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Henrj Strickland 


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A German-English Dictionary for Chemiste 
xri -f 316 pages, 4f x 7. Flexible bi 
12.50 net 

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Fonncrly Editor <rf " Chemical Abstracts " 



London: CHAPMAN & HALL, Limited 

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Copyright, 1921, by 




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The present work is the response to a demand (not at all anticipated) for a 
French companion to the author's '' German-English Dictionary for Chemists/' 
It follows the plan of the earlier book, which seems to have met with general 

Prof. F. W. Tanner of the University of Illinois has read the galley proof and 
added a number of biological terms^ and Prof. Frank Vogel of the Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology has read the page proofs and the manuscript of the Intro- 
duction and has also contributed the general statement prefacing the " Conju- 
gation of French Verbs.'' The author is likewise under obligation to Prof. C, W. 
Foulk, Mr. E. J. Crane and Dr. Maurice L. Dolt, and to numerous other friends 
who have given opinions or answered queries. 

Reference works chiefly consulted: General j Clifton-Grimaux-McLaughlin, 
French-English Dictionary; the Larousse dictionaries, especially the latest, 
" Larousse pour tous." Technical^ Répertoire technologique des noms d'indus- 
tries et de professions (by French Government officials); Willcox, French-English 
Military Technical Dictionary; De Méric, Dictionnaire des termes de médecine. 
The material has been rather scattered, consequently a large proportion has been 
obtained by the reading of books, catalogs and journals. 

A really good dictionary is a growth. No one can realisse as well as the author 
how incomplete the vocabulary of this one still is. The very helpful corre- 
spondence regarding errors and omissions in the German-Enghsh dictionary 
leads to the hope that readers will go to the same trouble in this case. 

Xbnia, Ohio, January, 1921 


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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


















Biology. BiolocioaL 




CaUco Printing. 


























feminine noun. 













































participial adjective (and 



past definite. 












past participle. 


present participle. 























intransitive verb. 


reflexive verb. 


transitive verb. 



Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Thanks to the many words which French and English have in common and 
to the wonderful clarity of French expression, the beginner usually finds it 
easier to learn to read French than Grerman, especially if he has studied Latin 
to some account. Separable prefixes, involved sentence order and a certain 
well known " longwordformingtendency " are not there to trouble him. Chemi- 
cal names do not present great difficulty. Nevertheless there are pitfalls, such 
as the numerous idiomatic phrases, the irregular verb forms and the words 
which, tho posing as old friends, do not mean just what they ought to! These 
matters the author has tried to keep in mind in the preparation of the dictionary. 
The following notes may be of assistance in the use of the vocabulary. 

Phrases. A large number of phrases has beeù included. As a rule, a 
phrase is entered under the first important word which occurs in it, preposi- 
tions, conjunctions and articles being passed by (en détail under détail^ tout d^un 
coup under tout, etc.). 

Verbs. Conjugations of typical regular verbs have been placed at the end 
of the Introduction in the hope that this may save references to a grammar. 
Irregular verb forms which are likely to appear in scientific literature are given 
where they are most needed, i.e., in the vocabulary under their own spellings, 
and not safely concealed under the parent verb. 

General Words. A general vocabulary superior to that of many pocket 
dictionaries is included with the technical words. The special chemical mean- 
ing of a general word is ordinarily placed first. 

Words Common to French and English. Words of the same or nearly 
the same spelling in the two languages are defined even when the meaning is 
exactly the same as in English. Manifestly, these words are only a selection 
from among those which might have been included. Especially is this true of 
the names of chemical compounds. 

Derived Words. As a space-saving device the meanings of many words are 
merely indicated, reference being made to another word which is fully defined. 
For example, several senses of the verb brasser (to stir) are given. A listing of 
all the corresponding meanings of the noim brassage is avoided by using for the 
latter word the form " stirring, etc. (see brasser) .*' Participles and participial 
adjectives are often treated in the same way. 

Feminine Forms. These are not given except in special cases. The usual 
sign of ih3 feminine is the letter e; thus, gris (gray) becomes grise in the femi- 



nine singular, while netUre (neutral) which ends in « in the masculine form 
remains unchanged in the feminine. The following irregularities should be 

-¥e (fem.) corresponding to «f (masc.); as, actif, active. 

•se " " -x; as, nitreux, nitreuse. 

•se " " -r; as, trompeur, trompeuse, 

-che " " -c; as, blancy blanche, 

-que " " -c; as, turc, turque, 

-gue " " -g; as, long, longue, 

«trice " " •teur; as, indicateur, indicatrice. 

Doubling of the final consonant; as, gros, grosse, 

niiral Forms. The regular formation of the plural is by addition of « to 
the singular. Departures from this rule are: 

-aux (pi.) corresponding to -al» -aO or -au (sing.); as, égal, égaux, 
-eaux ** " -eau; as, noiweau, nouveaux. 

-eux " " -eu; sa, feu, feux, 

-oux *^ " -ou; as, catUou, caiUoux. 

Nouns ending in -s, -x and -z imd masculine adjectives ending in s and -x in 
the singular are unchanged in the plural. 

Nouns Used as Adjectives. French differs from English in its adjectival 
use of nouns. In some instances the use is the same; as, odeur ether, ether odor; 
solution Vilas, lilac solution. For the most part, however, French nouns used 
as adjectives might be construed as in apposition; as, chimiste ingénieur, 
chemical engineer; tube séparateur, separating tube. On the other hand such 
TCngliah expressions as ** sodium chloride " (chlorure de sodium) and ''gun steel " 
(flcier à canon) require the use of a preposition when rendered into French. 

Inorganic Nomenclature. Most inorganic names are readily translated 
from French into English as soon as one learns that -ure corresponds to the 
English -ide; -dque to -ic; and -eux (fem. -euse) to -ous. 

Names of hydracids differ in construction from the English names; as, 
chlorhydrique, hydrochloric. 

Names of salts containing the preposition de should not invariably be trans- 
lated by using ''of.'' For example, while acétate de cuivre is correctly trans- 
lated " acetate of copper " the form '* copper acetate " is more frequent. 

Apparently, the older fashion of naming salts from the bases instead of the 
metals (as carbonate de soude, carbonate of soda) is more persistent in French 
than in English, hence in many cases it would be well to use the modem form 
(in this case, sodium carbonate) in translating them. 

Organic Nomenclature. The use of adjectives in French organic names, 
instead of a combining form as in English and German, oopy ^l^pf|^; thus 


the oompoimd CeEUCls (dichlorobenzene) is often called benzhie (or henzLne) 
dichbre, although dichlorobenzene and even the Germanism diMorbemol also 

Names of esters are found in which the name of the alcohol radical is pre- 
fixed to the name of the add; as, ether amylacétigue. This should be rendered 
"amyl acetate" rather than "amylacetic ester" or "amylacetic ether" if the 
compound CHs(X)tC(Hu is meant, and other cases should be treated similarly. 

Words ending in -dgue are used in a general descriptive sense more frequently 
than the corresponding English words in -ic; herhérinique, for instance, would 
be properly translated " berberinic " if designating an acid, but it often means 
simply "of berberine" or **berberine"; as, sels berbériniquesy berberine salts. 

German names ending in -insàure may usually be translated into French and 
English in two ways, that is, as acide -inique (-inic acid) or as acide -ique (-ic 
add); and it sometimes happens that the one alternative is chosen inJPrench, 
the other in English. For example the compound named Levulinsaure is 
usually called levulinic add in English while in French the form adde Uwlique 
seems to be the more common. Such differences are not numerous. 

In order to have names which are in accord with the usage of the American 
Chemical Sodety as embodied in the ** Directions to Abstractors " the follow- 
ing rules (which also harmonize well with the best usage in Great Britain) 
should be observed. They are not necessarily to be applied to names of phar- 
maceuticals and dyes, and possibly some exceptions should be allowed for 
commercial use only, as glycerin instead of glycerol. Differences between trade 
and scientific usage are alwajrs to be regretted. 

(1) Translate oxy- by hydroxy- when it designates hydroxyl, as is commonly 
the case in organic names. When oxy- designates the ketonic group (CO) it is 
preferably translated keU)-, 

(2) Translate names of compounds the chief function of which is alcohoHc or 
phenolic so that the name ends in -oZ; as, ^ycerol, resorcinol, mannitol, pinacol 
(not pinaoone). 

(3) When the French ending -oi does not indicate hydroxyl it should be 
trandated -cHe (as, anisole, indole), or in the case of a few hydrocarbons -em 
(as henzoly benzene; toluolf toluene; styroly styrene). 

(4) The ending -ine or -in should be translated -ine in the case of basic sub- 
stances and -in elsewhere; as, aniline, glycine, palmitin, albiunin. Exceptions 
are hen^ne (meaning benzene) and the names of alcohols and phenols (see (2)). 

(5) The form amido- should be so translated only when it denotes combina- 
tion with an add group. Usually it is to be translated amino-; as, acide amir 
dopropionique, aminopropionic acid; amidophénoly aminophenol. The same 
holds for imido-, anilido-, etc. 

(6) In such combining forms as bromo-, cyano-, cUoto-, nitro-, etc., when 
they denote substituting radicals, the connective o is to be used invariably; as 


chhrobenzène or ddorbembne, chlorobenzene; acide chloracétiquey chloroacetic acid. 
This usage is by no means universal, but those who cannot reconcile themselves 
to such spellings as *' bromoacetic '' should at least avoid the German forms 
bromphenol, acetphenetidine, etc., by using the connective o before consonants. 
(French literature does not contain so many of these objectionable forms as 
does the Grerman.) 

(7) The French ending -ane should be translated -ane if it is the name of a 
hydrocarbon (or parent heterocyclic compound) which iafuUy acUvrated; other- 
wise, -an. Examples: methane, menthane, tolan, furan, pentosan. 

(8) Names of acids ending in -carhanique are translated -carhoxylic, not 


1. Genial Statement 

(By Professor Frank Vogel) 

In general the tenses of all regular verbs and of most irregular verbs can be 
formed or recognized from the five principal parts, viz. : (1) present infinitive, 
(2) present participle, (3) past participle, (4) present indicative, (5) past 
definite indicative. 

(1) From the present infinitive, by adding directly -at, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont, 
the future indicative is formed. Likewise by adding -ais, -ais, -aitj -ions, -iez, 
-aient the conditional present is obtained, but infinitives in -re always drop 
the -e. 

(2) From the present participle, by changing -ant into -aw, -ais, -ait, -dons, 
-iezy -aient, we obtain the imperfect indicative; and by changing -ant into -e, 
-68, -e, -icms, -dez, -ent we obtain the present subjunctive. 

(3) The past participle with the auxiliary avoir for all transitive verbs (but 
with être for intransitives denoting motion, change of condition or position, 
and for reflexives) forms the compoimd tenses in the active voice. However, 
with the past participle and the required tense form of être the tenses of the 
passive voice are formed. 

(4) The present indicative gives the imperative by dropping the pronoun 
of the second person singular and of the first and second person plural, also 
final 8 of the second person singular in the first (-er) conjugation is dropped 
except when followed by the pronoims -y or -en. 

(5) The past definite gives the imperfect subjunctive by changing the first 
person singular final t or « to see, ssea, -*t, saions, -aaiez, -aaent. Note that the 
third person singular always has a circmnflex (*) accent over^e vowel (a, t, u) 
before the t. Digitized by CjOOgle 


2. Active Voice (and Intransltlye Verbs) 

Lover, brunir and rompre are used as types of the three regular conjugations 
in -«r, -^ and -re. See the note about certain intransitive verbs in paragraph 
(3) of the General Statement. 

Simple Tenses 
Present Infinitive 
laver, to wash 

Present Participle 
lavant, washing 

laver» to loash 

Compound Tenses 
Perfect Infinitive 
avoir lavé, to have washed 

Perfect Participle 
ayant lavé, having washed 

Past Participle 
lavé, washed 

Present Indicative 
je lave, I wash, am washing 
tu laves, you wash 
il lave, he washes 
nous lavons, we wash 
vous lavez, you wash 
ils lavent, they wash 

Imperfect Indicative 
je lavais, I was washing, used to 

wash, washed 
tu lavais 
il lavait 
nous lavions 
vous laviez 
ils lavaient 

Past Indefinite 
j'ai lavé, I have washed, I washed 
tu as lavé 
il a lavé 
nous avons lavé 
vous avez lavé 
ils ont lavé 

Pluperfect Indicative 

j'avais lavé, I had washed, had been 

tu avais lavé 
il avait lavé 
nous avions lavé 
vous aviez lavé 
ils avaient lavé 

Past Definite 
je lavai, I washed 
tu lavas 
il lava 

nous lavâmes 
vous lavâtes 
ils lavèrent 

Past Anterior 
j'eus lavé, I had washed 
tu eus lavé 
il eut lavé 
nous eûmes lavé 

vous eûtes laiy^^GoOQle 
ils eurent lave ^ 


je laverai, I shall wash 
tu laveras 
il lavera 
nous laverons 
vous laverez 
ils laveront 


Future ArUeriar 
j'aurai lavé, I shall have washed 
tu auras lavé 
il aura lavé 
nous aurons lavé 
vous aurez lavé 
ils auront lavé 


Present Conditional 
je laverais, I should wash 
tu laverais 
il laverait 
nous laverions 
vous laveriez 
ils laveraient 

lave, laves,* wash (sing.) 
qu'il lave, let him wash 
lavons, let us wash 
lavez, wash (pi.) 
qu'ils lavent, let them wash 

Present Svibjunctive 
que je lave, that I may wash 

que tu laves 
qu'il lave 
que nous lavions 
que vous laviez 
qu'ils lavent 

Imperfect Subjunctive 
que je lavasse, that I might wash 

que tu lavasses 
qu'il lavât 
que nous lavassions 
que vous lavassiez 
qu'ils lavassent 

CondiHonal Anterior 

j'aurais lavé, I should have washed 

tu aurais lavé 

il aurait lavé 

nous aurions lavé 

vous auriez lavé 

ils auraient lavé 

Perfect Subjunctive 
que j'aie lavé, that I may have 

que tu aies lavé 
qu'il ait lavé 
que nous ayons lavé 
que vous ayez lavé 
qu'ils aient lavé 

Pluperfect Sutfjunctive 
que j'eusse lavé, that I might have 

que tu eusses lavé 
qu'il eût lavé 
que nous eussions lavé 
que vous eussiez lavé 
qu'ils eussent lavé 

* Only when -y or -en f oIIowb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


brunir» to brown rompre, to break 

(Only the simple tenses of these verbs are given, the compound tense forms 
being exactly like those of laoer with the substitution of bruni and rompu for 

Present Infinitive 
brunir, to brown rompre, to break 

Present Participle 
brunissant, browning rompant, breaking 

Past Participle 
bruni, browned rompu, broken 

Present Indicative 

je brunis, I brown, am browning je romps, I break, am breaking 

tu brunis tu romps 

il brunit il rompt 

nous brunissons nous rompons 

vous brunissez vous rompez 

ils brunissent ils rompent 

Imperfect Indicative 

je brunissais, I was browning, used je rompais, I was breaking, used to 

to brown, browned break, broke 

tu brunissais tu rompais 

il brunissait il rompait 

nous brunissions nous rompions 

vous brunissiez vous rompiez 

ils brunissaient ils rompaient 

Past Definite 

je brunis, I browned je rompis, I broke 

tu brunis tu rompis 

il brunit il rompit 

nous bruntmes nous rompîmes 

vous brunîtes vous rompîtes ^^ ^^ GoOqIc 

ils brunirent ils rompirent ^ 



je brunirai, I shall brown je romprai, I shall break 

tu bruniras tu rompras 

il bnmira il rompra 

nous brunirons nous romprons 

vous bnmirez vous romprez 

ils bnmiront ils rompront 

Present Conditional 

je brunirais, I should brown je romprais, I should break 

tu brunirais tu romprais 

il bnmirait il romprait 

nous brunirions nous romprions 

vous bruniriez vous rompriez 

ils bruniraient ils rompraient 

brunis, brown (sing.) romps, break (sing.) 

qu'il brunisse, let him brown qu'il rompe, let him break 

brunissons, let us brown rompons, let us break 

bnmissez, brown (pi.) rompez, break (pi.) 

qu'ils brunissent, let them brown qu'ils rompent, let them break 

Present Subjunctive 

que je brunisse, that I may brown que je rompe, that I may break 

que tu brunisses que tu rompes 

qu'il brunisse qu'il rompe 

que nous brunissions que nous rompions ' 

que vous brunissiez que vous rompiez 1 

qu'ils brunissent qu'ils rompent 

Imperfect Svibjurvctive ^^ I 

que je bnmisse, that I might brown que je rompisse, that I might break 

que tu brunisses que tu rompisses l 

qu'il brunît qu'il rompît 

que nous bnmissions que nous rompissions I 

que vous brunissiez que vous rompissiez 

qu'ils brunissent qu'ils rompissent 

3. Passive Voice (Conjusatlon of être) 

The passive is formed from the past participle (which agrees with the subjeet 
> gender and number) by using wi^b W the appropriate tense form of â£r«. 


Examples: U est lavé, he (or it) is washed; elle a été lavée, she (or it) has been 
washed; Us seraient brunis, they would be browned; ayant été rompu, having 
been broken. The conjugation of être is as follows: 

être, to be 

étant, being 


avoir été, to have been 

été, been 

Present Indicative 

je suis, I am, I am being 

tu es, you are 

11 est, he is 

nous sommes, we are 

vous êtes, you are 

ils sont, they are 

Imperfect Indicative 

j'étais, I was, was being, used to be 

tu étais, you were 

il était, he was 

nous étions, we were 

vous étiez, you were 

ils étaient, they were 

Past Definite 

je fus, I was 
tu fus, you were 
il fut, he was 
nous fûmes, we were 
vous fûtes, you were 
ils furent, they were 


je serai, I shall be 
tu seras 
il sera 
nous serons 
vous serez 

ayant été, having been 

Past Indefinite 

j'ai été, I have been, I was 
tu as été, you have been 
il a été, he has been 
nous avons été, we have been 
vous avez été, you have been 
ils ont été, they have been 

Pluperfect Indicative 

j'avais été, I had been 
tu avais été 
il avait été 
nous avions été 
vous aviez été 
ils avaient été 

Past Anterior 

j'eus été, I had been 
tu eus été 
il eut été 
nous eûmes été 
vous eûtes été 
ils eurent été 

Future Anterior 

j'aurai été, I shall have been 

tu auras été 

il aura été 

nous aurons été 

vous aurez été ^^^^.1^ 

ils auront été edbyL.OOgle 


Present CandUional Conditional Anierior 

je serais, I should be j'aurais été, I should have been 

tu serais tu aurais été 

il serait il aurait été 

nous serions nous aurions été 

vous seriez vous auriez été 

ils seraient ils auraient été 


sois, be (sing.) 

qu'il soit, let him be 

soyons, let us be 

soyez, be (pi.) 

qu'ils soient, let them be 

Present SvHjjunctive 

que je sois, that I may be 

que tu sois 

qu'il soit 

que nous soyons 

que vous soyez 

qu'ils soient 

Perfect Svibjundive 

que j'aie été, that I may have been 

que tu aies été 

qu'il ait été 

que nous ayons été 

que vous ayez été 

qu'ils aient été 

Imperfect Svijunctive 

que je fusse, that I might be 

que tu fusses 

qu'il fût 

que nous fussions 

que vous fussiez 

qu'ils fussent 

Pluperfect SvUbjunctvoe 

que j'eusse été, that I might have been 

que tu eusses été 

qu'il eût été 

que nous eussions été 

que vous eussiez été 

qu'ils eussent été 

4. BeflexiTe Verbs 

In the simple tenses, reflexive verbs are conjugated like the oonesponding 
active forms, but with the use of the pronoims me, te, se, rums, vous, se (as the 
person and niunber may be). In the compoimd tenses, in addition to the use 
of the above pronouns the auxiliary être (instead of avoir as in the active forms) 
is employed; thus, Umer (active), se laver (reflexive); avoir Jopev (active)^ s*ètr» 

lavé (reflexive). 

Digitized by VjO 


Reflexive verbs are translated: 

(1) Reflexively; as, se lover, to wash oneself. 

(2) Reciprocally; as, se laver, to wash each other or one another. (The 

above two meanings are not usually given in the vocabulary.) 

(3) Passively; as, se publier, to be published. (This meaning is often 

given, especially when it is a customary one.) 

(4) Intransitfvely; as, Vor se fond, the gold melts, gold melts. (Such 

meanings have been included as far as possible.) 

The following inflections must serve as examples for the reflexive verbs: 

Present Indicative Perfect Indicative 

je me lave, I wash myaeU, I wash je me suis lavé, I have washed myself, 

I have washed 

tu te laves tu t'es lavé 

fl se lave il s'est lavé 

nous nous lavons nous nous sommes lavés 

vous vous laves vous vous êtes lavés 

ils se lavent ils se sont lavés 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


A» pr. 5 tinQ. of avoir. — abbrev, (aay métrique), 

i» vnp. to; at; on, in; of; by; from; accord- 
ing to. (When à is used between substan- 
tives the second modifies the first, as canne 
à Êuere, sugar cane. Phrases commencing 
with à are placed under the first important 
word in the phrase.) 

abaissement» m. lowering, depression; drop- 
ping (of a perpendicular); reduction (of 
equaticNis); fall, subsidence, decline, 
diminution; abasement; debasement. 

— du point de congélation, freesing-point 

— tnoUculairet molecular lowering (or depres- 

v.t. lower; drop, let fall (a perpen- 
dicular) ; reduce (an equation) ; abate, re- 
duce, diminish, depress; abase; degrade. 
— «.r. become lower, fidl, subside; demean 

m. abandonment, relinquishment, 

abandonner, v.t. leave; let go of; abandon, 
give up, give over. 

abaQue, m. graphic table; abacus. 

abasourdir, v.t. deafen; astound. 

abasourdissant, p.a. deafening; astoimding. 

aliat, m. killing, slaughter; slaughtered animal; 
{pi.) certain inferior parts of slaughtered 
animals; downpour. — pr. S sing, of 

abataie, m. killing, slaughter; destruction, 
demolition; throwing down; lowering. 

— à la poudre, blasting. 

— hydraulique, hydraulic mining or exca- 

abâtardir, vX render degenerate, deteriorate. 
, m. offal (of animals) ; material cut or 
pulled down; slaughter; cutting or pulling 

» m. shade (for a lamp or the eyes) ; 
window (of certain kinds); skylight; abat- 
jour; awning. 
abattage. « abatage. 
abattement, m. prostration; dejection; faint- 

abattls. « abatis. 

abattoir, m. abattoir, slaughterhouse. 

abattoe, v.t. knock down, throw down, cut 
down, pull down; kill, slauc^ter; depress; 
prostrate; cut off, cut away; soak (i^ins). 
— v.r. fall, fall down; abate; stoop; be- 
come discouraged. 

abeès, m. abscess. 

abelsse, /. abscissa. 

abdiquer, v.t. give up, renoimce; abdicate. 

abducteur, a. leading away; iPhyaiol.) abdu- 
tube — , delivery tube. 

abécédaire, a. alphabetical; elementary. 

abeille, /. bee. 

abéllte, /. nitroglycerin. 

abêtir, v.t. stupefy, render stupid. 

abborrer, v.t. abhor, detest. 

ablétlne, /. abietin. 

ablétinée, /. (Bot.) a tree of the fir genus 
(Abies) ; broadly, any of various conifers. 

ablétique, a. abietic. 

ablme, m. abyss, depth, deep; (Candlee) tallow 

abîmer, v.t. injure, spoil; ruin, destroy, engulf, 
overwhelm. — v.r. spoil; sink, be engulfed. 

ablogénèse, /. abiogenesis. 

ablation, /. ablation, removal. 

ablatlvo, adv. in confusion, promiscuously. 

ablette, /. bleak (a fish with silvery scales). 

abluant, a. <t n. abluent, detergent. 

abluer, v.t. wash, wash off. 

aboi, m. bark, barking; bay, (last) gasp. 

aboUr, v.t. abolish; cancel, annul, repeal. 

abollssement, m., abolition, /. abolishment, 
abolition, etc. (see abolir). 

abondamment, adv. abundantly; copiously, 

abondance, /. abimdance; plentifulness, 
d' — , extemporaneously. 

abondant, p.a. abundant; abounding, plenti- 
ful; fluent. 

abonder, «.t. abound, be abimdant. 

abonné, m., abonnée, /. subscriber. 

abonnement, m. subscription; contract. 

abonner, v.r. subscribe; cpi^tract. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iTfl v.t. improve. — v.i. A r. become good 
or better, improve. 

abord» m. approach, 
d* — , first, at first. 
d' — quBf as soon as. 
dès V — , from the first. 

aborder, v.t. approach; aoooet; take up, com- 
mence on (a topic). 

abortlf, a. <t yi^.^ abortive. 

abouchement, *m. joining (of tubes or the 
like), junction; (Biol.) anastomosis; inter- 
view, conference. 

aboucher, v.t. join end to end (as tubes) ; bring 
together. — v.r. join; (Btoi.) inosculate; 

about, tn. end, butt end. 

abouter, v.t. join end to end. 

aboutir, v.i. abut, end, terminate; converge; 
result; have result, succeed; (of an 
abscess) come to a head; (B<^.) bud. 

aboutissant, p.a. abutting, etc. (see aboutir). 

— m. circumstance. 
aboutissement, m. result, outcome; suppu- 

abrastf, m. abrasive. 
abre, m. (fiot.) Abrus. 

abrégé, m. abridgment, summary, résumé, ab- 
stract. — p.a. abridged, brief. 
abr^er, v.t. abridge, abbreviate, shorten. 

— v.i. be short, be brief. 

abreuTage, abreuvement, m. soaking, etc. 

(see abreuver). 
abreuver, v.t. soak, satiirate; water; irrigate; 

(Painting) prime, size; (Soap) lye. 
abréiiatlon, /. abbreviation. 
abri, tn, shelter, cover, refuge; specif., dugout. 
à V — de, protected from, sheltered from, 

out of contact with, away from. 
alMioot, m. apricot. 
abrlooller, m. apricot tree. 
abriter, v.t. shelter, cover, protect. 
abn^^, v.t. abrogate; repeal. 
abscisse, /. abscissa. 
absenter, v.r. absent oneself, be absent. 
absinttie, /. wormwood (Artemina, esp. A. 

absinthium); absinth. 

— marine, sea wormwood (A. maritima). 

— pontigue, Roman wormwood (Artemisia 

grande — , common wormwood. 

absinthe, a. absinthiated. 

absolu, a. absolute; peremptoiy. 

absolument, adv. absolutebr; peremptorily, 

absolvant, of absoudre. 

absolvent, pr. S pi. of absoudre. 

absorbant, a. absorbent, absorptive, absorb- 
ing, absorption. — m. absorbent; (explo- 
sives) dope. 

absorber, v.t, absorb. — «.r. be absorbed. 


absorbchr, m. absorber. — a. absorbing. 

absorption, /. absorption. 

absorptivlté,/. absorptivity, absoiptive power. 

absoudre, v.t. absolve, acquit, excuse. 

absous, p.p. of absoudre. 

absout, pr. S sing, of absoudre. 

abstenir, v.r. abstain, refrain. 

absterger, v.t. cleanse, clean. 

abstersif, a. abstergent, detergent. 

abstient, pr. S sing, of abstenir. 

abstractivement, adv. abstractively; ab- 

abstraire, v.t. abstract, take away. 

abstrait, a. abstract; abstracted. 

abstraitement, adv. abstractly; abstractedly. 

abstrayant, of abstraire. 

abstrich, m. »■ crasse noire, under crasse. 

abstrus, a. abstruse. 

absurde, a. absurd. 

absurdement, adv. absurdly. 

absurdité, /. absurdity, absurdnees. 

abus, m. abuse, misuse; error, mistake. 

abus^, v.i. (with de) make ill use of, abuse. 
— v.t. deceive. — v.r. be deceived, be mis- 

abustf, a. abusive, excessive. 

abyssin, a. Abyssinian. 

abzug, m. (Lead) scum which forms at the 
beginning of cupellation. Cf. crasse noire, 
imder crctsse. 

acabit, m. quality. 

académie, /. academy (in its French senses). 

académique, a. academic. 

aci^ou, m. mahogany; cashew (Anaeardium 
— à noix, — à pommes, cashew. 

acanthe, /. acanthus. 

accablant, a. overwhelming, oppressive, an- 

accabler, v.t. load, weigh down, crush, over- 

accaparement, m. monopolisaticm, monopoly. 

accaparer, v.t. monopolise; acoumiUate, amass. 

accéder, v.t. accede, agree. 

accélérateur, m. accelerator. — a. aooderat- 
ing, accelerative. 

accéléré, p.a accelerated, quick. 

accélérer, v.t. accelerate, hasten. 

accentué, p.a. accentuated; accented. 

accentuer, v. t. accentuate; accent. 

acceptation, /. acceptance. 

accepter, v.t. accept. 

accepteur, m. acceptor (as of oxygen); ao- 

acception, /. regard, preference; sense, meaiw 
ing (of words). 

accès, m. access; attack (of fever,.etc.). 

accessoire, a. A m. accessory. 

accessoirement, adv. accessorily, in an aeceo- 
Bory or subordinate way. 



Mddent» m. accident. 
par' — , by accident, accidentally. 

aceMentd, a. accidental, adventitious. 

MeMenteUement, adv. accidentally. 

aedw, /. excise. 

MeofaMie, /. ^Printing) brace. 

Medemeiit, m. uniting, joining, union. 

aeeolar» v.L unite, join; place side by side; 
iPrinHng) brace; embrace. — v.r. become 
stuck together (as a rubber tube). 

fteeommodant, a. accommodating. 

aeeommodemeiit, m. accommodation, ar- 
rangement, adjustment. 

aeeommoder» v.t. accommodate, adapt; ar- 
range; suit. — v.r. adapt oneself; agree; 
put up (with). 

•ccompagnement, m. accompaniment. 

accompagnw* v.t accompany; suit, harmonise 

acconqill» p.a. accomplished; perfect. 

aceomidir, v.t. accomplish, effect; complete; 

aceomirillssenieiit, m. aoccnnplishment, etc 
(see accomplir). 

meeord» m. accord; agreement; chord. 
<f — , agreed; in accord. 

McmrdMr, v.t. accord, grant, concede; recon- 
cile; hannonize. — v.r. be in accord or 
harmony (with); agree (to). 

meeoter» v.t i»vp up; lean. — v.r. lean. 

aceonehaiieiity m. {Med.) delivery, accouche- 

aeconpléy p.a, coupled, joined. 

aeeonirteiiieiit, m. coupling, pairing; joining, 
uniting; (Mach.) coupling, connection. 

aeeonpler» v.t, couple, pair; join, unite, 

aeeomclr, v.t, shorten. 

aceontomé» p.a. accustomed; usual. 

aeeoatamer, v.L accustom. 

aecrocher» v.t. hang, hang up; hook; catch; 
snag; delay, arrest. — v.r. catch, cling. 

scer^ssemeBty m. inco'ease; accretion, 

acdOltK» v.L increase, enlarge. — v.r. <k i. 
increase, grow. 

seem» p.p. of accrc^tre. 

accueil» m. reception; welcome. 

accuenUr, v.L receive; wdeome; (Pom.) 

acculy m. comer, blind alley, impasse. 

accoler, v.t. comer. 

accamnlatear, m. accumulator; (Elec.) accu- 
muIat<Mr, storage battery, secondary 

accamnlw» v.t. accumulate. 

aecmé» put. indicated, etc. (see accuser) ; pro- 
nounced, clearly indicated. — m. accused; 
— de réotpUtm^ (Com.) acknowledgment. 

V v.t. indicate, show; accuse, charge; 

declare; acknowledge (receipt). 
acenaphttoe, m. acenaphthene. 
acérage* m. steeling, etc. (see acérer). 
acératn, a. relating to or of the nature of steel, 

steel, steely. 
acerbe» a. (of tastes) sharp, harsh, acrid. 
ae^biié) /. sharpness, harshness, acerbity. 
acerdèse» /. (Mtn.) manganite. 
acéré» p.a. steeled, edged or tipped with steel; 

sharp, keen. 
acéra» v.t. steel, edge, point or overlay with 

steel; temper; render keen. 
acereox, a. (Bot.) acerose. 
aeescence» /. acescence. 
aeétal, m. acetal. 
acétamMe» /. acetamide. 
acétanlUde, /. acetanilide. 
acétate, m. acetate. 

— (ToZumtne, aluminium acetate. 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonium acetate. 

— d'ammoniaque liquide^ (PJutrm.) solution 
of ammonium acetate. 

— de chaux, calcium acetate. 

— de cuivre brut, crude copper acetate, verdi- 

— de plomb, lead acetate. 

— de potaeee, potassiiun acetate. 

— de soude, sodium acetate. 

— ferrique liquide, (Pharm.) solution of ferric 

— neutre de plomb, (PJuurm.) lead acetate. 

— (soiM-) de plomb liquide, (Pharm.) solution 
of lead subacetate. 

aceteax» a. acetous. 

acétifleatloii, /. acetification, acetifying. 

acétiflCT» v.t. acetify. 

acétiniètre» m. acetimeter. 

acétimétrie, /. acetimetry. 

^tine, /. acetin. 

acétUiue, a. acetic. 

acide — concentré, concentrated acetic acid, 
specif., glacial acetic acid. 

acide — crietaUieable, glacial acetic acid. 

acide — mxmochioré, monochloroacetic acid. 

acide — iricKhré, trichloroacetic acid. 
acétol, m. ketol; acetol; (Pharm.) acetolatum. 
acétomel, m. (Pharm.) ozymel. 
acétomellé» a. treated or mixed with oxymel. 
acétomètre, m. acetimeter, acetometer. 
acétomètrle» /. acetimetry, acetometry. 
acétone» /. ketone; acetone. 
acetonemic, acétonhémle» /. acetonemia. 
ace tonique, a. ketonic; acetonic; of or con- 
taining acetone. 
acétonitrile, m. aoetonitrile. 
acétonurie, /. acetonuria. 
acétopliénone, /. acetophenone. 
acétoseUe, /. wood sorrel,/^ka]i8,. e^. Oxalia 
acetoaeUa. Digitized by V^jOOglC 


mcétosité, /. acetodty, acetous quality. 
Métozinie» m. ktttoxime; acetoxime. 
acet-phénétidlne, /. (PAorm.) phenaoetin, 

aoetphenetidin (p-aœtophenetide). 
Métylai^tete» m. acetoacetate, acetylaoetate. 
Métylacétiqiie» a. acetoacetio, acetylacetic. 
«eétylaeétone, /. acetylacetone (2,4-pen- 

aeét^nt» p.a. acetylating. 
aeétyle» m. acetyl. 
acétylène» m. acetylene. 
acétyléiiiqiie, a. of or pertaining to acetylene. 
Métyler» v.t. aoetylate. 
Métylvre» m. acetylide. 
aclialne, m. (Bot.) acfaene. 
acharné» p.a. intense, furious, -desperate. 
acharnement» m. ardor, fury, tenacity. 
acharner, v.t. excite, incite, infuriate. — v.r, 

be bent or set; be infuriated. 
achat» m. purchase, purchasing. 
ache» /. any plant of the genus Apium (of 

which celery is one species); parsley. 

— d'eau, water parsley. 

— de montagne, skirret. 

— dee marais, smallage, wild celery. 
acheminé» p.a. sent, forwarded; (of plate 

glass) rough-polished. 
acheminement» m. preliminary, step, prc^:ress. 
acheminer, v.t. send, forward; prepare for, 

promote. — v.r. advance, progress; start, 

turn (toward). 
acheter» v.t. buy, purchase. 
acheteur» m. buyer, purchaser. 
achevage» m. finishing. 
achevé» p.a. finished, perfect; worn-out. 
achèvement» m. completion, finishing; finish. 
achever» v.t, finish; complete; conclude, 

— v.r. end, be completed, conclude. 
acheveur, m. finisher. 
achevolr» m. finishing tool; finishing room. 
achlllée» /. any plant of the genus AchiUea (in- 

clucUng milfoil or yarrow). 

— etemiUatoire, sneezewort. 
acholic» /. acholia, lack of bile. 
achoppement, m. obstacle; stumbling. 
achopper» v.i. & r. stumble. 
achromatique, a. achromatic. 
achromatiser» v.t. achromatize. 
achrome» a. achromic, colorless. 
achromie» /. achromatism. 
achromique» a. achromic, colorless. 
adculaire» a. acicular, needlenshaped. 
acide» a. <k m. acid. 

— amine, amino acid. 

— au sou/re, (Elec.) sulfuric acid of 28* B. 
— Broenner, Brônner acid (6-amino-2-napfa- 

thalenesulfonic acid). 

— cyani, cyano acid. 

— de Freund, Freund's acid (a disulf o deriva- 
tive of o-naphthy lamine). 

I ader 

adde des chambreêt chamber aoid. 

— du citron, citric acid. 

— du tartre, (dextro)tartaric acid. 
— G, G acid. 

— grae, fatty acid. 

— H, H acid. 

— marin, hydroohlorio add. 

— minéral, mineral acid, inorganic aoid. 

— oxygéné, oxygen acid, oxacid. 

— pJiénigue, phenol, carbolic acid. 

— sulfonitrique, a mixture of sulfuric and 
nitric acids. 

— thymique, ihyndo acid (often used, esp. in 
P?tarm., as a ss^onym of thymol but also 
applied to a nucleic acid hydrolsrsis 

(For the meaning of other phrases of acide 
see the respective adjectives.) 

acide«4Métone» m. ketonic acid, acid ketone. 

acide«aloool» m. hydroxy acid, alcohol-acid. 

acide-cétone» m. ketonic acid, aoid ketone. 

acideur» m. (Bleaching) acid-liquor man. 

acidillant» p.a, acidi^^ing. — m. acidifier. 

acidiflcateur» m. acidifier; specif., an appa- 
ratus for separating the fatty adds from 

acidiflw» o.f. addify. — v.r. become aoid; turn 

addifleur, m. acidifier. 

acidiméMe» /. addimetry. 

acidiméMque» a. addimetric, -metrical. 

acidité» /. addity. 

acidose» /. acidosis. 

acidulé» a. addulous, subacid. 

acidulé» p.a. addulated; acidulous. 

aciduler, v.t. acidulate. 

acier» m. steel. 

— à canon, gim steel. 

— adouci, annealed steel. 

— affiné, fined steel. 

— à outàe, tool steel. 

— à ressort, spring steeL 

— au bore, boron steel. 

— au chrome, chrome steel. 

— au creuset, crudble steel. 

— au reverhh-e, reverberatory furnace steeL 

— boursoufflé, blister steel. 

— bronze, steel bronze. 

— brut, crude steel, raw steeL 

— cémenté, cement steel. 

— chrome, chrome steel. 

— c&rroyé, shear steel, weld steeL 

— arulé, cast steel, ingot steeL 

— damask, damask steel. 

— de Damas, Damascus steeL damask steeL 

— de fonte, furnace steeL 

— de forge, forge steel, fined steeL 

— de fusion, cast steel, ingot steel. 

— de Vinffot, ingot steel. 

— des Indes, wootz, Indian steel. 



Mfer deux foi» corroyé, double-shear flteet 

— diamant, tool steel. 

— doubU-chrcmé, doiible-ohrome stoeL 

— dottx, mild steel, soft steel. 

— dur, — dwrd, hard steeL 
— ferreux, half steel. 

— fondu, cast steel, ingot steel. 
— fondu au creuset, eruoible steeL 
— fcrgé, forged steel. 

— indien, woots, Indian steel. 

— laminé, rolled steel. 

— malléable, malleable steel, forge steel. 

— manganese, manganese steel. 

— marchand, rolled steel. 

— miniur, semi-hard steel. 

— moulé, cast steel. 

— naturel, natural steel. 

— nickelé, nickel steel. 

— par reaction, reaction steel. 

— poli, polisheid steel. 

— potUe, blister steeL 

— puddle, puddled steel. 

— raffiné, refined steel. 

— raffiné à deux marques, double-shear steel. 

— raffiné à une marque, single-shear steel. 

— recuit, reheated steel, tempered steel. 

— sauvage, wild steel. 

— soudabie, welding steel. 

— soudé, weld steel. 

— spécial, special steel. 

— supérieur, hard steel. 

— tendre, soft steel. 

— trempé, hardoied steel. 

— une fois corroyé, single-shear steel, shear 

— vif, hard steel. 
aeiérase, m. steeling. 

a^éntioii* /. steeling; conversion into steel; 
steel nuUdng. 

adérer» v.t. steel (plate, overlay, edge or point 
wi steel); convert into steeL — v.r. be- 
come steel. 

adéfCOXf a. relating to or resembling steel, 

aciérie, /. steel mill, steel plant, steel works. 

ader^Bicicel» m, nickel steel. 

aclaste, a. aolastio. 

acomptes m. payment, installment. 

aconit, m. aconite. 

— napd, monkshood (Aconitum napeUus). 
aconltlne, /. aoonitine. 

aconltlqae, a. aoonitic. 
aeore, m. (Bot.) Acorns. 

— odorant, — vrai, calamus, sweet flag (A, 
calamus or its root). 

Afores, n. Asores. 

acotylédone, acotylédoné, a. acotyledonous. 

à^-eonp, m, jerk, start, sudden movement or 

acomttiiiie» a. acoustic. — /. acoustics. 

acquérir» v.t. acquire; attain, obtain^ pur- 
chase; ascertain (a fact), —v.t. improve. 

acquiert, pr. s sing, of acquérir. 

acquis, p.a. acquired, etc. (see acquérir). 
— m. acquirement, attainment; experi- 
ence, knowledge. — p. def. 1 A $ sing, of 

acquit, m. payment; receipt (of a bill). — p. 
def. S sing, of acquérir. 
pour. — , (on a bill) paid. 

acquit-à-caution, m. permit to move bonded 

acquittement, m. payment; acquittal. 

acquitter, v.t. pay. discharge, perform (an obli- 
gation); receipt; acquit. 

acre, a. acrid. 

âcreté, /. acridnees, acridity; acrimony. 

acridine, /. acridine. 

acridiniqne, a. acridine, of acridine. 

acridique, a. acridic, acridinic. 

acrogéne, m. acrogen. 

acroléine, /., acrol, m. acrolein. 

acroléique, a. acryUo. 

acrylique, a. acrylic. 

acte, m. act; transaction (of a society); deed; 
document, certificate. 
prendre — de, receive a certificate of; make 
a note of. 

actée, /. (Bot.) baneberry (Actœa), 

— à grappes, black cohosh (Cimicifuga race' 

acteur, m. actor. 

acilf, a. active. — m. assets. 

— social, assets of a company or of a firm. 
à V — de, to the credit of, in favor of. 

actinium, m. actinium. 

action, /. action; share (of stock); gesticula- 
tion; animation (in speaking, etc.>. 

— de priorité, preference share (not synony- 
mous with preferred share). 

— ordinaire, ordinary share (not necessarily 
synonymous with common share). 

— privilégiée, « action de priorité. 

— protectrice, protective action. 
hors d' — , out of action; out of gear. 

actlonnable, a. movable; (Law) action- 

actionnaire, m. shareholder, stockholder. 

actionné, p.a. set in motion, operated; busy, 
occupied; sued. 

actionner, v.t. set in motion, start, run, opi- 
ate; excite; sue. 

activant, p.a. activating, etc. (see activer). 

activement, adv, actively. 

activer, v.t. activate; accelerate (motion); in- 
tensify, make hotter (a fire or flame); 
hasten, urge on, push. 

activité, /. activity; (Mach.) operation. 

actualité, /. actuality. 

actuel, a. actual; present; at that time. 


ftctoèDenieiit, ado. actually; now, at present; 
tiien, at that time. 

acuité» /. acutenen. 

aciitansle, a. aoute-angled. 

aentesse, /. sharpnees, pointednen. 

acycHqae, a. acydio. 

mefléf p.a. acylated. 

ac^OT» v.t. acylate. 

adamantin, a. adamantine. 

adamlne» /. (Min.) adamite. 

adapter, t.t. fit, adjust; adapt, suit. — v.r. 
fit; suit; i^ply. 

additif, a. additive. 

additionnel, a. additional. 

additionner, v.t. mix, treat (as, additionné 
diacide, mixed or treated with add, to 
which acid has been added); add, add up. 

addnetton, /. conveying, inping (as of water). 

adtolne, /. adenine. 

adepte, m. A /. adept. 

adbteence, /. adherence, adhesion. 

adliérent, a. adherent, adhering. 

adhérer, v.t. adhere, cling, stick. 

adhésif, a. adhesive. 

adhésion, /. adhesion. 

adhéslrement, adv. adhesively. 

adiabatkiae, a. adiabatic. 

adlabatlqaement, ado. adiabatically. 

adlabatlsme, m. adiabatic state or phe- 

adiante, m. (fiot.) adiantum, maidenhair fern. 

adlaphorèse, /. adiaphoresis. 

adlpenz, a. adipose. 

adlplqae, a. adipic. 

adlpodre, /. adipocere. 

adlpocfinfo, /. iPhynci.) production of fat. 

adipose, /. (Med.) adiposis. 

adiposité, /. adiposenees, adiposity. 

a^lcettf, a. adjective. 

adjtrilsnant, p.p. of adjoindre. 

adjoignit, p.def. S oing, of adjoindre. 

adjoindre, o.t. adjoin, attach. 

adjoint, p.a. adjoined, attached; assistant. 

— m. adjunct, associate; assistant, deputy. 

— pr. S sing, of adjoindre. 
adjonction, /. adjunction, adjoining, addition, 
adjuger, o.f. adjudge; award; sell (at auction). 
adJuTant, a. A m. adjuvant, 
admettre, v.f. admit; accept (as true); receive. 

allow, concede. 
admlnlstiratear, m. administrator, director 

(of a company), manager, trustee, etc. 
administrer, v.t. administer, manage, direct, 

admirablement, ado. admirably, excellently. 
admirent, p.def. s pi. of admettre. —pr.Spl. 

of admirer. 
admirer, v.t. admire; wonder at. 
admis, p.a. admitted, etc. (see admettre). 

— pMef. 1 A $ ting, of admettre. 

6 aérien 

admftMlliIllté, /. admimrihility. 

admit, p.dc/. 5 nng. of admettre. 

admlxtlon, /. admixture, admixtion. 

adonner, v.r. devote oneoelf . apply oneself (to), 
occupy oneself (with). 

adopter, v.t adopt. 

adorer, v.t. adore. 

ados, m. slope, talus; sloping bed (in gardens); 
(Affric.) ridge, or tillage in ridges. 

adossé, p.a. having the back against some- 
thing, supported at the back (said, e.g., of 
a table fastened to a wall). 

adosser, o.t. set the back of (against), support 
at the back, lean, rest. 

adoadr, v.t. soften; sweeten; smooth; polidi; 
roimd off; (Metal.) anneal; make milder, 
mollify, aoothe, relieve, moderate. — v.r. 
become soft, sweet or mild, be rdieved or 

adondssage, m. smoothing, polishing; polish 
(of metals, etc.); polisMng powder; soften- 
ing (of colors). 

adoucissant, a. softening; emollient, demul- 
cent. — m. polishing substance; (Med.) 

adoucissement, tn. softening, sweetMiing, etc. 
(see adoucir) ; first polish (<^ metals). 

adoucisseur, m. smoother, poÙsher. 

adoux, m. woad. 

adragant(h), a. A m. tragacanth. . 

adrénaline, /. adrenaline. 

adrénaUnkine, a. adrenaline, of adrenaline. 

adresse, /. address; dexterity, skill, cleverness. 

adresser, v.t. address; send, forward. — v.r. 
address oneself; be addressed; i^ply; 

adroit, a. adroit, expert, clever. 

adroitement, adv. adroitly, eq)ert]y, deverty. 

adsorber, v.t. adsorb. 

adsorption, /. adsorption. 

adulte, a. A m. or f. adult. 

adultérant, p.a. adulterating, adulterant. 

adultération, /. adulteration. 

adultérer, o.t. adulterate. 

aduste, a. burnt, adust. 

advenir, o.t. happen, befaU. 

adventice, a. adventitious. 

adventtf, a. advraitive; adventitious. 

advenu, p.p. of advenir. 

advers, a. adverse, «^posing, opposite. 

adversaire, m. adversary, opponent, competi- 

adversité, /. adversity. 

advient, pr. S sing, of advenir. 

aérage, m. ventilation; airing. 

aérateur, m. aërat<Mr; fan, ventilator. 

aération, /. aération; ventilation. 

aéré, p.a. aërated; ventilated; aired, aiiy. 

aérer, v.t. aërate; ventilate; air. 

aérien, a. aériaj-^g.^crf J^e^, air; aiiy. 


aélllire» a. air-conductizis, air-. 

aériller, v.L aerify. 

aérlforme» a. afiriform, gaseou». 

Uxiaieit t't, aerify. 

aéioMe» a. afirobio. — m. aBrobe. 

aéiodyiiaiiiiqiie, /. aerodamamics. 

aérosène, a. See gas aérosène, under gaz, 

aéroiithe, m. aerolite, aërolith. 

aéroiithlqae» a. aerolitic. 

aéiomètre» m. aerometer. 

aérométrléy /. aCrometry. 

aéimtet, m. aerostat (used in French only of 
Ughter-than-air craft), balloon. 

aéimtetloii* /. art of constructing and navi- 
gating balloons, aerostation, aeronautics. 

aéiostetiqiie, a. aerostatic — /. aerosta- 

eseoliiiei /. esculin, œsculin. 

aéttte» /. eaglestone, œtites. 

allliidlr» v.t. render insipid or flat, flatten, 
deaden; diafi;ast. — v.r. become insipid or 
flat; pan. 

«flkdtiwimt, p.a, insipid, flat, vapid; tiresome. 

aiftKHgtement, m. insipidity, flatness. Iom of 

aflkibll, p.a. weakened, etc. (see affaiblir); 

aflklbUr» «.£. weaken; dilute; reduce, diminish; 
debase (coinage). — v.t. become weak, lose 

allalbilsseiiieiit, m. weakening, etc. (see 
affaiblir); weakness; debility. 

aflUUisseiir, a. weakening; (Photog.) reduc- 
ing. — m. (Photog.) reducer. 

AflUre» /. affair; thing, mattw, question, etc.; 
(also pi.) business; occupation; undertak- 
ing; fortune; difficulty, dang^ ; quarrel; 
battle, engagem^it; Cegal) case; need, 
aooir — d, have to do with, be concerned with ; 
have business with. 

>IBiiii«ment> m. weighing down, sinking, etc. 
Csee affaisser). 

Wf v.t. (cause to bend or sink under a 
wdght) weigh down, sink, settle; deject, 
àeifiteBa. — v.r. sink, sag, settle, subside; 
oollapse, give way; succumb. 
'» P.O. famished, starved; eager. 
•*» t.U affect; destine, allot. 

» a. affectionate, devoted; beloveds 
r» t.t. love, like; interest. 

AlMffMlt» a. (PhyHd.) afferent; (Imw) belong- 
ing, proper. 

9t v.t, lease, rent. 

v.L make firm, firm; harden; 
strengthen, consolidate; fasten, fix; con- 
firm. — t.r. become firm, hard, fast or 
strong; be consolidated. 
BrmlMeiiieiit, m. making firm, etc. (see 


■fllcliftge, m. posting, etc. (see afficher). 

afllehe, /. bill, poster, placard. 

alBcliert v.t. poet, post up; announce, publish; 
parade; e3q;>ose. 

alBlâse» m. sharpening. 

affilé» p.a. sharpened, sharp. 

affllw, t.t. sharpen. 

afflUé, p.a. affiliated. -^ m. member, asso- 

V t.t. affiliate. — v.r. join (an organisa- 
a. similar; related, at-law. 

affinage» m. refining, etc. (eee affiner). 
— anglais, (Metal.) puddling. 

afflnement» m. refining, etc. (see affiner). 

o.<. refine; fine; ripen (cheese); heckle 
(flax); point (needles, etc.). — v.r. become 
pure, become refined; (cl cheese) ripen; 
(of weather) clear. 
/. refinery. 
'» m. refine. 

affinltalre» a. of or pertaining to affinity. 

affinité, /. affinity. 

afflnnatlTement» adv. afiirmatively. 

affirmer» v.t. afilrm. 

affieoiage» m. (Paper) thinning the pulp. 

affieoié» p.a. level, flurii; properly mixed. 

affieniement» m. leveling; (Oeol. <k Mining) 
outcropping, outco-op. 

ttttkeuretf v.t. make level or fliish; be even or 
level with; come to the level of; bring to 
the proper level; mix in proper proportion 
(as flours). — v.i. be level or flush; (of 
strata) crop out. 

affleorle» /. finest flour. 

affilgé» p.a. affiicted. 

affligeant, p.a. afiUcting, distressing. 

affliger, v.t. afflict, distress. 

affluence» /. influx, inflow, affluence. 

affluer, t.i. flow in, flow, run; throng; abound. 

aflblé, p.a. (of the magnetic needle) disturbed, 
deranged; infatuated. 

affouage, m. (Iron) fuel supply. 

afléulllement» m. undermining, caving i^,. 
erosion; exfoliation (by rust); cavity; 

alfonlller, v.t. undermine, erode. 

alftanehlr, v.t. free, liberate, deliver, exempt; 
pay, prepay; fire (casks); trim, trim 

afflranchlssement» m. freeing, etc. (see affran- 

alMter, v.t. charter (a vessel). 

alftensement, adv. frightfully, horribly. 

aflhreux, a. frightful, fearful; hideous; detest- 

allront, m. affront; disgrace. 

allrontw, v.t. place on the same level, end to 
end or face to face, joia. flush; Iront, face: 
cheat. Digitized by vjOOQIC:: 


ftltaalon» /. pouring on, affusion. 
aflût, m. watch, lookout; hiding place; car- 
riage (of a gun). 
à V — de, on the lookout for. 
affûtage» m. sharpening. 
affûter, v.t sharpen. 
affûteur, m. sharpener. 
afln de. in order (to). 
afin que. in order that, so that. 
aMcain, a. African. 
AfMqiie, /. Africa. 

— du Sud, South Africa. 
agame, a. (Bot.) agamous. 
agaric, m. agaric. 

— amadouvierf tinder agaric {Polyporua 

— blanct — purgatif, white agaric, piuging 
agaric (Pdvporus ojfficinali» or a prepara- 
tion of it). 

agate, /. agate. 

agate, a. agaty, containing agate. 

agatlfler, agatiser, t.t. i^gatise. 

agave, agave, m. agave. 

âge, m. age. 

flgé, a. aged, old. 

agence, /. agency. 

agencement, m. arrangement; (pi.) fittings, 

l^;encer, v.L arrange; dispose, adjust, order; 

fit up. 
l^ienda, m. memonuidum book, notebook. 
agenooBler, v.r. kneel. 
agent, m. agent; medium. 

— eondenaateur, condensing agent, 
-de liaison, means of union, {Org. Chem.) 

condensing agent. 

— rSdtuieur, reducing agent. 

— révélateur, (Photog.) developer. 

— iranametteur, carrying agent, carrio*. 
agglomérant, m. ag^omerant, agglomerating 

agent; specif., (Ceram.) a substance which 
imparts hardness to the paste. 

agglomérat, m. agglomerate. 

agglomération, /. agglomeration. 
grand — , (of people) crowded center, city. 

aggloméré, p.a. agglomerated. — tn. agglom- 
erate, mass; specif.: fuel made into the 
form of briquets <Mr lumps from coal dust 
or the like; unrefined sugar molded into 
briquets; mass composed of a mixture of 
manganese dioxide and coke for Leclanché 

— combueHble, fuel briquet. 

— magnésien, magnesite brick, magnesite 

agglomérer, v.t. <k r. agglomerate, form or 
collect into a mass. 

agglatlnage, tn. agglutination; fritting, sin- 

agglutinant, a. A m. ag^utinant. 

8 agronome 

agglntlnattf, a. ag^utinant, agglutinative. 

— m. agglutinant. 
agglutiner, v.t. agglutinate. — v.r. be agght- 

agglutlnlne, /. agglutinin. 
aggravOT, v.t, aggravate. 
agir, v.t. act; be in action; take action. 

— en, act as, behave as. 
il s'agit <2e, it is a question of, it concerns. 

agissant, p.a. acting; active. 
agitant, p.a. agitating. 

agitateur, m. stirrer, specif, stirring rod; 
shaker; agitator. 

— à bouton, stirring rod with a disk-shaped 

— mécanique, mechanical stirrer or shaker; 
(Breunng) mashing apparatus. 

— ordinaire, ordinary glass stirring rod. 

— var-etr-vient, shaker with a reciprocating 

agitation, /. agitation (stirring, shaking, etc.). 
agiter, v.t. agitate (stir, shake, disturb, etc.). 

— v.r. be agitated, be in motion. 
aa^mérant, aglutlna g e, etc. See agglomér- 
ant, agglutinage, etc. 

agneau, m. lamb. 

agneUne, a. In laine agndine, lamb's wool. 

agrafe, /. fastening (of various kinds), fastener, 
clamp, cramp, clasp, clip, hook, catch, 

agrafer, v.t. fasten (with an agrafe), clamp, 
cramp, clasp, clip, hook, lock. 

agrandir, v. t. enlarge; extend; exaggerate; 
aggrandize, exalt. — v.r. enlarge, become 
larger; increase, grow, extend. 

agrandissement, m. enlargement, etc. (see 

agréable, a. agreeable, pleasant, pleasing. 

agréablement, adv. agreeably, pleasantly. 

agréer, v. t. accept, receive favorably; approve; 
permit. — v.i. be pleasing, be acceptable. 

i^^régat, m. aggregate. 

agrégation, /. aggregation; aggregate; admis- 
sion (into a society or company) ; (univer- 
sity) fellowship, admission to a fellowship. 

agréjgé, m. a person who has been declared 
fitted to teach in a secondary school or in 
a university, fellow, temporary professor. 

agrégw, v.t. aggregate; admit (into a society). 

agrément, m. consent, approval; agreeable- 
ness, pleasantness, charm; pleasure; orna- 

agrès, apparatus, equipment, implements, 

agressivement, adv. aggressively. 

i^^cole, a. agricultural. -*- m. agriculturist. 

i^^culteur, m. agriculturist. — a. agricul- 

i^^paume, /. motherwort (LeonuriM cordioca). 

agronome, m. agronomist/^-r^a. agronomic. 
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agioiioiiyillie» a. agronomio. 
■KMsttde, /. bent srass {Aorottia). 
IgMfrlr» vJ. inure, harden, season, 
ai, pr. 1 ring, of avoir (to have). 
iMant, p.a. aiding. — m. aid, helper. 
aide, /. aid, help, assistance. — m. A f. assist- 
ant, hcjper, aid. 
'I — de laboratoire^ laboratory assistant. 

* d V — de, with the aid of. 

alder, v.t. assist, help, aid. — v.r. (with dé) 

* make use (of) ; help oneself or one another; 
exert oneself. 

— en ê*aidani de, with the aid of, with the 

* employment of. 

aMe-sonlBeiir, m. (fflaae) blower's assistant. 
ahal, m. grandfather; (pi.) ancestors. 
allie, m. eagle. 
algre^ a. sour, tart, sharp; (of metals) brittle, 

t cold-shcurt; piercing, keen, harsh. — m. 
sourness, tartness, etc. 

«en^ V — , smdl sour. 

totimer à V — , turn sour. 
jllsreHloiu, a. between sweet and sour, sub- 

4 acid, sourish. 
jMsrdet, a. sourish, subacid, slightly soiu:. 
ifcmmiioe, /. (Bot.) agrimony. 
tNgremoffe, m. powdered soft wood charcoal, 
.* used in pyrotechnics. 
ifcr^t, a. slightly sour, sourish, subacid. 
Mgrette, /. aigrette, egret; (Zotfl.) egret. 
Ilfietté, a. having an aigrette. 
Ilfti'eui» /. sourness, tartness, acidity; (of 
metals) brittleness, cold-shortness; hardi- 
ness; (Med., p2.) acidity of the stomach. 
\ êawrir de V — , be sour. 
' ^Ui , p.a. soured, etc. (see aigrir). 
iffclr, v.t. sour, turn sour; irritate; aggravate. 
if — v.r. sour, turn sour; become irritated or 
I^L aggravated. 

gplMeiiieiit, m. souring, etc. (see aigrir). 
^9ÊtU9 a. pointed; acute; (of needles, etc.) 
- sharp; (of soimds) shrill. 
Jjj^T^* v.t. rinse, wash, water. 
Mme-marlne, /. aquamarine. 
ppiillle, /. needle; pointer, index, hand; spire, 
i% pinnacle, peak; {RaUwaye) switch, points. 

— à coudre, sewing needle. 

f^ p- aimanUe, magnetic needle. 
i~- à tricoter, knitting needle. 

tde boueeole, compass needle. 
, de furil, firing pin. 

I' •— de p<n, pine needle. 

_^ — enfiide plaHne, platinum needle. 

tJBQllIé, a. needle-shaped, acicular. 

■kuUlette, /. long, narrow slice or strip; (of 
fir^ums) firing pin; (of costumes) aiguil- 

a^nllloii, m. thorn, spine, prickle; sting (of 
bees, etc.); goad; sharp peak. 

Wpitllonneff v.t. goad; sting. 



aignlsase, aiguisement, m. acidification; 

aiguiser, v.t. acidify; sharpen. 
all, m. any species of AUium; usually, garlic 

(AUium 8€Uivum). 

— d*A8calon, shallot. 

Idle, /. wing (in various senses); flange; blade 
(of a propeller) 'J sail (of a windmill); tooth 
(of a pinion) ; ale. 

— de moulin, (QUias) a warped form assumed 
by cylinder glass when Ûie annealing fur- 
nace is too cold. 

allé, a. winged. 

allMOn, m. blade, paddle (as on a mechanical 
stirrer or a water wheel) ; pinion (end of a 
bird's wing); fin; (of an airplane) aileron. 

ailette, /. small wing, blade, fin; lug, flange, 
stud, tenon. 

aOle, jtr. 1 db S ring. etd^. of aller (to go). 

anient, pr. 3 pi. eubj. of aller. 

ailleurs» adv. elsewhere, somewhere else, any- 
where else. 
d* — , moreover, besides, further, in addition; 

par — t by another way. by other means. 

alinable, a. lovely, amiable, kind. 

aimant, m. magnet; loadstone. 

— en fer à cheval, horseshoe magnet. 
almantaire, a. magnetic. 
aimantation, /. magnetization. 
aimanté, p.a. magnetized, magnetic. 
aimanter, v.t. magnetize. — v.r. be magne- 
tized, become magnetic. 

almantln, a. magnetic; adamantine. 
aimer, v.t. love, like, be fond of. 

— mieux, like better, prefer, 
e' — d, like, be fond of. 

aine, m. groin. 

^ne. A suffix used in forming nouns from 
numeral adjectives; as, ime cinquantaine, 
fifty, half a hundred (not so definite as 

atné, a. eldest, elder, senior. 

ainsi, adv. so, thus. — eonj. so, thus; there- 

— que, as, as well as. 

par — , therefore, consequently. 
pour — dtre, so to say, as it were. 
air, m. air; (in furnaces) blast. 

— ambiant, atmosphere. 

— carburé, carburetted air. 

— comprimé, compressed air. 

— fixe, {Old Chem.) fixed air (carbon di- 

— inflammable, (Old Chem.) inflammable air 
(hydrogen gas). 

— vicié, vitiated air, specif, choke damp. 

— vital, (Old Chem.) vital air (oxygen gas). 
airain, m. bronze; brass (in the old indefinite 

sense of copper alloy). r^r\r\n]o 

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I de Corinthe, Corinthian bronw, Corin- 
thian brass (alloy of capper, gold and 
alret /■ area; (flat) surface; floor, floor space; 
platform; hearth, sole (of a furnace) ; bed; 
face (as of a hammer); aerie. 
— de ffriUage, roasting hearth, roasting fur- 

— de vent, point of the compass. 
witfjB/ttf. whortleberry, blueberry iyaceinium). 
al8» m. board; (of a cask) stave; shelf. 

— de carton, pasteboard. 
mlsance» /. ease; (p2.) water closet. 

idset /. ease; (p2.) comforts; joy, enjoyment. 

— a. glad, content. 
idsef a. easy; well <^. 
aisément» adv. easily. 
alssante, /., alsseMi» m. shingle. 
aisselle, /. {AnaL, etc) axilla. 
•Jointer, v.t. join end to end. 

ajouré, v.a, containing openings, perforated. 

ajoorw, v.t. make openings in, perforate. 

ajoomement, m. adjournment, etc. (see 

ajonmer, v.t. adjourn; postpone; assign, sum- 
mon. — t.r, adjourn, be adjourned: be 

ajouté, m. addition. 

ajouter, v.t. A n. add. — v.r. be added. 

— foi d, put faith in, believe. 
ajoutoir, m. » ajutage. 

ajustage, m. adjusting, fitting, finishing. 
ajustement, m. adjustment, etc. (see ajuster). 
ajuster, v. t. adjust; fit; fit up, arrange; tune; 
aim, aim at; attire, adorn; {Mach.) fit. 

— v.r. be adjusted; be fitted; fit; agree; 
be reconciled; dress. 

ajusteur, m. adjuster; fitter; sizer (of coins). 

ajustoir, m. coin balance. 

ajutage, m. outlet tube, efiBux tube, discharge 

tube or pipe, ajutage; <of a burette) tip. 
ajutoir, m. B ajutage. 
idalNUidine, /. \M%n.) alabandite. 
alambic, m. stUl; {Old Chem.) alembic. 

— à siphon, siphon still. 

^d'cMot, testing still, still for analytical 

alamblquer, v.t. distill; make too subtle; 

alandier, m. alandier (fireplace placed at the 
base of certain special furnaces or kilns and 
fired from the outside). 

alanine, /. alanine. 

alarmant, p.a. alarming. 

alarme, /. alarm. 

alarmer, v.t. alarm. — v.r. be alarmed; be un- 

albâtre, m. alabaster; a kind of white flint 

— calcaire, calcareous alabaster. 





albfttfe ovpsettx, gypseous alabaster. 

— orientai. Oriental alabaster (cateareovST 

alberge, /. clingstone peach (or apricot). | 

albinisme, m. albinism. * 

albinos, m. dt a. albino. ^ 

aibugineux, a. albugineous. 
albumen, m. albumen. 

— come, homy albumen. 
albumine, /. albumin. 
albuminé, aibumlneux, a. albuminous; 

paper) albuminized, albumen. 

albumlnimètre, m. albuminimeter. 

albuminolde» a. A m. albuminoid. 

albuminurie, /. albuminuria. 

aibuminurlque, a. albuminuric. 

aibumolde, m. albumoid. 

aibumose, n. albumose«^ 

alcalamide, /. {Org. Chem*) alkalamide 

N-euoyl derivative of an amine, whether 
aliphatic or not). • 

alealescence, /. alkalescence, alkalesoenoy. 

aicaleseent, a. alkalescent. i 

aican, m. alkalL « 

— carbonate, alkali carbonate. *■ 

— volatil, volatile alkali (old name fdl 
ammonia). • •.'4 

— volatU concret, ammonium carbonate (olt 
name). 'i- 

alcalillant, a, alkalifying. 

alcaligène, a. alkaUgenous. — m. alkaligew 

(an old name for nitrogen). 
aleaUmètre, m. alkalimeter. 
alcalimétrie, /. alkalimetry. 
alcallmétrique, a. alkalimetrio(al). 
alcalin, a. alkaline. — m. alkaline subetancij 

alkali; alkali metal. '1 

alcalinisation,/. alkalisation. | 

alcallniser, v.t. render alkaline, alkalise. 
alcalinité, /. alkalinity. i 

alcalino-barytique, a. {Ceram.) alkalis >^ 

barytic, containing alkali metal and bariu a» 
alcaUno-plombifère, a. {Ceram.) alkalii ^ 

plumbiferous, containing alkali metal aM 

lead. Wl 

alcalino-salé, a. {Soap) alkalino-ealine, co«^ 

taining alkali and salt. 
alcaHno-siliceux, a. alkalinosiliceoas. com 

ing alkali and silica. 
alcaUno-terreux, a. alkdline-earth. 

alkaline-earth metal. 
alcaUsatlon, /. alkalisation. ^ 

alcaUser, v.t. alkaHse, render alkaline. 
alcaloïde, a. alkaloid, alkiOoidal. — m. aOUt 

loid. t 

— animal, animal alkaloid. 

— végétal, vegetable alkaloid, plant alkaloid 
aiealoMi^ne, a. alkaloid, alkalddal. 
alcaraias, alcarraaa, m. alcarrasa (watt 

cooler of porous-earthenware). 

Digitized by VjOOQlt 




, /. alchemy. 
ftlehlmhiae, a, alchemical, alchemic, alche- 

alehlmiste, m. alchemist. 
alcool» m. alcohol. 

— cÂaolUt absolute alcohoL 

— aOyliquct allyl alcohol. 

— atnyUque, amyl alcohol. 

— amylique de fermentation, amyl alcohol of 
fermentation (a mixture of 2- and 3- 
methylbutanol) . 

— anisique, anisyl alcohol. 

— benzylique, benxyl alcohol. 

— btityliquet butyl alcohol. 

— camphoiidue, bomeoL 

— camphré, spirit of camphor. 

— caprique, decyl alcohol. 

— eaproiquet hexyl alcohoL 

— caprylique, octyl alcohol. 

— carburet carburetted alcohoL 

— dryligue (or cérotique), ceryl alcohoL 

— cinnamique, cinnamic alcohoL 

— amifêryliquet ooniferyl alcohoL 

— de betteraves, beet alcohol, beetroot spirit. 

— de cœur, in the rectification of alcohol, the 
third portion to distill over, following; the 
moyens ffoûts and preceding the bon goût. 

— de fécule, starch spirit, fecula brandy. 

— de menthe, spirit of peppermint. 

— dénaturé, denatured alcohol. 

— dihtê, diluted aIc<^ol, dilute alcohoL 

— d'industrie, industrial alcohol. 

— éthaHque, oetyl alcohol, ethal. 

— élkyUnique, glycol, ethylene glycol (1, 

— éthyKque, etiiyl alcohol. 

— fm, in the rectification of alcohol, the 
purest portion of the distillate, Cologne 
spirit. It is the first part of the bon goût. 

— furfuroHque, furfuryl alcohol (2-furan- 

— hexylique, hexyl alcohol. 

— industrid, industrial alcohol, alcohol for 
use in the arts. 

— mamais goûi, amyl alcohol of fermentation 
(a mixture of 2- and 3-methyl-l-butanol). 

— m&issique, melis^l (msrricyl) alcohol. 

— méthyHque, methyl alcohoL 

— myricique, myricyl alcohoL 

— ordinaire, common or ordinary alcohol 
(ethyl alcohol; specif., a distillate of about 
80 to 95 per cent strength). 

— phényUthylique, phenethyl alcohol. 

— pipéronylique, piperonyl alcohol. 

— primaire, primary alcc^ol. 

— propargylique, propargyl alcohol. 

— propyKque, propyl alcdiol. 

— êecondaire, secondary alcohoL 

— subérique (or subéryliqué), suberyl alcohol 

aleool sulfuré, mercaptan, thioL 

— supérieur, higher alcohol. 

— terpénique, terpene alcohoL 

— tertiaire, tertiary alcohoL 

— thionylique, see thionyhque. 

— vaniUique, vanillic alcohol, vanillyl aloohoL 

— vinique, vinic alcohol, ethyl aloohoL 
atooolftse, /. alcohobse (ssrmase). 
alcoolat, m. iPharm.) spirit (strictly, one made 

from alcohol and a plant by distillation; 
one made simply by dissolving the volatile 
principle in alcohol is luroperly called (etn- 
iure d* essence). 

— ammoniacal aromatique, aromatic spirit of 

— ammoniacal fétide, fetid spirit of am- 

— antiscorbutique, compound spirit of horse- 

alcoolate, m. (Pro. Chem.) alcoholate. 

alcoolatare, /. (Pharm.) tincture of a fresh 
herb or herbs, alcoholature. 

alooolé» m. (alcoholic) tincture. 

(For the meaning of phrases see the corre- 
sponding phrases \iadet teinture.) 

aloooltflcatloii» /. conversion into alcohol, 

aicooikiiie, a, alcoholic. 

alcoottqaement, adv. alcohoUcally. 

alcooUsaUe» a. alcoholisable. 

aloooUsatloii, /. alooholisation. 

alcooliser» v.t. alcoholize. 

alcoolisé» p.a. alcoholized; containing alcohoL 

alcooUsme» m. alcoholism. 

alcoolomètre» m. alcoholometer. 

alcoolométrle» /. alcoholometry. 

alcoolyse, /. alcoholysis. 

alcoolyser» t.t. alcoholyse. 

alcoomètre» m. alcoholometer. 

alcoométrie, /. alcoholometry. 

alcooscoirfe, /. alcoholoscopy, alcoholometry. 

alcoosid, m. alcosol. 

alcojiatloii, /. alkylation. 

alcoyle» m. alkyL 

alcoylé, p.a. alkylated; alkyl (as, mdical al* 
coylé, alkyl radical). 

alcoyler, t.t. alkylate. 

aldéhydate» m. compoimd with an aldehyde. 

— d*ammoniaque, aldehyde ammonia. 
aldéhyde, m. aldehyde. 

— acétique, acetic aldehyde, acetaldehyde. 

— allylique, acrolein. 

— anisique, anisic aldehyde, anisaldehyde. 

— benzcHque, benzoic aldehyde, benzaldehsrde. 

— butylique, butyl aldehyde (either normal 
butjnraldehyde or isobutyraldehyde). 

— cinnamique, cinnamic aldehyde, oinnam- 

— crotonique, crotonic aldehyde, crotonalde- 



aMéliyde cuminique, cumic aldehyde, cumalde- 
hyde. cuminaklehyde. 

— éthalique, palmitaldehyde. 

— ithylique, ethyl aldehyde (acetaldehyde). 

— formique, formaldehyde, formic aldehyde. 

— glycoliquet glycolaldehyde, glycolic alde- 

— (gnanthyliquet enanthaldehyde, enanthole, 

— protooatêchique, protooatechualdehyde, 
protocatechuio aldehyde. 

'^aalicyliqw, salicylaldehyde, salicylio alde- 

— tduiquet tolualdehyde, toluio aldehyde. 

— triMorit trichloroacetaldehyde, chloral. 

— valérique, valeraldehyde, valeric alde- 

— vinique, acetaldehyde. 
aldéliydiqae, a. aldehydic, aldehyde (as, 

groupement aldéhydique, aldehyde group). 

aldohexose, /. aldohezose. 

aldol, m. aldol. 

aldolisatlon, /. aldolisation. 

•MoUser, v.t. aldolise. 

aldonlqiie, a. aldonio. 

akkMie, n. aldoee. 

aldoxliiie, m. aldozîme. 

aie» /. aie. 

•MA» m. chance, hasard. 

aléatoire, a. hazardous, uncertain. 

alêne, /. awl. 

alentour, adv, around, about. — envi- 

alerte, a. alert, quick. — /. alert, alarm. 

— au gaz, (Jf il.) gas alarm. 

aUsace, m. bore, internai diameter; boring 

aKser, v.t, bore, bore smooth, drill. 
aleaeose, /. drill, drilling machine. 
alétolr, m. boring tool or machine, borer, 

broach, reamer, bit. 
aléfure, /. borings. 
aMtrls, m. (Bof.) Aletris. 

—'farineux, colic root (4. farinoaa), 
aleiDoniètre, m. aleurometer. 
alenrone, /. aleurone. 
aleilne, /. alexin. 

aUiB, m. esparto, alfa (JStipa tenadsnma), 
allénie, m. alphenic, sugar candy. 
allénide, m. alfenide. 
algarobUle, n. algarobilla. 
algarotb, m. powder of Algaroth, algaroth. 
algèbre, /. algebra. 
algél^rlqae, a. algebraic(al). 
alfélirlqaement, adv. algebraically. 
AlgW, n. Algiers. 
Algérie, /.Algeria. 
algMen, a. Algerian, Algerine. 
algae, /. (Bot.) alga (pi algœ). 
aUdade, /. alidade. 


aUéné, p. a. alienated; insane. 

aliéner, v.<. alienate; sell; transfer. — v.r. be 

alienated; become insane. 
alignement, m. alignment; line, straight 

aligner, v.t. align; line up, arrange, provide. 
aliment, m. food; nounahment; sustenance; 

(Mach.) material supplied, supply, feed; 

{Bad.) medium. 

— d'épargne, protein-sparing food. 

— respiratoire, respiratory food. 
alimentaire, a. alimentary, for or pertaining 

to food; (Mech.) feed, feeding. 

aUmentateur, m. (Mech.) feeder, feed. — a. 
alimentary, nourishing. 

aUmentatton, /. alimentation, nutrition; sup- 
plying, supply; (Mech.) feeding, feed. 

alimenter, v.t. feed; supply; nourish; main- 

aUmentenx, a. nourishing, nutritive, alimentaL 

aUnéa, m. paragraph; break. 

ailphatiqae, a. aliphatic. 

aliquote, a. aliquot. — /. aliquot part. 

allsarine, /. alizarin. 

alkékenge, m. alkekengi (Physalie alkekengi), 

alkermès, m. (Old Pharm.) alkermes. 

allqrler, v.t. alkylate. 

alkylurée, /. alkylurea. 

alia, p.def. S sing, of aller (to go). 

allaitement, m. (infant) feeding, suckling. 

allantoMe, /. (Anat.) allantois. 

aDantoIne, /. allantoin. 

allé, p.p. of aller (to go). 

allégement, m. lightening, easing, relief. 

aUéger, v.t. lighten, ease, relieve, alleviate. 

all^Sir, v.t. reduce in size ot thickness. 

aDègre, a. brisk, lively; vivacious; gay. 

allègrement, adv. briskly; gaily. 

allégresse, /. briskness, liveliness; vivacity. 

aUélola, m. wood sorrel (Oxaiie acetoaOla). 

Allemagne, /. (Germany. 

aOemand, a. A m. German. 

aOène, m. aliène. 

aOénlque, a. aliène (as, hydrocarbure aUénique, 
aliène hydrocarbon). 

aOer, v.t. go; be in motion; extend; progress; 
continue, last; tend; amount; fit; be 
becoming, harmonize; (with infinitive) be 
going, be about (to). — v.r. (with en) go 
away, leave, disappear; escape, leak; 
evaporate; die; be nearly; (with infini- 
tive) be going, be about (to). — m. going, 

— à la lessive, (of fabrics) stand lye, wash. 

— au-devant de, meet, go to meet. 

— au feu, stand fire, endure fire. 

— chercher, see under chercher. 

— de soi, go without saying, be self-evident. 
•^ ensemble, go togeth)^ harmonise, make a 

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r Irouvert seek out. 
allona, oomel let's go! 
en — , go away, disappear, etc. (see aller, 

v.r.)\ turn out, happen. 
faire — , make go, start, drive, run. 
8*en — t see aller, v.r. 

y — , go at it, proceed; be a question (oO* 
aUiaeé» a. alliaceous. 
mlUAse» /. alloy; (Arith.) alligation. 

— de Woodt Wood's alloy. Wood's metal. 

— de Rose, Roee's alloy, Rose's metal. 
alliance» /. alliance. 

p.a. alloyed; allied. — to. (and alliée, 
/.) ally; relation by marriage. 
r» v.i. alloy; unite; blend; ally; marry. 
— v.r. alloy, form an alloy; unite; become 
allied; harmonise, blend; intermarry. 

aUoeatton* /. allowance, grant. 

Itll^^wn^iqiqwA, a. allocinnamic, oBo-cinna- 

alloilge» /. adapter; percolator, extraction 
tube; the jacket of a certain type of up- 
right condienser; extension piece e^âng 
piece; (Mach.) coiQ>ling rod. 
~- à dipiacementf percolator. 

anoncement» m. lengthening, elongation, pro- 
longation, extension, stretching, stretch. 

aHongW» v.t. lengthen, elongate, prolong; 
stretch out, extend; draw out, (of metals) 
wiredraw. — v.r. lengthen, grow longer; 
extend; be extended. 

allonii, pr, indie. A tmper. 1 pi. of aller (to go). 

alii»|iiiane» /. (Aftn.) allophane. 

alloliopie, /. allotropy. 

aliotroplqae, a. allotropie 

aUoteopliiiie» m. allotropism. 

alloatf 9 v.t. allow, grant. 

alioTane» m. alloxan. 

anoianiqae, a. alloxanic. 

alknaiitlne^ /. alloxantin. 

aOnelion» m. {Mach.) cog, tooth. 

anamaie^ m. lighting; ignition (as in explo- 
lioa engines). 

•11111116^410119 f». kindling, piece of kindling. 

alliliiie<aS9 m. gas lighter. 

allililier9 v.t. light, kindle, set fire to; fire (a 
furnace, or the like) ; excite. — v.r. light, 
take fire, light up; be excited. 

aDiimette* /. match. 

— à friction, friction match. 

— amorphe^ safety match. 

— ehimîç[uet chemical match. 

— eongrèœ, Congreve match. 

— de êùreUt safety match; fusee. 

— wufirée, sulfur match, brimstone match. 

— phoêphoriquet phosphorus match. 

— suédoise^ SwecÛsh match; safety match. 
aUainette-lloilgie, /. wax match, vesta. 

r, m. igniter; primer; lighter. 
» /. match factory; match box. 

aUamoir, m. lighter. — a. lighting. 
aUure, /. course, direction; working (of a fur- 
nace or kiln); gait, pace; conduct. 

— crue, (MeUU.) poor working, irregular 

aUuvlal, allavien, a. alluvial. 

aUuvlon» m. alluvium, alluvion. 

aUnvloiiiiaire, a. alluvial. 

aUuvlonnemeiit» m. alluviation. 

allyle» m. allyl. 

allylé, a, allyl. 

allyl^e» m. allylene. 

allylenare» m. a metallic derivative of allylene, 

allylenide (as, allylénure de mercure). 
aUyttQue, a. allyl. 
almaiiaeli» m. almanac. 
almandlne, /. (Min ) almandite, almandine. 
alodSt aloes* m. aloes, aloe. 

— cabaUin, caballine aloes, horse aloes. 

— dépuré, purified aloes. 

— hépatique des Barbadea, Barbados aloes. 

— Bocotrin (or aucotrin), Sokotrine aloes.' 
aloétine, /. aioétin. 

aloétique* a. à; m. aloetic. 

aloi» m. standard fineness, standard; alloy; 

alolne, /. aloin. 
alolque» a. aloetic. 
alonge» etc. See allonge, etc. 
akHrS9 adv. then, at that time, in that case. 

— Que, when; even if altho. 
jusqu* — , till then. 

alouette, /. lark. 

alourdir, v.t. render heavy; increase (weight); 
load (fabrics, paper, etc.) ; render dull. 

alonrdissemeiit, m. rendering heavy, etc. (see 
alourdir); heaviness, dullness. 

aloyage, m. bringing to standard fineness; al- 
loying; alloy. 

aloyer, v.t. bring (gold or silver) to standard 
fineness; alloy. 

aliiaca, alpaga, m. alpaca. 

Alpes, Alps. 

idpestre, a. Alpine; (Bot.) alpestrine, sub- 

alphabétique, a. alphabetic (al). 

alphabétiquement, adv. alphabetically. 

alphabétiser, v.t. alphabetise, alphabet. 

alphénie, alphœnix, m. alphenic, sugar candy. 

alphénoi, TO. a compound which is both an 
alcohol and a phenol, alphenol. 

idpin, a. Alpine, alpine. 

alquifoiix, m. (Ceram.) alquifou. 

alsacien, a. Alsatian. 

altérabilité, /. alterability. 

altérable, a. alterable; unstable; (of foods) 

tâiénnU pa. alterant; causing thirst; (Med.) 
alterative. — m. aM^nti^ÇMed.) alter- 
ative. Digitized by V^OOglt 




ftlténitlf» a. alterative. 

altératioil» /. alteration, adulteration, etc. (see 

altéré, p.a. altered, adulterated, etc. (see 

altérer, v.t. alter; specif., change for the worse, 
impair, spoil, adulterate (food), debase 
(coin) , disturb ; make thirsty. — v.r. alter, 
be altered, imdergo change, deteriorate, 
spoil. — v.i. excite thirst. 

alternance, /. alternation. 

alternant, p.a. alternating; alternate. 

alternateur, m. alternator. 

alternatif, a. alternate; alternative; (Elec.) 
alternating; (Mach.) reciprocating. 

alternation,/, alternation; (of crops) rotation. 

alternative, /. alternation; alternative. 

alternativement, adv. alternately, in succes- 

alterne, a. {Geom. & Bot.) alternate. 

alterner, v.t. alternate; rotate crops. 

althée, m. (Bot.) althea. 

althéine, /. altheine (asparagine). 

alude, /. {Leaiher) aluta. 

aludel, m. aludel. 

alulne, /. wormwood (old name). 

alnmelle, /. blade (of a knife or the like). 

alnmen, m. {Pharm.) alumen, alum. 

alumlnage, m. alumination; specif., (Dyeing) 
treatment with an aluminium mordant. 

alumlnalre, a. aluminiferous. 

alumlnate, m. aluminate. 

alumine, /. alumina. 

alumine, a. aluminous. 

alumlner, «..'. aluminate, aluminise. 

alumlnenx, a. aluminous. 

aluminium, m. almninium, ahiminum. 

alumlnlum-éthyle, m. aluminium ethyl. 

alumlnlumferroslllcium, m. an alloy of alu- 
minium, iron and silicon. 

alumlnlum-méthyle, m. aluminium methyl. 

alumlno-ferrlque, alumlno-ferruglneux, a. 
of or pertaining to aluminium and iron, 

alumlno-métallursle, /. alimiinometallurgy. 

alumlno-thermle, /. aluminothermy. 

alumlno-thermlque, a. aluminothermic. 

alun, m. alum. 

— ammoniacal, ammoniimi alum, ammonia 

— calciné t — brùU, burnt alum. 

— d^ammoniaque, anunonia alum, ammonium 

— de chroma, chrome alum. 

— de fer, iron alum. 

— de fer ammoniacal, ammonium iron alum. 

— de plume, feather alum (halotrichite, alun- 
ogen or epsomite). 

— de potasse, potash alum, potassium alum. 

— de roche, rock alum (Roman alum). 

alUB de Rome, Roman alum. 

— de solide, soda alum. 

— desséché, burnt alum. 

— ordinaire, common alum (potassium alum). 

— romain, Roman almn. 
alunage, m. aluming. 
alunatlon, /. preparation of alum. 
aluné, p.a. alumed, containing alum. 
aluner, v.t. alum. 

alunerie, /. alimi works. 

alunite, /. alimi pit; alum works. 

alunlf^re, a. alimiiniferous. 

alunite, /. (Afin.) alunite. 

alunogène, m. (Min.) alunogen. 

alute, /. (Leather) aluta. 

alvéolaire, a. alveolar. 

alvéole, m. <& f. cell, small cavity; socket; seat 
(mechanical sense) ; ,alveolus. 

alysson, alysse, m. (Bot.) Alyssum. 

Am, symbol for ammonium. 

amabilité, /. amiability, kindneas. 

amadou, m. amadou, punk, (German) tinder. 

amadouerie, /. amadou factory. 

amadouvier, m. tinder fungus; specif., tinder 
agaric (Polyporus igniarius). 

anudgri, p.a thhi, lean. 

amaigrir, v.t. make thin, thin, reduce; im- 
poverish (soil) ; (Ceram.) thin, lean (clay). 

— v.r. become thin or lean; shrink. 
anudgrlssant, p.a. making thin, etc. (see 

amaigrir). — m. (Ceram.) thinning agent, 

leaning material, 
amaigrissement, tn. growing thin or lean; loss 

of flesh, emaciation. 
anuilgamation, /. amalgamation. 
amalgame, m. amalgam. 
amalgamer, v.t. & i. amalgamate. 
anudgameur, m. amalgamator. 
anuinde, /. almond; kernel; nucleus. 

— amère, bitter almond. 

— douce, sweet almond. 
en — , almond-shaped. 

amande, a. containing or treated with almonds. 

— m. almond milk, milk of almonds. 
anuindine, /. a cosmetic having an almond 

base; (Org. Chem.) amandin. 

amanite, /. (Bot.) amanita. 

amant, m., anuinte, /. lover. 

amarante, /. amaranth. 

amarescent, a. bitterish, slightly bitter. 

amarine, /. amarine. 

amas, m. mass; heap; accimiulation; crowd; 
(Mining) pipe, pipe vein. 

amasser, v.t. amass, collect, gather, accumu- 
late. — v.r. collect, gather. 

amateur, m. lover; amateur. — a. fond (of), 
interested (in). 

amatl, p.a. mat, unpolished, deadened, dead. 

amatlr, v.t. mat, render mat, deaden, 

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MnUant, a. atmospheric; ambient, surround- 


amMsUy a. ambiguous. 

ambiguïté, /. ambiguity, ambiguousness. 

amblfl^meiit, adv. ambiguously. 

ambltloimer, v.t. aspire to. 

ambre» m. amber. 

— blanc, spermaceti. 

— gris, ambergris. 

— jqiunct yellow amber, ordinary amber. 
ambré, a. amber-colored, amber; ambered 

(perfumed with ambergris). 
ambrette, /. amber seed, musk seed, ambrette 

(seed of the abelmosk). 
ambrolde» m. ambroid. 

ambrolne, /. ambroln (an insulating material). 
ambrosle, /. (fiot) ragweed (Ambrosia). 
&me, /. core; (of firearms) bore; (of bellows) 

valve; soul. 

— de chargement^ loading tube. 
amélioratioii, /. improvement, betterment, 

aihelioration; (Metal.) a treatment of ore 
to improve its condition, as by exposure to 
the weather or to water. 

améliorer, v.t. improve, ameliorate; purify 
(metals) ; correct. — v.r. improve. 

aménage, m. (Com.) carriage. 

aménagement, m. management, etc. (see 
en — , in preparation, under construction. 

aménager, v.t. manage; prepare, fit up; saw 

amende, /. fine. 

amendement, m. improvement, amendment; 
(Agric.) amendment (a substance which 
improves the soil by modifying its physical 
properties rather than by supplying plant 
food; according to one authority anûnde- 
ment has been used to mean the amount 
of fertilizer necessary to replace the ma- 
terial removed by a crop). 

amender, v.t. improve, amend, reclaim; im- 
prove (soil) by the use of amendments (see 
amendement). — v.t. improve, mend. 

amenée,/, bringing, etc. (see amener); inlet, 
inflow, entrance. 

amenw, v.t. bring, lead, conduct, bring in, 
introduce, admit; lower (a flag). 

amenais^, v.t. make thin, reduce in size. 

amer, a. bitter. — m. bitter substance; (pi.) 
bitters; gall. 

— de bœuf, ox gall. 

— de Welter, — Welter, picric acid. 
américain, a. db m. American. 
Am^ique, /. America. 

— du Nord, du Centre (or centrale), du Sud, 
NorUi, Central, South America. 

amertame, /. bittmiess. 
maaàUxftàts m. amethyst. 

iTf 9.t (of soil) mçllow, loosen^ 



amenblissement, m. mellowing, loosemog (of 

ami, TO. friend. — a. friendly. 
amiantacé, a. amianthoid, amianthine. 
amiante, m. (fibrous) asbestos, amianthus. 

— platiné, platinized asbestos. 
amiante, p.a. covered or treated with asbestos; 

as, toile métallique amiantée (asbestos wire 

amiantln, a. asbestine, asbestos. 
amlantine, /. asbestos cloth. 
amibe, /. (Zoôl) ameba, amœba. 
amibolde, a. (Biol.) ameboid, amoeboid. 
amidase, /. amidase. 
amide, /. amide. 

— acétique, acetamide, acetic amide. 

— acide, acid amide. 

amide, a. amido; (when the substance is of the 
nature of an amine and not an amide) 
amino; (less correctly) anmiino (as, com- 
poses amides du chrome, anunino com- 
poimds of chromium). 

amide-alcali, to. alcalamide. 

amidlflcation, /. conversion into an amide, 

amidine, /. amidine (an aminoimino base); 
amicUn (from starch). 

amido-. amino-, amido- (should be translated 
amido- only when the compound is of 
amide nature, otherwise amino-). 

amidoasEoIque, a. aminoazo. 

amidogène, m. amidogen (the group NHs). 

amidol, to. (Photog. & Chem.) amidol. 

amidon, to. starch (especially in its industrial 
uses; cf. fécule). 

— nitrê, nitrated starch, nitro starch. 

— soluble, soluble starch. 

amidonné, p.a. starch; starched. 

amidonner, v.t. treat with starch, starch. 

amidonnerie, /. starch factory, starch works. 

amidonnler, to. starch maker, starch manu- 
facturer; starch dealer; a kind of grain 
similar to spelt. 

amidonnlère, /. a kind of kneading trough 
used in starch manufacture. 

amidophénol, m. aminophenol. 

amidnre, to. (metallic) amide; any compound 
(as HgjNHjCl) in which ammoniacal hy- 
drogen is replaced by a metal. 

aminci, p.a. made thin or thinner, thin; slen- 
der. — TO. any thin part of a device or 

amincir, v.t. make thin or thinner, reduce in 
thickness. — v.r. become thin. 

amincissement, to. making thin, etc. (see 

amine, /. amine. 

— acide, amino acid, acid amine. 
aminé, a. aminated, amino. 
amino^ne^ to. aminogen, amidc^en. 



amlnonaphtol, m. aminonaphthol. 

amlnophénoly m. aminophenol. 

amlniirée» /. substituted urea (formed from 
an amine). 

amitié* /. friendship; favor; attraction; (of 
colors) harmony. 

amméllne, /. ammeline. 

ammonal, m. (Expl.) ammonal. 

ammoniac» a. ammoniacal; ammoniac. 

ammoniacal, a. ammoniacal. 

ammonlacallté, /. ammoniacal quality. 

ammoniacaux, pi. maac. of ammoniacal. 

ammonlacé, a. ammoniated, ammoniacal. 

ammonlaco*. >= ammonico-. 

ammonlaco-cobaltlqae, a. of or pertaining 
to ammonium and cobalt. 

ammonlaco-magnésien, a. of or pertaining 
to ammonium and magnesium (as, pho9- 
phate ammoniaco-magnésien, ammonium 
magnesium phosphate). 

ammonladynamlte,/. (^xpl.) ammonia dyna- 

ammonlagélatlne,/. (Expl.) ammonia gelatin. 

ammoniaque, /. ammonia. 

— composée^ (Qrg. Chem.) ammonia deriva- 

— liquide^ liquid ammonia. 

— liquide officinalct (Pharm.) ammonia 
water, aqua ammoniœ. 

ammonlate, m. ammoniate. 

anunonlco-. A combining form used in com- 
pound adjectives to denote ammonium, 

ammonlcomanganeux, a. of or pertaining to 
ammonium and bivalent manganese (as, 
phosphate ammonicomanganeuxt ammo- 
niimi manganous phosphate). 

ammonlcosodlque, a. of or pertaining to 
anunonium and sodium. 

ammonlé, a. ammoniated. 

ammonlo-. ammonio-, of ammonia or am- 

ammonlo-lridlque, a. of or pertaining to 
anunonia and iridium. 

ammonlo-métalllque, a. of or pertaining to 
anunonium and a metal. 

ammonlo-platlnlque, a. of or pertaining to 
ammonia and platinum. 

ammonium, m. anunonium. 

ammonlure, m. ammoniate. 

amniotique, a. amniotic. 

amoindrir, v.t. éb r. diminish, decrease. 

amollir, v.t. & f. soften; weaken. 

amome, m. {Bat.) Amomum. 

amonceler, v.t. & r. pile up, accumulate, amass. 

amorçage, m. priming, etc. (see amorcer). 

amorce, /. priming, primer; fuse; beginning, 
opening, entrance; bait; allurement; 
{Drawing) sketching, indication. — a. 
priming, starting, (of a burner) pilot. 

— d étinedUtf high-tension fuse. 



amorce d friction^ friction primer. 

— d percueaion^ percussion primer. 

— cirée, wax primer. 

— d*âme, central primer. 

— de quantité, quantity fuse, low-tension 

— de tension, high-tension fuse. 

— périphérique, rim-fire primer. 

— vcltalque, low-tension fuse. 
amorcement, m. priming, etc. (see amorcer). 
amorcer, v.t. prime (a gim, a siphon, etc.); 

start (as a pump, a djmamo, crystalliza- 
tion); (TecA.) make ready in some way; 

amorceur, m. primer; starter; baiter. — a. 
priming, starting. 

amorçolr, m. primer box; an instrument for 
beginning holes, as a center bit. 

amordancer, v.t. mordant. 

amorphe, a. amorphous. 

amorphic, /. amorphism. 

amorti, p.a. deadened, etc. (see amortir). 

amortir, v.t. deaden; damp (vibrations); re- 
duce in intensity, tone down, diminish, 
weaken; pay, pay for, liquidate, amortise. 

amortissement, m. deadening, etc. (see amor- 
tir); amortization; finishing ornament, 
coping, finial. 

amortisseur, m. deadener, damper, etc. (see 
amortir); (E2ec.) dimmer; shock absorber. 

amoullle, /. colostrum of cows, beestings. 

amouler, v.t. grind (on a grindstone). 

amour, m. love. 

amour-propre, m. self-love, self-esteem. 

amovible, a. removable; revocable. 

amperage, m. {Elec.) amperage. 

ampère, m. (Elec.) ampere. 

ampère-heure, m. (Elec.) ampere hour. 

ampèremètre, m. (filec.) ammeter, ampere- 

amphibie, a. amphibious. — m. amphibian. 

amphibole, /. {Min.) amphibole. 

amphlbollte, /. {Pdrog.) amphibolite. 

amphlgène, a. {Bot. A Old Chem.) amphi- 
genous. — m. amphigen. 

amphitheatre, m. auditorium, lecture hall; 

amphore, /. amphora. 

amphotère, a. amphoteric. 

amplement, adv. amply, fully. 

ampleur, /. ampleness, breadth, fullness. 

ampliation, /. copy, duplicate. 
pour — , true copy (an official certification). 

ampUflant, p.a. amplifsdng; {OpHa) mag- 

amplificateur, a. amplifying; enlarging; ex- 
aggerating. — m. amplifier; {Photog.) en- 
larging camera. 

ampUficatlf» a. amplif3ring; {Optics) 

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«/.amplification; magnificatiMi. 

unpUflcmtrlce, /em. of amplificateur. 

amplUler» v.t. amplify; magnify; exaggerate. 

amplltade, /. amplitude. 

ampoule» /. bulb; a bulbous vessel (see the 
phrases below); (Pharm.) ampoule; blis- 
ter; ampulla. 

— à brome, bromine funnel, dropping fimnel. 

— à déoarUaiion, — à decanUr, separating 

— d rcbinet, dropping funnel; separating 

— eompte-çouUett medicine dropper. 

— de Crookes, Crookes tube. 
ampoule, a. blistered; (of style) turgid. 
ampooler, v.t. blister. 
ampooletto» /. Diminutive of ampoule. 
amnsant, p.o. amusing, entertaining. 
amusement, tn. amusement; pretext; trifling. 
anmser, v.t. amuse; deceive; waste. 
amygdale, /. tonsil. 

amysdaUD, a. amygdaline (of or pertaining to 

almonds); tonsillar. 
amygdaUne, /. amygdalin (the gluooside). 
amygdaliqae» a. amygdalic. 
amygdaloide, a. amygdaloid, amygdaloidal. 
amytoeé, a. amylaceous, starchy. 
amyiaoétique, a. In the phrase ilher amyl- 

aceUque, amyl acetate. 
amiylamlne, /. amylamine. 
amylase, /. amylase. 
amylaaoteui, a. In the phrase ither amylazo- 

teuXf amyl nitrite. 
amynwomliydrlqae, a. In the phrase ether 

amvlbromKydriquet amyl bromide. 
amylchlorliydrlqae, a. In the phrase ether 

amyUhlorhydnque, amyl chloride. 
amj^m. amyL 
amylêne, m. amylene. 
amyMDrmlqae, a. In the phrase ether amyl- 

fortnique, amyl fonxMte. 
amyttodhydfiqae, a. In the phrase ither 

amyiùxihydrique, amyl iodide. 
amjilqae, a. amyl; (of fermentation) amylio. 
amylnltreui, a. » amylazoteux. 
amylolde, /. amyloid. — a. amyloid, amyl- 

amylolytlqae, a. amylolytio. 
amylopectlne, /. amylopectin. 
amylose, /. amylose. 
an, m. year. 
anacarde, m. fruit of the cashew, including the 

hypocarp (cashew apple) and nut (cashew 

nut); anacardium. 
anacardier, m. (Bot.) anacardium. 
anaéfoMe, a. (Bad.) anaërobio. — m. anae- 
analgésie» analgie, /. analgesia, analgia. 
analgislne» analglne» /. analgesine (anti- 


analgésique» analglque» a. A m. analgese, 

analogie, /. analogy. 
analogique, a. analogic, analogical. 
analogiquement, adv. analogically. 
analogue, a. analogous. — m. analog. 
analysable, a. analysable. 
analyse, /. analsrsis. 

— chimique, chemical analysis. 

— élémentaire, elementary analysiSf ultimate 

— immédiate, proxipiate analysis. 

— epectrale, spectrum analysis. 
analyser, v.t. analyse. 
analyseur, m. analyser; analyst. 
analyste, m. analyst. — a. analsrtioaL 
analytique, a. analytic, analytioaL — /. ana- 


analytlquement, adv. anabrtically. 

ananas, m. pineapple, ananas. 

anaphylactique, a. anaphylactic 

anaphjiatoilne, /. anaphylatoxin. 

anapliylaile, /. anaphyhuds. 

anastlgmat(e), -maàque, a. anastigmatio. 

anastigmat, m. anastigmat. 

anastomose, /. anastomosis. 

anastomoser, v.r. anastomose. 

anate, /. annatto(?). 

anatomic, /. anatomy. 

anatomlque, a. anatomical, anatomic 

ancêtres» ancestors, forefathers. 

anchuse, /. (Bot.) any plant of the genus 
Anchtiaa, bugloss, oxtongue. 

ancien, a. ancient; old; former, late, ex-; old- 
fashioned. — m. ancient; old person; 

anciennement, adv. anciently, of old; 

ancienneté, /. age; seniority; antiquity. 

ancolle, /. (Bot.) columbine. 

ancrage, m. anchorage. 

anm, /. anchor. 

ancrw, v.t. anchor; brace; fix, establish. 

andalous, andakmslen, a. Andalusian. 

andalouslte, /. (Min.) andalusite. 

andésite, /. (Petrog.) andésite. 

andorlte, /. (Min.) andorite. 

andropogon, m. (Bot.) Andropogon, andro- 

-ane. (Org. Chem.) in the names of aaiurated 
hydrocarbons and heterocyclic parent com- 
poimds, -ane; in other cases, -an; as, 
ethane, ethane; furfurane, furan, furfuran; 
uréthane, urethan. 

ftne, m. ass, donkey. 

anéantir, v.t. annihilate, destroy, abolish, an- 
nul; prostrate. 

anéantissement, m. annihilation, etc. (see 
anéantir). ^ t 

anélectrique» a, aaeleotrieoOOgie 



mnémley /. anemia, anatmia. 
anémlqae» a. anemic, anœmio. 
anémone» /. (JBot.) anemone. 
an^olde, a. A m. aneroid. 
ftnesge, /. she-ass. 

lait d' — , ass's milk. 
mnesthéslant, a. anesthetic. 
mnesthésie, /. anesthesia. 
mnesthésier, v.t. anesthetize. 
anestliéslqiie» a. A m. anesthetic. 
Mieth, mnet, m. (Bot.) Anethum. 

— odorant, dill (Anethum oraveolens). 
mnéthol, m. anethole. 

mnge» m. angel; angel fish. 

angéUqne» a. angelic. — /. angelica (Angelica 

snglne, /. (Med.) angina. 
sisals, a. English. — m. English Oanguage). 
Anglais, m. Englishman. 
ani^ m. angle. 

— aigu, acute angle. 

— critique, critical angle. 

— d'équerre, right angle. 

— dièdre, dihedral angle. 

— i^oit, right angle. 

— optique, optic angle. 

— plan, plane angle. 

— rapporteuri protractor. 

— relevé, observed angle. 

— irièdre, trihedral angle. 
anglésite, /. (Min.) anglesite. 
Angletem, /. England. 
angoissant p.a. distreseâng. 
angoisse, /. anguish; spasm. 
anguille, /.eel. 
angulaire, a. angular; corner. 
angnlairement, adv. angularly. 
angoK, a. angular, angulated. 
angaleiix,a. angular. 

angostore, /. angustura bark, angustura. 
anhydrate, m. anhydride. 
anhydre, a. anhydrous. 
anhydride, m. anhydride. 

— acétique, acetic anhydride. 

— azoteux, nitrous anhydride. 
anyhdrlller, v.r. become anhydrous. 
anhydrisatlon, /. dehydration. 
anhydrite, /. (Min.) anhydrite. 
anhygrométriqne, a. not hygroscopic. 
anittdare, m. anilide. 

anUlne, /. aniline. 
animal, a. A m. animal. 
anlmalisatlon, /. animalisation. 
anlmallsé, p.a. animalised; animal. 
animallser, v.t. animalize. 
anlmi^lé, /. animality, animal natiure or life. 
animateur, a. animating. 
animatrice, fern, of animateur. 
, pi. mase. of animal. 
/. animé, gum animé. — p.p. of animer. 


', v.t. animate; set or keep in motion, 
impel, drive; heighten (colon); incite. 
anion, m. anion. 
anis, m. anise. 

— étoile, star anise. 

— vert, anise, aniseed. 

anisateur, m. an apparatus used in making a 
distilled liquor flavored with anise. 

aniser, v.t. anisate, flavor with anise. 

anisette, /. anisette. 

anislne, /. anisine. 

anislqne, a. anisic; (of the alcohol) anisyL 

anisol, m. anisole. 

anisoteope, a. anisotropic. 

annales, /.pi. annals. 

Ann. cUm. phys., abbrev. Annales de chimie 
et de physique. 

annean, m. ring; link, hoop, band, cdlar, (cir- 
cular) rim, (ring-shaped) hûidle; loop; 
coil; ringlet; (Elec.) ring armature. 
à —, with ring, ringed. 

— henzènique, bensene ring. 

— de sûreté, EAfety ring. 

— fiotUvT, floating ring, ring float. 
ann^ /. year. 

annelet, m. small ring, ringlet, annulet. 

annexe, /. annex; appendage; attachment; 
fitting. — a. annexed, attached. 

annexer, v.t. annex. 

annihiler, v.t. annihilate, destroy, annul. 

annlTOTsalre, a. A m. anniversary. 

annonce,/, announcement; notice; advertise* 
ment; sign. 

annoncer, v. t. announce; tell, declare, pub- 
lish; advoiise; show, indicate. 

annotnr, v.t. note down; annotate. 

annnaire, m. yearbook, annual; directory 

anna^ a. annual, yearly. 

annnellement, adv. annually, yearly. 

annulaire, a. annular; ring (finger). 

annuler, v.t. annul, cancel; nullify, paralyse. 

anode, /. anode. 

anodin, a. anodsme, soothing; tame, spiritless. 
— m. anodsme. 

anodique, a. (Elec.) anodic, anode. 

anomal, a. anomalous. 

anomaUe, /. anomaly. 

anone, /. (JBot.) Annona. 

anonym, a. anonymous; joint-stook (com- 

anormal, a. abnormal. 

anormalement, adv. abnormally. 

anorthlque, a. (Min.) anorthic (triclinio). 

anotto, m. annatto. 

anoxhémie, /. (Med.) anoxemia. 

anse, /. handle (attached at both ends); loop; 
small bay, inlet; (Mach.) slot, kejrway. 

— à vis, screw eye. 

— de panier, basket handle; a curve oomr 
posed of arcs of three circles. 




tr» t.t. furniah with a handle. 

ansette, /. small handle. 

antaconiste» a. antagonistio. 

antéeédemment» <uiv. previously, antece- 

aiiteiiiie« /. antenna; catch, hook; (of a tor- 
pedo) striker. 

sntMeur, o. anterior, front, fore; anterior, 
prior, previous. 

mxktMeareauintf <uiv. previously, anteriorly. 

uitérkMité, /. priority, anteriority. 

sntheliiiliitliiqae, a. A m. anthelmintic. 

anthocjrmne, m. anthocyanin, anthocyan. 

mntbocymnlne, /. anthocyanin. 

anthmctee, m. anthracene. 

anihracène-earbonlqae, a. anthracenecar- 

anthmcénique» a. anthracene, of anthracene. 

anttumcéno-disiilfoné, a. anthracenedisul- 

antbraeéiio-Biilfoiié, a. anthracenesulfonic. 

antliiaeliie, /. anthracene. 

antliraclfère» a. anthraciferous. 

anthracite, m. anthracite. 

anthradteni» a. anthradtic, anthracitous. 

anthradttfere, a. anthracitiferous, anthracif- 

anthracnose, /. (Bot.) anthracnose. 

anthraeomètee» m. anthracometer. 

anthragallol, m. anthraigallol. 

anthranillqae, a. anthranilic. 

anthranol, m. anthranol. 

anthraqalnoiie, /. anthraquinone. 

anthraraflne, /. anthrarufin. 

anthiol, m. anthrol. 

antiaeide, a. & m. antacid. 

untlalraHn, a. & m. antalkahne. 

antlasphjnlaiit» a. antiasphyxiatin^. 

antlcalcalre» m. boiler compound, scale re- 

antlcathode, /. anticathode. 

anttehlore» m. antichlor. 

antidpatioii» /. anticipation; {Com:) ad- 

anticiper, tX. anticipate. 

antlcombnstible, a. A m. incombustible. 

anti-confélant, a. antifreezing. — m. anti- 
freesing agent. 

anticorps, m, antibody. 

antidéperditeur, antidêperditlf, a. {Med.) 
diminishing waste due to lack of assimila- 

antIdéraiMint, a. nonskidding, nonskid. — m. 
a nonskid tire (Mr device. 

antifébrine» /. antifebrin (acetanilide). 

antiferment, m. antiferment. 

anttfermentesclble, a. antifermentative; non- 
fermenting. — m. antifermentative; non- 
formenting substance. 

aati-aocalant, a. antiflocculating. 

antlfondant, m. {Ceram.) a substance which 
checks or prevents fusion, anti-flux. 

antifriction, a. antifriction. — /. antifriction 
alloy, antifriction metal. 

antigène, m. antigen. 

antitaypnotiqae, a. A m. antihypnotio. 

antt-incrostant, a. scale-preventing. 

antimammonlaque, /. stibine. 

antimoine, m. antimony. 

— cru, iPhwrtn.) antimony sulfide. 

— diaphorétique, {Pharm.) diaphoretic anti- 
mony (an acid potassium antimonate fwm- 
ing a white, insoluble powder). 

— sulfuré, antimony sulfide. 
antimonlal, a. & m. antimonial. 
antimoniate, m. antimonate, antimoniate. 

— qrenu de potasse, dihydrogen potassium 
pyroantimonate (a granular powder, 
HjK«Sbj07 . ôHîO). 

antimonlde, a. A m. antimonial. 

antimonié, a. containing antimony, antimon- 
ial; antimoniuretted (hydrogen). 

antimonleux, a. antimonious, antimonous. 

antimonlnc, m. antimonin (a lactate of cal- 
cium and antimony used in tanning). 

antimoniqae, a. antimonic. 

antUnonite, n. antimonite. 

antimonlure, m. antimonide. 

antinéplirétique, a. A m. antinephritio. 

antinevralglqae, a. A tn. antineuralgic. 

antiparasitaire, a. A m. antiparasitic. 

antipiilogistlqae, a. A m. antiphlogistic. 

antiplastique, a. antiplastic. 

antiputride, a. antiputrefactive, antiseptic. 

— m. an antiputrefactive substance. 
antipyrétique, a. A m. antipjrretic. 
antipyrine, /. antipyrine. 
antique, a. antique; antiquated. 
antiquité, /. antiquity. 
antfrhumatisant^ a. A m. antirheumatic. 
anti-rouille, a. anti-rust. 
antisepsie, /. antisepsis. 
antiseptique, a. A m. antiseptic. 
antiserum, m. antisenmi. 
antithermique, a. (Med.) antithermic, anti- 

antitlièse, /. antitheds. 

antitoiine, /. antitoxin. 

antitoxique, a. antitoxic. 

antivénéneux, a. counteracting poison, anti- 
toxic, alexipharmic. — m. antipoison, anti- 

antiYénérien, a. antivenereal, antis^rphilitic. 

antivermineux, a. A m. anthelmintic, vermi- 

antisymique, a. A m. antizymotic, antisymic. 

antracène, m. anthracene. 

antre, m. cave, cavern, den; (AtuU.) antrum. 

anurie, /. {Med.) amuia. 

Aiifers, n. Antw^^.^^^ ^^ GoOglc 



aniKte, /. anxiety. 

anxieiii* a. anxious. 

aorte, /. {AtuU.) aorta. 

aoAty in. August; harvest. 

moùtat, v.L, r. A i. ripen. 

iqmlser, v.t. appease, pacify, calm, allay. 

AiMtoehes, /.p<. Appalachians. 

apmefoir, v.t. A r. perceive, notice, see. 

mpwçoit» pr. s sing, of apercevoir. 

mperçu» p.a. perceived, etc. (see apercevoir) . 

— m. glance, (rapid) view, rough estimate, 
outline, sketch. 

mpériodiqae, a. aperiodic. 

MpMtUf a. stimulating the appetite; (Med.) 
aperient, aperitive. — m. appetiser, apér- 
itif; (Med.) aperient, aperitive. 

mpfaanlte, /. (Petrog.) aphanite. 

mphlogtotlqae» a. aphlogistic, flameless. 

mphiodislMiae, o. & m. (Med.) aphrodisiac. 

mi^l, m. apiole, apioL 

midaiilr» v.t. make smooth or level, smooth. 

— t.r. become smooth or level, be leveled. 
mplAiiissemeiity m. making smooth, etc. (see 

aplanir) ; smoothness, evenness. 

mplastlQiie, a. aplastic. 

midst, m. flat tint. 

aidati» p.a. flattened, flat; oblate (spheroid); 

mplfttir» v.t. flatten; debase. — v.r. be flattened, 
become flat, flatten; fall, sink. 

midatlssage, m. flattening. 

mplatlsseiiieiit, m. flattening; flatness. 

midatisgerle, midatlssoire, /. flatting mill, roll- 
ing mill. 

mplomb» m. perpendicular, perpendicularity, 
plumb; equihbrium, balance; self-posses- 
<f — ,, upright, plumb; perpendicularly, in 
plumb; in equilibrium. 

apostroirfne» /. apatropine. 

apomorphlne» /. apomorphine. 

mposorblqae, a. aposorbic. 

apothlcftire, m. apothecary. 

mpothlcalrerle, /. apothecary's shop; dispen- 

mpôtre, m. apostle. 

aposème» m. (Pharm.) infusion. 

apparattee» v.t. appear; be clear, be evident. 

appareil» m. apparatus; machine, device, 
equipment; (ceremonious) preparation; 
pomp; (surgical) dressing; style of con- 
struc^on; course (of stone, etc.); (ol 
bricks) bond. 

— à chargement^ charging apparatus. 

— à ehioret chlorine apparatus. 

— à eoionne, (DistQling) column apparatus, 

— à fiammeê, (MU.) flame projectors. 

— à pluie, shower apparatus, sprinkling 


à prélèvement de gaz, (Mil.) gas 
respirators or masks. 

- à (or de) ruiaseUement, trickling apparatus. 

- broyeur, crushing (or grinding) apparatus, 
crusher, grinder. 

- casaeur, breaking (or crushing) apparatus, 
breaker, crusher, stamp mill. 

- eoncaseeur, » appareil casseur. 
■coupeur, cutting apparatus, cutting ma- 
chine, cutter. 

- d'alimentation, (Mach.) feed gear. 
■d'aUumage, lighting apparatus; igniting 

■d&Hmrbeur, cleansing apparatus, washing 
apparatus, washer. 

- de chauffage, heating apparatus, heater. 
-de cinglage, (Metal.) angling machine, 

■ d'édairage, lighting apparatus; lighting 

- de coulée, casting (or founding) apparatus 
or equipment. 

-de découpage, cutting apparatus, cutting 
machine, cutter. 

- de grenage, granulating apparatus or ma- 
chine, granulator. 

-de lavage, washing apparatus, washing 
machine, washer. 

- de lessivage, leaching apparatus, lixiviation 

- de euceion, suction apparatus. 

- de sûreté, safety device. 

- d'extinction, fire extinguisher. 

- dialyaeur, dialyzing apparatus. 

- diatiUatoire, distilling apparatus. 

- étalon, calibrating apparatus, calibrator. 

- frigorifique, refrigerating apparatus, refrig- 

■générateur, generating apparatus, genera- 

- graiaaeur, lubricating apparatus or device, 

■ malaxeur, an apparatus for mixing or 
working pasty material, mixer, beater, mal- 
axator, etc. 

• moteur, (Mach.) driver. 
■photographique, photographic apparatus; 
specif., camera. 

• producteur, (for gases) generating appara- 
tus, generator. 

■propulaeur, propelling apparatus, propel- 

- protecteur, protecting (or protective) de- 
vice or apparatus. 

- récoUeur, collecting apparatus. 

- SchUt, (MU.) a kind of flame projector. 

- acHdificateur, solidifying apparatus, solidi- 

- Stromboa, (Mil.) Strombos hosn, Strombos 
gas alarm.Digitized by LjOOQ it 




àiipu«a trieWf sorting apparatus, sorter, 

appareUlage, m. equipment: matching; prep- 
aration; bonding, bond (of bricks, etc.). 

mppAreiller, v.(. match; prepare; dress (cloth). 

apparemmeiit» adv. apparently. 

apparence, /. appearance; probability; trace. 

anMmnt, a. apparent; conspicuous; plaus- 

apparitloii,/. appearance; apparition. 

appartement» m. apartment, suite of rooms. 

appartenant, p.a. belonging, appertaining. 

appartenir, v.i. belong; concern, be the prov- 
ince (oO, be the duty (of). 

appartient, pr. s sing, of appartenir. 

apparu, p.p. of apparaître. 

apparut, p.def. S wig. of apparaître. 

appauvri, p.a. impoverished, exhausted. 

appauvrir, v.t. impoverish, exhaust. — v.r> ^pprls, p.p of apprendre. 

become poor or poorer; deteriorate. 

appauvrissement, m. impoverishment, ex- 
haustion. • 

appel, m. call; appeal; tension, pull; (of air) 
draft; ventilation; roll call; challenge. 

— par v^ateur, — vibrer (fUee.) busier. 
appelé, p.a. called, etc. (see appeler). 
appeler, v.t. call; call for, require; draw, drive 

(air, etc.); announce. — v.t. appeal; call; 
(of a chimney) draw. — v.r. be called. 

appendice, m. appendix; appendage, projec- 
tion, stud, etc. 

appesantir, v.t. make heavy, weigh down; dull. 

— v.r. become heavy; be oppressed; dwell, 
insist (upon). 

appéttssant, a. appetising, tempting. 
aw^U^ *n. i^petite. 
awlMidlssement, m. applause; praise. 
amdlcftble, a. applicable. 
apidleateur, m. (Wine) pasteuriser. 
application, /. application; posting (of bills). 
applique, /. something applied or aflSxed, 

mounting, setting, reinforce, inlay, etc.; 

(lÀghting) bracket fixture, bracket. 
mpifikuaé, p.a. Implied; attentive. 
appliquer, v.t. i4>ply; post (bills). —t.r. be 

applied; apply; apply oneself. — v.t. 

require application. 
appoint, m. balance, remainder, difference, 

amount over; (Explosives) priming charge. 
appointements, m. pi. salary, pay. 
appointer, v.t. point, sharpen to a point; tack, 

stitch; salary. 
apport, m. contribution (as to the capital of a 

company); deposit (of documents). 
apporter, v. t. bring; contribute; adduce, cite; 

apply, use. 

r, v.t affix, append, add. 

/. affixing, etc. (see apposer); 

apptéelalile» a. appreciable. 

appréciateur, m. estimator, valuer, apprecia- 
tor; specif., a kind of hydrometer. 

appréciation, /. estimation, measurement, 
valuation; appreciation. 

apprécier, v. t. estimate, value; appreciate. 

apivenant, of apprendre. 

apprendre, v.Meam; teach; inform. 

apinennent, pr. S pi. indie. A subj. of appren- 

apprenti, m. A f. apprentice. 

apprentissage, m. apprenticeship; practice. 

apprêt, m. dressing, finishing, finish; sizing; 
priming; preparation; affectation. 

i^lHretage, m. dressing, finishing. 

appréter,v.f. dress, finish; prepare. 

apprêteur, m. dresser, finisher. 

apprêteuse, /. dresser, finisher; (Paper) ealen- 
dOTs, surfacing rolls. 

approliatlon, /. approval, approbation. 

approchant, a. like, somewhat like, near, ap- 
proximate. — adv. nearly, about. — 
of approcher. 

approche, /. i^inroadi. 

api^oché, p.a. approximate; brought near, etc. 
(see approcher). 

approcher, v.t. bring or place near or nearer, 
bring up; approach. — v.r. & t. approach, 
be near. 

approfondi, p.a. deepened, etc. (see approfon- 
dir); profound. 

api^ofondlr, v.t. deepen; go deeply into, study 
prof ouncUy, fathom. — v.r. deepen; stw^ 

approfondissement, m. deepening; profound 

approprié, p. a. appropriate, suitable; appro- 
priated, etc. (see approprier). 

approprier, v. t. appropriate; adapt, suit; put 
in order, fix up. 

apinouver, v.t. approve, improve of, sanction. 

approvisionnement, m. supplsring, supply, 

approvisionner, v.t. supply. 

api^oxlmatlf, a. approximate. 

api^oxlmation, /. approximation. 

approximativement, adv. approximately. 

approzlmer, v.t. approximate. 

appui, m. support (in various senses); prop, 
stay, rest; fulcrum; balustrade; rail; sill; 
emphasis, stress; pressure, impress. 

appuie, pr.îdtS sing, of appuyer. 

appui-main, m. support for the hand, hand 

appuyer, v.t. support; prop, lean, rest; base. 
— v.r. be supi$orted, lean, rely (on). — v.t. 
be supported, rest; bear, press (on); dwell, 
insist (on). 

ftpre, a. acrid, tart; han^ rough; .fierce, vio- 
lent; greed^gitizedbyCjOOgle 




ftlNremeiit» adt. acridly, etc. (see âpre). 

m^ès, prep, after; behind, beyond; about, at; 
against, upon. — adv. after, afterward, 
d' — , acoordhig to, after; following, next. 

mprès-dematii, adv. day after tomorrow. 

mprès-cuerre, n. (period) after the war. 

mprès-midi, /. & m. afternoon. 

ftiveté» /. acridity, etc. (see âpre). 

apside»/, apsis; {Arch.) apse. 

apte, a. capable; qualified, fit. 

aptitude, /. capability, capacity, aptitude. 

apsre, a. infusible; incombustible. 

aquarelle, /. water-^olor painting. 

aquedue, aqueduc, m. aqueduct. 

aqueux, a. aqueous; watery. 

aqulfère» a. water-bearing, aquiferous. 

aquoslté, /. aqueousncss; wateriness, aquoe- 

arabe, a. Arabic; Arabian. 

Arable, /. Arabia. 

arablne, /. arabin (arable add). 

arablnose, n. arabinoee. 

arabique, a. arable. 

arablte, /. arabitol, arabite. 

arabonlque, a. arabonio. 

arae, m. arrack. 

arachide» /. peanut (Arachia hypogcoa and re- 
lated species) ; (fiot.) Arachis. 

arachidlque, o. arachidic. 

araclilne, /. arachin. 

arack, m. arrack. 

angonite, /. (Aftn.) aragonite. 

araignée, /. spider; spider's web. 

aralle, /. (Bot.) Aralia. 

— ^neuae, Hercules'-club (A. spinoaa). 

— nue, wild sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicatUia) 
araser, v.t. level; be flush with. 
aratoire, a. farming, agricultural. 
arbaclne, /. arbacine. 

arbitraire» a. arbitrary. — m. arbitrariness. 

arbitralremeiit, adv. arbitrarily. 

arliorer, v.t. raise, hoist. 

arlioresceiit, a. arborescent; branched (chain) 

arborisatton, /. arborization, dendrite. 

arliorisé, a. arborized. 

arbouse» /. arbutus fruit, arbutus berry. 

arlioasier, m. (Bot.) arbutus. 

— commun, strawberry tree (A. unedo). 
arbre, m. tree; (Mach.) shaft, spindle, axis, 

axle, arbor; roast. 

— à cames, cam shaft. 

— à cire, wax tree, esp. the wax myrtle 

— à manivelle, crank shaft. 

— à noyau, (Founding) core spindle. 

— à perruque, fustet (Cotiniu eoHnue). 

— à euif, tallow tree; wax myrtle. 

— à vermiUon, kermès, kermès oak (Quercua 

— condé, cranked shaft, cranked axle. 

arbre creux, hollow shaft; hollow tree. 

— debout, upright shaft, vertical shaft or 

— de couche, horizontal shaft; main shaft. 

— de Diane, arbor Dianœ, arborescent silver. 

— de haute futaie, forest tree, timber tree. 

— de Saturne, arbor Satumi, arborescent lead. 

— de tour, lathe spindle, mandrel. 

— du communicateur, gearing shaft. 

— du tiroir, eccentric shaft. 

— fruitier, fruit tree. 

— intermédiaire, countershaft. 

— moteur, driving shaft, main shaft. 

— philosophique, arbor Dianœ. 
arbrisseau, m. shrub, bush (of considerable 

arbue, /. clay used as a flux. 
arbuste, m. shrub, bush (of small siie). 
arbutlne, /. arbutin. 
arc, m. arc; arch; bow. 

— voUaSlque, voltaic arc, electric arc. 
arcade, /. curved part, arch, bbw (as of a sad- 
dle); arcade. 

arcane, m. arcanum. 

arcanne, /. ruddle, red ocher. 

arcanson, m. rosin. 

arc-boutant, m. buttress, stay, prop; fljonc 

arc-bouter, v.t. buttress, prop, brace. 
arceau, m. arch, small arch. 
arc-en-del, m. rainbow. 
archal, m. brass (in the phrase fU d'arehal, 

brass wire). 
archangélique, /. (Bot.) angelica. 
arche, /. fire chamber, furnace, arch; arch (of 

other kinds) ; ark. 

— à pots, (Glass) a furnace in which the pots 
are given a preliminary heating. 

— à tirer, (Olaaa) annealing furnace for cylin- 

archée, /. (Alchemy) archeus. 

archet, m. curved part, bow, arch; (violin) 

archl-. arch-. 

archives, archives; record office. 
arctique, a. arctic. 
ardemment, adv. ardently. 
ardent, a. burning, biasing, glowing; ardent; 

(of colors) bright, vivid; (of hair) red, 

sandy; spirited. — nt. ignis fatuus. 
ardeur, /. ardor; (of colors) vividness; (Med.) 

sensation of heat; mettle. 

— d'eatomae, heartbiun. 

— d'urine, ardor urinœ, scalding of the urine. 
ardillon, m. tongue (of a buckle). 
ardoise, /. slate; slate color. 

ardoisé, p.a. slate-colored; slated. 
ardoiser» v.t. render slate-colored; slate. 
ardoiseux» ardoisler, a. oi or hk^jslate, slaty. 
T ardoisière, /. slate quarry^ OO^ 





aidotelll» a. resembling slate. 

arda» a. arduous, steep, difficult. 

ardulté, /. arduouaness. 

we, m. are (100 square meters or 1 19.6 sq. yds.) . 

aree, aiéca, m. ÇBot.) areoa. 

aréfiMtioii» /. diying, desiccation. 

arénacée» a. arenaceous, sandy. 

arénatton» /. sanding; (Med.) arenation. 

arène, /. sand; arena; (pi.) amphitheater. 

aréner, v.%. dk r. sink, sag. 

areneux, a. sandy, arenose. 

aréolalre, a. areolar. 

aréole, /. areola. 

aréomètre, m. hydrometer, areometer. 

— chercheur, exploring hydrometer, explor- 
ing q>indle (to indicate which of a set of 
iQ>indlee is to be used). 

aréoinétrte, /. hydrometry, areometry. 
aréométrique, a. hydrometric, areometric. 
arête, /. edge; ridge; awn, beard (of grain); 
(fish) bone; (Arch.) arris. 

— de poieson, (Tech.) herring bone. 

— mousse, rounded edge. 

— etve, sharp edge. 

à vives arêtes, sharp-edged. 
-itfSéiiione, /. (Bot.) prickly poppy (Argemone). 
argent, m. silver; money. 

— ccimé, (Min.)ham silver (cerargsnite). 

— ftdminarU, fi^iinating silver; specif., sil- 
ver fulminate. 

— raffiné, refined silver. 
argentage, m. silvering, «diver plating. 
argental, a. containing silver, argental (as, 

mercure argental, argental merciuy, a native 
silver amalgam). 
argentan, m. argentan, German silver (an alloy 
of copper, nickel and sine). 

— au manganèse, an alloy of copper, nuui- 
ganese and sine. 

argenté, p.a. silvered; silvery, silvowhite. 

argenter, v.t silver. 

argentnley /. silver ware, silver plate. 

argent^ir, m. silverer. 

argentifère, o. argentiferous, containing silver. 

argMlttn, a. silvery, silver. 

argentine, /. argentine (in various senses); 

q;>eoif., powdered tin, used to give a silvery 

coating on fabrics. 
argmttque, a. of silver, silver, argentic. 
argmton, m. an alloy of copper, nickel and tin. 
argenture, /. silvering, silver plating. 

— Hectra^imigue, — galvanique, electrosilver- 

ing, silver electroplating. 
argilaeé, a. argillaceous, clayey. 
argile, /. day. 

— à façonner, potter's clay. 

— d fougère, slate clay. 

— à porcelaine, kaolin, porcelain clay. 

— pauvre, lean day. 

— plastique, plastio day, potter's clay. 

argUe rêfractaire, refractory clay, fire clay. 

— schisteuse, slate clay. 

— smeclique, fuller's earth. 
argUeux, a. clayey, day, argillaceous. 
argfUère, /. clay pit. 

argillfère, a. argilliferous. 
arglUte» /. argilite. clay slate. 
arglllaeé, a. argillaceous, clayey. 
argilowdcalin, a. containing clay and alkali, 

argUo-calcalre, a. containing clay and lime, 

argUo-glalsettx, a. clayey, of stiff clay. 
argUo-sUlceux, a. containing clay and silica, 

argllolde, a. like clay, argilloid. 
argiloUtlie, m. clay stone. 
arglnlne, /. arginine. 
argon, m. argon. 
argue, /. a machine for drawing ingots of gold, 

silver, etc. 
arguer, v.t rough-draw (gold, silver, etc,); 

argue, conclude. 
arguérlte» /. arguerite (a native amalgam, 

argumenter, v.t. argue. — v.t. argue with. 
argyrose,/. (Min.) argentite (AgtS). 
argyrythrose, /. (Afin.) pyrargyrite (AgtSbSi). 
arlclne, /. aricine. 
arlde, a. arid. 
aridité, /. aridity. 
arlstol, m. (Pharm.) aristol. 
aristoloche, /. (Bot.) Aristolochia. 
arithmétique, /. arithmetic. — a. arithmeti- 
arlthméttquement, adv. arithmetically. 
armagnac, m. a well known French 

armature, /. a strengthening part or system 

(usually metallic), frame, truss, braces, 

clamps, sheathing, facing; fitting, moimt- 

ing; (Magnelism) armature. 
arme, /. arm, weapon; arm (of the service). 

— à feu, firearm. 

— blanche, side arm. 

— de guerre, military weapon. 

— de jet, ballistic weapon. 

— petite, side arm. 

— rayée, rifle. 

armé, p.a. armed, etc. (see armer). 
armée, /. army; forces. — a. fern, of armé. 

— de mer, sea forces; navy, fleet. 

— de terre, land forces. 

armement, m. armament; arming; equip- 

armer, v. t. arm; equip, fit out; reinforce 
(cement or glass) ; insert a fuse in (a shell) ; 
cock (a firearm) ; wind (a dynamo) ; man. 

armoire, /. closet, cupboard, press, wardrobe. 

— à dessiccation, drjring closet. 




armoise» /. (Bot.) Artemisia, wonnwood; 
« armoisin. 

— absinthe^ — des champs, wormwood (A. 

— commune, mugwort (A. vulgaris). 
amiolslii, m. a kind of silk made at Lyons. 
mmmre, /. frame, braces, etc. (see armature) ; 

armature (of a magnet); pole piece (of a 

dynamo); armor. 
mmldne» /. amicine. 
arnique» arnica, /. arnica. 
aromate, m. aromatic. 

aromaticité,/. aromatic quality, aromaticness. 
aromatique, a. aromatic. 
aromatiquement, adv. aromatically. 
aromatisation, /.' aromatisation. 
aromatisa, v.t aromatize. 
arome, m. aroma. 
arpentage, m. land measurement. 
arqner, v.t., %. A r. curve, bend, arch. 
arquifoiu, m. (Ceram.) alquifou. 
arraeliage, arraciiement, m. pulling up, etc. 

(see arracher). 
arraehe-pied. In the phrase d'arrache-pied, 

uninterruptedly, consecutively. 
arraelier, v.t. pull up, dig up, pull out, tear out; 

tear away, pull ofiF, strip ofiF; take away 

(violentb^); eradicate; extort. 
arralc, m. arrack. 

arrangement, m. arrangement, etc. (see arran- 
ger); economy; order, method. 
arranger, v.t. arrange; adjust; suit, please; 

trim, trim up, dress. — v.r. be arranged; 

place oneself ; make arrangements; manage. 
arrêt, m. stopping, stop, stoppage; (Tech.) 

stop, check, catch, arrest, stay; judgment, 

sentence; decree, order; arrest; Oegal) 

attachment; steadfastness. 
arrètage, m. (Mach.) stop, check, arrest, catch. 
arrête-gaz, m. gas check. 
arrêter, v.t. stop; check; fasten, fix; arrest; 

detain; seize, attach Oegally) ; decide; en- 
gage Godging, etc.). — v.r. & i. stop, cease; 

stay; dwell (on). 
arrêtoir, m. (Jdaài^ stop, catch, check. 
arrière, adv. back, behind, in the rear, astern. 

— m. rear, hind part, stem, 
en — , back, backward, behind, behindhand, 
en — de, b^iind. 
arriéré, p.a. delayed, deferred; backward; 

arrière-goût, m. aftertaste. 
arriérer, v.t. delay, defer, postpone. — ».r. be, 

get or stay, behind. 
arrimer, v.t. stow, pack. 
arriTi^;e, m. arrival. 
arrivée, /. admission tube or pipe, feed pipe; 

inlet; arrival. 

— ^eau, water feed pipe. 

W — , at first; at once; on arrival. 

arriver, v.i. arrive; approach; come; saeoeed; 

happen, occur. 
arrondi, p. a. rounded; round. 
arrondir, v. t. round, make round; round off. 

— v.r. become or grow roimd. 
arrondissage, m. rounding, making round. 
arrondissement, m. rounding; roundness; 

district, arrondissement. 
arrosage, m. wetting, etc. (see arroser). 
arrosement, m. wetting, etc. (see arroser); 

(S^&ram.) implication of a glaze by pouring 

it on the object. 
arroser, v.t. wet, moisten; sprinkle; water. 
arrosoir, m. sprinkler, watering pot. 
A.B.S., abhreiv. of appareil respiratoire spécial 

(the name of a French gas mask). 
arsendimétli^te, m. arsenic dimethyl (oa- 

arséniate, m. arsenate, arseniate. 

— de fer, iron arsenate. 

— de soude, sodium arsenate. 

— de soude desséché, (Pharm.) exsiccated 
sodium arsenate. 

— ferreux, ferrous arsenate. 
arséniate, a. arsenate of. 
arsenic, m. arsenic. 

— blanc, white arsenic (arsenious oxide). 
arsenical, a. arsenical. — m. arsenical com- 
pound or substance, arsenical. 

arsenicaux, pi. masc. of arsenicaL 

arsénié, a. arseniuretted; arsenicated; arseni- 

arsénleux, a. arsenious. 

arsénifère, a. arseniferous. 

arsénio-sulftire, m. {Min.) sulfarsenide. 

arsénio-Tanadique, a. arsenovanadic, arsenîo- 

arsénique, a. arsenic. 

arsénlte, m. arsenite. 

arséniure, m. arsenide. 

— d'hydrogène, hydrogen arsenide, arône. 
arsénollthe, m. (Min.) arsenolite. . 
arsinate, m. arsinate; arsonate (incorrect use). 
arsine, /. andne. 

art, m. art; (pi.) fine arts. 

— d* Hermès, Hermetic art, alchemy. 
artémisie, artémise, /. artemisia, wormwood. 
artère, /. artery; (Elec.) feeder. 
artérialiser, v.t. arterialize. 

artériel, artérienx, a. arterial. 
artériosclérose, /. (Med.) arteriosclerosis. 
artésien, a. Art^ian. 
artichaut, m. artichoke. 

— des Indes, sweet potato. 

— des toits, houseleek. 

article, m. article; joint; link; matter, sub- 
articulaire, a. articular. 
articulation, /. articulation, joint, j<Mnting 

— sphérique, ball-and-sooket joint. 


artlcillé» p.a. articulated; jointed; articulate. 
— m. {pi., Zodl.) Articulata. 

articuler» v.t. articulate; assert, allege. 

arttflce» m. artifice; firework, &reworks, pyro- 
technie composition. 

— à aignauxt ps^rotechnio signaling device. 

— iTMairage (or d'édairarU), any illuminat- 
ing firework, flare, rocket, etc. 

— de guerre, military fireworks; strategem. 
— > de rupture, any explosive device used for 


— de signaux, signal fireworks. 

— idairarU, ■• artifice d'éclairage. 

— ineendiare, incendiary firework, incen- 

tftilld^ a. artifldaL 

artilielelleiiieiit, adv. artificially. 

artUlcier» m, fireworks maker, pyrotechnist; 
iMU.) artificer (maker of shells, fuses, etc.). 

mrftfleteax, a. artful. 

artillerie, /. artillery. 

arttsoime, a. moth-eaten, worm-eaten. 

artiste» m. A /. artist; adept. 

artistement, a<fr. artistically: skillfully. 

Arts et Métiers» tMrev. of École nationale 
d'arts et métiers (national school of arts 
and trades), any one of a class of engineer- 
ing schools. 

as» m. ace. 

asaret» m. {Bot.) Asarum; specif., asarabaooa 
(il. europaum). 

— du Canada, wild ginger {A. canadenae). 
asatone,/. asarone (1, 2, 4-trimethozy-&i>rope 

asbeste» m. asbestos. 
asiwlane» m. {Min.) asbolite; (wrongly) 

asbollne, /. {Pharm.) asbolin. 
ascendant» a. ascending, rising; return, reflux 

(condenser) . — m. ascendant, ascendency ; 

ancestor; propensity. 
ascenseur, m. elevator, lift, hoist. 
ascension» /. rising, rise, ascent; ascension; 

(of a piston) upstroke. 
ascrâslonnel» a. ascensional, upward. 
asddie» /. {Zod.) asddian. 
asdte»/. {Med.) ascites. 
asdeptede» /., asdéplas» m. {Bol.) any of 

several asclepiadaceous plants, specif. 

swallowwort {Ctfnanchum tincetoxicum). 
ascemycète» a. {Bot.) ascomyoetous. — m. 

asepsie» /. asepsis. 
ascptlQae» a. A m. aseptic. 
aseptlQuement» adv. aseptically. 
aseptlM», v.t. aseptidse, aseptify. 
aseptol» m. {Pharm.) aseptol. 
aslatlQne, a. Asiatic. 
Asie» /. Asia. 

— Mineure, Asia Minor, 



aspan^llne» /. asparagine. 

asparaglnique» a. asparaginic (aspartio). 

aspartique» a. aspartic. 

aspect» m. sight; aspect. 

asperge, /. asparagus; asparagus shoot. 

asperKcnient» m. » aspersion. 

asperge» v.t. sprinkle, sparge. 

aspergllle» /. {Bot.) Aspergillus. 

aspérité» /. roughness, unevenness; harshnesi; 

aspersion» /. sprinkling; aspersion. 

aspersoir» m. sprinkler, sparger. 

asphallne» /. {Explosive») asphaline. 

asphalte» m. asphalt, asphaltum. 

asphodèle» m. {Bot.) asphodel. 

asphyxiant» p.a. asphyxiating, sufiFooat- 

asphyxie» /. asphyxia. 

asphyxier» v.t. asphyxiate, sufiFooate. 

asphyxlque» a. {Med.) asphyxiai 

aspic» m. spike lavender, aspic {LavandiuJa 
spica); asp. 

asplrall» m. vent hole, air hole. 

aspirant» p.a. suction, sucking, aspirating; as- 
piring. — m. aspirant, candidate. 

aspirateur» m. aspirator; exhauster; ventila- 
tor. — a. aspirating, exhausting: in- 

aspiration» /. aspiration, etc. (see aspirer); 
{Mach.) intake, admission, suction. 

aspirer» v.t. aspirate, draw by suction, suck up, 
suck in, exhaust; inhale. — v.t. aspire; 

asqne, m. (fiot.) ascus. 

assa dulHs» assa-dnlds» /. asa dulcis. 

assa fœtlda» assa-totida» /. asafetida. 

assaillir» v.t. assail, assault, attack. 

assainir» v.t. render healthy, purify. 

assainissement» m. making healthy, purifica- 
tion, sanitation. 

assaisonnant» p.a. seasoning, flavoring. 

assaisonnement» m. seasoning, flavoring; con- 

assaisonner, v.t. season, flavor. 

assamar» assamare» m. assamar. 

assaut, m. assault, attack. 

assèchement» m. drainage. 

assécher» v.t. drain. 

asse-fétide» n. asafetida. 

assemblage» m. assemblage, assembling; joint, 
coupling; (JElec.) connection, joining up; 
{Masonry) bond. 

— à vis, screw coupling. 

— douille, socket joint. 

— en quantité, {Elec.) connection in parallel 

— en tension (or en série), {Elec.) connection 
in series. 

— mixte, {JBlec.) connection in series and 
parallel. j 

assemblée,/, assembly; meeting. >gLC 




r, v.t. assemble» collect, put together; 
(£2ec.) connect, join up. — v.r. assemble, 

Ir, v.t*. assent. 
\r, v.t. seat; set, put, place; found, base. 

— ».r. sit down, be seated. 

msservlr, v.t. (Mach.) put or have under control 
Msejmnt» of asseoir. 
Msei» adt. enough, sufficiently; rather, pass- 
ably. — tn. enough, sufficiency. 
— Wen, fairly weU. 
assied, pr. s nng. of asseoir. 
assiéger, v.t. besiege; beset. 
assiéra, fut. S ting, of asseoir. 
assiette, /. plate, dish; iKMition; horisontal 

position; state (of mind) ; assessment. 
asslgnatioii, /. assignment; check; assigna- 
' tion. 

r, v.(. assign; appoint; charge (on or 

ftbiilté, /. assimilabihty. 
assùnUateur, a. assimilating, assimilative. 
asslmllatlf, a. assimilative. 
, /. assimilation. 
r, v.f. assimilate. 
, p.a. seated, etc. (see asseoir). 
, /. stratum, layer, bed, course; base. 
asslstanee,/. assistance; audience; attendance. 
assister, v.t. assist; attend. — v.n. (with d) be 

present at, attend, witness. 
assodatloil, /. association. 
associé» p.a. associated, etc. (see associer). 

— m. associate; partner; stockholder. 
associer, 1. 1. associate; make (a person) an 

associate, partner or member. — v.r. be- 
come an associate; share, join; associate; 

assoit, pr. S nng. of asseoir. 

assolement, m. rotation of crops. 

assombrir, v.t. darken, obscure, make gloomy. 

— v.r. become dark or gloomy, 
assommer, v.{. knock down, kill (with a blow); 

beat; stun, overwhelm; bore. 
assompttf, a. assumptive, assumed. 
assomptlon, /. assumption. 
assorti, p.a. assorted; matched; stocked. 
assortiment, m. assortment. 
assortir, v.t. assort; match; stock, supply. 

— v.r. dt i. harmonise, match. 
assoupir, v.t. render drowsy; allay; quiet. 

— v.r. become drowsy; doze, nap; be 

assoupissant, p.a. rendering drowsy, etc. (see 
assoupir); soporific 

assoapUr, v.e. supple, make supple or pliable. 
•~ v.r. become supple or pliable. 

assoupUssage, m. suppling, etc. (see assoup- 

vM deafen; muffle; tone down 

assoQTlr, v.t. satiate, sate, satisfy. 
assoyant, of asseoir. 
assuje(t)tlr, v.e. subject; make fast, make 
tight, fasten; confine, bind; wedge in. 

— v.r. submit. 
assumer, v.t. assume. 

assurance, /. assurance; insurance; security. 

assuré, p.a. assured; insured; secured; sure, 
certain; firm, steady. 

assurément, adv. assuredly, certainly; se- 
curely; confidently. 

assurer, v.t. assure; insure; secure; assert. 

— v.r. assure, secure, etc. oneself; satisfy 
oneself; rely, trust; take i 

astérisque, m. asterisk. 

astéroïde, m. asteroid; meteorite. 

asthme, m. asthma. 

asti, m. Asti (wine); a kind of silk; 

astic, m. polisher, polishing stick; a polishing 

paste of whiting, soap and aloohd. 
astiquer, v.t. polish, smooth. . 
astragale, m. astragal; (JBot.) Astragalus. 
astre, m. (any) heavenly body. 
astreignant, of astreindre. 
astrehktoe, v.t. restrict, limit; compel, force. 
astreint, p.a. restricted, etc. (see astreindre) 

— pr. 5 sing, of astreindre. 
astrlctlf, a. astrictive, astringent. 
astrlngence, /. astringency. 
astringent, a. dt m. astringent. 
astronome, m. astronomer. 
astronomie, /. astronomy. 
astronomique, a. astronomicaL 
astronomlquement, afjlv. astronomically. 
asymétrie, /. asymmetn^. 
asymétrique, a. a«3rmmetric(al). 
asymétriquement, adv. asymmetricaUy. 
asymptote, /. asymptote. 
asymptottqne, a. asymptotic (al). 
atakamlte, /. (Min.) atacamite. 

atelier, m. workroom; workshop, factory; 
working party, gang; studio. 

— d'artifidera, (MU.) (pyrotechnic) labora- 

— de forUet foundry; smeltery; melting 

— de grantuationt (Powder) graining room. 

— de préciaion, diop where accurate fitting, 
etc., is done. 

— de teinture, painter*8 studio. 

— mécanique, machine ahcp. 
athanor, m. (Old Chem.) athanor. 
athermane, a. athermanous. 
athérome, m. {Med.) atheroma. 
atmMomètre, m. atmometer, atmidometer. 
atmolyse, /. atmolysis. 

atmomèlare, m. atmometer. 
atmosphère, /. atmosphere. j 

atmosphérique, a. atmo8pheric(âije 
atome, m. atom. o 




atomicité» /. atomicity. 

atomlsiiie» m. atomism. 

mtomlste, m. atomist. 

mtomisttqae, a. atomi8tio(a]). — /. atomis- 

a-t-on. See -t-. 

atoxiqae» a. atoxic, nonpoisonous. 
atoiyl, m. {Pharm.) atozyl. 
mtrabUalre, a. iMed.) atrabiliary. 
âtre, m. heartii. 
-fttre. -ish; as, rouçeâiret reddish, eerdd^e, 

greenish, etc. 
mtrolaettqiie, mtrolaetiiilqae, a. atrolactio. 
mtromail^iié, a. (Paper) black-bordered. 
mtropamlne» /. atropamine. 
atrophier, v.t. atrophy. 
attopine, /. atropine. 
atroplqne, a. atropic. 
attachant, p.a. attaching, etc. (see attach). 
attache, /. attachment; fastening (of any 

kind), tie, cord, band, brace, rivet, damp, 

cUp, etc.; assent, consent. 
attaché» p.a. attached, etc. (see attacher). 

— tn. attaché; adherent. 
attachement, m. attachment. 

attacher, v.t. attach; fasten (in any way), 
bind, tie, pin, stick, etc.; interest, please. 

— v.r. attach oneself, be attached, cling, 

attaqiuUile, a. attackable, liable to attack. 

peu — , T^T&otory. 
attaque, /. attack. 

— aux g^, — gazeuset — par gaz^ (MU.) gas 

— par vogues de gaz^ (Mû.) gas-ware attack, 
doud-gas attack. 

attaquer, v. t. attack; coomienoe on; address. 

attarder, v.t. delay. 

atteignant, of atteindre. 

attendre, v.t. attain; reach; strike, hit; in- 
jure; overtake; equal, come up to. 

atteint, p.p. A pr.9 Hng. of atteindre. 

atteinte, /. reach; attack, blow, stroke, hit; 
pain, harm, diock. 
hors <r — , out of reach, beyond reach; irre- 

attenant, a. dk prep. adj<Hning. — adv. near 

attendant, of attendre, 
en — , meanwhile, meantime. 
en — giM, till, untiL 

attendre, v. t. wait for, await; look tor, expect; 
ke^ (wine, etc.). — v.r. expect; rely. 

— t.i. wait. 

attendrir, v.t. soften, make soft, make tender. 

— ».r. beeome tender or soft, be softened. 
attendrissement, m. softening, making ten- 
der; toidemess, softness. 

. p,a. waited for, etc. (see attendre). 
'prep, oa account of, considering. 

attendu que, considering that, since. 
attente, /. waiting; expectation. 
attenter, v.t. attempt 
attentif, a. attentive. 
attention, /. attention. 
attentiTement, adv. attentively. 
atténuant, p.a. attenuating, atténuant; ex- 
tenuating. — m. (Med.) atténuant. 
atténuation, /. attenuation; extenuation. 
atténuer, v.t. attenuate, diminish; extenuate. 

— v.r. become attenuated or diminished. 
attiédi, p.a. made tepid, etc. (see attiédir); 

tepid; lukewarm. 
attiédir, v.t. make tepid, make lukewarm 
(whether by warming or cooling); cool. 

— v.r. become tepid or lukewarm. 
attiédissement, m. making tepid, etc. (see 

attiédir); lukewarmness, tepidness; cool- 

attique, a. Attic; attic. — m. attic. 

attinble, a. attractable. 

attirail, m. apparatus, equipment, requisites, 
appliances, implements, goods, plant. 

attirant, p.a. attractive, attracting. 

attirer, v.t. attract; lead to. — v.r. attract 
each other or one another. 

attiser, v:t. stir, stir up, poke (a fire). 

attiseur, m. stoker. 

attlBOir, atilsonnler, attisonnolr, m. poker, 
fire rake. 

attouchement, m. contact; touch, toudiing. 

attoucher, o.t. touch. 

attracteur, a. attracting. 

attractif, a. attractive, attracting. 

attraction, /. attraction. 

attractivement, adv. with attraction, attrac- 

attralre, v.t. attract, entice. 

attrait, m. attraction; bait. — p.p. of attraire. 

attrape, /. crucible tongs; catch, trap. 

attraper, v.t. catch; get; strike; cheat, dupe. 

attrayant, of attraire. 

attrempase, m. heating gradually, etc. (see 

attremper, v.t. heat gradually, anneal Cslass), 
temper (steel), subject (glass pots, f\ur- 
naces, etc.) to a preliminary heating. 

attrlbuable, a. attributable. 

attribuer, v.t. attribute; aadgn. — v.r. claim; 
be attributed. 

attrition, /. attrition. 

au. Contraction of d le. 

aube, /. dawn; float, paddle, bucket (of a 

aubépine,/., aubépln,m. hawthorn (Cratœgua). 

aubier, m. sap wood, si^, (Bot.) albiumum. 

aucun, a. any; (with ne, expressed or implied) 
no, not any. — pron. any, any one, (pi.) 
some; (with ne, expressed or implied) no 
(Hie, not one, none. 




) adv. in any way« at all; (with 
ne, expressed or implied) in no way, not at 
all; Gees commonly) to a certain extent. 

Mldace» /. audacity. 

MUtodem» a. audacious, daring. 

Ml desà* ma dedapi, etc. See deçà, dedans, 

Ml-deggoiM, ad«. below, beneath. 

— (is, under, beneath, below. 
mu«dM8ii8, ad«. above, upwards. 

— de, above, over; (fig.) beyond. 
mu-devmnt, adv. in front, before. 

— de, before; to meet. 
audience, /. audience; sitting; court. 
mudltton,/. hearing, audition; attendance (on 

lecture courses); auditing. 
auditoire» m. auditorium; audience. 
muge, /. trough; bucket (of a wheel); hod. 
•~ à OQuàron, tar bucket. 
^-de.rmdagt^ bed (of an incorporating mill 
for gunpowder). 

— de trempage, (Expi.) dipping trough. 
mugée, /. troughful; hodfuL 

muget, m. small trough; bucket (of a wheel or 
a conveyor); groove; cartridge carrier. 

augmentation, /. increase, augmentation. 

augmenter, v.t. increase, augment, (of prices) 
raise or advance. — v.t. increase; (of 
prices) rise. — v.r. increase, be increased. 

augure, «n. omen; augur. 

aujourd'hui, adv. today; nowadays, at 

aulne, m. Af.]^ aune. 

auli, |rf. of aiL 

aune, m. (fiot.) alder (Alnus); alder wood. 
— /. ell (old measure, 1.188 meters). 

année» /. (Bot.) elecampane {Inula heUnium). 

auparavant, adv. previously, before. 

aufwis, adv.'near, near by. 

— de, near, near to; about, with (persons); 
in comparison with; to. 

auquel. (Contraction of à lequel. 

aura, fut S sing, of avoir (to have). 

auran|lne, /. auramine. 

aurantia, n. {Dyeè) aurantia. 

aurantlaeées, {Bot.) Aurantiàce». 

aurate, m. aurate. 

auréole, /. areola (small area) ; specif, (as in 

blowpipe analysis), ring; {Aetron.) corona; 

aureole, aureola. 
auréoslne, /. {Dyea) aureosin. 
aureui, a. aurous. 

aurleuUlre, a. auricular. — m. little finger. 
aurifère, a. auriferous. 
aurlllque, a. aurifie. 
aurlne, /. {Dyt») aurine, aurin. 
aurlque, a. auric. 
aurore, /. dawn; aurora. — a. Am. the color 

of the sky at dawn (used variously to mean 

pink, roddiah yellow, or golden yellow), 

aurore horéalet aurora borealis. 
aurure, m. auride. 
aurjrle, m. auryl. 

aUfsl, adv. also, too; so. — eonj. therefore, to, 
and so. 

— Men, as well; so well; indeed, in fact, for. 

— lien (rue, as well as. 
^- . . . Que, as ... as. 

aUMltOt, adv. immediately, at once; (usually 

with q^e) as soon as, whenever. 
austère, a. (of taste) harsh, rough; austère. 

auitérlté, /. harshness, etc. (see austère). 
Auitralasle, /. Australasia. 
Australie, /. Australia. 
australien, a. Australian. 
autant, adv. as much, as many, as far. 
— ... — , as much ... so much. 

— de, so much, so many. . 

— 0ue, as mudi, as many as; as far as, in 
so far as. 

— ... 9ue, as ... as. 

d' — , by as much, to the same extent. 

d* — motne, the less so, all the less. 

d' — plu», the more so, all the more. 

d' — plu» (or moina) (fue, all the more (or less) 
as, so much the more (or less) because. 

d* — que, in as much as, since, as; as far as. 

autel, m. altar; {Metal.) altar: either fire 

bridge {grand autdj at flue bridge {petit 

autd)', {Aetron.) Ara, the Altar. 

aut^ir, m. authw; auth(»ity. 

authentique» a. authentic. — /. original 

auto*ballon» m. dirigible. 
auto-eamlon, m. auto truck, motor truck. 
autoclave, m. A a. autoclave. 
autocopiste» a. (self-)cop3ring. 
auto-exdtateur, a. {Elec.) self-exciting. 
auto-ezdtatlon, /. (Èlec.) self-excitation. 
autogène, a. autogenic, autogenous. 
autolyse, /. autolysis. 
autolytlque, a. autolytic. 
automate, m. automatic; automaton. 
automatic, automatlclté, /. automatic qual- 
ity or power. 
automatique, a. automatic. 
automatiquement, adv. automatically. 
autonme, m. A f. autumn, fall. 
automoblllsme, m. automobile manufacture; 

use of automobiles, automolnlism. 
automoteur, a. self-acting, self-moving. 
automotrice, fem. of automoteur. 
autonome, a. autonomous. 
autopsie, /. autopsy. 

— cadavérique, post-mortem, autopsy. 
auto-iégulateur, a. self-regulating. 
autorisation, /. authorisation. 
autoriser, v.t. authorise; commission* — fjr, 

be authorised; obtain authority^ 




aatorlté, /. authority. 
aatoar, adc. around, round. 

— de, around, round, about. 
miitre» a. A pron, other. 
mutrefois» adv. formerly, in former times. 
mitreiiieiit» adv. otherwise. 
Autriche» /. Austria. 
Antrlclie-Hoiisrief /. Austria-Hungary. 
•utrlfAileii» a. Austrian. 
satraehe, /. ostrich. 
aatmi» m. other, others, other people. 
maTersne» /. tan liquc»*. 
murersner, v.t. soak in tan liquor. 
Mirenuit» m. auvemat (a red wine). 
mai. Contraction of à Us, to the, at the, etc. 
miixdits* Contraction oi ales dits, to the said 

things or persons, to the above, etc. 
moxillairey a. as m. auxiliary. 
mmlllaireiiieiit, adv. in an auxiliary way. 
smomètre, m. (Optics) auxometer. 
sozqiidles. Contraction of d 2e«9ue2^. 
smqiids. Contraction of à lesqueh. 
•Tall» imp. S sing, of avoir (to have). 
stbI» m. downstream direction; guaranty. 

— adv. downstream. 

en — , downstream, down. 

en — dct bdow. 
aTBter, «.f. swallow; lower (into a cellar), cel^ 

lar; guarantee. — v.r. be swallowed; hang 

down; go downstream. 
mvaltes» wool from slaughtered sheep. 
STsnee» /. advance; projection; (Mach.) lead; 

CSoop) a lye of density 25* B. 
d* — , par — t in advance. 
ATsnce» p.a. advanced, etc. (see avancer); (of 

meat, etc.) spoiled; forward, early; late. 
mfaneeiiieiit, m. advancement; projection. 
avancw, v.t. advance; hasten; gain. — v.t. 

advance; progress; project; be fast, gain 

time. — v.r. advance; progress; project. 
AYftiit, prep, before. — adv. far; before. — tn. 

front, fore part, head. 

— de, — que, — que de, before. 

— J.-C., before Christ, B.C. 

en — , on, onward, forward, ahead. 

en — de, in advance of, before, beyond, 
ftvaatase» 9». advantage; odds; donation. 
aTsntagenseiiient» adv. advantageously. 
AYftntagem, a. advantageous; becoming; pre- 

ftTsnt-lms, m. forearm. 
mvaat-^haiilleiir» m. preheater. 
ftYmnt-creiuet, m. {Metal.) forehearth. 
ftvaat-demler, a. & n. last but one, next to last. 
mvaat-cavde» /. advance guard. 
ETant-coftt, «n. foretaste. 
mvaat-goeRe, m. (period) before the war. 

d* — , before-the-war, ante-bellum. 
«nuiMiler» adv. A m. day before yesterday. 
•vani-iièeet n. * pièce maîtresse, under pièce. 

mvaat-piopoSt «n. preface; preamble; intro- 
mvaat-fln» m. » vin doux, under tin. 
mvare» a. avaricious; sparing; greedy. — m. A 

mTsrle» /. damage; (in maritime conuneroe) 

mvarler, v.t. damage, spoil. — v.r, spoil. 
a?e€, prep. with. — adv. with it. 

d' — , from. 
avelanède» /., acorn cup of the valonia oak, 

(pi.) valonia. 
ETellne, /. filbert. 
avenant» a., pleasing; comely. 

à V — , in proportion, in keeping. 
avènement» m. coming, arrival, accession. 
avenir» m. futiu*e. — v.i. happen, occur. 

à V — , in the future, for the future. 
aventure» /. adventure; venture; chance; 

à V — , haphazard, at random, 
d* — , par — , by chance, perdianoe. 
aventarw» v.t. venture, risk. — v.r. venture, 

run risk. 
aventurlne» /. aventurine. 
avenu» p.p. of avenir. 
av^age» m. average. 
avérer» v.t. prove, establish. 
avertir» v. t. inform, notify; warn. 
avertisisenient» m. preface (to books); notice; 

admonition, warning, hint. 
avertisseur» m. alarm, annunciator, call bell, 

indicator; one that notifies or warns. — a, 

warning, indicating, notifying. 
avet» m., avette, /. silver fir (Abies picea). 
aveu» m. consent; acknowledgment, avowal. 
aveuglant» p.a. blinding. 
aveugle» a. blind. — m. Af. blind person. 
aveugler» v.t. blind; stop up, stop. 
avide» a. avid, desirous, greedy, grasping. 

— de, (Chem.) having strong sdOSnity for, com- 
bining readily with. 

avidité» /. avidity. 

avient» pr. S sing, of avenir. 

avilir» v.t. depreciate; debase, degrade. — v.r. 

(of goods) depreciate; (of prices) fall. 
avilissement» m. debasement, etc. (see avilir). 
aviner» v.t. season, soak or stain with wine. 
avion» m. airplane, aeroplane. 
aviron» m. oar. 
avis» m. notice; preface; opinion; information, 

intelligence; warning; counsel, advice; 

decision; vote. 
à mot0 — , in my opinion. 

— autorisé, official notice. 

aviser» v.t. advise; inform; perceive, see. — v.i. 
A r. think. 

— de, think of, see to.* 

8* — de, think of; presume to. j 
«' — d, see tO.Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


mylvmge» m. brightening, etc. (see aviver). 

atirer, v.t. brighten (in various senses); 
brighten, heighten, freshen (colors); polr 
ish, burnish; quicken (with mercury, as in 
making mirrors or in electroplating); cut 
to sharper angles; brisk up, make hotter 
(a fire) ; enliven. — v.r. brighten, become 
brighter; revive; (of pain) become sharper. 

ETOcat. m. advocate; barrister, lawyer. 

EToeatler, m. avocado, alligator pear. 

ftTOlne, /. oats: oat plant; (pi.) oat crop. 

STOlr, v.t. have. — m. property, possessions; 

— affaire d, have business with, have to do 
with, be dealing with. 

— ' dû faire, must have done (and so for other 
infinitives than faire). 

— lieu, take place, occur. 

— raison, be right. 

— tort, be wrong. 

— vent de, get wind of. 

il y a, there is, there are; (of time) it is, ago. 

t7 y a eu, there has been, there have been. 

U y avaU, there was, there were. 
aTOislnant, p.a. adjacent (to), neighboring. 
ftYOisiner, v.t. be adjacent to, border on. 

— v.r, be adjacent, be near. 
ETortemeiit, m. abortion. 
avoué* p,a. avowed; approved. — m. attorney. 
aTOuer, v.t. acknowledge, avow; approve. 
avreloii, m. mountain ash (Sorbiu aucuparia), 
aTiil, m. April. 
avrillet, m. spring wheat. 
aie» m. axis; axle, arbor, spindle, shaft. 
axial, a. axial. 
azlllalre, a. axillary. 
axlomaUque, a. axiomatic. 
axiome» m. axiom. 

axonge, /. semisolid fat, grease, especially lard; 
(Pharm.) lard, adeps. 

— balaamique, — bênzoinée, (Pfuirm.) ben- 
aoinated lard. 

ayant,, having (from avoir). 

axuel, a. axial. 

ay, m. a kind of sparkling wine from Ay. 

Az. Sjrmbol for azote (nitrogen). 

azédarac, azédarach, m. (,Bot.) China tree, 

asedarach, margosa. 
azéialque, a. azelaic. 
azlmldé, a. azimido, azimino. 
azlnc, /. azine. 
azlnlque» a. azine. 
amamMé, aaoamlne, a. aminoazo. 



azobenzène, m. azobenzene. 
azobenzolquc, a. azobenzoic. 
azodlpbénylène, m. azodiphenylene (phena- 


azoHliie, a. azo. — m. azo compound. 
azophénoUque, a. azophenoUc, hydroxyazo. 
azotate, /. nitrate. 

— d* ammoniaque, ammonium nitrate. 

— d'argent, silver nitrate. 

— de baryte, barium nitrate. 

— de chaux, calcium nitrate. 

— de cuivre, copper nitrate. 

— de fer, ferric nitrate. 

— de fer liquide, (Pharm.) solution of ferrio 

— de lithine, lithiimi nitrate. 

— de magnésie, magnesium nitrate. 

— de plomb, lead nitrate. 

^ de potasse, potassium nitrate, nitrate of 

— de soude, sodium nitrate, nitrate (^soda. 

— d^urane, uranium nitrate. 

— m^cwrique liquide, {Pharm.) solution of 
mercuric nitrate. 

azote, m. nitrogen. 

— restant, residual nitrogen. 

asEOté, a. nitrogenous; nitrogenized, azotized. 
azoter, v.t. nitrc^enize, azotize. 
azoteux, a. nitrous. 
azothydirique, a. hydrazoic, triazoic. 
azotlne, /. azotine (a nitrogenous fertiliaerr 

also, an explosive of the gunpowder type). 
azotique, a. nitric. 
azotlte, m. nitrite. 

— d'amyl, amyl nitrite. 
azotomètre, m. azotometer, nitrometer. 
azotoxybémosiobliie, /. nitric oxide hemo- 

azoture, m. nitride. 

— de plomb, lead nitride. 
azoturie, /. (Med.) azoturia. 
azotyle, m. nitryl, nitro group. 
azoxique, a. azoxy. 
azoxybenzène, m. azoxybenzene. 
azur, m. azure, (sky) blue; smalt. 

— de cuivre, blue verditOT. 
azurage, m. bluing, etc. (see azurer). 
azuré, a. azure. 

azurer, v.t. blue, color blue, azure. 

azurin, a. pale blue. 

azyme, a. unleavened. — m. azym, unleavened 

azymique, a. azymic. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


iMbeiirre, m. buttermilk. 
Iiabiole, /. toy, bauble, trifle. 
babouin» m. baboon. 

hne, m. back, vat, tank; (of a storage battery) 
jar; ferryboat. 

— à oarbonater, — à carhonatationt (Sugar) 
carbonating vat, saturator. 

— à criataUiaer, crystallising tank, crystal- 

— cTaUentet (.Sugar) crystallizer. 

— dêcanteur, decanting tank. 

— jaugeur, (JSugar) a container for measuring 
the proper amount of masseouite into the 

— mesureur, (Sugar) a container for measur- 
ing beet juice. 

— refroidisseur, cooling tank. 
b&che» /. cistern, tank; cover (of canvas or the 

like), tarpaulin. 

bach^er, m. bachelor. 

bacillaire, a. bacillar, baciUary. 

badDe, m. bacillus. 

baeme-Tlrgale, m. comma bacillus, cholera 

bactéricide, a. bactericidal. 

bactérie, /. bacterium; (pi.) bacteria. 
bactéries aérobies, aerobic bacteria. 

bactérien, a. bacterial, (less often) bacterian. 

bactériologie, /. bacteriology. 

bactériolyse, /. bacteriobrsis. 

bactériolysine, /. bacteriolysin. 

bactrioles, gold beatings. 

badamler, m., badamie, /. (Bot.) Terminalia. 

Bade, n. Baden (duchy); Baden-Baden (water- 
ing place). 

badiane,/., badianler, m. star anise (lUiciuin). 

badigeon, m. (Painting) whitewash, or wash of 
any color; badigeon; putty. 

badlgeonnage, m. painting, etc. (see badigeon- 

badigeonna, v.t. paint, coat (with iodine, with 
tar, etc.); whitewash, wash (in any color). 

badiner, v.i. have play, hang loose; jest, play. 

badols, a. of Baden. 

bagace, /. = bagasse. 

bagage, m. baggage, luggage. 

baiksse, /. spent substance (as indigo waste, 
the marc of grapes or of olives, etc.); 
specif., (Sugar) bagasse, cane trash; (Bot.) 
fruit of the bagasaier. 

bagassler, m. (Bot.) an ulmaceous tree of 

bagasslère, /. (Sugar) a trough which conducts 

sugar cane to the rolls. 
bague, /. ring; hoop, collar, sleeve, band. 

— d'appui, supporting ring or collar. 

— d'assemblage, collar, sleeve. 

— de garniture, packing ring, piston ring. 
baguenaude, /. bladder senna pod. 
baguenaudier, m. (Bot.) bladder senna (Colu- 

tea arborescens). 
baguette,/, rod; stick, wand, switch; ramrod; 
(of a rocket) stick; drumstick. 

— de nettoyage, cleaning rod. 

— de verre, — en »«rre, glass rod. 
bale, /. berry; bay. 

— de genévrier, — de genièvre, juniper berry. 
balgnage, m. bathing, etc. (see baigner). 
baigner, v.t. bathe, lave; wet. — v.i. float, 

swim; dip; soak, be immersed. 

baignoire, /. bath tub; (in a theater) box. 

ball, m. lease. 

bâillw, v.i. yawn, gape, be open, show cre- 

bain, m. bath (in various senses) ; bathing. 

— à sensibiliser, (Photog.) sensitizing bath. 

— d'air, air bath. 

— d'argent, (Photog.) silver bath. 

— de Bareges artificiel, a bath imitating the 
sulfur water of Barnes, made by adding a 
prepared mixtiu*e of salts to ordinary water. 

— de cendres, ash bath. 

— de déveityppement, (Photog.) developing 

— de fixage, (Photog.) fixing bath. 

— de fonte, bath of melted cast iron. 

— de mortier, bed of mortar. 

— de plomb, lead bath. 

— de sable, sand bath. 

— de sd, salt bath. 

— de teinture, dye bath, liquor. 

— de trempe, tempering bath. 

— de vapeur, steam bath; (Med.) vi4X)r bath. 

— de virage, (Photog.) toning bath. 

— d'huHe, oil bath. 

— fixatewr, (Photog.) fixing bath. 

— réducteur, reducing bath. 

— révétaieur, (Photog.) developing bath. 
en — , melted, fused. 
mettre en —, melt, fuse^ T 

«r Digitized by VjOOv IC 


liftlii-marle, m. water bath. 
iMioiiette, /. bayonet. 
lialser» t.t. A r. kiss. — m. kiss, kissing. 
baisse, /. fall, decline. 

— du change, fall of exchange. 

baisser, v.t. lower; bow (the head). — v.%. fall, 
sink, decline; deteriorate. — t.r. stoop; 
fall; be dejected. — m. setting (of the 
balssltee, /. bottom, foot, part just above the 
lees (as of wine in a cask). 
t m. (Salt) brine tank. 
, m. broom; (à laver) mop; (Elec.) brush. 

— de communication, commutator brush. 

— éleetrique, dsmamo brush. 
balaie, pr. S ting, of balayer. 

balais, balai, a. In rubis balaiié), balas ruby. 
balanee, /. balance. 

— à court fléau, short-beam balance. 

— à ressort, spring balance. 

en — ^, in suqpense, in the balance. 

balancé, p.a. balanced; swayed, rocked; un- 
décidai; weighed, considered. 

balancement, m. balancing, etc. (see balan- 
cer) ; balance; (Aatron.) libration. 

balancer, v.t. balance; swing, rock; weigh, ex- 
amine. — v.r. swing, sway; balance. 

balancerle, /. balance factory, scales factory; 
balance making. 

balandor, m. beam, levw; pendulum; press 
(for stamping, punching or the like) ; fly, 
flyer (of a wheel) ; balance, balance wheel 
(of a watch); rod (of a pump); balance 

— à vie, fly press, screw press. 

— dScoupoir, cutting press. 
balançoire, /. swing; seesaw; (Cement) an 

apparatus for sifting the ground cement. 

balanstler, m. pomegranate tree. 

balajrage, balayement, m. sweeping. 

balayer, v.t. sweep. 

balayette, /. smidl broom or brush. 

balayiire, balayures, /. sing, dt pi. sweepings. 

balbutier, v.i. stammer, lisp. — v.t. stammer. 

bale, bile, /. glume, husk, chaff (of seeds). 

Bale, /. Basel, Bale (Swiss canton and town). 

Baléares, n.p2. Balearic isles. 

baleine, /. whale; whalebone, (less commonly) 
baleen; rib, stay (as of an umbrella). 

baMnler, a. whaling. — m. whaler; whale- 
bone dealer. 

balevre,/. projection (on a casting) ; lower lip. 

ballne, /. a coarse woolen packing fabric, 

baUsttque,/. ballistics. — a. ballistic. 

ballstlte, /. (Expl.) ballistite. 

ballTcau, m. young tree, sapling, staddle. 

balkanique, a. Balkan. 

baHage, m. (Metal.) balling. 

ballant^ a. swinging, loose. 

2 bandage 

ballast, m. ballast. 

ballastage, m. ballasting. 

balle,/. baU; bale; pack; bullet; (fioC)- bale. 

— à édairer, (Pyro.) hght ball. 

— à feu, (Pyro.) fire ball. 

— à fumée, (Pyro.) smoke baU. 

— ardente, (Pyro.) light ball. 

— conique, conical bullet. 

— d'artifice, pyrotechnic ball, fire ball. 

— de remplissage, shrapnel bullet. 

— luisatUe, (Pyro.) light balL 

— multiple, fragmentation bullet. 
bailer, v.t. (Metal.) baU. 

baUon, m. balloon; specif., a spherical or round- 
bottomed flask, balloon flask (but also 
applied rather loosely to certain other 
flasks); carboy; inflated ball (as a foot- 
ball; top (of an automobile); hood. 

— à col court, short-necked balloon. 

— à distiUaiion, — à distiller, balloon flask 
for distillation. 

— à filtrer, round-bottomed filtmng flask. 

— à fond plat, flat-bottomed flask (usually a 
Florence flask). 

— à gaz, gas balloon, specif., a flexible gas 
holder with delivoy tube and stopcock, for 

— à long col, long-necked balloon, bolthead. 

— d artifices, fire baUoon. 

— de Pasteur, Pasteur flask. 

— d^extrcuHon, balloon flask for extraction 
(short wide neck, flat bottom). 

— dUuteur, dilution flask (used in the analy- 
sis of air). 

— réserve, a special bottle (resembling a wash 
bottle) for preserving a sterile liquid and 
delivmng it in the form of a jet. 

ballonner, v.t. distend, inflate. — v.t. bulge. 

baOot, m. (small) bale, package. 

baUote, /. (Bot.) BaUota. 

ballotte, /. small ball; a wine vessel; * ballote. 

ballotter, v.t. toss, toss about, shake; pack in 

bales: ballot for. —v.t. shake, wobble, 

bftlois, a. of Basel or Bale. 
balsamier, m. balsam tree. 
balsamifère, a. balsamiferous. 
iialsaniique, a. balsamic. 
bambou, m. bamboo. 

banaliser, v.t. render banal or commonplace. 
banane, /. banana. 
bananier, m. banana 0[>lant). 
Inuic, m. bed, stratum; bench; (Tech.) frame, 

bed; bank (of sand, etc.). 

— à étrangler, (Pyro.) dioking frame, choking 

— d'artifices, (Pyro.) laboratory table. 
Iiandage, m. tire; hoop; bandage; bandaging. 

— caoutchouc, rubber tire. > t 

— ereuxt penumatic tire. jOOQIC 


iMiBdage de roue, tire. 

— plein, solid tire. 

— pneumatique, pneumatic tire. 

tandet /. band; strip; slip; strap; belt; ban- 

^ dage; tire; side, shore. 
bandé» p.a. bandaged, etc. (see bander). 

— m. compression (of a spring). 
tandelettet /. narrow band, small strip; flat 

bar iron; small bandage. 
— ooglutinathe, adhesive strip. 

tandw» t.t bandage, bind up; compress, set, 
wind up (a spring) ; tighten (a oord) ; bend 
(something elastic); cock (a gun). — v.i. 
be tight. 

tendlne, /. buckwheat flour; buckwheat. 

tendit» 1». spring, mainspring. 

tandoaliere, /. shoulder belt. 

iNiiiIleae, /. outskirts, environs, suburbs. 

iNUine, /. hamper; awning; tarpaulin; {Min- 
ino) corf, corb. 

iNumièK, /. banner. 

bumlr, v.t. banish. 

bUMiiie, /. bank; banking. 

buMiaeroate, /. bankruptcy. 

iNUUmlcr, m. banker. 

iMMiuet» m. tub; bucket; trough; tray; {CRaee) 
a water bucket for cooling the blowpipe. 

bwattHT^ m- churning. 

bantte, /. chum. 

bwatte-malaxear, m. a combined chum and 

baratter» v.t. chum. 

Barbade» /. Barbados, Barbadoes. 

barbare» a. barbarian; barbarous. — m. bar- 

barbaresque, a. of Barbary. 

barbe» /. beard; rough edge, burr (of castings, 
etc.); {Paper) deckle; barb; wattle, gill; fin. 

— de plume, feather of a quill. 

barbeau» m. cornflower, bluebottle (Centaurea 
cyanua); barbel (a fish). — a. cornflower 
(blue), light blue. 

barbelé» a barbed. 

barMDon» m. barb; barbel 

barbotage» m. bubbling, etc. (see barboter); 
mash (as of bran and water). 

barboter» v.i. (of gases) bubble; paddle, dab- 
ble; mumble. — «.f. mix, stir; dip; splash. 

barbotenr» m. bubbler (vessel in wMch a gas 
ddivery tube dips into a liquid, e.g. a gas- 
washing bottle or a potash bulb); mixer, 
stirrer, agitator; duck. — a. bubbling; 
stixring, mixing. 

— à palettes, "piuldle mixer. 
barbottn» m. s|Ht>cket wheel, chain pulley. 
barbotlne» /. (Ceram.) slip, slop; (Pharm.) 

barbotteor» in. - barboteur. 
barbouiller, v. t. daub, smear, soU; scribble; 

bungle; mumble. 



!» a. bearded; (Bot.) barbate. 
bardeau» m. shingje; slate (for roofing). 
bardeUe» /. (Glosa) bullion bar (an arm or bar 

on wÛch the glass is rested). 
barll» m. barrel; barrel-ehi4;>ed vessel. 
barllle» /. barilla (either alkali or plant). 

— dotice, the firat quality of Spanish crude 

— mélanoée, second-grade Spanish crude 

barOlet» m. small barrel, k^; (Oas) a horizon- 
tal washing apparatus, hydraulic main; 
(Mach.) barrel, drum, cylinder; (of a fuse) 

bariolage» m. medley; variegation. 

bariolé» p.a. variegated, party-colored, motley. 

bariqae» /. See barrique. 

baritel» m. hoisting machine, whim. 

barium» m. barium. 

barle» /. (Mining) fault. 

barlong» a. of unequal sides, lopsided; oblong. 

baromètre» m. barometer. 

— à cadran, wheel barometer. 

— à cuvette, cup barometer. 

— à mercure, mercury barometer. 

— à siphon, siphon barometer. 

— enregistreur, recording barometer, baro- 

— portatif, portable barometer. 
barométrique» a. barometric(al). 
barométriquement» adv. barometrically. 
barométrograpbe» m. barometrograph, baro- 

baronne» /. baroness. 

baroque» a. (of pearls) irregular, baroque; odd, 
grotesque, baroque. 

barque» /. (small) boat, ski£F. 

barqnieux» (Soap) tanks having per- 
forated false bottoms and \ised for the 
preparation of lye. 

barrage» m. dam; barrier; (Mil.) barrage. 

barras» m. barras, galipot. 

barre» /. bar (in various senses) ; line, stroke. 

— d T, T-bar, T-iron. 

— d'aUer, (Elec.) positive bus bar. 

— d*appui, hand raU. 

— de fourneau, — de grille, fire bar, grate bar. 

— de retour, (Elec.) negative bus bar. 

— d'excentrique, eccentric rod. 

— directrice, guide bar. 

— du foyer, fire bar, grate bar. 

— ihnoin, (Metal.) trial bar, tap bar. 
barreau» m. («mall) bar; bar (legal sense). 

— aimanté, bar magnet. 

— de grille, grate bar. 

— d'essai, test bar. 

barrer» «.<. bar; dam; strike out, cross out. 
barrette» /. (small) bar; rib, stay, strip. 

— d'essai, test bar, test^Strm.^^T^ 
barrière» /. barrier, ^d by\jOOgie 




barrique, /. barrel, cask (esp. for liquids). 
Iiaryte, /. baryta. 

— caustiQue, caustic baryta, barium oxide. 

— hydratée, hydrated baryta, barium hydrox- 

barytine, /. (Aftn.) barite, barytes. 
barytique, a. of or pertaining to barium or 
baryta, barsrtic; as, sulfate barytique, ba- 
rium sulfate. 
baryum, m. barium. 

bas, a. low; lower; shallow. — m. bottom, 
lower part, foot; stocking. — adv. low; 
down, off. 
à — , down; low, ofif with; down with. 
à — de, down from, off. 

— foyer, {Metal.) any broad, low furnace (as 
contrasted with shaft furnace), hearth 
furnace, shallow hearth. 

haase pression, low pressure, 
en — , below; downstairs; downward, 
en — de, at the bottom of. 
par — , below; downward. 
par en — , downward; at the bottom; from 
basalte, m. basalt. 
basaltique, a. basaltic. 
basane, /. tanned sheepskin, sheep, basil. 
basané, p.a. tanned, sunbiumt. 
bascule, /. a piece or apparatus having a rock- 
ing or seesaw motion, rocker, lever, plier, 
swipe, bascule, balance (esp. of the steel- 
yard kind); specif., a conveyor in the form 
of a trough or pipe which is rocked forward 
and backward; reciprocating or seesaw 
à — , rocking. 

— romaine, Roman balance. 

basculer, v.t. move back and forth about a 

pivot, rock, swing, sway, tilt, dip, drop. 
basculeur, m. rocker; (Mach.) rocldng lever. 
base, /. biû«; basis. 

— aniimoniée, (Org, Chem.) any of various 
substituted stibines. 

— arséniée, (Org. Chem.) any of various sub- 
stituted arsines. 

— cadavérique, cadaveric base, ptomaine. 

— nudéinigue, nuclein base. 

— névrinique, neurine base. 

— oxygénée, (Org. Chem.) a base containing 
oxygen, as a hydroxy amine. 

— phosphorée, (Org. Chem.) any of various 
substituted phosphines. 

— purique, purine base. 

— pyridique, pyridine base. 

— quinoléique, quinoline base. 

— xanthique, xanthine base. 

baser, v.t. base, groimd. — v.r. be based. 

se — sur, be based on, take as a basis. 
bas-fond, m. low ground, bottom; shoal water, 
shoal; (rarely) deep water. 

bas-foyer, m. See bas foyer, under bos, 
basicité, /. basicity. 
basiflcation, /. basification, basifying. 
basUic, m. (Bot.) basil, esp. sweet basil (Ocimum 

basilicum); basilisk. 
basique, a. basic. 

basophile, a. (Biol.) basophilic, basc^hilous. 
basse, a. /em. of bas. — /.shoal; (Afimc)baa8. 
basseH»ur, /. farmyard; baokjrard. 
basse-étoffe, /. base metal, esp. an alloy of 

lead and tin. 
basse-mer, /. low water, low tide. 
basserie, /. (Leather) plumping liquor. 
bassesse, /. lowness; baseness, meanness. 
bassin, m. basin Cm various senses); pan, 

specif, scale pan; dock; (Anat.) pelvis. 

— de repos, settling basin, settling tank. 

— filtrant, filtering basin, filter bed. 
bassine, /. a variously shaped open vessel (usu- 
ally circular in form but either shallow or 
deep and either metal or pottery), pan, 

— conique, a pail-shaped vessel, widening 
from bottom to top and having the han- 
dles on the sides. 

— cylindrique, a cylindrical vessel or jar, 
usually with handles on the sides. 

bassiner, v.t. dampen, moisten, sprinkle; bathe. 

bassinet, m. (smaJl) basin; (of a fuse) cup. 

bassorine, /. bassorin. 

bassotin, m. (Dyeing) indigo vat. 

bastrlnque, m. a kind of black-ash furnace. 

bas-ventre, m. lower part of the belly. 

bat, pr. S sing, of battre. 

bataille, /. battle; battle array. 

batailler, v.t. battle, struggle. 

bataillon, m. battalion. 

bfttard, a. bastard, mongrel, hybrid. 

batate, /. sweet potato, batatas. 

batavlque, a. In the phrase larme batavique, 

Rupert's drop. 
bateau, m. boat. 

— à vapeur, steamboat, steamer. 
bateau-citeme, m. tank boat, tank steamer. 
bâtée, /. pan (for washing gold). 

bftti, p.a. built; (/Sewing) basted. — m. frame, 

framework; support, bed, stand; basting. 
bâtiment, m. building, structure; vessel, ship. 

— de graduation, (Salt) graduation house, 
graduation tower. 

bâtir, v.t. build; (Sewing) baste. — v.i. build. 

— v.r. be built; build for oneself. 

bâton, m. stick; rod, cane, staff, wand, baton. 

à bâtons rompus, by snatches. 
bâtonnage, m. casting into stick form. 
bâtonner, v.t. beat with a stick; strike out. 
bâtonnet, m. small stick, small rod, rodlet. 
batracien, m. (ZoUl.) batrachian. 
battage, m. beating; stamping; churning; 
thrashing; driving (of piles). 




iNlttant» a. beating; swinging (door) ; fighting; 
iMach.) going, working. — m. leaf (of a 
door); clapper (of a bell); batten (of a 

iNltte» /. beater, beetle, rammer; (of a chum) 
beater, plunger. 

Iiattemeiit» m. beating; beat; clapping, flap- 
ping, stamping. 

Iiatierle, /. battery; fighting, fray. 

— éleeîriçpie, electric battery. 
iNittoar, m. beater. 

— d'or, gold beater. 

iNltteuse, /. beater; churn; thrashing ma- 
chine. • 

iNittltiires, /.pi. hammer scale, iron scale 
(chiefly Fe,04). 

iNittolr, m. beater, rammer. 

iNlttre» v.L beat; poimd, strike, hammer, bat- 
ter, ram, thrash, drive (piles), coin (money). 

— v.%. beat; throb, palpitate; clap, stamp; 
(Mach.) be loose. 

— 8on plein, be in full blast. 
iNltto, p.a. beaten, etc. (see battre). 
iNittore» /. gold lacquer. 
iNiadrache» /. goldbeater's skin. 
iNlllge» /. a mortar of clay and straw. 
iNmine, m. balsam; balm. 

— calédonien, (Phann.) a solution of kauri 
gum in an equal weight of 90 per cent 

— de Canada, Canada balsam. 

— de Carthagène, balsam of Tolu. 

— de chewd, {Bot.) horse balm {CoUinsonia). 

— de copahu, copaiba, copaiba balsam. 

— deGUéad, balm of Gilead. 

— delà Mecque, balm of GUead, Mecca bal- 

— de Pérou, — de Pérou noir, — dee Indes, 

— de Soneonate, balsam of Peru. 

— - de Toiu (or tolu), balsam of Tolu (or tolu). 

— du commandeur, (Pharm.) an old remedy 
essentially the same as compoimd tincture 
of benzoin. 

— ophthalmigue rouge, (Pharm.) ointment of 
red mercuric oxide. 

— tranquHle, {Pfiarm.) an olive oil solution of 
several narcotic and aromatic plant sub- 
stances, used as an anodyne. 

— vert, (Bot.) spearmint. 
bMUnler, m. balsam tree. 
Iiaiix, pi. of bail. 
Iiaiizite, /. (Afin.) bauxite. 
iNlTard, a. talkative; gossiping. 
iNlTBlolg» a. Bavarian. 

bftTe» /. slaver, slobber, slime, foam.. 

iNlver, v.i. slaver, slobber, dribble, run, (of ink) 

IWTette, /. bib; plate. 
Bftvldro, /. Bavaria. 
iMiToelié» pM. blurred, printed indistinctly. 

liavure» /. rough edge, seam, burr, beard, mold 

bayw, v.i. gape. 
bdeUlam» m. bdellium. 
beau» a. beautiful, handsome, fine, elegant, fair, 

pleasant; proper, fitting; (in compound 

words) step-, -in-law. — m. best; beauty; 

beautiful; beau, fop. 
beaucoup, adv. much, greatly. — m. much, a 

great deal, a good deal. 
à — près, by far, by a great deal. 

— de, much, many, a great many. 
de — , by far, by much. 

beauté, /. beauty. 

beaux-arts, fine arts. 

bee, m. burner; lip (of a vessel); beak, bill; 
neck (of a still or retort) ; any of various 
projecting parts, nose, spout, stud, catch, 
arm, jaw (of a vise), mouthpiece, tip. 
à — (of vessels) with lip, lipped. 

— 4 gaz, gas burner. 

— à incandescence, incandescent gas burner. 

— à tirage, burner for creating a draft. 

— Bunsen, Bunsen burner. 

— cacheteur, a burner for sealing letters, etc. 

— Cared, Carcel lamp. 

— de cigogne, stork's bill; herb Robert (Ge- 
ranium robertianum). 

— de sûreté, safety burner. 

— d'étain,(Min.)& twinned cassiterite crystal. 

— de tirage, = bec à tirage. 

— papillon, fishtail burner (î). 

— renversé, inverted burner. 
bee-de-grue, m. (Bot.) crane's-bill (Geranium). 

— tacheté, spotted crane's-bill (G. macula- 

bé^e, /. spade. 

becherglas, m. beaker. 

bégayer, v.i. & t. stanmier, stutter, lisp. 

belge, a. (of wool) raw, natural; of the color 
of, or made from, raw wool. 

bel, a. Used instead of heau before vowels 
and in certain phrases. See beau. 

beige, a. Belgian. 

belge-sUésIen, a. (Zinc) designating or pertiun- 
ing to the combined Belgian and Silesian 

Belgique, /. Belgium. 

bélier, m. ram. 

belladone, /. belladonna. 

beDadonlne, /. belladonnine. 

belle, a. fern, of beau. — /. belle, fair one. 

belliqueux, a. warlike, martial, bellicose. 

belllte, /. (Es^l.) beUite. 

ben, m. ben, ben nut, ben tree (Moringa), 

bénédiction, /. blessing, benediction, conse- 

bénéfice, m. benefit; (Com.) profit, gain; (^3fem 
Cutting) diamond ^*®*®*qqq1p 

au — de, to the benefit c 


bénéfldd» a. beneficial. 

bénéflcier» v.i, make a profit. — v.t, wdtk with 

bénéTole, a, kind, benevolent; (of students) 

special, not candidate for a degree. 
bengale, m. {Pyro.) Bengal light; (cap.) 

bénigne, a. fern, of benin. 
bénin, a. benign, benignant, kind, mild. 
bénir, v.^ bless. 

bénit, béni, p.a. blessed, consecrated, holy. 
benjoin, m. benzoin (either resin or 

benne, /. a receptacle in which material is 

transported in factories, min^, etc.: 

basket, cage, cradle, car, skip, bucket. 
benoîte, /. (Bot.) avens, bennet (Oeum). 

— aquatique, — des ruiswaux, water avens 
(O. rivale). 

bénolélque, a. behenolic. 
benzaldoxlnie, m. benzaldozime. 
benzène, m. benzene. 

— diaeimide, txiazobenzene. 

— eulfoxyde, phenyl sulfoxide. 
benzènedlcarbonlque, a. benzenedicarboz- 


benzène-monosolfoné, a. benzene (mono)- 

benzène-sulfoné, a. benzenesulfonic. 

benzènetricarbonlque, a. benzenetricarbox- 

benzènetrisolfonê, a. benzenetrisulfonic. 

benzénlque, a. of or pertaining to benzene, 
benzene, aromatic. 

benzéno-dlsulfonlque, a. benzenedisulfonic. 

benzéno-sulfonate, m. benzenesulfonate. 

benzéno-snlfone, m. phenyl sulfone. 

benzéno-sulfonlque, a. benzenesulfonic. 

benzényle, m. benzenyl. 

benzhydrol, m. benzohydrol, benzhydrol. 

benzidine, /. benzidine. 

benzldlnlqne, a. benzidine; as, transposition 
beneidinique, benzidine rearrangement. 

benzlle, m. benzil. 

benzine, /. benzene (or, Com. benzole); ben- 
zine; turpentine. 

— colophanée, turpentine (the oleoresin). 

— delà houUle, benzene (or benzole). 

— légère, light benzole. 

— lourde, heavy benzole. 

— rectifiée, oil of turpentine. 

— régie, heavy benzole. 
benzoate, m. benzoate. 
benzoblen, m. benzo blue (a dye). 
benzoflavlne, /. (Dyes) benzoflavine. 
benzofarfarane, m. benzofuran, benzofmv 

benzolne, /. benzoin. 
benzolné, a. benzoinated. 
beniolque, a. benzoic. 



benioly m. benzole, benzol (the oommeroial 

product); benzene (the compound). 
benzonaphtol, m. benzonaphthol 08-naphthyl 

benzoate, used as an antiseptic). 
benzwoltrlle, m. benzonitrile. 
benzophénone, /. benzophenone. 
benzopuipoilne, /. (Dyes) benzopurpurin. 
benzothlophène, m. benzothic^hene (thio- 

benzoylaoétlque, a. benzoylaoetic (/8-keto- 

hydrocinnamic) . 
benzoyle, m. benzoyl. 
benzoylformlqne, a. benzoylformio (keto-o- 

benzylamlne, /. benzylamine. 
benzyle, m. benzyl. 
benzyllqne, a. benzyl, benzylic. 
béquille, /. crutch; handle (of a cock); prop, 

berbérine, /. berberine. 
berbérlnlque, a. berberine, of berberine. 
berce,/. (Bot.) cow parsnip (Heradeum). 
berceau, m. cradle (in various senses) ; barrel 

vault; (Pounding) a furnace for diying 

bo'cement, m. rocking, rocking motion. 
bercer, v.t. rock; deceive; (Engraving) o-adle. 
b^'gamote, /. bergamot, bergamot orange; 

bergamot orange tree. 
bergamotler, m. bergamot orange tree (Citrua 

auranHum bergamia). 
berger, m. shepherd. 
bérlb^, m. beriberi. 
bérll, m. beryl. 
Bermudes, /.pl- Bermudas. 
béryl, m. brâyL 
béryllium, m. beryllium. 
besalgre, a. turning sour, sour. 
besicles, spectacles. 
besogne, /. work; task, labor, business, 

besogner, v.i. work. 
besoin, m. want, need, necessity. 
au — at need, if necessary. 
avoir — de, have need of, need, want. 
H est — , it is necessary. 
bestiaux, live stock, cattle. 
bétail, m. live stock, cattle. 
bétalne, /. betalne. 

bête, /. beast, brute, animal; simpleton; aver- 
sion. — a. silly, stupid. 
bêtise, /. stupidity, folly, nonsense. 
bétolne, /. betony (Betonioa). 
béton, m. concrete; (rarely) colostrum. 

— aggloméré, ordinary cement concrete. 

— armé, reinforced concrete, armored con- 
crete, ferroconcrete. 

— au quart, — au septième, etc., concrete 
with one volume of cement to four, seven, 
etc. of other material. 

béton 37 

Mtoa Coignêt, a kind of concrete made by 
TniTJng sand with cement or hydraulic lime, 
and adding watw. 

— grcu, concrete rich in cement. 

— tnaiore^ concrete poor in cement. 
bétomuise, m. concrete work, concrete; lay- 
ins of concrete. 

bétonner, v.t. construct, or cover, with con- 

bétonneor, m. concrete worker. 

bétonnièfe, /. concrete mixer. 

bette, /. any plant of the genus Beta, including 
beets and chard. 

bettermTe, /. beet, beetroot. 

— à Bueref sugar beet. 

— f&urraffèrtt forage beet. 

— pataohrtt beet for cooking. 

— «ticrière, sugar beet. 
bemre, m. butter Qn various senses). 

— de cacao, cacao butter (less properly called 
cocoa butter). 

— de coco, coconut butter, coconut oU. 

— de mueoade, nutmeg butter. 

— de vache, cow butter, ordinary butter. 

— frais, fresh butter, unsalted butter. 
beoirerie, /. place where butter is made, 


bcirUacqiie, n. (Bot.) Indian pennywort 

béMNurd, m. besoar. 

béioardiqae, a. besoardic. 

adde — , old name for ellagic acid. 

Macétyle, m. biacetyl, 2, 3-butanedione. 

Maelde, a. biacid, diacid. 

MalSf m. slope, inclination, slant; bias, bent; 
way ot looking at iMt>ceeding, shift. — a. 
slanting, obhque, cdcew, askew, awry. 
de — , en — , obliquely, aslant, askew, on the 

biaiser, «.»'. slant, slope, slope off. 

bifttomkiiie, a. diatomic. 

bibarytiqae, a. containing two atoms of ba- 
rium, dibarium. 

bibMique, a. bibasic, dibasic. 

llilieiot, 1». small ornament, knickknack. 

Mbliograirtie, m. bibliographer. 

Mbliograpiiie, /. bibliography. 

bibliosmpliiqae, a. bibliographic (al). 

Miiiiotliéeaire, m. librarian. 

MUiotlièqae, /. library; bookcase. 

Mbromer, v.t, (Org. Chem.) introduce two 
atoms of bromine into. 

bibromhydriqne, a. (Org. Chem.) of the nature 
of a dilH>omohydrin (thus, ethylene chloride 
is called the ether bibromhydrique of glycol). 

bibromure, m. dibromide. 

Meftlciiilie, a. dicalcium, dicalcic. 

biesriionate, m. bicarbonate. 

— de poUuee, potassium bicarbonate. 

— de eottde, sodium bicarbonate. 
iiicariioné, a. bicarburetted. « 


bicarbure, m. dicarbide, bicarbide, (formerly) 

bicarré, a. (Math.) raised to the fourth power. 
bichet, m. annatto. 
biciiloré, a. dichloro, dichloro-. 
Meiiiorhydrlqae, a. of the nature of a dichlo- 

rohydrin. See bibromhydrique. 
bielilonire, m. dichloride, bichloride. 
bielironiate, m. dichromate, bichromate. 

— de potcuee, potassium dichromate. 

— de soude, sodium dichromate. 
biconcave, a. biconcave, concavo-concave. 
biconvexe, a. biconvex, convexo-convex. 
bidon, m. can, tin-plate vessel (often holding 

about 5 liters) for oU, gasoline or the like; 
large jug or pitcher of wood or metal; 

— à huUe, oil can. 

— incendiare, (MU.) incendiary can. 
bieDe, /. (Mach.) rod, arm, link, connecting 

rod, side rod. 

— d^ accouplement, coupling rod. 

— motrice, driving rod. 
bien, adv. well; very; very much, much; 

quite, entirely. — m. good; good thing, 
blessing; property, estate, possession. 
à — , successfully. 

— de, much, many. 

— entendu, well imderstood; be it well under- 
stood; certainly. 

— entendu que, it being understood that, pro- 
vided that. 

— peu, very httle. 

— plus, more than that, what is m<H«. 

— que, altho, tho. 

— venu, welcome. 
en — , honorably; favorably. 
si — que, so that; however, however much. 

bien-être, m. welfare, comfort, comforts. 

bienfaisant, a. beneficent, beneficial, helpful. 

bienfait, m. benefit. 

biennal, a. biennial. 

bientôt, adv. soon, shortly, presently. 

Mère, /. beer; bier. 

— de Brunswick, mum. 

— de conserve, — de garde, lager beer. 

— de gingembre, ginger beer. 

— de maU, malt liquor. 
biffer, v.t. erase, cancel, strike out. 
biforcateor, m. dividing piece, fwked tube. 

— en forme deT,T tube. 

— en forme d'Y, Y tube. 
biftarqné, 'p.a. bifurcated, bifurcate, forked; 

(of chains of atoms) branched. 
bigarade, /. bitter orange. 
bigarré, a. mottled, party-colored. 
biiodhydrlque, a. of the nature of a diiodohy- 

drin. See bibromhydrique. 
biiodore, m. diiodide, biiodide, biniodide. 

— de mercure, mercuric iodide. 

bUon 38 

bIJiMl» in. (Pharm.) pine resm. 

bUoiif m. jewel. 

bUouterie, /. jewelry; jeweler's trade or sh<^. 

blUn, m. balance sheet. 

bile,/. bUe.gaU. 

— de bœuf, oxgall, ox bile. 
biliaire, a. biliary, bUe. 
bilieux, a. bilious. 

billard, m. billiards; billiard table or room. 
bille, /. small ball (of metal or other material) ; 

billiard ball; marble; log; billet; sucker, 
shoot; cutting (for propagation). 
billet, m. note, bill, ticket, ballot, certificate. 

— de banque, bank note. 

— nmple, promissory note; (RaUtoays) single 

biUon, m. coin bronse; billon (debased alloy 
fcamerly used for money) ; (Agric.) ridge. 
billot, m. block. 
bikmpe, /. a magnifying glass with two 


blmagnésiqae, a. containing two atoms of 

magnesium, dimagnesium. 
bimétalUquef a. bimetallic; containing two 

atoms of a metal, dimetallic. 
binaire, a. binary. 
binitré, a. dinitrated, dinitro. — m. dinitro 

bioebimie, /. biochemistry. 
bioebimiste, m. biochemist. 
bioKr*pbe, m. biographer; biograph. 
bioKr*pbi«» /• biography. 
biologie, /. biology. 
biologique, a. biologic(al). 
biologiste, biologue, m. biologist. 
bioxyde, m. dioxide, (formerly) bioxide. 

— d*argent, silver dioxide. 

— d'cuufte, nitrogen dioxide. 

— d'étain, tin dioxide, stannic oxide. 
bipolaire, a. bipolar. 

bipotassê, a. containing two atoms of potas- 
sium, dipotassium. 
biprtmaire, a. biprimary (said, e.g., of a com- 

poimd containing two primary alcohol 

biprisme, m. biprism. 
birefMngent, a. biréfringent. 
bis, a. grasrish brown, brown, swarthy. — adv. 

a second time, twice (used with numbers; 

e.g. 10 bie in a series is equivalent to lOA 

or 10|). — tnter:;. encore! 
bisaccliaride, m. bisaccharide (disaccharide). 
biSHie, m. second dyeing. 
blsaille, /. coarse flour; mixture of peas and 

bisannudi, a. biennial. 
bisasolque, a. disaio. — m. disaao compound 

or dye. 
Mseuit, m. biscuit; (Ceram.) biscuit, bisque. 

— a, twice baked, twice burned, 

Mseuit ds porcelaine, biscuit porcelain, bisouH, 

biscuité, a. (of bread) baked longer than usual. 
bise, p.a. redyed, dyed a second time. 
Msean, m. bevel; beael. 
biseautage, m. beveUng. 
biseauter, v.t. bevel. 

biseeondaire, a. bisecondary. Cf. biprimaire. 
biser, v.t. redye, dye a second time. — v.%. (of 

grain) darken, detmorate. 
bismutb, m. bismuth. 
bismuthiftee, a. bismuthiferous. 
bismuthine, /. (Min.) bismuthinite, bismuth- 

bismuthique, a. bismuthic. 
bismutb-trléthyle, m. bismuth triethyl, 

bisseeter, v.t. bisect. 
bissecteur, a. bisecting. 
bissection, /. bisection. 
bissectrice, a. fern, of bissecteur. — /. Inseo- 

bissexuel, a, bisexual. 
bistorte, /. (Bot.) bistort. 
bistortier, blstotier, m. a wooden pestle. 
bistre, m. bister, bistre. 
bistrer, v.t, color with bister; brown. , 
bi-subUmé, p.a. twice sublimed, resublimed. 
bisubstitué, a. disubstituted, bisubstituted. 
bisulfite, n. bisulfite, acid sulfite. 

— de soude, sodium bisulfite. 
bisulfitlque, a. of or pertaining to a bisulfite, 

bisulfitic, bisulfite. 
bisulftare, m. disulfide, bisulfide. 
bitartrate, m. bitartrate, acid tartrate. 

— de potasse, potassium bitartrate. 
bitertiaire, a. bitertiary. Cf. biprimaire. 
bittra, m. bitters (the liquor, esp. made from 

bitumage, m. covering with bitumen. 
bitume, m. bitumen. 

— de Judée, Jew's pitch, bitumen of Judea. 
bitumer, v.t. bituminize. 

bitumeux, a. bituminous. 

bituminer, v.t. bituminise. 

bitumineux, a. bituminous. 

bituminifëre, a. bituminiferous. 

bituminisation, /. bituminization. 

bituminiser, v.t. bituminize. 

bizarre, a. bizarre, fantastic. 

blaford, a. dull, dim, pale. 

blaireau, m. brush (of badger's hair en* other 

soft hair); badger. 
bl&me, m. blame. 

a. white; blank; clean. — m. white; 

blank space, blank; white heat; white 

man, white boy; white sauce. 

— ancien, — antique, (Olaas) white glass with 
a slight bluish green tint, cathedral glass. 

— d'antimoine, antimony wJutCf 




bfamc d'argent, a fine variety of white lead. 

— de baleine, spermaceti. 

— de baryte, baiyta white. 

— de bismiUh, bismuth white. 

— de Bougival, a form of whiting. 

— de ceruse, white lead, lead white. 

— de Champagne, whiting, whitening. 

— de champignon, mushroom spawn. 

— de chaux, whitewash, coat of whitewash. 

— de Chine, Chinese white. 

— de fard, pearl white (basic bismuth ni- 

— de Hambourg, Hamburg white. 

— de Holland, Dutch white. 

— de Krems, Krenmitz white, krems white. 

— de lait, milky white. 

— de lune, (Metal.) white heat, welding heat. 

— de Meudon, a fortn of whiting. 

— de MuUunise, lead sulfate. 

— de neige, snow white (zinc white). 

— de perle, pearl white (bismuth oxychloride). 

— de plomb, white lead, lead white. 

— d'Espagne, Spanish white. 

— de Troyee, a fortn of whiting. 

— de Venise, Venetian white. 

— de zinc, zinc white. 

— d^oBuf, egg white, white of egg. 

— fixe, blanc fixe (barium sulfate). 

— mat, dead white, dull white. 

— minéral, whiting, whitening. 

— permanent, permanent white. 

— sale, dingy white, grajôsh or yellowish 

— soudant, welding heat, white heat. 
en — , in white; impainted; in blank. 

blanchâtre, a. whitish. 

bfamche, a. fem. of blanc. 

blanchet, m. cloth filter; a kind of white wool 

blancheur, /. whiteness. 
blanchi, p.a. whitened, etc. (see blanchir). 
blanchiment, m. whitening, etc. (see blanchir). 

— chimique, chemical bleaching. 

— naturel, — sur pré, grass bleaching. 
blanchir, 1. 1. whiten, bleach, blanch; wash; 

dean, polish (metals); refine (cast iron); 
tin; dress, trim, rough-grind, smooth; 
scald, parboil; wash for; exonerate. — v.i. 
turn white, whiten, bleach, blanch, pale, 
fade; (of hair) turn gray; graze. — v.r. 
turn white, whiten, bleach. 

— à la chaux, whitewash. 
blanchlssase, m. washing, laundering; white- 
washing; refining (of sugar). 

blanchissant, p.a. whitening, etc. (see blan- 
chir); foaming, foamy, frothy. 

blanchisserie, /. bleachery; bleaching trade; 
laundry, place where clothes are washed. 

Manchisseur, m. bleacher; laimderer. — a. 
bleaching; laimdering. 

blanchisseuse, fem. of blanchisseur. 

blanchoyer, v.i. have a white reflection. 

blanc-soudant, m. welding heat, white heat. 

blankett, m. {Mining) blanket. 

blanUte, /. blankite. 

blanquette, /. blanquette (a kind of kelp or 

crude soda) ; a white sparkling wine of the 

Midi; (Dist.) low wines. 
blé, m. wheat; (with qualifying words) grain, 

corn (including wheat, rye, barley, maize, 

etc.) ; wheat field, grain field. 

— barbu, bearded wheat. 

— comu, ergot. 

— de printemps, spring wheat. 

— de Turquie, maize, (Indian) com. 

— d'hiver, winter wheat. 

— mêteil, mixed wheat and rye. 

— noir, buckwheat. 
blende, /. (Min.) blend, blende. 
Mendeux, a. blendous, of or containing blend. 
blesser, v.t. wound, hurt, injure; offend. 
blessure, /. wound, hurt, injury; grief. 

blet, a. bletted, over-ripe, half-decayed. 
blettir, v.i. blet, become over-ripe, 
bleu, o. blue. — w. blue; bruise. 

— azcique, azo blue. 

. — azur, — céleste, azure, sky blue. 

— carvleum, ceruleum (greenish blue pig- 

— Coupier, Coupler's blue (induUne). 

— d'acier, steel blue. 

— d'cUizarine, alizarin blue. 

— d'aniline, aniline blue. 

— d'azur, smalt. 

— de Berlin, Berlin blue. 

— de Brème, Bremen blue. 

— de Chine, Chinese blue. 

— de ciel, sky blue. 

— de cobalt, cobalt blue. 

— de diphénylamine, diphenylamine blue. 

— de gcUlamine, gallamine blue. 

— d'émail, smalt. 

— de Meldola, Meldola's blue. 

— de méthylène, methylene blue. 

— de montagne, mineral blue (blue copper 

— d'empois, smalt. 

— de naphtol, naphthol blue. 

— de Nicholson, Nicholson's blue. 

— de Nil, NUe blue. 

— de nuit, night blue. 

— de Paris, Paris blue. 

— de phényUne, phenylene blue. 

— de Prusse, Prussian blue. 

— de résorcine, resorcjn blue. 

— de roi, king's blue. 

— de safre, zaffer blue, smalt. 

— de Saxe, Saxon blue. Saxony blue. 

— de Sèvres, Sèvres blue. 

— de toluylène, toluylene^n 




bleu dHndigo, indigo blue, indigotin. 

— d'orUremer, ultramarine blue. 

— égyptien, Egyptian blue, copper glass. 

— hydrant hydron blue. 

— lumière, light blue, bleu lumidre (the dye) ; 
bleu lumière (the pigment). 

— minéral, mineral blue. 

— NU, Nile blue. 

— outremer, ultramarine blue, ultramarine. 

— patenté^, patent blue. 

— sombre, dark blue; (Dyes) night blue. 

— turguin, a dark, mat blue. 

— Victoria, Victoria blue. 
bleuâtre, a. bluish. 

bleu-bleu, m. a kind of blue ultramarine. 
bleuir, v.t. blue, make blue. — v.i. turn blue, 

become blue, blue. 
bleulssase, m. bluing. 
bleuissant, of bleuir. 
bleuissement, m. turning blue, bluing. 
bleu-lftpls, m. (Olaaa) a blue color obtained by 

the use of cobalt oxide. 
bleuté, p.a. tinged with blue, bluish. 
bleuter, v.t. tinge with blue, blue slightly. 
blindage, m. armor, armor plating; casing, 

protection; (Mil.) blindage. 
blinder, v.t. armor; case; (MU.) blind. 
bloe, m. block; lump, mass, lot; log. 

— de plAlre, (Bact.) gypsum block. 
en — ^, in a lump, in the lump. 

blocage, m. stopping, etc. (see bloquer). 

bloeus, m. blockade. 

blond, a. light-colored (light yellow or light 
brown, distinguished from blanc, white); 
blond, fair. — m. light color; blond. 

blondeur, /. light color. 

blondir, v.t. turn light-colored, turn light yel- 
low, (of grain) whiten. 

blondoyer, v.t. have a light yellow reflection. 

bloom, m. (Metal.) bloom. 

bloquer, v.t. stop, arrest, block, lock, jam; 
clamp, fix, set; blockade; enclose (in 
masonry); dub out, fill out (with plaster). 

blouse, /. blouse, frock, smock. 

— de laboratoire, laboratory coat (esp. a long, 
full overgarment). 

bluette, /. spark, sparkle; flake or scale of 

hot iron. 
bluetts, v.i. spark, sparkle. 
blutage, m. bolting. 
Muter, v.t. bolt (flour, cement, etc.). 
bluterle, /. bolting mill, bolting house. 
blutolr,m.bolter, bolting machine, bolting cloth. 
Bo. Symbol for boron. 
bobèche, /. socket (of a lamp or candlestick) ; 

sconce (of a candlestick); steel edge (on 

a knife or chisel). 
bobinage, m. spooling, winding; wiring, coil. 
bobine, /. bobbin, spool, drum, reel; (Elec.) 

bobbin, coU. 

bobine à réaction, reactance coil, choking eoSL 

— de dérivation, shimt coil. 

— de réeiêtance, resistance coil. 

— de Ruhmkorff, Kuhmkorff coil. 

— d^induction, — inductrice, induction cdL 

— induite, secondary ooU. 

— primaire, primary coil. 

— secondaire, secondary ooiL 
boblneur, m. winder, spooler. 

bocage, m. scrap (of metals) ; grove, cc^pice. 

bocal, m. wide-mouthed bottle; any of vari- 
ous wide-mouthed vessels, vase, globe, jar; 

bocard, m. stamp, stamp mill, stamping mill, 

bocardage, m. stamping, crushing. 

bocarder, v.t. stamp, crush (ores, etc.). 

bocaux, pi. of bocal. 

bceuf, m. ox; (p2.) cattle; beef. 

— Kdé, salt beef, corned beef. 
boghead, m. Boghead coal, boghead. 
boguette, /. buckwheat. 

bohé, m. bohea (a kind of black tea). 

Bohême, n. Bohemia; Bohemian glass. 

Bohémien, a. Bohemian. 

bolre, v.t. drink; absorb, drink in, suck up, 
soak up; swallow (an insult). — v.i. 
drink; (of paper) blot. — m. drink, drink- 
ing; creek, inlet, channel. 
/atr0 — , soak (skins, etc.). 

bols, m. wood; timber. 

— amer, bitterwood, quassia. 

— d ouvrer, timber, lumber. 

— lianc, soft wood (nonresinous). 

— cochon, a balsamaceous tree known aa 
Tetragastria panamensie or Hedwiffia boJ- 

— colorant, dyewood. 

— d'ab8iT^Ù^e, quassia. 

— d'acajou, mahogany. 

— d'aigle, eaglewood, agaUooh. 

— d'amarante, mahogany. 

— d'aubier, sapwood. 

— débité, wood sawed into planks, boards, 
etc., timber, lumber. 

— de JSréeU, brazilwood. 

— de brin, whole timber (not split). 

— de campéche, logwood, campeachy wood; 
(Pharm.) hematoxylon. 

— de charpente, timber, lumber. 

— de chauffage, firewood. 

— de conatrucHon, timber, lumber. 

— de fer, ironwood. 

— defer blanc, (Bot.) Sideroxyhn dnereum or 
its wood. 

— defU, wood cut with the grain. 

— de frêne, ash wood, ash. 

— de gaïac, guaiacum w6od, lignum vitas. 

— de haute futaie, {orestUmhear', timber forest. 

— de paille, straw boardiOOQlt 




bolg de Pcmama, Boapbark, quillaja bark, 
Panama bark. 

— de çuasaict quassia, quassia wood. 

— de réglisse^ licorice root. 

— de rose, rosewood (the cabinet wood) ; rho- 
dium wood, rosewood (containing a fra- 
grant oil). 

— de tang, logwood. 

— de eanUd, sandalwood. 

— de eappan, sapan wood (a rod dyewood). 

— de service, timber, lumb«r. 

— dea iies, brasilwood (7). 

— desséché, dry wood, seasoned wood. 

— de teinture, dyewood. 

— de travail, timber, lumber. 

— delude, logwood. 

— d^cBwtre, timber, lumber. 

— doux, soft wood; casoarilla; licorice root. 

— droit, straight-grained wood. 

— da BresU, brasilwood. 

— du centre, heartwood. 

— dur, hard wood, hardwood. 

— durci, artificial wood, wood pulp. 

— fin, fine wood, close-grained wood. 

— gentil, (Pharm.) mesereum. 
• — gras, soft wood. 

— jaune, yellowwood, specif., the wood of 
Moras tinctoria. 

— parfait, heartwood. 

— rouge, redwood. 

— soufré, sulfurated wood. 

— tendre, soft wood. 

— tif, green timbo:, green wood. 
llolSAge» m. woodwork, framing, casing, plank- 

é, a. wooded; wainscoted, panded. 

boiserie» /. wainscoting, paneling. 

iN^seiiz» a. woody, ligneous. 

Dy m. the hole or hollow part into 
which the key or plug of a stopcock or tap 
fits, plug hole, shell; a section of earthen- 
ware pipe (specif., without a qualifjring 
word, a tile of square cross section as dis- 
tinguished from boisseau rond which is cylin- 
drical); bushel. 

/. drink, beverage, liquor; specif., 
piquette; drinking, drunkenness. 

— fermenté, fermented liquor, fermented 

iN^t» pr. S sing, of boire. 
iM^te, /. (of wine, etc.) state of fitness, ma- 
turity, ripeness; piquette. 
iMtte, /. box; case, chest, canister, etc. 

— à feu, fire box. 

— à fumée, smoke box. 

— à noyau, (Pounding) core box. 

— à réactifs, reagent box. 

— à soupape, valve chest. 

— à verU, (of a furnace) wind box; (of an 
oigan) wind chest. 

bolte de distribution, (Elec.) connecting box, 

— de Pétri, Petri dish. 

— de résistance, (Elec.) resistance box. 

— d'origine, original box or case. 

— gainerie, case, box (for keeping instru- 
ments or the like). 

— perdue, a* box or case not intended to be 
retiumed when emptied. 

boitement, m. limping; (Mach.) irregular 

boiteux, a. lame, limping. 

boivent, pr. s pi. indie. <k subj. of boire. 

l>ol, m. bole; bolus, large pill; bowl. 

l>olalre, a. bolar, bolary. 

l>olet, m. (Bot.) boletus. 

Bolivie, /. Bolivia. 

l>olivien, a. Bolivian. 

iMlonais, a. Bolognese. 

l>omlM^^ m. rendering convex, etc. (see bom- 

liomliagiste, m. maker of convex glass. 

Itomliardement, m. bombardment. 

l>omlMrder, «.e. bombard; shell. 

l>omlie, /. bomb. 

— éclairante, light ball, illuminating bomb. 

— fumigène, smoke bomb. 

— incendiaire, incendiary bomb. 
l>ombé, p.a. rendered convex, bulged, convex. 
iMmbement, m. bulging, convexity. 
l>omlier, v.t. render convex, cause to bulge or 

swell out; (Glass) bend to convex form. 
— v.i. bulge, swell out, become convex. 
l>ombeiir, m. one who renders convex. 

— de verre, maker of convex glass. 
liombiste, m. bomb maker. 
l>oinl>onne, /. » bonbonne. 

l>on, a. good; simple, foolish. — adv. good, 
well. — m. good; good part, best; com- 
fort; order, check, draft; security, bond, 

à — compte, cheaply. 

à — marché, cheap; cheaply. 

à la bonne heure, very well, good, so be 

— goût, (in the rectification of alcohol) the 
fraction which follows the cUcocH de cour and 
is followed by the moyen goût (it includes 
the alcocl fin and some alcohol of second 
quality); a superior quahty of certain 
other chemicals, e.g. acetic acid. 

— marché, cheap. 

bonne première, (Soap) a salt lye of 28" B. 
bonne seconde, (Soap) a salt lye of 26** B. 

— teint, fast dye, fast color; fast. 
de bonne fieure, soon, early. 

l>onl>on, m. bonbon, sweetmeat. 
bonbonne, /. carboy; large bottle such as 
those used in distilling nj^^ffcçfd; oil can. 
l>ond, m. bound. 





/. opening, vent, outlet, inlet, (of a 
cask) bunghole; stopper, bung; sluice. 

— trop-pUin, overflow. 

— de remplisêaoe, opening for putting in ma- 
terial, charging hole. 

bonder, v.t. fill very full, cram. 

bondir, .v.t. boimd. 

bondon, m. bung, stopper; (less often) bung- 
hole; bondon cheese, bondon. 

bondonner, v.t. bung. 

bonheur, m. good fortune, luck; welfare; suc- 
cess; happiness. 

bonhomme, m. good man; fellow; puppet; 
mullen; bolt, catch. 

boni, m. surplus. 

bonification, /. improvement; allowance, re- 

bonifier, v.t improve; make up, make good. 
— v.r. improve. 

bonne, a. fem. of bon. — /. (servant) maid. 

bonnement, adv. simply, sincerely; exactly. 

bonnet, m. cap; end of a window-glass cylin- 
der to which the blowpipe is attached. 

bonneterie, /. knitted goods, knitting, 

bonnette, /. shade (on certain instruments). 

bonté, /. goodness, kindness. 

boraciqae, a. boracic (boric). 

boracite, /. (Min.) boradte. 

borate, m. borate. 

— de chaux, borate of lime (calcium 

— de eoude, borate of soda (sodiuni borate), 
specif, borax. 

borate, a. borated. 

bmax, m. borax. 

liord,m. edge, b(Htler, margin; rim, brim; bank 

(of a river); shore; binding, border; side 

(of a ship or a road). 
bordeaox, m. Bordeaux wine, bordeaux; 

(Dyes) bordeaux. 
bordelaise, /. a cask for Bordeaux wine, hold- 
ing 225-230 liters; a special bottle for 

Bordeaux wine. 
border, v.t. border, edge, line; sheathe. 
bordereau, m. memorandum, statement. 
bordure, /. border, edging, edge, binding. 
bordure, a. bordered. 
bore, m. boron. 

bore, a. containing boron, of boron. 
bM^al, a. north, northern, boreal. 
bore-méthyle, m. boron methyl, boron tri- 

boréthyle, m. borethyl, boron txiethyl. 
borgne, a. one-eyed; (of things) deficient in 

some way. 
borldsme, m. boricism, boric acid poisoning. 
borique, a. boric. 
borique, a. treated with or containing boric 


borne, /. boundary, limit; post (to mark a 
point or limit); landmark; {Elec.) terminal. 

— d'attache, (Elec) binding post. 
boméol, m. bomeol. 

borner, v.t. limit, confine, restrict; bound. 

bornylamlne, /. bomylamine. 

bomyle, m. bornyl. 

bomylène, m. bomylene. 

boro-tungstlque, a. borotungstic. 

borure, m. boride. 

bossage, m. bossing, boss, swelling. 

bosse, /. bump, boss, protuberance, promi- 
nence, hump; (Art) relief. 

bosseler, v.t. emboss; dent. 

bossuer, v.t. dent. 

botanique, /. botany. — o. botanical. 

botanlquement, adv. botanically. 

botaniste, m. botanist. 

botryolde, a. botryoidal. 

botte, /. bundle, bimch, (of wire) ooU, (of yam) 
hank; boot; butt (large cask); (Zinc) 

bOtiUlon, m. bunch, small bimdle. 

bottine, /. high shoe, half-boot. 

bouc, m. goat, he-goat; goatskin bottle, skin. 

boucage, m. anise. 

boucanage, m. smoking (of meat or fish). 

boucanage, v.t. smoke, cure by smoking. 

boucaut, m. hogshead. 

bouchage, m. stoppering, etc. (see boucher). 

— à l'étneri, makîcLg of ground stoppers, stop- 
per grinding. 

bouche, /. mouth; opening, orifice. 

— à feu, gim, cannon. 
bouchement, m. filling, plugging, stopping. 
boucher, v.t. stopper, stop, stop up, plug, plug 

up, cork, lute, elose. — m. butcher. 

— à Vémeri, provide with a ground stoppw. 
boucherie, /. butchery; butcher trade. 
bouche-trou, m. stopgap. 

bouchon, m. stopper; plug, stopple, o<»rk, 
tampon, wad, wadding; cap, oovw, lid. 

— à dffux trous, two-holed stopper. 

— à Vémeri, ground stopper. 

— à vie, screw stopper. 

— d'amorce, fuse plug, primer plug. 

— de sûreté, safety plug. 

— de vidange, drip cock. 

— en caoutchouc, rubber stopper; rubber 

— en liège, cork stopper, cwk. 

— en verre, glass stopper. 
bouchon-é<n«u, m. screw plug. 
bouchonnier, m. maker of, or dealer in, corks 

or stoppers. 
boucle, /. loop, ring, eye; bend (as of a U-tube), 

elbow, turn; buckle; curl (of hair). 
boucler, v.t. buckle; ring; curl (hair). 
bouclier, m. buckler, shield. 

v.i. pout; sulk; be backward. 




boedln, m. (stufifed) pudding, sausaise; some- 
thing resembling s sausage, as a helical 
spring, a fuse, a roller, a glass bulb, a roll 
of opium, or a cylinder of soap as it issues 
from the wiîlHng machine. 

bondlnage, m. (Soap) pressing (of toilet soap) 
into a homogeneous cylinder. 

boadlne, /. (OUuabloinng) bull's-eye. 

bondlnease, /. a machine for pressing toilet 
soap into cylinders. 

boue, /. mud; slime; mire, dirt; pus. 

bouée, /. buoy. 

boueux, a. muddy; slimy; foul, dirty. 

bouffée, /. pufiF; whi£F, breath; outburst. 

bouffer, v.i. pujff, pufiF out, bulge; (of bread) 

bouffi, p.a. puffed, puffy, swollen, bloated. 

bouffir, v.t. & %. pus up, puff out, bloat. 

bouge, m. bulge, swell, convexity; closet. 

bouger, v.t. budge, stir. 

boiu^le, /. candle, taper (esp., a candle made 
from wax or fatty acids, in distinction from 
chandelle); cylindrical or candle-shaped 
filter (esp. one for sterilizing liquids), 
filter candle; (Med.) bougie; (Mach.) 
spark plug. 
— Berkefeld, Berkefeld filter. 

— Chamberland, Chamberland filter. 

— décimale, decimal candle, bougie décimale. 

— de cire, wax candle. 

— de stéarine, stearin candle (made of stearic 

— d'orHma, resin torch. 

— électrique, electric-light carbon. 

— normale, standard candle. 

— stéarigue, = bougie de stéarine. 
bougie-heure, /. candle-hour. 
bougran, m. buckram. 
boulllage, m. boiling. 

bouiUaisoii, /. fermentation (of beer, cider, 

bouillait, imp. S sing, of bouillir. 
bouillant, p.a. boiling; scalding hot. 
bouillent, pr. s pi. indie. A suhj. of bouillir. 
bouillerle, /. distillery. 
bouilleur, m. distiller; still; boiler; boOer 

tube; heater (of a boiler). 

— d^eavrde-^vie, brandy distiller or (in general) 

— de cru, one who distils only from certain 
fruits of his own raising, such as grapes, 
apples, pears, plums. 

— de profession, a distiller who uses material 
raised by others, or materials not allowed 
the houÙleur de cru, such as peaches, apri- 
cots, potatoes, sugar beets, cereals. 

— d*o», bone boiler. 

bouUU, p.a. boUed. — m. boiled meat. 
boulIUe, /. pap, gruel, thickened milk; hence, 
paste, maÀ, pulp; {Paper) pulp. 

bouillie bordelaise, Bordeaux mixture. 

— bourguignonne. Burgundy mixture. 
bouillir, v.t. <k t. boil. 

bouilloire, /. vessel for boiling water, bdler, 

bouillon, m. bubble (in a hot liquid or in the 

solid formed by cooling it), bleb; bubbling; 

broth, stock; ripple, wave; (Agric.) liquid 

manure; (Glass) an air bubble f(»rmed in 

gathering the molten glass. 

— Uanc, (Bot.) mullein. 
bouillonnement, m. bubbling, effervescence. 
bouillonner, v.i. bubble, bubble up, effervesce; 

gush out, gush forth. 
boulllonneux, a. containing bubbles, blebby. 
bouillotte, /. boiler, kettle. 
bouillotte, v.i. boil gently, simmer. 
boulage, m. (Sugar) the expressing of sugar 

beets; also, the expressed beets. 
boulange, /. unbolted flour. 
boulanger, m. baker. — v.t. bake (bread). 
boulangerie, /. baking; bakery, bakeshop. 
boule, /. ball; bulb. 

— à gaz, gas connection (having a ball-shaped 
part to which one or more stopcocks are 

— à robinets, a ball-shaped connection (for 
gas or the like) to which stopcocks are at- 
tached, stopcock fixture. 

— à teinture, dye ball. 

— blanche, white ball, specif, a ball of whit- 

— de bleu, blue ball, ball of bluing. 

— de noir, ball of black pigment or dye, 
black ball. 

— de verre, glass bulb. 

botdes d'acier, boules de Mars, bovie» dé 
Nancy, (Pharm.) balls of iron and potas- 
sium tartrate. 

bouleau, m. birch, birch tree, birch wood. 

boulée, /. cracklings of tallow, greaves. 

bouler, v.t. swell, puff out, (of bread) rise; roll 
like a ball. 

boulet, m. ball; specif., cannon ball. 

boulette, /. small ball, pellet. 

bouleur, m. maker of glass bulbs or globes. 

bouleversement, m. overthrow; commotion; 

bouleverser, v.t. overturn, upset, unsettle, 
throw into confusion, demolish. 

bouloir, m. stirrer, beater. 

boulon, m. bolt, pin. 

— à bout percé, eyebolt. 

— à davette, keyed bolt. 

— à écrou, screw bolt, bolt and nut. 

— d goupille, pinned bolt. 

— à œillet, eyebolt. 

— à oreilles, wing bolt, fly bolt. 

— à vis, screw bolt. 

— taraudé, threaded bolt, i 




iMNiioiiiier, v.t. boit. 

bouquet» m. bunch, cluster, dump, tuft, wisp; 

iNMirdAliie» /. (Bot.) alder buckthorn (Rham- 
nu8 frangtUa) . 

bonrde» /. poorest quality of Spanish soda. 

bourdomm» v.%. hum, buzz, murmur. 

bourg» m. market town. 

bourgade, /. small town. 

bourgène, /. » bourdaine. 

bourgeoii^ a. private; plain (and good); civil- 
ian; middle-class, bourgeois. 

bourgeon, m. bud; shoot; (pi.) long-staple 

bourgeonnement, m. budding. 

bourgeonner, v.i. bud. 

Bourgogne, /. Burgundy. 

bourgogne, m. Burgtmdy wine, burgtmdy. 

bourguignon, a. Burgimdian, Burgundy. 

bouriet, m. > bourrelet. 

bourrmehe, /. borage (Borago officinalis); any 
plant of the genus Borago. 

bourrage fn. (Mining) tamping. 

bourre, /. (a filn'ous mass or material) wad, 
wadding, stuffing, padding, pad, plug; 
short hair; down; tag wool; floes; silk 
waste; tnush, refuse; (Mining) tamping. 

bourré, p.a. packed, etc. (see bourrer). 

bourrelé, p.a. flanged; tormented. 

bourrelet, m. padding, pad; swelling; flange. 

bourra, v.t. pack, wad, stuff, pad, tamp, ram. 

bourroir, m. tamper. 

bourru, a. (of wine) imfermented; rough; 

bourse, /. purse; pouch, bag; stock exchange. 

— à pasteur, (Bot.) shepherd's purse (Bursa 

bonrgoullé, p.a. swollen, swelled, inflated. 

boursouflement, m. swelling, expansion, in- 
flation; blister, bleb, bubble (in metals, 

boursoufler, v.t., r. <k i. swell, expand, puff up, 

boursouflure, /. swelling, swell. 

bousAge, m. (Calico) dimging. 

bouse, /. ox dimg, cow dimg. 

boussole, /. compass; galvanometer. 

— des sinus, sine galvanometer. 

— des tangentes, tangent galvanometer. 

— électrique, g^vanometw. 

bout, m. end; extremity, tip; bit. — pr. S 

sing, of bouillir. 
boute, /. hogshead; barrel; tub. 
boutefeu, m. (^xpl.) igniter. 
bouteille, /. bottle; (for compressed gases) 

cylinder; any of various elongated vessels; 


— de Leyde, Leyden jar. 

— de sawm, soap bubble. 

bontelller, v.%. (Cflass) become full of bubbles. 

bouter, v.i. (of liquids) become thick or ropy. 
boutique, /. shop, store; stock, outfit. 
bouton, m. button; knob, stud, lug, handle; 
plug; bud; pimple, pustule. 

— de bieUe, crank pin. 

— de comrmUateur, (Elec.) switch plug. 

— de sonnerie, push button. 
boutonner, v.t. button. — v.i. bud; button. 
bouture, /. sUp, cutting; sucker, shoot. 
bOYln, a. bovine, pertaining to cattle. 
boyau, m. intestine, gut; hose, (flexible) tub- 
ing; catgut; narrow passage. 

boyauderle, /. gut works. 

bracelet, m. circular band, ring; bracelet. 

bractée, /. (Bot.) bract. 

bnd, m. pitch; tar; rosin. 

— gras, soft pitch, moist pitch (e.g., the 
residue left when coal tar is distilled to 
not over 200 '0- 

— liquide, tar. 

— sec, hard pitch, dry pitch (e.g., the residue 
left when coal tar distillation is pushed as 
far as is practicable). 

braise, /. wood coals (either glowing or not), 
embers, bed of coals; overbumed, friable 
charcoal, breeze; braised meat. 

— chimique, tinderbox paste. 
Iwan, m. bran; sawdust. 

brancard, m. handbarrow; litter, stretcher. 

branche,/, branch; arm, division, subdivision, 
etc.; (of a tripod) 1^. 

branchement, m. branching; branch tube or 

brancher, v.t. branch; connect (tubes, wires). 

branchette, /. small branch, branchlet. 

branderie, /. brandy distillery. 

brandcYln, m. brandy (made from wine) 

brandevinler, m. brandy distiller or seller. 

branle, m. swing, swinging; motion, impulse. 

branler, v.t. swing; shake (the head). — v.%. 
swing, shake, sway, move. 

branlotre, m. handle, lever (of a bellows), rock- 
staff; seesaw. 

braquer, v.t. point, direct, turn, fix (in a cer- 
tain direction). 

bras, m. arm; handle; (Mach.) lever, rod, bolt, 
etc.; brace; hand. 
à — , by hand, hand-. 

brasi^^, m. brazing, hard-soldering. 

brase, /. wood coals (see braise). 

brasement, m. = brasage. 

braser, v.t. braze, solder with hard solder. 

brasier, m. fire of wood coals; brazier. 

braslll^, v.t. shine, sparkle. 

brasque, /. (Metal.) brasque, lining (as a paste 
of powdered charcoal and clay). 

brasquer, v.t. brasque, line with brasque. 

brassage, m. mixing, etc. (see brasser). 

brasser, v.t. mix, stir, stir up, rabble, puddle; 
mash (malt, etc.); brew (beer, etc.). 




hn aae atitf f. hreweary; beer shop, café. 
birnsseor, m. brewer; mixer, rabbler, puddler. 

— mécaniqtte, mechanical stirrer (or rabbler 
" or puddler). 

lurassin, m. mash tub, mash vat; quantity 
brewejl at one time, brewing; quantity of 
soap boiled at one time, boiling; the proc- 
ess of making soft soap. 

brasure* /. bracing; brazed joint or seam. 

braanlte, /. (Aftn.) braunite. 

braTe» a. brave, gallant, fine, worthy, kind. 

braye» /. puddle (moist clay used for lining). 

brayer, v.t pitch, tar. 

Iwebis, /. ewe, (female) sheep. 

breccfolaire, a. brecciated. 

brèehe, /. gap, breach, hole, notch (in an edge) ; 
(Geol.) breccia. 

bref, a. brief, short. — adv. in short, in brief. 
en — , in brief. 

Brème, n. Bremen. 

Brésil, m. Brazil. 

brésil, m. brazilwood, brazil. 

brésUlen, a. Brazilian. 

brésUine, /. brasilin. 

brésiller, v.t dye red (with brazilwood) ; shat- 

•^ ter, shiver. — v.t. fall to powder. 

Iwësillet, m. braziletto, brasiletto. 

brésiOeiir, m. brazilwood dyer. 

Bretagne, /. Brittany. 

bretelle, /. strap, sling; brace, suspender. 

breton, a. Breton, of Brittany. 

Iwetté, a. toothed, jagged. 

breoTage, m. beverage, drink; draft; drench. 

brèTe, a. fern, of bref. 

brevet, m. patent; certificate; diploma; com- 
mission; {Dyeing) a decoction of bran and 

— de corps, a patent obtained on a chemical 
compound or other substance. 

— de perfectionnement, patent for improve- 
ment (of an invention). 

— d'importation, patent for importation. 

— d'invention, patent for an invention. 
IneTetable, a. patentable. 

IneYetage, m. (Alum) addition of potassium 

breveté, p.a. patented, etc. (see breveter). 

— m. patentee. 

— S.G.D.O., patented without guarantee by 
the government (the regular label on pat- 
ented articles). 

breveter, v.t. patent; grant a patent (or cer- 
tificate) to. 

brévlum, m. brevium, thorium Xt. 

bride, /. clamp, cramp; strap, stay, band; 
flange; bridle; rein, reins. 

brider, v.t. bridle, check, restrain. 

brie, m. Brie cheese. 

iMrier, v.t. knead. 

brièvement, adv. briefly; soon, shortly. 

brièveté, /. brevity. 

brigade, /. gang, party, body, band; brigade. 

brigadier, m. foreman; corporal. 

brillament, adv. brilliantly. 

brillant, a. brilliant. — m. brilliancy; polish; 

bright work. 
brillanter, v.t. cut as a brilliant; honor. 
brillement, m. brilliancy, luster. 
briller, v.t. shine; be bright, be brilliant. 
brin, m. bit, small piece; strand; staple, fiber 

(of wool, etc.); blade, shoot, sprig, twig. 
brinasse, /. hemp combings, inferior tow. 
brindille, /. slender branch, branchlet. 
brique, /. brick; (of soap) bar. 

— blanche, fire brick; wliite brick. 

— creuse, hollow brick. 

— crue, unburnt brick. 

— de liège, cork brick. 

— de parement, face brick, facing brick. 

— de scories, slag brick, slag stone. 

— émaiUêe, enameled brick, glazed brick. 

— hollandaise, Dutch brick, Dutch clinker. 
• — pilée, brick dust. 

— réfradaire, fire brick. 

— vernissée, glazed brick. 

— vitrifiée, vitrified brick. 

briquet, m. steel (for striking fire) ; tinder box. 

— chimique, chemical tinderbox, automatic 

briquetage, m. brickwork. 

briqueté, p.a. bricked; made of bricks; brick- 
colored, (Afed.) lateritious; imitating 

briqueter, v.t. brick. 

briqueterie, /. brickmaking; brick factory; 
match factory. 

briqueteur, m. bricklayer. 

briquetier, m. brick maker (or seller) ; match 
maker (or seller) ; bricklayer. 

briquetier-ffnmiste, m. brick-chimney builder. 

briquettage, m. briquetting. 

briquette, /. briquette, briquet. 

— de poussier, coal-dust briquette. 

— de tourbe, turf briquette, turf cake. 
bris, m. breaking, shattering, smashing. 
brisant, p.a. breaking, etc. (see briser); (of 

explosives) shattering, disruptive, sudden, 

brisé, p.a. broken, etc. (see briser); jointed, 

brise^ircuit, brise-eourant, m. circuit 

brise-Jet, m. an attachment to a tap for lessen- 
ing the force of the stream. 
brisement, m. breaking, etc. (see briser). 
briser, v. t. break; shatter, smash; break ofiF, 

interrupt; weary, wear out. — v.i. break. 

— v.r. break; (of light) be refracted; 

bristol, m. Bristol board, bristof^^^ 




blisure, /. break; crack, flaw; broken part; 

foldins joint. 
brittanique, a. British. 
brocatelle, /. brocatel, brocatelle. 
brocbe, /. spindle; broach (in various senses), 

spike, peg, pin; spigot. 
brocbé» Tp.a. (of books) stitched only, in paper 

binding; (of fabrics) figured. 
brocbette» /. pin, peg; skewer. 
brocbure, /. stitching (of books); brochure, 

pamphlet; inwoven pattern. 
broder, v.t. embroider. 
broderie, /. embroidery; insignia. 
broie, pr. S sing, of broyer. 
broiement, brofment, m. = broyage. 
bromaeétiqoe, a. bromoacetic, bromacetic. 
bromal, m. bromal. 

bromalizarine, /. bromoalizarin, bromalizarin. 
bromate, m. bromate. 
brome, m. bromine; {Bot.) brome grass. 
brome, p.a. brominated, containing bromine, 

bromer, v.t. brominate. 
brombydrate, m. hydrobromide. 
brombydrine, /. bromohydrin, bromhydrin. 
brombydrlque, a. hydrobromic. 
bromique, a. bromic. 
bromo-aurate, m. bromaurate. 
bromo«aurique, a. bromauric. 
bromoforme, m. bromoform. 
bromo-ioduré, a. treated with or containing 

bromide and iodide. 
bromonitré, a. bromonitro. 
bromoration, /. bromination. 
bromore, m. bromide. 

— de calcium, — de chaux, calcium bromide. 

— de fer, iron bromide, specif, (esp. in 
Pharm.) ferrous bromide. 

— de magnésie, magnesium bromide. 

— de méthyle, methyl bromide, bromo- 

— d'éthyle, ethyl bromide, bromoethane. 

— ferreux, ferrous bromide. 

bromore, a. brominated; containing bromine. 

broncbe, /. (Anat.) bronchus, bronchial tube. 

broncber, v.i. stumble, trip, falter. 

bronchique, a. bronchial. 

bronchite, /. bronchitis. 

bronzage, m. bronzing; browning (of steel). 

bronze, m. bronze. 

— à canon, gun metal. 

— aciéré, steely bronze. 

— à cloches, bell metal. 

— au manganèse, manganese bronze. 

— d'aluminium, aluminium bronze. 

— de nickel, nickel bronze. 

— des monnaies, coin bronze. 

— dur, — durci, hard bronze, hsirdened 

— en poudre, bronze powder. 

bronze moulu, bronze powder. 

— naturel, common bronze. 

— phosphoreux, phosphor bronze. 

— siliceux, silicon bronze. 

bronzé, p.a. bronzed; browned; bronze, bronzy. 

bronze-acier, m. steel bronze. 

bronzer, v.t. bronze; brown (iron or steel). 

broquette, /. tack. 

brossage, m. brushing. 

brosse, /. brush. 

— douce, soft brush. 

— en fil de métal, wire brush. 

— passe-partout, small dusting brush. 

— rude, stiff brush. 
brosser, v.t. brush. 

brosserie, /. brushmaking; brush factory. 

brossier, m. brush maker. 

brossure, /. (Leatfier) color brushed on. 

brou, m. hull, husk (of a nut, specif, walnut). 

brouet, m. gruel, porridge, broth. 

brouette, /. wheelbarrow. 

brouettée, /. barrowful, wheelbarrow load. 

brouetter, v.t. wheel in a barrow. 

brouetteur, brouettier, m. barrowman. 

broul, m. blowpipe (of an enameler). — o. 

brouillard, m. fog, mist. 

brouillement, m. mixing, etc. (see brouiller). 

brouiller, v.t. mix, mix up, mingle, jumble, 
confuse, beat (eggs), embroil. — v.i. blun- 
der, bungle, make trouble. 

brouillerie, /. discord, quarrel, trouble. 

broussaille, /. brushwood, imderbrush. 

brouter, v.i. browse; (of tools) cut unevenly. 

broutille, /. small twigs or shoots; trifle. 

brownien, a. Brownian. 

broyage, m. grinding, etc. (see broyer). 

broyé, p.a. ground, etc. (see broyer). 

broyement, m. grinding, etc. (see broyer). 

broyer, v.t. grind, pulverize, powder, crush, 
pound, bray, bruise, break. 

broyeur, m. grinder, etc. (see broyer). 

— à boulets, ball grinder, ball mill. 

— pulvérisateur, crusher and pulverizer. 
broyeuse, /. grinder, etc. (see broyer). 
broyeuse-mélangeuse, /. grinder and mixer. 
broyeuse-sécheuse, /. grinder and drier. 
brucelles, (spring) forceps, (spring) pin- 

brucine, /. brucine. 

bruire, v.t. make noise, rustle, rattle, hum, etc. 

bruissant, p.a. noisy, roaring, humming, 

bruissement, m. noise: rumbling, hiunming, 

rattling, etc. 
bruit, m. noise; sound; rumor; reputation. 

— p.p. & pr.S sing, of bruire. 
brûlable, a. biu-nable. 
brûlage, m. burning (specij. of weeds, brush, 

etc.); hole in a funiac(^Ç^o[^ 




IwtUantf p.a. burning, etc. (see brûler). 
brûlé» p.a. burned, burnt, etc. (see brûler). 

— m. bium; burning. 
brûlement* m. burning. 

brûlw, v.t. bum; roast; distill (wine, etc.). 

— v.». bum. — v.r. bum oneself ; be burnt. 

— en dedans, (of a burner) bum at the base. 
brûloie, /. distilling; distillery, esp. brandy 

iMtUeor, m. biumer; heater; distiller (esp. of 
brandy); roaster (as of oo£fee). 

— à gaz, gas burner. 

— ambulani, traveling distiller. 

— à pétrole, oil burner, petroleum burner. 

— de Bunaen, Bunsen burner. 

— d^oe, bone calciner. 

— éle<^rique, electric heater. 

brfUot, m. burnt brandy; half-burned charcoal. 
brûlure, /. bum; scald; burning; {Affric,) 

brame, /. thick fog or mist. 
brameiix, a. foggy, misty. 
bran, a. <t m. brown. 

— acide, acid brown. 

— Biemarck, Bismarck brown. 

— châtain, chestnut brown, chestnut. 

— clair, light brown. 

— de BruxeUee, Brussels brown (a pigment 
made by charring bone). 

— de momie, mummy brown. 

— de moffUaone, umber. 

— de Prtuse, Prussian brown. 

— foncé, dark brown. 

— marron, chestnut brown, chestnut, maroon. 

— rouge, brown ocher. 

— Van Dyck, Vandyke brown. 
brunâtre, a. brownish. 

brune, o. fem. of brun. — /. dusk. 

bmnl, m. burnish, polish. — p.a. browned, 
etc. (see brunir). 

bmnlr, v.t. brown; burnish, polish. — v.t. 
brown, turn brown. 

brunis, m. burnish, polish. 

brunissage, m. burnishing; browning. 

brunissement, m. browning; burnishing. 

Immisseur, m. burnisher (person). 

brunissoir, m. burnisher (tool). 

Iwnnlssure, /. browning; burnishing, polishing. 

brun-nuit, a. dull brown, mat brown. 

bmn-roullle, a. rusty brown, rust-colored. 

brusque, a. sudden, abrupt; brusque, blunt. 

brusquement, adv. suddenly, abmptly; 

brut, a. crude; raw; gross; rough, unpolished, 
uncut, imfinished, etc.; (of land) unculti- 
vated; inorganic; brute, brutish; im- 

— de coulée, — de fonte, rough-cast; as cast. 
Bruxelles, n. Brussels. 

Ivoyant» p.a. noî^, rattling, humming, etc. 

bruyère, /. heath, heather; heath, moor. 

bryone, /. (Bot.) bryony. 

bryonlne, /. bryonin. 

bu, p.p. of boire. 

buandier, m. bleacher; laimderer. 

bube, /. pimple. 

bubon, m. (Med.) bubo. 

bubonique, a. bubonic. 

bucall, m., bucftllle, /. buckwheat. 

bUCCO, n. (Pharm.) buchu. 

bûche,/, (of wood) billet, stick, log, block; (of 
coal) lump; (Wiredratoing) block. 

bûcher, v.t. hew, cut. — m. woodhouse, wood- 
shed; woodpile. 

bûchette, /. small stick (of wood). 

bûchlDes, borings, 

buée, /. damp vapor, moisture; (formerly) lye. 

buer, v.i. give off vapor, steam, reek. 

buffle, m. buffalo; buff G^ather); buff stick. 

buffleterie, /. the chamois process applied to 
ox hide, also the leather so produced, and 
articles made of it. 

buglosse, /. (Bot.) bugloes (Anchtisa), esp. 
A. italica (in English A. officinalie ia the 
one most often referred to). 

buls, m. (Bot.) box, boxwood, box tree. 

buisson, m. bush; thicket. 

bulbe, m. & f. bulb. 

— de colchique, — de safran bâtard, (Pharm.) 
colchicum corm. 

bulbeux, a. bulbous, bulboee. 

bulle, /. bubble; blister, bleb, vesicle; droplet, 

drop; bulla; bull (edict). 
buUetln, m. bulletin, report, notice; ticket; 


— d'essai, assay report, report of analysis. 
Bull, assoc. chlm. sucr. dlst.» abbrev. Bulle- 
tin de l'Association des Chimistes de 
Sucrerie et de Distillerie. 

Bull. sel. phariliacoL, àbbrev. Bulletin des 
Sciences pharmacologiques. 

Bull. soc. chim., abbrev. Bulletin de la Société 
chimique de France. 

Bull. soc. encour. Ind. nat., abbrev. Bulletin 
de la Société d'Encouragement pour l'In- 
dustrie nationale. 

bulleux, a. vesicular. 

bureau, m. office; table, desk, counter; 
bureau; officers of an organisation. 

burent, p.def. S pi. of boire. 

burette, /. burette, buret; cruet; (Mach.) oil 
can, oiler. 

— à huile, oil can, oiler. 

— anglais, Bink's burette (having the bottom 
closed and the tip branching off just below 
the top). 

— à pince, burette with pinchcock (Mohr 

— à robinet, burette witK^topoodf iOeiasler 
burette). digitized byT^r-vnrrnp 




burette de Mohr, Mohr burette (pinchcock 

bnrgos» m. iCeram.) a kind of gold luster. 

bartmiKe» m. engraving, graving, cutting (of 
metal); specif., {Metai.) cutting out of 
cracks from ingots. 

buriner, v.t. engrave, etc. (see burinage). 

buse, /. nozzle (as of a blowpipe or bellows); 
blast pipe (of a furnace); twyer; pipe, 
ventilating pipe; channel; buzzard. 
— de eouffiett blast pipe. 

bussent, imp. S pi. evbj. of boire. 

busserole, /. {Bot.) red bearberry {Arctosta- 
phyloa uvo-ursi). 

but, m. object, purpose, aim, end, goal; butt. 
— p.def. S sing, of boire. 

butftlsnlne, /. butalanine. 

buté, p. a. fixed, determined; butted. 

butée, /. fixed piece, lug, stop, shoulder, sup- 
port; abutment; striking, tapping. 

buter, t.%. aim (at); hit the mark. — v.(. butt; 
oppose; buttress. 

butte, /. small hill, hillock. knolL 

buttolr, butteur, m. {Mach.) catch, stop, pro- 
jection, stud, tappet, driver, dog. 

butyle, m. butyl. 

butylène, m. butylène. 

butylénlque, a. butylène, of butylène. 

butyllque, a. butyl. 

butyraeé, a. butyraceous. 

butyrate, m. butyrate. 

butyreux, a. of butter, buttery, butyraceous. 

butyrine, /. butyrin. 

butyrique, a. hxAync. 

butyroamyUque, a. In the phrase Uher buttf 
roamyligue, amyl butyrate. 

butyromètre, m. butyrometer. 

buvable, a. drinkable, fit to drink. 

buvant, of boire. 

buvard, a. (of paper) blotting, bibulous, absorb- 
ent. — m. blotter. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

ۥ9 a&&reo. (oentimdtre) centimeter. 

€*» fi*» abbrev. of ce. 

C.A.» abbrev. (coefficient d'abaissement) coeffi- 
cient of (freezing-point) lowering. 

fa, pron. Abbreviated form of cela. 

fà, ado. here. 

cabaDin, a. caballine. 

cabestan* m. capstan, winch. 

cabinet, m. cabinet; closet; study; office; 

cable, m. cable, rope. 

— de ùransmianorit power cable. 

— double, (Elec.) two-wire cable. 

— mitallique, wire cable, wire rope. 

— 8oua-marxn, submarine cable. 
ciUor, v.t. lay up, twist into a cable; cable. 
cabochon, m. {Jewelry) cabochon. 
cabiillon, m. goat's-milk cheese. 
cabron, m. kid skin; burnishing tool. 
cacao, m. cacao; cocoa. 

— adivblet soluble cocoa. 
cacaotier, -tière. » cacaoyer, -yôre. 
cacaoyer, m. cacao tree {Thecbrama cacao). 
cacaoyère, /. cacao plantation. 
cachalot, m. sperm whide, cachalot. 
caché, p.a. hidden, unseen, secret. 
cachemire, m. ca^mere. 
Cachemire, n. Kashmir, Cashmere. 
cachor, v.t. hide, conceal, secrete. 
cachet, m seal; stamp; ticket; (Pharm.) 


— de pain, (Pharm.) cachet (wafer of un- 
leavened bread). 

cacheter, v.t. seal. 

cacheteor, m. sealer. — a. sealing. 

cachexie, /. (Med.) cachexia. 

cachlboa, m. cachibou (resin). 

cacholong, m. (Min.) cacholong. 

cachon, m. iOlaaa) a box in which blowpipes 

are kept. 
cachoa, m. catechu. 

— de léoval, (Dyeê) cachou de Laval. 
cadHmtanniqne, a. catechutannic. 
cachottter, t.t. dye or treat with catechu. 
cacodylate, m. cacodylate. 
cacodyle, m. cacodyl. 
cacodyUque, a. cacodylic. 
cacothéllne, /. cacotheUne. 
eactacée, cactée, /. cactus (any plant of the 

family Ci^ct^cei^e), 

cactiw, cactus, m. cactus ^lant of the gMius 

c-a-d^ abbrev. (c'est-à-dire) that is to say, 
that is, i.e. 

cadavérlne, /. cadaverine. 

cadayériQue, a. cadaveric. 

cadavre, m. cadaver, corpse. 

cade, m. (Bot.) cade (Juniperua oxyeednut). 

cadeau, m. present, gift. 

cadence, /. cadence. 
en — , in cadence; at the same time. 

cadet, a. younger, youngest, junior. — m, 
younger brother, younger son, junior; 

cadette, /. hewn paving stone; younger daugh- 
ter (or sister). 

cadetter, v.t. pave with hewn stones. 

Cadix, n. Cadis. 

cadmle, /. cadmia. 

cadmlque, a. of or containing cadmium, cad- 

cadmium, m. cadmium. 

cadran, m. dial, face; (Mach.) index plate. 

— iridiccUeur, indicating dial. 
cadre, m. frame, border; framework; outline, 

plan, arrangement; compass, limits; (MU.) 

skeleton organisation. 
cadrw, v.i. agree, tally, harmonise, suit. 
caduc, a. decasring, falling, declining; nuU, 

void; (Bot.) caducous. 
caesium, m. cesium, cœsium. 
café, m. coffee. 

— au lait, coffee and milk, or the light brown 
color of this. 

— de grains, cereal coffee. 

— de Moka, Mocha coffee. 

— du Soudan, kola nuts. 

— en grains, whole coffee. 

— en poudre, groimd coffee. 

— torréfié, roasted coffee. 

— vert, green coffee, imroasted coffee. 
caféier, m. coffee tree. 
cafélère, /. coffee plantation. 
caféine, /. caffeine. 
caféique, a. caffeic. 
caféone, /. caffeone. 
cafétannlque, a. caffetannio. 
caflût, m. scrap iron, old iroq, 
ci^er, m. coffee tree. 
caflque, a. caffeic, 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




eage» /. case, casing; frame, framework; cage. 
Cfthler» m. blank book, record book, notebook, 
account book, etc.; specifications. 

— d*analyse^ analjrtical notebook. 

— de chargeât specifications. 
cahot, m. jolt, jolting; obstacle. 
cahoter, v.t. A i. jolt. 

calen, m. (Bof.) offset bulb; (of garlic) clove. 

caille, /. quail. 

caillé, p.a. coagulated, curdled, clotted. — m. 

curd, curds, coagulated part of milk. 
calDebottage, m. curdling, clotting. 
calllebotte, /. curdled milk; curd, curds. 
calllebotté, p.a. curdled, clotted; curdy. 
calllebotter, t.t. A r. curdle, clot. 
caUle-lalt, m. {Bot.) cheese rennet, bedstraw 

(Oalium, esp. yellow bedstraw, O. verum, 

called abo caiUeAait jaune). 
calOement, m. coagulation, curdling, clotting. 
cainer, v.t. A i. coagulate, curdle, clot. 
caillette, /. rennet. 
caillot, m. coagulum, curd, clot. 
callloa, m. pebble; flint, flint stone. 

— roidét rolled pebble. 

calllontage, m. iCeram.) flint ware; pebble 

cainooteux, a. pebbly; flinty. 
caiUoiitls, m. road metal, macadam. 
caUlonx, pi. of caillou. 
olnfa, /. (PJiartn.) cahinca root, cahinca. 
calre, m. coir (coconut fib^). 
caisse, /. case, box, chest; (for liquids) tank; 

safe; bank, cashier's office; cash; fund; 

shell (of a drum or a pulley) ; body (of a car, 

etc.); drum. 

— à davre-mne, crate. 

— à eaut water tank. 

— à feu, fire box. 

— à otUile, tool chest, tool box. 

— de cémentcUion, cementation box. 

— de résietance, (Elec.) resistance box. 

— en fonte, cast-iron box or tank. 
cajepnt, cajeputler, m. (Bot.) cajuput, caje- 


cal, m. callosity, callus. 

calîm^, m. leveling, etc. (see caler). 

calambac, calambart, calamboiir, m. Agal- 
looh wood. 

calament, m. (Bot.) calamint. 

calamlnalre, a. In the phrase pierre calami- 
naire, lapis calaminaris, calamine. 

calamine, /. (Min.) calamine. 

calamité, /. calamity. 

calamdteux, a. calamitous. 

calandrage, m. calendering. 

calandre, /. calender; (Sugar) the upper divi- 
sion of one of the cylindrical units of a mid- 
tiple-effect evaporator. 

calandrer, v.t. calender. 

calandreur, m. calenderer. 

calant, p.a. leveling, etc. (see caler). 
calcaire, a. calcareous, or containing lime. 
— m. limestone. 

— carbonifère. Carboniferous limestone. 

— coquiUier, shell limestone. 

— hydraulique, hydraulic limestone. 
calcar^e, /. a kind of kiln for extracting sulfur. 
calcarlfère, a. calciferous. 

calcarone, m. calcarone (large sulfur kiln). 

calcédoine, /. chalcedony. 

calcédonleuz, a. chalcedonic. 

caldfëre, a. calciferous. 

caldllthe, /. compact limestone. 

caldnable, a. calcinable. 

caldni^^e, m. calcination, calcining. 

calcination, /. calcination. 

calcine, /. calcine (calcined product) ; (Enam- 
eling) a powder containing lead and tin 
oxides Gcad stannate) in varying propor- 
tions; (Soda) the strongly heated second 
hearth of a furnace for converting sodium 
chloride into sodium sulfate. 

caldner, v.t. calcine, bum (as lime). 

caldnure, n. (Olase) minute siurface crack. 

caldQue, a. of or containing calcium or lime; 
as, chlorure caicique, calcium chloride. 

calclte, /. (Min.) calcite. 

caldum, m. calcium. 

calcul, tn. calcidus; calculation; arithmetic. 

— différentiel, differential calculus. 
calculant, p.a. calculating. 
calculateur, m. calculator. — a. calculating. 
calculatoire, a. calculatory, calculating. 
calculer, v.t. A i. calculate. — v.r. be cal- 

calculeuz, a. (Med.) calculous, calculary. 
cale, /. (a piece to level, steady or support an 

object), chock, block, wedge, key, quoin, 

prop; hold (of a ship) ; cove. 
calé, p.a. leveled, etc. (see caler). 
calebasse, /. calabash. 
caleçon, m. (pair oO drawers. 
ddédonlen, a. Caledonian. Scotch; of or per> 

taining to New Caledonia (as, tnineraia cats' 

calendrier, m. calendar. 
calepin, m. memorandum book, notebook. 
caler, v.t. level, set, adjust, support, chock, 

prop, wedge, key; lower (a sail); (of a 

boat) draw. — v.i. jam, stick. 
calfater, v.t. calk, caulk. 
calfeutrer, v.t. stop up the chinks of, make 

tight, close, stuff. 
calibrage, m. calibration, gaging. 
calibre, m. caliber; caliper, gage; template; 

mold; model, pattern (of a molding); man- 
calibrer, v.t. calibrate, gage, meastu^, sise. 
calice, m. cup; chalice; (Bot.) calyx. 
caUche,/. (Min.) «^^«'^«'"qqqIp 




calicot, m. calioo. 

CaUfornle, /. California. 

caUfourchon, m. hobby; hobbyhorse. 
à — , astride, astraddle. 

calln, m. câlin (alloy for tea canisters). 

caOeuz, a. callous, indurated, homy. 

callosité, /. callosity. 

calmant, p.a. calming, soothing; (Med.) calm- 
ative. — m. (Med.) calmative. 

calme, a. A m. calm. 

calmer, v.t. calm, soothe, quiet. 

calomel, m. calomel. 

calorie, /. calorie, calory. 

cakwifère, m. heater, heating appitratus, heat- 
ing furnace, heating stove. — a. convey- 
ing heat; (of pipes) hot-air, hot-water, 
steam (as the case may be). 

— à air, hot-air heater. 

— à eaut hot-water heater. 

— à vapeur, steam heater. 
calorifique, a. calorific. 

calorlAige, a. heat-insulating. — m. heat insu- 
lation, heat insulator. 

calorimètre, m. calorimeter. 

calorimétrie, /. calorimetry. 

calorimétrique, a. calorimétrie (al). 

calorique, m. heat; (formerly) calorie. 

calorisateur, m. (.Sugar) calorisator. 

calot, m. block, wedge. Cf. cale. 

calotte, /. calotte, skuU cap; hence, anything 
of similar shape: cap, calotte, capping, 
knob, head, cup, sèment of a sphere (esp. 
one less than a hemisphere), cupola or its 
roof or lining, end of a window-glass cylin- 
der opposite the blowpipe, case of a watch, 
(Anat.) brain cap. 

calqoage, m, tracing, copsring. 

caique, m. tracing, copy. — a. tracing, copy- 

calquer, v.t. trace, copy (by tracing). 

— sur, copy after. 
calquoir, m. tracing point. 
calus, m. callosity; callus. 
camaieu, m. = camée. 
camarade, m. comrade, fellow. 
cambouis, m. oil or grease blackened by use in 

machinery, coom, coomb; grease for polish- 
ing, lubricating, or the like. 

cambre, m. camber, convexity. 

cambré, p.a. cambered, curved, bowed. 

cambrement, m. cambering, curving. 

cambrer, v.t. camber, bend, curve, bow, warp. 

cambrlen, a. (Geol.) Cambrian. 

cambrure, /. camber, cambering, curvature. 

came,/, cam, wiper, lifter, tappet; cog. 

camée, m. cameo; (Painting) camaieu. 

caméléon, m. chameleon. 

— minéral, chameleon mineral. 
caméllne, /. wild flax, gold-of-pleasure (Cam- 

elina aativa). 

cameDe, /. (Salt) a heap of sea salt. 
camion, m. truck, dray, camion. 
camionnage, m. truckage, drayage, cartage. 
camionner, v.t. transport by truck or dray. 
camomille, /. camomile, chamomile. 

— commune,. = camomille ordinaire. 

— d'Allemagne, German camomile (Matri- 
caria chamomUla). 

— de Perse, Persian insect powder. 

— ordinaire, wild camomile (Matricaria 
species, esp. M. chamomiUa). 

— puante, stinking camomile (Anthémis 

— pyréthre, pellitory (Anacydvs pyrethrum). 

— romaine, Roman camomile (Anthémis 

camoufler, v.t. camouflage, disguise. 

camourlot, m. cement for filling the joints 
between flagstones. 

campagne, /. campaign (e.g., in metallurgy); 
season; country; field; voyage; country- 
en — , in operation; in the field. 

campanlen, a. Campanian. 

campêche, m. logwood, campeaohy wood. 

camphène, m. camphene. 

camphine, /. camphine. 

camphocarbonique, a. camphooarbozylio. 

camphoglycuronlque, a. camphogluouronic, 

camphol, m. campbol (bomeol). 

campholique, a. campholic. 
alcool — , bomeol. 

camphorate, m. camphorate. 

camphored, n. a sort of wide-mouthed bottle. 

camphorifère, a. producing camphor. 

camphorique, a. camphoric. 

camphorolde, a. resembling camphor. 

camphorone, /. camphorone. 

camphoronique, a. camphoronic. 

camphre, m. camphor. 

— anisique, fenchone. 

— de matricaire, Matricaria camphor (2- 

— de menthe, mint camphor (menthol). 

— du Japon, Japan camphor, ordinary cam- 

— monobromé, bromocamphor, (Pharm.) 
monobromated camphor. 

camphré, a. camphorated; camphoraoeous. 
camphre-poudre, m. camphorated powder. 
camphrer, v.t. camphorate. 
camphrier, m. camphor tree. (Cinnamomum 

can, m. edge. 
canadien, a. Canadian. 
canaigre, /. canaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus), 
canal, m. canal; pipe, tube, conduit; diannel; 

flue; drain; sluice; i^D^^^Jting; bed 

(of ariver).Digitizedby> 



I ^akrQQt^ ventilating flue or channeL 

— d^amtnee^ inlet pipe or tube, inflow chan- 

— d^amoree^ detonator hole. 

— de couUst (Founding) runner, gate, sprue. 

— dé fuiUt eflSux pipe or tube, waste pipe, 
waste channeL 

mnmll8»tion, /. piping, etc. (see canaliser); 
system of pipes or tube; pipeline; connec- 
tion, connections (as for steam or gas); 
sewerage; (Blec.) wiring, esp. conduit work. 

— de lumière, electric light wiring. 
caiiAliser, v.t. pipe (gas, etc.); unite, connect; 

centralise: canalise; (Elec.) wire. 

«mamelle, /. sugar cane. 

canard, m. duck (specif., drake) ; hoax; (Min- 
ing) air passage; (Pyro,) water rocket. 

eanaui, p2. of canal. 

cancer, m. (Med.) cancer. 

cancereoi, a. cancerous. 

cancre, m. crab. 

candéialwe, m. chandelier, branched fixture; 

candl, p.a. candied; candy. — m. candy, eap. 
rock candy; candied fruit. 

candidat, m. candidate. 

candir, «.«'. dk r. candy, become candied. 

candlMrie, /. candy (esp. rock candy) manu- 

cane, /. (female) duck; *■ canne. 

canette, /. duckling; (Weaving) cop. 

canevas, m. canvas; outline, skeleton. 

canlf, m. penknife. 

canln, a. canine. 

canlYcan, m. gutt^:, channel, conduit, drain. 

cannale, /. cane field; canebrake. 
canne, /. cane; (GZom) blowpipe. 

— à tucre, sugar cane. 

cannelé, p.a. channeled, grooved, fluted. 
cannelé, v.t. channel, groove, flute. 
cannelier, m. cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum). 
cannelle, /. cinnamon; faucet, tap; groove, 

— de CeyUm, Ceylon cinnamon. 

— de Moffdian, (Pharm.) Winter's bark. 

— de Saigon, Saigon cinnamon. 
canneDé, a. cinnamon-colored. 
canndure, /. groove, channel, fluting. 
cannette, /. *■ canette; <- cannelle. 
canon, m. cannon, gun; (collectively) gims, 

artillery; cylindrical part or object, as the 
barrel of a rifle or a sjrringe, the noszle or 
pipe of a bellows, a roll or stick of sulfur, 
a reel fen' yam, a cylindrical jar; (Zine) a 
crucible of oval section; canon. 

— de campagne, field gun. 

— de ftuU, gun barrel, rifle barrel. 

— rayi, rifled gun, rifle; rifled barrel. 
canot, m. small boat, launch; canoe. 

cantharide, /. cantharis, Spanish fly. — a. 

iridescent like the cantharis. 
cantliarider, v.t. cantharidate. 
eantharidine, /. cantharidin. 
cantliaridlqae, a. cantharidic. 
cantine, /. chest, box, case; canteen. 
canten, m. canton (in France, subdivision of an 

arrondissement) . 
canule, /. small tube, cannula, (of a syringe) 

caotttchene, m. caoutchene. 
caoatcbonc, m. rubber, caoutchouc; (rubber) 


— à eau (or à raccord), rubber tubing made 
firom cut sheet. 

— creux, single-tube tire. 

— cuir, imitation leather made from rubber- 
ised cloth. 

— dee huHes, a rubber substitute made from 
certain oils. 

— de synthèse, synthetic rubb^. 

— dilaté, fine-cut sheet rubber. 

— durci, hard rubber. 

— en feuiUee, sheet rubber. 

— fadice, artificial rubber. 

— mélangé, mixed rubber. 

— pneumatique, pneumatic tire. 

— régénéré, reclaimed rubber. 

— sulfuré, vulcanisé, vulcanised rubber. 
caontcboutage, m. treating with rubber, rub- 

caoatchonter, v.t. treat with rubber, rubber- 

caoutchoutler, m. rubber plant; rubber 

caontchontlfêre, a. producing rubber. 

cap, m. cape; head. 

— de Bonne-Espérance, Cape of Good Hope. 
capable, a. capable. 

capacité, /. capacity; expert. 
capdque, n. capsicum. 
capillaire, a. capillary. — m. capillary, capil- 
lary tube; maidenhair fern, capillaire. 
capillarité, /. capillarity. 
capitaine, m. captain. 
capital, a. capital. — m. capital; chief thing. 

— d^étahlUsement, fixed capital. 

— social, capital of a firm or company, social 

capital-action (s), m. capital stock. 
capitale, /. capital (either city or letter). 
capltalement, adv. capitally; essentially; ab- 
capitaliser, v.t. capitalise. 
capitaliste, m. capitalist. 
capital-obligations, m. liabilities. 
capitel, m. (Soap) a lye of ashes and lime. 
capiteux, a. (of liquors) heady, intoxicating. 
capituler, v.i. capitulate. j 

capnoftage, a. smoke-preventinglQLC 




ttipoindf m. corporal. 

CApot» m. covCT, hood. 

eâ|>re, /. (Bot.) caper. 

CAIMlcIeilXy a. capricioiis. 

CAprln» a. caprine, of or pertaining to a goat. 

emprlnate, m. oaprate. 

caiwliilqiie» a. capric. 

eapriqne» a. capric; decyl (in the phrase al- 
cool caprique). 

eaproique, a. caproic; hexyl (in the phrase 
alcool eaproique). 

eaiw^e, m. capryl; Oess properly) octyl. 

eapryllqnef a. cainylic; octyl (in the phrase 
alcool caprylique). 

capsnlage, m. capping (as of bottles). 

capsulalre, a. capsular. 

empBUÈtf /. an evaporating dish or dish of sim- 
ilar shape, even when large; small dish or 
oup, capsule; capsule (in other senses); 
cap; (explosives) cap, primer, detonator; 
(Mach.) ring gage. 

— à trous, perforated dish, strainer, colander. 

— avec manche, dish with handle, (in some 
cases) casserole. 

— coniq^e, a dish having the form of an 
inverted frustum of a cone. 

— d' evaporation, — évaporatoire, evaporating 

— fulminante, fulminating ci^, percussion 

— médicamenteuse, medicinal capsule. 

— surrénale, suprarenal ci4>sule. 
eaptace* m. conducting of water (as by piping) 

to the place where it is to be used. 
eaptfttloii, /. catching, collecting, collection. 
capter» v.t. catch, collect, capture; make avails- 
able; conduct (water) to the place of use; 

captif» a. captive. — m. captive, prisoner. 
captiTer» v.t. captivate; subdue; confine. 
capuchon, m. cap (as for a bottle or a test 

tube); (Bot., etc.) hood. 
capuchoiiiié» a. capped, hooded. 
capucine, /. nasturtiimi; band (of a firearm). 
capnllne, /. a black fabric made of wool, goat's 

hair and horsehair, used in the purification 

of fatty acids by expression. 
caput-mOTtuum, m. (Old Chem.) caput mor- 

caquage, m. barreling. 
caque, /. a kind of barrel. 
caqoer, v.t. barrel. 

ear» conj. for, because, as, inasmuch as. 
caraba» m. cashew nut oil, cardol. 
carabe» m. a variety of amber. 
caracoU» m. caracoli, caracoly (an alloy). 
caractère» m. character; characteristic. 

— d'imprimerie, type. 
caractéffsant» p.a. characterizing, -teristic. 
caraetéfi§er» v.t. characterise; distinguish. 

caractéristique, a. A f. characteristic. 
carafe» /. wash bottle, washing bottle; carafe, 

caramel» m. caramel. 
caraméllque» a. pertaining to, or of the nature 

of, caramel. 
caraméliser» v.t. & r. caramelize, turn into 

caramel; treat or mix with caramel. 
eiwat, m. carat; small diamond. 
carature» /. gold alloy; alloying (of gold). 

— blanche, alloying of gold with silver, or 
the alloy so produced. 

— rouge, alloying of gold with copper, or the 
alloy so produced. 

carbamate» m. carbamate. 

carbamide, /. carbamide, urea. 

carbamlque, a. carbamic. 

carbantle, n. carbanil. phenyl isocyanate. 

carbaalde, /. carbazide. 

earbazol, m. carbazole. 

carbazoÛque, a. carbazotic (picric). 

earbimlde, /. carbimide, carbonimide. 

carblnol, m. carbinol. 

carblnollque, a. carbinol. pertaining to, or of 

the nature of. a carbinol. 
carboazotine, /. carboazotine (a kind of safety 

blasting powder). 
carbodynamlte, /. carbodynamite. 
earbolique, a. carbolic. 
carbonado, m. carbonado. 
carbonatage, m. carbonation. 
carbonatatlon, /. carbonation, carbonatation. 
carbonate, m. carbonate. 

— d'ammoniaque, carbonate of ammonia, 
ammonium carbonate. 

— de chaux, carbonate of lime, calcium car- 

— de fer, iron carbonate. 

— de lithine, lithium carbonate. 

— de magnésie, magnesium carbonate. 

— de plomb, lead carbonate. 

— de potasse, cïirbonate of potash, potassium 

— de soude, carbonate of soda, sodium car- 

— de soude potassé, potassium sodium car- 

— de strontiane, strontium carbonate. 

— lithique, lithium carbonate. 

— niccolique, nickel carbonate. 
carbonate, p.a. carbonated. 
carbonater, v.t. carbonate. — v.r. become car- 

carbonatenr, m. carbonator; (Sugar) carbona- 
tion (or carbonatation) man. 
carbone, m. carbon. 

— combiné, combined carbon. 

— de recuit, annealing carbon. 

— de trempe, temper carbon. t 

— fixe, fixed carbonsd by V^OOQ IC 

carbone 54 

carbone oraphttigue, graphitic carbon. 

carboné» a. of, pertaining to or containing car- 
bon, carbonaceous; carburetted. 

carboneux, a. In the phrase acicle carboneux, 
an old name for oxalic acid. 

carbonlde, m. carbonide (rarely used), carbide. 
— a. resembling ciu-bon. 

carbonifère, a. carboniferous; (Oeol.) Carbon- 

carbonlmètrCt m. carbonimeter (a buret for 
determining carbon dioxide). 

carbonlmlde, /. carbonimide, carbimide. 

carbonique, a. carbonic; (Org. Chem., esp. in 
combination) carboxylic. 

carbonisation, /. carbonization. 

carlMnlser, v.t. carbonize. 

carlMnlseuse, /. (.Textiles) an apparatus for 
conducting the carbonization process. 

carlMnlte, /. (Expl) carbonite. 

carl>onoIde, a. resembling carbon. 

cariMnométrie, /. carbonometry. • 

carlionyl-aniidé, a. containing both carbonyl 
and amidogen or, specif., an acid amide 
group, CONHi. 

carlionyle, m. carbonyl. 

cariMnylé, a. containing carbonyl, carbonyl. 

carlMrundum, m. carbonmdimi. 

citflHlsulftare, m. carbon disulfide. 

carlMSUlftareux, a. containing carbon disulfide. 

carl>oxyiiémoslobine, /, carbonyl hemoglobin, 
carbon monoxide hemoglobin. 

carliozyie, m. carboxyl. 

carlioxylpyrasinlque, a. pyrazinecarboxylic. 

carlioxyphénoliqae, a. phenolcarboxylic (des- 
ignating aromatic hydroxy acids). 

carburant, p.a. carburet(t)ing. — m. car- 
buretant; fuel (for explosion engines). 

carburateur, m. c{u'buret(t)or. — a. carbu- 
ret (t)ing. 

carburation, /. carburization, carburation. 

carbure, m. carbide; specif., hydrocarbon. 

— acétylénique^ acetylene hydrocarbon. 

— aUénique, aliène hydrocarbon. 

— à noyau fermé, ring hydrocarbon. 

— aronuUique, aromatic hydrocarbon. 

— d'hydrogène, hydrogen carbide, hydrocar- 

— diéthylénique, diethylenic hydrocîirbon. 

— ditérébénique, diterpene. 

— éthylènique, ethylene hydrocarbon. 

— métallique, metallic carbide. 

— monotérébénique, terpene proper (CioHi«). 

— polytérébénique (or multitérébénique), poly- 

— saturé, saturated hydrocarbon. 

— sesquitérébénique, sesquiterpene. 

— térébénique, terpene. 
carburé, p.a. carburized; carburetted; con- 
taining carbon. 

carburer, v.t. carburize; carburet. 


carburet, m. carburet (old term for carbide). 
carbylamdne, /. carbylamine, carbamine, isoni- 

carbyle, m. carfoyl. 

carcalse, /. annealing kiln for plate glass. 
carcas, m. refined cast iron. 
carcasse, /. skeleton; frame, framework; case 

(of a torpedo); carcass; body; (If tZ.) car- 
cass, incendiary shell. 
carcel, m. (Photometry) carcel. 
carcinomateux, a. (Med.) carcinomatous. 
carcinome, m. (Med.) carcinoma. 
cardage, m. carding; teaseling. 
cardamome, cardamone, m. cardamom, car- 

cardan, /. Cardan joint. Cardan jointing. 
à la — , Cardanic, in the manner or of the 

nature of a Cardan joint. 
carde, /. card, carding machine; teasel; chard. 
carder, v.t. card (wool, etc.); teasel (cloth). 
cardlalre, /. (Bot.) motherwort (Leonurus eardi' 

aca). — o. of the heart, cardiac. 
cardlalgie, /. (Med.) cardialgia. 
cardiaque, a. & m. (Med.) cardiac. — /. 

« cardiaire. 
cardinal, a. & m. cardinal. 
cardol, m. cardol (cashew-nut oil). 
carence, /. deficiency, lack (as in diet) ; (Lair) 

absence of assets. 
cargaison, /. cargo; shipping. 
cariclne, /. caricin (papain). 
carle, /. (Med., etc.y caries. 

— sèche, (of wood) dry rot. 
carillon, m. rod (of iron) ; chimes; ncnse. 
carlnthien, a. Carinthian. 
carkhèse, /. = carcaise. 
carllne, /. (Bot.) carline thistle (Carlina). 
carmin, m. & a. carmine. 

— aluné, (Micros.) alum carmine. 

— boracique, (Micros.) borax carmine. 

— d'indigo, (Dyes) indigo carmine. 
carminatlf, a. & m. (Med.) carminative. 
carminé, p.a. carminated; carmine-colored. 
carminer, v.t. treat or mix with carmine; color 


carmlnlque, a. carminic. 

camé, a. flei^-colored; of meat, meat, flesh. 

cameau, carnau, m. the flue or pipe connect- 
ing a furnace with the chimney, vent, 
smoke pipe, (in a boiler) fire tube. 

carnet, m. notebook, memorandum book; ac- 
count book. 

— journalier, journal. 
camine, /. camine. 
carnivore, a. ciu-nivorous. — m.pi. Cami- 

carotide, a. & f. (Anat.) carotid. 
carotine, /. carotin. 
carotte, /. carrot; trick, ruse. 
earottlne, /. c^o^^.^ ^^ GoOglc 




caroube, /. carob bean, carob. 

caroubier, m. carob tree, carob. 

carouge, /. « caroube. 

earpobalsame, m. carpobalsamum. Oha. 

carqualse, /. = carcaise. 

carre» /. thickness; crown (of a hat) ; back and 
shoulders; comer. 

carré» p.a. squared; square; perpendicular; 
square-built; (Paper) of the size called 
carré (see below). — m. squttre; something 
square or rectangular, as an iron bar of 
square cross section, a garden bed, a stair- 
case landing, etc. ; {Paper) a sise about 45 
by 66 cm. (18 by 22 in.), medium, demy. 

carreau, m. tile; pane (of glass) ; paving brick; 
floor; ground; square; check, checker; a 
coarse file of square cross section; garden 
bed; tidlor's goose; square cushion; 
(Masonry) stretcher; (Cards) diamond; 

— de poéUt stove tile. 

— encatutiquet encaustic tile. 

— en ciment, cement slab, cement block. 
carrelage, m. paving with tile, tiling. 
carreler, v.t. pave with tile, tUe. 

carrelet, m. cubical grain (of explosives) ; pack- 
ing needle; (ZoOl.) plaice. 

carreller, m. tile maker. 

carrément, adv. squarely, square. . 

carrer, v.t. square. 

carrière,/, quarry; career; racecourse; arena; 
course; scope, play. 

carrosserie, /. coach (or carriage) building. 

carrossier, m. coach builder, carriage builder. 

carroyage, m. checkering, squares. 

carte, /. cardboard; card; map, chart; bill, 
account; bill of fare. 

— couchée, glazed cardboard. 

— de visite, visiting card. 

— postale, postal card, post card. 
cartel, m. syndicate, trust; (MU.) cartel. 
cartelle, /. veneer. 

carter, m. (Mach.) a protecting piece or cover. 

eartbame, m. safflower (Carthamus tinctoritu); 

any plant of the genus Carthamtis. 
cartbamlne, /. carthamin. 
cartbamique, a. carthamic. 
cartilage, m. cartilage. 
cartilagineux, a. cartilaginous. 
carton, m. pasteboard, (paper) board; a piece 

of pasteboard; pasteboard case or box, 

carton; portfolio; cartoon; (Printing) a 

double leaf, or four pages. 

— bitumé (or bitumini), tar board, tar paper. 
— Bristol, Bristol board. 

— couché, glazed board. 

— couvert, covered pasteboard. 

— cuir, leatherboard. 

— d'amiante, asbestos board. 

carton de cottage, board made by gluing sheets 
of paper together, pasteboard in the proper 

— de deuxième moulage, board made from old 

— de montagne, asbestos board. 

— de moulage, boitrd made from paper pulp 
by molding or pressing into sheets, (in part) 

— de paille, .straw board. 

— de papier-mâché, — de pâte secondaire, 
board made from old paper. 

— de premier moulage, board made, like paper, 
from original materials. 

— de tourbe, peat board. 

— en pâte de bois, wood board. 

— glacé, glazed board. 

— minérale, asbestos board. 

— ondylé, corrugated board. 

— porcelaine, enameled board. 
en — , (of books) in boards. 

carton-cuir, m. leatherboard. 

cartonni^;e, m. binding in boards; making of 

paper-board objects; paper-board boxes 

cartonné, p.a. bound in boards. 
cartonner, v.t. bind in boards. 
eartonnerle, /. pasteboard (or paper board) 

manufacture; paper-board factory. 
cartonneux, a. resembling pasteboard, stiff. 
carton-pallle, m. strawboard. 
carton-pftte, m. papier-màché, paper pulp. 
carton-plerre, m. a hard variety of paper 

board containing clay, cement, etc. 
cartouche, /. thimble, shell (for extractions) ; 
. cartridge. — m. case; fttime, cartouche 

(for a name, title' or the like). 

— à blanc, — à poudre, — blanche, — sans 
balle), blank cartridge. 

— à fumée, smoke cartridge. 
cartoucherie, /. cartridge factory. 
carracrol, m. carvacrol. 
canrène, m. carvene. 

carrl. m. (Bot.) caraway (Carum carut). 
canrol, m. carvol (old name for carvone). 
caryophyllées, /. pi. (Bot.) Caryophyllaceae 

caryophylllne, /. caryophyllin. 
cas, m. case; position, state; matter, affair; 

en — que, in caise, if. 

en tout — , in any case. 
cascade, /. cascade. 

en — . in cascade, in a (descending) series. 
eascariUe, /. cascuilla. 
case, /. compartment; hut. 
caséase, /. casease. 
caséate, m. caseate. 
caseation, /. caseation. 
caséeux, a. caseous, ( 





caséiflcatlon, /. caseation. 

caséifler, v.t. convert into cheese. 

caséiforme, a. like cheese, cheesy. 

caséine, /. casein. 

casélnôie, /. cheesemaking; cheese factory. 

caséinogène, a. casein-producing. — m. casein- 

caséique, a. caseic. 

caser, v.t. place; put away; put in order. 

caserette, /., caserel, caseret, m. cheese mold. 

caserne, /. barracks. 

casette,/. little case; (Ceram.) sagger, seggtu*. 

caséuni, m. caseum (pttracasein). 

easier, m. filing case, set of pigeonholes; com- 
partmented case or rack. 

casUleux, a. brittle. 

casplen, a. Caspian. 

la Ccupienne, the Caspian Sea. 

casque, m. helmet; (Bat.) hood, helm. 

casquette, /. cap. 

cassable, a. breakable. 

cassage, m. breaking, crushing. 

cassant, p.a. breaking, etc. (see casser); brit- 
tle, short; peremptory. 

— à chaud, hot-short, red-short. 

— à froid, cold-short. 
cassave, /. cassava. 

casse,/, breaking, breakage; ladle; pan, basin, 
boiler; case (esp. for type); (Bot. & 
Pharm.) cassia; (Metai.) crucible; (Wines) 

— arxmuUique, cassia bitrk, Chinese cin- 
namon (Cinnamomum cassia, etc.). 

— du Brésil, = casse vraie. 

— en bAUms, cassia pods. 

— en bois, (Pharm.) cassia bark. 

— mondée, cassia pidp. 

— vraie, purging cassia, cassia pods (Cassia 

cassé, p.a. broken, etc. (see casser) ; worn out, 
weak; (of wine) a£Fected with casse. — m. 
(Paper, pi.) casse paper, cassie paper; 
(Candy) crack, snap (stage reached at about 
127* C). 

casse-coke, m. an instrument for breaking up 
large pieces of coke. 

casse-dlable, m. (Bot.) St.-John's-wort (Hyper- 
icum, esp. H. perforatum). 

cassement, m. breaking, etc. (see casser). 

casse-plerre, casse-plerres, m. stone breaker, 
stone crusher; stone hammer; (Bot.) saxi- 

casse-poltrlne, m. fiery liquor. 

cass^, e.f. break; crush; crack (nuts); annul. 
— v.i. & r. break. 

— le vide, break the vacuum, interrupt the 

casserole, /. casserole. 

casseur, m. breaker. — a. breaking, crush- 

cassiée, /. (Bot.) any member of a tribe of cœs- 
alpiniaceous plants including the genus 

cassler, m. cassia tree, cassia plant. 

cassis, m. cassis, black cuirant (Ribes niffrum) 
or a liqueur made from it. 

cassltérlte, /. (Afin.) cassiterite. 

casson, m. fragment (as of glass or pottery); 
broken or imperfect sugitr loaf; broken 
cocoa nibs. 

cassonade, /. raw or muscovado sugtu*, cas- 

cassure, /. fracture. 

— à éclats, splintering fracture. 

— à fibres, fibrous fracture. 

— à grain (or à grains), granular fracture. 

— à nerf, fibrous fracture. 

— conchcide, conchoidal fracture. 

— de bois, woody fracture. 

— fibreuse, fibrous fracture. 

— granulaire, granular fracture. 

— lam^Ueuse, lamellar fracture. 

— métallique, metallic fracture. 

— résineuse, resinous fracture. 

— terrettse, earthy fracture. 

— vitreuse, vitreous fracture. 
castillan, a. Castilian. 

castlne, /. (Metal.) limestone, used as a flux. 
castoréum, m. castoreum. 
castorlne, /. castorin. 
casuel, a. casual, incidental. 
cataire, /. catnip (Nepeta cataria), — a. purr- 
catalan, a. Catalan, (less often) Catalonian. 
catalase, /. catalase. 
catalepsie, /. (Med.) catalepsy. 
Catalogne, /. Catalonia. 
catalogue, m. catalog(ue), list. 
catak^Tuement, m. catalogging, cataloguing. 
cataloguer, v.t. catalog(ue). 
catalyse, /. catalysis. 
catalyser, v.t. catalyze, catalyse. 
catalyseur, m. catfdyzer, catalyst. 
catalyte, /. catalyst, catalyzer. 
catalytlque, a. catalytic. 
cataphorèse, /. cataphoresis. 
cataphorétique, a. cataphoretic. 
cataplasme, m. cataplasm, poultice. 
catapuce, /. caper spurge (Euphorbia lathyris). 
catéchine, /. catechol, catechin. 
catéchique, a. catechuic, pertaining to catechu. 
catechu, caté-chu, m. catechu. 
catégorie, /. category. 
catégorique, a. categorical. 
cathartlne, /. cathartin (cathartic acid). 
cathartlque, a. & m. (Med.) cathartic. 
cathédrale, a. & f. cathedral. 
cathérétlque, a. & m. (Med.) catheretic. 
cathète, /. (Qeom.) cathetus, perpendicular. 
cathétomètre, m. cathetometer. 




eatliode, /. cathode. 

emthodlqiie, a. cathodic, cathode. 

catholleon, m. (Med.) catholioon, panacea. 

cati, p.a. glossed, lustered. — m. gloss, luster. 

cation» m. cation. 

catlr, v.t. gloss, luster (cloth by pressing). 

catlssage» m. glossing, lustering (of cloth). 

catop trique, /. catoptrics. — o. catoptric (al). 

Caucase, m. Caucasus. 

caucasien, caucasique, a. Caucasian. 

cauchemar, m. incubus, nightmare. 

caucher, m. parchment book for gold leaf. 

causant, causatif, a. causative, causing. 

causatlvement, adv. causatively. 

cause, /. cause; (Law) consideration. 

à — de, because of, on account of. 

à — que, because, for the reason that. 

— d'erreur, cause of error, source of error, 
causé, p,a. caused; (Law) for value received. 
causer, v.t. cause. — v.i. talk, chat. 
causticité, /. causticity. 
caustiflcateur, m. causticixer. 
caustiflcation, /. causticization. 
causttfler, v.t, causticize, render caustic. 
caustique, a. A m. caustic. — /. caustic curve, 


— au chlorure de zinc, (Pharm.) Canquoin's 

— de Vienne, (Pharm.) Vienna caustic, 
Vienna paste. 

caustiquement, adv. caustically. 

cauttee, m. cautery, cauterization; cautery, 
cauterizing agent; idcer. 

cautérisant, p.a. cauterizing. — m. cauter- 
izing agent, cauterant. 

cautérisation, /. cauterization. 

cautérisa, v.t. cauterize. 

caution, /. security, surety, guarantee, bail. 

cautionné, p.a. guaranteed, warranted; bailed. 

caùtlonnenient, m. security, deposit, bail. 

cautionner, v.t. guarantee; give security for. 

cavalerie, /. cavahry. 

cavalier, m, rider (as of a balance); staple; 
horseman; cavalier; (Paper) a size cor- 
responding to printing demy (about 17^ by 

— curseur, sliding rider, adjustable rider. 
cave, /. cellar. — a. hollow, concave. 
caveau, m. small cellar, vault. 

— à glace, ice box. 

eKwer, v.t. hollow, hollow out, excavate; dig, 

mine, undermine; stake, bet. 
caverne, /. cave, cavern; cavity. 
cavwneuz, a. cavernous, hollow. 
cavité, /. cavity, hollow. 
caiette, /. (Ceram.) sagger, s^gar. 
ce» a. this; that. — pron. this, that, he, she, it. 

(For the pi. see ces.) 
à — que, from what, according to what; by 

the fact that; that, in order that. 

céanothe, céanote, m. (BoL) Ceanothus; 

specif., (Pharm.) New Jersey tea (C. ameri- 

ceci, pron. this. 
cécité, /. blindness. 

— des couleurs, color blindness. 
cédât, m. natural steel. 

céder, v.t. give up, part with; yield, surrender; 

cede, transfer; sell. — v.i. srield, give in, 

give way; be inferi(»r. 
cédrat, m. citron (Citrus mediea, specif, the 

variety genuina, or its fruit). 
oédraterie, /. citron plantation. 
cédratier, m. citron tree. 
cèdre, m. cedtu* (wood or tree) ; specif., any tree 

of the genus Cedrus; citron. 

— hlanc, white cedar. 

— de VHimalalah, Himalaya cedar, deodar. 

— des Bermudes, Bermuda cedar (Juniperus 

— de Sibérie, Siberian cedar, stone pine 
(Pinus cembra). 

— de Virginie, red cedar (Juniperus virgin- 

— duZAban, cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani), 

— rouge, red cedar. 

cédrei, m., cédrèle, /. any tree of the genus 

cédrie, /. cedar resin. 

cédron, m. (Bot,) cedron (Simaba cedron). 

ceignant, of ceindre. 

ceignit, S sing, of ceindre. 

ceindre, v.t. surround; put on (as a sword). 

ceint, p.a. surroimded, inclosed, encircled. 
— pr.3 sing, of ceindre. 

ceinture,/, belt, band, girdle. 

cela, pron. that; that person, he, she, him, her, 
they, them. 
à — près, with that exception; tor all that. 

céladon, m. A a. pale green. 

celer, v.t. conceal, hide. 

céleri, m. celery. 

célérité, /. celerity. 

céleste, a. celestial, heavenly. 
hUu — , sky blue, azure. 

eélestlne, /. (Min.) celestite, celestine. 

celle, pron. she, her, one, the one, that. 

ceDe-ci, pron. this, tiiis one, she, her; the latter, 
the last. 

ceDe-là, pron. that, that one, she, her; the 
former, the first. 

ceOes, pron. they, them, tiiose. (Jem. of ceux.) 

celles-ci, pron, they, them, these; the latter, 
the last. 

celles-là, pron. they, them, those; the former, 
the first. 

cellier, m. a cool place for making wine or for 
keeping wine, vegetables, or the like (dis- 
tinguished from cave in not being undw- 
ground or vaulted), (^ ^^^\^ 
Digitized by V^OOQlc 




eeOose, /. cellose. 

cellulaire, a. cellular. 

cellule, /. cell; cellule, small cell. 

— à compter, — à fond divisé, counting 

— composée, composite cell. 

— de Thoma, Thoma counting chamber. 
cellule, a. cellular, cellulated. 
celluleux, a. cellular. 

cellulite, /. celluUte; cellulitis. 
ceUuloId, ceUuloiile, m. celluloid. 
ceUulose, /. cellulose. 

— mlfiHque, sulfite cellulose. 
ceUuloslque, a. cellulosic, cellulose. 
celui, pron. he, him, one, the one, that. 
celul-d, pron. this, this one, he, him; the 

latter, the last. • 

cdul-là, pron. that, that one, he, him; the 

former, the first. 
cembre, cembro, m. stone pine {Pinua 

cément, m. cement, specif, the powder used in 

cementation. (Cf. ciment.) 
cémentation, /. {Metal.) cementation. 
cémentatelre, a. cementatory; {Mining) 

cement (see eau cémentatoire, under eau). 
cémenter, v.t. {Metal.) subject to cementation, 

cement, caseharden, face-harden. — v.i. 

undergo cementation. 
cémenteux, a. of the nature of cement. 
cendrage, m. {Founding) ashing over of 

cendrallle, /. ashy débris from lime kilns. 
cendre, /. ash, ashes. 

— bleue, Saunders blue (either ultramaiine 
ash or a basic copper carbonate). 

— bleue neOureUe (also pi.), a blue pigment 
composed of powdered azurite. 

— de houiUe, coal ashes. 

— de plomb, dust shot, very fine shot. 

— d*os, bone ash. 

— d'outremer, ultramarine ash. 

— fixe, permanent ash (one that remains 
when glowed). 

cendres de bois, wood ashes. 

cendres d^orfèvre goldsmith's ash, precious- 
metal residues. 

cendres grateUes, a grayish potassium car- 
bonate (pearlash) made from wine lees. 

cendres perlées, pearlash. 

— terle, green verditer. 

meUre en cendres, reduce to ashes, bum to 

ashes, incinerate. 
cendré, a. ash-colored, ashen. 
cendrée, /. lead ashes, Utharge; dross, refuse; 

dust shot, very fine shot. 

— de Toumay, a hydraulic cement made from 
coal dust and lime. 

cendrw, v.t. mix or treat with ashes; give an 
ashen color to. 

cendreux, a. ashy, covered with or full of 

ashes; {Metal.) weak or flawy from ash 

cendrier, m. receptacle for ashes, ash pit, ash 

box, ash pan, ash bucket. 
cendrltee, /. peat; a woman that sells ashes. 
cendrure, /. a rough pitted condition of metal, 

esp. steel, due to ashes; ash spot, cinder 

censé, a. supposed, regarded, considered. 
censeur, m. censor; proctor. — a. censorious. 
censure, /. censorship; censure. 
cent, a. & m. hundred. 

pour — , per cent. 
cent., abbrev. centime (k of a cent) ; (centième) 

centaine, /. hundred (vaguer than cen£). 
centaurée, /. {Bot.) centaury. 

— américaine, American centaury {Sabbatia 

cent, cub., abbrev. (centimètre cube, centi- 
mètres cubes), cubic centimeter (s). 

centenaire, a. centennial, centenary, centenar 
rian. — m. centennial, centenary; cente- 

centennal, a. centennial. 

centésimal, a. centesimal; percent; centi- 

centiare, m. centiare, centiar (1 sq. meter). 

centième, a. & m. hundredth. 

alcocl à 25 centièmes, 25 percent alcohol. 
en centièmes, in hundredths, in per cent. 

centigrade, a. centigrade. 

centigramme, m. centigram. 

centilitre, m. centiUter (10 c.c). 

centime, m. centime (about i cent or A d.). 

centimètre, m. centimeter. 

— carré, square centimeter. 

— ct*6e, cubic centimeter. 
centrage, m. centering. 
central, a. central. 

centrale, /. central establishment or plant. 

centralement, adv. centrally. 

centralisateur, a. centralizing. 

centralisation, /. centralization. 

centraliser, v.t. centralize. 

centratlon, /. centering. 

centre, m. center. 

centrer, v.t. center. 

centreur, m. centering apparatus, centerer. 

centrifugateur, m. » centrifugeur. 

centrlfugation, /. centrifugalization, oentrif- 

centrifuge, a. centrifugal. 

centrifuger, v.t. centrifugalize, oentrifugate, 

centrifUgeur, m., centrifugeuse, /. centrifu- 
gal machine, centrifugal, centrifuge. 

centripète, a. centripetal. 

centrosome, m. {Biol.) centrogome. t 

Digitized by vIjOOQIC 


centuple, a. dk m. centuple, hundredfold. 

centiliter» v.t. centuple, increase a hundred- 

cep, m. stock. 

cépage, m. variety (of grapevine). 

cependant, conj. nevertheless, however, still. 
— adv. meanwhile, in the mean time.» 

céphalalgie, /. cephalalgia, headache. 

céphaUque, a. cephalic. 

cephœllne, /. cephaëline. 

céracêe, /. a kind of Swiss cheese. 

cérame, m. an earthenware vessel. — a. per- 
taining to, or suitable for making, earthen- 
ware vessels. 

céramique, o. ceramic. — /. ceramics. — n. 
ceramic ware, earthenware. 

céramiste, n. ceramist. — a. ceramic. 

céramographle, /. ceramography. 

céramographlqtte, a. ceramographic. 

cérasine, /. cerasin. 

cérat, m. (Pharm.) cerate; Goosely) ointment. 
-:^ cosmétique^ cold cream, ointment of rose 

— deOotUard, Goulard's cerate, cerate of lead 

— de renne anglaist rosin cerate. 

— de résine eomposét compoimd roein cerate, 
Deshler's salve. 

— de savon, soap cerate. 

— épulotique, ointment of idnc oxide, sine 

— satumé, » cérat de Goulard. 

— simple, simple cerate, cerate. 
cératoide, a. ceratoid, horny (or homshaped). 
cerce, /. circle, ring, specif.: the frame of a 

circular sieve; (Ceram.) an earthenware 

ring used as a support for articles in the 

cerceau, m. hoop. 
cerclage, m. encircling; hooping. 
cercle, m. circle; hoop, ring, (annular) band, 

en cerdes, in circles; (of liquors) in the wood, 

in casks. 
cercler, v.t. surround with hoops or bands; 

encircle; ring; limit. 
cercueil, m. coffin, casket. 
céréale, /. dk a. cereal. 
cteéallne, /. cerealin (aleurone); cerealine (a 

maiae preparation). 
cftébrlne, /. cerebrin. 
cftémonle, /. ceremony. 
céréolé, m. (Pharm.) cerate. 
cérésine, cérésite, /. ceresin, ceresine. 
eetf, m. deer, stag, hart. 
cérides, m. pi. cerium metals. 
cérifère, a. ceriferous, producing wax. 
cérine, /. cerin. 
oérique, a. of or pertaining to cerium, specif., 

eerie; (Org. Chem.) eerie. 



cerise, /. cherry. — m. cherry (coIot), cerise; 

cerise (the dye). 
c^rlsette, /. dried cherry; a cherry drink. 
cerisier, m. cherry (tree or wood). 
— de Virginie, (Bot.) wild black cherry 

(Pruniu serotina). 
eérlte, /. (Min.) cerite. 
cerium, m. cerium. 
ca*ne, m. circle, ring, halo. 
cwneau, m. green walnut kernels. 
certier, v.t. encircle, surround, cut round. — 

v.r. become encircled. 
eérolde» a. resembling wax. 
cérolélne, /. cerolein. 
ceromel, m. (Med.) ceromel. 
cérosée, eérosie, cérosine, /. cerosin (a waxy 

substance from sugar cane). 
cérotique, a. erotic; cerotyl, ceryl (in the 

phrase alcool cérotique, ceryl alcohol). 
céroxyle, m. (Bot.) Ceroxylon, wax palm. 
céroxyllne, /. palm wax, ceroxyle. 
certain, a. certain. 
certainement, adv. certamly. 
certes, adv. certainly, surely. 
COTtiflcat, m. certificate. 
certlflcatenr, m. certifier; guarantor. 
certifier, v.t. certify; guarantee. 
certitude, /. certitude, certainty; steadiness, 

sureness (of hand). 
cérulé, céruléen, a. cerulean, asure, light blue. 
céruléine, /. (Dyes) cerulein. 
céruléum, m. ceruleiun (an inorganic pig- 
eérullne, /. soluble indigo blue. 
cérumen, m. (Physiol.) cerumen. 
cérumineuz, a. ceruminous. 
ceruse, /. white lead, ceruse (the pigment). 
cérusier, m. white-lead worker. 
céruslte, /. (Min.) cerussite. 
cerreau, m. brain (the organ). 
cervelet, m. cerebellum. 
cervelle, /. brain substance, brains. 
c^rvolse, /. cervisia (beer of the ancients). 
cervolsler, m. a maker of cervisia. 
céryle, m. ceryl. 
céryllque, a. ceryl. 
ces, a. (pi. of ce, cette) these; those. — pron. 

these, those, they. 
césium, m. cesium, caesium. 
cessant, p.a. ceasing, suspended. 
cessation, /. cessation, ceasing. 
cesse, /. ceasing, cessation. 

sans — , without ceasing, incessantly. 
cesser, v.t. & i. cease, stop, discontinue. 
cession, /. cession, transfer, assignment. 
cesslonnaire, n. assignee, grantee, transferee. 
c'est, akhr&o. (ce est) it is, he is, she is. 
c'est-à-dire, that is to say, that is, i.e. 
cet, a. Used for ce before a vQwel sound. See ce. 
Cétacé, a. & m. (Zom.) cetac^j^OQlC 




cétozine» /. kctasine. 

cétimlne» /. ketimine. 

eétlne, /. cetin. 

oétO" • keto- . 

eétohexose, /. ketohexose. 

cétone, /. ketone. 
' — de Michler, Michler's ketone. 

eétonlqne, a. ketonic. 

cétoplpéridlne, /. ketopiperidine (piperidone). 

eétosê, m. ketoée. 

oettOt a. fem. of ce. 

ceuXt pron. they, them, those. 

ceux-el» pron. they, them, these; the latter, the 

ceux-là» pron. they, them, those; the former, 
the first. 

eé?adUle, /. (Bot.) sabadilla, cevadilla. 

cévadlne, /. cevadine (veratrine of Merck). 

CeylAil, n. Ceylon. 

ch.» abbrev. (chapitre) chapter. 

chablis, m. Chablis (a dry white wine). 

chabottCt /. anvil block, anvil (of a power ham- 

chacrille, /. cascarilla. 

chacmif pron. each, each one; everyone, every- 

cfaafée» duUrée, /. residue remaining after the 
ex^*action of starch from cereals, bran. 

chagrin, n. shagreen (leather) ; affliction, grief, 
trouble; chagrin, —a. sad, peevish, 

chiMSriner» v.t. shagreen (skins); distress, 
afflict; vex; chagrin. 

chHTlnciir, chagrinler, m. shagreen maker. 

chal, m. storage room, storage shed (for wines, 
brandies, etc.). 

chalUe, pr. s Hng. subj. of chaloir. 

chaîne, /. chain. 

à — ouverte, open-chain. 

— à godets, chain pump. 

— allemande, open-link chain. 

— anglais, close-link chain. 

— arborescente, branching chain, branched 

— à rouleaux, block chain, roller chain. 

— carbonée, carbon chain, chain of carbon 

— de transmission, driving chain, power 

— fermée, closed chain, ring. 

— hydrocarbonêe, hydrocarbon chain. 

— latérale, side chain, lateral chain. 

— linéaire, (Org. Cfiem.) straight chain, un- 
branched chain. 

— ouverte, open chain. 

— sans fin, endless chain. 
chaînette,/, small chain; (Math.) catenary. 
chaînon, m. link (or, broadly, portion) of a 

chain (in Org. Chem. often bes^ translated 
as ''grouping [' or "group.") 

chaînon sul/onét sulfonic group, sulfo group. 

— terminal, end group, terminal group. 
chair, /. flesh; (Leather) flesh side, flesh; 

(Metal.) fiber; chair (of a rail). 

— fossile, a variety of asbestos, 
chaire,/, chair, professorship; pulpit. 
chalSf m. a chai. 

Chaise, /. chair; chaise; frame, framework; 

(Mach.) hanger. 
chalalt, imp. S sing, of chaloir. 
chaland, m. customer, patron; barge, lighter. 
chalcédolne, /. chalcedony. 
chalcographie, /. chalcography. 
chalcopyrite, /. (Min.) chalcopjrrite. 
chalcoslne, /. (Min.) chalcocite. 
châle, m. shawl. 
chaleur, /. heat. 

— blanche, white heat. 

— d'échauffement, the amount of heat re- 
quired to raise a given body a given tem- 
perature interval. 

— de combinaison, heat of combination. 

— de dissolution, heat of solution. 

— latente, latent heat (heat of fusion or of 

— rouge, red heat. 

— soudante (or suante), welding heat. 

— spécifique (or spéciale), specific heat. 
chaleureux, a. warm, ardent, hot-blooded. 
chakrir, v.t. matter, signi^ (used imperson- 

chalkollte, /. (Min.) chalcolite (torbemite). 
chalkopyrite, /. (Min.) chalcopyrite. 
chalkoslne, /. (Min.) chalcocite. 
chaloupe, /. launch. 
chalu, p.p. of chaloir. 
chalumeau, m. blowpipe; tube, pipe; reed; 

straw; lime twig; (Music) wood-wind. 

— à bouche, mouth blowpipe. 

— à gaz, gas blowpipe, (gas) blast lamp, (gaa) 
blast burner. 

— à soufflerie, blowpipe with bellows. 

— oxhydrique, oxyhydrogen blowpipe. 

— oxyacétylénique, oxyacetylene blowpipe. 
chalybé, a. chalybeate. 

chambertln, m. d^hambertin (a red Burgundy 

chambourin, m. a kind of glass sand; a kind 

of green glass. 
chambranle, m. casing, case (as of a door); 

chambre, /. chamb^; room; floor, story; 

(Metal.) cavity, blowhole, honeycomb. 

— à air, air chamber; (of pneumatic tires) 
inner tube. 

— à air comprimé, compressed-air chamber. 

— à gaz, gas chamber. 

— à poussière, dust chamber. 

— à vapeur, steam chamber, steam chest. 

— de Bôttcher, Bôttcher's moist chamber* 




) de combtuHont combustion chamber, 

— de plombf lead chamber. 

— des dêjnUést Chamber of Deputies. 

— humide, moist chamber. 

— noire, {Photog.) camera. 

— syndicale, a body of sj^dics or representa- 
tives; a tribunal of a corporation. 

diambré» a. chambered; specif., containing 

cavities, honeycombed. 
diamlwer» v.r. become honeycombed. 
cliameftii* m. camel. 
ehftineUe, /. female camel. 
chamois, m. chamois (animal or leather). 
chamolser, t.t. chamois. 
cbamolserle, /. chamois leather factory; cham> 

ois leather; chamoising. 
ehamolseiir, m. chamois dresser. 
Chamotte» /. {Ceram.) chamotte. 
champ, m. field; edge, long narrow side (as of 

a brick) ; (pZ.) country. 

— de force, field of force. 

— de vue, — de vision, » champ visuel. 

— magnétique, magnetic field. 

— tournant, rotating field. 

— visuel, vistial field, field of vision, field of 

de — , edgewise, edgeways, on edge. 
champagne, m. champagne (wine). — /. In 

the phrase fine champagne, a supericH' kind 

of brandy. 
champagniser, v.t. treat (wine) after the 

method of making champagne. 
diampêtre, a. rural, country. 
diam^gnon, m. fungus; mushroom; mush» 

roomnshaped object, as a rail head. 
Champlevé, a. & m. (JSnameling) champlevé. 
chance, /. diance; luck, fortime. 
chanceler, v.%. stagger, totter; waver. 
chanceux, a. hasardons; lucky. 
chand, p.a. molded, moldy. 
diandr, v.t. mold, become moldy. 
chandssure, /. mold; moldiness. 
chancre, m. canker; (Med.) chancre. 
diandellOT, m. chandelier, branched fixture; 

candlestick; an upright support, as the 

stanchion of a pump. 

— d'amphithéâtre, lecture-room fixture (for 
gas, water, etc.). 

— de jauge, (Ceram.) a gage consisting of a 
vertical rod with horizontal crossrods. 

chanddle, /. candle (esp. one containing tallow 
or other fat, as distinguished from bougie) ; 
vertical support, prop, stay, shore, stud; 
icicle; candlelight; artificial light. 

— à la baguette, dipped candle, so called from 
the rod from which the candles are sus- 

— moulée, molded candle. 

— romaine. (Pyro.) Roman candle. 

chandellerie, /. candle factory or shop, chand- 

change, m. change; exchange. 

changé, p.a. changed; exchanged. 

changeant, p.a. changing, changeable, vari- 

changement, m. changing, change, alteration, 
variation; (Rail^oave) switch. 

— de marche, (Mach.) reversing gear. 

— d'état, change of state. 

change, v.t. change; exchange. — v.t. A r. 

— de, change. 

chant, m. singing; song; melody; chant; canto. 

chanter, v.t. & i. sing; chant. 

chantier, m. yard (for storage or work); stand 

for barrels, gantry. 
chantignole, /. bracket. 
chantonné, a. (of paper) defective. 
chantourner, v.t. (Tech.) cut in profile. 
chanvre, m. hemp. 

— de Calcutta, — de Chine, jute. 

— de la Nouvelle-Zélande, New Zealand flax 
(or hemp), Phormium tenax. 

— de VInde, Indian hemp (Cannabis aoHva, 
var. indica). 

— de ManiUe, Manila hemp, manila (from 
Musa textiHs). 

— du Bengale, jute. 

— du Canada, Canadian hemp (Apocynum 

— femelle, — porte-graine, female hemp. 

— male, male hemp. 
ehanvreux, a. hempen, hemp. 

chape, /. cover, lid, cap, capping; (of a still) 
head; (of a balance) bearing; (Mach.) 
strap, clasp, catch, loop; (of a mold) cope; 
molding clay; bed in which tiles are set. 

chapeau, m. hat; (Tech.) cap. cover, lid, top, 
head; (of a still) head; (of beer, etc.) head; 
(of a chimney) cowl, hood; felt; (Tin) a 
block of Malacca tin; (Mining) the altered 
top portion of a vein deposit; (Bot.) pileus. 

— de fer, (Mining) gossan, "eisenhut." 
diapelet, m. ehaplet (wreath, string of beads, 

or something resembling these); (on 
liquors) beads, bubbles; chain pump; 

— électrique, a set of fuses or charges con- 
nected so as to be fired simultaneously. 

chapdie, /. valve box, valve case; cyUnder 
case; vault, arched part (of a furnace or 
the like); explosion chamber; chapel. 

ehapdierle, /. hat making; hat trade; hat 

ehapo^n, m. hood; cover, cap, (of a wall) 
coping; chaperon. 

chapiteau, m. head, cap, cover, hood, dome, 
top; (of a still) head; (of a column) capital. 

chapitre, m. chapter; subject, head. 

chapon i 

cliapoii» m. capon; young vine. 

chaque, a. each, every. 

char, m. car, chariot; cart, wagon. 

— d'asaaiU, (MU.) tank. 
chaimnQon» m. (Zoôl.) weevil. 

charbon, m. charcoal; char; coal; carbon (as in 
an electric cell or an arc light); (Med.) 
anthrax, charbon; {Affric.) smut. 

— à dessin, drawing charcoal, charcoal crayon. 

— à filtrer, filtering charcoal. 

— à lumière, electric Ught carbon. 

— à mèche, cored carbon. 

— animal, animal charcoal. 

— artificiel, charcoal prepared by carbon- 
izing a prepared mixture (instead of wood 
or other natural material), synthetic char- 
coal (so called). 

— à souder, soldering carbon. 

— bitumineus, bituminous coal. 

— coUecteuT, (Elec.) brush. 

— de bois, wood charcoal. 

— de cornue, retort carbon, gas carbon. 

— de houilie, coke; anthracite. 

— de lumière, lamp cttrbon, electric light 

— de Paris, a sjmthetic charcoal made from 
powdered charcoal, coal dust or the like, 
with pitch as a binder, and used as a bri- 
quetted fuel. 

— de pierre, stone coal (anthracite). 

— de saule, willow charcoal. 

— de sucre, a pure charcoal made from sugar. 

— de terre, (mineral) coal. 

— de tourbe, peat coal. 

— de vinasse, vinasse charcoal (esp. that from 
sugar beets). 

— électrique, electric cîirbon (either for arc 
light or for battery). 

— en poudre, charcoal dust, powdered char- 
coal; coal dust. 

— ftdminant, fulminating charcoal (residue 
obtained by heating tartar emetic to white 

— graphitique, graphitic carbon. 

— gras, fat coal, (broadly) soft coal. 

— incombustible, anthracite. 

— luisant, anthracite. 

— maigre, lean coal. 

— minéral, (mineral) coal. 

— plastique, plastic coal. 

— pow piles, battery carbon. 

— roux, brown (or red) charcoal. 

— vegetal, vegetable charcoal. 
charbonm^ie, m. coal mining; coal mine. 
charbonnaUle, /. small coal (or chttrcoal); 

(Metal.) a mixture of cinders, sand and 
eharbonné, p.a. charred; blackened, marked 
with black; drawn with charcoal; (Agric.) 

2 chamu 

charbonnée, /. layer of charcoal. 
charbonner, v.t. char; blacken with charcoal; 

polish with charcoal. — v.i. & r. char; 

deposit carbon. 
charbonnette, /. wood for making charcoal. 
charbonneux, a. of the nature of, or contain- 
ing, charcoal or carbon, charry; (Med.) of 

or pertaining to anthrax. 
charbonnier, m. charcoal burner; charcoal (or 

coal) dealer; coke oven; stoker, fireman; 

coal cellar; coUier. — a. pertaining to the 

charcoal or coal industry. 
charbonnière, /. chttrcoal pit or oven. 
eluwcuterle, /. pork in various forms, or a 

place where these products are made or 

cluwcutter, m. pork butcher. 
chardon, m. thistle; teasel. 

— bénit, blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus). 
chardonner, v.t. teasel. 

charge, /. charge (in various senses) ; load; bur- 
den; (Paper, etc.) loading; head, pressure 
(as of water) ; office, responsibility. 

— admissible, working load. 

— amorce, priming charge. 

— brute, total load. 

— d'amorçage, priming charge. 

— d'épreuve, test chttrge; test load. 

— de rupture, breaking load. 

— dissimulée, (Elec.) bound charge. 

— explosive, bursting charge. 

— induUe, induced charge. 

— résiduelle, residual charge. 

— utile, useful load. 

en — , (Ceram.) by piling one upon another 
the articles to be fired. 

chargé, p.a. charged, etc. (see charger); (of 
liquids) turbid; (of the sky) overcast. — m. 
In such phrases as chargé d'affaires (chargé 
d'affaires) and chargé de cours (one who 
conducts a university course altho not a 

charge-amorce, n. priming charge. 

chargement, m. chttrging, etc. (see charger); 
load, charge; registered letter. 

charger, v.t. charge; load; exaggerate; register 
(a letter). — v.r. (of liquids) become tiu-- 
bid; (of the sky) become overcast; (With 
de) charge oneself with, undertake. 

chargeur, m. loader; charger; stoker. 

chariot, m. wagon; carriage, trolley, car, ^ruck; 
(Mack.) carriage, carrier, slide, slide rest, 
traveler; chariot. 

charité, /. charity. 

charmant, p.a. charming. 

charme, m. charm; (Bot.) hornbeam. 

charmer, «.(. charm. 

charnière, /. hinge; (turning^ joint. 
à — , with hinge(s), hinged^QQQ[^ 

chamu, a. fleshy. o 


HÉarogne» /. carrion. 

charpentéf /. frame, framework; framing; tim- 
bering, carpentry. 

charpenter, v.t. frame, build, plan; cut for 

charpenterie, /. carpentry. 

charpenttWf m. carpenter. 

chaule, /. lint. 

cbarqaer, v.t. dry (meat). 

chanée» /. ashes, lye ashes; (Soda) exhausted 
black ash, vat waste. 

charretée, /. cart load, cartful. 

charrette»/, (two-wheeled) cart. 

charriage» m. cartage; carrying. 

charrier» v.t. cart; carry. 

ciiarroi» m. carriage, drayage. 

ciiarroyer, v.t. cart, haul. 

ciiarrae» /. plow. 

diarte,/. charter. 

diartré» a. chartered. 

cliartreiue, /. chartreuse. 

eiias» m. starch sise; eye (of a needle). 

ciiasse» /. chase, hunting, pursuit; flooding, 
flushing; (of machinery) play; driving tool, 
set, setter, drift, punch, etc. 

eliftsse, /. knife edge (of a balance) ; mounting. 

eiiasser, v.t. drive out, expel; drive out, drive 
away; drive; propel; drive in; chase, pur- 
sue, hunt. 

chasseur, m. himter; chasseur. — a. himting. 

châssis, m. frame, framework; chassis; (of a 
window) sash; (Founding) flask; (PhotoQ.) 
plate holder. 

diassoir, m. driver (any of various tools). 

cliat, m. cat. 

diâtalsne, /. chestnut. 

— de cheval^ — d^Inde)^ horse-chestnut. 

— du Brésil, brasil nut. 
châtaignier, m. chestnut tree. 
diâtain, a. db m. chestnut, chestnut brown. 
châtaire, /. (Bot.) catnip. 

cliâteaa, m. castie; chateau. 

ciiatoiemeiit, ciiatoliiieiit, m. chatoyancy, 

ciiaton, m. kitten; (fiot.) catkin; setting (of a 

ring) ; bezel. 
ciiatonner, v.t. set (a gem). 
eiiatoulller, v.t. tickle. 
eiiatoyant, p.a. chatoyant. 
eiiatoyement, m. » chatoiement. 
eiiatoyer, v.i. be chatoyant. 
diâtrer, v.t. castrate; prune. 
ciiaud, a. hot; warm; fresh, recent; expensive. 

— m. heat. 
à — , with the use of heat, in a heated state, 

at a high temperature, hot. 
diaude, /. heat, heating; brisk fire. 

— blanc de lune, — blanche, white heat. 

— grasse, melting heat; (Metal.) welding 



cliaade rouge, red heat. 

— rouge cerise, cherry-red heat. 

— sombre, dark red heat. 

— soudante, — suante, welding heat. 
cliaadière, /. boiler; copper, caldron, kettle, 

pan; (Sugar, etc.) evaporator. 

— d bière, — d br<user, (Brewing) copper, 
brewing kettle. 

— d brai, pitch kettle. 

— d cuire, (Sugar) evaporator. 

— d goudron, tar pot, tar kettle. 

— d haute pression, high-pressure boiler. 

— alimentaire, feed boiler. 

— d retour de flamme, return-flame boiler. 

— d tubes d*eau, water-tube boiler. 

— autoclave, autoclave. 

— d vapeur, steam boiler, boiler. 

— de fusion, lead pot. 

— de raffinage, refining boiler. 

— fixe, stationary boiler. 

— muUitubulaire, water-tube boiler. 

— sectûmneUe, sectional boiler, water-tube 

cliaadra, fut. S sing, of chaloir. 

ciiaadron, m. kettle, (small) boiler, caldron, 

ciiaadroniiee, /. kettleful, boilerful. 

cliaiidroiuierie, /. coppersmith's trade; tin- 
man's trade; kettles, pans, etc. or a place 
where they are made. 

ciiaadroimier, m. coppersmith, brasier; dealer 
in kettles, pans, etc. 

chanffabie, a. capable of being heated, heat- 

cliaafrage, m. heating; warming; firing; fuel. 

— d vapeur, steam heating. 

diauHe, /. heating; firing; distillation; fire- 
place, hearth (of a furnace) ; stokehole, fire- 
hole; furnace (of a foundry); (Metal.) heat. 

cliailllér, v.t. heat; warm; fire, fire up; urge for- 
ward, push. — v.i. heat; warm; be heated. 
— v.r. get hot or warm; warm oneself. 

— blanc, heat white-hot. 
diauflérette, /. a small warming apparatus, as 

a foot warmer or a chafing dish. 

— d Vacétate, a warmer containing a super- 
saturated solution of sodium acetate, which 
gives off heat on crystallizing. 

cliaiillerie, /. stokehole; range of boilers; 
(Iron) chafery. 

diauffe-tabes, m. an apparatus for heating 
tubes; specif., an attachment which per- 
mits a combustion tube to be supported and 
heated over an ordinary Bunsen burner. 

chaufleur, m. fireman, stoker; chauffeur. 

diaulle-viil, m. a preheater for wine or other 
alcoholic liquid about to be distilled. 

cliaaffoir, m. (Salt) one of the shallow basins 
in which sea water is subjected to the first 
stage of evaporation. jOO^lt 


Chaufftare» /. scaling of iron or steel due to 

overheating; burnt iron. 
chaafoar, m. limekiln. 
chaufoumerie, /. lime burning. 
Chaufoamler» m. lime burner. 
Chaulage» m. liming; whitewashing. 
chauler, v.t. treat with lime, lime; whitewash. 
chaiiller, m. lime burner. 
chaume» m. culm, stem (of grasses); stubble; 

stubble straw; thatch. 
chausse, /. bag filter, filter bag. 
chaussée, /. road, roadway; ground floor; 

chausser, v.t. put on (stockings, etc.); fit, suit; 

hill, earth up (plants). 
chaussette, /. sock. 

chaussure, /. footwear; (of a pile) shoe. 
chaut, pr. 3 sing, of chaloir. 
chau?e-sourls, /. bat. 
chaui,/. lime; calx. 

— anhydre, quicklime. 

— azotée, crude calcium cyanamide (com- 
mercial name). 

— calcinée, quicklime. 

— caustique, caustic lime, quicklime. 

— commune, common lime, quicklime. 

— de construction, building lime. 

— éteinte, slaked lime. 

— éteinte à sec, air-slaked lime. 

- — fluatée, calcium fluoride (old name). 

— fusée, slaked lime. 

— grasse, fat lime, rich lime. 

— hydratée, hydrated lime. 

— hydraulique, hydraulic lime. 

— légères, hydraulic lime fines, separated by 

— lourde, a kind of hydrauUc lime which has 
been subjected to bolting to remove the 

— maigre, lean lime, poor lime. 

— métallique, metallic calx; a blue pigment 
said to be cobaltous arsenate. 

— morte, dead-burned lime, overbiUTied lime. 

— nitratée, nitrate of lime (calciimi nitrate). 

— phospfiatée, phosphate of lime (calcium 

— sodée, soda lime. 

— sulfatée, sulfate of lime (calcium sulfate). 

— vive, quicklime. 

chaui-azote, m. (conmiercial) calcium cyan- 
amide, "lime-nitrogen." 

chavlbétol, m. chavibetoL 

chavlca, n. (Bot) any plant of the genus Piper. 

chavlrage, chaiirement, m. upsetting, turn- 
ing upside down, capsizing. 

chavirer, v.t. & i. upset, turn upside down, 
{Naut.) capsize. 

cheddlte, /. (Expl.) cheddite. 

chef, m. head; chief. 

— d'atelier, works manager. 



thetde fUe, leader; first member (of a series); 
{Mil.) file leader. 

— de place, (GUus) foreman glassblower. 

— de travaux, a person in charge of laboratc^ 
work but not lecturing. 

— d'ouvriers, foreman. 

— du savonnage, (Glass) a workman who has 
charge of the supplementary grinding of 
mirror glass, and who marks the spots to 
be reground. 

— fondeur, (Glass) foreman founder. 

en — , in chief; in charge. ' 

chef-ouvrier, m. master workman; foreman. 
chéUdoine, /. (Bot.) celandine. 
châUdonlne, /. chelidonine. 
chélldonlque, a. chelidonic. 
chemin, m. way; path, track, course; road, 

■ — de fer, railway, railroad. 

— faisant, on the way, by the way. 

— ferré, metaled road, macadam road. 
cheminée, /. chimney; flue, stack, shaft, 

smokepipe, smoke funnel; fireplace, hearth; 
flame passage (as in a fuse or primer). 

— d'appel, ventilating flue, ventilating shaft. 

— parajour, a chimney which is also a shade, 
as on a magic lantern or a lamp for a micro- 

cheminement, m. advance, progress, travel- 

cheminer, v.i. go, travel, move on, advance. 

chemise, /. case, casing, jacket, mantle, shell, 
wrapper; lining; facing, revetment; shirt; 

— d'eau, water jacket. 

— de cylindre, cylinder jacket. 

— de vapeur, steam jacket. 

chemiser, v. t. (put a covering of some kind cm), 

case, jacket, mantle, coat, lute. 
chenal, m. channel; gate (of a mold); gutter 

(of a roof). 
chenaux, pi. of chenal. 
chêne, m. oak (tree or wood). 

— à écorce, tanbark oak (any oak yielding 

— à feuilles persistantes (or vertes), evergreen 

— hlanc, white oak, Quebec oak (Querc%u 
aUxi) ; a subspecies of the British oak (it has 
been called Q. pedunculata). 

— de mer, fuooid seaweed, sea oak. 

— des Indes, Indian oak, teak. 

— de vie, live oak. 

— liège, cork oak, cork (Quercus suher). 

— pédoncule, a variety of the British oak (it 
has been called Quercus pedunoulata). 

— rouvre, British oak (Quercus robur). 

— saule, willow oak (Querous phellos). 

— vert, evergreen oak, speeif . the holm oak 
(Quercus tica?)Digitized by vjOOQIC 




cbêne yeuse, holm oak (Quercus ilex). 
chènevls» m. hemp seed. 
chèneTotte,/. woody part of hemp, boon, shive. 
chenille, /. caterpUlar, larva (of a butterfly or 

moth); chenille. 
chénopode, m. (Bot.) any member of the genus 

Chenopodium (goosefoot). 

— anthelmintiguet American wormseed 
(Chenopodium anthelminticuin). 

chénopodée» chénopodiêe, /. (Bot.) any 
member of a tribe of plants including 
Chenopodium and other genera. 

ch^ia, a. hoar, hoary. 

chèque» m. (Com.) check, cheque. 

Cher, a. dear. — adv. dear, dearly. 

chercher, v.L seek, look for, search for. 

o^Uer — , go in quest of, go to bring, go and 

— à, try to, endeavor to. 
chercheur, m. finder (optical instrument); 

research worker; searcher, seeker, himter. 

— a. searching, exploring. 
ch^e, a. fern, of cher. — /. cheer. 
chèrement, adv. dearly, dear. 
chérir, v.t. cherish. 
chwté, /. deamess. 
Chester, m. Cheshire cheese. 
chétlf, a. poor, weak, wretched, mean. 
cheval, m. horse; horsepower; donkey engine. 
à — , astride, astraddle, on both sides; on 


— de force, horse power. 

— de vapeur, steam horse power; horse power. 

— électrique, electric horse power. 
cheral-an, m. horse-power year. 
chCTalet, m. horse (in technical senses), frame, 

trestle, rack, stand; specif., (OUise) a 
stand on which window-glass cylinders are 
laid; easel. 

— de rivière, (Leather) beam, tanner's beam. 
[ P — trépied, three-legged stand, tripod. 

cheval-heiire, m. horse-power hour. 

chcTaller, m. knight. 

cheval-Jour, m. horse-power day. 

chCTal-Tapeur, m. horse power. 

cheTanchement, m. lapping, overlapping. 

chCTé, p.a. hollowed out. 

chcTelu, a. hairy, bearded; long-haired. 

— m. hairy growth (as of rootlets), beard. 
cheTclore, /. (head of) hair; (Astron. dt Bot.) 

coma; foliage. 
chcTcr, v.t. hollow out. 
cheveii, m. hair. 

chcTeox, hairs; (collectively) hair. 
che?IIle, /. peg; pin, bolt, spike, key, dowel. 
cheviller, v.t. peg, pin, bolt. 
chevillette, /. (small) peg, (small) pin. 
chèvre, /. goat, she-goat; denick, gin, jack, 

chevreau, m. kid (animal and leather). 

chèvrefeuille, /. (Bot.) honeysuckle. 

chevrette,/, (small) gin, jack. 

chevreuil, m. roe deer. 

chevrotaln, m. musk deer. 

chevrotin, m. kid leather, kid; fawn; musk 

chevrotine, /. buckshot. 
chez, prep, at the house of, at the home of, 

among, with; (with verbs of motion) to the 

home of, to. 

— moi, — soi, — lui, at home. 

de — moi, from my home, from home. 

chlasse, /. (Metai.) dross, scum. 

chibou, m. oachibou, cachibou resin. 

chicane, m. bafSe, bafi9e plate; obstacle; chi- 
en — , in the manner of baffle plates, with 
broken joints, staggered. 

chicané, a. provided with baffles. 

chicorée, /. chicory. 

chien, m. dog (animal or gripping device); a 
small car running on rails, for use in facto- 
ries; (of firearms) hammer, cocking piece. 

chiendent, m. couch grass; (Pharm.) triticum. 

— de mer, — mnrin, wrack, sea wrack. 

— fossile, amianthus. 

— officinal, Agropyron repens. 

chiffon, m. rag; scrap; (pi.) dress, fashions. 

— d'essuyage, wiping cloth, dust cloth. 
chiffonier, m. rag man, junk man; chiffonier. 

— a. pertaining to rags or junk. 
chiffrage, m. mmibering, etc. (see chiffrer); 

chlflEtoison, /. graduation figures, graduation. 
chifh^, m. figure; numeral, digit; cipher. 

— d'affaires, volume of business. 
chlfllrer, v.t. number; express in figures; write in 

cipher. — v.i. cipher, calculate. 
chimiatre, m. iatrochemist. 
chimlatrle, /. chemiatry, iatrochemistry. 
chimiatrlque, a. chemiatric, iatrochemical. 
chimiatrlquement, adv. iatrochemically. 
chimlco-légal, a. chemico-legal. 
chimico-physique, a. chemico-physical. 
chimie, /. chemistry. 

— agricole, agricultural chemistry. 

— alimentaire, food chemistry. 

— analytique, analj^ical chemistry. 

— appliquée, applied chemistry. 

— biologique, biological chemistry. 

— industrielle, industrial chemistry. 

— inorganique, inorganic chemistry. 

— minérale, inorganic chemistry. 

— organique, organic chemistry. 

— technique, technical chemistây. 

— théorique, theoretical chemistry. 

— végétale, plant chemistry. 
chlmle-physique, /. physical chemistry. 





chlmlotaxte, /. chemotaxu. 
chlmlothénipie, /. chemotherapy. ' 
chlmlotroplqaef a. chemotropic. 
chlmlotroplsme» m. chemotropism. 
chlmlqae* a. chemical. 
ehimlqaemeiit, adv. chemically. 

— pur, chemically pure. 

chlmlqueiir, m. {Matches) composition attend- 

chlmlsme, m. chemism (esp. in the sense of 
chemical phenomena). 

chlmistet m. chemist. 

— analyste, » chimiste-analyste. 

— d'industrie, industrial chemist. 

— indienneur, chemist in a calico printery, 
print chemist. 

— organicien, organic chemist. 

— spécialiste, one who is a specialist in some 
particular branch of chemistry, specialising 

chimiste-analyste, m. analjrtical chemist (esp. 
one who has completed the regular three- 
year course and received a diploma). 

chimiste-colorlste, m. color chemist, dye 

chimltyiile, /. chemitypy, chemitype. 

ehlmoLae, m. a kind of imitation marble. 

china» m. chinaroot (from Smilax china) ; cin- 
chona bark, Peruvian bark. 

chinage, m. clouding (as of fabrics). 

chlnagrass, m. ramie, (Dhina grass. 

Chine, /. China. 

chiner, v.t. cloud (as fabrics), render chiné. 

chinois, a. Chinese. 

chinollne, /. quinoline. 

chlnone, /. quinone. 

ehlo, m. (Metal.) taphole. 

Chlliage, m. (Leather) infiltration. 

chiper, v.t (Leather) infiltrate with tan Uquor. 

chlqaer, v.t. & i. chew. 

chlrette, /. (Bot. & Pharm.) chirata. 

chlmrslcâl, a, surgical. 

chlrursie, /. surgery. 

chirurgien, m. surgeon. 

chlmrglqae, a. surgical. 

chitine, /. chitin. 

chloracétate, m. chloroacetate, chloracetate. 

chloracétiqae, a. chloroacetic, chloraoetic. 

chlorage, m. chloring. 

chloral, m. chloral. 

chloralamlde, /. chloralamide. 

chlorallmlde, n. chloralimide. 

chloralose, n. chloralose. 

chloramldore, m. chloramide, chloroamide. 

— de mercure, mercury chloramide, amino- 
mercuric chloride. 

chloranlle, m. chloranil. 
chlorate, m. chlorate. 

— de potasse, potassium chlorate, chlorate of 

chlorate de soude, sodium chlorate. 

chlorate, a. containing chlorate, chlorate (as, 

poudre chlorate, chlorate powder). 
chimation, /. chlorination. 
chiorazotlque, a. nitrohydrochloric, nitromuri- 

chlore, m. chlorine. 

— liquide, liquid chlorine; (Pharm.) chlorine 

chliM^, p.a. chlorinated, containing chlcnine, 

chlorebeniène, m. chlorobenzene. 
chloréthyle, m. ethyl chloride, chloroethane. 
chlorenx, a. chlorous. 
chlwhyd^te, m. hydrochloride, chlorhydrate. 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonium chloride. 
chlorhydrine, /. chlorohydrin, chlorhydrin. 

— chromique, chromyl chloride. 

— sulfurique, chlorosulfonic acid. 
chlorhydriqne, a. hydrochloric. 
chlorlqae, a. chloric. 
chlorite, m. chlorite. 

chloroamldure, chloro-amldure, m, - chlor- 

chkM'OWintlnionlé, a. containing, or combined 
with, chlorine aiid antimony. 

chloro-arséniaté, a. (Min.) containing or com- 
bined with chlorine and arsenic acid. 

chloro-aariqne, a, chlorauric. 

clil<Mt>benzine, /. chlorobenzene. 

chhM^bromé, a. containing, or combined with, 
chlorine and bromine, bromochloro. 

chloro-carbonaté, a. chlorocarbonate of. 

chlorochromiqae, a. chlorochromic. 

chloro-éthyllne, /. chlorethylin, chloroethylin 
(compound of the type ClR"OC?iHi). 

chloroformation, /. chloroforming. 

chlOToforme, m. chloroform. 

chloroformer, v.t. chloroform. 

chloroformlate, m. chloroformate. 

chloroformlqae, a. chloroformic, of or pertain- 
ing to chloroform; chloroformic (acid). 

chlOToformisation, /. chloroforming, chloro- 

chloroformiser, v.t. chloroform, chloroform- 

chloromètre, m. chlorometer. 

chloroméMe, /. chlorometry. 

chloroméMqae, a. chlorometric. 

chloronltré, a. containing or combined with 
chlorine and the nitro group, ohloronitro. 

chlorophylle, /. chlorophyll, chlorophyl. 

clil<Mt>phylllen, a. of or pertaining to chloro- 

chloroplcrlne, /. chloropicrin. 

chloroplatinate, m. chloroplatinate. 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonium chloroplati- 

chloroplatinlqne, a. chl(»Gplatinio« 
chioioie, /. chlorosised by LjOOQIC 




chlorosel» m. chloro salt, double chloride. 

dilorosubstltaé, a. chloro-aubstituted, chloro. 

chlorosillfoné, a. containing or combined with 
chlorine and the sulfonic group, chlorosulf o. 

chlorosiilftare, m. chloroeulfide. 

chloroxycarbonlqae, a. In the phrase ether 
ehloroxycarbonique, ethyl chloroformate. 

chlfHurage, m. chlorination, etc. (see chlorurer) ; 
(Photog.) specif., intensification with gold 

chltwimnt, p.a. chlorinating, etc. (see chlo- 
rurer). — m. chlorinating agent, chloridizing 

ehlomratton, /. chlorination, etc. (see chlo- 

chlorure» m. chloride. 

— cudde, acid chloride. 

— calcigue, calcium chloride. 

— d'acétyle, acetyl chloride. 

— d'antimoine, antimony chloride. 

— d'argent, silver chloride. 

— d'azote, nitrogen chloride. 

— de baryum, barium chloride. 

— de carbone, carbon chloride, specif, carbon 

— de chaux, chloride of lime, bleaching pow- 
der, chlorinated lime. 

— de chaux liquide, {Pharm.) solution of 
chlorinated lime. 

— décolorant, a chlorine compound that 
bleaches, as bleaching powdœ or a hypo- 

— de cuivre, copper chloride, specif, cupric 

— de fer, iron chloride, ^^ecif . ferric chloride. 

— de Julin, hexachlorobenzene. 

— de mercure, mercury chloride. 

— de mercure (6t), mercuric chloride. 
— de mercure (proto), mercurous chloride. 

— de méthyle, methyl chloride, chlorometh- 

I — de phosphore, phosphorus chloride. 

— de phosphore {per), phosphorus penta- 

— de platine, platinum chloride, specif, pla- 
tinic chloride. 

— de plomb, lead chloride. 

— de potasse, eau de Javel, Javel water. 

— de potassium, potassium chloride. 

— de sodium, sodium chloride. 

— de soude, — de soude liquide, solution of 
chlorinated soda, Labarraque's solution. 

— de soufre, sulfur chloride, specif, the mono- 
chloride, SsCb. 

— d'étain, tin chlOTide. 

— d'étain (proto), stannous chloride. 

— d'éthyie, ethyl chloride, chloroethane. 

— de zinc liquide, (Pfiarm.) solution of zinc 

— d'or, gold chloride, specif, auric chloride 

chlorure ferreux, ferrous chloride. 

— ferrique, ferric chloride. 

— ferrique liquide, (Pharm.) solution of ferric 

— mercureux, mercurous chloride. 

— mercurique, mercuric chloride. 

— stanneux, stannous chloride 
chloruré, p.a. chlorinated, chloridized, contain- 
ing chlorine. 

chlorurer, v.t. chlorinate, chloridize, chloridate. 
(Chlorinate always implies impregnation 
or combination with chlorine; chloridize 
and chloridate, esp. the latter, may also 
denote impregnation with a chloride. 
Chlorurer is used in both senses.) 

choc, m. shock, collision, impact, knocking. 

— direct, normal impact. 

— (Clique, oblique impact. 
chocolat, m. & a. chocolate. 

— au lait, milk chocolate. 

— en poudre, chocolate powder. 
chocolaterie, /. chocolate manufacturer; dioo- 

olate factory. 

chocolatier, m. chocolate maker or dealer. 

choeur, m. chorus; choir. 

choir, v.i. fall. 

choisi, p.a. chosen, picked, selected; select, 
choice. — m. choice article; chosen per- 

choisir, v.t. choose, select, pick. 

choix, m. choice, selection. 

de — , (with a noim) preferred, best. 

cholagosue, m. A a. (Med.) cholagog(ue). 

cholémle, /. (Med.) cholemia, cholsemia. 

cholérique, a. (Med.) cholera, choleraic. 

cholestérlne, /. cholesterol, cholesterin. 

cholestérlque, a. cholesteric. 

choUhémle, /. (Med.) cholihemia. 

choline, /. choline. 

cholurle, /. (Med.) choluria. 

chftniage, m. stoppage, standing idle, inactiv- 
ity, dead season, slack time. 

chftmer, v.i. suspend work, stand idle; not to 
work; be out of work; stand in need. 

chondrlne, /. chondrin. 

chondrogène, a. chondrigenous. — m. chon- 

choquer, v.t. strike against, collide with; at- 
tack; shock. 

choree, /. (Med.) chorea. 

choroïde, /. (Anat.) choroid. 

chose, /. thing; matter, affair; property. 
quelque — , something, anything. 

chou, m. cabbage. 

— palmiste, palm cabbage; cabbage palm. 

— potager, common cabbage. 

— vert, kale. 

choux dç Bruxelles, Brussels sprouts. 
choucroute, /. sauerkrautrpickled cabbage. 
chouette» /. owbigitized by VLjOOQIC 




v, m. cauliflower. 

clMNl-niTe» m. kohl-rabi. 

choux, pi. of ohou. 

chrême, m. chrism, consecrated oil. 

chrétten, a. Christian. 

christe-omrliie, /. (Bot.) samphire, specif, sea 
samphire (Crithmum maritimum) and 
marsh samphire or glasswort (Salicomia 

chromatable, a. (Dyeing) chromable. 

chromatage, m. chromating, (Dyeing) chrom- 

chromate, m. chromate. 

— (bt) de potaaaet potassium dichromate, 
potassium bichromate. 

— de baryte, barium chromate. 

— de plomb, lead chromate. 

— de potasse, potassium chromate. 
chromate, p. a. chromated, chromed; chro- 
mate of. 

chromater, v.t. chromate, (Dyeing) chrome. 

diromatte, /. ohromatism. 

chromattDc, /. (fiiol.) chromatin. 

chromatique, a. chromatic. 

chromatlquement, adv. chromatically. 

chromatlser, v.t. render chromatic. 

chromatlsme, m. chromatism. 

chromatogène, a. chromogenic. — m. chro- 

chrome, m. chromium, (in certain phrases) 

chromé, a. containing or combined with chro- 
mium; (Leather) chrome-tanned. 

chromlcyanure, m. chromicyanide. 

chromlqae, a. chromic 

chromlte, n. chromite. 

— de fer, (Min.) chromite, chrome iron 

chromocre, m. chrome ocher (earthy impure 

chromocyanm^, m. chromocyanide. 
chromogtae, a. chromogenic. — m. chro- 

chromogénlque, a. chromogenic. 
chromophile, a. (Biol.) chromophilous. 
chromophotographie,/, chromophotography. 
chromosphère, n. (Astron.) chromosphere. 
chromosulfiirlqiie, a. chromosulfuric. 
chromotroplqae, a. chromotropic (acid). 
chromyle, m. chromyl. 
chronique, o. chronic. — /. chronicle. 
chronomètre, m. chronometer. 
chronométrique, a. chronometric(al). 
chrysalide, /. chrysalis. 
chrysamlne, /. (Dyes) chrysamine. 
chrysanlllne, /. chrysaniline. 
chrysanthème, m. chrysanthemum. 
ehrysaroblne, /. chrysarobin. 
chrysène, m. chrysene. 
çh^Bobéryl, ehrysobérll, m. chrysoberyl. 

chrysocale, chrysochalque, m. an imitation 

gold composed of copper, tin and sine 
chrysocolie, /. (Afin.) chrysocolla. 
chn^oldlne, /. (Dyes) chrysoidine. 
chiTBoUthe, /. (Min.) chrysolite. 
chryso^iaiùque, a. chrysophanic. 
chrysoprase, /. (Min.) chrysoprase. 
chu, p.a. fallen. 
chuchota, v.i. A t. whisper. 
chute, /. fall; falling; failure; (Metal.) rejected 
end of an ingot. 
•— d'eau, waterfall; head of water. 

— de potentiel, fall of potential, drop of poten- 

— du has, (Metal.) rejected lower end. 

— du haut, (Metal.) rejected upper end. 
chylalre, a. chylous, chylaceous. 
chyle, m. chyle. 

clq^ux, a. chylous, chylaceous. 

chylifler, v.t. chylify. 

chylurle, /. (Med.) chyluria. 

chyme, m. (Physiol.) chyme. 

chymifler, v.t. chjrmify. 

Chypre, /. Cyprus. 

Chypre» m. Cyprus wine. 

d, ado. hare; now. (Ci may be attached to a 
word to limit the meaning of ce, cette, 
celui, etc.; as, cette homme-ci, this man; 
celui-ci, this one, this, the latter. Its oppo- 
site ia là. Ci is also used in accounts to 
indicate a product; as, 6 cornues à 1 franc, 
ci 6 francs.) 
de — ,delà, here and there. 
par — , par là, here and there; now and then; 
hither and thither. 

ci-après, adv. below, hereafter. 

dble, /. target. 

ciboulette, /. chives. 

cicatrice, /. scar, cicatrix. 

cicatrisant, p.a. dcatrisive, cicatrisant. — m. 

cicatrisation, /. cicatrisation. 

cicatrise, v.t. cicatrice, heal; cicatrise, scar. 

d-contre, adv. opposite. 

dcutaire, /. ■* ciguë. 

clcutine, /. cicutine. 

d-dessous, adv. below, underneath. 

d-dessus, adv. above. 

d-dCTant, adv. formerly, previously. — o. 
former, late, ex-. 

ddre, m. cider. 

— doux, sweet cider, new cider. 
ddrarie, /. cider factory, cider mill. 
C*©, abbrev. (Compagnie) Company, Co. 

ddy m. sky; heaven; roof (as of a mine); 

crown, top (as of a furnace or boiler); 

à — couvert, under cover, 
d — ouvert, under the open sky, without cover^ 

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ciel comert, olouded eky, cloudy weather. 
derge, m. candie, wax candle (esp. for cere- 
monii^use); (Bot.) oereua; (£oO niullein. 

— à grandes fleurs, night-blooming cereus. 
ciergw» v.t. wax. 

eàer^ex, m. one who makes or sells wax can- 
eieiix, pi. of ciel. 
cig^are» m. cigar. 

f^SOgne, /. stork; a*ank, crank lever. 
ciguë» /. (fiot.) hemlock. 

— officinaiet — ordinaire, Conium macukUum. 

— viretue, water hemlock (Cicuta virosa). 
d-Jolnt» a. given herewith, annexed. 

cU» m. eyelash: (Biol, pi.) cilia. 

clUalre, a. ciliary. 

Ciller, v.i. wink, blink. 

cime» /. summit, top; (Bot.) cyme. 

dment, m. cement. 

— à prise lente, slow-setting cement. 

— à prise rapide, quick-setting cement. 

— armé, reinforced cement. 

— artificiel, artificial cement. 

— de Boulogne, Roman cement. 

— de fer, iron-rust cement (iron, sulfur and 
sal ammoniac). 

— de grappiers, see grappiers. 

— de laitier, — de scories, slag cement. 

— hydraulique, hydraulic cement. 

— métaUigue, metallic cement. 

— naturel, natural cement. 

— Portland, Portland cement. 

— pouzzolane, poazuolanic cement, pozsuo- 

— prompt, quick-setting cement. 

— romain, Roman cement. 
dmentalre» a. pertaining to cement, cement. 
dmentatloii, /. cementation. 
dmenter, v.t. cement; (Glass) varnish. 
dmentlOT» m. cement maker or user. 
cimetière, m. cemetery. 

clmolée, /. cimolite; pipeclay; the ooze from 

a grindstone. 
clnabarlii, a. vermilion. 
cinabre, m. cinnabar; (as a color) vermiHon. 

— d'antimoine, antimony cinnabar, antimony 

— vert, green cinnabar (green pigment con- 
taining chrome yellow and Prussian blue). 

cinelioiia, m. cinchona. 
cinclioiiamine, /. cinchonamine. 
dnelioiiieine, /. cinchonicine. 
cinelioiildliie, /. cinchonidine. 
cinelioiiiiie, /. cinchonine. 
elnciioiiliiiqae, a. cinchoninic (4-quinoline- 

clnelioiilqae, a. cinchonic. 
acide — , cinchonic acid (tetrahydro-6-keto-l, 

2-pyranr3,4-dicarboxylio acid); less prop- 

ç^Yj dxioihomiiic acid, 

clnématlqae, a. kinematic (al). — /. kine- 

cinématlqiieineiit, adv. kinematically. 

cinène, m. cinene (dii)entene, inactive limo- 

dnéol, m. cineole, dneol. 

dnération, /. cineration, incineration. 

dnérlfomie, a. in the form of or resembling 

cinérlte, /. a fine-grained tufa. 

elnétlqae, a. kinetic. — /. kinetics. 

— chimique, chemical kinetics. . 
dnglage, m. (Metal.) shingling; sailing, coiu'se. 
clnf^ard, m, phing lin g hammer. 

dnsiOT, v.t. (Metal.) shingle; lash, switch. 

dngleresse, /. shingling tongs. 

cinfl^eiir, m, shingler, squeezer. — a. shingling. 

— rotatif, shingling rolls. 
einglease, /. (Metal.) shingler, squeezer. 
ciimabre, m. = cinabre. 

dimaiiie, m. cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum 
species); cinnamon. 

clnnainelne, /. cinname!n. 

dnimmène, m. cinnamene (styrène). 

clnnamtque, a. cinnamic. 

einnamome, einnamone, m. ■■ cinname. 

clnnamyle, m. dnnamyl. 

cinq, a. & m. five; fifth. 

cinqnantalne, /. fifty (as a round number); 
fiftieth year or anniversary. 

dnqaante, a. fifty; fiftieth. — w. fifty. 

cinquantième, a. & m. fiftieth. 

cinquième, a. & m. fifth. 

cintrage, m. bending, etc. (see cintrer); specif., 
plate bending. 

cintre, m. bend, curve, bow, arch. 

cintré, p.a. bent, etc. (see cintrer). 

dntrement, m. bending, etc. (see cintrer). 

cintrer, v.t. bend, c\irve, bow, arch, camber. 

cipolln, m. cipolin, cipolino (marble). 

drage, m. waxing, etc. (see cirer); blacking 
(for shoes); polishing (of leather); polish 
(for leather) ; varnish. 

circonférence, /. circumference. 

circonflexe, a. circumflex; crooked, twisted. 

circonlocutlon, /. circumlocution. 

circonscription, /. circumscription; subdivi- 
sion, division (limited area). 

circonscrire, v.t. circumscribe. 

circonstance, /. circumstance. 

circuit, m. circuit. 

— amortisseur, (Elec.) damping circuit. 

— d* alimentation, (Elec.) supply circuit. 

— de charge, (Elec.) charging circuit. 

— de décharge, (Elec) discharging circuit. 

— dérivé, (Elec.) derived circ\iit, shunt circuit. 
^— primaire, (Elec.) primary circuit. 

— secondaire, (Elec.) secondary circuit. 
Iiors — f (Elec.) disconnected. 




clrciilalreiiient, adv. circularly. 
drcalant, p.a. circulating, in circulation. 
circularité, /. circularity. 
circulation, /. circulation; (Com.) traffic. 
circulatoire, a. circulatory. 
circuler, v.i. circulate; move round. 

faire — , circulate; cause to move about. 
dre, /. wax; wax candle. 

— à cacheter^ sealing wax. 

— blanche, white wax. 

— d'abeilleia), beeswax. 

— de Chine, Chinese wax. 

— de drier, myrtle wax. 

— de mifrica, myrtle wax. 

— de palmier, palm wax. 

— des doreurs, gilder's wax. 

— d'Espagne, Spanish wax, sealing wax. 

— du Japon, Japan wax. 

— fossile, f ossU wax, ceresin. 

— faune, yellow wax. 

— minérale, mineral wax, ozocerite. 

— vieroe, virgin wax. 

ciré, p.a. waxed, etc. (see cirer). 

cirer, v.t. wax; black (shoes); polish (leather); 
varnish; waterproof. 

cireux, a. waxy. 

cirler, m. wax myrtle (Myrica sp., esp. M. 
cerifera) ; wax chandler. — a. wax-produc- 

ciron, m. (Zoôl.) mite. 

cirrhose, /. (Med.) cirrhosis. 

cirure, m. waxing, coating of wax. 

clsalllage, m. shearing, cutting. 

cisaille, /. clippings, parings (from coins) ; (jtl.) 
shears (for cutting metal, trimming hedges 
or the like), nippers (for wire), cutter (for 
trimming paper). 

cisaillement, m. shearing; shearing stress; 

clsalUer, v.t. shear, cut (with shears). 

ciseau, m. chisel; (pi, ciseaux), scissors, 
(small) shears. 

— à bois, wood chisel. 

— à chaud, hot chisel. 

— à froid, cold chisel. 

— de calfat, calking iron. 

ciseler, v.t. chisel, cut; chase, engrave. 

ciselure, /. chasing, engraving; chased work. 

dsolres, bench shears. 

cissolde, /. (Math.) cissoid. 

citation, /. citation. 

cité, /. city. — p.a. cited. 

citer, v.t. cite. 

citerne, /. cistern; water boat. 

dtemeau, m. small cistern. 

citoyen, m., citoyenne, /. citizen. 

dtraconlque, a. citraconic. 

dtragon, m. garden balm (Melissa officinalis). 

dtrate, m. citrate. 

— d*ammoniaque, ammonium citrate. 

dtrate d'ammoniaque liquide, (Pharm.) solu:- 
tion of ammonium citrate. 

— de lithine, lithium citrate. 

— de potasse, potassiiun citrate. 

— de sesquiozyde de fer, ferric citrate. 

— de soude, sodium citrate. 
dtrène, /. citrene, d-limonene. 
dtrln, a. citrine. 

dtrlne, /. lemon oil. 

dtrlque, a. citric. 

dtro-mi^^éslen, a. In the phrase liqueur 
citro^magnésienne, an ammoniacal magne- 
sium citrate solution used to precipitate 
phosphoric acid. 

dtron, m. lemon; any fruit from the genus 
Citrus medica (including lemon, lime and 
citron). — a. lemon-colored, lemon-yellow. 

citronnade, /. lemonade. 

citronné, a. like, or smelling of, lemons; 
flavored with lemon. 

dtronnellal, m. citronellal. 

citronnelle, /. (Bot.) citronella, esp. citronella 
grass (Andropogon nardus); a liqueur 
flavored with lemon peel. 

dtronnelUque, a. citronellic. 

dtronnellol, m. citronellol. 

citronnier, m. lemon tree (Citrus medica li- 
mon); any tree of the species C. medica 
(including lemon, lime and citron trees); 
any tree of the genus Citrus (including trees 
bearing citrous fruits of all kinds). 

dtroullle,./. pumpkin. 

dTctte» /. civet (the perfume); civet, civet 

dvlfere, /. (hand) barrow. 

civil, a. civil; civilian. — m. civilian. 

civilisateur, a. civilizing. 

dvlllsatlon, /. civilization. 

dvlllser, v.t. civilize. 

dale, /. screen, sieve; hurdle. 

claim, daln, m. auriferous groimd. 

dalr, a. (of fire, etc.) bright; (of colors, rooms, 
etc.) light; clear; thin; (of cloth) flimsy; 
(of money) available. — m. light; (of 
cloth) thin part. — adv. clearly, clear. 

— semé, thinly sown, scattered. 
clalrçage, m. clearing, purging (esp. the free- 
ing of sugar crystals from mother liquor 
by water, sirup, centrifugalizing or other 

dalrce, m. (Sugar) clearing sirup, clairce. 

clalrcer, clalrdr, v.t. clear, purge (see clair- 

dalre, /. bone ash; boiler for sugar refin- 

clatre-étoflé, /. an alloy of tin and lead. 

clairement, adv. clearly, plainly. 

dalre-soudure, /. = claire-étoffe. 

clairet, a. rather light (in color) ; rather thin. 
— m. red wine of light color. 




clairette» /. a white sparkling wine of the Midi 
(also, the variety of grape from which this 
wine is made) ; a disease of silk worms. 

clalre-Tole» /. openwork, lattice, grating; sky- 
d — , in openwork, latticed; (of fabrics) open, 

elalrsemé, a. thinly sown, scattered, scarce. 

clairroyant, a. clear-sighted. 

elamauder, v.t. clamp. 

clameau» m. clamp, cramp, dog; vise. 

elapet» m. clack valve, clack, flap valve. 

— à couronne, cup valve. 
clapoter, v.t. ripple. 

claQllw» v.t. & i. clap, smack, crack. 
clarifiant» p.a. clarifying. — m. clarifying 

agent, clarifier, fining. 
darlflcatloii» /. clarification 
clarifier, v.t. db r. clarify. 
clarlfieur» m. clarifier. 
darté, /. light; clearness, specif, transparency, 


— du jour, daylight. 

— du aoleU, simlight. 
classe, /. class. 

classement» m. classification, classing. 

dassCT, v.t. classify, class. 

classeur» m. classifier (as for ore) ; letter file. 

classification» /. classification. 

classifier» v.t. classify. 

dasslqae» a. classic, classical. 

élastique» a. clastic. 

dausthallte» /. (Min.) clausthalite. 

claTaller, m. (Bot.) prickly ash (Zanthoxylum, 
esp. Z. americanum); (PJuurm.) xanthoxy- 

daTCCln» m. harpsichord. 
fil de — , piano wire. 

^▼el» m. an inferior kind of soda. 

davelée, /. sheep pox. 

clavetage, m. keying. 

daveter» v.t. key, fasten with keys or cot- 

davettage» m. = clavetage. 

davette, /. key, pin, peg, cotter. 

— de serrage, tightening key. 
daTctter» v.t. >= claveter. 

dayon, m. small screen, sieve or grating; small 
hurdle; wattle. 

def, dé» /. key (in various senses) ; key, plug 
(of a stopcock) ; wrench; hook (of a chain) ; 
keystone; knot, hitch; (OUiss) a piece of 
earthenware fitting over the cracked side 
of a pot and serving to hold it together. 

— à bequiUe, spanner. 

— à écroua, screw wrench, nut wrench, span- 

— à molette, a wrench with jaws adjusted by 
turning a small wheel. 

•— anglaise, monkey wrench 

def c^appd, call button. 

— de calage, adjusting key, tightening key. 

— de tirage, damper. 

— d'interruption, ÇElec.) make-and-break key. 

— ouverte, spanner. 
clématite» /. (Bot.) clematis. 

dwc» m. clergyman; scholar, savant; clerk. 

dlchage, m. stereotyping, stereot3i>y. 

cliche» m. engraved plate or block (for print- 
ing), cut, engraving; stereotype plate, 
cliché; (Pkotog.) n^ative. — a. stereo- 

— à demi-teintes, half-tone cut, half-tone. 

— de projection, lantern slide. 

— négatif, negative. 
dlchw, v.t, stereotype. 

client, m. customer; patient; client. 

clientèle, /. patronage, custom, customers; 

climat, m. climate. 

climatique» a. climatic. 

din d'œll. twinkling of an eye. 

clinique» a. clinic, clinical. — /. clinic. 

dlnomètre» m. clinometer. 

cllnorhomblque» a. dinorhombio (mono- 

clinquant» m. tinsel, imitation gold or silver 
foil. — a. tinseled, glittering. 

dlquet, m. click, catch, detent, pawl, ratchet. 

cliqueter» v.t. click, clank. 

cliquetis» m. dank, clanking, jingle, jingling. 

disse» /. screen, mat (as for draining cheese) ; 
wicker cover for a bottle; splint. 

disse» p.a. wickered; wicker. 

dlsser» v.t. wicker, cover with wicker; (Med.) 

divable, a. cleavable. 

dlvage, m. cleavage. 

dlYcr, v.t. cleave. 

doche» /. bell jar, bell glass; bell (in various 
senses); cover (for a dish); blister; (Ce- 
ram.) bubble, bleb; (Biol.) a covered glass 
dish for plate cultures, serum, etc. 

— à cultures, culture dish (with cover). 

— à douUle, open-top bell jar, bell jar having 
a mouth or tubulation at the top. 

— d vide, vacuiun bell jar (with lower edge 
ground to fit air-tight). 

clocher, v.t. cover with a bell jar. 

clochette» /. Uttle bell jar; little beU; bell 

cloison, /. partition, septujn. 

cloisonnage» m. partition work. 

cloisonné» p. a. divided into compartments; 
cellular; cloisonné. | 

cloisonnement» m. partitioning; partition. 

cloisonner» v.t. partition, divide into compart- 

clonlque» a. (Med.) clonic. ^ t 

dore» v.t. close; inclose.3di5rSiii@^^TOt. 




èloSy p.a. closed, inclosed, shut, ended. — m. 
inclosure, close; specif., vineyard. 

— de vigne, vineyard. 

dose, a. /em. of cloB. — pr. 1 & S sing. subj. 

of clore. 
eloseaa, eloserie» m. small inclosure; small 

clot, pr. S sing, of clore. 
elOture, /. close, closing, conclusion; inclosure 

(something that incloses), fence, wall, etc.; 

clôturer, v.t. close. 
Cloil, m. nail; spike, stud, rivet, (shoe) peg. 

— à river, rivet, riveting nail, j 

— aromatique, clove. 

— à tête perdue, brad. 

— de bouche, tack. 

— de girofle, clove. 

— d'épingle, brad; wire nail. 

— de soufflet, tack. 

— en fonte, cast nail. 

— mécanique, machine-made nail. 

— zingué, galvanized nail. 
douage, elouement, m. nailing. 
doa-épinsle, n. brad. 
eloaer, v.t. nail; spike, rivet, pin. 
cloaterle, /. nail factory; nail trade. 
dupéine, /. clupeine. 

cm, abbrev. (centimètre) centimeter. 

Clll<', cm», cÀbrev. (centimètre cube) cubic cen- 
timeter, cu. cm.,.cc. 

cmQ, cms abbrev. (centimètre carré) square 
centimeter, sq. cm. 

coagglatinine, /. coagglutinin. 

coasulablllté, /. coagulability. 

coaKul^ble, a. coagulable. 

coasulant, p.a. coagulating. 

coagulase, /. coagulase. 

coagnlateiir, a. coagulatory, coagulating. 

— m. coagulator, coagulant. 
coagalatton, /. coagulation. 

— sanguine, coagulation of the blood. 
coaguler, v.t. & r. coagulate. 
coagulum, m. coagulum; coagulant. 
coaille, /. inferior wool (from the tail). 
coalescence, /. coalescence. 

coaliser, v.t. & r. imite, combine, league. 
coalition, /. coalition, combination. 
coaltar, m. coal tar. 
coaltarement, m. treating with coal tar, 

coaltarw, v.t. treat or impregnate with coal 

coaltarlsatlon, /. coal tar treatment, tarring. 
coaltarlser, v.t. treat (esp. coat) with coal tar, 

coalté, a. designating a coal tar preparation 

used as a disinfectant. 
coassocié, m. copartner, associate, partner. 
"oauteur, m. co-author, joint author. 

cobalt, m. cobalt. 

— gris, cobalt glance, cobaltite. 

— d'outremer, cobalt ultramarine, cobalt 

cobaltage, m. coating or plating with cobalt. 

oobaltammlne, cobaltamlne, /. cobaltam- 
mine, oobaltamine. 

cobaltenx, a. oobaltous. 

oobaltlco-potasslque, a. of (trivalent) cobalt 
and potaasiimi; as, nitrite cobaltico-potaa- 
sique, tripotassium cobaltic nitrite. 

cobaltlfère, a. cobaltiferous. 

cobaltlne, /. (Min.) cobaltite, cobaltine. 

cobaltlque, a. cobaltic. 

oobaltlsage, m. = cobaltage. 

oobaltlser, v.t. cover or plate with cobalt. 

cobaye, m. guinea pig, cavy. 

ooboldlne, /. (Aftn.) linnseite. 

oolnriit, m. powdered metallic arsenic. 

coca, /. coca. 

cocabie,/. cocaine. 

cocalniser, v.t. cocainise. 

oocalon, m. a silkworm cocoon of inferior value. 

coche, /. notch, nick, cut, slit, groove; sow. 

cochenlllage, m. cochineal dyeing or dye bath. 

cochenille, /. cochineal; cochineal insect. 
— a. cochineal. 

cochenlller, v.t. dye with cochineal. 

cochenllller, m. cochineal fig, cochineal plant. 

cochon, m. swine, hog, pig; pork; dross; 
(Metal.) sow, pig. 

coco, m. coconut; coco, coco palm; coconut 
shell; licorice water. 
noix de — , coconut. 

cocon, m. cocoon. 

coconnage, m. formation of cocoons. 

cocose, n. a butter substitute from coconut oil. 

cocotier, m. coco, coco palm (Cocos nudfera). 

coctlon, /. boiling, coction; cooking; (Phys- 
iol.) digestion. 

code, m. code; codex, pharmacopeia. 

codéine, /. codeine. 

codei, m. codex, pharmacopeia (specif, the 
fVench pharmacopeia). 

codifier, v.t. codify. 

coeflSdent, m. coefficient. 

— d'abaissement, coefficient of (freering- 
point) lowering. 

— d'adhérence, coefficient of adhesion. 

— de dilatation, expansion coefficient. 

— de sûreté, — de sécurité, coefficient (or fac- 
tor) of saifety. 

— économique, efficiency. 
coeniyme, /. ooenxjrme. 

coerdble, a. coercible, (of gases) compressible. 
cceslum, m. cesium, csesium. 

m. heart; interior, inner part, middle 
part, etc.; (in distillation) middle fraction; 
heart wood; stomach (as in mal au cœur), 
en — , heart-shaped. jOOQIC 




cceurce» m. cunying knife; planishing knife. 
coferment, m. coferment (coenzyme). 
colléine» /. caffeine. 

eofllre» ww chest; box; trunk; coffer; coffer- 
eaOre'toHt m. strong box, safe. 
eottreU m. (small) chest, (small) box; mufSe. 
> m. cognac, 0>gnac brandy. 

Fy m. quince, quince tree (Çydonia), 
e, /. ax. 

r, v.t. knock, strike, beat, drive. 
cohérence, /. coherence, coherency. 
coh^«iit, a. coherent. 
cobber, v.t. cohere. 
- cohésion, /. cohesion. 
cohobateur, a. cohobating. 
cohobatlon, /. cohobation. 
cohober, v.t. cohobate. 
coffrage, m. cap, covering; specif., fuse cap. 
COfffe, /. cap, cover, hood; mesentery (of 
slaughtered animals); headdress; lining 
(of hats). 

— de fuséet fuse cap. 

cMffer, v.t. cap, cover the head or top of; dress 

the hair of. 
eofn, m. com^; wedge; stamp, die; stamp, 

mark; quoin; comer cupboaid. 
cofnçage, m. wedging, fastening with wedges. 
cofneement, m. wedging, state of being 

wedged, (of machine parts) januning. 
cofncer, v.t. wedge; jam; drive in (wedges); 

comer. — v.r. (of machine parts) jam. 
eolnddenee, /. coincidence. 
e<^cider, v.t. coincide. 
coins, m. quince. 
cotr, m. coir (coconut husk fib^). 
coke, m. coke. 

— de pétrole, petroleum coke, oil coke. 
cokéfaction, cokélfleatlon, /. coking. 
cokélfler, v.t. coke. 

cokerle, /. coking plant. 
cokefier, m. one that makes or sells coke. 
cokeur, m. coke burner, coke-oven stoker. 
col, m. neck; collar; (mountain) pass. 
à — cùurt, short-necked. 

— de cygne, swan neck (specif, a curved tube 
or pipe) ; gooseneck. 

— droits =» flacon à large ouverture, under 
flacon; straight neck. 

cola, m. iP?iann.) kola; iBot.) Cola. 
colature, /. filtration, straining; filtrate, 

strained liquid. (Colature in Enghsh is 

obs. or rare.) 
colchlcacée, /. (Bat.) a plant belonging to Col- 

chicum or a related genus. 
colchlcélne, /. colchiceine. 
drtchldne, /. colchicine. 
coichf^ae, m. (Bot.) meadow saffron (Colchi- 

coltotar, tit. ooloothar. 

coléoptère, m. (Zo^.) coleopteran; (jpi.) 

colère, /. anger. 

colibacille, m. (Bact.) colon bacillus. 
colifichet, m. trinket, knicknack; bird cake; 

(Ceram.) small tripod. 
collqne, /. dt a. colic. 
colls, m. package, parcel, bale, case. 

— postal, parcel (sent by post). 
par — postaux, by parc^ post. 

collaborateur, m. collaborator. 
collaboration, /. collaboration. 
collaboratrice, /. collaborator. 
collalMWer, v.t. collaborate, work or act jointly. 
collage, m. gluing, etc. (see coUer). 
collagène, a. collagenous, collagenic. — m, 

collapsus, m. (Med.) collapse. 
collatlonno*, v.t. compare. 
coUe, /. glue; siae, sizing; (adhesive) paste; 

(adhesive) cement; fining. 

— à bouche, mouth glue, lip glue. 

— d'amidon, starch paste. 

— de caoutchouc, rubber cement. 

— de Flandre purifiée, gelatin. 

— de pâte, paste, flour paste. 

— de peau, skin glue, hide glue. 

— de poisson, fish glue; isinglass. 

— d*os, bone glue. 

— du Japon, agar, Japanese agar. 

— forte, glue. 

— liquide, liquid glue. 

— végétale, vegetable glue, vegetable size. 
collecteur, m. collector. — a. collecting; (of 

a lens) condensing. 
collectif, a. & m. collective. 
collection, /. collection. 
collectionner, v.t. collect, make a. collection of. 
collectivement, adv. collectively. 
collectivité, m. collectivity. 
collectrice, a. fern, of collecteur. 
collège, m. college. 

collégien, m. collegian. — a. collegiate, college. 
collègue, m. colleague. 
colle-matière, n. (also pi.) glue stock. 
coHot, v.t. glue, cement, paste, stick; size; fine, 

clarify (as wine); (Ceram.) fasten with 

slip. — v.r. adhere, stick, stick together, 

cake; be glued, sized, fined, etc. — v.t. 

stick, adhere, cling. 
collerette, /. flange, rim, collar, ring; (Bot.) 

colles-matières, See colle-matière. 
collet, m. collar; (Tech.) neck, throat, shoulder, 

shank, collar, collet, etc.; (of a sugar beet 

or other plant) collar. 

— de jonction, flange, collar, shoulder. 
c<^ette, /. a vessel for fining beer, also its con- 

toU^Tm. gluer.W'.^wQfâPgl^ 




ooUease, /. sizing machine, sizer. 
eollldlne, /. collidine. 

CoUiet, m. collar; hoop, ring, belt; neck- 
oolllger, v.t. collect, gather. 
eoUimateur, m. collimator. — a. collimating. 
eoUIinatloii, /. oollimation. 
colline, /. hiU. 
eollisloii, /. collision. 
coUodlé, a. collodionized. 
oollodlon, m. collodion. 

— cantharidé, (P/utrm.) cantharidal collodion, 
blistering collodion. 

— éUistigue, {Pharm.) flexible collodion. 

— atyptique, (Phann.) styptic collodion. 

— vesicant, (Phann,) blistering collodion, 
cantharidal collodion. 

ooUodlonnage, m. collodion varnishing. 

ooUodionné, p.a. collodionized. 

coilodionner, v.t. collodionize. 

colloidal (, eoUoIdaax), a. colloidal, col- 
loid. — m. colloidal substance or prepara- 

colloïde» m. colloid. — a. colloid, colloidal. 

coUotyple, /. collotypy, collotype. 

CoUoxyllne, /. collozylin (soluble gimcotton). 

coUatolre, m. (Med.) collutory, collutorium. 

collyre, m, (Med.) oollyrium. 

colmater, v.i. (Agric.) warp. 

colocynthlne, /. colocynthin. 

Colombie, /. Colombia. 

Colombia, m. dovecote; colombier, columbier 
(size of paper, about 23 z 34 in.). 

Colombia, m. a long cylinder of ceramic paste 
used for measuring contraction due to firing 
or for luting saggers together; {Metal.) a 
kind of lead ore; (Building) a mixture of 
plaster Paris and baryta. 

colombine, /. dimg of domestic fowls. 

eolombite, /. (Min.) columbite. 

colombium, m. columbium. 

Colombo, m. (Pharm.) calumba, Colombo. 

— d' Amérique, — de Mariette, American co- 
lumbo, American gentian (Frasera carolin- 

colomine, /. (Ceram.) talcose clay. 

coiomnaire, a. colimmar. 

colon, m. planter, farmer; colonist, settler; 

(Anat.) colon. 
colonial ( colonlanx), a. colonial. 
colonic, /. colony. 
coloniser, v.t. colonize. 
colonne, /. column; pillar, post; (of a pump) 


— à rectifier, rectifying column, fractionating 

— à robinet, upright pipe with stopcock or 

colophane, /. colophony, rosin. 
colophaner, v.t. treat with colophony or rosin. 

coloquinte, /. colocynth (CitruUua colocynthia). 
colorant, a. coloring; specif., dyeing. — m. 

colorant, coloring matter; specif., dye, 


— acridique, acridine dye. 

— azoaminé, aminoazo dye. 

— az&lque, azo dye. 

— azophénolique, hydroxyazo dye. 

— azoxique, azozy dye. 

— basique, basic dye. 

— bisazoïque, disazo dye. 

— nitrosé, nitroso dye. 

— oxazinique, oxazine dye. 

— thiazinique, thiazine dye. 

— vital, (Biol.) vital stain. • 
coloration, /. coloration, coloring. 

coloré, p.a. colored; (of wine) deq^-oolored; 
(of tints) bright. 

colorement, m. coloring, coloration. 

colorer, v.t. & r. color. 

coloriage, m. coloring. ^ 

colorier, v.t. color. 

coloriear, m. colorer, colorist; (Calico) print-, 
ing roller, print roll. 

coloriflque, a. colorific. 

colorigëne, a. colorigenic, color-producing. 

colorimètre, m. colorimeter. 

colorimétrie, /. colorimetry. 

colorimétriqae, a. colorimetric. 

colorlmétriqnement, adv. colorimetrically. 

coIotIs, m. coloring; hue, tint. 

colorlsation, /. coloration. 

coloriste, m. colorer; (Art.) colorist. 

colossal, a. colossal. 

colostrum, m. colostrum. 

coitar, colthar, coltarement, etc. See coal- 
tar, coaltarement, etc. 

columbium, m. columbium. 

colza, m. colza, specif, rape or rapeseed. 
(Distinctions between " huile de colza," 
" huile de navette " and " huile de rabette" 
are apparently rather confused. All may 
be translated " rape oil " or " colza oil,'* 
terms which are now practically synony- 
mous in English except as " colza oil " is 
used of the purer varieties.) * 

comanlque, a. comanic. 

comateux, a. (Med.) comatose. 

combat, m. combat, contest, strife. — pr. S 
sing, of combattre. 

combattre, v.f. fight; combat; oppose. — v.t. 
fight, combat, contend, strive. 

combien, adv. how, how much, how many, 
how far, how long. — m. price. 

— de temps, how long. 
combinablUté, /. combinableness. 
comblnable, a. combinable. 
combinaison, /. combination; compound; 

scheme, contrivance. 
— binaire, binary compoi 






feomblnaigon atUfurée, compound with sulfur, 
1 sulfur compound. 

— tertiaire^ tertiary compound. 
eomblnateiir» m. combiner; (Elec.) controller. 

— a. combining. 

0ombliuit<rfre, a. combinatory, combina- 
iomblné» p.a. combined; concerted. — m. 

compound; set (as of apparatus). 
I ombiner, v.t. combine; concert, contrive. 

— v.r. combine, unite. 

< omblneur, m. an apparatus for continuous 

à !Omble, m. roof; height, simimit; overmea»> 
J lu-e. — a. heaped; quite full. 
J omble, p.a. filled, etc. (see combler). 
•mblement» m. filling, etc. (see combler). 
»mbler, v.t. fill, fill up; supply; fulfill. 
•arable, a. combustible. 
lurant, a. supporting combustion. — m. 
Bupp<H*ter of combustion. 
>mbiiré, p.a. burned; (Min.) consisting of 
oxide or halide. 
iburer, v.t. bum. 
•mbastlblllté, /. combustibility. 
•mbiistlble, a. combustible. — m. fuel; com- 

— aggloméré, briquetted f ueL 

— ancient coal. 

— éCédairaget combustible used as an illu- 
gaaeux, gaseous fuel. 

— minéral, mineral fuel, specif, coal. 

— moderne, wood and peat. 
•mblistioii, /. combustion. 

au libre, combustion in free air. 

— blanche, bright combustion (as distin- 
guished from blue flame). 

— bleue, blue-flame combustion. 

— delà fumée, smoke consumption. 

— lente, slow combustion. 

— sppntanée, spontaneous combustion. 
vive, quick (or rapid) combustion. 

«méBlqae, a. comenic. 

^mestlble, a. & m. comestible, edible. 

•mète, /. comet. 

mlque, a. comic, comical. 

imité, m. committee; commission, board, 

•mniandaiit, m. commanding officer, com- 

»iiiiiiande, /. order (for goods) ; driving gear, 
drive; control, control mechanism; lash- 
ing (of r(^>es). 

à — directe, direct-acting. 

— deamodromique, belt drive. 
de — , ordered; feigned, sham. 
faire une — , give an order. 

etNuniandemeiit, m. command; command- 

commands, v.t. command, oràet; (Com.) 
order; (AfocA.) drive, control, operate. 

— v.i. command, have command. — v.r, 
{Mach.) gear together, work together. 

commanditaire, m. dormant partner. See 

commandite, /. commandite, a firm having 
one or more members (commanditaireê) 
who are responsible only fcnr the amount 
which they have invested, while the rest 
(gérante, commandités) are fully responsible. 
Called also société en commandite. 

commandité, m. See commandite. 

comme, adv. as. as ... as, like, as if, as much 
as; as to; how. — conj. as. 

commémorer, v.t. remember, recall to mind. 

commencement, m. banning, commence- 
au — , at (or in) the beginning, at first. 

commencer, v.t. & i. begin, conmience. 

commensurabUlté, /. commensurabiUty. 

comment, adv. how; why. — m. how; why, 
wherefore. — interj. whati 

commentidre, m. commentary; comment. 

comments, v.t. comment on. — v.i. com- 
ment; conmient imfavorably. 

commerçant, a. commercial, mercantile. 

— m. merchant, trader, dealer. 
commerce, m. commute; trade, business; 


— de détail, retail trade. 

— en gros, wholesale trade. 

— extérieur, foreign conmierce, foreign trade. 

— intérieur, home (or domestic) trade, in- 
land commerce. 

faire le — de, trade in, deal in; be in the 

business of. 
commercer, v.i. trade, deal, do business; have 

relations (with). 
commercial, a. commercial. 
commercialement, adv. commercially. 
commettre, v.t. commit r appoint; lay (ropes). 
eommlnuer, v.t. comminute. 
eommlnnllon, /. comminution. 
conunls, p.a. committed; appointed; (of 

ropes) laid. — m. clerk. 

— voyageur, commercial traveler. 
commissaire, m. commissioner, commissary. 
commission, /. commission; board; commit- 
tee; errand; (Com.) commission business. 

commissionnaire, m. commission merchant, 
agent; errand boy, errand man, porter. 

commlsslonner, v.t. commission. 

commode, a. convenient, commodious, agree- 
able, comfortable; (of persons) accommo- 
dating. — TO. commode. 

commodément, adv. conveniently, comfort- 

commodité, /. convenience; (pi.) water 

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76 comporte 

/. shock; oommotioii; iMed.) 

, a. oommon. — m. common; gener- 
ality; commonalty, common people. 
Bté* /. community. 
I /. commune; town hall; oommon 

comiminément, ad», commonly, generally. 

eommmiieablllté» /. commimicability. 

eommmileMit, p.a. commimioating. 

eommimleattf» a. communicative; (of ink») 

comiminlcatlon, /. communication. 

commmilqoé, p.a. commimicated. — m. 
conmiunication, communiqué. 

cominwnUmef, v.t. oonmiimicate, impart. 
— ».t. ccMnmunicate; confer. — v.r. com- 
municate; be commimicated; be com- 

commiitateiir, m. (electric) switch; commu- 

— à baUnSt brush commutateur. 

— à bouchon^ plug switch, pin switch. 

— à boutOHf button switch. 

— à manetUt lever switch, knife switch. 

— disjoncteur t cut-out, intoTupter. 

— tnwrseur, current reverser. 

— permiitotetir, universal switch. 

— unipoUxiret single-pole switch. 
oompaelté, /. compactness. 
compact, a. compact. 
compftgnle» /. company. 
comiMHpioii* tn. companion; workman. 
CompM^<Hiii»g®9 *n. trade union. 
comiianbillté, /. comparability. 
comiMUsble, a. comparable. 
comiMUsblemcnty adv. comparably. 
comparmlfloii* /. comparison. 

d (or «n) — de, in comparison with. 
jtar — t by comparison, comparatively. 
9anê — , beyond comparison; without mak- 
ing any comparison. 

comiMnttre, o.t. appear. 

compftntenr, a. comparing. — m. compara- 

comiMUstlf, o. comparative. 

comparé» p.a. compared; comparative. 

comparer» v.t. compare. — v.r. be compared; 
compare; compare oneself. 

comporàment, m. compartment; {fio.) de- 
partment, province. 

compartimentage» m. division into compart- 

compartimenter» v.t. divide into compart- 

comparu» p.p. of comparattre. 

compas» m. compass, compasses (the instru- 

— à coutUêe, slide calipers. 

— à dàùer, dividers. 


à pointée aèchea, dividers. 

— de calibre^ calipers. 

— d'épaisseur, calipers. 

— de route, ordinary mariner's compass. 

— électrique, galvanometer. 

compassé, p.a. measured with (or as with) com- 
passes; formal, precise. . 

compasser» v.t. measure with compasses; pro^ 
portion; (Jig.) measure, weigh. ( 

compassler, m. compass maker, instrument 

compatibilité, /. compatibility. 

compatible» a. compatible. 

compatir» o.t. be compatible, agree; sympa^ 
thise. fr 

compendieiisement» adv. compendioush^i 
briefly. I 

compendiem, a. compendious, abridged. fl 

eompendiom, m. compendium, compend. I 

compensateur, m. compensator. — a. conw 
pensating, compensation, compensative. 

compensatif, a. compensative. 

compensation» /. compensation. 

compensatoire, a. compensatory. 

compensatrice, fem. of compensateur. 

compensw, v.t. compensate; offset. — «.«. 
compensate each other, compensate. 

compétemment, adv. competently. 

compétence, /. competence; province, sphere 

compétent, a. competent; due; proper. 

compétiteur, m. competitor, rival. — a \ 

compilateur, m. compiler. 

compilation, /. compilation. 

compiler, v.t. compile. 

complaire, o.t. give pleasure. — o.r. deligh 
(in) , be pleased (at) ; be delighted. * 

complalsammcnt, adv. obligingly; willingly. 

complaisance, /. complaisance; complacency. 

complaît, pr. S sing, of complaire. 

complant, m. planting, specif, vineyard. 

complanter, vX. plant. 

complément, m. complement. 

complémentaire» a. complementary, comph 

complet, a. complete. — m. complement. 

complètement, adv. completely. 

compléter, v.t. complete; make up (as solii-* 
tions to a given volume) ; perfect; fill up. 

compleie, a. ât m. complex. ^ - 

complexité, /. complexity. 

complication, /. complication. 

compliments, v.t. compliment. 

complimenteur, a. complimentary. 

compliqué, p.a. complicated, complex, intri- 

compliquer, v.t. complicate. 

complu, p.p. of complaire. 

comporter, v.t. permit, allow, admit of. — v.r. 
behave, comport oneself, t 
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composant 77 

composant» a. éb m. component. 
composante» /. (Meeh.) component. 
composé^ p.a. compound; composed; compos- 
ite; formal. — m. compoimd. 

— berueiniquet aromatic compound. 

— carbtirit carbon compound. 

— chioré, chlorine compound. 

— conjuguét {Old Cf^m.) conjugate com- 

— ^addition, addition compound. 

— <2éi/Snt, definite compoimd. 

— dt mbstitution^ substitution product. 

— double^ double compoimd. 

— hoUandaia^ Dutch compound (a solution 
of sodium and potassium silicates used for 
purifying water). 

— maadmumt a compound in which an ele- 
ment has its highest valence. 

— minimum^ a compound in which an ele- 
ment has its lowest valence. 

— nitrit nitro compound. 

— nan êcUvré, unsaturated compound. 

— organo-magnéaient organic magnesium com- 

— paaeageft transient (or transitory) com- 

— phosphore, phosphorus compound. 

— aaturit saturated compoimd. 

— sulfonét suif (mated compound, sulfo com- 

eomposée»/. (Bo<.)oompo6ite plant, composite, 
(pi.) CompoeitflB (called also Asterales). 

composa» v.t. compose; compoimd. — v.i. 
compose; come to terms. — o.r. be com- 
posed; compose oneself. 

compositeur» m. composer; (Printing) com- 

composition,/, composition; compound (in the 
sense of a composition or mixture). 

— centésimale, percentage composition. 

— d'amorce, primer composition. 

— d^ariifices, fireworks composition. 

— fulminante, fulminating composition, prim- 
ing composition. 

— fusante, fuse composition, rocket composi- 

— incendiaire, incendiary composition, car- 
cass composition. 

— Unie, slow-burning composition. 

— we, quick-burning composition. 
compost» m. compost. 

compostiw» v.t. compost, manure with com- 

composto» m. a sort of concrete made of stone 
fragments and cement or possuolana mor- 

compound» a. compound. 

comiwéiienstbiilté» /. comprehensibility, com- 

If» o. comprehensive. I 


comprenant» p.a. comprising, including; 

. understanding, comprehending.. 
comprendre, v.t. comprize, include, compre- 
hend; understand, comprehend. 
comprennent, pr. S pi. indie, dk subj. of com- 
compresseur» m. compressor; grease cup. 
compressiblUté» /. compressibility, -bleness. 
compressible» a. compressible. 
compressif» a. compressive. 
compression» /. compression. 
comiHlmable» a. compressible. 
comprimant» p.a. compressing; restraining. 
comprimé, p.a. compressed; restrained, 
checked. — m. compressed tablet, com- 
pressed pill. 
comprimer, v.t. compress; restrain, check. 
comprimeur, m. compressor. 
compris» p.p. of comprendre. 
non — f not including, not included. 
y — , including, included. 
comprit» p.def. S sing, of comprendre^ 
compromettre» v.t. A i. compromise. 
— le rendement, endanger the yield, 
compromis, p.a. compromised. — m. compro- 
comptabilité, /. bookkeeping, accounting, 
keeping accounts, accounts; accountabil- 
ity, responsibility. 
comptable» a. accountable, responsible. — m. 
accountant, bookkeeper; accountable i)er- 
comptant, a. ready (money). — m. ready 

money, cash. — adv. in cash. 
compte» m. account. 
à — , on account. 

au bout du — , after all, considering every- 
^ rendu, report; specif., (pi.) the weekly 
reports of the sessions of the French Acad- 
emy of Sciences. 
eompte-flls, m. thread counter, weaver's glass. 
compte-gouttes, m. dropper, drop counter. 

— a. dropping. 
compter, v.t. count; pay; charge; account, 
consider. — v.i. count, calculate; render 
an account; be considered; count (on), in- 
tend; count (on), rely (on). — v.r. be 
counted; count oneself. 
compte-tours, m. an instrument for counting 

compteur, m. counter, meter, indicator; 
reckoner, calculator. 

— à eau, water meter. 

— à gat, gas meter. 

— à seconde, seconds counter. 

— électrique, electric meter. 

— sec, dry meter. 
comptoir, m. (shop) counter; branch bank. 

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compulsif, a. compulsory. 

computatioii, /. computation. 

eomputer, v.t. compute, count. 

eomté, m. earldom; (in England) county, 

concassage» m., eoncassatloii, /., concasse- 
ment» m. crushing, etc. (see concasser). 

concasser, v.L (reduce to fragments) crush, 
break, comminute, bray, pound. 

concasseur, m. crusher, etc. (see concasser). 
— a. crushing. 

concave» a. concave. 

concaTlté, /. concavity. 

concéder» v.t concede. 

concentrable» a. capable of being concentrated. 

concentrateur» m. concentrator. 

concentration» /. concentration. 

concentré» p.a. concentrated. — m. concen- 

concentra» v.t. concentrate. 

concentrique, a. concentric. 

concentrlquement, adv. concentrically. 

conception» /. conception. 

concernant» & prep, concerning. 

concerner» v.t. concern, relate to. 

concession» /. concession. 

concessionnaire» m. & f. concessionaire, 

conccTable» a. conceivable. 

concevoir» v.t. & ». conceive. — v.r. be con- 

concholdal» a. conchoidal. 

concholde, a. conchoidal. — /. conchoid. 

conchyllen, a. containing shells, conchyla- 

conderse, m. & f. doorkeeper, porter. 

conciliation»/, reconciliation; conciliation. 

concilier» v.t. reconcile; conciliate. 

conds» a. concise. 

concision» /. conciseness. 

conclu» p.p. of conclure. 

concluant» p.a. concluding; conclusive. 

conclure» v.t. A ». conclude. — v.r. be con- 

conclusif» a. conclusive. 

conclusion» /. conclusion. — adv. in short. 

conclut» pr. & p.def. S sing, of conclure. 

concoctfon» /. concoction. 

conçoit» pr. S sing, of concevoir. 

concombre» m. cucumber. 

concordance» /. concordance, agreement. 

concordant» a. concordant. 

concourir» v.i. concur, contribute, cooperate; 
compete; (of time) coincide; (of lines) 
meet in a common point. 

concourme» /. a yellow dyestuff. 

concours» m. concourse; concurrence, coopera- 
tion, agreement; competition; (of lines) 
meeting point. 

concourt» pr. s nng. of concourir. 



concréfler» v.t. render concrete. 

concret» a. concrete. 

concréter» v.t. & r. concrete, solidify, render or 
become concrete or solid. 

concretion» /. concretion. 

concrétlonnalre» concrétionné» a. concretion- 

concréttonner» v.r. assume a concretionary 

conçu» p.a. conceived. 

concurrement» adv. concurrently, conjointly; 
in competition. 

concurrence» /. competition; amount; (Law) 

concurrencer» v.t. compete with. 

concurrent» m. competitor, rival. — a. com- 
peting; concurrent. 

concurrentiel» a. competing. 

concuter, v.t. strike. 

concuteur» m. striker, plimger. 

condamner» v.t. condemn; bar. shut up. 

condensablllté» /. condensability. 

condensable» a. condensable. 

condensant» p.a. condensing. 

condensateur, m. (esp. EUc.) condenser. — a. 

condensatlf» a. condensative. 

condensation» /. condensation. 

— par V extérieur, surface condensation. 

— par mélange, condensation by injection. 
condensé» p.a. condensed. 
condenser» v.t. A r. condense. 
condenseur» m. condenser. 

— à injedeur (or à jet), jet condenser, injec- 
tion condenser. 

— par surface, surface condenser. 

— iubulaire, tubular condenser, surface con- 

condenseuse» /. condensing apparatus, con- 

condiment» m. condiment. 

condlmentalre» condlmenteux» a. condimen- 
tal, condimentary. 

condlt» m. (esp. Pharm.) comfit, confection. 

condition, /. condition; service, employment. 
à — de, on condition of. 
à — que, (m condition that, provided that. 

conditionné» p.a. conditioned. 

conditionnel» a. conditional. 

condltlonnellement, adv. conditionally. 

conditionnement» m. conditioning; specif., 
manner of packing for shipment. 

conditionner» v.t. condition. 

conductance» /. (Elee.) conductance. 

conducteur» m. & /. conductor; superintend- 
ent, manager, guide, driver, leader, etc. 
— a. conducting; leading; (Mach^ driving, 

conductibilité» /. conductibility, conductivity. 

conductible» a. conductible, conductive. 


eonduetioii, /. conduction. 

conducttTlté» /. conductivity. 

conduire» v.L conduct; convoy; carry; drive; 

(Mack.) control. — v.i. conduct; lead; 

drive. — v.r. conduct oneself; be conducted. 
conduit» m. conduit, pipe, tube, duct, channel, 

passage, canal. — p.p. db pr. S sing, of 


— à gazt gas pipe. 

— d'échappementt escape pipe, (Steam) 
exhaust passage. 

— delà vapeur, steam pipe. 

— de vent, blast pipe. 

cmidulte, /. conduit, pipe, tube, main, hose, 
channel, etc.; conducting, conduction; 
direction, superintendence, management; 
conduct; carrying, conveyance; delivery 
(of water, etc.). 

— d'amenée, delivery pipe or tube. 

' — d'aspiration, suction pipe, suction tube. 
— r de vent, ventilation shaft. 



, m. cone. 
ajuster — , taper. 

— aUumoir, lighting cone (funnel*«haped 
chimney to be placed on open furnaces 
while they are being lighted). 

— de friction, cone clutch. 

— droit, right cone. 

— filtrateur, filtering cone. 

— tronqué, tnmcated cone. 
donner du — , taper. 

en — , conical, cone-shaped. 
faire — , make conical, taper. 

e5né» p.a. coned, conical. 

e5ner» v.t. cone. 

conf.» abbrev. compare, see, cf. 

confection» /. making, making up, construc- 
tion, execution; ready-made clothes; 
(Pfiarm.) confection. 

confectionné» p.a. made, etc. (see confection- 
ner); ready-made (clothes). — m. manu- 
factured article. 

confecllonnement» m. making, making up, 
etc. (see confectionner). 

confectionner» v.t make, make up, construct, 
manufacture, execute. — v.r. be made, be 
made up, etc. 

confectionneur» m. maker, manufacturer; 
specif., clothes maker; clothier. 

conférence, /. confa*ence, meeting; lecture; 
class; comparison. 

conférencier» m. lecturer. — v.i. hold a con- 
ference; give an address. 

dHlff^'er» v.t. confer; compare. — v.i. confer. 

confère» /. conferva, confervoid alga, hair- 

confesser» v.t. confess. 

confiance» /. confidence. 

confiant» p.a. confiding, etc. (see confier) ; con- 

confldemment» adv. confidentially. 

confidence» /. confidence. 

confident» a. confidential. — m. confidant. 

confidentiel» a. confidential. 

confidentiellement» adv. confidentially. 

confier» v.t. confide; commit. — v.r. confide 
(in) ; be committed. 

configuration» /. configuration. 

configurer» v.t. give configuration or form to. 

confln» m. confine, border. (Used in the pi.) 

confiner» v.t. confine, — v.i. border (on). 

confire» v.t. r^reserve (fruits, etc.); pickle (in 
vinegar) ; (Leather) soak in bate, bate. 

confirma tlf, a. confirmatory, confirmative. 

confirmation» /. confirmation. 

confirmatolre» a confirmatory. 

confirmer» v.t. confirm. — v.r. be confirmed. 

confisant» p.a. preserving, etc. (see confire). 

confiserie»/, confectionery; confectioner's art, 
business or shop. 

confiseur» m. confectioner. 

confit» p.a. preserved; pickled; (Leather) 
bated. — m. preserved meat; mash (for 
animals); tub, vat (for dressing furs); 
(Leather) bate, puer. — pr. dk p.def. 3 sing. 
of confire. 

confiture» /. preserve (s), jam. 

confiturerie» /. preserves; preserve making, 
preserve factory or shop, preserve business. 

confiturier» m. maker or seller of preserves. 

conflit» m. conflict. 

confondre» v.t. confound; mingle, blend; con- 
fuse. — v.r. be confdimded; mingle, blend; 
be confused; (Org. Chem.) be identical or, 
in some cases, tautomeric (as, la quinone- 
oxime se confond avec le p-nitrosophénol). 

confondu» p.a. confounded, etc. 

conformation» /. conformation. 

conforme» a. conformable. 

conformément» adv. conformably, according. 

conformer» v.t. & i. conform. 

conformité» /. conformity. 

confortable» a. comfortable, comforting. — m. 

confronter» v.t. confront; compare. — v.i. 

confus» p.a. confused. 

confusément» adv. confusedly. 

confusion» /. confusion. 

congé» m. leave; notice (of leaving) ; discharge. 

congédier» v.t. discharge, dismiss. 

congélabUité» /. congealableness. 

congelable» a. congealable. 

congelant» p.a. congealing. 

congélation» /. congelation, congealing, con- 
gealment; specif., freezing; cold storage. 

congeler» v.t. dt r. congeal r specif., freeze. 

congénère» n. congener. — a. congeneric. 

conges tlf» a. congestive, congested. ^qT^ 

congestion» /. congestion, o 


congestloiuier, v.t. congest. 

eoDglomént, m. conglomerate. 

eoogloméntioii, /. conglomeration. 

eongtoméré» p.a. conglomerated, conglome- 

eonglomérer, v.t. conglomerate. 

eonglutiiuiiit, a. agglutinant, agglutinative. 

Congo briltont. (Dyeà) brilliant Congo. 

coiusr^Sé, a congregated. 

oongrèl» m. congress. 
— du froid, a congress of those interested in 
the refrigerating industry. 

eongra* a. congruous. 

oonsraence, /. congruence. 

congmlté, /. congruity. 

conhydrlne, /. conhydrine. 

conldne» /. conicine (conine). 

eonlcltés /. conicalness, conicity. 

oonllère» a. coniferous. — m. conifer; (p2.) 
Contferae, Finales. 

conlfiÊrlne» /. coniferin. 

oonlféryUque, a. coniferyl Cm the phrase 
alcool eon^érylique, coniferyl alcohol). 

oonlfOTme» a. coniform, conical. 

oonlne, /. conine. 

conique, a. conical, conic. 

coi^ecturalement, adt. conjecturally. 

ooiMecture» /. conjecture. 

conjecturer, v.t. conjecture. 

coiMolndre» o.f. conjoin, join, unite. 

conJ<^t, p.a. conjoined, joined, joint. 

conjointement, adv. conjointly, jointly. 

conjoneteur, m. (^2ec.) circuit closer, key. 

conJonctlf, a. conjimctive, connective. 

conjonction, /. conjunction. 

coiMonctiTe, /. conjimctiva. 

coiMonctiTlte, /. {Med.) conjunctivitis. 

conjugué, a. conjugate; conjugated. 

connalMsnce, /. (sometimes jA.) knowledge; 
consciousness, senses; acquaintance. 

connaissant, p.a. knowing; skilled in; ac- 
quainted with. 

connaissement, m. bill of lading. 

connaître, v.t. know. 
faire — , make known, describe, introduce, 

give notice of. 
ee — à (or en), be versed in, understand. 

connectlf, a. connective. 

connexe, a. connected; associated. 

connexer, t.t. connect, join. 

connexion, connexlté, /. connection. 
connexion directe, (Mack.) direct action. 

connu, p.a. known; well known. — m. known. 

connut, p.def. S sing, of connaître (to know). 

conolde, a. A m. conoid. 

conquérir, v.t. & i. conquer. 

conquête, /. conquest. 

conquiert, p/r. S sing, of conquérir. 

conquis, p.a. conquered. 

conquit, p.def, 3 sing, of conquérir. 



consaivcff, v.t. devote; consecrate; sanction. 

conscience, /. consciousness; oonadenoe; con- 

consciencieusement, adv. conscientiously. 

cons<denHeux, a. conscientious. 

consécutif, a. consecutive. 

consécutlTement, ado. consecutively. 

conseil, m. counsel; council; boArd. 

conseiller, '«.<. counsel, advise. — v.r. be ad- 
vised, seek counsel (from). — m. counselor, 
advisor; coimdlor. 

consentement, m. consent. 

consentir, v.t. consent to. — v.t. consent. 

conséquemment, adv. consistently; conse- 

conséquence» /. consequence. 
en — , in consequence, consequently. 

conséquent, a. consistent; consequent. — nu 
par — , consequently, therefore. 

conswvateur, a. preservative, conservative; 
— m. preserver; keeper; conservative. 

conswvatif, a. conservative. 

conserration, /. preservation, conservation; 

conservatoire, a. A m. conservatory. 

conserve, /. conserve (in Pharm. now often 
translated confection since the old distinc- 
tion between conswve and electuary has 
been abandoned); preserved food; jar; 
specif., (Micros.) staining jar; (pi.) colored 

— alimentaire, inreserved food. 

— d*amandes, (Pharm.) compoimd powder of 

— d*6corce d^orange, (Pharm.) confection of 
orange peel. 

— de fruits, preserved fruit (dried, pickled, 
in sirup, etc.). 

— de légumes, preserved vegetables (dried, 
canned, etc.). 

— de poissons, preserved fish, cured fish. 

— de rose, — de rose rouge, (Pharm.) con- 
fection of rose. 

— de viande, preserved meat. 

conserves alimentaires, preserved food, specif, 
canned goods. 

conserver, v.t. preserve. — v.r. (of fruits, etc.) 
keep; be preserved; preserve oneself . 

considerable, a. considerable; distinguished. 

considérablement, adv. considerably. 

considération, /. consideration; esteem, re- 

considéré, p.a. ' considered; esteemed; con- 

considérer, v.t. consider. — v.r. be considered; 
consider oneself. 

conslgnataire, m. (Com.) consignee. 

conslgnateur, m. (Com.) consignor, consigner, 

consignation, /. consignment. 





f« v.t. consign; deposit; order; keep 
in (soldiers, etc.) ; refuse admittance to. 

conslstaiit, . a. consistent; (with en) consist- 

conslsteiice, /. consistency, consistence; credit. 

consister, v.i. consist. 

console, /. bracket; wall fixture, hanger. 

consolidation, /. consolidation. 

consolider, vA. consolidate; (Finance) fund. 

— v.r. consolidate. 
consommateur, m. consumer; consumma- 


consommation, /. consumption; consumma- 
tion. ' 

consommé, p.a. consumed; consummated; 

consonuner, v.t. consume; consummate. 

consomptlble, a. consumable. 

consomption, /. consumption. 

consortfum, m. syndicate. 

consoude, /. (Bot.) comfrey (Symphytum). 

— officinaiei grande — , common comfrey (S. 

constamment, adv. constantly; with con- 
constance, /. constant; constancy. 
constant, a. constant; certain. 
constante, /. constant. 

— de dissociation, dissociation constant. 

— empirique, empirical constant. 
constatation, /. ascertaining; verification; 

constater, v.t. ascertain; verify; state. 
constipant, p.a. constipating. 
constiper, v.t. constipate. 
constituant, p.a. constituent; constituting. 

— m. constituent. 

constituer, v.t. constitute; put, place, fix. 

constitution, /. constitution. 

constructeur, m. constructor, builder. 

construction, /. construction; building, struo- 

construire, v.t. construct, build. 

consultatif, a. considtative, advisory. 

consulter, v.t. & i. consult. — v.r. consider; 
consult one another: be consulted. 

consumant, p.a. consimiing. 

consume, /. (Wine) loss from evaporation and 

consumer, v.t. consimie. — v.r. be consumed; 
waste one's money, health, strength or 
time; waste away. 

contact, m. contact. 

contagieux, a. contagious. 

contamination, /. contamination. 

contaminer, v.t. contaminate. — v.r. be con- 

contempler, v.t. contemplate. 

contemporain, a. contemporary, contempora- 

contenance, /. capacity, contents; extent, 
area; countenance. 

contenant, p.a. containing; restraining. — m. 

contenir, v.t. contain; restrain. 

content, a. content, satisfied, pleased, glad. 

contentieux, a. disputed; contentious. 

contention,/, containing; intense application, 
intenseness; contention. 

contenu, p.a. contained; restrained. — m. 

conter, v.t. tell, relate; report. 

conterle, /. coarse Venice glass. 

contestation, /. contestation, dispute. 

contester, v.t. contest. 

contiennent, pr. S pi. of contenir. 

contient, pr. S sing, of contenir. 

contlgu, a. contiguous, adjacent, adjoining. 

contint, p.def. 3 sing, of contenir. 

continu, a. continuous; continued. — m. con- 

continuation, /. continuation, continuance. 

continuel, a. continual. 

continuellement, adv. continually. 

continuer, v.t. dk i. continue. — v.r. be contin- 
ued; continue. 

continuité» /. continuity; continuance. 

continûment, adv. continuously, continually. 

contour, m. contour, outline; circuit. 

contourner, v.t. trace the outline of, pass, turn 
or wind around; twist; distort, deform. 

contractant, p.a. contracting. — m. contract- 
ing party, contractor. 

contracter, v.t. contract. — v.r. be contracted, 

contractlf, a. contractive. 

contractile, a. contractile. 

contraction, /. contraction. 

contracture, /. contracture. 

contradiction, /. contradiction. 

contradictoire, a., m. & f. contradictory. 

contraignant, p.a. constraining. 

contraignent, pr. S pi. of contraindre. 

contraindre, v.t. constrain, compel, force, 

contraint, p.p. of contraindre. 

contrainte, /. constraint. 

contraire, a. contrary; injurious. — m. con- 
au — , on the contrary. 
au — de, contrary to, against. 

contrairement, adv. contrarily, conlarary. 

contrariété, /. contrariety; difficulty; annoy- 

contrastant, p.a. contrasting. 

contraste, m. contrast. 

contraster, v.t. & i. contrast. 

contrat, m. contract. 

coBtrayenra, eontnjerféi* J.^ (Bot.) coa- 
trayerva. Digitized by VjUV 




contre» prep. against; close by, near. — adv, 
against, in opposition. — m. con, opposing 
side or point. 
— à — t side by side. 
par — t per contra, as an offset, on the other 

tout — , very close; ajar. 

contre-^ counter-, contra-. 

contre-accéléntlon, /. negative acceleration, 

contre-balancer, contrebalancer, v.t. coun- 
terbalance. — v.r. counterbalance each 
other; be counterbalanced. 

contrebande, /. contraband. 

contre-bas, adt. downward. 

contre-burette, /. leveling tube (for Lunge 
nitrometers and the like). 

contre-charge, /. counterpoise. 

contre-coeur, m. back (of a chimney). 
à — , reluctantly, imwillingly. 

contre-coup, m. rebound; coimterstroke. 

contre-courant, m. coimtercurrent; back 

contredire, v.t, dk i. contradict. 

contredisant, p.a. contradicting, contradic- 

contredit, pr. dt p.def. S aing. & p.p. of con- 
tredire. — TO. contradiction; rejoinder. 
9ana — , unquestionably. 

contrée, /. coimtry, region. 

contre-écrou, m. set screw (for another screw) ; 
lock nut, jam nut, check nut. 

contre-éiectfomoteur, -électromotif, a. 

contre-émail, m. counterenamel. 

contre-émalller, v.t. coimterenamel. 

contre-épreuve, /. countertest, check test; 

contee-essal, to. coimtertest, check test. 

contrefaçon, /. counterfeiting; coimterfeit; 
(of patents) infringement; forgery; (of 
books) pirated edition. 

contrefacteur, m. coimterfeiter; infringer; 
forger; pirate. 

contrefactlon, /. counterfeiting, etc. (see con- 

contrefaire, v.t. counterfeit; forge; mimic; 
feign; disguise. 

contrefait, p.a. coimterfeited, etc. (see con- 
trefaire); counterfeit. — pr. S sing, of 

contreferait, cond. S nng. of contrefaire. 

contre-feu, m. back plate (of a hearth). 

contre-flche, /. brace, strut, stud, stay. 

contrefit, p.def. s nng. of contrefaire. 

contrefont, pr. s pi. of contrefaire. 

contrefort, m. buttress, support; reinforce- 
ment; (mountain) spur. 

contre-hacher, v.t. cross-hatch. 

'ontre-hachure, /. crosa-hatching. 

contre-mattre, to. overseer, foreman, boss. 
contremander, v.t. countermand. 
contremarque, /. coimtermark. 
contre-oxydeur, to. enameler. 
contre-parol, /. casing (of a furnace). 
contre-pente, /. reverse slope. 
contre-peser, v.t. counterpoise, coimter- 

contre-plaque, /. back plate; reinforcing plate; 

cheek plate, guard plate. 
contreplaqué, a. layered, laminated. 

— en trois épaisseurs, three-ply. 
contrepoids, to. counterpoise. 
contre-poll, to. wrong way (of the ïtair). 

à — , against the grain or the nap, the wrong 
contrepoison, contre-poison, m. antidote. 

— de Varsenic, (Pharm.) arsenic antidote 
(ferric hydroxide with magnesium oxide). 

contre-presslon, /. counterpressure, back pres- 

contresens, to. wrong sense; (of fabrics) 
wrong side; wrong way. 

contretemps, to. mishap, mischance; wrong 
time, unseasonableness. 
à — , inopportimely. 

contre-tirage, to. back draft. 

contre-vapeur, /. returning steam, back 

conù«venlr, v.t. offend, transgress. 

contrevent, to. blast plate; shutter; brace. 

contrevient, pr. s sing, of contrevenir. 

contre-vis, /. check screw. 

contribuant, p.a. contributing. — to. contrib- 

contribuer, v.i. contribute. 

contribution, /. contribution; tax. 

contr61age, m. controlling, etc. (see contrôler). 

contrôle, to. control; checking, check; mark, 
stamp; register, roll, list; controUer's 

contrfflement, to. controlling, etc. (see con- 

contrôler, v.t. control, check; calibrate; ascer- 
tain by checking; stamp, mark (as gold). 

contrôleur, to. controller, checker, inspector, 

contrôleur-mesureur, to. {Sugar) an instru- 
ment for recording the amount of beet juice 

controuvé, a. fabricated, forged, false. 

controverse, /. controversy. 

controverser, v.t. dispute, controvert, de- 

convaincant, a. convincing; convicting. 

convaincre, v.t. convince; convict. 

convaincu, p.a. convinced; convicted. 

convainquant, p.a. convincing; convicting. 

convallaire, /. {Bot.) convallaria^T 

convallarlne, /. convallarin. ^^^^ 


eonveetloiis /. convection. 

convenable» a. suitable; expedient; becoming, 

proper; well-bred. — m. propriety. 
conTenablement, adv. suitably. 
convenance* /. convenience; conformity; 

agreement; suitableness; propriety. 
conTenant, a. convenient; suitable; proper. 

— of convenir. 
convenir, v.i. admit, acknowledge; agree; suit, 

be suitable; be expedient; be proper. 
convention, /. convention. 
convenu, p.p. of convenir. 
convergence, /. convergence, convergency. 
convergent, p.a. converging, convergent. 
converger, v.i. converge. 
converse, a. A /. converse. 
converslble, a. convertible. 
convMslon, /. conversion. 
converti, p.a. converted. — m. convert. 
convertibilité, /. convertibility. 
convertible, a. convertible. 
convertir, v.t. convert. — v.r. be converted, 

change, turn. 
convertissable, a. convertible. 
convertissant, p.p. of convertir. 
convertlssement, m. conversion, converting. 
convertisseur, m. converter. 
convexe, a. convex. 
convexité, /. convexity. 
convient, pr. S Hng. of convenir. 
convier, v.t. invite, ask, b^, prompt. 
convint, p. def. S sing, of convenir. 
convoi, m. (nûlway) train; convoy; fimeral. 

— de marcfuindiseê, freight train, good strain. 

— de petite vitesee, slow train. 

— direct (or exprèê)^ express train. 
convolteux, a. covetous. 
convolvuUne, /. convolvulin. 
convoquer, v.t. convoke, call. 
convnlser, v.t. convulse. 
convulslf, a. convulsive. 
convulsion, /. convulsion. 
convulsionner, convulslver, v.t. convulse. 
convulsivement, adv. convulsively. 
coopératif, a. cooperative. 

coopérer, v.i. cooperate. 
coordonnateur, a. coordinating. 
coordonné, p.a. coordinated, coordinate. 
coordonnée, /. coordinate. 

coordonniee polairea, polar coordinates. 

coordonnées redangulaireet rectangular co- 
coordonner, v.t. coordinate. 
copahu, m. copaiba. 
copaler, m. copaiba tree, any tree of the genus 

copal, m., copale, /. copal. 
copallne, /. (Min.) copalite, copaline. 
eopalme, m. copalm. 
eopayer, m. «■ copaler. 



copeau, m. chip, shaving. 

— de sapin, fir (deal, pine) shaving. 
copeaux d'alésage, borings. 
copeaiix de tour, turnings. 

copie, /. copy. 
copier, v.t. copy. 
copieusement, adv. copiously. 
copieux, a. copious. 
copiste, m. copier, copyist. 
coprah, copra, /., copre, m. copra. 
copredfrftlne, /. ooprecipitin. 
copropriété, /. joint property. 
copulation, /. coupling; copulation. 
copuler, v.t. couple; (of animals) c(H>ulate. 

— v.r. couple. 

coq, m. cock; (on shipboard) cook. 

coque, /. shell; cocoon; (of ships) hull; (of a 

boiler) body; kink; (Ceram.) see coque 

d'œuf, below. 

— d'flru/, eggshell; (Çeram.) a dull porous 
state of the glase due to imperfect vitrifica- 

— du Levant, cocculus indicus. 
coquelicot, m. coquelicot (the cotu poppy, Pa- 

paver rhceas, or its red coIot). 
coqueluche, /. {Med.) whooping cough. 
ooqueluchon, m. (Bot.) aconite. 
coqueret, m., coquerelle, /. (Bot.) alkekengi. 
coquillage, m. shellfish; shell. 
coquille, /. shell; (Paper) a size' about 17 X 22 

inches; (Founding) chill; (Mach.) casing, 

housing; typographical error. 
coqulller, v.t. (Founding) cast in a chill mold. 
coqullleux, ooqullller, a. shelly. 
cor, m. h(»ii (instrument); com (callosity). 

— de chasse, himting horn, bugle; (Mach.) 
a part looped like a bugle. 

corail, m. coral. 
corallleux, corallien, a. coraL 
coralline, /. corallin. 
coraux, pi. of corail. 
c<wbeau, m. raven; corbel, bracket. 
corbeille, /. basket. 
corbelllée, /. basketful, basket. 
cordi4;e, m. rope, cord, cordage; cording (of 
wood) ; measuring (of wood) by cords. 

— goudronné, tarred rope. 

cordât, m. a coarse wrapping cloth; coarse 

corde, /. cord, twine, rope, string, line; thread; 

(of wood) cord; (Oeom.) chord; (Music) 

string; (CHass) a oordlike defect on blown 

glass, due to incomplete fusion. 

— à boyau, catgut. 

— à feu, fuse, match. 

— à violon, violin string. 

— à violoncelle, cello string, violoncello string. 

— de piano, piano string, piano wire. 

— en fil de fer, wire rope. 

cordé, p.a. corded; twisted; (Bot.) cordate. 




H, m. line, string, small cord or rope; 
— Bickford, Biokford fuse. 

— d'amorce, fuse, match. 

— détonant, detonating fuse. 

— portC'feu, fuse, match. 
cordée, /. cord (of wood). 

eordeler» v.t. twist, twine, lay (into rope). 

eorddette» /. small cord, string, line. 

oordeUne, /. (Olasa) ferret; selvedge, list. 

corder» v.t. cord; twist; measure by the cord. 
— v.r. become stringy; twist; be corded. 

eorderle» /. cordage making; cordage business; 
cordage factory, ropewalk. 

cordial* a. & m. cordial. 

cordler» a. cordage. — m. rope maker or seller. 

cordlérlte, /. (Min.) iolite, cordierite. 

cordon* m. string, cord; strand; band, tape; 
ribbon; row, string, line, string; cordon; 
border; mUled edge (of a coin). 

cordonner, v.t. twist; plait, plat, braid. 

cordonn^e» /. shoe making, trade or shop. 

cordonnet, m. small cord, string; braid; silk 
twist; milling (on a coin). 

cordonnier, m. shoemaker; shoe dealer. 

cordooan, m. cordovan (leather). 

Gordoue, /. Cordova. 

Corée, /. Korea. 

MMtece, a. tough, leatherlike. 

coriace, a. coriaceous, leatherlike. 

cmialre, /. (Bot.) tanner's simiac. 

coriandre, /. (fiot.) coriander. 

corlandrol, m. ooriandrol (linalodl). 

corindon, m. (Min.) corundum. 

corindonique, a. conmdimi. 

corme» /. service berry. 

Cfwmlw, m. service tree (Sorbtu domeatioa). 

comallle, /. hom raspings. 

comaUne, /. (Min.) oamelian. 

eontarût m. (Olaaa) a hooked tool for removing 
crucibles from the furnace. 

come,/, horn; prong, point; tumed-^lown cor- 
ner (of a sheet of paper) ; fruit of the cor- 

— de cerf, hartshorn. 

— d'abondance, cornucopia, hom of plenty. 
come, a. horny, hom, corneous. 

cornée, /. (Anat.) cornea; (Bot.) a member of 

the Cornaceœ. 
coméenne, /. (Petrog.) aphanite. 
corneille, /. crow; (Bot.) loosestrife. 
coméllane, /. (Min.) carnelian. 
coméole, /. woadwazen, dyer's weed (Oenista 

CMner, v.i. sound a hom; (of the ears) ring; 

smell, stink. — v.t. din; horn; turn down 

the comer of. 
CMnet, m. bag, comet; little hom; dice box; 

(Aêêaying, Music, etc.) comet. 
CMnetler, m. hom wwker. 

comlche, /. cornice; (fiot.) water caltrop. 
cornier, a. comer. — m. (Bot.) cornel (Cot' 

cornière, /. angle iron, comer iron. 
Comouallles, n. C:k>mwall. 
comoullle, /. cornel berry, fruit of the c(»iiel. 
cornouiller, tn. (Bat.) any plant of the genus 

Comua (cornels and dogwoods). 

— à grandee flewa, flowering dogwood (Cot^ 
nua florida). 

cornu, a. homed; angular, cornered; absurd. 
cornue, /. retort; a large two-handled vessel 
for carrying Uquids; (Metal.) converter. 

— à gae, gas retort. 

— à goudron, tar still, tar retort. 

— à leaeivea, a vessel for carrying lye. 

— de dieOUation, retort. 

COTollalre, m. corollary. — a. (fiot.) oorolhxie. 

corolle, /. (fiot.) corolla. 

corozo, m. v^etable ivory (from the ooroso 

corporation, /. guild, union. 

corporifler, v.t. (Old Chem.) corporify, solidify. 

corps, m. substance, compound; body; (Mil.) 
corps. (Careful modem usage avoids use 
of the term "body" for substances.) 

— aidéhydique, aldehydic substance, alde- 

— azoté, nitrogenous substance, nitrogen 

— comburant, supp<ni«r of combustion. 

— composé, compound. 

— creux, hollow body; hollow ware. 

— desséchant, dehydrating agent, desiccating 

— étranger, foreign substance; foreign body 
(e.g. in the eye). 

— gazeux, gaseous substance, gas; gaseous 
body, body of gas. 

— gras, fatty substance Oi^cluding, in the 
most general sense, fats, soaps, fatty adds 
and even lecithin, etc.) ; specif., fat (corps 
gras proprement dit). 

— isolant, insidator. 

— muqueux de Malpighi, Malpighian layer. 

— réducteur, reducing substance, reducer. 

— simple, simple substance, element. 
corpusculaire, a. corpuscular. 
corpuscule, m. corpuscle. 

correct, a. correct. 

correctement, adv. correctly. 

correcteur, m. corrector; proofreader. — a. 
correcting! corrective. 

correctif, a. éb m. corrective. 

correction, /. correction; correctness. 

corrélatif, a. A m. correlative. 

corrélation, /. correlation. 

corrélativement, adv. correlatively. 

correspondance, /. conen>ondenpe; commu- 
nication. Digi^i.ed by Google 



MRMpMidMit, p.a. corresponding. — m. 

correspondre» v.i. A r. correspond. 

eorrifé» p.a. corrected. — m. corrected copy. 

eorrlger, v.L correct. — v.r. be corrected; cor- 
rect oneself, reform. 

eorroboimnt, p.a. oorroborsting, corroborant. 

— m. (Med.) conroborant, tonic. 
eonolNmitIf* a. corroborative. 
eorfoboier» v.(. corroborate. 

eorrodant» p.a. corroding, corrosive; erosive. 

— m. corrosive. 
r, v.t corrode; erode. — v.r. be cor- 
roded; be«roded. 

i» m. (Leather) currying; clasring, pud- 
dling; puddle. 

eorroirle» /. curriery. 

eorromiMre* v.t. corrupt; soften (as leather or 
iron); deprive of plasticity (as wax). 

— v.r. become corrupted, softened, etc. 
eorrompa» p.a. corrupted, etc. (see corrompre), 

corrupt; putrid. 

CMTOSlf* a. & m. corrosive. 

eorroBloii, /. corrosion; (Oeol.) erosion. 

eonoyagey m. currying, etc. (see corroyer). 

corroyé-niMW» /. scrap iron. 

eonoyer, v.t. curry (leather or skins); work, 
hanmier, forge, weld (iron, etc.); puddle, 
pug (clay or with clay); knead, beat, 
malax (dough, mortar, etc.); dress down, 
plane (wood) ; {Dyeing) spread out on the 

eorroyêre, /. (fiot.) tanner's sumac. 

eMToyenr* m. currier, etc. (see ccuroyer). 

corrapiloii* /. corruption ; specif. , putrefaction. 

Corse, /. Corsica. 

tone, p.a. full-bodied, full-flavored, strong. 

eorser, v.t, give body, consistency, flavor or 
strength to. 

eorton, m. a kind of Burgundy wine. 

eombls, m. artificial corundimi. 

eosecftnte, /. (Math.) cosecant. 

eostanis, m. (Math.) cosine. 

eosméttqiie» a. A m. cosmetic. 

cosmique» a. cosmic. 

eosmocoiUe» /. cosmogony. 

cosse, /. pod, husk, hull (of peas, etc.). 

cossette» /. chip, slice, cossette. 

eossetoie, /. cutting into chips or slices and 
the treatment of these (in the case of chic- 
ory, drying). 

eotangente, /. (Math.) cotangent. 

cotmmlne» /. cotamine. 

cote, /. quota; classification mark; figure in- 
dicating a dimension, altitude or the like on 
a plan or chart; (Com.) quotation. 

e5te, /. rib; slope; shore, coast. 

— à — , side by side. 

— de soie, silk floes, oappadine. 
CÔU dTvoMT», Ivory Coast. 

cote occidentale, West Coast (esp. of Africa). 
cote» p.a. lettered, numbered; (Com.) quoted. 
côté» m. side; (PrinUng) form. 

à — , on one side, sideways, sidewise; ob- 
liquely; near, by; close together. 

à — de, beside, close to, near. 

— delà chair, (Leather) flesh side. 

— poil, (Leather) hair side. 

de — , on one side, sideways; obliquely; awry; 

aside, apart. 
du — de, among; with respect to, regarding. 
coteau» m. slope, hillside; hill. 
C0te-d*Or» /. Côte-d'Or (a department of 

coter» v.t. number, letter; (Com.) quote. 
cOti«r» a. coasting, pertidning to the coast. 
cOtttee» /. side stone (of a furnace) ; (Pounding) 

one of the parts of a mold. 
cotln, cotlnus» m. (Bot.) fustet (Cotinue 

cotisation» /. assessment; clubbing togethw ; 

share, quota. 
cotiser» v.t. assess. — v.r. club together. 
coton» m. cotton; down. 

— abaorhant, absorbent cotton. 

— azotique, nitrated cotton, gunootton. 

— brut, raw cotton. 

— caoutchouté, rubberised cotton. 

— courte soie, short-staple cotton. 

— de verre, glass wool. 

— endicaniirique, Vieille's name for the high- 
est nitration product of cotton. 

— en laine, cotton wool, raw cotton. 

— fulminant, fulminating cotton, guncotton. 

— hudrophUe, absorbent cotton. 

— Umgue eoie, long-staple cotton. 

— minéral, mineral wool, slag wool, mineral 

— nitrate, nitrated cotton. 

— octonitrigue, a nitrated cotton of the form- 
ula CMH^ii(NO,)t (according to Vieille). 

— pyrique, (JB:^.) pyrocotton. 
cotonlSOT» v.r. become like cotton. 
cotonnade» /. cotton fabric, cotton goods. 
eotonné» p.a, cottony, downy; (of hair) 


cotonner» v.i. become nappy or downy; (of 
copper) become covered with light spots. 
— v.r. become nappy or downy. 

cotonnerle» /. cotton plantation; cotton cul- 
ture; cotton mill. 

cotonneux» a. cottony. 

cotonnier, m. (Bot.) cotton plant. — a. cotton. 

coton-poudre, m. guncotton. 

côtoyer, v.t. go along, coast, skirt. 

cotylédon, m. cotyledon. 

cotylédonalre, a. cotyledonary, cotyledonous. 

cotyiédoné, a. cotyledonous. 

cou» m. neck. 

— de cygne, see col de cygne, undeiâ 



eouclUlilt, p.p. of coucher. — m. west; decline; 

setting sun. 
coachart» m. (Paper) coucher. 
couche, /. layer; bed, stratum; coat, coating; 

(firewing) couch; bed; hotbed; childbed, 


— cornée, homy layer. 

— de McUpighi, Malpighian layer. 

— d'impression, (Painting) priming coat. 

— isolante, insulating layer. 

coucher, v.t. lay, lay fiat, lay down, lay on; 
coat; write down; inscribe, insert; (Paper) 
couch. — v.t. lie, lie down; sleep. — v.r. 
go to bed; lie, lie down; (of the sun, etc.) 
set. — m. bring, recumbent position; (of 
the sun, etc.) setting; bed, biding. 

coucheur, m. layer, coater, etc. (see cou- 

couchls, m. bed. layer, stratum; (of a boiler) 
lagging; (Oardening) layer. 

coucou, m. cuckoo; cuckoo clock. 

coud, pr. S sing, of coudre. 

coude, /. elbow; knee, angle, bend, turn, bow, 
loop; crank, cranked part. 

coudé, p.a. bent, kneed, cranked. 

fouder, v.t. bend (in the form of an elbow), 
knee, crank. — v.r. form an elbow. 

coudrage, m. soaking in tan liquor. 

coudran, coudranner, etc. See goudron, 
goudronner, etc. 

éoudre, v. t. sew; tack on, attach. — v.t. sew. 

— v.r. be sewed; be joined. 
coudrée, /. arid land. 
coudrement, m. soaking in tan liquor. 
coudrer, v.t. soak in tan liquor. 
coudret, m. tanning vat, tan vat. 
coudreuse, /. an apparatus for stirring tan 

coudrier, m. (Bot.) hazel, hazel tree. 
couenne, /. pigskin, (of bacon) rind; any thick 

couette, /. socket; feather bed. 
coulage, m. flowing, leaking, casting, etc. (see 

couler); (loss due to or allowance made 

for) leakage; waste; scalding, scouring, 

bucking (in laundries). 

— à noyau (or à noyaux), core casting. 

— en coquiUe, chill casting. 

— en sable, sand casting. 

— en terre, loam casting. 

coulant, p.a. flowing, etc. (see couler); fluid; 
(of machine parts) movable, sliding; (of 
kilns, etc.) continuous; (of soil) not firm, 
caving; fiuent; accommodating. — m. 
(Mach.) slide, slider, runner. 

coulé, p.a. cast, etc. (see couler, v.t.). — m. cast, 

coulée, /. casting; tapping, running off (of 
metal); discharge; channel from furnace 
to mold; spray (side channel in a mold); 

head, sullage piece (of a casting); (Oeol.) 
coulée; running hand. 

coulement, m. fiow, fiowing. 

couler, v.i. fiow, run; leak, run out; glide, 
slide, slip; slip, creep; (of fruits, etc.) 
drop; (of ships) sink; (Pounding) run 
thru the mold. — v.t. cast, pour, mold, 
found; tap (metal or a furnace); filter, 
strain; cause to fiow, pass, run; sink (a 
ship); pass (time); elip; engrave boldly; 
lead, run lead into. — v.r. slip, glide; ruin 

couleur, /. color, colour; specif., dye; a 
variety of smalt. — m. caster (in found- 
ries and ceramic work); scalder, scourer 
(in laundries). 

— à cuve, vat dye. 

— à eau, — à l'eau, water color. 

— à rhuile, oil color. 

— à mordants, mordant dye, mordant color. 

— au pinceau, brush color, artist's color. 

— az(Àgue, aso dye, aso color. 

— bon teint, fast color, fast dye. 

— claire, light color. 

— complémentaire, complementary color. 

— composée, secondary color. 

— d'aniline, aniline color, aniline dye. 

— de chair, fiesh color. <| 

— de feu de moufle, (Ceram.) overglase color. 

— de grand feu, (C&ram.) any color applied in 
or imder the glaze. 

— d'imprimerie, colored printing ink. 

— du recuû, tempering color. 

— en détrempe, distemper color. 

— faux teint, fugitive color, fugitive dye. 

— foncée, dark color. 

— glacée, an aso dye produced on the fiber 
with the use of an iced diazo solution. 

— grand teint, fast color, fast dye. 

— grattée, pale color. 

— lavée, pale color, faint color. 

— motrice, primary color. 

— minérale, mineral color. 

— mode, mode color. 

— pour cuve, vat dye. 

— primitive, primary color. 

— rabattue, saddened or darkened color. 

— secondaire, secondary color. 

— solide, fast color, fast dye. 

— vitrifiable, vitrifiable color, enamel color. 
mettre en — , color, stain; alter the surface of 

(a gold alloy) by pickling. 

couleuTre, /. snake. 

couleuvrée, /. (Bot.) a name for plants which 
corresponds (but only in part) to snake- 

— de Virginie, Virginia snakeroot (Aristclo- 
chia serpentaria) . 

couleuTrine,/. (Bot.) bistort, snakeweed (Pdy- 
gonum W« CjOOQI(: 




> m. grout, thin mortar; molten metal; 

strained broth. 
ayolisse, /. groove, slot, channel, guide, slide; 

slotted link; sliding shutter. 
à — , sliding, with sUding motion. 
coaUsseaa» m. small groove; (piece which 

slides in a groove) slide block, slider, guide 

block, guide, tongue. 
eouUssemeiit, m. sliding, sliding motion. 
coulisser» v.i. slide. — v.t. furnish with 

grooves or guides. 
couloir, m. strainer, colander; hopper; pas- 
sage, passageway, lobby. 
conkrfre» /. strainer, colander; vessel placed 

under the spigot of a cask; drawplate. 
coulomb, m. ÇElec.) coulomb. 
coulombmètre, m. coulomb meter. 
coulommiers, m. a kind of cheese similar to 

coulure, /. running, running down (as of glase), 

running out (as of cast metal) ; failure of 

fruit due to falling off of pollen. 
counuurlne, /. coumarin. 
coumartqne, a. coumaric. 
coumarone, m. coumarone (bensofuran). 
coumarylique, a. coumarilic 
coumys, m. kumiss. 
coup, m. stroke; blow, shock; shot, report, 

discharge (of a firearm); blast; time, turn; 

drt^ (of liquor); move, throw (in games); 

bruise; wound. 
à — , all at once. 
à — «ûr, surely, certainly. 
après — , too late, afterward. 

— d'arrière^ back stroke, return stroke. 

— d'avance, forward stroke. 

— de dé, — de déa, cast of the dice, (fig.) ven- 

— de feu, sudden increase in heat; heating; 
burning; overheating, overbuming; 
(Founding) melting heat. 

— de mine, blast. 

— d'esaai, first attempt; proof shot. 

— d'ceU, glance, look, sight, view. 

— heureux, lucky shot (throw, move), lucky 

— 8ur — , one after another, successively, un- 

pour le — , this time, for once. 

COUpftMe, a. guilty; culpable. — m. culprit. 

COUimse, m. cutting, etc. (see couper); mixing 
(of liquids); specif., addition of ferment- 
ing liquid to unfermented to start the fer- 
mentation; dilution (e.g. of alcohol); mix- 
ture, blend (of wines, etc.). 

coupant, p.a. cutting, etc. (see couper); 
sharp. — m. (sharp) edge. 

coupe, /. cutting; cut; section; a shallow cup 
or glass having a foot and stem. 

— en long, longitudinal section. 

coupe en travers, cross section. 

— horizontale, horizontal section, plan. 

— transversale, cross section. 

— verticale, vertical section. 
coupé, p.a. cut, etc. (see couper). 
coupeau, m. cutting, snip, chip. (Cf. copeau.) 
coupe-air, m. trap. 

coupe-bettraaves, m. sugar-beet slicer, beet- 
root slicer. 

coupe-cannes, m. sugar-cane slicer. 
coupeHSlrcult, m. ÇElec.) circuit breaker, cut* 

out, fuse. 
coupellatlon, /. cupellation. 
coupelle, /. cupel; pan for burning sulfur in a 

sterilising apparatus; cup (in certain tech. 

senses) ; smtdl cup on a stem; small shovel 

for gimpowder. 
coupeller, v.t. cupel. 
coupelleur, m. cupeller. 
coupement, m. cutting, etc. (see couper). 
coupe-net, m. wire cutters, nippers. 
couper, v.t. cut; cut up, cut off, cut out; (of 

liquids) mix, blend, dilute (e.g. alcohol), 

cut. — v.i. cut. — v.r. cut oneself; be cut; 

cut; divide, part, cleave; cut each other, 

cross, intersect; (of fabrics) wear at the 

folds; contradict oneself. 
coupe-raclnes, m. root cutter, specif, beetroot 

couperet, m. cutter, (large) knife; cleaver, 

chopper; enameler's file. 
couperose, /. copperas, vitriol (copperas is now 

used in EngUsh only of the green iron salt, 

FeS04 • 7 HiO); (Med.) acne rosacea. 

— blanche, white vitriol (zinc sulfate). 

— bletie, blue vitriol (copper sulfate). 

— verte, green vitriol, copperas. 
coupe-tubes, coupe-tuyau, m. tube cutter. 
coupeur, m. cutter. — a. cutting. 
coupeuse, /. cutter. 

couplage, m. coupling; (Elec.) connection. 

couple, /. couple. — m. couple; timber, frame. 

couplement, m. coupling; (Elec.) connection. 

coupler, v.t. couple; (Elec.) connect. 

coufdet, m. couplet; hinge, hinged joint. 

coupolr, tn. cutter. 

coupole, /. cupola. 

coupon, m. coupon; fraction (of a share); 
renmant (of a cloth). 

coupure, /. cut; ditch, trench; small bank 

cour,/, court. 

courade, /. a kind of sardine. 

courage, m. coiutige; heart; spirit; temper. 

couramment, adv. commonly, currently; 

courant, p.a. current, present, ordinary, com- 
mon; lineal; running. — m. current; 
course, run; current m^^;^^^.{^ength 
(as of a building). ^ ^ 




ooannt à haute fréquence^ high*frequenoy cur- 

— altemabif, alternating current. 

— hiphoèét two-phase (or diphasé) ouïrent. 

— continu^ continuous current. 

— d'aUumaoet lightinc current. 

— de charge, charging current. 

— de retour, return current. 

— dérivé, derived current, shunt current. 

— direct, direct current. 

— discontinu, intermittent current. 

— inducteur, inducing current, primary cur- 

— induit, induced current, secondary current. 

— monophtué, single-phase (or monc^hase) 

— polyphasé, polyphase current. 

— redressé, rectified current. 

— teUurique, — terrestre, earth current, 
ground current. 

— triphasé, three-phase (or triphasé) current. 

— vagabond, stray current. 

— vibré, alternating current. • 
conrbable, a. bendable. 

CoarlMse* m. bending, curving, bowing. 
courbaril* m. courbaril (Hymencsa courbaril). 
coarbarlne, /. courbùil (resin), courbaril 

courbe» /. curve; turn, bend; knee, rib; con- 
tour. — a. curved. 
courbé» p.a. curved, bent, bowed; crooked; 

bowed down; stooping. 
courbement, m. bending, curving, curvature, 

courber» v.t. bend, curve, bow. — v.i. bend, 

bow, stoop. — v.r. bend, be bent, bow, 

courbure» /. curvature, curve, bend, bending, 

inflection, flexure. 
courent» pr. s pi. indie. A subj. of courir. 
coureur» m. runner; rover; frequenter. 
courge» /. (Bo<.) cucurbit, member of the genus 

Cucxurhita including pumpkin, squash, 

courir» v.i. run; be current; run about, go 

about; hasten. — v.t. run; nm after, 

follow, frequent; roam over, travel over; 

overrun; be current in. 
couronne» /. crown; ring; halo, corona; rim 

(of a wheel) ; hoop. 
couronnement» m. crowning; ce^, coping, 

top, top piece; coronation. 

— en éventail, wing top (of a burner). 
couronner» v. t. crown; cap. 

courra» fut. S sing, of courir. 

eourrtor» m. mail, poet, correspondence; 

courier, messenger. 
COUrroi» m. (Dyeing) roller. 
coum^» /. belt; strap; band. 

— d» transmission, driving belt, belt. 

coumrfe bandoulière, shoulder stn^, shoulder 

— sans fin, endless belt. 

courroyase, courroyer» etc. See corroyer, 

corrQyage, etc. 
cours» m. course; price, rate; market price; 

avoir — , be current, circulate. 

— de chimie, chemistry course (specif., a 
course of lectures or recitations as distin- 
guished from laboratory work) ; (as a title) 
textbook on chemistry. 

course» /. course, race, run; journey, trip, 
wiUk, ride, drive; distance; stroke (of a 
piston); throw (of a crank); flight (of a 

counter» m. mill race; (Calico) a cloth made 
to travel underneath the doth to be 
printed in order to prevent soiling and to 
improve the printing. 

court» a., m. & ode. short. — pr. S sing, of 

courtage» m. brokerage. 

oourt-dreult» m. (Elee.) short circuit. 

court-«lrculter» v.t. shortHÛrcuit. 

eourtement» adv. shortly, briefly. 

courtier, m, broker. 

courtois» a. courteous. 

couru» p.p. of courir. 

cous» m. whetstone. 

cousant» p.a. sewing, etc. (see coudre). 

cousent» pr. S pi. of coudre. 

oouseuse» /. sewer; stitcher. 

coussin» m. cushion. 

cousslner» v.t. cushion, pad. 

coussinet» m. pad, cushion; (Mach.) journal 
bearing, (journal) box, pillow, pillow block, 
bush, bushing, brass; (of rails) chair; 

— à biUes, ball bearing. 

— à fileter, — de filière, screw die. 
C0US80» m. (Pharm.) cusso; (Bot.) any plant 

of the genus Hagenia. 
cousu» p.a. sewed; attached; (of the mouth) 

coût, m. cost, price, expense. 
coûtant» of coûter; (of price) cost. 
couteau» m. knife; (of a balance) knife edge; 


— affilé, sharp knife. 

— beige, ÇBxpl.) granulating knife. 

— émoussé, blunt knife. 

— rdcMr, scraping knife, scraper. 

— rofid, round knife. 
oouteiet» m. small knife. 

contrôle, /. cutlery; cutlery worics or shop. 
ooutdure, /. damage done to leather or skins 

by the knife used in dressing. 
coûter, v.t. cost; be dear (costly) ; be painful. 
coûteux, a. costly, expensive, dear. 

eoutfl I 

«mtil» m. ticking, tent cloth, drill, duck. 
coutume» /. custom. 

de — , customary, customarily. 
coutumlOT, a. accustomed; customary. 
coutumlerement, adv. customarily, usually. 
eouture» /. seam; sewing, stitching. 
COUTW, v.t. brood on, incubate; brood over. 
eouv^r^e» m. cover, lid; cap, top. 

— à annsaut ringed cover, ring cover, ringed 

MUTWt» p.a. covered, etc. (see couvrir); ob- 
scure; secret; deep-oolored (wine) ; cloudy 
(wealJier); sheltered (country). — m. 
cover; lodging. 

couverte» /. covering; facing; (Ceram.) glase, 
esp. a hard, difficultly fusible aluminous 

— ieaiUe, (jCeram.) a reddish brown glaze re- 
sembling tortoise shell. 

couverture» /. cover, covering; roof, roofing; 

blanket, coverlet; {Com.) security. 
couvre» pr. S sing, indie. & subj. of couvrir. 
couTre-amorce» m. primer cap, primer cover. 
couvre-objet» m. {Microê.) cover glass. 
couvrir» v.f. covor; face; screen; outbid. 

— v.r. cover oneself; be covered; be 

covdUne» /. (Min.) covellite, covelline. 
. Cr.» abbrw. Comptes rendus (which see). 
crachafv m. sputum, spit, spittle. 
ermchement» m. spitting, etc. (see cracher). 
cracbw» v.i. spit; sputter; (of boilers) prime, 

foam; start at the joints; ÇElec.) spark; 

(Founding) run over. — v.t. spit, spit out, 

throw out. 
Cracovle, /. Cracow, Krakow. 
cracque, /. crack, fissure, 
emle, /. chalk. 

— de Briançont (Min.) steatite. 

— lovée, — préparée, (Pharm.) prepared 

— précipHie, iPhartn.) precipitated chalk. 
cralfDJint» of craindre. 

craignent» pr. S pi. indie. & eubj. of craindre. 
craindre» v.t. fear, be afraid of; (of objects) 
be Uable to injury from. — v.t. fear, be 
afraid; hesitate (with de). 

je crains qu'il ne vienne, I fear he will come. 

je crains gti*il ne vienne pas, I fear he will not 
craint» p.a. feared, dreaded. 
crainte, /. fear, apprehension. 

de — de, for fear of. 

de — que, for fear that, lest. 
cramoisi» a. A m. crimson. 
crampe» /. cramp. 

crampon» m. cramp, cramp iron, damp; staple. 
cramponner» v.t. cramp, clamp. 
cramponnet» m. small cramp or clamp; 

9 creatinine 

cran» m. notch, nick; defect in welding; (fioU) 

— de Bretagne, horseradish. 
cranage» m. notching. 

crâne» m. skull, cranium. — a. bold. 

crftnJen» a. cranial. 

crapaud» m. toad; mushroom anchor; arm- 

crapaudine» /. bearing, bushing, bush, brass; 
socket; pivot; escape valve; grating, 
screen (of a waste pipe). 

craqueli^^» m. crackle manufacture. 

craquelé, a. {Ceram. dt Glass) crackled. — m. 

craquelée» /. crackle, crackle ware. 

craquèlement, m. crackling, crackled state. 

craquder, v.t. crackle (as pcn-celain or glass). 

craquelin» m. hard biscuit, cracker. 

craqueDement» m. » craquèlement. 

craqu^ure» /. cracking (as of varnish or punt). 

craquement» m. cracking; crackling; creak- 

craquOT» v.i. crack; crackle; creak. 

craquetant, p.a. crackling. 

craquètement» m. crackling, decrepitation. 

craqueter» v.i. crackle, decrepitate. 

craquette» /. impurities removed from melted 

craqure» /. crack, fissure. 

crasse» /., crasses» /. pJ. (of metals) dross; 
CLecdher) a scum of lime soaps, albuminoid 
matter, etc.; dirt, filth; fouling. 
crasse noire, black dross, specif, a mixture of 
lead antimonate and antimonite formed in 
lead refining. 

crassement» m. fouling. 

crasser» v.t. foul; dirty. 

cratère» m. crater. 

eraser» v.t. chalk, mark with chalk. — m, 
vitrified coal ashes. 

crayeux» a. chalky. 

crayon, m. crayon; pencil; {Elec.) carbon; 
sketch, outline. 

— à dessiner, drawing pencil. 

— à gaine, incased crayon, pencil. 

— à lumière, electric-light carbon. 

— d'azotate d'argent, àly&c nitrate stick. 

— de carbone, carbon rod, carbon. 

— de couleur, colored pencil. 

— de graphite, — de mine de plomb, le«d 

— éleclrique, arc-light carbon. 
crayonnage, m. drawing. 
crayonner, v.t, draw; mark; sketch. 
crayonneux» a. chalky. 

créance» /. credit; credence; claim, dtb%, 
créancier» m. creditor, 
créateur» a. creative. — m. creator, 
creatine, /. creatine, r^ ^ ^ ^T ^ 
eréatlnlnc, /. creatinai^lfty V^OOglC 


crémtiiikiiie, a. creatinic. 
crémtton» /. creation. 
déatrioe» a. fem. of créateur. 
crédIbUlté, /. credibiUty. 
crédit, m. credit. 
créditer, v,t. credit. 
créer, v.t. create. 

crénûillère, /. rack, toothed bar, rack bar. 
crème, /. cream; sirupy liqueur. 
-^ d^amandea, almond cream. 

— de chaux, cream of lime. 

— de aoufre, sublimed sulfur, flowers of sulfur. 

— de tartre, cream of tartar. 

— de tartre aoltMe, soluble cream of tartar (a 
product of the solution of cream of tartar 
in boric acid or borax). 

— froide, cold cream. 

crémer, v.i. cream. — v.t. cremate. 
crémeux, a. creamy. 
crémomètre, m. creamometer. 
crémone, /. a kind of sash latch. 
crénel«r» v.t, indent; notch, cog, tooth. 
crénelure, /. indentation, indenting, notching. 
créosol, ik. creosol. 
créosotage, m. creosoting. 
créosotml, m. {Pharm.) creoeotal. 
créosote, /. creosote. 

— du goudron de hois, wood-tar creosote. 
créosoter, v.t. creosote. 

crêpage, m. dressing or glossing of crepe; crap- 
ing, crimping. 

crêpe, m. crêpe; specif., crape. 

trëpeft v.t. crape, crimp, crisp. 

crépi, m. rough coat (of plaster). 

crépine,/, strainer; fringe; omentum, caul. 

crépir, v.t grain (leather); rough-cast, rough- 
coat (walls); crisp (hair). 

crépissage, m. graining, etc. (see crépir). 

crépitant, p.a. crepitating, crepitant. 

crepitation, /., créirftement, m. crepitation, 

crépita, v.i. crepitate, crackle. 

crépon, m. crépon (a thick craped fabric). 

crépu, a. crisped, curled, (of hair) woolly. 

crépascnle, m. twilight (either dawn or dusk). 

crésol, m. cresol. 

cresson, m. (Bot.) cress. 

— de fontaine, watercress. 

— Para, Para cress (SpilanUies oleracea). 
rrésyi, m. creeyl (an antiseptic). 
crésyle, m. cresyl (the radical). 
crésyiique, a. cresylic. 

crésylite, /. cresylite (trinitro-m-cresol). 
crés^ol, m. cresol. 
crétacé, a. cretaceous. 
crête, /. crest. 
crétin, m. {Med.) cretin. 
cretons, cracklings, greaves (of tallow). 
creusage, creusement, m. digging, etc. (see 



creuse, a. fem. of creux. 

creuser, v.t. dig, excavate, hollow out; go 
deeply into, study carefully. — v.r. be- 
come hollow. 

creuset, m. crucible. 

— bra^^é, brasqued crucible. 

— de Oooch, Gooch crucible. 

— de Hesee, Hessian crucible.' 

— de Parie, French crucible, Paris crucible. 

— de Rose, Rose crucible (with tube passing 
thru the cover). 

— en argent, silver crucible. 

— en biscuit, unglased porcelain crucible. 

— en charbon de cornue, retort-carbon cru- 

— en fer forgé, wrought*iron crucible. 

— en fonte, cast-iron crucible. 

— en gréa, sand crucible, stoneware crucible. 

— en j^atine, platiniun crucible. 

— en plombagine, graphite crucible, black- 
lead crucible. 

— en porcelaine, porcelain crucible. 
^—- en aUice, silica crucible. 

— en terre, clay crucible. 

— en terre de Paris, = creuset de Paris. 
creusetier, creusiste, m. crucible maker. 
ereusure, /. hollowing, hollow. 

creux, a. hollow; (of iron, etc.) tubular; empty; 

deep; (of food) unsubstantial. — m. 

cavity, hollow, hole; mold (for casting); 

depth (of a ship or a cog). 
en — , in intaglio. 
ercYasse, /. crevice, fissure, crack; crevasse. 
crevasser, v.t., i. dt r. crack, chink, split. 
crcTcr, v.i. burst, break; (of animals) die. 

— v.t. burst, break; kill. — v.r. burst. 
crcTCtte, /. shrimp; prawn. 
cri, m. cry; creaking; rustling (as of silk); 


— de Vétain, tin cry, creaking of tin. 
criMage, m. sifting, screening, riddling. 
crible, m. sieve, screen, riddle. 

— à aecousse, shaking sieve, swing sieve. 

— aasseur, bolter. 
cribler, v.t. sift, screen, riddle. 
cribleur, m. sifter. 
criblure, /. siftings. 

eric, m. jack, lifting jack. 

— à vis, screw jack. 

crier, v.i. cry, cry out. squeal, bark, etc.; creak; 

rustle; gittte; scold. — v.t. cry; proclaim; 

offer for sale. 
CMmée, /. Crimea. 
criminel, a. & m. criminal. 
crin, m. (coarse) hair, esp. horsehair; bristles. 

— végétal, vegetable fiber. 
criquet, m. locust; cricket. 
criqûre, /. crack, fissure. 
crise, /. crisis. 

erispatlon, /. shriveling, etc. (see criq>er). 




crispa» v.t. shrivel, contract; wrinkle; irritate. 

-— v.r. shrivel, contract. 
erlssement» m. grating, grinding. 
ciisseTt v.i. grate, grind. 
crlssure* /. crease, wrinkle, unevenness. 
crista^ m. crystal; crystal glass, crystal, flint 

glass; an object of glass, esp. crystal glass. 

— de roche, rock crystal. 

— d'Islande, Iceland spar. 

— mixte, mixed crystal. 

cristaux de soude, soda crystals, sal soda 

(sodium carbonate decahydrate). 
cristaux de tartre, (Com.) tartar (recrystal- 
liced but not as highly purified as cream of 
cristaux de Vénus, crystals of Venus (old name 
for crystallized copper acetate). 

cristallerie, /. art of making crystal glass or 
objects of it; ciystal glass factory. 

cristalllère, /. rock-crystal mine. 

cristalUfère, a. crystalliferous. 

cristallin, a. crystalline. — m. (Anat.) crystal- 
line lens. 

cristalline, /. {Physiol. Chem.) crystallin. 

cristalllnlté, /. crystallinity. 

cristalllsablllté, /. crystallizability. 

cristalllsable, a. crystallizable; (of acetic acid) 

cristallisant, p.a. crystallizing. 

cristallisation, /. crystallization. 

^-fractionnée, fractional crystallization. 

cristallisé, p.a. crystallized. 

cristalliser, v.i., t. & r. crystallize. 

cristalUsolr, m. crystallizing dish; crystalliz- 
ing pan, crystallizing vessel, crystallizer. 

crlstalllte, /. (Petrog.) crystallite. 

cristalUtlque, a. (Petrog.) crystallitic. 

cristallogénle, /. crystallogeny. 

crlstallogénlque, a. crystallogenic. 

cristallographe, m. crystallographer. 

cristallographie, /. crystallography. 

cristallographlque, a, crystallographic. 

cristallographlquement, adv. crystallograph- 

cristallolde, a. A m. crystalloid. 

cristallométrie, /. crystallometry. 

cristallométrique, a. crystallometric. 

cristallotechnle, /. crystallotechny, art of pro- 
ducing crystals artificially. 

cristaux, pi. of cristal. 

cristé» a. crested, tufted. 

crlste-marine, /. = christe-marine. 

critère, critérium, m. criterion. 

critiquable, a. open to criticism. 

critique, a. critical. — /. criticism; critique. 
— m. critic. 

crillquement, adv. critically. 

critiquer, v.t. criticize. 

Cfoc, m. hook; claw, catch; crunch (the 

croeéine, /. crooein. 

crocélque, a. croceic. 

Cfocher, v.t. hook. 

CfOChet, m. hook, small hook; clasp, catch, 

pawl, etc.; rabble; bend, turn; steelyard; 

fang; crochet; (Glass) a notched block of 

iron used as a support for the blowpipe; 

(Printing) bracket, crotchet. 
— de brassage, rabble. 
croctque, a. croconic. 
crocolse, /. (Min.) crocoite, crocoisite. 
croconlque, a. croconic. 
crocus, m. (Chem. <fc Bot.) crocus. 
croire, v.t. believe; think. — v.i. believe. 

— v.r. think oneself; depend on oneself; be 

croisé, p.a. crossed, etc. (see croiser). — m. 

twill; crusader, 
croisée, /. (window) sash; window; crossing. 
croisement, m. crossing. 
«n^olser, v.t. cross; cross out; lap over; twill; 

twist slightly. — ».i. cross; cruise. — v.r. 

cross, be crossed, cross each other. 
crolsette, /. little cross; (Aftn.) cross-stone. 
croiseur, m. cruiser; cross lode, cross vein. 
croisillon, m. crossbar, crossarm, crosspiece. 
croissance, /. growth. 
croissant, p.a. growing, etc. (see croître). 

— m. crescent; crescent-shaped object, 
e.g. a sickle; tread (of a tire). 

croissent, pr. 8 pi. indie. & subj. of croître. 

croit, pr. 3 sing, of croire. 

croît, pr. S sing, of croître. 

croître, v.i. grow; increase; grow longer; (of 
a stream) rise. — v.t. augment. 

croix, /. croas; (Printing) dagger, f. 
en — , crosswise. 

cron, m. sandy soil. 

croquant, p.a. crunching, crisp. — m. gristle. 

croquer, v.t. crunch; sketch roughly. — v.i. 
be crisp, give a crunching sound. 

croquis, m. sketch, outline. 

crosne, m. Japanese artichoke (Stachys). 
Called also crosne du Japon. 

crosse, /. butt, buttstock, stock; (Mach.) 
crosshead; bend, crook; crosier 
courbé en — de fusil, bent like a gunstock. 

crot, m. eaithenware pot for collecting turpen- 

croton, m. (Bot.) croton. 

crotoné, a. (Pharm.) containing croton oil. 

crotonique, a. crotonic. 

crotonlsation, /. crotonization (reaction typi- 
cally shown in the formation of croton- 
aldehyde from two molecules of acetalde- 
hyde) . 

crotte, /. dimg; dirt, filth, mire. 

crotter, v.t. dirty, foul. 

crottin, m. dung (of horses, mules, etc.). 
— de cheval, horse dung. 




eiottoii» m. a lump of sugar retained in 

Cfouler, v.i. fall, fall in, sink. 

CfOUpl» p.a. stagnant. 

erouirfoii» m. rump. 

erouplr, v.i. stagnate; decay in water; lie in 
fiHh, wallow. 

crOQlrtssmilt, p.a. stagnating, stagnant. 

croupon, m. (Leather) butt. 

croûte» /. crust; (Ceram.) rough form of what 
is to be a plate or other flat object; (Med.) 
scab; (Tanning) outer, fissured part of 
bark; (Founding) skin. 

croyable, a. credible, likely. 

croyADce» /. beUef , credence. 

croyant, p.a. believing. — m. believer. 

em, a. crude, raw; (of water) hard; rude, 
rough, harsh; indecent. — m. growth, (of 
wine) particular vineyard or region; fabri- 
cation. — p.p. believed, thought. 

crû, p.p. of croître. 

cnuintê, /. cruelty. 

emche, /. pitcher, jug. 

emcMe, /. pitcherful, jugful. 

cnichette, /. small pitcher or jug. 

crachon, m. small pitcher or jug; stone bottle. 

cmHfères, /.pi. (fiot.) Cnioif^rœ. 

cnidlté, /. crudenees, rawness; (of water) 
hardness; crudity; (pi.) raw v^etables or 

erne, /. growth, increase; (of water) rise. 

cnid, a. cruel; tiresome. 

cmentê, a. bloody. 

cnuw, m. (Physiol.) cruor. 

cmreiit, p.def. s pi. of croire. 

erûrent, p.def. s pi. of croître. 

rmsocréatliilne, /. crusocreatinine. 

crustacés, m.p2. (Zoôl) Oustacea, orustaoeans. 

cmt, p.def. S sing, of croire. 

crût, p.def. A imp. subj. S sing, of croître. 
— imp. subj. S eing. of croire. 

crjrogène, m. cryogen. freezing mixture. 

crjrohydrate, m. cryohydrate. 

cryollthe, cryolite, /. (Min.) cryolite. 

cryomètré, m. cryometer. 

cryometrle, /. cryometry. 

cryophore, m. (Phyaic») cryophorus. 

cryoscople, /. cryoscopy. 

cryptogame, a. (Bot.) cryptogamic, cnyptoga- 
mous. — m. crsrptogam. 

cryptoffraphlque, a. cryptographic. 

crypton, m. krypton, crypton. 

cryptoplne, /. crsrptopine. 

«alMse, m. cubic capacity, cubic contents; 
cubature, determination of cubic contents. 

cnliatiire, /. cubature. 

cube, m. cube. — a. cubic, cubical, cube. 

cabèbe, m. cubeb (fruit of Piper cubeba). 

«wbébin, m., cubébine, /. cubebin. 
hWf v.t. cube; measure in cubic lu^ts. 

cubldte, cubldte, /. (Min.) cubicite (anal- 

CUbllot, m. (Metai.) cupola, cupola furnace. 
cubique, a. cubic, cubical, cube. — /. cubic. 
cubfritde, a. & m. cuboid. 
cubo-octaèdre, m. cuboctahedron, combina- 
tion of cube and octahedron. 
cucurbltacé, a. (Bot.) cucurbitaceous. 
cucurbltacées, (Bot.) Cucurbitaceœ. 
cucurblte, /. cucurbit. 
cudbear, m. cudbear. 
cuelllage, m. gathering. 
cueillette,/, gathering; crop, harvest. 
cudlUr, v.t. gather; coil (rope); nip o£f (wire). 
cufllat, CUfat, m. (Mining) cage. 
cuiller, cuinère, /. spoon; ladle; (auger) bit. 

cuiller à fondre (or de coulée), casting spoon, 
casting ladle. 

cuillère en come, horn spo<m. 

cuillère en fer, iron spoon, iron ladle. 

cuillère en oa, bone spoon. 

cuillère en platine, platinum spoon. 

cuilUre en porcelaine, porcelain spoon. 
• cuillère en verre, glass spoon. 
cuillerée, /. spoonfiil; ladleful. 
cullleron, m. bowl (of a spoon). 
culr, m. leather; hide; skin. 

— à empeigne», upper leather, vamp leather. 
-^ à gaz, leather for gas fittings. 

— aggloméré, an imitation leather made from 
leather scrap, pancake. 

— à œuvre, ■« cuir d'oeuvre. 

— à aemelle(8), sole leather. 

— bouilli, waxed leather; molded leather. 

— brut, raw hide, green hide. 

— chagrin, shagreen. 

— chamoieé, chamois leather, chamois. 

— chevelu, scalp. 

— chromé, chrome-tanned leather. 

— ciré, waxed leather, wax leather. 

— corroyé, curried leather. 

— cru, rough leather. 

— d'Allemagne, horse leather. 

— de bœuf, ox hide. 

— de buffle, buff, buff leather. 

— de Cordoue, Cordovan leather, cordovan. 

— de Hongrie, Hungary leather. 

— de molleterie, soft leather. 

— de papier, a paper imitation of leather. 

— de poule, fine sheepskin, glove leather. 

— de Russie, Russia leather. 

— de Valachie, Wallachian leather, leather 
dressed in scourings. 

— d'œuvre, soft or thin leather, such as is used 
for vamps. 

— dur, strong leather. 

— embouti, hydraulic leather. 

— en cire, » cuir ciré. 

— en croûte, leather tanned but not curried. 

— en huHe, oiled leather. 




eulr en plein «u^, leather fully curried. 

— en poiU, green hide, raw hide. 

— en suift tallowed leather. 

— éetré, scraped leather. 

— facHeet artificial leather, imitation leather. 

— /art, stout leather, specif, sole leather. 

— foeeile, a variety of asbestos. 

— ?umgrouét Hungary leather. 

— jtuê, ooie leather. 

— laqué, enameled leather, patent leather. 

— lisaét smooth leather. 

— maroçuinê, morocco leather, morocco. 

— mégiaaé, tawed hide; tawed leather. 

— mou, — moUelerie, soft leather. 

— mouU, molded leather. 

— plague, flattened leather, rolled leather. 

— plat, leather from a thin hide. 

— préparé, dressed leather. 

— r<mi, thick leather. 

— ealé, salted hide. 

— tanné, tanned hide; tanned leather. 

— verni, patent leather, japan leather, 
enamel leather. 

— vert, green hide, raw hide. 
CQlrasse, /. armor, armor plate; cuirass. 
entrasse» p. a. armored, armor-plated; armed, 

prepared. — m. armored vessel, specif, 

— de station, armored cruiser. 
eidrassenieiitf m. armor, armor plate; armor- 

eulrasser, v.t. armor, arpior-plate; arm with a 

cuirass; arm, prepare. 
eillre« v,t. bum (brick, cement, lime, etc.); 

boil (sirup, soap, varnish, silk, etc.); 

char (wood); cook; bake; ripen. — v.i. 

cook, be cooked; bake; smart, hurt. 
enlrer» v.t. cover with leather. 
cnir-tolle» n. leather cloth. 
enlsase» m. charring. 
cnlSAiit, p.a. burning, etc. (see cuire); sharp, 

keen, biting, smarting ; suitable for cooking. 
cuisent» pr. s pi. indie. A aubj. of cuire. 
ealsear, m. burner (of pottery, brick, etc.), 

kilnman, fireman; boil^ (of sirup, silk, 

etc.); baker (of cheese); cooker; (Paper) 

cooker, boilerman; (Brewing) kettle man; 

(Sugar) vacuum panman. 
cuisine» /. kitchen; cooking, food; cookery. 
caisse, /. thigh, 
caisson» m. burning, boiling, cooking, etc. (see 

cuire); burned, boiled or cooked state; 

smart, smarting. 

— à la volée, (Brick) clamp firing, 

— en dégourdi, (Ceram.) biscuit baking. 
calt» p.a. burned, boiled, cooked, etc. (see 

cuire); done; ripe. — pr. S sing, of cuire. 

— au filet, (of sirup) boiled to thread. 
calte» /. burning, boiling, cooking, etc. (see 

cuire) ; batch, heat. — p.a. fern, of cuit. 

cuite en grains, (Sugar) b<»ling to grain. 
calvrage» m. coppering, etc. (see cuivrer) ; cop- 
per sheathing. 

— galvanique, copper electroplating. 
caivre» m. copper; (pi.) brames, t»*ass or cop- 
per fittings, instruments or the like. 

— ammoniacal, any ammoniated copper com- 
pound or solution, specif, cuprammonium 
(Schweitzer's reagent); (Pharm.) ammo- 
niated copper, copper ammcmio-sulfate. 

— battu, wrought copper; copper foil. 

— blanc, white copper (a white alloy of cop- 
per, such as white tombac). 

— bleu, (Min.) azurite. 

— brut, crude copper, unrefined copper. 

— come, cuprous chloride. 

— cru, crude copper, unrefined copper. 

— de Chypre, blue vitriol, cupric sulfate. 

— éUctrolytique, electrolytic copper. 

— gris, (Min.) gray copper, tetrahedrite. 

— jaune, brass. 

— lamirîé, sheet copper. 

— natif, native copper. 

— noir, (Metal.) black copper, blister cop- 

— panaché, (Min.) bomite. 

— phosphfUé, copper phosphate. 

• — pyrdeux, (Min.) copper pyrites, chalco- 

— rosette, rosette copper. 

— rouge, pure (unalloyed) copper; (Min.) 
red copper, cuprite. 

— sulfaté, copper sulfate. 

— vierge, virgin copper. 

colTré» p.a. coppercKl, etc. (see cuivrer); (of 

color) copper, coppery. 
colvrer» v.t. copper, cover or sheathe with 

copper, copperplate; treat with copper or 

a copper salt. 
colvreax» a. cuprous (as, sulfocyanure cuivreux, 

cuprous sulf ocyanide) ; copper, coppery, 

cupreous (as, pyrites cuivreuses, copper 

ealvriqae» a. cupric. 

col» m. bottom, breech; (of a ship) poop. 
calAsse» /. breech, breechblock; (of a cut 

stone) culet, culasse. 
COlbater» v.t. overturn, upset; overthrow, van- 
quish. — v.i. turn over, somersault, 

tumble, fall. 
eulbateur» m. tripper; rocker, rocking lever. 
col-de-lampe» m. bracket; (of guns) cas- 

cal-de-poule» m. swelling, protuberance. 
calée» /. abutment; part of a hide next the 

calllaTan» n. culilawan, clove bark. 
calinaire» a. culinary. . 

calmlnant» p.a. culminati^^ OQLC 
colmlner» v.i. culminate. ^ 




culot, m. culot, mass (usually of metal or matte 
and then also called legulus) at the bottom 
of a crucible; bottom, base; latest, 
youngest or smallest member. 

culotte,/. Y-tube, Y-pipe, Y-joint, Y; breeches. 

cultivateur, m. farmer, agriculturist; cultiva- 
tor. — a. agricultural, farming. 

cultivé, p.a. cultivated. 

cultiver, v.t. cultivate. — v.r. be cultivated. 

culture, /. culture; cultivation; cultivated 
land; crop. 

— en goiUtelettet {Bad.) droplet culture. 

— en piqûre, (Bad.) stab culture. 

— en plaque, (Bad.) plate culture. 

— en strie, (Bad.) streak culture. 
cumène, m. cumene (properly used of isopro- 

pylbenzene but applied also to a mixture 
of mesitylene and pseudocumene. 
cumin, m. (Bot.) cimiin. 

— dee prés, caraway. 
cumlnlque, a. cumic, cuminic. 
cumlnol, m. cumaldehyde, cuminole. 
cumulatif, a. cumulative. 

cunlla, n. (Bot) Cimila (a genus of which 
dittany, C. origanoides, is a member). 

cupferrone, /. cupferron. 

cupide, a. greedy, covetous. 

cupréine, /. cupreine. 

cuprlcalcique, a. of copper and calcium (as, 
acétate cupricalcique, CuCa(C2H80«)4 • 
6 H»0). 

cuprlco-uraneux, a. of copper and uranium 
(as, phosphate cuprico-^jtraneux, Cu(UO«)t- 
(P04)8 • 8 H»0). 

cuprifère, a. cupriferous. 

cuprique, a. of or pertaining to copper (the 
French word for " cupric " is cuivrique). 

cupro-ammonlque, a. cuprammoniimi. 

cupro-potasslque, cupropotasslque, a. of 
copper and potassium. 

cupule, /. (small) cup, cupule. 

curaçao, m. curaçao (a liqueur). 

curage, m. cleaning, cleansing; (Bot.) persicary. 

curaln, m. saline incrustation; specif., a mix- 
ture of sodium and calcium sulfates ob- 
tained in the evaporation of sea water. 

curare, m. curare, curari. 

curarine, /. curarine. 

curatler, m. tanner or currier. 

curatlf, a. curative. 

curcuma, m. turmeric, curcuma; curcuma (the 

cure, /. cure. 

cure-feu, m. poker. 

curement, m. cleaning, cleansing; dredging. 

curer, v.t. clean, clean out, cleanse. 

curette, /. cleaner, scraper, spoon (as for ex- 
ploring for oil or for cleaning a blast hole) ; 
(Med.) curette. 

cureur, m. cleaner, cleanser; dredger. 

curieusement, adv. curiously. 

curieux, a. curious; careful; interested (in). 
— m. curious person or thing; connoisseur. 

curin, m = curain. 

curiosité, /. curiosity. 

curseur, m. slide, slider; index, pointer. — a. ' 

cursolr, m. slide. 

curure, /. mud, slime (as from a ditch). 

curvllatère, a. with curved side or sides. 

curviligne, a. curvilinear, curvilineal. 

cuscamlne, /. cuscamine. 

cusconlne, /. cusconine. 

cuscute, /. (Bot.) dodder (Cuscuia). 

cusparine, /. cusparine. 

custode, m. custodian, keeper. 

cutané, a. cutaneous, of the skin. 

cuticulalre, a. cuticular, of the cuticle. 

cuticule, /. cuticle. 

cutlne, /. cutin. 

cutinlsatlon, /. cutinization. 

cutlnlser, v.t. cutinize. 

cnvage, m. fermentation of grape mash in vats 
before pressing (in making red wine) ; tub 

cuve, /. vat; tub, tank, copper, cistern; (pneu- 
matic) trough; jar, cell (as for spectrum 
analysis); (photographic) tray; (of a 
blast furnace) interior, esp. the shaft. 

— à absorption, absorption cell (for spectral 

— à eau, water trough. 

— à fermentation, fermentation vat. 

— à huUe, (Metal.) oil-tempering tank. 

— à la couperose, copperas vat. 

— à lavage, (Photog.) washing tray. 

— à mercure, mercury trough. 

— à moût, (Brewing) mash tun, mash vat. 

— de fermentation, fermentation vat. 

— de précipitation, precipitation tank. 

— de trempage, (Malt) steeping cistern. 

— d'indigo, indigo vat. 

— matière, (Brewing) mash vat, mash tun. 
cuveau, m. small vat, tub or tank. 
cuvée, /. contents of a vat, tub or tank. 
cuvelage, m. tubbing, lining (as for wells). 
cuveler, v.t. tub, line (as a well). 
cuve-nuitlère, m. (Brewing) mash vat, mash 


cuve-moulUolre, n. steeping cistern. 

CUVMT, V.t. & i. ferment (in a vat). 

cuverie, /. room or building in which fermenta- 
tion vats are housed. 

cuvette, /. cistern, reservoir (as of a barom- 
eter) ; jar; tray (as for developing) ; bulb 
(of a thermometer) ; cup (e.g., of a primer) ; 
basin; sink; (Micros.) staining box or 
tray; (Acids) bottom of a lead chamber, 
in which the sulfuric acid collects; (Glass) 
a small pot formerly used in refining; 




(JSoda) the mildly heated pan or first 
hearth of a salt-cake furnace. 
cuvette à photographie, photographer's tray. 

— à rainures^ (Micros.) grooved staining box. 

— d'^outtage, drip cup. 
cavler» m. tub. 

cyanaoéttque» a. cyanoacetic, cyanacetic. 
CT«iiaiiilde, /. oyanamide. 

— calciquet calcium cyanamide. 
Cyanamlde-ealclum, /. calcium cyanamide. 
cyanamtne» /. cyanamine; cyanamide. 
cyuiate» m. cyanate. 

CFMie^ m. cyanogen. 

eyané» a. of or containing cyanogen, cyano. 

cyanéthine, /. cyanethine (4-amino-2,6-di- 

ethyl-5-methylp3rrimidine) . 
ey&neax, a. cyanous (Oba.). 
cyanbydrlne, /. cyanohydrin, cyanhydrin. 
ey&nbydrlqae, a. hydrocyanic. 
cyanide, m. cyanide. 
eyanilide, /. cyanilide (carbanilonitrile). 
cyanlne, /. cyanin, cyanine (both the plant 

color and the artificial dye). 
cyanlqiie, a. cyanic. 
cyanlte, /. (ilftn.) cyanite, kyanite. 
cyanofer, m. ferrocyanogen. 
cyanoferrate, m. ferrocyanide, ferrooyanate. 
cyanoferre, m. ferrocyanogen. 
eyanoferrlque» a. ferrocyanic. 
eyanofemure» m. ferrocyanide. 
cyanogène, m. cyanogen. 
cyanogène, a. containing or pertaining to 

cyanc^nèse, /. oyanogenesis. 
cyanogénétique, a. cyanogenetic 
cyanophycées, (Bot) Cyanophycese (Schi- 

cyanose, /. cyanosis. 

cyanose, cyanotlque, a. cyanotic, cyanosed. 
cyanurate, m. cyanurate. 
cyanuratlon, /. cyanidation, cyaniding. 
cyanure, m. cyanide. 

— d'argent, silver cyanide. 

— de benzyle, benzyl cyanide, a-tolunitrile. 

— de potasse^ potassium cyanide. 

— jaunet potassium ferrocyanide. 

— rouge, potassium ferricyanide. 
cyanure, a. cyanided; cyanide; cyanide of. 
cyannrer, v.t. cyanide. 

eyanurlqne, a. cyanuric. 
cyclamlne, /. cyclamin. 
cycle, m. cycle. 

— fermét closed cycle. 
cyclique, a. cyclic. 
cydoheptane, m. cycloheptane. 
cycloheptène, m. cycloheptene. 
cyclohezane, m. cyclohexane. 
cyclohezanol, m. cyclohexanol. 
cyclobezanone, /. cyclohexanone. 
cyclohezène, m. cyclohezene. 

cyclohexylamlne, /. cyclohezylamhie. 

cydohexyle, m. cyclohezyl. 

cydoldal, a. cycloidal. 

cydolde, /. cycloid. 

cyclométhylénlque, a. cyclomethylene (des- 
ignating the cyoloparaffins or poly- 

cydomètre, m. cyclometer. 

cyclopentadlène, m. cyclopentadiene. 

cyclopentane, m. cydopentane. 

cyclopentanone, /. cyclopentanone. 

cyclopentène, m. cyclopentene. 

cydoptérlne, /. cyclopterine. 

cydotêtranol, m. cyclotetranol (cyclobu- 

cydotétrylamlne, /. cyclotetrylamine (cyclo- 

cygne, m. swan. 

cyllndrage, m. calendering; rolling; cylinder- 

cylindre, m. cylinder; roller, roll; arbor, shaft. 

— à chemise, jacketed cylinder. 

— à cingler, shingling roll. 

— à fil, wire roll. 

— à laminer, roll, roller. . 

— d tôle, plate roll. ^ 

— à vapeur, steam cylinder. 

— broyeur, crusher roll, crusher. 

— compresseur, roller. 

— creux, hollow cylinder. 

— dégrossisseur, coarse-crushing roll. 

— droit, right cylinder. 

— finisseur, finishing roll. 

— fournisseur, feeding cylinder, feed roll. 

— presseur, (Calico) pressure cylinder, the 
cyUnder on which the cloth is carried while 
being printed. 

cylindrée, /. cylinderful. 

cyllndrer, v.t. calender (paper, cloth, çtc.) ; roll 

Geather or a road) ; cylinder. 
cyllndreur, m. calendrer, calenderer; roller. 
cylindrique, a. cylindric(al). 
cyllndrlquement, adv. cylindrically. 
cymène, cymol, m. cymene. 
cynurlne, /. kjmurine, cynurine. 
cyprès, m. cjrpress. 
cyprlpède, m. (Bot.) cypripedium, lady's- 

cysteine, /. cysteine. 
cystine, /. cystine. 
cystlque, a. cystic. 
cystolde, a. cystoid. 
cytlslne, /. cytisine. 
cytologie, /. cytology. 
cytologlque, a. cytological, cjrtologic. 
cytolyse, /. cjrtolysis. 
cytolytlque, a. cytolytic. 
cytoplasma, cytoplasme, m. (Biol.) cyto* 

cytoslne, /. cytosin^ by LiOOglC 

d*. Contraction of de. 

d'abord. See abord. 

dactylolFpe, /. typewriter. 

dactylotyple, /. typewriting. 

dagae» /. Bcri4[>er, scraping knife; dagger, dirk. 

dagaerreotypw» v.t. daguerreotype. 

dagnenéotyide, /. daguerreotypy. 

dasnerrien» a. of Daguerre, daguerreotypic 

dahUa, m, (Dyes) dahlia; (jBot.) dahlia. 

dahllne» /. dahlin (inulin). 

daigner, v,i. deign; be pleased. 

d'aiUeiirs. See ailleurs. 

daim, m. buck, deer. 

daleau, m. » dalot. 

dallage, m. flagstone pavement» flagging. 

dalle, /. slab, plate; flagstone, flag; gutter, 
condidt; (in sugar refining) a pipe convey- 
ing the siryp; shelf (of pottery or stone); 
whetstone; slice (as of fish). 
— rodée, ground-glass plate. 

daller, v.t. flag, pave with flagstones. 

dalot, m. escape hole for liquids, vent. 

dam., abbrev. (décamètre) decameter. 

damage, m. ramming, tajnping. 

damaH, m. damask (in various senses) ; specif., 
damask steel, Damascus steel; damson 
(plum); (cap.) Damascus. 

damasQuliiage, m. damascening, damaskeen- 

damasquiner, v.t. damascene, damaskeen. 

damasQolnerle, /. damascening, damaskeen- 

damasqalneur, m. damascener, damaskeener. 

damasqiilnare, damasqalnurle, /. dama»* 

damassé, a. damasked, damask. 

dame, /. dam; (Metal.) dam, damstone; ram- 
mer; lady, dame; (at cards) queen; (pi.) 

dame-Jeanne, /. demijohn. 

damer, v.t. ram, tamp. 

dameur, m. rammer, tamper. 

danunar, m. dammar (the resin). 

dammara, m. (Bot.) member of the genus 

damolselle, /. rammer, beetle. 

dai^(er, m. danger, risk; trouble. 

dangereux, a. dangerous. 

danois, a. Danish. 

dans, prep, in; into; according to. 

', v.t. dance; flicker. 

dans-œuTre, adv, (of measurements) in the 

daphnlne, /. daphnin. 

d'aiirès. See après. 

dard, m. pointed (dartlike) flame; dart; spin- 
dle; (of insects) sting; (of flowers) pistiL 

darder, v.t. dart; shoot with (or as with) a dart. 

darl, m. durra, dari (a kind et millet). 

dartre, /. tetter, sldn affection. 

date, /. date. 

daté, p.a. dated. 

dater, v.t. dt i. date. 

datlsdne, /. datiscin. 

datte, /. date (the fruit). 

dattier, m, date tree, date palm. 

daturlne, /. daturine (hyoscy amine). 

dauphin, m. dolphin; mouth of a gutter pipe. 

Dauphlné, m. Dauphiné (old French province). 

dauphlnelle, /. (fiot.) larkspur, delphinium. 

d'autant. See autant. 

davantage, adv. more; longer. 

de, prep, of; from; (of time) in, during; be- 
cause of; (of manner at means) with; (of 
an agent) by; (with comparatives) than, by; 
(with an infinitive) to . . . , of . . . ing 
(thus, d'aootr may usually be translated 
either "to have" or "of having"); (in parti- 
tive expressions) some, any (as, de Veau, 
some water) ; (with traiter) as. 
— ce <2U«, because; altho. 

dé, m. die (pi. dice); thimble; block (for prop- 
ping); gage. 

déalbatlon, /. dealbation, bleaching. 

déauratlon, /. gilding. 

débftcle, /. breaking up (of ice); debacle. 

débftclw, v.t. open; clear. 

déballage, m. unpacking. 

déballer, v.t. unpack. 

débander, v.t. unbind; imbend, relax; disband. 

débarquement, m. landing, debarkation. 

débarquer, v.t. dt %. land, disembark. 

débarrasser, v. t. free; clear, dear up, dear 
away. — v.r. free onesdf , get rid. 

débarrer, v.t. unbar; free from inequalities of 

débMTeur, m. a mender of defects in dyeing. 

débat, tn. debate; (Lato, pi.) trial. — pr. S 
aing. of débattre. 

débfttlr, v.t. demolish; remove basting from. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 




detetiaUe, a. debatable. 

débattre, v.t. A t. debate, dispute, discuss. 

— v.r. struggle; debate; be debated. 
débensolage» m. removal of bensole or benaene 

(e.g. from illuminatiiig gas). 

débeiiioler»v.<. remove bensole or bensene from. 

débet, m. debit. 

débile, a. feeble, weak. 

débllement, adv. feebly, weakly. 

débilitant, p.a, debilitating. 

débmté, /. feebleness, debility, weakness. 

débit, m. delivery, flow, rate of flow; supply; 

output; iMach.) feed; debit; sale; (retail) 

shop; license (to sell); cutting, sawing (of 

wood, stone, etc.); delivery (in speaking). 

de — , (Com.) in demand. 

débltage, m. cutting up, sawing up- (of wood, 

débiter, v.t. deliver, discharge (liquid, gas, etc.) ; 
retail, sell at retail; cut up, saw up (wood, 
stone, etc.); debit; utter, speak. — o.r. be 
delivered; sell, be sold; (of wood, etc.) cut 
up; be told, be reported. 

débiteur, m. dt a. debtor. 

débltmnlnlgatlon, /. debituminisation. 

déMtqmlnlgw, v.t. debituminise. 

déblai, tn. excavation, cutting; cut; (pi.) ex- 
cavated material, rubbish. 
aeU de — , abraum salts. 

déblayement, déblaiement, m. cutting, cut- 
ting away, excavation; clearing. 

déblayer, v.t. cut away, clear away; clear. 

déboire, m. aftertaste; disappointment; dis- 

déboisement, m. clearing, deforestation. 

débolstf , v.t. clear of timber, deforest. 

debcrftM, v.t. disconnect; dislocate. 

débonder, v. t. imbung; open the vent of. 

— v.i. dt r. escape, run out, burst forth; dis- 
charge, be emptied. 

débondonner, v.t. imbung. 
délNHrdement, m. overflow; flood, outburst. 
déborder, v.t. overflow, nm over; project; burst 

forth. — v.t. overflow; project beyond; 

outstrip. — v.r. overflow; burst forth. 
débouehé, m. outlet; end; expedient; opening, 

debouehement, m. unstopping, etc. (see 

déboucher); outlet. * 
débotielier, v.t. ui»top, unstopper, imcork; 

open; (EUc.) unplug; set (a fuse); punch, 

make (a hole). — v.i. pass out, debouch. 
débonder, 9.^ imbuckle; uncurl. 
déboninage, m. - débouilli. 
déboolOeor, m. (Dyeing) boiler: bleacher (of 

débonlDI, m. (Dyeino) boiling, boil. 
débontlllr, v.t. (Dyeing, etc.) boil. 
débonlDIssase, m. « débouilli. 
débourbage, m. washing, etc. (see débourber). 

déboorbw, v.t. wash, free frcHn mud or slinid* 
(Mining) trunk, sluice; clean, clean out (as 
a cistern). 

débourbeur, m. a worker or apparatus that 
cleanses from mud or slime, washer, clean- 
ser. Specif.: a boiler attachment lot re- 
moving the mud deposited by hard water; 
a trommel for removing earthy matter from 
ore; an apparatus in which the suspended 
matter in gas liquor is deposited. 

débonrrage, m. removal of wadding, etc. (see 

débourrer, v.t. remove the wadding, padding, 
etc. from (see bourre); untamp; (Leat&er) 

débourser, v.t. disburse, expend. 

debout, adv. upright, standing, erect, up. 

débralBer, v.t. draw the embers or fire from. 

débraser, v.t. unsolder, unbraze. 

débrayage, m. disconnecting, disconnection, 
etc. (see débrayer). 

débrayer, v.t. disconnect, disengage, throw out 
of gear, uncouple. 

débrider, v.i. stop; unbridle one's horse. 

débris, m. remains, fragments, debris, rubbish. 

— eéllulonçuet (in flour analysis) fiber. 

— d'oa, (Fertilizers) bone meal. 
débrouiller, v.t. imtangle, unravel, clear up. 
débrûler, v.t. deoxidise. (068. or Rare.) 
débmtir, v.t. rough-polish. 

début, m. beginning; début; first book; first 

throw, first play. 
débuter, v.i. begin; start; (in games) lead. 
déca-. deca-, ten. 
deçà, prep, on this side of. — adv. on this 


— et delà, here and there, on all sides. 
en — , on this side. 

par — , on this side, on this side of. 
déieachetm, v.t. unseal, open. 
décadenee, /. decadence, decline. 
decagramme, m. decagram, 10 grams. 
déeahydrate, m. decahydrate. 
déeahydmre, m. decahydride. 
décaisser, v.t. impack, unbox; pay out. 
décalage, m. im wedging, unkeying; difference, 

divergence; (^lec.) lead (or lag). 
décalclller, v.t. decalcify, delime. 
décalitre, m. decaliter, 10 liters. 
décalquer, v.t. transfer (a design). 
décamètre, m. decameter, 10 meters. 
décantage, m. decanting, décantation. 
décantateur, m. decanter. 

— en hélice, helical decanter (for removing 
suspended matter from water). 

décantation, /. décantation, decanting. 
décanter, v.t. decant. 
décanteur, m. decanter. — a. decanting. 
décaiNige, décapement, m^oleaning, etc. (see 
décaper). ^.g.^.^^^ ^^ GoOglc 

décaper ( 

décaper, v.t. (of metals) clean, scour, pickle, 
dip; flux (metal before soldering) ; scrape; 

décapeur, m. cleaner, etc. (see décaper). 

décarbonater, v.t. decarbonate. 

décarbonatear, m. decarbonator; specif.» a 
tube for removing carbon dioxide from air. 

décarbonisation, /. decarbonization. 

décarbonlser, v.t. decarbonize. 

dêcarbarant, p.a. decarbonizing, decarburiz- 

décarburateiir, a. decarbonizing, decarburiz- 

décarbaratlon, /. decarbonization, decarbura- 

décarburer, v.t decarbonize, decarburize. 

dècarbiireur, m. (Gas) purifier man. 

décarburlsation, /. decarbonization, decarbur- 

décastèrc, m. decastere (10 cubic meters). 

décatir, v.t. sponge, ungloss (cloth, etc.). 

décatlssage, m. sponging, unglossing. 

décatlssenr, m. sponger (of cloth to remove 

décédé, p.a. & m. deceased. 

déoèlement, m. disclosure, disclosing, reveal- 
ing, detection. 

déceler, v.t, reveal, disclose, make known, 

décembre, m. December. 

décennal, a. decennial, ten-year. 

décentrage, m., décentra tion, /., décentre- 
ment, m. decentration, decentering. 

décentrer, v.t. decenter. 

déceptlvement, adv. deceptively. 

décerner, v.t. award, confer; decree. 

décès, m. decease. 

décevant, p.a. deceiving. 

décevoir, v.t. deceive. 

déchaîner, v.t. unchain; release. 

décharge, /. discharge (in various senses) ; out- 
let, vent; place for keeping rubbish. 
— silencieuse, {Elec.) silent discharge. 

déchargement, m. discharging; unloading. 

déchargeoir, m. outlet, vent, escape pipe, waste 

déchanter, v.t. discharge; remove the charge 
from; unload; empty. — v.r. discharge, 
unload or relieve oneself; be discharged; 
(of dyes) fade out; (of rivers) empty. 

déchargeur, m. discharger; . unloader; drawer 
(of coke, etc.). 

déchéance, /. forfeiture; decadence, decay. 

déchira, ftU. S sing, of déchoir. 

déchet, m. loss, waste; (pi.) waste, refuse; 
déchets de verre, broken glass, cullet. 

déchiqueter, v.t. cut up, cut in pieces. 

déchiré, p.a. torn, etc. (see déchirer). 

déchirement, m. tearing, etc. (see déchirer). 


déchirer* v.t. tear; rend, lacerate, tear open, 
tear up; torture, distress; slander. 

déchirure, /. tear, rent; tearing; laceration. 

déclenchement, m. unloosing, release; un- 

déclencher, v.t. unloose, release; unlatch. 

déchloruratlon, /. dechlorination. 

déchlomrer, v.t. dechlorinate. 

déchoir, v.i. fall, lose, decline, fall off. 

— d'un brevet, forfeit a patent. 
déchu, p.p. of déchoir. 

déclare, m. deciare, 10 square meters. 
décidé, p.a. decided. 
décidément, adv. decidedly, positively. 
décider, v.t. decide, determine, settle. — v.i. 
decide. — v.r. be decided; decide. 

— de, decide on; decide to. 
déddu, a. deciduous. 
decigramme, m. decigram, 0.1 gram. 
décilitre, m. deciliter, 0.1 liter. 
décimal, a. decimal. 

décimale, /. decimal. 

décime, m. décime, 0.1 franc. — /. tenth (part). 

décimètre, m. decimeter, 0.1 meter. 

— carré, square decimeter. 
décirage, m. removal of wax. 
décirer, v.t. remove wax from. 
décisif, a. decisive; peremptory. 
décision, /. decision. 

décistère, m. decistere, 0.1 cubic meter. 
déclanche, /. disengaging gear, release. 
déclanchement, m. disengaging; disengaging 

déclancher, v.t. disengage, release, throw out 

of gear. 
declaration, /. declaration; verdict. 
déclarer, v.t. declare; reveal, disclose. 

— v.r. manifest oneself, appear, occur; de- 
clare oneself. 

déclic, m. click, catch, pawl, trip; trigger. 

déclin, m. decline. 

déclinaison, /. declination; declension. 

décliner, v.t. âc i. decline. 

déclive, a. sloping, inclined. — /. slope. 

déclive, v.i. slope, be inclined. 

déclivité, /. decUvity, slope. 

déclore, v.t. unclose, open. 

décoaltorlsatlon, /. removal of coal tar. 

décoaltarlser, v.t. fi^ from coal tar. 

décocté, m. decoction (the substance). 

— d'aloèa composé, {Pharm.) compound de- 
coction of aloes. 

— de bois de Campêche, (Pharm.) decoction of 

décoction, /. decoction (act or substance). 
décofféinatlon, /. removal of caffeine. 
décoiffage, m. uncapping (as of a fuse) ; uncork- 
décoiffer, v.t. uncap; uncork. 
déçoit, pr. S sing, of ^^^^^^^^WOqIp 




déeollage, déeoDement, m. separation (of 
things which are stuck together), detach- 
ment, imgluing. 

décoller, v.t. separate (things stuck together), 
detach, unstick, unglue, deglutinate. — v.r. 
come unglued, come off, come apart. 

décolletogc» ^' removal of the crown or top 
of plants (e.g., sugar beets) ; screw cutting. 

déeolleter, v.t. remove the crown or top of; 
cut, turn (screws). 

décolorant, p.a. decolorizing, decolorant. 

décoloration, /. decolorization, decoloration, 
decolorizing, decoloring. 

décolorer, v.t. decolorize, decolor; discolor. 

décolorimètre, m. decolorimeter. 

décoloris, m. loss of color. 

décoltharlsatlon, /. = décoaltarisation. 

décombres, rubbish, débris. 

decomposable, a. decomposable. 

décomposant, p.a. decomposing. 

décomposé, p.a. decomposed; (Bot.) decom- 

décomposer, v.t. decompose; alter. — v.r. 
decompose; change, be altered. 

décomposeur, m. decomposer; specif., in the 
Deacon process, the chamber in which 
hydrochloric acid is decomposed. 

décomposition, /. decomposition; alteration. 

décompte, m. discount, deduction; itemizing, 
analysis (of an account) ; disappointment. 

décompter, v.t. deduct. 

déconfiture, /. discomfiture; insolvency. 

décongélation, /. thawing, thawing out. 

décongeler, v.t. thaw, thaw out. 

déconseiller, v.t. counsel against. 

déconsidérer, v.t. discredit. 

décor, m. decoration. 

décorateur, m. decorator. 

décoratif, a. decorative. 

décoration, /. decoration. 

décordonnage, m. removal of crust from the 
stampers of a powder mill. 

décorer, v.t. decorate. 

décor tlcage, m., decortication, /. decortica- 
tion, etc. (see décortiquer). 

décortiquer, v.t. decorticate, bark, husk, hull, 
shell, peel, mill. 

découdre, v.t. unsew, unstitch, rip, rip off. 

découler, v.i. trickle, flow (gently), drop; (fig.) 
flow, spring, follow. 

découpage, m. cutting, etc. (see découper). 

découper, v.t. cut, cut up, cut off, cut out; 
punch. — v.r. be cut, be cut up; stand out. 

découpeur, m. cutter. 

découpèuse, /. cutter; specif., an apparatus or 
machine used for cutting. 

découpoir, m. cutter, cutting machine; cutting 

découpure, /. cutting, cutting out; cut; cut- 
ting, part cut out. 

décourager, v.t. discourage. — v.r. be discour- 

décourber, v.t. unbend, straighten. 

décousant, of découdre. 

décousu, p.p. of découdre. 

découvert, p.a. discovered; uncovered; ex- 
posed. — m. deficit. 

à — , uncovered; unsheltered; openly; 
(Com.) without security. 

découverte, /. discovery. 

découvrant, of découvrir. 

découvreur, m. discoverer. 

découvrir, v.t. discover; uncover; expose. 

— v.r. be discovered; be visible; reveal 
oneself; expose oneself; uncover oneself. 

décramponer, v.t. remove the cramps from. 

décrassi^e, m. cleaning, etc. (see décrasser). 

décrasser, v.t. clean; wash, scour, scrape. 

décrayonm^^, m. cleaning (of a furnace). 

décréditer, v.t discredit. 

decrepitation, /. decrepitation. 

décrépiter, v.i. decrepitate. 

décret, m. decree. 

décreusage, décreusement, m. scouring, etc. 
(see décreuser). 

décreuser, v.t. {SUk) scour, strip, tmgum, de- 
gum; scour, cleanse. 

décreuseur, m. scourer, etc. (see décreuser). 

décrire, v.t. describe. — v.r. he described. 

décrit, p.p. dk pr. 3 sing, of décrire. 

décrivant, p.a. describing. 

décrochage, m. imhooking, etc. (see décrocher). 

décrocher, v.t. unhook, imfasten; disengage. 

décroissance, /. decrease, diminution, decline. 

décroissant, p.a. decreasing, diminishing. 

décrolssement, m. decrease, diminution. 

décroître, v.i. decrease, diminish. 

décrotter, v.t. clean, clean off, brush. 

décroulr, v.t. (Metal.) anneal. 

décroulssage, m. (Metal.) annealing. 

décroûtage, m. cleaning (from crust) ; (Pound- 
ing) dressing down. 

décroûter, v.t. remove the crust from, clean. 

décru, p.p. of décroître. 

décruage, m. = décreusage. 

décrue, /. decrease, decrement. 

décruer, v.t. — décreuser. 

décrueur, m. = décreuseur. 

décrûment, décrusage, décrusement, m. = 

décruser, v.t. ^ décreuser. 

déçu, p.p. deceived. 

décuire, v.t. thin (sirup). — v.r. become thin. 

décuivrer, v.t. deprive of copper, decopperize. 

décuplateur, a. multiplying by ten, 

décupler, v.t. decuple, multiply by ten. 

décuvage, m., décuvaison, /. (Wine) racking 
off from the vat after fermentation, tun- < 

décuver, v.t, rack off 





dédaigner, v.t. disdain. 

dédale» m. labyrinth, mace. 

dédaléen» dédallen, a. inextricable, laby- 

dédaller, v.t. remove the flags from, unpave. 
dedans, adv. inside, within, in. — m. inside, 
au — , within, inside. 

au — de, within, inside of, in the interior of. 
de — , from within; (of measurements) in the 

eh — , within, inside, in; (of a burner) at the 

base; (of measurements) in the clear, 
en — dis, within, inside of. 
. par — , thru; within. 
dédicace, /. dedication. 
dédlcatolre, a. dedicatory. 
dédier, v.t. dedicate. 
dédit, m. forfeit; bond; retraction. 
dédommagement, m. damages, compensa- 
dédommager, v.t. compensate. 
dédorage, m. ungilding. 
dédorer, v.t. ungild, remove the gilding from. 
dédorure, /. ungilding. 

dédonblable, a. divisible into two, decompos- 
able, resoh'able, etc. (see dédoubler). 
dédonblage, dédoublement, m. division into 
two. decomposition, resolution, etc. (see 
dédoublé, p.p. of dédoubler. — m. an arti- 
ficial brandy made by diluting alcohol. 
dédoubler, v.t. divide into two, decompose, (of 
racemic compounds, double salts, etc.) re- 
solve; dilute; reduce one half; undouble, 
imfold; imline, unsheathe. — v.r. divide 
into two, decompose, be resolved; diminish 
one half; unfold; be unlined. 
déductif, a. deductive. 
déduction, /. deduction. 
déductlvement, adv. deductively. 
déduire, v.t. deduct; deduce; relate. 
dédurcir, v.t. soften. 

défaillance, /. failing; fainting; faintness. 
défaillir, v.%. fail; default; faint. 
défaire, v.t. unmake, undo, untie, take iq>art; 
disengage, ungear; take off; defeat; make 
way with; rid. — v.r. be undone, come 
loose; weaken, spoil; rid oneself, get rid 
défait, p.p. & pr. S sing, of défaire. 
défaite, /. defeat; subterfuge, evasion. 
défalquer, v.t. deduct. 
défausser, v.t. straighten. 
défaut, m. want, lack, absence, deficiency; 
defect, flaw; fault; default. — pr.Ssing. 
of défaillir. 
à — de, au — de, in the absence of, in lieu of; 

for want of. 
faire — , be absent, be missing. 

défavorable, a. unfavorable. 
défavorablement, adv. unfavorably. 
défécation, /. defecation. 
défectible, a. imperfect. 
défectueusement, adv. defectively. 
défectueux, a. defective, 
défendre, «.<. defend; prohibit, f^bid. — v.r. 
defend oneself; forbear; avoid; decline; 
défendu, p. a. defended; forbidden, prohibited. 
défense, /. defense; prohibition; fender; turic. 
défenseur, m. defender, champion. 
défenslf, a. defensive. 
déféquer, v.t. defecate, clarify, clear, purify. 
défera, fut. S sing, of défaire. 
déférer, v.t. confer, bestow; denounce, accuse. 

— v.i. defer. 
déferrage, m. removal of iron, deferrisation; 
removal of ironwork; (of a horse) unshoe- 
déferrer, v.t. deprive of iron, deferrize; remove 
ironwork from; unhinge (a door): unshoe 
(ahorse); disconcert. 
defervescence, /. defervescence, subsidence 
from a state of effervescence or (Med.) of 
défi, m. defiance. 
défiance, /. distrust; diffidence. 
déflbrage, m. separation of fibers (see défibrer). 
défibrer, v.t. remove or separate the fibers of, 
disintegrate (as wood or sugar cane) ; grind 
(wood fOT making mechanical pulp). 
défibreur, m. fiber separator; (Paper) pu^ 

grinder; (Sugar) cane shredder. 
defibrination, /. defibrination. 
défibriner, v.t. defibrinate. 
déficeler, v.t. untie, undo, open (a package). 
déficit» m. deficit; deficiency. 
déficitaire, a. deficient. 

défier, v.t. defy. — v.r. be distrustful; be sus- 
picious, have an idea (of, that ) ; defy each 
défllage, m. unthreading; (Paper) breaking in 
of rags, separation of rags into their threads 
or fibers. 
défiler, v.f. unthread, unstring; (Paper) sepa- 
rate (rags) into threads or fibers, break in. 
défileur, m. unthread er; (Paper) rag-cylinder 
driver. — a. unthreading; (Paper) break- 
déflleuse, /. unthreader; (Paper) breaker. 
démocbage, m. = défilage. 
défilocher, v.t. « défiler. 
défini, p.a. definite; defined. 
définir, v.t. define. — v.r. be defined. 
définissable, a. definable. 
définitif, a. definitive, final. 
définition, /. definition. 
définitivement, adv. definitively, finally, 
défit, p.def. 3 aing. of défaire. 




déflagnillt» p.a. deflagrating. 

déflagrateur, m. deflagrator. 

déflagntloii, /. deflagration. 

déliagrer, v.i. deflagrate. 

défléchlr, v.t. db t. deflect. 

déflecteur* m. deflector. 

déflef nuiteiir, m. dephlegmator. 

déflegnuitloii, /. dephlegmation. 

déflef mer, v.t. dephlegmate, rectify. 

défleiioiif A deflection. 

déflocheoset /. rag-tearing machine, devil. 

défont, pr. S pi. of défaire. 

déformateor, a. deforming. 

déformatloii, /. deformation. 

déformer» v.t. deform. — v.r. become de- 

défournase, defoamemeiit, m. taking from 
an oven, kiln or furnace, drawing. 

défonmer, v.t. tidce or draw (porcelain, glass, 
cement, etc.) from an oven, kiln, or fur* 

défoumeiir, m. drawer, kiln (or oven) drawer; 
(for plate glass) hot-push man. 

défonmeiite, /. (Olaaa) pot wagon. 

défhdelilr, v.t. A r. fade. 

ôétnyer» v.t. pay the expense of; entertain. 

défricher» v.t. clear, make tillable; clear up. 

défmlter, v.t. strip of fruit; remove the taste 
of the fruit from (as olive oil). 

dégagé» p.a. disengaged, etc. (see dégager); 
free, open; graceful. 

dégasement» m. disengagement, liberation, 
emission, evolution; clearing; redemption. 

ûéSMWBTf v.t. disengage; liberate, emit, evolve; 
clear (a way); redeem. — v.r. be disen- 
gaged; be emitted; be cleared; disengage 

dégaler»«.l. clean, comb, (as rabbit skins). 

dégarnir» v.t. degamish, strip, untrim. 

desarntosage» m. degamishing; thinning (of 
sugar beets). 

dégftt» m. damage, destruction, waste. 

dégauchir» v.t. smooth, dress, .plane, polish. 

d^élattnw» v.t. deprive of gelatin, degelat- 

dégeler, «.(., r. et i. thaw, melt. 

dégénération» /. degeneration. 

dégénéré, p.a. degenerated, degenerate. 

iégénérer» v.i. degenerate. 

dégénérescence» /. degeneration. 
— graiasetuet fatty degeneration. 

dégénérescent» a. degenerative. 

dégwmar, v.t. degerminate, deprive of the 

dégermeur» m. dégermeuse» /. degerminator. 

déglaçage, déglacement, m. removal of luster; 
removal of ice. 

déglacer, v.t. deprive of luster (as paper) ; re- 
move the ice from; thaw, melt. 

d^uement, m. removal of glue, ungluing. 

dégluer, v.t. remove the glue from, unglue. 

d^rlycerlnw, v.t. remove the glycerin from (as 
oils), deglycerin, deglycerinate. 

dégommage» m. degumming, etc. (see dégom- 

dégommer» v.t. degum, ungum, scour (silk). 

d^onflement, m. deflation, going down, re- 
duction (of swellings). 

dégonfler» v.t. deflate, reduce (something swol- 
len). — v.r. be deflated, be reduced, sub- 

dégor, m. discharge pipe or tube; specif., (iXs- 
tiUing) a pipe carrying spent wash. 

dégorgement» dégorgeage» m. clearing, etc., 
(eee dégorger). 

dégorgeoir» m. a mill for scouring cloth; an 
instnunent for cleaning a tube or opening; 
(of a gun) priming wire; spout where 
water issues. 

dégorger, v.t. clear, deabstoiict, unstop (as a 
pipe) ; cleanse, scour, wash (cloth, leather, 
etc.); hollow out; disgorge. — v.i. dis- 
charge, empty; overflow. — v.r. discharge; 
overflow; become imstopped. 

dégoudronnage, dégoudronnement, m. re- 
moval of tar. 

dégoudronner, v.t. deprive of tar, imtar. 

dégoudronneur, m. tar remover. 

d^ourdl, p.a. slightly warm; (of porcelain) in 
the state of biscuit, imglased; reanimated, 
revived; lively; sharp, shrewd. — m, 
(Coram ) biscuit baking, biscuit fire; also, 
biscuit, unglased body. 

dégourdir, v.t. warm slightly, take the chill off 
of; cool, allow to cool (to lukewarmness) ; 
iCeram.) give the first or biscuit baking to; 
remove niunbness from, revive; (fig.) 
sharpen, polish. — v.t. warm slightly, be- 
come lukewarm; cool (to lukewarmness). 
— v.r. revive. 

dégoût, m disgust; mortification. 

dégoûtant, p.a. disgusting. 

dégoûta, v.t. disgust. — v.r. be disgusted. 

dégouttement, m. dripping, dropping, trick- 

dégoutter, v.i. drip, drop, trickle. 

dégradation, /. degradation; deterioration. 

degrade, v.t. degrade; (of colors) degrade, re- 
duce, tone down; deteriorate. — v.r. be 
degrttded; degrade oneself. 

dégrafer, v.t. unhook, imfasten. 

dégragène, m. degragene, a substance supposed 
to exist in fish oils. 

d^^lssi^e, tn. scouring, etc. (see dégraisser). 

d^^lssant, p.a. scouring, etc. (see dégrais- 
ser). — tn. scouring agent, cleaner, de- 
greaser; (Coram.) leaning agent, antiplas- 
tic or aplastic material. 

dégraisse, m. fat cut from meat in retailing it 
(distinguished from leaf fat). 




degrmlssec» v.t. scour, clean; free from fat, de- 
grease, ungrease, uncil; skim, scum (liq- 
uids); correct the greasy taste of (wine); 
fat-extract (filter paper); (jCeram.) render 
less plastic, lean, thin; impoverish (soil); 
dress down (wood); emaciate. (Cf. des- 

dégraissetir, m. scourer (in various industries) ; 
scouring machine (for wool). 

dégraigsls, m. grease removed by scouring, 
extracting, skimming or the like. 

d^;ralssolr» m. a machine or instrument for 
scouring or degreasing. 

dégras, m. (Leather) dégras, degras. 

— anglais, sod oil. 
ûegféi m. degree; step, stair. 

de — en — , step by step. 

— centésimal, centigrade degree, degree cen- 

par dearia, by degrees, gradually. 

d^renenr, m. (Ceram.) mill attendant. 

dégrever, v.t. free (as from tax or duty). 

dégrossage, m. reduction in size, drawing (of 

dégrossi, v.t. reduce in sise, draw (metals). 

d^;ro0sir, v.t. (subject to any operation rough- 
ly, in a preliminary • way) rough down, 
rough-shape, rough-dress; rough-grind 
(plate glass); concentrate (ores) roughly; 
give a first filtration to (water). • 

dégrossissage, m. roughing down, rough-shap- 
ing, etc. (see d^ossir). 

dégrosslsseur, m. a workman, machine or tool 
that roughs down, rough-shapes, etc. (see 
dégrossir) ; (Iron) roughing roll. — a. 
roughing, rough-shaping, etc., rough, re- 
ducing, preliminary. 

dégaisement, m. disguise. 

déguiser, v.t. disguise. 

dégustateur, m. taster. 

dégustation, /. tasting (of wine, etc.). 

déguster, v.t. taste, test by tasting. 

dégut, m. daggett (empyreumatic oil of birch). 

deh<ws, adv. out, without, outside. — m. out- 
side, exterior; foreign countries. 
au — , out, outside; abroad; externally. 
au — de, outside of. 

en — , out, outward, on the outside; frank. 
en — de, outside of, out of; apart from. 
par — , outside, without. 

déhydraeétlque, a. dehydracetic, dehydro- 

déhydromucique, a. dehydromucic. 

déjà, adv. already. 

déjecteur, m. ejector (of boiler scale). 

déjection, /. (Oeol. & Physiol) dejection; (pi) 
dejecta, excrement. 

déjeter, v.t. & r. warp. 

déjeuner, m. breakfast; breakfast service. 
. — de soleil, a fabric that fades rapidly. 

delà, prep, beyond. (Used chiefly in phrases.) 
au — , farther, beyond; more. 
au — de, beyond. 

de — , from there; beyond; from b^ond. 
en — , beyoi^d; further on. 
par — , beyond; farther; more. 

déUArer, v.t. shatter, ruin, disorder. 

délai, m. delay; time allowed for something. 
— de livraison, time required for deliveiy. 

délalement, m. « délayage. 

délalni^^, m. wool pulling. 

detainer, v.t. strip of wool. 

délalneur, m. wool puller. 

délaissé, p.a. abandoned; in disuse. 

délaissa, 0.^ abandon. 

délaitage, délaltement, m. removal of milk; 
specif., the working or drying of butter. 

délaiter, v.t. deprive of milk, work (butter). 

délalteuse, /. butter drier. 

délassant, p.a. refreshing. 

délavage, m. dilution, weakening (of colors). 

délaver, v.t. dilute, weaken (colors). 

délayage, m. mixing, etc. (see délayer); mix- 
ture, thinned or tempered material. 

délayant, p.a. mixing, etc. (see délayer). — m. 
a liquid used for mixing, tempering or thin- 

délayement, m. « délayage. 

délayer, v.t. mix (a powder, paste or the like 
with a liquid), temper, thin; dilute (colors). 

délayeur, m. mixer, thinner (see délayer); 
(Ceram.) blunger; (Cement) wash mill. 

délecter, v.t. delight. 

délégué, p.a. delegated. — m. delegate. 

délétère, a. deleterious, noxious. 

délibéré, p.a. deliberate; bold. 

délibérer, v.i. deUberate; decide. 

délicat, a. delicate. 

délicatesse, /. delicacy. 

délicieux, a. delicious; delightful. 

délié, p.a. untied, loose; fine, thin, slender; 
shrewd, clever. 

délier, v.t. untie; loose, free. 

délimiter, v.t. delimit, demarcate, define. 

déliquescence, /. deliquescence. 

déliquescent, a. deliquescent. 

déliquium, m.'deliquium; (06a.), deliquescence, 
liquid formed by deUquescenoe. 

délirant, p.a. delirious. 

délire, m. deliiium. 

délissi^^, m. rag cutting (see délissCT). 

délisser, v.t. (Paper) cut (rags) to workable siee. 

délisseuse, /. rag cutter. 

délit, m. (of a stone) edge, side transverse to the 
grain; offense. 

délitage, délitement, m. crumbling, etc. (see 

déliter, v.t. & r. crumble, disintegrate; specif., 
eflBoresce; (of lime) slake; cleave, split, 
splinter; set (a stone) edgewisç. - 




déliteseence, /. crumbling, disint^ration; 
specif., eflSorescence; (Med.) delitescence. 

déUtescent, a. capable of being disint^p-ated; 
specif., efl3oresoent. 

déllTrance» /. delivery; deliverance; {Physiol.) 
expulsion of the after-birth. 

déUvre, m. after-birth. 

délivrer, v.t. deliver. 

delphlnlne, /. delphinine. 

délusla'», v.t. deprive of luster, ungloes. 

délutogc* m. unluting, removal of the lute; re- 
moval of coke from a gas retort. 

délnter, v.t. unlute, remove the lute from. 

démafilâge, m. stirring of melted glass. 

démacler, v.L stir (melted glass). 

dénuignétiser, v.t. demagnetize. 

demain, adv. & m. tomorrow. 

demande, /. request; application; claim; 
(Com.) order; demand; question. 

— de hrevetf patent application. 
demands, v.t. ask; want, wish; demand; 

(Com.) order; call for; ask for. 

demandeur, m. asker;^(LatD) plaintiff. 

démangeaison, /. itching. 

démarcation, /. demarcation. 

démariage, m. thinning (of plants) ; divorce. 

démarrage, m. starting. 

démarrer, i>.^ dk i. start. 

démarreur, m. (Mach.) starter. 

démêlage, m. disentangling, etc. (see démêler) ; 
sorting (of wodl); combing (of hair); 
(firewing) mashing, mash. 

démêler, v.t. disentangle, reduce to order; dis- 
tinguish; discover. — v.r. be disentangled; 
be cleared up; stand out. 

démence, /. dementia. 

démentir, v.t. belie; contradict; disbelieve. 

— v.r. contradict oneself or each other, be 
inconsistent; cease; (of buildings) give 

démesuré, a. inmioderate, excessive, enormous. 

démesurément, adv. immeasurably, exces- 
sively, enormously. 

déméthjrlM', v.t. deprive of methyl, demethyl- 

démettre, v.t. dismiss; dislocate. — v.r. quit, 
resign; be dislocated. 

demeurant, p.a. living, etc. (see demeurer). 
— m. remainder, rest; survivor. 
au — , on the whole, after all. 

demeure, /. delay; dwelling, residence. 
à — , immovable, immovably. 

demeurer, v.t. Uve, dwell; stay; remain; stop. 

demi, a., adv. & m. half. 
à —, half, by half. 

demi-, semi-, half-, demi-, hemi-. 

demi-balle, /. half-ball, hemisphere. 

demi-blanc, a. semi-white, nearly white. 

demi-briilant, a. semi-brilliant, moderately 

demi-cercle, m. semicircle, half circle. 
demi-cheval, m. half horsepower. 
demi-chimique, a. {Paper) designating a 

wood pulp made by combined chemical and 

mechanical treatment, semi-chemical. 
demi-circulaire, a. semicircular. 
demi-conducteur, m. (Mlec.) semi-conductor. 
demi-cristal, m. a kind of lead glass in the 

making of which crystal oullet is used. 
demi-diamètre, m. semidiameter, radius. 
deml-disque, m. half-disk. 
demi-dixième, m. half a tenth, twentieth. 
demi-doublé, a. {Jewelry) designating a jewel 

having the crown of one stone and the lower 

part of another stone or of glass. 
démleDer, v.t. remove wax from (honey). 
demi-ferme, a. semi-firm; specif., {Ceram.) 

designating a paste which is rather stiff but 

can be kneaded by hand. 
deml-fln, a. (of metals) half-fine. — m, 

twelve-carat gold. 
demi-fluide, a. semifluid. 
deml-fraude, /. semi-fraud, partial fraud. 
deml-gras, a. (of coal) semi-bituminous; (of 

cheese) made from partially skimmed milk, 

deml-haut-fourneau, m. small blast furnace. 
demi-heure, /. half-hour. 
demi-Jour, m. twilight, dim light. 
demi-Journée, /. half-day. 
demi-litre, m. half-liter. 
demi-longiieur, /. half-length. 
demi-molécule, /. half-molecule. 
demi-molle, a. fem. {Ceram.) designating a 

paste easily worked by the fingers yet not 

adhering to them. 
demi-moule, /. half-mold. 
demi-muld, m. half hogshead. 
déminéralisation, /. déminéralisation, {Med.) 

excessive elimùiation of mineral matter in 

the urine. 
déminéraliser, v.t. déminéralise. 
demi-onde, /. half-wave, half-wave-length. 
demi-opale, /. semiopal. 
demi-porc^alne, /. semiporcelain. 
demi-précieux, a. semiprecious. 
demi-profond, a. of moderate depth, neither 

deep nor shallow. 
demi-raflBné, a. semirefined. 
demi-rond, a. half-round. 
demi-ronde, /. half-round file. 
démis, p.p. & p. def. 1 & 2 sing, of démettre. 
demi-siècle, m. half-century. 
demi-sphère, a. hemisphere. 
demi-sphérlque, a. hemispheric(al). 
déndssion, /. resignation. 
demi-telnte, /. demitint, half tint. 
demi-tour, m. half turn. 
démocratie, /. democracy. 
démodé, a. out of fashion, old-fashioned. 




demoiselle» /. beetle, rammer. 

démolir, v.t. demolish. 

démonstniteiir» m. demonstrator. 

démonstnitloii, /. demonstration. 

démonstnitlvemeiit, adv. convincingly. 

démontable, a. dismountable, capable of be- 
ing taken apart. 

démontage, m. dismoimting, etc. (see démon- 

démonter, v.t. dismount; take to pieces, take 
apart, take down, knock down; unset 
(gems) ; disconcert. — v.r. be dismounted; 
be diraioimtable; go to pieces; be disoon- 

démontrablllté, /. demonstrability. 

démontrable, a. demonstrable. 

démonlatr, v.t. demonstrate; show. 

démmilM^e, m. removal from the m(dd, strip- 
ping, lifting. 

démouler, v.L remove from the mold, strip, 

démouleur, m. stripper. 

démultli»llcateiir, m. (Mach.) a device for re- 
ducing velocity, reducer. — a. reducing. 

démultiplier, v.t. {Mach.) reduce, gear down. 

dénaturant, p.a. denaturing. — m. dénatur- 

dénaturateur, m. dénaturer. 

dénaturatlon, /. denaturing, denaturation; 
alteration, modification, conversion. 

dénaturé, p.a. denatured; altered, converted; 
(of iron) refined; unnatural. 

dénaturer, v.t. denature; change the nature or 
properties of, alter, convert; refine (pig 

dendrite, /. dendrite. 

dendrttlque, a. dendritic. 

dénégation, /., déni, m. denial. 

dénier, v.t. deny. 

dénltrant, p.a. denitrating. 

dénUa"», v.t. denitrate. 

dénltrlflcatlon, /. denitrification. 

dénltrlfler, v.t. denitrify. 

dénombrement, m. numbering, enumeration, 
counting; census; list, catalog. 

dénombrer, v.t. number, enumerate, count. 

dénominateur, m. denominator. 

dénomination, /. denomination. 

dénommer, v.t. name, denominate. — v.r. 
. be named. 

dénonce, v.t. denoimce; declare; denote. 

dénoter, v.t. denote. 

denrée, /. product, produce, good, commodity; 
specif., food product, foodstuff. 
— alimentaire^ foodstuff, food product, pro- 

dense, a. dense. 

denslmdtre, m. densimeter. 

denslmétrlque, a. densimetric. 

densité, /. density; denseness. 

denirfté abeoltUt absolute density. 

— au mercure, density by mercury, real den- 

— de vapeur, v^or density. 

— du courant, current density. 

— reeUe, real density. 
dent, /. tooth. 

— de barrage, catch, detent, pawl, dick. 

— de lion, (Bot.) dandelion. 

— de hup, (Mach.) catch, detent, pawl. 

— d*engrenage, gear tooth; ratchet. 

dents de loup, iQlaas) a long rod with a double 

hook at the end, for handling the pots in 

the furnace. 
dentaire, dental, a. dental. 
dent-de^heval, /. a greenish-blue variety of 

dent-de-loum /. see dent de loup, \mdet dent, 
denté, a. toothed, (of wheels, etc.) cogged, (of 

leaves, etc.) serrated, serrate. 
dentelalre, /. {Bot.) leadwort (Plumbago, esp. 

P. europœa). 
dentelé, p.a. notched, jagged; (Bet.) dentate. 
denteler, v.t. notch, jag, induit, tooth. 
dentelle, /. lace; lacework. 

— deM* — en file, thread lace. 
denter, v.t. tooth, cog. 

dentlOT, m. an instrument tor cutting soap; set 
of teeth (esp. an artificial one), denture. 

dentifrice, m. dentifrice. — a. tooth-deaning, 

dentine, /. dentine. 

dentiste, m. dentist. 

denture, /. (Mach.) teeth, cogs, gearing, tooth- 
ing; set of teeth. 

dénué, a. devoid, destitute. 

dénuer, v.t. deprive, strip. 

dépaqueta, v.t. unpack, open. 

dépareillé, a. incomplete, imperfect; odd. 

dépareiller, v.t. break, spoil (a set). 

déparer, v.t. spoil, mar; strip of ornament. 

départ, m. parting (of metals) ; separaUon, divi- 
sion; sorting; departure; place of depar- 
ture, exit; discharge (of a fireai^n). — pr. 
S eing. of départir. 

département, m. department. 

départir, v.t. dispense, bestow. — v,r. depart; 

dépasser, v.t. pass, go beyond; exceed; be 
higher or longer than; project beyond; sur- 
pass; draw out, unwind; (MMal.) ovetpcde. 

dépêche, /. dispatch. 

dépêcher, v.t. dispatch. — v.r. hasten, hurry. 

dépeindre, v.t. describe, depict. 

dépendance, /. dependence. 

dépendant, a. db m. dependent. 

dépendre, v.t. depend; belong. — v.t. take 

dépens, expense, cost, costs, charges. 
aux — de, at the expense ^^QOqIc 




depensOf /. expenditure, expense, outlay; con- 
sumption (as of electricity) ; discharge (as 
of water); dispensary. 

dépens»» v.t. expend, spend; consume; waste. 
— v.r, be spent; be consumed. 

déperdltton» /. loss, waste, dissipation; (of gas 
or liquid) escape. 

dépérir, v.%. waste away, molder, wither, spoil. 

dépeupler» v.t, depopulate. 

déphlegmateur, etc. See déflegmateur, etc. 

déphlosistlqaer, v.t. (Pld Chem.) dephlogisti- 

déphosphontlon» /. dephosphorisation. 
. déphosphorer, t.t. dephosphorize. 
, dépUage, m. unhairing; (Minino) remoTal of 

dépUatlf, a. depilatory. 

défrflatlon* /. imhairing, depilation. 

dépilatoire» a. db m. depilatory. 

déplier, o.f. unhair, depilate; clear of pillafs. 
^ déplstor, v.t. discover; mislead. 
^ * dépit» m. spite, despite. 

«n — d«, in spite of. 
> ( déplasable, a. displaceable. 
I ' déplacé» p.a. displaced; out of place. 

déplacemeiit» m. displacement, etc. (see dé- 

déplacer» v.t. displace; shift, move. — v.r. be 
displaced; be moved; change one's resi- 

déplaire» v.i. be displeasing, —v.r. not to 
thrive; not to be pleased. 

défrialsant» a. unpleasant, disagreeable. 

déplâtrage» m. removal of plastaing. 

déplier» v.t. unfold. 

dépiombafe» m. removal of lead. 

déplomber, v.t. remove lead from, strip of lead. 

déployer» v.t. display; deploy. 

déplu» p.p. of déplaire. 

dépolarlsant» p.a. depolarizing. — m. depolar- 

dépolarisateur» m. depolarizer. 

dépolarisatlon» /. depolarization. 

d^olariser» v.t. depolarize. 

dépoli» p.a. depolished, mat, (of glass) groimd, 
frosted. — m. depolishing, depolished sur- 

dépolir, v.t. depolish, remove the polish of; 
grind, frost (glass) ; tarnish. — v.r. lose its 
polish, become dull, tarnish. 

dépolissage» dépoUssement» m. depolishing; 
grinding;, frosting (of glass) ; tarnishing. 

déposage» m. deposition, settling. 

déposa» v.<. deposit; lay aside; depose. — v.r. 
be deposited, deposit; form a deposit, set- 
tle. — v.i. form a deposit, settle. 

dépositaire» m. A f. depositaiy. 

dépôt» m. deposit; depot; storehouse; deposi- 
tion; depository. 
— martn^ marine deposit. 

dépotage» dépotoment» m. decanting, deoaii- 

dépoter» v.t. decant; unpot (a plant). 

dépouille» /. hide, skin; crop (as of grain); 
spoil, booty; (mortal) remains. 

dépouillement» m. skinning, etc. (see dé- 

dépouiller, v.t. skin; strip; deprive; plunder; 
reap, gather (crops); abstract (accounts); 
go over, work up (reports, etc.). — v.r. 
strip oneself; be stripped; (of wine) be- 
come lighter. 

dépounrolr, v.t. deprive. 

dépourvu» p.a. deprived, unprovided (with); 
destitute, devoid. 
Of* — , unawares. 

déprenant» p.a. separating, etc. (see dépren- 

déprendre» v.t. separate, part. — v.r. rid one- 

déj^^sslon» /. deiM'ession, lowering; reduced 
pressure, vacuum. 

déiMlmw» v.t, depress; disparage. 

dépris» p.a. separated, parted. 

depuls» prep, from; since. — adv. since. 

— ffuc, since. 

dépnlpage» m. reduction to pulp, pulping. 
dépulp«r» v.t. reduce to pulp, pulp. 
dépulpeur» m. pulper. 
dépurateur» dépuratif, a. A m. (Med.) de- 

depuration» /. (Med.) depuration. 
dépuraUrfre, a. depuratory, depiurative. 
dépurer» v.t. (Med.) depurate. 
député» p.a. deputed. — m. deputy. 
déraciner» v.t. uproot; eradicate. 
déraisonnable» a. imreasonable. 
déraillement» m. derangement, disorder. 
déranger» v.t. derange, disarrange, disturb. 

— v.r. be (or get) out of order; trouble one- 
self; be deranged. 

dératisation» /. rat extermination. 
dérayer» v.t. = drayer. 

déréglé» p.a. out of order; irregular; inor- 
dinate; dissolute. 
dérégler» v.t. put out of order or adjustment. 

— v.r. get out of order. 

devant, p.a. derived, originating, proceeding. 

— m. derivative. 
dérivatif» a. & m. derivative. 
dérivation» /. derivation; drift; diversion; 

deviation; (Elec.) shunting, aiiunt; small 

tube connected to a larger one. 
dMve» /. deviation. 
dérivé, p.a. derived; secondary; derivative; 

ÇElec.) shunt, shunted. — m. derivative. 

— ithérét derivative of the nature of an ether 
(or ester). 

— purique, purine derivative. 
dérivée» /. (Math.) derivative.QQQTp 




dérlTer, «.Y. be derived; deviate; drift. — v.t. 

derive; divert; deflect; unrivet; (Elec.) 

dérlYeter, v.t. imrivet. 
derle» /. kaolin. 
dermatlte, /. dermatitis. 
derme« m. (Anat.) derma, dermis, tme skin. 
damlque» a. dermic, dermal. 
demlw» a. & m. last. 

au — poird, extremely. 
dernièrement, adv. lately, recently; lastly. 
dérobé» p. a. shelled; stolen; secret, private. 

à la dérobée, secretly, privately. 
dérober, v. t. shell, peel; steal; save; hide. 

— v.r. steal away, slip away; be hidden. 
dérochage, m. (of metals) scouring, pickling, 

dérocher, v.t. (of metals) scour, pickle, dip; re- 
move rocks from. 
dérompage, m. cutting (of rags); removal of 

excess finish (from cloth). 
dérompeuse, /. a machine for removing excess 

finish from cloth. 
dérompoir, m. rag cutter. 
dérompre, v.t. cut (rags) ; remove excess finish 

from (cloth). 
déroaUlement, m. removal of rust. 
dérontller, v.t. remove rust from; rub up. 
déroulement, m. unrolling. 
dérouler, v.t. & r. unroll; (fig.) unfold. 
dérouter, v.t. mislead; disconcert. 
derrltee, prep. & adv. behind. — m. back, 

back part, hind part, rear, (of ships) stem. 
par — , behind, from behind. 
des. Contraction of de lea, of the, from the, etc. 

(see de). 
dès, prep, from, starting from. 

— après, after. 

— avant, before. 

— là, therefore; from then, ever since. 

— Ul que, as, since. 

— lor 8, from that time, ever since; immedi- 
ately; therefore, accordingly. 

— lora que, since, as. 

— que, as soon as, when; as, since. 
dés-, des-, dis-, de-, un-. 

désablage, m. removal of sand (as from cast- 

désabonnement, m. discontinuance (of a sub- 
scription to a periodical). 

désaccord, m. disagreement; discord. 

désacldlflcatlon, /. deacidification. 

désacidifler, v.t. deacidify. 

désaclératlon, /. unsteeling. 

désaclérer, v.t. unsteel. 

désactiver, v.t. render inactive; disarm (mines). 

désaflBeurer, v.t. fail to bring to the proper 
level (as in pipets); destroy the level of, 
render uneven. 

désagencer, v.t. disarrange, disadjust; imgear. 

désagrafer, v. t. unhook, unclasp; {Mach,) 

désagréable, a. disagreeable. 

désagréablement, adv. disagreeably. 

désagr^^tlon, /. disint^p-ation, disaggrega- 

désagrégeable, a. disintegrate. 

désagrégeant, p.a. disintegrating. 

désagréger, v. t. disintegrate, disaggregate; dis- 
arrange. — v.r. disintegrate. 

désagrément, m. unpleasantness; defect. 

désalgrlr, v.t. remove the sourness or sharpness 
of, sweeten. 

désaimantation, /. demagnetization. 

désaimanter, v.t. demagnetize. 

désajustw, v.t. put out of order, disarrange. 

désallalter, v.t. wean. 

désaltérer, v.t. quench the thirst of, refresh. 

désamldase, /. deamidase, desamidase. 

désamorçage, m. unpriming;. exhausting (of 
an arc). 

désamorcer, v.t. unprime, remove the priming 
from (as a siphon or a cartridge case). 

désappointer, v.t. disappoint. 

désapprendre, v.t. unlearn, forget. 

désappris, p.a. unlearned, forgotten. 

désargentage» m., désargentatlon, /. dedl- 
verization, desilverizing, desilvering. 

désaigenter» v.t. desilverize, desilver. 

désargenture, /. - désargentage. 

désarmer, v.t. disarm. 

désarroi, m. disarray, disorder, confusion. 

désarticuler, v.t. disarticulate, disjoint, separ- 
ate (joint by joint). 

désassembler, v.t. disassemble. 

désasslmllateur, a. (Phynol.) disassimilating, 

désasslmllatlon, /. disassimilation, catabolism. 

désassImUer, v.t. disassimilate, catabolize. 

désassodatlon, /. disassociation. 

désassoder, v.t. disassociate. 

désassorti, p.a. unmatched, odd, ill-sorted. 

désastre, m. disaster. 

désastrensement, adv. disastrously. 

désastreux, a. disastrous. 

désaturé, a. imsaturated; superheated (steam)^ 

désavantage, m. disadvantage. 

désavantagensement, adv. disadvantage- 

désavantageux, a. disadvantageous, unfavor- 

désaaotatlon, /. denitrification. 

désazoter, v.t. denitrify. 

descellement, m. unsealing, etc. (see desceller). 

desceller, v.t. unseal, unfasten; (Olaaa) chip off 
the rough parts of. 

descendant, p.a. descending, etc. (see descen- 
dre). — m. descendant. 

descenderle, /. (Mining) a descending passage 

connecting galleries At^different levels. 

Digitized by VjOC 




descendre, v.i. descend; go down, subside, fall. 

— v.t. take down, lower; descend; land. 
descendu» p.a. descended, etc. (see descendre), 
descente» /. descent; slope; taking down; pipe; 

down stroke; (Med.) rupture, hernia. 
descriptif» a. descriptive. 
description» /. description. 
desembaUai^» m. unpacking. 
désemballer» v.t. unpack. 
désembnymse» etc. See débrayage, etc. 
désemparer, v.t d; %. leave, quit. 
désemplir, v.t. make less fuU, empty (in part). 

— v.r. get low, get less f ulL 
désempoisonner, v.t. free from poison. 
désencroûter, v.t. free from crust or scale. 
désenflammer, v.t. extinguish (a blaze). 
désenfler, v.t. deflate. — v.t. be deflated. 
désenflnre, /. deflation, going down. 
désenfoumer, v.t. « défoumer. 
désengrenw, v.t. throw out of gear, imgear, 

disengage, disconnect. 

désenrayer, v.t. unlock (a wheel); release (as 
a brake) : uncouple, disconnect. 

désentortiller, v.t. disentangle. 

désenvelopper, v.t. open, undo (as a package). 

déséquilibre, m. absence of equilibrium. 

déséquilibré, a. disequilibrated, out of equi- 

déséquilibrer, v.t. throw out of equilibrium. 

désert, a. <& m. desert. 

déserter, v.t. & i. desert. 

désespérance, /. despair. 

désesp^mnt, p.a. discouraging. 

désespéré, p.a. desperate; sorry. 

désesp^ément, adn. desperately. 

désespérer, v.i. <& r. despair. — v.t. drive to 
despair; dishearten, discourage. 

de8C^i;iolr, m. despair; concern. 

désessencler, v.t. deprive of the more volatile 
part, remove the low-boiling constituents 

désétamage, m. detinning. 

désétamer, v.t. detin. 

désherbant, p.a. weeding, eradicating weeds. 

— m. weed eradicator. 

déshonneur, m. dishonor. 

déshnHer, v.t. remove the oil from, unoil. 

déshjrdratant, p.a. dehydrating. — m. dehy- 
drating agent. 

déshydratation, /. dehydration. 
déslqrdrater, v.t. dehydrate. — v.r. dehydrate, 

lose water. 
déshydrosénation» /. dehydrogenation, de- 

désliydm^éner, v.t. dehydrogenize, dehydro- 

désignation, /. designation. 
désigna, v.t. designate; denote, indicate. 
dédncrustant, m. disincrustant, antiincrusta- 

tor, boiler compound. — a. scale-removing. 

désincrustation, /. removal of incrustation or 
scale (as from a boiler). 

désincruster, v.t. free from incrustation or 

desinence, /. termination (of a word). 

désinfectant, a. <k m. disinfectant. 

désinfecter, v.t. disinfect. 

désinfecteur» m. disinfector. 

désinfection, /. disinfection. 

désinfectfrire, m. disinfecting station. 

désintégrateur, m. disintegrator. 

désintégration, /. disintegration. 

désintégrer, v.t. disintegrate. 

désintéressé, a. disinterested. 

désintéressement, m. disinterestedness. 

désir, m. desire. 

désirable, a. desirable. 

désirer, v.t. desire; wish. 

désireux, a. desirous. 

desmlne, /. (Min.) desmine (stilbite). 

desmotropie, /. desmotropy, desmotropism. 

désobéir» v.t*. disobey. 

désobstruant» désobstruetlf» a. dt m. {Med.) 
deobstruent, aperient 

désodorer» v.t. deodorize. 

désodorisation» /. deodorisation. 

désodwiser, v.t. deodorize. 

désœuTrer, v.t. {Paper) s^>arate (the sheets); 
render idle. 

désolation, /. desolation; distress; vexation. 

désolé, p.a. desolate; distressed; sorry. 

désordonner, v.t. disorder, disturb. 

désordre, m. disorder. 

désorganlsateur, a. disorganizing. — m. di»- 

désorganisation, /. disorganization. 

désorganiser, v.t. disorganize. — v.r. become 

désormais, adv. henceforth, hereafter; thence- 
forth, thereafter. 

désosser» v.t. bone, remove the bones from. 

désoufkl^» m. desulfurization, desulfuring. 

désoufïer, v.t. desulfurize, desidfur. 

désoxalique, a. desoxalic. 

désoxydant, p.a. deoxidizing. — m. deoxi- 

désoxydatlon, /. deoxidation, deoxidizatipn. 

désoxyder, v.t. deoxidize. — v.r. be deoxidized. 

désoxygénation, /. deoxygenation, deoxida- 

désoxygéner, v.t. deoxygenate, deoxidize. 

despumatlon, /. despumation, scumming; for- 
mation of froth. 

despumw, v.t. despumate, skim, clarify (by re- 
moving scum). 

desquels, desquelles. Contractions of de lea- 
gueUt de lesquelles, of whom, of which, from 
whom, from which, etc. (see de). 

dessabler» v.t. remove sand from (as castings). 

dessalgnage» m. freeing from blood. 




dessaigner, t.t. free from blood, specif., wash 
(hides or skins) to remove blood and other 

dessalement, dessalage, m., dessalaison, /. 
removal of salt, rendering less salt. 

dessaler, t.t. render lees salt, remove salt from 
(as sea water by distillation) . 

desséeliant,^.a. drying, desiccating, desiccative. 

dessèchement, m. drjdng, etc. (see dessécher). 

desséehw, t.<. ék i. dry, desiccate; dry up; 
drain (land); season (wood). 

desséeheiir, m. drier. 

dessin, m. design. 
à — f by design, on purpose. 
à — de, in order to. 
à — Que, in order that. 
aanê — , unintentionally. 

desserrage, desserrement, m. loosening; 
slackening; release. 

desserrer, «.(. loosen; slacken. — v.r. be 
loosened; get loose. 

desswt, pr. S aing, of desservir. — m. dessert. 

desservir, 9. t. serve, supply, furnish service to; 
take away, clear off; disserve, damage. 

desseavm, v.i. separate (sheets of paper). 

dessleeant, p.a. desiccating, desiccant. 

desslccateor, m. desiccator. 
— d vide, vacuum desiccate. 

dessiccatif, a. dk m. desiccative. 

desidccatliMi, /. desiccation, diying. 

dessin, m. design; drawing. 

desslnw, v.t. draw; sketch, outline; set off. 
— v.i. draw. — v.r. appear, take shape. 

dessoudage, m. unsoldering; un welding. 

dessouder, v.t. unsolder; un weld. — v.r. come 
imsoldered, or un welded. 

dessondore, /. unsoldering; unwclding. 

dessouller, v.t. deflate. 

dessoaflrage, m. desulfurisation, desulfuring. 

dessonfrer, v.t. desulfurize, desulfur. 

dessous, adv. db prep, below, under, under- 
neath, beneath. — m. under side, bottom; 
wrong side (of cloth) ; support for a dish. 
de — , under, imder-. 
en — , underneath; underhand. 

dessulntage, m. removal of suint from wool, 
steeping, scouring. (Suint is preferably re- 
moved by steeping in water and is then dis- . 
tinguished from the degreasing or true 
scouring which follows. However the two 
(^)erations, singly or combined, are usually 
included in the term "scouring.") 

dessulnter, v.t. deprive of suint, steep, scour 
(see dessuintage). 

dessulnteuse, /. an apparatus for removing 
suint from wool. 

dessus, adv. above, over, on, upon. — m. 
upper side, upper pMrt, top; right side (of 
doth); cover (of a book); back (of the 
hand); advantage. 

dessus, de — , from off, from; upper, t<^. 
en — , above, on top, on, upon, over. 

destin, m. destiny, fate. 

destinataire, m. addressee, consignee. 

destination, /. destination. 

destiner, v.t. destine; resolve. 

destracteur, a. destructive, destroying. 

destractlblllté, /. destructibility. 

destructible, a. destructible. 

destructif, a. destructive. 

destruction, /. destruction. 

désuintage, m. = dessuintage. 

désulftaratton, /. desulfuration, desulfuriza- 

désulftarM*, v.t. desulfur, desulfurize. 

désunir, v.t. disunite, disjoin; disjoint. 

détacha, v.t. detach; unloose, untie, undo, 
take down; remove spots from, clean. 
— v.r. be detached, get loose, come undone, 
come out. 

détail, m. detail; (Com.) retail. 
en — , in detail; by retail, retail. 

détaillant, a. retail. — m. retailer. 

détailler, v.t. detail; cut up; (Com.) retail. 

détanner, v.t. detannate, deprive of tannin. 

détartrage, m. removal of tartar or scale. 

détartrer, v.t. remove tartar or scale from, de- 
tartarize, scale, fur; clean (casks or boilera) ; 
soften (water). 

détartreur, m. detartariaer, water softener; 
cleaner (of casks or boilers). 

détartrlsatton, /. removal of tartar or scale. 

dét^gnant, p.a. decoloring, etc. (see dé- 

déteignent, pr. S pi. of déteindre. 

déteindre, v.t. decolor, bleach. — v.r. loss 
color, fade. — v.i. lose color, fade; come 
off (on). 

déteint, p.p. & pr.S sing, of déteindre. 

détendeur, m. pressure regulator; expansion 
valve; reduction valve. 

détendre, v.t. (of gases) relax the pressure on, 
expand, allow to expand; unbend, relax, 
slacken, loosen; take down. — v.r. (of 
gases) expand; unbend, loosen, relax. 

détenir, v.t. detain, hold, hold back. 

détente, /. expansion (of gases); expansion 
valve; (Steam) cut-off; detent, catch, trig- 
ger; firing mechanism; relaxation. 

détenu, p.p. of détenir. 

détergent, a, éb m. detergent. 

déterger, v.t, cleanse. 

détériorant, p.a. deteriorating. 

détérioration, /. deterioration. 

détériorer, v.t. Jb r. deteriorate. 

determinable, a. determinable. 

déterminant, a. & m. determinant. 

détermination, /. determination. 

déterminé, p.a. determin^^ cftjivf^! deter- 
minate. jïOC 




-v.r. de- 

détormiiier, v.t determine; cause. 

termine, resolve. 
déterra» v.t. unearth; dig up, exhume. 
détersif, a. & m. detersive, detergent. 
détient» pr. S sing, oi détour. 
détir^, v.t. draw out; stretch. 
détonant, p.a. detonating, explosive. — m. 

detonating substance, explosive. 
détonateur, m. detonator. 

— à double effets double-action detonator. 

— retardé^ delay-action detonator. 
détonation, /., détonement» m. detonation, 

à détonation, detonating. 
détoner, v.t. detonate, explode. 
détonneler, v.t. draw from the tun or cask. 
détordre, v.t. imtwist. 
détors, a. untwisted. 
détortUler, v.t. imtwist. 
détouper, v.t. unstop. 

détour, m. turning, winding; by-way, detour. 
détourné, p.a. diverted, etc. (see détourner); 

indirect, roundabout; by- (way). 
détourner, v. t. divert, deflect, turn aside; deter, 

dissuade. — v.i. turn, turn oflF. — v.r. 

deviate, turn away, turn off. 
détraqué, p.a. out of order; deranged. 
détraquer, v.t. put out of order, disorder, 

derange; divert. — v.r. get out of order; 

become deranged. 
détrempe, /. distemper. 
délremper, v.t. mix (a solid with a liquid), thin; 

soak, wet; slake (lime); anneal (steel); 

soften, sweeten, mollify; enervate. — v.r, 

be mixed, be thinned, etc.; (of lime) slake; 

(of steel) anneal, soften. 
détrempeur, m. (Steel) annealer. 
détresse, /. distress. 
détrichage, m. sorting (of wool). 
détrleher, v.t. sort (wool). 
déMment, m. detriment. 
détriplement, m. division into three parts. 
détripler, v.t. & r. divide into three parts. 
détrltage, m. crushing (esp. of olives). 
détrlter, v.t. crush (esp. olives). 
detrition, /. detrition. 
détritique, a. (GeoZ.) detrital. 
détrltolr, m. crushing mill (esp. for olives). 
détritus, m. detritus, débris. 
détroit, m. strait; pass, defile. 
délrAnw, v.t, dethrone. 
détruire, v.t. destroy. 
détruisant, p.a. destrojring. 
dette, /. debt. 
deutane, m. ethane. 

deutazotate, m. (OM Ch^m^^ deutonitrate. 
— de mercwe liquide, (Pfiarm.) solution of 

meaniric nitrate. 
deutéffoprotéose, /. deuteroproteose. 
deutlodure, m. (Old Chem.) deutiodide. 

deuto-, deut-. (Old Chem.) deuto-, dcut-. 
(It properly designated the second in a 
series but was sometimes used in the same 
way as bi- or di-.) 

deutoearboné, a. (Old Chem.) bicarburetted. 

deutochlorure, m. (Old Chem.) deutochloride. 

— de mercure, mercuric chloride. 
deuto-lodure, m. deutoiodide, deutiodide. 

— de mercure, mercuric iodide. 
deutosulfure, m. (Old Chem.) deutosulfide. 
deutoxyde, m. (Old Chem.) deutoxide. 

— de mercure, mercuric oxide. 

— de plomb, minium, red lead. 
deutylène, m. ethylene. 
deuil, m. mourning. 

deux, a. two; second; a few. — m. two; second. 

— fois, twice. 
deuxième, o. second. — m. second story. 
— jet, (Sugar) second spinning (see sucre de 

deuxième jet, under sucre). 

— titre, (for gold) a standard of 0.840 fine 
(about 20 carats). 

deuxièmement, adv. secondly. 

deux-points, m. colon (:). 

devait, imp. S sing, of devoir. 

dévaler, v.t. lower, let down; descend. — «.r. 
go down, come down. 

devancer, v.t. precede; outstrip, outdo, sur- 
pass; anticipate, forestall. 

devancier, m. predecessor. 

devant, prep. A adv. before. — m. front, fwe 
part; prow (of a boat). — of devoir, 

— que, before. 

— que de, before. 
dévaster, v.t. devastate. 
développable, a. developable. 
développateur, m. (esp. Photog.) developer. 
développement, m. development, etc. (see 

développer, v.t. develop; unwrap, undo, uncoil, 

unfold. — v.r. develop; be unwrapped; 

développeur, m. (esp. Dyeing) developer. 
devenir, v.i. become, grow, get. 
devenu, p.p. of devenir. 
déverdir, v.i. lose green color. 
déverdlssage, m. loss of green color. 
dévemlr, v.t. remove the varnish from. — v.r. 

lose the varnish. 
dévernlssi^^, m. removal or loss of varnish. 
devers, a. leaning. — m. inclination; taper, 

batter; warping. 
par — , before, near, toward. 
déversement, m. pouring, etc. (see déverser), 
déverser, o.f. pour; incline, lean; warp. — v.r. 

flow, run; warp. — v.i. flow, run over, 

poiu"; incline, lean. 
déversoir, m. overflow, spillway; overfall. 
dévlateur, a. causing deviation, deflecting. 
déviation, /. deviation. 




dévider, v.t. wind, reel; unwind. 
devleiidra, fut. 3 Hng. of devenir. 
devlenneiit» pr. 3 pi. indic. <Sb auhj. of devenir. 
devient, pr. 3 sing, of devenir. 
dévier, v.i. A r. deviate. — v.t. deflect. 
deviner, v.t. <k i. divine. 
devint, p.def. 3 sing, of devenir. 
devis, m. estimate. 

— approximatif, rough estimate. 

— estimatif, estimate. 

dévissage, dévissement, m. unscrewing. 

dévisser, v.t. unscrew. 

dévitriflable, a. devitrifiable. 

devitrification, /. devitrification. 

dévitrifler, v.t. devitrify. — v.r. become devit- 

dévoiement, m. inclination, leaning; diarrhea. 

dévoiler, v.t. unveil; reveal, disclose. 

devoir, v.t. owe; should, ought; must, be 
obliged. — m. duty; association of work- 

dévorer, v.t. devour. 

dévotion, /. devotion. 

dévoué, p.a. devoted. 

dévouer, v.t. devote. 

dévoyer, v.t. turn aside; slope, incline; purge. 

devra, fut. 3 sing, of devoir. - 

devrait, cond. 3 sing. oTâevoir. 

dextérité, /. dexterity, skill. 

deztrement, adv. skillfully. 

dextrine, /. dextrin. 

deztriner, v.t. dextrinate, treat or coat with 

deztrinique, a. dextrinous, pertaining to dex- 

deztrogyre, a. dextrorotatory, dextrogsrrate. 

deztooracémique, a. dextrotartaric, ^-tartaric. 

dezteorsum, a. & adv. clockwise, from left to 
right, (Bot.) dextrorse. 

dextoose, /. dextrose. 

dg., abbrev. (decigramme) decigram. 

dial>ase, /. (Petrog.) diabase. 

diabète, m. (Med.) diabetes. 

diallétique, a., m. & f. (Med.) diabetic. 

dialiétoniètre, m. diabetometer. 

diable, m. devil; specif., a machine for tearing 
rags, for kneading rubber or for opening 
wool; a barrow or truck, as one for taking 
glass pots to the furnace. 
à la — , badly, wretchedly. 

diacatholicon, m. (Old Pharm.) diacatholicon. 

diacaustique, a. & m. diacaustic. 

diaoétate, m. diacetate. 

diacétylénique, a. diacetylenic, containing two 
triple bonds. 

diachylon, diacliylum, m. (Pharm.) diachy- 
lon, diachylum. 

dlacode, m. (Pharm.) diacodion, diacodium. 

diagnose, /. diagnosis. 

diagnostique, a. diagnostic. 

diagnostiquer, v.t. diagnose, diagnosticate. 
dlagomètre, m. diagometer. 
dlagométrie, /. diagometry. 
diagométrique, a. diagometric. 
dii^onal, a. diagonal. 
diagonale, /. diagonal. 

en — , diagonally. 
diagonalement, adv. diagonally. 
diagramme, /. diagram. 
dlagrède, m. (Old Pharm.) diagrydium. 
dialcool, m. dialcohol, diacid alcohol. 
dialdéhyde, m. dialdehyde. 
diallage, m. (Min.) diallage. 
diallagique, a. (Min.) diallagic. 
diaUyle, m. biallyl, diallyl, 1,5-hexadiene. 
dialysable, a. dialyzable. 
dialyse, /. dialysis. 
dialyser, v.t. & i. dialyze. 
dialyseur, m. dialyzer. — a. dialyzing. 
dialytique, a. dialytic. 
diamagnétlque, a. diamagnetic 
dlanu^nétisme, m. diamagnetism. 
dlamagnétomètre, m. diamagnetometer. 
diamant, m. diamond. 

— à rabot, glazier's diamond. 

— brut, rough diamond. 

— brut de Ceylan, zircon, used as a gem. 

— de vitrier, glazier's diamond. 

— taHU, cut diamond. 

diamantaire, a. diamond, brilliant. — m. 
diamond cutter. 

diamante, a. glittering, glistening, sparkling. 

diamantifère, a. diamantiferous. 

diamantin, a. diamantine. 

diamantine, /. diamantine (a polishing pow- 

diamétral, a. diametral, diametric (al). 

diamétralement, adv. diametrically. 

diamètre, m. diameter. 

— extérieur, outside diameter. 

— intérieur, inside diameter. 
diamine, a. diaminated, diamino. 
diamino-aclde, m. diamino acid. 
diamylique, a. diamyl. 

Diane, /. (Old Chem.) Diana, silver. 

diaphane, a. diaphanous, translucent, trans- 

diaphanéité, /. diaphaneity, - translucency, 

diaphor^, /. diaphoresis. 

diaphorétique, a. àt m. diaphoretic. 

diaphragme, m. diaphragm. 

diaphragmé, a. having a diaphragm. 

diargentique, a. disilver. 

diarrhée, /. (Med.) diarrhea. 

diaspore, m. (Min.) diaspore. 

diastase, /. diastase; (in general) enzyme. 

diastasique, a. diastatic, diastasic; ^|uymic. 

diathermane, a. diathermic, diathernmaous. 

dlathermanéité, /. diathermaneity. 




dlathermansie, /. diathermancy. 

diatomée, /. (BoL) diatom. 

diatomicité, /. diatomicity. 

dlatomlqae» a. diatomic. 

dlazlmlde» /. diazoimine, diazoimide. 

dladne» /. diazine. 

diazo, m. diazo compound. 

diasoaeétique, a. diasoacetic. 

dlazobenzene, dlasobensol, m. diazobenzene. 

dlasocomposé, m. diazo compound. 

dlazo-dérivé» m. diazo derivative. 

dlaso-lmldé» a. diazoimino, diazoimido. 

dlazcrilque, a. diazo. — m. diazo compound. 

dlazométhane, m. diazomethane. 

dlaBonaphtalène, m. diazonaphthiJene. 

dlasophénol, m. diazopbenol. 

diazotable, a. diazotizable. 

dlazotant» p.a. diazotizing. 

dlazotatlon, /. diazotization. 

dlazot^f v.t diazotize. 

dlazoture, m. dinitride. 

dlbenzyle, m. bibenzyl, dibenzyl. 

dlcalciqne, a. dicalcium, dicalcic. 

dlcarbonlque, a. {Org. Chem.) dicarbozylio. 

dlearbonylê, a. containing two oarbonyl 
groups, dicarbonyl. 

dleétone, /. diketone. 

dleétonlqne, a. diketo, diketonic. 

dlehloré» a. dichloro. 

dlehroé, a. having two colors, bicolor, dichro- 

dlchrolde, a. dichroîc. 

dlchrolsme» m. dichroism. 

dichrolte, m. (Min.) dichroite (iolite). 

dlchromatlqiie, a. dichromatic. 

dicotylédone, dicotylédoné, a. dicotyle- 

dicrésyle» m. bicresyl, dicresyl (when used of 
the compound CHsCeHiCsHiCHi it is bet- 
ter translated hitolyl). 

dlctame, m. {Bot.) dittany, specif, the fraadn- 
ella {Dictamnus albus). 

— de Crête, Cretan dittany (Amaracus dic- 
tatnnus) . 

dieter, v.t. & i. dictate. 
dlettonnalre, m. dictionary. 

— de chimie, dictionary of chemistry. 
didyme, m. didymium. 

dièdre, o. dihedral. — m. dihedron. 
diéleetrique, a. & m. dielectric. 
diélectrolyse, /. (Med.) dielectrolysis. 
diète, /. diet. 

— ladée, milk diet. 

diététique, o. dietetic (al). — /.dietetics. 
diététiquenient, adt. dietetically. 
dléthylé, a. diethylated. diethyl. 
dléthylénlque, a. diethylenic, diethylene. 
dlétliî|||ue, a. diethyl. 
dlen, m. god; (cap.) God. 
dlfmrenZy a. diferrous. 

différé, p.a. deferred, delayed, postponed. 
difléremment, adv. differently. 
différence, /. difference. 

à\a — de, differently from, contrary to. 

— iinie, fundamental difference. 
différenciation, /. differentiation. 
différencia, t.t. differentiate, distinguish. 

— v.r. be differentiated, differ. 

différend, m. difference, dispute. 

différent, a. different. 

differentiation, /. differentiation. 

différentiel, a. differential. 

différentielle, /. differential. 

différentler, v.i. differentiate. 

différer, ».«. defer, delay, postpone. — t».r. be 
deferred, be put off. — t.i. differ; delay. 

difficile, a. difficult. — m. difficulty. 

dlfflcliement, adv. difficultly, with difficulty. 

difficulté, /. difficulty; difference, dispute. 
sans — , without difficulty, readily; undoubt- 
edly; willingly. 

difforme, a. deformed. 

dlffhicter, v.i. diffract. 

diffkiuïtlf, a. diffractive. 

diffhiction, /. diffraction. 

diffkis, a. diffuse. 

diffuser, v.i. diffuse. 

diffkiseur, m. diffuser. 

diffùsibUlté, /. diffusibiUty. 

diffusible, a. diffusible. 

diffùsif, a. diffusive. 

diffusion, /. diffusion. 

digérable, a. digestible. 

digérer, v.t. A i. digest. — v.r. be digested. 

dlgesté, m. a product obtained by digestion 
with some solvent. 

dlgesteur, m. digester. — a. digestive. 

— continu, continuous digester, siphon ex- 

digestlbilité, /. digestibility. 

digestible, a. digestible. 

digestif, a. <k m. digestive. 

digestion, /. digestion. 

digitate, /. {Bot. & Pharm.) digitalis, foxglove. 

— d'Espagne, Digitalis thapsi. 

— officinale, — pourprée, common or official 
foxglove {Digitalis purpura). 

digitaline, /. digitalin. 

digitozlne, /. digitoxin. 

digne, a. worthy; dignified. 

dignement, adv. worthily, deservedly, suit- 

dignité, /. dignity. 

digresser^ v.i. digress. 

digression, /. digression. 

dig^e, /. dam, dike; obstacle, barrier. 

diguer, v.t. dam, dike. 

dihak^éné, a. dihalogenated, dihalo, dihalo-. 

dihexahèdre, a. (Min/T^dihjexahedral. — m. 
dihexahedron. ^^ by V^TTC ^ 




dOiydnte, m. dihydrate. 
— de tiribenthène, terpinol hydrate, terpin 
dltaydrobeniène» m. dihydrobensene, cyclo- 

dltaydiogénë» a. dihydrogenated, dihydro. 

dlhydrorésorclne, /. dihydroresorcinol. 

dltaydrure» m. dihydride. 

dliodé» a. diiodo. 

dllodhydrate, m. dihydriodide. 

dIJoiiiials» a. of or pertaining to Dijon, a city 

of Burgundy. 
dOOh m. (Bot.) dika. 
dUacérateur, a. {Expl.) rending, shattering, 

dllJMérer, v.t. rend, tear, tear up. 
dilatabilité, /. expansibility; dilatability. 
dilatable, a. expansible; dilatable. 
dilatant, p. a. expanding; dilating, distending. 

— m. (Afed.) dilator. 
dilatation, /. expansion; dilation. , 
dilater, v.t et r. expand; dilate, distend. 
dilation, /. delay, postponement. 
dilemme, m. dilemma. 
diligence, /. diligence; promptness, despatch. 
diligent, a. diligent; prompt. 
dfllgenter, v.t. press, push. — v.t. d: r. hasten. 
dflué, p.a. diluted, dilute. 
dfluer, v.t. dilute. — v.r. be diluted. 
dUuteur, a. diluting, diluent. 
dilution, /. dilution. 
diluvial, dUuYlen, a. diluvial, diluvian. 
diluvium, m. {Qeol.) diluvium. 
dimanche, m. Sunday. 
dime, /. tithe, tenth; dime (the coin). 
dimension, /. dimension. 
dimensionner, v.t. proportion. 
dlmereure-ammonlum, m. dimercurammo- 

nium; specif. dimercuriammonium(HgtN). 
dimère, m. dimer. 
dlméthylarsinique, a. dimethylarsinic (caco- 

dlméthylbenzène, m. dimethylbensene, xy- 
diméthylcétone, /. dimethyl ketone (methyl 

ketone, acetone). 
diméthylé, a. dimethylated, dimethyl. 
dlmethyUque, a. dimethyl. 
dlmlnuw, v.t. <k i. diminish. 
diminution, /. diminution. 
dimorphe, a. dimorphous, dimorphic. 
dlmorphisme, m., dlmorphle,/. dimorphism. 
dinand^le, /. a kind of brassware formerly 

made in Belgium and elsewhwe. 
dlnaphtyle, m. binaphthyl,^dinaphthyl. 
dindon, m. turkey. 
diner, m. dinner. — v.t. dine. 
dlnltré, a. dinitro. 
dlnltnMSé, a. dinitroso. 
dlnltrofloréflorclne, /. dinitrosoresorcinol. 

dloctaèdre, a. iMin.) dioctahedral. 

dloggot, diogot, m. (Leather) daggett. 

dionlne, /. (Phann.) dionin, dionine. 

dloptase, /. (JIf in.) dioptase. 

dioptrique, a. dioptric(al). — /. dioptrics. 

diorite, /. (Petroo.) diorite. 

dlorltique, a. dioritic. 

dioxindol, m. dioxindole (3-hydroxyoxindole). 

dioxy** dioxy-; dihydro^-. (See note under 

dioxybutjrrique, a. dihydroxybutyric. 

dlozypnrine, /. dioxypurine (purinedione). 

dioxyquinone, /. dihydroxyquinone. 

dioxjrtartrlque, a. dihydroxytartario. 

dipentène, m. dipentene, inactive limonene. 

dipeptlde, n. dipeptide. 

diphasé, a. diphasé, diphasic, two-phase. 

dlphénoi, m. diphenol. 

dlphénolique, a. diphenolic. 

dlphénylacétjiène, m. diphenylaoetylenet 

dlphéni^mlne^ /. diphenylamine. 

dipiiényicarblnol, m. diphenylcarbinol (ben- 

dipiiényieétone, /. diphenyl ketone (phenyl 
ketone, benzopbenone). 

diphényle, m. biphenyl, d^phenyL 

diphénylglyoxal, m. diphenylglyoxal (benxil). 

diphtérie, /. diphtheria. 

diphtérique, dlphtérltlque, a. diphtheritic, 

dlpicoUque, a. dipicolinie. 

dlpioèdre, m. (Cryat.) diplohedron, diploid. 

dipioédrique, a. (Cryet.) diplohedral. 

dli^mblque, a. diplumbic. 

dipiftme, m. diploma. 

diplômé, m. holder of a diploma. , 

dipropylique, a. dipropyl. 

dipyridyie, m. bipyridyl, dipyridyl, bipyri- 

dire, v.t. say; tell; speak; predict. — v.r. be 

said, be told, be spoken; profess to be. 

— m. saying, say, words, statement, oinn- 


c'estrà — , that is to say, that is. 

comme qui dirait^ as one would say, as much 

as to say, the equivalent of. 
en — , reproach (but, si le coeur voue endit^ii 
you like it). 

direct, a. direct. 

directement, adv. directly. 

directeur, m. director, manager, superintend- 
ent. — a. directing; (fig.) guiding. 

directif, a. directive. 

direction, /. direction; management, adminis- 
tration; branch, department (of adminis- 
tration) ; directorship, managership, super- 
intendency; steering gear. 

directrice, /. directrix. -^. dt a^ fern, of 







dirent, v.def. S pi. of dire. 

diriseable» a. <t m. dirigible. 

dlriser» v.^ direct; manage, conduct. 

dis, pr. & Tp.def. î & 2 sing, of dire (to say). 

disaeciiailde, n. disaccharide. 

disant, of dire. 

disABOique, a. disazo. — m. disazo compound. 

disbroder, v.t. wash (silk) after dyeing. 

discernable, a. discernible. 

discerner, v.t. discern. — v.r. be discerned. 

discoïde, discoldal, a. discoid, discoidal. 

discoiore, a. discolor, bicolor, bicolored. 

discontinu, a. discontinuous; (EUc.) intermit- 

discontinuation, /. discontinuance, discontin- 

discontinuer, v.t. & i. discontinue. — v.r. be 

discontinuité, /. discontinuity. 

disconvenance, /. disproportion, incongruity. 

disconvenir, v.t. be unsuitable; deny. 

discordance, /. discordance. 

discordant, a. discordant. 

discorder, v.%. be discordant. 

discourir, v.t. discourse; talk. 

discours, m. discourse, speech. 

discrédit m. discredit. -- — ' 

discret, a. discreet. 

discrétion, /. discretion. 
à — , at discretion, at will. 

discussion, /. discussion. 

discutable, a. debatable, questionable. 

discuter, v.t. discuss. — v.r. be discussed. 

disent, pr. S pi. indie. & suhj. of dire. 

diSOTt, a. fluent (of speech), eloquent. 

disette, /. dearth. 

disgracieux, a. awkward; ungracious. 

disjoignant, p.p. of disjoindre. 

disjoindre, v.t. disjoin, separate. — v.r. be 
disjoined, become separated, come apart. 

disjoint, -p.a. disjoined, separated, disjunct. 

disjoncteur, m. disjunctor; specif., {Elec.) cir- 
cuit breaker, cut-out. 

disjonction, /. separation, disjunction. 

dislocation, /. dislocation; dismemberment. 

disloquer, v.t. dislocate; disjoint, dismember. 

disodê, a. (Org. Chem.) containing two atoms of 
sodium, disodium, disodio-. 

diSodique, a. disodium. 

disomose, /. (Min.) gersdorffite, nickel glance. 

disparaissant, p.a. disappearing; transient, 

disparaître, v.i. disappear. 

disparité, /. disparity. 

disparition, /. disappearance. 

disparu, p.p. of disparaître. — a. missing, 

dispendieux, a. expensive, costly. 

dispensable, a. dispensable. 

dispensaire, m. dispensary. 

dispensât 1. 1. dispense; dififuse (light); ex* 
cuse, exempt, dispense with. — v.r. be 
dispensed; dispense (with). 

dispenseur, m. (Optics) dififuser. 

disperser, v.t. disperse. — v.r. be dispersed; 

dispersif, a. dispersive. 

disperdon, /. dispersion. 

disponibilité, /. availability, disposability. 

disponible, a. available, disposable. 

dispos, a. active, lively, sprightly. 

disposé, p.a. disposed. 

disposa, v.t. di^>ose; arrange; place in posi- 
tion. — v.i. dispose (of). — v.r. be dis- 
posed or arranged; prepare. 

dispositif, m. arrangement (as of apparatus); 
device; disposition; (of a law) enacting part. 

disposition, /. disposition; arrangement. 

disproportionné, p.a. dbproportionate. 

disproportionnel, a. disproportional. 

disproportionellement, adv. disproportion- 

disproportionnément, adv. disproportion- 

disproportionné, v.t. disproportion. 

dispute, /. dispute; disputation. 

disputer, v.i. dispute; contend. — v.t. dis- 
pute; contend with. 

disque, m. disk, disc. 

disruptif, a. disruptive. 

dissécable, a. diasectible. 

dissection, /. dissection. 

dissemblable, a. dissimilar, tmlike. 

dissemblablement, adv. dissimilarly. 

dissemblance, /. dissimilarity, unlikeness. 

dissemblant, p.a. dissimilar, imlike. 

disséminateur, a. disseminating. 

^ssémination, /. dissemination. 

disséminer, v.t. disseminate. 

dissentir, v.i. dissent. 

disséquer, v.t. dissect. 

dissertation, /. dissertation. 

dissimilarité, /. dissimilarity. 

dissipation, /. dissipation. 

dissiper, v.<. dissipate; divert. — v.r. disd- 
pate, be dissipated. 

dissociabilité, /. dissociability. 

dissociable, a. dissociable. 

dissociation, /. dissociation. 

dissocia, v.t. & r. dissociate. 

dissoiubilité, /. dissolvability, dissolvableness; 

dissoluble, a. dissolvable; dissoluble. 

dissoluté, m. solution. 

dissolutif, a. dissolvent, solvent. 

dissolution, /. solution; specif., a solution of 
caoutchouc used as a cement; dissolution. 

dissolvant, a. dissolving, dissolvent, solvent. 
— m. solvent, (less commonly) dissolvent. 

dissolvent, pr. 3 pi. indie, dk subj. of dissoudre. 




1. 1. dissolve. — v.r. dissolve; be 

dissous» p.a. dissolved. 
dissout» pr. S 8vng. of dissoudre. 
dissoute, a. fem. of dissous. 
dissymétrique» a. asymmetneiaa), unssrmmet- 

rioal, (leas commonly) dissymetrical. 
distance» /. distance. 

— expionvet (Expl.) striking distance, radius 
of effect. 

dtstanhexétiiyle» m. hezaethyldistannane, 

distannique, a. distannio. 
distant» a. distant. 
distendre» v.t. & r. distend. 
distendu» p.a. distended. 
distension» /. distention. 
distliène» m. (Afin.) disthene (cyanite). 
distiHabie» a. distillable. 
distillateur» m. distiller. 
distHlateur-liquoriste» m. liqueur maker. 
distHlateur-iNÎrftimeur» m. perfume distiller. 
distillation» /. distillation. 

— fractionnée^ fractional distillation. 

— êèchet dry distillation. 
distDIatoire» a. distilling, distillatory. 
distmatum» m. distillate. 
distiller, v.t., i. dk r. distill. 
distillerie, /. distillery; distilling. 
distinct, a. distinct. 
distinctement, adv. distinctly. 
distinctlf» a. distinctive. 
distinction, /. distinction. 
dlstlnetivement» adv. distinctively. 
distingué» p.a. distinguished. 
distinguer» v.t. & i. distinguish. — v.r. be dis- 
tinguished; distinguish oneself. 

distordre» v.t. distort. 

distordu, distors, a. distorted. 

distorsion, /. distortion. 

distraire, v.t. distract: divert. 

distrayant, of distraire. 

distribuer, v.t. distribute. — v.r. be distrib- 
uted; (of liquids, etc.) flow. 

distributeur, m. distributor, distributer; car- 
rier; (of steam) regulator. — a. distrib- 
uting; supply, feed. 

dlstributif, a. distributive. 

distribution, /. distribution; delivery, issue; 
valve gear (for steam). 

distributlvement, adv. distributively. 

disulfoconfugué, a. disulfonated, disulfo. 

dlsulfoné, a. disulfonated, disulfo. 

dlsulfoner, v.t. disulfonate. 

dit, pr. S sing., p.def. S sing. & p.p. of dire (to 
say). — p.a. said; told; spoken; called. 

ditartrique, a. ditartaric 

ditérébénlque, a. diterpene. 

ditertlalre, a. ditertiary. 

dlthlonlque, a. dithiooio. 

dlthymol bllodé. {Pharm.) dithymol diiodide, 
thymol iodide. 

dlto, adv. ditto. 

dlui^se, /. {Med.) diuresis. 

diurétique, a. & m, {Med.) diuretic. 

dlume» a. diurnal, daily. 

divagua» v.t. wander, ramble. 

divalent» a. bivalent, diviJent. 

dlveDent» a. divellent, drawing asunder (Qba.), 

divergence» /. divergence, divergency. 

divergent» p,a. diverging, divergent. 

diverge, v.i, diverge. 

divors, a. various, different, diverse. . 

diversement, adv. variously, differently, di- 

diversifier» v.t. diversify. 

division, /. diversion. 

diversité,/, diversity; variety. 

divwtlr, v.t. divert. — v.r. be diverted. 

dividende, m. dividend. 

dlvldlvl, m. divi-divi {CœMlpinia species). 

divisé, p.a. divided; finely divided, powdered. 

divlsément, adv. dividedly, separately. 

diviser, v.t. divide; specif., divide flinely, pow- 
der. — v.r. divide, be divided. 

diviseur, m. divider; {Maih.) divisor; {Mach.) 
dividing plate. — a. dividing. 

dlvlslblUté, /. divisibiUty. 

divisible, a. divisible. 

division, /. division. 

divisionnaire, a. divisional, divisionary. 

dix, a. <k m. ten; tenth. 

dlx-hult, a. ék m. eighteen; eighteenth. 
in — , eighteenmo, 18-mo. 

dix-huitième, a. A m. eighteenth. 

dixième, a. <k m. tenth. 

au — , (of solutions) ten per cent. 

dlx-neuf, a. dk m. nineteen; nineteenth. 

dlx-neurième, a. dt m. nineteenth. 

dlx-sept, a. dk m. seventeen; seventeenth. 

dix-septième, a. dk m. seventeenth. ' 

dlxylyle, m. bixylyl, dixylyl. 

dlsalne, /. ten, a total of ten or about ten. 
une — de, ten, about ten. 
une — d'années, a decade. 

dl., (ibhrev. (décilitre) deciliter(s). 

dm., dbbrev. (décimètre) decimeter(s). 

ûïïa% dm', abbrev. (décimètre carré) square 

dodmasie, /. docimasy; specif., assaying. 

doclmasiste, m. assayer. 

docimastlque, a. docimastic(al) ; specif., per- 
taining to assaying. 

docte, a. learned. — m. learned man. 

docteur, m. doctor. 

doctorat, m. doctorate, degree of doctor. 

document, m. document. 

documentaire, a. documentary. 

documenter, v.t. document, base on documen- 
tary evidence, support by citations. 




dodécaèdref m. (Cryat.) dodecahedron. 

— rfiombckdal, rhombic dodecahedron. 
dodéeaédrlque, a. dodecahedral. 
doigt, m. finger; toe; (Astr&n.) digit. 

à deux doigta de, within an ace of, within a 
hair's breadth of. 

— annulaire, ring finger. 

— auriculaire, little finger. 

— du milieu, middle finger. 

— indicateur, index finger, forefinger. 

— majeur, middle finger. 
petit — , little finger. 

doigtler, m. finger stall, finger cot; (Bot.) 
common foxglove {Digitaiia purpurea). 

— de caoutchouc, rubber finger stall. 
doisll» m. spigot hole; spigot. 

dolt, pr. 3 sing, of devoir. — m. debtor, Dr., 
debit side. 

doive» pr. S sing. aubj. of devoir; should, ought. 

doivent, pr. S pi. iridic. & aubj. of devoir. 

dolage, m. smoothing, etc. (see doler). 

doler, v.t. smooth G:>y cutting), shave; bufif, 
shck Geather, etc.) ; dress (wood) with an 

dolérlte, /. (Petrog.) dolerite. 

dolérltlque, a. (Petrog.) doleritic. 

dolomie, dolomite, /. (Min.) dolomite. 

dolomitlque, a. dolomitio. 

domaine, m. domain; property; power. 

dôme, m. dome. 

domestique, a. domestic. 

dominant, a. dominant. 

dominer, v. t. dominate; be above, overlook. 
— v.i. dominate, rule, predominate; rise 

donmii^;e, m. damage. 
c'eat — , it is a pity. 

dommageable, a. detrimental, injurious. 

dompte-venin, m. (Bot.) swallowwort, white 
swallowwort (Cynanchum vincetoxicum) . 

don, m. gift. 

done, conj. therefore, then, so, now. 

donnée, /. datum, known quantity; informa- 
tion; idea. — pi. données, data. 

donner, v.t. give; attribute, ascribe, assign, 
fix; apply; bid. — v.r. be given; give one- 
self up; bi^ oneself; have; be published; 
be fought. — v.i. give; yield, bear; hit, 
strike; run; fall; fight. 

— à la grille, clean or rake the grate. 

— du cÂne, taper. 

— du froid, (Metal.) slacken the fire. 

— du riaidu, leave a residue. 

— la chaude à, (Metal.) heat (esp. to redness). 

— tapresnqn, apply pressure, turn on pressure. 

— le vent, turn on the blast, blow. 

— naiaaance à, give rise to, produce. 

— aur, open upon, overlook; censure. 

— vent à, admit air to; give vent to. 
donneur, m. giver, donor; guarantor. | 

dont, pron. of whom, of which, whose, whereof; 
ft'om whom, from which; with whom, with 
which, etc. (aeede). 

dorage, m. gilding. 

doré, p.a. gilded, gilt (specif., gold-plated, as 
weights) ; golden. — m. gilding. 

dorénavant, adv. henceforth, hereafter, in the 

dorer, v.t. gild. — v.r. be gilded, become golden. 

doreur, m. gilder. 

dormant, a. fixed, standing, fast, dead; dor- 
mant, sleeping; (of water) stagnant. — m. 
sleeper; post; (fixed) frame. 

dormir, v.i. sleep; (of water) be still, be stag- 
nant; (of fire) smolder. 

dormit, p.def. 3 sing, of dormir. 

dormitlf, a. A m. (Med.) dormitive, soporific. 

dort, pr. S aing. of dormir. 

dorure, /. gilding. 

— à mordant, pigment gilding. 

— au feu, hot gilding, dry gilding. 

— au mercure, — au aauté, amalgam gUding. 

— au trempé, wet gilding. 

— électrochimique, electrogilding. 

— galvanique, electrogilding, electroplating 
with gold. 

— par immersion, wet gilding. 
dos, m. back; ridge. 

dosable, a. determinable; in proper propor- 

dosage, m. determination; preparation, mix- 
ture (using the proper proportions); pro- 
portion, proportions (of ingredients in a 
mixture); (Wine) dosage, liqueuring; 
(Med.) dosage. 
au — , properly proportioned or constituted. 

dose, /. proportion, amount; dose. 

doser, v.t. determine; prepare, mix or pr(^K>r- 
tion properly; fill or furnish with a meas- 
ured quantity; (Wine) dose, liqueur; 
(Med.) dose. — v.r. be determined, etc. 

doseur, m. determiner; preparer; r^^ulator; 
doser (of wine or medicine). — a. (Med.) 

dosimétrie, /. (Med.) dosimetry. 

doslmétrlque, a. dosimetric. 

dossier, m. file, papers; back (as of a chair). 

doter, v.t. endow. 

douane, /. custom, duty; customhouse. 

douanier, m. customhouse officer. — a. of 
customs, custom. 

douara, n. pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoideum), 

doublage, m. doubling, etc. (see doubler). 

double, a. double; duplicate. — m. double; 
duplicate; copy; thickness (as of paper). 
— adv. double. 
à — effect, double-effect, double-aoting. 
à — fond, double-bottomed, 
d — voie, double-way. 

- liaison, double bond. 





doublât P.a. doubled, etc. (see doubler). — m. 

plated ware, plate. 
doaUe-fond, m. double bottom. 
doublement, m. doubling, etc. (see doubler). 

— adv. doubly. 
double-pesée, /. double weighing, 
doubler, e.e. double; fold; line, sheath; (Glass) 

flash, coat with a film of colored glass. 

— v.r. be doubled, etc. — v.i. double. 
doublet, m. doublet. 

doubleur, m. doubler, etc. (see doubler) ; maker 
of plated ware; {Sugar) part of a cane mill; 
(in a rolling mill) passer, catcher. 

doubUer, m. (Calico) doubler (thick cloth be- 
neath the fabric and the coursier). 

doublure, /. lining; scaling, scale (as a defect 
in metals); incomplete welding or solder- 

dou$âtre, a. sweetish. 

douce, a. fern, of doux. 

douee-amère, /. bittersweet (Solanum dulca- 

doueefttre, a. sweetish. 

doueement, adv. sweetly, softly, etc. (see 

doucereux, a. sweetish, insipidly sweet. — m. 
sweetifiîiness, insipidity. 

doueette, /. an inferior quality of soda ash; 
(Soap) a solution of potassium carbonate; 
(fiot.) com salad (ValerianeUa). 

douceur,/, sweetness, softness, etc. (see doux). 
en — , gently, mildly; by d^prees. 

douche, /. douche. 

doud, m. grinding (as of glass or a gem). 

— p.p. of doucir. 

doudr, v.t. grind, smooth by grinding (as glass). 
douclssase, m. fine grinding, grinding smooth. 
doué, p.a. endowed (with), possessed (of). 
dou^, v.t. endow. 

doulfle,/. socket; stem (of a funnel); neck (of 
a bell jar with top opening); sleeve; eye; 
(Afacft.) box, bushing, bush; case. 
douillet, a. soft, tender, delicate. 
doulllon, m. wool of inferior quality. 
douleur, m. pain. 
douloureusement, adv. painfully. 
douloureux, a. painful; sore; sorrowful. 
dourlne, /. (Med.) dourine (disease of horses). 
dousU, m. spigot hole; spigot. 
doute, m. doubt. 

hors de — , beyond doubt, undoubtedly. 
aans — , without doubt, undoubtedly, no 
doubt, probably. 
douter, v.i. doubt. — v.r. suspect, have a sus- 
— dc, doubt, distrust. 
' douteusement, adv. doubtfully. 
douteux, a. doubtful. 

douve,/, stave; ditch; fluke, flukeworm; (BoO 
spearwort (Ranunculiis species). 

Douvres, n. Dover. 

doux, a. sweet; soft; gentle; mild; smooth; 

easy; (of wine, etc.) unfermented; (of 

water) fresh; (of steel, etc.) mild. — adv. 

sweetly, softly, gently, etc. — m. sweet, 

soft, gentle,'etc. 
douzaine, /. dozen. 
douse, a. <fc m. twelve; twelfth. 
douslème, a. & m. twelfth. 
douiil, m. spigot hole; spigot. 
doyen, m. dean; elder, senior. 
Dr, abbrev. (Docteur) Doctor, Dr. 
drachme, /. dram (the weight) ; drachma. 
dragage, m. dredging; dragging. 
drage, /. brewer's grains. 
dragée, /. bonbon; sugarplum; small shot. 

— pharmaceutique, pharmaceutical lozenge. 
drageoire, /. groove. 

dragon, m. dragon; spot in a diamond; 

dragonnler, m. dragon tree (Dracœna draco), 
drague, /. dredge, dredger; drag; brewer's 

draguw, v.t. dredge; drag. 
dn^;uenr, m. dredger. 
drain, m. drain; drain tile. 
drainage, m. drainage, draining. 
drap, m. cloth; sheet (for a bed). 

— maléfique = malfil. 
drapant, m. (Paper) pressing board. 
drapeau, m. flag. 

drapw, v.t. make (a fabric) into finished cloth 
by fulling, dressing, etc.; drape; censure. 

drap^le, /. cloth manufacture; drapery, cloth 
(esp. woolen stuffs) ; drapery, cloth selling. 

draplw, m. draper, cloth seller. — a. cloth. 

drastique, a. drastic. — m. (Med.) drastic, 
strong purgative. 

drayage, m. (Leather) shaving, buffing. 

drayer, v.t. (Leather) shave, buff (with a knife 
or emery wheel to equalize the thickness). 

drayolre, /. shaving knife, currier's knife. 

drayure, /. shaving (of hide). 

drèche, /. (often pU drèches) spent wash,' 
slops, the residue left after distilling starchy 
materials (as grain, potatoes; cf. vinasse); 
spent malt, brewer's grains; (\eaa often) 

Dresde, m. Dresden. 

dressi^^, m. dressing, etc. (see dresser). 

dressé, p.a. dressed, etc. (see dresser). 

dressement, m. dressing, etc. (see dresser). 

dresser, v.t. dress; straighten, level, smooth; 
set, set up, arrange; erect, raise; train; 
draw up. 

dressoir, m. something for dressing or straight- 
ening or leveling, dresser, straightening rod, 
etc.; table, sideboard, dresser. 

drlUe, /. drill, bit, borer; APapa^j 

dri^^e, /. drugDigitized by * ^^ 




drogua» v.t. drug. 

dn^^erie» /. drugs; drug trade; drug shop. 

droguiste» m. & f. druggist, dealer in drugs. 

— a. drug, dealing in drugs. 

droit, m. right; law; duty, toll; fee. — o. 
right; straight; upright; (Org. Chem.) 
right-handed, deztro. — adv. right; up- 
right, perp^idicularly. 

à bon — , with good reason, justly. 

d€ — , rightful; rightfully. 

— de douane, customs duty. 

— d'entrée, import duty. 

— protecteur, protective duty, protective 

droite, /. right line, straight line; right hand, 

droitement, adv. rightly, justly, judiciously. 
drOle, a. amusing, funny, droU. 
dropax, m. (Pharm.) dropaz. 
drousser, v.t. scribble (wool). 
dm, a. thick, crowded; brisk, lively, vigorous. 

— adv. thickly. 
druse, /. (Afin.) druse. 

da. Contraction of de le, of the, from the, in 

the, some, etc. (see de). 
dû, p.p. ék p.a. (from devoir), due, owing, owed, 

ought. — m. due. 
Ua — aUer, he has had to go; he must have 

tZ aurait — savoir, he ought to have known. 
dnaline, /. dualin (a kind of dynamite). 
dualisme, m. dualism. 
dualiste, a. dualistic — m. dualist. 
dualistique, a. dualistic. 
dulioisine, /. duboisine. 
due, m. duke; owl (of certain kinds). 
dueiié, m. duchy, dukedom. 
ductile, duetible, a. ductile. 
duetUlmètee, m. ductilimeter. 
ductilité, /. ductiUty. 
duitage, m, weft, woof. 
dulte, /. weft thread, weft yam. 
dulcamarlne, /. dulcamarin. 
dulclfiant, p.a. dulcifying. — m. duloifier. 
dulclflcatlon, /. (Qld Chem.) dulcification. 
duiciflOT, v.t, {(Hd Chem.) dulcify (sweeten, free 

from acidity, bitterness, or the like). 
dulclne, /. dulcin. 
dulcltane» /. dulcitan. 
daldte»/. dulcitpl, dulcite. 
dûment^ adv. duly. 
Dunkerque, n. Dunkirk. 
dupUcato, m. duplicate. 
dupUcailon, /. duplication. 
duplicité, /. doublenees; duplicity. 

duquel. Contraction of de lequel, of whom, oi 
which, of the which, from whom, from 
which, etc. (see de). 

dur, a. hard; harsh, rough; stiff; hardened, 
inured. — adv. hard ; stoutly. — m. hard. 

durabilité, /. durability, durableness. 

durable, a. durable. 

durablement,' adv. durably. 

duralnmlne, /. duralumin. 

duramen» m. (Bot.) duramen, heartwood. 

durant, prep, during. — a. lasting, long. 

— que, during . . . that, while. 
durcir, v.t., i. & r. harden. 

— au feu, fire-harden. 
durdssage, m. hardening. 
durcissant, p.a. hardening. 
durcissement, m. hardening. 
durdsseur, a. hardening. — m. hardener. 
durée, /. duration, time, time interval; life. 
durelln, m. British oak (Quercus robur). 
durement, adv. hardly, hard; harshly. 
dure-mère, /. (AruU.) dura mater. 
durent, pr. 3 pi. indie. & eubj. of durer. — p. 

def. S pi. of devoir. 
durer, v.i. last, endure, continue, remain. 
dureté, /. hardness, etc. (see dur) ; callosity. 
durHlon, m. callosity; specif., com. 
dut, p.def. S sing, of devoir. 
duvet, m. down; (of cloth) nap. 
duveteux, duveté, a. downy. 
dyke, m. (Geol.) dike, dyke. 
dynanuignlte, /. dynamagnite, Hercules pow- 

dyname, dynamic, m. a unit of work, ICXX) 

dynamique, a. dynamic(al). — /. dynamics. 
dynamitage, m. dynamiting. 
dynamite, /. dynamite. 
dynamltoie, /. dynamite factory. 
dynamiteur, m. dynamite maker; dynamite 

handler; dynamite. 
dynamil^tee, /. dynamite magazine. 
dynamo, /. (Elec.) dsoiamo. 
dynamogène, m. (Expl.) dynamogen. 
dynamoplMMe, a. energy-producing (said of 

foods such as starch, sugar, fats). 
dyne, /. (Physics) dyne. 
dysentoie, /. (Med.) dysentery. 
dyslyslne, /. dyslysin. 
dyspnée, /. (Med.) dyspnea, dyspnoea. 
dysiffosium, m. dysprosium. 
dyssymétrie, /. dissymmetry, asjrmmetry. 
dyssymétrique, a. asymmetrical, unsymmet- 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


au» /. water; (pi., eaux) clear liquid, filtrate 
(as distinguished from precipitate) ; (often 
p2., eaux) liquor, liquid; aqueous extract; 
gloss; sweat; tears, 
d grande — , with excess of water. 

— à blanchir, whitewash. 

— acidulée, carbonated water, aerated water, 
charged water. 

— africaine «= eau d'Egypte. 

— alcaline, alkaline water, alkali water. 

— amidonnée, starch water, water containing 

— ardente, ardent spirit, distilled liquor (esp. 
brandy), eau de vie. 

— ^ à refroidir, cooling water. 

— aromatique, an aromatic distillate made 
from flowers, berries, leaves or the like 
macerated in water. 

— blanche, (Pharm.) lead water, diluted solu- 
tion of lead subacetate; bran mash. 

— bromée, bromine water. 

— calcaire, calcareous water, limewater 
(water containing calcium salts). 

— camphrée, (Pharm.) camphor water. 

— céleste, eau céleste (solution of cupric 
ammonium sulfate). 

— cémentatoire, (Mining) cement water 
(water containing metallic salts). 

— chaude, hot water. 

— chlorée, chlorine water. 

— daire, clear water. 

— courante, running water. 

— créosotée, (Pharm.) creosote water. 

— crue, hard water. 

— d* alimentation, feed water (as for boilers) ; 
drinking water. 

— d'amandes amèrea, {,Pharm.) bitter almond 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonia water, aqua 

— d'ammoniaque forte, (Pharm.) stronger 
ammonia water, aqua ammoniœ fortior. 

— d'aneth, (Pharm.) dill water. 

— d*ange, angel water (an old perfume). 

— d'anis, {Pharm.) anise water. 

— de baryte, baryta water. 

— de brome, bromine water. 

— de carottes, carrot water. 

— de chaux, limewater (solution of calcium 


I de Chine = eau d'Ég3i>te. 

— de chlore, chlorine water. 

— de chloroforme, (Pharm.) chloroform water. 

— de ciel, rain water. 

— de Cologne, cologne, Cologne water, eau de 

— de combinaison, combined water, water of 
constitution or combination (usually ap- 
plied to water not removed by ordinary 
drying at 100-120*). 

— de constitution, water of constitution. 

— de cristallisation, water of crystallization, 
crystal water. 

— de façonnage, (Ceram.) water which evapo- 
rates from the paste on exposure to dry 
air at ordinary temperature. 

— de fenouil, (Pharm.) fennel water. 

— de fleur d'oranger, orange-flower water. 

— de fontaine, well water, spring water. 

— de Goulard, (Pharm.) Goulard water. 

— d'Egypte, a solution of silver nitrate used 
for turning hair black. 

— de Javel, eau de Javel, Javel water. (The 
spelling Javelle is also used in French and 

— de Labarraque, Labarraque's solution (or 
fluid or liquor), eau de Labarraque. 

— de laitue, water distilled from lettuce, used 
as a mild sedative. 

— de la reine de Hongrie, (Pharm.) Hungary 

— de lavage, wash water. 

— de levure, yeast extract. 

— de Luce, (Old Pharm.) eau de luce (mixture 
of oil of amber, alcohol and ammonia, some- 
times with balm of Gilead added). 

-• de malt, malt extract, malt water. 

— de Mendererus = esprit de Mendererus, 
under esprit. 

— de menthe verte, (Pharm.) spearmint water. 

— de mer, sea water. 

— de mine, mine water. 

— de napfie(?), orange flower water. 

— dentifrice, tooth lotion, liquid dentifrice. 

— de Perse » eau d'Egypte. 

— de piment de la Jamaïque, (Pharm.) pi- 
mento water. 

— de pluie, rain water. 

— de puits, well water^^^ 

— de rase, -f^^i^gj^^^^arpentine. 




Ml de m, arrack (from rice); rice water. 

— de rose, rose water. 

— de savon, soapsuds. 

— de SeUz, Seltaer water; (in general) car- 
bonated water, aerated water, soda water. 

— de source, spring water. 

— de stroniiane, strontia water. 

— de toUeUe, toilet water. 

— de trempe, (Metal.) hardening water. 

— de vie, ■= eau-de-vie. 

— de vtUe, city water, tap water. 

— d'interposition, included water. 

— d'iode, iodine water, an aqueous solution 
of iodine. 

— distillée, distilled water. 

— distillée de cannelle, {Pharm.) cinnamon 

— distHUe de carvi, (Phartn.) caraway water. 

— distHlee de fleurs d'oranger, (Pharm.) 
orange flower water. 

— distillée de hamamelis, (Pharm.) hamamelis 
water, witchhasel extract. 

— distiÛée de laurier-cerise, (Pharm.) cherry- 
laurel water. 

— distillée de menthe poivrée, (Pharm.) pepper- 
mint watOT. 

— distHlée de rose, (Pharm.) rose water. 

— distillée de sureau, (Pharm.) elder-flower 

— divine de Femel, (Pharm.) yellow mercurial 

— dormante, stagnant water, still water. 

— douce, fresh (not salt) water; soft water. 

— dure, hard water. 

— ferrée, iron water, chalybeate water; water 
in which red-hot iron has been quenched. 

— ferrugineuse, iron water, chalybeate water. 

— fraîche, fresh (not stale) water; cool water. 

— froide, cold water. 

— gazeuse, water containing dissolved gases; 
specif., carbonated water, charged water, 
aerated water. 

— gazeuse simple, carbonic acid water, 
" plain soda." 

— glacée, ice watar. 

— hygrométrique, moisture, hygrométrie 
water (sometimes, specif., water remaining 
in a substance imder ordinary dry condi- 
tions but expelled by heating to 120** or 

— incrustante, hard water (producing an in- 
crustation in boilers). 

— magnésienne, (Pharm.) solution of mag- 
nesium carbonate, fluid magnesia. 

— médicinale, (Pharm.) water, medicated 

— mlhre, mother liquor. 

— minérale, minerai water. 

— oxygénée, hydrogen peroxide, oxygenated 

eao parfumée, scented water, perfumed water. 

— phagédénique, (Pharm.) yellow mercurial 
lotion, yellow wash. 

— phagédénique noire, (Pharm.) black mer- 
curial lotion, black wash. 

— phéniquée, a dilute aqueous solution of 
phenol, weak carbolic acid. 

— potable, potable water, drinking water. 

— régale, aqua regia, nitrohydrochloric acid. 

— rouiUée, water in which red-hot iron hag 
been quenched. 

— salée, salt water, specif, an aqueous solu- 
tion of sodium chloride. 

— saline, saline water. 

— saumâtre, brackish water. 

— seconde, weak nitric acid; lye water. 

— sédatif de RaspaU, (Pharm.) sedative 

— séléniteuse, a natural water containing cal- 
cium sulfate. 

— soulerraine, underground water. 

— sulfureuse, sulfur water. 

— teUurique, ground water, water which has 
been in contact with the earth as distin- 
guished from meteoric water (rain water, 
snow water). 

— thermal, thermal water, hot-spring water. 

— tombée, rainfall. 

— trouble, turbid water. 

— usée, waste water. 

— végéto-minérale, (Pharm.) Goulard water. 

— vitriolique, (Mining) water containing 
metallic sulfates, esp. copper sulfate. 

— vive, spring water. 

eatuc ammonicuxUes, ammoniacal liquor (from 
distillation of coal, wood, etc.) ; ammoniacal 
solution or filtrate. 

eaux d'égout, sewage. 

eaux des viUes, refuse water from cities. 

eaux faibles, (Tech.) a weak solution, e.g. one 
made by leaching sodium aluminate with 

eaux folles » eaux sauvages (below). 

eaux fortes, (Tech.) a strong solution, strong 

eaux grasses, water containing grease. 

eaux résiduaires, residual liquor (or liquid); 
waste waters (from mines or factories). 

eaux rouges, (Soda) red liquor. 

eaux sauvages, water that has run over the 
surface without penetrating the earth; sur- 
face water (in the narrow sense), flood 

eaux sures, (Starch) sour liquor. 

eatuc vannes, liquid manure obtained from 
urinals, privy vaults, etc.; specif., stale 
urine used as a source of ammonium 

/o^-.Ieak.^'*-^^ Google 




eaa-de-yle» /. brandy (or, in general, distilled 
liquor), eau de vie, aqua vitœ. 

— de graiut whisky. 

— de marc, marc brandy. 

— de tin, brandy (in the strict sense). 
eau-forte, /. aqua fortis (nitric acid, esp. a 

medium strength used in etching). 

eau-mère, /. mother liquor. 

eanx, pi. of eau. 

eaux-mères, mother liquors. 

eaux-vamies, = eaux vannes, under eau. 

ébarlMige, ébarbement, m. trimming, etc. (see 

ébarber, v.t. (remove the edges, ends ot rough- 
nesses of) trim, clip, pare, nip, chip, edge, 
scrape, clean. 

ébarbure, /. trimming, etc. (see ébarber). 

ébauchage, m. rough-shaping, etc. .(see 

ébauche, /. rough-shaping (as of a gem); 
sketch, rough sketch; rough draft. 

ébaucher, v.t. rough-shape, roughcast; sketch. 

ébène, /. ebony (wood). 

ébéner, v.t. ebonize. 

ébénler, m. ebony (tree). 

ébeurrer, v.t. remove the butter from. 

ébiseler, v.t. bevel, chamfer. 

éblouir, v.t. dazzle. — v.r. be dazsled. 

éblouissant, p.a. dazzling. 

ébloulssement, m. dazzling. 

ebonite; /. ebonite. 

ébonlllant, of ébouillir. 

éboulllantage, m. scalding. 

ébouillanter, v.t. scald. 

éboulllanteuse, /. scalder. 

ébouillir, v.t. boÛ down; boil away. 

ébonlement, m. falling in, falling down, crum- 
bling; collapse; landslide. 

ébouler, v.r. & i. fall in, fall down, crumble. 
— v.t. cause to fall down, throw down. 

éboulls, m. fallen material, débris, rubbish. 

ébourr«r, v.t. => débourrer. 

ébout, pr. S sing, of ébouiUir. 

ébranlement, m. shaking, agitation, disturb- 

ébranler, v.t. shake, agitate. — v.r. shake, be 
shaken, be agitated. 

ébré^w, v.t. notch (as a knife); break; 

ébronder, v.t. deoxidize (iron wire). 
ébrouage, m. (Dyeing) washing (of wool). 
ébroudage, m. drawing (of wire; see ébroudir). 
ébroudeur, m. wire drawer. 
ébroudir, v.t. draw (wire), esp. thru a fine 

ébrouer, v.t. (Dyeing) wash (wool) ; hull, husk. 
ébroulssage, m. (Dyeing) washing (of wool). 
ébruiter, v.t. make known, report, rumor. 
ébrutage, m. grinding (of diamonds). 
ébulllomètre, m. ebulliometer, ebuUioscope. 

ébullloscope, m. ebullioscope. 
ébullloscople, /. ebullioscopy, observation of 

boiling points. 
ebullition, /. boiling, (less often) ebullition. 
éburge, n. (Glass) an iron shovel used for intro- 
ducing the pots into the furnace. 
éburlne, /. eburin, eburine, eburite. 
éburnaûon,/. s ébiunification; (Med.) eburna- 

éburnlflcatlon, /. conversion of powdered bone 

and ivory into eburin by heat and pressure. 
ébutter, v. t. flesh, slate (hides). 
éeachement, m. crushing, etc. (see écacher). 
éeacher, v.t. «rush, squeeze, squash, bruise; 

flatten (wire); (Paper) squeeze moisture 

écalllage, m. scaling, etc. (see écailler). 
écaille,/, scale; flake, chip,- shell. 
éealllement, m. scaling, etc. (see écailler). 
écailler, v.t. scale; chip off, flake off; shelL 

— v.r. scale, scale off, chip off; shdl. 
écalllette, /. little scale; little shell. 
écallleux, a. scaly, squamous. 
écale, /. shell; hull, husk. 
éealer, v. t. shell; hull, husk. 
écarlate, /. <& a. scarlet. 

— de Biebrich, Biebrich scarlet. 

— de Hollande, natural cochineal scarlet. 

— de Venise, Venetian scarlet (an old scarlet 
dye made from kermès). 

écarner, v.t. round off, remove the angles of. 
écart, m. variation^ deviation, difference; 
error; (Optics) dispersion; scarf joint; 
stepping aside; digression; strain. 
à V — , aside, apart. 

— absolu, absolute error. 

— moyen, mean error. 

écartement, m. removal, etc. (see écarter); 
distance (apart), space, spacing. 

écarter, v.t. remove; disperse, scatter; spread 
open, separate; turn aside, divert; keep 
away. — v.r. deviate, depart; diverge, 
open; disperse, be dispersed. 

écatlr, écatlssage, ==: catir, catissage. 

ecboUqne, a. & m. (Med.) ecbolic. 

eclxdlne, /. ecboline (ergotinine). 

ecgonlne, /. ecgonine. 

écliafaud, m. (also Metal.) scaffold; platform. 

échafaudage, m. (also Metal.) scaffolding; 

échalote, /. shallot (AUium ascalonicum). 

échancrer, v.t. channel, groove; hollow out, 
indent, notch. 

échancrure, /. channel, groove; hollow, inden- 
tation, notch. 

échange, m. exchange. 
en — de, in exchange for, in return for. 

échangeable, a. exchangeable. 

échanger, v.t. exchange. jOOqIc 

échantlgnole, /. bracket. o 




écha n tillon» m. sample; specimen; pattern, 
model; gage; mold, matrix; ^Founding) 
modeling board. 

ecbantUlonage» m^ sampling, etc. (see next 

écliantllioner» v.t. sample, take samples of; 
gage, test (as weights); mix different 
samples of (e.g. sugar) in order to obtain a 
standard product, blend; make up (e.g. 
iron) into given patterns or shapes; sort. 

édBan^îde* /. (Ceram.) a i^stem of refractory 
partitions in a kiln. (Certain articles are 
fired in the compartments thus formed in- 
stead of in saggers.) 

éehSiVPéef f. interval; clear space; width (of 
an opening) ; pitch (of a screw) ; escapade. 

échappement, m. escape; escapement; out- 
let; flue (of a reverberatory furnace); 
(Steam) exhaust. 

échapper, «.«'. éb t. eacape. — v.r. escape; 
vanish; forget oneself; come undone. 

— d, — de, escape from, escape. 

laisser — , let ofif (steam, etc.) ; let escape, let 

go, let sUp, pass over. 
édiarde, /. splinter, fragment; prickle. 
écharnage, échamement, m. fleshing (of 

échamer, v.t. flesh (hides). 
échtfnoir, m. fleshing knife. 
écharpe, /. brace, tie; outrigger; scarf; sash. 
écharper, v.t. card; pass a rope around; slash. 
echaaboalare, /. pimple. 
échaadase, m. scalding; whitewash; white- 
échande, /. welding heat. 
échandw, v.t. scald; whitewash. 
echaodlllon, m. piece of iron at welding heat. 
échaudl^, m. scalding vat; scalding house. 
échaadare, /. scald. 
échaullè, m. (Leather) sweating. 
échauffé, p.a. heated; (of wood, etc.) rotten. 
echaaflement, m. heating, etc. (see échauffer). 
échanflto, v.t. heat; overheat; warm; vex, 

anger. — v.r, heat, become heated or hot; 

become overheated; warm, become warm; 

(of wood) dry-rot; (of yarn) become 

échéance, /. expiration; (Com.) maturity. 
échéant, of échoir. 
échec, m. check, defeat, failure, reverse. 
échelle, /. scale; ladder. 

— cTeau, water gage. 

— de proportion, diagonal scale. 

— graduée, graduated scale. 

— molnle, sliding scale. 

— proportionnelle, diagonal scale. 

— réduite, reduced scale. 

échelon, m. step; (of a ladder) rung, round. 
échelonnement, m. arrangement, disposition, 
dislxibution (at intervals, in a series), 

échelonner, v.t. arrange (in a series), distrib- 
ute, place at intervals; proportion. 

échenal, écheneau, échenet, m. gutter, chan- 
nel; (Founding) gate. 

échonra, fut. S sing, of échoir. 

échet, pr. S sing, of échoir. 

échevean, m. skein, hank. 

échevette,/. skein (in France 100 meters). 

échine, /. spine; echinus (a rounded molding). 

échlnocoque, m. (Zoôl.) echinococcus. 

échlnoderme, m. (ZoOl.) echinoderm. 

échinon, m. cheese mold. 

échiquier, m. checker work; checkerboard; 

écho, m. echo. 

échoir, v.t. fall due; expire; happen, occur. 

échouer, va. strand, run aground; fail. 

échoyait, imp. S sing, of échoir. 

échu, p.p. of échoir. 

éclabousser, v.t. splash, spatter. 

éclair, m. lightning; flash, gleam; (Assaying) 
fulguration, blick. 

éclairage, m. lighting, illuminating, illumination. 

— au gaz, gas lighting. 

— du fond, (in spectra) continuous illumina- 
tion, continuous light. 

— aieetrique, electric lighting. 
éclairant, p.a. illuminating, lighting. 
éclairde, /. clear spot, clear space; clearing. 
éclalrclr, v. t. clear, clear up; clarify; thin; 

brighten, polish; inform. — v.r. clear, 
clear up, become clear; become thin; be- 
come bright. 

éclairclssage, éclaircissement, m. clearing, 
etc. (see éclaircir). 

éclairé, p. a. lighted, illuminated; well in- 
formed, experienced, enlightened; open. 

éclalrement, m. lighting, etc. (see éclairer); 
clearness, clarity. 

éclairer, v. t. light, illuminate; enlighten; 
watch; reconnoiter. — v.i. give light, 
shine, gleam; lighten, flash. — v.r. be 
lighted, be illuminated; inform oneself. 

éclampsle, /. (Med.) eclampsia. 

éclat, m. biu^t, bursting; loud and sudden 
noise, report, crash; fragment, splinter, 
shiver, chip; luster (as of minerals) ; bright- 
ness, brilliancy; flash; crack (in wood); 

— métallique, metallic luster; metallic frag- 
ment or splinter. 

éclatant, p.a. bursting, etc. (see éclater); 

brilliant, bright; loud; shrill. 
éclatement, m. bursting, etc. (see éclater). 
éclater, v.i. burst, shiver, split, splinter; make 

a loud and sudden noise, crack, thunder; 

shine, be brilliant, flash, glitter; (Elec.) 

spark; break out; be revealed. — v.t. 

burst, shiver, split, rend; chip. — t»,r, 

burst, shiver, splinteâr, split, 




édateur, m. (EUc.) spark gap. 

— réoUMet adjustable spark gap. 
écUpfltf t v.t. eclipse. — v.r. be eclipsed. 
éclisse» /. splinter, splint; fish, fishplate. 
eckwe» t.i. dawn, appear; open, bloom; hatch. 
eckMSton» /. dawning, appearance; blossoming, 

bloom; hatching, hatch. 
écluse, /. sluice; floodgate; dam; lock. 
éeole» /. school; schoolhouse; blunder. 
éeoUw» m. scholar, pupil. — a. (of paper) 

white and of medium quality. 
écollase, m. fleshing (of hides). 
économe» a. economical. — m. steward, fiscal 

agent, bursar, etc. 
écmioillle*/. economy; organism; savings. 
économique, a. economic (al) . — /. economics. 
économiquement, adv. economically. 
économiser, v.t. economize; save. — v.i. 

economise. — v.r. be economized. 
écope, /. ladle; scoop. 
écorçage, m. stripping, barking, peeling. 
éctNTce» /. bark; rind, peel; (earth's) crust; 

(Bot. dk Anat.) cortex; (fig.) surface. 

— à tan, tanbark. 

— (Ttuêdarach, (Pharm.) margosa bark, asa- 
dirachta, azedarach. 

— de bigarade, bitter orange peel. 

— de b^n^rdair^e, (Pharm.) frangula. 

— de cerisier de Virginie, {Pharm.) wild 

— de chêne, oak bark; (Pharm.) white oak, 

— de citron, lemon peel. 

— de géoffrée, (Pharm.) cabbage-tree bark. 

— de grenade, (Pharm.) pomegranate, gran- 

— de la racine de cotonnier, (Pharm.) cotton 
root bark. 

— de la racine de grenadier, (Pharm.) pome- 

— de limon, lemon peel. 

— de magnolier, (Pharm.) magnolia bark, 

— de manoône, see mancdne. 

— de margousier, » écorce d'azédarach. 

— de quillaja, (Pharm.) soap bark, quillaja. 

— de tan, tanbark. 

— d'evonymiu, (Pharm.) euonymus, wahoo. 

— d'oranges amères, bitter orange peel. 

— d'oranges douces, sweet orange peel. 

— d'orme, elm bark, specif. (Pharm.) slippery 

— de racine de berbérides, berberis root bark. 

— de ronce noire, (Pharm.) rubus, black- 

— de Winter, (Pharm.) Winter's bark. 

— Ueuthérienne, (Pharm.) cascarilla, casca- 
rilla bark, eleuthera bark. 

écorcement, m. stripping, barking, peeling. 

r, t>.<. strip (of bftrk or riod), bark, peel. 

écorcher, v.t. skin; taste rough to; grate on; 

fleece; murder (a language). 
éeorder, m. place where tanbark is kept. 
écorner, v.t. break off the corner of, chip; (fig.) 

cut into, impair. 
éeomure, /. chip, splinter, broken-off corner. 
écossais, a. Scotch, Scottish. 
fecosse, /. Scotland. 
écosser, v.t. husk, hull, shell. 
écoulement, m. flowing of[, running out, out- 
flow, efflux, draining, discharge; vent; 

(Com.) sale. 
écouler, v.i. <fe r. flow out, run out, flow away; 

(of people) disperse; (Com.) sell; (of time) 

pass. — v.t. sell, sell off. 
écourter, v.t. curtail, shorten; dock. 
écoussage, m. (Ceram.) stain, dark spot. 
écoutant, p.a. listening. — m. hearer, auditor. 
écouter, v.t. listen to. 
écraminage, m. (Leather) removal of the fatty 

matter from the flesh side of the hide. 
écran, m. screen; shield; baffle plate. 
écrasage, m. crushing, etc. (see écraser). 
écrasé, p.a. crushed, etc. (see écraser) ; flat. 
écrasement, m. crushing, etc. (see écraser). 
écraser, v.t. crush; squeeze; flatten; bruise; 

masticate (rubber). 
écraslte, /. (Expl.) ecrasite. 
écrémage, m., écrémaison, écrématlon, /. 

skimming; separating (as of miUc by 

écrémé, p.a. skimmed; separated; skim (milk). 
écrémer, v.t. skim; separate (as milk or soapy 

water, in a centrifugal). 
écrémette, /. skimmer, skimming ladle. 
écrémeuse,/. separator (for liquids, esp. milk); 

milk pan, milk crock. 
écrémoir, m., écrémolre, /. skimmer. 
écrémure, /. skinmiings, skim, scum; (Olass) 

glass gsJl, sandiver. 
écrevlsse, /. crawfish; large tongs for handling 

heavy weights; (Astron.) Cancer. 
écrlw, v.t. scour (iron wire). — v.r. cry out. 
écrin, m. case; jewel case, casket. 
écrire, v.t. write; spell. 
écrit, pr. S sing, ék p.p. of écrire. — m. writing; 

écrlteau, m. bill, placard. 
é^ture, /. writing; (Com., pi.) accounts, 

books; Scripture. 
é^valn, m. writer; clerk. 
écrivant^ of écrire. 
écrlTcnt, pr. S pi. of écrire. 
écrlTCur, m. writer. 
écrou, m. screw nut, (female or internal) screw. 

— ailé, — à oreilles, wing nut, wing screw, 
thimib nut, fly nut. 

— de serrage, clamp nut, set nut. 
écrouir, v.t. (Metal.) cold-hammer, hammei 

harden, cold-harden. — v.r. cold-harden. 




écroulssage, écroulssement, m. cold-hammer- 
ing, cold-hardening, hammer-hardening. 

éeroûter, v.t. remove the crust from. 

écm» a. (of cloth, etc.) raw, unbleached, \m- 
washed; (of iron) badly worked. 

éctogan, m. a trade name for zinc peroxide. 

ecu» m. shield; crown (the coin, at present in 
France the 5-franc piece) ; (pi.) money. 

écueO, m. rock, reef. 

écuelle, /. porringer, bowl, saucer; (OUs) 
ecuelle, a saucernshaped metal vessel 
covered on the inside with short spikes and 
used in obtaining essential oil from fruits 
(e.g. oranges). 

écumage, m. skimming, scumming; ridding. 

écmiuiiit, p.a. foaming, foamy, frothing, 
frothy; scummy. 

éeame»/. foam, froth; sciun; dross, scoria.. 

— de fer, (Min.) a porous form of hemar 

— de fonte, (Metal.) kish. 

— de mer, meerschaum; sea foam. 
éenmer, v.t. skim, sciun, clear of froth or scum; 

skim off, remove by skimming; clear, rid. 
— v.t. foam, froth; become covered with 
scum or dross. 

éeomeresse» /. large skimmer. 

écumette» /. small skimmer. 

écumeiir» m. skimmer, scum remover. 

éeumeux» a. foamy, foaming, frothy. 

éeumolre, /. skimmer, scummer. 

écimge, écurement, m. cleaning, scouring. 

écurer, v.t. clean, scour. 

écurier, /. stable. 

édlcule, m. small edifice or structure. 

édiflcallon» /. building, building up; edifica- 

edifice» m. edifice, structure. 

édifier» v.t. build, build up; satisfy; edify. 

Èdlmbours» m. Edinburgh. 

édlttf» v.t. publish; ÇLeaa commonly) edit. 

édlteiir»*m. publisher; ÇLeaa commonly) editor. 

édition, /. edition. 

éducateur» m. educator; raiser, breeder. — o. 

éducation, /. education; breeding, raising. 

éducatrice» fern, of éducateur. 

eduction» /. eduction, exhaustion (of steam). 

édulcorant, a. & m. edulcorant. 

édulcoratlon, /. edulcorating, edulcoration. 

éduleorer, v.t. edulcorate. 

efliEMW, v.t. efface, obliterate, erase. 

effaçure, /. effacement, erasure, obliteration. 

effectif» a. effective; actual, real. 

effecllTement, adv. in fact, in reality, indeed; 

effectuer, v.t. effect, perform, do, make, a<!com- 
plish, execute, effectuate. 

eflérrescence, /. effervescence. 

dfenrescent, a. effervescent. 

effet» m. effect; (Cam.) bill; (public) funds. 
à — retardé, delay-action. 

— brisant, rending effect, shattering effect. 

— mécanique, mechanictd effect. 

— viile, useful effect. 

en — , in fact, in reality, in effect, indeed. 

effeuiller, v.t. strip of leaves. 

efficace» a. ef&cacious, effective. 

efficacement, adv. ef&caciously, effectively. 

efficacité, /. efficacy, efficaciousness. 

efficient, a. efficient. 

effilage, m. drawing out, etc. (see effiler). 

effilé, p.a. drawn out (as a glass tube), tapered, 
thinned; slender; raveled; fringed. 

effiler, v.t. draw out (as a glass tube), taper, 
tun; ravel, unravel. — t>.r. be drawn out, 
taper; ravel, ravel out. 

effilocher, v.t. ravel out, pick to pieces, dis- 

effieurage, effleurement, m. removal of the 
surface, etc. (see effleurer). 

effleurer, v.t. remove the surface of, scrape, 
shave; (Leather) scrape or shave the hair 
side of; graze; touch; touch on; skim 
along, skim over; strip of flowers. — v.r. 
be scraped, etc.; fade, wither. 

effleurtr» v.i. & r. effloresce. 

efflorescence, /. efflorescence. 

efflorescent, a. efflorescent. 

effluent, a. effluent. 

effluve, m. (nondisruptive) electric discharge; 

effondrer, v.t. break in, cause to give way; dig 
up, plow deep. — v.r. give way, fall. 

effondrllles, sediment, dregs, lees. 

effort, m. effort; force, stress; strain. 

— de cisaillement, shearing stress. 

— de rupture, breaking stress. 

— de tension, tensile stress. 
effhiyant, p.a. frightful, terrible, appalling. 
eflMter, v.t. render friable, cause to crumble; 

exhaust (soil). — v.r. crumble. 

effk^yable, a. frightful, fearful. 

eflh>yablement, adv. frightfully, dreadfully. 

eflùlguratlon, /. flashing, glowing. 

efliusion, /. effusioi^. 

égal, a. equal; even; same, alike. — m. equal. 
à V — de, equal to, like; in comparison with. 

également, adv. equally, alike, likewise. ^— m. 

égaler, v.t. equal; equalize; even, level. 

égalisation, /. equalization; evening. 

égaliser, v.t. equalize; even, level, smooth. 

égaliseur, m. equalizer; regulator. 

égallsolr, m. separating sieve (for gunpowder). 

égalltalre, a. equalizing, leveling. 

égalité, /. equation; equality; evenness; uni- 
à — de, supposing the equality of, supposing 
. , , to be equal (or, to be the same) . 



électroly sable 

égard, m. regard, respect. 

à V — de, with regard to, with respect to, re- 
garding, as to, in comparison with. 
à tatia égards, in all respects. 

égaré, p.a. led astray, stray, wandering, lost; 
scattered; mislaid; misguided; disordered. 

égarement, m. wandering; error; wildness; 
. mislajdng. 

égarer, v. t. lead astray; let wander; mislay; 
disorder, derange. — v.r. go astray, stray, 
wander; be mislaid, be lost. 

égaux, m,pl. of égal. 

égayer, t.t, enliven; rinse (linen); prune. 

égermage, m. d^erming. 

égermer, v.t. remove the germ of, degerm. 

égide, /. protection; œgis. 

église, /. church. 

égout, m. dripping, drip; sewer; drain, gutter, 
channel; (OUiaa) dropping board; (Found- 
ing) vent. 

— de deux^me jet, (Sugar) sirup from which 
two crops of crystals have been removed 
in the centrifugals. 

— de premier jet, (Sugar) sirup from which 
one crop of crystals has been removed in 
the centrifugals. 

égouttage, égouttemeiit, m. draining, drain- 
age; dripping, drip. 

égoutter, v.t. drain; let drip. — v.i. drain; 
drip. — v.r. drain. 

égoutteur, m. drainer; drain. — a. draining, 
drain, dripping. 

égouttolr, m. drainer, drain board, draining 
board, draining rack. 

égoutture, /. drainings. 

^jalnage, etc. See égrenage, etc. 

^»rappage, m. picking (esp. of grapes) from 
the bunch; cleaning (of ore). 

égrapper, v.t. pick from the bimch (as grapes) ; 
clean (ore). 

^jatlgner, v.t. scratch. 

égratignure, /. scratch. 

égrenage, égrénement, m. shelling; picking; 
ginning (of cotton). 

égrener, v.t. shell (as com); pick (as grapes 
from the bunch); gin (cotton). 

égrlsage, m. grinding (as of glass or diamond). 

égrlsé, m., égrlsée, /. diamond powder. 

égrlsOT, v.t. grind (glass, marble, etc.). 

égmgeolr, m. mortar; (Ounpotoder) rubber, 

égroger, v.t. grind, pulverise; meal (gun- 

égmgeur, a. grinding, pulverizing. 

égmgeure, /. grindings. 

Egypte, /. Egypt. 

elsen-ram, m. (Min.) a porous form of honia- 

éjeeter, v.t. eject. 

"''*eteur, m. ejector. — a. ejecting. 

éjection, /. ejection. 

élaborant, élaborateur, a. elaborating. 

élaboration, /. elaboration. 

élaborer, v.t. elaborate. 

élagage, m. pruning. 

élaguer, v.t. prune. 

élaldlne, /. elaldin. 

éialdique, a. elaïdic. 

élalne, /. olein, elaln. 

ékytomètre, m. eleometer, elteometer. 

elaldéhyde, m. paraldehyde. 

élan, m. start, spring, jump, sally, impulse; 
ardor, enthusiasm; elk. 

élancé, a. slender, slim, tall. 

élancer, v.r. spring, rush, dash, fly, soar. 

élargir, v.t. & r. enlarge, extend, widen. 

élargissement, m. enlargement, extension, 

élasticité, /. elasticity. 

élastiflcation, /. elasticizing. 

éiastine, /. elastin. 

élastique, a. & m. elastic. 

élatérine, /. elaterin. 

élatérite, /. (Min.) elaterite. 

élatérlum, m. (Pharm.) elaterium; (Bot.) wild 
cucumber (EcixUHum elaterium). 

élatéromètre, m. elatrometer, elaterometer. 

élavage, m. washing out, washing. 

élaver, v.t. wash out, wash (as rags). 

élaveuse, /. washer. — a. washing. 

électif, a. elective; selective. 

élection, /. election, choice, 
d' — , preferred, best, choice. 

électiTcment, adv. electively; selectively. 

électiiité, /. electivity; selectivity. 

électre, m. electrum. 

électricien, m. electrician. 

électricisme, m. electric phenomena in general. 

électricité, /. electricity. 

électrique, a. electric, electrical. 

électriquement, adv. electrically. 

électrisable, a. electrifiable. 

électrisant, p.a. electrifying. 

electrisation, /. electrification. 

électrlser, v.t. electrify, electrise. — v.r. be- 
come electrified. 

électriseur, m. electrifier. 

électro-affinité, /. electro-affinity. 

électro-aggloméré, m. battery carbon. 

électro-aimant, m. electromagnet. 

électroanalyse, /. clectroanalysis. 

éiectroeapillaire, a. electrocapillary. 

électroeapillarité, /. electrocapillarity. 

électrochimie, /. electrochemistry. 

électrochimique, a. electrochemical. 

électrochimiste, m. electrochemist. 

électrode, /. electrode. 

électrodynamique, /. electrodynamics. — a, 
electrodynamic. > » 

électrolysable, a. electroly«^3©LOQle 




électiolyMtlon, /. electrolysing, éleetrolysa- 

electrolyse» /. electrolysis. 

électrolyser, v.t. electrolyse. 

électrolyseur, m. électrolyser. 

electrolyte» m. electrolyte. 

électrolytlque, a. electrolytic. 

électrolytâqueinent, ado. electrolytically. 

électromagnétique, a. electromagnetic. 

électoomagnétlsme, m. electromagnetism. 

electrometaDargle» /. electrometallurgy. 

électrométaDurglqiie, a. electrometallurgical. 

électromètre, m. electrometer. 

électrométrlque, a. electrometric(al). 

électromoteur, a. electromotive. — m. eleo- 

électromotrlce» fem. of électromoteur. 

électron, m. electron. 

électronégatif, a. electronegative 

électrmilque, a. electronic. 

électooplHH^ m. electrophorus. 

électropolalre, a. electropolar. 

électroposltlf, a. electropositive. 

electroscope, m. electroscope. 

électroscopique, a. electroscopic. 

électrostatique, a. electrostatic. — /. electro- 

électrotechnlque, a. electrotechnic(al). — /. 

électrotrieuse, /. magnetic ore separator. 

électrotype, m. electrotype. 

électeotyple, /. electrotypy, electrotype. 

électrotypique, a. electrotsrpe, electrotypic. 

âectrum, m. electrum. 

électualre, m. iPharm.) electuary (now often 
translated confection^ the old distinction 
between electuary and conserve having 
been abandoned). 

— aaromoHque, aromatic confection. 

— de poùfrct confection of pepper. 

— de séné composé^ confection of senna. 

— de soufre^ confection of sulfur. 

— lenitif, confection of senna. 
élégamment, adv. elegantly. 
élégant, a. el^ant. 
élément, m. element. 
élémentaire, a. elementary. 
éléml, m. elemi. 

éléolat, éléolate, m. {Pharm.) a preparation 
having an essential oil as a base. 

éléolé, m. (Phann.) a preparation having an oil 
as base. 

éléolltbe, m. (Min.) eleolite, elœolite. 

éléoptène, m. eleoptene, elœoptene. 

éléosacchanim, m. (Pharm.) elœosaccharum. 

éleoth^len, a. (Phann.) eleuthera, cascarilla. 

élevage, m. raising (of animals), stock rais- 

éléfatenr, m. elevator. — o. elevating, eleva- 

éléfateur à godets, bucket elevator. 

tiévatlon, /. elevation; increase (of price); 
{Math.) involution. 

éléfatolre, a. elevatory, elevating. 

élève, m. & /. student, scholar, pupil; young 
animal or plant. — /. raising (of ani- 

— bénévole, special student, special. 

— chimiste, chemistry student. 

— physicien, physics student. 

élevé, p.a. raised, elevated, etc. (see élever); 

élèvement, m. raising, etc. (see élever). 

élever, v.t. raise; hoist; elevate; erect; pro- 
duce; rear; exalt. — ».r. rise; be raised, 
be erected, be produced, etc. 

élevure, /. pimple, pustule. 

éliminateur, a. eliminating, eliminative. 

élimination, /. elimination. 

éliminatoire, a. eliminative, eliminatory. 

élimlnatrice, fem. of éliminateur. 

éliminer, v.t. eliminate. 

élire, v.t. elect. 

éUxatlon, /. (Old Pharm.) elization, seething. 

éflxlr, m. elixir. 

— de propriété, (Pharm.) tincture of aloes and 

— de salut, (Pharm.) compound tincture of 
senna, elixir salutis. 

— fébrifuge d'Huxam, (Pharm.) Huxham's 
tincture of bark (compound tincture of cin- 

— parégorique, (Pharm.) paregoric, camphor- 
ated tincture of opium. 

— vitriolique, (Pharm.) aromatic sulfuric acid, 
elixir of vitriol. 

eUaglque, a. ellagic. 

ellago-tannlque, a. ellagotannic. 

^e, fem. pron. she, her, it. 

ellébore, m. (Bot.) hellebore. 

eDéborlne, /. helleborin; (Bot.) helleborine. 

eUes, fem. pron. they, them. 

elUpse, /. cdlipse; (Grammar) ellipsis. 

elUpsoIdal, a. ellipsoidal. 

elUpsoMe, m. db a. ellipsoid. 

elliptique, a. elliptic(al). 

éloge, m. eulogy. 
faire V — de, sing the praises of, praise. 

élogleux, a. eulogistic, commendatory. 

éloigné, P.O. removed, etc. (see éloigner) ; dis- 
tant, remote; averse. 

élolgnement, m. removal, etc. (see éloigner); 
distance; absence; neglect. 

éloigner, v.t. remove; defer; banish; avert; 
estrange. — v.r. go away, withdraw, de- 
part, be distant, be dififerent, be averse. 

élu, p.a. elected, elect. 

élucider, v.t. elucidate. 

éludw, v.t. elude, evade. — v.r. be evaded. 

émacié, a. emaciated, very thin. 




émsll» m. enamel; (Ceram.) glaze (tho re- 
stricted by some to the 'thicks and less 
fusible glazes, whether transparent or 
opaque, and by'others to the opaque glases 
which are called enamels in English). 
— de cobalt, smalt. 

émalUage» m. enameling; glazing (see émail). 

émalUer, v.t. enamel; glaze (see émail). 

émalUeiie, /. enameling; glazing (see émail). 

émailleur, m. enameler; glazer (see émail). 

émalllure, /. enameling; enamel work. 

émanatlf, a. emanative. 

émanation, /. emanation; (fig.) offspring. 

émaner, v.i. emanate. 

émaux, pi. of émail. 

emballage» m. packing; packing case. 

emballer, v.t. pack, pack up. — v.r. hurry off, 
nm away; (of a reaction) become violent; 
(of machinery) race. 

emballeur, m. packer. 

emballotter, v.t pack, bale. 

embargo, m. embargo. 

embarillage, m. barreling. 

embarlller, v.t. barrel. 

embarquer, o.^ ship; embark. — r.r. embark. 

embarras, m. obstruction; encumbrance; em- 

embarras8ant,*p.a. embarrassing. 

embarrasser, v.t. obstruct; embarrass; en- 
tangle. — v.r. be embarrassed; be en- 
tangled; (with de) trouble oneself (about). 

embase, /.{(tech.) shoulder, seat, base. 

embassure, /. walls (of a glass furnace). 

embaumer, v.t. embalm. 

embellir, v.t. embellish, improve (in appear^ 
ance), ornament, adorn. 

embellissement, m. embellishment, improve- 
ment, ornamentation, adornment. 

emblée. In the phrase d'emblée, at once, at 
the first onset, with ease. 

emblème, m. emblem. 

embolre, v.t. cover or coat with oil or wax. 

— v.r. soak in. 

emboîtement, m. fitting, etc. (see embotter). 
emboîter, v.t. fit, fit in, nest, join, joint, en- 
gage, put together, dovetail, mortise, clamp. 

— v.r. fit together or into each other, fit, go 
together, be engaged. 

embotture, /. joint, joining, juncture, socket, 

clamp, collar, box, frame. 
embouchure, /. mouthpiece; mouth. 
embout, m. tip, ferrule. 
embouteillage, m. bottling. 
embouteUler, v.t. bottle. 
embouti, p.a. stamped; covered with metal. 

— m. stamped work, stamped piece. 
embouttr, v.t. stamp, shape by stamping; 

cover with metal. 
emboutissage, m. stamping; sheathing with 

embfanelieiilellt, m. branching; junction; 

embrancher, v.t. join, connect. — v.r. join, 
join each other; branch. 

embrasé, p.a. burning, on fire; fiery. 

embrasement, m. conflagration, fire, burning. 

embraser, v.t. set on fire, fire, kindle. — v.r, 
take fire, fire, kindle. 

embrassw, v.t. embrace. 

embrayage, m. engaging, engagement, etc. (see 
embrayer) ; engaging'gear, clutch, coupling. 

embrayer, v.t. engage, throw into gear, con- 

embrochage, m. insertion, etc. (see em- 
système par — , spindle ssrstem, skewer system 
(of cop dyeing). 

embrocher, v.t. (Elec.) (1) insert, cut in, (2) ar- 
range in series; put on a spindle; spit. 

embrouUlement, m. clouding, etc. (see next 

embrouiller, v.t. cloud, fog, obscure; embroil. 

embrunlr, v.t. brown; make too brown. 

embryon, m. embryo. 

embryonnaire, a. embryonic, embryo. 

embu, p.p. of emboire. 

embUTant, of emboire. 

émeraude, /. & a. emerald. 

émergence, /. emergence, emerging; emer- 

émerger, v.%. emerge. 

émerl, m. emery. 

à V — , coated with emery, emery; ground 
with emery, ground; provided with a 
ground stopper; with emery grinding. 

émerlser, v.t. coat with emery, emery. 

émérlte, a. emeritus; skilled by long practice. 

emersion, /. emerging, emergence, emersion. 

émerrelllable, a. astonishing. 

émerrelUer, v.t. astonish. — v.r. wonder. 

émet, pr. S sing, of émettre. 

emetine, /. emetine. 

émétlque, a. & m. emetic; specif ..tartar emetic. 

— de bore, soluble cream of tartar, a sub- 
stance prepared from a solution of cream 
of tartar in boric acid or borax. 

— de fer, ferric potassiimi tartrate, (Pharm.) 
ferrum tartaratum. 

émettre, v.t. emit; express, utter. 

émeut, pr. S sing, of émouvoir. 

émler, v.t. cnunble, cnmi. 

émlettement, m. cnmibling, fragmentation. 

émletter, v.t. & r. cnmible, break into pieces. 

émlgrer, v.i. emigrate. 

émincer, v.t. mince. ^ 

éminemment, adv. eminently. 

eminence, /. eminence, eminency. 

en — , par — , eminently. 
eminent, o. eminent; high, elevated. 
émis, p.a. emitted; expressed, uttered. 




émissif, a. emissive. 

émlssioii» /. emission. 

émit, p.def. 3 sing, of émettre. 

emmagasinage, emmagaslnement, m. stor- 
ing, storage; accuihulation. 

emma^^wlner, v.t. store; amass, accumulate. 

emmaanché, p.a. having a handle, helved; 
fastened, attached, joined; begun. 

emmanchement, m. providing with a handle; 
fastening, attaching, attachment, joint; 
— à baïonnette^ bayonet joint, bayonet 

emmancher, v.t. provide with a handle, helve; 
fasten, attach, join; begin. — v.r. fit on; 
be done. 

emmêler, v.t. entangle; complicate. 

emménagc^^e, a. & m. (Med.) emmena- 

emmener, v.t. take away, carry away. 

emmleUer, v.t. honey, sweeten with honey. 

emmouflement, m. putting in the mufiQe 

emmoufler, v.t. (Ceram.) put in the muffle 

émodlne, /. emodin. 

emollient, a. & m. (Med.) emollient. 

émonctolre, m. (Physiol.) emunctory. 

émonder, v.t. prune, trim. 

émotion, /. emotion; disturbance, agitation. 

émondre, v.t. grind, sharpen (edged tools). 

émoulage, m. grinding (of edged tools). 

émoulant, of émoudre. 

émoulu, p.a. ground, sharpened. 

émousser, v. t. free from foam; dull, blunt; 
bevel, chamfer; clear of moss. 

émousseur, m. foam remover (e.g. a perforated 
tube thru which steam is blown). 

émoUTOlr, v.t. move, rouse, raise, stir up. 
— v.r. be moved, be roused, rise, be anxious. 

empailler, v. t. pack or wrap with straw; stuff. 

emiMiquetage, m. packing, packing up. 

système par — , compact system (of cop dye- 

empaqueter, v.t. pack, pack up, wrap up. 

emparer, v.r. (with de) take up, absorb, assimi- 
late, dissolve; take possession of, seize. 

empasme, m. (Pharm.) empasm, empasma. 

empasteler, v.t. dye blue with woad. 

empâtage, m. embedding, etc. (see empâter); 
(Soap) the process of making soap paste, 
either by the cold process or by boiling; 
(Brewing) the moistening and softening of 
malt as a preliminary to mashing. 

empâtement, m. embedding, etc. (see. em- 

empâter, v.t. embed; make into paste, make 
pasty, impaste; lay on thickly, impaste (as 
colors); fill with paste; clog (as a file); 
stuff (fowls). 

empattement, m. base, foundation, footing, 

empêché, p. a. prevented; hindered; per- 
plexed; occupied; preoccupied. 

empêchement, m. impediment, hindrance, 

empêcha, v. t. prevent; impede, hinder, op- 
pose. — v.r. refrain, help. 

empdgne, /. (Leather) vamp, upper. 

empereur, m. emperor. 

empesage, m. starching. 

empeser, v.t. starch, stiffen with starch. 

empester, v.t. infect, taint, contaminate. 

— v.i. stink, have a foul odor. 
empêtrw, v.t. entangle, embarrass. 
emphase, /. emphasis. 
emphatique, a. emphatic (al). 
emphatiquement, adv. emphatically. 
emphysémateux, a. (Med.) emphysematous. 
emphysème, m. (Med.) emphysema. 
empierrement, m. macadamizing; broken 

stone (for roads), road metal, macadam, 

stone ballast (for railways). 
emfrierrer, v.t. macadamize, metal. 
empiétement, m. encroachment, intrusion. 
empiéter, v.t. encroach on, invade, infringe on. 

— v.i. encroach, intrude. 

empilage, emi^ement, m. piling, piling up, 

stacking; pile, stack. 
empiler, v.t. pUe, pile up, stack. 
empire, m. empire. 

empirer, v.t. render worse. — v.i. grow wcnrse. 
empiric, /. empiricism, experimenting. 
empirique, a. empirical, empiric. 
empiriquement, adv. empirically. 
empirisme, m. empiricism. 
emplrlste, m. empiricist; empiric. 
emplrlstlque, a. empiristic, empirical. 
emplacement, m. site, location, position, 

ground; emplacement. 
emplasllque, a. emplastic, adhesive. 
emplâtre, m. (Pharm.) plaster. 

— adhésif, adhesive plaster. 

— calmarU, — céphaliqite, opium plaster. 

— de beiladone, belladonna plaster. 

— de cantharides, cantharides cerate, can- 
tharides plaster. 

— de gomme ammoniac mercurid, ammoniar 
cum and mercury plaster. 

— de litharge, lead plaster, litharge plaster. 

— de menthol, menthol plaster. 

— de plomb, lead plaster, diachylon plaster. 

— de poix cantharidé, warming plaster, can- 
tharidal pitch plaster. 

— de poix de Bourgogne, pitch plaster. Bur- 
gundy pitch plaster. 

— de savon, soap plaster. 

— diachylon, diachylo^, (in modern usage) 
lead plaster. odhyGOiL 

— d'iodure de plomo, leaa iodide plaster. 




emplfttre d*opium, opium plaster. 

— mercurielt mercurial plaster. 

— odontalgigue, opium plaster. 

— résineux, adhesive plaster. 

— simple, lead plaster. 

— temporal, opium plaster. 

— visicatoire, cantharides cerate, blistering 

emplette» /. purchase. 

empll, p.a. filled, full. — m. (Sugar) a struc- 
ture in which crystallisers for low-grade 
beet sugar are placed to be heated. 

emplir, v.L & r. fill, fill up. 

empllssage, m. filling. 

emploi, m. use; emplosrment; office, posi- 

emploie, pr. S sing, of employer. 

emplolement, m. employment. 

emplombage, m. leading; specif., lining or 
coating with lead; (Metal.) smelting of sil- 
ver or gold ore with lead ore as a means to 
separating the precious metal. 

emplomber, v.t. lead (see emplombage). 

employé, p.q. employed. — m. clerk; em- 

employer, v.t. employ. — v.r. be employed; 
busy oneself. 

employeur, m. employer. 

empoigna, v.t. seize, grasp. 

empois, m. starch paste. 

— d* amidon, starch paste. 

— de cobalt, smalt. 
empolse, /. (Mack.) bearing. 
empoisonnant, p.a. poisoning, poisonous. 
empoisonnement, m. poisoning. 
empoisonner, v.t. poison. 
empolsser, v.t. pitch, cover with pitch. 
emponttlli^e, m. (Glass) manipulation with 

the punty, or pontil. 
empontUler, v.t. (Glass) manipulate or shape 

with the punty or pontil. 
emporte-pièce, m. punch, pimcher. 
emporter, v.t. carry away, carry off, remove; 

carry. — v.r. be carried off, be removed; 

fly into a rage. 
V — sur, outweigh; surpass, prevail over. 
empourpré, p.a. purple; purpled. 
empourprer, v.t. purple, color purple. 
emprelgrnent, pr. s pi. of empreindre. 
empreindre, v.t. imprint, stamp, impress. 

— v.r. be imprinted; leave a print. 
emiMelnt, p.a. imprinted, stamped, impressed. 

— pr. 3 sing, of empreindre. 
emiMelnte, /. impression, imprint, stamp; 

(Painting) first coat, priming. 
empressement, m. haste, eagerness; assiduity. 
empresser, v.r. hasten; be eager; crowd. 
emprlmerle, /. tanning vat, tan vat. 
emprise, /. encroachment. 
-"liilMisonner, v.t. imprison. 

emivant, m. borrowing; loan. 

d' — , borrowed; assumed; artificial. 
emprunté, p.a. borrowed; assumed; artificial; 

emprunter, v.t. borrow. 
empuantir, v.r. become putrid. 
empyreunuitlque, a. empyreumatio. 
empyreume, m. empyreuma. 
ému, p.p. of émouvoir. 
émule, m. rival, competitor. 
émulsif, a. emulsive. — m. emulsive sub- 
émulslne, /. emulsin. 
emulsion, /. emulsion. 

— d'amande, (Pharm.) emulsion of almond, 
milk of almond. 

— de chloroforme, (Pharm.) chloroform emul- 
sion, chloroform mixture. 

— d'essertce de térébenthinet (Pharm.) emul- 
sion of oil of turpentine. 

— d'huile de foie de morue, (Pharm.) emulsion 
of cod liver oil. 

— d'huile de ricin, (Pharm.) castor oil mix- 
ture, emulsion of castor oil. 

émulslonnant, p.a. emulsifying. 

émulslonnement, m. emulsification. 

émulslonner, v.t. emulsify. 

en, prep. in; at, to, for, like; (with in, 
by, while (or not translated). — pron. (in- 
stead of de lui, d'elle, etc.) of him, of her, of 
it, of them, from him (her, it, them), etc. 
(see de); his, hers, its, theirs; some, any. 

— ce que, from the fact that, in the respect 
that, because. 

enantlomorphe, a. enantiomorphous, enantio- 

encadrement, m. framing; frame. 
encadrer, v.r. frame; surround; insert. 
encaissage, m. incasing, etc. (see encaisser). 
encaissant, p.a. incasing, etc. (see encaisser). 
encaisse, /. cash on hand. 
encaissement, m. incasing, etc. (see encaisser) ; 

encaisse, v.t. incase, inclose; pack (in a case 

or box) ; collect, receive (money) ; bed (a 

encan, m. auction. 
encaquer, v.t. barrel; (fig.) pack. 
encartouchage, m. cartridge filling. 
encartoucher, v.t. put or make into cartridges. 
en-cas, encas, en cas, m. anything for use in 

an emergency. 
encastage, m. (Ceram.) placing in saggers. 
encaster, v.t. (Ceram.) place in saggers. 
encasteur, m. (Ceram.) placer, sagger stacker, 

setter hand. 
encastrement, m. fitting in, etc. (see encas- 
trer) ; groove, bed, seat, mortise, recess. 
encastrer, v.t. fit in, let in, set in, bed (in a 

groove or other recess) . — v.r. fit together. 




Mieaustlqiie, m. polishing wax (any of various 
preparations containing wax and used on 
wood, leather, etc.); an impregnating ma- 
terial for preserving sculptures; encaustic 
painting, encaustic. — a. pertaining to or 
designating the above prepcu'ations; en- 

encaTer» v.t. put or store in a cellar. 

encelgnmiit, of enceindre. 

encelndre» v.t. surround, enclose. 

enc^nt» pr. S sing. & p.p. of enceindre. 

enceinte» /. inclosure, enclosure, (inclosed) 
space, place, chamber, hall; circumference, 
circuit. — a. pregnant. 

encens* m. incense. 

— femelle, incense from a kind of juniper 
(Juniperus lycia). 

— indien, — mâie, frankincense. 
enchaînement, m. linking, linkage; connec- 
tion; arrangement; chaining; captivation. 

enchaîner» v. t. link (e.g. atoms); connect; 

arrange, coordinate; chain; bind; cap-. 

tivate. — v.r. be linked, be connected, etc. 
enchanter, v.t. enchant; delight. 
enchanteur, a. enchanting, delightful. 
entasser, v. t. insert, set, set in; enshrine. 
enchâssnre, /. insertion, etc. (see enchâsser). 
enchaassenage, m. (Leather) liming. 
enchaassener, enehaussamer, v.t. lime 

enehaussenolr, encfaaussumoir, m. {Leather) 

lime pit, liming vat. 
enchaox, m. (Leatfier) lime liquor. 
enchère, /. bid, bidding, auction. 
enchérir, v.t. raise the price of; bid for. — v.i. 

bid; become dearer. 

— sur, outbid; surpass. 
enchérlssement, m. rise, increase (in price). 
enchevaucher, v.t. rabbet. 
encheretrement, m. entangling; interlace- 

enchCTêtrw, v.t. entangle, tangle, (of crystals) 
interlace; halter. — v.r. become entangled 
or interlaced. 

encir^, v.t. wax; oil (cloth). 

enclanchement, etc. « enclenchement, etc. 

enclave, /. boundary; enclosure; recess. 

enclaTcr, v.t. inclose, enclose; fit, lock, let in, 
wedge, key. 

enclenchement, m. throwing into gear, engag- 
ing, locking; engaging gear, locking gear. 

enclencher, v.t. throw into gear, engage, lock. 

enclin, a. inclined. 

encliqueti^^ m. ratchet mechanism or gear. 

— à frottement, friction catch. 
enclore, v.t. inclose, enclcMse, include. 
enclos, p.a. inclosed, included. — m. inclosiu^. 
^clame, /. anvil. 

endameaa, endamot, m., endumette, /. 
small anvil. 

encoche, /. notch. 

encochement, m. notching. 

encocher, v.t. notch. 

encoffrer, v.t. inclose; hoard. 

encoignure, encognure, /. comer, angle; 

encollage, m. sizing; size; gumming. 

encoUer, v.t. size; gum. 

encoUeur, m. sizer. 

encoUeuse, /. sizing machine, sizer. 

encoUure, /. (Metal.) welding point. 

encombrant, p.a. obstructing, encumbering; 
cumbersome, bulky. 

encombre, m. obstacle, impediment. 

encombrement, m. obstruction; encum- 
brance; congestion; space occupied or re- 

encombrer, v. t. obstruct; encumber. 

encontre. In the phrases: à V encontre, to the 
contrary, in the opposite sense; à rencon- 
tre de, counter to, contrary to, against. 

encore, encor, adv. still, yet, besides, also, 

— que, tho, altho. 
encouder, v.t. bend into an elbow. 
encourageant, p.a. encouraging. 
encouragement, m. encouragement. 
encourager, v.t. encourage. 
encourir, v.t. incur. 

encouru, p.a. incurred. 

encrage, m. inking. 

encrassement, m. fouling, etc. (see encrasser). 

encrasser, v.t. foul, make foul or dirty, soil, 
choke (as a filter or a grate). — v.r. be- 
come fouled, dirty or choked. 

encre, /. ink. 

— à copier, copsông ink. 

— à écrire, writing ink. 

— à marquer, marking ink. 

— argentée, silver ink. 

— à tampon, ink for pads, stamping ink. 

— copiante, copying ink. 

— de Chine, India ink, China ink. 

— d'imprimerie, — d'impreanon, printing ink, 
printer's ink. 

— dorée, gold ink. 

— dragon, indelible ink. 

— indélébile, indelible ink. 

— noire, black ink. 

— rouge, red ink. 

— sympathique, sympathetic ink. 
encré, p.a. inked. 

encrené, a. (Metal.) twice heated and hammered. 

encrenée, /. iron twice heated and hammered. 

encrer, v.t. ink. 

encreur, a. inking. 

encrier, m. inkstand; ink block. 

encrlvore, o. ink-removin^ink-destroying. 

crust. O 




encroûter, v.t. inonist; plaster. — v.r. become 

eneiilTrage» m. (of firearms) metal fouling. 

encUTage» m. putting into a vat, tub or tank. 

encuTement, m. = encuvage; hollow, depres- 

encuver, v.t. put into a vat, tub or tank. 

encyelle, /. one of a series of concentric rings. 

eneyelopédle, /. encyclopedia. 

encyclopédique» a. encyclopedic. 

endanbagCy m. preserved meat, tinned beef. 

endauber, v.t. preserve, tin, can (meat). 

endécanltrlque, a. hendecanitro. 

endenter, v.t. provide with teeth, tooth, cog; 
scarf; dovetail. 

endiguer, v.L dam, dam up, dam in. 

endoeeUnlaire, a. endocellular. 

endochrôme, m. (Bot.) endochrome. 

endogène, a. (Biol.) endogenous. — m. en- 

endommager, v.t. damage. 

endoplasme, m. (Biol.) endoplasm. 

endormir, v.t. put to sleep; lull, calm. 

endosmomètre, m. endosmometer. 

endosmose, /. endosmosis, endosmose. 

endosmollqne, a. endosmotic. 

endosperme, m. (Bot.) endosperm. 

endospermlque, a. (Bot.) endospermic. 

endosser, v. t. indorse; put on. 

endothwmlque, a. endothermic. 

endotoxlne, /. endotoxin. 

endotryptase, /. endotryptase. 

endroit, m. place; locality; side, point; right 
side (of a fabric); passage (in a book). 
à V — de, with respect to, with regard to. 
à son — , with regard to it (him, her). 

enduire, v.t. coat, cover, treat, overlay, dope. 

enduisant, of enduire. 

enduit, m. coat, coating, layer; (something 
used for coating) wash, paint, plaster, etc.; 
(for airplanes) dope; (Ceram.) glaze, glaz- 
ing. — pr. S sing. & p.p. of enduire. 

— de noir, blacking; (Founding) black wash. 
endurcir, v.t. harden. — v.r. become hardened, 

endurcissement, m. hardening. 
endurer, v.t. endure; allow, permit. 
énergétique, a. energetic; energy-producing. 
énergie, /. energy. 

— chimique, chemical energy. 

— cinétique, kinetic energy. 

— libre, free energy. 

— mécanique, mechanical energy. 

— thermique, heat energy, thermal energy. 

— utUisc^le, available energy. 
énergique, a. enei^etic. 
énerglquement, adv. energetically. 
enfaiter, v.t. fill (a glass pot) properly so that 

the batch in it has a rounded top; cover 
the ridge of (a roof). 

enfance, /. infancy, childhood. 
enfant, m. & f. child; infant. 
enfantement, m. childbirth. 
enfanter, v.t. bring forth, give birth to. 
enfer, m. hell. 

— de Boyle, a vessel for heating mercury, de>- 
vised by Boyle. 

enfermer, v. t. confine; inclose; include, con- 
tain; lock up, shut up, shut in. 
enfleUer, v.t. render bitter; embitter. 
enfiévré, a. feverish. 
enfilade, /. row, series, sequence; suite. 
enfiler, v.t. thread; string; thread on; go 

along (a road); begin on; heaA (pins). 
enfilure, /. row, series, string; stringing. 
enfin, adv. in short, at last, fiinally. 
enflammé, p.a. ignited, set on fire; burning, 

on fire; inflamed. 
enflammer, v.t. set fire to, ignite, kindle. 

— v.r. take fire, ignite. 
enfié, p.a. inflated, swollen, swelled, puffed up, 

enflement, m. inflation, etc. (see enfler). 
enfier, v.t. inflate, swell, blow up, pufif out; 

bloat; exaggerate. — v.r. swell, swell up, 

be inflated, (of waters) rise. 
enfieurage, m. (Perfumery) enfleurage. 
enfleurer, v.t. impregnate (fatty substances) 

with the odorous principles of flowers, 
enfiure,/. inflation, swelling, swell; tumor; pride. 
enfoncé, p.a. sunk, sunken, etc. (see enfoncer) ; 

enfoncement, m. sinking, etc. (see enfoncer); 

recess; hollow; depth. 
enfonce, v.t. sink, lower, plunge; drive (in); 

break. in, break open; deepen; bottom 

(casks). — v.r. sink; plunge. 
enfonçure, /. hollow, hole, cavity, depression; 

bottom (of a cask). 
enformer, v.t. shape, fashion. 
enfonlr, v.t. bury. 
enfourchement, m., enfourchnre, /. fork, 

enfournement, enfournage, m., enfournée, 

/. putting in a furnace or oven. 
enfourner, v.t. put in the furnace ac oven; 

start, begin. — v.r. start, enter (into). 

— en échappade, (Ceram.) put into compart- 
ments in the kiln (cf. échappade). 

enfourneur, m. one who puts something into 
a furnace or kiln; (Glass) pot filler; 
(Ceram.) oven man, kiln man. 

enfrelg^nant, of enfreindre. 

enfreindre, v.t. infringe, violate. 

enfal, p.p. of enfuire. 

enftalr, -v.r. leak, escape, run out; run away; 

enfunuige, m. smoking, etc. (see enfumer); 
(Ceram.) heating to /ttboiit IM" to expel 
moisture. Digitized by VjOO*^ It 




enfumer, v.t. smoke; fill with smoke; smoke 
p out; intoxicate. — v.r, be smoked. 

' enfutailler, enfûter, v.t. cask, barrel, tun. 

enfuyant, of enfuire. 

engagement, m. engagement, etc. (see en- 

engager, v.t. engage; insert; begin; invite; 
urge; induce; pawn. — v.r. engage one- 
self; begin; get entangled; enter; enlist. 

engallage, m. galling (see engaller). 

engaller, v.t. gall, impregnate with gallnut 

engeance, /. breed. 

engendrement, m. production, formation; 

engendrer, v.t. produce, form, generate; breed, 
b^et; cause. — v.r. be produced; be bred. 

engin, m. device, appliance, engine, instru- 
ment, gear; hoist, windlass. 

— de lancement, — de mise de feu, firing 

englober, v.t. include; envelop; unite; blend. 

englouttr, v.t. swallow up. 

eni^uage, m. = engluement. 

engluanter, v.t. = engluer. 

engluement, m. coating with glue or glutinous 
material, liming. 

engluer, v.t. coat with glue or glutinous ma- 
terial (as tar), lime. 

engobage, m. (jCeram.) coating with engobe; 
specif., slip painting. 

engobe, /. (fleram.) engobe (slip or paste ap- 
plied in a thin layer over a body of different 

ei^^btf , v.t. (Ceram.) coat with engobe. 

éngommage, m. gumming; (Ceram.) glazing. 

engommer, v.t. gum; (Ceram.) glaze. 

engorgement, m. stopping up, etc. (see engor- 

engorger, v.t. stop up, choke, choke up, ob- 
struct, congest. — v.r. be stopped up, etc. 

engonfllrer, v.t. ingulf. — v.r. be ingulfed; (of 
water, wind, etc.) rush (into). 

engourdir, v.t. numb, benumb; duU, deaden. 

engourdissement, m. torpor; numbness; 

engrais, m. fertilizer, manure; fattening feed 
or pasture. 

— cumté, nitrogenous fertilizer. 

— chimique, chemical fertilizer. 

— Chosko, a fertilizer made by precipitating 
liquid manure (e^iux vannea) with magne- 
sium and iron sulfates. 

— complet, complete fertilizer. 

— composé, mixed fertilizer. 

— d'os, bone fertilizer, bone meal. 

— flamand, liquid manure made from human 

— phospha^., phosphate fertilizer. 

— potassique, potash fertilizer. 

engraissage, m. fertilizing, etc. (see engraisser). 

engraissé, p.a. fertilized; fattened, fat; 
greasy; enriched. 

engraissement, m. = engraissage; fertilizer. 

engraisser, v.t. fertilize, manure; fatten; 
grease, oil; soil with grease. — v.r. fatten, 
grow fat; (of liquids) thicken. — v.i. 
fatten; thrive. 

engrenage, m. gestr, gearing, train of wheels, 
wheel work; stowage (of casks); compli- 
à — , geared. 

— avis M,ns fin, worm gear. 

— conique, bevel gear. 

— cylindrique, — droit, spur gear. 
engrènement, m. engaging, etc. (see engrener). 
engrener, v.t. engage, gear, put into gear; 

tooth, indent; feed with grain; begin. 
— v.r. gear, be in gear, catch, be put in 
gear. — v.i. be in gear; begin. 

engrenure, /. gearing, catching; toothing, 

engrumeler, v.t., r. & i. clot, coagulate. 

enliydre, a. (Min.) enhydrous, containing 
water in cavities. 

énigme, /. enigma. 

enivrant, p.a. intoxicating. 

enivrement, m. intoxication. 

enivrer, v.t. intoxicate. 

enkysté, a. encysted. 

enlacer, v.t. lace, enlace, interlace, entwine. 

enlevage, m. (Calico) discharge, discharging. 

enlèvement, m. removing, removal, etc. (see 

enlever, v.t. remove, take away, carry away, 
take off, take out; (Calico) discharge; lift 
up; buy up; take. — v.r. be removed, 
etc.; come out, come off; rise, be lifted; 
be sold. 

enluminer, v.t. color; illuminate; flush, red- 

enluminure, /. coloring; colored print. 

ennemi, m. enemy. — a. hostile. 

ennoblir, v.t. ennoble. 

ennui, m. ennui, tedium; grief; care. 

ennuyant, a. tiresome, tedious. 

ennuyer, v.t. tire, weary, annoy. — v.r. grow 
weary. — v.i. be annoying. 

énoncé, p.a. stated, etc. (see énoncer). — m. 
statement, enunciation, declaration, ex- 

énoncOT, v.t. state, enunciate, declare, express. 

énonclatlon, /. statement, enunciation, ex- 
pression; proposition. 

énorme, a. enormous. 

énormément, adv. enormously. 

énormlté, /. enormousness; absurdity; enor- 

énouer, v.t. burl (clotl^byLjOOQlC 
', v.r. inquire, O 





enquête» /. inquiry, investigation. 

enqillert, pr. S sing, of enquérir. 

enquls, p.p. of enquérir. 

enraciner, v.t. root. — v.r. root, be rooted. 

enragé» a., mad; raging, furious. — m. mad- 

enrayage, enrayement, m. checking, etc. (see 

enrayer, v.t. check, restrain; stop, jam (ma- 
chinery); brake; look (as a wheel) ; spoke 
(a wheel). — v.r. (of machinery) stop, fail 
to work, jam. 

enregistrement, m. registra^on, registering, 
recording, record; registry. 

enr^lstrer, v.t. register, record. 

enregistreur, m. register, registering device. 

— o. registering. 

enrichir, v.t. enrich. — v.r. be enriched. 

enrichissement, m. enrichment. 

enrobage, m. covering, coating; (Micros.) 

enrober, v.t. cover, coat; specif., cover with 
a protecting envelope (as foods with gelatin 
or parafSn) ; (Micros.) embed. 

enrocliM»e, m. caking, hardening (of gun- 
powder or the like). 

enrochement, m. caking, hardening (as of gun- 
powder) ; enrockment, riprap. 

enrocher, v.t. & r. cake, harden. 

enrouUIé, p.a. rusted, rusty. . 

enrouUIer, v.t. & r. rust. 

enroulage, enroulement, m. winding (as of 
a dynamo or of thread) ; rolling, rolling up. 

— en dériv(ition, (Elec.) shunt winding. 

— en série, ifilec.) series winding. 
enrouler, v.t. wind (wire, etc.); roll, roll up. 

— v.r. be wound; be roUed. 
ensabler, v.t. sand. 
ensachi^e, m. bagging, sacking. 
ensacher, v.t. bag, sack, put into sacks. 
ensaCraner, v.t. dye with saffron, ensafifron. 
ensanglanter, v.t. stain with blood. 
enseigne, /. sign; flag; ensign. 
enseignement, m. instruction, teaching. 
enseigner, v.t. teach, instruct; show. 
enselgneur, m. teacher, instructor. 
ensemble, adv. together, at the same time. 

— m. ensemble, whole, aggregate, general 
effect or compass; unity. 

ensemencement, m. sowing, seeding; scatter- 
ing; (Med.) inoculation. 

ensemencer, va. sow, seed; scatter Gike seed). 

enserrer, v.t. contain; inclose; squeeze. 

ensOage, m. storing in a silo. 

ensiler, v.t. store in a silo. 

ensllotÎMse» ensUoter. See ensilage, ensiler. 

enslmage, m. oiling (of wool, cloth, etc.). 

enslmer, v.t. oil, grease (wool, cloth, etc.). 

ensoufk^r, v.t. sulfur, sulfurisé, treat with 

ensonfkvlr, m. sulfuring stove; place in which 
articles are bleached with the vapor of 
burning sulfur. 

ensucrer, v.i. sugar. 

ensulfer, v.t. tallow, treat with tallow. 

ensuit, pr. S sing, of ensuivre. • 

ensuite, adv. then, next, afterward. 

— cte, after. 
ensuivre, v.r. follow, ensue. 
entacher, v.t. vitiate; taint, contaminate. 
entaille, /. mark, graduation mark; cut, 

groove, score, notch, nick, jag, slash. 

— repère, guide mark, guide notch. 
entalllw, v.t. cut, score, groove, notch, cash. 
entalllure, /. => entaille. 

entame, /. « entamiure. 

entamer, v.t. begin on, open up; begin cutting 
cut into, cut the first piece from; touch; 
cut (slightly), incise; injure; encroach 
on; prevail on or over. 

entamure, /. cut, incision; first piece or quan- 
tity cut. 

entartrage, m. incrustation, scale. 

entartré, a. covered with scale. 

entartrer, v.r. become covered with scale. 

entassement, m. heap, pile, mass; heaping, 
piling, massing. 

entasser, v.t. heap, pile, pile up, mass. — v.r. 
be heaped, etc.; accumulate; crowd. 

entendre, v.t. hear; hear of; mean; under- 
stand. — v.r. be hestrd; be understood; 
agree; understand. — v.i. hear. 

— à, hear to, consent to. 

entendu, p.a. heard, understood, etc. (see en- 
tendre); capable, intelligent; ordered, 
bien — , see imder bien. 

entente, /. understanding, agreement; mean- 
ing; intelligence, ability; entente. 

entéroldnase, /. enterokinase. 

enterrement, m. burying, burial. 

enterrer, v.t. bury. 

en-tête, m. heading (of reading matter). 

entêté, a. stubborn; affected with headache; 
intoxicated; infatuated. 

enthousiasme, m. enthusiasm. 

enthousiasmer, v.t. fill with enthusiasm. 

enthousiaste, m. & f. enthusiast. — a. en- 

entier, a. entire; whole, integral (numbers); 
self-wiUed, obstinate. — m. whole, en- 
tirety, total, totality; (Arith.) int^;er. 
en — , whole, entire; wholly, entirely, fully, 
in f uU. 

entièrement, adv. entirely, wholly, fully. 

entoilé, a. cloth-covered; mounted on cloth. 

en tonnage, entonnement, m., entonnalson, 
/. barreling, tunning, putting in casks. 

entonner, v.t. barrel, tunj>put in casks; swal- 
low; intone, sing. jOOQIC 

entonnerie ' 



•ntonnerie» /. (Bretoing) place where casks or 

kegs are filled. 
entonnoir, m. funnel, (MU.) crater. 

en — , funnel-shaped, funnel-like, infundi- 

— à botUe, bulbed funnel; bulb-shaped fun- 
nel, separating funnel. 

— à brome, bromine funnel. 

— à filtrer à chaud, — à filtration chaude, 
funnel for hot filtration, hot water (hot air, 
steam) funnel. 

— ajouré, (^)enwork funnel, filtering basket 
(funnel with large holes in its sides). 

— à longue douiUe, long-stemmed funnel. 

— à mercure, mercury funnel (bulbrshaped, 
with stem drawn out). 

— à robinet, funnel with stopcock. 

— à séparation, separating funnel, separa- 
t<My funnel. 

— à tamis, sieve funnel, funnel containing a 

— cannelé, channeled funnel, ribbed fimnel. 

— en grès, stoneware funnel. 

— en porcelaine, porcelain funnel. 

— en verre, glass funnel. 

— fiUrateur, filtering funnel. 

— percé de troiu, perforated funnel. 

oitorse» /. strain, sprain; shook. 

entortiller, v.L twist; wrap up, wrap; en- 
tangle. — v.r. twist, twine, wind; get en- 

en tour, m. environ; associate. 
à V — , in the vicinity. 

entoonise, m. (something that surrounds) 
case, casing, border, frame, mounting, set- 
ting; surroimdings, entourage. 

entoura, v.t. siuround, encircle. 

en-tont-eas, m. = en-cas. 

entrailles, entrails, intestines, bowels; 
womb; heart, core. 

entralnaMe, a. capable of being carried away. 

entraînement, m. carrying away, etc. (see en- 
trainer); (Mach.) commimicating gear; 
enthusiasm; impulse. 

— à la vapeur, distillation with steam. 
entraîner, v.t. carry away, carry along, carry 

ovCT (in distillation), carry down On pre- 
cipitation), sweep away; involve; win, 
captivate; train. 

entraTe, /. hindrance, obstacle, trammel. 

entraTer, v.t. hinder, impede, fetter. 

entre, prep, between; among. 
par — , between. 

entre-, inter, reciprocally, mutually, each 
other, one another. 

entre-batller, v.t. open partly, set ajar. 

entre-ehoqnw, v.r. collide, encounter one an- 
other, clash, conflict. 

entrecouper, v.U intersect; interrupt; inter- 

entre-croiser, entrecroiser, v.t. A r. inter- 
cross, int^*sect, interweave. 

entre-deux, entredeux, m. part or space 
between, interval, middle, partition. 

— adv. indifferently, so-so. 

en<l^, /. entrance, entry, inlet, admission, in- 
gress, opening (into) ; mouth (of a stream) ; 

entrefer, entre-fer, m. (JSUc.) air gap. 

entrelacement, m. interlacing, interlacement, 
interweaving, intertwining. 

entrelacer, v.t. interlace, interweave, inter- 
twine, twine, braid. 

entre-luire, entreluire, v.i. shine feebly. 

entremêlement, m. intermixing, intermixture. 

entremêla, v.t. intermix, intermingle, mix. 

entremise, /. intervention, interposition, medi- 
ation, medium, agency. 

entreposage, m. storage; placing in bond. 

entreposer, v.t. store, deposit, warehouse; 
place in bond. 

entreposeur, m. warehouse keeper; bonded 
warehouse keeper. 

entreposltalre, m. bonder; depositary. 

entrepôt, m. warehouse; bonded warehouse; 

entreprenant, p. a. enterprising; venturesome. 

enteeprendre, v.t. undertake, attempt; attack. 

— v.i. encroach; make an attack (on). 
entrepreneur, m. contractor, employer, one 

who engages to carry out an enterprise ^ j- 
entrepris, p.p. of entreprendre. 
entreprise, /. undertaking, project, enterprise; 

contract; establishment; encroachment. 
entrer^ v.i. enter; be admitted. — v.t. enter, 

bring in, put in, insert; import. 
— en ligne de compte, enter into account, be 

worth considering. 
enii'e-temps, m. mean time, interval. — adv. 

(also entretemps) meantime, meanwhile. 
entretenir, v.t. maintain, keep, keep up; talk 

with, converse with. — v.r. be maintained, 

be kept, be kept up; maintain oneself, sup- 
port oneself; support each other; talk, 

entretien, m. maintenance; upkeep; repair; 

care; support; supply; clothing, clothes; 

talk, convnsation. 
entretient, pr. s sing, of entretenir. 
entretolse, /. croespiece, crossbar, stay, tie, rib, 

girder, bracing; stay bolt. 
entrevit, p.def. S sing, of entrevoir. 
entrevoir, v.t. suspect (as a new element); see 

or foresee dimly, catch a glimpse of. 
entrevoyant, of entrevoir. 
entrevu, p.p. of entrevoir. 
entoopie, /. entropy. 

entr'ouvert, p.a. oi>ened, open; half-open. 
entr'ouvrir, v.t. open, spread open; open 

partly. — v.r, open, i^read open; half-open. 




énamérer, v.t. enumerate. 

envahir, v.t. invade, overrun. 

envahissement, m. invasion. 

enfaser, v.t. fill up with mud or silt 

enveloppant, p.a. enveloping. 

enveloppe,/, envelope; cover, covering, wrap- 
ping; casing, case, jacket; appearance. 

enveloppement, m. envelopment, enveloping, 
wrapping, etc. (see envelopper). 

envelopper, v.t. envelop; wrap up, inclose, sur- 
round, cover; involve. 

enverinure, /. extent, spread (as of wings). 

enverra, fut. S sing, of envoyer. 

enverrage, m. (Glaas) addition of cullet to the 
pots in order to facilitate fusion. 

enverrer, v.t. add cullet to (see enverrage). 

envers, m. reverse, back side, wrong side. 
— prep, toward, to, with regard to. 
à V — , wrong side out, upside down, wrong. 

envle, /. envy; longing, desire. 

envier, v.t. envy; long for, desire. 

envieux, a. envious; desirous. 

environ, adv. about. 

environner, v.t. surround, encompass. 

environs, environs, suburbs. 

envisager, v.t. regard, consider; face. 

envoi, m. sending, shipment; parcel or goods 
sent, shipment; envoy. 

— contre remboursement^ C.O.D. shipment. 

— franco, sent free. 
>»v<rfe, pr. S sing, of envoyer. 
envoller, v.r. warp, bend (in tempering). 
envoler, v.r. fly, fly away, fly oflF. 
envoyer, v.t. send; send forth. 

— chercher, send for. 
envoyeur, m. sender. 
enzymatlque, a. enzymio, enzjrmatic. 
enzyme, /. enzyme. 

éoeène, a. & m. {Oeol.) Eocene. 

éoUplle, éoUpyle, m. eolipile, œolipile. 

éoslne, /. eosin. 

éoslnophlle, a. {Biol.) eosinophil(e). 

épalUage, m. removal of straw and other vege- 
table material from wool or wool cloth, 
either mechanically or chemically (in the 
latter case called carbonizing); stripping 
(sugar cane) of the lower leaves; cleaning 
(of gold). 

épalÙer, v.t. deprive (wool, or wool cloth) of 
vegetable matter (seeépaillage) ; strip (sugar 
cane) of the lower leaves; clean (gold). 

épais, a. thick. — m. thickness; {Elec.) density. 

épaisseur, /. thickness. 

épaissir, v.t., r. & i. thicken. 

épaississant, p.a. thickening. — m. thickener, 
thickening agent. 

épalsslssement, m. thickening; thickness. 

épanchement, m. effusion; outpouring. 

épancher, v.t. pour out, effuse. — v.r. be 
effused, {Med.) be extravasated; overflow. 

épandage, m. spreading; scattering; distribu- 
tion; shedding; {Sevjoge) disposal of 
sewage by flowing it upon land, land treat- 
ment, irrigation. 

épandre, v.t. spread; scatter, distribute; shed. 

— v.r. spread. 

épanouir, v.t. open, expand; cause to bloom. 

— v.r. expand, spread; open, bloom. 
épanouissement, m. expansion, spread, splay; 

opening (of flowers) ; {EUc.) pole piece. 
épargne, /. economy, thrift; savings. 
épargner, v.t. spare; save, economize. 
éparplllement, m. scattering. 
éparpUler, v.t. scatter. 

épars, a. scattered; sparse. — m. bar, crossbar. 
épaule, /. shoulder. 

épaulement, m. shoulder; {MU.) epaulment. 
épauler, v.t. support, aid; shoulder. 
épeautre, m. {Bot.) spelt. 
épée, /. sword. 
épeler, v.t. spell. 
épellatlon, /. spelling. 
éperon, m. spur; buttress; breakwater. 
éperonnw, v.t. spur, spur on. 
épervlère, /. {Bot.) hieracium, hawkweed; 

specif., {Pharm.) rattlesnake weed {Hieror- 

cium venosum). 
éphémère, a. ephemeral, 
épi, m. ear, head (of grain) ; spike; tuft; jetty; 

éplage, éplatlon, /. earing, heading (of grain). 
éplce, /. spice. 

épleé, p.a. spiced; pungent, biting. 
éplcer, v.t. spice. 
épicerie, /. groceries (spices, tea, coffee, sugar, 

etc.) ; grocery (shop) ; grocery business. 
éplchlorhydrlne, /. epichlorohydrin. 
épicier, m. grocer (dealer in spices, sugar, 

coffee, etc.). 
épidémie, /. epidemic. 
épldémlque, a. epidemic. 
épiderme, m. {Anat.) epidermis. 
épldote, m. {Min.) epidote. 
éplerrer, v.t. remove stones from. 
éplerreur, m., éplerreuse, /. stone remover. 
éplguanlne, /. epiguanine. 
épllage, m., epilation, /. epilation, depilation, 

épllatolre, a. & m. epilatory, depilatory. 
épUer, v.t. epilate, eradicate (hair). 
épllobe, m. {Bot.) willow-herb. 
éplnage, m. {Soap) drawing off of the aqueous 

layer after the soap has been salted out. 
éplnard, m. spinach. 
éplnceler, éplnceter, éplncer, v.t. burl 

épine, /. thorn; spine; {Soap) a tube used to 

draw off the aqueous layer from beneath 

the soap; {Metal.) a sharp point on the 

surface of metalUc copper. 




epinephrine, /. epinephrine (adrenaline). 

éfrineux» a. thorny, spiny, prickly. 

épIne-Tinette, /. (Bot.) barberry. 

épingle, /. pin. 

éplngler, v.t. pin; prick. 

éplnglette, /. priming wire; pricker. 

éplnlère, a. spinal. 

éplpastlqae, a. (Pharm.) epipastic. 

éplsarelne, /. episaroine. 

éplspastique, a. <Sk m. (Pharm.) epispastic. 

épisser, v.t. splice. 

éplster, v.t. reduce to paste (by grinding). 

éplthéUome, m. (Med.) epithelioma. 

êpluchage, m. picking; scrutiny. 

éplnchw, v.t. pick, clean; scrutinize; weed. 

éplachure, /. pickings, leavings, parings, etc. 

épointer, v.t. break the point of; point. 

éponge, /. sponge. 

— de platine, platinum sponge (specif., puri- 
fied material as distinguished from vMuaae 
de platine). 

épongeage, m. sponging. 
épongw, v.t. sponge. 
époque, /. epoch. 
épousa, v.t. espouse. 
époossetage, m. dusting. 
épousseter, v.t. dust. 
épousseteux, a. dusting, dust-removing. 
époussetolr, m. small dusting brush. 
époossette, /. duster, dustbrush, dustcloth. 
épouti, m. foreign matter in wool cloth. 
époutler, époutir, v.t. biu-1 (cloth). 
épouvantable, a. frightful, dreadful. 
épouvanter, v.t. frighten, terrify, dismay. 
éprelgnant, of épreindre. 
épreindre, v.t. express, press, squeeze. 
éprelnt, p.a. expressed, pressed, squeezed. 

— pr. S sing, of épreindre. 
é^wnve, /. test; trial; experiment; proof; 

à V — , on trial. 

à V — de, proof against. 

à V — de Veau, waterproof. 

à V — du feu, fireproof. 

— à chaud, hot test. 

— à froid, cold test. 

, — à outrance, resistance test, breaking test, 
bursting test. 

— de chaleur, heat test. 

— de durée, endurance test. 

— de pression, pressure test. 

— dressai, test. 

élwouTer, v.t. test; try, prove; experience, 

undergo; feel. 
éprouvette, /. cylinder (narrow upright vessel, 

usually of glass) ; gage; test bar, test piece; 

(Assaying) éprouvette, small spoon for 

fluxes; probe. 

— à cuvette supérieure, cylinder with enlarged 
top, hydrometer jar. 

élwouTette à dessécher les gaz, drying cylinder, 
drying tower, calcium chloride jar. 

— à pied, cylinder witii foot, cylinder. 

— à rainure, cylinder with a vertical channel 
for a thermometer. 

— divisée, — graduée, graduated cylinder. 
épulsable, a. exhaustible. 

épuisant, p.a. exhausting. 

épuisé, p.a. exhausted, spent. 

épuisement, m. exhaustion. 

épuiser, v. t. exhaust; spend; drain. 

épulpeur, m. (Sugar) an apparatus formerly 
used for extracting beet juice from the 

épurateur, m. purifier; specif., scrubber; re- 
finer (as of oils) ; cleaner. — a. purifying, 
refining, cleaning. 

épnratlf, a. purifying, purificative. 

épuration, /. piuification, purifying; refining ;\ 
scrubbing (of gases) ; cleaning; refinement.y 

épuratolre, a. purifying, purificatory. 

épuré, p.a. purified; refined; pure. 

épurement, m. purification, refinement. 

épurer, v.t. purify; refine; scrub (gases); clean, 
cleanse. — v.r. be purified, etc. 

éq., ahbr&o. (équivalent) equivalent. 

équarrir, v. t. square; cut up (animals). 

équarrlssage, m. squaring; cutting up of ani- 
mals (esp. old horses, mules, etc.), Imacker's 

équateur, m. equator; (cap.) Ecuador. 

équation, /. equation. 

— chimique, chemical equation. 
équerrage, m. bevel, beveling, dihedral angle. 
équerre, /. square; right-angled iron or brace; 

right-angled elbow. 
à — , square, at right angles. 
équerrer, v. t. square; bevel. 
équlangie, a. equiangular. 
equidistant, a. equidistant. 
equilateral, équllatère, a. equilateral. 
équilibrage, m. equihbration, balancing. 
équilibre, m. equilibrium. 

— chimique, chemical equilibrium. 

-T- mécanique, mechanical equilibrium. 

équilibrer, v.t. equilibrate, balance. 

équlmoléculalre, a. equimolecular. 

équipage, m. equipment; outfit; gear, gear- 
ing; equipage; crew. 

équipe, /. set, gang, crew, party (of workmen). 

équipé, p.a. equipped. 

équipement, m. equipment. 

équiper, v.t. equip. 

équlpotentlel, a. equipotential. 

équitable, a. equitable. 

équivalant, of équivaloir. 

équlvalemment, adv. in an equivalent man- 

équivalence, /. equivalence, equivalency. 

équivalent, a. & m. equivalent. 




é4lll?aleiitlste, m. an adherent of the doctrine 

of equivalents, equivalentist. 
éqnlTaleur, /. equivalence. 
équivaloir, v.i. be equivalent. 
équivaut, pr. S sing, of équivaloir. 
équlToque, a. equivocal. — /. equivooalneaa; 

érable, m. maple (tree or wood). 
erblne, /. erbia, erbium oxide. 
erbium, m. erbium. 
erbue, /. clay used as a flux. 
ère, /. era. 
érection, /. erection. 
érepsine, /. erepsin. 
argot, m. ergot; spur. 

— de êeigle^ ergot of rye. 

ergoté, a. ergoted, spurred (as rye); spurred. 

ergotlne, /. ergotinine; {Pharm.) ergotin. 

ergotlnlne, /. ergotinine. 

ergotlque, a. ergotio. 

éricacé, a. (fiat.) ericaceous. 

érigw, v.t. erect. 

érlgéron, m. {Bot.) erigeron. 

emollttie, m. emolith (a plastic composition). 

érodw, v.t. erode. 

érosif, a. erosive. 

érosion, /. erosion. 

errant, a. wandering, errant. 

erratique, a. erratic. 

errw, v.i. err; wander. 

erreur, /. error. 

— de lecture, error in reading. 
«Tone, a. erroneous. 
«Tonément, adv. erroneously. 
érAglneux, a. eruginous, seruginous. 
éruptif, a. eruptive. 

éruption, /. eruption. 
érythème, m. (Med.) erythema. 
érythrlne, /. erythrin. 
érythrlte, /. erythrol, erythritol, ersrthrite. 
érjrthrodextrlne, /. erythrodextrin. 
érythroplilélne, /. erythrophleine. 
érythrophylle, /. (Bot.) er3rthrophyll(in). 
érythroxyle, m. (Bot.) any member of the genus 

es, pr. M sing, of être. 
es, prep, in the. 

esc, abbrev. (escompte) discount. 
escalier, m. staircase, stairs. 
escarbille, /. (coal) cinder. 
escarboude, /. (Mm.) carbuncle. 
escargot, m. snail; spiral; spiral staircase. 

en — , spiral. 
escarner, v.t. flesh (hides). 
escarpé, a. steep; escarped. 
Escaut, m. Scheldt (river). 
eschare, /. (Med.) eschar, scab. 
eschel, n. eschel (variety of smalt). 
esclavage, m. slavery. 
esclave, m. db f. slave. — a. slave; slavish. 

escompte, m. (Com.) discount. 

escompter, v.t. discount. — v.r. be discounted. 

escope, /. scoop. 

escoupe, /. round shovel, scoop. 

esculine, /. esculin, œsculin. 

ésérine, /. eserine (physostigmine). 

espace, m. space. 

— dos, closed (or inclosed) space. 

— mort, dead space. 

espacement, m. spacing, distance, interval. 

espacer, v.t. space, place at a distance apart, 

Espagne, /. Spain. 

espagnol, a. Spanbh. — m. Spanish (lan- 
guage); (cap.) Spaniard. 

espèce, /. species; kind, sort; (pi.) specie. 

— ckimiqtie, chemical species. 
espérance, /. hope. 

espérer, v.t. hope, hope for, expect. — v.i. 

espoir, m. hope, expectation. 
esprit, m. spirit; mind; wit. 

— de bois, wood spirit. 

— de camphre, (Pharm.) spirit of camphor. 

— de cannelle, (Pharm.) spirit of cinnamon. 

— de Mindêrirus, (Pharm.) spirit of Mindere- 
rus, solution of ammonium acetate. 

— de nitre, spirit of niter. 

— de pétrole, petroleum spirit. 

— de raifort composé, (Pharm.) compound 
spirit of horseradish. 

— de sel, spirit of salt (old name for hydro- 
chloric acid). 

— de sel ammoniac, spirit of 'sal ammoniac 
(old name for aqueous ammonia). 

— de vin, spirit of wine, (ethyl) alcohol. 

— de vinaiffre, glacial acetic acid. 

— de vitriol, spmt of vitriol (old name fw 
sulfuric acid, esp. when somewhat diluted). 

— d'orange composé, (Pharm.) compound 
spirit of orange. 

— pyroacétique, pyroacetic spirit (old name 
for acetone). 

— pyroligneux, — pyroxylique, pyroligneous 
spirit, pyroxylic spirit (wood spirit, wood 

esprlt-de-vin, m. spirit of wine, alcohol. 
esquiOe, /. splinter (of bone). 
esqnllieux, a. splintery. 
esquine, /. chinaroot (rootstock of SmUax 

esquisse, /. sketch, outline. 
esquisser, v.t. sketch, outline. 
esquiver, v.t. evade. 
essai, m. test; testing; analsrsis; sample, pat- 

tion; assay, assaying; trial, proof; essay; 


— à blanc, blank test. 

— à chaud, hot test. ^-^ j 

— à froid, cold t^itby LjOOgle 




à la touche, drop tost, spot test, touch 

— de durée, endiirance test. 

— de pression, pressure test. 

— par voie humide, wet analysis, analysis by 
the wet method, wet test, wet assay. 

— par voie sèche, dry analysis, dry test, dry 

essayage» m. testing, etc. (see essayer). 
essayer» v. t. test; assay; analyze; try. 
essayerie, /. assay laboratory, assay office. 
essayeur, m. assayer. 

, /. the letter S; S-shaped object; wire 

essémlner, v.t, disseminate, scatter. 

essence, /. (essential) oil; specif., oil of tur- 
pentine; essence; any volatile liquid; 
specif., gasoline, petrol; (of trees) species, 
variety. (English usage tends to restrict 
the word " essence " to alcoholic solutions 
of essential oils, altho it is sometimes used 
of the oils themselves and of other volatile 

— anglaise, an American oil of turpentine 
sold in England and Antwerp. 

— antihystérique, (Pharm.) fetid spirit of 

— artificielle, any artificial substitute for 
essential oils. 

— d'absirUhe, oil of wormwood. 

— d'amandes amères, oil of bitter almond. 

— d'aneth, oil of dill. 

— d'anis, oil of anise. 

— d*atUomobile, gasoline, petrol. 

— de bigarade, oil of bitter-orange peel. 

— de bouleau, — de bétula, oil of sweet birch, 
(ttl of betula. 

— de cajeput, oil of cajuput. 

— de camomiUe romaine, (Roman) camomile 
oil, (Pharm.) oil of chamomile. 

— de cannelle de Chine, oil of cinnamon, oil of 
cassia, oil of Chinese cinnamon. 

— de carvi, oil of caraway. 

— de chénopode anthelmintique, oil of cheno- 
podium, oil of American wormseed. 

— de citron, oil of lemon. 

— de Cognac, an artificial mixture of esters 
of fatty acids, used to adulterate brandy. 

— de copahu, oil of copaiba. 

— de coriandre, oil of coriander. 

— de ctibèbe, oU of cubeb. 

— de eucalyptus, oil of eucalyptus. 

— de fenouÛ, oil of fennel. 

— de gauUhérie, oil of gaultheria, oil of win- 

— de genièvre, oil of jimiper. 

— de hédéoma, oil of hedeoma, oil of penny- 

— de lavande, oil of lavender. 

— de maU, extract of malt. 

essence de menthe poivrée, oil of peppermint. 

— de menthe verte, oil of spearmint. 

— de miaoulif oil of miaouli (from Melaleuca 

— de mirbane, oil (or essence) of mirbane, 

— de moutarde, volatile oil of mustard. 

— de muscade, (volatile) oil of nutmeg, oil of 

— de petit-grain, see under petit-grain. 

— de pétrole, petroleum spirit (a rather loose 
term appUed to volatile petroleum distil- 

— de Portugal, oil of Portugal (sweet) orange 

— de pouliot américaine, oil of (American) 
pennyroyal, oil of hedeoma. 

— d'érigéron, oil of erigeron, oil of fleabane. 

— de romarin, oil of rosemary. 

— de rose, oil of rose, attar of roses, essence of 

— de Sabine, oil of savin. 

— de santal, oil of santal, oil of sandalwood. 

— de savon, an alcoholic soap solution. 

— de templine, oil from the cones of the silver 
fir (Abies picea). 

— de térébenthine, oil (or spirit, or essence) of 

— de térébenthine purifiée, (Pharm.) rectified 
oil of turpentine. 

— de thym, oil of thyme. 

— de valériane, oil of valerian. 

— grasse, resinified oil of turpentine, used in 
porcelain painting. 

— indienne, an oil of camphor formerly used 
in painting. 

— minérale, gasoline, petrol. 

— naturelle, essential oil (volatile oil of natu- 
ral origin). 

— rectifiée, (Painting) rectified oil of turpen- 

(For the meaning of other phrases with plant 
names, as essence d'aU, essence d'aspic, etc. 
in which essence means " (essential or vola- 
tile) oil," see the plant name in question.) 

essenclfler, v.t. (Alchemy) essentificate. 

essentiel, a. & m. essential. 

essentiellement, adv. essentially. 

esser, v.t. gage (wire). 

essieu, m. axle, axletree, spindle, pin. 

essor, m. flight; progress, advance. 

essorage, m. drying (see essorer) ; seasoning. 

essorer, v.t. dry (without heating, as by ex- 
posure to air, wringing or centrif ugalizing) ; 

essoreuse, /. centrifugal machine or apparatus, 
centrifuge, centrifugal drier, centrifugal 

essule-malns, m. hand towel, towel. 

essule-plume(s), m. penwiper. , 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




essayage, m. wiping. 

essuyant» p.a. wiping; drying; enduring. 

— m. (Soap) drier. 
essuyer, v.t. wipe, wipe off; dry; endure, stand. 
est, m. east. — pr.S sing, of être. 
estacade, /. stockade; framework; platform. 
estagnon, m. a copper or tinplate container 

used for transporting oib, etc. 
estampage, m. stamping. 
estampe, /. stamp. 
estamper, v.t. stamp. 

estampeuse, /. stamper, stamping machine. 
estampillage, m. stamping. 
estampille, /. stamp; mark; trademark. 
estampiller, v.t. stamp. 
estampllleuse, /. stamping machine, stamp. 
estampolr, m. stamp, punch. 
est-ce que. Used in asking questions: eal^e 

que le corps fondf does the substance 

estimation, /. estimation ; estimate. 
estime, /. estimation; esteem. 
estimer, v.t. estimate; value; esteem. 
estival, a. summer, estival, sestival. 
estoe, m. stock; tuck (a sword). 
estonuic, m. stomach. 
estragol, n. estragole. 
estragon, m. (Bot.) tarragon, less commonly 

called estragon (Artemisia dracunctUus) . 
estraquelle, /. (Glass) ladle. 
estrasse, /. floss silk. 
esMgue, m. annealing oven, lea:. 
estropier, v.t. mutilate, mangle, cripple. 
estuaire, m. estuary; strand. 
esturgeon, m. (Z661.) sturgeon. 
esule, /. (Bot.) spurge. 
et, conj. and. 
étable, /. stable. 
établi, p.a. established, etc. (see établir). — m. 

bench, workbench; frame (as of a lathe). 
établir, v.t. establish; fix, set, lay, place; erect, 

set up; settle. 
établissement, m. establishment; settlement. 
étage, m. story, floor; layer; row, tier; degree; 

step; (Mining) level. 
étager, v.t. arrange in rows or tiers. 
étagère, /. shelf; set of shelves. 
étal, m. stay, prop. 
étalent, imp. 3 pi. of être. 
étalm, m. fine carded wool. 
étaln, m. tin; pewter vessel; pewter. 

— battu, tinfoil. 

— de glace, bismuth. 

— en blocs, block tin. 

— en feuilles, sheet tin. 

— en grenaiUe, granulated tin. 

— en verges, bar tin. 

— gris, bismuth. 
étaln-graln, m. grain tin. 
était, imp. 3 sing, of être. 

étal, m. butcher stall (or shop). 

— de bouchfirie, butcher stall (or shop). i 
étalage, m. display; (of a furnace, pi.) boshes. m 
étaler, v.t. spread, spread out; display, show. 

— v.r. spread, spread out; smear; (of ink) 

étalon, 971. standard; stallion. — a. standard; 

(of glassware, etc.) standard, normal. 
étalonnage, étalonnement, m. standardiza- 
tion, standardizing; calibration; gaging; 

stamping, sealing (of weights, etc.). 
étalonner, v.t. standardize; calibrate; gage; 

stamp, seal (weights^ etc.). 
étamage, m. tinning, etc. (see étamer) ; tinned 


— au zinc, zincking, galvanising. 

— des glaces, silvering of mirrors. 

— galvanique, galvanûûng. \ 
étamer, v.t. tin; (in general) coat with a metal, 

plate, silver, galvanize, zinc, etc. 
étamine, /. bolting cloth, tanuny ; (Bot.) stamen. 
étampage, m. stamping; swaging. 
étampe, /. stamp; swage; punch; die. 
étamper, v. t. stamp; swage; pimch. 
étamure, /. an alloy used for tinning; the lay«r 

produced by tinning. 
étanche, a. tight. 
à —, tight. 

— à la vapeur, — 40 vapeur, steam-tight. 

— d Veau, — d'eau, water-tight. 
étanchélté, /. tightness. 

étancher, v.t. stop, stanch; make tight; calk; 

quench (thirst). 
étançon, m. prop, stay, stud, shore. 
étang, m. pond. 
étant, of être. 

— donné, given. 

étape, /. stage; halting place. 
état, m. state; calling, profession, trade;, list, 
register; account. 

d V — libre, in the free state. 

en V — , this being the case. 

r— critique, critical state. 

— gazeux, gaseous state. 

— naissant, nascent state. 

faire — de, depend on; intend; value. 

faire — que, think, believe. 
état-major, m. staff; staff office. 
États-Unis, United States. 
étau, m. vise. 

— d main, — portatif, hand vise. 
étauz, of étau; of étal. 
étayer, v.t. prop, stay, support, shore up. 
été, m. summer. — p.p. of être (to be). 
éteignant, of éteindre. 

éteindre, v.t. extinguish; put out (fire, lights); 
quench (flame, metals, etc.) ; slake (lime) ; 
cancel; dim; allay. — v.r. be extinguished, 
go out, be quenched; becomeextinct; die; 
die away; be dimmed^ 





étekltf p.a. extinguished, slaked, etc. (see 
éteindre); out; faint, dying; extinct. 

— pr. S sing, of éteindre. 

étendage» m. dilution, diluting; stretching, 
etc. (see étendre); (jGlasa) flattening; 
(Calico) steaming; (for clothes, etc.) dry- 
ing, drying rack or drying room. 

étendre, v. t. dilute; stretch, stretch out, spread; 
spread out, extend; flatten (window glass). 

— v.r. be diluted; spread, stretch, extend, 
reach; dwell (upon). 

étendu» p.a. dilute, diluted; stretched, etc. 

(see étendre); extensive. 
étendue, /. extension; extent, compass, length. 
étemel, a. eternal. 
étemuement, étemûment, m. eneesing, 

étnnuer, v.i. sneeze. 

êtes, pr. 2 pi. of être (to be). 

étêler, 1. 1. remove the head of; top (trees). 

éthml, m. ethal (cetyl alcohol). 

éthallque, a. palmitic (acid); cetyl (alcohol). 

éthanal, m. ethanal (acetaldehyde). 

ethane, m. ethane. 

éttaane-dlol, m. ethanediol. 

ethane^ m. ethanol, ethyl alcohol. 

éthw, m. ether; ester. (Some French organic 
writers prefer to apply the term " ether " 
to esters and " oxide " to ethers.) 

— acétique^ acetic ester (or, according to old 
usage, acetic ether), specif, ethyl acetate. 
(Other phrases of similar translation need 
not be given here; see the adjectives.) 

— acide ^ ester; acid ester (corre^onding to 
acid salt). 

— amylazoteux^ — amylnitreiix, amyl nitrite. 

— anesihénquef anesthetic ether (specially 
punfied ethyl ether). 

— azoteux, nitrous ester, (old usage) nitrous 
ether; specif., ethyl nitrite. 

— azoteux alcoolisé, (Pharm.) spirit of nitrous 
ether, sweet spirit of niter. 

— azotique, nitric ester, specif, ethyl ni- 

— chlorhydrique, hydrochloric ester, (organic) 
chloride; specif., ethyl chloride, chloro- 

— de pétrole, petroleum ether. 

— Hhylique, ethyl ether; ethyl ester. 

— hydriodique, ethyl iodide, iodoethane. 

— hydrique, hydric ether (ethyl ether). 

— hydrochlorique, ethyl chloride, chloro- 

— méthyliodhydrique, methyl iodide, iodo- 

— méthylique, methyl ether; methyl ester. 

— mêthylailicique, methyl silicate. 

— monochlorhydrique, (organic) monochlo- 
ride; ^specif., ethyl chloride, chloroeth- 

ether nmOr^, neutral ester (as contrasted with 
acid e^r) ; neutral ether (ether having » 
neutral reaction) . 

— nitreux, nitrous ester (or ether), specif, 
ethyl nitrite. 

— nitrique, =» éther azotique. 

— officinal, iPhartn.) purified ether, ether. 

— officinal alcoolisé, iPhann.) spirit of ether. 

— ordinaire, ordinary ether, ethyl ether. 

— pur, (Pharm.) = éther officinal. 

— pyroacétique, pyroacetic ether (old name 
for acetone). 

— set, ethereal salt, ester. 

— sulfuré, thio ether, sulfur ether, (oiganic) 

— svlfurique, sulfuric eth^ (ordinary or ethyl 
ether) ; sulfuric ester, specif, ethyl sulfate. 

— svlfurique alcoolisé, (Pharm.) spirit of 

— vinique, old name for ethyl ether. 
éthéré, a. ethereal; specif., pertaining to ethers 

(or to esters), as, dérivé éthéré, ethereal 

éthérène, m. an old name for ethylene. 

étherlflcateur, m. etherising (<x esterifying) 
apparatus, etherifier (or esterifier). 

éthériflcatlon, /. esterification; etherifioation. 
(See the note under éther). 

éthérlfler, v.t. esterify; etherify. (See éther.) 
— v.r. be esterified, esterify; be ethwified. 

éthérlque, a. pertaining to ordinary ether, 
ethereal, ether; pertaining to ethers (or to 

etherisation, /. etherification (or esterifica- 
tion; see^i^er); (Med.) etherization. 

étherlser, v.t. etherify; esterify; etherize. 

éthéro-alcoolhiue, a. ether-alcohol, of or per- 
taining to ether and alcohol. 

éthérolat, m. a product obtained by distilling 
ether from aromatic material. 

éthérolature, /. ethereal tincture. 

éthérolé, m. an ethereal solution of medicinal 

éthéroUque, a. (of medicines) having ether aa 
the excipient. 

éther-oxyde, m. ether, (organic) oxide. 

éther-sel, m. ethereal salt, ester. 

éthlonlque, a. ethionic. 

éthlops, m. (Old Chem.) ethiops. 

— martial, ethiops martial (black oxide of 

— minérale, ethiops mineral (black mercuric 

— per se, black oxide of mercury, mercurous 

éthoxy-. ethoxy-. 
éthozyle, m. ethoxyl. 
éthylamlde, /. ethylamine. 
éthylamlne, /. ethylamine. -^ 
éthylanlllne, /. ethylaniline^J 





éthylbeiuiène, éthylbentlne, /. ethylbeniene. 

éthyle» m. ethyl. 

éthylé, p.a. ethyl, ethylated. 

éthique, m. ethylene. 

éthylène-dlamlne, /. ethylenediamine. 

éthylène-dlsulfoné, a. ethylenedisulfonic; 
•-ethanedisulfonic (inoorreot use). 

éthyltae-dltlilol» m. ethylenedithk^Cs-ethane- 

éthylénlqae» a. ethylene, (less often) ethylenic. 

éthyléiiolftctiqae» a. ethylene lactic (hydra- 

étbyler, v.t. ethylate, introduce ethyl into. 

ethyltoqne» /. ethylamine. (pba. or Rare). 

éthyUdénlciue, a. ethylidene. 

éthylldénolftctlqae, a. ethylidene lactic (desig- 
nating lactic acid prop^'). 

éthyllque» a. ethyl, ethyUc. 

étbylmalonlque, a. ethylmalonic. 

étbylphénylcétone, /. ethyl phenyl ketone 
(propiophenone) . 

éthjîsalftirlqae» a. ethylsulfuric. 

éth^nre, m. ethide (binary compound of ethyl). 

étlncelaiit» p.a. sparkling, sparking. 

étlncelw» v.i, sparkle, spark. 

étincelle, /. spark. 
— dectrique^ electric spark. 

étlnoeUement, m. qparkling, sparking. 

étiolé» p.a. etiolated. 

étioler, v.t. & r. etiolate. 

étlque» a. emaciated. . 

étiqueter, v.t. label; ticket; docket. 

étiquette, /. label; etiquette. 

étlnible, a. capable of being drawn or stretched 
out, (of metals) ductile, (of rubber, etc.) 

étirage, m. drawing, etc. (see étirer) ; (Ceram.) 
compression (tlmi a template). 

éttré, p.a. drawn, etc. (see étirer); long (in 
proportion to width). 

étirer, v.t. draw, draw out (as metals or glass 
tubing) ; beat out, roU (metal) ; stretch (as 
rubber); stretch out, lengthen. — v.r. be 
drawn out; be stretched; stretch. 

étlsle, /. emaciation. 

etnlte, /. {Expl.) etnite. 

étoffé, /. fabric, cloth, stuff; material, stuff; 
(JLecUher) a tawing liquor consisting of a 
solution of alum and salt. 

étoffé, p.a. stuffed; padded: ample; comfort- 
able; stout, stocky. 

étoile, /. star; star-shaped crack; (of a centri- 
fuge) head, star-shaped part bearing the 
tube»; (Mach.) star wheel. 

étoUer, v.t. crack (radially) ; star. 

étoimmmeiit, adv. astonishingly. 

etonnmnt, p.a. astonishing. 

étonnement, m. astonishment, wonder. 

étonna, v.t. astonish; crack, rend (as minerals 
by heating and quenching). 

étoofflailt, p.a. suffocating, stifling. 

étoaflée, /. stewing, stew; iCharcoal) the 
second stage in burning, during which the 
principal decomposition occurs. 

étoaffèment, m. suffocation, stifling. 

étouffer, v.t. suffocate, stifle; smother; sup- 
press. — v.i. be suffocating or stifling. 
— v.r. be suffocating; be suffocated; choke. 

étouffSi^, m. vessel into which new charcoal is 
put to prevent oxidation; extinguish^ (for 
charcoal fires) ; damper. 

étoupage, m. (Mach.) packing, stuffing. 

étouflAS, m. a coarse cloth made from tow. 

étonpe, /. tow; oakum; iMach.) packing, 
stuffing; waste (as of cotton). 

étoupement, m. stopping, packing. 

étouper, v.t. stop (with tow, oakum, cotton 
wax, etc.) ; (Mach.) pack, stuff; calk. 

étouperie, /. tow packing cloth. 

étouplUe, /. primer, fase, match (the last term 
is now used chiefly in pyrotechnics). 

— à friction, friction primer, friction fuse. 

— à percussion, percussion primer, percussion 

— de Bickford, Bickford fuse. 

— de mise de feu, primer, fuse, match. 

— de sûreté, âslety fuse. 

— électrique, electric primer, electric fuse. 

— fulminant, friction primer. 

— perciUante, percussion primer, percussion 

étouplUer, v.t. provide (psrrotechnic devices) 
with quick match. 

étourdi, p.a. stunned; numb; slightly warm; 
parboiled; allayed; giddy, heedless. 

étourdir, v. t. stun; benumb; warm slightly (as 
water); parboil; allay (as pain). 

étourdlssement, m. stunning, etc. (see étour- 
dir); dissiness; astonishment. 

étrange, a. strange. 

étrangement, adv. strangely. 

étrange, a. foreign; strange, unacquainted, 
unknown. — m. foreigner; stranger; for- 
eignness, strangeness; foreign land, foreign 
à V — , abroad. 

étrangeté, /. strangeness; strange thing. 

étrani^ement, m. constriction (as in a tube) ; 
(Pyro., etc.) choke; wiredrawing; throt- 
tling; strangling; condensing. 

étrangla, v.t. constrict, narrow; {Pyro., etc.) 
choke; wiredraw (metal); throttle (steam); 
strangle; condense (a subject). 

étrangleur^ m. throttling device, throttle valve. 

étrangloir, m. (Pyro.) choking frame. 

être, v.i. be; have (in certain auxiliary uses, as 
tl est venu, he has come). — m. being» 
en — , be, be at, be arrive4i be of it, be in it 
be in for it. ^-^^-^^^^^^ ^y GoOgle 




être (oontiniMd). 

mI-00 que. See this in the vocabulary. 

— à, — de, etc. See the meanings of the 

— vivant^ living being. 

il eat, there is, there are, he is, it is. 

étrédr* v.t. narrow; — v.r, narrow, become 
narrower; shrink, contract. 

étréelstement» m. narrowing; shrinking, 
shrinkage, contraction; narrowness. 

étr^gllAllt», of étreindre. 

étrelnddle» /. a bag of horsehah or other coarse 
material in which are enclosed the woolen 
press bags used in pressing oil meal or fatty 

étreindre» v.t, bind, tie, tie up, clasp. 

étrdtalt» p.a, bound, etc. (see étreindre). 

étreinte» /. oonstoaint; binding, tie; embrace. 

étrésillon» m. prop, stay, shore. 

étrier, m. stirrup (specif., in a balance the 
stirrup-shaped support f<x the pan) ; sup- 
port (of various kinds), strap, hoop, band, 

étroit» a. narrow; tight; strict; close, intimate. 

étroitement, ad», narrowbr. etc. (see étroit). 

étroltesse» /. narrowness, etc. (see étroit). 

étude» /. study; survey (as of a railway) ; office 
(as of a lawyer). 
à V — , under investigation. 

étudiant» m. student. — of étudier. 

étudier, v. t. éb i. study. — v.r. be studied; 

étal» m. case; box. sheath, cover, envelope. 

étUTEge» m. stoving, etc. (see étuvw) ; specif. : 
iCeram.) enfumage; (Leather) a heating of 
the oiled skins in steam ovens in the process 
of making chamois. 

étOTe, /. oven, closet, bath (for drying, for bac- 
terial cultures, etc.) ; drying room, drying 
stove, stove; sweating room, (hot-air or 
vapor) bath. 

— à air, air bath, hot-air oven, hot-air closet. 

— à eiiUureB, (Baet.) incubator. 

— à eau, hot-water oven (not water bath, 
tho the latter may be combined with it). 

— à dessécher, drsring oven, drying closet. 

— à deêsicher danê le vide, vacuum drying 

— à vapeur, steam oven. 

— Heetriqu^, electric oven. 

— froide, — glacière, ice closet, refrigerator 
(specif, a double-walled case cooled by a 
current of ice water and used for maintain- 
ing substances at zero). 

— tUriliaateur, steriliser, sterilising oven. 
étOTement, m. stoving, etc. (see étuvw). 
étOfer» v.t. stove, heat (moderately) or diy in an 

oven, dry; (Med.) foment; (Cooking) stew. 
en, p.p. of avoir (to have). 
enemiypte» eucalyptus» m. eucaljrptus. 

euealyptoi» m. euca]3i>tole (oineole). 

euehlOTlne» /. euchlorine (mixture of chlorine 
dioxide and chlorine). 

euclase» /. (Min.) euclase. 

euclidienne» a. fern. Euclidean. 

eudlallte» /. (Min.) eudialsrte. 

eudlomètre» m. eudiometer. 

eudlométrle» /. eudiometry. 

eudlométrlque» a. eudiometric(al). 

eucénlne» /. eugenin. 

eufénol» m. eugenol. 

euslobuUne» /. euglobulin. 

eupatolre» /. (Bat.) eupatory (^upatorium). 
— dee Orecs, common agrimony'(il. eupatoria). 

euphorbe» /. (Bot.) euphorbia; (Phartn.) 

euphorblacée, /. (Bot.) euphorbiaceous plant; 
(pi.) Euphorbiaceœ. 

euphotlde» /. (Petrog.) euphotide. 

euphralse» euphrasle» /. (Bot.) Euphrasia, 
specif, euphrasy, eyebright (E. oMdnali»). 

euplone» /. eupione, eupion (an empyreumatic 

eurent, p.def. S pi. of avoir (to have). 

eurhodlne, /. euriiodine. 

eurliod<d» m. eurhodoL 

européen» a. European. — m. (cap.) Euro- 

europhène» m. (Pharm.) europhen. 

europium» m. europium. 

eut» p.def. S eing. of avoir (to have). 

eût» imp. subj. S eing. of avoir (to have). 

eutectlque» a. A m. eutectic. 

eutexle» /. eutexia. 
point d' — , eutectic point. 

eux» pron. they, them. 

eux-mêmes, pron. themselves. 

évacuant, a. A m. (Med.) évacuant. 

evacuation, /. evacuation; emptjring; (of 
goods) exportation, shipping; («Steam) ex- 
haust, eduction; (Maeh.) evacuation pipe. 

éfacuer, v. t. & i. evacuate; empty; expatt, 
ship. — v.r. be evacuated, etc. 

évader, v.r. evade, escape. 

évaluable, a. estimable, appreciable, évalu- 

évaluation, /. estimation, estimate, evaluation, 

évaluer, v.t. estimate, evaluate, value. — v.r. 
be estimated, be valued; be worth. 

evanescent, a. evanescent. 

évanouir, v.r. vanish, disappear; faint. 
faire — , (Math.) eliminate. 

évanouissement, m. disappearance; fainting. 

évaporable, a. evaporable. 

évaporateur, m. evaporator. 

évaporatlf, a. evaporating, evaporative. 

evaporation, /. evaporation. 

évapportolre, a. evaporating. 

évaporé, p.a. evaporated; giddy, heedless. 




éTaporer, v.t. evaporate; (fig.) vent. — v.r. 
evaporate; (fig.) find vent; be heedless, be 
— à aect evaporate to dryness. 

évaporease, /. evaporator, evaporating appara- 

évaporisatioii, /. evaporation. 

evaiwro-dlstlllatolre, a. for or pertaining to 
both evaporation and distillation. 

éTspwomètre, m. evaporometer, atmometer. 

évmsé» p.a. widened, enlarged, flaring, bell- 
shaped, funnel-shaped, beU-mouthed, 

évmsemeilti m. widening, enlargement, spread- 
ing, splay; width (at the opening). 

évmsOT, t.t. widen, enlarge, make flaring. — v.r. 
widen, become flaring. 

évasloii, /. escape; evasion. 

évasnre» /. widening, (flaring) opening. 

évelly m. warning, alarm. 

éT^lier» v.t. wake, awake; call forth. — v.r. 
wake, awake. 

événement, m. event; emergency. 

event, m. (open) air; alteration due to exposure 
to air; (of wine, etc.) mustiness, flatness; 
air hole; escape hole, gas port; (of a fuse) 
flash hole (also, punching hole); cavity, 
honeycomb (in metals) ; crack. 

éventeble, a. capable of being aired; alterable 
in air; etc. (see éventer). 

éventage, m. airing, etc. (see éventer). 

éventail, m. fan; batswing burner, batswing; 
(enameler's) screen. 
en — , fan-shaped. 

éventer, v.t. air, expose to the air; alter by 
exposure to air, specif, make (wine, etc.) 
musty or fiat; discover, scent, fiind out; fan 
(a person). — v.r. be altered by exposure 
to air, (of wine) become flat; be discovered; 
fan oneself. 

éventrer, v.t. rip open, eviscerate, gut. 

éventualité, /. eventuality, contingency. 

éventuel, a. contingent; eventual. 

éventuellement, adv. contingently; eventu- 

éventure, /. crack. 

évêqne, m. bishop. 

éverdumer, v.t. bleach, blanch (green things). 

évidage, m. hollowing, etc. (see évider). 

évidé, Tp.a. hollowed, hollowed out, hollow; 

évidement, m. hollow, cavity, recess, aperture, 
cut, groove; hollowing, grooving. 

évidemment, adv. evidently; certainly. 

évidence, /. evidence; obviousness, clearness. 

évident, a. evident. 

évider, v.t. hollow, hollow out, scoop out; 

évidure, /. » évidement. 

évier, m. sink; stone gutter 

éviscérer, v.t. eviscerate. 

évitabie, a. avoidable. 

évitement, m. avoiding, avoidance; (railway) 

siding, switch. 
éviter, v.t. avoid. 
évolué, o. evolved, developed. 
évoluer, v.i. evolve; i>erform evolutions. 
évolutif, a. evolutional, evolutionary. 
évolution, /. evolution. 
évoquer, v.t. evoke. 

exact, a. exact; precise, strict, punctual. 
exactement, adv. exactly. 
exactitude, /. exactness, exactitude. 
exagération, /. exaggeration. 
exagérer, v.t. exaggerate. 
exalbuminé, a. (fiat.) exalbuminous. 
exalglne, /. {Pharm.) exalgin, exalgine. 
exaltation, /. exaltation; excitement. 
exalter, v. t. exalt; excite. 
examen, m. examination, 
en — , under examination. 

— d'odfiiMmon, entrance examination. 

— écrit, written examination. 
examinateur, m. examiner. 
examine, v.t, examine. 
excavateur, m. excavator. 
excavation, /. excavation, excavating. 
excaver, v.t. excavate. 

excédant, a. exceeding, excess, in excess; sur- 
plus; tiresome. 

excédent, m. excess, surplus. — a. surplus, 
excess, in excess, j 

excéder, v.t. exceed, aa beyond; tire, weary. 

excellement, adv. e«bellently. 

excellence, /. excellence, excellency, 
par — , preeminent, preeminently, par excel- 

excellent, a. excellent. 

exceller, v.i. excel. 

— «w, excel. 

excentrer, v.t. decenter, make eccentric. 
excentricité, /. eccentricity. 
excentrique, a. A m. eccentric. 
excentrlquement, adv. eccentrically. 
excepté, prep, except, excepting. — p.a. ex- 

— q^e, except that, imless. 
excepter, v.t. except. 
exception, /. exception. 

par — , by way of exception, as an excep- 
exceptionnel, a. exceptional. 
exceptionnellement, adv. exceptionally. 
excès, m. excess. 

à V — , jusqu'à V — , to excess; immoderately. 

dar^ V — , in excess; excessively. 
excessif, a. excessive. 

excessivement, adv. excessively, exceedingly. 
excipient, m. (PAarm.l-excipient. 
excise, /. excise. edbyUOOgle 




excitant» a. & m. excitant. 

excitateur, a. ezciting. — m. exciter; (£2ec.) 
discharger, ezcitator. 

excltatlf, a. excitative. 

excitation» /. excitation; excitement. 

excitatrice,/, (^fec.) exciter. — /em. of excita- 

exciter, t.t, excite. 

exclure, t.t. exclude. 

exclusif, a. exclusive. 

exclusion, /. exclusion; iSloanC) cut-ofF. 
d V — (ie, exclusive of, excepting. 

exclnslvement, adv. exclusively. 

exclut, pr. & p.def. S sing, of exclure. 

excoria, v.t. excoriate. 

exoortlquer, v.t. excorticate, decorticate. 

excrément, m. excrement. 

excrémenteux, excrémentiel, excrémentl- 
tlel, a, excremental, excrementitious. 

excreta, m.vl. excreta. 

excréter, v.t. excrete. 

excréteur, a. excretory. 

excrétion, /. excretion. 

excrétoire, a. excretory. 

excroissance, /. excrescence. 

excursion, /. excursion. 

excusablement, ado. excusably. 

excuser, v.t. excuse. 

exécutable, a. executable, practicable. 

exécuter, v.t. execute. 

exécuteur, exécutif, a. executive. 

exécution, /. execution. 

exemplaire, m. copy; model. — a. exemplary. 

exemple, m. example. 

Tpar — , for example, for instance; indeed ! 

exempt, a. free; exempt. 

exempter, v.t. exempt. 

exercer, v.t. exercise; practice. 

exercise, m. exercise; practice; financial period, 
fiscal year. 

exfoliation, /. exfoliation. 

exfolier, v.t. & r. exfoliate. 

exhalaison, m. exhalation (something exhaled). 

exhalation, /. exhalation (the act). 

exhalatolre, /. a kind of salt evaporator. 

exhaler, o.t. exhale. — «.r. be exhaled; evapo- 

exhaussement, m. raising; erection; height. 

exhausser, v.t. raise; erect. 

exhaustion, /. exhaustion. 

exhibition, /. exhibition. 

exhilarant, a. exhilarant. 
gaz — , laughing gas. 

exigeant, a. exacting. 

exigence, /. need, necessity, exigency; exact- 
ingness; imreasonableness. 

exiger, v.t. require, necessitate, need, demand, 
exact. — v.r. be required, etc. 

exlgn, a. small, narrow, scanty, petty. 

existant, p.a. existing, existent; on hand. 

existence, /. existence; living being; (Pom.) 
stock on hand. 

exists, v.t. exist. 

exitèle, /. (Afin.) valentinite. 

exocellulaire, a. exocellular. 

exogène, a. {Bot.) exogenous. — m. exogen. 

exorbltamment, adv. exorbitantly, excessively. 

exosmose, /. exosmosis, exosmose. 

exosmotlque, a. exosmotic. 

exothermique, exotherme, a. exo^rmic. 

exotique, a. exotic, foreign. 

exotlquement, adv. exotically. 

expanslblllté, /. expansibility. 

expansible, a. expansible. 

expanslf, a. expansive. 

expansion, /. expansion. 

expanslflté, /. expansiveness. 

expectation, /. expectation. 

expectmant, a. & m. (Med.) expectorant. 

expédient, a. A m. expedient. 

expédia, v.t. send, forward, ship; despatch; 
expedite; draw up (documents). 

CTpédlteur, m. sender, shipper. — a. sending, 

expédltlf, a. expeditious, speedy; prompt. 

expédition, /. sending, forwarding, shipment, 
transmission; copy, duplicate; expedition; 

expédlûonnalre, m. sender; shipper; com- 
mission agent; copying clerk. — a. ship- 
ping, forwarding; copying; expedition- 

expédltlvement, adv. expeditiously, speedily. 

expérience,/, experiment; test; experience. 
— à blanc, blank experiment, blank test. 

expérimental, a. experimental. 

expérimentalement, adv. experimentally. 

expérlmentallste, m. experimentalist. 

expérimentateur, m. experimenter. 

expérimentation, /. experimentation. 

expérimentatrice, /. experimenter. 

expérimenté, a. experienced; tried, tested. 

expérimenter, v.t. try, test, make experiment 
of; experience. — c.t. experiment. 

expert, a. dk m. expert. 

expertement, adv. expertly. 

expertise, /. (expert) investigation, survey; 
(exp^) report, valuation. 

exp^tlser, v.t. examine, investigate, make a 
survey of. 

expiration, /. expiration. 

expirer, v.t. & i. expire. 

explicable, a. explicable, explainable. 

explicatif, a. explanatory, explicative^ 

explication, /. explanation, expUcation. 

explicite, a. explicit. 

explicité, /. explicitness. 

explicitement, adv. explicitly. 

expliqua, v.t. explain. — v/T" be /explained; 
give an explanation. ^^ by VjOC 




«IldoitAllt» m. exploiter, operator (of mines, 
etc.). — o. exploiting. 

eiploltatlon, /. exploitation; working, operat- 
ing (of mines, factories, etc.); busineœ, 
works, mine, farm, etc. 

eiplolter, v.t. exploit, work, operate. 

— à la poudre, blast. 

exploiteur, m. exploiter; operator, manager, 
farm||, grower, etc. 

exploraMir, m. explorer. — a. exploring, ex- 

exploration, /. exploration. 

explorer, vjt. explore. 

exploser, v.t. explode. 

explosenr, m. exploder. 

expioslble, a. explosive. 

explosif, a. A m. explosive. 

— à la ceUtUoae nilrée, nitrocellulose explosive. 

— à la nitroglycérine, nitroglycerin explosive, 
dynamite. ' 

— binaire, binary explosive (one containing 
two ingredients). 

— chimique, a chemical compound used as an 
explosive, explosive compound. 

— de sûreté, safety explosive. 

— Favier, Eavier explosive. 

— mécanique, a mechanical mixture capable 
of explosive interaction, explosive mixture. 

— mixte, mixed explosive (as one containing 
an inert base). 

— réglé, an explosive the action or sensitive- 
ness of which has been regulated by ad- 
mixture or other treatment. 

— simple, an explosive consisting of a single 
chemical c<Mnpound. 

explosion, /. explosion. 

— de deuxième ordre, explosion of the second 

— de premier ordre, explosion of the first order. 

— aympathiq^e, ssrmpathetio explosion, explo- 
sion by influence. 

faire — , explode. 

exploslTlté, /. explosiveness. 

exponentiel, a. exponential. 

exportateor, m. exporter. 

exportation, /. exportation; export. 

exportatrice, /. exporter. 

exporter, v.t. export. — v.r. be exported. 

exporteur, m. exporter. 

exposant, m. exponent; exhibitor; petitioner. 
— of exposer. 

exposé, p. a. exposed; explained. — m. exposi- 
tion, statement, account; exposé. 

exposer, v.t expose; explain, expound. — v.r. 
expose oneself; be exposed. 

exposltlf, a. explanatory, descriptive. 

exposition, /. exposition; exposure; exhibi- 
tion; statement, account. 

exprès, a. express. — m. messenger. — adv. 
purposely; expressly. 

expressément, adv. expressly; purposely. 

expressif, a. expressive. 

expression, /. expression. 

exprimable, a. expressible. 

exprimer, v.t. express. — v.r. be e^nessed; 
express oneself. 

expulser, v.t. expel. 

expulseor, expulslf, a. expulsive. 

expulsion, /. expulsion. 

expulMce, fem. of expulseur. 

exquis, a. exquisite. 

exQUlsement, ad», exquisitely. 

exslceateur, m. desiccator. 

exsiccation, /. desiccation, drsring. 

exsudant, a. exuding; {Med.) sudorifio. 

exsudât, m. exudate. 

exsudation, /. exudation. 

exsuder, v.t. A i. exude. 

exten^lbUlté, /. extensibility. 

extenslf, a. extensive; expansive. 

extension, /. extension; extent. 

extérieur, a. exterior, external, outer, outside, 
foreign. — m. exterior; outside; foreign 
à V — , abroad; outside. 

extérieurement, adv. on the outside, exter* 
nally, outwardly. 

exterminateur, m. exterminator. — a. exter- 

extwmlner, v.t. exterminate. 

externe, a. external; exterior (angle). 

extincteur, m. extinguisher. — a. extinguish- 

extinction, /. extinction; slaking (of lime); 
suppression; loss. 

— spontanée, air slakini^. 
extinctrice, fem. of extincteur. 
extlnsulble, a. extinguishable. 
extirpation, /. extirpation, eradication. 
extirper, v.t. extirpate, eradicate. 
extra, a. A m. extra. 
extra-blanc, a. extra white. 
extra-caldné, a. supercalcined, calcined be- 
yond the usual degree. 

extra-courant, m. {filée.) extra current, self- 
induced current. 

extracteur, m. extractor; (ffas) exhauster. 

extractlf, a. A m. extractive. 

extractlforme, a. extraotiform. 

extraction, /. extraction; {Mach.) discharge. 

extra-fin, a. extra fine. 

extraire, va. extract. 

extrait, m. extract. — p.p. A pr. S sing, of 

— d'adée à grappes, {Pharm.) extract of cimi- 
cifuga, extract of black cohosh. 

— de colchique acétique, {Pharm.) extract of 
colchicum corm, acetic extract of colchicum. 

— de fiel de hontf, {Pharm.) purified oxgall. 

— de garance, inadder extract. 




eitnlt deGotdard, (Pharm.) Goulard's extract, 
solution of lead subacetate. 

— de Javdt a conceiitrated h3l>oohlorite solu- 
tion used for sterilising water, etc., Javel 

— de aatume, (Pharm.) Goulard's extract. 

— de ffiandef meat extract. 

— ithirét ethereal extract, ether extract; 
iPharm.) oleoresin. 

— éthéré de capnquet (Pîiarm.) oleoresin of 

— liquide, {Pharm.) fluidextract, fluid extract 

eitralt liquide aromoHgue, {Pharm.) aromaÀâo 

— tannant, tanning extract. 

— thébcAque, {Pharm.) extract of opium. 
extraordinaire» a. extraordinary. 
extrapolation, /. extrapolation. 
extra-pur» a. extra pure. 

extrayant» p.a. extracting. 
extrême» a. A m. extreme. 
extrêmement» ado. extreme^. 
extrémité» /. extremity. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

t»9 ahbreo. franc; (finère) brother. 
fabrieanti m. manufacturer. 
fabrieant-llqaoriste» m. liqueur maker. 
falwicatkHi» /. manufacture, manufacturing, 

making, make; fabrication. 
fabrlqae» /. factory, manufactory, works, mill, 

plant; manufacture, making, make; fabric, 


— de matièrea colorantea, dye factory. 
fabrlQaw, v.t make, manufacture; fabricate. 

— v.r. be made, be manufactured. 
fabuleux, a. fabulous. 
face, /. face. 

en — <2e, opposite; in the front of; in the 

face of. 
faire — d, be opposite; face. 
facette» /. facet, (small) face. 
facetter, v.t. facet, cut facets upon. 
fftcheusement, adv. sadly, etc. (see fâcheux). 
f&cheux, a, sad, regrettable, unfavorable, 

troublesome, disagreeable. 
facile, a. easy; facile, ready, quick. 
facilement, adv. easily, readily. 
facilité, /. facility; ease, readiness. 
faciliter, v.t. facilitate. 
façon, /. fashion; manner; sort; way; making, 

make, workmanship; appearance; care, 

attention; operation; (Agrtc.) culture, 

dressing; ceremony, ado. 
de — àfde — que, de telle — que, so that, so as, 

in such a way as (or that). 
façonnage, façonnement, m., façonnerle, /. 

fashioning, etc. (see façonner). 
façonnw, v.t. fashion, shape, form, model; 

make, make up, work; finish off, finish; 

adorn, (of fabrics) fig\ire; accustom. 
fac-slmllalre, a. facsimile. 
fac-similé, m. facsimile. 
fac-slmller, v.t. fapsimile. 
factage, m. delivery (as of letters) ; porterage. 
facteur, m. factor; maker, manufacturer; 

clerk; carrier (as of letters) ; porter. 

— de charge, load factor. 

— de puissance, power factor. 

— de sécurité, factor of safety, 
factice, a. artificial, factitious; sham. — m. some- 
thing artificial; specif., artificial rubber. 

factlcement, adv. artificially, factitiously. 
faction, /. faction; {Mil.) sentry. 
factorlelle, /. (Math.) factorial. 


CMtnre, /. invoice, bill; composition. 

facture, v.t. invoice, bill. 

facturier, m. invoice book; invoice dork. 

facule, /. (Astron.) facula. 

facultatif, a. optional. 

facultativement, adv. optionally. 

faculté, /. faculty; (pi.) means, abiUty. 

fadasse, a. very insipid; very dull. 

fade, a. insipid; flat (as wine); dull (colors). 

fadement, adv. insipidly. 

fadet, a. somewhat insipid; rather dull. 

fadeur,/, insipidity, insipidness; flatness; dull- 

fagot, m. fagot; bundle. 

fagoue, /. sweetbread. 

fahlunlte, /. (Min.) fahlunite. 

faible, a. weak; feeble; slight; light (in 
weight). — m. weak point, weak part; 
weakness; weak person. 

faiblement, adv. weakly, feebly, slightly. 

faiblesse, /. weakness; feebleness; slightness; 
lightness; faint. 

faiblir, v.t. weaken, grow weak, loae strength; 
3rield, relax, slacken, fail. 

faience, /. glazed earthenware, faience, delft- 
ware (in Englii^ faHence. is used esp. of the 
finer, decorative kinds). 

faïencerie, /. glazed earthenware factory, 
manufacture or business. 

Calender, m. maker or seller of glazed earthen- 

falllant, p.a. failing,^ etc. (see faillir). 

faille, /. fissure; ((7eo2.) dike; grogram (cloth). 
— pr. subj. of falloir. — pr.3 sing. subj. of 

failli, a. & m. bankrupt. — p.p. of faillir. 

falUIblUté, /. fallibUity. 

falUlble, a. faUible. 

faUllr, v.i. fail; err; be on the point (of), be 
near, be nearly. 

faillite, /. bankruptcy, failure. 

falm, /. hunger. 

falne, /. beech mast, beech nuts. 

faire, v.t. make; do; cause; perform; produce; 
form; study; play; say; accustom; 
charge (for goods); matter, signify. — v.i. 
do; matter, signify; be. — v.r. be made, 
be done, etc., (of a precipitate or the like) 
be formed, form; become; make oneself; 
be. — m. making, doiiigK.execution. 
Digitized by VjiVJC 




flUre guet be the reason that, cause that; see 
ne — que, make only.'do only, do nothing but. 
ne — que de venir, to have just come. 
(For other phrases commencing with faire see 
the next important word in the phrase). 
falssMe, a. feasible. 
falsftlti imp. S eing. of fairo,, 
faisant», of faire. 

faisceau» m. bundle; group, lot, number; 
(Optics) penoU; (Anat.) fasciculus; sheaf. 
faiseiir, m. maker, doer, etc. (see faire); author. 
fidsselle, /. a basket or vessel in which cheese 

is drained. * 
fUt» p.a. made, done, etc. (see faire); fit 
finished; grown; ripe; (of prices) fixed 
(of words) common. — m. fact; deed, act 
matter, affair, point, question; p<»rtion, 
share. — pr. S aing. of faire. 
dane le —, in fact. 

de — , in fact, indeed; actual, de facto. 
en — cie, in point of. 
être —7 de, become, suit. 
fNir le — , in fact; by the fact. 
faite» m. top, summit; ridge; watershed. 
faîtière, a. ridge. — /. ridge tile; skylight. 
fall» m. burden, load. 
falaise» /. diff . 

fallaclenseinent, adv. fallaciously. 
faUadem» a. fallacious. 
falloir» v.i. be wanting, be needing; be neces- 
sary, be needful, be requisite, must; ought, 
shoiûd. — v.r. (with en) be wanting, be 
eommeilfatU, proi>erly, as should be ; well bred. 
tZ a faUu un litre, one liter was needed. 
U fallait vetjir, you (he, they, etc.) should have 

come (or ought to have come). 
Û faudra qu'U vienne, he will have to come. 
tZ me faut un entonnoir, I need a funnel. 
fUla, p.p. of falloir. 
falsllleateiir» m. adulterator; falsifier. 
Calslllcatloii» /. adulteration, sophistication; 

falsifier, v.t. adulterate, sophisticate; debase 

(coin); falsify, counterfeit, forge. 
faiim» m. sheU marl. 
falnnage» m. application of shell marl to land; 

shell marl production. 
faloner» v.t. treat Gftud) with shell marl. 
fUonlère» /. sheU-marl pit. 
fameux, a. famous. 
familiariser» v.t. familiarise. — v.r. become 

famlUarltê, /. familiarity. 
familier» a. familiar. 
fimlUèrement» adv. familiarly. 
famille, /. family. 

fanage, m. fading; wilting; tedding; foliage, 

fane, /. dry leaf. 

faner» v.t. fade; wilt; turn, ted (hay). — t^. 

fade; wilt. 
fange» /. mud, mire. 
fangeux, a. muddy, miry, dirty. 
fantaisie» /. fancy; floss silk (thread). 
fardr» v.t. stuff. 

fard» m. (face) paint; false show, disguise. 
fardeau» m. burden, load. 
farder, v.t. paint (the face); disguise. — v.t. 

weigh heavily; sink, settle. 
farlnaeé, a. farinaceous. 
farine» /. flour; meal; farina. 

— d*avoine, oatmeaL 

— de bU, wheat flour. 

— de boie, (fine) sawdust, wood flour. 

— de oraine de lin, — de lin, linseed meal, 
flaxseed meal. 

— de male, com meal, maise flour. 

— de montagne, mountain flour (■■larine 
fossile, which see). 

— de moutarde, flour of mustard. 

— de première, flour of the best grades. 

— de aeigle, rye flour. 

— d'orge, barley flour. 

— dure, hard-wheat flour. 

— fosaHe, fossil farina (usually diatomaoeous 
earth but sometimes a powdery variety of 

— jaune, yellow com meal. 

— ladie, a preparation of condensed milk and 
flour (such as Nestlé's food). 

— tendre, soft-wheat flour. 

fariner» vJ. flour, convert into or dust with 

farineux» a. floury; powdery; mealy; fari' 
naceous. — m. starchy food; legume (in- 
cluding peas, beans, lentils, etc.). 

farlnuleux» a. containing flour deprived of 

faro» m. a kind of beer made in Belgium. 

fascicule» m. fascicle, small bundle, (of a pub- 
lication) part. 

fasciner» v.t. fascinate. 

fasse, pr, Î éb S aing. aubj. of faire. 

fastidieux» a. tedious, tiresome. 

fatal, a. inevitable; fatal. 

fatalement, adv. inevitably; unfortunately; 

fatigant, p.a. fatiguing, wearisome, tedious. 

fatigue, /. fatigue. 

fatiguer, v.t. fatigue, tire, weary; strain, im- 
pair. — v.r. be fatigued; be strained, be 
impaired. — v.t. work hard; be fatigwng. 

fan» m. beech, beech tree. 

faubourg, m. suburb; faubourg. 

faucha» v.t. mow, cut down, cut, 

faude» m. place where charcoal is burned; 

pi&ce where ores are calcined. t 
I fauder» v.t. fold (double). ^OOg IC 




fiudnh fvt, S nng. of falloir and of faillir. 

faudrait» cond. S nng. of falloir and faillir. 

faulde, m. ■>■ faude. 

failli» /. Bosrthe; currying knife; {Anai.) faix. 

faune» /. fauna. 

fiusse» a. fem. of faux. 

fiussement» adv. falsely. — m. bending, etc. 

(see fausser). 
fauBSW» v.t. bend, warp, spring; vitiate, affect 

adversely (as an analytical result) ; strain, 

distort; break (one's word, etc.). — v.r. 

be bent, be warped, etc.; bend, warp, 

fausset, m. spigot, peg, pin. 
fMMseté» /. falsity, falseness; falsehood. 
fiUt, pr. of falloir. — pr. S ting, of faillir. 
iMlte» /. fault; default, lack, want. 
faire — t fail. 

— de, for lack of, for want of. 

9an9 —, without fail; without fault, faultless. 
fkutlf^ a. faulty, imperfect. 
fMlttrement» ado. erroneously, wrongly. 
fkutre» m. (Paper) felt. 

fiUTe» a. fallow, fawn, tawny, yellowish brown, 
(of leather) fair. — m. fawn color, yellow- 
ish brown. 
fiMU» a. false; imitation, counterfeit, mock. 
•— tn. falseness; imitation; forgery; false- 
hood; sc3rthe. — adv. falsely, erroneously. 
— pr. 1 A B aing. of faillir. 
à — f falsely, wrongly; unevenly; out of 

fatuêe amWiyate, a purple variety of fluorspar. 
faunae orotige, fly agaric, fly amanita (Amanita 

— argentt mica. 

— etimtn, nutmeg flower (Nigella acOiva). 

— diamanit sircon. 

— fenouU, deadly carrot (Thapaia garganica). 

— gaimbier, the root of Dioacorea rhipogo- 
noidea, used in dyeing. 

— jour, false light; (Microa.) axiy light that 
interferes with observation. 

— teint, fugitive (coIot or dye). 
fanx-fkmis» incidental expenses. 
fanx-ftiyant, m. shift, evasion; by-path. 
faui-Jour» m. See faux jour (under faux). 
faveur, m. favor. 

à la — de, by means of, by help of. 

en — de, for the sake of, in consideration of, 
in behalf of. 
fiTorable, a. favorable. 
fiYorablement, adv. favorably. 
fiTorl, a. <ft m. favorite. 
fiYorlser» v.t. favor; assist. 
favorite, /em. of favori. 
farard, m. beech, beech tree. 
fiyence, fiyencerle, etc. See faience, etc. 
félirlftafe, a. A m. (Med.) febrifuge, 
fteal, a. fecal 

féeet» feces, fœces. 

fécond, a. fertile, fruitful; fecund, prolific; 

abundant; genial. 
fécondant, p.a. fertilizing, rendering fertile; 

fécondateur, a. fecundating. 
fécondation, /. fecundation. 
féconde, v.t. fecundate; fertilize. 
fécondité» /. fecundity; fertility. 
fécule» /. starch (especially in its domestic and 

medidnal uses; cf. amidon), fecula; spedf., 

potato starch. 

— de blit wheat starch. 

— de nuaa, com starch, nudze starch. 

— de pommea de terre, potato starch. 
feculence, /. feculence. 

féculent» a. starchy, containing starch; fecu- 
lent, muddy, turbid. — m. starchy ma- 
terial; starchy vegetable. 

féculer, v.t. convert into starch or fecula. 

léculMle» /. starch factory; starch manufac- 

féeuleux, a. starchy, containing starch. 

féculler, m. starch maker, starch manufacturer. 

féculomètre» m. feculometer (instrument for 
determining starch). 

feignant, of feindre. 

feindre» v.t. feign; scruple. 

feint» p.a. feigned; imitation, counterfeit. 

feldspath, m. (Min.) feldspar. 

— adulatre, adularia. 

— argUiforme, kaolin. 

— aioeniurini, aventurine feldspar. 

— nacré, pearly feldspar, moonstone. 

— opalin, opaline feldspar, labradorite. 
feldspathlque, a. feldspathic. 

fêle, /. (Olaaa) blowpipe. 

fêler» v.t. A r. crack. 

féUn, a. feline. — m. cat (one of the Eelidie). 

feUe»/. -fêle. 

fêlure» /. crack, chink. 

FJBJII.» abbrev. (force électromotrioe) electro- 
motive force, E.M.F. 

femelle, /. A a. female. 

femme, /. woman; wife. 

fenchène, m. fenchene. 

fenchol, m. fenchol. 

fencbone, /. fenchone. 

fenchyle, m. fenchyl. 

fendage, m. splitting, etc. (see fendre). 

fendre, /. slitting, cutting (of iron) into 
narrow pieces; slitting machine; aditting 

fendeur, m. splitter, etc. (see fendre). 

fendlUe, /. Utile crack. 

fendillement, m. cracking, splitting, chinking. 

fendiller, v.t. A r. crack, split, chink, chap. 

fendre, v.t. split; cleave; rend; slit; crack, 
chhik,chap; cut thru. — v.r. split, be split, 
part, be rent; crack, chink, chap, q;>linter. 




fendu» |Ka. split, cleft, etc. (see fendre). 
fenètrô» /. window; opening; (Mcuih.) port. 
fenêtrw» v.t, perforate; provide with windows. 
fénoloiie» fénone» /. fenchone. 
fénol^e, m. fenclû^l. 
fenooll, m. (Bot.) fenneL 

— amer, bitter fennel, wild fennel. 

— bâtard, diU. 

— d'eau, water fennel iCErtanthe pA«22an- 

— d'Italie, Roman fennel, sweet fennel. 

— douse, sweet fennel. 

— marin, sea fennel, samphire (Crithmum 

— puant, dill. 

fenonillette, /. fennel water, fennel brandy. 
fente» /. slit, slot; split, crack, chink, cleft, 

fissure, crevice; cut, groove. 
fenngree» m. fenugreek (TrigoneUa fmnumr 

gr cecum). 
ter 9 m. iron; (also pi.) a kind of spring pincers 

used in making crsrstal glass; (iron) tool; 


— adiré, steeled iron. 

— aciireux, steely iron. 

— affiné, refined iron. 

— à grain, granular iron. 

— à gros graine, coarse-grained iron. 

— aigre, brittle iron, coldnshort iron. 

— à la catalane, Catalan iron (wrought iron 
made from the ore). 

— à la françaiee, iron made by a method 
similar to the Catalan process. 

— à loupe, bloom iron. 

— à mcueiau, see massiau. 

— à nerf, fibrous iron. 

— argHettx, (Afin.) iron clay, day ironstone. 

— à eouder, soldering iron. 

— au boie, — au charbon de boie, charcoal iron. 

— battu, forged iron, wrought iron. 

— Mane, white cast iron, white iron (see also 

— Bravaie, a colloidal solution of ferric 
l^drozide obtained by dialysing a solution 
of it in ferric chloride. Bravais iron. 

— brûlé, burnt iron, overbumt iron. 

— brut, crude iron; specif., puddled bar. 

— carbonate, iron carbonate. 

— carbonate argHeux, (Min.) siderite mixed 
with clay, clay ironstone. 

— carbonate apathique, (Min.) spathic iron 
ore, siderite. 

— carbonate terreux, (Min.) clay ironstone. 

— carbonyle, iron carbonyl. 

•» carburé, iron containing carbon; iron car- 
^-^eaeaant, brittle iron, short iron. 

— caeeant à chaud, hot-short iron, red-short 

— ocMson^ à chaud noir, black-short iron. 

fer caeeant à froid, cold-short iron. 

— cémenté, cement iron, cement steel. 

— cendreux, iron that is flawy from ash spots. 

— chromaté, iron chromate. 

— chromé, (Min.) chrome iron ore, chrome 
iron, chromite. 

— corroyé, wrought iron. 

— coulé, cast iron, pig iron. 

— cretuc, tubular iron. 

— cru, crude iron. 

— cylindre, rolled iron. 

— de ferraHU, scrap iron, old iron. 

— de fonte, cast iron. 

— de forge, wrought iron. 

— de lance, spearhead, lance head. 

— de lune, white-hot iron. 

— de maeee, scrap iron. 

— de riblone, scrap iron. 

— doux, soft iron. 

— écroui,. hammer-hardened iron. 

— émaHU, enameled iron. 

— en bandée, hoop iron. 

— en barrée, bar iron. 

— encrené, iron twice heated and hamma«d. 

— en feuillee, sheet iron. 

— en gueuee, pig iron. 

— en lamee, sheet iron. 

— en limaille, iron filings. 

— en Umpee, bloom iron. 

— en pkiquee, iron plate, boiler plate. 

— en rubane, hoop iron. 

— en eaumon, pig iron. 

— en tournure, iron turnings. 

— étamé, tinned iron; plated iron. 

— étiré, rolled iron. 

— fendu, slit iron. 

— fibreux, fibrous iron. 

— fin, refined iron. 

— fin au boie, charcoal iron. 

— fondu, ingot iron; cast iron (usually called 
fonte) ; molten iron. 

— fondu à air cAaiid, hot-blast iron. 

— fondu à air froid, cold-blast iron. 

— forgé, wrought iron. 

— fort, strong iron, forge iron. 

— galvanieé, galvanised iron. 

— gratté, filed iron, brushed iron. 

— grie, gray iron. 

— hydraté limoneux, (Min.) bog iron ore 
(porous limonite). 

— laminé, rolled iron, laminated iron. 

— limoneux, (Min.) limonite. 

— magnétique, (Min.) magnetite, magnetic 

— malléable, malleable iron. 

— manganéeé, (Min.) tripUte. 

— marchand, merchant iron, merchant bar. 

— martelé, hammered iron. 

— mêlé, mottled iron (cast irpn^bet ween white 
and gray). Digitized by vjOOQ IC 




fef métaUiquet metallic iron. 

— météorigue, meteoric iron. 

— métis, red-^hort iron. 

— micacé, (Min.) micaceous iron ore, scaly 

— mitia, mitis metal. 

— mou, soft iron. 

— ncUif, native iron. 

— nerveux, fibrous iron. 

— noir, black iron, esp. black sheet iron. 

— oligiste, (Min.) hematite, oligist iron (the 
latter name is infrequent). 

— oOlithique, {Min.) oôUtic iron ore. 

— oxydé, iron oxide, oxide of iron. 

— oxydé rouge, {Min.) red iron ore, ordinary 

— oxydvU, (Min.) magnetite. 

— paHleux, flawy iron. 

— piaiforme, (Min.) pea ore, pisiform iron 
ore (granular form of Umonite). 

— pktt, hoop iron. 

— platiné, platinized iron, specif, platinum- 
plated iron; rolled iron. 

" — puddle, puddled iron. 

— raffiné, refined iron. 

— réduit, {Pharm.) reduced iron, powder of 

— rotdé, rolled iron. 

— rouverin, hot-short (or red-short) iron. 

— soudé, weld iron. 

— spathique, (Min.) spathic iron, siderite. 

— spéculaire, (Min.) specular iron, hematite 
(exhibiting metalUc luster). 

— tenace, tough iron. 

— tendre, cold-short iron. 

— atané, (Min.) titanic iron ore, ilmenite. 

— zingué, galvanized iron. 
fera» fui. 3 sing, of faire. 
ferait» cond. 3 sing, of faire. 

féramlne» /. (Afin.) pyrite, iron pyrites. Obs. 
f(HVà-nerf» m. fibrous iron. 
t&'héton, m. ferro-concrete. 
fer-blanc, m. tin plate. 

— hriUant, tin plate proper (as distinguished 
from temeplate). 

— terne, terneplate. 

ferblanterie» /. tinwork; tinware; tinware 

ferblantier» m. one who makes or sells tinware. 
féret» m. = ferret. 
fermall» m. clasp. 
fermant» of fermer. 
fernïe, o. firm; binding (sale). — adv. firmly. 

— m. farm; farmhouse; lease; girder, 

truss, rib, frame; roof. 
fermé» p.a. closed, etc. (see fermer) ; close, tight. 
ferme-clrcnlt» m. (JElec.) circuit closer. 
fermement» adv. firmly. 
fmnent» m. ferment. — a. fermentative. 

— figuré, — organisé, organized ferment. 

fermentable» a. fermentable. 

fermentaire, fermentatif, a. fermentative, 

fermentation» /. fermentation; (fig.) ferment. 

— à chapeau, top fermentation in which the 
head is agitated by the escaping gas. 

— alcoolique, alcoholic fermentation. 

— ctscendante et descendante, fermentation in 
which the head alternately rises and falls. 

— basse, low (or bottom) fermentation. 

— circulaire, ifermentation characterized by 
a vertical circulation, the solid matter ris- 
ing in one part of the vat and falling in 

— diastasigue, diastatic fermentation; enz3rm- 
ic fermentation. 

— en buUes, fermentation characterized by 
the formation of bubbles of good size in 
the head. 

— haute, high (or top) fermentation. 

— mousseuse, fermentation characterized by 
excessive foaming. 

— nitreuse, nitrous fermentation. 

— panaire, fermentation of bread dough, 

— par dépôt, bottom fermentation. 

— sous le diapeau, top fermentation which 
proceeds quietiy without agitation of the 

— superficielle, top fermentation. 

— tumultueuse, violent fermentation, specif, 
the first fermentation of wine. 

termenta, v.i. & t. ferment. 

fermentesdblllté, /. fermentability. 

fermentesclble, a. fermentable. 

fermer» v. t. dose; shut; fasten, bolt, pin, lock; 
stop, stop up. — v.r. A i. close, shut, be 

fermeté, /. firmness. 

fermetiure» /. closing, closure, etc. (see fermer) ; 
seal; fastening (of any kind); shutter» 
blind; (Steam) cut-off; (Ordnance) ferme- 

— d rodage, ground joint, ground seal. 

— hermétique, hermetic closing, hermetic seaL 
fermier, m. farmer. 

fermoir» m. clasp, catch, snap; chisel. 

ferraille» /. (also pi.) old iron, scrap iron. 

ferrasse» /. an iron vessel used in fusing metals; 
(0lass) an iron plate, as one on which the 
glass rests in a flattening furnace, one on 
which glass is cast, or one on which the 
pots are set. 

ferrate» m. ferrate. 

ferre» /. fine iron grindings; (Glass) bottle 

ferré» a. impregnated with iron, chalybeate; 
fitted or boimd with iron; ironed; (of 
roads) metaled, macadamized; (of horaes) 
shod; versed (in); harsh, hard. 




ferrer» v.t. fit or mount with iron; iron, smooth; 

metal, macadamise (a road) ; shoe (ahorse). 
ferrement» m. ironwork; iron tool or piece. 
ferrerie» /. ironwork; iron business, iron trade. 
ferret» m. hard kernel in stones; (OUus) ferret; 

tag (as of a shoe lace). 
— d^Espoone* (Min.) red iron ore, hematite. 
f^reiix» a. ferrous. 
ferrico-. ferric (in double salts). 
ferrleo-Ainmonlqae, a. ferric anmionium. 
ferrleo-potASSlque, a. ferric potassium. 
ferricysnhydrlqae, a. ferricyanic. 
ferricymiM^ne» m. ferricyanogen. 
ferricyftnure» m. ferricyanide. 
ferrifère» a. ferriferous, iron-bearing. 
ferriqae» a. ferric. 
ferrite» n. ferrite. 
ferro» m. iron alloy (as ferromanganese, etc.); 

(Photog.) blue print. 
fwro-Alumlnlaiii» m. ferro-aluminium, ferro- 

ferroHdurome» m. ferroohrome, ferrochromium. 
ferro-etment» m. ferro-concrete. 
ferrocyanate» m. ferrocyanate, ferrooyanide. 
fenocyanhydflqae» a. ferrooyanic. 
ferroeymnlqae» a. ferrocyanic. 
ferroeyanogène» m. ferrooyanogen. 
frarocyanare» m. ferrocyanide. 
ferro-manganèse» m. ferromanganese. 
ferromolybdène» m. ferromolybdenum. 
fOTOiiOTie» /. iron foundry; ironworks; hard- 

ferro-nlckel, m. ferroniokel; specif., nickel 
steel (when the percent of nickel is low). 

ferropmstdate» m. ferropmssiate (ferro- 

ferro-sIUclam, m. ferrosilicon. 

ferroso-ferrlqae» a. ferroeoferric. 

tenotktTt m. glass worker. 

ferro-tltane, ferrotitan, m. ferrotitanium. 

ferro-tnnsstène» m. ferrotungsten. 

ferrotyple, /. iPhotoQ.) ferrotype, tintype. 

fermslneiix» a. ferruginous, chalybeate. — m. 
ferruginous medicine, chalybeate. 

f6miglno-calcalre,a. pertaining to or contain- 
ing iron and lime, ferrugino-calcareous. 

femiginoslte» /. ferruginous quality. 

ferrure, /. ironwork; shoeing, shoes (of horses). 

fertile» a. fertile. 

fertUement» adv. fertilely, fruitfully. 

fertUlsable» a. fertilizable. 

fertilisant, p.a. fertilizing. 

fertilisation» /. fertilisation. 

fertiliser, v.L fertilize. 

fertilité» /. fertility, fertileness. 

fémle» /. ferule; ifiot.) Ferula. 

fémllqne, a. feniHc 

feston, m. festoon. 

festonner, v.t. festoon. 

fête, /. feast, festival, fête; birthday. 

fétide, a. fetid. 

fétidité, /. fetidness, fetidity. 

fétu, m. straw. 

fétus, m. fetus, fœtus. 

feu, m. fire; flame; light; fireplace, hearth; 
household, home; heat. — a. flame (color); 
late, deceased. 
à — nu, with the naked or free flame (not 
using a sand bath, oil bath or other pro- 
en — , on fire; (of a furnace) in operation, in 

— Catalan, {Metal.) Catalan forge. 

— d'afinerie, (Metal.) fining forge. 

— d*arHfice, firework, fireworks. 

— de Bengale, Bengal light. 

— d'édairage, light. 

— de couletur, colored light. 

— de raffinerie, (MetaL) refining hearth. 

— de réduction, reducing flame. 

— de signaux, signal light, signal firework. 

— d'oxydation, oxidising flame. 

— foUet, ignis fatuus. 

— grégeois, Greek fire. 

— grisou, fire damp. 

— nu, naked fire, naked flame, ft«e flame. 
mettre à — , flre, start up (a furnace) ; put in 

blast, blow in (a blast furnace). 
mettre en — , bum; = mettre à feu. 
mettre hors de — , mettre hors — , (Metal.) put 

out of blast. 
mettre le — d, set on fire, touch off. 
feuillage, m, foliage. 

feuille, /. leaf ; foil; sheet; plate; scale, flake; 
list; bill; newspaper. 

— anglaise, (Rubber) cut sheet. 

— d'argent, silver leaf, silver foil. 

— de cuivre, sheet of copper. 

— de fer, plate or sheet of iron. 

— de fer-blanc, sheet of tin (plate). 

— d'^in, tinfoil. 

— de ventre, the middle layer in pastebofud. 

— de verre, sheet of glass. 

— d'or, gold leaf, gold foil. 

— laminée, rolled sheet. 

— sciée, (Rubber) cut sheet. 

— volante, loose sheet. 
feullle-morte, a. A m. dull yellow (resembling 

the color of dead leaves). 

feuillet, m. leaf; layer; thin plate; (of crys- 
tals) leaf, plate; folio. 

feuilleté, a. foliated. — p.p. of feuilleter. 

feuilleta, v.t. turn the leaves of, peruse. 

feullletts, m. edge (of a cut stone) ; soft place 
in slate. 

feuillette, /., snuiU leaf, leaflet; cask (contain- 
ing about 125 liters). 

feullllr, v.i. put forth leaves, leaf, leave. 

feuillu, a. leafy; si)ecif., having broad leaves 
as distinguished from needles. 




e, /. rabbet, groove, slit, recess. 
feotrsble, a. capable of being felted. 
fentrsfe, m. felting. 
fentrmnt, p.a. felting. 
feutre» m. felt; padding, packing. 
feutré» p.a. felted; felt; padded, packed. 
feutrement, m. felting. 
feutrer, v. t. felt; pad, pack (as with felt). 
fève, /. bean (refers specif, to the genus Faba; 
cf. haricot). 

— de cacaOf cocoa bean. 

— de Calabar t Calabar bean (from Phyea- 
stigma venenosum). 

— de haricot, kidney bean. 

— de Saintrlgnace, Saint Ignatius's bean 
(from Strychnoa iffnatia). 

— de soja, soy bean, soja bean. 

— igasurique, = fève de Saint-Ignace. 

— pichurim, pichurim bean (from Nectandra 

— tonka, — Tonka, tonka bean. 
féverole, /. (dried) bean; horse bean. 
féTier, m. (Bot.) locust tree (Oleditsia). 
f6?ri^, m. February. 

fibre, /. fiber, fibre; grain (of wood). 

— de bois, wood fiber; grain of wood. 

— libérienne, (Bot.) bast fiber, bast. 

— ligneiue, wood fiber. 

— texHU, textile fiber. 

— vulcanisée, vulcanised fiber. 
fibre, a. fibered, fibrous. 
fibreux, a. fibrous. 
fibrlUalre, a. fibrillar, fibrillary. 
fibriUe, /. small fiber, fibril, fibrilla. 
fibrine, /. fibrin. 

fibrlneux, a. fibrinous. 
fibrln<^ne, m. fibrinogen. 
fibrinolyse, /. fibrinolysis. 
fibrocartilase» m. (Anat.) fibrooartilage. 
fibrocartUftglneuz, a. fibrocartilaginous. 
fibroceDulalre, a. fibrocellular, fibroareolar. 
fibro-dment, m. a building material consisting 

of cement mixed with asbestos fiber. 
fibroUte, flbrollthe, /. (Min.) fibrolite. 
ficeler, v.t. tie, tie up (with string). 
ficelle, /. string, twine, packthread; trick. 

— pr. 1 AS sing, of ficeler. 
fiche, /. (something to be thrust or driven in) 

pin, peg, bolt, plug, stake, etc.; ticket, 

card; memorandum (on a card); knife or 

plug (of an electric switch). 
fich^, v.t. thrust in, stick in, plunge in, drive 

in, insert; point (masonry). 
fidèle, a. faithful. 
fidèlement, adv. faithfully. 
fidélité, /. fideUty, faithfulness. 
flel, m. gtUl. 

— de bœuf, ox gall. 

fieUeux, a. like gall, bitter as gall. 
fiente, /. dung. 

v.t, dung, manure. 
fier, a. proud; fierce; fiery; great. — f.r. 

trust, confide (in). 
fièvre, /. fever. 

fiévreux, a. feverish. — m. fever patient. 
flgement, m. congealment, congealing, setting, 

solidifying, solidification. 
liger, v.t. A r. congeal, set, solidify. 
figue, /. fig. 

— de Barbarie^ Barbary fig, prickly pear 
(Opuntia opuntia). 

figuier, m. fig tree, fig. 

figuratif, a. figurative; representing or wymr 
bolizing something. — m. representation, 
», /. figure; face, countenance. 
', v.t. represent; figure. — vjr. be repre- 
sented or figured. — v.i. appear, figure; 

fil, m. wire; thread; filament, fiber; string; 
yam; edge (of sharp tools); grain (of 
wood); vein Qn stones); course (as of a 

— à plomb, plumb line. 

— conducteur, (Elec.) conducting wire, con- 

— couvert, (Elec.) insulated wire. 

— deader, steel wire. 

— d'aller, (Elec.) lead wire. 

— d'amorce, priming wire. 

— d'araignée, (Optics) spider line, cross wire. 

— d'archal, brass wire. 

— de ehanfage, (JBlec.) resistance wire. 

— de clavecin, piano wire. 

— de cuivre, copper wire. 

— de fer, iron wire. 

— de laiton, brass wire. 

— de ligne, (Elec.) line wire. 

— d'emballage, pack thread, wran>ing twine. 
-^ de platine, platinum wire. 

— de retour, (Elec.) return wire. 

— de soie, silk thread. • 

— fusible, (Elec.) fuse wire. 

— métallique, wire. 

— nu, (Elee.) uninsulated wire. 

— recouvert, (Elee.) insulated wire. 

— retors, twine; double yam. 

— thermique, (Elec.) heating wire. 

— tranchant, cutting edge, sharp edge. 
filage, m. spinning, etc. (see filer); (Metal.) 

addition of fresh lead in the oupellation of 
argentiferous lead; (Bot.) Filago. 
filament, m. filament. 

— de charbon, carbon filament. 

— ^ de mais, com silk, (Pharm.) sea. 
filamenteux, a. filamentous. 
filandre, /. thread, string, filament, specif.: a de- 
fect in glass ; gossamer ; a soft vein in marble. 
filandreux, a. stringy M<ihready.Tfilamentous; 
streaky, veinyed by vjOOQ IC 




) p,pr. of filer; (of liquids) ropy. 

I a. (of atones) veiny, containingVeins 
of softer material, streaky. 

fUftsse» /. tow; (in general) unspun fibers. 

illatlire,/. spinning; spinning mill; twine mill. 

file, /. file; row. 

fliéy p.p. of filer. — m. thread. 

flier, t.t. spin; wiredraw, draw; nm, draw 
(lines); spin out; conduct. — v.%. (of 
liquids) flow in a viscous stream, be ropy, 
rope; spin; (of stars) shoot; (of lampe) 
smoke; slip away; purr. 

fllet» m. thread, fiber, filament; (of a screw) 
thread; (of a liquid) fine stream; net, 
netting, network; dash, stroke; {PritUf 
ing) rule. 

— A droiUt right-handed thread (of screws). 

— A gatuhet left-handed thread. 
— de 9M, screw thread. 

flleteg^ «»• threading (of screws); wire- 
flleter» v.t. thread, cut a thread on; wiredraw, 

fllMre» /. drawplate; screw plate; a perforated 

plate for molding plastic substances; wire 

flUfonne, a. filiform. 
flUgrmne» 9». filigree; (Paper) watermark. — a. 

flUgrmoe, p.a. filigreed, filigree; (Paper) 

flUn» m. rope, cordage. 
flUe» /. daughter; girl; maid; nun. 
flioil, m. iOeol. Â Mining) vein, lode. 
flkm-eouclie» n. vein-bearing rock. 
flioiiieil» a. pertaining to or containing veins or 

lodes (as, gUe filonien^ vein deposit). 
flioseile, /. filoselle (coarse silk thread). 
flis, m. son; boy. — pi. of fil. 
flltrmge, m. filtering, filtration. 
flltnmt, p.a. filtering, filter. 
flltrfttear, a. filtering. — m. filterer. 
flltratioii, /. filtration, filtering. 
flltratam, m. filtrate. 
filtre, m. filter; strainer. — a. filter, filtering. 

— à analyse, analytical filter, (circle of) filter 

— à aepirationf suction filtw. 

— à bciugiet candle filter, cylinder filter. 

— à eau, water filter. 

— à Vamiante, asbestos filter. 

— à plie, plaited filter, folded filter. 

— à preeeiont pressure filter. 

— à «aUe, — au «obZe, sand filter. 

— à tidet vacuum filter. 
—Berkefeld, Berkefeld filter. 
•^ eentrifuget centrifugal filter. 

— Chamberland» Chamberland filter. 

— doe, dosed (or inclosed) filter. 

— dêgroeeieseur, preliminary filter. 

filtre en charbon, charcoal filter. 

— en papier, paper filter. 

— finieeeur, final filter. 

— mêcanigue, mechanical filter. 

— plissé, plaited filter, folded filter. 

— sans pli, unplaited filter. 

— Kins cendres, ashless filter. 
filtre-fontalne, m. a large vessel containing a 

filter and having a cock at the bottom. 
filtre-presse, m. filter press. 
filtrer, v.t. A i. filter. — t.r. be filtered, filter. 

— dans U vide, filter in vacuo, filter with 

filteeur, m. filterer, strainer. 

fin, a. fine; (of a cutting edge or an optical 

image) sharp; slender; acute. — m. end; 

fine metal; fine coal, coal dust; fine point, 

essence; fine linen. — adv. quite. 
àla — , at last; in the end; after all. 
en — de compte, in the end, finally, after alL 
fine champagne, a superior variety of brandy. 
finage, m. (Metal., etc.) fining. 
final) a. final. 
finalement, adv. finally. 
financlel, a. financial. 
financier, a. financial. — m. financier. 
financièrement, adv. financially. 
fine, /. > fine champagne (under fin); (pi.) 

fines (specif., coal dust). — a. fern, of fin. 
finement, adv. finely. 
fine-métal, m. (Iron) white pig. 
flnerle, /. (Iron) finery, refinery. 
finesse, /. fineness; sharpness (as of an optical 

image); keenness; nicety; delicacy t 

finesse, subtlety. 
fin-fin, a. very fine, extra fine. 
fini, p.a. finished; finite. — m. finish; finite. 
finir, v.t finish; end, complete. — v.i. end; 

cease, * terminate. — v.r. end, cease; be 

finished, be completed. 
finissage, m. finishinjs. 
finisseur, m. finisher. — m. finishing, final. 
fiole, /. flask; (lees often) bottle; phial, vial. 

— à attaques, a pear-shaped flat-bottomed 
flask used in analysis for decompositions. 

— à gouttes, dropping bottle. 

— à jet, washing bottle, wash bottle. 

— à matières grasses, fat-extraction flask. 

— à vide, filtering flask. 

— ballon, round flask (any flask with more or 
lees nearly sphericaJ body), balloon flask 
(when short-necked). 

— ballon A fond plat, flat-bottomed flask, 
Florence flask. 

— bouchée à Vémeri, flask, with ground 
stopper, glass-stoppered flask. 

— conique, conical flask, specif. Erlenmeyer 

— d'Erlenmeyer, Erlenmeyer flask. , 

— d^ntraction, extraction flask. )Qte 




Hole 0n Bohême^ flask of Bohemian glass. 

— en léna, flask of Jena glass. 

— itaUm, standard flask, normal flask. 

— forme bouteille, bottlenshaped flask. 

— forme poire, pear-shaped flask. 

— jaugée, graduated flask, volumetric flask. 
~ tabulée, tubulated flask. 

flole-lMlloii, n. - fiole ballon, under fiole. 
florite, /. (Min.) fiorite. 
firent, p.def. S pi. of faire. 
firme, /. (Com.) firm. 
fig, p.<ief. IAS sing, of faire. 
fisc, m. State treasury, exchequer, fisc. 
fiscal, a. fiscal. 

ÛaacaU imp. S pi. subj. of faire. 
fissile, a. fissile. 
fissIUté, /. fissility. 
fissumtloii, /. fissuration. 
fissure, /. fissure. 
fissurer, v.t. A r. fiasure. 
fistule, /. fistula. 
fistulem, a. fistulous, fistular. 
fit, p.def. S eing. of faire. 
fit, imp. S eing. aubj. of faire. 
filage, m. fixing. 
•fliateor, m. fixing agent (as in photography); 

fixative; fixer, fixator. — a. fixing. 
file, a. fixed (specif., not volatilisable). — m. 

fixed substance; fixed star; fixed salary. 
fixé, p.a. fixed. 
fixement, adv. fixedly. 
fixw, v.t. fix. — v.r. fix, become fixed. 
fixité, /. fixity, fixedness; stability. 
FL Symbol for fluorine. 
fiaehe, /. flaw; crack; depression; inequality. 
fiaeheux, a. flawy. 
fiacon, m. bottle. 

— à baume du Canada, balsam bottle. 

— à bec, lipped bottle. 

— abeorbeur, absorption bottle. 

— à capsule à vie, bottle with screw cap. 

— à coUectione, specimen bottle, museum 

— A cohrante, staining bottle. 

— à euveUe, a bottle having a depression 
around the base of the neck to catch liquid 
that runs down. 

— à densité, specific gravity bottle, pycnom- 

— à double bouchage, a bottle with a cap fit- 
ting on over the stopper. 

— d étroite ouverture, narrow-mouthed bottle. 

— à lait, milk bottle. 

— à large ouverture, a (comparatively) wide- 
mouthed bottle (a very wide-mouthed 
bottle, as one for mdta, is called bocal). 

-— à Vémeri, » flacon bouché à l'émeri. 

— à pied, a bottle with a special base (as for 
museum use). 

•— a pression, pressure bottle. 

flacon à réactifs, reagent bottle. 

— à robinet, bottle with stopcock (usually at 
the bottom). 

-^ à sacc?Mrificaiion, saccharification bottle, 
\ pressure bottle. 

— à sirop, sirup bottle (eep. a wide-mouthed 
lipped bottle with sloping shoulder). 

— à tare, weighing bottle, weighing tube. 

— bouché A Vémeri, bottle with ground stop- 
per, glas8-6topp^%d bottle. 

— camphored, a sort of wide-mouthed bottle. 

— comjOe^outtes, dropping bottle. 

— conique, conical bottle. 

— de Woulfe, •— de Woolf, Woulfe bottle. 

— gramme, gram bottle, specific gravis 

— laveur, washing bottle (for gases). 

— marine, a stocky square bottle. 

— pour réactifs, reagent bottle. 

— prismatique, a wedge-shaped bottle used 
in color tests. 

— récepteur, receiving bottle. 

— tubule, tubulated bottle. 
flair, m. smell, scent; sense of smell. 
flairer, v. t. smell; smell out. 

flamand, a. Flemish. — m. Flemish (lan- 
guage); (cap.) Fleming. 

flambage, m. flaming, etc. (see flamber). 

flambart, m. grease skimmed from the surface 
of water in which meat (esp. pork) is 
cooked; half-consumed charcoal. 

flambé, p.a. flamed, etc. (see flamber) ; (Ceram.) 
flambé. — m. (Çeram.) flambé glase. 

flambean, m. torch; candle; candlestick; 

flamber, v.t. flame, pass thru or before fire; 
sterilise (instruments, etc. with a flame); 
singe (cloth, etc.). — v.i. flame, blase; 
yield (to pressure). 

flambeur, m. (XextHes) singer. 

flamboiement m. flaming, etc. (see flam- 

flamboyer, v.i. flame, blase, flash, glitter. 

flambure, /. (Dyeing) unevenness of coloring. 

flamme, /. flame; streamer, pennant. 

— de Bengale, Bengal light. 

— éclairante, luminous flame. 

— nu/e, naked flame, free flame. 

— oxydante, — d'oxydation, oxidising flame. 

— réductrice, — de réduction, reducing flame. 
flammé, a. flamelike, wavy; (Ceram.) flambé. 

— m. (Ceram.) flambé glase. 
flammèche, /. flaming or burning particle, 

spark; (in the Leblanc soda process) 

flammette, /. small flame. 
flan, m. disk, plate, planchet. 
flanc, m. flank, side. 
Flandre, /. Flanders. 
flanelle, /. flannel. ,^ ^y GoOglc 




llanqaer, v.t. flank; throw, toes. 

flasqoe» a. flabby, flaccid, soft, weak. — /. 

flask (as for mercury). — m. plate, side 

plate, cheek plate; support. 
flatter, v.L flatter; soothe; caress. 
flatteur» a. flattering; caressing. 
flataem, a. flatulent. 
flataosUé» /. flatulence, flatulency. 
flftTUillUie» /. flavaniline. 
flftTone, /. flavone. 
flaTopurparlne, /. flavopurpurin. 
flêao, m. beam (e.g., of a balance); bar; flail; 

(fig.) scourge. 
flèche»/, arrow; sprout, shoot; (of sugar cane) 

top, head; deflection, <bend, sag; (of an 

arch or trajectory) height; spire. 
fléctalTy v.t. bend; (fig.) move. — v.i. bend; 

yidd, give way; (of prices) fall. — v.r, 

bend; yield. 
fléchissement, m. bending, etc. (see fléchir); 

deflection; (of an arch) height. 
flegme, m. phlegm; (DistiUing) low wines. 
flétrir, v.t. wither, fade; brand. — v.r. wither, 

flelxissure, /. withering, fading; brand; 

Setter, v.t. smooth, dress, esp. on the edges 

(as glass or pottery). 
fleiir, /. flower; surface; bloom (on fruits, 

etc.) ; hair side (of a hide or skin) ; mold 

(on wine, etc.); inner bark, part of the 

bark richest in tannin; fine flour. 
à — de, level with, even with, flush with; 


— (Talun, (Min.) feather alum, aliuogen. 

— d'antimoine, flower of antimony, anti- 
monious acid. 

— de chaux, (Min.) a powdery form of calcite. 

— de cinabre, a powdery form of cinnabar 
(native mercuric sulfide). 

— de farine, fine flour. 

— de muscade, mace. 

— (or flew») de soufre, flowers of sulfur. 

— (or fUurs) de .vin, wine mold {Mycoderma 

fleurs d'amique, (Pharm.) arnica flowers, 

fUurs d*arsenic, flowers of arsenic, sublimed 
arsenic triozide. 

fleurs de benjoin, flowers of bensoin (benzoic 

fleurs de bismuth, flowers of bismuth, sub- 
limed bismuth trioxide. 

fleurs de carthame, (Pharm.) safflower. 

fleurs de cobalt, (Min.) cobalt bloom, eryth- 

fleurs de tous les mois, (Pharm.) calendula, 

fleurs de tine, flowers of zinc, zinc oxide (sub- 

fleunge, m. an opaqueness produced on glass 
by hydrofluoric acid; grits, groats. 

fleuralson, /. (Bot.) flowering, efflorescence. 

fleurant, a. fragrant. 

flenrée, /. foam which forms in dyeing with 

fleurw, v.i. smell, give forth an odor. 

fleuret, m. floss silk; choice; borer, drill, bit. 

— de laine, choice wool. 
fleuri, a. flowery, flowered; florid. 
fleurir, v.i. flower, bloom; flourish. 
fleuron, m. flower, ornament. 
fleuTe, m. river. 

flexiblUté, /. flezibiUty. 

flexible, a. flexible. — m. flexible tube or pipe. 

flexion, /. bending, flection, flexion; inflection. 

flint, lUnt-giass, m. flint glass. 

flocon, m. flock, floccule, flake; (of smoke) 

floconnement, m. flocculation. 

floconner, v.t. flocculate. 

floconneux, a. flocculent, flooky, flaky. 

floculftut, p.a. flocculating. — m. flocculating 

floculation, /. flocculation. 

floculer, v.t. <k r. flocculate. 

floraison, m. (Bot.) flowering, efflorescence. 

floran, florau, m. (Paper) beating trough, 

ilore, /. flora. 

florentin, a. Florentine. 

Horlde, /. Florida. 

florlssait, imp. S sing, of fleurir. 

florissant, a. flourishing. 

floss, m. (Metal.) floss: (a) vitrified material 
floating in a puddling furnace, (b) white 
cast iron for conversion into steel. 

flot, m. wave, billow; flood; sea; floating; 

flotomètre, m. an instrument for measuring the 
height of liquids by means of a float. 

flôtre, flotre, m. felt. 

flottant, P.O. floating; flowing, waving; waver- 
ing, uncertain. 

flotte, /. float; buoy; fleet; navy. 

flottement, m. floating; wavering. 

flotter, v.i. float; waver, fluctuate. — v.t. 

flotteur, m. float. — a. floating. 

— index, index float. 

fluate, m. fluate (old name for fluoride). 
fluaté, a. fluate (fluoride) of. (Obs.) 
fluctuant, a. fluctuating. 
fluctuation, /. fluctuation. 
fluctuer, v.t. -fluctuate; waver. 
fluctueux, a. fluctuating. 
fluide, a. & m. fluid. 
fluidement, adv. fluidly, with fluidity. 
fluidifiant, a. fluidifying, fluidizing. 
fluldlflcateur, a. fluidifying, fluidizing. 




flaldlflcatioii, /. fluidification, fluidmns. 

fluidifier» t.t. fluidify, fluidixe, render fluid. 

fluldlqae, a. fluidic, fluid. 

fluldltéy /. fluidity, fluidness; fluency. 

flaobonte» m. fluoborate. 

flooboilqae» a. fluoboric. 

floor» m. fluorine; (Aftn.) fluorite. — a. In the 

phrue spath fltu>r, fluor spar. 
fluonintiièiie» m, fluoranthene. 
fluoré» a. containing fluorine, fluoric. 
fluorène» m. fluorene. 
flaoreseélne, /. fluorescein. 
fluorescenee» /. fluorescence. 
fluorescent, a. fluorescent. 
fluoresdne, /. fluoreecin. 
fluorhydrate» m. bydrofluoride. 
fluorhjrdrlque, a. hydrofluoric. 
flUMlflque» a. containing fluorine, fluoric. 
flu<wlne» /. (Aftn.) fluorite, fluor spar. 
flnorlque, a. fluoric (hydrofluoric). (06«.) 
fluorofdwnie» m. fiuorof orm. 
fluoromètre, m. fluorometer, fluormeter. 
fluorure, m. fluoride. 

— de oarbonef carbon fluoride, specif, the 

fluoBel, m. a salt which may be regarded as an 
oxysalt in which fluorine has replaced 
oxygen partially or completely. 

fluoalllcate, m. fluosilicate. 

fluoalllclque» a. fluosilidc. 

flux, m. flux; flow. 

— blanct white flux. 

— noir, black flux. 

— rédiuteur, reducing flux. 
fluxion» /. fluxion; inflammation. 

F.O.» oîfrrev. (flamme oxydante) nyiHidng flame. 

focal, a. focal. 

total, a. fetal, fœtal 

totus, m. fetus, fœtus. 

Mt f. faith; proof. 

fole, m. liver; (pld Chem.) liver, hepar. 

— d'arUimoinet liver of antimony, hepar anti- 

— de morue, cod liver. 

— de eoufire, liver of sulfur, hepar. 
foln, m. hay. 

fols, m. time. 

à la — ^, at once, at the same time, together. 

de — à autre, from time to time. 

deux — , twice. 

une — , once. 

une — que, when once; once as. 
folfon, /. abimdance. — adv. abundantly. 
folfonnant, p.a. swelling, etc. (see foisonner); 

abundant, extensive. 
folfonner, v.%. sweU; increase, multiply; 

fol. Alternative masc. form of foM, 
foliacé, a. foliaceous. 
«Dilation, /. foliation. 

foUe, /. madness; insanity; folly; passion. 

foUé, a. foliated; (Bat.) foliate, leafy. 

foUole, /. leaflet, foliole. 

fcrfle, a. fgrn. of fou. 

follicule, /. follicle. 

fomentation, /. fomentation. 

fomenter, v.t. foment. 

fonçage, m. deepening, etc. (see foncer). 

foncé, a. (of colors) deep, dark; deepened, etc. 

(see foncer). 
fonceau, m. a table or slab on which glass pots 

are molded. 
foncement, m. deepening, etc. (see foncer); 

eep., the «inking of weUs. 
foncer, v.t deeped, darken, sadden (a eolor); 

dig, sink (a hole or shaft); lower; bottom 

(as casks) ; dry and solidify (sugar loaves) ; 

prime, sise, put the groimd coat on. 
fon^èrement, adv. thoroly; at bottom, 
fonction, /..function; office. 
en — d0, as a fimction of. 

— linéaire, linear function. 
fonctionnaire, m. functionary, official. 
fonctionnel, a. functional 
fonctionnement, m. fimctioning; operation, 

fonctionner, v.i. function; work, operate, act. 
fond, m. bottom; foundation, base; ground, 
background; ground coat; further end, 
back; depth. — pr. S sing, of fondre. 
— See also fonds. 
à — , completely, thoroly. 
d — jAat, flat4>ottomed. 
d — rond, round-bottomed, 
au — , at bottom, in reali^. 
de — en comble, completely, entirely. 
faire — , rely, depend. 
fondage, m. foimcUng* 
fondamental, a. fimdamental; foundation. 
fondamentalement, ado. fundamentally; 

fondant, m. flux; {Med.) dissolvent; a soft 
bonbon. — of fondre. — o. {Med.) 

— de couverture, a covering of flux used as a 
protection from the air. 

— ridudeur, reducing flux. 
fondation, /. foimdation. 

fondé, p.a. founded; well founded; author- 
ised. — m. authorised person. 

— de pouvoir, attorney. 
fondement, m. foundation; reliance, 
fonder, v.e. foimd, base. — «.r. be founded; rely. 
fonderie, /. foundry; founding. 

— de bronze, bronse foimdry (or founding), 
brass foundry (or founding). 

— de cuivre jaune, — de laiton, brass foimdry, 
brass f oimding. 

— - de fer, iron foundry, iron founding. 
fondeur, m. founder; melter; smelter; caster. 




fomMr» m. meltiiig house. 

— de euif, tallow melting house. 

fondre» v.t. melt, fuse; smelt; found; cast; 

dissolve; (Med.) dissolve, resolve; blend. 

— v.i. melt, fuse; melt away: dissolve; 

sink, fall in; fall (upon), rush (upon), 

burst. — v.r. melt, fuse; melt away; 

blend, be blended. 
fondrto, m. (JSaU) the end wall of a furnace. 
fondrOles, lees, dregs, sediment. 
fonds, m. fund; groimd, limd; soil; (fig.) field; 

Umded estate; business. — pi. ol fond. 

— courante, current fimds. 

— de roviemerU, working capital. 

— aociai, capital (of a company). 
fondu» p.a. melted, fused, etc. (see fondre). 
fondure, /. melted grease. 

fonger, 9.t. (of paper) blot. 
fonglne» /. f ungin. 
fongftfde, a. fungoid. 
fongueux» a. fungous. 
fongus» m. fungus. 
font» pr. S pi. of faire. 

fontahie» /. fountain; spring; receptacle or 
fixture for delivering liquids, esp. watw. 

— à rolnnet, water fixture; water reservoir 
with cock. 

fonte» /. cast iron, pig iron, pig; (in general) 
cast metal, crude metal; melting, fusion; 
melt, fused product; founding; casting; 
smelting; blend, blending (as of wools); 
lot of skins curried at one time; (of type) 
font; (formerly) brass, bronse. 
«n — t cast-iron. 

— à affiner, forge pig. 

— à canon, gun pig. 

— à canon en bronze, gun metal. 

— à canon en fer, gun pig. 

— aciêrée, steeled iron, steeled pig. 

— à V acide, acid fusion; (Fate) rendering in 
the presence of acid. 

— à Voir chaud, hot-blast p)g. 

— A Vair froid, cold-blast pig. 

— à Valkali, alkali fusion. 

— à noyau, cored casting. 

— at» bois, — au charbon de bote, charcoftl iron, 
charcoal pig. 

— au coke, coke pig. 

— aux cretone, rendering of fats by simple 
heating, the cracklings being strained off. 

— bigarrée, mottled pig. 

— blanche, white cast iron, white pig. 

— blanche miroitante, specular cast iron. 

— blanchie, fine iron. 

— caverneuse, porous cast iron, porous pig. 

— crue, crude cast metal; specif, pig iron. 

— cuivreuse, {Metal.) a process for obtaining 
silver or gold by production of a copper 
matte and subsequent separation of the 
precious metal. 

fonte deader, cast steel. 

— d'affinage, forge pig. 

— d'art, a quality of line used in making 
imitation bronse; artistic casting. 

— de bois, charcoal iron, charcoal pig. 

— de chrome, cast chromium, crude chro- 

— de fer, cast iron, pig iron, pig. 

— de manganèse, cast manganese, crude 

— de moulage, foundry iron, foundry pig. 

— dtire, hard cast iron, chilled cast iron. 

— électrique, electeic smelting. 

— en creux, hollow casting. 

— en gueuse, pig iron. 

en pain de sucre, (Glass) fusion which is 

proceeding satisfactorily, as shown by the 
resemblance of the batch to a sugar loaf. 

— en saumon, pig iron. 

— épurée, refined oast iron. 

— graphiteuse, graphitic pig. 

— grise, gray cast iron, gray pig. 

— limaUleuse, very graphitic iron, black 
(dark gray) cast iron. 

— macuUe, mottled cast iron, mottled pig. 

— malléable, malleable cast iron. 

— mêlée, cast iron of mixed gray and white 
color, mottled pig. 

— mitis, mitis casting; mitis metal. 

— moulée, cast iron, iron castings. 

— noire, black (very graphitic) cast iron. 

— plombeuse, (Metal.) -• emplombage. 

— pour acier, cast iron for conversion into steel. 

— raffinée, refined cast iron, refined pig. 

— rubanée, mottled cast iron. 

— sUicieuse, siliceous cast iron. 

— Spiegel, spiegeleisen. 

— tendre, soft (gray) cast iron. 

— truitée, mottled cast iron. • 
fonge» m. boring, drilling. 

force, /. force; power; strength; much, many; 

(pl.) shears. 
à — , hard, extremely. 
à — de, hy the strength of, by dint of, by 

means of. 
de — , by force, forcibly. 

— centrifuge, centrifugal force. 

— cerUripkte, centripetal force. 

— de cheval, horsepower. 

— dHmpuleion, momentum. 

— d'inertie, inertia, vis inertiœ. 

— en chevaux, horsepower. 

— élecbromairice, electromotive force. 

. — morte, (Mech.) vis mortua, dead force. 

— motrice, motive power. 

— vive, (Mech.) vis viva, living force. 
forcement, m. forcing. 
forcément, adv. forcibly; necessarily. 
forcer, v.t. force. r^r^n]o ■ 
foreettes, smaU shears?OOgl(. 




forelte, /. (Expl) forcite. 

— antigrisouteuae, firedamp forcite. 
forer» v,t. bore, drill. 

forerl^y /. boring, drilling; boring machine, 

drill; boring house. 
forestier, a. forest. — m. forester. 
foret» m. drill, borer, boring bit, boring tool, 

^mlet, auger. 
forêt» /. forest. 
foret-rftpe» m. a combined drill and rasp for 

sampling sugar beets. 
foreose» /. boring machine, drilling machine. 
forfait, p. a. forfeited. — m. contract; crime. 
forge» /. forge. 

— à l'anglaise, rolling milk 

— d'aMnerie, (Metai.) refinery. 
forgé» p. a. forged; wrought (as iron). 
forgeable, a. forgeable, malleable. 
forgeage» forgement, m. forging. 
forgw» v.t. forge, work, hammer. 
forgeron» m. smith, blacksmith. 
forgls» m. wire iron. 
formaldehyde, m. formaldehyde. 
formanlllde, /. formanilide. 
format» m. size. 

formateur, formatlf, a. formative; creative. 

formation, /. formation. 

forme» /. form; mold; shape; (pi.) manners. 

formel, a. formal. 

formellement» adv. formally. 

formène» m. methane. 

— perchloré, carbon tetrachloride, tetrachlo- 

forménlqne» a. methane, pertaining to methane. 
former» v.t. form; make, shape, mold. — v.r. 

form, be formed. 
formlamlde, /. f ormamide. 
formlate, m. formate. 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonium formate. 

— de potasse, potassium formate. 

— de soude, sodium formate. 
formidable, a. formidable; fearful; enormous. 
formique» a. formic. 

formobenzoniqae» a. A name used to desig- 
nate mandelic or phenylglycolic acid. 

formoehlorlde» m. chloroform. 

formogène» a. generating formaldehyde. 

formol» m. formol; (loosely) formaldehyde. 

formoler» v.t. treat with formol or formalde- 

formonltrlle» m. formonitrile (hydrocyanic 

formulable, a. capable of being formulated. 

formulaire» m. formulary. 

formulation» /. formulation. 

formule» /. formula. 

— brute, empirical formula (indicating the 
relative or, often, the absolute nimiber of 
atoms of different kinds but not their mode 
of union). 

formule chimique, chemical formula. 

— de constitution, constitutional formula, 
structural formula. 

— développée, structural formula. 

— empirique, empirical formula. 

— ghbaief summary formula. 

— rationnelle, rational formula. 
formula» v.t. formulate, express in a formula. 

— v.r. be formulated, be stated; have the 

formyle» m. formyl. 

fort» a. strong; thick; hard, difficult, severe; 
skillful, clever; (of soil) heavy. — m. 
strong part, thick part, best part, main 
part, strength, depth, height; forte; strong 
person; fort. — adv. strongly, hard, fast; 
greatly, extremely, very. 

— peu soluble, very slightly soluble, almost 

fortement» adv. strongly, forcibly, firmly, hard, 
fortifiant» p. a. strengthening, fortifying. — m. 

(Med.) strength-giving medicine, tonic. 
fortifier» v.t. strengthen, fortify. 
fortuit» a. fortuitous, accidentaL 
fortuitement» adv. fortuitously, by chance, as 

it happens. 
fortune» /. fortiue; fortunate thing. 

de — , by chance, accidentally. 
fortuné» a. fortunate. 
forure» /. drilled hole, bored hole, bore. 
fosse, /. pit, hole, excavation, cavity; ditoh, 

trench; grave; (Anat.) fossa. 

— à mmtler, molding pit. 

— d'aisances, cesspool. 

— de fonderie, f oimdry pit. 

— nasale, (Anat.) nasal fossa. 

— septique, (Sewage) septic tank. 
fossé» m. ditch, drain. 

fossUe, a. & m. fossil. 

fou (or fol), a. cracy; (of things) unsteady; 

irregular; (Mach.) loose, idle; (Bot.) wild, 

foolish; prodigious; wanton. 
foudre» m. lightning, thunderbolt, thunder; 

tun, vat, large cask (containing as much as 

300 hi.), specif, one sometimes used for the 

first fermentation of wine. 
foudroiement» m. striking with lightning, etc. 

(see foudroyer). 
foudroyante» /.(Pi^o.) a rocket making a noise 

in imitation of thimder. 
foudroyer, v.t. strike by lightning or by any 

powerful electric discharge; thunderstrike; 

destroy, overwhelm. — v.i. thunder. 
fouet, m. whip; whipcord; lash; whipping; 

(Glass) a workman who anneals bottles. 
fouetter» v.t. whip; lash, beat, pelt; streak. 

— v.i. beat, lash, pelt. 
fougère, /. fern. 

— mâle, male fern, (PJuirm.) aspidium. 
fouille» /. excavation, digging; cavity. 




fouiller, v.t. excavate, dig; search, explore. 

— v.t. dig; search, explore. 
fouir, v.t. dig; sink (a well); burrow. 
foub^ge, m. pressing, etc. (see fouler). 
foule, /. multitude, great number; crowd; 

en — , in crowds, in great quantity. 
foulée, /. pile (of skins) ; blast (of a bellows) ; 

tread (of a step). 
foulement, m. pressing, etc. (see fouler). 
fouler, V.L press, crush, squeeze (as grapes); 

compress (as air); full, mill (cloth or 

leather); tread, tramp, trample; oppress; 

foulerle, /. fulling mill. 
fouleur, m. (Textiles, etc.) fuller, mill man. 
foulolr, m. cnisher (as for grapes); beater; 

rammer, tamper; fulling mill. 

— à trémie, hopper crusher. 

— pressoir, a combination crusher and press 
for fruits. 

foulon, m. fuller (of cloth) ; {Leather) a vat in 
which leather is given a supplementary 

foulonner, v.t. full, mill. 

foulonnler, m. fuller, mill man. 

foulure, /. fulling, milling; treading; sprain. 

four, m. furnace; kiln; oven; stove. 

— à cider, steel furnace. 

— à aludels, aludel furnace, Bustamente fur- 

— à bleuir, bluing kiln (for tile). 

— à boulanger, baker's oven; (Coke) beehive 

— à briques, brick kiln. 

— à carbonater, (Soda) black-ash furnace. 

— à cémenter, cementation furnace. 

— A chambre, chambered furnace or kiln, 
specif, a gas-retort furnace. 

— d chaux, lime kiln. 

— acide, acid-lined furnace. 

— à coke, coke oven. 

— d coke à récupération, by-product coke 

— d coupeller, cupellation furnace, muffle 

— à creusets, crucible furnace. 

— à cuire, (Glass) annealing oven, leer. 

— à cuve, shaft furnace. 

— à cuvette, (Soda) a salt-cake furnace using 
pots, as distinguished from a mechanical 

— à dalles, shelf burner (as for burning pyrites 

— d émaiUer, enameling furnace (a kind of 
muffle furnace). 

— à étendre, (OUiss) flattening furnace or 

— d fondre, melting furnace (as for glass). 

— d galères, gallery furnace, galley. 

four d gaz, gas furnace; gas kiln; gas oven. 

— d incinérer, incinerator. 

— à manche, small shaft furnace, cupola. 

— à moufle, muffle furnace. 

— à pain, baking oven, bread oven. 

— à pétrole, petrol furnace, gasoline furnace^ 

— à plâtre, plaster kiln, specif, one for burn- 
ing gypsimi to plaster of Paris. 

— à poix, pitch oven. 

— d puddler, puddling furnace. 

— d réchauffer, reheating furnace, heating 

— d recuire, annealing furnace or oven. 

— d refroidir, (Glass) a furnace (or compart- 
ment of a ifumace) in which window glass 
is cooled gradually after being flattened. 

— à résine, resin oven. 

— d réverbère, reverberatory furnace. 

— d ruche, (Coke) beehive oven. 

— à sdde soude, soda-ash furnace. 

— d sole, hearth with bed. 

— d soude, soda furnace. 

— d souffler. = four-ouvreau. 

— d soufre, brimstone burner, sulfur furnace. 

— d tvbes, tube furnace. 

— d tuiles, tile kiln. 

— basique, basic-lined furnace. 

— beige, (Zinc) Belgian furnace. 

— belge^sUésien, (Zinc) a combined Belgian 
and SilesiaH furnace. 

— d'affinage, — d'affinerie, (Iron) refinery, 

— continu, — coulant, continuous furnace or 

— d'cUtrempage, (Glass) a furnace in which the 
pots are given a preliminary heating, pot 

— de fusion, melting furnace. 

— de galère, gallery furnace, galley. 

— de recuisson, (Glass) annealing oven, leer. 

— de travail. * four-ouvreau. 

— électrique, electric furnace. 

— liégeois, (Zinc) Liege furnace, Belgian fur- 

— Martin, — Martin-Siemens, Siemens- 
Martin furnace, open-hearth furnace. 

— mécanique, mechanical furnace. 

— Perrot, Perrot furnace (a gas furnace for 
heating crucibles or one for cupellation). 

— rotatif, (Cement, etc.) rotary kiln, rotatory 
kiln, rotating kiln; (Metal.) rotating 

— stUsien, (Zinc) Silesian furnace. 

— soufflé, blast furnace. 

— tubulaire, tube furnace. 

— tuyère, blast furnace. 

(For other phrases see the corresponding 
phrases under fourneau.) 
fourbir, v.t. furbish, clew^burmshi 
fourche, /. fork. ed by V^OOQ IC 




fonrehé» p.a. forked, branched. 
fourcher, v.i. A r. fork, branch. 
fourchette, /. (small) fork; table fork. 
fèurchon, m. prong (of a fork). 
fourchu, a. forked, branching. 
fourcfaure, /. fork, forking, branching. 
fourgon, m. wagon, oar, van; poker, Btirrer. 
fourmi, /. ant. 

fourmlllCT, v.t. swarm, abound; tingle. 
fournaise, /. furnace. 

fourneau, m. furnace; kiln; oven; stove; 
chamber (of a mine); (military) mine. 

— d hoBsine^ a stove or brasier consisting of 
a deep vessel with a circular top. 

— à calciner, calcining furnace, calciner. 

— d charbon, charcoal stove or furnace; 
charcoal pit. 

— d eoupeUe, cupellation furnace. 

— d flammes, {Mercury) a double reverbera- 
toiy furnace used at Idria. 

— d gaz, gas stove; gas furnace. 

— d matn, portable stove or furnace. 

— d rttir, roasting furnace. 

— d sédier, drying stove, dryihg furnace. 

— d tubes, a furnace or stove provided with 
inlet and outlet tubes for the use of gaseous 
fuel; tube furnace (for heating tubes). 

— A vases dos, closed-vessel furnace (includ- 
ing chamb^, muffle, crucible and retort 

— d vent, blast furnace. 

— catalan, Catalan forge (or furnace). 

— d*artifice, pyrotechnic furnace. 

— de caîcinage, calcining fiuiiace, calciner. 

— de cuisine, kitchen stove, kitchen range. 

— de grillage, roasting furnace. 

— de laboratoire, laboratory furnace, chemical 

— d'émaiUeur, enameler's furnace (a kind of 
muffle furnace). 

— de raffinage, refining furnace. 

— d*essai, açsay furnace. 

— de verrerie, glass furnace. 

— générateur, generator (fw fuel gas). 

— rotatoire, rotary furnace, revolving fiumace. 
haut —, blast furnace. 

(For other phrases see the corresponding 
phrases luder four.) 

fournée, /. charge (in a furnace or kiln), batch, 
bakhig, ovenful, kilnful. 

fournette, /. small reverberatory furnace. 

fourni, p.a. furnished, provided; thick. 

fournir, v.t. furnish, provide, supply. — v.t. 
(with d) provide (for), pay (for). 

fournissement, m. furnishing, etc. (see four- 
nir); share (of capital). 

ffoumisseur, m. furnisher, supplier, purveyor, 
seller, source; (Founding) ingate. 

fbumiture,/. furnishing, etc. (see fournir) ; pro- 
vision, supply; supplies; specif., bedding' 

four-ou?reau, m. (fflass) a furnace with large 

openings at which the workmen heat the 

glass while blowing it, " blowing hole." 
fourrage, m. forage, fodder, food for animals 

(esp. hay, straw, etc.) ; foraging. 
fourrager, v.t. & i. forage; pillage; rummage. 

— a. forage, fit for forage. 
fourré, p a. thrust, inserted, etc. (see fourrer); 

bushy, woody (country) ; furry, furred. 
fourreau, m. cover, covering, case, casing, 

sheath, scabbard. 
fourrw, v.t. thrust, insert, put; cram, stuff; 

line with fur; line with wood; serve (rope). 
fourreur, m. furrier. 
fourriw, m. quartermaster. 
fourrure, /. fur; furring, wood lining; nest (of 

tubs, coppers or the like). 
four-séchoir, m. drsàng oven, drsông furnace. 
fourvoyer, v.t. mislead. — v.r. err, be wrong. 
fouteau, foyard, m. beech, beech tree. 
foyer, m. hearth; fire; lis^t, source of light 

focus; furnace; fire box; foyer, lobby. 

— d griXU, grate hearth, grate furnace. 

— alandier, ^ alandier. 

— d réchauffer, reheating hearth. 

— d^affinage, — d*affinerie, (Metal.) refinery, 
finery hearth. 

— de raffinerie, (Metal.) refinery, fining 

— écossais, (Lead) Scotch hearth. 

— gazogène, gas producer, producer. 

— red, real focus. 

— supérieur, (of a blast furnace) part above 
the boshes, main body, belly. 

— viriud, virtual focus. 

FA., abbrev. (flamme réductrice) reducing flame. 
fracas, m. crash, crashing, noise; tumult. 
ftacasser, v.t. shatter, break. 
fraction, /. fraction. 
fractionnaire, a. fractional. 
fractionné, p.a. fractional; fractionated. 
fractionnement, m. fractioning, fractionation. 
fractionna, v.t. fractionate, fraction. 
fracture, /. fracture; breaking. 
fracturer, v.t. break, fracture. 
fragile, a. fragile, brittle, frail. 
fWigillté, /. fragility, fragileness, frailness. 
fragment, m. fragment. 
fragmentaire, a. fragmentary. 
fragmentation, /. fragmentation. 
fragmenter, v.t. break into fragments. 
fragrance, /. fragrance. 
fragrant, a. fragrant. 

frai, m. spawning; QMtwn; small fry; fraying, 
etc. (see frayer). See also frais. 

— de grenouille, frog spawn. 
fraîche, a. fern, of frais. 
fraîchement, adv. freshly, recently; coolly. 
fraîcheur, m. coolness; freshiiess; chUl; gentle 

breese. Digi^i.e^ by GoOgle 




ftmtclilr» v.i. become cooler; (of wind) fre&hen^ 

finds, a. fresh; recent; cool. — m. freshness; 
coolness; fresh air; cool place. — aWr< 
freshly; recently; coolly. — m.pL ex- 
pense, expenses, cost» costs* oharses< — pi. 
of frai. 
— scolaires^ tuition, tuition fee. 

fraise» /. strawberry; cutting file, cutter, mill- 
ing tool; reamer; coimtersink; mesent^y, 
crow (of a calf, lamb or the like) ; rufHe, frill. 

tniseTf v.t. bore; ream; mill; plait. 

IMseose, /. milling machine. 

ftalsler, m. strawberry (plant). 

ftslsll, m. coal cinders. 

framboise, /. raspberxy. 

framboise» a. having a raspberrylike surface, 
mammillated; having a raspberry odor or 

franc, a. pure, unadulterated; true, real; full, 
complete, whole; free; frank. — adv, 
fully, completely, quite; frankly. — m, 
franc (19.3 cents or 9.4 d.). 

français» a. French. — m. French (language); 
(cap.) Frenchman. 

Francfort, m. Frankfort, Frankfurt. 

Francfort-snr-Meln, m. Frankfort on the 
Main, Frankfurt am Main. 

franche» a. fem. of franc. 

franchement» adv. frankly; purely; free. 

franchir» v.t. pass; pass over, cross; exceed; 
surmount; jump over; clear. 

franchise» /. exemption (as from duty or tax) ; 
immunity; franking privilege; frankness; 

franchissement» m. passing, etc. (see franchir). 

franco» adv. free, carriage paid, postpaid. 

frange» /. fringe. 

franger» v.t. fringe. 

frangiblUté, /. frangibility, frangibleness. 

frangible, a. frangible, breakable, fragile. 

frangoUne» /. frangulin. 

fr*PIN^:e» m. striking, etc. (see frapper); 
stamp, impression. 

ttmp^t p.a. struck; stamped; iced; (of cloth) 
strong, close; forcible, spirited. 
être — de, be affected with, have, exhibit; be 
struck with. 

frappement» m. striking, etc. (see frapper). 

frappa*, v.t. strike; hit, knock, beat, stamp; 
press into cakes (as soap) ; ice (wines, etc.); 
affect. — v.i. strike; hit, knock, beat. 

frappeur, m. striker, beater, knocker, l(tamper. 
— a. striking, beating, etc. 

frande,/. fraud. 1^ 

frander, v.t. adulterate; defraud; smuggle in. 

frandulensement, adv. fraudulently. 

frauduleux, a. fraudulent. 

frayw, «.(. fray, rub, grase, wear; open (a 
way). — v.i. associate; wear, wear away. 

frein, m. brake; check, curb; bit, bridle. 

freindre, v.i. shrink. 

freiner, v.t brake. 

freinte, /. shrinkage, loss (as of a substance 

during manufacture). 
frelatage» frelatementv m., frelatatlon» fre* 

laterle» /. adulteration, sophistication. 
frelater» v.t. adulterate, sophisticate. 
frelateur, m. adulterator, sophisticator* 
frêle» a. frail, fragile. 
frelon» m. hornet. 
frémir» v.t. be agitated, vibrate, tremble, 

shake, quiver, (of water) simmer; rustle, 

murmur, roar. 
frémissement» m. agitation, vibration,^ etc. 

(see frémir). 
frêne» m. ash (tree or wood). 

— épineux, prickly ash (ZarUhoxulum). 
fréqnenmient» adv. frequently. 
fréquence» /. frequency. 
fréquent» a. frequent. 
fréquentation» /. attendance (on courses); 

frequenting, fréquentation. 
fréquenter» v.t. attend (classes); frequent. 

— fi.i. resort (to); associate (with). 
frequln, m. a cask for sugar, sirup, etc. 
frère, m. broth». 
fresque, /. fresco. 

fret, m. freight; chartering (of a vessel). 
fréter» v.t. freight, load; charter. 
frette» /. hoop, ring, band, tire. 
fretter» v.t. hoop; flange; build up (a gun). 
friablUté» /. friabiUty. 
friable» a. friable. 
friche, /. fallow, fallow land. 
friction, /. (Med.) rubbing, friction. 
frictionner, t.t. rub. 
frigidité, /. frigidity, coldness, frigidness. 
frigorlftee, m. cold chamber, refrigerating 

chamber, refrigerator, refrigerating appa- 
frlgorlficatlon, /. refrigeration, production of 

cold. (See frigwifier). 
frlgorlflw» v.t. produce cold. — v.t. refrig^ate, 

esp. at low temperature, freeze (as meat). 
frigorifique» a. refrigerating, refrigeration, 

cold-producing, frigorifie; (of mixtures) 

frlre» v.t., t. A r. fry. 
Frlse, /. Friesland. 
Maer, v.t. curl, crisp; graze; be near. —v.i. 

curl, crisp. 
frissonner, v.t. shiver, quiver, shake. 
frit» p.p. db pr. S sinç. of frire. 
frlttage, m. fritting. 
fritte» /. frit; fritting. 
fritter» v.t. jk i. frit, fuse partially. 
frltteur» m. fritter. 

frltteuz, a. of the nature of a frit, fritty; suit- 
able for making frit. 
frlttier, m. fritter. 
friture» /. frying; frying oil, frying fat; fried 





ftroM, a. cold. — m. cold; coldness. 

à — , cold, in the cold. 
froidement, adv. coldly, frigidly, coolly. 
ftroldenr, /. coldness, chill. 
froidure, /. cold, coldness, cold weather. 
flroidureuz, a. cold. 

froisser, v.t. rub; rumple; bruise; offend. 
ftolssure, /. bruise; rumple, wrinkle. 
fHMemeilt, m. grazing, brushing, contact. 
fMlw, v.t. graze, brush, pass over. 
fromage, m. cheese; a cheese-shaped support 
for crucibles, crucible stand. 

— à la crème, cream cheese. 

— à pâte ferme (or résistante), hard cheese. 

— à pâte molle, soft cheese. 

— cru, uncooked cheese. 

— cuit, cooked cheese. 

— de Hollande, Dutch cheese. 
^— d*Eidam, Edam cheese. 

— demi-gras, cheese from partially skimmed 
milk, single cheese. 

— fermenté, fermented cheese. 

— frais, freati or imfermented cheese, cottage 

— gras, rich cheese (either cream cheese, 
whole-milk cheese, or filled cheese contain- 
ing an equivalent amount of fat). 

— maigre, skim-milk cheese. 

— mou, soft cheese. 

fromager, m. cheese mold; cheese maker; 

cheese dealer; (Bot.) silk-cotton tree. 
fromagerie, /. cheese factory; cheese room; 

cheese s^op; cheese trade. 
ftromageux, a. cheesy. 
foment, m. wheat. *" 

— aubaine, hard wheat, durum wheat. 

— de Turquie (or des Indes, or d'Espagne), 
(Indian) com, maize. 

— épeautre, spelt. 

— touseUe, a kind of beardless wheat. 
ftromentacé, a. frumentaceous. 
fromentacée, /. fnmientaceous plant. 
fomentai, m. oat grass; rye grass. 
ftomenteuz, a. wheat-producing, wheat. 
frondaison, m. foliage; leafing time. 
ft^nde, /. sling; frond (of ferns) ; foliage. 
front, m. front; face; brow, forehead; head. 

de — , in front; simultaneously, at the same 
time; abreast. 

— de taille, (Mining) working face. 
frontière, /. <fc a. frontier, boundary, border. 
ftontispice, m. frontispiece. 

ftottage, m. rubbing, etc. (see frotter). 
frottement, m. friction; rubbing, etc. (see 

— de glissement, sliding friction. 

— de roulement, rolling friction. 

fitter, v.t. rub; grind (as glass); scour; 
polish. — v.i. rub each other; rub up 
(with), associate; meddle (with). — m. 
rubbing, friction. 

frottear, m. rubber; faction piece; (Elec.) 

rubbing contact. 
fïottis, m. thin coat, wash (as of a transparent 

color); polish. 
frottoir, m. rubber; polisher. 
ftoa-frou, ftrouftou, m. rustling, froufrou. 
fructifier, v.i. fructify; be fruitful. 
friictose, /. fructose. 

fructueusement, adv. fruitfully, profitably. 
friictueuz, a. fruitful; profitable. 
fruit, m. fruit. 
fruits de ferumU, (Pharm.) fennel, fennel fruit, 

fennel seed. 
fruité, a. fruity. 
fruiter, v.t. fruit, bear fruit. 
faultier, a. huit, fruit-bearing. — m. fruito'er; 

fruit room; fruit rack. 
frumentacé, a. frumentaceous, cereal. 
frustra, v.t. deprive; frustrate. 
ftaehslne, /. (Dyes) fuchsine, fuchsin. 
fucose, n. fucose. 
ftagace, a. fugitive; fleeting. 
fugacité, /. fugitiveness; transiency. 
ftagltlf, a. fugitive. 
tvdt p.p. of fuir. 
fuir, v.t. escape, leak; (of colors) fade; fly, 

flee; retreat, recede; evade, avoid. — v.t. 

flee from, avoid, escape. 
fuite, /. leak, leakage, leaking, escape; fading; 

flight; evasion, shift; avoidance. 
fulguration, /. (Assaying) fulguration, bright- 
ening; flashing. 
fiolgurite, m. fulgurite. 
fuligineux, a. sooty, smoky, fuliginous. 
fullglnoslté, /. fuliginosity, sootiness, soot. 
fulmleoton, fulml-eoton, m. gimcotton. 

— soluble, soluble guncotton, pyroxylin. 
fulminant, p.a. fulminating. 
fulminate, m. fulminate. 

— d'argent, silver fulminate. 

— de mercure, mercury fulminate. 
fulmlnaterie, /. fulminate factory. 
elimination, /. fulmination, detonation. 
ftalmlner, v.t. detonate; fulminate, rage. 
fulminique, a. fulminio. 
fulmlnuriqne, a. fulminuric. 
fulml-pallle, /. (Expl.) nitrated straw. 
ftilmlson, m. (Expl.) nitrated bran. 
funuige, m. fuming; smoking; (Agric.) manur- 

ftanuilson, m. (Agric.) manuring, dunging. 
ftamant, p.a. fuming; smoking; steaming; 

ftamarate, m. fumarate. 
fùmarine, /. fumarine. 
f^marique, a. fumaric. 
fumarolle, /. (Geo!.) fumarole. 
fumé, p.a. smoked, smoky; fumed; manured. 
fumée,/, fume; smoke; smoke gas, flue gas. 

— de Londres, London smoke (denoting the 
color of a dark glass made for optical use). 


Ikunée, aans — , smokeless. 

ftlilier» v.t. fume; smoke; steam; reek. — v.t, 

fume; smoke; manure. 
ftiiiieroUe» ftamerole, /. (Oeol.) fumarole. 
fUMMÈOon» m. half-burnt (or smoky) charcoal. 
fl^imet, m. aroma, odor. 
ftimeterre» m. (Bot.) fumitory (Funtaria). 
ftimeiix, a. smoky; (of wine) fimiy, heady. 
ftiwnfft r, m. manure, dung; dunghill. 

— de ferme, farm manure. 
f^unigateiir, m. fumigator. 
fùmlgmtion, /. fumigation. 
ftamigatolre» a. fumigating. 
ftamls^nef a. smoke-producing, fimiigenic. 

— m. smoke-producing substance, fumigen. 
flnmlger, v.t. fumigate. 
fumiste» m. builder or repairer of chimneys, 

f limaces, ovens, etc.; stove setter. 
ftunlsterie» /. building or repair of chimneys, 

ovens, furnaces, etc. 
ftamlTore, a. smoke-consuming. — m. smoke 

fnmare» /. manuring, fertilizing; manure, fer- 

ftmeste» a. fatal, disastrous; sinister. 
ftmglne, /. fungin. 
ftmlciilâlre» a. funicular. — m. funicular 

curve, catenary; funicular (or cable) rail- 
way; funicular machine. 
PaTf m. In the phrases A fur et meeure^ au fur et 

à mesure, in proportion. 
ftvanlqae» a. of or pertaining to furan. 
a-f\arasol, m. a-furasole (isoxasole). 
/S-flinzol, m. jC^-furazole (ozazole). 
forent» v.def. S sing, of être (to be). 
fnreiir, m. fury, rage, passion. 
ftarforaeé» a. ftirfuraceous, branny, scurfy. 
fnifurane» m. furan (or furane), furfuran (or 

ftirftinne-carboiilque» a. furancarbozylic. 
ftirftiraiilque, a. of or pertaining to furan (or 

ftarftarlne» /. furfurine. 
ftaiftarol» m. furfurole (better called furalde- 

hyde or furfural). 
ftarftarolique» a. In the phrase alcool furfuroi' 

ique, furfuryl alcohol (2-furancarbinol). 
ftlrieiu» a.^furious; tremendous, extraordinary. 
f^ironcle» m. (Med.) furuncle, boil. 
fnronealMe» /. (Med.) fumnculosis. 
fasftlil» m. spindle tree (Bvoni/mue); charcoal 

for drawing; charcoal crayon; charcoal 

ftasant» p.a. fusing, etc. (see fuser) ; (of fuse?, 

etc.) time; (of compositions) fuse. 
fnseMlf m. spindle (in various senses); pin, 

axle, arbor. 
fusée» /. fuse, fuse; rocket; fusee, fuzee; 

(Cflase) a tool for enlarging openings; 

(Mach.) axle lurm, barrel, journal, spindle; 

{Spinning) spindleful, cop. 



fusée à baguette, rocket and stick. 

— à concuêsion, concussion fuse. 

-7 à double effet, double-action fuse, combina- 
tion fuse. 

— à durée, time fuse. 

— à effet retardé, delay-action fuse. 

— à la Congreve, Congreve rocket. 

— à obiu, shell fuse; shell rocket. 

— à tempe, time fuse. 

— de Bickford, Bickf ord fuse. 

— d'édair, flash rocket. 

— d'éclairage, light rocket. 

— de sûreté, safety fuse. 

— d'honneur, (Pyro.) signal rocket. 

— éclairante, rocket flare. 

— édalante, star rocket. 

— fuaanie, time fuse. 

— instantanée, instantaneous fuse, quick 

— lente, slow match. 

— lumineuse, Mght rocket. 

— mixte, combination fuse. 

— percutante, percussion fuse. 

— réglée, time fuse. 

— relardée, delay-action fuse. 

— vive, quick match. 

— volante, sky rocket. 
flisée-détonateur, n. detonating fuse. 
fùsée-slgnal, /. signal rocket. 
fuselé, a. spindle-shaped, fusiform. 

ftiser» v.i. fuse, melt; (of salts on glowing char- 
coal) react with crackling or sputtering; 
(of pyrotechnic compositions) burn with- 
out exploding; (of colors) spread. 

fùslblUté, /. fusibility. 

fusible, a. fusible. 

fusil» m. (small) gun, rifle, (formerly) musket; 
steel (for striking fire or sharpening). 

ftaslllette» /. small rocket. 

fusion» /. fusion. 

•—àla soufflerie, sealing with the blast. 

— aqueuse, aqueous fusion. 

— ignée, igneous fusion. 
fusionner» v. t., r. & i. fuse, unite, blend. 
fussent, imp. S pL subj. of être (to be). 
ftastet, ftastel, m. fustet (Cotinus ootinus or its 


fùstoc» fnstok, m. fustic. 

fut, p.def. S sing, of être (to be). 

fût, m. cask, barrel; shaft, trunk, pole, poet; 
stock, frame, brace, handle. — imp. 3 sing, 
suhj. of être (to be). 

flltale, /. timber forest; large tree. 

futallte, /. cask, barrel; casks, barrels. 

fntalllerle, /. wood for casks. 

futée, /. a cement composed of glue and saw- 

f^tUe, a. futile. 

futur, a. & m. future. 

fuyant, p.a. escaping, etc. (see fui.); leaky; 
(of colors) fugitive. 

Sfteluife» m. nubdog, etc. (see gâcher). 
Sfteh^ /. staple. 

cachée, /. batch, mixing (of cement, etc.). 
gachWy v,t. mix, temper (cement, mortar, etc.) ; 
slake (lime); bungle, botch. 

— dalr, — lâche, mix thin. 

— serré, mix stiff. 

Sielils* m. mortar; mud, mire; slush; (fig.) 

Cadollnlte, /. (Min.) gadolinite. 

Sftdollnlom» m. gadolinium. 

SMlooe, /. night soil. 

SMIner, v.t. gain; get, obtain, earn, reach. 

— v.i. gain; improve. 
fsl» a. gay; brisk, spirited, lively; (of colors) 

bright: (of meduEtnical parts) loose, having 

galacy m. guaiacum (tree or wood). 
gmlae-* (in names of compounds) guaiac-. 
galacol, m. guaiacol. 
gsilletfMrle» /. coal in small lumps; small lump 

of coal. 
gsilleteiix, a. lumpy, lump, rubbly (as coal). 
fftUletlii, m. coal in smAll pieces; smaU piece 

of coal. 
gsillette» /. coal in lumps, rubbly coal; lump 

or piece of coal. 
gain, m. gain. 
KAln6» /. sheath, case; shaft; flue; (of a fuse 

or shell) gaine, priming tube. 
SalDW» v.<. sheath, incase. 
Salnorle» /. making or selling of sheaths or cases; 

case maker's art or business. 
galse, /. iPetrog.) gaiae. 
gaUctagogae, a. A m. (Med.) galactagog(ue). 
falactane, m. galactan. 
galactate, m. lactate. 
gaUcttdenslmetre, m. gataotodensimeter, 

falactlqae, a. lactic; (Aetron.) galactic. 
galactomètre, m. galactometer. 
gaUctométrie» /. galactometry. 
galactonliiue» a. galactonic. 
galactose, /. galactose; (Phyaiol.) galactosis. 
Kalactottinètre, m. galactotimeter (a form of 

Salaheptonlque, a. galaheptonic. 
galallthe, m. galalith. 
galanga, m. (Pharm.) galangal, galanga; (Bot.) 

any member of the genus Alpina. 
galaiyme, m. a fermented beverage made from 

galbanlfère, a. producing galbanum. 
Salbanom, m. galbanum. 
Salbe» m. contour; swell, entasis; (of a blast 

furnace) body. 

gale, /. (Cflaêe) gaU, soum; (Mêd.) itoh; (jBet.) 

scurf; mange. 
galene, /. (Min.) galena, galenite. 
galenlqae, a. (Min.) galemc(al); (Pharm, éb 

Med.) Galenic(al). 
galère, /. gaUery furnace, galley. 
galerie, /. gallery; shelf, frame, platform 

(attached to the side of something); flue 

(of a boiler) ; (Mining) drift, adit, gallery. 
galet, m. pebble; gravel, riiingle; disk (placed 

over the column of liquid in a polarimeter) ; 

friction roller (or disk); roller, roll. 

— de rouUment, friction roller. ' 
galetage, m. (QunpotDder) making press cake. 
galetctf, v.t. (Gunpowder) press into press cake. 
galet-gulde, m. roller guide. 

galette, /. (flat) cake; specif., (Ounvowder) 

press cake; disk; eiiip biscuit. 
galeox, a. (of glass) covered with gaU or scum; 

itchy, mangy, scurfy. 
Galice, /. Galicia (Spain). 
Gallde, /. Galicia (Austria). 
galicien, a. Galidan. 
galipot, m. galipot, gaUipot. 
gallpoter, t.t. coat with galipot. 
gallate, m. gallate. 

— baaique de hiemuih, (Pharm.) bismuth sub- 

galle, /. gall (of plants) ; specif., nutgall, gall- 
nut; gallfly; knot, lump, concretion (as in 
founding sand). 

— d'Alep, Aleppo gall. 

— de chêne, oak gall. 

— de Chine, Chinese gaU (from sumach). 
gaUélne, /. gallein. 

Galles, /. Wales. 

galUfère, a. containing or s^ekUng gallium. 

gaUlnace, /. (Min.) obsidian. 

galllque, a. gallic; Gallic. 

galllum, m. gaUium. 

gaUocyanlne, /. (Dyee) gallocyanin(e). 

gaDols, a. Welsh. — m. (cap.) Welshman. 

gallon, m. an excrescence similar to the nutgall 

but found on or replacing acorns; gallon. 
gallotannlque, a. gallotaiinic. 
galvanique, a. galvanic. 
galTanlquement, adv. galvanically. 
galvanisation, /. galvanisation, galvanising. 
galvaniser, v.t. galvanise. 
galvano, m. (Printing) electrotype, electro. 
galvanocérame, m. a piece of electroplated 

ceramic ware. 
galvanomètre, m. galvanometer. 

— à miroir, — à réflexion, mirror galvanom- 
eter, reflecting geilvanometer. 

— enregistreur, recording galvanometer. 





galvanoplastie, /. galvanoplasties, -plasty. 
galTanoplastiqne, a. galvanoplastie. 
galTanot]rper, v.L eleetrotype. 
gamblTy m. gambier, gambir. 

— cubique^ gambier in cubes. 

gamliif m. gamin, boy; (jCflaas) assistant, ap- 

gamme» /. gamut, scale. 

€hind, n. Ghent. 

gangreneux, gangreneux, a. (Mêd.) gangre- 

gangue, /. (Oeol. A Mining) gangue, gang. 

ganfl, m. (Petrog.) ganil (a kind of lime- 

ganae, /. loop: cord. 

gant» m. glove; gauntlet. 

— de 2a&orato»r0, laboratory glove. 
ganterie, /. glove making; glove trade. 
garançage, m. madder dyeing. 

garanee, /. madder. — a. madder-colored, 

garancer, v,t dye with madder. 

garancerle, /. madder dyehouse; madder dye- 

garanceur, m. madder dyer. 

garanceux, m. a coloring matter extracted 
from the residues from madder dyeing. 

garancière, /. madder field; madder dye- 

garaneine, /. garancin, garandne. 

garant, m. A f. guarantor, guaranty, surety; 
voucher, warrant. 

garantie, /. guarantee; guaranteeing; secur- 
ity; pledge; protection; assay. 

garantir, v.t. guarantee, warrant; protect, 
shelter, preserve. 

garQOn, m, boy; (of workmen) assistant, 
journeyman, boy, man; bachelor. 

— bnuseur, brewer. 

garde, /. guard; protection, custody. — m. 

guard; keeper, warden. 
gardeHSorps, m. railing, rail, guard rail. 
garde-feu, m. fire guard; (Metal.) furnace 

garde-fou, m. "■ garde-corps. 
garde-four, garde-foumeau, m. furnace man. 
gardw, v.t. keep; guard. — t.r. keep, remain 

unspoiled; beware (of), keep (from). 

— v.i. beware. 
garde-temps, m. chronometer. 
garde-Tue, m. eye shade; lamp shade. 
gare, /. (railway) station; switch, shimt. 
garf^Mlaer, v,t. A r. gargle. 
gargarisme, m. gargle. {Med.) gargarism. 
garnir, v.t. furnish, supply, provide, stock, fit, 

equip; fill; line, face; trim; mount; pack, 

stuff; garnish, decorate. 
garnissage, garnlssement, m. furnishing, etc. 

(see garnir). 
çamiaeage ha^ique, (Metal.) basic lining. 

garniture, /. filling; lining; mounting; fit- 
ting(s); trimming(s); covering; furnish- 
ing, furniture; 'edge, border; set, assort- 
ment; outfit; ornament; (MacA.) packing, 
stufiing; bearing box. 

— banque, (Metal.) basic lining. 

garou, m. spurge flax (Daphne gnidium); 

mezereon (Daphne mezerewn). 
garouUle, /. kermès oak (Quercus coccifera) or 

gams, m. (Pharm.) elixir of Gams (a stomachic 

containing cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg, 

Gascogne, /. Gascony. 
gaspillage, m. wasting, squandering. 
gaspiller, v.t. waste, squander. 
gastrique, a. gastric. 
gftte, m. spoiled part. 
gâteau, m. cake, 
gâter, v.<. spoil; waste. — «.r. spoil, be spoiled, 

gauche, a. left; left-handed; levorotatory, 

levo; crooked; awkward. — /. left hand, 

left side, left wing. 
à — , to the left; on the left; amiss. 
gauchir, v.t. A i. warp, put or get out of true. 
gauchissement, m. warping. 
gaudage, m. dyeing with weld. 
gaude, /. weld, yellowweed (Reseda liUeola); 

weld (the yellow dye from weld). 
gander, v.t. dye with weld: 
ganfre, /. honeycomb; waffle. 
gaufrer, v.t. emboss; goffer, plait, crimp. 
gaule, /. pole, rod, staff, stick. 
gaulthérle, /. (Bot.) Gaultheria. 

— couchée, wintergreen (G. frrocumbena). 
gayac, m. guaiacum (tree or wood). 
gaylusslte, /. (Min.) gaylussite. 

gaz, m. gas. 

— acide carbonique, carbonic acid gas (carbon 

— aérogène, air carburetted by passage thru 
light hydrocarbons, air gas. 

— à I* air, producer gas (made with dry air). 

— à Veau, water gas. 

— à VhuUe, oil gas. 

— ammoniac, — ammonuical, ammonia gas, 
gaseous ammonia. 

— (MpAj^xian^. asphyxiating gas. 

— atote, nitrogen gas. 

— brûlée, burnt gases, fine gases, exhaust 

— carbonique, carbon dioxide gas. 

— carburé, carburetted gas. 

— d* échappement, (of explosion engines) ex- 
haust gases. 

— de chauffage, fuel gas. 

— d'éclairage, illuminating gas. 

— de combu8tio7i, gases of combustion. 

— de générateur, generator gas, producer gas. 




gai de houiUe, coal gas. 

— des marais, marsh gas. 

— détonant, detonating gas. 

— de viUe, city gas. 

— exhUarant, — hilarant, laughing gas. 

— mixte, mixed gas, specif, semi-water gas. 

— naturel, natural gas. 

— nobles, noble gases, inert gases. 

— par/ait, perfect gas, ideal gas. 

— pauvre, poor gas, specif, producer gas 
(made with dry air). 

— perdu, waste gas. 

— rare, rare gas, noble gas. 

— riche, rich gas. 

— Riche, Riche gas (a fuel gas made from 
wood or other organic matter). 

— Siemens, Siemens gas, producer gas. 

— suffocant, asphyxiating gas. 

— tonnant, detonating gas, explosive gas 

gazagc» m. gassing, etc. (see gazer). 
gase» /. gauze. 

— métalHque, wire gauze, metallic gauze. 
gazéiflable, a. gasifiable. 
gazélflcateur» m. gasifier, specif, a form of oil 

gazélflcatlon» /. gasification; carbonating. 
gasélfler, v.t. gasify; carbonate, charge (as 

gazélforme, a. gasiform, gaseous. 
gasélté» /. gaseousness, gaseous nature or state. 
gazer, v.t. gas; specif., (Metal.) reduce with 

gaseous fuel; cover with gauze; veil. 
gazette,/, newspaper, gazette; (Çeram.) sagger. 
gazeux, a. gaseous. 
gazler, a. gas, of or pertaining to gas; gas man; 

gauze maker. 
gazlftee, a. gas-producing, yielding gas. 
gazochlmle, /. the chemistry of gases. 
gazoehlmlque, a. pertaining to the chemistry 

of gases. 
gazofaeteur, m. gasifier, specif, an apparatus 

for gasifying coal. 
gazogène, m. gas generator; specif., producer, 

generator (for fuel gas) ; gas-impregnating 

apparatus, specif, one for carbonating 

liquids. — a. carbonating. 
gazolène, m., gazolélne, gazollne, /. gasoline, 

gazolyte, a. gasifiable, tending to gasify. 
gazomètee, m. gasometer, gas holder. 

— à cloche, a gas holder with a bell which can 
be raised and lowered. 

gazométrie, /. gasometry. 

gazométrique, a. gasometric(al). 

gazon, m. grass; turf, sod. 

gaz-piatlne, m. an early incandescent lamp 

consisting of a platinima basket hung in a 

géant, m. giant. — a. giant, gigantic, huge. 

gélne, /. gein (humic add). 
gel, m. gel; frost. 
gelable, a. congealable. 
gélatine, /. gelatin. 

— animale, gelatin. 

— de guerre, explosive gelatin. 

— détonante, explosive gelatin. 

— végétale, vegetable gelatin (gliadin). 
gélatine, a. gelatined, coated with gelatin, 

treated with gelatin. 

gelallne-dynamlte, n. gelatin dynamite. 

gélatlneur, m. gelatin maker. 

gélatineux, a. gelatinous. 

gélatlnlflable, a. gelatinizable. 

gélatlnlfler, v.t. convert into gelatin or jelly, 
gelatinate, gelatinize. 

gélatlnlforme, a. gelatiniform. 

gélatlnlsant, p.a. gelatinizing. — m. gelatinis- 
ing agent, gelatinizer. 

gélatlnlsatlon, /. gelatinization, gelatinizing. 

gélatlnlser, v.t. gelatinize. 

gélatino-bromure, /. gelatino-bromide. 

gélatino-chlorure, /. gelatino-chloride. 

gelation, /. congelation, gelation. 

gélatose, /. gelatose. 

gelée, /. jelly; frost, freeze, freezing. 

— glycérinée, (Pharm.) glycerinated gelatin. 
geler, v.t., i. & r. freeze, congeal. 

géllf, a. congealing easily, having a relatively 
high freezing point; (of stones, etc.) sus- 
ceptible to rending by frost. 

géllflcatlon, /. jellification, jellying. 

gélifier, v.t. & r. jellify, jelly. 

géllforme, a. of the nature of a jelly. 

gelignite, /. (Expl.) gelignite. 

gélose, /. gélose. 

gelsémlne, /. gelsemine; (Bot.) gelsemium. 

Gémeaux, (Astron.) Gemini. 

gémir, v.i. groan, moan. 

gemmage, m. incising, tapping (of trees for 

— à mort, severe tapping resulting in the 
death of the tree. 

— à vie, tapping in such a way as not to kill 
the tree. 

gemme, /. gem; pine oleoresin, turpentine; 
(Bot.) bud. — a. gem, precious; gemmy, 
sel — , rock salt. 

gemmer, v.t. incise, tap (pine trees) . — v.i. bud. 

gencive, /. (Anat.) gum. 

gêne, /. diflSculty, trouble, inconvenience. 

gêner, v.t. impede, hinder, embarrass; incon- 
venience, annoy, trouble. 

général, a. & m. general. 
en — , in general, generally. 

généralement, adv. generally, in general. 

générallsable, a. generalizable. 

générallsateur, a. generalizing. . 

généralisation,/. generalizatioiQlc 




généraliser, v.t. generalize, render general. 
— v.r. become generalized; become com- 

généralité, /. generality. 

générateor, m. generator; specif., a substance 
from which another substance is formed, 
original substance. — o. generating, gener- 
ative; specif., designating substances from 
which others are formed (as, une àUiage et 
ses métaux générateurs, an alloy and its 
component metals; le mélange générateur 
d'un composé, the mixture from which a 
compound was formed). 

— à vapeur, — de vapeur, steam generator, 

— dû gaz, gas generator. 
génératlf, a. generative. 
génération, /. generation. 

génératrice, /. generatiiz. — a. fem. of généra- 

généreusement, adv. generously. 

généreux, a. generous; (of land) fertile. 

générique, a. generic. 

générlquement, adv. generically. 

genèse, /. genesis, formation. 

généslque, a. genetic. 

généslquement, adv. genetically. 

genestrelle, genestroUe, /. (Bot.) woadwaxen, 
greenweed, dyer's weed (Genista tinctoria). 

genêt, m. (Bot.) broom. 

— à bala%(s), — commun, common broom 
(Cytisus scoparius). 

— des teinturiers, dyer's broom, woadwaxen 
(Genista tinctoria) . 

— d*or, common broom. 
génétique, a. genetic. 
Grenève, /. Geneva. 

genévrette, /. a drink made from wild fruits 

and flavored with gin. 
genévrlCT, m. (Bot.) juniper (Juniperus). 
génie, m. engineering; engineers; genius. 
genièvre, m. gin (the liquor); jiuiper; juniper 

genlèvrerle, /. gin distillery. 
génisse, /. heifer. 
genou, m. knee; (Tech.) elbow; (Mach.) joint, 

specif, ball-and-socket joint. 
genouillère, /. joint, connection, specif, elbow 

joint; toggle joint; kneepiece. 
genre, m. kind, sort, type; genus; style, mode; 

gender; genre (painting). 

— Saxe, Saxon type (said of a shallow t3T)e 
of small evaporating dish). 

gens, people, folks, persons, men; nations; 

servants, attendants. 
gent, /. tribe, race. 
gentiane, /. (Bot.) gentian. 

— jaune, yellow gentian, bitterwort (Gen- 
tiana lutec^. 

gentlanlne, /. gentianin. 

gentlanose, /. gentianose. 
gentil, a. pretty; delicate; gracious. 
gentilhomme, m. nobleman; gentleman. 
genuine, a. genuine. 
génulnlté, /. genuineness. 
géode, /. (Geol.) geode. 
géodéslque, a. geodetic. 
géodlque, a. geodio. 
géoflfrée, /. (Bot.) Geoffrœa. 
géographie, /. geography. 
géographique, a. geographic (al). 
géc^praphlquement, adv. geographically. 
géologie, /. geology. 
géologique, a. geologic (al). 
géologlquement, adv. geologically. 
géologue, m. geologist. 
géométral, a. geometrical. 
géométrie, /. geometry. 
géométrique, a. geometric (al). 
géométriquement, adv. geometrically. 
gérance, /. management, managership. 
géranlacées, (Bot.) Geraniaceœ. 
géranlal, m. geranial (citral). 
géranlol, m. geraniol. 
géranlque, a. geranic. 
géranium, m. (Bot.) geranium. 

— rosat, rose geranium (Pelargonium capiUir 

gérant, m. manager, director, agent. — a. 

managing, directing. 
gerbe, /. sheaf ; smaU heap (of sea salt). 
gerber, v.t. pile; bind in sJieaves. 
gerblforme, a. sheaflike. 
gercer, v.t., r. as i. crack; chap. 
gerçure, /. crack, fissure, cleft, chink; chap. 

— de trempe, (Metal.) temp^ crack. 
gerçure, a. cracked, fissured; (of wood) shaky. 
gérer, v.t. manage, conduct, carry on. 
gergelln, m. oil of sesame. 
gernuinlque, a. Germanic, German. 
germaniser, v.t. Germanize. 
germanium, m. germanium. 

germant, p.a. germinating. 
germe, m. germ. 
germer, v.%. & t. germinate. 
germinal, a. germinal. 
germination, /. germination, germinating. 
germolr, m. malt floor. 
gésier, m. gizzard. 
g^slr, v.i. lie, rest,, be. 
gesse, /. (Bot.) vetchling (Lathyrus), pea. 
gestation, /. gestation. 

gestion, /. management, administration, direc- 
gestionnaire, a. managerial. — m. manager. 
glbelet, m. gimlet. 
gibier, m. game. 

glble, m. set of bricks in the kiln. 
giclée, /. spray. ^^ ^ 

gicler, v.i. squirt® ip^,b^teiS0Ogle 





gldeurt m. sprayer, atomizer, noiik. — a. 

squirting, spraying, atomizing. 
fflganteMiue, a. gigantic, huge, colossal 
gménle» /. (Bot.) Qillenia, Indian physio (Por- 

gUloii» m. (Bot.) mistletoe (Viacum aUmtn). 
gin» m. whisky; (abusively) gin. 
glngas, m. ticking (the cloth). 
glnf embre» m. ginger. 

— blanct white ginger, Jamaica ginger, peeled 

— officinale oonunon ginger (Zimiber offici- 

Klnglbrlne, /. powdered ginger. 

glnguet, a. of little value, poor. 

ginseng, m. {fiot. A Pharm.) ginseng. 

globertlte» /. (Min.) magnesite (magnesium 
carbonate). Cf. magnesite. 

gipon, m. wool doth used for tallowing 

girandole, /. chandelier; (Pyro., etc.) giran- 

glrssol, m. (Min.) fire opal, girasol; (Bot.) 
heliotrope, girasol. 

ginitlon, /. gyration. 

giratoire, a. gyratory, gyrational. 

girofle, m. clove. 

giroflée, a. In the phrase canneUe giro/lie, clove 

giroflier, m (Bot.) clove tree. 

gisant, of gésir. 

gisement, m. (mineral) deposit; position of 
minerals in the earth; bearing. 

— en anuu, massive deposit. 

— en couchct stratified deposit. 

— en filon», vein deposit. 
gisent, pr. S pi. of gésir. 
git, pr. S nng. of gésir. 

glte, m. (mineral) deposit; bed; lodging; home; 
lower millstone; leg (of beef). 

— filonien, vein deposit. 

— eédimentaire, sedimentary d^osit, strati- 
fied deposit. 

glvre, m. white frost, hoar frost; crystalliza- 
tion resembling frost, specif, that of ben- 
zoic acid on the surface of vanilla. 

givré, a. frosty, frosted. 

Gl. Symbol of glucinium (beryllium). 

glaçage, m. icing, etc. (see glacer). 

glaee, /. ice; freezing point; plate glass; look- 
ing glass, mirror; glass, lens; glass win- 
dow; flaw (in a precious stone); ice cream, 
ice; glazing (for pastry) ; icing, sugar crust. 

— fondante, melting ice. 

— piUe, crushed ice. 

glaee, p.a. iced, etc. (see glacer); glacé; icy, 

ice, cold. 
glaeer, v.t. ice; freeze; chill; glaze; calender; 

vitrify. — v.r. freeze; vitrify. — v.i. 


glaeerie, /. plate-glass works or businen; ioe 
cream business, making of ices. 

glaeenr, m. glazer; calenderer. 

glaceox, a. (of gems) flawed, flawy; iey, 

glaciaire, a. (Oed.) glacial. 

glacial, a. glacial; icy, freezing, cold. 

glaciale,/. (Bot.) ice plant (Meaembryanihemum 

glacier, m. plate-glass maker; maker of, or 
dealer in, ices; (Oeol.) glacier. * 

glacltee, /. ice chamber, refrigerator; appa- 
ratus for. making ice or ices, freezer; ice 
pail; ice house; ice cellar. 

— à bascule, a small rocking apparatus for 
making ice or ices by the use of freezing 

glacis, m. gentle slope, sloping surface, glads; 
(Paintino) glaze, coat of transparent pig- 
glaçon, m. piece of ice, cake of ice; idde. 
glaçore, /. (Ceram.) glaze, glazing. 

aoue la — , under the glaze, underglase. 

8ur la — , on thé glaze, on-glaze. 
giale, /. vault of a glass furnace. 
glalrage, m. glairing, coating with glair. 
glaire, /. glair (white of ^Eg or any 

viscous substance). 
glalrer, v.t. glair, coat with glair. 
glaireux, a. glairy, glaireous, viscous. 
glalrlne, /. glairin. 
glaise, /. day; vault of a glass furnace. — a. 

In the phrase terre glaiae, clay soil, day. 
glalser, v.t. clay, treat with day. 
glaiseux, a. clayey. 
glalslère, /. clay pit. 
gland, m. acorn; tassel; (Anat.) glans. 
glande, /. gland. 

— surrénale, suprarenal gland, adrenal gland. 
i^ndulalre, glanduleux, a. glandular, -ulous. 
i^ner, v.t. A i. glean. 

glaubérlte, /. (Min.) glauberite. 

glaueonle, glaueonlte, /. (Min.) glauco- 

glauque, a. glaucous, bluish green. 
giette, /. litharge. 

gleucomètre, m. glucometer, gleucometer. 
glladlne, /. gliadin. 

glissant, p.a. sliding, slipping; sUppery. 
glissement, m. sliding, slipping, ijiding. 
gUsser, v.t. slide, slip, glide. — v.i. slip, slide. 

— v.r. slip, glide, steal. 
gllsseur, m. slider; (Mach.) sliding piece, slide 

glissière, /. slide bar, slide, slide face, guide bar, 

gUssoIr, m. slider, slide block, slide. 
glissoire, /. slider, sliding piece; slide, slide 

block, guide. 
global, a. lump, total, entire, gross, summary. 




glolNillx* mtue» pi. of global 

globet m. globe; bail; glass coyer (as for a 

gtobeiix* a. globose, globular. 
ftoblforme, a. globular, globe-shaped. 
globliie» /. globin. 
ftobalalie» a. globular, spherical. 
flobiile, m. globule; (fiiol.) corpuscle; pellet. 

— blanc, white corpuscle (of the blood). 

— du êano, blood corpuscle. 

— rouge, red corpuscle (of the blood). 

— êanguin, blood c<Mi>uscle. 
flobllleiu, a. globulous, globular. 
Klobullclde» a. destroying blood corpuscles. 
globulin, m. (Physiol.) leucocyte. 
SlobiiUiie, /. globulin. 
KlobaUnarie, /. {Med.) globulinuria. 
globnlolFfle, /. (Phyaiol.) hemocsrtolysis. 
fiobiilose» /. globulose. 

gloire, /. glory, honor, splendor; (Pyro.) fixed 

glomémle, /. small mass; (BoL, etc.) glo- 
merule, glomerulus. 

gionolne,/. (Pharm.) glonoln, glon6lne (nitro- 
glycerin solution). 

giorleiix, a. glorious, splendid. 

fkMsalie, m. glossary; vocabulary. 

glouglou, m. gurgle, gurgling. 

glouteroi^ m. common burdock (Arctium 
lappa); goose grass, cleavers (OaUium). 

giOTer, m. (Acids) Glover tower. 

giu, /. birdlime; cement, glue. 

— marine, marine glue. 

gtauint, a. glutinous, sticky, adhesive, viscous; 
(fig.) tenacious. 

ilucliie, /. gludna (beryllia). 

giuciniuni, m. gludnum, glucinium (boyl- 

gludque, a. gludc. 

gfueoheptonlque, a. glucoheptonio. 

glucomètn, m. glucometer. 

giuconlque, a. gluconic. 

giueosane, /. glueoean. 

glueose, /. glucose. 

gtoeosM*, v.t. treat with glucose. 

glucoserle, /. glucose factory; glucose manu- 

giucoslde, m. glucoside. 

glucosler, m. glucose maker. 

gluer, v.t. smear with birdlime or other viscous 
substance, lime, make sticky. 

giutamlne, /. glutamine. 

glutamlque, a. glutamic. 

giutsrlfiue, a. glutaric. 

gluten, m. gluten; glue, cement. 

gluttnatotre, a. agglutinating, agglutinative. 

latine, /. glutin (old name for gliadin and for 

glutlneui, a. glutinous. 

glyeémle, /. (Med.) glycemia. 

gljreéré, gUroént, m. (Pharm.) glycerite, glyc- 
erin (solution of a medicinal substance in 
glycêrate simple, » glyc^ d'amidon. 

— d*alun, glycerin of alum. 

— d'amidon, glycerite of starch, glycerin of 

— de borax, glycerin of borax. 

— de boroglyeêride, glycerite of bwoglycerin, 
solution of boroglyoeride. 

— de pepsine, glycerin of pepsin. 

— de phénol, glycerite of phenol, glycerite of 
carbolic add^ 

— de sousacitate de plomb, glycerin of subaoe- 
tate of lead. 

— de tannin, glycerite (or glycerin) of tannic 
add or of tannin. 

— d'hydrastis du Canada, glycerite of hydras- 

glyeéride, /. glyceride. 

glyeéfflne, /. glycerin (in Org. Chem. better 
called glycerol). 

— phénique, (Pharm.) glycerite of phenol. 

— tannique, (Pharm.) glycerite (or glycerin) 
of tannic add. 

glyeériner, v.t. glycerinate, glycerinise. 
glyeérineux, a. containing or resembling 

glyoérique, a. glyceric; of glycerin. 
glycéro-acétlque, a. designating the esters of 

glycerol with acetic acid. 
glycéro-anénlate, m. glyoero-arsenate. 
glyeéro-anénlque, a. glycero-arsenic. 
glycéroborique, a. glyceroboric. 
glyeérolé, m. » glycéré. 

— d*acide phénique, glycerite (or glycerin) of 

i^yeérophospluite, m. glycerophosphate. 

glyeérophosphorique, a. glycerophosphoric. 

glycérose, /. glycerose. 

glyoeryie, gljrclle, m. glyceryl. 

glydde, m. glydde. 

glycln, m. glyoin (a photographic developer). 

glyclnatlon, /. formation of or combination 

with glycine, glydnation. 
glycine, /. glycine; glucina (beryllia); (fioi.) 

Glycine, or a plant of this genus. 
glyclnlum, m. gludnum (beryllium). 
glydque, a. gludc. 
glyeochoUque, a. glycocholio. 
glyeoeoUe, m. glycocoll (glycine). 
glyeogénmse, /. glyoogenase. 
glycogène, m. glycogen. — a. glycogenous, 

glyeogénèse, glyoogènle, /. glycogenesis, 

glycogénlque, a. glycogenic 
glycol, m. glycol. 

glycoUmlde, /. glycolamidcj^-^ t 

glycollque, o. glycolic. ed by vjOOQ IC 




glycoljrse, /. glycolysis. 

glfeolytlque» a. glycolj^tic. 

glycomètre» m. glucometer. 

glycoprotélde, n. glucoprotein, glycoprotein. 

Klycosamine» /. glucosamine. 

glycosazone» /. glucosazone. 

glucose, /. glucose, (rarely) glycose. 

glycoside, n. glucoside. 

glyeosorie, /. glycosuria, glucosuria. 

glycosurique» a. glycosurie. 

glycuronlque, a. glucuronic, glycuronic. 

glycyrrhlzlne, /. glycyrrhizin. 

glyoxal, m. gly^zal. 

glyoxalldine, /. glyoxalidine (imidazoline). 

glyoxallne, /. glyoxaline (imidazole). 

glyoxyllqoe» a. glyozylic, glyoxalic. 

gneiss, m. (Petrog.) gneiss. 

gnelsseux, gnelsslque, a. gneissic, gneissose. 

go» adv. In the phrase UnU de go, readily, im- 

gobelet, m. cup (taller than taaae and frequently 
without a handle); goblet; (Pyro.) case. 

gobeleterie, /. manufacture of drinking glasses 
or, more broadly, of glass vessels; hollow- 
glass works. 

gobetls, m. (Masonry) pointing. 

goder, v.i. bag, pucker. 

godet, m. cup; shallow dish (as one for stains) ; 
cell; b.ucket (of an elevator, waterwheel or 
the like) ; bagging, puckering. 

— à graiaae, grease cup. 

— à huiUt oil cup. 

— de fusée, fuse cup. 

goémon, m. seaweed; specif., fucoid. 

goitre, m. (Med,) goiter, goitre. 

golfe, m. gulf. 

gommage, m. gumming. 

gomme, /. gum; (Med.) gumma; rubber. 

— adragant(e), — adragarUhe, tragacanth, 
gum tragacanth. 

— ammoniaque, ammoniac, gum ammoniac. 

— animé, animé, gimi animé (oranimi). 

— arabique, gum arabic. 

— d'acajou, cashew gum. 

— de Baasora, Bassora gum. 

— de Vor, = goi^me des sages. 

— des funérailles, bitumen. 

— des sages, (Old Chem.) mercury. 

— du Sénégal, Senegal gum, gum Sen^al. 

— élastique, gum elastic, caoutchouc, rubber. 

— explosive, explosive gelatin. 

— hautrdu-fleuve, Galam gum (a kind of gum 

— laque, lac, gum lac. 

— pseudo-adragant(e), sassa gum. 

— rouge, red gum; (Old Chem.) sulfur. 

— sauvage, (Rubber) wild rubber, as con- 
trasted with plantation rubber. 

gommé, a. gummed, gum, gummy. 
gomme-gutte, /. gamboge, gum guttœ. 

gomme-Iaque, /. lac, gum lac. 
gommelaquer, v.t. treat with gum lac, shellac. 
gommellne, /. gommelin (dextrin). 
gommement, m. gumming. 
gommer, v. t. gum; mix with gum. — v.r. 

gum, stick. 
gomme-résine, /. gum resin. 

— ammoniaque, anmioniac, gum ammoniac. 

— d'euphorbe, euphorbium. 

gommeux, a. gummy, gummous; (of trees) 

gummiferous, gum-jdelding. 
gommier, m. gum-bearing tree, gum tree, 

specif, the acacia. 
gommlfère, a. gummiferous, gum-jdelding. 
gommo-réslneux, a. gum-resinous. 
gommose, /. gummose; (Bot.) gummosis. 
gond, m. hhige. 
gonder, v t. hinge. 

gondoler, v.r. & i. (of plates, etc.) buckle. 
gonflage, m. inflation. 

gonflé, p.a. swelled, swollen, distended, in- 
gonflement, m. sweUing, swell, distention, 

gonfler, v.t. swell, swell out, distend, inflate. 

— v.i. A r. swell, swell up. 
goniomètre, m. goniometer. 
gorge, /. throat; opening, orifice, mouth, neck; 

groove, channel, furrow; hollow, recess; 

choke (of a gun or rocket) ; go^e. 
gorge-de-plgeon, a. of the iridescent color of a 

pigeon's breast. 
gorger, v.t. (Pyro.) fill; gorge. 
gorgonzola, m. Gorgonzola cheese. Gorgonzola. 
gosier, m. throat, gullet. 
goslller, v.i. be carried over (said of the liquid 

which is being distilled for brandy). 
gouache, /. water colors; water-color painting. 
gouache, a. water-color. 
goudron, m. tar. 

— d calfater, navy pitch. 

— de bois, wood tar. 

— de houille, coal tar. 

— de lignite, brown-coal tar, lignite tar. 

— de Norvège, Norway tar. 

— de pétrole, petroleum tar. 

— des gazogènes, producer tar. 

— des hauts fourneaux, blast-furnace tar. 

— de tourbe, peat tar. 

— minéral, mineral tar, maltha; coal tar. 

— végétal, vegetable tar (usually meaning 
wood tar). 

goudronnage, m. tarring. 

— gras, (Pyro.) a mixture of pitch and 

— sec, (Pyro.) a mixture of pitch and rosin. 
goudronner, v.t. tar. 

goudronnerle, /. tar works, place where tar is 
prepared; place where tar is stored. 



gouety m^, arum (plant of the genus Arum or 
some related genus). 

— à trois feuiUea, jack-in-the-pulpit, Indian 
turnip (Ariaœma triphyllum). 

gouffre» m. gulf, abyss. 

gougw, v.t gouge. 

goujon» m. gudgeon, pin, peg, dowel; 

goulot» m. neck (of a bottle or other vessel). 

goupille» /. pin; peg, key, splint. 

goupiller» v.t. pin, key, peg, dowel. 

goupillon» m. t€»t tube brush (or one for 
bottles, for jars, for lamp chimneys, or the 
like); sprinkler (as for a forge). 

goupiUonner» v.L cleanse with a test tube 
brush, bottle brush or the like. 

gourde» /. gourd; flask, canteen. 

goure, /. adulterated drug. 

gourer» v.t. adulterate (drugs). 

goureur» m. adulterator. 

gousse» /. pod; (of garlic) dove. 

— de vaniUe, vanilla bean. 

gousset» m. bracket, brace; armpit; gusset. 

goût» m. taste; (less often) odor. 

goûter» v.t. taste; Qess often) smell; relish, 

like. — v.r. taste; be tasted; be liked; 

like each other. — v.t. taste; smell; lunch. 

— m. lunch. 
goutte» /. drop; (P?iann.) minim; (A»8aytng) 

bead; blister (in a casting); globule of 

oxidized metal (in an ingot) ; (Med.) gout. 

— à — , drop by drop, dropwise. 
gouttelette» /. droplet, little drop. 
goutter» v.t. drop, drip. 

goutteux» a. gouty. — m. gouty person. 

gouttière, /. gutter, trough, spout; channel, 
groove, furrow; drip, eaves; roof. 

gouTermiil» m. rudder; helm; steering appa- 

gouTemateur» m. (Mach.) governor, regulator. 

gouTeme» /. guidance, guide. 

gouTernement» m. government; management, 
direction; steering. 

gouTerner» v.t. govern; steer; manage. 

gouverneur» m. governor; helmsman. 

gouTlon» m. large bolt. 

goymve» /. guava (the fruit). 

goyavier» m. giiava l^ee, guava. 

gnibeau» m. (Pharm.) fragment, refisse, garble. 

gnibelage» m. iPharm.) sorting to remove 

gmbeler» v.t. (Pharm.) cull the refuse from, 

grftee, /. grace; thanks. 
— â, thanks to, owing to. on account of. 

graeleux» a. graceful; gracious. 

gradatif» a. gradational. 

gradation» /. gradation. 

grade» m. rank, grade; degree; {Math.) 

gmdln» m. step; shelf; bench. 



graduation» /. graduation. 
gradué» p.a. graduated. — m. graduate. 
graduel» a. graduaL 
graduellement» adv. gradually. 
graduer» v.t. graduate. 

grain» m. grain (in various senses); berry; 
bead; (PfMnn.) pellet; (Mcich.) bushing, 
step; (Glass) opaque inclusion, stone; 
(Med.) pustule, pock; shower; squall. 
à grains fins^ fine-grained. 
à grains serrés^ close-grained, 
d gros grains, large-grained, coarse-grained. 

— à facéties, grain showing facets of crystals, 
faceted grain. 

— aiguiUè, grain showing acioular crystals. 

— d* amorce, (Pyro.) primer. 

— de bcntf, buffalo berry, bullberry (X^pcoT' 
gyrea or its fruit). 

— de raisin, grape. 

— d*OTge, barleycorn. 

grains de lin, linseed, flaxseed. 

— truite, mottled grain. 

graine» /. seed; berry; eggs (of silkworms). 

— à vers, wormseed. 

— d*ambrette, amber seed, musk seed. 

— d'Avignon, Avignon berry, Fk-enoh berry. 

— d'ecarkUe, kermès, kermès berry» 

— de girofle, cardamom. 

— de lin, flaxseed, linseed. 

— de paradis, grain of imradise. 

— de Perse, Persian berry. 

— de Turquie, (Indian) com, maice. 

— jaune, yellow berry. 

— joyeuse, fenugreek seed. 

— musquée, musk seed, ambe* seed. 
graines d'anis, aniseed. 

graines de coton (or de cotonnier), cottonseed. 

graines de lin, linseed, flaxseed. 

graines des Moluques, Molucca grains, tilley 

graines de TiUy, tilley, tilley seed (from 

Croton tiglium). 

— tinctoriale, kermès, kermès berry. 
gralneler» grainer» etc. See greneler, etc. 
graissage» m. greasing; lubricating; grease; 

becoming ropy, roping (as of wine), 
graisse»/, fat; grease; (TTtnes) viscous disease, 
alteration causing ropiness; (jBlass) a 
milky and intractable state due to excess 
of sulfate in proportion to lime. 

— à canon, gun wax. 

— alimentaire, grease (or fat) for food pur- 

— animale, animal fat. 

— balsamique, — benzoinée, (Pharm.) 
benzoinated lard. 

— de bitume, purified bitumen. 

— de laine, wool grease, (when purified) 
lanolin. ^ 

— de machines, lubricating greasfQ[^ 




gnHaae de ménage^ grease for household use, 
specif. oleomargarin(e). 

— de motUon, mutton suet, mutton tallow. 

— de réserve^ reserve fat. 

— du beurre, butter fat. 

— du porc, lard. 

— industrieUe, industrial grease. 

— minérale, crude paraffin. 

— végétale, vegetable fat. 

— verte, grease from restaurants and kitchens, 
dripping, kitchen stuff. 

graisser, v.t. grease; lubricate; clog (a file). 

— v.i. (of wine) become ropy or oily. 
Sralsserie, /. grease business; grease shop. 
Sralsseur, m. lubricator, greaser, oiler. — o. 

lubricating, greasing. 

— à godet, grease cup. 

— mécanique, self-acting lubricator. 
Sralsseux, a. greasy; fatty. 

gndssler» m. grease dealer. — a. grease, deal- 
ing in grease. 

Sram* m. (Bact.) Gram solution, Gram stain. 

Kramen, m. (Bot.) grass. 

gramliiée» /. (Bot.) grass, gramineous plant, 
any member of the Poaceœ. 

Sramiiuilre» /. grammar. 

Krammatlte»/. (Min.) grammatite (tremolite). 

Sramme, m. gram, gramme (15.433 grains). 

grand» a. great; large; long, wide, high, tall, 
full; main, chief; grand. — m. adult; 
maximum; great man; dignitary; (in 
schools) senior; grandee; greatness, 
à grande eau, in excess of water. 
en — , on a large scale; (of pictures, etc.) 
full-size; at large; grandly. 

— air, open air. 

— aiUel, fire bridge (in a reverberatory fur- 

— basilic, (Bot.) common basil, sweet basil 
(Ocimum basUicum). 

— boucage, (Bot.) burnet saxifrage (Pimpi- 
neUa aaxifraga). 

grande ciguë, (Bot.) poison hemlock (Conium 

grande digitale, (Bot.) common foxglove. 
grande jottbarbe, (Bot.) common houseleek. 
grande masse, main body (of a blast furnace). 
grande mauve, (Bot.) wild mallow (Malta 

grande vitesse, great velocity; full speed; 

(Railways) express, dispatch by passenger 

train, quick dispatch. 

— feu, (Ceram., etc.) heating to the highest 
temperature desired, full fiire. 

— /oj/er, boshes (of a blast furnace). 

— gamin, — garçon, a, glassblower's chief 
assistant, called variously first footman, 
ball maker, ball holder, servitor, etc. 

grands blés, wheat and rye. 

grand soleil, (Bot.) common sunflower. 
— teint, fast dye or color; fast. 
le — Océan, the Pacific Ocean. 

grand-dnCy m. grand-duke. 

Grande-Bretagne, /. Great Britain. 

grandement, adv. greatly; grandly. 

grandeur, /. greatness, largeness, etc. (see 
grand); size; quantity; magnitude; 
height, stature. 

grandir, v.i. grow; increase. — v.t. magnify; 
make great; cause to grow. — v.r. make 
oneself greater or taller. 

grandlssement, m. enlargement; magnifica- 
tion; growth. 

granit, m. granite. 

granltelle, /. (Petrog.) granitell, aplite. 

graniteux, granitique, a. granitic. 

granltoîde, a. granitoid. 

granulage, m. granulation. 

granulaire, a. granular. 

granulateur, m. granulator. 

granulation, /. granulation. 

granulatoire, m. granulator (for metals). 

granule, m. granule. 

granulé, p.a. granulated. — m. granulated 

granuler, v.t. granulate, grain. 

granuleux, a. granular, granulated. 

granuliforme, a. granuliform, granular. 

granulose, /. granuloee. 

graphique, a. graphic, graphical. — m. dia- 
gram, drawing, graph. 

graphiquement, adv. graphically. 

graphita tion, /. graphitization; manufacture 
of graphite. 

graphite, m. graphite, plumbago, black lead. 

gniPPO» /• cluster, bimch, (Bot.) raceme; ag^ 
glomeration, mass, lump; grapeshot, 
grape; cluster of bullets; powdered 
— de raisin, bunch of grapes; grapeshot. 

grapplers, the nonpulverulent residue 
obtained when hydraulic lime is slaked. 
A slow-setting cement called ciment de 
grappiers is prepared from it. 

grappillon, m. small cluster. 

gras, a. fat; fatty; greasy, oily, unctuous; 
rich; thick; (Org. Chem.) aliphatic; (of 
wine) ropy, oily; (of glass) milky and hard 
to work (see graisse); (of metals) soft; (of 
casting sand) loamy; (of soil) heavy, 
• clayey; (of plants) fleshy; moist; slippery; 
meat, flesh. — m. fat; flesh, meat; (Soap) 
an impure precipitate formed in making 
white soap. — adv. thick, thickly. 

grateron, m. goose grass, cleavers (Oalium)i 
burdock (Arctium lappa); sweet woodruff 
(Aspenda odorata); etc. 

gratification, /. gratuityj allowance; re- 

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gratlole, /. (Bot.) Gratiola. 

— o^îcinale, hedge hyssop (G. officinalis). 
gratloltne, /. gratiolin. 

ffratis» adv. & a. gratis, free. 

grattasse, m. scraping, etc. (see gratter). 

gratte, /. scraper. 

gratte-boësse, /. wire brush, scratch brush. 

gratter, v. t. scrape; scratch; erase; tease 
(cloth); flatter. — v.i. scrape; scratch. 

grattoir, m. scraper; rake; eraser. 

gratuit, a. gratuitous. 

gratuitement, adv. gratuitously. 

grauwacke, /. (Petrog.) gray wacke, greywacke. 

graTats, = gravois. 

grave, o. heavy; grave; (of sounds) deep. 

graveler, v.t. gravel. 

graveleux, a. gravelly. 

gravelle, /. (Med.) gravel. 

gravement, adv. gravely, seriously. 

graver, v.t. engrave; etch. — v.r. be engraved; 
be etched; (Pyro.) split, crack. 

graveur, m. engraver. 

gravier, m. gravel; (.9o/0 a low mound on which 
sea salt is heaped. 

gravillon, m. coarse gravel. 

gravlmètre, m. gravimeter (a kind of hydro- 

gravlmétrlque, a. gravimetric. 

gravir, v.i. & t. climb, climb up, ascend. 

gravitation, /. gravitation. 

gravité, /. gravity. 

— spécifique^ specific gravity. 
graviter, v.i. gravitate. 

gravlvolumètre, m. an instrument for meas- 
uring out an exact weight of liquid. 

gravois, m.vl- screenings (of plaster) ; rubbish. 
gravure, /. engraving; etching. 
gré, m. will, inclination; liking. 
de — à — , by mutual agreement, 
en — , in good part, kindly. 
grec, a. & m. Greek. 
Grèce, /. Greece. 

grecque, a.fem. of grec — /. fretwork, fret. 
greffe, /. graft; grafting; record office. 
greffer, v.t. graft; attach; implant. — v.r. be 

grafted; be attached. 
grège, a. (of silk) raw. 
grêle, a. slender, thin, small. — m. hail. 
grêler, v.t. pass (wax) thru the grêloir. — v.i. 

grêlet, a. rather slender or thin. 
grêloir, m., grêlolre, /. a perforated vessel for 

converting wax into ribbons, threads or 

grains before bleaching. 
grêlon, m. hailstone. 
grenade, /. pomegranate; grenade; (cap.) 


— à fusil, rifle grenade. 

— à main, hand grenade. 

— fumigène, smoke grenade. 

grenade fusante, time grenade. 

— incendiaire, incendiary grenade. 

— suffocante, asphyxiating grenade. 
grenadier, m. pomegranate tree; grenadier. 
grenadin, a. In the phrase sirop grenadin, 

sirup of pomegranate. 
grenadine, /. sirup of pomegranate, grenadine. 
grenage, m. granulation, graining, corning. 
grenaille, /. granulated metal; granulated 

form (of metal); granular carbon; grain; 

small shot; refuse grain, tailings. 
en — , granulated. 

— de plomb, granulated lead. 

— d'étain, granulated tin. 

— de zinc, granulated zinc. 
grenalllement, m. granulation. 
grenalller, v.t. granulate. 
grenat, m. & a. garnet. 
grenatlque, a. of or containing garnets. 
greneler, v.t, grain (leather, paper, etc.). 
grener, v.t. grain; granulate, corn; stipple. 

— v.i. seed; (of silkworms) lay eggs. 

greneter, v.t. grain (leather, etc.). 

grénetlne, /. grenetine (a pure form of gelatin). 

grenette, /. little grain; (JExpl.) powder grains 
remaining on the sieve; Avignon berries or 
pellets made from their powder. 

grenier, m. loft; granary; attic, garret. 
en — , in bulk. 

grenolr, m. corning house (for gimpowder); 
granulator, granulating machine, (for gim- 
powder) coming machine. 

grenouille, /. frog; triturator (for antimony 

grenu, a. grained, grainy, granular. — m. 
grain, granular structiure. 

grès, m. sandstone, grit, gritstone; paving 
stone; scouring sand; sandy loam; 
(Ceram.) stoneware. 

— à aiguiser, grindstone. 

— à meule, millstone grit. 

— cérame, stoneware. 

— de Hesse, the refractory material of Hes- 
sian crucibles, made from fireclay and sand. 

— dur, gritstone. 

— fin, (Ceram.) fine stoneware. 

— houiller, carboniferous sandstone. 

— ordinaire, (Ceram.) common stoneware. 
grès-cérame, m. stoneware. 

grésil, m. broken or powdered glass; sleet. 
grésillé, p.a. shriveled; (Ceram.) having rough, 

pitted glaze. — m. (Ceram.) roughness or 

pitting of the glaze, due to reducing vapors 

in the kiln. 
grésillement, m. shriveling, etc. (see grésiller) ; 

chirping (of crickets); sound like that of 

grésiller, v.t. shrivel, shrivel up; trim (the 

edges of a piece of glass) ; (Ceram.) give a 

rough, pitted surface to. — v.i. sleet. 




gresserle, /.sandBtone quarry; sandstone work; 
iC&ram.) stoneware. 

grève, /. mortar sand, coarse sand; sand bank; 
strand; strike (of workers). 
faire — , se mettre en — , strike. 

greTer, v.t. biirden, encumber. 

gréviste, m. striker. — a. striking. 

grief, m. grievance. 

grleu, m. fire damp. 

griffage, m. seizing, gripping; scratching. 

griffe, /. claw; catch, pawl, prong, hook, 
catch; stamped signature; ôtamp (for sig- 
natures); root, rootlet (of certain plants). 
griffes de girofle, clove stems. 

griffer, v.t. seize with, or as with, claws, grip; 
scratch, claw. 

grlgnard, m. hard stoneware, used in con- 
struction; confusedly crystallized gypsum, 
found in plaster stone. 

grlgnons, olive husks, marc of olives; 

grillage, m. roasting, etc. (see griller). 

— au four à cuve, roasting in kilns. 

— en ttaUe», (Metal.) roasting in stalls. 

— en taa, roasting in heaps. 
grillager, v.t lattice, grate. 

grille, /. grate, grating; grid; furnace (as for 
combustions, for Kjeldahl flasks, for evapo- 
rations) ; (Metal.) roasting furnace, calcin- 
ing furnace, roaster, calciner; fire bar; 
lattice; grille; grill. 

— à analyse(8), — à corr^mation, combustion 

— à attaque, furnace for decompositions (as 
one for Kjeldahl flasks). 

— à feu, fire grate. 

— à manche, strainer. 

— d'analyse, combustion furnace. 

— de foyer, fire grate. 

— en escalier, step grate. 

griller, v.t. roast, calcine; singe (cloth); scorch, 

parch, bum; broil, grill. 
grlUoIr, m. roaster, roasting kiln; singeing 

machine, singer. 
grimpage, m. climbing. 
grimper, v.i. & r. climb, climb up. 
grincer, v.i. grind, grate; gnash. — v.t. gnash. 
grindélle, /. (Bot.) gum plant (Orindelia); 

(Pharm.) grindelia. 
griotte, /. a sour cherry; a spotted marble. 
griottler, m. a kind of cherry tree. 
grippage, m. seizing, etc. (see gripper). 
grippeler, v.r. shrink. 
grippement, m. seizing, etc. (see gripper). 
gripper, v.t. seize, grip, catch; snatch; shrink, 

contract. — v.r. shrink, shrivel. — v.i. 

(Mach.) grip, bind, wedge, grind. 
grlppore, /. (Mack.) worn part. 
gris, a. gray, grey ; (of paper) unbleached,brown ; 

(of wine) pale; tipsy. — m. gray, grey. 

grIs acier, sted gray. 

— ardoise, slate gray. 

— argenté, silver gray. 

— dair, light gray. 

— d'acier, steel gray. 

— de fer, iron gray; (Dyeing) iron liquor. 

— de perle, pearl gray. 

— de tine, zinc dust. 

— foncé, dark gray. 

— perle, pearl gray. 

grisaille, /. grizzled color, gray, mixed white 
and black. — a. grizzled, gray. 

grisard, a. dark gray, or grayish brown. 

grisâtre, a. grayish, greyish. 

griser, v.t. gray, make gray; shade (with lines) ; 
intoxicate. — v.i. become gray. — v.r. be- 
come intoxicated. 

grisou, m. fire damp. 

grlsoumètre, m. an apparatus for analysing 
air for fire damp. 

grisonteux, a. containing fire damp. 

Groenland, m. Greenland. 

grogner, v.i. grunt; grumble. 

groisll, m. broken glass, cullet. 

gronder, v.i. growl, roar, rumble; grumble. 

gros, a. big, large, great; coarse, gross, thick; 
heavy; (of colors) daik, deep; (of persona) 
rich. — m. bulk, mass, body, main part; 
large-sized material, specif, lump coal; 
(Com.) wholesale; revenue; grogram (a 
fabric). — ode. much, largely, high. 
en — , wholesale; in general. 

— bleu, a coarse variety of smalt. 
gros-blanc, m. a cement composed of whiting 

and glue. 
groseille, /. currant. — a. currant-colored, 
currant-red, currant. 

— à maquereau, — verte, gooseberry. 
groseillier, m. currant bush, currant; (à 

maquereau) gooseberry bush, gooseberry. 

grosse, a. fern, of gros. — /. gross; large piece. 

grossement, adv. in general; grossly. 

grosserle, /. wholesale trade. 

grossesse, /. pregnancy. 

grosseur, m. size; swelling, tumor. 

grossier, a. coarse; rough, rude, gross; imper- 
fect. — m. coarse material. 

grossièrement, adv. coarsely; roughly, rudely, 
grossly; imperfectly. 

grossièreté, /. coarseness; coarse language. 

grossir, v.i. grow large or larger, increase, swell. 
— v.t. magnify; enlarge, make larger, in- 
crease, swell. — v.r. grow larger, increase; 
be magnified; be enlarged. 

grossissant, p.a. magnifying; enlarging; in- 

grossissement, m. magnification, magnifjring; 
magnifying power; enlargement; increas- 
ing, swelling. ^ ^ 

grossulalre, a. grossular.jOOQlC 




srotte« /. grotto. 
groupe, tn. group; set. 

— directeur, directing group, (in dyes) chro- 

— haptopftore, baptophorous group, hapto- 
phore group. 

— imidé, imido (or imino) group. 

— stUfonique, sulfonic group, sulfo group. 

— UKcophore, toxophorous group, tozophore 

— yttrique, yttrium group. 
groupement, m. grouping; group; gathering; 

(JEUc.) connecting up, connection. 

— pro8tt^étique, prosthetic group. 
grouper, v.t. group; (Elec.) connect up, join 

up. — ».». group. — i?.r. group; gather. 

— en dérivation^ — en quantitét (Elec.) connect 
in parallel. 

— en série, — en tension, (Elec.) connect in 

gruau, m. meal, coarse flour, specif, wheat 
meal; grits, groats; floiir; gruel; small 

gruauter, v.L grind, reduce to meal. 

grue, /. crane. 

— à vapeur, steam crane. 
gruer, v.t. grind, reduce to meal. 
grugeon, m. a large piece of sugar. 
gruger, v.t. crunch. 

grume, /. bark. 

grumeau, m. clot; flock; lump, particle. 

grumeleux, a. clotted, clotty, lumpy. 

grumelnre, /. small hole (in cast metal). 

grumillon, m. piece of forge scale. 

gruyère, m. Gruyère cheese, Schweitzer 

gnaeo, m. (Bot. <k Pharm.) guaco. 
guaéthol, m. guaiethol (2-ethozyphenol). 
guanase, /. guanase. 
guaner, v.t. manure with guano. 
guanldlne, /. guanidine. 
guanler, a. of or yielding guano, guaniferous. 
guanine, /. guanine. 
guano, m. guano. 

— de chauves-souris, bat guano. 

— de poissons, fish guano, fish manure. 

— de viande, meat guano, meat meal. 

— marin, — polaire, a fertilizer made from 
whale refuse. 

— phosphaté, phosphatic guano. 
guède, /. woad, pastel (either dye or plant). 
guéder, v.t. dye with woad; cram, stuff. 
guéderon, guédron, guédon, m. woad 

guêpe, /. wasp. 
guère, adv. (with ne) scarcely, hardly, little, 

not long, not much, few. 
guérir, v.t. cure. — v.i. <fe r. recover; h^; be 

cwred (of). 

guérlson, m. cure, recovery, healing. 

guérite, /. a small chamber or shelter, as a 
condensation chamber in the manufacture 
of zinc oxide, a sentry box, a lookout, a 
conning tower, a locomotive cab or a tele- 
phone booth. 
— respiratoire, respiration chamber. 

guerre, /. war; warfare; war department. 

guerrier, a. warlike, martial. — m. warrior. 

guesdre, /. woad, pastel. 

guesdron, m. woad dyer. 

guet, m. watch. 

guetter, v.t. watch; lie in wait for. 

gueulard, m. throat, mouth (of a blast fur- 
nace); mouth (of a sewer). 

gueule, /. mouth; (of a gun) muzzle, mouth; 
(Founding) gate. 

gueuse, /. (Iron) pig. 

gueuse-mère, /. (Iron) sow. 

gueuset, m. (Iron) small pig. 

gul, m. (Bot.) mistletoe (Viscum aUmm). 

guichet, m. wicket; little window; shutter. 

guidage, m. guiding, etc. (see guider). 

guide, m. guide. — /. rein. 

guider, v.t. guide; conduct, direct; steer. 

gulldlTe, /. a kind of rum. 

gulllage, m. (JBrewing) working, fermenting. 

guillemet, m. quotation mark, quote. 

gulllemeter, v.t. put in quotation marks. 

gulller, v.i. (Brewing) work, ferment. 

gulllolre, /. fermentation vat, gyle vat. 

guimauve, /. (Bot.) marshmallow (Althœa). . 

gulnand, m. (Glass) a hollow cylinder used in 
stirring optical glass. 

gulnder, v.t. raise, hoist, lift. 

gulnée, /. guinea; (cap.) Guinea. 

gulpage, m. wrapping, winding; insulation. 

guiper, v.t. wind, wrap (with tape or the like). 

flTUlse, /. manner, fashion, way, wise. 
en — de, instead of, by way of. 

gummlftee, a. gummiferous, gum-bearing. 

gurgu, gurjum, gnrjnn, m. gurjun, gurjun 
balsam (from Dipterocarpus species). 

gutta, /. Short for gutta-percha. 

gutta-percha, gutta-perca, /. gutta-percha. 

gntte, /. gamboge, gum guttse. 

guttlfère, a. (Bot.) guttiferous; (Min.) in the 
form of drops or tears. 

gymnosperme, a. (Bot.) gymnospermous. 
— m. gymnosperm. 

gypse, m. gypsum. 

gypseux, a. gypseous. 

gypslfère, a. gsrpsiferous. 

gypsomètre, m. gypsometer (apparatus for 
determining sulfates in wine). 

gypsométrlque, a. gypsometric, i)ertaining to 
the determination of sulfates in wine. 

gyratolre, a. gyratory. 

. Digitized by VjOOQIC 


habile» a, capable, competent, skillful, clever. 
habilement, adv. ably, skillfully, cleverly. 
habileté» /. ability, skill, cleverness. 
habUlage, m. dressing, etc. (see habiller). 
hablUement, m. clothing. 
habiller» v. t. dress; cover, wrap; clothe; fit, 

become. — v.i. fit, be becoming. 
habit» m. attire, clothes, garment, suit, habit, 

coat, dress coat. 
habitant» m. inhabitant, resident. 
habitation» /. dwelling, habitation; haunt; 

settlement; plantation. 
habiter, v.t. inhabit, live in. — v.i. dwell. 
habitude» /. habit. 

d* — , ordinarily. 
habituel, a. usual, customary; habitual. 
habltueUement» adv. usually, customarily; 

habituer» v.t. habituate, accustom. 
hache» /. ax. 
hacher» v.t. chop, hack, cut (in pieces), hash, 

mince, shred; hatch, shade. 
hachette» /. hatchet. 

— à marteau, = hachette-marteau. 
hachette-marteau» n. hatchet with hammer 

hachisch» hachlch» m. hashish. 
hachoir, m. cutter, chopper; chopping board. 
hachure, /. hatching, shading. 
iuem-. See hém-. 
haï, p.p. of hair. 
hale, /. hedge. 

halne, /. hatred, hate, enmity. 
hair, v.t. hate, abhor, detest. 
haleine, /. breath. 

en — , in working trim, in practice. 
haler, v.t. db i. haul, pull. 
haleter, v.t. pant, breathe quickly. 
hallmètre, m. = halomètre (first def.). 
haUe, /. market, market place. 
halo, m. halo. 

halochlmle, /. the chemistry of salts. 
halochlmlque, a. pertaining to the chemistry 

of salts. 
halogénalkyl-magnéslen, a. In the phrase 

composé halogénalkyl-magnésien, alkylmag- 

nesium halide. 
halogène, m. halogen. — a. halogen, halo- 

halogène, p.a. halogenated, halogen. 

halogénlqae, a. designating the residues of 
oxacids (as NOt, SO4, etc.). 

halog^phe, m. one who writes about salts. 

halographle»/. halography, description of salts. 

haloide» a. haloid, halide. — m. halide. 

halologle» /. a treatise on salts. 

halologlque» a. pertaining to the knowledge 
or description of salts. 

halomètre» m. an apparatus for determining 
the amoimt of salts present (as in sirups) ; 
an instrument for measuring the angles of 
salt crystals, goniometer. 

halométrle» /. determination of salts. 

halométrlque» a. pertaining to the determina- 
tion of salts. 

halotechnle» /. the art of preparing salts. 

halotechnlque» a. pertaining to the prepara- 
tion or manufacture of salts. 

haltère» m. dumb-bell. 

halurgle» /. halurgy. (Oba.) 

halurglque» a. relating to salt making. 

hambourg» m. small cask, keg; (cap.) Ham- 

hameau, m. hamlet. 

hameçon, m. fish hook. 

hampe, /. staff, shank, handle; (Bot.) stem, 

hanche, /. hip, haunch; (Tech.) leg. 

hanebane, /. (Bot.) henbane (Hyoacyamus 

hangar, m. open shed. 

happant, p.a. adhering, adherent (as clay to 
the tongue). 

happelourde, m. imitation gem. 

happement, m. adhering, etc. (see happer). 

happer, v.i. adhere, stick. — v.t. snap up, 
snatch, seize. 

harasse, /. crate (as for glass or porcelain). 

harderie, /. iron sulfate (Obs.?). 

hardl, a. bold; daring, hardy, venturesome. 

hardiesse, /. boldness. 

hareng, m. herring. 

haricot, m. bean (refers specif, to the genus 
Pkaseolus; cf. fève). 

harmallne, /. harmaline. 

harmonie, /. harmony. 

harmonieusement, adv. harmoniously. 

harmonieux, a. harmonious. 

harmonique, a. harmonic, harmonical. 





barmonlquemeiit, adv. harmonically. 
harmoniser» v.t. & r. harmonice. 
hannotome, m. (Min.) harmotome. 
hamals» m. harness; equipment; gear, gear- 
harreylser, v.t. (Metal.) harveyise, Harveyize. 
hasard, m. chance; accident; hazard, risk; 

à tout — , at all events, in any case. 

au — , at random. 

au — de, at the risk of. 

par — , by chance, by accident, chance. 
hasarder, e.f., r. d: i. hazard, risk, venture. 
hasardeux, a. hazardous; venturesome. 
haschlseh, m. hashish. 

hatchetine, /. (Min.) hatchettite, hatchettine. 
hftte, /. haste, hurry, hastiness. 

à la — , en — , in haste, hastily, hurriedly. 
hftter, v.t. & r. hasten, hurry, quicken. 
hfttlf, 0*. hasty; premature; (of fruits) early. 
hfttlTemeiit, adv. hastily; early. 
haufwerk, m. run of mine, mine run. 
hausse, /. rise (in price), advance; something 
which serves to raise, lift, support; second 
course (of a reverberatory furnace); rear 
sight (of small arms), 
hausser, o.<. raise. — «.«.rise. — ».r. rise; be 

raised; (of weather) clear. 
haut, a. high; deep; upper; (of colors) bright. 
— in. height; top. — adv. highly, high; 
above; back; loudly, aloud. 

de — en 6aa, from above; from top to bottom. 

d'en — , from above. 

en — , above; up; upstairs. 

en — de, at the top of. 

haute preenon, high pressure. 

— fourneau, blast furnace. 

le — Rhin, the Upper Rhine. 

par en — , upward; by the upper way; at 
the tap\ up above. 

par — , upward. 
hautement, adv. highly; openly; loudly, 

hauteur, /. height; altitude; depth; loftiness. 

à la — dEe, on a level with, abreast with, 
"^ equal to. 

haut-foumeau, m. blast furnace. 
hattyne, /. {Min.) haûyne, haûynite. 
havane, a. light chestnut. — m. Havana cigar 

or tobacco; (pap.) Havana. 
havre, m. harbor; (cap.) Havre. 
Haye (La), /. The Hague. 
hebdomadatare, a. weekly. 
hebdomadairement, adv. weekly, once a week. 
hébéter, v.t. stupefy. 
hébétude, /. (Med.) hebetude, dullness. 
hébraïque, a. Hebrew, Hebraic. 
hébreu, a. ék m. Hebrew. 
heet., abfyrev. (hectolitre) hectoliter. 
hectare, m, hectare (10.000 sq. m. ; 2.471 acres) . 

hectogramme, hecto, m. hectogram (1(X) 

hectolitre, hecto, m. hectoliter, hectolitre 

(100 liters; 26.417 U.S. gate., 22.0097 

hectostère, m. hectostere (100 eu. m., 130.8 

eu. yds.). 
hédéoma, m. (Bot.) hedeoma, (American) 

hédonal, m. (Pharm.) hedonal. 
hélianthe, m. (Bot.) sunflower, helianthus. 
hélianthine, /. helianthin (methyl orange). 
hélice, /. helix; (Mech.) screw. 
héllclne, /. helicin. 
hélicoïdal, a. hélicoïdal. 
hélicolde, a. helicoid, helical. — m. helicoid. 
héliochromle, /. heliochromy, color photog- 
héliochromlque, a. heliochromic. 
héliographie, /. heliography. 
héliographique, a. héliographie. 
héliogravure, /. heliogravure. 
hélioplastie, /. a process of photo-engraving. 
héliotroplne, /. heliotropin ô>iperonal). 
héliotypie, /. heliotypy. 
hélium, m. helium. 
hellébore, m. (jBot.) hellebore. 
helminthe, m. intestinal worm, helminth. 
helminthique, a. & m. (Med.) helminthic. 
helvétique, a. Swiss. 
hématéine, /. hematein, hsematein. 
hématie, /. red blood corpuscle, erythrocyte. 
hématimètre, m. hematimeter, hœmatimeter. 
hématine, /. hematin, hsematin. 
hématique, a. hematic, hsematic. 
hématite, /. (Min.) hematite. — a. hem^titic, 

blood-red, blood. 

— brune, brown hematite, limonite. 

— rouge, red hematite, ordinary hematite. 
hématocrlte, m. hematocrit, hsematocrit. 
hématogène, m. hematogen, hsematogen. 
hématoïdlne, /. hematoidin, hœmatoidin. 
hématoiyse, /. hematolysis, hemolysis. 
hématoporphyrine, /. hematoporphyrin. 
hématoxyle, m. logwood tree (Hœmatoxylon). 
hématoxjllne, /. hematoxylin, heematoxylin. 
hématurie, /. (Med.) hematuria, hematuria. 
hémialbumose, /. hemialbumose. 
hémicirculaire, a. semicircular. 
hémicylindrique, a. hemicylindrical. 
hémlèdre, a. (Cryat.) hemihedral. 
hémlédrie, /. (Cryst.) hemihedrism, hemihedry. 

— plagièdre, plagihedral hemihedrism. 
hémiédrique, a. hemihedral, (rarely) hemi- 

hémimelllque, a. hemimellitic. 
hémlne, /. hemin, hœmin. 
hémlperméable, a. semipermeable. 
hémiplnique, a. hemipic, hemipinic. 
hémlprisnufcllque, a. (Cryat.) hemiprismatic. 




hémlsphtee» m. hemisphere. ' 

hémlsphértqae, a. hemispherioCal). 

bémltrope» a. (Cryst.) hemitrope, hemitropic. 

bémltrople, /. (Çryat) hemitropism, hemi- 

bemochioiiioseiie, m. hemochromogen. 

hémocytomètre» m. hemacytometer, hemo- 

hémoi^oblne, /. hemoglobin, hœmoglobin. 

hémoi^liliiomètre» m. hemoglobinometer. 

bémoikibliilirle, /. hemoglobinuria. 

hémolyse» /. hematolysis, hemolysis. 

hémolyslne» /. hemolysin, hœmolysin. 

hémolytlque, a. hematoljrtic, hemolytic. 

hémomètre» m. hemometer, hemadynometer. 

hémopyrrol» m. hemopyrrole. 

hémomsl®» hémorrhâgle» /. hemorrhage. 

hémomgiqne, hémorrluîglqae, a. hemor- 

hémorroïde, hémorrholde, /. hemorrhoid, 

hémostatlqae» a. â: m. hemostatic, hemo- 

henequen» m. henequen, henequin, sisal hemp. 

henné, henneh, m. henna. 

hép»r, m. (QUI Chem.) hepar. 

hépatique, a. hepatic. — /. (Bot.) hepatica. 

hépatlsatlon, /. hepatisation. 

hépatlser, v.t. hepatice. 

hépatite, /. (Min.) hepatite; (Med.) hepatitis. 

hepsomèlre, m. an apparatus for regulating 
the evaporation of sugar solutions. 

hepsométrle, /. measurement of the degree of 
evaporation of sugar solutions. 

hepsométrlqae, a. pertaining to hepaométrie. 

heptadécanolque, a. heptadecoic, heptade- 

heptaméthylène, m. heptamethylene (cydo- 

heptane, m. heptane. 

heptose, /. heptose. 

heptylène, m. heptylene. 

heptyllque, a. heptyl. 

héraat, m. herald. 

herlNicé, a. herbaceous. 

herbe, /. herb; grass. 
en — , green, imripe; prospective; in embryo. 

— à fièvre, ■ herbe parfaite. 

— à jaunir, yellowweed (Reseda luteola); 
woad waxen (Oeniata tinctoria). 

— à loup, wolfsbane, monkshood (Aconitum). 

— à rayons, madder. 

— à Robert, herb Robert. 

— à savon, soap wort. 

— at4 scorbut, scurvy grass (CocMearia offici- 

— au soleil, sunflower. 

— au verre, saltwort, glasswort (Saîsola kalt). 

— aux chantres, hedge mustard (Sisymbrium 

herbe aux chats, catnip; cat thyme. 

— aux tanneurs, tanner's sumac. 

— aux teinturiers, woadwazen, dyer's green- 

— de Saint Antoine, willow herb (ChanuS' 
nerion arigustifolium) . 

— de Saint- Philippe, woad. 

— des Juifs, yellowweed (Reseda luteola). 

— dragon, — dragonne, tarragon. 

— empoisonné, alkekengi; belladonna, night- 

— jaune, yellowweed (Reseda luteola). 

— marine, seaweed. 

— mauvaise, weed. 

— parfaite, boneset (Pupatorium per/otto- 

herber, v.t. grass, bleach on the grass. 

herbivore, o. herbivorous. — m. herbivore. 

herbue, /. pasture land; (Metal.) clay flux. 

herculéen, a. Herculean. i 

hérédltjdre, a. hereditary. 

hérédité, /. heredity; heirship, inheritance. 

hérissé, a. bristling, bristly; covered; rous^; 

hérisser, v. t. bristle; cover; (Masonry) rough- 
cast. — o.t. bristle; become rough. 

hérisson, m. hedgehog; (Mach.) cog wheel, 
spiir wheel. 

héritage, m. heritage, inheritance. 

hériter, v.t. A i. inherit. 

héritier, m. heir. 

herméticité, /. state of being hermetic, air- 

hermétique, a. hermetic(al) ; Hermetic, Her- 
metical (pertaining to Hermes Trism^ps- 
tus, or to alchemy). 

hermétiquement, adv. hermetically. 

hermétisme, m. Hermetism (alchemical doc- 
trine or cult). 

Hérodote, m. Herodotus. 

héroïque; a. heroic 

héros, m. hero. 

herse, /. harrow. 

hwser, v.t. harrow. 

hésitation, /. hesitation. 

hésiter, v.i. hesitate. 

hespéridlne, /.^ heeperidin. 

hétérocUne, f.\Min.) a ferruginous braunite. 

hétérocycUque, a. heterocyclic. 

hétérogène, a. heterogeneous. 

hétérogénéité, /. heterogeneity, heterogen»* 

hétéromorphlsme, m., hétéromorphle, /. 

(Cryst.) heteromorphism, heteromorphy. • 
hétéroprotéose, m. heteroproteose. 
hétéroxanthlne, /. heteroxanthine. 
hêtre, m. beech (either tree or wood). 
heuchère, /. (Bot.) heuchera. 
— d'Amérique, alumroot (Heufhera ameri- 

carta). Digitized by VjOOQK;^ 




henre» /. hour; time. 

à cette — , at this time, now. 
à V — ^'il est, at the present time. 
pour V — , for the present. 
sur V — , on the instant, immediately. 
(For other phrases see under bon and toiU), 
heureusemeiit, adv. happily, advantageously, 

heureux» a. happy; fortunate; pleasing. 
heurt» m. shock, knock; bruise; crown (as of 

a bridge). 
heurter» v.t hit, strike, knock, run against, col- 
lide with; shock. — v.r. à: ». knock, hit, 

strike, collide. 
heurtoir» m. catch, stop; buffer, hurter; sill. 
hexftchk»^» a. hezachloro. 
hexftchlorure» m. hezachloride. 
hexaèdre» a. hezahedral. — m. .hexahedron. 
hexaédrlQue» a. hexahedral. 
hexagonal» a. hexagonal. 
hexagone» m. hexagon. 
hexahydraté» a. hexahydrated. 
hexahfdrobeniénlque» a. of or pertaining to 

hexahydrobenzene (cydohexane). 
hexahfdrobeniolque» a. hexahydrobensoic 

(cyclohexanecarboxyUc) . 
hexahydrophénol» m. hexahydrophenol (cy- 

hexahydropyrldlque» a. of or pertaining to 

hexahydrop3rridine (piperidine). 
bexahydrure» m. hexahydride. 
hexaméthylène» m. hexamethylene (radical 

and compound; the latter is better called 

hexaméthylénlque» a. of or pertaining to 

hexamethylene (cydohexane). 
hexanltré» a. hexanitrated, hexanitro. 
hexaoxybenaène» m. hexahydroxybenxene. 
hexatomlque» a. hexatomic. 
hexlte» /. hexitol, hezite. 
hexonlque» a. (of acids) hexonic; (of bases) 

hexosane» m. hexosan. 
hexose» /. hexoee. 
hexyle» m. hexyl. 
hexylène» m. hexylene. 
hexylénlqne» a. hexylene, of hexylene. 
hexyllque» a. hexyl, hexylio. 
hlbou» m. owl. 

hldrotlque» a. A m. (Med.) hidrotic, sudorific. 
hie» /. ram, beetle, pile driver. 
hier» ado, yesterday. — v.t. ram, drive. — ».». 

hilarant» a. exhilarating. 

gaz — , laughing gas (nitrous oxide). 
hlle» m. (Bot.) hilum. 
hlppurate» m. hippurate. 
hippurique» a. hippuric. 
hlrudlne» /. hirudin. 
hlstldlne» /. histidine. 

hlstoehlmle, /. histochemistry. 

hlstoehlmlque, a. histochemic(al). 

hlstogène* a. histogenetic, histogenio. 

histogenèse» /. histogenesis. 

hlstogénle» /. histogeny. 

hlstogénlque, a. histogenetic, histogenio. 

histoire» /. history; story. 

histologie» /. histology. 

hlstologlque, a. histolc^c, histologioaL 

hlstologlquement» adv. histologically. 

hlstologlste, m. histologist. 

hlstolyse» /. histolysis. 

hlstone» /. histone. 

historien» m. historian. 

historique» a. historic, historioaL 

historiquement» adv. historically. 

hlTer» m. winter. 

hivernal» a. winter; wintry. 

hiverner» v.t. hibernate, winter. 

hi.» abbrev. hectoliter(s), hectoUtre(B). 

hoehe» /. notch, nick. 

hocher» v. t. shijce; notch, nick. 

hollandais» a. Dutch. — m. Dutch '(lan- 
guage); (cap.) Dutchman. 

hollande» /. Dutch porcelain; hoUand (the 
fabric); (cap.) Holland. — m. Dutch 
cheese, esp. Edam cheese. 

hoUander» m. hollander, pulper. 

holmlum, m. holmium. 

holocrlstallln» a. (Petrog.) holocryttalline. 

holoèdre» m. (Cryat.) holohedron. — a. hdo- 

holoédrle» /. (Cryet.) holohedrism. 

holoédrlque» a. (Cryat.) holohedral. 

homard» m. lobster. 

homéopathie» /. (Med.) homeopathy. 

homéotrople, /. homeotropy. (anabnns of 
liquids by behavior of their drops). 

homme» m. man. 

homocafélque» a. homoçaffeic. 

homofluorescélne» /. homofluorescein. 

homofoeal» a. homofocal, confooal. 

homogène» a. homogeneous. 

homogénélfler» v.t. homogenise. 

homogénélsateur» a. homogenising. — m. 
homogeniser, homogenising apparatus. 

homogénéisation» /. homogenisation. 

homogénéiser» v.t. homogenise. 

homogénéité» /. homogeneity, homogeneous- 

homogénement» adv. homogeneously. 

homogentlnlslque» homogentlslqne» a. 

homologable» a. capable of being homologised. 

homolc^e» /. homology. 

homologlque» a. homolQgic(al), homologous. 

homologlquement» adv. homologically. 

homologue» a. homologous. 

homologuer» v.t. homologue; (Law), homolo- 
gate. Digitized by CjOOglt 




homophtaltmlde» /. homophthalimide. 

homopyrocatéchlne, /. homopyrocatechol. 

homopyrrol, m. homopyrrole. 

homoqnlnlne» /. homoquinine. 

Hongrie, /. Hungary» 

hongrleur, m. = hongroyeur. 

hongroierie, /. « hongroyage. 

hongrois» a. Hungarian. — m. Magyar (lan- 
guage); {cap.) Hungarian. 

hongroyftge, m. preparation of Hungary 
leather (tanning with alum and salt fol- 
lowed by dressing with tallow or other 
fatty material). 

hongrofer, v.t. convert into Hungary leather, 
subject to hongroyage (which see). 

hongrofeiir, m. maker of Himgary leather. 

honnête, a. honest; proper; decent; reason- 
able, moderate; civil. 

honnêtement, adv. honestly, été. (see hon- 

honnêteté, /. honesty; propriety; civility; 
Ipndness; present. 

honneur, m. honor, honour. 
en — , in favor. 

honorsble, a. honorable. 

honorablement, adv. honorably. 

honoraire, a. honorary. — m. (also pi.) 

lionorer, v.t. honor; be an honor to. 

honte, /. shame. 

iionteusement, adv. shamefully. 

honteux, a. shameful; ashamed; timid. 

hôpital, m. hospital. 

horaire, a. hourly; horary. — m. time-table. 

hordéine, /. hordein. 

horixon, m. horison. 

horizontal, a. -horisontal. 

horixontalement, adv. horisontally. 

horloge, /. clock, timepiece. 

hormis, prep, except,. excepting, but. 

— que, except that. 

hormonal, a. of or pertaining to hormones. 
hormone, /. hormone. 
hornblende, /.(M«n.) hornblende. 
horreur, m. horror. 

hors, prep, outside, without, out of; except, 
but. — adv. outside, out, 

— de, out of. 
horticole, a. horticultural. 
hospitalier, a. hospitable. 
hostile, a. hostile. 
hostilité, /. hostility. 
hôte, m. host; guest. 

hôtel, m. mansion, house, hall, building; hotel. 

— de vUle, city hall, city building. 

hotte, /.hood; basket (for ore, etc.) ; hod; scuttle. 

— d bon (or fort) tirage, hood with a good 
(or strong) draft. 

hottée, /. basketful; hodful; scuttleful. 
hottw, v.t. carry in a basket, hod or scuttle. 

houblon, m. hop (the plant or its flower). 
houblonnage, m. hopping, addition of hops. 
houblonner, v.t. hop, impregnate with hope. 
houbionnler, a. pertaining to hops, hop. — m. 

hop raiser. 
houblonniêre, /. hop field, hop garden. 
hone, /. hoe. 

— à cheval, horse hoe, cultivator. 
honement, m. hoeing. 

houer, v.t. <k i. hoe. 
houille, /. (mineral) coal. 

— à courte flamme, short-flame coal. 

— à longue flamme, long-flame coal. 

— anihraciteuae, anthracite coal. 

— blanche, water power, specif, that of springs 
and waterfalls (said to be so called in allu- 
sion to the moimtain snows which feed the 

— bUue, wind power (from the blue of the 

houiUe brune, brown coal, lignite. 

— carbonisée, coke. 

— crue, coal (as distinguished from coke). 

— de forge, forge coal. 

— demi'graaae, a short-flame coking coal. 

— éclatante, anthracite coal, glance coal. 

— flambante, flaming coal. 

— grasse, fat coal, coking coal. 

— luisante, anthracite coal, glance coal. 

— maigre, lean coal, nonbitxmiinous coal; 
specif., semi-anthracite. 

— maréchale, forge coal. 

— noire, black coal, coal (as distinguished 
from lignite or from water power and wind 

— non coUante, non-caking coal. 

— proprement dite, coal in the proper sense 
(by some applied to bituminous coal). 

— sans flamme, non-flaming coal. 

— sèche, dry coal; non-coking coal. 

— tendre, soft coal. 

— terreuse, earthy coal, lignite. 

— tout'venante, rough coal, run of mine. 

— verte, water power from ordinary water- 
courses (said to be so called in allusion to 
the greenness of the banks). 

houiller, a. coal, of or containing coal. 

houillère, /. coal mine, colliery. 

houlUeur, m. coal miner. 

houUleux, a, coal, coaly, containing coal. 

houilllte, /. anthracite (old name). 

houle, /. swell, billow. 

houlette, /. shepherd's crook; (TecA.) any of 
several tools, as a glassmaker's shovel or 
spatula, a founder's scoop or a garden 

houppe, /. tuft. 

houppe, a. tufted. 

houppette, /. small tuft. j 

houssage, m. dusting, sweepiM^lC 




housse, /. housing, cover; (Ceram.) rough 
form of what is to be a vase or other hollow 

housser, v.t dust, sweep. 

houssolr, m. duster, whisk, broom (as of 
feathers or hair). 

hoax, m. (Bot.) holly, holly tree. 

huche, /. bin, chest; trough, tub. 

huilage, m. oiling. 

huUe, /. oil. 

à V — , (Painting) in oil, oil. 

— à brûler, burning oil, specif, kerosene. 

— absolue de Braconnot, olein. 

— à graisser, lubricating oil. 

— alimentaire, oil for food, edible oil. 

— à manger, edible oil; specif., table oil, 
salad oil. 

— à mécanisme, — à mouvement, machine oil, 

— animale, animal oil; specif., bone oil. 

— à usine, lubricating oil. 

huile 62ancAe, white oil, specif., (Painting) poppy 

— brute, crude oil. 

— camphrée, (Pharm.) camphor liniment. 

— comestible, edible oil. 

— copal à tableaux, (Painting) poppy or lin- 
seed oil to which copal has been added. 

— crue, raw oil. 

— cuite, boiled oil; linseed oil varnish. 

— d'amandes douces, sweet-almond oil, ex- 
pressed oil of almond. 

— d'arachide, peanut oil, groundnut oil. 

— d'arsenic, (Old Chem.) butter of arsenic, 
caustic oil of arsenic (arsenic trichloride). 

— de baleine, whale oil, train oil. 

— de blanc de baleine, sperm oil, spermaceti 

— de bouche, edible oil. 

— de Brésil, copaiba. 

— de cacao, cacao butter, cocoa butter. 

— de cade, oil of cade, cade oil. 

— de cantharides tér&>enthinée, (Pharm.) blis- 
tering liquid. 

— de cétacés, whale oil. 

— de cheval, caballine oil, melted horse grease. 

— de coco, coconut oil. 

— de colza, colza oil (a variety of rapeseed 

— de coprah, copra oil, coconut oil. 
de coton, cottonseed oil. 

— de couperose, oil of vitriol, concentrated 
sulfuric acid; specif., Nordhausen acid, 
fuming sulfuric acid. 

— de créosote, creosote oil. 

— de croton, croton oil. 

— de cuisine, cooking oil, edible oil. 

— de foie de morue, codliver oil. 
■ — de fusel, fusel oil. 

— de goudron, tar oil. 

— de grain, fusel oil. 

huUe de graissage, lubricating oil. 

— de graisse, lard oil. 

— de houiUe, coal-tar oil. 

— de lampe, lamp oil, burning oil. 

— <te lin, linseed oil. 

— de lin crue, raw linseed oil. 

— de lin cuite, boiled linseed oil. 

— de machine, machine oil, engine oil. 

— de marc, oil extracted from marc (as of 
grapes or olives). 

— de morue, cod oil, codliver oil. 

— de naphte, a petroleum distillate used as a 
solvent, for preserving sodium, etc. 

— de navette, rape oil, rapeseed oil, cobsa 

— d'enfer, worst grade of oil. 

— de noix, nut oil (specif., in painting, wal- 
nut oil). 

— d'ensimage, oil for oiling wool, etc., textile 

— de palmorchristi, castor oil. 

— de palme, palm oil. 

— de paraffine, paraffin oil; (Pharm.) liquid 
Iietrolatum, liquid paraffin. 

— de pétrole, petroleum; any oil obtained 
from petroleum, specif, kerosene. 

— de pied(s) de bœuf, neat's-foot oil. 

— de pied de mouton, sheep's-foot oil. 

— de pierre, rock oil, petroleum. 

— de poisson, fish oil. 

— de poix, cade oil. 

— de pomme de terre,- Qiterally, potato oil) 
fusel oil or, specif., fermentation amyl 

— de ravison, ravison oil. 

— de recense, an inferior olive oil extracted 
from the marc. 

— de résine, resin oil; rosin oil. 

— de ressence, = huile de recense. 

— de ricin, castor oil. 

— de rorgiial rostre, dœgling oil. 

— de roses de l'Orient, attar of roses. 

— de schiste, schist oil. 

— de semence de lin, linseed oil. 

— de semences de cotonnier, cottonseed oil. 

— de Sénégale, Senegal oil, African palm oil. 

— de sésame, sesame oil, benne oil, gingili 
seed oil. 

— des Hollandais, oil of the Dutch chemists 
(ethylene chloride). 

— des pieds du gros bétail, neat's-foot oil. 

— de succin, oil of amber, amber oil. 
— '■ de suif, tallow oil, olein. 

— de table, table oil, salad oil. 

— de tartre, (Old Chem.) salt of tartar (a pure 
potassium carbonate), esp. when in a deli- 
quesced state. 

— de térébenthine, oil of turpentine, spirits of 
turpentine. ^ r^r^n]o 

— de terre, earth oil, iietroleaQ.OQ Ic 




halle d'iiher, (Pharm.) ethereal oil, heavy oil of 

— détonante, explosive oil, specif, nitro- 

— de veau marin, seal oil. 

— de vin pesante, heavy oil of wine. 

— de vitriol, oil of vitriol. 

— distillée, distilled oil, volatile oil. 

— d'o8, bone oil, Dippel's oil. 

— douce, sweet oil, specif., olive oil. 

— douce de vin, sweet oil of wine (a complex 
residue from the manufacture of ether); 
oil of wine, œnanthic ether. 

— du styrax, Uquid storax. 

— empyreumatique, empyreumatic oil. 

— essentielle, essential oU. 

— essentielle de pétrole, a heavy petroleum 
spirit used in painting. 

— éthérie, ethereal oil. 

— explosive = huile détonante. 

— fixe, fixed oil. 

— froide, an oil that has a low freezing point. 

— grasse, fatty oil. 

— grasse à tableaux, (Painting) boiled linseed 

— grasse blanche, (Painting) a bleached and 
boiled poppy oil. 

— industrielle, industrial oil. 

— lampante, purified oil; lamp oil, burning 
oil, specif, kerosene. 

— légère, light oil. 

— litharge, — lithargyré, oil that has been 
treated with Utharge, boiled oil. 

— lourde, heavy oil. 

— lubrifiante, lubricating oil. 

— mangeable, edible oil. 

— minérale, mineral oil, specif, petroleum. 

— moyenne, middle oil. 

— non-siccative, non-drying oil. 

— phénolique, carbolic oil. 

— phosphoric, (Pharm.) phosphorated oU. 

— pour rotige turc, Turkey-red oil. 

— pyrogénée, empyreumatic oil. 

— ranee, rancid oil. 

— siccative, drying oil. 

— tournante, rank olive oil. 

— végétale, vegetable oil. 

— verte, green oil, specif, anthracene oil. 

— vierge, virgin oil, oil from the first light 

— volatile, volatile oil. 

— volatile de goudron, oil of tar, tar oil. 

— volatile de térébenthine, oil of turpentine, 
spirits of turpentine. 

— volatile é/A^ée.ethereal oil, heavy oil of wine. 
mettre en — , (Leather) dress with oil, stuff, oil. 
(For the meaning of any phrase not included 

here, as huile de cèdre, huUe de chènevis, 
etc. see the other important word in the 

hiillement, m. oiling. 

huUer, v.t, oil. — v.i. exude oil. 

hallerle» /. oil works; oil mill; oil shop. 

huUeuse, /. machine for making oil; dler. 

— o. fem. of huileux. 
huileux, a. oily. 

huilier» m. oiler, oil can; oil manufacturer; oil 
merchant; oil cruet; oil stand, castor. 

— o. of or pertaining to oil. 
huls clos, closed door, private. 
huit» a. <& m. eight; eighth. 

huitaine» /. eight days, week; eight, about 

huitième» a. & m. eighth. 

huître» /. oyster. 

humain» a. human; humane. — m. human 
being, man. 

humainement, adv. humanly; humanely. 

humanitaire» a. humanitarian. 

humanité, /. humanity. 

humant, of humer. 

humate» m. humate. 

humectage» m. moistening, dampening. 

humectant» p.a. moistening; (Med.) humec- 
tant, diluent. — m. (Med.) diluent. 

humectatlon» /. moistening, dampening, hu- 

humecter» v.t. moisten, dampen, render humid. 

— v.r. be moistened, become moist or 

humer» v. t. suck, suck up, suck in; inhale, 

sniff, snuff. 
humescent» a. becoming humid, 
humeur» m. humor, humour; fluid; ill humor; 

sucker, inhaler, sniffer. 

— amniotique, amniotic fluid. 

— aqueuse, (Anat.) aqueous humor. 
humeux» a. of or pertaining to humus. 
humide, a. humid, moist, damp, wet. 
humldement» adv. humidly, moistly, damply. 
humldler» v.t. moisten, dampen, humidify. 
humidification, /. humidification, moistening, 

humidifier» v.t. humidify, render humid, 

moisten, dampen. 
humldlfuge» a. repelling moisture. 
humidité» /. humidity; humidness, moisture, 

moistness, dampness. 
humlque, a. humic. 
humullne, /. humulin (lupulin). 
humus» m. humus. 
hurler, v.i. howl. 
hyacinthe, /. â: a. hyacinth. 
hyaclnthlne, /. (Min.) hyacinth. 
hyalln, a. hyaline. — /. hyalin. 
hyalite, /. (Min.) hyalite; (Med.) hyalitis. 
hyalogène, m. hyalogen. — a. hyalogen, 

hyaloîde, hyaloldlen, a. hyaloid. 
hyalosldérlte» /. (Min.) hyalosideriie. 




hjTBlotecliilie» /. art of making and working 

hyBloteehiilque, a. pertaining to hydlotechnie. 

hjralursie, /. art of making glass. 

hyalurgiqiie» a. pertaining to glass making. 

hybride, m. & a. hybrid. 

hyckori, m. hickory (wood and tree). 

hydantolne, /. hydantoin. 

hydraclde, m. hydracid. 

hydrftcryllQue, a. hydracrylic. 

hydragosae, a. A m. (Med.) hydragog, hydra- 

hydrslcool, m. alcohol diluted with water, esp. 
under-proof spirit. 

hydrslcoollqiie» a. » hydro-alooolique. 

hydrmmlde, m. hydramide. 

hydmnthracène, m. any hydrogen addition 
product of anthracene. 

hydrargyre, m. hydrargyrum, mercury. 

hydrargyride, a. pertaining to mercury. 

hydrargyrie, /. (Med.) hydrargyriasiB, mer- 

hydrargyrique, a. hydrargyric, mercurial. 

hydrai^^yrismes m. hydrargyrism, mercurial- 

hydrargymre, m. alloy with mercury, amal- 

hydraste, m. (Boi.) hydrastis. 

— du Canada, goldenseal {HydrastU cana- 

hydrastlne» /. hydrastine. 
hydrastlnlne, /. hydrastinine. 
hydratable, a. capable of being hydrated. 
hydratant, p.a. hydrating. 
hydratation, /. hydration. 
hydrate, m. hydrate; hydroxide. 

— d'alumine, aluminium hydroxide. 

— de carbone, carbohydrate. 

— de chaux, hydrated lime, calcium hy- 

— de chloral, chloral hydrate. 

— de chloral butyUque, (Pharm.) butyl- 
chloral hydrate (2,2,3-trichloro-l,l-butane- 

— de peroxyde de fer, ferrie hydroxide. 

— de phinyle, phenol. 

— de potasse, caustic potash. 

— de soude, caustic soda. 

hydraté, p.a. hydrated; hydrate of; hydroxide 

hydrater, v.t. hydrate. — v.r. combine with 

water, become hydrated; Oooeely) absorb 

water, deliquesce. 
hydratique, a. hydrate, pertaining to hjrdrates. 
hydratroplque, a. hydratropic. 
hydraullclen, m. hydraulic engineer, hydrauli- 

hydrauUcIté, /. hydraulidty. 
hydraulique, a. hydraulic. — /. hydraulics. 
hydnurine, /. hydrasine. ' 

hydrazlnlque, a. hydrazine, of hydrazine. 

hydrazobenzdne, m. hydrasobemene. 

hydrazolque, a. hydrazo; hydrazoic. 

hydrazone, /. hydrasone. 

hydréléon, m. (Med.) hydrelœon, hydrelceum 

hydrémle, /. (Med.) hydremia, hydrœmia. 

hydrer, v.t. hydrogenise, hydrogenate. 

hydrlodate, m. hydriodide. 

hydriodique, a. hydriodic 

hydrique, a. aqueous, of water, water. 

hydro-alcoolique, a. dilute alcoholic, water- 

hydro-alumlneux, a. (Min.) hydroaluminous, 
containing alumina and the elements of 

hydroaromatique, a. hydroaromatic 

hydrobenzénique, a. hydroaromatic. 

hydrobenzolne, /. hydrobenzoln. 

hydroblHrublne, /. hydrobilirubin. 

hydroboraeite, /. (Min.) hydroboracite. 

hydrobromate, m. hydrobromide. 

hydrobromique, a. hydrobromic. 

hydrocarbonate, m. hydrocarbonate, hydrous 
(or, sometimes, basic) carbonate. 

— de einc, (Pharm.) precipitated sine car- 

hydroearbone, m. hydrocarbon; carbohydrate. 
hydrocarboné, a. hydrocarbon, hydrooarbonio, 

hydrocarbonaceous; carbohydrate. 
hydrocarburateur, m. carburettor. 
hydrocarbure, m. hydrocarbon. 

— acHyUnique, acetylene -hydrocarbon. 

— aUénique, aliène hydrocarbon. 

— éthylénique, ethylene hydrocarbon. 

— forménique, methane hydrocarbon, parafiSn. 

— non saturé, imsaturated hydrocarbon. 

— saturé, saturated hydrocarbon. 
hydrocele, /. (Med.) hydrocele. 
hydrocellulose, /. hydrocellulose. 
hydrocérame, m. a water cooler of porous 

hydrocéramlque, a. hydroceramic, composed 

of porous clay. 
hydrochlorate, m. hydrochloride. 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonium chloride. 

— de chaux, calcium chloride. 

— de soude, sodium chloride. 
hydrochkrrique, a. hydrochloric. 
hydroclnnamlque, a. hydrocinnamic. 
hydrocotamlne, /. hydrocotarnine. 
hydrocoumarique, a. hydrocoumaric. 
hydrocyanate, m. hydrocyanide. 
hydrocyanlque, a. hydrocyanic. 
hydrodynamique, /. hydrodynamics, —a. 

hydrodynamic, hydrodynamical. 
hydro-électrique, a. hydro-electric. 
hydro-extracteur, m. hydro-extractor. 
hydroferrocyanlque, a. hydroferrocyanic (fer- 





hydrofluate» m. hydrofluoride. 

taydrofluorique, a. hydrofluoric. 

hydrofluoslllelque, a. hydrofluoeilicic, fluo- 

hydroftase^ a. repelling water, protecting 
against moisiure; waterproof, water- 

hydrt^nable, a. hydrogenizable, hydrogenat- 

hydrogénation, /. hydrogenization, hydro- 

hydrt^nant, p.a. hydrogeninng, hydrogenat- 
ing. — m. hydrogenizcr, hydrogenixing 
agent, reducing agent. 

hydrogénase, /. hydrogenase. 

hydrogénation, /. hydrogénation. 

hydrt^ne, m. hydrogen. 

— antimaniit antimoniuretted hydrogen, 

— arsénié t arseniuretted hydrogen, *arsine. 

— bicarboné, bicarburetted hydrogen (eth- 

— oarbonêt hydrocarbon. 

— disponible, (Coal) disposable hydrogen (the 
excess of hydrogen in a coal over that neces- 
sary to form water with the oxygen 

— naissant, nascent hydrogen. 

— phosphore, phosphuretted hydrogen (hy- 
drogen phosphide, specif, phosphine). 

— sUénié, seleniuretted hydrogen (hydrogen 

— silidé, siliciuretted hydrogen (silicon hy- 
dride, hydrogen silicide). 

— sulfuré, sulfuretted hydrogen, hydrogen 

hydrogéner, v.t. hydrogenize, hydrogenate. 

— v.r. be hydrogenized, be hydrogenated. 
hydrogénique, a. hydrogen, of hydrogen. 
hydrogéniser, v.t. hydrogenize. 
hydrogénore, m. hydride. 
hydroiodlque, a. hydriodic. 
hydrolat, m. (Pharm.) water, medieated water. 

— de fleurs d* oranger, orange flower water. 
hydrolysabie, a. hydrolyzable. 
hydrolysation, /. hydrolyzation. 
hydrolyse, /. hydrolysis. 

hydroiyser, t.t. hydrolyse. 

hydromel, m. hydromel. 

hydrométanorgle, /. hydrometallurgy. 

hydrométanorglque, a. hydrometallurgical. 

hydromètre, m. hydrometer. 

hydrométrie, /. hydrometry. 

hydrométrique, a. hydrométrie, hydrometri- 

hydrominéral, a. relating to mineral waters. 

hydronaphtalène, m. hydronaphthalene (any 
hydrogen addition product of naphthalene). 

hydronaphtol, m. hydronaphthol (any hydro- 
gen addition product of naphthol). 

hydroombelllque, a. hydroumbellic. 
hydrophane, /. (Mi'n.) hydrophane. — a. 

hydrophile, a. (of cotton, etc.) absorbent; 

{Boi.) hydrophilous. 
hydrophosphate, m. (Jftn.) hydrated phos- 
hydrophthorique, a. hydrofluoric (0&«.). 
hydroplque, a. (Med.) dropsical, hydropic. 

— m. dropsical person. 
hydroplsle, /. (Med.) dropsy. 
hydroplasÛe, /. metal plating in a solution 

without the electric current. 
hydropneumatlque, a. hydropneumatic 
hydropyrldlque, a. hydropyridine. 
hydroqnlnone, /. hydroquinol, hydroquinone. 
hydrorrhée, /. (Med.) hydrorrhea. 
hydrosUlcate, m. (Min.) hydrous silicate. 
hydrosllleeux, a. (Min.) containing silica and 

the elements of water. 
hydrosol, m. hydrosol. 

hydrostatique, a. hydrostatic (al). — /. hy- 
hydrosulfate, m. hydrosulfide. 
hydrosulllte, m. hydrosulfite, hyposulfite. 
hydrosulfure, m. hydrosulfide; (formerly) sul- 
hydrosulforeux, a. hydrosulfurous, hyposuU 

hydrosulfurique, a. hydrosulfuric. 
hydrothermal, a. hydrothermal. 
hydrotlmètre, m. hydrotimeter. 
hydrotimétrle, /. hydrotimetry. 
hydrotlmétrique, a. hydrotimetric. 
hydrotyple, /. a variety of collotype process. 
hydroxéthylénamlne, /. /S-hydroxyethyl- 

amine (2-aminoethanol). 
hydroxyde, m. hydroxide. 
hydroxydé, a. combined with hydrogen and 

oxygen, hydroxide of. 
hydroxylamlne, /. hydroxylamine. 
hydroxyle, m. hydroxyl. 
hydroxylé, a. hydroxylated, hydroxyl. 
hydroxyl-lmldé, a. hydroxyimido. 
hydroxyurée, /. hydroxyurea. 
hydruratlon, /. hydrogenization, hydrogéna- 
hydrure, m. hydride. 

— d'éthyU, ethyl hydride (ethane). 
hygiène, /. hygiene. 
hygiénique, a. hygienic. ' 
hygiéniquement, adv. hygienically. 
hygrlne, /. hygrine. 
hygrlquc, a. hygric. 
hygromètre, m. hygrometer. 
hygrométriclté, /. hygrometricity; hygro- 

hygrométrie, /. hygrometry. 
hygrométrique» a. hygrométrie (al) ; hygro- 
scopic. '^' '^® ^ 




hjgroiiiétriquemeiit, adv. hygrometrioally. 
hysrosooplclté, /. hygroecopicity. 
hygroscoirte» /. hygroecopy. 
hygroscoplque, a. hygroscopic, hygroecopical. 
hysroscoiiiquement, adv. hygroecopically. 
hyocholalique, a. hyocholic. 
liyosclne, /. hyoecine. 
hyoseymmlne, /. hyoecyamine. 
hyperbole, /. hyperbole. 

— iquiUUhe, equilateral hyperbola. 
hyperbolique, a. hyperbolic, hyperbolical. 
hyperbollquement, ado. hyperbolically. 
hyperbololde, m. tC; a. (Oeom.) hyperboloid. 
hyperchlorhydrie, /. (Med.) hyperchlor- 

hyperchlorique, a. hjrperchloric (perchloric). 
hyperëmle, hyperhémle, /. (Med.) hjrper- 

emia, hypersemia. 
hyperflycêmle, /. hyperglycemia, hyper- 

hypérlodique, a. hyporiodic (periodic). 
hyperoxyde, m. hyperozide (peroxide). 
hypertonlque, a. hypertonic 
hypertrophie, /. (Med. <k Biol.) hypertrophy. 
hypertrophié, a. hsrpertrophied. 
hyphe, /. (Bot.) hypha. 
hypnal, m. (Pharm.) hsrpnal. 
hypoftzoteax, a. hyponitrous. 
hypoACOtIque, a. hyponitric (" hyponitrio 

acid " is an old name for nitrogen peroxide). 
hypoftiotlte, m. hsrponitrite. 
hypochloreiiz, a. hypochlorous. 
hypoehlorhydrie, /. (Med.) hypochlorhydria. 
hypochlorlque, a. hypochloric (" hypochloric 

add " is an old name for chlorine dioxide). 
hypochlorite, m. hypochlorite. 

— de chaux, hypochlorite of lime, bleaching 

— de potasse, hsrpochlorite of potash, eau de 

— de aoude, hsrpochlorite of soda, eau de 

hypoderme, m. (Bot.) h3i>oderma; (ZoOl.) 
• hypodermis, hsrpoderm. 

hypodermique, a. hypodermic. 
hypodermlquement, adv. hypodermicaUy. 
hypoglycémie, /. hypoglycemia. 
hypo-lodeux, a. hypo-iodous. 
hypophosphate, m. hsrpophosphate. 
hypophosphlte, m. hsrpophosphite. 

— de chaux, calcium hsrpophoephite. 

— de fer, iron (specif, ferric) hjrpophos- 

— de potasse, potassium hypophosphlte. 

— de soude, sodium hjrjTophosphite. 

— manganeux, manganous (or manganese) 

hypophosphoreux, a. hypophosphorous. 

hypophosphorlque, a. hypophosphoric. 

hypophyse, /. hypophysis. 

hyposulfate, m. hyposulfate (dithionate). 

hyposulllte, m. hypoeulfite, hyposulphite (still 
often used to designate salts of HsSsOi and 
then better translated thiostdfate). 

— de potasse, hypoeulfite of potash (potas- 
sium thiosulfate). 

— "de .soude, hyposulfite of soda, " hypo " 

(sodium thiosulfate). 
hyposulftareux, a. hypoeulfurous, hypoeul- 

phurous (still often used to designate the 

acid HtSiOs and then better translated thio- 

hyposulfiurique, a. h3i>0Bulfuric (old synonym 

of dithionic). 
hypoténuse, /. (Oeom.) hypotenuse. 
hypothèque, /. mortgage. 
hypothéquer, v.t. mortgage, h3i>othecate. 
hypothèse, /. hypothesis. 
hypothétique, a. hypothetic, hypothetical 
hypothétlquement, adv. hsrpothetically. 
hypothlonlque, a. dithionic. Obs. 
hypotonlque, a. hsrpotonic. 
hypoxanthlne, /. hypoxanthine. 
hypoxyde, m. suboxide. 
hysope, hyssope, /. (Bat.) hyssop. 
hystérésle, hystérésis, /. hysteresÎB, 
hystérie, /. (Med.) hysteria, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tetrochlnile» /. iatroohemistry. ^ 

latrochlmlquef a. iatrochemioal. 

latrof.hlmtnte» m. iatrochemist. 

Ibérten» a. Iberian. 

Ichor, m. (Med.) ichor. 

Ichtyocolle» IchthyocoUe, /. ichthyocolla. 

lehtyol, m. {Pharm.) ichthyol. 

Ici» adv, here; now. 

par — , thb way, by here, thru here. 

Idea» /. conima, Brazilian elemi. 

Id-mêiiM» adv. in this very place, in tiiis work. 

Iconogènef m. (Photog.) eikonogen. 

Icttee, m. (Med.) icterus, jaundice. 
. Idéal» a. A m. ideal. 

Idéaliser, v.t. idealise. 

idéaUste, m. idealist. — a. idealistio. 

Idée» /. idea; bit, small amount; sketch, out- 

Identillcatlon, /. identification. 

Identifler» v.t. identify. 

Identique» a. identical, same. 

ldeiitlqaement»fadr. identically. 

Identité, /. identity. 

Idlotlque, a. idiomatic. 

Idiotisme, m. idiom. 

Idlte, /. iditol, idite. 

Mocrase, /. (Min.) idoorase (veeuvianite). 

Mfrtfttre, a. idolatrous. — m. idolater. 

Mole, /.idol. 

Idrlallte, Idrlallne,/. (Min.) idrialite, idrialine. 

Idrjrle, m. idryl (fluoranthene). 

léna, n. Jena; Jena glass. 

If, tn. (Bot,) yew, yew tree; draining rack (for 

M^name, /. yam. 

Isné, a. igneous. 

Isneseence, /. igneeoence. 

Ignescent, a. ignescent. 

Ignlcolore, a. fire-colored, flame-colored. 

Icnifère, a, producing fire, igniferous. 

Ignifugation, /. fireproofing; fireproof (that 
is, more or less difficultlyinflammable)8tate. 

Ignlftage, a. rendering noninflammable or diffi- 
cultly inflammable, fireproofing; fire- 
extinguishing (as a grenade). — m. fire- 
proofing agent; fire-extinguidiing agent. 
IgnlftigeMCC» m. <" ignifugation. 
Ignlftiger, v.t. render difiBcultly inflammable. 

Ignlgène, a. produced by or with the aid of 
fire (see sel ignigône, under ael). 

Ignition, /. ignition. 

Ignorance, /. ignorance. 

Ignorant, a. ignorant. 

Ignorer, v.t. not know, be ignorant of. 

11, pron. he; it; there. 

— n'y a paa^ there is not, there are not. 

— n'y a pas de, there is no. 

— 2/ a, there is, there are. 
tie, /. island, isle. 
lUclne, /. ilicin. 

Illpé, n. (Bot.) illipe. 
inégal, a. illegal, imlawfuL 
Illégitime, a. illegitimate. 
Illimitable, a. illimitable. 
Illimité, a. imlimited. 
Illisible, a. iUegible. 
Illogique, a. illogical. 
Illogiquement, adv. illogically. 
Illuminant, p.a. illuminating. 
Illumination, /. illumination. 
Illuminer, v.t. illuminate. 
Illusion, /. illusion. 

— d'optique, optical illusion. 
Illusionner, v.t. deceive, delude. 
Illusoire, a. illusory, illusive, deceptive. 
Illustration, /. illustration; illustriousneas; 

Illustre, a. illustrious. — m. illustriouB man. 
Illustré, p.a. illustrated. 
Illustrer, v.t. illustrate. 
llot, m. little island, islet. 
Us, pron. they. 
U?alte, /. (Min.) ilvaite. 
Image, /. image. 

— réelle, real image. 

— réfléchie, reflected image. 

— renversée, inverted image. 

— virtuelle, virtual image. 

Imagerie, /. chromo printing, color printing; 

picture trade. 
Imaginable, a. imaginable. 
Imaginaire, a. & f. imaginary. 
Imagination, /. imagination. 
Imaginer, v. t. imagine; conceive; devise. 
imbiber, «.e. soak; imbibe; imbue. — v.r. be 

soaked; be imbued; soak, soak in. 
imbibition, /. soaking; imbibition; imbue- 

ment; (Silver) addition of argentiferous 

material to molten lead, which absorbs the 

I imbolre, v.t. moisten, wet; « emboire; imbue; 
1 imbibe. 


— v.r. be imbued. T 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Imbrifage* a. rain-proof, waterproof. 

Imbrûlable» a. unbumable, incombustible. 

Imbll, p.p. of imboire. 

ImbliTable, a. undrinkable, not fit to drink. 

ImbliTant» p.jrr. of imboire. 

Imidazol» m. imidazole. 

Imidazoline, /. imidazoline. 

Imidaiolone» /. imidazolone. 

Imide» /. A m. imide. 

Imldé, a. imido; (when the substance is of the 
nature of an imine and not an imide) imino. 

Imldo-éther, m. imido ester, (less correctly) 
imido ether. 

Imldogène, m. imidogen. 

Imlné, a. imino. 

Imitateur, m. imitator. — a. imitative, imi- 

Imitatif, a. imitative. 

Imitation, /. imitation. 

Imiter, v.t. imitate. 

Immangeable, a. uneatiyt)le, not fit to eat. 

Immanlable, a. unmanageable. 

Immatériel, a. immaterial. 

Immaturité, /. immaturity. 

Immédiat, a. inmiediate; (of analysis) proxi- 

Immédiatement, adv. immediately. 

immense, a. immense. 

Immensément, adv. inmiensely. 

immensité, /. immensity, immenseness. 

immerger, v.t. immerse. 

Immerslf, a. immersion. 

immersion, /. immersion. 

immesorable, a. inuneasurable. 

Immesoré, a. unmeasured. 

immeuble, a. immovable, real (estate). — m. 
real estate; landed estate; house. 

immlsclblllté, /. immiscibility. 

immiscible, a. immisdble. 

immobile, a. immovable, immobile; motion- 

ImmobUlsatton, /. rendering immovable, etc. 
(see immobiliser). 

immobiliser, v.t, render immovable, fasten, 
fix; stop (as a machine); throw out of 
action, disconnect; immobilize. 

immobilité, /. immobility, fixedness. 

Immodéré, a. immoderate, excessive. 

immortel, a. immortal. 

immortelle, /. everlasting, immortelle, specif. 
(Pharm.) cudweed, life everlasting. 

Immuable, a. immutable. 

immunisant, p.a. immiTi^iging - 

Immunlsatlon, /. immunization. 

Immuniser, v.t. immunize. 

Immunité, /. immunity. 

Impaet, m. impact. 

impair, a. odd, uneven. 

impalpable, a. impalpable. 

Imparfïilt, a. imp^ect. 

imparfaitement, adv. imperfectly. 

impastatlon, /. impastation. 

impatientant, p.a. tiring, provoking. 

Impayable, a. invaluable; ridiculous, que^. 

impayé, a. impaid. 

impénétrabilité, /. impenetrability. 

Impénétrable, a. impenetrable. 

Impératif, a. imperative. 

impérativement, adv. imperatively. 

Impératolre, /. imperatoria, (specif.) master- 

imperceptibilité, /. imperceptibility. 

Imperceptible, a. imperceptible. 

imper<»ptlblement, adv. imperceptibly. 

imperfection, /. imperfection. 

Impérissabllité, /. imperishability. 

impérissable, a. imperishable. 

Impermanence, /. impermanence, imperma- 

impermanent, a. not permanent, imperma- 

imperméablllsateur, a. rendering imperme- 
able; specif., waterproofing, waterproof. 

Imperméabilisation, /. rendering imperme- 
able; specif., waterproofing. 

imperméabiliser, v.t. render imp^meable; 
specif., waterproof. 

imperméabilité, /. imp»*meability, imperme- 
ableness; specif., waterproof quality. 

Imperméable, a. impermeable; specif., water- 
proof. — in. waterproof falnric. 

— à i'atr, air-tight. 

— à Veau, waterproof, watertight. 
Imperméablement, adv. impermeably. 
impersonnel,- a. impersonal. 
impitoyable, a. unpitying, pitiless, merciless. 
impitoyablement, adv. pitilessly, mercilessly. 
implicite, a. implicit. 

impliquer, v.t. imply; implicate. 

Impondérablllté, /. imponderability. 

impondérable, a. imponderable. 

Importable, a. importable. 

Importance, /. importance. 

important, a. important. — in. important 

point, main point; important person. 
Importateur, m. importer. — a. importing. 
importation, /. importation. 
Importer, v.t. be important, matter. — v.t. 

import. — v.r. be imported. 
nHmportCt no matter. 
imposant, p.a. imposing. 
Imposer, v.t. impose; levy (a tax); tax; awe. 

— v.i. impose. 

— au pùida, tax by weight. 

— au volume, tax by volume. 
Impossibilité, /. impossibility. 
impossible, a. impossible. 
impôt, m. tax, impost, duty. 
Impractlcablllté, /. impracticability.^ 
Impracticable^ a. impracticable. 




Imprégnatloii, /. impregnation. 

Impfégner, v.t. impregnate. 

Impresslf» a. impressive. 

Imi^essioii, /. impression (in various senses) ; 
printing (specif., textile printing); effect; 
(Painting) priming, ground. 

Impression des tiaatUt — sur étoffes, textile 

Impressloniiaiit» p.a. impressive, impressing. 

Impressionner, v.t. impress, make an impres- 
sion on; iPhotog.) produce an image on. 

Imprévoyance» /. improvidence, lack of fore- 

Imprévu, p.a. unforeseen, unexpected. — m. 
sometliiug unforeseen, unexpected circum- 

Imprimé, p.a. printed, etc. (see imprimer). 
— m. print, printed paper or book, (p/.) 
printed matter. 

Imprimer, v.L print; imprint, impress; give, 
oonmiunicate; (Painting) prime. 

Imprimerie,/, printing; printing house, print- 
ing establishment, press. 

Imprimeur, m. printer; pressman. 

Imprlmeuse, /. printing machine. 

Imprlmure, /. priming, ground coat, ground. 

Improbabilité, /. improbability. 

Improbable, a. improbable. 

Improbablement, adv. improbably. 

Improductif, a. unproductive. 

Improductlvement, adv. unproductively. 

improductivité, /. unproductiveness, -tivity. 

Imprononçable, a. unpronoimceable. 

ImiHTopre, a. improper, unfit, unsuited, inaccu- 
rate, incorrect. 
— au service, unserviceable. 

improprement, a. improperly, etc. (see im- 

Improviser, v.t. improvise. 

Improviste. In the phrase à Vimproviste, sud- 
denly, imexpectedly, unawares. 

Impuissance, /. impotence. 

impuissant, a. impotent. 

impulser, v.t. impel. 

Impulsif, a. impulsive, impelling. 

Impulsion, /. impulse; impulsion. 

Impulvérisé, a. unt)ulverized, unpowdored. 

Impur, a. impure. 

Impurement, adv. impurely. 

Impureté, /. hnpurity. 

Impurifié, a. unpurified. 

Imputer, v. t. impute; reckon in (on an ac- 

Imputresclblllser, v.t. render imputrescible. 

Imputresclblllté, /. imputrescibility. 

Imputrescible, a. imputrescible. 

Inacceptable, a. unacceptable. 

Inaccommodable, a. irreconcUable. 

Inaccompasné, a. unaccompanied. 

Inaccompli, a, imaccomplisbed, incomplete. 

Inaccordable, a. irreconcilable. 

Inaccoutumé, a. unaccustomed. 

Inactlf, a. inactive. 

Inaction, /. inaction. 

Inactlvement, adv. inactively. 

Inactivité, /. inactivity. 

Inadéquat, a. inadequate. 

Inadhérent, a. imadhesive, not adherent. 

Inalllablllté, /. incapability of being alloyed; 

InaUlable, a. not capable of being alloyed, non- 
alloying; incompatible. 

Inallié, a. unalloyed. 

Inaltérabilité, /. inalterabiUty. 

Inaltérable, a. inalterable, unalterable. 

Inaltéré, a. unaltered. 

Inanalysable, a. unanalysable. 

Inanalysé, a. unanalyzed. 

Inanimé, a. inanimate; imanimated. 

Inapw ÇU, a. unperceived, imobserved. 

Inappétence, /. inappétence, want of appetite. 

InappUcablllté, /. inapplicability. 

Inapplicable, a. inapplicable. 

Inappréciable, a. inappreciable, unappreciable. 

Inappréclablement, adv. inappreciably. 

Inapprêté, a. unfinished, imdressed. 

Inapte, a. inapt, unsuited, unfit, incapable. 

Inaptitude, /. inaptitude, unfitness. 

Inattaquable, a. unattackable. 

Inattaqué, a. unattacked. 

Inattendu, a. unexpected, unlooked tor. 

Inaugurer, v.t. inaugurate. 

Inautorisé, a. unauthorised. 

Incaldnable, a. incapable of being calcined. 

Incaldné, a. uncalcined. , 

Incalculable, a. incalculable. 

Incandescence, /. incandescence. 

Incandescent, a. incandescent. 

Incapable, a. incapable. 

Incapacité, /. incapacity. 

Incamadln, a. incarnadine, pale red, flesh- 
colored. — m. pink, flesh color. 

Incarnat, a. flesh-red, rosy, bright pink. 

Incassable, a. unbietjcable. 

Incendiaire, a., m. A f. incendiary. 

Incendie, m. fire, burning, conflagration. 

Incendier, v. t. set fire to; bum; provoke. 

Incératlon, /. mixing or covering with wai^ 

Incérer, v. t. mix or cover with wax, incerate; 
render waxy. 

Incertain, a. uncertain. 

Inoertalnement, ado. uncertainly. 

Incertitude, /. uncertainty. 

Incessamment, adv. immediately, at onoe; in- 
cessantly, unceasingly, continually^ 

Incessant, a. incessant, unceasing. 

Incidemment, adv. incidentally. 

incidence, /. incidence. ^ ^ ^ ^ T ^ 

|nc|dçnt, a, (fc m. incide] 




Ineldentel, a. incidental. 

Incinérateur, m. incinerator. 

Incinération, /. incineration. 

Incinérer, v.t. incinerate, bum to ashee. 

Inciser, v.t. incise. 

Incision, /. incision. 

InclTlllsé, a. uncivilized. 

Inclinaison, /. inclination. 

Inclination, /. inclination; affection. 

Incliné, p. a. inclined. 

Incliner, v.t. tk i. incline. — v.r. incline; bend; 

inclus, p.a. incloeed, enclosed. 
inclusif, a. inclusive. 

K elusion, /. inclusion; inclostire. 
cluslvement, adv. inclusively, inclusive. 
Incoagulable, a. uncoagulable, incoagulable. 
Ineoerelbilité, /. incoercibility. 
Incoercible, a. incoercible. 
Incohérence, /. incoherence, incoherency. 
Incohérent, a. incoherent. 
Inccdiésion, /. incoherence, (rarely) incohesion. 
Incoloratlon, /. colorlessness. 
Incolore, a. colorless, uncolored. 
Incomber, v.i. be incumbent (on). 
Incomburant, p.a. not supporting combustion. 
incombustlblllté, /. incombustibility. 
Incombustible, a. incombustible. 
Incommensurabilité, /. incommensurability. 
Incommensurable, a. incommensurable. 
Incommensurablement, adv. incommensur- 

Incommodant, a. disagreeable, annosring. 
Incommode, a. inconvenient; disagreeable. 
Incommoder, v.t. inconvenience, trouble, dis- 
turb; hinder; indispose; impair. 
Incommodité, /. inconvenience; indisposition. 
lncomi»arablement, adv. incomparably. 
Incompatibilité, /. incompatibility. 
Incomiiatlble, a. incompatible. 
Incomiiatlblement, adv. incompatibly. 
Incomplet, a. incomplete. 
Incomplètement, adv. incompletely. 
Incompressibilité, /. incompressibility. 
Incompressible, a. incompressible. 
Incomprlmé, a. unoompresssed. 
Inconcevable, a. inconceivable. 
Inconclllablllté, /. irreconcilability. 
Inconciliable, a. irreconcilable. 
InconcUlablement, adv. irreconcilably. 
Inconducteur, a. nonconducting. 
Inconllance, /. distrust. 
Inconformité, /. unconformity. 
Incongelable, a. uncongealable, nonfreezing. 
Inconselé, a. xmcongealed, unfrozen. 
Incongru, a. incongruous. 
Incongruité, /. incongruity. 
Inconnu, a. & m. unknown. 
Inconnue, /. unknown quantity, unknown. 
Inconsciemment, adv. unconsciously. 

Inconscience, /. unconsciousness. 
Inconscient, a. unconscious. 
Inconséquence, /. inconsistency. 
Inconséquent, a. inconsistent; inconsiderate. 
Inconstant, a. inconstant. 
Incontaminé, a. uncontaminated. 
Incontestablement, adv. incontestably. 
Incontlnu, a. not continuous. 
Inconvénient, m. inconvenience; disad- 
IncouYertl, a. unconverted. 
Inconvertible, Inconvertlssable, a. incon- 
vertible, unconvertible. 
Incorporer, v.t. incorporate. 
Incorrect, a. incorrect. 
Incorrectement, adv. incorrectly. 
Incorrection, /. incorrectness; inaccuracy. 
Incorrigé, a. uncorrected. 
Incrément, m. increment. 
Incrlstalllsable, a. imcrystallizable. 
Incroyable, a. incredible. 
Incroyablement, adv. incredibly. 
Incrustation, /. incrustation. 
Incruster, v.t. incrust; inlay. 
Incult, a. unbumed, imboiled, etc. (see cuire). 
— m. (also pi.) unbumed or imderbumed 
Inculte, a. uncultivated; imcultured. 
Incurver, v.t. incurve, curve inward. 
Indamlne, /. indamine. 
Indanlllne, /. indaniline. 
Inde, m. indigo, indigo blue; logwood. — /. 
(cap.) India. 

Inde angla,i8et Indes anglaittes, Indes brittan- 
iques, British India (usually imderstood as 
including Burma). 

Indefrançaiseï Indes françaises^ French India. 

— plate, indigo in flat cakes, Dutch indigo. 

Indes néerlandaises, Dutch East Indies. 

Indes occidentales. West Indies. 

Indes orientales. East Indies. 
Indébroulllable, a. inextricable. 
Indécis, a. imdeoided; uncertain. 
Indécomposable, a. indecomposable, imde- 

Indécomposé, a. undecomposed. 
Indécrit, a. undescribed. 
Indédoublable, a. indivisible, undecomposable, 

unresolvable, etc. (see dédoubler). 
Indéfini, a. indefinite; undefined; imlimited. 
Indéfiniment, adv. indefinitely. 
Indéfinissable, a. indefinable, undefinable. 
Indefinite, /. indefiniteness. 
IndéfHchable, a. uncultivable. 
Indélébile, a. indelible. 
Indélébllement, adv. indelibly. 
Indemniser, v.t. indemnify. 
Indemnité, /. allowance; indemnity. 
Indémontrable, a. indemonstrable, imdemons- 




Indène, m. indene. 

Indenter, v.t. indent. 

Indépendamment, ado. independently. 

Indépendance, /. independence. 

Indépendant, a. independent. 

Indéréglable, a. not liable to get out of order, 

Indes. See inde. 

Indescriptible, a. indescribable, undescribable. 

Indescriptlblement, adv. indescribably. 

Indétermination, /. indeterminiteness; indé- 

Indéterminé, a. indeterminate. 

Index, m. index; index finger, forefinger. — a. 

— flotteur^ floating index, index float. 
Indlcan, m. indican. 
Indlcanurie, /. (Med.) indicanuria. 
Indicateur, m. indicator; gage; index finger, 

forefinger; guide. — o. indicatory, indi- 

— colore^ colored indicator. 

— de la viteasCf speed indicator. 

— de marche^ (Elec.) meter. 

— de niveau d*eau, water gage. 

— de preseton» pressiure gage, pressure indica- 

— de vide, vacuum gage. 
Indlcateur-roblnet, m. gage-cock. 
Indicatif, a. indicative, indicatory. 
Indication, /. indication. 

Indicatrice, /. (Math., etc.) indicatrix. ~a. 

fern, of indicateur. 
indice, m. sign, mark, indication; index; 

(Analysis) (1) value, nimiber, (2) trace. 

— d'acétyle, acetyl value, acetyl nimiber. 

— de Hehner, Hehner value, Hehner number. 

— de réfraction, index of refraction, refractive 

— de saponi/icaiion, saponification value (or 

— d'iode, iodine value, iodine number. 

— opsonique, opsonic, index. 
Indicible, a. unspeakable, inexpressible. 
Indien, a. Indian. — m. (cap.) Indian. 
Indienne, /. printed (or painted) cotton cloth, 

cotton print, printed calico; (cap.) Indian. 

Indlennerie, /. cotton printery, cotton print 
works, calico printery. 

indlenneur, m. cotton printer, calico printer. 

Indillérement, adv. indifferently. 

Indifférent, a. indifferent. 

Indigène, a. indigenous, native; (Com.) domes- 
tic, home. — m. <fc /. native. 

Indigent, a. indigent, poor. 

Indigeste, a. indigestible; imdigested. 

Indigne, a. unworthy. 

indigo, m. indigo. 

— bUinc, indigo white. 

— bleu, indigo blue. 

Indigo esuvage, wild indigo (Baptisia, esp. B. 

indlgocarmlne, /. indigo carmine. 

Indlgomètre, m. indigometer. 

Indlgo-purpurine, /. indigopiupurin. 

Indlgoterie, /. in<Ûgo plantation; indigo fac- 

Indigotier, m. indigo plant (specif. Indigofera 
Hnctoria) ; indigo manufacturer. 

Indlgotlne, /. indigotin. 

Indlgotlque, a. indigotic. 

Indiquer, v.t. indicate; sketch. — v.r. be in- 

Indirect, a. indirect. 

Indirectement, adv. indirectly. 

Indlrublne, /. indirubin. 

Indiscret, a. indiscreet. 

Indiscutable, a. indisputable, unquestionable. 

Indispensable, a. indispensable. 

Indlsputablement, adv. indisputably. 

Indissolubilité, /. indissolubility. 

Indissoluble, a. undissolvable, indissoluble. 

Indlssous, a. imdissolved. 

Indistinct, a. indistinct. 

indistinctement, adv. indistinctly. 

indlstlngulble, a. indistinguishable. 

Indium, m. indium. 

Indlridu, m. individual. 

Indlriduallté, /. individuality. 

Indlriduel, a, individual. 

Indlriduellement, adv. individually. 

Indlrisé, a. imdivided. 

Indivisibilité, /. indivisibiUty. 

Indivisible, a. indivisible. 

Indlflslblement, adv. indivisibly. 

InHllx-hult, a. A m. octodecimo, ISmo. 

Indo-Chlne, /. Indo-China. 

Indochinois, a. Indo-Chinese. 

Indogène, m. indogen. 

Indol, m. indole. 

Indolcarbonlque, a. indolecarboxylic. 

Indolore, a. painless. 

Indomptable, a. indomitable; untamable. 

Indophénlne, /. indophenin. 

Indophénol, m. indophenol. 

Indosable, a. indeterminable. 

Indosé, a. undetermined, etc. (see doser), —m. 
undetermined matter or quantity. 

In-douie, a. A m. duodecimo, 12mo. 

Indoxyle, m. indoxyl. 

Indoxyllque, a. indoxyl; (of the acid) indoxylio. 

Indu, a. undue; not due. 

Indubitablement, adv. indubitably. 

Inducteur, a. (Elec.) inducing. — m. inductor. 

Inductlf, a. inductive. 

Inductile, a. not ductile, inductile. 

InductUlté, /. lack of ductility, induotility. 

Induction, /. induction; inducement. 
— propre, (filec.) self-induction. 

Induire, t.(. induce; infer; 

lucuon. T 
; leaSgle 




j of induire. 

Induit» p.a. induced; inferred; led. — m. 
induced circuit, secondafy circuit; arma- 
ture (of a dynamo). 

Indullne, /. induline. 

tndOment» adv. unduly. 

tndurer, v.t. indurate. 

tndurlte,/. (^xpl.) indurite. 

Industrie, /. industry; occupation, calling; 
skill, dexterity. 

— agricole, farming industry, agriculture. 
-^ commerciaie, commerce, trade. 

— d*artt manufacturing, manufacture. 

— dea tranaports, transportation. 
-^ du livre, book industry. 

— extractive, extractive industry. 

<— frigorifique, refrigeration industry. 

— manufacturière, manufacturing, manufac- 
turing indusUy. 

— privée, private industry. 

— Bucr^e, sugar industry. 

— tirietoricde, dyeing industry. 

— vinicoU, wine-growing industry. 
Industriel, a. industrial. — m. one engaged in 

industry, industrial (specif., manufacturer). 
Industriellement, adv. industrially. 
Industrieusement, ado. skillfully. 
Industrieux, a. skillful, dexterous. 
Inébriant, Inébrlatlf, a. intoxicating. 
Inédit, a. unpublished. 
Ineffeetif, a. ineffective. 
Ineffleace, a. inefficacious, ineffectual. 
Inégftl, a. inequal; uneven. 
Inégmlement, ado. unequally; unevenly. 
Inégallser, v.t. render unequal or uneven. 
Inégattté, /. inequality. 
Inégaux, maac. pi. of inégal. 
Inélastique, a. inelastic, unelastic. 
Inéluctable, a. irresistible, ineluctable. 
Inencrassable, a. nonfouling. 
InepMe, /. inaptness, inaptitude, ineptitude. 
Inéimlsable, a. inexhaustible. 
Inépuisé, a. unexhausted. 
Inépuré, a. unpurified, unrefined. 
Inéquitable, a. inequitable. 
Inerte, a. inert. 
Inertie, /. inertia. 

Inespéré, a. unhoped for, unexpected. 
Inestimable, a. inestimable. 
Inétirable, a. incapable of being drawn out, 

(of metals) not ductile. 
Inéritablllté, f. inevitability. 
Inévitable, a. inevitable. 
Inévitablement, adv. inevitably. 
Inexact, a. inexact, inaccurate; not punctual. 
Inexactement, adv. inexactly, inaccurately. 
Inexactitude, /. inexactness, inaccuracy. 
Inexcusablement, adv. inexcusably. 
Inexistant, a. nonexistent. 
Inexistence, /. nonexistence. 

Inexorablement, adv. inexorably. 

Inexpédient, a. inexpedient. 

Inexpérience, /. inexperience. 

Inexpérimenté, a. inexperienced; untried. 

Inexplicable, a. inexplicable. 

Inexplicablement, adv. inexplicably. 

Inexpliqué, a. unexplained. 

Inexploitable, a. unexploitable, incapable of 
being developed. 

Inexploité, a. unexploited, undeveloped. 

Inexploré, a. imexplored. 

Inexploslble, Inexploslf, a. nonexplosive, in- 
explosive, unexploeive. 

Inexprimable, a. inexpressible. 

Inexprimablement, adv. inexpressibly. 

Inexprimé, a. unexpressed. 

Inextensible, a. inextensible, not extensible. 

Inextinguible, a. inextinguishable. 

Inextricable, a. inextricable. 

Inextricablement, adv. inextricably. 

InfaUUbUlté, /. infaUibiUty. 

InfallUble, a. infaUible. 

Infailliblement, adv. infallibly. 

Infaisable, a. \mfeasible, impracticable. 

Infâme, a. infamous; filthy. 

Infanterie, /. {MU.) infantry. 

Infatigable, a. indefatigable. 

Infatigablement, (u^o. indefatigably. 

Infavorable, a. unfavorable, \mfavourable. 

Infécond, a. infertile, infecund. 

Infécondité, /. infertility, infecundity. 

Infect, a. foul, imwholesome, infectious. 

Infecter, v.i. infect. 

Infectieux, a. infectious. 

Infection, /. infection. 

Inference, /. inference. 

Inférer, v.t. infer. — v.r. be inferred. 

Inférieur, à. inferior; lower. — m. inferior. 

Inférieurement, adv. below; inferiorly. 

Infériorité, /. inferiority. 

Infermenté, a. unfermented. 

Infermentesdble, a. unfermentable, nonfer- 

Infernal, a. infernal. 

Infertile, a. infertile, unfertile. 

Infidèle, a. treacherous, imreliable; unfaithful; 

Infiltration, /. infiltration. 

Infiltrer, v.t. & r. infiltrate. 

Infime, a. lowest, very low. 

Infini, a. & m. infinite. 

d V — , infinitely, ad infinitum. 

infiniment, adv. infinitely. 

— petit, infinitely small; minute particle; 
(Maui.) infinitesimal. 

Infinité, /. infinity. 

Infinitésimal, a. infinitesimal. 

Infinltéslnuilement, adv. infinitesimally. 

Inflnltéslme, a. & f. infinitesimal. 

Inflrmatlon, /. nullification; weakening. 




Infirmer, 1. 1. declare void, nullify; weaken. 

InflammabUIté, /. inflammability. 

Inflammable» a. inflammable. 

Inflammatear» m. igniter, firing device; ignit- 
ing charge. 

Inflammation, /. inflammation; ignition; 
(Exp{.) firing, fire. 

— spontanée, spontaneous ignition. 
Infléchir, v.t. inflect, bend. 
Inflexibilité, /. inflexibility, inflezibleness. 
Inflexible, a. inflexible, rigid, unyielding. 
Inflexion, /. inflection. 

Influence, /. influence. 

Influencer, v.t. influence. 

Influent, a. influential. 

Influer, v.». have influence. 

In-foUo, m. & a. folio. 

information, /., informations, inquiry, 
investigation; information, intelligence. 

informe, a. unformed, shapeless; informal. 

Informé, P.O. informed. — rw. inquiry. 

informer, v.t. inform. — v.r. inquire, ask. 

Informulé, a. unformulated. 

Infortune, /. misfortune. 

Infortuné, a. unfortunate. 

Infia-rouse, a. infra-red. 

Infrastructure, /. substructure, groundwork. 

Infréquemment, adv. infrequently, seldom. 

Infréqnence, /. infrequence, infrequency. 

Infréquent, a. infrequent, uncommon. 

Infirlable, a. not friable. 

Infructueusement, adv. unprofitably. 

Infructueux, a. unfruitful, unprofitable, un- 

Infus, a. intuitive, native. 

Infusé, p.a. infused. — m. (Pharm.) infusion. 

Infuser, v.t. infuse. — v.r. be infused. 

Infuslblllté, /. infusibiUty. 

Infusible, a. infusible. 

Infusion, /. infusion. 

Infusolre, a. infusorial. 

Infusolres, Infusoria. 

Infusum, m. infusion. 

IngarantI, a. unguaranteed, unwarranted. 

Ingéllf, a. not freezing readily; (of stones, 
etc.) not rent by frost. 

Ingénieur, m. engineer. 

— chimUte, chemical engineer. 

— civH, civil engineer. 

— iUctricien, electrical engineer. 

— de» mine», mining engineer. 

— dee poudres et salpêtres, explosives engineer. 

— gazier, gas engineer. 

— mécanicien, mechanical engineer. 

— opticien, maker of optical instruments. 

— sanitaire, sanitary engineer. 
Ingénieusement, adv. ingeniously. 
Ingénieux, a. ingenious. 
Ingéniosité, /. ingeniousness, ingenuity. 
'ngénu, a. ingenuous. 

Ingénuité, /. ingenuousness. 

Ingérer, v.t. ingest. — v.r. interfere. 

ingestion, /. ingestion. 

Ingrain, m. ifiot.) spelt. 

Ingrat, a. ungrateful, unpleasing, unpromising. 

Ingrédient, m. ingredient. 

Inguérissable, a. incurable. 

Inhabile, a. unskillful, inapt; incapable. 

Inhabllement, adv. unskillfully, inexpertly. 

Inhabileté, /. unskillfulness, inexpertness. 

Inhabitable, a. uninhabitable. 

inhabItué, a. unaccustomed, unhabituated. 

Inhalateur, m. inhaler. — a. inhaling. 

Inhalation, /. inhalation. 

Inhaler, v.t. inhale. 

Inhérent, a. inherent. 

Inhibiteur, a. inhibiting, inhibitory, inhibitive. 

Inhibition, /. inhibition. 

inhumectatlon, /. lack of moisture, dryness. 

inhumecté, a. unmoistened. 

Inimaginable, a. unimaginable. 

Inimitié, /. enmity, hostility. 

Ininflammable, a. uninflammable, noninflam- 

Ininflammation, /. absence of inflammation. 

inintelligible, a. unintelligible. 

inintentionnel, a. imintentional. 

inlntentionellement, adv. unintentionally. 

ininterrompu, a. iminterrupted, continuous. 

ininterruption, /. noninterruption, continuity. 

initial, a. initial. 

Initialement, adv. initially. 

initier, v.t. initiate. 

injectable, a. injectable; intended for injec- 

Injecter, v.t, inject; impregnate (by injection). 
— v.r. be injected; be flushed, be congested. 

injectenr, m. injector. — o. injecting. 
— aspirant, suction injector. 

Injection, /. injection. 

Injudldeusement, adv. injudiciously. 

Injudlcleux, a. injudicious. 

Injure, /. injury; abuse. 

Injurieusement, adv. injuriously. 

Injurieux, a. injurious. 

Injuste, a. unjust. 

injustement, adv. unjustly. 

Injustice, /. injustice. 

Injustifiable, a. unjustifiable. 

Innocuité, /. innocuousness, harmlessness. 

Innombrable, a. innumerable, numberless. 

Innombrablement, adn. without number. 

Innovation, /. innovation. 

innover, v.t. innovate, introduce. — v.i. in- 

innumerable, a. innumerable. 

Innumérablement, adv. without number. 

Inobscurci, a. unobscured. 

Inobservable, a. not observable, unobservable 

Inobservé, a. unobserved. jOOQIC 




inobstmable, a. incapable of being obstnicted. 

Inobstraé» a unobstructed. 

Inoecupé» a. unoccupied. 

In-octmvo, m. dt a. octavo, 8vo. 

Inocalablllté, / inoculability. 

Inocutoble, a, inoculable. 

lllocill»tioil, /. inoculation. 

Inoculer, v.t. inoculate. 

Inodore, Inodormnt, a. odorless, inodorous. 

Inodolaire, a. (Med.) inodular. 

Inoffensif, a. inoffensive; (Mckch.) out of action. 

Inoffenslvement, adv. inoffensively. 

Inofflclel, a. unofficial, nonofficial. 

InofflcieUement, adv. unofficially. 

Inondation, /. inimdation, flood, deluge. 

inonder, v.t. inundate, overflow, flood. 

inopiné, a. unexpected, unforeseen. 

Inopinément, adv. \mexpectedly. 

inopportun, a. inopportune. 

Inopportunément, adv. inopportunely. 

Inorganique, a. inorganic. 

Inoslque, a. inosic, inosinio. 

Inoslte, /. inositol, inosite. 

inoslturle, Inosuriè, /. (Med.) inodturia, ino- 

inoubliable, a. unforgettable. 

Inoul, a. \mheard, unheard of. 

Inoxydablllté, /. unozidizability, inozidability, 

Inoxydable, a. unoxidisable, inondable. 

Inquart, inquartatlon, /. (Assaying) quarta- 
tion, inquartation. 

Inquarter, v.t. subject to quartation. 

In-quarto, m. A a. quarto. 

Inquiet, a. unquiet, uneasy, anxious. 

Insaisissable, a. imperceptible; not seizable. 

insalsissablement, adv. imperceptibly. 

insalubre, a. imhealthy, unhealthful. 

insalubrité, /. unhealthfulness. 

insaj^de, a. tasteless, insipid. 

Insapidité, /. tastelessness, insipidness. 

Insaponlliable, a. unsaponifiable. 

Insatisfait, a. unsatisfied. 

Insaturable, a. insaturable, not saturable, un- 

Insaturé, a. unsaturated. 

taiselemment, adv. unknowingly, uncon- 

inserlptible, a. inscribable. 

Ins^ptlon, /. inscription; registration. 

Inserlre, v.t. inscribe; write down, record, 
register, enter. — v.r. be inscribed; regis- 

Inscrit, p.a. inscribed, etc. (see inscrire). 

InSCTlYant, of inscrire. 

Insécable» a. indivisible. 

Insecte» m. insect. 

Insecticide, m. insecticide. — a. insecticidal. 

InsectlTores, (Zodl) Insectivora. 

Imécurlté, /. insecurity. 

In-selse, m. d: a. sixteenmo, 16mo. 

Insensibilisateur, a. producing insensibility, 
anesthetizing; (Expl.) desensitising. — m. 
anesthetic; anesthetizing apparatus; 
(f!xpl.) desensitizer. 

insensibiliser, v.t. render insensible, anesthe- 
tize; (Expl.) desensitize. 

insensible, a. insensible; insensitive. 

Insensiblement, adv. insensibly; insensitively. 

insensitif, a. insensitive. 

inséparable, a. inseparable. 

inséparablement, adv. inseparably. 

Insérable, a. insertable. 

Insérer, v.t. insert. — v.r. be inserted. 

Inserllon, /. insertion. 

Insidieux, a. insidious. 

Insigne, a. remarkable, signal. 

Insignifiance, /. insignificance. 

Insignifiant, a. insignificant. 

insipide, a. tasteless, insipid. 

Inslpldement, adv. insipidly. 

Insipidité, /. tastelessness, insipidity. 

insister, v.i. insist. 

Insolation, /. insolation, exposure to the sun. 

Insoler, v.t. expose to the rays of the 

Insollde, a. unsolid, not solid. 

Insolldement, adv. unsolidly. 

Insolldité, /. want of solidity. 

Insolite, a. unusual, unwonted. 

Insolltement, adv. unusually. 

InsolubUlsatlon, /. rendering insoluble. 

Insolublllser, v.t. render insoluble. 

Insolubilité, /. insolubility. 

insoluble, a. insoluble. 

insolubiement, adv. insolubly. 

Insolution, /. nonsolution. 

InsolYablllté, /. (Com.) insolvency. 

Insolvable, a. (Com.) insolvent. 

Insomnie, /. insomnia. 

Insondable, a. unfathomable. 

Insonore, a. not sonorous, nonsonorous. 

Insondable, a. unweldable; unsolderable. 

Insoupçonné, a. unsuspected. 

Insoutenable, a. \mtenable; insupportable. 

Inspecter, v.t. inspect. 

Inspecteur, m. inspector. 

Inspection, /. inspection; inspectorship. 

inspirant, p.a. inspiring. 

Inspiration, /. inspiration. 

inspirer, v.t. inspire. 

Instabilité, /. instability, unstableness. 

Instable, a. unstable. 

Installateur, m. installer. 

installation, /. installation. 

Installer, v.t. install. 

Instamment, adv. urgently, earnestly. 

Instance, /. instance; insistence. 

Instant, m. <& a. instant. .^^^T^ 
à r— . instantly, immediaW-^X*^^ 




Instentmné, a. instantaneous. — m. instan- 
taneous photograph, snapshot. 

Instantanéité, /. instantaneousness. 

Instantanément, adv. instantaneously. 

Instar. In the phrase à Vinstar de, after the 
manner of, after, like. 

Instaurer, v.t. establish, found. 

Instiller, t.t. instill. — v.r. be instilled. 

Instinct, m. instinct. 

Instinctif, a. instinctive. 

Instinctivement, adv. instinctively. 

Instituer, v.t. institute. 

Institut, m. institute; institution. 

— a^ononUqaet agricultural college or insti- 

— chimique, chemical institute. 
Instituteur, m. institutor, founder; teacher, 

Institution, /. institution. 
Instructeur, m. instructor, teacher. 
Instructif, a. instructive. 
Instruction,/, instruction; {Law) inquiry. 
Instruire, v.t. instruct; teach; train; inform; 

{Law) examine, investigate. 
Instruit, p.a. instructed, etc. (see instruire); 

learned, well-educated; aware. — pr. S 

sing, of instruire. 
Instrument, m. instrument; implement, tool; 

utensil; apparatus. 

— de ménage, household utensil. 
instruments de chimie, chemical instruments 

(or utensils or apparatus). 
instruments d'optique, optical instruments, 
optical apparatus. 

Instrumental, a. instrumental. 

Insu, m. ignorance, 
d V — de, unknown to. 

Insuccès, m. failure, lack of success. 

Insuffisamment, adv. insufficiently. 

Insuffisance, /. insufficiency; incapacity. 

Insuffisant, a. insufficient; incompetent. 

Insufflation, /. blowing in or on, insufflation. 

Insuffler, v. t. breathe or blow in or on; breathe 
or blow into, insufflate; inflate. 

Insupportable, a. insupportable, unbear- 

Insurmontable, a. insurmountable. 

Intact, a. intact, untouched. 

Intallle, m. intaglio. 

Intarissable, a. inexhaustible. 

Intégrable, a. {Math.) integrable. 

Intégral, a. complete, entire; integral. 

Intégrale, /. {Math.) integral. 

Intégralement, adv. completely, entirely, 
wholly; integrally. 

Intégrant, a. integral, integrant. 

Intégration, /. integration. 

Intégrer, v.t. integrate. 

Intégrité, /. integrity. 

intellectuel, a. intellectual. 

Intelligemment, adv. intelligently. 

Intelligence, /. intelligence. 

Intelligent, a. intelligent. 

Intelligibilité, /. intelligibiUty. 

Intelligible, a. intelligible; intellectual. 

Intempérant, Intempéré, a. intemperate. 

Intempérie, /. inclemency, severity (of 

Intempestif, a. inopportune, unseasonable. 

Intenable, a. imtenable. 

Intendance, /. direction, management, super- 
intendence, intendancy. 

Intendant, m. director, manager, superinten- 
dent, intendant; steward. 

Intense, a. intense. 

Intensif, a. intensive. 

Intensifier, v.t. intensify. 

Intensité, /. intensity, intenseness. 
— du courant, {Elec.) current intensity, cur- 
rent strength. 

Intensivement, adv. intensively. 

Intenter, v.t. {Law) bring, enter. 

Intention, /. intention. 

à V — de, for the sake of, on account of. 

Intentionnel, a. intentional. 

Intentionnellement, adv. intentionally. 

Interatomique, a. interatomic. 

Intercalation, /. intercalation; insertion. 

Intercaler, v.t. intercalate; insert; interpose. 

Intercellulalre, a. intercellular. 

Intercepter, v. t. intercept; cut off, stop. 

Interchangeable, a. interchangeable. 

Interdiction, /. prohibition, interdiction. 

Interdire, v.t. forbid, prohibit, interdict; sus- 
pend; dumfound. 

Intéressant, p.a. interesting. 

Intéresser, v.t. interest; injure, affect. — v.r, 
be interested; take an interest. 

Intérêt, m. interest. 

Interférence, /. interference. 

Interfèrent, a. interfering. 

Interférer, v.t. interfere. 

InterfoUer, v.t. interleave. 

Intérieur, a. interior; internal; inner, inward. 

— m. interior; inside; home; private life, 
family life. 

à V — , {Med.) internally. 
Intérieurement, adv. interiorly, inside, on the 

inside, within, internally, inwardly. 
Interjeter, v.t. introduce, interject. 
Interligne, m. space between lines; interlinea- 
tion. — /. {Printing) lead. 
Interligner, v.t. interline; {Printing) lead. 
Intermède, m. intermediate; interlude. 
Intermédiaire, a. intermediate, intermediary. 

— m. medium, agency; intermediate, intOT^ 
mediary. intermedium; (Com.) middleman. 

Intermédlairement, adv. intermediately. 
Intermédiat, a. intermediate. 
intermicellaire, a. intermicellapa[^ 




Interminable» a. interminable, endlees. 

Interminablement, adv. interminably. 

Intermittent, a. intermittent. 

International, a. international. 

Internationalement, adv. internationally. 

Interne, a. internai. — m. {Med.) interne. 

Interpolalre, a. interpolar. 

Interpolateor, a. interpolating. — m. inter- 

Interpolation, /. interpolation. 

Interpoler, v.t. interpolate. 

Interposer, v.t. interpose. — v.r. be interposed ; 

Interposition, /. interposition. 

Interprétation, /. interpretation. 

Interpréter, v.t. interpret. 

Interroger, v.t. interrogate, examine, consult. 

Interrompre, v.t. interrupt. 

Interrupteur, m. interrupter; specif. (Elec.) 
circuit breaker. — o. interrupting, inter- 

Intersection, /. intersection. 

Interstellaire, a. interstellar. 

Interstice, m. interstice. 

Interstitiel, a. interstitial. 

Intertubulalre, a. intertubular. 

Intenralle, m. interval. 

Intenrenlr, v.t. intervene; interpose. 

Intenrersiblllté, /. invertibility. 

Interrerslble, a. invertible. 

Interf erslon, /. inversion. 

Interrertl, p.a. inverted, invert. 

Intervertir, v.t. invert. 

Intervertlssement, m. inverting, inversion. 

Intervient, pr. 3 sing, of intervenir. 

Intestin, m. A a. intestine. 

Intestinal, a. intestinal. 

Intime; a. intimate. 

Intimement, adv. intimately. 

Inttmer, v.t. notify, give notice to. 

Intimité, /. close relation; inmost part; inti- 

Intitulé, m. title. — p.a. entitled. 

Intoxicant, p.a. poisoning, poisonous, poison. 

Intoxication, /. poisoning, (Med.) intoxication. 
— saturnine, lead poisoning. 

Intoxiquer, v.t. poison. 

Intra-atomlque, a. intra-atomic. 

Intracellulaire, a. intracellular. 

Intraduisible, a. untranslatable. 

Intraitable, a. intractable. 

Intramolécnlalre, a. intramolecular. 

Intramusculaire, a. intramuscular. 

Intransférable, a. nontransferable. 

Intransmissible, a. nontransmissible. 

Intransmuable, a. nontransmutable, intrans- 

Intransparence, /. nontransparence, opacity 
(or translucency). 

Intransparent, a. nontransparent. 

Intransportable, a. untransportable. 

Intravasculalre, a. intravascular. 

Intraveineux, a. intravenous. 

Intrinsèque, a. intrinsic. 

Intrinsèquement, adv. intrinsically. 

Introduction, /. introduction. 

Introductolre, a. introductory. 

Introduire, v.t. introduce. — v.r, be intro- 
duced; enter, get in. 

Introduit, p.p. A pr. s sing, of introduire. 

Introuvable, a. undiscoverable, not to be found. 

Intrus, m. intruder. — p.a. intruded. 

Intruslf, a. intrusive. 

Intrusion, /. intrusion. 

Intuitif, a. intuitive. 

Intuitivement, adv. intuitively. 

Intumescence, /. intumescence. 

Intumescent, a. intumescent. 

Inulase, /. inulase. 

Inullne, /. inulin. 

Inusable, a. that cannot be worn out, durable. 

Inusé, p.a. imused, unworn. 

Inusité, a. not in use; unusual; obsolete, anti- 

Inutile, a. useless. 

Inutilement, adv. uselessly. 

Inutilisable, a. unutilisable. 

Inutilisé, a. unutilised; rendered useless. 

inutlllser, v.t. render useless. 

Inutilité, /. inutility, uselessness. 

Invalide, a. & m. invalid. 

Invalldement, adv. invalidly. 

Invalider, v.t. invalidate. 

Invalidité, /. invalidity. 

invar, m. invar (nickel-steel alloy). 

invariabilité, /. invariability, invariableness. 

Invariable, a. invariable. 

Invariablement, adv. invariably. 

Invariant, m. (MatA.) invariant. 

Invendable, a. unsalable, imsaleable. 

Invendu, a. imsold. 

Inventaire, m. inventory. 

Inventer, v. t. invent. — ».r. be invented. 

Inventeur, m. inventor. 

Inventif, a. inventive. 

Invention, /. invention: 

Inventorier, v.t. inventory. 

Invérifiable, a. unverifiable. 

Invérlflé, a. unverified. 

Inverse, a. inverse. — m. contrary, reverse. 

Inversement, adv. inversely. 

Inverseur, m. reverser; inverter. 

Inversion, /. reversal; inversion. 

Invertase, /. invertase. 

Invertébré, a. <fe m. invertebrate. 

Inverti, V'<^' reversed; (of sugars, etc.) inverted. 

Invertlne, /. invertin (invertase). 

Invertir, v.t. reverse; invert (sugar, etc.). 

Investigateur, m. investigatOT. —-a. investi- 
gating, inquiring. jOOQIc 




Inyestlgatioii» /. investigation. 

Inflscant, of invisquer. 

InTiscatlon, /. coating with a viscous material, 
smearing, daubing. 

InTisIbllIté, /. invisibility. 

Invisible» a. invisible. 

Invislblement, adv. invisibly. 

Inflsquer, v.t. coat with viscous material, 
smear, daub. 

Incitant» p.a. inviting. « 

Inviter» v.t. invite. 

Involontaire» a. involuntary. 

Involontairement, adv. involuntarily. 

Involution» /. involution. 

Invoquer, v.t. invoke, appeal to. 

Invraisemblable» a. improbable, unlikely. 

Invraisemblablement» adv. improbably. 

Invraisemblance» /. improbability, unlikeli- 

lodate» m. iodate. 

— de potasse, potassium iodate. 
lode» m. iodine. 

— sublimé, sublimed iodine. 

Iodé» p.a. iodinated, containing iodine, iodo, 
iodine; coated or impregnated with iodine, 

\ iodized. 

loder» v.t. combine with iodine, iodinate; im- 
pregnate with iodine, iodize. 

lodeux, a. iodous. 

lodhydrate, m. hydriodide. 

— d^ammoniaqtte, ammonium iodide. 
lodhydrlque, a. hydriodic 
lodlfère, a. iodiferous, containing iodine. 
lodlque, a. iodic. 

lodlsme, m. (Med.) iodism. 
lodoamldonné» a. starch-iodide. 
lodo-*aarate, /. iodaurate, iodoaurate. 
lodo*anrique, a. iodamic, iodoauric. 
lodobenzlne, /. iodobenzene. 
lodoforme» m. iodoform. 
lodotonaé, a. iodoformized, iodoform. 
lodo-lodnre» m. iodine-iodide (see next 

lodo-lodoré» a. iodine-iodide (designating an 

iodide solution in which iodine is dissolved) . 
lodol, m. (Pharm.) iodol. 
lodonltré» a. (Org. Chem.) iodonitro. 
lodotliyrine» /. iodothyrin. 
loduratlon, /. iodination; iodization; ioda- 

lodure» m. iodide. 

— d'alcoyle, alkyl iodide. 

— d'amidon, iodide of starch, iodized starch. 

— d'argent, silver iodide. 

— de fer, iron iodide. 

— de formyle, iodoform (old name). 

— de méthyle, methyl iodide, iodomethane. 

— de méthylène, methylene iodide, diiodo- 

— de plon^, lead iodide. 

lodore de potassium ioduré, iodized potassium 
iodide, a solution of potassium iodide in 
which iodine has been dissolved. 

— de sou/re, sulfur iodide. 

— d'éthyle, ethyl iodide, iodoethane. 

— mercuretix, mercurous iodide. 

— mercurigue, mercuric iodide. 

Ioduré» p.a. combined with iodine, iodinated; 

treated with or containing iodine, iodized, 

iodated; treated with or containing an 

iodide, iodized. 
lodurer» v.t. iodinate; iodize; iodate. 
loUte» loUthe, /. (Min.) ioUte. 
Ion, m. ion. 

Ionisation» /. ionization. 
Ioniser» v.t. ionize. 
Ionium» m. ionium. 
lonone» /. ionone. 
Ipéca» m. ipecac. 

Ipécacuana» Ipecacuanha» m. ipecacuanha. 
Ipécaeuanate» m. ipecacuanhate. 
Ipécacuanique» a. ipecacuanhic. 
Ira» fut. 3 sing, of aller (to go). 
Irait» cond. 3 sing, of aller (to go). 
Irlclûomatlne» /. a benzene solution of asphalt 

used in producing iridescence. 
Iridescent, a. iridescent. 
Iridié, a. alloyed with or containing iridium. 
Irldlen, a. (Anat.) iridian. 
Irldlne» /. iridin. 

Irldlque» a. iridic; (Anat.) iridian, iridal. 
Iridium» m. iridium. 
Irldosmlne» /. iridoemium. 
Iris» m. iris. 

— de Florence, Florentine iris (Jris ftorenHna^ 
the rhizome of which is called orris 

Irisable, a. capable of iridescence. 

irisage» m. production of iridescence. 

irisation, /. irisation, iridescence. 

irisé, a. irised, iridescent, irisated. 

Iriser, v.t. iris, make iridescent. — v.r, become 

irlandais, a. Irish. — m. Irish; {cap.) Irish- 

Irlande, /. Ireland. 

irone, /. irone. 

irradiation, /. irradiation. 

irradier, v.i. irradiate, emit rays. 

Irrationnel, a. irrational. 

irratlonnellement, adv. irrationally. 

Irréalisable, a. unrealizable, unattainable; un- 
feasible, impracticable. 

irrecevable, a. imtdmissible. 

IrréconciliabiUté, /. irreconcilability. 

Irréconciliable, a. irreconcilable. 

irréoonciliablement, adv. irreconcilably. 

Irrécouvrable, a. irrecoverable. 

Irrécupérable, a. irrecoverable, irreparable. 

irrecusable, a. unexceptionable. 




irréductibilité» /. irreducibility, -dbleness. 
irréductible, a. irreducible. 
irréduit, a. unreduced. 
Irréel, a. unreal. 
Irrefrangible, a. irrefrangible. 
Irréfutable, a. irrefutable. 
Irrégularité, /. irregularity. 
Irréguller, a. irregular. 
Irrégulièrement, adv. irreg\ilarly. 
Irréparablement, adv. irreparably. 
Irréiirocliable, a. irreproachable. 
Irrésistible, a. irresistible. 
Irrésistiblement, adv. irresistibly. 
Irrésolu, a. unsolved; irresolute. 
Irrésoluble, a. irresolvable, unresolvable. 
IrrespIrabUlté, /. irrespirability. 
Irrespirable, a. irrespirable. 
Irréusslte, /. lack of success, failure. 
Irréversible, a. irreversible. 
Irriguer, v.t. irrigate. 
Irritant, a. irritant, irritating; annulling. 

— m. irritant. 
Irritation, /. irritation. 
Irriter, v.t. irritate. 
Isatlne, /. isatin. 
Isatlnlque, a. isatic, isatinio. 
Isatroplque, a. isatropio. 
Isatyde, m. isatide. 
Iscburétlque, a. (Med.) ischuretic. 
Isétblonlque, a. isethionic. 
Isinglass, m. isinglass. 

— végétait agar. 
Islandais, a. Iceland, Icelandic. 
Islande, /. Iceland. 
Isoamyle, m. isoamyl. 
Isoamyllque, a. isoamyl. 
Isoaplol, m. isoapiole. 
Isobutane, m. isobutane. 
Isobutyrique, a. isobutyric 
Isocèle, a. (Oeom.) isosceles. 
Isochromatlqne, a. isochromatic. 
Isochrone, Isochronique, a. isochronal, iso- 
chronous, isochronic. 

Isochronlquement, adv. isochronally. 
Isoclnnamlque, a. isocinnamic. 
Isocréatlnlne, /. isocreatinine. 
Isocyanate, in. isocyanate. 

— de pkényle, phenyl isocyanate. 
Isocyanlque, a. isocyanic. 
Isocyanurique, a. isocyanuric. 
Isodlmorphe, a. isodimorphous, isodimorphic. 
Isoduldte, /. isoduldtol, isodulcite. 
Isodynamique, Isodyname, a. isodynamic. 
Isolable, a. isolable. 

Isolant, a. isolating; insulating. — m. insula- 
ting material, insulator. 

Isolateur, m. insulating device, insulator. — a. 
isolating; insulating. 

Isolatlf, a. isolating; insulating. 

Isolation, /. isolation; insulation. 

Isolatrice, a. fern, of isolateur. 

isolé, a. isolated; insulated; detached. 

isolement, m. isolation; insulation. 

isolément, adv. in an isolated manner, sepa- 
rately, individually. 

Isoler, v.t. isolate; insulate. — v.r. be isolated; 
be insulated; isolate oneself. 

Isoleudne, /. isoleucine. 

Isologue, a. isologous. — m. isologCue). 

Isololr, m. insulator, specif, insulating stool. 

Isomaltose, /. isomaltose. 

Isomère, a. isomeric. — m. isomer. 

— optique^ optical isomer. 
Isomeric, /. isomerism. 

— de position, position isomerism. 

— géométrique, geometrical isomerism. 

— physique, physical isomerism. 

— stéréochimique, stereochemical isom^ism. 
Isomérique, a. isomeric. 

Isomérlser, v.t. isoroerize, convert into an 

Isomérlsme, m. isomerism. 

Isométrique, a. isometric, isometrical. 

Isomorphe, a. isomorphous, isomorphic. 

Isomorphlsme, m.. Isomorphic, /. isomorph- 

Isonlcotlanlque, a. isonicotinic 

Isonitrosé, a. isonitroso. 

IsopcUetlérine, /. isopelletierine. 

Isophtallque, a. isophthalic. 

Isopropyllque, a. isopropyl. 

Isopyromudque, a. isopyromucic 

Isoqulnolélne, /. isoquinoline. 

Isoqulnolélque, a. isoquinoline. 

Isosaccharique, a. isosaocharic. 

Isosaftol, m. isosafrole. 

Isoscèle, a. (Geom.) isosceles. 

Isostrychnine, /. isostrychnine. 

Isosucclnlque, a. isosuccinic. 

isosulfocyanate, m. isosulfocyanate (isothio- 

— d'aUyle, allyl isothiocyanate, allyl mustard 

Isotétramorphe, a. isotetramorphous. 
isotherme, a. isothermal. — /. isotherm. 
isothermlque, a. isotherm ic, isothermal. 
isothermlquement, adv. isothermally. 
Isothlo^urée, /. isothiourea, thiopseudourea. 
isotonic, /. isotonicity, isotonic state. 
Isotonique, a. isotonic. 
Isotope, m. isotope. 
Isotople, /. isotopy. 

Isotrimorphe, a. isotrimorphous, -phic. 
Isotrope, a. isotropic, isotropous. 
isotropic, /. isotropy, isotropism. 
Iso-urée, /. isourea, pseudourea. 
isoianthlne, /. isozanthine. 
Isoiasol, m. isoxazolc. 

issu, a. issued, issuing; proceeding (from), the 
result (of); descended. 




Isilie»/. ÎBsue; (pi.) off al, refuse, waste. — a. 
fem, of issu. 
à V — de, at the end of, on leaving. 
UsuM de la bowKerie, waste parts of slaugh- 
tered animals, offal. 
Uauea de la meunerie, by-products of flour 

(screenings, bran, shorts). 
Ueuee dee ordinairee, garbage, slop. 
Isthme» m. isthmus. 
Itaconiiiae, a. itaconio. 
IteUe,/. Italy. 

ItaUen, a. Italian. — m. Italian. 
Italique, a. d: m. (PrinHno) italic 
Italique, a. italicised. 
iTOlre, m. ivory; (of the teeth) dentine. 

— artificiel, artificial ivory. 

— végétal, vegetable ivory (from PhyMephoê 

iTOlrine, /. ivoirine Omitation ivory). 
iTrale, /. (JBot.) rye grass (Lolium). 
Ivresse, /. intoxication, drunkenness. 
liomètie, m. a viscosimeter. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

J». Contraction of je, I. 

Jable, m. that part of a glass pot where the 

walls and bottom join; chime (of a cask); 

groove (of a cask stave). 
JalMMraiidl, m. {Pharm. dt Bot.) jaborandi. 
Jachère» /. fallow, fallowness; fallow land. 
Jaeinthef /. hyacinth. 
Jadalqoe» a. relating to or resembling jade. 
Jade, m. jade. 
Jadéite,/. (Min.) jadeite. 
Jadlen» a. of or containing jade. 
JadlSf adv. of old, formerly. — a. old, former. 
Jaguar, m. iZoOl.) jaguar (Fdia onca). 
Jalet, m. jet. 
Jaillir, v.i. spout, gush, spurt; burst forth, (of 

light) flash; (of the electric spark) pass, 

faire — , pass (an electric spark); spout, 

flash, etc. 
JaUllssement, m. spouting, gushing, spurting, 

etc. (see jaillir). 
Jais, m. A a. jet. 
Jalap, m. {Pharm. A Bot.) jalap. 
Jalapine, /. jahtpin. 
Jalapiqne, a. jalapic 
Jallot, m. « jalot. 

Jalon, m. stake, pole (for surveying, etc.). 
Jalonner, v.t. stake out, mark out. 
Jalot, m. a vessel in which cakes of tallow are 

Jalouse, a.fem. of jaloux. 
Jalousement, adv. jealously. 
Jalousie,/, jealousy; grating; jalousie, blind. 

d — , like a grating. 
Jaloux, a. jealous. 
Jamaïque, /. Jamaica. 

Jamais, adv. ever; (with ne expressed or under- 
stood) never, 
d — , pour — , forever, for ever. 
Jamliafe, m. jamb; down stroke (of a letter). 
Jambe, /. leg; shank. 

Jambière, /. gaiter; {Mach.) sleeve. — a. leg. 
Jambon, m. ham. 
Jante, /. rim (of a wheel). 
Janvier, m. January. 
Japon, m. Japan. 

Japon, m. sapan wood; Japanese porcelain. 
Japonais, a. Japanese. — m. Japanese Oan- 

guage); {cap.) Japanese (man). 
Japonlque, a. japonic (acid); Japonic, Japan. 


Japonner, v.t. (Ceram.) fire so as to give the 
appearance of Japanese porcelain. 

Jardin, m. garden. 

Jardinage, m. gardening; garden produce; 
garden ground; dark spot (in a gem). 

Jardineux, a. (of gems) cloudy, having dark 

Jardinier, a. garden. — m. gardener. 

Jargon, m. (Min.) jargon. 

Jarre,/, jar. 

Jarret, m. (of pipes, etc.) elbow; hock, ham. 

Jasmin, m. (Bot.) jasmine, jasmin, jessamine. 

— sauvage^ false jasmine, yellow jasmine (OeU 
aemium sempervirens) . 

Jasmol, m. jasmole. 

Jaspagate, /. (Min.) agate jasper. 

Jaspage, m. imitation of jasper. 

Jaspe, m. (Min.) jasper. 

Jasper, v.t. jasperize, marble, mottle, cloud. 

Jaspure, /. jasperizing, marbling, mottling. 

Jatte, /. bowl, porringer; bowlful. 

Jattée,/. bowlful. 

Jauge, /. gage, gauge; standard. 

— d tréfiler, wire gage. 

— de vapeur, steam gage. 

— du vide, vacuum gage. 
Jaugeage, m. gaging, gauging, calibration; 

tonnage (of a ship). 

— par icoiUement, calibration for delivery. 

— par empliaeage, calibration for contents. 
Jauge-carcasse, a. (of wires) very fine Oess 

than half a millimeter in diameter). 
Jauger, v.t. gage, gauge, calibrate. 
Jaugeur, m. gager, ganger, calibrator. — a. 

gaging, gauging, measuring, calibrating. 
Jaunâtre, a. yellowish. 
Jaune, a. & m. yellow. 

— acide, acid yellow. 

— anglaie, Victoria yellow. 

— hriXlant, brilliant yellow. 

— citron, lemon yellow. 

— clair, light yellow. 

— Congo, Congo yellow. 

— dacridine, acridine yellow. 

— d'alizarine, alizarin yellow. 

— d'antimoine, antimony yellow. 

— de cadmium, cadmium yellow. 

— de Cassel, Casscl yellow (a lead oxy- 

— de chrome, chrome yelk5W.^^^T^ 
Digitized by VjOOv IC 




Jaune de fer. Mars yellow. 

— de Hesse, Hessian yellow. 

— de Mars, Mars yellow. 

— de Naples, Naples yellow. 

— de Paris, Paris yellow. 

— de quinoléine, quinoline yellow. 

— de Vérone, Verona yellow. 

— de zinc, zinc yellow. 

— d'ocre, yellow ocher. 

— d'ceuf, yellow of egg, egg yolk. 

— d'or, golden yellow; (Dyes) gold yellow. 
— ji'urane, uranium yellow. 

— foncé, dark yellow. 

— indien, Indian yellow. 

— métanile, metanil yellow. 

— minéral, mineral yellow (a lead oxy- 

— N, yellow N. 

— pâle, pale yellow. 

— serin, canary yellow. 

— sidérin, a yellow pigment prepared by 
boiling together solutions of ferric chloride 
and potassium dichromate. 

— soleil, sun yellow. 

— solide, fast yellow. 

— soufre, sulfiu- yellow. 

— Victoria, Victoria yellow. 
Jaune-capuclne, m. nasturtium yellow. 
Jaane-eltron» m. lemon yellow. 
Jaone-paille» m. straw yellow. 
Jaune-pâle, a. pale yellow. 

Jaunet, a. yellowish. 

Jaunir, v.t. & i. yellow, turn yellow. 

Jaunlssage» m. = jaimissement. 

Jaunisse, /. (Med.) jaundice. 

Jaunissement, m. yellowing, turning or color- 
ing yellow. 

JaTa, /. Java. 

Javanais, a. Javanese. 

Javelle, /. small heap (of sea salt); (cap.) in- 
correct spelling of Javel (see eau de Javel 
under eau) ; handful, swath (of cut grain) ; 
bundle, faggot. 

Javellisation, /. treatment with Javel water or 
Javel extract (as for sterilization). 

Jayet, m. jet. 

Je, pron. I. 

Jervlne, /. jervine. 

Jésus, m. a size of paper (about 55x 72 cm.). 

Jet, m. throw, throwing, cast, toss; jet, stream, 
gush, spouting, spout, spurt; flash; out- 
line, sketch; sprout, shoot; (Founding) 
(1) casting, pouring, (S) jet. 

— à la mer, jettison. 

— à movie, (Founding) gate, runner, channel, 

— d'acier, casting of steel. 

— d'eau, jet of water; fountain jet, foimtain; 
rain strip. 

— de condensation, condensing jet. 

Jet de cotdée, (Founding) feedhead, feeding 

— de feu, (Pyro.) fire sheaf. 

— de flamme, jet of flame. 

— de fonte, (Founding) deadhead. 

— de lumière, flash of light. 
Jet de pierre, stone's throw. 

— de sable, sand blast. 

— de terre, earth thrown out in excavating. 

— de vapeur, steam jet. 
Jetage, m. throwing, etc. (see jeter). 

Jeter» v.t. throw; cast; hurl, toss; sprinkle, 
scatter; put, place; emit; discharge; 
throw out; utter; throw away; lay (foun- 
dations); calculate. — v.i. shoot, sprout; 
run, discharge. — v.r. be thrown, be cast, 
etc.; throw oneself; fall, flow. 

— en movie, cast; poiu: (concrete) into the 

Jeu, m. play; clearance; backlash; action, 
working, functioning; set; explosion (as 
of a mine); game; stake; trick; freak. 
en — , (Mach.) in gear, in action. 

— d'orgues, organ. 

— perdu, (Mcuih.) lost motion. 
Jeudi, m. Thursday. 

Jeun. In the phrase à jeun, fasting, without 
food, without food and drink. 

Jeune, a. young; yoimger, junior. — m. young 
person; young (of an animal). 

Jeûne, m. fast, fasting; privation, dearth. 

Jeûner, v.i. fast. 

Jeunesse, /. youth. 

Jeûneur, m. faster. 

Joaillerie, /. jewelry; jeweler's trade. 

Joaillier, m. jeweler, jeweller. 

Jole, /. joy. 

Joignant, p.a. joining, etc. (seejoigner); ad- 
joining, adjacent, next. 

Joindre, v.t. join; unite; adjoin, be adjacent 
to; assemble; add. — v.i. join, be in con- 
tact, fit. — v.r. join, be joined, unite, meet. 

— à chaud, weld. 

Joint, p.a. joined, united, etc. (see joindre); 
joint. — m. joint; seam. — pr. S sing, of 

— à boulet, ball-and-socket joint. 

— à l'émeri, ground joint. 

— articulé, (Mach.) knuckle joint. 

— en about, butt joint. 

— que, — à ce que, beside which, and in 

Jolntée, /. double handful. 
Jolntlf, a. joined, touching, in contact. 
Jointoyer, v.t. (Masonry) point. 
Jointure, /. joint, joining, junction. 
Joli, a. pretty, handsome, fine; good, ample. 
Joliment, adv. well, agreeably, finely; very. 
Jonc, m. cane, reed, rush; specif., (Bot.) a 
member of the family Juncaceœ, (true) nub* 




Joue odorant, lemon grass. 

Joncacées, (Bot.) Juncaceœ. 

Jonchée» /. a little cheese made in a wicker 
basket; heap; strewed material. 

Joncher, v.t. strew, cover, litter. 

Jonction, /. jimction; joining, joint. 

Jonslenr, m. juggler; trickster. 

Jonquille, /. (Bot.) jonquil. 

Joseph, a. see papier Joseph, imder papier; (of 
cotton) spun. 

Jonbftrbe, /. houseleek {Sempervivum) ; stone- 
crop iSedum). 

— acre, common stoneorop (Sedum acre). 
Joae, /. cheek (in various senses); side, side- 
piece, jaw, flange, etc. 

Jouer, 9.%. play; have play, have clearance; 
be loose, work loose; work, act; go o£F, 
explode, be discharged, be sprung; start, 
spring, warp. — v.t. play; use, work; imi- 
tate; deceive, make game of. — v.r. play, 
amuse oneself; deceive oneself. 

— U rôle, play the role, play the part. 
Jouet, m. clamp, fishplate; plaything, sport. 
Joug» m. yoke; (Mach.j crosshead. 

JouiTf v.i. (vnth de) enjoy. 

Jouissance, /. enjoyment; the right to interest 
on capital. 

Joule, m. {Physics) joule. 

Jour, m. day; daylight; light; opening, aper- 
ture; space, interval; way. 
à — , open, openwork; (Com.) up to date. 
dans le —, (of measurements) in the dear. 
mettre au — , bring to light. 

Journal, m. (newB)paper; journal; diary; day- 
book; ship's log. 

Journalier, a. daily, diurnal. — m. day 

Journalisme, m. journalism. 

Journée, /. day, daytime; day's pay; day's 
work; day work; day's journey. 

Journellement, adv. daily, every day. 

Joyau, m. jewel, gem. 

Judiciaire, a. judicial. — /. judgment. 

Judiciairement, <uiv. judiciaUy. 

Judicieusement, adv. jucUoiously. 

Judicieux, a. judicious. 

Juge, m. judge. 

Jugement, m. judgment. 

Juger, v.t. dk i. judge. 

Juglandine, /. juglandin. 

Jugion, m. juglone. 

Jugulaire, a <k. f. jugular. 

Juif, m. Jew. — a. Jewish. 

Juillet, m. July. 

Juin, m. June. 

Jujube, /. jujube (the fniit). — m. jujube (the 

Jujubier, m. jujube tree, jujube (Zizyphus). 

Julep, m. (Pharm.) julep. 

Jumeau,"a. <& m. twin; double. 

Jumelle, a. & f. fern, of jumeau. — /. binocu- 
lar; cheek, sidepiecc; (Pyro.) double 

— de campagne, field glasses. 

— de theatre, opera glass. 

Jumenteux, a. (Med.) designating urine that 
has a thick, colored deposit. 

Jurassique, a. & m. (Geol.) Jurassic. 

Juré, p.a. sworn. — m. juryman, juror. 

Jurer, v.t. swear. — v.t. swear; clash, jar; 
squeak, screech, grate. 

Juridiction, /. jurisdiction; body of magis- 

Juridique, a. juridical, judicial. 

Juridiquement, adv. juridically, judicially. 

Jus, m. juice. 

— cru, raw juice, crude juice. 

— de betteraves, sugarbeet juice. 

— de BresU, brazilwood liquor (a decoction 
of brazilwood or redwood). 

— * de cannes, cane juice. 

— de réglisse, licorice (or liquorice) juice. 

— de tannée, — tannant, tanning liquor, tan 

Jusant, m. ebb, ebb tide. 
Jusée, /. tanning liquor, tan liquor. 
Jusque, prep, (often with à) to, till, until, up 
to, as far as, even to, even. 

jtisqu'à ce que, tiU, imtil. 

jusqu'à refus, to excess. 

jusqu'à trouble, to cloudiness, till clouding 

jusqu'ici, to this place, thus far, till now. 

jusqueAà, to that place, so far, tiU then. 

jusque-là que, to such a d^pree that. 

jusqu'où, how far. 
Jusqulame, /. (Bot.) henbane (Hyoscyamus). 

— noire, black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger). 
Juste, a. just; exact, accurate, correct, right, 

true; tight, close-fitting. — adv. just; 
rightly, right, well; tightly, tight. — m. 
just; just man. 
à — atre, justly, rightly, with reason. 
au — , just, exactly. 

Justement, <uiv. just, exactly; justly. 

Justesse, /. accuracy, exactness, precision, cor- 
rectness; justness; fitness. 

Justice, /. justice; court of justice. 

Justifiable, a. justifiable. 

Justiflablement, adv. justifiably. 

Justifier, v.t. justify. 

Jute, m. jute. 

Juter, v.i. exude juice. 

Juteux, a. juicy. 

Juxtaposé, p.a. juxtaposed, in juxtaposition. 

Juxtaposer, v.t. juxtapose, place side by side. 
— v.r. be juxtaposed. 

Juxtaposition, /. juxtaposition. t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

kaleput, m. cajuput. 

kalnlte, /. (Min.) kainite. 

kald, a. khaki. — m. Japanese persimmon. 

kakodyle, m. cacodyl. 

kakodyllque, a. oacodylic; cacodyl. 

kalétdoscoplque, a. kaleido8oopic(al). 

kail» m. k«li, glasswort (Salsola kali) ; potash. 

kallsme, m. poisoning caused by potash. 

kallam, m. potassium. (Qbs.) 

kallltypie, /. (Photog.) kallitype. 

kaolin, m. kaolin. 

kaollnlque, a. kaolinic. 

kaoUnisatlon, /. kaolinisation. 

kaollnlser, v.t. kaoliniae. 

kaoutchouc, m. caoutchouc, rubber. 

kapok, m. kapok, Java cotton. 

karabé, m. amber. (Ohs.) 

karablqae, a, karabic (succinic). 

karat, m. carat. 

karatiure, m. » carature. 

karyokinèse, /. (Biol.) karyokinesis, mitosis. 

kassu, m. ka«su (betel nut extract). 

kathode, m. cathode. 

ka?a, kawa, /. kava (the plant or the 

kefir, képhir, /. kefir, képhir. 
kératine, /. keratin. 
kératlnlsatlon, /. keratinization. 
kératlnlser, v.t. keratinize. 
kératogène, a. keratogenous. 
kératofde, a, keratoid. 
kératoplastique, a. hardening the skin ; kerato- 

kératose, /. (Med.) keratosis. 
kérlte, /. kerite (an insulating material). 
kermès, m. dk a. kermès. 

— minerait — médicinal, kermès mineral. 
kérosène, m. kerosene. 
kérosolène, m. kerosolene, rhigolene. 
ketmle, /. (Bot.) hibiscus. 
khantchin, m. a Chinese liquor made from 

khôl, m. kohl, kohol. 
kleselgnhr, Ideselffur, m. diatomaceous earth, 

kilo, m. kilo (kilogram). 

kilogramme, m. kilogram (1000 grams, 2.2046 

kllogrammètre, m. kilogrammeter (about 7i 

foot pounds). 
kilomètre, m. kilometer (0.62137 mile). 
kilométrique, a. kilometric, kilometrioal. 
kllométrlquement, adv. by kilometers. 
kilowatt, m. kilowatt. 
kllowatt-heure, m. kilowatt hour. 
klna, m. cinchona bark; quinine. 
kinase, /. kinase. 
idnate, m. quinate. 
klnétlte, /. (Expl.) kinetite. 
klnlne, /. quinine. 
Idnlque, a. quinic. 
kino, m. kino. 

— de VInde, East India kino. 
klnoTlne, /. quinovin. 
klr, m. (Oeol.) bituminous earth. 
klrsch, klrschwasser, m. kirsch, kirschwasser. 
klaubage, m. picking, sorting. 
knopper, Knopper, /. (nut) gall, gallnut, 

specif, that produced by Cynipa quercu» 

calicis on certain European oaks. 
kohol, koheul, m. kohl. 
kola, m. (Pharm.) kola; (Bot.) Cola. 
kola tier, m. kola tree (Cola acuminata). 
koumls, koumys, m. kumiss, koumiss. 
kousslne, /. kosin, kousin, koosin (from ousso). 
kousso, m. — cousso. 
krabb, m. a long iron rod formerly used in 

flattening window glass. 
krypton, m. krypton. 
kulhaven, n. an earthenware cylinder formerly 

used in annealing objects of crystal glass. 
kummel, ktlmmel, m. kûmmel (the liqueur); 

kupfernlckel, m. (Min.) niccolite, kupfer- 

kvas, m. kvass, kvas (Russian beer). 
kw.-an, abbrev. (kilowatt-an) kilowatt year, 
kwas, m. kvass, kvas (Russian beer). 
kyanlsatlon, /. kyanization. 
kyanlser, v.t. kyanize. 
kyste, TO. cyst. 
kystique, kysteux, a. cystio. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


L. A ssrmbol someiiineB used for lithium. 
1*. Contraction of le or la, 
la, article, fern. sing. the. — pron, her, she, 
làf ado. there; then. 

ce . . . 4à, cette . . . 4à, that . . 

ces . . . -là, those . . . 

de là, thence, from there, from then, from 
that, after that. 

làF-bae, là-dedana, etc., see below. 

là ou, where. 

par là, that way; thereby, by that. 
lab» m. rennet, lab. 
là-bas» adv. down there, down yonder. 
labdannm, m. labdanum. 
label, m. label, mark. 

labenzyme, m. the enzyme of rennet, rennin. 
labeur, m. labor, toil; iAgric.) cultivation. 
labferment, m. > labensyme. 
labié, a. (Bot.) labiate. — /.a member of the 

Mènthaceœ (Labiatœ). 
labile, a. labile. 

laboratoire, m. laboratory; (in gas analysis) 
absorption chamber or pipet. 

— cAaorbeur, absorption chamber or pipet. 

— d^analyse, analytical laboratory. 

— de pyrotechnie, fireworks laboratory, pyro- 
technic works. 

— de recherchée chimiques, chemical research 
laboratory, chemical laboratory. 

laborlensemeiit, adv. laboriously. 

laborieux, a. laborious. 

laboriofilté, /. laboriousness. 

labour, m. tillage, plowing; tilled land, plowed 

labourable, a. tillable, arable. 
labourage, m. tillage; farming. 
labourer, v.t. till, plow; plow up. — vS. till, 

plow; drudge. 
labradorite, /., labrador, m. (Min.) labra- 

labyrinthe, m. labyrinth. 
labyrinthiqae, a. labyrinthine, labyrinthic. 
lac» m. lake. 

— aaiant, salt lake. 
laçage, m. ladng. 
laccase» /. laocase. 
lacelne, /. laccin. 
laecique, a. laccaio, laodc. 
lac-djre» m. lao dye, 

, v.t. laoe. 

lacérer» v.t. lacerate. 

lacet, m. lace; loop; sigsag, winding; 

lâche, a. loose; suck; lax; indolent; mean, 

base, cowardly. — adv. loosely, loose. 
lâchefer, m. (Metal.) tap bar. 
Iftchement» adv. loosely, feebly, sluggishly. 

— m. loosening, etc. (see lâcher). 
lâcher, v.t. loosen, loose, relax, slacken; turn 

on (cocks, etc.), open; let go, release; fire, 

disdiarge, let off; let out, let slip. — t.i. 

A r, loosen, slacken, get loose; eaeape; 

(of a gun) go off. 
lads» m. network, plexus. 
lac-laqne» /. lac lake. 
lacmolde» m. laomoid. 

là-contre» adv. against that, to the contrary. 
lacrjnna-chriitl» m. Lachrsrma Christi (a 

lacrymal» a. lachrsrmal. 
lacrymogène» a, tear-producing, lachryma- 
tory. — m. (MU.) lachrymator, tear gas. 
lacrymule, /. small tear. 
lactaire, a. lactary. 
lactalbnmine, / lactalbumin. 
lactame, n. lactam. 
lactamide, /. lactamide. 
lactamiqae, a. of or pertaining to a lactam; 

lactamic (designating the acid usually 

known as alanine). 
lactase, /. lactase. 
lactate, m. lactate. 

— de fer, lactate of iron, iron lactate, specif, 
(as in Pharm.) ferrous lactate. 

— de magnésie, magnesium lactate. 
lactation, /. (Physiol.) lactation. 
lacté» a. (of, containing or resembling milk) 

milky, milk, lacteal; (Anat.) lacteal; 

(&ot.) lactescent. 
lacter» v.t. treat or combine (as flour) with 

lactélforme» a. resembling milk. 
lactéine» lactéoUne, /. lactein, condensed 

lacteseence, /. milkiness, lactesoence. 
lactescent, a. lactescent (milky, or yielding a 

milky juice). 
lactlcémie, /. autointoxication due to lactic 

acid in the blood. 
lactlde, /. lactide. ^ t 

lactique, a. lactic. Digitized byLjOOQlC 

203 "^ 




lactolMMllllne» /. culture of Iactio*acid bacteria. 
lacto-bntyrometre» m. lactobutyrometer. 
lactodenslmètre, m. lactodensimeter. 
lactofflobiillne, /. laotoglobulin. 
lactottne» /. lactolin (potassium lactate and 

lactic acid, used as a mordant) ; » lactéine. 
lactomètre» m. lactometer. 
lactone, /. lactone. 
lacto-nécessaftre, m. an outfit for the rapid 

analysis of milk. 
lactoprotélne, /. fetoprotein. 
lactoscope, m. lactoscope. 
lactose, /. lactose, milk sugar. 
lactoséram, m. milk serum. 
lactoTlscosImètre, m. lactoviscosimeter. 
iactacarinm, m. lactucarium. 
lacime, /. lacima, empty or blank space, gap. 
iacaneiix, a. lacimose, full of lacimas. 
lacustre, a. lacustrine. 
ladanif^^, a. bearing labdanum. 
ladanam, m. labdanum, ladanum. 
là-dedans, adv. in there, in, within; therein. 
là-dehors, adv. out there, out. 
là-dessous, adv. under there, underneath, 

là-dessus, adv. on that, over that, about that, 

thereupon, thereafter. 
là-de?ant, adv. yonder, on ahead. 
ladite, fern, of ledit (which see). 
lagre, m. a sheet of glass on which window 

glass is flattened. 
là-haut, adv. up there, above, upward. 
laiehe, /. (fiot.) sedge. 
laid, a. ugly; bad (weather); naughty. 
lainase, m. woolen stuffs, woolens; fleece; 

laine, /. wool. 

— beige, natural wool. 

— de baie, wood wool; wood fiber; pine wool. 

— de Cachemire, Kashmir (or Cashmere) 
wool (from the Kashmir goat). 

— de fer, iron wool. 

— de laitier, slag wool, mineral wool. 

— de mouton, sheep's wool. 

— de pin, pine wool, vegetable wool. 

— de scories, slag wool, mineral wool. 

— de tourbe, peat wool. 

— de verre, glass wool. 

— en euint, wool in the grease. 

— en toieon, fleece wool. 

— philosophique, philosopher's wool (sub- 
limed zinc oxide). 

laine-renaissanee, /. wool regeneration, wool 

lalnOT, v.t. teasel, tease (fabrics). 

lainerle, /. woolen goods, woolens; manufac- 
ture of woolens; woolen shop or business; 
teaseling machine. 

laineux, a. woolly. 

lalnler, a. wool, pertaining to wool. 

laisser, v.t. leave; let, allow, permit; leave 
out, omit; let go; (with de and infinitive) 
cease, leave off (as, la chose ne laisse pas 
d'être vraie, the thing is still true, is never- 
theless true, is certainly true). 
(Phrases in which laisser is followed by an- 
other verb are entered under those verbs.) 

lalsser-imsser, m. pass. 

lait, m. milk. 

— caillé, curdled milk. 

— dair, whey. 

— concentré, condensed milk (or evaporated 

— condensé, condensed milk. 

— cru, raw milk. 

— d'amande(s), milk of almond(s), emulsion 
of almond. 

— d'ammoniaque, (Pharm.) ammoniacum 

— d'ânesse, ass's milk. 

— d'asafœtida, milk (or emulsion) of asa- 

— de beurre, buttermilk. 

— de brebis, ewe's milk. 

— de chaux, milk of lime. 

— de chèvre, goat's milk. 

— de femme, woman's milk, human milk. 

— de gaîac, lait de gayac, {Pharm.) guaiacum 

— de Jument, mare's milk. 

— de malt, {Brewing) a milky liquid obtained 
by grinding malt with water. 

— de soufre, milk of sulfur. 

— de vache, cow's milk. 

— écrémé, skimmed milk, skim milk. 

— en poudre, milk powder, powdered milk. 

— homogénéisé, homogenised milk. 

— matemisé, milk of animals (esp. cow's 
milk) modified to resemble human milk. 

— mercurid, (Pharm.) white precipitate, 
ammoniated mercury. 

— végétal, (Bot.) latex. 

laitance, laite, /. milt (secretion of fishes); 
(Cement) laitance (a gelatinous exudation 
from concrete). 

laite|;|e, /. dairy; dairjang; dairy shop. 

laiteroi, m. (Metal.) flosshole plate. 

laiteux, a. milky; milk; lacteal. 

laitier, m. slag, scoria, (Iron) cinder; (Bot.) 
milkwort (Polygala) ; milkman. — a. milk. 
(A distinction is made by some between 
laitier, slag, ana scorie, scoria; the former 
resulting from the gangue and flux, the 
latter from the metal and the furnace; but 
both words are most commonly translated 

laiton, m. brass. 

— de fonte, cast brass. 

— en feuiUes, sheet brass. 
iaitonnage, m. brass plating, brassins* 




laltoimer, v.t brasa-plate, brass. 
lattae, /. lettuce. 

lalse, /. width* breadth (of cloth). 
lama» m. (ZoOl.) llama, lama. 

— cUpaoot alpaca. 

— vigogne, vicufta. 

lambeau» m. shred, scrap; rag; fragment, 
lambris» m. paneling, wainscoting; (âg.)oanopy. 
lame» /. (a thin flat piece, esp. of metal) foil, 

plate, sheet; lamina, scale; blade; slice; 

strip; slat; {Micros.t etc.) slide; band; 

wave, billow. 

— d'eau, sheet of undergroimd water; 
(Steam) water space. 

— de gaz, tongue of gas. 

— de platine, (piece of) platinum foil. 

— de poudre, cake of powder, milled cake. 

— porte-objet, (Micros.) slide. 
lameOalre» a. lamellar. 
lamellatlon, /. lamellar arrangement. 
lamelle» /. lamella, platelet, leaflet, scale; 

(fizpl.) grain, small disk; (Microe.) cover 

— couvre-objet, cover glass. 
lamelle» a. lamellate, lamellated, foliated. 
lameUeux, a. lamellar, lamellose. 
lamelUftee, a. lamelliferous. 
lamelliforme, a. lamelliform. 
lamentablement» adv. lamentably. 
lamenter» v. t., i. <k r. lament. 

lamette» /. small plate, platelet, lamella, small 

leaf, leaflet; clasp. 
lamlnaiie, m. rolling, etc. (see laminer). 
laminaire, a. laminated, laminar. 
lamlne» /. lamina, thin plate. 
laminé» p.a. rolled, sheet; calendered; 

laminer» v.t. roll (as metal into plates or 

sheets), laminate; calender (paper, cloth, 

etc.); flatten. 
lamlnerle» /. rolling mill. 
lamineur» m. roller (workman) ; » laminoir. 

— a. rolling. 
lamlneux, a. laminar, laminate, laminoee. 
laminoir» m. rolling machine, roller, rolls, roll; 

rolling mill, flatting mill. 
lamfiant» a. (of oil) suitable for burning in a 

lamp; (of olive oil) purified, good, bright, 

lampe, /. lamp. 

— à acétylène, acetylene lamp. 

— à dUoci, alcohol lamp, spirit lamp. 

— à arc, arc lamp, arc light. 

— d braser, brazing lamp. • 

— à esprit de vin, spirit lamp. 

— à essence, benzine lamp, gasoline lamp, 
gasoline torch. 

— à gaz, gas lamp, gas burner. 

— à huile, oil lamp (one using vegetable or 
I oil). 

lampe à incandescence, incandescent lamp. 

— à pétrole, kerosene lamp, oil lamp. 

— à souder, soldering lamp. 

— à vapeur de mercure, mercury vapor lamp. 

— d'émaiUeur, enameler's lamp. 

— de poche, pocket lamp, flash Ught. 

— de sûreté, safety lamp. 

— électrique, electric lamp, specif, a flash 

— témoin, indicator lamp. 
lampe-heure» /. lamp hour. 

lamper, v.i. (of the sea) phosphoresce. Cf. 

lamperon, m. wick holder; bowl (of a lamp). 
lamplsterle» /. lamp manufacture. 
lançage» m. laimching, etc. (see lancer). 
lanoe» /. lance; nozzle; rod, pole, staff. 
lance-bombes» m. bomb-throwing device, 

trench mortar, minenwerfer. 
lance-flammes» m. flame projector. 
lancement, m. launching, etc. (see lancer). 
lance-poudre» m. an apparatus for throwing 

powder on articles to be enameled or 

lancer, v.t. laimch; throw, dart, shoot, cast, 

emit; issue, send out, put out; start. 

— v.r. spring, fly, rush; launch out. 
lancette, /. lancet; (in general) tool with a 

lance-like blade. 
langase» m. language. 
langue» /. tongue; language; (of a balance) 

pointer, needle. 

— de chien, (Bot.) hound's-tongue (Cynoglos- 
sum officinale). 

languette, /. tongue (in technical senses); 
small tongue; (of a balance) pointer, 
needle; (of paper) small strip. 

langueur, m. languor, languidness. 

languir, v.t. languish; long; flag, drag. 

languissant, p.a. languishing; slow, dull. 

lanière, /. strap, thong; strip. 

lanoline, /. lanolin, lanoline. 

lanterne, /. lantern (in various senses) ; a glass 
window thru which the color of the gases 
is observed in the chamber process for sul- 
furic acid; a measure for loading shells; 
(Founding) core barrel (or core rod). 

lanthane, m. lanthanum. 

lapidaire, m. & a. lapidary. 

lapin, m. rabbit. 

— de garenne, wild rabbit. 

— du Brésil, guinea pig. 

lapis, lapls-lamll, m. (Min.) lapis lazuli. 

lapon, a. Lappic. — m. Lappic; ((Mp.) Lap- 

Laponle, /. Lapland. 

laps, m. lapse. 

laquage, m. lacquering; laking. 

laque, /. lake; lac, gunriacj^^r-^f». lacquer, 
lacker. _ o. lacfd bTVjXJOglL 




laque aitglaise, a cochineal lake of intense color, 
the finest quality of which is called crimson 

— brûlée, a cochineal lake containing a little 

: — carminée, lake (proper), cochineal lake (of 
which carmine and crimson lake are varie- 

— de bois rouge, redwood lake. 

— de garance, madder lake. 

— de gaude, weld lake. 

— de Smyme, S;nyma lake (from madder). 

— en bâton, stick-lac. 

— en bozdes de Venise, a variety of redwood 
(or brazilwood) lake. 

— en écaiUee, — en feuilles, shellac, shell lac. 

— en fila, lac melted and drawn into threads. 

— en grains, seed lac. 

— en plaques, shellac. 

— fine, a variety of cochineal lake. 

— minérale, a green pigment made by pre- 
cipitating a solution of sine and copper 
sulfates with sodium carbonate. 

— ordinaire, a variety of cochineal lake. 

— plate, shellac. 

— pla^ d'Italie, a variety of redwood lake. 
laqnéy a. lacquered, lackered; (of blood) 

laquebleUf m. litmus. 

laquelle» pron. fem. who, whom, which, that. 
laquer, v.t. lacquer, lacker; lake. 
laqueuXy a. of or pertaining to lac. 
lard, m. bacon. 

gros — , — gras, fat bacon. 

petit — , — maigre, lean bacon. 
lardaoé, a. lardaceous. 
lardOT, v.t. interlard; stab, pierce; lard. 
lardeux, a. lardaceous, fat, lardy. 
large, a. broad, wide; large, great, ample; 
liberal, generous; lax, unscrupulous. 

— m. breadth, width; open sea, high sea. 

— adv. largely; grandly. 

au — , oflf, away; well oflf; comfortably, 

au long et au — , far and wide. 
de — , in width, wide. 
largement, adv. widely, wide; largely, liberally, 

largeur, /. breadth, width, wideness; {Rail- 
ways) gage; (of a ship) beam. 

— dans ceuvre, width in the clear. 

— du jour, width of opening. 

— en fond, width at the bottom. 
largue, a. slack, loose; (Afach.) started. 
larguer, v.t. let go; slacken (a rope); let off 

larlx, m. ÇBot.) larch, lariz. 
larme, /. tear; -drop; specif., (Glass) a drop of 

fused material from the vault or crown of 

the furnace. 

larmeux, a. (of resins, etc.) in tears. 

larmoiement, m. lachrymation, watering of 
the eyes, weeping. 

larmoyer, v.t. weep, shed tears. 

lanre, /. larva. 

las, a. weary, fatigued, tired. 

laser, m. laser (the gimi resin) ; laserwort. 

lassw, v.t. fatigue, weary, tire. — v.r. tire, 
become fatigued. 

lasting, m. lasting (the cloth). 

latemment, adv. latently. 

latent, a. latent. 

latéral, a. side, lateral. 

latéralement, adv. laterally, on the side, aide- 
ways, sidewise. 

latex, m. (Bot.) latex. 

latlclfère, a. (Bot.) laticiferous. 

latin, a. Latin; lateen (sail). — m. Latin. 

latitude, /. latitude. 

latrine, /. latrine, privy. 

latte, /. lath; strip (as of iron); (Ceram.) a 
paddle or shovel for handling the moist 
clay; straight saber. 

lattis, m. lathing, lath work. 

landanlne,/. laudanine. 

landanlsé, a. containing laudanum. 

laudanoslne, /. laudanoeine. 

laudanum, m. (Pharm.) laudanum. 

— de Sydenham, Sj'denham's laudanum, wine 
of opium. 

laumonlte, /. (Min.) laumontite, laumonite. 
lanracées, (Bot.) Lauraceœ. 
lauréole, /. (Bot.) daphne. 

— femelle, mezereon (Daphne mezereum). 

— mâle, spurge laurel (Daphne laureda). 
laurier, m. laurel. 

— benzoin, spicebush (Benzoin benzoin), 

— commun, — noble, true laurel, bay laurel, 
bay tree (Laurus nobilis). 

laurlOT-cerlse, m. cherry laurel (Lataroceratus 

lauroeerasus) . 
laurler-rose, m. oleander (Nerium oleander), 
laurler-sauce, m. true laurel (Laurus nobilis). 
taurine, /. laurin. 
laurlnées, (Bol.) Lauraceœ. 
lauryle, m. lauryl. 
lavable, a. washable. 
lavabo, m. washstand, lavabo. 
lavage, m. washing, etc. (see laver); spilled 

liquid, slop. 

— à grand eau, (Ores) sluicing. 

— à la cuve, (Ores) tossing. 

— au crible, (Ores) riddling. 
lavande, /. (Bot.) lavender. 

— aspic, — en épi, — mâle, aspic, French 
lavender (Lavandula spica). 

— commune, — femeUe, — vraie, true or 
garden lavender (Lavandula vera). 

— triste, sea lavender (Limonium, esp. X». 
carolinianum) . 




laf»ndlère, /. laundress, washerwoman; wash- 
ing machine. 
lavasse» /. a hard siliceous stone; downpour. 
lare» /. lava. 

— de Volvic, an Auvergne lava much used 
as a material resistant to chemicals. 

— émaiXUe, enameled lava, glased lava. 

— fusible, artificial mastic. 

lavé» p.a. washed; (of colors) thin, faint, pale, 

lavée, /. quantity of material (e.g. wool) washed 

at one time. 
lavement, m. washing; (Med.) enema. 
laver, v. t. wash; wash out; wash off; cleanse, 

purify; huddle (ores). 

— le four, (Ceram.) cleanse the kiln of de- 
posited carbon by means of an oxidizing 

laverie, /. lavatory (as one consisting of a sink 
and drainboard); (operation of) washing; 
place where ores or other materials are 
washed, washing works. 
* laveur, m. washer; washing apparatus (e.g. a 
gas- washing bottle); washing machine; 
iOaê) purifier. — a. washing, wash. 

— de coupes, {Micros.) section washer. 
laveuse, fem. of laveur and similarly used. 
iavlque, a. lava, lavatic, lavic. 

iavis, m. wash; wash drawing, wash design. 

lavoir, m. washer, washing apparatus, washing 
machine; washhouse, laundry; washing 
place; cleaning rod (for guns); huddle 
(for ores). 

lavure, /. washings (as precious metal obtained 
from waste by washing) ; dishwater; swill, 
slop; {Med.) mucous and bloody super- 
secretions from the intestines. 

laiatif, a. A m. {Med.) laxative. 

lailté, /. looseness, slackness; laxity. 

layette, /. drawer; tray (for powder); box; 
trunk; baby linen, layette. 

lasuUte, m. {Min.) lazulite. 

le, article, masc. sino- the. (In many cases it 
should be omitted ia translating: as, h 
platine est coûteux, platinum is expensive; 
si Von exdut, if one excludes.) — pron. 
him, he, it. 

lé, m. breadth, width (of fabrics). 

iebarerz, m. hepatic (or liver-brown) cinnabar. 

iécanorine, /. lecanorin (lecanoric acid). 

féchage, m. licking, etc. (see lécher). 

lécher, v.t. lick; touch, pass over lightly (as 
With tongues) ; finish, finish off. 

léeltliliie, /. lecithin. 

lef^n,/. lesson; lecture; reading. 

lecteur, m. reader; proofreader. 

lecture, /. reading: proofreading. 

ledit, a. dt m. thf! said (person or thing), the 
above, the aforementicned, the same. 

léifon, m., lède, /. {^ot.) l^hre^or ^^ {LedunÇi. 

légal, a. legal. 

légalement, adv. legally, lawfuUy. 
I^sallser, v.t. authenticate; l^alise. 
légalité, /. legality, Ia>vfulness; law. 
légendiJre, a. legendary. 
légende, /. legend. 

— explicative, explanatory legend, explana- 
tion (of the letters on a drawing, or the 

léger, a. light; slight. — m. lightness. 
à la légère, lightly; light. 

légèrement, adv. lightly; slightly. 

légèreté, /. lightness; slightness. 

légiférer, v.t. legislate. 

législateur, m. legislator. — a. legislative. 

législatif, a. legislative. 

l^slatlon, /. legislation. 

l^ttme, a. legitimate. — /. legal share. 

l^^tlmement, adv. legitimately. 

Intimer, v.t. justify; legitimate. 

léguer, v.t. bequeath. 

l^^me, m. vegetable (specif., leguminous vege- 
table); legume. 

légumlne, /. legumin. 

légumineuses, (Bot.) Leguminosie, legu- 
minous plants. 

légumlneux, a. leguminous. 

lehm, m. loam. 

lelbnlzlen, a. Leibnitzian. 

lélocome, lelogomme, m. leiocome (dextrin). 

lemnlen, a. Lemnian. 

lendemain, m. next day, following day, 
le — de, the day after. 

sans — , without continuation, without a 

lenltlf, a. db tn. lenitive. 

lent, a. slow. 

lentement, adv. slowly, slow. 

lenteur, /. slowness. 
avec — , slowly. 

lenticulaire, lentleulé, a. lenticular. 

lentille, /. lens; lentil: bob (of a pendulum). 

— collectrice, condensing lens, condenser. 

— convergente, converging lens. 

— de rétrogradation, u lens-shaped dephleg- 

— divergente, diverging lens. 
lentlsque, m. mastic tree {Pislacia lentiscus). 
lépldlne, /. lepidine. 

lépldollthe, m. (Min.) lepidolite. 

lequel, pro7i. vumc. who, whom, which, that. 

les, article pi. the. (See le.) — pron. them, 

lesdltes, lesdlts, pi of ladite, ledit. See ledit. 
lésion, /. injury, damage: (Med.) lesion. 
lesquelles, pron. pi. of laquelle. 
lesquels, pron. id. of lequel. 
lessivage, m., lesslvatlon, /. lixiviation, et^, 

(see lessiver), 




lessifl^^ à la vapeur, extraction with steam, 

lessive» /. lixivium;' lye; washing; bucking; 


— brute, (Soda) vat liquor (lixivium from 
black ash). 

— caustique, caustic alkali solution, specif, 
(as in P?uinn.) solution of potassium 

— de recuit, (Soap) lye already used in boiling 
or salting out, with or without the addi- 
tion of fresh alkali. 

— dea savonniers, caustic soda solution. 

— de soude alcalino-scUée, (Soap) a lye pre- 
pared by adding slaked Ùme to a solution 
of sodium carbonate and salt. 

— de soude brute (or douce), (Soap) a lye 
made by lixiviating a mixture of sodium 
carbonate (as black ash) and slaked lime. 

— résiduaire, residual lye, waste lye (e.g. 
sulfite liquor). 

lessiver, v.t. lixiviate, leach; extract (with a 
liquid); wash with alkali or other deter- 
gent), scour, buck. 

lesslveor» m. lixiviator, leacher, etc. (see lessi- 
ver). — a. lixiviating, leaching, etc. 

— de chiffons, (Paper) rag boiler. 
lessiveuse»/, an apparatus for lixiviating, wash- 
ing or scouring, as a rag boiler, a pulp 
digester -or a bucking kier; washerwoman, 

lest, m. ballast. 

leste» a. light, active, smart, free. 

lester, v.t. ballast. 

Ktharsle» a. lethargy. 

lettrage, m. lettering. 

lettre, /. letter. 

— chargée, registered letter (containing 

— de voiture, waybill; bill of lading. 

— morte, of no effect. 

— recommandée, registered letter. 

lettres grasses, black letters, heavy-faced tsn^e. 

lettres maigres, light letters, ordinary or light- 
faced tsrpe. 
leaoélne, /. leucine. 

leueémle, /. (Med.) leucemia, leucocythemia. 
leucémique, a. (Med.) leucémie, leucocythemic. 
leucine, /. leucine. 
leuclque, a. leudc. 

lenclte, /. (Min.) leucite; (Med.) sclerotitis. 
leueolNise, /. leuco base. 
leucocldlne, /. leuoocidin. 
leucocytaire, a. leucocytio. 
leucocyte, m. leucocyte, white blood corpuscle. 
leucocythémie, /. leucocythemia, leucemia. 
leucocytolyse, /. leucocytoljrsis. 
leucocytose, /. leucocytosis. 
leucodérivé, m. leuco derivative. 
leucoijrse» /. leucolysis. 

leneomalne» /. leucomaine. 
leuconlque, a. leuconic. 
leur» pron. them, them, their, theirs. 
levage, m. raising, etc. (see lever). 
leValn, m. leaven, leavening agent. 

— artificiel, artificial yeast, cultivated yeast. 

— de chef, leaven consisting of dough which 
has fermented until it is very light. 

— de pâte, dough saved out for use as leaven. 
levant» m. east; (cap.) Levant. — of 

levé» p.a. raised, etc. (see lever); erect; up. 

— m. surveying, plotting, drawing. 

levée» /. raising; removal, removing; crop; 
stroke (of a piston); surveying, plotting; 
levee; levy. , 

— de cuite, in the process of making Mar- 
seilles soap, the removal of the curd from 
the lye and placing of it in vessels where 
it is left to become marbled. 

lever, v.t. raise; lift, lift up; hoist; set up; 
remove; revoke; take up; take; survey, 
plot, sketch. — v.i. rise; (of plants) come * 
up. — v.r. rise; be raised; (of weather) 
clear; (of window glass) warp. — m. ris- 
ing; surveying, plotting; survey, plot, 
plan, design, sketch. 

— sur lessive, separate (soap) from the lye. 
levier, m. lever; handle, arm, bar. 

— coudé, crank lever, bent lever. 

— de soupape, valve handle, valve lever. 
levier-def, n. (Elec.) make-and-break key. 
lévlgateur, m. levigator (e.g. an apparatus for 

levigating sugar-beet pulp). 
lévlgatlon» /. levigation, levigating. 
léviger, v.t. levigate. 
lévo-. levo-, lœvo-. 

lévogyre, o. levorotatory, levogyre, lœvogjnre. 
lèvre, /. lip; edge, border, rim. 
lévuUne, /. levulin. 
lévulinique, lévullque, a. levulinic. 
lévulosane, m. levuloean. 
lévulose, /. lévulose. 
levure, /. yeast. 

— basse, bottom yeast, low-fermentation 

— de bière, — de brasserie, beer yeast, brewer's 
yeast, brewery yeast, barm. 

— de culture, cultivated yeast. 

— de depot, bottom yeast. 

— de vin, wine yeast. 

— durable, permanent yeast, zymin. 

— ferment, yeast enzsnne. 

— grise, the gray upper layer of yeast which 
is rejected in making compressed yeast. 

— haute, top yeast, high-fermentation yeast. 

— morte, dead yeast (specif. Buohner's evapo- 
rated yeast extract). 

— pressée, compressed yeast, pressed yeast. 

— sauvdge, wild yeast. 




lefore superficielle, top yeast, surface yeast. 

— végétale^ v^^tating yeast. 
leTure-mère» /. mother yeast, parent yeast. 
lefurier, m. maker or seller of yeast. 
leTuromètre» m. an apparatus for measuring 

the fermentative activity of yeast. 
lexique» m. lexicon, dictionary. — a. lexical. 
lézard» m. lisard. 
lézarde» /. crevice, crack. 
lézarda» v.t. <k r. crack, crevice, chink. 
nage» m. binding, tsdng, etc. (see lier). 
liais» m. a very hard, close-grained limestone. 
liaison» /. connection r bond, linkage; union, 

jimction, joining, joint; tie; mortar. 

— éihyUnigue, ethylene hnkage, double bond. 
Dane»/, (fiot.) liana. 

Haut» a. pliant, pliable, soft, easily worked; 
flexible; elastic (as a spring); cohesive; 
(of metals) tenacious, tough, malleable; 
supple; gentle, compliant. — m. pliancy, 
pliability, etc. (see above) ; binding agent, 

Has» m. (Geol) lias. 

Uaslque» llasslque» a. (Oeol.) Liassic. 

liasse» /. package, packet, bundle, file; cord, 
tape, string. 

libelle» /. bubble (in a crystal inclusion) ; libel. 

libellé» p.a. drawn up, worded. — m. drawing 
up, wording. 

libeller» v.t. draw up, word. 

liber» m. (Bot.) bast, phloem, inner bark. 

libéral, a. liberal. 

Ubéralement» adv. liberally. 

Ubératton» /. liberation, setting free; dis- 
charge, release. 

libérer» v. t. liberate, set free; discharge. 

Ubérlen» a. (Bot.) relating to bast or phloem. 

liberté» /. liberty, freedom; (Mach.) play, 
en — , free; freely. 

— du commerce, freedom of trade. 
mettre en — , set free, liberate. 
miee en — , setting free, liberation. 

llbldlbl» n. (Bot.) divi-divi. 

libraire» m. bookseller. 

llbralre-édltenr» m. bookseller and publisher. 

librairie» /. bookstore, bookseller's shop; book 

libre» a. free; (of paper) unstamped; (Mach.) 

out of gear, disengaged. 
à l'air — , au — , in the open air, in free air. 
libre-échange» m. free trade. 
librement» adv. freely. 
lice, /. lists, field; warp (of fabrics); list, 

border; rail. 
licence» /. license; licentiate's degree. 
licencié» m. licensee; licentiate (holder of a 

degree intermediate between bachelor and 

Ueet» m. permission, permit. 

lichen» m. (Bot.) lichen. 

— Carragaheen, carrageen, Irish moss. 

— dee rochete, (Bot.) archil. 

— d'IslandCt Iceland moss, Iceland hchen. 

— tartareux, Lecanora tartarea (from which 
one kind of archil is prepared). 

Uchénlne» /. licbenin. 
Uchénlqae» a. lichenic (fumaric). 
licite» a. licit, lawful, allowable. 
Ue» /. lees, dregs, sediment, grounds. 

— de vin, wine lees; dark red or purple color. 
lié» p.a. boimd, tied, etc. (see Her). 

liège» m. cork. 

liégeois» a. of or pertaining to Liege. 

llégeax» a. corky, of the nature of cork. 

llement» m. binding, tying, etc. (see lier). 

Hen» m. bond, tie, link; band, strap, brace; 

Uer, v.t. bind, tie, join, attach, connect, fasten, 
fasten together, link, knit; relate; enter 
into, engage in; thicken (as a sauce); 
(Soap) emulsify. — v.r. be boimd, be tied, 
etc.; combine, unite; become intimate; 

lierre» m. ivy. 

— terrestre, ground ivy (Olecoma hederacea), 
lieu» m. place; turn, order; estate, rank; 

(Oeom.) locus. 

au — de, au — et place de, instead of, in place 
of, as a substitute for. 

au — que, whereas, when in fact. 

il y a — de, it is well to, it is necessary to. 
lleue, /. league. 
lièvre» m. hare. 
ligament» m. ligament. 
ligature, /. ligature; tie, joint, union. 
ligaturer» v.t. tie, bind, fasten. 
llgérien, a. relating to the Loire or its basin. 
ligne» /. line (in various senses) ; order, rank. 

en — de compte, into account. 

fiore de — , out of line, out of the way. 

?u>rs — , exceptional, extraordinary. 

— A plomb, plumb line, vertical line 

— blanche, white line; untarred cc i. 

— continue, continuous line. 

— courbe, curved line. 

— d'eau, level line; water line. 

— de chaînette, catenary. 

— de chemin de fer, railway line. 

— de feu, firing line. 

— de foi, fiducial line. 

— de mire, line of sight. 

— de repère, reference line. 

— de terre, ground line. 

— de tir, line of fire. 

— de visée. Une of sight. 

— droite, straight line, right line. 

— ferrée, railway. 

— goudronnée, tarred line. 

— infléchie, bent line, inflected lin^Tp 




ligne interrompue, broken line. 

— limitet limiting line, limit line. 

— pleine, solid line, continuous line. 

— pùintiUéet — ponctuée, dotted line. 
mettre en — de compte, take into account. 

Uglier» v.t, mark with parallel lines, rule. 

Ugneili» a. ligneous, woody. — m. lignin. 

ttgnlflcation, /. lignification. 

ttgnlfler, v.t. ék r. Hgnify. 

lignine» /. lignin. 

lignite» m. {Min.) lignite. 

Ugnocellnlose» /. lignocellulose. 

Ugnose» /. lignoee. 

Ugnoslté, /. ligneous quality, woodiness. 

llgrolne» /. ligroln. 

ligne» /. league. 

Illaclne» /. lilacin (syringin). 

lllas» m. ék a. lilac. 

lUlacé, a. (Bot.) liliaceous. 

UlUcées, (Bot.) Liliaceœ. 

llUal» a. lOy, of or like lilies. 

Umace» /. Archimedean screw; (ZoOl.) slug. 

Uniftçon» m. (ZoOl.) snail; {Anat.) cochlea; 

(McUh.) limaçon. 
limage» m. filing. 
limaille» /. filings, file dust. 

— de fer, iron fiHngs. 

— de fonte, {Iron) kish. 
UmalUeux, a. (Iron) kishy. 
Umas» m. » limace. 
Ilmatnre» /. filing; filings. 
llmbe» m. limb, border, edge. 
lime, /. file; lime (the fruit). 

— bâtarde, bastard file. 

— carrée, square file. 

— demi<U>uce, second-cut file. 

— demi-ronde, half-round file (a file with one 
flat and one curved surface). 

— douce, smooth file. 

— en qiKue de rat, rat-tail file. 

— grosse, coarse file. 

— plaU, flat file (file with two flat surfaces). 

— ronde, round file. 

— triangulaire, triangular file, three-cornered 
file, three-square file. 

Umer» v.t, file; (fig.) polish. 

Umette, /. lime (the fruit). 

Ilmettler» m. any of several plants of the 

genus Citrus. 
llmenr» m. filer; filing machine. — a. filing. 
limitatif» a. limiting. 
limitation» /. limitation. 
llmltatlYement» adv. in a limited manner. 
Umlte, /. dk a. limit. 
limité» p.a. limited. 
limiter, v.t. limit. 

llmon» m. mud, slime; lemon; shaft, thill. 
ttmonatfe» /. lemonade. 

— purgative au citrate de magnésie, (Pharm.) 
solution of magnesium citrate. 

limonade sèche au citrate de lithine, (Pharm.) 

effervescent lithium citrate. 
Umonage» m. (Agric.) application of mud or 

silt to land to improve it. 
llmone» /. limonin. 
llmonène» m. limonene. 
limoneux» a. muddy, slimy, oozy. 
limonier, m. lemon tree (Citrus medico limon), 
llmonlne» /. limonin. 
Ilmonlte» /. (Min.) limonite. 
llmonlteux» a. (Min.) limonitic. 
llmpMe» a. limpid, clear. 
llmi^dlté» /. limpidity, limpidness, clearness. 
Iln» m. flax; linen. 
huHe de — , linseed oil. 

— minéral, — inconU)ustible, — vif, amian- 
thus, fibrous asbestos. 

— sauvage, (Bot.) toadflax. 
Unalre» /. (Bot.) toadflax (Linaria). 

— commurie, common toadflax (L. linaria). 
Unaloé» /. (Bot.) linaloa. 

llnalol» m. linaloôl. 
Ilnarlnc» /. linarin. 
linéaire, a. linear. 
llnette» /. linseed, flaxseed. 
Ilnge, m. cloth, rag; linen. 

— américain, cloth coated with celluloid or 
the like. 

— en caoutchouc, cloth coated with rubber, 
or (by a misnomer) with celluloid or the 

lingerie»/, linen trade; linen warehouse; linen. 
lingot» m. ingot; slug (of metal). 
Ungotlère» /. ingot mold. 

— à eau, water-cooled ingot mold. 
Ungotlfdrme» a. ingot-shaped. 
Iliunict, m. pawl, catch, stop. 
llnler, a. flax, of flax. 

llnlère, /. flax field. 

lent» m. (Pharm.) liniment. 

— ammoniacal, ammonia liniment. 

— calcaire, lime liniment, carron oil. 

— crotoné, liniment of oroton oil. 

— opiacé, liniment of opium. 

— phosphore, phosphorated oil. 

— savonneux camphré, soap liniment. 

— savonneux ioduri, liniment of potassium 
iodide with soap. 

— sinapisé composé, liniment of mustard. 

— térébenthine, turpentine liniment. 

— térébenthine acétique, liniment of turpentine 
and acetic acid. 

— volatil, ammonia liniment, volatile lini- 

llnltlon, /. coating, anointing. 

Ilnolélque» a. linoleic. 

linoléum» m. linoleimi. 

Ilnoxlne» /. linoxin, linoxyn. 

Unteau» m. lintel. 

llnters» linters (short cotton fiber). 




Uon, m. lion. 

Uparolé» m. (Pharm.) ointment, unguent. 

lipase, /. lipase. 

lipastque, a. lipase, of lipase. 

lipémle» /. (Med.) Upemia, lipœmia. 

lipoehrome» m. lipochrome. 

Uposénèse, /. {Physiol.) lipogenesis. 

lipolde, a. & m. lipoid. 

llpolyse, /. (Physiol.) lipolysis. 

Ilpolytlque, a. lipolytic. 

llpomatenx, a. (Med.) lipomatous. 

lipome» m. (Med.) lipoma. 

llpurie, /. (Med.) lipuria. 

Uqaater, v.t. liquate, subject to liquation. 

— v.r. be liquated, undergo liquation. 
Uqaatlon, /. (Metal.) liquation, eliquation. 
liquéfaction, /. liquefaction. 
liquéfiable, a. liquéfiable. 
liquéfié, p.a. liquefied. 
liquéfier, v.t. db r. liquefy. 
Uqueseence, /. liqueecence. 
Uqueur, /. liquor; liquid, fluid; solution; 


— amniotique, amniotic fluid. • 

— anodine nitreuae, (Pharm.) spirit of nitrous 

— antiseptique, antiseptic solution. 

— aqueuse, aqueous liquid; aqueous solu- 

— arsenicale de Fowler, (Pharm.) Fowler's 
solution, solution of potassium arsenite. 

— arsenicale hydrocfdorique, (Pharm.) solu- 
tion of arsenous acid. 

— eupro-potassique, — de FMing, Fehling's 

— d'acétate de fer, (Pharm.) solution of ferric 

— d'ammoniaque, ammonia water. 

— d'ammoniaque vineuse, (Pharm.) spirit of 

— de Boudin, (Pharm.) solution of arsenous 

— de Donovan, (Pharm.) Donovan's solution, 
solution of arsenous and mercuric iodides. 

— de Pehling, Fehling('s) solution. 

— de Fowler, (Pharm.) Fowler's solution. 

— de Labarraque, = eau de Labarraque, 
imder eau. 

— des caUloitx, (Old Chem.) liquor of flints 
(water-glass solution). 

— de Schweitzer, Schweitzer's reagent. 

— de Van Suneten, Van Swieten's liquor or 
solution (an alcoholic solution of mercuric 

— de virage =■ liqueur témoin. 

— d* Hoffman, (P?iami.) spirit of ether, 
anodyne liquor of Hoffman. 

— épreuve, testing solution. 

— fumante de Boyle, Boyle's fuming liquid 
(ammoniiun sulfide solution). ' 

liqueur fumante de Cadet, Cadet's fluid (or 
liquid). Cadet's fuming liquid. 

— fumante de Libavius, fuming liquor of 
Libavius (stannic chloride). 

— hémostatique de Monsel, (Pharm.) solution 
of ferric subsulfate, Monsel's solution. 

— iodo-iodurée, iodine-iodide solution. 

— n,ervine de Bang, (Pharm.) compound 
spirit of ether. 

— surnageante, supernatant liquid. 

— témoin, indicator liquid. 

— titrée, titrated solution, standardized solu- 

— type, standard solution. 

— vesicant, (Pharm.) blistering liquid. 
Uquldambar, m. liquidambar. 
ttquldambaré, a. of liquidambar. 
liquidation, /. liquidation; (Soap) treatment 

of soap with weak lye or water to remove 
liquide, a. & m. liquid. 

— conservateur, preserving liquid. 

— d^ascite. ascitic fluid. 

— excitateur, exciting liquid. 

— témoin, test liquid, liq^d used for com- 

liquider, v.t. liquidate. — v.r. pay off, settle. 

liquidité, /. liquidity, liquidness. 

liquoreux, a. (of wine) liqueur-like, combining 

strength with sweetness. 
liquoriste, m. a maker or seller of liqueurs. 
lire, v.t. read. — v.r. be read. — /. lira (an 

Italian coin equivalent to the franc). 
lis, m. (Bat.) lily. 

— des teinturiers, dyer's weed, yellow weed 
(Reseda luteola). 

Usage, m. (Dyeing) agitation of hanks of silk. 

lisait, imp. S sing, of lire. 

lisant, of lire and of liser. 

IJsbonne, /. Lisbon. 

Use, m. (Dyeing) a rod or pole for supporting 
hanhs of silk in the vat. 

lisent, pr. S pi. indie. A subj. of lire and of liser. 

User, v.t. (Dyeing) agitate (hanks of silk) in 
the vat. 

liséré, m. border, edge; edging, binding. — p.a. 
bordered, edged. 

Usérer, v.t. border, edge, bind. 

UsIblUté, /. legibility. 

lisible, a. legible; readable. 

Usiblement, adv. legibly. 

lisière, /. selvage, selvedge, list; border. 

lissage, m. smoothing, etc. (see lisser) ; (Found- 
ing) black wash. 

), a. smooth; sleek; glossy. — m. smooth- 
ness. — /.a cylinder for polishing leather; 
warp (of cloth); string, cord; rail. 

lissé, m. smoothness, glossiness, gloss, glaze, 
polish. — p.a. gm^J^^ smooth, glossed, 
etc. (see lisser). 




lissée. /. glasine (of powder). 

Usser, v.t. smooth, gloes, glaze (as gunpowder), 
calender, sledc; polish, burnish; (Found' 
ing) black wash. 

Ussenr, m. smoother, glosaer, etc. (see Lisser). 

Ussease, fem. of Usseur. (Used both of per- 
sons and of machines.) 

Ussoify m. (of tools) smoother, glosser, etc. (see 
liÂer); glazing barrel (for powder); glaz- 
ing room or house (for powder) ; smooth- 
ing room (for paper). — o. smoothing, 
glossing, etc. 

Ussure, /. smoothing, glossing, etc. (see lisser) ; 
smoothness, glossiness, gloss, glaze, polish. 

liste, /.list. 

lit, m. bed; layer; course, directioû. — pr. S 
sing, of lire. 

— à fusion^ (Metal.) mixing bed. 

— de carrière^ natural bed (of a stone). 

— de fusiont (Metal.) charge (for smelting). 

— de gueuse, (Metal.) sow channel. 

— de grillage, (Metal.) a bed of fuel used in 
roasting or calcining. 

— de pains, (Sugcur) a stage or rack having 
holes in whicH sugar loaves are set to drain. 

— filtrant, filter bed, filtering bed. 
llteAU, m. strip, band; stripe. 

Uttt, v.t, place in beds or layers; cover the 
selvage of (fabrics) before dyeing. 

literie, /. bedding. 

Uthmrge, /. litharge. 

Uthaiié, Utliargyre, a. containing litharge. 

Uthtose, Uthlasle,/. (Med.) Uthiasis. 

Uthlne, /. lithia (lithium oxide); lithium 

Uthlne, a. combined with or containing lithia. 

lltiiliilfère, a. containing lithia or lithium. 

Uthlqne, a. lithic 

adde — , lithic acid (uric acid). 

lithium, m. lithium. 

llthocoUe, /. a lapidary cement. 

llthofelllque, Uthofelllnlque, a. lithofellic, 

Uthofiraetear, m. (Expl.) Uthofracteur. 

lithographie,/, lithography; lithograph; litho- 
graphing establishment. 

llthographler, v.t. lithograph. 

lithographique, a. lithographic. 

Utholde, a. lithoid, lithoidal. 

litigieux, a. disputable, contested; litigious. 

Utre, m. liter, litre (61.022 cu. in.). 

littéraire, a. literary. 

Uttéral, a. literal. 

littéralement, adv. literally. 

lltttoiture, /. literature; learning. 

llfarot, m. Livarot cheese. 

Uyèche, /. (Bot.) lovage (esp. Levisticutn levisti- 

llTlde, a. livid. — m. livid color. 

lividité, /. lividness, lividity. 

llvnble, a. deliverable. 

livraison, /. delivery; part, fascicle. 

llvrancler, m. deliverer, shipper; contractor. 
— o. delivering. 

livre, m. book. — /. poimd (as now used in 
France the word refers to the half kilo- 
gram) ; franc (which has replaced the livre, 
an old monetary unit of varjring value); 
poimd (as in livre sterling, poimd sterling). 

— anglaise, English poimd, pound sterling. 

— métrique, half kilogram. 

livrer, v.t. deliver; yield up; abandon, 
livret, m. small book, booklet; notebook; book 

(for gold leaf or the like) ; catalog. 
Uxlvlateur, m., Uxlvlateuse, /. lixiviator. 
llxi?latlon, /. lixiviation, leaching. 
Ilxl?lel, d. lixivial. 
Uxlvler, v.t. lixiviate, leach. 
lobe, m. lobe. 
lobélle, / (Bot.) lobelia. 

— enflée, Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata). 
lobéllne, jr. lobeline (an alkaloid); lobelin (a 

resin used in pharmacy). 
local, a. local. — tn. place, locality, premises, 

room, building. 
localement, adv. locally. 
localisation, /. localization. 
localiser, v.t. localize; locate. 
localité, /. locaUty. 
locataire, m. A f. tenant, renter. 
locatif, a. pertaining to a tenant or to rent. 
location, /. renting; rent. 
locaux, pi. masc. of local. 
locher, v.t. shake, shake loose; (Sugar) detach 

(a sugar loaf) from the mold by jarring. 
locomotive, /. locomotive, engine. 
loess, m. (Oeol.) loess. 
logarithme, m. logarithm. 

— vulgaire, common logarithm (to the base 


-/. loga- 

logarithmique, a. logarithmic(al). 

rithmic curve. 
loge, /. lodge, cell, booth, (theater) box. 
logé, p.a. put up, etc. (see loger) ; (of wine) in 

logement, m. bed, groove, seat; letting in; 

lodging, lodgings, quarters, room. 
loger, v.t. put up, pack; put, keep; lodge; 

quarter, billet; (Tech.) let in, set in. — v.t. 

lodge, live, stay. 
logique, a. logical. — /. logic. 
logiquement, adv. logically. 
logls, m. house, dwelling, home; building; inn. 

opening (of a glass furnace). 
loi, /. law; standard (of coinage). 

— de Mariotte, Mariotte's law (usually called 
Boyle's law in English). 

— des brevets, patent law. _ 

— naturelle, natural law. )QtC 

— périodique, periodic lawP 




Mn» adv. far, to a great distance, (of time) 
au — , at a distance, to a distance, far off. 
de — , from afar, from a distance, at a distance, 

long ago. 
de — en — , at long intervals. 

— de, far from. 

— giie (with at^.)t far from (with; as, 
loin qu*il aoU malade^ far from being 

lointain» a. far, distant, remote. — m. dis^ 

loisible, a. allowable, permissible. 
iolslbiement, adv. allowably, permissibly. 
lolstr» fit. leisure. 
lomlMare, a. (Anat.) lumbar. 
Lomlwrdle, /. Lombardy. 
londonien, a. London, of London. 
Londres, /. London. 

long, a. long; slow. — m. length. — adv. 
long; much. 

à la longtie^ in the long run, in time. 

au — , at length, at great length. 

au — de, along. 

de — , en — , lengthwise. 

de — en larger en — et en larges back and 
forth, up and down. 

le — de, along. 
longer, v.t. go along, run along, follow. 
longitudinal, a. longitudinal. 
longltodlnalement, adv. longitudinally. 
longtemps, adv. a long time, long. 
longue, a. fern, of long. 
longuement, adv. a long time, at length. 
longuet, a. a little long, rather long. 
longueur, /. length; slowness. 

en — , lengthwise; at length. 

— d'onde, wave length. 
longne*Yue, /. spyglass. 

looeh, TO. (Pharm.) lincture, loch, electuary. 

lophlne, /. lophine. 

lopin, TO. bit, piece, morsel; (Metal.) bloom. 

loquet, m. latch; catch, clasp, pawl. 

lorétlne, /. loretin. 

lorgnette, /. binocukr. 

— de epeelacle, opera glass. 
lorgnon, m. ey^lass, eyeglasses. 
kws, adv. then (now chiefly in phrases). 

dès — , from that time, since then; conse- 
quently, then. 
dee — que, since, seeing that. 

— de, at the time of, at the moment of, 
during, in. 

— mime que, altho, even tho. 
pour — , in that case; at that time. 

iorsQue, conj. when. 

losange, /. lozenge, rhomb, diamond. 

lot, m. lot; prize (in a lottery). 

loterie, /. lottery. 

lotier, m. (Bot), lotus. 

lotion, /. lotion. 

— à l'acétate de plomb, (Pfiarm.) lead water, 
diluted solution of lead subacetate. 

lotlonner, v.t. wash, bathe (with lotions). 
lotir, v.t. sample (ores) ; sort, grade (as grain) ; 

lot, divide into or arrange in lots, portion 

off; allot, assign; put in possession 

lotlssage, lotissement, m. sampling, etc. (see 

louable, a. praiseworthy, conmiendable. 
louage, TO. leasing, renting, hire, hiring. 
louange, /. praise. 
louanger, v.t. praise, commend. 
Bouche, a. turbid, cloudy, muddy; ambiguous; 

squinting. — to. turbidity, cloudiness, 

muddiness. — /. ladle; broach, reamer. 
louchement, to. becoming turbid, clouding. 
louehet, m. narrow spade. 
louehlr, v.i. become turbid or cloudy, cloud. 
louchlssement, to. becoming turbid, clouding. 
louer, v.t. lease, rent, hire; praise. 
louls, TO. louis (now, the 20-frano piece). 
loup, TO. wolf; (Metal.) salamainder, bear; 

(Paper, etc.) willow, devil; defect, fault; 

mask; facepiece (of a gas mask). 
loupe, /. magnifying glass, reading glass, lens; 

(Idetal.) bloom; (Med.) wen; (fiot.) wart. 

— à main, reading glass. 

— Coddington, Coddington lens. 

— microscope, magnifsring glass (esp. one of 
relatively high power). 

lourd, a. heavy; slow, dull; great, grave; 

expensive; (of weather) close. 
lourdement, adv. heavily; grossly, greatly. 
lourdeur, /. heaviness, etc. (see loiurd). 
loutre, /. (Zool.) otter. 
loyal, a. sincere, honest; loyal. 
loyalement, adv. sincerely, faithfully, 
loyauté,/, honesty, sincerity; loyalty. 
loyer, to. rent; salary, wages; (fig.) reward; 

(fig.) price. 
lu, p.a. read. 

lubréfaetlon, etc. See lubrifaction, etc. 
lubrlfaeteur. » lubrificateur. 
lubrifaction, /. lubrication. 
lubriflage, to. lubrication. 
lubrifiant, p.a. lubricating. — to. lubricant. 
lubrificateur, a. lubricating. — m. lubricator. 
lubrification, /. lubrication. 
lubrifier, v.t. lubricate. 
lubrifleur, m. lubricator (specif., oil cup). 
lucide, a. lucid, clear. 
lucidement, adv. lucidly, clearly. 
lucidité, /. lucidity, lucidness, clearness. 
ludferase, /. luciferase. 
luciole, /. firefly, lightning bug. 
Lucques, /. Lucca. 
lucratif, a. lucrative. 
lueur, /. glimmer, gleam, glow, flash, Gght. 




lui» pron. him, he, it; (as indirect object of a 
verb) to him, to her, him, her. — p.p. of 

lui-même» pron. himself, (less often) itself. 

Inlre, v.i. shine, emit lig^t; gleam, glitter, 
glisten, sparkle, glow. 

Inlsance» /. shining, etc. (see luire). 

luisant, p.a. shining, gleaming, etc. (see luire) ; 
glossy, lustrous. — m. gloss, luster, sheen. 

luisante, /. {Aatron.) bright star. 

Inlsard» m. (Min.) micaceous hematite. 

lumltoe,/. light; opening, orifice, mouth, hole, 
vent (as of a gim or fuse), port (as for 
steam), slit (as for sighting); sight, sight 
hole (of instruments). — a. bright, bril- 

— à arc, arc light. 

— à gaz, gaslight. 

— à incandescence, incandescent light. 

— à vapeur, steam port. 

— d'échappement, {Steam, etc.) exhaust port. 

— du jour, daylight. 

— électrique, electric light. 

— froide, light without heat, luminescence. 

— noire, {Physics) dark light (applied to cer- 
tain invisible radiations, esp. ultraviolet 

— oxhydrique, oxyhydrogen light, limelight. 

— polarisée, polarized light. 

— solaire, sunlight. 
lumignon» m. wick end; candle end. 
luminaire, m. lighting; luminary. 
luminescence, /. luminescence. 
luminescent, a. luminescent. 
lumineusement, adv. luminously. 
lumineux, a. luminous. 
lumlnlfère, a. luminiferous. 
luminosité, /. luminosity, limiinousness. 
lunaire, a. lunar. — /. {Bot.) satinpod {Lu^ 

lundi, m. Monday, 
lune,/, moon; (Alc^mi/) luna, silver; caprice. 

— cornée, silver chloride. 
lunel, m. Lunel wine, Limel. 
lunetier, m. spectacle maker. 

lunette, /. telescope; spyglass, glass; {pi.) 
spectacles; {pi.) goggles; peephole, sight- 
hole (also, the glass covering such a hole, 
sight glass); eyepiece (of a gas mask); 
{Olass) linnet hole; {Tech.) annular object, 
as a ring gage or a shell chuck; lunette. 

— à viseur, sighting telescope. 

— polarimétriqiie, polariscope. 

lupin, m. ÇBot.) lupine. 

luplnlne, /. lupinin (the glucoeide); lupinine 
(the alkaloid). 

lupuUn, m. lupulin. 

lupullne, /. lupulin; {Bot.) black medic. 

lurent, p.def. 3 pi. of lire. 

lusol, m. crude benaene used as an illumi- 

lussent, imp. subj. S pi. of lire. 

lustrage, m. lustering, lustring, glossing, etc. 
(see lustrer). 

lustre, m. luster, lustre; chandelier. 

— cantharide, {Ceram.) silver luster {Obs.). 
lustré, p.a. lustered, etc. (see lustrer); lus- 
trous, glossy. 

lustrer, v.t. luster, gloss, glaze, polish, calender, 

stake (leather), dress. 
lustrolr, m. polisher, specif, polishing cloth. 
lut, m. lute, luting. — p.def. S sing, of lire. 
lutatlon, /. luting. 
lutecium, m. lutecium. 
lutélne, /. lutein. 
lutéoUne, /. luteolin. 
Inter, v.t. lute. 
lutldlne, /. lutidine. 
lutldlque, a. lutidinic, lutidic. 
lutldone, /. lutidone. 
lutte, /. struggle, contest; wrestling. 
lutter, v.t. strive, struggle; compete; wrestle. 
luxe, m. luxury; luxuriance; richness. 
Luxembourg, m. Luxemburg. 
luxeme, /. {Bot.) luoem, lucerne, alfalfa. 
lycée, /. lycée, secondary school; lyceum. 
lycéen, m. lycée pupil. — a. of a lycée. 
lychnlde, /., lychnld, m. {Bat.) lychnis. 
lycope, m. (Bot.) bugleweed (f/ycopus). 

— de Virginie, Lyeopus mrginicus. 
lycopode, m. lycopodium. 
lyddite, /. {Expl.) lyddite. 
lydlen, a. Lydian. 

lydienne, /. {Min.) touchstone, Lydian stone. 
lymphatique, a. {Anat.) lymphatic. 
lymphe,/. {Physiol.) lymph; {Bot.) sap. 
Lyon, /. Lyons, Lyon. 
lyonnais, a. of or pertaining to Lyons (or 

lys, m. lily. (See lis.) 
lysatlne, /. lysatine. 
lysldlne, /. lysidine. 
lyslmètre, m. lysimeter. 
lysine, /. lysine (the amino acid); lysin (the 

class name for bacteriolysins, etc.). 
lysol, m. {Pharm.) lysol. 

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m.» abbrev. (mètre) meter; (meta) meta; 

(minute) mini|te; (mon) my; (mi(Û) south; 

(cap.. Monsieur) Mr., Sir; (cap., Majesté) 

mS abbrev. square meter. 
m*» àbbreo. cubic meter. 
m'* Contraction of me. 
niftt a. fem. my. 

mAcftdam* m. macadam; macadam road. 
niACMUiiilsage, maoMUmlsfttlon, /. maca- 
damising, macadamisation. 
niACMUmlser, v.t. macadamise. 
macaroni» m. macaroni. 
macédoine, /. medley; (cap.) Macedonia. 
macerate, m. the liquid product of maceration. 
macératenr, m. macerater, macerator, specif. 

(Bretoing) mash tun. — a. macerating. 
macération, /. maceration, macerating. 
macératum, m. = macerate. 
macéré, p.a. macerated. — m. » macerate. 
macérer, v.L, r. A i. macerate. 
mâché, p.a. chewed, etc. (see mâcher). 
m&che-boaclion, mâche-bonclions, m. cork 

mâchefer, m. cinders, ashes, scoria, dross; 

specif., coal cinders; forge scale. 
mâchement, m. chewing, etc. (see mâcher). 
mâcher, v. t. chew; disintegrate (paper) with 

moistening so as to form a pulp; (of a saw 

or the like) cut roughly; (fig.) mince. 
mâchlcatolre, m. masticatory. 
machinal, a. of or like a machine, mechanical. 
machinalement, adv. mechanically. 
machine, /. machine, engine; (Elec.) specif., 

dynamo; mechanism. 

— à calandrer, calender, calendering machine. 

— à ehandeUee, candle machine. 

— à cingler, shingling machine, shingler. 

— à détente, expansion engine. 

— à diviser, dividing engine. 

— à écrire, typewriter. 

— à feut heat engine. 

— à force centrifuge, centrifugal machine. 

— à g<u, gas engine; refrigerating machine 
using ammonia or other gas. 

— à glace, ice machine. 

— à huHe minérale, oil engine. 

— alimentaire, feeding engine. 

— aUemative, ÇSlec.) alternating-current 

machine à pétrole, gasoline engine; oil engine. 

— à pression, press. 

— à triturer, triturating machine or appa- 

— à vapeur, steam engine. 

— à vent, a machine soufflante. 

— bétonnière, concrete mixer. 

— centrifuge, centrifugal machine, centrifuge. 

— dynamo, dynamo. 

— électrique, electric machine. 

— fixe, stationary engine. 

— frigorifique, refrigerating machine. 

— motrice, motor, prime mover, engine. 

— rotative, rotary engine or machine. 

— soufflante, blower, blowing engine; fan. 
machlne-ontll, n. machine tool. 
machinerie, /. machinery; machine room, 

engine room; construction of machines. 

machiniste, m. machinist; engineman, engi- 

mâchoire, /. jaw; clamp, clip; (Anat.) 
maxilla; dolt, blockhead. 

mâchurer, v.t. smear, soil, daub, 8x>ot, 


m. mace. 
made, /. (Aftn.) made (chiastolite, also a 

crossed twin crsrstal). 
made, p.a. (of glass) stirred; (of crystals) of 

the nature of crossed twins. 
mader, v.t. stir (melted glass). — v.r. {Min.) 

crystallize in crossed twins. 
madorlne, /. maclurin. 
mâcon, m. Mâcon wine, Mâcon. 
maçon, m. mason. 
maçonnage, m. masonry. 
maçonner, v.t. build, repair or Une (in 

maçonnerie, /. masonry. 
macquevln, m. a kind of liquor composed of 

brandy and boiled wine. 
macrophase, m. {Physiol.) macrophage. 
macroscopique, a. macroscopic. 
maculage, m., maculatlon, /. spotting, 

macule, /. spot, stain, macula, macule. 
maculer, v.t. spot, soil, maculate. 
madame, /. madam, madame, Mrs. 
madéfactlon, /. (Pharm.) moistening, wetting. 
madéfler, v.t. (Pharm.) moisten, wet. 
mademoiselle, /. young la^O^^^C 




madère, m. madeira, Madeira wine; (cap.) 

madéilser, v.t. make (wine) like madeira. 
madrage, m. (Soap) the production of mottling 

or marbling (as by stirring in soaps of 

aluminium and iron). 
madré, a. spotted, speckled, mottled, 

madrier, m. plank, thick board. 
madmre» /. spot, speckle, mark. 
magasin, m. storehouse, storeroom, warehouse, 

magazine; shop, store; supply chamber, 

en — , in stock. 
magasinage, m. storage. 
magasinier, m. warehouseman, storekeeper. 
magdaléon, m. roll, stick (as of sidfur); 

(Pharm.) magdaleon (Qhs.). 
magenta, m. magenta. 
magie, /. magic. 

— blanche, white magic, natural magic. 

— noire, black magic, black art. 
magique, a. magic, magical. 
magistère, m. magistery. 

— de bisîniUh, magistery of bismuth (precipi- 
tated basic bismuth nitrate). 

— de coquilles d'huîtres, (Pharm.) prepared 
oyster shell. 

— de soufre, magistery of sulfur (precipitated 

magistral, a. masterly; authoritative; magis- 
terial; (Pharm.) magistral. — m. (Metal.) 
magistral, roasted copper pyrites. 

magma, m. magma. 

magnanimement, adv. magnanimously. 

magnésie, /. magnesia. 

— bkmcfie, — anglaise, (Pharm.) magnesium 
carbonate, magnesia alba. 

— calcinée, calcined magnesia, magnesium 
oxide, magnesia. 

— calcinée pesante, (Pharm.) heavy magne- 
sium oxide, heavy magnesia, magnesia 

— légère, (Pharm.) light magnesia. 

— liquide, (Pharm.) solution of magnesium 
carbonate, fluid magnesia. 

— lourde, (Pharm.) heavy magnesia. 

— noire, black manganese, pyrolusite (06s.). 
magnésie, a. combined with or containing 


magnésien, a. magnesian, magnesia, magne- 
sium, of or pertaining to magnesia or 
magnesium. — m. magnesium derivative. 

magnéslque, a. magnesium, magnésie. 

magnéslte, /. (Min.) sepiolite, hydrous mag- 
nesium silicate. (By some the word is 
used in the same sense as the English mag- 
nesite, magnesium carbonate, but this is 
generally considered, incorrect.) 

magnésium, m. magnesium. 

magnésothermle, /. magnesothdrmy (produc- 
tion of heat by the chemical combination 
of magnesium). 

magnétique, a. magnetic. 

magnétiquement, adv. magnetically. 

nuignétlsatlon, /. magnetization. 

nuignétlser, v.t. magnetize. 

magnétisme, m. magnetism. 

magnetite, /. (Min.) magnetite. 

magnéto, /. (Elec.) magneto. 

magnétochimie, /. magnetochemiatry. 

magnéto-électrique, a. magneto-electric(al). 

magnifique, a. magnificent. 

magnolier, m. (Bot.) magnolia tree, magnolia. 

magnum, m. magnum (two-liter bottle). 

mai, m. May. 

male, /. trough (as one for kneading clay); 

maigre, a. lean, thin, poor, meager, slender; 
(of coal) lean, nonbituminous; (of lime) 
lean, not slaking freely; (of type) light- 
faced; (of cheese) skim-milk. — m. lean 
meat, lean. 

maigreur, /. leanness, thinness, etc. (see 

mail, m. mallet, maul. 

maille, /. mesh, opening; link; eye, loop; 
stitch; spot, speck; mallet. 

mailieehort, m. maillechort, German silver. 

maillet, m. mallet, maul. 

mailloche, /. beetle, maul, mallet. 

maillon, m. link; stitch; noose. 

main, /. hand; scoop; handle; handful; (of 
paper) 25 sheets; (of silk) skein; hook. 
à la — , with the hand; by hand; in hand; 
at hand; handy; by guess; obliging. 

— coulante, — courante, handrail. 
sotis la — , at hand; in the hands (of). 
sous — , underhand, secretly. 

main-brune, a. designating a coarse gray 

main-d'œuvre, /. manual labor, hand labor; 

price for labor. 
maine, /. handful. 
main-forte, /. assistance, help, aid. 
mainmise, /. seizure. 
nudnt, a. many a, many. 
maintenant, adv. now, at present. — of 


— que, now that. 

maintenir, v.t. keep; maintain; keep up, sup- 
port, hold fast. — v.r. keep, remain, be 
maintained, stand one's ground, hold one's 
own, keep up. 

maintien, m. maintenance, preservation; atti- 
tude, bearing. 

maintiendra, fut. S sing, of maintenir. 

maintient, pr. S sing, of maintenir. 

malolique, /. (Ceram.) majolica^ t 

mairain, m. = merrain. jOO^IL 




maire» m. mayor. 

mais» conj. but. — ado. more; indeed. 
mais» m. maize, (Indian) corn. 
maison» /. house; home; household. 

— de commerce, business house, commercial 

— de santé, private hospital, sanitarium. 

— de ville, — commute, town house, mayor's 

mature, m. master; owner, proprietor; head, 
chief; (sometimes) master workman, fore- 
man. — a. master; clever; main, prin- 
cipal, head: arrant. 

— de conférences, (in French universities) 

— de verrerie, glass manufacturer. 

— is arts, master of arts. 

— souffleur, (Olass) head blower. 

— verrier, master glassmaker, head or em- 
plojring glass worker. 

maîtresse, /. mistress. — a. notable, superior, 
masterly; chief, main, principal. 

maîtrise, /. mastery, mastership. 

maîtriser, v. t. master, control. 

majestueux, a. majestic. 

majeur, a. greater, major; great, important; 
of age. — m. middle finger. 

maloUque, /. (Ceram.) majolica. 

maforatloii, /. increase (in price), additional 
cost; allowance, excess. 

majorer, v.t. increase the cost or price of; over- 
value; add an allowance to (to meet reduc- 
tion of any kind). 

majorité, /. majority. 

Majorque, /. Majorca. 

maluseule, a. d: f. (of letters) capital. 

nul, m, evil; trouble; injury; pain; illness; 
ill. — adv. ill, badly, wrong, badly off, on 
bad terms. — a. bad. 

— chimique, (Med.) necrosis of the lower jaw. 
malachite, /. (Min.) malachite. 

malade, a. ill, sick, diseased, in bad state. 

— m. & /. sick person. 
maladie, /. disease; malady, illness, sickness, 

disorder; mania, passion. 

— cutanée, skin disease. 
maladif, a. sickly, unhealthy. 
maladresse, /. awkwardness, clumsiness. 
maladroit, a. awkward, unskillful, clumsy. 
maladroitement, adv. awkwardly, unskillfully. 
malasa, m. Malaga wine, Malaga. 
malaguette, /. melegueta pepper, grains of 

Paradise, Guinea grains. 
malais, a. Malay, Malayan. 
malaise, m. discomfort, uneasiness. 
malaisé, a. difficult, hturd. 
malaisément, adv. with difficulty, hardly. 
Malalsle, /. Malaysia, Malay Archipelago. 
malambo, m. malambo (bark of Croton ma- 


malate, m. malate. 

malavisé, a. imprudent, rash. 

malaxage, m., malaxatlon, /. malaxation, 
malaxing, malaxage. 

malaxer, v.t. malax, malaxate, soften by knead- 
ing or rubbing or mixing; massage. 

malaxeur, m. malaxator, worker, mixer, (for 
clay) pugger. — a. malaxing, malaxating, 
mixing. "^ 

mâle, a. & m. male. 

malélque, a. maleic. 

malfaisant, a. injurious, harmful; malicious. 

malfll, m. a woolen cloth used for making press 
bags for oil meal, etc. 

mals^, prep, in spite of, notwithstanding. 

— qu*on en ait, in spite of oneself. 
malhabile, a. unskillful, clumsy. 
malheur, m. misfortune; tmhappiness. 

par — , unfortunately. 
malheureusement, adv. unfortunately, uv- 

luckily, imhappily. 
malheureux, a. unfortunate, imhappy, im- 

lucky, wretched, pitiful. 
maUgne, fem. of malin. 
malin, a. malignant; roguish; cunning, sly. 
mallque, a. malic 
malle, /. trunk; mail. 
malléablUser, v.t. malleableize. 
malléabilité, /. malleability, malleableness. 
malléable, a. malleable. 
malléer, v.t. beat, hammer (metal into sheets). 
malléine, /. mallein. 
malon, m. brick. 
malonlque, a. malonic. 
nuilonltrlle, m. malonitrile; malononitrile 

(incorrect use). 
malplghlen, a. (AruU., etc.) Malpighian. 
malpropre, a. dirty, unclean; improper. 
malpropreté, /. dirt, dirtiness; indecency. 
malsain, a. unhealthy, unwholesome. 
malt, m. malt. 

— brun, brown malt. 

— d'orge^ barley malt. 

— feutré, felted malt. 

— pelleté, turned malt, plowed malt. 

— touraHU, kiln-dried malt. 

— vert, green malt (undried malt). 
maltage, m. malting. 

nudtals, a. Maltese. 
maltase, /. maltase. 
Malte,/. Malta. 
malter, v.t. malt. 

malterle, /. malt house, malt factory; malting. 
malteur, m. maltster, maltman, malt maker, 
malthe, /. mtûtha, mineral tar. 
maltose, /. maltose. 
malTacées, (Bot.) Malvaceae. 
malvoisie, /. malmsey (the wine and grape). 
mamelle, /. breast; udder, bag; (AtuU,) 
mamma, C"r^r^n]i> 

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t m. rounded or mammillary man or 
projection; nipple, teat, mammilla; hum- 
mock, mamelon; {Mcich.) gudgeon. 
éf a. mammillary; rounded. 
t a. mammillary. 
» a. (Anat.) mammary. 
mammlffare» a. mammiferous, mammalian. 

— tn. mammal. 
lilBlHi nif OTfwf^» a. mammiform, mammillary. 
numche, m. lumdle; holder, helve, haft. — /. 
hose, pipe, tube; shaft, chute; sleeve; 
channel, strait. 
la Manche, the (British) Channel. 

— à botUotit handle in the form of or termi- 
nating in a button. 

~- de cuir, leather hose. 
~- de toUe, canvas hose. 

— d* Hippoerate, Hippocrates' bag (or sleeve), 
straining bag. 

numehette, /. cu£F. 

numchoii» m. sleeve; collar, hoop, ring, flange, 

jacket, casing, case, box, housing, etc.; 

(of a stopcock) shell, socket; (incandescent) 

mantle; clutch, coupling; (Olasê) cylinder, 

mu£F; (Paper) blanket; mu£F. 
-— d*accouplefnerU, dutch, coupling. 

— de refroidissement, cooling jacket. 
— >Ueté, screw sleeve. 

— pour édairage, incandescent mantle. 
numchoimier» m. (OUus) «blinder blower. 
UÈMMÈtônef m. sassy bark, mancona bark (also 

the tree, Erythrophlosum guineense). 
numdArlDCy /. mandarin, mandarin orange. 
numdmrinler, m. mandarin tree (Citrus no- 

nuinda^ m. mandate; order; check, draft; 

— de poste, post-office order. 
nuindatalre» m. agent, proxy, attorney. 
nuindéllque» a. mandelic 

mander» v.t. send for, order. 
mandragore, /. (Bot.) Mandragora. 

— officinale, mandrake (Mandragora offici- 

mandrin» m. mandrel, mandril; shaper, 

former; form; punch; drift; swage; 

chuck; gage (for hollow objects). 
mandrlner» v.t. work, shape or form upon or 

with a mandrel; punch, gage, etc. (see 

manette, /. (small) handle; specif., hand lever 

or key (as on an electric switch). 
manganate» m. manganate. 
mangane» m. manganese (Obs.). 
manganèse» m. manganese. 
manganese» a. containing manganese. 
manganéslen» a. of or containing manganese, 

manganéstfère» a. manganiferous. 
manganésliiue» a. manganic (Obs.). 

;, o. 

manganique» a. manganic. 

manganlte» /. manganite. 

manganlom» m. manganese (06«.). 

manganoferrosUleliim» m. an alloy of man- 
ganese, iron and silicon. 

manganoso-» manganous (as, sel mangaiwso' 
ammonique, manganous ammonium salt). 

mangeable» a. eatable, edible. 

mangeaille» /. feed (of certain animals). 

manger» v.t. eat; eat up, consume; eat away, 
wear away, corrode; destroy; n^lect, 
slight. — v.i. eat, (of animals) feed; (of 
lye used in making soap) lose strength, be 
neutralised. — v.r. be eaten, be consumed, 
etc. — m. food. 

manglter» m. (Bot.) mangrove (Rhizophora). 

mangue» /. (Bot.) mango. 

manguier» m. mango, mango tree (Mangifera 

manl» m. a resin from the Guiana candlewood 

maniable» a. manageable; easy to handle or 
work, handy, workable. 

manlage» m. handling, etc. (see manier). 

nuinle» /. mania. 

maniement» m. handling, etc. (see manier); 
rustle (of silk on handling). 

manier» v.t. handle; manipulate; touch, feel; 
work; manage. — m. handling; touch, 
feel, handle. 

manltee» /. manna:, way, method, fashion. 
de — d, so as. 
de — que, in such a way that, so that. 

— de voir, opinion, point of view. 
par — de, by way of. 

manifestation» /. manifestation. 
manifeste» a. manifest, evident. 
manifestement» adv. manifestly. 
manifester» v.t. manifest, display, show. 
manlgaux» lever (of a bellows). 
manlguette» /. « malaguette. 
manllla, m. Manila hemp, manila, manilla. 
manlDe, /. shackle; manila rope; Manila 

hemp, manila; (cap.) Manila. 
manlment» m. « maniement. 
manioc, m. (Bot.) manioc, cassava. 
manlpolateàr, m. manipulator; (telegraph) 

manipulation, /. manipulation. 
manipuler» v.t. et i. manipulate. 
manlpuleur, m. manipulator. 
manlYelle, /. crank, crank arm, winch. 
manne» /. manna; basket, hamper. 

— en sorte, (Pharm.) common manna. 
mannequin, m. mannikin; basket, hamper. 
mannltane» /. mannitan. 

mannite, /. mannitol, mannite. 
mannlté, a. (of wine, etc.) altered as a result 
of mannitio fermentation. )q\^ 




nuinnftiqne, a. mannitio. 

maimoheptlte» /. mannoheptitol, mannohep- 

numnoheptonlque» a. mannoheptonic. 

maimoiilqae» a. mannonic. 

maimosaccliiirlqiie» a. mannoeacchario. 
e, /. mannose. 
e» /. working, operation; maneuver, 
manœuvre; rope, tackle. — m. workman, 
laborer (grand manœuvre being a higher, 
and petit manœuvre a lower, grade). 

manœuvra» v.t. operate, work, manipulate, 
manage, maneuver. — «.«. work; maneu- 

numomètre* m. manometer, pressure (or 
vacuum) gage. 

— à mercure, mercury manometer» m«*ciuial 

— du vide, vacuum gage. 

— enregistreur, recording manometer, record- 
ing gage. 

numométrie, /. manometry. 

numométrlque» a. manometric, manometrioal. 

numouTrier, m. workman, laborer. 

nuinqiuiiit, p.a. missing, wanting. — m. miss- 
ing person or thing. 

nuinque* m. want, lack, deficiency; failure. 

manqué» a. defective; unsuccessful; missed. 

manquement» m. want, lack; failure; fault. 

manquer» o.t. be lacking, be wanting; be short, 
be in want; fail; miss. — v.t. miss; pass 
by. — v.r. fail; be missed. 

— de, lack, want, be wanting in; (with in- 
finitive) just escape, come near. 

e'en — (ie, be far from it, be missing. 

manteau» m. mantle (in varioiis senses, e.g. 
the outer wall and casing of a blast fur- 
nace); shell (of a mold); hood; mantel, 

mantisse» /. (Math.) mantisisa. 

manuel» a. A m. manual. 

manuellement» adv. manually, with the hand. 

manufacture» /. factory, mUl, manufactory; 
the workmen of a factory. 

nuinufaeturer» v.t. manufacture. 

manufacturier» m. manufacturer. — a. manu- 

manuscrit» m. ât a. manuscript. 

manutention»/, management, administration; 
handling (of goods) ; (Mil.) bakery. 

manutentionnaire» m. manager. 

manutentionna» v.t. handle (merchandise); 
make, prepare; (Mi{.)- bake (1n*ead). 

manianllla» m. manzanilla (a light, dry 

mappe, /. map. 

mappemonde» /. map of the world. 

maquereau» m. mackerel. 

maquiller» v.t. paint (the face). 

maraiclier» m. market gardener. — a, market. 

marais» m. marsh, moor, bog, swamp; market 
garden, truck farm. 

— salant, salt garden, saline (for making sea 

marasque»/. (Bot.) marasca (a kind of cherry). 
marasquin» m. maraschino (a liqueur). 
mar toe» m. marble; marbling; slab, stone, 

block, plate (often of cast iron); specif., 

(QUiêà) marver, marble. 

— dur, granite. 

— factice, artificial (or imitation) marble. 
marbré, a. marbled, variegated. 
marbrer» v.t. marble (as soap or paper); 

(Glass) marver. 
marbrltoe» /. marble quarry. 
marbrure, /. marbling. 
marc» m. marc, residue, residuum. 

— de soude, (Soda) e^austed black ash, vat 

— de vendange, marc of grapes. 
marcasite» marcasslte» /. (Min.) marcasite. 
marcellne» /. (Min.) a variety of braunite; 

marceline (a thin silk fabric). 

marchand» m. merchant, dealer, trader; 
buyer. — a. commercial, mercantile, mar- 
ket, merchant; marketable, merchantable; 
wholesale (price). 

marchandage» m. bargaining. 

marchandise, /. merchandise, goods, wbtcb. 

marche,/, course, procedure; progress; opera- 
tion, functioning; movement, motion; rate, 
speed; walk, walking; gait; march; step, 
stair; treadle, pedal; (Metal.) fire bridge. 

— à suivre, procedure. 

— continue, continuoiis operation. 
mettre en — , start, set going. 

marché» m. market; price, rate; bargain, sale, 

— indigène, domestic market, home market. 
bon — , cheap, cheaply. 

— mondial, world market. 
marchepied» m. step; footboard; stepping- 

marcher» v.i. go, move, progress, travel, nm; 

function, work, go; walk; march; behave. 

— v.t. tread; trample. — m. walking, 

faire — , make go, nm; tread (as clay). 
marcheur, m. treader; walker, pedestrian. 
marcheux, marchoir, m. kneading trough 

(for clay): kneading place; kneader, 

marcotte,/. (HortûmUure) layer. 
mardi, m. Tuesday. 
mare, /. pool, pond. 
marécage, m. marsh, swamp, bog. 
marécageux, a. marshy, swampy, boggy. 
maréchal, m. marshal; (maréchal ferrant) 

horseshoer, farrier, blKcksmitJf. — a. (of 

ço^l) forge.Digitized by VjUU^LL 




maréchalerie, /. blacksmith shop, farriery. 
marée» /. tide; fresh (sea) fish. 

— deacendarUe, falling tide, ebb tide. 

— montante, rising tide, flood tide. 
odeur de -^t odor of fresh fish, fishy odor. 

margarate, m. margarate. 

margarine» / margarine (butter substitute); 

margarin (glyceryl margarate). 
maiiEarinerie, /. margarine manufacture; 

margarine factory. 
margarinier, m. margarine maker. 
margarique, a. margario. 
margarite, /. (Min.) margarite. 
margarolde, a. resembling margarine. 
marge» /. margin; time, spare time. 
margeoir, m. iOlasà) a plate used for dosing 

the mouth of a covered pot or the opening 

of a furnace. 
marger» vA. (Olaaa) dose, stopper (a pot or 

marginal» a. marginal. 
marginer» v.t, margin. 
margousier, m. (Bot.) margosa, China tree. 
marl» m. husband. 
mariage» m. marriage. 
marier» v.t. marry; unite; adapt. — t.r. 

marry; blend, harmonise. 
marin» a. marine, sea. — m. seaman, mariner. 
marinade» /. pickle, brine; pickled meat; 

IVench dressing. 
marine»/, navy; marine; navigation. 
mariné» a. pickled; sea-damaged. 
mariner» v.t. dk i. pickle. 
marjolaine» /. (Bot.) marjoram. 

— commune, sweet marjoram {Origanum 

— ^uvage, wild marjoram (Priganum tul- 

marmelade» /. marmalade. 
marmite» /. pot; pan, kettle, boiler, copper, 
etc.; retort (as for nitric acid); potful. 

— de Papin, Papin digester. 
marmitée» /. potful, kettleful. 
marmorisation» /. marmarisation, marmoriza- 


mamuHiser» v.t. marmarise, marmorize. 

marmorite» /. marmorite (a veined opaque 

marnage» m. marling (of land). 

mame» /. marl. 

marner» v.t. marl. 

marneux, a. marly, marlaoeous. 

marnière» /. marl pit. 

Maroc» m. Morocco. 

marocain» o. Moroccan. — m. (cap.) Moroc- 

maroquin, m. morocco, morocco leather. — a. 
imitating morocco. 

nuuroqulnage» m. morocco tanRJxig (or dress- 

maroqulné» p.a. morocco-tanned, morocco» 
dressed; (of paper) mOTocoo. 

maroquiner» v.t. morocco-tan» morocco- 

maroquinerie, /. morocco tanning (or dress- 
ing); morocco factory; morocco trade; 
morocco article. 

maroquineur» maroquinlw, m. morocco tan- 
ner, morocco dresser. 

marouette, /. » maroute. 

nuurouflage, m. glued-on lining (as of canvas). 

maroufle, /. a kind of strong glue. 

maroufler, v.t. line (with canvas or the like, 
glued on). 

maroute» /. (Bot.) mayweed (AnthemU cotvla). 

marquage» m. marking, etc. (see marqua*). 

marquant, a. striking, conspicuous, remark- 

marque, /. mark; brand; trade-mark; sign; 
stamp; marker; tally; buoy. 

— d'eau, water gage. 

— de fabrique, trade-mark. 

mUle marques, the number of one thousand, 
the thousand mark. 

marquer» v.t. mark; mark out; brand; stamp; 
note; indicate; appoint, assign. — v.t. be 
noted, be remarkable or distingui^ed; 

marqueter» v.t. mark with spots; inlay. 

marqueterie» /. marquetry; (fig.) patchwork. 

marquette, /. a cake of virgin wax. 

marqueur, m., marqueuse, /. marker, 

marquise» /. (Pyro.) a kind of rocket. 

marron» m. chestnut (specif, the large sweet 
European chestnut); chestnut (colcv), 
maroon; (Pyro.) maroon; marker, tag, 
ticket, check; mold core; stencil. — a. 
unlicensed; runaway; run wild. 

— d*Inde, horse-chestnut. 
marronier» m. chestnut tree. 

faux — , — d'Inde, horse-chestnut tree. 
marrube» m. (Bot.) horehound (Marrvbium). 

— blanc, — commun, white horehound, com- 
mon horehound (M. vuigare). 

nutfs» m. March; (Old Chem.) Mars, iron. 
marsala» m. Marsala, Marsala wine. 
marseillais» a. of Marseilles. 
■Hwsouin» m. (ZofH.) porpoise. 
marteau» m. hammer; steik«*, knodcer, 

— à glace, hammer for crushing ice. 

— à queue, tilt hammer. 

— à vapeur, steam hammer. 

— cingleur (Metal.) shingling hammer. 

— de géologue, geologist's hamm«*. 

— d'eseayeur, assayer's hammer. 

— pioche, a combined hammer and pick. 
marteau-foulon, m. a heavy haauDMr for 

softening hides, ^d by V^ O Og vC 





marleaii-pllon, m. power hammer, drop ham- 
mer (e.g. a steam hammer). 
martelase, m. hammering. 

— au martinet, tilting. 

marteler, v.t. hammer; hammer out; worry. 

martelet, m. small hammer. 

martial» a. martial, (Old Chem.) of iron. 

martiner, v.t. hammer, tilt. 

martinet, m. tilt hammer; martin (the bird). 

martre, /. (Zoâl.) marten. 

mamm, m. (Bot.) cat thyme CFeucrium 

mamte, /. (Bot.) a plant of the genus Anthé- 
mis; specif., masrweed (A, cotula). 

mascaron, m. mask; specif., an ornamented 
piece of oast iron used as a support for one 
of the leveling screws of a balance or other 

masque, m. mask; screen, shield, cover. 

— A.R.S., see A.R.S. 

— respirateur, respirator, gas mask. 
masquer, v.t. mask; screen, cover, conceal. 
masse, /. mass; fund, funds, capital; lot, 

quantity (varying with the article) ; share, 
quota; scrap iron; bed, block (of stone); 
body (as of a furnace); sledge hammer; 
maul, beetle, rammer; area (on a mi^); 
stake (at play) ; (Elec.) ground. 
en — , in a mass, en masse, in a body, together. 

— active, (Com.) assets. 

— cuite, (Sugar) massecuite. 

— deminiffiné, white pig iron. 

— d'équilibrage, counterpoise, counterweight. 

— paeeive, (Com.) liabilities. 

— pUviaire de Vallet, (Pharm.) mass of fer- 
rous carbonate, Vallet's mass. 

par — , by the mass, by the lump. 
massé, m. (Metai.) bloom. — a. massed. 
-massean, m. (Metal.) shingled bloom. 
masselet, m. (Metal.) small bloom. 
masselotte, /. (Founding) feedhead, feeding 
head (aJso, a similar excess of material in 
candle molding); weight; plunger (of a 

v.t. mass; massage. — v.r. form 

D, m. (Metal.) shingled bloom. 

massloot, m. massicot; (Mack.) paper cutter. 

massif, a. massive. — m. solid mass; main 
part, solid part; shell (of a furnace); 
(Oeol.) massif, massive; mass of masonry 
(e.g. a pier) ; block, group (as of furnaces) ; 
(Pyro.) drift. 

masslirage, m. tamping, packing (as of con- 

massivement, adv. massively. 

masslver, v.t. tamp, pack (as concrete). 

ipasslveté, /. masaiveness. 

massoqne, /. (Metal.) bloom, slab. 

massoquetie» /. small bloom. 

massoquin, m. (Metal.) bloom, slab. 
massou, m. (Salt) a plank table or mokL 
massoy, n. massoy, massoy bark. 
massue, /. club. 

mastic, m. mastic; cement; putty. 
— ' artificiel, artificial mastic. 

— aephaUique, asphaltic cement, asphaltio 
mastic, asphalt. 

— bitumineux^ bituminous cement. 

— d'asphalte, » mastic asphaltique. 

— de fcTt — de fovUe, — de limaille de fer, iron 

— de vitrier, glasier's putty. 

— naturel, « mastic asphaltique. 
masticage, m. cementing; puttying. 
masticatoire, a. & m. masticatory. 
mastldne, /. masticin. 

mastiquer, v.t. cement; putty; masticate. 

mat, a. mat, dead, dull, unpoli^ed; heavy (as 
bread). — m, mat surface, dull surface, 

mftt, m. mast, pole. 

mataslette, matailette, /. a kind of dyna- 

maté, m. (Bot.) maté, mate, Paraguay tea. 

matelas, m. layer; lining; backing; cushion; 

— à air, air cushion. 
matelasser, v.t. pad, stufiF. 
matelassure, /. padding, lining; backing. 
matelot, m. sailor, seaman. 

mater, v.t. mat, render mat, dull, deaden; 
compact, make heavy (as dough) ; flatten, 
beat down, clinch, smooth (metals) : over- 
lay with metal. 

matérialiser, v.t. materialise. 

matériaux, materials, materiaL 

— bruts, raw material (s). 

— de construction, building materials. 
matériel, a. material. — m. material; stock, 

stores; plant; materiality. 

— de guerre, war material, military stores. 

— roularU, rolling stock. 
matériellement, adv. materially; positively. 
niaternlser, v.t. modify (milk) so as to im- 
itate human milk. 

maternité, /. maternity; lying-in hospital. 

mathématicien, m. mathematician. 

mathématique, a. mathematical. — /. mathe- 

mathématiquement, adv. mathematically. 

matlco, m. matico (esp. Piper angusHfolium) . 

matière, /. matter; material; (pi.) bullion; 
(pl.) contents (of a book) ; (Pyro.) compo- 
sition; (Law) case. 
en — de, in. point of, with respect to. 

— amylacée, starchy material, amylaceous 

— antiplastique, antiplastic material. 

— azotée, nitrogenous matter or substance. 




nuitlère bnUe, raw material. 

— carbonéef carbonaceous material or matter. 

— caséetise, cheesy or caseous matter. 

— colorante, coloring matter, specif. (1) dye, 
dyestuff, (2) pigment. 

— de réserve, reserve material. 

— détonante, explosive material, explosive; 
specif., detonator. 

— étrangère^ foreign matter or material. 

— intermédiaire, intermediate. 

— isolante, insulating material, insulator. 

— luhréfiante, lubricating material, lubricant. 

— médicale, materia medica. 

— organique, organic matter. 

— plastique, plastic material. 

— première, — primitive, raw material. 

— protéique, protein substance, protein. 

— réfractaire, refractory material. 

— résiduaire, residual product, by-product. 
matières d'argent, silver bullion. 

matières d'or, gold bullion. 

— suxrée, saccharine matter or material, sugar 

— tannante, tanning material. 
matin, m. morning. — adv. early. 
matinée» /. morning, forenoon; matinée. 
matlr, v.t. mat, render mat, dull, deaden. 
matolr, m. stamp; riveting hammer; deaden- 
ing tool. 

matraSf m. matrass, bolthead; matrass, mat- 
trass (hard glass tube). 

— d'essayeur, assayer's matrass (hard glass 

matrlcalre, /. (Bot.) Matricaria. 

matrice» /. matrix. — a. mother, parent; (of 

colors) simple, primary. 
mattage» m. matting, dulling, etc. (see mater). 
matte, /. (Metal.) mat, matte, matt. 

— blanche, (Copper, etc.) white metal. 

— bleue, (Copper) blue metal. 

— bronze, — brute, (Copper) coarse metal. 

— concentrée, (Copper) fine metal. 

— crue, crude mat, rough mat. 

— de cuivre, copper mat. 

— de plomb, lead mat, hard lead. 
matteau, m. bundle (of hanks). 
matter, v.t. » mater. 
mattoir, m. = matoir. 

maturatif, a. (Med.) maturative. — m. mat- 

urant, maturative. 
matnratlon, /. maturing; ripening; (Med. & 

Biol.) maturation; (Metal.) refining. 
maturer, v.t. mature, ripen; (Metal.) refine. 
maturité, /. maturity; ripeness. 
maudit, a. cursed, wretched, abominable. 
mauresque, a. Moorish. 
mauvais, a. bad; evil, ill. — adv. bad, badly; 

wrong, amiss. 
faire — , be hard; be trying; (of the weather) 

be disagreeable. 

mauvais goût, — goù^, (Alcohol) a fraction of 
disagreeable taste obtained in rectifying. 
The first fraction (mauvais goûts de tête) con- 
tains aldehyde, the last fraction (mauvais 
goûts de queue) contains amyl alcohol. 

mauve, /. mauve; (Bot.) msMow. — a. mauve. 

— sauvage, wild mallow (Malva sylvestria). 
mauvélne, /. mauveine, mauvein, mauvine 

(a dye). 

maux, of mal. 

maxinia,*a. fem. db m. pi. maximum. 

maxime, /. maxim. 

maximum, m. & a. maximiim. 
au — , at the maximum; in the highest (or 
higher) state of valence. 

maye, /. = maie. 

Alayence, n. Mainz, Mayence. 

mayonnaise, /. mayonnaise. 

mazéage, mazage, m. fining (or refining) of 
cast iron, esp. to remove silicon. 

mazée, /. (Iron) fine metal, refined metal. 

mazéer, mazer, v.t. (Iron) fine, refine. 

mazerie, /. (Iron) fining hearth, refinery. 

me, pron. me, to me. 

mécanicien, m. mechanician, machinist, en- 
gineer. — a. mechanical, machine. 

mécanique, a. mechanical. — /. mechanics; 
machine, mechanism; machination. 

— chimique, chemical mechanics. 
mécaniquement, adv. mechanically. 
mécaniser, v.t. mechanize, make mechanical. 
mécanisme, m. mechanism. 

— chimique, chemical mechanism. 
méciuint, a. bad, wrong, wicked, imkind. 
mèciie, /. wick; match (for use as a fuse, for 

fumigation, etc.) ; tinder; bit, drill; heart» 
core. . 

— d'amoroe, quick match. 

— incendiaire, slow match. 

méclier, v.t. match (as casks) ; (Sugar) mix the 
contents of (a dififuser) by introducing 
liquid at the bottom. 

meclioacan, m. (Bot. â: Pharm.) mechoacan. 

mécompte, m. miscoun^t; mistake; miscon- 

méconate, m. meconate. 

méconine, /. meconin. 

méconinique, a. meconinic. 

méconique, a. meconic. 

meconium, m. (Med.) meconium. 

méconnaissable, a. unrecognizable. 

méconnaître, v.t. not recognize; disr^^ard» 
slight; disown. 

méconnu, p.p. of méconnaître. 

mécontent, a. dissatisfied; discontented. 

médaille, /. medal; medallion. 

médaillé, a. medaled. — m. medalist. 

médaillon, m. medallion. 

médecin, m. physician,^^^^^iiÇT|^ 

médecine, /. medicine. o 




médian, a. median. 

médical» a. medical. 

médicament, m. medicament, medicine. 

ntôdlcamentalre» a. medicinal, medicamental. 

médlcamentatlon, /. medicamentation, treat- 
ment with medicine. 

médlcamenter* v.t. treat with medicine, medi- 

médicamenteux, a. medicinal^ medicamental. 

médlcateur, a. medicinal, remedial. 

médication, /. medication. 

médicinal, a. medicinal. 

médlclnalement, adv. medicinally. 

médlclnler, m. physic nut (Jatropha curcas). 

médiocre, a. moderate; mediocre. 

médiocrement, adv. moderately; indifferently. 

méditer, v.t. meditate, meditate upon, con- 
template. — v.i. meditate. 

médltenané, a. mediterranean, interior. 

Méditerranée,/. Mediterranean (Sea). 

méditerranéen, a. of the Mediterranean. 

médium, m. medium. 

médius, m. middle finger, médius. 

médoc, 7n. Médoc, Médoc wine; a gem stone. 

médullaire, a. medullary, medullar. 

médulle, /. (BtoZ.) medulla. 

méfier, v.r. be distrustful or suspicious. 

mégie, /. {Leafier) tawing. 

mégir, mégisser, v.t. taw. 

mégis, m. tawing paste. — a. tawed. 

m^^lsserle, /. tawing; tawing establishment. 

m^^ler, m. tawer. 

m^lleur, a. better; best. — m. best. — adv. 
faire — , be better. 

méjuger, v.t. misjudge. 

mélam, m. melam. 

mélamlne, /. melamine. 

mélange, m. mixture; mixing, blending, 
mingling; (Brewing) mashing; crossing 
(as of breeds or wires); medley; jumble. 

— anglais, a mixture of two thirds Para and 
one third ordinary rubber. 

— de Laming, (Oas) Laming's mass. 

— détonant, explosive mixture. 

— frigorifique, freezing mixture. 

— magnésien, magnesia mixture. 

— réfrigérant, freezing mixture. 

— tonnant, explosive mixture, detonating 

mélangeolr, m. mixer; (Ounpowder) mixing 

mélanger, v. t. mix; blend; mingle; intermix. 

— de, mix with. 

mélangeur, m. mixer; (Brewing) masher. 

— a. mixing. 
mélanine, /. melanin. 
mélanlte, /. (Min.) melanite. 
mélapliyre, m. (Petrog.) melaphsrre. 
mélasse, /. molasses. 

mélasslgène, a. melassigenic. 

mélasslque, a. molasses, relating to molasses; 

(of an acid) melassic. 
mélasso-calclque, a. of or relating to molasses 

and calcium or lime, molasses-lime. 
mêler, v.t. mix, mingle, blend; entangle; mix 

up. — ».r. mix, be mixed; meddle. 
mélèze, m. (Bot.) larch (Larix). 
mélézltose, /. melezitose. 
méUblose, /. melibiose (melebiose). 
mélllot, m. (Bot.) melilot (Melilotus). 

— officinal, yellow melilot (M. offi^nalis). 
mélllotlque, a. melilotic. 

melinite, /. (Expl.) melinite. 

méllsone, n. (Min.) wulfenite. 

mélisse, /. (Bot.) bahn, babn mint (Melissa). 

— offidncUe, garden balm (M. officinalis). 
méllsslpalmltlque, a. In the phrase ether 

mélissipalmitique, msrricyl (or melissyl) 

méllsslque, a. (of an acid) melissic; (of an 
alcohol) myricyl, melissyl. 

mélltose,/. melitose (raffinose). 

méllzltose, /. meUzitose (melezitose). 

mellate, m. mellitate. 

melléolé, m. (Pharm.) electuary. 

melléollque, a. designating a medicine com- 
posed of honey and a powder. 

melllque, a. mellitic. 

melllte, m. (Min.) mellite; (Pharm.) ioney, 

— de borax, (Pharm.) borax honey. 

— de rose, (Pharm.) honey of rose. 

— de vinaigre, (Pharm.) oxymel. 

— de vinaigre sdUitique, (Pharm.) oxymel of 

— simple, (Pharm.) clarified honey. 
melllthate, m. mellitate. 
melllthe, m. (Min.) mellite. 
melUtlque, melllthlque, a. mellitic. 
mellon, m. mellon, (less desirably) mellone. 
mellophanlque, a. mellophanic 
mellyle, m. mellityl. 

mélodieux, a. melodious. 

méloé, m. (Zoôl.) oil beetle (Meloé). 

melon, m. (Bot.) melon. 

— d'eau, watermelon. 
membrane, /. membrane. 

— du corps vitré, hyaloid membrane. 

— muqueuse, mucous membrane. 
membrane, membraneux, a. membranous. 
membre, m. member. 

membrure, /. frame, framing, framework. 
même, a. same; (with pronouns) self. — m. 
same thing, same. — adv. even, also, more. 

à — de, able to, in a position to. 

au — temps, at the same time. 

au — temps qiie, at the same time with. 

simultaneously with 

dans fe — sen* que. 

directly dingle 




même» continued. 

dans le — temps, at once. 

de — , the same, in the same way. 

de — que, in the same way as, the same as, 

just as, as well as. 
de — que . . . de — , just as ... so. 
en — temps, at the same time, together. 
un — échantillon, the same sample, a single 

mémolrâ, /. memory. — m. memorandum, 
note; report; bill, account; memoir; me- 
morial (the paper). 

mémorandum, m. memorandum; memoran- 
dum book. 

mémorial, m. memorandum book; memoirs; 
memorial (thedocument) ; (Com.) day-book. 

menaeer, v.t. threaten, menace. 

ménage, m. housekeeping; household, house, 
home; household goods; management; 
economy, thrift. 

ménagé, p.a. managed, etc. (see ménager); 
cautious, careful, prudent. 

ménagement, m. caution, circumspection, 

ménager, v.t. manage; manage carefully, take 
care of, make the most of, economize; 
siKure; obtain, secure. — v.r. obtain, se- 
cure; be managed, be cared for, etc. ; take 
care of oneself; be careful; get on, get on 
well; develop. — a. household; (of water) 
waste; careful, saving. — m. economizer; 

mène, /. (Soap) a series of lye tanks (barquieux) . 

mener, v. t. lead, conduct, take, carry, convey; 
drive; direct; carry on; manage; draw 
(a line) ; steer (a boat) ; treat. 

meiieur, m. leader, conductor, etc. (see mener). 

méningite, /. (Med.) meningitis. 

ménlspermaeées, ménlspermées, ifiot.) 

ménlMiue, m. meniscus. 

mensonger, a. untrue, false; .deceitful. 

menstrue, m. menstruum, solvent. 

menstrues, (Physiol.) menses. 

mensuel, a. monthly. 

mensuellement, adv. monthly; by the month. 

mensurablllté, /. measurability, mensur- 

mensurable, a. measurable, mensurable. 

mensurateur, a. measuring. 

mensuration, /. mensuration. 

ment, pr. S sing, of mentir. 

mental, a. mental. 

mentalement, adv. mentally. 

menteur, a. deceitful, false; lying. — m. liar. 

menthe, /. (fiot.) mint; a liqueur flavored with 

— à épi, spearmint. 

— à feuilles rondes, round-leaved mint 
(Mentha rotundifolia). • 

menthe anglaise, peppermint. 

— aquatique, water mint (Mentha aquatica). 

— crépue, curled mint (Mentha sUvestris 

— de chat, catnip, catmint (Nepeta cataria). 

— de cheval, horsemint (Monarda punctata). 

— des champs, corn mint (Mentha arvensis). 

— poivrée, peppermint (Mentha piperita). 

— povliot, pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium). 

— romaine, — verte, spearmint (Mentha spi- 
cata, or viridis). 

— sauvage, horsemint (Mentha longifolia) . 
menthène, m. menthene. 

menthol, m. menthol. 

mentholé, menthoUque» a. of or oontuning 

menthone, /. menthone. 

mention, /. mention. 

mentionner, v.t. mention. 

mentir, v.i. he, tell a falsehood, deceive. 

menton, m. chin. 

mentonnet, m cam, tappet, wiper; catch, 
lug, ear; cleat; flange. 

mentonnltoe, /. (Assaying) muflie plate. 

menu, a. small; fine, minute; minor, petty, 
inconsiderable. — m. material in small 
pieces or particles (all below a certain size), 
smalls, fines; detailed account, detail; bill 
of fare, menu; lower classes. — adv. small, 

— charbon, small coal (esp. fine charcoal). 
menues houilles, small coal, smalls, slack, coal 


— plomb, small shot, bird shot. 

menus sels, (any) salt in small pieces or par- 
ticles, fines. 

menuiserie, /. joinery, carpentry; joiner's or 
carpenter's shop; making of small objects 
of metal, also tiie objects themselves. 

méphitique, a. mephitic^ noxious. 

air — (Old Chem.) mephitic air (carbon di- 

méphitlser, v.t. render poisonous or offensive, 

méphltlsme, m. vitiation of the air by foul oi 
poisonous gases. 

méplat, a. flat. 

méprendre, v.r. be mistaken. 

mépris, m. contempt. — p.p. of méprendre. 
au — de, without regard to, in defiance of. 

méprise, /. mistake, error, oversight, blunder. 

mépriser, v.t. scorn, disdain, despise. 

mer, /. sea. 

Mer Azow, mer d'Azov, Sea of Azov. 

— Baltique, Baltic Sea. 

— Blanche, White Sea. 

— Caspienne, Caspian Sea. 

— de Chine méridionale, China Sea. 

— des Antilles, Caribbean Sea. ^ 

— d'Oman, Arabian Sea.jOOQlC 




mer du Japon, Se» of Jspatli 

— du Nord, North Se*. 

— Egée, MeeéH Stoi 

— Jaune, Yellow Sea. 

— MédiUrranée, Mediterraneftn Sea. 

— Noire, Black Sea. 

— Rouge, Red Sea. 
mereaptal, m. mercaptal. 
mercaptan, m. mercaptan. 
mereenalre, a. & m. mercenary. 
mercerlsage, m. meroerisixkg, meroerisatioii. 
merceriser, v.t. mercerise. 

merci, /. mercy. — m. thanks. 

mercredi, m. Wednesday. 

mercure, m. mercury; {cap.) Mercury. 

— argental, {Min.) argental mercury, amal- 
* sam. 

— doux à la vapeur, (Pharm.) calomel ob- 
tained as an impalpable powder by bring- 
ing the vapor in contact with steam (some- 
times called hydrosublimate of mercury). 

— fulminant, fulminating mercury (roorcuric 

— pricipiU blanc, (Pharm.) white precipitate, 
ammoniated mercury. 

mercuréthyle, m. mercury ethyl, Hg(CtHi)s. 

mercnreux, a. mercurous. 

mercuriale, /. (Bot.) mercury (Mercurialis); 

price list, schedule, tariff; reprimand. 
mercurialise, v.t. mercurialise. 
mercurlallsme, m. (Med.) mercurialism. 
mercurlaux, (Pharm.) mercurials. 
mwcurlel, a. mercurial, mercury. 
mwcurifère, a. containing mercury. 
mercurlflcatton, /. mercurification. 
mereurlque, a. mercuric. 
mwcnroso-mwcurlqne, a. mercuroso-mer- 

merde, /. excrement. 

— d'oie, a greenish yellow color. 

mère, /. mother; matrix, mold. —7 a. mother; 
principal; fine, pure. 
eau — , mother liquor. 

— de vinaigre, mother of vinegar. 

— goutie, unpreesed must (which runs from 
the grapes before pressing begins), first 

— perle, mother of pearl. 
méridien, m. et a. meridian. 
méridienne, /. meridian, meridian line. 
mMdionml, a. southern, south; meridional. 

— m. southerner, one living in the south. 
mMnoB, m. merino. 

merisier, m. (Bot.) wild cherry (Pruntu 

méristème, m. (Bot.) meristem. 
mérite, m. merit; person of merit. 
mériter, v.t. merit, deserve; need, require. 

— v.i. be worthy, deserve. — «.r. be 

méritoire, a. meritorious. 

merluche, /. stockfish (esp. dried codfish): 
(ZoOl,) hake, merluce (Merlucciue). 

merlus, m. «> merluche. 
peau en —, see under peau, 

mwraln, m. stavewood, staves; clapboard. 

merveille, /. wonder, marvel. 
à — , wonderfully, marvelously. 

merveUlensement, adv. wonderfully, marvel- 

menrellleux, a. wonderful, marvelous; excel- 
lent; strange, odd. — m. marvelous; 
marvelous part. 

mes, a, pi. my. 

mes-, mis-; mes-. 

mésaconique, a. mesaconic. 

mésaventure, /. mishap, accident. 

mescal, m. mescal. 

mésestimer, v.t. underrate, undervalue. 

mésltlne, /. (Afin.) mesitite, mesitine. 

mésltjrlène, m. mesitylene. 

mésitjrlénique, a. mesitylenic. 

mésotarMque, a. mesotartaric. 

mésotliorium, m. mesothorium. 

mésoxallque, a. mesoxalic. 

mésoaoique, a. (Oeol.) Mesosoio. 

mesquin, a. mean, poor, narrow, stingy. 

message, m. message. 

messager, m. messenger; carrier. 

messagerie, /. rapid transport, conveyance 
(by rail, boat or otherwise); goods con- 
veyed, shipment, freight; (formerly) coach 
or coach ofllce. 

messieurs, gentlemen, sirs, Messrs. 

mesurable, a. measurable. 

mesurage, m. measuring, measurement; sur- 
veying; weighing, considering; propor- 

mesure, /. measure; measurement; position 
(to do something) ; proportion. 
à — , in proportion, accordingly. 
à — de, in proportion to, according to. 
à — que, in proportion as, according as, as 
soon as, as. 

— à pied, a measure (specif, a graduated cup 
or graduate) standing on a foot or base. 

— divisée, graduate. 

— en ruban, tape measure. 

outre — , beyond meas\u*e, excessively. 
aana — , without measure, immeasurably, 
mesurer, v.t. measure; weigh, consider; pro- 
portion. — v.r. be measured; measure 
mesureur, m. measurer. — a. measuring. 
mésuser, v.t. misuse. 

met, pr. S sing, of mettre. (See also mets.) 
meta-, meta-, m-. 
méta-antlmonlque, a. metantimonic 
métablsulllte, m. metabisulfite, pyrosulfite. 




métabonque, a. (Biol.) metabolic. 
métabolisme, m. (BtoZ.) metabolism. 
métmeelliilose, /. metacellulose (fimgin). 
métachromasle, /. metachromatism. 
mêtachronuitlne, /. metachromatin. 
mêtaeiiromatlque, a. metachromatic. 
métadértvé» m. meta derivative. 
métadiazine, /. metadiazine. 
métahémiphilque, a.m-hemipic, metahemipic. 
métal» m. metal. 

— à canon, gim metal. 

— à collets, bearing metal. 

— alcalin, alkali metal. 

— alcalino-terreux, alkaline-earth metal. 

— à miroirs, speculum metal. 

— anglais, — argentin, Britannia metal, 

— blanc, white metal. 

— britannique, Britannia metal, britannia. 

— brut, raw metal, coarse metal. 

— console, an alloy of copper, zinc and tin. 

— d'Aich, Aich metal (alloy of copper, zinc 
and iron). 

— d'Alger, a white metal composed of tin 60, 
lead 34.6, antimony 5.4. 

— de Bath, Bath metal (a variety of brass). 

— de canon, gun metal. 

— décapé, pickled metal, scoured metal. 

— de cloche, bell metal. 

— de Darcet, Darcet's metal (bismuth, lead 
and tin with sometimes mercury). 

— de fonte, cast metal. 

— delta, delta metal (essentially copper, zino 
and iron). 

— de Muntz, Muntz metal (copper 60-64, 
zinc 40-36). 

— de prince, super-refined copper. 

— de Rose, Rose's metal (bismuth 50, lead 
25, tin 25). 

— doux, soft metal; antifriction metal. 

— du prince Robert, Prince Rupert's metal, 
Prince's metal. 

— écume, scimi of metal, specif, kish. 

— natif, native metal. 

— ondulé, corrugated metal. 

— précieux, precious metal. 

— rebelle, refractory metal. 

— Roma, a phosphor bronze containing man- 

— sterro, sterro metal, delta metal. 

— utile, useful metal (specif., Metal., the 
quantity of workable metal obtained from 
an ingot or charge). 

— vierge, virgin metal. 
métalbumine» /. metalbimiin, pseudomucin. 
métaldéhyde, /. metaldehyde. 
métalléité, /. metallicity, metalleity. 
métallescence, /. metallic luster. 
métallescent» a. of or designating metallic 


métallifère, a. metalliferous. 

métalllforme, a. metalliform. 

métalUn, a. metalline, m^llic. 

métallique, a. metallic. 

mêtalllquemeiit, adv. in metal, in specie. 

métalllsase, m., metalUsatton, /. metallisa- 
tion, metallizing. 

métalllser, v.t. metallize. 

métalloehlmle, /. the chemistry of metals. 

métallochlmlque, a. relating to the chemistry 
of metals. 

métallochiomle, /. metallochromy. 

métallogénle, /. the science of the origin ci 
metals, the science of metalliferous de- 

métallographe, m. metallographist. 

métallographle, /. metallography. 

métallographlqne, a. metallographic 

métalloïde, m. metalloid. — a. metalloid (al). 

métalloldlque, a. metalloid, metalloidal. 

métano-organlque, a. metalorganic, organo- 

métallmrgle, /. metallurgy. 

métallnrslque, a. metallurgical, métallurgie. 

métallurgiquement, adv. metallurgically. 

métallurgiste, m. metallurgist. 

métamère, a. metameric. — m. metamer. 

métamérle, /. metamerism, (rarely) meta- 

métamorphique, a. metamorphic. 

métamorphisme, m. metamorphism. 

métamorphose, /. metamorphosis. 

métamorphoser, v.t. metamorphose. 

métanlle, a. metanil. 

métaphosphate, m. metaphosphate. 

métaphosphorlqne, a. metaphosphoric 

métaphtallque, a. metaphthalic (isophthalic). 

métaphysique, /. metaphysics. — a. meta- 

métaphyslquement, adv. metaphysically. 

métaphyte, n. (Bot.) metaphyte. 

métargon, m. metargon (a supposed element 
since shown to be carbon monoxide). 

métasérle, /. meta series. 

métastannlqne, a. metastannic. 

métatltanlque, a. metatitanic. 

métaux, pi of métal. 

métavamidlque, a. metavanadic. 

métell, m. mixed wheat and rye, meslin. 

météorlfuge, a. {Pharm.) antiflatulent. 

météorique, a. meteoric. 

météorite, m. meteorite. 

météorltlque, a. meteoritic. 

météorologie, /. meteorology. 

météorologique, a. meteorologic(al). 

méthane, m. methane. 

méthanlque, a. methane, pertaining to me- 
thane or the methane (paraffin) series. 

methanol, m. methanol, methyl alcohol. 

méthanomètre, m. methanometer. 




méthaniire, m. any compound which may be 
regarded as formed by the replacement, in 
methane, of hydrogen by metal. 

méthémogloblne» /. methemoglobin, methse- 

méthode, /. method; process; elementary 

— d Za catalane, {Afetai.) Catalan process. 

— dea moindres carrést {Math.) method of 
least squares. 

— du touchau, (Assaying) touch-needle 
method, touchstone method. 

— marseillaise, Marseilles method (esp. of 
making soap). 

— pondérale, (Analysis) gravimetric method. 
méthodlqiiey a. methodical. 
méthodiquement, adv. methodically. 
méthjrial, m. methylal. 
méthjriainine, /. methylamine. 
méthylanlUue, /. methylaniline. 
méthylarslnlque, a. methanearsonio, methyl- 

méthylate, m. methylate. 
méthyle, m. methyl. 
méthylène, m. (Org. Chem.) methylene; (Com.) 

wood alcohol, wood spirit, methyl alcohol, 


— de bois, wood spirit, wood alcohol. 
méthylène-protœatéchlque, a. methylene- 

protocatechuic (piperonylic). 
méthylénlque, a. methylene, of methylene. 
méthylfurfumne, m. methylfuran. 
méthylforfurol, m. methylfuraldehyde. 
méthyllodhydrlqne, a. In the phrase ether 

mHhyliodhydrique, methyl iodide. 
méthyllqiie, a. methyl, of methyl, methylic. 
méthyllsatton, /. methylation. 
méthyllser, v.t. methylate, (rarely) methylize. 
méthylorange, m. methyl orange. 
méthylorelne, /. methylorcinol. 
méthylpentaméthylène, m. methylpenta- 

methylene (methylcyclopentane). 
méthylphénylcétone,/. methyl phenyl ketone 

(acetophenone) . 
méthsiqulnolélne, /. methylquinoline. 
méthylslllclque, a. In the phrase ither methyl- 

sUicique, methyl silicate. 
méthylthlophène, m. methylthiophene. 
méthylnre, m. methide. 
méthylxanthlne, /. methylxanthine. 
méthystlclne, /. methysticin. 
. métier, m. trade; profession; occupation; 

loom, frame. 

— à bras, hand loom, hand frame. 

— à filer, spinning frame. 

— à tisser, loom. 

métlère, /. (Salt) an evaporating basin. 
métis, a. (Metal.) red-short; hybrid, half- 
breed, mongrel. 
métisser, v.t. cross-breed, cross. 

métol, m. (Photog.) metol. 

métoqulnone, /. (Photog.) a combination of 
metol and hydroqmnone, used as a de- 

métrage, m. measurement or length in meters. 

mètre, m. meter, metre (39.37 inches). 

— carré, square meter (1.196 sq. yd.). 

— courant, running meter, linear meter. 

— ci^t cubic meter (1.308 cu. yd.). 
W — anglais, yard. 

mélxé, m. measurement in meters. 
mètre-kilogramme, m. kilogrammeter. 
métrer, v.t. measure in meters. 
métrique, a. metric; metrical. 
métrologie, /. metrology. 
métrologlque, a. metrological. 
métropole,/, mother country; metropolis. 
métropolitain, a. metropolitan; of the mother 

country, home; archiépiscopal. 
mets, m. food (prepared for the table), dish. 

— pr. B sing, of mettre. 
mettant, p.a. putting, etc. (see mettre). 
mettre, v.t. put; place, set; put on; lay on; 

put down, write; bring, reduce; use, em- 
ploy; spend; cause to consist (in). — v.r. 
put, place, or set oneself; go, get, stand, 
sit, etc.; begin; dress; be put, be set; be 
worn; break out. 

— chauffer de Veau, put water to heat, heat 
water (and so for similar phrases). 

— en liberté, set free, liberate. 

— hors, put out; expend; put (a blast fur- 
nace) out of blast. 

(For other phrases commencing with mettre 
see the next important word in the phrase.) 

méture, /. com bread (from maize flour). 

meuble, m. piece of furniture; set of furniture; 
(pi.) furniture; article; (Law) chattel. 

— a. movable; (of property) personal; (of 
soil) easily worked. 

meubler, v.t. furnish (as a house), stock, store. 

meule, /. stone or wheel for grinding (as a 
millstone, grindstone, emery wheel) ; stack, 
rick (as of hay); heap, pile, (for bricks) 
clamp, (for charcoal) meiler; a round, fiat 
cheese (esp. Gruyère) ; (Gunpowder) runner, 

— d'émeri, emery wheel. 
meuUer, a. millstone, mill-. 

meulière, /. millstone, buhrstone, burrstone; 

millstone quarry. 
meunerie, /. milling, milling industry. 
meunier, m. miller. 

meurent^ pr. s pi. indie. & subj. of mourir. 
meurt, pr. 3 sing, of mourir. 
meurtrier, a. murderous, deadly. — m. mui^ 

meurtrir, v.t. bruise. 

meurtrissure, /. bruise, (Hed.) coiitusion. 
meut, pr. S sing, of mouvoJrQOQlC 




meaTentf j»** S pi. indic. & mbj. of mouvoir. 

mexlealilf a. Mexican. — m. (cap.) Mexican. 

Mexique, m. Mexico. 

méséréon» m. (Bot.) mecereon (Daphne 
mezereum); iPharm.) mesereum. 

ml-, half, semi-, mid-, middle; in halves. 

mlcft, m. (Min.) mica. 

micacé, a. micaoeous. 

mlcMchlste, m. (Petroo.) mica schist. 

mlcMchlstenx, a. of the nature of a mica 

micellaire, a. micellar. 

micelle, /. micella. 

ml-chaud, a. (Soap) made by a process inter- 
mediate between the cold process and the 
usual boiling process (the boiling lasting a 
short time only). 

mi-chemin. In the phrase à mi^^hemin, half- 

microbe, m. microbe, microorganism. 

microble, /. microbiology. 

microbien, a. microbio, microbial. 

mIcrobloloKle, /. microbiology. 

microblolofflqae, a. microbiological. 

mlcroblque, a. microbic 

mlcrochlmle, /. microchemistry. 

mlcrochlmlqae, a, microchemical. 

mlcrocoecus, mlcrocoque, m. (Bact.) micro- 

mlcrocosmlque, a. microcosmic. 

mlcrocrlstslUn, a. microcrystalline. 

microgniphe, m. micrographer. 

micrographie, /. micrography. 

mlcrographlque, a. micrographie. 

mlcroHthe, m. (Petrog.) microlite. 

mlcrollthlque, a. (Petrog.) microlitio. 

micromètre, m. micrometer. 

micrométrie, /. micrometry. 

mlcrométrlque, a. micrometric(al). 

mlcrométrlquement, adv. micrometrically. 

micromllllmèire, m. micromillimeter. 

micron, m. micron (one thousandth milli- 

mlcro-organlsme, m. microorganism. 

microphotographie, /. microphotography; 
microphotograph, photomicrograph. 

microrganlsme, m. microorganism. 

microscope, m. microscope. 

— composé, compound microscope. 

microscopic, /. microscopy. 

microscopique, a. microscopic, microscopi- 

microscoplste, m. microscopist. 

microspectroscope, m. microspectrosoope. 

microtome, m. microtome. 

midl, m. noon; south (specif., southern 

ml-doux, a. half-soft. 

ml-dur, a. half-hard, semi-hard. 

mie, /. crumb (the soft part of bread). 

miel, m. honey. 

— horaU, (Pharm.) borax honey. 

— despumi, clarified honey. 

— rosat, (Pharm.) honey of rose. 
mlelat, mlellat, m. honeydew. 

miellé, a. honey, like honey (specif., honesr- 

colored) ; honeyed. 
miellée, /. honeydew. 
mielleux, a. honey, like honey, honeyed; lu»> 

miellure, /. honeydew. 
mien, mienne, pron. A a. my, mine, of 

miette, /. crumb; morsel; small piece. 
mieux, adv., a. A m. better; (with le) best. 

au — , as well as possible. 
ml-fln, a. designating a grade of Para rubber 

inferior to that called " fine." 
ml-flxe, a. semiportable. 
mignon, a. tiny, small, pretty, delicate. 
mignonette, /. coarsely powdered pepper; 

any of several plants, as the garden pink 

or the mignonette; fine pebbles; minion 

t3i>e; mignonette lace. 
migraine, /. sick headache, m^^m, migraine. 
migrateur, a. migrating, migratory. 
migration, /. migration. 
mlgratirfre, a. migratory, migrational. 
mUoter, v.i. simmer, boil gently. — v.t. cause 

to simmer. 
mil, a. one thousand. — m. millet. 
ml-lalne, m. half-wool fabric, half-wool. 
milanais, a. Milanese. 
mlldlou, mildew, m. mildew. 
mlldlousé, mlldewsé, a. mildewed. 
milieu, m. medium; specif., atmosphere; 

middle; midst; middle course; (fig.) heart, 


— rédticteur, reducing medium, reducing 

militaire, a. military. — m. soldier; military. 
militairement, adv. in a miUtary way. 
militer, v.i. militate. 
mille, a. thousand, a thousand, one thousand. 

— m. thousand, a thousand, one thousand; 

mllle-feullle, /. (Bot.) milfoil, yarrow. 
mllle-pertuls, m. St.-John's-wort (Hyperù 

millet, m. millet. 
milliard, m. billion, thousand millions (specif., 

a billion francs). 
millième, m. A a. thousandth. 
millier, m. thousand; 500 kilograms, half a 

metric ton (or, a thousand pounds). 
milligramme, m. milligram, milligramme. 
millilitre, m. milUliter, millilitre. 
millimètre, m. millimeter, millimetre. 
million, m. million. ^-^ , 

millionième, <^i^zmïJ^^mf@mQ[e 




mllllsfère» m. millistere, liter, cubic deci- 
mince» a. thin; slender; slight. 
mincer» v.t. mince, cut fine. 

r, /. thinness; slendemeas; slight- 

mine» /. mine; ore; minium; graphite; look, 
appearance, aspect, mien. 

— onglaiBe, red lead, minium. 

— hmU^ raw ore. 

— d'acier, siderite, spathic iron. 

— d'aimant, magnetite. 

— de cuivre, copper mine; copper ore. 

— de fer, iron mine; iron ore. 

— de fer blanche, siderite, spathic iron. 

— defer epéeulaire, specular iron ore. 

— de marai», bog iron ore. 

— de platine, — du platine, crude plati- 

— de piomb, lead mine; lead ore; graphite, 
black lead; hence, pencil. 

— d'itain, tin mine; tin ore. 

— douce, sphalerite, sine blend. 

— grasse, ore containing little or no gang. 

— orange, orange lead, cnange minium (a 

mineê groeees, ore in pieces, lump ore. 
mlne-<minge» /. orange lead, orange minium. 
minor» v.t. mine; undermine; (fig.) destroy. 
mineral» m. ore. 

— hrvJt raw ate, 

— d'aLun, alum stone, alunite. 

— d'argent, silver ore. 

— de cuivre, copper ore. 

— de fer, iron ore. 

— d^étain, tin ore. 

— de vitriol, pyrite, iron psrrites. 

— en roche, (»« in compact massea. 

— pauvre, poor ore, low-grade ore. 
minerais menus, small ore, smalls. 

minéral» a. mineral; specif., inorganic. — m. 

— d'Hermès, merciuy. 
mlnérallsable, a, mineralicable. 
mlnéraUsateur» a. mineralizing — m. miner- 


minéralisation» /. mineralization. 

mlnérallser, v.t. mineralize. 

mlnérmllté» /. mineral or inorganic state. 

minéralogie» /. mineralogy. 

mlnéimloglque» a. mineralogical. 

mlnéraloglquement» adv. mineralogically. 

mlnéralofflste» m. mineralogist. 

mlnéralorsle» /. the application of mineralogi- 
cal knowledge to industrial use. 

mlnéralurglque» a. relating to minéralurgie. 

minéraux» p2. masc. of minéral. 

mln^e» /. rock-salt mine. 

mineur» m. miner; minw. — a. minor; 

minette» /. (Petrog.) minette (either mica trap 

or oôÛtic iron ore). 
minier» a. mining, relating to mines. 
mlnltoe, /. ore-bearing material; surface mine, 

mlnlmant» a. minimum, at a minimum. 
minime» a. very small; trifling, unimportant. 
mlnlmer» minimiser» v.L minimise. 
minimum» m. dk a. minimum. 
au — , at the minimum; in the lowest (or 

lower) state of valence. 
ministère» m. ministry; minister's office.' 
ministre» m. minister. 
minium» m. minium. 

— de fer, red ocher. 

mlnofw» m. an alloy of tin 68.6, antimony 17, 
zinc 10 and copper 4.4. 

mlnoratlf» a. dk m. (Med.) laxative. 

minorité, /. minority. 

Mlnorque, /. Minorca. 

minoterie» /. flour mill; milling business. 

minuit» m. midnight. 

minuscule» /. small letter, lower-case tetter. 
— o. smaU, very small. 

minute» /. minute; first draft; original. 

minutieusement» adv. minutely, in detail. 

minutieux» a. minute, particular. 

miocène, a. (Oeol) Miocene. 

ml-partl» a. equally divided, half and half, 
half . . . and half. 

ml-partir» mliiartlr» v.L divide into halves. 

ml-psrtltlon» /. division into halves. 

miracle» m. miracle. 
à — , admirably. 

miraculeusement» adv. miraculously. 

miraculeux» a. miraculous; astoniahing. 

ml-rafflné» a. half-^'efined, partially refined. 

.mlrlNine» /. mirbane. 

essence de — , essence of mirbane (nitro- 

mire» /. sight (specif., front sight, fore sight) ; 
leveling rod; directing mark. 

mirent» p.def. S pi. of mettre. 

mire-œuf» mire-œufs» m. candling apparatus. 

mirer, v.t. look at; specif., examine by trans- 
mitted light; candle (eggs). 

miroir» m. mirror, Gooking) glass, speculum. 

— ardent, burning mirror. 

— plan, plane mirror. 

— réflecteur, reflector. 

miroitant» p.a. glittering, shining, specular. 
miroitement» m. glitter, glittering. 
miroiter, v.i. glitter, shine. — v.t. polish. 
miroiterie, /. mirror manufacture; mirror fac- 
tory; mirror trade. 
miroitier, m. one who makes or sells mirrors. 
mis, p.p. <k p.def. 1 dk B sing, of mettre. 
mlscellannées, miscellanies. 
mlsclblllté, /. miscibility. ^-^ , 

mlsdble» o. miscible, ed by Cj O OQ IC 




mise» /. putting, placing, etc. (see mettre); 
(Soap) frame; (Metal.) layer; share (of 
capital); stake; bid; dress, dressing; (of 
money) circulation. 
de — , admissible; suitable; fashionable; pre- 

— au miUe, (Metal.) the gross weight needed 
to make 1000 kg. of useful metal. 

— de feu, setting on fire, lighting, ignition, 

— de feu chimique, chemical ignition. 

— de fonda, expenditure, outlay. 

— en feu, = mise de feu. 

— en liberté, setting free, liberation. 

— Iiora, outlay; putting out; putting (a 
blast furnace) out of blast. 

For the meaning of other phrases see the cor- 
responding phrases of mettre, e.g. mettre 
au point (under point), mettre en suif 
(under suif), etc. 

mlsénible) a. miserable, wretched. 

misérablement, adv. miserably, wretchedly. 

misère, /. misery; annoyance; trifle. 

miséricorde, /. mercy. 

mi-sole, m. half-silk fabric, half-silk. 

ml-sollde, a. seminsolid. 

mlsplckel, m. (Min.) mispickel, arsenopjrrite. 

missent, imp. subj. S pi. of mettre. 

mission, /. mission. 

mlstelle, /. (Wine) a must to which alcohol 
has been added to check fermentation. 

mit, p.def. 3 sing, of mettre. 

mitaine, /. mitten; mitt. 

mlthrldate, m. (Old Pharm.) mithridate. 

mltlger, v.t. mitigate. — v.r. be mitigated. 

ml-toUe, m. half-Unen fabric, half-linen. 

mitonner, v.i. simmer. 

mitoyen, a. middle, intermediate, parti-, 

mitraille, /. scrap metal, scrap; specif., scrap 
iron; (MU.) any material (as shrapnel) 
for scattering effect. 

— cuivre, scrap copper, old copper. 

— d'étain, scrap tin, old tin. 

— jaune, scrap brass, old brass. 

— rouge, scrap copper, old copper. 
mitrailleuse, /. machine gun, mitrailleuse. 
mitre, /. cowl, hood (for a chimney); thick 

paving block; cone valve; miter. 

ml-vltesse, /. half speed. 

mixte, a. mixed. 

mixtion, /., mlxtlonnage, m. mixture; mix- 
tion (a mordant for gold leaf) ; (Ceram.) a 
copal varnish used in transferring designs; 
(Engraving) a mixture of tallow and oil for 
covering the etched parts. 

mixture, /. mixture (esp. in Pharm.) ; = mix- 

— de gomme ammoniaque, (Pharm.) ammonia- 
cum mixture. 

mixture de réglisse, (Pharm.) compound mixture 
of glycjrrrhiza, brown mixture. 

— de résine de gaîac, (Pharm.) guaiacum 

— ferrugineuse de Griffith, (Pharm.) com- 
pound iron mixture, GriflBth's mixture. 

mobile, a. mobile; movable, moving; change- 
able. — m. moving body; motive i)ower; 
mover; motive. 

mobilier, a. (of property) personal, movable. 
— m. furniture, household goods. 

mobiliser, v.t. mobilize. 

mobUlté, /. mobiUty. 

modalité, /. circumstance, details; modality. 

mode, m. mode; method. — /. mode; man- 
ner; fashion; (pi.) millinery. 
à la — , in the fashion, fashionable. 

— d'emploi, method of use, directions for 

— opératoire, method of operation. 
modelage, m. modeling. 

modèle, m. model; pattern. — a. model. 

— de fonte, foundry pattern. 

— de poche, pocket model. 
modeler, v.t. <k i. model. 

modèle-type, m. (Ceram.) a plaster cast from 
which the working molds are made. 

modeleur, m. modeler. 

modérateur, m. governor; regulator; modera- 
tor; damper. — a. governing, regulating, 

modération, /. moderation; diminution, re- 

modéré, a. moderate; moderated; reduced. 

modérément, adv. moderately. 

modérer, v.t. moderate; slacken; reduce. 

moderne, a. modem. 

moderniser, v.t. modernize. 

modeste, a. modest. 

modestement, adv. modestly. 

modicité, /. smallness. 

modifiable, a. modifiable. 

modifiant, p.a. modifjring. 

modificateur, a. modifying. — m. modifier; 
(Mach.) engaging and disengaging gear. 

modification, /. modification. 

modifier, v.t. modify. — v.r. be modified. 

modique, a. small, imimportant. 

modlquement, adv. in a small way, unim- 

module, m. modulus; module. 

moelle, /. marrow; pith; (Anat.) medulla; (of 
a hair) medulla, pith. 

— allongée, (Anat.) medulla oblongata. 

— de sureau, elder pith. 

— d'os, — des OS, bone marrow, marrow. 

— épinière, spinal cord. 

moelleux, a. mellow; soft, sweet or gentle; 
marrowy; pithy. — m. mellowness; sçft- 
ncss; grace, /^~^ i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




moeUon, m. (Leather) degras, dégras, moellon; 
sandstone for grinding mirrors; ashlar, 
rough or partly dressed stone. 

— aggloméré, artificial stone, cement block. 
moeurs» manners, customs; morals; 

mofëtlséy a. mephitic, noxious. 
mofette» /. noxious gas, specif, choke damp. 
mol> pron. me, to me, I. — m. self; egoism. 
moignon» m. stump. 
mol-même» pron. myself. 
molndfe, a. less, lesser, smaller, inferior; least, 
slightest, smallest. 
moindres carrée, (Math.) least squares. 
moindrement, adv. least, the least. 
nurfne, m. monk; (Metal.) blister. 
, moineau» m. sparrow. 
UM^ns» adv. less, not so, not as; least. — prep. 
lerâ, minus; except. — m. least; minus 
■ign, dash, 
à — que, (with ne and the subj.) unless, if 
not; (with de and infinitive) unless, with* 
au — , at least, at the least, above all, how- 
de — , less; missing. 
de — en — , less and less. 
du — ', at least, at any rate, still, however, 

en — , minus, less, as a deduction. 
en — de, in less than. 
molns-value, /. loss in value, diminution in 

value; deductiqn, dockage. 
moln^^» m. watering (of fabrics), moiréeing. 
moire» /. water, watering, moiré (on fabrics, 
etc.); watered fabric^jnoire; honeysuckle. 
moiré» p.a. watered, moiré, chatoyant. — m. 
watering, water, moiré; watered or moiré 
material, moiré. 

— métallique, a watered or moiré appearance 
on tin; also, the tin or tinplate iteelf. 

molrer» v.t. water, moiré (fabrics, etc.). 

moirure» /. watering, water, moiré. 

mois, m. month; month's pay or allowance; 

(Physiol., pi.) menses. 
molse» /. tie, brace, couple, connecting piece; 

an implement for haiïdling plate glass. 
molsl» p.a. moldy, molded. — m. moldiness, 

moisir» v.t. make moldy, mold. — v.t. become 

moldy, mold. 
moisissure» /. mold; moldiness, mustiness. 
moisson, /. harvest. 

moissonner» v.t. harvest, reap, mow; gather. 
molte» a. moist, damp, humid. 
moiteur, /. moistness, moisture, dampness, 

moitié, /. A adv. half. 

à — , half, at half. 
moitlr, v.t. moisten, dampen, make damp. 

moka» m. Mocha cofiFee, Mocha. 

moi, a. Used instead of mou before a vowel. 

molaire, a. <& f. molar. 

molarlte, /. a kind of millstone or buhr- 

molasse, /. (Oeol.) molasse. 

moléculaire, a. molecular. 

moléculalrement, adv. moleoularly. 

moléeularlsatlon, /. reduction or conversion 
into molecules. 

molécularlsé, a. constituted of molecules. 

molécularlser, v.t. arrange in molecules. 

moléeule, /. molecule. 

molène, /. (Bot.) mullein, muUen (Verbascum). 
— médicinale, great mullein, common mullein 
(V. thapaus). 

molester, v.t. molest. 

molet, m. pincers, nippers; (pi.) boggy 

moletage, m. milling; polishing. 

moleter, v.t. mill; polish. 

moletoir, m. a glass-polishing instrument. 

molettage, m. milling; polishing. 

molette, /. any of various small wheels for 
milling, tracing, cutting, etc.; muller (for 
pigments); rubber, mealer (for powder); 
pulley; rowel (of a spur) ; (£o(.) shepherd's 

moletter, v.t. mill; polish. 

mollant, a. pliable, soft. 

mollasse, a. flabby, soft, lacking consistence. 
— /. (Oeol.) molasse. 

molle, a. fern, of mou. 

mollement, adv. softly, soft; gently; feebly; 
lazily; effeminately; gracefully. 

mollesse, /. softness; (of fruit) mellowness; 
(of climate) mildness; feebleness, sluggish- 
ness; effeminacy; grace, ease. 

mollet, o. soft; light; tender. — m. calf (of 
the leg) ; pincers, nippers. 

molleter, v.t. mill; polish. 

molleterle, /. in the phrase cuir de moUeterie, 
soft leather (esp. chamois leather). 

mollir, v.i. soften, become soft; (of fruit) be- 
come mellow; slacken; weaken; yield. 

mollusque, m. (ZoOl.) moUusk, mollusc. 

Moluques, Moluccas. 

molybdate, m. molybdate. 

molybdaté, a. molybdate of. 

molybdène, m. molybdenum. 

molybdenite, /. (Afin.) molybdenite. 

molybdénoere, m. molybdic ocher, molybdite. 

molybdeux, a. molybdous. 

molybdlne, /. (Min.) molybdite. 

molybdique, a. molybdic. 

molybdolde, /. a kind of graphite. 

molybdoménlte, /. (Min.) molybdomenite. 

molybdurane, m. (Min.) uranium molybdate. 

moment, m. moment; momentum. 
dans ce — , just now, at present. 





moment, dana le — , in a moment, instantly, 

dana le — oà (or que)^ at the moment when, 

just as, as soon as. 
dit — gue, as soon as, when onoe, sinœ. 
en ce — , at present, just now. 
par momerUet at intervals. 
momentané» a. momentary. 
momentanément, adv. momentarily, a mo- 
momie, /. mummy. 
momlfleateur, a. mummifying. 
momification, /. mimunifioation. 
momifier, v.t. munmiify. 
mon, a. my. 
monade, /. monad. 
monamlde, /. monamide. 
monamlne, /. monamine. 
monarehle, /. monarchy. 
monarde, /. (Bot.) Monarda. 
monarque, m. monarch. 
monailte, /. (Aftn.) monasite. 
monaiolqae, a. monoaso. — m. monoaso 

monceau, m. heap, mound, stack, pile. 
mondation, /. cteaning, cleansing, peeling. 
monde, m. world; people, persons; company; 

men, hands, crew; servants. 
monder, v.t. dean, cleanse, peel, hull. 
mondial, a. world, of the world. 
mondlficatlf, a. (Med.) mundificant, cleansing. 
monétaire, a. monetary, money. 
monétlSOT, v.t. monetize. 
mongolien, mongollque, a. Mongolian. 
moniteur, m. monitor. 
monnaie, /. money; change; mint. 
monnayage, m. coinage, coining, mintage, 

monnayer, v.t. coin, mint. 
monoalcoollque, a. monoalcoholic, containing 

one alcohol group. 
monoaminé, a. monoamino. 
monoargenttque, a. monosilver. 
monoatomique, a. monatomic, monoatomic. 
monobaslqne, a. monobasic. 
monobromé, a. monobromo, monobromo-. 
monobromure, m. monobromide. 
— de naphtaline, monobromonaphthalene, 

monocalclque, a. monocalcium. 
monocarbonique, a. (Org. Chem.) monocarb- 

monochloré, a. monochloro, monochloro-. 
monochforhydrlque, a. In the phrase ither 

monochlùrhydrique, ethyl chloride, chloro- 

ethane. . 
monochromatlque, a. monochromatic. 
monochrome, a. monochrome, monochromic. 

— m. monochrome. 
monocUnique, a. (jCryat.) monoclinio. 

moBoeotylédone, a. (Bot.) monocotyledonous. 
— /. monocotyledon. 

monoferreui, a. monoferrous. 

monoformlne, /. monoformin. 

monographe, m. monographist, monograph 

monographie, /. monograph. 

monohalogenuC, a. monohalogenated, mono- 

monohydrate, m. monohydrate. 

monohydraté, a. monohydrated. 

monolélne, /. monoôlein, monolein. 

monomagnéslque, a. monomagnesium. 

monométalUqne, a. monometallic. 

monométhyllque, a. monomethyl. 

mononltré, a. mononitrated, mononitro, 
mononitro-. — m. mononitro compound. 

mononltrlne, /. mononitrin (glycerol mononi- 

monophasé» a. (filec.) single-phase, mono- 

monophénollque, a. monophenolio, contain- 
ing one phenol group. 

monopole, m. monopoly. 

monopoler, v.i. have a monopoly. 

monopolisation, /. monopolising. 

monopoliser, v.t. monopolise. 

monopotassé, a. monopotassium. 

monosaccharide, n. monosaccharide. 

monosélénlure, m. monoselenide. 

monosodé, a. monoeodium. 

monostéarine, /. monostearin. 

monosubstltné, a. monosubstituted. 

monosulftire, m. monosulfide. 

monotellurure, m. monotelluride. 

monotérébénlque» a. monoterpene. 

monotone, a. monotonous. 

monotonement, adv. monotonously. 

monotonie, /. monotony. 

monovalent, a. univalent, monovalent. 

monsieur, m. sir, master, Mr., Esq., gentle- 

monstrueux, a. monstrous. 

mont, m. mount, mountain. 

montaclde, m. » monte-acide. 

montage, m. rising, rise, ascent, increase, lift- 
ing, hoisting, mounting, erecting, etc. (see 
monter); (^lee.) connection, wiring. 

montagne, /. mountain. 
montagne Rocheuses, Rocky Mountains. 

montagneux, a. mountainous. 

montant, p.a. rising, ascending, etc. (see mon- 
ter); steep; high. — m. upright, standard, 
poet; stem (of plants); amount, total; 
pungent taste; strong odor; rise, rising. 

mont-dore, m. a kind of Auvergne 

monté, p.a. lifted, raised, mounted, erected, 
set, etc. (see monter); deep-colored, 
strongly colored; excited. 




monte^ftelde, m. acid pump, monte-adde 
(specif, an acid egg). 

monte-charse» m. freight elevator, lift, ho