hODgroU, a. HungBTLan. —m. Macyu Otn- 

— à cheiai, home hoe. oultivator. 

boaer. o.(. A >. hoe. 

leatb«r [Uuiuini with Hlum nod salt fot- 

hontUe, /. (minorai) coal. 

fBtty mBtarial). 

— A lonoiis Aammi, long-flame coal. 

Ëubject tD hMgrowat (which see). 

— blanche, nater power, epeoif. that of apri 

hPHBTOjeuT, m, maker of Hungary leather. 

and waterfalls («aid to be »o called in al 

iMIUieic, a. hooest; proper; decent; reason- 

iion to the mountain HnowB which feed 

■bte, moderste: civil. 


— W™. wiad power (from the blue of 



iMDiieieté, /. hoaeety; propriety; civility; 

boaine brune, brown coal, Ugnite. 

honneur, m. honor, honour. 

— dt/omc forge coal. 

hononlie. a. honorary. — m. (also pi.) 

— ftambanlt, flaming coal. 


— ifraiH. fat coal, coking co^. 

— laitante, anthracite ooal, glanes coal. 

honte, /. shame. 

■pecif,. Mmi-anthtBcite. 

hBpttal. m, hoepit: 

bonln, a. hourly; horary. — m. time-table. 

]f or perta inin g to hoTmon 

bornbleade, / (Min.) horabloode. 

borreiir, m, horror, 

hors, prep, outside, without, out of; ex 

hoTtl(»le. B, hortioultural, 
bospllaHer, a. hospitable. 
hostile, a, hostile, 
hoBtnitf , /, hostility. 
bote, m, host; Eueet. 
llAtel,m,mamiion. home, hall, building; h 

— de cille, city hall, city building, 

— à bon (or fort) tirage, hood with a 
(or strong) draft. 

hottee, / basketful; hodful; ecuttleful. 
bottCTi T.(, cany in a basket, hod or scutt 

1, fn, hop (the plant or 

/, hop field, hop garden 

(by Bome applied to bituminous ■ 

— sans flamme, non-flaming coal. 

— atche, dry coal; non-coking coal 

— »ndr«, Boft coal. 

— terreute, earthy coal, lignite. 

houppe, /, tuft. 
bonppf, a, tufted. 
honppette, /, smalt tuft, 
m. duating, Bwei 

(Cmim,) rough 1 

lumi, m. (Bot.) holly, holly tree. 
hacbe, /. bin, chut; trouib, tub. 
bnllftffe, 7n. oiîLnfi. 
halle, /. oil. 
i V — , (Paintine) in oil, oil. 

— A briUir, buraing oil, spedf , ksroBena. 

— oiulw de Bracmral, olein. 

dc lampt. lUDp oil. burnlDC 

», linseed oil. 


n CTM, »w UiuHSd oil. 


n cuH,. boiled l>n»«l oi 

— animale, animal oil; ape<ïif.. bone oil 

— à uitif. tubncA^sff oil, 

— bloHche, whits oil, apBdl., (Patnl»i<r) 

— bniU, orude oil. 

— tampMi, (Pkarm.) oamphor lininieat. 

— BfflHittUs, edible [»]. 

— ca|»J à tabitavx, (PainHno) poppy or li 
■eed oil to whioh copal hafl been mddod. 

mile, boiled oil; lineeed oi 

.— de cade, ^ of cade, cade Ù1. 

— dt eanAanit» OrOenthinte. (.Pharm) 
terini liquid. 

— de cttaiéi, nhale ihI. 

'— de cJbnol, caballine oO. melted horse ci 

cottonseed oil. 

raee, oil of vitriol, eoncentrat«d 

LCid; specif., NanUiausen 

— de foie di 'morue, codliv 

— de /umJ, fusel oil. 

— de goudron, tar oil. 

— de grain, fuael oil. 


•e, oil for oiling irool, etc., textile 

«et^Diond oil, ( 

wnic trishloride). 
srm oil, Bpermaoeti 

— de paima-ckrieli, castor oil. 

— de paime, palm lùl. 

— de paraSni, parafBo cdl; (Pliam.) liquid 
petrolatum, liquid paraffin. 

— de pétràlt, petroleum; any oil obtained 
from petroleam, speoif. kerosene. 

— de pied{9i de bcttif, neat's-foot oil. 

— de pied de rru>u£i?n, eheepVfODt oil. 

m. fish oi 

.erally, potato oil) 

— de roeet de l'Orient, attar of ronn. 

— de achiete, schist oil 

— de eefnena de lin, linaeed oil. 

— de Kmencet de cotonnier, cottonseed oil. 

— de Stnéoale, Senegal oil. African palm oil. 

— del Mellandaii, oil of the Dutch ohemiatt 
(ethylene chloride). 

— des piede du gros bitaU, neat'e-f oot oil. 

— de mean, oil of amber, amber ml. 

— it ™/, taUow oil, olein. 

— de taiili, table oil. salad oil. 

— âe btrtr,, (Old CA™,) salt of tartar (a pure 
potABBium carbonate), eep, when in a dell^ 

— de lêrtbenlhint, oil of turpenUne, spirits of 

— de lem, eatth oil, petroleum. 


Éltd'éaer. [/■Aorni.) etlien 

— tUtancmJt. 

— de tin jieKmU, hwvy oil of wine. 

— d( rùriol, oil of vitriol. 
~- diiliUée. dig^led wl, volstile oil. 

— d'M. bone oil, Dippel'É oil. 

— doua. Bweet oil, apecif.i olive oil. 

midue from tlie miinufacture of ethar); 
oil ol wine, censnthic tliitt. 

— élUrét, ethereal oil. 

— txploiiK - huiie detonnate. 

— flxt, Siod oil. 

— ffrasae à tabitaux, (PainHng) boiled liiueed 

— ^o»« blancht, (PainKno) a blescbed and 

— Uaire. light ml. 

— lUhargée, — tiiJiaro^ét, oil that hoA 1 
treated with litharge, boiled oil. 

— Ivbriflante. lubricating ihI. 

— man^rabU^ «dible oil- 

— mtTtérale. mineral oil, bpeaif . petroleuij 

— nùn-oiccativ*!, non-drying oil. 
^ pfiénolique, carbolic oil. 

— phaapKorei, (Pharm.) phosphorated oil 
^ pour rouoe ftwc. Turfcey-red fwl. 

— vieélale. vegetable oil. 

— MlsMkJlUrJf.etheresloil.heBvyoilDfwine. 
mtUrr tn —, (LfalUr) droBe with oil, »tufl. oil, 

etc. Bee tbe other important word in the 

bnls ekia. eloeed di 

bultt a. (Ë m. eigïkt; eiobth. 

hnltalne, /. eicht days, wee 

tanlttimc, a. it m. eighth. 
bnltre,/. oyster. 

bnnulncmcnl, adt. I 
bDmanltalre, a. humanituiui. 
bunumltt,/. humanity, 
bnnunt, of humer. 
bnmstei n. bumate. 
bnmectâie, m. moisteninti, dampenini. 
hnmectanti p.a. moiiteoing; {Med.) humeo- 
tant, dilueol. — m. (Afed.) diluent. 

moifltenins, dampeaing, hu- 


Buckei. inhaler, sniffer, 

taamlde. a. humid, moist, dai 
bamldemcnt, ode, humidly, j 
hamldler, d. moisten, dampi 
taumldlflutlaii, /. humidi&ca 

bnmldiniie, a. repelline moieturi; 
bamldltt, /. humidity; humidoa 

ilin (lupulin). 

brkclntbe, /. it a. hyacinth. 

hrarlDtblnc /. (Jtfin.) hyacinth. 

bralln, I. hyaline. — /.hyalin. 

biallte, /. (jtftn.) hyalite: (Mid.) hyalitia. 

byalDtene, m. liyaloien. — a. hyalccn, 

hyalolde, hriunldleD, a. hyaloid. 
/. (jtftn.) hydortderile. 

/, sit of tnakÎQs uid wor-kiiiff 

/. art of makiog sU». 

brbrlde, m. é a- hybrid. 

hychoil. wi. hickori (wood and ti«e). 

Iirdantolne, /. hyduitoin. 

hrdnclde. m. hydneid. 

hrdtsnTUqne. a. bydnoiytic. 

Iirdragocae. a. it n. (JUnl.) hydraaoc, hydn- 

fardrmlcool, m, alcohol diluMd with water, esp. 

under-proof spirit. 
hydtmlcooliqiie, a. - hydro^lcoolique. 
brdiamlde. m. bydmnide. 
hydninClirMClMt m. any hydtogen addition 

bfdiaisne. m. hydrargyrum, mercury. 
■VdrarvrrMe, a. psrt&ining to meioury. 
hrdrkrcTTle. /, (Mod.) hydratgyriasiB, mer- 

brdlKTSylQIWf ". bydrargyiic, mercurial. 
hrdntTcrrlune, m. hydiargyriam, mercuriRl- 

brdrarKymre. m. alloy 

bfdr>st«. m. (Bot.) hydrsitii. 
— du Canada, goldenaflol ( Hydrtutû cap 
hrdiaatliie, /. hydrastine, 
brdrastJnlne. /. bydrutinint. 
bribmCable, a. capable of beinc hydnlad. 
hydratant, p.a, bydtatina. 
hydratation,/, hydration. 
hydrate, «. hydrate; hydroxide. 

- - IK, alun 

— de elUorat. sbloral bydrate. 

— da cNarai buti/ligtie, (Pharm.) butyl- 
chloial hydrate (2,2.3- triohloro-I.I-butana- 

— dé peroxyde de fer. ferrio hydroxids. 

— de pKénvk, phénol. 

— de poliMM, CBuatic potash. 

— de tmtde, caustic soda, 

hydraté, p.a.bydratfld: hydratent; hydrotide 

hydrater, i.l. hydrate. — c.r, combine with 

water, become hydrated; (looaely) abaorb 

hydra tlqne, a. bydmte, pertaining to hydrates. 
bydr«bi>l^iliie, a. hydratrcpic. 

n. hydraulio engineer, hydrauli- 

bydranllGltC, /. bydraulioity. 
bydranUqnei a. hydraulie. — /. hydraulics. 
hydnudne. /. hydraiine. 


. a. hydraiine, of hydraiine. 
hydraiobeniÂiM, m. bydraaobeniene. 
hydniaoIqiK, n. hydra»; hydraioie. 
hydruone, /. hydttuooe. 
bydrf KiHia m. (Med.) hydrelson, hydreloum 

hydremle, /. (Med.) hydremia, hydnemia. 
hydrer, i.l. hydroganiie, hydroasDale. 
hydrtod>(«, ni. hydriodide. 
hydrlodlqae, a. hydriodic. 
hydrjqne, a, aqueous, of water, water. 
hydro-aleooHQiM, a. dilute alcoholic, watra- 

faydro-alDmlneat, a. (Afin.) hydroaluminous, 
oontainine alumina and the elementt of 


bydHtbcnaolDe, /. hydrobemotn. 
hydroblHmbtaw, /. hydrohilirubin. 
Ivdroboradte, /. (JU in.) hydrabocadta. 
bydrobromate, m- hydrobromide. 
bydrobTomlqae, a. hydrobromic. 
bydrocarbonate. m. hydrocarbonste, bydrom 
(or, sometimes, haùc) carbonate. 
— de lini, (rhann.) precipitated tino oar- 

hydrocarbone,m. hydrocarbon; CBibohydrate. 
bydrocarbone, a. hydrocarbon, hydrooaibonio, 

ethylene hydzocarboii. 

je hydrocarbon, parafflo. 

eaiuri. saturated bydrocarbcjn. 
hydrocele, /, (Med.) bydrooele. 
hydroeellnloie, /. hydrocelluloBe. 
hydnKersme, m, a water cooler of t 

de cJtaux, CAlcium chloride. 

de toud^ Aodium chloride. 
hydrochktrlqne, a, hydrochloric, 
hydrodnnamlqm, a. hydrocinnamle. 
hydroootamlnc, /. bydrocotaraiue. 
fardmmanurlqDC, a. hydrocoumaric 

' xysiiatc, m. hydrocywiide. 
bydrofTBDlqnc, a. hydrocyanic. 
hydrodynamlqiie, /. hydrodynamka. ■ 

hydrodynamic, hydrodynamical. 
hydra-élMtrlqae, a. bydro-electjic. 

>-eitraeteur, m. bydro-eitrautor, 
hydroffrracyaDiqiM, a. bydroferTocyanic 

B| m. hydrofliuiide. 
km», a. bydrofluorie. 
lirdiofllHMilIclâlMt o. bydroflua 

rofosc» a. npaUiQi water, 

agaiiut moisture 1 WHtomrc 

. hydrosenixeblet hydrogei 
/. hydroseniiation, hydro- 

hjOnttamte, f. hydrogeuue. 
krdr^éaatlOD, /. hydniceiution. 
kTdnctne, m. hfdiogeu. 


— antrM, arseniuretted hydroaen. argine. 

— bicarboni, bioarburetted hydrogen (etb- 

— carboné, hydrocwbou. 

— ditponibU, (Coal) dùpoeabte hydrmen (the 
eicas of hydrogen in a coal over tbat hbc»- 

— phatjAcri, pboephur«tt«d hydroKeu Qiy- 

droaen pboaphide, ipeeil. phoephioe) . 
■ — tUêniS, Kleniurettod hydrogen (hydrosE 

irettfid hydrogen (i 


diide, hydrogei 

— nîfjirê, Buffurctted hydrogen, hydrogen 

llTdfOfelur* v-t. hydrogenise, hydrogenab 
— r.r. be hydrogEnis&i, be hydrof(EDated, 
brdrc^Illque, a. hydrogen, of hydrogen. 
hydrosentaer, d.e. hydrogeni». 
brdroKCmire, m. hydride. 
brdralodlqne, n. bydriodii 
brdrolat, m. (Fliarm.) nail 

— <fc ;l»ur< (ToroniPfT, orange flower water. 
bydrcdlsaUt, a. hydcolyisble. 
hrdcalrntliiiii /. hydrolyiation. 
bydmlrsei /. hydrolysiB. 

brdniljsec, t.i. hydrolyie. 
hTdiomel, m. hydromel. 
taydroinéUlliiréle. /. hydrometallurgy. 
hrdrametaDiuxIqiie, a, hydrometallurgical. 
hydromètr*. m. hydrometer. 
brdnimétrie, /. bydrometry. 
brdrometrlqne, a. hydrometrie, hydrometri- 

brdromlneral, a. relatJog to miuersl waters. 
hydro lupbCaieiie, m. hydronaphthalene (any 

I, m. hydronaphthol (any tiydro- 
n product of napbthol). 


hTdropbaoe, /. (.Min.) hydrophane. — a, 

brdropblle, a. (of cotton, etc.) absorbent; 

IBot.) hydrophilous. 
hydniphosphate, m. (Afin.) hydrat«d phcia- 

hydnpbthiHlque, a. hydrafluraic (06<.). 
bydroplqac. a. (JUnt.) dropelcal. hydropic 

hrdropneamatlqliei a. hydropneumatic. 
taydrapTTldlqae, a, hydropyridine. 

luinoJ, hydroquii 

brdHMOl, m, hydrosol. 
hydnataUque, a. hydrostatic (al). - 

,te, m. hydrosulGde. 
hrdroBuUte, m. hydroeulfite, hypoeulSta. 
brdnMUlTure.m. bydroeu1£dei (tonnerly} aul- 

brdroanlfiiTcni. a. bydrnsulfuroDS, hypoaul- 

fajdroanlfariqaci a. bydrosuUnric. 
hydratheriuati a. bydrothermal. 
hrdrottmetre, m. Iiydrotimetcr. 
hrdnUmétrle. /. bydrotimetry. 
hfdrotlniCtrlqac, a. hydrotimetric. 
brdrotrple, /. a variety of collotype proceee. 
faydroietbylénsniliw, /. S-l^droiyethyl- 

hrdniiyde, m. hydronde. 

fardmiydéi a. combined with hydrogen and 

OIQ^CD, hydroxide of. 
hydnnylBinliie. /. bydroiylamine. 
hf droifle, fn. hydroiyl. 
bTdroirK. a. bydroiylated, hydroiyl. 
hydroiyl-lmlde, a, hydroiyiniido. 
bfdrairaree, /. hydroxyurea. 
hrdmntlODt /. bydrofeniiation, hydrogen&- 

brdmre. n. hydride. 

— d'tlhyle, ethyl hydride (ethane). 
bnlène, /. hygiene. 
fanKblqiMi a. hygienic. 
byclCnlqaemcnt, nb hyglenisally 
fanrlne, /. hygrine 
bygrlque, a. hygnc 
bygTDinÈtre, m. hygromfter 
bygrometricitë, / hygrometneity hygro- 


I. by£ro«;opic» by^oBcopice 
ent, ode. hygroBoopicully. 

broebolkllqae, o 

- e, /. hyoscme, 

alDC, /. hyoflcyazaiiie. 
Ai /- hyperbola. 
— dpiiiaieTi, equilalenJ hyparbolfl. 
hrp^-bollqltei a. hyperbolic. hyperboUcal. 
hlpërboUquement. ehI>. hyperbohoally. 
bnterbololde. m. tt a. (Ocom.) byperboloid. 
taypcTchlorhydrtfl, /. (Med.) hypercblcu 



hni^éiiile, fanwrbémle, /. (Mid.) hypei^ 
hrpnslrcéïnle, /. byperglyoemiii, hypei^ 


hypérlodlque, a. hyperiadio (periodia). 
faypenifdc, m. hyperorido (peroiide). 
bntrtaoÈtiat, a. byperUmic. 
hrpertrgphle. /. {Med. J: Bial.) hypeitrtvby. 
brpetlrapIlW. a. hypertrophied. 
bTPbt, f. (B/rt.) hyi>ha. 
hrpiul. <n. (Pharm.) hypnsl. 

a. hypoiiitrio <" hyponitric 
ncia "uanoldDADiefor uitfogenpeioxHle). 
Iiypokistlte, m. hyponitrite. 
hrpocUoTMUI. (i. hypodiloraue. 
knioehloHU'drle, /. (Mcd.) bypochlorhydria. 
h a. hypochloric {" hypochloric 
old mtme for ehlorïne dionde). 
». hypochloiite. 

— de chaux, hypoohlorite of lime, bleMhing 

— de poiaue, hypoch]orit« of potash, «au de 

— dé toude. hypochlorite of aoda^ eau de 


mit adv. hypodermîoalLy. 
. . _ . . /. hypoglycemia. 

hf po-todenii a. hypo-iodouA. 
hrpopboapbate, m. hypophoaphate. 
hn>opliiHplil>ei "■- hypophogphite. 

— de chaux, calcium hypophoflpliite. 

— de fer, iron (apecif . fanio) bypopho^ 

— de pctaate. potaaaium hypophoephite. 

— dit 

bypophaapharetu, a. hypophniphorDua. 
faypopboipboriqne, a. hypaphoephoric. 
bnx^PlifMt /. hypophyBÎB. 
faypoBUlht», m. hypnHuIfate (dithionnte) . 
tinoMimu, m. hiimiuISte, hyposulphite (atill 

often ueéd to deaignate salts of HiSiOi and 
better tranalsted Ihiotulfale). 

b (potai 

— de toadc, hypoaulfite of soda, "hypo" 
(sodium thioaullate). 

iposniriireiii, a. hyposulfuroua, bypoaul- 
phurous (Btitl often ueed tn de«gnBt« tha 
acid HiSiO, and then better tranalated Oio- 

bTpotCnnie, /. ISerm.') hypotenu» 

lïOTtxagDp hyi>ûthecate- 
. /, bypothefiÏH. 
hrpotiiétlque, a. hypothetic, hypothetical 
bnxitliéaqaeiiHnti odr. hypothetically. 
bypothlonIqnCi o. dithionic. Obt. 
brpotonlqiie, a, hypotonie. 
brpoisntbtiie. /, hypoianthine, 
brpoirdc, m. suboiide. 
bysope, byssope, /. {Bat.) hyssop, 
hyatéreale, brst^rtsls. /, bystereù. 
briUrle, /. {Mtd.) hytteria. 

p:hy Google 

totiochtnilqne, a. UUoehemieaL 

IbfrleD, a. Ibûiui. 

Ichor, n. IMed.) ichor. 

lohtrocoUe, Ichthrooidle, /. iohthjooolla. 

I very ptEco, in this work. 
(Pholoff.) QÏkoncjflQri- 
k {Med.) loteniA, jaundioe. 

Identiqae, a. identical, «Lme. 
IdeDttqaomaiit.Wi'. identintlly. 
Identité,/, ideatity. 

Iinleokm, a. Ere-colored. flame-colored. 
lirnlfUKBtJon, /. firepTooflng^ flreproaf f' 

cultly inflsininHble 
FitinKuiBhinft (aa a 
^toûGng agent; fire- 

irepTooFiDc: fii-e- 

lUeliM, /. ilidD. 
fllpé, n. (Sol.) illipe. 
UMc&l, a. illégal, unlawfuL 
llWxltline, 0. illeRitiinste. 
UUntl table, a. illimitable. 
UUmltt, a. unlimited. 
Ullillile, a. ille^ble. 
lI)ocH[ne> ». illccial. 
UlDBlqiieiDenl, oifr. iUodtallj. 

.a. illumi 
/. iUumi; 

— d'opliîiM. npfioal illusioD. 

IdlDtlque, a. idiomatic. 

UlDKitte, o. illiuory. illugi.e, deeeptiva. 

MltB,/. iditpl-idita. 


MoUtre, a. idolatroue. ~m. idotat»-. 

ntastre. P.O. illustrated. 

Idole. /- idol. 

idrt>Ut«, IdTlallDe, /, (Min.) idrialite, idrialine. 

tlot, m. little iaiand. ielet. 

11», pr,m. they. 

Mn», n. Jena: Jena gla». 

■iTRlte, /. («in.) ilvaite. 

IT, m. (flol.l yew, yew tree; druning nek (for 

Imiwe,/. image. 


— réitle. real imB«e. 

Isname, /. yam. 

— Tifitchii, reflected imace. 

1»»*. n, iKneoua. 

Inuslii'I'e, a. A f. imaeina 
ImaclnBtlon. /. ioiagination 

Imbiber, Vl. Boak: imbibe; 
soaked; be imbued; bob 

ImblbltlDQ, /. aoiiking; in 
ment: (SiImt) additior 
material to molten lead, 


_ /. everlAAtinat is 
(PAam.) oudweed, Ufe ev 


idi. imparfwOy. 

ImpatleaMiit, p. 
tnipmrable, □. ' 

ImpeMlOtre. /. imperatoria, (gpedf.) maals» 

ImperccptlbUlté, /. imperoepUbility. 
ImpoMptlble, n. iiiip«rceptib1*. 

ImpofCctkiD, /. imperfention. 
ImperliMbUtté, /. impenahabiliCy, 
tmptiluable, a. impsiishiible. 
Impenaanenee, /. impermanf nee, impenn»- 

-manont, impemiB' 

able; specit., waterproofing, waterinoof. 
ImpcmiéabUIiktton, /. nndsriuc imponie- 
abb; specif,» waterproofing. 

Bpef^ii,. waterproof. 
Imperméabilité, /. impermesbility. iiiip«rm»- 

sbleDeee; Bpecii-, wul^rpraof Quality, 
Impennéable, a. impenoeable; upecif,, wutai- 

proof, — n, waterproof fHbric. 

— i fair, air-tiibt. 

— A l'eau, waterproof, wat«rtigbt, 
Impemitablenient, odi. impermeably. 
Impenonnri, a, impenans], 
liniriti>ral>le> a, uHpitying, pitileBB, merFilua. 
ImpltonUeiBcnt. adi. pititmily. mercileaaly. 
Implicite, a. implicit. 

iinply; implicate, 
" ' imponderability, 

importable, a, importable. 

Importance, /, importanee. 

Important, a. important, — m, important 

Impôrtateor, m, importer, — o, importiag. 
Importation, /, importation. 
Importer, v.i. be important^, matl«. — >.l. 
import. — ir,r, be impoitfid. 

Impose, St. impose; levy (a ta> 

— nu pitidt. tat by weight. 

Impossibilité,/, impoasibiliCy, 
Imposntble, a. impossible. 
ImpAt, m, tail impost, duty. 
ImpractleabUItt, /, impraotirabi: 
ImpmctlnUei a, impractkable. 

ImpiCsiutlon. /. impretn&tioD. 
ImpréEner, p.l. impretmtte. 
Impreulf. o. iDiprrauve. 
ImpRBdoQ, /. impresuoQ (in varians bcdms) 
printins (specif,, textQe priatJDE); effect. 


— «ur (U>Sa, teitilt 

Imprimerie./, printinE; printinE house, print- 
ing efltabllahment, pre». 

Imprlinnre. /. prinung, icround coat, ground. 
Improbabilité, /. improbability. 
Improbable, o. improbablo. 
Improbablement, odi. improbubli', 
Improdnetir. a. unpToductivc. 

ImpDlsaant. a, impotent. 

lmpi]l§lf, a. impulsive, impelling. 
Impulsion, /. impulee; impuliion. 
ImpDlvérlsË, a. unpulTeriied. unpowdond. 
Impttr. a, impure, 
Impurement, adt>. impurely. 

Impute, s.l. impute; reckon in (on an ar 

lmpDlT«clblllB«. I.I. render imputmdble. 
Imputrcselbllltfi, /. imputresiûbility, 
Impatreselblei a, imputrescible. 
Inacceptable, a. unacceptable. 


I. unsecompliahed, incomplete, 


I. irrecoacilable. 


InaetlTlté, /. ii 

InadCqnat, a, uiadequate. 
loadbércnt, a. un ad h a ai ve, act adhèrent. 
tnallUbllltt. /. iucHpsbili^ of being alloyed; 

ipable ot being alloyed, non- 

all oyii 


tiultfrmblUU. /. inalterability. 
InalUrable, «. inalterable, una1tei^>le, 
liul(«l«, a. unaltered. 
Irunalyuble. a. unanalyiable. 
lUBOBlrBe, a. unanalyied. 
UuDline, a. inanimate; unanimated. 
loaperciii a. uoperceived, uni^werred. 
Inappétence. /. inappétence, want ot ^ipelite. 
InappBoblUte, /. inapplicability. 
Inapplicable, a. inapplicable. 
Inappréciable, a. inappreciable, unappredafale. 
Insppréelablemcnt. ode, inappreciably. 
tnapprëté, a, unfiniahed. undreaaed. 
Inapte, a. inapt, uneuited, uaSt, incapable, 
inaptitnde. /. inaptitude, unfitneea. 
Inattaquable, a. unattackable. 
Inattaqué, a. unattacked. 
Inattendu, a, unripected, unlooked for. 

itorisé. a. unaulhoriied, 
Incslelnsble, a. incapable of being ealdned. 
Inealclné, a. unealcined, 
IncslCDlsble, a. incalculable. 
Ineandeseenee, /, incandeecence. 

mt, a. ii 
Incapable, a. incap 
Incapacité, /. incai 
Incamadln, a. in< 

Incarnat, a. fleeh-ied, 
Incaauble. a, unbreal 

'uadine, pale red, fleeh^ 

endlc. m. fire, b 

*/, ii 

icertain, a, uncert^n. 
IneertalDement, odt. uncertainly, 

!,/. uncertainty. 

Lent, adv. immediately, ai 

m. inpmerat™. 

inciaerate. bum to h 

Incli», v.L in 


Inelvllli^, a. 



miTlinstioa; offMti 

tadtaé, P.O. i 

bow! *■ 

Inehu, p.a. in 

ol««i. mid««d. 

InelllBlf, a, in 


InelDilitii, /. 

noluâion; ineloeure. 


■neoasnlsble, a. uncoagulBblt, incmguUble. 
Ineomtblllte, /. incoerdbUity. 
Incoercible, a. ianoenùble. 

iDCOberent, a. inDoherai 

Incorrect, a. 

Incorrectement, ab. inotnraotly. 
Incorreetlan, /. iacocTsctoeag; iiueaurMQ'. 
InciMriKé, a. un<iocrect«d, 

IncrbtalllHble, a. uncrystaUiiabls. 
IncroraUe. n. incredible. 

roJBUemeQt, aàu. ÏDCredibly. 

IncolOTC o. Folorlese, uncaland. 

Incult. o. imburaed, imbcdlcd. etc. (»e ouim). 


Inenrrer, t.t. inourve, curve inward. 


Inde, m. indigo, indigo blue; logwood. — /. 

{cap.) India. 

turb; liinder; iodispoae; impair. 

induding Burma). 

I-vie frantaiH, Indet frantaim. Freacb India. 

— piaU. indigo in flat CBk«, Dutch iaileo. 

Jmfc. occideniaUi, West Indie». 

IndMit, u. uodeoided; uncertain. 

IneanMTable, n. inconceiTHble. 

IndCflDlté, /. indefiniteE 
Indemchsble, a. uncul 
' idéléblle, a. indelible. 

atfe, iudflpendentl;. 


Indertflalile, a. not liibla to get out of «iler, 

IndM. See inde. 

Indescrtptlble, a. indneritwble, undeecribuble. 
InOMCTtpUbhincDt, EHli. mdncribsbly. 
IndètwmlDktloQ, /. indeterminitanen; luda- 

at; indtt finser, forofilwer. - 

Soatùis index, iudflj flo&t, 

/. (Mid.) iadicam™. 

m. indicator; CAse; index fii 


Indleateoi-nblnet, nt. K>«e-sock. 

{Anaiytit) (1) value, number. 

— d'artlali, acetyl value, acetyl 

— (U Helmi!', Hehner value, Heh 
■— de rifractim , index of refraetio 

— d'iode, iodine vaU 

:, Iodine i 

Jiapeakable, il 
Indien, a. Indian. — m. (a 
Indienne, /. printed (or pai 

itton cloth, 
ip.) Indian, 
ilton print 

Indimnnt. a. 

Indigent, a. 
lndlBc»te, o 
Indlsne, a. 

■BO Moiaage, wild indico (fiapUtia, tmt. B. 

f. indigo oarmine. 
, indicometa*. 
_ . . J /. indigopurpurin. 

IndlCDlaic, /. iiitÛia plantation; indigo fao- 

indiflo plant (ipeeil. iTtdioofem 

Irect, a. a 

Inctcnm . 

ladlrablne, /, ii 

indiiputable, unqueetiouablo 

IndlipDtablement, odn. iDdiaputabty> 
IndliMlnbUltf , /. indieeolubilit;. 
indliwlnble, a. undiuolvable, indinoliible. 
IndlSMua, a. undieeolvsd. 
Indistinct, a. indistinct. 
Indlatinctcmcnt, adv. indietdnctly, 
Indlitlncnlble, a. indietinguiabable. 
Indium, T 


■' ftl. 

I. individuallf. 
IndlTlaé, a. undivided. 
IndtTtalbUlté, /. iodivieibility. 
Indivisible, a. indiviidble. 

In-dli-hnlt, a. A m. octodEcimi 
Indo-Chlne, /. Indo-China. 
Indocblnola, a. Indo-Chineee. 
IndacSae, m. indogen. 

o. ind 



Indolore, a. psini 



IndophCnoJ, m. i 



Indose, a. undete 



{.«doeert.— «1. 




o, 12mo. 

Indoiyle, m. indo 


Jiyl : (of the add) indoxyUo. 
man, a. unaue; not due. 
IndaMtablemcnt, adt. indubitably. 
Indnctenr, a. (KIcc.) iadudnt. — m. inductor. 
Indnctif, a. inductive. 

. . ioduced; intared; 
induoad circuit» aecondajy cÎR 

n (of ft dyzumo). 

iDdulM, /. (fipl.l iadu 

■adasMe. /. induaky: 

■kill, dËXterity. 



9. tnds. 

— r&a ^oTitporU, tfuuportHtiaa. 

— du Inra, boolE iuduAtry, 

— frioorifttat, refriientlon induitiy. 

tarins induiitiy. 
' — jrmée. private tiuluitry, 

— tucrUrt, MiEH indusbT' 

— lintimalc, dy«iie induMry, 

^ vinicoU, wiDe-ffTowÏDK ^ndustf . 

industry, ioduttrifU fspecLf., muiufiujturer] 

Indnilrltnii, a. ekillFul, deiUroiu. 
iDébrUnt, InebrfKtir, a. intoiiutiiis. 
IdMK, a, unpublished. 

mËfflowàaus. îneffActual. 

lUQt, dAp, unwjually; unevenly. 
InCnUlMTi D.I. r«nd« unequal or uneven. 
é, /. inequHlity, 

e. pi. of ia«eBl. 

3. ureaistiblc, ineluatAble. 
t, a. nonfou 

metals) not 


. I. mevitalile. 
tnerltabtameat. adt. inevitably. 

inHrnurste; not punctual. 
. inexaotly, infteourataly. 

IneienMblenHDt, ndc. iDsicusably. 

UMipCtleitW, /. iaeiperience, 
InaipMiBeiité, a. iDeiperieDoedi untried. 
InetpUcaMe, a. ineiplieable. 

" - - - unexplained. 

beinc developed, 

d, unexploited, undeveloped. 
- leiplnted. 

eiploaive. uneiploaive. 

ads. ineipmeibly. 

Ittuteiulble, a. ineiteniible. not eitannl 



InTallllbleiiieiit, odi. infslUbly, 

"■ ■-■--"■- 'eaaible, impractioable. 

11»; filthy. 
bihnterle, /. (Mil.) infantry. 
Infktisable, a. iodefatisable. 
Inhtlgablenieiit, ode. iodefstiiably. 
iDiavorable, a, unfavonble, unfavourable. 

intertilc, infecund. 

/. infertihty, ïnfecundity. 
, ... J, unwholesome, infeotioua. 
Infecter, t.t. infect. 
tnftoctleiUt a. infeotious. 
' * ■" /.infection. 

r, be inferred. 

1, odi, below; il 

Inferlortté, /. inferiority. 
InfeTmentC, u. lufermented. 

lie, a. trsBCherous, unreliabk; unfaithful; 

InflimUoii, /. ioGitration. 
" "" -er, i.l. * f, infiltrate. 
e, a. lowest, very low. 

—, infinitely, ad inflnituin. 
Infliilment, adt. infinitely . 
— petit, infinitely smsll; minute particle; 
(.Malh.) infiniteeimal. 
■nflnltt, /, infinity. 

InfleilbUlté, /. mflenibiUly, infleriblen™. 
lexiblG, rifid, uayieldins- 
Ot f. mflectîob. 

Influent, a. influential. 
Influer, t.i. bave influe 
iD-foUo, m. d 

, /.pi. inqu 
(DTined, abapelus; informai. 

InTuTtnne, /. nàtîat 
Infortune, a. imforl 
Inbv-roDKC, a. iafri 

Infïsatnicture, /. i 
Inft^Demineiit, ath. infrequeatly, eddqm. 
Infrtqaenee, /. itifrequence. intrequency. 
Inbéqaent, a. infrequent, uucomnion. 
InMable, a. not frisMc. 
InfructneOMtmcnt, udii. uoprofitably. 
InCnietncni, b. unfruitful, unprofiuble, w 

biluit, p.a. ialuaài. — m. (Fïiirn,) infuàon 

InTaser, i.(. infuse. — b.t. be infuied. 

Inftiillilllie, /. infunbUity. 

■nmdble, a. infunble. 

InfnilOD. /. ïnfuBÎon. 

Intnmln, a, infuaorial. 

" " " Infmoria. 


,. . m. (So(.) spelt. 

lufrkC, s. uscrataf ul, uuplesaiue. uapramisnc- 
InsTédlent, tn. inAredient. 
liiXli£rlMable, a. incurable. 
InbaJblle, a. unskillful, în^it^ incapable. 
InhkbUement, ode. unskilUulJy, ineipertiy. 
lnlubllet«, /. unskillfulue», iueipettoea. 
tnlubltable, a. uninhabitable. 
iDlUbltUf, S. unarcuBtomEd, imhabituated. 

InhalkUon, /, inhalation. 

ilulw, i.l. inhale. 

merenl, a. inherent. 
Lnhtbltenr, a. inhibitinc, înhibitoiy, tnhibitive. 
iDhlMIlon, /, inhibition. 
lahameeCatloii, /. lack of moisture, diynces. 


InlntentlanellenieDt, sdi. unintenl 
InlDterrompn, a. umutemicted, c 

t, odi. initially. 

I. injectable; intunded fc 

I^lerlt!r,I.t. inJH 

Injection, /. injection. 
liUadleteDBCioeiiti mh, injudidr 
Injadlcleui, a. injudicious. 

Injnre, /. ii 

Inlnrlensement, ode. injurii 
Injarieni, a. injurious. 
Injnalc, □. unjust. 
Injustement, adv. unjustly. 
liUnitlce, /. injustice, 
InJuBtlflmble, a, unjuetifiablr 
Innoenité, /. innocucusness, 
InnomlMable. s. innumerable, n 

InnDTktlon, /. innova^on. 
InnoTer, t.l, innovate, introdut 

Inonmenble. a. Innumerable. 
InnnmérsblemeDt, ode. withoui 
Inobscnrct. a. unobâc^ired. 
Inabserrable, a. not observable, i 


of bsiii« obatTuotod. 

Inoccupé, a. UDOCCiipi«i 
Im-oetKT*, n. A a. ocUva, Svu. 
InocntBUnté, / inooulsbility. 
■ "■ , a. inomJable. 
It /. JnoculatioD. 

inalDclenemeDt, odi. unofficially. 
iDondfttloai J. inuiidation, flood, deliiCB. 
Inonder, t.(. imiodaCe, oveiûov, flood. 

Inaaltarte, InonulB. /, (/Uni.) inosituria, ii 

loom, a. unneBrd, iinheard of. 
iDOirdaUHte, /. unoiidiiBbilitv. moiidability, 

InairdablCi a 


nûxidiiahle, ïnoxidAblfl. 

a, /. {AaKsi/ing) quarto* 
tioD, inqunrtation. 
laqnu'ter, t.l. subject to qiurtation. 
In-iiaarlO. <n. Jt a. quarto, 
[nqtilct, a. unquiet, uneaay, utzioufl. 
Inûlslsuble, a. imperceptible; not eeisBble. 
InaaUukMmnent, adt. imperc^nJbly, 
Innlnbre, a. unbeaJthy. unheiilthful. 
InuUnbtlU, /. unhealtbfulneH, 
InupMc, a. taat«l«B. inaipid. 
liuapldlU. /, tsete1u«ie<8, iuûjndiHn. 
Iiumponlflable, a. unsaponifiable. 
tiuatliMt, a. unBatisfied. 


iDsetlptlble, a. ii 

m.pï. iZoSl.) loBGotivora. 

Iiuéimntblei a. inHparable, 

Imtpuablement, adi. irueparably. 

Insérmblc, a. iaeertsble. 

InsCro', 1,1, ineert, — i.r, be inserted. 

Inaerllon, /. inaertiDn. 

tmldleoi. a. insidioui. 

Iiulcue, a. remtu-liablE, BignfJ. 

Insipide, a. tuteltn. inBipid. 
IiulpldenieDt, oije. insipidly. 
Insipidité, /. CsHtelcseneiB, insipidity. 

InaoHde, □. unaalid. not solid. 
Inaolldement, ode. unsolidly. 
InmUdlte, /. wuit of solidity. 
■ ■ lauBl, unwonted. 

adc. unusually. 

render insoluble. 
. /. insolul^ty. 
[. insoluble. 

■ nsolubly. 
Insolation, /, aonsolution. 
InsolnbUlté, /. (Com.) insolvency. 
InsolnUc, a. (Cam.) iosolveot. 


'eldsble; unxoldersble. 

isonteiuble, s. unCensblo: insupportable. 
Inspecter, vj. ioBpect. 

. /. inBtability. unstableDses. 
Instable, a. unetsble. 


Intact, a. intut. uutoi 


inUlUe, m. inUalJa. 

InUrUBmMe, a. meih 

ua«hle, ■ 


™tirr; int«ral 

intesnle, /, iM^lh.) i 


DomplBtdy, « 

wholly; intejirally 


liil«8r«, v.l. intesnte 

InUcrlte, /. integrity. 

tereit; injure. 


— i.r. 

Uko'tm inteiBBt. 

Intérêt, m. interart. 

Interférant, a. i 




Tior; intend; 

: inside; bom 

; privée Ufe, 

family Ute. 

d I'—, («■«!.) i 




inside, withi 

». spv^ between linee; interlicsb- 
/. (FrinHne) lead. 
I.I. interline; (PriaHiff) leed. 
Intermède, m. intcnnediate; interlude. 

' iterraediate. intermedïvy. 

Intermédlftlrcment, at 
Intermédlkt. a. intermi 
tntarmleelislre, a, bte 

int, mil. iatarmiiwbty. 
. intanAtiooal. 

Interpoler, i.l, iuterpobta. 

InCruHf, a. 

IntcrmpHiir, m. ioterruDler; ipccif. CEUc. 

oirouit breaker. — a, intemiptinc. intei 

IntcnaeUon, /. intenection. 
I. Inbnatellu. 

a. iutertubulu. 

intarrsne; interpata. 
, /. inTsrtibility. 

1,/, ii 


, . a. invfirted, invert. 
iDMirertlr. i.l. iovert; interctian 
InterrvdHement, m. invert^, 
Intorlent, pr. 3 ting, of intarvea 
IntMtlll, m. * a. inUatine. 
Intratliial, a. inteitiaal. 

1. intraeelluliT. 
Inbalteble, a. mUacUble. 

InlimTueiilstn, a. 




Imbodaclalre, a. introdueCory. 

Introduire, v.t. mtrodu«. — >,r. be intra- 

Introduit, ii.p. li pr. s linu. ol intioduiie. 
iDtNiiTaUei a. undiBcoverabls, not to be found. 

IntnlUr, a 

Intnltlremeiit, adt. intuitiTeljr. 
■ ■ iee,/.intui 

Itmiable, a. Uut cannot be worn out, durabls. 

ina«e, p.n, uauaed, unworo. 

Iniulte, a. notin lue; unuaual; obialele, anti- 

InDtile, a. uaeleiB. 
laDttienMnt, silt, uselesaly. 
ItiatlilMble, a. unutUiuble. 

nutiliied; rendered uMlen. 

InutUlté, / 


iDTsUde, a 



iit,aj.. i 
(. invalid 



/, invalid 


var taick 

l*tMl alloy) 

riabiljtv, inve 


a. invariable. 

m. (ifalh 



ble. unaaleab 

Iniendn, a 



InnDter, • 

— ..r.beinv. 


n. invoQt 

iDTCrtebrt, a. ,t m. 
Inverti, p.a. reverted 
iDTertlne, /. invertii 
InvNiJr, 1 1 reverse; 
InTestlgktcnr, m. ii 


/, inv«tiEfttion, 

InTblbllIW, /. iuviaibilit: 
InTliIble, a. înviHible. 
InTtelUeiiMiit, adi, invii 

impTobAblti. unlikaly, 
lomUembUbleineiit, adr. improbsbly. 
liiTrslsemblance, /. improbability, uolikeli- 

— tubHrné. Ëublimed iodirie- 

léi p.a, iodtnst«d, oontuaîng iodine^ 

l»dbr<lnte, m. hydriadida. 

m iodide. 

î, m. (JtfBi,) iodism. 

a. Bt&Tcii-iodide. 
lodo-kimte, /, iodiiuiste, iodoMun 

lodobcndne, /. iodobaniene. 
lodotbrme, m. iodoform. 
lodonumé. a. iodoformiied. iodotoim. 
lodo-Iodnre, m. iodine-iodide (see j 

iodiHUoui k>d>- 

lodol, m. (Pfcnrm.) iodol. 
lodODlIlé, a. (Pro. Chcm.) ic 
lodotlirTlne, /. iodothfiiD. 
lodnralJan, /. iodinatioa; 

— de phmb. lead iodide. 

iodme de poioarium ialia-f, iodiied poluduin 

iodidfl, ft tolution of potAuium iodide in 
which jodiae haa beeD diflaoJTed. 

— de soufre, Hulfur iodide. 

— d'tiAuli. etby] iodide, iodoethuu. 

iDrt, p.a. combined vith itx 
treated with or oontMniog iodine. ïodiied, 
ïodated: treated with oi oontainiiiA an 
icxlide, iodiied. 

iBrv, D.f. iodinate; iodiae; iodate. 

lie, loUthe, /. (ifin.) ioUte. 

Ip^CAciiBEutc» m. ipecAtniAnhat' 
Ipécaciunlqne, a. ipeacuanhio. 
In, /ul. s ling, o! nlLer (to bo). 
Irait, «ml. S lins, ol aller (to ta). 
trlcfaroiii»tlne> /. s besiene eolutioa of arpt 

uaed in pFodudnfi irideecence. 
IrtdesceDt. a. irideecent. 
Iridié, a. alloyed with or containiniE indium, 
trldlcn. a. (Anal.) iridian, 
Iridloe. /, iridiu. 

Irldlque, a. iridic; (Anal.) iridian, iridftL 
Iridium, m. iridium. 
frldcwmiiie, /. iridoamiuni. 

t. Florentine irii Cfrit flormtitia. 

trlMble. a. eapable of iri 

IrlMtlOD, /. irisation, irii 
Irisé, a. iriaed, iridescent. 

iTTf eoncllUUe. a. 
IrréconelUableiiient, ode. 
iTTfCOOTTSble. n. irrecDVEi 
Irrécupérable, a. iTrecoverable. ii 
Irrécusable, a, uneiceptionftble. 

tafCdnetlhlUtC, /. iimdiuiUiilitr, H 
UrMnetlbla, a. iireduoible. 
brCdnlt, a. unreduoed. 
Irréel, a. uoreal. 
IcréfrânslWei a. iirefrwiipble. 
InffOtable, a. iirefutable. 
lfT#SllbTlM, /. iiTSKulurity. 
InCKOller, a. imculAr. 
iTTéciillèniDeDt, adv. iirseuUrly. 

InCslstlUe, a. i 
Intglstlblemeat, ddi 


Isatliilqaa, a. iutio, 
Intioplqne, a. ieatropio, 
■utrde, m. iutide. 
iMbnréliqnc. a. (Mai.) iBOhuretio. 
Mthlonlqiie, a. i»thiaiiic. 

iBabatane. n. isobutuu. 
IsobutTrtqiKi ". igobutyrio. 
iHKUe, a. (Qeom.) unMieJa. 
■MMbromaUqne. a. ' 

bneraiuto, n 

— de phényte, pi 
boenniqiiei □. in 
iHieranarlqiie, a. 
Isodlmorpbe. a. i 
Isodolrltot /■ ifeodulcito], isodulcit 
iHOdrnunlqm, iBodrnanWi a. igodynami 
Uolable, n. isoUblB. 

Isolmiit, a. ÏBDlatiiig; iasulating. —m. izit 
tins materùl, înfluiiitor. 

n. inBulatioB device, inBulAtor. - 

lolngous. — wi.i*oloB(ue). 
ulBitoT. Bpecif . inaulatiiiA BtooL 
e, /. bomaltct». 

— phj/à^ue, phykica] i» 
lEomÉriqlIff, a. iBomerin. 

iMiimf rlsnM, m. ùameriani. 

itomorpbous, iaomorpbio. 

iBopelleHérlne, /. uopeUeti» 
IsopbtallqiH, a. inophthalic, 
IsopniprllqDei a. isopropyl. 

lHMacebSTlqi»i a. : 
bOBSfrol, m, ieoufn 
■■ o. (Oeom.) 

uothennal. — /. Isothern 
iKIthenDlque. a. igothermic, iBotherni&l 
Isatbei'iiilqiiBment, aie. isothermiilly. 

Isobinte. /, iBotonicity, iBolonic state. 
botanique, a. ieotoDic. 

iBolople, /. isotopy. 

IsotTlmorpbe, a. iaotrimoiphoui, -phie. 
lsotntp«, a, isotropic, iBotrQi>aue. 
Isotropic,/, iaotropy, ÎBOtropùm. 

Iwunthtne, /. uonnthine. 
Isoiaiol, m. isDiRtole. 
iHlt, a. itiflutH, iHauiD^- proceediuH (fron 
reeult (of); dcAccndëd. 


.of is 

i (pi.) 

d Ï' — <k, »t the end rf, an leSïinK, 

ûiuAt de ta bowJitne, waste parts of iilaugh- 

tsvJ ftOj m ftlB, offal. 
itrtàea de la meunerie. by-productA of flout 

(■creeninsft, bran, shortu)- 
ùnu deê ordinaires, garbage, dop. 

ItatlqDe. a. & m, (Pn'nlinv) iUklù 

ItaOqat, a. italioiied. 

trotte, m. ivory; {of the teeth) d 

— oHvlWel, Mtifioi»] ivory. 

— - v^tai, veEBtoble ivory (from F 

e./. Italy. 


Jftbk, m. that put o( & ftiiB pot when the 
mils HDd bottom join: chime (of ft OMk); 
groove (of a caek atave). 

Jabonndl, m. (Fliarm. A Bol.) jaboruuli. 

Jachin, /. fallow, fattowcees; (allow land. 

r, SI. iZoBt.) jaguar (Felit m 
f D.Î. Hpout, EUBh, spurts bi 

I electric spark); spout, 

JsUlUaement, m. , 
«to. (see jaillir). 

jalspi m. (Pharm. à:BBt.i jalap. 

lalaplne, /. jalapin. 

Jals^qne. a. ialapic. 

JbUoI, m. - ialot. 

Jaloilt m. stake, pole (for surreyins, e 

I in which cakes of taUow are 
Jaloiisc, a.ftm, of jaloux. 
JalODsemBiit, ah. jealously. 
Jmloiule. /. jealouay; Ersting; ialoume, blind. 

d —, like B Erating. 
Jaloiu, a. jealous. 
jBinalqiie. /. Jamslca, 
J)liiials,aiii. ever; (with rui expressed or wider- 

Jambai^ m. jamb; > 
Jambe,/, teg; shank. 
Jambltre. /. gaiter; (ifot*,) sleew. — a. leg. 
immbon, m. ham. 
JaDle, /. rim (of ■ wheel). 
Janvier, m. January. 
JapoBt m. Japan. 

lapon, m. Mpan wood; Japanese porcelain. 
JaponaUi a. Japanese. — m. Japanese (lan- 
guage); (O.P.) Japanese (man). 

a. japoDio (add); Japomc, Japan. 

stroke (ol a letter). 

jMdtnaCei «•■ gardening; garden produce 
gardeD ground; dark spot (in a gem). 

I, (of gems) cloudy, baviog darl 

JardlDiH, a. garden, — m. (Hidener. 

lailOD, m. (Mil.) jargon. 

Jane,/, jar. 

Janet, m. (of pipc«, etc.) elbow: hock, ham. 

jaapagnte, /. (Min,) agate iaq>er. 

Jaspage, m. imitation of jasper. 

Jaane, m, (Min.) jasper. 

Jasper, t.t. jasperiie, marble, mottle, oloud. 

Jasillliei/. jasperisinc. marbling, motUing. 

Jatte, /. bowl, porrjnger; bowltuL 

lattte,/. bowlful. 

Jaofe,/. gage, gauge; standard. 

— à trtfiler. wire g«ge. 

— tie sapeur, steam gage. 

— du Tide, vacuum gage. 

tonnie (of a ship). 

— par icouiemenl, oahbration for delivery. 

Jai^e-careasse, a. (of wires] very fine (less 
thuD half a millimeter in diameter). 

Jailer, t.t. gage, gauge, cslibrste. 

Jaiueor, m. gager, gauger, calibrator. — a. 
gaging, gauging, measuring, calibrating. 

iaunâtre, a. yellowish, 

Janne, a. it m. yellow. 

— ondfl, acid yellow. 

— onolat», Victoria yellow. 

— hriUarit, brilliant yellow. 

— dlroa. lemon yellow. 

— cJair, light yellow. 

— Congo, Congo yellow. 

— ds Caiul. Casse] yello' 

— de throme, obnone yellow 


lue de fer. Mm yellow. 

- di HauK, HESaiBii yellow. 

- de Mari. Mers yellaw. 

- di Napis,. Naples yfUow. 

- dt Parit. Paria yellow. 

~ de fluinniéine, quinoliiiB ïellow. 

— de Vérone, Vëtoda yellow. 

— d*dn-fl, yellow ocher. 

— d'cpb/t yellow of egc» esc yolk. 

— d'or, golden yellow; (Di«») told 3 

— mé/aniU, metanil 

— Ficto™, \ 

Janne-palUe. m. straw yel 
jRone-pâle, a, pale yellow 
jBQDet, a. yeUowÏAh, 
Jaunir, t.i. £ t. yellow, tu: 
jBUnlsHaffc, m. » jaunisBf 
Jaunisse, /. |Jf<d.) jaundii 
JannlBsenieiit, m. yellowi 

ing yellow. 
tmn, f. Javs. 

Jarene, /. email heap (of 

■I (about SS T 72 Cl 

— de eoiuUnaation, nondenHing je 


Jet de coûtée, (Poundina) feedhead, fesdiug 

— de/«t. (Pi/ro.) lùsaiieaf. 

— dt flamme, jet of flaow, 

— de fonte, (Fonndijigi deadhead. 

lebWe, m. throwing, etc. (h 
Jeter, I.I. throw; east; hi 

; stake: trick; freat 

perdu, (Mach.) lost motion. 
Jeadl, m. Thunday. 

la tbe pEinse à jeun, fasting, wiUiont 
ood, without food and drink. 

penon; young (fit an animal). 
Jeûne, m. laat, fasting; privaUon, dearth. 

Jeunesse, /. youth. 

Jeûneur, m. [aster. 

JoaineHe,/, jewelry; jeweler's trade. 

Joaillier, m. jeweler, iewelter. 

Ire, V.L join; unite; adjoin, be adjacent 

tact, ht. — e.r. join, be joined, unite, meet. 

t, P.O. joined, united, etc. (see ioiodre); 

joint. — m. joint; seam. — pr. A nnf. of 


à baiM, ba11-and-Bocket joint. 

arlicM, '(.Mach.) knuckle joint. 

en about, butt jmnt. 

sue, — à ce que, beside whieh, and In 

Jolntlf, a. joined, touching, in contACt. 
Jointoyer, v.i, (Manonry) point. 
Jointure, /. joint, joining, junction. 
JoH, a. pretty, handsome, fine: good, ample. 
Joliment, aih. well, agreeably, finely; very. 
Jonc, m. cane, reed, rueh; specil.. Ifiol.) a 
member of tiie family Juneaceie,(true) mal^ 

basket; h^p; fitrowed materia], 
DClHr, t.l. strew, cav«r. titter. 

cotton) 6pim, 
joabarbe, /. houwleek (SnuperWran) ; ttone- 

crop (jSodum). 
— ' ûcrtt oommoD HtoDecrop (Sedum acre). 
JMM, /. cheak <la vnrioui hiuki); lida, aide- 

Joxr. i.i. pW: bove plim, hove rluriwCE; 
be loofle, work Joose; work, act; go off, 
explode, be discharEcd, be apnuv; etart. 
Bpriris, warp. ' — p./. play; uaa, «ork; imi- 
tate: deceive, make game of, — v.r. play, 
amuBe obeêelf; deceive oneaalf. 
— U rdU, play (iie role, play the port. 

Joaetv m, clamp, fishplate; pUythimr, aport- 

JttlUb m. yoke; (Mach.) enjÉahead. 

Jonl^ v.i. (with de) enjoy. 

JaniMUiM, /. enji^meiit: the ri«bt to intcreat 

Jaole, m. (P^tkt) joule. 

jMir, m. day; daylight; Ii«ht; opaning, aper- 

JinimE«, /. day, daytime^ day 

work; day work; day's Jom 

JonriMlleiiMnt, adc. daily, ever: 

Jndlelalm, a. judicial. 
J DdlcbtlTemcnt, 
jDdldMII, a. judioiQUB. 
JOKC, ». judie. 
JOKement, m. judaownt. 

Jojubc, /. jujube (the froit). - 

I, a. A m. twin; double. 
s, o. it /. fern, of iuaiMiu. — /. hinoeu- 
cheek, àdepieoe; iPyro.) double 

campa^jnK, âcTd alaaeea. 

. I. (Med.) deûsuatiog urine that 
hafl a thick, colored depoait. 

', Bugarbeet ju 
— de Brénl, braiilwood liquot 
of braailwood or redwood). 

in»**,/, ti 

ilDudineae, till oloudina 

A this place, thua far, till i 
to that place, bo fu. till the 
vfl, to Buch a decree that. 

^e; tight, aloB&-fittin£. — adr, just; 
rislitly, ri«ht. well; tifbtly, tiaht. -~m. 

A — titte, juBtly, ri«htly, with reaton. 

JnBtomedt, adv. just, e 

B, preoiBioD, oor- 

JiwHee,/. justice; court otjuetoa. 
JoitUfaibk!, a. juBti£sb!c. 
jiuttllableiiieDt, adi. justifiably. 
JutUer. I.'. iuBiify. 
Jnto, m. jute. 

JnitapodUon, /. juitapodtkiii. 


kalDlte, /. (UiR.) kuDita. 

kald, a. khAkL — n. JapuiH 

lukodrk, m. cacodyl. 

lukodrUqne, a, cscodylic; c: 

kaKMoMopliine, a. kaleidoH 

ksll, m. ksli, Eltuewort ISaholatalt); potash. 

kaHinM, m. poiaonins caused by potaoh. 

katlam, m. potassium. {Obi.) 

kallltyi^. /. (PAdbv,) kallitïpe. 

tcsoUn. m. kaolin. 

ImoUnlaae, a, ksoUnie. 

~ ' ~ 1, /. kaoUniiaUon. 

kapok, m. k&pok, Java i 
ksnbé, m. ambei. {Ob. 
karaUqae. a. karabic (b 

karroUntM, /. (fiiof.) karyokioeeis, 
kaun, m. kaseu (betel aut eitract), 
kathode, m 

. /. i 

1 (the plan 


kCflr, ktphir, /, kefir, képhir. 
kératine, /. k«atin. 
keratlnlwtlOD, /. keraticiiatian. 

kerstOBeDe. n. keratocenoua. 

keratolde, a. keratoid. 

kératoplastlqne, a. hardenine the ekin ; kerato- 

kératose,/. (JUcd.) keratoùs. 

kéllle, /. kerite (an insulating matsrial). 

— minerai. — m^dtnnoJ, kermea mineral. 

kUoctamUM, m. kilosnuD (1000 s 


iter (0.02137 n 


kUomtCre, m. kilon 

kli»mttar1qoe, a. kilometric, kilometriaO. 

kUomf (Tliineinent, adr. by kilon» 

IdlDwstt, m. kilowatt. 

kUowatt-heare, m. kilonatc hour. 

klna, m. cinchona bark; quinine. 

ktuase, /. kinase, 

Unatc, m. quinate. 

klneute, /. lEipJ.) kinetite. 

kliilne, /. quinine. 

Untqoc, a. quinio. 

UDO, m. kino. 

— lU l'Inde. East India kloo. 

ktnoiliie, /. quiiiovin. 

Mr, m. (Oeol.) bituminous earth. 

klTHch, klrscbwaswr, m. kin> 

klaabage, m. picking, sortins. 

knopper, Knopper, /. (nut) gait. gaUnut, 
specif, that produced by Cj/nipa {fu0rcu« 
calirtê on certain European onks. 

kohol, hotaeol, m. kohl. 

kola, m. iPharm.) kola; (Bol.) Cals. 

kolatler, m. kola tree (Cala atuminald). 

LonmlH, koQinys, rn. kumim, koumise. 

konaslDe, /. kosin, kousio, koosin (from onaao). 

krabb, m. a long iron rod formerly used in 

krypton, nt- krypton, 

.an earthenware cylinder formerly 

ibjects of crystal eIbss, 

!l (the liqueur); 

kDUtaTSD, n 

kw.-ao. n^drei. (kilowRtt-an) kilowatt year. 

kwas, m. kvan, kvas (Kussian baer). 

kyanlBaUon, /, kyaniHitioa. 

kyanlser, c.l. kyaniie. 

kyste, m, eyrt, 

kritlque, kyatcni, a. oyitio. 


b, ««elt, Jtm. «41. th 

»,«).. the»: tb«i>. 

-JAthat . . 

a»".'.'. 4d.thc«;>'. 

lb U. tb««, from 

tbére, from tbt 

tbtt, «Iter that. 

IMu. U-daddiu. Btc. 

B« below. 

» ««. wbera. 

par U, that way; the 

nby. by that. 

bb, ». nimet. Ub. 

U-kU, »!>. down there. do»n yonder. 

tebeU m. lab«l. m*rk. 

yme of rennet, 

labeur, ». labor, toil; 

iAiTK.) cultiva 

ratory; (in («a acuJyùa) 
ber or pipat. 

— abaorbtuT, abaorptioa chamber oc pipet. 
~ cTonaJv». uuJytieal bborati^y. 

— dt pyrotechnie, firenorJu laboratory, pyro- 

— de rachertÂet chimi^ueêr ohemical research 
laborabvy, ohemical laboratory. 

■ * ' ■». laborioiuly. 

iBcdoe. /. U«dn. 
bedqne, a. laenaie, U 
be-dTC, m. lae dre. 

bofaw, >.!. lunate. 

Imecti nt. laoe; loop; i 

UdH, a. loose: ilaok; lai; mnolenc; mean, 

baH| cowardly. — adt. looeely, ]q»c. 
Udwro', ta. (Mel<U.) Up bar. 
iaehemeat, ad>. loosely, feebly, glussishly. 

Ueber, t.t, lonaen, loose, relai, slaoken; turn 
on (cooks, etc.), open; let go. release; fire, 
diseliane, let off; let out. let slip. — t.i. 
4È r. loosen, slacken, get looae; eiayw; 
(of a gun) go off. 

lack, in, network, plexus. 


la-CODlzVi ad9- against that, to the oontrar7. 
Uaraw-christl, m. Lacbryma Chriati (■ 

laernaal, a 


B, a. tear-produoing 

m. IMil.) laohrymati 

laerrmnle, /. amsU tear. 

laetalie, a. laotary. 

^jie« / lactalbumin. 

betame, n. lactam. 

bctamlde. /. lactamide. 

bctatnlqae, a, of or pertaiaiiig ' 
lactaznic Cd««gnatmg the t 

ise. /. lactase. 

milky, milk, lacteal; 
(Bot) lactescent. 
iMttèr, t.t. treat or oombini 

lilklnfas. laotescenoe. 
UeUsccnt, a. laclcaceat (milky, or yielding a 

llky iuioel. 

bettcClllie, /. autoiutodcatioD due to laoti* 
a<iid in the blood. 

■ i>, Google 

lutÏD uid, Died as a murdimt) ; 
iMiolUèttc, m. botomctw. 
IbcIoim, /, laotooe, 
teatiH ntwm lre. n. m outfit for tha nfàà 

t,/. lutopcotain. 

.. ., n. laot<Bcop«- 

toclOHi /. lutdH, milk BUKAT. 


.. lurunom, full of Ucmiis. 

tr uodenuHth, 
n tliat, DVBT tiut. ibout that, 

onder. ou ahetd. 

wbicb window 
kbovQ, upwBnL 

D, of ledit (which 
liITf. m. ■ aheet of alu» 

U^ailt, adi. up then 

Melw, /. (Bel.) Hdtra- 

Ud, a. uify: bad (wuthef); naushty. 

Wnase, m. woolen atuffs, wootena; fleeoe; 

Une, /. «ooi. 

— bailK. lutunl wool. 

— ' dt boit, wood wool; wood fiber; lunfl wool. 

— de Caehmnire, Kaâhmir (or *" ' 
wool (from the tt^wIitwît goat). 

— de ioitHT. ■!■■ wool, minorai wooL 

— de moulon, ahMp'a wool. 

— de pin, pine wool, vegetable wooL 

— de eteria, alig wool, miitsnl wool. 

— dt tourbe, peat wooL 

ave; let, allow, permit; 1wv« 
let £0 ; (with de and infinitive) 
>« olT (aa, hx choee ne laieee jxu 
, the thing is Mill true, ia oevei^ 
e, ifl o^tainly true). 

■ ■ ■ " la followed by an- 
' s tfacae vcffbe.) 

i(i). milk of atmoodfe), e 

— cfdnetK, an> milk. 

— d^Oêofatida, milk (o 

— de brum, buttermilk. 

— de br^rie, ewe'e milk. 

— de cAaia, milk of linte. 

— de chèwer goat's milk. 

— de ff^lae, lait de gayac. iPharm.) 

— de mall, (Bri 
by ffrinding j 

— de Kflifrt, milk of sulfur. 

— de Boihe, eow^s milk. 

lilky Hquid obtained 

— maifmùé, milk of b 
milk) modified to resei 

— mercufiei, (PfcOTTH.) 

— léaélai, (Bel.) later. 
Itsnec, [>lt«, /. milt (i 

(Cemml) laiUnoe 

LÏmals (eep. eow'A 
white preeipitato, 


ie, f. dairy ; dairyioi ; didry shop. 
bitnol, m. (.Uelal.) fiosahole plate. 
lalteoi, a. milky; milk; laoteal. 
Ultler, m. aisc, acoria, (rrm) cinder; (Bsl.) 
milkwort (Polwola); milkman. — o. milk. 

laiUer, else, and êiorit, scoria; the former 
resultina from the gangue and Hui, the 

tamam, •.(, bru»-pbte, braw. 
toe. /, lettuc». 

te, /. width, breaidth (of oloth). 
OM, m. (ZM.) iluna, luiu. 
— olprwa, aLpacB- 

thin fliit ptAoai flflp. of metiU) frjil, 
plate, iheet; lunina. sd^: blade; ilioe; 
(trip; BlHt: {Uicrai,, cto.) «lida; bund; 
nva, bmo«. 

— iThiu, iheet oF undarcTQuiHl water; 
(Stacun) water Bpnw. 

— dt 0ru, tauauc at gu. 

— da platine, (piece of) platinum toil. 

— dv pfmdre, cake of powder, miUnd oàkt. 
~ VorU-tbitt. (Uicm.) slide. 

Bi a, lamellar, 
if /. lamellar airancement. 
, .. Uaiella, platelet, leaflet, Male; 
(£xi>l,) trtia, email diak; (Munx.) < 

— ec>uvre-obj0t, covet- cUa. 
UmriM, a. lamellate, lamellated, f< 
lun^Ieiu, a. lanHllar, lamellcoe. 
I, lamelhteroua. 

luuentkblenisnt. ad>. lamentably. 

ill plaU, platelet, lajseUa. id 

etc.): Hb 
bmlncrle, /. r 

>. roller (workman); - Ismino 

m. rdlinc machine, roller, roll», roll; 
111, fiattinc mill. 

(of oil) iintafale for burning ïn a 
1 olive fril) purified, |ood. bricht, 

d aettulint, aeetflene lamp. 

— d alecai, alcahol lamp, «t^t lamp. 
« à arc, arc lamp, arc tight. 

— d bnatr, braiins lamp, 

— d 99prH de vin, spirit lamp, 

-^ à ttêKncë, bentine lamp, gasoline lamp. 

— it pétroU, kenaene lamp, oil lamp. 

— d «DudflT, soldering lamp- 

~ iTémaiatar. enameler's lamp. 

— de tioiJu, poekot lamp, Saab light. 

— de tùrelé, safety lami 

— iltctriqitt, electric 

3 lamp, epedf. a âaah 

lam^tole, /. lamp manufaoture. 
luic>l^ rn- launching, etc. (see lancer). 
lance,/, laooe; noule; rod, pole, etafl. 
lanee-bombcfti m. bomb-throwing devioe. 

apptntus fia throwing 

; throw, dart, ahoot, east. 

I, send t 

le iCynaçlot' 

1 teehnioal Banaea) ; 
I balance) pcnnter. 

lancette. /. lancet; C 

lance-Uke blada. 
Untace, m. language. 
[De, /. tongue; lai 
pointer, needle. 
- de chien, {Bot.) ho 
«um officinaU). 

needle; (of paper) vnt 
iMOMatiat, m. languor, languidneet. 
langalr, vA. languish; long; flag, drag- 
lanrnlnant, p.o. languiahing; slow, dulL 
lanlire, /. strap, thong; strip. 
- -■ - /. lanolin. Unoline. 

. /. lantern (in various senaee) ; a ^aoa 
window thru which the color of the caaea 
is obaerved in the chamber prouos for eul* 

(Fûunàijio) core barrel <or core rod). 
■antbaDC, m. lanthanum. 
■apMatre, m, it a. Ispidaiy. 
laidn, m. rabbit. 

du Brted, guinea pig. 
lapll, Upll-Uiull, m, {Min:) lapis laanli. 

Lappic. ^m. L^jplc; (cap.) Lw 

lAponlCi /, Lapland, 

lacquering; laking- 

ke: lae, gum lae. — m. iaequar. 

— briUi, A coohinsd Inks c 

— at bait nn4(K> redwood lake, 

— ill eoranci, msdder lake. 

— da paude. weld lake. 

— da Smvrnt, Srnynw lake (from madder), 

— en bdUm, Htjck-laa. 

— en boulei de Vsnue, s yaiieti' of redwood 
(or braailwood) lake, 

— en efftHita, — en ftuiUet, shellac, iheLl lac, 

— en fita, laa melted and drawn into threada. 

— miniri^, a EreeD pigment made by pre- 
c^tatme a lolution of linfl and eopper 
■ulfatea with Bodimn carbonate. 

— ardinairt, a variety of ooohinesl lake. 

— jiiattr afaellac, 

— plate iTIIalie. a variety of redwood lake 
teqne, a. languered. lackered; (of blood) 

Imqnebleii, m. litmua. 

■aqnelle, pren, /em, who. whom, which, that, 
Uqnet, I.I, buiquer, lacker; lake. 
IkqueDi, a, of or pertaining to lae. 

ludaet, a. lardaceouB. 
larder. >,!, interlard; etab, pie 
lardeai, a. lardareoue, fat. lar 
luft, a, broad, wide; large 
Uberal, generous; lax, 

— m. breadth, width; opi 

— odi, largely; grandly. 


OH loBfl <C ou — , far and wide, 
•la —, in width, wide, 
rgMnBDt. ath. widely, wide; largely, liberally, 

rcBor, /, breadth, width, widenen; IRaU- 

myt) gage; (of a ship) beam, 

— dam autre, width in the clear. 

— du tour, width of opening. 

— . an fond, width at the bottom, 
rine, a, alack, loose; (Math.) started. 
rKaer, i.l. let go; slackeii <a rope); let oD 

rli, m. (Bii<.) larch, larii. 
nnOf /. tear: drop; specif.. (fJlatë} a drop of 

fused material from the vault or crown of 

lArmnlemeiit, m. laehryiostioD 

the eyea, weeping. 
larmoyer, i.j. weep, shed teare. 
lure,/, larva. 
lasi o. weary, fatigued, tired. 
lasw, m, laser (the gum resin); ', 
Uwer, i.(. (atigne, weary, tire 

beoome fatigued. 
IftStiOff, m. lasting (the doth). 
latemmeat, adi. latently. 
Utent, a. latent. 
latérat a. aide, hiteral. 
latenUement. adv, laterally, on 

latei, m. (fiol.) latex. 

latleinre, a. (Sot.) laticiferouB. 

latlD, a. Latin; lateen (aail). — n. IMiu. 

Uatade, /. latjtude. 

latrine, /. latrine, privy. 

Utte, /. lath; atrip (as ol iron); (.Ceram.) 

clay; straight saber. 
lattts, m. lathing, lath work. 
laudaulne, /. laudaoine. 
laudAnlsé, a, containing laudanum. 
taudanoaliie, /- laudanoeine. 

— de Si/deriham, 8)'denhain'B laudanum, wù 

UnmoDtte, /. (Mtn.) laumontite. laumanite. 

laortele, /. (fini.) daphne. 

— femeOt, meiereon (Daphiu i 

— mile, spurge laurel (Daphne 
[uirlcr. n. laurel. 


m. oleander (ATarium 
laurel (Idur 
laurlDB. /. lauiin, 
iMirtlieei, /.pi. (Sol.) Lauraces. 
lanrrle, m. lauiyl. 
UTsble, a, washable. 
iBIal», m. washstand, lavabo. 

' frarbj eau. (Ores) aluidng. 


, (Ortsi 

~ au criUa, iOrei) riddling. 
~t,f. (Pot.) lavender, 
rpic, — en épi, -~ mâle, aspic, 
ender (JjOtanduia tpica). 

iBTMldltaV S 

«undrAU, waflherwomui; waab- 

raue. /. s bard siliceaua stone; downpour. 
re, /. lava. 

— da Velnc, an Auvergne 1*va much uiMd 
aa a material nsiMut to chemioala. 

— émailUt, «naiueled lava, gkued lava. 

— /xnbli, arUfidal maatie. 

réi I>.a^ waahfld ; (of colon) thin» faint, pale, 

rte, /. qiiantity of material (e.g. wool) washed 

remeati m. wasbins; (Mud.) enema. 
rcr, L.t. waah; waah out; waah off; cleajue, 
purify; buddla (cm). 

— le /our. (Ceram.) cleaoae the kiln of de- 
posited carbon by meano of an oiidiiins 

rcrie, /. lavatvy (aa one ooniisting of a sink 

and drainboard); (operation of) wuhiDtf; 

place where oree or other material! are 

waahed, waahins worlu. 
rear, m. washer; waahina apparatus (e.g. a 

ffaa-waahing bottle); washing maohine; 

(<?at) purifier. — a, washioff, wash. 

laTlH, m' wa 


laveur and sinûlarly uaad^ 
. iavatic, lavic. 

wash drawing, wash design 
ir, wBshing apparatus, waahing 
■asbhou», laundry; waahing 
ning rod (for guns); boddle 

natal ol 

from naste by washing) ; dishwater; awill, 
slop: (Med.) rauoous and bloody super- 

bntir, a. « m. (Mid.) laiative. 
Udté,/. looMneaa, ilaeknees; laxity. 
Isrctta, /. drawer; tiay (for powder); boi; 

trunk; baby linen, layette. 
tonillte, m. (Mtn.) laiulite. 


article, moK. nnp. the. (In 

■hould be omitted in tran 

« fan «dut. if one e>el 

lé. m. breadth, w4dth (of (abHo). 
lebnen, tn. hepatin (or liver-browj 
Kranorlne. /. leeanorin (leoanoric 
KrhBCe. •»■ liiikinK, etc (see l«chei 

1,/, lesson; leetur»; i 

on or thing), the 
d, the aame. 
ador tea (LiduM). 

Hmi(«, /. legality, lawfulneaa; law. 
Mccndalra, a. legendary. 
■eceoddi /. legend. 

at, explanatory legend, eipluutp 
the lettera on a drawing, oi tba 
I«flW, a. Ught; (light, — m. lightness. 

d la l^»re. lightly; hght. 
KKMemenl^ tub, lightly: iligbtly. 
Kgèratf, /. lightneaa; aUghtneea. 
Kfirérer, i.i. legislate. 
Kgtlimtau, m. legislator, —a. legialatiT*. 
WsisUtIt, a. kigialative. 


legitiaiate. — /. teul aban. 
od*. lecitimately. 
juatiti': leailJmate. 
lefDcr, t.l. bequeath. 
lEKimiei m. vegetable (specif., leguminoua vese> 

table); legume. 
lecmnlne, /. legumin. 
letmnlnntsest /.pi. (Bot.) Lecuminoan, bat»- 

lesslTMge 2 

mmur. sitrtwtkia with Bteun, 

— bruti, (Soda) vat 

<M ia Pharm.) sotutioa of poUssiui 

^ de reemt. IjSoap) ly« Blr«ftdy used in boiling 

or saltine oat, with or wilhoi 

tion of frefih alkali. 

— ^ d« maimnieTB, lauBtio Boda ao 

pared by adding alaked lime ti 

— de tonde bmie (i 

, (Soap) a lye 
maoe by unviatLug a mixture of sodiuBi 
carbonHtfi (hb blaek eali) and slaked lime. 

— rinduairBf naidiial lye, waate lye (e-s. 
lulfits liquor). 

■dTer, f.t. liiiviate, leach: eitrsct (with a 
liquid); wash with alkali or other drtm- 

— de chiffsmt, {Paper) rag boiler. 
hmlTenae, /. an apparatua for lixiviating, 

di£?ster or a bucking kier; wtaherw 

■cat, m, ballast, 
IcBte, o. light, active, amsit, free. 

_ , a. lethargy. 
letlnwe, m. lettering. 
let<K, /. letter. 

— chargie, regiatered letter (containing 

— de eoiOàrtr waybill; bin of lading. 

— morle, of no effect. 

— reeommajidie, regiatered leltsr. 

Ultrea ffraeua, black lettere, heavy-fac«d type, 
a, light letters, ordinary or light- 


leacéinle, /. {Med.) leuoemia, leucooythcmia. 
lencf mlque, a. (Med.) leucémie, leueocythemle. 
leuclDe, /. leucine. 
lendqne. a. lauoic. 

I«ielt«, /. (Min.) leucite; (Med.) aclerotitia. 
- B, /. iBuco base. 

!, white blood corputcle. 

leacocTtalK, a. leuct 
lencocrte, n. leucocy 

leneorytbemle, /, lei 

IcDCoeytolTK, /. leiicocytolyaia, 
leneotrtose, /. leucccytosia. 
hmcodérlTé, m. leuco derivative 
■encolTie, /. leucoty^. 


/. leuoomaine. 

— de pdle, dough saved out foe use aa leaven. 

Btroke (of a piaton) ; 


-t.t. riae; {of planta) oooie 
: be ruaed; (of weather) 
» glaas) warp, — m. ™- 
, plot, 

inc, plotting 

m tbo lye. 

ry, levoeyre, tevogyre. 


kvler. m. lever; handle, arm. bar, 

— amdt, crank lever, bent lever. 

— de toupape. valve handle, valve lever. 
levler-cler, r. (She.) make-and-break key. 
lettgatcar. m. levigator (e.o- an apparatus for 

levigating augar-beet pulp). 
WflcatloD, /, levigatioD, levigating. 
KTlger, t.t. levigate. 

léïO-. loVO-, llBVO-. 

KntfTM, a. levorotal 

lèTTC. /. lip: edge, bi 

Knillne,/, levuhn, 

IfTnllnlqne, lémllqae, a. levidinic. 

KnilowiM, m, levuloean. 

WtoIom, /. lévulose. 

levure. /. yeaet. 

— baae, bottom yeMt, low-fermentation 

— de biire, — de braawrie, bwryeaat, brewa'a 

— de aàitwre, cultivated yeaat. 

— d» d*pol. bottom yeaat. 

— durodJfl, permanent yeaat, aynun. 

— ferment, yeaet eniytne. 

— 0rtH, the gray upper layer of yeaat which 
is reject«d in making comprseaed yeaat. 

— Aaulf, top yeaat, high-fermentation yeaat. 

rated yeast eitrart). 

— prettte, compressed yeast, pressed yeaat. 

b r. crack, DTarir 

U&lBp HI. a Tfliy hard. doBe-grftiaed liatcBtoDt 
IblwHi, /. oDnneotion; boad. linkace: union, 

— iAytêniqut, ethylene linkoce, double bond. 

Hum, /. (Bol.} liuu. 

Umat, a. pliant, ptitble, soft, eaaily worked; 
fienhle; elastio (ai ■ sprint): oobcdre; 
(of metals) tenadous, toush. malleabtoi 
«apple; s^tle. oomplïant. — m. plîanayt 
pliability, ete. (see sbore) ; binding agent, 

llM,m. «hat.) 

Hbdle, /, bubble (in a oryiCal inc 
UUiH. P.O. drawn up, woided. 

up. wortUnx. 
Hbdier. >,(. drew up, w«d. 
Uber, M. (fiot.) bait, phlo«m. inn 
UMnl, a. UberaL 

t, adt. liberally. 

/. libt 


t. liberate, set free; disohariEe. 

o. (Bol.) relating to but or phloBm. 

r. liberty, fnedom; ifdach^) play, 

UUdlbl, n. fBol-1 div^divi. 
Ilbrmlre. n. bookuller. 

nbnUre-Mlteu, m. bookseller and publiaher, 
aokatore. bookseller's ^op; book 

1. free; (of paper) u; 

«Diped; <.Matk.\ 
n air. in tree air 

s«Dcet/. license; licentiate's degree. 
«neW, n, liceoe»; licentiate (holder of i 
degree intermediate between baehelor am 

OelMB, m. IStt.) Udnn. 

— Carraçahan, oarrageej 

— dti nuAeri, (Sol.) iircl 

— d'ltlandi, Iceland ma 

«land Ziehen. 

•na (froi 


^ne kind of archil ia prepared). 

Dine, /. lichenjn. 
UiJiCiiIqae. a. lichenio Ifumario). 
Ildte, a. licit, lawful, aUowable. 
lie* /. lees, dregs, sediment, grounds. 

— at tin, wine lew; dark red or purple odlar. 
IK, va- bound, tied, etc. (see lier). 

corky, of the uat 
r. biadinc. 


; band, strap, bra»; 

iTf T.t. bind, tie, join, attach, connect, fasten, 
faeten together, link, knit; relate; entet 

(.Soap) omulRlfy. — v.r. be bound, be tied, 
etc.; ooml^e. unite; become intimate; 

— ferrcafrr, ground ivy iffUcoma Afderocea). 
m, m. place; turn, order; estate, rank; 

(Gemn.) locue. 
ou — dt.av — el ploca ii, instead of, in plaoa 

; of the way. 

— btandit, white line; unlarred cc 

— courte, cursed Une, 

— dt dainetU. catenary. 

— de chemin de fer, railway line. 

— dt lir, line of fire 

— de sitée, line of h 

— droitf, Btreight lii 

— ferrée, nûlway. 

— BOudronnAi, tarred lii 

e, bent line, inflected line. 

— ItlRtI 


bioken line 

, Eotid lii 

mtttre tn — de compte, take lata ftcoouiit- 
UgDCrr, 1.^ mark vitb parallel Uikb, rule. 
USDenii a. li«DeouB, woody. — n. UfDlii. 
t^nllleitton, /. licniGoatian. 
UgDlfler, 1.1. it r. licaUy. 
lignine, /. Iwoia- 
llgDlte, m. (JUin.) UsDÎte. 
UffnoccUillaH* /. lioiiDfieltuloae- 
Ubdom, /. lignOH. 

UffDosltef /. tigneouB quality^ woodinnft. 
UgTOlne, /. ligroln. 
line. /. league. 
Ulsdne, /. liludn (syiiiuciti}. 
lllas, m. dt a. lilac. 
Illlsce, a. (£d1.) lilinceoua. 
lUUcéea, (Bol.) Liliaceic. 
llUal, a. lity. of or like Ulin. 
Umsee. /. Archimedean aorew; (ZoBI.) slug. 

. e,/. liliiie; filingi. 
lliiilMti m. limb, border, edge. 
lime, /. file; Ibnc (the Iruit). 

— baiordt, baitard file. 

— dêtni-doua, Eceond-cut ale. 

— dimi-ronde, half-round lile (a fila wi 
flat sod one curved surface). 

p.(. file; (fie.) poliah. 
- ■ ■■ .eabe fruit). 

Itmeui', m. filer; filing maohtoe. — 
limitatif, a. limiting. 
limitation. /. limiUtioD. 
llmltatltremeiit. mb. in a limited ni 
limite,/, .t a. Umit. 
limlK. p.a. Umit«] 
limiter, v.l. lin 
Umon, m. mud 
limonade. /. le 

; lemon; shaft, thill, 
te dé maon^^t (PAarm.) 


u ciù-aie d* H 

UmoiM, /. li 
Umon^ic. n 

Hmonlte, /. (Sin. 

huiiM de — , IiiiB««d oil. 

— minerai, — inwmbvttGAe, - 
thus. Ëbroue HflbcBtoa. 

— tavtagt. (Bal.) toadfiai. 
UnalM, /. (Boi.) toadfiai (Linari 

Hnaloé, /. (Bm.) lioaloa. 
Iliulol, m. ItoaloSl. 
llnarliie. /. linarin. 
llDf aire, a, Uacat. 
Unette. /. linseed, flameed. 
lll^ic, m, cloth, rag; lineii- 


rle,/, linen trade; linen warehoiue; linen. 
_ it, m. ingot; slug (of metal). 
ilnmtUrc, /. Incot mold, 

imtirorme. a. jnsot-flhaped. 
UofUEt, m. panl, catch, stop. 
llDkr, a. flai. of fiai. 
Hnltre, /, fisi field. 
Uniment, n. (Pham.) liniment. 

— (oJcairt. li ' " 

itof ci 

Dt of mustard, 
oent of turpentÎDB 
^nt, volatils Knî- 

. coating, anointing. 

linoilne, /. linoiin. Ilnoiyn. 
iinlean, m, lintel. 

n.fil. linten (ihott oottoo EImt). 

Hpsride, Tn. IPharm.) aintioeiit, oncui 
lipase, /. lipase. 

'qae* a. lipoK, ûf lipase. 
lie, /. {Mid.) Upemift, lijwiaÙL 

ll»QKéD«H, /. (.PhyiicL) liiMweDBdB. 

e» /- iPbytiol.) lipolyua. 
I, a, lipoJytio. 
upomateui, a. (Med.) ' 
Upomeg m. {Med.) lipoj 
Upnrfe, /. <.Ued.) Upuris. 
UqnaUr, v.t. liquate, subject to liquation. 
— i.r. be liquated, undeno liquatjon. 

nqnéfUtian, /. liquéfaction. 
ngneiUUe, a. liqunÛBble. 
Uaaeae. ?.«. Iiquefi«i. 

, /. liquc 

Ûquiil, fluid 1 aolutlon; 

I, (Pfcorm.) apirit of nitr 

-anénioale de Pmc 

— cupro-poCcmJ^uv, — dt 

— iTaeitali deftr. {Pharm 

— de Boudin 

(PAorm.) solut 
, (Pharmi) Don 

— d<r Pthant. FehlingCs) l|o] 

— de Footer, (PKarm.) Fowl 

— de Van BmOen, Van Swieten't liquor or 

— d' Hoffman, (Pliarm.') ^irit ol ether, 
mortyne liquor of HnFfman. 

-^épreuve. teBting Bolution. 

— 'fumanle de Boule, Boyle'» fmmi« liquid 


Vtem /umanle de Cadet. Ckdet'g fluid (w 
liquid), Cftdet's fuminc liquid. 

— fumante de Libanuê, fuming liquor ol 
Libavius (itsnnic chloride). 

— himoalati^ue de Mimaet. (Fftarm.) Bolotjon 
of ferrio Bubsulfate. ModkI'e oolutioD. 

Bpiiit of ather. 

— témoin, indicator liquid. 

— titrte, titrated solution, atandardiied sdD- 

— type, standard solution. 

.mbmréi a. of liquidambar. 
HqnMatlon, /. liquidatioD; (&np) ti 
of soap with weak iye or water U 

liquider, r.l. Uquidste. — t.r. pay oS. settle. 

UqnldlU, /. liquidity, liquidum, 

Uquorciu. a. (of wine) liquaur-like. combining 

■treDoth witb sweetneea, 
llqmrlate, m. a maker or seller of Itqueun. 
lire, •.(. read. —t.t. bo read. — /. lira {an 

rtalioQ coin équivalent to the franc). 
Us, m. (Bot.) lily. 
— dex teifUnriera. dyer'a weed, yellow weed 

UMKe. m. (Diinnd) agitation of honki) of ailk. 

Ilwtt, imp. .1 iiTw. of bre. 

lisant, of lire and of liser, 

lisbODQC, /. lisbon. 

llM, m. (Di/einv) a rod or pole for supporting 

hanks of ailk in the vat. 
Usent, pr. S pi. ijidic. it rahj. of lire and of lisar. 
User, i.l. (Dunne) aaitata (hanks of silk) in 

IlllbiuU, /. legibility. 

Uslble, a. lecible; readable. 

llilbiement, ad>. lecibly. 

IlBl^«, /. setvaae. selvedge, list; border. 

■Ce,in.smaatliin(, etc. (seelisser); (Fotaià- 

iRO) black wash. 

So. smooth; aleeb; flossy. — m. smooth- 

neas. — /. a cylinder fu- polisbini leather; 

tUsC, m, smoothneas, gloseiaess. (loss, glaie, 
poUsh. — p.a. amootbed, SDiootb, gloaeed, 
etc. (see lisser). 

mr, r.t. gmoatb, eJobi!, m1»« (u (unpowder), 
oaleiider, sleek; polish, buraish; {Found- 
jne) bluk wuh. 

mnr, m. arnoother, gloner, etc. (hc lisser). 

imue, /im, of lineur. (Used both of per- 
sans BJid of macbinot,} 

mob, n. (of tools) smoother, gloeeer, eto. (see 
lisaet) ; ■Ibùdc bmrel (for powder) ; gUs- 

bouse (for powaer); 

ina room (foe paper). 

linn, /. smootbini, glosaini 
Bmoothnus, clD«ia«eB, s' 
ite,/. bst. 
t, m. bed; Isyer; course, d 

etc- (see lisser) ; 

— Afutim, (If Mol.) miiincbed. 

— lU carrière, natursl bed (o( A stone). 

— de /luùn. (MetaL) chute (for smeltinc). 

— da mMUM. (jtfitol.) sow chwioel. 

— de gnllaçt, (Metai.) a bed of luel used in 

le paint, (ât4«iir) ■ stsce or nek having 


it. filter bed. Slterinc bed, 
tltaui, m. strip, band; stripe. 
Uter. i.l. pIscE in beds or layers: cover the 

selvace of (fabrics) betoT* dyeing. 
Uterle, /. bedding. 
UlhBfCC, /, litharge. 

Htlurte, Utbarcyrf, o. eontaininc litharge. 
Utblue, UthUsle,/ (Med.) lithiuis. 
Htfalne, /. Uthia (Uthium onde); UChium 

Utbtné, a. combined with or oontaining Uthia. 

io acid (urio acid). 

Utblqae, a. Uthic. 

UtMam, m. Uthiun 
UthomHe, /. a lapidary cement. 
lltbotclliaiic, UlfaorelUnlane, a. Uthofellic. 

UthobSCteor, m. (fzpl.) hthofracteur. 
nthofraphle,/. lithocraphy; lithograph; htho- 

grapbing cetablistiment. 
IlthoKTSpUer, r.(. lithosrapb, 
IlthocTBplilqiie, a. lithnar^hic. 
UthoHc a. lithoid. Uthrâdal. 
HUsleiii, a. disputable, oonteated; liticioua. 
nm, m. liter, litre (61.022 ou. in.). 
HtUralre. a. literary. 
Uttérsl, a. Uteral. 
■ttUralemeat, ode, literally. 
Iltt0ntlll«t /. literature ; learning. 
Uvuot, m. Livarot cheese. 
HTèebe, /. (Bot.) levage [eep. Lmetùmm InieH- 


TC. m. book. — /, pound (ae now used in 
France the word refers to the half kilo- 
gram); fraac (which has replaced the UvTO, 

pound (as in tirre tttrlin^, pound sterlioc)* 

— angUnee, Eogljah pound, pound «rf*fThiy 

— nUtrique, half kilogram. 

.1. delive 


small book, booklet; notebook; boiA 
(lor gold leaf oi the like) ; catalog. 
Ililvlateiir, m., Uiliiateiiie, /. liiiviatar. 
UilvlBtlon, /, liiiviation, leaching. 
lUiTlel, a. liiivial. 

IO (LabeKa infoM. 

D uaed in phanuaey). 
local, a. local. — m. place, locality, [ 

IO«*tU, a. pertûnlng 

loess, m. {Qeol.) loeu. 
lofultbiiie, m. logarithm. 

— nalgaire, common logarithm (to the ban 
■ocarltbrnlqae, n. Iacaiithmic(an. — /. kwa- 

iDCe, /. lodge, cell, booth, (thesler) boi. 

m. bed. groove, seat; letting in; 

, lodgings, quarters, room. 

put up, pack; put. keep; lodge; 

loflqne, s. logical. — /, logic. 
loiliiiieinent, adi. logically. 
lofll, m. bouse, dwelling, home; 

— dta breveta, patent law. 

— naturelle, natural law. 

— périodigite. periodlo IftV. 

Iota, ad>. far. to s (Tc«t dtotanH 

au — , mt a dùtonce. to & dûtuioi 
dv — , ^Dm «fur, fttnn a diataaM, 4' 

(of tin») 


- lie, fu fnin. 

il lulv'.), far from (with p. 
Iti troni 

■^vt, in the Ions m , 

—, at lenith, at srst laiiath. 

n Alone, follow^ 
It, londtudlnally. 

■onKDcment, oiIp, h lone time, i 

r,/. lensth: hIdwhbm. 
m — . lencthwûe; at lencth. 
— tTondij wave ïeuEtb. 

loqast, m. latch; i 
ktrtUlM, /. loretiu. 
loiKDettei /. binocular. 

— di apwiadt, opera bIahb, 
lOTSlMHlr m. eyegla», eyegTaHm. 
Ion, adt, then (now ehisSy in phrasu). 

>e (in a lottery). 

asble, a. praissworthy, c 
[Uge, m. leaaiiMi, renting, 
fC, /. praise. 

lonclMr o. turbid, cloiidy, rauddy; ambi^uoua; 
Bquinting. — m. turbidity, elondlim, 
rauddinen. — -/. ladle; broach, reamer. 

htncliciiMnt, m. becoming turbid, clouding. 

kmehet, m. narrow spade. 

lonclilr. t.t. become tm-bid or cloudy, cloud. 

lonehlaflvmeDtf m- becoming turbid, cloudiot. 

kIDb,' m. louia \aow, Uio 20-fnine jAece). 
lonp, m. woU; (Uetal.) salamander, bear; 

{.Paper, etc.) irillow, devil; defect, fault; 

mask; faccpiece (of a gaa mask). 
loupe, /. magnifying slaa. readins Elaae, leDB^ 

IMttal.) bloom; (Uid.) Hen; (Bot.) wart. 

— i main, reading glaoi. 

— Coddiiwlim, Coddinirton leni. 
— ' mientwope, ms£mfyinfi glaaa (eap. one of 

■. duU; 

(of woather) ol 
idf. beavily: crovly, smitly. 

de. liHierely. faithfully, 
esty, nncerity; loyalty. 
; aalaJT, wagea; (fig.) reward; 

/. lubrication. 

1. lubricating. — 
lutoUleateiii', a. lubricating. 

iDclde, a. luo 
lueMltfi, /. k 

a, glow. Saab, lifAt. 

; (as indirect objeot of i 
laelF. Oeaa oHta) itself. 

Isantf p.a. AhiniDC, gleaioing, etc, (see luire) ; 
gloBBy, lustrouB- — - rn, elose, lueter» nheen- 
Isante, /. (Aahwi .) bright etsr. 

mure, /. lî^bt; apeniog, ûrifioc, mouth, hole, 
vent (as of a gun or fuse), port (hs for 
steam), alit {as for Hightino), eight, sight 
hole (of iDBtniTuents) . — a. bright, bril- 

- — du jour, d&ylifcht. 

— iUetrtçiie, electric light- 

— froide, light nithaut heat, luinines< 

— mwï, (Ph^tia) dark li«lit (appliei 
tain invisible radiations, esp. ult 

e, oiyhydrog 

lIuooaMe); lofrfoine 

iDDeJ, m. Lunel wine, Lunel. 

hinetleri m. spectacle maker. 

limette, /. telescope; spyglua, glass: (pi.) 
spectaeles; (pj.) gocglce; peephole, sight- 
sight glass); eyepiece (of a gas mask); 
(Okus) linnet bole: (Tech.) snnulsr object, 
as a ring gage or a ebeU cbuok; lunette. 

[4 Irsol 

Inplii, m. (Bdl.) lupi 
laplnlDe, /. lupinio 

(the alkaloidl. 
lapnltn, m. lupulin. 

iDpnllne,/, lupulm; (BM.) black medic. 
■arent. p.dtf. 3 pi. of lire. 
lasol, m, câtide benKne used as an illumi- 

loBseiiti imp. miy. S pi. of tire. 

fusCr>f«, m. lustering. lustring, glowng, etc 

luBOe, Tn. luster, lustre; chandelier. 

— canOiaridi, (Cerom.) silver luster (Obt.). 
Instré, p.a. luetered, etc. (see lustrer); lus- 

JustreTf D.E. luster, gloss. glaH, polish, oaleudor, 

stoke Oeather), drae. 
Iiutn>lr, m. poliaber. specif, polisbing cloth. 
lut. m. lutï, luting, — p.di/. S êint. of lire. 

lattclum, m, lutecium. 

latéliw,/. lutein. 

latéoUne, /. luteolin. 

liit«r, t.t. lute. 

lutldlne, /. lutidine. 

lutJdlqae, a. lufjdinie, lutidio. 

lutldone. /. lutidone. 

IntCe,/. atruggle, contest; wrestling. 

JutteCt D.i. strive, struggle; compete; wnstle. 

LaMmbDurt, m. Luxemburg. 
ImcTDe,/. (Bal.) luoem, lucerne, alfalfa. 
Ircée,/. tcée, secondary school; lyoeum. 
IrcMn. m. lycée pupil. — a. of a lycée. 
Irchnlde, /., lycbDld, m. (Boi.) lychnis. 
EJCDPC, fn. (Bdf.) bugleveed {Lycopua). 

— de Virginie, Lj/copua virginicuê, 
lytapodtr m. lycopodium. 
lyddite, /. (£zpl.) lyddita. 
lydlen, a. Lydiau. 

lydienne, /. (Min.) touchstone, Lydian stone. 
lymphatique, □. (^nof.) lymphatic. 
Irmpbe,/. (PAutiel.) lymph; (BU.) sap. 
Lyon./. Lyons, Lyon. 
Ironiials, a. of or pertsjning to Lyons (oc 

lya, m. lily, (Sse Us.) 

lyuHne, /. lynatine. 

lysldlne, /. lysidine. 

lyslmMre, m. lysimeter. 

lysine, /. lysine [the amino acid): lyain (the 

elasB name for baoteriolysiM, ete.). 
I710I, m. (FAonn,) lyiol. 


m** abbnw. (mèbv) i 

. (mé(«) meta; 

,_ j; (raon) my; (midi)iouth; 

(«p.. Monneur) Mr., Kr; (cap., Mijssti) 

■tf, oAVni. Kiu«r« meter. 
tù^t abbrer. ouImo meter. 
m'. Coatnctiiui of ma. 


DMehUteilpftrsl*, fMoIineawiiu: ail 
— à prunon, preag. 

mftcbeftr, m. sinde», uh«, vxirU. dro»; 

epecif., c«l cioden; for^e netla. 
mftehcmffmt, m. ohewm^, eto. (see mftcher). 
nifteber. t.t. chsw; dieinteinte (papa) with 

— d onloiidrer, oslender. eklanderinK mutû. 

— à ehandeStt. c&ndle machine. 

— à huile minéraie. oil cj 

— athnmiairt, feeding ei 

- à «iptar. >i 

— êUctriqui, electi 

— flxg, stationary 

— /riaoriflqiw, refriaeraUM 

,; doit, blooLhead. 

In.) miwle (ohiaiitolite, also a 
m cryatal). 
glaae) etirred; (of oryatala) of 

r (melted glue).' — ..r. (Jfia.) 

. build, repaît or line (in 

mmeqnerln, m. a Uod of Uqav 

tvandy and bailed wine, 
maerapbace, m. (PA^tioI.) maorophaoe. 

maculiuce, m. itonce. 

maidaieiin, m. roll, iticic (u of nilfui): 

(PAiim.) macdaleon (06i.). 
nuccnlA, m. mAcenta. 
nude, /. nuciB. 

— blancht, white uuffic, natunJ misic. 

— noirt, blBoli nucic, bl«k art. 
nuclqiWi 1, HuiciD, ma«ii»l. 

— da bimulh. nmgialBry of biemuth {preeipi- 
t&ted bun biamutb nitnte). 

— de cmtaiUH d'\utira, IPharm,) prepared 
oyster ahell. 

— ' de emifre, iLB^attry of sulfur (precipitated 


— Uetri:, (Pliarm.) licht migziesia 

— Kffuidf , (PAorm.) BtJution ai i 

DUcnfUime, m. maanetiim. 

/^ (Afin.) inavnetite. 
/. (EJ«.) migneto. 
Almlfti /. macnetoobemiitry. 
'Clectiliiae. a. DiaBiieto-«1ectriB(>Q. 

e for lumdinc olay); 

Ipe, =. lean, thin, pow, 

inoiu: '(of lime) 

leaii, not siskins (reelr; 

(d( type) liiht- 

fu»d; (of ohK») >kim- 

Htitch; spot, apeek; mallet. 

nuUllet* m mallet maut 

nullloehe,/. beetle, maul, mallet. 

mmlUon. m. link; stitch; nooee. 

main, /. hend; Moop; handle; handfu 

i (rf 

paper) 25 iheeta: [of «ilk) skein; h 


d ta —, with the hand; by hand; in 


at band; handy; by «uea: obl<«inc 

~ widanto, — BHmmJ., handrail. 

««.in— .at hand; in the hand. (of). 



nwln-d'oDTre, /. manual labor, hand 


price for labor. 

•nab», /, handful. 

maln-forto, /. aaràtanoe, help. aki. 

maintiendra, fui, 3 nng. of ro 
nulntlCDt, pr. S ting, of mainteni 
/. (Ctram.) majollca. 

t. (Indian) som! 
ise: boms; houeehold. 
T, buùnHB hoiufl, conunercLol 

plorios kIs» norker. 
[(reuc, /. mistrcag. — a, notable, BupetuH-, 
masterly; obiet. 

— m. tt /. Bioli p«BOD. 
■ladle, /, diieue; malady, l 

:ward. uoakillFul, duinfty. 
adt. awkwardly, unabillf uJ^ 
Malasa wine, Ma1a£&. 

■legueta pepper, (raini i 

1. Malay, Malayan. 
iBCt m. diacomfort, uneaamesa- 
■■-Boult, hard, 
, adt. with difficulty, hardly. 
Ae, /. Malaysia, Malay Archipelago. 

L, maiambo (bark of Croltm mi 

nulBTbe, a. imprudent, n 

clay) pugger. — a. mabu 

mile, a. it m. male. 
mmWIqiie. o. maleia. 
nulfUiBntt a. injurious, harmful: n 

bags for cdl meal, etc. 
iDAltT^ prep, in Bpite of> notwithatanding. 

■DKllubUe, a. mlskitlfuL clumsy. 

par — , imf ortunately. 
mâllMorenwRieDt, adt. unfortunately, on- 

— d'orge, barley malt. 

— feutré, felted malt. 

— peUtti. turned malt, plowed malt. 

— iDuraitU. kihi-dried malt. 

— Hr(, green coalt fundried malt). 
"**'*■ r*! m. maltizig, 

maltols, a. Malt«e. 
Itaae, /. maltaae. 

maltaee, /. maltose . 
malT>c««a, (Bot.) Maly.ceœ. 
Dulyolale, /. maliuMy (the wine and grape), 
breaat; udder, bac; IAmI.', 

. kJsfaeU, socket :(iai:aiide>icenl 
iikuitla; clutch, coupling; (f7^u«) cylibdei 
muff: (Paper) blanket; muff. 

oupltmeTit, clutch, ooupllEïif. 

frndiuenmi, cooUdc Jacket. 

Ilw> n. (Clou) cyliuder blower. 

«, Sri/ffirophi^rum ffjxinttnte). 
nuBdArtiie, /. mandarin, mandarin orui^e- 
"uin tree (Cilnu 

nwnette,/. (amall) handle; 

*, handy, workable. 
minlage^ m. handling, ete. (see 
DUnlC /. mania. 

' m. handhng. etc. . 

r, D.f. handle; manipulate; touch 
irk; manage. — m. haodliiuE: i 
il, handle. 

f t.t. manifeit, display, ahon lever (of a bellow*). 

L. manipulatw; (telegr^th) 

nunlpnUttoii, /. manipulation, 
mmlpDleT, s.i, A i, manipulate. 
nunlpnleur, m. manipulator. 

,; baaket, hamper. 

mftniiMiiilD, ni. mat 
nuBDltuiet /. mann 

nuDUiciK, m 


*«. ma 
of goods) 


(Mil.) bsli» 
handle (mare 



mippemonde, /. map of the world. 
■DBqaenaDi m, niBcherel, 
mxinWIer, i.l. paint (the faoe>. 

fairt —, make go. rua; tre&d (h cUy). 
DiarrheaT, m. treadcr; nalker, pedeetrian. 
nurcbeni, marcholr, m. kneading trough 
(lor cisy); kneadiog pism: kneadVi 

nh, iwunp. bog. 

mareclul, tn. marehali (nartdial ftrranti 
hone^oer, lamer, blacksmith. — d, (of 

B, /. tida: 


/. blaokflmith shop, fBjriery. 


' — ' detcendaiUi, falling tide, ebb tide. 
— rKtmtanl9t nBÏnff tidfl, flood tide- 
odevr dt — , odor of frub fiAb, fiihy odor. 
nurtBrate. m. mariimte. 
iDBrguliM, / mugBiiae (butter aubatjtute); 

msriUTQ (glyceryl aiarg«»te). 
mBTgarliMrle, /. m. ' 

□mrguiDe factory. 
Durtarliiler, m, nmrgi 

Dwrs>i«I<te, a. rEeetnblins muvariae. 

nurieoli, m, (Glattj a plate used for olonng 
the Tnouth of a covered i»t or the openiiv 

■narrer. >.l. (fflatt) cIo», stopper (a pat or 

marsontlcr, n 
marlf fn. huobi 
nurlatW.™. n 

■UMllH,/. navy; marine^ navigation. 
nurlDé, a- pickled; sea-damaged, 
■narlner, ».(. A i. pickle. 
muJolalllC. /. (fist.) marjocun. 

— eoriinu™, sweet nmrjoram (OrtganJtni 

— Huiom, wild marjoram (Oriean-am lut- 

r. /. pot; pan. kettle, boiler, eopper, 
etc.; retort (m for nitric acid); potful. 
— ' de Papin. Papin digester. 
marmltée, /. potful, kettleful. 
marmorlntlOD, /. 

:>rite (a veined o 

— m. (cap.) Moroo- 

10 tannins <or dresi- 

dreued; (of paper) moraeeo. 

glued on). 
Duron te, /. tBot-) mayweed {AntAtmix cotvia). 
Diarqnase. m. marking, etc. (>ee manjuer). 

— de fabrique, trade-mark. 
miUv mtoTjueet the number of one thousand, 
the thousand mark, 
■narqao'iii.l. mark: mark out; brand; stamp; 

noted, be remarkable or distinguished; 

nurqaetei, t.l. mark with spots; inlay. 
nuTqaeterle, /. mamuetry: (&e.) patchwork. 
nurqnetta, /, a cake of virgin vm, 
Durqaenr, m., marqiuiiae. /. marker, 

marron, m, eheatuut (spedt, the large sweet 
European chestnut) ; chestnut (color), 

marrabe, n, (.Bol.) borehound (Mambitm). 

mars, m. Marchi (Old ckem.) Mara. iron. 
marsalB, m. Maisala, Marsala wine, 
maraeUlalB, a. of Maneillee. 
maraoDlD, m. (zmtl.) porpoi». 

a for oruahing ioe. 

a combined hammer and pick. 

I m, a heavy hammer lor 
Bof tening bidee. 

mat: lund, fundi, «vntAl; 
quantity CvAryln^ with the artjde); 
quota; ocrap iron; bad, block (of Bloiie)i 
bodr (ah of ft fumaofi); oladie hammer; 
maul, beetle, rammer; area (on a m^); 
■taka (at play): (SUc.) itouiKl. 

— d'ëquaibratl, aiuat«riioiM. iwuntawai«ht. 

— pUnlain ill: Valfei, (Pharm.) quuw of fer- 

par — , by the maH, by the lump. 

m»rof, m, (Uetol.) bloom. — a. maiBsd. 

nil ■■ran, n. (Melnl.) ahinsled faloom. 

mwwdet. n. (Melal.) amaU bloom. 

msiMlotte, /. (rounding) feedhead, feeding 
bead (also, a BimilaT exceae of material in 
candle moldini); neiiht; plumer (of a 

maUrlel, a 

ut, make heavy <ai dou(h): flatten, 
lown. clinch, wnooth (metab): over- 
Lth metal. 

ïCeriala, materia]. 

. plant; materiaUty. 

— de tr^erre. war materia], militaiy stoT 

— rouJant. ra11iii£ stock. 
nuMrlellemeiit, adt. materially; pcaiti 

Lodify (milk) ao as t 

matcmilé, /, maternity; lying-in hoapit 
mmtliCinatlelcn, n. mathematician. 
mmtliematlqne, a. mathematical, —/.n\ 

nuitMre, /. matte 

— amvIacéB, starchy 

— antiplaêtique, antip 

«ok); (FvTi.) Dompo- 

itb respect to. 
material, amylaceoos 

— dé téwte, ro«rvo nuUwial. 

— lUbnunte, eipicaive mnterial. eiploaive; 
■pedf., detoiuitor. 

— éinngire, foHÎCD mattw or material. 

— intermédiaire, iotermedintâ. 

— iaetaaUf i■w^^l^^*infl materia], iiunilator- 
^ lubrtJkmU, lubricatiov material, lubrîcant- 

— médicale, m>t«rU medica. 

matOrei d'or, gold bullion. 

— ffUcr^BrHODcharmfi mat1«TaT material, ei 

— lannantr, lamiiiia material. 

troH (hard glosa tube). 
- d'taaj/evr, aâeoyer'B mi 

/. (AdI,) Matrian 

colon ■ 


tting, dulling, etp. (see matAr 
■natte./. <VelaI.) mat, matte, matt. 

— blanchi, (Copper, etc.) white metal. 

— Ueue, (Copper) blue metal. 

— amanilréc. (Copper) Sue metal. 
— ' crue, exude mat, roush mal. 

matimtlon, /. maturing; ripeuiiw; (Ued. à 

Biol.) maturation: (Uttal.) refining, 
matimr, C.I. mature, ripen ; (Metal.) refine, 
Duitnrlté,/. maturity; ripesese. 
maudit, a. cursed, wretched, abominable, 
evil, ill. ^ adB. bad, badly; 

. ~ goùië. (Aleoliot) a fraction ol 
disagreeable taate obtained inrvati^mg. 
The fint fractioa (mauntù irMUs de tHe) taa- 
taine aldehyde, the last fracti 

mécanlame, m. mechamam. 

— chimique, chemical mechaniam. 
mCcliant. a. bad. wrong, wicked, unkind. 
meebe./. wiok; match (Cor use ob a fuH, for 
fumiffatioa, etc.); tiader; fait, drills heart. 

Acheri v.t. match (aa oaaka); (Svgar) mix the 
contente of (a diffuaer) by introducins 
liquid at the bottom. 

1. (Bot. * rSarm.) meehoacui. 

ToActinteiitt d. diBaatiafied; diicontonted 

medalllt, □, medaled. — m. medaliat. 

, tn. medallion. 

». phyaidao, doctor. 

adv. mfldjdnidly. 
ydic nut (Jairvpha n 
ire, a. raDdarate; mediocre. 
ivnimt, adr- modentcly^ indiflorenl 
r, vX msditAte, meditate upon, ei 
iplote. — v.i. meditate- 

f. in«dit«rnjieAn, iQterior. 
/. Mediteiranean (Sea). 
i[ the Mediternuiwn. 
I, «. medium. 


3, MedqM wine; a asm Bto 
B,/. (BJol.) meduilB. 
T. (.r. be diatrustful or luipioioug, 
B, /. (Ltaiha)«. 

[■a of bmdi 01 ... 

— OTtotait, a mixture of two thiïde Pan 

one third ordinary n^>ber. 
— ' de Laming, iOaa) Laminff's man. 

/, (tftn.) metanits. 

{Petrog.) melaphyro. 

up. — r.r, rail, be miied; n 
mflèM. m. CflcK.l larch ttarii). 
mfMiltiwe, /. meleiitose. 

mailat, m. (Bol.) melilat (Mitilotui). 

— ofirinal. ysllow melilat (M. g^'nolit). 
lOïlUaaqne, a. melilotic. 

meUnlte, /. (fzpf.) meUnite. 

■neilaoiM, n. (Jtfi'n.) wulfeaite. 

meUsae, /. (Bal.) balm, balm mint («elÛH). 

— officinale, ffardcnbalm (jtf. i^jflcinaKfl) . 
mCUsslpRlmltlqnc, a. In the uhra» AW 

Tnilitnpalmitique, myricyl (or metÎHByl) 


I. (of a 

«idl m. 
ieyl, meliHHyl, 

; (of % 

/. melimitose (mdonttBB). 

metleoM, m. (Pharm.) electuary. 
mrïMoHqnei a. deeif^nating a medieine com- 

poeed of honey and a powder. 
■ndHqac. a. meUitic 
m^Ute, m. (Utn.J mellite; (Pharm.) honey- 

— ■ de borax, iPham.) borax honey. 

— dé nae, (PSarm.} honey of toes. 

— de mnaiffre, (Pharm.) o^mel. 

— dt linaiore acittittsiH, (Pharm.) oiymel ol 

iple, (Pharm.) olarîËed hooey. 

>i. (Min.) mellite. 
, melllUilqac, a. mellitje. 
mellon, (lees dairably) m 

>, m. mellityl. 
en, 3. melodious. 
m. (ZoBI.) oil beetle (Melnt). 

Lme, framing, framework. 

iBt u. u weU u. 

— que . . , dfl — , iuHt as . . . lo. 

— temps, mt the ftame time, tocetber^ 

— ichaniiUtm, tha I 

.raplet ft Huiclfl 

bote; report; bill, acoount; mamoir; me- 
morial (the paper). 
mCmiwaDdiiiii, m. memorandum; memotMi- 

n booli; memoira; 
imnrislCtliedocument); (Cmn.) day-book. 

■pare; obtain, ■enure. — p-r. 6 
mm; be maoaced, be corad for, etc. i ti 
oare of oneself; be oarefut; cet on, set 
well; develop. — ^ a. houeehold; (olwat 
*»rte; careful, Bftvin*. — m. economii 
itne, /. (Soap) a aerieo o( lye tanks (barquin 
iCDer, >.l. lead, conduct, take, cury, i^onv 
drive; direct: catiy on; manace; di 

menlnglt*, /. iMid.) menj 

false; deceitf 
menatruuin. solvent, 
t. /.pi. (Phj/iM.) menses. 

meniDellcment, adu. n 

medSDratlod. /. a 

nr, a. deceitful, f alee; lying. — m. li«r. 
eniae,/. (fîûJ.) mint; a liqueur flavored with 

— d feaôlrë Timdcê, roundJe^ved mint 
iMeniJia rotundifoHa)- 

— eriput, curled mint (MmfAa atimealrit 

— de diai, catnip, catmint ( ^ejnta cataria). 

— de dietat, horeenûnt iUonarda pwutoia). 

— dee champtf com mint {MenAa rmenaie). 

— ponrte, peppemùnt {MenUia piperita). 

— pouliof, pennyroyal (ifentAa puie^um). 

— romaine, — ■ ztrte, spearmint {MenHui «p^ 
eata. at lirtd»). 

— sauEo^, horsemint {Mtntha lOTiffifolia). 


mentlMiie. /. menthans. 

menUan, /. mention. 

meotlODDeri e.l. mention. 

mentli, i.i. lie, tell a falsehood, deodve. 

meDton. n>. chin. 

mentonneti m cam, tappet, wiper: oatoh, 
lug. ear; olaat; flanae. 

mentODnlère. /. (Anoinno) muffle plate. 

mena, a. small; fine, minute; minor, jiettr, 
inconsiderable. — m. material in small 
pieca or particle» (all below a certain sise), 
smalls, fines; detailed account, detail; bill 
of fare, menu; lower clawM. — luh. small. 

meniils«9l«, /. joinery, carpent 
carpenter's shop; making o 
of metal, also the objects tl 

mSpbltiqDe, a. mephitic. noiioi 
air — (Old Chrm. 

mCphKUeT. >.l. re 
mepliltlimc. m. v 
i«plmt, o. 

kephitic 9JÏ (dubon di- 
poisonoue or offensive, 
on of the air by foul or 

Vrr Azom, met cTAm, Sea of As< 

— Baltique. Bailie Sea. 

— Blanch. White Sea. 

— CupKntK. CaeinaD Sea. 

— de Chiiut mtridianaie. <Amh 8i 

— dee AntiUei, Caribbean Se». 

— iKhtan, Arabian Sea. 

BMT du Japtai, S«a of JiqMka. 

— du Nord, North Ssk. 

— ittéf, JËteUi Sea. 

— /aan., YeUow Bh. 

— Médiierranée, Meditanuuui Sea. 

— JVnn, Black Sm. 

— Rougt, Red Sea. 

— dma à la tapeur, (PAom.) oalomel ob- 
tained u BD impalpable powder by bring- 
iUE the vapor io contact with iteam (loiiu- 

— ^«imiRl, [uiminatinc meroury (nunourio 

— préàpili bUmc, (PAorm.) white precipitate» 

IM, /■ meridian, meridian lii 
IIMIlBl, a. aouthem. louth^ m 
— m. aouthemer, one living in th 

worthy, deserve. — tj 


mcrraliii m. atavewood. atav»; clapboi 
merretlle, /. wonder. loarvel. 

à — , wonderfully, marveloualy. 
mmellleiiaemmt, odi. wonderfully, i 

— d pud, a meMure (apecif, a graduated oup 
or graduate) atanding on 

rang —, without measure 

métabUoiate, <n. mctabiaulf 


Hal.) meUlwiic. 
Bùl.) metaboligm. 

métbano mètre 

■iié(>ehniiutlqiic, a. meti 
mtUdlwdne, /, metsdlaiiiu 

mCtml, m. metsl. 

— à auum, lun met&l. 

— à eolUtt, bearioff metHl- 

— alcalin, slkali meUl. 

— aicaiino-lefreux. alkaLine-carth metaL 

!■ mctal, britwmia. 

— tTAioeT, H whit« métal composed of tin 60, 
Idwl 34.a, uitimony 5.4. 

— ili BaA, Bsth metaJ (■ variety of bnu) . 

— décapé, pitied metàl, uoured metal. 

— da clse^. bell metal. 

~- dé Darcct, Darcet'B metal (binnuth, lead 

— deftmie. cast metal. 

— ddla, delta metal (enHntiaUy eopper, lioc 


-ds Uunli. Muuta metal 

■init 40-36). 
—- de jffinct, auper-reâned co] 
— dt Sbk, Roee's met»l (bi 

— ùTiduU. comisated m 

— précieux, predouB me 

— r.fcjik, refractory me 

— ifaiTo, Bterro nvetal, delta metaL 

— ittiie. useful metal (specif., Sttlat,, 
quantity of workable mettJ obtained ft 
an ioflot or charge). 

métalbiiiiilne, /. metalbumin, pseudomucn 
m«taldehrde. /. metaldebyde. 
mtUIUllé, /. metallicity, metaUeity. 

0, /. UHtalloohromy. 
dc, /. the scieDoe of the o 
metals, the «ienoe of metallifen 

métalloflraiibe, m. metallomphist. 
metallocrapble, /. metallocraphy. 
métalloKrsphlqne, a. metHllographic. 
mttjOloUe, m. motalloid. -- a. metalIoid(al). 
metalloldlqlic, a. metnlloid, mBtolloidal. 

miiailarttt, )■ metallurey. 
métalloïKlqae. a, metallurcioal. □ 
métalianilqiieineiiti odi. metalluriictiUy, 
mêtalinrcbtfi. m, metallurg' ' 
m£tmm£N, a. metamoic. - 
metsilléllc. /. metamerim 

.. raetamorphic. 

mf tepboiphmte, m. metaphoapbate. 
métepIuwphaHqiiei a. metaphoqihcnc. 
■nftoplitalJqae, a. meUphtholie (ieophUudio). 
metspliyilqne. /. metaphyaica. — a. meto- 

mftspliTSlqiMment, odi. metaphyaieally. 
mCtaphytc n, (£al,) metaphyle. 
metargaii, m. metoriDa (a auppoaed element 

m«tuérle, /. meta seriea. 
métastumlqne. a. metastamiic. 
mCtetttBnique. u. melatitanic, 
mttuii, pi. of métaL 
inét*miadlifae> n. mstavanadic. 
inétcil, m. mixed wheat and rye, meaiin. 
mtteoilhlie, a. iPharm.) antiSatulmt. 
mCUofiqne. a. meteoric. 
in«t«orlt«, m. meteorite. 
TottéatVhtvm, a. meteoritic. 
météorologie, /. meUoroloay, 
laéUorolocIqiie. a. mete(wolD0c(al). 
methane, m, methane, 

mCttUDlqae, a. methane, pertainiMI to tne- 
thaoe or the methaDe (paraffin) aericA. 
I, m. methanol, methyl aleohd. 

med by the repUcHin» 
drogcn by metal. 
/- Dmthemofflobin. □ 

— il la calalant. (jUetol.) Catalui proceoa, 

— dia noindru coTTim, IMalh.) method ol 

— <<u (ouciau, (AiKHnim) (ouoh-neBiile 
method, t«uchatoae methiïd. 

— marwiUaùe, Marseilln method (eep. of 
mftkin« loaic). 

— pond^rttU, iAnalyna) gravimetric metbod. 

méthrW, m, methyUI. 
métbrlaiiilnc, /. nethylamme. 
mfthrteDlUne, /. n 


9, rn. methyUte. 
mCthrle, m. methyl. 

DiethyUnB,in. (OrD.CAmi.) methyluw; (Com.) 
wood alcohol, irood spirit, methyl elsohal. 

— de bois, wood apirit, wood alcohol. 
iiieu>rl*i>*-tn«toc«W«iilqne, a. metbyUn*- 

protocatechuic (piperonylic) . 
mèthrUnlqne, a. methylene, of methylene. 
mftbrlfarfiirmDe, m. methylfuraa. 
métbrlfnrfurol. m. methylluraldehyde. 
mft&Tlliidhïdrlqae, a. !□ the phiue tlher 

mithyliodhydriqut, methyl iodide. 
mfthrUqne, a. methyl, of methyl, methylic. 
mttbrllMtloil, /. methylation. 
methrllaa, .x methylate. (rarely) methyhie. 
■mf thylorange, n. methyl orange. 
Diétbylorelne. /. methylorcinol. 
mfittarlpenlunettiyUne, m. methylpenta- 

methyleue (methylcyclopentane) . 
néthrlpllCnjicCMne,/. methyl phenyl ketone 

(acetophenone) . 
mCtbrlqnlnoKliW, /. methylquinoliae. 
mttbrlilllckiDe, a. In the pbrue Uhêr vietliyl- 

«ifinguv, methyl tilicate. 
metbrltMopMne, m. methylthiophene. 
mCtbrlnre, m. metiiide. 
nif thrliaotblDei /. methylianthine. 
metbratlelne,/. methyeticiu. 
méUâ, m. tnde; proleaiion; occupation; 


— A filer, ■! 
métlËre, /. \Sah) ^ 

mCtol, in. (PAMO0.) matol. 

" ■ /. (PSotoB.) a combin 

hydroquiuofle, used a 

t (30.37 inchea) 
Bt (1.196 Kj. yd.; 

— on^laù, yard. 
mCtréi m. measurement in metei 
mMre-ldlDBTainme, m. kilognu 

métrique, a. metric; metrical, 
métrokicle, /. metrology. 
mCtroloctqae, a. melrolosical. 
métropole, /. mother country; o 

\, m. food (prepared for the table). 

eit. etc.; begin; drcse; b 
— AnuSer ie i'«o«. put wa 

^t of blut. 

T phmeea commencinK with m^b-a 

next Important word in the phrase.) 

rable; [of property) p« 

millatone. erindAtone, emery wheel) ; t 
riek (aa of hay): heap. pile, (for bi 
clamp, (for charcoal) meiler; a rounc 
cheese (esp. Gruyère) ; (Outtpotnjer) ru 


5 pi. indie. A n 

HeUqae, tn. Muiaa. 
latttrtoa, m. (Bet.) mei«reo 
muimim); (Pharm.) meicreu 
nxl-t half. Hmi-, mid-, middle; in 
mbs, m. (Iftn.) mica. 

abort time only). 

Ta the phrase d fnwJivfn^, b&lf- 


t. microbLologioal. 

nUcrocTlitalllii, a. micnioryitalline. 
" " n- inicTOffraphsr, 


!, n. IfeO-oo.) microliUo. 



f adv. micromfltrically. 


miel, ffl, hotief . 

— bonUi, (FAorm.) boni honey. 

— dMjmmé, elarified hunoy. 

— ratât, (Plarm.) honey of iwe. 
mletet. mlellst, m. honeydeir, 

honey (ipeoif-, honer- 


miellée, /. hoi 

mb; monel; uqaII piece. 
I. A m. better; (irith It) bi 

ml'flll, n. deaiinating ■ grade of Para rubber 
inferior to that oalled " fine," 

ml-Sie, a. wmiportable. 

mlcDon, a. tiny, email, pretty, delicate. 

mignonette, /. eoanely powdered pepper; 
any of aeveral plants, u the cardeit pink 
□T the mignonette; fine pebblee; minion 

mignlne, /. sick headache, megrim, migrune. 
migra tCDi, a. Diicrstina, misratoiy. 
mlcratloii, /, misration. 
migratoire, a. migratoty, migratioDal. 
mljater, r.i. eimmer, hoil geotly, — i.t, ««dis 

mil, a. one thousuid. — m. millet. 
ml-lain«, m. half-wool fabrie, half-wooL 
mllanairt, a. Milanfoe. 
mlldkiD, mildew, m. mildew. 


«Ire, a. mil 


. 8t,-John's-*ort ( Hmpw*- 

millet, «. millet. 

milliard, m. billion, thousand milUona ispecîf., 

a billion francs). 
mlllltme, m. tt a. thomundih. 
mllllei, m. thousand: 500 liilosrama, halt & 

metric ton {or, a thouaanrt pounds). 

mllllUtra, m. milHliter. millilitre. 
millimètre, m. millitneter, millimetn, 
miniOD, m. million. 
mlUlanttme, a, <t m. millionth. 

m. miUi>t«n, UMr, oublo defi- 
iîd; iJendfir; alùiht. 

aim, red leul. minion 
HTi nd<ïTt«. spathio û 

"- dé Jtt UoncAf, ùdente, spAtfaie iron. 
— âtjtr ffpéeuloHV, specular iron cïe. 

_ 0, /. Uio BippKc»tion of minonJogi- 
:iwled^ to iadiutjuj use. 

mliHxanr, a. A m. (Jlf«f.) luativs. 
mlDOdM, /, mioority. 
Hinorqnc,/. Minona. 

; first dnft: i 

il. miDutaly, il 

e, pBJtiDulu'. 

, _Jio«ne. 

equally divided, half and half. 

d — , admirably, 
mlramlciiBenMiit, aax. miraculouily. 

half-refined, partially refined. 

i, I, sieht (apecif., front aisht, fore aiahtl ; 
levelinji rod; directLng mark. 
bd(> p.dc/. S ji. of mettre. 

andlinc appantua. 

nbcr, tX. look at; specif., 

mitted light; candle (egge). 
DlKdr. m. mirror, (lookiog) slaai 
— arimX, burninii mirroc. 

— rMscleur, reflector. 
mlnritent, p.a. glittering, shining, specular. 
mbntteiiieDt. m. glitter, glittering. 

glittar, shine. — i.l. polish. 

- mise 230 moeUeiu 

w, /. putting. plMing. Bta. (>» mettre); 

(Soap) trame; (Jlf«lal.) iByer; share (of 

aiHt&l): sUke; bid; dre«, dreaains; (of 

— lit riiim dt gatac, (PAorm.) BiKÛncum 


pound iron mixture. Griffith'! miitare. 

- au mOU. IMilal.) the sn» weight needed 

DMblle, a. mobile; movable, a<mnc; ehuie- 

to malie lODO Iv. of luelul metal. 

■bl*. — »i. movinf body; motive power; 

-^ de /m. Httini on fire, lighting, ianition. 

mover; motive. 


nwUller, a. (of property) persoDal. movable. 

— Bn libsrti. Betting free, liberation. 

— ' hors, outlay; puttiliff out; putting I 

blaat furnace) out of blast. 
(V» the meaniiiB of other phraaee B60 the ooi 

mponding phrasee of ineUre, e.g. metti 

'able, wretched. 

' ' ableD 

B, /. misery; ai 
a*../, mero 
n. half -«ilk 

m. (Afin.J miepiekel, araenopyrit^ 

mlisloni /. DuBBion, 

mbtelle, /. ((Fine) a must to which alcoh 

liaa been added to check fermentation. 
mlt^ p.d^. 3 nnp. of mettre. 
mitaine, /. mitten; mitt. 
mltbrldBta, m. (Old Pharm.) mithridato. 
mltlseT, t.t. mitigate. — t.r. be mitigated. 
ml-totlc, m. half-Uneo fabric, balf-linen. 

mitoyen, a. 
mlbaUle, /. s. 

■mediate, parti- 
ial' (ae shrapnel) 

il-Tltene, /. half speed. 

(Bngrovino) a mi 
oovering the etohed parte. 
mlitnre, /, miiture (eep. in Pharm.): 

• — de 0pmifu wwnmiaqve, (Pharm.) ai 

moblUW,/. mobility. 
miHlallU, /. cireumst 
model tn. mode; method. 

details; modality. 

- cpirattnfe, method of operation. 
ge* m. modeiing. 
, m. model; pattern. — a. modeL 

— dt frmte, foundry pattern. 

— dé pocAi, pocket model. 
Diodeler, i.l. A i. model. 

madtle-trpe. m. (Ceram.) a plaster eaat from 

which the working molds are made. 
mDdelenr. m. modeler. 

regulator; modern 


modlflanti p.a. modifying. 
modlflcstenr, a, modifying. — m. i 

■elle. /. marrow; pith; (Anal.) medulla; (oi 
a hair) medulla, pith. 

— aUonçie. (Anat.) medulla oblongata. 

— de niTHu. elder pith. 

>. meltowneaa; «oft- 

lOdlon, m. (jMOKer) à^na. dlins, moelloD; 

sajidAtonA for jErinfUiv minon; uhloi, 

roufh or partly dnaaed HtoDe. 
— attfftomtré, &rtificUl ttoav, cvmeqt block. 

me. i. —ni. Hit; I 

BliahtMt. smaUnt. 
■vidndrH carréa, (Vatt.) Isut muum. 
tf adt, least) tha leait. 
rglot.) blister. 

an — de, in lesg than. 
moliu-valiie, /. In» in value. 
TaluFï deduction, dookaxe. 
■milisce, m. watenuB (of fabrics 

•a tin; also, the tin or tiuplate itaelf. 
. •.!. water. moirS (fabrics, etc.|. 
E, /. watarina, wsWr. mo«é. 
11. month; month's pay w allawancs; 

/. tie, brace, couple, cann&ctinx piece; 
implemeut for handlinc plate class. 

aoldy, molded. — n, moldiaesa. 


moHM, /. it adt. half. 

>t —, half, at half. 

Q. dampen, make damp, 

melulté, /, a kind o 

>. (Osot) w 

», I. (Bof.) 1 

edict naif, gi 

(7. l*np™). 

EQuUen (FcrhHcwn). 

DMtlMer, >.l. mill; palish. 
moletolr, m. a ctan-poliahius 
■oolettait. m. milling: polishing. 
molette, /. any of varioue small 

'a. pliable, Mft. ' 

Babby, soft, laddng 

oUe,-../™. ofmou. 

oUement. aàc. softly, soft; gently; feebly: 
laiily; effeminately; gracefully. 

ie«, sluggish- 

■nollet, <., soft; light; (cnder. 

— m. calf (ol 

the lag); pineer», nippen. 

nmUetCT. ..(. mill; polish. 

molleterle, /. in the phr«e cu> 


soft lesther (esp. chamois leather). 

malUr, i.i. aoftcn, become soft 

(of fruit) b©- 

come mellow: Blacken; w 

eaken; yield. 

melhlHiln, m. (ZM.) moUudi. 


DMlrbdate, m. molybdate. 

moUMBW, a. molybdate of. 

DMlyMéDlIC, /. (Afin.) molybdenite. 
iiiolrMfiukerc, m. molybdio ocher, molybdite. 
molrUent, a. molybdaus. 
molrbdtBe, /. (jVt'n.) molybdite. 
miilrMJqDBi a. molybdic. 
molrbdolde, /. a kind of graphite. 

■■*,/. (Afin.) molybdomenile. 

m. (Afin.) uranium roolybdate. 

HHmdCi m. w<sld; p«ople, perwiDâ; company; 

■noDdCT, >.l. clean, cleuiH, peel. hull. 
mondisl, a. world, of the world. 

— di napKlatinx, monohToraonaphthaleiiG, 
mODoealehiDe, o. moDocalaïum. 
BMDOCkrboiilaae, a. (Ora. Chem.) monooaib- 

moDoeliliHC, a. monochlora. moDOohloro-. 
moiuwhlorhrdrlitiM, a. In the phrue tthtr 
moncchlorhydri^ue, ethyl chloride, chloro- 

moDocIltilqiie, a 

/. moDocotyledoD. 
moDOfemni, a. monofeiTDui. 

. mi>nobydr«ta. 
tamoUtaa, f. monoUein, monolein. 

phonol EI 
monopole, m. moni^wly. 
moEWpftler, t.i, have a monopoly. 
moDopollMtkiii, /. moiiot>oliiin«. 

.. _ I. — m. upright, itandard, 

po»; Mam (of plants); amount, total; 
puncent tast«; Btrons odcr; ne. rinns. 
mont-dore. m. a kind of Aurerine 

monW, p.a. lifted, raiaed, mouDted, ereoted, 
■et, etc. (see monter); deep-oolored, 
Htrooflly colored; ejioited. 

m. uid punqi, moDt»«cida 
fiwcht eleratoT) lift, ht^t. 


put togethar. i.. 

tup:!Bgti>b1ùh; gei i 
iDcicBBe; aeepeûT Btreoftheri 

unouQt; Bupply oaatiU, Btock ii 
be looended, be raioed, ato.; 

m. raound, hilloolc. 

■■ m. (Min.) a Idad o( mmam 

.pable of bflîag shown, 
LtrSt /. watoh; AHiQple (of EQodï) ^ diaploy. 

ohow; ibow c 

) trial pi 

-di 5ip«r, (Cêram.) 3«aer coae. 

— d'or, lokl watoh; (Coran.) a (ilded pisce 
whlcb by it4 color ûidicat«fl the tempéra- 
ture of the kiln. 

«I /. TDorali, ethioa; moral; nprinuuid. 
«; bit» mcmel, fracD>etit. 

oroanMrt i.t, mordaDt. 

ovdaneanr, m. mnrdaalcr (alio sailed: 
(fiyeino) mordant maker, mordant-liquor 
maD; (Caiieo) padding maolûne opentor). 

3 morte-salsMi 

mordanti a. mordant: corroaive; baea. i 
oildiaa) : cutting power (of a file) : pin 

mordlcant, a. aorid. biting, cnrroaivd, 

mordort, a. A m, reddish brown with go 
nfl«ction, mordoré. 

mwdtmm, /. - mordort, m, 

mordre, d.I. bit«; corrode, eat awar: a 
□tktch, nip^ cut, inciae; penotrata; of 
attack. — p.i. bit«; corrode: bave el 
take effect, act. work; take hold; en| 
fit; (of a Same) play; eDcroaob; carp 

mardi, m. jaw (as of a clamp) ; (Soil) < 

partment of an evaporating bamn. 
iiu>rdaf p.p. of mordre. 

moieUe, /. (Bol.) nightahade (Salanim). 

shade (Solanuin nvrun), 

. rn. wire edge (on tools). 

morlndlne, /. morindin. 
morlndone, /. morindone. 
nmliitmiiPiqne. a. morintaanie. 

aride —, morintaonlc aoid (machirfn). 

irpli)Dal«d, . 

body. — /, death. 
* ^. to deaÛi : mortally; eiceedingly. 

— audvitTi. iPharm.) colshicum. 

— aux mouc^4. fly poison, specif- anenïe. 
□bane (HyoKj/amut nt^sr). 

iiK>rUllt«,'/. mortality. 
mort-cUva, m. (Pliarm.) 

morte], a. mortal; f&tal. 
DMrteUemeDt, adr. mortally. 

— i priw Imlt, Blow-Bettinc mortar. 

— dair, thin mortar. 

— d'AbiiA, Abiob mortar (» kind of dUmomi 

— dg Maui, lime mivtar. 

— da ciment, Minent mortu. 

— d> tranehie, (Mil.) tnaoh mortar. 

— dur. MM m 

mortlne, /. Ieav« of the : 

planta, used in tAaniofl. 

moH-pUln, m. (Ltatlier) old lim 

— il dtfUE tempt, two-oycle sncine. 

— d HKn», gasoline encine, pettol eodne. 

— d txpianan, exploàan ODciEbe, explosion 

— ittetrigoi, electric I 

/™. of m 



the likel 

j»t { 


turf or 

other oomt 


a (a« of flour in water). 

eultry, clooe; alack; feehlf 
laiy, ipiritle»: eSemisate. 
animale); ilaok (of a rope) 
nwnehe, /. fiy; spot, dark ai 
(Ucch.)poi • 


n! lichta <oî 

_nat, Boiall fly. 
■noacbeter, i.i. spot; speckle; dot. 
IIIOIICbettA, /. residue from sifted plaster. 
mOBChetiin, /. apot, apeckle, dot; slicht 

moucbolr, m. haDdkerchieC. 

DHHidrVf p.(. sriad, m 
moarettc, /. -motet 

tern of pulleys; a 

monlllade, /. wetting 

DH>iilll>Be, m. wetti 

auchora^; depth 

mODllM, P.O. netted, 

a (of» 


mitten; taekje, b 

e. (see mouiUei): 

eemoulHor); wet; 

it, m. wettiuff, etc. (see mouill»). 

n. wetter, ete. (see mouiUer). 
9. wet (as laodl. 

"9, /. wetting, etc. {see mouiller); 
modeline; mold; (Mack.) millworb. 

— *it cA^ttfl, floak molding. 

I, (Ceram.), preflilnc mold. 

printed oharocten, print. 
■lc*D, m. mold (reetanjrulAT, for fatty 
acids); unall cake oi wax (buP 
make a candle), 
[iMet /■ swarf, crindincs. 
ile-mtrc, n. iperam.) blocli mok 
pr. J pi. of moiMlrfl aod of ' 
'1, for: 

— i.r. b« moIdBd, float o 
metalsl oaat; fit siaotly; 

d biane, a mill whorv «faits fli 

modeled; (of 

— à swuJh. (Ounpoinln') iooopotatins 

— ' à pHotit atampiofl mill, i 
— à pouàrt, powder mill. 

(as marble) ; eat a' 
lUnet, tn. twirl, turn, w! 
oapatan, winch, reel, drum 

(ailkj ; grind, poUah 

a. croucd. milled: finely divided (as 

/. maldin« (the decoration). 
(Mêlai.) muulB, no« (of a twyer). 
p.a. dying, etfl. (see mourir); fading; 
ilori) pals; languid. 

DHHUM de plaJîad, platinum apon^ {ipecif., 

difltinAuished from épaïuiê de ploJiru). 
— marine perUe, canacsen, 
moniMllDC, /. muslin. — a. muslin, mouasB- 

deoonte (gUu) in imitatioa 

,m, fralh: lather; (of wine) 

foamy, frothy; (of soap) lathsr- 

etc.): (firtirina) 

I, {Breaina) sweet worL 

— biaixeJie, white mustard. 

— dee moinee, honeradiab, 

— noire, black mustard. 
mollt-leTalii, m, a nutrient liquid tor the col- 
driver; maul, beetle; punch. 

maoCiire,/. grinding; fee for grindina; amïx- 

mouvant, p.a. moving; motive; mutable, (of 
DuniTe^bani, m. (Swar) stirring pole. 

Tninnt, acceleistfid motion. 
h TouHt, rocking motion. 

grade, middlinge; (.Math.) mean; abilities; 

U Moyen d^, the Middls A| 


- ttirUf dy« or color of médium fAAtnen 
0ioderat«ly fast. 

m^ «ntimtit, prep, by mevu ot, in flxchuiEf 
lor, for. 

— ■ ffu0, on oonditiOQ thftt. 

mojennc. /. (Malh.) muD (specif., avence): 
(pL) middlfi quality or gruàe, mïddliiiEB. 
idt. moderately, middlingly. 
m. HUD, navo; («m) yolk; (fruit) 
e; core (w in molding). 


liuibc^ fn. mudlaffe. 
— adrnçoTit, — di gtrnme adraçanee, 

muailice of tracaRasth. 
— . orahi^ue. — dt comme, (Pharm.] 
of acacia (or gum arabio) . 

niaeti a. mute. iUent. di 
motact, m. lily of tha i 
maid, m. hosfiheBd. 
mnlre, m. salt water, bri 
malet, m. mule. 
tnolot, m. field m 



mnltlpliaDt, p. 
mniupueatvar, m 

ing. multiplicative. 

Ht /. mulUplioatioJ 
, /. multipUeity, 
mnltlpllM, v.t. « <. multiply. 
■' " '.; multiply, ti 

Bj a. muHLrotatory. 
mnlUtCrtbenHia*, a, polyterpene. 
multitude, /. multitude. 
mundlek. m. (JWiunp) mondie. 

manlelpâl. a. muoicipal. — 

manlTi v-t- provide. supply, fur 
mnoltliia, /. providiux. provi 

mnqactU, a, muoouB. 
■nor, m. walL 

— da rafend, partition vail. 
mflr, a. Hpe, mature: (of clotbea) shabby. 
nmracCt m. wallinft, waiting up. maaonty. 

AtTof Bt 


a gray color lika 

mnrmUlenMDt, m. walliug, « 
mflrsi, a. (Mid.) mulberry. 
mÛI«, /. mulberry (the fruit), 

— aauKiffe, blackberry. 
murean, m. IMelal.) twyer w 

mfiremeati odi. r 

mouvoir; pr. a pt of 

murar, v.l. wall, wall 

n, wall up, atop up. 

block up, blook. 

■nOKt, m. small wall. 


mureilde. /. muroàde. 

mûri, p,a. ripened, ripe 

■nnrUte, m. muriate 

(eblocide. or hydro- 


onium chloride. 

— oiM*X, (OH CT™ 

) hyDOchlorite. 

■Ululate, a. muristed 

ombiued with hydro- 

chloric acid or a chl 

ride). Archaie. 

mnrlde, m. (Old Chtm.) 

muride (bromine). 

mClrler, m. mulberry tn 

— d papier, paper n 


mOilT, ..t., r. A i. n 

pen. mature; (tfxi.) 

uoatel (the wine). 

nuuot, M. et a. mi 

masele, m. {AwU.) '. 
mDscaTito, /. {Min. 

miulqaa, /. □ 
Dnuqne. a. i 


/. muBoulio. 

baod; sédiment, ntUinsa. 
mmky, muaked, «oentod 
)c', {of laaymel tAvAxA- 

taatf p.def, S lin^. o 

ihu^Ee; truuffff; mut 

Qutfl, oheclc tha feri 

muOlatlaii, /. mutilation, mutilating. 

mattler, (.1. mutiliit«. 

mntncl, a. mutual, reoiprocal. 

mntneUeiiMiit, adt. muEuslly, recipronally. 

mrcodenae. (Bad.) m, ipj'cijdeniia. 

■nrcadamlqm, a. (Bact.) myoodermis. 

mreoEOKle, /. niyix>logy. 

mjcolmttétne, /. myooprotein. 

mreoae,/. mycose (tnhaloas) ; (Jkfsd.) myoosù. 

mrdrlase, /. (Med.) aiydriHia. 

midrlBllqne, a, it m, (JlfKi.) mydriatic. 

myéllDC, /. myelin. 

mylatwei m- (Zaei,) member of the cenua 

î, /. (Mtfd.) myeaia. 

□ , myriati<iïnie. 

mrotlqiM, a. Am. {Mad.) myotio. 

niTreèlWi m. myroene. 

myriade, /. myriad. 

mrrUfTuniiM, m. myriacram (10 Icilocrami). 

mrrlea, m, (fini.) wu myrtia (Afiirica). 

— cériflre. wax myrtle (eap. M. cêfiferàj, 

— gaU. street gala (Af. ooii). 
mjTteueca, /.pi. (flof.) Myrieaoe». 
■nyrlclDei /. myricïn. 
mrrlelqae, a, myricyl. 
mrrleo-meilsilqiie, a. In the pbraae éUuT 

mvrico-tnlliHiqf^ (myricyl meliaaateT) . 
myrlatleaiiécs, myrlsUcéei, /.pj. Myriï- 

myrlatleliic, /. myristicis. 
myrtaUcInlque, a. myriatic 
myilitteal, m. myriatiool. 
myrtstloe, /. myrietin. 

mjTbtODei /. myrifltone. 

myrobalaDt myrobulan, m. ifiot.) zayrobalan, 

mTMibabiilcr, m. myrobalan tree (TermiTvûia). 

myronlque, a. myronic. 

myroalne, /. myroun. 

myroxjle, m. {Bot.) any member of Myrtav^^ri. 

myrrhe. /, myrrh (the aum reain) . 

myrriiC, a. perfumed with myrrh, myrrhy. 

mytrhlne. /. myrrhin. 

■nrrrblqae, a. myrrhio. 

bol, m. myrrhol. 

Ile, m. (Piarm.) wine flavored wiUi 

lyrtle leave.. (9or.) MyrtaeesB. 
myrte, m. (Sot:) myrtle <Mi/r(u>). 
myrtU, m.. myrtlllG, /. (fiot.l bilberry. 
mysUre, m. myatery. 
myitérl«u>emeiit, adi. myatsrioualy. 



uoumt, light red «itli ui 
orange trnge. 


— A foTid ptiUt flat-bottomed boat. 

— «n ptatine, platiDiun boat. 

— «I porwlaii», poroelaiu boat. 

— «n aHùx. silica boat. 

— en »rr0 pow ptaéit, 'Slaes weivbinfl acoop- 
Lcm, /. nv!re» motbei^-pearl. 

icrfi, a. nacreoua. pearly. 
LCrer, i.f. give a nacreoua liuUr to. 
icmre, /. peuly whit«iie«. 
lie, /. iwiDiming:, awim; rowios; rowlodi. 
- flu (of fiibea); float. 

■prina, proMBd, ariae, originate. 

fain —, riïP birth to 

grow, niae, produc 

nantir, ..(. »cun (a oreditor) ; provid 

UrnDtUaemenl, m. accu. 

tity (tor debt). 

^aite (.4conttuii 

nspetUae, /. napeiline. 

napht-. naphth-. 



lene. naphthalene. 


— biMorée. dichloron 


ronl, a. nftphthaler 


BBtlhts, m. n^Atha Cm ita varioua aenaea). 

— dâ dtarboar crude naphthj^ Light oil (from 

— de pttroiê, petiolçma naphtha. 

— d'o9, bono <ûlt Dippel'a oil. 
mpbtine, m. naphthene. 
napbUoolqiis, a, naphthionio. 
Umplitomte, m. uapbthoate. 
tuphtornrfarane, nmpbtofniaiw, m. u^ili- 


naphtol, m. napbthol. 

OiphtOl^^, m. napbtholiistion. 

■W^toler, I.E. naphtholiie, treat or impn^ 

Date with napbthol. 
naplitolaiiironé, a. Daphlboliulfonic. 
■uphtopMiuuInc, /. naphthophenaiine (tor 

IuphtâqnlDOii«, /. DaphthoqulQone. 
naplitrlaniliw, /. naphthylamine. 
naphtjle. m, naphthyl. 
IupIlt7ieDe, m. naphtbylene. 
naphlrltnedlambw. /, naphthylenedift- 

naphtrKiikine. a. of or pn-taii 

luphtrUqne, a. naphthylic, naphthyl. 
napbtflol, m, aapbtbol. 
naphtylarte, /. naphthylurea. 
napoWon, m. "napoleon (ÏO-lrane piece). 
napoUtaln, a. Neapolitan, of Naplea. 

— dit pria, daffodil. 
nareo»*,/. (M«J.) narcc 
narcAtleo-Scre, a. ± 

nareotliie, /. narcotine. 

lit, m. DUd (the ointmcnt); (fiat.) Kiy of 
Kvenl plMte, ipecif. (1) nani, out 
( Nardut tfrieta) ; (2) DArd, «pikomud ( 

nditn, Hard (the ointment) ; 

■uul, a. it m. nuat. 

tusltoTi Ulltort. m. (Bol.) Earden otam. 
mutORe, m. (Bsi,) Nsaturtlum (Rorippa). 
— offlcinai, waUr oreaa IRorippa lUHturtiun) 

natll, a. <t m. native. ' 

adr. nationaJly. 

1 ». (Miq.) natron, natÎTi 

;; plût, plaitiiMi. braid. 

-T natutally, »CDordin£ to nature or 
ïk«d and nrved aimpLy. 

odr. naturally; plainly. 

ipwreck; wreak , ruin. 

nmiira. m. ship, vessel. 

— à tapnir, BteanUihip, Ëtetuner. 

— à voUea, sulin^ veoael. 

— ' de cfiarfft. freight v«eel. freishter. 
IMt ode. (ordinarily aooompanied by pas, point. 

hota; well born. 

It adv. neverthelesB, ho 
nothing, nothingnav. 

oaee, bix, Idt, outfit (of neeownry or uaefiU 

t( adv. neoeeBBiily. 

(pi.) Dutch. 
nMe, /. medlar (the fruit) . 
néOleri m. medlar, medla r tree (Meapilvs çer- 

nefl<U, m. iMin.) a kind of oiocente. 
Décatir, a. it m. neettne, 
nésatioii,/. négation, denial; negative (word). 
DficatlTe, /. negative (propoejtion)- 
DésatiTement, adv. negatively. 
nenttTltf,/. negativenees, negativity. 
DtCllCt, p.a. neglected: aarelen, nedigent. 
oétUseable, a, negligible. 
nCsUgcmmeDt, adv. oarelwly, negligently. 
nécHsenee, /. negligenoe; ae«!ect. 
abusent, a. neglisent, carelen. 
nteUscr, C.I. neglect, — i.r. be earelaa, b« 

nCcoec m. trade, commerce, traffie. 
nCCoebble, a. negotiable. 

, D««otiator. 
nCCOdatlol]. /. negoCiaUon, 
nétoderi i.l. negotiate. — r.i. trade. 


BéartterblDin, m, neoytterbium, ytterbium 
mpaul, N«pU, n. Nepal. 
népérien. □. (Malh.) Napierian. Naperian. 
nephew mttrc, m, nephelometer. 
néitbéHmétrlqnc, a. nepbelometiic. 
Dépheune, /, (VAi.) nephelite. n^>beline. 
"'"■""■""" /. iPttrcff.} nephelinitA. 

/. naphrectamy. 
.nephritic, — /. Dcphritfl, jade. 
— m. kidney remedy: nephritic peraon. 
Dipbrite,/. (^tn.)Depluite; (Ued.) nephritii. 
neradol, n. neradol. 
Bsrf. m. nerve ; fiber; ùnew. tendon. 

aêlM, m. neroli (orange-flower cdl). 

'*- Nfforwje, oiJ of bitter-orajise flowen. 

— ptlaU, oil of Bweel-oruige flowen. 
Iiai>UIl, m. CSal.) buolcthorn (SliainniM). 

— pvTffotif, pi]Tg:iD£ buclcthom (A. caihar- 

nerreiu, a. oervoua; Qbroua; einewy; ntron^. 
no-rare,/, vein, nerve (ss of a leaf): Hb: web. 

fin. feather, Sance. fîUet; Emove. 
IMnure, a. veined; ribbed; fianged; crooved. 
nHsWrlMUon, /. neealeriwtion. 

It, a. clean: pure: clear; distinct, aharp; 
neat, unmixed ; (of price*, etc.) net; frank, 
open. — aà9. all at once; clean: quite; 
clearly, flatly. 

faire — ^ make clean, clean», clean. 

t m-, nvttoyeuac, /, cleaner, etc. 
(He nettoyer); specif., cleamng machine. 
UOVBUT df tan, {Leather) bark eleaner. 
r, a. it m. new; nine; ninth. 

ncatndcment, odt. ueutraUy, 
Dmtrallne, /. neutralinn (a fiied oil). 
■Matrsllutloili /. neutraliistJon. 
ncntTBllwr, b.i. neutnUii*. — >.r. be n 

C, /. neutrality, 
neatrci a. neutral ; (Oramnar) 
■Malninfiit, luh. neutrally. 

w; (pi.) deaoandanti. 
nfivrslcle, /, IMtd.) neuralida. 

. . ni, neither . . . nor. (fallowing i 

intJve) either ... or. 

I, /. iBot.) cajuput (Melaltuia). 

Qkel, of nickeL 

— afêenical biane, (Min.) ohloantlûte. 

— tri*, {Min.) cersdorffite, nickel ftlanee. 
nlckeUcc, m. niakelini, niakel-platinc, wi 

iilekCUmttoii,/,nleli«Uvw«>m. - nicl 
nlek^tlBer, t.t - nickeler. 
nlckclDTC, /. nickeling, nickle-platins. 
dIcoI, m. (Optica) niool. Niool prùm. 

r pertaininM to nicotu» 

nld, m. ne«t; berth, place. 

— d-abeOiii. boneycomb. 

nielle, f. niello; amut, blight, nut; {Bot.) 

— dtê Wt, com cockle (,4. tnthaao). 
nier, v.t. deny. — s.r. be denied. 
nIgrllM, /. (Wn.) niETine (a vaHety of rutile: 
nlgrlte, /. nigiite (an insulator) . 

/. (Diw.) nigronne. 

nlobUèn, a. columbiferoui. 
nlnhlqiie, a. niobic (columbic). 
niobium, m. niobium (columbiu 

nltragliie, /. {Açric) mtra^n. 
nltninldlne, /, (fizpl.) nitnunk 
nllmiillate, m. nitranilmte. 
nltraiiltlqne, a. nitranilio. 
nltrant, p. a. nitrating. 
oltiatatloii. /. nitration. 

nitrate 2' 

■Unto ia dtaux, nitniM of Ume (oslcdam 
-de CMi, Chile ultpctw, sodium aitnte. 
-^ dt cu-tBre, Dopper lùtratc- 

— itftr, iroD nitrate (ipecif., ferrio mtrmtfl)- 

— at plonli, l»d uitnte. 

— d« polatte, oitnte of potaeh (potaanum 

— ât taadi, nittaM of «od» (aodiuEa nitrate). 

■db>thiD, /. nitration. 

PdCr^f m. oiter. nitre, ■altt>eter (■pecif., potaa- 

— cvbiqu*, cubic uitflr, oodiuni nitrate. 

— iê Aouuoffv, wall laltpeter (oaldum ni- 

— iIh CkOi, Chile niter (iodium nitrate). 

cial <altp«t«r. 

— prismatique^ potaasiuiu nitrate. 
mtre, p.a. nitrated; nitra. 
nltrtr, >.l. nitrate. 

idtiMiK, /, <£jpl,) nitrated reon. 
nllMllulw, n. nitroethane. 

be eanverted into 

/. (ffipl.) 
nltiotlqiie, a. nitroli 
Dltiollto, m. (Bipl.) 

itroUu, nitroUne. 

/. ISzpl.) nitrated m 
nltrométluitie, m- nitrometkanQ, 

hydroehlori . 
nltroiuplitalliiei /. n 
■il(nv4ilirdrlie, a, h; 

Toptuasiste, uittopru»- 

. /. nitron. quaUty or state. 
nltrofobeniene. m. mtrosobeniena. 
nltTOMwUonue. nf.iiilroaoohlDride. 
nltiMOpMinl, nt. nitrosophenoL 
nltnmubsHtné. a. nitrogubatituted. 
nltiasaKkte, m. nitroeulfate. 
nltrosrle, m. nitnwyl. 
altnMrlHlfariqae. a. nitroayliuKurie. 
oltrotortrtqae, a. nitroCartaric. 
nltratolnenc. nltrotoliial, m. oittotohiene. 

au —, d. —, on a level, level, horiiontal. 

man lu —, mittrt it ~. level, brine to ft 


— à tmll, d-air. spirit level. 

— d'«au, water level. 

~ dt I'MU. water level, water line. 

— JMUnir, float lase. 

nJrelni.a. leveiinR. — m. leveler. 

nobéUto. /. (Eipl.) dynamite. 

noble, «. « m. noble. 

noUease, /. nobility: noblene«i. 

nltnxéner, cl, nitroEeniw. Motiae. 

noec, /. (also pi.) wedding, marriice: weddins 

Doebtae, /. gutter, channel; skylight. 

nltrojlircol, m. nitroglycol. 

noelf, n, norious. harmful, injurious. 


nocnlté, /. noeuouaacca, hannfulaeiM. 
DOdule. m. nodule. 
nadnlem, a. Dodular; noduled. 
MoU, m. Chriotmos. 

knuckle; difficulty, knotty point;' 

noie, pr. S ling. of noyer, 

noir, a. black: du-k; (of rope) tsned; 

— m. black; (<Si«l/ar) char, chvcoal; 

oye: bruiâc ; ruAt (on pl&nta) . 


meure au —, black (u leUber) , blsekc 

al bUck, ■ninul oharc 



n black, 
le black. 
'— de bouaig, candie black. 
' ' - il black. 

le Chine, India ink. 
■ — ' de diamine, diamine black. 

— dt/er, iron black [precipitated antimony), 

— de FroTK/orl, FÏMikfort black. 

— de fumée, lampblack. 

— de lampt, lampblack, aap. the best quality. 

— deliine, cork black. 

— de napiuot, aaphthol black, 

— de ptche. peacb black. 

— d» pioline, platinum black. 

— de /Vuiaa. Prutoian blook (obt&ined by 
calcining PruBsian blue). 

-de raMitrie, augarhouae black, animal 

spent char (Homctimes ueed aa a fertiliser) , 

— d^Bejtagne, Spaniah black, cork blaok. 

.!. tfiac 

and black. 

— d'imprimerie, printor'a ink. 

— d-ivoire, ivory black. 

— d-oê, bone black. 

— foncé, deep blaek, 

— yai., let black. 

— minéral, mineral bUck. 

— pour ftmdtrie, fouader'a black, foundry 
black (powdered charcoal or coal). 

— i:éaibil. vegetable black, 
noirâtre, a, blackish, dark. 
nolrcear, /. blackness; black spot. 
nolrrlr, n.i.. r. dt i. blacken, turn black; dye 

black; darken; (Foundinp) blackwaah. 

dyeing in black; (Fouruiinff) blackwaahing. 
mrirctueur, m. blackener. blacker; {Dj/eing) 
dyer in black. 

noisetier, m. iBot.) ha»l,'haiel tne Ifforyhu). 
noisette, /. haselDUt; luuel. hasel color. — a. 


bi /. nut; walnut: sleeve, clamp (m tl»t 
for fastening a rod to an iron stand) ; pluc, 
key (of a cock) : stud; chain pulley; drum 
(of a capstan or winch) ; aone (of a mill); 

— d'Alep, Aleppo Ball. 

— d'Amirvptt, Braiil nut. 

— d'ardc, betel nut, areca nut. 

- de OaOe. gallnut. nutcaO 
kola nut, guru nut. 
- de palmier, palm nut. 

-de eaeeafraa, 

— dee Barhadee, physic nut, Ba 

— dee Miiuquet, nui vomica. 

— d'Inde, coconut, coooanut. 

— du Conço, shea nut. 

— du SoMdon, kola nut. 

: of. for the sake of. 

a name, Christian 

avel; bull's-eye (in glass); eye 

□avelwort iÇoiuledon umMKnu). 
, m. numenclator, nomenda- 
tuiist; vooabulaiy. 


!, /. nomeaclatun; irooabuluyi 

— plut.a« 

— pZiu nutt Q<Jt ju 

Iton-aetiTlUi /. oonutiviCy. 

■UHijIlqneia. aonyl; <of aiids) nooyli 
Boper, 1,1. burl (cloth), 
■MHiI, ni. aarth. — a. aarth, northen 
nonl-eat. m. nortlieiuit: nortbeut wi 

■ord-anesti m. northwest; aorthw 

IMHnisli a. normal: (of knew, etc.) ■ 

larly. lar 



adi. notably; 

lb, Dotably, Bapedally, puticit- 

lark, srade. ntiac: ICm.) InU, 

DOtlBCBtlOD, /. Dotifi 

DoUfler. i.t. notify. 
DOtlOD, /. aotion; i 

ittlfl bag or oloth oontaining a aiib^ 

to be ate«ped. 

knotty, knotted, anarled. 

Dontllettm, fine noodle*. 

rrt, P.O. .nouriahed, eto. (ks nourir); full, 
thick, slrcmg. steady, rich; aeouatomed. 

ii»nB-memM, prim, ouiaelna. 
newoomer. — adi. nawly, oei 
ta naavtlU OaUtt du Sud, New South Wain. 


nmmmnté. S- a< 

NDUTeUc-CeoMe, /. Nova Sootia. 
NonrcUe-Oallra dn 8ad, /. New South Wsla 
DanvelleOMIlt, adt. newly, recently, IsMIy. 
Kourelle-OTléaiu, /. Ne» Orleuu. 
Noavclle-Zelaiide, /. Neir Zealuid. 

Zemble, /. Nova Zembla. 

B./. (Peiroo,) noYMulite. 

-^ hvnthiiqatt benmene nuoleua. 
— ruipAfaiérjhfUd, DAphthalene nuclew 
' — p«nfd00naJ, five-membered nucbu& 
— ' Pl/ridïguï, pyridine nucleua. 
Dorw, v.f. drown; flood; eink; immerfi 

untenïuk; ] 


— onnmun, English 
peau walnut (Junlont re^) . 

— cria, whitfi walnut, butternut (>futflani 

— ndtr, blaek woJnut (Ju4rlan3 niurnCt- 
nn, a. bon; eipoœd; naked; nude. 

d —, bare, oipMtd. 
imaft, m. flbud. 
nuaceni. a, cloudy; olouded. 
nuftDCe, /. Ehadfl. tint, gradation, niianoe. 
muDCcment. m. ghading, sradation; varia- 

— p.r. be abaded; be blended; be warie- 

nneltle,/, nuoin (juïlone). 
BOcMal. DncUalTe, a. nuclear. 

a. Duoleate, nucleated. 


nnrMole, m. (Stol.) niHleolu». 

irpoaed itatfi ; nakednesc 

indlU, /. ba» 
lue, /. cloud. 
mte, /, aarge 

□ublbleinent, adv. harmfully, injuriou 
nnlBlt, -pd^. a nn«. of nuire. 
nuit, /. night. — pr.S rine. of nuire, 
any, {after a 

; nuU, v> 

-. value; <of le 


DnlUW, /. nullity ; incapacity; nonentity. 
nûmeott a<h. plainly, frankly; barely; 

naméralre, m.Bpeoie, coin. — a. lesal (value). 

namFrat«iir, m. (Math.) numarator. 

nDni£rlqn«, a. oumerical. 
nnoierlqneinenti adi. numerically. 
nnmCni, m. number, 
— df fabrique, faotory number. 

lum^rotncc, m. numberinc. 

DUtmscIbUlM, /. nutriti 
natreaclble. a. nui 

DUtTtcIn, 0. Bouri 
naMment. m. nu' 
nntrlmcntalre, a. 

atrittr, a. nutH' 

eocH, nutritiouaneaK, 

p.:hy Google 

.t, obey; yield (to h forCfl 

obltcttr, i.f. obi«t, obiMt to, opp- 
obJeelU. a. a m. objective. 
oblcedoii, /. obiection. 
•bjcctloniublc. a, objectioiuble. 
•bJcctlTemMit, odt. objectively. 
•Iljct, m. object; article. 

— d'art, RU article valued for ita arl 

— de luxe, article of luxury. 


9, in. bnudliolder. 

. .'- ablieatiozi; apecif., boi 
•bUgatolrêi a. obligatory. 
nbllBé, p.a. obliied; newuary. - 

under obligation. 
obUxcainiiient, adv. obUxinaly. 
obllgeBDce, /. kindness, obligiii«De». 
obllgODti p.a. obliging, couiicoue, k 
obUscTi v.£. oblige; obligate. 
obUqninile, a. oblique-angled. 
abUqiie, a. A m. oblique, 

en — , obliquely. 
obliquement, sdi. obliquely, 
obliquité, /. obliqueuees, obliquity. 

/. oblitc 


obUierci, t.l. obliterate; cancel; (Med.) atop. 

oblonf, a. obloME. 

ObOTBl, ObOVé, a. (Bol.) obovate. 

obuor, a. dark; obaoure. 

obamnilviir, m. darkener, obscurer. — a. 

darkeoiiti, obecuriDC. 
obBmrclTt v.t. obscure; darken, dim. — p,r. 

become obecure, dark or dim; be obscured. 
obsenrclMement, m. obacuring, obecurement, 

ir. obscurely, darkly, dimly. 
obaeurlU, /. darkneaa; obacurity. obecureueea 
obséder, n.t. beset, beeiege; obse». 
obaerVMble* a. obeervable. 
obMrratenr, m. olHerver. — □, observing. 

observedi be 

, ther, 

obildluie, obaldlemic. /. obaidiui. 

, f. obstinacy. 
obaCIné, a. obetinate: perùstent. 
abstlntiDent, odi. obstinately, etubbomiy. 
alMtmetenr, m. obstructer, obstructor, 
obBtmctfon, /. obstruction. 
obstruer, t.I, ol»truct. 
obtenir, s.!, obtain, — t.r, be obtained. 
obtention, /. obti 

obtenu, pa. obtained. 

obtient, pr. 3 «no 



obtint, p.def. s nn 

g. of 


jr, cbeck, cut-«0 

stopper, plug. 

shutter; specif . 

valve in the s 

opper of a bottle to 


(3) a camera s 

r. — o. obturai- 

turating, stopp 


clo«ng. obtura 



obtorei, t.L stop. 



1. obtuse. 

iKle, a, obtuBe-sugled. 
obtDsement. ode. obtusely, 

ïno, m. (MU.) shell; (of a caloriineti 

— à baliea. shrapnel. 
~ à tlaUe, star shell. 

— à explonf, high-«£plDeive sheD. H.E. shell 

d ffuii A ietnpt, ■ 

le shell. 


— d fMtie percutante, 

— A ffoz. gaa shell. 

— armt, fused shell. Uve sbeU. 

— cliaraé. loaded shell, filled shell. 

— d> ruptuTf, armor-piercing shell, A. P. shell 

— de temi-TUplure, semi-Hrmor-pierelng shell 

— éclairant, light shell, star shell. 

— explonf. high-explosive shell, H.E. shell. 

— torpille, torpedo sholl. 

grand — . Pacific OoeAD- 
~ Glacial du Nord, Aretio OoMH. 
— Glaeiai du Sud, Antsrotio Ooean. 
Octenle, /, OcennU. 

OChimcfi, a. ocherous, ochreoue. 
octre, /. acheta ochre. 

— brune, brown ocher. 

— denicjM. (Min.) nickel ocher, anosbergit 

lect«d from water that haa been uaed j 

— rvufft, red cxJier. 

Mt>«dre, m. octahcdroD. — a. octabedr&L 
. ootahedra]. 

oetobn, m. October. 
octocarbnn, m. nctiicaibide, 
Mtocvnali a. octagonal, 
octocone, in. octagaa. ^a. I 
Mtobrdnmi n. ocCahydride, 
ocloiilqlle, a, octonic. 



octntyer, v.t. grant, concede. 
oetaple, a. octuple, eight-fold. eight ti 
octflc, n. octyl. 
oetrKne, m, octylene, 

octyl, ootylic. 


« à prifjêetùm. projntion ooular. 
« obaotïed. 

a. odiouH. — m. odium. 

.pabihty of bang amelled. 
odorable. a. capable of being imelled. 
odor&Dt, a. having an odor, odorous; epecdf^ 

h&ving a good odor, rmgraot, odorous. 
odomt, m. emeU. 
odonur, a ' ' 


lui, (uaually) fra- 
odoriferous, odorific. odorous. 

(as of lilk a 
(at or oil oi 
(of typs). 

à e—, by the eye, with the 
à V— nu, with the naked eye, 

— de chat, cat'B-#ye- 

— de couite, {Metal.) tap hole- 

' — d'icrevisBe, (Pftofm.) crab'a-eye, ( 

— de perdrix, bird's-eye. 
œU-de-bvDf, n. buU's-eye. 
cell-de-cbati m. cat'a-eye. 
Œillade,/, look, glance, 

€ClUct, m. eyelet,'eys,.v^ole, httle hols; 

«ElUDtliml. m. enani 

teiuiitlie, /. (fiol.) ' 
œiuntlilne, /. enan 
cenanthlque, a. em 
cenantlMl, m. enani 

cenintlirUQiie. a. 

, cenanthal (eoanthalde- 
V dropwort (Œnantta). 

B, œnanthole (enanthal- 
aanthylic. oenanthylio 

«BMlOfUin», a. «notosioal, csiuikici»!. 
onalOKtite, miMilOKDai m. enologiat. ouolo- 

; Bctioa: Mttjug (c 

-, Qutaide the c 

up, (af Btoncfl} JH 
.1. * t. work. 
I.I. oSend. 
s. dt /. offenei 

i, adv. offemivBly. 
office; duty; chmrie; Mrri». — , 
- da. di>chiu-Bo the duty of, iierion 

?nti a<Jr. officùUy. 

i>iDelN-«Iiliiilat«, n 

of lower grade 

I, kind; i 

<rfIlclDal, a. afflciuHl. 

amdne. /. phurnacy, apotheciry'i e 

oUrent, m. bidder. — p.jjr. of offrir. 
oSn. /. offer; teadar; lupply. — pr 

sing, indie, dt tubs, of offrir. 
offrir, [.I. offer. ~ p.r. offer oncseH. o 

.; bulb, bulbous root; baolon. 
ntment or for lubrieo- 

e,/. idlentK 
I Id Dsmes of alcobols sod phenob (i.e., 
ten the eading ncnifiea hydroxy!). 4I. 
I in the Due of other compounds, prefer- 

. m. (Pol.) oleander. 
OUalc, m. oleate. 

— at oKTcurg, oleate of mercury, specif, (sa 

OlHlW, /, olefin, (leai desirably) olefins. 
oliitale, a, pertàïninc to olive nultute. 
oKleoltare, /. culture of the olive. 

oKlllaat, a. oleSant. 

ttWIfonne, a. of the consiatCDOy of oil, oily. ' 

olelni, /. oleiu. 

oKloAea, /.pi. (fioi.) Oleaon. 

olèlque. a. aleio. 

oléocTBpble, /. oleography; oleograph. 

oKomarcailiiei /. oleomargarine. 

olèomftre, m, oleomet», eleomeUr. elieo- 

oKortlHetomètn, m. oleivefractomeler. 
oKoreslne, /. oleoreein, oleo-reain. 

— dt Rtpn^fuv, (Pharm.^ oleoreajn of oapei- 

— de copoAu. copajbs, balsam of copaiba. 

— dt ruMfce, (.PKarm.) oleoresin ol cubeb. 

— dc çijujcmbre, {Pharm.) oleorenn of ginger. 

— da lupulina, (f Aorm.) oleorssin of lupulin. 

— depoivrenirir, {Pharm.) oleoresin of pepper, 
fluid extract of black pepper- 

oKorCslnem, a. ol<K>r»inauB. 
oWorldiilqiie, a. ricinoleic. 
oKosaccbanire, oléawcehmnt, olCiUM- 
charoK, oWouccbamm, oKoïnere, m. 

Olérsct, a. olernceous, eeculeat. 
oWnm, m. oleum; specif., fumins sulfuric acid. 
aUketir, a. olfsctory, olfactive, of Bmell, 
olfaction, /. olfaction, emell, smelling. 

oUbenè, m. olibene. ' 

oUde, m. lactone, 

DUglBte, a. (Mil..) oligist, oligisWc. — m. oh- 

gist, oligist iron (hematite). 
oUitictne, a. (t m. Ifhal.) Oligocène. 
Oliioclue,/. (Jftn.) oligoclase. 
oUncè, a, oUvaceous, olive tw». 

.. Un- 

ji flolor. 

re iiOairt, potstooe 

imbliiiff ui Qlive, 
sa a button ar knob; specif., the bulbous 
End □! ■ pipe to whioh ■ rubber tube in 
uttochod. — a. olive, oliTe-green. 
petile iuii» d'— . poK>y oiL 
oltTcnitA, /. (Afin.) oUvenite. 
oBkiIc. /, alive-oil mill; olWe-oil woA*. 
oHvètc, /. - œillette. 
oBvleri n. olive tree, olive {OUa) : olive, olive 


•hTine, /. tMin.) olivine. 

onmlie. a, Jn the phrase } 

(s kind of Btestite). 

■ /. CH«.) umbel. 

tn, a. umbelliferoug. — /. umbellifer. (Sol.) Umbellifere (Apis- 

. . imbelliferODi 
ombelllqaci a, umbelllo. 
omhllle, in. lusbilicue. 
ombrage, n. Bbude: umbme, 
ombrager, s.t. bbade; Bcreen. 
ombrant, p.a. studins- 
ambre, /. sbuiow; «hade; uml 
à V — de. under the shade of; 

— briUe. buTDt umber. 

— dt Camt, Cas«el earth. 

— de Cologne, Cologne earti 

under the pro- 

ombm, •. 

omet, pr. 

imesB (Greek letter, b). 

on, pron. one, people, they, we, some 
body; (nometima) I. you. Sp 
preceded by V for the eaJce of eu 

onagraln, onasre, m. iPol.) evei 

ave; lOlatt) etreak; i 
watered; (of glafia) At 

DDdoyer. D.t. undulate, wave, 
ondulant, p.a. undulating, waviu 
ondnUtJoD. /. undulation; wavb 
ODdulalobe, a. UDdulatory. 

imdulated, waved, wavy; 

— batÙicwn, rosin oerate, baailiooi 

— liJaRe de Rhattt. lead carbODat> 

— de ilaphiaait/re. st 

— diachttUm, diaciiylon ointment. 

— mercfiTwl doubis, — napolitain, meroui 
ointment, blue ointment, Nespotitao oi 

ooUtlic, m. oClite. 
ooUtUqne, a. oaUtlc. 

opaclBant, p.a, opaqujng, lenderinc opaque. 
— m. opaquins agent, somethini that 

opadiEitbrlqiie, a 

opacité./, opacity, 0]Wueness. 

opalage, m. i3uoar),eiiTrmi under of the a 

called opoh^-fythich bee). 
opKle, /. (Mih.) opal (the mineral and 

opaline, /. opaline 

opérstcor, m. operator; (Mach.) motor. 
opératlf, a. operative. 
opf rstton, /. operadon. 
apératolre, a 
opercnle, m. 
operei, t.t. operate, work, efff 

operated, b 
opblte. rn. (Petroç.j ophite 


IMaeh.) dia- 
do; operate 


a. obêtiiiAt«; opiaionated. 
opInlOD, /. opinion. 
opium, m. opium. 

opobBlBmmam, m. opobaJAam, opobalBunuc 
opodeldocbi m. {Pimm.) opodeldoc. 
opolt, OpoHtc <n. (Pharm.) juice, up. 
opopanai, m. (BdE. <t Pharm.) opopanai. 
opotb^rsplc. /. orguiotbompy, opothenpy. 
opothéraplqnc, a, oreanotherapeutio. 
opiMWtlIll, a. opportune. 
appOTtunéaieDt, adv. opportunely, 
appartunllé,/. opportunity; opportuneoeBa 

urge (»«Bin>t), ohjecl 

opUoa. /. option. 

aptlane, a. optlo, optical, — /, optics, 

opUqneiiMiit, adv. optiesUy. 

— afinf, reflned gold. 

— bianc, white gold (gold alloyed with silvei 
also, fonnefly, platinum). 

— MUanl. (Cm-am.) a kind of gold luster. 

— dt coapettr, reSaed gold. 

— dt Manlieim, MaaDheim gold (a bra») . 

— en catpt/UU, powdered gold formerly use 
lor gilding, ormolu. 

— M /«uilto. Bold leaf. 

— faux, imitation gold, false gold. 

' — fuhnimlnt, fulminating gold, gold fulm! 

— araphiqtu, (3ftn.) eylvanito. 

— muiff, — matti}, moeaic Bold. 

— potabU, potable gold, aurum potabile- 

— WJurf, (Min.l sylïanitB. 

^ ttUvfi jdombifirt, {Min.) nagyagite. 

L9 oifudMUe 

onseui, a. atomy. 

OTUlgE. a. it m. orange. 

— Mikado, ^kado oranae. 
OTmnffer, m. orange tree, oran 

orfttoltc, a. oratorical. 

orfaleulalre, a. erbioular. 

oibite, /. orbit. 

orcanette, orcantte, /. orcani 
(dyer'e buBlon, AntJiu*a fine 
root used as a dyvetaS). 

orcélne, /. orcom. 

ordne. /. orcinol, onin. 

a. it m. ordinary. 

ordinarily, usually. 

rdinarily, co 


'. {Med.) preeeription 

direct, comm 

and; (Med.) prescribe; or- 

dain. —z.i. 

dispose (oO. 

ordre, m. order < 

ordure, /.eiorem 

nt, dung, ordure; dirt, dust. 

rubbirf,; <fi« 


ore, /. (iteiat.) t» 

-yerpUt*. — adi. now. 

oreille. /. ear; lug, handle, projection, corner. 

Up, foot, etc. 

orelUon, m. cut 

ing. paring (as of le»th«); 

(W6d., pj.) m 


artèm, n. goldsmith (worker in pra<noua 


a. wrouEht by the goldunitli. 

goldamiUi-s < 

rork, articles of gold, sihrer. 

part, organ. 

— a^. (Math 

RanicehemiBt; (JIftd.) orgaat' 

cirt. —a. (0 

OTganlqae, o, or 

anic, (rarely) ocgulktU. 

ortanlMr, i.l. ortuiiie. 



ortansln, m. orguuine (s ailk thread}. 


— perU. p«ttrl barley. 

richalch <m eaciaiit alloy). 
; befrianing, rin. 

ofleDter. i 
«r^nmlre, a. 

. ^_ , procecdina; originftl. 

^rlgliulnment, adi. oricioally. 
iwlsliimli a. dt m. nngiiial. 

li' — , from the original source. 

<n — , in the ortgiiiBl; in reality: in persan. 
oriSlruieilient, adi. oriElnally. 
orisliiBliU, /. origin&lity. 
orlslue. /. origiQ. . 

dam i'— , originally, at first. 

dis I'—, (rotn the beBinning, from the fint. 
CKlglDelt a. original. 

orlBbuUemcnt, adr. oricioatly, from the fint. 
orlllon, m. ear, lug, handle, projection. 
arlpeau. m. tiueel. 

-- à troit JctiiUet. hop tree (PUjaa trifaliala). 
— /auto, slippery elm (UlmM /ul» or its 


orDcmentatlon, /. a 

ornltUne, /. ornithine. 

«Hnttliurlqnc a. omithurie. 

orobancbe. /. a plant of the seaus Oroian^e 

— de Virffinie, beechdropa tJbsptamniMm vir- 

icfnle, /. (Oiot.) OToceny. 

orouce,/. {Bm.) anumita. 
orpaUlenr, m. gold wacher. 
orphelin, m. db a. orphan. 
OTptmeDt, m. orpiment. 

onelllqiM, a. □rwllic, lecanoric 

ort, a. ± ads. (Con.) grem. 

ortellt m. toe, specif, great toe. 

cwtho-. ortho-, ortho. 

ortbo^ntliDonlqac, a. orthoantimonio. 

oftlHichniDUUilue, a. orthocbromatic. 

OTthodaae, m. (Min.) orthodaae. 

artHodérlre, m. ortho derivative. 

orChOBtmphA, /. orthography, spelling. 

ortliopbospluwlquei a. orthophoephoric. 

orlhoplitalate, m. orthophthalatc, D-phtbalats. 
'f a. OTthophtfaalio, o-phthalio- 
irthopterouB. — OrtIi<4>- 

le» /. ortboquinone, f 
iMin.) orthodaae, o 
/. ortho series. 
idlnC, a. ortho-eubetiti 

orthQVanadlqDe, a. orthovanadio. 
ortboIT-. orthohydroxy-, o-hydraiy-, 
ortboitlMiualqiic, a. D-hydroii^wiiioie. 
ortic, /. (Bot.) nettle (esp. the genus Urliai). 

— sminnlî, nettle (Unùa). 

— de Chine. Dhina grs», ramie. 
ortol, m. (PhDioa.) ortol. 

OrtalB, /. (Bol.) clary (.Solna idarea and rslatod 

'. lubjact to or obtus by 01 
Mmotlqae, a. oemotiD, 
■one, /. a 

ool. P.O. heard, 

Onl-dlre. «. heansy. 

oale, /. hs&rioa; gill (of a fish). 

aalllasa, m. SULos up (of s cuk with wins' 

oulUer, I.E. fill up (ft cuk by adding wine). 

Onral, m. Ural. Ur 

iL River, —a. 
ùt; wup: hal 
(of metida) s 

— trtuicAanl. cuttioE tool, edged tool 
ODUIUce, m, equipment, outfit, ut of < 

tools, implemeata» plant. 
«ratUlsr. 1,1. equip, fit out, supply with 

outrance. /. In the phrase i oulranu, to eioeen, 

to the uttermoot, to the limit. 
ontrander, □, eiaeeaive, extravagant. 
ffntnt prep, beyond; beeidu, beside, —adv. 

beyond, further, on. — /. leather bottle, 

— SUB. not only . . . but, 

outré. P.O. overdone; eioesaive; eiaeperatad. 
oatre-Hmnche. ado. beyond the Channel (La.. 

in the British Isles, in Enfland). 
ontromer. m. uHramarine. — a. ultramariiu 

(specif., beyond the sea, oversea, forncu}. 

— Inpii. ultraniarine from lapis laiuUi 

outre-BUn. adv. beyond the Rhine. 
ouvert, p.a. open; quick, ready; (of soap 
pastel separate from the liquid; i^Mned, 

— dlav 

!, '(McUst.) slag bole. 
di aniUt, (ifilal.) tsp hole. 
dt la chauffe, stokehole. 
de ia vapeur, eteam port. 
onnable, a. wurkable; (of time) n>orlcing. 
lUvncv. m- work ; production, product; work- 
manship; hearth (of afumaoe); construct 

— Mane, tool niaking or othel fine smithing. 

— de fabrique, factory product, manufacture. 

— nriir. blacksmithii^. blacksmith work. 
anwé. pa. worked, wrought; figured. 

ouvrant, p. 

— a. working, l&b<«inc, operative 

nttt fondeur, (a workmi 

founder, Hneltfir. 
— marcheur, treoder. 

open; unbnHiia oneeelf. 
•nnoir, m. worl»ha[i; work 
Ofalre. m. (fiial.) ovary. 
OTslbnmliM, /. ovslbumin, 

OTé, a. egK4hapcd, ovoid. 

QToldr, a, ovoid. ceB-fihHp< 

oncéttloree, /. hydsatoi 
oiselde, m. oucid. 
axalscetlqae. a. 

; cuCopen; unfold; besUiiTork 
). — D.i. open, be <q>en. - 

oe. leuootocii: acid. 

bydroiyaldehyde ; 

/. (Hoi.) oialiSi wood sorrel. 
•,/.])I. (Bot.) Oialidacee. 
Ide./. ondimide. 

sxataratCi m. ou 
oimlnrie, /. (Med. 
oxalnriqne, a. oulurii 
oUllICi m. oulyL 
oimlylurte, /. oulyl u 
oiunide, /. ommide. 
fusmlque, a. oiAmLc. 
"«J /, ojanUidfl. 

B,/. O 

(panbanic aoid). 

oitelkt, DXfeoK, m. (PAarat.) aostobtam. 

— âimpie. diatilEod vine^Ar. 
OlfaTdrilc. 1R. hydroiyl. 
oibidrllf, a. hydroiylttted, hydroiyl. 
oibTdTlUqaei a. hydroxylio. 
«ihidilqne. a. oiyhydioiea. 
oibydrrlet m. hydroxy]. 
mlde. m. oiïds. [For pbras» ses oiyda.) 

group mnd should than be traiuLated hy- 
droxy- to flonform to tho best udB^ in 
Enitlish; e.c.,ofi/&uJvrtQiw-hydrojiybutyTio. 
If the group it known to be ketonic, the 
CninBlation keto is preferable.) 
Diracétllinc, a, hydioiyscetic. glycolic. 

sen or with Ul oiide of n 




oiybramme, m 



mbined wit 


(«pecif . CO) 



eyn. of per- 




oury, wbitB précipitai*. 

— <faoar(»ne.e 


a. hydroiynin 

chonic; hy- 




DITCrBDIirc. m. oiycyanide. 
oiTdablIlté, /. oiidiubility, oiidability. 
oiydBblc. a. oiidiisble, oiidable. 
orrdantf p.a. oiidiiing. — m. oiîdiùni^ ■oeot, 

oirdaie, /. DiidaAfl. 

oiydatlOD, /. oxidation, oiidiiinc. 

mrde, m. oiide. 

— aicùoii^tie, alkyl OKid«, etbor. 

— cTanlimpitu. uilJmony oâde, apedf. (m 
in Pharm.) antimony trïoxtdo. 

— d'oTffent, Bilver oxtda. 

— de carbnne, onde of oarbon, speeK. carbon 

— de i 

copper oxide, specif. ■ 

BT bihydraU, 
ir moffnéti^tA 
ID (Î%A)- 

I. macnetîo oxide 


ithyl oxide (methyl oliwr). 

yellow mereu 

— de mithtle, n. . , . 

— de phéniiU, phenyl oxide (phenyl ether). 
■ — de piomb fondu, iitharee. 

— d'élAyle, ethyl oxide (ethyl ether). 

— d-fOntUru, ethylene oxide. 

— moffntti^ue, maonetio oxide of iron, fet^ 
rooo-ferrio onde. 

I, yellow menoiie oiide. 

oage, rod meronrio oiide. 
, bluk copper oikle. cuprio 
antêe, bbwk ande of loaii- 

regsrded m i 

in. an aode whkh 

:n de diTomt, the oiide Cr,0.. 

mjdnK, a. in 

Isted. (. 
mntSiuble, I 

•irsenatloii, /. aiysena 
mysène* m- oxycen. 
ninCner, t.t. olyieniite 
■ ~Sre, o. oarryine 

iiide. oxidu- 



. , .. jirtj'drocon. 

olJfirHdllM, /. hydroxypyriduB- 
combined with a 

fuyUthe, n, Qxylith, oxyhthe. 

oiymc, «. oiinie. 

oifmelt oxrmeUltCt m- (Phorm.) oxymeL 

dzym^Iftbi nmpff, oxymel. 
oiyqalDoleliiei /. hydroiyguiiiDline. 
mrucehumn, n. (Pliarm.) oxysucchiUMm. 
oiyid. nt. oiyealt, ult ot ui oi&cid. 
oifaalUire, m. oiyauISdc. 

a. hydroxy toi uic, 
a. hydroxy valeric , 
uiAérlte, /. oiocerite, oiokerite. 
oxonatenr, m. oioniier. — a. oioniiiiic. 
oiouCrlee. a. /tm. ot oioniiteur. 

OMnlque, a. oionic, 
oionlwtlon, /. oioniut 
oioulser, i.l. otoaiie, 

-■ ■f./'o.onon 
imetrlque, a. oioi 


p> IWi otibrn. (pour cent) per oeut. 

P*Ait obbm. (poide atomique) atoraio WMfht. 

pBClflO, z.L pacify. 

paelflqae, a. pacilic. 

p«c1flqll«DCIlti ado. paciGciUly. peacefully, 

paclEfond. paekfons, in. paktong, pakfouc 

(aa aUoy). 
padclln, m. (eiou) oTufible. 
P. AS., aJjbrev. (partes aequola) equal parte. 
page, /. * m. pa«H. 

pain it bbmMr, cake of iriiitjos. 

— d eactnler, wafer. 

— i colt, coSee bread. 

— aaj/me. UTileaveaed bread. 

— bit, tuown bread. 

~ bitôuiu, bread baked loaner tl 

— dt frimimt. wheat broad. 

paltmeat, m. payment. 

païen, a. A m. pagan. 

palUaue, /. Bask ataiid ; maaonry support, bed. 

— ditwr, ship biscuit. 

bread (cap. a grayish bread made frem 

second and third grade Boure). 

pallle,/.atiaw; ac^a (of iron) ; Saw (in metala. 

— dt pouTHHu, (BoL) saw bread. 

-d.»vi!. rye bread. 


— dsswre. sugar loaf. 

Menu —, chaff. 

— Ini, raiaed bread. 

— da boil, wood Sber. 

— nw, black broad. 

— dé/tr. hammer Bcale, forge «sale, scale. 

— ™«., stale bread. 

— tendr., new bread. 

MUK, a. atrav-coloied: (of metala) fiawy. 

~ timnxi: Vienna bread. 

— zi.suna. ropy bread. 

Btrawlrft. —».<. cover or wrap with straw. 

pair, o, (of numbers) even. — m. par: pw*. 

PklUet. a, pale red wine, verginc on straw 

Dolor: mat, straw mat. —a. pale red. 

du — . on a par. on an equaUty. 

verging on straw color. 

hart dt —, «ini —, without a peer, psor^ 

patUeU, o. lamellar, laminar; spaufled. 


pamette, /. small plate or acale, lamella, plate- 

paire,/, pair. 

let, leafiet, lamina; shining particle (se of 

gokl dustl; spangle: icale (of iron), forge 

paisible, a, peaceful, peaceable. 

scale; fiaw (in gems). 

pamenx, a. itraw, itraury; (of metals) Eawy, 

pall,/, peace. 

paillon, m. scale, plate: leaf, foil (of metals); 

palali, m. palate; paUce: court (of iuatke); 

tin plate: large apangle; link; bundle of 

straw used as s filter: straw envelope for 

palan, m. tackle. 

a bottle. 

pak,/. pile; pale, stoke: bung, atoppei; vaoa. 

— da touduTi. leaf solder. 

blade, board; sluicegate. 

pUe, o. pale. 

paU-mel. n. feed made of straw and molasses. 

paleoaolqae, a, (thol.) Paleo.oic. PateiOKào. 

palD, m. bresd: loaf; wafer: cake (as of wsi 

paletot, m. oïercoal, greatcoat. 

or grc»«); lump; pig (of metal); block 

palette, /. paddle; spatula; (Gbw) a tool for 

(of soap as it comes from the framc)- 

en — , in the form of a cake or lump or the 

the pipe: (Cerorn.. GiWin». etc.) pallet; 

Uke, io the oake, in the lump. 

fUach.} palette, drill plate; (p^ntn's) 

Zona m — d» «KT., «M under /«.M, 


(ftlao, any ol 

pkHtOTlcr, n. IBoi. 

Kver&l other tropicaJ trees). 
ptleor. /. palenua, pallor. 
PAllflr, fn. {Mich.) beArinji; lAndina (afl of b 

Btairwayl; floor; Isvel itretiih, 

— à biUe9, ball bearing. 

— ffraiëstuT, Bglf-oiUllc bflUlDC- 

pUIr, t.i. p^, grow pale, tuin pale. ~t.t. 
make )>ale, blanch. 

p«llsdat«i m. palladate. 
Mlladcoi, a. palladioui. 
pMUadlque, a. palladic. 
palliKllaiii. m. palladium. 
paHmdnre, m. pslUdide. 

a. A m. palliative. 

Cliriatj (fficinui communii), 
prntmanMS, palnu^rota, /. (Bdl.) palmaroei 

patme, /. palm. 

palom. Ri. nûorometer lage. 

palmier, n. C^al.) palm tree. palm. 

— d àtanvrt, hemp palm. 

— A Awt£«. oil palm i^lait ffvinttnfit) ■ 

— nojn, dwarf Fan palm {Ch^mœropt humilia, 
palmiste, m. (Bol.) cabbace palm, 
palmltato, m. palmitaU. 

palmlUne, /. palmitin. 
palmltlciiie, a. palmitic. 
palOD. m. wooden spatula (for wax, taltoa 

pMot, a. paliah. rather pale. 

palper, ..i. teel, 

palpiter, v.i. palpitate. 

paludéeDt a. manhy; {MedJ) malarial. 

paludier, m, worker in a salt Eardea. 

palus, m. marah. 

shaddock, grapefn 
pomelo {Citnn decunajia), 
m. m. face (of a cryetal or other solid) : f ac 
^de. flat surface ; pane; panel; partitic 
inaclM, m. plume, pamtcha; finial. 

1. variegated : miied; plumed. 

panBCber. i.l, variegate; plu 
panacbnn, /. varieialion, a 

different color. 
panalie. a. panaiy, of bread 
panali, m. parsnip. 
pn"-"", >ii..iKiapbark. quillaja bark, Pt 

bark (from QuiUaja •aponaria); Fi 

bread mskins. 

panereaHqiie, a. 

panlflable, a. capable of beins made in' 

panlfleatlon, /. bread makins, coover 

:); pluah; (of a 
(of roofs) purlin, 
o; stop. halt, 
s of Eks); la« 

/. (Mato, 
I. belly, paunol 

lunde); I 

pangn. a, big-bellied. 

pantace, in. bundling (ol hanks). 

pantalon, m. trousers. 

pBDte, n. bundle (of hanks). 

panteler. i.i. pant, gasp. 

pantoine, paDtèoe, /. wicker tray, 

- ■ ■ bundle (hanks). 

sBcook, prafowl (Cow). 

/.pi. (Sol.) PapaverBce». 

à Atann. — ■ d dednner, drawing papar. 
à diof^B. dialyzing paper. parcïimeDt 

— d kUmpiXUa, primer paper. 

— d jUturani, watermarked papN. 

— d jWrtr. filter paper. 


iwA, cHTtridgfl pap«r, 

Hndioadfl p^mt. 

bumenùed (or klbunÛTiiHcl) 

ootktiiig, oilins, marbling, goBt 

— à réactif, tc«t paper. 

— aramté, silver paper, Bpecif. i 

fine whitfi 

— Briilùl, Bristol board, Briitol paper. 
^ brmiHiard, blottiofl paper. 

— b]iUt, acratch paper, ftnribbliiw paper. 

^ fruHTjJ, bibulouB paper, absorbent paper, 

Snipreeiiat«d pap 
er (black linea oi 

— du Japon, Japanese paper. 

— durci, haideaed paper, bard papei 

— éaAier, white paper of medium 
Diwd lor Bchool work. 

— ^ tfn i^it, paper in the form of a bloc. 

— mtoQf. cloth-mouDted pi4>er. 

— /SKjrcme, watenuatked p^xi. 

— foanite. oebcfltee paper. 

— gauffri, goffered paper. 

— Glial, a kind of drawioi paper. 
— ' glacé, Blflied paper. 

— Coia». black-pridt 

— calU, aiaed paper. 

— eo^iUe, letter pap 

r, tarred paptr. 

) «hort^term paper, ahort-term 

made from 

— d'argent, ^n foil. 

— dt hoia. wood paper 
wood pulp. 

— da Cliijic, Chiiieae paper. 
. — dc colon, paper made from cotton. 

— de /onto*™, faney paper, 
' — de Fernamb&uc. t»t paper impregnated 

with extract of PeroAmbuoo wood. 

— dÉffraiaat. fat^itraoted paper. 

— de HvOandi, Dutch paper. 

— d'embaUaot, wrappinfl paper. 

— hniià, oiled paper. 

— hTjgihvique, toilet paper. 

— Indien, Todia paper. 

— iodoamidonnt, — todurj amidonné, ati 

— ^ iodwS. iodide paper, iodiied paper. 

— jaaph, filter paper; a bibutoua whi 
light ersy tieaue paper, called in full p 

^ titsè, glaied p^>er. 

— ionc, {Com.) long-term paper, long-tnm 

— tn&chi, pspiB>mïch£ (paper pulp with 

!, (Afin. 

I of ai 


— peJuTf , Dnionakin, f or«igii poet paper. 

— phûtoffraphimài. photographic paper. 

— p'ùf'. ortpe paper. 

— plamlMffiné. paper ooated with graphite. 

— piornbique. lead paper (LiapreenatHl wit 
■ lead «alt lor the detection ot hydro«e 

— TéacUf, t«et paper. 

— f«»W, ruled paper. 

— R/iç€ilot, iPharm^) muatard paper. 

— aatiné, Btined paper, satin paper, plated 

— HTuAb, MDÛtiro paper, eeiuitiied papei 

— nnapM, (PAorm.) muatard paper. 

paptpr-tcntnre, n. 

papUlonaet, a. papilionit 
papUlDiiMéeS, /.pi. (Bol., 

I /' eelF-beal (Pruned vutaa^ 

daisy (SoUi.). 
PlanM, m. Euter. 
PMinet, m. packet, paekace; parcel, bun 

(lielal.) pile, fagoti mail; packet, i 

m. paclduc; paoli; (Metal.) pi 
.t. paek; {.Metal.) pile, favot. 
tn.. paqmteiue. /. packer. 
prtp. tliru; by: about, over; on, u 


order of, in the natoe ol 

{For o 

phraees begianioE with par, am 

pftra-. para-, (in some names) p-, 
pmnbanlquet a. parabanic. 
parsbolct/. {Qtom.) parabola; parable. 
panboUcIté, /. parabolicnne. 
parsbollqne. a. paraboUc, parabolical. 
puai>ollqn«mciit, adi. parabolically. 
pusbollBcr, t.l. paraboliK, make paiabolio. 
pusbololdt!, m. (Qfom.) paraboloid. 
paracMéliH, /. paracaseiii. 
parkcentiiqnc, a. d /. paracentric. 
psrmcbèveinexitt m. Ërùabin^. completion. 
pkHKhcTer, t.*. finiah, eomplele. 
tnrmclilarSi o. paranhloro, p.chloro. 
PBracrtnl, m. paracreeol, p-creeol. 
pWMyuiiire, m. paracyanide, 
panterBDoKèae, m. paracyanoiea. 
panwle, /. pamde; show. 
pandCrfré, m. para derivative. 

pAFBdls, m. paradise. 
psndoial, a. paradtnieal. 
parsdoialement, odr. paradoncally. 
puadoie, m. paradoi. 

. . . -affin, {Com.) paraffine, 

- bruit, crude paraffin. 

' /awda, fofleil paraffin, oiocerite. 

■ tiguidt, {Pharm.) liquid petrolatum, liquid 


~ paraffin, paraffine. 

panse, m. dresàng, etc. leee parer); lineage, 

deiree: locality, quarter, waters, parla. 
I»r»gr»|rtie, m, paragraph ; (JVinliiw) section. 
llsoD, /. (OIosb) a preliminary blowing and 

shaping done by the blower's assistant. 

also the mass of glasa so shaped. 
psrslsoDDcr, i.e. blow (slaas) in a preliminary 

MTslsoDIIIcr, m, — grand gam 
pMslsaaat, of panutre. 
paraître, i.i. appear; aMne, 1 

, under BT 

publish (books, e 

panjoar, m. shade (as for a lamp). 

"kctlqne, a, paralactic. 
parald^byde, m. paraldehyde, 
parallacUqae. a. parallactic, parallaotical, 
inrallaie, /. parallax. 
parallèle, a, ± /, parallel. — m. parallel; 

parallel ruler. 
panJKIeineiit, oat. in a parallel manner. 
par^MieplpMe, paralKUpipède, m. (CM.) 

parallelepiped, parallelapipedoii. 

puaDél^lpediqDe 2 

paraOèMpIpedlqile. pwalMliplpMtqDe, a. 

par&llËl^pedal, parallelepipedonal- 
pumUeUqac, a. pHrallcl. 
IMnlKUMir, r.t. pamUelize. paraUel. 
parmlléllaiiK, m. pu^Ucliein. 
puallËlDKnmnutIqne, a. paialleloinm- 

ma^c{al). parallelocramnûo, 
paralMocnnime. m. (Oc(m.) panllelocmn. 
— de WheiMUnu. {EUc.) Wheststoiie bridge. 
pualTsant, innIfMMnr, a. pualyimg. 
paralfscr, i.l. paralyie. 
puBlrale, /, paralyaù. 
pualrtlqne, a. it m. paialytio. 
paranucnétlqne. a. psrsmacnetic. 
pkrunsgnf tiame. m. porarnsenetunL 

^Elt m. paraxon; compar 

panuiaeléliM, /. paraDuclein. 
pinumclélque, a. paraziucleio. 
puiQUcKoproUlde, /. paranuoleoprutem. 
inraoïrlMiuoIqDei a. p-hydroiybemoic. 
immoifbcnijFlIqiie, a. p-hydroiybeniyl. 
Wtnpbtallqiie. s. paisphtbalic, p-pbttu 
(tercphthalic) . 

paTarosanlIlne. /. pari 
pkrasemldlqae, a. psrasenud 
Pknaf rie, /. para séries. 
puasitaire, a. parsaitic(al). 
inr&§lle, TRr parasite. — a. p 
parasiticide, a. A m. punaH 
PUBsttIqiie, a. panaitiofal). 
panmiell, m. lens bood. 
pBraaorblqne, a. paraaorbia. 


paraAulfqoated, poTASulfo, 
1. li^htniiut rod; lightoias 


nail part, particle 

, subdivide. 

— tigilal, yejêtsbls parobmant, paichmi 

parcbenlné, p.a. parcbmentiiHl; parchma 

pan^Mmlner, i 


18 parTaltement 

parebemliMiii, a, of ths nature o 

pareoiira, m. a 

psr-deasuB, adr. it vv- above, t 

(usually spelled pi 
pai-devant, aàr,. befon 

laed. Etc. {see parer), 
. n. shield or guard to protect 
flyiog fragmenta, spiioter-proof. 
pve-étin celles, m. ^urk amMer. 
parCBOHqne, a. A m. (tfed.) paie«oric. 
pareil, a. like, alike, similar, equal; 

of time); Bucb. — m. Tiks, equal, match. 
^ equal, unequsJed, ejLcer 

panlUe, /. like, aame, equal. 

sans — , without equal, unequalled, e: 

pareillement, aàx. in like manner, simil 

puemen^ m. drtMine, etc. (see parer); i 


. lac 

, curbetone. 

parent, m. & /. relative, relation, —m, 

pareal^ /. relatiomhip; kindred, Telatïvea. 

parenth^Ci /. parentbesis. 

parer. D.i, dress; trim; finish; prepare: adiHii 
embellish; ward, ward off; avert, avoid 
parry; abelter, protect; clear (as ai 
anchor). — v.i- (with d) auard against 

dTBSsed; make a show; protect oneself. 
parasseui, o. idle, laiy; slusglsh, slow. 
pare-torpDlM, m. torpedo net. 
pareuT, n. dresser, etc. (see parer). 

parblre, ».', complete, fiU out; perfect; finiab. 

— r.r. be completed, be finished. 
parhlsant,, of parfaire. 
parfolt, p.s. perfect; completed, perfeeted, 

finished, —m. perfection: perfect (teiwe); 

parTaltement, ids. perfectly. 

. /. (Bol,) pellilory (Pariitaria). 
jffianalt, wall pellitory (P. ojflcinalù), 
Pmuan, Fuit. — «. {rai 

t/urlU, /. p«ity, equivalem 
PBrt-tBlMKe, /. even TBleu 

ak, talk. — T.t. Ep«a]i of 
of; Bpa^, talk. ~>.r. be ipoker 
qM>keD of. — ■ m- Hpeakïns, specab. 

I, Burfacfl (f«p. Interior) ; 
&rtition wall, partition. 

IMmil, prap. Bmoi 

Vuvl, /. wall, Bii 

fftOQ, facing (i 

ICi /. word; speech; ton? oT voice; leuve 

,0 ipeaki aloquenix: crédit, tnut. 

lit m. dmûnc (of cloth). 

mr. «.J. peu, peu up; put 

Det, M. ûooT (eflp- in parquetry); plat- 

iln. fn. ADonBor. 

trew, sprinkle. Bcstter, diuemi- 

irt, /. part; portion; 
birth, childbirth. — 1 

jBtoly, slone; odd, 

de — «. — , from 

ds — «« iTaalrt, on both aides; 

in aO dirsctdonsi m^procallf. 

the other, right 

1, partition; portion, part, 

partMW. -•■ diïi 

ehare, lot. 

pArta^, p,a. divided; aupplied, endowed, 
a. divinble. 

. divide; ehare; supply, endow 
IwitB a share rf something). — v.r. be 
divided; part. — s.t. partake, share. 
Partant, P.O. starting, etc. (see partir). — adt. 
therefore, ooneequently. 

(^alO - chauSoir. 

. /. (£»!.} parthenopnuna. 
PKTtl, n. party: treatment: determination, 

Hdvanta^. — p.p. of partir. 
pMrtlctpaDti 1, participating. — m. partioi- 

putlelpatloii, /. participation. 

parteot, pr, s 

i) partiûpate in, ahare in, 
th de) partake of. 

■ "eremci , 

:p. particularly, i 

ceed; dart ofl. dart out, 

— de, starting from. 

dr — . overywhr.™, on all sidea, from all side 

pam, p.a. appeond; toi books) pufaliehed. 
parure. /. paring; adornment; ornamen 

panirent. p.def. 3 pi. of paraître. 
parut, p.def. S rina. of paraître. 

— d, arrive at, reach, obtain; lucceed in. 


puTonii, p.<.. KTived, 

pwTleDt. w. S ri^s. a 
parvint, v,M. S «na- 

PM, m. Mep: paw: pa 


— à Ota, cas thread. 

— à — , «tct> by »tep. 

— d'int, soltafoot {TxutOaiio Jarjata). 


— de Calais, Strait» of Dovw. 

— de defc. blunder. 

pasMblcmenti iiili>. psAsably, talerably, rati) 

paauBe. m. passing, etc. (aee paseer) ; pasgs 

Toad, way; orofleiEur (ae ot a railway). 

crowded. — m. paaoer-by ; ti 
e* /. pass; apecir., iSoap} a 9 

jut of Csaiuon. — n. paat. - 

alao. patnmBDt«rie faotory, art or trade. 

.w (ot wrarsl Uods): 
; paasport; plain frame; etc 
ps«ie-perle. m. very Sue iron wire. 
passeport, m, paesport. 

PUMT, t.i. pass; pasa away; get, go, oome; 
(of colom) fade: serve, last. — c.l, pa»; 

); Batiflfy; so beyoni 

r. paga; fade; 1 

eicesd, t 


id (i, 'cure'. 

T-ff, iiik (aa a drawing. 

II, blue. 

r, black, blacken, (Foundiiv) black- 

— par, pass by, pafli thi 
PMwrelle, /. f ootbiidce. 

pMserlc, /. (LcaHur) plumping liquor, 
puse-temps. m. pagUme. 
paaie-Tlolct, m. (Metal.) violet color. 
paailble, a. eensible; (Lau>) liable. 
pualf, a. pauive. — m. (Com.) liabiliUea. 

pasBlvcté, passivité, /, p 

passoire. /. colander. sUi 
pastel, m. paetal, woad (Ibe i 

(the I 

' drawinc). 


^aateur, Pasteurian. 
pasteurbateur. in. pasteuriser. 
pastenrlaatloii. /. paat«urixation. 
pasteuriser, t.l. pasteuriie. 
pas Ullage, m. iCeram.) omameatation in 

' pouring slip or by modelim 

pastlllasear, m. (Cirain.) oinamenter in relief. 
udUe. /. pastil, pastille, losense, troche, 
tablet; pellet. 

— à brûler, fumigating pas^. 

— fiiiminantê, pellet primer. 

pailiaei ifa Vichi/, paslilUa dietalite, (Pharm.) 

pasttUeDF, m., pastUlense. /. a worker or 
paatoo. tn. (Ccram.) a piece of paste of oonveu- 

patcbouU, m. (Bot.) patchouli, patchouly. 
&te, /. pasl«; douAh; (Paper) pulp, stuff; 
{Ceram.) paste, pAte; (Pcncder) mill eake; 
stu?, material; sort, kind; (Printinç) pi, 

— oHmenlairt, '- pftte d'ltahe. 

— à jKlate. - pftte d'Italie. 

— A BDion, eoap paste, 

— au bitidfiU, (Paper) sulfite pulp. 

— chimique, (Paper) chemical pulp. 

— d^alfa, alfa pulp, eeparto pulp. 

— de boi9. (Paper) wood pulp. 

— de chiffon», rag pulp. 

— da/oumeou, furnace lute, 

— demtiAiiniîue, (Paper) Bemicheminal pu%). 
— . dentifrice, tooth paste. 

— de paiUe. straw pulp. 

Lto dure, (Ctram.) hard pute. 
— ferme, firm piu(«, b^ 

— liijuidt, (Ceram.) liquid pMt( 

— msOf. Bolt piiBte. 

— lèehe. (Cffom.) 'day duet It< 
tlclea are molded by preauie 

— ttTUire, (Crram.) soft paste. 
pâte, m. pBBty, meat pie, patty; 

patentable, a, liable to tbe lioen 
patenM, /. license: (ship's) bill i 

— di eanU. bill of health. 

— nette, clean bill (of health). 

B, /. BLipport attached t 


(of gemfl) millty, 
pathocénlqiie, patbosène, o. pathosenic. 
pktbohtcle, /. patholagy. 
PKthDiaslqne, □. patholosical. 
pktholOKlquement, odi. patholoeiesUy. 
p>tIiotoclst«, m. pathologist. 
patlenuiieiit, adt. patiently. 
pBtlCDce, /. patienoe; ipeoif., CBof.) a ooAm 

Bortqwan dock (Sunuz patienlia). 
pktient, a. dt m. patient. 
pattn, m- support, block, plate, foot, ehoe, sole 

fliide block, guidfi block; skate. 
pstiDO, /. patina. 

patiner, c.t. pBtiBBte. —i.i. skate; ikid.slip. 
pstlo, 1». (Afetol.) patio, paved floor. 

I. work (Sour] for paatry, make into 
pastry. — i.i. make pastry. 
.tlsHrle, /. pastry; pûtiy making; pastry 

stiiring apparatus, as 
separator, a ptw mill for 

patoatllct. m, miong 

a. splashy, sloppy, n 

patriate, m. patriot. 

patronlllei, e.i. dabble, paddle; patrol 
patte, /. paw; foot; claw, clawa; leg (of in- 

seots); (Tech.) loot] cramp, cUinp; flange; 

flap, tongue, tab; catch, pawl; bottom (of 

- patte-d'oie (be- 

g, Pat- 


pitnrant, p,a. pasturing, (csiinc, hertûTorous. 

pfttare, /- feed, food ; forage ; pasture. 

pitnrer, v.i. dt L pasture, frase. 

paiielt#, /. paucity. 

panme,/. palm (of the hand); tennia. 

paupUn, /. eyehd. 

pause, /. pause; stop, reet, Buspenaion. 

paaTTCi a. poor. — m. poor material, ^lemf. 

paDrt«ment, adv. poorly. 
panwete, /. poverty, poorness. 
paTBge, m. paving. 

— en atphaller — en bitume, asphalt paving. 

— en béton, concrete paving. 

pavé, m. paving block; paving, pavement; 
paved road, paved street, etc.; streets, 
pubUe ways. — p.a. paved. 

— agçlomirér concrete paving block. 

— de boil, — en bnie, wood paving block; 

— enbritue(i) , brick paving, brick pavement. 

— m pier™, paving stone; stone paving. 
paTement, m, paving; pavement (»p. oma- 


pavDIan, m. flaring opeoing, as ths mouth of a 
funnel, the mouthiuece of a telephone or 
the bell of s comet; pavilion: flag. 

pantt, m. (.Bat.) poppy (ordinarily Papaier). 

— eomu, horn poppy, homed poppy (Gfau- 

n poppy (Pop 

parant, p.o. paj 
pare, /. pay; pe 
parement, m. p 

— dt, prove, show; etpose (one's penon). 


par*! •'>- BOUDtry; luid; ragioii; home. 

paruse, «. lundnoape. 

paron, tn. pewuiC, couDtryman. — 

Psrs-BM, NïtbeilsndB, Low Couotri» 

p.C.C, abbrev. (pour Dopie conforme) tmo cof 

P. C. K^ ahbra, (physique, chimie, naturel 

a oettdSciste (iven on the oompletion 

F.B.,o66m. (partis» Égalée) equal pMta; (point 

e, m. tdU; toUtouee, toUgate. 

— chamoiiée, chamoised Bida. chaiooia. 
— ' fToffnïou. lambeldn^ 

— dé bauf, okhide. 

— dt buffle, buff, buff leather; buffalo liide. 

— dé choTnifi*, obamoiB. chamois slcin 
chamois teather. 

— de chèvre, floatakiii. 

— de chien, dosËsh sldii; dog: skin. 

— préparée, 

— ' nfandue, HpHt skin, split hide. 

pean-croOte, /. split skin, split. 
pean-fleiiri /. (LtailieT) hair side of a 
PMossler, m. dealer in gkina, hides oi 

pwaii ]>I. of peau. 

pechblende, /. (Min.) pitchblende. 

pècbe, /. peach; fishing; fishen'. 

t, peaeb tree, peaoh. 

pCebnnDe, /. (Afin.) : 
peetiite» m. peoiate. 
pectenl. s. pectous, pi 
pectine, /. peetiu. 
peeUnem, a. pectinou 



idof p> 

peebHml, a. A m. paotoral. 
pectoae, /. peotoee. 
pécDDlatre, a. pecuniary. 
pMale. /. pedal ; treadle. 
pédalier, m. pedal (or treadlo) n 
pMoDCUle, /. peduncle. 
pednncuK. a. pedunculate, pedu 
pegDuaie, /. (Petr^.) pe,matiti 
pelgnaSCi ">. combing; cardizuc; 

cardins) worka. 
peignant, o 
peigne, m. eomb: card, chaser, 
peignée, /. oardful. 
peinent, pr . a pL of pûcner a 
pctener, d.1, oomb; card. 
pe^nerle, /. - pûgnsge. 
palgDeDH. /. combine machine. 
peine, /. (Papir) rag. 

pelnchebec, m. pinohbeok (a kind of tiiawi) 
peindre, v.l. it i, paint. 

— d Zd chauxr whitewash. 

— ■ d i'huile, punt in oil 
pdne, /. pain; pains; penalty; trouble, di 

peint, pji, painted; colorai. — pr 

peintre, m, painter. — a. paintinB, 

— en batimentt, house painter. 
petntfc-enuUlear, m, enamel put 
pelntre-rerrler, m. glass painter. 
pelDtDre, /. painting; coa^ne; paint. 

e. (CeramJ) slip paintiag. 

— Ala eoUe, sinng; kalsomining. 

— d ia aouache, — à J'o^uoreUs, 

pelntnrei, t.t. paict, coat. 

pelage, m, unhamag; hair, coat (of animals). 

pelaln. m. (ZieolA^r) lime vat, lime pit, abo 

- d ia chaux. 

(Leather) limor. 

unh^rlng, depilatloD (eap. br 


bkld; buw. 

_ e.f.(Mml.) 
a, f. ahovel. 
fe, f, sboveUul. 

.. Bbovelful. 

_B, ID. ahovcliDB. 

e, f. ihovelfuL 
pdletCT. i.t. ahavEl. 
peOeterifl, /. fun; fur nuki 

pdletlcr, m. furrier. 
■dkUérine. /. pcllgtierine. 
p^mbfe, m. iPIMoB) Bt 
k pelUoular, 

nm of Ï 

C S- peUiole, thin aldn or Elm ; sldn (of 

■ gmpA); {PKaUtQ^ film. 

[cdW, a. covared with & pelliole or film, 

pelUciller, e.I. (PholaB.) ilrip (b pUte) . 
pcOnelde, a. pelludd. limpid. 
VeHaddltC, /, psliucidnev, pellucidit; , 
pdotmce, m. makiiii into a ball <u tluHd by 

wuidiiv) ; {Soap) p\ott\ag. 
Wkkto, /. tall; [HilLat; (OIom) a sole or plate 

OD which the diâk of crown £lsaa « Uid^ 
~~ d /su, fire baD. Usht bsll. 

peloter, i.t. make ii^to > baU; (Soap) plot. 
pdotCDT, tn. winder (of thread); (Soap) 

1; lun 

pdoton, m. lu 

ptkitoniier, o.t. « 

mUedup; roll 
pdnche. /. pf uah, 
pdnret/. peel, akin, rind; peelina, p 

i; (MtJ.l 

fitig, et«. (««e pendre), bub- 
pended, pendent; pending; (of eropa) 
(standing). — tn. pendiint; oounterpert. 
— ' prep, pendinji, durins. 

pendlUa*, v.i, daoflle, awioE. 
pendolr, m. (Xjeaihtr) a ohamber in which hid» 
are auapended to be steamed; hook or cord 

pendret t-t. bang; hanc up> suBpecd- — v^r. 
bana. — j.i. hang down, depend; be 

pendak, m, pendulum. — /.clock. 
pinB, n- bolt. — ' /. pitch mop, tar brunh. 
pénetnblUte, / penetrability. 
veoetrmble, a. peaetrable. 
péuetnnt, p. a. penetratinc. 
pCnétostloD, /. penetralJort. 

— du boi», impregnation of ivood- 
penetnr. D.l. penetrsU: touch deeply. — «j'. 
penetrate csch other, mix; laturate ens- 

Qt, ado. painfully, laborioiuly. 

/. peninsul». 
la Pinintuit, The Peniciula, Spain and For- 

penne, /. (lona) feather; (Wtating) warp end, 
pénombre, /. penumbra: twilight, dim Light. 
pensée, /. thought; mind; meaninc; outline; 

(Sdf.) panay. 
penser, i.t. tbink, think of. — i>.r. think one- 

hU; be thought. — i.t. think; be near, 

be in great danger. 
iniucar, m. thinker. — a. thoughtful, think- 

Idd, /. board, board and lodging; board- 
liauae, penaian; boarding nchool (or the 

mtacBibon, con) 
□arbon atoma. 
tacbloré. a. pentachloro. 

m. pentachloride. 
itagonal, a. pentagonal; (of n< 

peutaniEtlirltDei m 

entagon. — a, pentagonal. 

1 compouna; me inter ii better oi 
_ ^lopentane). 
pentamCthylèDe-dUniliie. /. pentame 

lenediamine (1, S-pentanediamine) . 
pentaméthylénlqae, o. pentamethyleoe. 

intaBDlfure, m. pentaaûlfide. 
penMtblonlqae. a, pentathionio. 
pentalomlaue, a. pentatomio. 

pente, /. slope, ladination, îucliDe, eradicn 
piteh, declivity, (ftll; bont, tendency. 
aîier «n — , slepe, inalinc. 

— ascendante, asceat, auclivity- 

— descendante, defloent, declivity. 
. m. penthiophene (1,4-thî 

pendte, /. pentitol, pentjte. 

pentowi m. penCose. 
pentnre, /. hinge. hinge strap, 
penurtot/- BcaniÉty. dëfuth, lack; penury. 
pSonlne, /. (Dyee) peomn(e), piBomn(e). 
péperln, pepeiino, m, (Pefrsp.) peperin 

peperino (a volcanic tuff]. 
pCpIn, m. pip, imall seed lot a fruit). 

— de c<nna, quince seed, quince seeds- 
péBlte./. nugget. 

pepilne, /. pepsia. 

— liquide, (Pliarm.) solution of pepsin, liqu 

with, peptone and giycero]. 
peptonate, m. pcptonate. 
peptone, /. peptone, 
peptone, a. peptoniied, peptone. 
peptonlfleatlon, /. convernon ii 
peptonlfler. i.i, convert iuto pej 
peptonlaatlon, /. peptoniiation, 
peptoDlMTi i.i. peptoniH, 
peptoDUiie, /. peptonuria. 
peptatoilDE, /. peptotoiine. 
per aicensam. per aseeoaum. b; 
pCnt, in. (Mtntn|7) lump ooal. 

percAe. /. opening; (AfgloJ.) tap hole. 
peree-ranmaiie, m. (Melai.) tamnng bar. 

leroina, etc. (see percer), also 

twua); Dolleotonhip. 

»re, drill, punc 

perforate; penstr 


tiy); drive (as a 


wetlhoroly. ~v 

; (of a 

£ro grate) be un= 

-vered by C(^ 

spot. — t.i. open 

burst, break; 

penetrate; leak, leak out; cooieou 


thru, appear; rise 

-d/(«(. drill, bore 

eei«tt«, per««tt« 

/. borer, drill; 


n. piercer, borer, etc. (see percer). 
. /. boring machine, drilling machine. 
percerabie, a. perceivable; collectible. 
pereevant, p.a. perceiving; collecCinc. 
percevoir, i.t. perceive; collect (aa taxée). 
perehage, m. (Afrfol., etc.) polinf. 
perebe,/. pole; rod; shaft <of wood) ; prach. 
percher, [.(. (Metal., ete.) pole. 
pereblorale, m. pernhlorate. 
perrUoré, a. perchloro. percliloro-. 
perchkHlqQe, a. perchloric. 
peratahvure, m. perchloride. 

— de fer, perchloride oE iron (farlo oblo- 
perebTomlqite, a. perchromic. 
perclus, p.a. crippled. 
percoli, m., percolie, /. piercer, borer, drill, 

punch, awl, etc.; iMilat.) tapping bar. 
p«TC<dt, pr. S eing. of peroavMr. 
percolateur, m. percolator. 
perçu, p.a. perceived; (of taxée) collected. 
permsalOD, /. percuAsion. 
percataot. p.a. percussive, percussion, strik- 

vnmer, plunger, firing 
T. tsee perdre). — -«. 

L. per deecensum. by descent. 

penlTC, t.l. lose; spiûl; ruin, — i.r. loae one- 

«elf; beloet: dieappear; (of colors) blend; 

be ruined; be damaged. — *-t- ioee; ful; 

fall; ebb. 

perdrli, /. (Zooi.) partridge. 

' , p.a. lost. etc. (see perdre); random; 
isure; remote, out of ttie way; invinbls; 
.f oaaee. et«.) not returnable; (of a boH 
lad) auBh, countersunk. 
p^rtfnrablc, a. very durable. 
perduiableimiit, ode. very durablT' 
Inrer, i.i. be very dunÂde, last lose. 
I, m. father. 

d la — , m - 


ing» perfection. 

perfrastlfi a. perfontive. 
pnftwsUon, /, perfontjon; ptsfonUnc- 

. .^^ bofer. — ^ojimi. of pei^ 



perhydinre, m. perhydridd. 
pfolarpc, m. (Bet.) perieup. 
pérlclue, /. (Min.) pcricIsH, pericUàtc. 
P^HcUter* t.i. be Ëadanscred, be in dancer. 
pClUériTfi, m. péri derivative. 
péildenDe, m. CBof. d^ ZodZ.) periderm. 
pCrtdat, m. (Vin.) peridot, chry»lita. 
pCrMotltii, n. (Pitrag.) peridotite. 
Parler, m. (Founding) tapping bu*. 
péril, m. peril, d&DEer, 

mettre en — , imperil, eodanBcr. 
pirilleDHinenti adc. penloiuir, dsoseroualy. 
t. perilDiu, danseroiu. 

période, /. period. — tn. period, itaci 

pitch, dwree ; hei^t. 
période, s. periodo, period»-. 
pMndlclté, /. periodicity. 
périodique, a. (ot the acid) periodic. 
PModlqae, a. periodic (ftl). — m. \ 
périodiquement, ads. peiiodically. 
Périoste, m. (Anal.) periceteui 
péripétie,/. vidHitude. 
peripberte, /. periphery, 
périphériqae, a. perii^raL 
I. perieh ; (Lara) lapse. 

périMable, a, perishable. 

ferihinM, o. (Anat.) peritoneal. 
•erttomte, /. (M^.) peritonitia. 
e* /. pearlaoh. 
e, /. bead; peail. 

s. srtifinal peart, false pearl. 
Ii{w, metal bead. 

•lé, P.O. pearled; pearly; pear!: beaded, 
beady; (of Uqiuds) thiok, rich; (of luiar) 
twioe boiled; finiahed. perfect. 

rter, v.t. pearl; bead; do eiquiiitely or per- 
fectly. — e.i. bead, form beads. 

vner, o. pearl-beanog, pearl. 

rtlte, /. (Mierot. * Pulroo.) periile. 

■BtlqiiB, 0. peilitic. 

vnuDeiit, a. i 

permit, pjiéf. 3 tin 

permlitlOQ, /. pcrnuition, intuuate mucnre. 
permQtkbUllé, /. eichanseabihly, int«- 
chaogeabihty ; permutability. 

(MolA., etc.) permuUble.' 

(Math., etc.) permutation. 
permuter, s. t. exchange, interohange; pcff- 

permutite, /. permutite, " permutit." 
Penumbonc, n, Fernsmbuco. Recife (Biuii). 
priam-ahaped «uppart for pot- 

pernlttsle,' m. pemitrate. 
•te fer, penitrote of iron 
de fer ItQttide, {Pharm.) 

e, pemitrate ol menmry (mer- 
c Kmudi, (PAorn.) eolatûin ot 

peroirdue, /. peroiidue. 
penttydatloii, /. peroiidaU< 
praoïjde, m. perolide. 

pennrdé, p.a. peroxidised. 
pnoiyder, i.f. peroiidiae. 
peroiydlaatMe, /. peroiydia 
perpeadlenlalrâ. a. t£ /. pei 
pvpendtcalslremeiit, « 

. _ . srpetuatîon; perpetuity. 
, . . perpetual. 

ptrpétaeDemcDt, odi. perpetually. 

perpétuer, v.t. peii>etuate. 

endJfflaly. perpetually; 

pmltf. m. quairymsn; (Melni.) tapping bar. 
penUre, /. quarry <Ei!p. of elate). 
perron, m. Btepe and landins; platform. 
petivqaet, m. (Zael.) parrot. 
permtbeidqae, a. p«rrutlieiiic. 
penotln^T /. {Calico) perrotine. 
pen, a. blue-green, eieaniah blue. 
pnsBO, a. Persian, 
perse,/, chintp; (cap.) Psrai». 
perMlto, /. poHitol, peiwite, (d-maimahepti- 
toi, d-mannobeptite). 


/. (Bol.) periicary. 
persicot, rrt. peraioo, penioot (a wrdial)- 
perall, m. (Sol,) parsley. 
— deë marait. marab paisley {Peucedanvm 
persllU, a. spotted with treen (as oheeee) . 
perslstuice, /. peraistenee; pennBtancy. 
perstatant, a. peniatent. 
persister, i.i. peraiat, 
peraniuuillU, /. perwiDality; egoism. 
penonne, /. person. — m. any one, anybody; 
(with a negative, eipreeaed or underatood) 

lel, r 

mal; I 

persQlhte, m. persullate. 

— de /«■, poraulfata uf ire 

— de fer liquide. {Pharm 

à — dt me, out of siiiht, very fu, vi 

giutly ; (of UUdng) at nuidiHn. 
— giehe, aheet loaa. abaolute loas. 

pertinently, to tbe p 

rows; (Melal.) tap bote. 

I. dlaturbin*. — m. diaturbe 
1, /. perturbation, disturbanoe. 
pertarber, v.t. disturb, perturb. 
pCmrleD, a. Pouvian. 
perren, a. perverse. 

lent, adv. heavily. 

p. of peaar. — m. weigbt 

spéàfiQue. ipeeific gravity. 

, ffl. densimeter, hydrometer. ' — 1 ^ S 
Hnfl. indie. * lubj. of peser. 

acid hydrometer, acidimeter. 

, m- apirit hydrometer, alooholo- 

m, beer hydronteter. 
pese-ddre, m. cider hydrameter. 
ptn-toUe, m. glue hydrometer. 

/. weixbiitff; amount weighed out at one 

ne; lift, effort, thnut, 

snee, m. gasoline hydrometer. 
pèM-ether, m. a hydrometer for liquids lighter 


pise.40Dtt«8, m. dropper, drop counter. 
ptee-lalt, m. milt hydrometer, lactometer. 
pise-lMSlve, m. lye bydromelcr, 
pèa^lettre, m, postal scales, letter scalea. 
pèie-llqiaeiir, m. hydrometer; - pèse-alcool. 
liasses hydrometer (37-45* 


t, m. (Win, 

Bt hydrometer. 

pitê-incrâ, m. (Wine) must hydrometar. 
pefl^tftDDlll, m. tan-liquor hydrometer, bark- 

pesetle, /. a small balance of praoision. 
ptee-(abe, m. weighins-tube support. 
pesear, m. weigher. 

pèse-iirlDe. tn. urine hydrometer, urinomeler. 
pAse-fln, m- -wine hydrometer, enometar. 

peste 2 

pestCi /- peut, plaque; specif.» buboaio plHBiu, 

pétale, TH. iBot.) peUl. 

ptlallto,/. {Min.) petaUte. 

petud, ni, (Ps/ro.) peUrd, cartridge, Sre- 

craoker, cracker; (fîaiJuava) torpedo; 

(Minino) bla«t hola. 
pétard^amoree, m. priming cartridge. 
pttatrdv, v.i. blaat, blov up, destroy by blaet- 

ing or by exploaivca. 
péter. pe(«r, i.t. Inust, explode, blow up; 

craok, rcâke » ioud report; craokle. 
pétcroUe. /. (Pvra.) Ërecracker, cracker. 
pttUlant, p.a. crackling; (of wiae, etc.) 

Bparkling; (ûgJ) lively, animatad. 
crackling; iparkliDE. 

: <fi«.) 


. . ' mit) c 
1 tranaported ( 

rithl; be 

a. «nail, Uttle; ^ort; mean, Ion; petty; 
tak, — adi. little. — m. little; little 
le; yoQDg (of animale). 

reverberatory fur- 
1 (^léUaria I 

petite nttate, ■roalt veloi^ity; low Epeed; 
(SoQwatii) freight, dispatch by gooda train, 
■low dïipatch. 

eipulaioii of moieture) up to about 000°. 

. ptHU bOt. oats and bsrUy 

— InnI, fugitive dye or co 


iBi — peu, a Ï 

ery Uttle. 8 




pcUl-dnii, m. 



. Uttle, but 



pettinesB. n 

small imma 

petitgrain ml (fo 


from the sn 

all immatu 

re fr 

«. a kind of BquimL 

? pen 

pétlUon, /. petition. 

— de prituipf , begging the queetioni petitio 
pCUttonuer, n.t. petition. 
petlt-lBlt. m. whey, serum of milk. 
pCtrUsnt, PA. petrifying, pethfaatJve. 
pftrlfleaUoii, /. petrifaction. 
V^tnaer, t.i, é T. petrify. 
pétrin, m. kneading trough, kneader. 

pétriuace, petrlssemeat, tn. kneading, work- 

inK; molding. 
pétrlasenr, m. kneader. — a, kneading. 
pélli88«use, /. kneading machine. 
pétrotTactour, n. <£ipl,) petroFracteur. 
pftrognphe, m. petrographer. 
pétn^rapUe. /. petrography. 
pétmcraphlqae, a. pétrographie (a!). 
pétTOKTKPiilQiiemeiit, ode. petrographically. 

. kindling or oiUng n 

nth petro- 

pébole, m, petroleum; any liquid 


apeoif., kerosene. (A 

a fuel lor 


y means 

(>««.« being need 

to denote 


r petrol.) 

(uBuaUy) kerosene, bui 


-j™i, cru 

de petroleum, crude oil 

- d'i:cfl.« 

Scotch petrolemn, shale oD. 

— TKlifil,! 

pCtntl«ea, s 

petroleum, of petroleu 

pétroKiM, / 

(.Fham.) petrolatum 

kindle or sat fire to with 


or kèroee 

oe; oil (with petroleui 

n or kero- 

pCn«lctto, /. motoreycle. 

petntllcn, a. petroleum, of petroleum, petrolie, 

P«troUer, a. petroleum, of petroleum, oil. 

- - /. petrology. 
pétrosIlH, m. (Pefroff.) petrorilei, fi 
pCtrosUlceDi, a. petrosiliceous. 
pétaïué, pétanaC, m, (Csntm.) peti 

entty, lately, a ahort tinii 

ai—, liiae by little, by degrees, gridually. 

— sprit. KKMi after, not Iod« alter. 

-de cSaat, tittle tbiog, snull matter, not 

sut, if Holy, if . . . only a Uttle. 
g rim, a very Ettle, a mere nothing, 

(Sol.) Peuoedanura. 

— cfflcindl, hos'i fenusl (Pcucadanum affi- 

ptapiadc, /. tiibe. 

peuple, m. people. — a. at the (nommon) 

people; oommon, vuIbbt. 
peupler, n.l. people; stock. - — i.i. multiply. 
peupUer. m. poplar (tree and wood). 
peUT, /. (ear. 

dt — îiM, for [ear that, for leu 1st. 
peat, pr. 5 liiur, of pouroir. 
peal-ttn, ado. perhapa. it may be. 
peaTCDt, pr. S pi. of pouvoir. 
p.ei., ahbrm., (par eiemple) for qiacDple. e^. 
Ph. Symbol for phaiphore (phoophonu). 
ph^lMeniqaCi a. iHfed.) phacedenio. 
plugocyte, m. (Physiol.) phagocyte. 
phacocytfw, / {Phynol-) phHeocytoflia. 
phacolrae, pIiw>ertolrM, /. (Phviiai.) pha- 

ffolyaie. phaaocytolyaiB. 
phaneiogune, a. (pat.) pbanerogamic, pha- 

pbamude, /. pharmacy: dispeoaary; medi- 

pliannaelen.m. pharmacist; dniggjat, apothe- 
cary, chemist and drusflist. — a. phar- 
macy, of pharmacy. 
— ehimiale, pharmareutical cheraint. 
phBTHimcoclilmle, /. pharmaceutical chamiatry . 

_ . - ^ nacoloEy. 
plUTIDMNdOKlaue. a. pharmacologie (a!), 
pbaxmrntolioslatt, plurnucolocne. m. phar- 

plurnuMonyiiie, m. pharmaceutical oame. 
phamueopec, /. pharmacopeia, pharmaco- 

pIutrnueaMlderlte, /. (tfin.) pharmaooeid- 

medldoe cheat. 

g phénrl^ycollqne 

pluaCohmattne, /. phamoluuatia. 

aeglamerated eork. 
. /. (P/iarm.) phenacetin(e>. 
pbénadl*, irtiCnaldle. /. (Min.) pheuadte. 
_> - ..>._....- ^^ phenanthraquinone 


phenBUthnutne, /. phenanthruine. 
phfriullCllrtae, m. phenanthreoe. 
pbenaathrenlqiie, a. pheDaatbreae, of cir p 

taining to phenoDthrene. 
pbéiuto, m. fjieuolate, phenate. 
— de aoiide, eodium phenolatd. 
pUoailiie, /. pheoBiina. 
phèlM, m. pheoc (little used nama for beiueD 
pbeoetbOli n. phennliile. 
pbeaeuOlDe, /. phenetidine. 
phenetol, m. pbenetola. 
phézilqiie, a. of or pertaining to phen 
pheuic, pheuylio. 

^ ' — , carbolic acid, phenol. 

ic acid), carbolate. 


phéiwl-phtaléliie, / phenolphthalein. 
pMnol-ralTone, a. phenolsulfonio. 
phénoménal, a. phanomenal. 
pMnomeiulemeiit, mb. phenomenaUy. 
pMnomèDe, m. phenomenon. 
pbemae, /. s ketone of phenyl and aome otha 
radical (RCOCiHO. 

t, /. phenylaoetamide (m-tolu- 

pMDrlûtdqae, "■ phenylaoetic (o-toluio). 
pben^laeitTlelie, m, phenylaoetytene (elldnyl- 

phenrlalutlne, /. phenylalanine. 
phenVlalIrMiM, m. |ÀenylaII]4eBS (phenyl- 

phénrlsmide. /. phenylamide. anilide. 
phfnrlsmlne,/. pbenylamine; specif., aniline. 
pbfinrlearbrlaiiiliM, /. phenyl oaibykunine 

(isocyanobeniBDe, phenyl iaoeyanide). 
rttenrle, m. phenyl. 
pbénflèlic, m. phenylene. 
phtnylène-dtBiiiiDe. /, phenylenedianùm. 
phCnjiMtiuiie, m. phenylethane (eth^Mn* 

phényléthyHtte, m. phenylethylana; qMiàl., 

phényUthyHqae. a. (of au alccJiol) phenellijl. 
phfnylElrcéTltie, /. phenyUlycsrol. 
phénylslrcoeaDe, m. phenylcIyDoiloll (phenyl- 


^finrlhrdnuone. /. phenylhydmone. 
lACnjHqne, a. phenyl, (l«s oStta) phenylis. 
phearlmethrnDB. m. phenfhDethuw; (pecif,, 

tMujljffJMMOlt m. phenytpyraiola. 
pbCnjIptDplollqiw, a. phenylpropiotio- 
phen^nilfalc, m pbenrliuU&te. 
phfinibnUltc, m. benieimulloiiate. 
pUDTblliniraill, a. beiuen«iilfoniB. 
phenybiilftiilque, a. phanyliulfuiia: phenol- 
■ulfonid (imi^iqwr um) . 

• e,/.phenylm™. 

lie. a. Id the phniH pinra phOoKt- 
pnau, phikwophflTfl' Btoiifi. 
lUinoplÛIlltei "•- s Bearcher iac the philoao- 

phen' Btone- 
lUoaopbe, m. philoaophar. — a. philo- 

lUoioplMr, CI. phikaophiie. 
_ iUaMplil«i /. philosophy. 
ptaUMOpblQIIB, a. phikiAQphio, philoaophical. 
_^., ^. j^ ^^ phil«ophio»Uy. 

HHoctoUodon. /. (OU Chm.) phlogiitlu- 

. «. phlofiatiui, pblociitoniet. 
pblofllitlaiie, ni. phlogwtoD. — a. phlociatie. 
. ^^ ^^ (Oy j.^^^) phk^Mtioite. 

t, f. phloretin. 
_m, a. phlontlc. 
phlorMiInc, pliliMKrIililaei /■ phlochiiiD, 

■lUonicliieliw,/. phlorogludnol, phloroiluein. 
pUorofliicltc, /. phloToglueitoI, phlorofluciU, 

I, 3, &-cyc1ohûanetnol. 
pUodne, /. {Dyet) phloÉD, phlaiine. 
ptalydtne. /. (JUed.) phlycteoB, phlyotieiia. 
phoeénlae, /. phoceaia (trÎTsIerin, glyoeryl 

phmolclne, /. (Ovei) phemoiiite), phniùoinfe). 
pkoqnci m. (Zf«i.) waJ. 
phormlam, pbonnlon, m. (flst.) Fhonniiim, 

»p. P. fanaz or Ne» ZeiUsDd 9si. 
^fwcènci «1. phoscene. urbonyl chloride. 
phosplikEne, n. phoqtbam. phoepbanw. 
phosphslasc, m. (Ajrtc.) applicsCioii of phoe- 

plutia terbliins; iWint) addition of caJ- 

eiiun phosphate to the gnqwa. 
plKKldlBtoi m. T^osphaCe. 

— ammon^aea-ma^^nfln, ammonium macn»- 
Bium phosphate. 

— bicaieiqiit, dicatcium phosphate. 

— SmuHcmiatuc, ammonium phosphate. 

— ' de Maur, pfacophate of lime (oaloi am phos- 

^^de cAour \yaraU, (PAstm.) prvcipitAt«d 
«■lehun phosphate. 

— */<r. 

>9 phoBphnre 

IdHMidutc it iwwnMe, pfao^Bts ot m 
(mAflCdium phosphate). 

— de potatat, phosphate of potash (potaBÙam 

— dtf sonde, pho^thate of soda (sodium pho*- 

— mùUeux, a sinipy form of monooaldum 

— muiiooaWsiM, monocsloiom pho^ihate. 

— trùalàque, tricalcium phosphate. 
phosphaté, a. ooaUiains pbofvbate or phos- 
phoric acid, phosphatie. phosphated. 

pbosphatcrle, /. phoq>bat« minina or prepa- 

phoapliatlde, n. phosphatids. 
phoapbatlqiMi a. phoaphatic 
ptMMphatnrle, /. (M*d.) phoq>luturia. 

' ' ' (tf*d.) i^osphaturio. 

piMMphiitlreAni*> m. phosphoclyoerate (ttf- 

phMpboglyeeflqne, a. phosphoclyoeiiD (sly- 

oerophoaphoric) . 
"■ * ilrMlqaCi a. phosphomolybdio. 

m. phosphorufl, pho^>hor. 

- amsrphe. amorphoua pbo>q>bâru>. 

- biane, white phosphorus, 

- dfl BvlOffntt Bologna phoephorua (a pho^ 
phorescent sulfide, esp. iiarium sulfide). 

- de Canton, Canton's phospborus (pho^ 
phorescent calcium sulfide). 

- Ttmçe, red phosphcffus. 
jrtlOTéf a. phoephorua, coataîninc pho^ 

phorua; pboaphide at, phospburetted. 
plMi^rtiote>lifDiuCt n. phosphor bronse. 
pboiphDtefenMUIeiaDi, m. an alloy of pbo*- 

pboaphorer, >.l. treat, impreinate. « 
combine with phosphorus, phosp] 

phOSphoteseeiuK, /. phcsphoreseenoe. 
a. phosphorei 

phaspborCBii a. phosphoroua. 
phMpliOTMc, m. phosphide. 

o. phoephoric; phosphorus, erf 

phoephorin. phoepborate. 
pbMpbiHlinMi m. IMtd.) phosphoriim. 
pbmpborlte. /, (Jtfin. A Petraç.) phosphorite, 
phosphmf Hone, a. phosphoritic, 
_. ,. -_. 'Phytia) phosphorcH 

pbospboromope, n. (Phviiu) phosphoro- 

pbosptaDtniifsllque, a. phoephotuncBtic. 
pboapboTSDBdlqiie. a. phos ' 
piMwphlirs, ID. phoaphidB. 

photocUinle, /. pbotocbemistry. 
photochliiiliiiie. a. photochemiu 
phDtochnipiic, /. photoohromy, c 

IT photog- 

^c color 
priDting, thre«Ktolor procce 

wtochniiDotrpoinpÛe, i 

'ifpi^ /■ pbotocliroinotypy, pbotoffrapbio 
color nroaat. 

ollography ( 

pbDla-élMtTlqDei a. phota-eWtric(iil). 
photoctne, o. photosemc. — m. photocell 

phototéntsc, pbotocenle, /. producttoa a 

phnti^iietlqile, a. photogenetic, photagnnic 
Iiboto|:enliine. a. rclstinf to the cbemiee 

effects of light, Hctinic; photogenic. 
photocénlqnement. adv. sctloicsUy; photo- 

phoÉoylyplïe, /, photogravure; woodbury- 

phototirsphe. tr. photographer. 
pbotovrkplile,/. phatogr&pby: photogrsj 

plulocnpliler, c.t. pbotogrspb. 
ptiotoKnphlqne, a. photographia, pt 

pholagrapblqaemcnti adu. photographia 
photoBrsrenr, m. photoengraver. prooeai 

— en relie/, pbotoe 
pbotoUthoiraphle, /. photolichogr 
tdMtnmagnf tlqne, a. photomago? 

spot phntomcter. 
pbDlometKr, r.l. met 
pbotométrle, /. photi 
photometrlQIief a. i 

lAotomttrtiiuenient. at. 

aiire photometrically. 


/. colorinA of photosr^>liB' 
„ pUe> /. pbDtoplaalosn4>Ii7i 
^WlOIHiadre. /. Sssh-light powder, 

n. (Atfftm.) photosphère. 
.ne, a. (Aitnm.) phot» ' 
lAotoayiithtee, /. photuyatluaia. 
piMttotBcHqiM, a. (Biol.) phototactic. 
pbatotkile, /. (Bial.) phototaiia, phototsiy. 
phototégle, /. (Photoir.) a {woceia lor trans 

lototherapic, photo- 

photathéraplqae, a. ] 

thermoDLet«r with 
a photographic rei:iiit«riiig device. 
photot7p«, m. an nrigioal photographic image 

phoiotTpJe, /. phototypy, phototype. 

pbototypotivpble, /. [^DtotypoKraphy. pho- 
toengraving (in relief). 

phototlncocnphle. /, photonaoaaraidiy, nss 
pb otoengraving. 

phniw. /. phrase. 

phtal-. phlhal-, 

phUlste. m. phthalate. 

pblaieiM,/. phthalein. 

<iu pUnnl, pbenolphthaldo. 

'. phthaJii 
. /. phthalin, 
phtollqnef c. phthalic. 
phtalophénoiie, /. phthalophenone. 
phtiUrle, m. phthalyi. 
phtanlte, /. {Felroff.) phthanite, chert. 
phlaiitqiie, a. deleterious, deadly. 
phttile,/. (Med.) phthiaû. 
phl^ocbTOinc, m. Cfiot.) phyooehronie. 
phrUoporpbFrtiic, /. phylloporphyria. 
phyUaianthlnc, /. phylloianthin (lantho- 


■' phyOoiera, m. (Zofll.) phylloiera. 

a. attacked by the phylloiera. 
ibjOtaeri™, phrUm^rlqae, a. of or pertun- 

ing to the phylloxera. 
pbrSKllne. /. phyaalin. 
phyaallte. /. physalite (a variety of topas). 
physlelrn, ?n. phynicist. — a. physiea. 
pbrslco-ehlmie, /. physical chemiatry. 
phTalco-chlmlqae, a. phynicoohemiial. 
phyaleo-mstMiiullque. a. pbyafooDtath» 

physlco-mécuilqiKi a. phyaiocmsahiiikaL 
phyalographe, m. phyiiosraplier. 

o, /, physiagrBpby. 
. . _ e. /■ phyiiology. 

plirBlolo0qi]Cf a, physiological, pbyuolocjc, 
pliTHtolOKlqaeDientf adv. phynoloffic&lly. 
jiÊijtMtotiBtt, phyiiolociK, m. physioloiist. 
phrdqne, a. pbyeical. — f. phyeicg. — m, 

ti adt. phyeically. 

e« /. phyBoetiffmiiifl, 

pbjtMThlmle, /. phyûicbemùtrï, plant chsm- 

phjtodiliiilqiic, a. pbytooheniiCBl. 

Vhrfa^ine, a, phjrtoiemc, phytoieiioaa. 

phrtolaeclne, /. phytolaccm. 

plillalwine, /, (Bo!.) PhytoUccB; upedt. (■« 
iaPKarm.) P. liecandra or common poke. 

pIlTtostcilDe. /. phytosteroL. phytoetarin. 

pUlW, m. piaoo. 

ptC m. pick, pickai; poker; (Olati) an iron rod 
for detacbiDf the cylinder from the blow- 
pipe; (moimtALD) p«Bk; woodpecker. 
à — 4 peipendiaularly, perpcndicuIiLr, pre- 

— i /eu, poker. 
pécadll, m., pleadlla, (CHiut) material 

thru the hearth. 
lltaJ o n, m. (Soap) place irhere the loda is 
bniken up. 

/. picamar. 

uetric, py cnometrical. 

plcrminlai>e> "■ pi<m 
picrate, m. picrate. 
plcrmtéi a, of or 001 

yr mixed witli inorio arad, 

pferol. m, (Phann,) {ôcrol. 
pleronHl, m. pioromet. 
plerotlDe, /. picrotin. 

picrciloilqae, a. 

pièee,/. piece: e 

I of cattle); tip, 1 
l: (AfoiA.) work. 
» pi£«t, bieak, U 

pièce à — , bit by bit, piecemeal. 

— de couUe, cafltinc. 

— de frottement, frictiou piece. 

— de rccAantfe, spare part. 

— maitftite, in salt eardcxia. an elevated 
reservoir from which the brine is diatri- 
buled to the iaJAta aaUmta, 

— imruUt, (Mtlal.) caetinE, 

pled. m. foot: base, support; let (as of a table) ; 
stem, Btddk; slope. Inclination; footing: 

au ^ de la bUrt, in a literal lenH 

the letter, exactly. 
de~/emt, firmly, resolutely. 

weed {Qnaphaliunt}. 
— de cuve, Hedimcnt, dress, f< 
fermenting hquid placed ia tl 

(of crops) St 

p; veil; ia use, in fashion; 
k (5dt.) larkopuT. delphîn* 

plédMtal, m. pedestal. 
pitce, m. trap, snare. 
ple-iaire, /. (Anat.) pis 

Ëde): (Mtd.) calculus. 
— ^ d aiguwr, whetstone ; erindatorxe. 

— à bâtir, buildinc stone. 

— à brunir^ bUToiehine stone, «pccif. Ï 

— i cautère. (Med.) chemical caustic, p 
Ual cautery, specif, potaraium hydroi 

— ■ à ehaitXr hmeatone. 

— à feu, fireetone. 

— i/iltter, filter stone, Sltenni stons. 

— A tcner, sink. 

— à I'huUi, oiletone. 

— ^àmeuiét, millstone; grindstone. 

- — d piAlre, gyjiflum, plaster st<H]s. 

— à ral. (Min.) witherito. 

— afHficielle. artificia 

— blanche, white atoi 

— calaniinaire. tMin 

■lam d'aigU. (Min.) «BlaCone. tetitM 

— ifaimanl. Fomdatoae» Jod««tone. 

— d-aium. (Min.y liluin stone, Bluoito 

— deBoliiem. (»in.) BohsBfuUioe (a 
of baritd). 

— de cimtHi. Bernent blcxik. 

— (Tftrwfwe, (Piarm.) crab'«-«)r8, 

— d< rair, mBleorio stDoe, ab 


— d*li«M, (Afrâ.)moo 

havin» the Hown o( 





— d< BUOB. «ospBlonB. 

— diMfcil, (lftt.)«tmi 

—«.. (rwrtone; 


•quired ttone, 

hewn atone. 

— <r«ain, (Afin.) tinrtf 


— dswrr.. 1 kind of 

kind of deviuified il 

— d-Ma; Binli. 

— cKrin». (Pharm.) a coHyrium i 
copper Bulfate, patAHmn nitra 
camphor (called alio cupnun al 

1 (fuaod mlï<ff 

— mfemoU diluiet iPharm-) mitisated silver 

— meuHirt. millfltone, buhnftone. 

— mitraU. calcium oxalato. 

— eOaire. potitone ( a kind of iteatîte). 

' — cjthtJiaimique. crystallised coppsr sulfate, 

— phUautphaU. philoeophers' ntooe. 

n gem underlaid by < 

pMUncmcnt, m. tram 
pKHner, v.t & i. tramj 
ptoUi m. Bt&ke; pile. 

/. pieso-eleotridty. 


n. dovseole, piaaoQ houM; dandier 

PUment, to. pi«meiit. 

— MfÎBÙ-E, bile picment. 

— matpàa. blood pi«ment. 

pigmentary, pi^pnentaL 

pIflMa, m. {Mach.) pinion; gear; pinon, pine 
nut; inf«ior vool; cable. 

— dflf BarbadaM, — d^InAi, phy«ie nut, Bar- 
badoa nut. 

pilafQi m. pnii Tiding, etc. (see |»Ia'). 

pile, /. pQe; (Eke.) cell, battery, pile; beatinc 
trough, Btamping trough (as lor crushing 
Bogar): bed (cl a powder mill) ; {Paptr} 
hollander, pulping machine, beat^; (&iap) 

— d ouiKi. trough battery. 

— deAdrbon,oiiarcoalpile; (£Iec.) carbon cell. 

— à iMvinatlgr, b«atec, pulper («a for gun- 

— A densité, gravity cell, gravity battery. 

— A deux U^idea, two-fluid battery. 

' — A ffraviU, gravity eell, gravity battcoT* 

— à immornm, plunge bMtoy. 

— à Kfluife. fluid cell. 

— au bitJiromaie, bichromate ceU. 

— difilevte, {Paper) breaker. 

— de jwjoriiolûn, stoiage battery. 

— d'ijireiive, — d'ettai, testing cell, tcMing 

— de rnifa, voltûe pile or oelL 

— ilalon. standard ceU, normal cell. 

— îaimniïM, galvanic pile (Blectrio cell or 

4e, plunge battery. 

, primary cell, primary batlwy. 

— êeene, ory cell, dry battery. 

— fecondfltrs, Becoadary battery, storage 

— Aermo-éUetriqve, thermoelectrio inle, tlicr- 

— tulùO^ue. voltaic Tule or «11. electric cell. 
tx, v.l. pound, crush, bray, bruisa, grind (as 

in a mortar), beat. — t.r. be pounded, «to. 
(Leaiher) bark grinder. 
m. pounder, ete. (see pila). 
tan, (LestAer) bark grinder. 
a, piloM, pileouB, bail;, hair. 

pmer, M. pithr; piei; poat. 
tUsttâitlOlue, f, pUocarpidine, 
pOocarpIne, /. pilooaipins. 
fOotr, m. s stick used in manipuUtiDE the 

hidH in the vat in tawinc. 
fUon, m, pestle: ottunp, cnuher; rammer; 

iprvwed-oir hftmmer. 

pUnlaire, a. piluUr, 

— /. (Bof.) piUwort. 
pIlDle, /. pill. 

pilh of phoephoTUB. 

pâulei chaliibttt dt Bland, pills of taiaag oar- 

bnnate, BUud'i pillfl. 
I>il«lH roeMei minturtt, oompoand pill of 

pHuia d'aeiUxU de plomb et d'opium, piU of 

had wiUi opium. 
pHuiet d'edoie 

J of fen 

of fen 

pUulea de Rufuê, pilla gf aloea am 

Rufiu'i pillo. 
jntuiee ftrruffinef^eee, maaa of twt 

pQuUs femffùauMê de Biaudr piUa c 
e. Blaud'B piUa. 
turûUi* timi>U$, mam of 

pSviee photphoriee, Tnlla of phosphorua. 

pduUer, n. ^ machine. 

plnuriaae. a. pimario. 

pbnCHqne. a. pimelio. 

pbnvnt, IB. red pepper, Cayenne pepper, 
(PAon».) capaioum; (Bol.) any plant of the 
senua Capnoum, »p. C. onnuum, or Ouiaes 
pepper; (in «rtain phraaea) pepper. 

lapice, pimento tPimimta pimenta). 
Bi jarding. — punent azinuet. 

/, CBd'.! Piment». 
pimpreiMlle, /. (But.) bumet (Sonffuiiorta) ; 
(in certain phmKa) pimperaBl. 
m. pine (tree and wood). 

à trochelÊ, duster pine, iPinua pinaeter). 

— d'Altp, Aleppo pine (Pin 

— de vtAture. Norway pine. 

— de poix, piteh pine. 

plDftrle, m. pinnacle. 
plnacoUne, /. oinaûDlù 
plDieoDe, /. p 

B haUptant)^ 

plncade, /. pinching. 

plDoe. /, (pair of) pincers, pinchers, pliers, nip- 
pers, tcn^, forceps, tweeters; pinehcock; 

I, flange; grip, hold, pur- 
y-tipped foreepe (for 

chase; pini 

handling weights). 
— à bùuta ptatine. platinum-tipped foro^M 

for holding a oruciblf 

lijtetta, oupel tongs. 
tueela. crucible tongs. 
I'Urfre, tongs with spool 




hand vise. 

— bnaUe. sprin 

Ung pliem, - 

hemical (oi 

ceps, e»p 

spring forceps 



often provided with adjus 

iDg screw, 

E holder 

what like a 

wire twt-t 

— en boil, wooden damp. 

— pjate, flat-nos 

ed pliers. 

nosed pUeia 

pInCMn, m. brush (for paintinc or diuting). 

piquer, i.f. priok; iting; priokle; eauM ta 

pùntei'i pencil, hair peoail; !£ltc.) bfuih; 

SDurt, bite; hui (w wine); puncture, 

(Ann/.) fMciculm. 

pierw; poke (u a fire>; «ale (a bigler); 

pincée. /.pinoh. 

die, quarry, mine; stick, thruat in, fix; 

enaw.wt; dot, spot; pit (ae metal) ; mold. 

pInceT, «.(. pinch; nip; grip; oatch. —t.i. 

•pot with moW; quilt; backatiloh; laid; 


interest; piijue. — ..r. sour, turn sour; be 

piquant, be atrons, be tainted; mold; 

pride on»elt (on); be pidued; priok one- 

self, -...-, aour, turn «>ur. 

pincnre, /. créa»; pinching. 

plqaet, m. stake, peg, pin; picket. 

pintel, a. (Attol.) pinol. 

plnma, n. a vHiety of red grape, rich ia gugar 

and much nud in makinc wine. 

plD»ne, m. pinese. 

plnlqiM, o. pimo. 

(see piquer). 

plqQre, /. prick, pricking, puncture; stii«; 

piDlte, /, pinitol. pLniW, (jMôi.) piaito. 

hole; d Jilting. 

pioche, /, picksi, pick, mattock. 

pire, a. woree: warst, — m. worst. 

pfaKhemeDt, m. diftcLm. 

^ocbcr.B.t. dis; workhudat. — «.>.di«. 

plonnl«, m, pioneer. 

ou — atltr. at the worst. 

— aUer. worst, woret possible; last reewt; 


Ptoe,/. Pisa. 

pluériditiie, /. piperidone. 

piptrin, m., pIpAlne, /. piperiae. 

ter, carbon or the Uke); pist, rammed 

plpériqac, »- piperie. 

earth or clay. 

plpèralde, m. (.Pharm.) piperoid. 

ptaaUtbc /. (Gul.) pûolîte. 

plp»onïllqne,o. (oftheacidlpiperpnylic: M 

the alcohol] piperonyl. 

plptrrlc, m. [Kp«ryl (tsdical of piperio acid). 

pipette, /, pipeC, pipette. 

— à baUon, a pipet with a large Sask-like 

— d boule, bulb pipet (pipet with spherical 

^d evUndrB, cylindrical pipet, pipet with 
cvlindricat bulb. 
jmple-eli)buitè, blood-countiOg pipet- 

I ■full '■ 

— dàùée, graduated pipet- 

— effliif, pipet with drawn-out point. 

— étalon, standard pipet. Donnai pipet. 
— . jautrétt calibrated pipet. 

""'"Wntt n- "*'""g i^ret. 

jiickling. etc. («<e jMnuer); (ot 

jriekle, prink, apine; pi- 

:.) dandelion iTarajsacum). 
I, /, washing bottle, wash bottle (f« 
; (in general) 
atuB for delivering liQuid in a âne 

h battle (for 

ina bottle. 

plteh-plD, ni. pitch pine, r^. 

(the woodl, 
pite, /. pita (fiber from Agatt anuricaittt uid 
other planta, also the plant). — n. pit». 
pita fiber, pita hentp. 

pItMII, n. pitiable. 

piMé,/, pity. 

piton, TR. iHirew ring, sorew eye; Kn* hook; 

Iiitar>l>>e. a. pitiful; pitiable. 
pttonblemeDt, odi. pitiably, pitiiully. 
IdttmCBl, m. pittaoal Ô>lue ooloriiis matter). 
Irftte,/. -pit*. 

pltliwMqnc, a. piotoml; |»etiir»que. 
pItt<««M|nement, ada. pictorislly; pictur- 

pltnltalre, a. (XnoJ.) pituitary. 
pttnlte, /. iMtd.) phlegm, muciu, pituite. 
HTOlne,/. (fiot.) peony (i>fnmù). 
ptnttitn. pivot; pin, stud, biIb; (Bot.) taproot. 
llTOtant, P.O. invotine; (Bit.) tap-rooted. 
Idvolv, ti, pivot; iBot.) have a taproot. 
ptaeate, m. plating, ato. (aee plaquer); |Ëg.) 

pUcmse, m. ptadnc; Belling. 

plftcazdt m. plaoard; galley proof; cupboard. 

(public) EQuare; market; change, ei- 
cbange; merchants, bankers; (Gjo^fl) chair, 

faire — f make a place, make roam, give way. 
ptecemeot. m. placing; investment; eeliirm. 
pUeeota. m. placenta. 
placentaire, a. A m. placental. 
placer, d.i. place: put; invest; sell; plant. 

— i,r, be placed; station oneaeH; get a 
poeJtion; be invested; (of goods) sell. 

— n. IMinina) placer. 

■dafOnd, m. ceihng; top, crown; (.Uttttnti} 

roof; bottom (of a tank, a canal, ete,). 
place./. regioD; shore, coast; beaeh. 
plaxtMre. a. (Cruii.) plagihedral. 
plaglaclaae, m. (JIftn.) plagioclaae. 
placlonlle. /. IMin.) plagionite. 
plaider, D.f. plead ; sue. — t.i. litigate: plead. 
plale. /. wound; aore; plague. 
plaignant, m. plaintif!, complainant. — 

■ a. plain. 'plan 

van. flat 

r. S pf. tn^. A n 

plait, pr, S iino- of plaire. 
plamagc, m. (LtsMsr) unhairing (esp. by lima). 
plainer, i.l. iLtaihrr) unhair (e«p. by lime). 
plan, a. plane. — m. plane, plane surface; 
plate; plan; map, plot, plat, chart, drawing. 

— Ampe, sectional plan. 

— de çonftTuctivn, working drawing. 
— - de joint, parting plane. 

— de sjfmétrU, plane of symtuetry. 

— du fojier. focal plane. 

— incUni, inclined plane. 
pianace, m. smoothing, etc. (see planer). 
planclic, /. board; plank; (of metal) platci 

block (for printing). 
planclieiM, I.I. floor; board, plank, 
plandier, m. floor, Sooiing; ceiling; platform, 

stage, stand. 
planchette, /. (email) board; tray; plane table. 
plan-eoncaTC, s. (Opltcs) plano-concave. 
plan-eonieie, a. (Oplica) plano-convei. 
plancton, m. (Biol.) plankton. 
plane, /. any of several cutting or amoothing 

tools, as a paring knife, a drawing knife, a 
plane, plane ti«e; 



gold fo 


; lookd< 

planétaire, a, plan 
planète, /. planet. 
planotage, m- (Sudor) scraping smooth the 

base of a sugar loaf. 
planalcbter, m. plansifter. 
plant,m, plant (forsetting out); planting, bed. 
plantage, m. planting, etc. (see planter). 
' ' * (Bof.) plantain (Planlago). 

vater plantain (.Alisma, eep. 

plaindre, ci.' pity;' complain of: grudge. 

plaine, /.plain. 

plainer. ..i. (taortsr) unhair (eep, with lime). 

plaln'pled, m. flat, suite (on one floor). 

— iiffmnm, woody plant, ligneous plant 

(ahtub or tree). 

— pohwire, vegetable. 

plaint, p.p. of plamdre. 

— ripow, perennial plant. 

plainte, /. complaint. 

planté, P.O. planted, etc. ^ee planter); erect. 


able. — ..r.bepleaaed(with),befond(of). 

pUnter.M. plant; set, set up; put, pUce. 


plantnreui. o. abundant, copious; fertile. 

— d. please. 

planure, /. shavings; turnings. 

plaque. /. plate; slab; (ripd) sheet; dia- 

plaliant, P.O. pleasing, pleasant, agreeable; hu- 

Duxvua; ridiculous, —m. humor, fun; joker. 

pateh, spot. 


- oMoUe, (Site.) grid. 

— au gilatinabromatt, (Ptnlop,) sel&tino- 

— chauffanle. hsstioB plate, hgt plate. 

— de Ntndaos, armor plate. 

— lis cframigue, pottery pliite, asrthenwsro 

— d> /and, haae pl&te, bottom plate. 

— dé tastre, <Af«ial.) twyor plate. 

— fiiièrt, drawplate. 
— - ./livrante, filter plate. 

— peUieviaiTt, {PhoUta^) film. 

— photooraphiquct photographie! plate. 

— Hnniii. IPAoIoi].) aenutive plal«. 

— touîil», (Photoa.) film. 

tf>qil£, m. jjated ware, plated metal; veneer, 
— c.a. plated, etc. (eee plaquer). 

" ■ r, m. <Bo(.) ebony tree IDietpi/- 


pUqner, t.l. plate; 

hoe. face; lay oa (aa pjasreri ; layc 
plaquette, /. email pla.te; thin book. 
plarima, plaame, m. plaiuna, plaem. 
— ^tl^tta^laift, muBcle plaema. 
(Rttn, blood pi 

.) plaemolyaii. 

/. plaaticity- 

trisfane. m. plane tree, plane (Plolonui! 

ivay); beam. 

disk; Blab; board; (JIfocA.) bed, tablt 
tray; plateau, tabic laod; platform; shoal 

— pouttUf, a movable balance pan wit' 
thmnb piece- 

pUte-fbrme, /, platform; 

raila), tram; roadbed (< 
platemeDt, adt. fiatly, fiat, 
plathuce. m. platiniiiog, platinintion ; epecit,, 

plalilM, A. platinum, — /. plate; platen; 
■tage (of a microeoope) ; fiat, fiat part: lock 

— m]^, platinmn wire. 
^ an hume, platinum foil. 

— «> Utnt, platinum leaf (in books). 


mi alIo)>ed with iridiiim, 

By platinum, platinum 

, platjniie, platinaie, plate at 
I cover or treat with platiBunk. 

'. platiniia. 
pUHnoeraaDre, «. platinocyanide, 
plafloolde. m. platinoid (the alloy) . 
platlDOtrPle, /, (.PhiAoo.) platlnotype. 
pbtlnotrplqiie, a. (PAMsa.) platinotype. 
platlDurei /. platiniiins, platiniiaUDn. 
pUtrMW. n. plastering. 
ptttTftS, m. old plaster. 

Idàtre, m. plagier (eap. piaster of Paris) ; idae- 
ter caat; plaeter object. 

— oliin^. Keene's oemant. 

— bUmt. white plaster, apedf . a pure varied 
of ptaater of Paris. 

— da Porii. plaster of Paris. 
pUtrean. m. plaster stone in broken pieeee. 
piktn-clnient, m, hydraulio hme. 
pitlmr, t.l. plaster. 

pUtreni, a. (of soil, eta.) gypaeoua; efaalky. 

pl&trltret /. plaster kiln ; gypaum quarry. 

plausible, a. plausible. 

pieiade, /. pleiad. 

plein, a. full; solid; whole, entire; (of wood) 
oloee-crained; (of air,6elds,et£,) open; the 
middle of; pregnant, — m, full, fullneee; 

vaauum); thiokneeg; solid part: fnfl 
stroke; middle. 


~. f uU, in the middle. 

pleinement, odi. 

oad) daylidkt. 
ipletely, theroly* 

(of tt 

with m 

(aa hidee), — i.i. we . 
plenrtale, /. (Mtd^ pleuriay. 
pknrCUqae, a. {Med.) pleuritic. 
pleaiolr, i.<. rain. 
pltTre, /. (Anal.) pleura. 
pll, tn. fold; plait; crease; wrinkle; envelope, 

cover; letter; document, paper; bend (aa 

of the arm); bent, direction; inequali^ 

fin the ground) . 

it (e,( 

id with a 


liUace, m. Icddinc. bendinc, eta. ^ee plier). 
pUmt, a. plûot, pliable. — p.a. foldiiur. eto. 

(see plier). — m. foldinc diui. 
^m. I.e. fold: bend; plait, double: fold up. 

~t,r. he folded; be bent: bend; yield. 

— •.{.bend; curve; «ink; aac; yield. 

— en quatrtr fold in quorteiB, tdH twioe. 
pnenr, t».. pHcaw, /. folda. 

niBe, m. Pliny. 

— l'Arurim, Pliny ihe Elder. 

— Il Jeune. Pliny tbe Younger. 
iMngcr, V.I. dip, plunge. 
pUscène, m. A a. (Ged.) Pliooene. 
IriluaKe, m. plajtini; folding. 

- L. plaitins: comuatiou: (Otol.i 


pUoieri V.J. plut: eomigate ' 
— D.r. be plaited; be eorruge 

pUwiuv. /. pUiUng. 

piDC, m. hail (from the oow, the do 

mute wool: eheathing Iflt (toi «hi 
ploeace, m. carding (of wool). 
ploto, pr. S tiivj. of ployer. 
plomb, m. lead: shot; tump of lead: p 

lead; lead 9eal; (JVintinn) forme; 

ouB gaa, specif, hydrogen lulâde. 
à — , plumb, yertically, upright. 
- — aiffre, hHfd lead (lead oontaitdn 

lead containing antimoi 

— Mane, white lead. 

' — bUmchi. lead alloyed with t 

— bruU, lead aahea, litharge. 

— earhowiii, carbonate of leai 
-) pboegeDite. 

— de chatst, ehot. 

— dramrt. raw lead (usually oontainint 
ver) : lead gooda, lead ware. 

— doux, soft lead, rcflaed lead. 

— durci, hardened lead. 

— an AuiUe. sheet lead. 

— enjStleadwire. 

— en aroint, Bnely granulated lead; 

— m lame, lead in plates, plated lead. 

— mUle, sheet l»d. 

— ;1U. lead wire. 

— frais, refined lead- 

— /uiiUf, (Efec,) fuse. 

— araraiU, gnmulated lead: shot. 

rtomb laiiml, sheet lead, roDed had. 
■ — marchand, merchant lead. 

— nmi. soft lead. 

— raffirti, refined lead. 

— tvifaU. sulfate of lea 

pktnilwie, m. leading; 

(with lead); (Cn-am.: 

plumbing: sealiag 

if lead 

[donibsslne, /. plumbago, graphite, bhKk lead. 

plombBCfncr, t.l. blaeklead, 

plombale, m, plumbate. 

ptoinbC, p.a. leaded; plumbed; leaden: livid. 

ptomber, i.l. lead (apply lead or lead glaie to, 

etc.); plumb, sound; seal (with lead). 

~ t.r. A i become livid or lead-colored. 

works; plumber's shop. 
tdomb-ttbyle, m. lead ethyl, 
plombenr, m. sealer. 
■ ■ "iad, oflead. 

barrette, plunging bar, pIouaiDg rod, bw 

plot, m. block; plug. 
playable, a, lleiible, 
ployia, r.(. bend; bow; (old. — e.i-. be bent; 

bend; yield; befolded. — «.«.bend; bow; 

playnre. /. fold; bend. 
plUi v.v- of plaire and of pleuvoir. 
pinehc, /. plush. 
^nle,/.r«n; showw. 
plmiH,/, pen; qiull; faatbei; fsatban; phmn. 

poUh n. weiebt; gmvity; load, bacdm. 

phimotw, m. CSuvror) d»BnDC the clay. 

— oiomiïM. atomic wai^t. 

^nput, /. moat p^, Breat«t part, most, 

^6ru(, gross weight 

majority, most people. 

— catatKr, rider. 

ta — d^bmpi, moat of the «me. generally. 

— curtew. sliding weight. 

pour la —, tor the mast part, moetlj. 

phmUté, f. plurality; greateet number; mul- 

— mebilt. aliding weight. 

— moUcuiaiTB, molecular weight. 

Idnreat, p. de/. 3 pJ. of plaire. 

— rnoUailaire éUvi, high molecular weight. 

— morl, desd weight, dead load. 

— n=(, net weight. 

plBHïMtant, o. multirariant. 

— ipttiSnut, specific gravity. 

ptau. idi. more; most; longer; besideB. In 

poignée, /. haodful; handle; grip, stock, hilt 

addition, also; (with an impUed negative) 

ear.etc.; holder (for hot thing») ; shake (rf 

no more. — m. most, maximum, utmost: 

the hand). 

poUnent, pr. 3 pi. of pomdre. 

ou — . at most, at beat, scarcely. 

polcnet, m. wrist; wristband. 

poU, m. hair; nap, pile; coat (of animab). 

n — dd, in addition \o, 
— loin, farther; farther 

without further; and 

plnilenrg, a, & m.ji.» 
plUB-Talue, /. increase. 

plutat, iidv. rather. 
plnvUl. a. of rain, raio; 
DlnTieai. a. rainy. 

PDeunutlque. i 

pocbe, /. pucliet; pouch; bag. aacli; {.Anat. 

etc.), aac; ladle. 
'— à huile. (Ufack.) oil pan- 
— de coulét. casting ladle, foundry ladle. 
pochette, /. sniall pocket: pocket case oi 

poehon, m. ladle: (.Dietillinsi a cup having i 

dieh-llke base to which a handle is attached 
podopbrlle. m. (Bot.) Podophyllum. 
podophyllln, podophylllne, /. podophyllin. 

handle (as for frying) . 
poHon, m. small pan with handle. 
poMe, /. poetry. 

poUem. poUn, a. hairy, shaggy. 
polncon, m. point, awl, bodkin, pricking 
punch: stamp, die, punch; puncheon; 

polncoDDSget polnto: 

poinçon ner, cf. atami 
polnsonneuae, /. pum 
poindre, ci. appear; d 

'ment, m- stamping. 

every detail. 

— d'ébuiiilùm, boiling point. 

— d9 depart, point of departun 

— dg /uife, vanishing point. 

— de jondion, meeting pomt. 

point d> tue. pcdat 
— dir«i™-,gui, 

fp^' ' 



— fiaur^f, . pt 

thing in a diagram. 

— j5«.fi.Bdpoii 

t; fukrum 


— mort, dead po 

nt, dead a 

— ™l«ui, (Op(i«)«diant 

tted line. 

mark; pointing, 

pointe, /. point (ii 

various « 

nsea); top <u of 

«tr»); peak; 

tip; nail; 

brad; tack; pin; 

(Mad,.) bit; 

ty, dsah. touch; 

break {of day) 

«. -, in » poin 

t, in the 

orm of » point, 

— d> Parii, wire 


polntcan, m. cej 


, prick punch; 

needle ™lve; 

needle (o! 

needle valve). 


outcrop (as of 

pointer, m. pri<ik 

pier™, at 

ek, Btab: oheck. 

check off, ma 

ut; point (»a a 

tel«CDpe). — 


p,ehDet, appear; 

polntOUKC, polaUUemenl, m. dotting: Btii> 

pling, Btipple. 
polntlllC, p.a. dotted; stippled, ^«.dotting 

dotted line, dote; etippling. 
poIntlDer, v.t. dot; etipple. — z.i. etipple 

ibberbulb; i 
; (Med.) wart. 

pitching, coating with pitch- 
h, coat with pitch; aoil. 
:ky; pitchy, pitchlike. 

polTTCt f^. pepper. 
-de Quinée, 

. pepper (CapWnHD 

— iTErpaçne, — d'Indt, Cayenne peppar, red 

— nair, black pepper. 

polTrt, p.n. peppery, punRent: peppered. 
paJvrette, /. black caraway {NigeUa aofwck) of 

polTrler,m. (Boi.) pepper (Pip«r); pepperbox, 
poll, /. pitch. 

— blaache, white pitch. Bmcundy pitch (eep. 
a kind made from galipot). 

— : d6 Buurgoffnf. Burgundy pitch. 

— de atrdtmnitr, ehoemaker^e pitch {or wax). 

— de houitte, coal-tai pitch. 

— dig Vo909a. BurRundy pitch. 

— jui«, Jew's pitch, bitumen of Judea. 

— miniraie, mineral pitch, AAphalt. 

— noirr, black pitch, common pitch. 
'^ — ^he. hard pilch, atone pitch. 

polartmetre, m. polarimeter. 
polmrlaant, p.a. poIaricinR. 
pOlailUteUT, a. polsriiing. — m. poluûci. 
polarlBBtloa, /. polarisation, polarising. 
•otaioire, rotatory polarization. 

poUrlscoptque, a. polsriBcoj»o. 

polulaé. p.a. pclariied. 

polBTtser, D.I. polarise. — i.r, be polarised. 

polulaenr. m. polariacr. — a. polariaing. 

poluiti!, m. polarité (a water purifier). 

polailt«, /. pnlaritv. 

pole, m. pole. 

piU<j dt taimi nam, aimikr poles. 

pafaj de nom eanlraire, opposite pDlea. 
poKmlqne, a. potemic(al). m, p<jeoiio. 
poll, P.O. polished; bright; polite. — m. 

polish; polishing. 
poltsnlte. /, (Min.) polituiite. 
police, /, pohoy; police; public order; rule» of 

•: bill, Ii 


poliment, m. polishing; 

poltr, v.l. polish; burniah. 
poUsuiblei a. poliehable. 
poUiiSMC, pollsBement, m. poliabi 
polliwur. m. polisher, one who pohanes. 
pollsaoir, m. policier, burnisher, poKahint 

or maohine; (Pncder) glaHng burceL 
piHISsilrVt /, polishing; polish. 



poUtlqne, a. pdHtJcui; politic, - 

-/- I 

paHUqiutneDt, ad>. politically; politjdy. 

pollen, n. (Bot.) pollen. 

poUaef, i.i, pollute, 

poUutloIl. /. poUution. 

ratofne,/. Poland. 

pa1fnul§, a. PoUaIi, of Polaod or the Poles. 

palonlRre. s. oontaining polonium. 

pokmlum, n. polooium. 

pslTMlde, a. polyaad. 

polratomlclté. /. ptdyBtomicity. 

pDlratamliiiie, a. po^tomic. 

poI^mioUi a. oontaioiDg more tbaa one uitro- 

polTlwiIqiic, a. polybaiio. 
polybadtc. /. (Afin.) polybante. 
polyelikHé, a. polychloro. 
polfcliroIqaB. a. pleocbroio, polydudo. 
pol7«broTime, m. pleoduoiam, polychroism. 
poljcblODH, a. polychrome. 
polfcople, /. a gelatin copying oontrivMicB 
Himilar to the hecto^aph, also the proceee 

Vtitj6iTml, a. (Oeota.) polyhedral. 
palrMre. m. (Gown.) polyhedron. — a. poly- 
pslyMTtaDe, a. (Gum.) polyhedral, polyhediic. 
pénale, polnsls. m. (Bm.) miltwort 
— lie ViTjinit, Senen root, snakeroot (Poiv- 

pslTiniult a. polygonal. 
polysone, m. polygon. — a. polygonal. 
poIflialKe, /. (Afin.) polyhalite. 
polymirct m. polymer, — o. polymeric. 
polyiiiérle, /. polymerism. 
poJrmeilqDei a. polymerio. 
palymérfBBttoa, /. polymerisation. 
polrnierlaer. c.i. A i. polymniK. 
polymérlame, m. pnlymeriam. 
polnxetbrl^Dlqae, a. polymethylene. 
polymorphe, a. polymorphouH. 

polnDorpblsme, m.. polyiiMwphle, /. poly- 

morphiem, polymorphy. 
polynltrS, a. poi.vnilro, polynitro. 
poIratMIe, m. polynitrile. 
polyaOme, m. polynomisl, 
poIynnelfialM, a. polynuolear. 
polyol, m. polybydric alcohol. 
pulyol&l, m. aldose. 
polrpepttdc, n. polypeptide. 
palypbBSé. a. {Elec.) polyphaK, 
polraacchartde, m. polyEacoharide. 
polysulfnrd, m. polyeulfide. 
pDlrmlhlrfi, a. polyeulfide of. 
polrtcelialqDe. a. polytechnin. 

pared from the bark of t 
«Quivalcot to meiereum ointment. 

— VKTcuritUe à parties égnist, mercurial <» 
ment, blue ointment. 

— marcufielte eompotSe, compound merou 

— napdùaine. merourial ointment. 

— jthéniquée. ointment of phenoL 

imp; eyrin«e: pomp. 
— i bièri, beer pump. 

mfw d brtUf hand pump. 

— à inaaàif, fire en^iiia. 

- d jsl. jet pump. 

, preuure pump, compnwion 

— eentfifitQ«t c 

ntrifufial pi 

. feed pi . 

— de <?atf-ZrUuaf, a simple h&nd 

— de robinet. slAAA-blowïu^ machii 

— dickmaûcAe. (Brevinç) thick-m 

— iUwdaire, lift pump. 

— fouianitt pmaure ] 
blast pump, oomprew 

, m. {Dvie} ponceau; 
; scarlet color likE thi 
; amall brid^, culvert, — a. 
red, poppy-colored. 

, /. puncti 
marK; dotting, dot. 
poDctnel, a. punctual. 

VBndCnblUÙ, /. ponders 

or pertaininK to weight, by 
wfliftbt. pondéral; (of analytical méthode) 


ndf. by weighty 

pondre, •.(. it i. lay (eggs). 

— delà chauffe. (Uelol.) Bre bridge. 

— di WheattUme, [EI«t.) WheaUtone bi 
poDlU, m. punty, poDtce, pontil <au ira 

used in bandling glass) ; small mj 
glass used to fasten the main mass I 
punty; small glass used in poliahinj 

popnlalrvi a. popular. — m. populace. 
popnblrement, odi. popularly. 

jig, swine; polk; (itfalal,) skc 

pomlalne,/, porcelain, china; cowrie (abell), 

— à /«I, fireproof porcelsôn, Sre-resistiiut poi- 

— ^amianlt, asbestoa porcelain (a hard prep- 

— de RéaamMT. devitriSed glass. 

— di Saxf, Salon poroelain. 

— de Shrrei, Sèvres porcelsia. 

— maiet unglaied porcelun, 
, — teruirc, soft porcelain, 

porcelalnler, n>, porcelsia maker. - 

pore, m. pore. 
porte, /. moldins earth. 
poreu, a, porous. 
porosité, /. poroiuty, porousness. 
porphrre. m. (Pelrog.) porphyry; (PAoob.) 

mullar or slab of porphyry for triturattiiff 

porphyre, a. resembling porphyry. 
porpbyrlqne, a. porphyrittc. 
porphyrlsfttJon, /. grinding (with a muller), 


.. portAblfl, 
pcvtasc. m. «iTiace ; (Uadi.) beariii«. 
porianti m. huïdle; njpport; prop; (o 

portetif, a. portable; hand; pocket. 

porto, /. door: lata; eotnui». — a. lAnaL) 

— d cDuUm, sUdliu: dow. 

— arriin, rear door, back don. 

'— battante, Bwiofpnfl dorv. 

— d> eharee. — di dartmaii, diarciDg door. 

— dt chauffe, fire door. 

— de travail, working door, wfvkiiifl hole. 

— riirfe, gUied door, gU» door. 
porU, P.O. borne, etc. (see porter). 

parte-, A combining form uaed freely in form- 

cajrying, bfatvnç. 
porte-annniettei, m. mt 
porte-amorce, m. primei 

porte-cbarboa, n 



portée. /.range 

ih, eite 


charge, del 

<aB of 

miter)^ (MocA.) 

bearing, b< 


à — d».dla- 



pamUKH: igniter. —a. 

porte-lame», . --^, 

porl«-loupei porte-loDpes, m, lens holder, 

mogoifying-glaae stand, 
porte-Dunebon, m. mantle holder [in a bur- 

porte-meche. m, i 

ek holder; (M'kI 

porte-nltrate, nt. a 

porte-oUet, m. ol 

■lide; itage ( 

work bolder. — a. wodb- 

poTte-pleiTei m. - port»-iùtrate. 
port^plome, m. penholdor- 
poTter, t.l. bear; support, hold; carry; OOD- 
vey, take, bring ; wear; turn, direct; put; 

diepoee, iQcline; enter, inscribe; state, e^; 
rate; elect; enact (a law); pan (Judg- 
ment. — t.r. be borne, be mpportod, be 
carried, etc,; go, moïe; torn; tend; be (aa 
to health) ; pr«entoneaeU; act (aa). — »,». 
Iwar; rest; carry; reach; sbike; hit; fall; 
happen.occiir; takeeftect; win. — m.por- 

— àia ate, |of wins, etc.) goto tjie head. 

-— coup, take eSect, tell; strike a blow. 
pmte-tDbei, n. tube holder, tube support, esp. 

a baiket to hold tubes to he st^iliied- 
porteni. m. carrier (e,g„ of oiygen); bearer; 

holder; porter, 
porte-nses, n. beaka holder, venel iioldw, 

specif, a vessel tor holding the beakers tor 

an inuaervon refractoraet«r. 
poTte-rent, n. blast pipe; twyer. tuyère. 
porte-verre, m. slass holder; lens holder. 
portJIIOZl, m. small door or gate; specif., the 

working door of a puddling furnace. 
porflon, /. portion. 
Portland, m, Portland cement. 

— nattirel. natural hydraulic cement 
porto, m. port wine. port. 
portugais, a. & m. Portuftuese. 
pouge, m. placing, etc. (see poser). 

poee. /, platdng. laying, setting, setting op. pot- 
ting up; stationing; (PJioio(p.) eipoeurs, 
specif, tinu expoeur^; (Afo^A.) aeating; 

poser, t.t place, lay, put, set; set up, put up; 
set down, put down; suppose, grant; 
establish. — ».r. pose. — t,i, besT, rent; 

positif, a. A m. positive. 

— favorieie, favored position. 
posltlTement, ado. poeittvcly. 

{Mrd., etc.) poeology. 
. poBBesa; hâve; know weD, b« 

poBBlbltlt«, /. poBsibiUty. 
possible, a. possible. — m, poesible-, 
utmoat. —adi. poaiibly, perhaps. 

poa^bkinenl, lufi. poaaibly. 
postal, a. postal. 

:, Google 

.TDAil; poat office; post. 
1, situation; ihift, turn . 
n — r {Qlaaa) finish gathi 

KkobiDwer'E usistant) . 
pfwlef, (.1. post, etsCiou. place. 
postMeiir, □, potterint; hind, bsok; later. 
irailMM, /. pMterity. 
postlSce, /. Dptice at the end ot & booli. 
pi>»l>-SlailKlre, a. (Otol.) poMclaoisL 
poalliiinie, a. pcethumoue. 
postlebe, a. ûtifîcial. false; lempnrary, pro- 

vimnnal; inperadded; Buperfluous. 
postulant^ «. appUciuit; cuididate. 
posture./, posture, position. 
pot, m. pot; pitcher, jug; jar, crook. 

— d bo^iiet, a clay nr clay -lined receiver for 
tJie fuped antimony sulfide in one prooess 
of separstinf it by liquation, 

■ — d brai, pitch pot, pitch kettle. 

— à colit, glue pot. 

— i uu, water pitubet; (Fgro.) wal«i cart- 

— d /lu, any of aeveai old pyrotechnic da- 
noes, Sre pot, Minkpot, ete. 

^ i fumie, {Pyro.} smoke compartment. 

— de finest (J*vr«.) rocket cylinder; rocket 

— de fuaion, meltiiiff pot, orucible. 

— RtiOffieri, (Pifra.) Bengal light. 
potebllltt, /. poUbihty, drinkablenns. 
poUble, a, potable, drinkable. 

1er, a. kitchen, culinaxy. — m. kitohen 
;arâen, veRetable garden. 
we. /. potash; specif., caustic potash, 
d la cAauz, cBUBtic potash prepared by 

pat«8Be perlaSÈt, pearlanh. 
— vUtioiitr potassium sulfate 
Mëi, a. containing potasb; 
or containing potÂssium, 

— à VakoBl. caustic potash purified by solu- 


tion in alcohol, filtration and evaporation. 

— d-fbxin. tinware. 

the Leblanc procaw, w from carnallite. 

— dB ICTTt, earthenware, potb 

— émaiHée. glaied pottery 

— 071 fonle. cast-iron vesBels. 

— courtijue U^ide. (Pharm.) boIuUoq of 

— IimWj, luirtered pottery, 1 

— tanUaire, sanitary ware. 


— oemui*». glazed pottery (w 

— lie tuitU, potash from auint. 


— de tdiuHete, potash from beet (or beet-root) 

poUMW re«d«. (Sol.) sknnk ca 

ciftrbDnate of potassium. 

— fondue, fused potaasium hydroiide, fi 
caustic potash. 

— ^irfîe*, soda. 

— nôraWfl, nitrate of potash, potastuum 

poUukine, a, potacsiui 

:>f wide-mouthed bottle. 

-tcont, around pi 

i of this with iea 
ind lead which 

(gaUows-like) si 
■ .; IWwros. 

) tube OS 

lows, gibbet; (T- 
potentJel, s. tt m. potentiaL 
potentleliement, adv. poten' 
potCDtlUe, /. (Bot.) Fotentilla. 
potentloinèbre. m, (£!«.) poleni 
pot«Tle, /. pottery ; (JD general) V 


potiche,/, flask, bottle (for shipping mercury) ; 
Oriental vase; potiche; teat cut in timber. 

potlD, m. pot metal, potin (cast iron and any 
of several alloys, a* pewter, brass, cock 
metal, pinchbeck). 

poOoil, /. potion, draft, 
— d Id rAudorbfl alfjjivnt, (FAortn.) mixture of 
rtiubarb and aoda. 

polk» tttnacetUt, - 

turn of oitMit« of 

poUtQDt fn, piunplda. 

poace. m. thumb; g: 

— - cubt. cubiD Inch. 

ufl, (Phom.) mix- 

a. 38 ki,, or Se.tlS Ibg.). 

di£fomermt«, puddinc itoiw. 
Hidre, /. powder; explooive: dust; pounoe; 
(IieaUur) the opentioii of dustins (■prink- 
ling with <*nninj mat«rût) followed by a 
period dnrinc which the hide ties undi*- 
turbed in the pit. 

— adtrtuK. {Metal.: 

— d oombuation I«n^, Blow-bumioff powder- 

— àcombuatiùnrapide,qi ' ' ' 

— aertfp/wrt, > poudre gaseuse. 

■ — antmUdw», anti-mildew powder. 

— anlimàniaié Je Jaina, (.Pham.) aa 
monial powder. JaiDee'e powder. 

— A polir, polishinfl powder. 

^-^ A lT«np0r. (Melat.) temperinjc powder. 
LU boit, iSxjA,) nitrated sawdust at woi 


flpecif. one oontainj 
— .S, a QitTocellulon 
VieillB in I88«. 

' containing nitrogei 

■peciF., (fipl.] 
'er, hiffh eiploeive 

— eaîilon^ pebble poprder. 

— Bhnenlanfa. — ctnUnlatBln, (I/tLU.} 

— (AloraUt. (S^.) ohlorate powdw. 

— ducalat, (Eipi,) rjoco» powder, 

— com p ri m éet oompreased powd«. 

— d'amidatit starch powder. 

— d'artifiet. pyrotechnic powd^. qteôf , 
oolcnvd fire. 

— da boil, wood dust, wood powder; (BipJ.) 
nibïted Aawduflt. 

■ — tiff carriiri. blaetiiw powder. 

— de eaahcuUie compoat*, {Fharm.) oom- 
pound powder of catechu, 

— d( durban, coal duit, powdered eoaL 

— de craie trpiaoie, (PAdrnt.) aromatio pow- 
der of chalk with opium. 

- — de Dater, {Pham,) powder of ipeoae and 
f^ium, Dover^H powder. 

— d> ffuU, rifle powdeir. aioall-amii powder. 

— de ftuion, fluxing powder. 

— de Oca, Qoa powder, araroba, 

— de pufTTc, qiilitary powder, service powder. 
— dt Jtaa deYiQO. {PKarm.) rsd msnurio onde. 

— ie *ino DjJtaofc, (/"Aonn.) compound pow- 

— da Krua. chloride of lime. 

— dt tail, milk powder, powdered milk. 

— de lièue, cork dust, cork powder, 

— de mine, blastinc powder, 

— dentifrice, tooth powder. 

— de piimib. duHt ahot. 

— de riffliut «rnipo»*». (Piarm.) oompound 
powder of slyoyrrhim. 

— de rit, rice poppder. 

— dee arotnatee, (Pharm.) aromatic powdcff, 

— de eavm, soap popfder. 

— du Chartreni, kenne» mineraL 

— de Sedlilz, (PAomi.) compouiu] affarre^ 
ong popfder, Seidliti powdar. 

— ' de Seiie, •= poudre ga>eufle. 

— dee ipicee, {Ftiarm.) aromatic powder. 

— de tûreté, safety explosive, Bafoty powder. 

— de Tennant, chloride of lime. 

— de IraiU, powder for colonial trade. 

— de TiiSv. {Pharm.) compound powder o( 
opium. Tuliy'fl powder. 

— ■ de venJe, oommerda] powder. 

— - fln roche, caked powder. 

— faibie. low eiploBive. 

— Pontr. Envier eiplomve. 

— forte, high e^oeive, 

— fvbninanle, fulminating powder, detonat- 
ing powder, priming powder. 

— ffoseu'ei (P?Larm.) eServeaoing powder, 
Boda powder. 

— ffaeifire pttrgalite, — ■ gatùffine fa u a fiw . 
(PAonn.) compound effervcerùiv powder. 

(a dynamita). 

poodN ItnU, elaw-burolni: powder. 

— tiaêée. ^led (wnrder. 

-» nMtorifuac, {Med-) antiaatulQut powder. 

— nùraiéi, nitj&tcd powder. 

— nav€, black powder- 

— pe^oraie. {Pharm.) eompound powder of 

— picratig. — picrùrue. picrate powder. 

— punavUc, ft iporting pi 

— rapide, quick-burning powder. 

— ronde, round-crBin powder, 

— êalpétrée, any eiploeLve contoiniiig 
peter or potaiuiium mtrate (applied eep. to 
ordinary RUQpowdera) , 

— tant fUmêe. Ëmokelesa powder. 
poucb-M et tnipStrea, a «ubdiviflion of thf 

^eneh War Department having to do witb 
eiploeivefl and tbeir manufacture. 
' — lifpt, BtAndard powder. 

— wrte, green powder, ipedl. ui eiplodvt 
not thoroly dried. 

powder factory. 

pondrer, t.I. powder; pou 
poudrerie, /. powder mill, 
pondrcttc /. Sue dust; d 

powdered nigbt Aoil. 
poDdreuii a. duety; powdi 
poDdrla-, tn. worker in a p 
poodrarer. >.i. be duety, 

tin, m. colt. y< 
s,/. hen: lo-' 

dusly. —t.t. 


1. (Melal.) bljatered. 
ponlel, m. ohicken; fowl; letter. 
pouleTrllit m. priming powder, mealed powder. 
penHe, /. pulley, block. 

— d fforaei»), grooved pulley. 

— fi^e, fixed pulley, fast pulley. 

— foOf. loou pulley, idle pulley. 
pooUot, m. {Bot.) pennyroyal (ordinarily 

Mentha pttitffium). 

— am^ncain, Amerioan pennyroyal ( H^ 
dwrna, ap. H. jndtgvrides). 

— commun, European peonyroyal (JfmlAa 

piml§, m. pulac (tbe beatiug)- 

— autant que, in ao far u. 

— di Couiui, purple of Cuoua. 

— ritinign, — viniel. retinal purple, viaaal 

ponrpr^i pourpreni, pourpilD. a. purple. 
poarqnol, c ~ 

1,/irf. 9 

. of p. 

:refy; (fig.) corrupt. 
luble. a. liable to decay, putrefiable. 
poilrrl§Base, m. rotting, steeping (of ra^ for 

paper!; aging (of ceramic clay). 
ponrrlBBant. p.a. rotting, putrefying. 
ponrrlfsolr, m. (Paper) steeping vat. 
poDITltunt /. rottenness; decay; putrefac- 
tion; rotten part; (Bot., etc.) rot; ISted.) 


— eérhe. dry rot. 
ponraalt. pr. S sing, of pourau 
ponrsnlte,/. pursuit; (Law, e 
paimulVTC. i.i. punue; proseo 

hsnge produced in lipe 
u Bain/tii ctTierra. which 
leible for the peculiar 

poartsDt, ct 

r, neverthelea 

pourverra, fut. 3 etna, of pourvoir. 
ponrrlt. p.dej. S ting, ol pourvoir. 
poDTVid, m. (Lav)) appeal. 
ponTTOlT» vi. provide (for), attend (to). 

— V.T. provide oneself (with); (Laic) a| 
l1. — ^ r.t. provide, furnish, supply ; prï 

. of p 

ponnêe, /. pressure ; push ; thrust. 

ptmsBcr, 1.^ push; drive; thrust, shove; 
duee (by growth), send forth; ei 
carry; continue; pursue; show; I 

pushed, etc.: make one's way; BC 
^v.i. push; push on, go on; sprint 
grow; project, bulge. 

pUDMlCti m. diBt: ipecif., pinpowder dust. 

— de charbon. Charcot duet; coal duat. 

poauMrei /. dust: (of a liquid) fine spray. 
— ^ d4 charbon, charcoal dust; coa) duat. 

— de la poudre, guapowd»- du>t. 

poaawli, m. puaher. push button; driver 

poaTOfr. I.I. be abln, can 

■ — abeorbant, absorbent 
— calorifi^ae. call 

'. absorptivity, 
ific powa', bsatina poivei- 
lucting pover. 

7. CpTÉcédent) precodiniE. 
pralTle,/. m«adow; prurie, 
pralln, m. (Asric.) a miituro o( fertiliier 
earth and water, used for coating 

praUiMce, m. (Agric.) tteatment with 

mixture called praline praline malcin; 

prmlliw. /, praline, almond roasted in su 

tium sucrate formed by treating moil 

inaUner, 1 1 make mto or like prali 
iAffTH. ) treat with praltn (which «ee). 
prase, / (Afin ) prase 
praaCodrme, m praseodymium 
pnneollte, / I UiTi ) piaaealit« 
prsElD, a lieht i^een 
praticabilité. / practicabditv -cabieneaa. 
praticable, a practicable 
praticien, m practitioner — a. practit 

pratique. / practice eiperienee; rom 

pratiquement, ada practically in practii 
inatlqaer, s I practice do perform, cond 

cticed 1 

-iaualf, fint. 

préalable, a. previoui, 

at* — , previously, firat. 

préc., abbrer. (précédent) preceding. 

précairement, adv. precariously, 
précambrien, o. (Oaol.) Pre-Cambrian. 
précarllé, /. P " 

précédemment, adv. previoosly. 
préeédenec /. precedence, priority. 

precede; take pteoedenoe 

j^réideni, < 

affected; el 
pfédpltable. a 
précipitant, rr ofpr*. 

préclpltatlan, /, preeipitatian; accoleration 
(of the pulee). 
— fro'^litmTtée, fractional precipitation, 
prédidté, m. precipitate, —p.n. precipitated; 



te, ^ r.r. be predpi- 
throw oneeelf; rush. 

) precipitatocl. 


previously cited, aforeaaid. above- 


precocioufl; early. 

précnraenr, m, precursor, foreniona. — a 

prédécesseur, m, predecessor. 
prédiction, /. prediction. 
prédire, t.i, predict, foretell. 
nrédlt, v-P. <È pF. A p.def. S nno. of prédire. 
'-a. predominating, predomi- 

prédominer, i.t. predominate. 
preeminent, a, preeminent. 
préeiiatant, a. preexisting, preiiistent. 
préexister, ii.i, preSiist. 
préhee, /. prelan. 

Di fL preferable. 
preRrableineat, adt. prefsrsbly. 

«r /. prflfetaaDe; otftiJc of prefu 
-, pnfcnbLy, rather; Irom choice. 
pfNercr. r.i. prefer, 
prtfflt, m. prefect; epecif,, ia FiuLoe, 
odmimAtiator of h departmEnt. 
Ita, /. (AftnO prelmite. 

Brejndlc^ /. prejudice- 
prtlndlcUUe. a, prejudicial, injurioiu. 
prtjadletal, 3. prelimiDary; time) iutei 

_ _ _ . i- prejwiae; forapee. 
prtUrt, prelat. m. tacpoutin. i 
^Ue, /. (SdI.I horsetail <Mvaiitlum). 
prélèTnneiit, m. lelention, etc, (see pré- 
lever); retained porfiou; witbdrawri por- 

ct ppsvioiialy. 

ntf adt. preliminarily, fint. 

piéinleci, /.pi. firet fruits; beginniiiga. 
premier, a. fint; (of material!) raw; (Math.) 

prime, — m. firet; former; leader, 
iju — cent, àa — jcl, at the first attempt. 

the first time, at once: in one atep or 

opération, directlj', 

— eAtù. first choice, beat grade, 
premier* pondre, (tralAir) firat dusting and 

lying (see poudre). 

— Haat, fint Boor, first story (above the 
«round floor). 

— I'tt, fint CBsUng. fint cast: rough sketch; 
(Si^or) first spinnine (in the oenCrif ugal) : 
ISItam) priming. 

— titra, (for gold) s standard of 0.B20 fine 
(about 2Z carats). 

premltmneiit. iul>. in the first place, £rst. 

prtmanlr, i.l. oaution. forewarn. — t.r. pro- 

preiult. <mp, 5 tina. of prendre, 

prenuit, p.a. taking, etc. (see prendre). 

prendre. I.I. talie; catcli: seise: get; receive; 
take on; adopt: deduct, —i.r. be taken, 
be caught, etc.; solidify, congeal, free»; 
cuidle. coBculale; harden, eet; set about, 
begin; catch (at|; lay the blame (on). 

■ ' - "' ot; tatehold; 

i; take fire; take re 

7 prtsemitlf 

preDdre /eu. take fire, catcb fire. 
— l'habitude de, form the habi 

in. first name. Chrialian 
pr. I pi. of prendre. ■ 

pifoccaper, c.(. preoccupy, ^i.i 
pied: busy oneself, pay atten 

Pfépmntolie, a. préparât! 

préparenr. m. - 
prCpondéraDt, p 
--"-let, m. officer; 


P. ol pr« 
place (over) : charge 

se to; on the point 

prèi, with the exception of. 

prestrlpitoDi /. prescription. 

* i, prescribe, — i.r. 

prescrivant, of preeorin. 
préséaDGe, /. precedence. 
présence. /. presence. 
[wéscnt, a. d: m. present, 
pTesentaUon. /. presentadon. 
présentemeiit, lûJv. now. at present. 
prCunter, i.l. present. 
préservatearf a, preservative, preservii 
prtMrvatU, a. a m. preservative. 


prtildenee, /. preeidsDcy. 
président, m. prenideut: prnidina ji 
prËsldcr. i.i. preside. — t.l, preude 
présompUoD, /. preeumptir 
prtioniptlTeiiieat, ndt. pr 
presque, adv. ilmoeU aamly; (with □! 

HCBXDfily, hardly. 
presqn'Oe. /. peninsula. 

preue, /. pre«; clamp; inMwil; 
uieency; embarnaMnent. 
— à 6raa, b&nd pre«. 


— Afiuts, (Pvro.) rocket 
-- à ffotttv, cunpowder pi 

— i Atrifo, qU pre». 

prerâe-ATtere, m. arte 

prMM-calllo^ m. an 

the «olid part of 

, t, m. IMath.) stuffing box. 
■ preaaentir, t.'. have a presentiment at-, i 
prease-paplers. m. paper weight. 

presa: huny. — n.i, proB», b« urgei 

1. prcminç, prcBaurB. — m. p 

baiK — , low preeaur». 
AauU — , high prosure. 

presris, m. eipre»ad juice (as o: 

ctumed; so-calted; 

agpire; lay claim (to). 
prCteodn, pji, pretended; i 
Buppoeed; falae. 

persan lending hia name. 

l«eteiitli>n, /, pret«Deîon. 

prêter, cl. lend; adapt; take (an oath). 

— V.T. be lent; lend imeeetf; be adapted; 
yield; consent. — v.t. lend; atreteh (oa 
cloth); furniah jnaterial; gine rise (to). 

— m. leDding. loan. 

prétenulnat, a. neit to the end. last but one. 
prêteur, m. lender, —a. lending. 

preniez /. proof. 

piérmlant, of prévaloir. 

prévaloir, p.t. prevail; sain currency, oome 

into use. — t.r. take advantage (of), avail 

onemlf (of); be proud (of). 
prenlO, p.p. of pTivaliur. 
prérant, pr. S eing. of prévaloir. 
préienant. of prévenir. 

Law) aceuaed- 
prévlenilrs, /irf. 5 ting, of prévenir. 
préTleut, pr. 3 ting, of prévenir. 
prévint,, S ms. of prévenir. 

t, p.dif. 5 sine, of prévoir. 

ilr, v-t- foresee; provide for. 
piérorance, /. foreeight. 
prévorant. of prévoir. 
piéni, p.a. toreaeen; provided h 

firet (Obt. eioept in 

ty, Bubeidy; pria 
correepondius tc 
wool. — a. prin 

prfmeroM, /. (Z)v") prim 
.primeur, /. early aeu 

product; (fig.) hetbaeu, bloom, 
primertre,/. (£ol.) primraie (PHmuia). 
ivlmltlf, a. tjrigm&l; primitive^ primary { 

primltlTciiientt adt. orijpnaUy» at Givt; prin 

tndalK, . 


i, S- {Jh/ti^ pTimulinc, primulin. 
a. principal. — m. principal; prin- 

prlntcinpi, m. 

liriDiitét /. priority. 

prirent, p. ck/. Sfi.ol. 

fVlB, p.a. takeo, caught, Bolidi£ed. ato. (see 
prcndfo): shaped, proportiaoed. 

prluble. a. «timable. vaJuable. 

prtse*/. Bolidi&oatioD.comtealioE; HttJaE(Hflof 
cement); ooagulatinn; taking, etc. (aee 
prendre); hold, (Eraap,purchaAe; iotake fna 

capture, priie; quarrel, fighting, 
«n —, (MoA:) in EBar. 
!a,in —, (of cement, etc.) ut. 

— de nniranf , currant supply, place of attoch- 

— d'atai, sample taking, «ampling; umple. 
a. priamatia, priamatioaL 

— droù, right Ï» 
priatnolde, a. prii 

put, p.dif. a nw. 

priTé, a. private; 

ftMlèglé, a, privileged. 


prb, m. price; priie; reward. 

price, purchaae prioe. 


— fixe, fixed price, i 
prli-conrant. m. prie 
probabOIK, /. probabiuty. 
probable, a. probable. 
[vobablenieat, ode, probahlf . 
inobe, a. upright, boncet. 
probiematlqae, a. problematica 
prabltme, m. problem. . 
pmCCde, m. proccsa; procedur 

behavior, conduct- 

— à ta docht, bell proccsa. 

"- d la peHU cftaiwWre, the p 

. n rati 
oration fwithout Kpara.tio 
Û irom the lye). 
tjtarbon. iPhotoff.) carbon proce 

— de la BTonifa dumdiirc, (Soap) MaineiUeo 

— dea chambnt de piomb, lead-chamber pro 

— (TOrUani. Orleans proceaa (forvinecar). 

— exptditif, Auick proccu, rapid process. 

— Grionatd. Grigoard proceee, Grignard 


par coiUiX€t, contact ptocen. 
proceihVf t.i. prooeed. 
procédure, /. procedure; prooeedinga. 

jee: (Iau) mit, proceaa, trial, 
proccflaoaf m. proceia. 

I, m. report, proceedings, minutfo. 

cbatDemeDt, ode. preeently, soon. 

cbe. a.. pr«p. * a*, near. — m. relativo. 

) — AI — .gradually, by degrees^fromplao* 

to place. 
IMOCiiraUan, /. proxy, power of attorney. 
prorara, p.f. procure, —vr. be procured, 
PTodtestaae. /, proemynie, lymogen. 

prodlsaUtC, /. i^o^gahty. 

Btiod». icodigioialr. 

pntdlcoc a, firoiigaX. Uviih. 
priMlImw, Hi. laviah, be prodigal of. 
prodroroe. m. introduction; (Mal.) prodicnne. 
prodltctelir, a. pTûdaoins, IvoductiTfl; gene»- 

prodactfblv, a. producible. 
prodaedr. a. productiva. 
prodaedon, /. production. 
piDdnctiTité, /. productivity. 
produire. i.I. produce; iatioduce. 
prodnlMnt, p.a. produmn^; introducing. 
produit, m. product; produce; piooeedi. 
— p.a- produced; introduced- — -pr- S 

— acaiioire. acMsaory product, by-ptoduot. 

— alinunlaire, food ptoduot. 

, atflplo product, ordinary pi 

itermediato product, 

I /., proreiroeot, m. proen 

.t. prafeee; practice; teach. 

pfoTMBlon, /. proFession: occupation. 

profeBilonnel, a. professional. 

pram, m. profile: Beotioa, 

pnflt, m. pioGt. 

profitable, a, prcUttible. 

profiter, v.i. profit, make a profit, be i 

— defoytT.iOplK. 
prafaa, a. profuse. 
profasloii, /. prafui 
pmcrèi, m. progrès 

IHOgnwir, a. prcgTHeive. 
profTCUlDD, /. progcesaion. 
pragregglrcmeat. ode. progreenvelj 
procresaliKé, /, progreniveneee. 
prohiber, t>.l. prohibit. 
prohlUtlr, a. prohibitive. 
prole,/, prey 
projecteur, m. projector: searchligh 

pMjcctir, a. projective. 
DNjectUe, m. di a. projectde. 

^^ tuphv^àa^, aaphyùatiog projeo 


IX, hollow projectile, qwojf.ibefi. 

proUKra. i.l. A i. (Biol,) prolifenle. 
prollfiants B. prolific. 
proUne, /. proUae. 
proloDgsttoiii /. pnrioDsvnient, n. prolonga- 

prolonser, t.l. prolong; (Qnm.) produce. 
— 'D.r. be prolonfled; eiteiid. 

. lead, direct, drive, move, guide, 
ider; so wftlkinc, riding, etc. 

»npt; r^id; quick; (ofiMDMnt) 

proDonelatloa, /. p 

. propagation, propftgatuur. 
. _ . propaaste; «xUnd. — ii.r. 

propagated, apread. 

_ _ _ . . -opanoio (propionic). 

proparfyUqae, a. (of the alcohol) propargrl. 

propargyhc; (of the acid) proparcylic 

(propiolicl . 
propenrlCi m. propenyl. 
propènrie, a. propeoyl. 
propeptODO, /. propeptone. 
propeptODlquei a. propeptone. 
prophétla^t V.'. it 1' prophesy. 
prophylacdque. a. (Mnl.) prophylaotioM)- 
prophrlaile, /. (M<d.) prophylaii». 
proplee, a. propitioua. favorable. 

-, in proportion, proportlaiMt*^ 


— • m- ptofttrty: nature, oharacteriatic. 
1, adi. properly; nleanly; nicely, 

ptopulflTi a. propulsive, propellinsp 
propuWon, /, propulsiaa. 
pntp^aminB, /. propylaminB. 
proprlbciuine. /. propylbeniene. 
VOpjle, m. propyl. 
propylènCi n. propylene. 
||t«prlénlqiiet a. propylene, of propyleDB. 
propylclycol, m. propylglycol <by «ome me 
impruperly for propyleiH glycol or propant 

PfoprUqiHS a- propyl, (Hmritiraee) propylic. 
plitfatftt m. propQrtion&l put, nharO' 
proMrlret >.l, proecribe, prohibit, reject. 
ptBBcrlTUlt, p.p. of proBorire. 
pr og tf j fltliw, /. prcKFcrstin. 
priHpccler, r.l. prospect. 
prospère, a. prciperaui. 
pnwpèrvrneatt ode. proaperoiuly, 
pmp^Kr, i.i'. prosper, 
ptoipCrlté. /. proeperity. 
prmtete. /. (Anal.) proatste, proit&ts gland, 
pnntAéÛqne, a. proetbetio. 

prDtamllW, /, protominB. 
protamlnlqiie, a. protuniDC. 
protsne, m. metiuuie 
pnttorcot. n. iPiarm.') prcluvol. 
proWue. /. protease. 
j«Oteel«tr. m. protector. — a.prot 

/, protectioD- 
pnttceMee. fim. of protect 
proMter. i.i, protect. 

cDDj lifted p] 

pratClne. /. pr 

pnUtqne, a. protsia, oi i 

pi»t«alde, n. albumin aid, 
proUolrae. /. proteolyeii. 
^vtAolftlqnc, a. proteolytia. 

protestor, i.i. i i. proteot. 

■cif -. coiij uaated protflilL 

protobromnrei m. protobromLde {Archaic). 
protocBTbure, m. (Old Chtm.> protocarburet. 
pfoloorbiué, a. (OldChtm.) protocaiburetteil. 
protoeaUchlqae, a. protocatechuio. 
pro(«chlaniI«i m. protochlDride (Archaic}. 

protochloriiréi a. protocbloride of {Archaic}^ 
protocole, m. reoord, minutes, protocol, 
protocyannre, m. protocyanide (Archaic). 

protoflilonire, m. protofluoride (Archaic), 
pratalodtue, m. protiodide (Ardmic). 
protone, /, protoae. 


protoplagmiqae, a. proCupla 
protoprotéose, /. protoprote' 
protosel. m, protoBalt (Archrt 
pmtiMUénlure, m. protoselei 
pratosolDito. m. proiisulfBtf 

pratoiyde. m. pratoi 
— de piomb. lead ir 

!, /. proweaa; 
/. (mn.) I 
ptontaWe, a. provat 

proreunt. p.a. proceedini. eomiot. arieins. 

proTSDIsli a, Provencal, of Provence. 
proTende, /. provisiooB; provendsr, speoif. a 
mixture of chopped forage and oruahedEraia. 

provenir 2 

a, M. a tina. al provenir. 
proTtent, pr. S irinç. of prov«Dir. 
prorlncc. /. provinoe; &11 Ftkhcb einpt Puù. 
proTlnt, p-dtS. S rine. of picvsnïr. 
proTliIon, /. piovùrion. 

pniTfMiln, pniTlilODDd. a. proviaùiDol. 

prorboIreiiieDt. odi. proviiionoUy. 

proToqoM, D.t. provoke. 

proximité, /. proiiiaity, nearaen. 

prndemmuit, adv. prudently, oautiouBly. 

pradence, /. prudencfl, oaution. 

pradmt, a. prudent, csutiou». 

prune, /. plum. — m. (Diret) prune. 
1- prune, dried plum, 
elw, wildpluiu^ a fermented liquor 
nuae irom aloe*; pupil (of the ey«); pru- 
QSlls (the fabric): (5of.) Prunella. 

pnmler, n. plum tree, plum. 

I. (Cryi. _ 
e, m. paeudooyanidfl (a name ap- 
plied by §ome to or^nic oyauidea or ni trilea) . 
J. peeudoionona. 
a. (MinSi peeudamorpfaouB. 
a. (Jftn.) peeudomorphic. 
m, (Min.) peeudo- 


PMQdainncliUi /. paeudomucin. 
pamdanltrol. m. paeudoni^ole. 
pMOdopdlctiMlM, /. paeudopelletieriae. 
pscDdoianthloe. /. paeudoianthine. 
pillainaane, m. (Afin.) piilomelane. 
p, flDlT., abbrep. (pa^e suivante) following p*ffe- 
parehotrine, /. peychotrine. 
piTehromèlrë, m. psyrhmmeter. 

■yohiometry, hyerometry. 

a. paychrometrioCal). 

Ptr^Hoe, /, p^^n, 

j^lant, P.O. stinldns, offeoBÎTQ. 
puanteur, /. itink, etench, oflennve ioibIL 
pabUc a. <t m. publie. 
pabllcmtear, m. publiaher. 
paMlesUon, /. publication. 
pabHclt«,/. publicity; public nature. 
pabUer, i.l. puhliah. — i.r. be publiahed. 
a. fmn. of publie. 

!nt, adt. publiely- 
juce, dark brown. — /. Sea. 
PDddlace, m. (Ifetoj.) puddling. 
— au gat, gaa puddling. 
■ — cAaufJ. — ffra». — AuTn^, wet puddling. 

— Ke, dry puddling. 
paddler, v.t. (jtfdal,) puddle. 
pnddleur, m. (MiUl.) puddler. 
■ '"■" /. (fiijrf.) pudroUtbe. 

pnla, aàn. then, next, afterward. — pr, ^ nùig. 

«t -^, and then ; and baud». 
pnlufe, ni. drawing, etc. <Ke puiser). 
pollard, m. ceegpooi; tr>qi,>>nl'; drainlnc wdl; 

pnlHtte, f. ladle. 

pnlaement, m. drawing, el«. (see puiaer). 

pnlMT, v.t. draw, draw off; draw out; take; 

4. ladle. 

a, take from. 

putMinf),™ . 

pnlaaamcnt, ads. powerfully; eTtrecoely. 

polManee, /. power; gpecif., home poi 

effectivenen; amount of eiphwve i 

projectile; authority, 

— bacUritidt, bactericidal power. 

— calonflqua. calorific power, heating pov 


rending power, rending 

- indiquée, indicated hi 

— à eombuttion, Que. 

— d'idaimntnl, eiplo^on chamber (of tund- 

— dt «mdai», bored well. 
e, /. pulegone. 

multiply nvidly, pulluhte; 

a. pulmonary. — /. (Mot-} hmf* 

pnlpatlaii, /. pulping. 

pnlpe. /. pulp. 

pnlper, i.t. pulp, reduee to pulp. 

1,/. milsation. 
re, a. putBHtoiy. 
. Di. mealed powder, primiiv powder; 

pnlTftlsateiir, m. atomiier. 
polTMuttoD, /. pulverii 

polTtrlMr, I.I. pulverii 
powder) i atomiie, 

pmnldBt m, palm oil. 

pniulae. /, bug. apecit. bedbui: ' 

pape, /. (ZrM.) pupa. 
paplUaln. a. pupillarr. 
papule, m. ft /, pupiL 
puplbv, n. rack (aa for 

purei free <from); elear. 
■8 Dertr, uBdcaely, to no pun 
«, Chick aoup; thick at 

: freedom (from); 

sent, ode. purely. 

parent, p.d</. s pf. of poui 

pBTCte, /. purity, purena 

cleaniE», clarity, 
porette, /. a black fenu^oua auid. 
parsmUf, a. dr m. purgative. 
parx&tjmi, /. purEiiVi putgatioD, e(o. (see 

purger); purgative. 
ptlTKe* /- purKJuEi qlea n a i ng: (in tawing) elim- 

inatioD of alum with warm water; (Mtd.) 

— ds chaax, (LtaOier) deliming. 
pOrgHi 1-t purge; deanae, clean; dear; free; 

'; purifier; 

them of solid or liquid partidea; (Steam) 
blow-off gear. — a. purging, deanaing. 
pnriflmDt, p. a. purifyisff. 

. m. puriËer. — a. purifying. 
DU /- purification, purifying, 
.(.purify. — >.r. be purified, become 

pnrln, m. liquid m 

pnron, m. sweet whey. 
pnrparsu, /. puipuraiie. 
parpai*ta> m, purpurate. 
pnrpnrin, a. purpliah. 

parpnrlqiM, a. purpurio. 

13 prrlUffln 

pnipotOiantliliHt /. putiniroanthin. 

pni, m. filed.) pus. 

pUBMut, inp.iuA;'. S j>l. of pouvur. 

pmtale, /. (Mid.) pustule. 

pmtalei». a. (Med.) puetulouB. 

put. p.def. S ling, of pouvoir. 

patrfhcor, a. putrefactive. 

patrf taction, /, decay, decompoeition, ror 

patrËlUt, a, decayed, rotteo, putrefied. 
patrCner, i.t, dt r, rot, decompcee, putrefy 
patneeent, a. putratcent. 
patieaclble. a. putrescible, 
pnbrlde, a, putrid. 
pntridltC, /. putridity. 
pat«n, m. (Milal.) unfueed ore on the ni 

pyobf mle, /. (Med.) pyemia. pyEunia. 
prouDthoae. /. pyoianthoec 
pyramidal, a. pyramidal. 
pyramide, /. pyiamid. 
pyramldoD, m. pyramidoue- 

prnuKiiite, f. (JUin,) pyraigyiite, 
pfTaiine, /. pyraiine. 
prnuol. m. pyiuole, 

pyraiolcBrbOQlqite, a. pyravolecarboxyiitt, 
pynntlldlae, /. pyrasolidine. 
pynuoUdone, /. pyruoUdoae, 
pyrmaollne, /. pyratoline. 
prraiolf qae, a. pynuole, of pyrasole, 
pyraialoiie, /, pyraiolone, 

pyrèt^e, m, (Bal.) Pyrethrum (Chiysantbe- 
mum) ; (Pharm.) pyretiirum, pellitojy. 
— offiânaî, — vrmt pellitoiy (Anacj/dut 

pyrldailne, /. pyridatine. 

pyridine, /. pyridine, 

pyrMlnecarbonliiqe, a. pyridinecarboxylia, 

pfrtdlque, o. pyridine, of pyridine. 

pyrldone, /, pyridone, 

pt^mldloe, /. pyrimidlne. 

pyrlmldlnlqae, pyrUnldlque, a, 

pyrlqne, a. pyrotechnic (al). 

pyrite. /, (Min.) pyritea, Q)edf. iron pyritea or 

— biancAe, purilee btanchet, white iron pyritea, 

— I cuitreuie, — de euiwe, copper pyrile», 

liriltinK, a. (Min.) pyriUfemu*. 

prmcétiqae, a. pytnacel 
prro-BDtliiiODiqiie, 3. pj 
PTTOcatéc&lDC, /. pyrocal 
prroclilDile, /. pyrûchemi 

prrochlore. m. (Min.) pyioohlorB. 

pjncotoa, m. (Sxpl.) pyioootton. 
pjTOélMtliliU, /. pyroel«otricity. 
prroélectTtqiie, a. pytoeleoUio, 

v. pyiogsUate. 
, a. pyrocftllic. 
-, pyrogallïo acïd (pyrogallol). 

„ — bI, m. pyroinllol. 

prrofsllolphtaieine, /. pyiogallalph 1 

pnvcenatlan,/. Bubjecting to the act 

pmcène, piTocéné, a. pyrogenouB 

involving or produced by (ira 

(flfoJ.) pyroienic. 
prrosCnifie, /. pyrogenwis. 
prrofSatslqiM, prrofCDétlqiie. a 

PïTOBrantl. IT 

piTOlde, a. phosphorescent. 
pyratlgnciu. a. pyroligneouB. 
prrolteinlle, m. pyraliEnite. 
Pïrollt«i /. C^ipl.) pyrolite. 
pyrolnslto, /. (Min.) pyiolusite. 
prromeUlqae, a. pyromellitic. 
pyntmfetret m. pyrometer. 
^fntmétrttt f- pyrometry. 

-e, o. pyrometrio, pyrometrical. 

e. /. (Afin.) pyromorphito. 

prromnrtqae, a. pyre 
prrone, /. pyrone. 
prronlne, /, (Dyet) py 
pyronlqne, s. pyrone, 
prronome, n. iExvi) : 
prrope, m. (JVftn.) pyr 

DrvoplHkrlqne, a. pyrophorio. 
PTTophoapbkte. m. pyropboepbstc. 

— dtjerftdt Mud., (PhoTTn.) soluble fetiig 
pyrophoaphate. pyrophoaphate of imt with 
•odium citTBle. 

— dé toudi. sodium pyrophosphate. 
prropbMpbOTlqne, a. pyiapboephorio. 
pyiwt»rtcl<|D«, a. pyrotartaric. 
prmtMhnltlen, m. pyrotechnist. 
prroteclmlei /. pyiotechnii», pyroteohny. 
pyrotechnlqnfl, a. pyrotechnic, pyretealuiioaL 
prrolhèqnc, m. (Expl. AEla.) eiploder. 
pyNtrltarlqae, a, pyrolritsric. 
prrotanadlqae. a. pyrovanadio. 
pyroiaathlne, /. pyroianthb. 

prroiène. m. (Min.) pyroiene. 
prroiyle, prroitle, m. pyroiylin. 
pyroirlEi 1. pyroiylin, nitiaeelluloae. 
pnviyllne, /. pyroiylin. 
prrrarUque. a. pyroiyUc (pyrolicaeous). 
prnwdlaiol, m, pynodiaiole (triasole). 

ill m. pyrrole, Geaa desirably) pyrrol. 

ilcarb<HilqDe, a. pyrroleoarboiylic. 
prnolldlne, /. pyrrolidine. 
prnnlldlnlqne, a. pyrrolidiae, of pyrrolidine. 
pytTolldODCi /. pyrrolidone. 
pyEToUDe, /. pyrruline. 
pycToUqne. a. pyrrole, o( pyrrole. 
pyrmtrlBiol, m. pyrrotriasole («strand»). 
PTmvIqiiei a. pyruvic. 
"Te./. (lf«ri.) pyuria. 

p:h»Google - 

ouhJ); (MotA.) quadratic . 
qnadrlclilorf, a. tettanUaiB, tetrubloro-. 
QBUlTleiuiBl, a. quBdrennUI. 
qnsdrtlatersl, a. qusdrilalcral. 

... ._.. . A m. quadrilatéral. 

_ . crooB rulinff, etc. (Bee quadril- 

-ruled; checkered. — «i- 
rulini; dheckerinï, eheckerwork. 

■madiifBlenee, /. qu&drivalence. 

i, m. (LUHdrGs&lute (tetioxolate) . 
qoadroirde, m. quadroiidit (tetronde). Obt. 
quadruple, a. i£ m. quadruple. 
qnsdrxiple-eBeet, m. (Suaar, etc.) quadruple 

quadrupler, i.t. dc i, quadruple. 

41tal, Til. quay, wharf; (railrùd) platform. 

qualUoUt, a, (of Biulyeie) qualilative; qusli- 

«iiullfleatlOD,/. title; quaiiSratioa. 
qOBltSer, E.l. qushfy; call, style. 
quallUtir, a. qiuUtative. 
quail tatlmnent, adi. qualitstively, 
qualité,/, quality; title. 

quand, odl. when. -^amj. when; whenever; 
wbeQiDstend; altho, even tho. even if. 

le; Lent; a^e of forty, 
i n. (ortieth. 

qaatoraWme, a. it m. fourteenth. 
qqatre, a. Je m. four; fourth, 
qnatn-Tlntt-. i^i^hty-. 
qoatre-TliiKt-dlx, a. ninety. 
qnatre-TlniUeme, a. é! n. eightieUi. 
quatre-TlnKt-anM, a. ninety-one. 
're-Tlngta, a. eighty; eifhtietb. 
re-ilDgt-an, a. eighty-one. 
quatrleme. a. fourth. — m. fourth; 

sold) a 

indard of 0. 

Lrate, m. quayage, wharf ace. 

I, prcm. whom, whieh. thatl what; whe 
that' — ^odr. how: how much, how man 
why. — Mnj. that; O that; let, may: 
whether: (with negative) lest: yet; alth 
when; elnee: so that: aa lai as: [wi 

quel (or queSie) que saii, queU (or queHa) qut 

qnaleonqiie, a. whatever, whatnwver, any. 

quelle, a. fern. oF quel. 

gnelaae, a. some, any, a few. —adi. about. 

qnneltaiiiilaiie, a. quersita 
querelte. /. queicitol. querci 
aafreitrlne, /. guercitmi. 
qncreltron, m. <Sal.) quer 

oak (QuflTciu Belidina). 
anereUe, /. quarrsl. 

nneslloii, /, quMt 
qaeatloiuier, i.l. 
qaetche. f, — que 
aiifi(e> /. q 

a Jarg« plcun luat 
id brandy, 
HSer, n. a kind of pi 

/. {Bot.) horsetsit {Sgujic 

>ni«, /. flat brush ; (Olait) a Idui 
pviadow JElase no lonaer made, 
-at-t^file; amall taper. 

nneiinage, qoenrtase. m. (Leather) alatiiiE, 

qaennc. qoearn, /. ILealhirr) elater. 

qaeuncr, qnenreer, t.l. (LeaiÂer) slate. 

qneoii /. hone: whetstone. 

qui, pron, vho, whom, nhidi, that; he who, h 

qnUUla, q(illl>r>. "<. (Bit.) Quillaja, 
iaponofia (napbork tree or quillai] 

qiiUle./.poat, tupport; cap, itring pie< 
akittle, rùnepLn; tall akittle-ehaped 

I. quinaldic, quiaaJdinic. 


dware, pleoe of hudwai^ 

qnlnlirdroDei /. quinl 
qnlnlctnc, /. quinicine 

qnlnlisrlne, /. quiniuiin. 
qnlDliantl, m. quiniiaral. 

■ ■■■ /. (Pianri.) quinoidine. 

qulQoltlne-eu'baiiiaiie, a 

qntnanlmlde, /. q 
qnln»ntque, a. qv 

iiiDoline; (of Uia 

a quinotle, qoij^ 


qnlnauUne, /, q 
qntnafle, m. qui] 
qnlnqneniial, a. 
qnlnqnlna. m. ci 

the country fi 

metric quintal. 100 kilotrama 
I nonfuaed with the "metrio hull- 
it " which equals fiO kg. or lia23 

ice, /. quiuteSBea». 
anlntesBeDdatlaii, /. teduetioa to a quii 

qalnteaseactel, a. quintceHatial, 
qolntesaeiieler, i.t. ertraet the quiuten 
reâne, aubtïlûe. 
,/. quintuplioe, quiiituplical 

quintuple, r 
qulntopler, i.l. quintuple. 
quliiamlne, /. fifteen (or about that) ; 
qnlnie, a. t£ m. fifteen; fifteenth. 
qnlniUraei a, it m. fifteenth. 
quittance, /. receipt. 

«dtteii, - 

wh»t; whioli, that. ■ 
li . . . fw, wbMvnr. 


; howevsr it IDV bg, ii 

auolqiie. am), tho, sltho. 
aootB-part. /. ehsre. qunti. 
quotidien, a. doily. 
qDotldleimeiiiciit. odi. duly, e 
qaotleilt, m. quotient. 


TKbftt. m. discDUDt. reduction. 
rabattage, nbittement, n 

nballre, i.I. lower; dimin 

tmbette, /, n 
rtble, m. a 

ïTBlflsa); HtLrrfir; Hprooder (foi 
l&be; draaa; smooth; polish 

nwcordi rsecardement, m. joininj;, ju 
joint; ouuplins. counfictiou. union; 
ment; (Opt-) coinoidflnce (of u 

nceorder, v.l. join. unit«; level, e 

uceme. m. (.Ba.) raceme. 
racémlqne, a. racemio. 
rmche, /. drega of tar, tar of inferior q 
racbeMr, t.f. redeem; buy. buy up. 
r&cheiu, facbeni. □. (of wood) knot 
racberage, racHvcment, m. Bnishii 

of root. buk. etc. of the wi 
radnal, m. aill. sleeper. 

— oHvmnUàre. edible root. 

— bréèHieTtne, ipecAC- 

— cubiquit (Maih-) cube root. 

— iTaMt A ffrappet, (.Pliarm:, 

-^ d'omiiiH, (Fharm.) sniica rhiiome. 

— dt leptandra, (PAorm.) laptaadra, CuJTei^s 

— de phyttiiaQUé, (PAorm.) Phytolacca, poke 

— de Saint Chrixtàphe, Dommon baDebarry, 
herb ChriatophrH' (Asiaa apicala). 

— ■ dé aumbiti, (Pharm.) eumbul. muak root. 

— de triotte, {Pliann.) trioateum, feier not. 

ractuer, i.i. Cake root. root. — g.l. dye yellow. 
rack, m. arrack, rack (the liquor). 

radœ. C.I. scrape. Bccape off; (Leaiiur) slave. 
raclette, /. (emalll scraper. 


radlalre, a. radiate, radiated. 
radial, a. radial. 
radlalcment, udr. cadially. 

radiant, a. radiant. 

radiateur, m. radiator. — a. radiatinc. 
radiation, /. radiation ; eraeure. strikini m 
radical, n. <t a. radical. 

— composé, compound radical 

— ftj/druBu-ixm*, hydtoearboD radial 
radlcalenuni, adv. radieally. 
radlcam. pi. of isdicaL 

radicelle, /. rootlet. 
radicule. /. {But.) radicle. 
radlE, a. radiated, radiate, radial 

Btrensthemn^ (of 
xUeiu, a. ruli&nC. 


radiate; enae, Htrike c^. — t- 
— m, frame, spron, floor, ba 


mdlo-Mtlf, a 

IBdlo-aetlTlM, /. raoiautivity. 
ndtosraidile. /. radiagraphy: radiognph, 
ladloBTBphler, r.t, rsdiogrkph. 
ndlograpblqnc, a. rsdiocrspbicW, 
nidlolalic. m, (Znil.) radioluiui, 
ndJolocle, /. miiolocy. 
radlomMre, m. ndiometer. 
rwHomClilc. /. riutioaietcy. 
ndlunétilqiie. a. radiometrio. 
rsdloscaplc. /. nuHoncopy. 
ndloaeoi^iiei a. radioscopie (aJ). 
radhttneniiite, /. mHotbempy. 
imdlotliérapliine, a. radiotlierapeutia. 
radlotboilniiii m. riKliothoriuin, 
radts, m. radieh. 
— de iJimal, honeradiah. 

dcr mild; {MclaiJ) 
— ï.r. Bof(«D. grow mild. 
I. hardflD, makfi harder or firmer; 

'. atrenstheniaf, in 
/. refined mj^ar- 

{Pafxr) pulp, ItuS (ready for 1 
maiHny machiue)- 

nfllDear, m. refiner; (Paiiet) - 

nnneiue, /. (Paper) refinine eoffio 

<, /. stalk (of grapes] ; cob (of n 

(ct^per w 
imfnlrhlssant, p 

1. (Med.) refriEers 

CSutfor) cryatalliier. 

raldlucmeDt. m. Btiflening 

nUttrtt m. horaeradiab (Borippa or 

— cidtàt. a kind ot winter radiah 

— tauragOi horaeradlah. 
nil, m. rail. 

pepm de — , irape aced. crapcstone. 

— dé CM», wine BTHpe. 

— d'ouft, bearberry {ArHoaUiphytoa u 
— ' »K, dried crape, raisin. 

tion, reparation; (Lav) claim. 

•t the pi 

L of, by reaaon at; In 

rslsoiuuble, a. reaeonable. 
ralsoniubleiiient, «Id. rcasoi 
reaaoned, etc. 
loficaL; methodical, b; 


v.t. leoetben, extend, ekâ 
IflDflthea, be eit«iid«dr 
ralIaDMri i.I. lelight, lieht asun, lekindle 
relighter, apecif . a pilot bu 
Ktion, aeeemblsee, he&p. 

thickset, compai 

ad: KHther on»elf up: double up. 
; rmnuflftolr, m- cdIIbcCot. gutherer, 
un (of paper); paddle; oar. 
1, brandi; smsll braneh, shoot, twig, 
o.t. bring back, put back, draw baok; 

nmeni, a. branching, brat 

noialen, redampen. 

. capable of b»ag Rittaned, 

cocks or other tirtuna); elope, ir 
inclined plane, ramp; flight (of ■ 
(Btair) rniling; footlighto. 

— i tclipêc. a row of bumen with a < 
for eitioguiahine a number at once, 

— d vtd#, row of vacuum cocka. 

— dt bta à oJraol (eiMnce, pélrofa), r 
alcohol (gaaoline, keroaenc) burners, 

— disbOlalaire, row or batlsry of aWlla. 
nmper, t.i. slope. incUne; wind; creep: i 
ramare, /. branching, branchée, 

ntDCfdlW, /. rancidity, raactdness. 

raDClMement, m. becomiuR rancid^ n 


Tftpe, /, ntfii crater; stalk (of grapea). 

rape, p.a, railed; grated; threadbare, —m. 
rape wine (made from maic or fresh crap» 
by adding water and fermenting); grapes 
added to wine to improve it, ako the wine 
BO treated: ehavinga oi ohipe added to wine 
to olarily it; (in cafés) a miiture of win* 

râper, t.(. rasp; grate; grind (wood for pulp)- 
rtperie, /, (Su^or) raeping station, beetguiec 
■■per) mechanical pulp mill, 

ift; Bt«ep. —m. rapid (in 
ipidly, swiftly. 


shorten, shrink. 

npldemeot, adz, 
upldltC, /. rapidity. 
rapltcer. >.l. patch, piece. 

ipolntir, 1,^ repoint, reahaJT>en. 
rappeler, t.t. recall; oall back; 

rapport m. relation; ratio: repo 
production; harmony, agreeme 
/onctioiatel, fugctionai reJatioD. 
T — d. with rêOtion to, with n 
account of, in comparison witli 

itie — de, with respect to, in re 


direct; protr 

Ct, pi 

bring back', take back 
or revenue): revoke 

t; ascribe, attribute 

(on): he referred, ei 



refer; rely 


êter, t.f. drese again. 
oehé, p.a, brought nearer, et/s. (see tu^ 
rocherl; dnse together, near; closely 
_ slated. — 
rapprocbemeot. m. bringing nearer, etc (see 

rapprocber,>.(.bringnear«r: leasea (distance) ; 

""'Cw"''' ""■ '"''■ "'^' """^^""^ 

ipid Chm.) condense. — i.r. be brought 

ou — dg, in the number of, among. 

nearer, etc.; draw nearer, approach; b. 

nose, P.O. ranged, etc. (see ranger) ; steady. 

rangée, /. row, range. 

rApnre, /. tabling, raspings. 

ranger, r.(. range; arrange; rank; set in order; 

npurelr, tn. copper boiler (for saltpeter). 

back (as cube sugar); bring back, put back. 

rare, a, rare; thin. 

keep back: subdue. —•>.•-. range oneself: 

ranimer,..!, revive, restore; brisk up (afire). 

ripMte. -». rasping; grating; grinding (of 

rBTiflant, a. rarefying, rsrefactive. 

' uli. rurel] 

r. be rajefied. 

□E rarefied. 

I4E ratflËed. 

TuvBelblllU, /. capability of beius rareAei 
nresclblc. a, TanAable. 
rareté. /. rsiily. rareueet. 
Tfts, a. flat, IqtbI; amoDth; iihort^EUfq>ed;aJ 
haired; clos&oropped; BbavfiD, ^^ m. 1 

d — dt, au — de, to a levd with, even 1 

FRHfi, /. turpentine; oil of turpentine; r 
rosin oil; a resinous mixture ^iplied te 
bottomB. — a, /em. otrM. 

tWiemblfr, r.t. iC r, «ollect, Bather, saw 

reaseeinbJe, collect a^ain. 
rsIsMilr, 1,1. replaoe; reewt; cairn. 
nuled, pr. 3 ting, of rasseoir. 
raaala, p.a, replaced, etc. (see rasseoir) 

bread) st^; <of earth) settled; 

staid. — ni (of spirit) settled state. 
prendre ton — , settle (said of spirits). 

rBUnier, v.l. etrenefhen, s 
nt. m. rat, 

— d'Amérique, guioea pi 

— de cave, a lon^, thin 7t 

fmte. /, {Anat-) spleen; female ra 
r*M, p.a. mined; failed. — m. i 
r&tesn, m. rake. 
râtd^tB. n. raldiig. 

nttachace. rattachement, m. < 
etc. («ee rattacher). 

led; be 

tied, be fastened. 

eovering, recovery, overtak- 


le. (seer 

: take 

p, —t.r. be recovered, etc; 



i. scrape,- erase. 


. rouBh-oast, rough-coat; lay on (u 


oil); d 

an, dneg. finish (a surface)} 



(of m 


vclop csviticB, pipe. 


4Mcariipa)-, rape; radish. 




: brighten, brighten up (aa 

TaTltaUler, r.i 

— sMrnvjue. ch 

— <fe iumiire, 1 

miHmi RBntom., Rôntsen raya. 

Tayona ^iitrar-violet9. ultraviolet raye. 

rayimt X, X-raya, ROntgsn raya. 

rai/ont a, a-tays. 

— viniel, visual ray; line of tight. 
'«yannage, m. shelving, shell 
■aronosnt. p.a. radiating; radiant. 
■abonné, p.a. radia t«d, radiate. 

'sronner, t.i. radiate; beam, afaine. 

'afure, /. scratch; rifiing; erasure; ruling; 

i^absorber, c.l. rei 
reabgorptloD, /. rr 
fEacquf rlr, i.I. rei 
réacHblllté, /. nw 
rCBcUr, fn. reagent 

(of asubacription). 
n, reabBOrbing. 

If de, (m' 


iiubatttDi») reaicDt 

— dt FvUacht, % dioitrouithiaquiniJiw iu 
as a reogent for polycyclic hydtoiarbons. 

— d> Miiinn. Millon'B ressent. 

— it NiHler. Nenler lesBent, Neuler aolutic 

— d» ScAiwitMr, a ■ ■■ ■ 
ttaeOOD,/. n 

D, /. rekliutkin. 
rtellU, '/. reality. 

rtoroulUoDi /. reappcuimce. 

. .i- rebound. 

nkord.n. rim; flange; edce, border: ledse: h 
i, tUneed, with mised edge. 

nboan, tn. vtont nay (of the grain, of the 
it —, du —, agunst the nflp (or grain) , the 

rebmrer, v.i. 

nferUer. >.l. 


rabot, m. refuse, rejected 

»ute, lubbieh, truh; 

repulaion; repulao. 

<fe —, refuM, waate. 

auUrt au -, reject, diacard. 

TcbatM, f.t. reject; tetvM; 

natti, t.i. relevel, rese 

etc. <we caler); 

■mooth. level, poliafa. 


racMiei, I.I. break again; 

■often (bidea). 

receler, i.l. oonceal. 

neeoM, /. re-preaùng of th 


restampiag (of gold and ailver). 

rteeot, a. recent; [of mem 

ry) diatinct. frerfL 

lécéplssC m. receipt. 

récepteur, m. receive, — 

reccpHoil, /. receiving, rew 

ipt; reception. 

r«e«pUTlté, /. receptivity. 

recette. /. receipt; recipe 

formuU, pnmirip- 

reeereiiT, n>, eolleotor. recs 

ver (of rnonarX- 

rtebapper, e.i. escape; recover. — i.i. delrnr. 
rechar^nient. m. recharging, reloidiag. 
recharger. v.L recharge, reload; repleniah; 

rfiehaiid. m. small portable stove (such at that 
of a cbsSug diab). hot plate; heater; hot- 
bed (for planta). 

r$eh>DlI]ige, m. reheatinc. 

réchaalleiiient. m. reheating; iAeric) ns* 

rtchanDblr, m. (Svtar) heater; plat 

lecbe, a. harsh. 

recherche. /. research; inveatigatioi 

Ifflt for; inqmre into; ' (fee*,) finish oO. 

(«e coupet and raoouper). 

IMODIM, /. Dlippinsi, luttinga, ecmp.; chipa 

H»k«r; incruirer. 

BTftdc ol flour; eecond cuttim (of hay). 

reconper, ..(, reeut, oat again, etc. (see coupet); 

iMpé, m. redpe. 

mil (wines) a second time. 

asKn, oylinder (for mo), eto. 

trial purpose». 

rfdpioqiu, o. reciprocftl; inven» (ratio); ro- 

dprocaliog; revBMible. — /. iiks, game 

— t.r. bead, be bent. 

thing; (Logù) conïme. 

UBe(of); runaaain. 

rccoonB, M. S nr-g. of recourir. 

rMter, .,(- «law. recite. 

rMOOrt, pr. a tint, of recourir. 

n«olt, pr. a nniF. of recevoir. 

neoller, v.t. rcglue. etc. (up ooUai). 

reeoDTniDt, of recouvrir. 

recolorcr, i.(. recolor. — t.r. becmma oolortid 

récolta,/, collection, sathering; harvwt; crop. 

rCnltcr.B.f. gather, colleot: hweat. 

rCoaacUer, i.l. reconcile. 
rfiooofbrtuit, p.s. strenEthoning. tooic; con 

forting, cheering. — m. tonic. 
réconrortÂr, v.t. stfen^then; comfort, cbeer. 
KtonnBbukle, a. recogniiable. 

verification; eiplo 


; ga^tude 



IB*, t.!, rec 


; verify 




■n, repay. - 

, bt 

led; find 

If; reflect; 



KCoqalBenunt. m. curling up. turn 
reccMiIlUler, i.l. <£ r. curl up, turn u 
neonebiBe, m. laying again, 

^grain, etc. (see crépir). 
-. — recroguevilkr. 

int. of recrottie. 
recroître, e.t. grow again; get longer, 
curl up, shrivel iQi. 

reetlflable, a. 


m. rectifier, —a. rectifying. 

rcctUcaOr, a. 


reeuaer, ..(. rt 

i^ify, — ..r. be rectified. 



recto, m. right 

Bide, rightiand page. 

retD, P.O. rec( 

ved, etc. (aee recevoir). — m. 

rccnX'». coll 

m. flallecticn, coUectins; gath- 

leDUr, v.(. collect; gather; harvcAt; recelve. 
— E.r. be collected, etc.; collect oneself . 
rccnlie, i.t anneal (aa glasa); reheat: làxao, 
to. (gee ouire). 

, ; delay, poat 
— t.i- go btuili. recede, retieaC; thrink 
(from), ncail; give way; delRy. 

riCUPèntioil,'/ raouparation, recovery. 

p.dif. s'pL of recevoir. 
rCetuer. i.l. ohallsiise, object to. 
recnt, p.def. S line, ot noevaii. 
rUMteur, m. editor: ouewhodisi 

redantt m. ~ redaa. 

ibtor. — m. debU 

rcftlBsolDtloii» /. Tedifleolvins, re-flolution. 

radlflcolvantt p-a. rediflaolvics. 

tcdlsiODdre, v.t. it r. tcdiBsolve. 

KdlatUUtton, /. rediitiUation. 

TCdlitJller, II. redistiU. 

redlalilbiieri i.l. rediitribute. 

redo, Tn. redo (a hydroeulfita preparation). 

radanaer, E.I. give Bgaia.giveback. return; re- 
Wore. — t.i. begin aaaiD ; siva oneeelf up. 

radiwer, i.l. regild. 

ndODbK, p.a. redoubled; doubled, double. 

redoutci, i.t. dread, [ear. 

redmuge, redreiiement, m. Btiaigbteniiig, 
reaetting, ete. (Bee redrraser). 

rectify; correot, adjuet, redreai (£J<c.) 
coTfUnutBtfl, rec^y; dreea, dreea attain; 
(fMillier) stake a second time. 

II. Btraicblener, stu.; (EIk.) ooi 

redût m. balance due. — a. BtiH owing. 
rMnettHir, m. reducer, reducing agent. — 

rMnctlbUltC, /. leducibility. rsdunibleDiag. 

rMnctlan, /. n 
rtdactHce, a. J 
iMaln, I.I. IK 

. — ï.r- be reduced; come, 

rtcUsDient, odi. really, in 

refaire, t.i. make again, n 

(tee faire) ; rep&ir, me 

Tnade again, etc.; teecvf 

teee faire paaner, unde 
(LaOiir) tai 

r; reéetabliahoneeelf. 

refendre, i.i. split, divide lengthwiae. 
refente. /. eplitting, lendbirise division. 
refna, /ui. 3 nnn, of refaire. 
/. reference. 
I.l. refer; attribute. — ».r. refer; rely 

Teferm«, i.i. dt r. dose again, cloae. 
reOltrer, e.t. refilter, filter again. 
reflt, vMtf. S nnff. of refaire. 

t£ I. reflect, — D.r. be reflected. 
int, m. reflection, reflecting, 
reflecting. — m. reflector. 
. m. reflection. 
refléter, i.l, ± i. reflect. — s.r. t* reflected, 
rËfleie, a. & m. reflex. 
reSedble. a. capable of being reflected. 
' " ■»!!,/. reflection. 

', t.i. Bow back, reflow, (of tide) ebb, 
m. reflui, flowing back. 

refondre, i.l, remelt, fuse again, reoaat, eta. 

(lee fondre); correct, remodel, reform, 
relbnt. pr, S pi. of refaire. 
refonte, /. remelting, etc. (see fondn),' [»- 

reform, reformation. 

t. ^ T. fcfrm again, le-fcnL 

iform, eonect: {Mil.) retire. 
m. hullowiiv out, hrJlow. 
.oilow out; curve; digaftuji. 

(werefouler, t.(.) ; delivery ( 

b&ck, bockfiow, backicji u| 

BDnler. t.l. aampxBUt; pre» i 

. reluTDub. supply aeun. 
.. refruïtory; rcuitant^ 

a. re(r*otiDC- — f». refrkctor. 

reb«e(l«il, /. refrection. 

Ï. refrutioruJ. of refraction, 
q. refractometo'. 

rtbuiKlbilIté, /. refraiiaibility. 
. TeffHJisiblfl. 

Bijike acHin, etc. (we fmpper). 
Ceram.) piBJiilh. 

I. condenBfir; cooler, refriflerati^. 
refri^entins appuatua; iMtd.) refrig- 

■niiturea) Ireeiing; {Med.) retrigemit. 
~ à air, ail oondenMr. 

— A 6dul«,-bulb condenser. 

— A colonne, columa eondeneer. 

— d riflia, — atcemlant, reflui aoodanaer, 
return coadeneer. 

' — descendant, cnlinary condenser (u die- 
tinguished from * r^ni condenaer). 

rCMsCntear, m, refrigorBtor. 
réMBératlf. s. A m. IJIftd.) refrigerant. 
refrlgéiBtloiii /. refiiseratiou. uooling, 
refHBCier, i.f. rEfriierate, cool. 

c. /. refrttctivity, refringency. 

, v.r. lake refuge, find ftheltAT. 
. refusal; refuse. 

refuse to, refuse, refuse to do, not 
— i.i.refuK; (of took, etc.) fail to 

rCmtoUOD, /, refutation. 

rtlntOT, «.(. refute, —sj-. be refuted. 

■pld Cfumi.) action of aqua 

sard, m. look. eye, glance; regard; attention; 

opening, hole (as in a eewer) ; peepholCi 

ou — de, with regard to, regarding; in oom- 

en — , oppoeite, face to face, on tlie oppoaite 

Sarder, i.l. look at: regard: concern; face, 
be directed towards — p.i. look; be 
directed; (with d) regard, pay attention to, 
look to. 

SamlT, t.I. relumish, etc. (see garnir). 

sell m., T^eUtton. /. freeâng again. 

— veffMarien, vegetarian di 

wtflatre, m. register; 

regulable, adjustable, ' 

{pi.) men* 

of three, propartion. 

umu. slide rule. 

a. regulated, ste. (iM rétfer); regolar. 

rèslemeat 3i 

r^lor}^ rule, r«culatioa; aettlemfint, 
lé^emeuUIre, a, icgular, preicribed, lagultr 

tion; pertaiiung to regul&tioiu. 
rtcleineiitcr. i.l, reEulsIe, maka rules foi. 
récler, z.L reculâtes adjuet; contruL, order. 


). — v.r. be resiilat«d, 

, or soaJa. 
. (»e régler). 

e,/. Tulina. 

reçue, m. reigo: kingdom. 

— vtnUai, vegetable kiaidoin. 

— vivant, orgomc kingdom (eitlier vegetable 
or Animal kjngdoi 

KKKt, m. legret, 

nsrattablcoient, odi. r^rettably. 

regretter, ï.(. regret, 

raglllto', v.t. rout again, etc. (see griller). 

rénUrluttOD./. regulatiDn; regulariution. 

rt^nlazla^, v.t regulate; aet rigbt; make 

regulac, regulari«, 
rfCDlultè. /, r^uloiity. 
récalatcor, m. regulator; apecif., sovernor. 

— □. reeulating. regulntive, 

— de chaleur, heat (or temperature) regulator, 

rtcnlatlon, /. legulatinii. 
réunie, m. reeulus. 
rtCDller, a. reguUr. 
rtcnllèrement, adt. regularly, 
réCUUll, a. reguline. 
rtgnrglto'i s.l, reEurgitate. 
rthsblllter, n.t. rehabiUtale, reeaublish. 

raise, make higher; heightea 
ml«DBily, enhance, sat o9; touch up; eitnl 
rehaut, m. retouch (in a design). 
rebameeto', t.l. remoiaten. dampen again. 
léhrdrkter. i.I. A i. hydrate again. 
rfbrdiocïllil^i D,I. hydrogeni» aoÙD. 

throw back, throw a 
Maav up, throw out, throw away; throw, 
cast (aa blameli tranafer. — i.r, be re- 
jected, etc.: fall back (on). 

leietOD, m. ehoot (of a plant) ; descendant. 

nJettcDieQt, m. rejcrtion, etc. (see rejet*»). 

reJolKIUIlt, of rejoindre. 

reJolDdre, t.t. ± r. rejoin, reunite. 

réjouir, ij, rejoice; delight; amuae. 

(aee relAcher); 
(Mid.) ■ ■ 

relarvwe, m. (Soap) soil 
rCUrsIr, t.l. widen. 
TélarglMeiiMiiti m. wide 
rtUrBuer. r.t. (Soap) aal 
ntater, t.l. relate, state. 
relatif, a. relative. 

nhtitité, /. nlativ 
nlarer, r.(. rewseb, 
t. nlM; rel 

alter. Diodïfy, cliaDfe, 
andlr, huidle 
a. remarkable. 

ranBrqaableineat, ode. remarkably. 

Temarqac, /. 

tenwrqner, v.t. remark; mark attaÎD, 

ranblMli m. fillin a; fill; embacJduf; 

nmondre, i.l. regrind, grind again. 
remoadrei v-l- reoharpcDt shorpen afiain. 
remoulUaBe, m. wetting again, remoiBtsmng. 
remonlllert r.t. wet aiain, remoieten. 

/, poking) reoewal of yaaat. 

temooler, n.i 
TemMiln, p.) 
tChmiiIu, f ] 

remplMemeiiti m rep uvmi 

TcmplMW > I repbc« take the place o 

placed rep ace each other 
mnplaffe m GUinf up fiUmjE 
remiill, ii a filled etc see remplu') full 
rcmplli, D ail fill up fiU out fill agaii 

refill; [ 

stock supply 

-~L.r fill befiUsd I 
nmpllwace, m filling fiûing up Glbnc m 
rampllBScar m Hlter — a filbne 
remporter v I bear off carrj off take awi 

iiuble a movable eainble of being 
lOTing BtimnH dlggmg 

« — compte dt, aacertAln; undeietAnd, 
rendu, p,a, returned, etc, (eee rendre) ; an 
,um; returned article. 

nue, p.p. of reoaltrs. 
rencttorcFf >.<. clean again, reolean. 
rentermé, m. ckee or musty smeU. 
TenTermer, t.t. centaine include, c 

bo contain»!; be included; be < 

■kindle, — *,r. I 

lUed, BwoUen. swelUoi, inflated. 
. swelline, enlargemeut; Hpccil., 
I; shoulder; boea. 
& i. swell, swell out, inflate. 

nnDirtace, m. atrencthraiiug, etc. (see rao- 

renfortatenf, m. (Photoe.) int«nûfier. 
renforcé, pji. atrenctheued. eta. (Bee reoftaw) ; 

renmer, . move stu- stir up die (&f.) 

agiUte I r « 1 Btir mo e 


(Flviiov.) intensify. — i.r. be atrength- 

renumlr tt rcfumiah supply acain 

renfort, m. reenforee, elrengthening piece; 

renaître, r revive return be «tored 

renlflwd, n. air valve, anifting valve. 

renal, a. (Anai renal 

renifler, n.I. * n. snuff, sniff. 

renaquit pdef 5 nna of renaître 

renlveler. i.l. level acain. 

renard, m fo. leak open ng gap (Aft(o« 

renne, m. reindeer. 


renom, n. renown, fame, reputation. 

renchérissement, m nse n pnce 


forbear (to), dcaiet Ifrom). 

counter hit on happen an — er meet ; 

be found be met with be ssree 

renonenle, /, (Bot.) crowfoot, butt«cup 

rmdement m yield effic nc ot a machine, 


eto.) produce product return profit; 

renonee,/. (Bo(.) polygonum. 

(Scop) apec f tfae yield of soap from 100 

renouer, v.t. renew; resume; join; tie again. 

tg, of fatty acd» 

rendre, ol return render y eld produce; 

give back reato e repav pay carry. 

increaaei revive. 

iHlIWIIieDt. m. (piece en body of) bforma- 
tian, intetligenoe: indication; hint. 
idCDCT, t.t. inlorni, give iaformstion to: 
tflMhegain. —z.r. d\ 

m mgfùn, barrel agnin. 

3 tinff. indie. A ttAj. of renToyer. 
renTorar.i.l. return; leSect <u bght) ; diBmlsa, 
diBOhuse: tefer; adjourn. — *.r. be re- 

HutyAMt, a. capable of bains leoiidiHd. 

rtoiydaUon, /. leondatioD. 

reoiyder, v.u reoodiie. 

lepalCre, t.t. A r. feed. 

lépandré. rJ, epresd, diffuse, send fortb, emit, 
give out, eihale; shed, pour out, effuse, 
epjU; utter. — t.r. be apread, etc. ; spread, 

Ttpandn, t>.a. spread, ele. (see répandre); (of 
minerals, etc.) widely distributed ; common, 

a. repairing, et*, (see réparer). 

It* p. pr. of reparaître. 
Mparattre, i.j. reappear. 
rtpan^tcnr, a. repairing; reatorina; ïnyïgor- 

rtparatlDn, /. ri 

, rep^. repéra; ' 

r^HTUaalaii, /. repercui 

i^iertalre, n. iode 

TepcMr, 1 1 

e«ei«h, weigh again. 

Hvéta'. v.i. 

repeat: reflect (optical ima«ea). 



rap«ti1i, ..I. 

knead again 

etc, (see pétrir). 

replier, t.t. pound again 

etc. (see piler). 

rspsir (a road). 

rtplt, m. rea 

rapUeer, . ( 


repU, m. told 

plait; turn 


m. folding. 

tc, (see replier). 

replier,.!. [ 

Id, told up, 

old again: bend, bend 

up, turn 

up, coil u 

: bend back. — .,r. 

up. bend back, windj 

(all bad. 


rCpUqaer, . 

.reply. - 

t. plunge (d 

p, immerse) again. 

Mpollr, ..I. repolish, rebumiah. 


Ttpondre, z 

espcBd, reply; ««T»- 

spend; takeaneiamii 

iatian;Iead(to). — «.f. 

epiyto. - 

répons, m. a 

nae, reply. 

reporter, u.f 


airy, transport, plaoe. 

put. — 

.f- be Carrie 

d b«;k; refer, turn. 

repos, m. rest, repose. 

rut: Stan 

; (of liquids) settle. 

eti lay. pu 

, place; replace, put 


ajiain: calm, relieve. — t.r. rest! 

(of liquids) settle. 

reposoir, m 

(fll«ns) ^ 

■at, tub (f« indigo); 

[Paptr) washing trough, 
■ ■er, ..(. repowder, powder again. 

repelling, eto. (see repouner); 

repuilr, 11.1. start again, go off again; reply. 


— p-r. be distributed; be divided. 

drive back: reject; be repulsive to; em- 

reparttteiu, m. distributer, divider. 

boas, ohaao. —z.i. be repulsive; sprout 

again, grow again; (of a eolor) strengthen. 

leparn, p.p. of reparattie. 

deepen; (of a gun) roooil; (of a spring) 

vive; lecovsr; (ol a wound) h«al: reply, 
repréMnlanl, a. A m. npr««enUtive. 
tepreBenUtfon, /. r«pr«enUtion. 

idre); Mpe- 

EtCAT^ occur; bfl reprtflented. 
rtprlmeri vX- repren, 
repris, p.p. of reprendre. 
raprlM,/. takioE up. etc. (aee repn 

d pfunruri rîprûef , severml timee 

reproche, m 

. s situi. of reprendra. 
. rEprooch, 
raproaiicieijr, a. reproductive, 
repnMlDCtlblBtC, /. repraducibiUt^. 
reiwodactlble. a. reproducible, 
reimMtactlf, a. reproductive. 
repradalra, «.(, reproduce; brnd i 
— i.r, be reproduced; reAppeir, : 
reproduliKDli nt reproduire. 
repubtler, j>.i. republUfa. 
république, /. republic. 
répudier, T.t. repudi&te. 
répugner, t.i. be repugnuit; be relue 
lepublf, a. repulsive, repellios. 
répnlalon, /. repulnon. 

' ■ ■■'n./. .., ,_._, 

puted; La high reput* 

mon; ciaim; loolt for again. 
requeiTm, fut. s ring, ol raquérir, 
requête, /. request; petition. 

I, pr. 5 îinff. of requérir. 

liùred, etc. (eee requérir); j 

elluH-weed, dyer'Ëweed (R, lufcoja), 
, gardeu mieuooette (fî. odorata). 
1. (Calin.) r. 

résilier, z.i. 

résine, /. resin; Bpecif., roaia, 
— bianche. white reain, specif, white roein. 

^ capot, oopal 

— df gf^ae. guaiacuiu resL 

— de jatap, reaia of jalap. 

— de léribenMnt, rosia, 

— étatlique. rubber, caout 

— éiémi. elemi. inim elemi 

— javtu. yellow resia, spe 

realncDi, a. red: 
résinier, m. r«ii 
réalnlfere, a. ree 
rtslnlflable, a. r< 

realnlOer, vJ. A r. resinify. 

réglnlfomie, a. rosiniform. 

reslnl-gomme, /. gum resin. 

rédno-amer, m. aloes. 

réslno-^ammeni, a. gum-resinoup. 

rtslnoldei a. reainoid. 

réslnylle, m. roein oil. 

résistance. /.resistance; strencth (of materialt). 

— à la leiuion (or traction), tensllo atjenctii. 

— i récraaemtnt. cruahing strength. 

' — de frottement, frictional resistance. 

— dt miac en mardie, (.Blec.) stU-tïna reaia- 

— d'isolemenl, Hiec.) inBulation resûtance. 
réslstout, a. resisting, resistant; stri>n(. 
résister, t.i*. redst. ofCei resisUm», 

p.n. «olved, *t*. (WW rfeoudn 

le, a. capable ot being (dIvi 


nent, arh- resolutely. 

» p.dtf. 3 giitg^ of râêoudre. 

ir, m. dt a. (Mid.) resolveat, 

resolTmnti p.a. ■olviog, eto. (hs lésoudre); 

(Mud.) twolveat. — m. (Med.) résolvent. 
rfsolTmt, pr. 3 pi. of résoudce. 
résoniier, r.i. mound; tw reeoaaot, aouoroua. 
rtsorber, r.t. resurb, reabeorb. 

nsptrablHte, /. rnpIrabUity. 

mplrsUe, a. reoplrable. 

spiiator. — n. ncpiimtory- 
jiration. broAtbiiie, brea^. 

, r»pin: loiw (after). 

D, ohoulder, lug; jog. 

oilar» alike, like. — 
like, be alike: (inth à) 

be teit; feel tbe effect» (ot). eulfer (fron 

rer) ; tiabtnen (u of money] ; oppntwii 

tisbtoQ, draw tifhter.drawcloeeT; ahorl 
naiTov: conGiie; restrain; put away, 
back (in a cIdm place); tie again; (If. 
conetJpatfl. — *,r. be cootrocted, etc.; a 
tnct, abriok; get tigbt or lighter; 
weather) get colder. — t-i. (jlffd.) be c 

. — d'aitac^, ipring catch. 
CSMirtlr, (.1. stand out; be evident; aprins, 
result: (ooutssain; be under the luiisdio- 

resgoudan. /. reaoldertw: tewelding. 

lUventr, i.r. (with di) tecoUeet, remembef 

réunie, m. Bweatizig; (Mêlai.) liquation, 

nunerit.t. awest; (of a metal) bo liqusted, run 

aweat again; (Mtlai.) liquate. 
nsaol, m. (Ceram.) swsstjng. 

KsMiyave, m. drying. 
nsanrfit p.a. dried, etc. (see 
affected by aweating. 

k rtadue, Temainder. n 

— d'adiU, acid residue, 
m — d, leave off,' discontu 

«strict, ratwn, 1Ù 
trietâd, limited. — 

restrliiceiit, a. ± m. sstringent, restri 
rCsnltaDt, p.a. resulting, resullant. 
résultat, «. result. 
résnller, t.t. result. 

rCsnmcr, t.( ct r. sum up, recapitulate. 
r«UblIr, t.t. reeatibliib; restore. 
rétsblISMDHDti m. reestabliubment; rei 

MtatUe, /. eatUng. olipping, abred, i 

retalllement i 

m. cutting a^Qf eto. (see verb). 

dig up (maro before re-pressine). 
rttaler, i.l. spreiid again, etc, (see étaler). 
rélamasc m. retinning-, replacing, 
rCtuner, t.t. retina Tsplate. 

delay: lag; UUneai 

m —, laie, bebiad time. stow. 
iManfatetu, □. retarding, retardative. 
TCtmlatlOD. /. retardatioQ. 
ntvAefi vA. retard; delay; sot back ( 
piece). — v.t. delay; be alow, be b» 
it, m. IMBoi.) (11 piping, 12: 
I. (Mtlal.) develop lAvitiea. j 
e, /. (Melal.) pipe {the cavity). 
E.I, feel again, etc. (see tAt«r). 

d; keep; bold back; 

up, Buatalu; get back, cet 

. hold, cling; hold back, 

rttlenlalre, a. reticular. 
reUcnle, m. (Optics) reticle, re 

1. reticulated; reticulate, 
. n. {Biot., etc.) reticulum, 
retient, pr. s tine- of retenir. 
retUuUte,/. (jlftn.)ntii«diu. . 
rétbuuplulte, m, (Afin.) retînasphattum. 

a solid préparation haviug 

feUnt. pjief. S tint, of retei 

reljreiiieati m. withdrawii 

(see retiret); (.Ceram. 


again. — v.r. retire; eontraati ahrink; euÏH 
Dde; be witbdrawn, etc. 

/. (MetaiJ) hcllow due to ahrinkage. 
r, t.i. fall agaiu, faU back, fall; ûk 
again; relapee; attribute. — •.!. (Soati) 
trauBfer (the paste) to auotber boilei. 

v,f, twist agaiu; twist; wriug again, 
twiated; wrung; bent; fai-fel«hed: 

retorte, /. retort. (Ofci.) 

ralour, m, «turn; turn, winding; angle, coi- 
ner; backing up (of a flowing Uquid): 
change; npetiticn; wane, decline; cainice. 

m ~, in return; at an angle; (of titraUon) 
back, in the oppoùle direction. 

•n — d-é^uiim, at right angles. 

fully; t 

rfttaeter, t 
retmt, m. 



retraiter, c 

m^ ae<^; return! affect, mom. 

{with en) return. — «,i. return. 
. A r. contract; retract. 

«al; retreat (the place); rBpur- 
— 0. coatractad; shrunken; <of 

pension; retreat; (Com.) redraft, 
treat again, retreat; remove (aa 

m. subtracUoD, 

retnivallUi, i 
«eir, c.'t. à 

e; (tf«l.) 


letielndK, n.l. hammer out, ehape (by ham- 

retranpw, 1.1. soak ogun. tempB again, Me. 
(see tremper) ; r^nvjgorate. 

réUbatlOD, /. rémunération, pay, fee. 
rélroaetlTeiiient, ndi. retroactivdy. 
rttroBtadaUan, /. reversion (to an insoluble 

state) : rétrogradation, retrcgresmon. 
rttmpwle, 1. retrograde, backward. 
~'"^Ofrader, t.i. i«vert (to au insoluble etata); 


rtiuilr. i>.î. euoceed. be Bucoemfiil; prose 
planU) thrive; r«ult, turn out, aod. 

rtnwlte,/. sudom; ùiue, mult. 

rerecfae. o. hireh, rough (to tai 
oroBB gr a ined; (of iion) becon 

reDi m. wakiuE, h 

ervios for tbe detection (of); 
indicative (of) ; reveiUng, diidoaiDa. — m. 
deteotoTi indicator; {Ffwtoff.) developer; 
reveakr, diacloeer, 

ier, t.i. reveal, diecloee; (Plmtoi/.) develop, 
— v.r. maoifeat lt«elf ; behave; be dSaclmed. 

revendiquer, i.e. Flsim. 
reienir, t.i. return, comeback; 

be Buited (to); be p'letuunf: 
/tare — , reetore (steel) ta it 

TDWth (of wood). 

Sector; dome of a reverbera- 
tory f urnaoe: street lamp. 

rCmbenr, t.i. ± i. reverbernte, reflect. 
rcraiUr, n.l. maJie green again; clean anil 
soften (hides). -— v.i. become ereen acain; 

létcnlble, a. reversible. 
nretement, m. facing, cu 
ing, linina, oheathing. h 

reilskiii. réilsIoD. /. i 

eiunine. inspect' 

rsTlt, p.d^. 9 sine, of revivre and revoir. 
rsTlTBDt, of revivre. 
rerivUcBtenr, a. revivifying, reviving. 
rcTlTlfleatloii, /. revivification, reviving. 

rrronnt,, of ri 
p.a. revised, et 

1. (3fwf.) revulsive 

.; dre» 

rhaniDEtlDe, /. rhamni 

'hamQDw, /, rfiamnose, 
'hïnaii, a. T<heiiish,*Rhine, of the Bhine. 
méosUt, m. (E!ec.) rheostat. 

'^/, plug rhéostat. 
rUgoHae, m. rhigolenc. 
-■ ■ ». Rhine. 

e, m. (Bol.) rhiiome, Hiiionia. 
. /. rhodamlne. 
rbodanlen, a, Ehone, of the Rhone. 

rhodiqae. a. rhodic. 
rbodliim, m. rhodium. 
rhodlKinlqne, a, rhodiionic 

rtaomlw i 

rbômbe, m. (Cniil) rhomb, rhombobedrou 
(Gtom.) rhomb, rhombus, — a, rhombic. 

cold (the bdis^tioD). 
-■ ttorrteel). 

rlbonlqnc, a. 

I, rich material, eap. ore; 

Tlcbement. adi. richly. 

rtchesse. /. richacsa; Bp«df„ aoneentratioai 

Tioha, wFfilth. 
ridn. m. cutor-oU plant. RidauB: (sometime*) 

ripplfi tieht*n, haul taut. 

rtHmrÛ, m. CD^rae Sle (foi 

chisel; jack plane, 
rtflcr, p.^. grr&tch; file; raap; plane. 
MQoIr, m. curved file, riffler. 
rlgsnd. n. stone, bard lump Qn lim 
rigide, a. riaiid. 
HKldemeot, aii. rigidly. 
rigidité, /. nEÏdity, rigidneafl. 

— m- ridiculous, ridic- 

metals): toothed 

Bttiotlf; strictly speak 

usly, strictly. 
[DeceBBary; rigorously; 

ringarder, o.i. atir, poke (as a fire). 
riper, i.t. tt I. lUp, slide, ahift: scrape 
rfqiiette. /. scrap iron, 
rice. D.i. Â T. laugh; jeat. — n. Iau«t 
rta,m. sweetbread: laughter; reef<in 

rirer, ..(. rivet; clinch (i 
Hrct^ n>. rivet; clinch. 
rlteti^C tn. riveting. 

rlaerte./. rice 


rob, m. (PJio™.) pob. 

robe, /.robe, 

own, dr 

fleeee; akin, husk; 

rober, .,(, bar 


robinet, m. at 

key, plug 

of scnc 

t (aa of hoTB»); 

■ Btopcook, two-way 

— & flattfvT, a eoaatant.Jeve1 device 
of a cock to which a float is oonneoted. 

— à raccord, cock \o which a pipe may be 
joined, eap. by soldering. 

— li Utint, cock with eotnigated or nipple- 
shaped tip for the attachment of n^bar 

1, tlirefr-way Bt>9-ooek, thne- 

DoniiectiDc wok, oouunimiciti 

— de diehatot, diAchoiBe cAck. 

— d^ipreirK, try cock. 

— dx «flreM, Bsfsly oocl 

— dt vidange, drain Cj 

nuxiijg ajid deljverin, 
— Kmfflrar, blast cock. 

:, outlet i»iok, lUe- 

their I 

ockB, tjocka and valvu, also 

l«l>iirlle, /. (Bipl,] roburite, 
n>lHllt«i a. Btrona, robuet, Btout. 
robOHtesK, /. streucth, atoutneea, robuBtneia. 
me, m. rock. 

loecdla. roeeeUe. /. {Bet.) Roocetli. 
mccelllDe, /. roccellia, roccelline {& dye), 
roeeelllqnc, a. roccellic. 
nwhagei m. frothim;. etc. (see rocher). 
loebe. /. rook; very hard etonei overbumed 
rude borax ipbs^) ; (CenteTit. pi.) 
: (Mnai.) funuce bow; (Minina) 

. on Bolidjfying, &pit, b 

m. olippine, etc. (see r 
n. ofippar, trimmer, puer 

kiduey stone; kidney {i 

rolde, roldeai, eto. - roide. raideui, el 
rôle, m. roll; liati (jMaci.) roll, roller; r 

romalnet/. steely Hrd; teetins maohine; 

D^ui6e (b red Burgundy wine). 
Lrah tea, wild roeemary {Ledum 

ireok up; break off; ehat' 
tear; refract (as licht); 
tnterrupt; give up; tire 

roiMAf /. bramble, briar 
— noire, blackberry. 
ronces artifieidlea. barb 

. (see rompre): u»d, 


my species of Rubué) 

;. napkin ring. 

i. rounds. 

d, around, all around. 

tmsU) round, diak, rine, diclet: 

Iter bath); washer; eollor; dial; 

1 obturator. 

cuo washer. 

rubber washer, ring or diak* 


ring (cf a wa 


— i metU. c 

stick; billet: email 

iTEp) discharee; gnaw, nibble, bite- 
rongenr. o. corrodinc, Bt«. (see ranger). — m. 
(Zoflf.) rodent. 


nwat. a. loM, ai ic 

TOtsng, m. (fioE.) rati 
rotateur, a. roUtiog, 
rotatif, a. rotary, rot 


rdtlr, 11.1., r. 
ifltliuge, n 
rotondltA, /. lotuDdity. 

; ball-abd-Aocket jinnt 

«th grooved rim 

fluiged wbeol. 

— d TOchet. ratohet 


— d'onBie, bevel w 

eel. mi tar wheel. 

— dmtfc, toothed wheel, cogwheel, g 

— /o^, idle wheel 

— m<Kri«, driving 

wheel, drivewhee 

TOueUe, /. round slioe, round cut, 

t, m. Bheave, put'ley wheel. puUey. 

e, a. red; red hot. — m. red; red b 

— angiaiB, EngliAh red (an iron OTid^)' 

— à ptint natannl, faintest red heat. 

— blanc, white heat. 

— brvpie, bfiek-red. 

— crrife, cherry red. 

— ànchonvpie, oinchona red. 

— Cottço, GûngD red. 

— iTAnglitem, Eogliah red. 

— di Botdeata, Bordeaui red, Boideaui. 

— ie thair. Heeb-coloted. 
- — dt ehromx, obronte red. 

— - do aàft. coppBi-red, coppery red. 

— de fiammti. iCtram.) a red flambé gla 

— d« prand /eu. (C«ram.) a red glaie piodua 
at high heat with copper or a copper coi 

— de Japon, a red lake made from eooin ai 

— de Saim-Denia. n 

~ de êang, blood red. 

— de Salwnt, Saturn red, mil 
— ~de xtilbine, atilbene red. - 

' de lolui/lènt, toluylene red. 

dye of the fcvmula 


I, Vene 


— turc, (Duiintt) TWkey red ; (PiommW) ai 

orange-red baaic chromate of lead. 
— - vif, bri^t red -, bright red heat. 

), /. (Mtd.) meaidce. 

, _-, /. redneaa ; red spot; fluih, bluah. 

[Ir, 1.^ redden, turn red^ heat red-hot; 
tan. — D.i. redden, turn red. 

■ i>, Google 

■««luit, P.O. lalling, etc. (b» rouler); 

(for ridmg) ; Tuamag {fire) . 
mlemai m. roller; roll; cylioder. 

— oitDHnfatrr, feed roller. 

— eompnnntr, — dt pnnion. {Maeh-) proB 

m. roliiiM, etc. (we rouler) ; 

Q (oa wbeels) : 
revolve; rotate 
; be plentiful 
D.; roll, 
'srioua kJDda); 


:; ttorkman « 

Bomething. — a. roUlDg. 
nnller, m. caHer, vaffoner, tnjcker, 

pertaining to corria^ in wagons, 
ronlli, m. roUing. rolling motion, 
roller, roll, cylinder. 

rom, a. t£ m. ruaset, leddiah (< 
brown; (of hair) red, auburn, 
lontl, a. royal. 
roralemetit, odt. royally. 
r»Tmme, n. lùncdoEs, realm. 
SoTMiiDe-Unl. m. United Kingdom, 
royauté, /. royalty. 

rubmce, mbaefUe. /. r 

colored red. 
rnbao, n. ribbon 

' epioel); quarti 

e; band, Btrip, Btrap, 
Btriped, etreaked; (of 

rabaaw), /, -. rubece. 

lUbéActteD, /. (jlfed.. etc.) rubéfaction. 

mbéflant, □. <t m, t.Mcd.) rubefacient. 

mbéSer, i.i. redden. 

rab«ole, /. (Med.) rubella, German measlea. 

TabCoatae, /. (Dvci) rubecein. 

rnblacéu, /.pi. (Bot.) Rubiwieie. 

mblcelle, /. - mbaoe. 

TDbtdlum, m. rubidium. 

ruBt-colored, rubi^inouB, 
rubl^, /. (Old Chcm.) ruby; a>, rutin» d'ar- 

Mnic, ruby of ojeenic (realgar). 
rubla, m. (Miti.) ruby. 

balais, baloB ruby. 

de Bahêmt, Bohemiao ruby (red qiuiti). 

OTKnlal, Oriental ruby, true ruby. 

rode, a. roach: butb 



rude; rigid, etrict 

etc. (aee 


(see rude) 


rue,/. Btreet; (Bol,) ru 

— decWtrs, goat'8-n 

le (Oaltea àfflànalii). 


mOsallal, rnfflailiol, 

m. rufigailol. 


ni«oallé,/. rugosity, r 

rolneasemeat 3 

rulneaiement, adr. rumoualy. 

ruliiMii. a, ruinous. 

mltsean, m. Bti-Eam, gmall atream. rivulet, 

amei, m. (S«.) Bumsi (sorrels and d 
noli, m. electroplated metal or wafe, 
uptiiTB, /, ruptuiB, breakiiiSi hteak. 

rUBtlDe, /. back <of s blut funiaoe). 
mtfatnlque, a, ruthenic. 
rDtbCDlam, m. rutheaiius. 
mtUmDce. /, redoeag, 
ratUantf a, deep or fZonJDC red, rutâli 
raUle, m. (MiA.) nit^e. 
mtUer, i.i. ahine. 
tndqnc, a. nitic (oaprio). 


tq abbra. (son, n) his, b«; (sud) eoutJi; (sauf) 
A't Contraction of te (which u«). 

— à fabriquer U Krrt. fUaa Band, 

— d >iavaiu:, core saad. 
~ à souder, weldiriE Band. 

— auriitre, auriferouB Baud, gold-baaring aa 

— liefer, (Pvrc.) iron filings. 

— »d« jnoulofff, moldinff Band. 

— tràtÙT. gmvelly aand, coarao sand. 

— ïroj.^ooaiHa sand. 

— pew verFerWB, glnga Hand. 

— MB. dry Band. 

witli the Band 1 
nllleriis /. place gr 

labHer, m. s 
MbfKre, /. eand p 

:. (seesablsf); speckled. 

.d plate, wall plate. 

iblonnctU,/. (aiasi) . 
ibktDIieni, a, sandy, , 
ibktimlère, /. sand pi- 
Lbord, m- porthole, po 
ibot, tn. Bhoe: socket: 

(whipping) top; t 
tt, m- aack, bas; 

— d gar, gas bag. 

battle; hoof (ofal 

it à poudre, powder baa. 

uccbarlflBble, □ eai'chanfiable 
BSccbsrlflant, p a HacchanfyuiE 
aftcehBrtflcatear. m saccbanfier 

weeharlinetre, m eaccbanmeter 
uecharlmSMe, / Bacchanmetty 
wecbartinetrlqiiCi a eacdianmetn 
mccIutId, a. saccharine 

gaccbarallqnCi a. {Pliarm.) conta 

MCcbsromtU^, m. eaccharimetor 

Bseeharomrces, saccbuomfee 

mfeite, m. (£ol.) Saccharoi 

— d'oïyde de fer tçtuble. ferric sa 
sachant,, of aavoir. 
sache, pr. subS. 1 it S nus. al BBV 
sachet, m. small sack or ba«; sac 

', a, sacred; (Anal.) BaoTaL 
BBCrifler, i.l. tt i. saciifice. 

aalïan, m. saffron. 

aaftsn a 

nfMa orHficM, srtifioia] nBroD (Viotorû yel- 
— Ulard, Bsfflower, fabe «bBkid (Carljkimiu< 

~de Vénui. cuprio asde. 
ofMnC, a. gftffroD-iiolored, uflroa: of w pn- 

iHodeat, BOod, EeDtla. 

uhannm. m. eaffii 

Mrrol, m. oafrole, 
MgapeDUm, m. Mf 

(■ISDemmt, m. bleedios. 
ulsn^t t.t. bleed; drun. 
(■Igiieiu, a. bloody. 

~t.i. bleed. 
LitAtandingi ealieat; 

-. ledcE, cheek, lag. fluuEe, 
etc.; e'Urt. fit; uUy; (PatnHns) relief. 

lift p.t. project, protrude, etaod out. 

If a. Eouiid; Bane; healthful. 

■boll, m. (But.) apurge Sai (QapAn* ffnid- 
■ 1, iPharm.) meiereum. 

ly; aanely; whole- 
D (Onobrychit aoftpa). 

lllr. tl. seiui; take hold ot, catch, eirasii; 
uQder»t»nd, catch, perceive; put in pcoee- 
aion (of). —>.<-. Iwith de) lay hold of, 
seiie, take; be eeiied: ' 

capable of b«Dg 

BmkC, aaU. n. sake, ri» beer. 

BklMle, /. eslad. 

■sUce, m. Baiting, 

aalklre, m. pay. wagea. hue, aaluy; reward. 

ulklaon. m. asltiug: salt meat or other aattsd 

article of food, (pi.) Bait prcviaions. 
uUnie, m. (SiZI) seaaoD. campaifn. 
aalanqne. /. astt Esrden |for making se» silt). 
ulkDt, a. salt. — m. salioe ETOund, 

imlsrler. >.l. pay, pay wages or aahuy to. 

amle, a. dirty; (of colora) dull, grayiah. 

BSK, p.3. Baited; esit; piquant, keen: (fi 

price») dear, eioeaaive. ^m. aaltpork. 
Balep, m. aalcp, 
attr, t.t. aalt. 
rakrle, /. dirtine», dirti filth. 

saUcalce, /. (Bol.) loowstrife (LiiOnani. 

— commune, purple looaestriFe (I,. Balieoria), 
gallelne, /. aalicin. 
Bsllcole, a. aalt-produoing, salt. 
ullcor, ralleoriie, /. glsHwort ISaiiconàa). 
ïKlleolture, /. the operation of salt gardena. 

— de putaete. potasBLum salicylate. 

— de ëoude. HE>diuni Balicylate. 

BsUcjle, m. aaJicyl (used preferably of tbe 
radical o-HOCJI.; for the radical 
HOQHiCO the name lalicyllll is preferred). 

aaUerleTi tt. treat with aalicyliD acid or ■ 

■mUtrlenx. a. salicylous (salicylal was formerly 

called "BalicylouB add"). 
«allcrUQiUi o. salicylic. 
aaUcylol, m. aalicylal, aaliaylic aldehyde. 
ulUérv, a. Baliferous. 
«allflablc, a. ssUfiable. 
Mtlflcstkin, /. BBJifioation; «terificalion ^ 


potash obtained by evaparaiiug the lye 
fromaahcs); saltworks; ssltgarden. 
— de beOtravee, potash from Bu<ar-bMit 

Ifatee; salt w 

of tJ 

saline, /. salt works; salt pit; salt garden; sail 

meat; ealt fieh. 
aaUnln, m. salt maker, salt boiler; salt dealer 

-— a- relating to salt production. 
HnUiiltA, /. salinity, salineness, saltnna. 
aallnomêtre, m. salinometer, salinieter. 
«■Upyrliw, /. (Pharm.) aalipyrin. salipyrine. 
saur, I.I. soil, make dirty, foul, befoul; stun 

tarnish; defile, pollute. ^ — v.r. Imooqu 


icording to one authority) c 


re. a. salivary. — n. (Piarm.) pyi» 

sbUteHod 3! 

nUntloii, /. (JV«1.) ndiyitboii. 

MUn, /. iPhywial.) uliva. 

imlle,/. hàU; room: ward (of & hospital). 

— iTartifltifi) , pyrolechnio l»bQt»Wry. 
^ d^aOênte. wutins rDom. 

srmatiDn of BaItpflC«T. 
, n. BAltpet«r, niter. 

— bruT, crude oaltpetcr. 

— cubital, — di aai, cubîo laltpeter, Chile 
saltpeter (aodium oiffHte), 

— de conternon. fiODvenioD laltpeter (potaa- 
num nitrate made from eodium nitrate) . 

^^de deux eatu- — de dma euiie». aaltpeCer 
refined by two boiHngs. 

— da ioMMffe, wall saltpeter (ealdiun nitrate 
obtained m sn efflorescence) . 

— de pstuH, potaah saltpeter (potaagiuzii 

— de Toehe, rook ealtpeWr. 
nlpCtrra. >.(. cover or treat aith Mltpetcr, 
nlpetlNle, /. «Itpïter (or niter) factory. 
ntlpêtrei», a. saltpetroua. 
nlpetrier, m. saltpeter maVer. 
•alpêtrltre, /. saltpeter works, niter works. 
salpCtrlsaHon, /. covering or treating wj 

ealtpeter; conversion into saltpeter. 
BBlpHcat. m. gold lacquer. 
nbe, /. STsdI.) ssbe, mud voloano. 
-■«./. (Bai.), 
I, fn. (Bot.) sa 

/.health; healthfulnsw, saluhrity. 

re, a. salutary; < 
umarlam, m. samaHu! 
gmnwnUte, /. (jVin.; . 

WDibiiiilsrloe, /. sambunigrin, 
umcdli m. Saturday. 
umlenne, a. ftm, Bamiaa. 
wortton, /. sanotiDn: penalty. 

Mndal, m. sandalwood. (Bee sant^) 

— wWrwi, arterial blood. 

— demicKi, dried blocxl. 
~ Ht'neui, venous blood. 


bloody; blood-red; cruel, cutting. 
saticle, /. strap, band; girth. 
saBSkl', i.t. bind; strap; girth. 
uuttsoe, /, (ZoM.) leech. 
sanSQlHi a. blood, of blood; sanguine. 
sancalnalre. /. (fid.) bloodroot (Santmnaha 

MTiadenns). . — a. s angu in a r y. 
uacnlDe./. (Jlfin.) bloodstone; red chalk. 

a, aaiM ffu'il Id MU, witlt' 

— hianc, white sandalwood, san 
proper (pSanfofum ofbum or its wooc 

— rou^, red sandalwood (specif. . 
sanJofinunt or its wood) . 

santallDe, saDtalélne, /. santalin. 
santalol, m. aantalol. 
Mnlé, /. health. 

saphir, m. (jtffn.) sapphire. 
sapblrtn, a, aapphiriiie, 
upldc, a. savory, sapid. 
sapidité, a. savoriuess. savor, sapidity. 
gftpttt, m. fir (tree and wood), speeif. any plant 
of the genus Abiet or its wood; spruce (see 

— fsroentê, — commun, — dit Votgett — '"i 
peîçne, — jtectini, silver fir (Abut pieea or 

— -Adumier, balsam fir {Abiee baùamea)- 

— bianCt ^ sapin argenté; white spruce 
(Pieea oiTiadensia or aJba). 

— du Catuida, hemlock spruce (Ttu(;a eano- 

— tpida, Norway spruce (Pieea abiei). 

nillDdos, m. (£ol.) soapberry (Sapindui). 
BBPtnelte, /. spruce beer; (Pot.) spruce, specif, 
hemlock spruce (Tauça eanadennt). 

— btanche. white spruce (Pieea canod«i«£s or 

— - noirs. black spruce (PicMftiortanaormiTra). 
■aponacé, ». saponaceous, soapy. 
' /. (Ba.) Saponaria. 
iffldyuUe, eoiqiwort (3. oJRcinaKt). 

Wponï, m. (Pharm 
«■panUUble, a. ë&i 
«aponineatlon, /. e 


medicated tt 

■aponlte, /. (Min.) sapooito. 

uponiile. /. a aot,py deposit obtuned by coo) 

inc s eglution of tallow soap: <pu Chem: 

■apoDuI. sapoHule. 

a, /pi. (BolS Sapotacett. 
npotUle. upote, /. upodills (the fruit). 
aKpotUIler, anpatlcri m- aapodilla (the trei 
oprophrlci a. (Bol.) eapropbylia, 
sarclDC./. sarcine: (fiscl.) Barcina, 
garelev, d.I, weed, vned out. 

sareocoDe, f.u 

ic, il-lact 

(snlF,/. (Min.) sard 
unioliie, /. (Min.) i 
nrtCtta. /. = BairlEl 

ine ehootflt vine 
il (Faeopt/nim) 

wmmtetaic, f. 

MUnBln, m. bi 

phrase biê Rorroain. buckwheat. 
■uraBi m. frock bloiiae. specif, a labor^ttjry e 

Qt» m. aifting. boltiog. 

n. Uttle Bie 
/. (Min. 

Mtlll, m 

«atliUBe, m. natii 
utine, a. utin, I 

MUafacttoD, /. El 

: Batined- — m. satiny 
& BAtlay or gloasy surface 

iBttiMuDt, p. a. BBtisfj'iDi;, 
■aOshlt, P.O. satisfied: pleased, 
utnnblUtC, /. saturability. 
u (arable, a. saturable. 
u tarant, p.a. saturatuig, si 

utarattoD, /. saturstioa. 

■aaclsac /. (smalll sausace; (Pyro.) 
hciAe. powder bac, or powder. 

~ m. Clarga) sausa«e; powdi 
m; roll of Kamboge. 

.r how. 

in^, but, reaerviiuE. -^ a. safe, unharmed. 
«ace, /. (Bot.) nage (âolria). 

— des jardint. — o^icinale, earden sage (5- 

— det pria, meadow sage (S- praientia). 

imoa, m. salmon (fish and color) ; (SfeW.) 
pJK; {Founding) head, aullage piece; ahar^e 
of coal in a oake furuaee; iDsltiua ^ough 

or fish hae been piokled. 
— - ammùniacaie, (Soda) at 
— niergt, {Soda) fresh brine (not yet ammi> 

saamnrt, p.a. pickled (in brine), brined. 
sMmaKBi m., uaoalsoa,/. salt mating, eap. in 

salt gardens: salt trade. 
saaner, r.i. make salt; deposit salt. 
saaoerte, /. salt works, saltern. 
gaanler. m. salt maker: salt merchant. 
BaapondnKe, m., sanpoadratlon, /, pawdn- 

inc, dusting, aprinkling; salting. 
ganpoadTcr. I. f. powder, dust, sprinkle: ^weif.. 

iTt r.f, smoke (herringa). 
saarleo, m. A a. (ZMl.) aam-isn, 
HsarlOi m. smoked herring, red herrinc. 
•anrls, m. herring brine. 
BaoHarfte./. {Min. it Pêlraa.) mnannite 


sant, m. jump; leap, vault, spring, bi 

•aatnge. m. eiplodins, eiplogioa, blowiua 
MDt^, r.i. jump, leap, spring, bound. > 

explode, blow up; burat; fly off. fly 

«■ntcme*, m. aauteme. Sautenua wine. 
■antOler, i.t. bop, akip. 

— t.r. be saved; eacape; take refuge; 
mdomnify oneeelf, make up ffor). 

UQTetBKe, m. Having, eap. lifeeaving; aalvace. 
nralti imp. indie. S lina. ol savoir, 
aafgnmleut, ado. learnedly; knowiitgly. 
nnnt. a. learned; well informed; skilifal, 

clever. — Bi. learned parson, aavant. 
MTent, pr. 3 pi. dI savoir. 
aaTMIT. /. savor, Bavor. relish, 
nTlnlM', m. — Sabine. 

•BTsIr, I.I. know; know how; be able, oan; 
(infinitive used adverbially) to wit, namely. 

— r,r. be known, — ï,i. he learned; be 
well informed. — n. knowledge, learning. 

à barbe, ahaving aoap. 
à bate de taude, soda soap. 

— A fouiim, fulling aoap, 
~ d froid, cold-procesa s» 

— ammmiacai, IPIiarm.) j 

— arnyodaHn, almond oil 

— -anfmof, soap made from animal fat; Bpet 
Doe made (rom fine or purified lat 
medical purposes, as the heef's-inan 
soap of liVench pbarmaciete. 

>lk au prAF^fU de îa ffrande (or petite) rAau- 

dière, see under procédé. 

- au «0^0. aoAp centAÏning saod, sand Boap. 

m soap; (Pharm.) 


copper aoim; 


ne. glycerin so 


,Àlte. Marse 


Castile aoap 

(either white 



na and gelatin 


n a single operation 




soap tor clea 

asing the teeth. 


lead eoap. 

de patate 

, potub soap 

roein aoap; 




.Castile soap 


T», glass aoap 


tor decoloriiiog gUsa). 

— di tnlttle. toilet soap. 

— lie renin, Venetian soap (essentially the 
same as Castile soap). 

~ dO'snnoù, Dijon sOHp (a kind o( silioBte 

x. soap In the form of thin sheei 
r, powdered soap, soap powder. 

- marbré, marbled soap, mottled soap. 

— médicinal. (PAorm.) white Castile 

8»TOn 324 scleni 

un mixte, miied ««p; tpecil.. . red or blue 

watoirlniirailqae, a. «kato^lsulfun 

mottled Boap made by boiliiw two soap» 

M«BD, m. teal. 

toffBther, with addition ot coloring matter. 

-^ <U Salamm, (Sot.) Solomon's Hal. 

-BKfU, Boftaoap. 

- iBouM««. Irre-lathiirlna Boap. 


-noir, blaek «oap, speoif. a dark^oloped 

ictilbte, m. Haliiw. 

Boft soap made from impure linseed or 

MdM, PA,, sealed. — ». «L 


scellement, «. eealinc. 

- ortmMl. a kind of toilet aoap made from 

d— ,sw)(<diD,««1ed. 

ig powdered pumice. 

p made with wood 

MToniusei m. 

(■Tannerie. /. a* 

berry tree, Boapberry {Sopindut). — a 
aoap, of BoaP) relating to the manufaeturc 
of or trade in Hoap- 

f f. aoapwort (5ap?narû o^ScwïoiM) 
/ pi. of savoir. — pi. ot savon. 
I aubstance romposed of an essen- 
D alkali (accordios to La- 

MCptlaDeiDcnt, mil. ikep 
■cbaff, n. (Ola») one of 
window-glaBB cylinder! 
■cbeeUte, /. ijiin: ' ' 
Bcheldaie, n, hand botI 
achelUna;! n. ahilling. 
stbelotMei m. - echlotage. 


RCbllUBS. 1 

■chlltc m. (Pelroii.) adiiBt. 

— aiimk, ^um Bchiet, aluu^ shale. 

— fvrAoiàtr, siate. 

— argOev^, anEillaceoiis acbist. 

— btfumineiu:, bituminous schist. 

seblateni, a. bi 

aehlamtnt m. (Orir ^r^«nn^) slime. 
■cblammpetcr, m. sUmes le.i. of sine ores) 
Bchllch, m. ^S^ Dreeeino) elimes, scblich. 

sclilolace, m. (Soil) removal of the Grst dep 

(sulfatas) from the brine. 
WbkitW, t.l. {Sam remove the fimt dep 

9eUce> n. sawioe: cutting. 
Mle, /. s*«r; aawflsh. 
— à main, handsaw. 

■clentlOqne. a. «c 

g grain). — r.r. be i 
iwmilt: (power) saw. 

■diidcr, t.t. A T. Bplit, dHompoH, (Bometii 

■dulon, /. soiuiDD. fission, splitting, divii 
CBometimeB) diiBociatioD; oepafHtion ( 

■dCropniMliM, /. bi 
■clérose, /. (Med.) a 

>l, Bcholofltia, aoadcmi 

«COrbnt, m. (JVcd.) eourvy. 
fc<wl>Dtlqne, a. (Med.) saoibutic. 

seortet/.alax, scoria, drofls. (Seenoteat 

— dedêpho9phorùtion,huiîcttia^.Thoa 

— dejcfoe. forge ac&le, hanimflr sbg- 

— de ivrre, glaaa fall, oaadiver. 

— dfnue. refiQiDB «lag, rich Alag. 

— poiwr», pom slag. 

— photphatie, phoaphate ala^, 

— rie/u. rich slog. 

— (or KBTiei) TluHiiai, Thomas slag. 

■crofnlaire, /. CBol.) figwort (Scrophala 
Mrofnle./. (Mtd.) icroFula. 
WTofaleni, a. scrofulous. 
Mmpnlc, m. scruple; Bcrupulauansaa. 

■cmpiilMU, a. scrupuioue. 

scnbae, m. (Irish or Scotch) whisky, usque- 


■eeoocr, 1 1, shake; shake off; reprimaod 

Rcnipter, t.t. oarra, soubture. 

-..r. be shaken; rouse on«eif. 

■MOuenT.m. shaker; C^KumliRB) form breaker 

M, pro». on»eU. himself, herself, itself, them- 

«Ives: to OEMelf, to himself, etc.; eaeb 

Mconrtr, V.I. help, aid, assist, succor. 

other, one another: to each other, to one 

Beconn, m. help, aid, sssietSDce. relief. 

another. (A verb with n as its object may 

SMODBse, /. shake, shaking, shoek. jolt, jerk 

often be translated by use of the paswve 

mcnt, o. secret; disoreet. — m, secret; se- 

crecy, secretness; (Purrterv) carroting agent 

(as a miiture of mercury and nitric arid). 

seftDcet /. sitting, session, meeting, séarue. 

séant, p.a. sitting; becoming, fitting. 

semn. m. pail, bucket; pailful, bucketful. 

seiucé, a. sebaoeouH. 

sébsclque, a. sebacic. 

sebatc, m. sebscste, sebate. 

aébiftoe, a, sebiferous, 

Bébllatlon, BébODlattoti, /. grinding or miiiiig 
in a Bort of bowl (ilbili) in which mils a ball. 

sébile, /. wooden bowl, wooden v«Bet. 

sCborrliée, /, (Med.) seborrhea, seborrhixa. 

Bébnm, m. (Phviiùl.) sebum. 

«c, a, dry; dried (as fruit); (of eoal) dry, lean ; 
(of metals) dry. brittle, short; (of pitch) 
hard; net; short, sharp, hard, harsh; lean, 
spare. — m. drynesa ; dry material, esp, 
dry food. — adr. dryly; hard, sharply, 
harshly, etc. 
d — , to dryness; dryly, dry. 
mettre d — , drain, dry. 

■Ccaotfi,/. [Math.) secant. 

séch£e, /. drying ; duration of drying. 
s*cheni«nt,a(ij.dryly; sharply, harshly, ooWly, 
atthew, 1 1. dry; dry up; season (wixid); drain: 

dry, become dry; dry up; wither; wither 

S /. dryness; harshness, ci 
séchelie, /- drying place, drying fc 

shed; drying. 
aécbeur, m., séebeDse,/. drier, dry 

,, drier, 
•econd, a. second, —m. second; b> 

lying (see poudre), 
secondaire, a. secondary. 

ide, /. second ; second eîi 

aéfréOnti, /. t, 
■Ccrtaon, /. SI 
■éoétolre, a, i 

T, bittw eslt. Epsom mit. 

- ammoniac martial. (PAorm.) umaoïiialcd 
iron (iron and ammoDium chtoridca)- 
-ajigtait. Epaom B&lt. 

Buoh s unit; (MocA.) sector, qusdtant. 

— iTalimmlatiOTi. (^lec.) f«ed circuit, citï 

— Slectrique. electric compuiy; elfictiïc 

■ecttoonetuent, m. d 

-chall/hé, lOldChem.j i 

sait; crystalliied 

- d'ainnthi. (Old Chem.) «alt of wor 
(an impure potaBsiuin carbonate). 

-d'artwnl, ailverealt. 

- de bmioin, (Old Ckem.) benioic acid 

— de ranal, (OldChrm.) Epson) Bslt. 

— <U cKaïa. lime sait (calcium sait). 

et m, (MnJ.I eedative. 
in. Hdimeat. 

SedllU, m. Seidiiti. 

sCdDflenr, a. seductive. — m. aed 

BtdulamDt, a. eeductive; attraotive 

Mlehe, /. (ZM.) cuttle&h. 
celsle< m. rye (plant and grain] 

~~ admirable, sal mirai 

podium Bulfate). 
— almihrolh. (Old Chem.) sal 

~ de duabi», (Old Chem.) ul de duobus (po- 
taaaium sulfate). 

— d« Glauber, Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate). 

— d'Ep-Œ. Epaora ealt. 

— dt magaiiie, magcesium sait, Bp«df. 
Epsom sait. 

~ de nilrt. (Old Cliem.) saltpeter, 

— dé plomb, lead salt. 

— de fwta»». potasaiuin sait, poluah sait. 

— de pruneite. sal prunelle, fused esJtpetsr. 

— d'Bpêom, Epeom aalt (ms(nenum sulfate). 

— d'Sptem de Lcrraine, sodium sulfate crys- 
tallised in needles resemblios those of 
Epsom e«lt. 

oration ae distineuished from rock salt: 
apecir., salt prepared from deposits ae di^ 
tinguiehed from sea salt, 

— ds.Solurne, (Old (7Acm.) salt of Saturn (lead 

— de Btdliii. Epsom salt. * 

— de Seian'lle, Seimette salt. Rochelle salt 

— de smicïf, sedium salt. Hoda salt; aalsoda. 

— de êoade carbonate^ sodium carbonate. 

— de t^ude raffinA eauttique, sodium caibonats 
that has been partially c«uatjcised by lims. 

ad del tombeaux, Rochslle sait. 

— de strfmtiane, etrûutïum Bo] 

BSlt ot 

ir (pu 

used Bpooif. i 


ified potanim 

— de BorecA, kelp aait. kelp Boda. 
. — de Vichy, AÙdium bicBjbonHt«. 

— d-hiter, Glauber's salt. 

— rfït/eHft/» diaestive BaJC (potassium ohloride) , 

— d'indito, {Dyting) iadiso sait (s BBlt from 
which inciiHo is produced on the fiber by 

— dturfttîw. <Pld Pharm.) diuretic salt (po- 

— d'oieiUt, ssit of sorrel (Mid poMsaiuEa 

— Jin. BneEsH. 

— fin-fin, very fine «Jt. powdered salt. 

climbs "by evaporo- 

— iffniffhie, salt (sodiuD 

(HNaNHiPO. . *H,0). 
' minimi, mineral salt, inof «anic salt 
neufri. oeutrsl salt. 

tpid Pharm.) polychrest salt 


(potassium su If al 
ads dé dMai, abrau 
— tetret de Giauber. 
~- tSdatif. (Old Flu 


.) sedati 

— ttfllal, IfM Chem.) potassium 

— totata d'Anttletene, sal volatile 

sélectir, a. seleotive. 
BéleetlDii, /. selection. 
sSenbrdTlqae, a. hydroaelenio. 
-" ' (e. n. seleDBte, seleniste. 

inch; (Jfsd.) itool; (Ifelal.) sUaken: 

. rack (for rubber tubing); teat; saà- 
ed. bedplate. 

-, that depends. 

sembler, s.i. appear, aeem. 

■cmeHe. /, sole; sill, sleeper, bed, bedplate, 

semcDM. /. seed; seed pearl; small nail, tack. 

— dtUn. linseed, flaoeed. 

— dn mtdicinKT, physio nut. 
,jBjl,0gtrBi,^ [„ OigBejj, 

- , /. (PAorm.) san- 

Mmetlie, m. half year, si 

lonthe; e 
r leave; 
— a. of « for six months. 

semeatrteli a. Bemianoual; (or âi n 

semi-annuel, a. semiannusl. 

semlemrbsilde, n. semicarbaiide. 

seml-elnillalr*, a. aemicirculsr, hal 

semldlqne, a. semidine. 

seml^ulde, a. BBmifluid. 

■eml-ticbdomsdalre, a. semiwc 

mml-llqnlde, a. somiliquid. 

seml-menstlrl, a. semimBcthly. 

sfmlDOU, m. seminose (d-msnnce 

: eeedb. 


liBpheric, hemiepherieal- 

— dtta paWir. Alexandria senna. 

— delà pufue. India senna. Mocha senna. 

— indieini:, bladder senna (Colulea an 

senecon, m, (Bat.) groundael (Seneaa), 
aéneglt, m. fSal.) fenugreek. 
■éneré, m. mustard (Knapii) , eep. blaok a 
tard (5. ntfTo). 

raire, in the ^tp«it« dirootioit. 

'oat — , in every direction. 

lam dtiiDui. upaids down, 

feunf derriire, bind put belore, bftok put 

Bciu^Tnent, adv. MnsLbly, judicïoualy. 
Miulblllut«iir, m.Bensitiier. 
MiislbUlutlaii, /. aensitintio 

■entenr, m. odor, perfumt 

le felt; feel; be cooscioug; tael the eSeol 

of). — i.i.fed; emell. 

» T.t. eit, lit dofnï; be beoomioff, beDDmi 

par&tioD; Eortinfl. 

aratiiigfmiael; BeptLmtar. -^a 

•Cpumtif, a 

«épanillan, /. «eparation; partition. 

«fpuatolre, m. separating funoel. Obi. 

Sémré, p.a. separsted; sepiuvte; diatinot, 

BépartineDt, odi. aeparately. 

gépam. 11.1, Kparate; sort; divide: dii 

guiah. — f .p. be separated, separata. 
■f pla, /. sepia. 

septembre, m. Beptamber. 
■eptentrlonal. a. north, northern. 
septtrtmle, /. (Med.) septicemia, eeptioani 
leptlcltti /. septiiàtï, septic quality. 
septlèiiie, a. ± m. seventfa. 
aeptlqac, a. septic. 
laptum, m, septum. 

seqaeDe. /, series. 
sum, fut. 3 rtntf. of Mfe <to be). 
■cralt, emd. 3 line, of tat (to 
sénncfr, n.t. hackle, hatohel (a 
Mrtw, a. Serbian. — m. et f. 

sirUlrc. a. serial. 

atrlelmh, a, sericultural, silkworm. 

•érlelCDltiirc, /. sericulture. siHnvcKia n 

atrlelne, /. sericin, 

siTie, f. aerie», 

Ri — . CEIk.) in seriu. 

— aliphatiqtie, aliphatic seriea. 

— aromatique, aromatic serin. 

moiiiiiTH. Quinoline ae 

« (usually equiva- 

.1. ayrmge; spray (with 
strlqne. a. of serum, serous, 
serment, m. oath, 
afro-albtunine, /. serum albumin, a 
■éra-dlacnostte, m. serodisenoÛB. 
af ra-clobuline, /. serum globulin, seroalobulin. 
seront, fil. S pi, of être [to be) , 
■«nialtC,/. seroeity. 
B^rotbtraple, /. serotherapy, serum therapy. 

— d* Vîrffinù. VirRÎnîft anakeroot C^pùto^ 
chia êerpentona); (Phann.) i 
serpente, /. silver paper, fine tisi 
snpenU, a, winding, a 

I cbu/oiK, heating odl. 

— rc^^^cAûsffur, worm oondenBi 

— rtdiauffmr, reheatlos o«L 

MqanUnclu, a. (J 

Mrpolet. m. wild thyme (7'Ainnua Mrpi/Qum). 
■vnwc fpi, UghtadaS' «tc- (see Bemr) ; ticbt 

■ M TtM i tûapc, m. stuffing box, 
Ktie-feu, m. (MtCoi.) fire eoreen. 
aetre-fll, wrre-IUi, m. (Elte.) bindini n 

wrre-Jolnta, n. clsmp, ctudp, 
MfTemeDt, m. tichteoiiuE. etc. (see Mirer 
tanr, tJ. tichtes, futen, secure: oli 

compnas, wedce in. look, (rip: pin 

lock up; keep oloee to, hue; oppn 
(Afelal,] iibiiiAle. — i.r. be tighteoed. e 
eontract, Ehi-inii; crovd, pms doee. 
nlire. /. (Founditsg) plu«. etniiple. 

i, f. loflknnithins; IronwoHc. 

_ , . rum globulin. 

rnmtllSnipie, /. Berum tberapy, Berntherapy. 

protectÎDf a Blasaworker from the fire, a 
acraper in a povder mill, a prop or support. 

uiliary eu^ne tjt motoi 

iquUnonm, in. Haquifluoride (NfaFi). 
iqaUwdnre, m. «squiiedide (Mib). 
i^oloiHCt <n. Hequiondo, 

— dp /fr, AMqoïoiide of iron, ferrie oidde. 

— it fit M*o«. ferric hydroiide. 
IB, «eequmlicide (apparently ap- 

■ ■ ■ B formula M«,}. 

MDll, m. threabold, vtl. irousd sill, sole. 

inly. Bole, Bingle; Bo1it»hry; lonelf. 
. one only, only one. 
■MItemMt, odi. only; even; yet. but. 
•6>e, /. sap: (£«■) vigor, IKe; (IFi*!») Mreocth, 
body (or. acoordinc to some, fine quali^). 

senul, a. seiual. 
serait, imp, S nng. of s«oir. 
BersDt. p.a. becoming, fitting. 
serbwHte, m. (tf in.) Beybertite. 
8.F*t otôm. (Bans frais) without chargea. 
8.GJI.O., lAbra. (sans garantie du | 
vemement) not guaranteed by the govi 

shidlae, m. ehellac. 

— Wen ffu*. — ffutf , Bi 

SlbCrle, /. Siberia. 

slMrien, a. Siberian. — m. (»p.) Siberia 

BlceaUf, a, drying, aiocative. — m. dj 

— - fijxmaad, Flemish drier. 
slccatlvlté, /. drying power or property. 
slcdté, /. diynoB. 
SIcUe, /. aidly, 
sicilien, a. Sicilian. - 


sidértque, a 

BldSrlto. /. (Uin.) eiaenu. 
Bldérochromcr m. (Aftri.) chromitt 
sUeralltlM, /. (Jftn.l ndsroliU, 
sidénwe, /. (Mtn.) siderite. lerroui 

lAffd.) siderosis. 
■Mérolccbnle, /. Biderot«cltDy. 
BliKrotecbnlqiie, a. siderotochnici 
■IderoiTle, shieroirloa. in. iSi^ 


«ndrj. SvlR-axBlon cimmim. 


— aocial, headquarti 
lien. Blcnne, pron. i 

a (Itiiljaa ^oviao 

sicuie, c 

whistle: hisg. hiannc (UeUH.) epot, 
t; bevol, 

. In the phrase tare nçHiétr tarra 
Bi^iU&la. LemDian earth, 
«Iffnal, fn. HlfTibl. 
AtSnftKi p.a. Bi^al, remarkmble; pomt«d out. 

■linature, /. eignin, 
sIciUHii, m.pi. of Bij 
■line, m. Bign; mar 

slKD'HfstlTcnicnt, adt. ■ 
llfnlfler, i.l. it i. BiEnify. 
bU, m. ocher. 

allciictelli, a. «lent. 

SIMile, /. Silnia. 

sHeslCll, a. Sileùiui. —m, (> 

— ami, hornetone. 

— meulière, bumtone, bul 

— noir, black fliDt. 

— de ettude. aodiuin Bilicatp 
sUlcmte, a. sUicated (ob soap) 
sUlcktlMtloa,/. eilicBting: b 


ataiDÎne or combined with Bilioft. 

aUlclRre, a. ailidferou*. 
Blllclflcstfon, /. eiUdficsation. 

BlUdore, m. «lieidi 

itlioon ethyl (tetnethrlsUi- 

enioa into a sUicide. 

ioof^oyt (tfltiBphenylûli- 

.. silicotungatic, 

oQVe; Wreak; track, trail, 

, plow: etooyt: etreak. 
HllOt fn- silo (uBually more or lees below the 
graimd: in Bugarbeet bUob the material ia 
covered with atraw and aarth and provided 

sllnrleiii o. (Gml.) Siturian. 
Bllrltle, /. (Min.) nylvite. aylvine. 
slmaiul», almai 
«ImUatre. a. aimi 

elemeotaryi aingle; 
private ^soifuer). —m- (Pharm.) ain 
à — effit. ainx'e-e^ect, Bingle-actin^. 
Bimplement, odi. aimply; plainly. 
Blmpllctt«, /. simplicity, aimpleneaa. 
almpUflestonr, m. eimplitier. — a. ^m 

slmpUflestloIl, / aimplifiDation. 
slmplincT, V.I. Bimplity. — o.r. be or b( 

slmtilacra, m. imitation; aemblance; ehi 

■Imnltsnï, a. «multaneous. 
Blmultaoeite, /. Bimultaneoiuneaa, -tuiei 
«Imnltanéinetlt, adt. aimultaneoualy. 

n. (Pharm.) ainapUm. 
U. muitod psper. 

Btactoemeut, adv. naoerely. 

k mobkey; hûiit, crAb; windUfls. 
~ ^ tt /. ainaularity. 

Ci ado. Eiinfful&ily. 

— m. dJBHBter. loaa. 

Htptwnal, a. sipbtjnHl. 

sIpbODCT, (.1. Biphan. 

BlphDDncmcnt, m. uphomos, 

■IpbODDer, t.t. aiphon. 

^PPaCe. «. leKtbor dressilUE (Dsmsh procca). 

Blrop, m. Hitup, Ëyrup, 

— ontiKorbutiqwe, {Pharm.) compoiuid eiru] 
of faoreeradiah. 

— aromatique, (/*Aarm,) ajomatic siiup. 

— bahamùtur, (Piorm.) sirup ot Tolu. 

— compote, iPharm.) compouiul iLrup. 

— ilg baumt da Tolu, {pharm.) wtup 

— dt bfftfflrovf , b«flt nrup. 

. —de capiilaire, (PAorm.) a iirup pr^wei 
from msid^iliair fern. 
'"de chaux. {Pharm.) sirup of lime, sirup o 
oatciiun hydroxide. 

— de cBi/utiiai!, (Pharm.) sirup of red poppy 
-"-d'écorce de cerieier, (Pharm.) eirup of wiji 

— ^ d'éeorce de ronce, (Pharm.) ùrup of rubui 
ainip of bl»oli berry b&rk. 

— d'fcmre ri'^^ran^ am^r, (Fharm.) Airup o 

LIT. (Piorm.) B 

— de fteure d'oranoer, (Pharm.) airup of orange 

— de alvcote,' (Pharm.) airup of gluooBB. 

— de gomme, (Pharm.) airup of acacia. 

— d'iaoal, ^- d'fBouUoBe, (Sugar) drips. 

'- de hypophoêphile de chaux composé. 
(Pharm.) airup oC bypoplioeptiiteB. 


™p d* jthoaphate de fer, (Pharm.) airup of le^ 

— de polj/aaiOt (Pharvi.) aiiup of aesega. 

ainip of rhatany. 

— de roat rouoE, (Pharm.) airup of roae, airup 

— des hj^pftphotphilea compete, (Pharm.) com- 

— de eue de citron (or limfm), (Pharm.) airup 
- — de eucre, Bugar airup, (Pharm.) ÙDiple 

— d'iôdwe de fer, (Pharm.) sirup of ferrouT 

^GiJerl, (Pharm.) Gibert'B airup (contain» 

— timplr, (Pharm.) aimple airup, airup. 

— euderifiQut. (Pharvt.) oompound ûnip of 

— tonique d'Eaeton, (Pharm.) airup of the 
phoaphatea of iron, quinine and atjyoluiine, 

m. ai-rBiiUl, ' 
lûlo. m. half dt 

D, ai»™, —m, (, 

en. package of as. 

amslt, m. amall, '' 

«raalUne, /. (Min.) smaitite, amaltine. 
amarsgdlte, /. (Mia.) smaragdite. 
Binectlque. a. smBK'natic, deteraive. 
amectlte, /. fuller'B earth. 
BmscilM. m. IPhjiaioi.) emeKma. 
BinlthBonlte, /. (Min.) BDiithaotiite. 
S.-O., abbrtr. (Sud-Oueat) eouthweat. 
BObre. a, aoba, temperate, mnderBle, 

social, a, Bnoial; (.Com.) cnmpany, firm, 
socHtalre. m. member lof s eociety or as 

firm, partnerahip, houae. 

— anonyme. Btock company (ao called bf 
uflually conducted under a name indir 
ita Inject rather than ita mepiberB). 

— civile, an aaaociation not enjEaged in 

— en non caOtctif, a ûtm doing buainees under 
tha Duoe of itA meraben (aa, JeoHr LovU 
et C^r who ore penooaJly reoponuble, 

— en parHdpatim, eotiMTBtive Bociety or 

— jxB- wfKiu. any nompanf or puinenhip 
the SBpiU] g( whiah ii divided into tnns- 
fei&ble ohaiee. 

Mcle, m. hase, bottom, atand, foot, footins. 

foundatJOD, p«d«ts]. 
MMotrin, a, (of Kloee) Sakotrioe. 
■odK, m. soda mter, Buda {the drink). 
HMUUte, /. (Min,) aodalite. 
hmK. a. oomlùned irith aodium, sodium, sodia-, 
o-É sodium, sodio-. 

. . 1. self, onesell, himself, henelf, itself. 

e/uM — , at honw, home, ïn one's own bouM 

■ol-disuit, a. H>-oa11ed, pretended, self-atyled. 

— ado. supposedly. pret«ndedly- 
•ole,/. silk: bristle: (iVocA.) JoumBl pin. 

— à bluter, bolting cloth. 

— eutlc, boiled silk. 

— de porc, hoe briaUB- 

— iame, — ffrèae. 


— moulinée, — ouvrée, thrown BÎlk- 
aoi^ntfpr. s pi. avhj. of Atre (to be). 
•oleile, /. ûlk fabric, siUc (pi.) ulk goods; ûlk 

Mir, /. thirst. 

soigné, p.a. cared for; attended to; well made, 
finished; (Med.) treated. 

weU or earefully': lUid.) treat. 
■olglMtir, m. oaretakH'. attendant, 
wtlcneaBeiiient. ode. carefully, with can. 
■algaeiii, a. carefuL 

f. self, itself, himself, 
•a; lUed., pi.) care. 

. la. — conj. either, oi 

solAnam, m- (BoQ aolanum, nightahade. 
solulaer, t.l. (PKalae) solarise. 
BoMat, ffl. Boldier. - — a. aiildietly. 
BOkle, m. remainder; balanoe; job lot. — /. 

■ole. /. sole; bottam, bed, hearth (at a 
fumoee), BTOund plate, aleeper. nil; plot, 

lohHi m. Bun: iBot.) aunSower. 

•olClne. /. a reain apirit used M an illnminant. 
■olenael, a. solemn. 
aoKDoIde, m. (EI«J solsioid. 
■olfktaN, /. ((JmI.) aoUatarai sulfur mine. 
■oUatarten, a. lOeol.) lolfatarie. 
BalidalK,a.inteKral,inone[deee(with): (Lav) 

jcnntly and severally reflponsible. 
aoOOMMtU, f. aohdarity, eommunity : CIdu) iojnt 

and several reapoosibility. . 

■oUde. a. solid; (of colors) laatiu. fact: Head- 

faat, firm. ^m. «olid. 
Balidemmt, adi. soljdly. 
BOlliUllu tear, m. édifier, ^a, aolidi^ 
salldUleallan, /. soIidiSoation. 4yinc. 
■aUdUtei, i.t. *■(. solidify. 
■oUdlt», /. BoUdity, 
solitaire, a. sahtary. 
«OUT», /. ioiat. 
■oll]elt«r, iJ. Bolirdt; (of Ion», eto.) mffl 

wrinblUaallaii, /. rendering soluble. 

solubilité, /.Mlubility. 

solnbic, a. soluble. 

Bolatt, m. (PAorm.) solutioD. 

— de BumeU, solution at iliio oUccidi. 


— de curait dt frùmbfA aranumioeai, eolutioD 
of biamutb uid ammonium iitnl«. 

— de |Bms*utn«, pancteatic eolutJon, 

— de pcrcUonm de fer. Bolution uf fpnif 

— d'hifpoMonle de chata, aolotlaD of ohlorin- 

— d'iodn-artlnile de mercure, «olution of 
arsenous and marouric iodidea. 

— •ioduré âe Luçot, compouad Bolution ol 
iodine, Luaol's sointion. 
solaUf, a. capable of diBBolTinc: laxative. 
• ■- l,/. solution. 


— de continuai, breaob of continuity. 

— type, ataudani aolutiou. 

golnblûté, /. solvency. 

■omnt. <7>. solvant. 

solTent-napbtB, m. solvent naphtha, beniine 

(from ooal tar] . 
Bombre, a. dark; dull; somber; melancholy. 

mioD; (Math.) aum up, ■ 
.of «tie (to be). 

sommltéi /. top, Bouunit; entremit 
--""■— , it m. (Med.) soporific. 

_ ^m. borinff, etc. (see sonder). 
aondc, /. boTcv, boiinc tool, drill: sampler 
for soil or Sour); taater (u tor cheei 
proof stick; sound, probe; aoundiDg 1i 

j. dream; (with d) think ol. - 

■onnerlc, /. bell ; set of bells; rinsiiia; call. 

Boiiiiett«. /. (small) boll; piledriver; mimk 

ram; tfaaker (a£ in making eiploaiv«). 

BOtUrll^, /. BC 


«opbbtieation, /. sophistication, adulteradon. 
soplUttlqtier, I.I. BophisticBte, adulleiate, 
■oporatir, BoporUèrei aopoiioqnei a. A m. 

[Med.) AOpgriac. 
lorbe, /. sorb, sorb apple (berry of any spedea 

of ■Sw&u', aee sorbier), 
■orbet, m. sherbet. 
■orbler. m. <£el.) any plant of the senua 

Sorlnie, Boib. 


oiedevTw, moimtain aah 

lantol, Borbierito (d-idïtol). 

^, /. (laboratory) hood; (mi).) S 

1, Mtta, m. Bonhum. 

\icri. the variety of sorghum from Thi<di 

TEbum airup ia made. 

■orl«, /. sort, kiad ; 

de — ÎUî, en — m 

lortent, pr, S pi. of 

out. coming out; outlet;lnouth: 

., egreea; leaving, departure; 

eiport, exports tioti: sortie. 

or left; — v.i. take out. bring out, get out. 

— n. leaving, 
au — ^. on leaving, at the end of. 
faire —, bring out, l»ke out, gat out, draw 

sot, a. stupid, looliBh, ailly, — tn. fool, dolt. 
Mttlie, /. foolishnese, foUy, stupidity. 
Soiube, /. Swabia. 

I (sa in boilina), start, 

ji boiliuc), Bliirt, 
Jolt, Jerk. 
•oncbv,/ Atumpï stock; stub; at«m. 

" ' ; ihoft thick bu of 

— d Za cAoux. chuf 
ing the carbonatfi with lii 

— à l'alcool, cauatio «oda pi 
ID aloohol) ooda from alcohol. 

— à l'ammoniù^ut, aoda made b; 

ia Boda. Solvay aoda. 

— bmte. arude soda, black aafa. 

— carbonatie, oarbonato of so 

•- d'Alicanlt, AUcanU eoda, bsrills, 

— niiralée, nHrate of soda, aodium oitrate. 

~ivl/aUe. Bu](at« of sods. KdluID Butfatc. 


a, wgetablG aod 

.(. wBld; Bolder; 

iiite. join (bb 

. be welded, M 


Boe; cooBoUdate 

al, butl^weld, ju 

— dcAaui, veld. 

utogim, burn on 

Bolder autom 

•unarcmtat, lap-w 


uipre. bnue. hard-Boldor. 


m. welder, etc. 

see Bonder). 



— «.sodam 

■ondierc. /. aods factory. Boda worka. 


/- solder; weM 


DC; weld; soldere. 

pla(«; aeam. 

— d'ilain. tin Bolder, soft eolder. 

— iWtri^ue, electric welding. 

— fondante. Boft Bolder. 

— /orte, bard Bolder; hud fiolâering. 

— gratat. a Bolder relatively rich in ti 

— non-aiUogene^ t " 

■c. (BBfl souaa-) : spemt., 
glasBblower: alchemist (Obi.). 

— de boulriltea, bottle blower. 

— dt boyaux, oateut blower. 

— ifc anndt vtate, {GUus) head blower. 

r. bleb. 


BoDmnre, /. air hole, blowhole, ) 
■onffranee, /. aufTering;' Biupeni 
souffrir, D,t. Buffer; endurs, be 

Bourragei m. Bulfurins. sulphurinf. 
•ourre, m. euKur, eulpbur. 
— brvt, crude iulfur. 

— dori d'antimoiru, (PJiarm.) sulfurated ant^ 

Bonfte 3: 

Dfn en fittir(.i). Sewers of' lulfur. 

— prfcipW. precipiUted sulfur, (Piorm.) 
milk □! sulfur. 

— tuUimi, Eubliiutid niUur, flowen of luirui. 

— nUimf Imt, {Pliarm.) «aahed sulfur, 

— tégUal, v«ceU>bl« sulfur (lyeopodium 

— tùrfft, — vif. virgin Bulfur, native sulfur. 
ofrer. i.t. eultor, aulphur. 

. /. nilfur mine. BulfuT pit: (IfrKc^i) 
pliuw «ben the Bulfor it kept. 
■ ■" " lulfur Btove^ 


; dull: (of gems) gloody; Murat 
H rumbUag or hoi 
p* spring f ortlL 

Hiurls, m. mouse; smile. 

soul, preji. under, beneath, below 

■0UI-acCt>t«. m. «ibacetate. 

— de piomb tiquidf, {Pharm-) K 
K>i»-*iatate, m. Buboitriite. 
~dt hitmtilh, bismuth subnifa 


K>UR-cbk>niTe, m. subchloride. 
KiDs-cluB«, / subclass. 
■ous-comltf, m. BubFommittee. 
■oaB-canchc, /. >ubatratuin, une 
Bouscrlptear. n. subeoriber. 
MUSeriptlon, /, subscription, 
sousrHre, c.l. <t i. subscribe. 

lona-dlTlser, r.I. su] 

lons-donuliH, «i. i 

MnH-fgaUser, i.i. p 

soni-éléDWiit, m. s 

■aua-ipldennlqne, a. Hub^idErmal. 

SOUB^Wpïcei /. subspecin. 

saUB~Buorure, rn. Bubfluoride, 

sonagBllBte, m. subgallaCe. 

BODB-Keore, m. subgenus. 

sous-CTsnltlqiie, a. subgnuiiluc. 

tons-croup*, sotu-Kronpcmcnt, m. snl^ 

is-lBCent, a. subja» 

gons-malttple, a. à m. submultiple. 
■oni-mnrlate, m. subchloride. 

BOIU-iiltnt«, m. subsitT&te, besie nitiate. 
— de bitmuih, bismutb subnitrste (bismuth 

■oDB-oirde, m. suboxide. 
soiu-préreet, m, subprefect. 
sous-presBlon, /. preeaure from below. 
Hius-prodnlti m. by-product. 

soni-8alIc^at«, n. Bubssiicylste. 

■ ■ ■ ually) basic nK. 



■onte,/. rtoraroo 

room, bunker 


■ontmlT, >.(. sue 


renirt. — ..r 


c: be 




oolor») hold; 

tmu=; keep 

nuppMt on» 


•ontenn, p.a.sut 



•Oatientf pr. J (inf. of Bûutenir. 
mnOniK, m. drawing off, racking of 

■anvent, adc. oft«i 
«otnersln, a. Jt m 
■ooTinlaetét /. » 

■oyk. m. Boy bean. 

ipacleni, a. spiiCiauB, I 
Ipadelle, eprndUe./. bI 
■- e./. alchemy. I 

ipaglriame. m. alctaemy. chemietry, sp 

istrwhemiHtry. (Obi.) 
ipaSlTltte, m. epasyrùt. (Ofti.) 
(pmlt, ni. BsphaH; (Milat.) Buor epar. 
iparadntp. m. (tftri.) epsrsdrap, adhe 

— de Eapavrue. capsiciun plaster. 
■parsdrapler. m. an ioetrument for mal 

sporadrape or adheaive plasters. 
■psrt, spBTte, m. esparto, esparto gmsB, (n 

■parUlne, /. spsrtei 
fipasntodlque, a, ep 

ipatb, m. (Min.) ept 

spar, specif, calc-spar. 

— lourd, hsavy spar Cbarite). 

' to, /. conversion into spar or stony 


.(. convert into spar (petrify?). 

I. (Min.) spathic. 

spatUl. a, spatial. 

ipaUallser, t.t. spatiahie. 

apatUIllé, /. spatiaUty, 

8p>lulas«, m. Bliirine. etc. (see spatuler). 

spstulCi /, spatula, apattle; paddle: stirrer. 

— en Oder, steel spatula or stirrer. 

— en ardent, silver spatula. 

— m beie, wooden apatuls, paddle or stirrer 

— m pJoiine, pjatmum spatula, 

— «n ^oralaine, porcelain spatula. 

— m rsTTB, alasa apatula. 
mtnH, VJS. stirred, worked; (of Bid, etc. 

spatulate, apoon-shaped. 


paddle: hatchel (as fl 
spécial, a. speoial; profeesionaL 
Rpéclalement, ads. specially, especially. 
spéctslber, v.t. specify. — i.r. specialise. 
sp£clallBt«, m. specialist. — a. specialiainjt, 

\ /. specialty: upedaliat: speciality, 

rularity ; special expeitse. 

■pCclOratlan, /. specification. 
ipécIBclU, /. specificity, spedficneeB. 
spécifier, i.f. specify, 
spCdSqac, a. S: m. specific. 
spécifiquement^ ads. apetàfically. 
■péelmeQ, m. specimen, sample. — a. si 
speetral, a. spectral. 
spectre, m. spectrum; specter, spectre. 

— d- 

torptitm, absorption spectrum. 

— de bandes, band spectrum. 

— de haute fréguena, hiflh-freciueney QNC- 

— diecontinu, discontinue 

— eolawe, solar spectrum. 

apeetntmetre, m 

Bpectnunétriqoe, a. spectrometricCat). 
Bpectn>phoComMret m. spectrophotometer. 
speetTophatvmétHe, /. apectropbotometry. 
spectropbalam^tilqne, a. speotmpbotamet' 

spectroscope, m. spectroecope. 

spectroMOplite, n. apeetroscopM. 

spécnlatir. 3. speculative. 
spécnlatlaD, /, specutatiou. 
■péenler. et. speculate. 
Spelas, m. (Meiol.) speise. 


■peia«, nt. Bpeltar. 
■pemiacetl, ipentiacCU, «pemw coetU m, 

Bpemuitlne. /. spemuitin. 
«p^uutlqne, s. (Phytiel.) spermatid. 
■permBtoioalrai m. tZoBt.) npemutnioûii. 
Ptp^rmet m. (PA^ nal.) iperm. 
«permliie, /. epermiue, 
sph»DB, m. (Min.) aphene (titanite). 
«phire, /. tijieie. 
sphtilelté, /. mbericity. 
iphérlqne, a. ipheiicBl. opherio, 
ipbéilqneiDraiti adv. upberiaiiy. 
aphéntldal. a. apheroidal. 
■pliérolde, m. epharoid. 
BphCrogldërlIe, m. {Uin.) Bpherowderite, 

iple, n. (fiol.) Bpike laTendcr, Bpite (Jjoanibtla 

BplnUilrci a, apicular, dartlike. 
■pl^el, m. (M«fal.) ainsfelsisen, spinel. 

sptneDe, n. it a. (Win.) epinel. 
■plrmt. 1. epirsl. — m. spiral spriua. 
■ptrmlB, /. {Malh.) spiral. 

flptré«i /. (fiof.) ftpirea, apinta. 
splrltiiallser, >.l. (OU CAmn.) i 
■pMtneiu. a. spirituous, — 

^oototock of SmOax 

■tmblUwteiir, tn, stsbiliier. 

gtablllMtlOD, /. stabiliiatjon. 

■tablll«er, i.l. gtabiliia. — o.r. b« aitbiliied. 

»t>blllt«, /. stability. 

■tabic a. stable. 

itablcment, aiz. stsbl;, SraJy, fliedlf. 

Itads, m. stage; stadium. 

■taie, IR. tsim (aa of piobation) ; coune. 

fairt un —, take s course; pan thru a tatm 
■tagiuuit, a. ataensat, atsiidiiic. 
(taxner, i.i. stagnate, stand. 
stalactite, /. sislactits. 
■talactltlquc, a. italactitic. 
italaEinltë, /. stalsamite. 
stalaEinomËtre, m. stsUwmometar. 
atalaxmometilqiie, a. BtalB«moiiietric(Bl). 
slaHe, /. stall. 

stampe, /. (Mming) interval betweentiroTBin 
Btand]«tbrle, tn. tin diethyl, 8n(CiHi)i. 
stanétlirle. m. — stannéthyle. 
itanméthylCi m- imy motbyl compouiHi of tii 
DSp, tetrametliylataïuiBne, Sn(CH,)<. 
m. tDyeir^) tla motdantîng. 

stannlne. /. (Min.) stannito. 

itannlque. s. staiinic. 

stantétraétbilc, m. tin tetraethyl (Islnetliyl- 

Btannane, an(CiH,).). 
staolTietlirlc, m. tin triethyl, 
BtapIllBmlsre, /. (Bol.) Btavcsscre (Ddphinium 

itaphylocoqne. m. (Bout.) Btaphylococcus. 
Btatlelt^, /. statio condition or qutlity. 
ItaUf, m. Btand (of s microscope), —a. of or 

"■""■""■■ ' stop; shortstay; standing. 

statlotuienieiit, tn .. _. 
■tatlODDer, ci. atop; sbùid. 
statlqne, a, static, statical, ^f. si 
Btatlstlqiie, /. statistics, statistic. 

stataalrv, a.,/. A m. atatuaiy. 
stauroUtbe, stanrotide, /. (Min) stauiolile. 
stéapBlne, /. steapein. 
stéaraDe. m. aonnal octsdsoane, CuHh. 

BtéarilMIle, /. Btearin manufacture or faotoiy. 
HUarlnler, m. Btearin manufactuio:, 
Btéariqnc a. stearic; (of candles, etc.) Btearin. 
Itéarolé, m. (Pharm-) a prepajation havins s 

solid fst as base. 
StCatone, /. stearone (C,iHa)tCO. 

Ite, /.(Itm. 

stcIlBllT, a. Mellu. 
itenofrapiie. m. ■tenographei. 

eter (1.308 DU. yda.). 
e, /. (UreoohemiBtry. 
B. a. «teiBOobemiiMl. 

a.Bt«re«capiCi Bt«rececopi<sl. 
Btéréotnnwe, m. Ëteraotyping. 
sUréotTpe, a. stereotype, eteieotyped. 
sléréotn»''! ".'■ Btorootype. 
sUrtotypIei /. ■tercotypy, BteTeotypiii^. 
stérile, a. 8t«11e. ~ <n. sterile materisl, eap. is 

■ttrliit«i y sterility. 

Inrll, m. a bairel-eh^ied (iBBa raeepiscle 

"" l m. (Med.) 

itrenethebing (as of srtificis] 
silk by formaldehydo). 
■HUal, a. Btibisl, antimoDial. 
itlblé, a. stibist«(l, combined with uiUmony. 
Btlbl«iu, a. etihiouB (antiiEioniDuB). 
■Ublne, /. stibine; {Min.) 9tibnit«. 
Btiblnre, m. antimoaide. 
■Ugnule, m. Btigma; marki ■ear. 

■tflb«ile, m. etilbcDe. 
smbéDlqDC, a. Btilbeoe, of stilbeot 
■tUblte,/. (Mil.) etUbile. 
I., atU de ETstn. 

sUmnlatlon. /. atimuUtioa, Btimulatins. 
iHmalM, t.t. stimulate. 
stipuler, i.'. etipulste. 

tomaah. atomachic. 

m. (Piot.) stoma. 

stovaloe./. {Pham.) stovaine, stovaia. 
■tramolne. /, (Bol.) stramomum. tham apple, 
atnmoiilDtn, m. (Bol.) white thorn apple 

B&ftsset/. refuse silk; coarse packing paper. 

BlnÛide, /. atratfcy. 
stratésfqne. a. stratscio. 
atntUckUon, /. atratifioation. 

itreptocoqiK, (Bad. 
«trlBtktn, /. Blriation. 
Btrlct. a. strict. 
Btotcleinent, odr. strictly. 

8br)«| p.a. etriiited. 
itrlo', I.I. striat«. 
striure, /. Htriation, stria. 

«tiopbaDt«, stropbantns, n 

atntpbantliw, /. stioplianthi 

■ trrebaee, /. a plant of the genus Slryi 
atrrcbnlne, /. strychnine. 
strrcbnlqaci a. strychnic. 
strychnlser, v.t. strychninise (tiea 

■trrebnisme. m. etiychninism, i 
■trrcluMis, m. (Bat.) Stxychnos. 

staeace, m. stuaoaiD«. 

gtaeaHne. /. a coatiiuc of lime aod phoqihario 
and salicylic at^ids used tc give the B.j^>ear- 

«tqdleiueiTieiit, adv. studioualy. 
stadlem, a. studious. 
atnpéhMtir, 1. « m. (Mid.) stupefactive. 
stnpCfalt, p.a. stupefied. 

Htupfflailt, p-Q. stupefying, etupef scient, st14>^ 
tartivB. — m. (Med.) stupefaoient, -taotiïB. 

BtapMe, a. atupid. 
■Inptdenwiiti odi. stupidli'. 
■tnpldllC, /. atupidiCy. 

«tyeCrim. /. sCyceiol. styoeiin. 
■trie, n. Mile. 
i^let, f». Btylet; anuU style. 
itrPiiinlQiiBi a. etypbuic. 
■trpdctne, /. (/■Aarm.) atyptioiu. 
ItrpUelté, /. etypCicity, snrinvuioj 
itrpOqDe. a. & m. atypHo. 
ttmtUmi, {flo(.) Styraoaom. 
■trradiie, /. styrurin. 
■trnUi m. (Sol.) Styiu; etoru. 
— offianate. Styrax offiânalù. 
Btrrle, /. Btyri*. 
wtfW^MlkKf m. HtyreDe, fttyroleiw. 

«ting, BWCBty; (of heat) welding. 
'., Agreeable; (of coIotb) soft, 
du. sweetly, agreeably, «oftly. 

/. «ubdiïàinr 


BUbérmte, m. eubentf . 

inMreiu, a. (Pot.) suberoae 

■nberiflattton, /. guberiisti 

mMiliH, /. Buberm. 

■DMflqiw.a. fof the vdd, etc.) Buberie; i 

slcDhQl) Buboryl. 
■aMrliaUoD, /. Buberiution. Buberificsti 
mbéTonc,/, Buberooe (cyoloheptinDiie). 
mbérrlSi m. Buberyl. 
■uMrjUqne, a. suberyl, ot Buberyl. 
lUblTi O.I. undergo. — B.r, be undergono, 
«Dblt, a. Buddea. 

— m. Bubtfdiuata. 

:g sucdnA 

sabvrdDimn', i,i. Bubordinate. 
BDbBfqllemment, adr. Bubaequentlr. 
subséquent, a. Bubsequent. 
subside, f?i. subsidy. 
subsidiaire, a. Bubaidiuy. auiOiaiT. 
■ubsldUlrement, odi. subaiditirily, in : 
■ubsldler, I.I, subsidiie. 

■ ' ' iteDce; (jj.) prori 

— rebelU, refractory Bubstance. 
■Dbstanticl, a. Bubataatial. 
labstkDUeUement, adt. lubetantially. 

3a, aubetitutinc, substituent. 

I, n. ■ubatntuiD. anb- 

snbtUement, odi. subtly. 
subtlllsmtioii,/. voIatilisslioD; subtiliiation. 
subtiliser, i!.t. volatiliie; Bubtilite. 
subtilité,/. Bubtlety, Bublleoen, aubtiUty. 
BDbienlr, i.i. provide (for), suffice (for). 
sabTcntlonDer, n.t. BubTsntioiiiEe, subsidiie. 

r, IPharm.) juice of hyoecy- 

ertract, (PAimil.) 

HMceMer, t.i. succeed (to); (with à) ei 

ie potaew, potassiun 


1, / Auction, BucklnjE. 

«necnleot, a. eucuuleat, 
aiitcnn>le, /. branch, br 
«ucemeiit, m. euclting, s 

ate. saccharatfi. 

ice or EBtabtiBhm 

charatce are made, sa id d«L 

aea; eitraction of sugu, d«i 

annatler, m. sucbaiate nûker. 

— de betterattf, 

I, beetroot euiar. 

— de deuxième jet. {Sugar) a second orop of 
crystals oblisiDed by boiliuc dawn tlie simp 
from the first crop and oentrifusiiix, 

— da /teuU, Btarch eufar, sluco», 

— de Soie, diabetic sugar. 

— de Jruit, Iruit 8ug«, d-fructose. 

— de Bflatine, (old name lor) glycine, gly- 

— d> ImailU, Baccharin. 

— de iait. milk eugar, lactose. 

— di plomb, Buear of lead, lead aeetate. 

— dep&mme. sugar candy flavored with cider. 

— di premier jtl, (Sat/ar) the flist erop ot 
crystala removed by the oentrifugals. 

— de mitin, grape sugar, (J-glueoee. 

— da rigtiiae, UcoticB sugar (glyeynhyno 

— da Saturne, Bugsi ol lead, lead acetate, 
^^dea Ffdtmiea. colonial sugar (Formerly a 

— da troûiéme jet. (5u^r) the third crop of 
crystals (see sucre de deuiiâme jet). 

— non réduelaa; non-TBiJucing eugar. 

— piiie, cruahed sugar. 

— pur, pure sugar, refined augar. 

— raffiné, refined augar^ 

— ' réducteur, reducing augar. 
■ncté, p.s. sugared, treated or sweetened 
sugar; of or containing sugar; su, 
saccharine, sweet. 

— couteur, caramel brown, 

sucrerie, /. sugar factory or refinery, t 

— de mtmtoffne, = boia cochon. 
ETD-caritoruite. m. (Sugar) sucro-carbonate. 

— d# efiauj^, " Bucro-corbonate of time " (a 

during carbonation). 

8ud-am6rle»lB. a. South Am 
Rad-«*t^ a. it m. Boutheast, 

. a, sudoriferous, w 
md-oneat, a. di m. southwest. 
~ " " /. Sweden. 

Swedish. — n. (cap.) Swede, 

iting house (m for 

luffice, bo sufficiant- — t.r. be eelf- 

Luffidently, enough. 
t,f. Bufficieneyi self-conoeit. 

ident; suffleing; oonoeil«d. 
salhcant. pjt. suffocating. 
soDnottoii, /. BuSooation. 

— de boiê, wood a 


if, m. UUow; su 

ship bottoms. 

impblack made from 



rniUre sn — , (LuMtr) dren wi 

— de pla«, ^ dégruaae. 

il, (Win.) 1 


■DllIM, HUlfer, v.t. tallow. 
HDlffeUli a- tallowy. 
BuUBer, m. tallow mak«'. 
suint, m. Buiut. sreue (of wool). 

cat, m. ouiUm, etc. («ee gutnta). 

— ■ quf, aecordiDg u, 
■ ■ a. followed, etc. (la 
connected, c< 

attend (to). — r.r. follow oi 
/otre— .cau^totoUow; (on ti 

■ — a. Hubject; liable. 
mjeUon, /. obligati 
inlfkdde, m. sulfac 

; specif., {Soda) 

lUlfbfdrate, m. eu 

■mirbïilrlqiie, a. Bulfhydric. sulphyâric. 

acide - — , aulf hydrio àâà (hydrofion Bul£de) . 
anUfardromtbrtc, /. detormination of hydiogeii 

BuiameMque, a. 

lUlDne, /. BulSne, 

icids) Bulfinic; (i^ SH| 
?nt with a eu1fit« OT Bul- 

SUlfite. m. sulfite, Hulphite, 

df jtoloBU, potassium suIËtA. 

sulfuré de toude, sodiuiu tbûjBulfate. 
Éer. v.t. treat with a sulfite oc sulfurous aod. 
inlStlqne, a. sulfite, ot or pertaining to sul£lea 

iulf arsenide. 

sniro. 3. suUo, Bulpho. 
snlToantlnioiilate, m. thioasti 

SDllliarsénlte, m. thioaisenite. 

Knlfo-arsénlure, m. (Min.) si 

sulfobaao, /. (Old CSàn.) sulfur base. 

lairobenildc, m. sulfobentide (phenyl sulfone). 
. Bulfocarbimide (isothiocj- 
ontanie isothiocyanate) 


laUOcoDjume, u. (Dy". ate.) Bulfonat«d, suifo; 
(Biol, <7A«n., etc.jdeaignsCiiigsnHaid licid 
eater) of the tormuls RaOdI (e.g. pheDyl- 
Bulturic ftcid, CtHiSOiH). — m. Bulfo de- 

(Dlfocrxutc, m. tbincyanate, BuUocyanBtc. 

SQUbcfMihrdTlqtle. a, tlûncyHnïa, aiiUocyuiio. 

snlfocruilqne, a. thiocyanic. lulf ocyuiio. 

' e, m. thiocyuiDien, eulforyuio- 

snlfMrumrc, m. sulfocyuiide (thiocyimste. 

snllbsli'céiiqiie, a. (Expt.) aulfoglyceric. 
iDlfD-IndlKO tique, a. eulfindiEotic, 
flolfolélque, a. Hulfoleic. 
nilfoiu], m. (Pkarm.) aulfooal, 9u]p''onol' 
lulfoné, p.a. euUDDated, «ulfocic, buUo. 
soiroDlqiie. a. BuUomc; of or pertaining to a 

soUnreui, a. 

«ulfDrlttre, a. containing Bulfur. 
sulfarlqne. a. eulfurii:, eulphuric. 
sulfnrlBatloIl, /. guLfuiisatian, sulfuration. 
luUnrlaeTi t.l, Bulliuiie; specif,. Ireat with 
lulf luio acid (as paper) . 

■QlIMSi p.dtf- I pi. of savoir. 

luper. D.i. be stopped up, be plugged up, — i.l. 

suek up. — m, Short for tuperphofjfhaU. 
tuptxbe, o. superb; lofty; proud. — /. pride. 
snpeTbomMit, oiii. superbly ; 
superflclaln. o. supetfldal, 
Buperflcle./, surfaoe; siq>erfii 

og a 

niiiture of sulfurie 8.nd nitric adds. 

miied anhydride of them) . 

salfopbéDBte, m. phenolsulf ouate. 

pounds which contain suUur. 

sairarlctne, a. (Pharm.) containing suHo 

oleic acid or its salts. 

■BlniBel, m. huHo salt leap, a salt of a thio 



ininmble, a. capable of being sulf uriied 

smfnrace, m. (Wini) treatment of the ground 

with carbon disulfide to destroy phyllo 

(Jfcd.) external application of sulfur. 

Bntfnre, m, sulfide, sulphide. 

— dspWMead sulfide. 


compound sullide. 

Bulfurated, sulfuietted, eulBde of, suit 

mlfurar. n.i. combine or treat with sulfuj 


Buper£ciaUy, on the 

mperfliif a. superfine, — n. superfine artiole 

or nuaUty. 
mperflD, a. eupo^uous. — n. aupgrfluous; 

Buperflalie. /. superfluity. 

anperleur, a. higher; upper; aiiperi«'. — m, 

snpCrlorllé. /. superiorily, 
snperoirdaltaii, /. superoiidalJoD. ^bt.} 
snperpsUCe. /. euperpaliic. diphoegene. tri- 

snperpIiOHpbBt«> m. superphosphate. 
— de ctiattx, superphmphate of liioe, add 
calMum phosphate. 

' iperphosphate. 


auppl&nler, t.t. supplant. 
suppléant, a. A m. substitute; assistant. 
suppMer. T.f. supply, make good ; replace, take 

the place of; substitute. — ».i. (with « 

make up for. take tlie place of, 
supplement, m. supplement. 
aappiemenbdre, a, supplemsntaiy. auppto- 

sni^ôrt, m. support; stand, rack, nat. May, 
holder, bearing, bracket, socket, etc 


— à pinee. clamp stiud. 

— d Irtia pitd9. — à trêpùd, tripod. 
-'— igouUmr, drwaiatt rack, draininf otand. 

— M boit, wooden support (or rack or Htaiid). 

— pnr1t~*iibet. tube tick, tube etRnd, 

— pour buretla, burette Btaod. 

— pour ptK-fiÙra, weighing-tube support 

— pDur piptOa, pipet stand (« raok). 
r Uàbet à estait, teat-tube raetc (or 


:. lupport, itand, endure. 
Buppcsed: aasumed; fictitii 

— dtffrS. in the highest di 
iTt fTpp, on, ypon; ove 
aff^T) acoonUne t 
dinHnslons) by. — 

f>a of alcohol to. 
uitiquated, old-Caahîoned, obso- 
i. lapsed; BuperanauBt«d. 
« {in proportion to width), flat. 

iimhaitlTeiir, m. superheater. 

/. overbestiiic, burning; burnt 
. . stuel). 

aurcboli, m. fiiat chiuce. beat quaUty. 

mrcalre, v.r. overbum; overboil; orsrcook; 

snrculEKiii, m. overbundng, etc. |ses suicuirs). 


[. double-gild. 

'Sol.) eider ISamlmcui). 

snrtgallser, c.^ screen (gunpowder) eoarsaly. 
sorécaltaolr, m. (O^npnwdcr) coarse sieve. 
BUrtUTatlOD, /. raising; rise; increue. 
surélSiement, m. raising, raise, increase. 
aurélercr, et. raise; elevaU : iacrsase. 
aureUc, /. (Boi.) aorrel (esp. wood sorrel). 

rtainly; eecursly. 

further indre 

nrTace, /. surface. 

— courbe, curved aurfaee- 

— de eliauffe. heating surtam. 
-réfiigirtmtt. — refroiditeante, cooling si 



■utMtCi D.f, overvalue, 
snrflD, a. superfine. 
mrfbodre, t.l. tt t. superfuse. 
garfondOi p.o. superfused. 

m. Beoond d&y after, day af 

[|« /, peroxidatioi 
Bi p,a. penoddiied; peraijdi 

•vainemtlMi, /. pnoiidation, t 

, Burpau; eiceed; be highfir 
mrplomber, i.i. be out of plumb. — >.l. 

fMiUU.) afterblov. 

. /. olippinj (aa of wool). 
anrtont, adz. »pecis%, principaJly, above all. 

— de, over and above, in additioD to. 

""■■"■" /. lEiBceptibility. 

euBceptible; liable, capable (ol). 

■lueriptloii, /. addreeg (d 

ipjcioua; auBtiieeteti; doubtful. 
. BUHpend. — t.r. be Buepeudûd. 

— binaire, biâlar BUBpeuucm, 

^ par ctmuaia, knife-edge BUBponaion, 

iil»^elAtét a. abovfr^elated, abore-mentioned. 

SDuent. imp. tubi. 5 pi. ol Bavoir. 

BUBtainlng; Bupport; Bua- 

lUBtain; support. 
But, p.dtf. S «ne. of SBvinr, 
But. imp. luW. S nn*. of uvcht. 
■tttei, pAef. » pi. of Bavoir. 
B1>elte, a. «leoder. 

■rCnlte, /. (PtiToa.) eyenite. 

sréDlUqiM, a. (Pttrog.) Byenitdc. 

srilabc, /. ayllable. 

■Tinuw, m. syhrui. 

■rtlMtrâi a. fonst, wood, woody, sylvan. 

■jfNaMne, n. aj IvcalTcne. 
i^TtiMi /. (Mm.) Bylvite, lylvioa. 
■rmbkwe, / (Siol.) aymbimu. 
■jmbole, m. aymbol. 
■rmboHqne, a, lymbolia, eymbcdicsL 
ifmbalbatlôn, /. ■ymtxdiu^D, lyniboliiliis. 
I v^ Byniboliie- 

■noSMe, /, taymmetiy. 

" ' . eymmetriul. symmetrio. 

I, mill. symmetriiiAlly. 
B, /. «ympathy. 
. . 1<1B> a. lympnthetio. 

(rmpstUqaeownt. adt. sympathetiully. 

(Anat.) synoTiBL 
■rnsne, /. (Anai.) aynovi». 
Bn>U>i>e> /- synUicais, 

HrntMUqnc, iinOMtae, a. lyntheUaCal). 
irntkSBqoeiiieiit, adt. gyntiieliiially. 
(rntMOaW, 1.1. ayniiaâte. (rarely) synthstiiB. 
■nitonliu, /. ayDConiD. 
sypliUltKliMi a. illtd.) ayphilitio. 
srpbODi «I. glpbon. 
8tH«, /. Syria, 

■filaii. B. Syrian. — ib. (cap.) SyriaD. 
ayrlnm. m. (Bat.) lilac (Svrinfa). 

tiq, aymemttieA 

— m. >y«t*mati.t, — /. ny 
inUmatliitiMnent, ihI>. syiti 
ijiUniMOtnaoa, f. ByslcmatL 
irBUniBtlHr, E.I. syaMmalJie. 


— fMfniguv, chemical vyitem. 

— cuMftM, (Crval.) cubic syatem Osometrio 

— piriadigiu, pcdodio lysteia. 

— rhomboidn^ut, {CryêQ rbambobcdtsi B79- 

ftMti m. ■ Hmwuiui «arth containiat aoda. 


t^t iMtrn. (tonne) ton; (tome} ti 

crivfli) copy, traneimba. 
f ■ Contraction 

at the wke of eiq>hDQy 

tebMjm. tobacco; tobA4xoootor. - 

— d ehi^uer, chewing tobw»(L 
— - i fumtr, HnokiQ^ lobooco. 

' — A jtriter, — en poudre. Banff, 

tablier, iX tabby, water. 
tabtmat. of tablei. 
tabic, /. table; plate, alab; sheet (ae of lead) ; 

fais (as of an anvil) : bed <ae of a planer) ; 

iudei; (âolf) baaic. bed. 

Tanked alpha 

— d iffruger, meal 
raiiiiiR Uble. 

— aiphabétvptt. indi 

— d a^waec work Uble, work bencb. 
-^darfcAer, diyinft table; drying tray. 
-'briiée, folduig table, 

' -d'appareil, apparatiu table, work table. 

— de chimûle, chemist's table, upecif. one 
provided with a blaet apparatus. 

— de-Uvù 

ible of BÎ 

I apparatus lo 

— d'imailUiir, 

— de manipulation, {Elee.) ei 

— da matilra, Uble of epnti 

— ie tiroir, valve face, elide 

— «n M(on, concret* bed, 

— m lave, lava-topped table. 

— ran, tabula rasa. " clean i 

— lalanle, iSalt) a shallow r 

leaa, m. tabïe; list, caUlos; diacnm; 
painting; picture; scenery, scene; board; 
blackboajd; bulletin board, billboard. 

■ de dittrUrution, iSlec-) switchboard. 

■ nDir. blackboard. 
m. a maker or seller of tabtetttrie. 

t>bletl«,/, shelf ; tablet; troche, loHDse, pwtil; 
cake; {pi.) notebook; (window) aill. 

— de cachou, (J*Aarm.) troche of gambir. 

— defer, iPharm.) reduced irpn kuenge. 

— de t'aade phénigue, {Pharm.) phenol 

— de ToianJtia, (Pharm.) boche of kTsmeria, 
rhatany loienge. 

— <fe èoufre, (Pharm.) sulfur lomengo. 

— de tannin, t_Pkarm-) Q-oohe of tannic add. 

tablettcHe, /. f. 
tshUer, m. aproi 

, laboratory apron. 

tabouret, m, stool. 

tahnbtre, a, tabular. 

taoniMiuc, m. Ucamahac, tacamahaoa. 

ticber, v.t. try, endeavor, itrii 
tacbetcr, i.(. spot, epeckle. 
t«chetare, /. epeck, speckle. 

e./. e 


lallIsnd^«,/.ed<«toala; edge-tool buaineos, 
talDaDt, pA. outtinc, etc. (see tailler). — «. 

tame, /. cutting; cut; heiiht; Ssure. shape; 
Ully; copiHce, copee, ' 

'" "■' /, (Sn^an'ni;) copperplate. 

1; trim, prune; form, ahape (with 

rle, /. ( 

, lapidary « 

Quttinfl machine; t^lraves. 

DM over; be pueed o 

m-, not be men- 

tuilusc n.. laiÛMtlOD, /. addition of, a 


treatment with, tannin. 

tale, m. (ifin.) talc. 

tanlMT, I..I. add tannin to, treat with taoïÙD. 

— ^rrniM, VenelisQWlo 

tannage, m. tannimt, tannaie. 

tdealre, o. talcoee. talcoui. 
toldqae, o. talc, of tslo. 

— dla/iH». — d Ia>u9fo, bark tanning, pit 

Moche,/, (pluterer'i) Swt 

tohtll, m. heel; >tub; {Ttch. 

heel, n»e. eta. 

— it I'OfclrKiti. electric tanning. 

(alDBe, /. taloee. 

~ à Vhuiie. oil tanning. 

— ou ciTOme. cbtome Unning. 

telqiwr, t.t. talc, cost or imp 

resniite with talc. 

— au lanin. tanning with tannin, vegetable 

telDi, m. elope, declivity; 

ment; teJiu. 

— aux icBrat. bark tanùng. 

oylindor. roll, r 

— i fam6cmr. drum sieve. 

— dt crin, hur eieve. 
.- de loiê. silk «eve. 

— debrili mHaUiiia; wir»-gauae>iei 
^ " —An toiU de laiton, h 

II, m. (BU.} tam- 

: tambour, 
er: boiter. 

m. tanbark. Un. 
épuvi. spent tanbark, spent tan. 
■ le,/. (Bol.) tanny {Tanoralum). 
qne. while; as long u; wbereaj 

tangcntlellemeiit, adv. t 
taaglUn, tgnibeii, m. 

ine, /. Epot (on lealher); (tfal.) bbekhead. 
ID^ p.a. tanned; tan, — m. tan (the color). 
inSC, /. spent tsnbark, spent tan. 

tsoiH^latliie, /. tannogelatin. 
tAnnoHc, a. it m. tannoid. 
t>Qt, adu. so much, so; so loi 

coDBidered sa, as 

!uj, BO much the more, th 

— friw Qot mains, more or leu. 


tantaUqnc a. ttutaUo. 

tantalKe,/. (Àftn.) t&ntslite. 

ntùt, adt. soon: ■ littU Uter^ jiut ng« 

■hOTt time BSD. 
tuT t£ — , in the afternoon, towud ovnuni 

(■PBi /' plus, stopper; bung; tompion; t^. 

tepe, P.O. Btopped, etc. (see taper) ; (of fruit) 

dried ; (of varoiah) apread Bvenl^. 
teper, f.r. atop, atop up, plug, plug up; tap, 

nip. koock, Btamp. — v.i. iSIptalJ) devaJop 

oraclcfi iatemally, — m. iElec-) ahort-dr- 

bang; d«ck, adora. ' 

■ , /. tapertry; hangi 
aex, m. upholateror, 
■e, /. (IfddJ.) interior crack or fiisura. 
1, /. (ilebsl.) pUt«. 

tore plalo of a forge hearth, 
chargiog hole of a reverberatory 

, atop, detent. 

tftrmtaon, m. tiLe disk for clofline the working 
hoJe of a glaaa furnace. 

taTsuwtne. /. tt 

Card, a. A adn. 1 

oupiM— ,at 

tBrdheincDti ads. slowly; tardily. 

8 TkSDUUile 

tarif, n. price list: rate (of pricea) ; t 
tatUM, D.l. ËI or list (pricea); tariff. 
tarlT, (.1. dry up, drain, eihaust. - 
up, go dry, be eihausted. be dra; 
tarluable, a. eihaustibie. 
tivkwnt. p.a. drying up. near eihai 
m. drying up. exhausts 

taitnt«, m. tartrate. 

— bmco-poiaanipie, 

miudndth b 

— dt c>4aia, caloiiun tartrate. 

— fl£ pofdJH, potassium tartrate. 

— dt poCodH ii de êoude, potassium eodituu 
tartrate, Roohdie salt. 

— ferrico-ammtniiiue. — fernqut anm^nwcal, 
(Pharm.) iron and ammonium tattiata. 

igiK, ferric potasuum t 
(in boilera^ etc.) scale. 

— dmtoir., dental tartar. 

— dc< cAaudtfr»», boiler sade. 

— enMique, tartar emetic. 

— martfai, = tarlre chalybé. 

— rouo: red tartar (from red wines). 


— aUbié. tartar emetic. 

potaasium sulfate). 

tartreni, a. tartaroua, tartareous. 

tartrfcr, m. tartar maker. 

tartHtase, m. boiler compound. 

the purity of cream of tartar. 

t«, m. heap, pile, mass: hand anvil, block (of 

hvjid anvil; a 
(■uemeiiti m. psckiiuE, 
tMWf . I.I. piwk, ti 

Ute, /. eaniple. 

Utcr, >.(. feel; 

(with d* or 

— le (nroin, 

Uto-tln, m. V 

i, m. gTopinn; trial, eiperiment 

taNpe, /. (Zool.) mi 
tanre, /, heifer. 

tanmn, m. bull. 

taniocoUe, /. taurocol, t 
tantoinitv, n, Uatomc 
tantomfrlc, /. tautome 

,iu, m. rate; proportion, unount, Btreucth. 

dihition. etc.; prin. 
— pour 100 portiM, part» per huiulnd, per 

taie, S, tax; (offieially Gied) price, rate. 
tuM.i.l.tai: fix the price of; tiithep 
taddennlc, /. tsiidErmy. 
t^tqnOf a. CMchic, Ciechinh, — n. 
(luneuage); (cop.l Ciech (pertoii). 
te, prim, thee, to thee, you, to you. 
té, M. T, T-ehsped object or urangemei 


: tube). 

tcebnlellé, /. technicslnes. 
teehnlQUVf a. technioal. — /. technio, tech- 
nique. — m. technicHl chsrsctc*. 

techDOKwIc. /. technology, 

— drnnvpit, ohemipsl technology. 
laeluiOlOCfqtMi 3. technological, -logiD. 
techDOlOKOBi tcchnoldsfste, n, tccbaologiM. 

— a, technotoEJcal. 

tecki m. teak (tree or wood). 
UcnmeDtalre. a. tesumentary, 
telBDUiti P.O. dyeing, etc. («ee teindre); suit- 
able for dyeing. 

telI>Biit, pr. 3 pi. JiuUe. A rabj. of loodre. 

teignit, p.dif. S linç. of teindre. 

tdllacd. m. (GVau) «bitish spot due to era» 

of soda; breaking (aa of hemp), 
telaûn, t.l. dye; color, tinge; atain; imbue, 

tincturo. ^pj. be dyed; be colored; be 

tinctured. — s.i. dye. 
lelllt, m. dye, (dyed) color; (manner of) dye- 

iae: compleiiao. — p.a. dyed. etc. (aee 

teindre). . — pr. J rtnp. of teindre. 

■: (fig.) I 

— dure, ground tint, ground color. 

— plaU, flat tint. 

t«lDter, t.(. tint, tinge, mlor slightly. 

teinture. /. dyeing; dye bath; dye; 

hue; rPAom., etc.) tinctuTE. 

tf, dyeing with 
M, compound ti 
, (PAarm.) cooii 

do Totil. tinctm 

leof benioL 

tincture of catechu. 

— de camphre conaaJrie, spirit of camphor. 

— de roctieniUg. {Dveinff) cochineal bath; 

prune (tincture of wild cherry bark). 

— de fèvt du Caiabfkr, tincture of phyace- 

— de lobOU mflii, tincture of lobelia, 

— de noix de ffoile, tincture of nutsall. 
-de pmAloruTf da /er, tincture of fen 


— de pciygaia de Virginie, tinctuie of seneg 

I, (/■Aarm. 
\n eesentiiJ oil, ipirit (of iK>-iuid-« 

d'atttna dt aaMiOtèrie, spi 

d'tttenct de oeniivre, Bpiri' 
d'esMTUx de taaajide, spirit 
d'etaenee de msniJu, apirit 
d'fBserwe de nuteade, ii 
9KIU» of Dutmeg. 

-de etrophcmihue komJ/i^ t 

- — de toumeeoi, tincture of 111 

— de vaUriajiB ammoniaea 

— tTexIraÙ d'opium, Unci 

m eant odeur, tiacture of deodoriB«d 

— vulnéraire, a titii 

(For the meaniog 

Mlnturerie, /. dyein 

Umtnrlw, n. dyer; 

— a. dy«ii«. dyt 

of other 
rard in the 

i*&Tioua herbfliued 

telliirate. m. IcUunte. 
teUnre, n. tallurium. 
teOure, a. comblDsd with or oont 
rium, t«Ilurii«d, t«lluTetted; 


MInrhrdrlqne, a. telliuliyilric, hydrotelluric. 
tcnmleiii a. earth, of or Iron) Uie earth. 
tdtoriren, a. telluiiferoua. 
tcUnilqiM, a. t«11uria, 
«u —, water in the earth or that haa oomo 
out of the earth. 
teUnrite, m. t«Uurite. 
MlDmro, Tn. tellutide, 

ividence; tokoo, proof. 
teetify. give «vidence of, m." 
. — »,i. tflWify, wi"- 

(Oram.) tria 

bead. — o. 

compariflon; i 



. . ,0. Okc t«ii4iéreT) ; 
Mjnpomto; tMedJ) ledative. 
temp£r«tnre, /. temperature. 

— gbHJue, abeolute temperature. 

— baêee. low temperature. 

— crUique, nritical temperature. 

-— de régime, worlùn^ temperature, riflbt 
temperature for reffular operation (at of a 

— du rouffe, red heat. 

— liatUe, biih tempenture. 
~'~'' t«mpered, etc. (see tempirer); 

moderate. — n. medium tem- 

temps; moderate; nûtigi 
3ee eesenoe de templine. 
it, adv. teïnpoï^rily. 

(eiUUlt. 7>-a. holding, etc. (see 
— m. champion, deffioder; 
relatioD. rclated thlog, 

1, otrctchiDg, fitc. 

tAte; (of bf'Aad) fr«h, n 
■ioiuble. — m. soft p 
— P.I, BtTBlch; Htrotch 
tighten; Mrain; epre&d, 

; (of tnjectoriea) 

UuKhm, /.pi. d&rkn«a. 
ténébrcoi. a. du-k. gloomy, obn 
tCnMine, m. (Mrd.) tenetmiu. 
tonette, /. (also pi.) i 

fet: take, be on (i 
bind; owe; affect. — >.r. 
hold (by or to), hold on: 
adjoin; hold tocether; stic 
ttÀDd(by); stand; stay, le 

->.r. be held, ete. 

. —n.i. hold; 

b« adjacent (ti: 
depend (on), b 
be related; b 

tion), take adva 
tcniioii, /. tenaion; 

— dfl réffinu. normal tenai 

— aupérficî^ie. surface tei 
tentmnt. p.a. attemptins: t 

X neit (to) ; arise, remilt; 
he fault (of); relate (to); 
ikin (to), partake (of). 

tente. /. tent 
tcntuK, /. h 

<mpt: lisk; tempt: t 

; order; 


d« — , steady, settled, laetina- 
leniUlé, /. tiDuitr. 

tepluosle, /. IBM.) Tephnwa (Cracoa). 
terblne, /. terbia. 
terbium, m. terbium. 
tCrtbate, m. («rebate. 

térébtae, n, (erebene (a miiture of terpenM). 
térébénlque, a. terpene. of |or of the nature of) 

lentbCne, <n. terebenthene (l-pmene). 
«Dthlne, /. turpentine. 

m turpentine. 

— d'AUace, StrBMburg turpenti 

— de Bordiau:^. Bordeaui tur] 
mon European turpentine. 

— du Canada. Canada turpentine, Canada 

balsam, balsam of fir. 
Srébenthlné, a, (Pharm.) eontaining turpen- 

ier«blntliacées, /. pj. (Bol,) Anacarditu»», Tcce- 

(«reUntbe, m. (Bot.) tenUnth IPUada têrt- 

UrtMntliliié, a. tanbiHthine, Mrabinthiiute. 

IteCblqlK, a. Unbic. 

Utibm, t.t. tenbnte, bore. 

terephtaKqne, a. lenphtbftiio. 

\ end; end point; member 

terne, a. dull, 1iu(«r1e». 
terblTi v,t, A r. tanùAh; dull; i 
teraliscineiit, m. tuaisliiD«, e 
tonlunre. /. (smiBbin^, et<:. (g 

d. t«rp«ne,of fti 
nrptae, /. tcrpinôl. t«rpm. 
tendotne. m. terpinena. 
terplDéoI, terplDOl, m. Un 
terpInoWne, m, tecpinolene 

/. earthwork 

i./.eurtli; city, i 

— à briqutf. I 

iok eartb, brick clay. 
neat e&rth, cemtnt clay- 

— à coideur. any earth used u a pigment. 

— d/alenw, crqtkaryearlli, earthenware cl»y. 

— d fouhn. fuller'! earth. 

— alcoHne, alkaUne earth- 

■ — A mmtier. moldù]£ lûftm. 

— A poTi^int, porcelain clay, kaolin. 

— A i»f, à poterie. — d poKer, potter'e earth, 
potler'e day, 

— nu /tu, fireclay. 


■onelay, elay 
l'crre at rtu, Tierra del Fuego. 

— drt la Ciine. china clay, kaolin. 

— de la XouttlIc-OrUani, annatto. 

— de Lemnoa, Lemnian «arth. 

— d» Paru, H tefradoty elay used tor : 

— dt pipe, pipe clay; (Cira 
glaiëd earthenware. 

— de K«nme, Verona earth. '' 

— d'in/Tuoiret, infuaorial earth (diatomaoeoua 
eartb, kieeeleuhr). 

— d'Italie, Italian earth, ûenna. 

— d'ombre, nmbei. 

— du Japon, terra iaponica (eamlna', or, 
QLore widely, any catechu). 

— franche. Teeetable mold. 

— gtaùe. clay <e«p. one used for burning. 

■ — pesante, heavy earth, baryta. 

— rffraclaire, fire clay. 

— tourbetne. peat Boil, peat land. 

— Bfffftate, vegetable mold. 
terrcaa, m. mold, humua; oompost. 
Terre-NeDTe, /. Newfoundland. 

toner. v.t. icour. full (with luller'e earth) ; elay 
<ausar) ; earth, cover or treat with earth. 

torrestre. a. terreetiial. 

terreDI, a. earthy; of an earth ca earth metal 
of the earths or earth metals; (of ooksv) 
dull; dirty, 

terrlUement, adv. leiribly. 

terrine. /. pan, dish (typically one of earthen- 
ware or otoQeware with slopine aides). 

— pour èvaparatianB, evaporatiiïg dieh. 
territoire, m. territory. 

t«TTO[r, m. soil, around. 
tertiaire, a. tertiary. 

t«rtlobntylbeiueDe, n. lei^butylbenaene. 
tettlobutyle, m. tertiary butyl. Urt-butyl. 
tea, thy. your. 

teHon. m. fracment (of glasB or potior), 
test, m. - Wt; (Biol.) test, teala. 
testicule, m. (Anal.) testicle. 
(estir, m. csmel-a hair. 
twsl^bjet, m. (Mitrot.) teat abject. 
Ut, m. teat (the veaeel. csp. a small cup or dish 
of fireclay); frajpnent (of Blaaaorpotlwy). 

— à comlruttùm, a email Breolay cup fcv the 
combustion of phosphorus. 

— A oat. a firecl^ dish having a hole in the 
bottom and a notch in the aide, and uacd 
inverted as a cover. 

■ — d€ cifapfMatvm, cupel. 

Ulullll!, /. tfUDiBO. 

" ■ ■ mc a. (Pii/sioi. * Med.) 
9. m. iU>d.) tetSQu». 

a, m. (ZM.) tadpole. 

, m. (Cryêt.) tetartohedr&l. 
Bt /- (^^'(.) tetartohfidnam. 
tttarlAUitqaf, a. (Cr^it.) tebirtiibedral. 
Mte, /. h«d (in vsrioiu sens») ; top, front, 
Snt pu-t. etc; (in dietitlinel SnC onction; 

; flush he^d. 
B| totlne, /, lûpple. 
nine. teat-«h&ped, coTTusat«cI (eaid of tbe 

, a. tetrabaaic. 
. I. tetn^H-oioo, tetrsbrotno-. 
tMraMrbontqiMi a. tctiacarboiyUc. 
téb«eétrléDlqDe, a. deaignatins Midi con' 
ini four thpl» bonde, 

a. tetnchlora, t«trach1oro-. 


UtnHll^Û, /. (Vin.) tetTadymite. 

tetnédTSi, a. tctrabedral. 

tébmMre, th. 4etrah«lrDn. — a, tetr&hedial 

tCtnédrlqiie, a. tetrahedral. 

(ftnéthTW, a. tetraethyl, tetraethyl-. 

tCtraétllTUllIU, a. tetruthyl. 

(élntllDDmra. m. letraBuoride. 

tétl^EDIul, a. tetrsgooat. 

tetraBone. a. tetnsoaBl. — m. tetragon. 

létnlulocéi>e, a. tftrahalogeuHted, tettobalo- 

gen, tetrahalo. («trahalo-. 
tetrmfard'Obeiubie. m. tetiahydrobeniene 

tébahrdrinitllé, a. t«taahydnieenat«l, t«Ua- 

bydto, tetrahydro-. 
tétnbrdn^lTOialtne, /. tetrah^draglyoïaline 

(tetrahydroimidaEole. imidaiolidine) . 
letnUifdraaiiliWDC, /. tetrohydroquiaone 

f], 4-cyoïohpxanedione). 
lélrata^nire, m. t«tTahydrid«. 
iélMlOd*, a. tctraiodo, t«traiodo-. 
tfitTBmetbrtène, m. tetramethylene (eitber cy- 

cLopropw» orthe radical -CHiCHiCHiCHi- ) . 

MtmnéthrUiw-liiiliic, /. t^traniethykni- 

mine (pyrrolidine). 
UtnméUinéiilqais a. tetramethylcne. 

Utnuiltié, a. tetimitrated, tetranitro-, teto»- 

Qirqnlnonet /. tetTabydroxyquij 

MtntODilqiiei n. tetratomic. 

(étravalenee, /. tctraralence (quadrivalenec). 

UtraTalent, a. tetravalent (quadrivalent). 

tttréthju, a. tetraethyl, tetraethyl-. 

tétroiul, m. (Pharm.) tetronal. 

tétroTC, /. tetrcw. 

tétroii^c, m. tetTodde. 

tébrl, m, (EnJ) letiyl (lalnmitroniethylain- 

teitllc, a. d: m. («itile. 

teitael, a. teitual; literal. 

teiluenenieat, odt. teitually; literally, Terb»- 

thaUouB, thallioia. 

tluUcm, tballl«tii, 
Ihanine, /. thamne. 
tlialllqiie, a. tliallic. 
thaUlnm, m. thallium. 
mapale, /, (pot.) Thapsia. 
(h«, m tea. 

— de Tem-NtUTt. — du Canada 
tuatral, a, theatrical. 
tMbalne, /. thebaine. 
UiCbalgoe, a. of or pertsinins to 
théine, /. théine (same as caSeini 
thème, m. theme. 
thénardlte, /. (Min.) Uicnardits. 
tbéobrome, m. (Bal.) Tbeobromt 
tbéobromlne, /. theobromine. 
tbeopbrlUOB, /. theophylline. 

— atomique, atomic theory, 

— chimiiiue, chemical theory. 

— cintliguc, kinetic theory. 
théorique, a. ttaeDretieal. theorelje. 
théoriquement, adi. theoretically. 
théoriser, i.i. thcoriie, 
tbtekpentlqiie, a. therapeutic, then 

— /. therapeutics. 


>>/. (Old Ptiann.) theriva, theri 
«cniuu. a. tbsnQsl. 
thermique, a. thermie, tharmal, o[ best. 
Ifaermlte, /. tbsrmite, " thsrmit." 
tbcnnochlmle, /. tiiennochemÀtry, 

" ' le, a. therinochemiul. 
B| m. Uicrmocbeinigt. 

I. tlwfin 

thernMHlriuiiiIqiie, a. 

modynamic, ther- 


(OU Chm.) thama- 

s. tliaiiialiÂiîle. 
lemmnèm, «. thermometer. 

— à alcool, dcohol thensomater, epirlt ther- 

— d iHilU mmOUe {lidie), wet-bulb (dry- 
bu!b) thennomelsr. 

r nterourisl) tber- 

(Bad.) thermopbiHa, -pbil- 
bermoreculator, ther- 

thèM. /. theùa. 
thUUthfde, m. thlo&ldehyd». 

tuenane, /. tl 

thtoaldeiirde, m. thioaldehyde. 
tUobMUéarHqne, a. thiobenBanyl (appliHl t 

dycs better ulled thiuole dyea). 
CUocyBUBte, m. thioeyODate. 
tblocTmnlqne, a. thiocymiic. 
(blDnarlne, /, (Dj^s) tbioflavin, thioflsvine. 
thlobydkDtoIne, /. thichydantolD, 
tUoDspIittDe, m, thiooaiihthsne, beniothii 

UiloDlne, /. ChioDine. 
thlonlgne. a. thionie. 
tUoDyl, m. thionyl. 
tbIonyUqne (ihUni/livué/), a.dangaMioe tbe s 

oobol CiH^CHiOH (2-ChiapheDecubinoI 

tUophénlqiic, a, (biopheoe, of Uiicphene, (np. 

of the bùd and Aldehyde) thiophanic. 
thloplIOBSèlMi m. tbiophoiBeiiB. 
tUophUne, m. thiophthene. 

tUMulfoearbamlqiM. a. dithiooBibmiio. 
thl<»-iirée, /, thiourea. 
tbloiènc. m. thioiene. 
tbon, m. tunny (s fieh). 

tlwTlqoCi a- tborii 

tborite,/. (Min.) 
tbortnin. tn. thori 
thran, m. train oil 

L. of thorium, thoio. 

tlinra, thnia, m. (Bm.) thuja. 

thym, m. Ifiet.) thysK. 
~- bâtard, — urpoUt, wild thyme {Thypait 

— eommxm, — tulgair», forden thyme {Thjr 


thymine./, tbymi 

tbrmlaD«, o. thymis (pertuj 

Dine either to tl 

thymus gland 

>r to thym 

e: thy mi 


the Utter »eD« 

i. better called IAv-»0. 

- tbymonudeifl, thymiu 

tbymiu, m. (Anat) thymua gland, thymiu. 
thyréoclobllllIH, /. thyieo(lobu1in. 
tbiTOlde, thyrtolde, a. <t n. (Amtt.) thy- 

tbmMleOt thyréiMleD, . 

thyroidal. I 

thyKMInc, tbymfoiUiH, /. thyroidin. 
tbyfollne, /. thyroiin. 
tlMe, a. moderately «um, tepid, lukewarm. 
tlMcur. /. lukewu-mneee. tepidity. t«pidii«>, 
UMIr, i.t. become tepid or lukenrm (Mp, by 
lake tepid or lukewarm. 

tien, V 
tiendra, M. 

1. Chine, 

ff. «utj. of tenir. — ftm.ii 

ihree-coraered SIe; eawfile. 
n, etalk; ahaft, ahank. apiDdl», 

B. m. - Millsge, 

t. linden tuAt; faeo^ hArl; b kind of hi 

(fiol.) linden, basiraod (TiZia). 

. >Ump: J 

b«U; (o[ Kninds) timbre. 

— m eaoutehoiix, rubber H(«iiip. 

ttmlwe-iMMtc, m. pcatacs itunp. 

ttidial, m. tinc-1 (crude boru). 

Unne. /. puc mill (for oUy): - J>kit; - tine. 

— d, hoi, de Camfidu,. decoetien of logwood. 

Out, v.d^. a ÙTUI. ot tenir. 

— dc buAu, infufloQ of buchu. 

Ontar, I.I. tjnlde. rinc, Uncle; toll. — i.l. toll; 

prop, block. 

Mntln, m. (£â»r) ■ luxe stone mortu; dink. 

used for the dck. 


tlDn, m. (ifrfal.) B tool for cle^nini c™cibl«. 

ap, n. B kind of vegetable butter. 

— d'to™ d. MTMwr «UM«(, infueion of wUd 

Mr. m. Grins, Bre. ■hoolins; shootina practice. 


— dv™™ d'o™™^, infusion of orwue peeL 

— do*i«,rfKl!fi™; BbellpncU». 

— rf( rfiinlaJe. Infueion of digitalia. 

— rnptdd, ripid fire. 

— de atnti d balai,, infmion of broom. 

d iim— . d Ml—, with good dmlt. with 

— dî virojU. infuiion of clovM. 

~~ dt houbton, infusion of hope. 

— à la I-mrfri. (Minino) bluting. 

— /orrf. forced dreft. 

— de îMOMic. infueion of quaseia. 

tmiDc,/. (MoM.) conneeting rod. 

inn: trouble, diecord. 

— ds ro/anAia, infuaion of krameria, infuaion 

tlr»IDer,i.l. pull sbout, pull; importune. 

of rhatany. 

Unnt, p,o. drew™, elo. («e tirer); —m. 

V-rfiaped cutler for buiw berta, > tic beam. 

compound infusion of rose. 

tie rod or etHy rod. », eboe lace, etc.; drtift 

— dt mialr ergote, infuâioo of ergot. 

(of a ship); tendon (in meat). 

Ore, /.«, draw, pull, 8tc, (•«e tirer). 

tTtmt ~, at one atroke. at a atretofa. 

— d'vta-wn. infuaion of bearberry. 

dre-. drawer, eitractor. 

— par d&Ddi™, decoction. 

Ure, p.a. drawn, pulled, etc. (eee tirer). 

tiaer. >.(. (of fire) stir, atir up. poke, etoke. 

Ur«-p[èee, m, (Sueai-) .kimmer. 

Useui, m. atoker, fireman. 

tlaolr, m. poker, fire iroa. 

thru, ^E.i. draw; pull; ehrink, eontrairt; 
verge (on), tend (toward); ahoot. fire; go 
oft: fence. 

— à elair, — su elair, draw off, bottle off 
(liquors); cleur up. 

— d p«n(. draw to a pant. 

— parti de, take advantage of, profit 1^, 
■enti fn. drawer, puller, ete. (aee tirer) ; speoif .. 

wiredraver; printer's or photographer'e 

)lr, m. dran 

' (a> of a Ubie) ; (MacA.) elide 

tlsni. m. tisBue: cloth, fsbrio. — p.a. woreD. 
— ' adijnux, ndipciee tissue. 

— collaoènt. ûolla^enouB tissue. 

— eonjonciif, {Anat-) oonneotJve tinue. 

— ^ sn raouichow:, rubber oloth, rubberised 

— .WranI, Ëltor cloth. 

tllrsDt, p.a. titrstiiic, etc. . 
attt, m. titer: slaadsrd; title; title pi/tr: 
headins; document; atock certifioate. 

— pondéral, ffravimetric titer, titar as deter^ 
mined by weijihiiis; standard by weii;ht, 
specif, the percentass of sodium oxide in 

d — de, in the quality or capacity of, as; by 
virtue d(, by right of. 

— ds patent, patent (the document). 
A -^ prCncipai, as the maiii product- 

tltrét p.a. titrated, standard; tested; titled. 
titrer, r.f. titrate; standardiie; test {compare 

titulaire, a. titular; titulary. — m. Utular, 

inouEDbcBt, holder (of an offim, etc.). 
toe. m. stop, catoh, tappet; imitaticn gold. 
toeace, n. addini of fuel. 
toesiMt /. a wine made from impressed must. 
taddf, m. toddy. 

tol. pro», thou, thee, to thee, you, to yon, 
toUOt /. cloth; specif., linen; (of wire) cause; 

— A calguer, tracing cloth. 

— amiantine, asbestos cloth, 

— aiauichouiSe, rubber cloth, rubberised 

ante, aabestoe cloth. 

— d'embaliaae, packing cloti 

— de ptattnt. platinum gause. 

— interiiée, emery cloth. 

— prruH, VBterproof eanvaa. 

— imperméabU, wat«rproof cloth. 

— mêtaiiiqut, wire cause. 

— miloliiHa*; amianUt, aabutos wire cause. 

— ptùM, printed cloth, print- 
toilette, / fine oloth, CBTobric; toilet; tdlet 

table; wrapper; licht pAcldufl CM*. 
tolHer, a, linen, ^m. li 

lidtUTe, /. roofinc, roof, 
tokal, tokar, m, Tokay wine, Tok^. 
tolane, m. tolan, diphenylacetyleue. 
tale, f. sheet iron; iron phite; sheet (of mdlD; 
plate {of metal). 

— d chaudière, boiler plate- 

— ^ d'acier^ sheet Bt«el; steel plate. 

— dtf cutvre, sbeet copper; copperplate. 

— deler. — m/n-,ahiet iron; iron plate. 

^ érnaiOée. enameled sheet iroD, eoKmslwl 

— Hamée, sheet tin, tinned iron, tin pUte. 

— fofte. heavy plate, slab, 

— galTaniiti, galvanised sheet iron. 

— mince, sheet metal, sheet (as distiaginibed 

— nw, black sheet iron; black plats. 

— anduiia, corrugated iron. 

~ plombéi:, sheet iron (or iron plate) coattd 
with iead. 

— rid^. corrugated iron. 

— HTnte, japanned sheet iron, 
nnguée. calranised eheet iron. 

" " it, adi. tolerably. 

tolfrancc, /. tolerance, allowacc»; t<der*tioD. 
tolérer, >.(. tolerate. — i.r. be tolerated. 
talme, /. sheel-iron (or iron-pUte) maUni. 

toute,/. (Bxpl.) tolite. 
telll. n. I ' ' ' 

iron-plate) wcffker. 

of Tolu. 

tolaldlm,/. toluidine. 

tolnlRre, a. yieldinc balsam of Tolu. 
tolnlqae. a, toluic, 

tolnliatlDD, /. coating with balsam of Tolu. 
tolnlier, t.(. coat (pills) with balsam of Tola. 
tolnnltrlle, m. tolunitrile. 
latiiol, m. toluene, toluol, toluole Mmnld be 
translated toluene when the pure oompound 

/. tolHt 


■tiltwzw or of tolyleufi) • 
tolTKnlgnc. a. tolylene. a( tolylens. 
toI^NU, «. (Ptom.) tolysal. 

' B, /. tomato (plwit imd fruit) . 

7 tortue 

lonamCtrtqDe, a. tonometric, 

/, iAnat-) tonflil. 
tonte, /. shearing; clip (the wool ihored); 

sheiuiii^ time; clippint; pruoiiiE. 
lOntlMe, a, of or (rgm nhcuilis. 
tonturCi /. BheorinsB (from dotb), flooka. 
fa^Hue./. (Min.) topu. 
(«pctte, /. «lender battle or assk, phial. 
topfnunboiir, m. (Bol.) Jemulem artichoke. 
topique, m. topio; (^ed.) local remedy oi appti- 

toqaerle, /, Ërcpisce, hearth (ai of a [orge). 

toQIMIU, m. (Suear) poker. 

lOTClic./, torch: mat, pad; ooit (a> of wire). 

torelier, i.L wipe; build dI torchii. 

iMKllll, n. cla; mixed with atiaw. 

torchon, m. doth <for wipinc or dustuia), ng. 

/. tormeutU (Potentifla It 


torpeur, /. ton>or. 

torplde, a. torpid. 

torpUIe. /. torpedo. 

torpilleur, n. torpedo boat; torpedo man. 

(orque, /. coil; twirt (a« o( tobacco); torqu 

'i,/. twi.t(Dftob»cco), 

m. torréfier, roaater. — a.U 
fyine, routine, parchiof . 
(orrébetlon, /. torréfaction, roasting. 
tonéAer» v.L torrefy, roast, parch. 

(on, a. twiated; contorted; srooked. - 

torsmde, /. twiet; coil, helix; twiited joint. 

(arse. /. (I*oHw) w 

Qtotr — . be wrong, be in the wrong. 

faire — A. injure, harm, damage. 
tori*, o./etn. of tore. 
torteOe, /. hedge mustard (Siivmbriuti. 

bntlller, t.i. twist. 
t<wta, a. tortuous, crooked, twlated. 
tortue,/. tortiHBe. 


tortOMtl. a, tortuou*, windinc crooked. 

Toscane. /, Toscuiy. 

Mt, adi, noon; culy; pTomptl;. 

total, a. total. ~m. tutsl; «hole. 

au —, on the whol«, ftIUr bU. 
totalement, adi. totatly, entindï. 
totaUsateor, a. totsling. — m. totajer. adder. 
totaUser, i.l. total, add up. eum up. 
tot>lI(é, /. totality, whole, entirety. 
totaDi, o[ totaL 
tODkce. m. towinc. 
tonchant, p.a. touching, cte. (aee touoher); 

toDCliaat toucluiid, m. touch needle; (£Z«.) 

contact, contact fAem. 
toocbe, /. touch; key (of instruments) ; (Mac*.) 

conUot piese, tracer. roUer, etc.; (EUc.) 

contact: drove. 
à la — . (ATiali/ttt) by the touch Ecethod, by 

toneher, r.t. touch; adjoin; sScct; touch on; 

a. thick, buohy; wooded; full of detoiL 

tonlller, ■.(. mii, «tir. beat. 
tonjonrs. odl. alwoye. ever; 

taolotipe, /. lombekin. 
tenple, /. top, apinnini 
■onpOtage, nt. spinning 
tootrillW, t.i. epiu, wbi 

— de aai/-Lu4iac, Gay-LuBSao tower. 

— dc Oloitr, Glover tower. 

— de main, trick, dodge, wrinkle: sMght of 

— de potier, potter's w 

t. kiln drying (of malt). 

tonrbe, /. p 

H also called turO. 

1. peaty. 

toorbeui, a. peaty. 
tonrbler, in. peat worker. — 
tonrbUre, /. peat bog, turf pi 
tonrbQlDii, m. vortei; eddy; whirlwind; iriiii 

pool: (Piffo.) tourbillon, tourbiUion. 
tourbUlDniHmeiit, •». whirliag, eddying. 
toarblDaniier. i.t. whirl, eddy. 
taorelle, /. tunet. 
toaret, m. (ainall) «heel; reel; driD. 

■e. gla» carboy. 
*n. axle, spmdle, journal 
tun, trunnirjn. Eudgeoa. 
/- (Afin.) tourmaline. 

(C*rom.) throwin*. 

oint; bend, elbow, 
ntll); shift; {LeaOur) i 
t«ved leather alter 

— de lin, liuBeed cske. 

Canna ediàiviy} (fiât.) pot mvieotd (Cal#n- 
dvia offianaiv)* 
tuwr, i.i'. couch. 

i. completely, lully; ver 
-.ftftcr&ll, on the whole 
/■oTM, abeolutoly; « 

flntJy, oontinualSy. 

a — proixia. Bt every inetiuit. 
4fe toufe» pièeé4r complet^ly. 

H let d«iu, iaug deux, faoth. 

jllBt DOW.'e 

— à plal. flstwii 

it leoAtp At the leiat. 

— - dTttberd, froro the first, from tha very fiiBt 

— dt bon, ÎD earneott Beriously, 

— d> KO, resdily, immediately. 

— de mfine, in the aanie nay ; al! the lame. 

— d> >uiW. Ht once, immediately, instuitly. 
^^du long, ail along; at full length; eontiai: 

Duily; wholly, entirely. 

— U loTvr de, hU alooc; hU thru, 

— pial. flat, flatly. 

— It mimde, everybody; atl the vi 

bmte-f pice. /. allspice, 
tontefola, odr. neverthc 
tontenacne, /. tut«DM 

tont-Tenant, m. run c 

Botted material of » _ 
tonXi /. coii£h, coughinB. 
toialbamlnc, /. toislbunlin. 
tatémie, /. (Med.) toiemla, tooc 
toilelté, /. tonoity, poisooauHia 
tvileoiene, a. toiicoRenic, 
toileol^e, /. taricology. 
toileoloiclgne, a. toiicological. 
toileoliHÊnei m. todoologiet. 
toxteose. /. toiicosia. 
tailne, /, toirin. 

y kind. 

toxopbore, a. toiophore, tom 
trace./, trace; track; mark, 
tnCé. P.O. traced, drawn. — n 

layout. "' "■* ' ."i" «" P . 
tnehte, /. (Anal.) trschaa. 
traehyte. m, (Pelros.) traehyte. 
tnehrtlqnc, a. (Petrog.) tiachytis, 
tlSTOlr, m. tracing point, marking tool, 
traeUDD, /. traction. 
traditionnel, a. traditional, 
tradltlonneUement, adr. traditionally. 
tradQCtcnr, m. transistor. 
traduction, /. translation. 
tiaduire, i.l. tianalate; show; eiprees: (Lihc) 

arraign. — n.r. be tranËlatal: b» sbow» 

tiadaltlblei a. tranaU table; e^rcssible. 

ttaacm. traffic. 

OuBimtr, (.1. tnfflc. trade, d«I. 

- ithe, /. (Bel.) tracManth (the plant). 

Iff- betrayal; treachoryi 

— de grande nl99M. fast train. 

— ' de marchandises, ftelght train, ffood» 

— de voyaijewe, pawenEar ttain. 

— êbaachëuT, ronghiof rolln. 

•low; Ei«rin«. 
tratne* /. drafleioEp eto. (mc traîner). 
tralmeui, m. aledge; sled; drac: sleish. 

tffBtbenient* m. draegios, etc. (see tratni 

traîner, t.l. drag, trail: haul, draw, put 

oarry alow; drag out, delay, pi 

<:att«red al 

mit, m. >trake; mark, da>h, line 

balte, /. trade, traffic; Bta«e, etretch; (Con 

draft; miUdiig. 
balte, m. treatiae; treaty; contract, attreemer) 
Mit, m. treataiént; managemant; et 

e, f, woof, weft; tram 

eharp; dedflivfl, peremptory; 
glarina. — m. edge; cutter; ti 


cava til 


(ranqulDe. a. qui 
trsaqnlUlMr, t.t. quiet, calm. 
tranqoUUM, / <iulet. quiati 

H trancher) ; diatiiiet 

ith de) play, affect the 

nife; chisel 
ranqui], calm. 
Quietly, tranquilly. 

trannhip, tranship. 

Iiaiuerlre, v.t tranecribe. oc^ 
tniulf rable, a. tranaferabte 
tramreremeDt, m. traoafer. 
(nnaf^er, t.t. tranef er. 

Chem.) reanancement; eon^ 

— de Beekmann, Beckmann rf 

transfonuer, r. 

tiBiucreBser, t 

tramltlon, /. transition. 
■■■ Del, t 

traiultelre, a. 

traiuItolrcDHiDt. adj. transitorily, liBaBeDtly, 
IniistBttan, /. transfer; l_Mech.) trvwlaticffl. ' 
traiuluelde, a. translucent, translucid. 
Innalacldlté, /. tnnaluceacy. tranaludditr. 
trstumetteiir, i 

(raiuinntshle, a. tranamutable. 
transmntatflnr. n. trannnuter. 

transmntatolre, a. tranamutatire. 

f, tiampaieooe. 
L traiupannt. — n. tnjiffpar 
picture); oiled pmht; Tamisl 

1. tiuufii. pieme U 

(nuisirirer, «.i. i( l. truispiie. 
f. tnuksplÂDt. 

lother) ; Bpeoif „ dec«n- 

trBn.fei (tron 
another); ap«cif., deesnt. 

tra»r«n subntaDc» from 

jothar; Epecif.. daoHot. 

~~ m. (iStfom.) trapeEoid ; trapeie. 


(GffOmO trapcxium. ^ a, tnpe- 
Aoid, trapeioidAl. 

timpp. m. (Pffriv.) trap, Inp rock. 

Inppe, /. ti^Kloor, trap; ilidiug door. 

tl>pil> o. wiuit, short uid thick, dumpy. 

Inws, M. tnn (& ToIouiM tufa). 

InTallt m. work; working, worknunihtp; proc- 
eMl labor; industry; etrainine, warpina. 
amttina, eto. (w of wood) ; atnin. latiaue 
(u ol mctali); wivking up of the (lug 
molted at ooe time; caro, anjdety. 

— à chaud, hat workinc. 

— à froid, oold working. 

— d la main, hand labor. 

— cMmiQtn, chflDÙcal work. 

1 trébuchet 

tiafAll de ffrtnier, (in mmfaiw^ Huiicary le^tlur) 
a working of hidea formeFiy accompliihed 
by treadinc but now often by puaics thru 

' — dti bene, glan working. 

— mécanique. mechAnical work ; maobinfl 

— pratttae, ipsdif .. laborator)' work. 
tratatix ffrapki^uer, draftin^, drawing, dfldgn- 

tnnllU, pji. worked, etr. (see tiavailler); 

wrought; elaborate, finished. 
tTaTatHer, i.i. work; specif., ferment; atnin, 

waip, swell, etc.: (of colon) alter, fade! 

™ked. b 

tiSTen, «. breadth; thiokness; obllqueDees. 
cTDokedneaa; whim, capri»; aide (of s 
Bhip) ; (Melat.i transverse crack. 

croubar, croeabeam. c 
traTcrtlii, m. (Min.) travertine. 
tréhuchsnt, p,a. tipping the beam, etc. (se« 

trébucher); full weight. — m. alight ove^ 

trtbnclHr, 1,1. tip the beam, tum the scalei <ot 
stumble, trip. — i.l. 

«with hi 

weighiuc (called. acoordiaE to 

trtUialx, f. vitedmnae: wire mill 

(rtflleiir, m. windrawai. 

trtOa, m. trefoih «penif., olnver [Trifoliurn). 

— commun. — da prit, ooramen red clover 
(TH/eUum pralnue). 

— d'eav, buck bHu, msnb trefoil (Mmuai- 
tkti bi/iiliata). 

— rtJûumir Trifolium rtjhxum. 
trerondi, m, Erouud uodenieath the Eoil; (fig.) 

depth, bottom. 

treOlaceiir, m. lattice nmker. 

treltlOi /, viae {eep. crapevine) ; vine iirbor, 

treillis, m. lattice, Uttieswork. IreUia: iratiiur: 

netwotk; Baoking, nackoloth. 
tretialDe, /. thirteen (or about that). 
(relae. a. * m. thirteen: thirteenth. 
trelilênie, a. ± m. thirteealh. 
trtJetRcei m. lading (transferring of molten 

glan from the pot] . 
(rejeter, i.l. lade, transfer (molten glasg). 
l^mblBnt* p a. trembline: flickering. 

trembit, a. (of linos) wavy, waved; trembUng. 
■Bmhlhig; flickering. 

sparkle. / 

trtmle, /, hopper, tuno»!, feeding boi. 
toémoUte, f. (Min.) tremohte. 

about, fldget. 
tnmpace, m, soaking, ete, (sec 
tTempmat, p.a. soaking, etc. 

nib, (Metal.) leiMJ hardening, 
tte, iMêtal.) ohemical hardening. 
m jtoQuel. — par cémenU 

Irempf, by dipping, by in 
emper. i.l. soak, ateep: dip 
wet; dampen (as paper' 
<aa iron), — s.r. be « 
soak, steep; be implicate 

, tnmpglre, /. Bteepiog tub, 

trépan, m. boring bit. bit, drill; boring, drilling; 

trépaner, v.t. bore into, drill into; trepan. 

lrepie<l,*ni. tripod; three-legged 

trépigner, r.l. tread, —i.i. lU 
ttt», adt. very, moat; muoh, ve 
dt ~ bonne heure, very soon. 
tresmlllé, tresmlU, n, iCeram.) 
trésmlllare,/. (Csram.) crack. 

tr««or, m. treasure; treasury. 

trésorier, m. treasurer; payma, 

support; trivet. 

rackling (of the 




apabie of being sorted or separated 


/. triacetio. 

a. triacetylated, tjiacetyl-> tri&oetyi 

trtacetrUne, m. triacetylen 
triade, /. triad. 
trtadlqne, a. triad, triadic. 

acute-angled triangle. 

leceles triangle, 

r, obtuse-angled triangle. 

right-angled triangle. 

a, triangular, 

odrr. triangularly, 
triannnel, a. triennial. 
triaBfqne, a, (Geol.) Triaade. 
triatomlclté. /. triatomieity. 
triatomlqne, a. triatomic. 

tribune, /. n 

tribat, m. tribute. 

tiIbntklTC, a. A m. tributary. 
'. Iribatyrine, /, tiibutyris. 

Orlcslelqne, a. triulcium, triaJôo. 
' trtearbattrHqiie, a, tric&rballjrlic. 

Hfemrbanlqne, a. tricarboiylic. 

trieCtone, /. trilutone. 

trieblorscétlQne, o. trich1cir(D)ftcetic. 
, trieblDre, a. triohloro, trichiorc»-. 

a. trihydrodiloiio. 
1. trichloride. 

trlcbromle, /. three-color pra 

me, a. (Cmii.) Uicliui 

1. knittibft; kiûtt«d ja 

trlMN, a. trîheeta!. — m. trihedron. 
tricnilBl, a. trienniaL 

I. three-ye&r period. 

(HMir, m. trteiue,/. sorter, etc. (lee trier), 
Mslréérfde, n. tiislyceride. 
Mcane, a. trigonal. 
iTlIODomMrle, /. trigaDometry. 
(rlBonométrlgne, a. tri(OD0metrte(al). 
trlsonométTliiaemeDt, adt. trigonometri- 

itfbaloitaê, a. trihalogenaled. trihalo. 
tribrdroiTlë, o. trihydrojy, trihydroiy-. 
trUnnmtn, a. (Anal.) trigemiaal, trifaoial. 

IrUanpe, /. a three-leos msgmfj 
triniBKiiéâlqiie, a. triiniignesiuE 
tttmelllqtie. a. trîmellitic. trio» 

(rtmeatflel, a. quui«rly. trimeetrial. 
trlnuMMeDement, odi. quarterly, 
trlmêthftomlne, /. (rimstbylamliie. 

trlmCtliïIbeiutne, m. trimethylbaimDe. 
trtmetbjltne, m. trimethylene (either oyolo- 

propane PT the radical -CHiCHiCH,-). 
trlmf tbrKnIqoe, a. trimethylene. ot trimeth- 

trlmCtliylmétluiM, m. trimsthylmetbuu 

Muffle, /. rod; atrip, batten, tringle. 

Mticletle, /. email rod. 

TllDlti, /. Trinidad. 

trtnltrmUon, /, trinitraUon. 

trlDlM, a. trinitratsd, trïnltro. — m. trinitro 


1. it m. (Maa.) tr 
«. <JV(kA.) thrwhich rxi 

trlomplie, m. triumph. 
Mompher, s.i. triumph; eiod. 
trlonij, m. (PAorm.) trional. 
trknU, trtoatéc, m. (Bol.) Triwtsum. 
ti1oi7-. trihydroir-; trioiy-. |Bee note at 

fatoirde, m, trioiide. 
trtainititariqiie. a, trihydmyglutarie. 
(rloiTiiiétliytène, m. trioiymethylene. 
trfoiriuphtaUiM, /. trihydroiyDBphthalsiie 

(rtpe, /. (pJ.) antraila; tripe. 

trlpepMde, n. tripeptide, 

MpIiaDe, m. (Min,) triphane (apodumeDa). 

trlphsBC, a. (SIm.) triphus. 

trIpMMilItne, o. trïijtenolic 

tilvMnTlamIûei /. triphenylamina. 

trtpbénfttqne, a. tripheoyl. 

MphénTlmélhane, m. tripheoylinethaiie. 

tr^bénrlniétlirle, m. triphenyhnethyl. 

Wl^flHne, /. (Afin.) triphylite, triphyline. 

M|de, a. triple. 
— Zûwon, triple union, triple bond. 

trtple-elAiet, m. triple effect. 

Mpleipeiit, jn. tippling. — adr. triply. 

tripler, s.f., r. <t t. triple. 

Mplleatioii, /. triplication, 

Mplombtqne, a. containing three stoma oj 
lead in the molecule; », aeHaU triplons 
bivt, tribauc lead acetate, Pb(CiH|Oi)» 

trlpoU, m. Iripolir (cap.) Tripoli. 

Mpolluer, brlpoUr, c.t. polish with tritwii. 

brlpoiace, m. men, medley; 

tripoter, t.l. manipulate. — 

MqntliOTle, m. triquinoyL 

7aJ lalt of & tribsflio ftcid. 

I. (ilIcAnnii) TiiiDDMiBtu». 
trlaodlqiie, a. triiodium. 
Mile, a, sad; dull, ■loomyipora'.aacTjr, bad. 
trlrUartat, /. liiiUuin. 
triJtemeiit, oiii. mHj; poorly, badly. 
tifatMM. /, udncBa; K)oomiii««. dullueea. 

a. trisubttituted. 

iaulfonated, triralfo. 
bated, Mflulfo. 

trtonlfare. m. tnsulfide. 
tritaiMi in. a name for propane. 
. n. trilflUuride. 
Ù, m. tritoxide (trioiide). Obt. 

— Unairf, tritoniOon of twt 
■ether (aa for cuapowder). 

— d-OoWHiM. (P*o™..)tritiir 

— Urnain, tritimtioD c^ llir«e insredieato 

Mtnrer, i.l.i 
Mralcnb a. trivalent. 
MnlMDC /. trivalerin. 
tioe. m. bvter. euliiuice. 

lor propene or propylene 

nation into tablets, i 

boeblKine, n. tablet, cake; paetil, piatille 
(aa for fumimtion) ; (.Pkann.) troobe. tro- 

traeblMineT, i.l. lotm into taUeta, pMtils 

— /. Oiirdcla». 

— jel, Ci3t4(iar) third «pinnine. 

— Kbv, (for sold) a etuidard of O.760 fine (IS 

a laifre trianxubr file, 
it coQtaiDine ahout 84 Tolum 
Bloahol (33- on the old Csrtie 

— A ride, vac 

— dé PaOope, Fallopian tube. 

— d^SuitatJut EuBtachian tabe. 

— hl/dratUigae, water-itX pump, water pump. 

— 90ujfianit, blaflt pump. 

trompefi t.l. deceive; beEuilo; élude. — i.r. 

be miatAken; be deceived; dernive onnelf 

or one another. — fl.t, dec^ve. ! 

tnkmpwtet /. deceit, ehentinj^, fraud. 
trompettts /. tnimpet. — n. trun 
booiiteiu', a. dsccivina, deceptirt 

false. — m. deceiver: bejruiler. 
tmmpBDWinent. tub. deceptively, deoràtiully. 
tntutr m. trunk, oï^n body; stock; (iTeom-) 

^ de otM. frustum of a oone, truncated oone. 
InumCiiTe, /. truncation. 

shaped like a trunokted 

t, portiOD, Bi 

IrOne, m. Uirone. 
tronqner, v.t. truncate; mutilate. 
tnKwUte,/. (Métal. A Miji.) troortite. 
tvopi adt. too, too much, too many, too fl 

/. tropacocBÏne. 
. ... . opaae (dihydrobopidine). 

Iiopfalliie, /. {Duet) tropeolin(e), tropSMdiDCe). 

overBow pipe, tube or baù. 
troquefr D.C. exchanse, barter. 
bvtloli, m. sidewalk, foot pavement, 
tma, m. hole; openiim, orifice, cavity, ete. 

— borgne, hole bored oab' part way thru. 

— d'arnica, (use hole. 

— da dtaree, — ds cAorannanl, obaiiliic halt, 
fiUini hole, loadins hole. 

— de couUt, — de coulati, (MilaL) tajjl hole-, 
{Founding) iugate, oate. 

E, lubricatang hole, oil hole. 

ifeia!.) slai hole. 

, vent; (of a carbridse) SamB 

ible. a. turbid, doudf. troubled, muddy; 
dull, dim. — m. turbidity, cloudint™; 
trouble; dieturbuiGe, diHorder; miAimder- 
■taodiuc. — adt. confusedly, indistinctly. 
— pr.S ling, of troubler. 

ctoud. render turbid, trouble; dis- 
turb, trouble. — o.r. eloud, become tur- 
hiû; become duQ or dim; become troubled. 
lé. a, bavins s bole or holes, holed, bored, 
pi^^>ed, perf DTACed. full of bolee. 

w o( hydrooieUn. 
bundle or pooket; (J 
iculus: bunch (fil keyi); outfit; t 

tranTBllle, /. Bnd. 

InniTé. !iji. found, ete. (ë« trouver); new. 

think. — i.r. be found; bb present 

think oneHlf; feel; happen; happen tt 
— d. Sud a way (to), contrive. 


trrpHque, a. tryptic. 

tryptotrtuUMi m. tryptophan. 

tOt prtn. thou, you, - — p.a. kept Heonrt; mlent, 

Tq. Symbol of tunatiène Itungsten). 

tub. tn. bathtub: bath. 

tabKg^ *h. tubinjE. tubaee, lining (an a bored 

.ell) w 

pe; (M I 

à aiole, nitrogen tube (specif, an absorp- 

nMiMitur, delivery tube. 

il boultr, bulbed tube (e.g. a Feligot tube). 


tube {thin tube for holding 
_ . leHvery tube (for gasee). 

— à dinHIIaHon JradioBnU, fractioual-diatil- 
latiub tube, distillation tube, distilling tube. 

— à diiHiier. difitilling tube, distillation tube. 

— A eau, water tube, specif, a tube in which 
water is collected and weighed. 

— à J-amie. (Slwiii) fire tube. 

— à eai. gas tube, gas tubing. 

■ — atimenlairt, {Mach.) feed pipe. 

— aUtmçe. lengthening tube. 

pumiee soaked with some rsan 

— à recHfiir, rectifying tube, distil 

— à riduetiin. reduction tube. 

— d roMnrt, tube with etopcoefc. 

— otmotphériQutr air tube; vacuu 

- d tide, vacu 


m tubinK. 



al bottle 




bottle or a 


analysis of a 




-«UMtear, c 


tabe d'affvtitet, influx tube, inflow tube, inlet 

— d'l^ivmtaiion, (IfacA,) feed pipe. 

— d'aner^oQt, — d'amora, priming tube. 

— ^arrixte, inlet tube, influi tube, 

— ^tupa-tion, epr&yinc tube- 

^ ds dutrge, ■ — dt chargement, cbATfinv tube, 

BMtiOD tube, «oinectioD. 

— de FrMiriai, ■ liind of ureuseter. 

— de OKietUr, {Site.) Geiwler tube. 

— de laiton, bra» tube, bnu» japo. 
' — da Liebiç, Liebi^ bujbfl. 

— ie MBlkr. GBiwIer bulbfc 

— Je Nader. Nessler tube. 

— de PéHaot, Feli^ot tube, 

— <<• plnmi, lead lube. 

— if JpmtH, — d'tèiai, teat tube. 

— da rOref^iAafety tube (epecif.aaafety Funnel), 

— ifiUtR, tin tube (of «uLid or blank tJn). 

— AiëtribuieitT. difltributing tube, 

— dvtiei, graduated tube. 

— doeeuT, meoaming tube (as for £Uina 

— en adtr, steel tube, eteel pipe. 
■ — en bitewt, porcelun tube (uAualLy unglaHd 
or Elued on the interior only). 

' ler tube, rubber tubing. 
4, puteboard tube. 

m fer bmuhi à vie, 
m ert,, etoneviin 
m Itna, tube of J 
m papier, paper 1 
en poreclaiTU, poroelain tube. 


— éHri. drawn tube. 
— ' fermé, clcoed ti^, 

— fuuanl, leaky tube. 

— indicateur, indioator tube. 

— laboratoiret reaction tube. 

— InMraJ, side tube, lateral tube; nde nei 

— ioKur, abaorption tube (tiiru whidi gi 
are bubbled) ; gae-waahing tube. 

■ I tube. 

a collecting separately diMillstion fi 

— tuteur, protecting tube, 

— ir^omi^viite, ureametnc tube, ureameter. 
(See alao tbe phraaee under Ibjfau.) 

tuber. t,l. tube Oine with a tube, fumiih witb 

tube», inaloae in tubu, etc.). 
tubercule, m. Cuber; tuberrle; nodule. 
tnbercaleiii, a, tubereulaj, tuberouloua. 
tnbercDliMe, /. (Med.) tubaculoûa. 

tnbulAlK, a. tubular. 

tnbole, m, small tube, tubule, tubulua. 

tabtlM, a, tubulated. 

re, tubulation; neck; tubu- 
!u>, tubule, email tube. 

— plongean/e, a tubulure which ia |irolonged 
Into tbe interior of the Teesel, 

tne-eblen, m. (Bot.) meadow laflron (ColfM- 

, cum aulumnaW- 
tne-moucbe, m. poison fly paper; fl; «caiie. 
tuer, v.i. <(: i. kill. 

tal, m. ((teal.) tufa, tuff; (fig.) bottom. 
tafkcé. a. tuEaceouB. tuBHeou*. 
taDMn, tntean, m. caloareous tufa. 

tnllc, /. tile: misfortone. 
~ creUK, gutter tile; hollow tile. 

— leailif, a flat tile with one edge ourred so 
ae to memble a fish scale when laid. 

— /alK*rî, ridge tile, 

— flamajute, E^emiah tile, pantile, 

— ploU, flat tile. 
tallull, m. fragment of a tile. 

tunerlc, /. tile works, tilery; tile making: Ipt- 

tnlletto, /. aniall tjle. 

lollleT, a. of or pCTtaining to tile making. — n. 

« fJAriadendrtm tuUpifera). 
r. tumefy, awell. 

Imngstatc, m, tungstt 

— de potaste. potass 

— de goude, aodiuni 
m. tungHtfli 

m, i. tuDÎc; coBt, teyer, eni 
e, /. Tuoiii (the country). 

B> /. tunuioae. 

«ntrifuce, hydro- 

nMHi, m. turpsth (slao turbeth, turbith). 
— minerait tmpeth minerai (baùa mercuric 


vifféJal, vegetable turpEth, Todian jalap, 
turbulence, turbulency. 
turbulent. — m. & i^ubical rolA- 
1 which akina are a«iUlfld with 
DUO and «ofteo tbem. 

~m. Turkiâh; (oap.l Turk. 

ton, a. Turkish. - 
tOitfdc, a. turdd. B 

tarqne, a./«n. Turkiih. 
>uqiiet, m. mwui, (Indian) oorn, 
I^Dle, /. Turkey. 

twqnlii, a. (of blue) dark; dnÏEnatïiur a kind 
of blue marble veined with white. 

, a. (âiU) tuvàh, tiuMb. 

B, m. (Bol.) oaltstoiit (TtioOaga), 

tiUMUv, tuuor, m. tuaaah eilk; a Ught «Ik 

tnte, /. aesay crucible («msU cup with foot). 

totcDe, /. tutelaie; luardianahip. 

tatCBsr, n. tutenac (crude linc) . 

tatrar, a, protecting. — m. protector, epeoif. a 
support orfluard fcr planta; Euardum. 

toOe, tntble, /. tutty (crude linc oiide) . 

tana, m. pipe. tube, boas, conduit; Sue; (hol- 
low) «tem. rtalk. 

— a «Detir, neam pipe. 

— coiUcUur, coDec^njr pipe or tuba, 

— coudt, tube, elbow pipe or tube. 

— tourbit bent pipe or tube. 

— iTaFTÙée, ■uppii' pqjc, intake pipe. 

— d'aajHraiion, luction pipe, suctioa tube. 

— de duminée, chinuhey Ûue, flue, amoke pip<^ 

pipe or tuba. 

, diocharcs inpe, 
exuauat pipe. Dlow-on pipe, waste pipe. 

— d^introductân. admisaion pipe. 

— en aiouiefu»ie, rubber hose, rubber tul>& 

— JlMtili, ho». 

— eotiffle^r, blut pipe. 

(8ee alio the phraaea under lube.) 

' m. pipea, pipiof. tubee, tubing. 

jf. pip», pipinff, tuba, tubïos;râw 
'lu, pipe factory; pipe trade. 
/. (Jtfelol.) tuyere, twym ; b!a«t pipe. 
/. (Metal.) tymp. 

tyndalliae, TyndaUiae. 
tn>Vi m. type; etandard; character. — a. 

trpeTi »■'■ rtainp. — t.i. reach a standard, be 

cf a certain standard. 
trpUqne. a. (.Med.) of typhus, typhra. 

trpiioIde< a. (Med.) typhoid, 
trjrfquet a, typical ; (of persons) original 
trpoKraphte. /. typoeraphy, 
trpoKrsphlqne, n, typographie. typocr^ihicaL 
typofraiililtiiicmeiit, adt. typogmphki^Iy. 
tynuinlc, /. tyranny. 
trrumlser, i.l. tyn 
tyrten. a. Tyrian. 
trroUeo, a. Tynleai 
/. tyroB 


oletie, m. (Ued.) uloar. 

nlcbw, i.i. * r. uloerste. 

nleérèuii a. fMei.) ulnroua. 

nleilne. /. uleiine (eytinne). 

DlDUlre, /. meadowsweet (Spiraa aalicifiiiia 


nnlM, /, unit; unity. 

nlmlM, /. ulinin. 

— d, chaUu>. heat unit, unit of best, tbermal 

Diacw, nlHeme, a b^. 

— d.-™.*. unitofnuw. 

■dam», ad., lutly 

nltnflltrc, m. ultrsfiltet. 

Unlrenct, a, univeraal; (Law) residuary, — m. 

ODlTersltelre. a. univeraity. oï a {or o( the) unj- 

veraity. — m. university profeesor. 

ultrm-rtolet, a. ultraviolet. 

nnlwrslté, /, university; specif., the Univer- 

nn, a. Apr™, one. — ortfcte. a. bh. - m. one. 

Bity ol France, 

i — f autre, each other, reciproc»lly. 

op»,™, up» (tree or juice). 

Dl^Ue. unctl, m, uraoil- 

unl, m, l/'to™.) ural. 

imclcoAanCi m, honicoeansp beneicofiADC- 

with the radical HJJCONH-, 
nniute, m, uranaU. 
nnne, m, uranium. 

anl, p.n. united; even, level, smooths uaifonn. 

constant: calm, guiet; recular, usual; 

Dnneni. a. urinous. 

plain; simple. — od». evenly, —m. Fabric 

of 8olid(Bingle) color. 

Dnnlqae, a. uranic. 

nrmnlte,/. (Afm.)uranite. 

■mnrle, m. uranyl. 

DnlOeT, r.l. unify. 

ana, m. (Jfin.) urao. 

ante, m. ural*. 

~ dt lilhine, lithium urate. 

unironiilMr. .,(, make uniform. 

anml. m. uraiole. 

UDirornilt«, /, uniformity. 

urbain, a. urban, eity. 

nrtase,/, urease. 

aimply, plainly. 

«rte./. urea. 


uHtât. m. ureid» 

union, / union: unity. 

nréinle,/. (Jf«J.) l . 

nrtmlque, a. (Med.) uremic, unemio. 



ntCMneMe, /. urcunelTy. imometiy. 

untice. m. (Anaf.) uraUi. 
nrtUune, m. untlun. 
nritie, m. (jlnol.) uiethn. 
tlrsenutlMltt adt. UTcmtlj. 
nrgeoce, /. urfency. 

nioblUne. /, urobilin. 
unibUliMiiÂne, m. urobiliaocen. 
niocbrome, n. urochrome. 

nw»y, wur down; grind, poliflh, r 
pur. — r.r. be uiMd op, etc.; wi 
wev away; rub; deteriorate, — v. 
à*l UH. — m. wear, vesrinc. 

«art m- grinder, polisbar. — a. i 

' — rifffrrun,(Ceram.)po1iBbeT, grinder, 

— r eeniraU, power hoiiM, 
— d« firtiaMoae. finlehiac factory o 
specif. (Dvu) a factory that star 

— d^ETwrau, fortiliaer factoid 

— (Ttmiminim, print works. 

— Gectrigue, electric plant. 

— frii/ùriliqut, refrigerating plant. 

— Bénèratriei, powtir plant, power stat 
ulncr, I.I, machine, work with a n 

ulnler, m. manufactuiw, — a. maou 

Dflltfi, P.O. uied. Id u»; euBtomHry, uau 
m. whisky (esp. Scotch cr Ir 
. m. utenail; iaplemeat, inatru 
chimiqite, chemical uteoail. 
it cuinnf , kitchen utensil. 

■ , laboratory utensil, 
'usehold utezmil. 

utilemcDt. ode. usefully, etc. (>ee 
UtHlsablC, a. utilii^le. usable. 

ntUlaa, i.l. utiliie. 

utilitaire, a. utilitarian. 

utniU, /. utility; use, benefit, profit. 

Dtoidque. a. Utopian. 

an onL (fioi.) bêarbraiy, uva-ord. 

p:hy Google 

Itif pr. S njig. indie, and 

e: (Tot«) your; h 

S !>I. indie, d tiAi. of v< 

— d: 

(■cbailD. TBcbcrii 

kind of QTuyèn 

TMfllatton. /. nav 

TMlUer. K.i, wave 

■UcEer, SuctuB 

VBCUIIU,/ uiutead 

ncnlM, /. vacuity, 

imble, Bliake, 

, tableme. 

dtf poTMiaiite. table ohina^ 

— d'iMin, tin tableware. 

— lie tsm, earthenware far the 

— piaie, piste. 
TalsBellerle, /. tableware or it» i 
Take, /. (Qtol.) wacke. 

T»l, m. valley, vslo. 
TaUble, a. valid, good. 
nUablemcnt, adv. validly, with 
TalacUc, /. Wallachia. 

valant, ot valoir. 

Ts^t-Tlent. m, I 

— dsiDUdi 


.) warped, out ot that». 

erian (Valeriana). 
-lean vAleriui (aay of 
ipede» of Cvpriptdium). 
m valerian iVaUriiaw 

Tacnenteat, adv. vaguely. 

(BrmiTifl) «tir 

', Aiibdue; lurpaas, Dutdo. 

amyliqui. amyl valerate. 
: TslélTUiiei m. vâlerylene. peotine. 

Talct, tn. lupport. rest; ipecif., a nos of Hnw 
or other material on whieh to Bet baUoui 
flaaka, etc.; clamp, holdfast, daw, doi:; door 

— tltnaicTo; a hydraulio liuna juk for h««Ty 

— ■ en boia. wooden rïuc. 

^uivalant «f» what a 

— limiU, limidnc value. 

— marchanda, commvctal oi 

vaBdeF, s,t. validatfl, ouka val 

nlldlM. /. validity, VBlidnaa. 

TaUne, /. valine. 

note, /. valley. 

laUon, m. «mail valley, dell. 

nDanée, /. valonia. 

e — , render valuable, improve, 
mount, make the moat of; urge, 
I», call attention to: «ommend. p 
le Qut vaiUe, eome what may. at al 
X btUm or tor woiM. 
nitax, be better, be preferable; b 

tahtnev. /■ valonia. 

I, o[ valait. 

nta, v.p, OI vai 
Tklne, /. value. 
Tilnt, pjiif. S I 
vah», /. (Mod,. 

vmlvoUnci /. cylinder oil. 
TftlTDtei /- valvule. Hmall valve 
Tan^date, in. vanadate. 

— da toude, Hodium vanadate. 
vanadMU, a. vanadioua, vaoadoua. 
" "'in.) vanadinite. 

ranadlte. m. vanadita. 
vanadylCf fn. vanadyl. 

— d-afr chaud. fMtial.) hot-blaat valve. 

— d'air froid, (Mêlai.) cold-blaat valve. 
Tannée /. material removed 1^ winnowing. 

t. winnow, fan. 

— iTeou •urcha-ugtt. ei 

superheated water vap< 

<— de déc/uiro9, exhaust at 

iperheatad ve 
m genentor. 

B./. (Soit) tide gate, 
m. (Bot.) vano, kelp, wrarjl 
. bladder wrack (Ft 

burned briok. 
variabilité, /, variability. 

variablcment, < 
vartaUon, /. vai 

variCtt, /. variety. 
TBTfore, /. (Med.) variola, 
Tariollte, /, (FetroB-) mil 
varlope, /. large plane, id 
TUlopw. t.l. plane, dr«a 

. /, pUner. 

twyer plate (of 

lir (of a E 

— à chtorwe de eaiàvm, ealehim 

vaacular. vaacukne. 
'. mud. Blime, oo». 


rt of beaker without a Au- 

— de MarioUe, Mariotte botOe, Mariotle 

— de tûrgU, Bofpty v«»1 (aa one for OBt«hing 
liqmd that may oDme over la diatillAticm) , 

— an BoMmt, veseel of BobemiAa glass. 

— en grit, etoQffware vfiHABl. 

— m lèna, ve«el of Jena glan. 

— en Knana. vweel of Kr aa ns gTau- 

— ffrad^. graduated vessel, 

— Oriffin, Qriffin be&ker (Ion and nide). 

— jauffé, calibrated v«ael. 
us vessel, epedf . (Else.: 

TandolB, a, of Vaud (a i 
Tsndia, fut. S nn«. of valoir. 
VRodrslt. cmd. S sine- of valoir. 
»al, pr, S ting, of valoir. 
vaatrer, c.t. d: r. roll, wallow. 
TBIU, pi. of vsl (valley). 

Técnt, p.dcf. S ting, of vivre (is live 
lécetâl, a. Jb m, vegetable, plant. 
— mpérieUT, higher plant. 

e, /, vegetaline (a ooconut 1 

TCcetant, p,a. 1 
ïlcétarlen. a. i 
vCcetstliiaie, : 

TfcCt*(tr, 3. vegeUtive. 
T£c#t&Uoil, /. vegetation. 
lécetani, tjI. maic. of végétal. 
T£c£ler, e.i. vegetate. 
léllkllle, m, vehicle; medium. 
TelDaat, p. a, watching, els. 
watchful; wakeful. 

idllc / wal 

labor; e 
.cillée. /- e 

night at 


veilleur, m. watcher; watchman. 
TelllenBe, /. low burner, law-buming attach- 
ment; night light; (Bol.) meadow aaffroD. 
relllatte, /, (Boi.) meadow aaffron. 
TelDkge, m. veimng. 
Telne. /, vein; Jet, etresrn; (pi.) interior, 

veiné. P.O. veined, veuij. 

velneni. a. venous; veined, veiny. 
véUntde, /. valonia. 

v«Unl, m. (Bol.) valonia oak (Qucrcui e^ttapt). 
véUf, véUnt, m. hedge muetard (Sirt/mbriltin). 

— offieinale, Sifj;rrAnum officinale. 
vélln, m, * a. vellum. 
véloe«, a. Bvift. rapid. 
vélocité. /. velocity; BwiHocM, speed. 

TCkmlé, a. velvet; velvety, (of Uquon) smooth 



; iCooHna) velouti 

velouHnc. /. a 

velMie, m. ga^ng (of < 
velte. /. gaging stick (f 
velMr. I.I. gage (caika). 
velu, a. hairy, shaggy, villous; (of ebtme, 
hairiuEu; roughne». 

w Eaginc casks). 

venait, tu 

/. veo 

.of VI 


rcndage, /. vintage; i 



gather the 



reap a harve 


m. seller, ve 



(.sell. -.. 


à —. iot sale, to sell 



m. Friday, 

vendu, p 

p. of vendre 

t) slightly tûnted. hi^ 

— à bout, succeed. 

— à boat tU. overiiome. 

— à point, (JlfiMl.) come to 

— «n pri». {Mach.) mesh, e 

irKUre au - — , cxpoae ta the air, air; spread 
out, spread (aa leather); diaw out, diftw 

— chattd, hot blaat; hot air', hot wind, 

— CDUJùi droft- 

— IcianW, hot btot; bot MI. heated air. 

Tenté. /. Baie; outtioe (ut timber). 

da bonne — . de — , salable. 

en — . on sale. 
TCDtot, i.i. blow («aid of the vind). 
mitfllll. a. windy; (of metal) blietered. 

— éUctriquc, electric fan. 
TemtUktlail, /. ventilation; (Jjsvi) valuation. 
TcntUer, «.', vaitilate: (luur) value. 

». valve (of H bellowe). 

a. deaifinating an apparatus 
for arymc by meajis of an air current and 
Tcntonw. /. veatilator, aii hole, vent: cylin- 
drieal tile; ouppine slaw; cupping; sucker. 
TCDiTC, tn. belly (in various sensée, e.(. ewelt, 
bulge, body). 
faire it — , /aire — , bulge (said e.g. of an 
elliptical glass pot which tends to became 
round owing to the TweaauTe of its eon- 
teotrlenlc m. (Anol.) ventricle. 

Tfnwlté, /. veracity. 

leratnte, m. veratrate, 

Têrsln. m. white or false hellebore (Vemimm). 

— Uanc, European white hellebore (F. 

— verl, American hellebore, Indian poke, 
green hellebore (C. nVide). 

lératrlae, /. veiatrine, 
Tératrlqne. a. veratiio. 
rerbal. a. verbal, — m. official report. 
fcrluUement, adv. verbally, 

Iraw up a report; make a atate- 

Terdand, a. somewhat green, not fully ripe. 
Terdclet, a. (of wine) tart, slightly acid. —m. 
{Lealher) a minute hole made by an insect. 
verdet. m. verdii^. 

— cryalaiHai, cryetalliied verdigris (neutral 
copper acetate in crystals) , 

— de MonlptllitT, true verdigris (basic copper 

— diiliili, distilled verdiglie (neutral copper 

— naturel, natural verdigrie (bane copper 

'crdant, Freeh, green. 

it, m. turnini 

Bhank, handle, ati 

— d'or, (flol.) Eoldei 

ftw%t, a. (of paper) la 

vergeolse, /. sugarloi 

i; (scale) beam. 


; (of cloth) streaky. 

/. v«nflcatioii, etc. (b«i TériBer). 
rnify; togt. iheok (aa wawhta and 
inapeflt; adjust; oudit- 

I», utiul, veritable. 
mt, ads. truly, icgUly, aotiuUï, i 
rfialit^, in fftot, indeed. 
jérlU, j. tnilh, verity, 
d In ^, la tnith, it ii true, 
m — . truly, re^y, Id rwli^, in truUi, ii 

« of n 

D fruit a. 

Termleelle. vannject, v 

Termleellerle, /. vemiicelli makiL 
Tennlclde, a. vermidiiftl. — m. i 
f ermlfnge, s. vermifugal. — m. 
'ermilion (pî^meDl 

icelli; vermioolli 
duff or factory. 

Tcmli p.a. vamiflhed; glased; japanned; (of 
leather) enameled, patont. 

Tenil*, m. vanûah; glare, glaring (as on pot- 
tery, eap. a thin and transparent gla»; cf. 
Smsil and glature): japan; (5<M.) varnish 
tree: polish, gloss. 

— d la copaie. copal 
' — A ia ffomrrwlajut, 

varnish, ahellse. 

— à Vaicvoi, spirit vsnush, 

— rt I'atphalU, Bsphaltum 
^ "eaprH de nn, spirit vi 

-lac vanish, thellae 

- à I'e>. 

— if om*r», ambar varnish. 

— iTlMiiûte, cabtoet varnish 

vernis d« copal, copal varnish. 

— de ptomb. lead glase. 

— de sUice, vlicate varnish, dlioate paint. 

— du Japon, (BoC.) JapancBfi vami^ tn 
(KAiH KmK^ara). 

— orat, oil varnish. 

— hydrofvçe, vatcrproof vami^ 

— naatif, quiek-dryins vamiah. 
— - tpiritueux, spirit vanush. 

(aee vernir). 

vôfriette. /. (Afsd.) vsricella, Dhioken pox. 

TMone, /. Vvona. 

TfraiilqDe, /. IBot.) speedwell (Fn-rmiai). 

— de Virçinie, Culver's root (Jjtptandra vir~ 

— mMe. — offlâtuHt, oommoa speedwell {T. 

nrpnnle, m. a mgsr loaf ol inlerior qnalitr. 
venu. /ul. S rim/, of voir (to ne). 
venrnfDe, /. small glasaware. 

— & boire, drinking fflaes- 

— d brndiM, crown glass. 

— d bouUHlei, bottle gtsss, 

— d lUmulalÛTn, tagtinc glass. 

— d expiritjKe, a coninl glass vessel with Iqï 

— d plofea, plate glsss. 

— d pud, disss with a foot (eep. a irine glass) . 

— d préâpùer, precipitating glsss (ef. vase à 

— d TiafHon, reaction glass, resgent glass 
(e.g. a conical (lasaveasd with lip and 

— d reliefi. figured rolled plate. 

— armt, wire glaes, armored plata. 

— d tiire jioli, patent piste glass (btowa sheet 
glass ground and potiahed). 

— blanc, white glass (ssp- ordinary oolerls^ 
glass with a lime ba 

— cheii, s watch glass made by holknnug ont 
a disk of cryBtal glass. 

— doieonni, a glass veesel with a partition in 

beer or other liquid. 

— couU d tamini, tolled plate. 

TCRO deBohême, BohemiAU sla»; vceeel of B 
hemiui glaaa; (formerlyj orown eU«b. 

— il> cAamP, field Lene. 

- — ^ cobalt, cobalt gloBa; specif r. Binait' 

— de couituT, colorçd glasB, Htainod bIah. 

— ijp funellf, Hpectacic lene. 
^^ dfl mûntre. watch e\aaB. 

— de afMcoEM. MuBcovy iIms (mioa). 

— rie pwiduie. clock ftlûa. 

— tie ptomb, lead glaoflr 

— ii<^*. ETound eIau. 

■ — dc quartt, quarti eta». 

— detHtriJU, deritrified slaa. 
*— d'Iéna, Jena olaafl. 

— d'ail. (Opiio) ey«)Hece, eyegJaie. 
-^ ^cpliiffti«. optical glan. 

— dmMt, flaahed f la», 

— d'urom, utaniuin glaaa. 

— en eanona, oylioder gta». 

— «n cvlnufria, cylinder gtsn. 
-^ enjHûnA, imoked gla^a. 

— en manchima, cylinder flan. 
^^ tn tùbieg. plat« elan. 

— fiiiffrani, Ghgne fla», 

— arùÉiiiëanl, maenitying glaaa. 

— imprima, figured glan. 

— mBoit, ^mmUi et campnmf, preaaed 

— objectif, {Optic»} object ela», objective, 
^^ oculaire, tOptirê) eyepiece, eyeglaaa. 

— peu ftuibie. difficultly tuaibU gla», hard 

— pili. cnisbed ela». 

— pulvérisa, powdered glan, glan powder. 

- — tatvbte, Bcluble glasa, water glan. 

— soufflé, blows «la». 

— cerl, ireen eUsB, eptcil. hwd gl»». • 
— - volcanique, valcanic glasa. 

turt, a. <of paper) coated with gU» particleg. 
reiTéc. /. glassful, eIshb. 

TVRCTfei /. glanmaklng; glaas factory, glau 
works; glaaaware; glaa trade. 

— artiati^ue, — d*arl, artiatlo glaaa. decora 

— de Kraena. Kraans f la»wBre. 

. — ria iaboraioire, laboraUiry gluaewarB. 

— de pharmaeie, glasaware for pharmacista or 

— d-Iéiia, Jena glassware. 

— aradaét. gmduated glsaaware. 

ire, ordinary glanware, common 

t- glaaamakerT tray For elaaaeB, — d, 

> (for picturee); staiued glaaa 

lerrtne./. glaaa (f or piotur») ; barometer tube; 

glan bell. 
Tcrmiu, lui. 1 pi. of Toir <to aee). 
yenant, /ul. 3 pi. of vinr (to see). 
Tenotcrle. /. email glanwaie. glan trinketa. 

TerraolUa', e.t. bolt. 

Teimcoilté, /. verruconty (vartinesg. wart). 

Temierft wart, 

Tcrmqueni, a. warty, verrucoae. 

rersant, p,a. pouring, e 
slope, sloping side, s] 
Ci /. pouriTig, etc, (bc 
ket (bokling 2b-ï 

empty; ovErtum, upeet; beat down (gr^); 
pay in, depoait, invest; plow; give, confer; 
lavish; issue. — i.r. be poured, etc.; dia- 
charge. — t.t. overturn, upeet; (of grain) 

^rrendre eane — -, take by surprise. 

— acide. (Di/et) acid green. 

— il Paldihyde, aldehyde green. 

— à t'eetoTice, a name of malachite green. 

— ant/iai», mixed chrome green (chrome yel- 
low and PruBBlui blue). 

— oR^ttfue, verd antique (green mottled 

— de chrome, chrome green. 

verdigris; (Jfîn.) 

rt d( ari», veidicria (tee venlat). 

— dg Ouionei, Gui^net'a gnea. 

— d'Egj/pte, verd uitiqiW' 

— de Honffrie, — vart de montiCD 

tru« verdieriB (bwic oop- 

verditer, bui 

— dt UmtjMi 
por ftoetate), 

— lifl tupAJol, Tuphthol sreen. 

— lie Schetk, 8ch»Ie'> sreeD. 

— dfl 5cAt0eitjJWtA, Schwnnfurt 

— <7utfTu!l, Guifnet'B sreec- 

— iodi, iodine ireen (a dye). 

— lumière, (Dvei) light gr«ea. 

— mataehitet maUchita areen, beiualdehyde 

— miiaoffi. mixed grefln. miittd chrome etmH' 
~«âù. MittaEreen. 

— MUori, — Tert utglufl. 

— mJnMil, mlnentl (Teen («perdf .. ui use- 

nt green, pAle ereen. 

with dvk chr 

me ye 

— Vérmatt. Ve 



rertèbre. /- (Anal 




Tertébrt, a. A m. vertebnte. 

— fixe, Ouienet'a ereeD, 
TertcUe, /. duice iste [in a ealt guilen). 
Tertement, adv. vigorously, energetieiUly. 
Tert-Sauin. a. craie-gTeen. 
TnUcbI, a. vertionl. 

TertJcslemeDt, ode. vertically. 
vertlesllté, f. Terticalnen, vertiislitT. 
TerUge, m. vertigo, diitinees. 
Tert-mfitlirle. m. methyl green. 
vert^nmine, a. dt «i. apple gnen. 

~ ■ n. (literally, lilk green) a mii 

rt«,/. V 

i) virtue of, in 

/. 0P«.) Tervedn (r«*ma). 

— dt Vltide, lemon gran {Aiïdrvpcçon «p. 
' — i^finrtaie. common EuniHtui vervain 

TMce,/. (£o(.)' vetch (Vina). 

— «mimiiiw, common vetrh (F. «lim). 
Tétleant, Ttdotoln, a. ± m. (Med.i v 

Tewle. /. (jtnol.) bladder; blister, vaiele. 
— nattaoin^ natatory veaael, air blad 

/. Jacket; veat. 

rftCrinalre, a. 

rttUIe,/. trifle; (Pbto.) I 

léUnctu, a. partieular; 

TCUr, i.(. cIothB, dme; put on, — v.r.d 

t4Ut«* m. vétiver (Andropoçon t^uarroê 

rftiutc, a. Did, worn out, antiguatad. 

Tétoaté. /, age, decrepitude, decar. 

ifitTTra, m. — vétiver. 

(enf, a. widoirod; bercft, deprived. 

Tenlilfl, pr. 3 ëiiig. aubj. of vouloir. 

veille, a. aof t, weak ; (of soil) too light. 

Teulcnti pr. S pi. of vouloir. 

veut, pr. S rino. of vouloir. 

veoi. pr. 1 de t Btng, of vaul(»r. 


liaadei dt conuTw, pneerved meata. 
Tlbrant, P.O. vibr«tixii. 
Ttbinteor, m. vibrator. 
ribntUe, a. vibratile. 
TlbnUon, /, vibration. 
vtbralolK, a. vibratory. 
Tlbrer. i.i. vibrate, 
tlbrenr, m. vibrator; QSk.) maka-^iad-bnak. 



vldn, (.1. Titi&te. — (.r. be Tinted. 

flolitliv, /, victory. 

Tfctorieiuemeiit, ad>. viotorioualy. 

Tictoricni. 3. victorioiu. 

Tldate, m. emptying, etE. (eae vider). 

TMsDBe, /. emptyina, etc. (see vider); da- 

thtigt, vent; removing (u of earth); 

diteh; partial emptinees, Htiit# of act being 

full: at 

I of a 

il lacki of being full, ullage; 
removat of night eoil; {pi-) night soil; Bodi- 
ment (aa in a boiler), 
m — . (ol a vewel) not full, partly empty. 
Tldaltcer, r.t. empty; diseharge. 
Ttde, a. empty; vaeaat; void; devoid(o[). — «. 
vacuum; emptiaeoe; empty epaoe, vdd, 
gap, opening, interatioeT hole, hollow; 

*lde-lMiatell]e<s), nt. riphon for bottles. 

TldoLr, m. einlt. 

Tldure^/. material emptied; openwork. 

Jtttf- life; living; path, way {in a salt ga 

à —, for Ufe, life. 

en — , living, alive. 

la — . chère, the high cwt of living, H, 

pour la —, for life; for a lifetime. 
riell,<i. Used for nnu before a vowel 
TielDe, o./eiB. of vieux. 
TtelllesWt /. age, old age; old people. 
tleIIH,i>.< - " ■ - 

TltUUr, f 

old: obflolescoTice, grow; 
TMDot, a. somewhat old oi 
■ ' »,flU.S lina. of veni 

TleDne* pr. l dt 3 ànc. ntbj. of venir 
Vienne, /. VieuD» (Austria) ; Vienne 
TlCaneDt, pr. s pi. indie, i êTibj. of v 

gi pr. / ct f sing, of veal 

[, o. old; (of wtmls, etc.) obaoleta. — «. 

I. live, ajive, living; lively, briak; bright. 

strong: great; quick; 



ardent, «aloua. earoei 

■e. hard.. 

— M. Uvin« fledi. quick 


part; liretineps; living p< 

dé me voix, viva voce, by word of mouth. 
Tlf-VBenl, m. Qiuokailver, merciiry. 
TlBnamment, adt. vigilantly, watchfully. 
tlctlsat, a. vigilant, wstehfol. 
Tlgnc, /. vine, Bpeoif. grapevine; vineyard. 



TiCDfne, /. (ZaBl) viouDi 
vtaorlte, /. (Eipl.) vigor 
vIsoiireuBement, ode. v 
rtaoareui. a. vigoroug. 

vtUln, a. villainoua. bad, vile, ugly. 
TUebreqnln. nt. brace, wimble: crank 
vUeté, /. cheapnene, lowneea; inaignifi] 
vUlMIV, m. village. 
Tine, /.town, city. 

— anlinwnté. (Pharm.) wine 
sntimoniat wine. 

— artifiael. artifiiAJ wine. 

— bourru, unfermented (w only ahgbtly 
famcnled) wine. 

— diaiybé. (Pharm.) mne of iron. 

— dt BardKoa. Bordeaui wine, Bordeaui. 
—- dt Bourçùçnt, Burgundy wioe. Burguody. 

— dt buOt À colcWrm, (PAorm.) eolchioum 

— de Champagne, Cbsinpague wine, cbam- 

— de choix, chdce wioe. Ane wine. 

— da coca, (Fharm.) wine of ooca. 

— d'icorce d^orange amire, (Pharm.) orange 

' — de fruité, fruit wine Cncludea dder. perry, 

— de grappe, — de goalU, wine bnm muat 

IndepuiBe, Btnwwios. 

ïtairfre, a, wine, of wine, relatjnc to irfne. 

— de pniiiM. palm wine. 

ilIUMe, /. vinuee, the residual liquid from the 

— dt Porhiiiai, Portuguese wine. eep. port. 

distillation ol aacaharine materials <as 

— d> Buinine, (Pharm.) quinine wine. 

rtnéfl, /. vintiBB. wine crop. 


vinene, /. piquette (aee piquette). 

~ dt TaUin> HU, raiiin wine. 

Tlner. ,.t. add alcohol to {wine or moat). 

— de Kamde (oi trawiime) cuh, wine made 

rinerle, /. wine making. 

TlDetHer, Tlnetler, m. (Boi.) barbenf. 

■ugai and water). 

vtlwnii, a. vinouB. of wine. winy, wine; M 

— d« «htIs triiM, {Pharm.t wine of entot. 

wine) high in alcohol, strong; wio^Drodao- 

— de «mmee d< mIiAiîm, (P*o™.) colchioum 

ing, wine; wine-colored, wine. 

Tll^t, a. ± m. twenty; twentieth. 

— rf'Ejpojm», apaninh wine. eep. sherry. 

rtncWne. /. twenty (or sbont that), «wb. 

-dfmcr., -vingJliHé. 

— de tire, rusked-ofl wine. 

— d'ip&omatiAfl. iPharm.) wine ot ipeoM. 

— d'opium compoi*. IPharm.) wino ot opium, 

Tlnlfèrc, a. wins-producing. 

— m blanc, white wine making. 

— ™ rouffc. red wine making. 

— émiliqui, (Pkarm.) wine of antimany. 

TlIllqiK, a. vinic. 

oiowl — . vinic alcohol (ethyl aloohol). 

— /on, strong wine. 

btmOlquf. ethyl benioate. 

— ïoUM. w[iie made by galliiation tadditian 

of lugar and water) , 

mining the intensity of the coior of wins. 

Ilnago. m. addition of alcohol to wine or must, 
TlDalBT«> tn. vinegar. 

— ^MnïAarid^.(PAarm.) vinegar of oantharidee, 

— <fe 6™, wood vinegar, pyroUgneous add. 

— de ddft, cider vinegar. 

— djptomfc, lead vinegar. Bolution of lead Bub- 

0, (Old CAem.) ■ 

«■of Sstur 

scQHlvtag, iPharm 

1 of alcohol ii 
is qushty. 

Tinrent, p.drl. s pi. of venir (to come 
Tint, p.ifaj, S line, of venir (to oome). 
rUttanae, m. (Pkarm.) vioform. 
Tlolaeé, a. violet, violet-colored, viola 
ilolaeees, /.pi. (fiM.i Violaoes. 
Tlolaccr. t.i. asiume a violet tint. 
ilolant, a. (Dyeing) violM, tending t( 
Tlolkriaeees, /.pi. (Bol.) Violaceai. 
(lolatlon, /. violation, 
ilolitr«, a. tending to violet, violesce 
Tlolemment, adv. violently. 
Tlolenec. /, violence. 
Tloleat, a. violent, 
Tlolcnlcr, B-l- force, do violenos to. 
Tlolcr, t.l. viol^. 
vlokt, a. A m. violet. 

— aeide, (Dyt^) acid violet. 

— alMiin. (Dj«b) alkali violst. 

— du mHiiuU, metliyl violet. 

— bleu, bluish violet. 

— fTryatalliaf, cryatal violet. 
~ fanOine, aniline violet. 

— af-^otaU, cobalt violet. 

— de Heste, Hessian violet. 

— de mtthyU, met^l violet. 

riftt de N^ifeinhtrç, miibenl violet, nunga- 
nCH Tiokt (impure nutngiuieM iiiel^)hos- 

— /one*, dark violet. 
— formyle, foHnyl violet. 

it de NuremberB- 

ni violet. 

(ment mule by oal- 

— TBage, reddiah vi 

— Von Dvek. a vio _ 
ominc iKecipitat«d û-od 

Ttoiet-elutr, m "" • " 

produoed wi 
TtOlet-ertqiM, m. (Olau) a bluish-vjolet et 

prcxiuoed with manftan 
tIalet-niCtIirte, m, metby] vi 
iloletle, /. CBiX.] violet. — a./nn. ofvi 

n. iffJa*») a^browaiah-vi 

*lp«re, /, ' _ 

Tlimff«, m. tumiiiH^ qpBcif., turnina of Cûlûl 
color change; {PhotoQ,) toning (also tomn 
bath); transfer of fundi), adjugtmeiit of a 

rent, S pi. of voir (to see). 
rar< i.i. turn; specif., turn color, d 

turn color, turn; (PiWiv.) be 1 
be transferred; be cleared. 

TirsaXt a- poiioDoui, virwe; malodori 

unplrassnC, viroee. 
¥IrKlnle, /. Virginia. 
TlTcnis, /. it a. oomoia. 
vlrDle, /. ferrule; collar, sTeeve, ril 

fSol.) Viiol.. 
«littMl, a, virtual. 

" UMnit adt. virtually. 
*, J. virulence, virulenoy. 

a, m, (««(.) ■ 
TU, /. ecrew, «pec 

— f.dtf. let rtno. of Yoii 
d —, acmw. fitted irith or 

— A aiitttet, <— aîLét, wing 

— â droite, right-handed tan" 

iilemal screw (cf. 

Til à oanche. left-handed Bcrev. 

— eofonfe, levoling screw; centering aa 

— d' A.Tchimède, Arcbimçdcan screv. 

— de diatnftulion. worm conveyor. 

— de preetion, set aorew, binding seres 

— de riglaat, adjusting aerew, rc« 

■1«. facing; with reapect 

ioiiiig; oightiBg; sight. 
Tiser, E.I. aimat; BighCun; visi. ^>.>. a 
Tlsenr, m. sigbtinK tube; (Pholoe.) 

aimer. — o. sighting. 
TigiblllM, /. vieibility. 
ilBlble, a. viable; evident, manifnt. 
Tlslblement, adt. visibly; obviously, 
(eye) shade; aight- 

TtUl, H. vital. 

ylMetnent, adt. vitally. 
TlteUime, fR. vitaliam. 
TlUUté, /. vitality. 

Tlteni. naee. pi. of vita), 
vile. a. quicl[.f»Bt.rqiid, speedy, swift; iHtnnpt; 
hasty. — ads. quielily, quick, fast, speed- 
■' ' 'ily. — Bil»^, quiokl 

Lts. qmili rendît;, 

, SDCulu velocity, 
[lion, rate of combuitioD. 

- de la lumière, velocity of 1«hL 

— da rigime, normal speed, workiiic q>eed. 

TlUcBltiire,/. V 

tltnce* n- ilanug; Eliua; glua ' 

partitioD; amftU curtain. 
Titnll, m. Btained-glasa window. 
Tltrall-cmroêCi n. enameled glu 
fllnai. pi. of vitiail. 
Tttrc, /. pane of Ela», window pi 
fllrCi P.O. glaied, elan, furoish 

TttoMi i.t. giaie, nt m 

meat) traoBpareDt. 
tltnrle, /. window-ala» making or txade; 

window glaea; glailer'a work ur buaineiu. 
«lIlMClblllU, /. vitrifisbility. 
iltnsclble, a. vitriGable, vitindble. 
Tltreiu, a. vitreous, glassy. 
iltrter, i 

T seller of window 

TlMBabltlté, /. vitrifisbility. 
UtiUable, a. vitriSable. 
TlMlleatonr, a. vitrifyins, — 

— nir KIT., glass enameler. 
ntrtOoUr, a. vitrifying. 

TltrUK, p.a. vitrified. 
TltrlOer, i.l. A r. vitrif 
TltrlDCi / glaaa caM ' 

I ahow 

Tlbrlol, m. vitriol. 

— Mane, white vitriol (lino lulfats) . 

— bleu, blue vitriol (capper aulfste). 

— de Chypre, — vitriol bleu. 

— de cvitre, ooppn vitriol, blue vitriol, eop- 
p«r aulfate, 

— de Gtfutard, — vitriol blanc, 

— de plomi. lend vitriol, lead sulfate. 

— de Venue, " vitriol bleu. 

— de tine, lino vitriol, line sulfate. 

with vitriol; (Uelal.) vitriol, pickle wit 
dilute iuUurio aaid; (BluKhing) sour; vil 
rioliae. injure with vitriol. 

vitriol facl<ay. 

rltroalté, /. vitreousQeea, g^aiinwr 
TlTftCCt a. long-lived, laatina; ifiol.} perennial. 
.Tlvadtéf /. Uvelineea, briakneaa; quioknfes (aa 
hf an exploaiTe),; vividacea. brilliancy (aa 

TlTlIt, imp. 

living, live, alive; lively. — -m. 
auiiun: livina iobii; liver: Ufe, Ufs- 

Tlve, a, /em. of vif. - 

Tlreoti pr. 3 pi- indie. A aibj. of vivre. 
TlvlOer, i.l. vivify, eoliven, snimate. 
vIvlMCtlon, /l vivisection. 
rlvrc S.I. S: t. live — m. life: living, board, 
food: (pi.) 1 

TOcabublre, m. vocabulary. 
"ten, /. calling, call; vocat 

volt, /. way: method, prooeaa; road, track, line, 
path, trail; gage (the width); load, caft- 
load: keif (of a asw): (.Anat.) lanace, 
c&nal. duct. ^--pr. S tine. tuhj. of voir (to 

I Voie laaie, The Milky Way. 
9 mee diçeetizee, the digeative bvct- 
n- la — df, by the way of, via. 
IT la — inlimi. (J#«i.) intenutlly. 
IT — dc, t>y meana of. 

- d'aaie. approach. 
aboat); about 301itmc( 

wat«r; waterway. 

— de boi*. about 2 cubic metera of 

— de charbon, a hectoliter of woo< 

(1200ie.) of coal. 

— de coke, about 15 heotoUton d 

^, TÙlioadi rmilway tnck. 

- hianidii. D 

ployed (olten synonymoua with voie sèche; 

— pdMbêc, (Ceram.) a methcxi of mi xin g t 
gruidinc lnteriiiecliat« between the wet an 
dry methodsT the Ib^redientB beice in 

— tieher dry way, dry method, dry procces, 
mmt. pr. 5 pi, nutic, d lub'. of voir. 

TdlL there ia, tbera ua, that is. tbrae are, luc 

TIC, sU Bt 

e, bebolc 
, auddebly. 

If lor eaoh other) ; I 
>: look, face (on). 

ye; pubKc 
offal. Bar- 
bae (or the place where it ia deposited). 
ililii, a. near, neishborinc, adjaeent, border- 
ing (on); cloeely related, umilar, alike; 
iOrg. Cfvm-} vidnal, Daichboring. -^m. 
' — df. ne&T, near to. bordering on, approach- 


B, /. ïBhi 

imve; fare; load, 
rdumdùet, (SaHuiavi) freight ear, 


, . uiTey, buflport. 

ml, n. flight;. theft; robbery. 
à — d'oitaii, in a strai^t line ; (of 
TObwe, a. unateady; top-heavy; fioUc. 
TobOle, /, poultry, fowh; fowl 

TOlSDt, p.a. flying; movable; portaU»; (of 

Ighvm of paper, etc.) loose, detached; (of 
rocfcete) sky. —m. flywheel; handwbeel; 
loose leaf; detachable part; interval (be- 
tween auppcH-ts) ; Bhuttleoook. 

TOUtlUU, /. volatility. 

(Olcan, m. volcano. 

TOlMDlque, a. voleanio. 

TOlcanUer, v.t. volcaniie. 

TOKe. /. flight; valley, round; iib (of a orane); 
à la — , in the air. flying, on the fly; quickly, 
promptly; hastily, at random; (of brick- 
burning) in clamps; (of sowing) broadeaat. 

niMmlte, /. volemitol, vo1emit«. 

■ ci. fly; steal; rob. — 1 1. fly after; steal; 

(OlCttem«n(, m. fluttering. 

Toleay. m. thief, robber, burglar: fli«. 

Toloatalre, a. voluntary; Riliful. — m. voli 

à —. at will, at pleasure. 
vokmUen, adv. readily, easily; wi] 
volt, m. (££(c.) volt. 
v«ltâlqae, a. valtaio. 
VOIMnieCre, m. voltameter. 
Talt^ment, tn. fluttering, etc. (s 
toltU:er, ci. flutter; flicker; fluot 

umble: vault. 
TDllmtire. m. (Elec.) voltmeter. 

VolumeDomètn, m. volumenome 
TOlumetre, m. volumeter. 
'Olnm^trle, /. volumetrie analysis 
tolnmttrlqae, a. volumetric, voli 
Tolamttrlqaemeat, odr. volumel 

TOlTle, m. Volvic lava. 
MHUlqne, a. In the phrase noix ioihvji 
vomica, vomit nut, — /, (Mtd.) voi 
niBlililllfr, m. nui vomica (the tree). 

TBtaUDD. /. voting. 

weiUlim, fui. 5 tin 
nwdnlt, conA. S 

lOltlt p.a. ifillBd. deaired, etc. (i 
needful, requiBit«; uiu&l. due. 
mint, v-def. S sing, of vouloir. 

tajtt/aa, m. ti 

Tanr, >.(. run. nan» to flow <■■ Ire) I àake (to 

rid of duaU. — n, road sapervisor. 
TIBC, n. In the phnse en ira<!. in bulk, not 

puked or HTsnied, looce. 
tibI. a. true; proper, right; Tcritoble, dovn- 
ritht. —IB. truth, true. —a*, truly. 
rseJlï, indeed. 
à — aire, to teU the tnith. 
au —, dana U — , p«if — , in truth, truly. 

truly; in truth, really, indeed. 
. a. probable, likely. 
nalMmbUblemeDt, ode. probibly, likela. 
TrsbembUnce. /. probability, likelihood. 
Trine, /. limlet; (Sot.) tendril. 

); looked upon, re- 

siinon; popular; Tulcsr. 
adt. eommonly; vulgarly. 
TUtCBTlMrt v.(. populaiite; render oommon. 

/. (Sot.) kidney vetob (AnWlt* 



mul, m (Vin.) vAd. 
wafon, m, (ruLwBy) «u-, curiBce: i 
osrt; Sua tile □{ recUutular aces M 

— 3 houOle, ooal cai. 

— dé martJiandiia, freight oar, coodi i 

watt, m. (Site.) watt. 
watt-henre. m. (Elec.) 
wattmCtra, m. (£!«;.) ' 
mdio, m. vedro IKusii 
wltUrlte, /. (Afin.) wi 
waUtain, n. woUram (t 
waUMmlae. /, (Mtn.) 
WOUnmoere, m, (Min 

«luie, 12.3 Uten). 


linertil wolfnunits). 


untboEène, m. xanthogen, 
xantlione, /. umthone. 
lantbophf lbs /. xanthophyll. 
lanthapntMlaiic, a. lantlioDi 
■ B. (Bat.) Xi 

^f**, abbm. (décembre) Deeembei. 

xjItDUi "•' Ifiol) lylem. 
x^tne. IB. xylene. 
irUdliM, /, lylidiDs. 

x^t«, /. lyUtol, xylite (the aloohol). 

xrloldlnei /. lyloidin. 

irlol, m. lylena; lylole, lylgL (Ct. b«l 

ifkiae. m. lylosa. 

irlotUe, /. ( Mix.) i^lotik. 

Fi ad», there. — pr 

o then 

:oher, tt 

n him. 

1 her, i 

n them, tbt 

lahoart, n. yoiurt. 

rnue, /. hoIiD oek (Qatrcat iUr). 

-ftt, -yl Qji namea of radioab). 

roufte. m. rufU, RuBeia leather. 
TPérltc, /. (Mil.) yperite (miutaid gu). 
yttCTbtain, m. ytterbium. 
nWa. m- yttria- 
rttrlaUle,/. IJtfrà.) yttriaUte. 

. yttrium, of yttriun 

rttflam, n. yttrium. 


■Coûte, ■CrtIUie, /. (Min 

■CalMqtM, ttoltlilqne, a. (Afin,) nolitis. 

■cco, m. lera; opb», naucbt, 

— abtolu, absolut^ Kro. 

sCntBfV* m. detenniiiAtion of tiie uro poia' 
nate, m. p«l (of citrous [mitai : dividiuc mai 
brsna (in nuts). 

— da cilron. lemon peel. 

Meter. I.I. cut th« peat of (into atripa). 

— eaicré, oopper-pUted «i 

■iDC^tbrhs m. line eth^L 
■InclRre, a. linoifsroui. 

'.t. reproduca by nncograpby. 

■toslMnetM, /.pi. (Bol.) Ziniit 
■iDcner. i.l. linc; specif., lalvui 
■tnffllerie, /. lina worla; idno wt 

■oochlmlque. a. (oSebemieal. 
■oolocfe, /. loAlocy. 
ibtSlqile, a. lofllocicaL 

lyinottqiu^ a. lymcitio. 





■; ^""*Ç?œg^ 

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