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D I C T t O N A R Y. 



All the Words in the SCOTCH and IRISH Dialcaa of the CELTIC, 
that could be coUeded from the Voice, and Old Books and MSS. 

By the Rev. WILLIAM SHAW, A. M. 


LONDON:/^ * "Re- 
printed for the Author, by W.JPmd A. Stbahan; 

And fold by J. MuRaAY, Fleet-ftieet ; P. ELMstWstrand ; C. Elliot, J. Balfour, 

and R. Jamiesok, Edinburgh ; D. Prince, (^otdi Meffn. Merril, Cambridge j 

Wilson, Dublin ; and -rissor, at Paris. 

,.- - ■ "^ IWDCCLXXX. 



H I S G R AC. E 

A L E X A N D E R, 



TN writing a Dedication to Yous: Git ace, anextenfive £eld for 
^ Panegyric is opened to* my view.— It would be no flattery to 
Your Grace, were I to mention the Greatnefs and Antiquity of 
the Houie of Gordon, and enumerate the heroie. Deeds and 
generous Actions of a long train of Anceftors,. who have made 
a., truly confpicuous figure in the Annals of Caledonia. Their 
Virtues, My Lord» have defcended to our Days. — Every one who 
has the>H(»M>ur (^ being known to Your Grace* may^with 
delight, furvey the private virtues of Domeftic L^, nni^ with, 
true Patriotifm and-Generofity, to ftand fo|;ili>iil defence of your 
Country, when Danger threatensour^ happy Conilitution in 
Church and Statei 



The early Encouragement Your Grace was pleafed to give this 

Undertaking, has inclined me to put the Refult of my Labours 
under your Proteftion, as the Friend of Letters. It is a Depofit 
of the dying Language of Your Grace's Anceftors, "which was 
once famous in the Weftern World, and is^ ftill the fpeech of 
many of his Majefty's faithful and loyal SubjeAs, who have 
ever been the firm Friends of kegal Government, and over 
whom Your Grace is fo coafid^rabl&aChie^ffliq^ i -j ^ t ^ 

I am happy in having this opportunity of Ihewing my attach- 
ment to Your Grace ; and have the honour to be, with d^e moil 
profound refpe<ft, ;';'.,: i •. : 


iL-.-a -. '■ 

May z6» 1780* 

Mach x>blieeft Ml i .iiv- /i 

.\ ^'iw: f., • 

1V. SHAW. 

K • : 





HIS Grace the Duke of Argyle. 
His Grace the Duke of Athol. 
The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen. 
The Right Hon. the Earl of Aylesford* 
Robert Adam, Efq; 
Mr. David AndreWf Throj;mortm*ftieet» 


His Excellency the Earl of Bucktngfaamfltirr^ 

Loffd Lieutenant of Iieland. 
Right Hon. the Earl of Berkeley, 
Right Hon. Lord Binning, 
The Hon. Daines Barrington* 
Sir Patrick Blake, Bart. 
Chriftopher Blake» Efq; 
Jofeph Banks, Efq; F. R. S. &c. 
Rev. R. Beadon, Archdeacon of London. 
James Brodie, of Brodie, Efq; 
Edmund Burke, Efq; 
.Michael Burke, Efq* 
Dodor Beattie. 
Guftavus Brander, Efq; 
James Bofwelly Efq; Advocate. 
Jsmes Bryant, Efq. 
Ifaac Hawkins Browne, Efq; Shroplhire. 


His Grace the Archbifhop of Canterbury. 

The Right Hon. Lord Cadogan. 

The Right Hon. Lord Frederic CampbdU 

2 Copies. 
Sir David Carnegie, Bart. 
Sir George Colquhoun, Bart. 
Sir James Campbell, of Ardkinlafi, Bartt 
John Campbell, of Calder, Efq; 
Cd. Charles Campbell, of Barbreck; 
Nicl Campbell, of Duntroon, Efq^ 
John Campbell, of Airds, Efq; 
Alexander Campbell, of Glenure, Efq; 
Alexander Campbell, Efq; London. 
Alexander Campbell, Efq; Chamberlain of 

Mr. Archibald Campbell, Minifler of Inve* 

Mr. William Campbell, Minifter of Lochow. 
Robert Campbell, ofAlkniih, Efq; Sheriff 

of Argyle. 
James Campbell, Efq; of St. John's. 
Colin Campbell, of Scamadhe,'Siq; 
James Campbell, Efq; Provoft of Inve- 

Alexander Chifholm, of Chiiholm, Efq; 
W. Cunningham, of Entrrckenj Efq; 



W. Calderwood, Efq; Captain of the Firft 
Troop of Horfe Guards. 

Mr. John Clerk, Land Surveyor, Edin- 

Captain Robert Cook. 

Mr. James Campbell, Covent Garden, 4 

Mr. Colvil, Burleigh-ftreet, London. 

Mr. D. Campbell, Merchant, Campbel- 


The Right Hon. the Earl of Dunmorc. 

The Right Hon. Vifcount Dudley. 

Henry Dundafs, Efq; Lord Advocate. 

G. Dcmpfter, Efq; M. P. 

The Hon. John Drummond. 

Col. Debbeigh. 

Henry Dagge, Efq; 

James Dundafs, of Dundafs, Efq; 

Thomas Dundafs, Efq; 

W. Dalrymple, Efq; 

D. Davidfon, of Cantray, Efq; 

Mr. H. Davidfon, London. 2 Copies* 

Harry Davidfon, Efq; 

G. Drummond, Efq; Lincoln's Inn Fields. 


The Right Hon. Earl of Eglintoune;. 
The Countcfs of Elgin. 
Bi(hop of Ely. 
Lord Elliock. 
Mr. James Elphinfton. 
Edinburgh, Univerfity of. 
Mr. Charles Elliot, Bookfeller, Edinbui^h. 
3 Copies. 


The Right Hon. Earl of Fife. 
General Frafer, of Lovat. 
Archibald Frafer, Efq; 
Sir James Foulis^ of Collngton, Bart. 

Sir James Forbes, Bart. 

James Fordycc, of Ayton, Efqj 

G. Fordyce, M. D. 

Alexander Frafer, of Struy, Efq; 

Alexander Frafer, of Culduthil, Efq; 

H. Frafer, of Eflcadale, Efq. 

James Frafer, of Belladruim, Efq; 

Simon Frafer, of Daltullich, Efq; ' 

Donald Frafer, of Ballone, Efq; 

John Frafer, of Garthmore, Efq; 

Mr. W. Frafer, Writer, at Invernefs. 

Mr. Arch. Fletcher, Writer, Edinburgh, 

Hugh Frafer, Efq; Lieutenant in the Navy. 

Mr. Paul Frafer, Minifter of Craignifh. 


His Grace the Duke of Gordon. 5 Copies* 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Gower. 

Lord Adam Gordon. 

Baron Gordon. 

James Grant, of Shuglie, Efq; 

Alexander Grant, of Corimonie, Efq; 

Alexander Grant, Efq; Lieutenant in the 

71ft Regiment. 
Patrick Grant, of Glenmorifton, Efq; 

Gordon, of Whitely, Efq; Advocate^ 

Lieut. Col.. Harrys Gordon. 
Glafgow, Univerfity of. 
W. Grey, Efq;. of Jamaica. 
Mr. John Geddes, Valladolid. 
Mr. Alexander Geddes, Fochabers.. 
Mr. Alexander Gordon, Paris. 


Lord Haddo. 

Sir George Home, Bart. 

W. Huiuer, M. D. Phyfician to the Queen* 

The Rev. W. T. Harvey, A. M. Redor 

of Quadrington and Normanton, Lin- 

William Hall, Efq; 
Archlb^dJLinyJlBi}^ Efq; 


Alexander Johnfon, M. D, London* 
Samuel Johnfon, L.L. D* 
Edward Jones, Efq; 
Invefnefs, Library of. 


The Right Hon. Earl of Kelljr; 

Michael Keene, Efq; Counfellor at Law, 

St. Vincents. 
The Rev. Doflor Kippis. 
The Rev. Mr. John KelJy. 

The Right Hon. Mirrquis of Lothian. 
J. Lamont of Lamout, Efq; 
John Lloyd", Efq; of Denbighfhire. 
Martin Lindfay, Efq; Loihbury, London. 


The Right Hon. Lord MountiluarC 
Sir Allan Maclean, Bart. 
The Hon. Major General Mackay* 
Major Montgomery. 
Normand Macleod, of Macleod, Efq; 
Donald Maclachlan, of Clanlachlan, Efqs 
Lieutenant General Melvill. 
Angus Macalafter, of Loup, Efq; 
D. Macdonnel, of Glengary, Efq; 
Alexander Maclean, of Coll, Efq; 
Lachlanc Maclean, of Torlifk, Efq; 
James Mackintofh, of Faon, Efq; 
W. Mackintofli, of Holm, Efq; 
Andrew Macpherfon, of Benachar, Efq; 
Lachlan Macpherfon, Efq; of Ralia. 
John Macpherfon, of Uvie, Efq; 
Captain John Macpherfon (of Colonel 

Maclean's Regiment). • 
John Macpherfon, Efq; M. P. 
Donald Mackintofh, of Dalmageree, Efq; 


James Macpherfon, Efq; London^ 
Ranald Macdonnel, of Scothoufe, Efq; 
John Macleod, of Raafay, Efq; 
Captain Mackintofli, of Balinefpick. 
David Melvill, Efq; Dublin. 
Mr. Robert Macfarlane, Walthamftow. 

John Mackenzie, Efq; Inner Temple. 

Archibald Maclean, of Lochbuy, Efq; 

Charles Mackintofli, Efq; late of Gibral- 

G. G. Munro, of Breamore, Efq; 

Colonel Archibald Macnab. 

Dugald Malcolm, Efq; London. 

James Morifon, Efq; London, 2 Copies*. 

Colin Mackenzie, Efq; London. 

Donald Maclean, Efq; junior, of Kinger^ 

John Macniel, of Ugdale, Efq; 

Niel Mac Neale, Efq; of Tirfargus. 

Patrick Macdougal, of Galanach, Efq; 

Charles Maclean, of Kenlochallin, Efq; 

Mr. Keoneth Maclepan, Watchmaker, Lon» 

Mr. Maclaurin, Edinburgh. 

Mr. Duncan Mackay, Probationer.. 

Mr. John Macdonald, Arran. 

Mr. Edmund Macqueen, Minifter of Barra* 

Mr. Allan Macqueen, Minifter of North- 

Mr. John Mackinnon, Argyle-ftreet. 

John Mackintofli, Efq; Lieutenant of Ma» 

Mr. Donald Macleod, Minifter of Glenelg. 

His Grace the Duke of Northumberland^ 

Right Hon. Lord Onflow. 

The Hon. Sir Adolphus Oughton. 

Richard Ofwald, Efq. 


The Right Hon. the Earl of Pembroke* 
Dr. Percy, Dean of Carlifle, 
Sir John Pringk, Bart. 
John Preftwich, Efq; London* 
Mr. William Purfe, Strand. 

His Grace the Duke of Queenfberry. 


Right Hon. the Marquis of Rockingham. 

Right Hon. Lord Ravenfworth. 

Col. W. Roy. 

David Rae, Efq;^ Advocate. 

Allan Ramfay, Efq; 


The Right Ham Earl of Sandwiclu 

Right Hon. Lord Sandys. 

Sir George Shackburgh» Bsurt. 

G. Lewis Scot, Efq; 

Robert Sbuttleworth, Efq^ Lancafhiit. 

Rev. G. Strahan, A.M. Redor of Iflington* 
G. Stewart, Efq; Devonfhire-ftrtet, Caven« 

John Stewart, of Balachaolifll, Efq; 
Major John Small. 
John Hamilton Smythe, Efq; 
Mn Alexander Shaw, London. 
Mr. John Shaw, Arran. 
St. Andrews (Univerfi^ of). 


Governor Trapaud, Fort Auguftus. 

W. Tod, Efq; London. 

John Townfon, Efq; Grey's Inn. 


The Right Hon. Earl Verncy. 
Lieut. Col. Valiancy. 

Lady Mary Walker. 
John White, of Benochy, Efty 
John Henley Wan, Efq-, 
Mr. W. Wright, Lcith. ' 

P R E F A C E. 

THE human mind, from an innate curio(ity> and the pleafure received from 
the contemplation of melancholy images, is more delighted by a retrofpedtiye 
view of the paft, than any conjeftures Ihe can form of the future. How much 
focver difconneded by fituation, birth, or other circumftances, the patriotifm^ 
virtue, learning, and bravery of individuals ; the wealth, power» cuftoms, and 
manners, national charafter, and extent of territory, with the gradual decay and 
difmcmberment of a people, ihe confidcrs with an attention highly interefled, and 
gently perplexed. 

And although, by the contingencies of human affairs, and the ufual fate of em- 
pires, a nation be reduced from its antient fplendour to an inconfiderabk ilate 
amongft neighbouring powers, yet the underftanding of the philofophical enquirert 
fet at liberty from the low and narrow diAates of a felHlh iptrit, being acceflibie 
to truth, and friendly to mankind, and having foregone the little diftin^ions of 
party, with liberal capacioufnefs of mind, indulgeth intelleAual appetites from 
every opening fource of gratification. Whoever affords entertainment for mental 
defires, or information to the fpeculative, renders an acceptable fervice to the 
friends of literature. 

Senfible of this, his inclination would have led the Compiler to embrace the 
prefent opportunity of enquiring into the different migrations of the Celtic nations 
over the various kingdoms of Europe, and of giving an account of their empire 
and power, attended with numerous viciflStudes, fince they parted with their pro- 
genitors Japhet and Gomer, in Afia, until their prefent gradual decline and eve 
of exiftence as a feparate people in the Britifh Ifles, and prefent the reader with 
every gratification fuch an inveftigation might afford ; but as this would lead 
into a tedious difcullion of what hath been lately written for and againft Scoto and 
]bero*Cekic antiquities, and exceed the compafs o( a Preface, I Ihall referve that 
for a feparate difquifition, and confine myfclf to j|d ae6ouhc of^the "prefent 

The general encouragement the pnefent age hath fo gencroufly given to every 
work that can afford either pleafure or inftrudlion, hath induced many to become 
candidates for fame in the republic of letters. Every fcience and art is improved; 

[ b ] every 

P R E F A C £• 

every fubje£k hath been impartially difcufled. Whatever can tend to information, to 
promote knowledge and the improvement of life, hath, on whatever fubjed and 
from whatever fource offered, been cheerfully received. Not infenfible to the 
impulfe of ambition, nor indifferent in the purfuit of honeft fame, originally 
prompted by patriotifm, and inftigated by fome learned men, I have been am- 
bitious to caft my mite into the'ftores of Literature, gleaned from the remains of 
the venerable Celtic. 

The approbation which the curious have beenpleafed tofignify of the Analyfis 
of the Scotch Dialccl of the Galic, publifhed at London in 1778, encouraged me 
to turn my thoughts towards the prefent work. But the difficulties attending 
fuch a laborious undertaking fecmed fo numerous and infurmoCsntable, that my 
expedations, however fanguine in theory, appeared irreducible to prafticc. Some 
learned friends obferved, that fuch a work could only be cffedled under the im- 
mediate aulpices of the Scotch and Irifh nations by a public fubfcription ; as a 
tour through thefe countries, to complete a Dictionary, muft be performed^ 
Being however inwardly perfuadcd, that whatever is the bufinefs of many is the 
bufinefs of nobody, I was difcouraged from any application of that nature. As 
the Public hath often been impofed upon, propofals were made for printing by 
fubfcription a Galic Diftionary ; and that my countrymen might be more con- 
vinced of my zeal and real intention of publiibing, payment only on delivery of 
the book was the conciition. 

Obferving with regret the indolence and inaAive zeal of my compatriots \t\ 
the caufe of their expiring language, with the moft ardent entbufiafm I was impel- 
led to attempt fnatching from oblivion, and in her lafl ftruggles for exiftence 
preferve in a Diftionary, as much as poflible of the greateft monument of anti- 
quity perhaps now in the world : for the Galic is the language of Japhct, fpokeni 
before the Deluge, and probably the fpeech of Paradife. 

Encouraged by the good wifhes of my friends, excited by a partiality 
for the fubjeft, and a hope of realizing what had hitherto been little thought of 
or neglefted by my countrymen, in the fpring of 1778- 1 undertook a journey 
from London to the Highlands of Scotland. Having made a progrcfs into 
almoft every corner of the Highland part of the continent, and vifited the mofl: 
confiderable of the Hebrides, expofed to much fatigue and many inconvenieq* 
cies, I pafTed over to Ireland, there alfo to purfue the Galic ; and returned to Lon- 
don in February 1779, after a perambulation of about three thoufand miles, with 
a collpdion of ^nearthirty thoufand articles for a Didlionary. 

In the Highlands, there'^Being few books, and flill fewer MSS. in the Scotch 
dialed, the language in the living voice was the only fource from which I could 
glean vocables. In the ifland of Mijll, however, Mr. Macarthur^ one of the 
minifters there, who underflands the language well, laid before me about two. 
hundred words, part of which I tranfcribed, uncertain whether I had fcen them 

6 The 


The better clafs of the people every where with alacrity afforded every poffible 
information, and for that purpofe feldom fpoke to me but in the antient tongue, 
turning the converfation to various fubjeds, to give an opportunity of catching 
new words. But the common people, who are generally poffcffed of whatever 
narration remains in the country, muft all be bought. They told me, I had been 
well paid by his Majcfty for what I undertook, otherwife I (hould not have been 
at fo much pains, and therefore they feldom opened their mouths before they 
were paid. 

Sir James Foulis, although of the Low Country of Scotland, and confequently 
once a ftranger to the Galic, by ftudy is now better acquainted with it than many 
of the natives. This gentleman, in the fequeftered vale of life, hath employed his 
leifure hours in gleaning and depofiting \u his library whatever remains of Celtic 
antiquities he could reach at ^ and perceiving that my deGgn was not to boaft of 
what learning the Galic contained, whilft I concealed it from public view, but ac 
once prefcnt the world with the language itfelf, unlike to others, hid not the re- 
fult of bis inveftigations and long labours under a buQiel, but generoufly allowed. 
roe the ufeof his manufcript coUeftion. His knowledge' of a tongue, believed 
impoffible to learn, is a living inftanceof what application, and a tafte for antient 
learning, can do; fome Bard, therefore, will write his epitaph, and every patrioD 
Gaedheal add a ftone to his earn. 

In Ireland I have been chiefly obliged to Lieut. Col. Valiancy, who, by indefati- 
gable induftry, has acquired a thorough acquaintance with the Galic, and deferves 
much of all the friends of the antiquities of that nation. There are many valuable 
MSS. in his pofleflion, the ufe of which he generoufly granted me. Trinity 
College Library contains many books and MSS. in the old letter, and on a 
variety of fubjefts, to which I had free accefs by means of Dr. Cleghorn, and the 
indulgence of Dr. Leland. Thefe volumes^ elegantly tranfcribed, but fealed 
books to moft of the'prefent age, whilft I furveyed and examined them, and 
looked back to the ancient ftate of this once blefled and lettered ifland, produced 
emotions eafier conceived than defcribed. 

Having, thus, colleftcd my material at a confiderable expence and wafte of 
time, 1 fat down to arrange the whole,probably facrificing moreufeful purfuits to a 
dcfire of recording what in a few years no labour or induftry could recover. The 
fmall number of fubfcribers, and the expence I had already been at in^ procuring 
materials, made me apprehenfive I ftiould never be able to publifli; and I was 
abouC to depofit my MSS. in fome public library, wh^fQfte6bnrf^men'!i^Lo^^-* 
don, with true patriotifm in the republic of letters-^ encouraged the work on tha 
plan of fubfcription. Amongft thefe I hold myfelf particulariy indebted to Lieut. 
General Melvill, who, adding to military fcienc^ a tafte for ancient as well as 
modern learning, fliewed himfelf a zea||pg.iirbmoter of tliis undertaking in favour 



of the Galic language. By thcfc means I have been enabled to fend this 
work to the prefs, although on a more contrafked plan than I at firft propofed. It 
however conuins nearly every word in both the Scotch and Iri(h dialers, with an 
Englilh tranflation oppofite, in the Firft Volunae-, and the moft ncccflary articles 
in the Englilh, with their oppofite Galic terms, in the Second. The Galic reader 
will find no innovations in orthography ; for I have confidered it my bufinefs ra. 
thcr to record words as they have been written in the ancient Irilh MSS. than 
attempt to write a Didtionary, by altering the fpcUing from the received method, 
to what I might conceive it ought to be, according to the powers of the letters, 
and the philofophy of language. 

A fpeech lb fingular in its inflexions, fo ancient in its ftru£ture, and fo copious 
in words as the Galic, although much written, cannot be fo fixed in its orthography 
as thofe tongues which enjoy the benefit of Printing. With the Irifli, howe ver, (whofc 
dialed has always been the written and ftudied language) the difference was very in- 
confiderable. One vowel or diphthong is fometimes fubftituted for a fimilar one, 
and the commutable confonants and combinations are interchanged. This has 

been the cafe with the Greek and Latin languages, as well as with the Galic 

The perfcftion to which the laft arrived in Ireland in fuch remote ages is afto- 
nilhing, and of which the perufal of this Diftionary is an indubitable proof. I have, 
however, fometimes written the abftradl termination Orachd, for Mhorachd, Al, 
for Amhuil, and Lachd, for Amhuilachd. — Oppofite every Englifh word there 
are as many different Galic words as I could colleft. The moft common are firft, 
and the more ancient or obfolete laft, which the curious Orientalift may compare 
with fimilar words in the Eaftern tongues. 

As a Di£lionary becomes perfeft only by different editions, and the induftry and 
abilities of the different editors, I do not intrude the prefent work upon the Public 
as a book to which nothing can be added. It will anfwer the purpofcs of a Galic 
and Englilh, and Englifh and Galic DiAionary •, and by it, and the affiftance 
of the Analyfis or Grammar, one may acquire a confiderable degree of know- 
ledge in the language, and be more able to form a juft idea of Celtic learning. 
If my labour affords the defircd aflSftance to thofe at home who m^y wi(h to im- 
prove the knowledge of their mother tongue, or fatisfaflion to the curious 
abroad, that may be inclined to compare words in it with other dialeds of the 
Cehic, or the Oriental languages ; and if, in thefe books, 1 have preferred in an 
intelligible and rational ftate, a tongue more copious, nervous, and fofter than 
"^ig cos^oniy^orfrainh^j^ ^y wifh— for whatever adds to the ftoies of 

Literature, I reckon gain. %^ 

iii | iii n »■■■ <* 


D I G T I O N A R Y. 


In Galic called Ailm, is the firft 
letter of the Alphabet^ is pro- 
nounced broad, as in the Italian 
and French lanjguages, or a in the Engliih 
iiall, tall. It has too many different fig- 
nifications in the old MSS. and printed 
books, the principal of which are as fol- 
low. Vide Gallc Analyfis. 

A. His, her, it's. 

A. An afcent, hill, or promontory. 

A. Improperly a fign of the prefent and 
future tenfe. 

A. Improperly a fign of the vocatiirc, 

A. Thus marked a' is the artide an, as 
a' bhean for an bhean. 

'A. For ag, fign of the participle prefent, 
ought always to be written at length ag. 

A. No fign properly of the vocative j it 
ihould be written oizs a Dbia^ o Dhia^ 

A. No fign of the infinitive. 

A- Is ofton improperly written ipr m, out 


A. The relative that. 

A* A wain, carr, or chariot* Vide Glof« 
fary of Collum Cille. 

Ab. A lord, father, abbot. Vide Hebrew 
Abh, Chaldaic Abba, and the Greek 

. and Latin Abbas. 

Aba. Caule, matter, bufinefs. 

Aba. Father. 

Ab, .or ap. An ape ; in the smtient Giulit 
any little animal : hence the Welib ap 
a fon, and Greek nepos. 

Ab. Negative, not, ua. 

Abac. Vide Abhac. 

Ai>ach. The entrails of n beaft» a pisocla« 

Abaidh. A bud. Vide Abbuidh. 

Abaidachd. Abbacy. 

Abail, & abailt. J|!IHtji. j ^ 

Abair. Sa^thou. 

Abairam, or abram. To fay, fpeak: 

Abairt. Speech, articulation % alfo educa- 
tion, poliienefS) breeding. 

[B] AWfc. 

A B R 

A C H 

Al>ai{e. Cuftom, manner. 

Abad« Ironical joking. Vide Gloflary of 

C. Cille. 
Abadb. A fatire, a lampoon. 
Abhac. A terrier, a ferret, inde abhaft- 

Abhach. A dwarf, or fprite^ 
Abachd. Gain, great doings. 
Abhadh. A camp ; a fmall net in form of 

a fack, to catch fiih. 
Abbacoide. An advocate ; not Galic. 
Abhal. An apple-tree, an apple. Vide 

Abhalghort. An orchard. 
Abhain. Vide Amhuin. 
Abar. A marfli, a boggy piece of land. 
Abhantur. The good luck or fuccefs of an 

Abhaftrach. The barking of a dog. 
Abhar, t>r adbhar. Caufe, motive* 
Abhdhac. Lordly courage. 
Abheil. Vide AidhbheiU 
Abhcaid'. Ajcft. 
Abhlan. A wafer. 
Abhian coifrigte. The Eucharift. 
Abhlan. Whatever is eat with bread in 

way of condiment or fauce, vulgarly 

called kitchen. 
Abhlabhra. Mute, dumb. Vide Amh- 

Abhaift. Cuftom, habit, faihion. 
Abharach. A youth under age, but who 

ads as a man. 
Abhmhathair. Mother abbefs. 
Abhra, abhraid. Eyelid. Vide Fabh- 

, radha. 
Ablach. A carcafe. 
JVbra. A fpeech, fayM^a poem. 
Abhra. Dark. ^ 

Abrad. Far removed, exalted, from brad 

in the Gaulic a fummit, fovereign. It 

made many braide^ Chaucer. Fab., of 

Dtdc* Vide Braid. 

Abhran. A fong. Vide Amhran. 
Abraim. Vide Abaraim. 
Abran, abraon. The month of April. 
Abrann. Luftful, lecherous ^ alio bad 

Abhras. A ready anfwer. 
Abhras. Spinning; flax and wool. 
Abhus. A wild beaft of any fort, a ftall 

for cattle. 
Abfdal. An apoftle. 
Abfdalachd. Apoftlefliip. 
Abhfan. A furrow or hollow place. 
Abfdoltachadh. EfFeftiial. 
Abu ! The war cry of the antient Irilh> 

a common interjeftion. 
Abuigh. Ripe, ready, expert, alert* 
Abuigham. To ripen. 
Abughadh . Ripening. 
Abulta. Able, ftrong, capable. 
Abultachd. Ability. 
Ac. A refufal, denial. 
Ac. Speech, tongue. 
Ac. A fon. 

Aca-damh. Academy. Vide Damh. 
Acain vel acfuin. Tackle, furniture, tbols. 
Acaideadh. An inhabitant, a tenant. 
Acalla. A converfation. 
Acartha. Profit, the loan or ufe of a thing. 
Acca, accafa. With thetti, their. 
Accarachd. Gentlenefs, moderation, re- 

Accartha. Gentle, moderate, refpeftful^ 

Accain, ag accain. Complaining, fighing. 
Accaire. An anchor, an acre of land. 
Accarfaid. A port, harbour. 
Accaftair. An axle. 
Accuin. Vide Acfuin. 
Accuil. Backwards. 
Acfuin. Tools, tackje. 
Acfuinach. Having tools ortackring, abfc, 

tl^cb, achd. But,^ except. 
"^ Ach^ 


A D H 

Acht A ikinniib. 

Acha. A mound or bank* . 

Achaidh. An abode. 

Achadh. A field. 

Achamair. Soon, timely, abridged. 

Achamaireacbd. Abridging, abbreviation* 

Achd. Cafe, ftate, condition. 

Achiar, acar. Sharp, tart, four. 

Achdra. An expedition at fea. 

Achdran, achdranach. An adventurer, a 

Acbar. A diftance. 

Acaran. Lumber. 

Acais. Poifon. * 

Achran. Intricacy. 

Achranacht. Intricate. 

Achd cheana. However. 

Acharradh. A diminutive being, a fprite* 

Achdam. To chafe. 

Achlais. Ann, arm-pit. 

Achmhufan. A rebuke, ceiifiire, feprehen- 

Achmhufanaicham. To rebuke, cenfure* 

Achfal. An angel. 

Acht. A body. 

Acladh, aclaidh. A fifhery. 

Aclaidhe. Smooth, fine^ foft« 

Acmac. A circuit, compafs. 

Acht. Danger, peril. 

Acht. A ftatute, decree, deed.. 

Achtam. To pafs an z& of parliament, to 
ordain, order, command. 

Acht. A nail, or claw. 

Achlaid. Chafing, purfuing. 

Acmhaing, acmhaingeach. Puiflant, co- 
pious, rich. 

Ach beg. AJmoft. 

Acomalam. To heap together, increafe. 

AccMnal. ^ An aiTembly, or heaping, toge- 

Aeon. A refufal, denial. 

Acor, acobhair. Coyetoufnefs> avarice, pe^ 
nury. f* 


Acras, Hunger. Vide Ocras» 

Acrafach. i 

Acrach. J ^^gry. 

Acram. I come, agree» 
Acrann. A knot. 
Acrannach. Entangled. 
Achrannam. To entangle. 
Acuil. An eagle. 

A d*. For a do, to thee, only a verb inter- 
venes, a d' mharbadh, come to kill thee« 
A' d\ For ann do. 
Adag. A fhock of corn, a haddock. 
Ad, Water. 
Ada. Vidory. 

Adamhain.o r.i ,- /• 
Adamhair.S P'^y. d.verfion, fport.. 

Adamhairam. To play, fport. 

Adamhra. Admiration . 

Adair. An adder; I believe not Iri{h» 

Adbatham. To die. 

Adbath. Slaughter, deftrudlion. 

Adfed. Chafte. 

Adfia. It is'yours, your property; an im»- 

perfonal verb. 
Adh. A law«- 
Adh. Fit to do any thing. 
Adh, agh. Felicity, good luck*. 
Adhmhor. Fortunate, lucky.. 
Adharc. A horn, trumpet. 
Adharcach. Having horns. 
Adhaircain. A lapwing, touchet* 
Agh feidh. A hind. 
Adhart, adhartan. A pillow, bolfter. 
Adhairt. Front, van*. ^ 

Adhartar. A .dream» 
Adantachd. A bluih. 
Adhailg. Defire, will.. 
Adhailgne. The toll of a mill^ military. 

law, poverty, 
AdhaghabhaiU A lawful taking.. 
Adhamhrach. Blefledly. 
Adhamh. Adam* 

imhradham. To blcfs* 

Adhainnam « 



JWorfhippcr, adorer. 

Adhaiimam. To ligliteiu 

Adbal. A flefli hook. 

AdhalK Dull, deaf. 

AdhalL Sin, corruptioo. 

Adhalun. A dull ftupid fellow. 

Adhaltranach. An adulterer. 

Adhaltranas. Adulcerj. 

Adhaon. A pan or cauldron ; the herb 

Adhanta. Kindled, exafperatcd. 
Adhna. Kindling of the fire, ferrour, heat* 
Adharadh. Adoradon. 
Adharam. To adore, worfhip. 
Adhailair. An halter. 
Adhmoilainu To neglcA. 
Admhulich. Warrant, furety. 
Adhmfaud. Timber. 
Adharadh. To join, to ftick clofe ta. 
Adhas. Good. 

Adhbha, Adhbhadhan. Inftniment. 
' Adhbhadh. . A faoufir, room, habitation, gpv«* 

rifon, fortrefs, palace. 
Adhbhachd. A harmlefs joke. 
Adhbhachdach. Jocofc; grpft, fai^ cor* 

Adhbharfeach. A comber of wool or flax. 
Adhbhal. Nimble, quick, thrifty. 
Adhbhal. Vide Aidhbheil. 
Adhbhan triicadi. A ibrt of mufick. 
Adbbhar. A caufe, reaibo, matter, biifi<- 

Adhbharas. Carded wool. 
Adhbhe. Hail ! may you live ! 
Adhbo. A ihout, war cry, of which every 

Irilh prince had one. 
Adhbhchlos. Great £une, vanity. 
Adbbhclas. Fleafure, joy. 
Adhbhchlo&ch. Vainglorious* 
Adhbhuidh. Joy, merriments a feunda- 

Adheitchidhe. Ugly. ^ 

Adhflath. Rightful, foveteign. 
Adhuathmhorra. Odious, detcftable. 
Adhuathmharachd. Abomination. 
Adhghair. Lawful. 
Adhlacam. To bury, interr. 

Adhlaradh, j . ^ . , 

A jui i_ f A bunal. 
Adhlachan. \ 

Adhlacanach, Borier erf" the dead, an un- 

AdUaae. Buried, intened. 

Adhlaic. A longing defire after frfiat is 

Adhlan. A champion. 

Adhm. Knowledge. 

Adhma. Knowing. 

Adhmhollanu To extol, ptraiie« 

Adhmholladh. Piaifc. 

Adimaral i 

Admachd. 5 ^ ''"^^^ iatcrment. 

Adhnaclach. A fexton. 

Adhnadh. A Undlii^ of fire. 

Adhnairc. Shamefacednefs. 

Adhnaidfae. Old, antient. 

Adhram. To adore, woHhip* 

Adhradh. | ^ , 

Adhras. }Ado«ti«,n. 

Adhrac. A lefufid. 

Admhall. Wandering, defiiltory, wanton. 
Adonathad. Sovereignty, old laws. 
Adudh. A circle, fire. 
Aduatb. Horror, deteflation. 
Aduathmhorra. Terrible, horrid, dreadful. 
Aduathmhorrachd. Horror, abomination. 
Aduain. A ftranger, foreigner. 
Ae, aodh. The liver. 
Ae. One. 
Aedh. The eye. 
Aeghe. The liver. 
Aeidh. A trade, craft. 
Aerdha. Vide Athargha. 
Aerdhaite. Sky-coloured. 
Aedhar, nnbtr Atfaar. The air, flcy. 
'J^esfhear. God. 


A G H 

A I C 

Aetharag. A walking /pirit; 

Afoft. Gold. 

Afraighe. Arifing to battle., 

Afrionn. Mafs or Eucharift ofiering, 

Ag. Sign of the prefent participle^ 

Aga. A fpace, the bottom 'of any depth; 

why ? wherefore ? 
Agad. For Ag doj with tliee> thine* 
Agall. A fpeech. 
Agalladh. A dialogue. 
Agallam. To fpeak. 
Agamh. A doubt, fufpictop. 
Agamhal. *DoubtfuL 
Agamy ag mi. With or at me, in my pof* 

feffion. • • 

Againn, againne* With us, our. 
Agaibh^ agaibhfe* With you, your. 
Agaram, agartam.* To pleads purfue; dif- 

pute, plea. 
Agart. Pleadtag, purftting. 
Agartas. A fuit, plea. 
Agartach. Litigious. 
Agamus. The adion of ftrikiag. 
Agan. Preciotis, dear. 
Agag. An habitation or fettlegieutt 
Agaiach. A pretender/ claimer* 
Agart. Purfuing, revepge, 
Agarthach. Vindidive, litigious* 
Agh. Good fortune. Vide Adlk 
*Agh« An ox, bnll) or cow. • 
Agh. Fear, aftpnifhm^t, gwe. . . 

^gh. A conilid, battle. 
Aghaim. To be afraid or aftonifhed. 
Aghach. 'Warlike, brave. 
Aghaidh. Be merry. 
Aghaifach. £afy. 

Aghaj, aghaidh. The face^ countenance. 
Aghais. Eafe. 
Aghaifaicham. To esfe. 
Aghmhor. Vide ATdbmhor. , • 
Aghnas. Pleading, argunievtation. 
Aghnaidhafam. To plead. 
Aghanidhe. An advocate^ pleader. 

Agharam. To expofhilate, chalfengc. 
Aghgha. Contentious. 
Aghthar. A hot fkirmifli. 
Aghet. Old wine. 
Agna, eagnai. Wifdom, prudence. 
Agfal. Generous, noble. 
Agurad. Mild, coaxing, deceitful* 
Agus. And. 

Ai. A caufe or controverfy. 
Ai« A fwan. 

Ai, aoi. An herd ; alfo a fheep or cow.- 
Ai, aoi. A region, trad or t^ritory. 
Ai. Learned. 

Ai, aoi. Inheritance of land, pofleffion. 
Aibh, aoibh. Similitude. 
Aibheis. Tljefea; great boafting; a gulf, 

Aibhfeach. Wonderful^ enormous, arro* 

Aibhfeoir. 1 Ad^rfuy, the devil, % gaf- 

Aibhafdair. ) conader. 

Aibhfeoirachd. Curfing, impiecating, rodo* 

Aibhreann. A caikialed buck-goaC 

Aibrean; April. 

Aibhfioch. Great ; gay, joyous. 

Aibhche. A fcholar. 

Aibhe. All hail f 

Aibhidach. Huge, great. 

Aibhfe. A diminutive coQtenptible crea- 
ture,.a fprite. 

Aibhfuigham. To be sAoniflied, fright- 

Aibid. A habit. 

Aibhle. Afpark. 

Aibhleach. Singed. 

Aibhleog. A red coal, a fparkle, «''ftakc 
of fnow. 

Aibhitoga. * Sparkling. 

Aic. A tribe or family > nourlfhing, defire. 
,^ Alee, A prop. 

[C] Aice. 


A I G 

Aice. At or with her, hers. 

Aice, aiceachd. Leading. 

Aiceam. To lead. 

Aice. Near, clofc. 

Aicfcacbt. Power. 

Aiccar. Angry, crud, fevere. 

Aicid. Difeafe, ficknefs. 

Aicideach. Sick perfon, difeafed. 

Aicide, Accident. 

Aiccidach. Unfortunate, that meets with 

Aicim. To pray^ befeech, entreat. 
Aide. 7 

Aicde. A bodkin, a ring. 
Aicde. A building, foundation* 
Aice. Led. 

Aicme. A fort or kind, tribe. 
Aicme, Beauty. 
Aichear. Sharp, Jceen. 
Aicidhad. A ftich, pain, ficknefs. 
Aicidheach. Full of pains. 
Aichill. Great lamentation. 
Aichill. Able, potent. 
Aichillidh. Dexterous, handy. 
Aicillidhachd. Dexterity. 
Aicir. Vide Athair. 
Aicne. Nature. 

^ ^ ' S Inheritance, patrimony. 

Aidhbean. Evil ; long.' 

Aid. A piece, portion. 

Aid. Cold. 

Aidhbhean. Remote. 

Aidhbhean. A ftranger, foreigner. 

Aidhbhean. An inn. 

Aidhbhrugh. Bewitching, eye-biting. 

Aidhbham. To fafcinate. 

Aid hbhc il. Hug^ vaft, enormous. 

Aidhbheil. A wonder, a boelling. 

Aidhbhfi. An old fort of Irifli cronaA or 

Aidhbhfin. A phantom or fprite. 


' J Mifchief, eye-biting- 

Aidheach. • A milch- cow. 
Aidheitige. Ugly, deformed. 
Aidhidhe. Baihful, faithful, true. * 
Aidhilgneach. A dairy-maid. 
Aidhfidheach. Demonftration. 
Aidhle. A cooper's -adz. 
Aidide. Humble, refpedful. 
Aidhme. Apparel, raiment, goods, chat- 
Aidhmhe. An inftniment. 
Aidhme. A military drefs. 
Aidhme. Coarfe or rough land. 
Aidhne. Age. . 

Aidhmhillam. To confume, deftroy, per- 
Aidhmhos. Vide Aiglmas. Pleading. 
Aidhneas. Pleading. 
Aidhnaidhe. An advocate, pleader. 
Aidhnaireachd. Pleading. 
Aidhneafoir. An opponent. ' 
Aidmhuighaou 1 

Aidmhailam. \ To confefs,declare, toown. 
Aidmham. . J 
Aidmhal. A confeffion, ptofeffion, Jeda* 

Aidmhalach. A pnrfefibr. 
Aidhmhean. Refuge. 
Aidmhighte. Confeffisd. 
Aifir. Blame, fault. 

Aifrionn. Holy mafi. % 

Aig. Ati 

Aige. At or with him, it ; his. 
Aighe. A beam, prop. 
Aighe. A hind, a hill. 
Aighe. Stout, valiant. 
Aigh. Generous, valiant. 
Aighar. Gladnefs, joy. 
Aigharach. Glad, joyful. 
Aigein. The deep, the ocean. 
Aigefin. Thereat. 
^Aigeam. To go on. 



A I L 

Aigeftch. The founder of a deep. 

Aighean. Vide Adhann. 

Aigionta. Intentions. 

Aigine. Vide Aigne. Miftd, intention. 

Aighreire.. A judge. 

Aighreiram. To judge. 

Aigantach. Chearful, high-minded, feftive. 

.. ' C Jollity, chearfulncfs. 

Aigantas. ^ "^ ^ 

Aighneachd. Liberality, generofity^ 

Aightha. Faces. 

Aigbheile. Terror. 

Aigeorachd. Arguing. 

Aigeoram. To argue. 

Algal. PaiFed up, elate. 

Aigailam. To grieve, vex, 

Aigalain. Ear-ring, taflel, chain, tag. 

Aigilne. Truth. 

Aigal. Bottom ^ a ^aHey*. 

Aighne. Nature. 

Aighneach. Liberal* 

Ail. . A ft(Hie. ' 

AiK Shame£iced, noble, beautiful. 

Ail. A fting, or prickle. 

Aill* Will, pleafure. • 

AiK Arms, weapons. ' 

Ail. A rebuke. , 

Aik Mouth. 

Ail. A petition, requeft. 

Ail. Time, while. 

Ail. A blot in an efcutcheon. 

Ailbhin. A fmall flock. 

Ailc* A ftone. 

Ailcne. Paving ftones. 

Ailce.. Manners, behaviour. 

Ailbhech. Stones. 

Ailcith. A ftrand ftone. 

Ailear. A porch. 

Ailcneachan. A paver. 

Ailcneachachd. Paving. 

Ailec, aileach. A ftone-horfe. 

Ailfes. A bridle-bit. 

AHgean. Noble offspring. 

Ailghean. Powerful, ftrong; foft, fmooth. 

Ailghean. Want. 

Ailgeas. A defire, longing. 

Ailgine. Softncfs, fmoothnefs. 

Ailgeadh. Forgivenefs, 

Ailag. Hickup. 

Aile. Smell. 

Aillagan. A gew-gaw, any thing pretty. 

Ailbhag cluaife. An ear-ring. 

Ailen. Orts. 

All d \ ^*"^'^™^'^c'«« 

Ailne. Beauty. 

Ailim. To- entreat, pray. 

Ailam. Tofofter, nourifh. 

A ill. A journey. 

Aill, A fteep bank wafhed by the water. 

AiU. A bridle. 

Aill. Noble. 

AilL Praife. 

Aill. Courfe, place, ftead, turn. 

Aillam. To go, come. / ,' . •' 

AillbhiU A bridle-bit. 

Aillbhr.uachach. Having fteep or rocky 

Aillim. Alum. 
Ailleann. Elecampane. 
Aille. Praife. 
Ailleachd. Handfomenefs. 
Aillean. A caufeway. 
Aillean. A pet, a beau, a minion. 
Ailleanam. To make fine. 
Aillgean. Smooth, foft. 
Aillgeafachd. Ardency. 
Aillgeafdha, Ardent. 
Ailliadh, ailliath. Roaring. 
Aillis. Vide Aillfe. A canker. 
Aillinbhus. A great falmon. 
Aillfe. A fairy, diminutive creature, a 

canker ; delay. 
Ailm. All elm ; the name of the letter a. 
Ailmeadh. A prayer. 
Ailmcog. The elm. 


A I M 

A I N 

Ailionta. Airy. Of the air. 
Ailidh. White. 

Ailligham. To beautify, make hatidfome. 
AiIIionnoIr« A caterer. 
Ailmh. A flint ftonc. 
Aillin. Another. 
Ailmfe. Miftake. 
Ailp. Ariy grofs lixmp. 
Ailt. Stately, noble, grand. 
Ailt. Rather Rult^ joints, 
Ailt. A houfe. 

Ailtire. An archited^ a carpenter. 
Aimhdheoin. 7 Unwilling, againft. confent, 
Aindeoin. 3 in fpite of. 
Aimheogan. Vide Aigain. 
. Aimhean. Pleafant, agreeable. 
Aimbe. Growing* 
Aimid. A foolilh woman.. 
Aimirtne. Voracity, grcedineffi. 
Aimhleas. Hurt, detriment, ruin. 
Ainrinn. Smooth, pleafimt. 
Atmbeart. Evil deyice, mifchief. 
Aimbeartach. Mifchievous^ popr. 
Aimhleiig. Drowfinefr, lazxncft* 
Aimhleafach. Foolifb, imprudent. 
Aimhnach. Full of rivers. 
Aimhneart.' Force, violence* 
Aimhreidh. Difquieted^ difturbed. 
Aimhreidbam. To difagree. 
Aimhreit, Difturbance, quarrel. 
Aimhreis. Difficult. 
Aimhreltach; Quarrelfome, litigious. 
Aimfir. Weather, feafon, time. 
Aimfiral. 1 . 

Aimfirtha.^ \ 

Aimhreidhe. Defiles, ftraights, faftnefies. 
AimtfYiar. Mifmanagement. 
Aimhrioch. Difguife. 
Aimrid. Barren, ftcril. 
Aimfiugham. To tempt. 
A i mh gh eur. Edgelefs. 

* J Narrow, ftrait. . 
lionn. 3 

Ain. Honourable^ praife-worthy, refjpe^<» 

fill. ' 
Ain. Not, un. 
Aine. Delight, joy, pleafure. 
Aine. Agility, expedition, mufic^ harmony^ 

Aine. A platter. 
Aineas. Joy. 

' Ainbeachlach. Rough, rugged. 
Ainbheach. Manifold i great rain. 
Ainbhcach. A drone. 
'Ainbheil. Impudence, ihame. 
Ainbhfhios. Ignorance,, rudenefs. • 
Ainbhfhiofach. Rude, ignorant, headfirong^ 

tefentful. ' , • 

Ainbhfeile. Impudence, ftinginefs.' 
Ainbhfipithach. Rude^ ignorant. 
Ainbhfine. A foreign tribe. 
Ainbhigh. Rainy weather. « 
Ainble. Naughtihefs, badaefa> malice. 

Ainbhith. A favage or ferocious animal. 
Ainbhfoil. . Brave, valiant, intrepid. . 
Aincheardach. A buffooa, an ingenidua 

fallacious fellow. 
Aincheas. | . • t ' ..* 
Aincheift. I^ ^''''^^' ^'^^'^^> d^"g^'- 
Ainching. A champion. 
Aincheantais. A toy or' trifle. 
Ainchial, ainchialtaqhd. Pecviflinefe, fro* 

Ainchialtha. * Tefty, pcevifh.^. 
Ainchliu. A peeviih perfon. 
Aindeas. Awkward. 
Aindeife. Affli^ion, calamity* 
Aindear. A young woman fit fof raar-^ 

Aindhiarrigbt Angry. 
Aindligheadh. Trefpa(^, 
Aindligheach. Tranfgreflbr, lawlefa. 
Aineach. Horfemanihip. 
Aindiuid. Obflinacy in fin. 
Aineamh. A blemifli^ ftain> blot. 



A I N 

Aiaeamliaeh. •Bl,emiflied/maime<I. 

Ainneart. Vide Aimhncart. Violence. 

Aineolas. Ignorance. 

Atneolach. Ignorant. 

Ainfheadh. Plenteous, abundant. 

Aingcis. A curfe, maledtAion. 

Ainbhthinnc. A ftorm. 

Ainbhtheann. A fpring tide, a- flood. 

Ainblem. A battle. * 

Ainchead. To bury. 

Ainceoil. Evil upon them. 

Aincinneach. Skilled. 

Aincidh. A doubt. ' 

Aincredhnis. Very thrifty. 

Ainchrionailt. Acutenefs. 

Ainchrionnadh. Acute. 

Ainci&achd. Rejeding. 

Aindreanngha. Peevifli. 

Aineadargnoidh. Renowned, fanunis. 

Ainearach. Brave, hardy. 

Aineafgair. UnpOlilhed, rude. 

Aineis. A ikin or hide. 

AinfreagaraSghte* Accountable. 

Ainer. Great, powerful, nobl^ 

Ainbhfheoil. Proud flefh. 

Ainghesm. Exceffive Ioyc. 

Aingeal. An angel of nteflenger, fire, light, 

Ainglidh. Angelical. 
Aingen. The holy ones. 
Aingidh. Wicked, malicious. 
Aingidheachd. Wiekednefs, malice. 
Ainghiorradh. A fhort cut. 
Ainicam. To fhun, avoid. 
Ainiarmhftrthflch. Tdo powerful, too many. 
Ainm. Name, noun. 

Ainnfial. > _ 

A • ^ 1. •! € Famous, noted. , 

Ammneamhuil. j ^ ' 

Ainmunach. Nominative. ! 

Ainmunaiche. Denominator. 

Ainimhncach. A bicmifh. 

Ainadh. A gmtfh, gaping at. 

Ainan* Lfver. 

Ainmlite. 1 ^ ^ , 


Ainleog. A fwallow; a fting, a faare. 

Ainleog-mhara. A black martin. 

Ainleogam. To entrap, enfhare. 

AinmhMh. Animal, brute. 

Ainbhfhiach. A debt. 

Ainfhuail. Chamber-pot, ^ 

AindioAachd. Infidelity. 

Ainnamhag. A phoenix. 

Ainnir. A maid, virgin. 

Ainnis, Needy. 

Ainnifachd. Low condition. 

Ainghniomh. Wicked j an evil deed. 

Ainghniomhach . Facinorous. 

Ainmnuigham. To name, deiiomiaaite. . 

Ainmnighte. Denominated. 

Aininne. Anger, ill will. 

Ainin. The herb Coltsfoot. 

Ainnimh. A wildernefs. 

Ainiocht. Oppreffion, cruelty. 

Ainiochdmhor. OppteiBve, tyraanical. 

Ainghlimam. 7 ^^^ r ^ 
A ,., V To pcrfccutc. 


Ainiomh. A fpot, blemiih in reputation. 

Ainiomad. Too much: 

Ainius. A foothfayer. 

Ainle. A wild cat. 

Ainle. Fair, well featured. 

Ainleachd. Fairnefs, beauty. 

Ainleanmhuinam. To perfecute. 

Ai nleanmhui n . Pcrfecution. 

Aiuleas. Differvice, mifchief, theft. 

Ainleathrom. Oppreffion, injuftice. 

Ainmne. Patience. 

Ainmheid. A wonder. 

Ainmheafartha. Huge^ immoderate, intern* 

Ainmeafarthachd. Intemperance. 
Ainmheas. Recompence. .•* 

Ainmftidhachd. Brutality. ' * 

Ainmhinte. A brute. 
Ainmidighthe. Ltke a brute* 

[DJ Ainmhiannt 



Ainmhiann. Defire, luft, paffion: 
Ainmhiannach. Luftful, paiEonate. 
Ainn. A circle, ring. 
Ainne. A ring. 
Ainneadh. , Patience. 
Ainnighte. Made patient or tame. 
Ainram. I underftand. 
Ainriochd. A pitiful condition. 
Ainfearc. Hatred ; vehement love* 
Ainfgian. Fury. 
Ainfgianach. Furious. 
Ainfgianta. Broken down, raging. 
Ainfpiamach. A cruel perfon. 
Ainfrianta. Obftinate, debauched, un- 
Ainfriantas. Libertinifm. 
Ainfriantach. A Libertine, 
Ainteach. A faft from flefh. 
Ainteann. Very ftout, bold, ftiff. 
Ainteas. Exceflive heat, inflamation. 
Ainteafuighachd. Feverifhnefs. 
Aintigharna. A tyrant, opprefibr. 
Aintigharnas. Tyranny, oppreffion. 
Ainteift. Falfe witnefs. 
Aintreun. Ungovernable, very powerfiili 
Ainteach. Boaftful. 
Aipol. Apollo. 
Air. Upoiu 
Air. Slaughter; 
Air. Ariie. 

Air, airfan. On him, it. 
Air. Number thou. 
Air. Deftroyed. 
Airbhe. Ribs. 
Airbhe. A ftory. 
Airbhthe. Ribbed, furrowed. 
Air'ais. Back, backwards. 
Airbheadha. Divifions. 
Airbheadham. To divide. 
Airbire. An armfuU 

Airbhre. A multitude, legioH) hoft^ army. 
Airbheart. Meanings 
Airbheartacb. Sagacious. 

Airbheartam. To lead, to move about. 

Airbheartbhith. Life. 

Aire. A cheft, or large granary. 

Aire. Difficulty, ftraight. 

Aircifeach. Difficult, ftraight, hungry. 

Aire. A lizard. 

Airc-luachrach. An emmet. 

Airceachd. Hercfy. 

Airchealladh. Theft. 

Airchealtrach. A hind of the third year, a 

Airchean. The end, border .of a country. 
Aire. A fow. 
Airceadal. Prophecy. 
Airchealladh. Sacrilege. 
Airceann. Certain^ pofitive. 
Airceas. Maturity. 
Airceas. Straightnefs, difficulty. 
Aircheana. From thence forward. 
Aircheafd. Waiting, meeting. 
Airceaftair. Genuine mirth. 
Aircillam. To lie in wait. 
Aircineach. Taking one with the other* 
Aircinneach. Chief of a clan. 
Airchionn. A fide. 
Airciofach. Greedy, gluttonous. 
Airchis. A complaint. 
Airchifam. To expoftulate. 
Airchis. A pledge. 
Airchifde. Lamentation for the dead. 
Airceach. Ingenious. 
Airceach. A plunderer. 
Airchill. Keeping. 
Aire. Cork-tree. 
Aircain. A ftopper for a bottle. 
Airceadh. An earneft penny. 
Aird. A coaft, quarter, cardinal point. 
Aird. State, order, improvement. 
Aird. Happinefs. 
Airdbheandham. To cut. 
Airdcheannas. Superiority. 
Airdcheann. A fuperior. 
Airde. Height, eminence, highnefs. 


A I R 

A I R 

Aireach. A fhepherd, herd. 

Airacbas. Feeding of cattle, the office of 

aihepherd, paftorallife. 
Airidh. Shielding, keeping of cattle in the 

Airamhain. Complaining, miffing the ab- 

fence of any thing. 
Aiidceim. Dignity, eminence. 
Airdceimam. To dignify, ftep majeftically. 
Airdceimncachd. Dignity. 
Airdheanna. Pofition of a thing. 
Airdchur. Power. 
Airdhe, airdheal. A fign. 
Airdhi. A wave. 

Airdgheoin. Great noife, tempeft, hurricane. 
Airdhiobhadh. Execution, death, deftruc- 

Airdinntin. Haughtinefs, arrogance, high 


Airdfhogharach. Altifonant. 

Airdinn tinach . High-minded . 

Airdeannaibh. Conftellations. 

Airdreachd. A fynod. 

Airdreim. High ftile, magnificence, flight 

in poetry, rant. 

Airdleog. A fudden jerk, a pull. 

Airdriogh. A monarch. 

Airdriaghlaigham. To rule fupreme. 

Airdfgeimhleoir. A curious inquiflcive 


Airdthigarna. 7 i j r • 

.. , , T , > Supreme lord, fovereign. 
Airdthnath. i ^ » & 

Aire. Notice, attention. 

Aire. A fifhing weir. 

Aire. A name to the different ranks of 

Aire.^ A judge. 

Aire. A fervant. 

Aireach. Noble, a noble perfon. 

There were fix degrees of aireachs or 
nobles diftinguiihed by the antient Irifli, 
in gradation, between the common people 
and the king, as exprefled in the follow- 

ing Brehon law, which was ena£led foon 
after the reception of Chriftianity. Car 
caite techta each adnacal o thuaich do 
gach grad iar na miad do Eclais ? What 
are the lawful fees of burial, from the 
ruftic upwards, according to the rule of 
the church ? Imna ocairach tri feoit no a 
logh. Imnabo-aireach u feoit no a logh. 
Imna aireach deafa X feoit no a Ic^h. 
Imna aireach-ard u feoit X no a logh. 
Imna aireach treifiu, XX feoit no a logh* 
Imna aireach-foirgill XXX feoit no a loglu 
Imna un cumala no a logh. i. e. Hymns 
for an ocaireach, three cows, or an equi- 
valent. Hymns for a bo-aireach, five 
cows, or an equivalent. Hymns for an 
aireach-defa, ten cows, or an equivalent. 
Hymns for an aireach-ard, fifteen cows« 
or an equivalent. Hymns for an aireach* 
trefiu, twenty cows, or an equivalent. 
Hymns for an aireach-foirgill, thirty cows, 
or an equivalent. Hymns for a king, 
feven cumala of cows (forty-two), or an 
equivalent. Hence we may range, them 
in the following order : 

1. The king. 

2. Aireach -foirgill. 

3. Aireach-treifiu, who has ennobled hirtifelf 
in war. 

4. Aireach-ard. 

5. Aireach-defa, from his lands* 

6. Bo-aireach, from his cattle. 

7. Oc-aireach, from his eloquence and 

Aireach. Vigilant, attentive, fubtle. 
Aireach. Violent, hofiile. 
Aireac. Ingenuity. 
Aireadha. Excellent, famous. 
Aireamh. A number, numbering, numera- 
Aireamham. To number. 
Aireamhach. A numerator, accomptant. 
Aireamhachd. Numbering, numeration. 


A 1 R 

A I R 

Aireannach. A beginning. 

Aircar. A bay or harbour. 

Airear. Satisfaftion, choice. 

Airear. Food, pleafant. 

Aireafg. The apple of the eye, fight. 

Aireardha. Pleafant. 

A'lTtL A bed. 

Airghc* A herd. 

Airghean* A bridle rein, fymptoms, air- 

gheanna abhais, fymptoms of death. 
AFrelaifi. To lay in bed. 
Afreleach. A fleepy perfon. 
Airfidach. Harmontous. 
Airfideadh. Harmony. 
Airg. A prince. 
Airgeadb. Regard. 
Arrgeadham . To regard . 
Airgad. Silver, money. 
Airghir. A cow-calf. 
Airgith. To a(k, feek, demand. 
Airgad-bco. Quickfilver. 
Airgadeach. That hath money. 
Airgadgha.' Silver, of filvcr. 
Airgkd-toit. Hearth-money. 
Airgim. To plunder, fpail, drive away. 

Airgnadh. J 

^ , . r A fpoiler, plunderer. 
Airgthoir. S " 

Airidhe. SpecSlres, vifions. 

Airid. Certain, particular, efpecial. 

Airigh. Chief, fovercign. 

Airigh. Deferving. 

Air igheachd . Sovereignty. 

Airilleach. A law. 

Airde-tuath. The North. 

Airde-deas. The South. 

Airde-near. The Eaft. 

Airde-niar. The Weft. 

Airillean. A fafliicm* 

Airiocht. Faftions, parties. 

Arriochtas. Tumultuous meetings. 

Airiocht. A cantrcd. 

Airiomh, Plowing. 

Airis. Knowledge. 

Airfe, and airifin. Rehearfal. 

Airifin. An appointment, order. 

Airleacam. To lend, borrow. 

Airfeacadh. Lending, borrowing. 

Airleacthach. Ready, willing, he that lends* 

Airguinam. To plunder. 

Airle. Counfel, loan. 

Airleog. A fling, joftle,tofs. 

Airis. Hiflory. 

Airis. Charcoal, a firebrand. 

Airifeach. A rehearfer. 

Airifam. Vide Aithrifam, to rchearfe, re- 
cite, repeat. 

Airifne. Hereafter. 

Airleach. Skirmifh. 

Airliochtoir. tlfurer. 

Airm. Arms. 

Airm. A place. 

Airmchrios. A belt. 

Airmeart. An order or cuftom. 

Airmghein. Well-born. 

Airmheadh. A meafure. 

Airmheacht. Diftindtion. 

Airmheadham. To weigh . 

Airmid. Honour, worfliip, reverence. 

Airmidineach. Venerable, refpeftful. 

Airmhidh. An interdift, a vow, promife. 

Airmide. A cuftom. 

Airmid. A fwan. 

Airmham. To number, reckon. 

Airne. Sloe, plumb. 

Airne. Kidney. 

Airne, A watching, fiting up. 

Airneag. A little floe. 

Airfneal. Fatigue, wearinefs. 

Airneadha. The feed of fhrub trees. 

AiVneadhach. Shrubby. 

Airneamh, airtneamh. A grlnding-ftone, 

Airm-theine. Fire-arms. 

Airmlhilgte. Miffive weapons. 

3 Airneis. 


A I S 

Aiuwis» CatHe, chattels^ moireableS) fur- 
Airmlamit Armouiy. 

id. A pluou 
Airri. A tyrant. 
Air neo* Elfe, ethermfe. 
Airrfcc. The hinder part of the neck. 
Airrfe. A vault. 
Airrfidh. An arcade, arch. 
Airteagal. Article. 
Airtin. A pebble. 
Airtine. A flint ftone. 
Airteamh. An inch. 
Airfneal. Fatigue, wearinefs. 
Airfge. Cootemplation. 
Ais. 3ack. 

Ais. Hill, covert, ftrong-hold. 
Ais. Dependence. 
Ais. A loan. 
Ais. Carr^ wain, cart. 
Ais. Bafliful. 
Ail. Sldngle^ to cover houfes. 

A'f I Reftoration, a ferry,avomiU 

Aifc. A requeft, petition. 

Aifc. Damage, trefpafs ^ a rq^roach, chaf- 

Ailg. A fpot or blemifli. 
Aifg. A gift. 
Aifgidh. Gratis, freely. 
Aifcam. To requeft, crave, fearch for. 
Aifceir. A ridge of high mountains. 
Aifdc. 7 ^ 
Aifdcadh.} A poem, ingenuity. 

Aifdeacb. A gay, diverting fellow; game- 

Aifde. Out of her, it. 

Aiai^hd.1 Sports. diverfions,jefts. 
Aifilighoir. Jefler, player. 
Aifchehnnigham. To retire, withdraw* 
Aifdar. Vide Aftar. 
Aiiiirpin* An exchange* 

Aifdridh. A tranflation, digreffion. 

Aifdrigham. To tranflate. 

Aifdruighadh. Viciflitudc, revolution, 

Aifeirgham. To rife again. 

Aifeal. Jollity. 

Aifeirghidh. Refurxeftion, fomc part of a 


Aifeilg. Behind. 

Aifne. A rib. 

Aifghairraam. 7 _, ., , , 
A-r\i AX. C To call back. 

Aificeach. Crafty. 
Aifghihalaigham. To degenerate. 
Aifigam. To ferry over, reftore, to vomit. 
Aifeilgam. To ftay behind. 
Aifreimnuigham. To reciprocate. 
Aifreimnughadh. Reciprocation. 
Aifreimnuighach. Reciprocal. 
Aisfealbha. Reftitution. 
Aisfeidhmeachd. Diibanding. 
Aisfeidmam. To difband. 
Aifgeadh. A defire. 
Airgire. A petitioner. 
Aifiocam. Vide Aifagam. 
Aifion. A crown, diadem, a relick. 
Aifios. Inclination to vomit. 
Aiding. A dream. 
Aiflear. A fpring tide. 
Aifleine. A fhrowd. 
Aiflingam. Dream. 
Aiflingeach. A dreamer. 
Aifphillam. To retort, return. 
Aifneidham. To name or telU 
Aifneis. Naming, telling. 
Aifneifam. To make manifefL v 
Aifteidh. The hatches of a fhip. 
Aiftior. Vide Aftar. 
Aiftiorach. A traveller. 
Aiftigheadh. Compofition, invention. 
Aiftigham. To feign, invent. 
Aiftighthoir. A merry Andrew, Jack Pud- 
Aiftrioch. Inconftant. 

[£] Aiibrioghadh. 


Aiftrioghadh* A prog^fs^-journejUf 

Aiftruigham. To. travel. • 

Ait, aite. A place, ftead. 

Ait. Glad, joyfuL 

Aitas. Gladnefs, j oy . 

Aiteamh. A proofs coiivincing argument. 

Aitchim. To pray, beg. 

Aitcheas. The concubine of a warrior. 

Aiteann. Furz. 

Aitigham. To inhabit; to prove. 

Aitaghas. Inhabiting, dwelling, a colony. 

Aitchimeach. A petitioner. 

Aiteach. Anxious, careful. 

Aith. Quick, fharp. 

Aithche. A kiln, kilns. 

Aith. Vide Ath, again, an iterative par- 

Aithamh. A fathom.- 

Aith. An hill, an eminence. 

Aith. A ikirmifh. 

Aithadh. Elffhot. 

Aitbam. To deny. 

Aithnigham. To know^percekre. 

Aithchreidamh. Apoftacy. 

Aithbhe. The ebb of the tide. 

Aithbhioradham. To blame, reprove* 

Aithbhioradh. Reproach, blame. 

Aithcheafam. To illiimine, to play the 

Aithcbeas. A whore. 

Aithcham. To deny. 

Aithchimam. To border, welt, embroider. 

Aithchumar.. Brief,, compendious. 

Aithcheodham* To difapprove^ condemn. 

Aithe. Revenge. 

Aithe. Keen, 

Aitheach. A fon, a giant, clown. 

Aitheach. Gigantick. 

Aithne. Commandment, precept. 

Aithnam. To coounand, enjoin. 

* i Knowledge, acquaintance. 
Aithnighte. Known* 


Atthnuighadb. Knowing, knowledge* 

Aitheantam. To know, comment. 

Aitheirgam. To rife again. 

Aitheas. A blemifb, an upbraiding.: 

Aitheafc. Admonition. 

Aitheifdacht. An appeal. 

Aithfene. Redemption. 

Aithghear. Brief, inftantaneou»v 

Aithghinam. To regenerate. 

Aithgheinte» Regenerate.. 

Aithghein. ? p 

Aithgheimamhin. J ® 

Aithghein. Like. 

Aithid. A ferpent, afp. 

Aithidin. A little venomous creature,. a^ 

little beaft. 
Aithiobhar. Baniflunent, expulfion. . 
Aithigh. Giants. 
Aithine. A fire-brand. 
Aithine. Charcoals 
Aithir-lus. Ground-ivy. 
Aithiorach. A myftcry ; trade, art, fcicnct... 
Aithis. A check, affront, abufe. 
Aithin. Liver. 
Aithifam. 7 •« , ^ ^ 

Aithifuigbam. }^°*^''f^'=''^''<'"^- . 
Aithifeach. An abufive perfon. 
Aithifughadh. Defamation. . . . 
Aithle. An old rag. 
Aithle. After. 
Aithlinughadh. Delineation. 
Aithlipnadh. Reinforcement, recruiting- . 
Aithleoireachd. Amufing. 
Aithmheal. Compunction-, repentance*. 
Aithmheas. The ebbing of the fea. 
Aithn an la. Height of day. 
Aithne. Store. 

Aithneach. Treafured, hoarded up. 
Aithre. An ox, bull, cow. 
Aithreach. Penitent, forry. 
Aithreachas. Repentance, regret.^. 
Aithreas. Healing, curing. 
Aithridhe. Tears,, grief, Jidnefs, repentance. 




Aithridhach. SorrowfuL 
Aithrin. A iharp point, a fcold» 
Aithrine. A calf- 
Aithriogham. To dethrone* 
Aithrigham. To awake, 
Aithris. Imitation, recital, rehearfal, re- 
port, narration. 
Aithrifam. To recite, repeat, rehearfe.. 
Aithrifeadh. Tautology. 

Aithrifeach. 7 . . . , , 

A. i_ ./T 1 f An imitator, a tale-bearer. 

Aithnfteach. $ 

Aithfgriobham. To tranfcribe. 

Aithfgriobhadair. A tranfcriber, copyift. 

Aithfgriobhadh. A tranfcript copy. 

Aitide. Submiffion. . 

' I Dwelling, houfes, oiEces*. 

Aitreabhach. An inhabitant. . 

Aitreach. A farmer. 

Aitreabham. To inhabit.. 

Aitreabhach. Habitable. 

Aitrifam. To bid, order, command.. 

Ai'ti. Mofft; 

Aitiol. Junipcr.- 

Al. A rock, ftone. 

Al. Nurture, food. 

Al. Fear. 

AI, alach. Brood of any young» 

Al. A horfe. 

Alach. A brood, crew, tribe, generation; . 

the nail$ in a boat. 
Alach ramh. A fet or bank of oars. 
Aladh. Wifdom, fkill, craft. 
Alach. Adivity, alacrity, arequeft» 
Ala. Nurfing.. 
Ala. A trout. 
Ala. A wound* 
Aladhnach. Comical, crafty. 
Ala. Speckled. 
Alacht. Big with young. 
Aladh. Malice, a lye. 
Alaim. To falute, hail, to nude. 
Alaim. To fing praife. 

Allelic. One by another. 
Alain. White, bright, clear. 
Alaineacht. Beauty. 
Alaim. To feize upon.^ 
Alba, i^ , . 
Albin. 1^^^^'^"^- 
Albanach. Scotchman, Scotch^ 
Alb. Vide Ailp. Height. . 
Albard. Halberd. 
Alfat. Caufe, reafon. 
Alfalach. Thoroughly hid* . 

Algachd. Nobility. 

All. Great, prodigious. 

All. A bridle. 

All. Another.' 

All. A nobleman's halL 

All. Foreign. 

All. A rock, clifF. - 

All. A generation, race. 

Alia. Wild, theMoftHigh^ 

Allabhair. Echo. 

Allabhair. A great army. 

Allabhar. Strange, wild, favagc, 

Allaidb. Savage, wild. 

AUoil.. Noble. 

AUadh. To go, to meet. 

Alladh. Excellency, fame» . 

Allan: )• ^ 
... J J In former times. 
Allod. J 

.AUbuadhach. A prince's hall. 

Allbuadhach. Vidorious. 

Allchur.. Tranfpofition. . 

Allgloir. Jargon, gibberifli.. 

Allglois. Mifchief. . 

AUghort. An orchard. 

AUmharach. A ftranger, foreigner. 

Allmhargha. Exotic. 

Allmharghachd. Barbarity. 

Allmuirceadh. The encreafe of days. . 

AUmo. A drove, herd of cattle. . 

Allod. Formerly, antiently. 


A M A 


AUraon. A foreign expedition or jour- 
A! Irion. Yonder road or way. 
Allfmhain. Knotty, full of knots. 
Allfmuainn. A great float or buoy. 
Alltadh. Wildjj favage. 
Alltachd. Savagenefe. 
AUtarach. Oppofite, reverfc. 
Alluigh. Wild. 
Allun. A hind. 
. Alluin. Fair, handfome. 
Almchadha. Charitable* 
Almoine. Almonds. 
Alpa. Mountains. See Ailp. 
Alon. A ftone. 
Alt. Nurfing. 
Alt. A high place. . 
Alt. A brook, a valley. 
Alt. An adion, deed, or fad. 
Alt. A condition, ftate, order. 
Alt. A leap, foon. 

Alt. A part, feAion of a book, time. 
Alt. A joint. 
Alt. Exaltation. 

Altuigham. To give thanks, to fahite. 
Altoir. An altar. 

Altughadh. Giving thanks, falutlng, 
thankfgiving, grace at meat* 

^ , ' I Foftcring. 
Altranas. j ^ 

Altramam. To fofter, nurfe. 

Altram. Nurfing. 

Altrach. One that fofters. 

Altcheangal. Articulation, inosculation, 


Altamhuil. Arthtitick. 

Altan. A (mail brook. 

Aluda. Wounds in battle. 

Alughain. Potters clay. 

Aluin. Handfome. Vide Alluin. 

Am. Time, feafon, convenience. 

Ainamhuil. Timely. 

""^^ iFoolifli. 
a. J 

Am. A prepofitive negative particle in 
place of an before words beginning with 
f, b, p. 

Am. Soft, nfoift. 

Ama. The collar of a cart-horfc. 

Amach. A vulture or ravenous bird. 

Amach. Out. 

Amad. 1 . - ^ 
. , [A fooL 
Amadan. ) 

Amadan-monttch. A dotterilU 



Amidacbd. }p* m 

Amadanachd. I ^* 

>Amail. Broken, loft j evil, mifchief. 

Aniall. A viiit. 

.Amain fhelthide. Anipfaibious beafts. 

Amain. Occupation. 

Amail. v- 

Amhuil. J ' 

Aman. A river. 

Amarcam. To be fond of, kind to* 

Amas. Hitting, marking* 

Amaifam. To hit. 

Amaraich. Scurvy-grafs. 

Amafgidh. Profane, belter fkelter« 

A mafgidhachd . Profanenefs. 

Ambeath. Qiiick, nimble, adive. 

Ameafg. Among. 

Amghar. Affliction, tribulation. 

Amh. Raw, unfodden, crude, bad, naughty:. 

Amh. Even, alfo. 

Amh. Ocean. 

Amh. A fool, iimpleton. 

Amh. .I>enial. 

Amha. A man, perfon. 

Amhach. A dwarf. Vide Abhach. 

Amhain. j _, . 
- , . (River. 
Amhum. ) 

Amhain. Only, alone. 

Amhaon. Twins, plurality, 

Amhar. Mufick. 


A M M 


^ Th« letter X. 

Amhar. A veflel to hoM iralt int 
Amharc. The fight, look. 
Amharag. Muftard. 
Amhaircam. To look. ^ 
Amharc. A fault. 
Amhairg. Woe, 

Amhantas. > Good luck, royal privi- 
Amhantur. j 
Amharas. Doubt, fufpicion* 
Amhrafach. Doubtful, fufpicious. 
Amhrafachadh. Doubting. 
Amharafaigham. To miftruft. 
Amhas« A wild ungovernable man, madman. 
Amhafach. Dull, ftupid. 
' Amhafan. A fentry, freih man, 
Amhafag. Silly woman. 
Amhra. A dream, poem. 
Amhran. A fong. 
Ambluadh. Confufion, diftrefs. 
Amhra. Noble, great, goods 4^k. 
Amhra. Hilt of a fword. 
Amharchull. Aphthongs. 
Amhdhadh. Permitting, fufierlng. 
Amhradh. Mourning, lamentation. 
Amhghar. Aifiidlion, tribulation. 
Amhgharach. Affii<^ed forely, troubled. 
Amhlabhair. Mute, dumb. 
Amhiaifg. Bad beer. 
Amhlaifgach. A brewer of taplafli. 
Amhiair. A fool, oaf. 
Amhnas. Impudent. 
Amhnian. Folly. 
Amhne. Himfelf. 
Amhnur. Shamelefs. 
Amhus. Reftlefs. 
Amhuilam. To fpoil. 
Amid. A fooliJh woman. 
AmUgach. , ^ 
Amlach. J ^ 

Amm. Mifcbievous, bad. 
Amm. To refufe. 
Aramar« A trough. 

Ammar-baii3aidh. ' A font. 

Ammar-fuail. Chamber-pot. 

Amni. Generous. 

Amri. A cupboard. 

Amuidh. A fool. 

Amuigh. Without, out. 

Amus. An ambufh, furprize, violent onfet. 

Amus. Leifure. 

Amufach. One that keeps his appointment. 

An. The article the. 

An. Interrogative particle^ an gabh thu ? 

will you take ? 
An. Privative, evil, not, un. 
An. A kind of veflcl, water. 
An. Still, quiet. 
An. True, pleafant, noble, fwift. 
An. A lie. 
An. Pure. 
Ana. Riches. 

Ana. Continiianceof fair weather. 
Ana. A filver cup. 
Ana. Truly. 
Anabbuidh. Unripe. 
Anach. A cleaning, walbing. 
Anach. A path. 
Anacail. Quietnefs. 
Anacal. A quiet perfon. 
Anaclanu To preferve^ watch over. 
Anacail. Prefervation. 
Anachain. Danger, misfortune. 
Anachaim. To avoid, (hun, preferve. 
Anac. A wound. 

Anachan. One that keeps in the way. 
Anacht. Quietnefs, tranquillity. 
Anachrach. Full of pity. 
Anachradh. ,A wretch, an object of pity« 
Anachras. Pity, compaffion. 
Auaclachd. RefUeflhefs* 
Anacair. Affli6lion. RefilefTnefs. 
Anainbreadh. Unfatiable. • 
Anart. ' Linen. 
Anart-buird. Table-cloth. 
Ann aird. Aloft. 
Anart-canaich. Fuftian. 

[F] Anairth. 



Anairth. Gentle, mild, humane. 

Anais. Backward, reverfed. 

Anaifgam, To crave, beg. 

Anaithnc. A private man. 

Anaithnam* I Ifnow not. 

Anaithnighte. - Unknown. 

Anal. Breath. 

Anal. 1 Not Irifli. Annals, chroni- 

Analaih. I cle. 

Analam. To breathe, 

Annall. i 

Anallod. S ^'"""^ '^'J^^"^- 

Anam. Soul, life. 

Anamoch. Late. 

Anamhac. An animaL 

Anamhach. Lively. 

Anamchara. A bofom friend". 

Annamh. Rare, 

Anamchoidh. Brave. 

Anamhain. A panegyrift^ 

Anaoibhin. Woe. 

Anafcaim. To mix. 

Anafcacht. ' Mixtuije. 

Anaois. Nonage. 

Anat. Plain, manifeft, 

Anafgar. Reftlefs, irkfome.^ 

Anabas. Offscourings. 

Anabarrach. Exceffive. 

Anabar. Excefs, too much. 

Anaculach. Lean. 

Anabhirach. Very pointed, fharp. 

Anaceift. Difficulty. 

Anacneafda. Cruel, diflxoheft,. unfafe.. 

Anacreidmhach. Infidel. 

Anacreideamh. Infidelity. 

Anacleachda. Inexperience.. 

A^achuram. Care, anxiety^ 

Anacomhthrom. i , . «. 
. V Iniulticc.. 

Anaceartas. J '' 

Anabeachdalachd. Haughtinefs^. 

Anachintach. * Uncertain. 

Anamhras. Sufpicion, diflruf{:» 

Anaghlais. Hog-waih. . 

Anafda, Stormy- 


Anaghoirafach. Inconvenient. 

Anacaithach. Squanderer. 

Anachaoinam. To deplore. i 

Anachruas. Avarice. 

Anacoimfeach. Vafl, infinite. 

Anamhfheoil. Proud flcfh. 

Anbhaine. Extafy, 

Anbhal. Prodigious. 

Anbhaine. Weaknefs. 

Anbhail. ShameTefs, haughty. 

Anbhann. i^^^^ 

Anmhann. $ 

Anbhor. A gitat fwelling. 

Anbhas. A fudden death. 

Anbhfoil. Courageous. 

Anbrith, Large, prodigious. 

Anbhrod. A tyrant. 

Anbhrodaim. To tyrannize. 

Anbhochd. Very poor. 

Anbhuineachd. Weaknefs, faintncfs.. 

Anbhathadh. Deluge. 

Anchaint. Ill language, faucinefs» 

Anchaitham. To fquander. 

Anceadna. Exceffive. 

Andan. Foolhardy. 

Andanadas. Prefumption*. 

Andiugh. To-day. 

Ande. Yeflerday. 

Andeirach. Mournful, of many tearr* 

Andeiftin. Squeamifhnefs. 

Andach* Anger. 

Andach. ITvil. 

Andadh. Jufl* 

Andeas. South. 

Andon. Although. 

Andolas. Sadnefs.. 

Andochafach. Sanguine, prefumptuons* 

Andualarafc. Catechrefjs. 

Androbhiafach. A great fquanderer* 

Andras. A fury, infernal divinity. 

Anduine. A wicked man. 

Andul. Avidity.. 

Andlighach. A tranfgrefTor,' illegals 

Andoigh* Bad cflate,- condition. 

' Andrafi 

A N I 


Andrafd & aris. Ever and anon; 

Anebhachdach. InefFedlual. 

Anebhachd. Inefficacy. 

Anearbam. To diftruft, 

Anearbfa. Diftruft. 

Ane ande. Yefterday, 

Aneagal. Aftoniiliment. , 

Aneadargnaidh. A ftranger. 

Aneis. A fkin, hide. 

Anfobhrachd. A fkeleton* 

Anfhairfuing. Vaft.^ 

Anfhuras. Impatience^ 

Anfadh. A ftorm. 

Anfadhach. * Stormy.. 

Anfam. To ftay* 

Anfhlath. A tyrant. 

Anfas. Fear^ dread* 

Anfhocain. Peril, danger* 

Anfhoralamh. Conftraint,. danger.- 

Anfhorlan. PuiflanceyOppreftion) plundering*. 

Anfhoth. Very watchful. 

Ang. Renown, great. , 

Ang. A ftring, twift* 

Ang. Rank. 

Angach. Vide Ingnaclv. Full of nailsv 

Angadh. The guffet of a ihirU 

Angangach. A fnare. 

Angathlonnach. Glitteringr 

Angclu. A champion. 

Angar. A ftalLfor cattle. 

Angbhaidh., Valiant, ftout^, hard, unjuft. 

Angcoire. An anchorite. 

Afiglonn. Adverfity, dangcrr 

Anglonn. Very ftrong. 

Anghlaodh. A loud fhout* 

Angna. Refpite, delay. 

Angnatha. Relations. 

Angnathach. Unufual. 

Angradh. Doating love». 

Angradbaeh. Loving. 

Ahgrais. An engine. 

Angraibh. A ruler, chief. 

Anios. Up." 

Aniochd. Cruelty. 

Aniochdmhor. Cruel. 

Aniuid. Error, depravity.- 

Aniudadh. Depraved. 

Anius. A foothfayer. 

Anluchduigham. To furchargc. 

Anmhaoin. Strife, great richcs^^ 

Anmeinidhe. Evil doing. 

Anmhiann. Concupifcence. . 

Anmhodh. DifrefpeS. 

Anmhor. Very great. 

Anmhugean. Oftentation^ 

Anmhunam. To ftay, tarry. 

Annan. A name of Ireland- 

Anndeigh. After. 

Anniugh. Ta day. 

Ann. In there, m him. It; 

Ann a' dheigh fin. After that, afterwards^ 

Annac. Evil. 

Annac. Anger. 

Annach. Clean. 

Annai£le. Cleanfed. 

Annaftam. Tocleanfe, purify. 

Annadh. Delay. : 
' Annamh. Seldom, rare, a wildernefs,. 

Ann ceann a cheile. Together,. 

Annas. Rarity; 

Anncein. Afar, far off. 

Ann-cois. Nigh to, by, along,- 

Ann«-cais» Prefently. 

Ann car. Near to. 

Ann crochadh. Depending, impending. 

Ann-coinamh. Oppoflte. 

Annradh. Diftrefs, ftorm at fea,. tempeft^, 

Annranach. Stormy. 

Annam. Inpe. 

Ann ad. In thee. 

Anninne. In us. 

Annta. In them* 

Annfa. Dear, beloved 5 in the.. 

Annfachd. Affedion, the beloved. 
: Annofach. Strange, unufual. 

Annoid. A churchy 




Annunn. Over to the oth^ <ideb 

Annroir, Laft night. 

Annracht. The bigheft d^ree of poetry 
next the ollamh ; a fit oF crying. 

^ ' J In that place, there, then. 
Annfud. J 

Anois. Now. 
Anochd. To night. 
Anpaccair cear. A fole, fiounder. 
Anradh. A poet in the next degree of ho- 
nour to an ollamh, a boon, a petition. 
Anraim. To feck a boon. 
Anradham. To grieve, affli£L 
Anro. Abundance* 
Anrod. Tribulation. 
Anrodhach. Afflifted. 
Anfhocair. Reftleflhcfs, difquietude. 
Anihocraeh. Reftlefs. 
Anfhogh. Adverfity. 
Anfgaineadh. A chafm. 
Anfcairt. A great clamour, a great thicket 

of brambles. 
Anfcairtach. Shduting loudly. 
Anfcairtam. To fhout, bawl. 
Anflogh. A great hofH 
Anfliran. A ladle. 
Anfamhlachd. Incomparability, 
Anfamhiuighte. Incomparable. 
Anfant. Covetoufoefs, avarice. 
Anfantach. Covetous, a greedy gut, gor- 
Anferath. Wrong feafon. 
Antrathach. Abortive. 
Antoil. Luft. 
AntoilaL Wilful, obftinate. 
Antoilalachd. Wilfulnefs, obftinacy« 
Antlachd. Difpleafuire, diflike. 
Antlas^ A great faii: of cattle, a merry trick. 
Antlafach.' A facetious merry fcltew. 
Antlafam. To play pranks. 
Antoirdhear. The eaft, 
Antrom. Grievous^ 
Antromuigham. To aggravate. 

' Chearful. 

Antromughadh. Aggravating.* 

Antruas. Great pfty, fympathy. 

Antruacanta. Pitiftjl^ compaffionate. 

Antomhaill. Gluttony. 

Antogradh. Evil defire. 

Antomhailtoir. A glutton. 

Anuinn. The eaves of a houfe. 

Anualach. A burden, over weight. 

Anualigham. To burden. 

Anuair. A ftorm. 

An uair. When. 

Anuafal. Mean, ignoble. 

Anuas. Down. 

Anuabhair. Exceffive pride. 

Anuaibhrach. Proud. 

Anuais. Fierce, 



Aobrunn. Uncle. 

Aobh. Similitude. 

Aobhdha. Beautiful. 

Aobhdhachd. Beauty. . 

Aodann. The face, forehead. 

Aodannach-freine. Front ftall gf a bridle. 

Aodh. Fire, the liver. 

Aodach. Cloth. 

Aodhar. A fiery defolation. 

Aodarman. A bladder. 

Aodh. A (heep. 

Aodhaire. A fhepherd, paftor. 

Aodhnaire. An owner* 

Aodhaireachd. Tending (heep. 

Aodochas. Defpalr. 

Aodochafach. Full of defpajr. 

Aogafg. Likenefs, image. 

Aogh. Hugh. 

Aoi. A ftranger, gueft. 

Aoi. A fwan, confede;:acy, compa£L 

Aoi. Inftruftion, knowledge. 

Aoi. Honour, refpeft. 

Aoi. An ifland,, a hill, po/Teffion. 

Aoibh. A courteous, civil look. 

Aoibh. A patrimony. 


A 01 


Aoibh. Pleafant, comely. > 

Aoibheal. Rejoicing, mtoriment* 

Aoibheal. Fire. : 

Aciblieainlittil. Grateful, fatisfted. . 

Aoibhnach. Glad, joyful. 

Aoibhnas* Gladiipfs^ joyfulnefs*. 

AoibhioIL Giddy. 

Aoibhiilam, To be gitUy, hairbrained. 

Aolbhinn. Joyful, pleafant, fair. 

Aoibhle. Afign, token, omen. 

Aoibhiigham. To maf k, explain an omen. 

Aoide. A web. 

Aoide. A youtlk 

Aoideanach. Well behaved^ 

Aotdeach« Youthful. 

Aoideag. A hair-lace, fillet* 

Aoidain. A leak. 

Aoideogaim* Ta bind the hair* 

Aoidaineach« Leaky. 

Aoidhe. A ikilful peribn. 



Aoidheachd^ Ifofpitality^ lodging*, ctltOf* 

iAoidheachdam. To enlatatni l^dgc* 
Aoig. A fkeleton. 
Aoigh. A hem. 
Aoik The moutii; 
Aoil. Pleafant, fair. 
AoObbhreo. LimekiliW 
Aoileach. A gazing-ftock. 
Aoileach. Dung. 

Aoilean. Fine, exodlent^ charming* 
Aoileanta. Beautiful. 
Aoileanfticbt. Bcautjr^ 
Aoilbhinn. A fmall herd, flock« 
Aoilfeog. A caterpillar. 
Aoilleadh. To chew. 
Aoin. A ruih, h<mour, a faft.' 
Aoinchineamhuin. One event. ' - 
Aoine. Skill. • ' 

Aoinneann. Pleafant. 
Aoine. Friday, ' 

' ( A ftranger, gueft. 

Aincach. Fafling. 

Aoinam. To faib . . 

Aoir. A curfe, a fiitire, rilling; 

Aoire. A fatirift. 

Aoirain. A ploughman. 

Aoireagradh. A rcftipnlatioti. 

Aoireadh. Sheet or corner of a-fail, a fieldv 

Aoirfuigham. To enhance the value of. 

Aoireachdin. Exclaiming againflr, blaming^ 

Aois. Age. 

AoU. Lime. 

Aolain. Learning. 

Aolainaiche, oileamhnach. A ikident. 

Aolainaigham. To educate. 

Aolam. To inftruA. 

Aollam. To lime. 

Aolladoir. Plafterer. 

Aol-tigh. A fchool, college. 

AolNphlaCdfu A parget, or jIMttn 

Aolte. Inftrufted. 

Aollphlafduiche. A plafterer. 

Aolamh. Vide Ollamlu 

Aolthoir. Fofterer. 

Aon. Excellent, hobIe» • 

Aomam« To incline, bend.- • 

Aon. One, a country. 

Aomadh. Bending,' inclinatibn. 

Aonach. A hill, fir. * 

Aonagraicham* To wallbw* • 

Aonar. Alone, folitary. * ^ 

Aonarachd. Singularity. 

Aonaran. A folitary perfon. 

Aonghnethach. Homogeneous. 

Aonranach. I q ,. 

Aonardha. J ^' 

Aondeug. Eleven. 

Aoncathairach. Of the fame city. 

Aonda. Particular. 

Aongam. To move, iKr« 

Aonachd. Unity. • ^ 

Aonghuthach. Confen<>«s%' 

Aonbhith. Cp-eflentiality^ -^ •• 

Aoninntin. One mind, unanimous. 

[GJ Aondathach^ 

A R A 

A R B 

Aondathach. Of one colaur. 
Aonadharcach. Unicorn. 
Aonracan. A folitary pcrfon, widower^ 
Aono. The one, firft. 
Aonracanach. AIone« 
Aono-dcug. Eleventh. 
Aonracanachd. Solitude, 
Aonilaith. Monarch. 
Aonilaithachd. Monarchy. 
Aonfuirt. Wallowing. 2 Sam. ix. 
Aonta. A leafe, licence, confent. 
Aontach. Acceffary. 
Aonta. A nian unmarried, celibacy. 
Aontuigham. To confent. 
Aonriogh. Monarch. 
Aontachd. Acquiefcence. 

Aontigheas. 1 Cohabitin 
Antigheachd. 3 . ^' 

Aos. A community, fet ofpeopte^ 

Aofmhor. 1 > ^ ' 

Aofmhureachd. > « . . 

Aofdachd. 1 ^Se. anUqutty. 

Aofdan. A foothfayen 1 , . 

Aontromas, Madnefs^. levity.. Vide £at- 

Aoth. A bell, acrowa. 
Aothadh. Clean, pure. 
Aothachd. Ringing of bells* 
Aothaim* To ring bells. 

Aplidh. } ^'P«- 
Apa, apag. An apie» 
Aprainn* Mercy. 
Apran. Apron. 
Apthach. Mortal. 
Ar. Ouc* 
Aj* Slaughter. 
Ar* Ploughing, hulbandry. 
Ar. A bond, tye. 
Ar. Guiding, cpoduA, 
Ara* A conference. 
Ara. The loin. 

Ara. Abler. 

Arac. Aconflid. 

Arach. A ploughlhare. 

Arach. Strength, potwer, authority, se^ 

Arach. A tye, bond, or collar on a beaA^ 
' fifliing ware. 
Arachas. Infurance. 
Aracoir. Infurer. 
Arachair. Rowing. . . 

Aracul. A cell or grotto>hut» 
Arad. Strong, brave. 
Arada. A fevere punifhmeoit.. 

r A .if A ladder. 
, Aradh. 1 

Aradh. The reins, loins» 

Aradhain. Abufe. 

Aradain^ A deik, pulpit. 

Araigh. The reins of a bridle» 

Araim. To plough* 

Aramhuil. Officious. 

Aran. Bread. 

Aran cruinaeachd. Wheat^n b|3ead». 

Aran donn. Brown bread. 

Aran milis. Gingeiibreail. , 

Aran. The Kidneys. 

Aran. Familiar converfatipn ; aran bodaigh 

air bothar> a clown's converfation on the 

Aranaik. A pannici^i bowad ba(ket« 
Arancha. A pantry. 
Aranoir. A baker. 
Araoid^. A.cover, table-cloth.. 
Araon. Both. 
Aras. Vide Aros. A hou£b, viUage^ fettle^ 

Arafach. Habitabla. 
Arafach. An inhabitant. 
^ Aara&im. To dwell, inhabits 
Arba. Yet, . neverthelefs. 
Arbhadh. Deftrudton. 
f Arbhar. Corn, grain ^ an hoft, army^ 
Arbaim. To deftroy* 

Arbharach* . 

A R D 

A R L 

Arbharach. Fertile^ full of corn. 
Arbbarachd. Embattling an army* 
Arbharain. -To array. 
Arbhra. Vide Arbb^. 
Arbhraigneach. Scarce of com* 
Afbhraigneach. A fn^e* 
Arbhraignam. To enfnare. 
Arc. Vide Aire. A cheft, ark* 
Arc. A body. 
Arc. A dwarf. 
Arcy arcain. A litde pig* 
Arc. A bee, a wafp* 
Arc. A litKard. 
Arc. Impoft, tribute. 
Arcaa. A cork, flopper. 
Arc tuachrach. . An adder, lizard* 
Archu. A chained dog. 
Archon. A fierce dog. 
Archuifg. An experiment* 
Archur. Sucking. 
Arcis. A hide*. 

Ard» High, lofty, eminent, excellent.. 
. Ardan. A height, eminen.ce, pride* 
Ardanach* High, proud, elate. 
Ardaigham. To elevate, extol* 
Ardruich. A houfe. 
Ardaghadh* Honour^ elevation^ pre&i' 

Ardarc* A blazon, coat of arms.. 
Ardaingal. Archangel. . 
Ardchnoc-faire* A great or chief beacon^ 

Ardeaibuig. Archbifhop«. 
Ard*>dhuic. Archduke. 
Ardonif* Lintel of a doo#. 
Ardbbeandittc. An archducheft.. 
Ardchantoir. Archchanter* 
Ardbhreithamh. Chief juftice*. ^ 
Ardcheimnigham* To ftalk. 
Ardghuth. A great fhout, cry. 
Ardfhogharach. Altifonant* 
Afdlghlorach) «• Loud fpeaking. 
Acdghlok. Akiloquenccy bombaft«h 

Ardmharaich. An admirah 

ArdoUamh. Hiftoriograp^er roy^^ 

Ardchathair. Metropolis. 

Ardriogh. Sovereign, monarch: 

Ardfhuidhidhoir. Prefident4 

Ardfgol. College. 

Ardfhagart. High-prieft: 

Ardinmhe. High rank, eminence^ 

Ardinmhach. Eminent^ 

Ardfgeimbleoir. A curious perfoo. 

Ardchumhachd. i ^ 
^ - ^ Y Supreme power<^ 

Ardchomas* i 

Ardcheaniias. Supreme dominiott. 

Ardfeadhmanach. Htgh^teward.. 

: ArdghaoiS. A liberal ait. 

Ardghaoifire. A mailer of arts. 

Ardghul. Loud lamentations* 

Ardhachdach. Great, grand. 

Ardhamh. A plough, ox. 

Ardharch. A blazon, coat of arms* 

Ardhafach. Htgh^ ftately. 

Ardreachtas. A convention, aflembly* 

Ardog^ Vide Ordog.. Athumb* 

Argdha. Militaiy, warlike. 

Arg*. A champion. 

. ^ . r A robber, plunderer. 
Argnoir. 1 • 

Argnadh. Robbery, plundering. 

Aig. A corn ikep. 

Argnaim. To rob, plunder.^ 

Ai^irim.. To keep, herd. 

Arguin. An argument. 

Argihoin A deftroyer.. 

Arigh. Chiefs. 

Arinn. Friendihip*. 

Aris. . Again*. . 

Arleog. A high flight, a project* 

Arleogach* Full of projeds. 

Arling. A corps dc rcfervc. 

^ Arlogh. Some part of the fide. 

Ailbdh* Bringing home the harveftf fcifd 

an arloigh, harveft home feaft. 

Arm* The army, armour* 

t ArmaU^ 

A R R 


' ' > Armed, warlike. 

Armach. > 

-Armailte. An army. 

Aimailteach. Having armies* 

Armachd. Feats of arms. 

Armam. To arm. 

Armann. A chief, a prince. 

Armara. A. rebuke, check. 

Armairc. A cupboard, clofct. 

Armhaiglv A buzzard. 

Atmcha. 7 , 

Armthalfg. S ^" ""W. -"agazme. 

Armhindaw* To reverence, refpeA. 
Armtha, aroote* Arnted. 
Armuinte. Blefled- 
Armuintam. To blefs. 
Arn. ^ judgp. 
Arnaidh. A band« furety^ 
Arnath. Swollen, puf&d up^ 
Aroch. Sti:aight. 

Aroch. A hamle^t, a little {bieldtng. 
Aroich^ FJfild of battle. 
Arne. A ilqe^ rcjns, kidneys. Vide Airne. 
Aros. A houfc, liabitatLon. 
* Ar6ll. Great flaughter, great deal, man/. 
AroL Other. 
Arr. A flag, a hind. 
Arra. Treachery. 
Arra. A pledge. 
Arrachar. Steering* rowings 
Arrach. 1 A pigmy, dwarf, a fpefifc, appa^ 
Arracht. l rition, centaur. 
Arrachtach. Manly^ e&Aual) puiflant. 

Arrachtas. Power. ' 

Arradh. An ornament. 

Arraghaldach. Negligent, 

Arradh. Vide £arradha« 

Arraidh. Evil.aftions. 

Arraing. A ftixch* conxulfions. 

Arraifam. To,ariivc.or.rc;achat. • 

Arrphoghaidh* The hound that itrft winds 
or comes up with the deer. 

Arroid. Vice. 

Arridh. Generous. 

Ar roidam • To corrupt. 

Arronnach. Becoming, fit. 

Arronaidham. To fit. 

Arrfantach. Old, ancient. 

Arruifach. Obvious. * 

Arfa eifan. Said he. 

Arfachd. Age, b^ing' old« 

Arfuighoir. An antiquary. 

Arfuighachd. Antiquity. 

Arfon. For, in room of. 

Arfneall. Sadnefs, forrow. 

Arfnalach. Sad, forrowful. 

Art. A bear. 

Art. A ftone, a tent, tabernacle, houfe. 

Art. A limb. 

Art. God. 

Art. Flefli, 

Artach. Stoney, a quarry. 

Artarach. A fhip boat. 

Artchailair. A quarry, ftone pit. 

Artene. Pebbles, fandv . 

Arteine. • A flint. 

Arthrach. A (hip, wherry^ boat. 

Arther. Eafterly. 

Arthraigham. To navigate, ta enlarge. 

Artragpm. To do or make. 

Artuirdhis. Augmentation. 

Arufc. A lord. 

Arufg. The neck. 

As. Out, out of^ out of him or It. 

AfanK Out of me. 

Afad. Out of thee. 

Afmn, afinne. From, out of us. • 

Afibh. Out of, from you. 

Afda. Out ofj from them^ ' 

As. Milk, ale, beer. 

Afach. A (hoemaker. 

Afach. Milky, watery. 

Afaighte, Sbodi / . * 

Afadh. AnchoWng, reiKng,"fettlirig% 

Afam. To kindle a fire.' 

Afafirmam. To remove. ' 




Afaidh« Arefting, repofing, ftanza. 
Afaire. A fhoemaker. 
Afaidham. To rebel, rcvoJt. 
Afait^ham. To abandon, evacuate. 
Afal. An afs. 
Afatn. To do, make. 
Afanta. Sedition. 

Afarlaighachd* Magic, divination, intoxi- 
cation. " 
Afard. Debate. 
Afardoir. A litigious perfon. 
Afcaim. To aflc, beg. 
Afcairt. A budding, fprouting; hards, 

Afgan. A grig. 
Afgidh. Gratis, free. 
Afguil. The bofom, armpit. 
Afcal. A conference ; onfet j flowing of 

the tide. 
Afcaoin. Curfe, excommunication. 
Afcaointam. To curfe, excommunication* 

A fear. A gueft. 

Aicath. A foldier, champion. 

Afchu. A water-dog. 

Afcnaim. To enter. 

Afcnamh. Afceniion. 

Afdar. A journey, way. 

Afdaraigham. To travel. 

Afdairaiche. A traveller. 

Afdaroir. A porter. 

Afal. An afs. 

Afinnleachd. Device^ 

Afnag. A fan to winnow corn with* 

Afgach. A winnower. 

Afgaim. To winnow, clcanfe. 

Afion. A crown. 

Afleach. A requeft, temptation. 

Aflaigham. To beg, requeft. 

Aflonnadb. A difcovery, tdling. 

AfurkHgham . To fa pport . 

Aflain. Plates. 

Afcuch. -An -efcape. 

Afcuchaim. To efcape. 

Afbs* A fpear, javelin* 

Afteach. In, into. 

Aftigh. In, within. 

Aftharruing. Abftrafl:. 

Aftranach. A gueft, ftrangcrj,. traveller. 

At. A fwelling. 

Atmhor. Swelling. 

Ata. Is, am. 

Ata. A hat, cap. 

Atan. A cap, garlax^d. 

Atach. A requeft. 

Atach. Fermentation. 

Atachanam. To prate. 

Atail. Deaf, 

Atamhneachd. Redemption; 

Atais. Woe. 

Atchuifle. Aneurifm. 

Ath. Again, equal to re in Latin, proxi* 


Ath. A ford. 

Ath, or aith. A kiln* 

Athair. A father. 

Athar. The air, (ky. 

Athair-ceile. I r^ , . . 

... j|. i_ r Father-m-law. 

Athair-ann-dligbe. ) 

Athairamhuil. Fatherly. 

Atha. A blaft of wind. 

Athach. A giant. 

Athach. Waves. 

Athach gaoith. A blaft. 

Athach. A fpace. 

Athaile. Inattention. 

Athainne. A firebrand. 

Athair-baifdaich. A godfather. 

Athair-faoifaidin. A father coafeflbr-. 

Athair-lufa. Groundivy. /, 

Athairamhlachd. Fatherlinc(s. 

Athairaighachd. Ajiatrimony. 

Athaireog. An aunt by the father. 

Athais. A rebuke. 

Athaifam. To rfbukc. 

Athaifeach. Reviling* 

A thai. Deaf. 

IH] Athak 

A T H 

A T H 

Athal. A flefli hook. 
Athairdham. To adopt. 
Athairdhadh. Adoption.* 
Athargadh. A (harp engagement. 
Athairgaibh. Importunity, (blicitation* 
Atharmafltadh. Parricide. 
Atharaigham. To change, flit, alter. 
Atharaghadh. Alteration, change. . 
Athathad. Reunion. 
Athbhach. Strength. 
Athbhath. Second death. 
Athbheoghaicham. To re-lrindle, re-ani- 
Athcaoid. Sicknefs, ailments. 
Athcaoideach. Sickly. 
Athcaoin. Complaint. 
Athchagnam. To chew the cud, ruminate. 
Athchagnadh. Chewing the cud.. 
Athcairt. Renewal of a leafe. 
Athcafam. To return, to attack, to twift 

again. . , 

Athchafachdich. A repeated cough. 
Athchafta. Strongly twiffedl 
Athchomair. Brief, ibort. 

Athbhualam. To re*ad. 

Atha na fuil. Corner of the eye. 

Athghairrid. Short, brief; a fliort way. 

Athbhrodam. To refufcitate. 

Athbhar. Aftercrop. 

Atharamharc. Aeorofcopy. 

Athareolas. Aeoromancy.' 

Athar-iul. Aerology. 

Atharmheigh. A barometer. 

Athailte. A fear. 

Athchafaidam. To re-charge. 

Athchoimhearan. A regifter. 

Athchoimhire. An abridgement. 

AthchQmhaircam. To fhout out again. 

Athchraim. To reftore. 

Athcharam. To mend, repair. 

Athchuimhnigham. To recollect. 

Athchuimirc. Rehearfat of a caufe* 

Athcbuimhne. Recolkdion. 

Athchuingc. A requeft. ' ' 
Athchruinnigham. To rally* 
Athchuingam. To requeft. 
Athcheimnigham. To recapitulate. 
Athchuiram. To furrender; to banifh. 
Athcheafnigham. To rei-examine. 
Alhchuir. Banifliment. 
Athchumain. To deform^, transform. 
Athhhairram. To call again, to repeat, t^ 

Athlamh. Expert^ ready. 
Athamhal. A looking after, perceiving. 
Athchoftas. Aftercoft. 
Aththinnas clainne. Afterpains.. 
Athlagham. To procraftinate; 
Athlaghadh. Procraftination. 
Athghabham. 7 To take back, retake, re« 
. Athghlacam. 3 fume. 
Athghearram. To ihorten, abbreviate. - 
Athghlanam. To refine, f urbijfh.. 
Athnuadhaicham. To renew; 
Athnuadhachadh. Renovation. 
Athfmuintuigham.. To refled, think, con*- 

Athfgalam. To refound. 

Athfmuintughadh. Reflection. 

Athfmuintidh. Second thought.- 

Athdhiolam. To refund.. 

Ath-la. Next day. 

Athlan-mara. Reflux of the iea^ next tide; . 

Athghloram. To refound. 

Athmhalairtam. Ta make a fecond ex«- 

Athmhalairt. Another or fecond exchange.. 

Athnacham. To give up, deliver. 

Athncartuigham. To reinforce. 

Athn^mh. Great ftore, fpoil. 

Athleimam. To refound. 

Athrach. A boat, wherry. 

AthuamhortHa. Terrible, horrid, dcteftr 
able. ^ 

' Athuamhorthachd. Abomination. 

Ath-uair. Second timer 


A T H 

A U D 

Aththogam* To rebuild. 
Aththoifaigham. To recommence. 
Athralnnam. To fiibdivide. 
A throchiii . Recovering. 
Athreoruigham. i To reconduA, to 
Athfdiuram. * 3 trieve. 
Athgheinmhin. Regeneration. 
Athgheinam. To regenerate. 


AtbleaflTuigham, To reform.- 
AthleaflTugbadh. Reformation. 
Athfgriobham. To tranfcribe.. 
Athfhealladh. RetrofpeA. 
Athfhealbhachadh. Reverfion. 
Athchuinginam. To retrieve. 
Attin. Furze. 
Audhallam. To be deaf. 



Bis the fecond letter of the Irifh al- 
phabet, and is called- beth, i. e. birch. 
It is a labial letter, and the article an is 
changed to am before it,, as an bolg, the 
belly, is am bolg in nouns of the mafcu- 
line gender. For further Information I 
refer the reader to the Galic Analyfis. 

Ba. tVaSy were^ have bun. It ought to be 
written b'e, forbue. 

Ba. Cows. Plural of bo. 

Ba. Good. 

Ba. Under. 

Ba. Death. 

Baan. The matrix of a cow. 

Bab, baban- A babe, baby.^ 

Baban. Short pieces of yarn or thread, a 

Babanach. Having taflels. 

Babhachd. Innocence, fweetnefs. 

Babhoidin. Taflels. 

Babhuin. Al>ulwark, . an inclofure for bat- 
tle } a milking place for cows. 

Bac, bacal, bacadh. A.let,ftop, hindrance, 
a prop, crook, fulcrum. 

' I A hook, hinge of a door/ 

Bacach* Lame,, halt. / 


Bacag. A trip or fall. 

Bacam, bacaigham. To flop, hinder, to 

make lame or halt. 
Bacal. An obftacle, hindrance. 
Bacaifach. Hindering. ^, .. 

Bacuidhe. Lamenefs. 
Bachul. A ftaff, crofier, crook. 
Bachlag. A lifp or the fpeech} a 

little curl. 

Bachlach. ) 
Bacadhas. Oven.. 
Bacala. A bakehoufe. 
Bacalta. Baked.. 

Bacan. Hinge of a door, any Httic book* 
Bacal. A flave, prifoner. 
Bach; Loving. 

Bach. A breach, violent attack or fur- 
Bachanta. Prating.. 
Bachantachd. Garrulity. 
Bach.. Drunkennefs.* 
Bachaire. A drunkard. 
Bachairiughadh. Drinking, fotting. 
Bachaimv To make drunk. 
Bachallam. To clip round, to trim. 
Bachla. A cup, chalice. 



B Af 

JBachar. A beech maft/ftn acorn, the herb 

Lady's Glove. 
J^achla. An armful. 
Bachlobhra, Pimples in the face from 

Bachthorman. The notfe of drunkards. 
Bachoide. The bofs of a ihield* 
Bachtna. Strife, contention* 
Bad. A bunch, bufh, clufter, tuft. 
Bad-mulaich. The top clutter, the hair on 

the top of the head. 
Bad. A boat. 
Bad-aifaig. A ferry-boat. 
Bad-fada. A long-boat. 
Badan. A tuft of trees or hair. ; 

Badanach. Tufted. 
Badach. Having boats, boat like. 
Badachd. Boating. 
Badh. Love, frieAdihi|>. 
Badhach. Loving, friendly. 
Badhbh. A vulture, Royfton crow, any 

ravenous bird. 
:Badhbh. A fairy womati^ a icold; the 

^adhghaire^ A fot, a fool^ a coquet. 
Badhbha. Evident, manifeft. 
Badhbhachd. Croaking like a raren, ha\vk, 

or vulture. 
Badbon. A little haven, xoad, rampart, 

bulwark, a bay of the fea* 

Sfach? i ^^*'^'^'' ~'P»l«nt, tight. 

Sagach. Fighting. 

Bagar. A threat. 

Bagaram. To threaten. 

Bagart. Threatening. 

Bagh, badh. Kindhds ; an eftaary. 

Bagh. A promife, tie, bond. 

Bagh-thinnas. A furfcit. 

Bagham. To give or pledge one's word. 

Baghach, badhach. Kind, friendly, loving. 

Baghadh. Fijghting, quarrelling. 


Baldal. A tower. 

Baghl ach . Dangerous . 

Baghthroidam . To wrangle. 

Baidalach. Towering. 

Baigh. Love, kindnefs,^ friendihip. 

Baichbheurla. A folecifm. 

Baic. A twift, turn. 

Baicham. To touch, ftrite. 

Baidh. A wave. 

Baidhe, Predifting, prophecy! ng« 

Baidheal. A cow-ttall. 

Baidheach. A co-ac^utor, comrade. 

Baidheach. 7 ,7 . ,, ^ . , , 

_, . , , \ Friendly, fair, noble. 
Baighal. i ^ 

Baidheachd. Friendfbip. 

Baidheamhlachd . Prophecying. 

Baidheachas. Grace, favour. 

Baidbte. Washed, drowned. 

Baidham. To endear, to give one*s word, to 

Baidin. A yawl, a little boat. 

Baifphiaft.' A toad« 

Baigham. To fpeak to. 

Baighin. A waggon. 

Baighle. A fawn. 

Bail. A place, refidence. 

Bail. Profpcrity, good luck. 

Bail. The allowance of a mill to the 

Bailc. Bold, ftrong, affo a flraight, or li- 

Bailceach. A ftrong ftraight man. 

Baile. A town, villa^ ; plur. fiailte. 

Baile mor. A large town. 

Baile. A clan, tribe. 

flaik margardh. A' market^own. 

Baile-geamhraidh. Ground always plowed. 

BaHe puirt. A fea port. 

Baillam. To drink. 

Bailli. A bailiff. 

Baillein. A bofs, ftud, any round thing. 

Baillen. A drink. . 


B A I 

B A I 

Bailleog. A twig, fprout, or fucker* 
Bailleagach. Full of twigs or fuckers* 
Bailm. Balm, balfatn. 
Bailigheachd. A bailiwick, province, dif- 

Bailteach. Full of towns. 
Bailgfhionn. Having a white or fpecklcd 

Bailtachas. Planting towns, colonizing. 
Baine. Milk. 
Baine* A drop. 
Bainbh. A little pig. 
Bainbhidheachd. Pigging, farrowing. 
Bainbhin. A fucking pig. 
Baincheadach. Authorized. 
Bainceadam. To authorize. 
Baine-milis. New milk. 
Baine-goirt. Butter-milk. 
Baine-binntighte. Thickened milk*- 
fiaine-nuis. Bieftings. 
fiaine ramhar. Curdled milk. 
Baine-gamhnach . Honey-fuckle.^ 
Baineach* Milky. 
Baine bo. Cow's milk. 
Baine caorach. Sheep milk* 
Bainne. Whither. 
Bainalach. A dropping of rain* 
Baineafag. A ferret. 
Bainfirinfce. The epicene gender* 
Bainnfhreagaradh. A bond, ftipulation. 
Baing. On a fudden. 
Bainghearrachd. A goddefs. 
Bainni. Madnefs, fury, rage. 
Bainnionn. Female. 
Bainnionnas. Muliebrity. 
Bainnfe. Of the wedding. Vide Banis. 
Bainfeach. A plain or field, iheepwalk, a 

folitary place. 
Bainfeachd. Feafting. 
Bainfeaghadh* Deftroying, 4efplatiog. 
Bainfgeal. A ftar. 
Bainfpireag. A fparrow^-hawk. 
Bainteoladb* A woman thief.^ 

Baintigharna. A lady, a gentlewoman. 

Baintreabhach. A widow. - 
. Bairche. Strong, brave. 

Bairche. A battle. 

Bair. A game, battle, a game at hurU 

Bairchne. A fight by women. 

Bairdheis. The end or point* 

Bairdheifam. To point. 

Bairead. A bonnet, cap. 

Baireatrom. Light-headed,- quick, nim- 

Bairefc. The froth of water* 

Baircin* A ferret. 

Baircin. Crofs flicks or fide timbers for a • 

Bairgeanta. Swift. 

Bairghean. A cake. 

Bairghean* A floor, plot of ground* 

Bairghin. A begotten fon. 

Bairghintach. A bringcr forth of fons- . 

Bairin. A cake of bread. 

Bairile. A helmet, a barrel. 

Bairinn. A firebrand* 

Bairneach. Filial. 

Bairneach. Perverfe, fretful*. 

Bairnigham. To fret* 

Bairneachd. Judging. 

Bairnam. To judge. 

Bairribhuaghbhail. A founding horn. 

Bairricin. A ferret. 

Bairfeach. A fcold, fhrew. 

Bairfjgeoig. Top of the windpipe* 

Bairfeachd. Scolding, a fatire* 

Bairfeog. A young fcold* 

Bairfigham. To fcold. . 

Bais. Water. 

Baifc. Round. 

Baifchailc. Ruddle. 

Baifceall. A wild perfon* 

Baifcne. A tree* 
,Baifeach. Flat. 

Baifeachd. Palmiflry* 

[I] ' Baifde. 



Baifde, baifdeoir. Baptift ; a fornicator. 

Baifdadh. Baptifm, rain. 

Baifdeam. To baptize ; to dip. 

Baife. Of the palm of the hand. See 

Baifeal. Pride. 
Baifealach. .Proud. 
Baifin. A bafon. 
Baifleach. An ox, a handful of water, or 

any thing. 
Baite. Drowned. 
Baifter, baiter. Water. 
Baiftidhe. Drops from a houfe. 
Baitheann. Inevitable, prefent death. 
Baithis. The forehead, brow. 
Baiteach. Vide Bodach. 
Baitin. A little ftick. 
Baitineachd. Beating with a ftick. 
Ball. A fpot, mark ; a place ; a ball, globe ; 

a weapon, member, a cable. 
Ballach. Spotted. 

Balach. A giant, a fturdy fellow, a fel- 
Baladh. Fighting. 
Balaighe. Profit, advantage. 
Balbh. Dumb, mute. 
Balbhachd. Dumbnefs. 
Balbhan. A dumb perfon. 
Balbhanam. To ftrike dumb. 
Bale. A hardnefs or cruftnefs in the earth 

occafioned by the weather. 
Bale. Strong, ftout. 
Balcmhar. Great, corpulent. 
Balg. A man of erudition. 
Balgan-feidaidh. Fuz-ball. . 
Balla. A wall, rampart. 
Ball-deife. An inftrument, tool, ufeful 

Ball-fampulll. An example, fpecimen. 
BalNoibre. A tool to work. 
Ball-toirmaifg. An obftacle. 
Ballan. A teat, udder j a Ihell, covering i 

broom, a churn. 

Ballan-lofguin. A mulhroom.' 

Ball-feirc. Beauty fpot. 

Ball-dobhrain, A mole. 

Ballan-binntachaidh. A cheefe vat. 

Ballfaobhrach. An edged tool. 

Ball-feargha. Membrum virile. 

Ballardadh. Proclamation. 

Ballardham. To proclaim. 

Ballghalar. Plague. 

Ballnafg. A joint. 

Ballog.- The fkull. 

Ballog. A blot. 

Bait. A belt. 

Ballfgoid. A blifter. 

Ballfgoidam. To blifter. 

Bait, A welt, border. 

Ballach. Striped. 

Baltaidhe. Fetters. 

Baitin. Health, fafety. 

Ballchrith. Trembling. 

Ban. Pale, white, true; copper, copper 

Banag. Any thing white, a (hilling. 

Bannach. A bannock, cake. 

Bann. A bond, bill ; a chain, a girth^ 
belt ; a proclamation, a ball. 

Bannal. A number, many, croud, wo- 

Bannlamh. A cubit, handcuffs. 

Bani. Madnefs, frenzy. 

Ban-talamh. Lay ground. 

Bann-taifbeunaidh. A bond of appear- 

Ban. A woman, light. Vide Bean. 

Bana. Death. 

Banab. Abbefs. 

Banaigham. To lay wafte, to bleach, 
whiten, grow pale. 

Banaghadh. Laying wafte, whitening. 

Banais. A wedding. 

Banaiteach. Serious. 

Banbh. A pig. 

Banchonganta. A midwife. 


B A O 


Banchoigle. A cup companion, 9- female 

Banfhlufga. Fluxus muliebris. 
Banda. Female. 

Bang. A nut, the touch, hindrance. 
Bangadh. A promife. 
Banmhac. A fon-in-law. 
Ban-mhathair. A mother-in-law. 
Bann. Marching, journeying. 
Bann duirne. A wriftband. 
Banna. A band, troop. 
Bannach. Aftive. 
Bannach. A fox. 
Bannachd. Subtlety. 
Bannamh. A female faint. 
Bannleanaim.' To ad the midwife. 
Bannaoin. A goddefs. 
Bannfach. An arrow. 
Bannfhaor. Free hy law. 
Bannfhaorfachd. Freedom by law^ licence, 

Bannfliaorfaigham. To licence. 
Bannfhorn. A kind of gridle or bake- 

Bannfliompla. An example. 
Banoglach. A fervant maid. 
Banrach. A fold ; a fmock. 
Banracham. To pent up. 
Banfgal. A woman ; effeminate. 
Banfglabha. A bondmaid. 
Banfcoth. A fon-in<law. 
Banfear. A filly. 
Banta. A niece. 
Bantrach. Fingal's feraglio. 
Baodh. Wild, foolifh. 
Baodhan. A calf. 
Baodrod. Vide Bairfeachd. 
Baoghal. Danger. 
Baoghalach. Dangerous, perilous. 
Baoibh. A foolifh mad woman. 
Baoil. Water j madncfs, a fit of mad- 


Baothan. A jack fprat, nidget. 

Baothlcimnach. Wild-leaping. 

Baois. Luft, cojicupifcence, levity, mad 

Baoifgal. Shining, glittering. 
Baoifeach. Lafcivious. 
Bj&oifgam. To peep, look in. 
Baoifleach. A brothel. 
Baoith. Youthful, light. 
Baoithchreidmhach. Credulous. 
Baos. Capricious. 
Baofrach. Frenzy. 
Baoth. Weak, foft, fimple. 
Baothan. A blockhead. 
Baotbchajfigh. Riotous. 
Bar. Bread. 

Bar. A fon, a learned man. 
Bar. A dart. 
Barr. A top, a crop,, the hair of the head, 

Bar abhrigein. Silver- weed. 
Bar braonan nan con. Tormentil. 
Bara. Going, marching, anger. 
Bara. A barrow. 
Bara-roth. A wheelbarrow. 
Baramhuil. An opinion, fuppofition, con- 

Baramhlaigham. To fuppofe, conjeSure. 
Baramhlaghadh. Suppofing. 
Baramhlach. Cenforious. 
Barantas^ A warrant, pledge, pawn. 
Baranta. Warrantee, furety. 
Baran. A baron. 
Baranachd. A barony. 
Barantaicham. To warrant. 
Barantamhuil. Warrantable. 
Barath. Lying in wait. 
Barbrog. The barberry buih. 
Barran. The tops of mountains. 
Barran. A hedge of thorns by a wall, ed- 

Barrachaol. A pyramid. 



Barrach. Tow, hards, 

Barrachd. Overplus.- 

Barriall. A thong, latchet; 

Bar-baile. 7 ^ , , , 

_ • \ Battlements, bartizans. 

Barmor. j 

Bare. A bark, fmall fhip. 

Bare. A book. 

Barclann. A library. 

Barcachd. An embarkation* x 

B arcai m . To embark . 

Bard. A poet. 

Bard. X^orporation. 

Bardachd. Poetry; corporation town. 

Bardal. A drake. 

Bardamhuil. Like a poet, fatmft* 

Bardas. A lampopn, fatire. 

Barg. Red hot. 

Barn. A nobleman, a judge, a battle. 

Barra. A barr, fpikc. 

Barr. Helmet, fon, head^ top^ end, fcum, 

Barrachad. A cottage, hut.' 

Barradh. A hindrance. 

Barraghlach. Tops or branches of trees. 

Barraighaln. A mitre, turband. 

Barraift. Borage, green cale. 

BaframhuiL Gay, genteel, fprightly, ge- 

Barrabhailc. Entablature. . 

Barrachas. Curled hair. 

Barrchfaighte. Trimmed, clipped, 

Barrbhuidhe. Yellow-head. 

Barrdog. A box, pannier, hamper. 

Barrog. A young girl. 

Barrag. A ft itch, oppreflion in ficknefs j 
grappling, wreftling. 

Barrfhionn. White-topped. 

Barrog. A knit, rod, fwitch. 

Barrogam. To grapple, to embracct 

Barlin. A rolling fea. 

Barneach. A limpet, a cunner. 

Bard-coimhioc. 7 a j ^n. 

Bard-dealbhchluith. \^^^^^''^^' 


' Barddidhas.l 
Bardachd. I Satire. 
Barfeas. j 

Barrag. Weeds that float in water. 
Barradhriopair. A butler. 
Barramhais. A cornice. 
Barrthonn. i -, ; 
Ba«chuft. jP"'"»"i"S,. 

Bas, bos. The palm of the hand. 
Bas. Death. 
Bafmhor. MortaL 
Bafmhopachd. Mortality. 
Bafuigham. To die, ftarve. 
Bafgluaidhe. Vermilion, red lead..- 
Bafal. Judgment. 
Bafafcanas. The bafs in muCc. . 
Bafbaire. A fencer. 
Ba(bruidheach. Lecherous. 
Bafbruidheachd. Lechery. 
Bafc. Red. 
Bafc. Round. 

Bafcach. A catchpolc, a bailiff, - 
Bafcam. To apprehend. 
Bafcairm. A circle. 
Bafcaid. A bafkeh 
Bafcall. A wild mah in the woods. - 
Bafcarnach. Lamentation. 
Bafcart. Cinnanwn. 
Bafc-charnte. Globular. 
Bafc-chriadh. Ruddle. 
Bafdard. A baftard. 
Bafgam. To flop, ftay. 
Bafgaire. A mournful clapping of hands^ 
Baflog. A place of execution. 
Baflach. The palm ful. 
Bafmun. I fuppofe fomething medici- 
Baffoile. Vaffal. 
Baffa. Fate, fortune. 
Bata. A ftick, ftaff, baton, 
Batail. A fkirmiih, fight. 
Batair. A cudgeller. 
Bauircachd, Cudgelling. 


B E A 

H E A 


Batk. Tksft. 

f Dfowniiig. 

To dmm, die, pmfr* to fiuat. 
A buuCj 01 

Bath^om. A lig^Use. 

Bathlach, baUcfa. A down. 

BatUaa. Tht flue of the fea, a cabk 

BatUaodk. Ahdnet. 

BaniiOM* A tpiffti. 

Bafhlniiitlu A calm llicim« 

Batros. Rcficnuay. 

BsAmt. Wares. 

B'e, for Inc. It was. 

Be. N%ht. 

Be. Awnaiu 

Be. LiJe. 

Bcabh. A tosab, giWfOm 

Bcabha^ Todie. 

Beacan. Aanlhiooas*^ 

Be»c 1 . • 

^^ jAbee. 

chapuL A valp. 
Beacarna. A cooumod praAitute.: 
Bcachc A maltitiide, a mg. 
BeadiC. Pcrfca. 
Beachc Aeovcmmt, fttmty* 
Bcacbt. Feicsptioiit fcelasgy idea* 
Beachta. Carriage, behaviour. 
Beachtam. To coaipalij ambraoe, to cri- 
BeackligMtt. Tocartiiy, aflbm. 
Beachdam. To meditate, o w i ii d f r^- jicicc if c . 
Beacbtaire. A critic. 
Beacfatamhiiil. Circular, loundift. 
BeachdiA* Sura, certain. 
Beachlaon. A bae hoofc. 
Beachraa. Waderii^, flrajring. 
Bcachraimiam. To gneve, to put altnrf.. 
Bead. Mournful, forrovAil news* 

Bead. Fhttcry, a trkk, pitjr. 

Sweet aaouthcd, forward- 

Beadadh. Forward, hnpodent. 
Beadighan. A foolfer, parafite. 
Bnriidhim, To be forward^ to aft dbe pa- 

Beadighe. A flatterer. 
Beadag. Lying woaaaa^ a goflip. 
Beaddarach. Frolidcfimie, fportifo, fend. 
Beadaa. Cahminj. 
Beadradb. Fondling, Sopiig. 
Beadanacbd. Calumniadi^. 
Beadfboraobbadb. A regifler, caamentarf . 
Beag. Little, finall s is bcag oras I value 

not, I hate. 
Beagnach. Almoft. 
Beagan. A little, a few. 
Beaganam. To make litde» 
Beagcfaionta. A ibible. 
Beagdhata. A ftingj felkw. 
Beagca^acb. Void of fear. 
Beagluach. Of Utde value* 
Bcal. VideBeuI. 
Beal, or BeuL An orifice, holer 
Beal. The god Bdus« 
Beala. A veil. 
Beala. To die. 
Beali. Broom. 

Bealach. A gap, a highwiy or road; 
Bealadh. Anointing. 
Bealbhacb. A bit for die mouth. 
Bealbhan-ruadh. A fort of bawfc. 
Bealcainteach. Talkative. 
Beakhrabbadh. HTpocrify. 
Bealchrabhach. A hTpocrite. 
Bealdruidam. To fileace. 
Bealfhothargain. A gai^arifin* 
Bealgach. Pratding, babbling. 
Bealgradh. Diflbmdatian, flattery. 
Bealradh. A phrafe, fpeech. • 
Bealmidhttach. Famous, talkative. 
Bealtaine. A cottipad, agresoient. 

[Kj Bealteine. 

B E A 

B E A 

Bcarlteine. The firft of May. Teine Beil, 
or fire of the god Belus, i. e. Mayday in 
Irifli, fo called from the fires which the 
Druids lighted on the fummits of the 
higheft hills, into which. they drove the 
four-footed beafts, ufing at the fame time 
certain ceremonies to expiate for. the fins 
of the people. TJiis Pagan ceremony of 
lighting tbofe .fires .In honour of the 
Afiatic God Belus, gave its name to the 
entire month of May, which to this day 
is called Mios na Bealteine, in the Iri(h 
language. Dr. Keating fays, the defign 
^( it was to keep ofF contagious diforders 
.irom th^m for that year, and that all the 
inhabitants of Ireland quenched their fires 
on that day, and kindled them again out 
of fome part of .that firp« 

Bean. A woman. 

Beann. A degree, ftep ; a horn ; a Ikirt, 
a drinking i;upu 

Beann. A mountain ; plur. Beaonta. 

.Bean. A goat. 

Bean. Quick, nimble. 

Bean. For. Buin, touch thou. 

Beanadh. Dulnefs,. bluntnefs. 

Bean-bainnfe. ) a k -^ 

.Bean-nuadhphofda« S . * 

Bean-laoch. 7 . , 

•o u T ' u C A heroine. 

Bcan-ghailgaiche« ) 

Bean-tighc. A landbdy, goodwife^ 

Bcanachas tighe. Houfewifery. . 

Bean-tuaiii. A country wench^ 

Beanaltra. A nurfe. 

Bean-choimhaidacbd- A waiting maid^ a 

bride maid. 

Bean-chioch. A wet nurfe. 

Beancharaid. A female friend. 

Beanchinnaidb. A female namefal^e. 

Beanoglach. A maid fervaut. 

JBean-ghluin. . A midlife. 

Beantigharha. A lady, gentlewoman* 

.3can-leoghain« Ajiooief^. 

Bean-nighaidh. A waflierwoman. * • • 

Beanriogh. A queen. 

Bean-fdiubhard. A houfekeeper. 

Bcan-fdiubhardachd. Houfekeeping. 

Bean-fhiubhladh. A woman in childbed. 

Beanphfiunnfa* A princefs. 

Beaniarla. Countefs^ 

Beanuafal. A lady or gentlewoman. 

Beanbhochd. A beggar woman. 

Beandiuc. Dutchefs. 

Beauleigh. A female phyfician« 

Beandalta. A fofter daughter. 

Bean-ofd. An hottefs. 

Beanridir. A Jcnight's lady. 

Beanabharain. A baronefs* 

Beanbaile. The lady of the place or Ilk. 

Beanmhaifdair. A ipiftrefs. 

Beanarach. A fhepherdefs or milkmaid. 

Beandia. Goddefs. 

Beanogha. A grand-daughter. 

Beanchliamhuin. A daughter-in-law, or 

Beanbhuachaile. A^ihepherdefs. . 
Beanchruftire. A female harper. 
Beanchuiflainach. A femiale pSper. 
Beancheile. A Cpoufe. 
Beanfliniomh. -Afpinften 
Beanamhuil. Modeil, like awojnan. 
Beantrach. A houfe of women, fer^glio* - 
Beanntach. Full of mountains. 
Beannachd. A bJeffing« farewell. 
Beannuicham^. To blefs. 
Beandraoitb. £ncbantre&, forcerefs. 
Beanadhaltranach. Adultrefs. 
Beannachadh*. , A bleffing, . benedi^ipn^ 

grace to meat. 
Beannuighte. BleiTed* 
Beannan. A little hilL 
Beanam. To rqaf^, mow^ cut down. 
Beandachd. EflFefoinacy. ... 
Beangan. . A brancji, boag^;. . 
Beanchomharba. . A dowager. 
Beanchobv* . A born. 




rrr^, ^ r 'X- V liir 

B=ai^. Ai5=r^ » i^jt- pjcgi. 

li. jigUfc, 

lrr.r=:i^ rf i 

Bemait-izridsL Dtmdclk 


Scifiis, fhufltfs.' 
TocKp, Ihear. 
Bona. A cai, llixrd, flice, fegment. 
Tripping alon^, light. 
Tk tops or difis of moantiins 
BevTg. Ai^nr, oatngcoiii. 

Beaindaff. j A barber, ibcarar. 

BcamMiihiol. The hare lip. 
Bcait. An engine, machine, frame, mode 

of doing any thing, a bundle, trufs. 
Beart treahhaidh. A plow. 

! ^ 

Bao-fn^laLu&k A irss«^^> lAtnw 
BsBrt-^arkc A ituxr^ 

Bgnra:±N I.c-r., 

J- A r^yjc* 

Scan. ^, 4U.<.msu::z.. c^^«i?N. 
Bcari. Ctrried. Vji* 5clair 
Bsar:. A ^ame a: tfcbrc$^ 
Barr. A c^^^rssian:^ ac"««K*:. 

Bcarri.:^* A iira:>i Acr% 

^aoe ^ a ff^ech^ dakci« 
Beaiacii. WVIIbduTOd. 
BeaJbuaih* AocxMMaoiaddts i^gmaies;t« 
BrrfmiTgliwi T« arto— a-jHir^ i^tc 
BeafiM. Afrr«o£:un. 
Bea%. A haHotT 

A giKiance^ 
Birch tree« 
Beatlou life. 
Beathadu A beat, animal. 
Bcathaighaau To feed, nourilh. 
Bcathaghadk Food, nounihment, Csioca^ 

tion, benefice, bread, or place. 
Beathmhan. A bee« 
Beathodach. A beaver. 
Beathog. A bcc, b^^^h-trec. 
Beathoguighte. Stung by a K\^. 
Beathra. Water. 
Bee. A point, bill of a bitJ, 
Bechnel. Ga\ e)kind« ' 
Bechdalachd. Ambition. 
Bed. A deed or aAion, ii\U"y> r**y» 
Bed. Mournful^ difmal. 

Bed. Fruit. 




Bedfoiriobhadh. A cpmmentaiyf 

Beg. VideBeag. Little. 

Beic An outcry, roar. 

Bcicam, To roar. 

Beicaire. Bawlcr, prating, fellow. 

BcicighlU Outcry, roaring. 

Beidadh. Patching. 

Beicharc. A beehive. 

Beidhaidh. A lamprey.- 

Beicleimnach. Dancing, fkipptog. 

Beile. A meal of meat. 

Beille. A kettle, caldron. ' . 

Beillean. Blame, reproach. 

Beilbhag. Corn poppy. 

Beilt. Of a belt, or cingle. 

Beim. A ftroke, blow, cut« 

Beim. A tribe, ftock, generation. 

Beim. Help, a beam, piece of timt^er. 

Beimcheip. A whining- ftocl^. 

BeimnAch* Vehciiiient, cuttiagi xeproaclw 

Beinnid. Cheei^-ienoet* 
Beinc. A fain. 
Beinc. A feparatton, disjucH^ion. . 

Beine. A champion ; the f veiiia^* 
Beinifl. A little woman. 

Bemii. A mountain, hill, the fummiC 
^drbbis. Anniverfary feaft, vi^il. 

Bciram. To take, giv^ bfif)^ fof th, bear> 
to carry. Vide Beacaifla% , .. 

Beiram fi^near. To obfervc. 

Beirt. Two perfons. 

Beirt. Help, affiftance. 

Beirt. A burden. 

Belrthe. Birth, born, brpughi foctb* 

Beirtin. A little burdee. 

Beiftin. A little beaft, 

Beifgne. Peace, 4|uiet. 

Beit* Twain, both. 

Beith. A birch tree. 

Beitha. Of birch, birchen. 

Beitin. The fcerched or fr«ft-bitC»n gra6 
of the bilk. 

Beithniur. St. John's .wort, 

Beitbir. A bear. 

Beitir. . Clean, neat^ 

Belra. A pariflt, an ccclcfiaftkal divifioa^ 

of land. 
Beltine. Month of May. 
Ben. Vide Bean. A woman. 
Beneigin. A rape. 
Beo. Living, alive. 
Beo. Cattle, any living creature. 
Beochomhan. A warren. 
Beodhacht. Courage, vigour. 
Beodhaim. To quicken, enliven. 
Beochan. A fmall fire* 
Beochanta. Vigorous. 
Beo-eachdairachd. Biogi^pby. 
Beo-luath. Hot embers. 
Bec^aineamh. Qjiickian4* 
Beoill. Fatnefs. 

Beoil. Verbal. / 

Beol. A robber. ,| 

Beolaoch. A lively lad. 
Beolach. Talkative^ 
Beo-radharc. Quick fight. 
Beoihlainte. Life rent. 
Beothachal. Lively* 
Beothach. A beaft. 
Beoir. Beer. 
Beoir-laidir. Strong beer* 
Beoir-chaoL Small beer* 
Beothal. Waving. 
Beoiadu Bright, gUtterUig, brifk, dofp^^ 

Beofaigham. To bc^atify^ ^^^ out. 
Beofgaradh. A divorce* 
Beo'thorrach^ Readj to lie in. 
Beo-thuifmighthach. Viviparo\ii. 
Bes. And. 

Bes. The belly ; art, tcjide. 
Bes. Manner, cuftonu 
Bes. Exad, careful. 


> Oral tradition. 

B I A 


Bes. Vide Baos. 

Befcna. Peace, country. 

Bet. A chariot. 

Betheacht. Cffeminate. 

Betheignachadh. Forcing a woman. 

Betcrlach. The old law. 

Bethluifnibn. The alphabet. 

Beth. Birch, the letter B. 

Beul. The mouth. Vide BeaL 

Beuloidas. Tradition. 

Beul. The god Belus. 

Beulrohach. 7 ^, .. ^ .... 
^ , ^ V The hit of a bridle. 
Beulanach. 3 

Beuldhraoilhachd. Incantation. 

Beulbochd. Pleading of poverty. 

Beulphurgaid. Gargarifm. 

Beulach. Fair fpoken. 

Beulais. Prating, babbling. 

Beul bi. A pretty little mouth. 

Beul*maothain. Scrobiculum cordis. 

Beum. A cut, gap, reproach. 

Beumnach. Full of cuts, gaps. 

Beud. A deed, an evil deed. Vide Bed. 

Beudag. A little, idle,goffiping wt>man. 

Beus. Moral virtue, quality. 

Beufach. Moral, civil, courteous. 

Beurtha. Genteel, well-fpoken. 

Beurla. Speech, a word, phrafe ; the 

Englifh language. 
Bha. Imperfed tenfe of atam, was. 
Bhar. Your. 
Bhi. Vide Bha. 
Bhds. On this fide. 
Bi. Killing, murdering. 
B'i. For bu i, it was flxe. Vide Analy- 

fis, Ata. 
Bi. Small, little, fine. 
Bi. Living. 

Biach. Membrum virile. 
Biachachd. A priapifm. 
Biadh. Meat, food. 
Biadh ur eunan. Wood forrel. 
Biadhtlu fatted. 

Biadhchluan. A kitchen. 

Biadhtach. An hofpitable man ; a certain 

order of tenants in Ireland who procured 

provifions for the nobles. 
Biadhor. Eiculent. 
Biail. An hatchet, an ax. 
Bial. Water. 
Bian. A pelt, (kin, hide. 
Bianrleaflfaiche. A currier. 
Bias, biafd. A beaft. 
Biafd donn (or) dubh. An often 
Biata, biatach. Vide Biadhtach. 
Biatach. A raven. 
Biatas. Betony. 
Bibhfi. Deprivation. 
Bichearb, bichim. Mercury, qaickfilvcr. 
Biceir. A cup. 

Bicheardcha. A tavern, vidualling*hou(e. 
Bidatn. A lif tie bit. 
Bidag. A dirk, ftilletto. 
Bid. A hedge. 

Bidgh, bidhgadh. A fudden ftart* 
Bidhis. A fcrew. 
Big. Little. 

Bigeun. A coif, cap, hair-lace. 
Bigh. Glue, birdlime. 
Bil. Good. 

Bil. A beard, the mouth, a bird's bill* 
Bil. A bloflbm. 
Bile. A tree, clufter of trees. 
Bile. A border, welt. 
Bill. Lips. 
Bille. A bill. 
Bille. Poor, meap, weak. 
Bille. A rag. 
.Bill. A leper, a fool. 
Billeachd. Poverty. 
Billeog. Leaf of tree; 
Billeog-bhaite. Water Lily. 
Bileogan nan ^n. A fort of acid plant. 
Billeoga an fpon. Tuffi\ago or Colts« 

Bilich, Tuft. 

[LJ Binnain. 

B I 

B I O 

Bilich chuige. Marigold. 

Bioi. Vide Bitham. 

Binn. True 5 fwcet, melodious, harmo- 

Binn. Vide Beinn. A hill, the hopper of 
a mill. 

Binn. Accufation, fentencc. 

Binn. A voice. 

Bin'nain. A pinnacle or top. 

Binndain. Rennet. 

Binnteach. Coagulative. 

Binndealan. 1 . . . j 1 t 
T>. ,. , J A forehead-oloth. 

Bindiol. ) 

Binne. More melodious. 

-,. J Harmony, melody. 

Binnas. 1 ^ ^ 

Binnalach. Melodious chirping. 

Binneach. Hilly, having horns. 

Binnealta. 1 Pretty, neat, fine, melodi- 

Binnealtach. \ ous. 

Binneaduin. Hill of Howth« 

Binnean. , A bell. 

Binntigham. To coagulate, 

BInnear. A hill. 

Binnear* A hair pin, a bodkin for the 

Binfe. A bench. 
Biochionnta. Common, general, 
Biodh* The world. 
Biochiontas. State of being common.^ 
Biodh. For Bithadh. Vide Ata, Analy- 

Biochuram. Anxiety. 
Biodanach. A tatler. 
Biodhbha. An enemy. 
Biodhbhanas. Difcord. 
Biodhg. A ftart. 
Biodhgam. To ftart up. 
Biodhgamhuil. Aftivc, lively. . 
B iol . A mufical inft ru men t. 
Biolar. Creffes. 
Biolafgadh. Talking, prattling, 


Biolafgach, Talkative, 

Biolgada. Rowing.' 

Bion. Readily, ufually. 

Bior. A fpit, pin, bodkin. 

Biorfhiacul. A toothpick. 

Bior. Water, a well or fountain. 

Bior nam bride. Dandelion, 

Biorach. A two year old heifer. 

Biorach. Sharp-pointed, piercing, mucro- 

Biorfhuilach. Sharp-fighted. 
Bioran. A little flake, pin, needle. 
Biorchoil. An inftrument for beheadiflg. 
Bioran. Strife. 
Bioranach. A contentious perfon, a pin-* 

Bioranachan. A pinmaker. 
Bioranaighte. Vexed. 
Biorar. Watercreffes. 
Bioriafg. A fi(hing bait. 
Biorbhogha. A rainbow. 
Biorbhuafan. A water ferpent, 
Biorchomhladh. A water fluice. 
Biordhach. Watery. 
Biorgon. A floodgate, a dam. 
Biorphota. Urn, 
Bioror. The brink of any water, 
Biorra an 1 

Biorra cruidin. 
Biorrach. A boat, fkifF. 
Biorrac. A marlhy field. 
Biorraidh. A bullock. 
Biorraid. Strife, an ofier twig, a cap or 

helmet. . , 

Biorranam. To hamper, perplex, diftraS, 
Biorran. Anguifh of mind. 
Biorranach. Diftraded. 
Biorranaire. A fomentor of ftrife». 
Biorros. Water Lily. 
Biorrfraobh. The old bed of a river. 
Biofar. Silk, 


1 ne orinK o 
\ t iafgair. "j 

uidin. J 

The bird called Kinijf- 



Srrr, rVi. ^ Gvn of txees, pidi of 

Btficxs^aci- A thief, % 

Bjoc^ blih. Life, cxiflesce, a being. 
B.OC2. T^ wld. 
B^ilir. D.i:::rv, fine, fprace. 
Bxcrrhz?", ETerUiiing, perpetual, etcr- 

BkitZLbcj:2r:x3clMl« Eternity, crerhfting. 

Biacrzhrukichd* Cc^baography. 
Ba^ bur. Wan. 

BL'. Afplz. VideBior* 
BIr. Sbort. 

Birag. Tlie foretoodi in brutes* 

Birag lodain. . A bandflickle. 

Bircad. A cap, bonnet. 

Biraidadi. High-headed. 

Birfheadan. A water-pipe* 

Birfbioiu Metbeglin. 

Biiid. A breeding cow. 

BinnlKin. Oozinels, moiftiue* 

Birin. A little pin. 

Bixrae. Standing water. 

Birt. Loads, bundle. Vide Beirt« 

Birt. Hilt, haft, handle. 

Bis. A buffet, box. 

Bis ca^;ha. Icicles hanging from the eaves 
of houfes. 

Bifeach. Profperitj, cncreafe. . 

Bith. A wound. 

Bitfa. The world, a being, eaiftence, be- 
ing, life. 

Bith. Cuftom, habit. 

Bitfabheo. Everlafting. 

Bitheamhnach. A thief, 

Bithbhrigh. Eflence. 

Bithe. Female, belonging to the female 

Bithre. Life-time. 

Bitheamhanta. Thievifh. 

Bithihior. Everlafting. 

Bitiornu Chcarful^ blithe. 

Bitis. Beets. 

Bieci. A firong man. 

Bla. A town, village. 

Bla. Piety, devoticn. 

Bla. The fca, a green field. 

Bla. Healthy, fafe, wtIL 

Bla. Yellow. 

Bla. A cry. About. 

Bla. Fruit of the womb. 

Bla. Praife, renown. 

Bla. In the Brehon laws, h it emtS^d. 

Vide Cairbre Lifieachar's code. 
Blachd. A word. 
Bladh. Renown, fame. 
Bladh. Smooth. 

Bladh. A flower, a garland of flowers. 
Bladh, blaidh. A part, fragment, por^ 

Bladh. Encreafe of fame. 
Bladh. Flattery. 
Blaidham, bladham. To break. 
Bladaire. A flatterer, foother. 
Blad. A dirty mouth. 
Bladairam. To flatter. 
Bladhach. Buttermilk. 
Bladhachd. Breaking or crumbling to pie« 

Bladhm. A flirt, a brag, boaft. 
Blaghair. A blaft. 
Blaghaire. A boafter. 
Blaghaiream. To boaft. 
Blaghantas. Boailing. 
Blaghmanach. A boailing fellow^ 
Blai. The womb. 
Blanag. Fat, tallow. 
Blantgach. Fat. 
Blaifam. To tafte. 
Blaith. Plain, fmootb^ 
Blaithe. Smoother. 
Blaith. A bloflbm. 
Blaitheafch. Smooth, polifbed. 
Blaithfleafg. A garland of flowen. 
Blaitha(m. To fmooth, polifli. 


B L E 

B L O 

Blaithliog. A polifiied ftone. 
Blaithin. A fmall bloflbm. 
Blame. Sound, healthy. 
Blandar. Flattery. 
Blanc, A farthing, 
Blaoc. A whale. 
Blaodh-cun. A bird-call. 
Blaodh. A (hout or calling, breathe 
Blaodhag. A noify girl or Woman. 
Blaodhrach. Clamorous. 
Blaor. A cry, 
Blaoram. To cry, 
Blar. A field, green, a fpot, a' battle. 
Blaran. A little field, green, fpot. 
Blaofc. A hufk or fhelK 
Blaofcin. The flculi. 
Bla6. Tafl«> flavour. 
Blafaim. To tafte. 
Blafachd. Taftiog. 
Blafda. Savoury. 
Blafdachd. Sweetnefs. 
Blafpog. 'A fweetkifs* 
Blath. A form or maoner* 
Blatb. 7 A flower, bloflboi^ fruit, ef- 
Blathan. I feds. 
Blath. Praife. 
Blath. White, clean, warm. 
Blathliag. A pumice-flone. 
Blathach. Butter-milk. 
Blathaigham, To flower ;. to polifhyfJBOQtb. 
Blathaille. Mark of a ftroke. 
Blathoibriughadh. Embroidery. 
BlatuighAm* Towajcm. 
Eleachd. Kine, milk. 
Blathas. Warmth. 

Bleachdaire. Afoc^ing, undermining fel- 
Blathor. Having Mirarmth* 

Bleafghanacb* Emulgenlr. 
Bleathach* That grindeth4 
Bleatham. To ff'ivd^ 

am. J 

To milk.. 

Bleathmhor. FruitfuU 

Bleathghlunacb. In-*kneed« 

Bleid. A cajole, or wheedling. 

Bleidh. A cup, goblet. 

Bleidh-mhiol. A whale. 

Blein. A harbour for boats* 

Bleun. The .flank, groin. 

Bliaghain,. blianadb. A year. 

Bl iaghanamhui 1 . Yearly. 

Bliaghainchain. An annuity. 

Blidham. To milk. 

Blimh, blinn. Spittle, f4rDCh of a dead body. 

Blincain. A torch, link. 

Bliocht, Profit of a milk cow. 

Bliochdmhaire. Faill of milk. 

Blionach. A flow handled perfon. 

Blioch. A whole. 

Bliochan. Yellow marih antbericum. 

Bliofan. An articheke. 

Blipfeachd. War. 

Blith. Grinding. 

Bloach. A whale. • 

Blob. Thick-lipped. 

Blobaran. A ftutterer. 

Bloc. Orbicular, round. 

Blocan. A little blodu 

Blochbharram. To turn in a- lathe. 

Blodh. A frsLgrncatj piece. 

Blodhach. Broken in pieces. 

Blodham. To brvak in pieces. 

Blbdhaire. A battery, a place from wbrch 

an attack is made. 
Blodhuidcog. A fragment. 
Bloinigain-garaidh. '.Spinnage. 
Blomas. Oftentatian. 
Blor. A voice. 
Blorach. Noify. 
Bloracan. A noify fellow. 
Bios. Open, plain, manifeft. 
Blofam. To make manifeft. 
Blofc. A congregation, light. 
Blofcach. A robuft clown« 
Blofcaire. A qoUbQx)U 





Blofcan. Tafbud s kom or 

Bloigadli* A loiiita, report. 
Bloiciiiliaar. A crrec to a cowt. 
Bloc Acaaeordoi. 
Blocadu QaeihArdv^kiaacave. 
Blodacfa. A csre, dau 
Bludu Fatiids. 
Blnirid. Pincbed. 
Bloirc. Craidhs & fragaenr. 
Bloiar. A nolfe, oatcij. 
Bo. A coir. 
Bo. A hwum 
Bodlaidh. Aka&loL 
Boog. Afealariu 
Lobhaidi. A cowflanghtcr. 
Bo-hlnLunadh. A mildi-coir* 
BobhawUL. A bow. 
Boban. Papa. 
BobeloClu An aaticnt name of die alpha* 

Boba^ Iwndd nou 
Bobgurnac. A blaft, fart. 
Bobo! O! ftrange! 
Boc. Deceit, Craud ; a blow, ftroke, box. 
Boc. A he*goat, a buck. 
Bocadb. A dHcufliBg or fiftiog of a aiatter. 
Bocaide. The knobs in a ibicld, a bols. 
Bocaou To Iwcll ; toikip as a deer. 
Bocan. A hobgoblui, fprite. 
Bocan. A covering, cottage. 
Bocan bearach. A muflirooni. 
Bocan. A hook or crook. 
Bocanach. Hooked, bent. 
Bocanam. To bend, make crooked. 
Bocar. Cow-dung. 
Bochan. A cottage. 
Boch. Heyday. 
Bochd. Poor, needy. 
Bochna. The fea, a narrow fea^ mouth of 

a river. 
Bocht. A breach i £fe. 
Bocbt. laaaiiiBgt cutting down* 

BocMam. To napovcriik. 

Bocfadxine. Poverty. 

Bochdionn. A fwdtti^ Airg«w 

BoTca. A codftv, bos. 

Bocoiie. StuJJs,bQies;. 

Bocuai. A covering. 

Bod. A tul, a nua*s yard. 

Bodich. A roilic, old sun, an EngKlk 

Bodach*niadh. A cod41&. 
Bodachamhuil. Surly, niftic, boorift* 
Bodar. t 

Bodhar. Vide Bodar. 

Bodh-ar. Murrain of catde. 

Bodharfach. A dcftroyer of cows. 

Bodog. Rage, anger, fury; a yearling calfc 

Bodogachd. Fury, rage. 

Bodagachd. An heiter that wants the bull. 

Bod. Pidiofanyftalk. 

Bogfatain. A building, roof, a vank. 

Boghtainam. To build, roof, vault. 

Bog. Soft, penetrable. 

Bogach. I . A . ^ 

Boglach. $ ^ ""^* ™~^' ^^^ ^"^^^^ 

Bogadach. Gefture. 

Bogadh. Tendemefs. 

Bogaleo. A bumpkin. 

Bogam. To move, put in motion, to wag, 

Bogaicham. To foften, to mellow. 
Bogan. An egg in embryo. 
Boganach. A foft fellow. 
Bog-ghiogan. Sow-thiftle. 
Bogghluafachd. Floating, moving. 
Bogha. A bow. 
Boghadair. An archer. 
Bogha-frais. A rainbow* 
Bogham. To bend like a bow. 
Boghar. Vide Bodhar. 
Boglus, buglofs. Ox tongue. 
Bogbhuine. I ^ t„,,„fl^ 
iiogluachair. j 

[MJ Bogun. 

B O I 


Bogun. Bacon. 
Bogur. Threatening, 
Boguram. T^ threaten. 
Boicinach. A boy fourteen years old. 
Boichde. Poverty, 
Boichdc. Poorer. 
Boid. A vow. 
Boidam* To vow. 
Boideach. Tolerable well, 
Boideachan. A bodkin. 
Boidels. Drunkennef3. 
Boidh. Neat, trim, fpruce. 
Boidhe. Vide Buidhe. Yellow. 
Boidhean. Yellow-hammer. 
Boidheach. Pretty. 

Boidhad. Beauty. • 

Boidheafach. Yellow-Jaundice. 
Boidheog. A goldfinch. 
Boidham. To thank. 
Boidhlia. Puddle. 
Boidhliath. Pale yellow. 
Boidhmhios. The month July. 
Boidrealt. A comet. 
Boigbheulach. Open-mouthed. 
Bofgh. A teat. 
Boige. Softnefs. 
Boigiun. A bulrufh. 
Botgrean. Flummery. 
Boigfhibhin. A bulrufh. 
Boil. IlTue, fuccefs, ufe. 
Boile. Rage. 
Boileach. Altogether. 
Boilg, builg. A bubble. 
BoJlgphiaft. A. belly-worm, maw-worm. 
Boilg. Huflcs of feeds. 
Boilgain, bolgan. A quiver. 
Boilgain beic. The fpongy muOiroom. 
Boill. A knob, or boff* 
Boillrinn. A ring. 
Boillfgeanachd. Bulging out» 
Boill fgeanaibbu. Hills, mountains. 
Boillfgeaaam. To make round and bulg- 

Boiltnigbam. i Xo fmcll 

Boillteanafam. j 

Boin. A cow. 

Boinnaid. A bonnet. 

Boinnaid an lofgain. Brown boletus.^. 

Boineadh. Budding, fprouting. 

Boinne. A drop. 

Boinean. A bud, fprout. 

Boinneach. Sprouting. 

Boinnanta. Stout, well-built. 

Boineadh. A running fore. 

Boinneog. A cake, bannock, 

Boir. An elephant. 

Boirb. The brow of a ridge. 

Boirbe. Fiercer. 

Boirbeachd . Fiercenefs. 

Boirb -bhriathrach. Vain-glorious, fierce* 

Boirche. An elk, buffalo. 
Boirchriadh. A kind of fat clay. 
Boifag. A box on the ear. 
Boifceall. A hind, a favage man or wo« 

Boifgadh. A flafh. 

Boi fgam. To flaih. 

Boifaid. A belt. 

Boi tain. A bundle of hay or ftraw.^ 

Boiteall; Haughtinefs, arrogance. 

Boiteallgha. Arrogant, prefumptuous.. 

Boi. A poet, art, fkilL 

Boi. A cow. 

Bolachd. Poetry. 

Bolann. An ox-ftall. 

Boladh. Smell. 

Bolb. A ibrt of caterpillar^ 

Bolg. A. bag, budget, belly^ 

Bolg-feighaid. A quiver.. 

Bolg. A pair of bellows. 

Bolgan beicach. A fuzbalK 

Bolg.. A pimple. 

Bolg an t follair. A magazine.^ 

Bolgach. The fmall-pox. 

Bolgach Fhrancacb. The Frcnch-pox.. 


s am 


Xr.t ji^.rc?- Titi Beet ^~ x fi .rw 

, r:«i£. rnS«&^:<£ 

A bafc, fil^c, iwcm 



A z.s€Z Cif ascacT, a coliu 

L A iilrpetnT. 


A iaccarr, foccsuu 
A tribe cr feaiilr, 

3< : i irr A A f-^ici bLiit. 

A kapor iis^.p. 
ci- A dirt, ja^c'-n. 

fca a - . V- gham- To dbrt; 
Bar. A fwdling, pride, 

Kotre, crad, fArage, hirbarous, 

, laxariant, nnky igmnikt. 
A trrant. 

A t^^jJw 
Sia'*- Grrai^ ]is&jf^ 

Sor-i. A :'«^LrX' 
Soc-.-ci*. A ^ Adater- 

Bacr^£^ A fwrV. ,r^. 
Borr£* IVoa>d. 

BocTJESk Tc f«rll^ jrcv V':^ JCsi pw»ri^ f* 

Borrs. Sodi^r. 
Bocy&y^, To Vs£!% 
BortiTT., XvV.ji* 
Bttrr&mJc^h. Fu:!-w4» 

Boc:>:n« Ti>e hicrsrh^or ^;lt^>:k. 

Bo^ A p^^H Iur^c« 

Bcdig. A iap oa the foce* 

Bos* C^Ttiin^ 3it»3^^ i»r&n> k>ar« 

Boijui. A {Htrie* 

Boi'irguiiu Dcftnhdion* 

BotU« Ba&ttlng« 

Boft^ttjujkdh. ClAppiag of hwih* 

BoiUiK Boifting. 

Boigaire* App!aufe: 

BolgairtlauDBu To applaud* 

Bofiiudu Apfdaule, alio uBibll-4iaM; 

BofittUUm» To txcoL 




Bot. Fire, a clufter^ a bimck. 

Botach. A reedy bag. 

Botigar. A fork. 

Both. ) A cottage, hut, tent, bower» 

Bothag. J fhade. 

Bothach. *FulI of tents- 

Bothacb, A fen, a bog. 

Bothigh. An ox-ftall, cow-houfe. 

Bothar. A lane, road, ftreet. 

Botin, botjs. A boot. 

Boudach. A pimp. 

Botinicbam. Tq put on boot$« 

Boudag. A bawd» 

Bra. Brow. 

Brae. An arm. 

Braca. A breaker, harrow^ 

Bracam. To break, harrow. 

Bracadh. Cabin, hut. 

Bracaim. To embrace. 

Bracan. Broth. 

Braccaille. A fleeve, bracelet, 

Braich. Barley, malt. 

Brachadh. Fermentation, malting. 

Bracham. To malt, ferment. 

Brachan. Any thing fermented, leaven. 

Brachadair. A maltmaa. 

Brachd. Hatred. 

Brachd. A drop, increafe of wealthy f^^P^ 

ing, mowing. 
Brachd. Sap, juice. 
Brachdach. Subftantial* 
Brachag. A pimple, fore eye&. 
Brachihuileach. Blear-eyed. 
Bradag. A fly roguiih girl. 
Bradan. A falmon» 
Bradach. Thieviih. 
Bradhadaix* fud. 
Braditighe. A thief. 
Bradham. To opprefs. 
Bradhrudh. Ambuih. 
Bradogam^ To flatter, charm* 
Brae. A market, fbop. 
Brafal. Deceit. 

Braghad. The neck, the tof of the Mck^ 
Braghadgha. Jugular. 
Braghairt. Atrufs^ 
Bragharuighibh. 'A gibbet. 
Braiche. ? ^ « • ^ , 
Braicheamh.1 A fbg, buffalo. 

Braicam. A pack-faddlc* 
Braicne. A cat 
Braicht. A mouth. 
Braid. Upper part^ 

Braigh. The throat, neck, upper part of 
any thing, tops, of mountams* 

Braigh. , ^ Anhoftaee. 

Braighdean thairis. J ^ ' 

Braighaidain.. A collajr* 

Braighe.. A m'onofy liable. 

Braigheachd. Imprironment, conftraint. 

Braighaidanas. Slavery, bondage* 

Braighid. Tiie neck. 

Braighiflaid. A cellar. 

Braidhadh. A clap of noifc, or thunder* 

Braighire. A bag or budget. 

Braile. Heavy rain. 

Brailam. To fed ; rcje&j flight. 

Brain. A chieftain, alfo lafge, extenftve. 

Brain. Beginning, front. 



Bra inn.' The womb. 

Brain. A quern. 

Brais. Fabulous, fertile in invention ^ pa^ 

Braifad. Rapidity. 
Braifgeul. A fable, romance. 

Braifeagnach. i . ^ ,^ 

Ti vr 1 1- r A falfe accufation. 

israilionlach« ) 

Braithcheim. A ftag, wild ox. 

Brattheoir. An overfeer, fpe£tator. 

Braitham. To infped, overfee, obferyfl. 

Braithlis, Wort. 

, firamach. A colt. 



2 Braman« 

? Captain of a fhip. 

I A noify fellow. 


B R £ 

A cimpper* 
RsisaBta. UopdiAod, booriih, fulky. 
£nB. Poor, black. 
JBmi- A nrvcDy look* 
BisBir. Falloir gfoiuKl. 
SoKV. A baker. 
Brzzjdubban. A (pider. 
Bxxag^aiic. A corpfe left intbe open air* 
Bcaon. A biinujig coal or ember. 
Bnnito A woman* 
Bnwm. Tbc coUar bones. 
BnBandb. A trivet. 
BiaimmA. CJbeumen. 
Bfaamsih. A coat of niail» 
Brannrach. A pen, feU. 
Sraocfa. Tbe border of a counUf. 
Braoi. Eyebrows. 
Araoigbille. A crack, flaw. 
Biaoiglulle. A beavy flyiwer of rauu 
Braooan. An cartb nut. 
Braoig^uDam. To crack, crumble. 
BiaoUaid. Jtaving, dreaming. 
Braoilladb. A rattling noife. 
Braoilag. A wbortk-berry. 
Braon. A drop. 

BiaoOag-nan-coD. Bear-berries. 
Braooach. Dropping. 
Braonam. To drop. 




Bras. Bnik, adive, lively, fudden. 

Bra£ulte. A panegyrick. 

Brafaire-buird. A fyo^ibant. 

BraCugnaidhe. A fophifter. 

Brafcbombrac. Jafts, tilt$, tournaments. 

Brafcbonmadh. Counterfeiting. 

Brafgalladb. A declamation. 

Brafgan. Vide Prafgan. Tbe nob. 

firafluidbe. Perjury. 

Brafgeul. A romance. 

Brat. A cloke, mantle, veil, or covering. 

^ J Gaping. 

Bratlion. A iheet. 

Brat. Judgment. 

Brat-urlair. A carpet. 

Bratag. A worm, caterpillar, a rag. 

Brat-broin. Mortdotb. 

Bratbam. To betray. 

Bratb. Treacbery, deftrudioo, deCgn> a 

mafi, a lump. 
Bratb, pronounced Bracb. For ever. 
Bratbadair. A betrayer. 
Bratbair. A brother. 
Bratbair ceile. Brother-in-law. 
Braitbairal. Brotherly. 
Bratbairalacbd. Brodierlinefs. 
Bratbair-bochd. A frier. 
Brathcadb. Corruption. 
Bratbaireog. An aunt by tbe fattier. 
Breab. A kick. 
Breabam. To kick, fpum. 
Breaban. A patch. 
Bre. A bill, headland. 
Breabadair. A weaver, kicker. 
Breac. Speckled, fpottod, parti-coloured i 

the rmall-p6k. 
Breac-feunain. A freckle. 
Breac. A trout, a falmon, a wolf. 
Breac-bedi. A loach. 
Breacam. To chequer, embroider, to pick 

a millftone, to carve, to mix. 
Breac an t fiol. i ^ .. 

Bricein baintigharna. S 
Breacboi. Indifficrence. 
Breacan. A Scotch plaid. 
Breadhoilfigham. To glimmer^ 
Breaclbollus. Twilight. 
Breacag. A little cake. 
Breachd. Doubt. 

Breachtaire* A graving tool, a graver. 
Breachdan. Wheat, a cuftard, freih butter. 
Breaclion. A drag-net. 
Breachdnuighte. Made party-coloured^ 

Breacmhuch, A magpye^ 

[NJ Bread. 



Bread. A breach. 

Breadh. Fine. Vide Breagb, 

Breadhachd. Finery. 

Breagc A lie. 

Breagach. Falfe. 

Breagaire. A liar, di£embLen 

Breagnuigham* To bejje. 

Breagarftdh. Imagi nation v 

Breagh.. Fine, d/efled; 

B reagchrabhad h . Hy pocr i fj^. 

Breaghaicham. To adorn. 

Breaghaidh.. A^ enthufiaft. 

Breaghachd. Ornaments. 

Breagfaidhacbd. Enthufiaftn. 

Breaghaflach. A. dream. 

Breagluigham. To forfwear^ 

Breaghaflaicham. To dream. 

Breaghna. The river Boyjie*. 

Breagradh. Chearful. 

Breall. A phymofis. 

Breallach. That hath a phymofis. 

Brean. Filthy, ftinklng. 

Bxeanaxi. A.dui^hilK. 

Breananam. To ftink. 

Breancrann. A.certain tree.. 

Breantas. Filthy flink, putrefadlion* 

Breantadh. The iifh Bream, 

Breantag. A (linking flut*. 

Breas. A prince, potentate* 

Breas. A. voice, great noife., 

Breafam. To reign. 

Breafaontaidh. The royal aflcnt. 

Breafchathair. A throne*. 

Breas-cholbh. A fcpptre. 

Breafda. Principal^ adive^ lively*. 

Breasfnora. A throne. 

Breaflang. Deceit. 

Breaflann. A palace, a court of juftice. 

BreafnipQ. A royal mandate. 

Breafoirchifde. A prince's ti:eafurc. 

Breafrod. A. king's road. 

Breath. Judgment, cenfure, confidence. 

Breath. Clean, pure. 

Breathach. Judicial, criticaL 

Breathamh. A judge. 

Breathas. Folly. 

Breathamhnas. Judgment. " "^ 

Bxeathnach. A Wclfliman. 

Breathnas. A clafp, bodkin, flcewer, tongue 

of a buckle. 
Breatbnuigham. To perceive, judge. 
Brec. A wolf, brock, badger. 
Breicin, A fprat, fmall trout. 
Breichneoras. Sculpture* 
Brcid. A kerchief, or head attire for womeir.. 
Breid-uchd. A ftomachcr. 
Breidin. A coif or little rag, a web of frizc 
Breifne. A man's nail, a hole. 
Breifneaoh;. Full of holes. 
Breig. A ruftic, boor.. 
Breignigh. A fiflioiv. 
Breig, Falfe, counterfeit. 
Breigriochlam. To difguife. 
Breigfliios. Enthufiafin. 
Breim. Breaking wind backwards^ 
Brein. A ftink. 
Breinan-brothach. Great daify. 
Breine. More ftinking. 
Breis. A. tear, a difBlHng.. 
Brcifg. Quick, aftive, briflc 
Breifgthe. Moved, provoked.. 
Breifam. To break, crack, tear. 
Breifim^u A war cry. 
Brefnion. A writ, mandamus. 
Breith. Taking, carrying, bearing,^.bring^ 

ing forth* 
Breith. Judgment, . penance. . 
Breltheamh. A judge. 
Brcitheamhnas. Judgment, fentencc... 
Brsithantach. Judicious. 
Breithiontoir. A tiller. 
Breithir. A word. 
Breithircach. Full of words. 
Breitireachd. Interpretation .« 
Breo. Fine. 
BrcQch. A brim, brink* . 



B R I 

licocUoch. A flUit. 

Brcochual. A bonfire, a funeral pile. 

Breochoire* A wanning-pam. 

Brcodhraoitbachd* Pyromancy. 

Breog. A leveret. 

Breogam. To pound, brulfe. 

Breogach. A baker. 

Breogam. To bake. 

Breoiliean. Darnel. 

Breoghteachd. lUnefs, ficklinef^. 

Breon. A blur or fpot. 

Breonam. To blur or fpot. 

Breothadh. Confumption.. 

Breothan. Wheat. 

Breug. A lie. 

Breuntas. Vide Breantas. - 

Breugach. Lying. Vide Bres^ch. 

Breugnaicham. To gainfay. 

Breugnaichoir. A gainfayer. 

Breugriochd. Difguife. 

Breun. Stinking. - Vide Brpan. 

Bri. Anger, wraths a word, a hill, rifing 

Bri. Near to, an effort; cffence. 
Briagh. A mortal wound. 
Brian. A word, compofition. . 
Briana. A warrant, an. author, compofition. 
Brianach. Full of fair fpeeches. 
Briar. A prickle^ thorn, pin. 
Briathar. A word, a verb ; vidory, conqueft. 
Briathrachas. Elocution,, phrafeology. 
Briathram. % To a£Eurm, to didate, i6 
Briathraigham. j fwear to. , . 
Brlb. A bribe, a fmall fum of money. 
Bribheadagban. One tbat .affefb difficult 

Brice. A brick. .; \ 

Bricliath. Greyilh* 
Bridne. A fredcle. 
Bridag. Part of the jaw. 
Brideach. A virgin, bride; a dwarf. 

Brigh. A hill, price, value ; virtue, 
force, a tomb, a miracle. 

Brighide. A hoftagc. 

Brillin. Clitoris. 

Brin. A dream, reverie. 

Brindealan. A frontlet. 

Brindealbhadh. Painting, fculpture, pour^- 
t raying. 

Brindealbhoir. A painter, carver. 

Brinneach. A hag, old woman, mother of 
. children. 

Brinnighte. Hagridden. 

Briocht. Sorcery, witchcraft ; colour, com- 

Briocht. A wound ; art, trade; a beauty. 

Briochtaic. An amulet. 

Briogh. An effort, capacity, ' effence, 

Brioghach, briogmhor. Efficacious, fub- 

Brioghach. Hilly. 

Briollan. A pifs-pot, a urinal; a foolifii 
ignorant fellow. 

Briollaire. A whoremonger. 

Briollog. An illufion. 

Briollfgaire. A bully, bufybody. 

Brion. A flftion, a lie ; a drop. 

Brionach. A liar. 

Brionnach. Flattering, fair. 

Briondatham. To counterfeit. 

Briongarfacht. • . , 

Briongloid. j 

Briot. Speckled. Chitter-chatter. 

Brifgam. To ffert up. 

Brifargnaidhe. Sophiiler. 

Brifgarnach. Crackling. 

Brionnal. Flattery. 

Brifam. To break. 

Brigis. Breeches. 

Briflhroifgam. To breakfift. 

Brifglorach.- That hath fmall talk. 

Brifadh. Breaking, affimilation. ' 

Brifg. Br^tle. 


B R O 


Brifgaid. Bifcuit. 

Briflean. White Canfy. 

Brifl^ach. The derout of an army, 

Britheaghlaidh. Kind, gentle. 

Brium. An helmet. 

Bto. Old, antient. 

Bro. A champion, a grindftone. 

Broas. Old age. 

Brochan. Pottage. 

Broc. A badger, grey, 

Brod. A goad, prickle, fting,.a f|i0t, ble- 

Brocach. Speckled in the face. 
Bred. Chaftifement ; pride. 
Broclach. A warren. 
Brodamhuil. Proud. 
Brodam. To /pur, fiir up. 
Brodghainamh. Gravel. 
Brodh. A ftnnir, a Stem. 
Brodiafg. Needle-iiih. 

Brogach. Shod. 
Broga na cumhaig. Butterwort, . 
Brogh. Filthinefs, 
Broghach. Filthy. 
Brog. Sorrow i a houfe. 
Broghadh. Encreafe, profit. 
Broghaidhil. Filth, dirt. 
Broghain. Excels, abufe. 
Broghdha. Exceffive, fuperfluous. 
Broghdha. Forcibly. 
Broghdha. A footman. 
Broice, broicne. A mole or freckle. 
Broicneach. Freckled. 
Broidineall. A rich garb. 
Broidinealta. Embroidered. 
Broigheal. A cormorant, fea^aven. 
Broimeis. Anger, boldne(s. 
Broinn. Belly. 
Broinnag. A little rag, tatter. 
Broin. A height .; large company. 
Broinndeargan. Robin-Redbieaft. 

I A (andal, (hoe. 

Bronnthach. A girtk 
Bronnag. A gudgeon. 
Broifgam. To excite, provoke. 
Broifnin. A fmall faggot. 
Broith. Carnation colour. 
Brolofgadh. Talkative. 
Brollach. The brcaft, bofom. 
Brollach. A prologue. 
Brollachan. A ragged, naked perfon. 
Brollaigb. Boldnefs. 
Brom. Breaking of wind. 
Bromach. A colt. 
Bromam. To break wind. 
Broman. A boor, ruftick. 
Bromanach. Ruftic, rude. 
Bromurrudhufach. Bold, confident. 
Bron. Aiourning, forrow, fafttng. 
Bron-rouilinn. A miliftone. 
Bron. Perpetual. 
Bronach. Sad, forrowful. 
Bronadh, Dcftrudion. 
Bronnghabhal. Conception. 
Bronnghabham. To conceive.- 
fiiCQnn. Th^ belly, «iFomb« 
Bronn. | ^ _ 

Bronnam. To give, beAow. 

Bronnfgaole. A flux. 

fironnta. Beftowed. 

Brofdughadh. An incentive. 

Brofduigham. To excite. 

Brofgaladh. Exciting. 

Broigadfa. An lexhortatton. 

Aro%alach. Prompt. 

Brofna. A faggot. 

Brot. Sroth. 

Broth. A mole, 4ttcli. 

Broth. A ftraw, fleA, fire. 

Broth-luachra. A rufli. 

Brothaire. A cauldron. 

Brothaime. Down, fur. 

Brothaireargadh; i -,, , , 

Brothigh, i Shambles, butchery. 



B U A 

Brodus. Famgo, brtwis. 

Brotfaag* BolbiD. 

Brothlach. A place to drels meat. 

Brolhladlu Intent on mifchief. 

Bni. The womb ; a hind. 

Bin. A country, a bank. 

Brvach. A border, brink, edge. 

Bniachan. A little brink, a fiiwn* 

Bntachairachd. Hovering about. 

Bniachbhaile. Suburbs. 

Bniachda. Magnificent* 

Broarhdha. A footman. 

Bniaidh. A peafant. 

Bmadar. A dream. 

Bniadaram. To dream. 

Bnichag. A chink, crannj, eyelet. 

Bnichd. A belch, ejaculation, 

Brucacfa. Speckled in the face. 

Bqichdam. To pour forth, belch. 

Bmchdadh. i Pouring forth, going for- 

Brachdal. J ward. 

finichlas. The fluttering ct birds going to 

Bnidan. Afidmon, fimmering. 
Brudham. To hruife, fqueese. 
Bnidhadh. A fqueezing, pouadiog* 
Brughadhoir. A peftle. 
Brudeag. A foliciting. 
Bnidhaiteach. A threadbare coat, 
firug, brugh. A large houfe, a village, 

borough ; a little hillock, the refidence of 

Bnigh. An heap, monument ; the belly, a faft. 
Brughan. Faggots, 
firudan. A fimmering noife. 
Brughach. The face of a hUl. 
Brughte. Bruifed. 
Bruidhann. Noife of men,- fitrife. 
Bniid. Captivity j pointed. 
Bruidam. To torture. 
Bruidhann. Noife. 
Bniidhnach. Noify^ 
Brughaidhe. A farmer, burgher. 

: Brui. Tliebdly. 
Bruide. A brute, 
Bruidamhuil. BeafUy, brutifli. 
Bruidamhlachd. Brutality* 
Bniidhachd. A colony, 
Bruidhlionta, Cloyed. 
Bruighin. A fairy hill. 
Bruighe. A farmer, a farm. 
Bruighean. A palace. 
Bruighfiach. A womb with young* 
Bruimfheur. Switch*grafs. 
Bruin. A cauldron, belly. 
Bruinneaph. A nurfe, mother. 
Bniinneadach. An apron. 
Bruioneach. A gluttoiu 
Bruinnin. Kn^ of cloth. 
Bruindeargan. A Robin-Redbreaft* 
Bruinteach. Great with child. 
Bruis. Shivers. 
Bruit. Curtains. 
Bruite. Vide Brughte. 
Bruith. Seethed, boiled. 
Bruitham. To boil, 
Bruithne. A refiner. 
Pruitin. The meafles, 
Bruithneach. Glowing hot. 
Brullfgeantach. Impetuous* 
Brum. A broom. 
Brun. A firebrand, 
Brumaire. A pedant. 
Brus. Browfe. ' 
Brufam. To browfe. 
Brufcar. Baggage, broken ware. 
Bruth. Hair of the head, 
Bruth. Heat in the ikin. 
Bruth. Any thing red hot, 
Bruthchan. Broth, foup. 
Bruthincach. Sultry. tt^*^ 

Bruthmhaircachd. Fainting through h^ptt* 
Bu. Was. Vide Anal. Au. 
BuabhaK Apron, unicorn. 
Buachar. Cow-dung. 
Buadhbhall. Conquering* . 
[O] Buadh- 

B U A 


Buadhbhalachan. A trumpeter. 
Buac. Buck-yarn, cloth, bleaching. 
Buac. Brow of a hill, crown of a vault, a cap. 
Buachach. Fine, beauUh. 
Buacachan. A bleecher. 
Buachail. A cow-herd, (hepherd. 
Buachailleach. Pafloral. 
Buacais. Wicic of a candle. 
Buadh. Food. 

Buaidh. J Viftory^ virtue, attri- 

Buaidh-laraich. S bute. 
Buadhach. ViSorious, having virtues. 
Buadhal. Triumphant. 
Buadharg. A victorious champion. 
Buadhach. Tribute. 
Buadhghallan. Ragweed. 
Buadhaire. A conqueror. 
Buadhartha. Grieved, vexed. 
Buadhghuth. Clamorous, {houting. 
Buadhas. Vidory, triumph. 
Buadhmhor. Sway, vi£korious« 
Buac. Settlement. 
Buaibhthe. Threatening* 
fiuaf. A toad. 

Buafadh. Poifoned, menacing. 
Buafach. Virulent. 
Buafare. A ^iper- 
Buafathair. An adders 
Buag. A fpigot, plug. 
Buagaire. A faucet. 
Buagairam. To tap. 
Buaice. A wave. 
Buaiceach. Giddy. 
3uaicin. A veil, lappet. 
Buaicinam. To blindfold. 
Buaicis. A fmall wick. 
Buaidham. Tocomjuer, overcome, 
^uaidhirt. Tumult. 
Sliairtlie. A conqueror. 
Buaidhradh. Temptation, difturbance. 
Buatflhrain. To vex, difturb, tempt. 
Buaidhradair* Difturber, tempter. 
JBuaifeacb. Angry, frettini^. 

Buaific. An antidote. 
Buail. A ftep, degree. . 
Buaileach. An oxftall. 
Buailidh. Dairy-houfe. 
Buailam. To ftrike, affliiS:. - 
Buailtair. A threiher. 
Buailteach. That ftriketh, liable. 
Buailtain. A flail. 
Buaillite. Water-lily. 
Buailt. A locker, a niche. 
Buailteachan. A flying camp.^ 
Buailte. Beaten, thre(hed« 
Buainam. To cut, reap. 
Buain. Cutting, reaping. . . 

Buain. Equality. . 
Buain. Deprivation, 
Buaine. More durable. 
Buaine. Perpetuity. 
Buaintoin A reaper, movirer. 
Bual. Phyfick; water, 
Bualadh. Remedy, cure. 
Bualadh. Threfhing, beating. 
Bual a chrag. Balm-cricket. 
Bualainle. A fea-lark., 
Bualchrannach. A .float, raft. 
Bualchomhla. A fluice. 
Buallghas. A millpond. 
Buallachd. A drove of cows. 
Bualtrach. Cow-dung. 
Buan. Lading, durable. 
Buan. Good, harmonious. 
Buan. A nurfe. 
Buana. i - ^ 

Buanidh. 1 ^ ^''^'' "'^' . 
B uan-mharthandch« £ verlalling. 
Buanna. A billetted foldier. 
Buannachd. Quartering of foldiers. 
Buanas. .Perpetuity. 
Buanigham. To lait. 
Bunchuimhne. Chronicle. 
Buannachd. Profit, gain. 
Buanflicafam. To pcrfcvere. 
Buar. Qx£n« 




Boaradi. A fetter for cows in time of 

Boas. The belly. 
Biuiarca. The diaphragm. 
Boas. A breach, rout. 
Buas. A trade, art. 
Baban* A coxcomb. 
Buc. Cover of a book, bulk. 
BucamhuU. Bulky. 
Buda. A buckle. 
Buclaigham. To buckle. 
Budh. The world. 
Bttdh. A breach, rout. 
Bugha. Feari a leek. 
Bugan. An unlaid egg. 
Bugfa. Box-tree, a box. 
Buich. A breach. 
Buic. Stags, goats. 
Buicead. A mouthful. 
Buicaid. A bucket, knob. 
Buicain. A pimple. 
Buichia. A young buck. 
Buidal. A bottle, anchor. 
Buidh. Thanks. 
Buidin. A prickle. 
Buidhe. Yellow. 
Buidhe nan ningean. Spurge. 
Buidheacfa. Thankful. 
Buidhach. The jaundice. 
Buidhachas. Thanks. 
Buidhead. Yellownefs. 
Buidhag-bhuachaire. A jellow-hammer. 
Buidheann. A troop, company. 
Buidheacan. Yolk of an egg. 


fiuig-bhuinne. i . 
Buigneach. j 

Bulge. Softer. 
Bull. Fruits, effeds. 
Buile. Vide Baoil. 
Builigham. To improve. 
B utile. A blow. 
Builleach. That giveth blows, 
fiuilin. A loaf. 

Builinach. A baker. 

Bnilg. Bellows. 

Builgain. A bubblC) blifter, pimple^ ve^ 

Builg. A diftemper amongft cattle, 
Builg. Seeds of herbs. 
Builginach. Full of huiks, blifters. 
Builgam. To fwell, blifter. 
Builgas. A blifter. 
Builgeafach. Spotted. 
Buillfgein. Center, middle. 
Buime. A nurfe, mother. 
Buinne. A tap, fpout, ulcer. 
Buinne. I ^ . ^ 

Buinneach. A flux, lax. 

Buinnean-leana. A bittern. 

Buinneamh. Effufion. 

Buinean. Feminine. 

Buinnire. A footman. 

Buinteach. One troubled with a flux. 

Buinam. To touch, meddle, to belong} to 

Buintin. Touching, belonging. ^ 

Buirbain. A cancer. 
Buirbe. Fiercenefs, more fierce. 
Buireadh. Roaring, bellowing, 
Buireadh, Gore, pus, 
Buiream. ' To roar, bellow. 
Buireadhach. Warlike. 
Bnirfeach. An outcry, bellowing. 
Buirgeifach. A burgefs. 
Buirling. A fort or boat. 
Buifcin. A thigh, haunch, thigh armour. 
Buifte. A pouch, fcrip. 
Buite. A firebrand. 
Buitealach. Great fire. 

Buitfe. An icicle, ^ yr- 

Buitealadh. Fierce. ( 

Buitfach. A witch. 
Buitfachas. Witchcraft. ^^ x 

Bui. Manner, fafl&ion. ^- 
fiuliftair. Abullace,floe« 





Balla. A bowl, ball. 
Bulos. A prune. 
Bullach. The fiffi called Connor; 
Bunbheao. A woman of difcreet years. 
Bun. Keepings taking care of. 
Bun. Stump, root, bottom, Aock. 
Bunabhas.. An element.. 
Bunach. Tare of flax. 
Bunadh. Origin, ftock. 
Bunadhas. ^ Foundation, radix,, authority, 
Bunachar. J etymology. 
Bunudhafach. Authentic. 
Bunailte, bunailtach. Steady, fixed^ au- 
Bunait. A foundation. 
Bunaitam. To poflefs, inherit. 
Buntata. . Potatoes. 
Buncios. Chief rent.. 
Bunchiall. A moral. 
Bundunach. Ungainly. 
Bunchiofaiche. A penfioner. 
Bundun. The fundament, blunder. 
Bunaithigham. To found, eftabliib. 
Bunn. Work. 
Bunfhath. Abfolute caufe. 
Bunnluchd. Aborigines. 
Bunmhais. Buttock. 
Bunnos. An old cuftom. - 
Bunnfeacha. Rods, oilers. 
Buntop. Sudden, hafty. 

Bunntais. Perquifites. 
Bunnan. A bittern. 
Bhur. Vide Bhar. Your. 

, .' > A clown, boor, chuff, 
bundh. 1 

Bur. A fwelling, anger. 

Burach. Exploits, a file of foldiers.. 

Sural ach. Sulky, crying. 
' Burach. A fwelling, fore. 

Buraim. To fret, make fore. 
. Buramaid. Wormwood. 

Burdan. A gibe, a fing-fong. 

Burris. Caterpillar. 

Burg. A village. 

Buirdaifach« | ^ , 
' > A burgefs, citizen;. 

Burgaire. J ^ 

Buricaidach. A big fellow. 

Burr. Great. 

Burne. Water. 

Bus. Mouth, fhout, a kifs. 

Bufach. Sulky, having a fnout. 

Bufgam. ' To drefs^ to ftop, hinder*" 

Buf-dubh* Name of a dog. 

Bufgadh. Coiffure, head-drefs. 

Bufiall. Muzzle. 

Butis. A boot. 

Buth. A (hop, tetnt. 

Buta. A fhort ridge, a tun^ boot* 

Buthal. A. pot-hook. 

Buthal raimh. Fulcrum of jin oar. 


"A ^ 

THE third letter of the alphabet^ 
called Coll, i. e. Hazel ^ for the 
Iriir Jli^ned their letters after natural ob- 
jects and iHfiSy when the names began 

with fiiitable initials. TKc letters are 
called Feadha, i.e. Wood. The C is 
pronouncedhard, as K In English. Vide 




' V Prating^ babbling. 

Ca. A houfe. 

Ca'as. Whence ? 

Caab. Concord in finging. 

Cab. The mouth, a head, a gap. 

Caba. Cap, covering of the head. 

Cabach. Toothlefs, full of gaps. 

Cabach. Babbling, talkative } a hoftage. 

Cabag. A cheefe. 

Cabag. A toothlefs woman. 

Cabaga. A drab, a ftrumpet. 

Cabaile. A fleet, navy. 

Cabaire. A babbler. 

Cabal fachd. 


Caban. A capon; tent, booth. 

Cabadh . Breaking of land . 

Cabam. To indent, break land, to catch. 

Cabhag. A great hurry, a jack-daw. 

Cabhagach. Sudden, hafty. 

Cachanach . Day-break. 

Cabhlach. A fleet. 

Caban. A cottager. 

Cabar. A joint, confederacy. 

Caban A lath, a deer's horn, antler. 

Cabrach. Branching. 

Cabartha. United. 

Cabhair. Help, aid. 

Cabhar. Any old bird. ^ 

Cabhairam. To help, aflift, relieve. 

Cabharthach. Helpful, affifting. 

Cabafdah. A fort of curb. 

Cabhan. A field, plain. 

Cabhanfhail. Prop or beam of a houfe. 

Cabhara. Vide Cathbhar. 

Cabhfair. A caufeway, pavement. 

Cabfanta. Dry, fnug. 

Cabhfairaiche. A paver. 

Cabal. A cable. 

Cabluighe. Ship tackle. 

Cablacan. A mariner. 

Cablachda. Naval. 

Cabog. A prater. 

Cabig. A pillory. 

Cabhra. Auxiliary. 

Cabhrach.* An auxiliary. 

Cabraim. To join, unite, couple. 

Cac. Human excrement. 

Cacam. To go to ftool. 

Cacach. Dirty, filthy. 

Caca. A cake. 

Cach. The reft. 

Cacadh. A yawl. 

Cacaim. To idle. 

Cachain. They fung. 

Cachan. Profit, ufe. 

Cachla. A gate. 

Cachnam. To effed, finifli. 

Cacradh. Cacophony. 

Cacht. A maid fervant, the world. 

Cacht. Confinement y generally. 

Cacht. A faft, fafting. 

Cacht. A ihout. 

Cachta. Hunger. 

Cachtamhuil. Servile* 

Cad. Vide Coid. 

Cad. High. 

Cad. A friend j holy. 

Cadach. Friendihip. 

Cadachas. Atonement. 

Cadad. An eclipfe. 

Cadaim. To fall, to chance. 

Cadal. Delay, fleep. 

Cadalam. To fleep, delay. 

Cadall. A battle. 

Cadaltach. Sleepy. 

Cadam. The fork of the hair. 

Cadam. Ruin. 

Cadamach. Ruinous. 

Cadan, cadas. Cotton, a pledget. 

Cadarus. ' Contention. 

Cadarafaim. To argue. '^ 

Cadarus. Whither ? which way ? 

Cadhal. A bafon; hide, (kin. 

Cadhal. Fair, beautiful. 

Cadhal. Colewort, rail. r 

Cadhan. A wild goofc, barnacle. 

[P] Cadhas, 

C A I 

C A I 

p * I Fricndfliip, honour. 

Cadhafach. Refpedful, honourable. 
Cadhla. A goat. 
Cadhla. Fat of the guts. 
Cadhlachal. A goat-herd. 
Cadhlaidh. A joker. 
Cad-luibh. Cudwort. 
jCadhmus. Haughtinefs. 
Cadhnamha. Equal, alike. 
Cado. A blanket. 
.Cadnaice. PoiTeffion. 
Cadnaicam. To poiTefs. 
Cad ran ta. Stubborn, obftinate. 
Cadran. Contention. 
Cae. A feaft, banquet. 
Cae. A hedge. 
Caec Blind. 
Caemh. A feaft. 
Caemh. Fine, handfome, pleafant. 
Cag. Vide Cabhag. 
Cafradh. Vide Cathbrith. 
Caghaidh. Lawful, juft. 
Cagaidh. Strangenefs. 
Cagailt. Frugality. 
Cagal. The herb cockle. 
Cagalam. To fpare. 
Cagallach. Frugal. 

Cagar, cagairt. A wbifper, whifpering. 
Cagaram. To whifper. 
Cagladh. Sparing, frugal. 
Cagnam. To chew. 
Cai. A way, road. 
Cai. A houfe. 
Cai. The cuckow's bird. 
Caibhais. Giggling, laughing. 
Caibhdean. A multitude, a harlot. 
Caibhne. Friendfhip. 
Caibal. A chapel, burying-place. 
Caibidil. A chapter. 
Caibne. The mouth. 
Caibinnachd.^ Prating. 
Caicmhe. A neck-ornament. 

Caid. A rock, fummitt ^ 

Caid. A part, (hare. 

Caidhce. Fine, calm. 

Caideal. A pump. 

Caideacha. A fpot, a ftain. 

Caidh. Chafte. 

Caidh. Order, manner. 

Caidh. Vide Cath. 

Caidhe. D;rt, a blemiih. 

Caidheach. Polluted. 

Caidheachd. Chaftity. 

Caidheamhuil . Decent. 

Caidhean. Alone, folitary. 

Caidhean^ A turtle-dove. 

Caidhean. The leader of a flock of goats. 

Caidhidhe. Covered with a hide. 

CaWhidhe. The cover of a houfe.. 

Caidhni. A virginv 

Caidiol. A fun-diaL 

Caidhle. Finiihing. 

Caidhlighte. Finiihed* 

Caidhliche. Thick fur. 

Caidreadh. Friendihip, cherifhing; cosi^ 


Caidreach. 1 ^ ^ \. ,. 
r» -J u 1. c Convcrfant, fond. 
Caidreamhach. 3 

Caidreadh. Difcourfe, converfation» 

Caidram. To converfe, to fondle, 

Caigalam. To lay up, to cover the fire. 

Caigne, caignean. A fan to winnow. 

Caigionnam. To link. 

Cail. Condition, conftitution, voice. 

Cath A fpear,.fhield. 

Cail. A ward, defire,. longing. 

Call. An appjearance, or look. 

Cail. An afTembly, commendation.. 

Cail. Difpofition ;. behind. 

Cailbhe. A mouth, orifice. 

Cailbheach. Wide-mouthed. 

Cailbheacht. Yawning.. 

Cailbhearb. A cow-herd. 

Cailc. Shield, buckler. 

Cailc. Chalk, lime. 

8 Cailccata. 

C A I 

C A I 

Cailceata* Hard» 
Caircamhuil. ChaII;y. 
Cailcin. A little fhield. 
Cailcin. . A diforder of the eyes.. 
Caile. A young girl, a quean. 
Caile-bhalaich. A.cot-quean. 
Caile^ A ftrumpet, harlot.. 

Caileonta. i Qirlifh 

Gaileamhuil. j 

Caileachdar. Paffion of the mind. 

Caileach. Vide Caolach. 

Caileachd. Nature. 

Caileas. Lethargy. 

Cailegin. Something., 

Cailaing. A feed,, hufk.- 

Cailainag. Seedy, hufky. 

Gailg. A ftingf refentment* 

Cailgeamhuil* Pungent. 

Cailgam*- To-ftick, to priclu 

Cailicin. An old woman* 

Cailidhir. Snot, phlegm. 

Cailidheachd. Qy^ifi<^A^i<"i) quality, genius* 

Gailigheach. A humourift. 

Cailis. A chalice.- 

Cailindha. Calends. 

Cailin. A little gixK. 

€aill. A lofs, a trick.. 

Caill. To name.. 

€aillam. To lofe. 

Caillchula. Old wives tales^ 

Caille.. A veil or cowl. 

Cailleach. An old woman, a nun. 

Gailleachag-cheanndubh. A .titmoufe. 

Cailleach. A. coward. 

Cailleach-chofach. A-. milliped. . 

Cailleachas. Dotage. . 

Cailleach-oiche. An owL 

Cailleadh. Emafculation. 

Cailleafg. A horfe or mare. 

Gailleamhain . Lofs, damage. ^ 

Cailleamhnach.^ Defe&ive» 

Cailleam. To caftrate. 

Cailliog. A lofs. 

, V Crookednefs. 

Cailtean,. cailteanach. An eunuch. 

Cailtearnach. A fhrubby place. 

Cailmhion. A light helmet. 

Cailpig. A mug, or jug. 

Caillte. Loft. 

Cailtin. Hazle. 



Cairn. A fault. 

Caimeacan. Humpbacked. 

Caimein. A mote. 

Caimean. Reproved, blemiihed;. 

Caimhdean. A multitude. 

Caimheach. A prote£tof« 

Caimis. . A (hirt. 

Caimfe. A fliift. ' 

Caimleir. A< bentftidc ufed by butchers. 

Carmneach. Chafte. 

Caimpear.. A champion. 

Caimiiog. Falfehood. 

Cain.. Chafte; beloved* 

Cain. Rent, tribute, a fine. 

Caineach. A fatire, difpraife.. 

Cainam. To fatirife, difpraife* 

Caindeal. A candle. 

Caindigheacht* A quantity. 

Caineog. A mote ; a farthing. • 

Caineogi Barley and oats. 

Caineog. Female privity.- 

Cainficam.. To fine, amerce* 

Caingeal. A hurdle, a reafon. 

Caingean. A rule, caufe. 

Caingean. A fuppHcation, petition; 

Caingean. A compatfl, covenant. 

Caingaam. To argue, plead. 

Cainam. To difpraife. 

Cainneal. A channel, cinnamon. 

Cainneabhar. Dirt, filth. # • 

Cainfeadh. Lavifbment. V 

Cainfeoir. A fcolder. 

Cainfeoiracht. Scolding. 

Cainfi. The face, countenance. . 

Caintt Speech. 


C A I 


Cainteacb. Talkative,' malicbuf • 
Cainteachd. Pronunciation. 
Cainteal. A pref$» a lump. 
Cainteoir. A babbler. 
Caintic. A canticle, fong. 

cllraih. 1 "^^^ S"«n, a grin. 

Cair. An image. 

Cairb. A plank ; a chariot. 

Cairban. A fail-iifli. 

Cairb. A fufee ; a (hip. 

Cairbh. A carcafe. 

Cairbhecan. A ihip<>boy. 

Cairbham. To man a fleet ; to (hake, to 

Cairbhin. A little ihip. 
Cairam. To mond ; Cbnd away, lay up. 
Caitbhin. The gums. 
Cairbineach. A toothlefs perfon. 
Cairbne. A charioteer* 
Cairc. Hair, furr. 
Cairche. Mufick. 
Cairceach. Hairy; eager*^ 
Caircheas. A twifl:. 
Caircheas. A little veiTel. 
Caircheafam. To twift. 
Cairde. A bofom friend. 
Cairde. Friendihip i delay, refpite. 
Cairde-gaoil • Kinsfolk. 
Cairdeas. Friendihip, a fponfor. 
Cairdeamhuil. > ^ . ,, 
Cairdeach. j * ^ X* 
Cairdamhlachd. Friendlineft* 
Cairdhearg. A bluih. 
Caireachan. A big-mouthed perfon. 
Caireamhan. A fhoemaker. 
Caireog. A prating wench. 
C^irrfhiadh. A hart, ftag. 
Ciirghios. Lent. 
Cairgham* To abftain. 
Cairgain. An herb. 
Cairam. To endear. 
Cairin. A darling. 

Cairin. Lean meat. 

Cairine. Legs. 

Cairle. Tumbled, tofled. 

Cairleam. 1 r^ ^ ^ , 

o . , * > To beat, tofs about. 

Cairieacanam. 1 

Cairmeal. Wild peafe. 

Cairncach. A prieft j an ofprey j ftoney. 

Cairpe. Accurfed. 

Cairigham. To mend. 

Cairreal. Noife. 

Carraic. A rock. 

Carbthoir. A chariottcir. 

Cairrfe. A club. 

Cairreir. A carrier. 

Cairt. Bark, rind, a cart, card, chart. 

Cairt. A rock, ftone. 

Cairtcheap. A cart-wheel. 

Cairteog. A tumbriK 

Cair teal. Quarters, lodging, a challenge* 

Carteoir. A carter, waggoner. 

Cairthe. A chariot. 

Cairtlan. A cartulary. 

Caife. Cheefe. 

Cais. Regard, love, efteem. 

Cais. Vide Cuis. 

Cais. An eye j rent, hafte. 

Cais. Spruce, trim* 

Caifan. Hoarfenefs, phlegm. 

Caifchiabh. A curl. 

Caifchiabhach. Curled. 

Caffe. A ftream, a cake, quicknefs. 

Caife. A wrinkle, fold, paffion. 

Caife. A muihroom. 

Caife. ' Difcord. 

Caifan. Hoarfenefs. 

Caifeach. Wrinkled. 

Cais-fhion. White-footed, name of a cow. 

Caifeal. A bulwark, wall. 

Caifad. Steepnefs, fuddennefs. 

Caifeog. The ftem of a weed. 

Caifeamhan. A (hoemaker. 

Caifearbhan. Dandelion. 

Caifg. Eaftcn 



•CsMfgam. To flop* 

Caifiol. A ftone building. 

Caifleach-fpainc. Tcuchweod. 

Caiflleachta. Poliflied, fmoothed^ 

Caiflithc. WrinUed, folded. 

Caiflcan. A caftlc, garrifon. 

Caifleoir. A projedon 

Caifli. Poliflied. 

Cailincachd* Alalm, nuiFcb tune. 

Caifmcart. Heat of battle, armour, a band 

of men for fight. 
Caiffiolaebd. Battlements. 
Caifmiortach. An armed man. 
Caifreag. A wrinkle. 
Caifreabhachd* . Legerdemaiii. 
Caifdeal. A edkle. 
Cait. A fort or kind. 
Caifriminidhe. A wrinkle. 
Cait. Where? for ciaait. 
Cait as. Whence? 
Caifeach, caiteog. A baftet. 
Caiteach. Chaff. 
Caiteach. Expanfive, prodigal. 
Caiteach. A ftip's main-flieet. 
Caiteachas. Prodigalifj. 
Caiteog. A biitter-pot» butter« 
Caith. Chaff; a blemift. 
Caith. Chafle, miM« 
Caitheach. j . _ , ^ .^ 
Caithmhach. I ^ <P^thr.ft. 

Cakheadh* Spending^ 
Caithte. Spent, oJd. 
Caitfafeach. Nighto« 
Caitham. To winnow. 
CaithmhaoK. To confome, Atoot, wear. 
Caithbheartach. A forner. 
Caithfldh« It behoves, beeoni((9» 
Caithear. I ^ ^ 

Caithfighear. \ ^^''''^ 
Caithliocb. Chaff; hufki. 
Caithanih. Confuming. 
Caithfldhileadb. A feldier. 
Caithleam. We muft. 
Cakhitjln. Triumph, fampus. 


Caithreamadh. Infoi-mation, 
Caithriodhnach. A tave. 
Caithris. Watching. 
Caitin. Shagg, nap of cloth. 
Caitin. Bloffom of oficr. 
Caitin. A little cat. 
Caitineach. Curled. 
Caitineach. A cloth drcffer. 
Caitit. A pin, bodkin. 
Caitfloan. ChafF. 
Caitte. How ? 
Caitte. Neceflary. 
Caittiughadh. Invalid. 
Cal. Colcwort, kail j a joke. 
Cal-colag. Cauliflower. 
Cal. Sleep, flumbcr. 
Cal-cearflach. Cabbage. 
Cal. T« keep fafe. 
Cala. Hard 5 frugal, thrifty. 

Caladh. A port, harbour, fcrrjr. 

Calam. To enter port. 
Calain. A Couch. 
Calaire. A cryer. 
Calaireachd. Burying, interring. 
Calaim. Tofleqi. 
Calaois. A cheat. 
Calaoifeach. Ajuggler. 
Calb. The head. 
Calbh. Hardine& 
Calbh. ' Bald. 
Calbhachd. Baldneft, 
Calcare. To drive, caulk. 
Calchearcain. Shuttlecock. 
Calpa. Calf of the leg. 
Calbhthal, A huHctn. 
Calbhualadh. A hot battle. 
Calc. Chalk. 

Calcam. To drive with a hammer, to caulk. 
Calcaighte. Hardened. 
Calcughadh. Obduracy. 
^ [ QJ Caldach; 

} TohardcHt 


Caldach. Mifchief ; iharp, pointed. 

Calg. A tword, a prickle, fting,.haic« 

Calgach. Sharp, prickly.. 

Calghaois. A cheat.. 

Calgaire. A whecdlcn 

Calgbhruid. Falfe imprifonmcnt,. 

Calls, chalice. 

Calgbhruidhan. Butcher's brooni» 

Call. A church, veil, hood. 

Call. Lofs. 

Callach. A bat, a boar. 

Calldachd, Loffes. 

Callaidhe. A partner. 

Callaid. A cap« 

Callaidh. Adive, nimble. 

CaUa. Tame. 

Callaind. Kalends.^ 

Callaicham. To tame. 

Callaire. A crier. 

Callaireachd. Crying. 

Callan. N'oift, jfiiouting. 

Callanach. Clamorous. 

Callois. Buffoonery. 

Callagam. To flatter. 

Calloid. A funeral cry, elegy. 

Caltag. Black guilFemot. 

Calltarnach. A truTs of weeds.. 

Calma. Strong.. 

Caiman. A pigeon. 

Calmachd. j ^ 

Calmadas. } Courage, fbength. 

Cam. A quarrel^ duel. 
Cam. Crooked. 
Cam. Deceit. 
Cama. Brave. 

Camam. To bend, to make wry. 
Camaillte. Rubbed. 
Camalta. Demure. 
Camchofach. Bow-legged. 
Camceachdta. The north pole.. 
C'amead. How much ? 
Camglas. A redihank. 
Camacb. Power. 


Camal. A eamel. 

Caman* A hurling-club. 

Camanachd. Gume o£ hurling*. 

Camhaoir.. Break of day.. 

Camdhan. lambick. 

Camaran. An ideot. 

Camlurgin. Club-foot. 

Camluirginach. Club-footed# 

Camhnaidh. Reft, dwelling, building*: 

Camhnaidhachd. Settlement. 

Cam-mhuigarlach. Club-footed. 

Cam-mhuinal. The bird wrynecks. 

Camog. A iinall bay,.a clafp. . 

Camog. A curl, the temples. 

Camogach. Crooked, curled. 

Camoigin. A curled-hcadcd child* 

Campa. A camp.. 

Campuigham. To encamp. 

Campthuaim. Entrenchment. 

Campur. Champion, 

Campar. Anger; grie£ 

Camparach. Vexing, grievou^. 

Camrath. A gutter, fewer, Jakes.. 

Camihuileach. Squint-eyed* 

Cramihronach. Cfook-nofed. 

Camus. A bay, regio perineum. 

Can. Whilft, w^en. 

Can, can as. From whence ? 

Can. A lake. 

Cana. A whelp, pup, a moth.. 

Canach. Standing water, cotton^ jcat's tail^ 

moft'crops^ deceit. 
Canach^ A tribute ;. bombaft, » porpoife^ 
Canachd. Taxing. 

Canaen.. The coUeAor of a tax. ^ 

Canaigh. Dirt.. 
Canam. To-iing. 

Cangaruicham. To fret, vex, cankcn. 
Cantin. Speaking, finging. 
Canaighte.. Sung». 
Canaib. Hemp., 
Canal. A cana]> conduit. . 
Canamhuin. A language. 


e A o 

C A O 

Canbhas« Canvas^ failclotb. 

Canmhuin. Pronunciation, accent* 

Cann. A refervoir. 

Cannoin. Muttering. 

Cann, • A veiTel, full moon. 

Canna. Moths. 

Cannran. Contention, grumbling* 

Canna. A cann. 

Cannach. Sweet-willow, myrtle^ 

Canoin. A rule, canon. 

Cannranam. To grumble. 

Cannta. A lake, puddle. 

Cantach. Dirty. 

Canntic. A fong, canticle. 

Cantaighoir. Singer. 

Cantail. Voting for, finging, au£^ion» 

Cantaireachd. Singing by note. 

Cantalam- To fell by au&ioa» 

Cantach. Dirty, muddy. 

Cantaoir. A preis. 

Cante. The quince-tree* 

Cantlamh. 7 ^ .^ 

Cantol. \^'''^'' 

Cantol. Grief.. 

Canuichte. Mulcted.. 

Canur. Cotton. 

Caob. ' A clod. 

Caobhan. A prifon. 

Caobh. A bough, a branch. 

Caoch. Blind. 

Gaoch nan cearc. Henbane. 

Caochag. A nut without a kernel. 

Caocham. To blind. 

Caocidis. A fortnight. 

Caochan. The fundament, a mole. 

Caochan. An eddy of air, or a ftream or rill ; 
wfaifgy in the firft procefs.of diftillation. 

Caochog. Muihroom, pufF^balK 

Caochag. A turned ihelL 

Caochag. BlindmanVbuff. 

Caochlan. A fwift rill. 

Caochlaigham. To change, 

CaQchladb. A change. 

Caochlatdach. Changeable, variable. 

Caod Cdum-cille, caod. St. John's wort. 

Caodam. To come. 

Caoda. How ? 

Caodh. A tear. 

Caodh. Good order, condition: 

Caoidham. To weep. 

Caod hamhlachd . Competency. 

Caoidh. Lamentation, a tear. 

Caodhan. A perfon in good condition. 

Caogam. To wink. 

Caogadh. Winking. 

Caogad. Fifty. 

Caogado. Fiftieth. 

Caoi. A cuckow; ways and means. 

Caoiche, caoichad. Blindnefs.. 

Caoil. The waift. 

Caoile^ Smallnefs. 

Caoille. Landv 

^ , . ', J Gentle, mild, beloved.' 
Caoimhal. \ 

Caoimheach.. A bedfellow. 

Caoimheachas. Society. 

Caoimheachan. An entertainer. 

Caoimhnal. Kindly. 

Caomhfgiath. A. buckler, fhield. 

Caoimhnalachd. Kindnefs. 

Caoimhtheacht. Prote£lion, a county. 

Caoimhnas. Kindnefs. 

Caoimin.,' The herb eye* bright. 

Caoimin. The murrain. 

Caoiminach. A common for cattle. . 

Caoin. Delightful, pleafing. 
. Caoin. Right fide. 
.Caoin. Mild-tempered, dry.^ 

Caoineadh. Iriih lamentation. 

Caoineachas. Peace. 

Caoineach. Stubbles, mofs. 

Caoinuigham. To dry. 

Caoineachan. A poliiher of ftone. 

Caoinam. To lament, cry. 

Caoinfliuarach. Indifferent* 

Caoinafgar. A garrifon. 


C A 

C A O 

Caointeach, Sad, forrowful. 

Caoirbhcirthach. Bearing bcJrlcs. 

Caoirin. A little berry, a little fli€ep. • 

Caoirin-kana. Great wild valerian, 

Caoirle. A club. 

Caoirlcachd. Tofling with clubs. 

Caoirlam. To beat with clabs. 

Caois. A furrow, a young pig. 

Caoifeachan. A fwine-herd. 

Caol. Slender, fmall. 

Caol. A calling an affembly. 

Caol an duirne. The wrift. 

Caolach. The herb fairy-flax, 

Caolach. A cock. 

Caolach-dubh. The black cock. 

Caolach-fraoich. Heathcock. 

Caolach-gaoith. A weather-cock. 

daolach-fraincach. Turkey-cock. 

Caolach-uifge. A water-wheel, a bird cal- 
led waterin. 

Caolach-aifrionn. Bell to prayers. 

Caolach-mios. Purging-flax. 

Caolam. To IclTen. 

Caolan. Small gut. 

Caolfail. Nettles, the herb hciriff. 

Caolfhairge, A ftrait. 

Caolghlorach. Shrill. 

Caolas. A ftrait, frith. 

Caolmhaor. An apparitor. 

Caolmhiofachan. Pufging-Haic 

Caomh. Gentle^ mild, little. 

Caomh. A feaft, running together. 

Caomhadh. Reiemblance. 

Caomha. Skill, knowledge^ nobility. 

Caomhalacb. Kindly. 

Caomhaigh. A maft expert at armsf* 

Caomham. To, protcfl, Ipare. 

Caomhan. A noble perfott. 

Caomhantadh. Fronefted. 

Caomharrach. Private, fecret. 

Caomhchlodh. Exchattgeof lan4«. 

Caomhchladhach. Ojic changing abode 

Caon\hdha. Poetry, vcrfification. 
Caomhioife. A pleafant bla«e of the fire. 
Caomhnadh. Proteftion, a friend. • 
Caomhna. Nourifbroent. 
Caomhnach. A friend, feeder. 
Caomhnadh. Frugality. 
Caomhnam. To f|>are, fave, reftrve. 
Caomhnaidhe, A bofom friend. 
Caomhnafgar. Defence. 
Caomhantach. Saving, frugal. 
Caomhfhrath. A pleafant village. 
Caomhfaidhoif . A rchearfer. 
Caomhtha. Society. 
Caomthach. An aiTociate, <:hum. 
Caomhtheachd. Company. 
Caon. A refemblance. 
Caonam. To refemble, to hide. 
Caonar. Cotton. 
' Caonaran. A iblitary perfon. 
Caonnag. A neft of wild bees, a fkrrmHlu 
Caonnagach. Rrotous, 
Caonbhuidhe. Gratitude. 
Caondualach. A carver. 
Caondubhrachd. Devotion. 
Caonach. Mofs. 
Caonta. Private. 
Caor. A berry, a candle. 
Caor. A firebrand, a thunderbott. 
Caora. Bunches of berries. 
Caora-bad-minn. Stone-bramHc* 
Caoradh. A fteep. 
Caorachcf. Sheep. 
Caorbhearthach. BacciferoUs. 
Caoran. A dry clod. 
CaorgheaL Red hot. 
Caorlann. A flicepfHd. 
Caor-ttttmham. Eatth nufs^. 
Caor-teifttidh. A thtrnderbolt. 
Caor-dromain. Eldter^bcrrics. 
Caor-theine. A firebrand. 
Caothruadh. Miidew. 
Caorthuin. <^icklime. 
Caorrann. Service or olotiiitain afh. 

6 Cap. 


G A Jl 

Cap. A cart, tumbrels 

Cap* Cup, an old perfbu. 

Capa. A cap. 

Capull. A horfe or mare. 

Capull-coille. The mountab cack,Ca4>cr- 

Capam. To renounce. 
Capat. The head. 
Capflaith. ComnEunder in cbief. 
Car. Brittle, fmart j a twift, bending* 
Car-neamhuin. A ftrifig of pearls* ^ 
Car. Care, the jaw, a tdck, movement. 
Car. A bar in mafic^ a part. • 

^ ' J A friend, nigh to. 
Lara. > 

Carach. Measdring, deceitful, terrible. 

Caradach. Befriended. 

Carachdich.^ Wreftling. 

Caradam. ' To befriend. 

Carach-ullamh. An tippes garment. 

Caradas. Friendiliip, alliance. 

Carac. Faithfui.. 

Caraid. A friend. 

CaraidcL Twain, a defence* \ - 

Caracbadfa^ceille. Iii£anity. 

Caraidhe. A wreftler.. 

Caraigham. To move. 

CaraingstL. A guardian'-angel. 

Caraid heachd. D&bate^ dtipute^ • 

Caraidham. To wreftle. 

Carachdach. AtUetick, 

Carachdidh. Wreftling. 

Caradh. Mending, uiage. 

Caram. To love, to mend. 

Caraifteacb. A carrier. 

Caran. Crown of the head* 

Carantach. Kind. 

Caraois. Lent. 

Caras. A firft-rate ihip. 

Carb. A bafket. 

Carb. A chariot, a fliip» 

Carb. A plank. 

Carbad. A chariot, coach, litter, bier. 

Carbad. A jaw. 

Carbadoir. A charioteer, driver. 

Carbal. Roof of the mouth. 

Carban. An luilucky body« 

Carbh. A fliip. 

Carbhan. A little fhip. 

Curbanach. Mafter of a fliip. 

Carbhanach-uifge. A carp. 

Carbhodach. A failor, clown. 

Carbhus. Intemperance. 

Carcar. A prifon, a coffer. 

Carchiillam. Tiodeftmy. 

Card. Sending, a card ta comb wool. 

Cardaigh. Flefh. 

Cardais. To fet or lay. 

Cardam. To fend, to comb. 

Carfhocal. Antiphrafis. 

Carghus. Lent. 

Carinuigham. To feparatc things mloe^d* 

Carla. A wool-card. 

Carlach. A cart-load. 

Carlachan. A wool-card*r» 

Carlag. Floccus. 

Carlaire. A carder. 

Carlamh. E^^cetlent. 

Carmhogal. A carbuncle. 

Carn. A province, a heap of floflC§, » 

Carnan% A 1 if tie earn. 
Carnan-caocKain. A molehrlK 
Carnan-aolaich. Dunghill. 
Carn-cuimhne. A monument. 

Carna. } 

Carna. A booty, prey. 
Carnaid. Red, carnet. 
Carnach. A heatheniih priefl-. 
Carnadh. Heaping, a pile, riddance. 
Carnam. To- heap, pile, to rid. 
Carnal. A mote of ftones. 
Carfhuilach. Having rolling eyes. 

[R] Carnfadadhv 



Carnfadadh. Hoarft. ' 

Carnta. Piled up. 

Carpat. Corrupted, 

Caroid. Penitent* 

Carr. A cart, dray, waggon. 

Carr, A fpear. 

Carra. A fcabby head. 

Carra-meilghe. Wild liquorice, wood- 

Carra. Bran. 

Carrach, Scabbed, ftoney, 

Carracan. A modeK 

Carrthadh. An ere£l ftone, :& pillar. 

Carraid. Diftrcfs. 

Carraidach.' Diftreffed. 

Carraig. A rock. 

Carraidhin. The thick part of butter- 

Carrfhiodh. A knot in timber. 

Carrfhiadh. A hart. 

Carran. A weed, a fickle, fillabub. 

Carran-creige. A conger, a prawn. 

Carrtdh. Seeking. 

Carrudhe. A fcab. 

Car fcal. For a while. 

Carruigag. A fort of pancake. 

Carfan. Hoarfenefs. 

Carfanacb. Hoarfe. 

Carfughadh. Punifhment. 

Cart. A quart. Vide Cairt. Bark. 

Cartam. To clcanfe, purge, tan. 

Carthanach. Charitable. 

Carthan, carthanachd. Charity, friend- 

Cartach. Of bark, a cart-load. 

Cartacha. Deeds, charters. 

Cartoit. Devout. 

Caltal. Mint. 

Cart-iuil. A mariner's compa/s. 

Cas. The plague, concern, fear, pity, dif- 

Cas. A foot, hair of the head, a cafe. 

{Coughing, cough. 

Cas. Money, a fhaft, handle* 

Cas, Hafty, wreadied, fteep, paffionate^ 

Cafag. A coat. 

Cafach. An afcent. 
' Cafachdaich 


Cafachdaighe. - The herb coltsfoot. 

Cafan. A path. 

Cafmhor. Difficult, arduous. 

Cafam. To bend, wreathe, to turn upon, 
» to be angry, to twift. 

Cafadb. Twifting, wrpathing, gnafhing. 

Cafaid. An accufatlon, complaint. 

Cafaidam. To accufe, complain. 

Cafafdach. Apt to complain. 

Cafir. A little hammer, a path. 

Cafbaladh. Obvious. 

Cafbanach. Side by fide, parallel. 

Caf-choifgach. Anti-peftilcntial. 

Cafg. Stopping, a ftop.' 

Cafgchuing. . Antafthmatick. 

Cafgthuitamas. Antipopledic. 

Caifg. Eafter. 

CaCair.^ A glimmering light from old tim- 
ber in the dark ; it is called teine ghealain. 

Cafair. A thorn, buckle, clafp. . 

Cafair. A ihower, hail. 

Cafair, cafarach. Slaughter, carnage. 

Cafceim. A ftcp, pace. 

Cafaoid« Vide Cafaid. 

Cafaidaiche. Complainant. 

Caifain-uchd. A bit cut off a fheep from 
the lip along the belly to the tail, three 
inches broad. 

Cafarmanach. Free. 

Cafarnach. Lightning. 

Cafbheart. Shoes and dockings, le^ ar-* 

Cafbhairneach. A limpet, a cunner. 

Cafcar. A cup. 

Cas-cuirn. Draught-tree. 
. Cafda. Twifted, wreathed. 



C E A 

Cafdlaoidh. Curled hair. 

Cafgairam. To flaughter, cut and hew. 

Cas-chrom. A fort of Hebridian hoe or 

Cafla* Frizzled wool. 
Caflach. Children. 
Cafrach. Slaughter. 
Cafnaid. Split wood, chips. 
Cas-moidhaich. The herb haresfoot. 
' Caffal. A ftorm. 
Caft. Pure, undefiled. 
Caftearbhan. Succory. 
Caftearbhan-nam-muc. Dandelion* 
CsUlum. % 

Cafthor. (a curled lock. 
Cas-urla. J 
Caflarach. Branchy. 
Cafruifg. Barefooted. 
Cat. Erroneoufly for Ciod. 
Cat. A cat. 

Cataidh. Generoiity, noble. 
Catfligham. To honour, reverence, to tame^ 

to try. 
Cataighte. Tamed. 
Cat-crainn. A rat-trap. 
Catadh. Taming. 
Catanach. Freezy, rough, ihaggy. 
Cath. Battle, companies. 
Cath. Pollard, hulks. 
Catham. To fan, winnow. 
Catham. « ^ ^ , 

Cathaigham. r° ^S'*** **"?*• 
Cathadh. Winnowing, a breach, defile. 
Cathadh-cuir. Falling fnow. 
Cathadh-mara. Spooudrift. 
Cat hag. A jackdaw, jay. 
Cathair. A chair, bench, city. 
Cathairaiche. A citizen. 
Cathair-thalmhuin. Barrow. 
Cathair-rioghal. A throne. 
Cathair. A guard, centinel. 
Cathaifeach. Brave, ftout, quick. 
Catban. A wild goofe with a black bill. 

> Catholic, univerfal. 
e. J 

Cathbhar. An helmet. 

Cathbruith. Sowens, flummery. 

Cathbhanin. A commander, ofliceri 

Cathan-aodaich. A web. 

Cathfhir. Warriors. 

Cathatghoir. A tryer, tempter. 

Cathaghadh. Temptation. 

Cathfam. I muft. 

Cathfuire. A caviller. 

Cathlabhra. A general's fpeech. 

Cathmhilidh. A colonel, chief ofliccr. 



Cathruichoir. Citizen. 

Cathlun. A corn. 

Cathreim. Triumph. 

Catluibh. Cudwort. 

Catrath. When? 

Cathris. Watching. 

Cathrifeach. Watchful, quick. 

Ce. The earth ; night, a fpoufe. 

Ceach. Each, every. 

Ceachaing. Hard to march, inacceffible. 

Ceachatr. Dirt, filth, penury. 

Ceachardha. Dirty, ftingy. 

Ceachardhachd. Stinginefs, penury. 

Ceachlam. To dig, hackle, deftroy. 

Ceachlath. Spent, worn. 

Ceacht. Power, a leflbn. 

Ceachlar. Either, or. 

Ceachta. A plough. 

Ceachtlach. Coal black. 

Cead. Leave, permiifion, licence. 

Ceadaigham. To permit, difmifs. 

Cead. Firft. Vide Ceud. 

Ceadach. Talkative, cloth. 

^ J .. ' , I Permitted, lawful. 
Ceaduigthach. ) 

Ceadacht. Permiilion. 

Ceadaidh. A fitting. 

Ceadaghadh. Difmiifing. 

Ceadal. A ftory, narrative. 

Ceadal. Malicious invention. 


C B A 

G E A 

Ceaddaome, Wednefday. 

Ceadamas. In the firft place. 

Ceadhft(fh. A fenfe, faculty, opinion. 

Ceidfadhach. Of the fcnfes, fenfuah 

Ceadfaidheas. Senfuality. 

Ceadhal. Full of fores, bliftered. 

Ceadhlaidh. Bliftering. 

Cheadbhilich, Centaury. 

Ceadhna. Same. 

Ceadthuifmeadh. Firftling. 

Ceadnabhar. 7 ^ , 

^ . . > An element. 

Ceadthus. \ 

Ceadthutghtheach. Venial. 

Ccadtomailt. A breakfaft. 

Cead-uair. Firft time. 

Ceal. Stupidity, heaven. 

Ceal. Death, concealing. 

Ceal. Fine flour, ufe, forgetfulncfi. 

Ccrtladh* Eating. 

Ceal am. To eat. 

Ceabirm. A hiding place. 

Cealchobhar. A fanAuary. 

Cealfhuath. A private grudge. 

Cealg. Treachery, hypocrify, malice. 

GeaigHch. Crafty, treacherous, hypocritical. 

Ccalir^ire. Hypocrite, cheat. 

Cealgaireachd. Hypocrify. 

Ceal gam. To beguile, deceive. 

Cealgonadh. DiffimulatioA. 

Cealgaiche. More crafty, fpiteful. 

Ceallach. Contention, war. 

Ceall. A church, cell, 

Cealladh. Cuftody. 

Ceallghaoid'. Sacrilege. 

Cealloir. Dung, muck. 

Cealloir. Superior of a monaftery. 

Ceallmhuin. An orack, prophecy. 

Ceallphort. A cathedral church. 

Ceallihlaid. Sacrilege. 

Cealftol. A clofe-ftc>ol. 

Cealt. Apparel, clothes. 

C- a:! ich. A Celt, a Gaul. 

-^wc^iKair. A caufe, a fpear^ a caftle. 


Cealtmhuilleoir. A fuller. 

Ccan, cearra. FaFvour* 

Ceanadh. Favouring, cherrfting. 

Cean, cion. Debt, fault, crime. 

Ceana, Alike, the fame. 

Ceana. Even, lo, already. Achd ccana, 

Ceanail. O «.. , r . , ^ 

Ceanaltachd. \^'^'^> »'"»'^f«- 

Ce^namhail. \ ^'"'^' '"'''^' ^^'^'^ '='«'°- ' 

Ceanfolaidh. Unreferverf but vrrtuoas lore* 

Ceandail. Lice. ^ 

Ceandachd. Identity. 

Ceann. The head. 

Ceann-achra. Epiphany. 

Ceannach. A reward, a covenant. 

I Ceannachd. Buying, purchafing. 

Ceannaigham. To buy. 

! Ceanair. ( . , , . 
^ > An tuindred* 

Ceanan. ) 

Ccannfbioim. White-headed, name of a 

cow. * 

: Ceannfine. Chief of atrfbe. 

Ceangail. A bond, reftrainC. 

Ceangailte. Bound* 

Ceangalacfa^ Obligatory. 

Ceangalam. To bind. 

Ceannghraimh. Motto, titte; ' 

Ceanngharbb. Rough, ragged. 

Ceannachtrach. Upper part of the tfaroar. 

Ceannphort. A founder, author. 

Ceann-adfaairr. A bolfter. 

Ceanndubh. Vide Canach. 

Ceannfath. Csmfe, reafon. 

Ceannaich. Strife. 

Ceannaiche. 1 . 

^ . . J A merchant. 

Ceannaide. ' 

Ceann -aimAr. A date. 
Ceannair. A driver. 
Ceannairc. Rebellion, perverfenefs. 
Ceannaifieach. Rebellious, perverfe. 
Ceannadliairceim. A plowman. 


C £ A 



. AhaL 

AImImm; / . 


I- r .- 
Bow ofa ihi{L. 



CoBn-cuttidh. . AdbiaC^a.lrike^; 

Ceaiiiia%* Tk^ ftwiiadt 

Caumfeadliiuu A 
CeaimfiodluL Theendof a^p-tindbtii' 
Cranngiarhm« A bmidit* 
Ccanlaidk^ UmHtmng. 
Ceannoaide. BloddMad.. ' 
Ceaomadu A tetber, faattar. • 
Ceannrithach. Headloiq^ - 
Ccaimnndh. CdmHoBK^ ^ 
Ceanophmgaid. Agargla^ 

Cfannfarh, j gintlei .' • i 

Ceannfgalach. A chitf kaddr^ ^Mm 
CcarniTgrioUmw MottO| thk. 
Ccanfuighaulh. Subduingi redilciiig4 ' 
Ceannfuig^um. To fubdue, manage' Aff^ 

prefs, .f' \ r '»•'. 

Ceatrnfuighte. flaMlii*; Go«|yit*r 
Ceann-fiinide. A tad^ipold^ '-- 

Ceannarradb. Aabplaidl^ Mkt. > 
Ceannfal. .1: » >1tD1-: n i i. -i 

CooiklioiHi ^ XfaMriiA. •'■ ■> 
Ceajinfuigeachd. Mmi U miUe,-' '^< 

:> I 

Ceanntroiiu Daanviy, flaggiflu 
^cawitiiCL Jf^ poaiHfiua* pfoiBoti(Df^p« 
Ceaimtar. Side of a oooairjrtCantidL 
Oanimaifgineacb, Raih» ptecipitats. 
Ceannfinut. CapitarJM, 
Ceamiftuaigbe. Aaaidi. 
Ceann^uigbc End of a jooraaji^ goal. 
Ceap. A block, inck^ iboenakKV laft« 
Ceap. Afigafetupintipn^of bactlob 
Ceap, A bead, ftock. 
Ceapaiu A ftump^ or pim 
Ceapanta. Niggasdif ^ ftUF. 
Ceapfgaolam. To. pro pag a te . 
Ccapadkiauu Scamung. 
Ceapaiie. A pieoa ofi baoad aad butter* 
Oapairam* . Tofpnad upon, daub. 
Ceapam. .'S^ flop, inteictpti 
Ceapal. Stopflpng. 
Gear. Ofsprii^ progeaf. 
Cearam* To-pnft* 
Gear, ceanu JHoad^iedw 
Cearacbadk. WandeMg^ fliayiag* 
Cearb. Money, filver* 
Cearb- A cutdng, fla»gjbtMUig« 
Cearb. A rag, lappet, cxcreftiioQ. 
Cearbacb. Ragged, attknourf. 
Cearban-feoir. A btaliag kerb* 
Cearbdnaid^ A. Ibrm raflexioo. 
Cearbhal. Maflacre, carnage, 
Cearc. «A ben. 

Cearc-fheancadk Tudoey-beiu 
Cearc^fhraoidi. ifeatb«keii^ 
Ccarc<^tboai|at9* A paitridge. 
QMctaak.. ifori^gkMs. 
Cearcal. A hoop, circle. 
Ceardadk Ckcukr, Nbe a hoop. 
^earchaU A boUler, piHow. 
Cearchlalk Madnds, 
Cearcloch. A han-noft. 
Cearcmbanrach. A hen-moop. 
Ceard. A dakaa, tvaMnaa, anecbanic* 
Ceardach« A forge, fmith's Ikop* 

[SJ Ccardaiclie. 



Ceardaiche. A medaaiiic* . < . ' : 
Ceardachd. . Tinker VtraiC' :^* . / 
CeardamfauiL . Well^wrotight, zttiBmL'^- 
Ceardatnhlachd. Ingcnaity. . 
Ceardcha. A ihop« ' 
Ceard-dhearg. Oker, keel* 
Cearachur. A grave. 
Cearla. A rfue, / 

Cearlam. To conglomdrate. J 

Cearmnas. A lye. 
Cearlach. Round. . 
Cearn. A man, vjAorjr* '. ^ .. 
Cearn. Expcnce, a. corner. '. .r > 

Cearnabhan. A. comer. ' .. • 

Cearnach. Four fquare^ vidoricms* 
Cearn-airrdhe. .'A tnofibjr. i j\ 
Cearn-duais* Acbletick laiitel. ' ■ , - > 
Cearnag-ghloine. Pane of g^dft« • ' : { . > 
Cearnfearnadh. Deftraying.-i' -^ ., " / 
Cearnluach. Prize* .-liir "\C» ...-.:y 
Gearr. Left-handed, wrong.- »' t ' 

Cearraich. MafUr oCliis flit. .. . * , 
Cearracan. A carrot*' :.".'/ .. ..' (' . > 
Cearram. To kiil. j ;;. I?^ // . -. . / 1 .d : ' • 
Cearrbhach.f; ' A gameft^. ■" jd /. o . . . 
Ceart. Juft.* »' » , ' . r \ ... 
Ceart. Littlc> fmalh .: .A . ..» : .r > 
Ceartachadhl Adjuftiafg*. .- :- . i:.. 
Ceartaigham. ToadjnftvCUtypntDC^'' ) 
Ceart. 7 . „. . . • . :.. . ' .1. J , . 
Ceartas.} M--> equity. ^ ^ ,^ ^ ^^ 

Ccartbhreith. ' Biitbnght. 
Ceartchreidmhach. Orthodox. . ^ 

Ceartfgriobhadh. Oritbografiby. ' / 

Ceartughadh. Paring, . priming,, jtebidcillg, 
amendment. :\' . ,>. .1,- .' -i",:') 

Ceartuighois. t A corr^doif,. regulaton - 
Ceartlann. A houfe ofcorreftion. .' . , j 
Ceartlar. Center, middle p4int* . . 

Ceas. Obfcurity^ iadneft* '. 
Ceas. Irkfcmieoefe./ 
Ceafadh. Vexation, puniflimmt. 
Ccafla. Oar. * . . - 

Ceaflach. Fine 

Ceafda. Punifhed«: . . .'. . ^^ 

Ceafacfad. GrinoliUfig^ /difobttetit;. '. . 3 

Ceafachdach. IHicontefitecE,.gi umbling. ' 

Ceafadh. Cnicifymg^ paffioni. . . J 

Ceafam. To crucify, tofu&r. . 

Cealadoir. Tormnttferl /^ 

Ceafd. A queftion. , : ) ^ > 

Ceafgam. To $iflc,. enquire. . • .-.'' 

Ceaflach. Coarfe wool on theiegt. 

Ceaffaid. Sacrik^. 

Ceafiia. NfC«litji'WMt.i .. . ) 

CeaihiqjhAdb. QjjKttMtng. ' 

Ccaihaclu Complaidngi; A f :., . jJ 

Ceafnuigham. T<liqMffion, mttecqptf. ' 

Ceafnulghacht. , > OnripUiit. . 

Ceafnugkadh. C^rieaaDii^ ' 

Ceaftuigham. l^(Bi*md> amend. 

Ceatam. . To)iNi^oileb^te. < . } 

Ceata^i^lpiDK The^GiSvenAars. . 

Ceatal« Sjli^iig. 

Ceatain. Month 6fMa^. 

Ceatfadhach. Ju^ickitSyiMlbk. ' 

Ceatfadh. ConjeiSioiie; '.-l . t » » 

Ceatfadacht. . Lufti . . a '- .. .; : 

Ceatha. A fhower. ' 

Ceath. A flieep,. creaa.; j . 

Ceathair. Four. ^ .. - 

.Ceathaifbh«mbclv. >. 5q«Me, quadmgU^ 

Ceathaircuinnach. 1 lar. i .J i.i.i .: ) 

CeathaMlAftohv . Qsp^i»d,.SilMNfa^ 

Ceathaih. Td ftSm. ' 

Ceatharihliori^ch, FbAx-fkhL 

Ceathramb* J;i« ^.t • • ' 

^ . J. Fourth. 

Ce»thro..:.;i.5 ,'...'. .; ,/ ......; .. . ...'; 

Ceathair-dcug. f'ourteen. ./ ; • 

Ceathrtwieug* FmsMoA. . :; i j 

Ceathrachad. Fortyr; 

CeatbrachAik>. foK^tnA^ . . o u .r 

Ceathardha. Belonging (Q^feur* . !'*. 

Ceathafbh.* A troop. ' ' '!...:... 

Ceatharnach. .A'£4dier,i&tcUtte^ lor|p. . 

Ceathnaid*. AAm^* 




Ceathra. Four footed beafts. 
(ieat^amanach. Cubical* ' 
Ceathramh. Fourth, fourth- part, ftaoza, 

lodging, quarter. 
Ccatbramha. A trencher. 
Ccathramhan. A quadrant* 
Cearthrar* Four. 

Cecht. Power, mighty a leflbn> loiElure. 
Codas. At firft. 
Cedudh. A bed. 
Cedach. Stnpes. 
Cedaidh. To fit down, itft. 
Cedghin. Firft-borfl. 
CedliidlK Beginning, 
Cedliitli. FiHfcy ihou^ applauft. 
Cetbe. Afpade. 
Cetbhin. AfiUet* 
Ceid* Fiffty rafiner* 
Ceide. A flurket, fiiir. 
Cnde. A green, plain. 
C^Ide. A hillock. 
Ceid-gbrinneacht* lUpaxeft q£ ag^ 
Ceidhche. Till night. 
. Ccifiol. A duel,cciifiid. 
Ceigh. A wharf, quay. . . 
Ceigainach. Thick, ftotit. 
Ccilt. Concealing^ concealment. 

Ceill. Senfe, reafon, expreffio&s 

Ceile. A fpoufe, huiband. , 

Ccile. A fervant. , 

Ceile-de. The Culdeea. 

Ceile. Together, each other. 

Ocheile. Afunder. 

Ceileabhradh. Leave, farewel. 

CeiUbhram. To bid farewel, to cel^jFafe, 

Ceilabhradh. Feftivitjc, f^lemniMttOi^ 

Ceilg. Deceit. 

Ceilgheallam. To betroth* 

Ceilam. To conceal. 

CeUidh. Vifiting. .! \ . ] 

Ceiliubhra. A conceatmeiit^ 

Ceilidham. To vifit. . 

Ccill,cill. Church, cell. 

leaig. na 

ant I 

liileach. J 


Cetleir. Chirping of birds. 

Ceille. Of fenfe, reafon. 

CeiUram. To chirp, warble. ^ 

CeiUidh. Wife, fober. 

Ceilgrunach. Litigious, deceittuU 

Ceilt, ceilte. Hid, concealed, iecret.-. v 

Ceiltin. Hiding, covering. 

Ceilt-ienttin. £quivocauoi|# 

Ceim. A ftep, degree. 

Ceim-toifaich. Precedence^ paft» 

Ceimhdhealg. Hair-bodkin. 





Ceimbeafas. Geometrjr. 

Ceimnigham. To ftep, go. . 

Cein. Whilftthat. 

Cein. Foreign, remote^ ann ceiiui. 

Cetniol. Children. 

Ceinmhaer. Ol happy! 

Ceinmotha. Befides, ev^ep^ wilMit» 

Ceinnliatb. Gj«j«b^defj. . 

Ceinnftrhtai Toappeafe. i 

Ceip. A flioe-IfA. ) 

Ceip-tuifiaidb. A ftumbling-blo^ 

Ceir. Waju i 

Ceir-bheaduui* .Bcca^waci. . > 

Ctirbhadh. Caryiiig. . , , 

Ceire. Abuttpcjc. ; . ) 

Cdrd. Trade. *. ) 

Ceird-dMMnhfaighe. Sorj^eiy^ i 

Ceirin. A poultice. 

Ceirtt^te. Conglomerated. 

OeimiA. A place. 

Cetriocan. Water-etder-tree. 

Ceirgham. To cere. 

Ceirgha. Waxen. 

Ceirn» ceirnin. A diih,, placer. . 

Ceirt. A rag, aa apple*trec^ . 

Ceirt. Juftice. . - .. . ^ 

Ceirtach. Ragged. 

Ceirtag. A ragged girl^- 



€£ O 

C I A 

^^*/ ,^* t A bottom of yarn. 
Ccirtlin. J ' 

Ceirtmheadboin. A center. 

Ceirnine. Small difhes, pliates. 

Ceis. A baftet, hamper. 

Ceis. Lanocy fpear. 

Ceis. Loathings wftfrt of afppetite. 

Ceis. Grumbling, murintiring% 

Ceis. A furrow, afbtws^ pi^* 

Ceifchraimt. Folypody. 

Ceifin. A fnndl- birfbt, firurdfir. 

Ceifeog. A flip, youngling. 

Ceifneamh. Whinii^, i:ompIaintng; 

Ceifnam. To complain ;of poverty. 

Ceifd. A queftion, proMem. 

Ceifdeil. Sufpiciou9. 

Ceifiluigham. -To^qtiefRon. 

Ceifdughadh. Examiifatioa. 

Ceifte. tkmr* 

Ceitam. A vehicle of iwft. 

Ceitain. May. 

jQeituBirth'. igjrtieittmnief. 

Ceithairchearnam;' TbCqimte.^ 

Ceithre. Fourw i- ' ' 

Ceithreamhna. Lodgings. 

Ceithah^Rofittteh, Cb^A<ifi^^^^^^« 

Ceithairramhach. Four-oared» 

Ceithairfillte. Fbur-foBL 

Ceithairghobhianach. Foin^pronged. 

Ceithearnach. Sturdy S^oWy fddien 

Celchin. Aiine. 

Ccnel. ChikBfW, 

Ceo. Mift, fog, vapour. 

Ceo. Milk. ^ 

Ceo, fceo. And. *' ' * 

Ceothach. T jj ^ • ■ ■' 

Ceothmhor. I » -» . 

Ceathmhorachd. Darkniefi; 

Ceobanacb. SiMHr»ih. 

Ceobhach. Drunknenheft; 

Cea.-bhraon. Mifling rain* 

Ceobhran. Dew. 

Ceol. Mufick, melody; 



J ! 


Ceolan. A little belf. 

Ceolrimham. To modulate, play muUck* 

Ceolmbor. llfufical, harmonious. 

Ceoloifleifi. Dropping mifts, rain. 

Ceolraidh. Muficians. 

Ceolcbuirm. Concert. 

Ceomilteach. Mildew. '| , 

Cecr.' A maft, lamp. 

Ceos« Hip. . 

Ceothran. A fmall fhower. ,. 

Cerbheach. A gamefter.' 

Cerbufair. Btaker. 

Ceren. A poultice. '* 

Cet. The mouth, prophecy. ; 

Ceuchd. A plough; 

Ceud. Thefirft. 

Ceud. A hundred. ..', 

Ceudach. Centuple. 

Ceudghia. Firft*born« ' 

Geom. A ftep. 

Ceumal. Stately. 

Ceufam. To crucify, torture. 

Ceudmheas. Firft-lruit tax. 

Ceutach. Elegant. 

Ci. To lament. ' 

Cia* How? 

Cia mar. How ? in what mahner ? 

Cia as. Whence ? 

Ciadho. Toi)^h6m? 

Cia. A man^ faufband. \ \ 

Ciaban. A gizzard. 

^^^•'- lAfidelock. 
Ciabhag. $ 

Caibbag^choilfe. A wood-^ar^. 

Clabharthari. A fBower. ■ -> 

CiaMi-cheaiindub^. ^ Deers hair. 

Ciabh chafda. Curled lock. 

Ciad. Firftj a hundred. '\ 

Ciadan. Height. 

Ciadlus. Curiofity. , ' [i 

Ciabhach. Bb^Ay. !" . ' ' | 

Ciaddhuillach. Centlfolious. 

Ciach. Mift, fog, forrow, concern. 


C I D 

C I N 

CialK Death| reafiM>» fenfe, meaning. 

Ciall-chogair. A watchword. 

Cialdha. Rational, prudent. 

Cialluighach. Signifiauit. 

Ciallachadh. Signifying'. 

Cialluicham. To fignify, interpret. 

Cialtradh, A fentence. 

Ciamhair. Sad, weary, 

Ciabhbhachlach. Curl-haired. 

Cian. Long, tedious, far, diftant. 

Cian. Long fince. 

Cianal. Lamentable, folitary^ 

Cianfhulang. Perfeverance 3 invincible. 

Ciapul. Strife. 

Cianmharthanach* Continual. 

Ciapam. To vex, torment. 

Ciapalach. Contentious. 

Ciapaiam. To encounter, to quarrel. 

Ciapalaiche. A qaarrclfonie perfon. 

Ciar. A comb. 

Ciar. A dark brown. 

Ciarach. A young black girl. 

CJaralach. PerverfCy froward. 

Ciarail. A quarrel. 

Ciaran. Grey. 

Ciarog. A chafer. 

Ciarfain. Grumbling. . 

Ciarfin^ ciarfuir. A kerchief. 

Ciarta. Waxed. 

Ciafail. A difpute. 

Ciata. An opinion. 

Ciatach. Graceful, efteemed* 

Ciatfadh. Admiration. 

Ciatuichad. Gracefulnefs. 

Ciatfach. Honeft. 

Cib. A hand. 

Ciben. The rump. 

Cibharg* A rag, a little ragged woman* 

Cich. A greyhound. 

Cidh. A.fight, a view. 

Cidham. To fee. 

Cidhis. A maik, a vizard* 

Cigh. A hind. 

Cigilte. Tickled. 

Cigiluch. Dificult, ticklifli. 

Cigiltam, j 

Cigilam. } ^^ ^^^"^• 

Cigilt. Tickling. 

Cik Ruddle. 

Cill. The grave, death, a chapel^ cell* 

Cill. Partiality, prejudice. 

Cilfin. The belly. 

Cim. A drop, money, 

Cimcheartuigham. To ri4e. 

Cimeach, cimidh« A captive. 

Cimam. To captivate. 

Cinbeirt. A ruler, governor. 

Cinnbheirtas. Dominion. 

Cincighis. Whitfuntide. 

Cine. A race, tribe, family^ 

Cineadh* 1 . _ . 

Cineal. J ^^ offspring, prog^y. 

Cineadh, Determining, decreeing^ 

Cineal. Dainty. 

Cinealta. Kind, gentle, extradion. 

Cinadal. Fond of the name. 

Cinnealtus. Kindne(s, affedion. 

Cinel. A fort, kind, fcx, gender* 

Cinfideadh. Conception. 

Cing. Strong. 

Cingeach. Brave% 

Cingeachd. Bravery. 

Cinid. Belonging to a family. 

Cinmheath. A confumption. 

Cinmhiol. Colours^ 

Cinmhioladh. A pidiire, image, art of 

Cinmhiolam. To paint* 
Cinn. Inflection of Ceann, headlong* 
Cinmhiolthoir. A painter. 
Cinadas. Kindreds 
Cinneachdin. Encreafe^ 
Cinnam. To ^ncreafe, to happen, agree to. 

Preparing, happening; 


CI o 

CI o 

Cinneaonhna. Accidental. 

Cinneamhnacb. Fatal. 

Cioneamhuin.. Chance, fortune^ fate. 

Cinni. A megrhn. 

Cinnine-cartach. A carter. 

Cinnlitir. A capital letj^r^ 

Cinnmhiolam. To paint. 

Cinmnhire. Broken down, frenzy. 

Cinntc. Certain, certainty. 

Ci n n tachd • Cer tai n ty • 

Cinntach. Pofitive. 

Cinntreun. Obftinate. 

Cinteagal. A coarfe doalc. 

Cinnfeach. Want. 

Cintfgham. To appoint. 

Cintin. Happening. 

Ciob. A fort of grafs, bard$, tow. 

Ciobh. Vide Ciabh. 

Ciobhal . The j aw-bone. . 

Ciocar. A hungry creature. 

Ciocarach« Long after^ greedy'^ 

Cioch. Pap, breaft. 

Cioch a mhuinail. The uvula. . 

Ciocht. A carver, engraver. 

Ciocbtadb. Engraved work» 

Ciocht. Children. 

Ciocras. A longing after. 

Ciochran. A fuckling. 

Ciocrafan. A hungry felloyr. . 

Ciochan. A titmoufe. 

Ciochtam. To rake, fcrape. 

Ciod ? Ciodh ? What ? 

Ciod chuige ? Why ? 

Ciodar? Wherefore? 

Ciodh. A maid.. 

^. ,. ^ ' i Wherefore, how many, 
Ciodhfar. ) 

Ciogal. A diftaff. 

Ciorbhadh. Taking away. 

Ciol. Death. 

CioK Inclination,. i\ropenixty. 

Ciolarn. A veflel. * 

Ciolcach. A reed. 

Ciolog. A hcdge-fparrow» 

Ciollach. Superior. 

Ciolrathadh. Chattering* 

Ciolratham. To.chatter. 

Cioman. Carding, combing* 

Ciomam. To card, comb. 

Cioma. A fault. 

Ciomach. A prifoner. 

Ciombal. A bell. 

Ciomhas. A border, brim. 

Cion. A fault, defire. 

Cional. Guil^% 

Cionaftam, To bear. 

Cionchoran. A hook. 

Cionda. Vide Ceadhna. 

Cionfath. Occafion, quarrel.* 

Cionmhar. Becaufe. 

Cionmhalcam. To bear. . 

Cionn, chionn. Becaufe*. 

Cionnas. How. 

Cionnacha. The face. 

Cionn^r. A cenfer. 

Cionta. Guilt, crime* 

Ciontach. Guilty. 

Ciontaigham. To fin. 

Ciontire. Tribute. 

Cionag. A kernel. 

Cionradharc. Fatew 

Cionradharcach. Stingy, narrow* 

Cionthar. Mufic. 

Ciopain. Vide Ceapan... 

Cior. A comb, cud, jaw. - 

Cior. Hand. 

Cior-mheala. Honeycomb. 

Cioram. To comb. 

Cioradh. Combing. 

Ciorcal. A circle. 

Ciorbham. To take away, mutilate. . 

Ciorbtha. Hurt. 

Ciordhubh. Coal black. 

Ciorghal. Brave. 

Ciormairc. A fuller. . 

Ciormam. . To wear out. 


C I T 

C L A 

Ciorrbam. To mangle, mortify; to be- 
come black. 
Ciorthamach. Lame, maimed. 
Cios. Rent, tribute, revenue. 
Cios. Sin. 

Ciofachadh. Reftrainihg. 
Ciofach. 7 _ ., , 

Ciofal. Wages of a nurfe. 

Ciofchain. Tribute, tax. 

Ciotach. Left-handed, awkward. 

Ciotag. The left-hand. 

Cioth. A peal, heavy fliower. 

Ciotfar. Seems meet. 

Ciothromach. Mean. 

Cip. A rank, file in battle. 

Cir. A comb, key. * 

Cir. Joined, united. 

Cirain. A cock's comb, creft. 

Cirachan^ A- comb-cafe* 

Cirb. Fleet, fwift. 

Cirbfire. A brewer. 

Ciretb. A tumult, infurredion, fouUhoufe. 

Cirin. A creft* 

Cirainach. Crefted. 

Cirthanach. A kitchen. 

Cis. Rent, tribute, tax. 

Cifchain. A poll-tax. . . 

Cifchear. A fhepherd's crook'. 

Cifain. A little cheft, bafket, pannier. 

Cifde. A cheft, treafure, a cake. 

Cifdeamhuil. Capfular. 

Cifdeag. A little cheft. 

Cifmhangair. Engrofler. 

Gifeal. Satan. 

Ciftincach. A- kitchen. ' ' 

Cifel. Low, as betweentwo waters^ 

Cifteanadh. Rioting. 

Cifire. A romancer.* i 

Citear. It feems. • 

Cith. A fliower j mift.^, 

Cithi. Ye fee. ' 

Githttrach, Showery, 

i To app6ife. 

. Ciucaltoirs A hearer, auditor. 

Ciuchaing. To walk. 

Ciuchair. Beautiful, dimpling. 

Ciuchlaitham.. To hear. 

Ciuil. Muflc. 

Ciuleabhar. A greyhound.^ 

Ciuin. Meek. 

Ciuin: A gentle gale. 

Ciuine, ciuinas. Meekneft, calmneft., 



Ciumhas. A felvedge, border.. 

Ciura. Merchantable. 

Ciuird. A trade. 

Ciuirin. A covering. 

Ciuirinuigham. To cover. 

Ciuram. To buy. 

Ciurtha. Bought. 

Ciuirt. A rag. 

Ciurthamach . Maimed. 

Ciuthramaicham. To hurt, harnr. 

Ciuthrach; A bird having a red head.r. 

Ciurrar. Hurting^ 

Ciuirtach. Ragged. 

Clab. An open mouth j a Ifp*. 

Clabach. Thick-^lipped, wide-mouthed.. 

Clabaire. A bubbling fellow. . 

Clabar. Clay, dirt, filth. 

Clabarach. Dirty, fiithy. ' 

Clabh. VideClaimh. 

Clabh^ir. Mead. 

Clabog. A fcofF, blubber-lipped woV 

Clabhftur. A' cl6yfter. * 

Clabfal. A column of a book. 

Clach. A ftone. 

Clachair. A mafon; . ' 

Clachadairachd. Mafonry. 

Clachan. A village, hamlet, burying^ 
- Clach -oifin. Corner-ftonc. 

Clach-thochailtaiche. A quarricr. 

Clach na fuil. Apple of the eye. 


C L A 

C L A 

Cladach. The fhore, dirt, clay, 

Cladan. A bur, flake of fnow. 

Cladrin. Wreck, diforder. 

Cladh. A bank, dike, bur3ring-'j)lacc, wool- 

Cladhach. Digging* 

Cladhaigham. To dig. 

Cladhaire. A coward, villain, rogue, 

Cladhairachd. Cowardice. 

Clag. A bell, dapper of a mill. 

Clagan. A little bell, noife. 

Glaghartha. Sluggifli* 

Claghartas. Sluggifhncfs^ 

Clagarnach. Noife. 

Clagun. A flagon, a lid« 

Glaibhe. Vide Claimh. 

Claibin. A top, fpigot* 

Claigeog. Deceit. 

Claigeach. A fteeple. 

Claigiunn. The fkalL 

Claig. A dimple. 

Claighe. A burial; 

Claiguinnach freine. . HeadflaJl of at bri- 

Claidham. Ta dig, lay foundatiom 

Claidhamh. A fword. 

Claidheamhairachd. Fencing* 

Claimh. Mange, itch. 

Claidhamhal. Eniifonn. 

Claimheach. Mangy, fcorbutic. 

Clain. Engendering, chil<lren« 

Clair. Boards, tables. 

Clairbheil. A lid, cover. 

Clairaodanach. Beetlebrowed. 

Clalram. To divide. 

Clarin. A fmall board, cripple. 

Clairineach. Crippled. 

Clairfhiacla. The fore-teeth, 

Ciairfeach. A harp. 

Clairfeoir. A harper. 

Clairthe. Dealt, divided. 

Clais. A furroW) pit, dike. 

Class. A ftreaky ftripe. 

Claifeach. A fword. 

Claifceadal. Singing of hymns. 

Claifdachd. i .^ 

^, .^. y Hearing. ' 

Claiftine. j ^ ' 

Claiftinam. To hear. 
< Claithe. A jeft, ridicule, a game. 

Claithe* A genealogical table. 

Clamhan. A buzzard. 

Clamhan-gobhlach. A kite. 

Clamhfa. A court, olc4$. 

Clamh. Mange. 

Clampar. Wrangling, 

Clamhradh. Scratching. 

Clamhuin. Steel. 

Clamhram. To fcratch as for the itch. . 

Clamhdair. A lasar. 

Clamharach. Litigious, wrangling. 

Clamras. BmwUng^ chiding. 

Clanach. Virtue, fruitful perfons. 

Clannmhar. Having iflTue. 

Clann. Children^ tribe, clan. 

Claanar. Shiaing, fleek. 

Clannach. Hanging in locks, bufliy, fruit- 

Clannadh. Thrufting. 

danntar. 'Was buried. 

Claochladh. Alteration* 

Claochlaigham, To change, ^ter, die. 

Claotdham, To conquer, defeat. 

Claoidhte. Defeat, overthrown. 

Claoidhadh. Oppreffing, defeating. 

Claoidhaire. A fugitive, filly fellow. 

Claon. Partial, inclining. 

Claonadh. Inclination, bendii\g. 

Claonam. To incline, bend* 

Claonad. Proclivity. 

Claonard. An mclining fteep. 

Clapfhollus. Twilight. 

Clar. A board, trough, table, deik, Save. 
: Clar-ainmughaidh. Title-page. 

Clarach. Bare, bald -, the floor, a ftory. 




Clar-innraidh, atnmais* Index* 

Claradh. Familiarity. 

CJarchoGich. Splaywfootcd^ 

Claragan. The fore^^teetlK 

Claraineach. Flat-nofed. 

Clarag. Wattled-work on a fledge. 

Clar-aodatn. The forehead. 

Claraodanach. Broad-browed. 

ClarfhiacuiL Foretooth. 

Claridh. Dividing. 

Clarfeach. A harp. 

Clarfair. A harper. 

Clas. A play, craft, pit, furrow. 

Clas. Melody, harmony. 

Clafach. Crafty. 

Claiaidheachd. SubtUty« 

Clafba. A clafp. 

Clalbam. To button, tye. 

Clathe. Genealogy. 

Clathnmire. Bafhfulnefs. 

Cle. Partial, prejudiced^ 

Cle. Left-handed. 

Cleachach. Thick, clufterlng* 

Cleachd, cleachda. A cuftom. 

Cleachdach* Accuftomed. 

Cleachdam. To accuftom. 

Cleach-botd. A good ftick« 

Cleachdiii. Accaftoming. 

Cleamhnas. Affinity, copulation. 

Clearadh. Familiarity. 

Clear an chaine. Poet of the 4lauu 

Cleas. A play, trick, feat. 

Cleafach. Plaj^t, craftf, full of feat8» 

Cleafuigham. To perform feats, plays* 
Cleafuighachd. Craft, fubtilty. 
Cleafaidhe. An artful man, juggler. 
Cleath. A wattled work, the 4iody of any 

.Clemh. Concealing, a (beret* 
Cleathairachd. Rufticity, boldnefs. 

Cleatha. A goad, a rib. 
Cleathard. Steep. 
Cleathar-fed. A mtlch*cow. ' 
Cleathcbun Relation by blood. 
Cleathramh. Partiality, prejudice. 
Cleibh. Vide Cliabh. 
Cleibhin. A little balket. 
Cleir. Clergy. 

Cleirachd. The church, clerkfhip. 
Cleireach. A clergyman, derk, writer. 
Cleirgha. Of the clergy^ 
Cleite. 1 Penthoufe, eaves of a roof, t 
Cieitean. I quill, down. 
Cleitadh. A ridge of rocks in tiie fea. 
Clei^h. Concealing. Vide Cliatb. 
Cleiuch. Full of rocks, feathery. 
Cleithach. Private, feathery. 
Cleitham. To conceaL 
Cleithachd. Lurking. 
Clelamhach. Left-handed. 
Cleaflfa. Feats, tricks. 
Clethe. An oar, ftake. 
Cleitog. A little quill. 
Cleithmhiofgas. A private gnid^, 
Clemhana. Mifchief. 
Cleoca. I A 1 u 
Qeocan. r '=^~'^- 
Cleocam^ To cloak, cover. 
Cli. Left. 

Cli. Succeflbr to an q>ifcopal fee* 
Cli. The body, ribs, ftrcagth. 
Qiabh. A baiket, a man's cheft. 
Cliabhan. A fmall baiket^ cage. 
Cliabhach. A wolf. 
Cliabhrack. Side or trunk of the bodf^ 
Cliabh -fgeathrach. A voinit. 
Cliadan. A bur. . 
Cliadh. Antiquafies. 
Cliamhach. A fox.. 
Cliamhuin. A fon-in-law. 
Cliamhnas. Vide Cleamhuas. ' 
Cliar. Vide Cleir. A focietyi ganiintyl)rave* 
[U] <;iiaraidhe. 

C N A 

<:n o 

Cluimh. Down, jvool. 

Cluimhealta. A Royfton crow, flock of 

Cluin. Fraud ; an enclofurc. 
Cluinam. To hear/ 
Cluintin. Hearing. 
Cluinte. Heard. 
Cluinteorachd. Craftinefe. 
Cluinteoir. A hearer, auditor. 
Cluifam. To hear. 
Cluiteach. Vide Cliuteacb. 
Cluithe. A game, play, 
Cluitheadh. Gaming. 
Cluitham. To game, play* 
Clnmh« Down, feathers, wool, plumage* 
.Clumham. To pluck feathers. 
Clumtheach.. Feathered, hairy. 
Cluthuigham. Tp chace, rup down. 
Cluthar. Clofe, flieltered. 
Cna* Good, gracious, heuntiful* 
Cnabar. Drowfinefs, heavinefs* 
Cnadaire* A prating je^r* 
Cnadar-bharca* Ships. 
Cnadan. A frog* . 
Cnag. A knob, peg, wrinkle, crack or 

noife, a knock. 
Cnagach. Having knobs* 
-Cnagackd* Knottinefs, fternnefs* 
Cnagadh. Knocking down* 
Cnagam. To knock down* 
Cn^gaid* A rap* 
Cnagaidh. Bunchy. 
Cnaid. A feoff, jeer^ 
Cnagaire. A gill* . 
Cnagh, cnaoi* A confumptioA* 
Cnaib. Hemp. . 
Cnaidteach*. Fretted. 
Cnaigtheach. Sluggi^k. 
Cnaimhfhtach* A rook. 
Cnaimhgheaidh* A biid h^tweea % gooCt 

and duck* 
Cnaim-gobhaiL The ihare«^pne* 
jCnairc* A buckle. 

Cnaimfeach* A midwife* 
Cnamh, cnaimh* A bone. 
Cnamhan. Continual talking* 
Cnamhach. Wafting. 
Cnamham. To wafte. 
Cnamharlach. A ftalk. 
Cnamhcnhargadh, The (bamblcs. 
Cnamhnaireach. Demure. 
Cnamhruighadh. A cubit. 
Cnaoi. A confumption. 
Cnaoigheadh. Gnawmg. 
Cnaoighte. Confumed^ 
Cnaoidheam. Toconfumc, languiih. 
Cnap. A button, bump, knob, little hill. 
Cnapach. Full of knobs, &c. 
Cnapan. A little bump, knob, bofs, ice. 
Cnarra* A £hip. 
Cnead. A figh, groan* 
Cneadam* To figh, groan. 
Cneadh* A wound* 
Cneadhach* Full of wounds* 
Cneamhaire. An artful fellow. 
Cneas* Neck, the ffcrn, the waift. 
Cneafmhuir* A ftrait of the fea. 
Cneafda. Modeft, meek, fortunate, omi- 
Cneafgheal. White-(kined, white -bofomed« 
Cneafdachd. MtMneft* 
Cneafugbadh. Healing. ' ' 
Cncafuigham. To heal, cure. 
Cneatrom. A kind of horfe-Httcr.' ' 
Cneidh. A wound. 
Cneidhihliochd* A foar* 
Cneidham. Towomid. 
Cneidh(hliochdach. Full of fears; 
Cneimam* To erode. 
Cneim* Erofion. 
Cniocht* A foldier, a knight. 
Cniopaire. A poor rogue* 
Cniopaireacht* Adtng the ro^ue. 
Cno* Famous, excellent, 2 nut. 
Cnoc. A hill, the herb navew* 
Cnocan. A little hill. 




Cnocaireachd. Walking dbmaul. 
Cnocach. i „... 
Cnocanach. I 

Cnomhuine. A wood of hazies* 
Cnorachas. Honour. 

Cnod. A piece joined to ftrengthen ano- 
Cnodhaire. A nut-cracker. 
Cnomh. A nifct. 

Cnopftarra. A ball at the end of a fpean 
Cno-fpuince. Molucca nuts. 
Cnu, cnumh. A nut. 
Cnuaifte* Gathered. i 

Cnuas. A colledion, acquifition* 
Cnuafachd. A coliedion, recoUe^on, pon« 

Cnuafam. To gather together, aflemble. 
Cnuafaigham. To ponder^ revieW) refled, 

Cnuafaighte. Pondered, refleAed upon, 
Cnuafapuigh. Fruitful. 
Cnuaftoir. A gatherer. 
Cnudbaire. A nut-cracker* 
Cnuig, cnumh. i ^ 
Cnuimhag. } A maggot, worm. 

Cnuimhagach, cnuimhach. Full of worms* 

Cnuimhithach. Infedivorous. 

Cnumhfor. FruitfuK 

Co Who? which? 

Co. As. 

Co. Vide Comh. 

Cho. Not, whoft. 

Coach. A violent purfuit. 

Chomhor. Almoft* 

Coan. Agreeable^ wdl-ftafoiied, 

Coard. A hufbandman, a fdown. 

Caorde. Hufbandry. 

Cob. Plenty. 

Cobh. Vidory, triumph. 

Cobhach. A tribute, ftoM, brave* 

Cobhail. An inclofed place. 

Cobhair. Affiftancc. ' 

Cobhaltach. Vidoriaus.. 

ICobhar. ) 
. Cobhragach. } ^"*» ^«^» ^^"'"•'" 
Cobhartigh. A prey. 
Cobhla. A breach, cataraft. 
Cobhra. A fhield, target. 
Cobhthach.7 ,,.^ . 
Cobhfach. i Viaonous. 

Cobhartha. ") *^n. ,. . 

Cobharthach. } ^^'"8' ''^'^'^&' 

Cobhtach. A creditor. 

Coc. Manifeft. 

Coca. A boat, a cook. 

Cocaire. A cook. 

Cocaireachd. Cookin g. 

Cochar. Order, oeconomy. 

Cochdurn. A buckler. 

Cochal. A hufk, (hell, mantle, a nut. 

Cochallach. Capfular, having hulks, coat- 

Cochma. The parity of one thing to ano- 

Cochcaire. A ftrainer. 

Cochcifoide. Corn-poppy; 

Cochmiche. Keys. 

Cocleifteife. Dropping rains. 

Cocroth. A (hield, target. 

Cod, coda. I . . 

Codach. }Ap«cc,part. 

Codaicham. To help, add. 

Cod. Vidory. 

Codach. Invention, friendfliip. 

Codadh. A mountain; 

Codaille. A fupping-^rOom. 

Coda], comhdal. Convention, aiTembly, 

Codalta, codaltach. Sleepy. 
Codaltachd. Drowfmefs. 
Codal. Sleep. 
Codana.7 p 
Codcha. 5 ^"'"^ 
Codalian. Mandrake. 
Codarfna. Contrary. . . 

Codhbhradfa. A fatriiicing, ofFcrihg. 

[XJ •* Cobhnach; 



f Suggeftion, whifpcr. 

Cobhnach. A lord, great man. 

Codhlam. To fleep. 

Codlainean. Poppy. 

Codeis. Indifferent. 

Codhaiiteach. Barking. 

Codramach. A ruftic^a clown. 

Codramacht. Equality. 

Codromtha. Uncivilized, foreign. 

Coemh. Little, fmall. 

Coemh. Soon as, as fwift as. 

Cofra. A cheft, box. 

Cofrin. A little box. 

Cogadh. War, warlike. 

Cogach. Rebellious. 

Cogaidh. Juft, lawful. 



Cogal. The herb cockle. 

Cogamhuil. Warlike. 

Cogar. An infurreSion. 

Cogaram. To whifper, confpire. 

Cogarfnach. ,A whifpering. 

Cogaras. Peace, amity. 

Cochale. A wafh-ball. 

Cognam. To chew the cud. 

Cognadh. Chewing, ruminating. 

Cognamh. Gnafhing. 

Cogoirfe. A well-ordered fyftem. 

Cograchal. Foreign. 

Cogthach. A warrior, rebellious. 

Coguis. Conference. 

Cogul. Rubbing off*, chaffing. 

Cogullach. Filings. 

Coi. A poem. 

Coib. A company, a copy. 

Coibche. A dowry. 

Coibchichte. Purchafed, procured. 

Coibchichidh. Procuring, purchafing. 

Coibchicham. To buy, purchafe.^ 

Coibhdean. A troop. 

Coibhgioch. Fierce. 

Coibhreocham. To comfort.^ 

Coibhfeana. Confeffion,, exorcifin*. 

Coibklhe.. A hire. 

' Coic. A fccrct, myftery« '* 

Coice. A mountain. 
Coicme. An u<£der. 
Coid. . Sticks, brulhwood. 
Coidhche, choidhche. Ever. 
Coidhc. Chaftity. 
Coidhean. A barnacle. 
Coig. Five. 

Coigar. A five, or the number five. 
Coigbhad. Fifty. 
Coigcamh. A fifth, a province. 
Coigmha, coigo. Fifth. 
Coigeamhach. Belonging to the five pro« 

vincesof I/eland. 
Coigealta. A conference. 
Coigalam. To preferve, fpare, to cover 

the fire. 
Coigalta. Spared. 
Coigeal. A noife, clap. 
Coigeart. Judgment, a queftion. 
Coigeartam. To j udge. 
Coigeas. Five ways. 
Coigaladh. A fparing, keeping alive; 
Coigbhilach. Quinquefoliated. 
Coigul. Vide Cuigal. A diftaft 
Coigbliannach. Five years old. 
Coigill. A thought, fecret. 
Coigle. A companion, a fecret. 
Coigleachd. A train, retinue.. 
Coigligham. To accompany. 
Coigne. A fpear, javelin.w 
Coigrich. A bound, limit*. 
Coigreach. A ftranger. 
Coigreachal. Strange, foreign i. 
Coigfhliofnacb. A pentagon. 
Coigrinn. Five, parts or divifions». 
Coilbhin. A fmall fliaft. 
Coil. A corner. 
Coilce. A bed, bed-clothes. 
Coileafadh. A lethargy* 
Coileir. The neck, collar.. 
Coileir. A quarry, a mine. 
Coileach. A cock. Vide Caolach. 


C O I 


Coifeach^ruaA. A heath*cock. 
Coiligin. The cholick. 
Coilcain. A whelp, pup< 
Coilis. Cabbage* 
CoillyCoille. A wood. 
Coilleadh. A hog. 
Coill. Sin, iniquity. 
Coillag. A cockle. 
Coilleam. To blindfold, trcfpafs. 
Coillearnach. A woody place. 
Coillmhin. A joung pig. 
Coillte, coillteach. Woods, forcfts. 
Coillmhias. A wooden-diifa. 
Coilt. ^ A young cow. 
Coilltcachal. I _„ , 
Coillteamhuil. S Woody, wild. 

Coillte. Gelded. 

Coilpen. A rope. 

Coimh, cemh," fometimes Co. Equal to the 

Latin Con. 
Coimhcbrioflach. The confines of a coun- 
Coimde. Prance, cuftom, ufe. 
Coimde. A tub, keere* 
Coimhde. A landlord. 
Coimear. Short, brief. 
Coimeas. Equality, comparifon. 

Coimeafam. To compare. 

Coimeafg. Mixture. 

Coimealgam. To mix. 

Colmheach* Foreign, carekfs, fecure. 

Coimheas. Coolnefs of affedion. 

Coimhead. A watch, ward. 

Coimheadach. A warden, keeper. 

Coimheaidachd. Waiting, attending. 

Coimheadam. t _, . , , , , 

Coimhdam. } To watch, keep, hold. 

Coimheafda. Of equal worth. 
Coimhaire. Without forewarning. 
C^imhbheurla. A conference. 
Coirnhbheiram. To contribute. 
Coimhcdeangal* A joint, league, confpi- 
racy, conjugation. 

Coimhcheangiam. To unite, couple, league^ 
Coimhcheafa. A protedion. 
Coirhhcheimnigham. To accompany. 
Ccimhcbliamhuin. Son-in-law. 
Coimhchreapam. To contrad. 
Coimhdeach. Safe, fecure. 
Coimhdheantacbd. A compofure. 
Coimbdhreimeachd. A competition.- 
Coimhdhreachta. Conformed. 
Coimheach. Like, alike. 
Coimheafgar. A confli£l. 
Coimheignigham. To force, conftrain. 
Coimheirge. Aflbciates. 
Coimheirgam. To join with auxiliaries* 
Coimhfeadhan. A company, troOp. 
Coimhfhear-cogaidh. A felIow-foldier» 
Coimhfhiofrach. Confcious. 
Coiofhfhreagarach. Correfponding. 
Coimhficham. To difpofe, fet in order. 
Coimhfhreagaram. To correfpond, fit* 
Coimhghleic. A conflid, ftruggle. 
Coimhghne. Hiftorical knowledge. 
Coimhghlinnam. To faften, adhere to. 
Coimbghrcamaicham. To adhere, cling. 

Coimhiathach. Compatrfot. 
Coimhidhach. Strange, foreign. 
Coimhioc. A comedy. 
Coimhionnan. Equal, alike. 
CoimWeapach. A bed-fellow^ 
Coimhlionga. A race. 
Coimirc. Mercy, quarter. 
Coimhlighe. Coupling, 
Coimircidh. Guarding. 
Coimhiigham. To lay together, couple. 
Coimhlinn. An aflembly. 
Coimhlionam. To fulfil, perform. 
Coimhlionta. Performed, fulfilled. 
Coimhliontachd. Completion. 
Coimhmeartas. Comparifon. 
Coimhmeas. Equality, co-equal,. 
Coimhmeas. A confideratlon. 
Coimhmeafam. To compare. 


C O I 

C I 

Coimhmeafda. Compared, of equal 

Coimhmortas. A comparifon. 

Coimhneartuigham. Tp confirm, ftrength- 

Coimhneartuighte. Confirmed. 

Coimhneartughadh. Confirmation. 

CoJmhneas. A neighbourhood. 

Coimhneafam. • To approach^ 

Coimhreidh. Plain, even, 

Coimhreach. AfTiftant. 

Coimhrealt. A conftellation. 

Coimhrainnam. To divide* 

Coimhreimnigham. To aiTemble. 

Coimhreir. Syntaxis, conftruftion. 

Coimhriachdanas. Diftrefs, great want, 

Coimhriatuin, Engendering. 

Coimhfheafamh. Equilibrium. ^ 

Coimhfeacach. Confequent. 

Coifnhfeacachd. Confequence. 

CoimhfeacamhuU. Confequentlal. 

Coimhfigham. To perceive. 

Coimhfighte. Provident^ 

Coimhihreagadh. A connection, rela- 

Coimhfheachas. A' living together. 

Coimhtheachaidhe. One that lives in the 
fame houfe. 

Coimhthighafach. Cohabiting. 

Coimhthional. An aiTembly, congrega- 

Colmhthiorthach. A compatriot. 

Coimhthreunadh. A confirmation- 

Coimhuc. -A comedy. 

Coimin. A common, fuburbs. 

Coimire. A brief, abridgement. 

Coimpreadh. Conception. 

Coimric. Protedion, fan6luary. 

Coimpreamham. To conceive. 

Coimfeach. Indifferent; deliberate. 

Coin. Hounds, dogs. 

Coinbheadh. A feafli, entertainment. 

Coinbheadhach. A gueft at a fcaft. 

Coinbhearfaid. Convcrfatioli* 
Coinbhile. The dogberry-trce. 
Coinbhliocht. Conflict, baitle» 
Coinbhraghad. A difeafe in the throat. 
Coince. Hafte, expedition. ' . 
Coinchinn. The brain, 
Coinchitjneafadh. Vertigo. 
Coinchrioche. Gag-teeth. 
Coindealg. Counfel $ com^atifon, fimilU 

tude, criticifing. 
Coindealgam. To perfuadc. 
Coindiur. As ftraight as» 
Coindhreach. Mifcnief. 
Coindreach. Inftruftion* 
Colndreachani. To direfl:. 
Coindreagam. To feparate, divide. 
Coindreamhan. Rage, madnefs.. 
Coindris. A dog-briar. 
Coineadh. Reproof. 
Coinneal. A candle; loan. 
Coinnealbhathaidh. ExcoQimunicatiom 
Coinnalbhatham. To excomifiunicate. 
Coinneo. The dogberry-tree. 
Coinfeafgar. The evening. 
Coinfheafgar^ch. * L^te. 
Coinfhodhairne. Otters. 
Colngiol. A qualification, condition s a 

pafs. ^ 

l[^oingir. A pair. 
Coineadh. Reproving. 
Coineaghadh. Reftraining. 
Coingialldha. Conditional. 
Coiniofg. Furze. 
Coinnin. A rabbit. 

Coinniceir. A warren, a rabbit'^burroWt 
Coinfhiacal. Canine madnefs. 
Coingcabhadh. Retaining. 
Coinnleoir. A candlefiiclc. . 
Coinnlin. A flalk, a bud. 
Coinngiollach. A complaint. 
Coinne. A meeting, rendezvous. 
Coinne, coinneamh. Oppofite. 
Coinne. A woman. 

5 Coin nigh am. 



Coinnigham. 'To meet, to face. 

Coinneas. A ferret. 

Coinnim. A gueft. 

Coinolachd. Vide Caomhnalachd. Kind- 

Coinreachda. Hunting laws. 
Coinnathair. A father-in-law* 
Coinfas. Confcience. 
Coint. A woman. 
Cointin. A controverfy. 
Cointinneach. Contentious. 
Coinntine. A contentious man. 
Cointinoidach. Cuilom. 
Coip. A tribe, troop, a copy. 
Coip. Froth. 
Coir. Juft, right. 
Coir. Jufticc, right, property. 
Coir. Solitary. 
Coir, coithre. Sin, fmlt. 
Coir. An air, bufinefs. 
Coirce. Oats, 

Coirceach. Abounding in oats« 
Coirceog. A bee-hive. 
Coirdin. A fmall cord. 
Coirdeas. Agreement. 
Coire. A kettle, cauldron. 
Coire togabach. A brewer's cauldron. 
Coire. Juftice, rightl 
Coire. An Invitation. 
Coireaman. Coriander. i - 
Coirgniomh. Sacisfaftion. . 
Coirigh. Ranges. 
Coiriabhuin. Copulation. 
Coiraifach. In^portant, with an air of bu* 

fmefs.' * 

Cairighte. Softly, clelicatcly. 
Coirigham. To fin. 
Coirm. Vide Cuirm. A fcaft. 
Cairipcadh. 1 ^ 
Coiripam. To corrupt. 
Coiripthe. Corrupted. 
Coinn. Ale. 

Coirme. A pot^comfuinion. 
Coirmeog. A female goffip. 
Coimeach. A part, the kingsfUher. 
Coirrioll. Noife^ 
Coirriollach. Noify^ 
Coimeul. A corner. 
Coiminach. Frizzled, trurled. 
Coirnfdial. A cupboard. 
Coirrcheannam. To make round at top. 
Coirrfcreachag. A fcrecch-owh 
Coirceann-ciogal. A whirlgtg. 
Coirrdheabham. To fight with « ^ar. 
Coirt. Bark, a cart. 
Coirteoir. A carter. 
Coirthe. A fin, fault. 
Coirtheach. Faulty. 
Coirthigham. To fin, to blame, cen* 

Cois. A foot, near to. 
Coifagach. Snug. 
Coifbheart. Shoes and ftockiiagSj armour 

for the feet. 
Coifceim. A ftep, pace. 
Coifceimnigbam. To ftride, walk.. 
Coifeamhan. A|boemaker. 
Coifeanuigh. Prefervation, deliverance* 
Coifeanuigham. | To conjure, to blc^s one*s 
Coifunam. )- felf. 

Coifde. A coach, a jnry of twelve men to 

try according to the English law^ 
Coifeona mjL I will prove. 
Coifgam. Tofiill, quiet, quelK 
Coifglidh. Still, quiet, diligent^ . 
Coifidhe. i * r ^ 
Coifaiche. }Af«>t»«. 
Coi&igham. To walk^ 
Coifin. A ftem, ftalk. 
Coifinam. To win or gain, earn. 
Coifir. Agrcatfeaft. ^. » 

Coifiunta. Earned. 
CotOeathann. , Broadfoot. 
Coifliathroid. A footbalK 
Coifreacam. To blefs, confccrate. 

[YJ Coifreacaii* 



Coifreac'an. Confecration. 
Coifreadlha. Confecrated. 
Coifridh, Foot- forces. 
Coifrioghan. Sand^ification. 
Coifriomhadh. Scanning of a verfe* 
Coifteachd. Hearing. 
Cbifteotr. A coachman. 
Coifteonatgh . V ide Coftas. 
Colt, coite. A coracte, fmaH* boat, ca- 
€oitcheadh. Pablic. 

Coitchion. i ^ , ,. , 

-^ . , . J Common, public, general. 

Cbitchionta. $ • 

Coi tcheannachd . Comtnu nity . 

Coiteoran. A limit, boundary. 

Coitaifr A cottager.. 

Coitit. An awl. 

Cbitatcham. To preft, perfuadfe. 

Col. An impediment, prohibition. 

Colach, Wicked,* hnpiou?. 

Colagag. The firft finger. 

€olam« Ta hinder. 

Colaighneachd. A colony. 

Colaifde. A college. 

Colam. To plairter. 

Colamoir. The fifli- called hafce. 

Col; Inceft, 



Colamna. A cow-hide. • 

Colann* The body, flefli, fenfe. 

Colbh. A poft, * pillar, ftalk X)f a plant, 

Colbhidh. Having pillars. 

Colbha. -Scepter. 

Colbha. Love, friendJlbipf efteem, re- 
gard. • \"' 

Coibham. To fprout, fhoot. 

Colbfatach. A cow^calf. 

Colcach. A flock bed. 

Colg. A prickle, Amg, beard, awn, 

Colgach. Prickly^ fcaly, bearded, fretful; 

( A bed*poft. 

Colgag. The fore-finger. 

Colgan. A falmon* 

Colganta. Lively, martial. 

Colgthroidam. To fight with a fword» 

Cblgbhrurdbim. Butcher's broom. 

Colgrafach. Prickly. 

Coll. A head,, hazel-tree, nameof thelet* 


Colis. Cabbage. 

Coll. Deftrudivn, ruin. 

Collach. A fat heifer, a boar. 

Collaim* To fleep. 

Colladh. Sleep, reft. 

Collaidh. A two-year old heifer^ 

Col laid h. Carnal, venereaU 

Collaidheachd. Carnality. 

Colladar. They lodged. 

Collag-lioni An earwig. 

Collbhuine. 1 ^ t .^ . 

/-. 11 1- 11 f Awood of hazek 

Collchoille. > 

CoUchnu. A filbert. ' 

Collotach. Soporific. 

Coll-leabaidK. A bedftead. 

CoUtach. A fleet., 

Colm, colum. A dove. 

Colmh. A pillar. 

Colma. Hardnefsi^ 

Colihan-cathaich. A whoop. 

Colman-coille. A queeft, rlng-d'ove. 

Colmcha. ) . . 

Golmlan. } A p-geon-houfe. 

Colog. A fteak, collop. . 
Colpa. A fingle cow^^ horfe. 
Colpa. Vide Calpa. A leg. 
Colpach. A heifer, . bullock, ftecr, colt.. 
Colt. Meat, vifiuajs.. 
Coltach. Likely, probable.... 
Coltair. Plowfhare. 
Coltas. Likelihood, appearance. 
Coltra. Dark^^ gloomy.'. 
Coltraighe. A razor-bill. 
Colubhairt. Cabbagf. i 




Coliim. A colledton of drefled viduals 

made all over the country on the new 

year, by the poor people* 

Colum. 7 . - 

^ , \ A dove, pigeon. 

Columan. J '^ ^ 

Columhan. A prop, pillar, pedellal. 

Con. The waift, middle, body. 

Coma. Indifferent, 

Comach. A breach, defeat. 

Comadair. A romancer. 

Comadairachd. A feigned ftory. 

Comain. An obligation, debt. 

Comairce. Protection. 

Comaircam. Ta proted, defend. 

Comairam. . To liken, compare. 

Comann. Communion, fociety. 

Comar. The nofe, a way,, meeting. 

Comarc. A part, (hare. 

Comamar. Comparifon. 

Comardhoir. A protedoc. 

Comart. To kill. 

Comaoine. A benefit. 

Comaontaoir. A henchStor;. 

Comaradh. Helping. 

Comas. Power. 

Comafdair. A commiffary. 

Comaidairachd. Commiflariot.- 

Comafach. PoMferfuL 

Comafg. Mixture. 

Comaijgachd. A compofition, mixture. 

Commafgghnumh. « A chaos, confufed 

*Comafgmhiol. ) mafs. 

Combach. A breach, defeat. 

Combaidhe.. Afiftance,. friendihip* 

Cqmbrugbadh. Oppreilion. 

Combrugham. Toopprefs. . 

Combrughte.. Crufhed. 

Comeirce. Dedication. 

Comb. Sometimes. Coimh & eo, equal 
to the Latin Con. . The mh is omitted 
pioperty, w|»en the woxd begins with a 

Comhachag*. An owl* 

Cdmhad. An elegy, a comparifon, the two 

laft quartans of a verfe. 
Comhadh. Prefervation, a groan, a bribe. 
Comh. To keep, prcferve. 
Comhachd. Vide Cumhachd. 
Comhachdachr Powerful. 
Comhacmach. A circuit. 
Comhagal. A conference. 
Comhaidh. A keeper, a reward. 
Comhaille. Pregnancy. 
Comhaillam. To bear, carry. 
Comhailtam. To join. 
Comhaimfirach. A cotemporary. 
Comhaimfeardha. Cotemporary .. 
Comhainm. A furname. 
Comhair. Oppofite. 
Comhairmham. To number. 
Comhaire. A cry, outcry. 
Comhairce. Mercy, quarter. 
C^Mnhaircam. To cry out, bewail. 
Comhairle. An advice, counfel i fynod'^ 

council*, convocation. 
Comhairleach. A counfellor. 
Comhairlighamv To counfel, advife. 
Comhaicheadh. Competition. 
Comhaitcheas. A neighbour. 

^ , . > Emulation, 'ftrife^ 

Comhairpas. 3 

Comhaifdreach. A fellow-traveller. 

Comhal. A waiting-maid. 

Comhalla. A fofter-brother or fifter. 

Comhal. The performance, execution of x 


Comhal. Bdld, courageous. 

Comhal. To heap, join together. 

Comhailam. To difcharge an office, duty.. 

Comhaitaiche. A townfman. 

Comhailtach. Fulfilled, performed; 

Comhaltam. To join. * 

Comhan. A fhrine. 

Comham. To defend. 

Comhaolachd. A college; 

Comhaontuigham.. To confent. 




Co'.nhaontughadh. i ^ « 

Comhaonta, ) ' 

Comhaontachd. Agreement, unity, 

Comhaois. One of equal age. 

Cotnhaofda. Of equal age. 

Comhar. Oppofitc. 

Comhartha. A mark, fign, print. 

Comharba. Prote£lion, a partner in church- 
lands, a fucceflbr, a vicar. 

Comharbachd. A vicarage. 

Comharbuigham. To fucceed. 

Comhardachd, Agreement, correfpondcnce 
in poetry. 

'Comharnais. Emulation. 

Comharguin. A fyllogifm. 

Comhar fan. i . . , , 

r>, . . r , f A neighbour. 
-Coimharfanach. } 

Coimharfanachd. Neighbourhood. 

Comhbhaidh. A fellov^- feeling. 

Comhtharuighte. Marked, diftinguiibed, 

Cornhbhrathair. A fellow. 

Comtharuigham. To mark^ fign. 

Comhatheach. Competition* 

Comchorbadh. Deftroying. 

Comhbhith. Co-exiftence. 

Comhbhithach. Co-exiftent. 

Comhbhruach. The marches or coaiines of 

a country. 

Comhbkualam« To contad. 

Comhbhruachach. Bordering upot). 

Comhbhagaram. To comminate. . 

Comhchaidreach. Correfponding. 

Comhbhrioguchadh. Confubftantiatioq. 

Comhchairdreachd. Commercei traffic. 

Comhchaidream« To traffic. 

Comhchaint. A conference. 

Comhchaochlaidbachd. Qommutability. 

Comhchaoldham* To condole. 

Comhchaochlaidach. Comqmtable. 

Coa^hcharaidhachd. Mutual llruggling. 

Comhchomhairlaichariu To confv^lc* 

Comhcharnta. Heap together, 

Comhcheolra^che. A chorifter. 

Combcheangal.' A confederacy. 

Comhchiallach. Synonymous. 

Comhchoigrich. A border,. or limit. 

Comhchongbhail. Honour. 

Comchuan cogaidh. Theatre of war. 

Comhchorp. A corporation. 

Comhchuibhrigbam. To concatenate. 

Comhas. Good-fellowfliip. 

Comhdach. A refuge, ihelter. 

Comhdachadh. Refuge, fheltering. 

Comhdaicham. To cover, ihelter. 

Comhdhail. A meeting, an aflembly. 

Comhdailam. To coincide. 

Comhdhoieh. As foon as. 

Comhdhala. A ftatute, a law. 

Comheas. Society. 

Comhchnuafachd. Colledion. 

Comhchofmhuil. Alike. 

Comhchoflas. Equality. 

Comhchraite. Sprinkled, conquallated. 

Comhchratham. To conquafflate. • 

Comhchras. Good^fellowlbq). 

Comhchraoidheachd* Agreement; 

Comhchretoir. Fellow-crealure. 

Comhchruinnigham. To afiemble, con- 

Comhchruiflnughadh. Congregationt 

Comhchruth. Equiformation. • 

Comhchruinnighte. Aflembled. 

Comfachuiraoi. To difpofe, fet in .order. 

Comhcliu4thromigham» - To equalize, pro- 

Comhchudthrom. Equilibrium. 

Comhchuifnigham. To congeal. 

Comhdaigham. To build, prove, quote» 

Comhdachadh, Qi^^^^^^^''^) proof. 

Comhdhaingnigham. Toconfirflfk^ftrengthen. 

Comhdhealradh. CorradtatioA. • 

Comhdhalta. A fofter-brother. 

Comhdhaltas. Relation of fc^fierifig. 

Combdhas. An equal right% *> 

Comhdhlutha. A compad. ^^ 

Comhdhluthadh. Contribution; • ' 




Comhdhluthain. To frame, join* 
Comhdhuanadh. Confirmation. 
Comfadhunam. To conclude. 
Comhdhunadh. Concluiion. 
Comhdhuthchais. i Of the fame couii- 
CombdhtithchafacK. ) try. 
Comheud. Rivalthip. 
Comnfafgaim. To embrace,' 
Comfhogus. Confangninity. 
Comhfhafam. To concrete. 
Comhfhuighleadh. A conference. 
Comhfhuil. Confanguinity. 
Comhfhurt^chd. Comfort. 
Comhfhurtaichoir. * Comforter. 
Comhfhurtigham. To comfort, 
Comhfhuirmam. To compofe. 
Comhfhoghar. A confonant. 
Comlifhaghracb. Con fonant. 
Comhfhoghair cluig. A chime of bells. 
Combfhadthrath. Equfnox, 
Comlifhreagradh. Conformity. 
Comhfhulangas. Sympathy. 
Comhgbaol. Confanguinity. 
Comhghabhal. Harmony, love. 
Comhgharach. Near to. 
Comhghair. Conclamation. 
Comhgbairdacfaas. Congratulation . 
Combgaram. To furnifh. 
Comhghairdaigham. To congratulate. 
Comhgufach. Kindred . 
Comhghluafachd. Fermentation: 
Comhiadhadh. Shutting up together. 
Comhfhlaitbachd. Democracy. 
Comhfhlaith. A demagogue. 
Comhghiol. Condition. 
Comhg^loir. Confonance. 
Ccmihgbnas. Genteel. 
Comhghnathughadh. Converfation. 
Comhghnumtba. Heaped together* 
Combghothach. A confon^t. 
Comhgbuilam. To condole. 
Comhiach. A cfomrade. 
Comhitham. To eat together. 

Comhia. Guards. 

Combla. . A horn. 

Comhiam h . Together. 

Comblan. A young hero. 

Comhabhairt. i . 

Comhiabradh. ( A conference, dialogue. 

Comblabhraim. To confer, converfe. 

Comhlachtuiglite. A fofter-brothen 

Comhladh. A door, fluice. 

Comhlaim. To rub. 

Comhlair. Quiet, even-tempered. 

Comhian. A duel, combat. 

Comhleaghadh. ColiqUefa<flion. 

Comhieaghan. ' Amalgama. 

Comhleagham. To amalgamate. 

Comhlionam. To fulfil. 

Comhloin. Obligation. 

Comhlofgadh* Conflagration. 

Comhltfadar. Converfation, company, 

Comhluadaram. To accompany. 

Comhiuath. As fwift, as foon as. 

Comhluchd, Partners. 

' Comhluidhe. Alliance* 

Comhmaoidheamh, A common joyj or 


Comhmaoidheam. To congratulate. 

Comhbfirathairachas« Confanguinity. 

Comhbhrughadh. i ^ 

^ ,., \ , J I Contrition. 

Comhbhrughteachd. ) 

. Comhbhroghte. Contrite. 

Comhbhrugham. To bruife. 

Comhbhuaireadh. Tumult, uproar, war. 

Comhnafgam. To join, compad together, 

Comhnadh. Help, afliftance. 

Comhnaighe. A dwelling, habitation, refl:« 

Comhnard. Even, level. 

Comnuighe. Always, perpetual ly. 

Comhnuigham. To (land ftill. 

Combnuightheach. Continuing^ 

Comhnuigham. To dwell, continue. 

Comhoibruicham. To co-operate. 

Comhoglach. A fellow-fervant. * 

Comhoibrach. Coefficient. 

[ZJ Comhoigrc, 



Comhoigre. A fellow- heir, 

Comhol their. A pot -companion. 

Comholcas. Defpite. 

Comhortas. Emulation* 

Comhortuis. Comparative, 

Comhra. A companion, a coffin. 

Comhphais. Compaflion. 

Comhphriofunach. Fello^ prifoncr. 

Comhrac. A fight, battle. 

Comhracam. To fight. 

Comhracoir. An encounterer. 

Comhrachadh. Aflembling together. 

Comhracham. To aflemble. 

Comhradh. A dialogue, con verfation. 

Comhraidham. Toconverfe. 

Comhraidhteach. Converfable. 

Comhrangach. Wrinkled. 

Comhrochdam. To meet. 

Comhrogain. Eledion, choice. 

Comhroighanu To choofe. 

Comhrionn. A (hare, a meal) portion. 

Comhritham. To concur. 

Comhrunaigham. To communicate. 

Comhrunaghadh. A conlpiracy. 

Comhfaighidh. Peace among you, quiet^reft. 

Comhfhugraiche, A play-fellow. 

Comhfanach. Everlafting, perpetual. 

Comhfgolair. A fchool-fellow. 

Comhflirorruidh. Co-eternal. 

Comhfhiorridhackd. Co-eternity. 

Comhihliofnach. Equilateral. 

Combn>eidam. To conflate. 

Comhfmugam. To vomit. 

Comhfheirbhaifach. A fellow-fervant. 

Comhihruadh. i ^ « e ^ 

-, • ^ , V Confluence or rivers. 

Comhlhruth. \ 

Comhflirutham. To converge, conflux. • 

ComWhoJlus. I ^ A „ ^. 

Comhfhuanam. To fleep, tepofe. 
Comhfpairnam. To wreftle. 
Comhfamridhe. A refidenter. 
Combflicrm. Harmeny. 

Comhflieomraiche. A chum. 
Comhfhuireach. A rival. 
Comhftrith. Strife, broil,^ quarrel. 
Comhfliaighdair. A fellow- fold icr. 
Comhthathadh. Articulation, fyntax, join-. 

ing together. 
Comhthatham. - To join, articulate. 
Comhthaincaghadh. Congratulation.. 
Comhthoifga.' As early as. 
Comhthrom. Juftice; even, equal. 
Comhthromach. Juft, upright, even. 
Comhogha. A coufin-german. 
Comhuidh. A prefent. 
Comult. Scratching. . 
Comultam. To fcratch. 
Comircidh. A guard. ' 

Comhtha, comhthach. A companion, com* 

rade ; fidelity. 
Comhthaite. A compail: 
Combtharangte. ContraSed. 
Comhtharuingam. ' To contraft. 
Comhthathuighte. A mutual old acquaint** 


Comhthional. Congregation. 

Comhthionolam. To ai&mble» 

Comhthoilaigham. To agree to. 

Comhthogam. To conftrud. 

Comhthoimhfach. Commenfurable. 

Comhthras. i -, ^ „ 

^ I. 1- i_ » J Sweet fmclL 
Comhthrachd. ) 

Comhthra. Sweet-fcented* 

Comhthromuigham. To weigh even, to 

make even„ level, . 

; Comhthruaighe.. Compaifion. 

Comhthruaigham. To compaffionate* 

Comhthruacanta.. Compaifionate^ : 

Comhthrufam. To contra^. 

Comhthuaram. To co*indicate» 

Comhua. Vide Comhogha. 

Comhuibhneoir. A pot-companion» 

Comhmhaim. A wife. 

Commairce. A riding together, friend-*^ 





CoDimaithcheas. Neighbourhood. 
Commas togha. Conge d^clfre. 
Comhonheadh. Free quartcFS. - 
Commor. The nofe. 

Commaln. A thing agreeable, a gratuicr, 
obligation, favour. • 

Communn. Societjr. 

Communaghaclh. Comoioaioo. 

Comon. But. 

Comonif Comparing, kemping. 

Comoradh. An laflemblf , coogregatfo*. 

Comonum. To gither together. 

Companach.- A companion. 

Coropantas. Fdlowihip, foctety. 

Compluchd* A fet, gang. 

Comraighas. A form, faihion. 

Compartuichatn. To partake. 

Compas. A ling, circle. 

Compailt. A company. 

Compraid. Comparifon. 

Comfuanadh. Reft. 

Comthach. A companion. 

Commuirsam. 7 ^ • i 

r ^ C To mix, mingle, 

vommeafgam. J 

Coinhurfa. A neighbottr* 

Comuiltam. To rub. 

Con. Senfe, meaning. 

Con. A dogw 

Cona. Cat's-tail or mofc-crops. 

Conablach. A carcafe. 

Conach. A fhirt, murrain. 

Conach. Profpcrity, affluence. 

Conachlon. An equal, companion, fellow; 
a kind of Irilh verification. 

Conadh. Profpcritjr, a greedy appetite. . 
Conadhaire. Therefore. 
^^pait. A plague that raged in Ireland. 
^onailbhe. Frisndfliip. 
^<>nailbheach. Friendly, upholding. 
^<>nair. A way. 
^onairde. As high as. . 
^onairt. Hunting with di^, a rout of 

Cboaloch. BraodtltuiT;^. 
Cooalileach. Bu;y. 
Cooall. Love, frwncthip. 
CoaoirtxTi. To ha:ic wirh dcg^ 
Conaltr2ii:x. ConverlUci'rn. 
Conas* A difpure, a cjrcife^ 
Con bach. Hy irj ^^ •: sjbta. 
Conbhoij*!. S:cr. nj:, witbholdiag. 
Cocbhjigheas. AbtBoence. 
Conbhail. HoUi^n^. 
Conbhaf^ham. To holdy ftop, ftiy» 
Coabhailcne* The dogbernr-trce. 
Coabharloid. Bchivlour, ccnvcnation. 
Conbhurdh^an. A guar J. 
Conchliud. A CQoc]vi£on. 
Concubhor. A proper nan^. 
Conafg. Whlus, furze. 
Coobhair. A do-g-kennel. 
Conbhalas. A fupport, ftay. 
Conclan. A comparifon. 
Concobhar. H;;lp, aiSilaace« 
Condafach. Furious. 
Condaighais. A countefs. 
Condafachd. Rage, fury. 
Condreagidfi. A feparatioo. 
Condnaladh. Embroidery, fculpture. 
Confadh. Roaring, bowling* 
Confuadacb. A vultuie. 
Congantach. Helpful. 
Congafach. A kinfman. 
Congnamb. Help, affiftance. 
Co-igraidhe. A relation. 
Conga. The antlers of a buck. 
Conga. A coteraporary. 
Congbhail. A boufe, babkatioA. 
Congbhalas. A flay, help. 
Congbhuifgam. To reftrain. 
Congcais. A conqueft. 
Conghaireadh. Roaring. 
Conghaiream. To roar, ihout* 
Conghail. Gallantry, bravery. 
Congnam. To help, affift. 
Congnamh* Help, aftftance* 




Ct>ngra, A narrative, . relatii^tt. 
Congraidhe. A relator, rehearfer« 
Congraim. Cunning, craft ; apparel, cloth- 
Congraidham. To occupy., 
Conla. Witty, fenfiblc, prudent, chafle. 
Conlach. Straw. . 
Conlan* An aflembly. 
Conn. A meaning, fenfe, reafon. 
Conn. The frame, the body. 
Connadh. Wood, fuel. 
Connaidhneas. Ratiocination, argumeata* 

Connail. Prudent. 
Connail. A civil fareweh 
Connaircam. To fee, behold. 
Connaircle. Indulgent. 
Connaoi. A prefcrving, protecting. 
Connartha. Earneft. 
Conchas. Vifum eft tibi^ 
Connfachadh, Diflentioa. 
Connfpoid. A difpute, difputing. 
Connfpair* A difputer* 
Confpeach. A wafp. 
Confpoidche. . A difputant. . 
Confpoidam. To difpute. 
Contairifmhe* A prince's court. 
Conntoirbhram. To allege, tx^intain. 
Conoidam. To he^d, regard. 
Conra. An agreement) compact. 
Conradoir, A bearer at a funeral. 
Confain. A confonant. 
Conftal. Counfel,. advice. 
Conftairfeach. StifF, opinionate, 
Contabhairt. Chance, peril, peradventuce, 

Conntabhairt^ch. Doubtful^ ilangeroud, 

Contagram. To affirm, allege. 
Contagairt. Affirming. 
Con tar. A doubt. 
Contas. Vide Cunt^* ; 'i 
Contrail. Oppofilittui* 

CoBtrachd. Misfdrtune, acurfe. 

Contrardha.. Contrary* . 

Contrardhachd. Contrariety. 

Contruadh. Lrcan, poor. 

Copan. A cup. 

Copan-freine. Bofs of a bridle. 

Copag. Dock-leaf, dock* 

Copagach. .Abounding with'dock. 

Copchaille. A coif. 

Cor. A ftatc, condition, circumftance. 

Air Cher. So that. 

Cor air bith. At aH, by no means. 

Cor. MuCc. . . • 

Cor. A twift, turn. " * 

Cor. Acaft, throw, a circular motion. 

Cor. Surety, a corner. 

Cor. Near,, neighbourhood. 

Cdra. Peace ; a wicr^ dam. 

Cora. A quoir. * . 

Corach. Juftice. . . ' 

Coranach. The Irifh cry. 

Corag. A finger. 

Coragadh. Neatnefs, trimncfs. 

Coraid. A pair, cheefe-rennct. 

Coraidh. A champion, hero. 

Coraidheachd. Recognizance. 

Coraig. Although.. 

Coraife. A curtain. 

Coraim. To turn. 

Corb. A coach, waggon. 

Corba. Lewdnefs. * 

Corra, corba. Lafcivious, lewd. 

Corbadh. A caft, throw. 

Corbaidhe. The cramp. 

Cotimire. A cartwrigfat. 

Corboire. A coachman. 

Core. A large pot, cauldron ^ a kntftu 

Core. Children. 

Corcaclu A moor, marlh. 

Corcuir. Red, purple, a rc4' dye. 

Corcuirach. Red. . * 

Corcan. A pot. • ^ 

Corcach. Hemp. 

2 Core. 



Core. A little knife. 

Corcjn-coHlc. A fort of flower. 

Corcog. A bee-hive. 
Cordx. A cord or line. 

Cordadh. Agreement. 

Cordaxn. To agree. 

Cordaidhe. Spafms. 

Corghas. Lent. 

Corn. A drinking^cup or horn. 

Comcblar. A cupboard* 

Comadh. A folding, xolling^ a iktrt, cor- 

Cornam. To fold, plait. 

Cornta. Folded. 

Corog. A faggot, bavin. 

Coron. A crown, chaplet. 

Coroin- mhuire. A rofary of beads. 

Corplein. A winding^fheet. 

Corp Chriofd. The £ucfaarift« 

Corp. A body, corpfe. 

Corpanta. Bulky^ iblid. 

Corpordha. Bodily, corporoaL 
* Corr. A fnout, bill; 

C6rr. A corner. 
, Corr. O^, not evem 

Corn A pit of water. ■ 

Corra-margaidh. The rabble. 

Corr-mheur. An odd fihger. Cho chuir 
xfi\ mo chorr-mheur air. I will not touch 

Corrlach. Overplus, remainder. 

Corr. 1 ^ 

Corrghridhin. > A heron, crane. 

Corrghlas. J 

Corrach. Steep, a fetter, (hackle, a marih. 
Corrm. A fickle, prickle, 
^orrach. Wavering, inconfiftent. 
Corr-caigailt. Green and blue luminous 
particles, obferved at raking the fire at 
flight, refembling glow-worm6> faid to ' 
ft^rcbode froft. 
Corra-bhan. A ftork. 

I Injury, 


.^ \ Barbed, booked. 

Corranta. > 

Corrachofach. A cheeflip; millipedes* 

Corraghil. Gefture, ftirring about. 

Corrbham. To carve, grave. 

Corrocadh. To perfuade. 

Corrtha. Weary, fatigued. 

Corrughadh. A motion. 

Corruigham. To ftir, move. 



Corfa. A coaft. - ' 

Corfaicham. To cruize. 

Corfair. A coafter, cruizer. 

Cortas. Debt. 

Corthoir. A border, fringe. 

Corndhadh. CoraL 

Corughadh. An ornament, armour. 

Cos. The foot, leg. 

Cos. Conilderation. 

Cofach. Footed, having fcct. 

Cofaidham. • To teach, inftruA. 

Cofaint. A reply, defence. 

CoTair. A feaft, a banquet. 

Cofair. A bed. 

Cofmhuil. Alike. 

Cofamhuilachd. Similitude, comparifom 

Cofan. A foot-path. 

Cofainam. To keep ofF, defend, to pre- 

ferve, to avouch, to maintain. 

Cofanta. Kept oflF, defended. 

Colanta. Perplexed, entangled. 

Cofantach. I ^, , ^ , . ^ 

^ - . f The defender m a procefs. . 
Cofantoir. ' '^ 

Cofaracha. Fetters. 

Cofboir. An objed. 

Cofc, cofg. A ccafing, failing, giving 

Cofc, cofg.' An impediment, hindrance. 
Cofcim. A ftep, pace. 
Cofdam. To coft, expend. 
Cofdas. Expence, coft. 

[A a] Cofdafach. 



Cofdafacb. Rich, coftly. 

Cofgar. A flaughter, havoclc 

Cofgaram. To flaughter, cut and hew* 

Cofcar. A triumph, rejoicing, 

Cofcarachd* J -^ . v ^ ' 

^ ^ J Victorious, triumphant, 

Coro;ara, J 

Cofgrach. Slaughter, maflacre. 

Coflach. Like. 

Coflom." Bare-foot.. 

Cofleathan. Web-footed. 

Cofluath. Swift-footed. 

Cofmhuil. Like. 

Cofmhuilachd. Imitation, fimilitude, 

Cofmhuilachdidh. Figurative*. 

Cofnadh. Defence, piefervation. 

Cofnadh. Gain,, earning, gaining. Vide 

Cofnam. To defend, maintain. 
Cofnamh. Defence, battle, war*. 
Coftol. A footftool. 
Cofnamh. Swimming. 
Cofpariach. VideCafpanach. ParalleL 
Cofrach. Slaughter. 
Coftaga bhailegbcamhridh.^ Coftmary. 
Coftafach. Expenfive. 
Cofuifge. Wild chervil. . . 

Cofiumail. J 

Cot. A part,- fliare, portion. 
Cota. A coat. 
Cotaigham. To cover. 
Cotaig. A good, correfpondc^e^ harmoi- 

Cotaigham. To be afraid^, 
Cotan. A little coat, piece, a part. 
Coth. Meat, viftuals. 
Cota preafach, ingheain, an riogh. The 

herb ladies mantle. 
Cothacha. Debate, difputc, obftinacy. 
Cothaigham. To contend^ druggie, feed, 


mibh. 7 .. 

Cothadh. A fupport, preferving, ptoteo 

Cothan. A cough, anhelation^ 
Cothlon. Viaticum, vi(5fcuals for a jouni^ 

. ney. 

Cothughadh. A ftay, fupport. 

Cothbn. Frothy. 

Cotta. A cottage. 

Cottud. A mountain. 

Couthartach. Plunder.- 

Crabhadh. i rs ^, ^ . 

^ t. , 1 J Devotion, religion.. 
Crabhachd. J ' ^ 

Crabhacb.. Devout, rdigious; 

Crabham. To worfliip. . 

Crac. A crack. . * 

Crabhdiadh. Mortification. 

Cracal. Cracking.. 

Cracan. A hill fide, a cracking noife^ 

CracaireacKd.. Conver&tion, 

Cradhgheadh. Vide Cnamhgheadji. 

Cradh. Pain, anguiih. 

Cracaire. Atalkec. 

Cradham. To< pain,.tomient, vex. . 

Cragh. Sleek. ... 

Craibhdhigh. Mortifying people..' . . 

Crag. Vide Cnag. 

Craidhte. Toritiented, vexed, afflided^ 

Cratdhal. A cradle. 

Craidhlag. A ba/ket.. 

Crag. A paw. 

Craidhteacbd.. Mifery,. vexation,. jpain. 

Cragairam. To paw> to handle indeli^ 


Craeairt. Y^ . t tt. 

Cragairacbd. r''^'"S' ''^'"'''•"e- 

Craig, A rock. 

Craigeach. Rocky. 

Craimhor. Corpulent. 

Craimpiafg. The torpedo.. 

.Craia. A fow. 

Crainam. To gnaw. 

Craintfeile. Tough phlegm. > 

f Crait* A fmall farm, field, glebe; 

8 Craitc. 

C R A 

C R A 

Cmitc. Shrimt, 

Cramhor. Grofs. 

Cramhag. Caput mortuum. 

Crampa. A knot. 

Crampaid. A ferril. 

Cranadh. Choofing by lots. 

Cninaghlach. A carpenter. 

Cranaidhe. An old decrepid man. 

Cranachar. Lot, ,caftlrig of lots. 

Crancliufl; The bark of a tree. 

Crandolbh. Lottery. 

Cranfaiftine. Sorcery. 

Crann. ^A tree, a maft, a bar, bolt, a 

Crannag.- ' A pulpit, hamper, round top. 
Crann-critheach. The afpen-tree. 
Crann-ola. Olive-tree. 
Crannchu. A lapdog. 
Crann-dordain. A kind of.auiftc made bjr 

putting the hand to the nk>utlv. 
Crann-gail. Lattices before the altar, 
Crannda. Decrepid. 

Crannlach. Boughs, branches.^ , 

Cranlaor. A carpenter. 
Cranntarraing. A wooden pln» 

Crannchuiram. Xo bs^llot< 

Cranngafan. The herb henbane. 

Crannam. To bar, bolt„ barricade. 

Crannlacha. Teal. 

Crannlochan. A churn. , 

Crannarbhair. A plough. . 

Crannphiofan. Some mifllve waapon. 

Crannteach. An arbour. 

Cranntarach. Hoar-froft. 

Crann-tarfuing. A crbfs-bar, a diamcr 

Crannteante. A prefs, a printer's p/efs. 

Crann-tabhuil. A fling. 

Cranntogalach. A crane. 

Cranntoifaich- The foremaft. 

Crannmeadhoin (mor). The main-maft. 

Crann-deiraidh. The mrzen-mart. 

•Crann-riaflaidb. A fort of plough. 

, J The boltfprit. 

Crann-feunta. Sacred wood. 
Crann-fgoide. The boom. 
Crann-apricoc. Apricot-tree. 
Crann-Cris. Cherry-tree. 
Crann-fitroin. The citron^tree. 
Crann-coirnel. The cornel -tree. . i * 

Crann-pailm. The date-tree. 
Crann- iioguis. The fig-tree. 
Crann-calltin. The hazcUtree» 
Crann-Umoin. The lemon-tree.. 
Crann -maoldhearc. The mulberry- tree. 
Crann-neochdair. The nedarine-tr^e. 
Craobh-orainis. An orange-tree. 
Crann-pheitObog. A peach-tree. 
Craobh-pheur. A pear-tree.. 
Craobh-phlumbis. The plum-tree. 
Crann -grainabhuil. The pomegranate-tree# 
Crann-cuinnfe. The quince- tree. 
Crann-airnag. The floe- tree. 
Craon-gallclmo. The walnut-tire. 
Crann-fearna. The alder or arn-tre;.* 
Crann-uinfionn. The aih-tree. 
Crann-labhrais. The bay-tree. 
Crann-faidhbhile. The beech-tree^ 
Crann-beitha. The birch.-trec. 
Crann-bucfa. The box-tree. 
Crann-fedair. The* cedar- tree.. 
Crann-aiccc^ Th^ cork-tree. 
Crann-canaich. The cotton-tree^ 
Crann-cuphair. The cyprefe-tree.. 
Crann-eboin. Ebony-tree. 
Craobh-dhromain. An elder or bore-tree* 
Craobh-leamhain, no ailmog. An elm- 
Crann-giubhais. A fir-tree. 
Crann-tuife. Frankincenfe-tree. 
Crana-cuilinn. The bollin-tree. 
Craniidearg-labhrais.^ The laurel -tree . / 
Crann-teile. The lin^e-trcc. \ 
\ Crann-mhalpis. The maple*trcc. 
Crann-nieldil. The medlar-tree^ 


C R A 

t! R E 

Crann-daruich. The oak-tree. 

Crann-tuilm. The holm-oak. 

Crann-pion. The pine-tree, 

Crann-pobhuil. The poplar-tree. 

Crann-feilaich. The fallow-trcel 

Craobh-chaorthuin. The fcrvicc-tree. 

Crann-fice. The fycamorc-tree. 

Crann-fcilaich-fhrancaich. * The willow- 

Craobh-iubhair* The yew-tree* 

Craobh. A tree, branch. 

Craobh-caoimhnas-fgeoih A genealogical 

Craobham. To branch, fprout: 

Craobh chofgair. Laurel, trophy. 

Craobhin chno. A clofter of nuts. 

Craobh fgaol am. To publilh, promulgate. 

Craobhin. A buih, tuntrh. 

•Craochadh. Withering, blafting* 

Craoidhte. Shod* 

Craoifin. A glutton. 

Craos. Excefs, gluttony, awidcmouth# 

Craos-fhotharguin. A gargarifm* 

Craofghlanam. To gargle*/ ' 

>• ' • i . • 
f A glutton. 

Crofach. Gluttonous. 
Craoifeach. J * ^ 
Craoifneach. J 

Craoifeach dhcarg. A burning /pear.' 
Craofol. • Drunkejinefs. 
Crapadh. Shrinking, dru&ing, contrac- 
Crapara. One that cruflieth, ftrong. 
Craptha. Warped. 
Crapluigham. To fetter, bind. 
Crapfuifgil. The twilight. 

Crafgach. Corpulent. 

Crafgadh. A box, coffer. 

Crathcidh; Shaking. ... 


Cratham. To (hake, fprinkle. 

Crathrach. A plafhy bog. 

Cre. A creed. 

Creabille. A garter. 

Creabhach. Dry brufli-wood. 

Creabhag. A twig, a young woman. 

Creabham. To crave, dun. 

Cre, creadh. Clay, duft, a body, being,' 

Creach. Plunder, an hoft, a wave, ruin, 

Creach. Blind, grey. 

Creach, crcachan. A fcolloped-fliell, a 

> cup. 

Creacham. To plunder. 

Creachach. Rapacious, having fliells or 

•cups. ■ 
Creachadoir. A plunderer. 
Creachan. Rocks. 
Creachar. A veftry: 
Crcachil. A ii^ound. 
Creachdanr. To W6und. 
Creacbdach. Full of wounds. 
Creachairas. Sculpture. 
Creachdlorgach. Full of fears. 
Creachram. To ftigmatize, mark, £» 

Cread. What ? a creed. 
Creadal. Religious. 
Creadha. Clerkfhip. 
Creadhla. Clergy- 
Creadhach. Wounded. 
CreadhaL Religious, worfhipiping. 
Crcadmhail. Faith. 
Creadradh. A chariot. 
Creafog. Powder, duft. 
Creag. A rock. 
Creagach. Rocky. 
Creagan. A rocky place. 
Creagag. A fort of perch. 
Creagag-uifge. A perch. 
Creamam. To gnaw, corrode, pLck. 
Creamh. WiW garlick. 
Crcamh-garaidh. A leek. 




\JiC3iiiliHnBio6*fisAL Hntr s tongK* 
Creamk-niiaL Tbr Aoifeof peopkcaioirf- 

Creadhovlc ALmpref. 
Crean. A Imjuig, piirdiafiiig. 
Creanait. A moAet^phce^ 
Crcanam. to ooafiuney fcmofC* 
Creanadh air. Sofiring for iU 
Cmnair. Sedition. 
Creannas. Neat-battded* 
Creapal. Entangluig. 
Cieapalaa. Toftop, hinder, ftaj. 
Crcaradh. BcndiBg, cnooldiig. 
Crearal. A Fetaining, wiriihoidhig^ 
Creas, crios. A gircQe. 
Creafam. To fet or lay, to tixt« 
dcas* ^ aiiuw, ftniglit* 
Crrafrhas, A narrow faoufe. 
Creafgoinam. To wound. 
CreafrnhHir* A ftrait of the iea* 
Creas. Aftrine. 
Creafoghadh. A girding* 
Creat. The form or figure of owfs com- 

Creat. Terror. 
Great. A fcience, knowledge. 
' Creata. Earthen. 
Crcatach. A hurdle. 
Creatachan* A churning-ftick. 
Creatar. Faithful, religious, holy* 

Creatoir. A creature. 
Creath. .A fwan. 
Creathadh. Trembling* 
Creatham. To caufe to tremble. 
Creathan. A fhaking, tfembling« 
Creathain A fieve. 
Creathnaigham. Totremble, (hake. 
Creathnughadh. Trembling, ihaking. 
Creatb-thalmhuinn. An earthquake. 
Creatrach. A wildernefs. 
Creatuir. A creature. 

Crechdidi. SinfuL 

\^icd. wVhefefofe. 

Credh. Ore. 

Credh-umha. Ore of farafi. 

Creic A prey. 

Creideamh. Faith, belief. 

Creidam. To believe, citdit. 

Creidas. Credit. 

Creidmhach. Faithful, bdicring, a bt« 

Creidmhafach. CrcditaUc 
Creidce. Believed. 
Creidfin. Bdieving. 
Creidteoir. A believer* 
Creidhmh. A difeafe 
Creidhmheadu FttH of iores» 
Creidhmam. To gnaw^ diew* 
Creig. A rock. 
Creigach. Rocky. 
Creigag. A conger* . 
Creigair. A grapple* 
Creimam. ) _ 
C«u»«. jTognnr. 

Creimadair. A carper* 
Creifineamh. A fcar» 
Creithir. A cup, a fieve.' 
Creidu^in. A little cup or fieve. 
Ciennjughte. Terrified. 
Creitfaul. A cradle. 
Creodhar. A rail or fieve. 
Creopam. To feduce. 
Crefan. A girdle. 
Crefean. Old earth, clay. 
Crefean. Religious, pious. 
Creuchd. ^ A wound. 
Creuchdach. Full of fores. 
Creuchdam. To wound« 
Creumhach. A rock. 
Creun. The body*' ^ 
Creug. A rock^ 
Creugaa. A rocky place. 
Creugach. Rocky. 
Creud fa. Wherefore f why* 
£BbJ Cri. 

C R I 

CR r 

Cri, The heart, 

Criach, for crithach. Tremblings (baking. 
Griadh. Earth, clay. 
Criadhcheanglatn., To cement.. 
Criadh loifge. A potflierd^ 
Criadhaol. Mortan - 
Criadha.. Earthen* 
Criadhadair. A potter. 
Criadhl uch. A mole. 
Criadhuire. A hulbandmam 
Criapach. Rough* 
Griathar. Afieve., 
Griathar-meala. A honeycomb. 
Criathram. To fift. 
Criathradh. S ifting*. 
Griathrach. A wildernefs* 
Crib. Swiftoefs, hafte, fpeed». 
Grich. A territory^ country-. 
Crflidh. A buying, purchafing. 
Cricein. Vide Lus nan ruiteachan*. 
Crimtheart. Second-milking*. 
Grimag. A morfel, bit. 
Crimchaig. Grumbiihg, refi'eding«. 
Grindreas. A bramble. 
Grinlin*, A box, co&r. 
^ Crine, crineachd., Rottennefs)^ withering. 
Grineamh,^< cloch na crineamh. The fatal, 

or coronation ftone,.of the Scotch kings; 

it is commonly called Lia fail. It is at 

this day preferyed as a monument of aa- 

tiquity in Weftminftcr-abbcy. 
Crineamh. To fall. 
Grinlin. A writingrdefk. 
Grinmhiol. A wood-loufe. . 
Grinam. To gnaw, bite. 
Grintach. Fretting. . 
Criobh. A jeft, triflt.. 
Grioch. Preferment^ confines,, territory, a 

Grioch. An end,, concluiion* 
Griochnaighami Ta finiih, end,. conclude, 

Griochnuigbte^ Finiihed.. 

Griocbnuighach. Finitc..- 

Criochnuichoir. Finifhcri 

Griochnulghachd. Finitude. 

Criochan. Striving.. 

Criochdairan* The gag- teeth* 

Crioch-fgeoil. An epilogue. 

Griochfearainn. A land-mark. 

Griochfmachd.. A government.. 

Griodaigham. To pat,.ftroke.. 

Griodaire. A fondler. 

Griodh, criodhe. The heart. 

Griodhambuil. Hearty^ cheerfuU. 

Griodhar. A leech, a woodcock. 

Criol. A cheft,. coffer.. 

Griomhthan. A fox.. 

Griomadan.. Bits*. 

Grion. Dry, withered*. 

Grionach.. Dry fticks, faggots. 

Grionaro,, crionaigham.. To' dry, wither^ 

Grionaghadh. Withering» fading^ 
Grioncan. Strife. 
Grioncanam. Toftrive. 
Grioncanadh.. 7 q . . 
Griancanachd. J ^* 

Grionlach. Touchwood.. 
Grionmon. A collection. . 
Grionnai Ofd, antient^ fage, .prudent, m(u . 
Grionnachd.. Prudence, wifdom, wit. 
Grios. A belt,. girdle, cingle. 
Criofach. Tight, having girdles. 
Griofach, for grioiach. Embers.. 
Griofd. Ghrift.. 
GrioCiaighe. A chriftian^ 
Griofdachd. Ghriftendom*. 
Criofduigh. Ghriftian. 
Griofd. Swift, quick, nimblcu 
Griofd-athair. A god-father. 
Griofleacfa. A' limit, border, bofom*. , 
Grioflachadh. Girding the loins.. 
Grioilaigham. To gird. . 
Griofluighte. Girded* 
L Crioftal. Gryftal. 

3; Crioftalasihttil* 




To rimpie, wriidJc. 

Cm. TkekKk. 

CffStta^a. Advarf. 

Cathy cnock Arcpoiiy ooviitfy* 

Critfe. Ticsblixig. 

Critk-^alzlt:mii« Earthquake* 

Ciitk. Fnof an ague, fluking* 

Critkeack. Shaking, quaking. 

CritkeagaL Terror, aitoniflunanU 

Critkeag^ack* Aftoniihed. 

' ntkf ip 1 JiC" aipen*trtc» 

Cmkgkalar. The palfj. 

CriAide* Cauie of fear and troBbllng. 

Cridiidh. Terrible, horrible. 

Crithir. A drinking-cup. 

Cidhneal. A ikower. 

Cidire. Sparks of fire from the clafliing of 
anns, finall particles of any thing, 

Cithreothadh. Weak ice or froft. 

Crindaniach. The hickup, yexing« 

Criun. A wolf. 

Cro, croth. A hut, cottage, hovel. 

Cro. Deadi, am iron bar. 

Cro. Children, the eye of a needle, 

Cro. Straight^ narrowy clofe*. 

Croan. Conedion. 

Crobh. Abmd,apaw« 

Cj-ori^r.r-^ic'rr.T. T» iti.-^ in; 
Ccs rju." , Geaijrt:;^. 

Cracac*u HoTZjei. 
Crcc- A:: exr:±t3; t^t£c!.. 
Crrcai. Btrirr-^rodv. 
Crccx=u To seat, pcoaii. 
Croch, SjLrrjQ* 
Crcci. Red. 

A geacu« JTH. 

Crockam, Tok&z:g« 

Ciocbadh« Has^li^ dq!<e»dii^ grief, 
I Cio rhfc fli ir adfci. Hoitdngabottl^ dKoCtt 
! of kattftnaiu 

Crodi, dokk. GalhMis, a cio&, 

Crocfaaire. An idle feUoivr^kaBgiMA* 

Ciochaid. Cockcnooy* 

Crochaodack. Bailings* 

Crochar. A body, a bier. 

Crodiarlach. A flieqilbUI, 

Crochrtuidh* A certain Irlfli idol* 

Crocharb, crochaibachd* A bkr* 

Crodh. Cattle, cows, a dowry, poitWU. 

Crodha. A flipper, 

Crodha* \raliant, brave, fmart. 

Crodhachd. Valoar, bravery, prowtf^*^ 

Crodhaidbe. An heir. 

Crodhbboinn* A bunch of berries*. 

Crodhghuta. The gout in the hand«. 

Crodhmhain. The wrift* 

Crogan. A pitcher* 

Crodhain. Hoof of a cow or flieep^ 

Crodhall. The crocodile. 

Crog. A paw, clutch. 

Crogach. Having claws and dutches.* 

Croibfaeal. Coral. 

Crdc. Difficulty; a ventfon ftaft«. 

Croich. A gallows, 

Croichde. Hanged. 

Croidonn* The Ikin, hide, 


C R O 


Croideach. A portion. 

Croidhe. The heart.* 

Croidhfhionn. White-hoofed, 

Croidhcacbd. A portion, dowry. 

Croidhean. A gallant, lover, fweetheart. 

Croidhil-bais* Knell, 

Croidhebhrugh. Contrition; 
X Croidheog. A miftrefs, fweetheart. 

Croilighe an bhais. The pangs of deadi. 

Croimfgiath. A fort of crooked target. 

Croinic. An annal. ' 

Croinicam. To colour, paint j to try, pull, 
to correft. 

Croid. A crofs, a market-place. 

Crois-thochrais. A reel, or'yarn-windles. 

Croisfighrl. A crofs prayer, u e. with 
hands acrofs. 

•Croifoid. A raii, barrier. 

Croiflin. A diameter. 

Croit. A hump on the back, a Iktle emi- 

Crois-fhlighe. Aty-w:ay, road. 

Croiftara. A iignal to take up arms in the 
Highlands, by fending a burning ftick 
from place to place with great expedition. 

Croithte. Waved, toffed, 

. Croitheamh. An infeft. 

Croloc. A place where -malefadors are 

Croloitam. To wound mortally. ^ 

Croloitighte. DaagerouHy. wounded* 

Cxom*Conal. A plague in Ireland. 

Crom. Stooping, bending, crooked. 

Cromam. To ftoop, bend, bow. 

Cromadh. Bending, bowings the fide of t 

Cjoman. I a v- 

Croman-lachdan. J 

Croman-luath. A fire-fhovel. 

Croman-loin. A fnipe. 

Croman. The hip, hip-bone* 

Crcmh. A worm. 

Crombchruach. A famous Ijriih idol. 

Oromleac An altar for heathenifh wor- 

Cromaig. Gallows. - 
Cromnofg, gormrofg*. Grey-eyed* 
Cromlus. Poppy. 

Crom nan duilleog. The woodcock. 
Crom nan gad. A fort of Hebridian 

Cromfhiinainadi. Hump-backed. 
Cron. A fign, mark. 
Cron. Brown, dun-coloured, red,Twarthy. 
Cron. Time. / 

Cronacfh.^ A mourqful elegy at funerals. 
Cronam, cronaigham. To bewitch, Co 

blufli for ihame, to rcfbuke, reprove. 
Cronan. The bafs in mufick, any dutl 

note, the buzzing of a flyi purring of a^ 

Cronnog. A kind of bafket or hamper. 
Cronnuigham. To loadi^ abhor, detefi« 
Cron-fcanachais. An snachronifnu 
Cros. A crofs, hindrance:. 
Crofach. Streaked. ' * 

Crofadh. Hindering. 
Crofam. To flop, hinder. 
Crofanach. • „ ^ ^ . «. 
Crofanta. } P<^fe» c«>f«^ P^ftw^fr 

Crofanachd. A kind of verfification. 

Crotal.* 1 ^ ^^^^^ *^ ^'* fol»UliW»Oj[t<U 
Crofra, crofrian. A crofs-road« 
Crotach. Hump-backed. 
Crotach-mara. A curlew. 
Crotal.. An dsurn^ hulk, cod, a cynibal, rind 

of a kerneL 
Crotan. Purple dyei'slichen. 
Crottal. A kernel. 
Crothadh, crathadh. SpritiMin^. 
Crothnigheadh. Milling. ' • ' 

Croth. A form, or fhape. 
Crotham. To coop, boufe« 




Cf6Aa. A cyrirteK 

Crothait, A gravel. 

Crothar. A bier,^ny vehicle* 

Crottag. A fort of plover, 

Cru. Blood, gore, 

Cruabairam. To crunch, chew. 

Cruach. A rick, or heap of any thing, 

Cruachdadh. Heaping, hardening or dry- 

Cruacham. To heap, dry, harden. 

Cruachdalach. Coarfe. 

Cruachan. A heap, a drying, toafting. 

Cruach phadrulc. The herb plantain. 

Cruad. A ftone. 

Cruadail, Danger, courage, covetoufnefs. 

Cruadh, cruaidh. Hard, difficult, iirm. 

Cruadhach, Steel, of fteel. 

Cruadhail. Hardfliip, dillrefs, difficulty, 

Cruadhalach. Hard ; ftingy, poor, puzzling. 

Cruadhcuing. Rigour, flaVfery. 

Cruadhchuifeach, Difficult. 

Cruadhmhulnalachd. Stiff-necked, oblli- 

Cruadhnafgtha. Erttangltd. * 

Cruadhagach. Strift. 

Cruadhoigc. Diftrefs. . 

Cruaghadh. A ftrengthening". 

Cfuaidh. Steel ; hard. 

Cruaidhchcifd. A riddle. 

Cruaidhe'adh. Hardening. 

Craaid^heanglam. To tye faft. 

Cruaidhte. Hardened. 

Criwidhalcham. To hardeit. 

Cruaidhchriodhadi. • Haitl-hcarted. 

Cruaidh-lus. Sneeze-wdrt. 

Cruan. Red. 

Cruas. Hardnefs, rigour. 

Oub. 7 A h(>iffe*s-hoof, ^ daW; fartg, Xh€ 

Crubh. 3 nave of a wheel. 

Crubach.* Lame-, difficult.' 

Cruban. A crab-fffli ; a crooked Creature. 

ChAmr To contra<a, creep. 

Crubha-fithainn. A ftaiinch of vfenifon, 

Crubin na faana. Dwarf mountain bramble, 

Crubghoin. A floodgate. 

Crubhafc. A crimfon-colour. 

Crubog, A knot or contraftion of a thread 
in weaving. 

Cruca, A crook or hook. 

Crucach, A heap. 

Crudh. Milking. 

Crudham. To milk. 

Crudath. A belt or fword-girdlc. 

Cruimheachta, A crOw. 

Crughalach. Hard, difficult, 

Cruidheata, Hard. 

Cruidhearg. Of a fcarlet-colour. 

Cruidin, A king's fifher. 

Cruighneachd. i 

Cruithneachd. 1 ' 

Cruim, Thunder. 

Cruimaodanach. Whole, entire, a down- 
looking perfon. 

Cruimam, To thunder. 

Cruimfhlinean. A bunch on the back. 

Cruimthear. A prieft. 

Cruinn. Round, circular. 

Cruineafadh. A giddinefs. 

Cruinne. The globe of the earth, round-, 

Cruinnughadh. An affembly. 

Cruinnuigfaam. Gathered, alTembled* 

CrUinnam. To wrangle^ 

Cruinnlin. Orbit. 

Cruinnioc. Dew, mift. 

Cruinneog. A little round woman. 

Crainneolas. Addrefs. 

Cruifcea. ) ^ , 

^ > A lamp. 

Lruifgin. i 

Cruit. A harp, a fiddle, a <:ymbal, a hump 

on the back. 
Crititeng. - A female ftddler, Harper, 
Cruitiw. A harper, fiddler, cro^der. 
Cruital. Pl^atant, i\) rightly • 
Cruith. Ingenious, lively. 

fC c] OuUhe. 



Cruithe, cruitheachd. Prudence. 

Cruitheocham, I fliall mention, prore. 

Cruithin Tuath. The old Irifh name for 
the Land of the Pids. 

Cruithncach. A Pift. 

Cruithneachd. Wheat. 

Cruitin. A hump-backed man. 

Crum. Vide Crom. 

Cruma. Half a quarter of a yard. 

Crumba. A bowl. 

Crumam. To bow, bend, to worihip. 

Crumh. A maggot. 

Cruman. The hip-bone, 

Cr^mhe. A hoof, (hoe. 

Cruman. A fort of inftrumeht ufed by 

Crumag. A fkirrct, 

Crumanaidhe. A turner. 

Crumhar. Bloody. 

Crumfhuileachd. Sournefs of look. 

Crun. A crown, diadem, five (hillings. 

Crunam. Toxrown. 

Crun na h airte. Ornaments in the de- 
fcription of a fhield. 

Crunnan. A group. 

Cruog. Need, neceffity. 

Crupam. To contraft. 

Cruphutog. A blood-pudding. 

Crupag. A wrinkle. 

Crufgaoil^adh. The bloody-flux. 

Crutaire. A mufician, crowder, harper. 

Cruth. A form, figure, (hape, counte- 

Crut.^ The hand. 

Crutbaigham. To prove, aver, aflert, to 

Cruthaighoir. A creator. 

Cruthaighte. Created^ difcovered, expe- 

Cruthughadh. A proof, creation, creating. 

Cruthuigbeachd. The creation. 

Cruthlachd. A belt, fword-girdle. 

Crutbchaochlaigham. To transfigure, me^ 

Cruthchaochiadb. Transfiguration, mc- 

Cu, A dog. 
Cu allaidh. A wolf. 
Cua. Flefli, meat. 
Cu-cunaich. A fpaniel. 
Cu-luirg, A flow-hound. 
Cu-uifge. A water-dog. 
Cuamhargadh. The flefh-markct. 
Cuabhacan. A flelh-hook.- 
Cuabhruid. Itch, lechery. 
Cuac. Narrow. 
Cu-dubh. The^<iame of a dog. 
Cuacca. Empty. 
Cuach. The cuckow. 
Cuach, cuachag. A bowl, cup. 
Cuachfholt. Curled hair. 
Cuachach. Curled, frizzled. 
Cuach-Phadruic. Plaintain. 
Cuachan. The work of a bird's neft* 
Cuach-bhleothain. A milk-pail. 
Cuacham. To fold, plait. 
Cuachanach. Cupped. 
Cuachihrann. A Vehement fnorting. 
Cuadh. To tell or relate. ' 
Cuagan. The hinder part of the head. 
Cuaghran amfeoiL A kernel in the flefb. 
Cuaicheanach. Curly-headed. , 
Chuaidh. Went, Vide Racham. 
Cuail. Coal ; an impediment to marriage. 
Cuailain. A lock, curl, wreathe. 
Cuailain amalach. A curled lock. 
Cuaill, cuaille. A pole or ftake. 
Cuain. A corner. . « 

Cuainte. Able. 
Cuairealta. Curious. 
Cuairt.^ A vifit, fojourning, circulation^ 

Cuirtachas. A vifiting, gofiiping. 
Cuairfgeadh. A volume. 

^ « CuaiitSMi* 



CuargOBk A wrapper, ferTr of z, vbceL 


lo rzL^y 

tJ twut. 

t?-- »i?' 

Cuiirfgtc. RjIIfi, 
Coaith. Tbe ccLLnrry- 

C;i.nin, A bunil^. 

Cuiiixy chttjia.' I kexrd. VlJe Clutisoxn. 

Ciiallarhrf, Fcll^viz^, drpeodiUits, tl a>- 

CaallaicQK. A ccnspuioii* 

Caallakiheachd. Socictj. 

CuaDa& An afT-'mbly. 

Caamhor. Fat, groTs. 

CoamhaigadiL. Xhe flumhies. 

Cuaii. A laj, harbour, Invcn. 

Coanr. Soft. 

Caaiu Tlie fia. 

Coaana. Handfome, neat, fine* 

Coaona. A hill. 

Coar. Ctooked, penrerfe. 

Coar ciiniai%. A tour. 

Cnanu A Tcflel. 

Coaraiu A fock, a bandage* 

CaaiQga. Shoes or brogues made ct iin* 
tanned leather. 

Cnrigcach. Twifled. 

Cuart. Vide Cuairt. 

Caartig (hluganach. A whirlpool. 

Cuartuigham. To furround> fearch out. 

Coartan. A maze, labyxinth. ^ 

Cnartughadh. Surrounding, a diligent 

Cuaf . A cave, hollow of a tree, a omty* 

Cttafach. Concave, full of holes, 

Cuaiachdach. A cough. 

Cualiig. Honeycomb in hoUow trees. 

Cualan. A hole, cavity. 

Cuaruinne. Worm^ten nuts. 

Cub, A bending of the body. 

CvmL JoikiBig^ ^QctiB^ 1 mIhii n|g> £rsw* 

Ctibanu To §oc?*> b«r J. 

C'^biUclL:.!. A b^icsorrb^* 

C^::iKi. A c^>.:. 

C^oor^. A c\Lji o>Sc."r* A cooper. 

C-ibiuii'i. I>rcrr%!>eCvCi,c^ ; hc«ivx:r. 

Curij^s^ Anc^ri. 

CiLbfu'ng- S:rii:. 

Ciibhd^. A cucicw. 

Cu.b2ia^ A u pe* 

Cubajl. A c^i.^ious bob::. 

Cubiur. A corner, fcsim, froth. 

Cubhntina. A ccwrlet. 

Cubhas, A tree. 

Cucca^ chucca. To tlieaau 

CuccLiidhe* A narrow way. 

Cucamhar. A cucumber. 

Cucht. A colour, kind, image* 

Cttchraidk. A maker, &natr. 

Cuchtair. Akitcben* 

Cudaidhe. A refidence, habitatioci. 

Cudaim. TolaU. 

Cudatmeafadh. The (ailing ficknef$« 

CudaJ. Bad, wicked. 

Cudachd. AlfiH Ukewifew 

Cudam. A fear on the bead, a fault in the 

hair, an eruption on the fide of a moiin^ 

Cudamacb. Frail, corruptible. 
Cudarman. The vulgar. 
Cudaruiu A cap or hood. 
Cudh, A head. 

Cudinn. A little fifh called a cuddy* 
Cudtbrom. Weight. 
Cudhnodb. Hafte. 
Cudihaoth. An apology. 
Cudthromach. Weighty, importaAtt 
Cueirt. An apple-tree* 

Cugadfa, chugadfa. To you. 
Cuguio, cbttgint To tt$« 

G U b 

C U I 

Cugalin. Hich ftanding WMo.' I . j . V J 

Cuib. A cup. 

Cuibh. A dog, grqrhoundt 

Cuibhid. Worthy. 

Cuibhe. Meet, competent. 

Cuibheis. So mucli, enough. 

Cuibhet. Fraud. 

Cuibhiofach. Paffable. 

Cuihhreach. Bands, bonds. 

Cuibhrigham. To fetter, fhackle. 

Cuibhrighte. Bound, fettered. 

Cuibhrionn. A portion, fhare. 

Cuice. Until. 

Cuid. A part, fliare, a fupper« 

Cuid an trath. A meal. 

Cuid-alaich. A irtter. 

Cuid-oiche. A night's, lodging* 

Cuid ri. Along with. 

Cuidalachd.. ^ Pride* . - 

Cuidarun. A ccwl. 

Cuideachd. A troop, compatvjr, likcwife^ 

alfo. . 
Cuideachdaigham. To accoimpany^ 
Ctrideachadh. Helpj helping* 
Cuidachal. - Aflifting. 
Cuidaigham. To help, affift. 
CuideamfaaU. 'An inc/uder. 
Cuideamhuil. Meety fit, deteViti 
Cuidamhiachd. Decency, meetnefs. 
Cuibheachd. Dtceftcy; 
Cuidbheachdacji. -Parttfd, fevered. 
Cuidhal. A wheel, a. fpQinitfg-whefeK 
Cuidhealam. To wheel. 
CuidhiJairaBhcL > WhsdTut^, j^oflipg^ fyrft^ 

ning. ' J • ' "• '■ 

Cuidigh. A'midwife. .-:! li - - -' 

Cuidigham. To ht}p, %C(«jttr, aWi affift. 

CuidiohHeac^j 4i .^. .i' ^^ * • , 
^ ..t7 ? An ainftant, helner. 

Cuidaiche. J • - i . • * 

Cuidughadh. Aid, .h?lp^ afliftancc. •''• 

Guidmheadh. A fcoft", jeel, a fl4u<i'M*}-* 

cule. ,';c*' i • .f 1.' . • !; c.' L" . .. 

Cuidridh. Comnufll. : - •'"• . !•(''•<• 

Cuife. A pit. . . . . / . '. ^. 

Cuig. Five. 

Cuigeadh, cuigo. The fifth, a province. 
Cuigc. Therefore; chuighe fo, for this 

purpofe; chuige agus uaidhe, to and 

Cuigeal. A diftafF. 
Cuigealach. As much flax or wOol as is 

put on a diftafF at a time, a tafk. 
Cuil, cuileog. A fly. 
Chuile. Every. 

Cuil. A couch, a corner, a clofet. 
Cuil. Lead, wicked, prohibited. 
Cuilas-dighthoir. An caves-dropper. 
Cuilc. A reed. 

Cuiltach. Corners, a place full of Corners, 
Cuilche. Any clothes. 
Cuilbhar. A fowHng-piece. 
Cuilbheirtidh. Wiles. ' 
Cuilcheann. TJie noddle. 
Cuilcheannag. A bribe. 
Cuilceach. A veil, cfcrth, hood j afteeple, 
Cuileach.. Party-coloured; 
Cuilc-chrann. Cane.' 
Cuilctharnach. A place #herc reeds groVv'. 
Cuildubh. A beetle. 
Cuilag-fhionnachain. A glow-worrti. 
Cuilean. A whelp, pup, kitten. 
Cuileann. ) „ „ ' 

Cuilfhionn.l "^"5^- • 
Cuilear. A quarry. '• • - •' ' - 

Cuileafg; A jatie, a horfe. 
Cuile6g-. A gnat. . 
' Cuilfhinn. Fftindfame, Jovelv. 
Cuiyoftl. • V«lei HtffleWdrth'. ' 
Cuilidh. A cellar, ftorehoufe. 
Criillif.- Aqimr, 'blkcfctfoth. ^ 
Cuilioch. • Fi^a-tHtteii. 
Cuilleafga. Hazlcrodsor ^vig^; ' ' ' [ 

Cuilrir. -Aft^ife*^ ^' *' • ': * 

Cuilmhionnachadh-.\ J&)fii^X)ii, '' '''; 
Cuilmhionnmghiitt-. • ^^ty^jiire:; '" *' 
Cuilog. A pdir. 



C U I 

I To remember. 

Cttilf on* The quilt or tick of a bed. 

CnUre. Beating. 

CaiUhcooiar. A bedchamber. 

Cttilfinntcas. Dclajy negUgeace. 

Cttilt. A bed-tick, a bed. 

Coilteach. A bakehoufe. 

Culm. Entertainment. 

Cuiffl. Mercy, protedion, a Ihirt* 

Cttimeir. Neat, proportioned. 

Cuime. Hardnefs. 

Caimcoladh. Wiping* 

Cttimhealta. Bruifing* 

Cruimheamhachd. A competency. 

Cuifflhlan. A wheel. 

Cmmhne. The memory, remembrance, a 

memorial, record. 
Cuimhneach. Mindful. 
Cuimhnachan. A memorandum, keep- 


Cuimhnughadh. Remembering, memorial. 

Cuimhni^thoif . A recorder, chronicler. 

Cuimhre cuir. Said to be hart's horn. 

Cuimhrean. A portion, flrare, eating to- 
g^er, meffing. 

Cuimhleadh. Intermeddling. 

Cuimin. A little coffer orcheft, 

Cuimim. Cwnmin feed. 

Cuimide. An appointed time. 

Cuiminibh. Suburbs. 

Cuimir. Neat. 

Cuimne. Pi^teAion. 

Cutmfeach. Mean, little, indiffsrent. 

Cuimfe. A mark, aa aim. 

Cuine. When ? 

Culnneog. A churn, can» pail, 

Cuineadh. A coin, mourning. 

Cuineam. To coin. 

Cuineag. A copy. 

Cuineang. Narrow. 

Guineas. Reft, filence, quietnefs, a calm. 

Cuiniochthaoi. Ye fhall keep. 

Cuing. A yoke, hand, duty, obUgation. 

Coing analach. An afthma* 

Cuingeach. A pair, couple. 

Cuinge. A folicitation, an entreaty. 

Cuinge, cuingad. Narrowneis, ftraitnels. 

Cuingir. A couple. 

Cuingis. Pcnticqft. 

Cutngam. To defire, folicit, requeft, de- 

Cuingcheangal. Subjugium. 

Cuingdis. They ufed to keep or retain. 

Cuinghid. A requeft or petition. 

Cuingreach. A cart or waggon. 

Cuingcear. A rabbit-burrow. 

Cuinuigham, cuinigham. To afluage. Mi- 

Cuinneire. NoftriU. 

Cuinin. A rabbit. 

Cuinion froine. A noflciU 

Cuinrein. A fhout. 

Cuinfeal. A face, countenaaoe* 

Cuinfgeallan. A ftable. 

Cuintearcham. To render. 

Cuinn, from Conn. Qjiintius, a king of 

Cuinne. A comer* 

Cuinnfe. Quince. ^ 

Cuip* Froth, foam ; A whip. 

Cuirbeachta. Birds claws. 

Cuiraidach. Cunning. 

Cuirc. A knife. 

Cuirc. A whittle, a fwatbe. 

Cuirce. Oats. 

Cuirceog. -. A hive. 

Cuird. A trade. Vide Ceaird. 

Cuire. A cauldron. Vide Coire. 

Cuireadh. An invitation. 

Cuiram. To put, ftnd, to fow, plant, to 

Cuire. A multitude, or throng. 

Cuiram air lagh. T-o prepare, adjuft, aim. 

Cuireat. The knave at cards. 

Cuirfam. To tire, fatigue. 

[D dj Cuirin. 

C U L 

C U L 

Cuirtn. A fmall cauldron, or kettle. 
Cuirm. A kind of beer or ale amongft the 

old Irifh ; a feaft, banquet. 
Cuirnain* The head of a pin, or any fuch 

thing, a ringlet, 
Cuirnainach. In ringlets. 
Cuirpidh. Wicked, impious, corrupt. 
Cuirpeachd; Wickednefs, corruption. 
Cuirpeoir* A carper. 

Cuirt, cuirteog. An apple-tree, a wild- 
Cuirt. A. court or palace, a yard. 
Cuirteamhuil. Courtly, courteous. 

Cuirtamhlachd. Courtlinefs, courteouf- 

• nefs. 

Cuirtais. Courtefy. 

Cuirtaifach. Ceremonious. 

Cuirteag. A kind of cup. 

Cuirtin. A curtain. 

Cuirtir. An eunuch. 

Cuis. A matter, affair, a thing, a caufe. 

Cuifag. A ftalk, a foot. 

Culfcle. A private affair. 

Cuifdag. The little finger. 

Cuifean. A crime. 

Cuifl>hurta. A buffoon. 

Cuifle. A vein, a pipe. 

Cuifleach. Full of veins. 

Cuifleog. A lancet. 

Cuiflean. A caftle. 

Cuifleanach. A piper. 

Cuifne. Ice, froft. 

Cuifnigham. To freeze, congeal. 

Cuifle-mhor. An artery. 

Cuiflin. A pole. 

Cuifneamhuil. Frofty. 

Cuifnighte. Congealed, frooen. 

Cuifon. Wife, prudent. 

Cuifte. A couch. 

Cuit. The head*. 

Caite. Sound, healthy, well. 

Cuiteach. That recompenfeth* 
Cuite. Quit. 

Cuitam. To quit. 

Cuitigham. To recompenfe, render, re- 
ward, requite. 

Cuiteach. A denial, revenging. 

Cuitughadh. A requital. 

Cuithbheirt. An helmet, head-piece, har, 

Cuithe. A trench. 

Cuitheach. Foam, froth ; rage, fury. 

Cul. Cuftody, guard, defence. 

Cul. The back of any thing. 

Cul. A chariot, coach, waggon. 

Culag. Turf, peat, the cheek-teeth. 

Culaidh. Apparel, a fuit of clothes, a tool, 
inftrument, a boat. 

Culaidh'fhiuil. Canvas. 

Cul-taic. A defence, redoubt. 

Culam. To thruft or puih back. 

Culantas. Baihfulnefs. 

Cularain. Cucumbers. 

Culb. An artift. 

Culbhoc. A wether-goat, a buck. 

Culchaint. 7 „ , , . . ' 
Culchainadh. r»'''''"'"S. calumny. 

Culchainam. To backbite, flandcr. 
Culdich. Retired, fet apart. 
Culchainteoir. A backbiter. 
Culchoimeid. A rear-guard. 
Culcheimnuchadh. Tergiverfation. 
Cul-earalais. A corps de referve. 
Culmhutairachd. Mutiny. 
Culmhutaire. A mutineer. 
Culidh-fanoid. A laughing-flock. 
Culidh-bhroftidh. An incentive-. 
Culidh-mheallaidh. A dupe«. 
Culghairm. Recalling. 
Culghairmam. To recall. 
Cul-ithe. Backbiting. 
Culla» A hood, a cowL 
Cullach. A boar. 
CuUin. Holly. 

CuUoid. A great noife, rattling, li>lut- 




CuUoideach* Noifj, brawliiig, qvarrfU 

Culmhaire. A wheelwright. 
Culmhionnuigham. To abjure. ^ 
Culradharcach. Circumfped. 
Culfleamhnaigham. To backflide. 
Cultfaamiinguicham. To retra&» 
Culuigheach. Apparel. 
Culthaideach. Prepofterous. 
Culuran. A cucumber. 
Cum. Form, {hape, trunk of the body. 
Cum, chum. To, for, therefore. 
Cum. A combat, fight, duel, battle. 
Cuma. Indifferent. Vide Comma. 
Cumadh. A model, form, pattern, form- 
Cumach* A breach, derout. 
Cumachda. A command. 
Cumadh. Vide Camadh« 

Cumadoir. A framer, fhaper, fafliioner. 

Cumadoirachd. Device, invention. 

Cumam. Toihape, form, frame. 

Cumam. To hold, to faften, keepw 

Cumagach. Curling. « 

CumaL Holding. 

Cumailam. To touch, wipe, rub ofF. 

Cumailt. Wiping, rubbing. 

CumaL The price of three cows.. 

Cumaineach. The communion. 

Cumaifc. Mixture. 

Cumaifcam. To mix, mingle, blendr 

Cumaifgte. Mixed, blended. 

Cuman. A Ikimmer^ a fort of difh, a 

Cumann.. AfFedion. Vide Communn.. 

Cumannach. Affedionate* 

Cummanta. Common. 

Cumaoin. Obligation- 

Cumar. A point or place where ftreams, 
roads, or any thing elfe meet; confluence,; 

Cumarra.. A proper name, a fea-hound. 

Cumafgadh. Mixing. 

Cumafgam, To mix. 

Cummaraice. A valley ; a people living in. 

a country full of valleys and hills. 
Cumas. Strength^ power. 
Cumafach. Strong. Vide Comafach. 
Cumafg. A mixture. 
Cumhadh* Mourning, forrow. 
Cumha. A bribe, reward, condition. 
Cumhac. Narrow. 
Cumhag. A cuckow* 
Cumhag-bhogadh-toine. A wagtail. 
Cumhachag. An owl. 
Cumhachd. Power, force. 
Cumhachdach. Powerful, mighty. 
C umhachdaiche. Mightier. 
Cumhadhach. Sad, forrowful. 
Cumhaing. Narrow, ftraight. 
Cumguim. Daring, adventuring. 
C umhainge. Narrownefs. 
Cumhaingam. To ftraighten^ to narrow*- 
Cumhais. A felvage. 
Cumhal. A handmaid, a bondmaid. 
Cumhal. Obedience, fubjedion. 
Cumhaldha. Belonging to a fervant* 
Cumhang. Power, ftrength. 
Cumhan. Mournfulnefs ; aftrait. 
Cumhdach. A defence, veil, covering, co* 

ver of a book. 
Cumhdach. An ouch ; cumhdach oir, an 

ouch of gold. 
Cumhdachda. Fenced. 
Cumhduigham. To fence, maintain, fup- 

Cumhgach. Straightnefs, diftrefs. 
Cumhiadh. Rubbing, wiping^ 
Cumhlam.. To rub, fcrape; 
Cumhnanta. A covenant* 
Cumhnantgha. FedcraL 
Cumhnantuigham. To bargain, covenant. 
Cumhra. Sweet-fmelling, fragrant*. 
Cumhrachd . Fragrance. 
Cumhrog. Sweet apple-tree, 
Cumraicham. To citmber, encumber. 




Cumhfgtba. Moved, ptrovoked. 
Cumhthaoh* Bribery. 
Cumhfgughadh. Marching, journeying* 
Cumhul. Vide Cumhal. 
Cumtha. Shaped, formed. 
Cumthadh. Dear, coftty, 
Cumus. Power, ability. 
Cumufg. A mixture. 
Cumfgadh. Ringing. 
Cun. A body. 
Cunablach. A carcafc 
Cunabhaireas. Slotbfulnefs. 
Cunganta. Helpers, affiftants. 
Cungantach. Helpful. 
Cunghas. Co-operating. 
Cunbhalam. To hold, faften. 
Cunbhailtach. Firm, durable. 
Cunbhailteachd. Firmneis, durablenefs. 
Cungaidh. Materiak, tools, ingredients* 
Cunghnamh. Help, fuccour, aid. 
Cungarach. Exigeitt. 
Cungir. A couple. 
Cunna. Friendfliip^ 
Cunnatrc, chunnairc. Saw. 
Cunnarthach. Betrothed, a cheap bar- 
Cunnla. Modeft« 
Cunnradh. A covenant. 
Cunoiathadi. Agreed upon. 

Cunntabhairt. It-., i 
Cunntairt. } D^^bt, danger. 

Cunntabhairtack. -i «. i i_.f i 

^ , (Dangerous, doubtful, 

vunnartach. j 

CuntaidL. A pomnty. 

Cuntas. Account, counting. 

Cuntafach. Keen, (harp, narrow. 

Cuntam. To reckon, tell. 

Cunnuil. Objedion. 

Cupull^ A cupple or rafter. 

Cupuil. Shrowds. 

^ '^ (A cup. 
Cupan. i 

Cupar. Ccmception. 


Cupk* A .p«tr, xoople* . 

Cuplam. To couple, pair. 

Cuphair. Cyprefs. - 

Cur. Sowing, fending, putting, thwwing, 
raining, fnowing, prelenting ; as,Ciir iidl, 
cur air fhiubfaal, cur as, cor cloich, cur 
fneachd^ cur &tlm amacfa. Vide Cuinud. 

Cur-romham. Purpofing. 

Cur. Power^ 

Cur. Wearinefs, defeat. 

Cur. Difficult. 

Cur air. A defeat. 

Cur as. Extinction. 

Cur as leath. Afcribing, imputing. 

Cur ann. Encreafing, preferring. 

Cur ann ard. Elevating. 

Curamach. Addiefs, converfation. 

Curtha. Tired, fatigued. . 

Curach. A bog, marih. 

Curacb. A coracle, a little boat. 

Curachan. Aikiff. 

Curach sa cnaig. SmallJeafed belUilo^ver. 

Curadtu An obftade, ievere Jiftrefs. 

Curaideach. Friflcy^ cunning. 

Curaideachd. Frifkinefs, cutmlng. 

Curmidhe* A cfaanpion. 

Curaighir. A mug. 

Curaidhe na craoibh ruaidhe. The heroes 
of theited Branch. A certain >bflnd of 
warriors in the fervke of the king x>{ 

Curaighean. A conn, mug, tankard. 

Cnraighcan. Cfae^fb^Tcnnet. 

Curam, care. A prey, prize. 

Cimmach. Careful, folicitbus. 

Curamas. Care, diligence. 

Curanta. Courageous. 

Curufan. A milk^patl or firkin for butter. 

Cuntntachd. Bravery, courage. 

Curbifeach* AdditionBl. 

Curcag. A fand-piper, a bird« 

Curcais. Hair, a bullruih. • 

Curr. A corner, end, a pit. 


C U 3 


Curn. Vide Corn. A cup. 

Currach. A bog, fen where (hrubs grow. 

^ \ , J Sowing, a little farm. 
Currachd. i 

Currac. A cap, a woman's head*-drefs. 

Currac-conlaich. A bon-grace, 

Curracaig. A lapwing, a cock of hay. 

Currac na cuaig. Blue-bottle. 

Curagh. A burying-place. 

Curran. A root of the carrot, or radifli 
kind, daucus. 

Curran-buidhe. A carrot. 

Curran-dearg. A radifh. 

Currghalan. A bucket, a didapper. 

Currtha. . Wearied, fatigued. 

Curthigham. To tire, fatigue. 

Currel. Plain, manifeft. 

Curfa. A courfe or manner, row, rank, 

Curfaigham. To courfe, traverfe. 

Curfachd. Traverfing. 

Curfach. Winding, folding, meandring; 
Brat-curfach, a loofe robe. 

Curfacfaadfa. A curfe, malediction. 

Curfon. A learned man. 

Curta. Bad. 

Curftabha. A bucket. 

Curfuir. A courier, mefTenger, atten- 

Cus. A fubfidy, tribute. 

Cus. Ijiough. 

Cufadb. * Bending, inclining. 

Cufag. Wild muftard. 

Cufal. Courage. 

Cufbair^j . .. ^ 

r> f . {An object, mark to aim at. 

Cuipair. J * 

Cufmunn. Cuftom, import. 

Cufmafc. Diverfity. 

Cufpoirachd. An objedion or argument ^ 
throwing, cafting at a mark* 

Cufpoiraidhe. An opponent, 

Cufpoiraidham. To objedj to aim at a 

Cufp, A kibe, mouls. 

Cufpach. That hath kibes. 

Cuftaire. A tanner. 

Cuft. Skin. 

Cutach. Bobtailcd. 

Cutag. Any fhort thing of feminine gender, 
a fhort fpoon. 

Cutal, cuthal. Baihful. 

Cutallaidhe. A companion, comrade, part- 

Cuth. A head. 

Cutha. j^ 

Cuthach. {Rage, fury, fiercenefs. 

Cuthach. % 

Cuthaileachd. Baflifulnefs. 

Cutharlan. An onion, earth-nut, pig. 

Cuthdarun. A fort of cap, a Montero- 

Cuthbhar. An helmet. 


D A 

D Called Du!r, oak, -^ is the fourth 
9 letter of the alphabet, and is 
founded foft, as in the French. 

Da. Two. 

D'a. Off, or to, his, her, it. 

Da. If. 




D A I 

Da-adharcach. Bicornous; 
Dabhach. A tub. 
Dabheothach. Amphibious, 
Dabhiianach. A two-year old. 
Dabhoch. A farm that keeps fixty cows. 
Dabhan. A pitcher, a bucket. 
Dachruthach. Biformed. 
Dacheannach. Bicipitous. 
Dachorpach. Bicorporal. 
Dachofach. Biped. 
Dachbheurla. An idiom. 
Da-dheug. Twelve. 

Dadadh. i A jot, whit, a trifle, fomcwhat, 
Dad. 3 any thing. 
Dadhas. The buck of the fallow deer. 
Dadum. Something, any thing, a mote. 
Dadhuilleach. Bifoliated. 
Dadmun. A mote. 
Dae. A man, a perfon. 
Dae, A high dyke, a wall, a boufe. 
Dae. A hand, 

Daf hoghair. Two vowels, a diphthong. 
Dafhilte. Twofold. 
Dafhiadach. Bidental. ' 
Dagh. Good. Vide Deagh. 
Daga. A piftol. 
Dagach. Armed VTith a piftol. 
Daga-diolaid. A holfter. 
Dagham. To finge, burn. 
Daghte. Singed, burned. 
Daghadh. An empyreuma. 
Daghar. Wind. 
Daibhi. David. 
Daibhliag. A church. 
Daice. Belonging to a tribe. 
Daicheil, dathamhuil. Likely, well-look- 
Daicheilad. Likelinefs. 
Daibhbhir.' Needy. 
Daif. Drink. 
Daigh. Fire, pain. 
Daigh. Hope, confidence. Vide Doigh, 

Daighbhiorafg. , Fuel. 

Daidhbhras. Poverty. 

Daighchinnmhiol. Enamelling. 

Daigheadh. Giving, delivering. 

Daigham. To give. 

Daighnigham. To eftablifh. 

Daighedh. Great odds. 

Dail. A delay, decree. 

Dail. Near, within reach, conjun<5lion ;• 

'N a dhail, towards him. 
Dail. A {hare, portion. 
Dail. A feparate tribe. 
Dail. Defire, willingnefs. 
Dail. A meeting, convention. 
Dail-chath. A pitched battle. 
Daileadli. Tradition, a£Bance. 
Dail-chuach. A fort of herb. 
Dailag. A date-tree. 
Dailein. A fcofF. 
Dailam. To give, deliver. 
Daille. Night, darknefs, blindnefs. 
Dailthe. Dealt, parted, divided. 
Dailthe. After. 
Dailtin. A jackanapes, puppy of a fellow, 

Dailtinnas. Scurrility, impertinence. 
Daimh. A houfe, friend, connexion, con- 

Daimh. Aflfent, free-will. 
Daimh. Tranflatcd by Mr. Macpherfon, 

Daimh. A poet, a learned writer. 
Daimhal. Connected, allied, fyb. 
Daimheach. A companion, afibciate. 
Daimhaodann. A frontifpiece. 
Daimhfheoil. Beef. 
Daimhiach. Of a powerful clan. 
Daimhliag. A church. 
Daimfin. A damfon-plum. 
Dain. The gen. of Dan. A poem. 
Daindeoin. Againft will, in fpite of. 
Daingeann. Strong, firm. 





DaingeuL Anaflurance, contrad. 

DainzTicach. 7 

Hai ^n» »i*l \^ fortification, ftrength. 

Daingnuicham. To fortify, faften, efta- 

Dalngnuchadh. Fortifying, a ratification. 
Dainotde. A fchoolmafter. 
Dair. An oak. 
Dair, daircadb. Bulling. 
Dairam. To bull, uke the bull. 
Daiibb. A kind of worm, a little per- 


DairUue. An oak, a nurfery of oaks, 

Dairbag^ A tadpole. 

Dairghc. An oak-apple. 

Dairt. A clod, a heifer. 

Dairteach. Full of clods. 

Dais. A mow. 

Daifgin. A writing-deik. 

Daitbte. Coloured. 

Daith. Quick, nimble, adive^ fupple. 



Daicbe. -j _ 

Daithcadhadh. r'"'"Se. . 

Daitheamhutl. Likely, comely, handfome. 

Daitheamhlachd^ Comelinefs ; grandeur, 

Daitheafc. Eloquence, a fpee^h, remon- 

Daitheafc. Unaninaoufly. 

Daitheoir. An avenger. 

Daithle. After. 

Daithnid. Sorry. 

Dal. A (hare, divifion, lot. 

Dal. An aflembly i a tribe. 

Dal. A plain field, a dale. 

Dala. News, an oath, efpoufals, a meet- 

Dala. A relation, hiftorical fa(5l» 

Dala. As to, as for. . 

Dalaigham. To affign, appoint. 

Dalaighidh. Aifignment, 

I A fofter-fathcr. 

Dalan-de. A butterfly: 
Dalian. A great bulk. 
Dallan-cloich. A large ftone, a monument 

Dalladh-eu n. Purbl indnefs. 
Dalian. A fan to winnow with* 
Dalbb. A lye, contrivance. 
Dalba. Impudent, forward. 
Dalbhdha. Sorcery. 
Dalgaol. Affinity. 
Dall. Blind, puzzled. 
Dalladh. Blindnefs. 
Dallam. To blindfold, blind, puzzle. 
Dallaigeantach. i Dull-witted, fooliib, hea- 
Dallintinneach. J vy. 
Dallog. A leech, a buffet, a mole. 
Dallog-an-f hraoich. A fhrew. 
Dallog-fheoir. A dormoufe, a mole* 
Daltach. Betrothed. 
Daltan. A fofter-child, difciple. 
Dallta. Like, likenefs, in manner of. 
Daltin. A ftripling. 
Dam. A conduit, refervoir. 
Damh. An ox. 
Damh. Learning^. • 
Damh dhamh. To me* 
Damanta. Condemned, damned. 
Damnam. ■ To condemn, damn. • 
Damnadh. Condemnation. 
Damhan-eallaidh. A fpider. 
Damhach. A vat. 
Damhadh. Permiffion, liberty. 
Damham. To permit, fufier, allow» 
Damhair. Earneft,- keen. 
Damh-feidh. A buck or red deer. 
Damhiann. An oxftaU, 

¥-k . , * ?A fclioolmaftcr. 
Llamhphupa. 3 

Damhna. The matter out of which any 
thing is or maybe formed $ Riogh darnhna, 
king ele£^. 

Damhnadh. A band or tye. 

Damh-nartaidhe. A bullock. 


P A.Q 

D A R 

Damhfadh. Dancing. 

Damhfadh deife. A Strathfpey dan,QC|« 

Dambafaoi. Todai>ce. 

Damhfair. A dancer. 

Damhafaire dubh an uifgc. "WTater-fpider^ 

Damham^^Wl. > ^ ^^^^^^^ 

Damhtha. > 

Damtha. Scholafiic. 

Damnuigham. To cpndenfvn^ 

Damnughadh. Condemning. 

Damuinte. Condeipned, dam.ncd. . 

Dan. Work. 

Dan. • Fate, dcfliny ; bha e ^S:an d^n do, i% 

^a^ hi^fate. . 

Dan. A poem ; poetry^ 

Dan, d^%. Bold, imp^tvLOUS, impudent. . 

Dan-argaid.. . IMConey v/ffrth, gopd^^ 

Dan^-lgiQgais. A fie^, fqu^dxon^ 

Danachd. J ,> u r • 
-^ , > Boldnefs. 
Danadas. > 

Dan^ighaq:!* To dare^ defy. 

Dannartha. Impudent, ftubbprn* 

Dannarthachd.. S$ubbornnefe, frowardr 


Danair. A ftranger, forpigi;i/8|'» 

Danat. A nurfe. 

Dandha. Fatah 

Dant. A aoorrel, portion, ihare« 

Dantuigheachd. Poetry. 

Daoch, daochag* A periwtnU^^ fea*fnaiL 

Daochal. A morfel, a bit* 

Daochan. Ang«r» 

DaochMach. Angry. 

Daoi. A man ; wicked. 

Daoil. A kedi. 

Daoine. Men, people. 

Daoineach. Populous., 

Daoin. Thurfday. 

Dainnas. Manlinefs. 

Daoirfbine. A fubj^fted people. 

Daoirmheafdach. A tafkmafier. 

Daoirfe. Dearth^ fearjcity. 

Daoirfc.. 7i ^ .- •. i. j 


Daol. A bug, beetle, chafer. 

Daolair. A lazy man. 

Daolagach. Abounding with beetles. 

.l>aolag-bhroac. A lady-cow. 

Daolag. A lazy iheaki0g female. 

Daomhaifam. To ruin, dcmolifh. 

Daon. To raife up^ aic^nd^ 

Daonna. Human, bjum^ne. 

Daonna^hd. Huno^^nity, civility^ 

Daonnachdach. Civil, liberal. 

DaonA^» for do gh^a^ Always* . . 

Daonchon. The moral of a fable. 

Daonfhuil. Akin^ related^ 

Daonghaoidhile. Moral philflfophy* 

Daor. Dear, precious. 

Daor. Giiilty, condemned. 

Daoram. To coodenui^ fentiDn^. 

Daortha. Condemned, coaviAed. 

Daoradh. Condemning. 

Daorich. Drunkennefs. 

Daorara. \ a n 

Daoranach. I 

Daorbhodach. 1 . |, 

Daoroglach, 1 

D^Qr/<?« Slavery.' 

Daofgarfluaigh. The populace, mob. 

Daothain. Sufficiency. 

Dar. By, through, whofe, whereof. 

D'ar. Unto our, your j from off our, your« 

D'ar. To our, your. 

Dara. Second. 

Dara ait. Second place. . 

Darab. Improperly whofc 

Darach. Oak. 

Darag. A ftone as large as. a man can caft» 

Darag-ialmhuio. Qermander, the name of 

a bird. 
DarabhalL Oak*applcs, galls* 
Dararich. Slapdafh. . 
Darcan. An acorn. 



D E A 

Darcan, na lagan. The hollow of ithe hand. ' 

Darargnegheadfak Thought. 

Darairgnegham. To think. 

Daras. A hom%, a dwelling% ' 

Darb. A worm, a reptile. 

Dabbh. A coach or chariot. 

Darcain. ^ maft or acorn. 

Darcanam. To gather acorns. 

Dardal. Bad weather, fevece time. ' 

Darn. A fcbool. 

Darna. The fecond^ 

Darriogha.« Above or bejond kings* 

Daraidh. Rutting. 

JDart, To bull a cow> 

Dartan. A herd^ drov«. 

Dars. A habitation. 

Dartluich. Impoffibie* 

Das. A deik. 

Dafachd. Fiercenefs% 

Dafachdach. Fierce. 

DafhiolaiUw A diiTyJUble. 

Dafan. Binocular. VideDafbttilach. 

Dafan. To him. 

Dafidh; Furious. 

Data. Pleafant. 

Datan. A fbftcr-father. 

Dath. Colour. 

Dathach. Coloured^ chromatidc* 

Datfaaib. Dying, a tinduYCv 

Dathadh. A prefcnt, a favour. 

Dathadoir. A dyer. 

Dathag. A worm in the human. body« 

Dathagmhortach. Anthelmintick^ 

Datham. To dye, to colour. 

Dathamhlachd. Hopour, de4tency, reiped^ 

Dathamhnat. Decency. 
DathamhuiL Pl6«(ant^ decent^ comely* 
Dathan. Colour^ paint* 
Dathchlodh«U2hi Parti^colouml* 
Dathigh, -dhathigfa. A konie,. kome» 
Dathnaid. A-foftep-motfaer; 
Dathughadh. A dying, colouring* f 

Dathe. Agility. 

De. Whence ? from'whence ? thereof. 
De. Of God, genitive cafe of Dia» 
Dc Genitive of Dia, « day. 
De, andd. Yeftcrday. 
Deabhadh. Hade, fpeed. 
Deabhadh. A fkirmifh^ a batde, encounter* 
Deabham. To haften, to battle, enctttntisr* 
Deabhiach, deabhthach. Contentiout, li'O 
. tigious. 

Deaccair. Strange, wondecfiih 
Deaccain i ,» • i.«. , 

Deach. Better.* 

Deachadh. Pad tenfe of Racham, to go*. 

Deachair. A feparating, following, brighU 

Deachairam. To follow* 
Deachain. Vide Feuchin* 
Deachdam. To didate, dibbatfi, teach* 
Deachdadh. . DiAating, a:lair« 
Deachdoir. A diiSiiitxn'* 
Deachmhaidh. A.tendr, ty.dttu 
Deachmhugham. To tythe. . 
Deachnamhar. A desade. 
Deacmhoradh. Couriief|r, affkbilityi 
Deachra. Separated. 
Deachra. Anger, indignation. 
Deachd. Divinity, Godhead. 
Deachda^ Di^tes« 
Deachc^uighte. Dieted. 
Deachtoir. A didator,.teacher» 
Deacmaic* Hard, difficult. 
Deacrachd. Difficulty, ltard(hip» 
Dead.. A jaw^/ fet of teeth. 
Deadith. The tooth-ach. 
Dead. Meet, proper, decent^ 
Deadhaohd* Godlinofa, religion» 
Deadhan. A dean. 
Deadhanachd. Deanery^ 
Deadhail. A, rdeafing,^ weaning^^ 
Deadhbheachd. Aeivility* 
Deadhbhal. Wretohed^ wocfal. 

[Ff] . Dcadhair, 



Deadhair. Swift. 
Deadhmann* A motb. 
Deaghchruthach. Shapely, bandfome. 
Deadhoil. The feparation of night and 

Deadla. Bold, confident. 
Deadlas. Confidence. 
Deafhogharach. A diphthong. 
Deaganach« A dean. 
Deadhbheufach. Virtuous. 
Deathbholtanas. J . - r n j 
Deadhbholadh. } A fwcet fmell. odour.. 

Deaghbhaltram. To perfume, to cenfe. 
Deaghbholtrach. Aromatick. *' 
Dcadhbfiuil. Well-difpofed. 
Deagh. Good, and is often prefixed in 

Deaghallam. Torecal. 
Deaghainm. Good name* 
Deagharfgair. A chronicler* 
Deaghbhuilachadh. Frugality. 
Deaghbheus. Good habit, morality, 
Deaghbheufach. Moral. 
Deaghfhuin. Good-will. '^ 

Deaghghean. Favour. 
Deaghla. Salutation. 
Deaghmhuinte. Well-bred. 
Deaehtheis. 7 . . 
Deagbtheifdas.1 A good report. . 

Deaghthrial. A good gait. 
Deadughadh. Accoutring. 
Deagailt. A difcharge, divorce. 
. Deaghnach. Lafl. 
Deaghbhlas. Flavour. 
Deaghbhlafda. Dainty, well relifhed*. 
Deaghfhoclach. j ^^jj 
Deaghlabhartha. i 

Deaghiomchar. Good comportment* 
Deaghghuth. Euphony. 
Deaghalbharthach. An orator. 
Deaghmh^feach. Handfome, comely* 
Deaghmhaifaigham* To adorn* 
Deaghmhaifisghadh* An ornament* 

Deaghmhifnachal • Confident*.' 
Deaghmhifnacb. Confidence* 
Deaghnad. Frofl. 
Deaghoibbra. Good worlcs. 
Deaghoideafach. Difcreet. 
Deaghorduighte. Prudent, provident* 
Deaghorduigham. To methodize. 
Dcaghraidham. To love fxncerely, 
Deaghrhoil. Benevolence. 
Deaghthoileach. Favourable, friendly*. 
Deaghuair. An opportunity. 
D* eagal gu. 'For fear that, lefl* 
Deaith. Wind, air. , 

Deaitheach. Windy. 
Deala. Kindred, friendfhip* 
Deala. A refufing, denying^ 
Deala* A cow's udder* 
Deala. A leech. 
Dealachd. 7 . j- • r 
Dealaghadh. { ^ ^^""'•^^' ^^P^''**'^'^- 
Dealaigham. To feparate, divorce* 
Dealan* A coal. 
Dealan doruis. A latch* 
* Dealanach. Lightning* . 
Dealan de. 
Dealbh ande. 
Dealbh. The countenance, face, form^ 

image, frame, figure, Aatue. 
Dcalbham. To form, frame, make> ooa« 

trive, to feign* 
Dealbh. Poor, miferaWe* 
Dealbhach. Refembling, ingenious, !&« 

ventive, fpecious* 
Dealbhadan. A mould. 
Dealbhchluith. A fbige-play* 
Dealbhthach. Pleafant. 
Dealbhadoir. A ftatuary, framer, iA* 
Dealbhthoir. 3 ventor* 
Dealbhliobhoir. A painter. 
Dealbhthoireacfad. Delineation* 
Deallas. Zeal, quicknefs, hurry. 
Deallafach* Hafty, quick, zealous* 
Dealbhas* Mifery, poverty* 


\ A butterfly. 

D E A 

D E A 

Dealg. A thorn> wire, ikewer, prickle, pm, 

Dealgach. Prickly, flinging. 
Dealgcluaife. An ear-picken 
Dealc-fuilt. A hair-pin. 
Dealghionadb* Laying wafte. 
Dealgnaidfae.' Unjuft, unlawfuL 
Dealradh. Brightnefs* 
Dealradhach. Bright. 
Dealraidham. To ihine, brighten. 
Dealt. Dew. 

Dealuigham, To'divorce, feparate. 
Dealughadh. Separation, divorce. 
Dealuigheach. ' Separable. 
Dealuighte. Separated, divorced. 

-^ , * f A demon, evil fpirit, 
Deamhon. ' 

Deamb. Want, lack. 

Deamharruin. A myflery. 

Deamhas. Sciflars, iheers. 

Deamhra. Vide Diomhair. 

-. * I Colour. 
Deann. ) 

Deann. Force, impetus, hafte. 

Deanachdach. Vehement,, ke^'n. 

Deanadh, deanamh* An adion. 

Deanadb, deanafach. Adive. 

Deanam. ^ To do, ad, work ; ^ome away, 

Deanamh, .Doing. 
Deanas. A ipace, a while. 
Dcanbha. An effeft. . 
Deanchoire. A cauldron. 
Deanchlodhach. Of changeable colours* 
Deanmhafach. Prim. 
Deannag. A little quantity of any com« 

minuted matter, a pinch. 
Deannal. Stir, hurry, flafh* 
Deanmhufach. Coy. 
Deangan. Vide Seangan* 
JDeantog. A nettle. . 
Deante. ' Done, iiniihed. 
Oeanmbas. An efied. 

Deannam* To colour. 
Deantach. Praftical. 
Deantus. • Rhyming, poetry. 
Deantanas. Doings, deeds. 
Deantafach. AAive. 
Dear. Great. 
Dear. A daughter. 
Dear. A denial, refufal. 
Dear. Vide Deur. A drop, tear. 
Deara. Notice, remark. 
Dearadh fe. Vide Deiram. 
Dearaotnteach. Despairing. 
Dearbairde. Signs, tokens. 
Dearbb. Sure, certain, true, fixed. 
Dearbh. Peculiar, particular. 
Dearbb. A churn or milk*patl. 
Dearbhach. Sure of. 
Dearbhadh. Experience, trial, proof. 
Dearbham. To prove, confirm, try, exj 

•^ , , 1. c A toachftone. 
Dearbhiiag. i 

Dearbharafc. A proverb. 

Dearbheachd. Certainty, - aiTurance. 

Dearbhchliamhuin. A fon-in-law* 

Dearbhghniomh. i . 

T^ , , > An axiom. 

Dearbhann. I 

Dearbhtha. Confirmed, proved, tried. 

Dearbhrathair. A brother. 

Dearbhrathair-athair. An uncle. 

Dcarbhbhrathair-mathair. An uncle by the 

Dearbhbhrathaireachd. Society, brother^ 

Dearbhphiuthar. A fifler. 
Dearbhthachd. Experiment. 
Dearbhughadb. Alleging, protefting, af« 

firming, fwearing. 
Dearc. An eye. 
Dearc. A berry ; a lizard. 
Dearc. A cave, grave, grotto. 
Dearcabhal. An oak-apple. 
Dearc-bhallach. A fpeckled ferpent. 


D E A 

D£ A 

^ Dcarcam, 
ly at. 

To fee, behold, to look fted&ft- 

Dearcadh. Looking, beholding. 
Dcarcnach. Goodly, likely, handfomc^ 
Dearca-francach. Currants. 
Dearca-fiaich. • Blackberried heath. 
Dearca-roide. Bilberries. 
Dearca-eidhuin, Ivy-berries. 
Dearca-fraoich. Blae-berrics. • 
Dearca-iubhair. Juniper-berries. 
Dearc-luachrach* A lixard, efk. 
Dearcach. Berried, having berries.. 
Dearg, deargan. Crimfon, red. 
Deargam. To redden, to p2unt crioifons to 

bluih, to kindle, burn, 
Deargam. To make,- prepaoe. 
Dearganta. A plea. 
Deargaa. The fi(h called, breaii). 
Deargan. Crimfon,' red dye; puf |^, rouge. 
Dearganach. A red-coat foldierj a wfaig^ or 

one loyal to the Hanoverian ho\ife. 
Dearglafadh. Flaming, red hot. 
Deargan-alt. A kfiftrel. 
Deargaa^fraoich. . A goldfinch. 
Deargchrtadh. Ruddle. 
Deargliagh. A furgeoti. 
Dearmad. Forgetfulncfs. 
Dearmail. Anxiety^ 
Dearmadach. Forgetful. 
Dearmhail. Huge, very greaU 
Dearmhair. Very great^ exceffive, vioient. 
Dearmhara. Wonder. 
Dearoa. Palm of the hand. 
Dearnam. To do, ad. 
Dearnad. A flea. 

Dearnadaireachd. Chiromancy, pahmftry. 
Dearal. Beggarly, poor, wretched. 
Dearalachd. Want, defeat. 
Dearrafan. Hurry, ruftling. 
Dearfach. A r^^ beam, beaming, 
Dearfam. To- ray, ihine, beam. 
Dearfaigham. To watch. 
Dearfaigb«. Watching. 


peariaigheachd. . Vigihincyy waichfidbels; 
Dearfgam. To polifli, file, burnifli* 
Dearfguithe. Complete, finifhed, bright, 

Dearfgaithe. Science. 
DearGiughadh. Making polite:, cmnp]eCe» 
Dearfgnuidheacbd. Politenefs, excellence 
Dearthach. The apartment in a mofiaflety 

calculated for prayers. 
Deas. South. ' 
Deas. Right. 
Deafadan. A repofitory. i 
Deaflamhu Ri^thamL 
Deaflamhach. N^atrfaanded.. ^ 

Deas. N^at, .pretty, fBSHly,.degjmt. 
Deas. Order. 
Deafaigham. To prepare, get i'eadjr,^to^lMdce^ 

drefs, adorn, mend,. corroftL 
Deafal. Round .with die/fun. 
Deafam. To ftay, remaiA. I . - 

Deafcadh. The laft. ' 
Deafcheumach. Stately gait. 
Dcafcadh. | _ 

Dea(ghabhail. Afceiifion-day.f 
Deaflabhradh. Blocution, sidre^fs. 
Deaflamhach. Neat-handed, dextrous. 
Peafughadh. Mending, drdDkig,. prepay 

Deaflamhachd. Ambidexterity. 
Deasfhoclach. Ready'*witted* 
Deafalan. A buffet. 
Deafpoireachd. Difputitig,^ arguing. 
Deafpoiream. To difpute. 
Deafgaram. Topluckoff thoears. 
Dcafgbnath. A ceremony. 
Deafmas. 7 ^ . 

r^ r - i Curious. 

Deafmiras. 3 

Deafoireach. Spicy. 

Deafuighte. Prepared, ready, adorned. 

Deatach. Smoak, vapour, exhalation. 

Deatach-thalmhuia. Fumitory. 

Dcataigham. To fm6ak. 



V E'i 

Deatamhuil. Full or ftnoak^ ^„ > ^ 

Dczqhofy^ . l^o I^therc I fee j heboid. ; 

Dechealti ClotL , . 

Dechedfaidh. War^ battle. . 

Dedhbhel. Poor^.miferable. , . ^ 

Dedhd. A calf. 

Dedl4« Bold/ impudent, prefumptuous. 

DeTordal. Error. 

Deiade. Care, diligence^' clrcumfpe£lioxi* 

Deibheadh. A debate, fkirmifli, battle. ^ 

Deibhcadh. Hafte, fpeed, expedition. 

Dcibhidhcr The firft forxof DandinaA^ 
a kind of verfe which ^ requires that the 
firft quartan fliall end with a minor ter- 
mination, and the fecond with a major, 

Dethabha. - Jehovah. . 

Deich. Ten. . , .• "- . 

Deichach.. Pecuple, tenfold. 

Deichmhadh, j ^, - , ^.. , 

Deicho. } The tenth, derftaal. 

DeidtiinhighanK To decimate. 

Deichbhrighte^ . The Decalqgue. . 

Deichmhios* December. 

Deichnar. A decade.. : .. . 

Deich fithbbe. Deourio^ a ierjeant^ corporals 

Deichihiiofnach. A decagon. - 

Deiccir. Dificult. - 

IVicfin^ To fec^bebold, 

Deidag. Baubles. 

Deide. Obedience, fubmii&on* . . ^ 

Deidh. Defire, longing,^ a pro^edor^ de« 

fender. ,,1 , . . 

Deideadh. The tooth-achj - 
Deidhe. Two things^ ^ douUe proportion. 
.Deidhal. Defirous, fend oj^ addided; to.; 
Deifir. Hafte, fpeed^ expedittbn. / 
Deifinch. Ha%,iii hafte. ^ 
Deiftuig^um* T<i haften, burry« 

Deifreadb. Difference. : 

..... V 

Deifrimhe^racb^ .^^ant*;^. r . ^ 

I>eigh. Ice. 

Deigh. After., . - a 

X3ei^ laimh. Afterwards, too late. 


Deigheanach%., .Laft,.hindcrmofty 
Deigheanuighi?., . Later. ^ 

Deig^e^. A quire of |)aper. 
> Deighthiodhlaicthe.' Good^. 
Deil, . I . ^ „ ^ 

Deiiag.r^'**''^*'^* : . ^ 

Deilbb.. -A figure. Vide Dealbh, 
Deilbh; Fine, fair, fprightljr, 
Deile. A deal, or plank. 
Deilbhealach. The meeting of two ways^ 
Deilbhin. A little ima^) pt^re.. ' 
Deilchead. \p\^,^, jid. .' ^ 

Deilcbeahnach^ Biceps. j 

Deilaodannach. Double-faced. 
Deileadoh^. " A turner.* 
Deileala., The fpace of two days. * 

Delleang. A two year old pig. 
Deileas. Grud^ijag through €ovetpufn^£i^ 
Peiloidhchet JS^accoftwo ni^htj. ^.\ 
Deilethorc. A hogof two years* . . 
Deilf. A. dolphin. , i 

Deilgionnadh. Wi^, j^ayo^k. \.: ^* 
Dcilgiionnam. .ToI^jrWafte.. .^^ 
Dellgne. XhoWf pricldLek ^ ; >^ 'j " 
Deilgneacfa. Thpmy. . . . ^ 

Deilgneach. S^eaifrthiftle. .^ 
Deilam. To turn with a latlif. . 
Deilgreine. The name pf Fkigar^ ftandafd. 
Deilin. A little deal or plan!;.., ^ 

Deilidham. Tolean uppn. .. 
Deillam. To feparate. Vide Deolutghamj* 
Deilm. A found, noife, trembling* . 
Deiligheadh. Accvifiim^..^^i 
Deilfa^. A bo^ on the j|Ar. 
Deiltre.. ipcuid-idph. , [ 
Deiltieadh. Gilding/ 
Deiltharruinn*. . A trig^r^ wi(on nail., | 
Deim. Lack, want. , , , 
Deimheas« , <^ pair of Sbfi^u \ 
Deimhe. Dai^efs.^ ^,,^ \-^, i\ .!<. 
. j^qimhln^ T4:^f^cer|pain.^ .. ^ 

Deimhne. Aflurance, certainty. 
Deimhnigham. To affirm, prpve* 

[Gg] Dein> 


Dtitiy fa Jfiiin. Even as. ^ ^ ^ - 

Dciji. Clean, heatj'ftrong^ clofcV 

Deine. Clcaxincfsi neaCnefs. 

Deineaclidach. R.ude, vehement, violent, 


Deku^chd.. Keepnefs, yiplenre.- 

Deinas. Rudcnefs, vi©lencej» ' ' ' \' 

Deineafich; Violeht, fo'rciTigi fierce. \' 

Deineafaighe.- Lightrtin^. / ' 

Deinmeas. Vanity. * 

fiipiiiniheacb. Void, vain, frivolous. ; ■ 

Deinmheacha-. Tbys, trillest' ^ ^^ ; 

Deinmheacboir. A peiffaf, a toyman. 

Deinmhigham. "f 6 viiiiflf.* ' ' '' 

Deinmhin. ' '7 * .' ^'ii ' 
r^ . u u- t ^ vain fellov* . 
Deinmheachm. j 

Dcinmnt.' 'Svsrifi, adiv^ nimble; 

Deir. Saythou. ' "" \ - '"'l ^ 

Befraffi'^'Yofey, fpcia^^ V' ' \; i 

Deir, i. e. *Peine fiaidbv 'St. Anthonj^s fire, 

tbc Ibirii^tfeV^ " ■ ' /' '* 

Deirbh. A chum. Vide Dearbli. ' 
Deirc. ThV de^^,^afe>l5^ ' ' - ^' 

Deirc. Alm& i "Thof deirc dfaamh air gbaol 

Dc, Give afms'ftr^'c fqvc'of 6b*. ;; 
Deircach. Poor^ penuribqs. * \* 

Deircag. A narrow pehurious woihan. \' . 
Deirdas. ^ Hbey fay. * Vide Deiranu \- 
'^beireadli. '"The eiid^ reS, fterS; ^ '^; 
Deireannactf. Eatt, lifaAnoft;'^ "' ' . 
Dcirge. , Reddiir J ^ *^^^^* 1 *^ '"; ' 

Deirgheine. Heinadfe?-' ^' -•''' .i -'^• 
DeirginnUdh.'-Rea^caftft;' '; V 

Deirglidh. A buy&igv!p«;cb*fin©' '•; 
Deirgliaigh. A fuJ-j^n.'" *' 

DeirHf.^'"A tkcth^my^ty:'-- ■'''" \' 
Deiicannan. A defiSrt. * • ^ •" ' ' ' "' " : 
Deiridh. OiT'AVlal!, hfnddioft;"^ -"^'^ 
Deirli. A pitknt, tewxri. ''• "''■">' 
Deinnide, i. el' DithMjirmidin. - ' IH; 

-^^ * •; " ^ ^ ..•., v^ 


^ i. j;:-> 

vv , 


Deirrideach. Secret^ hid^private;. 

Deis. - After.' ' / 

Deis; Gen. ofDias. An ear df torn* 

Deifad. Neatnefs, exa^nefs'. 

Deifc. Of the nght-hand. 

Dcife. Of the two. Vide Dual. 

Deile. Neater, handfomer, fitter.' 

Deiifccarf." The foutheirn point or quaN 

- ten 

Deifciobal. A difciple. 

Deifcreide; Difcretion. ; Not Galic» 

Deifei A fait of clothes. 

• Deifachd. - Cbhveniencej; ornaments. 
Deifad. ^ Neatnefs, elegance. ' * 

Beifeach*. ^ToWards the fouthV ' 
Dcifibh'.* Laitds. ; • ^ 

Deifidh. He fat or refteJ.* - 
Deifidham. To ftay, remafnV ^ 
Deifidhocca.' - They «gf*j'W- ctfnfeiitedi; 
Deifmigbeadh. pjrefi,^naiiiciit. ' 
Deifean." Ugly. • '"'' ^^ 

Deifearrach. Suhhyi fouthei'n ztptSt. ^^ 
Deiftean.^'Diiiike; fqileanifthnefs, difguft* 
Deifteanam. i^To hate; ibhori dcteft> 
Deiftinaigham. ) male lf^\ies(hiifli. ^ \' 

'Efcittrfahadi. ♦ Kfguftiful, TqU^mifli/ V" .* 
Deiftin. Numbncfs. "^ " ' ' ■" ' " ' "; 
Deithbhir. Legal. '; "•' J ;;; '^ ["'} 
Deithbhreachadh.' Haftt,' makings fpeedT' 
Deithbhrigham. To haften , fattike' ijieca:; 
Deithide: H5ei)ai3tlonf cart; ctih^enV:*..' ^^ 

^©eithmeacK; "'Dainty. * . * ' '^ - * ^ -^ ^'^ 
Deithneamhar. A decade. ^ *]'' ' 
Deithneas. HalK, ll{>ee(r. ' •" ^ ' ' '"' 

-BefflMfiMidhi ^ Reen^ taffl^. - '' ^^ ^ \'^ 
Dekhniifafj^iMfti.''-^' i^o^makVliaft^^ ' • ' ^^ 
Dennadhr -V^^ationr^' '• "'^ ^ •'"^'- 
Deabhronnta. *l6onfecrkT<Jnt ' '• '' ' '^ ^ 
Deo. Bteiti^flri gadeo,;fore^^^ 
Deoch. Adrink/''"''^'*^V ,.:* -»,>a 
Deoch an doruis. * The pirtluV Srlhk; boa 
aller. - '^ .»tv..U 

Deoch'eirldint A potion; ' ' - ' '^ >-* *^ ^ 



Deoch-uafal. A' cbftly drink| foreign 
dnilk* . . ' '^ ] 

Deocham. To eihbHtce teller Ijr.! 
Deochair. ^A diflference, diftindioiu .. -: { 
Deochfltittft/ A-%ei}th>te2ift. r^. \ 

Deochal. Grudging* 

Deoig. Alwayi. - • . ' - - ' ! 

Deoigh. Therefore, for tbefake^of. 
Deoghbhaire* Acup-bearer» 
Deoin. Accordf.will) pui^fe* /. 
Deoirfeach. i . - , 

Deoirfeoir. } A flave, . porter. ^ . 

Deoin A tear, jdrop^ Vide D^ujt* rr i 
Deoir. Will, pl^afure, inclinjUipn. 
Deoir£eoireachdr Going abou^from doorj 
to door. , . . • » , 'T ' 

Deolaidh. Afd, help>..fuccQuir; i/daw^ I 
Deolchar. A prefent* 
Deonach.^ j^ffe^lo^ . wilUog, gra^-' 

Deonachdv Pudendum* ..,-., r- ^ i' ^ 
Deonaigham. T^ YpM^ftfafe^ S*^^, 4W9 < 
approve, confent* •.-.<-, - - C ' 

Deontas. WjlUngn^s., -^.-.- ,- 1 C ' 
Deontaeh^* Voluntary, ^^ .» ., ,^. . - ' 
Deonnlghtbeacb. .Wil^in||,» r ~. ;-q ' 

Deoraidhe.^ outlaw.^ ^ ^^ • 
Deor. A tear, drop. ^.. " 

Deoraidh. Stro^^ftout . , .. / ^ 
^epraidh,..A furctj that withdraws him- 

'* feif: ' ' ' ' '^ ^ ^^ ^ 

Deoraidh. Difobcdience. - .- ^ 

Deoraidheachd* Banifhment. .. \ 
Deoraidham. To baiiiSr^ expel*. ^ 

Deoral. I^ijear^ wf:!Ptched. .' j 

Dcors^i^ . S^a^jje^^^ banilhcdi^ j 

Deothadh. Henbane. 

Beothalam. To fuck; _. , ' ; 

Deothalagan. Honej^ckle. y 
Dcothafacb. Deik9us« dcfirablf « , * 

D I A 

Dern. A box. Buffet."' 

pes, ]^;id,jjl. Deifibh.,- 

Ccsl A fpot, fpeckfeV 

Defe. A number, multitude, trocfr. 

Defcuidh. Godly, /' ^1 ' , \ . ^ 

Det. Viftuals,^ food- "* ' ^ 

Detiach, deteigKeach. The weafand,' I|- 

Dcugaidhc. Wi£h, w6u*d to God.' 
Deunam; To dcu ' '/ * T 

Deud. A jaw,"fet of teeth. ' . /T 

Deudidb. Toothach/ 7 

Deunach. Sad. 

Deur. A tear, drop.' ^' 

Deurach. That iheddetb tear^' fa^ mour|k- 

fui. .^ : /^ ;' 

Deurghe< , Quitting^' leaving ' ' \' 

Deuiin. '^An afpedi 

li'i. To her, it, from her, it. 

Di. Littl^iDiaoiyaUtdewhlle. 

DL Want. 

Dia. God:\::^,;^f\;|./ ''[ . ^- 

Disu Adayl " ' . . 

Dia-domhhuidfi.'^ Sunday. ^* 

Dia-luain.^ Monday. 
Dia-mairtV "Tiiefday. * 
Dia-ceadaoine..* WedheCTay/ 
Dia-ceadaome aa luatBraich* ^ Ai)i*wcdnd 

day. ' . . ^ 

Dia^daoirne.' Thurfday, ^ 
Dia-abine. Friday. 
Diarfathuime. Saturday. 
Diabail.^ Withoiit fire. 
Diabhal. TheJevil. 
Diabhlaidli. DeviUib. 
Oia^bheum. /Bla(phen>y« ' 
piabladh. ^ Twice as mifcb^ doubfe* 
Dia-aithacQi. 'Atheilm. \ '^ 
Diachair. Sorrow^ grief. 
DiacharacK. SorrowYuI. 
Diadha. .1 
DiadbamhuU. f Go<ll^^ gbdlDce, divine. ' 

;.' X ■' ■••; ;•• 

■''• I^iadhacBd. 


r a a 

D I A 



.j; -, 

. Oiadhachd. Gdchiead, ' gGidlmbfs^ tiied« 

Diadhalr. ' A^divihe, ^ , . ,' 

Diadhairachd. Pivii^itjr; . \ ! 

Piadheanamh. ..Apot1ieofi;< * \ / 

Diadhuigham. To dcily. 

Diaigh. , Ancn^, after. _ 

Diail. Quick, Tooii^ iminedia<el}r. 

Di-airmhe. Innumerable. 

DialL SubmnSoh, ' * , i; 

DialL The arfe, breecK.' , " 

Diallaid. A faddlc. /'^ '" r ; 

Dialon. . A diary. ' _ * ,5 

Diamann. Food, fiiftiqence^^ \- 1 

Diamain. tJnfpotted, unta!nl;ed« . ' j 

Diamhaoin, The fubftance of a.c^urclil I 
Diamhain. j tji / \* V . ' 

Diamhanas. Idlenefs, vanity. V ' 

Diamhar. Huge, enormous* . - , 

Diamhar. diamhair. Dark, occiilt,, koi^t^ 

hid. ^'' '■'/ ;':;■' i^^ry:: i 

Diamhaircachd. A ftcrel'pracc.* *" JJ! j 

Diamhafladh. Blafphcmy. * " ' I - 
Diamhafluighoir. A blafphemer. 
Diamhafluigham. TobrafpHcme. 
Diaimhladh* A place of .refuge. . 

Diamlughadh. To make dark of j^o* 

loured. . . ' j. 

Dian. Sad, vehement,' viglcni* nimble,^ 

briik. .. , - . .. '. > 

Dianas. VehemencCf violence. ' * / * 
• Dianairm. A place of refuge or fafcty. _ 
Dianathchgiinge. An hnp6rtunate^rec|u/ft 
Dianchomhla. An aid de^camp, an officer ol 

the life-guards. 
Dianlorgaireachd. Indagatlon. 
Diarath. Daily. 
Diardan. Surlinefs, anger. . . 
Diarmuid. Tlie name'Dcrmid. 
Dias. VideDis. 




r 3 \ .Ati ji .Li',u r.oj'. ^ 

». . f. J A .-. . ' Q 
Diafdach.-}^'"^^^^^ '^AOf 5»fP.ii : - a 

Diafada. 1. .v-. ' "^ ' • '^^ 
Diafadach.r^^e-Waded. ^ _ ^ 

Diafridh. Gleanin^g.- ' * ' *f 

Diafram. To gleiahi *^ —^ 

Diathraimlj'. -Dcfcrr, Sefclate. " ^ 
Dibheach.,' Aa-afit.. ;\ \ ■ - " 

Dibheal. Old. ' ' '-J 

Dibhealach. Unpaflabie. ' ..I 

Dibh^ajrad&i Coilibling, \ / '" v - ' - 

'^ Dtbhearanf. 'fp^^rbhftjle.' "■ ^ " ' ^-^ 
Dlbeadach. Negative. ^ ' 

©ibedil.'- ^^Durfib,'iAW ^'-^ • ; ; 
Dibeartha. Banifli^d. ' • ^ ' • ^ -^ 

'*l>lbeartb«6h. ' A ftrgttl^e, exile; ''' ' ;^ 
Dibirara. To rout, banifli. '^'^ 

Dibirt. Banifhrnfehtj-fianHhing. " ^ ^ 
l>iiii; ^ Frbm or off-ybii. . . : - -1 

Dibhc. Of a drink, "''^^j '^ ^^^ 
Dibhc. Refufing; ftpwatin^.^ - • ' c : CL 
Dibheargacfa. A tobber j vindlftive. • * • 
Dibhcjrt. Vftfc^Dibiit. -'^'- ';' ^'l -•^- ^"^ 

'iJibhfhelfge; -ihdignation, Wath/ ven- 
geance* ...:.:; i .-i. :^i 

Dibhir. Private. -^ '' ' 
Dibhircc. An endcsivbur; • - ^; 
Dibhirceach. * t)Ilig6nt5 ferce, violent, 

unruly. ^ ' * 

Dibhridh. DriWngout. ^' *- 

Dibine. 7" 

Dibincachd. P'*^'^"»*3^- ■ " " 

D.ibir. Forg'ctfQifiefs, negleft.- • - 

Dibiidh. ' Vile, drctoping, wretched.' 
Diblighachd, - A djfteping ftate, ^^tcfaal« 

Oibligham. Tomakeorbtcomcvilc^droop* 

ing, wretched. 
Dibrigh. Cohfeihpt. 

Dicheal, ForgetfUlnefs. 




D I N 

Dicheal. AttompV endeavour, diligesice* 
Dicheallach. Diligent. 
Dichealltair. The fli^ft of a i^ear. 
Dichealtair* A deer-park. 
Diclirann. A man beheaded. 
JDicheannam. To decapitate. 
Dicheannadh. Decapitation. 
Dicheannta. Beheaded. 
I>icheilam. To ibrget«. 
Dichr^damh. Diibelief. 
Dichreidmheach* An unbeliever, credu-' 

Dichreidthe. Incredible. 
Did. Apap, diddy. 
Dideann. A fort, fanduarjr, prote^on, 


Dideannaigham. To defend, proted. 

Didein. Hafte. 

Dioliochdadh. Delight. 

Didil. Great love, kindnefs. 

Didionnoir. i . ^ ,. 

v>. , . , . > A protedor, guardian. 
Didnighoir* J ® 

Difeadacha. forwards 

Difir. Difference. 

Difhulang. Intolerable. 

Dighe. Gen. of Deoch. A drink* 

Dighe. Succour, fatisfadion. 

Dighe. Condign, adequate. 

Dighdhe. A conuoiendation, bleiSng. 

Dighdhe. Gratitude. 

Digham. To come, to arrive at a place* 

Dighinam. To fuck. 

DEghiona. Morofe« 

Di ghreana. Bald. 

Di^gam, diugam. To cluck as a hen. 

Dige. A ditch. 

. Digeach. Full of ditches. 

Diic. Sorrow. 

Y^.,.' > A deluge, inundation. 

Dihonn. J ^ ' 

Dile-ruadh. The deluge. 

Dile. Love, friendfliip. 

Dileach. Beloved. 

Dileachd. ^ . 

Dileachdan. ^ " *"P^*"- 

Dileaghadh. Digefting. 

Dileagham. To digefl: food. 

Dileagradh. Addrefs. 

Dileaglam. To reverence, revere. 

Dileamain. 7 _ , . , ^ «.• ^. 

T-fci L C Love, kmdnefs, aftedtion. 

Dileamhaon. 3 , . 

Dileas, dilios. Dear, beloved, faithful. 

Dileafchoimhadh. Protedlion. 

Dilfeachd. I ^/.^t' /^^*^"' lovingnefs, 
Dilfad. J f^^^»^f"J"^f^- 
Dilghionn. Deftru£bion, plundering. 
DiIgio%xiiIgionafih. Emptying. 
Diliadhadh. Boilings concoction. 
Dilmain. Meet, proper, fit. 
Dillain. Illegitimate, not in wedlock, un- 

Dillanas. ) _^ 

^.,, I Fornication. 

Dillantas. S 

Dilib. A legacy. 

Dilbiche. A teftator, legator-. 

Dille. Dill. 

Dilin. For ever. 

Dike. Nutriment. 

Dimchifin. To fee, behold. 

Dimbrigh^ Contempt. 

Dimbuaigh. A crime. 

Dimeas. Contempt^ a bad name. 

Dimeafam* To undervalue, defpife. 

D imeafal . Contem ptuous. 

Dimeafda. Defpifed. 

Dimeafdachd. DifrefpeA. 

Dimhe. Prpte£lion; 

Dimhin. Vide Deimhin. 

Dimhinachd. Confidence. 

Dimnidhachd. Sadnefs. 

Dimhnigham. To affirm. 

Dimnidhach. Sad. 

Dimreas. Need, neceffity. 

Din. Plcafant, delightful, agreeable, fucjc- 


[H h] OinaiUm. 

D I Q 

i>i a 

Dinaitam. To dillocate. . 
Dine, cine. A generation, age. 
Dine. A beginning, the fifft. 
Dineart. The pcfwer of God. 
Dincart, Imbecility. '^ 
Dineartaigham. To weaken, to flank- 
Ding. A wedge... 
Dingam. To urge, thruft, pufhv 

Dinafgadh . If n tying. 

Dingadh, Thrufting, puffiing. 

Diniath. A helmet. 

Dingir. Cuftody. 

Dingthe. 'Wedged in, preffed, fqueezed. 

Dinam. To drink, imbibe. 

Dinib. Drinkingi ' "^^ 

Dinmhiach. Idle. 

Dinn, dinne. From, off* us. 

Dinn. A hill, fortified hilK 

Dinnis. An oath. 

DInnis. Contempts 

Dinneir. A dinner. 

Dinnfair. A wedge, ginger. 

Dioach. For Diadhach; Divine* 

Dioachd. Divinity. 

Diobadb. A prick, a point. 

Diobain. To die without iflfue; 

Diobbar. DiiVeffica:, omiffion. 

Diobh. Of them. Vide Dibh; 

Diobhadh. Deftru£tion, death, inherit- 

Diobhadh. A portion, dowry. 

Diobhaidh. Impious.^ 

Diobhaighidh. Confuming. 

Diobhail. Lois, defeat. 

Diobhaidham. To deftroy, confume. 

Diobhal. Old, antient. 

Diobhalach. Robbed, fpoiled, the abla- 

'Diobhanach. Lawlefs. 

Diobhargadh. Captivity, enflaving, perfe- 

Diobhargach. Keen, fierce. 

Diobhlacha. Material, of moment. 

Diobhartha. Exiled, baniihed. 
Diobhratha. Difcovered. 
Diobhratham. To difcover. 
Diobhuidhe. Ingratitude. 
Diobhuidbach; Ungrateful. 
Diobram. To forfake. 
Diobradh. Forfaking, failing, wanting* 
Diochioll. Endeavour. 
Diochiollam. To endeavour. 
Diochairtam. To peel, decorticate^ 
Diochmairc. Theft. 
X)iochoifguidhach. Implacable. 
Diocholna. Without body. 
Diochuimhne. Forgetfiilhefs. 
Diochuimhnach. , Forgetful. 
Diochonaire. Without any way or paf» 

Diochra, diochur. Diligence. 
Diochron. Immediately, without time* 
Diochuidh. Small. 
Diocfa. Lofty* 
Diodhailin. An atom, a mitei 
Diodhaoineadh. Depopulation-. 
Dipdhaoinam. To depopulate^, 
Diodhatham. To difcover. 
Diodhma. A fort, fortification. 
Diodhnadh. To fatisfy^ 
Diodhuille. Without leaves. 
Diofhulang. Intolerable. 
Diofhlain. Exanguious, pale. 
Dbfhochain. A" muldl paid 'for not mar-^^ 

Diog. A ditch, dyke, pit; 
Diogg. A breath, life. 
Diogam. , To ditch, -enclofe, entrench; 
Diogan. Revenge, fpite, fe verity. ' 
Dioganta. Fierce, cruel, revengefiik 
Diogantachd. Revenge, cruelty. 
Dioggladb.. Sucking clofe. 
Diogha. The worlt. 
Dioghaltas. Revenge. 
Dioghaltach. i ■ . .,^, 
Dioghaltafech. J, revengeful. 


D I O 

D I O 

. Dioghbhuth. Deftru6tion» 
Dioghmhalach. Hurtful. 
Dioghrabham. Toleflen, dlminifli. 
Dioghadh. Mifchief. 
Dioghann* Plentiful. 
Dioghais. High, tall, ftately. 
Dioghalam. To revenge. 
Dioghalt. Revenge. 
Dioghalta. Revenged. 
Dioghaltoir. An avenger. 
Dioghartham. To behead. 
Dioghbhail. Damage, deftru6tioh. 
Dioghbhalach. Hurtful, noxious. 
Dioghiona. Morofe. 
Dioghla. Revenge, injuftke*' 
Dioghluim. To glean. 
Dioghna. - Contempt. 
Dioghnas. Rare. 
Dioghradha. Morofe, rude. 
Dioghrais, Conftantly, frequcntljr. 
Dioghrogam. To belch. 
Diogras. Uprightnels*. 
Dioghraifach. Beloved. 
Dioghuih. Forcing, compelling. ' 

Diograis. Diligence, a fecret. 
Diol. Worthy, fufficient. 
DIol. An object. 
Diol-deirc. A beggar. 
Diol. Selling, ufe, pay, fatisfa£lion. 
Diol. An end. 
Diolabiche. A legator. 
Dioladh. Paying, filling, fatisfying, ran- 

Dioladhmhail. A receipt, difcharge, 
Diolacht. Blamelefs. 
Diolachtchomh, Prote£lion. 
Diolaidheacht, Payment. 
Diolam. To pay j renew, change, rccom- 

Diolaim. To gfean, leafe," write* 
Diolaimhnighthoir. A weeder, ' 
Diolaihairachd. Abfence, 
Diolaitbram. To pillage. 

Dfolantas. Manhood. 

Diolbhrugh. A (hop. 

Diolcomhan. Confederacy, 

Diolchuan. A fhop. 

Diolgadh. DifmifEon, forgiveneft. 

Diolgam. To difmifs. 

Dioimain. Faithful. 

Diolamhnach. 1 * , . ,. ^ , ,. 

Didmhanach. I A », a , a 

TV. , . I brave ftout man. 

Diolunach. J* 

Diolanas. Fornication; 

Diolafchoimhed. Patronage, protcAion.* 

Diolafchoimhadaiche. Proteftor. • 

Diolas, diVDlis. Faithful, loyal, true^ dear. 

Diolta. Repaid.' 


Dioltoir. A feller. 

Diollaid. Afaddle. 

Diollaidair. A faddler^ 

Diolughadh. Confumption, deftruftion. 

Diollait. Apparel, raiment. 

Diollmhanacfa.- A Jiired foldier. 

Diolunta. Valiant, ftout,; brave, getie- 


Diolnntas. i rr /• . ,. 
Dioluntachd. r°'^P'**^''^- 
Diom, dhiom. From or of me. 
Diomadh, diombuaidh. Difpleafure, anger, 

Diombagh. Griefs forrow.- 
Dbmbaghach. Sorrowful j mournful-.^ 
Diombuan, Fading, trahfitory. 
Diomgha. Difpleafure. 
Diomdhach. Difpleafed.' 
Diomhalach. Profufe, hurtful. * 
Diomfaaltas. Caution, notice. 
Diomhaonach. Idle*, vain, lazy, trifling. 
Diomhaonas. Idlenefs, vanity. 
Diomharr. Secret. VideDiamhir. . 
Diomhargam. To quench, fupprefs. 
Diomhagad. Enfranchifement,* liberty, 

freedom. .. 
Diomhagam. • To make -free.* 


© I o 

D I O 

■Diomliothaigheach. Stupid. , 

Diomhoileadh. A dqmoliiliing. , ,^ 

Djomhillam. To deftroy utterly. . - , 

Diomhrachd. Obfcurity, darkn^Jfe.. 

Diomhran. A myftery, a hermit's cell. 

Diomaltoir. A glutton. 

Diomoladh. Difpraife. 

Diomoltam. To difpraife. 

'Diomolta. Difpraifed, blamed. 

Diomoltoir. A flanderer. 

Diomrac. A temple* 

Diomafach. Proud» haughty, arrogant. 

Diomus. , Pride, arrogance. 

,Dian. A ihelter, proteftion, covert,,fence. 

Dion. The fecond femimetre.or ieatbrarm 
of a verfe, confifting of two quartans; 
it is more commonly called Comhad. 

Dionach. Clofe joined^ wa^er*tigkt. 

Dionachadh. i ^ . j • 

Dionadh. f^'=^""*y- ;:; V 

Dionadair. A fender^ 

Dionam. To defend, ()rote<9;« 

Dionairm. 7 « /. 

Dionait. 1 ^ "^^* 

Dionaigham. To fecure, make water* 
tight. ^ ' ^ , .' ■ 

Dionafgadh. D.isjoimng, loofening, undo- 

Dipnafgam. To disjoin, loofen. 

Dionafgtha. DiiTolv^d. 

Dionbhreid. An apron. . 

Dionchofnam. To garrifon* 

Dionchaint. A defence. 

Djongam. To match, equal, overcome. 

Diong. Worthy. 

Diongmhalta. Perf^^, effeSuaj, worthy, 
meet, propef ,. fuitable^ 

DIonn. A hill. « 

DiongbhaUr. Worthy. 

Diongbhalto. Firm, tail, fixed. 

Dionnal. A fhot. , 

Dionnan. A little hill. 

Dionlongphort. A garrifon« 

Dionnfoighidh. Even to. 

Dionfuighe. Unto. 

Dionnt;i. Turning about.' 

Dionuighoir. A patron, proteflor* 

Dionte. Defended. 

Diopal. Sey«re. 

Dior. Meet, proper, decent. ^ 

Dior. A law. 

Diorachrach. Lawlefs. 

Diorach, direach. Juft, right, equitable, 


Diorain. A dropping. 

Diorgadh. Dire<aing. 

Diorgham. To dire£l. 

Diorahgam. To belch. 

Dioradaim. To annihilate. 

Diorgas. Uprightnefs. 

Diorma. A troop, company, crowd- 

Diormach. Numeroufe, infinite. 

Diofna. Quantity. 

Diorrafg. Suddephefs, fiercenefs. 

Diorrafach; } t^ , .- 

n- r u f F roward, ram. 
Diorrafgach. J , ' 

Diorfs^n. Bad news* 
Dioruaimeach. An atom,.a mite. 
Diofc. 1 _ , . . .„ ' 

Diofgadh. i ^"""♦'J'y' n.tgmngmUk. 

Diofgan. A gnafhing of the teeth. 
Diol[gani. To gnalh the teeth. 
Diofgadh. A noife. 

•n,. r * if TJie mob, rabble. 
JJ^ofg^^H^cJi.^^ ^ 

Diofmugam. To fnuflf* a candle. 

Diofnaidhm. Smooth, without knots. 

Diofpolreachd. Vide Deafpoireacbd. 

Diot. Of thee, from thee. 

Diot. A meal of meat, a dinner. 

Diotadoir. An affiftant. 

Dioth, dith, di. Want. 

Diothchuiram. To force away, drive qAF, 

Diothach. DeftruSiori. 

Diothlathairughadh. DeftrudUon, con- 


6 Diothreamh^ 

P I T 


Diothreamh. A wikksmets/a Stktt. ^ 

Diothruaillam, To u»flwa«lle^ • -^- - 

DipioB^ A taki ' • 

Dire. A trftiuir* - . • 

Direach. Straight, upright, juft^firugid. 

Dearachan. A per^hilicular* 

Direadh. A&~eiK}ili<g^ • 

Direadttam. To afctiid^ go up. - 

D ireadidas. Uprightnefs. 

Direachdam. To geld. 

Direadh. A panegyric. . 

Direagadh. A direAion. • 

Direme. Without Way or pafiage, out of 

the way. 
Diribe. Bald. 

Dirij^aiR. To make ftraight, Hre/R; guide; 
Dirim. Numeroils, pknteotis, great. 
Dirifgleam. Toftripbark. 
Dis. Two,, both, a pair, braee. 
Dis. Chilly, poor, miferable. 
Difbeagam. To contemn, defpife. 
Difbeirt. Twofold, double. 
Difcir. Fierce, nimble, afflve, quick. - 

Difgir. Sudden. 

Difgreitfia. A difeafek - 

Difle. Dearer, more loyal. Vide Dilas. 

Difle. 1 Love, eibem, friendihrp, fide- 

Difleach. S lity, loyalty. 

Difle. Property. 

Difle. A die, dice. 

Diflean. A dice-box. 

Difligheach. Uncouth, ftraggltng, imper- 

Difleachd. Faithfulnefs, pit>pridey. 

Difliogam. To bide, conceak 

Difread. The aTpergillum ufed at mafs to 
fprinkle the holy water on the people. 

Dit, do dhit. It remains. 

Dith. Want,defea. 

Dith. To fuck, give milk. 

Dithbbir. Difference. 

Diteadh. Condemning, fentencing. 

Diteanu To condemn, fentence* 

Dithche. Eati'hg. .\ ^ 

Dithcheal. Induftry, endeavoiin 

Dithcheallacii." Diligent.' 

Dithchealtoir. A necromantic veil or co- 
vering that worketh charms. " 

Dithcbcannam. To behead, 

Dithchioll. Induftry, attempt, endeavour. - 

Dithchiollach. Induftrious, diligent. 

Dithchiollam. To endeavour. 

Dithchuir. Forcing. 

Ditheach. A beggar, empty. 

Dithein. Darnel, corn-marygold, tare.' 

Dithlachdach. An orphan. 

Dithimh. A heap. 

Dithinge. Dumb, mute. 

Dithifd. Two.. 

Dithleach. Forgetful. 

Dithreabh. Aii hermitage. 

Dithrtabhach. An hermit^ anchoret. 

Dithreachd^ch. Lawlefs. 

Diu. A long time, the worft. 

Drugfa. To-4fay. 

Diubhracam. To caft, fling, throw, bran* 

Drubladh. Refuge. 

Diuc. The pip, a figkncfs of fowls. 

Diuc. A duke. 

Diucam. To cry out, exclaim. . 

Diudan. Giddinefs. 

Diudanach. Giddy. 

Diugaighil. A fobbing, fighing. 

Diughailfainn. Sucking. 

Diugam. To cluck, cackle. 

Diugam. To drink off. 

Diughe. The worft, extreme, bad. 

Diucain. The eyes. 

Diucair. A bladder to keep up fifhing nets. 

Diuid. I 

Diuideach. } Tender-hearted, flexible. 

Diulam. To fuck. 

Diultam. To deny, refufe. 
Diultadh. A denial, refufal, negative. 
Diunach. Vide Deonach. 

[I i] DiunIaocfa« 



Diunlaocli. A young hero. \ , 

Diur, Difficult, hard. 

Piurnam. To gulp, fwallow* 

Diu3. Prote&ion. 

Diuthadh. Worft, 

Dlaidh, diaoigh. ^ A lock of ha[r> band-* 

Dlagh. 5 /ul. 

Dlaimh. Darknefs. 

Diaoigh. A handful. 

Dleachd. A law. 

Deafdanas. Duty* 

Dlcafdanach. Dutiful. 

Dligead. A reparation. 

Dlighe. A law, ordinance; rights, dues. 

Dligheach. Lawful. 

Dlighthar. i 

Dlightheach. Lawful, j uft. 
t)lightheamhuil. Juft, (killed. in law* 
Dlightheamhnach. A lawgiver. 
Dlightheoir. A lawyer. 
Dlighthinoir. A magiftrate, juftice of the 

Dligam. To feparate. 
Dlifteajjiacb. Lawful. 

. -^, • * I A ftraincr. 
Dlodan. i 

Dlochram. Toprefs. 

Dloige. Loofing. 

Dlomh. To tell. 

Dlomhadh. A denial, refufal. 

Dlomham. To make plain or manifeft. 

Dlomhaifin. Deftruftion. 

Dludh. A retribution. 

Dlutge. A loofing, releafmg. 

DIuigh. Active, nimble, prepared. 

Dluimh. A cloud, darknefs, a blaze of fire. 

Dluithin. A little ftudy or clofet. 

Dluoih. Much, plenty. 

Dluth- Near^ r'ofe, tight, confined. 

Dluth. Warp ^f a web. 

Dluth-ftol. A clc;'e ftcQ!. 

Dluth. Near. 

Dluth. An inclofiut. y 

Dluthas. isieaiin^fs^ . 

Dlutham. ) To make dofe, to ptck, to 

Dluthaigham. S approach, draw near, to 

Dluthcharcair. A.labyrhifh.. 

Dluthuighte. Knit, compacted. 

Do. The fign of the dative, and fooie- 
times put before the infinitive,. do dhuine, 
to a man ; do fgripbhadh, to write. 

Do. Not properly a fign of the paft tenfe. 
Vide Analyfis. 

Do. Thy, the genitive of thou, and be- 
come the pofleffive thy, thine. 

Do, for da. Two. 

Do. A prepofitive particle of negation, as 
do-rannfuighte, infcrutable. 

Doacal. Afflidion. 

Do-aighneafach. Indifputable. 

Do-airmheach. Innumerable. 

Do-aomidh. Inexorable. 

Do-atharruighte. Immutable. 

Dob. A plafter,. a gutter. 

Dob, or do b', do, the fign of the paft tenie, 
and b' forbu, the fubftantive verb, as do 
b' eigin, it was neceflary. 

Dob. A river, ftream. 

Dobadh. i _, , . 

Dobail. i Daubing over. 

Dobam. To daub, to plafter. . 

Dobhais. Immortal. ' < . 

Dobair. A plaftercr. 

Do b' eidir. Perhaps ; it was neceflary. 

Dobholadh. Ara^ikfrnell. 

Dobheirt. Mifchjief, harm, the devil. 

Dobhar. Dark, obfcure. 

Dobhar, and dur. Water. 

Dobhar-chu. 7 . 

Dobhran. } ^^ °''"' 

Dobhar. The border of a country. . 

Dobharfhoidheach. A pitcher, bucket. 

Dobhart. Vide Dobheairt* 

Do bhrigh. Becaufe. 


D O D 

D O I 

Dobhran-leaflathan. A beaver«. 

Dobh. ) 

Dobhidh. J ^^^^""^"''^^"'"g^'^g'^e- 

Dobron, Sorrow, grief, fadnefs. 
Dobronach. Sorrowful, fad. 
Dobronam. To be fad, forrowful. 
Docamhuil. i . ,.^ . , .« . 

Docamhlach. Difficult, hard* 

Doch. One's native country. 

Docha. More likely, probable. 

Dochad. Rather. 

Dochann. 1 

Dochar. r Harm, hurt, damage. 

Dochaireas. J 

Dochannach. I o ^r i 

Docharach. 3 

Dochannam. To hurt, injure. 

Dochas. Hope, confidence. 

Dochafgidh. Unruly. 

Docheannfuighte. Unappeafable. 

Dochma. Weak, incapable. 

Dochoruighte. Immoveable. 

Dochoimeafgte. Immifcibie. 

Dochraith. Luft. 

Dochlaoidhte. Infuperable, indefatigable. 

Docht. Strait, narrow, clofe. 

Dochlaoidtheachd. Infuperability* 

Dochta. Inftruded, taught; documents. 

Dochreidfin. Incredible. 

Dochtam. To ftrain, bind hard, 

Dochtrail. Luxury. 

Do chum. To the end that* 


Dochuingeadh. Disjoining. 

Dochum. An arbour. 

Docra. Sadnefs. 

Docran. Anguifb. 

Docrach. Noxious* 

Docuracha. Carelefs. 

Dod'. To thy. 

Dodhaing. Difficult, hard. 

Dodha* Of two, binarius. 

Dodhealuighte. Indiflblublcn unalienable. 

Dodhail. Bad news. 

Dodhealbhach.^ Unlikely. 

Doeth. Sicknefs, difeafe. 

Dofhaicfinach. Invifible. 

Dofhaghail, Hard to find. 

Doghailfi. Anguiih, perplexity. 

Doflainn. Without blood,* 

Dofhuafgladh. Inextricable. 

Dogadh. Mifchieving, fingeing, fcorch- 

Dofhulangte. Intolerable. 
Doghadh. Singeing, fcorching. 
Dogaladh. Revenging. 
Dogal tach . Revengeful . 
Doghaltas. Revenge. 
Do ghna. Always. 
Dogham. To burn, finge. 
Dogla<Ste. Impregnable. 
Doghte. Singed, burnt. ^ 

Dogbra. Sorrow, fadnefs, dullnefs^ ftupi- 


Doghran. 7 . .- . . , 

Doghruin.} Angu.ih,pcrpIcxUy, danger. 

Doganta. Fierce. 
Doghruinach. Dangerous. 
Doghartadh. Beheading. 
Doghiulan. Infupportable. 
Doghluaifte. Immoveable. 
Doghraineach. Painful. 
Doib. A plafter. 
Doibealadh. Daubing. 
Doibh, dhoibh. To them, dative of tu. 
Doibhear. Rude^ uncivil. 
Doibheas. Vice. 
Doibhre. Sacrifice. 
Doibrith. Sowens or gruel. 
Doich. Swift, quick. 
Doiche. The former, foremoft, hope, con- 
Doicheadhfadh. War, ftrife. 
Doicheannfa. Contumacious. 
Doicheallach. Churlifh. 



D O I 

DoichealL Churliflinefs. 

Doichetdhe. Rather. 

Doichidh. Haftenmg. 

Doitham. To haften. 

Doichme. Ill-fhapcd. 

Doid. The hand. 

DoidgheaL White-handed. 

Doid. A few acres of land, a little farm. 

Doiddeach. Fond of drefs, ftrong. 

Doidheanta. Impoffible* 

Doidhche. By night, 

Doidhreann. A duel. 

Doigheagla. Individual, indivifible, fpo- 
ken of a fpirit. 

Doif. A potion. 

Doigh. Hope, confidence, truft. 

Doigh. Ways and means, a guefs, fuppo- 
fition, good order, condition, manner, 
a teftimony. 

t)oigh. Sure, certain, doubtlefs ; gu bu 
doigh an t fleagh, the fpear was fare. 

Doigheadh. Confuming. 

DoighaL Well appointed, in good condi- 

Doigheadh. Hoping, fmgeing, adjufttng. 

Doigheam. To hope, coniide. 

Doighear. A fpear. 

Doighliag. A touchftone. 

Doichthe. Pangs. 

Doigh the. Adjufted. 

Doighniomh. Injury. 

Doilain. An eddying wind* 

Doilainach. Eddying* 

Doilleir. Dark, obfcure, myftical. ' 

Doilbh. Dark, gloomy^ obfcure, dufky. 

Doilbheas. i ^ 

_, ., , > Sorrow, mournmg. 

Doilgheas. > ^ 

Doilghe. Sore, hard, troublefome. 

Doilgheafach. Grievous, forrowful, fad. 

Doilidheachd. Frowardnefs. 

^'^IK ? Difficult, doleful, grieved. 
Doiligh.j ® 

Doille. Blindnefs. 


Do-imchar. Intolerable. 

Doimh. Poor* 

Doimheis. Infinite. 

Doimhal. Stormy. 

Doimhann. Deep, profound. 

Doimhnaicham. To deepen. 

Doimhne. / ? n K 

Doimbneachd. \ 

Do-impoichte. Inconvertible. 

Doineann. ^Inclement weather, a tern- 

Doinnfhionn. S peft ; mdius^ don-(hion. 

Doineaiinta. Stormy. 

Doinne. i ^ 

Doinnad. 1 

Do-innfidh. Unaccountable. 

Dointe. A fmall black infe£l. 

Dolndearg. Of a reddtih-dun. 

Doineimh. Deep. 

Dointe. Intell igible. 

Doirb. An attempt. 

Doirbh. Peevifh, difTaftisiied, quarrelfome. 

Doirbhcheiram. To frame, model, fafhion. 

Doirbhachd. Peevifhnefs. 

Doirbhas. Anguift, grief, forrow, adver- 

Dolre. A wood, grove, thicket. 
Doireach. Woody. 

Doi-reama. Bye-paths, impaflable places* 
Doiriardha. Difficult, ungovernable. 
Doiriata. Lewd. 
Doirmidhafadh. Lethargy. 
Doirling. An iilhmus, beech. 
Doirneag. Handle of an oar, a large fione 

to caft. 
Doirfa. The plural of dorus a door. 
Doirneagach. Full of round ftones. 
Doirfeoir. A porter. 
Doirfeoirachd. The office of a porter. 
Doirfach. Full of doors, open, expofed. 
Doirfm. Folding-doors. 
Doirt. Spilled, poured out. 
Doirteal. A fink. 
Doirteach. Spilling, that fpilleth. 




Dolrtam* 'f o fpill, fbed. 

Doit. A grain of inebriating quality that 
grows -amongft corn. 

Doite. Burned, flnged. Vide Dagham* 

Doite, daith. Quick, nimble, adtive. 

Doith. Soon* 

DoithchealL Niggardlinefs,' churlijQmefs. 

Doithcheallach. Churliib, grudging, nig- 

Doithir. A covenant. 

Doitham. Vide Doghanu 

Doithir. Dark, gloomy, obfcure, 

Dol. A kind of fifliing^net. 

Dol. A fpace, diftance. 

Dol. Going. Vide Racham. Analyfls. 

Dolabhartha. Ine£FabIe. 

Dolaidh. Lofs, detriment, dtk&* 

Dol aid h. Impatient, intolerable. 

Dolaimhgen. A two-handed fword. 

Dolas. Grief, mourning, defolation* 

Dolas. Ai>horrence, difdain, loathing. 

Dolafach. Sad, melancholy, lick, xnouoi- 

Dolbh. Sorcery. 

Dolbhad. Fiction. 

Doleabhtha. Illegible. 

Doleanmhuin* Inimitable. 

Do-leighas. Immedicable. 

Dollidh. Damage. 

Doleafuighte. Irreparable. 

Dolfa. Heiitancy, flownefs. 

Doleiriin. Inexplicable. 

Dolmha. Delay, loitering. . 

Dolidh. Difficult. 

Dolubtha. Stubborn, inflexible. 

Doluaidh. Unfpeakable. 

Doluigheadh. Falling down. 

Dolum. Surly. 

Dom. A houfe. 

Do'm* To my. 

Doma. Scarcity, want. 

Dom'aice. Near me. 

Domain. Tranikoiy. 

Domairm. Speech. 
Domairm. An armoury, magazine. 
Domharbhtha. Immortal. 
Domharbhthachd. Immortality. 
Domblas. The gall on the liver ; anger, 

choler, difguft, bile. 
Do m' dheoin. Of my own free will. 
Domblafda. Unlavoury, difguftful, bill-* 

Dombuidheach. Unthankful. 
Domhadh. The fecond. . 
Domhail. Bulky. 
Domhain. Deep^ hollow. 
Domhaithte. Irremiflible* 
Domhan, The world. 
Domhan-fgriobhadh. Cofmography. 
Domhoin, doimhoin. Bad, naughty, idle. 
Domhar. Water. 
Domhghnas. Hereditary ^ patrimony, io- 

heritance. . 
Domhghnas. Propriety. 
Domhlios. A houfe iurrounded by a moat 

or watered trench, for a fortification. 
Domhlas. Bulk, a crowd. 
DomhI. Bulky, thick. 
Domhnach. A great hottfe, a church. 
Domhnach. Sunday. 
Domhnach • Lamentable* 
Domnach-inid. Shrove-funday, . Qutnquft* 

Domhnach Cingcis. Whitfunday. 
Domhnon. The Firbolg. 
Domhothuigheacb. Imperceptible, unfeeU 

Domhothttighachd. Imperceptibility. 
Domnafcam. To bind. 
Domhuchaidh. Inextinguiibable. 
Domhuin. Deep. 
Domhuinte. Intradable. 
Don. Mifchief, evil. 
Donadh. Evil, bad, awkward. 
Do'n. Of the, to the. 
Donas. Mifchief, barm, hurt, Ul-luck, 

[Kk] Donaigham^ 



.' Donaigham. To make bad, to hurt* 

Donamharc. Naughtinefs. 

Donn. Dun, brown. 

Donn. Pregnant. 

Donnog. A fifli fo called, 

Donnam. To grow brown. 

Don nal ai ch . Howling. 

Donnaghadh. Deftroying. 
^ Donnaladh. j „ ,. ,.. . 


Doradh. A line, a rule. 

Doraidb. Intricate, ftrife, difpute* 

Doraingeachd. , Frowardnefs. 

Dorainnte. Indivifible. 

Dorar. A battle, confli£l;« 

Doras. A door, gate. 

Dorala. It happened. 

Doran. Pain, torment. 

Dorangach. Pain, frowardnefs. 

Dorannfughidh. Infcrutable. 

Dorbruadhar. Rough, rufhing. 

Dorcha, dorcb. Dark, black, duflcjr. 

Dorchadas. Darknefs* 

Dorchadh. An eclipfe. 

Dorchaigham. To darken, incloud* 

Dorchcbaint. Ambilogy. 

Dorchchaintach. Ambilogous. ' 

Dord. 1 A , . 

T> r? 1 f ""™n^>'ig> muttering. 

Dordam. To hum like a bee. 
Do reir. According to. 
Dordan. A humming noife^ buzzing. 
Doreitighte. Irreconcileable. 
Dordhoille. Folding doors. 
Dorga. Defpicable. 
Dorga. A fifhing-net. 
Do-riartha. Infatiable, furly, peevifh. 
Do-riarthachd. Surlincfs, pecvifhnefs. 
Doriaghlighte. Ungovernable. 
Dorlacji. A bundle, handful. 
Dorling. A neck of land, ifthmiis. 
Dorn. The lift, haft, handle, a box^ 
Wow. 5 

1 The hil^t of a fword* 

Dorneag. A round ftone that a man cajt 

Dornan. A fmall bundle, handful of flax, 

ftraw, or the like. 

Dorn-dighe. A finger-fucker. 



Dornam. To box. 

Dornadair. A bruifer. 

Dorr. Anger, wrath. 

Dorr. Harfh, rough. 

Dorrach. l n . , « 

Dorrda. J Ro»gl>. '•"gg«d» ""ftere. 

Dorrdha. Fierce, cruel. 

Dorram. To grow angry. 

Dorrfprocht. Stirring to anger. 

Dorruighe. Surly, grim. 

Dorfeir. A porter, door-keeper. 

Dorfan. A grafshopper. 

Dorfeirachd. Keeping a door. 

Dortam. To pour out, fpill. 

Dortadh. Spilling. 

Doruigfin. Unattainable. 

Doruin. Pain, torment, danger. 

Dorubha. A line. 

Doruingeach. Uneafy, dangerous; 

Dorus. A door. Vide Doras. 

Dos. A bufh, a cockade i a bramble, thorn, 

Dos. Froth, fcum. 
Dofach. 7 -, - 
Dofrach. } ^"'^y* 
Dofal. ' Slumber. 

Dofan. A little bufh, as of hairor the like, 
Dofan, dhafan. To him. 
Do-fgartha. Infeparablc. 
Do-fgrudadh. Unfearchable. • 
Do-fdi ur jdb . Intradable. 
Dofgeul. A romance. 
Dofguidhachd. Extravagance. 
Dofharta. Troublefome, difficult. 
Do-iheachanta. Inevitable. 
Do-ihafuighte. Infatiable. • 


D R A 

1>R A 

Do-iheallta. Invifible. 

Do fhior. Always, continually* 

Dofgaidha. Evils of the year» 

Do-fhiubhal » Impaflable. 

Dofgidhachd . Morofenefs.. 

Dofln. Thereunto. 

Do-fmachdidh. ? ^, «. ^ . . ., t 

r^ r , J- « I Obitinatc,mcorrigiblc» 
Do-fmachdighte. J ' ^ 

Do-fpionnta. Unfearchable. 

Do-fmuintighte. IncomprehenHble^ 

Do-fpriochte. Stubborn, intradable. 

Dofraich. Buffeting of water. Dofraich 

nan ton fuidh fron. 
Dot. VideDod- . 
Dothadh. Vide Daghadb. 
Dothar. A river. 
Dotharchlais. A conduit. 
Dothchus. Hope. 

Dothchufach.- Confident, hopeful. • 
Dotbchufam. To hope, truft, confide. 
Do-theagaifgte. Indocile. 
Do-thomhaifde. Immenfurable. 
Do-thomhas. Immenfurability. 
Do-thogtha. RejeSed, hard to fear» 
Do-thuigfin. Unintelligibk. 
Drab. A fpot, ftain. 
Drabag. A diFty woman, flattern». 
Drabaire. A dirty fellow. 
Drabaida. Dirty, indelicate. 
Drabafdachd. Dirtinefs, indelicacy*. 
Drabh. A cart. 

Drabh. Grains. * 

Drabhag. Dregs, lees. 
Drabhagach. Dreggy .^ 
Drabhin. Idle. 
Drabhlin.. Trifles, idlenefff. 
Drag. Fire, anger, a thunderbolt. 
Dragaighean. A fire-fhovel. 
Dragbhod; The kflfer bear^ftar) i.Ct a 

fiery tail. ... 

Dragart. A flint. : ' .. . 

Dragon.. i 
JDraic. j A dragon. 

Dragh. Trouble. 
Draghal • Troublefome. 
Draghalachd. Troublcfomencfi^ 
Dragham. To peel, tug. 
Draghadh. A pulling, dragging. 
Draghair. A dragger, puller. 
Draghairachd. Pulling, tugging, drag- 

Draigheann. Thorji. 

Draigh-bhiorafg. Fewcl . 

Draighneach, draigneog. A black thorn, floe*- 

Draighneach. A great rattling noife, as oF* 

Draighionn. A dog^rofe bufb. 
Draill£aln. A fparkllng light. 
Drain, draint. i^ . 
Drainnafcoradh. J ^' 

Draillfainach.7^ . , ,. ^ , .. 
Drailfante. ^Twmkkng, fparkhng. 

Drainn. A hunch, a hump-back. 
Drainneaforam, drainntam. To-grift^ 
Drainc. A fnarling. 
Draincanta. Snarling. 
Dram. Much, plenty. 

T^ ' . > A dram of fpirits. 
Dramaigh J 

Dram. Vide dream. 

Dramaig. A dirty mixture, crowdy* * 

Dramhabtani. l rr^ , . , ^ ^ » 

Dramham.. To grin. 
Dramhdaim... To mutter, grumble. 
Dran, dranog. Rhyme, metre. 
Drandan. The whiftling of wind er ftorm j^ 

humming noife or finging. 
Drand. Leaft bit, a fmall quantity. 
Drannt, dranntan. Snarling of a dog^ 

Dranutanach. l Snarling, envious, grudging^ 
Drandanach. J complaining, huinming. 
Drandannichd. Singiog, hummin^g. ^ 
Draoi, draoith* A dniid> augur,- charmer^ 





Draolthcachd. Magic, forccry, enchant- 
ment ; properly the Druidical worfbip and 

Draolin. Tedioufnefs, ina^^ivity* 

Draoithneach. Vide Draoi. 

Draoighnionn, Thorn. 

Drafda, ann-^dr^fda. Hitherto, now, nflt 

Draos. Trafh. 

Draofda. 7 ^, ^ ^ 

Draofdachd. Obfcenity, fmut. 

Dre. A fled, 

Dreach. Form, figure, imager 

Dreachach. That drefletll\, poliiheth ; drawn^ 

figured,, delineated. 

Drcachamhuil. , ^ , ti t 1 1 

Dreachal. } Comely, wcll-lookcd. 

DreachamHun. A ftatuary. 

Dreachadan. A «&oitU* 

Dreacliadb. A porUaUuie, polUbing^ ftdorn- 

Dreachadair. A paintej;, houfe-painter. 
Dreacham. Ta figui:e» deUneatCt addrm 

Dreachda. A troop. 
Dreachdam. To fignify. 
DreachihooipLidh. Afhtform^ ichnogni'- 

Dreacht. A poem, draught, pattern* 
Dreachd. An article 1 office, ^^mp^^ 

Dreachta. W«katfs. 
Dfe^gacUh. A4ii»ertiCeoMnit. 
Dreaghuin. Pdckles. 
Dreagam. To fight, wiMOgk i ip certify, 

pve notice. 
Dream. A tribe, family, thofr, folk. 

I^raun* J 

j^ I A handful of hay, or the like. 

Dreamanach. Faaatical, mad, frantic. 
Dicaoiaii. Madneft, buapuIatA. 

Dreamhnach. Perv.erf<;, fooliih, a cox- 

Dreamhnam. Toxagc, fret. 

Drean. Bad, naughty. 

Drean. Strife, jlehate. 

Drean. A wren. 

Dreanad. > -» 

Dreann. S 

Dreandha. Repugoanty f^ntjoury^ oppo- 

Dreann. Cont^ntiofi ; gcief, ibm>w, paim 

Dreannad. lUflmofs. 

Dreannam. To ikiraufli« tmcouitter. 

Drean comhac. A leg. 

Dreangcuid. A .flea. 

Dreanor.. A prophet. 

Dreapam. To climb, clamber. 

Dreapairachd. Climbing, clambering. 

Dreas. Place, ftead. 

Dreas, drcafsig. A briar, bramble. 

Dreaf-nan-fmiar. A )»nmbk. . 

Dreafail. Small piecas. 

Dreafchoill. A thicket. 

Dreafgidh. 1 

Dreafamhuil. >JPfiQkly. 


Dreafarnadi. A placa whet^ bxambles 

Dreathan, drcadikn donn. A ween. 

Drechd. A tale, ftory. 

Drecheng. Three perfons. 

Dreibhfe. A fpace. 

Dreibhfe o fin. A little wbik ago. 

Dreige. A meteor, a candle put out. 

Dreigaifach. Peevifh. 

Dreim. An endeavour, attempt* 

Dreim le h anal* . Gafpittg. 

A dreim. Comparing with* 

Draimin^ch. A gradation, degi«e» 

Dreimam. To climb. 

Dreimire. A ladder, ftair. 

Dreimire-muire. The herb centaury; 


n R I 

D R O 

Dreimhne. Warfare. ' 

Dreoghanu To rot, to wear out. 

Dreollan. A wren. 

Dreollan-teafbhuidh. A grafshopper. 

Dreoighte. Rotten. 

Dres. News, a ftory, rehearfal. 

Drelbheartacb. A talc-bearer. 

Dreafdh. A rehearfal, relation. 

Driachadaich. 7 StifFiiefs, inflexibility, ob- 

Driachairachd. j ftinacy. 

Dricc. A dragon. 

Dricc^ Angry. 

Driamlacb. A fiihing-Iine. 

Dril. A drop. 

Drillam. To drop. 

Drillfeach. Dropping. 

Drim. The back, a ridge of mountains. 

Drim a' chrainn. The beam of a plough. 

Drim liiinge. The keel of a (hip. 

Drim uachdaran a'chairain. The upper pa- 

Driodar. Hregs, lees ; gore, corrupt mat« 

Diiodartha. Mixed with dregs. 

Driogam. To drop, diftill. 

Driopam. To climb. 

Drip. Affliflion, a fnare. 

Dris, drifle, drifleach. 

Drifeag, drifleag. 

Drifeach. i 

Drifeanta. I 

Drithlc. 1 

Drithladh. [a fparkle. 

Drithlag. J 

Drithlean. A rivet. 

Drithligham. To fparkle. 

Dribhiach. A cowl. 

Driuch. A beak, fnout; fretfulnefs, an- 

Driuchal. Angry. 

Driuchalachd. Anger. 

Oriucham. To ftand on end as the hair on 
the head. 

i A bramble, briar. 


Driuchadh. A (landing on end. 
Driuchd. Dew. 
Driuchdal. j 
Driuchdach. I ^* 
Dro. A mafon's or fiflier's line. 

Drobhlafach. Miferablc, pitiful. 
Droch. Evil, bad 5 a prepofitive word. 
Droch. Right, ftraight, dired. 
Droch. A coach-wheel. 
Drochaid. A bridge. 
Drochaid-thogalach, A draw-bridge. 
Droch-anfais. Miftruft, jealoufy. 
Droch-airidh . Unworthy. 
Drochaiftan. Idle naughty tricks. 
Drochaifteach. Idle, mifchievous. 
Drochbhail. Lavifhing. 
Droch-anfaifeach. Jealous* 
Drochbholtan. I . , , ^ .1 
Drochbholadh. j 
Droch-bharal. Prejudice. 
Droch-bhlas. A bad tafte. 
Droch-bhriathar. Evil expreffion. 
Drochbheart. Vice, evil deed. 
Drochbheufach. Immoral. 
Drochbheartach. Vicious, evil doing. 
Droch-chomhairlaicham. To mifadvife. 
Drochd. Black, dark, obfcure. 
Drochchuinfachadh. Mal-adminiftratioa. 
Droch-fhocal. A malediftion. 
Droch-imchar. Ill-behaviour, malapert. 
Droch-ghuidhe. An evil wiih. 
Droch-iomradh. Evil report. 
Drochmharbhadh. Murder. 
Drochmhunadh. Bad breeding, infolence. 
Drochmhuinte. Infolent, faucy. 
Droch-mhifnachal. Faint-hearted. 
Drochmhifnach. Pufillanimity* 
Drochmhaoineas. Idle. 
Droch-fliuil. An evil eye. 
Drochthead. A bridge. 
Droch-thoiltanas. Demerit. 
Droch-thuar. An ill omen. 
[L 1] Droch- 

D R O 

D R U 

Droch-thuA^afgUiftl i An III report^ taiilii* 

Droch-fhaiftin. j formation. 

Droch ghniomh. Mifdeed, crime. 

Droch-mhein. Ill-will. 

Drog. The motion of the fea* 

Drogatd. Drugget, 

Drogha. A fifher's line. 

Droibbal. DifBcult, hard. 

Droich. A dwarf. 

Droichal, droichanta. Dwarfi(&. 

Droicham. To wrong, abtifa, do evil. 

Droichdhe. Taken up. 

Droichliam. Shortnefs of breath. 

Droicheoin. Deep waters. 

Droichtheiflam. To defame. 

Droidheachd. Vide Draoitheachd. 

Droigheal. A6live, afFefiing. 

Droighean. The deep, depth. 

Droighionn. A floe. 

Droighneach • Thorns. 

Droimlin. Diminutive of Dromain* 

Droing. Vide Dream. 

Droinn. To make, do, be. 

Drol. A bay^ plait, loop, quirk, ftrata- 

Droinnop* Tackle. 

^ ,. * ? A pair of pothooks. 
DroIIa. J 

Drom. A back. Vide Druim. 

Dramadoir. A drummer. 

Droma. A drum. Vide Drama. 

Droman. A dromedary. 

Droman. The bore-tree. 

Dromain. The back. 

Dromaoa. Declaring for, reoouncitig a 

thing or perfon. 
Dromchla. A furfaoe. 
Dromhaoineacb. Idb» 
Dron. Right, ftraigbt. 
Dron. Sure, fted£ftft. 
Dronadh. Diredlion. 
Dronain. A throne. 
Dronam. To afirai, avouch. 

Dronchrutchte. Perpendicular. . 
Drondunadb. Stopping, (hatting.. 
DronJunam.* To fhut, flop. 
Drongadb. A troop, company. 
Dronnach. White- backed, name of a cow.- 
Dronnan. The back. 
Dronnag. Higheft part of the back, fu9i^ 

Dronuille. A rjght-angle. 
Dronuillinach. Re&angular. 
Drothanfais. Fear. 
Drothan. A breeze of wind. 
Drothla. A rafter, a.wain-beam« 
Drothloir. A carpenter. 
Drothloireachd. The trade of a carpenter.. 
Druadh. A charmer, magician. 
Druaip. Lees, (ediment. 
Druathadh. Foirnication. 
Druatham. To conunit fbrnicatioB. 
Drubh. A chariot. 
Drubh. A houfe, habitation. 
Drubhoix. A cart-wright, or coach*ma« 

Druchd. A hearing ; a rifing up* 
Druchd. Vide Driuchd. 
Druchd na muine. i An herb ufed for dy* 
Druchdan monadh. J ing hair. 
Druchdan. Whey, a drop. 
Druchta De. i. e. loith & bliechd. En- 

creafe of corn and cattle. 
Drud. An endofure. 
Drugaire. A flave or drudge. 
Drugairachd. Slavery, drudgery. 
Druibhal . A dark place or receft. 
Druichdin. Dew. 
Druid. I 
Druida J ^ *"^* thrufli. Vide Truid. 

Druid. Shut thou. 
Druidam. To fhut. 
Druidte. Shut. 
Druidhean. Black-thorn* 
Druidheam. To pour out, diftill^ oou^ 
drop I to operate upon. 


D R U 

I>U A 


A vault* 


Druidheadh. Dropping^ diftilliiig ; a drop. 
Druidhidhte. Dropped, diftilled, poured 

Druimleach. Vide Driamlach. 
Druim. The back, ridge of a bill of 

Druimineach. Speckled. 
Druin. Needlework, 
Druinneach. An artift, one that works 

with a needle. 
Dniinneachas. Pra<^rce itt needlework, em* 

broideiy> artifice. 

Druifeach. Lecherous, a lecherous per* 

DruifeamhuiL Lecherous. 
Druifalachd. Moifture. 
Druifam. To play the wanton. 
Pruiflann. A bawdy-^houfc. 
Druifteoir. A fornicator. 
Druiteacb. Feeling. 
Druma. A drum. 
Druman. Ri(^-ge, back, fummit. 
Drumadair. A drummer. 
Druman. The back band of a cart-horfe. 
Drumchla. A houfe-top« 
Druoihac. A baftard fon. 
Drunan. The back, ridge of a bill. 
Drung. Vide Droing. 
Drus. Vide Druis. 
Druth. 'A harlot. 
Druth. Foolifh, lafcivious. 
Druthanog. A bawd. 
Druthlabhram. To blab out. 
Druthlabhradh. Babbling, blabbing* 
Druthmhancair. 7 . . 
Druthbhofgair. !^ P""P» P^"' 
Druthmhac. A baftard. 
Druthlan. A bawdy-houfe. 
Dcutoir. A fornicator. 

Dtheodha. Henbane.^ Vide Dieothadb. 

Du. Meet« juft, proper, fit. 

Du. Aland, country. 

Duach. A proper name of Iriib princes. 

Duad, duadh. Labour, bardibip. 

Duadh. Eating. 

Duadhmhal. 1 ^ , . ^ , ,.^ , 

Duadhmhor. l^"'^^"'^"*^ ^^'^* ^'^^'^ 

Duadhamhlachd. Hardship. 

Duadhobair^ A handicraft, bard labour.^ 

Duae. A dwelling-houfe. 

Duaichniugbam. To disfigure. 

Duaichnidb. Disfigured, ugly*^ 

Duaigh. Evil. 

Duailc. Propriety. 

Duaimh. Evil. 

DuaiUbhearta. A dialect 

Duairc. Surly, fiern, ill-humoured. . 

Duairc. A furly ftern perfon. 

D'uairibh. At times. 

Duais. A reward. 

Duaifeacb. Giving a reward. 

Dual. A duly, law. 

Dual. Hereditary. 

Dual. A loop, a fold^ plait, a look^ of 

Dualach. In locks, thick. 
Dualadh. Carving. 
Dualaidhe. A carver, engraver. 
Dualaideas. Sculpture, engraving. 
Dualan. A trefs, Lock. 
Dualgas. Hire, wages, duty. 
Dualphurtich. Shrieking, howUog. 
Dualadoir. An embroiderer. 
Dualam. To fold, plait, carve. 
Duam. A city. 
Duan. 1 . ^ , 

Duanag. h P*^' ""'*'♦ '^y™*- 
Duan-mordha. An epic poem. 
Duanaire. A canter, chanter. 
Duanaireachd. Canting. 
Duantachd. Verfification, poetry. 

I Duantach. Full of poetry. 




Duanartcacfh. A fenator. 

Duanchruitheachd )^.. 
• { Policy. 

JJuangaois. ) 

J>uar, duara. A word, a faying. 

Duaridh. A dowry. 

Dubadh. A pond. 

Dubam. Todip^ duck. 

Dubham. To blacken, condemn. 

Dubairt. An carneft prayer. 

Dubh, aubhach. Ink, a black niye. 

Dubh. Black, dark. 

JDubh. Great. 

Dubhach. Vide DaBhacTi. 

Dubhach. Sad, forrowful. 

JDubhachas. Sadnefs, forrow. 

Dubhdan. An enipyreuma, foot. 

Dubhdanach. Having an cmpyreuma, footy. 

Dubhadan. An inkholder, Aandifli. 

I^ubhadh. Mourning. 

Dubhagan. Blacking, inlc. 

Dubhaigein. The deep, ocean. 

Dubhailce. Vice. 

Dubhailceach. Vicious, wicked j a wicked 


Dubhalladh. Want. 

Dubhatai. Doubtful, uncertain. 

Dubhan. A hook, a fnare. 

J}ubhan-iafgaich. A fifliing-hook. 

Dubhan. A kidney. 

Dubhan. Darknefs. 

Dubhan alia. Vide Damhan eaTlaidhan. 

Dubbar. Darknefs. 

Dubhchdfacli. The herb Maidenhair* 

Dubhlachd. Wintry weather. 

Dubhlidh. Wintry, dark. 

Dubhradh. A (hade. 

Dubhradhach. Shady. 

Dubhrachd* Earneftnefs, fincerity. 

Dubhrachda^h. Earneft, (incere. 

Dubhbhreac. A . fmel t. 

Dubhcheift. Motto, fuperfcription. 

Dubhchios. A tribute. 

A lake. 

Dubhchofacli. Name of a dog^ blackfoott: 

Dubhchraige. A ring ouzel. 
Dubhchuil. 7 A u 
Dubhdhaol. 1^ ^^^^ 
Dubh-Eirionnach. A wild Irifliman. 
Dubhghormadh. Making "black and blue. 
Dubhghlas. Dark. grey, Douglas. 
Dubhghorm. Dark blue. 
Dubhfhocal. A riddle, dark faying, para^ 

Dubhith. A pudding. 
Dubh'lan. } 

Dubhfclan. r^''*"^"8'''*^^^ 
Dubhghall. A foreigner, Englifhman. 
Dubhlochlanaich. The Danes. 
Dubhliath. The fpleen. 
Dubhloith. Melancholy. 
Dubhneulam. To obnubilate. 
Dubh-feddidh feamh-leathann. One of the 

borfes to CuchuUin's chariot. 
Dubhflinamham. To dive. 
Dubflinamhaiche. A diver, didapper. 
Dubhfraith. A foundation. 
Dubuilte. Double, cunning, falfe. 
Dubuluigliam. To double, fold, to diftill 

a fecond time. 
Dubladh. Covering, lining, a (heath, 

Dubhram. I faid. 

Dubhras. A houfe, robm, habitation. 
Dubhairt. He, &c. faid. 
Dubhron. Grief. 
Dubhronach. Grieved. 
Dubh(hiubhal. Black (trcam. 
Dubhthoill. Hcmorrhois. 
Duchan. War. 

Duchas. A vifagc, countenance. 
Duchas. Vide Dutchas. 
Dud, Tingling 6f the ear, the car, a rag, 


DU 1 

Dudach. Ragged. 

Dudag. A hunting horn, war trumpet. 

Dudaire. A trumpeter. 

Dudaireachd. Noife of horns and trum- 

Duda. Steel. 

Dudag. A little ftroke on the ear, a fmall 

Dudlach. iThe ftormy part of the year. 

Dudlachd. ( Vide Dubhiachd. 

Dughachtadh. A bequeathing. 

Duibeal. Quick, nimble, a£tive« 

Duibh, dbuibh, dhuibhfa. To you, ye,^ 

Duibhchios. Tribute. . 

Duibhe. Darker, blacker. 

Tx ■. . 1 f Blacknefs, ink. 
Duibhad. J . 

Duibhcagau*. Dep^b,. abyfs*- 
Duibheartha. Vernacular. 
Duibhgeann. A fword, dagger. 
Duibhgeinte. The Danes, i. e* tbe black- 
Duibleaid. A doublet.; 
Duibhir. Anxious, melancholy;- 
Duigham. To'cluck as a hen; 
Duil. An element, a creatuiCr 
Duil. Delight, deiire, hope. 
Duil. Partition, diftributioni. . 
Duileachd. Doubt,.fufpicion» 
Duilbhir. Anxious, fad. 
Duilbhirachd. Sadnefs, glbominefs»- 
Duile. A» poor creature. . 

•^ ' I A leaf, a fold, a fcabbard. 

Duilleach. Foliage. 

Duille^fgeinne. The iheath of. a knife. 

Duileamhi God. 
Duileamhuil. . Skilled. 
Duileamhanachd. The godhead; 
Duileamhanta. Of the godhead. 

D U I 

Duilleoga. Folding-door. 

Duilgne. Wages, hire. 

Duilam. To take pleafure, delight-. 

Duilleabhra. The leaf of a book. 

Duilleabhrach. Full of leaves. 

Duilleachanw A book or pamphlet. 

Duilleur. Belonging to a leaf; 

Duillean. , A fpear. 

Duilliafg. Palmated fucus, dilfe. 

Duilliafg-nam-beann. Mountain lavcn- 

Duilleog-bhaite. White water^KIy. 

Duillughadh. Bearing leaver. 

Duilluigham. Tofiourifh. 

Duillmhiol. Caterpillar, conrolvulus.. 

Duilich. Difficult. 

Duilidh-tionfgnaidhi The elements^ 

Duilin. Elements. 

Duilinnc. Tribute. 

Duiliomaral. Error. - 

Duillthaobh. A- page-. 

Duim. Poor, needy. 

Duine. A man^ 

Duine-gan-diughe. Raca*. 

Duineamhuil. Manly. 

Duintmhlachd. }.- ,. ^ 
rk . .1 } Maalincfs. 

Dumamhlas.^ 3 

Duinan. Amanikin. 

Duineabhadh. Manflaughter/ 

Duinn, duinne. • To os. 

Duinoircneach. An affaffin. 

Duinte^duhu. Shut. 

Duir. Oak; the letter. D. Vide Da— 


Duirce daraich. Atoms. 

Duire. A. wood, grove. Vide Doiwv^ 

Diiire. Harder* 

Duirmeabhraghadh. CaballiAg* . 
Duis. . A' crow. 
Duis. A prefent; a jeweli 
Duifchill. A fanduary. 
[Mm] Dwfcar: 

D V N 

X>V S 

Duifeal. A fpouf, 

Duifeiolla..? . ,. 
T^ r 1 ^. ^^ client. 

Duifighe* Awaked. 

Duifughadh. Awakio{. 

Duifgam. To awaJKC^ ronfb up^ 

Duifleog. Dilfip. 

X)uit, dhuit. Untothe<!. 

Duithbhain Pejonncd, Mgly* 

Duithir na b cidi^. Tbe mwiiingf 

Dul. A fnve, t^^, giiw 

Dul. The teFFJvmeoits ^^« 

Dul. Afatirift. 

Dul. Going, Vid«J>ol. 

Dula. A pin, peg. 

Dulam. To hook or calch wkli a lioop. 

Dulbhar. Doleful, unplea£vit> gjoomy. 

Dulbharachd. Dolefulnef$» giMmiaeft. 

DuTchanach. Dirty, xRiferable^ pitiful. 

Dulchan, dulchanacbd* Avarice^ conrei- 

Dulchaon. A lamentatioiu 
Dulchaointeach. MoHrnfi4« 
Dumha. A place of gamtl(;« 
Dumhl. Bulky. 
Dumhlas, dumhlad. Bttlkioe&i^ 
Dun. A ftrong or fortified kmfe or luU» A 

fortrefs, faft|ieAi, fl««pglbu 
Dun-aolaich. A dMgfeUl. 
Dunan. A little hiQ QvfprX. 
Dunadh. Shutting, bul^lQaing^ lacing* 
Duin;|db« A ca^ip^ dwelling* v 
Dunam. To fhut, bsuxicadc, buktofi^ 

Dunaras^ A Jha^itatioQ. 
Dunbhallach. A mere fellov. 
Dunfhoilfightc. A mapifeftou 
Dunfuigheadh. Stopping. 
Dunlios. Apatooe". 
Dunmharbham. To-connnit homicide. 
Dunmharbhadh. ibmipidc, mMSfyase. 
Jpfunmh^bhthach^ A mBnBajetm 

Dunn. A do£lor, teacher, 

Dunte. 8h«t. 

Dur. Dull, hard, ftupi<i» ofaAiiiatt. 

Dttrain. A dull obftinate fellow. 

Dur. Water. 

Duras. A houfe, room. 

Puraio. Affiddc. 

Durachd. Good-will, luck's penny; di- 
ligence, fincerity. Vide Dubhrachd. 

Durachdach. Diligent, ibieere, 

Duraicne. A cabal. 

Durain. Cooling in waten 

Dujrb. A dtftempov di&afe* 

Durbhath. A cell. 

Durbhodach. A dunce. 

Durdal. Cooing ^ Bhith-durdal„ to coo. 

Durdan. A humming noife. 

Durdan. A bit of duft, a mote. 

Durga. 1 

Durganta. ISurly. 

Dttfragka. J 

Durlus. Water-creflfes. 

Durn. A fift, a hand.^ 

Durrog. A maggot. 

Durfa, durfan* A cracky xioifi. 

Durtheach. A foundation, a cell, hut, 

Dnrtheach. A pilgrim. 

Durunta. S.igid^ monoftw 

DuLh. 1°"^ 

Dus. In order to^ to the end chatw 

Diis. A fort. 

Dufait. A place of refuge^ fafety^ 

Du(al. Dufty. 

Dufanu i * -. 

Dufoglach. r '^'*"'*- 

Dulas. J 

Dufcumhal. A woman client. 

Dufgam. To awake« 

Dufgairm. A calling) appellatiw. 




Dulling. Duft. 

Duthchas. The place of one'g birtli, jOi 

hereditary right* 
Duthcharach. Of one's countiy, jMtlind 

to one by his family, hereditary, 
I)uthajdh. A land, country* 

Dutham A nation. 
DuthchamhttiL Of a good family* 
Duthcha. Genuine. 
Duthith. A pudding. 
Duthrachd. Vide Durackd. 
Duthrachdach. Vide JDitbhrachdach. 


E A & 

Els the fifth letter of the alphabet; 
it is one ei the finall vowels, and 
founds like epfilon in th^ Creek, or ee in 
Englifh. In Irifh it is callcfd Eabha ot 
Eadha, from Eadha, the aQ)en-tree, com- 
monly called crann crithach, and is not 
unlike the Greek name Eta, and Hebrew 
£• The pronoun hiy or iu and is founded 

broad, as the Greek Eta. 
£ i An interjedion of furprife. 
£a. A diphthong, in which bodi vowels 

are heard. 
£a. A negative particle ufed indifcrlmi- 
nately with ei. The negative particles are 
^enumerated in the following verfe: 
Neimh & an, amh, eag, fas, 
Ei, e, do, di, ni b ord dmhias, 
Ifig mi, ni tnoA ciilgi^ 
OmAJkkmlhiia dnidblige. 

Eabar. ^ "^* ""''^ 
EaUttu The Mttie of the letter e, the afpen- 

Eabha. The firft w<tnan. Eve. 
EahtitcL 1 T&e Hobpow tOBgOe. . 
EaUuracb. An Hebrew^, Jew^ 
Eabhrach. HebreW) Jewifli. 


Eabradh. Iron* 

Eabron. A pan, cauldron. 

Eabur. iVory. 

Eacceart, ^iceart. Iniquiqj, injufticc. 

Eacartha. Stupid. 

Eaccomhlah. Injuftice, opprei&on. 

Eaccomhlaim. To omit. 

Eacconnach. Mad, doting, abfurd. 

EacoM. Ragc^ nttdnds, wantof fenfe. 

Eaccon-duine. A filly fooIHh man. 

Eaccofg. The face, countenance, likenefs, 

Eaccofg. A degree. 

Eaccofg. A framing or buUding; 

Eaccofmhuil. Unlike. 

Eaccofmhuileachd. Difparity. 

Each. A horfe. 

Each. Any. 

Eachach. Abounding in horfes* 

Eac*han. A wheel, an inftrumcnt ,to wind 

Eachan-gaoithe. A Waft of whirl windi 
■Eachanach. Of blafts, ftormy. 
Eachann. Hedor. 
Eachaodacfa. Caparlfon. 
Eachchior. A horre-comb. 
Each-freine. A courfer. 
Eachdaire. An hiftorian, chronicler. 
Eachdairachd. Hiftory, chronicle. 


E A D 

E A D 

Eachd. A condition. Vide Achd: 

Eachda. Clean, pure, neat, decent. 

Eachdam. To do, toad* 

Ilachlann. A ftablc. 

Eachlach, A fervant, poft-boy, news-car- 
rier, a foldier'k boy, 

Eachlafg, A rod, a goad, horfewhip. 

Eachleigh. A farrier. 

Eachmac, eachmong. To happen, fall out, 
come to pafs. 

Eacnach. Blafpheniy. 

Eachradb, eachri. Horfes. 

Eachrais. Rowing* 

Eachrais. A fair. ' 

Eacht. An accident that moves forrow or 

Eacht. An atcliievement, feat,, exploit. 
Vide Ejbhachd. 

Eachf. A condition, 

Eachtamhuil. Conditional, doing great 

Eachtradh. An adventure. 

Eachtran. -i * ir • 

^ ^ , 1 A foreimer. 

Eacntranach. j 

Eacradh. A pen, fold, pound, cin£lure. 

Eatrocair. nA prey, fpoil, unmerciful- 

Eatrocairachd. ) nefs. 

Eatrocairach. Unmerciful. 

Ead. Jealoufy, zeal.. 

Ead. Obloquy, rq)roach. 

Eadach, aodach. Clothes. 

Eadaigham. To clothe, drefs. 

Eadail, eadal. Profit, advantage, treafure j, 

prey, fpoil, booty. 
Eadailach. Haying treafure, rich. 
Eadailleach. An Italian. 
Eadailt. Italy. 

Eadaingionn. Weak, defencelefs. 
Eadaingneachd. Weaknefs,. defenceleff- 

Eadaire. A jealous perfon» 
Eadairmeas. The art of invention. 
Eadann, aodann. The foreheads 

Eadnan. A frontlet. 

Eadar, cidar. -Between. 

Eadaradh. iDivifion, inCerett, rcff at 

Eadarthrath. { noon. 

Eadarghaire, eadarfgaradh.' Divorce, fepa- 

Eadarghnar Ingenuity. 

Eadarghnaim. To know, diftinguifh. 

Eadarghuidhe. Supplication, interceffion. 

Eadarnaidh. Fraud, malice, deceit. 

Eadarfgain, eadargain. Interpofition,^ part- 
ing, quieting. 

Eadaoirfuigham. . To naturalize.. 

Eadoimhann. Shallow. 

Eadochas. Defpair. 

Eadochafach. Defpairing, defpond^ng. 

Eadochafaigham. To defpair^ defponfl.; 

Eadfhulang. Intolerable. 

Eadh. Timcy opportunity, ieafon.. 

Eadh. Yea, yes. 

Eadhadh. An afpen-tree. 

Eadhoin. Namely, to wit. 

Eadmhor. Jealous, zealous. , , r 

Eadmhorachd. Zealpufixefs, jealoufy.. 

Eadmheadhonach. Immediate, mediate.: 

£adoighigham«' To defpair. 

Eadram. Between me. 

Ead pad. Between, thee., , ,' 

Eadrinn. Between us- / . »; 

Eadribb. Between you.. » 

Eadrochd. Plain, manifeft. 

Eadtairiofiochd. Alienation, ill-will- 

Eadtairfiogham. To put out of doors«> 

Eadtlaith i Courageous, &XQag^ un- 

Eadtlathach. ) daunted. 

Eadtreoir. Imbecillity, ifreftlution. . 

Eadtreoiach. Irrefolu te, weak,; ignorant. 

Eadtorra.. Between them. 

Eadtorras. Mediocrity.- 

Eadtrom. Light, ^rifk, njikiUei guMj* 

Eadtromachan.^ -% Lightnefs^, eafe, com-- 

Eadtruime. ) fort. 

Eadtromaghadh. Alleviating, alleviation. 




Eadtromuigham. To alleviate. 
Eadtroman. A bladder. 
Eadtualang. Incapable, unable. 
Eadturlabhradh. A folecifm. 

Eadurchamh. Of old. 

Eag, eafga. The moon, 

Eag. Death. 

Eaga. Ice. 

Eagach. Deep* 

Eagal. Fear. 

Eagalach. Fearful, timid. 

Eaglam. To fear, frighten, deter. 

Eagan. A bottom. Vide Dubhhaigan. 

Eagan. A gizzard. 

Eagar. Order. 

Eagar. A row, bank,1)in. 

Eagaram. To ftt in order, or in rows* 

Eagbroth. A carrion. 

Eagcaoine. A fob, dying groan, a com- 

Eagchaor. A founding line. 

Eagcnias. Sicknefs. 

Eagcoir. Injuftice. 

Eagcofmbuil. Various, unlike. 

Eagfamhuilachd. The ftate of not being 
like a thing. 

Eagcofg. Likenefs, face, countenance, fi- 

Eagceart. Unjuft, incorred. 

Eagcruaidh. Sick, weak, feeble. 

Eagcubhidh. Unfit, improper. 

Eaglais. A church. 

Eaglaifeach. Of the church, a churchman, 

Eaglaifamhuil. Belonging to the church, 
or clergy. 

Eglais chathuighidh. The church militant. 

Eaglais neamhcha* Church triumphant. 

Eaglan. A biting. 

Eaglaf^a. Ecclefiaftical. 

Eagmhais. Witliout. 

Eagmhais. Reputation, fame. 

Eagmhaifach. Very great. 

Eagmin. About, a winding circuit, mean- 
Eagmin mall. A flow "meander or winding 

of a river. 
Eagnaidh. Prudence, wifdom* 
Eagnaidhach. Prudent, wife. 
Eagnaidhe. A philofopher, wife man. 
Eagnach, eacnach. Blafpheftiy. 
Eagnach. A complaint, refentment, caufe 

of grief. 
Eagnaidbam. To complain, accufe. 
Eagnairc. Love. 

Eagnairc. Querulous, complaining. 
Eagnais. Without. 
Eagnarcaire. A mediator. 
Eagcruaidh. Impotent, fick, feeble, 
Eagraigham. To fet in order. 
Eagfamhuil. Singular, matchlefs, ftrange ; 

various, diifimilar, mixed. 
Eagfamhlachd. Strangenefs, variety, diver- 

Eagfamiuigham. To diverfify. 
Eagfamhlughadh. Varying, diveriifying, 
Eal, for neal. A fwoon. 
Eala, ealadh. A fwan. 
Ealach. A pin to hang any thing on, as a 

Ealadhain. Learning, fkill, an art, fcience. 
Ealadh an ta. Artificial, curious, ingenious, 

alert, quick, ready. 
Ealaidham. To fleal away, defert, toftalk. 
Ealaidhtheach, A revolter, deferter, - 
Ealang. A fault, flaw. 
Ealar. Salt. 

Ealbha. A herd or drove. 
Ealc. Malicious, fpiteful, envious. 
Ealcmhar. Envious, fpiteful i lazy, flug- 

Ealg. Noble, excellent. 
Ealoghadh, ealughadh. Sneaking, ftealing 

Ealuigham. To fneak off*, fleal upon. 
Eall. A trial, proof, elTay. 

[N nj Eallabhair. 

E A N 


Eallabhain 1 A vaft number, a great mul- 

Eallagair. ( titude. 

Eallach. Ahearth j rather Teallach. 

Enllach. Cattle. 

Eallach. A burden, load. 

Eallach. An artful trick. 

Eallog. A log, bracket. 

Eallach. A battle. 

Eallaighc. Houlehdld ftuff, furaiture. 

Eallamh. Wonder, aftonifliment. 

Eallamh. Cattle given as a portion* 

Ealfcadh. Cozinefs. 

Ealta. Repentance. 

Ealtjcalta. i A flock, herd,, covey, drove, 

Ealtuin. J trip, rout, pace, fownder. 

Ealta eun. A cove/ or flock of birds. 

Ealta mhuc. A herd of fwine. 

Ealta dhamh. A drove of bullocks* 

Ealta gbabhar. A trip of goats. 

Eaka maduidhc alta. A rout of vrolves. . 

Ealta aiTail. A pace of afles. 

Ealta fiadh-thorc. A fownder of wild boars. . 

Ealta marcach. A troop of horfe* 

Eallach. Gregarious. 

Eallaidhe. White. 

Ealltih. A razor, fword.. 

Eamhain. i ^^ , , 
T> , > Double. 

Jbamhanta. ) 

Eamhainie. Wifdom. 

Eampaid. A kind of ftone. 

Ean. A bird, a fowl. 

Ean fionn. An ofprey, a- kite. 

Ean, an. Water. 

Ean uifee. | . . t . j 

T^ ^ ' > An aquatic bird. ^ 

x^an fnamh. 1 

Ean, aon. Any. 

Eanchor. Any wife, at all. 

Eanda. A fimple in medicine. 

Eang. A year. 

Eang. A track, footftep. 

Eang. Point of land, a guflet. 

Eangach. A fifhing net, a chain of nets for 

falmon or herring fifliing. 

Eanghach. A tlidder; 
'Eanghlor. Of one voice or fpceclh 
Eangla. An anniverfery. feaft. 
Eanglaim. A lining. 
Eanghlais. Small mixed dHnk.-. 
Eanghnamh. Gencrofily; dexterity afc 

arms, prudence. 

Eangfad. They went forward or ttroved*:. 
Eanluireachd. Fowling. 
Eanluith. Birds. 
Eannec. Innocent; . 
Eanfktbadh. Ac once. . 
Eantog, feantogi A nettle. . 
Eantoifg. On purpofe, in one bulk.. 
Eantort. In any manner or fort. 
Eanuair, aonuair. One hotkr, at once. . 
/Eanuair, an-uair. Bad weather. 
Eanuc. An eunuch. 
Eaondachd. Unity. 
Ear. A head. 
Earadh. Refufal. 
Earadh. Fear, diftrufl:. . 
Earadhain freine. R^ins of alsridte.. 
Earaim. Riding. 
Earal. An exhoitation,. caution. 
Earalach. Cautious, provitlent.- 
Earalas. The virtue of being provident.. 
Earaligham. To cxliort. 
Earam. To refufe, deny. 
Earais. The end. 
Earb, earbog. A roe. 
Earba. To tell, relate. 
Earb. An offer, command. 
Earba. An occupation, employment; . 
Earbail. A truft. 
Earbull. A tail. 
Earbam. To truft, rely, confide, bid, comr 

Earbfa. Confidence, reliance, truft. 
Earbfach. Confident, relying, trufting. 
Earc. Speckled, red. 
Earc. A cow. 

7 Earc. 


£ AS 

Fare. A falmon, 

Earc. A bee, honey. 

Earc. A tax,, tribute. 

Earc. Heaven. 

Earcam. To fill. 

Earcamhuil. Pleafant, fweet, agreeable. 

Earcan. Delicacies. 

Eearcdhath. Coloured red. 

Earchaill.. A prop, poft, pillar. 

Earchaillam. To eraze. 

Earchaille. A barring, hindering. 

Earchaomh. Noble. 

Earcluachrach. A lizard, emmet. 

Earcra. A deficiency, eclipfe. 

Eardach. A feafl, foletnnity. 

Eardanal. A piper, trunopeten 

Earfhlaitheas. ? * .n 

Earfhlaithachd. J " ^^^ ^* 

Earfhloith. A noble perfon, grandee. 

Earghabhail. A miferable captivity. 

Eargaim. To build, frame, make up« 

Earghabham. To apprehend, make prifooer. 

Earghaire. Prohibition. 

Earghairam. To congratulate; to forbid, 

Earghalan. A piper. 

Earghalan. Njoify, clamorous. 

Erghnaidh. Magnificent,, worthy,,, vir- 

Earghnamh. To prepare a feaft. 

Eargna. Conception, quicknefs of appr«- 

Earlamh. Noble, grand, auguft. 

Earma, earmaidheafa. Galloping. 

Earmadh. Arms. 

Earn, eorna. Barley. 

Earnagh. Iron.. 

Earnnail. A part, fbaic. 

Earnnede. To watch, take care of. 

Earr. £nd,.conclufion, t^iil, limit, .boundary, 
Earr. A champion ; noble, grand. 

Earach. The fpring. 

£arradh« Drefs, habit, military fuit, com- 

plete armour. 

Earradha. Wares, commodities, accoutre- 

Earraidham. To fpring. 

Earradhreas. The dog-briar. 

Earraid. A miflake, fault. 

Earrlinn. i 

Earrinn. } ^^^ ^"^• 

Earraithear. To be ferved or attended. 

Earrunn. A ihare, portion, divifion. 

Earrufaid. A fort of loofe wrapper wore by 
women in the Highlands of Scotland till 
very lately, without fliift or any thing elfe. 

Eafadh. Sicknefs, difcafe. 

Eafafnadh. Expulfion, banifliment. 

Eafaidham To expel, baniih. 

Eafag. A pheafant, a fquirrel. 

Eafaille. Difpraife, difparagemcnt*. 

Eafailuigham. To debafc. 

Eafaituigham. To diflocatc. . 

Eafam. To make, to do. 

Eafamlair. An example, copy, pattern, 

Eafal. A tail. 

Eafaontach. Diffenting, repugnaat, .diib- 
bedient, rebellious. 

Eafaontas. i 

Eafaomachd. S J^»%^«ement,difobedience.. 

Eafaontughadh.. Schifm. 
Eas. 1 

Eafar. > A catara^l, fall of water, cafcade. v 
Eafard. J 

Eafard. A quarxel, foul houfe. 
Eafarguin. A tumult. 
Eafarluighachd. Incantation. 
Eafba. Want, fcarcity, defeft, ab/ence. . 
Eafba broghad. The king*s-evil. 
Eafbaigham. To wantyUck..- 
Eafbain. Spain. 
Eafbaloid. Abfolution. 
Eafbarta, eafporta. Evening-prayers. 
Eafbhuidh. Want* 
. Eafbhuidhcach In want, poor, empty. 


E A S 

E A S 

Eaftog, eafbuig. A bifhop. ' 
Eaftjuigachd. A fee, prelacy. 
Eafc. Water ; old. 
Eafgaich. A quagmire. 
Eafgaire. A warning. 
Eafgair. A ftorm, blufterlng wind^ fur- 
Eafcar, eafgor. Shooting into ears. 
Eafcar. A fall. 
Ealcaira "% 
Eafaraid.t An adycrfary, enemy. 

Eafchriodhachd. Difagrecment. 

Eafcoman. Dirty, filthy, nafty. 

Eafcomata. Satisfied. 

Eafcomlam. To die, depart life. 

Eafcong. Water. 

Eafcongra. , A cry, proclamation. 

Eafconn. An old man, an eWer. 

Eafconn. ' The moon. 

Eafcra. A cup, drinking-vefFel. 

Eafcradh. Walking, flepping, marching. 

Eafg, cafga. The moon. 

Eafgaidb. Eafy, fcnfible, nimble, ready, 

adive, officious. 

Eafgaine. A curfe, malediction. 

Eafgal. A found, noife. 

£afgan« 1 

Eafga. > An eel. 

Eafcu. J 

Eafgbhaineach. Lunatick. 

Eafgleafadh. Confuflon. 

Eafgnaim. To climb up, afcend. 

Eafgud. The hough, ham. 

Eafgul. A wave. 

Eafidhe. Confpicuous, remarkable. 

Eafionnracas. Difhoncfty, faithlefTnefs. 

Eafionnruic. Diihonefl. 

Eaflabhra, Bounty, courtcfy, afFability. 



Eaflainteach. i , #• 
^ « I Infirm. 

Eaflan. 1 

#£aflach« A lake, pool. 

> SIcknefs, infirmity. 

Eafmatl. A reproach, reproof. 
Eafmail. Power of, dependence. 
Eafmailteach. A reproachful perfon. 
Eafhadh, eafnamh. Want of web for the 

Eafnadfa. Mufic, fong, melody. 
Eafnadh. Time. 
Fafmaigh. A lath, fparr. 
Eafog. A weafel. 
Eafoman. A welcome. 
Eafomoid. Difrefped, difhonour. 
Eafomoideach. Difrefpeftful, difobedient. 
Eafonoir. Difhonour, abufe. 
Eafonorach. Difhonourable, abufive, iH- 

Eafonoraigham. To difhonour, abUfe. 
Eafontach. Rude. 
Eafordach. Fa£tious. 
Eafordugh. Diforder, confufion, anarchy. 
Eafordughadh. Wifhing things different 

from what they are. 
Eaforduigham. To wifh things different 

from what they are, to confufe. 
Eaforgain. Contrition. 
Eaforgaim, To hurt, offend. 
Eaforgnadh. Squeezing, crufhing. 
Eafpuig-fpcain. The herb ox-cye-daify^ 

Xratin, belles major. 
Eafrannait. The world. 
Eafraoite. Loofe. 
Eafruadh. A catara6l on the river Earn, 

county of Donnegal in Ireland. 
Eaffaoth. Health. 
Eaflarruing. ExtraSion. 
Eafuainam. To fcum, fkim. 
Eafumhal. Difobedient, irreverent. 
Eafumhlachd. Difobedience, obflinacy. 
Eafumhiuigham. To difobey, 
Eafurrudhas. Prefumption. 
Eafurrudhafach. Prefumptuous. 
Eafurram. Difrefpeft. 
Eafurramach. Difrefpeftful, flubborn, a 


Eafur . 


£ I D 

Eaftirramaigham. To revolt, difobey, 

Eafurramaghadh. Difobedience^ rebellion* 

£ata. Old, ancient. 

Eatach. An elder, aged perfon.^ 

Eatal. Pleafare, delight. 

Eatal. Flight. 

Eatal. The world. 

Eatha. Gone, fent. 

Eathar. A vefle], fliip, boat. 

Eathla. Prayers, fupplication. 

Eatla. .Sadnefs. 

Eatlaim. To fly. -, 

Eatorra. Between them. 

Eatrathach. Late. 

Eatroman. A bladder. 

Eatrom. Light. 

Eatruime. Lighter. 

Eatniime. 5 . . , >. , . 

Eatruimad. 1 ^'Shtnefs, levuy. 

Eatromuigham. To relieve, l]ghten9 alle- 
Eatrocair. Cruelty. 
Eatrocaireach. Unmerciful. 
Ebar. Mire, dirt. 
Ebrach. Miry, dirty. 
Ebeirt, ebirt. Topography. 
Ebhadh. The afpen tree, the letter £• 
Ebhling. To fpringoiFor on., 
Ebhlingadh. Skipping, leaping. 
Ebhladh. A kilt. 

Ebhladh. ) •. . • ^ 

Ebhlag. }B"rnmgcoal.- 

Ebhlach. Full of burning coals. 
Ebhrionta. A young gelded goat, 
Ebron. A kettle, cauldron. 
Ebhul. Vide Ebhlog. 
£cciiech« Reproof, reprehenfion. 
Eccnairc* The time pail. 
Eccnairc. A prayer, interceffion. 
Eccofg. Vide Eagcofg. 
Eccradach, Spiteful, unfaithful. 
Eccraide. Exuntty, fpite. 

Ece. Clear, evident, manifeft ; ece an ta- 

lamh, fee the land. 
£c;na. Eating. 
Ecfidhe. Apparent, manifeft. 
Ed. Vide Ead. 
Ed. Gain, profit, advantage. 
Ed. To niake, receive, to handle. 
Ed. Defence, proteftion. 
Ed, eid. Cattle. 
Edal. A treafure. 
Edalach. Rich, having a treafure. 
Edaoigh. Uncertain. 
Edreimam. To catch at. 
Edean. A receptacle. 
Edearbh. Falfe, uncertain. 
Edeighneach. Gelded. 
Edel. Prayers, orations. 
Edhon, eadhon. To wit, namely, that is. 
Edidh. Ugly, deformed. 
Edim. To catch, apprehend. 
Edir. Vide Edar. 
Edire. Hoftages. 
Edirghlimam. To endure, fuffer. 
Edirmheadhontoir. A mediator. 
Edmhar. Jealous. 
Efeachd. Efted, great things. 
Efeachdach. Effedual, that hath done great 

Egmhil. Handfome. 
Eibhligham. To fparkk. 
Eiblit. An intcrjeftion. 
Eid. Tribute, tax, fubfidy. 
Eiddighe. Ingratitude. 
Eide, eideadh. Cloth, apparel, raiment, 

Eidadh-gairdain. A bracelet. 
Eidadh-uchd. A breaft-plate. 
Eidadh-muineil. A gorget. 
Eidadh-droma. A back-piece. 
Eeidadh-calpa. Greaves. 
Eideam. To drefs, attire^ arnu 
Eideadhach. HarneiTed. 

. [Oo] Eidarbtha. 

£ I F 


EldlHrbMha. SlO^ute^ loofe. 
Eidarfgaram. To fcatter, difperib* 
Eidheann. Ivy, genitive Eidhne ^f wfrn 
Eidhneach. f'ull of ivy. 
Eidhnean. ) . . , u u u 

Eidhnen-thdlmhuinn. GfOund-ivy. 
Eidhliomh, eidhHodh. A plea, a cafe; 

claim, deman^ of debt. 
Eidhre. 7 

Eidhreagach. S 
Eididheach. A cuiraffier. 
Eidimhin. 'Doutful, uncertain, fluAuat- 

Eidinte. Doubtful. 
Eidarfhollus. . Twilight. 
Eidar. Muft. 

Eidir. A captive, prifoner, hoftage. 
Eidarcheart. An equal diftributive right. 
. Eidirceart focal. An interpretation. 
Eidirdhealughadh. A diiFerence, feparation, 

diviflon, diftindion. 
Eidirdhealutgham. To feparate^ divide^ 

Eidirdilgin. A devaftation, ravaging. 
Eidirgin. Interpofttion. 
-Eidirghleo. A decree, judgment. 
Eidirghlaodham. To judge, decide. 
Eidirghuidham. To intercede. 
Eidirghuidhe. Ihterceffion. 
Eidirghuaille. Regio dorfalis. 
Eidirlen. Captivity. 

Eidlrmheadhonach. IndireAIy, mediately. 
Bidirmheadhoatoin A mediator. 
Eidirmheadhbnairachd. Interceding. 
Eidirmhinuigham. To interpret* 
Eidirmhinugfaadh. Interprctatton. 
Eidirfallamh. Space. 
Eidirfhollus. Tvrilight. 
Eidirthriath. Int^'-regnum. 
Eifeacht. EflfeA, ftttfe, consequence. 
Eifeachdach. I ^ . 

Eifeachdamhuil. i 

Eifeaftdi. Strions. 
Kigmhuis. Want, dtfcSt. 
Eeigceart. Injuflice, iniquity. 
Eigciallidh. Abfurd, filly, foolilh. 
Eigcinnte. Hefitancy, doubt. 
Eigcinntach. Uncertain, innumerable, un-. 

refolved, undetermined. 

Eigcneafda. Rude^ impolite. 
Eigcinte. Uncertain, doubtful. 
E igcneafdachd. Frowardnefs, rudenefs. 
Eigcrionna. Imprudent, impolitic 
Eigcrionnachd. Imprudence, folly. 

^. , * / Force, violence, compulfion* 
Eigintas. > ^ • 

p. . I neccffity, a rape, need.. . 

Eige. Web. 

Eigin. Neceffary, certain, fome. 

Eigin. Truly, furely. 

Eigean. Lawful, rightful, juft. 

Air eigin. Scarcely, with difficulty. 

Eigintach. Neceffary, indifpenfable, need^ 

f ul, needy. 
Eigeas. A learned man. 
Eigipteach. An Egyptian* 
Eigipht. Egypt. 
Eigcordadh. Jarring. 
Eigcordam. To jarn 
Eigha. A file* 
Eighamh. A cry, ihout, oalh 
Eigham. To cry, fhout, call* 
Eighamhthoir. A crycr. 
Eighi. Science. 
Eiglidhe. Mean, abjefi. 
Eiglidheacht. Abje&oefi. 
Eigne. A falmon. 
Eignidham. To fotce> cottftfain, cmmptH^ 

Eignight^. Forced^ raviflicd. 
Eignughadh. Forcing, raviflilUg, a ks^ 
Eigfeach. A fchod, ftiidy. 
Eigfi. Art, fcience, leamiiig* 
Eill, iall. A thong, latchet. 


£ I R 


EUL AnelL 

Eileam. To rob, fpoil. 

Eilc. Other. 

Eilc. A prayer, oration, 

Sileachdam, To alienate, part with, pais 

Eilighthoir. A creditor, accufer. 

£ilighaj]^. To accufe, charge. 

Eilughadh. Accufing, accufation, charg- 
ing, calling to account. 

Eilid. A hind. 

Eilain. An illand. 

Eilair, eilair an fheidh. Walk of deer. 

Eilimh. A plea. 

Eillgheadh. A burial, interment. 

Eilne, eilnead. Uncleannefs, pcJIutioo. 

Eilnigham. To corrupt, fpoil, violate* 

Eimh. Quick, a£live, bri(k. 

Eimhe, eighamh. A cry, call. 

Eimheachd. Obedience, CQmpliance* 

Eimham. Vide Eigham. 

Eimhleog. A live coal. 

Ein, ean. One. Vide Aon. 

Eineach. A face, countenance. 

Eineachas. i Bounty, goodnefs, courtefy, 

Eineach. i aiFability. 

Eineachlan^ Prote&ion, defenpe» fafe- 

Einfeachd. At once. 

Eijig^n^ aongbin. Only begotten. 

Einmheid. Of equal fize. 

Einread. One thing, any thing. 

Efpelam. To die, periih. 

Eipiftil. An epiftle, letter. 

Eirag. A pullet, a young hen. 

Eirbheamam. To tranfgrefi , break. 

Eirbhir. Afking indiic^y. 

Eirbhirach. That aflceth indare£Qy% 

Eirbheirtam. To move, carry. 

Eirbheuc Moving, ftirring. 

Eirbheach. A wafy* 

Eirceach. Aa heretick. 

Eireachdal. Fair, beaoteoui^ 

Eireachd, eireachdas. 'Congregatiott: 

Eirceachd. Herefy, 

Eirerich. Night-waking of the dead ; alfo 

drying of corn in a pot for grinding, as is 

done in the Highlands 3 the grain and 

bread fo prepared. 

Eirghe.7 . .r •• 


Eirgham. To arife, pafs on, advance. 
Eirghachd. The z3t of rifing. 
Eirigh. A viceroy, chlfef governor. 
Eiric. An amercement, or line for blood- 

fhed, a ranfom or forfeit, reparation. 
Eiridin. Nurfing a fick perfon, the perfoA 


p,. . ' > A command, or government. 

Eirgionnach. Purfuer. 

Eiram. To ride, go on horieback. ' 

Eirim. A fummary, abridgment. 

Eirin. Ireland, i. e. iar-inn, wef^ern ifland, 
or according to an ingenious writer, 
I-iarruin, ijland of iron^ becaufe Ireland 
abounded in mines of iron, tin, and cop- 

Eirionnach. Iri(h, Iriihrnan* 

Eiris. An aera, or account of time* . 

EiriSv AfH^nd. 

Eiris; Miftruft. 

^''^*- I A fragment. 
Eirne. 1 ° 

Eirlioch. Deftru£lion. 

Eirneadh. A gift, prefent, favour. 

Eirnam. To require, call for. 

Eirr. A ihield. 

Eirr, earn End. 

Eirr. Snow, ice. 

Eirrfce. A trunk, ftump. 

Eirfam. To arife. 

Eis. A band, or troop. 

Eis. A footftep, trace. Vide T«i:-«i»« 

Eifc, ei%. Of fUh. 

Eifceach. Exception, exclufiocw 

6 Eifcam. 

•E I T 


Eifcam. To cutt^fF, except, exclude, 
Eifdcachd. Hearing, attention. 
Eifdam. To hear, Hftcn, be filcnt, atten- 
Ei-feadh. Seeking, hunting after, refearch. 
Eifean. He, himfelf. 
Eifeaftar. He prayed* 
Eifeirghe, aifeirghe. Refurrcftioiu 
Eifeirgham. To arife again. 

Eifeiridh. J ^" °^^^" 
•Eifgin, eifglinn. A fifhpond. 
Eifgir. A ridge of mountains, 
Eifibham. To drink. 
Eifidam. To fit. 
Eifil^ eifeolach. Radfif ignorant, unikil- 

Eifam. To trace, 
Eifimh. Near, clofe at hanH. 
Eifinnil. Weak, infirm. 
*£ifiodhan. Unclean. 
•Eifiomal. Valour, courage,'bravery, power 

Eifiomlair, eifiomplair. Example, pattern, 

Eifiomlaireach. Exemplary. 
Eifith. Debate, difagreement. 
Eiflain. Sicknefs, forrow. Vide Eaflan. 
Eiflinn. Weak, infirm. 
Eiflinncach. Pregnable. 
Eiflis. Negle6(, miflake, forgetfulnefs. 
Eifmeach. Lying, falfe. 
Eifmeach. Unready. 
Eifreacht. An orphan. 
EiH'edheadh. To loofe, untie. 
Eifteachd. Death. 
Eiftam. To hear. 

Eitcog.l ^ "*"'"' ^^^*^'^*"^^ 
Eiteach. Wings, fins. 
Eitireach. Winged. 

Site. An addition to the plougblhiure 
when worn. 

Eitire. Vide Oittir. A ridge or bonk jut- 
ting into the fea. 

Eiteaccal. Volatile. 

Eiteach. A refufal. 

Eiteag. A -fort of white ftone; I fuppoft 
rather a feather. 

Eitachadh. Refufing. " * 

Eitaigham. To refufc, deny, fo/fwear*- • 

Eitallach. Flying. 

Eitheach. A lye,- untruth, miftake. ^ 

Eitheor. A liar. 

Eitheach. An oak. 

Eithigham. To abjure, refufe,- deny. 

Eithreach. Wildernefs. 

Eithre. An end, coaclufion. 

Eithre. A burden. 

Eitam. Danger, hazard. 

Eitleadh. Flight. 

Eitleog. A bat. 

Eitlam. J ^^ g 

Eitalam. J ° ^* 

Eitleorachd. Flyingr ^ 

Eitre. A trench, furrow. 

Eitreorach. Feeble, weak, ungirded. 

Ela. A fwan. 

Elc, eaelc. Bad, naught, vile, malicious. 

Elchaire. Grief, forrow, pain. 

Eleathraim. An election. 

Eleathrain. A bier. 

Eleathrach. One that carries a bier, a 

Ell, iall. A flock, multitude. 

Ell. Hazard, danger. 

Ell. Battle. • 

Ellea. Elecampane. 

Elteafaidheachd. Warmth, heat. 

Elton. Steepj up-hill. 

En, eun. A bird. 

En. VideEin, can, the fame as Aon. 

Encheannaigh, The comb of a cock. 

Eneach. A fhirt, fmock. 

Eneaclann. Reparation, amends. 

Enne. Beheld! fee J 


E R C 


£o. A falmon. 

£o. A peg, pin, bodkin, nail, thorn, 

Eo. Praifc, good, worthy, rcfpeftablc. 

Eo, The yew-tree. 

Eo. A grave, place of interment, tomt>« 

Eobhrat. Head-drefs, coif, cap. 

Eocha. Name of a man. Lat. Eucfha- 

Eochair, iuchair. A key. 

Eochair. Brim, brink, edge. 

Eochair. A tongue. 

Eochair. The rann of fifh. 

Eocbair. A young plant, fprout. 

Eogan. Owen, the name of feveral great 
men in Ireland. 

Eoghunn. Youths 

Eoin. John. 

Eoin. Of a bird. 

Eoinfhiadhachd. Fowling. 

Eoin-fliealgair. A fowler. 

Eol. I Knowledge, fcience, art; charm, 

Eblas. J noftrum. 

Eolacb. Knowing, acquainted, flcilled, ex- 

Eolchaire. Sorrow, mourning, grief, con- 

Eolchaireachd. Sad, forrowful. 

Eolgagh. Knowing, flcilful. 

Eoluidhe. A guide, director. 

Eol us. Vide Eolas. 

Eonadan. A cage, aviary. 

Eondraoitham. To divine by the flight of 

Eonfhaigam. Idem. 

Eorbbrat. A coif, cap^ 

Eorna. Barley. 

Eos, ad eos. It was faid*. 

£r. Great, noble. 

EnL A denial, refufal. 

Eraidli. Apparel. ^ 

Ercheallan. A pole, ftake« 

Ercheannchaidhe. Moft certainly, afili- 

Erchrethe. Tranfitory. 

Erebeirt. A burden, carriage. 

Erin. Ireland. 

Erinnach. Irifli, Irifhman. 

Email. A fi^n, prognoftiCation, fore- 

Erogach. 3 

Erlamh. A faint, lioly perfon. 
Err, earr. An end, tail, fin. 
Earraid. An error, miftake. 
Efceptus. Oppofing. 
Efreimcach. Deviating. 
Efs. AfhiporveflH. 

Etfeacht. J^"*-. 

Etenge. A mute* 

Ette. Age. 

Ettionach. An eunuch. 

Ettreifigham. To awake a perfon* 

Ettuachail. Unhandy. 

Ettualang. Incapable, unable. - 

Eud, ead^ eada. Jealoufy, zeal. 

Eudach, aodach, eadach. Cloth, clothes. 

Eudadfa, eidadh. Clothing, dreffing. 

Eudmbor. Jealous, zealous. 

Eudmhorachd. Zealoufnefs. 

Eudal. Treafure^ wealth, richesi lucre. 

Eudolach. Rich. 

Eudann, aodann. The forehead. 

Eug. Dying, death. 

Eugam. To die, periih. 

Eugcoir. Wrong, injuftlcc. 

Eugcorach. Injurious, unjuft. 

Eugcruaidb. An infirm perfon, fick, weak« 

Eugcruas. Sicknefs, infirmity. 

Eugnaidh. n . . . 

Eucconaidh. \ 

Eugfamhuil. Matcblefst various. Vide 


[Pp] Eiigas, 



Ettgas, eugafg. Likenefs^. image; 
Eugfhaoghar. Diffonance. 
Eugfhaogharach^ Diflbnant. 
Euladh, eulaghadh. Efcape. 
Eulaighanu To efcape, fneak ofF» 
Eulaightheach* A deferter, 
Eulfartadh. Slumbering. 
Euloglu An cCcape. 
Eun. A bird, fowl. 
Eun^fionn* The kite. 
Eunlaith. Fowls, birds. 

Eunadan. An laviarjr* 
Eunadair. A fowler^ bird*catchec.^ 
Eunadair-malluichte. The devih 
Eunadairachd. Fowling. 
Eunbhrith. Broth, gravy. 
EunlioA. A fowler's net. 
Eun-uafal. A foreign bird. 
EuDchriodhach. Timid, hen«-hearted» 
Eurmaireachd: Galloping, riding. 
Eurn. The lake of Em in Ulfter* 
Eutrom. Vide Eattrom. 




FIs the fixth letter of the alphabet, 
and is called Fearn, the alder-tree. 
It has the fame power and found as in other 

languages, but is filent before h. 
Fzy fo, fuidh. Under. 

T? ^u • I Backwards* 
Fa dhruim. J 

Fa Icath. i - 

Fa chomhair. Before. 

Fa thuairara. Towards,, about. 

Fadheoidh. Finally. 

Fa dheireadh. At lengths 

Fa dho. Twice. 

Fa re cheile.. Together. 

Fa-thri. Thrice. 

Fa. Sometimes unto, as 

Fan choilL Unto the wood. 

Fa. Sometimies for bu, ba, was, were. 

Fabhal. A fable, romance. 

Fabhal. An expedition, journey.. 

Fabhaltas. Profit, benefit, gain^ income. 

Fabbar. Favour^ friendihip. 

Fabharach. Favourable* 

Fabhram. To favour, befriend* 

Fabhra. A veil, curtain, eye-lid, fringe^ 

Fabhranta. The eye-lids, eye-lafiies« 

Fabhrantacb. Ciliary. 

Fabhra. February. 

Fabhthoirfe. Negligence; 

Fabhthoirfeach. Carelefs, negligent. 

Facal. A word. 

Faclach. Full of words.. 

Fach. The hole of a lobfter. 

Fachaim. Matter, caufe, reafon, motive^. 

Fachach* A puffin. 

Fachain. A calling, temptation. 

Fachain. Fighting,, engaging. 

Fachail. Strife. 

Fachaill. Full of woods. 

Fachtnach. Jufl. 

Facht. A battling or fighting. 

Fad, fada. Long^ talL 

Fad. Length* 

Am fad. Whilft. 

Fadaigham. To ftrctch,, lengthen. 




Fadachadh* Stretching, lengthening* 

Fadadh. Kindliftg, lighting. 

Fadaidham. To kindle. 

FadadhTcluai&. Priming of a gun, a 

Fadadh*cruaidb« Part of a rainbow in bluf- 
tering weather, which failors call a 

Fadadh-fpuince. Touchwood; tinder. 

Fadail. Delay, prolixit/t 

Fadail. Lingering. 

Fadalach. Tedious, lingering. 

Fadalan^, To linger, pfocr^ftinate, 

Fadb,fadhb. A mole, opportunity* 

Fadchluafacb* Long*eared* 

Fadchofacb. Long-legged. 

Fadfbulang. Longanimity* 

Fadfhulangacb, LongrfuflFering* 

Fadb. Cut. ' 

Fadb. Science. 

Fadhb. A queftion, riddle^ a knot. 

Fadhb. A fault, a widow. 

Fadbban. A mole-hillock. 

Fadhlaidb* Loofing. 

Fadblaim. To diftinguifb. 

Fadbt. Bi^eatb. 

Fadog. To provoke. 

Fadfliaoghlach. Long-lived • 

Faetb^B. To kilh 

Fietbe, faetbeadh. Laughter. 

Fafal Oftrangc! 

Fagam. To leave, quit, wreft* 

Fagal. Leaving, quitting. 

Fagba, fogba. A fpear, an attempt, of- 

Fagb4). Getting, findings obtaining. 

Fagbal. Power. 

Fagbaim. To get, obtain, find. 

T. , , ./.' , f Profitable, advantageous. 
Fagbal tajfeacb. ^ V ^ 

Faghaltas. Gain, profit, advantage. 

Faghraim. To favour, befriend. 

Faghbham. To ftrip. 

Fag*%> fogafg. Near, 

Faic. A fparkle. 

Faicam. To fee. 

Faicin, faicfin. Seeing. 

Faice. A ftitch. 

Faicealach. Evident, manifeft. 

Faicealachd. Evidence. 

Faiceamhuil. Important, of a moment, in 

a trice* 
Faiche. A field, green. 
Faiche-bhula. A bowling-green. 
Faicheachd. Walking in the fields. 
Faicheal. Wages, reward, falary. . 
Faicheallach. A lamp, light, caAdlej lunrf- 

Faichios. Fear. 
Faicfinachi Vifible. 
Faicil. Caution, guard, watch. 
Faicilach. Cautious. 
Faide. Longer. 
Faide mach. Remoteft, utmoft. 
Faide. Length. 
Faideocham. To deceive. 
Faideog. Lot, chance. 
Faidh. He went. 
Faid, faidh. 1 
Faidheadoir. 5 P P • 
Faidbeadoiracbd. Prophecying, prophecy. 
Faideamhuil. Prophetic, critical, witty. 
Faidham. To find ; to give up, to vield. 
Faidhbhile. A beech. 
Faidhidin. Patience. 
Faidid. Diftance. 
Faidhir. A fair. 
Faidhirin. A fairing. 
Paidfeach. Lumpifh. 
Faigheoladh. Day. 
Faig. A prophet. 
Faighle, faighleadh. Words, converfa- 

Faighleadh. Ivy. 
Faigin. A iheatb, fcabbard. 
Faigham. To fpeak, talk. 

I Faighidini 


F A I 

Faighidin. Patience* 

Faighidinach. Patient. 

JFaighleadh. Converf^tton, -talcing bold 

Faigh. Begging by patent or leave; in 

Scotland a thickfter. 
Fail. The hickup. 
Fail. A ring, wreath, ouch, a ftail. 
Fail-fheula. Motto, fuperfcription. 
Fail, fial. Generous. 
Fail. Company, fociety. • 
Fail. Fatal. 
Failbhe. Livdy. 
FaUbheas. Liyelinefs. 
Fallbeim. Blafting as of corn. 
Failbhigham. 7 _ 
Failbham. } To quicken, 

Failbheadh. Vegetation. 

Fail-mhuc. A hog-ftyc. 

Fail-chuach. Violet. 

Fail-chon. A dog-kennel. 

Failc. A gap, opening, a hair-lip mouth. 

Failce. Bathfng. 

Jailceam, fakeam. To bathe, 

f ailce-teth. Jlot-baths. 

Jailcis. A pit. 

Failceann. A lid. 

Faile. Scent, fmell. Vide Ailc. 

Faile-cumhra. A fweet fmell. 

Failaro. Xo fmell. 

Failais. A (hadow. 

Faileachan. An ear-ring. 

Faileog. A hump or hillock, hickup. . 

Faileabadh. Death. 

Failgeach. Poor. 

Failgam. To beat. 

Failidh. To fexhalc. 

Failnughadh. A failing. 

Failnigham. To fail. 

faill. 7 

P ../ I A kernel, a hard lun^p of^eilb^ 

Fail!. Ra:her Aill. A cliff, precipice. 
Icaill. Advantage, opportunity. 

Fain, foilU Leifurc. 

Faillbhe, faillbhachd. Emptinefs. 

Faille. Danger, decay. 

Faillean. Sucker of a tree^-rooty root of 

the ear. 
Faillol. Deceitful. 
Failm. The tiller of a fliip. 
Failnich. Trifling. 
Faillfuigham. To fweat, perfpire* 
Faillfeacb. Sudorific. 
Failleadh. Negled, failure, omiffion. 
Faillighe. Lapfe. 

Failligham. To fail, ncglcft,^ delay. 
Failligheach, Orowfy» 
Failte. A welcome, falu tat ion, hail. 
Failteach. Welcome. 
Failtigham. To welcome, greet, lalute^ 
Failtughadh. Saluting, greeting. 
Failthin. An intermeddler. 
Faime. Border, henu 
Faimeam. To hem. 
Faine. A ring. 
Faine. A wart. Vide Foinc. 
Fainne. Weakening, leiTening, languiih* 

Faing, fang. A certain Irifli coin, 
Faing, fang. A raven. 
Fainge. An infl^nificant. 
Fainnadhj fionnadh. The -iiair ^ the 

Fainne. Ignorance. 
Fair. Watch thou. 
Fairam. To watch, guard. 
Fair. The rifing or fctting of the fun. 
Fairb. Weeds. 
Fairbre. A notch, impreffion ; a fault, ftaia, 

Fairce. Extent. 

Fairche. Diocefe, epifcQpal fee. " 
Fairceah A reward. 
Fairdhreis. A bramble. 
Faire, fairadh. A watching, watchfulnefs ; 

a watch-hill, height. 


F A I 


Faircach. Watchful. ' 

Faireog. A hump, hillock ; a wax kernel^ 

Fairfonadh. Warning. 
Fairegach. Glandular. 
Faire ! Fie ! behold ! 
Fairigan. An interjection of admiration. 
Fairge. The fea, a fca or wave. 
Fairgfeoir. A fpy. 
Fairigh. A parifh. 
Fairiogfionach. A brave champion. 
Fairigham. To watch, perceive. 
Fairughadh. Perception. 
Fairmheadh. Pofition, fituation. 
Fairmam. A train, retinue. 
Fairnicam. To obtain, get, invent, de- 


Fairfpeag* A large gull. 

Fairrigeoir. A failor. 

Fair/eang. Wide, large, fpacious. 

Fairfinge. Plenty, largenefs, extent« 

Fairfingam. To enlarge* 

Fairfion. Upon* 

Fairthe. Soon, quickly. 

Fairthe. A feaft. 

Faifce. ' Cheefe, preiTure, violence. 

Faifceadh. A penfold. 

Faifcre* Compulfion, violence. 

Faifcre. 7 ^, ^ 

{ Cheefe. 
Faifgrc. i 

Faifg, faifgeadh. A fold* 

Faifgeadh. A fqueezing. . 

Faifgeamhuil. Flat, comprcffed. 

Faifgam. To fqueeze, wring, comprefs. 

Faifgte. Squeezed, comprefled. 

Faifgain. A prefs, a fpunge. 

Faifigham. To remain. 

Faifneis. Speakable. 

Faifneife» Intelligence, rehearfal, reU- 

Faifneigham. To certify,- prove, tcll> re- 

Faifteanoir. A foothfayer, augur, prou 

Faiftine. An omen, prophecy. 
Faiftineach. A wizard, foothfayer. 
Faiteas 7_ \ ^ 

Faitcheas. }^'^^ apprehenfion. 

Faital. Light. 

Faiteach. Fearful, timorous, Ihy. 

Faitcal. Mufic. 

Faithche, faith. A field. 

Faitcheachd. Stalking gait, walking in 

the fields. 
Faitchal. Stately. 
Faith. Heat, warmth. 
Faith. Apparel, raiment. 
Faithe. The hem of a garment. 
Faitheimid. A field, green. 
Faithnc. A wart. 

Faitighios. Reludance, dread of bad con- 

Faithim, faime. ^ The hem or border of a 

Faithioltoir. A broker. 
Faithirleog^ A fwallow, a lapwing. 

Faithlios. A wardrobe. 

Faithliofoir. The yeomen of the robes, 

Faithneam. A liking. 

Faitfe. The fouth, fouthem point. 

Faitfeach. Southward, fouthern. 

Fal. A fold, penfold, circle. 

Fal. Wall, hedge. 

Fal-dos. A thorn hedge. 

Fal. A fcythe, fpade. . 

Fal mhonadh. A peat fpade. 

Fal. A king, great perfonagc. 

Fal. Much, plenty, a trifle. 

Fal, Guarding, tending cattle. • 

Fala. Spite, grudge, malice, fraud, trea- 

Falach. A veil, covering, a cafe. 

Falachadh. Hiding. 

Falachda-fionn. Places in the fields, ac** 
[Q^qJ cording 



cordmg to Keating, whut Fing«I and bis 

fon ufed to light fires. 
Faladair. Orts. 
Faladh. Hatred* 
Falaigham. To hide, cover, keep clofc, 

Falain. A whale. 
Falaifg. Mobrburn. 
Falamh. Empty. 

Falamhnughadh. Dominion, fovcreignty. 
Falaightheoir. One who covers or 

Falaid. A glofs, poliih, meal put on a cake 

to make it look virhite. 
Falarafa. i Pacings ambling, horfeman- 
Falarachd. > fliip. 
Falaire. An ambler, pacer* 
Falatas. Chaftifement. 
Falbbach. One troubled with the hick- 

FalMiam. To go away. 
Falam. To hedge, inclofe. 
Falc. Barren, fteril. 
Falc. Froft» fltrility from drought. 
Falc. A flood. 
Falcate. A Tcoffer, cheat* 
Falcam. To bathe. 
Falcadh-tetb. Hot baths. 
Falcus. A iiiade, Ihadow. 
Falgha. A jeft. 
Falgleuta. A hedge. 
Falidh. Softly. 
Falla. Dominion. 
Fallam. To come. 
Fallamh. Empty. 
Fallamhachd. -% 
Fallumhe. iEmptinds. 
E^hmhad. J 
Fallamhuigham. To empty. 
Fallaimhe. Emptier. 
Fallamhaichoir. Emunctory. 
rdyiaia^ fidlan. Heahby> wkok&m^. 

Fallaineachd. ^Wholefomnefe, hcalthincfs.^ ' 
Falkine; } health. 

Fallamhnachd. Rule, dominion. 
Fallamhnam. To govern, rule as a king. 
Fallamhnas. A kingdom, domimon. 
Fallan. Sound, healthy. 
Fallanachd. Health, foundnefs. 
Falluinn. A mantle, cloak, a hood. 
Fallofgadh. Setting on fire, burning, com- 

Falloifgam. To burn. 
Fall fa. Deceitful. 
Fallfachd. Deceit, fallacioafnefs, philofo- 

Fallus. Sweat, perfpiration. 
Fallufuigham. To (Weat, pcrfpinr.. 
Falmadair. A tiller.. 
Falmuir. A hole. 
Falra, falarachd. Pacing, ambling. 
Falraigham. To pace, amble. 
Falfa. Falfe, deceitful. 
Falfachd. Deceit, faMiood. 
Falten. A welt, belt, ribbon for the head^ 

Faltanas. An occafion, pretence^ quarrel^ 

Falumhain, A fort of coarfc garment.. 
Fa*m, fo'm, fu^m. Under me. 
Famh. A mole. 
Famhair, fomhait. A giant. 
Famhthorr. A mole-hill. 
Fa'n. Under the. 
Fan, fana. Prone, propenfe. 
Fan. >A declivity, fteq), inclrnation, 

Fanadh. > dcfcent, headlong. 
Fan. Stay thou, wait thou. 
Fanachd. Staying. 
Fanam. To ftay, wait. 
Faiiam. To precipitate. 
Fan. A wandering, ftraying, pcregrina- 

Fan. A church, chapel, fane. 




Fanear* Obfervation^ notice, heed. 
Fan-Lobuis. Name of a church in the 

county of Corkc. 
Fanaictheach. Mad, frantic, fanatic* 
Fang, faing. A raven, vulture. 
Fang. A pound to catch cattle in. 
Fangam. To drive to a fold. 
Fang, faing. An Irifli coin, gold or (liver 

Fan-leac. An altar of rude ftone , a ftone 

in an inclined pofition. 
Fanlonta. Slender. ^ 

_ ' I Faint, weak, infirm. 

Fannanta. ) 

Fannad. Faintnefs, weaknefs. 

Fannthath. Ignorant, 

Fannlag. Weak. i . . , 

Fanntais. Weaknefs, languiflxing, 

Fanntaifeach. Fainting, inclining; tO' 

Fannuighe. Away. 

Fannuldhideach. Negligent,. care^cfW , , 
Fannufgham. To' faint. . 
Fanoid. Mockery, ridicule^ -derifum^^ 
Fanoidaiche. A mimick, mocker* 
Fanoideach. Derifive, mocking* 
FanntaIoch» Waiting, reiling. 
Fanntin. Remaining^ ftaying« 
Faobhan Edge of a tool or weapon* 
Faobham. To rob. 
Faobharach. Sharp, keen-hedged^ zStiye, 

Faobhairt. Edge, temper. • 

Faobharam. To whet) fbarpen. j 
Faoch. A field. 
Faochadh. Crifis in ficknefs. 
Faochag-thuachaill. A whirlpool. 
Faochag. A periwinkle ^ the eye. 
Faodalaiche. A foundling. 
Faodal. Waif. 
Faodh, faoi. The voice. 
Faoighle. Words, expreffion. 

Faodhbham. To fhouty. cry aloud; pro* 

Faogh. Punifhment. . i 

Faoghaid. Game, men that fiart game. 
Faoghaidaiche. Carnivorous birds. 
Faoghar, A found, voice, cpnfonanl.. 
Faoi, fuidh. Bclov^r, beneath. 
Faoi. A vice or turn. 
Faoi dho. Twice. 
Faoi fin. For that reafom 
Faoibh. Dead men's cloaths.. 
Faoichearbaire. An ufuref. - 
Faoichearbam. To lay out money a€ i«- • 

Faoidh. DepartUifi. 
Faoidheamh. Ameffeager. 
Faoidham. Tp fleep^.reft^ rofaOfdh far 

leic, flepton aiwk.' 
Faoidham*. To go^> to fetid* 
Faoidh* A voice, noife, fouad. 
Faoileach, faoilidh^ Qlad, )0yful> thaakfoL- 
Faoiligham.. To re)oice».be gl^Kt. 
Faoilidh. Generous,, . hofpiuble. . 
Faoileann. i . -, .- 
Faoileag. }A fea-guJl. 

Faoill. Deceit. 

Faoilleacb. i February, half of February 
Faoillidh. > and January, bad weather.. 
Faoileach. Hdydaysy carnival. , 
Faoimh-chial. Interjiretatiom 
Faoin.' Weak, mean» 
Faoin. Sloping. 
Faoinam* To indulge* 
Faoinbleghan* Gentlenefs, mildnefii». 
*i*"Faoine. "j 

Faoineachd. F Vanity^ idlenefs. 
Faoinas. J 

Faoineachd. Enquiring, en<l^ijry. 
Faoineadh. Indulging. . 
Eaoinealach. Foolifli, filly. 
Faoifdin. j ^ ' ^ , ^ 

Faoifidc. jConfeifioa, conlfeiEng. 




Ffl^ifeadh, Helping, recovering, aid, reco- 
very from ficknefs. 
Faoifgcog. A filbert/ 
Faoifneadh. Burfting from the huflc. 
Faoite. Sending. 
Faol. Patience, forbearance. 
Faol. Wild. 

Faolchu. A wild dog, wolf. 
Faoladh. Learning. 
FaoladlK Learned. 
Faolam. To teach. 
Faolchon. The -falcon. 
Faolfhulang. A prop. 
Faoloch, A bird of prey. 
Faolfcadh. Burning, fettifig on fire* 
Faollhnamh. Swimming. 
Faomaidh teach. Submiffive, humble. 
Faomh. Confent, permiffion. 
Faomham. To aflent, to bear wi A. 
Faomhar. Harveft. 
Faomhathair. A predeceflbr. 
Faon. Void, empty, feeble. 
Faondra. Wanderin'g. 
Faofamh. Proteftion, relief, 
Faofaid. Confeffion. 
Faoitin. Finding, obtaining. 
Far. For. 
Faradh. A ladder. 
Farachdach. A mallet, beetle* 
Fardh. Freight, naulage. 
Faradail. Greater part. 
Faram. To freight. 
Faradh. Litter put in a boat to Teceive 

Farall. A fample, pattern. 
Farallam. To bear, carry, ofFer, prcfent. 
Faran. Wild garlick. 
Faran. A tijrtje. 
Faraon. Together, -at once. 
Faraor ! Alas ! 

Farafda. Solid, fober, eafy, foftly. 
Farbhonn. Upper-fole of a (hoe. 
Farbballa. Buttrefs. 

Farbhuilladti. A back blow. 
Farainm. A nick-name. 
Farcluaifam. To eaves-drop. 
Farcluais. Eaves-dropping. 
Farchroicioiin. Epidermis. 
Fardach. * Quarters, lodgings, an lioufe* 
Fardin. Farthing. 

Farca teintidhe. A flaming . thunders- 
Fardail. The major part of any thing. 
Fardorus. The lintel of a door. 
Faredrum. A faddle-back. 
Fargam. To kill, dcftroy. 
Farghbhais. That leaves behind. 
Fari. Reins of a bridle. 
Farlaicam. To caft, overcome. 
Farmad. Envy. 
Farmhala. Eyelids. 
Farnaicam. Vide Farnicam. 
Farrach. Violence, force. 
Farradh. Comparifon. 

Farradh. 7 ' . , . 

Far ri J company with, alpng with. 

Farraidam. To enquire. 
Farraid. Enquiry, queftion. 
Farran. Force, violence, anger. 
Farranta. Tombs. 
Farranta. Great, ftout, generous. ' 
Farrantas. Power. 
Farfan. Explication. 
Farfing. Wide, large. 
Farfneachd. Width. 
Farfnigham. To' widen, Increafei 
Parruinqpg; A lattice. 
Farufcag. Artichoke. 
Farfpag. A gull. 
Faruifg. Lees, dregs. 
Faruin na bcine. Opening between moun- 
Farthadh. Hen-rooft. 
Fas. Growing, increafe, growth. 
Fas. Grow thou. 
Fas. Empty, vacant, hollow. 

6 Fas 


F E A 

Pas na h aon oich. A muihroom* 

Fafach. A defert, wildernefs# 

Fafag, fcufag. A beard. 

Fafam. To grow, increafe. 

Fafaicham. To dcfolate, 

Fafamhuil. Growing, incrcafing, wild dc- 

Fafan, Fafhion. 
Fafanta. Decent, fafhlpnable. 
Fafl)huin. Stubble. 
FafchoilL A young grove* 
Fafd. Yet, . 
Fasfhallamh. Ruinous. 
Fafg, A prifon« 
Fafgadair caife. A cheefe vat. 
Fafgadh. Shelter, lee, refuge, fparks from 

red hot iron. 
Fafgadh. Wringing, fqueezing. 
Fafgadan. A fconce, umbrella, ihade. 
Fafgidh. Sheltered. 
Fafgam. Vide Faifgam. 
Fafgan. A mufcle. 
Faflaich. Vacuities. 
Faflairt. Encampment. 
Faflomairt. An expeditious way of dref- 

fing viduals in the ftomach of an animal 

amongft the Highlanders. 
Fafnam. To cleanfe, winnow. 
Fafgnam. To purge. 
Fafmhor. Lonely, folitary, defolatc# 
Fafnag. A fan to winnow. 

FT* I ^ wheal, pimple, meafle. 

Faffach. Stubble. 

Faffradh. Harncfs. 

Faftuigbam. To ftop, ftay, make fafl^ to 

Faftughadh. Faftening, fecuring, feizing. 
Fafuicham. To dcftroy, lay wafte. 
Fath. Caufe, reafon, opportunity. 
Fath. Skill, knowledge. 
Fath. A poem. 
Fath. A mole, a field. 
Faxh. Heat. 

Fath. The breath, breathing. 

Fathach. Prudence, knowledge. 

Fathach, atha^ch. A giant. 

Fathan. A journey. 

Fathas. Skill, poetry, prudence. 

Fathfhaim. The hem of a garment. 

Fathaft. Seafonable, as yet. 

Fathbhan. Mole-hill. . 

Fathdhorus. A fmall door, wicket. 

Fatche. A green. 

Fathoide. A fchool-mafter, ufher. 

Fathsgriobham. To fubjoin. 

Fathfgriobhadh. Subjoining. 

Fathfgriobh te, S ubj ua£U ve. 

Fatfeach. Southward. 

Fatuaim. Law. 

Fe, fo, fa, fuidh. Under. 

Fe. A meafuring-rod, a rod to meafure. 

Fe. A Jiedge, pound, penfold, park. 
Feab. Good. 
Feab. A widow. 
Feabh. As if. 
Feabh. A conili6l, flcirmifh. 
Feabh*, Means, power, faculty. 
Feabhal. Loch Foyle in Ulftet. 
Feabhas. 7 Goodnefs, beauty, comelinefs^ 
Fcabhus. S decency. 
Feabhdha. Goodnefs^ honefty, knowledge. 
Feabhra\ February. 
Feabhfa. Rent. 
Feabhfa. Science. 
Feabhfach. Cunning, fkilful. 
Feac, Feach. The handle of a fpade, fhaft. 
Feach. A journey. 
Feacadh. A turning. 
Feacidh. They put, kt^ 
Feacam. To bow, bend. 
Feacc, focc. A tooth. 
Feach. See, behold. 
Feacham. To fee, behold, to try. 
Feachadh. A pick-ax, mattock. 
Feachadair. A wizard, a feer. 

[R r] Feachain. 



Feachain. A view, figlw:, trykig. 
Feachd. Time, turn, vice, atternatire« 
Feachd. Journey, expeditiot>« 
Feachd. Danger* 

Feachd. Forces, trained-Kamls, levy. 
Feachda* Crooked. 
iFeachdadh* Bending, moving^* 
Feachdnan. On a certain time. 
Feachte* The cramp. 
Feachfaithar. They (hall be fcnt. 

Feadam. To tell, rehtty amhuil ad fead 
leabhar Glinn da Loch, ad the b^ok of 
Glen da Loch relates^ 

Z^^t' . u. 1 } a. Whiftle, or fhriU noifc. 
FeaduighioK 3 

Feadalach. j whittling, biffing. 
Feadaireachd. I 6» & 

Feadam. To v<^hiftle. 

Fead. A bulrufli. 

Fead. A fathom. 

Fead. An ifland. 

Feada coile. Bulriiihes,.wild ferreh ^ 

Feadadh. A relation,. rehearfal. 

Feadag. A flute, a plover. 

Feadaim, Feudam. To be able. 

Feadan. A pipe, reed, flute, a fpout, hol- 
low place through which the wind ed- 

Feadanach..? * . 

Feadaire. S ^ P'^"* 

Feadanam. To pipe, whiftle. 

Feadarlaigh* The Old Law or Teftftment. 

Feadarthachd. Poffibility. 

Fead ghiiile. Lamentation* 

Feadghaile. A noife the belly of fome horfes 

make as they ride. 
Feadh. Extent. 
Fcadh, Whilft, during. 
Fcadh, fiodh. Timber, woods. 
Feadha. A calm. 
Feadhaireachd. A gift or prefent. 

i Superintendence*. 

Fead^iaireacht. Strolling^ idling,. 
Feadhaim. To rehearfe, relate. 
Feadhain. A band, troop, company* 

pl^hlnfanach J ^"*'« ^'^S^ 

Feadhb. A fault, dcfcft. 

Feadhb. A widow.. 

Feadh-chua. Venifon ; an cxtcnfive coua-^ 


Feadhanach. A breeze*. 

Feadhmach. Patent, 

Feadhmadoir. He that hath the ufe of » 

Feadhmam, feimam. To make u(e of^ to^ 

ferve, adminifter. 
FeadhmanaclK A governor, ovcrfecr,.flcw»- 

ard, fervant. 
Feadhmanta. Official. 
Feadhmghlacam. To. make one's own by^^ 

Feadhmghnathughadhi. Ufurpation^. 
Feadhna. A captain* 
Feagha. A beech tree. 
Feag. A tooth, oflfence. 
Feagadh. To fee. Vide Feacham*. 
Feagh. A fathom. 
Feagadh. Perhaps. 
Feal. Bad, naughty, evil. 
Feal. Treafon, fubtilty. 
Fealb. A kernel, lump in the £e(h. 
Fealcaidh. Auftere, harfli, deceitful, knavifh.i 
Fealcaidheachd. Sharpnefs, fournefs,, 

Fcalcaidheas. A debate, dlfpute: 
Feall. Treafon, treachery, confpiracy^. 

murder. . 
Feallam. To deceive, fail*. , 
• Feallan. Felon, nefcock. 
Feallghniomh. A vile aftion. . 
: Feallduine. A bad man. 
; Feallmhian. A . confpiracy. 

7 Feallfa* 

F E A 

F E A 

lacb, J - /. J. 

> Sea-ore, lea- weccU- 
un. 1 

Feanfamh» 1 * i.m r i. 

Eeallfamhnachd. } ^^'^^^'^P^r- 

Eeallfambnach* A fopbifter. 

Feallmhac. A learned man. 

Fealltamhuil. Murderous, traitorous*. 

Eealtoir. A traitor, ▼illain. 

Feamach. Grc^s, fuperfluous, dirty» 

Feamachas. Superflaity, grofihefs% 

Feamain. Bladder fucus. 



Feam. I a -^1 

Beaman. J 

Eeancadh. Wreftling,. wreathing, crook- 

Eeanchas. Genealogy. 
Feanndag Ghreugach. Fenugrek* 
Feanndag. Nettles.. 
Feannacn. To flay. 
Feannog. A Royfton crow, a whiting*. 
Feannta^ Full of holes. 
Fear. Good.- 
Eear. A man, a hufband. 
Fearnuadh pofda. 
Eear, feur. Grafs. 
Fear tirim. Hay* 
Farachas. Manhood. 
Fcarachas-tighe... Hufbandry^ 
Fear na cairn. An outlaw. 
Ktar-ceaird . A tradefman^ 
Fear-ancheairt. A .droll. 
Fear-brataich. Enfign-bearer. 
Fear-drabhlinn. Jeftcr. 
Eear-cuiridh. Inviter. 
Eearam. To aA like a man, to fighti 
Fearachafbaile. (Economy. 
Fearairm. A hay-loft, hay-yard. 
Fear&dhachd; j Force, might, power, man- 
Fearamhlachd. ) linefs. 
Fear-fuiridh. Suitor. 
JfeaFt-foirneart^ A. robber, violent man> . 

( A brideg] 


Fear-oibre. Workman. 

Fear-aifaig. Ferryman. 

Fear-labheirt. Speaker. 

Fear-lagh. A lawyer. 

Fear-iafachd . Borrower, 

Fear-breige. A puppet. 

Fear faire na h aon full. A chamber in atl^ 
Irifh novel. 

Fear-leathfgeoil. Excufer. 

Fear-fearcluais. Eaves-droppers 

Fcaf-mntleachd. Engineer. 

Fear-dana. A poet. 

Feara-feoirna. Cheflmen. 

Fearamhail. Manly, brave. 

Fearan. Wild garlick. 

Fearan. A^queeft, ring-dove. 

Faran-eidhion. A turtle. 

Fearanda. A countryman, a boor, farmer. 

Fearann. Ground, land, country. 

Fearann ban. Lay land. 

Fearafadh. Imitation. 

Fearafoir. Imitator, mimick. . 

Fearb. A cow. 

Fearb. A word. - 

Fearb. A wheal, pimple, any excrefcence*- 

Fearb. Goodnefs. 

Fearbam. To kill, deftroy, maflacre. 

Fearbhan. The herb crow- foot. - 

Fearbhaire. A herdfman. > 

Fearboc. A roebuck. 

Fearbholg. A fcabbard, iheath, budget. 

Fearchuidreadh, Threefold. 

Fearchur. A champion, manhood, courage. . 
; Feardha. Male. 

Feardhachd^ Manhood . « 
{ Fearg. Anger. 

Fearg. A champion^ warrior; 

Feargach, Angry, paffionate. 

Feargachd. Anger, paffion. 

Feargam.^ To vex^ fret. 
! Fearmhaic. Strong, able man.- 

Fearmhar. Graffy. 

Fearn^ The eldcivtree 5 the letter F. 


F E A 


Fearn. Good, 

Fcarn, A ftiield, 

Fearna. Town of Ferns in Ireland, 

Fearna. The maft of a fhip, 

Fearnaidhe. Mafcwline, 

Fearr. Better. 

Fearradha. Vide Fearadha. 

Frarradhacbd. Manhood. 

Fearfa. A verfe. 

Fearfaid. A fjpindle. 

Fearfaid. A ftrand-pit, ulna braohialis^ or 

Fearfaid. A wallet. 
Fearfan. A fhort vcife. 
Fearfcal. A man. 
Fearfda. A pool, (landing water* 
Feart. A good or virtuous act. 
Feart. Virtue, attribute, repute. 
Feartal, Reputable. 
Feart. A miracle, 
Feart. A grave, tomb, 
Feart. Country, land. 
Feartamhuil. Miraculous. 
Feartaigham. To bury. 
Feartaille. A funeral x)ration* 
Fearthuin. i _. . 
Fearfliion. i 
Feartuinach. Rainy. 

Feartmholladh. i A funeral oration, pane- 
Feartghraimh. J gyrick. 
Feas, fios. Knowledge. 
Feafach. Knowing, flcilful. 
F^afag, feufag. A beard, fibre. 
Feafcartha. Late in the evening. 
Feafcar. The evening. 
Feofcorluch. A dormoufe, field-moufe j a 

buzzing infed that £ies about in the 

Feafcar ach. Late. 
Feafd, am feafd. Never, everj 
Feafda. A feaft, entertainment.- 
Feafda. A feftival, feftiyity. 
Feafda, feafd. Hereafter, henceforward. 

Feasfhothargadh. ) . . _ I 

Feafghlanadh. } ^ gargar.fn,. 

Feafgalaidhe.' A h<!rald. 

Feafgor. A feparation. 

Feafog. A beard, feelers; a herd, 

Feaftreach. A muzzle. 

Feat, feadam. To whiftle, hifs. 

Feat. Mufic, harmony. 

Feath. Learning, (kill, knowledge* 

Featbadh. The fight. 

Feath. A calm, tranquillity, a bog. 

Feathamhuil. Calm, flill, quiet. 

Feathamhlaclid. Calmnefs, ftillnefs« 

Feathaigham. To quiet, calm, ftil]^ be- 

Feathal. The face, countenance. 

Feathal. A bowl, cup; a fur. 

Feathan. Fur, hair. 

Feathmaith. Sinewy. 

Feathfgarileadh. The palfy. 

Feb. Whilft, as long as. 

Febhafaigam. To correft, amend« 

Fee. Weakncfs, feeblenefs. 

Fed. A narrative, relation. 

Fedaim. To tell, relate. 

Fed. Hard, difficult. 

Fedh. Calm, refpite. 

Fedhan. Flight. 

Fedoil. Cattle. 

Feibh. As. 

Feibh. A long life. 

Feibh. Good. 

Feicam. To be In a continual motion, to 

Feich, feith. A finew. 

Feitheamhnach. i . , , 
^ . , J A debto 

Feichnean. J 

Feidhil. Juft, true, faithful, chafte. 
Feideog. A green-plover. 
Feidhlidhe. A follower. 
Feidhlidhanu To continue true and faith- 
Feidhm, feim. Ufe, employment. 


F« I 


Peidhiiiclieuiam. Toufitrp. 

Feidhmghlic. Provident. 

Feidmiheaibhaigam* To make a thing one's 
own by long pofleffion. 

Feidhmal. Needful^ neceflary. 

Feidhmalachd. Need, neceffity. 

FeidiL Faithful. 

Feidir, feadar. Able, poffible. 

Feigh. Bloody. 

Feigh. Shaq». 

Feigb. Deer. 

Feighe. A warrior,, champion, flaughterer. 

Feighe. The top of a houfe, hill, moun- 

Feighligh. Long. 

Feighligham. To catch, apprehend* . • 

Fcil. Secretly. 

Feil, feile. ) Vigil of a feftival, holiday^ 

FeighhiU I market. 

FeiL Long. 

Feil-Michail. i... . „ 
1? M . « > Michaelmas, 
i'eileoinrod. 3 

Feilr-Martuin. Martinmas.. 

Fcil-Eoin. St. John's day*. 

Feil an riogh. Epiphany. 

FdlLbdJ °'""°^"y'^'^"""*>^- 
Feile. Arrant, bad in a high degrees 
Eeile-flaith. A bad mafter. 
Feiliios. The fecond-fight. 
Feiliocan. A May-bug. . 
Feilios. Vanity, trifle.. 
Feilin. Afea-gull. Vide Faolann^* 
Feiliofach. Frivolous, trifling. 
Feilioflathrair. A wheedler, a fmall talker.. 
Feillmhian. Vide Feallmhiann. 
Feilirg. A feftilogium, calendar. 
Feille. A market*day, feftival, holiday* . 

Frill^hadhJ ^^'"8, kcrping holidays.- 

Feilteog. A cod. 

Feim. Need, ufe. 

FeimaL Needful,, neceflary.^ 

Feimalachd. Neceffity, need* 

Feimalach. A needy perfon. 

Feimam. To need, require. 

Feimglic. Providential. 

Feimdheadh. Denial, refufal. 

Feimean. The feminine gender. 

Feimineach. Feminine,.eflFeminate. 

Feir. A bier, coffer. 

Fein. Self. 

Feine. A farmer, boor, ploughman. 

Feinne. The celebrated militia oflreland; 

Feinfhiofrach. Confcious, experienced. 

Fcinfhios. i Confcioufnefs^ expert^ 

Feinfhiofrachd. I ence. 

Feiniorioflachd. Condefcenfion. . 

Feinfhoghintach. Self-fufficient. 

Feinioriofsd. Condefcending. 

Feinfhoghaintas. Self-fuflkiency*. 

Feinghluaifair. Automaton. 

Feinghluafach. Automatical. 

Feinmhort. Suicide. 

Feinfpeis. Self-conceit. . 

Feir. Of hay. or grafs. . 

Feirdhris. A . bramble, ,briar»v 

Feiread. A ferret. 

Feirge. Anger, indignation^. 

Feirn-feoil luinge. The lower end ofamaft*. 

Feirrfi. Strength, courage. 

Feirfde. The pits or lakes of water oa the 

fand at low ebb, whence beul na fearfde^. 

Feis. A convention^ convocation^ fynod»^ 

F 'fd 1 Ancntertamment, feaft*. 

Feifdam. To feaft. 

Feis.- A pig,,fwinc.. 

Feifain. 7 . 

Feiftg. }^>'""ecat. 

Feis. . Carnal communicationv 

Feifle, .feifteas. Entertainment, , accosmia^ 

Feifteas oiche. A night's lodgings*. . 
; Feith. Honey-fuckle* . 

F E O 


Feith. Afinew. 

Fcithchrupadh. Spafin. 

Feith. Tranquillity, filence, calmneft. 

Feitham. To wait, attend, ftay, 

Feithach. S 

Feithanach. J ^' 

Feithamh. Waiting, attending. 

Feithide. A beaft. 

Feithis. To gather, affemble, keep, pre- 

Feithkog. Tbe hulk, pod of beans, peas, 

Feitheambaoir. An overfeer. 
Feith in. A tendon. 
Feitheomh* A creditor. 
Fel. Strife, debate. 
Felcacan. A butterfly* 
Feleaftar. A flag. 

^ * >A wife. 
Ji'emen. •) 

Fen. A wain, cart, wtaggoii. 

Fcncheap. The ring of a waggon. 

Feneoir. A carter, waggoner. 

Feneul. Fennel. 

Feneul-athaicb. Fennel-giant. 

Feocham. To droop, fade, decay. 

Feocullan. A pole-cat. 

Feodaidh. Hard. 

Feodhas. Better. 

Feodhradh. A manner^ fajhion* 

Feoghain. F^ks. ^ 

Fcoghaicham. To fade. 

Feoil. Flefh. 

Feoildhatha. Carnation colour. 

Feoilchroidhog. A fleih-worin. 

Fcoirling. A farthing* 

Feoirna. Chefs. 

Feoice. Faded. 

Fcol, feoil. Flefh. 

Feolgh abhal • Incarnation . 

Feoladair. A butcher, flcfter. 

Feol adairachd. Bufinds of a butcher. 

Feoilithach. Carnivorous. 

Fcolmhar. Flcfty, carnal. 

Feolmhorachd. Luft, carnality. 

Feolmhach . Flelh-meat. 

Feorag. I fuppofe a ftjuirrtl. 

Feoran. A green, a moufltain-valley, land 

adjoining to a brook. 

Fcoraigham. To afk, enquire. 

Feorachadh. Afl^ing, enquiring. 

Feornan. A pile of grafs. 

Feorlan. A meafure* containing four pecks. 

Feotham. To wither. 

Feothan. 7 ^ , .^, 
« . lA thiftle. 

Feothanan. J 

Feothas. Goodnefs, better. 

Feren. A thigh. 

Feren. A cingk, girth. 

Fes. A mouth, an entry. 

Fefam. To kill, deftroy s fes am milidlr, 

he (ball kill the champion. 
Feth. A finew. 

Feth. Science^ knowledge, inftrudlion. 
Fetha. Fur, hair. 
Fethlen. ) „ ^ , , 
Fethleog. r^^^J^^^"^- 
Feubham. To wait. 
Feuch! See! behold! 
Feucham. To fee, vifit, behold, try, 

Feuchadoir. A wizard. 
Feuchain. Trial, feeing, vifitiirg, a look, 

Feud. Can, able. 
Feudam. To be able. 
Feuddam. To whittle. 
Feudd. A whittle. 
Feudag. A Aute, a plover. . 
Feudan. A flute. Vide Foadan. 
Feudairachd. ?•„,.«,. 
Feudalach. Jwh.fthng. 

Feudin. Being able. 
Feudmach. Potent 



^^I A 

Feujhmantaeh. SuperuiteiiJeat. 

Feudhmantachd. . Superintendences 

Feugmbas. Abfence, want. 

Feum. Need, VideFcim. 

Feur. Grafs, 

Feurach. Grafly* 

Feuran. Sives. 

F^urigham. To feed, gfMte. 

Feurachadb. Feeding. 

Feuritbach. Graminivorous. 

Feurcba. A bay-loft, baj-yard. 

Feurdris. A bramble. 

Feurmbor, Gxafly. 

Feurlochan. A lake that dries. 

Feurtban. A grafly field. 

I^eufog. A beard. 

Feulgafi. The fliell fifli called a mufcle. 

Fi. Fretting, anger^ indigaatiom 

Fi. Bad, naughty^ corrupt* 

Fia. Land. 

Fiabbras. An ague, fever. 

Fiabbrafacb. Feverifli. 

Fiabbrafcbofg. A febrifuge.. 

Fiacail. A tooth. 

Fiacla-carbatd. Cheek-teeth. 

Fiacal-leogbain. Dandelion. 

Fiacla-forais. Late grown teeth; dentes 

Fiaclach. Having teeth.. 
Fiaclaigbam. To gritt,^ihew the teeth^ be 

Fiaclaghadb, Growing angry. 
Fiacla-coUaic. Bo^M^'s tuiks. 
Fiaclan a dbrannidh. Grinning. 

Dfbiachadh. Inctunbent. 
Fiach. A raven. 
Fiach-mara. A cormorant. 

p. * ? Worthy, worth, valuable. 

Piach, fiadbachd. Hunting. 

{Savage, wild. 

I Price, a debt, news. 

I Fiadha. A lord. 
Fiadh. Land. 

Fiadhidh. S 

Fi'IdWdhad. }Sai^»«'"«. "'W'^^'- 

Fiadh. Meat, food, victuals. 

Fiadh. A deer. 

Fiadbacb. Venifen. 

Fiadhach. Detefting, hating. 

Fiadham. To-tell, relate. 

Fiadhaighe. A buntfrnan. 

Fiadhachd. Hunting. 

Fiadbaile. A weed. 

Fiadbain. Wild, favage. 

Fiadbadan. A witnefs. 

Fiadhair. Lay land. 

Fiadhanta. Fierce. 

Fiadbantachd. Fiercenefs. 

FiadbchuUach. A wild boar. 

Piadhfbal. A deer-park. 

Ftadhadi, A hunting-fpear. * 

Ftadbfionn. A roe-btick. 

Fijidh-Jorg. A huntrng-pole. 

Fiadbleana. Wild glens. 

Fiadhmhuc. A wild boar or fow. 

Fiadhttttis. A witnefs, teflimony, prefence* 

Fiadhnaifadh. Bearing witnefs. 

Fiadbroidhis. Wild radifli. 

Fiadbnuifam. To bear witnefs. • 

Fiadhta. Froward. 

Fiafrach. Inquifitive. 

Fiafruigham. To enqiiire, ^ik. 

Fiafni^hadlk } ^ 

Fiafrich. [E'^q^^^^n&^fl^'Hg^ 

Fiaile. Weeds. 

Fiail-tbeacb. A boufe of office* 

Fial. The veil of a temple. 

T- ,.\, J Generous, liberal, bountiful. 
Fiahdh. 1 ' ' 

Fial. A ferret. 

Fialachd. Bounty, hofphsilitj. 

a Fialat. 

F I A 


Fialai. Confanguinicy. 

Fiallach. A hero, champLos^. knight*er- 

Fialtnhar. BountifuF. 
Fialmhuirc, 7 r -i. i-^ u ^ 

Fialmhuircachd. \^'^^'^^^^ ^^^'^^' 
Fialteagh. A. pUcc where ferrets are bred* 
Fiamarach. A glutton. 
Fiamh* A footftep, trace,, track- 
Fiamh . Fear,, reverence* 
Fiamhidh. Fearful, timid.. 
Fiamh. Ugly, )iorrible, abominable. 
Fiamh. A chain, hue. 
FJamhadlu A tracing, purfuing. 
Fiambach. Modeft, fliy. 
Fiamhachd. Modefty, (hynefs. 

Flamhiochd. ^ . , . . ^ 

_. , I A heinous cnme j fear. 

Fiamhan. ) 

Fiamharrachd. 7 ^ « 

J A monfter. 
riamchoir. X 

Fian-bhoth. A tent, hut, booth, eottage-. 

Fiann Cirin. A. kind of militia or trained 
bands in Ireland, to defend their coaft 
againft invaders, of whom Fionn mac 
Cumhail, or Fingal was the commander, 
concerning whom many fables hav« been 
written in fucceeding ages^ and on which 
now the poems, of Fingal and Temora are 

Fiannach. A.giant,.FingaIian hero« 

Fiannachal. Gigantick, auguft, grand. 

Fiar. Ceooked, inclined, wicked,^ peE- 

Fiaradh. i Inclining,: twitting, wreathing, 

Fiarach. y flanting. 

Fiaram. To incline, bend, twift, wreathe, 

Fiarfoirinn* Impetuous.- 

Fiaras. Crookednefs. 

Fiarogha. Great-grandchild. 

Fiarfuighe, fiafruighe. A queftioflu 

Ffarghtorach. Difiembling. 

Fiarlhuileach. Squint-eyed. 

Fiartha. Wreathed, twitted. 

Fias. I will tell, relate. Vide Ftadhanu 

Fiafdar. Anger. 

Fiatail.- A weed. 

Fiatghail. Vetches. 

Fibhras. Confufion, fever. 

Fich, fiudhuch. A fee-farm. 

Fich. A country village or cattle. • 

Ficham. To put or fell, to break* 

Ficham. To fight. 

Fichad. Twenty. 

Ficheall. A bucklen 

Fideog. A fmall pipe, reed.' 

Fideog. A fort of bird, a fmall diminutive 

Fidgbeis. A fpear, lance; 
Fidgfieadh. A cuftom, manner, faihiom 
Fidhigham. To weave, . knit. 
Fidhlin. A fmall fiddler 
Fidhal. A fiddle. 
Fidhalach. Of asfiddlcw 
Fidhalair. A fiddler. 
Fidhalairachd. Playing on the fiddle* 
Fidir* Confider thou. 
Fidirachdin. Confideration, compaffion* 
Fidir. A teacher. 

Fidiram.. To confider, weigh, try.. ^ 

Fig. A flit. 
Fighil. A prayer... 
FSgje.. A fig-tree, a fig. 
Figheacban. A garland, wreath. 
Figham. Ta weave, plait; twifl. 
Figheadh. A weaving, knitting.. 
Figheadoir.: A* weaver. 
Figheadora. The woof, weft., 
Figheadora. OF a weaver. . 
Figiodh. A fig. 
Eilbin^ A lapwing. 
File. A bard, poeti 
Filin. A little bard, ppetailer^ 
. Filidhcachd. Poetry. 
Fileamhuil. Poetical.. 
Filead. A fillet. 


F I O 

F I O 

Fileata. Poetic. 

Fileoin A fpruce jemmy fellow, a crafty 

Filam. I am. For Bheilam. 
Filleadh. A fold, plait, a cloth. 
Fillag. A (bawl or wrapper, a little plaid. 
Filleadh-bcg. The kelt or petticoat part 

of the highland drefs. 
Fillam. To fold, plait. 
Fillas. That betrayeft. 
Fillam, pro Pillam. To return, imply* 
Fillte. Folded, plaited, implied. 
Fim. Drink, wine. 
Fimincach. An hypocrite. 
Fimineachd. Hypocrify. 
Fine. A tribe, family, kindred, nation. 
Finneal-cumhthra. Sweet-fennel, 
Finneal-fraide. Sow-fennel. 
Fineachas. An inheritance. 
Fineadhas. A nation. 
Fineamhuin. A twig, ozier, a rod ; a vine, 

Fineur. A ftock, lineage. 
Fineag. A mite. 

Fineagachadh. Growing full of mites. 
Fineon. A buzzard. 
Finiche. Jet- 
Fmideach. Wife, prudent. 
Finn, fionn. White; milk. 
Finndhabhaigh. A counterfeit fight. 
Finne. Attendance, teftimony. 

Finngheallam. To profefs. 
Finnfhoilfuigham. To proteft. 
Finnreicam. To profcribe, cnflave. 
Finnreicadair. Enilaver. 
Finndiolam. To enflave. 
Finngheinte. The Norwegians. 
Finnidheach. Vigilant, prudent. 
Finnidheachd. Care, vigilance. 
Finnfgeul. A romance, ftory. 
Fiobhar, faobhar. An edge. 

'^ lAfliield. 

Fioch. Land. 

Fioch. Wrath, anger, choler, ferity. 

Fiochal. Angry, fierce. 

Fiochgha, fiochmhar. Angry, fierce, frp^ 


Fiochmhorachd. Anger, fiercenefs, 

Fiochra. Anger. 

Fiochuil. Vigefiangulus. 

Fiodadh. , Laughter. 

Fiodam. To laugh. 

Fiodhan. A cheefe-vat. 

Fiodh. A wood, wildcrnefs. 

Fiodhach. 7 ^, , 
„. J . I Shrubs, 
r lodais. J 

Fiodhain. A witnefs. 

Fiodhbhai. Hollownefs. 

Fiodhbhadh. A wood, thicket, wilder- 

Fiodchat. A moufe-trap. 

Fiodchonnadh. Cord-wood, brulh-wood« 

Fiodhnach. Manifefl, plain. 

Fiodhghual. Charcoal. 

Fiodhrach. Encreafe. 

Fiodhradh. Fafhion. 

Fiodhrubha. A wood, thicket. 

Fiog. A wall. 

Fiogh. A braid or wreath. 

Fiogha. The weather or windward- 

Fioghait. A four-fquare figure. 

Fioghair. A figure, fign. 



Fiolidh. VidcFialidh. 

Fiomhalach. A giant, big fellow. 

Fion. Wine. 

Fion. Truth ; old, fmall. 

Fion fionn. White wine. 

Fionach. Antique. ^ 

Fionas. Prefence of, a witnefs. 

Fionaifeach. Manifeft. 

Fion dearg. Red wine., 

Fiongeur. Vinegar. 

[Tt] Fion. 



F lO 

F I O 

Fion. Small, little, few. 

Fionabhil. i 

Fiondearc. 1 S^^P^* 

Fickiich. Old, ancient. 

FionaiL ,A fine. 

FlonaghaiK 'fhis Fittgalliaii^, tehabrtiants 

of Fingal. 

Fionbhoth. A ten*, t^dMli, fceneiy. 

Fionchaor. A grape, 

Fionda. Cceruleous. 

Fionduille, A vine-leaf. 

Fioneamhuin. A vine^ vineysUrd. 

Fioneamhnach. Full of vines. 

Fionfhaifgain, 7 . . 

T^- ii f A wine-prels. 

Fiondlos. 3 

— . ,,* > The beard, fine fur, hair. 
FiOnWidh. i ' ^ 

Fionnfhuar. Cool. 

Fionnfbuaireachd iCoolnefs, H gentle gale, 

Fionnfhutiire. I frefhnefs. 

Fionnfhuairuighftm. To refrigerate^ 

Fionfuirmeadh. A maxim. 

Fionghal. Treafon, murder of a relation^ 

Fiongalach. A murdertr, purricide. 

Fionghort. A vineyard. 

Fionlabhram. To verify. 

Fioiimbor. Abounding With wine, a wine- 

Fionn. White, pale, fair ; truly. 

Fionn. Sincere, true, certain. 

Fionn. Little, fmall. 

Fionnlochlunach A Norwegian. 

Fionnachdin. Experience. 

Fionnad. A waggon, carriage. 

Fionnadh. Hair, fur. 

Fionnadhmach. Hairy, rough. 

Fionnfirthean. -Long coafrfe graft. 

jj^ionnam. To look upcnK, behold', fte ; to 

Fionnan-feoir. A grafshopper. 

Fionnaobh. Neat, clean, clear. 

Fionna.fada. The middle finger. 
Fionealta. Fine, whitened. 
Fionealtachd. Finenefs. 
Fionnaolta. White-wafhcd. 
Fionnafga. Bands wherewith vines are tied. 
Fionnfadhadi. Fine, fmooth, fenfiblt. 
Fionnfhaaradh. A cooling, refrefhing. 
Fionnfhuaram. To cool, rcfrefh. 
Fionnchofmhuil. Probable. 
Fionnchofmhuileachd. Probability^ 
Fionnmheifg. Whey. 
Fionn-obthaidh. Sober, abftemious. 
Fionns. A well. 
Fionnfgoch. A Sower. 
Fionnfgiathach, White-fliiclded j a firname. 
Fionntach. Aaving hairt on the body. 
Fionnua^ A gramHbn's grandchild. 
Fionuir. The vine-tree. 
Fior. True, notable, pfctfe<ft. 
Fioram. To make certain, to verify. 
Fioraidheachd. Veracity. 
Fioran. Salutation, welcome. 
Fiorcun. The eagle. 
Fiorchofmhuilcachd. Probability. 
Fiordha. Sincere, true, righteous. 
Fiorghlan. Pure, clean, fincere. 
Fiorghloine. Sincerity, quiriteflcnce. 
Fior-iochdar. The loweft part, bottom. 
Fiormameint. The firmament. 
Fiormhatb. Perfeftly -good. 
Fior-ordha. Illuftrious. 
Fiorraideach. Frivolous, trifling. 
Fiorraidheacht. Truth, veracity. 
Fiorraidheach. I 
Fiorraithris. { That fpeaks trudw 

Fiorfa. Neceflity. 
, Fiorthan. Long coarfe grafs- 
Fioruigham. To juftify. 
Fioruifge. Spring-water .. 
Fiorthobair. A fpring well. 
Fios. Art, knowledge, Tcience, meffage,. 
vifion, undejrftanding. 


F I R 

11 XT 

Fiofal. pnowmg. expert. 
Fiofaigham. To know; 
Fiofaiche. A forcerer^ foothfayer* 
Fiofaich mac Faiftui. Chara£ler in an 
Irilh novel. ' 

Fiogfaigheachd. ) « , ^ . 

-,. 7 , , } Sorcery, occult fcience. 

Fiofachd. i ^ 

Fiofrach. I loqoiiltives bufy, pry- 

Fiofraigbtbeach, i iag. 

Fiofraigham. To know^ examine^ enquire^ 
a&y vifit. 

Fiofragbadh. Enquiring, afking* 

Fiotfarnaife. Sorcery^ poifon« 

Fir. Of a man. Vide Fear. 

Firb. Swiftncfs, 

Firbolg. The third colony, according to 
Keating, that came into Iceland befi^re 
the Milefians. 

Firbhreige, Pujsipets^ 

Firdhileas» Genuine, true, fincete, 

Firdhris. A bramble. 

Fire, fireachd. TjFutb, event. 

Fireach. Hill, moor^ a hill with a plain 
at top, 

Fireadh. A bottom, truth ; a flower, 

Firead. A ferret. 

Firean, fireanach.. Vide Firineacb* 

Firean. An eagle, 

Fireann. Male, maiculine. 

Fireann. A chain, a garter. 

Fireannach. A male. 

Fireannachd. Male kind,. manhood; 

FireanU. True, juft, righteous, loyal. 

Fireantachd. Integrity, righteoufnefs, loy- 
alty, faithfulnefs. 

Fireutiam. i — , . „.. .^ 
^. . . , J To jultify,vcriryi 
Finnuigham.3 «» -^ 

Firinugha^. Juftification*. 

Firiomal. The utmoft coaft •or Umit,. 

Firin. A manikin. 

Firineach. Juft, rightCMS, faithful* 

fFiriane, ) 
Firin. i 

Th€ truth. 

Firineach. A juft, righteous, faithful per-- 

Firineachd. Truth, verity. 
Firinfcc. The mafculine gender. 
Firionadach. A lieutenant. 
Firlionam. To multiply* 
Firlionadh. Multiplying. 
Firmcoir. A farmer. Not Galic- 
Firpchtraoh. Innermoft, loweft« 
Firniamham. To purify^ 
Firfi. Strength, power. 
Firthean. Bound, obliged* 
Fireim. An eagle. 
Fis. Colour, dying, tindure. 
Fi6. A dream, yifion. 
Fis, fife. Of knowledge, vifion j a wfiocr-^ 

Fifag. A young cat. 
Fit. A collation, biealML 
Fitag. A kind^of gmfs. 
Fith. Land. 
Fithe, fighte. Woven, wreathed, twifted,. 

Fitheam. Vide Figham. 
Fitean. A quill. 
Fitheach. A rava. VideFiach. 
Fithean. A hog. 
Fithchiod. Twenty^ 
Fithchiodo. Twentieth. 
FithchiolL A complete^ fait of armour. 
Fithil. Apoetafter. 
Fitchai, fitchille. Tables, chcfi-board. 
Fithir. A dodor, teacher. 
Fithneach. A fart of alga called duillcafgf. 

or dilfe, which people «at. 
Fiu. Worth, worthy* 
Fiu. Edible, fit to eat. 
Fiu. Like, alike. 
Fiubhas. Dignity, worth. 
Fiuchach. That iboikofa. 

5 Fittchadlfc. 



Fiucham. To boil up, fpring -forth," fim- 

mer, eftuatc, 
Eiuchadh. Hfat, boiling, a boiling up^ 

Fiughan. A cheefe-vat. 
Fiughar. Earneft expeilatioH. 
Fiudhe. Good ftuff. 
Fiughantas. Generofity, 
Fiughantach, Generous. 
Fiughair. Memory. 
Fiughairach. That hath good memory. 
Fiughidh. A hero. 
Fiun, fiunas. A price, value. 
Fiuntach. Worthy, deferving. 
Fiuntas. Merit, worth, dignity. 
Fiuran. A fapling, a certain rank weed 
that cattle eat ^ metaphorically a young 
Fiufach. Earned. 
Fiuthidh. Perhaps an arrow. 
Flaiche. A fudden blaft or guft of wind. 
Flaichach. Windy, bluftering. 
Flaindearg. Sanguine, murrey, a ftaynard 
colour in heraldry, ufed to exprefs difgrace 
or blemifh in the family. 
Flaindeargthachd. The bloody-flux. 
Flaith. A lord, a prince, a flower. 
Flai th . A kind of ftrong ale or beer amongft 

the old Irilh. 
Flaithbhearta. Proper name of a man. 
Flaithchifde. A royai treafure. 
Flaitheachd. Government. 
Flaitheamhuil. Princely, generous. 
Flaitheamhlachd. Princelinefs, generofity, 
(hew, pomp 

Sovereignty, dominion, a 








Flan, flann. 


Heaven, the flcy, abode of 
the blefTed. 

A heathen prieft. 
Blood ; red« 

Flann. The name of fome Irifli chiefs. 

Flanfgaoileadh , ^^^ bi^ody-flux. 
rlannbhumeach. 3 ' . 

Flanfliuilcach. That hath red eyes. 
Flath, flaith. A prince, hero. 
Flathamhuil. Princely, generous, (hewy, 

Flatha. A. fitting, feflion, a court. 
Fleachdal. Foltor fleachdal air an fuidh. 
Fleadh. A banquet, feaft, entertainment. 
Fleadham. To feaft, banquet. 
Fleadhachas. Feafting. banqueting. 
Fleafg. A rod, wand. 
Fleafg. A wreath or rundle^ ring, chain. 
Fleafg. Moifture. 
Fleafg. A (heaf. 
Fleafgan. A treafure. 
Fleafgach. A fiddler, clown, rafcally fellow, 

Fleafgachan. A ruftic, mean fellow. 
Fleafglamha. Land, a field, farm, tene- 
Fleifdam. To flaughter as a butcher, to 

Fleifdair. A fleflier, butcher. 
Fleifdairachd. The bufinefs of a butcher. 

Fleoidhte. Flaccid. 

Fleodruin. A buoy. 

Fliche. Phlegm, moifture. 

Flicidheachd. Humours. 

Fliche, fliuch. Water, more wet. 

Flicheachd. Moifture, oozinefs. 

Flichmeadh. Any meafure for liquids. 

Flichne. Sleet. 

Flidh, fliodh. 


Fliochd. The fecond dram taken before 

Fliodhan. An cxcrefcence, wen. 

Flios. Vide Flaith. 

Fliream. To water. 

Fliuch. Wet, moift, oozy. 

Fliucham. To wet, water. 

Fliuch atlk. 

I Chickweed. 

F O C 

F O D 

Tliuchadb. Wetting, rain. 

Fliuchlachd. Wet, wet weather, 

Fl i u chfbuileachd • A runn ing of water from 

the eyes. 
Fliuchbheulach. That fhips water, that 

fpits much, 
Fliuchfhneachd. 1 ^. 
Flithflinachd. J ^^^' 
Floch. Lax, foft. 
Flochas, fiocas. A lock of wool. 
Flur. Meal, flower, bloflbm. 
Fluth. A wen, 
Fo. Ihider, towards. 
Fo. A king, prince, fovcreign. 
Fo. Good. 

Fo. Eafy, quiet, unconcerned. 
Fo. In compofition implies rarity. 
Foairm. . A great number* 
Fobhille. A fmall ftroke. 
Fobhadh. Swift. 
Fobhar. Vide Foghmhar. 
Fodhuine. A little man. 
Fo. Honour, efteem, regard. 
Foachd, fiafruigh. Enquiring, afking. 
Foaim. A fwarm^ fairn foghlomtha, 

fwarms of learned men. Keating. 
Fobair. Begun, commenced. 
Fobhaidh. Quick, fwift, nimble. 
Fobhailte. Suburbs. 
Fobhaoile. A town without the walls, 

Fobhair. Sick^ infirm, weak. 
Fobhair. A falve, ointment, 
Fobhith. Becaufe, becaufe that. 
Fobhuidhe. Tawny, yellowiih. 
Fobhualam. To l)eat gently, 
Fobhthan. A thiftle. 
Foe. Obfcure. 

Focal. A word, a vowel, a promife; 
Focalaiche. A good fpeaker. 
Focal magaidk. A fcofF, taunt, bye«word. 
Focalfreumhachd. Etymology. 
Focalfreimhuigbe, An etynx>logift. 

Focas. Profufc, prodigal. 

Fochaid* Scoffing. 

Focbaidhe. A difeafe, diforder. 

Fochain. A caufe, motive, reafon. 

Fochain. Diflurbance, quarrelling. 

Fochair. Prefence, company, near to, be* 

Aochall. Dirt, filth, corrupt, matter. 

Fochan. Food, fodder, provender. 

Fochan. Young corn in the blade, a plant. 

Focheimnigham. To fucceed. 

Fochla. A den, a cave^ the worth, an of- 

Fochmhad. Scorn, contempt. 

Fochrac. A reward, recompende. 

Fochradh. Banifhing, routing. 

Fochraic. Happinefs, blifs, felicity. 

Fochras. The bofom. 

Fochras, a feart ann. Her grave was dug 
there. Chron. Scotor. 

Focht. Interrogation, alking a queftion. 

Fochuidhe. i A flout, jeer, derifion, 

Fochuidmheadh. ) fcorn. 

Fochuidmham. To feoff, fcorn. 

Fochuidmheach. Joking, fcoffing; a 

Focla. A propofition, maxim. 

Foclan. Vide Feoculan. 

Focloir. A vocabulary, didionary. 

Fod. Art, (kill, fcience. 

Fod. A clod of earth, glebe, foil, land, a 

Fodar. Straw, hay, provender, fodder* 

Fodram. To give provender. 

Fodach. Wife, prudent, difcreet. 

Fodaghadh. Obfiru£lion. 

Foduighoir. Obflrudlor. 

. Fodhalam. To divide,. diftinguifh. 

Fodhbhruid. | t^. , - , 
i:* ji- ii u f Fiends, furies. 
, Fodhchnumh. I 

Fodh. Knowledge, (kill. 

Fodhail. A divifion, releafing, difTolving. 

Fodhailam. To loofe, untie i divide, 

[U u] Foidhb. 

r o G 

T o i 

Fodhb. A cutting down. 

Fodhin. Vide Foim. 

Fodhord. The humming of bees; a loud 

noife; aconfpiracy, plot. 
Fodhorous. A wicket* 
Fodbuine. A plebeian, fervant» 
Fodruair* Perceiving. 
Fodurluafach. Bury. 
Fofiadha* A yard, park, inclofure. 
Fogailam. To teach, inftni£b, di£bte. 
Fogairam. To command, publiih. 
Fogairam. To chace, purfue. 
Fogairt. Chafing, purfuing, driving away, 

Fogh. Entertainment, hofpitality. 
Fogarach. An exile. 
Fogartha. Qracious. 
Fogba. A dart, an attack, a rape. 
Fogh miarach. A pirate. 
FoghaiL An inroad into an enemy's coun* 

try, robbery, oflfence. 
Fogbailam. To plunder,. fpoil. 
Fogaluidbe. A robber. 
Foghal. The idiok. 

Foghaoam. |To do good, to fuffice, to 
Foghnam. ) ferve. 
Foghaintach. Good, prof^rous,. fervice- 

able, generous. 
Foghantachd. i Goodnefs, profperity, fuffi- 
Foghaintas. i ciency, generofity. 
Foghannan. A thiftle. 
Foghaoth. A gentle gale, blafl. 
Foghar. A found, noife, voice, tone, tc* 

cent, vowel. 
Fogarach. Echoing, refounding, loud, 

noify, clamorous. 
Foghard. Tingling. 
Foghairam. To make a aoifey to tingle. 
Foghbhanan. A thiftle. 
Foghladhi Trefpaft. 
Fo^lara. Learning, inftrudion, 4ifci<^ 



Foghlumtheach. 1 A novice, ipprcnticcj. 

Foghluinte. J fcholar. 

Foghlamta. Learned, ingienious. 

Foghlafam. To grow pale. 

Foghlamam. To learn. 

Foghlughadh. A ranfacking, robbing.. 

Foghluigham. Toranfiick. 

Foghluigheachd. Rapacity. 

Foghluidhc. A robber. 

Foghmhar. The harveft: 

Foghmharach. 1 ^ - 

Foghluidhe fairge. \^^^' «**^' * P'"^' 

Foghnaidh. Enough. 

Foghnam. To fuffice, to do goodi 

Foghnamh. Servitude, .flavery»: 

Foglaim. To loofe, untie. 

Foghnas. Profit.. 

Fogradh. 7 A warning, charge, caution^ &•. 

Foghraimh. 3 proclamatioft, decree, ordl-^ 

nance, . declaration.. 
Fogradh. Exile. 
Fograim. To warn, caution, ord^r, decreck. 

Foi. The name of a place. . 

Foi, fuidh*. Under. 

Foiche. Under her, it.. 

Foicheall. A day -s hire, wages, falary*. 

Foicheimnughadh. A feries. , 

Foichillam. To provide, prepare. 

Foid. A turf, peat*. 

Foidhbiun. Quick, (mart, ready... 

Foideaftar. Is fent, gone. 

Foidheach. A beggar. 

Foidhreach. A little image. , 

Foidhreachda. Likenefs. 

Foige. Topmoft part. 

Foigeafge. Next, . proximate. . 

FoigfeadKL Proximity. 

F h'd' 1 ^*^**^^» forbearance.. 
Poighidinach. Patient. 
Foighidam. To bear patiently. 



»0 I 

FmsMn* A green plat, a meadi. 

Foigfe. Nearer, next. 

Foil. A while. 

Foill. Deceit,, fraud.. 

Foill. Slowly, foftly.. 

Foill. Leifure.. 

Foilbheuma* Fieroe^cruelj terrible; (can- 

FotlcheadradU;. Abjuration, conjuring*. 

Foilcheadraod^ To conjure. 

Foilcheadtoir. A conjurer. 

Foileaba. A truclde^hed. 

Foilead*. A fillet, coif. 

Foileanam. To follow, go after, hang 

Foilearbadb. Death. 

Foileafan. An . afp* 

Foilleachdach. Av refearcK. 

Foilleachd. A track, footftep; 

Foilleamhna. Proper, expedienti.. 

Foileanam*. To follow. 

Eoilearbha. Death. 

Foileafan.. An afp. 

Foillear. The bud of a flower; 

Foilligheach. Negligent, fluggifh. 

Foilligh. Hidden, latent, that does not ex- 
ternally appear. The old parchments on 
medicine ufe it frequently in this fenfe. 

Foillfigham. To reveal , publifh, jhcw, dif- 
cover, cxprefs, declare, manifcft. 

Foiluirm. A feargull. 

Foilfighte. Manifefted, declared.* 

Foilfughadh. Declaring, manifefting ; a 
manifeftation, declaration, difcovery. 

Foilfughadh an tigharna. Epiphany; 

Foihnean* A bad drefs. 

Foimeal. Confumption. 

Foimhdin. In expcdation of, againft. 

Foine. A wart. 

Fo* inn. Under us.. 

Foineach. A demand; ^ 

Foinneamh. Genteel. . 

Soinneafacfa. Sightly* 

The afh-trce. 

Foinnighte. Tempered. 

Foi*neul. A little cloud, a gleam; 

Foinnaigham. To temper. 



Foinfi. Wells, fprings, fountains. 

Foir. Hel p, deliver thou. 

Foiram. To help, deliver, favc. 

Foin A fhip's crew, a number of people 

ftowed together.- 
Foirailluigham. 7 ,« t , 
Foirbham. j To deck, adorn. 

Foirbham. To be prefent. 

Foirbhailligh. Acceptable. 

Foirbhriathar. An adverb. 

Foirbhreathnuigham. To divine, conjec- 
' Foirbhriocb. Force, power; 

Foirceadal. Inftrudion, exhoftationi ad- 

Foirceadalam. To teach, inftru6):, admo* 

Foirceannacb. White-ftced* 

Foirceann. End, condufion.. 

Foirchroicionn. Forefkin» 

Foircin. Application,, fomentation, etn-- 

Foircnuigham. To apply embrocations. 

Foircheimnigham. To proceed. 

Foirciobal. A reinforcement. 

Foirdheirc. More excellent. 

Foifdhealbh. Scheme. 

Foirdhealbhadair. Schemer. 

Foireamhuil. Steep, headlong. 

Foirdris. Sweet-briar. 

Foireidam. To prevent. 

Forreagantoir. ObftruAor. 

Folregean. Violence^ conftraint. 

Foireignadh. Oppreffiort. 

Foireignam. To opprefs, obtrude. 

Foirfe. Old, ancient; perfedl*. 

Foirteach. An elder. . 

Foirfeachd. Pcrfeftion, old age. 


P O I 

T O L 

Foirfhiacla. The fore-tcctlu 
Foirghcalla. Witnefs, teftimony. 
Foirghioh A dcclaratioii,nianifeftation. 
Foirghiol na firin. Manifeftation of the 

Foiighiollani. To prove, declare* 
Foirghlacam. To occupy. 
Foirghlidhe. Nobility, truth. 
Foirglidhe, True, certain. 
Foirglidis. They ufed to fwcar^ 
Foirgneamh. A building. 
Foirgnigham. To build. 
Foirgnaghadh. Building. 
Foirghe. Taught. 
Foiriarach. Prepefteious^ 'eccentric. 
Foiridinam. To prevent. 
Foirifighin. To perform. 
Foirigham. To ftay^ wait, delay* 
Foirighthin. Aid, help, relief, fuccours^ 
Foirim. To blefs, make happy, relieve, 

ailift, heal, fave. 
Foirimeal. The utmoft part, or limit. 
Foirimalach. A front; extrinfic, on the 

outfide, outward* 
Foirin. Supply, aid, help, ftrenjgth. 
Foiriomradh. A ceremony. 
Foiriomraidhteach. Ceremonious^ 
Foiriongantach. Prodigious. 
Foiriongantas. Prodigy. 
Foirithin. Vide Foiria. 
Foirleathad. £>^anfe* 
Foirleathann. Extenfive, large, general. 
Poirleathnughadh. Periphrafe. 
Foirleathanui^ham. To extend. 
Foirlion. Much, great many. 
Foirlionadh. A completion, fup.plemeat, . 

reinforcement, appendix. 
Foirlionam. To complete, make perfe^. 
Foirlionta. Complete, perfed. 
Foirm. A manner, form, im9ge. / 
Foirmal. Foxmal, clever. 
Foirmalachd. Formality. 
Foirmheangam. To prevaricate* 
JFoixne. Dwellers, inhabitants, a brigade. 

Foirneadh. Inclination; air foimeadh, 

headlong, defcent. 
Foirneart. Oppreffion, high-hand, violence, 

Foirneartach. Oppreflfve;, violent, 
Foirrril. Manifeft, apparent. 
Foirfcith. Reft. 
Foirfeadh. Harrowing. 
Foirfair. An officer, fearcher, conftablc, 
Foirfairachd. Riimmaging, fearching. 
Foirfeam. To harrow, rummage, fearch* 
Foirfhiolam. To propagate. 
Foirihioladh. Propagating. 
Foirfgeambam. To deck, adorn. 
Foirtbe. A cutting off, a cut. 
Foirtbhreathnughadh. Divination. 
Foirtchi. Black, fwarthy ; a ihoe. 
Foirchi. A ihoe. 
Foirthir. Remote, eun foirthir, a bird or 

Foirthoin. Enough. 
Foirthoil. Bold, ftout, adlive* 
Foirtheagafg. Rudiments, introdudion. 
Foirtible. Slaughter, maflacre. 
Foirtil. Able, ftrong, hardy. 
Foirtilc. More hardy. 
Foirtile. i Patience, greatnefs of foul, 
Foirtileach i courage, fortitude. 
Fois. Leifure, reft. 

Foifcionnach. Backbiting, malice^ a cry. 
Foifeamh. Recovery. 
Foifgigham. Tx> approach. 
Foifam. To flop, reft. 
Foifte, foifte. A refting, refiding. 
Foifteadh. Hiring, wages. 
Foifteanach. Serious; arranged, in good 

Foifleochoir. A hireling. 
Foith. About. 
Foithal. Plundering, prey. 
Foithre. Woods. 
Foithreith. Himg6£« 
Fola. A (hort day, a little while. 



F O M 

Sola; A garment 

Fola, fuil. Of blood. 

Folabh. Going, moving^ departing* 

Folobham. To go, depart, move. 

Folabban. Stirring or contiijuial motion. 

Jolabhair. A mover, follower, creeper. 

Folabhach. Moving, that provides for it* 

Folabradh. A good fpeecb, pleading, rea- 

Folacb. Covering, hiding* 
Folachan. A concealment, Jiidden treafure. 
Folach, am folach. Hid, fecret, private. 
Folachd. Bloodinefs, a feud. 
Folach'tain. Toleration, forbearance* 
Folgchtain. Water-fallad, water-par(nip« 
Foladh. A cover, covgring. 
Foladh. Power, ability, 
Foladha. Cattle. 

Foilaid. A wimple, mu^er* If. iii. 2p 
Folaidham. To hide, cover, fccret. 
Folaightheacb* Secret^ pr^Yfl^^s hid. - 
Folamh. Empty, void^ vacant. 
Folamhaigham. To empty, void. 
Folaram. To command, offer, proffer* 
Folaramh. An o£Eer, order. 
Folarnaidheacbd. Eq^ality^ P^^* 
Folarnaidbeach. Equal* 
Folarthoir. An eoiperor. 
Folartnidh. A fufficiency, enough* 
Folartnaigbam. To fatisfy* 
Folas* A ihoe, fandal^ flipper* 
Folcadh. A cleanflng of the hair by ba^* 

ing, bathing. 
Folcar , falcam. 'X^f^hsLti^c^clffiiik, 
Foldath. Generous. 
Folfaidh. l^hoIe,^tire. 
Folg. Adive, nimble, quifk. 
Folabfaam* Togo away. 
Folabh. Going, depai;]ting. 
Folabham. Going about, biofioji. 
Folach. A kindof.wai;er*'grud, a cover- 
ing, garment. 

Folladh. Qofernt^ent. 

Follam. To make hollow. 

Follamhan. A grsicje, ornament. 

Follamh. Anceftors. 

FoUamnuighadh* A ruling, governing a$ 9 

prince. . 
FoUamhnuigb^* To rule, gQyern, fway* 
FoUaine. Better. 

FpUas. plain, evident) manifeft, kindred* 
Follfcadh. A fcalding. 
Follfigham. Vide F<^ilUigh&in. 
Follafd iol • An action. 
Follufglan. Clear, loud* 
FolmM^h. That makes hcjUoW, or en^ietb^ 
Folmhaigham. To make eippty. 
Foloicain. .A. tadpole. 
Folofg. A moor-burn, .or mountain broi^« 
Folofgadh. B nrnUig of l^^th. . Vide Fm^^ 

Folt. The hair of the head, a tail* 
Foltchib. A leek. 
Foltliath. Grey h^* 
Fpludb^^* To be adiye, iiimbk* 
Foluaimneach. Stirring, active, nifnhley 

Foluaimain. -A giddy ^niotioni running 

away, flying, ikipping* 
Poluar* jkfootAwL* 
Foluigheach. Hid, fecret. 
Folumain. Bad clothes. 
Fo m*. Under me. * 
Fo d*. Under thee. 
Fomas. Obedience* 
Fomafam. To obey. 
Fomhaol. A kj;ig'8>flave« • . 
Fomhumaghadh. Obeifance, humiliation. 
Fomh;}r. Harveft, autumn* 
F^woh^rdha. Autumnal. 
Fomhifgeach. Half-drunk* ♦ .^ 
Fomhor. 7 A .pifAte^ a fca-tobbCTt « 
Fomhorach. S giant. 
Fomofach. Month of Ai^guA. 
Fomifgeach. Halftdrunk. 

[X x] Fonadb. 



Fonadh. Quantity, fufEciciicyi 

Fonuigham. To fuffice. 

Fonamhad. Jeering, mockery. 

Fonal. Cold, rigour. 

Fonamhadaeh. ' A jeering perlbrti that 

Fdnamhadam. '^f o jeer, feoff, mock» 
Fonn. Land, earthy 

Fofin. Delight, pleafure, dcfire, longing. - 
Fonn, A tune, fong. 
Fonn diadhidh. Hymn. 
Fonn. Inclination, defire. 
Fonnadh. A journey, proficiency. 
Fonnmhor. Tuneful, melodidusj willing, 

defirous, meek, difpaflionate. 

. Fommhorachd. Melody, inclination, pro-i 

' penfity, meeknefs. 

Foiinomham.- Tojccr,hife. 

Fonnfa. 1 - , , 

Fonfa. {A troop, band. 

Fonfair. A cooper. 

Fontabram. To rejoice, be glad. 

For. Before, beyond, fore in compound* 

« words. 

For. Over, upon. 

For. Difcourfe, converfation. 

For, Prote<Sfion, defence. 

For. Enlightening, il4uminatioi>. 

For'aiha. I^*""*'^^"^^- 
Forabaidh. Early, ripe, before the time. 
Forach. A difpute, controverfy. 
Forachair. A watchman. 
Foraich. Wages. 
F«raidheach. Fierce, cruel. 
Foraidheachd. Fiercencfs, cruelty. 
Foraigham, fairam. To watch, guard. 
Foraighis. A foreft, a fox-kennel, the haunt 

of a wild beaft* . 
Toratl. Excefs, fuperfluity. 
Foraoil. Imperious. 
Foraileachd . Imperioufnefs. 
Forailaim. To command* 

Forallaimh. Imperative; 

Foraillara, To offer. 

Foraimh. A journey. 

Foraimheam. To remember. 

Forainm. A pronoun, a nickname, an epi^ 

Forarr. A watch By night. 
Foraire. A watch, ward. 
Forai tmheadh . Remembrance. 
Foran. Anger, wrath. 
Forann. A fliort verfe, vcrficlc, fong: 
Foranta. Angry, refolutc, prefumptuous. 
Foraofaglach. Old, ancient j an old man.- 
Foras. -Knowledge, underftanding. 
Fpras.' Ford of a river. 
Fora». OW, antique, ancient. • * 

Foras. Increafe, augmentation* 
Foras. A law, foundation. 
Foraos. A foreft. 
Foras, focal. An Etymologicom 
Forafda. Grave, fedate, fenfible* - 
Forafdachd. Gravity, fobriety.. 
Forafna. Illuftrated. 
Forb. A landlord 
Forba. Land, glebe-land. ' 
Forba. A tax, contribution. - - 

Forbadh. Cutting, flaying, flaughteririgv 
Forbiltigh. Acceptable. • • 
Forbairam. To grow, increafe. " 
Forbairt: Increafe, profit, emolument. 
P'orbais. A' conqueft. 
For ban. Banns of marriage, proclamation 

of an edift. 
Forban. Excefs, extravagance. 
Forbhas. A fnare, amhuiih. 
Forbhriathar. An adjective. 
Forbhrat. A cloak, the tipper garment. 
Forbhruach. A pinnacle. 
Forbhfaoileadb. Mirth, rejoicings. 
Fore. Firm, ftedfaft. 
Fore. A* fork. 
Forcam. To teach, inftru£t ; to pitch with 

a fork« 



^ O R 

Forcach. Forked, 
Fofcar. Violence, a wooden hook. 
Fofchagra. A command^ decree. 
Forchalmaigham. To prevail. 
Forchathreacha. Suburbs. 
Forchaoin. A catch or quirk in words. 
Forchinntachd. Predeftination. 
Forchongradh. Perfuafion, advice, inftiga^ 

tion; command. 
Forchongram. To bid, command. 
Forcboimheadh. Watching, lurking for. 
Forchrpiceann. The foreflcin, fcurf, 
Foromaidh* i _ ^ . ^ ' 

Forcaidh. } S"Pe'-flu.ty,excef,. 

Forcomal. A binding together. 

Forcaidh. Rifing or dawning of day* 

Forcuth. The fore part of the head. 

Fordall. Erring, ftraying. 

Fordhabh. A lid, cover. 

Fordharc. The light. 

Fordharc. Plain, manifeft, 

Fordhorus. A porch. 

Fordhroin. A loin -, the womb. 

Fordul. Error. 

Fordulach. Erroneous. 

ForeiHam. To prevent. 

Foreigean. Force, a rape, violence* 

Foreigneach . V lolent, ravilhing. 

Forf. A guard. 

Forfaire. A watch, gnard. 

Forfhaireach. Watching, a watchman. 

Forfairam. To watch,- guard, lay in am- 

bufli, to aflfemble. 
Forfhocil. A byeword, proverb. 
Forfb ogradh • Ad vert i fement • 
Forfuinneog. A window-fliutter, lattice. 
Forgairm. A convocation. 
Forghairam. To provoke, call together, 

Forgan., Keennefs, anger. 
Forghal. A lye, fable, romance. 
Forghalam. To tell, relate. 
Forghart, The fore part of the head. 

Forghlacam. To prevent. 

Forgla. For the moft part. 

Forgla. Ele£tion> choice. 

Forghuin. A wound. 

Forgnuicham. To build. 

Forgo. Jewels, precious things. 

Forige. - Sincere, true. 

Foriorg. A rudiment, trial of fkill. 

Forlan. Force, power; pain, fuperfluity, 

excefs, conqueft. 
Forlaimh. Leaping, bounding. 
Forlamhnuigham. To poflefs. 
Forlamhas. PoiTeiSon. 
Formach. An increafe, fwelling. 
Forma. A feat. 
Formad. Envy. 
Formadach. Envious. 
Formalach. An hireling. 
Formamhuil. Of a good form or figure, 

Forman. A type, mould. 
Formna. Much, great deal. 
Fornaidhack. A glutton.. 
Forneart. Violence. 
Forneal. Appearance, colour. 
Fornaire. A command, offer. 
Forngabhail. Hardnefs. 
Foroideas. A rudiment. 
Forordh. Renowned, famous. 
Forodughadh. Predeftination. 
Foroduigham. To predeftinate. 
Foirach. An angling-rod } a-^perchi. 
Forraid. Near to, hard by, towards. 
Forreilam. To Ihine forth, manifcft, dif- 

Forrogheana. Served, did fervice or gOQdf 
Forroicam. To prevent. 
Focrumha. Fringes, 
Forrumha. Sent. 
Forfanam. To fliine. 
ForfaoUtam. Divination, forefight» 
Forfgaite. Fore-knowing. 
Forlhaothach. A bafon. 


F O S 

F R A 

Forfliuigham. To prefifle, 

Forlhuighoir. A prefidcnt^ 

Forfmuaintuigham. To premeditate* 

Forfmuintughadh.- Premeditation. 

Fortamhuil. Strong. , 

P'ortan, firthean* Tied, bound upu 

Fortan. Fortune, bound. 

Fortanach. Fortunaite. 

Fortartnaidhe^ch. A glutton. 

Fortas. Straw, litter. 

Fortha. A feat. 

Forthach. A bafen. 

Forthan. Plenty. 

Forthan-fpreidh. Much cattle. 

Forthunnach. Fruitful., 

Forthan graidhe.* A ftud or breed df-horlbs. 

Fortheagafg. Rudiments. 

Fortil. Strong, hardy, patient. 

^Fortil la faoth. Strong for labour^ 

Fortheachdair. An uiber, or gentleman^ 

Fortraigh. ^ rifmg. 
Fortraigh maidne. Riling -of day. 
Foruadh. A baftard red, reddiilu 
Forugaire. A command. 
Forus. Knowledge. 
Foruinneog. A balcony. 
Forus iios air Erjn. Notitia Hibernia, the 

name of an Irilh book. 
Fos. Yety -AUl, alio; acbd fos, moreorery 

but yet. 
Fos, fofadh. Aiiclaying, ftaying, refting, 

fixings pitching i a prop, buttrefs, wall, 

or ditch. 

Fofadh. ^n atonement. 

F<5faidh. "Ccffation. 

Fofadh. Sloping, refting. 

Fofam. To ftay, reft, pitch, lodge« 

Fofcalam. 7 ^ , . 

_, ^ , J To open, unlock. 
Fofgalam. $ 

Fofcuilte. r Open^ unlocked, publicly, open- 

Fofgailte. J I7. 


Fofgam. To approach. Vixlc Foifge. 

Fofgadh. A fhadow, (belter. Vide Faf- 

Fofgriobhadh. IPoffcript. 

Foflbng. A manfion, dwelUng-houfe. 

Foflbngpbort. An encampment, a camp^ 
harbour j rinn iad foflongphort, they en- 
camped ; ag' treigfin am* foflongphort, 
raifing the flege, decamping* 

Fofra. Relea&ng, diflblutlon*. 

Fofrolaic. Heavenly, fuperior. 

Foft. -Gold. 

Foftam, faftaighanu To hire, to flop. 

Fot. A giant. 

Fot. Raging, ftorming, violent. 

Fotha. A foundation. 

Fotha. Taken away or out of.. 

Fotha. Under them. 

Fothach. A cough, a difeafe in ^horfes. 

Fothamas. A warning. 

Fothach. A lake, pond,. 

Fothanan* A thiftle. 

Fothannan-^beannuighf^e* Blefled-thiftle* ^ 

Fothchathreacha. Suburbs. 

Fothlainteach. An apprentice, novice. 

Fothorgadh. Cleanfing. 




Fothragam. To cleanfe, bathe, purify. 

Fothram. A great noife, ruftling. 

Fothughadh* A beginning. . 

Fotrus. Orts. 

Four, fogfaair. Diphthongs. 

Frach. Bleaknefs. 

Frag. A woman, wife. 

Frag. A hand. 

•Frag. A Ihiekl, buckler.^ 

Eraidreaghadh. A floating. 

Fraigal. Oftentatiotts of ftrength* 

Fraigalachd. Shew of peribnal firengtli. 


fin. y 
bair. J 

A bath, well of puriiicar 

F R E 

F R E 

A little man with a martial end: \ Freacaran. 



Fraigaifach. Of, belonging to a fraigain# 

Fraigh. A bufh of hair. 

Fraigh. The fea, an arch. 

Fraileach. Sea- weed. 

Frainc. France. 

Fraincis. The French tongue. 

Francach. A Frenchman, French. 

Francachal. Frenchman-like. 

Frandus. Tanfy. 

Fraoch. Heath, ling, hadder. 

Fraoch. Anger, rage, hunger^ fury, 

Fraochach. Heathy. 

Fraochal. 7 ^ ^ . ^ r i 

-, , . ,. J Angry, furious, fretful. 
Fraochaidhe. J » -^ ' 

Fraochag. A wortle-berry. 

Fraochan. A patch put on the toe or point 

of a fhoe, anger, fome part of a deer* 
Fraochanach. Angry, rippling. 
Fraochchearc. A heath-poult, groufc- 

Fraoidh.; Skirts. 

Fraon. Places of flielter in mountains. 
' Fraoidhnaifeach. Waving, flourifliing. 
Fras. A (hower. 
Fras. Hail, fmall {hot, feed. 
Fras. Ready, a£live. 
Frafach. Fruitful, fhowery. 
Fi-afrach. Like*a fliower, fhowcry. 
Fraf-luaighe. Shot. 
Fras-caol. Small feed or fhot. 
Fras-lihn. Flax-feed. 
Frafam. Toihower, rain. 
Fras-cainab. Hemp-feed. 
Freacadan. A guard, watch. 
Freacadanach. Watching, hovering about. 
Freacadan dubh. The black- watch, or forty- 

fecond regiment of highlanders fo cafled, 
Freacadanaiche. A fentry. 
Freacair. Ufe, praftice, frequency. 
Frcac. Crooked, bending. 
Freacar. Witnefs, teftimony. 

J A wreflling-fchoolj place 
Frcachnughadh. J ofexcrcife. 
Freachruigham. To exercife, acCiiftoro^ 

difcharge an office or duty. ^ 

Freacnairc. The prefent time. 
Frcadh. A pillaging, plundering. 

_ * * ,, J An anfwer. 
Freagaradh. J 

Freagairt. Anfwcring. 

Freagaram. To anfwer, make alifwer. 

Freagarthach. Anfwerable, accountable. 

Freagarthoir. A refpondent, defendant* 

Freagnam. To work, labour. 

Freagnairc. Converfation. 

Freagnamh. Labour. 

Freagnaircam. To converfe. 

Freagram. To anfwer. " * 

Freagradh. An anfwer. 

Freamh. * 'j A root, ftock, lineage j found 

Freamhach. > fleep. 

Freamhachd. An original. 

Freamhuigham. To take root, radicate. 

Freamhrollam. To extirpate. 

Freamhughadh. Taking root. 

Freamhuinean. A fucker. 

Freamhamhuil. Radical. 
Freamhfhocal. An etymology. 
Freancam. To make crooked, to bend- 
Freancach. Winding, bending; turning. 
Freapadh. Medicine. 
Freapadh. Running, bouncing, fkipping, 

kicking. - , 

Freafc. -Upwards. 
Freafabhra. Oppofition, reluftance. 
Freafdal. Serving, waiting, attending j pro- 
vidence, lot, fate. 
Freafdalach. Provident, providential. 
Freafdahm. To provide, ferve, wait, or 

attend upon. 
Freafghabhal. Afcenficm into heaven. 
Freafgam. ^ _ ,. , ' , 

Frechoimheadam. To rcferve. 
[Yy] Freitach. 

F B I 


Freltftch. Vov/. 

Freituighanu To vow, refufe. 

Fremhach. FundaiQcntal. 

Frefci. A reflexion, fuppoiitioar 

Frefcre. Brittle, withered. 

Frefgadh. Climbing, waiting* 

Frefligh, Anger, refentnient. 

Freunaidhe. A foundation. 

Freunaidham. To found, eftabliih* 

Fri^ fria. The fame as re, air. 

Fri. Vide Frith. 

Frialta. Frcp, frijsd. 

Fride. A tetter. 

Fridhan. A brlAle. 

Friochnamh* Care^ diligence, circumfpoc- 

Friochnamhach. Diligent^ careful^ drcum- 

Frtochtalam* To fry^ parch. 
Friochtan. i . - . 
FrigJaYgam. iTo turn down and open 

Friofaodham, i th^ mouth pf a ikck pr 

Friofgram. To anfwer* 
Fiiotal. A word, interpretation* 
Friotalach. Fretful, angry. 
Friothbhrutli. A refulal, denial* 
Friothcheadfaid h • 

Friothchantaireachd . Recantation. 
Friothchoidheas. Antipathy. 
Friotblanna. Streamers. 
Friothoibruigham. To wriggle. 
Frlothola. A covenant. 

> A paradox. 

Friotholamh. ^ 
Friotholadh. 5 

Service, attendance. 

Friothalam. iTo ferve, attend, admi- 
Friothalaigham. j nifter* 
Friotholaghadh. Attending, adnmiifteripg. 
Friotholochal. Subfervient. 
Friothradbam* To contradidl* 

Friothfailfidhear. That fhatl be &rvecb 

Frifcart. An anfwer. 

Frifcam. To hope. 

Frifcis. Hope, cxpeftation, 

Frifmbeartam. To betray, deceive, kiir^ 

Frifneidh. Be told or faid. 

Frifninnle. Attendance. 

Friogcabhfam. To ftand up, arife. 

Fritham. To find, to behave, ad. 

Frith. Mouth of a river> fate. 

Frith. A wild mpuntaijnous place, a forcft, 
furly look. 

Frith. Small, little. 

Frith, profit, gain, advantage. 

Frithbhachd. Barb of an hook. 

Frithbhaile. Suhurbs. 

Frithbhcartam. To objc<2, contradift. 

Frithbhualadh* Palpitation, pulfation, pit-* 

Frithbhuaillam. To palpitate, ft^Ike back^ 

Frithbhuille. A back ftroke, a little- 

Frithbhuailteacbw In m&. on medicine ; 
itperctiifiva, boalin|; and repelling medi- 

Frithchoille. Underwood. 

Friththeitham. To fcuddlc^ 

Fri^hchedfidh. A witneffing, a teftimony* 

Fritheilain. A floating or fmall ifland. 

Fritheoilte. Servants, attendants. 

Fritheagal. Stirprife. 

Fritheoladh. Difpenfation. 

Frithighidh. Attending, ferving, wait- 

Frithiafg. Bait fox fifh. 

Frithir. Earneft, eager, fervent. 

Frithing. A relapfc. 

Fiithirach. i « ^ , . .« 

Frithirc. }F«tf«>. P«v«ft. 

Frithleim. A quick leap. 
Frithleinum. To kap, bound. 


F U A 


Frithne. An uninhabited wood or moun^ 

Frithncafach. Fretful. , 

Frithoigheann. A warming-pan. ^ 

Frithreafa. Contradidion, peevi(bnef&. 

Frithfliearc. A return of love, mutual re- 

Frithlheafam. To refift. 

Fritheacbd. A returning bade* 

Frog. A fen. 

Frogan. Anger. 

Frogach. Fenny. 
. Frogg^ta. Pert, lively.-. 

Froghim. Wrong, injury. 

Froghain. Injury. 

Frointhadh. A tugging or plucking* 

Froithlin. A whirl. 

Fromham. To try, tafte^ examine, en- 

Fromhadh. A trial. 

Fromhidh. Hoarfe. 

Fromhtba. Tried, experienced* 

Fros. Dark, obfcure. 

Frotbal. 1 ... 

Frothlan. \ 

Fu,*fo, fa. Under. 

Fuach. Word. 

Fuachd. Cold. 

Fuachaid. A jilt, tricking harlot. 

Fuacbas. A cry^ outcry. 

Fuachafach. A den, cave, hole. 

Fuachda. An engraver. 

Faachdan. A fore or kibe on the heel. 

Fuadht A bier. 

Fuadach. 7 A running away with, a 

Fuadaigham. 5 rape. 

Fuadachd. Robbery, depredation. 

Fuadaigham. >To elope with, run away 

Fuadaim. " 5 with, to force away, im- 

Fuadaigheach. Ravenous. 

Fuadh, fuath. Hatred. 

Fuadhmhar. Odious, hateful. 
Fuadhmhaireachd. Abomination^ detefta- 

Fuadar. Hafte, preparation to do a thing. 
Fuadarach. Aflive, diligent. 
Fuadram. To crofs or hinder* 
Fuaduighte. Taken or fnatched away, 
Fuaghail. Sewing, ftitching. 
Fuaghala. A ring, thimble^ 

Fuagham. jTo(^,ftitch. 

r uaigham* } 

Fuagartha. Proclaimed, publifhed. 

Fuagra. A proclamation, edid. 

Fuagraim. To admoniih, proclaim. 

Fuaid. A reninant. 

Fuaidhlean. Anger, fury; 

Fuaidram. To ftagger, reel. 

Fuailfeadh. Leaping, (kipping. 

Fuailfheadan. The ureter. 

Fuaim. Sound, rebounding noife, echo« 

Fuaimir. Sounding. 

Fuaimnach. Great noife, frequent noift^ 

Fuaimamhuil. Refouoding, rebounding^ 
Fuaimnachal. Noify. 
Fuaimeturaig. . Herb fumitory. 
Fuairchritham. To fliiver with cold. 
Fuaire. Colder. 
Fuaire. Coldnefs. 

Fuairad, fuairghreadadh. A cold blaft. 
Fuairam. To find, difcover. 
Fuair, fhuair. Found« 
Fual. Urine, water. 
Fualachtam. To boil. 
Fualan. A chamber-pot, a pimp. 
Fualas. A tribe, family. 
Fualafcaidhe. Oziers, fmall twigs« 
Fualbhroftach. A diuretic. 
Fualiofg. The ftranguary. 
Fual-lofgadh. Heat of urine. 
Fuaman. A (hade, fliadow* 
Fuaouuii Wbitenefs* 


F U A 

F U I 

Fuamnn, A rebound. * 

^ . , ' J To rebound, rcfound. 

ruamnigham. i 

•Fuamfe. Under me, 

Fuan. Cloth, a veil. 

Fuanam. To cover, clothe. 

Fuar.- Cold, chilly. 

Fuara-cluaifa. A (hip's- earring. 

Fuaradh. A Pooling, making cold. 

Fuaradh. The breeze, blaft, the windward, 

the weather-fide. 

Fuarag. Meal and water mixed, croudy, 

Fuawm. 7 

^ To cool. 
r uairaigham. ) 

Fuaraighte. Cooled. 

Fuaragham. To nourlfli, cherifli. 

Fuaraghadh. Cooling ; eafe, relief. 

Fuaralach. Cold, chilly. 

Fuaralachd. Chillinefs* 

Fuaran. A fpring, fountain, a water for 

cattle to ftand in to cool themfelvcs. 
Fuaranta. Grown cold. 
Fuarafdair. Judicious. 
Fuarbheann. A cold bleak mountain. 
Fuarbholadht An ungrateful fcent, ftench. 
Fuarbhodradh. Benumbing. 
Fuarchrabhadh. Hypocrify, indevqtion. 
Fuarchraibhtheach. An hypocrite. 
Fuarchrapadh. Benumbing. 
Fuardachd. Coldnefs^ 
Fuarlite. A cataplafm. 
Fuarmharbham. To ftarvc with cold. 
Fuarnadh. A controvcrfy. 
Fuafcradh. Fright, terror. 
Fuafcraim. To put to flight. 
Fuafgaladh. A ranfom, redemption, liberty, 

Fuafgalam. To redeem, fet at liberty, loofc, 

Fuafgailte. Untied, diflblved. 
jf uafgluithoir. The Redeemer, Saviour. 
Fuafgaiheachd. Loofenefs, eafe, opennefs, 


Fuafnam. To aftonifli. 

Fuafnuidhtheach. Tumultuous. 

Fuath. Hatred, averfion, abhorrence. 

Fuat^ a' mhaddaidh. -Wolfs bane. 

Fuath-muic. Hare bells. 


Fuath. ?An image, fpcfire, apparition. 

Fuaths. . 



Fuathach. Hateful, hated. 

Fuathadh. . 7 ^ , - . 

Fuathaghadh. J ^ ^^'^^'^^^^ abhorrence. 

Fuathais. A den, a cave. 

I To hate, abhor, dillikc. 

Dreadful, horrible^ frlght- 


ful. ' " . 

Fuathog. Armour, a coat of mail. 

Fuathmhor. Hateful. 

Fubal, pubal. A general's tent, pavi- 

Fubha. A hurt pr fear. 

Fubtadh. Threats, menaces. 

Fucam. To full or mill cloth. 

Fucadh. Fulling. 

Fucadalr. A fuller. 

Fud. Among 5 air-fud, amongft. 

Fufaireachd. The Irifli cry or howling at 

Fug, fuigham. To find. 

Fughog. A thrum, a loofe thread or end in 
weaving cloth. 

Fugufg. Padencc, perfecution, flcadi* 

Fuibige. An argumentator, difputant. 

Fuicheachd^ Luft, lechery. 

Fuicheal. Reward. 

Fuidbh. ' A knob, bunch. 

Fuidheach. With joy or thankj.. 

Fuidheal. i 

Fuidhlach. S ^^"^^^"d^'-* remnant, relict. 


Gain, profit. 
A word, aii 

hireling, a 



Fuidhin A hireling. 

Fuidhre. Attendants, fervants. 

Fuidhreach. N^aked^ expofed. 

Fuidradb. Piafte. 

Fuidreachd» Mixing. 

Fiitdram. To mix. 

PiHgheall. Judgment. 

Fuigheall. A word. 

Fuigbam. To get, obtain. 

Fuigam. To leave^forfake, abandon. Vide 

Fuighle. Words, expreffions, language* 
Fuighlann T6 fay, (peak, tell^ relate* 
Fuil. Blood, gore. 
Fuileaclh > 
Fuileachdach. /Bloody, cruel. 
Fuilteach.. 3 

iPutlchionnta. Bloodguiltinefs.. 
Fttilchiontach. Bloodguilty. 
Fuildhortadh. Bloodfhed. 
^lileachd^ Bloodinefs, bloodfhed; 
Fuileadh. Encreafe, profit, gain. 
Fuileafan. An afp^ 
Fuiliat. Bloody. 
Fuilidhe. Blood-redi 
Fuilam. To be. Vide Bheilam. 
Fuilangach. Enduring, patient. 
Fuilingeacb. Armed with a fhield or 

Fuilmaih. A bleeding toe, by ftriking it^ 

againft a ftone*. 
Fuilleadh. A rewards 
Fuilfiofri. Pumice, 
f uin. The end.or termination of a thing j 

will, purpofe. 
Fuincam, To kneed,, bake... 
Fuineadh. Baking, boiling. 
Fuingeall. An idiot. 
Fuinneog. A window.. 
Fuinnliuchath. A leaver. 
JEuiiinfcdiii. . 1 
Fuinnfeann. J-An aih-trcc. 
£uinnfeog. J. 

Fuinnfeog coille. The herb virgp pafto-^ 


Fuinte. Kneaded, baked. 

Fuinteoir | - , , 
-, . J . J A baker, 
rutnadoir. i 

Fuinteoirachd. ) -,, . ^^ i , . 

Fuirbirneach. A ftrong man. 

Fuireachd.. Delay, flaying, waiting, tarry*- 

Fuirean. Croud, multitude*. 
Fuiras. Entertainment. - 
Fuirnaifaigham. Tofurniib, provide.. 
Fuirnaifaighadh. Providing, furnifliingt. 
Fuirnam. To precipitate. 
Fuireachair. Deliberate* 
Fuiraigham* To ftay,. wait, tarry, d*#- 

Fiiireadh* A preparation,, feaft* 
Fuireanal. An urinal. 
Fuiridhthe. Ready, prepared, fenfible, an** 

tient, old. 
Fuirion. Furniture,, the crew of a fliip, ani 

afibciation or body of men. 
Filirlicham. To overcome, defeat*. : 
Fuirlughadh. 7 ^ . • 

Fuirluchdin. 5.^^'"°"»"6- .. . 
Fuirm. A form, manner, falhion.. 
Fuirmeadh. Travelling, going. 
FuirmeadL" Humiliation, Uflcning*. 
Fuirmheadh. A feat, foundation.. 
FuirmbeaK. Tired, fatigued. < 
Fuirmhidh. Hard. 
Fuirneis. A furnace, ftove.. 
Fuis. Adlive, thrifty. 
Fuifcog. Vide Uifeog. 
Fuite. A found, reiterating hoife. . 
Fuithe, fuiche, foiche. Under htr, itr. 
Fuith. A rag of cloth* 
Fuithir. Good land.. 
Fulaic, Satis eft, opus eft; Cho'n fhulair, I 

' Fuhng. Patience,- paflion, fdrbearance, . 

[Z zj feeling; 



' feel log ; foundation, £bore, prop» but- 

trefs, a ftud, bofs. 
Fulangas. Patience, endurance. 
Fulangam. To bear, fuflFer, endure. 
Fulanga na h aigne. Affe6lions, pajCons 

of the mind. 
. Fulangach. Patient, enduring, iuffi^nng. 
Fulangaiche. A foABrer, patient. 
Fulia. A lie, fal&ood, untruth. 
. Fulla. A leaping, (kipping. 
Fullon. An ornament, 
i Fulpanach. Articulation, or joining ^ 
things together. 
Fulra. ^ ^ 

Fu'm*. Under mc 
Fun. Land. VideFonn. 
iFunn. Defire. 
Funfada. Lands. 

I«»tb^ I Expcaation, watching, 

.Furachar. Watching, watchful. 
>Furacbar mac an Ealaigh. A cbarader 

in an Irifli novKl. 
^Furail. i An ofieringy^commaod, in- 

,Furaileamh. I citement. 
:Furain. . Plenty^ abundance* 

Furas. Able. 
Furafda. EfSy w 4o. 
Furchoimbeadam. To beware* 
Furailam. T<> oi&r, incit^f provolo^ 
Furan. A welcome, ialucation, entertain* 

Furanach. Saluting, coitftooas, civil, cau* 

Furbi. rA &:oQg ftout MUm^ 4 

Fuxbameacb. 3 c)own« 
Furfhogcadh. Precaution. 
Furbaidh. Wrath. 
.Furmuir. A prompting, exciting. 
Furm. A ftool, feat, form* 
Furnaxdhe* A dwelling, rtfting, ^&9ifm$» 
Furfannam. . ' To kindle. 
Furtachd. Comfort, reliel^ eafe,.hclp. 
Furtaigham. To h^^ rriiev«?» oniPfr* 

Furtaighthoir. A CMiforter, he{per« 
Furtughadh, ile]pi<ig,.rdievjng9 

Furthain* Satiety, iuficieagr* 
Furthanach. Plentiful. 
Futamhuil. Fpppiih* 
Foitha. Under thcBb 



Is the fcvcnth letter 6f the IrFlh al- 

:|)habet, and is called Gort, i. e. an 

ivy-tree, and ibmetimes Gath, a fpear or 

javelin. In the Iriih diale£t It is fre- 

vquently commutable with c. Before the 

; afpirate h it forms a combined found x>r 

r power, nearly like y in. yellowj you, your. 

O A 

young. Thus ghabh is nearly yabh, arid 

jgheall, yeall. In other refpeds^ the fame 

as in Engliih. 
Ga. Sometimes for ag^ a Ugn of the pre- 

fent participle. 
*G a. For ag a, 9s *g a thogal, railing 




G A F 

6a. For ca, whenoe. 

Ga, gatfa. A fpear, jayelia. 

-GabaUik* Cauliflower^ cabbage. 

Gabh. Take thou. 

Gabha. A fmith. VideGoMiadb. 

Gabhach. Dangerous, {lerilous. 

Gahhadh* Want» danger, iiecd^ occa* 

GabhaiU Takingfi catching, malung pri- 

Gabhail-fhearain. A bit of bad^ littk 

GabhaiL Spoil, bootjr, coftquisft. 
Gabhal-cine. The antient law of Gavel- 
kind, by which the lands of a hottft 4fC]e 
divided amongft its branches. 
^Gabhal. A fork. VideGobhal. 
Gabhal. Taking, buraiiitg itttoaAMoe. 
Gabhal. A day's labour, a yoking^ . 
GabhaL iUgio pennewi. Vaife GVb^ 

Gabhal. Polding^ gabhal wm caenach, 

folding the ihecp. 
Gabhaltas. Land obtained by coa^eft i .a 

farm rented from a >landlQnI. 
Gabhaltuidhe. A farmer. 
Gabhai^. Tfae^btni called Titling, Mrbioh 

attends -die Cuckow. 
"Gabhad. An actfiil ciMmingtrtdu 
Gabhadaire. A conning £tllow« 
' Gabhadaoh* Cmming, artfuL . . 
^OablMulan. A eocqitadci, fior^^oisfi:. 
^^Gabham. To take, seoeive, aodtft^ burn, 

require, to go, fing. 
'Gabhail. A courfe, dice^ion. . 
•"Gabhaluch. Capable, tnfe^liiMts* 
'Gabham air. To beat. 
Gabham trid. To go dirough. 
' Ghabh an tiijiie. The fire burned* 
Gabham oran. -Tafing. 
'Gabh fomhad. Get y<Hi gone. 
*<}abhidh. Dangevoui^ ftrange^ iiToiider- 

Gaibhanu. A gaol, ^priion, a pound^ Hat* 

Gabhar. A g^l. 
Gabhar-oiche. A fhipe. 
Gabharlann. A goatfold. 
Gabhar-bhrcac. A bticky fnaiL 
Gabhaiach. Skipping, bouaciiig* 
Gabhla. .A fpear, lance. 

olbhWh. i^*'**^^ ^"^^'^- 

Gabhlam. To fpring, Aoot out. 

Gabhlan. A branchy fork of 41 tree «r 


Gabhlag. Any. forked piece : of timber. 

Gabhiughadh. Propagation, genealogy. 

Gabhlas. .Hate. 

Gabhluigham. To fprout. 

Gabhtha. i ^u , 

Gabhte." P^''*"' *»"Sht. 

Gabhuin. A calf. 

Gabhnach. AAr'^pptr* 

Gabhuin ruadh. .A yearling deer. 

Gabla. A cable. 

Gach. .Each, every. 

Gad. A withe, twifted twig, or/epcf. 

Gadacbd. Thieving, theft. 

Gadam. To fteal, take away. 

Gada» A bar of any thing, as. iron, an 

Gadjiha. . Stolen. 
Xradaidhe. A thief. 
Gadan. A voice, noife. 
Gadh^ gatb. AnarroW) dart* 
Gadh. Aikirmilh, fight. 
Gadh. Peril, want. 
Gadhaq^ gnidbam. To. pray, it^reat. 
Gadhar^ A dog, maflifF. 
Gadluine. A fienderfeeble fellow, falmon 

after fpawning. 
Gaduighe. A thief. 
Gaduigham, gaidam* To fteal. 

Q / I A hook, any crooked inftrument. 


G A I 

G A I 

Cafann. Henbane. 

Gag. A cleft, chink. 

Gagach. Leaky, full pf chinks. [ 

Gagadh. Growing into chinks. 

Gagam. To grow into clefts and chinks, 
to fplit, to notch. 

Gaggan. Cackling, a knot in timber. 

Gaggach. Stammering in fpeech. 

Gagganach, Noify fpeech, cackling. 
. Gai, gaoi. A lie, untruth. 

Gaibhne. Of a fmith. 

Gaibhneachd. A fmith's trade. 

Gaibhtheach. A perfon in want, a conftant ' 
craver, complainant. 

Gaid. A father. 

Gaid; Theft. 

Gaid". Withes. 

Gaidhbhin. A little fiudy, clofet. 

Gaidin. A little withe. 

Gaige. A proud coxcomb. • * • 

Gaige. Stammerings, fluttering. 

Gail, gah Smoke, vapour, fume. ^ 

, Gail. Slaughter. 

Gaile. The ftomach. i 

Gaileach. Extraordinary. 

Gailebhein. A great rough hill. i 

Gailbhinn. ' Storm at fea. 

Gailbhach. Stormy at fea. 

Gailchin. A fine for manflaughter. 

Gailam. To evaporate, • boil j feeifhe. - 

Gailtn. Aparafite. 

Gailineach. Flattering. ' 

Gailmheacbd. Flattery, foothing*. 

Gain. Af^lkirlook. 

Gaille. A chop, check. 

Gailkach. That hath large chops. 

Gaillag. A cufF, a blow on the cheek. 

Gain, adgaill. He fpoke to. 

Gai!lchearc. A duke or'drake. 

Gailleach. The gum. 

Gailleambuin. Offence. 

Gaillean. A flrange or foKign bitd. 

Gaillia4i. A dart, arrow* 

Gaillfhion, gaill-fiiion. A flonn.^ 

Gaillfhionnach, i Stormy. 

Gaillian. - Leinfter, a tribe of the 




A pike. 



To hurt. 




An earwig, 

a nimble 


dangerous to go near a perfon^s <ars 



A fkin, hide. 


A fkillet 


Gainneaclu • - 



Gain. Clapping of hands^ applaofc. 

Gaincheap. A pillory, flocks,. 

Gaine. Hunger, fcarcity. 

Gaine^ A ihaft, fand. 

Gaineamhairt. . A fandy ft^nc 

Gaineoir. An archer. 

Gaing. Jee, agate-ftone* 

Gainiphein. Sandy. 

GaSnn^. Scarcer, poorer. 

Gainnld. } Hunger, fcarcity, fewhefs. 

Gakine. 1 Areed^cane, al-now». fin. 
Gainneach. A place where reeds grow^ 
Gair. -An outcry, rejoicing, laughter. .^ 
Gair-chath. Shoutiof battle. . 
Gair na fairge. Notfi:.«f'ttief«)^.' 
Gair-theas.i The gHttoringf jefl^Sian of tbe 
fun from ^e fca^ or a rode or. luminous 
body. ; 

GalrbSl'chd. |Ro"gfenefs harihhefs, tart- 

^ . , , - 1 neis, coarleneis. 
Crairbhad. J 

Gair-chreug. £cho# 

Gairbh-aodach. A coarft garment.. 

Gairbhall. Big.-limbed* 

GairbheoiK Big-lipped^ 

•GaitbhiA creugach. A (orit^i plant grew** 

ing on rocks by the fhore good for l^ruifes. 



G A I 


Gairbhihion. Rough weather, tempefl, 

Gairde. Sooner. 

Gairde, Joyfuluefs. 

Gairdeachas* A rejoicings pleafure^ 
.Gairdain. The arm, guardian. 

Gairdaingha. Brachial. 

Gairdughadh. Rejoicing, congratulat- 

Gairduigham. To rejoice, be glad. 

Gairdin. Garden. 

Gaire. . A laugh. 

Gaireachdidh. Laughter* 

Gaireal. Free*ftone. 

Gaiream. To laugh. 

Gaire. Reparation, amendment, goodlack, 

Gaireadh. Laughing, bawling, calling. 

Gaireadh. A vault. 

Gairfecc. A dimple. 

r> . \ A diver, cormorant. 

Gairgeann. ^ 

Gairge/ JFiercenefs, 

Gairghean. A niece. 

Gairghala. An outcry. . 

Gairgin. Dung, ordure* 

Gairgun* Stale urine. 

Gairgere. A diver. 



Gairid. £hort, lately. 

Gairleog. Garlick. 

Gairom. To extol, rejoice, laugh. Vide 

Gairam. To call, bawl, ihout* 

Gairmam. To'call, qualify, dub. 

Gairm. A title, name, calling, qualifica- 
tion, proclamation. 

Gairm-chaolaich . Cock*crowing. 

Gairm pofkidh. Banns of marriage. 

Gairmghilie« A cryer. 

Gairmfcoille. An afiembly of barde. 

. * > A pilgrim's habit, 
in* J '^ ° 

Gairm<*ghallan. Howling of dogs at hunt* 

Gairingean. A niece. 

Garraim. A fhort form, compendium. 

Gairmionnach. Nominative. 

Gairrfhiach. A raven, vulture. 

Gairre. Next, nearer. 

Gairrigeach. Rocky, full of rocks; 

Gairifneach. Lewd, idle, nafty, terrible. 

Gairfeamhuil. Wanton. 

Gairfcamhleachd. Lewdnefs, debauchery. 

Gaiden. Horror^ fhuddertng with fear. 

Gairfeicle. A fhort life. 

Gairfneach . Horrible. 

Gairte. A narrow path. 

Gairtein. 1 . 

Gairteil. \ ^ ^"'''' 

Gais. A torrent, ftream. 

Gais. A furfeit. 

Gaifde. A gin, trap, fnare. 

Gaifde. Armed, accoutred. 

Gaife. A flaw. 

Gaife. Bold-nefs, valour, chivarlry. 

Gaifdidhas. Painting. 

Gaifdidhe. ^ A painter. • ' 

Gaifgc. Bravery, feats of arms. 

Gaifgeamhuil. Valiant, brave, warlike. 

Geifgeamhlachd. The doing valiant ac- 

Gaifdidheach. A champion, warrior. 

Gaifgeachd. Feats, heroifm. 

Gaifgeanta. Brave. 

Gaifm. Scanty crops. 

Gaifam. To flow. 

Gaifte, gaifteag. A fnare, gin, trap, wile. 

Gaiftam. • To trcpaa, deceive. 

Gaiftin. A crafty fellow 

Gaiftincloch. A little bird of the fizcof a 

' wren. 

Gaitin. A brief, an abridgment. 

Gaithean. A ftraight branch. 

Gal, gail. Smoke, vapour. 

[A a a] Gal. 

C At 

CaL A piuiF, gale» a \M& or Same of &rzw\ 

Gal. Warfare, battle. 

Gal, gaol. Kindred^. relations. 

Gal. Weeping. 

Galabhas, A parafite. 

Galach. Valour, courage, fortitude; . vail*' 

ant, brave. 
Galan. A. gallon^ a noife*. 
G alann. An enemy. 
Galanach. Noify. 
Galar. A difeafe, diftempisr. 
Galar^fuail. The gravel. 
Galar-gafda. The flux. « 

Galar-goilleacb. The mort; 
Galar-plocadh. Sq^oinzy. 
Galar-milighteach. Green- flckaefs^ 
Gallidh. Hot. 
Galar-teth. The rot. 
Galaftair. They fpoke to. 
Galba. Rigour^ bardnefs. 
Galbhaigham. To be hot or warm.. 
Gallbholgach. The French^pox. 
Galgadh« Stout, valiant, a champion^ 
Galia. An helmet, a military cs^p, a hat# 
Gal ic. Vide Gaoidhealgp 
Gall. A flranger, foreigner $ an Engliih* 

man, or how Country Scotchman. 
Gall. A rock, a ftone, pL gailleacha, flones. 
GalL A cock, a fwan^ , 

Gall. Milk. 
Gallda. Belonging to an Engliftman or 

Low Countryman ; ftrange, foreign, fur-* 

ly, poor-fpirited. 
Galldachd. Low country of Scotland* 
Galoban. A dwarf. 
Galltrumpa. A trumpet, clarion. 
Galla. Brightnefs, beauty. 
Gallchno. A walnut. 
Gallad. A lafs, little girU 
Galla. A bitch. 
Galluch. A rat. 
Gallunach. Soap. 
Galltach. A Gaul. 

A O ^ 

Gallan. A branch. 

Gallan-greannchair. TufliIago#- 
Gallan*mor. Butter bur. 
Gallmbuileann. A mill-wheel. 
Galloglach • A cuiraffier, fervant*. 
Galldruma.^ A. keitledrom. . 
Gallubh. Caithnefs. 
Galoptttn. To galop. 
Galma, gaiba. Hardnefs. 
Galmas. A pledge. 
Galrughdach. Divination. 
Galoig. A ihoe. 
Galruigham. To puniih. 
Gamaineach. Scarcely, bardiyv . 
Gamainighe, Scarcity. 
Gamal. A fool, ftnpiki perfinu . 
Gamal. A camel. 
Gambun. A leg* 
Gamh. Winter, corn. 
Gamhann. A ditch. 
Gamhchogus. A dent, notch* 
' Gamhnach. Unbulled, of a ftrippcr cow* - 
Gamhuin. A calf, yearliagy ftirk. • 
Gam Without. 
Ganail. A rail, foU# 
Gangaid. Faliehood, deceit^ . a ^ boiflie ^ ^ 

light-headed creature. 
Gangaideach. Falfe, deceitful^ ligbt4iea<U 

ed, pitiful, narrow-hearted. 
Gangaideachd. Craft, knavery, deceit. 
Gann. Scarce, little, ihoct, difficulty 
Gann^l. Lattices. 
Ganndas. A grudge. 
Ganra. A gander. 
Gantan. Hunger. 
Gantir. A prilbn, diiemma*. 
Gftod. A fwan. 
Gaoi. Prudence, wifdom. 
Gaoi, gOi, Untruth, a lie. 
Gaoid. . Wind, blafts, flatulence.. 
Gaoidbhein. A mountain in the ifle of 

Gaoideanta. Idle, flothful. 


G A O 


^aoidheann. Falfe colour, counterfeit. 
Gaog. Evaporation, flatncfs^ air dol a 

ghaog, dead. 
Gaoidhal. An Irifhman, Highlander of 

Gaogan. Part of a thread fpun finer than 

it ought to be. 
Gaoil. A family, or kindred ; Ibve. 
Gaoidhleag. The Irifb, Gaelic, or old 

Celtic tongue* 
Gaoidheakachd. Th« Highlands of Scot* 

Gaoilam. To boil, feethe. 
Gaoil. Boiling, anger* 
Gaoilach. Boiling. 
Gaoine. Good. 
Gaoine. Goodnefs, honeffy. ^ 
Gaotrbh. T*he paunch of a deer; 
Gaois, gaos;- Wifdom, prudence* 
Gaoifid. Hair of beafts. 
Gaoifnain. A Angle hair. 
Gaoith^ gaoth. Wind, 
Gaoftbfeog. A blaft, or Molding. 
GaoL Loire, liking, fondnefs. 
Gaolin. Sweetheart. 
Gaolach. A dear, mo ghaolach, my dear. 
Gaolbhola. Confanguinity* 
Gaolam. To break. 
Gaolach. Lovely. 
Gaorfte. A whirlwind. 
Gaorr. Dirt, dirt contained in the intef- 

Gaorram. To cram, glut. 
Gaoran. A little glutton. 
Gaofmhor. Prudent, fkiIfu4,occarion. 
Gaofneach. Hairy. 

Gaoch. • A dart, a ftitch, fliooting pain. 
Gaoth. The wind. 
Gaothroadh. A blafting wind, mildew* 
Gaothghuartain. A whirlwind. 
Gaoth. The fea. 
Gaoth. Wife, prudent^ 
Gaoth* Pains.- 

Gaoth. Theft. 

Gaotha. Streams left at low water. 

Gaoth-near. Eaft-wind. 

Gaoth-niar. Weft-wind. 

Gaoth-deas. South-wind. 

Gaoth-tuath. North-wind. 

Gaothach. *1 

Gaothanach. i Windy. 

Gaothmhor. J 

Gaothmheigh. Anemometer. 

Gaothmhor. Painful. 

Gaothinnifan. Anemofcope. 

Gaothmhar. A painful wound. < 

Gaothmhaireachd. Pain, great anguidi^ 

flatulence, ftorm. 
Gaothraigham. To winnow. 
Gar. Defert, merit, accommodation. 
Gar, car. Near, nigh to, foon^ ann gar, at 

Gara, garach. Ufefuh 
Garab. Not clofe. 
Garabhan. Bran. 
Garachdal. Huge. 
Garach. A brawl. 
Garachdalachd. Hugenefs. 
Garadan. A regifter, note-book. 
Garadh; A gratuity. 
Garadh. A garden, hedge, dyke. 
Garadh.- A hiding place for wild beafls, 

den, cave. 
Garaileamhathair. The grtat-grandfether, 

fifter, abamita. 
Garam. To gratify. 
Garam. To warm. 
Garamhuil. Near, neighbouring, warm, 

fnug, comfortable. 
Garan. An underwood, foreft, thicket. 
Garan, guirain. A blotch. 
Garathair. A great-grandfather, tritavus. 
Garbanach. Rude, raw, unexperienced. 
Garbhag-garaidh. Savory. 
Garbh. Rough, coarfe, rugged, boifterous. 
Garbhanach. A tall ftout fellow. 



(t3 A^ 

Garbhthonn. A boifterous wave. 
Garbhfliion. A tempeft. 
Garbhach. A grandfon. 
Garbhait* A rough place. 
Garbhchludach. A coarie.blanket> covers 

Garbhchulaidh. A frieze-coat. 
Garbhchrioch. A reugh country, therHigh- 

lands of Scotland. 
Garbhghaineamh. GraveJ. 
Garbhan. Bran. 
Garbbleafs. A^out. 
Garbhlocc. ,,A crag, a thicket. 
Gacbhlea^Ji. The i:ugged part of a country. 
Garda. A^uard, garden. 
Gardrich. A troop, company. 
Garg. Auftcre, fierce, cruel, rough, firm ; 
. (bjre. 

Gargachd. ) Rudenefs, roughnefs, cruelxy ; 
Gargad. 5 foren^/s. 
'Gargin. Dung. 
-Garidh. A cav^. 
Garlacb. A ypung infant 'becaufe it fcreams ; 

a naked ftarving child ; a baflard. 
Garluch. A mole. 
Garmadh. ^ galling. 
Garmadair. A cryer, j)roclaimer. 
Garmain. A poft^ pillar* a beam* 
parman. ^ A gallows. 
Garmhathair. A great-grandmothor. 
Garnalpir. A gardener. 
Garfieal. An ark, or magazine to hold 

meal in. 
Garoid. A fplutter, noif^. 
Garoighe. TJie nea^t. 
Garrach. Gorbellied. 
Garran. A ftrong or hackney horfe. Vide 

Qarran. A grove, or wood. 
Garran. A glutton, gorbelly. 
Carran gainmhaich. A certain little fi(b. 
parrbhuaic. A noife, clamour^^ 
^Garrbhuajceacb. Clamorous, noify. 

Garrdha. Of a garden. 

Garrfhiach. A glutton. 

Garrthoir. A cryer, bawler. 

Garruicam. tTor prattle, prate. 

Garruicachd. Prating. 

Garrunnach. Dirty,* Shocking, horrible. 

Gart. Liberality, bounty. 

Gart. A head, a threatening pofture. 

Gart. Standing corn* 

Gartan. A bonnet, cap, hat. 

Gartghlanam^ To weed, examine. 

Gartha. i . ^ 

Garthal. Warm, fijug. 

Gartlann. A corn-yard. 

Garua, garogha. A grcat-grandchild?s 

grandchild. vAdnepos. 
Gas. A hunch, bough, flalk, ftem of an 

herb ; a military fer van t, .a bqy. 
Gafpidam. A hornet. 
Gafach. BuOiy. 

Gafra. i A band of domeftic troops, ao- 
Gafradh. i .ciently mercenary foldiers« 
Air gafradh. Proud, hot as a bitch. 
Gas. Strength, anger^ wrath. 
Gai fguabaidh. A befom, broom. 
Gas, gus. UntQ, to. 
Gafam. To (bout, fprout, to look« 
Gafcorbhthach. A midwife. 
Gafg. A tail. 
Gafgan. A puppy. 
Gafganach. Petulant. 
Gafgara. The pofteriors. 
Gaft. A fnare, wile, 
Gaft. An old woman. 
Gafda. Clever, neat, ingenious, fkilful, 
Gaftachd. Ingenuity, .clevernefs, neatnefs. 
Gaftog. A wile, trick. 
Gafuj). A boy, a little forry fellow, gar^on. 
Gath. A fpcar, javeliii j a ray or beam, a 

Gath-dubh. A weed, the beard of corn- 
Gath-cuip. A medical tent, 
7 " HGath- 

G E A 

G E A 

Gath-bolg. A truttk /or blowiag darts. 

Gath-muinne. , A mane. 

Gath-grcinc. A fun beam. 

Gath-fruigh. A polfoned arrow. 

Ge, ce. The earth. 

Ge, gcdh, Geadh. A goofe. 

Ge. As, whence. 

Ge as air bith. Whence foever. 

Ge, for ce. Who ? which ? what ? 

Ge. Though, although. 

Geabhaire. i . 

Gcabhfaire. r ^ ^"P*'- /V 

Geabham. To find, behave. 

Geabhthaigheas. P'ear, dread. 

Geachdaidheachd. A debate. 

Gead. A buttock, haunch. 

Gead. A fpot, a ftar in the forehead of a 

Geada. A ridge, bed, or fmall fpot of 

Geadh. A goofe, a taylor's iron. 

Geadhlann. A goofe quill. 

Geadh-dubh. A fpecies of goofe. 

Geadha. Aj>ole, a boat-hook. 

Geadus. A pike, 

Geag, geug. A bough, branch, limb, mem- 

Geagacfa. Having branches. 

Oeagamhuil. JBranched, having boughs or 

Geagam. To branch, bud, fprout forth. 

Geal. Fair, white, bright. 

Gealadhairc. An animal with a, white horn^ 
the name of a cow. 

Gealadhairceach« White-horned. 

Gealchos. White-foot, name of a dog. 

Gealan. The white of the eye. 

Gealacan. Th^ white of an egg. 

Gealach. ' iThe moon. 

Gealaigham. To whiten^ bleach. 

Gealaighte. . Whitened, bleached. 

Gealadh. Whitenefs. 

Gealairgidh. A prickle. 

Gealbhhunn. j A fparrow^ a common 

Gcalun. J fire. ^ 

Gealbhan lion. A linnet, lintwhltc. 

Gealcadh. Whitenefs. 

Gealcam. To whiten. 

Geall 1 A pledge, mortgage, bf t, 

Geall-barantus. i defire. 

Gcal-daingnuchidh. Earneft-money. 

Gealladh. A promife. 

Geallam. To promife, devote. 

Geallamhna. A promifing, promife. 

Geallmhor. Defirous. 

Geallmhorachd. Dcfire. 

Geallamhuin. Promife, vow. 

Geallag-bhuachair. The bird called bunt- 

Geallog. A falmon-trout, a white- falmon^ 
an eel. 

Gealfliuileach. Moon-eyed. 

Geallta. Promifed. 

Gealta. Whitened. 

Geall tin. Promiiing. 

Gealtach • Timorous, fearful , jealous^ aflo<* 

Gealtachd. Tiraoroufnefs, fear. 

Gealtaighe. Jealoufy. 

Geal tanas. Aft of promifing, 

Gealtuigham. To dread, fear. ^ 

Gealta. A bleecher, fuller. . 



GeallthoU. A horfe-leech. 

Geam. A jem, jewel. 

Geamanach. A fervant, lacquey. 

Geamhar. A blade of corn, corn in grafs 
or blade. 

Geamh. } . , . ^. 

Geamhag. J ^ ^''''^* "'P* 

Geamhladh. A chain, fetter. 

Geamhiag. A crow of iron, lever, 

Geamhtocb. ' Sandbltnd> 

Geamhradh. Winter. 

Geamhrachal. Wintry. 

[Bbb] Gean. 

> A coward. 

G E A 

G£ A 

Gean. Fondncfs, love, favour^ approba- 

Gean. A woman. 

Geanach. Of a pleafant humour* 

Geanach. Greedy, covetous. Vide Gion- 

' ach. 

Geanachd. Chaftity. 

Geanaidham. To deride. 

Geanair, January. 

Geambfhuileach. Pink-eyed. 

Geanair. Was conceived^or born. 

Geanamhlachd. Grace, beauty, comeli- 

Geanamhuil. Graceful, comely,, acceptable^ 

Geanamhna. Chafte, pure. 

Geanas. Chaftity. 

Geanafach. Chafte, modeft. 

Geangam. To ftrikc, beat. 

Geanmchnu. A chefnut. 

Geanmhaidhe. Pure, chafte. Incorrupt. 

Geanmnaidheachd. 1 

Geanamhnachd. f Chaftity. 

Geanafachd. j 

Geangam. To ftrike, beat. 

Geangachd. Comellnefs. 

Geanmath. Good-will. 

Geannaire. A hammer, malf^t. 

Geannaireachd. Hammering, fharpening. 

Gearr. Short, fliortly. 

Gearaghadh. A folicitkig, enticing. 

Gearbhreac. A guillemot. 

Geraigham, rather geuraigham. To iharp- 

Gearait. Holy, a faint. 

Gearait. Wife, prtident. 

Gearait. A virgin. 

Gearam, geuraqi. To wh«t» fharpen. 

G^aran. A complaint, fupplicatidn, groan^ 


Gearanaicham. | _ ,. . , 

^ > To complain, condOM. 

Oearanam. j 

Gearanacb. AccufaCive, Complaining* 

Gearb. A fcab. 

Gearba. Bran, the itch, a tumotnv 
Gearbach. Scabbed, rugged.' 
Gearbam. To grieve, hurt, wound.- 
Gearblafda. Tart, four. 
Gearcaifeadh^ Smartnefs, brifknef^. 
Gearchuife. Subtilty, fagacity. 
Gearchui&ach. Ingenious, Ihr^iyd, fubtile-.- 
Geardhearc. A birberry. 
Gearg. A botch, bile. 
Gearg, garg. Fierce, cruel. 
Geargha. A fliort.dart, ji^Velin. 
Gearghlais. A glofs^ (hort note. 
Gearlfeanam. To purfue, eagerly, perfe^ 

Gearleanmhuin. Perfecutlon. 
Gearmha^adh. A farcafm, bitter Jefti. 
Gearmlieafach. Neat. 
Gearradh. A tax, tribute. 
Gearradh. A cut, rent. 
Gearrchumhain. A pack-faddle. 
Gearr. Short ; a ware for catcKing filEu 
Gearradair. A cutter^ 
Gearram. To cut, bite, griaw,.fliortc^» 
Gearachoileir. AflTaflin, c lit- throat* 
Gearradh-guirt. A quail. 
Gearghath. A fhort javelin. 
Gearran. A work-horfc, hac]c, 
Gcarcuig. A brood. ' 
Gearrearballach. Bobtailed. 
Gearchuifle. Venefe&ion. 
Gearrchofach. Short-footed. 
Gcarran-ard. A hobby. 
Gearrafgian. A dirk, 'ftilletto. 
Gcarrfhiadh. A hare.' 
Gearrfboirm. An abftrad, ^hndgmeAtk 
Gearrghuin. A horfe-leech. 
Gearrmhagadh. A farcafm. 
Gearrog. Fortune, fate, dcfti^y.* 
Gearrfhaoghlach. Short-lived; 
Gearr-fporan. A cut-purfe.. 
Gearrfhuileach. Short-fighted. 
Gearfmacbd. Severity, wrath. 
Gcarfom. Entrance-money. 



& £ I 

Geart. Milk. 
Gearthach. 4- ^uXi* 
Gcarthoir* A carver^ hevircf . 
Gearuighe^cbd.r Railing, fatirizing. 
Gearuigham. To whet, flxa^en^ to fcold, 

Gearun. A gerund* 
Geafii* A conjedu^e, guefci, rejigious vaw> 

oath^ enchantment^ charm. 
Geafa di^Qxaa dsaoitheacbda, A Jcind of 

Druidiih fercery, explained at large I^y 

Dr. Keating. 
Geafadan* A fhrul^. 
Geafadair* A wizzard,. chariqcier, 
Geafad'oiracbd. Divination, forcery. 
Geafam. To divine, foretdh 
Geafan* An-oatb. 

Geafrogadh* Supefftitioii> ia|>enftitiotts ce- 
Geaft, gioft. Barm, y^aft; 
Geaftal. A deed, fad. 
Geaftal. Want, rnccd^ neceffity. 
Gcat. MiUc. 
Geata, geatadh. A gate. 
Geatram. To adc^ci^ inake Jigal^. 
Ged. But. ^ 

Gedal. A ree4« 
Gedas. A juk;e-ii(b« 

Gcdh. A goofe. : . i 

Geibheal, geall. A ple^S^* 
Geibheal^ geimhal* ^CI^misj fetors. 
Geibbam. To got, Q^xtajn. 
Geibbion. .Fetters, prifo^, ?f^Y,&^^^ '^^^'^ 

trefs, ^ , 

Geibleid* A floyen. 
Geibleidacb. Slovenly* 
Geibleidacbd. SlQvenlifiefs. 
Geibbis. A valley. 
Geibhiigbam. To fetter, put in chains; 

to pledge, mortgage. > ' ' 
Geideal. A fan. . , 
Geilfhreagradb. A ftipulatixm, a reply. 
Geilios. Traffic* 


Geri. Meaning, fenfe, exprciSon j for ccil|^ 
from ciall j cuiram ann geill j I will dis- 

Geille. Gives, fetters. 

C Ml ' (Submiffion, obedience# 

GeilHgbam. i -- - 

GeiHam. J ^^^^ '^' homage. 

Geillachdin. Obeying, reverencing, biuit^ . 

Geillios. KindnefS) friendfhip. , ^ 

Gerllilnc. Submiffion,,hoaiag|?. ,. ..*i 

Geilmin. A pilcJbard, ^ ) 

Geill, ingeilt. Pafture. 

Geilt. Terror. . 

Geilt. A wild nun or womaA,a taytt^M^f^ 
perfon. . ) 

Geilt. Mad. 

Geimhes^. tLt{imn% t>opda£e« 

Geimbleacbd. A bond or cb;un. 

Geimbre. Of winter. , 

Geimbreamo To winter, to taibs wint^-*. 
quarters. ) 

Geimeaa)yv£ieiR}nfan(i. 7^9 Jpw^ biellow. 

Geimreach, geimneacb. JLo^wifgi beUqifir<«) 
ing. > 

' Gein. A conception, offspring. 

Geinn. A wedge. a 

Geinnam. 'J^Pjptefs^ f<||Liecze. ;, 

Geinnamhuil. Cuneifoirm. 

Geinadb. Generation, fpriqgipg forth. 

Geinealach. A genealogy, p^digt^Cy:- ^^?» > 

Geineamhuin. A hir^b, 

Geineamhuineach. Q/^Ofti^e. 

Getnearalta. General. 

Geineog. A gem. ^ .^ 

Geinam. To beget cbildfep, to generate. 
! GeiniQlacb. A femily, fiockf g^ener^tipn^ , . 

Geinmotha. Except, fave atily* .1 ) 

, Geinnag. .A.pundk. . , 

iGeinteoir. A fower, planter. 
iGeintilacb. A GentUe, .Ragan# 


a E d 


GWhtileachas. 1 ^ .- ., , ^ 
Geintilea.. \ ^'S^^^^^^^l.trp 

Geir. Suet, 

Gcirc. More fliarp, harfh. 

Gcire, geirad, geiraichad. JSharpncft, four- 
ncfs, tartnefs. 

Geircach. Greafy- 

Geiram, geirghatn. To whet, greafc. 

Geirihtlcachd, Sagacity, fubtilty. 

Germhinughadh. A glofs, or fliort com- 

Geirneal. A granary. 

Geirrc. A twiei", abridgment. 

Geirnin. A fnare. 

Geirrfeach. A girl. 

Gcftrfgiath. A fhort fliield. 

Geis. A cuftom, an order j geifa na Teamh- 
ra, the cuftoms of Tara. 

Geis. A vow, protefting agatnft k thing, 
a prohibition or injunftion. 

Geis. A prayer. 

Gers. AHwin. 

Geifas buar namhad fri flileagha. That ob- 
tains the cattle of his foes by his fpear. 

Geifeadh. • Intrtaty. ' 

Geifg. A creaking noife, creak, rojir. 

Geifgal. 1 ^ 

Geifgadh. i^"'^'"^^' 

Gcifgam. To creak, roar, clung. 

Geifneach. Enchanted^ 

Gen. A fword. 

Gen. A hurt, wound. 

Gcnchrios. A fword-belt. 

Gendeabha'm. To fence. 
Gendreanaire. A fencer. 

Gendreanam. To fence,' fcu^He. 
Generalta. General, univerfal. 
Gentlidhach. A Gentile, heathen. 
Geocach. A ftnoller, vagabond, glutton. ' 
Geocachd. Gluttony. 
Geocaigham, To ftroll, gopoitodize, de- 
Geochd. A wry-necl. 

Geochdach# Having a wry-neck, ' ' 

Geocamhail. Strolling, gluttonous. '' 

Geocaire. A debauchee. 

Geocthoir. A reveller, debauchee. 

Geodhlann. A goofe-pen. 

Geoidh. Geefe. 

Geogna. A hurt, wound. 

Geolach. Shoulder-bands put on dead 

men in the highlands. 
Geolach ort. A common highland impre-' 

Geolthadh. A yawl. 
Geoin. A confufed noife. 
Geoin. A fool, foolifli perfon. 
Geoilrean. 7 . ^ 
Geolan. i^'^' 

Geofadan. A fmall ftalk, fhaft, arrow. 
Geofan. The belly. 
Geoth, gaoth. Wind. 
Geoth. The fea, ocean. 
Geothadh. A bay or creek. 
Gctar. To hurt, wound. 
Geuga. A branch, a nian*$ arms. 
Geugach. Branchy. 
Geugam. To branch out^ 
Geulran. A fan. 
Geurfhocal. Witticifm, gibe. 
Geurfhocalach. Full of repartee. 
Geurainachd. PafEng; wit. ^ 

Geurachdach. Sharp/ ' 
Geuraigham. To fliarpen, four, td whet* 
Geuraghadh. Souring, 'fharpening; 
Geufchuireadi. Strifl, rigorous. " 
Geur. Sharp, four, edged. 
Geurad. Sharpnefs, foorn^fs; ^' 

Geurchaifeadh. Sharpriels. '' 

Geurag-bhilach. The herb agrimony. 
Geurchluais. Short notice, quick hear* 

ing. • . . .-. V ' .f i' '.« ■ 

Geurchuife. Subtilty. - ' 
Geurchuifeach. Subtle, ^ 

Geure. Sharper. ' 

Geurg. A bile* ... 


e I L 

G I O 

Gcurgath. A dart, javejin*- -.. ' ;'. . f 

Geurinatleacbd;. Subtilty. 

Geurinntleachdach. S ubtle. 

Giabhair. A pro^itute, a whore. 

Gial, giall. The jaw,.cbe^k« 

Giallbhrat. A neckcloths 

Gialla. Softnefs. 

Giall, gialla. Hoftagee, a pledge* 

Giamh. A defeft. 

Giamhach. Defeftive. 

Gianach. Lazy. . 

Gianaire. A lazy perfon^ 

Gibbach. Rough, hairy. 

Gibbaichad . Roaghnefs. 

Gibbog. A little fheaf, bundle* 

Gibbogan. A fringe. 

Gibhis, geibhis. A glen, valley. 

Gibne. Thread. '; 

Gibne. A cupping-horn. 

Gibne. A greyhound. 

Gidh. Who, what. 

Gidh b'e air bhith. Whofoeven 

Gidh,Gi6ah. J ^, , . . , 

Gidheadh. } Although, though. 

Gidhrean. A barnacle. 

Gigill. Tickling. 

Giglam. To tickle. 

Gighis. A mafquerade. 

Gighifairachd, Mafqucrading. . , 

Gil. Water. 

Gilab. Achifcl. 

Gilabam. To chifel. 

Gilaid. A little creek. 

Gile. "I 

Gileachd. VWhitcnefe. 

Gilead. J 

Gile. Whiter. 

Gille, giolla. A man-fervant, a ftripling, 

a male* 
Gillagan. A doll. 
Gille. mu leann. A fea-weed like a 

Gille-boidhre. A fox. 

. Gille-mirain. A whirlgig. • -' •■ ' 

Gille-bride. An oyftcr-catcher. ^ 

Gille-igorman. Corn fcabious. * 

Gillefuinbrinn. A periwinkle, 
Gilleachafionn. r A periwinkle that dyei 
GHlefionnti^oin* 3 purpie. 
' Gilmeinach. Dainty. 
Gilm. A buzzard. 
Gilnemhog. A water-adder. 
Gimleach. One fettored* 
Gimlaid. A gimlet. 
* Ginn. A wedge.- ' 

Ginealach. A genealbgy, pedigree, family, 

Gineamhuin. A bud, fprout, birth. 
' Ginel. Species, race, ftock, lineage* 
Ginnel. An order of battle in the form of 

a triangle, or wcdgewifc. 
Ginan. To beget, bud, fprout. * 

Ginttn. Begetting, growing. 
Giob. The tail^ rug. 
Giobacfa. Rough, hairy« 
Giobaichad. Roughnefs. 
Giobal. A garment, canvas, caft clothes ; 

fur, haic, a rag, clout. 
Giobalach. Full of hairs, ragged. 
Giobam. Totear^ tug, paU. < 
Giobadh. A pull, tug. 
Giobag. A rag, a little fheaf 'Or bundle. - - 
Giobogach. Ragged. 
Giodal. Flattery* 
Giodar. Dung, ordUre. 
Giodh. Although, though* ' : 
Giodhran. A barrack. > 

I Gjodheadh* However* •' J 

. Giodhtrachd. Neverthelefs,liowbcit; ufcd 
when the thread of a flory is refumed y 
jam vero. > 

Giofach. Dutiful, officious* - - 

Giofachd. Officioufnefs. > 

Giofaire. A client. * 

Giofog. A female client, a gipfey- 
Giogach. A bag, budget* 
[C c cj Giogadh. 

O I o 

ai u 

Giogadh. Cringemg* 

Giogailam. To follow, purfue» 

Gioghram. A plaiiu 

Giogun. A thiftle. 

Giole. A broom, reed, cane. 

GiolcaniliuiU Made of broom, reed, or 

cane. . ^ 

GioIcanach»^ Reedy. 
Gioleog. A reed* 
Gioladh. Leaping nimbljT. 
Giolcair. A flippant fellow* 
Giolcanachd. Flippancy. . 
Gjolbheifd* A Naiad. 
Giolam. "i 

Giolaman* s Tattling. 
Giolmanacbd* J 
Giohnanach. Tattler. 
Giolam-goilam. Tittle-tat^e. 
Giolla* A man^fervant, lacquey. 
Giolla-coife. A footman, runner, foreran^ 

Giolla-carbaid. A ooachman, poftiilion,. 

GioIIa-copain. A cup-bearer. 
Giolla-graidh. A fecretary, confidentychief 

Giolladha an ^ fluaigb. An army's bagg^ge^ 

alfo the fervants of the army. 
Giolla-fguain.. A train-bearerv 
Giolla*each. A groom, oftlec* 
Giolla-botin. Boot-catcher. 
Gi(dla-brog. A fhoe-Uack.- 
Giolla-muchaini. A cbimney-fWeeper* 
Giollamhuil. Belonging to fervants. 
Giollachd. , Service, management of an af- 

fair^ conduft.. 
Giollas. Service. . 
Giolmham. To folicit. 
Giomacb. A lobfter. 
Giomanach. A hunter, w 
Giomh. A fault, a lock of hair. 
Giomhreann. A part. 
Gion. Will, dcfirc. 

Oion. Themotftii, 

Gionach. Hungry, keen, gluttonous, vck 


Gionachd, Hunger, gluttony. 

Gionaire. A greedy-gut. 

Gfonbhair. January. 

Giorac. Noifc, talking. 

Gioracach* Noify, talkative. 

Gioracam. To prattle, chat. 

Giorradain. A periwinkle. 

Giorag. Dready fear. Vide Giorac. 

Gioraman. A hungry fellow. 

Giorambach. Greedy. 

Gioramhachd. Greedinefs, covetoufnefs. 

Giorra. Shorter. 

Giorrach. Short and dry heath or hair. 

Giorraide. > . , ' , 

p. > A buttock, haunch. 

Giorruilge. Inconfiderate. 

Giortolara. To patch, mend. 

Giofcan. The noife of a wiieel or door>, 

gnafhing. ' ' 

Giofcan-fhiacal. Gnaflxing of teeth. 

^. - . JBarm, yeaft'. 
Giofgam. J 

Gioftairas. Old-age. 

Gioftal. A faa, deed. 

Giota* An appendage, dcpcndance. 

Girt. A girth, cingle. 

Girtam. To tie a girth,, lace. 

Gifeil. A line. 

Giubhas. Fir, pine-tree. 

GiubhaL Chirping noife of bird^« 

Giubba&ch. Fir-wood. - 

Giuban. A fly. 

Giucram. Complaining noife, moaning. 

Giuig. A drooping chilly attitude, 
i Oiugach. Drooping, ftarved. 

Giulan. Bearing, carrying, a burial, fu- 

Giulan. Conduft, converfation, compoit- 
. ment. 
\ Giulam. To follow. 



G L A 

Giulanam. Tobear, AiSeryCzny *, . to com- 
fort, behave* 

Giullachadh* Cherifhing* 

Giurrad. Shortnefs. 

Giuran^ The gills of a BOx. 

Giurre. Shorter. 

Giufia. A cann, tankard. 

Giuftal. The games or athletic exercifes 
ufed formerly by the Irilh at their aonachs^ 
or aontheachdy or public meetings. 

Glac. The palm of the hand, a prong, 
Sorkf quiver. 

Glac. 1 A narrow glen; glacag nam fea- 

Glacag. J dan, the valley of blafts. 

Glacach. A ftrain in the hand, a difeafe in 
the hand fo called. 

Glacan. A prong, fork* 

Glacanach. i ^ 

Glacach. \ 

Glacadan. A repofitory. 

Glacadoir. . A receiver. 

Glacadh. Acceptance, receiving, feeling. 

Glacam. To accept, take, receive, feize, 
apprehend, feci. 

Glacaireachd. An imprefs. 

Glacleabhar. A pocket-book. 
Ghcoin. A bundle, .a faggot. 
Glacthii. Handled, taken, feized. 

p . ' > Seizing, handlings taking. 

Gladaire* A gladiator. 

Glaedh. Vide Glaodh. 

Glaedh. Broad. 

Glafaire. A babbler. 

Glafar. -j 

Glafarnach. VNoiie, din,, prajting, chatting. 

Glafoide* J 

Gl^n, The clapper of a mill. 

Glagan-dojrvis* The knocker of a door. 

Glagartha.. Flowing, flowly, fluggiik. 

^ *?*.* ' \ A talkative perfon. 
I Glaigm. > 

Glaib. Dirty water, puddle. 

, Glaic. A handful, grafp, little glen* 

Glaidineachd. Gluttony. 

Glaicais. Wreftling. 

Glaicaifach. Athletic. 

Glaimh. i A great noife, clamour, pitiful 

Giaim» J complaint ; a common report, a 

yelling, howling. 
Glaimhin. A fpendthrift. 
Glaimm. A large mouthful, gobbet. 
Glaimlair. A voracious eater, muncher. 
Glammam. To eat voracioufly, cry out, 

Glamham. To catch at greedily. 
Ghmhiire* One that catcheth at gree* 

Glamhaireachd. Catching at with greedi- 


Glamhfan. Murmur. 

Glamhfoir. Murmurer. 

Glaimhnigham. To roar, cry out, 

Glaine. Cleannefs, brightncft. 

Glaine. Cleaner, more bright. 

Glaineachd. 7 ^, ^ ^ ^ 

p. . , iClearnefs, ncatnefs. 

Glaineadoir. Vide Gloinadoir. 
Glainne. Qlafs. 

Glainne-cian-ambarc. A telefcope. 
Glainfiach. A glutton. 
Glaife. Poverty. 

Glaife. ]Greynefs, a fliade, eclipfe, 
Glaifcachd^ > greenneis, verdure. 
Glaife. More green. 
Glaifain. A fort of fUh. 
Glaiiainwlaraich. A green-finch. 
GlaLs-leun. Pepper-grafs, lefler fpear- 

Glaifain-fealaich. A willy-wagtail. 
Glait. Prepared. 
Glam. An outcry, a ibout, noife. 


G L A 


Glamaire. A noify, filly fcUow. 

Glamaireachd. A conftant babbling. 

Glamhin. A fpendthrift. 

Glan. 'Ckan, pure, finccre. 

Glanam. To clean fej purge, purify. ' 

Glanadh. Wafliing, cleanfing. 

Glanamhuil. Abftergent. 

Glang. A flioulder. 

Glaniabhradh. ClearneTs of exprefEon. 

Glanlach. A fence, dike, 

Glanlaigham. To fence, endofe, intrench. 

Glannihan* Clean wheat. 

Glanbhar. • A good head of hair. 

Olilnta; Clean, wafhed. 

Glantaibhreadh. Clearnefs of expreffion^ 

evidence. - *' • ' 

Glafttolreachd. * Cleanfing, weeding.* * • 
Glanthoileach. Curious. 
Glaodh. Birdlime, glue. 
Glaodh. A call. 

Glaodham. Tocalli'bawl out, to glue. 
Glaodbach. Calling out, bawling. 
Glaodh a chaolaich. Cock-crow« 
Glaodhan. Pith of woofd. 
Glaoidh. A heap, a pile. 
Glaoghan. Pipes, tubes* 
Glaoidheamhin. A wolf. 
Glaoine. Glafs, deannefs. 
Glaoran. Flower of wood-fiwrel. 
Glaothar. A noife, prating-. 
Glaotharanta. NoIfy,' prating. 
Glaothran. A rattle. 
•Glas. A lock. ' 

Glas. Grey, green, pale, wan,- poor. 
/Glafdidh. Pale, wan. 
•Glafaire. A prattler. 
Glafam. To lock, fetter, become green. 
<5Iafamhuil. Greenifli, pak, wan, greyifli. 
Glafan. A fort of edible alga, fea wrack ; 

,any fallad. • • 

Glafbhan. Pale. 
Glafghort. A green plot. 

\ Glafiiath. GreyHhl ' 

Glafmhaigh. A green field. 
Glafneulach. Pale. 
Glafog. A water- wagtail. 
Glafruighe. Greens to eat# 
Glafruigham. To make greeri, to jSreparc 

green thread for ufc. 
Glaf-uaine. Green. 
Glasfheur. Gra(*s. 
Gle. Pure, clean. 
Gle. Opcnv plaia. • 
Gle. Good. " i 

Gle. Enough^ perfedly, a cOippofiti ve par^^ 

Gleac. A fight, conflid. 
Gleacam. To wrcftle, -ftruggle. 
Gleacaidhe. A combatant. . - • 
Gleachas. A gallery, - » 

PI Ah fTrickSj {ham, humour. 

Gleagham. To bear leaves ; to keep, favc. 
Gleaghadh. Induftry. . '« \ 

Gleaghtach. Frugal, faving. ' 
Gleghlan. Bright, clear^ immaculate. 
Gleghlanam. To purify, fpiritualize, 
Glegheal. Exceeding fair, or white. 
Gleghrach. . A loud cry, fhottt* 
Gleair. Neat, dean", fair^ 
Gleal. Exceeding white or dear.- 
Gleghealaigham. To blanth dr whiten. 
Gleamhfach. Tedious. 
Gleamhfa. A flow long draught- of li- 

Gleamhfan. Continual fpeaking. 
Gleanam. j To adhere-, 4o flick clofe 
Gleannam. j to. 
Gleann. A valley, vale. 
Gleangarfach. Tinkjing.- 

Gleanntambuil. J ley^ fteep, Shelving. 
Gleannan. A little valley, defile. 
Glearam.. To follow. 


Gleannach. ^ Of or belonging to a val^ 


Q J. I 

Glearthach. Pliable, flcxibk. 

Gleas. A mai^isjer, order, condition^ lock 
of a gun^ key or gamut, inftrument. 

Gleafam, gleufam. To prepare, make rea- 
dy, to tune. 

Gleafann. A ftorchoufe, 

Gleafta. Provilion, 

Gleafta. Prepared, tuned, provided, good- 

Gleafdachd. Neatnefs, readinefe, order, 

Gleaftoir. A farrier. 

Gleic. Wreftling, jpftling. 

Gleicein. A ibuttlecock. 

Gleicam. To wreftjc. 

Glcicair. A wreftler. 

Gleigheal. Vide Glegheal. 

^, • * , • JWhitenefs, purcncfs. 
Gleileachd, ) 

Gleire. Much, plenty, a great deal. 

Gleire. Choice, eledion. 

Gleij^eifi. A commiffioner. 

Gleitham, gleagham. To kepp, iave, to 

clear lip, atanifeft, clc^nre* 
.Gkithaire. A gadhee. 
Gleithe* Grazing. 
Gleith. Pure, nesO:. 
GJeo« A figbt, upiofu-, tumult, diHitrb- 

Gleojgh, A figh, groan* 
Glcodh. Cleapfing, fcourir\g, £oliihi(ig, 

Oieodh^m. To d^nfe. 
Gleodhamanachd. Droiyfinefs. 
Gleodbman. A dcpwfy fellow. 
Gleqidf A-floven. 
Gleoidal. Slovenly. 
Gleoite. Handfofioe, curious, tight, pretty, 

neat. , 

Gleofathach. Expert, clever. 
Gleorann. Creflcf, 
Gleofg. A vain {illy woman. 
Gleofgaire. A vaiAr^ftupid fallow* 

Gleogairachd. Stupid gefturcs. 

Gleothan. A clue. 

Glcten. Giue. 

Glethc. Clean. 

Gleus. Order, lock of a gun, key or ga- 
mut. Vide Gleas. 

Gleufam. To prepare, tune. 

Glcufta. Prepared, tuned. 

Gliadh, gliath. War, battle. 

Gliadrach*. A drab. 

Glib. A lock of hair, flut. 

Glib. Slippery. 

Glibihleamhin. Slippery with fleet. 

Glic. Wife, prudent, cunning, crafty. 

Glidduicham. To move, ftir. 

Glifid. A noife. 

Glifram. To prate, make a noife. 

Glin. A generation. Vide Glun. 

Glingin. Drunkennefs. 

Glinam. To follow, to cling. 

Glinn. Light, the (ky. 

Glinn. A fort, fortrefs, garrifon* 

Glinn. Clear, plain. 

Glinn. Of a valley, vallies. 

Glinnach. Full of vallies. 

Glinne. A habit, cloak. 

Glinneaftar ; le neart De do ghlinnea^lar. 
Hpc virtus Dei pr^ftitit. Brogan in vita 
S. Brig. 

Glinnigh, glinn. Manifeft, clear. 

Glinnuigham. To obferve clofely, fee 

Glinntheach. Flexible, plfant. 

Gliocas. P|:udence, ingenuity, craft, cun- 

Gliogar. "] 

Gliogarfnaeh. ^A tinkling ringing noife« 

Gliofgarnaich. J 

Gliogar. Slownefs. 

Gliogaram. To ring, tinkle. 

Gliomach. A lohfter, a long-Ui^bed (eU 

Gliomach-fpai^^ch. A c\zw*6ih. 
[Ddd] Gltongam. 

G LOl 

G L U 

Gliongam. A jingling nbife, chink. 

Gliofaire. A prattling fellow. 

Glioftaire. A clyfter. 

Gliugal. Cluckingof a hen, 

Gliumh. Glue. 

G liuftachd. Slownefs. 

Glocan. Vide Glacan. 

Glochar. l Breathing, refpiration with 

Glocharnach. l difficulty, wheezing. 

Glocairc. A lubberly coward. 

Glocnid. The morning dram in bed. 

Glochdan. A wide throat. 

Glogluinn. Rolling of the fea in a calm. 

Gfog. A foft lump. 

Gloine. GJafs. 

Gloilionta. Crammed. 

Gloinadoir. A glazier. 

Gloich. An ideot. 

Gloichal. Ideotical. 

Gloichalachd. Idfeotifm. 

Gloir. Glory, talk. 

Gloirais. Boafting talk, prating. 

Gloiraifach. Boafting, babbling, verbofe. 

Gloraigham. To glorify^ 

Gloicmhiann. Ambition. 

Gloirmhiannach. Ambitious, proud", vain- 

Gloir-reim. Pomp, triumph, pageantry. 
Gloiflionta. FuU-ftufted, cranuBcd, thick- 

Gloitireachd. Gluttony. 
Glomuin. The evening. 
Glomhar. An inftrument tied to the mouth 
" of a lamb to prevent its fuckrng. 
Glonaid. A multitude.. 
Glonnmhar. Loathing. 
Glonn. A h&\ deed; 
Glonn. A loathing, c^ualm. 
Glonnra. Glittering. 
Glor. A noife, voice, fpeecfa. 
Glor. Clear, neat, clean. 
Glorach. Noify, clamorous. 
Gloram. To founds make a noifc. 

Gloramas. Boafting talk. 

Glorrohar. Glorious, famous, celebrated. 

Glormhaoidham. To boaft. 

Glormheid. Boafting. 

Glotain. A bofom. 

Gioth. Wife, prudent, difcrect. 

Gloth; A veil, covering. 

Glothagach. Frog-fpawn. 

Gluair. Pure, clean, clear. 

Gluaireachd. Brightnefs, neatnefs. 

Gluais. A device, invention. 

Gluais. Move thou. 

Gluaifmhinughidh. GloiTes, explications* 

Gluaife. Cleannefs, neatnefs. 

Gluaifam. To go, pafs, move, march. 

Gluaifdeach. AiFeding, moving, pathe* 
tick. . 

Gluaifte. -Moved, ftirred, provoked. 

Gluafachd. Gefture, motion, pathos, ftir«. 
ring, difliirbing, provoking. 

Gluafog, glafog. A water-wagtail. 

Glug. The motion and noife of water con« 
ffned in a veflel. 

Glugan. Rolling like a fliip at fea. 

Glugaire. On« that has-an- impediment m 
his fpeech, 

Glugach. Stammering. 

Gloganach. Rolling, unfteady, totter-^ 

Gluine. The knees. 

Gluineafadb. The gout in the kntCd^ 

Gluineach-bheg. Knot- grafs. 

Gluinfheacam. To bend the knec^,. 

Gluinein. A garter. 

Gluing. The (houlder. 

Gluifgheagach. Full of green- leare^. 

Glumagan. A deep hole. 

Grlun* A kneie, a gencrati n, ftep, or de- 

Glunam. I -po kneel 
Glunlubam. i 
Glunliibadh. Genuflexion. 
Glundosi Bandji- legged i 


O N I 

G O 

Gtas, Light, brightneisr 

Gna, gnath. Manner, fafhion, cuftom, 
flat lire. 

Gnabhius. Cudweed* 

Gnac. A woman. 

Gnals. The female privity. 

Gnamhan. A fca-fnail, periwinkle. 

Gnamhuil. Peculiar, proper. 

Gnaoi. The countenance, a grin. 

Gnaoifhiofaiche. A phyfiognomift* 

Gnaofhiofachd. Phyfiognomjr. 

Gnas. A cuftom. 

Gnath. A manner, fafhion, cuftom ; fta- 

Do ghnath. Always. 

Gnathbheurla. Vernacular tongue. 

Gnathach. Cuftomary, common, contintial, 

Gnathachadh. Pradlice, cuftom, manner. 

Gnaithaigham. To accuftom, ufe, inure, 
exercifc, praAife. 

Gnathiiichoir. A praditioner. 

Guathas. Experience. 

Gnathchaoi. A beaten path. 

Gnatheolas. Experience. 

Gnath-cuimhne. Tradition. 

Gnathfliocal. A proverb, phrafe, bye-word. 

Gne. A kind or fort, natural temper, man- 
ner, form, appearance. 

Gne. An accident, or outward fenfible fign. 

Giiedhail. Shapely, mannerly, kindly. 

Gneghalachd. Tendemefs, kindnefs. 

Gneath. • Was born. 

Gnemhiiram. To deform, disfigure; 

Gni; A voice. 

Gnia. Knowledge. 

Gnia« A tree. 

Gnia. A fervant. 

Gnia. A judge, a knowing perfon* . 

Gniadb. A doing fervice. 

Gnic. Knowledge. 

Gnidham* ToefFe^t^ bring to pafs, to do, 

Gniomh. A parcel, divifion of land^ 

twelfth-part of a ploughland. 
Gniomh. A fa<S, deed, an a(Jlion, pl» 

Gnlomh-iagneach. A grifSn. 
Gniomhnach. A^live, aftual, bufy. 
Gniomhachd. Eificiency. . 
Gniomhadh. Afling, doing. 
Gniomham. To atchieve. 
Gniomhchomafach.' Powerful.. 
Gniomhthoir. An aSor, agent.- 
Gnifgam. T 

Gnifam. > To bring to paft, effect. 
Gnifigham. J 

Gnithe. TranfaSions, deeds. 
Gnodhan. An angry groan, noife, moan. 

Gnothach. ' i Winning, gaining, pur- 
Gnothachadh. 3 chafing; profit. 
Gnothaigam. To win, gain, purchafe, get^. 

Gnothaigheach. Bufy, a£live. 
Gno. Famous, remarkable, notable. 
Gno. Jeering, mockery. 
Gnoig; Sulky frowns 
Gnogach. Sulky. 
Gnoigag. A little fulky woman. 
Gnuach. Leaky; 
Gnuis. The face, countenance. 
Gnuis. Hazard, danger, jeopardy . 
Gnuifr. A notch. 
Gnuifmheallam. To counterfeit. 
Guifnaire. Bafhfulnefs. 
Gnumh. A dent, notch* 
Gnumhr. A heap, pile. 
Gnumham. To heap up, pile, amafs. 
Gnufadh. A notch. 

Gnufadh. ) The lowing of a cow to 
Gnufachdich. J her calf. 
Gnufgulach. Grunting. 
Go, gu. To,.unto, until. 



G O I 

Go. Pat before any adjective forms the ad- 
verb of -that adjeftivej luatb, quick j go 
luath, quickly. 

Go. The fea. 

Go, ga. A fpear. 

Go. A lye, deceit. 

Gob. A bill, beak, fnout.. 

Gobath. Prating. 

Gobag. A dogfifh. 

Gobam. To bud, fprout forth. 

Gob-labhartha. i . ,n , 
^ , , , , , , J A redfnank. 
Cjrobhlan-bhartha. j 

Goban. A muffle ; any external hindrance 

to fpeech. 

Gobanach. A pjrattler. 

Gobel. The harbour's mouth. 

Gob-eafgidh. Snapping. 

Gobha. A fmith. 

Gobha-dubh. A water oufle. 

Gobha-uifge. The king's fiftjor* 

Gobham. To leiTen, diminifli. 

Gobhal. A poft^ pillar^ P^^^P) Ihore. 

Gobhal. Regio perineum. 

Gobhlach. Forked, pronged. 

Gobhlacan. Aftride. 

Gobhlan. A prong, fork, weedfaook. 

Gobhlanach. Pronged, forked. 

Goblan-gaoith. A (wallow. 

.Gobhlan-gainmhaich. A fand^martin, 

Gabhar. A goat, formerly a horfe. 

Gobhar oiche. A fuipe. 

Gobharr. A periwig. 

Gobhacan. The tilting. 


Cjobhalran. 3 

Gocman. An uftier, or , gcntlemaat 

Gochadh. Quality. 

^Gochdmun. A watchman. 

Godach. Giddy, coguettiib. 

<^og. A tittle, fyllable, nod. 

Gog-gheadh. A fmall goofe. 

Oogach. Wavering, reding. 

vGogfhuileach. Having wandering eyes* 

Gogafn. To nod, gefticulate, 

Gogaidach. A coquette. 

Gogaidachd. Coquetry. 

Gogailleachd . Dotage. 

Gogcheannach. Light-he^ed, whofe head 

Gogallach. The cackling of a goofc, ducks 

or hen. 

Gogan. } ^"'•'""S, prating. 

Gogor. Light. • 

Goibin, gobag. A little bill j a ^and-cch 

Goibhin. A little hill. 

Goibhneachd. Smith trade. 

Goibhrios. A falfe colour* 

Goic. A fcofF, taunt ^ a cocking up of the 

Goical. Scoffing with an ^re£t hea<). 
Goid. Theft. 
Goidheal. An Iri£hma|i, pr Scotch Higb* 

Goidhealg. The Gaelic tongue. 
Goidhealach. Irifli, Highland. 
Goiglis. A tickling. 
Goil. Prowefs, chivalry. 
Goile. The ftomach, appetite. 
Goileamhuin. Grief, forrow. 
Goilam. To grieve, cry, chatter. 
Goill. A fwollen angry face. 
Goill. War, fight, ojr whatcyer caufes 

GoilUne. The devil. 
Goilmin. A chatterer. 
Goimh. Anguiih, vexation, a gni4ge. 
Goin. A hurt, wound. 
Goin. A chapter, par^igrapb. 
Goin. Deluflon. 
Goinad. Painfulnefa. 
Goinam. To wqund^ hurt* 
Goinnacb. Voracious, tbjtt iltagetll> 

Qpinnai^ta. -Keen, wQuodiag. 
Goire. Near, pro Car. 


Ooirid. A fhort fpace. 
Goir* Call thou. 
GeiroBi, gaimin. To call* 
GoireiL Snug, convenient. 
Goirmin. Woad. 
Goirgain-garaidh. Garlick. 
Coimeiid, guirnead. A gurnard* 
Goireas. Apparatus, tools. 
Goirrige. A dolt, a fooK 
Goirifeadli. Convenient. 
Goirfradh. A target. 
Goiif%eaaain. Taveteh. 
Goirty genitive Of .gort. A corn-fields 
Goirt. Sore. 
Gofft. Sour, bitter^ fait. 
Goirt. Famine, hunger, ftarving. 
Goirt, gortach. >Poor*-fpirited, narroWf 
^ -metn. 

Goirtbhrifeadh. Mlfery, calamity. 
Goirthe. Warm, warmed. 
Goirtain. A little field of corn. 
.Gdlftidh. A goffip i the. father of a child to 
which one is godfather, is called that 
godfatherV goiftigh. 
Goifte, gaoifde. A h^Uer^^fnare. 
Goithne. A lance or fpear ; a quick gait. 
Gola. Gluttony. 
Golghftir. Lamentation. 
Golog. A budget. 
Gona. With, al<mg with. 
Gonadfa. ' ^ A lancing, ftinging,ftabbing, 
Gonadhaire. i darting. 
Gonadhairefin. Therefore, from whence, 

cGonais. - A^prick, a wound. 
Gonam. To wound, fting, flab. 
Gont. Wounded, flabbed, hurt. 
Goor. Light. 
Gor. Advantage, profit. 
Gor. Sbwt. 
Gor. Laughter, pleafure. 
- Gonch. Foofifli. ^ 
Coram, ^aram. To heat, warm. 

O O R 

Goraiche. 1 

Gorachd. V Folly, fooliflinefs. 

Goraichad. J 

Goraiclais. Croaking. 

Goraiceadh. A croaking (hout. 

<2roraical. Screeching, croaking* 

Goraman. A Iiungry fellow. 

Goramhach. Greedy. 

Goramhachd. Greedinefs. 

Goran. A pimple. 

Gorg, garg. Fierce, crijeL 

Gorge. Dotage, fretfulnefs. 

Gorgeach. Peeviflil 

Gorgeachas. Dotage. 

Gorgaicham. To hurt, ^nnoy. 

Gorghlantotr. A weeder. 

Gorm. Blue. 

Gorm. Noble, i41uftrious, excellent.' 

Gormam. To make blue or red. 

Gormghlas. Of ah azure or blue co«' 

Gormmhac. A brave fturdy dom^c ot 

Gormihuilach. l^lue^eyjMl. 

Gormrod, A paflage.through the-fea. 

An gorman. -Woad. 

Gorn. An f mber, fir^hrajud. 

Gorn. The force of poifon. 

Gorrgeachas. Dotage, peevifllnefs,^ furli« 

Gorfaid. A cuirafs. 

Gort. The ivy-tree ;. the letter-G. 

Gort, gart. Standing corn, a- field, garden. 

Gort, goirt. Famine, "hunger. 

Gortach. Hungry, greedy, ftarving ; fpat- 
ing, ftingy. ' • 

Gorteog. A hungry ftingy woman, a four- 
apple-tree, a crab-tree. ^ 

< Gortaladh. . Patching, mending* ' 

Gortan. A hungry ftingy fellow. ^ 

Goctghlanam. -To weed corn. 
Gortughadh. Hurt, oppreffion, wrong, 
fouring. • 

[Ece] Qprtuigham. 

G R A' 

G R A 

, * ( A fpcar to fight witK. 

Gortuigham. To hurt, opprefs, wrong ; to 

Gortighean. The univerfal language be- 
fore the confufion of tongues. Vide 

Gortreabha^dh. Mifery. 

Gofda. A fpirit, ghoft. 

Goftaois. Old age, . 

Goth. Straight, even. 

Goth. A fpear, 

Goth. I . , 

Gothadh. } ^ ^^^^^* 

Gothanach. Opprobrious. 

Gothadh. An appendix, tendency to bend, 

Gothadh. 7 ^ ^ 




Grabach. Notched, indented. 

jGrabadh. A let, hindrance, impediment 

Grabaire, grabog. Ajefter. 

^rgbairachd. Gibble gabble. 

Grabbam. To ftop, hinder. 

Grabhaladh. Engraving 

Grab^alam. To engrave.. 

Grabhalaiche. An engraver. 



.(^cad. Sudden, quiclc 

Grada. Vide Granna, Granda. 

Gradh. Love, charity*. 

Gradh., A degree, gradation. 

Gradhduine. Philanthropy^ 

Gradan. Parched corn. 

Gnidhach. Loving, beloved, dear» 

Gradcharach. Nimble. 

Gradleiman. To leap quick. 

Gradaigh. Of a ludden. 

Gradhdan^ The complaining noife of hens. 

Gradhmhor« Loving. 

Gradhmhorachd* Fondnefs, lovingnefsy 

Gradbuigham* Tg IgyCi^ 

J A fault, error, blbt. 

Gradhughadh. Loving*. 

Graduightc. Beloved^ dear- 

Grafam. To wpte, infcribe, grub, fcrape. . 

Grafan. A grnbbing-ax. . 

Grafchur. Grafted. 

Grafchuiram. To engraft. 

Grag. Xhc noife of crows, . crpaking, 9y 

Gragaire. A glutton. . 
Gragallach. The ducking of a hen, op 

Gargam. To cry out, bawlf fqueal, fhriek.., 
Grag^n^ A manor, yillagi?, diftridi. 
Gragan. The bofom. 
Gragh, graigh. A,ftttd of horfes,. breed ofi 

mares. . 
Graibh.* An almanack. 
Graibhchriolach. The archives, or repoii-7 

tory of records. - 
Graibhri. A title 

Graidal. A. girdle to toaft bread witb*^ 
Graigh. A herd, flock, .a ftud of horfesj^ 

breed .of mares* . 
Graidhag. A beloved female... 
Graigheach.. ^^^.^^ 
Gcaighaire. . J 

Graidheoir. A lover, fweetheart. t ^ 

Graifne. 1 Riding, horfemanlbip ; zm. 

Graifneaghadh. ) alarm. 

Graigin. A glutton^ . 
Graigiiieas. Gluttony i^. 
Graigham. To love, regard,.efteem. 
Grain. Deformity, ., loathing, . abhorrencfj^. 

Graince. Drfdain,: loathing. . 
Graincigham. Todifdain... 
Graineamhuil. Abominable, deteftable** 
Graineamhiachd. Abomination* 
Graine. A grain, :^om« 
Graine-mulaich, The top grain oa a 

ftalk. , 


6 R A 

Grwhein. . A\ gram9 a pinch. 
Grainithach. Granivorous, phytivorous. 
Grainuigham. Todeteft, ahhpr, deform. 
Graineog. A hedgt-hog-, cruafachd na 

graineoig, a proverb, exprefling.the folly 

of worldly peopIe»> who part with all at 
> the grave, as the hedge*hog does with his 

crabs at his narrow hole. . 
Grainnad. Uglinefs... 
Grainfeachb A grain farm, grange* 
Graineach. Abounding in grain^ granu<r 


Grainfeoir* Anoverfeer* 

Grainte^ |„ . ^ 

^ . . t^ fHoarineis*. 

Grain-abhaL A pomegranate* 

Graifg. The common people, mob> ca^ 

Graifgeamhuirr Vulgar. 
jGraifgamhlachd* Vulg^rity^ 
Gramadach. Grammar* 
Gramaifg. The mob«^. 
Gramafgar., A ilock, company.^ 
Grammaiche. . A ileih-hook* 
Gramog* A buffoon^ jefler. 
Gran, granalach. JDried corn.. 
Gran* IbiU fhgU 
Granna* 1 tt.^, . 
Gninnda. J ^^\ 

Granni* Long hair; » . 

Granfhobaire* The glanders^ 
Granlach. Corn, grain* . 
•Grant* . Gsey^. . 

Graoina. Joyful, chearful, bright* ^ 
G/aoinachas. JoyCulncfs, chearfulnefs, , 

Graoinagaicham. Tp .provokC) irritatiey in- ^ 

cenfe* . 
Graofda* 7«A. t^-^ 

Graoltas* Obfcenity. 
Grapadlu . A dung-forl^.. 

G R £ 

Graflif.^ ^* } Grace, favour, aid, help. 

Grafda. Companionate. 

Grafamhuil. ) ^ . .^ ^ 

Q ^ - ^Cjracious, merciful. 

Grafare. Arable ground. 

Grata. Excellent, noble, diftinguifhed. 

Gratarnach. Noify, clamorous* 

Grathun. Awhile. 

Gre. Vide Goirt. • 

Gre. Grey. 

Greabhailte. A helmet. 

Gread. A ftroke, blow. 

Greadam. To burn, fcorch, to torment^> 
whip fcverely. 

Greadan. Parched corn, fnufF, creaking.. 

Greadanach. Babblings chattering, clamou- 
rous, obftreperous. 

Greadanta. Hot, warm, fcalding%. 

Grcadh. Horfe, 

Greadhanachd. . Drolling.,. 

Greadhair^. Aftallion. 

Greadhairachd. Covering a mare. . 

Greadog. A griddle. 

Greadtha; Scorched, parched, burnt* . 

Greadhuin% A great number, aband,, 

Greadhdach. Vide Graoinacb. 

Greallach. Dirty. . 

Grealloigh* Clay. 

Greallag^ A fpUnter-bar, a fwing* 

Grealfach. A fort of fifh. 

Greagt Greece. 

Greagach* Greeks Grecian. . 

Greagam. To deck, adorn. 
^Grjeamaigham» To hold,, faflen^ adhere . 

Gream, greim; . A bit, morfel,.. piece $ pl» . 

Greamana. . Gripes, ftitches»^ 

Greamughadh. Fattening^ luddingv clew- 
ing to. 

Greanmighte.. . 


45 111 

Greamuigbte. Faftcncd, diiichtdU 

Grean. Gravel. 

Grcannach, Long-haired, rdiigli, uncomb- 
ed, briftly, 

Grcann« A rough uncombed look, a beard^ 
fair hair. 

Gre^ann, Love, frifenifhlp. 

Greann. Hue, a joke. ' 

Greanaghadh. Exhortation. 

Greannughadh. The .hair ftandi'ng on end* 

Greannuigham. To defy, to be angfy. 

Greanghairbhas. flzitititf^. 

<ji-earimTiar. Lovely,* fkcetfous, witty. 

Greannadh. Graving. 

Greanta. Carved, cirigravfed. 

G'rean'tafain. 'Graving. 

Greas. A gueft. 

Greas. 'JAl'fnaniien 

Greas. Protedion, prefcrVatWiu 

Greafach, greas; tffijadly. 

<jrealam« To pre()are,'hafldn, di^6fs, adoipn, 
accotitre J to cncbiirage, pfbiridte. 

Greafachadh, Haftentfig. 

Greas, ' gen, gireis. Fine 'tlothes, gdld 

* 'eitibfoidety, furnituiiPj needlc^wdtk. 

<jreafachd. Haftening. 

Greafailt. An irilu 

Greafaire. An inn-keeper. 

<jrcafan. A web, 

Greafaidhe. A ' Ihoe-maker, ^embrdidcrtt'; 

Greath. A noife, cry, flrout. 

Greatham. To drefs victuals, Winilow. 

Greathadair. 'A dxetkrj vi/xtino^tr* 

Greathadairachd. ^innowihg, dreffing. 

Creathhch. The inv^aWs, •fnteftiflcsi jar- 

tenance, pluck. 
*Grech. A hound, 

Grecbl A nut. 

Grech, a. Salt. 
•,Greitbte. Wiiinbwed. 

£[reibheL A gift> fairing* 

Greidal. A gfidt)«n^ gn^l^ a :l«dci2^- 

Greig. 'Greece. 
Greigais. The Gi«ek tolAgue. 
Grcllhin. A d^er, ^W vrufty iword. 
Greim. A bit, ^ttietfcl, "4aft:, hard nviord^ 

d^cultexpt-efioti, a hold ; pL Oscimtoa. 
Greim. A ftitch,bite, tlusob, i)QUig. 
Greimaigham. To h^ld-Csift, ' take >hoId« 
Greimaire. .A ^I'stppltng, phicers. 
Gteimughadh. vFtk^ngh^d. > 
Greimailteach. Firm, faft holding. 
Greim-fola. Tho>ldttrily. 
Greimhric. Samphire. 
Greimifg. Old garments, tnKbj'truiiqierjr, 

Gi^eine, of Iheii&i. £olar. 


> The izodiac 

Greis. Needl^oirk; ethbrdidery, fumitiuei 

fine clothes. 
Greifam. To fringe. 
Greis. Awhile,' (pace of •time. 
Greis-comairc. PMtGAon. 
Greis. A chain^to. 
Greifchill. 'JSawftuaiy. 
Greifeachd. Soliciting^' tAtioing^ 
Greifeach. Enticing. 
GreifghioUa. A client. 
Greifg. Greafe. 
Greifteoir, A- barter. 
Greit. A champi6n^ Warrior. 
Greith. Drefsj ornaments, ^ a jewsl^^lite^ 

cious flofie. 
Grdfactfa. <jr«j' hairs. 
Greth. A gift, prefent 
"Gwikch. ' 'Common. 
Greus. Embroidery. 
Greus-obair. . MeedleworJc 
Griafda. A great warrlM*, ^dMUBpfon, 

Grian* The fum • •• 


G R I 

G R I 

I Sunny, 


6j4an» The ground, bottom of the kz^ 
lake, or river. 

Grian. Land. 

Grian-bille, GIebe*land. 


Grianmhor. \ 

Grianan. A fummer-houfe, a walk arched 
or covered over on a hill for a commo- 
dious profpefl ; a palace or royal feat. 

Grianannta. Sunny. 

Grianchloch. 7 . ,. , 
^ . > A dial. 

CjTianarc. 3 

Griangamhftad, The winter folftice. 

Grianfhamhftad. The fummer folftice» 

6rianchoinamh» Oppofite. 

Grianmhuine. Blackberries. 

Grianchrios. The zodiac. 

Griandeatach. An exhalation. 

Grianraigham. To dry os baik . in the 

Grianfgarradh. A cranny*- 
Grianftad. A folftice. 
Grib. An impediment^ 
Grib. Dirt, filth. 
Grib. A hindrance* . 
Gribadh^ A manger. 
Grib. The feathers on the feet of. hens, 

Gribh. A finger. 

Gribh. A griffin, a fierce warrior,- 
Gribhag. Hurry. 
Gribhagach. Timorous. 
Gribhingneach. A griffin*^ 
Gribeach, A hunting nag. 
Gridadh. Chillinefs. 
Grifach. The meafles. 
Grigag. A pebble, bead. 
Griglachan. A conftellation* 
Grim. War> battle. 

Grim. A grey fubftance growing on trees. 
Grimcbliath. Hurdles. ufed in fieges, a 

kind of penthoufe. 

Grimcharba* A female giant, an appari- 

Grimcharbad. A war-chariot, fuch as the 
Britons ufed. 

Grimamhuil. Warlike, martial, fkilful. 

Grimifgeoir. A pedlar. 

Grin. A. piece, morfel. 

Grinn. Workmanlike, artificial, neat,* 

Grinm A fort, garrifon. 

Grinn, grcann. A beard. 

Grinn, gen. of Greann. Love, facetiouf- 

Grinn. Deliberately, .ferioufly, profound- - 

Grinnachadh. An ef&rt. 
Grinnas. Neatnefs, gentilityr • 
Grinneach.' A young man.- 
Grinnach. Shaggy. 
Grinneadh. Dying, perifliing. • 
Grinneal. 7 The bottom, bed of the fea er- 
Grinniol. 3 river, channel. 
Grinnidham. To gather, to pierce* 
Grioblas; Clofenefs. 
Griogchan. A conftellation. - 
Griollfam. To ftrike or flap. 
Griomchallaire. A herald, one that pro 

claims peace and declares war* 
Griomcharbad. A war-chariot, currus fal- 

Griomh. A man's nail,, a claw, talon. 
Griomhaightl. Motiuncula. 
Griomhfhronach, Hawknofed. 
Grionach. Vide Grianach. • 
Griongal. • _. _ , .. 

Griongalachd. \^'''' ^'^'^""y* '^"■"^•' 
Griongalach. Induftrious, careful. 
Gririongnach, A griffin. 
Griofam. To entreat, befeech, to abet* 
Griofach. Hot, burning embers. . 
Griofta. Stirred, provoked. . 
Griofuicham. To ftir-the fire^to provoke— 

[F f f] Grioth. 

G R O 

C R U 

Grioeh. The fun. 

•Gris. Grey, • 

Gfrs. Fire^ inlaonmation fcom heat, pim- 

Grifdhearg. A colour mixed with red and 

Grisfhionn. A fort of briadled c/Dlourt 

Grifgin. Broiled meat. 

Grith. Knowledge, fkill. 

Grithail. The grunting of young pigs. 

Gritheach. Learned, wife, difcreet, pru- 

Griuthlamhach, , Quick. 

Gfion. A hfidge-hog. 

Grobach. Serrate, 

Groban. The top of a rock. 

Grod, Smart, proud. 

Grod. Rotten. 

Grodam. To rot. 

Grod. Foam. 

Grod. yye GradU 

Grodan. A boat. 

Grodh'iarrutno. Aainnt crow. 

Grog, gruag. The hair of the head. 

Groibleacji. ^Xrong nailed, having large ta- 

Groigji. .A ftud of borfes, breed of laares* 

Grogh^ch. Vide Gnotbach* 

Groifajid. A goofeberry. 

Groifair. A goofeberry-bulb» 

Groifeanacb. Moathed» 

Groifgeach. A droll. 

Gron. A ftain^ blot, blemiflit 

Grontacb. Corpulenc 

Gropadh. A gulley, fewer. 

Gropis. Mallows. 

Gros. Snout. 

Groflacb. Having a large ihout or mouth. 

Groffal. 1 |r^^ 

Groffairachd. r '""^'"S- 

Groffaire. A grunter. 

Grotbal. Sand, gravcj. 

Gfolhm. Coinplamii\g,.8M)ai), noife, pur- 

Grothlach. Gravelly, a gravel-pit. 

Grotonach. Corpttlcfvl. 

Gruadh, gruaidh. The cheek. 

Gruag. The hair of the head. 

Gruag -bhreige. A periwig. 

Gruag. A woman, wife. 

Gruagacb. A woman giant; a ghoft, ap- 
parition, fuperllitjoufly fuppofed to haunt 
.houfes, called in Scotland a Browny ; al- 
fo a girl ; the chief of a plaee. 

GfiJgacb. Hairy. 

Grtiaidh. A brow, cheek. 

Gruaim. A furly look, gloom. 

Gruaimin. A (illy fellow. 

Gruama. ^ Obfcure, fullen, dark, gloomy, 

Gruamach. J morofe. 

Gruamag. A fallen little woman. 

Gruamacbd. Gloominefs. 

.Grubban. The liver. 

Grudaire. A brewei:, diftiller. 

Grudairachd. Brewing, diftilling, 

Grug. A lie, untruth. 

Grug, Morofe, a wrinkle, 

Grug. Weak, feeble. 

Grugacb. Wrinkled, moro/e. 

Grugare. Having long hair, noble. 

Grufam. To engraft. 

Gruid. Grains, malt. 

Gruig. Cburlifbnefs, inhofpitality, adroop« 
ing look. 

GruIIan. A cricket. 



Grumacbd. Sutlinefs.' 

Grunaigham. To ground, to found. 

Grunnacbadh. Grounding, -founding. 

Grunnadb. Gathering in heaps. 

Grunnafg. Groundfel. - 

Grunnt. The ground, bottom^ founda- 

> Grim, furly, fevere. 



G U A 

G U I 

Grunfgigh. A truce^ cefiation of ar»». 
GruataL Having a fQundatioo, folid> &n* 
" fible. 
'Gruntalachdr Solidity, fenfe. 
Gruntas. Dreggs. 
Gruth* Curds. 

Gruthacb* Curdled, having curds. 
Gu, go. That, to the^ ond that. 
Guall. Low. 
Guag. A light, giddy, pbaataftical fellow i 

an unfettled capricious perfon. 
Guaillaigham. To go band in baad« 
Guaillighe. } . 
GuailWr. }A companion. 

Guaillfhiooe, Name of a coW) a cow with 

fpeckled fhoulders. 
Guaimalfeach. Qui^, comfortable* 
Guairtain. A wbiflwiiid. 
Guaire. The hair of the hpad> Boble> a 

Guairfgeach. That hath hair OA the bead. 
Guais, guas. Danger. 
Guaifbheartacb. Enterprising, adyentii- 

Guaitam. To leave 06^ let aloae, be 


Guailain.7 ... , , 

^ , . I A burnt dead coal. 

Gualain. 3 . 

Gual. A coal, coala, fire. 

^ ,,*. lAflioulder. 
Gualluin. 1 

Gualgba. Of coals. . 

<juala. Vide GoU* 

Gualabhran. A fir^l^rsuid. 

GuallaiD. To blackeii) bum. 

Guallach. Cord* ^tjotg the (houlders of 

dead men^ beace tbe imfirecfttioii of 

geolach ort. 
Guamach. Thick, plentiful, fmirking. 
Guanach. 7 Light, adive, nodding, wav- 
Guanaifach. 5 ing. 
Guanalais. Wavering, ftroUing. 
Qiiarthag*bleothain. Milch-cows. 

I Guas. Peril> danger-. 
Guafachd. Danger, jeopard/) adventure. 
Guafachdach. Daugerous^ dreadful i paiii« 

ful, in mfs. on niedicine. 
Gubha. Mourning, lamefttation. 
Gubha. A battle, conflict* 
Gubhthach. Mournful^ forrowful. 
Gucag. A bu4, fproiit) bell^ bubble. 
Gucagach. Cluftering. 
G udham, guidbam. To pray, wiih> 
Gudhb. A ftudy or fchqol-houfe, surmary. 
Gudhbacb* Studious aiffiduouA* 
Gufurghoill. Falfe teftimony. 
Gugail. 1 
GuguUaigh. > Clucking. 
Gugamaigb. J 

Gugan. A bud, flower, a daify. 
Guga. A St. Kilda goofe, a fiat felloWm 
Guibheirneoir. A governor. 
Guidbhain* England. 
Guidhe. A prayer, entreaty, mterceffioii. 
Guidhachan. An impreeatioo* 
Guidham. To pray, entreat, befecch« 
Guidhuig^oir. ^A prayer, fwearer. 
Guilam. To weep, cry, bewaiU 
Guillag. Chattering of birds* 
Guilimne. Catuomy. 
Guilimneach. Calumnious* 
GuilimnighaiB. To celtmuiiate, repiwclu 
Guilneach. A curlew* 
Guilugag. A cry of joy. 
Guimionn. A holy relict. 
Guin. Points, darts, pain* 
Guincheap. A pillory. 
Guinneach. Sharp^pointed, prickly, beett« 
Guinam. To prick, fling, wound. 
Gttinnaiiv. The falling-iickne£i» 
Guinn. Vide Crutb. 
Guinfcead. A fear. 
Guinfcidin. A little fear. 
Guirbhrifem. To exulcerate. 
Guirin. A fpot, blain, wheal, pimple. 
Guirm. Of blue. 




Guirme. Bluenefs, more blue. 

Guirme. An inn. 

Gttirmeachd. Bluenefs. 

Guirmin. Any blue dye. . 

Guirnead. A gurnard. . 

Guifag. A ftraw, ftalk. 

Guifeach. Leaky, full of chinks. 

Guifcadi A guffet, clock of a ftockiog- 

Guifeir. A ftocking. 

Guifcead^ A fear.- 

Giiifam, To flow.- 

Guitair. A gutter, conduit, guHy-hole^ 

Guiteas. Denial, refufal. 

Guite. A fan, fievc. 

Guttineach. Bafhfuk 

Gul. Weeping, crying out, .lamentation*. 

Gulam. To weep. 

Gulba.' The mouth. 

Gulbroin. 7 t- j 

Guldeur. i Eyedrop.. 

Giilfa. Narrowr 

Gumha. A battle. 

Gun« For Gan, without. 

Gu'n. For Gu an y thuS| Gu'a rachadh^e^ 

that he might go^ 

Gun. A breachv 

Gunbhuine. A fpear, javelin/ 

Gunlann. A prifon. 

Gunir. . A' prifoner, an hoftage. . 

Gunncha. A prifon^ 

Gunn. A gown*. 

Gunna. A gun. 

Gunna-glaic. l . ^. - - ,. 

^ ^ , I A fafee,. fowling-piece, 

Gunna-caol. j "^ ^ 

Gotntia-mor.^ A cannon. 

Gunnair^r A gunner. 

Gunnairachd. Engineering, firing guxi$« 

Guntabhartf Vide Cuntabhart, . 

Gunragadh. Erring, ftraying. 

Gunta. An experienced, Ikilful,- prying 

Gunta. Prepared. . 
Gunta. Wounded. 
Guntach. Coftivenefs. 
Gur. T-hat; Gurmaith-e, that it is goodi', 
Gur. A blotch, a wheal. 
Gur. A brood of birds, incubation. 
Guram. To incubate, hatch. 
Gur. Sharp, valiant.- 
Guraiceach. A blockhead. 
Gurchliathach. A pallifadoe.. . 
Gurna. A cave, den. 
GuFt. Pain,- trouble, fiercenefd* . 
Gurtach. Fierce. 
Gus. Until, as far as. 
Gus. Weight, force, ftrengthi^. 
GuB. Deaths. 
Gus. Anger. 
Gus« A deed. 
Gus. Sharp, keen** 
Gufar. Sharply. .... 
Gus. A defire, inclination. 
Gufmhar. Valid, ftrong, powerfill." 
Guftal. 'A burden. 

Gufgul. Roaring, making lamentations* . 
Gufgan. A hearty draught. 
Gufgurlach. A keen^fliarp fellow.- • 
Guta. The gout, puddle. 
Gutach, cutach. Bobtailed. 
Gutam. To gut fifh. • 
Guth. A voice, a vowel. 
Guth. Ill-namej*calymny.* 
Guthach. Noify, that hath a voice* ^ 
Gutolaidhe. A cuckold-maker, 
Gutturrdhufach^ Confideiit. 






Although now admitted into the. 
9 Galic alphabet, is more an. afpi- 
rate than a letter, for there are no words, 
in the language beginning with h. After 
a confonant, different combinations, new 
founds or letters are formed,, as may be 
feen in a fcl^eme laid down in the. Analy- 

fis of the Galic Language, to which T 
refer the reader. The name of this let* 
ter or afpirate is Vath, tha white thorn-- 
tree. H, between two words, is aeu* 
phonk; thus, dheifd e ri a h oran^ he. 
liftened to her fong^ 



r A c 

S the eighth letter of the alphabet, 
founds as in Latin, French, and Ita* 
lian, and is called Iodha,.vulgp, iubhar,. 
the yew-tree. The Galic admits of no 
(L) confonant any more than the Greeic, 
and it appears that the Latins did not 
ufe it as a diftin£t charadler, for they 
wrote peiius for pejus, and eiius for ejus». 
Joined with the other vowels feveral diph- 
thongs are formed. Vide Analyfis* 

L An art, fcience. 

I, or fi. She. 

I. Low, fhallow» 

L Erroneoufly in# 

L An ifland, hence. 

I Cholum Cille. Icolmkill^ or the ifland 
of St. Columbus. 

I-fein. Herfelf. 

lach. A falmon. 

lach. A yellx fcream*. 


lachdar. The bottom, foundation, lowers 

part, nether. 
Iachdar*-chanus. The baflus-cantus inmu-- 

lachdaruighe. Lower, loweft, inferior*. 

lacham. To.fcream, yell, howl^^ 
lad. They, them, 
lad-fan. They, .themfelves^.. 
ladfa. Thefa, 

ladfud. r'^^^- 

Iadhadh» Shutting, joining, binding* 
Iadham» To ifhut, join, bind, 
ladhte* Shut, clofed, joined, 
lagh. An ifland. 
ladhjfhlat. Honeyfuckle. 
larbhrcith. After-birth, 
lairchcann. The noddle* 

£G g g] larchair- 

I A R 


lairegair. Confequencc, 


lairfceart. The Weft. 

lairtreabh. An habitation. 

lal. Light. 

lall, A latchet, thong. 

lall. God forgive you. 

U\\. VideEalt. 

laliachrann. Shoes. 

' I A thong, flioemal^er's thread. 

lallach. Full of thongs. 

laltog leathair. A bat. 

Ian. A veflTcl. 

Ian, Blade of a fword. 

Ian. A weafel. 

lar. Weft. 

Ian Dark, black. 

lar. A bird. 

lar. After. 

lar-fin. After that, afterwards. 

lar, for air. At, upon. 

lar, fiar. Back, backwards, the weft. 

, , . } Still. ahve. 
larbheo. 3 

larbhleotban. After-milk. 

larchuimhe. After-game. 

larcheaim. The hind-head. 

larrum. To aik> feek, look (or^ enguire. 

larunn. Iron. 

lardhonn. A brQwniffa-black. 

lardhraoi. A remnant. 

larfaidhe. Ward, cuftodjr. 

larflath. A feudary lord, or one depending 

on a greater; hence Earl, 
larflaithachd. .Ariftocracy. 
larculta. Churliih, backward, 
largan. Groans of the dying, forrow, pain, 
larganach. XJneafy^ in gFcat pains, af- 

larghaoth. Weft-wind, 
larguil. A (kirmifli, battle, ftrife. 
Jarguileach. Warlike, conlentious* 

/. Offspring, po(lerity. 

larla. An carl, 
larlus. An earneft-penny. 
larlaithruighadh. A preparation* 
larmort. Riches. 

larmbreith. After-birth, fecundine. 
larmart. Confequence, ifTue of ^n aiEair* 

larmbeurla. A pronoun ^ indeclinable par- 
larmair. Remnant, 
larmailte. The fkies^ 

larmbuille. An after-clap, ahack-ftroke. 

larmbunudhas. Derivation. 

larmheirge. Mattins, morning prayer, rifin^ 

larmfna. A remnant. 

larna. vA chain of thread, a Ikain ; €0H« 

larnan. i -fuHon. 

larnachan. An iron tool. 

larnaidhe. Irons, of or belonging to lcon« 

larndo. A fawn. 

iarnaoifa. After-ages. 

larog. A weafel. 

larag. Vide Eirag. 

larog. Anguilh, grief. 

C ^ requeft, petition, inftance* 

larrataiche. A probe. 

larrataichan. Feelers. 

larratoir. A beggar. 

larram. To afk, feek, look after. 

larrunn. Iron. 

larrun-eafidh. Crifping iron. 

larrunaigham. To fmooth or iron linen. 

larfceart. The weft. 

larfceartach. North-weft. 

larftn. Afterwards. 

lafrunach feifaraigh. Plough-irons. 

larfpealadh. Aftcr-grafs. 

Ilartaracha. Weft, 
larfma. A relick, remnant; an incum* 
brance, burden ; a new yearns gift. 

7 larlaighe. 

I C H 

I L a 

lartalghe, Defcendants, pcAerity, domef- 

larthar. The weft, weft coujitry. 
larthoir, A beggar, 
lafachd. Loan; advantage, profit* 
Air lafachd. In loan, borrowed, 
lafachdaiche. i « ,. 
lafaid. } ^ ^''^'""' 

lafalach. Eafy, feafible* 
lafalachd. Facility^ 
lafan. Saucinefs. 
lafatach. Squeami(h<. 

• } A fifli. 


lafg air chladh. Filh at fpawHing^ 

lafgachd. Fifhing. 

lafgair. A fifher, fifherman. 

lafgairachd. Fifliix^g, the art of fiilxing, 

lafgair-cairneacb. An ofprcy. 

lafgan. A little fifh, a mufdc« 

lafgloch. A fiih-pond. 

lafg-fliogach. Shell-filh. 

lafgithach, Pifcivorous* 

lath. Land. 

latlu. A little feather or fin. 

latham. To furround, move round. 

lathadh. Surrounding, moving round* 

Ibh. A country, tribe of people* 

Ibh. Drink thou* 

Ibh. Ye, you* 

Ibhear. Marble. 


Ibham. To drink. 

Ibhtheach. Soaking, that imbibes water. 

Ic. A cure, remedy ; a fupply, eek. 

Ic. Balm. 

Icam. To heal, cure ; fupply^ ceke. 

Iceadh. Healing, curing; fufFering» pay- 
ing for. 

Idus. Healing by herbs* 

Iclufam. To heal by herbs* 

Ichd air neacbd. At any rate* 

Id. Good, juft, honeft. 

Id. A ring. 

Idars. Towards. 

ladarfalamh. 7 A fpace, diftanc& of time or 

Idarfas. S place. 

Idarghuaille. Space between the (boulders. 

Idears. Towards. 

Idearumnas. A diftance. 

Idh. A wreathe or chain ; a ridge* 

Idh. Ufe. 

Idhad* Chafte, clear. 

Idhal. An idoL 

Idho. The yew-tree, the letter I* 

Idid. Cold. 

Iddir. At all. 

Idir. Between, betwi xt. 

Idirgeanas. Diftance* 

Iddarmanachd. Hydromancy* 

Iddirrioghachd. Inter-regnum* 

Idirchur. Interpofition. 

Idireug. Change of the moon* 

iff*"''*} Diftance. 
Idirdreas. I 

Idirdhealughadh. DiftinSion, difference^ 

Idirmhinuigham* To expound* 

Idirmeadhonoir. A mediator, interceflbr« 

Idirtheangthoir. An interpreter* 

Idarthamul. Interval* 

Idna. Arms, weapons* 

Ifin. A goofeberry* 

Ifrionn. Hell*. 

Ifrionnach. Hellifli^ a hellifh fellow* 

Ifrionda. Hellifti, of hell. 

Igh. A ring* 

Igh. Tallow. 

II, ile. Much, plenty, greats well^ a com* 

pofitive particle. 
Ubheufach. Arch, of varous ways and 


Ilcheardach. ? . ♦ *^ *. «. 

Ti L J • u r A Tack of all trades. 

Ilcheardaighe. 3 *^ 

Ilchoimeafgte. Mifcellaneous* 

Ilchumafg, Mifcellany* 




Ilchcarnach. Multangular, 
Ildealbhach. Well-featured, 
lldheanadh. Variation. 
Hdheannam. To vary, 
Ildheanmudh. An emblem. 
He. A great number of people. 
He, ileas. Diverfity, difference. 
Ileach. Vide Aoileach. 
Ilghnitheach. Of all forts, diverfe, various, 
Ilghraincach. Very horrid, "S^y» 
Ilgneach. SkilfuL 
Ilgnetheca. Strange, unufual; 
Ilghreafacb. An inn, lodgihg*. 
Hguidham. To vary, alter. 
Illafan. The very fame people, themfclves. 
Illeabhar. A volume, or tome. 
Uleabhrach. Voluminous. 
Ilphaifd. A ferpent, fnake, adder. 
Ilrincadh. A ball, promifcuous dance. 
Hrincam. To dance in a promifcuous 

Ilfheafamh. Diftance. 

Im. Butter. 

Imgba. Of butter, buttery; 

Im, for uime. About. 

Imad; Many. 

Imaduigham. To multiply. 

Imadaghadh. Multiplying. 

Imaithighidh. Ufe, cuftom, experience. 

Imarbhas. Tr anfgreiEon . 

Imarbhadh. Strife, contention, Ikirmifh. 

Imairg', iinaircv Plundering, d^vaftation, 

Imcheimnigham*. To walk round. 

Imchiah. Far, remote. 

Imchill. About. 

Imcham. To rcfcue. Vide Imthighann 

Imchubbuidh. Fit, proper. 

Imchomhradh. Thefis. 

Imchuhhidhachd. Fitneft, propriety. 

Imdheagal. Protedion. 

Imdheal. A league, covenant* 

Imdhearbhadh. A proof*. 

Imdhearbham. To prove. 
Imdhearbhtha. Proved, maintained; 
Imdheargadh. A reproof. 
Imdheargam. To r^rove, rebuke, re- 
proach, difpraife. 
Imdheargtha. Reviled, reproved, rebuked*, 
Imdhiol. A feaft.. 
Imdiol. Guile, deceit. 
Imdhorus.^ A back door. 
Imeachtraigh. Plotigh-bullocks*. 
. Imead. Jealoufy. 
Imeadmhor. Jealous.' 
Imdeadaire. A zealot*. 
Imeagal. Fright, fear.. 
Imeaglachi Fearful, terrible* 
Imeaglam. To fear. 
Imeal. Edge, border, coaft. 
I'meafbrgain. A ft'riking oh all ixicsL 
Imeocham. We will go. 
Imfheadan. A draught. 
Imfidh. A petitioner. 
Imghaoth. An eddying wind». 
Imhear. A marble; 
Immarcach. Many, excef&ve. 
Imiadhag. A coupling, or joining together*,. 
Imileadadh. UncSlion. 
Imilead^m. To anoint*. 
Imligham. To lick. 
Imiradh. A ridge of land. 
Imirc. A journey,, removing from a place.. 
Imircam. To remove, change reiidence.. 
Imirtlan. A gaming-houfe. 
Imirighe. An emigration. 
ImUn. Full, perfedt. 
Imlanachdl Fullnefs, perfe£lioni 
Imlad. Motion, ftirring. 
Imladam. To change, move, alternate*. 
Imleabhar. A tome, volume. 
Imlinn. 1 

Imleag. > The naveU 
. Imlioc* Bordering on a lake. 




Immain. Driving. 

Immainam. To drive. 

Immeal. Skirt, an end^ border^ limits . 

Imne. Thus. 

Lnmalach. Remote, fequcftcredf- 
Immairt. Gaming, play. 
Immiram. To row. 
Immram. Rowing. 
Immradh. Mention* 
Immradham. Tomention*.^ 
Immradhteach. Famous, noted. 
Imnelfigham. Tobind, tie. 
Imnidhe. Care, diligence. 
Imnidheach. Careful, anxious, foHcitous. 
ImnifL Contention, difunion. 
Imnifam.. To yoke. 
Impidh. *A twig, rod. 
Impidhe. A prayer, petition, fiipplication, 

Impidheach. An- interceflbr, petitioner, 

Impidham. i To befeech, entreat, pray, re« 
laipuigham. S queft, convert. 
Impire. An emperor. 
Impireachd. An empire. 
Impoigh te. Converted . • 
Imreaccuibh. It happened, fell oat. 

^ * 1 Difpute, controverfy, ftrife. ' 

Imreafam. i r« n . ,.^ . 

_ ^ > To ftrive, difpute, contend. 

Imreaianam. i 

Imreafanuidhe. Adtfputant. 

Imreafanadh. Striving, difputing. 

Imreimnigham* To go about. 

Imram. To play, divert* 

Imram. A riding. 

Imfcin. A bed-room, clofet» . 

Imfeach. Revengeful. 

Imfeachan. Rage, fury. 

Imfeachtrach. A projed. • ^ 

Bnfeargna. Strife, . contention* 

Imibnicmh. Heavinefs, fadnefs» 

Imffiniomh. Care, diligence. 

Imihniomhach. Anxious, folicitous, un- 

Imfhruth. Countertide. 

Imfhiubhlam. To walk about, ramble. 

Imtheachd. A progrefs, migration; Exo- 

Imtheachd. An adventure, feat, expedi- 

Imthigham. To go, emigrate, remove. 

Imtheachdaighe. One about to depart. 

Imthreafcram. To wreftle. 

Imthus. A progrefs, expedition. 

Imthufa. Adventures, feats. 

In. Formerly ufed for Ann, in. 

In. Fit, proper, ufed. in 'compound words. 

In. A country. 

Ina, inas. Ufed in old mfs. for Na. 

Inaituighte. Habitable. 

Inbhe. Quality, dignity, rank. 

Idbheacb. Eminent, forward, in high 

Inbhear. For Ann mhurr. The mouth of 
a river. 

Inbheirt. A perfeft birth. 

Incbeannuigh. That may he bought, mer- 

Inchinn. The brain. 

Inchomharu igh te. Notable. 

Inchreachadh; Blame, reproach* 

Inchreachadh. Gleaning or leafmg corn. 

Inchreacham. To confider* 

Inchruinighte. Leviable. 

Indeanta. What may be done. 

Indine. A fight, engagement. 

Indiola. Vendible, fit for fale. 

Indioluighe. One able to pay. 

Indiongbhala. Matchable. 

Indlios. A court. . 

Ineach. The lining of cloth in' weaving, 

Ineach. Hofpitality, generofity, good houfe- 

[H h b] I-neachthreas* • 

I N I 

•I N:N 

Ineachthreas. A fair or public meeting* 

Ineagnu idhe. Deplorable. 

Inealta. Neat, well made. 

Inealtachd. Neatiiefs, being well doiie^ 

Infeatham. To meditate. 

InfhAicfiii. Notable. 

Infheadhma. Manlike adion. 

Infheatha. Meditations. 

Infhir. Fit for a hufband, marriageable. 

Infhiochas. Choice, eleAioo. 

Infifi. A fwclling. 

Infafda. Obnoxious. 

Ing. A negative particle. 

Ing. Force, compulfioo. 

Ing. A flir, move. 

Ingairc. Herding.. 

Ingear. A leyel, perpendicular. 

Ingedthe. Of twins ii\ the wombi,.w.hs^ 

comes toperfe£l^irth» 
Ingiul. Confeguence, concluAoo* 
Ingglain. • Uncleannefs. 
Ingglan. Dirty, filthy, unclean. 

Ingiil. Feeding, grazing^ paftiire* 

Ingillam. To feed. 

Ingin. -| 

Ingean. La daughter. 


Inghin-cheile. A daughter- in^^Iaw* 

Ingnidham* To nip, pinch. 

Inghrein). Ravening, pj^fecutjng. 

Ingir. A carpenter or maf^n's.liae* 

Ingir. An anchor. 

Ingir. Affliftion, grief, forroMT* 

Ingleid. A hook. 

Ingne. PI. of longa. Nails. 

Ingreimtheach. A perfecutof. 

Iniatar. A bowel or entxail. 

Inid. Shrovetide. 


J ., > Bowels, entrails. 

Iniltam. To feed, graze. 
Inirte. Wcaknefs, fe^bkneft^ 
Inis. An ifland. 

Inis. Diftrcfs, miferjr. '] 

Inis. Tell thou. 

Iniikm. To telL 

Inifce. A reproach. 

Inifiol. A fervant. 

Inifcighin. A garden. 

. . ' ( Edible, eatable. 
Inite. J 

Inleadh. Making ready, preparing^ 

Inleighais. Incurable. 

Inleathfgeula. JCxcuiablo. 

Inlam. To prepare, make ready. 

Inlaochtadh. Fit tO'bear arms. 

Inmhe. Rank, dignity j an eftate, patii« 

mony, Ijuid* 
Inmheach. &siiaenC« high, ripe, advanced. 
Inmheallta. .Deceivable* 
Inmheafda. Commendable. 
Inmheadhonachk Meau» Jnodente, inward^ 

Inmbeadhona^* Temperance. 
Inmhillein. Blameable. 
Inmhuin. Affable^ courteous^ loving,. be« 

' Inmhianna. Defirablc 
Inn. Us, we. 
Inn. For Ann, in. 
Inn. A wave. 
I Innainadh. A want, deficiency. 
Inne, innidhe. A bowel, entrail. 
Inncach. Woof. 
Inneal. Reftraint. 
Inneal. Service, attecdanee. 
Inneal. An inftrumem, ftate, condition ^^ 

mean, carriage, deportment, order or ^dif- 

pofition of a thiiig, drefs, attire* 
: Innealta. Well-adorned, neat* 
Innealtradh. .Pafturagc« 
Innealtram. To feed cattle^ grate. 
Inneamh. Increafc, ,augnjenta;tion. 
Innealladh. An inflrum^t, tod« 
.Inneidham. To-tdl, certif}>* * 
J Inneir. Duog. 



J O D 

(Telling, relating. 

Inneiridli* Sitting up,, watching. 
Inneoin. An anvil^ the middle of a pool or 

Inneoin. In fpite oL 
Inneoihadh. Striking, ftamping. 
Inneonam. To ftrike or ftamp. 
Innighe. Entrails, bowels. 

Innil. A gin, fnare, inftrument. 

Innile. Cattle. 

Innill. A fort, gartifon* 

innilt. A handmaid. 

Innis. Diftrefs, mifery. 

Innis. All ifland, a field to graze cattle. 

Innis-ealga. A name of Ireland. 

Innilam. > ^ „ ^ 



Iniec. A blow.. 

Iniochadh. Agitating. 

Iniochas. Choice. 

Innliugham. To aim, purpofe. 

Ztinlis. A candle. 

Innlidh. Forage. 

Innorcam. To kill, deftroy. 

Innocain. Murder. 

Inneaca. Vendible. 

Innreachtain. A pudding. 

Innriomh. Preparation. 

Innfeaga. Scattered little fields of com, as 

in the' Highlands of Scotland; 
Innfgin. A pronoun. 
Innte. A* kernel. 
Innte. In her, itj therein. 
Innteach. A way or road, a gate. 
Inntile* A budget, wallet, fatchel; 
Inntin. The mind. 
Inntineach. High^-minded^, fprightly, fen- 

fible, hearty, jolly, merry* 
Inntliomh. Trdafurc. 
Inntliomhcha, A treafury. 

f InntraHfa. Entrance^ bqginning^ 

Inntram. To begin, enter. 

Inntras. Entry-money. 

Inoibrighte. Malleable. 

Inphofda. Marriageable. 

Infce. I Sex, gender, a fpeech ; fir-infcne, 

Infcne. S mafculine gender; bean-infcne, 
the feminine gender. 

Infgineach. Sprightly. 

Infiubhal. PafTable. 

Inte. Therein. Vide Innte. 

Intleachd. Ingenuity^ invention, contri- 

Intleachdach. Ingenious, witty, fagacious» 

Inthomhaifle. Meafurable, artificial. 

Intreabh. Want. 

Intruagh. Miferable, pitiable, poor. 
I Intuite. Apt to fall. 

lobadh. Death. 
' loc. Payment, rent'. 

loc-eiric. Kindred-money, railfbnu 

locaidhe. A tenant, farmer, tackfman.^ 

locam. To pay 5 to fuflfbr, endure ^ t^ 
heal, cure. 

locas. Payment. 

lochd. Clemency, humanity, confidence^ 

lochd. Children. 

lochdamhlachd. Clemency, mercy. 

lochdar. The bottom. 

lochdarach; Lower, loweft, nether. 

lochdaran. A fubjefl, inferior, underling. 

lochdmhor. Merciful, clement. 

lochdmboire. Mercifulnefs* 

lochroidheachd. DIfcord. 

lOClus. A healing by herbs. 

loclufam. To cure by herb^. 

locfhlainte. A healing-draught, ne^ar, cor- . 

locfhlainteaoh. Healing, benign, cor- 

lodallach. An Italian. 


I O L 

10 M 

lodalt. Italy. 

lodarchur. An interjedlon. 

lodarfolamh. Area, court-yard, 

lodirmhalk. Space between the. brows. 

lodras. Towards. 

lodarthamul. Diftance. 

lodh. I The cramp or any fort of pain, 

Todha. 1 rheumatifih* 

lodh.. A chain^ collar. 

Ibdh-Mhoruin. A collar or neck-<:hain, fo 

called from the Irifli judge Moran, who 

Wore it. 
lodha. Thc;^ew-tree, the name of. the let" 

IbdhaUdhradh. 1 t i i . 
lodhalachd. l"^'**'^' 
lodhal. 1 ^ . , I . 

lodhaladhraidh* i 
lodhaladhraghoir. An idolator. 
lodhan. Sincere, pure, clean, uadefiled., 
lodhana. Pangs, .torments, 
lodhat. Diet. . 
lodhbairam. To facrificc, ofFer. 
Ipdhbairt. . A facrifice, offering. , 
lodhbeirthachi A facrificer, 
lodhlan. A leap, (kipping., 
lodhlanadh. Leaping, (kip, 
lodhlanaitt. To leap, (kip. 
lodhna. A fpear, lance, 
lodhna. Protefliion, fafeguard* 
lodhnach. Valiant, warlike, martial, 
lodhnaidhe. A flaying, dwelling.^ 
lodbon.. Vide Eadhoin. 
logan. A bird's craw, 
logan. Deceit, fraud, 
loganach. Deceitful, 
loghaile. The pylorus,, or lower .orifice of, 

the ftomach. 
lofehlactha. Traaable. 
loghlaithruigheam. To confume*. 
logras. Uprightnefs.. 
loL Signifies variety, and is a compoiitive 


lolacn. Mirth, merriment, fliouting;. 

lolach. Lofs, damage.. 

lolagall.. A damage. 

lolam. 7 _, 

lolaratn. S^**""j^'*^''""g*" 

lollahach. Brifls^ fprightly, perk». 

lolan. Sincere. 

lolar. An eagle. 




lolar-ghreagach. j ^ ^ * 

lolardhas. 1 ^"''*y' *''"'^'*3^- . 

liolairam. To annumerate*^ 

lolar. Much, plenty. 

lolardha. Diverfej various*.. 

lolbheufach. Multifarious. . 

lolbhuagach. Victorious, .triumphant, a]I«^ 

lolchroidhach. Inconftant. 
lolchruthach. Comely, well-featured, iii«^ 

conftant, various, multiform, 
lolchuire. Sadnefs, lamentation, 
loldanach. Ingenious, 
loldathach. Of dlverfe colours.. 
loldamhfadh. A ball, promifcuous dancCj^ 

lolga. Tongs. . 
lolghillach. Complex, 
lolgha. Jor • 
lolgneathach. Heterogeneous, 
lollan. Expert, mechanical, 
lolghleufach. Manifold, complicated... 
lolicheachd. Contentment, 
lolmhadhacb; Manifold, various. . 
lolmhaoina. Much goods and chattels., 
lolphofadh.. Polygamy. . 
lolradh. . Plural. 
loMhliofnach. Polygon.. 
-loKhioladh. Polyfyllable. 
lolthilgte. Amphibolus. 
lolforcas. Variance, debate* 
Igmacbart A bicn. 


lO M 

I O M 

lomad. Much, aplenty, a multitude* 
lomadach. Numerous, infinite, 
lomadachadh. Multiplication, 
lomadaigham. To multiply, encreafe. 
lomadamheachd. Abundance, plurality, 

lomadamhuil. Multipliable. 
lomadhall. Guilt, An, iniquity, 
lomadh. Many. 

lomaduigh. Superfluity, too much* 
lomagan. Flitting, 
lomagal. A dialogue* ' 
lomaguin. Anxiety, 
lomaghuinach. Anxious, diftra£ted. 
lomagallaimh. Counfel, advice, 
lomaidfi, iomhadh. Envy, 
lomaigh. A border. 
Tomaigh. Champaign ground, 
lomaille. Together. 

lomaine. For Uiminne, over us, about us. 
lomainam. To drive, to tofs, whirl. 
lomain. Driving before it. 
lomaire. A ridge, 
lomairachd. Courting, 
lomaire. Removing, changing refidence. 
lomaircam. To migrate, 
lomairam. To play, game j to require, 

lomairt. Playing, gaming, 
lomairtaiche. A gambler, 
lomairtach. Gameful. 
lomaitham. To check, rebuke, 
lomaithfhear. One that checks or re- 
lomall. A border, frontiers, 
lomallach. Remote, external, 
lomaltar. A center, 
lomarafg. Deverbium . 
lomairaidflieachd. Decency, 
lomairaidhe. Decent, becoming fit. 
lomarbhadh. A lie, deceit, ftrife. 
lomarbhaidh. A debate, controvcrfy. 
lomarbhaighe. Comparifon. 

lomarbhas. Sin, banifhment. 

lomarcach. Very numerous, fuperfluous* 

lomarcaidh. Superfluity. 

lomajchur. Rowing, fleering with oars. 

lomarchur. Tumbling, wallowing. 

lomartas. Induftry. 

lomarfgal. Wreftling. 

lomafcrach. An inn or lodging-place. 


lombath. The adjoining fea, fea encom« 

pafling an ifland. 
lombathadh. Overwhelming, fwooning. 
lombatham. To overwhelm, fall into a 

lombhuaillam. To hurt or ftrike foundly. 
lombholgadh. Filling, 
lomchaiiin. A looking, obferving. 

lomchaomhnas. A queftion. 

lomcharmhail. A tribute, cuftom, toll. 

lomchafam. To murmur, complain. 

lomcharam. j To carry, move, ftir, deport, 

lomchram. i behave. 

lomchar. Carrying, moving, comport- 

lomcharag. A female porter. 

lomchaoire. Reflection. 

lomchaoireach. Reflexive. 

lomchlaidheamh. Sword-fighting. 

lomchlaidheamhoir. A fword-fighter, fen- 

lomchomairc. A petition, requeft. 

lomchomharc. A gift, prefent, favour. 

lomchoire. Complement. 

lomchomhneart. Strong, able. 

lomchomhradh. A thefis. 

lomchuidh. j Fit, meet, proper, de- 

lomchubhidh. I cent. 

lomchubhidhachd. Fitnefs, meetnefs, pro- 

lomdha. Anger. 

lomdha. A (boulder. 

lomdha. A bed or couch. 

lomdha. For lomadh, much, many. 
i [I i i] lomdhathach. 

10 M 

I O M 

I6mdhathach. Parti- coloured. 

lomdhorus. Th« lintel of a door* 

lomdhran.. A drawing to. 

lomdhruidam. To enclofe) fhut in^ to 

lomdhruidadh. A fiege, . cnclofing^ in^pal* 

lomfhdraiK Superfluity, excefs, extrava- 

lomfhorran., A ikirmifh, battle. 

lomfborran. A compariron. 

lomfoichcadh. A bawling, crying out. 

lomfoicham; To crjr out, to bawl, fqualL 

lomfhuafgairteach. Nimble. 

I^mfhuafglach. A^propos, good at a 

lomfhulang. Patience, long-fuf{ering< 

lomghabhail. Erring, ftraying. 

lomghaoth. An eddying wind, whirl- 

lomghnuist Wonder •- 

lomghuim.., A battle. 

lomghiiin. Pangs, agony« . 

lomhadh. Enii^y. 

lomhaidh. An image, ftatue. . 

lomhog. Ivory. 

lomhas. Knowledge, judgment, erudl*- 

lomlaine. Maturity, perfediom 

lomladacb. Moving, fickle. 

lomladam. To move, exchange. 

lomlaineachd. Fulfilling, accompliihment. 

lomlaiteadh. A rolling, turning, wind- 

Ibmlan. Full, complete. 

lomlafgadh. Anxiety. 

lomlat. Geflure. 

lomlat, iomlad* £xchan|;e, moving, ,ftir-« 

lomligham. To lick, lambe. 

lomluadham. To talk much. 

lomluagal. Wandering, ftraying. . 

^ lomluaimneach. Inconflanti! 

lomluas. Ficklenefs. 

lomluafgadh. Commotion. 

lomne. As this, thus. 

lomnuachar. Polygamy. 

lomoill. Polygonous. . 

lomoltoir. An altar. . 

lomor. Between;- . 

lomorach. A border* 

lomorran. . A comparifon. . 

lomordadh. A reproach,, cxpoftulation. 

lomoireafcar. A .wreftling,. throwing down - 
each other.. . 
. lomorror But.. 

lomorthaijgh. Companion^ 

lompoidh. An exhortation towards a con-» 

lompoigheadh. A turning, a reeling, flagr - 

lompoigham. To turn, convert, rout, reeL*. 

lompoighte. Turned, converted. 

lompol. An error. 

lomradh... Fame, report. 

lomradhadh. Thinking, mufing. 

lomradham. To mufe, make mention. . 

lomradhteach. Famous, eminent, renowned*:, 

lomramh. i -. . 
- J. Rowing, 

lomram. J ° 

To row. 

lomram. -p 

lomramham. 5 
lomramhaidhe. A rower, 
lomroil. Wandering, an error, 
lomraidhcadh. Moving, ftirring. 
lomraidheam. To publifh, divulge, report, 

repeat. . 
lomrolladh. Going off or away,, departing, 
lomrollam. To go off, depart, 
lomruagadh. An invalion, routing, perfe- 

lomruagam. To invade, rout, difperfc, 

lomruagaire. An invader, perfecutor. 


ro N^ 


lomruinam. Toaffign, appoints 

lomfgaoilam* To difperfe. 

lomfgaoladh. Difperfion. 

lomfgarthadh. Separation. 

It>tnfhnionnhach. Ghaftly; > 

lomfgoltadh* Superfluity^ excefs* 

lomtha. 1 „ . 

11 > Envious, 
lomthach. i 

lomthaireag. A getting, finding* 

lomthnuth. Zeal, envy. 

lomthnuthoir. A zealous lover. 

lomthoineadh* A^iigreffion, a year» 

lomtholtaim. Free, voluntary. 

lomtothaidh. Wifdom, prudence. 

lomthus. 7 ^ . . T- J 

lomthachd. l^'P"'^''> "n'gration^Exodu,, 

lomthufa. Adventures, feats. 

lomthus. Chance. 

lomthufa. As to, with regard to* 

lomuinnc. About us, concerning u^«.- 

Ifimuireadh. Excefs;, exadling. 

Ion. In compound virords fignifies fitnefs* 

lona. For Ann a, whereof, in which.. 

lonach. A dirk. 

Ionad« For Annad, in thee. 

lonad. A place, or room. 

lonadh. Admiration, wonder* 

lonaid. A vicegerent, viceroy, 
"lonailgham. To wafh, cleanfe. 

lonaire. The decenteft word for convey- 
ing the idea oF the privities, male and 

lonaiteghte. Habitable. 

lonaithionta. Knowablc. 

lonal trad h . Pafture. 

lonaltram. To pafture, feed, graze. 

lonamhuil. J ,, , , - 
- > Lqual, the fame, 

lonnann. J 

lonaolam. To whitc-wafli. 

lonar. Whither. 

lonar. A kind of mantle. 

lonar. Bowels. 

lonaram* To clothe. 

lonaradh. Clothing. 

lonarbhadh. Banifhment, expelling. 

lonarbham. To banifli, expel, exile, thruft 

lonarbtha. Banifhed, exiled. 
lonarbirdheil. A fluice. 
lonas, ionnas. Treafure. 
lonbhaidh. The time of a woman*s bear- 

lonbholgadh. Filling, fwelling, extending, 
lonbholgam^ To fill, fwell, extend, 
loncamos. Ufury, intercfK 
loncamoir. An ufurer. 
lonchoibhche. Saleable, 
lonchoimeas. Comparable. 
I©nchoimhead. Confervable. 
loncholnadh. Incarnation, 
loncholnaighte. Incarnate, 
loncollnuigham. To become incarnate.^ • 
lonchomharaighte. Remarkable, 
lonchonfpoideach. Debateable. 
lonchofg. InftruAion, doftrine. • 
lonchofgam. To teach; 
lonchofgthoir. A teacher, 
lonchofanta. Defenfiblc. 
loncbrafTal. Excrement, 
lonchreimgha. Corrodible* 
lonchuibh. Bowels. 

lonchuir. Capable, comparable, engraft- 
londaortha. Condemnable. 
londitalta. Indidable. 
londiola. Vendible; 
londheanta. Feafible. 
londuile, 1 r% r u\ 

londuileamhuil. S 
londus. So that, infomuch. 
londran. Miffing, 
londranam. To miff •- 
londular Fit. 
londuthras. Negligence. 
lonfhoinn. Dcfireable. 
lonf horran. A Ikirmifh, battle. 

7 longar • 



longa. A nail, claw, talon, hoof; jfl. 

longhabhail. CircumfpeflLon. 
longhlafla. 7 

longabhras. Without queftion, doubtlefs. 
longabhail. Management, conduct, 
longhabham. To manage, condu£l, jre- 

gulate, guide, lead ; to attack, fubjett, 

longantach. Wonderful, furprifing, ftrange. 

T , * J Wonder, furprize, miracle, 

longnadh. ) 

longnadh do ghabhail. To wonder. 

longnadh do ghlacail. To be aftoniflied* 

longbhal. Gefture. 

longglan. Unclean. 

longar. Matter, pus. 

longaraigham. To fuppurate. 

longhuiram. To feed cattle, to herd. 

longnatha. The dead. 

lonladh. Wafhing; a thing acceptable. 

lonlaid. Wafhing. 

lonlam. To waih. 

lonlaighte. Wafhed* 

lonlaighthoir. A waiher, an accufer, in* 


lonleathfgeulgha. Excufeable. 

Jonlad. A wafhing. 

lonlaoghas. Encreafe. 

lonmhall. Heavinefs, fatigue. 

lonmhaithte. Ignofcible, pardonable. 

lonmhagaidh. Ridiculous. 

lonmhas. i _, . 
- I Trealure. 

lonnas. 3 

lonmheallta. Fallible. 

lonmholta. Commendable, praife- worthy. 

lonmhathuighte. Perceptible. 

lonmhuin. Kind, loving, courteous, de- 

lonmhuinach. Beloved* 

lonmhuinachd. Courtcoufnofs, 
ing beloved. 

lonn. Upper part, the heafl. 

lonnad. ForAnnad, in thee. 

lonnuinne. For.Anninnc, in as« 

lonnaltoir. A bath. 

lonnan. Equal, fame. 

lonnanas. Equality. 

lonnarachd. A gift. 

lonnaradh. A reward. 

lonnaram. To reward. 

lonnarbham. To confine, deftrcy. 

lonnus. So that, infomuch that. 

lonncbuireadh. Grafting. 

lonnduras. Chaftity. 

lonnlaigh. Accufation. 

lonniaigham. To accufe. 

lonnlaighthoir. Accufer. 

lonnoir. The bowels. 

lonolta. Potable, drinkable. 

lonphianafda. Puniihable. 

lonnrach. A medical tent. 

lonnraic. Honeft, upright, chafte, faith* 

lonnracas. Integrity, uprightnefs. 
lonnracan. An honeft, upright perfon. 
lonnradh. Deftroying, plundering, laying 

lonnradhach. That deftroyeth, plundcrcth, 

layeth wafte. 
lonnradham. To lay wafte, plunder, de^ 

lonnran. An account, reckoning, 
lonnranam. To reckon, 
lonnrofg. A word, 
lonnfa. Grief, forrow. 
lonnfach. Sorrowful, fatal, 
lonnfaidh. An approach to^ an attack, 

aflault, fally. 
lonnfaigham; To approach, attack, aflault. 
lonnfaigheach. An aggreflbr. 
lonnfmuaintighte. Imaginable, 
lonnfamhuil. Such like, 
lonnfhorchughadh. Illuminating, enlight^ 



I o s 

I R R 

lonnfgathmhach. A loofenefs of the flcin. 
lonnfuigh. An inVafion» attack, aflault. 
lonnta. Unawares, 
lonntabhartha. Allowable, 
lonntlas. Long. 

lonntodham. To roll, turn, tumble, wal- 
low, to wind i to fcorn, flight, 
lontuite. Fallible, 
lorails. 7 _ 

lorailtachd. ll"g^""'^y- 
lorailteach. Ingenious. . 
lorbal. A tail. Vid. Earball. 
lorcallach. A robuft, ftrong fellow, 
lorchadach. Evil, 
lorchaire. Pofterity. 
lordhalta. Certain, continual, 
lorgadh. Guiding, dire^ing. 
lorguil. Fray, ftrife, tumult, (kirmifh. 
lorgh u ilach • Quarrel fome. 
lorghuis. Prayer, entreaty, 
lorlann. A cellar, buttery, larder. 

. * ( '^ hafp^ or fp indie of yarn. 

lorpais. The dropfy. 

lorrtaoifeach. The captain of the rear- 

lorrlaoch ra. Tri arri . 

lorfubhaifgeith. The handles of a buckler. 

los. For Sios, down; Anios & fios, to 
and fro. 

lofa. Jefus. 

lofadh. Eating. 

lofal. Low. 

lofam. To eat. 

lofcad. Vid. Eafgud. 

lofda. A houfe, habitation. 

lofda nam bochd. The poor's houfe. 

lofdan. A college. 

lofdas. Entertainment, accommodation. 

iofdail. Convenient,, meet. 

loflaigham. To humble, lower, degrade. 

loflaghadh. Lowering, Humbling* 

lofle. Lower. 

loflad. Lownefs. 

loflann. A ftorehoufe, larder, buttery. 

lofoip. Hyflbp. 

Iota, iotan. Thirft. 

loth. Corn. 

lothchruinuigham. To forage, purvey. 

lothghaireach. Fertile. 

lothghaiieachd. Fertility. 

lothlann. A granary, barn, corn-yard. 

lothlofgadh. A blafting of corn.. 

lothros. Cockle. 

lotmhor. Thirfty. 

Iphin. The goofcberry tree, name of the 
diphthong io. 

Ir. Anger. 

Ir. A fatire, lampoon. 

Ircilt. Side poftof a door. 

Irqra. Scarcity. 

Irchiullach. A monfter. 

Ire. Ground, land. 

Ireas. Occurlion. 

Irial. An anfwer, reply, falutation, greet- 

Irionn. A field, land, ground. 

Iriofal. Humble. 

Irire. A cure^ maledidion, blame, anger. 

Iris. Brafs. 

Iris. A hen-rooft. 

Iris. A friend, lover. 

Iris. An aflignation. 

Iris. A defcription, difcovery„ a record, 

Iris. An sera, epoch. 

Irifeas. A prefent. 

Irifeach. Juft, judicious, equitable* 

Irifich. Lawful. 

Iriflaigham. To humble. 

Irifcal. Humble, lowly. 

Irifleachd. Humility. 

Irifleabhar. A diary, day-book. 

Iriflachadh. Humiliation. 

Irifneartughadh. A confirmation. 

Irr. An end, conclufion -, a fifh's tail. 
[Kkk] Irrfithbhe. 



Irrfithbhe. 1 Commander of the rtai^ 

Irrthreoruidhe« I guards 


Is. The fubftantive verh Am. 

Is. Contrafted improperly for Agus^ and. 

Is. Under. 

Ifa. WhofCy whcreot 

Ifben. A faucer- 

Ifean. A chicken, young fowK 

Ifcal. Low, privily, foftly. 

Ifgeas. Doubt. 

Ifu She herfelf. 

Ifiol. Low. 

Iflain. A humble, poor perfon- 

Ifle. Lower. 

Ifliughadh. Humiliation. 

Ifraeldha. Ifraelitiih. 

IfTa. In that, in thatplaoe. 



Itagach. Feathered, 

Itachan. A bobbin for yarn* 

Itach. Winged. 

Italaich. Flying. 

Italaicham. To fly. 

Ite. In like manner, alfo^ to wit*. 

Itche. A petition, favour, requeft» 

Ith. Corn. 

Itheadh. Eating. 

Itham. To eat. 

Ithchomla. A file. 

Ithdhias. An ear of corn, 

Ithfcn. A carr, or dtay for com. 

Ithiomradh. A murmuring,, grumbling, 

Ithiomraidhteach. Slanderous,, abufive, 


I A feather, wing, fim 

Ithiomradharo. To flander^ backbite;. 

Ithir. Corn-field, foil. 

Ithte. Eaten. « 

Itropa. A head*. 

Itros. A headland. 

lubhar. The yew tree. 

Iubhar-talamh» i _ . 

lubhar-beinne. S 

luchair. A key, fpawn. 

lucharag. The female fiih. 

luchar. The dog-days. 

ludh. A day; An iudh, to-day^ 

ludiceachd. Judgment. 

ludach. A Jew. 

lul, eol. Knowledge, a guide, a fea coob^ 

pafs, way, fervice, attendance. ' 
lul. Month of July, 
lulmhor. Wife, judicious, 
lullagachi Light, fprightly, cheerfuK. 
lullagaiche. Cheerfulnefs.. 
luparachfc Removing, changing glace;, 
lumhrach. A boat, 
lun. A naughty creature*. 
luna. Vid. lonadh. 
lundran. Vid« Iondran». 
lunnras. Face of the Iky ; hurricane., 
lunnfachadh. Learning, education, 
lunnfaigham. To learn, 
lunnfaighte. Learned, 
lur. The yew tree, 
lur. Plunder,, flaughter. 
luran. A fort of luxuriant plant which 

cattle eati metaphorically a handfomc 

luarram. Fidgeting; the oar fong, along. 

libel or rhime. 
lurpais* Reftlcfs, neftling. 
lufan. Levity^ 


t A G 


Lis the ninth letter of the* Gaelic al- 
phabet, and is called Luis, from 
Luis, vulgarly Crithan, the quicken-tree. 
It, as alfo N, K, never admits the afpirate 
h after it in the inflection of noUns or 
verbs, but is founded in ^ch (Ituations as 
if a 11. Thus labhair e, he fpoke, is not 
as with the other letters Ihabhair e, but 
Uabhair e, although never written fo* 
Vide Analyfis. 

La, lo, laol. A day ^ pi, Laethe. 

La le Muire. Lady-day. 

La, lia. In old mfs. for Le, with. 

Laban. Mire, dirt. 

Labanach. A plebeian, day-labourer. 

Labanta. Of a plebeian or labourer. 

Labaonadh. DlfSmulatlon. , 



Labhar, labeir. An ewer, l^ven 

Labharam. 7 ^ |. , 

Labhram. 1 p^ • 

Labhartha. Said, fpoken, loud, noify. 

Labragan. Perhaps a walking-ftick. 

Labhras. A bay-tree. 

Lach. A duck, drake. 

Lachach. Abounding in ducks. 

Lacha-ceannruadb. The herb celandine. 

Lacha-lochlannach. A dunter-goofe. 

Lach a' chinn uaine. A mallard. 

Lachadh. Diving like a duck. 

Lacham. To dive, duck. 

Lachadair. i . ,. 
■r ^ -' r A diver. 
Lachaire. 3 

Lachmhor. Comely. 

Lachd. Milk. 

Lachd. A family. 

' > A fpeech, fpeaking. 

Lachdan. 7 y, - 

Lad. A water-courfe, a lade. 

Lad. A load. 

Ladh. A fending, mif&on. 

Ladham. To fend. 

Ladhar. A fork, prong, toe. 

Ladharg. A thigh. 

Ladhg. Snow. 

Laddar. A ladle. 

Ladhgan. Flummery. 

Ladhna. Dumbnefs. 

Ladhgrach. Hafty. 

Ladhgraith. Rafhnefs. 

Ladorn. Bold. 

Ladornachd ? -, , , ^ 
Y , > Boldnefs. 

Ladornas. j , 

Ladhuilgne. A day's wages. 

Ladron. A. thief, highwayman.* 

Laethamhuil. Daily. 

Lag. Weak, feeble, faint. 

Lag. A hollow, cavity. 

Laga. Praife, fame, honour. 

Lagaigham. To weaken, dlminifli,. lef-- 


Lagaghadh. Weakening. 

Lagan. A little cavity. 

Lagan-meachaire. A dimple.. 

Laganal. A gafp, afthma. 

Lagatrag. The thigh. 

Lagchuifach. l t^ , , 

T 1^ . ji. ,_ J Faint-hearted. 

Lagchriodhach. j 

Lagh. Law, order ; Cuiram air lagh bogha, 

to bend or prepare a bow. 

Laghamhuil, Legal, lawful. 

Laghamhlachd. Legality. 

Laghairt. A lizard. 


L A I 


Laghar, lagharog. A prong, toe. 

Laghrach. Pronged, forked. 

Lagfaine. Diminifhing. 

Lagfaine. Freedom, liberty, remiflion. 

Lagthaifde. An abatement in a bargain. 

Lagrachar. Debility. 

Laibh. Clay. 

Laibhin. Leaven. 

Laibhreach. A coat of mail. 

Laidheachan. An ambufcade3 fnare, lying 

. in wait. 

Laidham. To lay dpwn. 

Laidionn. Latin. 

Laidionnoir. Latinift. 

Laidh-fhiubhla. Childbed* 

Laidireas. ? c *, 

Laidreachd. i 

Laidir. Strong. 

Laidre. Strongei:.. 

Laidraigham. To ftrengthen. 

Laige. Weaker. 

^ ^!^' I Weaknefs, debility. 
Laigfc. J - ' 

Laighe. A fpade, ihovel. 

Laigbhigheach. Weakened, diimayed. 

Laighean. A (jpear, javelin, halberd. 

Laigheann. The province of Leinfter. 

Lailt. Mould, clay. 

Laimhj lamh; A hand. 

Lairah-ri. Nigh to, near. 

LaimKbhafbam. To fence. 

Laimhciieard. A liandycraft, any mechanic 

Laimdeachus. Captivity. 
Laimhdia. A domeftic god. 
Laimheadh. Handling, prefuming. 
Laimhuigbam. To handle, ^ake into cuf- 

,tody, prefume. 
Laimhfhoillead. A handkerchief* 
Laimhfgiath. A target. 
Laimhfigham. To handle, finger, difcuft. 
Laimhrig. A pier, ford. 

To wander. 

To complete^ pcr- 

Laimhthionnach, Defirous, eager, givea to 


Lainad. r'Fulnefs. 
Laine. . 

Laincheatharn A 
La inchriochnui^ham. 


Laindeanta. Complete, finifhed . 
Laine. Fuller, more full. 
Laine. Chearfulnefs, merriment. 
Laineachd. Glad, joyful, merry. 
Lainne. Gen. of Lann, a fpear, blade« 
Lainneach. ^rmed with a fpear. 
Lainnal. Handfome, buxqm. 
Lainneoir, Jaidionnoir. A Latinift. 
Lainmheirleach. A facrilegious perfotu 
Lainreidbam. To complete. 
Lainfhoiilfe. Tranfparency, diaphanity* 
Lainfiubhiam. To traverfe. 
Laiphaid. An inftrument ufed to form hoTA 

Lair. A mare. 
Lair-aflal. A (he afs« 
Laire. i _,, , . , 

Lairge. Rather thaou 

Lais. Vide Leir. 

Lais. A hand. 

Laifde. A latch. 

Laife. A flame, fla(b« 

Laifceant a . F ierce. 

Laifeadh. Throwing, cafting. 

Laifeam. To throw, caft down. 

Laith. A multitude. 

Laith. Milk. 

Laithe. Scales to weigh gold and filven 

Laitheamhuil. Daily. 

Laith gheur. Verjuice, acetum. 

Laithigh. Dirt, mire* 

3 liaithilt. 



Laithilt. Weighing with fcales. 

Laithre. A cow. 

Laithreach. Ruins of an old houfe. 

Laithrigham. To appear, be prefent. 

Laithreachd, Prcfence. 

Laithreach. Prefent. ^ 

Laitis. Lattice. 

Lalach. A giant« 

Lamais. A poet. 

Lamanta. Menftruous ; Mna lamanta, mu* 
lieres menftruatx. 

Lamh, A hand. 

Lamh an uachdar. Upper of whip hand. 

Lamhach. -Having hands, adive. 

Lamhach. Report of guns or cannon, war- 
like manoeuvres. 

Lamhaclias. Idem ; Luchd lamhachais,bow- 
men, flingers, artillery. 

Lamhadh. 7 ., ,,. 

Lamhagan. ! "^"'^''"S' S~P'"e- 

Lamham. To dare, prefume* 
Lamhainn. A glove. 
Lamh-laidir. Strong hand, force* 
Lamh-dheas* Right-hand. 
Lamh-chli. Left-hand. 
Lamhainn-iaruinn. A gauntlet. 
Lamhainneoir. A glover. 
Lamhanart. A towel. 
Lamhannan. A bladder. 
Lamhairt. Handling. 
Lamhcheard. A mechanic. 
Lamhcheardamhuii. Mechanical. 
Lamhcharam* To handle. 
Lamhchomhart. A clapping of the bands* 
Lamhchoilk. A cubit. 
Lamhdeanas. A reftratnt. 
Lamhdhroithachd. Chiromancy. 
Lamhdhraoith. Chiromancer, palmiftry. 
Lamhliaigh. A furgeon. 
Lamhmhuilleann. A hand-qnilU 
Lamhrod. A bye-road, foot-path. 
Lamhrachdidh. A handling, large dealing. 
Lamhrachao. A handle^ (haft. 

Lamhragan. Fingering, handling. 

Lamhfgriobhadh. Manufcript. 

Lamhfgriobhaidh. Amanuenfis. 

Lamhfpeic. A handfpike. 

Lamna. A fpace of time. 

Lampa. A lamp. 

Lamprog. ^A glow-worm. 

Lamrag. An ignorant filly woman. 

Lamruig. A black-bird with white fpots, 
fuppofed to be an Allen-hawk. 

Lan. Full, in compofition frgnifies perfec- 
tion, enough, well. 

Lan-mara. The tide. 

Lan. A church. 

Lan, lann. A fcale, fin. 

Lan. Before, in comparifon of. 

Lana. A lane or walk. 

Lanamhuin* A couple, married couple. 

Lanamhnas. .Carnal copulation. 

Lanbhuidheanii. A garrifon. 

Lanchoire. A cauldron-full. 

Lanchomhlam. To perform, finiih, ac« 

Lanchriochnuighte. Fully accompliihed. 

Lanchrodha. Courageous. 

Lanchumhachdach. Plenipotentiary. 

Lanchumhachd. Plenipotence. 

Landaingneachd. Perfeverance. 

Lang. Falfliood, treachery. 

Langa. A fort of fi(h. 

Langan. Noife, lowing of deer. 

Langan-braghad. The weafand. 

Langach. Slim, flender. 

Langaiche. Slimnefs. 

Langaid. Fetters for horfes. 

Langaire. Soam. 

Langfethir. Fetters, chains. 

Langhuin. A period. 

Langerilach. A lamprey. 

Lanluach. Full-price. 

Lann. Land. 

Lann. A houfe, repofitory, church. 

Lann. A veil, a vizard. 

[L 1 1 j Lann. 



Lann. A Cw^y kaife, blade* 

Lann. A gridiron. 

Lann. A ftud, a bo(s* 

Lann. A fcale. 

Lanngan. The lowing of the bind after the 

Lannam. To cut, put jto the fword. 
Lannadh. Peeling. 
Lannadha. Studded. 
Lanugleuta. An inclofure. 
LannoLr. A cow. 
Lanntoir. A pantry, partition. 
Lanphunc. A full period or ftop. 
Lannuir. Gleaming, glitter, fpleodor^ ra.-' 

Lannruichanu To gleams glitter, ihine^ 

emblaze, befpangle. 
Lanuruchadh. Glifteoing, gleaiiii|»g» glit- 
Lannrach. A vaft flafne« 
Lanfaidhe. A pilpEL-mati. 
Lanfgrudadh. Perpenfton. 
Lanfhoillelr. Evident, clear. 
Lanibuileacb. Full -eyed* 
Lantlachd. A perfe^ liking^ 
Lantoileach. Perfeddy facifified. 
Lantoil. Sati6fa&ion. 
Lanthurbha. A guard. 
LantoUadh. Perforation. 
Laobh« Partial, prgudtced^ 
Laobbdha. Bending, inclining* 
Laoch. A hero ; pi. Laochra. 
Laochamhuil. Brave, heroic. 
Laochan. A little hero. 
Laochra. Militia. 
Laodh. Vide Laogh. 
Laodhan. Pith of wood, pulp, marrow. 
Laodag. The little-finger. 
Laogh. A calf, a fawn. 
Laoghacb. Abounding in calves« 
Laogh-allaidh. A fawn. 
Laoghar. A claw, toe. 
Laoghfheoil. Veal. 

Laoghrach. PiK>nged^ forked, bavlng toes*. 

Laogh. Snow. 

Laoi, la, lo. A day. 

Laoidb. An hymn, a poem. 

Laoidheadh. An exhortation. 

Laoidham. To exhort. 

Laoileabhar. A diary. 

Laoimheadhan. Mid-day, noon* tide* 

Laoireult. Morning-ftar. 

Laoinneach. Fine, ftately, {hewy« 

Laom. A blaze of iire. 

Laomdha. Bent, bowed, cfodbeaed. 

Laornhdhachd. Curvature, croQkQdafHr& 

Laomfguire. Great,, prodigious. 

Lao(boc A wether goat. 

Lapach. Froft-bitten, benumbed* 

Lapadtu A paw or fiA, 

Lapadan. A kind of fea*fi£h. 

Lar. The ground-floor, middle^ ccai**. 

Larach. A field of battle, fite of a biiiU« 

ing, veftigc. 
Larach.. A hllcy. 
Larum. An alarm* 
Las. Light thou. 
Lafach. Slack* 
Lafachadh. Slackening. 
Lafach. That burneth, fiery, flammable. 
Lafadh. Lighting, kindling, (hining, flaa* 

Lafair. Flame. 

LafTag. Faggots, combuftibles, 
Lafair-choille. A goldfinch, a wood* 

Lafam. To light, kindle, burn. 
Lafan. Anger, paiSon. . 
Lafanta. Paffionate. 
Lafantacht. Habitude to anger. 
Lafarach. Flaming, burnijdg. . 
Lafd. Ballaft, lading. 
Lafar teintigh. A flaih of Iigbtning« 
La-fodhain. Therefore, by fo much as. 
. Lafiaire. A flafby young. fellow, a fpark. 

3 Laftain, 

tR A 


Laftain. Rem^ eige, 

Lat. A foot. 

Lath. A youth, champion, dog.- 

Lathach» Mud, puddle. 

Lathair. Prefence. 

Lathreach. Prefent. 

Lathairamhuil. Iram^iate. 

Lathairce. A thigh. 

Lathar. -Aii aflembly. 

Ladiar. A private ftory, or narrative. 

Lathar. Strength^ vigour. 

Lathar. Near. 

Lathroid. An aflembly. 

Lathuilgne. A dayVwages. 

Lauba. An eye-brow. 

Le. With. 

Lea. With her. 

Leab, leabog. Apiece, ftiftgiiietit. 

Leabe. A bed, pi. Leapucka* 

Leabe-chttl-beinc. A bed formed by the 
wall on one -fide of a highland houle, the 
trunk of a treo on the other, between 
which i>5 placed enough of heath or ftrarw, 
and fome blankets, whitlier, as a public 
bed, the whole family and' guefh, when 
there are an}s zfe promifcvoaAy admitted. 

Leabc-chluiaifa. A featlier--bcd. 

Leabe-f hkpccuis. A mattraft. 

Leabe4heiftior. A coucb^ pallets 

Learbe^thogalach. A folding bed* 

Leabag. A flounder. 

Leabag-chearr. A foal« 

Leabar. Smootb. 

Leabhach. Awry, ftaring. 

Leabhadh; Reading, a le<fture« 

Leabham. ' To read. 

Leabhadair. A reader. 

Leabhadoirachd. Readings 

Leabhar. A book. 

Leabhar. Long, trailing'. 

Leabhar-chlar. Pafteboard* 

Leabhar-reicadain A bookseller. 

Leabharagan. I . ,., 

Leabhar lann* 1 ^' 

Leabhar, libhearn. A ihip. 

Leabhrach . Bookifli. 

Leabharan. A little book. 

Leac. A flat ftone, a flate. 

Lcacach. Flat ftones, full of flat ftoncs. 

Leacadh. Defiroyiitg. 

Leacam. To flay, dcftroy. 

Leacanta. Rigid, precife, neat. 

Leac-oidbre. A flake of ice. 

Leac-lithe. A grave-ftone. 

Leacain. Side of a hill, the cheek. 

Leacht. A grave, a pile of ftones in me- 
mory of the dead. 

Leacht, leachtfa. With thee, thine. 

Leacht. A leflx>n. 

Lcachta. Flattened) molten. 

Leachtam. To fpread. 

Leachtan. A leAure, inftm^l^A. 

Leachtuighe. A fepulckre. 

Lead. Breadth, extent. 

Lead, leadfe. He faid. 

Leadan. Teasle. 

Leadan-liofta. Burrdock. 

Leadan# Mufical notes, litany. 

Leadan. A head of hair. 

Leadanacb. Precife, mufical, that bath 
fine hair. 

Leadhman. A moth. 

Lead-boile. A hand-breadth* 

Leadurra. Elegant. 

Leadh, leath. Alternate. 

Leadram, liodram. To tear, rend, mAngleji 

Leagh. Melt thou. 

Leag. Vide leicc. 

Leagam. To throw down, fall. 

Leagadh. A fall. 

Leaghad. A band, bandage. 

Leaghadair. A founder, fmclter. 

Leagham. To melt, thaw, diflblve. 




Leaghach. Colliquant. 

Leagham. To read. 

Leaghan. Liquor. 

Lcaghthoir. A reader. 

Leaghte. Melted. 

Leaglaidh. Rufbes. 

Leagaim. To lick, to clip, flicar, . 

Leagail. Clipping, ihearing, throwing 

Leami leamfa. With me. 
Learn leat, .xiuqi riut. A falfc perfoa. 
Leamam. To nip. 
Learn h. Fooli(b, fimple, inilpid, . mealy*- 


Leamh. A rower. 

Leamhachas. j „. ... - ,.« r 
J. , ? bimplicity, foolilhnefs. 

Leamhan. The elm treie, the inner rind of 

a tree. 

Leamhan. A moth, night butterfly. 

Leamhdhanachd. Fool»hardinef$. 

Leamhdanach. Fool.-hardy. 

Leamhnachd. Sweet milk. 

Leamhnachadh. Stoppings 

Leamhnaireach. Coy. • 

Leamhragaq. A pimple on the eye. 

Lean, leun. Sorrow, ruin. 

Leana. A meadow^ fwampy plaifi* 

Leanam. To follow, adhere, purfuc. 

Leanabh. A child. 

Leanabh-liughach. A' puppet, doll. 

Lean^bh-altram. A fofter-child. 

Leanaban. A little child. 

Leanabanachd. Infancy. . 

Leanabas. 7 Childifhnefs, pufillani- 

Leanabidhachd. 3 mity. 

Leanabidh. Pufillanimogs. 

Leanag. A little meadow. 

Leanaill. ) ^ „ . .w • 

- \ Followmg, adhering. 

Leanailtach. Following^ perfevering, ad- 
Leanmhain. Following, adhering. 

Leanamhain. Goods, fubA^^#. 

Leann. Humours of the body. 

Leann. Ale. . 

Leann. A coarfe cafTock} coat of mail. 

Leann-loifg. Dregs ftom ^which ale is 

Leannan. A favourite, fwcetheart, pet, 

Leannan-fith. A fatpiliar fpirit, fuccubus. 
Leannantachd.. Whoredom, formication. 
Leanartuch. The herb tormei^til. 
Leanghobhrag. A fnipe. .,!... 

Leanta. Paflions, .hunooOra. 
Leaptha. Belo;iging t^o a b^d. 
Leapthach. Bedding. 
Lear. For Le ar, with our. 
Lear. The fea. 
Lear. Ckar, cvjdeiit. 
Lear. Much, a great deal. ? 
Leardhrdmain.: The ridge of a hill. 
Learf haicfm. Seeing clearly. 
Learg. The rain goofe ; it is grey, neftles 
, witjitn reach of the water, and never rifes 

.during incubarionr— Aiinall brown fort of 

fcarth or cormorant. 
Learg. A little eminence, a beaten path. 
Leargaidh. . The floping fide of a country. 
Leargan. The fteepnefs of a fmall hill. 
Leargach..: Steep. 
Learmhaddadh. A. dog*fifb. 
Learfgail. A map. 
Learfinach. Acute, iharp-iighted. 
Learthaod. A fpring tide.. 
Learthoid. A foot-ball. 
Lear-uinuin. A feaonion^ fquilU 
Leas. A blifter, a blotch, a fpot. 
Leas. The light. 
Leas. A reafon, motive, caufe. 
Leas, lios. A court. 
Leafach. Full of blifters. 
Leafaigham. Xo blifter. 
Leafachadh. Bliftering. 
Leafachail. Epifpaftic, efcharotic. 




Leafainm. A nickname. 
Leafmhathair. A ftepfather; 
Leafluan. 1 
Leafgoth. > A ftepfon. 
Leafmhac. J 

Leafluidh. Leaning upon» 
i Leafmhurfaid. A galoon. 
Leafs. Good, profit, advantage. 
LeaiTachadhf Correding, amending, re* 

pairing, manure. 
LcaiTaigham. To reftify, correft, amend ; 

to manure, clean Ihoes. 
Leaflaighte. Redified, repaired, manured. 
Leafrach. Thighs. 
Leaftair. An arrow-maker. 
Leaftar. A cup ; ftale butter. 
Leaftar. A fmall boat. 
Leaftar. The veffels and furniture of a houfc. 
Leiath-fiar. America. 
Lcat, leatfa. With thee. 
Leatadach, Wide, large. 
Leath. Half, apart, feparate. 
Leatha. Gain, profit. 
Leath-taice. A prop. 
Leathach. Half, divided. 
Leathad. Breadths 
Leatham. To half, divide. 
Leathadaigham. To augment, encreafe, 

Leathan. Broad. 
Leathanach.. A page of a book. 
Leathainm. A nickname. 
Leath-amach. | External, outward^ out- 
Leath-amuigh. S fide. 
Leath-aftigh. Internal, infide, inward. 
Leathar. Leather. 
Leathbhrith. Parboiled. 
Leathbhritham» To parboil. 
Leathbhreac. Mate, fellow, marrow> Cor- 

Leathcheann. Side of the head. 
Leathchearcal. A femicircle. 
Leathchodlam. To dofe, fleep ill. 

Leathchruinne. A femicircle, hemifphere. 
Leathchuid. Half (hare; partiality. 
Leathfhad. A declivity, flope. 
Leathghrabal. A halfpenny. 
Leathid. The like, fuch. 
Leathlagfa. Somewhat weak and feeble. 
Leath-leann. Small beer. 
Leathluidhe. Leaning. 
Leathmhas. A buttock. 
Leathniche. A rolling pin. 
Leathnuigham. To enlarge, fcatter. 
Leathog. A flounder, plaice. 
Leathphunt. Eight ounces. 
Leathrach. Leather. 
Leathrann. . Half, a hemifticb. 
Leathrannach. Partial. 
Leathre. Towards. 
Leathrofg. Purblindnefs; 
Leathrofgach. Purblind. 
Leathchomalta. Half eaten. 
Leathriogh. A copartner in government* 
Leathruadh. Somewhat red. 
Leathrod. A bye path. 
Leathfgoiltain. A plank, joift. 
Leathfgeul. An excufe. 
Leathfgeulach. Excufatory. 
Leathfgeulaiche. A mediator. 
Leathihuileacb. Monocular. 
Leath-taobh. One fide, a flitch. 
Leathtromach. Oppreflive, partial; preg* 

Leathtruime. Oppreflion, counterweight, 

' pregnancy. 
Leathuiluinn* Half fitting; acute angle. 
Legaid. A legate, ambafifador. 
Legaide. A legacy. 
Leibeann. A long ftretch, ftride. 
Leibheann. The deck of a fhip, a fcaffbld, 

gallery ^ fide of a hill. 
Leibh, leibhfe. With you. 
Leice. Negled. 
Leice, leug. A precious ftone, diamond. 

In the highlands a large cryftal of a figure 
- [ M m m J fomcwhat 


L E I 

fomcwhat oval, which priefts kept to 
work charms by. Water poured upon it, 
at this day, is given to cattle againft dif* 
cafes. Thefc ftones are now preferved 
for the £ame purpofes by the oLdeft and 
the moft fuperftitious in the country, 

Leicead. Neat, elegant. 

Leiceanta. Exad, neat, precife. 

Leidmach. Strong, robuft. 

Leidmhighe. An appetite* 

Leigiunt A legion. 

Leigeadh. Permitting, letting, difcharg- 

Leigadair. A iplgot. 

Leigam. ToJet, permit, difmifs* 

Leigal. Letting. 

Leigam gunna. To Ere a gun. 

Leigam orm. To pretend. 

Leigam as. To looijb from the yoke, dif- 

Leigheadh. Permif&on. 

Leigh. A phyfician. 

Leighean. Inflcudion, erudition* 

Leighas. A cure, remedy, medicine, heal- 

Leighafam. To cure, heal. 

Leighafta. Oured, healed. 

Leigheoir. .A mender* 

Lejghlonn. Vide Leigheann. 

Leigh in. A ftudent. 

Leighlojigadh. Cautery. 

Leighloifgam. To cauterize* 

Leighthoir. A reader. 

Leighthoirachd. Reading. 

Leigteal. Any thing melted. 

Leim. A leap. 

Leim (Chuchullin). Loop^s head at the 
mouth of the Shannon* 

Leimhe. Simplicity, folly. 

Leimadoir. A dolphin; a ieaper, jumper. 

Leimam. 1 ^ ^^ . 

Leimnigham. 5 ^^ ^ ^' 

Leimocacb. Iieaping, defultorj. 

Leimfgian. A razor. 

Leine. A fliirt, fhift. 

Leine-aifrionn. A furplice. 

Leingean. A ftepdaughter. 

Leiiine. By or with us. 

Leinbhbhreith, Childbirth. 

Leinbhluafga. A cradle. ' 

Leir. Sight, perception. 

Go leir. Altogether. 

Leir. Wife, prudent ; clofe, managing. 

Leirg. A plain, a road, or way. 

Leirg. A reafon, motive. 

Leirgam. To counterfeit, pretend. 

Leireadh. Tormenting, paining, pain. 

Leiram. To pain, torment, thrill, pierce. 

Leirighe. Being in fight. 

Leirf holach. A canopy. 

Lelrfin. Sight, feeing. 

Leirfinach. Seeing, intelligent. 

Leirfgrios. Utter dcftrudlion. 

Leiriftin. A mallet, hammer. 

Leirfmuine. Confideration, refleflion. 

Leirmheas. Ballancing^ confidering. 

Leirte. Earneftnefs. 

Leis. With him, it, wherewith, to the 

Leis, leife. Of a thigh. Vide Leafs. 
Leis. Apparently. 
Leiftheart. Armour for the thighs. 
Leifdhear. 7 ^ n , 
Leife. .Happinefs. 
Leifg. Sloth, lazinefs. 
Leifg, leifgeamhuil. Lazy, flothful. 
Leifgeul. An excufe. 
Lei te. Water-gruel . 
Leithe, leithad. More grey, greynefs. 
Leithe. Mouldinefs. 
Leithe. ^ The (houlder-blade. * 
Lcitheach. A kneed ing-trough. . 
Leitheach, leitheag. A founder, plaice* 
Leith, leatK. A half. 
Leithbhe. Partiality. 




h I A 

Lerthdrechdam. TocKCufe. 
Leithead. Breadth. 
Leithcis. Derifion, Mockery. 
Leithid. The like, a peer, pan^gon. 
Leitheolach. A novice. 
Leithiomal. A border, partial. 
Leithimalach. Bordering, fupcrficial. 
Leithinnife. A peninfula. 
Leithghlin. Denmark and Norway. 
Leithneachd. Breadth. 
Leithreachas. Separation. 
Leithreachas. Unjuft dealing. 
Leithreadh. Of a fide, together. 
Leithleach. ? p *• i 
Leithridhachd. Partiality. 
Lcithrigham. To appear, be in fight, 
Leithrinn. Fetters. 
Leithfgeul. An apology* 
Leithfgeulam. To excufe, apologize. 
Leithfc. This fide. 
Leithtir. Side of a country. 
Le m\ With my. 
Lemhnc. Fatnefs. 
Lenne. Faces, complexions. 
Lcntog. A little fliirt or fhift. 
Leo. With then^. 

, ', } A lion. 
Leoghan. 3 

Leobhar. Long, tawdry. 

Leod. A cutting, mangling* 

Leog. A marfb. 

Leogach. Marfhy. 

Lcoghadh. Flattery, 

Lcogham. To flatter, footb. 

Lcoghanta. Lion-like. 

Leoghantachd. Inconftancy. 

Leoir. Enough. 

Leomach. Flirting, prudilb* 

Leom. i 



I A moili. 

Leomaire. A fop. 

Leon. AffliAion, wound, mouth. 

Leonam. To wound. 

Leonadh. A wound, fprain. 

Leonta. Wounded, (prained. 

Leontachd. Brave anions, keennefs of mo* 

Leor. Enough. 
Leor-ghniomh. Satisfa^ion. 
Leos. Reproof. 
Leos. Light. 
Leofam. To give light. 
Leofchnuimb. A glow-worm. 

Leofmbeur. j . ^ * * 

Ler. With which, whofe. 

Lere. Religion. 

Les. A bladder. 

Les-lafgtha. A clyftef. 

Lefimob. The ureter. 

Lethe, letheachd. Hoarinefs. , 

Leud. Vide Lead. 

Leug. A diamond, gem. Vide Leicc. 

Leuga lomhar. Brilliant gems or dial* 

Leum. A leap, leaping. 
Leumam. To leap. Vide Leim. 
Leumfgar. Clever. 
Leur. Seeing. 
Leurgus. -Sight, 
Leus. Light. 
Leus. A fpot. Vide I/eas. 
Leufach. Having light. 
Leufchnuimh. Vide Leafchnuimb* 
'Leufgath. Vide Leafgath. 
Li, Ijgh, litbe. Colour, tinge. 
Li. The fea. 
Lia, le, ri. 

Lia. For Leathane, broaden. 
Lia. A hog, pig. 
Lia. Hunger. 
Lia. A ftream, flood. 
Lia. A great ftone. 


L I D 

L I O 

Lia fail. The fatal ftone, called Cloch na 
cineamhna, on which the ScottUh kings 
were wont to be crowned, now in Wcft- 
minfter- abbey. 

Ltabhran. A little book. 

Liachac. Hog's dung. 

Liach. A fpoon. 

1/iach. Bad news. 

Liachd. Great many, a multitude* 

Liachlan. A fpoonful. 

Liachro. A hog-ftye. 

Liadh. A ladle. 

Liadhbhog. A flounder. 

Liag. Vide Leag. 

Liagan. An obeliik. 

Liaghdhealg. A bodkin^ clafp, button 
adorned with cryftal. 

Xriagh. A phyiician. 

Liagh. The blade of an oar. 

Liaphutog. A hog's pudding, faufage. 

Lias. Vide Lios. 

Lias. A hut for lambs. 

Liath. Grey, grey-haired. 

Liathag. A fifh of the falmon kind. 

Liathghath. A violent dart. 

Liathchearc. The hen of the black cock. 

Liathdrus. Muftinefs. 

Liathach. Pale, blank. 

Liathadh. Making grey, a grey tinge. 

Liatham. To tinge grey. 

Liathluachaid. 1 ., ^ ^ 
T . , , ,. J Hoar-froft. 
Liathreothadh. S 

Liathlus. Mugwort. 

Liathradh. Sliding, rolling. 

Liathram. To Aide, roll, fprinklc on. 

Liathroid. A ball, roller, a knob, chaff. 

Liatis. Mouldy. 

Liatruifg. A fieldfare. 

Libh. Vide Lcibh. 

Libar. A lip. , . 

Libheadhan. A dowry. 

Libbearn. A (hip, houfe, habitation. 

Li^dealbhtha. Painted. 

Li-dealbhthoir. A painter, limner. 

Lie. Gen. of Leac. 

Licag. A little flat ftone. 

Liclith. A erave-ftone. 

Licnean. A wedge. 

Lide. A little bit. 

Lideach. Stopped. 

Lig, leig. Allow, let thou. 

Ligach. Sly. 

Ligham. To lick. 

Lil. A following, purfuing. 

Lile. A lily. 

Lilam. To follow. 

Liltheach. Flexible, pliant. 

Lin, lion. Flax, linen. 

Linn. A line, thread, feries. 

Lingeadh. A flcipping, fly oflF, flinging, 

Lingam. To fkip, go away, to fling a 


Linigham. To delineate: 

Linighthoir. A delineator, defigner^ 

Linleanta. An ill habit. 

Linn, linn*^. With us. 

Linne. A pool, the fea, water. ■• 

Linn. An age, period. 

Linngineach. Roundifh. ' 

Linnin. Linen of clothes. 

Linnfgearadh. Genealogy. 

Linfeach. One clothed in linen. 

Linaodach. Linen cloth. 

Linte, lionta. Full. 

Liobor. A lip, a flovenly perfon. 

Liobarnach. . Slovenly, awkward. 

Liobafda. Slovenly. 

Liobhadh. Smoothing. 

Liobham. i ^ - , ,..,... 
T . , , ( To fmooth, polilh, file. 

. Liobhan. A file. 
Liobhan. Vide Leamhan. . 
Liobhtha. 1 

Liobhte. ?Polifh«d, filed« 
Liobthara. J 

5 Liobhagach. 

L I O 


ILiobhagach. A floating weed common in 

{landing water. 

Liobhghruag. A w!g« 

Liobharam. To deliver. 

Liobhairt. Delivery, delivering, 

Lioboidach. Slow, lingering. 

Liobrach. Thick-lipped. 

Lioca. A cheek. 

Liocadan. A chin-cloth. 

Liocard. A leopard^ 

Liodan. A litany. 

Liodart. Tearing in pieces. 

Liodaram. To tear in pieces, bruife.^ 

Liodha. Strong, able* 

Liod. Lifping. 

Liodach. That lifpeth.. 

Liodaiche.. A lifper. 

Lipdhraimhe. i ' 

V . ■ V TL he blade of an oar» 

Lriogh. J 

Liog. Vide Leug. 

L iogam. To whet> edgf * 

Liogar. A tongue. 

Lioghais. Power> ability* 

Lioghan* A trowel. 

Lioghdha. Fair, fine, foft. 

Liomhadh. Smoothing^ poliihing. 

Liomham. To poliih. 

liiomhan, A file.. 



Liomfa. Vide Leamfa* 

Lion. Flax. 

Lion. A net, fnare. 

Lion. A parcel, number. 

Lion an damhain allaidh* A cobweb. 

Lion fear *us fear. One by one. 

Lionadh. Filling; 

Lionadh-mara. The tide. 

Lionam. To., fill*. 

Lionigeadh. . J 

Lionta. Full. 

Liontacht Satiating. 

** I Poliflhed, burniflied^ 

Liontacbd. Satiety. 

Lionadair. A funnel. 

Lionchar. That which delighteth, pleafes. 

Lionmhor. Numerous, plenty. 

Lionmhorachd. Plenty, multiplicity. 

Lionmhoire. More plenty* 

Lion-obbair. Net-work. 

Lionn. Ale. VideLeann. 

Lionn. A humour in the body. 

Lionn-dubh. Melancholy, gloomy fits. 

Lionnughadh. Growing in humours. 

Lionradh. A web. 

Lionradh. A thin mixed unfubftantial 

Lioiita. Nets. 
Lios. A houfe, habitation ; a palace, courts, 

a fortified place; now the name of the 

Daniih forts to be feen in Ireland. 
Lios. Enclofures or ftalls for cattle. 
Lios. The longing of a woman with 

Liofair. A gardem • 
Liofda. Slow, lingering, tedious. 
Liofdachd. Slownefs, tedioufhefs. 
Liothadk." Frightening, difmayingv 
Liothra. Hair. 
Liothradharc. Pomp. 
Lipin. A fmall miealure in Scotland called 

a lippie. 
Lipin. Truftitig to, confiding in.> 
Lis. Mifchief, evil. 
Lifam. To mean^. imagine, think^of.^- 
Lifg. Feelers. 
Lit. Aftivity, celerity. 
Lite. Porridge. 
Lith. HappineiSs, .profperity* 
Lith. Solemn, feftival. 
Lithadh. That part of a river where /the 

water ftagnates« 
Litheas. Solemnity, pcfmp. 
Lithiughadh. Aftonifhment, furprife« - 
Litimhaire. A diilembler. 
titir. A letter, ^epiftle. PL Litrcacha- 
[N n n} Litir- 

L O C 

L 01 

Litir-dhealaghaidh. A bill of dtvorce« 
Litir-ghrinnich. A challenge* 
Liiu To follow, purfue. 
Liuc. A {bout, noife. 
Liugadh. Creeping. 
Liugach. Sneaking, creeping. 
Liug. A contracted fneaking look. 
Liun^h. A cry, noife. 
Liumhadh. Crying out. 
Liumham. To cry out, fhout* 
Liun. Slothful, fluggiili. 
Liunaidheas. Idlenefs, lloth« 
Liunchlos. Refir. 
Liur. A prating noife. 
Liurach. Noify, prating. 
Liuram. To beat, ftrike. 
Liuth^ limhad. As maity, fb iMitf • 
— f^ Lo, la.. A day. 

Lo. A lock of wooL 
— • Low Watte. 

Lobaircin. A dwarf. 
Lobais. Craft, ingenuity. 
Lobhadh. RottemfeifS) rotting* 
Lobh. .<RotDstu 

Lobhadas* RofiteamiSy fulfoftine^. 
Lobham. To rot. 
Lobhar. • A leper. 
Lobhgach. A cow with calf* 
Lobhradh. The leprofy. 
Lobhtha* Rotten, pumfieiv 
Lobh thachd . Rottcnneft. 
^-^ Loc. A fliop, btAdr^fMe* 
Locam. To refufe, hinder. 
Locar. A place. 
Locaram. To plane. 
Locarfgathaich. 8haftng«ir 
Loc. A place. 
Xrocc. A ftlthy mim. 
Loch. A lake ; lough, «cm Of the (t^ 
Loch. Black, 4ai4c^ 
Loch. BWry, att. 
Lochag. VideL««h* 
LocAaeiii' iea^grafii- or wa*fc. 

Lochan» Chaffs . 

Lochan. A little pool or lake* 

Locharman. A pigmy. 

Lochafair. A fhower of raiji. 

Lochd. A fault. 

Lochd, lochdain* A wink of fleep. 

Lochbhleine. The region under the fhort 

Lochdach. Faulty, crimimil. 
Lochdaigham. To blame, I'eprove. 
Lochdaighte. Blamed, cenfured. 
Lochdughadh. Blaming, cenfuring. 
Lochloanacb. A Dane. ^--\" 

Lochran. A lamp or torch. 
Lochrannach. Lighted with lamps. 
Lochthomhaidhan. A fadden burfting of 

water from mountains* 
Locuift. A locuft. 
Lod. I'uddle. 
Lodan. A light puddle. 
Lodaigham* To ftagnafe< 
Lodam. To arrive at, contrite,- fechte; 
Lodain. The flank or privy members. 
Log. A pit or dike oif water, a Aiifgeon^ 

a place. 
Logan. A fmM pit, hollow of die hamh 
Logaidhe. A fool. 

Logha.. . An indulgence, rettiffion, )n\A* 
Loghan. { lee. 

Loghadh. A rotting, putrefadioA. 
Logham. To Tot, pttfrify. 
Loghaimhlachd. Foolery. 
Loghda. Allowance. 
Loghdha. Indulgelft^t^. 
Logbmh^r. Excellent, famous. 
Loghtha. Rotten. 
Loghthachd. Rottenness* 
Loiceamhlachd. i>6tage, foolety: 
Loibain. One that toileth in' fbul MiifAi 

weather. , 
Loich. A place, a dirty hufley, 
Loichead. A light, lamp. 
Loicheadaire. A chandkt. 


L 01 

L O N 

Loige. Vkle Laiige« 

Loigeic. Logic. 

Loilgheach. A new calved co^^ a mtlck-« 

LoimdioghbhalL Poverty^, want, 
Loime. Barenefs* poverty. 
Loimic. A plaifter for taking off hair. 
Loin, gen. of Lon. Provifions. 
Loin. A rivulet. 

Loinear. Light, a gleam or flaflx of light. 
Loinag. A lock of wool. 
Loineafdha. Bright, (bining. 
Loineardhachd. Brightnefe. 
Loingeas. Shipping, a fleet. 
Loingbhrifeadh. A ibipwreck« 
Loingihaor. A ibip-carpenter. 
Loingfeoir. A mariner, pilot. 
Loingiigham. To faU, fet faiU 
Loini. The feiaftca. 
Loinn. A corn fieM or pen. 
Loinn. Good conditio^, fatnefs^ jo^fy gjad* 

Loinnei. *_. ^ . 

Lonneis. Wafverirtg, tMihling. 
Loinnream. Togleatft, 9htir»^ lighten* 
Loire* A gammon. 
Loirgaireachd* Seirc&iHg, en<)uiry. 
Loirgairam. To enquire, took for. 
Loirgblreht. Leg-armour* 
Loirghniomham. To re^luttcj- iftake a- 

Loirgnadh. A fbilkk 
Loife. A flame. 

lA)ifceanta. Fierce, fiery, blaflfirig. 
Loifoionn. A locuft. 

Loifgneas. i ^ 

Loifgeam. To burn, firtgfc. 
Loifgach. That burnetii. 
Loifgain. A burnt pimpefiiel. 

I Loifi. A flame* 
Loifi. A fox. 
Loifgrean. Burned corn* 
Loifteamhuil. Slothful. 
Loiftin. A lodging, A booths tent. 
Loiftich fuinidh. Kneading troughs* 
Loit. A wound, wounding. 
Loitam. To wound. 
Loitmhille. To candy. 
Loiteog. Nettles. 
Loitfliealgaire. A rioter, debaikhed fcU 

Lorn. Bare, lean. 
Lomadh. Baldnefs, (having. 
Lomam. To ibeet^ fhave, make b«re» 

Lamadoir. A flurver, ibeerer, plujidorer* 
Lomain. A fhield. 
Loman. An enfign, banner. 
Lomaifteach. Bare, baM, Ihorn. 
Lomanach. A bald man* 
Lomartha. Bald, bare, fliort, ffiaveH, 
Lomchofacb. Bmre^fboted* 
Lomcoidh. To carry.* 
Lomar* A fleece. 
Lomargain. Devaftation* 
Lomeigin* Tearing^ flripping by force* 
Lomna. A cord, rope. 
Lomnochd. Nakednefs, naked. 
Lomnochduighc. Nakednefs* 
Lomnoir. A harper% 
Lomhar. Brilliant, transparent, ftately^ 
Lomhair-chon. A pack of hounds. 
Lomlan. Quite full. 
Lomoigh. A ihorn fheep. 
Lompas, Sparing, niggardly. 
Lomradh. A fleece. 
Loitiram. Toflieer, clip* 
Lomtha. Peeled, ftrippedv 
Lomthoir. A barber, Iheerer, 
Lon. Food, provifion. 
Lon, londljbh. An owsle, blackbird. 
Lon. An elk^ 

2 Lont 



Lon« A marfb-, pond, morafs. 

Lon, lonadh. Hunger, voracioufnefs. 

Lonach. Voracious, greedy^ 

Lonan. Boafting. 

Lonid. A frothing ftick; a churn ftick, 

Lonaigh.. A fcofF, jeft. 

Lonaidh. He grew red, coloured.. 

Lon lairge. Hip and thigh* 

Loncha. A larder,, buttery. 

Long, The fifh called ling. 

Long. A fliip. 

Long. ^ A cup. 

Long. A bed; , 

Long. Thebrcaft. 

Long. A houfe, refidence* 

Longadh. Supper. 

Longadh. Cafting, throwing, devouring. 

Longain. A ihip's crew. 

Longam. To devour, deftroy , worry» . 

Longas. Banifhment. 

Longbach. Shipwreck.. 

Longhhraine.^ The prow of a fhip; 

Longphort. A . palace, royal feat ; a fort, 

garrifon, tent, a camp ; a harbour. 
Lonloingean* Tiie gullet, throat;: any 

LoDg^chogaidh. A. man of war. . 
Longfbaor. A fhipwright. 
Long-fpuilLh. ' A pirate. 
Longthogal. Ship-building. 
Longfhada. A galley.. 
Lonin» A lane orpafTage forcattle^. 
Lonn. Strong, powerful. 
Lonn. Anger, choler. 
Lonn. High fwcHingof the fca. . 
Lonn. Timbers laid under boats in order 

to launch them the more eafily. 
Lonn. To be ftrong, . powerful j to rcfide, 

dwell, fojourn. 
Lonnogain. A paffionate youth. 
Lonrach. A blaze. 
Lonraeb.. Shining, bright, brave* 
Lonnraigham. To fhine, brighten* 

Lonnughadht An abiding,, €ontin\uncej. 

a dwelling, fojourning. 
Lor.. Vid. Leor. 
Lore. Murder. 
Lore. Fierce, cruel. 
Lore. The cramp. 
Lorcchofg. Antifpafmodic. 
Lor-daothain. Sufficiency. 
Lorg. Progeny, -offspring, 
L»rg. A foetftep, trace, trafl,. print,. 
Lorg. Blind. 

Lorg. A troop, band ; a walking ftaff, 
Lorga. A leg,, ihin, ftalk of a plant*. 

Lorgam. 7 _.' ^ , 

J ° , V To trace, fearch, enquire., 

Lorgairam. 3 ^ » ^ 

Lorgaire. One that traceth. 

Lorgaire mac luirg. A novel charader*. 

Lorganach. A fluggard; 

Lorgbheirt. Foot-harnefs. • 

Lorgim. To wound. 

Los* The point or end of a thing. ■ 

Los. A tail. 

Los* Sake of, . intention, purpofe. . 

Lofaid. A kneading trough* 

Lofg. A cripple, lame, blind. 

Lofgadh* A burning, fcalding. . 

Lofgadhrbraghad. The heart-burn. 

Lofgan. A frog, .childhood.; a fort of dray. 

without wheels: 
Loft. Vide Lofaid. 
Lot. A wound, hurt,^bnii(e« 
Lot. Wool. 

Lot. A.whore, proftitute. 
Lotam. To wound, bruife, .commit fornix 

Lotadh. Gallery, a fcaffold, loft ; fornix 

Lotar. A ruining, mangling; 
Lotar, lodar. They went* 
Loth, lothag. A colt, filley* 
Lotbal. The plant brooklime. 


L U A 

1 tr A 

Lothar. A congregatum, '^eflibly* 

Lothar* A eauldron. 

Lothar. Cloth, raiment. 

An Lothair. _^ Lavender. 

Lott. A drinking party, compotation. 

Lu* Little, fmalL 

Lua* A foot, a kick. 

— Lua. An oath* 

— Lua* Water. 

^ Luacb* Pric^ wages. 
^ Luacha*. Froft. 

Luachain Abulrufli. 

Luacliakneach# A pl^e fall of rufhes. 

Luacham. T^hire. 

Luacharman. A pigm]F. 

Luacharn. A light, lamp. 

Luacfamhor. Precious, excellent. 

Luachmhoire. Moi^e prsciottSr- 

Luachra. ^ r\c i\^ 

Luacbracb. ) 

T . J.' . f The little finger. 
Loaidicin. J ^ 

Luadh. Mention. 

Luadbam. To mention. 


LuadhairU Motion, cTcer^ife. 
Luadhraidbam. To report. 
Luag. A doll. 

Luaga. Lefs. \ 

Luaghair. A reward. .•'«.' 
Luagblais. Fetters. 
Luagbuta. The gout. 
-^ Luaidhe. Coition, copulation. 
Luaidreannuidbe. A vagabond. 
Luaidreann. VagaiT^ ^ ■ 
Luaigh. Plearant, cheerfal. 
Luaighe. Lead. 
Luaigheachd. A reward. 
Luaightbe. As foon as. 
Luailleach. A mimic. 
Luailteach. Full of geftores. ) * 
Luaimaireachd. Volubility of tongue. 
Luaimh. An abbot. 
Luaimbnightbe, A wave-o&ring* 

Luaimneacb. Leaping, rangitigr fickle* 
Luaimnitbe. • Waved. 
Luaintin. Nepbritical. 
Luain-eafadb. l ^t i. - • i 
Luan-ghalar. } NephnUck pams. 

Luaith . Duft, aihes> 

Luaithre. 1 //. 

Luaithreach. I 

Luaitbreambuil. 7 ^^ a 

Luaitbreaota. \ ^' 

Luaitbreadb. I . . 
^ . ^ y Aflics. 

Luaitbrean. 3 

Luaitbe. Quicker, fafter, IWifter. 

Luaitbad. Quicknefs, faftpefs. 

Luamaih. A veil. 

Luamb. An abbot, prior, 

Luambire. A pilot. 

Luambnak. Vide Luaimneacb, volatile. 

Luambnachd. An abbotibip. 

Luan. A loin, kidney. 

Luad. A warrior, champion^ A>a, a lad. 

Luan. A greyhound. 

Luan. The moon, Monday. 

Luanaifg. Fetters, ^bains. 

Luanafgbha. Fettered, ehained. 

Luarach. Fetters. 

Luardha. Vulgar, common. 

Luas. Swiftnefs. 

Luafcadh. Moving, .fockipg% 

Luafgacb. Wavering. 

Luafgam. To fwing, jolt, rock, driv/s away. 

Luafgan. A cradle. •< 

Luafganacb. That rcfcketh, iwingetb. 

Lua%4nacbd. Ro^king^ 

Luafganaidbe. A rocker, Twinger. 

Luatb. The foot. . 

Luath. Aibes. 

Luath. Swift^ quick, fleet* 

Luatb. 'Aftivity, agility. 

Luathadh. Haftihg, making hafle^ falling, 

milling; moving. 
Luatham. To baften, make haSe, move^ 

to full, mill cloth. 
[Ooo] Luatha, 


L U O 

Luatha. Belonging to alhes; 

Luathas, Swiftnefs, fleetnefs. 

Luatharan. A fea lark. 

Luathghaire. Joy, gladoefs* 

Luatbghaireadh. Rejoicing. 

Luathghairam. To rejoice,. be glad. 

Luathlamhach. Covetous. 

Xruathmhor. Swift, active. 

Luathmharc. A race-hojrfe. 

Luathmharcach. A meflenger cxprefs, 

Luathmhire. Boafiing. 

Luathrigham. To haften. 

Luathradh. Haftcning. 

Luathrighte. Haftcacd. ' 

Lub. A loop, inclination, bow, a thong ; a 

maze, meander^ winding ; cunning, craft. 
Lubach. Crooked, winding, ferpentiae^ 

meandring ; cunning, Crafty,. (ubtle». 

Lubaire. A crafty fetloww. 

Lubam. To bend^ incline. 

Luban. A hoop, bow. 

Lublinnach. Curvilinear. 

Lutha. The body. 

Lubcheangal. A hinge* 

Lubhar. Vide Lobhar» 

Lubhghort. A garden. 

Lubhra. Leprofy, infirmity. 

Lubhra. Work. 

Lubhrach. Leprous. 

Luch. 7 A r ' 

- , I A inoufe. 
JLucnag. j 

Luch-fhrancach. A rat; 

Luch. A captive, prifoner. 

Lachair. A glittering colour, brightnefi. 

Luchaire. A moufer. 

Lucharman. A pigmy. 

Luchairt. A palace, retinue. 

Luchbhru. A white bead of hair. 

Luchd. jFolks, people ; equal to the French 


Luchd. A pot, kettle, cauldron. 

Luchd. A cargo, burden, lading. 

Luchdaigbam. To load, laden* 

Luchdagfaadh. Loading* 

Luchd-coimbaidachd. . Retinue, fervaatis la 
waiting. > 

Luch-f heoir. A field-moufe. . 

Luchlann. A prifon. 

Luchdmhor. Full, loaded, rapacious. 

Luchidh fhairge. Small black birds reieu^ 
bling fwallows, with crooked bills and 
webbed feet. They go into* holes like 
mice. When they sue taken,.a quantity o£ 
yellow oil drops from their bills. They 
are found upon the iAasut of Stafia^ of 
which Mr. Peaant and Mr. Banks taka 
fo much notice. The niah who: lives oa 
that ifland, as I f m informed, fays» that 
they hatch their ^gs by fitting on the 
ground, at thediftance of about fix inches 
from it, and turning their face towards it,, 
continue repeating Gur le gug, i. e. Hatch 
with a fong, day and night,, till it is 
hatched. This bird feems to be a fpeciea 
of Pettrill, or what failors call MotheiL. 
Cary's chickens. 

Luchmhaire. Abundance* 

Luchthaire. . A gulph, whirlpooU . 

Luchram. To rummage. 

Lud, lod. A pond. 

Ludh. Appearance. 

Ludairt. Waddlingifi-dirfo 

Ludnan. A hinge. 

Ludram. To dip and befmear wii^h dirty, 
water* / . 

Luddartha. Sltiggiih,.floven]y. 

Ludragon. A fliambling fellow.- • 

Ludufach. Poifverful. 

Lugach. Bow-legged. 

Lugain. A Qxoit. crooked fellow. 

Lugha. Lefs, leaft. 

Lugha. An oath. . ^, f . 

Lugadh. Thirft,want. :* . 

Lugbad. Littleneis* 

Lugh. To leap. 

Lughadaigham. Toleflfen, diminiih. 




Lughadaghadh; Dlmihifhing; 

Laghaird, Rctimic. Vide LudiairU 

Lugham. To fwcar. 

Lughadh; Swearing hy* 

Lughadag. The little linger^ 

Lui. Bow, branch^ 

Luibh; T a u u 
^ .. , I An hcrbv 

JLuibhean. i 

Luib. A corner, little glen* 

Luibheanchofach. Having toes^ fiftger, and 

Luithne. A dart, (pezn 

Luibhne,. The finger», toe9^ 

Luibhre. A coatof maiK 

Luibhreagham. To put on a coat of maiL 

Luithreach. Belonging to a coat of maiK 

Luibhphiall:. A caterpillar* 

Luibin. A crafty fellow. 

Euibineachd. Craftinefs^. 

Luid. A rag; 

Luidagi A little rag.. 

Luidach. 1 

Luidagach. \ ^'«^^- 

Luidh. An herb. Vide Luibh. 

Luidb. A word of endearmeat. 

Luidh an liugain Lovage. 

Luidh. He went, he died. 

Liridh nan-tr^bheanm Plant of three leaves 
or corners. 

Luidhe. . A lying, fituation, pofition, go- 
ing, death. 

Luidhid m'inntin. I am-contettt, pleaftd; 

Luidham. To lye, lay. 

Luidham. Vide Lughami 

Luidhachan. An ambufli* 

Luidhafam. To permit, allow. 

Luidhafachadh. Permitting, allowing. . 

Luidheolach. Skilled in plants. . 

Luidheolas. Botany. 

Luidin. The little finger.- * 

Luig. * Gen. of Lag, a pit* 

Luighe. A proof. < 

Luighc. AcauldroB) kettle. 

Luighc. Lying. -^ — " 

Luigham. To tear, rend ; entouragey to 

Luighioch. Lying. 

Luilgheoch. A milch-cow. 

Luifn, leim. Milk. 

Luimain. A target, (hield. 

Luimlinn. A ftreaoi of mi^k. 

Luimneachda. An enfign-bearer.. 

Luin. A fword or fpear. 
> Luingbrifeadh. A (liipwreck. 
• Luingbhrifam. To fufFer ihipwfcck. 

Luingios. A fleet, navy. - 

Luingfeorachd. A. voyage by.fea. 

Luiniafg. A fword-fifh. 

Luinne. Anger. 

Luinneach. Merry, jovial.- 

Luinneag. A chorus, a highland catch. ■ 

Luinneagaehj Friflcing,.ikipping. 

Luinneinich. Toiling. 

Luinnfeach . A watch' coat. 

buinnCiire. One that goes abput idly i. a. 

Lttireach. A coat of mail. 

Luizgne. Legs. 

Luis. The quicken tree, the letter !«... 

Luis. A> hand.- . -J^ 

Luis. Drink. 

Luis. Weeds, herbs. 

Luifanu To dare, adventure.. 

Luifam. To drink. 

Luifiot. Bad, naughty^ evil. . 
: Luifne. A flame, flaflc^ a blufh^L 
; Luithe, luaithe. Swifter^ 
; Lulgach. . A^foldier. . 

Lumain. A veil, coar£b coyer, iackoloih,.^^ 
large great coat. 

Lumhaire. A divert 

Lunafd. Lammas. - J - 

Lundach. Lazy. 

Lundaire. . A dron% fluggard* 
' Lundaireachd. Lazinefs* . 
. Lung, Long. A ihip. • i . 

I . Luiig# 

L U S 


Lung. An houfcj, the handle of an oar, 

Lumi. A tend. 

Lunnach. An a£tive youth. 

Lunnacha. Helved. 

Lupait. The name of that fifter of St. 
Patrick who was brought to Ireland along 
with him, and fold into captivity in the 
county of Lowth, then called Magh- 

Lurach. Pretty. 

Lurachan. Ramps. 

Lurag. A pretty female. 

Lurg. The end. 

Lurga! Behold! fee! 

Lurginach. A (haft, long-legged. 

Lus. Pith, ftrength, 

Lu$. An herb or plant, a leek. 

Lufan. 1 

. - > A. little herb. 

Lufm. J 

Lufach. Of or belonging to herbs, kef- 

Lufairnach. A place where herbs grow; 
Lufca. Space of five years, a luftrum* ' 
Lufca. Infancy. 

•Lufca. A cave, fubterranean vault. 
Lufca. Blind. 
Lufchuach. A caterpillu-. 
Lufmhaoth. Bearing virtuous and foftj 

Lus mhic Cummin. Cumin. 
Lus a'cholmain. .Columbine. 
Lus a' choire. Coriaader. 
Lus an t flanughaidh- Ribwort. i 

IM^ sl' cbrofMhinn. DafFodill. * 
Xus nan I'eac. Eyebright. 
Lus a' phiobair. Dittany. 
Lus an t faoidh. fennel. 
Lus leath an t famhraidh. Gillyflower. 
tLus na fiothcbsdnt.' ' i^ooieilrtfe. 
:Lus an iiagaire. • Lovage. 
.Lus-Mairi. Mary gold. 

Lus na h oiche. NigKtfhade. 

Lus an fhucadair. Teazle, fuller's thif- 

Lus mhic riogh Brettuin. Wild thyme. 

i'"^'","'^!™***:? Chafe the devil. 
Lus mhic Raonail. J 

Lus Cholum-cille. St. John*s*woft. 

Lus nan laogh. Orpine. 

Lus nan cnamh. Samphire* 

Lus a 'cbrois. Dwarf honeyfudde. 

Lus a Chrubhain. Gentian. 

Lus an leafaidh. A plapt tha^traifeth blif* 

ters when applied. . 

Lus cneas Guth-vUin. Meadow-fweet. 

Lus nan eitbreag. Cloud -berries. 

Lus na fearnaigh. Sundew. 

Lus mor. Spesirwprt. 

Lus mor. The hwb fox-glpvei^ 

Lus nam broilag. i Bear whortlc*ber*^ 

Lus nan geira bornigh. j ries. 

Lus na ftalog. Berry-bearing h^tlu 

Lus mhic bethaig. Betony. 

Lus an t fiucair. Succory. 

Sus na Spata, FeWtbrygf Spain. 

Lus a' bhalJa,. PeUitory of X\it walK 

Lus phoinc. Piony. 

Lus nan laoch. Rofewort. 

Lus nan gorm dh^arc, ^la^b^f^^y-P^^Qt. 

Luas na mealla. Honeyfuckle. 

T r I J Spleen wort. 

Lus na feilgc. J 

Lu naji tri ballan. Valerian^ 

Lus gan mhatbair gafi atbair* A plant re- 
fembling lint(flfd.i fwpd oi^ the furfiice of 
fprings, with ^QOts not touching the 
ground. . 

Lufdradh. A prpcelSpi). 

Lufcaire. A troglodite. 

Lufgam. To lurk.. 

Lufr^dh. Herb$ge. 

Lufra nan fcor, CIown*8 all-heal. 

Lufrag. A charm with herbs. 

Luftairc. A flatterer^ 



L.U T 

Luftram. To flatter. . 
Luth. .Longing) eariung* 
Luth. Strength, power. 
Lulihmhor. Strong, nimble. . 
Luthqihorachd. Strength, nimblenefs. 
Luthmhoireic More aftive. 

Luthacb. The finews or veins« 
Luthghair. Vi4e Lutbghaire. 
Luth-chleafa & gaifga. Athletic exercifes. 
Luthaire. Cuchullin's driver. 
Lutbais. Ludovick. 



Mis the tenth letter of the Gaelic 
alphabet, and is called Muin, a 
vine. It founds the fame as in other 
languages, only that before h afpirate a 
new combination or letter is formed 
nearly as v. Thus Mathair, a mother, 
do mbathair, to a mother, is Do vatbair. 
Vide Analjrfis. 

Ma, madh. If. . ^ 

Ma. A breach. 

Ma-reir. Loofe, at liberty. 

Ma, uime. About, near about. 

Mac. A fon ; pi. Macra, mic. 

Macan. A young or little fon, the young 
of beafts. 

Mac-mic. A grandfon. 

Mac an abar. The ring-finger. 

Mactire. A wolf. 

Macleabhair. A copy, of a book. 

Mac. Clean, pure. 

Macfamhailt. j The like, equal, em- 

Maca. ) blem. 

Mac an dogha. Burdock. 

Macadh. Bearing, carrying. 

Macaim. To bear, carry, to fondle. 

Macamh. A youth, a lad. 

Mac-choinne. A daughter-in-law. 


Macamh-ballaicb. A boy. 

Macamh-mna. A girl, a young girl. 

Macamhuil. % p... . 

Machanta. J 

Macha. A Royfton crow. 

Machaire. A field, plain. 

Macanta. Meek, mild. 

. - • * fMeekhefs, mildnefs. 

Macantas. _ 1 

Machlag. The womb, matrix, 

Macht. ^ A wave or furge. 

Machdual. A fponge. 

Machtnadh. Deliberating on. 

Machtre ! A Highland interjedion. 

Machtaim. To deliberate, confider on. 

Machtnamh. Wondering, deliberating, 

Machuil. A fpot, ftain, defeSt. 

Mac-muirigbeach. The efcallop-fifb, the 

fcolloped fhell-fi{h. 
Macmemna. The fancy, imagination* 
Macnas. Licentioufnefs, wantonnefs, kind- 

nefs, fondnefs. 
Macnafmemna. The fancy. 
Macnafach, Wanton, merry, tender. 
Macne. A tribe, clan. 
Macoimh. A ftranger. 
Macraidh. A difeafe, diftempcr, 

[P p p] r Macra. 



Macra. Yoyng flaen^ a I^jkhI^oF yottpg 
men, males, 

MacramhuiL Like as* 

Macrafach. Peevi(h, £aucy» 

Macras. Sighing, fobbiog, pe^vi0Qinef$> 

Mactach. Pernicious, 
. Mactadh. Slaughtering, flaughter. 

Mactalla, mactulloch. Echo. 

Mactam. ToflaughtMr, b t rtch e r . 

Mactadh. A wondering, furprife* 

Macthoghadh. Adoption. 

Mad. A hand. 

Maddadh. A dog. 

Maddadh-allaidh. A wolf. 

Maddadh-ruadh. A fox. 

Maddadh-donn. An otter. 

Madh. An extafy, trancfe. 

Madh. A plain, fields 

Madh. Be it, if it were*. . 

Madha. Unlawful, unjuft. 

Madhana. Meadows; 

Madhanta. Coy. 

Madhm. A breach, battle^ ddrpilkt. 

Madhm.. ' Any largp romld. fountain. 

Madhm. As much grain, or any thing 
comminated, as may be taken u^ between 
both the hands. 

Madhmadb. An eruption. Tally. 

Madhmam. To overthrow. 

Madhman; Afkifmilh. 

Madhm-feic. A rupture. 

Madhm-fleibhe. A fudden eruption of wa- 
ter from mountains. 

Madh-beag. Few, little, a fmall fllare. 

Madhramhail. July. 

Madduin. The morning. 

Maddta. Dogs. 

Maddar. The herb madder. 

Maddrach-alla. Wolves. 
Madramhuil. Belonging to a dog, dog- 
like, doggtfh. 
Mag. A paw* 
Magan. A little paw, a toad. 

Magairt. Creeping, patting, fing«riflj. 

Magairam. To cttcp, paw, ftftgo*. 

Magaran. Creeping en all DcMirSt 

Magaranam. To c«ep, go ion aJ I fb^s* 

Magadh. Mt)cking, jeering^ icoSiig. 

Magamhuil. Jeering, fcofluig^ 

Magarle. A tefticle. 

Magh. A plain, level country. 

Magn-adiiraian. • A pinin or field or ^do^ 
ration, where an open temple, confifting 
of a circle of tall ftrait ftone pillars, wiih 
a very large flat ftone called Cromleac, 
ferving for altar, was conftrufted by the 
Druids for religious worfliip. Thefe 
Druidical temples^ whereof many are ftill 
exifting in IrelaAd and Scotla^d^ were 
built in 'the fame manner with tfiat wiiich 
Wai built by Mofes, 'as it is dcfcribed 
Exod. xxiv. 4,' confifting of twelve ftone 
pillars as an altar. "Whether the objeft 
of the Druidifli wbrfhip was the true God, 
I cannot affirm. Several places in Ireland at 
this day wear thefe names. There is one in 
the county Clare, where the kings of the 
0*Brien race were inaugurated. Another, 
about four miles north of Corke, now 
called Beal atha magh-adhoir, frai» 
which the. valley called Gleann magh^ 
adhoir, derives Its name.- 

Maghair. Wowed land. 

Maghar. Fiih-fry, bait to catch fiflu 

Maghach, moidbach. A hare. 

Maghar. A word, expreffion. 

Maghfhal. | ^ 

\/F ui • r'arraokf. 
Maghlann. 1 

Maglidh. Soft. 

Maghuifge. A winter lake. 

Maglothuin. He cherifhed. 

Maibhin. Pouring forth. 

Maicne. Kindred, relations. 

Maide. Wood, timber, a ftick. 

Maide-milis. Liquorice. 

Maidain. A little ftick. 


M A I 


Maideog. The flieU eatleii Concha . ve* 

Maide-brifde. The tongs. 

Maide-fdiuraidh. A ^ot^-ftlck^ a thireU 

Maide-finglaidh. A fmtig^e-AaiF. 

Maide-fniomli. A difta^, 

Maidheog. A midwife. 

Maidhdean. Amftidy virgin. 

Maidhdeanas. Virginity, iliaidenhead. 

Maidhin. A battle, ikinniih. 

Maidhm. A breach, eruption, faHjr^ flight. 

Maidhmam. To tear, burfti 

Maidham. To be broke in battle, to be 

Maidham. To upbraid or boaft againft a 
man the favours he has conferred upon 

Maidheanach. Slow. 

Maiddin. Morning. 

Maiddinughadh. Dawning. 

Maiddinag. The morning ftar. 

Maighean. A place. 

Maigain. A toad, a little fat fellow* 

Maighifdir. A mafter. 

Maighiftriochd. Maftery. 

Maighifdir- fcol. A fchoolmafter. 

Maighne. Qr«ae* 

Maigneas. A field. . 

Maighre. A falmon. 

Maighrelettlt. . A (almon trout* 

Mailis. Malice. I doubt this to be 

Mailifeach. Malicious. 

Maill. Delays 

Maillachan. The young of fprites, in Scot- 
land called Browny. It is*a good-natured 
being, and renders good offices to fa- 

Maillc. Together with. 

Maille ribh. With you. 

Maille riut. With thee. 

Mailligham* To flacken, delay. 

Main. The morning, day* 

Main. The hand. 

Maineag. A glove. 

Mainobair. Handicraft. 

Mainbhitheach. Crafty. 

Maiiicliille. A fleevc. 

Maineachna. Negligence, inattention. 

Maineachtnach. Indevout, neglig^t in 

Maineas. A miftake. 
Mainneir. A fold, pfifon, pen. 
Mainigh. Madnefs, fbolifhnefs. 
Mainis. A lance, fpear. 
Mainneafach. Sluggifh. 
Mainnis. Drawling, trifling. 
Mainnifdair. A monaftery. 
Mainnrach. A booth, hut, fold. 
Mainneamhuil. Early. 
Mainfe. Maintenance. 
Mainfair. A manger. 
Mairbhghreim. The morphew. 
Maircairn. Cots. 
Maireafail. Life. 
Maireun. A fmall falmon. 
Mairg. Woe. 
Mairgeach, mairgneach. Woeful^ forrow* 

Mairgnigham. To groan, bewail. 
Mairthachdin. Laft, continuance^ lafting. 
Mairtham. To live, continue. 
Mairthann. Being, life. 
Mairthionnach. Long lived, lading.' 
Mairthinnach. Lame. 
Mairlam. To bruife» cntmble. 
Mairnam. To betray. 
Mairnealach. A pilot, mariner. 
Mairneal. A let, delay. 
Mairnealach. Dilatory, tedious. 
Mairtirach. A martyr. 
Mais. A lump, heap. 
Mais, meas. An acorm 
Maifcaor. A lump. 
Maife. An ornament^ bloom, beaoty^ 



M A L 


Maife. Food, viduals« 
Maifeach. Beautiful, graceful^ handfome. 
Malfeachd. |_, . ,^ 

Maifeamhlachd. }EI*g«"««> handfomenefs. 

Ma is feadh. If fo be, then, therefore* 
Matfeamhuil. Handfome. 
Maifigham, To adorn, deck, 
Maifteog. .The mafticb- tree. 
Maiftir- Urine. 
Maiftirradh. A churning, 

Maiftiram. 1 ^ , 

nvr ii- • u C ^^ churn. 
Maiitiruigbam. 3 

Maith. Good, excellent. 

Maith. 7 _,, . _ . ., 

njr ' t. i Chieftains, nobles. 
Maithc. J ' 

Maitheachas. 7 « . -. , 

Maithmheachas. r*"'S'^*"=^^> P"'^^"- 
Maitheamh. An abatement, flackening. 
Maitheas. Goodnefs, bounty. 
Maitham. To forgive. 
M?ikhrean. An aunt by the mother's fide.' 
Mai, mall. Slow, dilatory. 
Mai is. A delay, let, hindrance. 
Mai. Rent, tribute, tax, fubfidy. 
Mai. A king, prince. 
Mai. A poet. 
Kal. A champion, foldier. 
Mala. A bag, budget, mail. 
Mala. The eye-brow. 
Malaid. A bag, budget. 
Maladair. A farmer, renter. 
Malair. A merchant. 
Malairt. Excbaoging, bartering ; ex- 
change, barter. 
Malalrtach. Mutual, reciprocal. 

Malairtam. 1 -, . 

T. , , . . , V To exchange, barter. 

Malairtaigbam. I ^ 

Malairtughadh. Exchanging. 

Malairtain airgald. A banker. 

Malcair. A porter, bearer of burthens. 

^ Malcaireacbda. Of oj belonging to the 


Malcaireas. Sale. 


Malcam. To bear, carry, to rot. 
Malcadh. Rottennefs, rotting, bearing, 

Mallchodach. One that fups late« 
Malcthaire. A porter. 
Mallbheurlach. Slow fpoken. 
Mall. Slow, dilatory. 
Msrlldromach . Saddle*backed. 
Malla. Modeft. 
Mailachd. Modefty. 
Mallachd. A curfe. 
Malluighte. Curfe. 
Malluigham. To curfe. 
Mallughadh. Curfing. 
Malltriallach. Slow travelling. 
Maloid. A flail, fcourge, thong. 
Malraidham. To exchange, barter. 
Malratoir airgaid. A banker, 
Maloigheagh. To grow dull. 
Mall-fmuainteadh. Deep mufing or ftudy. 
Maka. Mild, foft. 
Mam. A hand or fifti a handful j vid« 

Mam. Vile, bafe* 
Mam. A mother. 
Mam. Might, power. 
Mam. A hill, mountain, a gap, a pafs« 
Mamm. A breaft, pap. 
Mama. Alone. 

Mamas. Might, ftrcngth, power; 
Mam-fioc. A rupture. 
Man. The hand. 
Ma'n. Before, er^. 
Mana. A caufe, condition. 
Manach. A monk, friar. 
Manachdal. Conventual. 
Manachan. The groin. 
Manadh. Fate, lotj Cur air xnhanadh, 

Manadhis. A fpear. 
Manama. A glove. 
Manehach. Of or belonging to moQk$« 
Mancuairt. About. 




Manchnumh. A cheefe-mitc, 

Mandach. That maunteth. 

Mandracach. A mandrake. 

Mang. Morofencfs, fourncfs. 

Mang. A bag, budget. 

Mang. Deceit. 

Mang. A fawn. 

Mangach. Like a fawn. 

Mangaire. A tav^rner. 

Mann. Wheat, food, bread. 

Mann. A wedge, an ounce* 

Mannar. Loofening. 

Mann. A fln. 

Mann. Bad, naught, 

Manntach. Tongue-tied, maunting, ftut* 

Manrac. A gift. 

Manrach^ A Iheep-fold. 

Manrachd. Happy. 

Manradh. Deftrudion. 

Manran. Amorous difcourfe, 

Manranach. Noify. 

Manras. Motion. 

Manta. Demure, bafhfuK 

Mantacht. Baihfulnefs. 

Mantaire. A lifping perfon. 

Maoidhm. A hard word. 

Maoithmheach. 7 xr . ^ . 

Maodhmheach. j 

Maoidheadh, maoidheamh. Boafting, pro- 

Maoilad. J 

Maoilin. The fummit, brow of a ridge or 

Maoilaodannacb. Baldrpated* 
Maoin. Love, efteem* 
Maoin. Worldly iiibftance. 
Maoirfeachd. Stewardihif. 
Maois. A pack or bag. 
Maois-eifg: Five hundred fi(h« 
Maoifeog. A little pack or bag. 
Maoifeacb) maQifleach. A (he deer, doe. 

Maoitheach. Vain-glorious, boafting. 

Maoitham. To boaft. 

Maoithmheachas. Boafting. 

Maoithmheach. An objeAion. 

Maodal. Stomach, paunch, tripe. 

Maodhadh. Boafting, reproaching, pro- 

Maodhfeachlach. Apt to boaft. 

Maol. Bald, blunt, without horns, hum- 

Maol. A promontory, cape. 

Maol. A fervant, a fliaved perfiSn devoted 
to fome religious order. 

Maolan. A beacon. 

Maolaodanachd, Bald«iefs. 

Maol-Cholum-cillc. Colum-cille's fervant. 

Maol-feachluin. St. Seachluin's fervant. 

Maol-aigeantach. Dull-witted, ftupid. 

Maol-Iofa. A Highland faint. 

Maolchluafach. Tame, gentle, inadive. 

Maoluigham. To become dull, ftupid j to 
allay, calm. 

Maoldorn. A fword-hilt. 

Maoldorn fbionn airgaid. Silver-hilted 

Maolchair na mailin. The fpacc between 
the eye- brows. 

Maoldhearc. A mulberry, 

Maolfhaobhrach. Blunt, 

Maolluin. A mule. 

Maom. Fear, terror. 

Maom fleibhe. A torrent. 

Maon. Dumb, mute. 

Maonas. Proper name of a man. 

Maor. A fteward, officer, a fervant j for- 
merly a baron. Vide Mormhaor. 

Maor-eaglais. Apparitor. 

Maor-ftriopaich. A pimp« 

Maorach. Shell-fifh. 

Maoth. Tender, foft. 

Maothalach. Emollient. 

Maothalachd, Emollients, 

Maothan. A Iwig, oficr, bud; a carti- 
[Q.q qj lagc, 



> Subjefiioc 

lage^ griftte; any thing tender^ foft. 
The Xiphoides, or griftle in the fcrobi- 

. culum cordis. 

Maothla matha. Acorn and fruit. 

Maothmhuadh. Nice» delicate. 

Maothfbuileaf^hd. Watrincfe of the eyes. 

Maothughadh. Moiftening. 

Maothiiigham. To moi{len> iriigate. 

Mar. As, like^ where., Thus. 

Mar gu. As if. 

Mar-fin. So, in that manner. 

Mara. Belonging to the fea. 

Marach. To-morrow. 

Marachd. Error, miftake, marine. 

Marag. A pudding. 

Maran. Entertaiameota 

Maraon. Togedier. 



Maras. Ten thoufand, a myriad. 

Marbh. Dead, heavy, benumbed.. 

Marbhadh. Slaughter, mstfficre. 

Marbham.. To kjll^ fl^. 

Marbhan. A corpfe, dead body, margin of 
a book* 

Marbhach. Deadly. 

Marbhchras. A carcafe. 

Marbhdhraoithachd, Necromancy. 

Marbhdhraoth. A necromancec. 

Marbhla. A ftill day. 

Marbhnach. An elegy. 

Marbhiapam. To be benumbed^ to be 

Macbhphaifg. Dead men's ihroiids and 
drefs ; alfo an Irifh and Highland . im- 

Marbhortaliche. Lethargy. 

Marbhthach. Mortal, crueL 

Marbhrann. A n elegy, death ibng, epitaph* 
^ Marbhranntach. Elegiac 

Marbhfhruth. Wakc:o£ afliip» 

Marbhthoir. A murderer, flaughterer. 
Marbraid. A fort. 
Marc, marcan. 'A horfe. 
Marcach. A horfeman, rider. 
Marcachd. )«... , - 
Marcaidhachd. j «'<>•"§. horfcmaaih.p. 

Marcuigham. To ride. 
Marc-choimhliong.. A horfe-race. 
Marclach. Any provifion of viftuah. 
Marclann. A ftable. 
Marcreil. Mackerel. 
Marcfhluagh. Cavalry. 
Marg. A mark in money. 
Marg fearainn. A markbmd. 
Margadh. A market. 
Margal. Marketable. 
Margadhluidh. i . 
Marfonta. jAmetchanU 

Margha. Marine. 

Marghan. A margin. 

Maria. Rich clay,, marl. 
' Marmur. Marble. 

Marros. Rofemary. 

Marri. With, along with. 

Marris. Along with him, it. 

Marria. With her, it; 

Marrium. With me. 

Marriut. With. thee. 

Marrinn. With us. 

Marribh. With you.. 

Marriu. With them. 

Marrifd. A match, hufband. 

Marruigham. To moor, anchor. 

Marrughailiu Mooring. 

Maron. Sound. 

Marfontachd. . Merchandize* 
„ Mart. A cow. 

Mart. Month of M^ch. 

Mar ta. Even, fuch as. 

Martfheoil. Beef, 
i Marthain. Being, lift. ' ' 
; Marthanach. LafiiAg, durable* 
^ Martbannachd. 


M £ A 

Marthannachd. Duration, eternity. 

Martham, mairtham. To laft, continue, 


Marthuigh. Changing. 

Martram. 7 r^ . . 
^^ . , J To maim, lame, 
Martraigham. i 

MartarthA. Maimed. 

Martineach, A cripple. 

Maranno. Steady. 

Ma is, ma's. If. 

Mas. A buttock, thigh, breeclu 

Mas. Excellent, handfooie. 

Mafan. Delay. 

Mafanach. Slow, tedious. 

Mafdidh. A maftifF. 

Mafeadh, ma is e» If it befo, then, there- 

Mafgam. Toinfufe, fteef^malt for brew- 

Mafladh. Reproach, flander. 

Mafcair. A lump. 

Maflach. Reproachful, ignominious. 

Maflim. Maftlin. 

Maflughadh. Reproaching, flandering. 

Mafluighaln. To reproach, (lander. 

Mafladh. Spiteful. 

Ma ta. If fo be, nevcrtherefs, however. 

Mata. Great, dark, gloomy. 

Mata. A mattra&. 

Matb» Good. 

Math. Fruit. 

Math. A hand. 

Matha^ Matthew. 

Mathadh. A pardon, pardoning. 

Mathaioii. To forgive^ pardon. 

Mathain. .Mer«y, difpofel. 

Mathair. A motheri. caufe. 

Mathair. Gore. 

Matbair-abhair. i . ^ ^ ^r 

. ., J A caufe, primary caufe. 

Mathair-ail. > 

Mathair-uifge. A refervoir of water,, (burce 
of water. 

Mathair-iongair. The caufe of fuppura- 

Mathair na lughadaig. The ring-fin ger* 

Mathairdha. Of, belonging to a mother. 

Mathairdhachd. The right of a mother. 

Mathairdhas. Motherhood. 

Mathairorn. Matricidium. 

Mathairornoir. Murderer of his mother. 

Mathairamhuil. Motherly, tender. 

Mathairamhlachd, Motherlinefs, tender** 

Mathamhnas. Forgiving. 

Matham. To meliorate, manure. 

Mathdheanamh. Beneficence. 

Mathas. Goodnefe, bounty. 

Mathfadh. Doubt. 

Mathgbabhuift. 7 . ; 


Mathan. The fucker of a tree. 

Mathfam. To doubt. 

Mathon. A bear. 

Mathflogh. A congregation. 

Mathte. Forgiven, pardoned. 

Me. Me, the accuf. of Mi, L 

Meabhal. ShaaK, fraud, deceit. 

Meabhalach.. Deceitful, fraudulent. 

Meabhair. The memory. 

Meabharach. Mindful. 

Meabhrigham. To fchcme, plaft, plot. 

Meabhra. A fi£lion, lie. 

Meabhi^ch. Chearful, merry. 

Meacan. A parfnip. 

Meacan-uillioniu Ekcampane. 



Meach. HofpiC&Iity. 

Meactroig. The ox next the plough. 

Mead. Encreafe, bignefs, bulk. 

Meadaigham. To encrea^e, enlarge, im-« 

Meadaighte.. Augmented,, enlarged. 
Meadar. A churn, an anfated vefiibl, miIk-» 

pail I 

A carrot. 

M E A 

M E A 

pail J the Irifli is four-carnercd, and hol- 
lowed with a chiflel ; the Scotch round 
and hooped. 

Meadar, meadarachd. Verfe, metre, 

Meadbhronn. Dropfy. 

Meadh. A ballance, fcale. 

Mcadh. Metheglin, mead. 

Meadhach. A ftallion. 

Meadhach. Fuddled with mead, 

Meadhachan. Force. 

Meadhaigham. To weigh, ballance, con- 

Meadail, maodal. A belly, paunch. 

Meadhair. Talk, difcourfe, mirth. 

Meadhair. A forewarning of future events. 

Meadharach. Chearful, lively. 

Meadhon. The midft, middle, center 5 a 
mean inftrument. 

Meadhonach. Mid, middle, intermediate, 

Meadhon-la. Noon, mid-day. 

Meadhrach. Glad, joyful. 

Meadhg, meidhg. Whey. 

Meag. The earth. 

Meall. A ball, lump, knob. 

Meall. A hill, hillock, eminence* 

Meala, mealgha. Of honey. 

Meala. A reproach. 

Meala. Grief, forrow. 

A' mheali. Broom* 

Mealb, mealbhog. A fatchel, budget, 

Meall, meallach. Good, pleafant. 

Meall. An heap, lump. 

Mealladh. Deceiving, defrauding. 

Meallag. The milt of a filh. 

Meallcair. Hafty-gudding, pap. 

Meallam. To deceive, defraud. 

Meallam. To enjoy, brook. 

Mealltin. Enjoying. 

Meallta. Deceived, defrauded. 

Mealltoir. A deceiver. 

^ealitoireachd. Deceit, fraudulcnce* 

Meam. A kifs. 

Meamam. To kifs. 

Meambra. A fhrine. 

Meamrum. Parchment. 

Meamhair. Memory. ' 

Meamhairam. To remember, conflder. 

Meamhraigham. To mention, put in mind 

Meamhairaighte. Studied, confidere<} of, 


Meamnarcam. To think. 

Meanadh. An awl. 

Meanadh. I ^ . 

Meanan. } G»P'«S. .y=»»"^ing. 

Meanadh. Foretelling, fate* 
Meanuir. He thought of» 
Meanan. Plain, clear. 
Meanbh. Small. 
Meanbhchuilag. A gnat. 
Meanbhchuifach. Curious. 
Meanfach. l 
Meanfagadh. >• Yawning. 
Meang. Craft, deceit. 
Meangach. Crafty, deceitful. 
Meangan. ? . . , , 
Meanglan. ! ^ ^"^'^^ *'°"Sh, t^^g^ ■ 

Meangraidhte. Sophiftry. . 

Meanma, meanman. Courage, vigour.^ 

Meanmach, .meanamnach. Chearful, in 

fpirits, elate. 
Meanmaradh. Thought. 
Meanmlaige. Dullnefs, lazinefs, ^eak« 


Meanmnaigham. To regale, gladden* 

Meanmughadh. An exhortation. 

Meanmuin. Joy, gladnefs. 

Meann. Manifeft. 

Meann. Famous, illuftrious, celebrated* 

Meann. Dumb. 

Meann. 1 ^ ., 
njr f A rib. 

Meannan. ) 

Meannath-athar. A fnipe* 


M E A 

M"E I 

Meannad. A place, xooin. 

Meanrachd. Happinefs^ blifs» good-luck. 

Meantail. Deceit. 

Meanntus. Spearmint. 

Mear. Quick^ Aidden» merry, wanton. 

Mear. A finger, toe. 

Mearachd. Miftake, error. 

Mearachd-ceille. Madnefs, wrong in j udg- 

Mearaigham. To miftake, err. 
Mearagan. Fingering, handling. 
Mearaighe. A fool. 
Mearaithne. A flight doubtful knowledge 

of one. 
Mearardhachd. Sobriety. 
Mearaghadh. Miftaktng, erring. 
Mearbha. A lie, fiftion. 
Mearbhal. A miftake, random. 
Mearbhallacbd. Erring. 
Meardhana. Foolhardy. 
Meardhanachd. Raihnefs. 
Mearghradh. Fondnefs. 

Mearnighte. } 

Mearlachd. j 
Mearlach. A thief. 
Meas. Fruit, particularly acorns. 
Meas. Meafure, a rod to meafure graves. 
Meas. A weapon, edge or point. 
Meas. A pair of (hears. . 
Meas. A fofter-child. 
Meas. A falmon. 

Meas. Refped, . c^inion, advice, con- 
Meafa. Worfe, worft. 
Meafamhuil. Refpefied, efteemed*. 
Meafan. 7 ^ « a 
Meafchu. J A J»Hog- 
Meafaire. Juft weight or meafure. 
Meafardha. j ^ . ^ r i 

Meafam. To efteem, think, or fuppofc. 

Meafardhachd. I ^ 

Meafarthachd. * *^ 

Meafchaor. A plummet, founding-line. 

Meafchraobh. A fruit-tree. 

Meafchruinigham. To gather acorns, to 

gather in corn. 
Meafg. Among, amongft. 
Bhur Meafg. Amongft you. 
'Nar Meafg. Amongft us. 
'N am Meafg. Amongft them. 
Meafgadh. A mixture, mixing. 
Meafgam. To mix, ftir about, to move, 

Meafghort. An orchard. 
Meafog. An acorn. 
Meafraigham. To temper. 
Meafuim,; meafam*. To prefume, fuppofe, 

confider, obferve, efteem ; to lay a tax, 

to rate. 
Meata. Cowardly, fearful. 
Meatachd. Cowardice. 
Meath. Decay. 
Meatha-dhala. Atleaft. 
Meath^challtin. Southernwood.. 
Meathach. Ferilhable, a degenerate per-^ 

Meathach. Fat. 
Meathadh. Withering, lading, flirink^' 

Meathaigham. To grow fat. 
Meathaim. To fiide, decay, wither. 
Meathas. «Fat, fatnefs. 
Meathligham. To faint or die of cold. 
Meathufradh. Fatlings. 
Meaththinnas. A confumption. 
M^thlughadh. Sinking under cold. 
Meid, mead. Bignefs, magnitude. 
Meide. The neck. 
Meideach. A ftallion. 
Meidil. A medlar. 
Meidhe. A ftump, flock, trunk. 

[R r rj Meidbg, 

M E I 


Mddbg, mwdhg, Wbcy« 
Meidghamhuil. Serous. 
Meidhife. The middle, midft* ' 
Mcidhleach^ meildch. Bleating of ihfcp. 

JJt^'""'} To bleat. ; 

Meigh. A ballance, fcaU* 

Meigiollach. I „, . ^ ^ . 


MeigioIIam. To bleat a» af goat. 

Meile. A hand<-inill. 

Meileadh. Bleating;. < . 

Meiiftm* To pinJU 

Meilg. Death. 

Meilg. Milk. . . 

Meill. A cheek. 

Meilliach. The globe. 

Metlc. . Grinding. 

Meilt. Cafting) hurling^. 

Meillig. Rind. 

Meimeadh. A poenik . 

Mein. The mind. 

Mein. Oar, a mine. 

Meinn. Quality, fliMiiy clevMnC^jcttaurCy^ 

MeinneamhuU. ASMty. well ->^difpoftd^ 

Meir. Gen. of Mear. 
Meirbh. Slow, tedious, weak, . 
Meirbke. Wcakn^d^. dttlli^rs. . 
Meirbhe. A lie. 
Meirceann. A fingeri. 
Metrdreach. A whore^ harlot. 
Meirdreachas. Forxucatton* 
Meile, miie. Mixtk^ madnefsh 

Meirge. An eniign> flaadard^ banncs« 
Meirgeach. Rufty, full of ruft» 
Meirgeall. Roughnefs, ruggedncfs. . 
Meirghe. A band, troOp, c6mpany» 
Meirin nam magh. Agriolony. 
Meirleachas* Treaibn, rebellioa. 
Meirkach. A thief, rogue, rebel* 

Meirneal. A mertin. 

Mcuttficacfa. -ir* vf > • 1 

MeirthnWhe. r^'^'=' ^'"S"*''*- 

Meis. Gen. of Miaa* 

Meia^ Bad, widKd. 

Meifcheolam. To fing^ moduUt^^ • 

Meifde. Worfr- . 

Mbifeamhnighamt. To judges 

Meifge. Drunkennefs. 

Meifi. A jvdge^ 

Meifi. Farrieu > • 

Meifim A little difli. 

Motfiioacli. CowmgeJ 

Meifneamhuil. Courageous* 

Meifnigham. To eocoiurage) liottiift^ cte^ 

rifh, refrefby ^vMraiy ebdiorCr 
Meifriobhar. A bofhcL 
Meiffi. Ghofti,. appindoM*. . 
Meith. Fat, corpuknu 
Meitheallach. A fadiAg*. 
Meithle. Reaper*.. 
Meithrios. Fatnefib. 
Meithreas. Kitchen-ftu^ 
Mele, A woman's coif. 
Mele.. A. fluggard, cowardly fcldieiW 
Melg. Death. 

Melghi. Pbint of deatl^ death-bod^ 
Melighaoi* To bkat a» ft fbotpi 
Mclinid).. Adi twt^ 
Men, moau Oar* 
Men. A mouths 
Mennan-athar. A fii^.. 
Menm-ara. A whale. 
ftlcDigbi;^ Lan^Cy.gcnde* 
Meodhan, meadhon. A meant. 
Meodhanachy meadhoaariu Middlonofl^ 

Meogal. A medley, mixture^ 
Meomhrachan. i A memdranduftn^. tdcoid; 
Meomhranach. i lakinndtsd 
M«omhair^ The memory. 
Meomhairach, Mindful, having- a Ibong 


2 Meomharaigham. 

M I A 


Meomharaigham. Tq rtmtmb^r^ triention, 

Meor, meur. A. finger. 

Meorad. 1 

Meoracan. 7 A thimble. 

Meuran. J 

Meothal. Help. 

Mertnigham. To nwakcn. 

Mether. A veil« f overing.. 

Methle. A reaping. 

Meud, mead. Greatnefe^ . 

Meudal. VideNLiodaK 

Mcug. Whey* 

Meugach. Having much wbej* 

Meugamhuil. Serous* 

Meunan. Gapi»g» yawningo* 

Meur* A finger, prong. 

Meurag. A pebble, a little clue of yaim» 

Meuran. A thimble* 

Meuthas. Fatnefs. Vid« Meatfaas. 

Mi. I. 

Mi, mio. A compofitivc and negative par* 

. ticte* 

Mi^ rnios* A months 

Mi* A mouths 

Mtach. A bag, budget* 

Miadh* Honour, refpeffc* 

Miadhmhor* Ifenourable^ noble.. 

Miaduighi A. hog,, iwine*. 

Miadhachv 7 _, 

Miadhal. r""°"'- 

Miadadh. Shutting* 

Miamhal. Mewling as a cat* 

Miann* . The will, defire, love» 

Mianach. Oar, jl mine« 

Mianfhaolidh* A gaping. 



Meannmhoracbd. Appetibtlity* 

Miannghas... Inclination^, favour, longing, 

Miannghafach* Defirour. 
Mianndiultadhi Abnegation* 
Mias* A difh, platter* 

I Defirous, longing, 
r. ' 

Mias* An altar. 

Mic. Of a fon ; fons*. 

Michadhas. Ingratitude* 

Michadhas. An iffiront* 

Micelmhe. An ill onaken* 

Michcadfa. Indignatioa* 

Micheadfach. Difpleafed^ vexed, <liiiqoa# 

Micheill. Madncfs, folly. 
Micheillidh. Foolifb, imprudent*. 
Micheilligham. To rave, date* 
Micheineamhuin, Mifadyenture. 
Michneafta* Inhumane, uncivil i pej[iloM%» 

Michreadamh* Unbelief. 
Micheir. 7 «.. , , 

Michearta. 1^^"^' gentle* 
Midh. The fight, alpeft. 
Midheamhaltach* Frugal. 
Midheamhuin* Meditation* 
Midheang. SIender-waifled» . 
Midhiomhalta. DoubtfuU- 
Midhion. . . UUcoIoured* 
Mi-effeachdach. Vain, ineffedutl.- 
Mighoiomh* Iniquity, lewdnefs* 
Mighreann. Difdain, loathing* 
Migheur. Blunt. 
Mil* Gen. Meala* Honey. 
Mil. 1 

Mileadh* I A foldier, champion*- 
Milidh. J 
Milanta* Brave* 
Milbhir* Mead, metheglin< 
Milcairc. A . parailte. 
Milcheo. - 

Milchruimheog. ] 
Mildeoch* Mead. 
Mile. Athoufand, a mile ; pi* Miltaii^* 

Milneach* 7 . , * „ . 

ujr- ». i A thorn, bodkin* 
Mmeach* \ . 

Milighe* The point of death, 

Mileanta. Soldierly* 

Milightheach. Pale, wan* 


Ml N 

M I O 

Mills. Sweet. 

Mill. Pl.ofMealL 

Millein. Blame, tax. 

Milleadh. Ruining, fpoiling. 

Millatn. To fpoil, marr, ruin. 

Milliudh. An ill eye, a fafcinating look. 

MiWe. 1 

Milfad. > Sweetnefs. 

Milfeachd, J 

Milfean. Any fweet thing, fWeetmeat, 

Milfainan^ Dainty di(hes. 
Milfean^mara. A fort of fea-weed. 
Milfeanta. Sweetened. 
MiUhliofneach. A chiliagon. 
Millte. Ruined, fpolled. 
Millich. Tufts of good grafs* 
Millteoir. An opprefTor. 
Milltne. 7 T> „ ^ 

MiUtncachd. } ^"^"y* gallantry. 

Milmheacan. A mailow. 

Milfe. More fweet. 

Milfuigham. To fweeten, mull. 

Milta. PL of Mile. 

Mimheafom. To undervalue, defpifct 

Mimheafta. Mean, vile, defpifed. 

Minheifnigham. To defpife, terrify. 

Min. Fine, tender, delicate, foft, fmootb. 

Min. A plain, a field. 

Min. Meal, flower. 

Minanach. A minikin. 

Minan. Small of coal and other things. 

Minaois. Minority. 

Minbhrifani. To bruife, comminate. 

Mind reach. A little image. 

Mine. Smoother. 

... \ > Smoothnefs. 
Mmad. 3 

Minad. Smallnefs, finenefs. 

Minag. A gentle meek woman. 

Minagach. Tender, meek. 

JVlinbhean* A wife. 

Minchruth. Miniature. 

Mine. Pufillanimity. 

Mineitc. A fmall feather. 

Mineach. Mealy. 

Mineachd. Softnefs, gentlenefs. 

Mineaghadh. Politenefs. 

Minadurtha. Unnatural, ill-natured. 

Minchagnam. To 'mump. 

Min-eallacb. Small cattle. 

Minf heur. Soft grafs. 

Mingheal. Soft and fair. 

Minghearram. To haih, mince. 

Minghaduighachd. Pilfering. 

Minidh. An owl. 

Minicthi. Tame, gentle. 

Minn. Kids. Vide Meann. 

Minnain. A little kid, fawn. 

Minnaid. A minute. 

Minnaidach. Careful, fteady. 

Minneighadh. Adjuring. 

Minic. Frequent, often. 

Miniafg. Small fifli. / 

Minughadh. Taming, fmoothing, explain- 

Minuigham. To explain, fmooth, polifb, 

Minneach. A lye. 

Minifdair. Aminifter, fervant. 

Minifdralachd. . Serving, adminiftcring, 

Minearghnas. Ignorance. 

Minlach. The fineft of grafs. ^ 

Minmhear. Hemlock. 

Min-iaruinn. The filings of ftecl. 

Minrofgach. Meek-eyed. 

Minos. Unchaftenefs. 

Minuach. The herb Millmountain, purg- 
ing flax. 

Minnfag. A young (he-goat. 

Mio-adh. Bad fortune. 

Mio-adhmhor. Untowardly, awkward, am- 

Miobhal, Unthriftincfs* 

Mioboilc. Scab* 


M I O 


Miobheufach. Impolite. 
Miobhuidhachas. Ingratitude. 
Miobhuineadh. Defpair, diftruft. 
Miobhuileadh. Loathing. 
Miobhuilughadh. Mifapplying. 
Miobhuiluighani. To mifimprove* 
Miobhuidhach.. Ungrateful. 
Miochaine. A prefent. 
Miochaire. Loving,* affable. 
Miochairthe. A monfter. 
Miochas. Ingratitude, difefteem. 
Miochadhafach. Ungrateful. 
Miochean. Difguft. 
Miocheart. Unjuft. 
Miochuinas. Difquiet. 
Miocheilh Folly. 
Miochliu. Difpraife, reproach. 
Miochliutach. Infamous. 
Miochoingioll. Deceit, 6^chery« 
MiochoingioUach . Treacherous, 
Miochoirteach. Monftrous. • 
Miochomhghair. Difappointment. 
Miochreidafach. Difcreditable. 
Miochreidas Difcredit* 
Miochriodhal. Heartlefs, diflieartened. 
Miochriodholachd^ Difpirltednefs. 
Miochomhthrom* . Unjuft, unequal* 
Miochreidamh. • Unbelief. 
Miochumas. A dpnation. 
Miocbuifeach. Bewitching. 
Miodadh. Cdnfidering. 
Miodal. Flattery, fair fpeeches*. 
Miodalach. - Flattering. 
Miodar. Good pafture* 
Miodh. Mietheglin.- > 
Miodhbhaidh . Protedion. 
Miodhchuairtrf A whirlpool. 
Miodhilis. Unfaithful. 
Miodhiadhidh. Ungodly. 
Miodhealbhach. Unlikely. 
M iodhealbham. To misihape. 
Miodhuileadh. A loathing. 
Miodbreach. A bad look or appearance. 

Miodhreacham. To disfigure. 
Miodhuiligham. To deteft, abhor. 
Miodhuthrachd. Negligence. 
Midrach. An anfated diih. 
Miodag. A knife. 
Mio-eudmhor. Cold, difloyal. 
Miofhallan. Healthlefs. 
Miofhoighid. J t • 
Miof hoighiden. J ^ 
Miofhoighidinach. Impatient. 
Miofhortun. Misfortune. 
Miofhortunach. Misfortunate. 
Miog. A fmirk, fmile. 
Miogihiule. Laughing eye. 
Miogfliuileach. Having laughing eyes. 
Miogach. Sparkling. 
Mioghean. Difaffedion, dillike. 
Miogheamnidh. Lewd. 
Miogheamnidhachd. Lewdnefs. 
Miogheur. Blunt. 
Mio-iomchubhidh. Unfit. 
Mioghlic. Foolifli. 
Mioghleatham. To hufband badly. 
Mioghleathadh. Bad management. 
Mioghnaitham. To abufe, mifapply* 
Mioghnamhach. Lewd^ mifchievous. 
Miol. A loufe. 

Miol-caorach. A flieep-tick, a ked. 
Miol-balla. A wall loufe. 
Miol-monadh. An animal that fwims on 

the furface of (landing water^ like a 

Miol-mor. A whale. 
Miol-crion. A moth. 
Miol-gaile. A belly- worm. 
Miol-ingneach. A crab. 
Miolabhartha. Froward, fiillen, fnarling. 
Miolacb. Brutifh; ioufy. 
Miolag. Any fmall thing ; a melon. 
Miolaineach. Thoughtful, melancholy. 
Miolafgach. ReflifF. 
Miolboidhe. A hare. 
Miolc. Whey. 

[Sff] Miocladh. 

M I O 

M I O 

Miolcadh. Flattering, flattery* 

Miolcam. To flatter, fmooth. < 

Miolcaireachd. Flattery, foothiog. 

Miolchomhlan. A park. 

Miolchu, A greyhound, 

Miolfcoiteachd. Eloquence. 

Miolfcoithe. Eloquent, affable^ debonair* 

Mioltag. A fly, gnat. 

Mioltag-leathair. A bat. 

Miollach. Devouring. 

Miomafg. A lancet, fpear. 

Miamhacanta. Difhoneft. 

Miomhacantachd* .Diflxonefly* 

Miomhinuigham* To mifinterpret. 

Miomhiihachal. Difpirited, irrefolute* 

Miombifnuigham. To difcourage* 

Miomhifnugbadh. Difcouraging* 

Miomheas. Difrefpefl* 

Mlomheafal. Difrefpe£lfttl. 

Miomhiannuigham. To difanimate* 

Miomhifnach. Difcouragemeiit. 

Miomhadh* Scandal, reproach, uncivility, 
bad manners* 

Miomhodhal* Rude, uncivil, ill-bred, 

Miomhodbam* To reproadiy revile, pro- 

Mionihara. Impudent, mean* 

Miomhuinighin. Diffidence, diftruft* 

Mio-ottorughadb* Difhonoucing* 

Mio-onoruigham. To di&onouf • 

Mion. Vide Miann* 

Mion* A diadem* 

Mion. Small. Vide* Min* 

Miun. A letter* 

Mionach. Bowels* 

Mionach. MetaL 

Mionaire* Impudence, affurance^ ef- 
Mionaireach* Shamelefe, impudent^ front- 

Mioaaitea$:b. Particular* 
Mionnan. A kid* 


Mionadurtha* Unnatural. 
Mionbhughmhann* A haggefs^ minced 

Mionca. Oftener, ofteneft. 
Mioncas. Atoms. 
Mionaomh. Propbane* 
Mionaomhaigham* To propjpsuie. 
Mionbhaile* Suburbs* 
Mionbhar. Hemlock* 
Mionbhradach. Light-fingered* 
Mionbhruigbam. To fDm^» crumble* 
Mionchloch* A pumice. 
Mionchuileog. A gnat* 
Mionduine. ^ A manikia* 
Miongraim. To gnaw* 
Mionn. A bell* 
Mionn. The erown of the head, the 

Mionn. Afioatb* 
Mionn riogha* A royal diadem. 
Mionnaigham. . Toiwear* 
Mionrann. A fliort verfe* . 
Mionnughadh* Vowing, fweariflg* 
Mionnlachd. Gentieneb* 
Mionbfach. IVforofe* 
Mioiios.. Diftra£lions a,jiig« 
Mionriogh. A petty ]cing« 
Mionfhuileach . Pink-eyed . . 
Miontan. A fmall bird, a titmoufe*. 
Miontas. Mint* 
MioAurach. A fmall pitcher* 
Miophairt.. Ingratitude* 
Miorbbadh . To kill, deftroy. 
Mior* A bit. Vide Mir* 
Miorag. Vide Mirig* 
Miorbhuile. A |»rodigy, miracle^ wonder. 
Miorbhuilleach* Wonderful^ 
Miorun* Ill-will, malice* 
Miorunach. Malicious. 
Mioriaghailt. Confufion* 
Mioriaghaiheach, Rebellioiis^ turbulent 

Miortal« Myrtle* 


M lO' 

MIS . 

Miortalnach. A place where myrtle grows. 

Mios, A month. 

Mais-buidh. July. 

Moifach. The plant pwging-flax, 

Miofachan. An almanack. 

Miofafta. Difplcafed. 

Miofcais. Spite, hatred. 

Moifcaifeach. Spiteful. 

Miofcaith. A curie, 

Miofdiuram. I 

Miofheolam. 1 

Moifgan. A fmall veflel full of butter. 

Miofgus. I .. , - . , " • 

Miofgin,} A gn^dg^. <?■*«. 

Miofhamh. Rough, rugged, hard. 

Miofhiofhalta. Uncivil, impolite. 

Miofin. A little difli. 

Mbifhuaimhnach. Reftlefs, untomforN 


Miofhuaimhnas. Difquiet. 

Miofheamhfor. Unlucky, ominous^ 

Miofheamhas. Ill fortune. 

Mifheun. Ill fortune, infelicity, 

Miofneach. Courage, 

Miofneachal. Couragious. 

Moiftuama. Immoderate, intemperate, 

Miofhonadh; Unfortunate, unbWs'd. 

Miofur, A meafure. 

Miofurachd. Menfuration. 

Miotal. ?•- , 
\A' 1 f Metal. 
Miotailte. y 

Miothag. A bite, pinching. 

Mithagaicham. To pinch. 

Moithaitnam« To difpleafe. 

Miothaincol. Ungrateful. 

Miothainct i . 

Miothaincolachd. j -^ 

Miothur. Little, narrow. 

Miothurafa. An ill omen. 

Miotag. A mitten. 

Miothaitnamhacb. Difagreeable^ unplea- 


Miothapadh, Mifbap. 

Miotharbhach. Unprofitable. 
Miothairbhe. Difprofit. 
Miothlachd. Contempt, difrefped. 
Miothlachdori Difagreeabk, contemi>- 

Miothoil. Ill will, unwillingnefs. 
Miothoileach. Unwilling, 
Miothoilaicham. To diffatisfy. 
Miothoil ichte. Diffatisficd. 
Miothuigam. To mifunderftand. 
Miothuigfin. Mifundcrftanding. 
Mir. A bit, part, piece. 
Mir. The top, fummit. 
Mirain. Frolickfomenefs. ' 
Mirag. Play, frifking. 
Miragach. Sportful, friflcing. 
Mire. Levity, madnefs. 
Mireanach. The bit of a bridle. 
Mireann. A portion, (hare. 
Mireannuigham. To fhatter. 
Mireufonta. Unreafonable, irrationaL 
Mireufontachd. Unreafonablenefs. 
Miriaghalta. Untraftable, unruly. 
Miriaghaltach. Irregular, informal, ex* 

Miriaghalachd. Untraiftabltenefs. 
Miriaghuil. Rebellion, tranfgrcffion; 
Mirle. A ball, a globe. 
Mirra. Myrrh. 
Mirtail. A myrtle- tree. 
Mis, mios. A month. 
Mifeach. A young kid* 
Mifeamhnach. Agreeable, pleafant; 
Mifgeul. A calumnious ftory. 
Mife. I myfelf. 
Miflieun. Adverfity, ill lucfc% 
Mifimin-dearg, Bogmint. 
Mifimirt. Foul play. 

MifgeamhuiL 7 -^ 
Mifgach. JDnmken. 




M O I 

Mifgair. A drunkard* 
Mifleanach. Springing up. 
Mifneach.. Courage. 
Mifneachal. i ^ 
Mifnamhal. 1 Courageous. 

Mifnachadh. Encouraging, abetting* 

Mifnuigham. To encourage. 

Mifnuighoir. Encourager. 

Mifte. Worfe, worft. 

Miftiri. A fly creeping fellow. 

Mitailte. Metal. 

Mitailteach. Mettled, keen, fmart. 

Mitailtaiche. A mineralift. 

Mitheir. Weak, crazy. 

Mithiir. Weak> ignorant. 


Mithidh. J^Time, proper feafon. 

Mithis. J 

Mithlachd. Difguft, difcord. 

Mithlachdor. Difgufied. 

Mithlufor. Cruel. 

Mithluforachd. Cruelty, 

Mithur. Niggardly. 

Miug. Whey. 

Miuran. A carrot. 

Miuran geal. A parfnip. 

Mligh. The point of death. 

Mna. InfleAed cafe of Bean, a woman. 

Mnamhal. Womanifli, effeminate. 

Mnamhalachd. Effeminacy. 

Mnigh. An epitaph. 

Mo, mogh. 7 . 

Modh. J^-"""- 

Mo. My, mine. 

Mo'a. Greater, greateft. 

MocI). Early, fooa> 

Mochabuidh. Earl.y ripe. 

Mochd. Promotion. 

Mochd. Great. 

Mocheirigh. Early rifmg. 

Mochthrath. The dawning of the day. 

Mod. A court. 

Modh. A manner^ fa(hion, breeding. 

Mpdh. Work. 
Modhaidheas. Hufbandry. 
Modhamhuil. Mannerly, well-bred. 
Modhamhlachd. Mildnefs, gentle beha« 

viour, good breeding. 
Modhan. Child-birth, travel. 
Modhanach. Moral. 
Modhdhamh. A pIpugh«ox. 
Modhluiain. Tabernacle, tent. 
Modhmhargadh. A flave-market. 
Modhfaine. Slavery, bondage. 
Mogach. Shaggy. 
Mogal. A hufk, (hell of any fruit; a. 

mafl), a clufter, branch. 
Mogan. A young hero. 
Mogan. A boot-hofe. 
Mogul na full. Apple of the eye. 
Mogulach. Full of hufks^ plenteous, like 

Mogh, modh. A manner, fafhion. 
Moghaighe. A hufbandman, clown* 
Moghna. A falmon. 
Moghur. Soft, mild. 
Moghfuine. Slavery. 
Moguidh, maggadh. Mocking. 
Moiche. Earlier. 
Moichad. State of being early. 
Moid. 1 

Moidghealladh. S 
Moid. A court, judgment-feat. 
Moid, moid meanman. The height of 



MM \ ^^^* fwear, afcertain, 

Moide. Greater, bettered. 
Moideach. A votary. 
Moidheach. A hare. 
Moidheamh. Boafling, bragging. 
Moidh, amuigh. Abroad. 
Moidthe. Devoted. 
Moigh, muigh. A|: mofl. 
Moigh, magh. A plain. 
Moigheanar. Happy^ feilive. 


M O L 


Moil. A kind of black worm. 

Moil* A heap caft up* 

Moilly mailL Delay, hindrance. 

Moiltin, molt. A hogrel. 

Moim. The eruption of water from a 

mountain, torrent. 
Moin. A mountain. 
Moinmhor. A mountain in Ireland. 
Moine. Turf, mofs, a bog, peat. 
Moinfheur. A meadow, mountain grafs. 
Moingrealt. A comet. 
Moinfe. A peat pit. 
Mointeach, A peat-mofs. 
Moipal. A mop, bruih. 
Moir, In compound words for Mor^ 

Moirb. An ant, pifmire. 
Moircheart. Juftice, clemency. 
Moireafadh. The falling ficknefs, 
Moireal. A borer. 
Moireis. Haughtinefs. 
Moirfhearthunnach. Very rainy. 
Moirghnithachd. Magnificence. 
Moirinntinach. Magnanimous* 
Moirmheafam. To magnify, efteem* 
Moirneis. Great ftr^ams of water. 
Moiriheifar. Seven. 

Moirteal. A cripple. 

Moirteah Mortar, plaifter. 

Moirteur, A pounding mortar* 

Moirtis# i . .. 

-- . > A mortife, tenon. 

Mortis. I 

Mois. A cuflom, manner. 

' Moifleabhar. An Ethick-book. 

Moit. A jfhort neck creftlng up, fulkinefs. 

Moitamhuil. Pettifh, fulky. 

Mol. An ailembly, flock, number* 

Mol. Loud, clamorous. 

Mol muiluinn. The beam that fets a mill 

in motioji. 

Mol oUa. A ball of wool^ 

Moladh. Praife, praifing. 

Molam. To praife. 

Molan, mulan* A fmall hill, heapw 

Molaibh a ghabhail. To coin. 

Mole. Fire. 

Molcha. An owh 

Mol fa. Great. 

Moll. Chafl". 

Mollachd. Vide Mallachdr 

Molrach. A giant. 

Molt. A wether. 

Mohair. Moulter. 

Moltach.' That praifeth. 

Molta. Praifed, extolled. 

Moltfheoilr Mutton. 

Momhar. 7- , :' 

-KM t. t. >Statelyy noble. 
Momharach. y 

Mo'n, mu'n. If not, before thati 

Mon. A trick, a wile. 

Monadh. Money. 

Monadh. A mountain^ extenfive com^ 

Monaifach. Sedate, mild, applied to the 

female fex. 
Monaiftir. A monaftery. 
Monar. Work. 

Monar.^ Murmuring, purling noife. 
Monaran. A certain berry growing ow 

Monarcha. A (hop, workhoufe. 
Monathar. The inwards. 
Mong, muing. Mane or creft of a horfe. 
A'mhongach' mhear. Henbane, or hem«^ 

Mong-fteudach. A fine creffced horfe.; 
Mongar. Roaring. 
Monlachb Rough, bruihy.- 
Monmhar.^ Murmuring, detraftion.- 
Monuar. Alas ! woe is the day. 
Mor. Great,, noble,, bulky, many. 
Moracthachd. Rottennefs, corruptions 
Morale MoramhuiL Majeftic, great, n)ag,rr 

[Ttt][ Morai^hant 

M O R 

M O S 

Moraigham. To magnify, 

Moramhlachd. 7 ,, -. . „ ^ - 

Mordhachd. } Majcfty, greatnefs. 

Moraigantach, ") 
Morchriodhach. ^Magnanimous* 
Morinntinach. J 
Moraigantachd* 7**^ . . 

Morchripdhachd. iMagnan.m.ty, 

Moralta. Moral. 

Moraltachd. Morality, 

Moran. A great number, multitude, ma- 

Moraonach» A great aflembly, matket- 

More. A hog, a fow. 

More. Great, huge. 

Morchlais, ?**•/: 

« 1 fMagninccnce. 

Morchoinneal. A torch, link. 

Morchoind. A fleet. 

Morcholnach. Corpulent, 

Morcroid. A highway. 

Morchuis. Pomp. 

Morchuifach. Pompous. 

Morchuifle. An artery. 

Morcthas. i^ 

^ir « > Corruption. 

Morgadh. ) ^ 

Morchuairt. Grand tour, vifitation of a 

Morchuidhtheach. Corrupt. 
Mordha. Worthy, noble, magnificenf, 

Mordhachd. Greatnefs, itiajefty. 

Mordhail. i »* . o- * . i •* 

Mordhail. An aflembly, convention, par- 

Mordhail Droma-ccit. The parliament of 
Dromceit, county Deny, at which were 
' preCent Aodbgan king of the Scots, and 
Collum Cille, abbot of I. * 

Mordhraidheahn. Agrimony. 
Moreifioch. Gay. 
Morfhairge. The ocean. 
Morfhas. Train oil. 
Morfhliogh. Mafterwoft. 
Morfleadh. Epulation. 
Morfhlath. Great chief. 


Morgantach . Magnificent. 
Morgha, muiramh. A fpear to kill fifh. 
Morghniomh. An exploit. 
Morghrain. Abomination. 
Morleathtromach. Advanced in pregnan- 

Morluaigh. } ^ . , , , 

Ti^ 1 \. J Precious, valuable. 
Morluach. 1 

Morlibh. Lees. 

Mormhaor. A lord-mayor, high fteward, 

an earl, lord. 
MormhuJgheamh. A brag. 
Mormor. Efpecially, moreover. 
Mormon ta. Wormwood; 
Mort. Murder, murdering. 
Mortair. A murderer. 
Mortam. To murder. 
Mortta. Devaflration by fire. 
Morfhluagh. A multitude. 
Morthir. The continent, main land. 
Morthorach. Very fruitful. 
Mortis. A mortice or tennon. 
Mortus. Gafconadc, infolence. 
Moruafal. Noble. 
Moruaifle. Nobility. 
Moruigham. To extol, exalt. 
Morughadh. Magnificence, exaltation. 
Moruadh, moruach. A mermaid, a fca- 

*Mos. A manner, faftion. 
Mofach. Of, belonging' to manner, fa* ' 

Mofach. Rough, briftly. 
Mofan. Rough trafli, fuch as chafl^^ &c. 
Mofgalam. To awake. 
Mofgaltach. Watchful, 


M U C 


Mofgaltachd. Watchfuln^s. 
• Mota. A mount, mote. 

Moth. Male of any creature, 

Mothach. Fertile, fruitful, pregnant. 

Mothaigham. To feel, perceive, know. 

Mothughadh. Feeling, fcnfibility, tou^h. 

Mothuigheach. n ^ 

Mothughal. J 

Mothar. Apart. 

Mothar. A high fea, loud noife. 

Mothar. A tuft of trees. 

Mothchat. A he-cat. 

Muadh, muaidh. A cloud. 

Muadh. An image. 

Muadh. Middle, midft. 

Muadh. Noble, good. 

Muadh. Soft, tender. 

Muadhaire. A rogue. 

Muadham. To form, Ihape. 

Muadhbhlofg. Very loud» noify. 

Muadhbhraidh. A platform. 

Mual. Summit, top of an hilK 

Muc. Sowt hog, pig. 

Mucin. A little fow. 

Muc ainidhe. A fow with young. 

Muc-alla. Echo, i. e. pig of the cliff, po- 
tius Mac alia. 

Mac. An inftrunjent of war whereby be- 
fiegers were fecured in approaching a wall, 
like the pluteus of the Romans, covered 
over with twigs, haircloth, raw hides, and 
moving on three wheels. 

Muca-meala. Something vegetative, which 
I do not know ; the words I met with in a 
defcriptivc poem of the ifland of Ar- 

Muc-ghaine. A flielf, quickfands. 

Muc-mhara. A whale. 

Muc-bhirach. A porpoifc. 

Mucag. The fruit called hip* 

Mucag. A cup. 

Mucair. A fwine-herd. 

Mucfheoil. Pork; Lore mucfheoil, a gam« 

mon of bacon. 
Much. Smoke. 
Mucha. An owl. 

Muchadh. Extinguifhing, extin£lion« 
Mucham. To extinguifh, fmother. 
Muchadoir. Extinguifher. 
Muchan. Chimney. 
Muchna. Dark, gloomy. 
Mucnach. Hoggifii, morofe. 
Mucnachd. Grimnefs, morofenefs. 
Mucraigh. A gammon of bacon* 
Mucihneachda. A fnow*ball. 
Mucufg. Swine's greafe. 
Mudhughadh. Dying, peri(hing. 
Mudan-croicin. A bit of fkin to cover the 

lock of a gun. 
Mudha. Dying, perdition. 
Mudharn. An ankle. 
Mudidh. Dun-coloured. 
Mudhladh. Killing. 
Mudhlaim. To kill. 
Muduighe. Cloyed. 
Mttgan. A mug. 
Mugha. Perdition, deftrudion. 
Mughraidhe. Slavery. 
Muicinnis. Ireland. 
Mughaim. To kill, deftroy. 
Mughard. Mugwort. 
Mugart. A hog. 
Muich. Sadnefs, duUnefs. 
Muiche. Day-break. 
Muiche-laoi. Dawning of day. 
Muicidhe. A fwine-herd. 
Muicineach. A plebeian. 
Muxdhe. A churn. 
Muifled. A muffler. 
Muigham. To fail, faulter^ fall, be de<« 

Muigein* A furly little fellow. 
Muilcionn. Pennygrafs. 
Muileag. Cranberries. 


MU I- 


Muilaid. A mule. 

Muill. Delay. Vide Moill. 

* ? A particle of chaff. 
Muilnen. ^ 

Muilaidachd* An ill focnt. 


Muilunn. \ 

Muille. A mute. 

Muilleadb. Preparing, to prepare. 

Muillean. A little bell. 

Muillair. A millfir. 

Muillair-luathaidh. A fuller. 

Muillairacbd. Grinding, the office ef a 

Muilleatfcaii. Flat-headed. 
Muirae. A nurfe, ftcpmotber, fftdma- 

Muin. The hack. 
Air muin. Upon. 

Muin. The thonutree, Ike letter U» 
Air do muin. Upon thee. 
Muin. The neck. 
Muince. A collar. 
Muine. A thorn, bafli, bramble, s wwn- 

Mumeach. Thorny. 
Muineadh. Teaching, iaftruaiag* 
Muinam. To teach; to pift. 
Muineal. The neck. 
Muing. A mane. 

Muingiall. I beliew the headftall of a bri- 
Muinghin. 1 Confidence, truft, hope;-Dea- 

Muinin. ' nao* muinghin. ann, to con- 

Muinghinach. Cwifident. 

Muiniughadh. PoflfcffioB. 

Muinle. A fleeve. 

Muinmhear. Hemlock. 

Muintit. People, men, paientt, family, 
clan, tribe. 

Muinthead. A n«cklace, collar of. efliss. 

Muinte, Taught, inftruaed. 

M«i«*«««J»»«-] Kind, friendly. 
MuintiraL j 

Muintirdhas. Kindnefs, fervicc. 
Muinteoir* A teacher. 
Muir. The fea, 
Muir-tcachd. Unnavigable fea. 
Muiraidhe. Leprofy, 
Muirbhlcaghadh. Amazement. 
Muirbhrucbd. A high tide. 
Muirchcaruch. An Irifli proper name of a 

man ; i, e. expert at fea. 
Muirchabhlach. A fleet, fquadron. 
Muirch reach. A wave. 
Muirchu. ilrifli proper name of a 

Muireadhach. S man. 
Muirchudlcadich. Aftcrfall. 
Muireadhach. A fovcrcign. 
Muircach. A failor, mariner. 
Muirean. A woman* 
Muircann. A dart» fpear^ a woman** 

Muirfeachd. A fleets 
Muirfidh. Will kill. Vjdc Marbham^ 
Muirgeag. A frith, xuu-row fea» 
Muirginach. Dull, ftupid» 
Muirgineas* Dullnefs* 
Muirighin. A great noife. 
Muirighia. A burden, charge^ a family. 
Muirghinoeach. Burthenfome, poor, ms^ 

Muirgrim. A naval engagement. 
Muirn. A troop, company. 
Muiririn. A fort of alga that is eaten ; it 
conlifts.of very long fltalks^ and bng nar- 
row leaves.. 
Muirn» Natural afiefliom 
Muirne. Fondnefs, carefles.^ 
Muirneach. Fond, affedionate, carefled; 
Muirneamh* An overfeer. 
Muirnigham. To burden, load. 
Muirnineam. To fondle, dandle* 



A mermattl. 

M U N 


A dearly beloved per- 

M^iirniiit' l 

Muirnineach. j fon. 

Muirfcionn. A fpout-fifh* 

Muifcin. An Englifh pint* 

Muirt. Riches. 

Muifeag* Threatening.^ 

Muifean. Primrofe. 

Muifiall. A curb. 

Muite. Mute, dumb. 

Muith, Without, on the outfide j fouth- 

Mul. An axle-tree. 
Mul. A congregation, multitude. 
Mulach. } 

Mulach. A top, fummit, hill. 

Mulachan. A cheefe, cheere-curds. 

Mulad. Melancholy, fadnefs. 

Muladach. Sad, melancholy. 

Mulag. A mule* 

Mulan. A ftack, little hill. 

Mulcan, mulcha. An owl. 

Mulghart. '^ 

Mulcheann. > The pole. 

Mulchuth. J 

Mul-mhagan. A kind of large toad. 

Mull, maol. Top or extremity of a thing, 

a promontory. 
Mulla, muilog. The patine of a chalice. 
Mullach. A top, height, hill. 
Mulladh. A mould. 
Mullan. Vide Mulan. 
Mulurt. Dwarf-elder. 
Mumhuin. Munfter in Ireland* 
Mun. For, fake of, 
Mu'n. Before that. 
Mun. Urine, pifs, piffing. 
Muna. Unlefs, if not. 
Munadh. Inftrudion. 
Munam. T*o make urine) piifs* 
Munar. A fad, deed. 
MuData* A champion* 

Munbhar. A backbiting, grudging, muri 

Mung, muing. A mane, hare. 
Munloch. Puddle, dirty-water, mire. 
Muntorc. A neck-chain, collar. 
Mur. A wall, bulwark, a houfe* 
Mur-ollamh. An academy. 
Mur. Unlefs. 
Mur. Many, much. . 
Murac. Murex or purple-fifh. 
Muraim. To wall in. 
Muran. Rents. 

Muran. A carrot, fea-recd grafs. 
Murbhuachile. A diver. 
Murcach. Sad. 
Murcas. Sadnefs. 
Murdhraidhan. Agrimony. 
Murdhuchan. JSea nymphs. 
Murgabhal. An arm of the fea« 
Murlan. A rough top or head. 
Murrtha. Succefsful. • 

Murfanach. A fubjed. 
Murfantachd. Subjeflion. 
Murthaidhe. Men of the fea. 
Murufc. Sea-fhore, fea marih* 
Murthuila. A tide, flood. 
Murthoradh. Produdl of the fea« 
MurtiU. Dull. 
Mus, mas. Pleafant, agreeable, hand* 

Mufgalam: To awake. 
Mufgaltach. Watchful. 
Mufgallachd. Watchfulnefs. 

Mufgam. To be mouldy, mufty* 

•Kjr r ' uj jMuftincfs, 
Mufganachd. j 

Mufgladh. Awaking. 

Mufla. A mufcle. 

Mut. Any ihort thing. 

Mutaiche. Mouldinefs* 

fUuuJ Mutach* 

M U T 

M U T 

Mutach. That is fhort^ thick, tni 

Muthairne. An ankle. 

Mutan. An old mufty r^, any thing uttai 
by time or difeafe. 


N A E 

NIs the eUventh. letter of the Irifh 
alphabet, and like L is never afpi- 
ratcd. It is called Nuin, from Nuin, the 
aih-tree; N, when fingle, founds hard, 
nearly as in Englifh, but doubled be- 
comes fofter, or more nafal, as may be 
fecn from Bean, a woman; Beann, a 
mountain i Ccan, affedion-j Ccann, an. 

Na. Than. 

Na. Not; equal to the Latit)t Ne* 

Na, no.. Or, Nor, Neither. 

Na, 'na. In his, in her*. 

Na. Of the; gen., fern, of the article Aa 

Na. The pi. of the article. . 

Nabadh. A neighbour. 

Nach. Not. An interrogative and negar- 
tive particle, is Beag nach -do tbuit mi^ 
I had almoft fallen. 

Nad. Thearfe, buttocks. 

Nad, i. e. Ann do. In. thy. 

Nada. Nothing. 

Nadh. No, iiot; 



Nadluga. Formerly, antiently« 

Nadur. Nature. 

Nadurtha. Natural. 

Nae, nai, nui. A man, woman* 

Nac, a xWx ande. Yefterdajv 

\ An eaineft penny. 

^ J Holffle, inimical;. 


Naebh. A {hip.. 

Naebhog. A little fhip^ . 

Nald. A lamprey. 

Naidhe. Who? which?" 

Naidhme.. A bargain, covenants. 

Naidhmcheanglam. To confederate*. 

Naidhm na Borumha. Obligation of Rity^ 

ing the mul6):, called Borumha*. 

Nail. Another. 

Nailbheal. i . , . „ , .^ . 
Nail. lAbndle.b.f. 

Naimhdalachdi fioftility. 
Naimhde. PJ. of Namhaid.. 
Naimhdean. An enemy. 
Naimhdeanas. . Enmity, hoftili^. 
Naimhdeas. ^nmity. 
Naindean. Valour, chivalry* 
Naing. A mother. . . 
Naingmhor. A grandmother*. 
Naird, An aird. Up. 
Naire. Shame, bafhfulnefs^ . 
Naire. Clean, neat. " 
Naireach. Baibf^l. 
Naireachd^ Bafhfuloefiu . 
Nairaighe. More baihful^. 
Nairaigham. To ihame,. make afifaned^' 
Nairne. Sure, certain. 
Naifair. The old iahafakaiita of a €ou»» 


N A O 

N A S 

S&ifc. A ring* 

Naiftin. Care^ wArine6*. 

Nalb. Long. 

Nalh . Towards uft, from the other fide ; 
Nail & anunn» hither and thither. 

Nallana. The time paft^ ^ncientl/y for- 

Nallod* Formerly* 

Nallus, fallus. Sveat. 

Nama, namadh. Only, alone*. 

Namh. . 1 

Namha* ?- An enemy. 


Namhadas, vide Naiiiihdeas.. Enmity^ 

Nan, nam. Gen. plural of the article*. 

Naochad. Ninety. 

I^apchado* Ninetieth. 

Naoi* A man> perfon; Noahii. 

Naoi. Nine* . 

Naoi. Aihip*^ 

Naoidbe. ^ 

Naoidheacham ( . . , - £. ^ r 1 1- 
Naai**n«^ A babe,anfent, fucklxng. 

Naoidhan. . J 

Naoidheachdfaa.. The golden Aumber* . 

Naoidheachdha* The nineteenth* 

Naoidheachda. A. chief, priiicipal* 

Naoidheantachd. i * ^ 

Naoidheanachd. S . 

Naoidheanta. Infaatine> like aa inbnU 

Napidbo.. Ninth.^ 

Naoidhideadhv. An hofpitah. 

Naotdhin. . An infant. 

Naoimh, . naomh, . Saints. 

Naoimhgbnighaflu . To £in£lsfy» . 

Naoimhi. . ) ^^ i 
^- , . > November. . 

Naoimhiofdadh** . A.bnduftry^ 

Naoineal* Proweiisi,. chivaky. 

Naoitheai^hdhn. Chief^ principaL 

Naomh. A fiunt* 

Naomhaithis* BUfpben^ againft tbt Saiats*. 

Naomhaithifach* Blafphemous. 
Naomhartadh. To fan&ify. 
Naomhaithifam. To blafpheme* 
NaoQvhmhallughadh* Blafpheming^ > bla(^ 

Naomhmhalluighoir. A blafphemer* . 
Naomchifd. A facrifty. 
Naomhchoifreagadh. Confecration* 
Naooihdheanam. To canonize* 
Naomhghoid. Sacrilege* 
Naorahreachd. The divine law* • 
Nacmhoran. An anthem. 
Naorahthfi* Sandiiied, holy* 
Naomhthachd« Holinefs. . 
Naomhthaifc. . A veftry. 
Naomhthreigfln^ Apoftacy.^ 
Naomhthreigach# Apoftate.. 
Naomhaigham. To fandify. . 
Naomhughadh^. San<^ification> fandify«ii* 


Naon» Certam»* 

Naomnhar.J . 

j^ > The number nme, nme* . 

Naofga. }^:f^j 

Naofgach.. 1 ^* 

Naofgaire. An inconftant*; . 

Naofgaireachd* Inconftancy*^ 

Nar. That not; loanufnar. To thkt noti; 

Nar* For Naire, (hame». 

Nar. Good, happy« 

Narab. For Nar hu ; .ut nonfit* . 

Narach. Shameful, baflifuL ' 

Naraigham* To fliame, affront* 

Narachadh* Affironting, cai^g ihatne** 

Nard. Skill, knowledge* 

Nardaim. To know^ bt (kiiled*. 

Narr. A ferpent* 

Naa. . A band, tye, death*., 

Nas. An anitivc^rfary* . 

Nafadh*. A iatr. 

Nafadh* . Fame. 

Nafadh* Nobl^, famooa* 

Nafc* A tye, band*. . . 


N E A 


Nafc. A collar, chain. 

Nafc. A ring. 

Nafgad. An obligation. 

Nafganu To bind, tye, to-dev^lope, 

Nafgthte. Bound, tied down. 

Nafgairc. A. furetjr. 

Nafcar. A defence, fortification. 

Nafgidh. Freely, ^vithout price; alfo a 
treafure, .gift y potius Afgidh j Ann af- 
gijdh, in a gift, . 

Nath. Science. 

Nathach. Dark grey. 

Nathair. A fiaake,- adder, viper, ferpent* 

Nathair nimhe. A viper. 

Nathan. Noble, famous. 

Nathrach. Of ^ ferpcnt. 

Ne. Yefterday. 

Nenar, i. e. An c nar» Whether or no. 

Neablian. A Royfton crow% 

Neach. Any one, one, fome one, he, 

Neach. A fpirit, apparition* 

Neachtar. Neither. 

Neachtar. Outwardly, without* 

Nead. A neft. 

Neadaghadh. Neftling. 

Ncadaigham. To neftle, 

Neag. A notch, indent. 

Neagam. To jagg, indent. 

Neal. A cloud. 

Neal. Noble. 

Neal. A trance, extafy. 

Neallaire. A rogue. 

Neambaoghal. Safety, fecurity. 

Neambaoghalach. Secure. 

Neamh. Heaven, gen. Neaimh. 

Neamhabbuidh. Immature. 

Neamhacb. A heavenly being. 

Neamh. A compofitive and negative par- 
ticle, pronounced Neo, except when a 
vowel follows-^Neo is fometimes written 
in this Di&ionary. 

Neamhain. Pearl. 
Neamhaidhal. TJnfbrtunaleb 
Neamhaife. Terrible, cruel*. 
Neamhaireacb. Heedlefs* 
Neamhaire. Inadvertence. 
Neamhaitheanta. Unknown^ 
Neamhaitbghinte. Heterogeneous* 
Neamhaltach. Smooth.. 
Neamhamhrafach. Indubitable. 
Neamhaobhin. Joylefs. 
Neamhathreachas. Impcn i tence. 
Neamhan. A raven, -crow* 
Neambhig. Agreeable. 
Neamhbhog. Hard, 

Neamhbriogh, Contempt, infignificance* 
Neamhbhunaitach. Groundlefs, unfixed. 
Neamhbuaigh. Worthlefs, incapacity. 
Neamhbhriogh. Infignificance, contempt. 
Neamhbrioghman. Adjedive. 
Neamhbhrathairal. Unbrotherly. 
Neamhbhith. Non-exiftence. 
Neamhbheathal. Lifelefs^ fpiritlefs^ ina« 

Neamhbheachdidh. Indeterminate, dubious* 
Neamhbheufaich. Immoral; 
Neamhbhlafta. Taftelefs, infipid* 
Neamhbheartuighte. Unyoked. 
Neamhbhuairte. Undifturbed* 
Neamhbhuan. Tranfitory. 
, N eamhchnagach. Without knots. 
Neamhchoigilt. Unthrifty. 
Neamhchoigilteacb. Profufe, laviib, li« 

Neamhchoimhtheach* Free, generous, hof- 

Neamhchoingeallach. Ill-natured, perfi* 

Neamhcharrthanachl Uncharitable. 
Neamhchomhdach. Negligent. 
Neamhchoruighte. Unfbaken. 
Neamhchoruigheach. Immoveable* 
Neamhchordach. DisjunAive* 
Neamhchordadht Difcojd. 

7 Heamhchprdani. 

N E A 

N E A 

Ncamhchordam. To diiagrce. 
Neamhchoruigheachd. Immpbilit/, fteadi- 

Neamhchriochnuighach« Infinite. 
Neamhchriochuighte. Unfiniflied. 
Neamhchubhidh. Improper, unbecoming. 
Neamhchuid, Poverty. 
Neamhchuideach. Poor, indigent, impro- 
Neamhchuimhne. Forgetfulnefs. * 
Neamhchuimhnach. Forgetful. 
Neamhchoimeafgte. Unmixed, p«ire, un« 

Neamhchuramacb. Carelefs. . 
Ncamhchuram. Carelefsncfs, fecurity. 
Neamhcheanalta. Indelicate. 
Neamchean. Difrefpeft. 
Neamhcheannfujghte. Unbridled^ diflp-, 1 
- Jute. ; , • .r . 1 

Neamhcheannfa. Immodell'. 
Neamhchinta. Uncertainty. 
Neamhchiontach, Innocent* 
Neamhchiontas. Innocence* 
Neamhchinqtach. Uncertain, precarious. 
Neam|u:hiallach. Imprudent, unadvifed. 
Neamhcheadaigham. To di fallow* 
Neamhchearbach* Not aukward. 
Neamhchuimfeach. Infinite, incomprehen- 

Neamhchofruigte. Inconfecrated* 
Neamhcheartuighte. Incorreded* . 
Neamhchuirtal. Uncourteous. 
Neamhchruthighte* Increated. 
Neamhchealgach. Undefigning, unaffe^l- 

«d. . : : 

Neamhchnuafaighte. Indigefted. 
Neamhchomhthrom. a. f. Unjuft, uneven, 

Neamhchomhthromuigham. To diijproj>or« 

Neamhchoinhnard* Uneven, not level. 
Neamhchombarluighte. Unrcfolved, un- 

Neamhchumonta, Unufual. 

Neamhchruinuighte. Uncolleded. 

Neamhchruadalach. Unconcerned. 

Neamhchompanta. Infociable. 

Neamhchrabhach. Indevout. 

Neamhchreidmhach. Difbelievei:* 

Neamhchoimhdheas. Ipcommodious. 

Neamhchoimhdheafacbd. Inconveniences. 

Neamhchoithreach. Inculpable* 

Neamhchomafach. Incompetent. 

Neamhchomas. Impotence. 

Neamhchuranta* Unwarlike, immartial* 

Neamhcheaduighte. Illicit. 

Neamchofmhuil. Diffimilar. 

Neamhchaochlaideach* Immutable, un- 

Neamhchaochlaidachd. . ImoAutsibility. 

Neamhchleir. The laity. 
I Neamhchleirach. Lay, a lajrman. . / ; 

Neamhchleachdte* Unaccuftomed^ 
' Neamhdha. Heavenly. 

Neamhdhaicholachd. Improbability* 

Neamhdhlightheach. Unlawful. 

Neamhdhe/mam. To undo. 

Neamhdhub]irachd- Negligence^ infince* 

Neamhdhubhrachdach* Infincere, negU« 

Neamhdhiadhidh. Ungodly* 

Neamhdhiolte. Unpaid. 

Neamhdhleafdanach. Undutiful. 

Neamhdhleafdanas. Undutifulnefs. 

Neamhdhilis. Unfaithful. 

Neamhdhiomalach. Frugal. 

Neamhdhuinal • Unmanly. 

Neamhdhuinalachd. Unmanlineis. 

Neamhdhiongbhalta. Infufficient. 

Neamhdhaonna. Inhumane. 

Neamhdhearbham. To difprove. 

Neamhdheas. Homely, not neat. 

Neamhdhifie. Faithlef&iefs. 

Neodhuine. A nobody. 

Neamheagalach. Bold, unappalled. 
[X X x] Neamheidam. 

N E A 


Neamheidam. To difarray. 
Neamhefeachdach. Ineffe^luaL 
Neamhefeachd. Inefficiency. 
Neamhealladbanta. Inartificial. 
Neamfaeolach. Unacquainted. 
Ncamhfhalfa. Unfeigned, fair. 
Neamhfhailigheachd. Care, vigilance 
Neamhfhas. A grudge. 
Neamhfhaicfinachd. Invifibility. 
Neamhfhaicfinacb. Invifible. 
NeamhfbeimaL Needlefs. 
Neambfhabharachi Unfavourable 
NcamhfhaUan. Unhealthy. 
NearohfhoiiUnacb* Reftlefs. 
Ncambflioiftitt. Reftlcfsnefs. 
Neambfhoilfighte. Unrcvealed. 
Neambfbirinach, Unrighteous^ difii^e- 

Neamhfhoghluinte. Illiterate. 
Neamhtbafiuita* Unfafliionable» 
Neamhfhreafilalacbw Difficult. 
Neamhfburafda* Unfavoujrable^ improvi* 

Neamhfbortunaclw Unfortunate. 
Nearnhfliiofrach* Unconfcious^ 
Neamfhonambor. Jarring^ 
Neamhfboniunhorachd. Jarr. 
NeamhgbarambuiL Incommodious* 
Neamhghean. Difafiedion, hatred. 
Neamhgheanmath. Difapprobation^ difaf* 

Neamhgblan. Impure, unclean* 
Neamhghlanas. i Uncleannefs^ impurity^ 
Neamhghlalne. J pollution* 
Neamgblic. Unwife. 
Neamhghnatbach. . UnufuaL 
Neamhghnothacb. Idle. 
Neamhghealtadi. Unappalled. 
Ncambgheamnidb. Uncbafte. 
Neambghaigbam. To celeftify. 
Neambgheamnidbakbd. Inabftinenee. 
Neambghluaide. Unruffled. 
Neambgbrafmbor« Ungracious. 

Neamhgbrarmhorach<l. Dngracioufnefs* 

Neamhiulmhor. Unflcilful. 

Neamhiomchar. Abortion. 

Neamhiomlan. Imperfeft, incomplete. 

Neamhiomlanachd. Imperfedion, incom- 

Neamhiomchubhidb. Improper, unfit, un- 

Neamhionmhuin. Unbcloved, morofe. 

Neamhionnan. Unequal. - 

Neamhionnanas. Inequality. 

Neamhinntleachdacb. Unartful. 

Neamhinntleachd. Unartfulnefs. 

Neambthoilicbeachd: Difcontenh 

Neamblaghal. Illegal. 

Neamblagbalacbd. Illegality. 

Neaahlcairuicbtc. Unreformed.* 

Nea«ihk)cbdaeh. Innocent. 

Neamhloirgach. Not keen,, aibeftme^ ia* 
combuftible. - 

Neamhlathairach. Abfenti 

Neamhluchduigbam. To diiburtheti* 
; Neambmbarbbtbach. Immortal. 

Ndambmliarbhtbachd. Immortality. 
: Neamhmheaiwbd&ch. Unerrfng,^ uAerr^' 

able. . 
I Neambmheas. Contempt.- 

Neamhmheafardhachd . Excefs. 

Neamhmhealltach. Undiffcmbling. 
. Neamhrohcaftrdha. Intempcrafe, exteffive, 

Neamhmheata. Fe^rlef*. 

Neamhmhifgacbk Sober. 

Neamhmhotbuigbach. Inftnfible. 

Neambmbothugbadh. Stupidity, infenfibU 

N^amhurras. Unprofitable, diffi^uW. 

Neamhnuall. An anthem, hyinn;. 

Neamhonn* Anltamond. 

Neambni. Nothing, non-entity. 

Neamhnithacbd. Nothirigncffs. 

Ncamlitritbam* To ahnihrlat^. 

Neambonorach. Ignoble. 


N E A 

N E A 

Neamholreamhneach* Unbec6ming^ im- 
proper, inadequate. 
Neamhrannphartuighte. IncommunicaUc* 
Neamhphoitamhuih Sober, abflemious. 
Keamhriaghalta. Hctcroclite. 
Neamhflialach. Undcfiled. 
Neamhfharuightc. Unconquerable. 
Neamhfheafmhach. Unftable^ inconftant. 
Neamhihailte. Unfeafonedr 
NeamftraoighamhuiK Frugal. 
Neamhfhant. Loathing. 
Neamhibuilnihun Churlifh^ morofe. 
Neamhfhuidhichte. DiiFufe, unfettlcd^ tin- 

fteady, difcompofed. 
Neamhfgeaduigham* To undrefs. 
Neamhfgathach. Undaunted. 
Neamhfhocruigheachd. Difquietude, un- 

NeamUhocruighacb. Unfteadf, difquiet* 
NeamhfgarthamhuiL Infeparable. 
NeamhihuimaL Negfigent, indifleren't. 
Neamhfhuinudachd, Indifference* 
Namhihonruighte* Indefinite. 

Neambihoilleir. IndrftinA. 

NeamhihotUirachd. Indiftin£lnersr 

Neamhfhollarach. Improvident, fhiftlefs. 

Neamhfhoirbhidhach. UnfuccefsfuL . 

Neamhfgeaduighte. Unclothed, undrefled. 

Neamhfgithuighte. Unwearied. 

Neamhfheargte. Undecayed. 

Neamhfholafach. Indel ightful. 

Neamhthabhachdach. Ineffedual, futile, 

Neamhthabhachd. Futility. 

Neamhthabhartach. Stingy. 

Neamhthachd. Heavenlinefs. 

Neamhtharbhach. Unprofitable, fruWcfs. 

Neamhthairbhe. Unprofitablehefe, fruit- 

Neamhthorthach. Unfertile, unfruitful. 

Neamhthorthaichachd. Infertility. 

Neamhthaomha. A novice. 

Neamhthrocairach. Unmerciful. * 

Neamhthrocairachd. Unmercifulneft. 
Neamhthruaillidhachd. Incorruptlon.' 
Neamhtharthalamb. A common field. 
Neamthruaillidh. Incorruptible. 
Neamhthrualllighte. Unadulterated, unde- 

Neamhthoil. Unwillingnefs, nolition, dif- 

Neamhthoilach. Unwilling. 
Neamhthoilalachd. Stubbornnefs* 
Neamh'thoiltinas. Demerits. 
Neamhthoiltinach. Undeferving. 
Neamhthreoniighte. Undire£l^. 
Neamhthrathal. Unfeafonable. 
Neamthoidhrighte. Unfeafoned^ * unaccuf- 

Neamhtheagafle. Untaugh t. 
Neamhthoiluighte. Diflatisfied, diiaffed* 

Neamhthoilachafinntin. DifaffeAion, dif- 

Neamhthoirt. Indifference, negligence^ 

Neamhtboilaigham. To difiatisfy. 
Neamhthuitamach. Infallible. 
Neamhthoirt. Indifference, difinclination. 
Neamh thoi rtal . Ind ifferen t. 
Neamhthuigfach. Abfurd, fenfelefs, inju-» 

Neamhthuigfe. Senfeleflhefs; 
Neamhthaitne. Difapprobation, difguff*. 
Neamhthaitnach. Difagr^eable, unaccept« 

Neamhthearinte. Infecure. 
Neamhthearintachd. Infecurity. 
Neamhthreabhte. Impenetrable. 
Neamhthraighachk Inexhauftible^ 
Neamhthoirtfanearacbi Itettentire, incon* 

Neamhtbortfanear. Inattention, inconC- 


INeamhdiimcbioIlghoarradh.. Uncircumci- 

N E I 


Neamhthruacanjta. Relentlefs. 

Neamhthimcbiollghcarrte. Uncircumclfed. 

Neamhuafal. Ignoble, ungenerous. 

Namhuireafbhuidhach. Not poor. 

Neamhullamh. Unprepared. 

Neamhurchoidach. Harmlefs. 

Neacihuallach. Not proud, Jiumble^ 

Neamhurchoidach. Innocent, fafe, 

Neamhuras. Ufelefs, 

Ncan. An inch, a fpan. . 

Nean. A wave, billow* 

Neannaidh. 1 

Neant. . >A nettle. 

Neantag. J 

Ncannaifg. That bindeft^ 

Near. A wild boar. 

Near. Eaft. 

N^vaph. Lucky, tiappy. 

Nearcluachra. A lizard. 

Ne?irrdjieas. South-eaft* 

Nearaid. Aplace where wild boars ace 

Nearnaim. To liken, compare. 
Nearnadh. Likening, cooiparing. 
Nearthuath. North-eaft. 
Neart. Strength, power. 
Neartaigham. To ftrengthen. 
Neaitmhor. .Strong, powerful. 
Neartughadh. Strengthening. 
Neas. A fortified hrlj. 
Nea«. A weazle. 
Neas. ^ hurt, wound. 
Neas. Noble, generous. 
Ncafa, Next. 
Neafachd. . Cpnttguity. 
Neafan. The ^jext place. 
Neafg. An.ttkcr, a bile^. 
J^eafgaid. ; A bile^ nicer* 
Neafgaidach. Full of fore^ 
J>feaft?.' Juft, honeft. 
Neathas. Manflaughter* 
Neid. A fight or battle, a WQUXid. 
Neidhe. Wind. 

I Filth, dirt. 

Nelllin. A fmall cloud. 

'J Brightnefs, fplendour. 

Neimh. Poifon. 

Neimh. Sometimes wrote for Neamh, the 
negative particle^ 

Neimheadh. A poem, fcience. 
; Neimhead, quafe, neimh-iatb. Glebe land^ 
confecrated ground. 

Neimheach. Glittering, fiiining. 



Neimheilnidhe. Uncorrupted, unviolated. 

Neimhi. Ants eggs. « 

Neimhim. To corrupt, fpoil. 

Neimhneach. > Sore, painful, paiEoo* 

Neimhal. 3 ate. 

Neimhalachd. Painfulnefs.- 

Neimhfeadh.. Contempt. 

Neip. A turnep. , 

Neith. A fight, batl^, engagement. 

Neithe. PI. of Ni, things. 

Ncitheach. Falfe. 

Neitheamhuil. Real. 

Neimhain. Madnefs. 

Nemhaiji. A vulture, Royfton crow. 

Neo. The proniinciation of the compofi- 
tive particle Neamh. 

Neo, or Air neo. Elfe, othcrwifc. 

Neo.' An. 

Neoch. Good. 

Neoid. Bad, naught. 

Neoil. PI. of Neal, neul, a cloud; 

Neoni. Non-entity. 

Neonithachd. NotbingoQfs» 

Neotheach. Cold. 

Nefs. A promontory^ peninfula. 

Neul. A cloud.; pi. Neoil, aculta. 

Neul. Light, a glimpfe of li^ght, -co- 

Neul. Ajfit, trance, fwoon. 

Neuladoirachd. Sneaking and gazing a- 

I Neuladoir. 



Nculadoin Anaftrologer. 

Neulfhurtadh. A flunibering« 

Ngedal. A reed. 

Ni. Not. 

NL A thing, cattle ; pi. Nithe, neithe. 

Ni headh, i. e. Ni e. Nay, not fo, it is 

Nia. A fifter's Ton. 

Niadb. A champion. / 

Niadhas. i Valour, bravery, chival- 
Niadhchus. \ ry. 
Nial. Neil, name of a man. 
Nial. A letter. • 
Niamh. The brightnefs, colour, appearance 

of a thing. 
Niar. Weft. 
Niardheas. South-weft. 
Niarthuath . North- weft. 
Niatal. A reed. 

Niamham. To gild, colour over. 
Niamhdha. Pleafant,, bright. 
Niamhachd. Brightnefs. 
Niamhchuridh. Tenacious* . 
Niamhghlas. Greenifh. 
Nic. A daughter, in oppofition of Mac. 
Nid. For Gnid, they make. 
Nid. Gen. of Nead, a neft. 
Nid. Manflaughter. 
Nidhe. Time. 

Nigh, or ni. A daughter or niece. 
Nighan. A daughter. 
Nighanag. Pronounced Ninag, a little girl. 
Nigham. To wafh. 
Nighadh. Waihing. 
Nighte. Waflied. ^ 
Nightin. Soap. 
Nil. For Ni bheil, it is not. 
Nilam. To be wanting, to be abfent. 
Nim. A drop. 
Nim. To do, make. 
Nimdhergfadh. Reproving. 

^^. ,' J Poifon. bittcrncfs, fourncfs. 
Nimhe. J 

, Nimghlic. Strong, impregnable 

Nimhneach. Poifonous, mortal, peevifli, 

Nimhneachan. Rheumatlfm. 

Nin. An image. 

Ningir. Sore, fick, bitter. 

Ninfci. One who interrupts another's dif- 

Ninneach. Pleafant. 

Niodha. Real. 

Niomhdha. Bright, {hining. 

"Niomham. To flbine, glitter. 

Niomhas. Brightnefs. 

Niomfgaollte. Scattered. 

Nion, nuin. An aih*tree, name of the let- 
ter N. 

Nion. A wave, a letter. 

Nion. For Nighan, a daughter. 

Nionach. Pleafant, fpeckled, forked, catch- 

Nionadh. Prey, booty. 

Nionag. For Nighanag, a little girl. 

Nionaim. To prey, plunder. 

Niopfam; I would not be. 

Nior, nir. Not, comes before the paft 

Nios, anios. From below. 

Nis. For Nior. 

Nife. Gen of Neas, a wound. 

Nis. For Ni is} as, Nis laidire, ftron* 
ger, that is ftronger. 

Ni 's mo. No more, no longer. 

Nis moa. • Greater, that is greater. 

Nitar. Shall be done ; fut. of Deanam. 

Nith. A battle, manflaughter., 

Niuc. A corner, nook. 

Niugh. To-day. 

No. Noi, or. 

No gu. Until that. 

No. New. 

Nobhaidh. Time, feafon. 

Noch. Which ? who i whofc ? 
»Nocha, nochad. Ninety. 

[Y y y ] Nochd, 

N O S 


Nochd, nocht. To-night, flight- 

Nochd. Nakednefs. 

Nochd. Naked. 

Nochdam. ) To make naked^ uncover, 

Nochdaigham. ) difclofe, peel, to flrip. 

^^ , J Uncovered, difclofed, 

Nochta. S 

Nod. An abbreviation 3 a difficulty.^ 

Nod^ Thus J Nod leat, Obfcrvc, take notice. 

Nodaire. An abridger. 

Nodaireachd. Method of ufing abbreviaiioAS. 

Nodam. To underftand. 

Nodadh. Underftanding. 

Nodaigham. To grafF. 

Nodughadb. Graffing. 

Nodh. Noble, excellent. 

Nodhlag. Chriftmas, 

Noere. A fcaman^ mariaer,. 

Noibbighis. Ordure, dung. 

Nolbhisfach. A novice. 

Noimhnidadh. A fooL 

Noin. ' Noon> ninth hour of the day» ac- 
cording to tbe Roman calculation. 

Noin-dorcha. ^ An eclipfe of the fiui*. 

Noinean* Adaify. 

Noinreult. The evening ftar. 

Nois, nos. A cuftom, manner, 

Nois & beachda. Carriage aad behaviour. 

Nois. Noble, excellent. 
. Noit. A church, cpngregation*. 

Noitheach. Noble. 

Nollag. Chriftmas. 

Nonn. Beyond,, to the other fide. 

Nonn ii annall. To sUid £ro» hither and" 

Norp. Houfeleek. 

Nos. A. fafhion, cuftom>« manner* 

Nos. Knowledge. 

Nos luingas. A fhip-dock.. 

Nos. White, pureft white. 

Nofadh. Liking,, approving.. 

Nofa. Now,^ at prefent. 

Nofaigham. Tocnaft, approve* 

! Nofaire, Soft. 
Notha. Difcoveredr 
Nua. Strong. 
Nua, nuadh. New. 
Nuacholla. Aftonilhing* 
Nuachor, nodhchur. A commmion^ bride, 

Nuacoinfeach. A harlot, proftitute. 
Nuadh. New ; it is often prefixed (o ^ords, 

Nuadhbhrioghughadh. .Tranfubftantiatian*. 
Nuadhtheachd. Tidings, news. 
Nuadhfeinidhe. A novice.. 
Nuaidhmhiiidh. An untrained -Totdiqr.. 
Nuaidhfhianuis. A new law. 
Nuadhthionfgantoir. Innovator* 
Nuail. A roaring, howling. 
Nuailam. To howl. 
Nuair^ an uair. When, feeing that«t 
Nuall. Famous^ noble. 
Nuall. Lamentation, mourning. 
Nuall. An opinion, a freak. 
Nuall gan ghaoi. A true faying. 
Nualladh. 1 
Niullan. i ^*"**"'- Howling, roaringv- 

Nuallfuruch. >_, ,. 

Nuallgubha. lH°^l'"g' ~"»«g- 

Nuallfan. Noble, generous.. 

Nuamhanoir. Embroidery.. 

Nuar. Alas*. 
. Nuas, anuas.. From ^ove, &wn«. . 

Nuathaigh. Heaven.. 

Nuathan A wedding.. 

Nuidhifeachd. A lonely journey^. 
; Nuige, go nuige. UntiK 
; Nuige fo. Hitherto. 

Nuimhir. Number. * 
• Nuimhruigham. Tojuimberi 

Nuimhirughadh. Numbering. 

Nuin. The afh-tree,. the letter N.. 

Nuna.. Hunger. 

Nunn, nonn. To the other fide, beyond*. 
1. Nuridh, nuair-rith. Laft year. 


OX) H 


Oh the twelfth letter of the alphabet, 
and is called Oir> the fpindle -tree. 

It is founded fometimes Ihort, and fome- 

times long* Vide Analyfis* 
O. From whence in the relative fenfe^ 
O ! An interje^ion. 
O. Since, feeing that* 
O, ogh. An ear* 
Oar. A. voice. 
Ob. Hops. 

Obha, obhuin. A river.^ 
Obadh. A denial. 
Obaim. To refufe, den)r. 
Obainne. Swiftnefs, haftinefs. 
Obair. Work, labour. 
Obair gKreis. Embroidery, tapcftry. 
Obairuigham. To work, labour. 
Obairaighte. Worked, wrought, done with 

Obair-uchd. A parapet. 
Obair-lionan. Networks 
Obair-fhnathad. Needlework. 
Obair-uairadair* Clockwork. 
Obair-ghloine. A glafs^houfe. 
Obair^theine. A fire-engine. 
Obair-uifgc. A water-engine. 
Obair-cheardamhuil. An engine*. 
Oban. A fmall bay. 
Obann. Quick, foon,. nimble. 
Obar. Vide Obadh. 
Obela. Open. 

Obhan, uabhun. Fear,, dread, terror. 
Obhan. Froth. 
Obhnach. Frothy; 
Obo! Interjedion oho I' 
Obuinn. Rafh. 
Obuinne. RalhnefSf. 

Oc. A poet. 

Ocaid. Buflnefs, an occafiom 

Ocar. Intereft, .ufury« 

Ocaras. Hunger. 

Ocarafach, Hungry. 

Ocas. Intereft, annual rent. 

Och! Oh! 

Ochal. Moaning,- complaining*. 

Ochd, uchd. The bofom, breaft*. 

Ochdach. A good key of voice*- 

Ochdmhacadh. Adoption. 

Ochdmhadh. Eighths 

Ochdmhad. Eighty* 

Ochdmhado. Eightieth* 

Ochdmhios. October. 

Ochdfhl iofneach* Octagon *. 

Ochra. Shoes* 

Ochras. Gills of a fifh*. ^ 

Och us. Itch. 

Ocoth. A fhower* 

Ocrafan. A glutton« 

Ocrach. } __ 

Octafach. \ """Sry 

Ocras. I ,- 

Ocrus. J """S"''- 

Od. From, thy. 

Od, ud. There, yon, that thcre# 

Odh, oidh. Mufic* 

Odh. O ftrange ! 

Odh. The point of a fpear, Iharp end of^ 

any thing. 
Odhall. Deaf; 
Odhann. A pan, kettle* 
Odhar. Pale, wan, d^n^ a mixture of 

white and red* 


O^ R 

O I O 

Odharog. A fcrat, young cormorant* 
'Odharan. Cow-parfnip. 

Odharach mhullach. Devil's bit* 
'Odhmhos. Refped, homage. 
■Odhmhofach. Refpedlfnl, dutiful. 

Offig. Office, officer. 

OfFraideach, offigach. A Driiidifh prieft^ 

Offrail. An oblation, ^offering. 
Offralam. To offer. 
Og. Young. 

Ggachd. "I 
*Oganachd. S 
Oige. J 


Ogachda. Virginity. 

Ogal. Youthful. 

Ogalachd. Youthfulnefs. 

Ogan. A bough, twig, branch. 

Ogain. 1 

Oganach. f A young man. 

Oigair. J 

Ogbho. A heifer. 

Ogchiern, ogthiarna. A young lord. 

Ogchulloch. A grtce* 

Ogh. The ear. 

Ogh. Whole, entire. 

Ogh. A virgin. 

j^ 1 ' f Pure, fincere. 
Ogha. 1 

Ogha. A grandchild. 

Oghar. Vide Odhar. 

Oghdhachd. Virginity. 

Oglach. A fervant, a youth, foldier, a 

Oglachas. Slavery, vaffalage, fervitude ; a 

fort of Irilh verfe. 
Oglofgain. A tadpole. 
Ogmliart. A heifer, a young beef. 
Ogmhadduin. The early dawn. 
Ogmhios. June. 

Ogluidh. Bafhful, afraid, awe-ftruck. 
Ogluidhachd. Bafhfulnefs, awe, fear. 
Ogri. The youth, young men. 

Oi, ai, aoi. A(heep. 

Oi&ne, obbainne. • Quicknefs, fuddennefs. 
'Oibid. Obedience, fubmiffion. 
Oibrigham. To work, to caufe, effeCl, ope- 
Oibrighte. Wrought. 

Oibrightheoir. 1 ^ 

^.^ . ^ f A workman. 

Uibruighe. 1 

Oibrughadh. An operation. 

Oiche. The night, evening. 

Oiche. A water. 

Oide. A godfather. 

Oideadh. A maffacre, death. 

Oidean. Love, tendernefs, generofitjr. 

Oide altram. A fofter-father. 

Oideas. Inftruftionj counfel. 

Oidche. The night. • . 

' Oideachas.. Inftru<^ion. 

Oidhchmhearleach. A night-robber. 

Oidhe. A gueft, traveller. 

■Oidheacht*. Entertainment, a ni^hfs 

lodging. ^ 

Oidheadh. i .^ , 

Oighidh. P^''*- 

Oidheas. Freeftone. 

Oidhir.7 ^ 

^. VSnow. 


Oidhirp. Attempt, undertaking* 

Oidhre. Ice. 

^. , ' C An heir, hcirefs. 
Oighre. 5 

Oidhreachd. An inheritance. 

Oidhreamail. Frofty. 

Oidhreata. i _ 

^. , I Frozen. 

Oighreata. > 

Oiffig. An office, 

Oifigeach. Officer. 

Oiffigeamhuil. Official. 

Oifrionn. Mafs. 

Oig. A champion. 

Oigbhean. A young woman. 

Oige. A web. 

Oige. Younger. 


O I L 


Oigeach. A young colt. 

Oigh. A virgin, maid. 

Oighcheoil. Virginals. 

Oighe. Fullnefs, entirenefs. 

Oighc. A file. 

Oigheann* A pan, cauldron. 

Oighiramhuil. Icy, frofty. 

Oighidh. A fojourner, gueft. 

Oigham. Obedience, homage. 

Oigham. To behold, look upon. 

Oighreir. A dcfpotic power, obedience. 

Oighreachd. Inheritance. 

Oighream. To freeze, fnow. 

Orghrcog. Froft, ice. 

Oigtbiarna. Heir apparent^ 

Oigimh. A ft ranger. 

Oil. A rock. 

Oil. A reproach, infamy. 

Oilam. To nurfe, cheriib. 

Oilabhan. An elephant. 

Oilbheim, Reproach, fcandal, olFence. 

Oilbheimam. To ftumble, take offence. 

Oilbhreo. A funeral fire. 

Oilcheas. A doubt. 

Oilcheafach. Doubtful. 

Oile, eile. Other, another. 

Oileamhnach. Requifite, nourifhing. 

Oileamhnach. A ftudent, fcholar. 

Oileamhnam. To educate. 

Oileamhuin. Nurture, food^ honeyfuckle^ 


Oileain. An ifland. 

Oilcar. 1 a i • 
^.. , J A pilgrim* 
Oilearach. $ *^ ^ 

Oilearadh. A pilgrimage. 

Oilearam. To go on a pilgrimage. 

Oilearcha. A nurfery. 

Oilathair. A fofter-father. 

Oilem. Inftruftion. 

Oilicheadh. To frighten. 

Oilthire. A pilgrim. 

Oilithreach. A pilgrim, belonging to a 


Oille, uillc. Greater. 

Oillmheadh. Ballances. 

Oilltheud. A cable. 

Oilt. Terror. 

Oiltal. Terrible, fhocking. 

Oin, on. A thing lent, loan. 

Oineach. Mercy; liberality, 

Oinicc. Liberal. 

Oinigh. A harlot. 

Oinme. With. 

Oinmhidh. A fool, filly perfon, nidgct. 

Oinmhideach. Foolifh, filly^ 

Oinmhideachd. Folly. 

Oinfeach. A harlot, abandoned woman. 

Oinninn. A pebble, onion. 

Oir. For, becaufe that. 

Olr. Golden, of gold. 

Oir. The fpindle tree. The diphthong Oi 

is fo called. 
Oir, Air. Upon, over, above. 
Oir. A hem, border. 
Oirbheart. Good adions: 
Oirbheartach. Great, precious. 
Oirbhidin. Honour, veneration. 
Oirbhidineach. Venerable. 
Oirc. A lapwing. 
Oirc^iin. A young pig. 
Oirceadai. Inftrudion, do&rine. 
Oirceart. A hurt, wound. 
Oircheas. Neceflary, fit, proper. 
Oircheafachd. Need, neceffity, 
Oircheafachd. A mefs. 
Oirchneis. The foreflcin. 
Oirchil. Provifion referved for the abfent. 
Oirchill. Againft, in wait or expectation. 
Oirchillam. To bear, or carry. 
Oirchiabhach. Golden-haired. 
Oirchios. Charity. 
Oircifeach. A portion, ihare. 
Oirchifde. A treafury or bank of gold, a 

precious magazine. 
Oirchifdair. Treafurer. 
Oirchrios. A belt, an ornament. 

[ Z z z ] Oirdhearcam. 



J Meet, proper* 

Oirdbearcam. To flourifli, be famous. 
Oirdheirc. Noble, honourable^ excellent, 

liluftrious. ' 
Oirdhearcas. Luftre, excellency. 
Oirdnibh. Splinters. 
Oireachdas. An a&mbly. 
Oireachas. Preheminence, fupremacy. 
Oireachda. Statute, decree. 
Oiread, uread. As much, fo much, whilft. 
Oireadh. Befitting, becoming. 
Oiream. To befit, become. 
Oireagha. Chief, excellent. 
Oireagail. A wafte-houfe, habitation. 
Oireambuin. Pertinence. 
Oireamhuineach. Pertinent. 
Oireambuin. Influence. 
Oireamhnaim. To adapt, make fit. 
Oirear. Pleafant. 

Oirfideacb* A mufician, mufical; 

Oirghreas. Ornament, piece of embroi- 
dery wrought by a needle-woman. 

Oiridh. Devices in gold. 

Oiridh. Meet, defcrving. . 

Oiriad. VideOiread. 

Oirim. To ferve. 

Oirghios. * Cheer. 

Oirle. A piece, fragment. 

Oirleach. An inch. 

Oirleacb. Slaughter, havock. 

Oirleam. To cut oifF. 

Oirlionam. To encreafe. 

Oirmhid. Credit, rcfpe£l. 

Oirmhine. ' Offence. 

Oirne. Upon, o^er us. 

Oirnealta. Neat, elegant, ornamentaU 

Oirneimbam. To ^ine like' gold. 

Oirneis. Goods,, chattels, ihflruments,. 

Oirneis. Aqualmofftomacb, naufeouihef^. 


Oirnam. To ordatn, put in authority. 

Oirip, Eorp. Europe. 

Oirpheal. Gilded.' 

Oirthir. Thcfhore, coaft, borders.. 

Oirthir-ghainmhaich.. A fahd-bankV 

Oirthear. The eaft, eaftcrn worid. 

Oirthearach. Eaflern* 

Oirthior. The day after to-morrow. 

Oifbheas. An epicycle. 

Oifbhreag. An hyperbole. 

Oifchreidamh. Superflition. 

Oifcheimnughadh. Eminence,, fii'peribrity.. 

Oifg. An ewe^ fheep. 

Oifm. A corner. 

OiiHn. The {6n of Fingal and a poet. 

Oifionair. A tabcrd ; a habit formerly. 

worn over a gown. 
Oifire. An oyftcr. 
OifTgrtobhin. A (uperfcription* 
Oiffinaixi. To lie with the face upwards. 
Otflin. Charms. 
.Oittir. A bank or ridge jutting intathk: 

Oitag. Ablaft. 
Ol. Said. 

Ol. Drinking; drink. 
Ola. Oil, olive. 
Olach. Given to drunkertnefS. , 
Olachan. Immoderate drlnkiiig. . 
Olam. To drink. 
Olann. Wool.. 

Olart. A hone. ' 

Olartar. Au ungrateful fmellJ 
Olc. Bad, naught, harm, damige^. . 
Okas. Naughtinefs, badnefs. 
Olclabaireach.. Blubber-lipped* 
Olchobhair. Pleafure, avarice^ 
Oldus. But. 
Oleach^ Soaking. 
Oleafach. Ufual, frequent.^ 
Oil. Great, grand. 
.aifa,'olgha. 'Woollen, 
Ollamh. Vide Ullamh. 


O N A 


OlIMh. % A^AoStOTy chief bard) . gen. OU 

Ollamlidli, ) faadhnn. 

Ollamban re lagh. I>6Q:6t of l^ws. 

Ollamhan re diadhachd. DcfStor of divi- 

Ollamhan re leigbi%.. Dodor of Medi- 

Ollamhain; The teairned, Kfti^ti -, inflMd- 

OUamhnuighain. To 4liib:u^ t^oh^ fo- 

Ollabhar* Agreatatmy^, 

Ollanachadh. Burial. ^ 

Ollathacb. Refentment. 

OUdas. Than, more thany 'i4ther^ha«*. 

Olldrag. A funeral pile. 

Olleadh. Affront, 'indignity. 

Ollghlor. Bdiiibaft./ 

Ollmhucach. Ptentiful bf fwirie* . 

Ollmhathaa; Great i^idleW 

Olltuath.. The great axe» . 

Olom. Crop-eared. 

Olofdfa. A cow. 

Ohiirt. dfwobl* 

Omal* Vide Tomaladhk. 

Omar, i . , 

Gnab. l^'"^*'^- 

Omb.. Lonelbme, .unireqiiented«:, 

Qmhan. . Fear, terror. 

Ombnacb.. Tcrrtble; ... 

Omban. Fjoth,^ fillabuK 

dnihrtach. FrbtSy^ 

Ombnear. . An embryo* 

Omna. An oak, a lante« , 
*Oirina. '' A Ifllhce, fpeaf.: 

Omoideacb. Obedient. . 

Qmoidam. Ta ob^. ' 

Omrann*. A diVilion,~ihare«^ 

Q&ttir. A trough, cupboard*. 

On« Gain,, profit.: . 

On. Afbtm.' 

*On« Sloth, lazintfs... 

Oiia- Sibw, Ifttlgilh, 4niaif«» ' ^ 

Ong« Clean, dear. 

Ong. Sorrow, grief, a i 

Ong. Healing, curing; a groan*^ » 

Ong. A fire, hearth. 

Ongadb. Anointing, undion. ■ 

Onganu To anoint. 

OitghhikHi. A trefpafs. 

Ongtha. Anointed. 

Onnar. There is. 

Onn. A fione. 

Onn. A horfe. 

Onn.. Furze, gorfe j hence the letur O i» 
> called Onn by the mcient Irifb. 

Onoir. Honour, rei]icdt. 

Onorach. Honourable. 

Onoraiche. More honourable. 
: Oiioraigham. To honoac, reverence. 

Onoruighte. . Honoured. ^ 

Or. Gold. 

Or» .oir. For, becaufe. 
, Or. A voice, found. 

Or. A border, coaft. . 
' Oracuil. An oracle. 

Oradb. . Gilding. 

Oragan. The fatrborgolny* 

Oraid. An oration, prayer, declaihatioiu. 
' OraMeach* An orator, deelaimer.- ^ 

Qraidaigham. To declaim. 

Oraim. . To pray. 
• Oraiun. Writing" tables. 

Onnchon. A ftandard, enfign. ' 

praifde. An orange. . 

Oram, orm. Airme^i.e. Uponme;.. 

Oran. A fong. . 
^ Oranach. Full of fong6. . 

Oranaiche. A fongfter. 

Orbhaire. . Mercy, goodnefs. 

Orbhann. A. gold coin. 

Orbit. Humbk, mild. 

Orbhuidheach. The -pttrc yellowv called' 
Or or Topaz^ -hi the arms of an carh 6r 
lord, or. Sol in that of ^ princ^ or-kin]gi. ^ 

Orcam. To kill, deftroy.* "' ^ • - ^ 



OS c 

Orcadh. Killing, dcftroying, 
.X)rc. A hen»egg. 

Ore. A falmon, a whale* 

Ore. Vide Oircain. 

Ore. The<cramp. 

Ore. A prince's foiu 

Orcabhc. Whales of the ocean ; Orkneys. 

Orchaon. A poetical incantation.. 

Orchoilier. A gold collar. 

Orcheard. A goldfmith. 

Orchradh. Grief, forrow. 

Oipchoilen. A gold mine. 

Orc-iafg. The torpedo. 

Orflreth. A prince's fon. 

Ord. An order, feries. 

Ord beannuighte. Holy orders. 

Ord. A hammer, mallet. 

Orda. A piece, fragment. 

Ordatgham. To order, command, defire. 

Ordan. Love, generofity. 

Ordha, Golden, of gold, 

Ordhuilleog. GoldJeafl 

Ordin. A mallet. 

Ordamhuil. Orderly. 

Ordog. A thumb, great toe. 

Ordugh. . An order, decree. 

Ordughadh. Ordaining, decreeiBg, order- 

Ordughal. Set, ftudied, formal, regular. 

Orduigbam. To order, fet in otxder^ or- 

Orduighte. Ordered. 

Orgain. An organ. 

Orgain. Slaugh:er. 

Orgham. To gild. 

Orghruagach. Yellow* haired. 

^ f o , .1 c Shinmg like gold. 
Orlaftamhuil. i 5 6 

Orleathair. An uncle by the father^siide. 

•Orleach. J^n inch. 

X>rlugbadh. JBefpewing. 

^ * Ji. c. Air me. Upon me. 
Ormfa. J 

Ormtideah, The niorning^ break. 0fdft]r» 
Ofmheinach. Gold «re, a gold mine* 
Orn. , SUughter, maflaci^e* 
Orna. Barley. 
Ornaighe. A prayer. 
Ornaigham. To adorn. 
Orneach. Bits. 

. Omeis. A qualm, naufeoufnefs. 
Orp. Houfe-leek. 
Orra, orrtha. On them. 
Orrar. A porch. 
Orrachda. A widower. 

^ . I \ J r Charms, enchantments. 
Orruighachd. i , 

Ort. On thee. . 

Orta. Be gone. 

Ortaigham. To depart. 

Ortha. A colled, ihort prayer, .a charnu 

Orrtha. On them. 

Orthuigear. AAer to-morrow* 

Ortfa. On thee. 

Oruibh. Upon you. 

Orumfa. Oramfa. Vide Onn, Ormfa. . 

Os. Above, over, uppnij and is iifed in 

compofition. . ' - « . 

Os. A deer. 

Os aird. Publicly, loudly. 
Os iofeaL Softly, privately. ' 
Ofadh. Defifting, ceiTacion. 
Ofaim. To defift, to;ceafe. / 
Ofar. The younger. • 
Ofbarr. Befides, over and above, frpni the 

Ofcach. Eminent, itiperior. 
Ofcar. Motion of , the l^ands in . fwim- 

Ofcar. A leap, bound. 
Ofcar. A gueH, traveller. 
Ofcar. A champion j the fon of Offian* 
Ofcar. A ruinous fall. 
Ofcardha. Renowned, famous. 
Ofcarlann. An hofpital. 
Ofcarthachd. Energy, emphafis, Ioudne&. 



Of II 

Ofcartha. Loud, clamorous, etnphatical^ 

Ofchomhaifte. A meteor* 
Ofceann. | . , 
Ofcionn. {Above, over. 

Ofcheimnigham. To exceed, excel. 
Ofcheimnughadh. Superiority, pre-emi- 
Ofchrabhadh. Superftition* 
Ofcuilte, Open, manifeft. 
Ofcul. The arm-pit. 
Ofda. An inn. 

Ofdair. An inn-holder, hoft, landlord. 
Ofgarach. Frail, brittle. 
Ofglam. To open. 
Ofgraibh. S uperfcriptiom 
Ofgriobhan. Epigram. 
Ofmharthach. Surviving. 
Ofhadh. A figh, groan, blaft# 
Ofnadhach. Sighing, groaning* . 
Ofnaidhe. ) ^. 
Ofnaidhal. ^ S™*"*"^. 
Ofnaigham. To figh, groan; 

Offag. A Waft. • 
Offagach. Bluftering, fquallj. 
Offan. A flocking, hofc. 
Oflanaiche. A bofier. 
Offar. A back, burthen. 

Offaraidhe. i 
Offaroir. J 

A porter, carrier. 

Oftoir. An oflier. 

Offraidhe. Cow-dung. 

Offruidhe. Oflbry in Lcinfter. 

OiTadla. A league. 

O taipa. Since that I am* 

Otar. Labour. 

Othar. Sick, weak, wounded. 

Othar. Wages. 

Otir. A ridge or bank jutting into the 

Otbrach. Vide Otrach. 
Othras. A difeafe, diforder« 
Othrafach. Sick, difeafed. 
Othrafcha. An hofpital# 
Otrach. Dung, adunghilU 



Pis the thirteenth letter of the Oalic 
alphabet— This letter is called by the 
Iriih grammarians Peith-bhog, but they do 
not tell us from what tree, for the let- 
ters were commonly named after trees. 
It would, however, appear to be nothing 
elfe than Beith-bhog, or B foft, i. e. P 
is only a foft or mollifying way of ex- 
preffing B, and the reafon is, original- 
ly they were the fame letter, and P 
yn% not ufed in the Irifh language until 

our knowledge of the Latin, fince the 
time of St. Patrick. In the old parch- 
ments thefe letters are indifcriminately 
ttfed, as Prutach, a boor or tuftic, for 
Brutach, Peift for Beift, &c. With the 
afpirate H which it bears, it is pronounc- 
ed like the Greek Phi, and Ph in the 
Englifli word Prophet. 

Pabhail. A pavement. 

Pac. A pack. 

Pacair. A pedlar. 

[4 A ] Pacaigham« 

P A I 


Pacaigham. To pack. 

Paclacb. An armfuK 

Pacairachd. Builnefs of a pedlar. 

Padruic. ? p . • ^ 

Padhruic. S 

Padhal. An ewer. 

Padhadh- Thirft. 

Padhuilun. A tent, booth, hut. 

Paganach. A heathen. 

Paganachd. Gentilifm. 

Paidir. The pater-nofter. 

Paidiruin. A rofary of beads to £iy a pa- 
ter-nofter, a necklace. 

Paidhadh. Pay, payment. 

Paidhir. A pair. 

Paidhiram. To pair,. couple. 

Paidham. To pay. 

Pailchloch. Paving ftones. 

Paileiris. 7 p li- 

Pairithis. i ^' 

Pailliunn. A tent, paWlion.. 

Pailm. The palm-tree. 

Pailt. Abundant, plentiful 

Pailtas. Plenty, abundance* 

Painachas. Bail, fecurity^ infiirance.. 

PainneaL A panneU. 

Painidh. Strong. 

Paintearam. To enfnare, trepan. 

Painte« Lace,, firing to lace clothes. 

Paintair. A net^ gin, fnare. 

Paintairam. To eofnare^ 

Paintairadh*. Enfnaring. 

Paipair. Paper. 

Pairc« A park, field; 

Paircam. To enclo£e. 

Pairt. A Ihare^ portion^ xidation^. kin- 

Pairtach. Having a fhacc^ related,, free- 

Pairtaichc A partner,, aflbciate, abettor. 

Pairtaigham. To parukt^ to communi- 

Pais. Paffion, fuiffering. 

Paifde. Acbiia. 

Paifdin. An infant. 

Paifonadh. A faint. 

Paifgam. To ftarve of cold. 

Paifgte. Starved of cold. 

Paiteach. Thiffty. 

Paiteog. Butter. 

Pattt. A hump. 

Paitrifg. A partridge. 

Palas. A palace, regal feat. 

Palin. A winding-'flveet, fliroud. 

Palmare. A rudder. 

Palluin. A tent, tabcrnaele, booths 

Panna. A pan. 

Panna-fiolaidh. A dripping-pafi. 

Pannag. A pancake. 

Pannal. A crew, a band of men. 

Papa. The pope« 

Par. Parchment 

Paralais. The palfy^ 

Paralus. A parlour,, or room to eotefr-^ 

Parraifte^ A forito^ 
Parrathas. Paradife. 
Partaclu Partaking. 
Pa rt aid fae . A part«er^> partak e iv - 
Partan. A crab-fiih. 
Parn. A whale. 
Pafcairt. A pannier. 
' Pafgam.. To enwrap, fwaddlc^. 
Pafgan. A bundle. 
Pafgte. Enwrapped. 
Pafiiighadh. A didapper. 
Pata. AvefleL 
Pata^ A hare.. 
Patan. A leveret. 
Patantachd. Thicknefi.. 
Patnin. A patron. 
Peabhcach. Neat, fine. 
Peabhchaolacfa* A peacock. 
Peabhchearc. A peahen. 
Peacach. Sharp-pointed, beautiful. 
Peaocach.. Sinful.. 


P E I 


Peac, peuc» piac* Any Jbtarp-poIntpdlUttf i 
the fprouting germ. of anj vegstahk^ t 
long tail. 

Peaccadh. ^in, tranfgrefion. 

Fesccaigham. To fia^ offend agatnft.. 

Peacctbach. A fiimer^ tranfgreflbr.. 

Peall. Ahorfe. 

PealL .'A ciDud^ paUet. 

Peally pealltog. A veiL . 

Peallam. To mftt, ceftrer; to teaze, puU 

Peallaftair. A quoity penny-ftone. 

Peanai. P«oi(hment« 

Peanafaigham. To punifh* 

Peann. A writM)^pe% a jreed.. 

Peannagan. A pett«cafe» 

Peanfal. A pen/cil. 

Peannfain A fence;. 

Peanfuir. Pincers. 

Pearla. A pead^ precious flone^ 

Pearlach. Plaited, cocrugant* 

Pearlaigham» Ta corrugate^ 

Pearl ughadlu Corrugating. 

Pearlog. A partridge. 

Pearfa. A perfoa^ pl« Pearfana^f 

Pearfa. A verb. ... 

Pearfaigham. To perfoniCy* 

Pearfal. Parfley. 

Pearfanta. Perfonable*. 

Peafan. A punchy forry little fellow*. 

p:^t:^i^ ''*'-'«• 

Peafgadh. A gafh, cut. 

Peafgam. To cut and llaih* 

Peatruit. A halter, 

Peic. A great tail. 

Peick. A peck. 

PeicioUach. That bath a long tailv 

Peileir. A bullet^ a bQwl> a pillar. 

Peileir-tarnainaich. A thunder-bolt. 

Peillic. A hut or booth nnde up of earth 

and branches of trees, the whole eovtred 
at the top with ikins of beafts, antlontly 
ufed in Ireland. It i6.tlie name of diffis^^ 
rent places in the couAty of Gorke at this 

Peliocan. A pelican* 

Peinn, piann. Pain, puniibment. 

Peindlighe. A {lenal }aw^ 

Peinnair. i * ^ 

Peinreachd. r P'^"^''^'- 

Peinteal. A fnare. 

PeircioU. A corner,, the lower part of the 
face, the jaws, the abdomen^ 

Peire.. A pear, pear^tree.^ 

Peireadh. Rage,, fury.. 

PeiriacuL Urgent neceffity, danger^ 

Peirfe. A row> rank, a perch m lengths 

Peirfile. Parfley. 

P^ifchearbhaire. 1 . 

Perfghearrthoir. S 

Peift. A worm, beaft, monften 

Peifteog. A little worm, inf<;£k«. 

Peit. A muiician.^ ^ 

Peiteadh. Muiic. 

Peitag. A waiftcoal^ 

Peitain. A (hort jacket* 

Peitarlaichte. Verfed ia ai|tient or iacredi 

Peitarlach, The old law or teftament. 

Peitfeag. A peach. 

Peithir^ Aforefter, a thunderbolt,. 

Pelag. A porpoife. 

Peodar. Pewter. 

Peodarain A pewterer;. 

Pepog. A pompiOn • 

Pefleir. Pcafe. 

Pefleir-chappul. Vetches.- 

PeflTair-luchag. Lentils, 
' Peilrach. Of peafe. 

Peflfeir^tuilbbe. Heatb-^peafe.. 

Peithbhog. The letter P. 

Petadh. A pet, a tame animals- 

Pcubar. Pepper*. 




Pcubaram. To pepped. 

Peur. A pear, * 

Peurla. VidcPearla. 

Phairifneach. A pharifee. * 

Phairifnachal. Pharifaical. 

Pharo. Pharaoh. 

Piagham. To hang up. 

Pian. Gen. Pein, pain ; plr Pianta, pangs, 

Pianadh* Afflidlion, tormenting. * 

Pianam. To torment, to pain^ puniih^ 

Pianair. The teaze. 

Piantaighoii*. A tormentor* 

Piaft. A worm. 

Piafgach. Rough, rugged. 

Pib, piob. A pipe. 

Pib-mhala. A bag-pipe. 

Pibam. A pipe, the tliroat.. 

Pibbin. A lapwing. 

Pibhar. A purfe* 

Pic, pich. Pitch. 

Pic-mheallach. A Lochahar axe« 

Picil. PickJc. 

Picilam. . To pickle. 

Pighe. A pye. 

Pighe-fcola. A pafty* 

Pighaid. A magpyc. 

Pighaidachd. Pye-coloured. • 

Pighin. A penny. 

A' phighin rioghaK Pennyroyal* 

Pigadh. J 
Pigin. 5 

>An earthen . pitcher. 

Pile. VideFeille. 
Pileir. A pillar. 
Pillam. To turn, toil^ 
Pillin, pannel. A pack-faddle« 
Pilliur. A pillar. 
Pilfeir. A pilchalrdJ 
Pinchrann. A pine-tree* 
Pincin. A gillyflower.- 
Pinn. For Binn, a peek or clifF. 
Pinnadh. A pin^ peg. 
Pinnt. A pint ; i. e. two quarti# 
Pintealam« To paint. 

Phttealta. Pointed. 

Piob.' A^pipe^ flut«. 

Piobadoir. A pipe-maker. 

Piobaire. A piper. " : - 

Piobaireachd. The pipe mufic, a marcli 
tune, piping. . 

Piobam. To pipe. ' /> 

Pioban. A fmall pipe, the throat. • i 

Piobar. Pepper. ' 

Piobhar. A fieve, honeycomb.. 

Piob-leigidh. Cock of a barrel. • 

Piob-thaofgidh. A pump. 

Piobfhionnaich. A pipe blown with bel- 

Piob-uifge. A conduit-pipe. 

Piocaid. A mattock, pick-axe. 

Piocam. To pick, nibble. 

Piolaid. A prince's palace. 

Piolaid. Pilate, a proper name* 

Pioloid, pidoir. A pillory. 

Pioloidach. A pilot. 

PioUam. To pick* 

Pion. I . .. 


Pionchranm A pine-tree* 

Pionas. Punifhment. 

Pionofta. Punilhed. 

Pioraid. A pirate. 

Pioroide. A parrot. 

Piorra. A pear. 

Piorra. A fquall. 

Piofa. A piece, a filyer cup to drink 

Piofan. A little piece, any little en- 
gine or infl-rument. 

Pioftal. A piftOl. 

Piofreog. Vide Pifeog/ 

Piothan. A pye. 

Pis, peffir. Peafe. 

Pifarnach. Whifperitlg. 

Pifeanach. Lentilsw 

Pifeog, pifeoga. Sorcery, witchcraft. 

Pifeogaicbe. A forccrer, wk&ard. 


P L E 

P L U 

Pisfinain. Vetches. ' - 

Piflach. Encreafe, good luck, bleffing.- 

Pip. Vide Pioban. 

Pit. A hollow, pit, female privities. 

Piteanta. Eftemitiate. 

Piteantachd. Effeminacy. 

Piuthar. A fitter. 

Piutharal. Sifterly. 

Piutharalachd. • Sifterlinefs. 

Pla. A green plot, a meadow. 

Placantachd. Coarfenefs. 

Plaghaim. -To plague. 

Plaichid. A flagon. 

Plaigh* A plague, peftilence, contagion. 

Plaide. A plaid. 

Plaighal. Contagious, plaguy, peftiferous. 

Plained. A planet. 

Plaitin. The fkull, a little pate. 

Plam. Curdled. • - 

Plana. A plane. 

Planta. A plant. 

Plantaigham. To plants 

Plantaichoir. A planter. * 

Plaofg. Ahufkorfliell. 

Plaofgach. Of ihell.- 

Plaofgadh. A founds noife. 

Plaofgam. To burft, to found, make a 




Plafda* Feigned. 

Plafdam. 7 t- i /i 

PI rj • u C T^ plaifter, 
rlaidruigham. 3 

Plaftrail. ) ,5, .« . 

Plaftradh. J P'^^^^^^^g- 

Plata. A plate. 

Platfeadh. Afquafh. 

Plath. A glance. 

Pleadhag. A fpade, dibble, 

Pleaghan. A littie oar. • • 

Pleaghanachd. Rowing with a little oar. 

Pleaghart. A buffet. 

Pleafg, plcafgadh, A noife* 

> A plaifter. 

? To float. 
1. J 

Pleafgam. To crack, break, burft, ftrike, 

Pleide. Spite. 
Pliathroid. A flipper, 
Plibin. A plover. 
Ploc. A ftopper, bung, a large ftump, 

round head. 
Plocach. ' Having a round head, lumpiih. 
Plocam. To knock on the head, bruife. 
Plod. A pool, a fleet. 
Plodadh. Floating, buoyancy. 
Plodmhor. Buoyant, a float. 
Plodan. A fmall pool. 
Plodanachd. Paddling and rowing in 

Plodhaifg. A bumpkin, looby. 
Plaifg. Spungy, elaflic, dry and fpungy, 

Plofg. Quick. 
Plofgail. A found, noife. 
Plofgartich. Open, bold, panting. • 
Plofgartuigham. To pant, throb. 
Plubam. To plump or fall as a ftone in 

Plubrach. Plunging. 
Pluc. The rot among fheep, a knot, a 

Plucadh. Blowing the cheeks. 
Plucis. The flux. 
Plucam. To puff up the cheeks. 
Plucaire. A fellow with large -chaps. 
Plucaireachd. Impertinence. 
Plucmhalghach. Beetle-brow'd. 
Plucham. To prefs, fquecze, conftrlnge, 

Pluic A cheek. 
Pluicach. • Blub-cheeked. 
Pluihba. A plummet* 
Plumbis. A plum. 
Plur. Flower^ meal, a flower. 
Pluran. A flower. 

[4BJ Plurach. 



Pluracb. Full of meal. 
Plutadh. A breaking down» fcolding*. 
PobuL A people^ tribe, congregatton» 
Poc, boc. A he-goat. 
Poc ruadh, Boc ruadh. A roe-buck» 
Pocadh» A pockety or little bag^ 
Pocan. A little he-goat» 
Pog. A kift. 
Pogadh. Kiffing. 
Pogam. To kifs. 
Pobhuil. 7 ^ . , 
Poiblioch* The common people. 
Poiblighe. Public. 

Poidin mearbhuL Jack with tbc Ian- 
Poireaga. Hollow. 
Poirfe. A porch. 
PoiHium A portion^ 
Poifgheallam. To betrotlh. 
Poifam, To lug,. hauL 
Poit. Great drrnking. 
Poitam. To drink. 
Poitairachd. Hard drinking^, 
Poitair. A drunkard. 
Poitchriadh. Potter's c]ay» 
Poitin. A fmall pot. 


Pol a. A pole, 

Polaire. A fign» 

Polaire. A fearcher of boles and comers. 

Poll. A hole or pit*. 

Poll. Mire, dirt. 

Pollaire. Noftrils. 

Pone* A points article. 

Poll-accairaidh. A bay to anchor fliips# 

PolNiafgaich. A iifh-pond^ 

Poll-marcachd. A Doad foic (hips. 

PoncaL Diftin£l. 

Ponair. Beans. 

Ponair Fhrancacb* FriBkich J 

Poni. A little horfe. 


Pont. Auftere, cruel. 

Popa. A mafter. 

Pore. A pig. 

Por. Seed, or race for planting or propa<« 

Por cochullach. Pulfe. 
Porcan. A fmall pig; 
Porraifde. A pariOi. 
Porraifdeach. A pariihioner. 
Port. Severe, fieice. 
Port. A tune, jig. 
Port. A port, harbour ; a bank. 
Ri port. Wind-bound. 
Port. A fort, garrifon, the area of a placed 
Port. A houfe. 

Portair. A waterman,, ferryman.. 
Portan. A crab-fifh, 
Portos. The mafs book. 
Port'triaithe. A ftall-fed hog* 
Porth. Severe.. 
Pofadh. Marriage, wedlock*. 
Pofam. To marry. ^ 

Pofda. Married. 
Pofgha. Bridal, nqptial. 
Pofta. A poft, pillar. 
Poftans To trample with the feet* 
Poftstoach. That hath ftout legs. , 
Potaire. A toper, drunkard.. 
Potadoir. 7 ^ 
Potair. 5 A potter. 

Potaim. To drink. 

Potchriodh. Potter's clay. 

Potfolach. A pot-lid. 

Poth. A bachelor. . 

Prab. Quick. 

Prab. Rheum^ or- the difcharge from tliff 

corner of the eyes. 
Prabach. Having humours about the eyes^ 

Prabar. A worthlefs fellow^ 
Pr^udhin* Eameft bufmeft, great hafte. 
Praidhinadh. Earneft,. in great baftci* 
Prainfagy A haggoft. 



•P R O 

Prais. Brafs, pot-inetai» 

Praifeach* A pot. 

Praifeach* Broth^ pottage*. 

Praifeach.. A manger, crib*. 

Praifaiche* A brazier. 

Pramh. Sleep. 

Prann. A wave. 

Prantaire. A hammer* 

Prafcan. .Amob, agang» 

Preab. A kick. 

Preabadh. Stamping, kicking^ 

Preabam. To kick, ftamp, fpurrr. 

Preaban. A court-yard. 

Preaban. A patch, a patch on a fJio6» 

Preabanaiche. A botcher. 

Preabairc. A hearty brave man. 

Preabog. A wincing horfe. 

Preabraigh. Patching, clouting* 

Preabaireachd. Ading bravely or gal* 

lantJy. / 

Preach. Hold, ftand, ftay% 
Preachan. A. crow, kite^ or: ravcaous 

Preachan nan cearr. A ringtail. 
Preachan ingneach. A vulture.. 
preachan ceannan. An otficji^ 
Preachoine. A crycr. 
Pxeacham. To p^niib. 
Prealaid. A prelate, bij[hop# 
Preas. A^bulh, brier. . 
Preas nan ros. Rofe-bufli. 
Preas nan fpiontag. The currant or ria^ar 

Pjeas nan geardhearc. The berberry-buib» 
Preas nam fiontag. Blackberri^ heath.. 
Preas* A.wrii|Ue» p}ait,. 
Preaiam. To plait, rimplq^ 
Pxeafarnach* A iibrii}>bery* 
Preas fubh craoibh. Ra(berry-bufh. 
Preat. Boggy. 
Priacail. Danger. . 
Priceadli. Pricking. 
Pribam. To wink, . to twinkle* . 

Pribadh. Twinkling* 
Pricam. To fling, prick. 
Priginam. To%aggle. 
Primh, priomh. Chief, great, prime, ety- 
Priomhachd. A fourcr. 
Priomhathair. A patriarch. 
Priomharcal. The main beam. 
Priomhadb. A primate. 
Priomhbhlofgam. To prickle, fparkle. 
PriomhchjalJ.. Great underftanding, 
Priomhchoflas. Archtype. 
Priomhchlar. Autograph, original. 
Priomhchleirach. Protonotary. 
Priomhdha. Wifdom. 
Priomhdhraoith. An arch-druid. 
Priomhfhaidh. An ancient prophet. 
Priomhlongphort. A royal feat, 
Priomhuac^idaran. The chief ruler. 
Prionnfa A prince. 

Priomhghleus. A beginning, foundation.: . 
Priomhlaoch- A prime-foldier. 
Priomhthus. A foundation. 
Priomhughdar. The original author. . 
Primidil. Firftlings. 
Prine. A pin. 
Prinachan. A pin-culhion. 
Priofan. A prifon. 
Priofonach. A prifoner. 
Priofonachd. ImprifonmenC. 
Priotchadh. Preaching. 
Priotchaim. To preach, exhorts. 
Priotceach* A preacher. 
Priofal. Precious* 
Pris. Price, value. 
Prifealachd. Value. , 
Priiein.. Bufbes. 
* Proantain. Provender* . 
Probhal. A conful. 
Procadoir. A proAor. . 
Proghain. Care, anxiety. 
Proimplheillain. A drone, beetld*r 
Proinnuighadh. Dining. 

Proinxv , 



Proinn, prainn, A dinner, a meal, vora- 

Proinnuigham, To dine. 

Proinnlios. A refe6lory, dining-room, 

Proinnteach. Id. Vide Chron. Scot. 

Proifdeal. A bottle, 

Proifal. Bold. 

Promhadh. A proof. 

Pronn. Pollard. 

Pronn. Smooth. 

Pronnam. To pound, bruife, iiiince. 

Pronnan.^ Fragments. 

Pronnog. Any thing minced. 

Pronnfam. To bray, grind. 

Pronnghloir. Loquacity. 

Pronnghlorach. Loquacioi^, a fmall- 

Pronndol. A low noife. 

Pronnufc. Brimftone. 

Prop. Vide Prab. 

Profda. Strong. 

Pruchlais, A den. 

Pfailm. Vide Sailm. 

Pubal. A tent, tabernacle, booth, marquee. 

PublJcanach. A publican. 

Publigh. Public. . 

Pucan. Vide Pocan. 

Pudar. Powder. 

Pudarach. Powdered. * 

Pudhar. Hurt, harm. 

Pudharacha. Suppuration* 

Puiblighe. Publicly. 

^Puibligham. To publifli, proclaim* 

Puic. PI. of Poc. He-goats. 

Puichain. A little impudent ftinking fel- 

Puicin. A veil or cover wet the eyes, 
blind-man's buff* 

Puicnc fcreabhal. •A'fpangle, 

Puilpid. A pulpit. 

Puinfion. Poifon. 

Puinfonaigham, To poifon. 

Puirleagach. Crefted, tufted. 

Puirtin. A fmall fort, turret. 

Fuirt. Ports for guns, tunes. 

Puifgam. To beat, whip. 

Puifm. A lip. 

Puift. Of a poft or pillar. 

Puitric. A bottle. 

Pullog. The fifli called Polluck, I believe 

the porpoife j a pantry. 
Punc. A point, article, jot, tittle, whit. 
Puncal. Diftinit, articulate. 
Punan. A iheaf of corn, bundle of hay 

or ftraw. 
Pun-glafs. Purple mclic-grafe. 
Punnt. A pound. 

Punnt fafgunnach. A pound fterling. 
Puntuin. Benumbing^ 
PupaL Vide Pobul. 
Pur. Neat, pure. 
Purpi. Poppy, purflain* 
Purpair. Purple. - 

Purgaid. Apncge. ^ 

Purgadoirachd. Purgatory. 
Purt, A fort, tower, town. 
Futadh. I ^ ^ 
Purrudh. r P»°'- 

Purraghlas. Name of a cat. 

Pus* A lip. 

Pus. A cat. 

Putag. A pudding, a thowl oroaar-piA. 

Putan. A hare. 

Puttrall. A lock of hair. 




RIs the fourteenth letter of the al- 
phabet, and with L and N does not 
admit of the afpirate H. R in general 
founds the fame as in other languages. 
It- is called Ruis from Ruis the elder- tree, 
anciently fo called, but now Troman, 

Ra. A going, moving. 

Rabach. Fruitful, plentiful* 

Rabhadh. Advertifement, caution, a pre- 
cedent, example. 

Rabhadar. They were. 

Rabhagach. Vide Rabhach* 

Rabhan. A long repetition^ rhapfody. 

Rabhladh. Boafting. 

Racadh. ' A rake. 

Racaire. A rake, prattler. 

Rac. A king or prince. 

Rac. A bag, pouch. 

Racadal. Horfe-radifli* 

Racam. To rake. 

Racam. To rehearfe, repeat. 

Racaireachd. Raking, repeating, romance. 

Racan. Mifchlef, noife. 

Racham. To go. 

Rachdam. To arrive at, come to. 

Rachdan. A bowling. 

Rachgan. A harrow. 

Rachin. I would go. 

Rachoil. A winding-fheet. 

Racht. He arofe, got up. 

Racht. A fit. 

Racht, rcadhd. A law, ordinance. 

Rachtaire. A law-giver, judge, a dairy-man. 

Rachdmhor. Giving laws, legiflative. 

Rad. Vide Rod. 

Radaim. To give up, deliver. 

Radaireal. Wandering, ftroUing. 

Radan. A rat* 

Radh. A faying. 

Radham. To fay, relate. 

Raha. A bidding. 

Radharc. Sight, fenfe of feeing. ' 

Radmuillam. To dream. 

Rae. A field, plain. 

Rae. Much, plenty. 

Rac. A battle. 

Rae. A falmon. 

Rafta. A gallery. 

Rag. A wrinkle. 

Rag. Stiff. 

Ragach. Stifi; wrinkled. 

Ragaim, meacan ragaim. Sneezcwort. 

Raghait, i. e. Rangadar. They reached. 

Ragairachd. Violence. 

Ragmhuinalach. Stiff-necked. 

Rai. Motion. 

Rai, ad rai. He arofe. 

Raib. Rape. 

Raibe. A turnip. 

Raibh. Was. 

Raicneach. A queen. 

Raidh. Will. 

Raidhe. Quarter of a year. 

Raidhe. Aa umpire, arbiter. 

Raidhmheas. A dream, romance. * 

Raidhmhaifeach. Fabulous, romantic, gaf* 

Raidhteachas. A faying, report. 
Raidhteachas. A conteft, trial of ikill. 
Raidhtionga. A comma fn writing. 
Raidhreach. A prayer, requeft. 
Raidis. A radiih. 
Raittine. Laughter, laughing. 
Raidolach. Craft. 
Raigeamhlachd. Impetuofity. 
Raigh. An arm. Vide Ruigh. 

[4 C] Raigh. 



Raigh. Frenzy. 

Raighbheirt. A fleeve, wriftband> brace- 
Raidhmheis. A cubit* 
Raidhtheoir. A peafant, boor, 
Raighe* A ray. 
Railgc. A church-yard. 

Raimhdeas i «, ^ ^ ... - ^ ' ^ 
-^ . , > Fatnefs. being fat. 

Raimhre. 1 ^ o 

Raimhe. Fatter. 

Raimh. Brimftone. 

Raimhad. Fat, fatnefs. 

Rainidham. To reach. 

Rainmillam. To abrogate, aboli&« 

Rainn, rinn. Th6 point of a fpear or 


Rainnefidhe. Ranges, ranks^ 

Rainn. A divifipn. 

Rainn-ann-ruifg. Eyebright. 

Rainn. PI* ctf Rann« 

Rainn-da-leath. Bipartition^ 

Rainnin. A fhort verfe. 

Rainfgriofam. To aboliih. 

Raiteachas. Pride, arrogance, conteft^ 

Raiteachas. Saying, fpeech. 

Raitean. Pleafure. 

Raith. He went. 

Raith. On account of, for the fake of. 

Raithneach. Feri^, brake. 

Raith. Entreaty, fpeech^ interceffiom 

Raithne. Itihined. ^ 

Raithe. Quarter of a year. 

Raithal. Quarterly. 

Raithe. An umpire* 

Raith re. It pleafed. 

Ralaim. To happen, to commit, to make. 

Ramh. An oar. 

Ramhaiche. A rower» 

Ramhad. ^ , 

Ramhadqir. j . ' 

Ramhar. Fat, grofs, thick, 

Ramhraigham. To fatten. 

. Ramhilleadb. Raving in ficknefs. 

Ramhaim. To row* 

jRamhdhraidheann. Buckthorn. 

Ramhlong. A galley. 

Ran. A crumb, morfel, truth. 

Ran. Plain, manifeft, noble, nimble. 

Rann. A verfe, ftaaza, fefiion i a fong^^ 

Rannacht I ^ ^ « 

Ran^ijghe. A romancer, Aory-*teller. 

Ranaim. To make manifeil. 

Ranca. Aftep. 

Ranc. Rank, order. 

Ranntachd. Verfe, poetry, verliiication* 

Randach. A partizan. 

Randonaigham. To abolifh, abrogate.. 

« ^* I The bank of a riven 
Kangan. a 

Rang, rangan. A wrinkle. 

Rangach. Wrinkled. 

Rann. A part, divifion, fong, gpncalogjE;. 

Ranhach. Diftributive* 
. Rannadh. Beginning, commencing* 

Rannan^ The lowing of deer. 

Rannaim. To divide, fharc. 
!( Rannbhallardam. To proclaim. 

Ranntuarchorthach. Fertile, fruitful. 

Rannphairt. Participation,, participle^. 

Rannphairteach. 7 „ , 

T> u • <.. L -I J Partaking of. 

Rannpbaurtamhuil. y ^ 

^Rannphartuigham. To communicate. 
Rannphartuighe. A .partaker. • 

Ranfughadh. Searching,^ rummagings 
Ranfuigham. To fearch, rununagjs. 
Raod, rod. A thing. 
Raogha. Choice. 
Raoghrua. ,5,^ ,^fe. 

^ Kaoghnaigham. ( 
Raoimeadh. T)epredation, plunder* 
Raomadh. Phlegm. 
Raonadh. A way, road, haunt. 
Raon. A field, plain^ a green. 
Raona. ^Breaking, tearing. 



R E A 

Raonam*. Te^urn^ change*. 

Rap* Any creature that digs» 

Rapal. Noife. 

Ras* A Ihrub* 

Rafach. Full of ihrubs. 

RafTaidhe. A rambling woman, gipfy> 

Raflaidhid. A bile, blotch. 
Rafan. Underwood, brufliwoof* 
Rafchrann. Alhrub-tree. 
Rafcradh. To part, fcatter* 
RafdaK Anike* 
Rafdalam. To rake, gather. 
RafmhaoL A fea-calf. 
Rafmhaidhe. A ihrub. 
Raftach. A churl. 
Rat. Motion. 

Rath. Good-luck, profperityv 
Rath. A furety. 
Rath. Fern. 
Rath. Wages. 
Rath. A fortrefs, garrifon, a village, an 

artificial mount or burrow, a prince's 

Ratha. Quarter of a year; Vide Raithe. 
Ratha. Running, racing* 
Rathach. A hough. 
Rathachadh. Profperity^ 
Rathadar. They ran. 
Ratham. To make profperous, profper. 
Rathamhnas. Profperity, happineis. 
Rathmhor. i ^ ^ 
Rathoil. JP^'P^^""* b'PPy- 

Rathihollus* Bet\iQeen the fore and back 

Re. The moon. 
Re. For Le, with. 

Re. For Ri, ris ; at, to, by, of, againft* 
Re. Time, duration, life, exiftence. 
Re. Sign of the future participle to» 
Re, ad re. He arofe. 
Reabadh, reubadb. Tearing* 
Reabam, reubam. To tear» 

Reabach. That teareth. 

Reabalach.> A rebel. 

Reabalachd. Rebellion* 

Reabh. A wile, craft, trick. 

Reabhach. Subtil, crafty. 

Reabhlangar. Skipping, playing, fport* 

Reabhiangam. To Ikip, play. 
Reabhradh. A ikipping, playing* 
Reac, reic. Sell thou. 
Reacam. To fell. Vide Reicam. 
Reacadolr. A feller. 
Reacar. Swift, hot, quick growirg. 
Reachd. , A law, ftatute, ordinance. 
Reachdaire. A judge, lawgiver. 
Reachdaire. A dairy-man. 
Raachdairm. A court of judicature. 
Reachdcheanglam. To article. 
Reachdhaingneadh. A decree. 
ReachdamhuiL Regular, lawful. 
Reachdmhathair. A mother-in-law* 
ReaChdmhor. SubftantiaL 
Reachdihaoirfeach. Licenfed, authorifed. 
Reachfad. I will go. 
Reacht. A man. 
Reacht. He came. 
Reacht. A juft law. 
Reacht. Power, anthority. 
Reachtaire. A lawgiver, king, judge. 
Reachtach. Strong. 
Reachtam, riachtam. To arrive. 
Reachtfgoth. A fon-in-law. 
Read. A thing. 
Readan. A pipe, a reed. 
Readchord. The reins of a bridle^ 
Readh, goreadlu Yet. 
Readh. Rage, fury. 
Readhg. A mad bull or or.. 
Readhlabhracbd. Eloquence^ 
Readhlabhra.- Eloquent. 
Readhfgaoileadh. A flux. 
Reag. Night. • 
Reagdhall. Purblindi.. 



n E I 

Reaghlorach* Refoundixig* 1 

Reaghtghe. Jufticc. 
Reaith. A ram. 
Reaithin. A little ram. 
Reall, realt. A ftar* 

„ , ' . J An aftrolabc* 

Kealtangrais. 3 

Realtbhuidheann. A conftellation. 

Rcaltchuirt* The ftar-chamber. 

Realtchofgaire. An aftronomen 

Realtog, A fmall ftar, an afterifk. 

Rcaltoir. An aftrologer. 

Reamain. A beginnings 

Reamaire. A traveller, wayfaring-man* 

Reamh. For Roimhe, is ufed as a compo- 

fitive particle. 

Reamhain. Foretelling, prognoftication. 

Reamhainmuighte. Forenamed. 

Reamhar. Thick, fat, grofs, coarfe. 

Reambaithnuigham. To foreknow. 

Reambaithne. ) ^^ . . . 
tj L ru • ( Foreknowledge. 
Reamhfhios. i 

Reamheadradh • Forenoon. 

Reamhorduigham. To foreordain* 

Reamhtheachdaire. A forerunner* 

Reatnhfhealladh. Forelight. 

Reamhaithrifam. To forebode. 

Reamhchroiceann. The preputiom. 

Reamihlon. A viaticum. 

Reamhofeadh. Rheumatifm. 

Reamhraigham. To fatten, clot^ concrete, 

Reamhrach« Coagulative. 

Reamhrughadh. Groflhefs, fatnefs, grow- 
ing fiit. 

Reamhradhte. Forecited* 

Reamhradh. A preface. 

Reamhradhaim* To preface. 

Reambfrnuiauigfaam. To foreimagtue. 

Reanga. Reins of the back. 

Reanna. Stars. 

Reannaire. An aftrologer. 

Reannan. A ftar. 

Rear. Provifion. 

Rearacht. A rifing, rearing up. 

Rearidh. A fenior, elder. 

Reareidham. To go, proceed. 

Reafan. To plead, allege. 

Reafeach. Prattling, talkative. 

Reafonta. Reafonable. 

Reafonaigham. Toreafon. 

Reafort. Prefervation . 

Reaftraim. To bring back, reftore. 

Reafun. Reafon. 

Reafunachadh. Ratiocination. 

Reat. With thee. 

Reatas. Enmity, hatred. 

Reatha. Running, racing. 

Reathadh. A ram. 

Reathachas. Ramming, rutting. 

Reathaim, ritbam. To run. 

Reataire. A clergyman, clerk. 

Rec. A thing done in hafte. 

Recail. Went down. 

Recearnaim. To recreate, divert, pleafe, 

Rech. Grief. 
Recne. Sudden. 
Red. To thy, with thy. 
Redhealbhani. To form again. 
Redhe. The Fauns, or gods of the woods. 
Redhiol. To be fold. 
Redhreim. ^ 

Redhreimreachd. ^ 
Regh. A crofs, gallows. 
Reibh. With you. 

Reichdcheadach. Licenfed, authorifed. 
Reicam. To fell, vend. 
Reicadoir. A feller, vender. 
Reidh. A plain. 
Reidh. Plain, level. 
Reidhlain. A level £eld, green for play* 
Reidh, Ready, prepared. 
Reidh. A rope, wythe. 
Reidheachd. Ready fervice, officioufnefi. 
Reidheadh* AiTent, agreement. 




Reldhighe. An agreement* 

Reidham. To prepare, provide, agree# 

Reidhreamhanach. Lunatic. 

Reidhteach. A plain, level. 

Reidhtcach, Union, harmony, propitia- 

Reidh. Plain, open. 

Reighdam. To judge, 

Reighlios. A church, (hrine. 

Reightioch. To fadge. 

Reil. A ftar. 

Reil. Clear, manifeft. 

Reil. Lawful, rightful. 

Reileag. A church, church-yard. 

Reiltin. An afteriik. 

Reim. Power, authority, great fway. 

Reim. A way, progrefs, ferics* 

Reim. A calling out. 

Reim. A troop, band. 

Reim. Evennefs of temper. 

ReimamhuiL Bearing great fway or autho- 
rity, perfevering, conftant, even, ram- 

Reimam. To ramp. 

Reimhbhriathar^ An adverb« 

Reimhbhlaifam. To foretafte. 

Reimhchinam. To aflign, appoint. 

Reimhe. Thicker, fatnefs, pride« 

Reimheach. Arrogant. 

Reimhamhuil. Belonging to the roads* 

Reimheas. Time. 

Reimhgheallam. To pre-engage, • to pro- 

Reimnigham. To go, to walk* 

Reimhorthonn. Forefkin. 

Reimfe. A club, a ftaff. 

eing. I Timbers of afhip* 

Reingach. 1 

Reir. Will, defire, pleafurej Ma reir, at 


Reir, do reir. According to* 

Reir, roir. Laft night. 

Reis* A fpan, nine inches long« 

Reifaid. A raifin* 

Reifghtobhar. A harlot, proftitute* 

Reifin. Sooner than, before that. 

Reifldhe. A rehear fer, romancer. 

Refiot. Congealed. 

Reifmeirdreach. A harlot. 

Reite. An agreement, fettlement, contradl* 

Reiteach. Harmony, reconciliation. 

Reiteach. A plain. 

Reitaigham. To agree, fettle upon, ratify^ 

Reithe. A ram. 

Reithe-raobtha. A battering-ram* 
Reitheadh* Rammed. 
Reitricoir. A rhetorician* 
Rem. With my, to my. 
Remfeuchadh. Forefeeing* 
Remfheucham. To forefee* 
Remhain. Pleafure. 
Remhraidham. To foretel, proclaim* 
Remhaithnuigham. To foreknow* 
Reo. Froft. 
Reoleach. 7^ 

Reoghleac. 3 

Reoleacam. | ^ ^ , 

^ , , > To freeze, congeal. 

Reoghleacam. j ^ 

Reomham, romham. Before me. 

Reomhad, romhad. Before thee* 

Reomhinn, romhinn. Before us. 

Reomhpa, rompa* Before them* 

Reon. A fpan. 

Reothadb. Froft, ice. 

Reotham. To freeze* 

Reothte. Frozen. 

Rer. With our, unto him. 

Rerchearc. A heath-poult, or groufe* 

Refealadach. By turns, alternate. 

Relbaid. A beggar^s brat. 

Retlan. A fpark. 

Retnughadh. To imagine* 

Reubadh. Tearing. 

Reubam. To tear, lacerate. 

Reubair. A robber, violent perfon* 

[4 D] Reubin. 


R I P 


Reubin. Plundering, 

Reudan. A timber-worm. 

Reudanacb. Full of worms. 

Reuladh. A declaration* 

Reulag. A ftar. 

Reulagach. Starry. 

Reulldhraoith. AAroIoger. 

Reuleolas. Aftronomy. 

Reultiafg. A iifh with fliining teeth. 

Reult. Aftar; pi. Reulta. 

Reult-buidheann. A conftellatlon* 

Rcuma. Phlegm. 

Reumamhuil. Phlegmatic. 

.Reufun* Reafon. 

Reufonaigham. To reafon. 

Reufunta. Reafonable. 

Ri, riogh. A king, fovereign- prince. 

Ri^ ris. To, againft. 

Ri ! An interjeSion of furpri«€» 

Ria. With her^ againft her. 

Riabhachv Brindled, greyilh* 

Riabhaichad. Brindlednefs, greyifiinefs. 

Riabhag. A lark. 

Riabhag-monaidh. A titlark. 

Riabhan. A bandfome young fellow. 

Riacb. Grey, brindled. 

Riach. He came, rippling^ up. 

Riachan. Any thing grey. 

Riachdailleas. Neceffity. 

RiachdanaSi Want, neceffifey, duty. 

Riachdanacb. Needy, neceffitous, incum* 

bent, dutiful. 
Riadh. A running, racing. 
Riadh. Corredion, taming, fubduing, grief. 
Riadhadh. Hanging. 
Riadhach. Darkifh. 
Riadhlann^ A correflion-houfc. 
Riagh. A crofs, gallows. 
Riagh. Religious. 
Riaghaim. To hang, crucify. 
Riaghuil. A rule, goveriiment. 
Riaghailt. A rule, direftory. 
Riaghailtchearnach. A fquare. 
Riaghailtach. Regular, fober, peaceful. 

RIaghalta. Ruled, governed. 
Riaghlach. An old woman. 
Riaghluicham. To rule, govern. 
Riaghluichoir. i . 
Riaghalloir. } A ruler. governQr, 

Riaghaire. A hangman, a rogue. 

Riama. A viftory. 

Riamh. Ever, at any time, before. 

Riamhacht Precious, valuable. 

Rian. The road or way, a path, foot- 

Rian. A fpan. 
Rian. The fea. 
, Rian cruinith-tuatha. The country of the 


\ Rianuighe. A wanderer. 
Riar. Diftribution. 

Riaradh. Pleafing, fttisfying, diftribution. 
Riaraidhe. An oeconome, difpenfer of 

meat and drink. 
Riarachd-inntin. Contentment. 
Riaram. iTo pleafe, fatisfy, ^iftri* 

Riaruigham. } bute. 
Riartha. Content, ferved, diftributed. 
Riafg. A moor, fen, marlh, lay-ground* 
Riafgach. Moorifb, ftiff. 
Riafgal. Indocile, rigid, wild, moorifh. 
Riatha. Hire, rent, intereft, rib, a fhare^ 
Ribe. -j 

Ribeog. I A hair, whifker, a doffil. 
Ribin. J 

Ribach. Rough, hairy. 
Ribh. To you, againft you. 
Ribeacha nan cuinneiiu Hairs of the no£» 

Ribheid. A reed, pipe. 
Riblach.« A line or loog ftrifig* 
Richead. A kingdom. 
Richis. A flame» 
Ridire. A knight. 
Ridul. A fieve, a coarfe fievc 
Ridhail. A parliament. 
Ridgileanach« A redihank. 
I Rif. Bent. 



Rl O 

*-'? Delay. 
s. 3 ^ 

Riglachan. A ridgling. 

Rig. A fpy- 

Rigam. To* reach. 

Rigam akafs. I n«ed n0t. 

Righ, ri* A king^ foveretgn* 

Rigb. iThe arm from the elbovf to the 

Righe. J wrift. 

Righeachd. One's reach ^ ^.ttainment.- 

Righeadh. To need^ reach at a thing. 

Righam. To reacb^ ftretch^ to confent. 

Righchifte. A royal fifcus. 

Righe. Reproof. 

Righfheinnidh. A generaliffimo.* 

Rigfain. Tough, adhelive, fluggifb, drow- 

ijy dilatory. 

Righmhionn* A diadem* 
Righneachd> A gift?, favour, preftnt; 
Righnigham. TomakeftifF, todelay, 
Righrheach. An arm. 
Rig.heachd. An ambaflador, envoys* 
Righthigbam. To be wanting. 
Rillean. A riddle, eoarfe fieve*. 
Rilleam. To fift with a riddle. 
Rimb. '^(uaiber. 
Rimham. To*number. 
Riiiihiadh» 7 p . . 
Rimheigbe. > * 

Rimhiheinnam. To play mufic* 
Rimnin. ^A c^nlleUation* 
Rincadb. Dancing. 
Rinceoir. A dancen 
Rincam. To dance. 
Rincfie. A lance, fpear# 
Rinfbeitbiomb. Contemplation. 
Ringeadb. Hanging. 
Ringheibhionna. l^^.^^ 
Ringbeimbleacba» 1 
Ringtbe. Torn, parted* 
Rinmheas. Scanning of a verfe. 
Rinn. The point of a weapon* 
Rinn. Mufic> melody. 

Rinn* A foot^ 

Rinn. The ftart. 

Rinn. The perfed tmfe of the verb Dea« 


Rinne. Unto us, againft us. 

Rinn na ruifg. Apple of the eye, 

Rinnadoir. . A carper, fpy-fauh. 

Rinnbhearthag. A biftory. 

Rinne.' The underftandiog* 

Rinne. Ireland. 

Rinneach. } ^. . , 

ri . , \ Sharp-vpointed. 
Ranngheur. J 

Rinnag. A ftar. 

Rinnag earbail. A eomet. 

Rinnag fheabhai^. A wandering ftar. 

Rinnec. Grafs. 

Rinnfeatham. To defign, intend, forecaft* 

Rinnicne. A graving tool. ^ 

Rinnimh. The heavenly conftellations. 

Rinnreim. A conftellation. 

Rinnmhor. Having fins. 

Riobhar. A ficve, honey-comb* 

Riobblacb. A rival. 

Rioboid. A fpendthrift* 

Rioboidcachd. Prodigality. 

Rioboideach. Prodigal. 

Rioboidam. To riot, revel. 

Riochd, riuchd. The fliape, likenefs. 

Riocbuaidh. A plagve, contagion, pefti« 


Riodh. A ray. 

Riodbam. To ray. 

Riodhnachd. A gift. 

Riogh, rigb. A king* 

Rioghachd. A kingdom. 

Rio^lbuii. } '^^y'^* ^^^^ p""**^^- 

Riogham.' To reign* 

Rioghan. 1 

Rioghbhin. >A queen* 


Rioghcholbh. 1 . ^ 

J A fceptre. 



R I S 


Rioghchoran, A royal crownJ 
Rioghdhach. A palace,. <ourt. 
.RipghdhaiK A parliament. 
Riogh-damhna. A king in fieri, a prince 

Rioghe. A reign. 
Rioghlaoch. A prince, a refpjSfftable old 


Rioghlann. A palace, king's court. 
Rioghnathair. A cockatrice* 

Riom. With me, againft 4ne« 
Riomh. Number, reckoning* 
Riomham^ To number, reckoit. 
Riomhach. Precious, valuable, fond of. 
Riomhaidh. Fondnefs. 
Riomhaireachd.. Arithmetic. 
Riomhaiream. To reckon, count. 
Rion, rian. A way, xoad. 
Rionadair. A rulei;, fteward. 
Rionaidhe. An engraver. 
Rionaigham. To carve, engrave. 
Rionaidheas. 1 ^ ^ 
Rional. } Sculpture. 

Rionghach. A ftrong man. 
Rionluas. Career. 
Rionnadh. Rednefs. 
Rionnacb. A mackerel* 
Riofaithris. 7 ,,,. . , . 

Riot, riut, riutfa. Againft thee, to thee. 
Rioth. Running, racing. 
Riotham. To run, race. 
Riotfa. With thee. -^ 
Rireadh. 1 n - n -i 

Ris. Unto him, it; againft l\tm,. it. 

Ris. ^ Hiftory. 

Ris. A king. 

Ris. Intelligence, knowledge. 

Ris, aris. Again. 

Rifa. Bark. 

Rifeach. A romancer. 

Rifgineach. A brave foldier. 

Rifion, rifean. An hiftOrian.. 

Rifion. Againft hita, to him, if. 

Rifteal. A fort of plough ufed in the ifland 

of Lewes, ^ 
Rith. A courfe, flight. 

Ritheach.]^"?^'"g-' . . 

Rith, righe* . An arm. 

Rithadh. A fljicjding. 

Rithleimnach. Quick. 

Ritheadh*. A grove. 

.Ritham. To run. 

Rithlearg. An extemporaneous verfe. 

Riu. Unto them, againft them. 

Riubh. Brimftone. 

Rium. Unto me, againft me. 

Riut. Againft thee, unto thee* 

Riutha. Againft them, unto thenl. 

Ro. Very, too much, over much. 

Ro. ForRoimh, firft, before.. 

Ro. For Do, fign of the paft tenfe. 

Ro. To go to, reach a place. 

Roba. A robe. 

Robhaidheach. Very thapkful, gracious. 

Robhairidhe. A mpfiumcnt. 

Robham, rabham. To admoniih» warn* 

Robhar. A fieve. 

Robheag. Very fmall. 

Robhro. Very ancient, very.oM* 

Robuin. Robbery. 

Robuin-eaglais. Sacrilege. 

Robuift. Cuftody. 

Roc. Tops of fea weeds that appear above 

Roc. A rock. 
Rocach. Rocky. 
Rocach. Curly. 
Rocan. A cottage^ hut. 
Rocan. Rolling. 
Rocan. A plait, fold, a^wrink}^. 
Rocan. A hood, nxantle, furtout. 


R O G 


Rochaidheamhutl. Very decent, becoming, 

RochairdeamhuiL Very courteous and 

Rochar. A killing, flaughtering. 

Itochdaim. To reach, arrive at* 

Rochduin. An afcent, arriving at, reach- 

Rochdan. A thicket. 

Rochora. The beft, the chief. 

Rochtaire. A cuftomer. 

Rochuaid. A lamprey. 

Roclifde. Expert. 

Rochuilleach. Terrible, very dangerous. 

Rochuram. Anxioufnefs, exceeding care. 

Roch uramach. Vigilant, over-careful. 

Rocus. A rook. 

Roc. A plain, a field. 

Rod. A way, road. 

Rod-mor. A highway. 

Rodacht. A covering, fence. 

/ ' X Lancing, fcarifying* 
Rodail. J 

RodamhuiL Profperous. 

Rodh. Water edge or mark. 

Rodhbadh. Was loft, undone» 

Rodhbath. Breaking. 

Rodheidh. Striving. 

Rodhoinctota. Very ftormy. 

Rodhuir. Jealoufy. 

Rodhuin. A commoner, a rogue. 

Rodhubhrachdach. Very carncft, careful. 

Ro-eolacb. Familiar. 

Ro-eolas. Familiarity. 

Rodt. Shrunk, rotten* 

Rodmuim. A fox. 

Rodruoraim. To effea, bring to paft. 

Rofhial. Very hofpitaWe. 

Rof hoghtharach. Very gracious. 

Rof honn. An carneft longing. 

Rof honnmhor. Very well plcafcd j willing. 

Rofhuachd. Great coid; 

Rogh.. An order^ cuftomi 

Rogh. A wreath, 
Rogh. Choice. 
Roghaim. To choofe» 
Roghainach. Optative^ 

r» , ! > Choice. 
Koghain. ) 

Roghainiocadh. Chofen, eleSed* 

Roghanigham. To choofe. 

Roghear. Very fharp, fevere. 

Roghlach. An elefiion of foldiers. 

Roghlach. Very angry, enraged. 

Roghmhal. £le£bion of a prince*. 

Roghmhar. Digging. 

Roghmhar. Very dangerous, valiant. 

Roibin. A fmall rope, or cord, a whifker;. 

Robhreadha. Excellent. 

Roibne. A lance, dart.. 

Roicam. Tatear. 

Roichidh. Infomuch that, fo that. 

Roicham. To come to, arrive at ^ to ap«: 

Roi£bdh. A great cry. 
Roid. Gale. 

Roid. Momentum, force, race» 
Roidanav To run faft. 
Roidheas. Very handfome,^ prettjr*- 
Roidin, mearbhull. -Wild fire. 
Roigham. To attain to,, arrive at«- 
Roighlic. Very prudent, wife- 
Roighne. Chief, choice. 
Roighneadhadh. Election. 
Roighnam. To eled, choofe*^ 
Roilbhe. Mountains. 
Roilbheoir. A mountsuneer^^ 
Roilig^ A church. 
Roille. Together. 
Roillc Darnel* 
Roimh* The city of Rome.. 
Roimh. Earth> foil, the burning place of. 

liny family. 
Roimh^ roimhe. Before, before that.. 
Roimhchubhidh. Fitted, adapted. 
Roimheolas. Precognition*. 

[ 4 £ J Roimbheachd;. 

R r 

R O P 

[>ineadi. ") 
3ineagach, L Hair}^ 
31 nigh. J 

^olmhbheachd. PreconcepCion* 
Roimhordaghadh. Predeflinatioiu 
Reimhe cheilc, Higgledy piggledy, 
Roimhfheuchin, Forccaft, 
Roimhthoghta. Forechofeiu 
Roimhfe. Sin, iniquity. 
Roimhradh. A preface, preamble. 
Roimhbhriathar. Adverb. 
Roimfe. A pole, ftake. 
Roine. A hair, ftrcak. 

Roineadacli. 1 
Roinfaith. > Haircloth. 
Roinchailt. J 
Rein. Gen. of Ron. 
Roinn. A (hare, diviflon, clafs. 
Roinn. A point, edge. 
Roinnam; To divide, flurcb 
Roinne. Horfe-hair. 
Roinneadh. Diviiion. 
Roinnphartach. Sharing, partaking. 
Roipeir. A tuck, rapier. 
Roifceal. A fentencc^ decree, <verdi£t« 
Roifeal. The loweft, moft bafe, 
Roifeir. Angry. 
Roifg. Vide Ruifg. 
Roifgmhearleach. A Tory. 
Roifin. 7 p ^ 
Roifaid. 5 ^"^^"- 
Roifire. Anger, choler. 
Roifteach- A roach. 
Roiftim. To arrive, attain t6# 
.Roiftin. A gridiron. 
Roith. A wheel. 
Roithleoir. A wheelwright. 
Roithidh. Until. 
Roithle^gan. A circle, wheel. 
Roithlinge. A breach. 
Roithnam. Topleafe. . 
Roithre. A babbler, prating fellow. 
Roithreachd. Loquacity, rhctori^. 

Roithreabhar. Moft prudent. 
Roithreim. A rufliing. 
Roithrich. Rhetorick. 

-, „ y A roll, volume. 
Rollan. I 

Rollagf heoir* A fwathe. 

Rolaim^ To roll. 

Rollair. A cylinder. 

Romach. Hairy. 

Romhad. Forward, before thee, through 

Romhftir. A rower. 
Romhaifeach. Very handfome. 
Romhaith. Excell^t. 
Roinham. Before me, through me. 
Romhar. Digging. 
Romharam. To dig. 
Romhan. French wheat, brank. 
Romhianghas. Earnefl defirc. 
R,omboide. Greatnefs, excefs. 
Romhradh. The fight. 
Romhuibh. Before you. 
Romhuinn. Before us. 
Romnacois. Yellow and grey. 
Rompa. Before them, through them. 
Ron. A fea calf. 
Ron. The hair of the mane or tail of a 

horfe, cow, &c. 
Ronadh. A club, ftake. 
Roncam. To fnore. 
Ronga. 7 - . . 
Rongais. 5 
Rongalar. A rheumatifm. 
Ronn. Saliva. 

Ronnaigham. To fpit, flaver. 
Ronn. A chain, tie, bond. 
Ronnach. Full of faliva, dirty with fpittle.. 
Ronnadh. A club, ftafF. 
Ronnfaghadh. Search, inquiry. 
Ronnaireachd. Saliva dropping from the 

Ront. Fierce, cruel. . 
Ropadh. A rope. 


. joirfing fpar. 


R U C 

Ropan. A little rope* 

Ropairc. A rapier, treacherous, violent 

perfon. . . 

Ropadoir. A ropemaker. 
Roppam. To entangle, ravel. 
Rordaim. To run, to race» 
Rortaim. To pour out. 
Ros. A rofe, a difeafe fq called. 
Ros. Science, knowledge, 
Ros. Plcafant. 
Rofal. Judgment. 
Rofam. ? T- ft 
Rofdam. 5 * ^ 

Rofd. Grillade. 
kofdadh. )^ «. 

Rofann. i ^"^'^'"S- / 

Jlofarnach. A place where rofes grow* 
Rofbhan. The apple of the ejre. 
Rofg. An eye; Rofg aluin, a beautiful eye. 
Rofg. The underftanding. 
Jlofg. Profe. 

Rofgchlochd. ? 
1. } 

A fpeech to an arm]^ 


Rofg catha. 

Rofgdhalladh. Error, oni^ake. 

Rofs. A promontory. 

Roflachd. Encbantmentj charm or witch- 

Rofta. Roafted. 

Roth. A wheel. 

Roth. A hoary white froft. 

Rotheredha. A bodkin. ' 

Rothlein. A whirl. 

Ru, run. A fecret. 

Ru, run. Yellow lady's bedftraw. 

Ruadh. Red, reddifli, ftrong. 

Ruadhag. A young hind. 

Ruadhan. Any thing that d^eth red!, .re j- 
difhnefs. ' ., 

Ruadhbhuidhe. Of reddifli yellow. . 

Ruadhbhoc. A ftag. 

Ruadhbhoine. ' Flood water. 

Ruadhchriot. Red, ruddle. 

Ruadhlaith. . ) Cboler, cholera mor-^ 
Ruadhlaithineas. i bus. 
Ruadhr. Declivity. ^ . ' . , 

Ruagadh. Chafing and hunting away, ba* 

I Ruagam. To hunt, chafe, put to flight. 
Ruagaire. A hunter, any inftrument t0 

drive a t]|ing from its place ; fwaa ibot. 
Ruagaireachd. Hunting. 
Ruaichillam. To buy, purchafe. 
Ruaichillte. Bought, purchaTed* 
Ruaidh. Red. 
.Ruaidhne^ch. Hair. 
Ruaidhe. A difeaie fo called. 
Ruaidham. ToreddeQ. 
Ruaidhrin. A /harp4)oifit« 
Ruaig. Flight, chafe. 
Ruaim. A fiihing-line» 
Ruaimle. Standing water impregnated 

with clay. *. 

Ruainne. . A hair. 

Rualnidh. ' Charitable.' 

Ruamh. A fpade. 

Ruamhar. Delving, digging. 

Ruamharam. To dig, delve, 

Ruamnadh. Reproof, reprjehenlu>n« . 

Ruanidh. Red, reddifli. # 

Ruanidh. Strong, able. 

Ruanaigh. Anger. 

Ruar. An expedition. 

Ruaracan. . Floundering. 

Ruarach. A liar. . 

Ruathar. | * ^ . .« ,. . 

-. V A ikirmi(h5 cMpediHSon.* 

Ruathradh. Toliiggle. 
Rubam. To rub. 
Rubha. Patience, longanimity; 
Rubha. Abound. 
Rubin. A ruby. , 

Rucas.. Friiking.^ 
Ruihail. Tearing, cutting. 
Ruchan. The throat.. 
Ruchd, riochd. Stead, room*,, > 




Riichd. Sudden, vehement. 

Rucht. A fow. 

Rucht. A great fbput, clamour. 

Ruchdam, To cry out. 

Rucis. Arrogance. 

Rud, rod* A tbin^* 

Rudan. A knuckle* 

Rudhbluaithre. Sawduft. ' 

Rudhrach. A fojourner. , ' 

Rudhrach* Very ftraight, long. 

Rudhrach. Darkening. 

Rudhrachas. Length. 

Rug. Pcrfeft tenfe of the verb Beiram. 

Rug. A wrinkle. 

Rugach. Wrinkled. 

Rugadh. A pad tenfe of Beiram* 

Rugadh. Was hurt or wounded- 

Rugaire. A bar, latch. 

I^ugga. An old perfon. 

Roigh. Rue. 

Rugha. A fmall point of land juttii^g into 

the fea. 
Rughadh* Hanging. 
Rudmhodh. A bond-flate. 
Ruibe. A pair. 
Ruibh. Brimftone. 
Ruibhne. A lance. 
Ruibheachtain. A prop, fupport. 
Ruibhneach. Armed with a lance, a fpear- 

Ruibhneach. Strongly guarded.' 
Ruibhneadha. Great bands. 
Ruibin.. A riband. ;. ' 

Ruice. A rebuke, reproach. 
Ruiceach. Exaltation, lifting iip. 
Ruicead. A . collection. 
Ruiceat. Exalting, lifting up. 
Ruidheadh. Reproof, 'cenfure. 
Ruidheadh. A ray. 
Ruidhleas, rodhilas. Very faithful. 
Ruideis. Frifldng. 
Ruigam. To reach, arrive at. 
Ruigh, Anarnu 

Rui^fin. I Arriving, reaching, attain- 
Ruigeachd. j ing. 
Ruigham* To reach. 

Ruigheanas. Brightnefs. 

Ruimneadh. Cafting, throwing. 

Ruine, roine. Horfehair. 

Ruine. A ftreak. 

Ruinn. A'diviiion. 

Ruinnecc. Gra(s. 

Ruinnfeam. To whip, fcourge. 

Ruinnte. Divided. 

Ruinreatholr. A fecretary. 

Ruire. A champion, a knight. 

Ruireach. Famous, renowned, celebrated* 

Ruireach. Vide Ruire. 

Ruireachas. Lordfhip, dominion. 

Rui(g. ^ A vefTel made of bark of 

Rufgan. J trees. 

Ruis. A way, road. 

Ruis. An elder*tree, the name of the let- 
ter R. 

Ruifeanta. Hafty. 

Ruifg. A lkirmiili« 

Ruifg. Naked. 

Ruifg. Pl.ofRufg. 

Ruifgam. To ftrip,' peel, undrefs* 

Ruifgam. To finite, ftrike, pelt.. 

Ruifam. To tear in pieces. 

Ruifgte. Stripped naked. 

Ruifgfliuil. Hairs of the eyelids^ 

Ruith. An ariny, troop. 

Ruith. Running.' 

Ruitheach. Moving, on the march.. 

Ruitham. To run. 

Ruiteag. Rednefs. 

Ruiteach. Ruddy. 

Ruitbean. Red-hot, blazing. 

Ruithean. Delight^ pleafure. 

Ruitheanai^. To fhine^ glitter; 

Ruitheanas. Glittering, brightnefs. 

Ruithneadh. A flame. 

Ruitin. The ankle-bgne, a fetlock, po£^ 




IRttladh. Mafiacreing, flaughtering. 
Rum. A floor, a room, place or fpace, 

Rumaicham. To make room. 
Rumbar. A mine. 
Rumhram. To dig, mine. 
Rum pah A rump. 
Run. A fccret, fccrecy, inyftcry. 
Runach. Confident, trufty, dark, myfte- 

rious. Inde, Runick* 

Run. A purpofe, defign. 

Run. Love, inclination. 

Runbhocan. A pretence. 

Runaigh. Dark, obfcure, myftlcal. 

Runaighe. A difcrcet perfon, a confident. 

Runairm. A council»chamber. 

Runchleirach. ? a r 

Runghraibhthoir. 1 ^* . 

Rundiamhair. A fecret myftery. 

Rundiambrach. MyfticaU 

Runnadh. }.,..- 
^ ., r A divifion. 

Runntail. 3 

Runphairtach. Partaker of a fecret. 

Ruopartuighte* Communicable. 

Runphairtam. To communicate, confult, 

advxfe with* 
Rurgoid. Rhubarb. 
Rus. Knowledge, (kill. 
Rus. A wood. ' 
Rufg. The bark of a tree, hufk, {hell, a 

Rufgadhal. Epifpaftic. 
Rufgam. To ftrip, heal, undrcfs, to gall^ 

chafe, (have. 
Rufgan. A piece of (kin peeled oflTj a (hip 

made of bark. 
Rufgam* To ft rike vehemently. 
Rufs. A check. 
Ruftaca. Rude, ruftic. 
Ruftacachd. Rudenefs, rufticity. 
Ruibch* A boor, clown, churl. 
Ruftan. A lump, hillock. 
Ruta. A herd, rout, a ram. 
Ruta. A tribe of people. 
Ruth. Wages. 
Rutha. A thornback. 
Ruthadh. A point of land in the fea. 




Sis the fifteenth letter of the Iri(h al- 
phabet. Before and after £ and I, 
it founds like (h, in other refpeds as in 
the Engli(h language. The Iri(h have 
called it Suil. Vide Analyfis. 

Sa. In, in the. 

Sa, & fe. Self, felvesj Thufa, thyfelf j 

. Mife, myfelf. 

Sa. Whofe, whereof. 

Sa, 'us a. And his. 

Sab. Strong, able. 

Sab. Death. 
Sabad. A fquabble. 
Sabail. A granary, barn. 
Sab, famh. A bolt, bar of a door. 
Sabh. 1 r . 1 

Sabhiach. }^P'"^** 
Sabha. Sorrel. 
Sabhadh. To quarrel. 
Sabhadh. A faw. 
Sabham. To faw. 
Sabhadoir. A fawyer. 
[4 FJ Sabhadoir- 


S A I 

Sabhadolrachd* Sawing. 

Sabhan. i A cub, a young maftiff 

Sabhairle. S dog» 

Sabhail. ^ Saving, fparing, protecting, 

Sabhaladh. ) prefervation. 

Sabhaikich« Careful, jparing* 

Sabhailam. To fpare, fave, preferve«. 

Sabhas. Sauce. 

Sabhafair. A faufage* 

SabhuL A barn, granary. 

Sabhadh-fgriobc. } * v.- r 

Sabhadh-duirne, i 

Saboid. The iabbatb. 

Sac. A fack, bag. 

Sacadh» n 

Sacaghadh* LPreiSng in a (ack» 

Sacail. J 

Sacaigham. ' To prelis down a fack,. t9 

Sacan, faicin. A rmall bag, 
Sacan. An unmannerly trifling fellow- 
Sacarbhuig. Confeffian.. 
Sacham. To attack, fet upon«, 
Saccraigbe. Baggage. 

Sacfratbair. A pack-faddle. 

Sachir. Reft. 

Siidhall. A Taddle. 

Sadhaile. Negled ; delight, fatisfa£tion; 

Saddach. Mill-duft. 

Sadhail. Pleafant, a good houfe,. habita* 

Sadhbh. Salve, any thing good* 

Sadhbh. Proper name. of a womaa> com* 
mon in Ireland. 

Saelan. A ftandard. 

Saeghulan.. A king or prince, a judge^ a 
fenior, elder ; a pillar. 

Sagart. A prieft. 

Sagartachd. Priefthood. 

Sagartamhuil. Prieftly, holy, pious* 

Sagh. A bitch. 

Saghaidh. An attacking. 

Saghal. Nice, tender. 

Sagham. Todrink^ fuck. 
Sagharlacbd* Delight, content. 
Saghin. A little' bitch. 
Sagmbaire. ' A finky kennel. 
Sagfim, Safgun, Sacfun. England^ 
Sagfonach. Englifll, an Englifhmant 
Sagsbheurla. The EngUfii tongue. 
SagsbheurlamhuiU According to the £ng«> 

liib tongue. 
Saibhir. Plentiful, rich, c^ulent. 
Saibhiram. To m»ke jpicb, wealtbj:.. 
Saibhreas. Riches* 
Saibhfeir. A faucer. 
Saic. PK of S#c. 
Saick. Plenty, bellyfull,. enouglw 
Saicdhiolaid. A pack-faddle. 
Saiceadach. Sackcloth.. 
Saichfiot^ They came. 
Saide. \ k r 
Saidhifte. $^ ■• 

Saidheadh. A fitting, feilion, affiM- 
I Saidh. A treafury ; prow of a fbipv 
Saidolach, Baflifu], 
Saidolachd. B^Ubfulnefis^, . 
Saifear. A faphire-ftone^ 
Salgain. A little fhort man. 
Saigh^ad. An arrow, a dart. 
Saighaidoir. A foldier, archer. 
Saighaidoireachd. Brave aftions, the army* 
Saighaidairamhuil. Like a foldier, 
Saigheas. Qldnefs, antiquity. 
Saighnen. Lightning, a hurricane. 
Sail. A beam ; pL Sailteacba^ 
Sail. A heoli pi, Sajltan. 
SaiL A guard, cuftody* 
Sail. 7 A willow-tree^ a name of the 
Saileog. ^ 

Sailbhre^ghadh. A rejoicings mttn^-^mak-^ 
ing. . • 

Sailbhrughadh. A brjiife in the. heel. : 
Sailbhrugham. To bruife t!ie heel. 


letter S* 

J The falt-water, the fca^ 

S A I 


SsiUchuftch* A vk>let» a panff. 

Sailgha. Brinifb. 

Sailghad. Brifiifhncffs. 

Sailghiolla. A footman, page» 

Saiiam. To felutcj hail. 

Sail in. An arm of the fea. 

Sailleadh. Pickle, brine. 

Saillair. A falfx^ellan 

Saillam. To fait, pickle, feafon. 

Sailleantu A fort of pafte tifed hj 

weavers to fmooth their thread, 
Siill^ Fat,- fatnefs. 
Sailleach. Being fat* 
Saillte. Salt, faked, feafoned* " 
Sailm. A pfalm. 
Sailmadoir* A pfalmift. 
Sailfpiorad. A guardian fpirit* 
Sftjltawtv Treadi«g. 
Sailtairam*' To tread upon, trample* 
Sailthein. -Beaihs/ ^ 
Saim* Rich. 
Saimh. Sweet. 
Saimh. Pleafure, delight* 
SaiflEkK. ' A' pair j couple. 
Saimhbhearthach. Bearing twrn»» 
Saimhbhriathraig;ham. To flatter, - fpeak 


Saimhbhriochdam* i ,« „ 

p . , . ^ IToallttre- entK;e» 

Saimhgnoiam. ) . ' * 

Saimhbhriochtadh. Alkirement, 

Saimhcheilg. Hypocrify. 

Saimhchealgach, Hypocritical* 

Saimhdile. A mallet, beetle. 

Saimheachd. Pleafure-, delight. 

Saimhghriofiidh. Enticement. - 

Saimhtti^esdfa. A.yoking,' coupKog. 

Saimhnigham. To yofcc^xouple. ■ 

Saimhrighe. LofiHers of pleafure. 

Saimhrigheacht. £efe, qutet, fatts£adton» 

Saimhrigheach. Esrfy, fittisfted,- 

Saimhfeler. AxounfeMor; 

Sain. Unequal. ^ • 

Sainchreach. Efealed^ 

Saindrean* A feat, feclety. 

Saine, "?.- - 

^ . > Variety. ' 

Saineas. ^ ^ 

Saine. Sound. 

Saine. Good, divers. 

Saineadh. Variation* 

Sainfhios. Etymology. 

Sainam. To vary, alter* 

Sainre. - A xoddHk-purple, f^nguine co- 

Saintheafam. To differ* 

Saint. Covetoufnefs* 

Saintreabh. A hotile, family. - 

&air, iai-i A compofiti?^ partick fignifymg 
very, exceeding* 

Sairbhrigh. An attribtt-te.- 

Sairfhios. Certain knowledge. 

Saifde. Sage.^ 

Saitean. A foil. 

Saith. A vertebrum* 

Saith. Satiety, fufficiency. 

Saith. 7 

o . . t . J A fwarm* 

Saitheambum. ) 

. Saith. Vulgar, vile. 

Saith. A thruft, piercing* 

Saith. A treafiire,* <ftorc of moncy» 

Satthe. A fpace, a multitude. 

Saitheas. Vileneis, cbeapnefs. 

Saithionmhais. A treafurer. 

Saitgc A fpace. 

Saithach* Glutted, fated* 

Sal, failin. A heel.. 

Sal. Drofs, rttft. 

SaUcl uaife. £ar«wax. 

Salacb. Unclean, dirty* 

Salachadh. Defilement, defiling. 

Salaigham. To^kfile, pollute* 

Salaim. To wait on, follow* 

Salann. Salt* 

Salannan. Afalt-pit.- 

Sallaraim. To procufCj provide^' 
! Sallartha. Provided, procured* 
: Salchar. Naftinefs^ filths 

I Salchadh. 



Salchadh« Dirt, pollution. 

Salchaim. Vide Salaighanit 

Salchuach. A violet. 

Sail. Bitternefs, fatire* 

Sallann. Singing, harmony. 

Salmaire. Pfalmift, choriftef. 

Salmaireachd. Singing pfalms* 

Salmcheatlach, A pfalmift. 

Salmcheatladh* Singing of pfalms. 

Salmhor. Salty. 

£alt. Colour. 

Saltacha. Beams. 

Saltair. A pfalter^ the title of fcveral 

Iriih chronicles, as Saltair na Teamhrach, 

Saltair Chaiiiil. 

Saltoir. A faltmpnger. 

Saltairam. Xo tread, trample. 

£altairt. Treading, trampling. 

Sam. 7 _, ^ 

Sam. I am. 

JSamh. That part* of forrel that beareth 


5amh« 7 _,, . 
« , . JPleafant. 
Samhach. J 

Samhacji» Still, calm, pleafant. 

Samhagh tuaighe. The edge of a hatchet* 

Samhadh. A congregation. 

Samhail. Like, alike, equal. 

jSamhain. All Saints tide, hallowday, gtn. 


JSamhao* Savin. 

Samhas. Delight, pleafure. 

Samhaircain. A primrofe. 

Samhafach. Pleafant, agreeable* 

Samhafaicjie^ A futtler. 

Samhaftdhea;ita. Fadtitious. 

Samhghubha. . Sea nyoophs. 

Samhiachas. Afample, pattern. 

Samhlachadh. A fimilitude; 

Samhlaim^ To refemble« 

Samhla. Apparitions. 

Samhlut. Brifk, ladlive*. 


Samhlughadh. Comparing, a fimilitudes 

Samhluigham. To compare. 
Samhna. Of All Saints-tide. 
Samhradh, i. e. Samhthrath. Summer, plea- 

fant feafon. 
Samhrog. Clover. 
Samhfheafamh. A diftance., /, 
Samhthach. A helve, handle. 
Samhuil. 7 j ., 
Samhuilt. j 
Samhuilt. Comparing, likenefs, im^ge, 

Samhuiltam. • To compare. 
Samhfa. Sorrel, 
San 's An« In the. 
San. Holy. 
San. Put after pronouns, and parti.cularifes 

the word to which it is joined. 
San cann. Thither and hither. 
Sanadh. Releafing. 
Sanam, To releafe, diflblve* 
Sanarc. Red orpiment. . 
Sanas. A fecret, a whi(per, knowledge^ 
Sanas. Greeting, falutation. 
Sanas. A gloflary, etymology. 
Sanafanuidhe. An etymologift, 
Sana. Holy. 
Sandloir. A fanduary. 
Sandrong. A feA. 
Sannadh. Loofenefs. 
Santach. Covetous. 
Santaigham,. To covet, defire, to lull. 
Santugbadh. Coveting, lulling after. 
Santbhiodh. Appetite. 
Saobh. Silly, foolifh, mad, afide. 
Saobfaadh. To a^ufe, delight, charm. 
Saobhadh. Going afide. 
Saobham. To infatuate, lead aftray. 
Saobhchiall. Nonfenfe, folly. 
Saobhcbaint. Gibb}c-gabble. 


I Greed, covetoufnefs. 


S A R 

Saobhchrabhadh* Hypocriry. 

Saobhchreid^amh. Heterodoxy. 

Saobhdholbha. Enchantment. 

Saobbmhiannach* PunSilious. 

Saobhnos. Anger, indignation, bad man- 

Saobbnofach. Morofe, peevifh, 

Saobhfhruth. An eddying tide. 

Saobhfgriobhadh rmchaine. A libeK 

Saod. A track, a journey. 

Saod. Care, attention, ftate, condition'. 

Saoduigham. To take care of. 

Saoghah The. world, liFe» an age, gene- 

Saoghalach. Worldly, long-lived. 

Saoghalta. Secular, worldly. 

Saoghaltachd. Worldlinefs. 

Saoghalan. An old man* 

Saoi. Good, generous, godly. 

Saoi, faoith. A worthy, generous man; a 
man of letters. 

Saoithfgeal. Idle ftories ; the gofpeh 

Saoidh. Hay. 

Saoidhadair. A mower, hay-cutter. 

Saoidhadairachd. Mowipg» 'hajr- chitting* 

Saoilam. To think, fuppofe^^ imagine, 

Saoiltin. Thinking, fuppofing, imaginings 

Saoir. PI. of S^or. 

Sapirad. Cheapnefs. ^ 

Saoirfe. i Freedom, liberty, . releafe } 

Saoir feachd. ) cheapnefs. 

Saoirfe. Belonging, to a carpenter*. 




Saoirfeachd. i The trade of a carpenter, 

Saoirfineachd. j joiner^ &c. 

Saoirli. Any art, freedom. 

Saoithcheap. A pillory. 

Saoltbe. A tutor, guardian. 

Saoitheamhuil. Expert, flcilful, generous. 

Saoitheamhlachd. Generofity. 

:>]rie. jseiongingco 
airfeach. 1' 
:>irfcamhuil. J^Free, 

Saor. A carpenter, wrlght, joiner. 

Saor-chloch. A mafon. 

Saor. Woe. 

Saoradh. Freedom, exemption,, deliver- 

Saoram. To free, acquit, deliver, refcue, 

Saoranacb. A freeman. 

Saorchriodhach, Candid. 

Saorchriodhaiche. Candour* 

Saorcuairt. Circulation. 

Saorcuairt na fola. Citculation of the 

SaordbaiK Acquittance. 

Saordhalach. Cheap,, free. 

Saorfanach. A helper at work. 

Saorfa. Freedom. 

Saorfin. Salvation, deliverance. 

Saotb. Labour, tribulation, punifhment. 

Saothair*. Labour,, pains, travel, worky 

Saoth. A diforder, difeaie. 

Saothach. A veflel, di/b. 

Saothach ionnlaid. Abafon^ 

Saothacb-fgeulachd. Angiography.. 

Saothadh, Exculpating* . 

Saotharcan. A fort of grey plover. 

Saotbdhamh^ A labouring ox. 

Saothmhor. Toilfome, laborious. 

Saothoir. A torturer, wrecker«. 

Saothphurt. An impofthume. 

Saothrach. Seryile,. hard-wOrking, diffi- 
cult, plodding. 

Saothraiche. A working man, labourer, 

Saothraighthoir. A hufbandman. 

Saothraghadh. Tillage. 

Saothruigham. . To labour, work, till. 

Sar. Very, cxceffive. 



Saraigham. To conquer, overcome, to 
wrong, injure. 

> A loufe. 




S C A 

Saraghadh. Con<)ueft, vi&orj^ 

Saraighte. Forced, taken by force, con- 

Saraightheoin A violent refcuer, a con- 
queror, infringer. » 

Saraghadh. Refcuing illegally, conquering, 
diftrefs, fatigue. 

Saraigham. To refcue violently, •overcome, 
exceed, injure, opprefs, to tire, fatigue. 

Saruighte. Tired, fatigued, conquered, in- 

Saruightheach. An oppreiTor, extortioner. ' 

Sardil. A fprat. 

Sarmhaith. Excellent. 

Sarnigh. An endeavour, 

Sarog. A glofs. 

Sarralam. To prcfentt 

Sartulidh. Strong. 

Saruicb. Trefpafs. 

Sas. An iiiftruBient> ninafls^ arm&, eii-' 

Sas. Capable. • 

Sas, Ann fas. Faft, laid hold of. 

Sas. Straitened, 

Safa. Standing. 

Safachd. Sufficiency. 

Safadh. SatisfaAion, comfort. 

Safaigham. To fatisfy, fatiate* 

Safaighte* Satisfied^ fated. 

£afamh. An amends, pleafure^ fatiefac^ 

Safat. Sufficietit, capable. 

Safdach. Eafy. 

Safdadh. Safe. 

Safmhort. A mafTacre. 

Sath. Food, plenty. 

Sathadh. A pufli, thrUft; 

Satham. To pu&, thruft, Ihove, 

Sathch. Full. 

Sathach. A veiTe'l, difh. 

Sathairn. Saturday, the fabbath of the 

Sathbhach. A helve, handle. 

Sathrach. Vide Saothckch% 

Sbairn. A wreftle, extrtion, cohteft. 

Sbairnam. To wneftle, ftrlve'earneAfy. 

Spaiinamhuil. Given to wreftting. 

Sprogal. The dewlap, a crop, craw. 

Sc & Sg Are ufed indifcriminately.- 

Scabadh. Difperfion, dtfperfing, fcatterfng^i 

Scabal. A helmet, hood, a fcapular. 

Scabam. To fcatter, dif^erfe.^ 

Scabar. Thin. • 

Scabhal. A booth, hut, a ihop, fcaJFold, 

a fcreen covering the entrance at a door. 
Scabhal. A cauldron, kettle. 
Scabhas. Good. 
Scabhaifte.. Advantage. 
Scafa. A ik^ff or cck:k-boat. ' 
Scafal. Scaffold.' 
Scafthroid. A naval engagement; 
Scagadh. A.ftrainidg, cleanfin^, burfttng, 

a lehlnk. . ' '^ . 

Scagaim. To ftrain, cleanfe, to -^wfti 

Scagaite. Strained, cleanfed^ burft, flinmk. 
Scaich^ TO'fiOtlh. 
Scail. AtosAow. 
Scailain. Afiaiii, ^umbrtlla. 
Scaileach. Shady. 
Scail-eachd. I>arkdefaw 
Scailam. To caft a fhade. ■ 

Scailp. A cave, den. 
Scainn^a. A fu^den eruption or attack. ' 
Scainam. To burft. 
Scainadh. Burftihg, a rent. 
Scair. Any place where a thing is laid to 

Scaireacht. Crying, fliricking. 
Stairap. Lavkhnefs. 
Scairt. The cteal of a beaft, pi, Scartadia, 

the midriff. 
Scairt. A thick tuft of flirubs or branches. 
Scaiteach. Cutting, flormy, ruinous. 
Scala. A great bowl. 
Scaithte. C-ut, difperfcd, deftrt)ycd. 

8 Seal. 


S C E '. 

Seal. A man, a champion. . 

Scalbhain. A multitude* 

Scallach. Bald. 

Scallachan. An unfledged bird. 

Scalan. A fhadow. 

Scalog. A fervant, an old man. 

Scalois. A bowl. 

Scaluighe. balances. 

Scamhg&kikln. 1 ^ ; .„ . , i' 

r. . M , . f A prank, villainous deed. 
ocamhic|tiain. 3 

Scanbughadh. A reproaching, fcandaliz* 

Scann^ A fwarm, muUitHd^. 

Scannal. Scandal, flander. 

Scannalach. Scandalous, flandering. 

Scanncriod. A herd, drove. 

Scannan. A thin membrane, (kio. 

Scannan faille. The cawU 

Stanradh. JDifperfing, a furprife, fright. . 

Scanram. ) To difperfe^ fcatter^ to con- 

Scanraigham. 3 found, affright. - 

Scanraidhte. Difperied by fright. 

Scaoile. A loofenefs. 

Scaoileadh. A loofing, untying. 

Scaoilam. To loofii, untie^ fcatter, dif- 
perfe, difmifs, to unfold. 

Scaoitvei Difmiired, bntied, unfolded* 

Scaoilteachd. A loofenefs^ lax, a difperfed 

Scaoin. Peace. 

Scaoth. A fwarm, multitude. 

Scarachdin. Separating, feparation* 

Scaradb, A feparation. 

Scaram. To feparate, to part, quit, to un- 
fold for drying. 

Scaramhain. Parting. 

Scarbh. A cormorant. 

Scaramhull. Separable. 

Scarloid. Scarlet. 

Scaroid. A table-cloth. 

Scartha. Separated, parted. 

Scartail. Vigorous, bold. 

Scafla. AikiiForboat. 

Scarthanaigh. Dawn, pajrting of light za4 

Scat. A flcate. 
Scath. A ihadow, {bade, a veil, .coverings 

pretence^ fake of protection, baibfulnefi 

or fear. 
Scathach. Shady, bai^ul,, thnid, 
Scathadh. To ihun. ' 

Scathan. A mirrour. 
Scathxnhor. Fearful, timorous,* bafhful. . 
See. Tha white thorn, hawthorn. 
See. Vide Sceith. 
Sceadi. A bufb, bramble, brier. 
Sceachog. A Jbawthqr;x-»berry, a haw. 
Sceachradh. A prickle. 
Sceal. Gen. Sceil, a relation, ftory, talc. 
Scallan. A kernel. 
Scealp. A cliiF, a fplinter. 
Scealuidhe. A tale-beascr, romancer, laf<^ 


Sceath. Vomiting. 

Sceathach. fiulhy, full of brambles* 

Sceathrach. A vomit. 

Sceatham. i^ . . 

o .u . u c ^<^ vomit, fpue. 
Sceathraigham. J . 

Scecer. A gander. 

Sceile. Mifery, pity. 

Sceilm. Boafting, vain-glory« 

Sceimh. A fcheme, draught. 

Sceimhard. High bloom, good pUgbt^ 

good habit of body. 
Sceimhach. Handfome, bloomy. 
Sceinmneach. Swift, quick, nimble. 
Sceinnead. An eruption, gufhing forth^ 

bouncing. Aiding. 
Sceip (heillan. A bee^hive. 
Sceir. A (harp fea rock. 
Sceite. Scattered, difperied. 
Sceitham. To vomit, fpew, to fpawm 
Sceith. Vomiting, fpewing, fpawning* 
Sceng. A bed, a fmall bed-room. 
Sceo. Much, over and above. 
Sccot. A target. 




Sceul. A ftory, tale, news* 

Sceimh. 7 _, , , 

Sci, fdamh. r""^' ^^°**'"- 

Sciach) feiathachy fciog. A hawthorn. 

Sciatnh. Beauty. 

Sciamhach. ' Beautiful, fair. 

Sciamham. To beautify, adorn* ' 

Scian. A knife. 

Scianbheartha. A razor. 

Sciath. A wing, a fhield, buckler, fin* 

Sciathan. A little wing or fhiel(#. 

Sciath. A twig bafket. 

Sciathach. Winged, having a (hield or 

buckler, flreaked with white. 
Sciathch. A cow that has white fhreaks on 

her fide. 
Sciathanach. Winged. 
Scib. A hand, fifl. 
Scib. A fliip, ikifF. 
Sciberneog. A hare. 

Scibhordan. A fyringc. ^ 

Scibeadh. The c6urfb or order of a thing. 
Scibbadh. A crew. * 
Scile. Affright, conflernation. 
Scildaimhne. A minnow. 
Scinnam. To fpring, giifh out. 
Sciobal. A barn, graitary. 
Sciog. A hawthorn. 
Sciorram. To flip. 
Sciordam. To purge, fquirt. 
Sciordain. A fquirt. • 
Sciorbhe. ' Gall. 
Sciot. A dart, arrow. 
Sciothach. White thorn. 
Sciothag. A haw. 
Scioth. A partition of rods wattled, a 

ISciotiu Tired, fatigued. 
Scicthaigham. To fatigue, tire. 
Sciotbaghadh. Tiring. 
Sciothas. Fatigue. 
Scitena. Scythia. 
Sciulong. A dcferter, fugitive. 

I Sciurara. To purge, fcour. 
Sciurin. A fcourfng. 
Sciurlang. A fugitive. 
Sciurs. A whip, woe, affliflion. 
Sciurfadh. Whipping, afflifting. 
Sciurfam. To whip, fcourge. 
Sciabhuidhachd. Slavery, fervitiidc, 
Sclabhadh. 1 . ^ 

Sclamhadh. Seizing and fnatching by force« 
Sciamham. To feize or fnatch away by 

Sclamhaire. Anufurperj one that /eizeth 

Sclamhachd. A violently feizing on. * 
Sclat. A flate; 

Scleo. Shade, mifery, compaiEon. 
Scleo. Great pomp of words, high puffing, 
SclecJid. A filly fellow. ' 

Sclongaide. Copious fnot. 
Scloid. Filth. 

Scod. VA corner of a ctoth, fheet of a 
Scodan« i fail. 
Scoid. A neck. 
SCoidais. ' Co^juetry, flirtfngl 
Scoidaifach. 7 * .^ ^. 

ScoidamhuihS e«l«^'fl»' «"-"««» 6««a. 
Scoil, fcol. A fchoot. 
Scoilalr. A fcholar. 
Scoilardha. Scholaftic. 
Scoilairdhachd. Scholarfhip. 
Scoiltai'n. A flit, flice, fplinter. 
Scoiltam. To flit, rend, tear, burfl. 
Scoilteadh* A cleft. 
Scoinnadh deifgadh. Cutting ofF* 
Scoineam. To withdraw^ 
Scoitiche. A quack; mountebank. 
Scoitichachd. Quatkery. 
Scolb. A prick, prickle, a fkirmifK or bat- 

tie with knives and dirks. 
Scolb. J A fpray or wattle ufed in thatch- ' 
Scolbach. J ing' with ftrawi - 
Scolb. A fplinter. ' 




Scoltadh. A flit, deft, flitting, cleaving. 

Scornan. y ^, , 

^ X The throat. 
Scornach. ( 

Scor. Much, many, plenty. 

Scor. A champion. 

Scor. A notch or mark made by the 

ftroke of a knife or fword. 
Scor. A concealed rock jutting into the 

fea, the tail of a bank. 
Scoraid. A table-cloth. 
Scoradh. Scarification. 
Scoram. To fcarify. 
Scot. Much, 

Scot-bheurla. ' The Scotch tongue. 
Scoth. A difeafe. 
Scoth. The choice or beft part of any 

Scoth. A flower. 
Scottan. A fmall flock. 
Scrabach. Rough. 
Scraidain. A diminutive little fellow. 
Scraidag. A diminutive little female. 
Scraifte. A fluggard, flothful perfon. 
Scraifteachd. Lazinefs, flothfulnefs. 
Scraifteamhuil. Slothful, lazy. 
Scraifteamhlachd. Lazinefs, floth. 
Scrantha. Divided*. 
Scrath. A turf, foJ. 
Scrathal. Tearing, dcftrudive. 
"Screab. A fcab, efchar. 
Screabach. Scabbed. 
Screach. A fcreech, (hriek. 
Screachadb. Screeching, fhrieking. 
Scrcachag. A jay. 
Scrcacham. To fhriek, fcreech. 
Scread. A cry, fhout, bawling* 
Scrcadadh. Crying, fhouting, bawling. 
Screadag; A fliarp, four drink. 
Screadam. To cry out, bawl, fliout. 
Scrcadan. The noife of any thing rending. 
Screadal. Shrieking, crying. 
Screadalach. Crying, bav^ling; 
Screitidh. Abhorrent. 

Screapal. A fcniple in weight. 

Scretidhachd, i ... 

^ , S Abhorrence. 

Screamh. J 

Scribhihn. A rugged rocky fide of a hill. 

Scrid. A breath, leaft breath of life or air. 

Serin. A Ihrine. 

Scriob. A fcratch, fcrape, a furrow. 

Scriobach. The itch. 

Scriobam. To fcratch, fcrape, to curry a 

Scrioban. A curry-comb. 
Scriobhadh. Writing. 
Scriobhadolr. | A writer, notary, clerk, (cri- 
Scriobhneoir. j vener, fcribe. 
Scriobham. To write. 
Scriobhte. Written. 

Scriobhadoirachd. The profefllon of writings 
Scriobhuin. A bill, evidence. 
Scrios. Ruin, deftrudlion. 
Scriofam. To fweep the flun, the furface, 

&c. ofi^ from a thing, to deffroy, ruin. 
Scriofadair. A deftroyer. 
Scriofadairachd. Flaying or fweeping every 

thing away^ deflroying. 
Scriofta. Deftroyed. 

Scriotachan. A little fquawler, an infant. 
Scrobadh. Scratching. 
Scrobam. To fcratch. 
Scroban. The crop or craw of a bird. 
Scrobha.. A fcrew. 
Scruhaire. A fcrub; 
Scmdadh. An examination, fearching, 
Scrudam. To faarch, examine. 
Scruduighte. Examined, tried, fearched. 
Scruinge. An enfign. 
Scuab. A iheaf, a befom. 
Scuabadh. Sweeping, fweepings. 
Scuabachan. A little brufli or befom. 
Scuabag. A little fheaf. 
Scuabam. To fweep,. brufh. 
Scuaptha. Swept. 
Scuablion. A drag, or fweep-neft. 
Scuchfam. To pafs, proceed, go. 

[4 H] Scud. 


S £A 

Scud. A fhip. 

Scud* A clufter« 

Scuird. The lap* 

Scuiram. Toceafe, defift. 

Scuifeadh. To go, proceed. 

Scuite. A wanderer. 

Sculog, fcalog. An old man, a (crvant. 

Scur. Ceafing, defifting. 

Sda. Ufc. 

SdlLh. }Aftopping,ftaymg,aIet. 

Sdadam. To ftop, ftay, remain. 
Sdaid. State, condition, a furlong. 
Sdaipal. A ftopper, cork. 
Sdair. Hiftory. 
Sdairgha. Hiftortcal. 
Sdeall. A caft of water as from a fyringe* 
Sdealladh. Squirting. 
Sdealladoir. A fquirt, fyringe. 
Sdeallam. To fquirt. 
Sdetg. A flice of meat, a fteak* 
Sdeig-bhraghad. The gullet. 
Sdeigh. Protection. 
Sdeud* A fteed. 

Sdiallach. A ftripe, ftreak, fplil of a plank, 
chop taken from any thing. 

Sdiallach. Striped, ftreaked. 

Sdiobhart. A fteward. 

Sdiorap, A ilirrup. 

Sdiuir. A rudder, rule, guide. 

Sdiuram. To fteer, guide, dire£b. 

Sdiuradh. Steering, guiding, dire<^ing. 

Sdoc. A trumpet, a ftock. 

Sdodach. That kicketh. 

Sdoid. iSulkinefs. 

Sdoil. Beads. 

Sdoirm. A ftonn. 

Sdoirmamliuil. Stormy* 

Sdol. A ftool, a feat. 

Sdol-coife. A foot-ftool. 

Sdopadh. A meafurc of capacity, a ftoup. 

Sdor, fdoras. Provifion, ftores. 

Sduic. PI. of Sdoc. 

Sduipeal. Wandering, roving. 

Sduir. Vide Sdiuir. 

Se. He, it, him. 

Se. For Is e, 'tis he, it. 

Se. Six. 

Seabhac. A hawk, Cdcon. 

Seabhacoir. A £dconcr* 

Seabhag* The fpken* 

Seabhacamhuil. Hawk-like, fierce* 

Seabhaidach. A wandering, ftmying. 

Seabhais. A wandering, ftrolling, Any* 

Seabhaifach* Difcurfive* 
Seabhrach* Certain, fure^ true. 
Seaca. Gen. of Sioc. Froft* 

Scl^t. {I'^^hed, dried. 
Seacaghadh. Parching, dryings 

Seach. A turn, rather, elfe, afide* 
Seach a cheile. One by or from ano* 

Seachad. By, afide, out of the way^ 

Seachadadh. Tradition* 
Seachadam. To deliver, furrender* 
Seachadtha. Delivered, furrendered* 
Seachaduighe. Further* 
Seachuimfe. Beyond, before me. 
Seachain. Idle tales. 
Seachainam. To avoid, fhun, feparate. 
Seachantach. Straying, wandering. 
Scachantachd. A (hunning or avoiding. 
Seachaintach. Difmal, ommous, to be a- 

voided, (hunning. 
Seacham. Beyond me. 
Seacham. To pafs by, to pafs over. 
Seachamhal . Further. 
Seachbho. A heifer. 
Seachcang. Space of feven years. 
Seachd. i ^ 



&E A' 



Seachdhubla. Sevenfold. 

Scachda. ^eventh. 

Seachdmliaifl« A wefck* ^ ^ 

Seachdmhain an hUMihreiinhftm. Smter* 

Seachdmhad. Seventy* 
Seachdmhado. Seventieth. 
Seachdmhios. September* 
Seachdrinn. The feven ftars. 
SeachdihlioTiuch. A heptagon^ hepta-^ 

Seachgairam. To call afide ^r apart. 
Seachlabhradh. An allegory. 
Seachlabhram. To allegorize. 
Seachlabhrach. Allegorical. 
Seachluigham. To lay apart. 
Seachloc. A park^ a field. 
Seachmaillam. To^rget. 
Seachmd. Forgetfulnefs, tMivKm» 
Seachmall. Digreffion, partiality. 
Seachmhallach.-' Obitvi6us. 
Scachmalta. torgttiuh 
Seachnadb . Avoiding, iflittnning^ aii avoid- 

Seachnam. To feparate, avoid/ efcape. 
Seachnairi. By ^ut through. • • 
Seachoilcabhar. Fbi^ another- cattft, thcJfi- 

aboirts. * 'i 
Scachraith. Filthy dift* 
Seachran. An^error, ftraying. 
Seachrftnnach.- Erroneous, ftraying. 
Seachranam. To go aftray. 
Seachrod. A bye-way. 
Seachtair. Without, on the outfid^, before, 

Seachtar. The number fcven. 
Seachtdeug. Seventeen.- • 
Seachto-deug. Seventeenth.* 
Sead, feod, ftud. A jewel, precious ftonc; 

a prefent, favour, fubftance. 

Seachtmhaim Awedu ■ 

Sead. A tray, 'rood, a^t. 

Scad. The likenefs of a thing, 

Seadaire. A dolt. 

Seadal. A (hort time, fpace*- 

Sedar. The cadar^4ree. 

Seadchoimhadaighe. Keeper of a mufeimu 

Vide CiflKliarcha. 
Seadchomhthara. An attribute. 
Seadh. Yes, beitfo. 
Seadh. Senfe, meatting. 
Seiadh. A difcourfe, a dialogue. 
Seadh, feadi. By turns, alternately. 
Seadh. Strong, able, ftout. 
Seadh. The crop or craw of a tiM. 
Seadha. A dw. 
Seadham* Toelteem, tovdue. 
Seadham. To fawy finooChi plane. 
Seadhbhail. Sawiog* 
Seadh*4uirigh. A lo««-token. 
Seafaid. A beiftr. 
Seafnadh. A blowing, breaking* 
Seafnaim.. To blow, bitatlie. 
Seagal. Rye. 
Seagh. Efteem, refped, worih, val«e. 

S«fh!i, [^-^^"^ '»8«»iou«. 

Seaghach. Courteous, gentle. 

Seaghach. A he-goac 

Seaghlan. An old 'Oian. 

Seal. 1 A-while, (pace, diftsnce, eourle, 

Sealad. 9 or time. 

Seala. A feal, fignet* 

Sealadh. Yet, one^s coarfe or flead. 

Sealadach. Alternate, by turns. 

Sealadhk Sealing. 

Sealaidh. A cutting, hewing. 

Sealaidheachd. A yiciffitude, jchange. 

Sealanta. Rigid. 

Sealhh. A herd, drove. 

Sealbh. PoiTeffion, inheritance. 

Sealbh. Afield. 

Sealbh. A pretence, colour. 




Sealbhaghadh. PofTeffing. 
Sealbhaigham. . To poiTefs, enjoy- ' 
Sealbhuighe* 1 A proprietor, owner, occu- 
Sealbhadoir. J pant. 
Scalbhag. Sorrel." . / . 

Sealbhag nam fiadh. Round?leaved moun** 
, tain forrel, . . ' ' 

Sealbhan. A great number, drove, herd, 

Sealg, Hunting, a chafe. 
Sealg. The milt of fwine>.|tlie fplecn of 
. man orbeaft,'belly-ach. . .1 . 

Sealgaire. A fp^tfman, , fowJer," falcop- 

Sealgaireachd. Hunting, hawking. . 
Sealgam. To hunt, fowl,. hawk% 
Sealgbhatat A huntiog-pole.* .:' 
Seall. Behold thou,. {eo.t / ;'. 

Sealladh. A fight, profpe)£l> y'lAW* 
Seallam. Tp look at, behold, to fee. 
Sealladh -nafach^ A raree-fliow. 
Sealta. Sealed. - . . 
Sealtuir. A /word. , ^' » . 

Seaman. A fmall nail ri vetted* 

„ * } Trefoil, clover. 

Seamrog. J 

Seamh, feimh. Mild, modeft, keen, fmall, 

Seamhas. Good-luck*. 

Seamhafal. Fortunate, lucky. 

Seamhfganacb. Quick,, fodn. 

Seamfa. A nail, a peg^ 

Sean. Old, antient. 

Sean. * Profperity, happinc(s. 

Sean. A charm. 

Seanach. Crafty, cunning, wily. 

Seanachidh. An antiquary. 

Seanachas: Antiquities, biftory, narra- 

Seanadh. A denial, refufal ^ a fynod, coun- 
cil of ejders. 

Seannadh. A bleifing, benedldlion.. 

Seanaid. A fenate. 

Seanaidb. To fow corn, to drop, poor. 
Seanaidbe. A fenator, member of parlia** 

ment, antiquary. 
Seanaidham. To fend. 
Seanalltiras. A decree. 
Seanam. To blefs, to defend from the 
. power of cocbantrnfinls. . 
Seanan. To refufe, deny, decline. 
Seanafan. Etymology. 
Seanmhor. 7 __ . 

Seanamhuil. J^.^PP^' profpcrous. 
Sean-aois. Old-age. 
Seanarafg. A proverb, old faying. 
Seanas. Shortnefs of fight. 
Seanathair. A grandfather. 
Seanbhean. An old woman. 
Seanbheariachd. Anility. 
Seadbholadh. An old fmelL 
Seanchas. Antiquity. 
Seancha. 1 An antiquary, genealo<» 

Seanchuidhe. I gift. 
Seanchpmhartha. An old token, a monu* 

ment. . 
Seanch uimhne.,^ Tradition. 
Seancbus. Antiquity^ a chronicle, regif- 

ter, a genealogy, pedigree. 
Seanda. | . . , 

Seandidh. r'^^^"'''^ *"'^'"^^ *S^*- 
Seandachd. Age, a being antient. 
$eanduine. An old man. 
Seanfhocal. An old faying, proverbs 
Seanfhoirne. The old inbabitants* 
Seang. Small^ (lender, flender-waifted., 
Seangaim. To make (lender or thin» to dl* 

minifb, grow (lender. 
Seangal. Wife, prudent. 
Seangan. An ant, pifmire. 
Seangarmhathalr. The great-grandfather^s 

or great-grandmother's, mother. 

Seangbaid. ) . . , 

o L i_ . J A grandmother. 
Seanmbathair. j ^ 

Seanghain. A child about to be bom. 

Seanghein. A child begot in old age. 


S E A 

S^ A 

Seanghille^ Ajn o]d bachelor* . ^ 

Seanlith. Happiriefs. 
Seanma. Muflcal. , / 

Seanmhuire. , __ . - * . 

Seanmhuireachd. }H»PP'«rf«.P«>'if*r.ty. 

Seanmhur. Happy, profperous, great, huge. 
Seanmoir, fearmoin. A fermon. 
Seanmolrighe. A preacher, Termonift. 
Seonmoiram. To preacn,' * exhort, pro- . 

claim. . f'. * /- ' . 

Seanmor. Very great, huge. 
Seannach. A fox. 
Seannachaigham. To play the fox. 
Seannachal. Cunning, crafty, fox-like. 
Seaniifair. A chanter. 
Seanoir. An elder, fenator, an old bard or 

Seanoireachd. 01d*age. 
Seanradh. An old faying, a proverb ; pi. 

Seanfgeulachd. Archaiology. 
Seanta. Blefled, having a charm of protec* 

tton, refufed, denied/ 
Seantiomna. The Old Teftament. 
Seanuaire. Good luck. 
Seapam. To flinch back, fneak oiF, to pur- 

fue clofe. 

Searb. Theft, felony. 

Searbaid. The rowers feat in a boat. 

Searbh. Bitter,* four. 

Searbhadas. j ... ^ . ^ ^. 

ts xr \ Bitternefss fournen. 

Searbhas. 3 

Searbhadairi A towel, napkin. 

Searbham. To embitter.. 

Searbhan. Oats. 

Searbhghal. Blue, azure. 

Searbhos. A deer, ftag. 

Searbhraite. 1 ^ . ' . 

Searbhubhal. Coloquintida. 
Searc. Love, afFedion. 
Searcam. To love, be in love. 
Scarcairmlnnam; To reverence. 

•Searcamhuil. Affedionate, loving* 

Searcog. A fweetheart, a miftrefs. 

Searcall. Flefl), delicate meat, the beft 

! flefh. 

Searcthoir. A gallant, a lover. . 

Searg. Dry, withered* 

Seargam. To wither^ dry, pine away, con- 

Seargadh. Withering, confuming. 

Searganach. Dried up, withered. 

Seargfamh. A confumption, wafting. 

Seargtha. Dried up, withered, confumed. 

Searmoin. A fermon. 

Searmonaigham. To preach. 

Searmonaighe. A preacher. 

Searn. A youth, ftripling. 

Searnadh. Extcnfion, yawning, ftretch- 

Searnam. To loofc, untye. 

Searpan. A fwan. 

Searpan. An order, cuftom. 

Searb. Theft. 

Searr. ^ . , _ , 
« • >A colt, a foal. 
Searrach. 3 

Searrachal. Like a foaI» fmflll, flim« 

Searr. A fcythe, fickle. 

Searrag. A bottle. 

Searraigh. The herb pilewort. 

Searraim. To yawn, ftretch the limbs. 

Searraim. To reap, mow, daughter, kill, 

make havock. 
Searrdha. An edge or point, edged. 
SearlhuiU Squint-eyed. 
Searthonn. A chief poet or prince. 
Searthonna. Art, (kill^ knowledge. 
Seas. Stand thou. Vide Seafam. 
Seas. A board from land to the fide of a 

boat for paiTengers to go out and in by. 
Seafachas. Sitting, a truce. 
Seafadh. Standing. 
Seafal. A fan. 
tSeafam. To ftand, rife up* 
jSeafamh. Standing up. 

[4 I] Seafda. 


S £1 

Seafda. A defence; 

Scafdubh. • A ftstftdtfli. ' ' ' " ' 

Seafg, Dryv biTreiri,- 'atijircillfic. ^ ' 

Seafgad, feafga. Sixty* 

Seafgado. Sixtieth. ' 

Seafgach. Seven battles. 

Sea?gachd. A herd of barren cattle. 

Seafgaidhe. A barren cow. 

Seafgaire. At cafe, quiet, well fixed or 

Seafgaire. ^ Cozinefs, reft; quietnefs, 

Seafgaireachd. I being in an eafy way. 
Seafgaireach. Delightftil, cAlfn; 
Seafgan. A (hock or haiidful of gleahei 

Seafgan. Land that hath ttfen gleaned. 
Seafganach. A bachd6r. 
Seafgar. Soft, effeminate, ftill. 
Seafgbho. A heifer, bkrrdh coV. 
Seafgchorpach. Barren, 
Seafmhach. StilF, lledfafl, firm, perfeVcr-' 

Seafmhaehd. Firmnefs^ fteadmefs, cbn- 

Seafrach:' A la^, y6triK. 
Seafuir. Seafon. 
Seafunta. Profperous* 
Seata. A qUean. 
Seathadh. A htde, fkift- 
Sewhadair. A (feirifief. 
Seathbhog* Marjoram. 
Seathnar.' Number ^fij^. 
Seathar. A ftudy, library. 
Seathar. Strong, able, good. 
Seathar. God. 
Seathardha. Divine. 
Secnach. A body. 
Sed. A cow with calf.* 
Sed. A way. 
Sed gabhala. Augmentationi.. 

dd^dh. 1 ^"^^ -^^^v '• . • 

Segh. Milk. 

Segh* An ox, Buffalo, a hind of iht moofe 

' Seic. A bone. 
■ Seich. A combat. • 

Seich. . An adventurer, 
i Seicham. To follow, pucfue. 

Seichdmhi. September. 

Seicibtanr. ' Whenfoever. 

SeicI*. 1 A . 1^ , 

Seical. } ^ '''*^'''^- 

Seicladh. Hatcheling. 

Seiclam. To hatchel. . . . 

Seicilte.. Hatchehed.^ . . ' 

Seicin. *i 'Tni fkull, pellicle of the. brain, 
;Seicne. ) . meninx. ... 

• . ' { The peritoneum. - 
Seicne. 3 

Se^d. Blow thou. 

.Seidadh'. ' Blowing, a blowing, a blaft. 
iSeidain. A panting, . anhcj)ation» 
'Seidam. To blow, breathe upon, 
'Seidean. 'Quickfahd. 

Seidigh. Afpiration. 
'Seidthe. 'Blown upon. . , 
"Seidd. A full belly, tyippany. . , . 
*Sei*gh'. A hawk. * •, . 

Seighion. A champion, warrior.^ \> 

'Seigheoir. A falconer. 

Seighaeah. A hurricane, tempefl; light- 

Seighar. VidcSeaghah . .' * * 

Seilbh. Poffef&on, a herd, (drove*, 



Seiladan. A fpitting-box.. 

Seile. Spittle. 

Seileach. Mucous. 

Seileach. A willoWk 

c-i J *u f A handkerchief. ♦ 
beileadach. 3 

I Scilair. A cellar. 

Seilg. Hunting, fowling ; vpnlfon. 

* Seilighidc. A fnail. 

2 Seiligh 

^* I A fnaiU 

EC- S 

SEl ^ 


Seilighain. Tofyifc. 

Seilafdair. Yellow flower de luce. 

Seilloin. A bee, hinnbte bee. ■■' ■ 

f;:**^*- { Aihecpted. . 

Seiliunn. J 

Seilt. Dropping, drivellilig. 

Seimh. Mild ; little^ fingk. 

Seimhachd. Mildoefs. 

Seimhdrean. A dueL . 

Seimilair. A^bhrpnAey. 

Seimhidh. Vide Seimh* . 

Seimhide. A fnail. 

Seinne. Elder. 

Seineachd. OiM«ag6»> , * * 

Seinifter. A window. . » • 

Seinn. Sing thou. 

Seinn. Singing. 

Seinnam. To fing, play. 

SeinfiracAifl^. Eldtrihtp, fdnio^iity. 

Scinfiras. Antiquity iu a ipluce. - 

Seipeal. A chap«J. • • i ' 

Seipinn. A quart, chq^n*^ ' ' • 

Seirbh. Vide Searbh, 

Seirhhe» fisir^chd. Bitterneisi. 

Seire. A mealof viAuals. • • 

Seir. A heel. .: 

Seiibhais. Service. > 

Seirbhaifach. Aiefvsmt. 

Scirbhaifaigham. T7o *rwe* 

Seirc. Charity, -offeAiOin. 

Seircal. Charitable, affe&ionateU • 

Seirceoir. .lAiW^ott*. 

Seindf& :* A darling, a belo^d.. 

Seircin. A jerkin, coat. 

Seirdin. A pilchard. 

Sefvg** ^ ClbiKer, 4pefoiK 

Seirg* A confumption, dettay* 

Seirglidhe. Withered. 

Scirgne. Sickly. 

Seiric. Silk,.fuperfine filk. 

Sciric. Stroifg, able. 

Seiricean. • »'A filk-'HWtmi 

Scirfcanach. An awcilrvy. 

SeiWin* A girdle, a band. 
Seirt. Strength, power. 
. Seis. Pleafure, delight. 
Sets. Skill, knowledge. 
Seis^ A. troop, batid, conpanyi one's 

match or equal r 
Seis. He fat. 
Seifde. Afidge* 
Seifdadh. Befieging* . 
Seifdam. To befi^* ... 
Sttie. A tanralt, noiie, >utle./ 
Seifeacb. Chearful, pleafant, agreeable. 
Setfeacbd. I^leafisre, iepiftudity. 
Sleifeadh. Thefixth. » 
Serfeaft. fio^ 4ie iiimfelf. 
Seifeilbh. Talk, difcourfe. 
Seifain. S^OH, fitmgof a court; affins* 
Seifg. Sedge, &og-reed. 
Seifg. VideSea%. 
Seifgeann. A/ei>nyb6ggy QOUAtiy* . 
Seifir. -Jv Ai' • • 

Seifiin* J * . . .: 
Seifim. Talk* 

Seifreach. A plough of fix horfes, a plough. 
Seifreach fearaiiin. A pltowbmd. 

A wife. 

Seitcibe. 7 

Seiteach. 3 

Seithe, feith. A ikin^hlde. 

Seilreach. Neighing, braying, fiiee^^ing.^ 

Seilidc. I A r -1 
« ., . , > A fnail. 
Seilmide. ) 

Selian. A rill. 

Semeann* A fmall fnail. 

, Sen. A birding net. 

Sene. A fupper. 

Sengilbhroth. VenifoR of wild boar. 

Seo. Subftance. 

Seod, flAid. Arjew«L 

Seodcba. A treafury, mufeum.i 

Seodchomhartha. A tomb, ' or grand mo^^ 

nument; a triumphal arch#; 

Seoid. A hero. 

iSeoid. Jewels* 


S E U 

S G A.. 

Seoid aonaich. A fairing. . ' 

Seoid. Strong. 

Seol. A bed. 

Seol. A fail. 

Seol. A weaver's loom ; mode or way of 
doing a thing ; method. 

Seolmara. The tide. 

Seoladh. Sailing, dire&ing, teac^hing. 

Seoladair. A failor. 

Seoladaireachd. Sea life. 

Seolam. To fail', direfb, inftrud, guide^ 

Seolbhata. A goad» ftafFor club for guiding 

Seolta. Digefted) fet in order^ (kilfvU, me- 

Seoltachd. Skilfulnefs, neatnefs» 

Seomar. A room, chamber. 

Seomar-leape. A bed-chamber. 

Seomar na culidfa.; A veftrjr. . . 

Seomar na droitte. A dining-rpom. . 

Seomar-araich. A nurfery. 

Seomrach. Full of chambers, .Cellular, 

Seomradoir. > A chambprUin. 
Seona faobha. Augury, forcery, druidifm. 
Seorfa. A fort, fpecies. 
Seothach. Meaning. 
Seotbag, feabhag. A hawk. 
Sepeal. A chapel. 
Serbos. A hart, flag. 
Ses. A befom. 
Seuch. Vide Seaqh. . . 
Seth, Go feth. Severally. . . 

Seud. A jewel. Vide Scad. ^. . 

Scud. Away, path. 
Scudcha. 1 

Seudachan. ^ A jewel-boufe, tpufeum. 
Seudlann. J 
Saudoi:r. A j<:weller. 
Scula. A feal..,. 

Sculadh. Sealing. 

JSeulam. To fcal. ./, • 


Seunta. Denied, facred, enchanted. 

Seunmhor# .Enbhanted. 

Seun. A charm for prute^mli.'. 



Sforrach. A perch. 

Sg, fc, Indifcriminately written. 

Sga, fgath. Sake of. .' .i 

Sgabadh. Scattering L /. . 

Sgabam. To fcatter^'^difpcrfci. . 

Sgabaifte. Robbery, rapine. 
Sgabard. A iheath, fcabbard. 

^e^JI"^"^'} Club-footed.^ • ' 

Sgabhrag. J i 

Sgabul. A garment. 

Sgadan. A herring. 

Sgadan garbh. The fifli Called Alewife. 

Sgaire. A bold hearty man. 

Sgafanta. Spirited, hear4:y. • . 

. SgafFa. Vide Scaffa. 

Sgaffadh. Codded. 

Sgaga. To cleanfe, winnow, filter; to 

fplit, fhrink. .1 

Sgagadh. A fplit, chink. 
Sgagham. To fort, digeft. .1 
Sgaifirr. The ftero of a fliip. 
Sgaighnean. A winnowing hn. 
'Sgail. A flame, brightnefs. 
Sgail. A fliadc. 

Sgailbhain. A multitude, fwann. . 
Sgailc. A bumper of whiiky in a morn* 

Sgailcara. That giveth hard blows. 
Sgailin. 1 An umbrella, veil ; a little difll» 
Sgaileog. I plate ' 

Sgailleas. Difdain. .... 
I Sgailleafach. Difdainful. 
Sgaillcog. A fmall di(h. 
Sgailtam. Vide .Sgoil tarn. 
Sgailtean. A billet, or deft WQcd. . 

^Sgaincadh. Splitting, cloaving 


S G A 

Sgainsam* To fplit, cleave> burft* 

Sgaipeadh. Difperfing. 

Sgaipam. To difperfe, 

Sgaipitheach. Profufe, laviih*' . 

Sgaird. A fmock. 

Sgairneil. Shrieking, cxying out» 

Sgairnich. Separation, broken pieces* 

Sgairioch. ProdigaL 

Sgairp. A fcorpion. 

Sgairt* 1 A loud cry, fliout> crying, 

Sgairteachd. > roaring. 

Sgairteoir* A cryer, bawler. 

Sgairteach» That bawletb loud., 

Sgairtaim. To cry, bawl. 

^gairtal. Vigoibus. • 

Sgaiteach. Sharp, >^eftrudive, ilormy* 

Sgalth* A flower. 

Sgaithin. A fmall fliadow. 

Sgal. A ihriek, a Ipud flirill cry» 

Sgal. A man, a calf. 

Sgala. A bowl. 

Sgalam. To ring, tinkle, to give a Ihrill 

Sgalain. A hut, cottage. 
Sgalan. A fcaffbld. 
Sgalanta. Loud and flirill founding* . 
. Sgaldach. Stubble. ! . . 

Sgaldruth. A fornicator. 
Sgallach. Troublefome, bald. 
Sgallam. To trouble, difturb,. to f(^ald, 
Sgalladh. A burniiig,. icaldiog. .' 
Sgallagach. Bird*feed. 
Sgallta. Burnt, fcalded.. 
Sgallta. Bare, bald. 
Sgallog. A ruftic, fervant. Vide Scalog, 
£gaiiiail« Scaks.. ! 

Sgamal. Exhalation*. 
Sgamh. 1 

Sgamhan. |*Tlie lungs^ 

Sgamhangha. Pulmonary* 
Sgamhar. Saw-duft. 
SgannaL Abiiffiy^ fcandal> offence. 

S G A 

Sgamhchnaoigh.1_. , .^ , , 

e L u 1 ( Phthiiic, or confumptton> 

Sgamhghalar. f ^. . , ^ 

e , /. . I of the lungs. 

SgamhfaQth. J • ^ 

Sgannalach.. Scandalous, abuflve. 

Sgannan. The caul, a film, aaawiu 

Sgann. A membrane.. 

Sgann. A multitude. 

Sgannairbhuartha. Confufed, confounded^ 

Sganram. To difperfe through fear. 

Sganruig}L. Defamation, aftonifhment. 

Sgaoigh. A rout, herd, drove. 

Sgaog. A fooliih giddy fickle woman. 

Sgaol. Spread,^ fcatter thou. 

Sgaoladh. Difmi^ng, feparating, ripping 

up, untying. 
Sgaolam. To difmifs,, feparate^ untie.. 
Sgaolteach. Profufe. ^ 
Sgaolte. Loqk^ fpread. 
Sgaolteachd. Profufenefs.. 
Sgaoll. Fright, Ihynefs. 
Sgaollaire. A fhy, timid creature. 
Sgaollmbor, Timid, (hy. 
Sgaollmhorachd. Shynefs, coynefs.. 
Sgaoim. Feac.. 
Sgaoth, A fwarm. 
Sgapam. Vide Sgabam. 
Sgarachdin. Separation, parting.. 
Sgaradh, fgarachdin. Separating^.. 
Sgargm. To feparate* 
Sgartha.. Separated.. 
Sgarbh. A cormorant.. 
Sgarbh. A fqrd^ (hallow water. 
Sgarbham. To wade. 
Sgardadh. Pouring, fprinkling, feparatioa*. 
Sg^daire. A water-gun, fquirt. 
Sgardam. To fprinkle. 
Sgarnalv A fcieaming, fcreeching*. 
Sgat. A (kate. 
Sgath. A lhadow,fear; 
Sgath. For th^ fake of.. 
Sgath. A large bundle of rods tied to*^ 

gether,. ufed in the Highlands inftead of a 


[4 KJ Ait 


S G I 


A haw- 

Air fgath* For the fake of, behind, 

Sgath. Deftruftion, wafte. 

Sgatham, To lop, cut off, deftroy. 

Sgathach. Shady, fearful, timid. 

Sgathachan. A tail, the privities. 

Sgathach. Loppings. 

Sgathadh. A fegment, ihred, (kirmiihing, 

Sgathaire. A fpruce fellow. 
Sgathamh. A while, ihort fpace* 
Sgathan. A mirrour. 
Sgathanam. To behold* 
JSgathara. Hewing, lopping. 
JSgathbharra. A parafoh 
Sgathbhard. A fatirift. 
Sgathbhardachd. Satire, Btlingfgate^talk. 
Sgathlann. A booth, (hop, coven 
Sgathag. Trefoil in flower. 
Sgathmhor. Sharp. 
Sgeachchaor. A. white thorn berry. 
JSgeach. A baft. 

Sgeachfpionnan. A goofeberry-bufii. 
Sgeadach. Speckled, iky-coloared. 
Sgeadachadh. Drefs, clothes, ornament. 
Sgeaduigfaam. To drefs,. adorn. 
Sgeadaigboir. A decker. 
£geadas. Ornament, various eolout^* 
5gealb, fgealb. A fpimter. 
JSgeaIlagach« Wild mtiftard. 
Sgeallan. -A IKce, a keriteK 
£gealpdg. A pinch^ fpltnter, a* rent. 
Sgealpach. In pieces^ i^ '4f»liAters. 
Sgealpam.' T« te«r^ rend, fplit^ to^phtck^ 

Sgealptim. Torto, : ihatelied away* 

Q^^^^^K^ i Polypody, 

bgeamhchramn. ) '■ ^ ... 

Sgeamhaim. To reptoach. 

Sgeamhcrom. 'A- pinch. 

SgeamMe. A'flctrmi{b.' 

£geamhlaigham. To bicker, ikinniAi. ^ 


Sgeanadh, fgean. A wild, mad look. . 
Sgearach. Happy. 
Sgeathach. Vide Sgeach. 
Sgeathach. Emetic. 
Sgeathchofg. Anti-emetick. 
Sgeathanu } ^ . . ^ 

Sgeathraigham. r ° ^°""*' '^J^^- 
Sgeigaire. A buffoon. 
Sgeigairachd. Buffoonery, wa^ry. 
Sgeil. Skill,. koowletige. 
Sgeilamhuil. Skilful, knowing. 
Sgeil, gen. of Sgeul, fgeaL A ftory. 
Sgeilbhearlhach* A tale*bearer, tak-.beac- 

Sgeil theackdaire. A tale*bearer. 
Sgeimh. Beauty, ornament. 
Sgeimham. To beautify, adorn, to fkim, 

to fcum. 
Sgeimhioka. A fcouf* 
Sgein. Flight. 

Sgeinam. To bounce, leap up« 
SgeinmeUe. "1 

Sgeinmeach. I Quick, fmart, fwift, nimble. 
Sgeinmneach.j . 
Sgeip. A bee-hivc. . 
Sgeir. . A rock' in the iea. 
Sgeith. The better part of any things 

rather Scoth. ^ . 
Sgeith. Vomit. 
Sgeith. G^n. of Sgiath. 
Sgeithin. • A little bufli. 
Sgeitinnfeis. The.qttimtey* 
Sgeitram, To crafli. 
Sgeo. Underftanding. 
SgQog. Vide Sgeachog. 
Sgeolach. One of Fingal's cups ibuoaUed* 

Sgethe. The handlo o€. a. target 

Sgeul. Aftory, news. a : 

Sgeulaiche. A newfnwager,' 
Sgeulachdi Hiftorical narration; 
Sgeun. Aftoniiliment. 
Sgeunal. Pruned, neaty in good order* . 
Sgiamh«di« S^aotifo], ^domad, Jovdy. 


6 G I 

S G O 

Sgiamhaiche. .More .beautiful; 
Sgiamhaichad. Beautifulnefs. 
Sgiamhalach* Squalling. 
SgiarnhMireacam.* To gild, adorn* 
Sgian. A knife. 
Sgianadhaircach- Nai)l^:of..» Qk^p haying 

fharp I)pms» 
Sgiat^ad^giscaich-. Having (hArp bortid* 
5gi?n-l|h^ird»: A tabk-iknifc* * 
,5gian-chpHag, A chppping-totfc. 
$gian-bh^rtfaaidh« A . r^zor. 
Sgiath. A wing, pinion,. target, buckltf* 
Sgiathach. Winged, ibicUad, having ^ 

Sgiathanach. Winged. 
jS^ibbi^U ]^ve$ of a roof* 
Sgiberneag. A hare. 
Sgige. ,Aj^cripg, derifioa* 
Sgigeamhuil. ;3cortffuU 
Sgigam. , Tp j^r, 4wid<J.; . / . 
Sgigthe. Ridiculous. . / 

Sgilghre, Gnwel.. 
SgiU«» (iuick, fopn. . 
Sgilleog. A fmall pebhk* > 
Sgillin. AihilliDgt ^ 
Sgillin Albanach. A,fiWXji» .. 
Sgillin Shafgunach. .A JhiUing. . 
Sgimheal. .A:p^trhdvfi?» 
Sgiomhiolach. . A jfoovtt 
Sgimhlfeagha^lv An tj^dirfioifi. . 

Sgineadhach. Apt to ftlUltt iklttiOu 

Sgineog. A Aigbt* 

Sgiobair. A ikipper, milfor of. a. ihip^ 

helmfman. 1 . . 

Sgiobadh. The crew, mfiftat.wwk.. 
3gic(hal« A baoij.gfl^aary. 
%iobtba. Soatoh^ aw*y. 
£giopidh. 1 . 

Sgioptidh. >Tlght^<ady».iioat, fpruce. 
Sgiobalta. J 
SgioUadh. Decidence. Vide Sgiollam. 

Sgiollam. Tq flie|l or prepare .grain, by 

grinding the.huft^ of it. 
Sgiollta. So prepared, neat, tight. 
Sgiorram. To flip, ftumble. 
^giorradb. Mifchance. 
Sgirthan. A ftumbler, a flipper. 
Sgiothai. Ridiculous, 
Sgioth. . A partition of i/v^ttled.rods* 
Sgiothlaich. A.haundi. 
Sgiw. J^ ^^.g^ 
Sgireachd. 3 * ' . 

Sgifthire.. A prater, talkatiye. 
Sgite. The fi(h .called MaJiden-ray. 
Sgith. Wearied, tired, fatigued. 

Sgitham. 7 ^ . ^ . 
ci .^i_ .1. f To tire, fatigue. 
Sgu^haigham. 3 - 

Sgithaghadh. Tiring, fatiguing. 

Sgiucham. . To'ftartle^ kap* 

Sgiurs. A fcoiurge. 

Sgiurfadh. A whipping, whipping. 

Sgiurfam. To whip. 

Sglaigin. A draught tree, beam x^a .waiiu 

Sglamham. To fcold, wrangle, {hatch. 

/jSglamhoide. A glutjtoh. . 

Sglamhidhe. One that fnatcheth away."^ 

Sglamhach. . That fnatcheth. 

Sglata. A flate, tile« 

Sgleip. Oflentation. 

Sgligeanach.. Specl^d. 

Sgliurach. A flut, bad womaUf flatteira;. 

Sgliurachd. Idle goffiplng. 

Sgoballach. A piece, morfel. 

Sgoid. A lappet. 

Sgobam. T pluck from. 

Sgobadh. A pluck,.cir.pull. , 

Sgoidaifach. Shcwy, flirting, foppiih* 

Sgoidais. Pageantry, ihew, flirting. 

%oigne^n. A fan. 

Sgoilt. Split thou. 

Sgoiltain. A iplinten . 

Sgoilte. Cleft, fplit* 




Sgoiltam. • To fpHt, cleave* 
Sgoithin. The prime, bcft. 

o^^' ,_ . \ Loud laughter. ' 
Sgolghairc. 1 

Sgol. A fcull^ or great quantity of fiih j a 

Sgolb. A fplinter, a wattle, doubt, 
Sgolbanach. A ftripling, a youth. 
Sgolbanta. Thin, flender. 
Sgolog. An olive tree, a ruftic^a fervant. 
Sgoloide. A fchoolmafter. 
Sgoltadh. A fplit, crack, chink. 
Sgotnhalfgartha. Aftride. 
Sgonaire. A trifler, whiffler. 
Sgonafacb. Trifling. 
Sgonbabhraim. To blab out foolilhly. 
Sgonog. A bafty word, a fart. 
Sgor. A ftud of horfes or mares. Vide 

Sgoradh. Lancing^ fcarifying. 
Sgoram. To lancc> fcarify, cut iii 

Sgorn. 1 

Sgornach. > The throat. 
Sgornan. J ' / 

Sgom frathrach. The pin or peg of a 

Sgorchailbhe. The epiglottis. • 
Sgorthanacb. A ftripling. 
Sgot. A (hot, or reckoning. 
Sgoth. A flower, fon, a ikiflT. 
SgodMidh. . A pull. 
Sgotham. To pulk 
Sgothag. A cut. 
Sgothlong. A yacht. 
Sgrabach. ^ Roughj rugged, fcarce, : 
Sgr^banach. S . rare. 
Sgrabachao. Roughnefe.. 
Sgram. • To wipe off, 
Sgragall. ' Gold foil, a thin leaf^ ray of 

gold or filver ; a fpangle. 
Sgraibhfaidh. A hand-faw.- 
Sgraideog. A fmall puny perfoA. . 

> A turf, green fod, green-fward. 

Sgraitach. Ragged, fliabby. 

Sgrait. A rag. 



Sgrathal. Deftruftivc. 

Sgramneirachd. Extortion. 

Sgreabh bhathais. Baptifmal fees. 

Sgreabhal. An annual tribute of three- 
pence, paid at the command of the mo- 
narch by the provincial kings of Ireland, 
to St. Patrick; a favour given by new 
married people.- 

Sgreabhog. , Cruft.* , ; .. . 

Sgreach. A moan, a fcreeching.-* 

Sgreachal. Crunklihg. 

Sgreacham. To make a noife^ to whoop^ 
fhriek, crunkle. 

Sgreachag, fgreachag reilge. An owK. 

Sgreachan criofach.r ' A vulture.- 

Screachtadh. Ajocofe bantering. • 

Sgread. A fcreech. 

Sgreadadh. , Screeching,- {hriekingt 

Sgreadam. To fhriek, fereech^ fijuawk 

Sgreadaire. A CFyen 

Sgreagan. Rocky ground; 

Sgreagmhar. -Roieky. • • 
' Sgreafta. -Deftnidibn. •' 

Sgreataidham. To hate, abhor. - 

Sgreatachd. Hate^ abhorrence. 

Sgreatidh. • To be abhorred^ fearfull 

Sgreatbail. Fearful,, ffightfuL 

Sgreigam. To frig. i 

Sgribhiit. A writings 

Sgribhifg. Notes, comodentiw - 

oSigrtd. A breath. . 

Sgrideil. Lively. 

Sgrin. . A ibrine. 

Sgriob. A notch, a furroi^r, rutof a wheePy 
an itching of the lip fiiperftitioufly be- 
lieved to precede an approaching kifa fiooL 
a favounte, or a feaft*. 

Sgriobach. . j^^ .^^^ 

ogrutaca. x 




Sgriobadh. Scratching, rubbiDg, graving, 

Sgriobam, To fcrape, fcratch, write, en- 

Sgriobaire. A graving tool. 

Sgriobadoir. A grater. 

Sgrioban. A wool-card, a rake. 

Sgriobhadh. A writing, writing, 

Sgriobhadoir. A writer, clerk, notary. 

Sgriobham. .To write. 

Sgriobhan. A grammar. 

Sgriobhantoif. A grammarian* 

Sgrios. Ruin, deftrudion. 

Sgriofam. To deftroy, cut off. Vide Scrio- 

Sgriobtuir. The fcripture. 

Sgrobam.' To fcratch, fcrape* 

Sgrobah. Crop of a bird. 

Sgroth. A long rhime. 

Sgrubal. A fcruple. 

Sgruibleach. Rubbiih. 

Sgrudadh. Searching, fcrutinizing. 

Sgnidam. To fearch, examine, fcrutinize. 

Sgruigain. Neck, neck of a bottle. 

Sgruta. An old man. 

Sgrutach. Lean, meagre. 

Sguab. A iheaf, befom« 

Sguabag. A little fbeaf. 

Sguabadh. Sweeping, fweepings, refufe. 

Sguabam. To fweep. 

Sguab-aodaich. A clothes-brufh* 

Sguab -lair. A befom. 

Sguab-lion. A fweep-net. 

Sguain. A train, tail. 

Sguaine. A fwarm, croud. 

Sguibhir. An Efquire. 

Sguileach. Rubbiih. 

Sguille. A fcullion. 

Sguird. A ihirt, fmock, a lap. 

Sguir. 'Ceafe, defift thou. 

Sguiram. Toceafe, defift. 

Sguitfeadh. Threfhing. 

Sguitfeam. To threih, beat, to drefs flax* 

Sgula. 1 

Sgulag. > An old man, a little old man. 

Sgulin. J 

Sgum. Scum. 

Sgumadoir. A fcummer. 

Sguman. The train when tucked up. 

Sgumhara. Fat, good plight. 

Sgumrag. A fort of fire-ihovel, a cinder^ 

wench, a dowdy. 
Sgur. Ceafing, defiftihg. 
Sguradh. Scouring. 
Sguram. To fcour. 
Sgurtha. Scoured. 
Sguthaigh. A ftepping. 
Shiar. Eaft. - 
Si. She, her. 
Sia. Far oflF, the utmoft, remoteft from 

Sia. Six. 

Siabhra. A fairy, hobgoblin. ' 
Siabham. To rub, wipe. 
Siabhaidhe. Fairies. 
Siabunn. Soap. 
Siachadh. A fprain. 
Siacham. To fprain. 
Siachearnach. Hexangular* 
Siacht. He came. 
Siachtar. They came. 
Siad. They. 

Siadhail. Sloth, fluggiihnefs. 
Siadhan« Confufed, topfy-turvy. 
Siair. A fide. 
Sian. A voice, found. 
Sian. Storm, rain. 
Sianal. Screaming, roaring. 
Sianaidhe. One that cries out, a bawler. 
Sianaidheacht. A yelling. 
Sianmhedh. An accent. 
Sianfa. Harmony, melody, pleafure. 
Sia. Backwards, behind, the weft, awry, 
Siarthonna. Art. 

l^ Lj Siafair. 


S I N 

Siafair. • He fat. 

Siafar. A feflion, affizes. 

Siafhliofnach. A hexagon, hexagoaah 

Siat. A tumour, .fwelling. 

Siataim. To puff, fwell up. 

Siathnail. Vide Sianal. 

Sibal. Garlick, a leek. 

Sibh. Ye, you. 

Sibht. A fliift, induftry, contrivance. 

Sibht. Providing, fhifting, making a {hift. 

Sibhteamhuil. Provident. 

Sibhtamhlachd. Forefight, a providing 

Sibhealta. CiviK 
Sic. Dry. 
Sic. Vide Sioc. 
Sichd. The infidc of the (kuU, 
Sice. Sycamore. 
Sid. A lair, that there. 

Sidheadh, fighe. 5 
Sidhean gaoithe. A whirlwind. 
Sidheang. Infamy. 
Sidhigham. To prove. 
Sidhiuccan. A reed, cane. 
Sigh. Spiritual, of the other world, be- 
longing to fpirits. 

Sighaire. A mountaineer. 
Sighbhrog. A fairy, fairy-ho^ife. 
Sighdhraoithachd. Enchantment with fpi- 
rits, interference with fpirits. 
Sighin. A fign, token. 
Sighinigham. To mark, fign* 
Sigir. Silk. 
Sigireun, A filk-worm. 
Sigle. A fcal. 

Sileadh. A dropping, fplttle. 
Silim. Vide Saoilam. 
Silam. To drop, diftil, to fow. 
Sileadh nan fuil. Twinlcling of the eye. 
Sjlain. A dropping, dropping. 

Silin. A cherry. 
Silfigham. To (hine. 
Silt. Spittle, an ilTue, a drop* 
Siltain. A drooping creature. 

Silteach. l^^^^^S'^'^P'^^S' *'"• 

Siltear. For Saoltar, it fecmeth* 

Simide. A mallet, beetle. 

Similear, fimne. A chimney. 

Simon tachd. Simony. 

Simplidh. Simple, mean, plain. 

Simplidhachd. Simplicity, plainnefs. 

Sin. The pronoun That. 

Sin. Vide Sion, Sian. 

Sin. Round. 

Sine. Weather, bad weather. 

Sineadh* Singing, from Seinnam. 

Sinne. A dug or teat, nipple of the 

Sinne. Elder, eldeft. 
Sinneach. A wen. 
Sineadh. A ftretching, extending. 
Sineam. To ftretch. 
Sineamhfeadha. A yew tree. 
Singil. 7 ^. , 
Singilte. J^^"g'^»'^Jo»«» unmixed. 

Singlicham. To mix, adulterate. 

Sinm. A fong or tune. 

SinipUch. A nightingale. 

Sinin. A nipple, little teat. 

Sinn, finne. We, us. 

Sinfeanoir. 7 _, ,^ , 

or .L • t ^rcat grandfather. 
Smfeanathair. 1 ^ 

Sinfeanmhathair. A great grandmother. 

Sinfior. An elder. 

Sinfior. A yew tree. . 

Sinfir. The preftytery. 

Sinfireachd. Elderfliip, feniority, chieftain- 


Sinfireachd. A right by fucccffion. 

Sinifean. Uvula, 

Sinfirra. Anceftors. 

Sinte. Stretched.. 


S I o 

S 10 

/- f A fcalHon, onion, 
aid. 3 

'Sinteach. Straight, longi 

Sintag. A ftraight line« 



Siodadh. Blowing. 

Siobag. A blaft of the mouth* 

Siobam. To .blow, 

Sioban. Drift, the blaft* 

Siobhag. A ftraw. 

Siobhal. A thorn, a pin. 

Sobhalta. Civil, courteous. 

Siobhaltachd. Civility. 

Siobhas. Rage, madnefs. 

Siobhafach. Frantic, furious* 

Siobhrag. A fairy. 

^,!°^- jFroft. 
Diocan. J 

Sioc liath. Hoarfroft. 

Sioc. Regio umbilicus, or groin. 

Siocaighte. Dried up, frozen, obdurate. 

Siocaim. To freeze, dry up, grow hard. 

Siochaire. A very little creature. 

Siocair. A motive, reafon, a natural caufe, 


Sioda. Silk^ 

Siodamhuil. Like fillc. 

Siodgha. Silken. 

Siodhchan. Atonement. 

Siodlamnaim. To leap, bound. 

Sioflachan. Vide Siothlag. 

Siog. A ftreak, a rick. 

^'"^^^^' Streaked. 

ihuil. J 


Sioghfurnadh. A hiffing, whifpering. 

Sioghann. Vide Sithann. 

Siogidh. A fairy, pigmy. 

Siol. Seed, iflue, a tribe or clan.. 

Siolam. Race, offspring of beafts^ 

Sioladh. A fyllable, dropping, the prow of 

a fhip. 
Siolaim, To fow, to drop, fpell, drivel. 
Siolchuiram. To fow. 
Siolaoam. To ftirain, filter* 

Siolaln. Dropping. 

Siolarnach. Snoring, fnorting. 

Siolaftair. A flag, fedge, ^ild flower die 

Siolbhruifneach. A nurfery. 

Siolidh. A ftallion. 

Sionlchonlach. Fodder. 

Siolchur. Sowing. 

Siolchurtha. Sown. 

Siolflafga. Running of the reins* 

Siolgam. To pick and choofe. 

Siollo. Ajill, afyllable. 

Siollairamh. Scanning of a verfc* 

Siollam. To ftrike, fmite. 

Siollruin. A diserefis. 

Siolmhor. Bearing feed, fall of feed, fer- 

Siolmhorachd. Fertility. 

Siolradh. A ftock or breed, ofl^spring. 

Siolta. A teal. 

Sioltaiche. A goofeander. 

Sioltagham. To filter. 

Sioltaghan. A ftrainer. 

Sioltreabh. A family. 

Sioltfhuileas. The running of the ey«g^ 

Siom. Them, the fame as ladfan. 

Sioman. A rope, cord. 

Siomaide. A mallet. 

Sion. A chain, bond, tie. 

Sion.^ Any thing. 

Sion. Weather; aftorm, fnow. 

Siona. Delay. 

Sionan. The river Shannon. 

S ionbuailte. Weather-beaten. 

Sionnach. A (qx* 

Sionnachla. A weathergaw. . 

Sionnadh. A reproof, fcofling* 

Sionradhach. Single. 

Sionfa. A cenfer. 

Sior. Continual, long. 

Siorathearrach. Variable, inconftant.. 

Sior'blofgadh. 1.A continual ruftling^ or 
u S 

Siorbhraoileadh. > rattling noife. 


S I 

s m 

Siorbhai. Thievery, thrft. 

Siorchainteach, A babbler, eternal talker. 

^iorchafaim. To turn to and again. 

Siorda. A great favour or prefent. 

Siordanam. To rattle. 

Siordha. i Everlafting, for ever, perpe- 

Siorruidh. j tual. • > 

Siorruidheachd. Perpet-uity, eternity, 

Siordhaigham. To eternize. 

Siorfhuigham. To condole, lament. 

Siorghairam. To giggle. 

Siorghlacam. To gripe, rough-handle. 

Siorgnathaigham. To ufe often or much. 

Siorghnath. Continual ufe. 

Sioriomairc. Tranfmigration. 

Sioriarridh. Importunity. 

Sioriarridhach. Importunate. 

Siormharthanach. Everduring. 

Siorlamhach. Long-handed. 

Siorlofgadh. Everburning. 

Siorob. Sparing, frugal. 

SioroL Hard drinking. 

Siorofdam. To gape, yawn often. 

Siorr. 1 

o. 11 VJBroomrape. 

oiorralach. 3 

Siorfan. Good news or tidings, 

Siorfanach. Slow, tedious. 

Siorfuidham. To linger, loiter. 

£iortaire. An executioner, 

Siortam. To fmite. 

Siortha. .Sought, begged. 

Siortham. To a(k, beg. 

Siorthoir. A beggar, petitioner; a ilut. 

Siorthoireas. A requeft. 

Sioruifge. Continual ram. 

Sios. Down. 

Shios. Below. 

Sios-fuas. Topfy-turvy. 

Siofa. A court, parliament. 

Siofurnaich. HiiEng. 

Siofun A pair of fheers, fcifiars. 

.£iofma. A fchifm, private conference, whif- 


' > Peaceable, pacific. 

Siofmaire. A fchifmatic, whifpcrer. 

Siota. A pet, ill-bred chiW. ' ' 

Siotaidhe. A trifle, a jot. 

Sioth, fith. Peace, quietnefs. 

Sioth. Spiritual, belonging to fpitits and 
the other world. 

Siothadh. A gnafh, rufliing at. 

Siothal. Pcaceabk. 

Siothaichan. Fairies. 

Siothaigeantachd. Placability. * 

Siothbhalraidh. Having long limbs. 

Siothbhalta. Civik 

Siothbholfaire. A herald to proclaim peace. 

Siothbhuan. Perpetual. 

S iothchain t. Peace. 



Siothchaintaiche. A peace-maker. 

Siothchoimhadaiche. A conftable. 

Siothlaetha. Days of peace. 

Siothlag. A ftrainer or filter. 

Siothlaigham. To filter, ftrain. 

Siothlan. A ftrainer, filter j a cullender, a 

Siothlodh. Peace, making of peace. 

Siothmhaor. A herald. 

Siothmhalta. Civil. 

Sir, fior. In compound words fignifies per- 

Sireadh. Seeking, afking, looking for. 

Sireamh. A difeafe; 

Siram. To feek, a(k, enquire after. 

Sirchleachdam. To exercife, ufe often. 

Sirdiolam. To fell much or frequently. 

Sirbiodaire. A vain tattler. 

Siredam. To handle much. 
Siriomcharam. To bear often. 

Sirfheuchin. A fteady look. 

Sirfheucham. To look ftcdfaftly. 
Sirreach. Lean, poor. 
Sirreachdam. To foak. 
Sirriam. AfherifF. 
I Sirfilt. Continual dropping. 



S/L A: 

Sirt. A lilfk.''- \u\ ■:- . :. .. .r.'..-; 

Sill. A time,a-wbilc, • . 

Sifteal. A flaxcomb, a cift^rn. ' . 

Sit-fit! Whift! ■' • 

Sithbheach. Civil, of the-'city. .-. 

Siteirtnin. A fmall cittern. .. 

Siteog. Nice, effeiniiKUt^. : . . . 

Siterne, Al^ai^. < : - -^ .. i; , ' 

Sith. Peace, reft, recahciliation* 

Sithbhe. A rod. 

Sithbhe. Continual, perpetual* 

Sithbhe. A generd.- - 

Sithbhe. A city. • 

Sithbhein. A fort-or tuiret.^* ^1 

Sithbheo. i • „. - . i • ' 

Sithbhuan.!^'^'"S. perennial. 

Sithbhrog, A fairy or fairy-houfe. 

Sitheadh/ Bending, declining.. 

Sitheal. A drinking-cup, a trowel^ 2 
body. ' ...'..:. 

Sitheann. Venifon. • 

"S it ham. . *] 

Sithaigham. I To pacify^ reconcile* 


Sithfhear. : A ftrong min. ^ - . 

Sithne. Of venifon.r 1 l 

Sithghliocas. Policy^ conning. - 

Sithbhrifteach.- -A rebel, rebellious* 

Sithcheanglam. To confederate, 

Sithdruim. * An old name of CaflieL 
Sithfhearc; - C6nftah« afFe<Stion. • 
Sithim. A fequel, • confequcnce* 
Sitreach. The neighing of a horfc* 
Sitrigham. i To neigh, bray. 
Sitroighthoir. A hufbandman* 
Sittig otrach. A dunghilh 
Siu. Before that, bef<Dre. 
Siu. Here. 

Siu & tall. Here and there* 
Siubhal. A going, moving, walking. 
Siubhalbhach. A ftroUer, wayfaring*man. 
Siubhal. A meafure in mufic between faft 
and flow. 

Siubhlach. Fleet, fwift. - , • •- 

Siubhlaim. To walk, go, travel, depart, 


Sjuc. . Dry^ parched up. 

Siucar. 1 ^ 

^^. J Sugar. 

Siucra. J ® 

Siudam. To fwing, rock to flcep, to dan- 
dle, to nod. 

Siulbhre. Chparfulnrfs. . 

Siulmhaire. Delight. 

Siulmhor. .Bright, cheerful, delightful* 

Siunas. Lovage. 

Siunfa. * Senfc. - 

Siur. A fifter. 

Siurdanadh. A rattling or making a noife* 

Siurdanam. To rattle, make a noife. 

Siurram. A fheriff. 

Siurtacb. A ftrumpet. 

Siurtachd. . Whoring. 

Siurtag. A fudden fally or fkipping* 

Siurtagach. Frifky. 

Siufan. A humming noifi::. 

Siufarnadh. A whifpering. 

Siutharras. A wandering or ftrollmg^ 

Slabhagan. A fort of edible fea»weed gaf 

. thered f];om .rocks, but different £i-om dilfe 
or duilliafg. 

Slabhridh. A chain, a pot-hanger, a 

'Slacairt* Beating as with a mallet. 
Slacairam. To beat with a mallet. 
Slacan. A Jbeetle or bat. 
Slacan-draoitheachd. A magical wand.^ 
Slad. Theft. 

Sladadh.. Thievery, robbery. 
Sladaighe. A thief, a robber. 
Sladam, ilaidam. To rob, fteal. 
Sladmharbham. To rob and murder on the 


Sladmhoir. ) 

Sladthoir. 5 

A thief, a robber. 

Sladuigeachd. 3 


I Robbeiy. 


S L A^ 


Sladthc, Robbed,- ftripped. 

. : JA thief, 

Slaib. Mire on the ftrand of'rivcr's bank. 

Slaibhre. A purchare. 

Slaibhreas. Chains. 

Slaid. Theft, robbiry. 

Slaighe. Slaughter. 

Slaighdean. A cough or cold. 

Slaigham. To flay or kill. 

Slaighre. A.fword or fcymitar. 

Slaim, Great booty. 

51ainte. Health, falvation, a toaft of 

Slainteamhuil. Healthy, Talutary. 
Slaiteoirachd. Thievery. 
Slait, flatra; Strong, robuft. 
Slam. A lock or flock of hair or wool. 
Slamam. To draw and card wool. 

^I^*''"'-! Curdled milk. 
Slagan. $ 

Slamhan. An elm-tree. 

Slamhagan. Locks. 

Slamhach. A frothftick. 

Slan. Healthy, found, entire. 

Slan. A defiance, challenge. Vide Dubh- 

^lanaidheachd. A paflTpoft. 

Slanaigham. To heal, cure. 

Slanaighthoir. A healer, faviour^ feid of 
Jefus'as the healer of the world. 

Slanaghadh. Healing, faving. 

Slanlus. Ribwort. 

Slaod. A raft, float, a fledge. 

Slaodam. To drag after, to Aide. 

Slaodan. A cough or c6ld j the rut of a 

Sladfach. A hinge. 

Slapach. Lukewarm. 

Slapar. A fkirt, the trail or train of a no- 
bleman or king's robe. 

Slaparach. Having long fklrts. = 

Slapaire. A floven. 

Slapog. A flut or dirty woiMfli . r.;: 

Slas. Killing, flau^tering. > ., 

Slafaidheachd»7 . . 

Slafdachd. } A Pf.vate grudge. 

Slat. A rod, a ytr d*. 
Slatag. A twig». ^ * 

Slatarra. Straigldk^jUU^ $i^tlj. 
Slat-riogha. A fceptre, bftcff* 
Slatbhroid.i: A gQa4« ,:i;i ^ 

Slat-mhara. Tangle. 
SIat-mharcad)d. A vhip. ; 
Slat-ihuaichiontas. Aim^oe. /. 
Slat-reul. An aftrolabe. . . 
Slat-ihiul. A.fiiil'-yard. , 

Slat-iafgaich. A fiihing-rod. 
Sleachd. Vide Sliochd. 
Sleachd-coimbne. A monmnent. 
Sleachdadh. A lancing, CHtting, (auify*" 

Sleachdadh. . Kneeling, ftooping, bowing ' 
Sleachdin. ) revere;itly, aftoration. 
Sleachdam. To kneel, ftoop, bow reve- 
Sleachtam. To cut, difle^. 
Sleagadh. Sneakingoff, drawling. 
Sleagach. Drawling.^ 
Sleagaire. A drawler. 
Sleagam. To fneak, drawl. 
Sleagh. A fpear or lance. 
Sleaghan. A fortoftujcfrfpade. 
Sleaghach. . Armed wHh a fpear. 
Sleamhain« Smooith, Ai^peryi plain., 
Sleamhan, The elm tree. 
Sleamhnan. Siiioothnef&„.jly)perinefs. 
Sleamhnachd. Mucoufne(s. 
Sleamhnaghadh. Slipping, Aiding.^ 
Sieamhnaigham. . To flip, (|ide. 
Sleamhnad, Slipperinefs. 
Sleantach. A flake, aflice. 
Sleas. A mark, a ftgn j a dde,^ a ridge. 
olcafgadh. ; A crack. 
Sleafgam. ' TiOflrafik. 
Sleibh. Gen. of Sliabh. 




•J Pl.ofSHabh, 
u M ountainoi 

I Slipperincfsy poliih. 



Sletbhtcaeh.^ Mountainous. • 



Sleimhneach. Slipping. 

Sleifs. The'thlgh. 

Sleifde. Gen. of Sliafid. 

Sleithe. A feAion, divifion. 

Slethc. Cutting, ftriking. . ' - 

Sleogam. To ihake fick or naufeate. 

Siiabh. A mountain of the firft 'tiaagnitude, 
a heath land whether mountain or plain. 

Sliabhaire. A mountaineer. 

Sliachadairachd. CrUft. 

Sliachtadh. To pierce through. 

Slias. 1 The thigh, the coarfe part of a 

Sliafaid.^ thread. 

Sliafparam. To daggle. 

SI iaipai rt. Daggliilg. 

Slidach. Sly.- ' 

Slige, fligean. A ihell. 

Sligeanach. 'Sky-coloured, fpotted. 

Slighe. A way, a road. - ^ 

Slighbhreac. Indifferency. 

Slightbeadi. Sly, artFul. 

Sligheadoifeacbd. The pradice of ftrata- 

Slighthoireachd. Craftinefs. 

51inn. A flat ftone or tik. 

Slinn. A weaver's fleay. 

Slinnain. A (boulder, fhoulder-blade. 

Slinhtcach. Hbufe-tiles. 

Slintchrann. An enfign*ftafF. 

Sliobham. To polifli. 

Sliobhram.' To drag. 
Sliobhtha. Sharp-pointed. 

Sliobhtha. Polilhed, finoothed. • 

Sliobradh. * A draught, * 

Sliochd. Seed, offsprmg, a tribe, defcend- 

ants, pofterity. 
Sliocht. A troop, company, a rout, mul- 


Sliocht. A track, impreiEon, print, 

Slioge. A ihell, a bomb. ' \ .- 

Sliogeach. Full of fliells. 

Slioge creachuin. A icollopped ihell which 
in anttent times was ufed generally over 
the Highlands' and Ireland as a drinking- 
cup ; it is not yet out of fafliion. 

Slioge-neamhuin. Mother^of-^arl. 

Slioge tomhais. The fcales- o^ a bal« 
lance. . . 

Sliogam. To fmooth, ftroke. 

Sliogard. A pumice. 

SJiogarnach. Made of ihells, 

Sliom. Slim, fleek. 

Sliommam. To flatter. 

Sliomair, fliomfhear. A thief. 

Slioncam. • To beat. 

Sliop. A lip. 

Slios. A fide, fide of a county. 

Sliofda. Fair, courteous, flattering. 

Slis. n A . . 

Slifeoff C '^^ * *' ^^^'^ hosLcd. 

Slifam. To flicc.' , 

Slifcheimnughadh. A digreffion. 

Slifagaicham. • To chip, flice. 

Slifaganv Shavings. 

Slifoeach. Chips, fcales. 

Sliudhacach. 7 rj . 

Sliudfaacanach. 3 

Sliughtheadh. A ftratagem. 

Sloch fine. A flake of fnow« 

Sloe. A pit, hollow. 

Slocan. A little pit, hollow. 

Sloc-guail. A coal-pit. 

Slod. I 

SI d 1 "^ ^*^^'^ ftandingj water. 

Sloidhe. A fedion, divifion. 

Sloighthe. Beaten j obbair flolghthe, beaten 

Sloighreadh. A fword. 
Sloinne. A firname, patronjrmic. 
•Sloiimam. To give a^fimame. 
Slointe fios ann. Pointedly explained. 

9 ♦ SJoitfrc. 

S M A 


Sloltire. A thief, villain. •. 
Sloitireachd, Villainy. 
Sloitireach. Villainous. 
Slomfliobh. Sharp. 
Sluagh. An army, multitude, hoft. 
Sluagh-coife. Infantry. 
Sluagh-imirc. A marching army. 
Slaaigheacbd. . An expedition. 
Sluafaid. i . -, , 
Sluafghad. jAftovcl. 

Siucham. To ftifle, overwhelm. . 




A horn. 


^!"'7\^^'?A found 
olaodrach. j 

Slugaire. A glutton, (pendthrift. 
Slugadh. The fwallowing. . 
Slugaid. A flough, deep miry place. . 
Slugam. To fwallow, devour. 
Slugach. That fwalloweth. 
Slugthin. 1 ^ , . , 
Slugpholl, jAwhulpooI. . 

Slulgain. The neck of a bottle. 
Sluinn. A telling, declaring. . 
Slufam. To diffemble, counterfeit^ 
Smachd. Reproof^ corrections awe; fubjec- 

tion, authority. 
Smachda. i _ , ^ ^ 

Srriachdaigham* To reprove, cbaftife, af- 

Smachtalh''*'^ | Reproof, chaftifcment. 

Smachdal. Authoritative, commanding.. 

Smachtbhann. A penal law, penalty. 

Smachtlann. A houfe of correction 

Smadan. Soot,, fmut* 

Smadanach. Smutted* 

Smag. A paw. 

Smaig. Authority. 

Smal. 1 Dull, forrowfulne^, decay^ ob* 

Smalan. 5 - fcurity, dimnef$«. 

Smalan. A hillock. 

Small. SnufFof a diandle; ' \ 

Smallam. To fnu^ 4 cai^dliqi to. blow op. 
Smalladoir. SnufFers. 
Smallog. A fillip. .1 

Smaogal. A hufk. 
Smaolach. A thrulh, an puz|e. 
Smaofrach. 1 , ., .m 

Smaoftrach. jA cartilage, griftle. • 

Smarag. An emerald. 

Smeacadh. A palpitation, panting. 

Smeach. A neck, a fUlip. 

Smeach» 1 ^-,- , , . 
e ^- (Thechin* 
omeachan.»i . .\ . • 

Smeanrachd. Groping. 

Smear. Greafe, tallow. 

Smearadh. A greafing, un£lion. 

Smearaim. To greafe, anoint. 

Smearthachd. Greafing. ,, 

Smeartha. Befmeared with greafe, &c. 

Smearthachan. A kitchen-brat, lickplate* 

Smeathroid. A coal. 

Smederneach. Slumber* , 

Smeid. •% . . 

« . , S A nod, a wink. 

omeidag. j 

Smeidadh. Nodding, winkings hiffi^* 

One that ^inks. ' , 

To nod, beckon, wink, hifs. 


Smeig. T 

Smeigad. > The .chin. 

Smeigin. J 

SmeiL A pale, chill, gbaftly look. 

Smeilain. A poor> puny, pale creature. 

Smeirne. A fpit, broach. 

Smeilag. A pale puny female. 

Smeorach. A mavis, a. linnet, name of a 

Smeoradh. Anointing. 
Smeorne. The point of a dart. 
Smeorthoigh-theine. Firebrands. 
Smeur. A blackberry, brambleberry.. 
Sineurach. Full of brambleberries. 
Smid. Mum, not a fylkble. 
Smigeadach* A chincloth. 




?"!«•. { The chin, mirth. 

Siniol. Philomela. 

Smior. Marrow, ftrength. 

Smior caillaich. A poor puny fellow* 

Smiot. An ear* 

Smiot. A fmall portion of any thing. 

Smiota. Of, belonging to the car* 

Smiftam* To fmite. 

Sniiftin. A fliort thick ftick. 

Soiodan. > p.. ' 

Smoigleadh. i ' 

Smogairneach. Large-boned. 

Smoit, Sulkinefs. 

Smoitach. Sulky, techy. 

Smol. Snuff of a candle, coal, ember* 

Smoladan. T 

Smoladair. • /-Snuffers. 

Smolghlantoir. J . 

> A mouthful, a pluck* 
Smoton. J ^ . 

Smotan. A block, log, ftock. 

Smuaineadh. A thought, refledlion. . 

Smuainam. To think, imagine, devife* 

Smuaintughadh. Meditation* 

Smuaintid. A thought, fentiment* 

Smuaintigham. To think, confider* 

Smuairain. Grief. 

Smuais. In pieces^ broken in fliivera« 

Smucil. Snoring. 

Smudan. A ringdove, queft. 

Smug. Snot, fpittle^ 

Smug na cumhag. Woodfeare, cwJum 


Sm^gadh. Spitting* 

Smugam. To fpit. 

Smugaighil. Nofe phlegm* 

Smuid. Vapour, fmoke. 

Smuideamhuil. Smoky. 

Smuidam. To fmoke, exhale* 

Smuigeadh. Filth, dirt. 

Smuigeadach. A handkerchief. 

Smuintigham. . To imagine, thiak^ deilgn* 

Smuintighe. Thought, imagination* 

Smuir. A beak or fnout. 

Smuirnein. A mote. 

Smuis. Sweat. 

Smuit. A beak, fnout. 

Smur, fmuraoh. Duft. 

Smutach. Short-fnouted. 

Smutan. A block, log« 

Snadhadh. Protsdion, defence. 

Snadh. A fup. 

Snadhghairm. An appellation, naming, 

/Snag. Thehickup. 

« J V r A woodpecker* 

Snagardarach. i 

Snagaighil. A ftammeriflg. 

Snaglabhram. To ftammer, hefitate in 

Snaidhadh. A cutting down, lopping, 

Snaidham. To cut down, defialcate^ lojp, 

whet ; to proteft, defend, patronize. 

Snaidhm. A knot, band. 

Snaidhmcheanglam. To confederate* 

Snaidhmam« To knot, fplice. 

Snaighte* Cut, lopped. 

Snaig^noifeacfad* Cutting chips. 

Snaigheach* 1 

Snagach. >Creeping, crawling. 

Snamhaighil. J 

Snaigheam* 7 _ , 

Snag«n. f To creep, crawl. 

Snagan. A flow creeping motion. 
Snagg^. A ihort drink or draught* 
Snaimias. A rout, multitude. 
Snamh. Swimming* 
Snamhaiche. A fwimmer. 
Snamhaim. Tofwim, float. 
Snamhluath. Swift in fwimming. 
Snamhuighill. Floating. 
Snamhan. Slow fwimming or failing. 
Snaoi. A bjer. 
Snaoir* Aflice. 
[4 N] Snaoifint 



Snaoiiin. SnuiF, powder. 
Snaoifinadh. Calcination. 
Snaoifinam. To reduce to powder. 
Snapam. To pull the trigger of a gun. 
Snapach. That fireth, ftriketh faft. 

Snas. Decency, elegancy, colour. 

Snafadh. Analyfis, analizing. 

Snafam. To analize. 

Snafmhor, Neat, elegant. 

Snafta. Brave, gallant. 
^ Snajdu. Colour. 

Snath. Thread, line. 

Snatha. An eafmg, riddance of pain, grief, 

Snathad. A needle. 

Snathadachan. A needle-cafe. 
. Snathaim. To fup. 

Snathfuaidhail . Pack-thread* 
^ Sneachd. , Snow. 

Sneachda. Snowy. 
^ Sneagh. A nit. 

Sneaghach* Full of nits. 

Sheigh. Straight, dire£l. 

Sneigh. Little, fmall. 

Sneigh. Sjidnefs, forrow, vexatbn. 

Snig. " Vide Sneagh. 

Snidhe. .A drop, drops of rain through the 
roof of a houfe ; a tear. 

Snidham. To drop, diftil, let in water. 

Snidhach. That droppeth. 

Snightheach. Creeping. . 

Sniomh. Spinning, twifting, winding. 

Sniomham* To fpin, twift, wind. 

Sniomhain. Curling, that curleth, helical. 

Sniomha. A fpindle. ... 

Sniomhare. A wimble. 

Sniofiot. I'hey encountered. 

Snifin. Snuif. 

Sno. Vifage, appearance* 

Snodhach. Sap, juice. 

Snoidheadoir. A hewer. 

Snoighte. Hewn, chipped, pleafant^ de- 
cent. 5 

Snoigham. To hew, chip. 

Snuadh. A river, brook. 

Snuadh. Hair of the head, hue, colour^ 

S nuadhmhor. Well -looked • 
Snuadham. To flow, ftream. 
Snuadhchlais. The channel of a river. 
Snuot. An ear. 
So. This, this here. 
So. In compound words, iignifies good- 

nefs, or aptnefs, or eafy, equal to the 

Englifh termination Ble. 
So. Young. 
Soaclach. Eafy. 
Soadh. A bed. 
Soadh, fodh. An eclipfe. 
Soadhbharaigheachd. Towardnefs. 
Soailce. A good fafhion. 
Soainmhne. Vegetable. 
So-airamh. Countable. 
Soalt. A good leap. 
So-aomidh. Flexible, exorable. 
Soas. Experience. 
Sobha. Sorrel. 
Sobha-craobh. Rafberries* 
So-bhintighte. Coagulable. 
Sobha-talmhuin. Strawberries. 
Sobholadh. A fweet fmell, fragrance. 
Sobholtanachd. Fragrancy. 
Sobhlafda. Savoury. 
Sobhogtha. Moveable, pliable. 
Sobhrach. Primrofe^ 
Sobhrifde. Frangible. 
Sobhuailtach. Eafy to ftrike. 
Soc. A plough-Ihare, a beak, fnout, 

Socach. Having a fnout, beak. 
Socair. Eafe, reft, mildnefs. 
Socarach. Eafy, quiet, mild, fmooth, plain-, 

Socamhuil. Reft, eafe. 
Socamhlach* Eafy, mild. 
Socan, focin. Dim. of Soc* 




^''?"!^l!'? An army, hoft, multitude. . ' 
Sochuidn. ( 

Sochairdc. Good friends. 

Sochairdcas. Fricndfliip. 

Sochar. Profit, emolument, an obliging 

, deed, a favour. 

Socharach. Yielding profit, obliging. 

Sochafta. Handy, manageable. 

Sochd. Silence. 

Sochdar, focaracb. Stayed, fedate. 

So-chiuinuicham. Eafy to appeafe* 

So-chiuinutghte. Placable. 

Sochla. Fame, reputation,*renown. 

Sochlairthc. Parted, divided. 

Sochlaochloidh. 1 ^. , , ^., . 

« , * . « i Changeable, conycrublc, 

oochl<»dh. 3 

Sochlaonadh. Towardnefs. 

Sochluintin. Audible, eafy to be heard. 

Sochmhor. Abftemious. 

Sochobhaifte« Conformable*. 

Sochoduighte. AddiUe. 

Sochomhraidhe. 7 . in^i 
n , ^ *>^ J Affable. 
Sochonmraidh'te. I 

Sochomhthodha. Convertible. 

Sochonradh. Cheapnefs. 

Socra, focras. Eafc, tranquillity. 

Socrughadh, Quieting, affuaging> com- 

Sochraid. A multitude of people. 

Sochraide, fochairde. Friends. 

Socfaramhte. Digeftible. 

Sochroidheach. Kind, good-natured. 

Socraigham. To mitigate, affuage, quiet, 
calm, appeafe. 

Sochuidhe. A number, multitude of pco* 
pie, an aiTembly. 

Sochumte* Mouldabfe. 

Socul. Eafe, tranquillityi 

Sodal. Vide Sotah 

Sodan. Joy. 

Sodanach. Joyful, glad. 

Sodarnach. Able to trot, ftrong and found 
for marching.. 

Sodar. A trotting. 

Sodaram. 7 _ 

b , > To trot. 

Sodram. 3 

Sodarthoir. A trotter. 

Sodh; A burning, winding, changing. 

Sodhaing. Still, quiet. 

Sodhan. Profperous. 

Sodham. To turn. 

Sodboirte. Apt to pour out, free in taUt*- 


Sodhochanta. Damageable.^ 

Sodhraife. Eafy to fhut. 

Sodheanta. Eafy to be done, poffibfei 

Sodhearbhtha. Evincible. 

Sodhionta. Defenfiblc 

Sofais. Vegetative, apt to grow. 

Sofhaotin. Acquirable, impetrablr. 

Sofar. 7 ^ ^ 

Soforaith. r''*'"8.fto"t^ 

Sofhirinachadh. Juftifiable. 
Sofholach. Concealable. 
Sogh. Profperity, delicacy, eafe, plcafure,. 

og am ui . 1 pj^j^j-^^^ chearful. 
Soghan. 1 

« ^, . c Sumptuous, profperous. 
DOgaach. j 

Soghchu. A greyhound; 

Soghda. Provocation. 

Soghiulan. Portable. 

Soghlacaighte. Acceptable, agreeable. 

Soghluaifte. Moveable, tradable, waver<- 


Saghnaidh. Fair, comely. 

Soghnuifeas. Comelinefs, beauty. 

Soghointe. Vulnerable. 

Soghradhach. Acceptable, a primrofe.. 

Soghraidham. To love exceedingly^ . 

Soghrur. Fatnefs. 

Soib. The hand. 

Soibheufacb. Well bred.. 


S 1 

S O I 

'Soibh. For So, in compounds; begimuqg . 
with vowels. - 

Soibhfgcul. The gofpcL 

Soibhfgeulaiche. An evangelic 

Soihhfgeuhm. To preach thego(peL 

Soicead. A focket. . 

Soiche. Until. 

Soicheadfaghach. Senfihle. 
. Soicbearnfiu Ubcrality, gcncrofity. 

^oicheal. Joy, mirth. 

Soicham. To j<each, arriire. 

Soi-chinealta. Noble, higb«rborn. 

■Soi-cbineaUas» Kobility, noblenefs. 

Soichle. Pleafure, mirth^ gladnefs. 

Soichreidche. j ^ ,., , 
« , .,^ > Credible, 
oochreidun. ) 

Sochreidmheaclu A credulous' peffon. 

Soidheach. AveffeL 

Soidealaabt Rtt4e^ ^prant* 

Soighdeoir. A foldier, archer. 

Soighdiurtha. Exercifed in milijtary disci- 
pline, brave. 

Soighead. A dart, arrow, Ibaft* 

£o]gbean). A precious ftone or gem. 

Soighne. ?pi„f j,ijht. 

Soighneas. j 

Signhne. 1 A thunder-bolt, flafh of light-* 

Soighnein. 5 ning. 

Sdfghnidh. To do good. 

Soighnean gaoithe. A blaft, puflT, 

Soighniomhach. A benefa£lor« 

Soighnifam. To do good. 

Soilbheim. A flaih or bolt ol light^ a 

Soilbhir. Happy, chearful. 

Soilbhire. ) Chearfulnefs, good hu« 

Soilbhireacbd. J rnimr* 

Soilbheachd. A jeft* 

Soileaghta. Fufible. 

Soileas. Officiou(hefi. 

Soileafach. Officious. . 

Soilfeachd. A charm. 

SoiUeir. Clear, maoifeft. 

Soilleirachd. Clearnefs, perfpicuity,, 

Soillciruighani. Ta manifcft, dcv, ex- 
plain, dilucidate. 

Soilleirfe. An axiom. 

Soilioftair. Vide Seilifdair. 

Soillear. A cellar. 

Soilleog. A willow, lallow. 

Soillfe. Brightnefs, clearncft* 

Soillfeach. Bright, clear. 

Soillfaghadh. Brightening. 

Solllfigham. To fliine, brighten. 

So-iomchar. Tolerable, portable. 

Soimhianogha* Deiireahle. 

So-impoighte. Convertible. 

Soin. A found. 

Soin, For Sin, that ; oihin, from theace. 

Soinas. Sulkinefs. 

Soinchearb. Synalaepha. 

Soinean. iFair weather, i.e. So-ihiao, 

Soinneann. J chearfulncfe, gaietj. 

Soineannta. Meek, well tempered, pka- 

Soinam. To found, make a noife. 

Soinine. Gen. of Soipean. 

Soinmheach. Happy, fortunate* 

Soinneadu A race-horfc 

Soinnion* A blaft. 

Soinnfidh. Effable. 

Soipin. . A handful^ wifp. 

Soir, {hoir. Theeaft. 

Soirbh. Affable, eafy, pli^ble^ profpenms. 

Soirbhigbam. Toproipcr, fucceed* 

Soixbhaghadh. Profpering. 

Soirbhas. Profperity, fucccfc, a fair wind. 
, Soirbheachd. Affability. 

Soirbhrifte. D uftile. 

Soirche. Clear, manifeft, bright, 

Soircheacht. Brightness. 

Soireidh. Convenient, agreeable* 

Soircubthachd. Brittlenefs. 

Soireann. Serenity, mildnefs, pleafaataefs, 

Soireannta, Serene, mild, pleafgnt. 




Soirin; Eaftern. 

Soirnliach. A baker's p^el. 

Soirthe, Re^diaefs* 

Soirthe nal cloine. The womb. 

Solfgeul. Thc.gofpel. 

Soifgeuladh. Good news, tkling;^. 

Soifgeulaidhe. An evangelift* 

Soifciod. Even unto* 

Soifil. Proud, haughty, 

Soifhinte. Dudile, pliable. 

Soiihion. Freedom, privilegie. 

Soifior. Younger. 

Soifle. Brightnefs. 

Soiflen. A ihining. 

Soiftean. A good habitation^ refidence. 

So-ithte. Edible. 

Soithc. Till, until. 

Soitham. Vide Soichaixi. 

Soitheacb. A veflel, pitcher. 

Soithleag. A. circle* 

Soitheamh. I ^ , v !• if 

Soithidh. } Comely, gcntJe,phablc. 

Soithearthe. The youngeft. 

Soithinneacb« Eldiroys. 

Soithnuighaq[\» To allure:^ 

Sol. Ere, before... 

Solabhra. AfTable, exosable. 

Solaitbeach. Venial. 

Solamh. Qinck, ready. 

Solamhrachdicb. Tangible. 

Solar. A provifion, providing* 

Solaraim, To pro]«d9} prepare. 

Solas, folus. A round ball throvm into the 

air. in hoaour of the fgm^ but it now 

means a colt. 
Solaa. CoQifqrt, coniolaxtdn, .vafl pleafure } 

applied to the intelledis. 
Solai'ach. Comfortable, . full of pleafure. 
Solafaim. To comfort, confokb 
Solafda. Bright, luminoiuu 
Solafdach. ( o • u 
Eolafmhaire. S ^ 
Solafmhor. Luminoua. 

Solathar. A provifion, earnln{> 

Solathraim. To provide, prepare. 

So-leabhtha. Legible. 

So-leaghta. Colliquable. 

So-leighas. Curable, medicable. 

So-leonta. V u Jnerable. 

Soil. Bait to catch fifh with. 

SoUain. A welcome^ 

Sollus. Light. 

SoUufta. Lighted. 

Sollamuin^ ' Solemnity. 

SoIIamunta. Solemn, folemnized. 

Sollamuntachd. Solemnization. 

So-loghtha. Venial, pardonable, 

So-loghthachd. Pardonablenefs, flightnefs 

of a fault. 
So-lubidh. Flexible. 
So-lubteachd. Flexibility. 
Soma. A flock of fwaAS. 
Somalta. Bulky, eafy, gentle. 
Somaltachd. Negligence. 
So-mharbhtha. Mortal. 
So-mbarbhthachd. Mortality. 
Somharcin. A primrofin 
Somhian. Safe and found. 
So-mhuinte. Tra^ble. 
Sompla. A pattern. 
Son. Sake, caufe, account of. 
Son. A voice, (bund. 
Son. A word. 
Son. Tall. 

Son.' Good, profit, advantage. 
Son. A ftake, beam. 
Son, fonn. Here. 
Sonadh. Happy, bicfled, profperous. 
Sonairte. Strength, courage. 
Soaasi Happioefs, blifs, profperity. 
Sonann. Fertile land, proiperous foil. 
Sonn. Aclub, ftaff. 
Sonn. A hero. 
Sonnach. A wall, a caflle. 
Sonnadh. Contention, ftrife. 
Sonnmharcach. A courier on horfeback. 

[4. Oj Sonnaim. 

so R 


fionnaim. To pierce through, to thruft, to 


Sonnta. Bold, couragious. 

Sonntach. Vide Sundach. 

Sonntachd. Boldnefs, confidence. 

Sonrach. } ^ . , . , 

o „ , J Special, particular. r 

bonradhach. i 

Sonradhachd. Efpecialty, fevcralty. 

Sonraic. Righteous. 

Sonraichte. Particular, 

Sonraigham, To particularize, fignalizc. 

Sontach. Bold, merry. 

So-oibruighte. Figurabte. 

Sop. A wifp, handful, bundle j the top or 

creft of a hen or other bird, 
Sopan. A little wifp. 
Soplach. A wifp of ftraw, 
Sopar. A well. 
Sop-reic. A tavern-fign. 
Sor. Tohefitatc. 
Sora. Soap. 
Soraideadh. Salutation. 
Soridh. Bleffing, farewel, compliments. 
So-riaghlighte. Governable. 
So- raonuighte. ' Eligible. 
So-reamhraighte. Coagulable. 
So-rainnte. Divifible. 
Soridh. Happy, fuccefsful. 
Sorb. A fault, blemifh ; foul, dirty. 
Sorbam. To pollute, defile. 
Sorb-aorachas. A lampoon, fatire. 
Sorbcharn. A dunghill. 
Sorca, forcha. Light. 
Sorcha. A woman's name. Lat. Clara. 
Sorchaghadh. A manifeftation, clear de^ 

Sorchaigham. To manifcft, make clear. 
Sorchaineadh. A fatire, lampoon. 
Sorchan. A little ftool or eminence. 
Sorchan-leigaidh. A gawntrcc. 
Sorcoir. A cylinder. 
Sord. Order, thriftincfs. 
Sordal. Thrifty. 

Sorn. A flue of a kiln or oven ; a fnout» 

Sornach. Long-chinned. 

Sornaireachd. The baker's trade, bakiirg. 

Sornam. To forn. 

Soman. A tump, hillock. 

Soman. A fkate-fiih. 

Sorn-raca. An oven-rake or fwoop. 

Sort. A fpecies, fort. 

Sortan. Praife. 

Sorthaji. Reproof. 

Sorthan. Profperity- 

Soruaifleaghadh. Contempt. 

Soruite. Parted, divided. 

Sos. Knowledge. 

Sos. A cefTation, giving over. 

Sofa. Civil behaviour. 

Sofar. The younger, youngeft. 

Sofclodh. Even to. 

So-fgoilte. Fiffible, 

So -fhar uighte. Conquerable. 

So-fdiuridh. Governable. 

So-fheachanta. Avoidable. 

So-fgaolte. DifToluble. 

So-fhamhlaghadh. Application. 

So-(hamhluighte. Applicable. 

So-threobfiach. Arable. 

So-thollidh. Borable. 

So- theitheach. Ceffible. 

So-flieolta. Navigable. 

Sofia. Ah abode, habitatioiK 

Softan. A noife, cry. 

Softanach. Clamorous^ 

Sotal. Pride, flattery. 

Sotalacb. Proud, arrogant, fawning, fiat- 

Sotalaigbant. To boaft, brag, flatter. 
Sotla. Pride, arrogance. 
Soth. Offspring. 
Soth. Luxury* 
Sothamhuil. Luxurious. 
Sothamlachd. Epicurifm. 
Sothaire. A fpruce fellow. 
So-thaofga. Exhauftible, eafily drained. 



S P E 

So-tharrangtha, Eafily drawn. 

So-thcagafgte, Docile. 

Sotlaige. Harm, damage. 

Sotlatgh. Bad, naughty. 

Sotinge. A judge. 

So-thuigfiona. Intelligible. 

So-thuigthe. • Senfible. 

So-uinfughidh. That may be wielded. 

So-uifgeamhuiJ. Moift, watcrifli. 

Spad. A clod, fiat, dead* 

Spadach. Full of clods. 

Spad, fpadhad. A fpade. 

Spadag. A fillip. 

Spadal. A paddle, a plough-ftaff. 

Spadam. To knock in the head, knock 
down, to fell. 

Spadanta. Mean, niggardly. 

Spadantachd. Sluggi(hnefs, niggardlinefs. 

Spadchofach. Flat-nofed. 

Spadchluafach. . Flat-eared. 

Spadphluicach. Blub-cheeked. 

Spag. A claw, a club-foot. 

Spagach. Having claws, club-footed. 

Spagaire. An aukward club-footed fel- 

Spagaire-tuinn. The bird called a little 

Spaid. A clod. 

Spaid. Heavy, dull, unfruitful, infipid. 

Spaidhair. The pocket-hole of a petticoat. 

Spaid thalamh. Unfertile ground. 

Spaideamhuil. Sluggifh. 

Spaideamhlachd. Sluggifhnefs. 

Spaidfhion. Dead or flat wine. 

Spaidam. To benumb. 

Spaidthinnas. Lethargy. 

Spaig. A lame leg. 

Spailleadh. A check, abufe. ^ 

Spailp. Notable. 

Spailpin. A rafcal. 

Sp^n. A fpoon. 

An Spain. Spain. 

Spairn. A log of wood* 

Spairn. An effort, wreftling. 

Spairnachd. Wreftling. 

Spairnam. To wreftle. 

Spairt. A turf, clod, a fplafh of water* 

Spairtam. To fplafh. 

Spaifdeoirachd. Walking. 

n .n . t ? To Mralk about. 
Spailtrigham. ) 

Spal. A weaver's ihuttle. 

Spalag. The cod or hufk of peafe or 

Spalla. A wedge, a pinning in building ; 
the fragment of a ftone or wall. 

Spallam. To beat, ftrike. 

Spalpaire. A fpruce fellow. 

Spalpam. To obtrude. 

Sparaig. The bit of a bridle. 

Sparan, fporan. A purfe, pouch, the fcro- 

Sparan. A crifping-pin. 

Sparn. A quarrel, wreftle. 

Sparnam. To <fifpute, quarrel, wreftle. 

Sparnaidheachd. Wreftling, quarreling. 

Sparnpupa. A champion, chief-wreftler. 

Sparr. A joift. 

Sparra., A fpar, nail. 

Sparram. To faften, drive a nail, to rivet, 
to enforce an argument. 

Sparran*doruis. The bolt of a door, a door- 

Sparfan. A dew-lap. 

Spart. A clod. 

Sparthhlucach. Blub-cheeked. 

Spe. Froth. 

Speal. A fey the, mowing-hook, 

Speal. A little while. 

Spealadoir. A mower. 

Spealaire. One that cutteth faft. 

Spealadoireachd. Mowing. 

Speal am. To cut, mow. 

Spealanta. Acute, cutting, ready /poken^ 

Spealantachd. Acutenefs. 

Spealg, A fplinter. 



S P o 

Spealgach. Splinters. 

Spcalgadh, Cutting, fplitting, ihtving. 

Spealtain. Shavings. 

Speartbach. A fort of fetter for cattle. 

^ . ' > A bar, fpar, prop, ftrokc. 

Speicam. To put bars, to ftrike. 
Speciaita« Efpecial, peculiar. 
Speicleir. Spectacles, glafles. 
Speid. A great river-flood ; a being bu- 

Speidal. Bufy, induftrious. 
Speidalachd. Notahleneis. 
Speil. Cattle. 
SpeilagraichaiD. Toclimbw 
Spcilp. A belt, armour* 
Speir. The ham, hough ; pi. Speirthacha. 
Speir, fpeur. The. flcy, firmament. 

-, . * J A fparrow-hawk. 
Speirgc. 1 

Speirag. A ileoder-limbed female crea- 

Speireach. Slender-limbed. 

Speis. A liking, fondnefi, attachment. 

Speiial. Fond, cleanly. 

Speifalachd. Fondnefs, cleanlinels. 

Speur. The (ky, firmament. 

Speurgha. Belonging to the fky. 

Speurghlan. Fair weathen . 

Spice. A fpike, long nail. 

Spialam. Ta pull aftuulcr. 

Spialadair. Pincers. 

Spid. Spite^ mi^ice. 

Spiddeal. A fpital onhofpital. 

Spideamhuil. Spiteful. 

Spideamhlachd. Contempt^ reproachful'^- 

Spideog. A nightingale, Bhilomela. 

^idiliuil«ach. Purbliud^ 

Spigeam. To mock, fsofEi 

Spile. AMredgc* 

Spinan, fprlonan. A goofebcrry-buQi. 

Spiochog. A purfe or bag. 

Spiochan. A wheezing in the throat. 

Spiod. An aiFront, reproach. 

S.piodam. To reproach. 

Spionadh. Motion, adion. 

Spionadach. A little ftirrina;. 

Spionadh. Pulling, plucking. 

Spionam. To pluck, pull, fpoil. 

Spionnadh. Strength, force. 

Spiontag. Currants. 

Spiorad. A fpirit. 

Spioradalta. Spiritual. 

Spiorthacha. PI. of Speir, a ham, hough. 

Spio8. PI. of Spiofra, fpice. 

Spiothog. A fmall ftone, fuch as one cafts 

at an objedl. 
Spiotboire. A fpy, fcout. 
Spiothoireachd. Spying. 
Spiris. A fort of hammock. 
Spirlin. Chance. 
Spirfog. A fparrow-hawk. 
Spiulgan. Picking. 
Spiullam. To pick or ftell, to decorti- 

Spiunadh. Strength. 
Spiunaim. To ftir up, examine. 
Splanc. 7 A fparkle, blaze, flafli of 

Splancradh. ^ fire. 
Splancam. To fparkle, blaze, flaih. 
Splancadan. Snot. 

Spleadh. i FUitery, d^pendance, boad^ 

Spleadhachas. > ing, vain-glory^ explbits. 
Spleadhach. Flattering, fabulous, ycr* 

Spliuchan. A bU4d«r, pur-Ai, tobacc^^ 
' pouch. 

Spocham. To rob* 
Spochaim. To provoke, aflfrofit'. 
Spo^ach. Vide Spagaclk 
Spodhla. ) A joint of' m«at^ a il-ag^ 
Spolla. ) m^nt. 
I Spol. A weaver's ibutde« 



S R A 


S^oldaich. Slaki bodies. 
SpolU lapight A ioin of veaL- 
Sponc. Tinder, fpunge. 
Sponog, A fpooa, 
Spor. A fpur, a gun^flint, a talon* 
^rachv Having fpurs or daws, 
ooram. To fpur, ftir oa. 
or^. Sport, deriifioiu* 
rfal. Sportful, 
falachd. Sportfulnefs. 
\ani» To geld^ caftrate. 
dair. A gelder. 

Ih. 1 Strength, vigour, exertion, 
) fprigl^tlinefs. 
Strong,, adive. 
bd. A^vity, exertion— 
V Waft, pufF. 
wkle, fiadSi of fire* 
"flattie, herd, the portion of a 
new married wik. 
Spreaghadh. Stirring up, provocation, re- 
Spreagaim. To blame, chide, reprove, 

prompt, to prefs^ enforce any thing. 
Spreaghadh. A fudden burftor blow. 
Spreighani^ To fcatter, .diifaiift, to lunge, 

to burft fuddenly. 
Spreidhte. Difperfed, fcatt«red« 
Spreilleacb. Blubber^ lipped. 
Spreote. A ufelefs thing, a fragment; a 

drone, idler. 
Sprineog. A pebble. 
Sprios. A twig or wicker. > 
Spriofan. A fmall twig. 
Spriuchar. A fting. 
Spriui^hacan. A budget, iatcheh 
Spriunan. Currant or corinth. 
Sprochd. Sadneft« 
Sprogaille. Dewlap, a craw. 
Sproth* Afprat, 
Spruille. 1 

Spruilcach. > Crumbs, fragments* 
Sprunnan. J 

Spruan. Brufhwood. 

Spruifal. Neat, fpruce. 

Spruifalachd. Neatnefs, fprucenefs. 

Spuaic. Callofity, pinnacle of a tower, pet*>* - 


Spuilin. % _,, ' 
o • ju r Plunder, 
opuineadh. j 

Spuinam. To plunder. 

Spuinadair. A plunderer* 

Spuinc. A claw* 

Spuife. A pocket. 

Spuirfe. Spurge, milkweed. . 

Spurfan. A gizzard, giblets. 

Sput. An eunuch ; hog waftr, a word of 

contempt for bad drink ; a fpout. 

Sputam. To fpout. 

Srabh. Much, plenty, diffufion.- 

Srabhan. Superfluity.. 

Srabhach. Plentiful, fquandering. 

Sracadh. A young twig, j(hoot, fucker ; -z 

rent» a thruft. 

Sracaire. An extortioner, 

Sracaireachd. Extortion, tearing away. 

Sracaircach. Given to extortion or tearing* • 

Sracanta. Oppreffivc, tearing. 

Sracam. To tear, pull, rob, fpoil.* 

Srad. } 

Sradag. r'P"''°f'^«- 

Sradaidhe. Idle. 

Sradaidhcachd. Idlenefs. 

Sradam. To fparkle. • 

Sraid, fraidin. A ftreet j a lane. 

Sraideog. A mat. 

Sraiden. A lane. 

Sraidin. The herb Shepherd's pouch.: 

Sraidmachd. Walking abroad. 

Srait. A tax or fine. 

Sraith. A layer, courfe, line or fwath of - 
hay cut down by the mower. 

Sraith. The quartering of foldiers. 

Sraith, frath. A bottom or valley, the fide 
of a valley on the banks of a river, 
marfhy grounds. 
[ 4 P ] Sramh. 


S R U 

Sramh. A jet of milk gxxfhing (torn a caw*s 

Srann. A fnoring. 

Scannam. To fnore, make a fnoring noifc. 
Srannartich. Snorting, 
Srannan. A great hoarfenefs, or rattling in 

the throat. 
Srannan feididh. A fort of whirlgig. 
Sraodh, fraoth* A fneezing. 
Sraodham- To fneeze. 
Sraoileag. A dirty huflcy, ilovcnly woman, 

Sraoilleam. To tear^ 
Straoilleanach. A fculIion« 
Sraoin. A huft 
Sraoinais^ HufSngly. 
Sraonadh. The impetus x>f one walking 

Sraonam. To turn, fcatter. 
Sjath. A tax, general fine. 
Srath. The bottom of a valley, fields on 

the banks of a river; a Srath, vide 


Srathac. Abounding in Sraths. 

Srathair. A pack-faddle, flradd]e* 

Srathaire. A ftroller. 

Sratham. 1^ ^ a- r 
_ , . , > To tax, affefs. 
Srathaigham. ) 

Sread. A herd, troop, fiock« 

Sreadaidhe. A herdfman. 

Sreadaigheachd. Herding. 

Sreamh. A ftream, a fpring. 

Streamham. To flow. 

Srean. A wheezing. 

Sreang. A ftring, cord. 

Sreangach. Stringed. 

Sreangair.. To draw, extend, to tear. . 

Sreangtart. A load-ftone. 

Sreangthartach* An opprobrious word for 

a thin raw-boned fellow. 

S/eath. A row, fwatb, rank, order, clafs. 

Sr/sathaigham. To put in rows. 

Sreatbal, That is in rows. 

Sreathnaighte. Spread, fcattcred. 

5reathnaighanu To wet, moiften, to ex- 

Sreinglion. A calling net. 

Srian. A bridle, reftraint. 

Srianam. To bridle, check, pull down an 

Sruitan. A long. and quick repetition of 
news or poetry. 

Sro. Vide Stro. 

Srobadh. A pufh, thruft. 

Sroghall. A whip, rod^ 

Sroincadaoh. A handkerchief. 

Sroineifeach. Snorting^ 

Sroiniall-freine. Mufrod. 

Srol. Sattin, ftlk, gauze, or Cyprus. 

Srolgha, froil. Of or belonging to Srol, 

Sron. The nofe, a promontory. 
^ Sronagraigham. To fmelL 

Sronagrich. Smelling. 

Sronamhuil. NafaL 

Sronfaith. Grunting. 

Sroth. A ftream. 

Srothan* A brook, rivulet* 

Srothfurtach. Sneezing. 

Srotham. To. flow. VideSrutham 

Srothfhaobha. A gulph, whirlpool. 

Sruamach. A meeting of ftreams* 

Sruban. A drawing or fucking in. 

Scrubadh. Inhauftus« 

Srubam. Inhaurio, to fnuiF. 

Srudhar. In fmall pieces^ 

Sruich. A fpeech. 

Sruith. Knowing, difcerning. 

Sruth. A ftream. 

Sruthan. A ftreamlet, brook, rivulet. 

Sruthach. Full of ftrcams. 

Sruth. A man in religious orders, a clerk, 
a man of letters. 

Srutham. To ftream, flow, pour, derive. 

Sruthanach. Full of ftreamlets. 

Sruthchlais. A brook, channel. 

Sruthladh. Rinfing, cleanfing. 


S T A 

S T E 

^ruthlatn. Torinfe, cleanfe. 

Sruthihleach. Channel of a river. 

Sta. Stand* 

Sta. Ufe. 

Stabha. A veSel. 

Stabhaigham. To ftraddle* 

Stabham. To ftayc. 

Stabhacb. Afunder, wide^forked* 

Stabul. Aftable. 

Stac. A ftake. 

Stacan. A thorn. 

Staccadh. A ftack. 

Staccan. A little ftack. 

Stacach. Deaf. 

Stad. A ftop, delay, hindrance, peripd. 

Stadaighil. A (landing ftill. 

Stadam. To ftand, ftop, ftay. 

Stadh. The ftays of a ihip. 

Stadthach. Apt to ftop. 

Staduid. A ftatute. 

Staid, A craft, wile. 

Staid. A furlong. 

Staid. State, cojidition. 

Staidhg, fteig. ^ The gullet or wind- 

Staidhg bhraghad. J pipe. 

Staidal. 7 „ , , 

Staidmhor.rt*tcly> portly. 

Staidamhlachd. } ^ ,. . i. /. 

O.I. , . r Statelincfs, portlmefs. 
Staidmhorachd. 3 

Staidhair. | . - . - 
-, . , I A ftair, ftep. 
Staighre. J . 

Stail. A throw. 

Stailadh. Stile, title. 

Stailc. A ftop, impediment, ftubborn« 


Stain, ftainadh. Latten, tin. 

Staipal. A ftopper. 

Stair, fdair. Hiftory. 

Stairiceach. Light. 

Stairfeach. Tbrefhold. 

Stairtheoir. An hiftoriant 

Stal. A ftallion. 

Stalacach. That ftareth. 

Stalacaire.' A fowler, gazer. 

Stalacam. To ftare, ga»c. 

Stalcadh. Growing ftifF. 

Stalcadair» Stiffening, ftarch. 

Stalcam. To ftiffen. 

Stalda. Stale, warm drink. 

Stallam. To make drink lukewarm. 

Stalic. A thump. 

Stalicam. To thump. 

Stalin. Steel. 

Stam. To ftand. 

Stamh. Tangle; the ifle of Staffa. 

Stamha. A vafe. 

Stamnidh. Manageable, pliafile. 

Stang. A ditch. 

Stanna. A tub, yat. 

Stannart. Stint, a yard wand, a yard. 

Staoig. A collop, ftake, a piece. 

Staon. Awry, oblique. 

Staonadh. Bias, bending, inclination. 

Staonaim. To decline, abftain. 

Staonard. A creek in the neck. 

Stapal. A link, torch. 

Staplan. Noife of the fea. 

Starbhanach. Firm, fteady. 

Stargha. A £hield. 

Stat. Pride, haughtinefs. 

Statambuil. Proud, ftately. 

Statamhl^chd. Statelinefs. 

Steach, afteach. Within. 

Steacham. To enter. 

Steaffag. A ftaff; ftick, club. 

Steall* A fhot of water from a fquirt, or 

Steallach. That fquirteth. 
Steallam. To fquirt, fprinklc. 
Steallair. A fyringe, fquirt. 
Stearnal. A bittern. 
Snearnal tigh ofd. An innkeeper's fign. 
Steic. Vide Staidhg. 
Steic-bhraghad. The wind-pipe. 
Steighe. A foundation. 
Steilin. A gawntrce. 


S T O 

S T R 

Steileach. Laxative, loofe. 

Steille. A lax, • loofcncfs. 

Steinle. The itch, tnajige. 

Steinligham. To^xulcerate. 

Stiall. A ftreak, ftripe. 

Stiallach. Striped, in ftnpes. 

Stiallam. To make in ftripes, to rend in 

pieces or (hreds. 
Sticin. A little ftaiF or club. 
Stillam. To divide, 
Stim. A hair-lace, fnood. 
Stinleog. Hinge of a trunk. : 
Stiobhard. A fteward. 
Stioram. To bennmb. 
Stirrin. A fturgeon. 
Stiuram. Vide Sdiuram. 
Stoban». To flab. 
Stobham. Toftew. 
Stoc. A founding horn, a trumpet. 
Stoc. A ftock, root, poft, or pillar, 
Stoc leapa. The bed-fide. 
Stoc, ftoc luinge. A gunwale. 
Stocaire. A trumpeter. 
Stoca. A wallet-boy, one that rims at a 

horfeman's foot. 
Stoca. A flocking. 
Stocaigham. To grow fttflTor numb. 
Stocach. An idler about the kitchen of 

great folks, and will not work for fub- 


Stoich. Funk, ftink. 

Stoid. Sulks, pet. 

Stoir. Stepping flones. 

Stoirm. Storm. 



Stoite. Prominent. 

Stol. A flool, feat. 

Stolda. Steady, at leifure. 

Stonta. A tub, vat. 

Stor. ) ^ 

^ > Store, ammunition, 

Storafach. Full of flores. 


,. i S..r»,. 

Stothferonach. Having a camoJs nofe, 
crook-nofedi' • ' * 

Strabaid. A proftitute. 

Strac. A ruler to meafure grain in a difli, 
a ftripe, flreak. 

Stracam. To rule, meafure a rfilh by draw- 
ing the rule along the brim. 

Strach. Anarch, vault. 

Straic. Pride. 

Straical. Proud. , * ' 

Straicain. A truncheon. 

Straif. A floe-bufli. * * 

Straighlich. The rattling of arms or other 


Strain. 7 ^ , 

Straille. P^^^J^^ "^^SJea. 

S trail le. A carpet, a mat. 

Straillam. To pluck, tear in pieces* • 

Strangadh. Pluckirtg, twitching. 

Strangam. To pull, draw. 

Stranglaim. To pull; twitch. 

Strangtha. Pulled, plucked. 

Strangadh. i Strife, contention, lazi- 

Strangaireachd. 1 nefs. 

Strangaire. A h^y fellow. 

Strantrich. Snorting. 

Straoidhach. Prodigal, waftcfui; ^ 

Straoileadh. A fluty floven.' 

Straoileog. A drag-tail. ' 

Straoidham. To wafle, £|^«dor. 

Straoidhair. A wafter, or prodigal one. 

Straoilam. To pull, draw after. 

Straoithal. 7^^ -i. 

Straithlidh. l^^'^^- 

Strath. The flay betwixt the top-maft and 

fore-mafl, by which it is fupported. 
Strathnaigham. To fpread. 
Streachla. A trifle. 
Streachtan. 1 . , , 
Strcachla„.r '"»"''» ''8«te'-' 
. Streachla. Torn, rent, rippedt 
Streachlaghadh. Sport* 
Strillin. A garter. 




Streap. 1 Strife, infuiredioni fkir« 

Streapag. j mifli. 

Stribrid j . , * , , 
f. . . ., > A whore, a harlot* 
Strioboid. J 

Strtoc. A ftreak. 

Striocach. Streaked. 

Striocam. To fall, fubmit, ilrilce, to be 

humbled. • 

Striolla. A girth. . » 

Scriopach. A whore, proftitute. 

Striopachas. Fornication* 

Striopachamhuil. WhoriAi. ' • L 

Stro. Prodigality. C ■ ' ' 

Stroda. A ftrand, a (hore. . 

Stroic, A feWe^ pieoe. i '• ' *'< 

Stroicatn. To tear, cut ^ff. 

Stroidham, To fquander, wafte. 

Stroidhaifi^ i A fquandeitsr, wafter. 

Strothamhuil. Prodigal,- • 

Strothamhlachd. • Prodigality. 

Stroighin. Cement, mortar. 

Stroill, ftraill. Delay. 



Stuacach. Graff'y.bMik'iih.' 

Stuadh. Ariheet, ajcPOlU 

Stuadh. 7 J. * i' '• • . , " . i 

J A gable, a pinnacle, a ridge. 

Stuadhbhraghdeach. StiiF*necked. 
Stuaic. .Ai little )b>I t)r rdund pnmon* 
lory. .1 5* : * .*')'.. 

Stuaim. '^D«?icb, aif,'«iien. . 

Stuao^cMfc^ Modmtion*. * . ^^ 

Stucach. Stiffs, ^^id^ horned. 

Stucaire. Shpttfw^* 

Stucan. A little hill jtrttlng iMt from 

anothoTv-' j ' r ^ ' • - 

Stuidear. A ftudent. 

StaiJearth% ' i J ^,'\ 

^ ., . . > Studious. , 

Stuidearthach. ) •' 

Stuidaradh. StoSyw* / ' 

. 1 An oftnch. 

Stuircin. Acreft. j 

Stiiirt. Huffineft, pride. 

Stuirtal. Stately,' proud. 

Stutrtilaclid. Statelinefs, pride. 

Stumpe. A poft, ftump. 

Stur. Duft. 

Sturach. Uneyen. 

Stiirric Summit of a bill, ^ihnaele. 

Stuth. Stuff, ^^tter or ftibflmce, corn. 

Suabh, Mannerly, well<bred, mild. 

Suabhais. Mildnefs, ^ntien^fs. 

Suachgan. •) ^ -, c * 

c, C An earthen pot. . „ ^ 

Suacan. J : "^ ^ . . -: 

Suadh. prudent, discreet.. '^ . ' 

Suadh. Counfel, advi<ieir '. ' * 

Suadh. Aleafnedmain. 

Suadidh. Moving. 

Suaichiontas. Vide ^u^thcbiantas. 

Suaigh. Profperous, AKoeftfiil. 

Suaill. Small, li«tle, mean. ' ' 

SuaiUmheafta. Homely, ordinary. 

Suaim. Atone, accent. 

Suaimhnas. Reft, quietneft, pleafure. 

Suaimhneach. Quiet, caUn> Ckf^ pica* 

Suaimhnaicham. To pleafe, charm. 
Suaimhneafach. Full of pleafure. 
Suain. Sleep, deep fleepj Sweden. 
Suainartarch. That fleepeth heavy or faft> 

Siiair«. . Civil, facetioul, kind, afl&U^. 
Suanam. To fleep. 
Suarcas. Facetioufnefs, affability, kind* 

nefs, mirth, urbanity. 
Suaiffinam. To lay with the face up, Co^lay 

fupine. ' , ^ 

Suaite. Kneaided, mixed^ ' - *' 

Suaiteachd. A tempering or mixing toge- 
ther, fsatigue. 
Suaithchiontas. A flag, colour, enfign, ftM<- 

ditfdv Ul ^f6uttlM«^ 
Suaitheantais. A prodigy, 'jwient. - 
Suaithreach. A -toldler. ' ' '•'*' '• 

[4 Q.] Sual. 

S U D 

S U I 

Sual. A wonder. 
SualK Famous, renowned.. < ^ 
Suan, Sleep, deep flecp, 
Suanach. A Highland plaid, a fleece. 
Suanairm. A bed-chamber, dormitory. 
Suanghalar. A lethargy, 
Suanmhar. Inclined to fleep. 
Suanmtiarac.hdi. A being inclined to fleep. 
Suantach. Drowfy^. fleepy. 
' Suaracb. Iniignificant, trifling. 
Suaraighe. Cheapnefs, meannefs. 
Suaraichas. Negled, indifFerence. 
Suarcas. Mirth, drollery. 
Suarcrodh. Endowed. 
Suas. Up, upwa/d. 
Suafmhollam. To flatter, puff, footh, to 

magnify, extol. 
Suathain. Lafting, perennial. ■ 
Suathadh. Kneading. . 
Suatham. To knead, rub, mix%^ 
S uathameafg. Chaos* 
Suathleus. Dazzling. 
Suatbran. A vertigo^ 
Subb, fugh. Juice. 
Subh. A berry. 
Subh-craobh» Rafpberry. 
Subh-Iair. j 

Subha. Pleafure, delight. ^ 

Subhach. Merry, chearful. 

Subhachas. Mirth, chearfullicf$, gUdnefs. 

Subhailce. A virtue. 

Subhailceach. Virtuous. 

_ , \ To fuck in, inhaufio* 
Suchaoi. 1 . 

Subhan. Juice, fap. 

Subhled. ExpreiTed juice^ liquor* 

Subhrifteacb* Brittle* 

Subhrifteachd. Brittlenefs, wcaknefs* 

SuMaint. Vide Suibuin* 

Suchadb. Sudion, a wave, eraporaitioo* 

Sucridh. £afy. 

Sud. That there, yonder* 


Svdh. Secure, : • . ; 

Sudog. A cake. ' .* 

Sudrall. Light, brightnefs. 

Sudire. A tanner. 

Sugach. Merry, chearful, pteafant. 

Sugaidham, To be incrry or droll, 

SugaigbaL Joy, .. .'' •<. . 

Sugaidhc) . , ,, 

^ ^ . J A droll. 

ougaire. J - -» . . 

Sugan. A ftraW rppe*. 

Sugancha. A ropery. 

Sugh. Juice, liquor* ' * . 

Sughainte. *) . , . , ' . : 

Sughmhaire. P ^''"■'P°^' 8»'^- . 

Sugham. To fuck in, attrsA* 

Sugradh. Mirth, playing, fporting*. 

Suibhealtau. A pamfite. 

Suibhealcast Spungi]ng, (barking. 

Suibh. A ftra wherry- tree* 

Suibhe. A feflicm, a(Ste. ; 

Suidh. A heroi* 

Suidbe. 1 

Suidheachan* ?A feat. 

Suidheog. j ' ^ 

Suidhuicham. To ittt,: plant. . . 

Suidhughadh. Setting, plaotihg. . 

Suidhuighte. Set, planted, fedate. 

Suidham. To fit, to prove, enforce ah ar* 

Suidheann. The cablc'of a:v£fl21. . 
Suidhiomh. A proofs 
Suidhal* Quiet, calm, fedate, noble; 
Suidhte. In order, well-proportioned. 
Suidhte. Proved, maintained. 
Suidhteachd. Steadineft, equat^nbicy:* * 
Suigeort. A friflcing, gladnefs« 
SuigeorUch. Friiking of joy^ 
Suigleadb. Snot. 

Suil. The eye, hope, ezpedatiom. 
Suil. Tackle* 
Suijach. Having eyes, fliarp, ^uick-£ght- 

Suilag. A little eye, orifice* 




Suilagach, Full of little holes. 

Suilaire* A Soland goofe. 

Suilbhire. Delight, cbcarfulnefs. 

Suilbhir. Chearful, pleafant. 

Suilbhireachd. Chearfulnefs. 

Suilchrith. A quagmire. 

Suilgha. Ocular. 

Suilmhalari. A cockatrice. 

Suilmhangiire. A foreftaller of the mar- 

Suilmhear. A wa^e. 

Suilradharcam. To fafcinate. 

Suim. A fum, refpe£t, regztd^ conildera.- 
tion. * 

Suiqaal. Refpedful, regardful of. 

Suinean. Fair weather. ' 

Suineann. Stammering. 

Suipcir. Supper. ' * 

Suinich. Late. ' ' 

Suire. Sea nymphs, merihaids; 

Suiridh. Nimble, atlive. 

Suiridb. Courting, wooing. 

Suirigh. A fool. 

Suiridbeach. A fweetheatt, fuitor* 

Suifte. A flail. 

Suiftaram. Tothrefii. 

Suitchearnach. Aprefent, donation. 

Suithean. The n)ob, multitude. 

Suttbche. Soot. 

Suithinge. Mer^y, Joyful. 

Sul. The fun, an eye. 

Sulairam* Vide Sollaram. 

Sulbbaire» Oratory, eloquence. 

Sulbeim. Bewitching with the eye. 

Sulchor. Qiiick-iigbted« 

Siplradharc. Forefight^' Htt. 

Suliadharcam* To look before, provide, 

Suit. Mirth, joy, jel>, delight. 

Suit, f. Fat. 

^tiltmhar. Fat, fertile. 

S ultmhor. Pleafant, jocofe. 

Sultmhuire. Mirth, facetiouihefs. 

Sun^ar., A fpring. . , 

Sumhl. Cloie packed. 

Sumhiachadh. Packing clofe* 

Sumhlaigham. To pack cloft. 

Sumhlichte. Packed. 

Summag. A pack-faddle* 

Summaineadh. A ware. 

Sunach. Vide $uanach» 

Sunais. Lovage. 

Sunn caiflean. A fortified caiftle. 

Sunnd. Joy, chearfulnefs, good-humour* 

Sunndach. Good-humoured, merry* 

Sunghaotb. Boafting. . 

Sunrach. Particular, fpecial. 

Suntaidh. Quick, adivc^ 

Suntraigh. Strong, ftoutt 

Sur. A fiKirch, enquiry. 

Suraim. To inveftigate, enquire* 

Suram. To foUo^. 

Surd. Induftry. 

Surdal. Induftrious. 

Surdahchd. . lud^ftry. 

Susbuin. Subftahce, ftrength, virtue* 

Suth. The weather* 

Suth. Juice. 

Suthbrith. Deco^lion* - 

Suthor. Juicy. 

Sutche. 1 ^ 
p . . . fSoot. 
Suthatghe* i 

Suthaigheach.' Sooty. 

"-^thain. Profperous, eternal, everlafting. 

Sutbuineacht. Eternity. 




TIs the fixtccnth letter lu tht Galiq 
' alphabet, and is foft as in the Ita- 
lian. It bears an aipirate, and then is 
mute; as Tog, lift up j ''Thog c, he 
lifted up, is Hog c. The Irifh writers 
havre called it Teine, and no one of them 
has given the reafon oF ;hat appellative. 
This letter hath often, in the Irifli ma- 
nufcripts, .been commuted forD, as G 
hath for C, which is prejudicial to the af- 
iintty roots in one language t^eareth to 
thofeof another. Vide AnalyGs. 

T Is euphonic before nouns beeinnins 
with S. 

Ta. I am, is, '^ 

Taachd. Dull oY "hearing. 

Taag. A blow on the cheek. 

Taainm. 'Aniclc-namc 

Tabar. A tabor, timbrel. 

Tabh. A fort of fifliing-net, the ocean. . 

Tabhachd. Effed, good ufe. 

Tabhachdach. Beneficial, efficient, ^alid. 

Tabhachta. State, condition. 

Tabhagh. To pull. 

Tabhuan: Perfeverance. 

Tabhair. Give thou. 

Tabhairn. The fea. 

Tabhairn. A tavern, inn* 

Tabhairneolr. An innkeeper. 

Tabhaixt. Giving. 

Tabhalrtach. Dative, generous. 

Tabhairam. To give, beflow, confer. 

Tabhal. A fling, out of which darts and 
ftones were caft, as from the Roman ca- 
tapulta i a chief. 

Tabhartana. A leader, a general. 

( I 


Tabhartas. A prcfcnt, tribute* 
Tabhartha. Giveo^ delivered. 
Tabhuigham.. To profit| exa<a^ 
Tabhul. A horfe-fly, a breeze. 
Tabhun. Baying of dqgs« . 
Taboid. A broil. 
Tac, Time. A leafc. . 
Taca. Ncir, valuable. 
Taca. A-pcop^ a tacket, peg. ; 
Taca. A furety. 
Tacaid. A tacket. 
Tacaidheachd. Giving fccuritj. . 
Tacamhuil. Firm, folid, able. 
Tacamhlachd*:. pirmneft,. folLdily* 
Tacan. A (hort time^ a mino^. / 
Tacar. Proviiloa, gleaning, pknty,. 
Tacar. Good, agreeable. 
Tacha. Sc^rci^# 

Tachalofgadh.j^^^.^j^;:n': . 
Tachas. j mi. 

Tachan. A fprt of maj^n. « 
Tachair. He c^mc, arrived, 
Tachar. A fight, battle, fluimifli. 
Tachairam.* . 
Tacharan. An orphan^ a 'pJCi^^. . 
Tachaifam. To jfcratcl^. , 

Tachdadh. Strangling, choaking^ 
Tachdam. To ftraxigle,- choak* 
Tachdaighte. Strangled. ., 

Tachdar. Many,, piwificuv; 
Tjichepll. Subftantlali^. ^' ^,, 
Tacmang. A compafs, circuit. 
Tacmangam. To encompafs^ furround. 
Tacmangtha. Surrounded. 
Tacoid. A peg, fmall nail. 
Tad. Lownefs of fpirits, 


•«.« •( 

1 1 




A thief. 



Tadh^l, The ftnft of f^^ellng. 

Tadhal. A flelh-hook. 

Tadhallam. To vifit often, f/equent, to 

Tadbafg. An account, newa» 
Tadbbadh. 7 a /• a ' • 

Tadhbhachd. Subftancc, confequencei e- 

Tadhbhachdach. EfFediual, important. 
Tadhbhas. Solidity, firmncfs. 
Tadbbhs($. A ihewing, appearance. 
Tadhbhafach. Solid, weighty, 
Tadhg* A poet, 
Tadhg. A man's name. 
Tadhlach. Hard» difficult. 
I'adhorduigham. To predeftmate* 
Taecbt. Un favour! nefs, 
Taem. Heed. 
Taen. The root of .heal!. 
Tafach. An exhortation* 
. Tafach. Craving, 
Tafaigbam. To prefs, urge. 
Tafan, A, yelping, barking. 
Tafanaim. To yelp, bay, bark j to expel, 

drive away, rout. 
Taga. Teazle. 

Tagaidh. Come ye on, advance. 
Tagair. Plead thou. 
Tagairam. To plead. . 
Tagairt. Pleading. 
Tagam. To deliver, furrender. 
Tagar. An order, courfe. 
Tagaradh. A pleading. - 
Tagarthoir. A pleader. 
Tagartha. Pleaded. 

Taghairm. A fort of divination. 
Taghal. A feeling, fenfe of feeling. 
Tagham. To choofe, kick out. 



Tagharf A fight, diftant noife. 

Tagmhodh. A poem. 

Taghte. Chofen. Vide Tagham. 

Tagraim, To plead a caufe, to debate, 

Tagradh. Proceeding, feries. 

Tagrach. Argumentative. 

Tagradoir. An advocate, pleader. 

Tai, taoi. Silent, mute. 

Taibh. The ocean. 

Taibheirt. Difparagement. 

Taibhle* Tables. 

Taibhlc fileadh. Planed tables, whereon 
the Iriih wrptc before they had parch- 

Taibhleoir. An ambaflador. 

Taibhleoirachd. Sporting, playing. 

Taibhrendh. A dream, vifion, appearance, 
revelation, difcovery. 

Taibhreal. LaureL 

Taibhream. To dream, to appear intellec- 
tually, fpiritually, or in dream. 

Taibhfe. A vifion,- apparition, phantom. 

Taibhfigham. To feem, appear. 

Taibhfion. A (hewing or appearing. 

Taibhe.' Vide Taibhle. 

Taibid. A fquib in fpeech. 

Taic. A quantity, .dependence, prop, near,^ 
in conjundlion. 

Taiceachd. A man's utmoft exertions. 

Taiceam. To recommend. 

Taiceamhuil. Firm, ftrong, folid. 

Taicamhlachd. Strength. 

Taichre. A combat, battle. 

Taicial. A provider. 

Taide. A beginning, .commencing. 

Taidhe. Theft. 

Taidhean. A troop, multitude. 

Taidhin. A mill-pond. 

Taidheoir. A pleader,^ difputant. 

Taidhim. To apply, join. Vide Tai» 

Taidhleach. Pleafant, delightful, fplendid; 
[4 R] Taidhleachd,. 

T A I 

T A I 

Taidhleachd. Delight, fplendour. 

Taidhleoir. An ambaflfador, meflfenger. 

Taidhuir. ObjeAing. 

l^aifnightc. Driven, forced away, 

Taifnam, To banifh, expel. 

Taifeid. A bow-ftring. 

Taig. Habit, cuftom. 

Taigh. Vide Tigh. 

Taigais. A haggefs ; the fcrotum. 

Taighleachd, Delight. 

Taigiar. Pleafant. 

Taill. Subftance, produ6i, a lump. 

Tailcanach. Stately. 

Tailcas. Defpite, reproach, contempt. 

Taileafg. Sport, chefs. 

TaileoL Solid. 

Tailgean. A holy name fuppofed to have 
been given by the Druids to St. Patrick. 

Tailmh. A fling. 

Taille. Wages. 

Tailm, A tool, inftrument. 

Tailp. A bundle, bunch. 

Taint. I am. 

Taimh. Death, mortality, fainting. 

Taimhfhion. Dead wine. 

Taimhleachd. A burying cam, or heap of 
loofe ftones raifed by thofe who accompa- 
ny corpfes on the highway to the burying- 
place, each perfon carrying a fingle ftone 
to be thrown into the heap or earn. The 
cuftom flill continues in the Highlands, to 
which I have been an eye witnefs, and 
have added a ftone to the heap. 

Taimhliofg. Chefs. 

Taimhneam^ To banifh. 

Taimhneul. Slumber, trance, extacy. 

Taimhneulam. To flumbcr. 

Taimhthin. A natural death. 

Tain. Water. 

Tain, tan. A land, country, region. 

Tainad. Rarity, thinncfs. 

^. 'i , , / Thanks^ gratitude. 
Taiftcalachd. \ ^ ^ 

Taincal. Thankful. 
-Tainic. Came. 

Tainfiomh. A refleftion, ccnfure, re- 
Taip. A mafs, lump. 
Taipeiftreath . Tapeftry. 
Tair. Contempt, reproach. 
Tair. Vile, bafe. 
Tair, thairis. Over. 
Tairal. Contemptuous. 
Tairbert. A peninfula. 
Taire. Bafer. 
Tairad. Bafenefs. 

Taireachd. Contempt, low life, bafenefs. 
Tairbh. PI. of Tarbh. 
Tairbhe. Profit, advantage. 
Tairbhealach. A ferry, paiTage. 
Tairbheartach. Profitable, beneficial. 
Tairbhf heach. A thigh. 
Tairc. A clod. 
Taircheadalt. Prophecy. 
Taircheimnughadh. A pafTage over. 
Tairchreich. Defert, merit. 
Taircfionach. Mean, vile. 
Tairdhingam. To force, thruft through. 
Taireadh. Praife, commendation. 
Taireag. Provifion, preparation. 
Tairealbh. Shewing, reprefenting. 
Tairean. A defcent. 
Taireim. Difpraife, difrepute. 
Taireimadh. Difparagement. 
Taireofg. A faw. 
Taireis. After, afterwards. 
Tairgeal. An offering, oblation* ' 
Tairgeag. An imp, graft. 
Tairghrim. To prophecy. 
Tairgam. To try, endeavour, offer* 
Tairgam. To efcape, get away. 
Tairgire. Prophecy, divination. 
Tairgne. A nail. 
Tairgnine. A little nail. 
T a i rgnachd . P rophecy . 
Tairic. He came. 


T A I 

T A I 

Tairigam, tairgam* To render, offer. 
r^ ' / (An offer, proffer. 

Tairal, Contemptuous. 

Tairam. To live, cxift. 

Tairiofgluathre. Sawduft. 

Tairiotalaim. To fly over. 

Tairis. Trufty, loving, kind. 

Tairife. i Lovingnefs, affedion, friend- 

Tairifeachd. 1 fhip. 

Tairis, thairis. Over, beyond, by. 

Tairifam. To love ; ftay, remain, conti- 

Tairifce. A file. 

Tairifcam. To fhave off, file. 

Tairifln. A band, tye. 

Tairifiomh. Dear, intimate, friendly, 

Tairifiomh. Tarrying, continuance, 

' dwelling. 

Tairifionach. Good. 

Tairleach. Moifture. 

Tairlearach. Tranfmarine. 

Tairleofaim. To appear through. 

Tairm*. Necromancy. 

Tairmcheal. A circuit. 

Tairnge. A nail, pin, peg. 

Tairngam. To pull, draw, to brew, diftil. 

Tairngthe, Drawn. 

Tairngthoir. A drawer. 

Tairnig. Was fiiiifhed. 

Tairpeach. Strong, grand, pompous. 

Tairreimniughadh. Tranfition. 

Tairrianach. From beyond fea. 

Tairrngam. To pull, draw. 

Tairrngire. A promife. 

Tairfeach. Hinge of a door, threfhold. 

Tairfgam. To offer. 

Tairfgiona. An offer. 

Tairfhliabhach. Beyond the mountains. 

Tairfiubhlam. To pafs over. 

Tairtbhe. A circuit, compafs. 

Tairthigham. To favc. 

Tairthiudh, News, tales. 

Tairthreoiram. To convey, carry over. 

Tairthreorfha. Conveyed. 

Tais. Wet, moift, dank. 

Taifaigham. To moiften. 

Taifaodach. Winding-fhect. 

Taife. I ., .« 

Taifad. i ^°'*""- 

Taifalachd. Wet, rain, moifture. 

Taifal. Soft. 

Taife. Dead bodies, ghofts, relicks, extacy. 

Taift>eun. A vifion, appearance. 

Taift)eunaid. A ihew, revelation. 

Taift)eunam. To (hew, prefent, produce, 

appear, reveal. 
Taifl)cunta. Revealed, (hewn, prefented. 
Taifceallach. Efpying, viewing. 
Taifcealladh. A betraying. 
Taifceallam. To view, obfervc, recbnnoi* 

Taifdeal. A journey, voyage. 
Taifeachd. Moifture. 
Tai feag. Refti tu tion • 
Taifealbhadh. A reprefentation, likenefs. 
Taifealbham. To perfonate, reprefent. 

— . - I A pledge, ftake, treafurc. 

Taifg. Keeping, laid up. 

Taifgairm. An armoury. 

Taifgam. To lay up^ to keep fafe. 

Taifgealach. A pilgrim, paffenger. 

Taifgealachd. ' Pilgrimage. 

Taifgidh. A hoarding, laying up. 

Taifgiodan. A ftorehoufe. 

Taifginntin. Equivocation. 

Taifligham. To be wet or moift. 

Taiflighte. Wetted. 

Taifmangadh. Birth. 

Taifte. Taches. 

Taifteal. A journey, voyage, ftraying, 

Taiftealach. A vagabond, traveller. 
Taiftealam. Toftray, travel. 


T A L 

T A M 

Taiftlgham. Toyfatcf, 

Taift^amhuil. ly^orocntJ^ry. 

Taifteog. Moment. 

Tait. Plcafurc. 

Taithcheannach. Exchaogc, traffic. 

Taitheafg. A fcpartec. 

Taithleach. Peace, quietnefs. 

Taithleach. Peaceable, quiet, depending 

Taithliagh. A chirurgeon. 
Tai^hligbam. Toappeafc, mitigate. 
Taithlioch. AncxcMfe. 
Taithmhead. Remembrance, memorial, 

Taithneamh. Splendour, brightnefs, a 

Taithneamhach. Bright, fliining, fair, 


Talthneaiinhsi^s.. Pleafantn^(s. 

Taithnam. To thaw. 

Taitneach, Agreeable, acceptable. 

Tal, A cooper's ax 91 adze. 

Taldeis. ) . ^ , r 1 

^ , ., > A fort of planes. 

Talcuil. 1 • 

TaUc^. pifpraifi?, 

Talach. Diffatisfied^ murmuring, 

Tala. An elegy, 

Taladh. To hujji, rock to reft. 

Talaidh. Vide Aile. 

Talamh. The earth, grouncj, foil. 

Talamh-chumfgug^adh. Jifi earthquake. 

Talamhchrithach. Eart^Qiaking. 

Talamhaota. Mineral. 

Talamhuidh* Earthy, earthly^ tcrreftria^. 

Talan. Feats of arips, chivalry. 

Talban. A partition. 

Talca. Force, vigour^ courage. 

Talcanta. Strong, lufty. 

Talchara. A generous lover. 

Talcarra. Sturdy, coi-pulent^ 

Talcuil. A cooper's plane. 

Talcumha. A tub. 

Taleog* Deliver thou. 

Talifg. Sppae Ifiih inftrwn^pntof war. 

Talfuin. A hoe. 

Talgadh. A quieting, pacifying. 

Tall. Theft. 

Tall, thall. Over, beyond. 

Talla. A hall. 

Tall. Eafy. 

Taltaim. To cut. 

Tallaithp. Robbed, fpoilcd. 

Tallan. A talent. 

Talbhe. He ^t^at Ipereaves a man of a 

Tallthoir. A robber. 
Talmhan. Gen. of Talamh» 
Talmhuidhe. T^rreftrial. 

Talpa. The tranfl;^tor of the IrUh bible 
ufcs. this Lalii;i word f9r a niol?> although 
the language,at leaft the Scotch dialed, af- 
fords one. Th^re ^re i^o^moles. m Ireland. 

Talradharc. Warinefs, caution. 

Tam. Truly, certainly* 

Tamach. Dull, fluggifli. 

Tamailte. Sl9thfuJ, wpak, faJAt, humili- 
ating, difp^raging, 

Tamailtin. Abufive ftpries. 

Tamal, tamul. Spa?^^ a little whilfi.. 

Tamh. Reft, quiet, 

Taroh. The opcaij. 

Tamh.. Plague, peftilenice, extacy. 

Tamhach. A dolt. 

Tamhaich. Inhabitants,, 

Tamhaighe. DiMnefs, 

Tamhaigham. To fettle, refide, inhabit. 

Tamhaim. Ta be filent. 

Tamhait. H.^biujtion. 

Tamhan. A trunk, body, Wock> ftock. 

Tamhanach. A dplt, blockhead. 

Tamhanta. Doltiih, fluggilb, fplenetic. 

Tamhantas. Slownefs. 

Tamhafg. A. fool. 

Tamhafg. A fooU 

Tamhnaim. To behead, lop off. 

Tamhfhuan. A trance, extafy.. 


T A O 


i A ghoft, fpirit of the deceafed. 

Tan, An tan. An tarn* When. 

Tan. A herd of cows. 

Tan. A country, region, territory* 

Tanadh. i — „ . - , 

Tanaidhe. r*^'"' '•"''» "*"'^"^- 

Tanaidheachd. ^ Thinnefs. , 

Tanaigham. To make thin, flender, dimi- 

niih, rarify. 
Tanaifte. A loi'd, dynaft, governor of a 

country, heir apparent in Ireland to a 

Tanaifte. The middle flfiger. 
Thaiiaifteachd. Thaniftry,* law of regal 

Tanaifteach. Swaying, aiding like a 

Tanalich. Shallow water. 
Tanas. Dominion, lordfliip, government^ 
Tancard. A tankard. 
Tangadar. They arrived, came. 
Tangmangadh. An environing, guarding. 
Tangnachd. Fraud, malice, grudge. 
Tanic, thanic. Came. 
Tannaladh. Often bellowing, agony. 
Tannaidh aodaich. Woof. 
Tanfin. Then, at that time. 
Taobh. A fide. 
Taobh amuidh. Outfide. 
Taobh aftigh. . Inflde^ 
Taobbach. Palatial. 
Taobhachd. Prefumption. 
Taobgha. Lateral. 
Taobhadh. Trufting, relying, a commif- 

Taobham. To join, take part with, in- 
cline, come nigh to, truft, depend. 
Taobhan. A rafter. 
Taobhcheimne. Digreffion. 
Taobhghabhail. A hankering, kindnefs. 
Taobhgheal. Having a white fide. 
T^pbhghreim. A ftitch in the fide. 

Taobhflilighe. A bye- way. 

Taobhtha. Trufted, joined. 

Taobbthoir. A creditor, commiflary. 

Taobhthrom« Pregnant. 

Taod. Going, coming. 

Taod. A halter. 

Taodbhalc. Very ftrong, puiflTaht, 

Taodhaire. An apoftate. 

Taoghach. Eledive. 

Taoghalr A frequenting, vifiting, 

Taogham. To choofe, eleft. 

Taoghte, Eleaed. 

Taoidham. To turn, revolt. • 

Taoi. A trope, turning, winding. • 

Taoi. Deaf, filent. 

Taoibhreim. i • . 

Taoibhreimhughadh. I ® 

Taoibhmheife. 7 . ./*. * 

Tioibhrnheithaiih. i^"^"'"''^^'^- 

Taoicreidhm. J . .... ... . . 

Taoieafadh. { A g.dd.nefs, dizzmefs. 

Taoig. A fit of paifion. 

Taoim. Bilge water in a fhip. 

Taois, taoife. Of dough. 

Taoifeach. A chieftain, general. 

Taoifg. Nearly full. 

Taoifnaigham. I ^ , • . 
T- r > To knead. 

Taoifnam. J 

Taoifnighte. Kneaded. 

Taoitheannach. Silent. 

Taoitheannachd. -Silence. 

Taolomach. A parricide. 

Taom. A fit oJF fickhefs, madnefs, or paf- 

Taom. Lave, empty thou. Vide Taoim. 
Taomach. SubjeA to fits ; emptying. 
Taomam. To lave, pour out, to pump. 
Taoman. A veflel to lave with. 
Taomaire. A drawer, a pump. 
Taombaoile. A mad fit. 
Tabs. Dough. 
Taothchoir. Blame, difpraife. 
Taofchua. A fleih pie. 

[4 SJ Taofga, 



Taofga* Rather^ firft, fooner than. 
Taofgach. Brim-full. 
Taofgadh. Pumping, draining. 
Taofgam. To drain, pour out, pump. 
Taofgoir. One employed at the pump. 
Taofgtha. Drained. 
Taothalam. To come, vifit. 
7'aothal. Subiidy. 

Tap. Tow or wool on the diftafF. 

^ * I Succefs, aftivity, good chance. 

Tapaidham. To haften. 

Tapag. Accident, chance words, a flip.. 

Taphuinam. To bark. 

Taphun. Barking. 

Taplich. A repofitory of fmall things, a 

Taponta. At your peril> doing quickly. 
Tar. Beyond, out of. 
Tar. " Come thou. 
Tar, tair. Contempt* 
Tar. Rather than» before. 
Tara.. Active, a multitude. 
Tarachd. Adivity. ' 

Tarachair. An augre, gimlet. 
Tharad. Over thee. . 
Taradharc. Squinting. 
Tarail. To go round. 
Taraifeach. From beyond the mountains. 
Taralpach. Tranfalpine. 
Tharam. Over me. 
Taran. The ghoft of an unbaptized 

Tarbert. A neck of land. 
Tarbh. A bull. 
Taibb uifge. A fea bull or cow. 
Tarbhan. A little bull. 
Tarbhach. Profitable, fubftantial. 
Tarbhachd. Gain, profit. 
Tarbhach- iuil. A goM guide^ fldlful 


Tarbhanta. Grim, flern, bull-faced. 

Tarbhaidh. A hindrance^ impediment, 


Tarbheiram'. To Carry over, transfer. 

Tarbbochnach. Tranfmarine. 

Tarbhaillam. To pierce, thruft through. 

Tarbh-tana. A parifli or public bull. 

Tarcabal. Sins^, tranfgreffions. 

Tarceann. Moreover. 

Tarcheann. Although, though. 

T^rcim fuain. A deep fleep. 

Tarchomhladh. A going, marching. 

Tarcchonnair. A ferry, paflage. 

Tarchuiram. To pafs over. 

Tarcodhach. Naught, bad. 

Tarcuis. 7 ^ 

_, -r C Contempt. 

i arcuifne. i 

Tarcuifneach. Contemptuous, defpicable. 

Tarcuifnigham. To defpifc, revile. 

Tard. He gave. 

Tardharc, Squinting, looking ailkcw* 

Tareis. After, afterwards. 

Tarfhairmheadfa. A paffingover. 

Tarfas. An apparition. • 

Tarfuinneog. A cafement. 

Targadh. A governing^ ruling. 

rlrgbmadh. \ ^" *^"»"y- 

Targaid. A target. 

Targaidach. Armed with a target. 

Targhan. A noife. 

Targhraidh. An expedition. 

Targhno. Ill-countenanced. 

Tharibh. Over yen. 

Tharis. Over, over him, iu 

Tbarinn. Over us. 

Tarla. He, it came to pafs, happened*. 

Tarlaic. Rethrew, caft. 

Tarlaid. A drudge, flave. 

Tarlaidham. To collect, bring together^. 

feize^ lay hold on. 
Tarlodh. A draught, leading in of corn or 


3 .Ta»- 



' \ The bird termagant. 

Tarlaidham* To meet, vifit. . 
Tarlodham. Vide Tarlaidham. 
Tarmadh. To dwell, to fettle. 
Tarman* A fandluary, prote£lion. 
Tarman, torman. Noife. 
Tarmchruthughadh. Transfiguration. 
Tarna. Crofs, bye. 
Tarnac. It was finifhed. 

^ . ' , (Thunder. 
Tarnainach. ) 

Tarnachd. Forwardnefs, perverfenefs. 

Tarp. A clod, lump. 

Tarpan, A clufter. 

Tarr. The loweft part of the belly. 

Tarrachtin. Revenge. 

Tarrachtair: It happened. 

Tarradh. ProteQion. 

Tarradh. A drawing, draught. 

Tarraghalaidhe. A prophet. 

Tarraighil, Prophecy, 

Tarraghlaim. To prophecy, foretel. 

i;""°S. U nail. 
Tarrann. > 

Tarrangart. A load -ft one. 

Tarrangoir. A nailer. 

Tarrangtha. Drawn, pulled. 

Tarraftair. It happened. 

Tarrfhionn. Having white buttocks. 

Tarrghraidh. A journey. 

Tarringireacbt. A prophecy. 

Tarrnochd. Stark-naked. 

Tarr fa. Come thou. 

Tarrthaigham. To fave, deliver. 

Tarrthail. Prefervation, fafety. 

Tarrthaim. To feizc, lay hold of, to aflcrt,. 

Tarthaim. To grow. 
Tarrudh. A drawing- 
Tarruing. A haul-yard, draught. 
Tarruingam. To draw, pull, teaze, 

launch, diftil. 

Tarruingham fuas. To take up wiA a per* 

fon, cultivate acquaintance. 
Tarruing air ais. Revulfion. 
Tarfa. Over, paft, over them. 
Tarfnan. A tranfom, crofs beam, or ftick.- 
Tarfin. Acrofs^ awry, athwart. 
Tarfnamham. To fwim over. 
Tarfoillfeach. Tranfparent. 
Tarfoillfigham. To be tranfparent. 
Tart. Thirft, drought. 
Tartan. A party-coloured ftuff worn hy 

Tartar. Noife* 
Tartarach. Noify. 
Tharte. Over her. 
Tharta. Over them.. 
Tarthadoir. ) ^ ^ . 
Tarthach. A girth. 
Tarthaigham. To affift, depend.. 
Tarthail. Help, affiftance. 
Tarthailam. * To affift, protect 
Tartmhor. Thirfty, dry. 
Tas. A dwelling, habitation. 
Tas. A whip, fcourge. 
Tafaun. To dwell, remain. 
Tafan. A flow, tedious, plaintive diC- 

Tafanach. Slow, tedious. 
Tafbeunam. To reveal, fhew, prefcnt. 
Tafc. Fame; 
Tafcor. A navy. 

Tafcor. An affembly, cavalcade, mark*. 
Tafcoram. To march, migrate.. 
Tafdail. To examine. 
Tafg. A report, rumour. 
Tafga. A taflc.. 
Tafgaire. A flave, fervant. 
Tafgamhuil. Renowned. 
Tafgidb. Laying up, keeping*. 
Tafs. Half done. / 

Tatag. A claih. 
Tatb^ Slaughter*. 




TaA. Solder, glue. 

Tath. Withered. 

Tath. A fide. 

Tatha. Bail, fecurity. 

Tatbad . They have. 

Tathaigheach. Converfant, acquainted. 

Tathaigheachd. Ufe, familiarity. 

Tathaighatn. To frequent, haunt, ufe. 

Vide Tatham. 
Tataim. To kill, deftpdy ; to dye. 
Tathaire. A fluggiih trifling feUow. 
Tathalam. To call, vifit. 
Tatham. To apply, join by articulation. 
Tarhamh. . A nap of fleep* 
Tathaoir. Heavy, dull. 
Tathaoir, A reproach, cbntempt, difre- 

Tathoiram. To reproach, def^ife^ 
Tathas. He gathered, affemblfed. 
Tathbheim. A. mdrtal blow ; antiently 
the exercife of cafting darts and other 
mii&les from the CranntabhuiL 
Tathfan. Barking*, baying. 

Tathfanam. To bark. 

Tathlaigham. To tame, fubduc, pacify. 

Tathlan. A reproach, calumny. 

Tatfaughadh. A foldering, joining, future. 

Tathuighe. Acquaintance, hauntingj fre- 
quenting, refort. 

Tathuigham. To be accuftomcd. Vide 

Tathuightc. Frequented, accuttomed, pub- 

Tathunn. Bay of a deer. 

Te, An te* She, (he that, whofoever. 

Te, teth. Hot. 

Teacclaim. A collection. 

Teaccmais. A hindrance, impediment. 

Teach. A houfe, 

Teachadh. A ftrangling. 

l*eachc re teachd. Coming, to come. 

Teachd ann tir. Livelihood, fubfificnce. 

Teachd afteach. Income. 

Teachd amach'. fincreafe, 

Teachd. Innavigable. Vide Muir. 

Teach da. 1 

Teachdach. >A meffenger, poft, ambaflador. 

Teachdaire. J 

Teachdaireachd. IVfeflage, embafiy, errand, 

Teachdaighte. Strangled. 

Teachdmhor. Fruitful. 

Teachtadh. Poflfef&on. 

Teacmaic. It came to pafs, happened. 

Teacmhuail. Afflidion, at death's door. 

Teacmoc. Riches, wealth. 

Tead. A rope, cord, chord. 

Teadidh. Quick, adive. 

Teadaidhe. A harper. 

Teadarrachdoir. An avenger. 

Teadham. To go. 

Teaga. Perhaps. 

Teagamh. Doubt, perhaps. 

Teagar. Provifion. 

Teagafg, Teaching, doftrine, Uxt^ in- 

•Teagafga. Sorcery, druidifm. 

Teagafgam. To teach, inftrudl. 

•Teagafgtc. Taught, inftruSed. 

' Teagafg thoir. A teacher. 

Teagbhall. Affii£led even to death. 

Teagh. A houfe, a room. 

Teagh. Vapour, exhalation. 

Teaghais. A fmall room, clofet ; a cafe. 

Teaghalach. A family, houfehold, habi- 

Teaghalach. Belonging to a family or 

Tcagbam. To heat, warm, to grow hot. 

Teaglachas. Soothing, flattery, playing 
the parafite. 

Teaghlach. A family or houfehold, court, 

Teaghladhach. Fair-fpoken. 

Teaghlaigham. To footh, flatter. 

Teagmhail. Meddling, interfering, ftrife. 




Teagmhailacb. Contentious, contending, 

Teagmhaim. To meet, to ftrive, con- 

Teagmhach. Doubtful* 

Teagmhuis. An accident. 

Teagmhuifeach. Accidental, peradventure. 

Tealach. ' A loofing* 

Tealgadh. Cafting, throwing* 

Tealgam. To caft, thr6w. 

Teallachag. A domeftic concubine,. 

Teallaid. A buncby woman*. 

Teallam. To fteal. 

Teallur. The earth. 

Tealfanach. A philofopber*. 

Tealfanachd. Philofophy* 

Tealfanta. Philofophical. 

Tealtic. Silly, cowardly. 

Tealtacbd. Simplicity. 

Teambair. i Pkafant ; Tara or Tcmora, 

Teamhra. I the feat of the kings of Meath. 

Teampuli. A church or temple. 

Tean. Vide Teann. 

Teanal, tionaJ. Colleding, gathering*. 

Teanalam. To lay up, gather, glean. 

Teanalaiche. A gleaner. 

Teanalta. Gleaned* 

Teanam. To writhe, twift. 

Teanbhuaidhreadh. Fervency. 

Teanchair. Pincers, tongs j a vice. . 

Teanga. A tongue, dialed, language, pi. 

Teanga mortair. Pcftlc. 
Teanga mhion. Dead nettle» 
Teangach. Tongued. 
Teangair. A linguift. 
Teangas. A pair of pincers. 
Teann. Stiff, rigid, bold, powerfuT^ 

Teannadh* Stiffnefs, rigidnefs, violence^ 

beginning to» 

Tcanngug. Stiff and ftrong. 

Teannaire. The roar of the fea in a care. 

Teannam. Toftrain, prefs, bindftraight, 
embrace, to hold or get away, to be- 

Teannfaifgam. To prefs, wring, fquceze 

Tcannlamh. A' tinder-box. 

Teannradh. Shewing, manifcftation^ dif- 

Teannfhaitb. Abundance^ full meaL 

Teanntan. A prefs, bruifing. 

Teannta. Joined. 

Teanntraidhe. Grief, forrow. 

Teannorcanus. The counter-tenor in mu« 
ficjc. Cantus medius. 

Tearbadh. A reparation* 

Tearbaidham. To feparatc. 

Tearc. Few, rare. 

Tearcadh, tekce. Fewnefs, fcarcity, rart- 

Tearinam. To defcend, go down hill. 

Tearifchuidachd. Paftimc. 

Tearmann. i A limit, glebe land, protec- 

Tearmunn. J tion, fan£luary. 

Tearmannoir. 7 ^ ^ 

T- . It. c A patron, protector. 

Tearmannuidhe. ) *^ 

Tearnadh* Defcending, going down hilK 

-, ,/ \ To defcend, efcape* 

Tearnodhamr 3 

Tcarnam. i To cfcape, fly from, evade, 

Tearnodham. j recover y to fall into a 

Tearnodh. A fall^ hap, chance. 
Tearnadh. An efcape, recovery from fick- 

Tearr. Pitch, tar.^ 
Tearrgha. Of pitch. 
Tearram^ To tar, pitch, daub. 
Tearrafl* Anger, vexation* 
Tearuinam. To fave, deliver. 
Tearuinte* Safe, delivered* 
't'earui n teachd* Security. 

1:4 T] Tea* 


T E I 

Teas. Heat, warmth, a meflage. 

Tcafach. A fever. , 

Teafaire. A meffenger. 

Teafairgte. Saved, delivered. 

Tcafargin. 7 Refcuing, faving, delivering 

Tcafargadh. J from danger. 

Tcafargaim. "To favc, deliver, refcue. 

Teasbhach. Sultrinefs, hot weather. 

Teasbuala. Hot-baths. 

Teafdaigham. To prove, try, fail. 

Teafdughadh. A trial. 

Tcafgaigham. To prefervc. 

Teafgal. A fcorching wind, a ftorm, a 

Tealgam. To cut, lop off. 
Tcafghradh. Fervent love. 
Teafmhach. Vide Tealbhach. 
Teafruigham. To deliver, refcue. 
Teafruiguln. Deliverance* 
Teaftaghadh. Experience, trial, difcuffing, 

lifting of a matter, abfence. 
Teaftaigham. To teftify, bear witnefs, to 

lack, need, want. 
Teaftail. Want, defeft. 
Teaftun. A groat, fourpence. 
Teafuidhe, Hot, burning. 
Teafuidheachd. A heat, warmth. 
Tcath! Hold off! a page. 
Teathadh. A flight, running away. 
Teathaigham. To celebrate, folemnize. 
Teathadh. Flight. 
Teatham. To flee, run away. 
Teathmhach. Fleeting. 
Teathra. The fea. 
Teathra. A Royfton crow. 
Teb. Unrefolved. 
Tebidich. Irrefolution. 
Tebim. To fruftrate. 
Tec. A bone. 
Tedaidh. Wild, fierce. 
Tedarrachd. Revenge, vengeance. 
Tedarnach. Revengeful. 
Tedbmneach. Furipus, headlong. 

Tedhbhals* A phantom. 

Tednos.' Fiercenefs, fcverity. 

Tegearrach. A purchafer. 

Tegh, teth. Hot, fcalding. 

Teghbhal. Ground-rent. 

Tegus. A purchafe. 

Teibiadh. A drawing, taking away. 

Teibhearfam. To drop, diftil. 

Teibidh. Smart, pedantic. 

Teibidh. Phyficians. 

Teich. Flee thou. 

Teichd-reult. The north. 

Teiclidh. Quiet, peaceable. 

Teid, theid. Shall go. 

Teide. A fmooth plain hill. 

Teidealtach. Valetudinary. 

Teidin. A fmall cord or rope. 

Teidhm. Death. 

Teidhmneach. Perverfe. 

Teigeamhus. Shall happen, befal. 

Teighiollas. A falimander. 

Teile. 7 ^ ,. ,. , 

— , ., \ A lime or linden-tree. 

Teileag. j 

Teilgin. Calling, throwing, vomiting. 

Teilgam. To vomit, caft, throw, over- 

Teilglion. A cafting-net. 

Teiligham. To refufe, reject. 

Teiligham. To build. 

Teilightheach. Fertile. 

Teilis. A houfe, habitation* 

Teimeal. Drofs. 

Teimheal. Dark, obfcure. 

Teimheal. A fhadow, ihade, covert. 

Teimhliughadh. A darkening, obfcur- 

Tein. Coming. 

Teinn. Great hafte, hurry, or diftrefs, 
power, force. 

Teinnbhealach. Perverfe, obftinate* 

Teinne. Fire, link of a chain. 

Teinne, tcinngha. Of fire. 

Teinnas. Vide Tinnas. 


T £L 

T E R 

Tcinnmhcadh. A cutting, diwding, ope^A ; 

ing. . . _ • :...;. 

^ . ' > Tcnfion, fevcrity-, rk^idnefs* 
Teinnad. J . ; . 

Teinne-athair. Lightning. 

Teinne-chrios. An iron to ftrike fire from 
a flint. 

Teinnteach. Lightning ; pi. of Tcinne. 

Tcinntidh. Fiery, 

Tcinntein. The dearth. 

Tcinntreach. Flalhes of lightning j pi. 
of Tcinne, a link. 

Teinntrigham. To caft lightning. 

TeirbeirC. Fatigue. 

Teirbheirt. Diftributing, beftowing. 

Teir. Shall fay. 

Teirachdin. Decaying, weary, wafting. 

Teircc. Scarcity, fewnefs. 

Teircflieolach. Lean, meagre. , 

Teireadh. A commendation. 

Teiricam. To be fpcnt, to. fail, wear. 

Teirin. A defcent. 

Teirinam. To defcend. 

Teiris. Said to quell cattle when they 

Tcirmafg. A mifliap, misfortune.. 

Teirmafgach. That meeteth with many ac- 

Tcinne. - Seafon, while. 

Teirmafgam. To meet with, to find* 

Teirphonta. Three pounds weight* 

Teisbcirt. Increafe, growth. 

Teifidh. They halted. 

Teifite. A dropping, diftilling. 

Teifruigham. Vide Teafargam. 

Teifruig. Refcue thou. 

Teifteadh. To be wanting. 

Tcith. Hot. 

Teith. Flee thou. 

Teithchcamh. ? p.. . 

Teitheadh. I ^^ 

Tcitham. To flee. 

Teithmheacb. A fugitive, rennagade< 


- Teithneas. Haftc. 
Teithneafach. Hafty, in haftc. 
Teitne. A player on the tabor or tim- 
Tel. Fertile ground.. 
Telightheach. Fertile. . 
Tellur. The earth. 
Temhe. Death, ficknefs. . 
Tenam. I pray thee. 
Teochriodhach. Warm-hearted. 
Teoghradhach. Kind, aflFc<aionate, zealous. 
Teoilt. 7 ___ , , 

Teoir. Thrice, three. 

Tedirfheac. A trident. 

Teoiriolach. i ,-, . , 
rj^ , . , s Triumph, 
leorghairde. | *^ 

Tcoirinneach. Three-footed, tfaree'^fork- 

Teoitachan-mhias. A chaffing-diih. 

Teol. Plenty, abundance. 

Teol. A thirf. 

Teora, teoran. A border, limit, boun- 

Teora. Three, thrice. 

Teorchan. The fpace of three hours. 

Teorghar-athair. The great-grandfather's 
great grandfather. 

Teorchofach. Three-footed . 

Tetfrghabhlach. Three-pronged. 

Teorlaethan. Three days fpace. 

Teoruilleann. ^ . 

Teoruile. ]^ """"S^'' 

Teoruileannach. Triangular. 

Teotham, teothaicham. To warm* 

Teothaighte. Warmed. 

Teothair. A halter, tether* 

Teothram. To tether, 

Teothchriodhach. Open and warm-'heart- 

Teothughadh. Excandefcence. 

Ternodh. Falling. 

Ternodh. Efcaping. Vide Tearnadh. 


T 1 A 


Tefdughadh. Trial. 

TeftlalL Spouting up v^atef» 

Tcftar. AfhilliHg. 

Tct. A tabor, drum. 

Tet, tethe. The north. 

Teth* Hot, fcalding* 

Teth- Fine^ fmooth^ 

Tethin. The fum 

Tcuchd. Deeds. 

Tcud. A ftring, cord, rope, fiddlc*ftring 

Teudach. Stringed. 

Tcudchleaiaidhe i ' , 


Teudaoire. A tack-ropc» 

TeuUodham, To Ileal away* Vide Ealaig 

Teum. Expert. 
Teumadb. Tobittv 

Teumam. To teach, break to any thing. 
Teurnadb.. Deftending, paiSngaway. Vide 

Ti. He, he who,, him that y An ti is oige, 

Ti« Unto, to ; Go ti fo, hitherto. 
Ti. ""Defign, intention* 
Ti mhor. The Supreme Bring, Go*- 
Tiachair. Pervcrfe^ ill-difpofc*. 

Tiachra. Prudence. 

Tiachdidh. A common kAiinter, rtforter, 
gueft, cuftomer. 

Tiachtam.. To accompany, attend, go to, 
arrive at, 

Tiacht air. Talking, treating of.^ 

Tiadhan. A little hill, ftone, fefticle. 

Tiag,. ttacbog,. tiagh. A bag, wallet. 

Tiaghaia. A manfion,* dw«lling*h6ufe. 

Tiaghuim. To coAe to> to vanifb, to ap^- 

Tiambdha* Dark» oblevre.. • 

Tiamhdha» Slow, tedious. 

Tiamhidb. Solksrf) gloomy. 

Tiamhidhachd* A folitary gloom or iad^* 

. neCu 

Ttarha* A lord^ prince, ru!er» 

Tiarnas. Dominion, lordihipb 

Tiarpan. A tefticlew 

Tiarrthocb. A tripe. 

Tias» A tide. 

Tiafgadal. Induftry, contrivance* 

Tibheadh. Laughter. 

Tibham. To laugh. 

Tibhfhiacal. The forc-tecth. 

Tibharfan. Springing, fprouting,! over* 

Tibhad. Thicknefs. 
Tibhghra. Affeveration. 
Tibhre, A fool. - 
Tibhreach. Given to laughing. 
Tibhram. To fpring. 
Tig. Cbme. 
Tigam. To come. 
Tigh. A houfe j Gen. Tighc. 
Tighe, tigheachd. Thicknefs, fatoefi*^ 
Tigh-leanna. An alehoufe. 
Tigh-ofd. An inn. 
Tigh-moid. A court-houfe. 
Tigh-cainacb. A cuftomhoufe^ 
Tigh-cuinaidh. A mint. 
Tigh-aifdighachd. ? . i i. r 
Tigh.cluith. JAplayhoufc. 

Tigh-fcoiL A fchool-houfe. 
Tigh-eiridin. An inArmary. 
Tigh-togalach, A brewhoufe. 
Tigh-bainne. The dairy. 
Tigh-beg. The jakes. 
Tigh-nighadairachd. A waQiing-hou(e.. 
Tigh-cearc. The hcn-houfe. 
Tigh-malairt. A houfe of exchange. 
Tigh-nuadh^nofda. A night-wake. 
Tigheamhuil. Domeftic^. belonging to ^ 

Tigheadas. Houfekeeping,. hufbandry. 
Tigheadafach. Diligent^ careful^ bufied' 

about houfekeeping. 
Tighean. A bag or fatchel.. 
Tighcarna. Vide Tiama^ 




Tighearnamliail. Lordly. 

Tighearnalach<]. Lordlinefs, 

Tighearnas. Vide Tiarnas« 

Tigheafach. A houfekeeper* 

Tigheas. i Houfekeeping, hulban* 

Tighcafachd. J dry. 

Tigheafaim. To manage a farm, follow 

Tighim, tigam. To come, go, 
Tighin, tein. Cpoiing. 
Tigh aiaU* A hired houfe. 
Til. A welt, mark of a wound. 
Tile. Much, plenty, a great deal. 
Tileadh. A (hip's poop. 
Tilig. Caft thou ; a fliot, throtw. 
Tiligam. To caft, throw, vomit» 
Tiligadh. ) ^ -.. 
Tiligin. !^**'"S. vommng. 

Tillam. To turn, to return. 

Tilladh. A returning. 

Tim. Fear, dread. 

Tim. Time. 

Timchioll. About, circuit, compafs. 

TimchioHach. Circuitous. 

TiomchioUam. To furround, oiviron, en- 

comp^fs. . - 

Timchiollghearradh. i -,. .- 

^' I.- II L r^ ju J Circumcifion. 
Timchiolltheaf^adh. J 

TimchioUghearram. i — , .^ 

1- u- iifu r C^^ circumcifc. 

Xi6(ichiolltheargam. J 

Timchiollghearrtha. Circumcifed. 

Timcbiollfgriobham. Tocircumfcribe, de» 

Timchioll tha. Surrounded, environed. 
Timtheanamh. Form, fafhion. 
Timdhibhe. A leffening, abatemeiit, ruin, 

Time. Pride, dignity, eftin»tioni thence 

the Latin Eftimo. , 

Time. Heat, warmth* 
Tjme. Fear, dread. 
Timeach. Hot, warm. 
Timheal. Darkacis, glimmeiiing light.' 

Timhealach. Dark, obfcure. 
Timearnam. To celebrate, folcmniw. 
Timieh. Enticing, 
Timtire. A miniftn-, fenrant, agent. 
Timtireachd. Service, HMniftration. 
Tinam. To fmclt, (oftetu 
Tin. A beginning. 
T'in. Fat, tender. 
Tinchreachadb. A prey. 
Tinciofdal. A march. 
Tineach. Kindred. 
Tineas. Thicknef$, clofener^. 
Ting. A tongue. 
Tinn. Sick. 
Tinn. Vide Teann. 
Tinge, tinnc. Strange^ wonderful. 
Tinge, tinne. Almoft, 
Tinnas. Sickn0fe^ 
Tinnas cloinne. Travail^ childbirth. 
Tinneafach. Evil. 
Tinim. To thaw, diflblve. 
Tinm. Underftanding. 
Tinne. The letter T according to O 

Tinne. A chain. Vide Teinne. 
Tinneafach. Stout, ftrongi literally ftrong- 

Tinnriomh. A cofTcIufim. 
Tinnfcra. A portion, dowry. 
Tinnteach. Lightning. 
Tinnteagal. Corruption. 
Tinatean. The hearths 
Tin^tighe. Fiery. 
Tinntuirfeach. Miferablc. 
Tinfceadal. Inftru£lion, judicioufnefs. 
Tint. A ton weight. ^ 
Tinteannas. Great hafte, expedition. 
Tiobar. > A well j O thiobraidh, from the 
Ttobvad. i mountains. 
Tiocfaid. They (hall come. Vide Tig* 


Ti^hog.l^^*e> budget, (atcbel. 
{ 4 U ] Tiodal. 



Tiodal. A title, epitaph, monument. 

Tiodhlacadh. A gift, prefent, 

Tiodhlacaira. To prefent, beftow. 

Tiodhlaictheach. Bountiful. 

Tiodhnacadh. 7 A prefent, offering, fa- 

Tiodhnacal. i vour. 

Tiogar. A tiger. 

Tiolpadh. Snatching, cutting away. 

Tiolpam, To fnatch, cut away. 

Tiolpadain A cutpurfe. 

Tiom. Soft, tender, fearful. 

Tiomachd. Softnefs, tendernefs. 

Tiomaltas. Vidluals, eatables. 

Tiomallaim. To tat. 

Tiomam. To foften the paffions. 

Tiomanaim. To drive, turn away, pufh, 
thruft off. 

Tiomargadh. A colle£kion« 

Tiomargaim. To collect, gather toge- 

Tiomarnadh. A command. 

Tiomarnaim. To command, order. 

Tiomchaire. Pity, mercy. 

Tiomchriodheach. Tender-hearted. 

Tiomchuairt. A friendly vifit j a pe- 

Tiomchuairteach. Periodical. 

Tiomghaire. A requeft. 

Tiomghairam. To a(k, require. 

Tiomna. A will, teftament. 

Tjomna-nuadh. The New Teftament. 

Tiomnaim. To make a will, to fwear. 

Tiompan. A timbrel, tabor, drum, cym-* 

Tiompanuiche. A harper, minftrel. 

. Tiomfaigham. To colleft, bring toge- 

Tiomfughadh. Colledion. 

Tiomuinam. To deliver, commit, com- 
mend, entruft. 

Tionadh. Melting, diffolving. Vide Ti- 

Tionad. Whereas. 


Tionail. ColleSing, gathering. 

Tionailam. To affemble, congregate. 

Tioncam. To attend. 

Tionlacadh. A funeral. 

Tioncar. ? * , 

^. , ? Attendance. 

Tionramh. 3 

Tionchaifin. The fight.' 

Tionchofg. Inftruftion. 

Tionndadh. . A turning about or back. 

Tionndaigham. To turn. 

Tionfgnadh. ^ A beginning, device, pro^ 

Tionfgnamh. 5 je^, plot. 

Tionfgnam. To begin, devife, plot. 

Tionnfgra. A reward, portion, dowry. 

Tionnur. A.flumber, nap. 

Tional. A congregation. 

Tionolaim. Vide Tionalam. 

Tionfaigham. To affemblc, gather toge- 

Tionfanadh. A dropping, flowing down. 

Tionfanam. To drop, ■diftil. , 

Tionfcantach. Adventurous,- diligent, in* 

Tionfcra. A buying, purchafingj a re- 
ward, ftipend. 

Tionfgain. A beginning, clement. 

Tionfgiodal. A managing, projeding, in- 

Tiontanas. Hafte, fpeed, expedition. 

Tionuigh. Frequenting, fojourning in a 

Tionur. A tenon. 

Tionus. A tan-yard. 

Tiopal. A water-fpider. 

Tior. Vide Tir. 

Tioradh. Drying, fcorching. 

Tioram. To dry, to kiln-dry, 

Tiortha. Dried on a kiln. 

Tioramh. Threfliing. 

Tioranach. A tyrant. 

Tioranachd. Tyranny. 

Tiorcomhrac. An ailembly. 

Tior-fhochraic. A reward. 




Tiormachd. * i ^x . v- /r 
Tiormalachd. P'°^eht, th.rft. 

Tiormaigham. To dry up, make dry, de- 


TiormachaL Deficcative. 

Tiorthach. Born of a country, a patriot. 

Tiortha. PI. of Tior or Tin 

Tiotal. A title. 

Tiotan, The fun. 

Tiotadh. ) . 

^. > A moment ► 

Tiotan. ) 

Tipcadh. A regulating, difpofing things 

in order. 
Tir. A land, country, region. 
Tir-mor. A continent. 
Tirachas. Colonization, planting. 
Tiraigham. To colonize. 
Tirah Snug, comfortable. 
Tire, tirgha. Of, belonging to a country. 
Tirbheartha. Proper, peculiar to one's 


Tla^hdgrabharche. > . , 

1^. , . ... c A geographer.- 
Tirebheartaidhe. i ^ ^ ^ 

Tirim. Dry. 

Tirimaigham. Vide Tiormaigham. 

Tir re thol. A church-yard. 

Tirteach. Demefnes, a roanfion-houfe. 

Tifean. A grudge. 

Tith. Near. 

TithntT. The fun. 

Tiubhram. To give, deliver. Vide Tabh- 


Tiubruid. A well, ciftern. 

Tiucfam. To come. Vide Tigam. 

I A pore. 

Tiugh. Thick, clofe. 



Tiughmhuilleann. A tucking-mill. 

Tiughaigham. To condenfe, thicken. 

Tiughakch. j The thickcft of lic^uids, 

Tiughalachd. J dregs. 


. ?Thicknefs. 

TIa, • Soft. 

Tlachd. Pkafure, delight; will', inclina-- 

Tlachd. The earth. 

Tlachd. A fair, market. 

Tlachd. A garment, vefture, coloun 

Tlachdairm. A market-place. 

Tlachdadh. A burying. 

Tlachdaigham. To inter, bury. 

Tlachdam. To colour. 

Tlachd bhaile. A market-town. 

Tlachdbhogadh. A quick-fand, quagmire. 

Tlachdbhotb. A booth in a fair. 

Tlachdchomhthroman. A roller, cylinder.. 

Tlachdchorughadh. | u u 

Tlachdchumargadh. j ^ 

TIachdgha. A fire kindled for fummoning; 
all the Druids to meet on the firft of No- 
vember to fiacrifice to their gods. They 
burnt the facrifice in that fire, nor was 
there any other fire to be kindled in Ire- 
land that night. Vide Keat, in TUathaL 

Tlachgraibhachi. Geography. 

Tlachdmhor. Pleafant, handfome, fmooth.. 

Tlachdmhach. Fumitory. 

Tlachdfliubh. | . « 

Tlachdthomhas. Geometry. 

Tlaith. Weak-fpirited, timorous, flact. 

Tlaim. A handful of wool or flax- 

Tlamadh. Teaziwg. 

Tlamam. To teaze. 

Tlas, tlus. Cattle. 
Tlath, tla. Soft, tender. 
Tlathas. Softnefs, weaknefs. 
Tlathaigham. To reduce, weaken^- 
Tli, Colour. 

Tlu, tlugh. A pair of fire- tongs. 
Tlus. A lie, untruth. " 
Tlufaigheachd; Diflimulation. 



T O I- 

Tnu, tnuth. Gen. Tnutha. Fke, 

Tnu, tnuth, tnudh. Envy, indignation^ 


Tnuthach. Envious, jealous, a rivaL 

Tnuthaim. To envy. 

.Tnuthmhor. Envious. 

Tnuthoir. A jealous lover* 

To. Dumb, mute* 

To. Silence. 

To. A tongue. 

Toamhlachd. j ^., 
^ , S Silence. 

Foanche. i 

Tobach. Sudden^ furprifmg. 

Tobar. A well. 

Toban. A cowl. 

Tobar-fiorghlan. A fpring-welL 

Tobar-tarxuioge. A draw-well, ^ 

^J'obhacb. To wreft, 

Tobhtha^ taoghtha. Chofen, clciJl. 

Tocadh. ProQjerity. 

Tocha. Love, loving. 

Tocha. Choice. 

Tochailt. Digging, a mine, quarry. ' 

Tocbailaiche. A miner, pioneer. 

Tochailam. To dig^ mine. 

Tochailta. Dug, digged. 

Tochailteacb. Fofllle« 

Tocbamlaidh. Marched^ 

Tochar. A caufeway, pavement. 

Tochar . A croud, multitude, great quaa- 

Tochar, tocharadh. A portion, dowry^ 
Tocharais. Winding, reclij^ thread or 

Tocharaiiam. To wind or leel yarn or 

Tocharaifta. Wound up. 
Tochd. A fit or trance, filence. 
Tochd. A bed-tick. 
Tochas. Vide Tachas. 
Tochdach. Still, filent. 
Tochdaim. To be filent. 
Toxrheim. A flow i^ep, pace. 

Tochlaim. Vide Tochailam. 

Tochradh. A gift, prefent, dowry* 

Toqht. A piece, fragment. 

Tochtam. To filence. 

Tochtha. Chofen. 

Tochus. Vide Tachas. 

Tocomhladh. A ftepping, ftriding. 

Tocfaid. A hoglhead. 

Tod. A clod, fod. 

Todan. A fmall clod. 

Todam. To caft clods. 

Todhas. Silence. 

Todhernamh. Punifliment. 

Todhochaide. The future, time to come* 

Tofas. Topaz. 

Togaidhe. Cholcn, choice. » 

Togal. lA lifting up, raifing, taking, 

Togbhal. S (hewing, dcmonftrating. 

Togbhalacb. A builder, one that raifeth. 

Togam. 1 To raifc up, lift^ to take, to 

Togbham. $ build, brew. 

Togar. Defire, will, pleafure, 

Togarach. Defirous, keen. 

Togha. A choice. 

Toghaidh. Attention, rcfpeft. 

Toghairm. A fummons, citation. 

Toghairm. A prayer, interceffion, petition, 

Togham. To choofb. 
Togh-ghuth. Confent, voice, choice* 
Toghtba. Chofen, eleft. 
Toghuil. A deftruftion. 
Togra. A defire, choice. 
Tograim. To deiire, to pleafc, choofe. 
Togtha. Heaved, lifted up, built, brewed 

or difiilled. 
Toi, taoi. A bearing, birth. 
Toibheim. Reproach, ftain, bkmiik 
Toibheima^h. Reproachful. 
Toibhram. To appear. 
Toic, toice. Wealth, riches, a fwelling. 
Toice. An opprobrious name for an ilU 

behaved young woman. 



T O 1 

Toiccach. ?t,. v i^l 

Toiceamhuii. J*^"^'*' '^^''y- . 

Tolcam. ToTwell. 

Toich. Land, ground, tfcrfitOry. 

Toich. A natural right or property, 

Toiche. Wall-cycd. 

Toichcal. A jdurney. 

Toicheamach. Gradually, ftep by ftcp. 

Toiched. An arreft, confifcatioxi. 

Toichedte. Confifcated. 

Toichiol. Viiftory, 

Toichim. A going, depaiting, 

Tofchiofdal. Arroganty, prefumption. 

Toichiofdalach. Prcfuming, felf-opinioAr 

a ted. 

Toiiihneadh. A faft. 

Toid. Whole. 

Toidhearnamh. 7 ., .- 

rr* ' L r Pun'iihmeiit. 

Toigcarnamh. i 

Toidhligh. A flame. Mailing fire. 

Toidhrighte. Seafoned to a thing, 

Trcifliun. Heat, warmth. 

Toifliunach. Hot, fcaiding. 

Toigh. Ahoufe. VideTi^h. 

Toigh. Agreeable. 

Toighe. Notice, attention. 

Toil. The will, defire. 

Toileach. Willing, voluntary.' 

Toileachaf-inntin. Contentment* 

Toileamhuil. Wilful, obftinate. 

Toileas. ThiwiH. 

ToilaiQhlachd; Wilfulnefs, >illrnghift, 

Toilfheidhmnigham. To enjoy. 

Toiligham. To Be willing, tp pleafc, in- 
dulge. ' • ' , 

Toilighte. Pleafed, fatisfie(|. /^ 

Toilirel/ Obftinate.^ 

Toill. Deferve thoul 

Toillam. Todcferve, mdrit, 

Toille. A hollow, cavity. 

Toillin. A little hoUtori ... I* . 

Toillti|i.„ Deferving. * v ' ' 

Toilltafiach. Dcferving, merit(»riou$.' 

Toilltanas. Defert. 

Toilfeimhnighe. Enj6ymertt, 

Toilteach. Voluntary. 

Toilteamhlachd. WilliAgrrefe. 

Toimhdigh. A tinfture. 

Toimhela. Difrtiouhting, hindrance. 

Toimhfhreagraim. To anfwer. 

Toimhlam. To eat. 

Toimhf^ach. A farm. 

Toimhfeachan. A meafufe, balance. 

Toin. Gcft. of Ton. 

Toin. Tone, accent. 

Toineal. A trance, aftoniihmtnt. 

Toineamh. A fa])non. 

Toineamh. A monument. 

Toinifg. Senfe, underftanding. 

T'oiniudh. A coming, going. 

Toinham. Tb twift, wreathe, fpin. 

Xoinnadh. Twiftiiig, ft)innliig. 

Tbirifieamh. I>eath. 

Toinneolas. Profoiy. 

Toinngrith. Idem. 

ToinnleaiTaichoir. A tanner, currier. 

Toihte liii. A fpindlc of yarn. 

Tointam. A lofig thread iii fpinmng. 

Toir. A clyirch-yard. 

Toir. Belonging to a church. 

Toir. FdrTabhair, give thou. 

Toir, thoir. Givfethou. Vide Tathaitaih. 

Toir, A purfuit, diligent feafch. 

Toirais. A teefl inquiry, toxitty. 

T6iraifach'. AhJ^ious. ." . , 

Toireaeht. A pu'rfuirig, feai-diing for. 

Toirdhealbhach,; Turfcgh. N«ne of a 

' . ... 

man. ... , • 

Toirbheartas.' Drfivering, tradition, i'dofe, 

bounty, difpenfation or gift. " / 

Toirbheartha. |t^_,.'' 

Toirbhirt. }P<^'^««<*.g'vcnup.. 

"'Tdfbfcelft.' iCiving up, deliVerfftg, dif- 
Toirbhreadh. 5 pcnfing. 
Toirbheirtach. BoHhtiru}. *' '*''"' * 
[4 X] Toir- 


T O L 

Toirbhram. To give, deliver, yield, fur- 
render 5 to affign. 

Toirbhleafgadh. To rumble. 

Toirchimeach. Benumbed, 

Toirchimeachd. Stupidity. 

Toirchimsmi. To burden, benumb. 

Toircbios. A conception, foetus, encreafe, 

Toirdas. Dotage. 

Toireamh. A plowman. 

Toireimnuigham. To walk ftately. 

Toirigham. To purfue, follow clofely. 

Toirighthe. Purfued, chafed, 

Toiriofg. A faw. 

Toirleimam. To alight. . 

Toirm. Noife, found. 

Toirmeafg. A hindrance, impediment. 

Toirmeafgam. To forbid, hinder, impede* 

Toirmeafgte. Prohibited, reftrained. 

Toirn. A great noife. 

Toirnam. I To thunder, make 9> loud 

Toirnigham. 1 noife. 

Toirneach. 7 

__, . . I Thunder. 

Toirneis. 3 

Toirrcheaghadh. Impregnating;, begetting. 

, ToirrcWgham. To impregnate, get with 

child, conceive. 

Toirrchios. Fruit, conception. 

Toirriomcbram. To carry over. 

Toirrfc. A lamp, torch. 

Toirfe. Vide Tuirfc. 

Toirfeach. Vide Tuirfeach. 

Toirt. Quantity, bulk, value, rtCptSt. 

Toirtal. Tight, ftoutj refpcdiful. 

Toirtean. Ufeful, ferviceable. 

Toirtheamhuil. Fruitful, plentiful* 

Toirtheamhlachd. Fruitfulaefs^ plenty. ^ I 

Toirtin. A thin cake, 

Toirtis. A tortoife. 

Toifcidhc. Will, defirc. ' * 

Toifeach. The beginnings vap, a leader^ 


Toi(aigham. To begin* 

Toifaghadh. Beginning. 

Toifg, A whpleftMhc admonitiont 

Toifg. A thing, circumftance, 

Toifgal. Left, finifter. 

Toifgbheodha. Expeditious in travelling. 

Toit. Smoke, vapour. 

Toit. A fragment, piece. 

Toit. Whole, entire. 

Toit. A fmall rick of corn. 

Toitam. To perfume, to fmoke or roaft 

Toiteamhuil. Smoky. 

Toitean. Burning, a fat collop, (leak, 

Toitear. Lumpy. 

Toith. Stink. 

Toithghiobhair. A whore^ proftitute. 

Toithleannan. A concubine. 

Toithfliearach. A filly or colt. 

Toithealach. * Vainglorious. 

, Toi theaftal. Arrogancy. 

Toitrigham. To burn, fcorchi 

Tol. A church-yard. 

Tola. A church officer. 

Tola. Superfluity. 

Toladh. Deftru£lion. 

Tolaibh. A multitude. 

Tolanta. Holland. 

Tolch. A hole, crevice.' 

Tolc. A wave. 

Tolg. A bed. 

Tolgdha. Proud, haughty, warlike. 

Toll, Poll. A hole. ' ■ 

Toll; Hollow. ■ * ' 

Toll. Ahead. 

Tollachd. A hollow, cavity. 

Tollam. ' To bore, pierce, penetrate, per- 

Tollthach. Piercing, penetrating. 

Tolteanas. Vide Tqilteanas. 

Tollta. Bored, perforated. 

Toll-cluaife. A touch-hole. 

Tol man. 



J' I A hillock. 



Tolmanach.5^ „ ^^ ,, . .„ 
^ , , 7FulloffmallhiIls. 

Tolmagach. ^ 

Tom. A bufh, a thicket. 

Tomach# Full of buihes. 

„ * J A fmall bufli. tuft. 
Tomag. 1 

Tomadh. A dip. 


Tomam. To dip, drench. 

Tombaca. Tobacco. 

Tomhaidhm. A rupture of water. 

Tomhailt. To eat. Vide Toimhiam. 

Tomheifam. To unriddle, guefs, refolve ; 

to weigh, meafure. 

Tomhaifughadh. ) Meafuring, menfura- 

Tomhas. 1 tion. 

Tomhaihlat. A mcafuring wand. 

Tomhfean. Weights. 

Tomhfeacham. A riddle, rebus. 

Tomhaitheamh. Threatening,, threats* 

Tomhra. Prot^flion. 

Tomhraidhe. A patron, prote£lor* 

Tomhurus. Silence, 

Tomhus, tomhfea^han. * A riddle, paradox. 

Tomlachd. Thick mllk^ curds. 

Tomopta. Rude. 

Tomthach. One that threatens, a fwag- 

gering iiellow. 

Ton. The breech, arfe. 

Tona. A tunc» 

Tonach. A dirt, covering, garmentc 

Tonalais. Cringing. 

. Tonnag. A wrapper round the flioulders of 
women in the Highlands like a (haul ^ a 
(haul, veil. 

Toncblodbaph^ A turocoat* 

Tonlagan. . Going or Aiding on .die breeoh. 

Tonn., Aw4vc» billow* 

Tonn. Strengthening* 

Tonn. . A bide, ikin, pelt.. 

Tonn. Qi}ickt 

Tonna. A tub, tun^ 

T9|inacli«. Waved^. undulatcdi 

Tonnach. Glittering. . 

Tonnach. A mound, rampier; 

Tonnadh. Poifoned water, undulating. 

Tonn a chladaich. The herb thrift. 

Tonnach. Undulous. 

Tonnam. To undulate, . dip in' water. 

Tqnnadair. A tunning difh. 

Tonnadairachd. Tunning liquor. 

Tonnchaftach. A turn-coat. 

Tonnag. A duck or drake, anjr aquatic 

Tonnghail. Wavy. 
Tonnluaigadfa. Wave-toft. 
Tonnta. Waved. 
Topnafca. A ball, bottom of yarn^ 
Tor, torr. A tower. 
Tor. A bu(h, ihrub, fear. 
Tor^ toras. Wearinefs, fatigue.. 
Tor. A fovereign, lord. 
Torachd. Purfuit of, enquiry, fearcb, re- 

Toradh. Regard, fruit, profit. . 
Toraidheach. Fertile, fruitful. 
Toraidhtheach. Flexible, pliant. 
Torain. A fort of vermin that deftroyt^ 

feed corn. 
Toram. To reign. 
Xoramh. Anaugre. 
Toran. Abounding or great noife. . 
Toras. Wearinefs, a Journey. 
Torathair. A monfter. ... 
Tore, A hog, fwine*. 
Tore. The heart, face. 
Torcar. Killing. 
Torcbhaill • The prsecordia. 
Torchar. A fall. . 
Torchair. He teil^ didd^ *as. killed; it 

happened. t '{ ' 

Torchathatr. A. throne. 
TorckioB breige. . A mooncalf. 
Torchios anabaidh. Embryo,, fbetus. 
Torchraim. To fall down^ dic^ pcrifli, 

happen. . . ^ 




Torchuirt. Over-turning* 

Torchuj. A ferrying, paffing over. 

Torcmhuin* The .neck of t hog. 

Tordhan. An elegy. 

Torg. A killing, deftroying. 

Torgan. A noife. 

Torin. Thunder. 

Torla. A furety. 

Tormach. Increafe ; feeding of cows or 

their being near calving. 
Tormachaim. To magnify. 
Tormaghadh. Encreafing. 
Tormaigham. .Toencreafe, augment. 
Tormaightheoir. An augmentcr, improver. 
Torman. A noife, found, the drone of a 

Tormanach. Noify, having drones. 
Tormanaim, To make a noife, murmur, 

Tocmuilt. £ating« 
Tornalaim. To turn with a lath* 
Torpan. A crab £fli. 
Torn A tdwer, heap, pile, body of men. 
Torrach. Pregnant, with child. 
Torrachd; Round. . 

Torrach taim. To make round. 
Torrachtain. Going to vifit* 
Torradh. Heaping, j>iling. 
Torradh. A bmial, watch, guarding* 
Torram. Tohea;;, pile. ^ 
Torramhuim. To.watcfa^ guard, CO' wake 

the dead, to vifit holy, places' aS4i pilgrim. 

Torrthamhiachd. Fer^ity. . 
Torrunn. Thunder. . ': \ ' ' '. 

-Toirt.. :Acake,-HtUe4oaf. . 
Tort. By you, afide. • 1 

Tort. Giving. VidcTabhairam. 
Tort-fanear.' Attention, obfenrasftknu 
Tort^faneargch;. Regaidfui^ obferving* 

. Tortaqbb Confidence. / 

* Tortaobtha. Confiding, dependiDgTNi^ 

Tortaobhihach. A commifTary. 

Torthach. * «,. 

Torthamhull. 1 • * 

Torthuin. Exuberance, great fruitful 

Torughan. Bafe in mufic. 
Toruibh. Overyou^ 
Toruig. Event. 

Toruigheachd. Purfuit, purfuing* 
Toruigham. To purfue. 
Toruinnie, tarinnfe. Over us. 
Torufcadh. To fall, be ruined, killed* 
Tofach, toifacb. A beginning, front, foun* 

Tofaiche. Former. 

Tofaigham. To begin. 

Tofanaibh. Thorns. 

Tofd. Weighty, deadly. 

Tofd. Silence. 

Tofdach. Silent* 

Tofdaigham. To confute* 

Tofgaire. Ambaffador. 

Tofgughadh. Motion. 

Tofguigham. To move* 

Toflal. Arnoganoe* 

Toftalach. Prefumptuous, arrogant* 

Tor. A wave, fod, turf. 

Tota. The rower's feat in* a boat* 

Totchornhua. A fhe oouftn* 

Toth. Feminence, female. 

TotiNutu To tow, lead afbrn« 

Tothbhachain. Alafs. • 

TothbfaatL The female pomof gcj^ratiofi. 

Tothmhaol. A ihe flave. 

Totta. A fhaft. 

Tra* Vide Trath. Seafon, tkne* 

Trachanit.: Ebbing of cM ri^e. 

Trachd. A treatife, trafi,' drtught. 

Trachdaire. AnhiftoriaA.' 

Trachdam* To treat of) baiidltf^ negotiate. 

Trachdalaighe. A negotiator* . 

Trachladh. Toloofen, 

Tracht* fitresigth, 'baHfk ^flioreoT a rivtr. 


T R A 


: J Slavery. 

Trachta. A treatife, difcourfe* 

Trachtaladh. Trade, negotiation. 

Tradh. A lance. 

Tradanacb. Quanrelfome, contentious* 

Traghrod. A way by the fea-ibore. 

Traid. Quick, a£tive. 

Traide. Firft. 

Traideach, troideach. A war-horfe, 

Traigh. The fea-£hore, ebb. 

Traigh-ghcadh. A ihore-goofe. 

Traigham. To ebb. 

Traighadh-mara. Ebb-tide. 

Traighighe. A tragedian. 

Traighigheachd. Tragedy. 

Traighlaightheoir. A (cout. 

Traill. A flave, ferrant. 

Traill. A kneading*tub, trough^ tray. 



Traillidh. I 

_, Ml t^ .1 >Slavilh. 

Traillamhuil. ^ 

Trainigham. To cull, choofe. 

Traifgam. To be hungry. 

Trait. A cataplafm. 

Traitbam. Vide Traigham* 

Traocham. To drain* 

Traochluithe. Tiltt, tournaments* 

Traogh. Empty, ebbed. 

Traogham. To empty, ebb. 

Traoigh. A foot in length. 

Traoileadh. To drag. 

Traona. A rail. 

Traonoir. Idle, vacant. 

Traonoirachd. Leifure, eafe. 

Traotham* Tolefien, abale. 

Trapan. A bunch, clufter. 

Trafda. Hitherto; crofs. 

Trafgairam. To abrogate, dcftroy* 

Trafgradh. i Ucftruaion, oppreffioa. 

Trafgar. S 

Trafgraim. To opprefs, overwhelm* 

Trafnan. A ledge. 

Trath. Time, fcafon j foon, fpcccly* 

Tratb. Prayer-time, canonical hours. 

Trath-nona. Noon, noontide, noontide- 
prayers; and noon of the antients, or ninth 
hour, being three in the afternoon j Trath- 
nona fignifies alfo the afternoon and 

Trath al. ^ 

Trathamhail.{^°8~^«^ «•"•*''»»• 

Trathrach. 7 ^ ,. , ^ „ 
Trathnin. } A l.tde ftalk of gnrfi. 

Trathfoin. Then. 

Tre, trid, tres. Through, by. 

Treabh. A tribe, family, clan ; pi. Trcabh^ 

Treabbacb. Pertaining to a family or tribe, 

powerful, valiant. 
Treabhachas. Great feats. 
Treabhadh. A ploughing, cultivating. 
Treabham. To plough, till, cultivate* 
Treabhaire. A plowman, a furety. 
Treabhan. A tribune. 
Treabhar. Skilful, difereet* 
Treabhlacht. A family, houfliold, tribu^ 


Treabhlaim* j_, • , ,.« - 
-r ku» • u jTotrouMe, diftruft* 
Treabblaigham. J ' 

Treabbtba. Ploughed, earing. 

Treabbtba. A village, homeftal* 

Treabbthacb. A farmer, bufbandman, one 

of the fame tribe. 
Treabbtbaire. A plowman. 
Treabhur. A ftodc or kindred* 
Trecheann. Three tops, heads, or ends* 
Treachladh. A loofing. 
Treacail. Digging. 
Tread. A herd or flock. 
Treadach. Having flocks. 
Treadban. A faft. 
Treadhmo. Wounds. 
Treaduigbe. A ihepherd, herdfman* 
Treagh. A fpear, trident. 
Treaghaim. i To pierce through, pene- 
Treaghdaim*^ trate* 

[ 4 YJ Txcalamh. 

T R E 

Tk E 

Trealamh. Apparel. 

Trcall. A fliort fpacc, time. 

Treallich. . Lumber, tralh. 

Treamaghadb. Binding, obligation. 

Trcamaigham. To bind, tie, faften unto. 

Trcamham. Through him- 

Treampa. Through them. 

TreanadH. Lamentation, wailing. 

Trcanadh. The week from Thurfday be^ 
fore to Thurfday after Whitfuntide. 

Trean li trean. The bird called a corn- 

Treanam. To lament. 

Treanas. Abftinence. 

Trean, treun. Strong, brave, ftout. 

Trean lamhchomhairt. Clapping of hands. 

Treananta. Triangular. 

Treartha. Art, fcience. 

Trearthach. Artificial. 

Treas. 7 _, ... 

TrXhid. }By'*~«8''- 
Treas. A (kirmifli, a battle. 
Treas, Adverfity. 
Treafumha. Drofs. 
Treaftarruing. • Thrice difttlled. 
Treata. A plaifter. 
Treath. Vide Treagh. 
Treathaid. A pain, ftitch. 
Treathan. A wave. 
Treathan. The fea, high water. 
Treathan. A foot. 
Treathlich. Luggage, lumber. 
Treatuir. A traitor. 

Treatuirachd. Treafon, rebellion^ trea- 
Treacheann. Three heads. 
Trcbi. Strong. 
Trod. Tread. Vide Trend. 
Tredeinas. For three days. 
Tredheanas. Abftinence from flefh. 
Trefid. Blowing, a blaft. 


Treibhain. Steps. 

Treibfe, ^reibhfe. Room, place, (lead. 

Treibhdhiras. Set apart. • 

Treibhfeachd. Viciffitude, change; 

Treibhfeach. Apt to change. 

Trcid. Vide Troid. 

Treidhim. To pierce through. 

Treigeal, A departure. 

Treigean. 1 - *- i- 1 . 

Treigfm. r''""^' ^^ ^ ^"^* 

Treigam. To leave, forfake, quit, aban* 

Treighanas. Abftinence from flefh. 
Treigthe. Forfaken. 
Treighthe. Virtuous qualifications. 
Treightheach. Virtuous. 
Treighion. A lofs. 
Treimhdhirach. Upright, finccrc 
Treimhdhireas. Sincerity.. 

Trcine. 7 
TreinasJ^'Sht, power. 

Treine. More powerful.. 
Treinfhear. A brave man, champion* 
Treinfc. A trench. 
Treis. A-while, fliort fpace of time. 
Treife. Force, ftrength; 
Treifmhor. Strong, powerful. 
Treifiner. A treafurer, as of a churclu 
Treite. Embrocation. 
Treith. Weak, ignorant. 
Treitiol. A champion, warrior. 
Treodas. Food. 

Treodfa, tridfa. Through, by thee. 
Treoghdham. To pierce, bore. 
Treoir. Strength, force, diredion. 
Treoradh. I . . ,. ,. «. 

Treoraghthcoir. A guide, leader. 
Treoraigham. To guide, diredt, lead. 
Treoraighte. DireAed, guided. 
Treoran. Three parts or pieces* 
Treot. Trotting. 
Treotam. To trot, come« 


TR r 


Tres. For, bccaufe. 
Trefc. Brewers grains. 
Trcuille. A triangle, 
Trcuillcach, 7 _ . 
Treuillineach. } Triangular. 

Trcubha. A rail. 

Treubhacha*. j Bravcrjr, virtue, chival- 

Treubhantas. $ ty. 

Trcud. A flock or herd, 

Treudach. Gregarious^ 

Treudaighe* A fhepherd, herdfmanv 

TrIunmhorJ^*'""e.brave. ' 

Tre«rcha8. ^'■^'"2^''' ''"^''^' 

Trcun ri treuH. The bird corn-crake or 

Tri. Three. 

Trid. Through,^ by means. 

Triach, Vide Triath. 

Triachan. A fock or fhoe. 

Triad. Through thy means. 

Triaghairdhamk To triumphj 

Trial. A journey, going, gait. 

Trial. A purpofe, defign, plot, device. 

Trialaire. A travellerw 

Triallam. To go, march, walk, move* 

Triallam. To imagine, devife, plot, de- 

Triallan. A wayfaring-man. 

Triamhin. Weary, fatigued. 

Triamhna» Weaknefs, lownefs of fpi- 

Triamhuin. A wailing, lamentation. 

Triam A third part. 

Trianach. Three by three, of the third 

Triantan. A triangle, three-cornered bread. 

Triath. A lord, king, 

Triath. A hog, fow* 

Triath. A wave. 

Triath. A hill, hillock.. 

Trie. Often. .. 

Tricad. Frequency. 

Trichoiach. Tripcdal. 

Trifiolaidh. A trifyllable. 

Triramhach. A trireme.. 

Trichad. J^j^j^.. 

Triochad. J ^* 

Trichado. 7 

.^ . , , I Thirtieth.. 

Triochado.. J 

Trid. Through. 

Trid amach. Utterly, wholly.. 

Trid a cheile. Helter-lkclter,. promifcu* 


Tri-deug; Thirteen. 

Tridne. By us, through us. 

Tridfa. By thee. 

Tridfan. By, through him. 

Tridflioillfe. Tranfparency. 

Tridfiioi 1 feach . Tranfparent*. 

Trifillte. Threefold, triple. 

Trilis. Buihy hair. 

Txilifeach. Bufliy hair, crefled.. 

Trilfln. A fmall torch, lanthorn: 

Trileonta. A quivering found. 

Trillachan traighe. Collared oyfter*catch<^ 


Trimfa^ By, through me. 

Trimhcas. Three pounds weight* 

Trinfe. A trench. 

Trinnfair. A trencher. ' 

Triobloid.. Trouble, afflidion. 

Trifhoghar. A triphthong. 

Trioll. A plot, . ftratagem. 

Triollachan. A grey plover. 

Triolonta. Trifling. 

Trionoid. The trinity, godheads . 

Triopol. A bunch, cluften 

Triihrumhan. A. triangle.. . 

Trift. Acurfe; tired, fad.. 

Triubhas. Trowfers. . 

Triucha. A canthred, fmall tripes. 

Triugh. The hooping-cou^. 

Triun. Poor. 

.Triune. Poverty, 


T R O 

T R O 

Triur. Three, number three. 

Triufan. Trowfcre, or breeches and ftock^ 

ings in one piece, 

Trocair. Mercy. 

Trocairach. Mcrci ful . 

Trochladh. A loofcning. 

Trochlughadh. Profaning. 

Trod. Scolding, ftrife, an elephant. 

Trodach. 7 

*x> , t f Quarrelfome, riotous. 

Trodanach. 1 

TrodamhuiL Serious, fcolding* 

Trodhain. 7 . * • . r 

^ , I A raven, bird of prey. 

Troghan. 1 

Trogh. Children. 

Trogbhail. A difpute, wrangle. 

Trogha. MiferaUe, unhappy. 

Troghain. Sun-rifing. 

Trogh theach. A footcnan, foot-foldter. 

Troiath. An helmet. 

Troich. A dwarf, evil body, bad perfbn, 

Troid. A fighting, quarrelling. 
Troidam. To ftrive, (cold, contend^ wraa- 

gie^ quanvl. 
Troidh, troigh. A foot. 
Troighe. Sorrow, grief. 
Troighitt. A brog^ie, flipper. 
Troighleathann. A broad flipper. 
Troightheach. A footman, foot^foldier. 
Troighthin. A feck, diaftinefs* 
Troimcfaill. A i%aAmsay. 
Troimdhe. T«Cetary gods. 

^ . \ ( Heavinefs, more heavy. 
Troimad. i * ^ 

TroimeacM. Heaivinefe, weight. 

Troifgeadh. Fafting, a fa*. 

Troifgeach. Sc^tsc^ rigid, given to' faft- 


Troifgam. To faft. 

Troifte. A three-foot ftool, tripod. 

Troirthligbam. To coiiAune, pine away. 

Troitarachd. Treafon. 

Troncu Weighty, heavy. 

Trom. Proteftion. 

Trom. Blame, rebukew 

Trom-tric. Pell-mell. 

IVomam. ^ To aggravate, make heavy, 

Tromaigham. ) to load, burden^ 

Tromaghadh. Making heavy. 

Troman. A great weight, bore^tree. 

Tromara. A client. 

Trombhanoglach. A woman client. 

Trombhod. Vervain, mallow. 

Trombhuidhann. A tribe» clan of yaf- 

Tromchafair. A great fliower. 
Tromchumhal. A woman flave. 
Tromchuifeach. Important. 
Tromdha. Weighty, heavy, grave. 
Trominntin. Dejedion. 
Trominntinach. Dejeded, melancholy. 
Tromluidhe. \^. 
Tromhghe. r^' n.ght-marc. 

Troml^idham. To overlay. 

Tromm. The elder-tree, bore-tree« 

Trom mhathair. A matron* 

Tomoglach. A client, a fcrvant. 

Trompa, trompaid. A trumpet, trump. 

Trompairachd. Playing on a trump or 


Trompoir. 7 . 

^ . J A trumpetc 

Tromroir. i *^ 

Tromthura. A tribe of v«flah. 
Troraid. A fpire. 
Trofdamhuil. Serious, faithfuU 
Trofdan. A pace, foot. 
Troig. A cod-fiih. 
Trofgair. One that eatcheth cod-fifll. 
Trofgadh. A faft, faftiog. 
Trofnan. A crutch. 
Trofta. A crack. 
Troftal. Dwarfiih. 
Troftamhlachd. Serioufnefa^ 
Trothailte. I „, -, , 
Trothlaighthe. 5 "^^^^^^ ^onfumerf. 
Trotlughadh. Candying. 





Truacanta. Com|iiifiQiiate» pitlAil. 

Traacaamehd. Compaffioiuitetifift^ fky. 

Truadh. hetm^ ^teous* 

Truadhas. Leann^s. 

Truaghan. A poor^ wretcbed cfcature. 

Truagh. Pity. 

Truaghanta. Lamentable. 

Truaighe. MiUery, woe ; favour, fky. 

Truaigbmheil. CompaiEon, pity, mifery. 

Truaill, A (bcath, Tcabbard. 

Truaill. A body, carcafe. 

Truailleaghadh. Profanation, polluting, 

Truaillidheachd. Corruption* 
Truaillidfa. Miferable, wretched. 
Truailllgham. i To pollute, unhallow, pro- 
T'ruaillam. j fane, adulterate. 
Truaillanach. A niggard, mifer, wretch. 
Truas. Pity, compaiEon. 
Trucha. A (hort life. 
Trudaire. A ftammerer. 


Truill. A kind of veflcl. 

Xniime. 7 « u • r 

^ , , > Heavier, heavinefs* 

Truinfigham. To inclofe, intrench. 

Trull. A head. 

Trumpa. A jewifh harp. Vide Trompa. 

Truis. To tear ; a fuit of cloaths. 

Trumpadoir. Vide Trompair. 

Truifbhraghad. A neck-lace. 

Truifaladh. The clothes when tucked up 

from the ground. 

Trufam. To gird, trufs up, ^ther, warp. 

Trafadh. Gathering, girding up. 

Trufach. A Iheaf ; that gathereth. 

Trufc. VideTrolg. 

Trufaros.. A ward-robe. 

Trufcan. A futt of clothes. 

Trufcan. A fmelt or fparling. 

Trufgan. Goods, chattels, furniture. 

Trufgar. Oarweed^ 

TruUar. Daft, fii^ 

Trufdalainu T* tcvft up, girt up the 

Trutham. To feparate, funder. ' 
Trutrach. Chaptering. 
Tu. Thou, yos. 
Tua. Silence. 

TuachaQ. Prudent, cunning, 
TuachiolL Winding, eddying, tmovtog 

round againfl the fun, left about. 
TuachioUach. Vortical, vermicular. 
Tuadh. A hatchet, axe. 
Tuadhmaoile. Fair, bufliy hair. 
Tuadh. Fame, renown. 
Tuadfaana. Fleams. 
Tuadh. Vide Tuath. 
Tuagh. Dominion: • 
Tuagha. Hooks, hinges, crooks; 
Tuaghrod. A way, road. 
Tuai. Bad, nai^ty. 
Tuaichle. Wit, cunning, prudence, tu« 

Tuaileach. The twilight. 
Tu'aileas. Reproachy calumny. 
Tuaileafach. Reproachful, calumnious. 
Tuaileafam. To reproach, accufe. 
Tuaileafog. A fcold. 
Tuailam. To be able. 
Tualang. Able, capable. 
Tuailt. A towel. 
Tuaim. A village^ farm, a dyke fide, 

moat, hillock, rifing ground, a grave, 

Tuainalach. Giddlnefs. 
Tuaiphair. A boor, clown^ aukward fel- 
Tuairim. A guefs, opinion, conjefhire, 

Tuair. Chief. 

Tuairimam. To conjeAure, guefs. 
Tuairifg. An account, detail, a fymbol. 
Tuairnin. A mallet, hammer. 
Tuairnair. A turner. 

[4 Z] Tuaifaid. 



Tuaifjiid; A quarrel, wrangle. 

Tuaifceart. The north quarter^. . i 

Tuaith. 7 -,. , 
rr -.u > Northern. 

Tuaith* A traft, torritoryv, 

Tuaitheach. A country-man, ruftit. 

Tuaithe, Rural. 

Tuaithleas. A ruftic trick, cunnings . 

Tuahimg. Patience. 

Tualaingaoii. To endure^ beaz patiently. 

Tualthachi Poffibility. 

Tuama. A tomb or grave. 

Tuamain. Fierce, morofe. 

TuaphoU. A whirlpool. 

Tuar. An omen, prefage, fore-runner.. 

Tuar. Foreboding*. 

Tuara. Satisfaction. 

Tuara. Gxowth, life. 

Tuaraim. To bode, .portench 

Tuarcaim. To knocky fmitfi. . 

Tuargfl^bh;, Was taken. 

Tuargnadh. Sedition. 

Tuargnach-cath.. Chief commander^ ge^ 

neraliffimo. j , 

Tuaiturgbhail. . A jrepart,- dlarafber. . 

Tuarafdaj, . Hirj?; wagfK;, a fee. . 

Tuarafdalaigham. T6'hii^'. 

Tuareip. Confufion, a foul houfcK 

Tuas. Above, before*. 

Tuafaid. Tumult, buftle^ quarrel.. 

Tuafaidbach.^ Tumultuous.. - . 

Tuafgeart.. Njorthern^ theiwrtht 

Tuaflagadh. A releafing, difTolving^ 

' (L^y> of the country, northern... 

Tuath. The north, a lordfliip. 

Tuath.,, the laiiy or people.. 

Tuathanach. A countryman, farmer,, ruf- 

Tuathach. A north country perfon, a lord, 

Tuaiha de Uanan^if .The fowth. colony of 

Tuathchaint. Gibberiih. 

TuaUvi fiodhgha. The name of Ibme Brf— 

tons who ufed po»fone4 darts in Ireland^ 

K. ad A. M. 2737. 
Tuathachd. A lordihip, Icigniory. 
Tuathal. Left, aukward, ungainly. 
Tuathallach. Aukward. 
TuathallaA. An aukward, ungainly per- 

TuathamhuiL Rude, ruftic* 
Tuathamhlachd. Rufticity. 
Tuathchuird. Sorcery. 
Tuathlios. Calumny. VideTuaileas*. 
Tubag. A tub, vat. 
Tubag-fhtolaidtu A. dropping-tub. 
Tubaift. Misfortune, mifchief. 
Tubaifteach. Unlucky, unfortunate 
Tubaifteachd. Accidentalneik.^ . 
Tubha. A fhew, appearance.. 
Tubhe. Thatch. 
Tubhailt. A toweL 
Tuc, teec. A bone, 
Tuca. A tuck, rapier. 
Tuccaid. A caufe, rea(bn& 
Tucalam. To full. 
Tucaluidhe. A fuller. 
Tuchairatm. To rub. 
Tuchan. Hoarfenefs, ahoarfe-foAg... 
Tuchanach. Hoarle. 
Tucra. .Meat. 
Tuchr. A pore. 
Tucht. A form, ihape.iv 
Tucht. Time. Vide Trath. 
Tuchlach. Powerful. 
Tiichtaigham. To choofe. 
Tudan. A fmall hjeap, as a cock of ha^ 
Tudanachd. Making (mail heaps. 
Tudhamlach. Carriage, behaviour. . 
Tudhchadar. They came. 
Tudhcham. J ^ 
Tufog. . Crepitum. 
Tug. Gave, brought.. 




Tughc, tuighc. Thatch, fbaw*. 

Tugham. To thatch. 

Tughte. Thatched. 

Tughnaim. To apply, adjoin* 

Tuidhle. Pleafant, delightful. 

Tuidhme. A confederacy, conjiindlioa.. 

Tuidhmeach. A yoke-fellow. 

Tuidhmim. To join, yoke. 

Tuighe. Straw, thatch. 

Tuigham. To thatch. 

Tuigam. To underftand, difcern, per- 

Tuigfe, tuifgin. Underftanding, know- 
ledge, fkill. 

Tuigfeach. i Knowing, Ikilled, intelli- 

Tuigfineach. J gent. 

Tuile. A flood, deluge, rain, gl. Toil- 

Tuile ruadh. Noah's flood*. 

Tuil. Sleep,, reft. 

Tuilbhein. A torrent. 

Tuilcheimnughadh. Progrels, proceflion* 

Tuilg. A hillock. 

Tuiligham. To overflow, encreafe. 

Tuill. Holes. 

Tuillim... To fleept. 

Tiiille, More, a remnant, addition; 

Tuille fos. Mbreover. 

Tuillcamh. Wages, hire. 

Tuillam. To augment, encreafe, enlargp j 

to deferve, earn. 

7'uillin. Defert, merit.. 

Tuilfam. To fleep. 

Tuillte. Floods. 

Tuillthc. Earned, defervcd». 

Tuilm. Elm, oak tree. 

Tuimpe. A pump. 

Tuinge. An oath. 

Tuinidhe. Immoveable. 

Tuinaifg. Senfe, underftanding* 

Tuianeamh. Death. 

Tuinnam. ? ,« j n r • 

^ . . . (To dwell, fojourn. 

Tuinnachas. Sojourningt 

Tuinnidhe. A den. 

Tuinnidhe. Poflieflion. 

Tuir. PI. of Tor. 

Tuir. A lord, fovereign, general. 

Tuirbheach. i ^, ^ , , /. r . 

-r- - i_ t > Shame- faced, bafhful. 
1 uirmheach. j 

Tuirchimigham. To make forry, grieve, 


Tuirchrcich. A reward. 

Tuirean. A troop, . multitude* 

Tuireann. Wheat. 

Tuireadh. A requeft, crying, weeping,, a 


Tuireann. A fparkle of fire from an anvil.. 

Tuiriofg. A faw. 

Tuiridh.. A pillar, fupporter of an edifice. 

Tuirigham. To reign. 

Tuirighin. A tongue, a prince, a judge*. 

Tuiri fc-taidhe. Conviftion of theft. 

Tuirlin. A.defcent. 

Tuirlingam. To defcend. 

Tuirlifteoir. A manger. 

Tuirmheach. Modeft, baftifuIJ 

Tuirmheachd. Modefty, fhamefacednefs* 

Tuirfe. Wcarinefs, fadnefs, 

Tuirfeach. Weary. 

Tuirfigham. To weary, tire, fatigue. 

Tuirtheachda. A rehear fal, relation. 

Xuirt. Time, quantity, confideration. . 

Tuis. Incenfe, frankincenfe. 

Tuis. A gentleman, jewel. 

Tuis, tus. A beginning, origin... 

Tuift)eanadh. A front. 

Tuifdeach. ; 


Tuifdin. Creation. 

Tuifeach, taoifeach.. A commander, offi« 


Tuifear. A cenfcr^. 

TuifilK A trefpafs. 


> A parent. 



Tuiflc. The hinge of a door; 
Tuifligham. To ftumblc, to Sring forth, 

Tuiflighte. Eillcn, ftumbled, delivered, 
Tuifmeadh. i Delivery, travel^ or bring- 
Tuifmeaghadh. 1 ing forth young. 
Tuifmigham. To Jtumble, bring forth 

Tuifmighthoin A . parent* 
Tuiftiun. A groat. 
Tuifteamhach. Frail, ruinous, ready to 

Tuith. A fide. 


Tuitim. I 

Tuitam, A fall, chance, refult. 

Tuitamach* That falleth, accidental* 

Tuitamachd. Contingence. 

Tuitamas. The falling ficknefs. 

Tul. The front, countenance, face. 

T'ul. A beginning, entrance. 
I Tul. More. 

Tul. Quick, foon. 

Tul. A manner, fafliion. 

Tul. Naked. 

Tula. 1 

Tulach, >A hill, hillock. 


Tulaga. A change of labourers. 

Tiilagam. To rock, move. 

Tulagan. Rocking. 

Tulaidhe. Treafure. 

Tulaigne. Tntention. 

Tulgach. Jolting much. 
, Tulla. A green or common. ! 

Tulbhreicneach'. Spotted, freckled. 

Tulca. Bands. 

Tulcach. I p„ii^f hillocks. 

Tulcanach. ) 

Tulchan. Dim. of Tulach. 

Tulchomhraic. An allerobly, congregation. 



> A declivity. 

Tulchoir. Obftinite. 

Tulchlaon. Declivou^. 

Tulchuifeach. Confident, bold. 

Tulghaiream. To provoke. 

Tulglan. A handfome hillock. 

Tulghluafachd. Promotion. 

Tulbhallfgadha. Spots, freckles. 

Tullog, The-fifli called Pollock. 

Tulradharcachd. Providence, forefight. 

Tulradharcach. Provident, forefeeing. 

Tulradharcam. To fore/ee. 

Tulfcan. A fpreading, loofeningr 

Tulftaonachd. A declivity. 

Tultaradh. By mere chance, accidental ly« 

Tum. A bufli. 

Tuma. Vide Tuama. 

Tumadh. A dipping. 

Tumaim, tomam. To dip. 

Tumtha. Dipped. 

Tumthaire. A dipper, diver. 

Tunicam. To know. 

Tunna. A ton. 

Tunnog. A duck or drake. 

Tur. Dry, bare, alone. 

Tur. A requeft, petition. 

Tur, go tur. Totally, altogether. 

Tur. A research. 

Tur. A tower. 

Tur. Heavinefs, wearinefs. 

Tur. A journey^ tour. 

Tura. Much, plenty, abundance. 

Turadan. Nodding. 

Turas, turns. A journey, expedition, 

Turafgar. Sea ore, fea weed, ihell-fi&. 
Turufan. A pilgrim. 
Turbit. A turbot, rhomboid* 
Turbhaidh. Mifchance, misfortune. 
Turcach. A Turk, TurkiOi. 
Turchar. Riches. 

Turchomhroc. An aflembly, congregation 
Turgaibh. He took up. 
Turgabhail greine. Courfeofthe fun. 




Turgbhala. Guilt, iniquity. 
Turgabhalach. Guilty, 
Turgnaim. To collet, gather. 
Turlach. Ground covered with water in 

Turna. A furnace, afpinning-wheeL 
Turna. A job of work. 
Turn^idhe. A minifter, fervant* 
Turnaim. To humble, defcend. 
Turnamh. A defcent. 
Turnamh. Reft, quiet* 
Turnoir. A turner. 
Turric. A poih, thruft, 
Turricam. To pufli over. 
Turfach. Sad, weary, exhaufted in fpirits. 
Turfcolbadh. Frequent Ikirmifhes, a fplin- 

Turfe. Wearinefs, deje<2ion. Vide Tuirfe. 
Turfgan. Implements. 
Turtuir. A turtle. 
Turus. A journey, voyage, expedition. 

Turufan. A traveller. 

Turu(gur. Giblets. 

Tus. A beginning, commencen^ent. 

Tufa. Thou, thou thyftlf. 

Tufcarnadh. .Fiftion. 

Tufdin. The beginning. 

Tufga, toifaiche. Rather, the former. 

Tufga. Incenfe. 

Tufimtheachd. Anti-ambulation. 

Tuflogach. Defultory, ikipping. 

Tuflog. A leap, or little jump. 

Tuflogam. To leap, ikip. 

Tufmhodh. A bond-flave. 

Tufornach. A parricide. 

Tut. Stink, filth. 

Tutach. Stinking, filthy, ungainly, auk-i 

Tutaighil. Dirt, filth, aukwardnef^. 
Tuthan. Reproach, flander. 
Tutaire. A dunghill. ' 




Is th6 feventeenth and laft letter of 
the Galic alphabet. Grammarians 
have called it U, which according to Fla- 
harty fignifies Heath, i. e. in Galic 
Fraofch. It hath alfo, and with greater 
propriety, been called Ur, i. e. Ubhar, 
lubar, or the Yew-tree. Its power and 
found is the fame as in the Latin and Italian 
languages. U feems once commuted for 
V in the name Ualtair, Walter, which 
the Gael pronounce Valtair. Bh and mh 
having the force, with little difference 
from each other, of V, fometimes fupply 
the place of V in other languages ^ and 


as the grammatical reader muft be n* 

ftranger to the frequent commutations 

mh, bh, V, u, and w, little here need be 

faid on that head. 
Ua. From, of, a defcendent, grandchild, 

commonly in Englifh written O, as 

O'Connor, O^Neil, O'Brian. 
Uabhan. Fear, dread, horror. 
Uabhar. Pridei pomp, vainglory. 
Uabhrach. Proud, haughty, arrogant. 
Uacha. From them. 
Uachd. A will, teftament. 
Uachdar. The top, furface, cream, fum- 

mit, upper part. 

[J A] Uachdarachi^ 

U A I 

U A M 

Uachdarach. Uppermoft, higheft. 
Uachdaraiche. Topmoft, uppermoft. 
Uachdaran. A governor, ruler* 
Uachdaranachd. Government, fovereignty, 

Uadha. j _ 

Uadhbhachd. Terror, horror, 
Uadarfan. Eating. 
Uadhbhafach* Terrible. 
Uagh. A grave. 

Uaghbha.. A choice, eleAion, option* 
Uaibh. From you. 
Uaibhreach. Proud, vainglorious. 
Uaibhreas. Pride. 
Uaiche. From her, it. 
Uaidh. 1 
Uaidhe. f From him. 
Uaidhefan. J 

Uaigh. A den, grave, cave. 
Uaighrcir. Full of arbitrary fv^ray. 
Uaignas. Secrecy, privacy, folitarinefs. 
Uaigneach. Lonefome, folitary, fecret. 
Uaill. Wailing, lamentation, howling, cry. 
Uaill. Vanity, pride, vainglory. 
Uailleot, Vain, boafting, proud. 
Uaill. Famous, illuftrious, renowned. 
Uailleadh. A roaring, howling. 
Uaillfeartach. Howling, yelling. 
Uailligham. To roar, howl. 
Uaillmhiannach. Ambitious. 
Uaihheart. The howling of a wolf or dog. 
Uaim, fuaim. A found, report. 
Uaim. Notes on the harp. 
Uaiftih. A den or cave. 
Uaimhneach. Dreadful, terrible, horrid. 
Uaimhinn. An oven. 
Uaimhnigham. To terrify. 
Uaiminiche. A club. 
Uain, uine. Time, opportunity, rcfpite. 
Uain. Loan. 
Uaineachd. Vacation. 
Uaine. Green. 

Ualnad. Grecnnefs. 

Uainn. ) _ 

__ . > From us. 

Uainne. j 

Uainnarach. Secret, retired. 

Uainnaras. Retirement. 

Uair. Vide Oir. 

Uair. An hour. 

Uairachan. An horary. 

Uairadair. A clock, time-keeper. 

Uairadairaiche. A watch or clock maker. 

Uairiodhach. Chilly. 

UairJan. A fun-dial. 

Uais. Noble, well defcended. 

Uaifle. Nobility, gentry j gen^rofity. 

Uaiflad. ) ^ 

TT .« . . ? Cjentihty. 

Uaifleachd. \ ^ 

Uaifligham. To ennoble. 

Uaiflughadh. Making noble. 

Uait.* From thee. 

Uaithcligham. To difmay. 

Uaithdhligheadh. Privilege. 

Uaithchrith. Horror. 

Uaithi, uaithe. From her, or it. 

Uaithle. Horrible. 

Uaithne. Menftrua muliebria. 

Uaithne. Green, greenifhnefs. 

Uaithne. A pillar, poft. 

Uaithne. Union, i. e. Comhardughadh, 

which fee. 
Uaithnigham. To prop, fupport. 
Uallach. A burden, charge, tafk. 
Uallaigham. To load, burthen, encumber. 
Uallach. Vide Eolach. 
Uallach. Vain, vain*glorious, oftentatious, 

Uallaire. A coquet. 
Uallaigh. Lev;'d. 

Uallachus. Slllinefs, vanity, conceit. 
Uallachan. A coxcomb, 
Uallfult. Trcafon. 
Ualmhaigham. To howl, roar. 
Ualmhurnach. An outcry. 
Uam. ^ From me. 


U C H 


Uamchafaim. To encompafS) furround* 

Uamh. A cave, den, oven* 

XFamhann. Dread, terror. 

Uamhainach, 7 _^ ,^ , „ - 

TT L /. 1^ f Dreadful,, terrible. 
Uamhaiach. J 

Uamhortha. Dreadful, abominable. 

Uathmhorthachd* Abomination. 

Uan. A lamb. 

Uan caifg. The pafchal lamb. 

Uan. Froth, foam. VideOghan. 

Uanid. A chief or great perfon, 

Uarcin. Side of the head. 

Uarach-mhullaich. The herb Devil's Bit. 

Uarach. Temporary. 

Uas. Upon, more than, upwards, above, 

Uafal. Noble, gentle, well-born j Sir, a 

Uath. Fear, dread. 

Uath. The earth, mould. 

Uath. A hawthorn, white thorn. 

Uath. A fmall number. 

Uathmhar. Dreadful, terrible. 

Uathmhorachd. Dreadfulnefs. 

Uath. Lonefome, folitary, alone ; N'a 
uath 's n'a aonar, all alone. 

Uatha. Single. 

Uathadh. A little, fmall quantity, a few. 

Uathamhuil. Single, folitary* 

Uathartan. A pocket. 

Uathbhas. Aftonifliment, furprife, won- 

Uathbhafach. Shocking, dreadful, ter- 

Uathchomhradh. 7 ^ ,., 

Uathlabhradh. jSohloquy. 

Ubh. The point of a weapon. 

Ubhal. An apple. 

Ucaire. A cottoner or napper of frize, a 

Ucfaim. Toabolifli, extinguifli. 
Uch. Oh ! alas ! 
Uchd. The breaft, bofom. 
Uchbhadach, Groaning. 

Uchdach. An afcent, fteepnefs, ftomacher, 
breaft-plate, extenfion of voice, delivery 
in fpeech. 

Uchdal. That carrieth the head high, 

Uchdan. A hillock. 

Uchdmhac. An adopted fon. 

Uchdmhacachd. Adoption. 

Uchdaodach. Clothes, or armour for the 

Ud, od. That there, yon. 

Uddacag. A woodcock. 

Udal. Diftrefs. 

Udail. Inhofpitable. 

Udalach. Wavering. 

Udalan. A fwivel. 

Udhbhrann. A joint. 

Udhmadh. An inclofure. 

Udhmadh. A withe ufed to bolt the door 
of a cow-houfe. 

Udhthair. A bile. 

Udmall. Quick, aflive, ftirring, waver- 

Uga. Choice, eleftion. 

Ugadh. Birth. 

Ugh. An egg. 

Ughaim. Horfe-harnefs, traces. 

Ughachd. A will, teftament. 

Ughaimam. To accoutre, to harnefs. 

Ughagan. A cuftard'. 

Ughamtha. Harneffed, equipped, accou- 

Ughamhuil. Oval. 

Ughbreithach. Oviparous. 

Ughbhuidheacan. Yolk of an egg. 

Ughchrath. Spawn, ovaria. 

Ughdar. An author. 

Ughdargha. 1 . , 

TT Lj r 1- ? Authentic. 

Ughdarafach. > 

Ughdarach. Authoritative. 
Ughdaras. Authority. ' 

Ughdarafaim. To authorize, empower, au- 



U I M 

Ughra. A conflid, Iklrmifh, fight. 

Ugin- Fore-part of the neck, 

Uiateach, A farmer's houfe, 

Uibhir. A number. 

Uibne* A fmall pitcher, or cann. 

Uibne. Drinking. 

Uidh. Care, heed. 

Uidh. A degree, ftep, fpace ; Uidh air 

uidh, gradually, ftep by ftep. 
Uidhe. A journey. 
Uidhghiolla. A running-footman. 
Uidheach. Mufical, harmonious. 
Uidhidheachd. Harmony, melody.^ 
Uige. A jewel, precious ftone.. 
Uige. A web, carded wool for fpinning. 
Uige. Knowledge, (kill, rngenuity, under- 

Uigh. Pleafure. 
Uighdeall. Trembling. 
Uiginge. A fleet or navy. 
Uil, for Uidhil. The Jews. 
Uilc, PI. ofOlc. Evils. 

Uile. All. 

Uile. 1 An elbow, nook, corner, an- 

Uileann* I gle. 

Uileannach. Angled, cornei'ed. 

Uileachd. Univerfality, generality. 

Uilechumhachd. Omnipotence. 
Uilechumhachdacfa. Omnipotent. 

Uilelathairachd. Ubiquity. 

Uilelathairach. Omniprefent. 

Uileleirfin. Attribute of feeing all things. 

Uileinntinach. Without refcrvation. 

Uilechruthach. OmnKbrm. 

Uilechinntach. All-fufficient. 

Uilefbiofrach. Omnifcient. 

Uilefhiofritchd. Omnifcience. 

Uileleirfineach. i .,, - , 

Uilefhaicfmach. h"-*^^'"^- 

Uilebheothaighach. All-chearing. 

Uilebheannuighte. Truly blefled. 

Uilefihorach. All-bearing. 

Uileftilugach. All-devouring. 

Ulleghlic. All-wife. 
Uile-iomlan. All-perfcft, all-fufiicient. 
Uile-iomlanachd. All-fuflBclency. 
Uile go leir. Altogether. 
Uilidh. All } Go h uilidh, univerfally. 
Uille, oUle. Greater. 
Uilleann. Honeyfuckle, name of the diph- 
thong ui. 
Uillean. Vide Uileann. 
Uille. Oil. 
Uillgha. Oily, of oil. 
Uim. The earth. 
Uim. Brafs, copper. 
Uimcheallach. > . , - . , 

Uimcheallog. } Any dafe p„v,te place. 

Uimchrith. An earthquake. 

Uime. About, about him or it. 

Uime-fin. Therefore. 

Uimedim. To encompafs, embrace. 

Uimflialraftaim. To amble, pace. 

Uimitalaigham. To circumvolate. 

Uimitalaich. Circumvolution. 

Uimtabhradh. Circumlocution* 

Uimlheolam. To circumnavigate. 

Uimchladhadh. Circumvallation. 

Uimfhilladh. Circumplication. 

Uimlhuidhachadh. Circumpofition. 

Uimfhruth. i ^. 

> Circunfluence. 

Circumfluent, clrcumflu- 

To circumfufc. 
Circumgyration, revoluti- 



Uimrothlam. To circumgyrate, revolve. 
Uimpe. About her, it. 
Uimhir. Number, arithmetic. 
Uimhirach. Numerous. « 

Uimhrachal. Arithmetical. 
Uimhrachan. Arithmetician. 
Uimleac, uimlcacan. The navel. 
Uimleacbta. Umbilical. 



U L L 

Uimmheirg. Ruft. 

Uimphliochdam. To embrace. 

Uimrcamhar. Very fat, 

Uinamaid. Ointment* 

Uinche. A battle. 

Uinge. An oiinee. 

Uine. Time. 

Uinne. Blind. 

Uinneamh. Strength. 

Uinneog. A window. 

Uinrun. An onion. 

Uinfiunn. An sUh-tree. 

Uinfi. Is, it is. 

Uinfuigham. T-6 mana^ge^ fway. 

Uir. Mould, earth, dulft. 

Uir. Fire. 

Uirchur. A cricket, diur^worm, ftn- 

Uircin. A pig, grice. 

Uifdhiiighadlu An eclipfe of the Ain> or 

Uirdhreachadh* A delineation. 

Uire. Movefreih, frefhneft. 

Uireafbhacb* Indigent, needy, a needy per* 

Uireasftfetritlh'. Wanf, indigence.. 

Uirfhiacla. The fore-teeth, 

Uirghairdachas. Rejoicing. 

Uirghairdaigbam. To rejoice. 

Uirghibl. Eloquence,, uttefatace, it com- 

Uirghiollach. Eloqntnt 

Uirghreannachd. Puberty, itpenefs of age. 

Uraghadh. Renewing, refrefliing, refrefh- 

Uirad. A fhare, portioh, as much as. 

Uirid. Whilft, as loi^ as. 

Uirigh. A couch. 

Uiriofal. Bafe, mean, flavifh, cringing. 

TT« • /I * t.j JLowlinefs, meannefs. 
Uiriofleachd« i 

I7irioilatgh«m« To debafe, difparage. 

- Uirliofteoir* A manger*. 

Uirlis. Tools, inftruments. 

Uirliocan. A vomiting. 

Uirlios. A walled garden* 

Uirneis. A furnace. 

Uirrc. Upoh, unto her, 

Uir-reathadh. A mole. 

Uirreachaire. Readier, more watcllfur. 

Uirtreacia. Pits of water in the fand left by 

the ebb. 
Uis. Humble, obedient. 
Uis. Ufe. 

Uifal. Snug, comfortable* 
Uifededachd. Sttpplieation. 
Uifeog. A lark. 

JJlJJS* |PI.Uifgidhe. Water, a river. 

Uifge beatha. i. c. A^ua vitae, whifgy; 

Uifge neartmhor. Aqua fortis. 

Uifgeul. A fable, ftory* 

Uifgeulgha. Fabulous. 

Uifgeulaiche. A fabulift. 

Uifgambuil. Watery. 

Uifgamhlachd. Waterineft* 

Uifgeacha. Waters. 

Uifgaigham. To wafter,' ir/igatd. 

Uifirc. Anoyfter, nfurtr. 

Uifiarram. To befeecb, htimbly entreat, 

Uifiarrtbach. Importunate* 

Uifneach. An old name of the county of 

Ulachd. Colour* 

Ullin. $^'^'* 

Ulog. A pulley. 

Ullaigh^ Ultonians* 

Ulaidh. A pack-faddle, a hoard or hidden. 

Ulbhuadhach. AJl-viAorious, triumphant. 
Ullcach. The quinfey. 
Ulcha. A beard. 
Ulla. A place of devotion , a burying* 

place, the crofs or calvary of a carfiedraL 


Is Bl Uldach,. 



tJldach. A burden. 

Ullabheift, A lamprey* 

Ullamh, Vide OUamh. 

Ullamh. Ready, prepared. 

Ullamhaim. i To prepare, procure, pro- 

Ullamhaigham. 3 vide. 

Ullamhaghadh. Preparation, preliminary. 

Ullamhaighte. Prepared, provided, made 

Ullmhoid. A preparation, provifion. 

Ullchabhacan. An owl. 

Ulmudb. Tongs- 

Ullthach, ualacb. A burden, load, arm- 

XJltach. Ultonian, 

Um. For Uime, ab6ut, near. 

Um. With, together with. 

Umad. About thee, upon thee. 

Umainn. Abput us. 

Umaibh. About you. 

Umaidhe. Vulgar, ignorant. 

Umpa. About them, 

Uman. Human. 

Umaire, iomaire. A ridge. 

Umar. A trough, a veflcl. 

Umar-baifdaidh. A font. 

Umbracam. To embrace. 

Umchafadh! A vertigo, dizzincfs. 

Umchriodheal, The pcricordium. 

Umchadh. Ready. 

Umdhruidam. To (hut Up clofe, to bc- 

Umdhruidt€. Clofed up, fliut up, be- 

Umfaifgam. To embrace. 

Umghaoth. A whirlwind. 

Umghlacam. To gripe or grafp. 

Umha. Copper, brafs. 

Umha, uamha. A cave, den. 

UmhaiL Heed, attention, confideration, 

Umhaire. A tinker, brazier. 
IJmhal. Obedient. 


t Wallowing. 

Umhaloid. Agony. 

Umhalachd. 7 „ ,,. , ,. 

Umchlodh. A vertigo. 

Umhladh. Obedience, fubmiiEon ; a fine. 

Umhlaigham. To obey, fubmit, hum* 

Umhlughadh. Humbling, hamtliation, 

making obeifance, faluting. 
Umlabhradh. Circumlocution. 
Umorro. But, even, moreover. 
Umpa. About them, 
Umpidh. An ideot. 
Umfhuidham^ Tobefiege. 
Una. Hunger, famine. 
Una. Proper name of women common in 

Unfairtam. To tumble, tofs, wallow, ncf- 

Unga. Brafs, an ingot. 

.^ ^' I longa. The nail, claw, hoof. 

Ungadh. Undion, ointment. 
Unga dheirionach. Extreme un^tiom 
Ungam. To anoint. 
Ungtha. Anointed. 
Unich. Buftle, hurry. 
Unicham. To tumble and tofs. 
Unfa. An ounce. 
Umfhuidham. To befiege. 
Untas. A windlafs. 
Uptha* Sorcery, witchcraft. 
Ur. Frefh, new. 
Ur, uir. Mould, earth. 
Ur. Evil, mifchief, hurt. 
Ur, ar. Slaughter. 
Ur. Generous, noble-hearted. * 

Ur-fliliochd. Noble race. 
Ur. A brink, border. 
Ur. Heath s hence the icttex U takes its 
name. r 




Ur. A beginning. 

Ur. Fire, hence. 

Urchuil. A cricket, falamander, or fire- 
fly. • 

Ur. A moiA place, a valley. 

Ur. Very. 

Ural. Frefh, flouriihing. 

Urghranna. Very ugly, monftrous. 

Uriofal. Very humble. 

Urach. Earth, a beginning. 

Urach bhallach. Orchis. 

Urach. A bottle, pail, fmall tub. 

Urachair. A (hot. 

Urchairam. To Ihoot, caft. 

Uracht. A fupport. 

Urad. As much, many. 

Uraiceachd. An accidence, primer, rudi- 

' ments of education. 

Uraigc. The former. 

Uran. Courtefy, affability, a fong. 

Uranacb. An upftart. 

Uras* A fprout, bud. 

Urbhaidh. A ward, cuftody. 

Urbhaidhe. Banc, ruin, deftruftion. 

Urbhidh. Ruftling, noife, tumbling and 

Urbhlaith. Fruitful, full of bloffom. 

Urbhath. A hut, cottage. 

Urcain. A pig, grice. 

Urchail. Fetters, fhackles. 

Urchaillte. Fettered, fliackled, forbidden. 

Urchailach. A heifer of a year and a half 

Urchoid. Hurt, harm, detriment, malice, 

Urchoideach. Mifchievous, malicious, fac- 

Urchoidam. To hurt, damage, bear ma- 

Urchofg. A prefcrvative againft evil, an- 
tidote, a fpell* 

Urchradhachd. Wretched, miferable. 

Urchur. A throw, caft, (hot. 

Urchuiram. To ihoot, caft, throw. 
Urchuidmheadh. A denial, put off, ex- 

Urchuidmhigham. To excufe. 
Urdhaithe. DefeS. 
Urdhubha. A darkening, eclipfe. 
Urfomhar. Autumn. 
Urgbhail. A lifting, or taking up. 
Urghairdeach. Joyful. 
Urghairdeachas. Rejoicing, congratulation^ 
Urghairdam. To rejoice. 
Urghais. An exchange, alteration. 
Urgnamh. A feaft. 
Urnamhdg. A goffip. 
Urgnamhoir. A fmell-feaft. 

T7 1 ' 1 r A lock of hair, hair, front. 
Urlamh. 3 

Urlabhair. 7 ,, /. , 

Urlaidhe. A fkirmifli, conflift* 

Urlaimh. Poffeffion. 

Urlaithe. Quick, aAive, ready. 

Urlaimh. Quick, ready. 

Urlamhuidh* A poffeffor. 

Urlamhus. Poffeffion, fupreme power and 

Urlann. A ftaff. 

Urlar. A floor. 

Urlar-buailte. A threfliing -floor. 

Urlataidh. Adive of body, tumbling. 

Urluachair. Green ru/hes. 

Urmhor. Frefli, cooling, flouriftiing, bud- 

Urmhorachd. Freflinefs, coolnefs, new- 

Urmam. To erafe. 

Urmais. Herefolved, intended. 

Urmumhin. Ormond. 

Urflinaidhm. A knot, tie; a pin or jack 
to faften the chords of a harp. 

Urnaigh. A prayer. 

Urradh. A furety, good author, defend- 
ant in a procefs. 


U R S 


Urradb. A^ducftain. 

Urradh tighe. Houfehold furniture or 

Urrae. Obedience, iubmiffion. 

Urrad. High* 

Urraid. A principal perfon. - 

Urram. Refped, honour, obedience, de- 

Uraigham. To renew, refrefh. 

Urrain. A ftay, fupport. 

Urramach. Refpedful, fubmiffive* 

Urramachd. Homage, fubmii&on. 

Urran na leife. The hip or huckle bone* 

Urranta. Bold, daring, dauntlefs. 

Urrflugaim. To vomit. 

Urflugidh. Emetic. 

Urrflugan. Vomiting. 

Urras. Awe, bond, check, infurance. 

Urrudhas. ) Security, furetyOiip, courage, 

Urras. 3 undauntednefs* 

Urr^idhufach. Bold, confident, fecure» 

Urrtha. Upon her, it. 

Urrthaigh. An oath. 



Urfa. A bear. 

Urfgeul. A fable, novel, ftory. 
Urfgar-bhraghad. A necklace. 
Urfag. A little bear. 

I The fidepoft of » dMr. 

Urful. A pair of tongs. 

Urthaidhe. An oath. 

Uruladh. An altar* 

Urufa. I 

-- > Eafy, feafible, praflicable. 

Us. News, tidings, a narrative, ftory.. 
Us, for Agus. And. 
Ufa. Juft, righteous, true. 
Ufachd. Power^ faculty. 


Ufarb. Death. 

Ufga, tufga. Incenfe. 

Ufgaraim. To clear or rid. 

Uflain. Play, fport, joftling, wreftling. 

Uilainneach. Chcarful, bri(k, merry, nimt- 

ble, adive. 
Uflainneachd. Chearfulnefs, briflcnefs, ac«^ 

Ufpairneachd. WrcftHng, ftrugglii^, ftrife,, 

Ufpag. A pang, thou. 
Ufpairnam. To ftfuggle, ftrivc, contend^ 
Ufuir. An ufurer. 
Ufuireachd. Ufucy. 
Uulp. A fox. 
Utan. A knuckle^ 
Utraid. A way for cattle*. 
Ut! Out! 
Uth. Udder, dug*. 





*rhe moft ufual and neceflary Words in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, 
explained by the correfpondent Words in the GALIC. 

By the Rev. WILLIAM SHAW, A.M. 


t O N D O K: 

Printed for the Author, by W. and A. Strahaki 

And fold by J. Murray, Fleet-ftrectj P. Elmsly, Strand ; C. Elmot, J. Balfour, 
and R. JaMisson, Edinburgh ; D. Prince, Oxford ; MefTrs. Merril, Cambridge j 
Wilson, Dublin ; and PissoT, at Paris. 

@^ owvtHsmr 

[fc l4DEaiM3 

A N 




A A. Firft letter of the Alphabet. 
^ ABAFT. * An dclradh. 
To ABANDON. Thoirt tharis, 
dfhagal) threigfui) dhibairt. 
ABANDONED* Air a tbort tbaris, air 

fhagal) air a threigfin, air a dhibairt* 
ABANDONMENT. Trcigfin, fagal, di- 

. bai^t. 
To ABASE. Dh^iorioflachadh, thilgin fios. 
ABASEMENT.. JorioQachadh, tilgin fios. 
To ABASH. Narachadb, cbur oglaidhachd 

To ABATE* Lugbadachadh, leigin fios. 
ABATEMENT. Lughadachadh, leigin 

ABATER. Lughadaicboir. 
ABB. Dlu. 
ABBA. Athair. 
ABBACY. Abbaidachd, ceart no fearano 



ABBESS. Bean-uacbdianch»llach<Iliubhi 
ABBEY. Cil, eglais mbanacb. 
ABBOT. Abbaid, Luamb.^ 
To ABBREVIATE. Dh'athgbearradh. 
ABBREVIATION. Athgbearradb. . 
ABBREVIATOR. Atbgbearradair. 
ABBREVIATURE. Athghairrid. 
ABBREUVOIR. Ceangal. ' 
To ABDICATE. Dfbagal, thilgin dbeth. 
ABDICATION. Fagal, tilgin dbetb.. 
ABDOMEN. Bolg, broin. 
ABDOMINAL. 7 ., , . 
ABDOMINOUS. } »'>'g*«^''- 
To ABDUCE. Thoirt air ais. 
ABDUCTOR. An fbeuch chuil. ,. 
ABED. Air leab«u 
ABERRANCY, f****^"""* 
ABERRANT. Seachranach. ^ 

ABERRATION. Seachranachd. 
ABERRING. Ool air feacbrao. . . 

A B N 

A B R 

^BERUNCATE* Spioaadlw 

To ABET. Dh'aontachadh- 

ABETMENT. Aontachadh. 

ABETTOR.^ Aontuichoir, companach. 

To ABHOR. Thoirt fuath, thoirt grairtn. 

ABHORRENCE. 7 Fuath, grainn, uam- 

ABHORRENCY. i horachd. 

ABHORRENT. Fuathach, grainnal, 

ABHORRER. Fuathuichoir. 

To ABIDE. Chomhnuidh, ghabhal com- 
hnuidh, mhairachdin, ghabhal taimh, 
ghabhal aitachais, ffaocrachadhj-dfheith- 
amh, ghiulan> dfhulang. 

ABIDER. Tamhuich, Aituichoir. 

ABIDING (continuance). Mairachdin. 

ABJECT, Suarach. 

ABJECT, (fub.) Cithromach. 

To ABJECT. Thilgin uaidh. 




ABJECTLY. Gotrualidh. 

ABILITY. Comas, ceadfuidh; 

To ABJURE. Mhionnachadh ann aghai, 

To ABLACTATE. Chur do na cicha. 
ABLACTATION. Suidhachadh, plan- 

ABLAQUEATION. Talamh do chladh- 

' ach ma bhonn craoibh. 
ABLATION. Diobhalachd. 
ABLATIVE. Diobhalach. The. Gaelic 

name of the ablative cafe in granunar. 
ABLE. Comafach. 
ABLE-BODIED. Comafach, laidir. 
-To ABLEGATE. Chur air teachdairachd. 
ABLEGATION. Cur air teachdairachd.; 
ABLENESS* Neart, comas. 
ABLUENT. Nighach. 
ABLUTION. Nighadh. 
To ABNEGATE. Dhiultadh, dh'aighadh. 

ABNEGATION. DIultadh» alghadh. 
ABOARD. Airbord. 
ABODE. Comhnuidh. Vide ABIDE. 
To ABODE. Chur air mhanadh, dh^pn- 

fadh roi laimh. 
ABODEMENT. Sealladh, tais. 
To ABOLISH. Dhubhadh amach, fgrios. 
ABOLISHABLE, Sofgriofor. 
ABOLISHER. SgriQfadair. 
ABOMINABLE. Uamhorra, neogMan, 

ABOMINABLE. Go h uamhorra, go 

ABOMINATION. Adhuamhorradid, 

grainnalachd, morghrain> 
ABORIGINES. Naifair na tir. 
ABORTION. Torasanabidh. 
ABORTIVE. Anabidh, neotharbhach. 
ABORTIVENESS. Anabidhachd,^ iico- 
,. tharbhachd. 
ABOVE, prep. Ofcionn. 
ABOVE, adv. Afaird, ofcionn. 
ABOVE BOARD. Go follaifach. 
ABOVE CITED. 1 Roiraite, air s 

To ABOUND. Bhith Ian, pailt, faibHr. 
ABOUT, prep. TiomchioU. 
ABOUT, adv. mancuairt. 
ABRACADABRA. Eblas an fhiabhrais. 
ABRASION. Caithamh, duflach. 
ABREAST. Gualin air ghualin. 
To ABRIDGE. Athghcaram. 
ABRIDGE. Toirmifgte, athghearrtc^ ' 
ABRIDGER. Athghcarrair. 
ABRIDGEMENT. Athghearraidh, ath- 

ABROACH. Air a leath uilin, air a leath 

ABROAD* Amuigh, amach, afs na tira» 


A B S 


To Abrogate. Neodheanam, aifg- 

ABROGATION. Ncodheanamh, aif- 

ABRUPT. Athghearr, cas. 
ABRUPTION. »_. . ... 
ABRUPTNESS. 1°'""*'^» "''^'^- ' 
ABSCESS. Brughadh. 
To ABSCIND. Gearram as. 
ABSCISSA. Olrncach. 
To ABSCOND. Imitham air theithachas, 

ABSCONDER. Tcithach. 
ABSENCE. As lathair, as fiahuis. 
ABSENT. Neolathairach, neoairach. 
ABSENTION. Treigin. 
To ABSIST. Leigam dho, guaitam. 
To ABSOLVE. Saoram. 
ABSOLUTE, lomlan. 
ABSOLUTENESS. lomlanachd. 
ABSOLUTION. Maithamhnas. 
ABSOLUTORY. Maitheach. 
ABSONANT.?^, v j v 
To ABSORB. Sluigam. 
ABSORBENT. Tirimachal» 
ABSORPT. Sluigte. 
To ABSTAIN. Guaitam, treigam. 
ABSTEMIOUS. Stuama, meaflara. ■ 
ABSTEMIOUSNESS. Stuamachd, me- 

To ABSTERGE. Glanam. 
To ABSTRACT. Roianam, athar- 

ABSTRACT. Roinnte, atharuichte,' 

dorch, foluichte. 
An ABSTRACT. Briqdh, fulm. 
ABSTRACTION. AtharachaUh) eidorJ 

Tf A'BSC>ME. Cakbam» 

ABSURD. Neofhuigfach, mloreafonte. * 
ABSURDITY. Mioreafon, b«gthnigfe. 
ABUNDANCE. Pailtas, lionmhorachd. 
ABUNDANT. Pailt, lionmhor. 
To ABUSE. Miogbnaitham, mioghlea- 

ABUSE. Mioghleathadb, mioghnatbach- 

adh. , 

ABUSER. Fear miogbleath. 
ABUSIVE. Mioghleatbteach. 
To ABUT. Codbailam. 
ABUTMENT. Codbail. 
ABYSS. Duibhaigati) ooire, aigain. 
ACADEMY. Muroflamban, aol-tigh. 
ACADEMIAL. ?.,.,, 
ACADEMICAL. P°^-*'6»»»«*'' 
ACADEMIC. 1 , , . , 
ACADEMIAN. r^'*'"'"*'- 
ACCATALECTIC. Rann dirach. 
To ACCEDE. Tigam anall. 
To ACCELERATE. Deiftacbain, luath- 

ACCELERATION. Deifrucbadh^ luaib- 

To ACCEND. LafTam, Bebtbaicham. 
ACCENS-ION. Lafladb, bcothachadh,' 
ACCENT. Bias, bias caint. 
To ACCENT. J Cuiranr bias air,. 

To ACCENTUATE. $ labbram. 
ACCENTUATION. Cur bias air. 
To ACCEPTi Glacam, gabham, taogh-^ 

ACCEPT ABIUTY. 7_. ^^ . 
ACCEPTABLENESS. }T"*n»<:l^. <=»*=». 

ACCEPTABLE. Taitnacb» ciatacb. 
ACCEPTANCE. > Deagbthoil, gabhal, 
ACCEPTATION, i fcadJr., 
ACCEPTER. Anti gbabbas. 
ACCESS. Slighe, cead, ruigfin. 
ACCESSARY. Aontacb, copairtachi 
ACCESSARINESS. Aontaibadb» co>- 
pairtachd. . . 




ACC5S5IBLE. Ruigfinach. 
ACCESSION. Codachadh, teachd. 
ACCESSARY. Aontuighoir, copairtair. 
ACCIDENCE. Uiraicachd. 
ACCIDENT. Tubaifd, cial, feadh. 
ACCIDENTAL. Tubaifdeach» tuita- 

ACCIDENT ALNESS. Tubaifdachd, tu- 

ACCIPIENT. Gabhadair. 
To ACCITE. Gaoirram. 
ACCLAIM. J^ . . , ,. 

ACCLAIMATION. I ^'''' g^''-'J<=''^has. 

ACCLIVITY. Uchdach. 

ACCLIVIOUS. Uchdachal. 

To ACCLOY. Gaorram. 

To ACCOIL. Bhith ag ulnachas, iur- 

ACCOLENT. Luchd aitachaidh na 

. To ACCOMMODATE. Faidham coid- 

ACCOMMODATE. Coidheafichte. 
ACCOMMODATION. Coidheafachd. ' 
ACCOMPANABLE. Coropanach. 
To ACCOMPANY. Dhol aim conH)ailt. 
ACCOMPLICE. Pairtach. 
To. ACCOMPLISH. Bciram gw crioch. 
ACCOMPLISHED. Aii; teacW gn csri- 

och. ^ ' 

. ACCOMPLISHPI. Fear criochnachaidh. 
ACCOMPLISHMENT. Criochi^chadh. 
ACCOMPTANT. Fear cuntais. 
To ACCORD. Co-cbordam, deanam 

ACCORD. 7r^^,^ ^. 

ACCORDANCE. 1^'^^^^' "°^"'^*; 
ACCORDANT. Deonach. 
To ACCOST. CuUram faihe. 
ACCOST ABJLE. FofguUtc» fuaixc. . . 
ACCOUNT. Cuntas. r 

To ACCOUNT. . Innfinn, c«ntam 

cuntas, thoirt. 
ACCOUNT BOOK. Leabhar cunuis. 
ACCOUPLE. Ceaagalam,' cupalam. 
To ACCOURT. Thoirt ^idhachd. 
To ACCOUTRE. Eidadh chur air. 
ACCRETION. Cinachdin, toradb. 
ACCRETIVE. Cinachdal, torach. 
To ACCROACH. Cliocam. 
To ACCUMB. Suidhara; • 
ACCUMULATOR. Torradair. 
ACCURACY. Seillairachd. 
ACCURATE. Dirach, dioi^hait^. 
To ACCURSE. Malluich^m. 
ACCURSED. Malluichte. 
To ACCUSE. Diodam, cafoid dlwaoaub, 

gearanam, eiluicham. 
ACCUSATION. Diodadh, cwi», 'fo*- 

ACCUSATIVE.. Gioranacb. 
ACCUSATORY.. Gearanach. 
ACCUSER. Fear diodaidh. 
To ACCUSTOM. Cl?<K:hdam. 
ACCUSTQMABLE. i Fafa^u, deachd«I, 
ACCUSTQMARY. J cujnonta. 
ACCUSTOM ANCE. Cleachdadh, fafen. 
ACE. Aon. 
. ACERBITY. Geur»d, gwgad.. , ^ 

To ACERVATE. Croacham, 
, ACERVATION. Cruachjdh,. 
ACEXQ§£.. lQ<ur, goirt. . 
.ACETOUS. J . .:: : 
ACHE. Peinn. ...... 

To ACHIEVJfc. Dejnaw, gii|«9<P9qui* 




An AeiliEVEMENT. Gniomh, fua- 

ACHOR. Abhocinach. 
ACID. Geur, goirt. 
ACIDITY. Geurad, goirtad. 
To ACIDULATE. Geuruidiam. 
ACME. Airde. 

ACORN.. Darcan> duirce daralcb. 
ACOUSTICKS. Claifneachd. 
T« ACQUAINT. Beinun fios, iirnfam, 

deanam eolach. 
ACQUEST. Buingin. 
- To ACQUIESCE. Bhith deonach^ gabham 
■ tamh. 

ACQUIESCENCE. Gabhal ris, umhlachd. 
ACQUIRABLE. Sofhaotin. 
Tl> ACQUIRE. Coifinam. 
ACQUIRER. Coifinair. 
ACQUISITION. Aneofnadh. 
ACQUIfilTIVE. Cwfinach. 
To ACQUIT; Saoram, dleafdanas ^hea- 

ACQUITTAL. Saoradh. 
ACRE. Accaira. 
ACRID. Garg, fearbh. 
ACRIMONY. Searbhad^ gargad. 
ACROAMATICAL. Morfholumte. 
ACROSPIRED. Fcufagadi. 
ACROSS. Tarrin, tharri». 
An ACROSTICK. Rann tarfin. 
To ACT. Deanam. 
To ACT (play).* CkaTuiebaoii 
AGRT* GaicMnh. 

ACTION. ObaJr, gniomh, etthachadh. 


ACTIONABLE. Neolaghal. 
ACTION-TAKING. Laa lagh, aimh- 

ACTIVE. DeaaaCich, gniomhach. 
ACTIVITY. Deantas, gniomhachd. 
ACTOR. Deantoir, cleafuich. 
ACTRESS. Bean-chleafich. 
ACTUALLY. Go aorinach. 
ACTUARY. Clcirach cuiit. 
ACTUATE. Coruichte. 
To ACTUATE. Brofgalam, coruicham^ 
ACTU08E. Laidir, gniomhach. 
To ACUATE. Geuruicham. 
ACULEATE. Birach. 
ACUMEN. Binnainn, geurad. 
ACUTENES8. Geurad, brais. 
ADACTED. Airiomain. 
ADAGE. Sean-fhocal, gnii-flidcal. 
ADAGIO. Aifach. 
ADAMANT. Cruach, cloch-iuil. 
ADAMANTIAN. Cruaidh, teann. 
ADAMANTINE. Cruidhach. 
To ADAPT. Deanam freagarach. 
ADAPTATION. Freagarachadh. 
To ADD. Ciiiram ris, meaduicham. 
To ADDECIMATE. Togam deachbha- 

To ADDEEM. JBearaluidiam. 
ADDENOGRAPHY. Fairag-leabhran. 
ADDER. ' Nathair, dearc luachairach. 
ADDIBLE. A dfbeudar mheadachadb, <»• 

ADDICE. Tuadh. 
To ADDICT. Trfbhalram fuas. 
ADDICTION. Tabhairt fu^s. 
ADDITAMENT. An codachadh. 
ADDITION. Codachadh. 
ADDITIONAL. Barrachd, ofdtm, tolllc. 
ADDLE. Lobb, feifg. 
4 C T* 



Tq ADDLE. Chwrfciff. 

ADDLEPATED. Ccan falamh. 

To ADDRE3S. . DwfuiohfBi, uHaihtt- 

ADDRESS. Labhairt ri, deaaabbradb, 

feoltachd, Aailadh. 
ADDUCENT (mufcle). Cropwlh, 
To ADDULCE. Milfiiicham. 
ADEMPTION. Toirt air fokWu 
ADEPT. Team. 
An ADEPT. Duine team. 
ADEQUATE. loiuun. 
ADEQUATENESS. lonnanachil. 
To ADHERE. Leanam^ kanmbin d%e- 

ADHERENCE. 7 _ . . 
ADHESION. J^«««*™^ 



.ADHIBIT. Uifam^ deauam fein^ 
ADJACENCY. Dlus, am ft^us^ 
ADJACENT. Diu, laimhri. 
ADIAPHORY. Coidiheafechd. 
To ADJECT. Guiram ris, aflfac)^ 
ADJECTION. Cur ris. 
ADJECTIVE. Farbhriatbar. 
ADJECTIVE. Farbbriatbrach. 
ADIEU. Beannachd leat. 
To ADJOIN. Cuiram ri, dluri. . 
To ADJOURN. Cuimm dbiom. 
ADJOURNMENT. Cur dbeth. 
ADIPOUS. Ramhar. 
ADIT. Uamba. 

To ADJUDGE. Tabhrum bieith. - 
ADJUDICATION.. ^ BreitheamhiwK* 
To AD JUGATE. Beartuicham. 
ADJUMENT. Conamh, ^Hhdndfa. 
ADJUNCT. Butadb, urb9l. 
^>JUNCJIQN. CucrU, oQiqkdi^lnHMi. 


iAX>|UR4TION. hUmm-hm^ , ■': 
To ADJURE. larram mioniu , 
To ADJUST. Ctannrhim. 
ADJUSTMENT. Cearttcbadfc* . 
ADJUTOR. J*^^"^'"*^"*™"* 

To ADJUTfi^ Cuidttichwtfc. 
.ADJUVANT. Cwidachai. 
ADMENSURATION. } ^°"^''* . 
ADMINfCi<£i CoDKinh, Jduae^ig^ biu»(tt> 
ADMINICULAR. B»naik*ch. 
To A£>MIN,IST£a. f rMtblan^ ^is« 

ADMINISTRATION^ Ffiatbladbi u*- 

ADMINISTRATIVE. Friatblachadh. 
ADMINISTRATOR. FriirtUuichoir. . 

ADMIRABLE. lonffoitadi.. 
ADMIRABLENESS. Hongantachd, wdb^- 
ADMIRABILITY. 3 gantas. 
ADMIRAL. Ceannaft cal^lakb* 
ADMIRALTY. Riagbl afcbsbUvkdi^ 
To ADMIRE. longnamb gbaUiaU- 
ADMIRER. Fear iongoaidh. 
ADMISSIBLE. Luigbafichte. . 
ADMISSION. Luigbafaehadb. . 
to ADMIT. LuigjtafiduuQ. 
ADMITTANCE.- Cead,.xoiiu«i. 
to ADMIX. CoimeafgaiB. 
ADMIXTION, Coimea%, 
To ADMONISH. Gombairluidwi^. 
ADMONISHER. \FefUi-comhaklB. . 
ADMONITORY. Combairhach,. 
to ADMOVE. Gltiaifam, ccroidMiO— 
4D0LESCENCE. Oige.. 

> Cdmhairle. 



7^ 'ADOPT* UdUtiibacwdiai^ 
ADOPTER. Uchdmfaacuichoir* . 

ADOPTIVE. Uchdmhacach. . 
ADORABLE^ Unaouuib, ioidbtelu 
To ADORE. Aatam.- 
ADOR&R, dkmiAMO,. 
To ADQfttt. . SgtaAaeUm, ]i«%ub. ■ 
ADORKMfilfT. -.SguiiiiHadkyJbkUgiihJ- 
AJiQWtii.Jiiriu..- . /' 1 

ADREAD. Aireagal. . 
ADRIfT. ..'Lets ant {axOu. 
ADROIT.. 8Mhs.. t . 
A08.0lTJiES«v.. SdoltiobH. . - 
ADRY.. ftdtadh. - •..:.' .'i: ! 
ADSTRIGTION.. <i)eheaag<iK- " '' 
To ADVANCE.. Dluicfaeam, ^rdukfanm,- 

tairgam, . cinnaoii 
APiVAN^E. Qliaciinni»:brda«fah(U».<'. < ^ 
ADVANTAGE. Mafh» lamb an.'VwW. 

dar, . fath.'K .''^ .-' • '■ " 

ADVANTAQ£ <3SjO«MD.. O^ihtum 

ADVANTAGfiOOS.- Talrbhack, fcTmal. 
ADVA£n:Aa£Ol]^N.£S&. T^urbhv, 
To ADVENE. Cuiram ri. 
ADVENIENT.- Atr.a duff '<ric. 
ADVENT. Teacbd an t Hanuicbokw 
AOVENTIVE. Nicoimbotb. i 
To ADVSNTURK. • Fcucban. 
An ADVEMiTURJlw. Eeuofaaia* Mag- 

ADVENTUROOS. . TeagmhaJfecb, 
ACtVfiR^ Ceambkriatbar. 
ADVKLBIALa Ceannbbrbtbraeb. 
ADVEftSARY. . Nambaid, «afeu9id; 
AD-VEiiSE.. Tinfiii) crafiU* afuivagfaaiV 

contarach. . 
ADVERSITY. • AMm, egin. 
Ti^^ADVJE^T. . . Aii«^boirt,- Mxukkimi 

* "W kUVtiti*TKt. Fibs thoirt, glaod-'^ 

ium, rabhodh tbotrf.* 
I ADVERTISEMENT.. Rabbadh, tab. 

i kin,: .. •' : ■' • 

ADVERTISER. Kabhadoin 
ADVICE. Cokhhairle, rabbajfii. 
ADVICE-BOAT.. Bad-fada.. 
. To ADVISE. Coiahairhm^ belram colm**' 

" hairle. . • 

; AD VISE ABLE. OHc, .crionaar 
ADVISED. Ceimhariichte. 
ADVIS£R. Coimbairiichbrr. 
ADULATION. Sotal, bleid. 
I ADULATOR. Fear bleidal, no, fotalaclii " 
.ADULATORY. Bleidal. 
'adult. FcaRdr 
An ADOLT. Duine deante. 
ADULTNESS. Fearachas. 
iTo ADULTERi- Aoltranas dhfeanamh. " 
[To ADULTERATE. TniSiilluicham. • 
y^DULTERATETiESS;'?^- ., ' .' ^, " 
ADULTERATION. } Tn»a.Hu»cW, . 

ADULTERER. Aoltranach. 
ADULTERESS. • Bean-adfaaltranach. 
ADULTEROUS. Adlialtrahach. 
ADULTERY. Adhal»anas. ;; 

ADUMfiKANT. Sgailainacb. 
Tb ADUMBRATE. Sgailainaicham, def 
I anam cofmbuiL' 

ADUMBRATZON. Sg)iilahiacbidK. 
^DUfiATlOH. Cocbtai^Iyjionachadh,.. 
ADUNCITY. Caimad. 
ADUN(JjUE. Cam.. 
ADVOCACY. Diodann, leathfgcul. 
ABfVOCATE... Agbnaidhe, .eidiikhcad*^ " 

ADVOCATIOKi AghiiaidIiacbd,eidiriJi^ 

i^&VOLATION. Italacbd. 
j\.DVOLUTION. Rotbladb,.- 
^DVOtltRY. Adiiakranas. . 

A f . f . 


^DVOWJCE. Neach aig ambith l>eXtlMiii 
«ag1ais r' a thabhairt ieachad .4o iiM0b 

«Jle« ..' ... - - ■ 

Am^OWSON. Ceart bwthain wgWs 

thabhairt do neach' ei)e. 
"ToADURE. Jomlofganw 
ADUST. lomlofgte. 
ADUSTIBLE. Solofgte. 
ADUSTION. lomlofgadb. 
AELF. Qonamh, cnidmchadh, 
.AERIAL. Atharach, gaothar, |{uoradalta. 
-AERIE. Ealt (heabhag. 
AEROLOGY. Adwriul. 
A5ROMANCY, Athareolas. 
AERDMETRY. Atharthomhas. ,■ 

AEROSCOPY. Athar-amharc. 
AETHIOPS MINERAL. Angad beo 'us 

. AETITES. ' Clach ioUir.. 
AFAR. .Am fad. 
AFEARD. Eagalach, fgathmhor. 
AFFABILITY. Dn^hloir, cttimlachd» 
. fochomhradhachd. 
AFFABLE. Cuirta], deaghlmrach, fo- 

AFFABRpUS. Seolta, inntleac^tach. 
AlFFAIR. Cuis, gnothach. , 
T^o AFFEAR. Daignuicham, focruicham. 
T5 AFFECT. Buinam ri, bualaiq, ca 

niicham, leigam orm. 
AFFECTATION. Laigainair. 
AFFECTED. Caruichte, Iniailte^ deante 

le moran fcleo. 
AFFECTION. Fula^ caileaciy], gaol, 

gradb. . . . ■ f ' 

AFFECTIONATE. Teo^pb»«»>W!h, 

AFFECTIVE. 7 Carraidaeh,tniadb,capin- 
AFFECTING. \ »ch, muladach. 
AFFECTUOUS* Tiom-chciodbacb, Juat, 

AFFIANCE. Bun, ^wiias^ nwUi^biii* ' >, 

■■■" i ' - 

To AFFIANCE. Dbchu; paHMHix tht^ 
bhart. . . - - ' ♦ ^^ 

AFFIDATION. Cumlituiit, ^rda41i; 
reftadh« _• . s . . i • 

AFFIDAVIT. Mionti, fooal.: 

AFFIED. Cumbnantichte. • , 

AFFILIATION. Ucbdmhacacbd. 

AFFINAGE. iLeoghadh, glanadh. 

AFFINITY. CIiamhna% dainib. ' 

To AFFIRM. Beacbdutcbain, drarbbani, 
cuiram ann geill. 

To AFFIRM a J>tGree. Daingnuicbam. 

AFFIRMABLE. DaingiMcbdaU ' 

AFFIRMANCE. IJDaingnacbadh. Be- 

lAFFlRMATION. S acbdacbadb. 

AFFIRMANT. Fear daltignacbaidb. 

AFFIRMATIVE. Doarbhach. 

AFFIRMER. Dearbb^dau. 

To AFFIX. CiiinuB ri, <»ajigabai ri. 

The AFFIX. Ice. 

AFFIXION. Cur ri, iccadh. 

AFFLATION. Seidadb air. 

APFLATU5. GaothjOiidai. 

To 4PFLICT. AmhgaruicbaiD, lcoMaa% 

AFFLICTE&MESS. Ataibgbaradudb,I». 

AFFLICTION. . Ambgbar, bmn. 
AFFLICTIVE. Ambs^amcb; l^omadH 
AFFLUENCE.. Pailuc/aidbUitas* . 
AFFWJ^NT* ftilt,.&idbbhifc.. 
AFFLUX. 7,. .. 
To AFFORD.. TahhraM atacb, tbab« 
I hart, bbithioomafachk fbraatTuicbaoh • 
ToAFFRANCillSE. ^aotanuicbam. 
To AFFRAY. Coimm eagal, geilt, uartdwaw 
AFFRAY. Tuafaid, combfW. . 
To AFFRJGiHTi .Cjww», tergal, gcHt* 

oil^ 410 uamhaiiiiwUDcacIl.-^ ' - • -. 



A G G 

AFFiriGHT. Eagal, oilt.uamhain. 
AFFRIGHTFUL. Uamhafach, oiltal. 
To'aFFRONT. Tigam agbai ri aghai, 

nairuicham, beiram dimeas. 
AFFRONT. Spid, tair, tarcuis. 
AFFRONTING. Tarcuifnaph, fpidal. 
To AFFUSE. ^ Doirtam air, taomarn air. 
AFFUSION. Dortadh, taomadh. 
To AFFY. Gealladh pofda thabhairt, de- 

anam bun as. . 
AFIELD. Amach o 'n tigh. 
AFLAT.' Air lar, air an talamh. 
AFLOAT. Piodachadh, air phlod, air 
. fnamh. 

AFOOT. Air a chois, re chois. 
AFORE. Air thoifach air. , . 
AFORE, ad. Roimbe, o chian. 
AFOREGOING. Toifach.. 
AFOREHAND. Roi laimh. . , 
AFORENAMED. . . \ Roiradh. 


AFORETIME. O chlwi, o ihean. 
AFRAID. Eagalach, . ,. 

AFRESH. As an nuadh> aris^ 
AFRONT. Ann aghai. 
AFTER, prep. Anndeigh. 
AFTER., adv. Id; . . 
AFTERAGES. AI re t<«chd. . .. 
AFTER ALL. Anndeigh fin 'Us air fad, 

fadheoi. . . •' 

AFTERCLAP. Athbhuil.e.. 
AFTERCOST. Athchofdas. 
AFTERCROP. Atbbhar. . . , 
To AFTEREYE. Cumam fealladh air, 
AFTERGAME. .iAtbchlvicb. ' . ■ 
AFTERNeON. Deigh meadhoin la. 
AFTERPAINS. Aththinnaf-cloine. 
AFTERTASTE., Athbhla?. 
AFTERTHOUGHT, r Athfmpainta-. 

chadh. \ ■. ' . .■ • 

AFTERTIMES. ' A«nfir re tcachd. 

AFTERWARDS. Aris, anndeigh fin. ^ 
: AFTERWIT. Gliocas anndeigh laimh. 

■ AGAIN. Aris. 

. AGAINST. Annaghai. 

. AGAPE. Le beul fofgailte. 

i AGARICK. Seorfe cungaidh leighai«. 

AGAST. . Air uamhanachadh, air a 

AGAJE. Clachuafal. 

To AGAZE, Cuiram uamhann air. 

AGE. Aois, al, linn. 

AGED.. Aofda. • 

AGENCY. Gniomhachas, giollachd. 

AGENT. Gniomhaich, fgriobhadair. 
^ AGENT. Gniomhach. 

. To AGGERATE. Torratn, cariwrn. 

To AGGLOMERATE. Cearluicham. 

AGGLUTINANT. 7^, ^^ ^ 

AGGLUTINATIVE. S^^^^*"^^''- 

To AGGLUTINATE. Glaoghuicham. 

AGGLUTINATION, Glaoghacbadh- 

To AG GR ANDIZE. Meaduicham, . ar- 

AGGRANDIZER. Arduichoir. 

To AGGRAVATE. Antromuicham. 
.AGGRAVATION. Antromachadh. 

AGGREGATE. Torr, cnap. 
' To AGGREGATE. Terrain, cjwpui- 
cham, cruinnuicham. 

AGGREGATION. Torradh, cruinnu- 
chadh. . . , 

■ To AGGRESS. ?^ualaftis' ann toifach. 
AGGRESSION. Bujladh. arin toifach. 
AGGRESSOR. An ti bhualas ann toi- 

AGGRIEV^ANCE. ^ucoir, caoirthe, 
buairadh. ■.. , , 

■ To AGGRIEV^E. . Buairam, deanam eu- 





A H 

At A 


AGILE. Lutbor, icmfliuafgaillacb. 



AGITABLE. So-charuichte. 

To AGITATE, Gluaifam, carmehaiB, 

AGITATION. Buairadh, gluafe^M, roi 

acheile, cnuafachd; 
AGITATOR. Fear gnibmb. 
AGMINAL, Buidbannach. 
AGNATION. Sliochd aon duinc. 
AGNITION. Aidachadh. 
To AGNIZE. Aiduicham- 
AGO. Seachad, roitnbe (b. 
AGOG. Aotrom, amidach, togarach. 
AGOING. AirfclubhaJ. 
AGONE. Scachai 
AGONISTES, Fear a db^apras eombrwc 

anns gacb ait. 
To AGONIZE. Pianans curtucbam. 
AGONY. Plan, curodh, cradb. 
AOOOD. R^radh, dofiradh. 
To AGRACE. Deanam foilas^ fochftF. 
AGRARIAN, Paitchacb. 
To AGREASE. GtiranH 
To AGREE. Aontuicbam, cordam. 
AGREEABLE. eiatach>(<Kebordaeb,tait- 

AGltEEABLEl^ESS. Cbte, (aitne, 

AGREED. TH^ntCy focruicbte* 
AGREEMENT. Reitadb, cordadh. ' 
AGRICULTITRB. Treofchacbas. 
AGRIMONY. A* gbcurag bhUach^ 

AGROUND. Air lar> air traitbadh. 
AGU-E. Fiabhras. 
AGUED. Air fiabbrafacbadh. 
AGUE-FIT. Taom, brais. 
AGUISH. Fiabbrafacb. 
AH! Ab! 

J, (Cuidachadb. 

AHA! Aha! V 

AHEAD. Ann ceann, air thoifach^ 

AHEIGHT. Annard. 

To AID. Cuidtiicham. 



AIDANT. CHidachal, cairdaU 

AIDER. Fear ciMdach*i>ih. 

AIDLESS. Gan ch^iidacbadb. 

To AIL. Ni bbitb caoithrach rJ> atr- 

AILINGi Ag airbbaim 
To AIM. Gabham cemharra, c-airam ri 

fuil, tomhaifam. 
AIR. An t athar. 
To AIR. Cuiram ri gaoi*b. 
AIRBLADDER. Aodartnan^. 
AIRBUILT.- Diombain, faem. 
AIRHOLE. Toll-gaoitb, brucbag-Oiii- 

AIRING. Cabbal na gaoUh. 
AIR-PUMP. Taoman-atbair, piob-tbao^- 

aidb atbftT) no ga^lb. 
AIRY. Aotrom, atbaracK, fiioiir. 
AISLE. MQadhon^na b eftgkHs. * 
AIT. Eilain. 
AKIN. Daimbai. 
ALABASTER. Seorfe claieh fhiaealtft^ 

flircatbaL ^ : . 
ALACRIOUSLY. Aigbcaradi, aigaa- 

tacby aoibbnach. 
ALACRITY. AighcaVy aigantas^aoibh- 


ALAMODE. Anns ann f bafan. 
ALARM. Rabbadh> feanas^ clag-rabb- 

aidb, caifinacbd. 
A L ARM-BELL. Croif-taire. 
ALARMING. Eagalw:b, fuatbafach* 
ALARM-POST. Cnoc-fairc. 
ALAS! Motbnudibel 



S Mo cbreacb I 



ALB. Leine aifrionn. 
ALBEIT.. Gc, giodbeadh. 
ALBUGINEOUS. Air am bheil an galar 

fuil. ♦ 

ALBUGO. Galar arid 's aft t fuil. 
ALCAHEST. Cungaidh a leaghas gach 

ALCANA. Luidh Eiphteach math gu 

ALCHYMIST. Fear-Ieaghaidh mhiota- 

ALCHYMY. Lcaghadh-iul, rod a thi- 

ondas aon mhiotaille gu miotailte eile. 
ALCOHOL. Seorfa do chiad tharruing 

ro laidir. 
ALCOJIAN. Bibal nan Turcach. 
ALCOVE*. Pubal rioghal. . , 
ALDER. Fcaroa. 
ALDERLIVEST. Ro-chaomh. 
ALDERMAN. Uachdran baile-mhoir. ' 
ALDERN. Fearngha. 
ALE. Leaim. 
ALEBERRY. Lcann teth. 
ALEBREWEBL Grudaire leaiwia. 
ALECOST. Luidh arid. ^ 
ALEGAR. Leann geur. 
ALEHOOF. Luidh arid. 
ALEHOUSE. Tigh leanna. 
ALEHOUSEKEEPER. Fear an leantia. 
ALEKNIGHT. Companach dibhe. 
ALEMBICK. Potadh togalach, potadh 

an uifge bfaeatha. 
ALENGTH. Air fhad. 
ALERT. Ullamb, deas, furachor. 
ALERTNESS. UUamhachd, furach- 

ALE.W ASHED. Air a thomadh ann 

ALEWIFE. Beaan an. leatma. 
ALEXANDRINE. Seorfa rann. 

I Cuntas. 

ALEXIPHARMICK. 7 Gach cungaidh 
ALEXITERICAL. j math air nimh, 

no puinfan, nimhfograch. 
ALGATES. Air gach achd. 
ALGEBRA. Rad arid cuntais: 
ALGID. Fuar. . 
ALGIDITY. Fuachd. 
ALGIFICK. Fionnor. 
ALGOR. Fuachd mor. 
ALIBLE. Suthfbuinach. 
ALIEN, a. Coigrach, almharach. 
ALIEN, f. Coigrach, almharach. 
ALIENABLE. Ni df he\idar thoirt uait. ; 
To' ALIENATE. Tabhram do neach 

eile, tabhram inntin a thaoibh. 
ALIENATION. Tabhart do n^ach eile, 
" tarruing a thaoibh. 
To ALIGHT. Torkimam. 
ALIKE. lonann, cofmhuiL 
ALIMENT. Biadh, aran. 

ALIMENTARY, l^"^^^"^ ^*"**^ 
ALIMENTATION. Biadhachadh. 
ALIMONY. Beofhlaint mna. 
ALIQUANT. Cuidchor. 
ALIQUOT. Cuid dhirach- 
ALISH. Leanndha. 
ALIVE. Be©, beathal. 
ALKAHEST. Rod leaghas gach ni; 
ALKALESCENT. Cofmhuil ri rod a 

bhrachas lerod geur. 
ALKALI. Rod la bith a gMabhas bias 

brachain ; no dh'oibruichas air a chur le 

rod geur. , 
. ALK ANET. Seorfa luidh. 
ALKEKENGI. Luidh leighais. 
ALKERMES-. Rod milis. 
ALL. Uile, go leir. 
ALLBEARING. Uilethorach. 




ALLCHEARING. Uilebheothachadh. 
ALLCONQUERING. Uilcbhuadhach. 
ALLDEVOURING. Uilcflilugach, uile- 

ALLFOURS. Cluich air chairtan. 
ALL HAIL. Failte. 
ALLHALLOWN. La nan uile naomh. 
ALLhALLOWTIDE. Id. firft of No- 

ALLHEAL. Luidh arid. 
ALLJUDGING. Uilebhreithach. 
ALLKNOWING. Uilefhiofrach. 
ALLSEEING. , Uildeirfmach. 
ALLWISE. Uileghlioc. 
To ALLAY. Oifgam, miotailtan chur 

le cheile. 
ALLAY. Droch mhiotailte. 
ALLAYER. Fear-caifg. 
ALLEGATION. Briathrachadh, be- 

achdachadh, leathfgeul. 
To ALLEGE. Bcachduicham, deimhi- 

nam, abram mar leathfgeul. « 

ALLEGE ABLE. Ni dfheudar a dheimhi- 

ALLEGER. Dearbhadair. 
ALLEGIANCE. Umh}achd d'on riogh. 
ALLEGORICK. i . . , . ^ ^ 
ALLEGORICAL. \ S«chlabhartha. 

To ALLEGORIZE. Seachlabhram. 
ALLEGORY. Seachlabhradh. 
ALLEGRO. Ao<rom. 
ALLELUJAH. Mollaibh dia. 
•To ALLEVIATE. Aifuicham, aotro- 

ALLEVIATION. Aifachadh, aotro- 

ALLEY. Lonnuin. 
ALLIANCE. Cairdas, cliamhnas. 
ALLICIENCY. Tarruing. 

To ALLIGATE. Co-cheangalam. 
ALLIGATION. Co-cheangal. 
ALLIGATOR. lafgarid. 
4LLISION. Bualadh ri cheile. 
ALLOCATION. Cur le cheile. 
ALLOCUTION. 3 Labhairt .ri neach, 
ALLOQUY. J comhluadar. 

ALLONGE. Sathadh. . 

To ALLOO. Leigam air neach, neach 

To ALLOT. Labhram, tomhaifam 

amach do neach, orduicham, rainnam. 
To ALLOW. Leigam, tabhram ccad, 

ALLOWABLE. Ceaduichte. 
ALLOY. Droch mhiotailte, meirg. 
To ALLUDE. Cialluicham. . 
ALLUMINOR. Dealbhliobhadair. 
To ALLURE. Meallam. 
ALLURE, f. Scrath-dhul, paintair, me- 

alladh, blaodh-eun. . . 
ALLURER. Mealtair. 
ALLUSION. Ciallachadh, ciall, rabh- 

ALLUSIVE. Ciallachadh. 
ALLUVION. Feudal aimhne. 
To ALLY. Cliamhnas do dheanamh. 
ALLY. Cliamhin, caraid. 
ALMANACK. Miofachan. 
ALMANDINE. Cloch uafal. 
ALMIGHTINESS. Uilechumhachd. 
ALMIGHTY. Uilechumhachdach. 
ALMOND. Amon, feorfa meas. . 
ALMONDS -(of the Throat). Faitagan. 
ALMONER. Fear.coimhcad na dcirc. 
ALMONRY. Tigh coimhead na deirc. 


, V Buairadh. 


A M B 

ALMOST. Achbcg, 
ALMS. Deirc. 

ALMSBASKET. CHabh na dcirc. 
ALMSGIVER. Fear thoirt dhcirc. 
ALMSHOUSE. Tigh-nam-hochd. 
ALMSMAN. Deircair, diol-dcirc, duine- 

ALMUG-TREE. Crann almug. 
ALNAGAR. Fear gu aire thoirt do 

thomhas aodaich ollgha, 
ALNAGE. Slat-thomhais. 
ALNIGHT. Coinneal cheir. 
'ALOES. Seorfa fiodh, feorfa tearra a 

fhruthas o 'n chraobh-iin math ann 

ALOFT. Ann ard, go h ard. 
ALOGY. Mioreufon, neothuigfc. 
ALONE. Aonranach, Icis fein. 
ALONG. Air fad, air h aghai.- 
ALOOF. Anncein, air folabh, am fad. 
ALOUD. Cruaidh, ard. 
ALOW. lofai. 
ALPHA. Ann cead ni. a. a'chiad littir 

do'n aiblit Eabhrach. 
ALPHABET. Aiblit. 
ALREADY. Cheana. 
ALSO. Cuidachd, fos, mar ann ceudna. 
ALTAR. Altair. 
ALTARAGE. Airgad-altair. 
To ALTER. Atharutcham, tionduich- 

ALTERABLE. So-atharuichtc. 
ALTERABLENESS. So-atharachadh* 
ALTERANT. 7 ^ ^ ^ , 
ALTERATIVE, r*^''^^'^^^- 
ALTERATION. Atharachadh. 
ALTERCATION. Defpoirachd, con- 


ALTERNATE,} ^'"^'=*'''» malairtach. 

To ALTERNATE. lomladam, malair^ 

ALTERNATION. Malairt, iomlad. . 
ALTHOUGH. Giodheadh, giodh, ge. 
ALTILOQUENCE. Gloir, ardghloir, 

ALTIMETRY. Airdthomhas. 
ALTISONANT. Ardfhoghatach. 
ALTOGETHER. Uile go leir. 
ALUM. Alum. 
ALUMINOUS. Alumach. 
ALWAYS. Doghaa, ghna, 
AM. Ata, thami. 

AMABILITY. Gaolacbd, gradhalachd. 
AMAIN. Leneart, letreife. 
AMALGAMA. Co-leaghan. 
To AMALGAMATE. Co-leagham. 
AMALGAMATION. Co>leaghadh mhi- 

AMANDATION. Dol air ghnothach. . 
AMANUENSIS. Cleirach fgriobhaidh. 
AMARITUDE. Searbhad. 
AMASMENT. Torradh, co-chruinnach. 

To AMASS. Torram, co-chruinnuicham. 
To AMATE. Cuiram eagal, geilt) 

uamhan air ncach. 
AMATORY. Gaolach. 
AMAUROSIS. Galar, gortachadb, do> 

chann anns an t fuil. 
To AMAZE. Cuiram iongnadh, gabham 

AMAZING. loagantach. 
AMAZON. Mnan mor ann Africa treun 

ann airm. caile-bhallaicb. 
AMBAGES. lomfhocal, gloirais. 
AMBASSADOUR. Tcachdirc. 
AMBASSADRESS. Beanteachdire riogh. 

I Iongnadh, iongantas. 

A M E 


AMBASSAGS. Teacliduraclul. 

AMBER. Omar. 

AMBER-D&INK. Deoch air dhath an 

AMBERGRIS. Seorfa cungaidh l«ighais. 
AMBER-TREE. Seorfa craoibh. 
AMBIDEXTER. Fear deas lamhftcl. 
AMBIDEXTERITY. Deaflamhacha. 
AMBIENT. Mantuart. 
AMBIGUITY. Amharae, dubuiltach*. 
AMBIGUOUS. Amhrafach, dubuilt. 
AMBILOGY. Caiiu*dhHbuilt» ^xadi- 

AMBILOQU0U9. Dorch-chaintaclk 
AMBIT. Tiomchal, tSomal, 
AMBITION. OloifWhiaitii. 
AMBITIOUS. Gloirmhiannath. 
To AMBLE. DholairfiikHreeM. 
An AMBLE. Falairachd. 
AMBLER. Fslaire. 
AMBROSIA. DeoGk ntamhdha. 
AMBRY. Amridh.. 
AMBULATION. Cuar^chadh. 
AMBULATORY. Oiartachal. 
AMBURY: Fliughan air each no bo» 
AMBUSH. iLuidhAckan.. 

AMBUSTION. Lofgadhj fgaladk 
AMEN. Amen,, gu re marfm.- 
AMENABLE. Freagaractu. 
To AMEND. LecflWiclitam.. 
AMENDER. Leaffuichoir- 
AMENDMENT. Leafliichadh. 
AMENDS. Diol. 
AMENITY. Taitnach, tiachdop. 
To AMERCE. Cuiram umhladh. aiiF 

neach, togam cio», no caiA. 
AMETHODICAL. Neoflieolta. 
AMETHYST. Clach u«(al, no bhuagh* 


, VAmeafg, airfeadh. 

AMIABLE. Gradlutch. 

AMIABLENESS. Giadhalachd. 

AMICABLE. Caitdach! 

AMICABLENESS. Cairdalacfad. 

AMICE. Cuid do chulaidh fagairt. 

AMID. 1 Ameafg, am tneadhon, air- 

AMIDST. S feadh. 

AMISS. Olc, miocheart. 


To AMIT. Caillam. 

AMITY. Cairdas. 


AMNESTY. Mathtmhnas follaifach^ 



AMORIST. Graidhair. 

AMOROUS. Gaolof. 

AMOROUSNESS. Gaolonichd. 

AMORT. Marbhanta. 

To AMOVE. Caruicham,. iomircam.- 

To AMOUNT. Raigam. ^ 

AMOUNT. Mead. 

AMPHIBIOUS. Ni thig beo air muir 1r 
air tir, dabheothacfa. 


AMPHIBOLOGICAL. Amhrafach, du- 

AMPHIBOLOGY. Amharas^ dubuil- 

AMPHIBOLOUS. lolthiigte. 

AMPHITHEATRE. Amharclann, tigfc. 
cluich, tigh. fugraidh.. 

AMPLE. Farfing, mor, foighintach.^ 

T» AMPLIATE. > ^ , . , 
■ AMPLIATION. J -, , , ,^ 

AMPLIFICATION.-} ^*d»^*'J>»- 

AMPLIFIER. MeadMichair, - 

AMPLITUDE. Farfingachd,-, foighiw- 
tas,. mead.- 

To AMPUTATE. G«am«. . 


A N C 


AMPUTATION. Gearradh. 
AMULET. Draoithachd, briochdic. • 
To AMUSE, Breugam, meallam. 
AMUSEMENT. Caithamh atiii6r» breu- 

gadh, miodal. 
AMUSIVE. Math g.a caithamli amfir» 

AN. An, a% 
ANACATHARTICK. Sgeithach, math 

gu fgeath. 
ANACHRONISM. CrooTeanacliata. 
ANALEPTICK. Miofnachdal^ near- 

ANALOGIZE. Miouicham ann CeT. 

mhuilachda, famklutehaM. 
ANALOGOUS. Crfmhuil. 
ANALOGY. C^fmhuilachd. 
ANALYSIS. Snafedh. - . 
To ANALYZE. Sna£»m. 
ANALYZER. Snafadair. 
ANARCHIAL. Miorioghailtach, eafer- 

ANARCHY. Miorioghaiit, «afi>rdugh. 
ANASARSIA. M«adbhronn. 
ANASTOMOSIS. Altcheangal. 
ANATHEMA. Mallachd eaglais, 
ANATHEMATIZE. MaUachd eaglait 

ANATOCISM. Ocar aiir an ocar. 
ANATOMIST. Corp^nafiure. 
ANATOMY. Corpihnafachd. 
AJtATOMl2:E; Corpfhna&oaa. 
ANCES^TOR. Sitinfar. 
ANCESTRY. Sfnnraracbd. 
ANCHOR. Accaire, 
To ANCHOR. AcoaitukkaAi. 
ANCHOfti-HOUX Gi^imactaiM. 
ANCHORED. Accairuichte. 
AWCBORET. >L. ^ [[ . 
ANCHOiUTSvi^"'*'*'^'?^ • 

ANCHOVY. lafg beg fairge.- 

ANCIENT. Arfuigh, feanda. 

ANCIENTS. Scandaoine. 

ANCIENT (of a Ship). Soaichiontat. 

ANCIENTLY. O ihean. 

AND. Agus, 'tu. 

ANECDOTE. Sgeul, nuaidhacbd. 

ANEMOGRAPHY. Gaoth-fgeulachd. 

ANEMOMETER. Gaotfa-mheigh. 

ANEMOSCOPE. Gaothkini^. 

ANENT, Ann coinodh, 

ANES. Colg. 

ANEURISM. Attchaifle. 

ANEW. As ur, as a nuadha. 


ANGEL. Aingal, 

ANGELICA. Aingalag. 

ANGELICAL. Ainglidb, neamhidb» 

ANGELICALNESS. Ainglidhachd. 

ANGER. Corruigh, feirg. 

To ANGER. Cuiram coituigfa a4» f«irg 
air. . 

ANGIOGRAPHY. SaothachfgeuUchd^ 

ANGLE. Cearn, uiluin. 

ANGLE. Sht-ia<gaich. 

To ANGLE, fibtth'g iafgachd, 

ANGLER. lafgair-amhann. 

ANGLICISM. Beurlachd. 

ANGRY. . F«argach. 

ANGUISH. Piaa, doruinv 

ANGUISHED. Pianafda. 

ANGULAIL^ Ccaiaach, uilitachi, 

ANGULARITY. Cearnachd. 

ANGUST. CwmlMaii. 

ANGUSTATION, Cumfaaiiigachadhv 


ANHELOSE. Scitalach. 

ANIGHTS. Aims ann oich. 

AJfiLITY. Seanbbeanacfad. 

ANIMABLE. Beothachal. ■ 

ANIMAOVXRSION.. Adunbafiuk. 





ANIMADVERSIVE. Achmhafanach. 
ANIMAL. Beothach. 
ANIMALCULE. Beothachan. 
To ANIMATE. Beothuicham. 
ANIMATED. Bffethal. 
ANIMATION. Beathalachd. 
ANIMATIVE. Beothachal. 
ANIMATOR. Beothuichoir. 
ANIMOSE. Borb, feargach, ftrhhal 

miofnachal, criodhol. 
ANIMOSITY. Buirbe, ftridi, feirge, 

ANISE. Ainis, feorfa luidh. 
ANKLE. Muthairna. 
ANNALIST. Seanacbidh. 
ANNALS. Seanadias. . 
To ANNEX. Cuiram ris, ceanglam ri. 
ANNEXED. Ceangailte, air a chur ris. 
ANNIHILABLE. Neonithach. 
To ANNIHILATE. Neonitham. 
ANNIHILATION. Neonithadh. 
ANNO, Domini. Bliadhoadh ar tigbarna. 
ANNOTATION. Minuchadh, comh- 

ANNOTATOR. Minuichoir. 
To ANNOUNCE. Innfam, craobhfgao- 

lam, gairmam. 
To ANNOY. Buairam, cradham, gonam. 
ANNOYANCE. Buairadh,. gonadh. 
ANNOYER. Buairadair, gonadair. 
ANNUAL, filiadhnadhal. 
ANNUITY. Bliadbnachd. 
To ANNUL. Neonitham. 
ANNULAR. Faineacb. 
To ANNUMERATE. Meaduicfaam, 

ANNUMERATION. Meaduchadh, io- 

To ANNUNCIATE.. .B«iram nuaidlii 

ANNUNCIATION. La feile rouire 

ANODYNE. Athaifalach. 
To ANOINT. Ungam. 
ANOINTER. Ungair. 
ANOMALISM. 7 . ,. . ^ .. 

ANOMALOUS. Mioriaghailtach. 
ANOMY. Laghbbrifdadh. 
ANON. . Anndrafd & arls. 
ANONYMOUS. Neo-ainmach. 
ANOTHER. Aoneile. 
ANSATED. Cluafach. 
To ANSWER. Freagram. 
An ANSWER. Frwgar. 
ANSWERABLE. Ffeagarach, 
ANSWERER. Freagarair. 
ANT. Seangan. 

ANTAGONIST. Fear-confpoid. 
ANTAPOPLECTICK. Cofgfpadthinais, 

ANTARCTICK. Defal, laimhmhcadhoin. 
ANTE. Roi, roimbe. 
ANTEACT. Roighniomh. 
ANTEAMBULATION. Tufimtheachd. 
To ANTECEDE. Tigam ann toifach- 
ANTECEDENCE. Teachd ann toifach. 
ANTECEDENT. Roimhe, anntoi&ch 

ANTECESSOR. Treoniichoir, toifach. 
ANTECHAMBER. Seomar-aghai. 
To ANTEDATE. La do'n mhtos fgrio 

bhadh roi laimh. 
ANTEDILUVIAN. Roi. in dioladh. 
ANTELOPE. Gabhatrafarambithadharc 

ANTEMERIDIAN. Roi mheadhon-Ia. 
ANTEMETICK. Sgeatbcboig. 




ANTEMUNDANE. itoi thoiiach an t 

ANTEPAST. Blasioilaimh. 
ANTEPENULT. An treas fioladh is 

To ANTEPONE. Cuiram dhiom. 
ANTERIOR. Rumhe, feinne. 
ANTES. Garmuina. 
ANTHELMINTICK. Dathagmhortach. 
ANTHEM. Naomhoran. 
ANTHILL. Tom feangan. 
ANTHOLOGY. Rannleabhran. 
ANTHONY'S FIRE. Tinnas an riogh. 
ANTHROPOLOGY. Corpchumadh. 
ANTHYPNOTICK. Brofgaltach. 
ANTI. Ann aghai. 
ANTIACID. Geurchafg, math airfon 

rod gear's an ghaile. 
ANTICHAMBER. A' chiad feemar, 

ANTICHRISTIAN. Anacriofdnich. 
To ANTICIPATE, Gabham, no, gla- 

<am roi laimh. 
ANTICIPATION. Gabhal roi laimh, 
ANTICK. Neonach, cleaTach. 
An ANTICK. Neonachas, cleas, duich. ' 
ANTICOURTIER. Neach ann aghi na 

ANTIDOTAL. Urchofgach. 
ANTIDOTE. Urchofg. 
ANTIFEBRILE. Fiabhrafchofg. 

ANTIMONY. Seorfii cungaidh leighais 

a gheibbar ameafg mhiotailtan. 
ANTINEPHRITICK. Airnefgrudadh. 
ANTINOMY. Atharachadh cidar da 

ANTIPATHETICAL. 'Fuathar» mio- 


ANTIPATHY. Fuath, miothlachd. 
ANTIPODES. Calbonnaich. 
ANTIQUARY. Arfuighair. 
To ANTIQUATE. Arfuigham. 
ANTIQUITY. Arfuighachd. 
ANTISCORBUTICS. Rod fa bitb tank 
. mar air-fon an tachais thirim. 
ANTI.SPASMODICK. Lorchofg, ionga- 

ANTITHESES. Samhlachadh, trafdachd. 
ANTITYPE. An ni bha air a chofmhu- 

lachadh le ni eile. 
ANTLER. Cabarfeidh. 
ANVIL. Innain. 
ANXIETY. Triobloid, buairadh, far- 

ANXIOUS. Triobloidach, buatnTach. 
ANY. Sabith. 
AORIST. Neofliuidhuichte. 
AORTA. Cttine a' chinn. 
APACE. Go teann, go laidir. 
APART. Do leathtaobh, anncein. 
APARTMENT. Aite-comhnttigh, feomar.' 
APATHY. Neomhothnchadh. 
APE. Apag. 
To APE. Airifam. 
APEAK. Dol ffiathadh rod. 
APEPSY. Gan chramh, droch ghaile. 
APERIENT. 1 FuafgaHtach, a fguras an 
APERT. Fofgailte. 
APERTION. Fofgalidh, bealach, cab. 
APEX. Binnain, bar, gob. 
APH^RESIS. Littirdo chumal amacb as 

APHELION. Grianchoinadh. 
APHILANTHROPY. Gan ghradhduine. 
APHORISMi. Raite, feanfhocal. 
APIARY. TighflicilUiii. 

F APIEd:." 




A P P 

APIECE. Gach aon. 
APISH. Arifach, maraps^, magal. 
APLUSTRE* Bratach-luinge. 
APOCRYPHA. Cuid do'n Igriobhadh 

naomh nach bheilar beachdidh co ieis 

igriobhadh i. 
APOLOGETICAL. Leathfgeulach. 
To APOLOGIZE. Gabham kathfgeul. 
APOLOGUE. Sgeul a theagafgas modb'- 
' ana. 

APOLOGY. Leathrgeul. 
APOMECOMETRY. Eolas neitha 

thomhas am fad Haine. 

APOPHLEGMATISM. Rodbheiruilge 

do'n ghaile. 
APOPHTHEGM. Onafbocal. 
APOPHYSIS. Uilain cnaimlh pairt da. 

bhonn garmulna. 
APOPLECTICAL. AJram bith fead- 

APOPLEXY. SfMdthihMts. 
APORRHCEA. &iol«dh» fnugadh^. 
APOSIOPESIS. NiMur fdada$ an t ont- 

dacjh ann aon uair do. a chornhndh* 
APOSTASY. SeanchKidamh, aithchrei. 

APOSTATE. Aitbchrcidaaih. 
APOSTATiCAL. Aittacbreadmhack^ 
To APOSTATIZE* AillichKt<knb«tiK 
To APOSTEMATE. lonn^uicham. 
APOSTEMATION. Itnnganichadli. 
APOSTUME. lenogaracbadh. 
APOSTLE. Abfdal. 
APOSTLESHIP. Abfdalachd. 
APOSTROPHE. Combarra gu bheil 

littir air £hagal anuM;h, m»rib> msA 'til 

ann ait nach bheiL 

APOTHECARY. Fear reic chungaMfei 

leighais. ' 
APOTHEOSIS* Diadhcanamli: 
APOTOME. C«rlach. 
APOZEM. Suthbrith. 
To APPAL. Cuiram-eagal, geikalr. 
APPALEMENT. Eagal, fgath, fiamh^ 

APPARATUS. Acfuin, gairras, treal'. 

APPAREL. Eidadh, earradh« 
To APPAREL. Eidam, fgej|d«ic1uni>4. 

AP-PARENT. SoUfeir» cofinhuil. 
APPARITION. Sealladh, fuaths, tati«^ 

nafg, taife. 
APPARITOR. Maor-<aglais. 
To APPAY. Toiluichain.. 
To ^PEACH. Ditam, oikua bkyiK 

air^ V 
APPEACHMENT. Bina, cwUlutaiih^. 
To APPEAL. Leigain f hiaggnuic doy te*- 

APPEAL. Togal cuis, leigin <f hiaghnuis. ■ 
APPEALANT. An ii diogas cuis, ao», 

leigas f hiaggnuis. 
To APPEAR, Leigam a ladiair. 
APPEARANCE. Teachd a . Uthair, . fe^- 

alladh, codas. 
APPEASABLE. So^diiuiaacbal. 
APPEASABLENES&i So-duiiinach.adl» . 
To APPEASE. Cioinaichain.. 
APPEASEMENT., Ciiuaachadlb. 
APFEASER. Ciuinuichair. 
APPELLATE. An ti ata gairaKe; . 
APPELLATIONw Ainoi, gaum. . 
APPELLATIVE. Gaicmacfa. 
To APPEND. CnkJiam. 

APPENDANT. Ann cradadk* 
To APPENDICATE. Cuiramria. 


A^ P. 


APPENDICATlON.- Cur rk, . cwohadh 

ni. . • • • 
APPENDIX. Fathigriobhftdh.. 
To APPERTAIN. Atam le. . 
APPERTENANCE. Rod* biaikat, no 

theid le rod eile, folabhairat 
APPERTINENT* Abhainasdo. 
APPETENCE. > Mianna fcohn-. 
APPETIBIUI-Y. MianmnhomcM^ 
APPETIBLE. Miannmhor.. 
APPETITIVE. Miannach* 
To APPLAUD. Mollam, bo^hairdam, 

APPLAUSE. Bo%hairdacfaas, luathghair. 
APPLE. Ubhal, abhal. 
APPLEWOMAN,. Beanreic-ubhlait. 

. ^Tx, ,^ . T.X l^ i So-fl»amMachaidh. 


APPLICATION. SamUachadh, fenchiB 

ri neach, diochal, aire. 
applicative:. Diochalach, airach^ 
To APPL*^. Cuiram n,.deanam feim, 

feucham ri, bithanx dio-chaIadi> airach; 
To APPOINT. Ainmuichani, ibcniichK 

am fuidhuicham, fuimufam. 
APPOINTMENT. Ainmach«lii« ar> 

duchadh, fuirnaiihadh. 
To APPORTION. Rainnam. . 
To APPOSE. Ceifduicham. 
APPOSITE. Ceart, deat. 
APPOSITENESS. Ceartas, deafiid. 
APPOSITION. Cur ri& tuiUe, Cur taobh . 

ri taobh. 
To APPRAISE.. Cuiiam loach,, pris, 

APPRAISER. Fear chuiras luach aiir ni. 
To APPREHEND. Glacam, tuigam, 

togam, ta e^gal onn. 

APPREHENDER. Fear->ttitgfia, fmu-* 

aintuicfaoir, glaeair. 
APPREHENSIBLE. Sothiulgfin. 
- APPREHENSION. Tuigfe, ceadfutgh. 
APPREHENSIVE. UUamh, deas, ega^ 

APPRENTICE. Fogbluinte. 
To APPRENTICE. Cuiiam aiiiach mat 

APPRENTICESHIP. Uine^ trine foj|b* 

luinte. . 
To APPRIZE. Tabhram rabhadh. 
To APPROACH. Dlttthuicbam, tigaoK- 

air agbai. 
APPROACH. Dhithachadh. 
APPROACHER. DlatbuidMor. 
APPROBATION* Geanmath, tiacbdj^ 

To APPROPIN9JJATE. Dltrthnichaou 
APPROPRIABLE. A dfheudar ghabhat 

mar ar culd feia. 
To APPROPRIATE. ThAbairt d* 

fbeim, no, .do neach 4iid.aitammtr mor ' 

chuid fein. 
APPROVABLE. Taitneack, 
To APPROVE. Istaitoaeb, u^, tlachd- 

or leam. dearbham. . 
APPROVER. Dearbhadoir, fear aig ai« 

bith tlachd do ni. . 
APPROXIMATE. Dlu, am fbcfaair, am 

fogafg. . 
APPROXIMATION. . DJuthadudb. . 
APPULSE. BualadJi.. 
APRICOT. . Seorfa meas,' uUial apricoit: ■ 
APRIL. AibreanU) mto« mcadhoa euraicbi^ . 
. Feil-Padriiic. . 
APRON. Apran. 
APRON-MAN. Fearoibre. 
APRONED. Apranuichte. 
APT. lomchuiUiidbj.deat, uUamh> . 
To ACT. Dfiswamiomchubhidb. 





To APT ATE. Deanam iomchubhidh. 
APTITUDE, lomchubhidhachd, misuin, 

AQUA. Uifge, inde whifgy. 
AQUA FORTIS. Uifge a chnamfaat 

gach ni ach gloine. puinfan. 
AQUAVITS. Uifge Ixatha. 
AQUATICK. Uifge, uifgach. 
AQUEDUCT. Piob uifge, fput. 
AQUEOUS. Uifgal. 
AQUEOUSNESS. Uifgalachd. 
ARABLE. ^o-direaUlach. 
ARANEOUS. Mar eigadh an damhain- 

ARATION. Treobhadh. 
ARBALIST. Croifthogha. 
ARBITER. Raithe. 
ARBITRAMENT. Toil, brejth. 
ARBITRARY. Antoilai, ceannlaidir. 
To ARBITRATE. Bhidi mar raithe, 

breith thabhairt. 
AI^OREOUS. Craobhach. 
ARBORET. Craobhag. 
ARBORIST. Craobheolach. 
ARBOUR. Sgailain. 
ARBUSCLE. Rafchrann. 
ARBUTE. Cttinlain fubhtalmhuinn. 
AR,C. Bogha, pairt do chearcal. 
ARGANUM. Run, rod diamfaair. 
ARCH. Pairt do chearcal, bogha droch> 

aid, drumbotadh, uachdran. 
To ARCH.- Togam b<>gha. 
ARCH. Carach, flighach. 
ARCHANGEL. Ardaingal. 
ARCHANGELIC. Ardajngalach. 
ARCHBEACON. Ardchnocfaire. 
.ARCHBISHOP. Ardeafbuig. 
ARCHBI6HOPRICK. Ardeafbuigachd. 

ARCHCHANTER. Ardchantair. 
ARCHDEACON. Ardfhriathluichoir. 
ARCHDEACONRY. Ardfhriathluich* 

ARCHDUCHESS. Ardbheandiuc. 
ARCHDUKE. Arddhiuc. 
ARCHPRELATE. Ardeafbuig. 
ARCHAIOLOGY. Seanfgeulachd. 
ARCHAIOLOGICK. Seanfgeulach. 
ARCHAISM. Seanfhocalj dubhfhoad. 
ARCHED. Boghaichte. 
ARCHER. Fear-bogha. 
ARCHERY. Boghadairachd. 
ARCHES COURT. Cuirt ardeafbuig. 
ARCHETYPE. Priombchoflas. 
ARCHETYPAL. PriomhchoIIach. 
ARCHITECT. Tighchlochair, dochair, 

ARCHITECTURE. Clochairachd. 
ARCHIVES. Leabharhuin. 
ARCHWISE. Marbhogha. 
ARCTATION. Pripfuntachd. 
ARCTICK. Tuathv 
ARCUATE. Lubte. 
ARCUA TION. Lubadh, cromadh. 
ARCUBALISTER. Croifbhoghadair. 
ARDENCY. Teafghiadh, dion. 
ARDENT.! _ ^. .. ^ J. , ^ 
ARDOUR. I * "^**^ » dionafach. 

ARDUITY. Dolidhadas, neofhuraf- 

ARDUOUS. Dolidh, neofhurafda. 
ARDUOUSNESS. Airde, dolidhadas. 
ARE. Au, tha. 
AREA. Cuirt, urlar, rum. 
AREFACTION. Tirimaehadh. 
To AREFY. Tirimuicham. 
ARENACIOUS. Gainmhach. 
AREOTICKS. Gach cungaidh leighais a 

bheir fallas* 



A R R 

ARGENT. Arg^ldacb. 

ARGIL. Criadh. 


To ARGUE. Arguin, dea^mracM <ttie- 

anamhy dearbbam, aomanit gcuranam. 
ARGUMENT. Argumaid, reufon. 
ARGUMENTATION. De^tTpoirtohd, 

geuranacbd. , 
ARGUTE. Geur, beulaifach. 
ARID. Tirimuichte, greadte. 
ARIDITY. Tinnalachd» greadadh. 
ARIES. Retbadh, aon do cbombafiiii a* 

To ARIETATE. Pumdh mat retbwlh. 
ARIGHT. Go ceart i gan cbrois- lodid. 
ARIOLATION. Fatftinacbd^ faiftine. 
To ARISE. Jt-itltmt. eiram. 
ARISTOCRACY. £arfUaitliacbd,.iiitt]i-^ 

fhlaitbacbd; - 

ARISTOCBATICAt. Earfblaitbacb. 

ARITHMANCY. Fiofacbd le cuntas. 


ARITHMETICIAN. Uinbracban.. 

ARITHM^TICK;. Uimbir, cuntas.. 

ARK. Akc,ci(de.. 

ARM;. Gaiidain. 

ARM'S END. Fad gaiidain. 

To ARM. A«inatt»' eidaiti Ic aitm.. 

ARMADA. ?^,.i V ju 
.n«>i«^T^-w.>*< >Cabhlach cogaidh*. 

ARMATURE. Aicm.. . 

' ARMED. Chair. Cathair da Iamb. 

ARM£NTAL» Crodbacb*, bannalacb, 

ARM-HOLE. ActalaiS) «fgwl.\ ' 
ARMILLARY. Faineacb. 
ARMILLATEJP.. Gand»»n eiduicbte. 
ARMIPOTENCE. Cumbachd, i«art 

ARMIPOTENT. Cumbaciidal-aftli co. 


AltMISTICE. twacfa.. 
ARMLET. Eidadb gairdain. 
ARMONIACK. Seorfa faluift a gheibbar . 

le fual nan cambuil ann tira na b aird an 

ARMORER. Fear dbeanamh arm> 
ARMOMAL. S«aichiontach. 
ARMORY. Ainnlaan. 
ARMOUR. Airai. 
ARMOUR BEARER. Giolh-airm. 
ARMPIT. Arguil,.achlais.. 
ARMS.. Airm. 
ARMY. An t ami, fliiagb. 
AROMATICK. Dcaghbboltrach* 
AROMATICKS. Spiofra.. 
To AROMATIZE. Deaghbholtrara. 
AROSE. Vid. Eargbaoi. 
, AROUND. Mancuairt, airgicb. taobfa, 

tiomcbiolv ' 
To AROUSE.. Diufg^my. beothuichaai,, 

AROW. Annfreatb. 
AROYNT. hultikht truis,: gabb. ronb' 

ARQUEBUSE.. Gunna glaic, 
ARRACK.. Seorti uifg beatha a nitar ann 

innfa^h aird an near. . 
To ARTIAIGN.. Cuiram ann ordugb, 

cafaidam, cuiram binn air. 
ARRAIGNMENT. Cwifdbitaidb, binn. 
To ARRANGE^ Reium>. cuiram ana. 

ARRANGEMENT. Rekadb, . ordogh« 
ARRANT. Ro olc, . dannartha. 
ARRAS> Obair-gbreaata ihnathad. 
ARRAY. Eidadb, earradb*. 
To ARRAY. £idaai,.earram.. 
ARRAYERS, Lucbd-eidaidb.. 
ARREAR. Covlach. 
ARREPTITIOUS. Sgobte as,, ftiadfi- 

ARREST. Sdad. 

a To 




To ARREST. Sdadam; refdanu 

To ARRIDE. Deanam fochaid; no, 

.magadh ain 
ARRIERE. Arling, 
ARRISION. Gairadh ri. 
ARRIVAL. Tcachd, ruigin. i 

To ARRIVE. Ruigam, buiagain. ^ . 
To ARRODE. Ociinam, cagnam. 
ARROGANCE.^ Rucis, ccannardas. 
ARROGANT. Ccannardach. 
To ARROGATE. Bhith ccannHrdach. 
ARROSION. Creimadh, cagnadh. 
ARROW. Saighad. ..." 

ARROWHEAD. Seorfaluidh. . 
ARROWY. Saighadach. 
ARSE. Ton. 
ARSE SMART. Scorfe luidh, a.' ghlui- 

jnacb. . •'..'. 

ARSENAL. Armlann, tighairm. 
ARSENICK. Seorfa rnein phuinfanach. 
ART. Ealadhain, iul, eolas, fios, fed, 

ceaird, feoltachd. . 
ARTERIAL. Morduifflacli. . 
ARTERIOTOMY. GcarradhchuiHc, tar- 
ruing fola„ V 
ARTERY. A' mhor-chuiflc 
ARTFUL. Eolach, fcolta, flighach. 
ARTHRITICK. Altai,, air. am bich an 

guta. . i .. f. , ' ' 

ARTHRITIS. An guta, tinoas nan 

ARTICHOKE. Farrufcag. 
ARTICLE. Artiogal, euibhreann, cuid, 

reachd, pone. . . . . 

To ARTICLE. .Reachdchcanglam, cor- 

dam. ,: 

ARTICULATE. Poncfal, rainntc. 
To ARTICULATE. Labhram go pon- 

cal, reituicham, reachdcheanglaih.' . ' : 
AflLTICULATION. Labhairt, altche- 

ARTIFICE. Slighadairiichd, ceaird. 

ARTIFICER. Fearrceaird.' . ^ ' . . 
ARTIFICIAL. Ceardah - -""■'" - 
ARTIFICIAtKESS?. CeardalachdV 
ARTILLERY. ' Guhnaklh mhor. 
ARTISAN. Fear ceaird, fear ealdhain. 
ARTIST, id. 

AR;TLESS. Aineolach, ncoflicdta. ' 
To ARTUATE. Spiallam.' 
ARUNPINACEOUS. Gialcamhuil, ca- 

ARUNMNEOUS. Giolcach,^huieach. 

AS. Mar. - 

ASBESTINE. Neo loifgach. • 

ASBESTOS. Seorfa cUtch hach \mfg. 

To ASCEND. Eiram, cirgham, diram, 
togam, freafghabham. . • 

ASCENDANT. Pairt do'a ghriimchrids. 
lamb ann uathdar, airde. - - 

ASCENDANT. Ann uachdar. •' 

ASCENDENCY. Lamh ann uachdar. 

ASCENSION. Eirghachd,' anlachadh. 

ASCENSION DAY. La dcafghabhal, 

ASCENT. Eirghachd, uchdach. 

To ASCERTAIN.^ Fwgham«machi fo- 
cruicham, tomhaifam. • • • 

ASCERTAINMENT. Tomhas, riagh- 
ail. ♦' 

ASCETICK. ' Diadhidh, trrabhach. 
;ASCETICK. Diothxe^hach. ^ 

ASCITES. Seorfa meadbhrdim. '^ 

ASCRIBABLE. A chuiras ri, a bhcirar" 
do. ' ' ' : J . 

To ASCRIBE. Cairatn air, thugam do. 

ASH. Uinfcann. 

ASH-COLOUR'ED';. Dath uinfe«nn. - 

ASHAMED. NarUicHte. 

ASHEN. Uinfeannach. 

ASHES. Luath, luathreach, duflach. 

ASHWEDNESDAY; Diaceadaoin na 

laathrejtch. ; > .; i 

ASHLAR. Clach fhreathal. 
ASHORE. Air'tir. 




ASHWEtO. Luidharid. 
ASHY. Luathrach. 
ASIDE. Leathtaobk. . 

ASININE, l^'^*^*^^- 

T6 ASK. larram, fiafruicRani) feoFuich- 

ano, firam, athctHiingam. -' 


ASKAUNir. [Fiar, IcatHtaoto. '/ 

ASKER,' Athchuingoir, iarruichcir. 
ASKER. Belfduifge. 
To ASLAKE. Letgamleis, cuirab dhetk. 
ASLEEP. Anncwtal.* 
ASLOPE. T«trda, fiar,' leleathfhad. 
ASP. Dearcluachtacb, natbair* 
ASPARAGUS. Crcamh muc fiadh. .. 
ASPECT. Amharb, gnuis, fealbdli.^ 
To ASPECT. Atnharcam, icallam. • ^ 
ASPECTABLE. Faicfinach.' 
ASPECTION. Amharc» fealtuin. 
ASPEN. Crann crithain. 
ASPER. -Mollach, garbh* 
To ASPERATE. Garbtam* 
ASPERITY. Garbhad; ... 
ASPERNATION. Diomca*, caoinflwar- 

To ASPERSE. Spiodam, tarcuifnam. i 
ASPERSION. Cradudh, tuatblas, maf- 

ASPHALTICK. RuadbchaOcach, pron- 

nufgach, lachdach* 
ASPHALTOS. Lacbd air uachdair a' 

Mhiuir Mbairbh far ao raibb Sodom agus 

ASPICK. Scorfa natbair. . : 
To ASPIRATE. Labbram go poncal. 
ASPIRATION. Lahbairt ainach, gcall, 

geallihboracbd, plofcartuicb. 
To ASPIRE. Plofcartuicbam, atam ann 

gcall air. 
ASQUINT. Fiar, cam. 


:ASS. Afal.> 

To ASSAIL. Luidham air le cioidhamh, ' 

ASSAILABLE. A dfeudar do bhualladh. 

ASSAILANT. Btiailtair, gearrchoilair. ' 

ASSAPANICK. Scorfa feoiraig. 

ASSASSIN.' Mortair, gearrchoilair. 

To ASSASSINATE. Mortam, luidham 
ann uaignas. 

ASSASSINATOR. Mortair, &c. 

ASSATION. Rofdadb, toitadh. 

ASSAIL.' i ^-^ 

ASSAY. Ccifdachadh, toifactedb, feu- 

To* ASSAY. Feucham^ toifuicham. 



To A'SSEAiBLE. » Cruinuioliam, comfh- 

ASSEMBLY. Cruinnchadh, combthion- 
al, feanadb, conlan. 

ASSENT.' ^ -% 

-ASSENTATION, i Aontachadh-. 

a&sentment; ] 

To ASSERT. Beacbdam, dearbham, 

briatbram. • • 

ASSERTION. Briadiracbadh, dearbhadh. 
ASSERTOR. Dcarbbadair. 
To ASSERVE. Cuidujcbam, 4>eiram co- 

namb. • r 1' 

To ASSESS. Togam cios, tneafam. 
ASSESSMENT. Cios, cain. 
ASSESSOR. Fear togal cios. 
To ASSEVEJ^. Briathram, mionnuichatn. 
ASSEVERATION. Mionnadh, briathar. 
ASSIDUITY. Dlocbal, duracbd. 
ASSIDUOUS. Diochalacb^ durachdaeh. 
To ASSIGN. Combtbaruicbam, ainmAiich- 

am. -' .' ■ ' ' 

ASSIGNABLE. Combtharachal. 
ASSIGNATION. Comhdbail. 



At O 

ASSIGNEE. Ainmnichte. 
ASSIGNER. Ainmntche. 
ASSIGNMENT. Liobhairt, conhtbs- 

To ASSIMILATE. Colmeargamv bri- 

To ASSIST. Cuiduichaniv d6*nam co- 

namh, cabhairj furtuicham. 
ASSISTANCE. Cabhair, cutdaduulh, 

ASSISTANT. FeaJr-fcwdachaidh. 
ASSIZE. Cairt filfear:kais ; riitgbail tombaa. 
To ASSIZE. Socruicham luach* ik>> 

prios nithe. 
ASSOCIABLE. So-chompanta. 
I'o ASSOCIATE, Deanam cobipontas le. 
An ASSOCIATE. Companach, pair- 

ASSOCIATION. ComtiaoMhd, pair- 

ASSONANT. Co-gbloradi. 
To ASSORT. Rainaaoi, truthaiA, dtik. 

luigham. / 

^o ASSUAGE. Airuicbarii» lnghadaich> 

am, ctuinuichaiA. 
ASSUAGEMENT. Aghais, foeain 
To ASSUBJUGATE. Buaghaicfaam, 

cuiram fuidhant. 
A8SUETUDE. Cleacbda. 
To ASSUME. Gabhaoiy ^bham oim, 

togaiDi. glacam. 
ASSUMES... Duine togaradn ceannar- 

ASSUMPTION. GabhaloMn, togat. • 
ASSURANCE. Dearbhbbeacbd. 
To ASSURE. DearbhbheafJidani. 
ASSURED. Dearbhbheacbdtticbte. 
ASSURER. Dfearbbbheachduichoir. 
ASTERISK. . Real, coiahthara mar *. 
ASTERISM. Griglachaa. 
ASTHMA. Caiiig analach. 

ASTHMATICAL.?Aif «m MA cnhis 
ASTHMATICK. S anala^b. 
ASTERN, Anns an deiradb. 
To ASTONISH. Gabham ioagjiadh, 

ASTONISfiSD. BUflUte leotOr-ipiiBoulii., 
ASTRADDLE. CofagobhlacaA. 
ASTRAL. K«uHKlit re« 
ASTRAY. Air feachran. 
To ASTRICT. CaanAu^HMK* tciwm. . 

ASTIEICTION. Tfaimiidb, iSiMi^U 
ASTRICTIVE. C<stogaUtwch.. 
ASTRIDE. Gbbyaifgadi. 
ASTRINGENT. Ccao^dMach^ tamf 

ASTROLAfiE. Siattand, 
ASTROLOGER. Reuldbt*!. 
ASTROLOGY. R<aldbracitbactl& 
ASTRONOMER. Rettlcoiactlk 
ASTRONOMY. Roulealak.. 
ASUNDER. AsadkeiKoclieiDB. 
ASYLUM. QnifcMU, dMttm, fi(%«M«^ 
AT. Aig. 
ATE. Ithtc, air tdi. 
ATHEISM. Dia-atdiadlh. 
ATHEIST. Dia-aithach. 
ATHEISTICAL. Dia-aifiiaeh. 
ATHIRST.. Tumtuaa, itttaikKy puit' 

ATHLETICK. Cacacbdach, cdahra- 

ATHWART. Tnfda, eeartt, air fekdlw 
ATLAS. Labbu- cbatrtan.. 
ATMOSPHERE. Atttathar. 
iATOM. DadmuB.. 



A U C 

ATQMICAL. Dadmunacb* 
ATOMIST. TealfKnaich a bha creidfin 

gu do rinnadh an faoghl 4o choimeafg* 

ghnumh dhadmiin. 
To ATONE. Deajiam reite, no, fioth. 
ATONEMENT. Rcitachadh, fioth. 
ATOP* Air mulach. 
ATRABILARIOUS. ' Dubhlaithach, 

dubhach» diibhnealach, dubhleannach* 

dubhlaithe^ leanndubh, trominntin. 
ATROCIOUS. Fuilcach, fuiltach, garg, 

aniochdor, aidhbholt 
ATROCITY. Aniochd, fuileacbd, gairgc. 
To ATTACH. Bitham aan deigh, lea- 

nam, butnganit 
ATTACHMENT. Dcigh, tiachd, Ic- 

To ATTACK. Bualain jiir, glcicam, 

racham fios $m blar. 
ATTACK. Dol Cos, foirncart, foircgan, 

ATTACKER. . Fear foicncart. 
To ATTAIN., Ruigam, bciram, faidham, 

ATTAINABLE. So-ruigfin. 
ATTAINDER. Ditadh, niafladh. 
ATTAINMENT. Ruigfm,buingin,faot. 

To ATTAINT. Ditam, maflam. 
To ATTEMPER. 7 Baifdam, tniai- 

To ATTEMPERATE. J lam, dcafu- 

To ATTEMPT. Fcucham. 
ATTEMPTABLE. So-fhcuchin. 
To ATTEND. Fcitham, tabbram aixt, 

fanam, fuiricbam, friathlam. 
ATTENDANCE. Ftitbamh, friathladh, 

ATTENDANTS. Lucbd feilhaimb, noy 

friathlaidh, feirbhaifaich. 


ATTENUANT. Caol, tana. 

To ATTENUATE. Deanai», caol, 

ATTENUATION. Deanadh, caol, tana. 
To ATTEST. Beiram fiaghnuis, no 

teifdas, deauam fiaghntiis. • 
ATTESTATION. Fiaghmiis, teifdas. 
ATTIGUOUS. Dlu, air a chrioch. 
To. ATTIRE. Sgcuduicham, eidam, 

ATTIRE. Aodacfa, fgeudachadh, ear- 

radh, eidadh, comhdach. 
ATTITUDE. Suidhc. 
ATTORNEY. Sgriobhadair, 
ATTORNEYSHIP. Sgriobhadairachd. 
To ATTRACT. Tairnam, freangam, 

fliobham, meallam. 
ATTRACTION. Taruing, mealltachd. 
ATTRACTIVE. Taruingach, meall- 

To ATTRIBUTE. Guiram air, meafam 

ATTRIBUTE. Buagh, feart, fubhalce, 

ATTRITION. Caithamh, rubadb j 

To ATTUNE. Fbanatn, gleufaoK 
ATWIXT* r ''''^- 
To AVAIL. Gnotbuicham, buingnam. 
AVAIL. Tairbh, buingin, pifeach. 
AVAILMENT. Feiro, tairbh. 
To AVALE. Tuitam. 
AVANT-GUARD. Toifachainn. 
AVARICIOUS. Santacb, mam'n-chio- 

AVAUNT. Truis, gabh romhad. 
AUBURN. Donn. 
AUCTION. Rek, reicairachd. 
To AUCTION. Reicam, ropam. 



AU t 

AUCTIONEER. Reicadair, ropair, 
AUCUPATIOK. Eunadairachd, fealg; 
AUDACIOUS. Dan^ dannarra. 
AUDACITY. Danadas, dannarrachd. 
AUDIBLE. So-chlaiftinach; 
AUDIBLENESS. So-chlaiftine. 
AUDIENCE. Eifdachd, daiftine. 
AUDITION. Cluintin, claifnachd. 
AUDITOR. Fear-eifdachd. 
AUDITORY. Claiftinach. 
AUDITORY. Co-thional. 
AVENAGE. Cios, no, cain choirce. 
To AVENGE.. Beiram dioghaltas dheth, 

dioghlatn, deanam dioghaltas. 
.A VENGEANCE. Dioghaltas. 
.AVENGER. Dioghaltoir. 
AVENUE. Bothar, fraid-chumhang. 
To AVER. Briathram, beachduichanu 
AVERAGE. Math 'us ok ; beg us mor > 

chuile rod ionnaa. 
AVERMENT. Briathar, mionn. 
AVERSE. Fuathor, grainal. 
AVERSENESS. Fuath, miothlachd. 
AVERSION. Fuathorachd. 
To AVERT. Tillam, pillam, feachnam. 
AUGER. Toradh. 
AUGHT. Ni fa bith, dad. 
To AUGMENT. Meadukham, cinnam. 
AUGMENT. 5 Meaduthadh, 

AUGMENTATION. J ■ cmiuchdiu. 
AUGUR. Faifteinoir, etindraoi, tarra- 

ghalaidh, drcallanaidh., 
To AUGUR, Toimhaifam, innram le 

AUGUR ATION. Faiftinachd.eundraoith- 

AUGUST. Mor, rioghal, fiannacbal. 
AUGUST, f. Ochdmhios, lunafd. 
AUGUSTNESS, Morachd, moralachd, 

AVIARY. Eurilann. 
AVIPITY. Giocachd. 

To AVIZE. ComtiMlakhaffli (mM»iat*ta* 
AULD. Sean, aofda. 
AULETICK. Pkbich. 
AULICK. Cuirtacht n&cuirte. 
AUNT. Piuthar atharnomathar. ■ 
To AVOCATE. Gairmam air folabfa. 
AVOCATION. Gairm a leatbtaobb, 

To AVOID. Soachnam, ihllaaihuichatn. 
AVOIDABLE. So-flieacbanu. 
AVOIDANCE. Soachnadh. 
AVOLATION. lolich. 
To AVOUCH. Beachdam, firinuiclmnu 
AVOUCH, f. TeiHas. 
AVOUCHER. Fiaghnus. 
To AVOW. Firinuicham. 
AVOWABLK. So-fhirinuiebte. 
AVOWAL. Foilfacbadh. 
AVOWSAL. Aidmhal.- 
AVOWTRY. Adbaltranas. 
AURICLE, auas. 
AURICULAR. Cluafach. 
AURIFEROUS. Orach, orgha. 
AURORA. A'' inhadduin.- 
AUSPICE. Faofgne, tuair, tarraghail. 
AUSPlCIAL.- iTarraghailach, faofg^ 
AUSPICIOUS, y nach, aghor. 
AUSTERE. Tuaital, bodachal, teann, 
AUSTERITY. Tuaitalachd, leannas. 
AUTHENTICAL. j „. . . , 
AUTHENTICK. i^'<^* ^»^^^- 
AUTHOR. Ughdar, urradh. 
AUTHORITATIVE. Ughdaracb, be- 

achdal. . 
AUTHORITY.- Ughdaras. 
To AUTHORIZE. Beiram ughdata^ 
AUTOGRAPH. Priomhcblar. 


I Deas, deafal. 

A W B 

A Z U 

AUTOMATICAL. Feinghlwaifach. 
AUT0MAT01«I. Peinghluaifaii'. 
AUTOPSY. DearbhtdhfhnU. 
AUTUMN. Faomhar. 
AUTUMNAL. FaomhartcR. 
AVULSION. Spialladh. 
AUXILIARY. Cuidachal, cuidachidh. 
AUXILIARY. Fear-cuidachaidh, cui- 

To AWAIT. Feitham. 
To AWAKE; Airuicham, duifgam. 
AWAKE. Ann a airacbadh, ann a dhuf- 

To AWARD. Beiram breith, orduigh- 

To AWARE. Bitham faicilach. 
AWARE. Faicilach, aireaeh. 
AWAY. As, air folabh. 
AWE. Eagal, uanhas. 

To AWE. Cuiram eagal, bualam le eagal. 

AWEBAND. Urras. 

AWFUL. Uamhafach. 

AWHILE. Trcis. 

AWK. Nconach. 

AWKWARD. Ludirtha. 

AWKWARDNESS. Ludirthachd. 

AWL. Minidh. 

AWNING. TJghbad pubul. 

AWORK. Agobair. 

AWRY. Cam, fiar. 

AXE. Tuadh. 

AXILLARY, Afguilach. 

AXIOM. Soilleirfe. 

AXLE-TREE. Acaftair, muL 

AY. Seadh. is e. 

AYE. Ghna, do ghna, am feafd. 

AZURE. Gorm. 



BA A, f. Mculich.- 
To BAA. Ta mi mculich. 
To BABBLE. Gioracam, caileiram, 

caibaifam^ biolafcam. 
BABBLE. 1 GioraCy caibhais, cei- 

B ABBLEMENT. J leirachd. 
BABBLER* Breugaire, clagaire. 
BABE. 1 Naoidhe, naoidhachan^ naoidh- 
BABY.i in. 
BABEF'Y. Deidag, aillagan. 
BABISH. Leanabidh. 
BABOON. Apag^ apa. 
BACCATED. Cluigainachj dcarcach. 


B ACCIFEROU S. Dearcach. 
BACHELOR. Seanghille, diolainach. 
BACHELORS BUTTON. Fir ihairidh. 
BACK. Druim, muin, dronnan, dronnag^ 

croit, cul, dromain. 
BACK. Air ais. 

To BACK* Marcuigham, cuiduichain* 
To BACKBITE. Cul-clftinam. 
BACKBITER. Fear cul-chainaidh. 
BACKDOOR. Dorus-ciiil. 
BACKGAMMON. Tamhliofg, 
BACKHOUSE. Tighcuil. 
BACKPIECE. Eidadh droma. 


B A K 


BACKROOM. Scomar-cttiL 
BACKSIDE. Taobh^cuil, dairadh. 
To BACKSLIDE. Culflwmlxnuicham. 
BACKSLIDER. Cuineamhnuichoir. 
ijACKSTAFF. SlatrcuL 
BACKSTAIRS. Sdaighair-chul. 
BACKSWORD. . Claidhamh-cuil. 

backward! lAnn comhair a chuil, 
BACKWARDS. I air ais» ann comhair 

a dheiraidh. 
BACKWARD. Ncothoilach, mairnalach, 
leifg, marbhanta. 

BACON. Mucfhcoil chrochtc. 

BAD. OIc, donadh, droch. 

BADGE. Comhthara. 

To BADGE. Comhtharuicham. 

BADGER. Broc. 

BADNESS. Okas, donadas. 

To BAFFLE. Seachnam, meallam* 

BAFFLE. Mealladh ;• maim. 

BAG. Maladhy malaid, pocadb^ fac. 

To BAG. Sacuigham, lionam. 

BAGGAGE. Airnais. 

BAGNIO. Fothrag thobair. 

BAGPIPE. Piobmhalaidh. 

BAGPIPER. Piobairc. 

BAIL. PainachaSy arras. 

To BAIL. Rachara^*am paiiucbas, no^ 
ami urras. 


BAILIWICK. Cuibhrann arid fearuinn. 

BAIT. Biathadh, frithiafg, biriafg, foil. 

To BAIT. Cuiram biathadh air, gabham 
grcim, Jio mir. 

To BAIT with Dogs. Ruagam, conar- 

BAIZE. Scorfa clo. 

To BAKE. Fuinnam, deafuicham, rof- 

BAKEHOUSE. Tigh-fuinnaidb, 

BAKER. Fuinnadair. 

BALANCE. Toimhfan. 

To BALANCE. Toimhfaia, 

BALANCER. Fcar-tomhais. 

BALCONY. Foniinncag. 

BALD. MaoU fgiollta, maolcheaanach^ 

BALDERDASH. ^ Miothuigfe, fyui. 
To BALDERDASH. Truaillam. 
BALDNESS. Maolad, luimad. 
BALDRICK. Crios, grianchrios. 
BALE. Ceahlachan. 
To BALE. Ccangluicham^ 
BALEFUL. Bronach, dubhach ^ droch- 

BALK. Spar. 
BALK (in Land). Bale. 
To BALK. Bakam^ grabam. 
BALL. Ball. 

BALL (Dance). DamhOKiby cakhris* 
BALLAD. Oran. 
BALLAD-SINGER. Oranaiche. 
BALLA§T. Luchd, cudthrom. 
BALLOON. Seorfa potadh tarruing. 
BALLOT. Seorfa buill leis an raonuicbar 
. duine gu ait mar le crannchur. 
To BALLOT. Crannchuiram. 
BALLOTATION. Crannchur. 
BALM. Ice. 
BALM (of Gilcad). Ice Ghllead, feorfa 

luidh. , 

To BALM. Ungam le .ice, maothii- 

BALMY. Maothy tia, milis. 
BALNEARY. Fothragthobrach. 
BALNEATION. Fothrogachadh. 
BALSAM. Uinamaidy ola. 
To BAMBOOZLE. Meallam. 
BAN. Gealladh, barni. 
To BAN. Cainnalbhatham^ deanam af- 

caoin Eaglais air. 
A BAND. Bann, 




To BAND. Ceangalatn^ cuiram bann 

* air. 

BANDAGE. Cuaraii. 

BANDBOX. Ciftag. 

BANDOLEER. Adharc bheg fhudair. 

BANDROL. Bratach, 

BANDY. Caman, 

To BANDY. Camanuicbam. 

BANDYLEGGED. Camchofach. 

BANE. Puinnfann, nimh. 

BANEFUL. Nimhal. 


BANEWORT. Lus na h oiche, an deo- 

To BANG. Slacaram, cronuicam. 
To BANISH. Dibram, dcoraidham. 
BANISHMENT. Dibhairt, deoraidh- 

BANK. Beinc. 
BANK-BILL. Bann-beincair. 
BANKER. Beincair. 
BANKRUPT. Duinc agus a chreidas 

BANNER. Bratach. 
BANNERET. Ridire. 
BANNIAN. Gun oiche. 
BANNOCK. Bonnach, breacag, aran. 
BANQUET. Feifd, flcagh, cuirm. 
To BANQUET. Flcagh thabhart. 
BANQUETER. Fear flcagh. 

BANSTICLE. A' bhinig lodain. 
To BANTER. Bhith gcuranacbd air, 

fochaid dheanamh. 
BANTER. Fochaid, abhar ghairc. 
BANTLING. Lcanaban, paifde. 
BAPTISM. Baifdadh. 
BAPTISMAL. Baifdidh. 
BAPTIST. Baifdidh. 
To BAPTIZE. Baifdam. 
BAR. Crann, glas. , 

To BAR. Crannam, glafam. 

BARB* , Rinn^ corran. 

To BARB. Bcarram, rinngheuram, cor- 

BARBACAN. Port gunnaidh mhoir. 
BARBARISM. 7 „ . ^ 
BARBARITY, r"^^^^- 
BARBAROUS, feorborra. 
BARBED. Rinneach, rinnghcur, cor- 

BARBEL. lafgaimhnc. 
BARBER. Bcarradair. 
BARBERRY. Prcas nan gcardhearc. 
BARD. Bard, filidh, fear-dan. 
BARE. Lorn. 

To BARE. L^mam, ruifgam. 
BAREBONE. Bochd, caol, tana. 
BAREFACED. Dan, mio-narach. 
BAREFOOT. Cof-ruifg. 
BAREHEADED. Ceann-ruifg. 
BARENESS. Luime, luimad. 
BARGAIN. Connradh, malairt. 
To BARGAIN. Ceannuicham, dcanani 

BARGAIN. Fear ceannachd, fear conn- 

raidh, ceannaiche. 
BARGE. Bada-fada. 
BARK. Cairt, rufg. 
To BARK (Trees), Bciram cairt a- 

To BARK (as a Dog). Taphnuicham, 

donnallitcham, amaftram. 
BARK-BARED. Ruifgte. 
BARKY. Cairtach, cartidh. 
BARLEY. Eoma. 
BARLEYBRAKE. Seorfa cluich. 
BARLEY-BROTH. Crocad-eorna, Icann 

BARLEYCORN. Grarnc eoirna. 
BARM. Deafguinn. 
BARMY. Deafguinach. 


B A S 


BARN. SabhaU fgtobal^ ithlaxin, itb- 

gharadh, gairnaU 
BARNACLE. Scorfa coin. 
BAROMETER. Atharmhcigh. 
BARON. Baran. 
BARONAGE. Baranachd. 
BARONESS. Bcanabharain. 
BARONET. Ridire. 
BARRACK. Daingionn^ dauignach. 
BARRATOJi. Aimhreitach. 
BARREL. Barilc. 
To BARREL. Bairilam. 
BARREN. Aimrid, feifg, neothorach. 
BARRENNESS, Aimridachd, ncothor- 

adh). feifgad.. 
BARREN-WORT. Luidh arid. 
To BAJHRICADE. Deanam badhon, 

druidam, fparram. 
BARRIER. Badhon, crioch, dealachadh. 
BARRISTER. Adhnaighc. 
BARROW. Baradh. 
To BARTER. Matairtam, 
BARTER. Malairt. 
BARTRAM. Seorfa luidb. 
BASE. Suarach, miogbneamhal, .caoin« 
BASE-COURT. A' chuirt is ioOe. 
BASE-MINDED. Aig am bbcil gnc 

thruaillidh, bhochd. 
To BASE. Eafailluigham, diomoUam. 
BASENESS. Truaillachd, fuaruichad, 

To BASH. Faitas ghabhal. 
BASHAW. Fear inid riogh. 
BASHFUL. Narach, faitach. 
BASHFULNESS. Faitas, nairc. 
BASIL. Luidh arid ; croicann caaraidh% 
BASILICA. A' chuifle mhcadhain, 
BASILICK. Eaglais mhor ; talRi fhar- 



BASILICON. Seorfa ola dhonm 
BASILISK. Seorfa nathair, ripghnath- 

air, fuilmhalari. 
BASIN. Aine, mias, lochan, beiiin% 
BASIS. Bonn, bun. 
To BASK. Grianutchaxn. 
BASKET. Cliabh, ceis, caitcog, cnridh- 

BASKET-HILT. Dorne claidhaimh. 
BASS. lofal, doingann. 
BASS (Matt). Ceifain. 
BASS RELIEF. Leath dhealbh. 
BASSOON. Seoria feudain no tormaiA 

BASTARD. Druthsnhac, mac diolain. 
BASTARD, a. Diolain. 
To BASTARDIZE. Clann dhiolaift 

To BASTE. Gabham air, bualam; iool 

chur air feoil rofda. 
To BASTINADE* Gabham air, J>ualanb 
BASTION. Badhon. 
BAT. Batadh, caman. 
BAT. Curracaig, an eallbg Icathair». 
BATABLE. Agaitoch. 
BATE. Strith, confpoid. 
BATEFUL. Confpoidach^ 
BATEMENT. Lughdachadh* 
BATH. Fx>fhi:agthobar. 
To BATHE. Fothrogam. 
BATING. Ach, faoro. 
BATOON. Batan, llat-rioghi 
BATTALIA. Ann ordugh cath. 
BATTALION. Buidhann, mcirc, cuid- 

To BATTER. Slacaram. 
BATTER. Cathbhrith. 
BATTERER. Slacairc. 
BATTERY. Slacairachd* . 
BATTLE. Blar, machaire cogaidh, catjit 
To BATTLE. Cogam, catham. 


B E A 

B E C 

BATTLE-AXE. Tuadh-chogaidh. 
BATTLE-DOOR. Clar an arccbiolaich. 
BATTLEMENT. Bar-baik. 
BAUBEE. Bonn-fia. 
BAVIN. Brudhan. 
BAWBLE. Deidag cloinc bigc. 
BAWCOCK. Ogajtiach breagh. 
BAWD. Friathluichoir. 
BAWDILY. Go neogheamnidh. 
BAWDINESS. Miogheanmidhachd^ mio- 

BAWDY. Miogheamnidh. 
5AWDY.HOUSE. Druthlaim* 
To BAWL. Sgreacham, fgreadanu 
BAWSIN. Broc. 
BAY. Buidh, donn. 
BAY (of the Sea). Loch,vCamus«.. 
BAY (Tree). Crann labhrais. 
BAYARD. Each donn, no b^idhe*.. 
To BE. Bitham, atam. 
BEACH. Cladach. 
BEACHED^ Air a' chladach^ 
BEACON. Comhtharra. 
BEAD. Cnap paidruin. 
BEADLE. Maor-eaglais. 
BEADRQLL.. Clar ainm nammulatir 

r'an cuknlmachadh ann.urnuigh. 
BEADSMAN. Fear sl ladh ui^nulgh arfon 

BEAGLE. Cuilcin.. 
BEAK. Gob.. 
BEAKED. Gobach^ birach. . 
BEAKER. Miodar.. 
To BEAL. longraicham. . 
HEAM» Spar, garmuin. 
To BEAM (Rays). Dearlam, dcarfam. 
BEAM (Tree). Crann caorthann. . 
BEAMY. Dearlachj cabrach. 
BEAN. Ponair. 
Tx> BEAR. Giulanam, iomcharam, fu^ 

langam, beiranir. 

BEAR. Mathghamhuin. 
BEAR-BIND. Seorfa frf imh mar fhrcang.* 
BEAR-FLY. Seorfa cutlaig. 
BEAR'S BREECH. Seorfa luidh. 
BEAR'S WORT. Luidh arid. 
BEARD. Feufag. 
To BEARD. Beiram air f heufag air, ca- 

fam ri fiacuil, no feufag. 
BEARDED. Air am bheil feufag, feu- 

fagach, birach, colgach. 
BEARDLESS. Og, gan f heufag. 
BEARER. Fear-giulan. 
BEARING. Luidhe, fuidhachadh. 
BEAR WARD. Buachaile-mathghamhu- 

BEAST. BiaH, bcifd, bruid. 
BEASTLINESS. Bcifdahchd, bruidal- 

To BEAT. Bualam, flacaram, pronnam,, 

oibricham, buadhiiigham. 
BEATEN. Buailte. 
BEATER. Slacan, fimide. 
BEATIFICATION. Beannachadh. 
BEATIFICK. Sonadh, beannuichte. 
To BEATIFY. Beannuicham. 
BEATING. Bualadh. 
BEATITUDE. Senas, - beannachadh. 
BEAU. Fear breagh. . 
BEAVER. Dobharan, dobhar-chu,. madi 
- dadh Jonn,,.biafd-dhubh. 
BEAVERED. Ai^ am , bheil croican 

BEAUTEOUS. ^ Boidhach, lurach, al- 
BEAUTIFUL, i l^iin. 
To BEAUTIFY. Ailuicham. , 
BEAUTY. Ailne. 
BEAUTY-SPOT. Ball-feirc. . 
To BECALM. Feathuigham, ciuinuigh- 

BECAUSE. Bhri, dobhri, chionn. 
To BECHANCE. Tuitam, tachairam, 





BECHICKS. Cuiigaidh-lcighais math air 

To BECK. 7 ^ , ' r 'A 

A BECK. . Crathadh, . fmcidadh, caoc- 

-To BECLIP. Gaidram, umghlacam, um- 
bracam, umfaifgam) pogam. 

-To BECOME. Atam, ta, tha mi, ata 
. mi deante, fafam. 

To BECOME (decent). Is cuibhidh, is 
dligheach, is coir. 

BECOMING. Cubhaidh, ciatach, caidh- 

BECOMINGNESS. Cubhaidhachd. 

BED. Leabe, airte], fceng. 

•To rBED. Luidham, rachapi do leabe, 
racham luidh, cuiram chodal, cuiram 

To BEDABBLE. Fliucham, ludaram. 

To BEDAGGLE. Clabaram, faluicham. 

To BEDAWB. Biialam le criadh. 

To BEDAZZLE. Dallam le foilfe, deal- 
ram, loinnairam. 

BEDCHAMBER. Seomar codail, coda- 
ligh, fceng. 



I-o BEDECK. Sgeaduicham, eidam, 
Oram, deafuicham, fgeamham, breach- 
am, oirghreafam, greagam, maifaicham, 
foirfgeamham, ailluigham, £oirailluigh* 
.am., oirdnigham, fnafam, ilearfaigham, 
cuiram culaidh air. 

BEDEHOUSE. Tigh nam bochd, tigh 

To BEDEW. Taifuigham, driuchdam, 

BEDFELLOW. 7 ^ ., 

BEDMATE. J Coileap.ach. 

To BEDIM. Dorchuigham, dallam. 

( Aodach-Ieape. 

BEDLAM. Bethlehem, tigh tiiii'm 

dbaotne a chatll an ceadfuigha. 
BEDLAMITE. Duinc gan chiall. 
BEDMAKER. Seirbhaifach a charas na 

BEDPOST. Stumpa-leape. 
BEDPRESSER. Duine leifg, liindaire. 
To BEDRENCH. Cuiram ann uifgc, 

BEDRID. Ceanjifuighte ri leabe.- 
BEDRITE. Ceart leabe phofda. 
To BEDROP. Siolam, druidham. 
BEDSTEAD. Stoc, colbh, crannghal 

BEDSTRAW. Conlach leape. 
BEDSWERVER. Adhaltranach. 
BEDTIME. Am luidh. 
To BEDUNG. Leafluicham, culrinich-^ 

am le innair. 
To BEDUST. Cuiram fmal no fmurno 

duflach air. 
To BEDWARF. Lughadulcham, cum^ 

am rod gan f has. 
BEDWORK. Obair gan faotbain 
BEE. Beachann, feilain. 
BEE-EATER. Eunadh'ithasbeachainn. 
BEE-FLOWER. Seorfa luidh. 
BEE-GARDEN. Garradh bheachann. 
BEE-HIVE. Sceip-flieilainn, bcachlann, 

BEE-MASTER. Fcar-arach bheachann. 
BEECH. Crann faidbhilc. 
BEECHEN. Do chrann faidhbhile. 
BEEF. Martfheoil. 
BEEF-EATER. Saighaidairan ma phear- 

fa anrlogh. 
BEEN. Air bhith. 
BEER. Leann caol, leann. 
BEET. Am bitis. 
A BEETLE. Daol, dubhchuil. farach- 

adh, fimide. 
To BEETLE. Leaduigham,bualamamach. 




J J Bids. 

BEETLEBROWED, Gruamach, ploc 

BEETLEHEADED. Pollchcannach. 
BEETLESTOCK. Cos farachaidh. 
BEEVES. Crotfh, mairt^. ba, eallach, 

ni, fpreidh. 
To BEFAL. Tachairam, tuitain, cirgh- 

To BEFIT. Tigam do. 
To BEFOOL. Mcallam, fuilradharcam, 

BEFORE. Air thoifach, air aghai, air 

tus, roimhe, roi, for. 
BEFOREHAND.. Roi laimh. 
To BEFORTUNE. Soubhaicham. 
To BEFOUL. Salaicham. 
Tq befriend. Cuidaichmn, beiram 

To BEFRINGE. Greufan^ faimam. 
To BEGir larram, guidham^ iarram 

To BEGET. Geinam, toraicham, faidh- 

am clann, coimpram. 
BEGETTER. Fear geintin, toraichoir. 
BEGGAR. larradoir, bochdan,^ fiorthoift 

bochd, labaip, foidhacb, dithcach. 
To BEGGAR. Deanam bpchd, cuiram 

dh'iarraidh na deirc. 
BEGGARLY. Bochd, truaillidh. 
BEGGARY. Bochdin, truaillidhachd. 
To BEGIN. ToUaicham, tionfgnam, 

BEGINNER. Toifaichoir, tionfgnair. 
BEGINNING. Tus, toifacb, primh- 

To BEGIRD. Crioflaicham, tagmangth- 

am, tiomchiollam. 
To BEGNAW. Cagnam, creimam* 
BEGONE. Imthich. 

BEGOT. J Air fhaotin, fhuaradh, 


BEGOTTEN. J ginte. 

To BEGREASE. Geiram, rubam Ic 

To BEGRIME. Salaicham le poll no 

To BEGUILE. Meallam, ccalgam, brca- 

BEHALF. As taobh, as leath, airfon, 

air fgath. 
To BEHAVE. Giulanam me fein, iom* 

BEHAVIOUR. Giulan, iomchar. 
To BEHEAD. Di^hartam, fgaram 

BEHEMOTH. Eachuifgc. 
BEHEST. Ordugh, aithn. 
To BEHIGHT. Geallam, earbam. 
BEHIND. Air cul, air deiradh, ami 

BEHINDHAND. Ami deigh laimh. 
To BEHOLD. Feucham, amhaircam» 

BEHOLD! Feuch! 
BEHOLDEN. Ami commaiA. 
BEHOLDER. Fear-feuchaio, fear amh- 

BEHOOF. Buingin, math. 
To BEHOOVE. Bhith cubhaidh. 
BEHOOVEFUL. Cubhaidh, dligheach. 
To BEHOWL. . Caoinam, caoidham, 

BEING. Bith, r^ 
To BELABOUR. Bualam, flacaram. 
BELAMIE. Leannan, ceile. 
BELATED. Air an d'nig an oiche. 
To BELAY. Deanam luidhachan, luidham 

an uaignas, cuiram ic as. 
To BELCH. Bruchdam, dioghrogam. * 
BELCH. Bruchdal. 
BELDAM^ Seanbhean, feanmhathair. 

K To 



To BELEAGUER. lomdhruidam. 
BELEAGUER. lomdhruidair. 
BELEMNITES. Seorfa luidh. 
BELFOUNDER. Leaghadair, fear thil* 

gadh chlag. 
BELFRV. TrorMd, clogas, far an 
. crochar an dag. 

To BELIE. Meallam, cuiram breug air. 
BELIEF. Creidadb, creidas, a' chreud. 
BELIEVABLE. So-chreidiui. 
To BELIEVE, Creidam. 
BELIEVER. Creidmhach. 
BELIKE. B' eidar, feudidh e bith. 
BELIVE. Gan mhaill, gan fdad. 
BELL. Clag. 

BELL-FASHIONED. Air diumadh claig. 
BELLE. Ingbean og. 
To BELLOW. Gcimam^ geimnigham, 

dcanam buirain> buiram, beicam. 
BELLOWS. Builg-iheidaidh. 
BELLUINE. Beifdal, bruidal. 
BELLY. Bolg, bru, bes, broinn, tarr, 

To BELLY, Builgam. 
BELLYACHE. Coligain. 
BELLYBOUND. Teann 'n a chorp. 
BELLY-FRETTING. NuaJr bhciras 

an girt an .croican do bhdg an eich. 
BELLYFULL. Lan builg. 
BELLYGOD. Geo-cach, craofatre. 
BELMAN. B<drair. 
BELMETAL. Miotailte chlag. 
To BELOCK. Glafam. 
To BELONG. Bhith ann eoir noceart 

duine, bhitb aig neach. 
BELOVED. lonmbuin. 
BELOW. Fuidh, fo{ goiofal, ihkM. 
BELSW^GGER. Maor ftriopaicb. 

BELTt Cries, bait, cmdath, enith- 

BELWETHER. Caoradh «r am bith 

clag agus a leanas a' mhuintir eile. 
To BEMAD. Churairbani. 
To BEMIRl^.i Fagam am poll, no ann 
To BEMOIL. \ caPgidh. 
To BEMOAN. Gearanam, caoidham, 

To BEMONSTER. Dsanam fuathaTad), 

BEMUSED. Smuatntach, neo-aireach. 
BENCH. Beinc, cathair-bhreithamhnais, 

To BENCH. Beincan chur fuas. 
To BEND. Lubam, cufam, cromam, 

crearam, camam. 
BEND, f. • Lub, camadh, cromadh. 
BENDABLE. So-lubadh, fo-chamidb. 
BENDER. Labatr. 
BENEAPED. Traidhichte. , 
BENEATH* Foi, fo, fuidh. 
BENEDICT. Slaintal, fallan. 
BENEDICTION. Beannachd, beami. 

BENEFACTION. Matbdheanamh, ma- 

BENEFACTOR. 7 Maithafaicfae, foi-> 
BENEFACTRESS. $ ghntombach. 
BENEFICE. Beathachadh, maithas. 
BENEFICED. Aig am Uieil beathach- 
BENEFICENT. Maithafach. 
BENEFICIAL. Feimal, nnth, tarbhach, 

BENEFIT. Deaghniomh. 
To BENEFIT. Sochar, buannadid, 

tairbh do dheanamh, buingam. 
To BENET. Glacam am paintinr no 

ann lion. 
BENEVOLENCE. Geanmatb, deagb- 


3 BENE- 

B:5 s 


BENEVOLENT. G««niiuitha«icli, deagh 

To BENIGHT. Tig in okhe j dcrcham. 
BENIGN. Coinal, ilaintamkuti, fkbhar- 

ach, trocairach. 
BENIGNITY. CoinaIachd» Oaintalachd, 

BENiSON. Beannachd, b^nnachadh. 
BENNET. Luidharid. 
BENT. Lubte, crom, feorfa feoir. 
To BENUM. Marbhlapami fagam gan 

To BEPAINT. Liobhdhcalbham. 
To BEPINCH. Gearffam, michagakham. 
To BEPISS. Muinam, tairnam uifge. 
To BEQUEATH. Pagam tfioUb aig. 
BEQUEST. Diolib. 
To BEREAVE. Tabbairam, mo, beiram 

To BERHYME^ Sdnam aan dan m 

BERLIN. Seorfa carbftid« 
To BEROB. Guimtf fpuinatf. 
BERRY. 8«bfa» deare* 
BERTRAM. Se^fiiluidll. 
BERYL. Seorfa cloch mftl. 
To BESCREEN. F^Sfgrnh cmnm UfpMt 

air ; dubhram. 
To BESEECH* Gmdh^,. aikitcham, 

BESEEN. Cttmte ri. 
To BESHREW. D«anam drochgliuidhc 

BESIDEsi^" "''*"'""' '■*'''• 

To BESIEGE. looi^bniidam, cttmnigk- 

ain, reifdsun. 
M:SI£G£R/ looMHuruidair. 
To BESMEAR. Plafdam, leaganle. 




BESOM. Sgoab-lair. 

To BESORT. Rainiua. 

BESORT, f. Compailt, buidhann, cuid- 

To BESOT. Deanam diomhothaighach, 

muirgineach, eagarta, fpaid. 
To BESPANGLE. Lannairam. 
To BESPATTER. Salaicham, mafluich- 

To BESPAWL. Smugamair. 
To BESPEAK, Labhram. 
To BESPECKLE. Breacam, bi«acuigb. 

To BESPEW. Sgeatbruicham, iirflugwi^ 

fgcatham, tilgam. 
To BESPICE. Cuiram fpiofra air. 
To BESPIT. Gabham do fmugao air. 
To BESPOT. 1 Dcanam ballach, comb- 
To BESTAIN. S *arriicham. 
To BESPREAD. Sgaolam, fpreadham. 
To BESPRINKLE. Cratbam thairit. 
BEST. Is fearr. 
To BESTEAD. Buingam, faidham 

buannachd, deafuicbam. 
BESTIAL. Beifdat. 
BESTIALITY. BeirdaUchd. 
To BESTICK. Satham. 
To BESTIR. Caraicbam,brargalam,bror<. 

To BESTOW. Tiodblacam, bdxta^ 

BESTOWER. TiodWicair. 
BESTRAUGHT, Air baoi, air baint, 

air caotbacb. 
To BESTRIDE. Racbam cofa gobb« 

To BESTUD. Dcaown clochamu 
A BET. Geall. 
To BET. Cuiram geall. 
To BETAKE. Betram, racbamp 
To BETEEM. Beiram. 
T9 BETHINK. Smuaintuigbaou 


B E W 


To BETHRAL. Cuibhraicham, bciram 

ann daorfe, ann trailleachd, ann mogh* 

fuinne, no, fglamhaidhachd, • 
To BETHUMP. Buallam, flacaram. 
BETIME, 7,, , 
BETIMES. ! ^^^•^^ "'^'^ *'^- 
To BETOKEN. Tuaram, faiftinam, 

BETONY. Lus mhic Bcathag. 
To BETOSS. Tilgam, cladaram, lamh- 

aigham, urchairam. 
To BETRAY. Bratham, meallam, lio- 

BETRAYER. Trataire, mealtair, fear- 

To BETRIM. Bufgam, breagham, fgeamh- 
- am, fgeadaicham. 
To BETROTH. Cumhnantaicham po- 

To BETRUST. Earbam, deanam bun 

as, cuiram dochas ann. 
BETTER. Fcarr. 
BETTER, f. Feairde, fcothas. 
BETTOR. Fear gill. 
BETTY. Tailm lei» ann brifar afteach 

BETWIXT. 3 ^'^^' 

BEVFT ' I ^^^^^^ riaghlchearnach. 


BEVY. Ealt. 

To BEWAIL. Caoinam, caoidhant, tuir- 

To BEWARE. Tugam aire. 
To BEWET. Fliucham, maothuigham. 
To BEWILDER. Cuiram air feachran. 
To BEWITCH. Aidhbhram, cronaich- 

am, fulradharcam, cuiram buitfachas air. 
BE WITCHERY. Pifcoga, buitfachas. 


To BEWRAY. Bratham, meallam. 

BEWRAYER. Mealtair, brathadair. 

BEYOND. Thall, an Uobh thall. 



BIAS. Aomadh, ftaonadh, cudthromach- 

Ta BIAS. Aomam, cudthromaicham. 
BIB. Cludag air uchd leanaibh a chumal 

glan, fmigaodach. 
To BIB. Olam. 
BIBACIOUS. Poitach. 
BIBBER. Poitair. 
BIBLE. An leabhar, an leabhar naomh, 

am bibai. 
BIBLIOGRAPHER. Fear fgriobhaidh 

BIBULOUS. Ni a (huchas uifge. 
BICIPITOUS. Dacheannach. 
To BICKER. Bhidi claidhamhairachd. 
BICKERER. Claidhamhair, fear bhitbas 

ri caonnag go trie. 
BICKERN. larrunn birach. 
BICORNOUS. Da-adharcach. 
BICORPORAL. ^Dachorpach. 
To BID. larram. 
BIDALE. Cuiradh gu oh 
BIDDER. Fear-cuiraidh. 
BIDDING. Cuiradh, iarridh. 
To BIDE. Fanam, mairtham, ccnah« 

BIDENTAL. Dafhiaclach. 
BIDING. Comhnuidh, Umh. 
BIENNIAL. Dabhlianach. 
BIER. Carbad, arach, conra,. cnxJiar, 

BIESTINGS. Baine-nuis. 
BIFARIOUS. Dubailt, filte. 
BIFEROUS. Tabhart da bhar anns a' 

bhKanadh. ^ 

BIFID. 1. .. 


B I N 

B I t 

BIFOLD. Dubuilt, filte. 
BIFORMED. Dachruthach. 
BIFURCATED. Gabhalach. ^ 
BIG. Mor. 
BIGAMIST. Fear aig am bhcfl da 

BIGAMY. Pofadh dubuilt. 
BIGBELLIED. Leatromach. 
BIGGIN. Curac paifdc. 
BIGOT. lomthnuoir, tnuoir, tnutfaach^ 

BIGOTED. Fearmadach, tnuthach, 

BIGOTRY. Eud, tnuth, fcarmad, tcaf- 

ghradh, gradhlafda. 
BIGSWOLN. Ator, air builgadh. 
BILBERRY. Brailag, lus nam br^ilag. 
BILBO. Groilain, fean chlaidhamh. 
BILE. Domblas. . 

To BILGE. Gabham aoidain. 

*.>Domblafda. . . ' 

Sgabhardachdf bard- 


BILINGUOUS. Datheangach. ' 
To BILK. Meallam. 
BILL. Goby ceann. ■ • 
BI]^L. Swrfatuagh. 
BILL. Bann^ bannlgriobhaidh. , 
To BILL. Pogam. 
BILLET. Bann leis am faidh faighadair 

ceathramh, no cuid oich. 
To BILLET. Tabhairam bann ceathramh ; 

do (haigfaadair.^^ 
billow; Tonn, uifge. 
To billow. Attam, borbam. 
BILLOWY. Attor, borb. 
BINARY. Dubuilt, filtc; 
To BIND. Ceanglam, cabrkim^ cfaibhi- 

raicham. tcanniaat, imneifiiicbam^ Aofgam. 
BINDER. Ceanglair-leabhran. . . 

- «. j,a:-jl 

BINDING. Ceangal. 
BINDWEED. Seorfalus. 
BINOCLE. Gloine dh'amharc le da 

BINOCULAR, Dafliuilach, 
BIOGRAPHER. Beo-eachdatn. 
BIOGRAPHV. Beo^chdairachd. 
BIPAROUS. Ca*aidach. 
BIPARTITE. Anada-leath. 
BIPARTITION. Rainn-da-lcath. 
BIPED. Dachofach. . 
BIPEDAL. Dachofach. 
BIPENNATED. Dafgiathach. 
BIRCH. Beitha. 
BIRCHEN. Beitha, dobheitha. 
BIRD. Eun. 

To BIRD. Bhith ag eunadairtchd. 
BIRDBOLT.' Saighad. 
BIRDCALL. Blaodh eun. 
BIRDLIME. Glaodh, bioth.-eun. . 
BIRDSEYE. Seorfa luidh. 
BIRT. lafg, an turbait. 
BIRTH. Breith. 

BIRTHDAY. Labftith, bieith la. 
BIRTHNIGHT. Oicha breith. 
BIRTHPLACE. Tirbreitli. 
BIRTHRIGHT. Ceartbhreith. 
BISCUIT. Aran cruaidh, aran fairge. ~ 
To BISECT. Leatham, fgaoiltam. 
BISECTION. Leathadh, fgadtadh. 
BISHOP. Eafpuig. 
To BISHOP. Codhaingnacfaam. 
BISHOPRICK. EaTpuigachd, oighreachd: 
BISSEXTILEr Gacfa ceathro blianadh. 
BISTORT. Seorfa luidh. 
BISTOURY. RinnbHearth;^. - 
BISULCOUS. . LaotharAch. . ^->_ 

BIT. .Mir, crimag, greim, daochaL 


B L A 

B L B 

BIT (of a Bridle). Minuuch, beulanach, 

ialbheoil, ailifn. 
BITCH. Galla, fagh. 
To BITE. Creiiham, gearram, liodaram, 

beiram greim-fiacal as.- 
To BITE (asaFiih). Leimain, fgobam. 
BITE. Greimfiacal, fgobadh i car, meall. 

tair. . 

BITER. Sgobaicbe, Igobaire, meallhur. 
BITTE&. S«arbh, donblafda. 
BITTERN. Stcarnal, . 
BITTERNESS. ' Seaibbad, fearbbadas. 
BITTERSWEET. Scoria nbhail. 
BITUMEN. Boirchriadh. 
BITUMINOUS. Boirduiadhach. 
BIVALVULAR. DadhuiUach. 
To BLAB. Gioracain, biola(gam, cal- 

A BLAB. 7 -, , . 
BLABBER, r'"^'*"* «'""""• 
BLACK. Dubh. 

BLACK-CATTLE. Crodh» eallacb, oi, 
' mairt. • 

BLACK-GUARD. Duloe faaracb. 
BLACK-LEAD. Lnaiahe-dbubh, 
BLACK-PUDDING. Marag^dhabb, 

cru{tkutog. ' 
BLACKAMOOR. Duinedubli.. 
BLACKBERRIED (Heatb). Lus nan 

gorm dbewc* ^ 

BLACKBERRY (Bdh}. Pleat naa 

BLACKBIRD. Loa^ londubb. 
To BLACKEN. DuUmio. 
BLACK> L Dttb^ 
BLACKING. Dubbach. 
BLACKTHORN. Draighanii» cdodfCtf. 
BLADDER. Aodtuman, bolg. 
BLAX>£. Faohbao^ iaonuut,, biaae. 

BLADE (of Com). Dim^ diafag, geaitik. 

ar. . 

BLADE (Shoulder). 7 .t- • 
BLADEBONE. 'jShna.n. 

BLAIN* Builgatiij guirain. 
BLAMEABLE. Coirthcach. 
BLAMEABLENESS. Coirthotchd. 
To BLAME. Coirthuicbam. 
BLAME. Coirthe» trom. 
BLAMELESS. Neochoutheach, oeQ* 

cktoiitaEich, noolocktlach.^ 
BLAMELESSNESS; Neochiotttaf. 
To BLANCH. G^duichara. 
BLANCHER. Gealuichoir. 
BLAND. Seimh, cinalta, tta. 
iTo BLANDISH. .Ciuinuicham» dcanam 

fotal ri. 
BLANDISHMENT. Scchomhiadbacbd^ 

BLANK. Geal, falamh» fas^ 
To BLANK. Dttbham amach, Cttiiaok 

tapag air. -. . 

BLANKET. Plaldc, plancaid* 
To BLAllE. Glaodhanit eigham^ ' 
To BLASPHEME. Diamhaflam, maftoiclw 

BLASPHEMOUS. Diamhaflacl^ atttikb. 
BLASPHEMY. Diaishafl^dli. > 
BLAST. Oflag» faarghreadddh Uligait- 

achd, hofagnrnadi^ ibidnao. 
To BLAST. Greiddam. 
BLASTMENT. Gfeiddidb, bualadb*. 
To BLATTER^ BuiiaiB^ h^auk^ 
BLAZE. Laflkir.. 
To BLAZE. Laflam, laffidrain^ 
BLAZER. BoUAirc^ fgculaichc. 
To BLAZON^ Snaithchigata* db. dha- 

anamh. * . 

BLAZON. £oI» air fuaftbchivdtai^ 
BLAZONRY. Siiaitlichi#iitafi« 
ToBL$ACH« GcalMcham^ 
BL£AK«. £iuB^..glafiUdlu . 


6 hi 


BLEAR. Prabach>- 
To BLEAR. Cuiram prab. 
BLEAR-EYEDNE^S. JSnchihunaehd. 
To BLEAT. Meilaicham. 
BLEAT. Meilaicb. 
BLEB. Builgaiji. 

To BLEED. Tarruingam fuU, ouUam 
fuiU ' , 

BLA'tE 1^"**** «»g''<'*»> fa«t«ch« 

To. BLEMISH. Cfothramakhaio, a^n- 

BLEMISH. Ciothram» toibheun. 
BLEMISHEDi Aineamhach. 
To BLENCH. Cliofgam ( grabbam. 
To BLEND. Coimeafgain. 
To BLESS. BeannuichaiD> foiraia; 
BLESSED. Beaniwichte. 
BLESSEDNESS. ) Beannacbd, beaaoach^ 
BLESSING. I adb, feanadb. 
BLESSER. Beaimuicboir. 
BLEST. Beannuicbte. 
BLIGHT. Mil-c^eo. 
To BLIGHT, bagham, greadam. 
BLIND.. Dall, caoeb> creadu 
BLIND. Sgailej fgiatb. 
BLINDFOLD. Suile druidte. . 
To BLINDFOLD. Dorcham fitife. 
BL(NDMAN's BUFF. F»l«cb.-fet|d.. 
BLINDNESS/ bailled. 
To BLINK. Briobam, cafgav,. fneidam. 
BLINKARD. Fribaiche. . 
BLISS. Sona$> beaiuuwdudb. 
BLISSFUL. ^nadh> beannuichte., 
To BLiSSOM. Dbol au pichndh av 

na cait. ^ 


To BLISTER. Leafaidum. 
BLISTERED. Ceadbal. 
BLITH. 7Aidbaracb, new,. aoUi»> 


BLITHNESS. • 1 ^_ _ 

BLITHSOMENESS.}^"'''''' ''°'^^- 
To BLOAT. Attain, borbam, bocam. 
BLOATEDNESS. Att, bocadb,.buirbc. 
BLOBBER. Builgaiu. , 
BLOCK. Cjeip, wllag, Oaatati: 
BLOCK-HOUSE. Tigh-ceipal. 
BLOCKADEv lomdhruidadh. 
To BLOCKADE. lomdhroidam. 
BLOCKHEAD. Ceannmaide, tamban. 
- ach» gurakacb.- ',..'. 

BLOCKISH. Eucar;tha,,rp9idiA,iaeoa»b*tb.- 

BLOOD. Euil. * 

To BLOOD; Fuilam.. 
To BLOOD-LET.. Tarniln^un foU. 
BLOODY-FLUX, Crui^aoUadli. 
BLOOD-LETTER. Fear-tllarruuig fola. 
BLOOD-THIRSTY. 7 _ ., . 
BLOODY. JFuileach. 

BLOODHOUND. Cu luirge, c».fola.. 
BLOODLESS.. Gan fbuil. 
BLOODSHED. Fuitdhomdh. 
BLOSSOM. $ "^*"'" 
To BLOOM; 7 b. ^ 
To BLOSSOM. 5 ^'**^' 
BLOOMY. Blather. 
To BLOT. Dabham.. 
"BLOT. Ball, breoB, grabblbclid: . 
BLOTCH. Builgain. 
To BLOTE. Toitaai.. 
BLOW. Buille, tarruiag. 
To BLOW.. Seidam, fittun, bolgatt. .1 
To BLOW (Bloom). Cuirm amacb^ ad,. 

BLOWTH. filatlu 




BLUBBER, Raimhad. 
BLUDGEON. Slacan. 
BLUE. Gorm. 
vBLUE, f. GuinniAn. 
BLUENESS. Gnirmc. 
BLUFF. Mor, gruamachy boirgairaeh. 
To BLUNDER. Deanam mearachd, no, 

feachran ; iomrollam. 
BLUNDER. Mearachc), feachran, imroll. 
BLUNDERBUSS. Seorfa gunna glaic 

TO f harfuing. 
BLUNT. Maol, maolchlaafach, neofpraic- 

al, neogheurcbnifach. 
To BLUNT. Maoluicham. » 

BLUNTMESS. Maolad j ncofpraicaladhd, 

BLUR. «aiH, caidhc. 
To BLUR. Dubham. 
To QLUSH, Deargnidham, niaidfaam le 

naire. . 
BLUSHY. Dearg, narach. 
To SLUSTER. Scidam^ bitham bollf- 

BLUSTER. Scidadh, gaothoradia, gair, 

anuair, gailbhe. 
BLUSTERER. Bollfgairc. 
BLUSTEROUS. Gaothor^ fgaitJich, 

BO! Bo! 

BOAR. Tore, cullach. 
BOAR (Wild). Near, fiadhchtfflacb. ' 
BOARD. Bord. ^ 

To BOARD. Bordam. 
JBOARD-WAGE6. Bord, ccathro. 
BOARJ&ER. Bordaif, cairtalaiche. 
BOARISH. Mucal, bruidal, borb. 
To BOAST. Bhith bbllfgacrachd, bragam 

maoidham ; deanam uaill, aidhbheil.' 
BOASTE4l% : Bi^g^ire,- bollfgaini. • 
BOASTFUL*.- Bra^artha, Aiaillal, bdllf- 
^^f gartha, morghailach. 

BOJVT. Bad, eitharj -cirrach^ grodan. 

BOATMAN. Fear-bad; 
I BOATSWAIN. • Fcai* (habhart aire dd 
acfuin luinge. 
To BOB. Bualam, gabham air; meal! aoitt 
, BOB. Buillcj carball. 
BOBBIN. Itachan. 
BOBTAIL. Gearrcift)a1h 
BOBTAILED. Gearrearballach, ciitach.^ 
To BODE. Foirmnfam, faiftinam, tuar- 

am, tarraghlaim. 
BODEMENT. Tuar, faiftin, tarraghail, 

To BODGE. 7 ' . ^ 
To BOGGLE. S^^'"''®^- 
BODICE. Cliabhbeg. 
BODILESS. Ganchorp. 
BODILY. Corpora. 
BODKIN. Bil", bod, rothcredha, brod, 

coitit, dealg. 
BODY. Corp, com, cli, con, truail. 
BODY-CLOTHES. Aodach-cuirp. 
BOG. Bog, cafglidh. 
BOGGLER. Gcilt^rc. 
BOGGY. Bog, mointach. 
BOIL (Ulcer). Eafgaid, bolgach. 
To BOIL. Bruicham, be^bham, diliadh* 

BOILER. Bruithadair \ coiradh. 
BOLD. Dan, mifnachal, dedla. ^ 

To BOLDEN. Mifnaicham. 
BOLDFACE. 7 Danadas, mionaire; mif- 
BOLDTTESS. 5 nach, brollaidh. 
BOLDLY. JD^n^d^nnarra. 

BOLE. Seorfa talaimh, no, uir^ biin 
• craoibh. 

BOLL. Cu'innlain, gcamh. 
To BOLL. Fkfam mar cliuiiVnliiA. 
ISOLSTER. ' Boftair, adhartan^ ccarchuir, 
cluafag. " *." 


, iGaothor, 



BOLT. Peilar tarnciiiaich^ dragj faighad; 

glas rugaire. 
To BOLT, Glafam; leimam. 
BOLTER. Criathar garbh. 
BOLTHEAD, Ceann potadh togalaich. 
BOLTING-HOUSE. Tigh-cathaWh. 
BOLTSPRIT. Crann-fprcoide. . 
BOMB. Toirm, fligc chruin mar pbotadh 

a thilgar as feorfa gunna-mor afteach air 

baile no daingneachas ann am iomdfaru- 

To BOMB. TUgam .fligc. 
BOMB-KETCH. Longlaidirnach brifar 

Ic flige. 
To BOMBARD. Caitham le fliogan. 
BOMBARDIER. Fear-chaithamh fhlio- 

fiQMBAST, f. ,Ard-ghloir. 
BOMBAST. Ardghlorach. 
BOMBULATION. Toirm, fuaim, gloir. 
5OND. Bann» 
BONDAGp:. Braighdanas, traillas^ mogh- 

fuinne, brilid^ baooglacbas. 
BONDMAID. Banoglach, traill, &c. 
BONDMAN. TrailU braghaidainacb, 

fglamhaiche, moghaidhe. 
BONDSLAVE. Rugmhodb, turmbodh. 

BONE. Cnaimh. 
BONELACE. Faltan lin. 
BONELESS. Gan cbnaimb. 
To BONESET. Suidhacham cnaimh. 
BONESETTER. Fear fuidhachaidh 

BONFIRE. Tcinc, gcalbban. 
BONGRACE. Boinnaid^ curac con- 

BONNET. Boinpaid, curac, biraid* 
BONNETS. Scorfafiuil. 
BONNINESS. Boidhad. 
BONNY. Boidhach, luwch* , 

BONNY-CLABBER. BiinneVflabaif, 

bainne binntichte, flaman. 
BONY. Garbh, cnambach. 
BOOK. Leabhar. 

To BOOK. Sgriobham, cuimhnicham. 
BOOK-KEEPING. Leabhar-choimhad. 
BOOK-BINDER. Fear-chcangal Icabh- 

BOOKISH. Leabharach. 
BOOKLEARNED. Leabhar-eolach. 
BOOKSELLER. Lcabhar-reicadair. 
BOOKWORM. Cnuiihh-lcabhran. 
BOOM. Crann-fgoide. 
BOON. Tiodhlacadji, gibht, lonnair- 

BOOR. Bodach, garbhodaich, burraidh, 

raighthoir, fearaada. 
BOORISH. Bodacb^l, burral. 
BOQRISHNESS. Bodachalachd, bur- 

BOOSE. Gribe, boidhal. 
To BOOT. Buingam, faidham. 
BOOT. Buingin, tairbhe, barrachd, buta« 
BOOT. Botin, bucis, coiibheart. 
To BOOT. Botinicham. 
BOOT-HOSE. Mogan, offan. 
BOOT-CATCHER. GioUa-botin, gt- 

BOOTED. Botinichtc. 
BOOTH. Bothan, maixkreach, bothag, 

tiachdbhoth, fgatblan. 
BOOTLESS. Gan fbeim,- diomhain 

BOOTY. Spuilin, creach,. bathainte 

argnadh, bothaireachd. ~ 
BORABLE. So-thollaidh. 
BORAGE. Am borrach. 
BORDEL. Druthlann. 
BORDER. Bile, imeal, oithr, cothuir, 

faime, crioch, iomorach. 
To BORDER. Faimam, bhith dlu, am 





BOKDO. (ofaCcMintry). Braoch. 
BORDERER. Fear aitachaidh air crioch, 

no, ionaal dathcha. 
To BORDRAGE. Togam creach. Vide 

To BORE. Tollam, tararam, gimlaidam. 
BORE. TolU poll. 
BOREAL. Tuath. 
BOREAS. A' ghaoth tuath. 
BORER. ToUadair. - 
To be BORN. Bhith brckhte. ' 
BOROUGH. Bailennargaidh. ' 
To BORROW. <vabbam ann ia&ckd, 

ann coinnal, ann airleidaidh. 
BORROW, f. lafachd, airleicaidh. 
BORROWER. F«ar-iaiachd. 
BOSCAGE. Doire,' coille. 
BOSKY. CoiUtach. 
BOSOM. Brotllach, uchd, gloCaia. 
To BOSOM. Coimhdam, taifgan. 
BOSS. Bos, cmn, copw, cnap, cAipao. 
BOSSED. Cnagach, 
BaTANICAL. LuKUieofach. 
BOTANIST. Lttidheolatcfee. 
BOTANY. Luidheolas. 
BOTCH. Pluicain^geargyguiraJn^mUladh.. 
To BOTCH. Caram, cludan. 
BOTCHY. Cludach. 
BOTH. Araon, 
BOTS. ■ Seocfa djttbag, maik-caia. 
BOTTLE. Searrag, proirdeal, urach, 

clifing> botal, buida^ 
To BOTTLE. Cuiram ann fearrag.. 
BOTTOM. Grunt, grinoal, jocar, too, 

To BOTTOM, Suidhaichain> iberaich*- 

am, bunaicham. 
BOTTOMLESS. Gao iocar, gan ghnuit. 
BOUGH. Meanlan, beangan. 
BOUGHT. Ceaonuickte. 
BOUGHT, f. Lufc, car, fnaito. 
BOUILLON. Eunbhrith. 

To ' fiOUNCE. : Leimah^ '■ gradleimaa), 

cliofgatn, fgiorram. 
BOUNCE. Gnidfeim; txiillc, bfaoiladh. 
BOUND. iCriM^H t«orajH eoithe. 

BOUNDARY. S una, doalachadh ; leim. 
To BOUND. Leimam. 
BOUND. RaotKihadh dol, feoladh «« s 

BOUNDLESS, NeochriMhnidhach. 
BOUNTEOUS. iFoghaintacb, coinol, 
BOUNTIFUL. 5- uafal, toirbhartach, 

ftal, iialor, tiodhltcach. 
BOUNTY. a Foghairtta», cdU 

BOUNTEOUSNESS. J nalachd, uaifle, 

totrbheartas, einach. - 
BOURN. Crioch ; allt, fruthan. 
To BOUSE. Poitam. 
BOUSY. P«Ntach, ai»mhifg, airandaot- 

ich. ' ■ 

BOUT. Caf^ fiubhai; 
BOUTi;SALE. Cunradh. 
To BOW. I^abuts cMoiam) feacom. 
A BOW (R«ftMiice}. UofUtkchd, lubadh^ 

cnmiadh. ■ 
A BOW. B<»gh<u 
BOW..LEGQED. Liigach, cam-choraclK. 
BOWELS. Minacit, bolg, greathkch. 
BOWER. £)ubhra4h-craobb, %aik{n. 
BOWERY. Dubhrach, %arl€ach.' 
BOWL (Veflil).. Bola, cuaeh, fidreal.- 
BOWL. Ball., 

BOWLER. £car iomaif t air bhalla. 
BOWLING-QltSEN. Faich«-bbaHa.. 
BOWSTRING. Sreng-bhogba.. 
BOWYER. Bftghadair.. 
BOtX (Twe). Ctonn-bucfa. 
BOX (Chcft).. Bucfa, barrdog, critin- 
BOX, D.9m«, bttille. 
To BOX. Damatn. 
BOXEN. Do4«inuH»buoia. 
BOXER. D«m»r, ' 


B& A 


( Reubin^ bann, lalt. 

BOY. Lean&bh-gille^ baHach, b^Ilacban. 

BOYISH- Leanabidh. 

BOYISHNESS. LeaaabidhachcL 

To BRACE. Teaimam* 



BRACE. Dis, paighir, caraid, finmh.: 

BRACELET. Eidadlugairdatii. 

BRACHIAL. Gairdaingha. 

BRACK. Beallach, cab. 

BRACKET. Eallag. 

BRACKISH. Bsifadh, flapach. 

To BRAG. Deanam uail no bofil 

blagantds, gloir, no aidhbhtil ; maoidh* 

am ; bkham fiorch«nt. 
BRAG. Uaill, aidhbfaeil, uabhar, bold* 
BRAGGADOCIO. Fear uallkch, uaU 

-bhrach, bofdal.. « , 
BRAGGART. Uaillal, uaibhrach, aldhr 

To BRAID. Figham. 
BRAH}. Figh^by fnaiiii, obair. 
BRAID. Fdfldh, mealtach, failloL. 
BRAILS. Uloga. 
BRAIN. Eanchaififfi. 
To BRAIN. Cuiram an t eaochaiiin at» 
BRAINISH. Geannlaidir, friotaladi, ath- 

BRAINLESS. Taw, fiarahal. 
BRAIN-PAN. An claiganm 
BRAINSICKNES8. Aotramachd, tuain- 

BRAKE. Raithnach. 
BRAKY. Lan raithnaich. " ^ 

BRAMBLE. 'Dre^s, dreis nan Aniar; 

feirdhreis, crioch. 
BRAN. Garbhan, coi4ach,cfirra. 
BRANCH. Meanlan, barrag^l, caobb, 

geamh, geug. - * 

To BRANCH. Geugam, meonl^cKmi ^^ 


BRANCHY. Me^nlanach^gengftch. 
BRAND. Alcbine, drag j comhthan^. 
To BRAND. Comtharaicham. 
To BRANDISH. Cratham. 
BRANDY- Deoch laidir, i)r«di. 
BRANGLE. Ahnhrcit, ftri, Ipwigadh, 

cainadh* ^ . • - . 

To BRANGLE. Cuinaoi, fprtigacn, 

BRANNY. Garbhanach. 
BRASUER. Ccard-uUga,. pfiafticliff. 
BRASS. Ujnga, prais. 
BRASSY. Ungaohy praifach. 
A, BRAT (Child). Broithnag; ailfe* 
BRAVE. Gaifgal^ curanta, mifnacbal^ 

To BRAVE. Bcin«i dubblan a9.s ma* 

BRAVER^. Cttnuitachd,g4ir^,milhach^. 
BRAWN. Fcith. . • 
BRAWNY. Fcithadii laidir. . . . 
To BRAY. MffUaai^ pfaanain# minam*- 
To BRAY (Noife)» B/cicwn, bjiiram, 
BRAY. Bcical, toirai» buirain. 
To BRAZIL 7 ^ . ^ 

To BRAZEN, l^"''"'"'"''"""'^""^- 
BRAZEN. Prairgba^ttogcha, c/iia}d)ij.44Af 
fiiRAZ^KFACB. Agbai-dh;in. 
BRAZENFACED. Daniwdha.. 
BREACH. Benin, b^aUacb. 
BREAD. Aran. 
To BREAK. Brifam, rciihami fgao)^,. 

BREAK. Brifadh^ fgaoladh. 
A BREAKER. Bxifadair. 
BREAKER <Wajro). Bxifadh, 
To BREAKFAST. BxiAhrafgam. 
BREAKFAST. BriiUuaifg, ceadthorohaijf, 


$ R I 


BREAST. Uchdjbroillach^ langiaii, cliabh. 
To BREAST. Tachaifam. 
BREASTBONE, Cliatharv. 
BREASTHIGH. Gu fmigafn. -' 
BREASTPLATE, fiidadh-uchd. '