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C()ie Volnmr 





IN completing the Secood Volume of this Work, Dothiog remains for 
the Author beyond the repetition of his acknowledgments for the 
support he continues daily to receive from every part of the kingdom, 
— support the more acceptable and the more gracious, because coming, 
m many instances, without solicitation — in all, without reserve and 
without distrust. The aid of the ablest and most celebrated writers 
in his own peculiar walk of literature has been freely proffered him ; 
and collections, acquired by vast expense, and vaster labour, have 
been gratuitously opened to his investigation. Thus sustained, 
arduous though the task he has undertaken may appear to be, and 
arduous though it really is, he can have little apprehension now as 
to the result : the difficulties, which at first seemed almost insur- 
mountable, are entirely removed, and the road before him, although 
yet a ru^ed one, presents no impediment which perseverance and 
industry may not be found sufficient to overcome. 

In the first volume, the Author was anxious to name the eminent 
persons to whom he stood so deeply indebted, individually ; but the 
list was even then so eitensive, that he was obliged to abandon the 
intention, and to content himself with a generaP acknowledgment of 
obligation. He is now placed in a similar situation ; nay, the cata- 


logue has become so much enlarged as to preclude the possibility of 
eDumeration. He must not, however, omit particularizing his highly 
gifted and accomplished friend James Roche, Esq. of Cork, to whom 
he is indebted for the most important literary assistance, and the most 
valuable information : nor should he foi^t especially naming that 
able genealogist, Mr. Joseph Morris, of Shrewsbury, who has fur- 
nished materials, admirably digested, for some of the most elaborate 
pedigrees in this volume. In returning thanks to his esteemed cor- 
respondent, Mr. Allan, of Durham, in the Brst volume, that gentleman 
is called William Henry Allan, Esq. instead of Robert Henry Allan, 
Esq. which inaccuracy the Author b^ now to apologize for, and to 

December, 1834. 



WrrHAiTor Cuffi. 
P. 7, col. 1, 1. ae, fw " WbUlon," read 
" WhUton." 
BouvcxiE OF Dblapre. 
P. 8, col. 2, 1. 31. Delapra Abbey ji 
erran«ou*ly lUted to hsTe deieeoded 
by mrri^t b> the Tamily of Bon- 
terie. Il was purrhutd, upon lh« 
demue of Hai^ (Tate), I.ady Hatdy, 
by Mr. BooTerie. , 

BvAHS OF Amihiix, and Evani of Por- 
TBtHC. — Tbe following is a more corTeci 
sBKraTiDg of die anna of iheie raoiIIiM than 
■hat alraad; Kiieii ; 

Btari or Emockabebrt. 
P. 2S. Thomas IVArct Evani, cm. 
of Knockadcny Home, died lOlh 
Deemnber, iS33, and learlag no 
JMue, waa lucceeded by hia brother, 
Jakes D'Arct Evani, eaq. now of 
2>d January, 1)134, Anne, widow of 
John Fit^eraU, eaq. 

CoYNET OF Wbston-Coyney. 

P. 42. The preaent Walter Hia 
CovNET, eaq. is lieatenant-colonel 
of the Stafforaabire militia. 

Stakdish OF Standirh. 

P. 64, col. 2, 1. 20, for "Auyvtui Hall 
StBodlsb, en), of Duxbury," read 
" Frank Hall Standiib, eaq. of Duk- 

*,* We omitted to atate, in detailing the 
StricklaDd family, toI. i. p. Sfi, that Tfaomsa 
Stryckeland entered into agreement with 
Henry V. dnted 39th April, 1416, to serve 
the king in his wars in France daring one 
year, and that to bim wax confided the dis- 
tingniihed honour of hearing the banner of 
St. George at the memorable battle of 
Adncourl. In Febrnary, 1424, Thomas de 
Sirykeland, late bearer of the banner of 
St. George, petitioned King Henry V. to 
consider the service he bad rendered to the 
stale in parts beyond the seas, from the time 
of his arrival at Harfleur and the battle of 
AKincoDrt, and since to the time when 
Ronen waa taken. Aymn^t Padtra, A'tco- 
la^i Bittory e/tAt BttU of Axweawrt. 

Edwarpi of Neib Stranoc. 
P. 78, for " Jerao," read " Ivran," 
P.79,for"Gravelkind,"read "GaveN 

Hacde of Kehdal. 

P. 80. Joseph Haude, esq. of Suitder- 

laad, who married, in 1693, Miai 

Sarah Paddison, of Norton, had, be- 

■ides the four sons mentioned at 

page W| three dangbters, vis. 

I. Hargnret, m. to John Thomhill, 

esq. of Thornhill, Bithopwear- 



month, » magistrate for Durham. 
She died in 1783. 

II. Jane, m. to WillUm Barker, 
esq. or Sunderland. 

III. Sarah. 

Mavdb of tHE Woodlands. 

P. 90. SahuelMaddb. esq. of Sunder- 
land, younger sod of Bryan Maude, 
esq. married Miss Rachel Warren, 
of Scarborough, and had, with other 

1700, m. Hannah, daughter of 
Johu Freeman, of Sunderland, 
and had three Itmt and two 
daughters, *il. 

1. Samuel, of Holmside, 
Biihopweannonth, married 
twice, hut had no iaaue. 

2. John, i. in 1726, 4. in 17B7 

3. WiUiam, h. in 1731, died 
on married. 

1. Rachel, h. in 1737, d. in 
1786 nomuTied. 

2. EuzAnETH, h. in 172a, m. 
Bbrnard Ooden, Mq. of 
Sunderland, and dying in 
1805 left issue. 

II. Samuel, died young in 1707. 

in. Warrgn, of Sunnjside, an- 
ceator of the Maudes of the 
Woodlands and of Sunnyside. 
Bee pages 90 and 91. 

I. Margaret, i. in 1890, died un- 

II. Hannah, (.in 1698, tn. to HariL 
Burleigh, esq. of Sunderland, 
and had issue. 

III. Jane, h. in 1703, n. first, to 
i. DodgBon, esq. of Shincliffe ; 
and secondly, to J. Nelson, H.D. 

IV. Rachel, h. in 1714, ni. to Isaac 
Thompson, esq. of Newcastle. 

V. Abiah, b. in 1716, m. first, to 
John Sinclair ; and secondly, to 
Abraham Darby, esq. of Coal- 
brookdale. (For an account of 
the Darby family, see p. 310.) 

Maude of Sunnyside. 
P. 91, 1. 7, for " WiftoD Castle," read 
" Witton Castle." 

Farquhabson of Invgrcauld. 

P. 99. col. S, I. 28. Amelia. Lady 
Sinclair, who married James Far- 
quharaon, of Inrercauld, ftas daugh- 
ter of Lord George Hurray (son of 
John, first Duke of Athol), who 
acted so distinguished a part, as ge- 
neral to Prince Chaklu, in ' 
rising of 1745. 

FoNNBRBAt) or Christ Church Pabk. 

P. 110. Mademoiselle Gabriglle 

Fonnbhbau, of the city of La Ro- 

chelle (sister of Zachahie Fonnb- 

RGAtT, born 10th February, 1638, who 

fled from France at the rerocation 

of the edict of Nantes, and settled 

in London), wedded Pierre Andr4 

Peracbeaa, of Sanronr, and had a 

daughter, Gabrielle Pbracheau, 

who m. Aaron and was 

mother of 

Francgs Cbosslby, who espoused 

John Seymour, esq. and was 

greal-grandroother of the pt'e- 

Aaron Choulev Sbvnour, 
esq. of Castletown House, 
in the Queen's County, and 
of High Mount, in the 
conoty of Cork. 

O'Shbe of Gardenhorrci, ' 

p. 131, col. 2, t. 41, for " Mwm," read 

F. 123, col. 2. 1. 16, for " twi^ik Lord 
Trimlestown," read " Htnti Lord 

P. 124, col. 1, I. 27. Lucas Shee, of 
Uppercourt, ancestor of the Cloran 
family, sat for the county of Kil- 
kenny in the same parliament in 
which his uncle Matthew repre- 
sented the borough of Thomastown. 

P. 136, col. 2, 1^22, for " ■ daughter 

P. 126, col. 2, 1. 3. The Rev. William 
Wright, M.A. and LL.D. who ». in 
1830, Adelaide Elizabeth, daughter 
of James Edward Ford, esq. by 
Frances, his wife, daughter of Major 
Stransham, has isBue, Edmund Sbee 
Wright, and Frances Jane Murray 
Wright. Dr. Wripht is the author 
of a work detailing the erils of 
" Slavery at the Cape of Good Qope," 
and the translator of Seller's " Bib- 
lical Hermenentics." 

P. 126. col. 2. I. b. The Be*. Richard 
Wright, now of Devon, 
married, first, in 1830, Hary,daugh- 
ter of Samuel I^gh. of Kilkenny, 
by whom (who d. in 1833) be has a 
daughter, Susan ; and secondly, in 
1634, Ellen, eldest dan. of Captain 
John Maxwell, of Rumboldswick, in 
the coon^ of Sussex (son of the late 
General Maxwell), of the tuaSy of 
Maxwell of Finnebrogue, of which 
the present representatiTe is John 
Waring Maxwell, ew<[. M.P. far 



HiiUMT or Wilts AND Somersetshire. 

The followiog is ■ more correct engraving 
of tlw mrwM (HilUday and Trowbridge 
^Bvterlj) than that given at p. 127; 

P. 130, 1. 13, for "daughter of Ed- 
nniid Trowbridge, ew;."re«d *' dangb- 
tar and fo-iUtr«M of Edmniid Trow- 
bridge, esq." 

ToLSON OF Bbipekirke. 

P. 133, 1- 34, for " 180 

December, 1807," I 

1. To) BOD V 

P. 13&, col. I, 1. SO. Richard foLSON, 
eiq. of LiDColn's Inn, barrisler-at- 
Uh, left, hv Sarah, his irife, one son 
and three daughters, 

I. holy orders, rector 

of Market Harborough, in Lei- 

cesterafaire, defendant in a suit 

in chancery nith hla sisters, 

Sarah aod Eliznbefli, in 1722. 

He married, and had issue, 

Richard, who diedyoung, and 

was buried at Wath-npoH' 

Deame, 25th January, 1722. 

Catherine, living in 1786, who 

M. — Mylbume, esq. of 

Mile End, in Mid^esex, and 


Eleanor, of Greek-street, 

Westminster, d. upm. 
Manr, of Great Russell-street, 
Bioomtbury, d. unm. 

I. Mary, d. t. p. 

II. Sarah, plaintiff in a suit in 
chancery with her brother, the 
Rev. Francis Tolson, in 1722. 

III. Elisabeth, plaintiff in a suit in 
chancery with her brother, the 
Rev, Francis Tolson, in 1722. 

P. 136, col. 1, L 18, for " 1673," read 

" 1763." 

Fieut or Hkatoh. 

P. 148, eoL 3, 1. 10. Col. RthiDAU 

0«tsip having predeceased his elder 

bn&eri never inherited Tborparch. 

The Colonel's son, llie present Ran- 
dall Gossip, esq. ofThorparcb Hall, 
succeeded to the estates npon ihe de- 
mise of his uncle. 

P. 148. col. 2, I. », dele the word 
" Cant," which was an error of the 
press, for "Capt," 
Campbell of Bahquharrig. 

P. 168, for " Sombeg," read " Sorn- 

P. 168, for " Cnnack," read " CentocV 
LoNC OF Hampton Lodge. 

P. 166, for " IV." read " vi." for " v." 
read " vii." and for " vi," read 

MucKLESTON OF Merrinqton. 
P. 168, 1. 4 from foot, coj. 2, for 
" trauslation," read "transaction." 
Nannet of Belmont. 

P. 181, col. 2, 1. 7, for "Tkomat 
Vanehan, esq." read " Jekn Vanghan, 
Tvfnbll of Lanclets. 
P. 182, col. 1, 1. 8 from foot, for "Mr. 
Alderman Jolliffe." read "Alderman 
Sir WUliam JoUiETe." 
P. 183, col. 1, 1. 2. Colonel George 
Foster Tufnell, of Chichester, by 
Mary Farhill, his second wife, had 

I. William, of Chicbester, h. in 
1769, who til. Mary, daughter of 
Longh Carlelon, esq. and bad 
two sons and a daughter, viz. 

1. Henry, who wedded Anne- 
Augusta, daughter of Sir 
now governor of Ceylon, 

' and has one daughter. 

2. Ed ward Carle ton, barrister- 

I. Maria, d. num. and bnried 
at Islington. 

II. John-Cbarlea, who w. Ulisna- 
Margaret, only dau. and heireas 
of the Rev. John Towell, D.D. 
rector of Bishopsboume, Kent, 
and bad isane, 

1. John -Charles -Towell, b. 
nth July, 1707, m. Eli». 
heth, daughter of -~ Pen- 
fo)d,eBq. of Auningioo, and 

3. Arthur BoBham, 1813. 

4. Edward Wyndham, h. in 

5. Thomas Jolliffe, t, in 1810. 

0. Thomas Robert, h. in 1^2. 

1. Mary-Jane, m. to Lien- 
. tenant Edward Jenningi, 

R.N. and tuu issue. 



2. Fraiicei,M.lheReT.Robert 
Keajrs, of Pewhill Hniue, 
Wilts, and hu iiue. 

3. Henrietla-Suunnah, m. to 
ThoDiaa Dewell, eta. of 

4. ADiiS'CatberiDe, J. Hnm. in 

III. Samuel-Jolliffe.inholjordera, 
prebendary of Cbicbester, tut. 
m. CbarloKe, daughter of — 
Di^Di, eaq. of Chicheiter, and 
had an only daiuFhler and heireu, 

IV. George. This gentleman u 
erroneouBly staled at page 183, 
to have been io holy ordera. 
He 4. anm. 

I. Frances- Maria, deceased. 

P. 183, col. 3, 1. 35. John Tufnel], 
esq. of Hawkeston, in the county of 
Lincoln, son of John Tufnell, esq. of 
Waltham, and Him Beaaliea, his 
wife, married a daughter of Colonel 

F. 183, col. 2, 1. 40, itfollMt— Hanni 
luEc iniinica tyranuis, and Esse quam 


P. 1W. col. 2, 1. 61. for " Friday," rrad 
" Trickey." 
- P. 201. The following ii a more cor- 
rect version of the tradition regard- 
ing Littlecott, when possessed by the 
" About aeven or eight miles from the 
Dianaion of an ancient and reipectable 
family in Wiltshire, toward! the close of the 
■ixteenth century, there dwelt a midwife of 
gTPal skill and practice, who one night was 
called up juat as she bad gone to rest, after 
having returned from exercising the duties 
of her profession in another quarter. As 
•oon as she knew the caose of her being 
disturbed, she endcBvoared to eicnse her- 
self, on account of fatigue, and wished to 
■end an assistant whom slie kept in the 
borne. The messenger, however, being 
resolved to gain the principal only for hii 
pnrpoEP, urged that he had something to 
ask of ber, for a person of consequence, 
after which the deputy might do. She ac- 
cordingly came down stairs and opened the 
door, after which she disappeared, and was 
absent for many hours. 

" The deposition she made of what fol- 
lowed before a magistrate, and afterwards 
upon trial, was to the following eSect. — She 
stated that as soon as sbe hui unfastened 
the door, and partly opened it, a hand was 
thrust in, which struck down the candle, 
and at the same instant palled her into the 
road in front of ber house, which was de- 

tached from the village, or any other dwell- 
ing. The person who had used these abrupt 
means, desired her to tie a handkerchief over 
her head, and not wait for a hat, as a lady 
of the firil quality in the neighbourhood waa 
in want of her immediate assittaoce. He 
then led to a stile at a short distance, where 
there was a borse saddled, and with a pil- 
lion on its back ; he desired her to seat 
herself first, and then mounting immediately 
he set off at a brisk trot. After they bad 
travelled about three qnarters of an hour 
she expressed great alarm, but her con- 
ductor assured her that no harm should 
happen to her, and that she should be well 
paid, but added, that they had still further 
to go. He got off his horse several times 
to open gates, and tbey crossed many 
ploughed and com fields, for though it was 
quite dark she could discover that they had 
quilted the high road within two miles of 
her own house ; she also said they crossed 
a river tviet. After they had been about 
an hour and a half on their journey tbey 
entered a paved court or yard, as sbe con- 
clnded from the clatteTiug of the horse's feet 
on the stones. Her guide now lifted her off 
the horse, and conducted her through a long 
dark passage, in which she only saw a 
glimmering of light at a distance, which was 
concealed or put out upon the shotting of a 
large gate through which they passed. As 
soon as they arrived at a sort of laitding 

filace, ber guide addressed ber to the fol- 
owing effect. 'You must now suffer me to 
put this cap and bandage over your eyea, 
which will allow vou to speak and brcMhe, 
but not to see ; keep up your presence of 
mind, it will be wanted, and I again repeat, 
no harm will happen to you.' Then con- 
ducting her into a chamber, he continued, 
■ DOW you are in a room with a lady in 
labour, perform your office well and you 
shall be amply rewarded, but if you attempt 
the bandage from your eyea, take 



she said that horror and dread had so be- 
.mbed ber faculties, that had any assistance 
been wanted she was rendered incapable of 
giving it, but nature had effected all that 
— requisite, and what remained for her to 
ras little more than to receive a male 
infant, and to give it into the hands of a 
female, who bv her voice she conceived to 
woman advanced in years. Her patient 
was sure was a very young lady, but 
she was forbid to ask any questions, or to 
speak a word. As soon as the event was 
completely over, she had a glass of wine 
given her, and was told to prepare to return 
borne by another road, which was not quite 
so near, but free from gales or stiles. She 
begged to be allowed to repose herself for 
a quarter of an hour in the arm chair, whilst 
the horse was getting ready, pleading the 



ntmw fsligne abe luul nndergotie Ibe pre- 
oedii^ day ; Bud under the pretence oi 
■lecptng Bhe nude thoce reflectioM which 
hii dte fonndatioti of that le^l enquiry, 
whieb aflenrarda took place. She, undis- 
ODveicd and nnaiupected, contriTed with 
h«r •cuaon to cut off h •mall bit of the 
cartain. Tbia circiUDitance, added to olben 
«f a local BBtnre, wu (appoted sufficient 
cvujeiice (o Gx the tranuclion on Ibe house 
poiotnl out, and, but for the icrntiny and 
croia-«xaii] nation on the trial, would baie 
preu the law great scope over the lives of 
•ereral pcraons, u H appeared improbable 
that Tewer than five or six persons coold 
have been concerned in a business so regu- 
larly conducted, in the coarse of her evi- 
dea«e Ae midwife affirmed she perceived an 
■ncoauDon smell of bumiag, which fallowed 
ihsBi throBgta all tbe avenues of tbe bouae 
Id the GOnrt-yard, where she remounted the 
horse. Sbe 'said that she remarked to the 
gvide, that sbe saw a light and smelt a smell 
•f bamiog, which he said was the work of 
tte caideBerB, who were firing the weeds 
aB4 Darning ihe moles amODgsI them, as 
ttey always did at that time of year. And 
•be staled, that at (he time of parting from 
Ibe guide, which was within fifty yards of 
Wr own dwelling, be made her swear to 
obaerre secrecy, at tbe same time putting a 
|iBrae into her hand, which she afterwards 
fewMl contained twenly-flve guiness ; and 
IQI Out moment tbe bandage had never been 
reiBaved from her eyes, llie morning was 
then breaking ; she also deposed that she 
comtcd the, steps on the Grsl and second 
bus^Dg-pUcea, which agreed with those of 
tbe anapected honse. and the piece of cnr- 
taia was found to match one exactly in s 
roan where the birth of the child was sup- 
pOMd to bave taken place. With such 
evidence it was expected that nothing short 
ct a convictiou of some of the parties for 
the murder of a new bom infant must have 
Mhnred ; psrticnUrly as a beantifhl young 
Udy in the family (a niece) bad withdrawn 
henelf from ber acquaintance, under the 
plea of going to a convent at Avignon, to 
team French, when she had lieen seen more 
&an once after her declared departure, by 
a frait woman, looking oat of a small win- 
doir next to ber nsnal apartment. In tbe 
coorae of the trial, however, the circnm- 
■taaee of tte cartain was rendered suipi- 

«atioa, that a Ca£olick servant bad left the 
faauly in malice a abort time before, with 
horrid declaratioiia of revenge, on acconut 
ef ber baring been forbidden to attend mass, 
wUeb snggMted a poasibiUty of her sap- 
piyi^ Ae Uct ot ibe cnrtain, as well aa all 
the local deacription gi*en by the midwife 
of Ibe soapeeted manaion. Tbe midwife'a 
siDty, ibo«gb a|q»rently plausible, was 

Plrat, that of ber dlitingnisbing the being 
carried over com and ploughed fleldi, tbougb 
she only knew, it being so extremely darli, 
thst they had qnitted tbe high road from tbe 
sound of the horse's feet. Next, her affirm- 
ing that when introduced into die chamber 
sbe was so benumbed and stupified with 
horror and dread, that in a case of difficulty 
she coold have given no assistance ; yet, 
during this state of horror and dread, she 
could, though blindfolded, swear positively 
that her patient was very young; the child 
a male ; and tbe person to whom it was 
given advanced in years ; and immediately 
afterwards had tbe presence of mind to 
execute the ingenious hot hazardons ex- 
periment of cutting tbe curtain. She also 
•aid, ibat sbe remarked to tbe guide ber 
letiHff a light, ss well as smelling the bnm- 
ing, yet affirmed immediately afterwards, 
that the bandage was not taken from her till 
she was within fifty yards of her own hoase. 
But an apparent coniradiction, and which 
was supposed to have over-tuned her whole 
evidence, was her positively insisting that in 
their way to the bouse, where her assistance 
was wanted, they crossed a ford twiee, when 
it was proved that there was only mie 
ttraight river between Ibe two houses. Now 
Buf posing the guide to bave made a wheel 
round, in order to deceive the midwife, and 
to have again crossed Ibe river, they most 
still have forded it a tkird time to arrive at 
the suspected house. All these circum- 
stances being pointed out, and commented 
on by the judge Ibr the consideralion of Ibe 
jarymen, they returned a verdict of acquittal 
without leaving the court 

" Whether &e suspected parties were or 
were not guilty of the crime of murder, 
could only be known to (bemselves and the 
great Disposer of all things ; but no judge 
or jury would have established a different 
verdict from such defective evidence. The 
train of calamity which succeeded the trial 
may give rise to melancholy re6ecIionB, and 
was, no doubt, considered by the multitude, 
to have been tbe effect of divine visitation, 
lu few words, the owner of Ultlecott soon 
became involved in estate and deranged in 
mind, and is stated to bave died a victim to 
despondency, and though Ibe fate of the 
niece Is unknown or furgolteo, ruin and 
misery are said lo have befallen the family 
which survived him." 

Stapylton of Mvton. 
P. 207, 1. 23. Mr. Stapylton's eldest 
•on, STiirTLTON . Stapylton, esq. 
married Margaret, daughter of Mr. 
Tomlinson, of York, and has inue, 
two sons, Henry-Miles, and Marlln- 




ftnu >( t^ onr Sorb of Kuftmntt.* 

The ^nealogist GEOSGECRiWFiiiiD'g de- 
ductionorthii family rromSwiNE, of Daoisb 
oriein, lolely from that person's holding part 
of tlie barODy ofCrairfurd, is palpably errone- 
ous. Swane baviog been contemporary witli 
GalGriduB, and iriib hii father, DominuH Gal- 
friduadeCrawfurd, in tbe reign ofWiLUAM, 
fAi Lion. It U only stated, however, pro- 
blematically by Cranfurd. Chalmers's en- 
quiriea amongst the records in the Tower 
bad not, when Crawfurd wrote, given the 
right direction to antiquarian research. 
The recent discovery, in an old illuminated 
manuscript at the British Museum, in the 
Cotton collection, of the arms of Stephen, 
third earl of Richmond, who died in 1104, 
and their close similitude to the coat borne 
by the Crawfurds, coupled with other cor- 
roborative circumstBDces, has thrown new 
light upon the subject, and leaves hardly a 
doubt that those old Earls or Richhond, 
and this ancient and widely dispersed Cale- 
donian family sprang from a common pro- 
genitor. The original coat of the earls of 
Kicbmond, as shewn by Gale, in his Acvu- 
fr«Ns Honorum Ritiaiiondia, was ermine ; 
the arms of Britanny, whence thoae earls 
descended. Gale further states, and is 
•upported hy Clahkson, in his History of 
BuJimond, that the family adopted gules, 
the tinotnre of roy^ally, in addition to ermine, 
as a mark of gratituoe to their royal bene- 
factor, William, tkt Cottqueror, under whose 

* This shield, with • bourdeor argsnt, is pie- 
fiied lt> tba inau oF ths fini esrls, bat the male 
line of that boast fuling, ud the elder co-hi ' 
Auci, hsTiog conveyed tbe earldom of Riebmi 
to her huibud Petm di Datiri, the subseqa 
earls earrled the Dnsui arau, "cbequy, or i 
■a." the eTTniue being borne in csnton. 
. The bordart in tbe Richmond shield indicstes 
csdency, (he earls being a younger bnnch of the 
bouw at Britumy, sod wm omitted sAsr tha 
msniige of Buitha, dsugfatsr ind heireia of 
CoDsn, dnke of Britsnny, with Alan, faurtb esrl 
of Bicbmaod, who anoeeided his btber in 1104^, 
his elder brother, OALraums, hsviag died pre- 

flrtn of Ctotiflirfe. 

great seal they had obtained not fewer than 
440 manors, and 140 knight's fees in the 
counties of York, Lincoln, and Norfolk. 
Some of their successors carried leopard* 
or over the g-nla, heace gidr$ and or became 
the colours of the lords of Bedale, sprang 
from Brian, second son of Alan, fourut earl 
of Richmond. The ermine, after gules 
had been adopted, was variously timbered 
by some, in canton, as depicted in an 
icient picture at the Museum ; by olbera. 
bend, as in tbe engraving above, (which 
ilh the bordure was adapted, and stiU 
continues as the arms of the town of Rich- 
mond, taken evidently from the arms of its 
founder, Stephen, third earl, from whom il 
received its first charter,~-see Clarkson), 
and in fesse.asbomeby theCRAWFURDS,who 
located in Scotland, in the time of David I. 
Reginald, the youngest son of tbe fourth 
earl of Richmond, and the great-great 
gnndson of Galfridus, duke of Britanny, 
who died in 11M>8, does not appear to hav* 
founded any establishment or family in 
England, but at the period in which he 
lived, we find at the court of King David, 
in Scotland, a person bearing the name of 
Reginald, whom George Crawford deems 
the extreme ancestor of the Crawfurds, and 
who obtained large grants from that prince ; 
whose policy it was, as staled in the intro- 
ductory observations to the Halliday family 
(page 127). to allure the young and no- 
endowed Anglo-Norman knights, to settle 
in his dominions. This Reginald was lather 
or grendfather of the Dominiu Galfridus 
DE Cbawfukd, who freqaentl;r witnesssd 
the charters of William, tht Lion, and ap- 
pears to have received many marks beaidfl 
of royal consideration, demonstrative of 
alliance to the court ; for which Cravrford 
states himself unable to account. If. how- 
ever, Reginald were, as now conjectureii, 
one of the sons of the Earl of Richmond, 
(and of which the concurrent testimony of 
a.variety of facts forms the strongest pre- 
snmptiou), he, Galfridus, would, be closely 
connected wiOi the Lion, his uncle, Comh 



It Petit, fifth nrl of Rldmuuid (Hap- 
mmU'* brottieT), luiviiif muried Hargmret, 
dugfatsr of JPrMM Hbhrt, of Scotlutd, 
Eau. or HuHTrNaDON, and luter of Ki»p 
WlLUAM : tfana Ua rank, at cout, and the 
Ugh 4egre« of confidence h« enjoyed there 
wodU be easily exphuned. 

In line, the aggmtuUceineDl of Reginald 
and OaUridiu at the Soottisb conrt— the 
eonttant TecuTenoe of tha«e names in both 
pedigree* — and abore all, tfae identity of 
amw, — for be the ermine carried in bend 
or in feaae it !■ (he same bearing (the varia- 
tion being adopted probably as a mere dif- 
(ereoce to diitingiiiifa brothen), pment so 
•troQg a combination of circnmalBntial eri- 
dence, (in absence of proof by charter, 
which, through the deitmction of to many 
•f the Scotch recorda by King Edward 1. 
of Englaiid.ia now impo«aib1e)aB to remove, 
fai oar bnmbte opiukm, almoat every donbt 
from Ae hypotherii, diat the old earla of 
Richmond, and the CiawfUrda of Scotland, 

who waa living 33nd of EliziIBETH, aa ap- 
pear! from an award made 6th May, in that 
vear, to which he was a parly, married, and 
bad, with a younger son, who was father of 
Prancia Chambre, eiq. of Wolverley, hi* 

Tadohah or BtiKLTON Ball. 

P. -241, col. 1, 1. 9 from fool. Francis 
Chambke,* of Wolverley, living in 
lflS6, ia crToneoDslv stated to have 
been father, instead of grandfather, 
of Jobu Chambre, who married Miss 
Waring. The said Francis was 
baried at Loppington, &Ili Hay, 
1078; his grandson, John, at New- 
ton Chapel, 131h March, 1718, aged 
aixty-*even ; Sarah, the widow of 
John, was interred in the same vaolt 
with her husband, Seth December, 
1733; Iheae pardcnlars are taken 
from tfae moDnroenta of the Chambre 
family, in Newton Chapel, to which 
Frands Chambre was a monificeat 
Tbe following descent of the Loppington 
branch of the family i* principally from the 
registers of Loppin^o parish, and from 
Baomneutal inscriptions in that church : 

HtinruaBy CHAunitE, who was living 
34(h Bbnrt Vni. (by a copy of conrt roll 
of the manor of Loppington, dated 4th 
December, in that year, whereby he was 
admitted cmtomary tenant of a copyhold 
estate within the said manorj married Jane 
Barker, of Coogage, and nad two sons, 
■anely, Thomas, hU heir, now repre- 
sented br Robert Chambre Vauqhan, 
esq. of finrllon Hall, a* stated at page 
MS. and 

Georsb Chambre, the 6nl of the family 
tetded at loppington. This gentleman, 

' Tbe name (then written Cbunbeny) ef the 
iiriicst sacestoT of the faniljr wbo pused into 
en/4ad with WniuM of Nonnnuly, is ennllsd 
MBttlsl Abbey, {S^ D«m% Euina Fttrag,.) 

Francis Chanbre, esq. of Loppington, 
who left, by his wife, Mary, buried in (he 
cbancel of Loppington church, I8tb June, 
1692, two sons and a dangbter, viz. 
Geohoe, his heir. 

John, who died t. p. and wa* bnried at 
Loppington, 33rd July, I6S3. 

The elder son, 

Oeohoe Chambre, esq. of Loppington, 
espoDsed 26th May, 1660, Mrs. Dorothy 
Eddowes, of Hanmer, and by her, who was 
baried at Loppington, I7th November, 1686, 
had one son and five daughters, viz. 
George, bis heir. 

Catherine, bapt. 22nd Angust, 1663, 
m. at Loppington, 39th March, 1681, 
John Legh, esq. of Chester, a younger 
SOD of the family of High Legh, and 
had a son, 
George Lech, of whom presently. 
Dorothy, bapt ISIh June, 1671, w. (o 

— Lewis, esq. 

Ermine, bap(. lAth Uarch, 1674, m. to 

— Creed, esq. 

Francis, bapt. 17th December, 1678. 
Elizabeth, bapt. 17tli June, 1681. 
Mr. Chambre died in 1691, aged fifty-three, 
and was interred under the communion table, 
in the church of Loppington : bis epitaph 
represents him as baring been "a gentleman 
of great sense andinlegrily, a good christian 
in profession and pracdce, a loyal gentleman 
'~ his king and country, faithful to his friend, 

id a great benefactor to his poor neigh- 
bours. He w*s succeeded by his only son, 

Georce Chambre, esq. of Loppington, 
bapt. 27ih September, 1666, at whose de- 
cease, issueless, 8th April, 1707, the estate* 
were inherited by his nephew, 

The Rev. Georoe Lech, D.D. vicar of 
Halifax, who married thrice, but died with- 
out issue, directing, by his will, which bears 
date lOth March, 1779, the sale of the Lop- 
pington estate ; it was in conseauence pur- 
chased by Thomas Dickin, esq. nigh sheriff 
of Shropshire in 1799, and is now the pro- 
perty of his son, Thomas Dickin, esq. of 

nerly major of the Shropshire militia. He 
ispoused, in 1827, Jane, fourdi daughter of 
tbe Hon. Edward Massy, and sister to llw 
present Mrs. Vanghan, of Burlton Hall. 
Davibs of Elmley Park. 
" Dftvid of Hope" stated, at p. 3fiO. to be 
the first name in the pedigree, was fourth in' 
descent from Ctlgnim, a cbieftaiu of Powys, 



who mided at Uwydikrtii, an Mtata which 
he inherited in ri^bt of his mother, who was 
the heireu of Rirtd, ion of Cynric Evell, 
lord of EglwjBegl. Rcrid, father of Ce- 
lynin, was fifth in descent from Aleth, lord 
of Djrved, or Demetiw, from whom many 
respectable families in the principiJity are 

Farquharson of Haughtok. 

P. ael,col.l,t. 10 from foot, f«r"Al- 
tyre," read " Aityre."' 

Edwabdbi Tucker, of Sealykak. 

Although Ibis family has lost its own 
early records, there are documents in exist- 
ence, cerliGed by its chiefs living in (he reign 
of ittuM Elizabeth and Jahei I. from 
which we are enabled to correct the state- 
ment at page 314, and to complete the 
early descents. 

The Edwardses, of Trefgarne, quite dif- 
ferent in descent from the EdwRrdses of 
Rhydygors, are a branch of the nume 
descenosnls of Tudor Trevor, a powerful 
chieftain, whose residence was on the border 
of North Wales and Shropshire, whence he 
is styled the head of the tribe of the Marches, 
of Wales, Third in direct line from Tudor 
Trevor,wa#CYNRic, or Cvnvbic, thesonof 
Rhiwliilow, which Cynric was lord of Chris- 
tionydd, Cynric, and Maelor Cymraeg, in 
North Wales. Eleventh from Cynric was 
EowARD-ap- John, who resided, not atCbirk 
Caitle, as stated in page 314, but in Chiric- 
land, as a considerable district in Denbigh- 
shire is termed. He married Catherine, 
daughter of levan, or Evan-ap-William, of 
Hold, in Flintshire, and had issue, 

1. John-af-Edward, or ioHN 
WAHDB), who m. Gwenn, daozbter of 
leoan-ap-Grnffydd, of Fenllyn, 
North Wales, and had three daugh- 

2. Richard Edwardes, the first of the 
family who settled in Pembrokeshire, 
He wBS chancellor of St. David's, and 
ajustice of the peace for the county of 
Pembroke, in the year 1597. Ri- 
chard Edwardes married Mirabel, 
daogbter of Henry Evans, by Jane, 
his wife, sister to Sir William Wake, 
but had no issue. 

3. Thomas Edwarpes, ancestor of Mr. 
Edwardes Tucker, of Sealyhun. 

1. Margaret, Ml. to Thomas Hewett,son 
and beir of Thomas Hewelt, chanter 
of St. David's, and ajustice of peace 
for Pembrokeshire. 
The three brothers above mentioned were 
the lirBt members of this family who adopted 
the surname of Edwardes ; and it was not 
in the reign of Henrv the Fourth, aa as- 
serted at p. 314, but in that of Henrv VII. 
that surnames were first adopted by tbe 

principal gentry of Wales. In this famOy, 
the surname of Edwardbs was not asauncd 
until the time of Elizabkth, when Richard 
Edwardea, being appointed chanoellor of 
St David's, appears to have gathered all 
the anrvivin^ member* of his family into 

Thokas Edwardu, the sectMidsoo of Ed- 
ward-ap-Jobn, was twice married: by his 
first wife he had two sons, Nicholas and 
Richard, and the same nnmtier by his second 
wife. Sage, danghter of Thomas Tucker, 
vis. Owen and Kchard. The elder son of 
the second marri^e, 

OwBN Edwardes, was living in 1613, and 
was then married to Ethliw, or Elliw, dau. 
of Horaan Voel, esq. of Haverfordwest, by 
whom he had a son, 

John Edwardbs, father, bj Aane, hi> 
wife, danghter of Thomas Birt, of 

Owen Edwardes, esq. of Trefgane, in 
the county of Pembroke, who wedded D»- 
maris, danghter of James Perrott, eaq. as 
stated in page 314, and from whom the de^ 
scent to the present Mr. Edwardes Tucker 
is there accnrately deduced. 
Swire of Cononlev, 
P.343, col. 1,1,3, Roger Swire, of Hali- 
fax, who married, for bis first wife. 
Jennet, daughterof the Rev. William 
Currer, wedded, secondly, Hannah, 
daughter of Abram Mellin, of Hali- 
fax, and had five children, vii. 
1. Roger, now resident in Jamaica, 
married Hiss Prance s-Lydia 
Cox, and has a numerous issue, 
viz. John, Hcnn', Roger, Phi- 
lip : Hannab-Jsne, Frances, 
Anne,-Emi1y ElizabeOi, Mary- 
Aune, and Cbristina-OclBvia. 
3. Samuel, died young. 

1. Hannah, ^ who are, or 

2. Frances- Jane, ^ have been all 

3. Elizabeth, J married, and 

have issue. 
Grace of Mantua. 

P. 352. Ellis, or Alicia, daughter of 
Oliver Grace, esq. of Shanganagl, 
b^ Elizabeth Bryan, his wife, mar- 
ried Samuel Gale, esq. of Asbfield, 
Queen's County, and had issse. 
Carh of Cockek Halx.. 
P. 3M. Ralph Carr, esq. died in Oc- 
tober, 1834, and was succeeded by 
his bod, the present Wiluah Stand- 
ism Carh, esq. of Cocken Hall. 
P. 3M, col. 2, I. 14, for " daughter," 
read " aister," 
The moiia of tbe Carr fhmily is " L'espe- 
rance me console." 
HusiBV OF Wood Walton. 

P. 368. Adeliza Huasey, second dan, 
ofThomaaHussey,esq. bom in 1745, 
married, in 1775, U^jor H'Fie, of 



S mnd, Kcondly, in 1785. 
OiBriea Bogle, e«q. of the UUnd of 
Tobago. By her tecaad hutbuid, 
<rbo died in 1782, ihe had iMoe, 
Verc-W«rner-Hui«ey Bogle, 6. in 
1787. Lieuleiiaat K. N. m. ia 
1823, Alice, only daughter of 
Thomna Brown, esq. of Bdin- 
bni^h, ineivhaDt. 
Adeliza Bogle, died in Janunry, 

AiEN or St. WolstiInb. 
P. sea. col. 1, 1. 4. Honors, daughler 
of General Alen, of St. WoUtani, 
who m. O'Grady, of Kilballyowen, 
was that geotleman's Mcond wife, 
and bad, with other iaane, a son, 
SrANDUH O'Gradt, grandfatber 
of Standish, preieDt Lord 
GUIU.4MOBB (see family of 
O'Grady, of KUballyowen). 
The preoent Colonel Alen's claim to a 
new creatioD, founded on the original baro- 
■etcy of St. Wolatana, is thui evpleiDcd; 

Edward Alen (foranaccount of his pro- 
miloia, aee p. 364) married Catherioe, 
daogbter of Sir John SL Leger, and had 
thiee aona, ris. 

I. Thoha), who became of St Wol 

■tuia, t>ul died without issue. 
It. Francis, Master of (he Rolls, whose 
John Alen, esq. of St. Wolstans, 
married a daughter of Lord 
Slanc, and had (with two i 
tons, whose issue failed), 

1. Thomas, of St. Wolstans, 
«rho was created a baK' 
iu 1021, in consideration of 
the great serrices rendered 
to the State by Archbishop 
Alen, bat dying i. p. '' 
BarODelcy expiked. 
Sv Nicholas, who eventually 
inheriledSt.WoIstauB. "As 
Eovernment, in creating Sir 
Thomas a Baronet, did," 
aaith the patent, " bot i 
act of justice, couiidering 
the services of the Arch- 
bishop ;" this Nicholas, who 
was related in the same 
degree to his gn>^i l>ad 
precisely Ihe same claim to 
the honour. His lineal and 
proTed male descendant is 
the present 
lientenBnt-<!!oloDel Luke 
Alen, C3. who has an 
only SDrviviug son, 

Dublin, and Lord Chancellor of Ire- 
The n(o((i> of the Alen fiunily is Fortis et 

FowLXR iiF Abbey Cwh Hir. 

P. 375, last line, for " Chrutine Baker," 
read " Sarah-Georgiana Baker." 
%• Indetailing Hill, OF Court ofHill— 
the maternal line of the present represen- 
tative of the Fowler family — in vol. i. p. 6ft4, 
the following errors occur, 

L. 4. " Fnrre" for " Furye." 
L. 7. " Pwrdoe" for Pordoe." 
L. 18. "1808" for "1828." 
L. 19. " Duranl" for " Duranif." 

TvLDEN OF MiLSTED Attn Tokre Hill. 

P. Ml, "The Tyldens were persons 
of eminence in the conuty of Sent, 
and bad estates in Wye, in Brenckley, 
Tilmanstone, and Marden, as appears 
by the booke of aid, where an ns- 
aessemenl is laid on the lands of Wil- 
liam Tylden, 20th of Edward III. at 
making the Black Prince knight." — 
PAUpM't Hulorj of Kent.— They 
also held lands in Otterden, Ken- 
ningtOD, and Great Chart, where Wil- 
liam Tylden, bom in 1633, resided for 
many yesrs near his grandfather, 
Nicholas Toke, of Goddington. 

The Tyldens resided at Tylden's 
Place, in Harden, in the reign of 
Henry IV. and purchased, in iSat of 
Henry VI. Catt^s Place, in Brench- 
ley. In the time of Queen EuzA- 
BETH, William Tylden, brother of 
Richard Tylden, of Catt's Place, set- 
tled in Wormsell, and was ancestor 
of the Tyldens of Milsted and Tani 
Hill, as stated at page 381. 

P. 381, 1. 9 from foot, col. 1. James 
Tonge, whose . daughter Elizabetli 
wedded Williaui Tylden, was seated 
at Bexon (anciently the lands of John 
de Bexon), "which estate," says 
Philpot," I find invested in Ton^e, 
in the reign of Richard II. a family 
of good estimate in this conntry, for 
I find by old deeds, that Lemanus de 
Tonge, I6th Richard II. sealed 
with a bend cotiied arg. between six 
martlets, which arms were formerly 
painted in the windows of Tilman- 

. stone church, and nndemealh, 
" orate pro animt Guylielmi Tonge." 

P. 383. The Osbomes lie buried Id 
the north chancel of Hartlip eharch, 
called the Osborne chancel. They 
bore for their arms— Quarterly, arg. 



uid u. on the flnt aaA fimrdi quae- 
ten, Ml emine spot. Orer all i 
crou or, obarred with five Minnlets 
Ba. Crest, a deini leopard rampant, 
pelletee collared and lined. 

P. 38^, 1. 13, col. I, for " Sir Thotnan 
Hanby, of Uncolosbire," read "Sir 
Thomas Manby, of Uauby Hall, lin- 

P. 3S2, 1. 63, col. 1. Osborne Tylden, 
esq. of Torrd Hill, Lenham, married 
Anna UojA, dauEbter of John 
Withert, eaq. of London, and of 
Pixton, in Sosaex, and died in 1827, 
ba*iuE had iaaue, 

1. Osborne, wbo died yoang. 

2. Charles, lieut. R.N. d. in 1830. 

3. John, lieutenant R. A. m, in 
March, IS3I, Catberine, eldest 
da^hter of John Williams, esq. 
of Wales, lieutenanl-colonel in 
the army, and niece of the gallant 
Sir Thomas Pictou, wbo fell at 

2. Hary' 

3. Elba, m, Bth December, 1834, 
to the RsT. Harry Vane Ros- 
aeU, A3, chaplain in ordinary 
to the king, and rector of Bar- 
rington, Torkahire. 

4. EmUy. 
ft. laabeUa. 
6. tmogene. 

SrEKCER OF Brahlev Gbanob. 
P. 3S9, col. 1, 1. D. Captain Edward 
Ceijat Spencer, son of tbe late Gene- 
ral Spencer, died 13th June, IS34. 

Spearhan of Thoknlet. 

P. 453. The engraring of the arms of 
Barry has been inserted under the 
family of Spearman, and that of 
Spearman assigned to Barry. 

P. 453, col. 1, 1. 31, for " former," 
read "latter" Robert Spearman, 
esq. of Oldacres, bad no issae by bis 
first wife, hut by his second he left 
five daughters, hia co-heirs, aa in- 
serted at p. 453, 

Barry ofLeklara. 
P. 4d7, col. 1, 1. 8 from bottom, for 
"iDonda," read " manda." 

TAtfollowiia citWoui Dtietnl (tkroufk tie 
SaihMTvilUM) ^ "i^V eminfltt PamUt*, 
from itvertd aftkt Roh^ Hoiat* </ £ii- 

brmltd Bittop ^ Drommre, and U makai- 
titaled bf ineonlettiiU protfi. 
■ HuoH Capet, elected King of France in 

987, died in 996, and was cnceeeded by his 

Robert, King of France, crowned dnring 
bis father's lifetime. This monarch esponsed 
Constance, daughter of the Count of Aries, 
and left at his decease in 1031 three sons 
and one danghter, namely, 
Henry, his beir. 
Robert, ancestor of the docal hotiee of 

Budo, Bishop of Anxerre. 
Adela, who wedded, in 1037, Bald- 
win V. Earl of Flaikdeig,* and had a 
Haud, Gonwrt of Wiluan, the 
Conqueror of England, and mo- 
ther of 
Henry I. King of England, 
who espoused Hand, ^ngh- 
ter of Malcolm ID. of Scot- 
land, by his qneen, Mar- 
garet, danghter of Edwarp 
tbe Outlaw, son of King 
Edmund Ironside, and had 
a daughter, the Empress 
Maud, whose son, 
Henry, ascended the Eng- 
lish throne as second 
of his name, and waa 
father of 
John, King of Eng- 
land, who left, by 
Agatha de Ferrwa, 
a natural daagh- 

* Through this aUiince, the deacendanu of 
Adeh derlTe fiom Cu«iilbiiaoh>, Empaiot of the 
Wert, ud ftom tbe Saxon Kings of England 


Louis Is Debouaaiia 

ChiriM the Bald 

Judith, It. Baldwin I. Eiri of Flanden 

Bildvin II. Ear! of FUnden, ■>. EtlwI- 
mwldi, diopter of Althu Che Gnat, 

King of Englind 

Amulpb I. Esri of Tlsndan 
Baldwin, died vki prntru 
Anmlpb II. Earl of Flwden 
Baldwin IV. Eul of Flanden 

Henoe (throng the Kings of Engbnd, tbe 
Priooea of Wilss, the MocttBen, Audkys, nd 
Tonobeta,) derives the Baskurilla fnily. 



ter, tlie Prinetti 
to AS, who wedded 
Llbwkuth tHB 
Qrbat,* Prince of 
North Wftles, and 
VHB progenitor, bb 
will be showD here- 
after, of 
EuuBBTH Tou- 

SiR John B*s- 


King Robert wu mcceeded by his eldeat 

HeKRy I. King of France, who had (with 
an elder ion, Puiup, who ascended the 
French throne, and was first of his name,) 

Hush tbe Great, who li^alized himself 
u the espeditioD of Godfrey de Bouillon. 
He espouaed Adelard, daughter and heiress 
of Herbert, Count of VermuidoiB, and bad, 
uirr mii«t, a daaghler, 

Isabel or Euzibetb, who wedded^ Ro- 
hert de Beanmont, the first Earl of Lei- 
ceMer, and was mother of 

EuzABKTH DB Bbaumont, wfaose ion, by 
ber bnaband Qilheri de Clare, waa the cele- 

BicHARD Sthonobow, Eari of Pembroke, 
eekbraied for the iDrasfon of Ireland, who 
m, tb« Princess Bra,] only daughter of 
DcHMOT, the last King of Lefnster, and of 
tbe race of Irish kings, esteemed the most 
illastrious of all the descendants from 
Caflioir the Great. By her Strongbow left 
an only dangfater and heiress, 

Isabel de Clare, who became in ward 
Bbnrt n. and remained under the royal 
gaariianahip for die space of fonrteen years, 
when she was giTen in marrisfe] to Wil- 
liam Marshal, who tberenpon beoime Ear] 
of Pembroke, and by him had (with other 
bane) « daufhter, 

Eva Marshal, who n.WilliamdeBraose, 
l«rd of Brecknock,! and was mother of 

Havd de Braose, who wedded! Roger, 
I«rd Mortimer, son of Ralph, Lord Mor- 
timer, by the Princes* Gladuse, hii wife, 
danghter of Llewellyn, Prince of North 
WbIcs. and of Joan, his wife, natural daugh- 
ter ofKiog John, of England. (See above, 
descendants of Adela, daughter of Robert. 
King of Prance.) By tbe Lord Mortimer, 
Maud had a son and heir, 

Edmond, Lord Hortinbr, of Wigmore, 
sumnmoed to parliament as a baron from 
19M to 1302. Hii aon and luccesior. 

Rooer, Lord Mortimer, of Wigmore, 
who wai adranced to the dignity of Earl 
!arch soon after the accession of Ed- 
ward III. left at his decease four sons and 

!Ten daughters, of whom the second dan. 

Joan Mortimer, espoused James, Lord 
Andley, the hero of Polctiem, great-grand- 
son of James de Audley and of Eva, hia 
wife, daughter of William LonEetpee, Earl 
of Salisbury, grandson of Fair Rosamond.* 
Joan Mortimer left by the Lord Atidley a 
daughter and co-heir, 

Joan Audley, wife of Sir John To«cbet, 
knt and mother of 

John Touchbt, esq. bom in 1372, wboae 
son, another 

John Touchbt, was summoned to par- 
liament as Baron Audlev Ir 140&. His 
lordship len (with a sou. Jambs, ancestor of 
the present ennobled family of Audley,) a 

Euzabbth Toochbt, who marriedf Sir 
John Baskervilib, Lnt. living in 1433, 
lineally descended from Robert de Baaker- 
ville, of Erdislcy, who wedded [ a danghter 
of Bees ap Tudor, Prince of South Wales. 
By Sir John Baskerville, Elizabeth Touchet 
bad (with two other sons and a daughter, 
SibilJ, the wife of Richard Rowden, of 

I. Sir Jambs Baskbbvillb, knt of 
Erdisley, whence epring (see vol. i. 
p. 91) tbe families of Minors, of 
Treago;^ Baskervillb, of Clyro 
Court; II Talbot, Earl of Shrews- 
bury i Farhah, of DnaSinane ; f 
PoLWHELB, of Polwhele;** Tou- 
chet, Lord Audley; and many 

II. John Baskerville, of Wotton, in 
Herefordshire, from whom derived 
the families of Pehbruoe, of Man- 
sel Gamage ; Rdwdon, of Rowdon ; 
Bahnaby; Briooinshaw; Hopton, 
of Canon Frome Court ; Lowe ; 
Percy, of Bridgnorth ; ft Isted, 
of Ecton ; It Monington, of West- 

>, Hul. HSS. tLc. Ac. 

• Hsil. U3S. 1<3S. 

t Collm's pMnge, by^ir E. Brydns, vol. 6. 
p. M9 ; HarL HBS. &c. 

t Powel's lOsloiy of Wslcs, ISM, «a. As a 
fidl WKOunt of tbe great and ueicnt family of 
BAassaviLLi ha* sppesrod in vol. i. p. B9, it is 
unneeesnry faere to detail the inteniwdials line. 

4 See vol. i. p. 86. 

I See vol. i. p. 69. 

f Sm vol. iL p. Sm. 

•• See vol. i. p. 4M. 

tf Of tbii bnily was ths Bishop of Drotuor*. 

tt See vol. iL p. 463. 



hide; Bmkebvillb, of PontrQu; 

HowR, Lord Chedwoithi Hcysgt, 

of Bhakenhan t &«- &c. 
Tbiu Sir Jamei Baikerrille, of Erdisley, 
derived (m of course do his deacendaati) 
from the Ktngi of France, of England, of 
Scotland, and of Ireland ; from the PrincCB 
of North and Sonth Wales ; from the 
ConnU of Plnnders ; and from CuARLt- 
MMtNB, Emperor of the WeeL 

Owen of Cohdoveb. 
P. 615, 1. 4. The preaent Hr. Owen'a 
patronymic is Pehberton, and not 
SifVTHB, ■■ erroneoDsly stated at 
p. 616. 

Beujw of Stockleigb Court. 
P. 632. The Bellem went to Ireland 
In the thirteenth century, and not in 
1460, aa errooeonsly stateid. 
P. 633, col. I,1.3,Afe"of." 
P. 633, col. I, I. 7, tor " great-grand- 
nephttc," read " great grandjoH." 
It is erroneonsly stated at p. 633, that Sir 
Christopher Bellew, ancestor of the enno< 
bled house of Bellew, was descended from 
SirJohDBelle«,ofWiliyBtoini. TheLorda 
Bellew traced their descent as follows: 

John Bellew, presumed ancestor of the 
Bellew* of Stockleigb Court, and lineally 
descended from John de Bellew, Lord of 
Carlton, in Yorkshire, wax father of another 
John Bellew, liring in 13S1, whose son. 
Sib John Bellew, of Bellewstown, flon- 
rished in the reigns of Henry TV. Henry V. 
and Henry VI. He diedin the aothof the 
last reign, being direct ancestor of 

Sir John Bellew, of BelleiTstown, suc- 
cessor to his father in 1M2, who wedded 
Margaret, fonrth daughter of Sir Oliver 
Plunkett, first Lord Louth, and left a son, 

Chrcstopheh Bellew, of Bellewstown, 
who married Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Tho- 
mas Cusack,lprd chancellor and lord justice 
of Ireland, and was succeeded by his eldest 

Sir John Bellew, of Bellewstown, wha 
married and had three sons, Christopher, 
his heir; John, of GrafloosltnvD, in the 
county of Louth, ancestor of the Bellews of 
Bsnneatfa and Mount Bellew ; and Richard 
of VerdonstowD, who also.left issue. The 
eldest son. 

Sir Chribtophbr Bellew, knt. of Bel- 
lewstown, espoused Catherine, daughter of 
Sir William Sarsfield, ofLucan,and left at 
his decease, 30th May, ieid(wilh three 
SODS, who d. I. p. and two dau^ters, the 
elder of whom m. first. Sir William Tuffe, 
of Smarmore, and secondly Sir Terence 
Dempsey, and (be younger became the wife 

of — Brett, of Drogheda), a son and snc- 

SiB John Bbllew, of Bellewstown, who 
m. the sister of Patrick Bamewall, esq. of 
Shankhill, and had, with fire other sons, who 
all died issueless, aud four dangfatera. 

Sir Christopher Bellew, of Bellews- 
town, who forfeited his estate* during the 
tronbled times of 1641. He wedded Fran- 
ce*, eldest daughter of Matthew, fifth Lord 
Louth, and dying about the time of the Re- 
storation, left three sons, 

I. John (Sir), hi* heir. 

II. Matthew, of Rogerstown, whose 

Patrick, served in the army of 
A'ln^WiLUAH at the battle of the 
Boyne. in which bis father, a 
captain of korse, was alaiii, 
fighting on the opposite aide. 
Having searched amongst die 
dead for his body, which be 
found and piously buried, be 
took the belt and pistols worn 
b^ him OD that memorable day, 
his only inheritance, and accom- 
panied Lord lochiqnin, under 
whom he had served, to the 
south of Ireland. Subsequently, 
on account of his family experl* 
encing much favour from Henry 
Boyle, the first Earl of Shannon, 
and speaker of the Irish House 
of Commons, he obtained from 
that Dobleraau a lease of the 
lands of Enockave Castle Mar-: 
hr, and afterward*, from his son, 
Uiose of Ballendiness, on a lease 
of lives renewable for ever. He 
was portreve of Castle Martyr, 
where be lived for forty years, 
and died in 1740, aged eighty, 
being in that year interred in the 
church of Castle Martyr. He 
m. HoDora Neville, and bad an 

Robert Bellew, esq. of Bal- 
lendiness, whom. BriaDa,one 
of the three co-heiresses of 
W. Wright, esq. of the 
county of Cork, and left an 
only son, 

Patrick Bellew, esq. of Bal- 
lendinesa, who wedded Sa- 
rah, dan. of James Pratt, 
esq. of Castle Martyr, sister 
of the late General John 
Pratt, R. I. A. and aunt of 
the present General Sir 
Charies Pratt, by whom he 
had two sons and one daugh- 

RoBEST, barrister-at-law. 



died na married in 
India, aged eigh- 

Pnocis- Joha, cap- 
tain H. -C. S. m. 
Anae, only daueb- 
ler of the Ute Si- 
mon Temple, era. 
formerly of Hyl- 
ton Cattle, in the 
connty of DuTham, 

Cbriitopher, lien te- 
nant Bengal amiy, 

Henry- Walter, cap- 
tain ioH.C.S.and 
deputy - anittant 
qaarlennaiter ge- 
neral at Bengal, m. 
in 1829, Anna, 
third daaghter of 
Captain Peter Je- 

Loniifi,M. to Captain 
John Bake rGTavea, 
of Fort William, ID 
the eouuty of Lime- 
Sarah - Margaret, d. 
Patrick, a m^or in the 
fith regiment of Foot, 
who d. at Gibraltar. 
Brianna, m. to Richard 
Fillon, eiq. of the city 
of Cork, barriater-at- 
111. Thomas, of Gaflney. 
The eldeat mh. 

Sir John Btuxw, waa knighted by 
JiMia II. realored by act of aettlement to 
^ the catate which belonged to hii father, 
called to Ibe priry coancil, and elevated, in 
I6H8, to the peer^e of Ireland as Baxom 
BaLLEW, of I>nleek. Hia lordahip com- 
manded a regiment of foot in King Janei's 
•ernc«, for which he was outlawed, but 
ereBtaally obtained a regrant of his estate. 
He m. Mary, eldeil daughter and co-heir of 
Walter Birmiagbam, eaq. of Danfort,in the 
coanty of Kildare, by whom (who J. in 1694) 
he bad two loni, Waltbh and Richard, luc- 
ceMnTD peera ; and Margaret, wife of Tbo- 
mai,finirA Earl of WeaCmealh. Hia lord- 
ahip died 13thJai)iiary,I693,aDd wat «. by 
hii elder aon, 

Walteb Belliw, Kcond Lord Bbllew,- 
wWwpdMpd Fnncca-Arabella, eldeat dan. 

of Sir William Wenlwortb, of Nonligale- 
head, in Yorkshire, and sitter of Thomas. 
Earl of Strafford, and by her he had two 
daughters , Tiz. 

Mary, m, to Dennis Kelly, esq. of Au- 
gbran, countv of Galnay. long.a stale 
prisoner in the Tower. 
Frances- Arabella, m. to Mr. Horn- 
Lord Bellew dying withont male iseue, in 
16M, was BQCceeded by his brother, 

Richard Bgllkw, third Lord Bellrw, 
who, being a captain in Lord Limerick's 
dragoons, wa« outlawed and attainted, but. 
in April. 16H7, received a pardon under tho 
great seal, and. conforming to the Estab- 
lished Church in 1706. took his seat in the 
HoDie of Peers, and bad a pension granted 
to him by tiMwn Anne, which George I. 
continued. His lordship espoused, in Hay, 
1606, Frances, third daughter of Francis, 
Lord Bnidenell, by the Lady Frances Sa- 
ville, his wife, only sister of James, Earl of 
Suasex, and widow of Charles Livingston, 
second Earl of Newburgh. By this lady, 
who died in 1735, Lord ^llew had two sons 
and one daugbter.viz. John, his heir ; Wal- 
ler, who died young; and Dorothea, who 
wedded, first, Gustavus Hamilton, esq. father 
of Viscount Boyne, secondly, William Cock- 
barn, esq. of Mdford, in the King's county, 
and Uiirdlv, Captain Joseph Dixoo. 

His lordship died22Dd March, 1714, and 
was (. by his son, 

John Bellew, fourth Lord BELLBw,bom 
in 1703. who m. first, at Rome, the Lady 
Anne Matwell, daughter of William, Eail 
of Nithsdate, and by her, who died 3rd Hay, 
17U6,had one son, who died in his infancy, 
andonedaugbter,Hary-Frances, 1733. 
His lordship wedded, secondly, Hary, only 
danghter of Maurice Fitzgerald, esq. of 
Castle Isfain, in the county of Cork, relict of 
Justin, fifth Earl of Fingal, and of Valen- 
tine, lirth Earl of Kenmare, by whom he 
had two daughters, Emilia, who died unm. 
and Anne. Her ladyship dying 19th March, 

Henry, Earl of Lichfield, and had by her 
one son and a daughter, who d. in infancy. 
His lordship died in 1772, when the title 
of Baron Bellew became extinct. 

Crosslbt ofScaitcuffb. 
P, S37, col. 1, 1. SO, Abraham Cross- 
ley, esq. third son of JohnCrossley, 
esq. of Scaitcliffe, was father, it is 
presumed, of Aaron Crossley, raq. of 
Dnblin, the antiqnarT, who wedded 
Hademoiselie Perachean, and had 
two daughters, of whom the elder, 
Fkakces, m. John Seymour, esq. 
and was great-grandmother of 
the present 



Aaron Chosblbt Sbtnoub, 
uq. of Cwtletoim Hoiue, 
in ih« Qucen'i connty. 


p. 642, col. 1, I. 12, for " Gibbim," 

read " Gibba." 
P.M3, col. 1, 1.31, for >' TAomuM Bod- 

Tille," re«d " Johi Boaville." 
P. 542 Md p. 643, for " Maria" fwbicb 

occurs seTcral timcB), read " Mmry." 
P. 544. col. 2, 1. 10, for "TrecoUard," 

read "TrMollard." 
p. 644. The family motto ii " Forte 

Kntum ialns dncum." 

Pehnefatheb e 

P. »!, col. 

" IwJf." 


I. 1. II, dtU tbe word 


p. fiW. The Dune"S*DUBR''akanld 
be *' Sadlbik." 

MomtAu. OF Plas Yoltn.— The foUow- 
ing i* a moTe complete repreaentatioD of 
the arms home by Aia family, than Ibe en- 
gTaring at p. fiOd. 

Beaunan of Rvde Park. 

P. 603, col. 3, 1. 25. Williani Beau- 
man, esq. of Rutland Square, mar- 
ried Cbarity, widow of Tenniion Ed- 
wards, eiq. of Old Conrt, in the 
county of Wicklow, uid daa)(l>ter of 
John Banington, esq. of Cullenagh- 
more, ia the Queen'i County. 

M'Cartt of Carhionavar. 

P.fi07, col. 1,1.35, for " (*e piwteding 
century," read " a preceding cen- 

P. 609. col. 2, 1.56. Count O'Reilly 
ia errouetnuli/ stated to hare been of 
the Ballymorriee family. 

Flood op Flood Hall. — Henry Flood, 
esq. of Panlftown Castle, ij erroneously 
stated, in vol. i. p. 133, to bave married * 
daughter of Lord Aldborough. His wife ia 
Anna-Maria, daughter of Henry Lennon, 
esq. to which lady be was married at Si. 
Paul's Cburcb, Dublin, on the 2nd Sep- 
tember, 1916, and by whom he bas two sons 
and two daughter*. 

In Tol. i. p. 334, the manor of Hather- 
TON, in Cheshire, is assigned to a wrong pro- 
prietor. It is in the poascMJon of H. Uare, 

Weroe of Hexgreavb Park. — Tbe fol- 
lowing is a more correct aceonci of the 
descent and arms of this family than that in 

TbeWerges, of HexgreaTO Park, derive 
their descent from a family long seated in 
the county of Sussex, one of whicb, SrK 
Clement Weroe, was counsel for the crown 
upon the celebrated trial of Bisbop Alter- 
bury for high treason, and subsequently re- 
ceiving the bonour of knighlbood, was made 
■olicitor-general : another, at the same pe- 
riod, in the reign of George I. was a generd 
iu the army, and governor of the forts on 
thecoastotAfricB. In thereign of Charles 


The Rm. Richard Wbhqe, rector of 
Nailston, in Leicestershire, exchanged with 
the Rev. John Cave, A. M. for the rectory 
of St. Mary's Gateshead, in the county of 
Durham, and died in 16^, leaving an only 

Tit Rtv. John Wbroe. A.M. vicar of 
Kirknewton, in Northumberland. Of this 
gentleman the following extraordinary cir- 
cumstance is well authenticated, and has 
been banded down in many families in the 
north. About the year 1690, when the feel- 
ing in Scotland was so strong against epis- 
copacy, on the night before Cbnstmas-day, 
abont ten o'clock, a knock was heard at the 
door of the vicarage, and upon the servant 
enquiring who was there, the answer was — 
a friend from Gateshead, (where the Rev. 
gentleman's father nai rector) upon which 
orders were given to open the door, when a 
person ruihed In armed, and found his way 
into the room where Mr. Werge was sitting. 
He, without preface, declared his intention, 
and made a stroke with a sword, which in 
all probability would have proved fatal, but 
the room being low, and a large beam pro- 
jecting across the ceiling, the weapon caught 
the beam, and onlyinOicted a tri&ing wound 
on one shoulder. The reverend gentleman, 
who was a powerfal man, and in the act of 
rising when the blow was given, imme- 
diately closed with the aaunn, b<rt not be- 



tan be bul received k Ihnut, which onlj' 
piBTCed the fleth oext hu rtbe; a eerere 
dngrie enanod, id which the Ught wu sx- 
IJByiwtwid, >fid tenninated in Mr. Wer^ 
ntrkUtag hitiMelf, Mid making hit way ont 
U Ihe fronl door, where he foand two other 

•ence or mind, aiuwered — "Ye*, ye», 
(■pM which they pve way) and nui ioto 
the gftrden, bat Dot bofore the nllkiai had 
diNorered their mialBke, and ODeofthemltMl 
diichu^ed » plstoi, faappilj without effecL 
Tbe-alum being given by toe eerruita, the 
*— wi"- made Aeir eicape. Some few 
Tcart after, Ute oonfewion of a man executed 
U Edinbargh, for mnrder mteared in print, 
in which he ackiM>wled^;M many crimes, 
bat none had diBtreaaed hu eotacieuee mora' 
tbastbe belief of baring murdered a clergy- 
mui, near the foot of Cheriot, of wbom 
eren penon spoke well, and which be was 
Um to perform. Hr. Werce nuuried Eli- 
abeth, danghWr of — Wood, esq. of Fallo- 
^,in NorthiiHiherland,(intO wbich faniily 
Henry Giey, esq. ot Howick, tlte grand- 
blhcr of tM present Earl Grey, also mar- 
(ied) and had ianw, 

I. RicHAKD, A.M. in holy orders, Tioar 
of Harttinm, in Northnmberland, 
who M. the widow of — Erringtoa, 
ewi. of Cheater, bnl whose iaae ii 


II. Edwnrd, who d. nnmarried. 

III. Thomas, of whom presently. 

1. Elitabeth, who wedded — Selbv, 
esq. of Elwick, and had two dangh- 
ters, one of whom married the Ut 
f John Stanard, esq. of Lowick, in 

Nartbnmbeiiaiid, ud was mother of 
a daughter, the wife of — Griere, esq. 
ofOroe, North Durham; theotherm. 
CapL Pembla, R.N. and bad issue, 

1. Eliubeth Pemble, who m. Ad- 
miral Hontry, and bad a son, 
who died under age, and a dan. 
the wife of the Ven. Archdeacon 
De Lacy. 

2. Katharine Pemble, whom, first, 
Captain Selhy, R. N. and had 

of bis niiyes^s frigate Owen 
Thomas Selbr, captain 4eth 
regiment, died in the West 

Katberine Selby, m. to John 

HariseU, esq. of Belford, 


Mrs. Selby espoused secondly. 

Captain Wilkie. of Ladytbom, 

North Ihirham, and left by bim 
an only son, the present 
Robert Wilkie, esq. of Lady- 

The third son of the Rev, John Werge, 

Thomas Wbroe, esq. settled at Horion 
Castle, in Northumberland. He m. Elisa- 
beth, dangbter of Thomas Wilson, esq. of 
Hilfield, and bad two sons and one daughter, 

John, bis heir. 

Thomas, who settled in Jamaica, and 
marrying MUa Neafville, of that 
island, bad an only son, who died 

Kixabeth, m. George Reed, esq. of 
Hoppen, in NordiumberUnd, and 
left isne. 
The elder son, 

John Wesoe, esq. i. his faAer at Horton 
Castle, in 17S4, and wedded Margaret, 
sister of the l^e Thomas Yonnghnsband, 
esq. of Harden, in Northnmberland, : 

1 1786, left £*e i 

I and three 

I, Thomas, an officer in the 10th regi- 
ment of foot, who died of the yellow 
fever in Jamaica, unmarried. 

II. Oswnid, late lientenaat-colonel in 
the 17^ Light Dragoons, «n. Ellen, 
daughter of the late Rer. Robert 
Dean, A.M.ofBoltou-le-Hoort, Lan- 
cashire, and d. 4tli September, 1S31, 
having had isane, 

1. Oswald, BO officer in the 13th 
Foot, who died at the early age 
of two and twenty, at Gibraltar, 
of the dreadful fever there, in 
1828, deeply regretted by the 
whole regiment 

2. Robert, an officer in the SOth 

1. Margaret, m. to CapL Clarence 
Dalrymple of the Ron. East 
India Company's service. 

2. Ellen, unm. 

III. Jobo,late amqjiirin tbearmj.and 
senior captain in die 38th regiment, 
who glorionaly fell in the storming 
of SL Sebastian, whilst leading the 
Grenadier Compuiy to the summit 
of Hie breach. He m. Elisabeth, 
daoghter of the late Rev. Nadianiel 
Ellison, A.H. of Newcaatle-on-Tyne, 
uid had issue, 

1. Margaret, R. to William Smith, 
esq. of Newcastle, and has issue. 

2. Etiubedi, m. to Ralph Carr, 
esq. of Dunstan Hill, in die 
palatiDato, and of Hedgeley, in 
Northumberland, and has issue. 

3. Jane. 



IV, Edwardi, now of Hexgrcave 

V. Richard, lost on hit pnuage rrom 

I. Hir^aret, in. to Francis Peacock, 
esq. of Wallaend, and has iuue. 

II. Elizaheth, «rho if. unm. 

■I]. Anne, who married the late Henrj 

Howey, esq. of Pasture Hill, Nor- 

thamberlsDd, and baa ianie. 

Armi—Bnity of ten, ga. and arg. on a 

chief la. three lioni' heads ented or, gorged 

coUara go. and charged with three toneaui. 

Creit—A demi-lion rampant ppr. holding 

In his right paw a phcoD, purpura, gorged 

with a collar gu. chargfed with three tor- 


Eniei — In the parishes of SouthweU, 
and Halam, Notts, and two thirda of the 
parish of Howell, Lincolntbire. 
•Seal— Hex greare Park, Notts. 

Orbvib-James of Ichtham Court.— In 
vol. i, p. 388, William James, esq, sbedQ' 
for Kent io 1732, who married the daughter 
of Demetrius Junes, esq. of the connU of 
Essex, had a daughter, Sarab-Bella-Eliza- 
heth, who married, 16th November, 1670, at 
Greenwich, Joslah Wood Hindman, esq. of 
Greenwich ; baptized there 13th May, 1744 ; 
entered of Christ Church. Oxford, 22nd 
November, 1763, aged eighteen, as son of 
Josiah Hindman, esq. of Greenwich ; he 
was ahu of Upton, Essex. Mr. J. W. Hind- 
man died in 1784. The issne of this anion 
were two daughters, co-heirs, Sophia, wife 
of William Turner; and Frances Uaria, 
wife of Joseph Newell. Josiah Hindman, 
the elder, married Sarah Dore, widow of — 
Dore, esq. by whom she bad David, in the 
army (one above, Gene.ral Slibbert, in the 
East Indies, drowned in the Ganges, by the 
accidental upselting of a boat) and Sarah, 
who married at West Ham, 4th December, 
i7SQ, Chsries Mears, esq. captain of the 
Egmont, and had a son and daughter ; the 
son was Captain Charles John Mean, killed 
at the capture of Seringapatam, 21st April, 
1799; the daughter, Sarah, baptized at Bt 
Clement Danes, 27th March, 1706 (living 
1833), married at Calcutta, 4tb March, 
1786, Stephen Cassan, esq. barrister-at- 
Jaw, father of the Rev. Stephen Hyde 
Cassan, H.A. F.8.A. vicar of Bmtou, and 
of Wyke Somerset See Cassan, of Shef- 
field, p. 648. 

Cromwell of Cheshunt Park.— Henrt 
Crohwul, fourth son of Oliver Cromwell, 
the lord protector, hy Blizahetb his wife. 

daughtfr of Sir James Bourchier, knt. of 
Pilaled. ID Efsex, wedded in 16&S, ElUa- 
betb, eldest dan. of Sir Francis Russell, 
barL of (Hilppenham. and bad, with other 
issue, who all died unmarried, a aon, Henry 
Cromwell, of Spinney Abbey, In the county 
of Cambridge, ancestor of the present Mrs. 
(Cromwell) Russell, of Cheshunt PaBK, 
and a daughter, 

EuzABETH Cromwell, who espoused 
William Russell, esq. of Fordham Abbeji, 
in the connty of Cambridge (son of Gerard 
Rassell, esq. of Fordham. M.P. son of Sir 
William Rnsaell, hart, of Chippenham), and 
died in 1711, leaving, initr aliet, a son. 

Prakcib Russell, esq. baptized at Ford- 
ham, lOth January, 1001. who settled in 
London. He married and had, to survive 
childhood, one son, 

Thomas Russell, cm;, a military officer, 
bom 27lh February, 1724, father of 

Rebecca Russell, who ra. first. James 
Harley, e«q. but by him had no issue, and 
secondly. William Dyer, esq. of Ilford, in 
the county of Essex, a magistrate and deputy 
lieutenant for that shire. By this gentle- 
man, who died 17th January, 1824, ^e left 
at her decease, I7tb January. 1832, three 
SOD* and two dau^ter*, namely, 

I. William- An DREW Dver, of Guil- 
ford Street, London. 

II. Cbarle«-Adams Dyer, of Canewdon 
Hall. Rochford, Essex. 

III. Thomas-John Dyer, of the Hon. 
East India Company's service. 

I. Mar^-Eliza Dyer. 

II, Louisa Dyer. 

ling of the article, afler Tlpperarr, 
idd, " and sister of Andrew Robin- 


son Stoney, esq." 

P. 648, 1. 81, for " 
" Laurenson." 

P. 640. col. 2, 1.4, for " (with other 
issae. who died «. p.)" read " (besides 
two daughters deceased, Eliza, m. to 
the Rev. George Cooke ; and Mar- 
garel. the wife of Aaron Crossley 
Seymour, esq. of Castletown House.) ' 

P. 661, col. 2, I. 24, for "Comites," 
read " Comitis." 

P. M2, col. 1, 1. 1, for "Peytriver," 
read " Peytiver." 

P. 6S2, col. 2, 1. 1, for 
read " Naveslock." 

P. OKI, col. 2, 1. S, from bottom, be- 
tween Sheffield; and ai^., insert, 

" Laurence," read 

" Naveratock," 





Aile7, both in the cotmt; of Cheater, b. Utb September, 1804, inherited the eMetM 
va die death of hie greet-nncle. Sir Peter Wertmrton, bert, in May, 1813, and 
aaanmed in conaequence the additioDal aumame and anna of Wasbuktok ; m. 7th 
M%j, 1831, Maiy, eldest daughter of Sir Richard Brooke, bort. of Norton Prioij, and 
baa iante, 

Hart-Auce, b. &Ih July, 1832. 

Mr. EgertoQ'Warbarton ia a deputy lieutenant for the county of Cheater, and higb 
■faviff oS the eame ahire in the preaent year (1833). 

I Sis Geoftret Dutton, who inheritiiig 
when religioiu zeal waa at ita senith, en- 
rolled himaelf amongat the aoldiera of the 
Crosa, for tfae plains of Paleatiiie. "The 
Croat," says Onaerod, " rfiich ia alill borne 
bylfaaWarburtona, refers tothe Holy Land, 
and waa probably ^ined by some beroic 
exploit in tbe expedition." Sir Geoffrey de 
DaltoD had a manaion at Bodnortb, whence 
he ia aoDietimea deai^ated, but at tbia 
period the family reaided chiefly at Satton. 
He died about the year 1249, and waa f. by 

Sir Gboftrev de Dutton, IdL living in 
1276. The Abbot of Cockeraaod, in whoae 
hoaae the Piiory of Warbarton waa now 
merged, quit claime anno 1371, of his share 
of the Till, and the advowaonof TCarburton, 
which the Pnemonatratenaian Canons had up 
to the period held under tbe father and grand- 
lather of Sir Geofirey. Sir GeoSivy Ihil- 
ton had iaaue, 

Peter, hia heir. 

Thomaa, who acquired Tbelwall, by 

gnat from his father, iu 12fi6-«. 
Margaret, m. Brat to Robert de Den- 
bigh, and aeoondly to Nicholaa de 

The founder of this family came into En- 
gland at tbe Conquest, and took up hia abode 
at Dutton. 

AnsM DB Din-roM, (aou of Hugh Duttan, 
of Dutton) Lord of Warburton, in tbe 
reigna of Henkt n. Bicusrd I. and John, 


buiji onder the itandud of Percy, but Lad 
the royal pardon in the 4th of Henry IV. 
HU aeal exhibited, two chevrooB and a 
mullet on a canton, vrith two dragons for 
■Qpporten, cimmucribed " S. Oaffrldi de 
Warborgtoae." and he waa the last of the 

Pbtes W*RB(iaTON, of Warburton, who 
appean to bare died without iuiie, and to 
have been *. by hia brother. 

Sir Geoffrv Warburton, of Warbnrton, 
Lnighted before the lOtb of Henby VI. 
Thii gentleman bore on his seal a cormo- 

it, the bau* of the prei " 

wedded Ellen, titter of John Bmyi 
Legh, of East Hall; and thirdly, Ralph 

Tairin, by whom (who m. lecondly, 


Peermgt and Bartnulage, Lord De 


The elder wyi and anocesior. 

Sib Petbb Dittton, aa*umed the lor- 
name of WAI(BUBTON,and waa liring in the 
first year of Edward II. He had three 

Oeoffrt (Sir). 

Peter, of Aaton and fiodwortb. 
Hugh, of Nether-WaltoB. 
And waa t. by the eldeat, 

Sir Geoffry Warburton, knt whose 
name, together with that of his wife, Ha>- 
garel, occurs aa Warburton, in an acquit- 
tance from Thomaa Be Celario, atuu 1314, 
being the first time that tbe name of War- 
bnrtoiv i| to V fonnd in tbe family deedt, 
Tbis'Sir Oeoby waa iheriff of LaBoashire 
in or about the year 1326. He bad, with a 
younger child, Robert, noticed in a settle- 
ment by William Le Boteler, baron of 
Warrington, in 13W, a son and anocesior. 

Sir GEorFBY Wabbubtok, who was Uvine 
in die 33rd of EpWARD HI. He m. — and 

Geoffkv (Sir), his beir. 
Peter, alive in 1348. 
Margaret, m. to Peter De Lymme. 
He waa i. by hia elder son, 

Sir Gboffby Wabburton, who espoused 
a lady named Alice, but of trbat family is 
not known, and bad iaane, 

Geoffry, who is supposed to have 
serred under tbe Black Prince, and 
to hare attended bim to his Duchy of 
Aqnitaine. He ■». in 1368, Nicliola, 
daughter and heireia of Sir John 
Danyen.andpre-deceasiag his father, 
left ai only daughter, 
Haroaret,w£om, Alan de Rixtou, 
and «. (. p. 
Tfaomaa, d, $. p. 
John, sneeessor to bis fsther. 
Sir Oeolfry died before 1383, and waa i. 
by Us eld«Bl suriring son, 

John Warburton, of Warburton, who 
wedded Agnes, (snppoaed to be) daughter of 
Riobsrd de Werere, and dying prior to 
taoi, left a son and iucceasor, 

Peter WARBvnTON, of Warbiulon, then 
under age, and in ward to Sir John Haasy, 
of Tatton, to whose daughter, Douce, he 
wns contracted, but the contract was annulled 
by a decree of the Conrt of Arches, 4th of 
Hay, 1403. He subsequently married Alice, 
daughter of Sir Henry BrayWord, knL and 
had Petrr and Sir Geoftby, his succes- 
aire heirs, with a daughter, Uargaret, liring 
in 1448. 
This Peter (ongbt at the battle of Shrewa- 

■, Henry 

ter, Elitabeth, the wife of Thomas BiUke- 
ley, and a son, bin successor. 

Piers Warburton, of Warburton, called 
Wile PiESS, who erected in 146B the man- 
sion-honse at Arley. He ta. by dispen- 
sation in 1460, Ellen, daughter of Sir John 
Savage, knt uid had issue, 

John (Sir), his heir. 

Peter, of Bromfield. 

Blanche, m. to Tbonat Daniel, e^. of 
Over Tabley. 

Douce, m. to Richard Aston, esq. of 

Pian died In or abont the year \tK, and 
was I. by his son, 

Sir John Warburton, of Warburton 
jmA Arley, one of the knights of tbe body 

Cheshire, by patents under tbe great teal, 
for life. He m. Jane, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Stanley, knt of Holt, who was cham- 
berlain to the same king, and bad issue, 

1. Piers (Sir), his successor. 

ti. John, who m. Enuna Golbome, of 

III. , another son. 

IV. Jane, m. to Sir William Turvyle, 

V. Donce, JobnStarkie, of Wren- 

VI. Mai^;aret, Jolu)CaiTington,of 

VII. Blanche,m. to William Davenport, 
of Bramhall. 

VIII. , another daughter. 

Sir John Warbmton d. in tbe lAth of Henrt 
VI n. and was i. by bis son. 

Sir Piers Wabburton, of Warburton 
and Arley, who espoused Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter and eventual beiress of Richard Win- 
nington, eaq. of Winuington, in ShropiAire, 



heireM of John Coupe, of the eovntv 

of Stafford. 
JTane, m. fint to Sir William Brereton, 

uid ■ecoDdlj' to Sir LaareQce Smith, 

of Honeh. 
Aune, m. in l&3e to Sir Edward Fittoo, 

of Gamworfli, in Cbeihire. 
H« died in the 4tb of Edwakd VI. and was 
>. by his eldest son, 

Sm John Wjirbviton, luit. who died in 
157% in the fifty-Mcond year of his age, 
«td wu boned in the cborcb of Great Bud- 
worth, where a nKRument remains to bis 
Bemory. Of this Keitleman there is a full 
IcMgdi portrait la the hall si Arley, and 
UMMoaggt the Eunily papers Uh rent-roll, a 
Tery sutfolar docament, is to be found. It 
is formed of skins of parchmettt ititcbed 
ti^elher, npmrds of ten yarda in length, 
and aboat a foot n width. The names of 
Ae tenanla are written in n neat character, 

Man, daa^let of Sir William Brereton, 
of Brereton, in the county of Chester, and 
hnd, with otber issue, 

I. PETUt (Sir), hia heir, 
n. Gbokob, of the Lodn, m. Eliza- 
beth, aialer of Thomas Hesketh, esq. 
and widow of Alexander HoHEhton, 
esq. of HoDghtoD, by whom be bad 
1. Peter, who succeeded tils fa- 
ther on the lit of January, 1613, 
M. ElizabeA, daughter of Sir 
Richard Egerlon, kut. of Ridley, 
in Cheshire, and dying 1st Ja- 
snary, 1^6, left 
Peteb, of whom presently, as 
contiuiator of the male line 
at the deceaae of his sreat 
uncle, tbe Judge of the 
Comman Pleas, Sir Peter 
George, heir to his brother. 
Eleanor, m. to William Har- 
mer, esq. of the Fens. 
3. John. 

3. Robert, in holy orders. 

4. Thomas. 
6. Gabriel. 

6. Alice, Mi. to Nicholas Rigby, 
esq. of Horrock, in I^ncashire. 
lit. John. 

IV. Anne, m. to Sir Robert Harkham, 
knt. of Cotham, Notts. 
Tlie eldest son, 

Bit Peter Warbdrtok, knt who was a 
banister-at-Uw, obtained (tie coif, became 
me of the justices of the Common Pleas, 
ttmp. EuZABCTH, and acquired reputation 
at a lawyer. He m. Mary, daogtiter of Sir 
John Hoicroft. knt. of Holcron, and died 
flnd Jnlf, 1^8, leaving nine daoghters. 

I. Mary, (a. to Sir Thomas Witbraham, 
knt. of Woodhey, in Cheshire. 

II. Elizabeth, m. to Ralph ^rerton, esq. 
of Ridley. 

III. Jane, m. to William Brereton, esq. 
of Aahley. 

fv. Isabel, m. to Sir Edward Stanley, 
knt. of Bickerstaffe. 

V. Eleanor, m. to Thomas Marbory, 
esq. of Harbury. 

VI. Frances, jb. to Sir Christopher 
Trenlham, knt. 

VII. Alice, m. to Peter Warbnrton, esq. 
of the Orange, who was made one of 
the judges of Chester by the parlia- 
ment, anno 1647, and afterwards one 
of the judges of the King's Bench. 

Sir Peter having thns no male issne, the 
male representation of tbe fomily deTolred 
upon bis great-nephew, 

Peter Wabburton, esq. of the Lodge 
and Arley, who wedded Eleanor, daughter 
of Robert, Viscount Kilmorey, but died of 
Ilie small-pox, without issue, Ist August, 
1641. His widow m. John, Lord Byron. 
He was i. by bis brother, 

Georob Warburton, esq. of Arley, who 
was created a baronet, 37th June, 1660. He 
espoused, first, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Thomas H^ddleton, knt. of Chirk CaaUe, in 
Denbighshire, and bad issue, 
Peter, his successor. 
George, who left George, Thomas, and 

Eleanor, tn. to Sir Fruicia £dwards, 

bart. of Shrewsbury. 
Hester, m. fo Edward Domville, esq. 

of Lynune, in Cheshire. 
Hary, m. to William Grantham, esq, of 

Bury, in Lincolnshire. 
Catherine, d. i. p. 
Sir George at. secondly, Oiana, daughter of 
Sir Edward Bishop, bart. of Parham, in 
Sussex, by tbe Lady Margaret Thanet, 
daughter of Nicholas, Earl of Thanet, and 
had further issue, 

Thomas, of Winninrtoo, in Cheshire, 
who M. Anne, daughter of Sir Robert 
Williams, bart. of Penryn, in Car- 
Darronahire, by whom be was father 
of Jane, secona wife of John, second 
Duke of Argyll, with other daughters, 
and of sereral sons ; the latter died 
all wtlhont issne except 
Hugh Warbnrton, a general officer 
in the army, who esponsed Miss 
Norris, daaghteT of Doctor Nor- 
ris, and left an only daughter, 
who ta, Richard Pennant, esq. 
H.P. for Lirerpool. 
Heniy, d. in infaDcy. 




Penelope, n. to Sir John Hordannt, 

but of Walton, in WaririckHhire. 
Catherine, lecond wife of Humphrey 
Trafford, eiq. orTrftflbrd. 
Sir George died 18th Hay, 1676, and was $. 
fay his eldest son, 

Sir Peter Wabburton, second baronet 

of Arley, who ifedded Martha, daughter 

and heir of Thomas Dockwra, esq. of Put- 

teridge, in the coontv of Hertford, by whom 

(who d, in 1707) he had issue, 

OEOBfiG, his succe^or. 

Thomas, of Turners-Hall, Herts. This 

geDUemanm. first, Rebecca, dau. and 

co-heir of George Stourton, esq. of 

Pirton, in the county of Bedford, 

u)d had one daughter, Martha, the 

wife of Isaac Eles, of London. He 

wedded secondly, Anne, danxhler of 

William Dockwra, esq. of London, 

and had 

Pbter, who inherited as fourth 

Anne, ta. to Thomas Sloughter, of 
Brown's-lane, Chester. 
Peter, a captain in the army. 
Martha, m. to — Fouka, esq. of London. 
Anne, m. to Richard Dockwra, esq. 
Sir Peter was «. at his decease by his eldest 

s'lR Georoe Warbuhton, the third bart. 
This gentleman represented the county of 
Chester in sevenl parliaments, temp. Queai 

William, second Lord Allin^D, grand- 
' danghter maternally of William Russell, 
first Duke of Bedford, and siiter and co- 
heir of Giles, third Lord Allington, (See 
Buhkb's Extinct anH Dormant Petragt.) 
By this lady he had s son, Dockwra, who 
died in infancy, and a daughter, Diana, m. 
In 1724, to Sir Richard Orosvenor, of Eaton, 
bart. bnt J. $. p. in 1730. Sir George died 
S&th of June, 1743, and leaving no male 
issue, the baronetcy devolved upon his 

SlRPBTBRWAttBVRToN.aafDBrth baronet, 
who espoused 371h of February, 1746, Lady 
Ellaaheth Stanley, eldest daughter of the 
Eari of Derby, and hsd issae. 
Pkter, bis successor. 
Anne, V d. nnm. 
Margaret, J 

Harriot, m. to Jobn-Rowtls L^b, esq. 
of Prestbnrr, and had issue. 
Charles Legh, d. t. p. 
Elizabeth -Hester Legh, m. to 
Thomaa^DcWes Bnmgfalon, esq. 
Ehha, m. first, to James Craxton, esq. 
of Norley Bank, in Cheshire, by 
whom, who d. 37th of August, I7B2, 
she had a daughter. 

Emma Croxtoh, who m. 13th of 
October, 1803, the Rev. Row- 
land Egerton, B. A. seventh son 
of Philip EgertoD, esq. of Eger- 
tou and Oulton. Mr. Rowland 
^erton assumed the additional 
surname of Warburton, iu con- 
sequence of this marriage, and 
bad issue, 

1. RowLAND-EvLBS, heir to 
his grand-nncle, and pre- 

3. James - Francis, i. ISth 
April, 1807. 

9. Henry -WiUiam, h. leth 
August, 1808. 

4. Peter, i.I6th August. 1813. 

6. Emma-EUzabotb. 
0. Frances-Hary. 

7. Haria-Sybilla. 

8. Charlotte. 
0. Sophia. 

Mrs. Croxton wedded, secondly, Mr. 

John Hunt, and bad another danghter. 

Sir Peter was t. at his decease by his only 

Sir PtTBR Warbubton, fifth baronet, h. 
27th of October, 17M. m. Alice, daughter 
of the Rev. John Parker, of Astle, in die 
coonty of Cheater, but died without issue, 
14lb of May, 1813, when the Baronetcy 
expired, and the estates passed, under Sir 
Peter'swill, to his great nephew, the present 
Rowland-Eyles Eoerton - Warburtok, 
esq. of Warburton and Arley. 

J™m— Quarterly ; first and fourth, arg. 
a chevron between three cormorants aa. 
in the centre chief point a cross crosslet 
of the last, for Warbubton. Second koA 
third, arg. a lion rampant gu. between three 
pbeons, sa. for Eoerton. On an escutcheon 
of pretence, first and fourth, Wabburton, 
as above, without the cross crosslet : second 
and third, sa. a lion rampant are. debraised 
of two bends engrailed or, for Croxton. 

Creilt — First, a man's head affront^, 
couped of the shoulders, ppr. round the tem- 
ples a wreath BT^. and gn. issuing therefrom 
three os^ich feathers or, on the breast a 
cross crosslet, sa, for Wabburton. Second, 
three arrows, two in saltire, and one in pale 
or, beaded and feathered sa. bound with a 
ribbon gu. for Eggrton. 

Ettater— la Warburton, A (ton. Great Bud - 
worth, and Appleton, held since the Con- 

time has been the &mily residence, is now 
undergoug considerable repairs and alter- 
ations. It is to be completed in the Eliaa- 
bethean style. 

£'(•1— Arley Hall, in thsconaty of Chester. 



WITHAM, HENRY, ewj. of Lartington H»I1, ia the county of York, b. 28lh May, 
1779, m. Elin, daughter of Thomas Witham, etq. of 
Headlam, in the county of Durham, and niece and 
heiress of William Witham, esq. of Cliffe, in Yorkshira, 
fay whom he has isaue, 

Henry-John, 6. I7th July, 1802. 

WOliam-Lawrence, (. ItJth September, IBM. 

George, b. Bth October, IB06. 

Thomas-Edward, h. eih December, 1806. 

Charles-James, b. l&lh July, 1810, deceased. 

Alfred, b. in 1620, died young. 

CathertDc, m. in 1823, to Henry Englefield, esq. aad 


Thia gentleman, whose patronymic waa Silvertop, 
id, by rign manual, 16th Norember, 1803, the 
a of WiTUAH only. 


lincolnshire, and probaM^ 
anrname from Witham Common, in tne 
Mig^boqrhood of Grantham, or from the 
nrer Witham, in the same county. 

Sir Robbkt Wtthjin, who m. Elisabeth, 
daughter of Sir Gay St PhUbert, had a 

L«w«eNCE WyTHAM, who esponaed Mar- 
Karet, danghler of Sir John ErmTn, aad 
was fathet of 

RoBEHTWyTHAH,who wedded Tomaay d, 
dangbter of Thomas Walsh, and was i, by 
his son, 

Robert Wythan, of Grantham, whose 
wOI bears date 30th December, 1440. He 
BL Margaret, daughter of Richard SIul- 
denby, and had six sons, vii. 

I. HtNRT, who died i. p. 

II. Thonar. Chancellor of the Exche- 
qaer, " ad placitnm Regis 32 Hgnby 
VI. ; pro Tit4 34 Henry VI. et Can- 
(Mllanna scac. Regis 4 Edward IV." 
See Gal. Rot. Pat. p. 306-7—3076. 
He M. Agnes daaghter and co-heir 
of William Thwenge, ofComebnrg, 
and died «. p. 

m, WiLUAH, dean of Wells. 

■Y. Henry (Sir), knt of Rhodes, who 
ss. Alicia, dan. and co-heir of William 
Tbweage, ofComebnjg, but died (.;i. 

Richard (Sir), knt of Rhodes. 
The fifth son, 

John Wvthan, espoused Margaret, dau. 
of Barton of Whenbie, and bad issue, 
GeonOE, bis heir. 

Thomas, who m. Janetla, daughter and 
co-heir of John Wawton, esq. of 
Cliffe, in the county of York, and 
hence descend the WITH AH s of 
Bretonby and Ledstone. 
Joan, m. to Richard Westbrop. 
Margaret, m. to Thomas Leploo. 
The elder son, 

George Witham, wedded Ha»aret,dan. 
and co-heir of John Wawlou of Cum, and 
by her, who died in 1478, and is buried at 
Maufleld, had three sons, John, Richard, 
and Thomas ; and three daughters, Agnes, 
Hellen, and Margaret, m. to RobeH Tal- 
bovB. By the eldest of the former, 

John Witham, esq. of Cliffe and Come- 
burg, he was succeeded at his decease. This 
gentleman nt. Agues, dangbter of Sir Tho- 
mas Gower, of Stytnam, in the county of 
York, and had (with two daughters, Cathe- 
rine, m. to German Paule, of Hertbume, 
and Ma^aret, «. to German Ogleethorpe, 
of Newaluim) a son and successor, 

Thomas Witham, esq. of Cliffe and Cor- 
urburg, who wedded Cicely, daughter of 



JohD Conyen, of Hntton sup. Wyik, in tbe 
county of York, and had, 

John, bia heir. 

Eleanor, m. to John nalmcr. 

Mary, m. to Leonard Batei. 

Margaret, m. to Henry Lowicke. 
ThomaB William died lOth Haich, 1639, and 
was f. byhia ton, 

John Witmxh, esq. of Cljffe, living in 
1686, who m. Eleanor, daug:fater of James 
Fox, ewi. of Thorpe under Willowa, and 
had, wiUi two younger sons, Thomaa and 
Robert, and a daughter Margaret, tb« wife 
of Anthony Chaters, esq. of Botterby, in Dor- 

Anthony WITHAM, eaq. of Cliffe, who 
espoused Anne, daughter of John Hiddleton, 
esq. of Stokeid, m the county of York, and 

I. John, his heir. 

n. Thomaa. 

III. WiUian. 

IV. Peter. 

V. Catherine, m. to Sir Henry Trottar, 
of Skelton Castle. 

vt. Ann, m. to Michael JohnioD, esq. of 
Twixle, Torkihire. 
Tfte eldest son, Cliffe, bora in 1683, 
wedded, first, Dorothy, daughter and co-heir 
of William Wycliffe, esq. ofWycliffe; se- 
condly, Mary Rudd; and thirdly, J^nf, 
danghtnr of Cuthbert Radcliffe, esq. of 
Blanchard, in Northumberland. By the 
finl lady (who died in 1611) he had issue, 
WiLLUH, his heir. 
Roger, a monk in Germany. 
Anthony, who m, Isabel, daughter of 

Richard Hixon, esq. 

Margaret, m. to Cuthbert Conyers, of 
Layton, in Dnrham. 
Mr. William was i, at his decease by his 
eldest son, 

WiLUAM WiTHAM, esq. of Cliffe, who m. 
Anne, daughter of George CoUingwood.'esq. 
of Esslington, in Northumberland, and had 
four sonB, Obosge, William, Thtunaa, and 
lAwreuce; atidthreedaughters,Ann,Mary, 
and Dorot^ The eldest son, 

Geokos Withah, esq. of Cliffe, espoused 
Grace, daughter of Sir HarmadukeWyrile, 
hart of Constable Burton, in the county of 
York, by Isab«l, his wife, daughter and sole 
heiress of Sir William Gascoigne, knight, of 
Sedbnry, and had issue, 
John, his heir. 

Cleorge, a Roman Catholic bishop, and 
near apoatolio of the northern dis- 

Christopher, a Roman Catholic priest. 
Robert, president of the Engluh Col- 
lege at Doaai. 

. the daughter of Sir 

Lawrence, who m. : 

Solomon Swale. 
Marmaduke, who ni. first, a dan^bter of 
T. Leyboroe, esq. of Cnnswick and 
Witherslack ; «od secondly, a daugh- 
ter of Sir Thomas Tancred. 
Dorothy, a nun. 

Add, at. to George Palmes, esq. of Na- 
burn. (See vol. i. p. 613.) 
Mr. Witham died in lOW, and was >. by 
his eldest son, 

John Witham, esq. of Cliffe. This gen- 
tleman m. first, (setUement dated ISth Ja- 
Daarv, 29 Car. IL) Elizabeth, youngest dan. 
of Edward Staudish, esq. of Staadish, in the 
county of Lancaster, b^ Elisabeth, his wife, 
daughter of Sir Francis Howard, of Corby 
Castle, and had issue, 
r. WiLUAM, his heir. 

II. Elisabeth, m. to Thomaa Salkeld. 

III. Grace. 

IV. Dorothy. 

Mr. Witham, who m. secondly. Troth, 
daughter of — Tempest, esq. of HaUiwell, 
was f. by bia eldest son, 

William Withah, esq. of Cliffe, whose 
will is dated 8th July. 1723. Hem. in 1707 
daoghler of Sir Henr^Lawaon, iMJt. 

of Brough, in the c 


'k,and had 

I. Hbnkv, his heir. 

II. Thomas, of Dnrham, H.D. died in 
1780, and lies interred in St. Oswald's 
Church, in that city. He m. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of George Meynell, 
esq. of Aldborongh and Daltou, and 
co-heir to her brother, aa also to 
PnmciaHasiej, esq. of Riiton. By 
this lady Dr. Witham had issue, 

1. George, a Roman Catholic 
priest, who died 1st Hay, 1S3&. 

2. Thomas, who died young. 

3. Francis, who ni. first, Haiy, 
daughter of Michael TunstaU, 
esq. and secondly, Mary-Clara, 
reUct of F. Hutton, esq. and 
daughter of F. Stafford, esq. but 
diedlsiOt November, 1S27, i. jh. 

• This Anns Lawaoa wu gnndHiaaghtaT of 
r J^ Lawaoa, who n. C>tl»iiiie, daughter of 
r WUliaiii Howard, snd sister </{ the Snt Mil 
of Cu-liila, and through her tbe Witbanu u« de- 
scended ftom the Lords Eon, Dsctb of Gillsdand, 
Andleyof Wslden, the Howards and Howbi^a. 
Dokw of NoriUk, De Vere. Esri of Oxford, 
Staffind, Dnko of Boekinsfana ; Pwcy, Eari of 
NorthuBibwknd ; WoodrDle, Evl of RiTers, 
Beaufbrt, Dofco of SometMC, Be«ohn>0, Esri of 
Wsrwiek, Noritle. Eari of Wrataipritnd, De 
Bohui^ C«l of Northampton, and from Amts 
Plahtaosnit, dai^hlei of Thoinss of Woodstock, 



4. WtlUuiiiwho m. Dorothy, daa. 
of Tbomu Laogdale, esq. and 
djriag in 1836, left iMoe, 
Thonaa, in holy ordera. 
WilUam, who m, FmnceB, 
d&o. of Junes Brooke*, esq. 
of Henley - upon ■• Tfaunea, 
and baa four mdb and fcmr 
Cbarlei (Sir), knt. who m. 
Miu Jane Hoy, and haa 
a daughter, C<Histantia. 
Francis, lieutenant R.N. 

Dorothy, m. to James Hax- 

vell, esq. of Kirkconnell, 

and has a daagfater, Dorothy 


6. Henry, who m. Eliiabetb, dan. 

of Thomsa Langdale, esq. and 

dying lit March, 1814, left iasne, 

Henry, barrister-at-law. 

III. John, irtio d. (. p. at Lisle. 

IV. George, } who both <L «. p, at 

V. William, { Dooai. 
The eldest son and suecestnr, 

Henry Withah, eaq. of Cliffe, wedded 
Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Anthony 
Meabnme, eaq. of Fontop, in the Monty of 
Dnrhain, and had by her (who d. 13th April, 
IS09) three sons and six daoghten, tix. 

I. WiixiiH, his heir. 

II. Thomas, of Headlam, in the connty 
of Dnrham, who m. Mary, daughter 
of Jamea Thonilou, esq. of Nether 
Witton, in Northnmberluid, and 

by her (who died in May, ITSS) had 

William, who d. t. p. in 1891. 
Eliza, of whom presently as helreaa 
to her uncle. 

III. Anne, m. to Philip Howard, esq. of 
CorbT Castle. 

IV. CaUierine.n.toThomas Stapleton, 
era. of Carlton. 

V. Mary, m. to QuitaTus de Strom, a 

VI. Elizabeth, m. to C. Browne-Hostynt 
esq. of Kiddiugton, and d. at Nancy, 

VII. Winefred. 

VIII. Francei, deceased. 

Mr. Wilham died in 1771, and was $. by bit 

WiLUiH WiTHAM, esq. of Cliffe, who m. 
Winefred, daughter of Nicholas Staplelon, 
esq. of Carlton, but dying wilfaonl issne, 
2nd August, 1803, he devised his estate of 
Giffe* to (ibe daughter of his brother) hit 
niece, EuzA, then married, at already 
slated, to HeNttv Silvestop, esq. (yonnger 
son of John Silvertop, esq. of Minster Acres) 
who has assamed the surname of Witham, 
and is the present Henry Witham, esq. of 
Lardnglon Hall. 

Armt—Or, a bendlet gn. between three 
eagleta sa. 

CrM(— Out of a ducal coronet or, a deml 
woman, her hair disheVelled, ppr. in her 
dexter hand a gem ring or. 

AfoMo— Optime Herend. 

f^tolM— In Yorkshire. 

i$»t— Lartiugton Hall. 

■ Since sold to ~ Wilson, esq. 


BOUVERIE, EDWARD, esq. of De1apr« Abbey, in the coonty of Northampton, b. 
26th October, 1767, m. 10th March, 1788, Catherine, 
oefy dtnu of William Castle, etq. and hu iamie, 

EvKHARD-WitXJAK, lientenant-colonel in the Royal 
* Horse Guards, w. 3rd April, 1816, Charlotte, daugh- 
ter of the late Colonel Hugh O'Donel, of Newport 
Pratt, in the county of Hayo. 
Charles, who d. nninarried, in 1837. 
Franoa-Kenclm, m. 3Ist NoTcmber, 1838, Eliu, dan. 
of — Shiel, eaq. of Castle Dawson, in the coonty of 

James, a m^ior in the 17th foot, n. ll(h July, 1826, 
HiiB Ethabelh Alston Stewart, da«. of Col. Altton, 
of Urrard House, Perthshire. 

Katherin e-M ary-Charlotte . 

Elizabeth- Anne. 

CarOlin e-Margaret. 




Tlus gendenan, a nugiutnts and deputy liautenant for tbe county of Nortlumptaa, 
served the office of BherifT in ISOO. He (. hia &ther, the Hon. EdwanI Bonveiie. Srd 
September, 1810. 

Thia is a branch of Ae konae of Radnor, 
springing from the 

Hon. Eowiird Bouverib, (lecond son of 
Jacob, first VUematt Folluita»e, bjr Hary, 
bis wile, daughter of Bartholomew Clarke, 
eaq. of Hardingstone, and of DeUpre Ab- 
bey,) who was returned at the general 
electiona in 17S1 and 1768, M.P. for New 
Sanm. He m. 3Dth Jnoe, 1784, Harriot, 
only daogfater of Sir Everard Fawkener, 
knt. many yean ambassador at the Porte, 
and had issue, 

Edward, hia heir. 

John, in holv orders, h. 13th Janoary, 
1778, preoendary of Lincoln, and 
rector or WoolbedinE, Sassex. 
Henry-Frederick (Sir), K.C.B. a ge- 
neral in the army, b. 11th July, 1783, 
m. Sth Jul;, 182a, Julia, daughter of 
Lewis Hontoiieu, esq. and widow of 
William Wilbrabam, esq. tmd haa 
Barriet-Eliiabeth. m. to the Earl of 

Roaslyn, and d. in 1810. 
Prances- Anne. 

Maxwell, esq. and d. in 1816. 

Jane, m. in 1803, to Sir Frand* Vin- 
cent, bart and d. in 180Q. 

Diana-Juliaaa, m. to tbe Hon. Geoi^ 

was «. by hia eldeit son, die present 1Sd~ 
WARD BouvRRie, esq. of Deuphe Abbey. 

^nx— Per fesse, or and arg. a qnead 
eagle ea. on the breast an escntcheon ga. 
charged with a bend rair. 

Crtit—K demi -eagle with two heads dis- 
played sa. ducally goi^^ or, cm tbe breast 
a cross crosslet arg. 

Jtfofto— Patrii cara, eartor libertaa. 

Ettatei — In Northamptonshire. 

Se»t — Delapre Abbey near Northampton, 
which came, by purchase, from the Tatea 
to the AunilT of Clarke, of Hardingstone, 
and thence, by the alliance of the fint Vis- 
count Folkestone, to the Boaveries. Ad- 
{'oining tbe park ia Queen's Cross, erected 
jy Edward I, to the memory of Qwe* 


NEVILE, CHRISTOPHER, esq. of Thomey, in the cmmty of Nottingham, b. 13tb 
September, 1769, m. first, 9th May, 1797, Ano-Elin- 
beth, eldest daughter of Jooathan Ackhnn, esq. of Wise- 
ton, in the Mine ahire, by whom (who d. 11th Jum, 
1813) he has two son*, namely, 

Christopher, in holy orders, rector of Wickenby, in 
Uncolnshire, I. 11th January, 1806, m. 38th De- 
cember, 1830, Geitrade, third daughter of the late 
Lientenan|.«olaiiel Hotham, or die city of York, and 
has, with two danghlera, Charlotte and Gertrude, oue 
■on, George, I. Ath Julv. 1H33. 
George, I. 61h January, 1008. 
He espoDsed, secondly, 12th December, 1815, Mary- 
Klinheth, second daughter of the lata AUen Swiinattn, 
M.D. of York, and sister of Edward Swainston-Stiang- 
wayea, eaq. of Alne, in Yorkabire, by whom he ha* iaaua 
two other aona, vis. 

Charlea, h. 10th December, 181S. 
Henry, h. 37tfa January, 1819. 

Hub gentleman, who is a captain in the royal navy, nicceeded, at the decvM* of 
his brother, on the 5th December, 1829, and was sheriff in 1835. He ' 
for the West Riding of Yoil and for the county of NottinghaB. 




This u a bnndi of ^ once great and 
powerful hmilj of Nbvili, Lorda of Rabt, 
wbo Bafawqaentlv bectune Evli of West- 
morland,* mud wtiose deaeent ia deducable 
from ooT Sbxod uinala. 

WiLTHBOF, OHkiMj Earl of Northam- 
beriaod. is the reign of Kiiu Edoar, A.D. 
MB, bad b7 bi* wife, Judith, dugbter of 
(be Earl of Cbampaign, a ton, 

CcHTBED, wbo wna made Bart of Nortb- 
ABberland, (bia father then Imng) in tbe 
jtmr 960, and was murdered by Tburebrand, 
IB 1017. He «aa tbrice married, first, (o 
Edfrid, danghter of Aldane. Biabop of 
Darbam, awondlTi lo Sejao, daagbter of 
S^ Pitt Ul^ and diirdly, to Elagina, daa. 
of Kag Ethelibd. B; tbe lait lady be 
had an only daughter, 

A«ATKi, beireM of R*bt, and other targe 
pocseaaioua whtcb bad belonged to her 
Bother. She efponsed HaLDHED, aon of 
CKiNaN, an emiueot Thane, and bore an 

CosPATaicK, who obtained from the Con- 
QCEiioR the earldom of Norlhnmberland for 
a considerable lum of money, bat a/ter- 
waida becoming diacontented, fled into 
Scotland, with other great northern chiefa, 
taking hia mother and aiaten, and Eimar 
Athunq, along with him. He aubnqnently 

Bade lereral boitile ioctiraiona i: 


land, and loat bia earldom, anno 1073, 
eonaeqaence ; bat obtained Danbar, and 
(be a^joiniDg lands in London, from tbe 
Scottiah monarch. He d. in 1OT3, leaving 

I. OoLniiN, who became Eakl OF Dl'n- 


II. Waltbeof, a benefactor to St. HarVa 
Abbey, York. 

III. UcHTREP, of whom preaenllv. 

IV. Juliana, married, at tbe instigation 
of Henry H., to Rannlpb de Herley, 
of Horpelh, a great Northumberland 

V. Edieldreda, m. to Duncan, natural 
•on of Halcolm, Kino of Scotland. 

Tbe third aoo, 

UcHTacD, was Lord of Baby, in which he 
was t. by hi* son, 

DoLTHrN, Lord of Raby, who wedded 
Alice, danghter of Walcber, Biabop of Dnr- 
kuu, and Earl of Northumberland, and was 
I. by Us son, 

MILDRED PiTf -Dolphin, Lord of Raby 
and Staisdrop, in tbe county of Durham, 

K to BlTREs'* EituKl and Darmanl Pttr- 

Robert Fitz-Maldrbd, Lord of Raby, 
espoused Isabel De Nevile, only danghter 
of Geoffrey De Nevile,* by Emma, daugh- 
ter and heir of Bertram De Bnlmer, a great 
baran of the north, and eventually beirees 
of her brother, Henry De Nerile, of Brana- 
patb and Durbam.f At this marriage il 
was stipulated that ell its issue, male, ahould 
assnme thosuroame of Nevile; which issue 

I. Geffrey Fitz Robert, who bore 
" gnlea, a saltier arg." 

II. John (Sir), of Pickhall, In Y«rk- 
ahire, bore the aame as his elder 
brother, but for distinction, powdered 
with ennines. This Sir John Nerile 
was ancestor of the present Charles 
Nevile, eaq. of Holt, in the county 
of Leicester. 

III. Wmiam who turned colours, bear- 
ing arg. a saltier gnlea.^ From thia 
William descended the Neriles of 
Holbeck, in Yorkshire, some of 
whose fkmily are atill liring in the 
neighbourhood of Leeda. 

The eldest aon, 

Geoffhf-T (FUx Rohtrl) De Nbvill, 

Lord of Raby, Branapath, &e. Sic. had by 

his wife, Margaret, two Bona, namely, 

Robert, bia aucceaaor. 

Geoffrey, governor of Scarboroagh 

Caitle, in the reien of Henry HI. 

He n. Margaret, aanghter and heir 

of Sir John Longrillera, of Hornby 

Castle, in Lancashire, and died in 

the I3tb Edward I. then seised of 

the manor of Appleby, and other 

lands in Lincolnshire ; the castle and 

manor of Hornby, in tbe county of 

Lancaster ; and Hoton Lonbvillbri, 

in Yorkshire ; the entire of which ha 

acquired by bis marriage. He left 

a SOD and heir, 

John Nevill, from whom des> 

cended the Neviles of Hornby, 

whose heir, female. 

riloriml gnnta in the county of Northumberland, 
u well u an sugventaticni to hii eou aimonr, ia 
tenimony of the eminent lerriees he had rendered, 
TiK, a abn) H. in afitld ffr, to be quartered by Um 
■nd his deaoenduita. 

t She was hkawiie heir to ber motlier, Emma 


t All qnaitering Herile'a ooat, on a frat of 




HiROABET Nevile, wedded 

Tbomu Beaufort, Duke of 

Exeter, wbo d. in 1430. 

The elder son and heir, 

Robert Db Neviu, apon doing hit 
fealtv in the 301h Henhy III. had lively of 
all the lands which be inherited from hii 
grandfather, Robert Fits Maldied. In the 
43nl of the unie reign he had a nu]ilar7 
aammons to march to Oxe relief of the Kinr 
of Scotland, and he waa then oonatitntcd 
goreraor of the caatlea of Norham aod 
Werke. In the next year he had a limflar 
command in Bamborough CaBtle,Bnd in two 
yean aflerwards, be waa made warden of 
all the Royal Forest* beyond the Trent, 
which waa followed by the appointment of 
Jnitice Itinerant, for the pleaa of those 
foreiu. In the 47tb he waa one of the 
barons wbo nndertook for the king's ob- 
aerrance of the ordinances of Osford, and 
in the same tnrbalent era he waa appointed 
captain general of all die king's forcea be- 
yond the Trent, sheriff of Yorkshire, and 
goiemor of the castle of York. In 136S, 
we find him goremor of Plckerinir Castle, 
and in 1270, again goreroor of BarobDrongh, 
although in the interim he had jmned the 
standard of the banms. He m. Ida, daugh- 
ter of Roger De Bertram, Lord of .Hitford, 
and bad a son, 

Robert, wbo wedded Hast, elder 
danghler and co-heir of Ralph Fits 
Rannlph, Lord of Hiddleham, by 
whom De acquired the manor of Mid- 
dleham, the manor of Carleton, and 
the forest of Corerdale. He died in 
the lifetime of his father (anno 1271), 
leaving an only son, 
RANinj^, successor to his grand- 
He d. in 1382, and waa t. by bis grandson, 
Ranulph DENEViLL,who,beingaminor, 
obtained pennission from the king that hii 
frieiHls might plough and manage his lands ; 
and in the 13th Edward I. bad livery of 
certain manors, part of bia inheritance. He 
was snmmoned to parliament a* a Baron, 
on the Sth June, 131M, and from that period 
to the 18Ih Febnury, 1331. He was in the 
wars of France, letup. Edwari> I. and in 
those of Scotland in the next reign. It is 
said, however, that he little minded secular 
buainess, but devoted the principal part of 
bis time to conversation with the Canons of 
Merton and Coverham, npon whom he be- 
stowed some considerable grants.* His 

in truth (*ayi Dagdile) wh 

obli^stioB, w rapanl be held lUwi, with tba etriit 
■dJeminKlownshipi.bythayeariy renlef^ 

lordahip m. first, Euphemia, dangler of Sir 

John De Clavering, and had two sons, vis. 

Robert, called the "Pemtoek of tk* 

Ffartk," who d. «. p. in his father's 

life time. 
Ralph, his raccesBor. 
He espoused secondly, Margery, datigbler 
of John, son of Hanaaduke De Thweng, 
bnt bad no other isne. He A in 1331, and 
was J. by Ua only sorTiTing son, 

Ralph de Nevill, second baron, sum- 
moned to parliament from 90th November, 
1330, to SOtfa Janaary, 1836. Tfais noble^ 
man, in the time of bis fadier, was retained 
by indenture to serve the Lord Henry de 
Percy for life, in peace or war, against all 
men except the king, with twenty men at 
arms, whereof five to be knights, receiving 
£100. sterihig per annum. In the 7th of 
Edward III. his lordship was one of the 
commissioners sent into Soolland, there to 
see that the covenant between Edward de 
Baliol, King of Soots, and his royal naater. 

a stag." It wemi tbit contruy to the ooston of 
bis predeceuon, be rsqaired that Iba Faioa ilMiold 
flMst himself, and thosa whom he might think 
proper to biing with liim, it the preseulatioii of 
the stag; tbat the prior's Mrvuits sboold be m( 
aside for the oooukiB, and thst bis own semola 
ud sScei* •buDld be placed in thrir stsad. To 
all whicb the ehnrefamsB danttired. Nsvill, in 
saintaiuce of bis rights, invited John De Balia), 
of Banund Cotle, to amwui sa j him as a gnsst 
to the prioi^.bvt BaUd iWitsad, deelaiing tut 1m 
waa totally ignomt of tha Nerills havingat laj 
tims aoch a privilsgs thn*. While Sir William 
De Branptoa, ibe cUaf joities of the hisboprio, 
•eknowledsed that be wu bim»lf tba first who 
oommenoad tba eittsvigant practice ; Ita being a 
yoong man, snd deligbtiiig in hantiig. ht csoa 
with the LorA Nevill it the oflering <^ the stlg, 
md said to bia companions, " Cam* bt w » fala 
tht oWnr niul vind Mr hmu." Tba prior father 
lUagsd tbM none of Rumlpb'a frede e essata bad 
vrn Blade sucb i claim, bat were iitiilifl with a 
breih&st soly oa bringing the stag, and ibat the 
Lord bimielf never stmd dinner, anless sporiaUy 
invited. During ths fife ^ Kannlpb, the mittef 
remained nnadjnsted, bat in the time of bi* son 
ascend lord, it waa finally 


told bim, that be w 

Btttora hul doaei eaviag that, wb«ns bis Sober 
raqaiied. tbM tba prior'a aervrnta ifaoold be set 
aside at that time, and bis own aerrs in tbeir 
stead 1 be wonhl be ooatant that bis abanld attend 
tontberwitb those of tba prior; aad wbnees bis 
mber innated, that his servants abonld oidy be 
admitted to dinner ; be stood opon it that bia 
abonld be there entertained the whole day, and 
Iikewi» the morrow Uhrtalilut; wberenjxo tba 
prior mide uawer, "that none of his mceatxvs 
wen ever to admitted, md Ibtt be would istbM- 
qeit tb« *t^, Ibu nSin' my new cnitom, to Ibe ' 




wero ratified liytlieparliunent of thai king- 
dom ; uid Ae next ^ear he ma joined 
with Hearj de Percy in die wardensbip of 
Ih* Msrohes of Narthnmbcrland. Cumber- 
land, ud WMtmorland. He had Babie- 
<[ncntly high Mid oonfidential employments, 
sad wa* conatantly engteod in Uie van of 
Scotland and France. He n. Alice, dan. 
and co-heir of Hugh de Andley, and had 

I. John (Sir), who nieceeded his father, 
and waa third lord. (For the conti- 
Buation of his lordahip'i line, refer 
to BURKE'a ExttMtt mttd Dormant 

II. WilUain(SHse»tl«i>^°ftl>«I>«l- 
chamber to Kiag Richurd II. 

Ml. Thomas, Bishop of Ely. 

IV. RoBZBT (Sir), of Eldou. 

V. Alexander, Archbishop of York. 

VI. Ralph (Sir), of Candall. 

Thii lUt^, Lord Nerill, died in 1367, and 
WW b«ried at Durham j at a mile westward 

pmBdlee of tbaii church." Bat to this, Ralph 
rapliad, " tint he mnld pcrfimn the whole Mmce 
or Dooe, mdpal the trial of Ui right upon the 
conntij." lite prior, therefore, knowing him to 
be 10 powerftd, end that the ooniitij would not 
diipUaw him, declined tba offer ; howbeit, it 
length, to giin hi* &Tinir, in regard be bul no 
UBiU intertat at oonrt, ud might do him ■ Uud- 
neu oi dii[dea«nie, wM oontaot £i>i that one time, 
be ■hoold perform it u ha plaawd, so thet it 
Bight sfM ti« dr«ws into axamplfl afiemrda : and 
lo the piu]nee pnpoaed, that that indeatnre ahonld 
be Bad* betwixt them. Whaenpon the Lord 
Nerill bro ught but faw with hm, and thou more 
fir (ha hoHt of the prior, thin a burthen ; and so 
abortlj after dinnw took bia leiTe, but left one of 
hii eerranta to lodge there all night, ud to take 
hia bnaUan fliere On tbe next day ; protestiiig 
that bong both a sw and tenant of the church, he 
wonld not be boithaaaome to it, in respect it 
would be DO adrantage to himaelf, bat might mach 
daamifie him." He ^ipean aftanrania lo hare 
sabsitted the matter entirely to ttu award of the 
paior, and the elder awnks. The latter of whom 
i«rted, "Hut they bad often seen the atag 
sArad, but that tba lord naTer atsid dinner unleas 
iaritad to do so by the piioi ;" in thia they were 
emfiimcd by the old man of the conntiy, who &r- 
ther stated, " that so soon as the stag waa bronght, 
it was carried to tbe kitcdten, and that those who 
etsirsyed it were taken into tbe ball to break&M, 
■a the^ that brii^ their rcota used to be." "Uore- 
OTO', wbaauTec it so happened that any of tbe 
Lml* Nerill were hidden to dinnsr, hia cook was 
•dmitted into tbe kitchen In prepare a dish fcr 
Mm ; so likswiss anothet svi 
doo«ehisdri»k; and in like 
St the gttt, who bww his set 
aanly to let thsaa in, and tokeepcmti 
snditjmtaat of being semnts, m^t than inlrade. 
Bst this was nly dons by tbe prior, as out of 
«4Miiy aad teapeet, aid not at all oat of right." 

of which place remams the (ragnenia of a 
once beantifnl cross, called Nevile's, built 
by this baron, anno 1346, to commemorate 
some victory. His lordship's fourth son. 

Sir Robert Nevilg, of Eldon, who dis- 
tinguished himself in arms, nt. Clara, dan. 
of Sir Francis Pinckney, and was «. by his 

Sir Alexander Nevilb, father of 
Thomas Nbvile, esq. whose son, 
William Nevilb, esq. wedded the dan. 
and heir of — Barker, of Sonth Leverton, 
in Ae cottntf of Nottingham, and Uiub ac- 
qnired that estate. His son, 

Thomas Nevile, esq. of South Leverton, 
m. the daughter and heir of Lewis of Hedou, 
In Nottinghamshire, and had four sons, via. 

I. AlEXANDER (Sir), bis heir. 

II. William, whose son William na. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Geffrey 
Poole, and living at York, anno 
1599, had a son WiUiam. 

III. Hamphrey, d. $,p, 

IV. Robert, provost of Rothcrham, 4. 
M. p. in 1086. 

He was t. by his son. 

Sir Alexander Nevilb, of South Lever- 
ton, who espoused Margaret, sister and heir 
of Sir Arthur Eyre, knt. of PadOey, in tbe 
connly of Derby, and bad Ave sons, vit. 

I. Anthont (Sir), his successor. 

II. Richatd, who m. Anne, fonrtb dan. 
of Sir Walter Uutle, and had four 
daughters, who all died young, and 

Alexander, bom in 1644, a poetical 
writer, m. Jane, daughter of Ri- 
chard I>(inconihe,esq.ofMorton, 
Bucks, and widow of Sir Gilbert 
Dethick, but died t. p. in 1614- 

Thomas, in holy orders, dean of 
CanterbuiT. This gentleman was 
a ereat benefactor to Trinity 
College, Cambridge, having ex- 
pended £9000. in rebntlding the 
quadrangle, which still retains 
the name of Nevile's Court He 
died in 1616, and was buried at 

III. Alexander. 

The eldest sou. 

Sir Anthont Nbvile, m. first, Maria, 
daughter of Sir John Zooch, of Codnor 
Castle, in the eonaty of Derby, and bad 
two sons, namely, 

I. Alexander, who m. Haria, dangb- 
ler of John Portingtan, of the countv 
of LiDCoIn. and had issue, 

Anthony, hi. Margaret, daughter of 
John Ashley, of the JewelHoose, 



Anlhony, k ward of Qkmn 
M ARV, living in IfiOO. 
Jerris, m. — , daughter of Cooke, 

and widow of D. Bradley, 
Henry, bImd in Flanden, 
II. OeoRoe, wboM line ve are abo 

Sir Anthony wedded, secondly, Elisabeth oi 
Dorothy, daughter of Thornas, Lord fiurgh, 
of GainsboTongh. His lecoDi] mq, 

Georoe Nevile, esq. m. fint, Bfary Pair- 
fuc, and had, wilb many other children, 
whose registers cannot now be aacertatned, 

Francir, baptized 2&th Janaary, 1530, 
whose Km, 
Sir John Nevile, m. EliEabeth, 
eldest daughter and coheir of 
William Boswell, of Chete, in 
the county of York, and had 
Henry, from whom de- 
John Nevile, of Matter- 
■ey, Notts, whose dau. 
and beiress, 
Elizabeth, baptized 
27th August, 1639, 
M. Sir William 
Hickman, bart. of 
GaiDsboroQgh, in 
the coQu^ of Lin- 

Haria, m. to Gerrase Clifton. 
He wedded secondly, Isabel, danghter and 
heir of John Crofts, esq. of Ragnall, in 
Nottinghamshire, and had, with other issue, 
Robert Nevile, esq. who espoused 
Alicia, second daughter and co-heir of Wil- 
liam Boswell, of Chete, by whom he had, 
with other children, Sitha, m. to Antbonins 
de StauDtou, and 

Gborgb Nevilb, esq. who m. Barbara, 
sister and co-heir of Sir John Hercy, of 
Grore, and fifth daughter of Sir Humphrey 
Hercy, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of 
Sir John Digby, of Ketelby. By this lady 
he had issue, 

I. John, of Grove, who m. Gertrude, 
daughter of Richard Whalley, esq. 
and had a son and successor, 
Hercy Nevile, esq. of Grove, who 
m. Bridget, daughter of — Sa- 
ville, esq. of Lnpset, and had 
(with a daughter, Barbara, m. 
tint, to John Babingtoc, esq. of 
RamptoB, and secondly, to An- 
thony Eyre, esq. of Kiveton,) a 
sou and heir, 
Gilbert Nevile, esq. of 
Grove, who wedded Har- 

Siret, dau. of Sir Thomas 
land, of Kippax Park, 
in the county of York, and 

had two sons, Edward, his 
heir, and AnthtHiy, a nuuor 
in the royal army dnniiK 
the civil wars, who died 34^ 
Febmary, 1688, aged 09, 
and was interrad in the 
chancel of the church of 
Everton, Notts. The elder 

Ed WA RS N e viLB,esq. of G rove , 
n. Maria Scott, of Camber- 
well, and had, with two 
daugbters, Catherine, who 
died unm. in 1683, and 
Anne, m. to John Milling- 
tou, esq. barristei^at-law, m 
son and heir, 

Ed WARi>NEviLR,eBq.of Grave, 
who was created a raronet 
24th February, 1874. Tliis 
gentleman, who represent- 
ed Retford in parliament, 
espoused Elizabeth, 

Kidderminitei,esq. but died 
IE, ancestor of the family now 

IV. Anthony, ! 

V. Diouysins, who m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of — Gemon, of Rollegion, and had 
with many other children, who all 
died issueless, a son and successor, 

Gesvais Nevile, esq. of Thomey, 
who ta. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Nicholas Rayner, esq. and died 
in 1643, leaving two daughters, 
Abigail and Alise, and a son, 
John Nevile, esq. of Thomey, 
who m. Rebecca, daughter 
of Ralph Clark, and was 
father of 
DioNvsius Nevile, esq, 
of Eastwood, near Ro- 
tberhaiD,Yorkshire, an- 
cestor of the Nbviles 
of Badsworth,* now 

* In ihs chtncfll of St. Pelrr's Church, Leads, 
ra neat tsblsts, »n the bllowing inscriptions ; 

" Sscred to thB memory ia Chsdes Henry 
Nevile, HeDtcnut in the Queen's, or second r^ 
mmt of foot, who being on the marina duty oa 
board Eul Howe's ship, after bsbaving in a most 
>"•'> ud nUtnt Bwmer in the cagsgemant wUoh 
[ilice betwani the Enclisb tad Frotefa lest 
irea di^s, wu killed by a gr^M^hot, June 
lit, ir94, *Ked 19 yean. Yt loa* of Petee, who 
blest witb tU the den dtJigbu of sooiil Ufe, bo- 
bold this toblst, which uSectioa reared to the 
lovBd mmivy of the young, the brave, wkum 




KpieKDted by GeonoB 
Patb Nevillb, eiq. of 
The Mcond ton of George Nevile and Bar- 
ban Herey, 

Georok Nbvile, esq. of Thomey, in the 
county of Notts, a manor purcbaaed by his 
Ather about the year 1567, wedded tbe 
daughter of — Tynrhitt, esq. and had, with 
yomiger bsue, 

GiRviis (Sir), of Haddington, in Lin- 
colntbire, who m. Katherine, daugh- 
ter of Sir Richard Hutton, justice. 

Gkokob Nbvilb, eiq. of Thomey, m. 
fint, Sara, danghter of — Cooke, eaj. of 
DoDcaater, relict first of John CSopley, and 
afterwards of Christopher Ayicoughe, esq. 
by wbom be had a son, Bryan, from whom 

Christopher Nevilb, esq. who m. the 

I>ady Sopbia Noel, daughter of Bap- 

tiate, fourth Earl of Gainsborough, 

and was father of 

Christopher Neville, esq. who, 

haring assomed his maternal snr- 

name, is the present Chhisto- 

PHBH Noel, esq. of Wellingore, 

near Lincoln. 

Mr. Nerile eaponsed secondly, Alicia, 

da^bter of George Sow, esq. and widow of 

William Rolhwell, esq. by whom he left al 

his decease, 23rd April, 16&3, a son and suc- 

GcoBOE Nevilb, esq. of Thomey, *. in 
IW7. This gentleman in. first, in 186J, 
Ibria, daughter of Thomas Boswell, eaq. 
of Edlinrtou, in the county of York, by 
wbiHn (who died 4th Angnet, 1670) he had 
(with aeren daughtera, who all died nnm.) 
<ne MD, George, hi* heir. Hr. Nerile 

nithlesi hand of wtz, 

)b I glTS ODB piljiug 

who dnutlfHs met the diewtful battle's nge, and 
Bobly Ucd that yea mirfat lire secure." 

"To th* memory of John Pito Nerile, liou- 
tn«rt in the third regiment of foot gaardi, wko 
was wanBded in HoUud, in m engigement 
sgHBst the FrcDtb, 19th September, of which 
veoad he died 10th Oclobar, 1799, aged 15 

" Also to the memory of Bnnmlow Pate Nerile, 
btatanast in the third reeiment of foot goirda, 
who mm likewise wamded in Holliud, in m 
•apgamenl sgainat the French, 10th Septem- 
W, 1^ died 16th September, 1799, ued 13 
THft. They were the hrotheis of Chsries Heniy 
Nvraa, who was killed on boird Enl Howe's 
Mp, 1st Jane, 17M. sad tb* bods of John Pste 
Nnile, wq. of Badawteth." 

wedded secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Jeremiah Helfhead, and by that lady (who 
died in November, 1741) had issue, 

Christopher, h. 3rd June, and if. IStli 

Angmit, 1673, before his father. 

Edward, b. Ist Norember, 1676, whct 

m. Martha, daughter of Thomas Us- 

ter, esq, and haid (with a daughter, 

Mary, who d. young in 1715) a son, 

Edward, of whom presently. 

FraDcea, i. I6th July, and died 13th 

November, 1874, 
Alise, baptized 2nd October, 1683, m. 
to William Rothwell, esq. of Norih 
Collingham, She died 31st Novem- 
ber, 1766. 
Mr. Nevile was t. at his decease by his eld- 

Geoboe Nevilb, esq. of Thornev, b. 10th 
March, 1662, who, hy hi* wife Winefred, 
had en only son, 

Geoboe Nbviu, esq. of Thomey, b. in 
1606, who wedded Catherine, fourth dau. 
and eventual co-heir of Philip Vincent, esq. 
of Bamborough Grange, in the county of 
York, and had an only daughter and heiress, 
Catherine, who m. her eousin, Geobob 
Nevilb, esq. of Thomey. 
Mr. Nevile died in 1743, and was bnried at 
Thomey. Dying thus, without mtde isatie, 
the representation of the family devolved 
upon hi* nephew, 

Edward Nevile, esq, of Thomey, b.3»lb 
October, 1711. Thi* gentleman espoused 
Farrington, daughter of George Palmer, 
esq. and niece of Sir Richard Farrington, 
barL by whom he had, with five other sons 
who died in infancy, 

Thomas, who d. t.p. 
George, heir to hia &ther. 
Mary,)*, to the Rev. Thomas Brereton. 
Hr. Nevile d. 20th January, 17M, and wa* 
». by bis only eon, 

Georgb Nevile, esq. of Thomey, *. 30th 
December, 1730, who m. 10th September, 
1763, Catherine, only daughter and heires* 
of George Nevile, esq. and had i' 
children, of whom survived yoath, 
Nevile-Georoe, his heir. 
Christopher, successor to his brother. 
Edward, in holy orders, bom SOtfa Sep- 
tember, 1773, vicar of Prees, in the 
county of Salop, who m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir John Hill, of Hawke- 
stone, bart, and sister to the present 
Lord HUl. 
Haria Catharine, m. to William Wright, 
esq. of Bawtry, 
Mr. Nevile, a magistrate, and depnty lien- 
tenant for the county of Notts, and llenle- 
nant-colonel of the Nottinghamshire militia, 
served the office of high sheriff for that shire 
1772, He died a&th June, ISOS, aged 



■ixtr-cis, k>d «•! bvried «t Thomey. He 
ma t.bjbit eldeU son, 

born I7tb October, 1764, at whoae deoeue, 
DDiuMTied, Slh December, 1820, the estates 
derolred npoB hb brother, tbe present 
Christophbr Nevile, «sq. ofTbomey. 

Armt — Quarterly, lit and 41h gn. a saltire 
arg. ; 3nd, per pMe em. and or, a ship 
with nils fnrled ta. ; 3rd, ga. Irettyor. 

{JrtiU — First, oat of a dncal corooel a 

bull's head org. ; t4tond, om * ekaptaMr 
lunud Kp rrm. ■ lAtp, ss. 

M«tt<h — ^Ne Tils Telia. 

the coonty of Nottingliain, porchas _, 

Goorga Merile, of GroTe, aboat the year 
1067, and aettled by bim on hia two yonuger 

Srat— Thomey, Notta. 


WILLIAMS, THOMAS, esq. of Rtuhden Hall, in Northunptonahire, and of Wan- 
Geld I^ge, in thecoonty of Berks, m. first, 11th March, 
1817, Mary-Prtuices, aecoitd daughter of the tale John 
Paul Benthon, esq. of th« Regist«r Office, Court- of 
Chancery, by whom (who d. 7th October, 1830) he has 

Wiluah-Thokis. 6. 31st December, 1S17. 
CnnuiDgfaam, (. 36(h Angnst, 1832. 
John, b. leth January, 1S34. 
Geoi^-Sibley, b. 2IMh July, 1B35. 
Edward, b. 6th March, 1827. 

He m. secondly, 19th April, 1833, Catherine, second 
dat^^ter of the tate Edwmrd Codd, esq. of Kingston, 
Jsmaica. Mr. Williuns t. his &ther Slst Angnst, 1803. 
He is a magiBtratt for Northamptonshire, and serTsd the 
office of shc^ for thatcom^in 1825. 


This is a branch of the ancient Donetihlre 

in the county of Dsrset, b, 

a I6M, second 

Berringilon, and bis wife, Mai^aret 
ford, espoused, first, Frances, dauKbter of 
tbe R«T, Henry Hooton, Ticar of Fiddtes- 
lonn, but had no issiie. He wedded, se- 
ooitdly, Hiss Anne Shaw, of Manchester, 

I. John, of ATsry Hatch, wbo 4. in 
1774, leaTing issue. 

II. Thomas, of whom pteseDtl^. 
HI. George, of Balh, who left lasoe. 
fv. HoBBKT, anoestor of the present 

RoBiRT WiLLUifs esq. of Bride- 

V. Stephen, of Russell Place, IiOndon, 
wbo d. in 180A, leaving issue. 

VI. Margaret, ■•.toSBmaelPedding,af 

VII. Elixabetfa, m. to Henry Pooncejr, 
esck of Dorchester. 

VIII. Honor, m. to Francis Chasserean, 
esq. of St Mary le bone. 

Tbe second son, 

Thomas Williams, esq. pnrchaaed, about 
tbe year 1774, Wanfield Loage, in the county 
of Berks. He m. Elizabeth, dau^ter of — 
Topsell, esq. of Bracknell, in the same shire, 
and had issae, 

RoBBRT, bis heir. 

John, killed in the West Indies, nu- 

Ann, m. first, to Thomas Micfaaelson, 
esq. and secondly, to the Rvt. — 




Lawrenoe, of St. HBry-l»>b«iei Loa- 
Hoa, and k&d israe. 
Hr. WilUama wm t. by hia md, 

RoMBT WiLUAKi, e«q. of Wanfield 
Lodge, who w«dded about the year 1794, 

AsgMt, laOS. ka <Mly mm wmI beir, tbe 

TnoMas W^iluahs, eaq. of Bubdeu Hall 
ud Wanficld Iiodgt. 

Armt — Arg. wiuin a boidore Dngrailed, 
fn. diMxged wilh ctotie* patlje or and b«- 
BBb, a greybooad ooorant in fuse u. 

bettreea three Coniah cbongha |^r. Qnar- 
lering, De la I^rnde, Hartley, Herring, 
Synard, Cenie, Argenloa, Browne, of 
Frampton and Cuuniaghain. 

Crtit — A man'a arm cooped at tho elbow, 
habited sa, charged with a cross pall^e or, 
the hand ppr. holding an oak branch vert, 
fniated ppr. 

Motto — Nil aoliduin. 

fflofcf— Wanfield Lodge, Berks, pnr- 
cbaaed about (he year 1774 ; Roshden Halt, 
MorthamploMhire, purcbaaed in 1820. 

SeM — Riuhden Hall, NorthamptonBhire, 
bnt now renting Kingston Russell, in the 
oounty of Donet. 


EVANS, GEORGE, esq. of Portnne, in the coiinty of Dablin, one of dte lepre- 
■entativee in parliameDt for that ahtre, succeeded to the estatea at the demise of hia 
fktbcr, in 1820, ai. 2 IM August, 1805, Sophia, only daughter of tha late Right Hon. 
Sir i^m t*uneU, bart. of Rathleague, in Uie Queen's County, sometime chancellor of 
the exchequer in Ireland, bat has no isane. 


TUi is a branch of the noble houae of 
CutMRT, Ike earlier deaeenta of which will 
h* feand nnder Evins of Aihkill, vol, i. 

Etkk EvaNS, esq. of PortrahcTn, (now 
Portrane), AjB second son of the Right Hon. 
Geotge ETaaa, of Caheraaa, in the connty of 
LiMtrick, and next brother of the Gral Lord 
Cubery, ai. Saralv second daughter and co- 
htinaa (with her sister, Mrs. Waller, of 
CsadetoTrn) of Thomas Dixon, esq. of Bally- 
lacUa, la the ooanty of Cork, (by ElizabeUi, 
wly dan^ter and heiroaa of Edward Bolton, 


of Clonmriie, in the Queen's county) 

I. GeoBOE, hia *i 

It. Charles, a lieutenant in the army, d. 

unmarried, at limerick, in August, 


III. Robert, d. unmarried. 

IV. Hampden, who i. hia brother. 

V. John, 

VI. Dixon,! 

' both d. unmarried. 

VIII. Dorothy, m. to — Connor, esq. and 
d. t. p. 

IX. Elixabeth, m. in 17W, to William 
Evans, eaq. of Ardrigh, in the county 
of Kildare, and leR uane. 

Hr. Evans, who was returned to parliament 
by the connty of Limerick, in 1717, was «. 
at his decease by bis eldest son, 

Gedroe Evans, esq. of Portrane, H.P. 
for the Queen's County, who wtdded, Hth 
December, 1750, Elizabeth, second daughter 
of LieuleDBOt-general Robert Napier, of the 
Scottish noble family of Napier, but died 
without isane, when he was «. by his only 
surviving brother, 

Hampden Evans, esq. an officer in the 
army, who thus became of Portrane. Thia 
gentleman <a. in lannary, 170B, MargasM, 




daaghter of Joafaiim DarJM, siq. and had 
tlirsB Mm and three danKhterB, viz. 

I. Gborob, bis heir. 

II. Joahoa, banuter-at-law, and one of 
the comminioueH of tlie Court of 
Bankniptcj, in Engluid. 

III. Erre. 

IV. Mary, widow of General WtUinm 
Lawlew, of the Pren<A Berrice. 

V. Anne-Dorothea, m, to her comin, 
George Pentland, esq. of Bray Head, 
in the conn^ of Wicklow, eldeat son 
of the late George PenlUnd, esq. by 
Catherine, Aird dnnghter of the Hon. 
John ETSna, and aunt of the preient 
Lord Carbery. 

VI. SydneyBliiabelb, m. to tlib Rev. 
Thomaa Acton, of WeM Acton, in^ 
the county of Wicklow. T 

Hr. EvanE d, on the 23Dd April, 1B30, and 
was r. by his eldetl md, the present George 
Evans, esq. of Pohtrane, M. P. for the 
county of Dublin. 

Artiu — Ai^. three boats' heade eonped' 
sable, qoarttring Dixon and Bolton. 

Crett — A demi-Uon rampant reguardaut. 
or, holding between its paws a hour's head, 
couped sable. 

Ettatet—Io the conn^ of Dublin and 
Queen's County. • 

Sm(— Portrsne, near Swords, cowity of 


CHESTER, SIR ROBERT, knt. of Bush Hall, in the county of Hertford, b. 5th 
January, 1768, m. 10th October, 1797, Eliza, third 
daughter of John Ford,* esq. of the Chauntry, near Ips- 
wich, by Margaret, bis wife, daughter of Matthew Bell, 
esq. of Wolsington, und has had issue, 

Robert, b. 6tb October, 1800, appointed in 1831. as- 
sistant master and marshal of the ceremonies to his 
mtyesty. He d. anmarried 30th September, 1832. 
Charles, b. I9lh August, 1803, an officer in the E. L C. 

military service, upon the Bengal estabtisfament 
Harry, in the priiy council office, London, i. 1st Oc* 

lober, 1806. 
Eltsa, m. b 1819, to Sir John Bardley Eardley-Wil- 

mot, bart. and has issue, 
Harriott, who died in infancy. 
Hairiott-Cassar, d. unmarried, 6th January, 182>. 
Sir Robert Chester, formerly lieatenant-cotonel of tba 
Hertfordshire militia, is a mogisttBte and deputy Uea- 
tenant for the county of Herts. He is likewise master of 
the ceremonies to the present king, haTing enjoyed the 
same office under their majesties Geoaqe III. utd 
Gborob IV. 



The Cheitem eqjoyed, at a very remote 
period, larae possessions in Derbyshi™ -■"' 

i eldest aoD and beir of 
John Ford, e*q. by UorotliM, hit wiJe, dtn. of 
Rudla WilbnJiBm, -n. of Bode Hall, Cbeshira. 
(Sm vol. i. p. 636). 

tative of the family at last alienated bis es- 
tates.t to aid the enterprise of the Earl of 
Richmond, who, when HENitv VIL repaid 

t When tlw funiif left Dert7>biie, a bnneh 
settled in London, and another it Bristol, but 
both IuT« lane ainca becoiae UTTwrr. A hmilj 
of CHuna, deiiTiog front ■ conunon ancenor 
witb the Hsitfbrdjliire bonse, seated itself at 
ChichlsT, in the enmCy of BaekinEhm, bat ei- 


CHcarsR, OF bush hall. 


StB RoBcBT CmsTER.* one of the gen- 
tliWiBof the privy eluunber to KingHMKH 
VIIL obtUBeft from tlimt monirch in recom- 
pcMe fcr his lalheT'i ■erricM and inBM of 
«0BCjr lent bat Dever repud, a grant, by 
charier, of the monaatenof Rovitoh, widi 
Ae laada aad manon thereanto belonnng, 
i> the ccmntie* of Hertford and Cambridge. 
tilt, Aeo, aaMmed for motto, " Vincit qui 
Miitar,'' and thenceforward the Cbeiten 
Mcane eatablished at Royston, and CocLen- 
kaleh in HertrordBbire. Sir Robert, vbo 
ma kiugbted at Wilton by Edwabd VI. in 
upbir TbrockmortOD, esq. of Coone Court, 
b(Hoace«leiBhiTe,aDd had (with other iaaiK, 
>h^we the Glouceiterahire Cbeaters) a ion 

Edwako Ghexteb, esq. of Royaton, Who 
■. CatheTiae. daughter and heireu of Sir 
Jaaea Granado, knt equerty to Henbv 
VlU. deioended from an ancient family in 
be duchy of Brabant, and had, with a dan. 
HaiT, M. to Edward Thombo rough, esq. of 
ShaddesdeD, Bucks, a aon and succetaor, 

SiK RovsBT Chestek, of RoystOD and 
Cockenhatch, a jnatice of the peace, who 
•erred the t^ee of higji ifaeriff for Hert- 
lordahire. This gentleman, entertaiiting 
Kimg JamuI. in bii progresa from Scotland, 
reeciTed the honour of knighthood from that 
«ni«rcb, anno 1603. He espoused Anne, 
faagkter of Sir Arthur Capel.t knt. of 
Sadbain Hall, by Hair, his wife, daughter 
•f Job*, Lord Grey, of Pbi^, and haditiae, 

I. Edward (Sir), his heir. 

II. Granado.DD. rector of Broadwater, 
til. Robert, DD. rector of Stevenage. 

IV. lobn, bom in 1007. 

V. Henry, bom in 1606, a colonel in the 
army, who m. Anne, daughter of The- 
odore Rende, esq. 

n. Katluuiue,nt. to SirThomaj Night- 
ingale, bart. 

VM. Amte, m. in 1621, to Edward Rad- 
cliffe, esq. of Hilchin. 

nil. Tfaeodocia. m. first, to Robert 
Nightingale, eaq. of Newport, Euex ; 
and MCODdly, to Sir Franeia Theo- 
bald, knt. 

ti. EKzabetfa, m. to Samuel Hkton, 

X. Frances, at. to George Pigol, eaq. 
of Abington, county of Cambridge. 
Sir Robert was succeeded at his decease bj 
his eldest sou. 

Sir Edward Chbstbr, of Royaton and 
Cockenhalch, who was kn^bted in 1642. 
He n. first, Katberine, dan|^ter of John 
Stone, esq. of Bnidfield Grange, Herts, Ser- 
jeant at law, and had issue, 

I. John, of Royston, who m. Hary, 
daughter of John Salladine, esq. of 
London, and dying in 1690, left issa«, 
whose descendants sold all the Roys- 
ton proper^. 

II. Anne, IN. first, to Robert Bade, H.D. 
of CMubridgei and secondly, to 
Henry Hoogan, U.D. of Lynn Regis. 

III. Elizabeth, who died unmarried. 

IV. Cecilia, m. to Thomas Turner, esq. 

V. Frances, who died nntoarried. 

Sir Edward wedded, secondly, Anne, dau. 
and heiress of Sir Peter Saltoostall, knt. of 
Barkway, in the county ofHerts, and dying 
in 1664, left, by her, a son. 

Edward Chester, esq. of Barkway and 
Cockenhntch, sheriff of HerU in 1660. Thu 
geudeman was the last of the family who 
possessed the Barkway estates, and resided 
at Cockenbalch. He m. Judith, daughter 
and heir of Edward Wright, esq. of Fiuley, 
in Noitingluunshire, and had issue, 

I. Edward, who d. nnm. in 1672. 

II. Robert, t. in 1672, wbo sold all die 
estates. He nuuried twice, but had 
issue, only, bv his second wife, Ka- 
tberine, ^ngnter of Richard Webb, 

1. Edward,) who both died with* 

2. Robert, \ oat issue ; the fintin 
1767, the second in 17A1. 

3. Richard, wbo died young. 

4. Peter, a lieutenant colonel in 
the army, and governor of West 
Florida, d. at Bath, unm. in 

5. Catherine, «t. to lieutenant 
colonel William Tachel, of 
Coby, Berks. 

6. Anne, m. to John Corrance, 
esq. of RoughsDi, in Suffolk. 

7. Judith, m. to the Rev. William 
Greaves, of Sutton, in the county 
of Lincoln. 

8. Elisabeth, wbo d. unm. 

III. Peter, of whom presently. 

IV. Katharine, m. to John Perne, esq. 
of Abington, county of Cambridge. 

V. Anne, M. to Thomas Fountaine, esq. 
of High Helton, and d. in 1743. 

VI. Judith, d. unm. in 1683. 

VII. Elizabeth, m. in 1SS0, to Francis 
Flyer, esq. of Brent Felham, county 
of Herts. 


ctifiStfik, OF BUSH Hall 


Bd#arf Chesiel', «f BiritwBj, d. SIrt Mmy, 
1718. HU third win, 

W« kev. Peter Chester, D.D. rector 
of Heydon, in Ebmk, baptiied at Barknay, 
iott iulyi 1878, eapouBed Sarah, aecond 
d«tiriit«r of Richard Webb, esq. of Caren- 
hKm, in Suffolk, and of the Inner Temple, 
LbUdon. by whom he left at bia deccaae in 
1738, with other Uant, « aoB, 

ROBBRT CHEiTEB, e*q. of the Ulddle 
tbnltllb, London, secretary to Quee* Ann's 
booilty, receWer of the tenths, and repBtrar 
fef the contUtory court of London, who «. 
Harriot, daogbter and co-beirega of Chariea 
Adelmare C«««r, e«q. bj Jane, his wife, 
»lily child BBd belr of Hertfy I^mg, etq. of 
Bayford-plaeB, In the coanrt of Herta, (»« 
funily of C»M at foot) and had iaaoe, 
I. Robert (Sir), hia heir, 
U. Charlea, *. Slat December, 1768, in 
holy orders, rector of Ayott St, 
Peien, in the counhr of HeHai and 
of Rettingdon, in Esae*, chaplain 
In the fori of Bardwit^, nt; Cathe- 
rine, danghhir of the Rer. John 
Roberta, archdeacon of Herioneth- 
■hire, aiid ha* iwne. 

III, Harry, h. lOOi Auguat, ino, of the 
Coldatresm Guards, a m^or general 
in the ahny, m. Harriot, yoonKeal 
daDRhter of General Sir Henry Qio- 
ton7K.B. and d. B6th Juie, 1821, 
learinf ioratt. 

IV. Jane. 
T. Haritetl, m. tke Rer. Thomas Ellis 

Owen, f«ctor of Uandyfrydog, in 
Aurleaea, uid left laane. 
VI. Sarah, d. onm. Mh December, 1787. 
vll. CaAerioe, M. lllk October, 1793, 
to the Rev. Johta Strange Dandridge, 
rector Of Rousham, Oifardahire, and 
ef SyrMham, Norlhamplo««hire, and 
d. 7tti April, )S96| leaving iasne. 
Mr. Cheater waa ». at hla deceaw by hia 
«ldeM >on, the present Sin Robert Ches- 
ter, knt. of Bush Hall. 


J, and Admiral of France in the year 

1066, had been long settled b the ci^ of 

Peter HariK ADELHAREk of that pUce, 
docterof both laws, and particularly emiuent 
ai a dvjltan, lived towards the close of the 
lath centary. He espouaed Paola, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of John De Paolo Csaarino.. 
and had thiWe aons, Claodins, Cteaar, and 
John-Baptist, of whom the second, 

CssiR Abelmare, having been educated 
for the medical profession, took his degree 

ofdocdtt-tn the UtIiveiWty of Padna^ and 
cadie to England In 1060. PiMtidng ex- 
tensively for aome time lb London, he was 
appointed phyalcUii to QMten M*itv, and in 
the subseqoeDt reign placed at the head of 
the medical department at court. Dr. 
Adeltnare wedded Mai^aret, daughter of 
Martltt Perio, or Perient, by whom {who 
m. for her second hnsband^ Michael Lock, 
of Lond<Hi) he had iaaue. 
It Ivutt, his heir. 

II. Charles, a militni^ officer. 

III. Tholl»B(SIr),».rnl3ai,abarrlBter 
of eminence, who Wali appointed asth 
Iday, 1610, one of the barons of 
the Exchequer, this gentlemao «(. 
thrice, but had issne ohlv by his 
diird wife, Susanna, daughter fcnd 
eo-heir of Sir William Ryther, knt. 
of The Mote, in Kent, vi*. 

I. Thomas, whom. Frances, daugh- 
ter of Sir George Philpot, knt. 
of Thmxton, and had Issue. 

3. Augustus 1 (^^ ^^ ^^ 

3. Fenltnando,^ """"" 

4. Avice, in. to ^ DaTell. 
a. Susan. 
«. Mary, m. to Ralph Knapton, 

esq. of Brokenhant, Hhnts, 

7. Margaret. 

8. Elliabeth, m. M Christopher 
Wright, ewi- of DeHiyBhlre. 

Sir thomas Cmsar, esteemed a sound 
lawyer, an able pleader, and an up- 
right judge, d. Bth June, 1621. Hia 
widow married Thomas Philpot, esq. 

IV. William, an eminent m^haut. 

v. Henry, in holy orderS) D.D. Dean 
of Ely, rector of Bennington, ice. d. 
nnm. 7th October, 1636, and was 
buried in Ely Cathedral, under a 
la)^ hltar toftih of marble, with this 
tnH^ptian routad the verge, " Hie 
jacet Henric\iS C^sar, sacrse Theo- 
logis* (professor, qnintus higua Eccte- 
site EUenSis Decanus i de stri|ie il- 
Instri Adelmariorum ramilim uobilis 
"n^tvisans: Venetbrum in Italin ori- 
nodn* ;" and on the &ce of Ac ptoiic. 


VI. Margaret) m. to NicbolM Wright, 
esq. of Eastmead, in Hanta. 

VII. Elisabeth, «. to — Hunt, esq. 

VIII. Anne, m. to Mr. Pecke. 
Dr. Adelmare died in 1509, and was buried 
in the parish church of Great SL Helen's, 
Bishopmate'Slreet His ddeat eon. 

Sin JuuusCxsAR, was bora M Tottenham, 
in Middlesex, in I5&7, and baptised at St 
DuBStan'e, lOlh Febraary, in diat year, by 
the names ef JuliDa-C«sar, die latter of 
which he afterwards, at the qiie«n's desire. 




The exalted rank 
of lu« aiianaors u the fontaflbnUagufGdeiii 
^nof of the high estjoMtion in whicti bis 
hther w*a held *l court; they 

repreaeoted by the Lady Montacute. 

IK a student of Hagd&leii Colie^, 
Oxford, be took hii degree of Bachelor of 
Arts In 1075, and of Master in 1578. He 
remaiued st the UDirersitj' aiitU the end of 
tbe foUowing year, wbeo he went to Paris, 
M) finnfa the study of his professioD as a 
civiUaK. AJterfilUugseTeral minorappoinl- 
Beate, Dr. Cnnr was constituted iu 15B4, 
Jw^ of the Admitaltjr Court, io 1561, a 
Master of Request, aad in 1603 he receiied 
lb« hooor of knighthood. Id 1606, upon the 
i«*%ii«tjon of George Hame, Earl of Dun- 
Imt, Sir Julias was constituted Chanceltor 
aad Under Treaaorerof the Exchequer, and 
in the sabseqaent year Sffom of the Priry 
Comdl. In 1610 he obtained by patent 
ander the great seal, the rerersion of the 
•flceofHAsrr.R of the Rolij, "after the 
deafli, forfeituv. or surrender" of Sir Ed- 
ward Philips, and the death of that learned 
jndge eocuniag oa tte 11th September, 
1014, Sir Jidins was pliced of eoane on 
the Rolls Bench. Sir Jalius Cssar in. irst, 
■a l&Bl, Dams, daughter of Sir Bichard 
Mutin, aa ^derman of London, aad relicl 
(rf Richard Lnsker, esq. of the Middle Tem- 
ple, hj whom <who J. la 1£06) he had iaaae, 

I. Chahles, d. in infancy. 

II. JolioB, i. 14th February, 1687, who 
was killed at Padua in a prirate 
qnarre], in 1607. 

m., heir to bis father. 

IV. Richard, i. yoang. 

y. Dorcas, m. to Thomas Anderson, 
esq. b«iTist«r-at-lBw. 
He espODsed eeeoadly, in IfiBS, Alice, dau. 
ef Christopher Grant, of Manchester, and 
willow of J(Ab Dent, of Loudon ; and 
thirdly, Anne, danghter of Sir Henry Wode' 
honse, of Wraxham, in Norfolk, ralict of 
William Hun^ate, esq. of Eaet Bradetthan, 

e of the 
By tbe fonaer i 

le nea 

H^illiam Hungate, i 
n Hu same 3urt, 
Sir Fraacifl Bacon, 
in iai4) he had isB< 

1. John (Sir), of Hyde Hall, in Herts, 
b. 30A October, IS07, wlio m. Aaae, 
dat^bter of WiUiaia Haugate, esq. 
of East Bradenham. in Norfolk, and 
dying in 18«7. left isane, 

1. JoHH, of Hyde Hal), who m. a 
daughter of Sir Thomas Btings- 
by, «oi left at fait decease an 
only sarriring child, John, wbo 
d. onm. m Irriand, a m^jor in 
the amy. 

This John Cnsar. in ISM, wM 
his principal estate of Hyde 
HnUtoWIlM " "■ 

of Gray'sinn; sodsabse^uetilly 
the remainder of bis properly 
to Arthur Capel, first Earl of 

2. Robert, of Willian, io Herts, 
who m. Johanna, daughter of Sir 
William Lovelace, of Lovelace, 
in Kent, and left three daughlera, 
his co-he irs, 

Anne, m. to Sir John Poyotz, 
knL of Iron Aclon, Glou- 

Julkaaa, m. to Thomas Gage, 
esq. of Itentley, in Sussex. 

Johanna, m. Io John Rain- 
pay ue, gent. 

3. Jalius, wbo •). and bad- two 
sons, both of whooi appear to 
have died aaoi. 

4. Edward, wlwae only child to 
leare iesua. 

The Rev. John Cesar, M.A. 
was collated to the vicarage 
of Croydon, by Archbishop 
Saneroft. ISih Jan. 1S8S. 
He leQ at his decease two 
•one aad a daughter, vie 
Julius, one of. the pro- 
carators-feneral and « 
deputy-register in tba 
Arches Court, who d, 
«om. in 176S. 
Charley wbo was a lUTat 
otiicer. He la. Miss 
Rose, of Croydon, and 
4ying abont the year 
J765, left two sons, 
Joba, a proctor, wbo 
xt. Sarah, dau^iter 
,' of flanry Robin- 

son, esq. of Ely, 
and bad three soni^ 
Julius - Henry, a 
clergyman, now 
deceased ; Joha- 
CharleS) attorn ey- 
at-law; and Ed- 
wardfWho d. young; 
and Iko daughters, 
Susaaoab and Sa- 
Charles, lieutenant iu 
the navy, who ta. 
Jane, dai^hter of 
Hr. William War* 
land, and had an 
enly diild^CuA bles 
Adoust us, of Gam- 

o:fc i •»»«<«'"«• 

II. Thoroas. D.D. d. unm. 
Ul. Robert, one of the six derfcs ia 
clufkcery, wbo d. t. p. 




Sir lulrat Cvtar died on EaiUr Day, ISth 
April, I8W, in the aerentj-oiDlh year of hii 
age, and wat buried on the 38th, in the 
chancel of the chnreh of Great 8t Helen'*, 
in BUhopegate Street, where bis monnmeat 
renaina in • itate of escelleat prcMrration. 
" His character," Mtja Lodge, " present* to 
a picture of the moet perfect integrity, 

nndentanding iraa rather grave and solid 
thao brilliuit, and therefore well adaiited to 
his time to tiie eierciie of a profession, in 
which BODtid and sober reaaoning wee held 
hi preference to flippant sarcasma and half 
witted repartees. His conduct on the bench 
displayed the moat earnest deiire to do jni. 
lice, ue most nnwearied patience in the 
pnmit of it, and a sympathy in the saffer- 
iDg* of the nnfortnnate which came nnder 
fais judicial obserration, of whiefa no parallel 
instance can be found." His eldest lurriring 
son and beir, 

8m Charles AneLMiiiECxsiii.kDt bora 
In ISSQ, was tjlmitted Doctor of both Laws 
In the University of Oxford, 7th December, 
I6I3, and received the honour of knight- 
hood, 6th October, in the sncceediog year. 
Adoptiog, like bis father, the profession of 
the law. Sir Charles was eveDtnally ap- 
pointed Mastcr of thb Rolls.' He 
•spoused flrst, Anne, daughter of Sir Peter 
Vandlore, knt. an eminent merchant in 
London, and by her (who died in 1625) he 
bad, to survive infkocj, two dao^tets, Ja- 
oomtna, m. to Sir Henry Anderson, Bt of 
Penley : and Aane, the wife of Henrr Le- 
Tingston, esq. of Hueh Elderer, in Hants. 
Sir Charles wedded, secondly, in 1696, lane, 
daughter of Sir Edward Barkbam, knt 
alderman of London, and bad issue, to sui^ 
the childhood, 

Julius, his heir. 

Hensv, BuccesBor to his brother. 
CUABLts, of Great Graniden, in Herts, 
h. in 1636-6, who m. in 1662, Joanna, 
youngest daughter of Sir Thomas 
Lerenthorpe, by Dorothy, his wife. 
second daughter of Sir Giles Ailing- 
ton, of Horseheatb, and died in 1707, 
leaving issue, 

1. Charles, of Great Gransden, 
k. in 1664, M.P. for Hertford, 
appointed treasurer of the navy 

* Among the MSS. of hu saoond son, Chsrlea 
Caur, w< fwl the bUowing entiy : " Jane the 
l«h, 1640, &r Chaclw Cmm, knt. was awoni 
Uutra of the Roll* in Chioeny, or aasiitant 
Judge to the L«d High ChuuMllot of Ea^snd, 
fiit which Ingh aad proitabla office ha paid to 
Kag CBAStsa the First, Bitmn thoustad poundr 
braad piKss of old gold, and Unt the king tw 

Una SoMsb amy, invading E^land.' 

in 1710. He m. in ie«, Uvy, 
relict of — George, esq. aad 
daughter and heiress of Daniel 
Harris, esq. by whom be left at 
bis demise, in 1730, 

Harris, in holy orders, reclor 

of Kensington, d. onm. 
Charles-John, h, in 1697, who 
M. Elisabeth, daughter of 
Hr. Vick, a merchant, and 
had, with other children, 
who all d. young, a daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth, who m. Hr. 
John Aberdein,a wine mer- 
ohant of London, aad d, in 
Joanna, who d. num. 
Jane, who m. the Rev. Jamea 

Mnsgrave, D.D. 
Julia, d. num. 

Susanna, m. to Thomas Ladila, 

2. Henry, h, in 1666, a eursitor in 
chancery, d, nnm. 

3. Dorothy, n^ in 1691, to Henry 
Bacon, esq. of Burton Latimer, 

6th December, 1612, and was s. by his eld- 
est son, 

Juuirs Cjksar, of Bennington Place, in 
(he county of Herta, who aurvived bia fadier 
but five oaya, falling a victim to the aame 
malady ; the estates then devolved upon his 

Sib Henrt Adelnarb Cxsar, knt. of 
Bentaington Place, H.P. for the county of 
Herts, who espoused, in I6W, Elixabeth, 
only dan. and heiress of Robert Angel, esq. a 
Turkey merchant, and had surviring issue, 
Charles, his heir. 

Jane, ai. to Sir Thomas Pope Blount, 
hart, of Tittenbanger. 
Sir Henry, " who was endowed," saitb 
Chaoncey, "with good leBmingi great parts, 
a quick apprehension, and a clear and dis- 
cerning judgment," died of the small pox in 
1667-8, and was t. by bis bod. 

Sir Charles Adelmare CjCSar, knL of 
Bennington Place, M.P. for the town, and 
subsequently for the county of Herts. This 
gentleman wedded, 3rd September, 1673, 
Snaannab, daughter and heireaa of Sir Tho- 
mas BonioT, and had three sons and a 
daughter, vu. 

I. Chakles, his heir. 

II. Henry, who d. unm. 

HI. Thomas, who d. young. 

IV. Elisabeth, m. first, in 1605. to Sir 

Bichard Bennet, bart of Babrabam, 

and secondly, to Francte Butler, esq. 

of Sussex. 

Sir Charles d. in 1604. " He was," oon- 

tinnea Sir Henry Channeey, " very regular 

in hte life, and orderly in his funily. He 




■FMTeiT genenu to >U whom be «nployed, 
Int Klftrai pardoned k slight to bn penoo 
or B contrmpt of his bu«ii«M. He kepi a 
nlcBdid house aod a boantifiil table for 
tn)*e trho visited him, and was very noble. 
yet prudent in bit entertainments. He 
declined all public employments during 
the reigns of King Charles II. and King 
ItMKi, nor would he contract a friendship 
or ac*]naintance with any he thought scan- 
dalooi. and abhorred those who irould pnr- 
chase the favour of their prince with the 
wicc of the rights of the people," Sir 
Charles's eldest sod, 

Chxslu Adelmarb Ccsar. esq. of Ben- 
BiBg:ton -place,* inherited the most part of 
his father's splendid posiesuons, in the 
twcDty-Sist year of his ^e, in aU the pride 
of youth, health, and ancestry, and died at 
the aseofS7, insolvent and broken-hearted, 
a melaDcboly memorial of the ruin of a 
once highly Bouriihing family. He was 
returned to parliament for Hertfordshire in 
1728, and agaiu in 1736. by immensely ex- 
pensive eteclioos, and squandered otherwise 
great sujns in the support of what was then 
called the country party, which he esponsed 
with veheoience, as well in parliament, 
where he was a ft^quent speaker, as in his 
<nm eouulj. He m. in 1703, llaij, second 
daughter of Italph Freeman, esq. of Aapen- 
deu Hall, and had iaine. 

* Hr. Cma»z, on inberiting , dtatroved the re- 
aenbk nuukn of his ineeston tt BsnDineton, 
ad bailt in it* stead * pilice of modem <isMon, 
vbieh n* burnt to asbsa immFdimtel^ after it was 
MBpIeted, and befbra it bad been inhabited. 

Chable* Akblhare. 

Julias, a rnqor general in the army, 

who d. unm. in ITflS. 
Mary, who d. unm, 
EliMbeth, who also d, unm. in 1790. 
The elder son, 

Charles Adglharb Cssak, esq. i. in 
1703-4, representative of this eminent 
family, espoused Jane, only child and heir- 
ess of Henry Long, esq. of Bayford Place, 
in the county of Herts, and had two daugh- 
ters, his co-heirs, m. 

Jane, who m. first. Sir Charlea Cottrell 
Dormer, knt of Rousham, in Ox- 
fordshire, master of 

ther df the Earl of HacclesGeld. 
Hakkiot, who wedded Robert Chhs- 

TER, esq. and was mother of the 

present Sir Robert Chbstbh, of 

Mr. Casaar, who barely lived to witneaa the 
total overthrow of his house, was an officer 
of Cavalry, and died in the field of battle. 

Armt—Ena. on a chief sa. a griffin pu- 
sant arg. quartering the ensigna of Granada, 
Saltonstali, Adelmare, CBsar, the Ccaarini, 


Crert — A demi griffln rampant ermine, 
beak, tougne, talons, and eyes, ppr. 

Afotio — Vincit qui patitor. 

EitBlei—ta Herts. 

Town Rtiidaut—Somenet-ttntlt, Port- 
man -aqnare. 

5va(~Bash Hall, Herts. 


TENNENT-EMERSON, JOHN, eM|. of Tempo, in the coini^ of Permana^, b. 
Tib April, 1804. m, 24th June, 1831, Lbtitia, only daughter of William Tbnnbkt, 
W|. of Tempo HooM, and has a danghter, 

Elbanob, b. 61h July, 1632. 

I Em El 

This geatlenun, wboae pMronymic is Emerson, asenmed, upon hifl marriagv, 
■dditiona] nimame of TsMiiEitT. He is member of parliament for Belfast, a justice 
of dw pence for the connties of Down and Antrim, aitd a deputy lieutenant of Fer- 
nu^ and of Sl%o. Hr, Emerson-Tennent has acquired reputation in the literary 
wnrld, tioder hi* own name, Embrsov, as the author of several Tdomea of Travels in 
te Lermnt, nnd k Histwy of Hodani Greece. 




The family of Emerson came originally 
from Foxtm, in the county «f Dnriuun, 

Georob Eherbon, eiq. of Ardmore, iu 
the county of Arm^h, was i. by hia Mn, 

WiLUiu GiaeitBON, esq. a merchant at 
Belfast, who m. Sarah, youngest danghter 
of WUUam Arbnthoot,* caq. of RockvUle, 
iu the county of Down, (by his consia. Hiss 
Scott) and had a son, ue prese&t John 
Eherson-Tennent, esq. 

The family of Tennent, originally Ds- 
NAND, or Tenand, is of respectabiut^ in 
Scotland, and tb« prinripal branch resides 
at Glasgow. 

WiLUAH Tbnnekt, asq. of Tempo Bonse, 

a banker at Belfast, died on the 23rd July, 

IS33, leaving an only danghlei and heiress, 

Letitia, who had married, as already 

stated, James Emerson, esq. 

Hr. Ehekson-Tennent. 

i4r>s*— For Tennbnt ; arg. a boar's head 
erased gules, between three crescents, »a. 
For EvEHsoN ; per fesse iadented tkH and 
or, a bend engrailed arg. charged with three 
lions passant of the first bezant^. On an 
esculclieon of pretence, the arms of Ten- 


Cretii — Emerson. A demi-lion rampant 
vert, besaote, grasping a battle-axe, gules, 
beaded arg. Tennent. A boar's head 

Malta — Dens protector noster. 

Eilatrt — Francfort, in the county of 
Sligo; and Tempo, in FemanaglMUre. The 
latter is said to be the estate and demesne 

* Ilisgraadlitlier, WiLUiH AaiuraBOT, settled 
n Dowaahira. anno 1745, haiing eloped with in 
I'iress, naoRd Bavcs, frrai AbefderariaTe, " 

still shown the room in which LadyCatfa- 
. irt* was imprisoned by ber bosbaud, one 
of the Maauires of Tempo. The gronnda, 
tboogh on a small scale, are amongst the 

DSt beantifnlly laid out in Ireland. 

Tmcn Retidenee—iib, Dnke Street, Wcst- 

• Note to EDoswoaia'i " Castle Rackmt.' 
Thii put of the histoiy of the Rsckrant InnilT 
cu KSrceljbe tbcngfat i^ediUa; but in justice b> 
hoDHt Tbady, it is hoped tba reader wiU readiest 
the bialory of the oelebcMad Lady Csthosit's 
coDJDgil impiisonmaiit. The editor wis acqwdntsd 
with Colonel Mc Gain, Lady CathcarTg bus- 
brad ,- be bu lilely h«i sad qneatiooed the Hud 
■emnt who liTSd with Colonel He Gaire duiiig 
the lime oF Lwlv Cstbcift's imprisonineat. Har 
lidjihip wu locted up in her own home for auny 
years, duriag which period her husband waa 
Tisitfd by the neighbouring gentry, and it tna his 
regtUu enitom at dinner, to send bii compliBients 
Id Lady Calbcart, informing ber tbu the company . 
hid lbs honor to drink her ladyship'! beihh, and 
begging to Inow whether theis wu savthing at 
(able tbst she wonld Uke to est! The aaswer 
wss always. " Lady Cubeait'a coBplimoita, and 
■he has erery thing ihs wuti." An inatinee of 
honeaty in a poor Irish woman deaemi to b« 
recorded: Lady Cslbait had some ranirkibly 
fine diimonda, which the hid coocesled Erom bar 
faoiband, and which she was anzioas to gM out of 
the bonse, Icot he should discOTer them. She had 
neithec semnl nor friend (o whom she could en- 
trust Ihem, hot abe h*d obserrad a poor beggar 
womsn, whouaed lo come to thehousa; fbespoka 
to hei fiom the window of the room in which she 
wsa confined ; the woman promised to do wht^T 
she desired, tod Lsdy Cslhcirt threw a parcel, 
contsining the jewels, to ber. The poor wonaB 
ctiried than to the person to whom they were dr. 
reeled ; and serenl years sfterwards, when Ladr 
C^tKtrt fBcorarwl her libei^, sfaa receiTSd hw- 
diamonds safely. 

At Colonel He Guire'a death ber bdyship waa 
released. The Editor, within this year, isw the 
geatleBwn who aoeompaaied ber to F.nglind aftsr 
her busband's death. When she was fen toU of 
bis death, she aangiaed that &t news was boa 
tiiH, sad Am it was told only with an inlCTtioa of 
deceiTing ber. At his desCb ebe had sesicdy 
clathes sufficient to corer ber ; she wore s nd 
wig, looked scared, and her unden tinding ah* mud 
stupiBed; she said that sbe ecsrcely Imew one 

bated sboni tw(D^ yews. 

This inl^ipy Isdy was tbe widow or the dghth 
LantCslhcBTt; she wss his loidship's second 
wift, and had no ^ildrsa by hisL Sfe« was the 
widow, when Letd CathoaM auttisd bar, of J«- 
ttfh Sabine, esq. of Xring. 



BEMN^, JOHN, esq- at UlMton, in the couBty of GDuio^bd', m. 17th J11I7, 
1791, Sfllenah-Marw-^niie, d^'iS^t^'' of Japob QroM, 
eiq. of A}^de*haw, ^^»^, (brotber to Captain Francia 
OroM, the celebrated &ittjqiiariati aad Hichnwpd hendd^ 
bj Fraocae Asdrewe hie wife, of the fanily of Andiewa, 
of Porttu, in Havpahire, and bu iiue, 

JoHN-Wicpc, a nagiftiate and 4*P>'4'-U*B'enBiit for 
OlaBMrganMre, n^ m. Anna-Jlaria-CharlDtie. 
reliol of Tboiiiaa Wndham, eiq. of Dnnraveii 
CaMle, lai dauKfcter ot Theaia Aahbj, eeq. hj 
Charlotte Ua vrlA, daughter sf Boberl Johcb, eeq. 
of FoDmoa Caetle, in dw coon^ of Glamorpui. 

Caroline-SnaaB, n. to the Rev. Edward Windeor' 
Richarda, rector of BL Andrew'e and St. Lythan'e, 
in Glamprgaiuhini, aad hae iuoe, 
WiUiKin-FoweU Rkfaarde. 
Caroline-Hetilda Riobarda. 
EUca^aM Bkharda. 

BlixB, m. to WiUian Head-Deacon, eiq. of Longcroea 
HouHe, plaB0rgan41r«, »^d baa a aon, 
Franda-Henrr-Head Deac<u. 

Mr. Beuiet f. his &llier, 13th December, 1 
fi>r fte county of Glaiqorgan, in 1825. 

1 , and eerred the office of faigli-aheriff 


Pit BcHRT ipE pBNCU^DjD accompanied 
the Coaqneror to Englaod, and received for 
hji MTDcV Ae lor^hip ot Penelawdd, in 
Oower, (the weetwn j^trejmity of Glamor- 

IVt die lanulj of which we are treating 
WM ffVitA fkem ^t thilt period, direr* n~ 

FuHcr. in Uf Chu^eb Qietory, pp. 16S, 
W, motel anS,0f ThonaaScriTen, esq.; 
alio F«x, aad fbrs Piro^icle of Joho of 
BroiutMi, tn pro9f that, amoagsl othen, 
BoBiK or ^enel fra« one of "auch peraone 
•* after lh« fc^e were stftHfled l9 «ig- 
aenriea is thia land" (GI?»»orBW)- 

The fi^fmiiif elMnVr fxtntci Iron the ' 
Harl. HSS. reUlea la an anffigtot of thia 
_"&TSr. Bmet, he took the of 

I, of wftftfP <ib<B wiily liave a tradition 

• ff J. Si^ n gM i» now Rhf^Uflgi ip Cown. 

Aat he alwaya went to f^ chnrefa upon 
white horaea, or covered the^ widi while 
sh^ts." A.D. lIlS^Hari. Bias. 

there are elso deede now exiadng of 

Guits of land in Gower by William Benet, 
aring date respectively 130^ and IS&O. 
In the Notitia Camhro-Brltannica, itipos- 
leaalon of the Duke of Beanfort, at BaU- 
mioton, an entry is ptade of " Thomas Benet 
doing service to the court of Baili gll«, at 
Brecon, for the manor of Upton HagameU." 
BiR HuMFREV Benet (son of Sir Benet 
de Penclandd), espoused Elinor, da&ghter 
of Morgan Llewellyn ap Ivor, and thul ac- 
quired the estate of KilDgin, In the parish of 
ijanbader, in Ho^mouthibire. He waa «. 
hyfaia aon. 
Sir Gervibe Benet, father or 
GnoNwy Benet, iriio had two aona, vii. 
U HowBL Benet, who had a aon, 

OnoNWT Benet, whose son and 



HotTBL Benbt, who m. (22iid Ri- 
chard II.) Eliubeth, daughter 
of Tfaonui ap GwUim Jenkin, of 
Uanaaintfread, in the connty of 
HoDmoath, by Hftud, bii wife, 
daaehter of ^r John Horley, of 
Afland Castle, and had a aou 



IP HowEL Bbnet, wlio m. 


WiiuAM Benbt Coch, who m. 

Aone, danriiter and beirew of 

iemn Gwylim Philip, of Kefn y 

Llech, in the county of Mon- 

Bonth, and had iuue, 

1. ReyuMild, who m. EUta- 

beth, daughter of William 

Walton,of Bedfoidahire, and 

3. WiUiam, who died, leaving 
■ Bon, Thomas Llwyd, who 

3. Eliiabeth, who m. Thomaa 
Wolphe, of Honmoatfadiire, 
and had a daaghter and 
heireu, Maud Wolphe, who 
wedded Morgan Horice, of 
Uake, in the connty of Hon- 
■lonth, thus conveying the 
Kilfigin property lo that 

II. Griffith, founder of the family now 
before na. 

Griffith Bekbt wa« *. by hi* son, 

Henbt Benbt, whom. Hand, daughter of 
Henry Basset, of Dryman, in Glamorgan- 
■hire, and had a son and successor, 

RoBEai Benet, who m. Avis, daughter 
and heiresa of John Crompe, of Sanctuary, 
in Gower, and great grand -danghtcr metCT' 
nail; of Caradoc ap Ynir ap Iror, lord of 
Dyled, ancestor of Sir Matthew Cradac, of 
Swansea. He was (. by hU son, 

Richard Benet, wbo espoused Anne, 
daughter of Thomas b^ Evan Gwynne, of 

Priu«d«in, by . his wife, daughter of 

Jenkin Torbervill, of Penlline,* and had 

1. WiLUAH Bbnbt, his heir. 

2. Elisabeth, who .m. Richard Hearne, 
of PiltoD, in Glamorganshire, and 
had two sons, 

Robert Heame, who n. Margaret 

Lippincott, of Derousbire. 
Richard Heame, who m. a dangh- 

• Bt Cecil hu wifa, du. of Sir Hattbaw Her- 
bert, of Smnio, by Muy, duller gf Sir Tbooss 
Camsge: a deaceDdant of this Tnrberrill, of Pes- 

ter of JenUn Pranklyn, of Park 

i. Margaret Benet, m. , and had 

issue a daughter, m. to Thomas Ni- 
cholas ap Reel, ap Leism, ap Reea, 
ap Morgan Vychan, ap Caradoc. mp 
Jeslyn tip Omgyi, and a daughter 
m. Wybome of Wydgate in Glamor- 
Richard Benet's only MQ, 

WiLUAM Benet, m. Isabel, danriiter of 
Gmffydd Thomas, of I^ndimore, by Mar- 
garet, his wife, daughter of Morgan Manael, 
of Gower. and was succeeded by his son , 

John Rennet, esq. who m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of David Edwards, esq. of Dan y 
naig, in Glamorganshire, by Catherine ap 
Itees. and had issue, 

John, who m. a datwhter of — Lucas, 
esq. of Stout Kul, in Glamoi^^u- 

David, of whom presently. 

William, who m. Ellen, dauEhter of 
Rowland Dawkins, of Kilvrongh, 
and bad, with s daughter, ta. to John 
Stephens, esq. of Eynon's Fort, a Md 
Rowland, who wedded Anne, daugh- 
ter of Daniel Lloyd, of BUen y 
wrath, and had issue, 

1. William, of Sanctuary, who as. 
PrisciUa, daughter of Rowland 
Dawkins, esq. «f KUTrough, and 
dying in 1008, left issue, 

Rowland, who m. Sarah, dau. 

of Maoasseh Halhew, esq. 

of Swansea, and died in 

Prisdlla, m. to William Rt- 

Hary, m. lo Thomas Dorset. 

2. Hary, who m. — Wybome, of 
Morton, in Glamorganshire, and 

Cradock, esq. of Long Ash, 
in Glamorganshire, by Maud, 
his wife, daughter of Henry 
Bowen, esq. of Court House, 
in the county of Glamorgan. 
The Cradocu are descended 
from Caradoc ap Tnir ap 
Ivor, uid were seated ai 
Long Ash team. Ed. IV. 

Margaret, m. lo Phflfp David ap Ri- 
chard, of Penmayne. 

Alice, m. lo John Franklyn, of Lly- 

The second son, 

David Rennet, married Anne Lucas, 
relict of John Hoskins, esq. of Pitt, in Gla- 
morganshire, and died in 1666, leaving two 

I. David, who wedded Mary, daughter 
of George Lucas, esq. and had issue. 



t John, of Xetde Hill, who wm 
•heriff of Olamorganihire in 
1606. He ta. HayMd,* dsngb- 
ler of the Rev, Rkhafd Portrey, 
rector of Roiilly md Yatrad- 
gnoUu, by Catherine, hii wife, 
dauKhter of Moi^an Aubrey, 
esq. of Tniskedwin, and left at 
his decease, in 1733, ao only»on 
and heir, 
John, who died in November, 
1736, a^ 34, leaving bis 
whole property tntm the 
riEbt line to bin mother, 
who tn. secondly, 28th Mky, 
17^, William Dawkina, 
OKI. of KilvTongh, bi Ola- 
morganehire, after whose 
decease, die settled the es- 
tates on Thomas Popkins, 
Ihos totally setting; aside 
eren trace of the original 

2. William, who m. Anne, dangh- 
ler of Georce Lucas, Mq. of 
Hills, and llaigaret, bii wife, 
da^^ler of Richard 8eys,t esq. 
of BovertoD, in GlamorganshiTe. 
By Ihte Udy (who died in 1711) 
lb-. Beaett bad a son, 

William, of Hills, whose 

Blary, m. — Lncas, esq. 
of Stouthall, in Gla- 

3. Anne, m, to Richard ap Evan, 
esq. of Cae Llena. 

4. Hary, m. to Edward Portrey, 

5. EIiubeth,M. to David Tbomaa, 
esq. recorder of Swansea. 

n. JOHH. 

The second son, 

John Bbnnet, esq. bom in 1630, espoused 
Hary Jones, of Lalkston, dangbter of Cap- 
Hia TboauM Jones, of Frampton, in OU- 
Mrnashtre, by his wife, Mary Turbervill J 
of ^more. By the heiress of Ijaleslon 
(who died loa December, 1736) Hr. Bennet 

* TUsbdywaagieatgiHuUDghtDof ^ 

t Rictard Says was Mn ind h«ir of Roger 
■ns,*boiiL Elisabeth Vow, baTMs of Bovertoo, 

t This hdy Ilea intenvd in the puisb ebnreb 
•f LalMWo, wherein she U desenbed u " Muy 
r»ib«vai, dsBfbter of TbomM TorberriU, of Og. 
■OR. Ent wife to Tbomai Joaw, of Lalnton, and 
hu wilt to William Thomu. of tbe suae, wbo 
■H J« 16 "tay of 6*- A.D. 1670." 

Hary, m. to Michael Williams, 
esq. of Newcastle, sheriff in ■ 
1719. She died SOtb August, 
1717, aged 31. 

, m. to Iltid Evans, esq. of 

David, who died *. p. 1st December, 

1700, aged 28. 

Hary. m. first, to Beojaroin Watkins, 

e«f. of Penyr wrlodd, in Brecou- 

shire, who died in 1701 . She wedded 

secondly, William Fleming, esq. 

Mr. Bennet died I3th Hay, 1707, and was 

buried in the parish church of Laletton. 

WiLUAM Bennet, esq. married Hary, 
daughter of Richard Llewellyn, esq. of Yois 
y gerwn, In Glamorganshiie, and had issue, 
John, wbo died t, p. 
ThoHjIS, heir. 
David, who d. *. p. 
William, successor to his brother. 
Jane, m. to Edward Gwynne, esq. of 

Anne, m. Rev. Robert Davies, rector 
of Biaen Baylan, Glamorganshire. 
The eldest surviving son and heir, 

Thomas Bennet, esq. of Laleston, served 
the office of sheriff for Glamorganshire in 
1768. He m. Mary, daughter of Edward 
Walters, esq. of Pitcot, sheriff in 1764, but 
dyin^ issneleas, 29th January, 1773, wa* «. 
by his brother, 

WiLUAH Bennst, esq. of Laleston, who 
M. first, the danghter of Robert Morris, esq. 
of Onisarwad, bigb sheriff for Glamorgan- 
shire in 1743; and secondly, IDaOierine, 
dangbter of Edward WilUns, esq. of Lan- 
twit ; by the latter of whom he hftd issue. 
John, his heir. 
Thomas, who died i. p. 
Mary, m. to Morgan Price Smith, esq. 
of Newhoose. 

atom.,!"'" I"* '""''"»■ 

Mr. Bennet died in 1801, aged 80, and was 
t. by his son, the present John Bennet, 
esq. of Laleston. 

Arm* — Arg. three goats' heads erased sa. 
barbed and double armed or, langued gu. 

Creii — A goal's bead, as in die arms. 

JlfoHo — Aul nunqnam tenles, ant perfice. 

EHatt* — In die conntiea of Glamorgan 
and Carmarthen. 

Seat — Laleston House, in Glamorgan- 



EVANS-D'ARCY, THOMAS, wq. of Koockaden? Hoiua, ia tbe conn^ o. 
liDierick, m. in 1814, Bnbuoi. aecond dau^^Mr of Richard Tajtour, t^. of H0II7 
Pu-k, io the county of licuruk. Hr. Eratu f. his fathar, 24tli FalmaTy, 1797, and 
asaumed, apon inheriting the fortone of hja maternal luele, Colonal Jamea D'Arcy, 
the additional aiunanie of D'Aacv. 


Tbi* >« a junior bianrit of the ftailly of 
Etkim, of Aab Hill. u4 HUiows CaWle. 
(■eeiol. i. p.Se3.) 

ThOHAB WiUUK EV4MI, rfClor of I>w>- 

maaway, ta the ooanly of Co^ (woood ua 

of Tbonaa Evriw, esq. of Millovn Caitle, 

M.P. for Cutlemartyr, aod brother of tbe 

fini Lord Caibery, by Nary, daughter of 

Jamee Waller, etq. of CMtiatown, in the 

county of limeritJi, gOTcmor of Kjafule, 

lemo. Quten Anne), m. 21U April, 1763, 

CauariM, oaly daughter of Janoa Conyen 

D'Aniyi* eao. of Kaoakaderrr Honae, in 

the conntr of I^nerick. hy whom (who 4. 

ISth ApHl. UM) he bad Una, 

I. THOHtv, his heir. 

ti. Jamea, who haa alio aaiBpied the 

UUDT »r S'Aacv, ••■ in Hay, IBOO, 

Arabella, third daagbter of Samael 

Leake, eaq. and by her, wlio died 

9Ddi March, 1839, had imw, who 

•arriTed infancy- 

Tnokas D'Akcv, h. l&th March, 

Janei. h. Ut Hay, 1813. kiUed by 
a fall from a pony, lOlh Hwreh, 

* Mr. D'Atey mi Gneilly iaictmlM Ami 
WilliiM D'Aicy, of PIttiD. aoo of Joha D'Akt. 
peiwm pf gout celebHw in lb* 

B I., EoWj ... * 

LoBD D'A«ci> > pnwn ol 

Ilf., by hit wcDBd wife, Jotne, dwiEbler of 
Riohud do Bargh, Eul of UUter. Lmtf D'&icy 
WMjnMiecof InUnd udCaDrtiOilcof thaTower 
•f Loodoa. Gaa Bcaaa'* Ettbul md Dmwii 

John, ft, 30th September, 1817. 
Catharine, m- 001 July. 1832, to 

Robert IHaae Hay, eMi. RN. 
Elizabeth, m. l&th Ai^nat, I83B, 

to John Evan* Locaa, eaq, 
Ill, Eyra,iii.l0thHay,ie31,EUtabelh, 
eldeat daufhter of Tbomaa Anatin, 
aeq. and baa iaane, Thomaa, Elixa- 
beth, ami Calberine. 
iv. John, captain in the S4th reg:iment, 
kiUed at the battle of Talavera, aeth 
Jaly, 1600. 

V. EliMbedi-W^ler. 

VI. Catherine, m. in Jqly, 1800, to 
SampaoD Beamiflb, eiq. of Eilmalods 
Hooae, in thp county of C^rk. 

Hr. BvanB died at Dunmanway, 34lh Fe- 
bniary, 17B7, and was t. by hJa eldeat aon, 
tbe preient Thohab VAR£V-Ev*N>ieiq.of 
Knockaderry Houae. 

jdrfw— Bame an Evan*, of Pokt«ane; 
imarterilig az. three oinqaefoiU, and aeaMe 
of Moaa *roa»l««» arj. for D'AUT. 

CrttU — lit. A demi-lian regnardwt or, 
bearing between Iti pawa a boar** bead 
conpedaable. 2nd. On a wreath, a apear 
broken into three piecea, or, headed arg. 
and banded b^edier by a ribband galea. 

Jfette— libertaa. 

£rtai««>^In the oana^ af Limerick. 



RADCLIFFE, THE REV. WALTER, of Wwfegh, in the coonty of Deron, m. 
lit F«bnujT, 1813, Abby-Emms, daughter of AbT^un Franco, esq. and lister of 
Sir Ralpb Lopes, of Maristow, by wliom he haa iaaue, 

WiLTGR-CoPLEffTOH. Sar»h-Lydia. 

CoplestoD-Lope*, Cbarlotte-Ueiler. 

Williaai-Pollesftii, Emma' Admonition. 

Mr. EUdcliffe, who is a magistrate for DeTonflhira, inherited the estates at the donise 
of his uncle, in June, 1905. 


JoHH RtDcuFFB, of Kioeset, in the 
CMBty of DeroD, held lands, be, in King- 
set, and in UaritaTy, of the Queen, by ser- 
•iec of feally. He m. &nd had, with younger 

John, of Colompton, in Devon, aged 
aifty years at Us falbef'B death. He 
died in 15B4, and had issue, 
1. Haiy, m. to Thoi 


John RadcliSe died 6tb October, 1560, (ioq. 
past mortem taken at the Castie of Exeter, 
Uk October, Euzabeth). His second son, 
WiuxtH RjincLiFTB, esq. of Exeter, 
■erchut, wbo m. Hiai Hortie, of Dorset, 
ud hid issue, 

I. Walter, of Exeter, mercbant, )rho 

hid, with a daughter Haiy, wife of 

John Osborne, esq. a sen, 

Walter, of LondsB, who m. EUca- 

be til, daughter of JoIid Heather, 

esq. aldcrmnn of London, fay 

whom {wbo nt. for her second 

husband Humphrey Grauei) he 

left at bis decease in ISM with a 

youDcer son John, who died un- 

murried in 1668, a luceeHor, 

Walter, of Londoa, and of 

NaTsatock, in Essex, who 

m. Mrs. Jane Coningsby, 

and dying iu 1083, left, to 

surriTC him, three daughters, 

his co-heirs, ris, Jane, Anne, 

and Frances. 

IV. Mary,n.toPhilipPayne,merchant 
of Londim. 

V. Elizabeth, M. to Edward Huugerford, 
esq. of Barton Place, Exeter. 

The third son, 

Jaspbr Raocufte; esq. of Hochworthy 
Coort, in the eounn of Deron, who m. 
Hanr, daughter of William Franklin, esq. 
of Middlesex, barrister at law, and left, at 
his decease, aged leveoty-eigbt, an only eon 
and heir, 

Jaspek Radcuffk, esq. of Hockworthy 
Court, and Franklyn, in Devon. ITris gen- 
tleman espoused Jane, daughter of Solomon 
Andrews, esq. of Lyme Regis, in Dorset^ 
shire, and had Issue, 

Jasper, J 

Andrew, > successive inherilon, 

Waltsb, ) 

Jaae, at. to — Wills, esq. 

Hary. m. first, to — Kemp, esq. ; and 
secondly, to — Gregor, esq, of Corn- 

Bisabeth, m. Id — Banbury, esq. 

Bf artha, nt. ISth May, 1731, to the Rer. 
John Fursmaa, A. H. of Exeter. 

Sarah, died young. 
Mr. Radcliffe, who serred the office of high 
sheriff for the county of DeTOn in 1606, died 
in Dec 1704, and was t. by his eldest son, 

Jaspbr Raocliffi, esq. of Hockworthy 
Court, at whose decease, unmarried, in 
1710, die estates devolved on his next bro- 



Andrew Radcuite, etq. who alia died 
unmarried before 9th November, 1736, and 
WM *. bjr his only brother, 

Walter Radcuffe, esq. of Franklin, 
bapliied at St Thomai'a, near Exeter, 27th 
June, 1093, who porcbaaed in 1741 from 
John Bampfylde, etq. of Heeteicotobe, the 
estate of Warleich, in DeTon, He m. 
12th September, 1721, Admonition, second 
daughter of William Bastard, ten, of Gras- 
ton, in DeTon, and grand-daughter of Sir 
William Bastard, knt, by Grace, daughter 
of Sir John Bampfylde, bart. and GerVode 
Copleston, his mfa* heiress of Warlegh. 
By her be had isme, 

James, who pre-deceaaod his &ther, 

J^h"*"' ! "<*«^'1t " of Warlegfc." 
WiUiam, aUin at Warbnigti in 1760, 


Polleifen, who died in isfancy. 

Copleston, in holy orders, M.A. rector 

of Stoke Clemshnd, in Cornwall, and 

TiMr of Tamerton Foliott, in Devon- 

•hire, who m. Sarah, daughter of 

Samuel Peter, esq. of Percothau, in 

Cornwall, (by Sarah, his wife, heiress 

of Edward Hoblyn.eM.of Plymontb, 

and of Colqnite, in Cornwall,) and 

left, at bis decease in JS06, three 

sons and three daoKbters, <nt, 

Walter, heir to nis uncle. 

John, of New Inn, in Hiddleaes, 

who died 30th October, 1831, 

leaTiD^ one son and two daugk- 

1.' J(An-WiUiam. 

2. Anne-Grace- Admonition. 

3. Margaret-Jane. 
Coplestun, a captain in the rojal 

navy, who was killed In 1814 in 
boarding an American schooner 
at Fort Eric, in North America. 
Sarah- Anne. 
Ann-Grace, who died nnmarried in 

Admonition, died anmarried in 1741. 
Jane, ta. in 1761 to the Rev. John Foole, 
of Beer Ferry, Deronshire, and died 
in 1770. 
Joanna, m. to Richard Stone, esq. of 

Bodmin, and d. in 1793. 
Hary, m. to Aaron Ramsay, of Dnns- 

heie, Devon, and died in IB04. 
Martha, died yonng. 
Mr. Radcliffe dying left November, 1703, 
was buried at Tamerton Foliott, and «. by 
his eldest son, 

Walter RAOCLim, esq. of Wailei^, 
bora at Franklin in 1733, who died nuraar- 
ried 9th April, 1803, and was i. by bis bro- 

John Radcuftb, eaq. of Warlegh, bom 
in 1736, at wboae decease, in June, ISiQA, tbe 
family estates devolved upon his nephew, 
the present Rev. Walter Radcuffr, of 

Arnu — Arg. a bend engrailed sa. a canton 

of the first, charged with a horse's head, a*. 

Crttt — On a mnral crown a boll's head. 

Sea*— Warlegh, Plymouth. 


BAGSHAWE, WILLIAM-JOHN, esq. M.A. of Wormhill Hall, and of the Oakaa, 
in Norton, both in the conntj of Derby, barrister-at-l&w, 
b. 13tb April, 1793, m. 12th October, 1822, Sarah, diirt] 
daughter of William Partridge, «M]. of Bishop's Wood, 
in Herefordshire, and has had isme, 

WiLUAH-LeoNARD-GiLL, h. 18th October, 1828. 




Sarah- Alicia. 
Helen-G ertrude. 

Mr. Bagihawe sncceeded his father, Sir WiUiam Cbam- 
bers-Bagshawe, 2gth June, 1832. He is a magiatnta 
for Deroyihire, and the West Riding of Yorkshire, and a 
depu^-lwatcnant for the former conn^. 




John pb l' Hall, of Hucklow (whoM 
uccMoT of the iMne wmie wu, br deed 
dated 134B, fomter to die king), held Unda 
ia Wormhill u forecter of Pekk ForesL 
UU dui^ter and co-heireH, 

AucB DK l' Hall, upoated Nichour 
BjictHAWB, of Aboey. in the county of 
Dertij, aad in 14W, Johuina and Cecilia, 
Ae o&er co-beirf, conreved their claim to 
eertun landa in Wormhill, " cum tic. quK 
aobia deacendemnt jnre et bcritaf^ poM 
deceiaiui) dicli Johannis Patrit noatrj et 
qsK jaeent to Tillft et in campia de Worm- 
kill, NicHouo Baoshawe, de Wormhill, 
ct Auac, nxori aiuE." Tbe iod aod heir 
of tbif mAnUge, 

William Baobhaits, of Abney, wedded 
* daughter of — Brome, of Chapel en le 
FriHi, in ]>crbjBhire, and had a loa and 

NiCHOLA> Baqshawe, of Abney, who m. 
Bixabelh, daughter of Humphrey Rngge- 
ley, of UMgden, in StaffonUhire, and had 
(with fiMr yamgcr aoni, William, Osmond, 

(with fiMr yoa 


1. NicaoLA), of Farewell, in Stafibrd- 
•hire, who m. Jane, daughter of Ro- 
bert Lynacre, and had two daughters, 

Elixabetb, &. in 1076, m. to 

Margaret, m. to — Harcoiut, and 
d. in 1600. 
1 Edwabd. 
Tbe (econd eon. 

«f Qrealotix, and wu i. by tuB eldeit Mn, 

Kkholas Basshawb, eaq. of Abney, who 
wtddcd laabell, daufhter of Robert Ben- 
hiidge, of Wormhill, and had a ton and 

HeiiBT Baoihawb, eaq. of Abney, who 
e^wui e d Ann, daughter of Robert Buker, 
e^. of Almey, and was «. by hii aon, 

WiuiAN Baoshawb, e«q. of Litton, Great 
Hncklow, and Abney, bom in laM. This 
gendeman ». fint, Jane, danEhter of Robert 
OMAeld, of Litton, and bad, with ssTeral 
daa^tm, aerea >on« to survive infancy, vie. 
J. WiLUAH, of Ford, B.A. a non-con- 
formist minister, called the " Apostle 
of The Peak," who m. Agnes, daugh- 
ter of Peter Barker, of Darley, in 
Derbyshire, and dying in 1703, was 
buied in the chancel of the Chapel 
en le Fnth. By Agnes, his wife, 
wbo died in 1701, be left a son and 

MM co-heir of Samnei 


esq. of Holmes, by Faith, his 
vrifs, daughter of WiUiaot Spen- 
cer, esq. of Attercliffe Hall, and 
had, with younger children, 

I. Wiluan. 6. in 1680, who 
m. Mary, daughter of John 
Wingfietd, esq. of Hasel- 
barrow, aod d. i. f. in 1708. 

II. Samuel, h, lat Jannary, 
leSQ, a colonel in the army, 
who m. Catherine, daughter 
of Sir John CaldweU.hart. 
of Castle Caldwell, and left 
issue, at his demise in 1762, 

I. Samuel, of Ford Hall, 
i. in 1766, and d. : a. 
16th May, 1804. 

3. John, of The Oakes, 
baptized 1 ttb June, 
1750, and d. at Staines, 
39Ih Augnit, 1S0I. 

3. William, in holy or- 
ders, incnmbent of 
Wormhill Chapel and 
of Banner Cross, in the 
county of York, h. 6th 

FoKlowe, esq. of Slave- 
ly, and has had iuue, 
William, b. 16th De- 
cember, 1803, and 
d. »th November, 
Mart - Catherinb - 
Ann E,iii.24di Sep- 
tember, I83S, to 
Henry - Mawood, 
second. son of Geo. 
Buatard Greavei, 

II. Michael. 

III. Henry. 

IV. Thomas. 

V. Robert, who m. a daughter of John 
Taylor, esq. 

VI. JoHN.of Great Hucktow, high she- 
riff for Derbyshire in 1006, who m. 
first, Grace, danghter of Henry 
Bright, esq. of the county of York, 
and had issue, 

WiLUAH, of Hucklow, whose issae 

Gertrude, m. to George Beaumont, 
esq. of The Oaks, in Darten, 
ancestor of the Beaumokts, of 
BrettoH Hall. 
He wedded secondly, Eliiabelh, dan. 
of Samuel Cotes, esq. of Nottingham, 
and had four fons, who died issue- 
less, and a daughter, Eliiabedi, ■. 



to Alexander RadclHIe, eiq. of Fox 

The you^eit 

Adak Baosrawe, era. o 
tiring in 1707, eBponaea A 

Alice, deughler of 
Richard Tor, esq. of Oooiehill Castlelon, 
Derbvihire, and nad intue, 

ADAH, bifl beir, who m. trtt, Margaret, 
daughter and heireu of Thoniaa Nul- 
tall, esq. and Recoodlv, Eliiabetb, 
daughter of Panl Webster, esq. of 
Cheiter«eld. He tf.Mth May, 1729, 
leaTing an only child, 

Hargarbt, (. SOtb Apnl, 1710. 

M. to Robert Radcliffe, esq. of 

Fox Darton, in Lancashire, and 

d. leth Noretnber. 1736. 

Richard, of whom presently. 

William, baptized in December, 1670, 

and d. 33rd September, 1751. 
John, Britidh conaat at Genoa, baptized 

28th March, 1681, d. in 1737. 
Snaanna, n. to Richard Heathcote, esq. 

of Taxall, in Staffordshire. 
Elbabeth, b. Sth October, 1676, ni. to 
Thomaa Birttea, eaq. 
The lecond son, 

Richard BagskawR, esq. of Caatleton, 
bom 1 4A March, 1075, served the office of 
aheriff ftir the connty of Derby, in 1721. 
He m. Eliiabetb, daughter and heiress of 
Benn Gill, esq. of The Oakes, by his wife, 
Ursula, danghter and heiress of William 
I>mke, esq. of Cotes Hall, in the West 
Hiding of Yorkshire, and haJd seTeral chil- 
dtCD, *iz. 

Henry, died in iDfan<nr. 
Richard, heir to his lather. 
Adam, tt. yonng. 

Jo*^*"* J successive inheritors. 
Vmia, ft. in 1703. 
EUubeA, d. nnm. in 1778. 
Alicia, tvrin with Ellena, b. 13th April, 
1710, m. 17tb October, 1730, to John 
Pell, esq. of Attercliffe, bat d. t. p. 
Ellena, who m. William Chambers, of 
Hall, M.D. and bad tame, 

I. Richard Chambers, d. nnm. in 

S. Willian Chunbefs, aleo 4. nn- 

manied, in 17S2. 
S. EuzABCTH Chambkiib, (. I5fh 
Norember, 1734, wira wedded 
Ralph Darling, era. of Kingston- 
npon-HnU, and d. 14th Febra- 
•ry, ms, kaviug issoe, 
WiLUAH Chahbers Darling, 
«f whon presently, aa in* 
beritoroTne Bacshawb es- 
HHeu, wIh> i. mmarried. 
Elinbeth, m. ta Joshua Jnr- 
vf% «eq. of Btill, amd if. >. p. 

Anne, m. to Thomas Wh[l«- 
4. Ursula Chambers, d. young. 

6. Ellen Chamben, d. unmarried, 
in 1630. 

<l. Alice Chamben, d. young, in 

7. Anite Chambeiv, d. unmarried, 
in I7B3. 

Mary, ni. to John Howard, eeq. of 
Manchester, and bad a daughter. 
Sarah Howarth, who wedded, in I77A. 
the Hon. Edward Perceral, ayoanger 
son of the second Eari of J^mont. 
Richard Bagahawe d. in 1750, and waa «. 
by his son, 
Richard Basshaw. esq. genderaui osher 

SimpsoD, esq. of Babworth, in Notts, bat 
dying (. *. Hie representation of tbo family 
devolved on his next brother, 

WiLUAM Baobhaw, esq. h. in October, 
1713, a justice of the peace for tibe West 
Riding of Yorkshire and for the coanty of 
Derby. He died unraarned, 30th June, 
1785, and was «. by bis brother. 

John Bagshaw, eaq. of The Oakes, bora 
l&th June, 1715, at whoae decease, onmap- 
ried, the famUy estates passed to hia grand- 

William Chambkr* Daluho, H. D.— 
(Refer to iasne of Eu.bna, danghter of Ri- 
chard Bagshawe, who was sheriff of Derby- 
shirs in 1731.) Dr. Dalling, win was bom 
ISth February, 1771, ase«imed, by sign ma- 
nnal, in 1801 , the snmame and arm* of Bag- 
shawe. In 1805 he was high sheriff of Der- 
byshire, and during that year recelTed the 
hononr of knighthood. Sir WiUUm m. 3rd 
Hay. 1793, Helen, saoond ^ughter of Na- 
thaniel Ridgnrd, esq. of Oaiosborongb, in 
the county of Lincoln, smI bad issue, 
WiiUAN-JoHH, his faeir. 
Henry-Ridgard, M. A. barrisier U law, 
ham 1st NOTSmber, 17BD, m. Catha- 
rine- ElizabeUi, da^bter of John 
Ounning, Mq. and- has issne, 

1. Willian-Heary Ousning, born 
18tb AmpM, 1835. 

2. John- Bernard. 

3. Edward-Gilpin. 

4. Catberine-Helen. 
Sidward-BeBJUDtn, in holy atdera, H.A. 

rector of Eyam, in Ike oonnty of 
Derby, bon 15th October, ISOO, ■■. 
ed) June, IKH, Jane, fourth daugh- 
ter of Willkn Partridge, esq. of 
Bishop's Wood, HereiM^ire, and 

1. Edward- Arthur, h. 18di Febni- 

arr, 1890. 
3. li^Uiam^erceval. 
<Aarlea-Prederic, in hcriy orders, H. A> 
' > the Kew BsUey, M«d< 




•Omtm, bom 3«fe OcwiMt, INI, m. 
Slrt Atlgnrt, 1890, EUnbelk-Ann, 
dMghter of OeofM HotMoOi Mq. of 

London ksd Yorbuurs, uid hai iMBe. 
Rklurd Chamben, bora 26th Harch, 

1806, died b Jamaica in 1827. 
Sunoel-ltabiDtaik, lientenaot 7th te^- 

ment Bengal natiTe iufadiry, bora 

280) July 18M, m. «tb December, 

1826, MiM Roacbe, abd ha« tuue. 
FntiriO'DMtlilig, UenteHMil 6ib ntp- 

■wnt Bombay nntiTe inlantry, bom 

ISib Jnne, 1907. 
Ednwid-Lloyd, bora 8d) December, 

Anga*tn»-Adam, bora 3711i Febniary, 

Caroline, m. 13th Hay, 1817, to John 

Frederic Foster, eiq. barrister 

law, a magiatrale for Lanoaahire, i 

Maty Ann, «, la Juokry, 
UUb Foater, nq. of KrauMtMe, fi 
Bedfordahirei by whom (*ho died 
b 1839) she hu a ion, Frederick 
Feeler, iMra 17th Jane, 1818. 

Charlotte-Helen, who m. I3tb Augoit, 

18Z7, die Bev. Isaac Dixon, vii ' 

OanMi,iiiHoldeniBM, and has 

Georgiaoa-JabOee, m. to Charles Her- 
bert White, lieutenant 81h Bengal 
lisht oavalry, and has issue. 

Sir William Chamben Ba^sbawa, who was 

gutmie and deputy 'lieutenatit for the 
West Riding of Yorkshire, aud for the 
county of Derby, and also in the commisgiou 
of the peace for Lancashire, died 29th June, 
18B2, and wasj. by his eldeit son, the present 
WiLUAH-JoHN Baqshawb, esq. of Wormbill 
Hall, and of the Oakei. 

Amu — Per pale erminoii and ga. a bugle 
stringed between three roses, all counter- 
changed, barbed and seeded, ppr. quartering 
the enaigniof Gill, WesTBV, and DRiiKe. 

Crttt — A dexter cnbit arm iasuiug out of 
die cloods, the hand ppr. holding a bugle 
horn, or, Uie handle sa. within the strings a 

Xolie — Forma, floe ; fama, flatus. 

£xa/««— WoBHHiu. H*LL,iu the parish 
of TideswcU ; Goosehill Hall. CastUton ; 
and tbe Oaket, In Norton, all In the county 
of Derby. 

&al(— The Oakes, in Norton, near Shef- 
field i Wormbill Hall, near Buxton. 


BOURNE, RALPH, e»C|. of Hiiaerstose Hall, io the county of Stafford, h. 2nd 
Mardi, 1772, m. 21st December, 1T93, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Bagnall, esq. of 
aa ancient family in the same shire, and relict of William Baker, esq. by whom he 
bas aaonly aon, 

Janbs b. nth July, 1706. 

litis geotlenum, who is an acting magistrate and deputy lieutenant for the county of 
StaBord, bas foundod and endowed a beautiful Gothic church and school, at Hilder- 


J*HU BouitNC, esq. of Fenton, in Che 
parish of Stoke-upon- Trent, in the county 
of Stafford, descended from a respectable 
Ainily in Aat shire, espoused, in 1768, Jane^ 
daughter of Joha DnysDU, esq. of Sbelton, 
by Mary, his wife, relict of James Stanua- 
way, esq. and had issue, 
Ralth, hie heir. 
iohm, of Fenton, aserchant, b, 4th April, 

Charles, of Kenton, merchant, b. 21st 
November, 177S, who m. in 1798, 
Hary, daughter of William Edwards, 
esq. of I^ne Delph, in the county of 
fitaford, Uid has Charles, R^ph, 
John, Mary, and Charlotte. 
Holly, m. 41b October, 1794, to William 
Buer, esq. of Fenton, and had Issue. 




Ckartotts, m. in 1S04, to John Pratt, 
eaq. of I^ne Delpb, and had inue. 
Mr. BoDrne d. 23rd August, 17H9, and ma 
hurled at Stoke-Dpon-Trent. Hii eldest son 
and successor is the present RtLPH BoURNE, 
esq. of Hildentone Hall. 

Ama — Arg. on a mount Tcri, and in base 
harry wavy of four of the Geld and azure, a 
cMtle, triple towered gu. two flauncbei of 
the last i on a chief nebul; of the third, die 
■nn in sptendotir between two eattnle* of die 

Cmt — On a moaat v<rt, a P«faMa ta- 
liaot per fesa or and gn. charged on Uie 
body with two fountains ppr. in the mont^ 
a trefoU slipped Tert. 

JtfoKo — Hnc omnia transennl. 

EitolM— The manor of Hilderstone and 
Spot Orange, in the parish of Stone, and 
Fenton Culvert and Fenton Vivian, in the 
parish of Stoke, in the coiuty of Stafford. 

&ai— Hihlnalaae Hall, Staffonlahire. 


FRANCE, JAHES-FRANCE, eaq. of Boatock Hall, in the cmintr of Cheater, b. 
Znd Febniary, 1794, inhented the estatea at the decaaae of hia father, in 1816. Iliu 
gentleman, a m^iitnte and daputj Uentenaat for the conn^ of Cbeater, Mrrad the 
ofieaof b^faabariffin 1821. 


X ojo gai (A, y 

Thoh«s Hayhurst, esq. of 
family, inheriting the fortune of his ancle, 
James France, esq. of Everton, assumed, in 
1?90. in compliance with the testamentary 
injunction of that gentleman, the surname 
and anus of Framce. He hnd issue, 

I. Jahes-Francc, his heir. 

II. Thomas, in holy orders, who m. in 
1831, Helen, eldest daughter of John 
Hosken- Harper, esq. of Darenham 
Hall, in the connty of Chester. 

III. Henr^'Hayhursl, a captain in the 
6th regiment of dragoon enards. 

IV. Sarah,m. to William Wallace Cur- 
rie, esq. son of the late Dr. Currie. 

V. Ellen. 

VI. EliubeOi, m. to Stanley Perceval, 
eaq. of Urerpool. 

VII. Marianne, m. to Myles, eldeal son 
of Mylea Sandys, eaq. of Graylhwaite 
Hall, I^ncashire, 

VIII. Frances. 

IX. Harriet, m. to George littledalc, 
esq. late of Sandown. 

X. Caroline, m. to John, son of John 
Hamilton, esq. of Ham House, in 
the connty of Dublin. 

ATm$ — Aj^. on a mount in base, a hunt 
ppr. a chief wavy as. chained with three 
fleurs-de-lis, or. 

Crttt — A monnt, thereon a hunt, as in the 
arms, from the centre tree a shield pendant 
gules, charged with a Benr-de-Iia or, strap 

Jtfolfo— -Virtus semper viridis. 

Ettatet — The manors of Bostock, Leijjh- 
ton, Stublage, Draklow, Eamshaw, &c. with 
estates in the townships of Moulton, Whar- 
ton, and Hinshull Vernon, all in Cheshire. 
The Everton estate, with a mansion and 
lands in Westmorland, called Wbittington 
Hall, was sold by the present Hr. France, 

£(at— Boftock Hall, near Uiddlewich. 



GARY, HENRY-GEORGE, eaq. of Torr Abbey, io the county of Deroo, b. 5th 
October, 1800, m. 12th July, 1827, Emily- Munro, only child of Robert Shedden, 
«tq. of Brooklaada, in Hamjohire, and haa issue, 

Robert-Shekden-Sulvardk, (. 22Dd June, 1838. 

HcDry-Fnuer-Lorat, b. 4th Noveinber, 1833. 


Agatha- Edith- Doiiin. 

Hr. Cary, who is a m^iatrato for the county of Devon, inherited at the decease of hia 


Tht indent family of Cart derire* iti 
nnamefrom Oie manor of Cart, or Kabi, 
Hit is called in Domesday Book, lying is 
"^ - ' h of St. Giles in the Heath, neai 

In ibe year 1 106, accordine to Sir William 

AnAM DK Karrt, whs Lord of Castle 
Ktrry, in the eonntv of Sonienet. He m. 
An;, daagfaler of Sir William Treret, knt. 
ud left a son and successor, 

John Karry, whose wife was Elizabeth, 
daaghtcT of Sir Richard Stapleton, knL 
1^ son and heir of this marriiige, 

WiujAH Kabrv, was found at his decease 
it Ihe 31st of Edward I. seised of the 
■uuir of West Potworth, and his widow 
poM t ssed of those of Paveston and Karry, 
sear Tiris took. This lady's maiden name 
*u (Alice) Beaumont, and she was (he 
■luster of Sir William Beaumont, knt. 
TIkit son and heir, 

JoBR, or WiuJAM Karry, wedded Phi- 
Upps, dangler of Sir Warine Arahdeacon, 
in and had two sons, vit. Sir William 

Karry, knt. the husband of Margaret, dan, 
of Richard Bozom, of Clovelly, in the county 
of Devon, and 
Sir John Gary, knt. who, with his 

43nd Edwaro HI. He espoused, first, Ag- 
nes, daughter of Lord Stafford, but had no 
issue. He wedded, secondly, Jane, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Sir Guy de Bryen, knt. 
" J Ann his wife, danghter and heir of 
Uliam Holwey, esq. of Holwey) and left 

tt7 J 

Sir John Cart, of Holwey, in the county 
of Devon, who was made a baron of 
the eicheqaer by King RiCHARO II. " In 
this post, says Prince, *' ho continned 
man^ years, manifesting in all his actions 
an inSexible virtue and honesty. And, 
indeed, it fell out at last that he had an 
extraordinary occasion laid before bim, for 
Ihe proof and trval thereof; npon which 
we find he proven as tmo as steel, for the 
greatest dangers could not afiright him from 
bis dn^and loyalty to hia distressed master, 
King Richard II., unto whom he faithfully 
adhered wben roost others had forsaken 
bim : to bis present loss indeed, but to hia 
btnre eternal renown. For in the catas- 
trophe of that king's reign, this reverend 
judge, unable and unwilling to bow, like a 
willow, with every blast of wind, did freely 
and confidently speak his mind. He op- 
posed the proceedings for procurators, in 
regard to his oath, to take King Richard's 
resignation, bis true and undoubted sove- 
reign. This cause be pursued with so much 
zeiU and eameetuess, Uiat at the entrance of 
Henry IV. into the English crown, about 
Ihe year of our Lord 1400. he was by tlia( 
prince banished his coantry. and his goods 
and lands were confiscated. He m. Marga- 
ret, daughter and heir of Robert Holloway, 
and died possessed of Cockington and 




Clorelly, at the former of which he prin- 
cipally reaided. His son and locceMor, 

Sir Robert Carv, knL* wedded, firet, 
Elisabeth, dangfater of Sir Philip Conrtenay , 
of Powderhun, in Seronsfaire, whidi lady 
dying without iMne, he "l. secondly, Jane, 
dangWr of Sir William Haiu^fon), knt. 
and widow of — Wadhim. A proof of thu 
great proweM in arms of thii gallant knight 
It recorded in the following exploit: " In 
the beginning of the reign of HeNRT V, m 
certain knight-errand of Arregon. hdTing 
pnraed throagh direr* countries, and per- 
formed many feata of arms, to his high com- 
inendation, arrived here in England, where 
be challenged any inan of hu rank and 
quality to make tryal of his ralor and skill 
in arms. This challenge Sir Robert Gary 
Accepted ; between whom a crnel enconnler 
■nd ■ longand doubtful combat was waged, 
in Smith field, Loudon. But at length, this 
noble champion Tanqnished the presamp- 
tooDS Arragonois : for which King Henrv 
V. restored nntohim good part of bu father's 
lands, which, for bis loyal^ to King Rich- 
ard 11., he had been depnTed of by King 
Henrv IV. ; and authorized him to bear the 
arnn of the knight of Arragon, vis. ' In a 
Held lilTer, on a bend sa. three white roses,' 
which the noble posterity of thii gentleman 
mntinne to wear unto this day ; for, accord- 
ing to the laws of heraldry, whosoever 
fairly in the field conquen his adTersary 
may justify the bearing of his arms." 

Sir Robert was f.Bthis decease by his son. 

Sir Priup Cikt, kni. of Cockington, in 
the county of Devon, who m. Christian, dan. 
and heir of William Orchard, of Orchard, 
in Somersetshire, by whom (who wedded, 
■ecoodly, Waller Portuian, see p. S3, vol. i). 
ha had a son and snccessor, 

Sm William Carv, knt. who felt in the 

wedded, first. EliEebeth, daugfater of Sir 
William Paulel, of Hinton St. George, in 
the county of Somerset, and had a aon, 
RoBt^KT, bis heir. IRi Kcond wife was 
Alice, daughter of Sir Baldwin Fnlford, of 
Fulford, in the county of Devon, knt. and 
by her he wa« father at 

THnWAB-CART, of Chilton Foliot, in the 
county of Wilts, who m. Hanrarel, 
danghter and heir of Sir Robert Spen- 
cer, knt. tn> Alianore, daughter and 
co-heir of EdmoDd Beanfort, Duke of 
Somerset, (refer to Burke's Extinet 
Peeraae) and had issue, 
I. John (Sir), of Plesby, and of 
Thremball Priory, in Essex, m. 
Joyce, dau. of 'Thomas Denny, 
esq. of Chesbunt, in the coim^ 

* Sir Robert'* brotlur was Bishop of Eietsr. 

of Hertford, sister of Sir An- 
thony Denny, knt and relict of 
William Walsingham, and had 
WvMOND (Sir), of Snettiiham, 
in Norfolk, who m. Cathe- 
rine, daughter and co-heir 
of Sir John Jern^ao (now 
Jerningham), and relict of 
Henry Crune, of Chilling- 
ton, esq. but died issueleaa, 
13th April, 1612. 
Edward (Sir), of Berkham- 
stead, in the county of Hert- 
ford, master of the Jewel 
Office to Qveea Guzabeth, 
and to Kmo Jahes I. m. 
Catherine, daughter of Sir 
Henry Knerit, knt and bis 
eldest son,* 
Sir Henry Carv, knt 
was created Viscount 
Pauls LAND, in Scot- 
2. William.m. to Hary,f youngest 
daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyue, 
Earl of Wiltshire and Ormonde, 
and sister of Anne Boleynb, 
the unhappy consort of Henry 
VIII. by whom (who wedded 
secondly. Sir William Stafford, 
knt^ he had a son, 
Hesrt Cabv,I who was cre- 
ated by his cousin, Qvetn 
EuZABETH, Baron Hnn«- 
den. See Burkc's Extinet 

Sir William Cary was«. by Us elder eoni 
Rorert Cart. esq. of Cockington, irho 

wedded, first, Jane, danghter of Sir Ni- 
cholas Carew, knt aniT li 

> iMul two aona. 

I. John, of Cary, who ■■. lane, dangh* 
ter and heir of Edmand Derick, e«q, 
of OakhamptoB, and had Ime, 

* He bsd two othn boos. Sib Adolpsdi CAaT 
who died witbont isras, ud Sia Puur Cabt, 
of Marrawbone Puk, Middleaei. whoae son 
JoHH CiRT, iwi. of Stuwdl, muter of the buck 
boaads to Kin; Chaslu II. bid two sons, who 
both di«d in bovbood, ind twu daaghurs, Euu- 
■ETR «. to Sir Humphrey Brign. but. of HsDEb- 
toD, in the county of Stlop, Bad Aim, m. to Wit- 
liwD, liith Lord Willoogbby, otPubm. 

t At T«T Abbay is p r ss mn d the Tshnbla 
pedigne dnwn up by tbe Hermld't College, si 
ibe exprea order of Queen Anne Boletn. It 
begin* tbo«, " This pedigree contain! ■ brief of 
thM most ancient bnily end saniuie of the 
Cvyet. of Cuye, in the counlie of Derm, and it 
■howi that bow the Aonily *ru conaected with 
tbe noUe hODiei of Besuford. Beuiehunp, Span- 
eer, Soaietset, Bryan. FuHtnd, Orebird, Hol- 

J His faarth am, Robsrt Cabt, was iiiUil 
Eabl or llanMom, 




I. RoBCRT, hii bpjr, who m. a 
daoffbter of Alexander WnlU- 
comb, and had two sons, Lano- 
celot and Richant. 

3. Thoraas, m. Elizahel]i, daughter 
or Sir John Fulford, kni. and 
widow of Humphrey Arundel, 
and had wveral chiluen. 

3. John, d. i.p. 

4. Harv.n.toHumphreySteveni. 
6. EIJ£al)elh, m. to Thomas Wal- 
ton, of Sometstitshire. 

11. Thomas, of whom presently, as in- 
heritor of Cockington. 
Robert Cary m. secondly, A|^es, daughter 
ef Sir William Hody, kat. of PiUesdon, in 
ike coDDh' of Doraet, and had a son, 
- ni. William, who m. Joan, daughter of 
John Herle, esq. of PHdeaux, in 
Cornwall, and bad two sons, Robert 
and William. 
He opoused, thirdly, Margaret, daughter 
■ad heir of William Fulkeram, esq. of 
Dufanonlh, and had another son, 

IV. Etobert, upon whom he conferred 
Clotelly,iDthenorthorDeTon. This 

Sentleman m. Margaret, daughter of 
ohn Hilliton, esq. of Pengarseke, 
ia the county of Cornwall, and dying 
ibont the year 1&7S, was i. by his 
eldest son, 
Geokge Cart, of Oorelly,* which 
residence (et'rfe Risdon) conti- 
nued In tbe name of Cajy until 
tbe year K24. 
Tk second soa of Robert Cary, sen. 

.Thomas Cast,, esq. inbarited the lands of 
lytlRgton asd Chilion. He esponsed 
Mjry, daofhter of John Soaftcot, esq. of 
Ba<7 Tracy, ia Devonshire, and had isane, 
, . I. George (Six), bis heir. 
II. Richard, lifiog in 1614. 
ni, Gregory. 
IT. Arthar. 

». John, of Dudley, in the county of 
Stafford, «■. a daughter of — Norton, 
•nd had issue, 

1. John, married, and left issue. 

2. Edward, of whom presently, as 

Earl inberilor of the properly of 
is nncle, Sir George Cary, tbe 

3. Thomafl, of Monshall, in the 
coanly of Stafford, m. Hartha, 
danghter of William Stenard, of 
Rowley, in the same shire, and 
died in 1«4. He was father of 

Fob a Carr. 

daughter of Richard Nan- 
fantjOftbe county of Glou- 
cester, and dying in 1664, 
left several sons; 
Edward Cary, of Housball. 
4.' Edward, d. *. p. 
ft. George, who Inherited Cock- 
ington, and the remainder of itis 
uncle, the lord deputy's, estates, 
IN. EJizabelh, daughter of Sir 
Edward Seymour, bart. of Berry 
Pomeroy , in the county of Devon, 
and had, with tiiree younger 
sons and a daughter, 
Sir Henry Cary, knt. This 
gentleman was sheriff of the 
county of Devon in the I tjlh 
of Charles 1. and during 
the civil wara devoted him- 
self and his fortune to the 
■«rvicea of that unhappy 
prince. Having thus con- 
SDued a considerable estate 
when the royal canse fell, 
he was forced to fly his na- 
tive land. The house of 
Stuart was not, however, 
unmindful of aacb ilisinte- 
rested devotion, for when 
the Duke of Ormond, in « 
succeeding reign, appeared 
off Torr Bay, he assured 
tbe fhmily, On tbe part of 
his royal maater. The Che- 
VALIGK, of that prince's 
rec<^ilioii of their great 
services, and of bis wish to 
grant them high honors, and 
honora.b1e indemnification, 
in pledge of which be had 
sent them his father. King 
James the Second's piclnre, 
with that of his mother, the 
queen, inclo«ed in a silver 
box. This memorial * fs 
now preserved at Follaton 

e. Dndley, married and had issue. 
Thomas Cary was succeeded at bis decease 
by bis eldest son. 

Sir Gborqe Cary, knt. of Cockington, 
treasurer of Ireland, and afterwards Tord- 
depuly. " Sir George Cary, upon what 
motive or encouragement I do not find," says 
Prince, In his Wortbies of Devon, "went 
into Ireland, where he grew in great esteem 
widi Ibe government, and was preferred 

* It L«s been asserted, md not without pnibt- 
bilily, [h« tbe n' ■ - ' ' " " "" 

queen, which an 
lias to this iaj, vrere given n h 
propecly ipesliing, u royal bonds lor mooin lent, 
■nd estates alienited, in the service of the royal 
house of Stuait. 




Irrnsiirer of nnn, an Uigh nod houoarnble 
pMt in that kingdoin, \n wbicb he did coo- 
tiuue MTeral yean, even to ihe death of Eli- 
zabeth ; md then (he Lord Hountioy, at 
thai time lord-depuly therr.beinz willing to 

fo to England, to congratnlnle King littEs 
.upon hia coming to litis crowii.and to be 
nearer the beaniB of that new-risen eun in 
our betnisphere ; in his iuatructions to Sir 
Henry DaTen, whom he sent express to the 
said iiug, recommended lo bis majesty Sir 
George Carj, treasarer at wars, as tbe Dltest 
person to succeed him in that high and ho- 
nourable place. Sir George Cuy took np 
bis bonoimible iword in a stormy tempestu- 
ous time, when thai kingdom waa atrangely 
actuated with the spirit of rebellion, wbicb 
occasioned bim mnch trouble daring the 
tittle space he held it. Sir George did not 
continue in Ibis goTemtuent much more than 
a year, and then Sir Arthur Ghicbester, with 
better fortune, succeeded bim therein. Not 
long after this Sir George Gary returned 
into England, and retired to hia seat at 
Cockington, where, being grown lomewhal 
aged, he resolred to live the residue of his 
days to God and himself; and knowing how 
pleasing a sacrifice to God charity and good 
deeds are, he purposed to do something for 
tbe poor, and accordingly he set about 
building of sereu alma-houses for their use 
and comfort." 

Sir George m.finl,WiliDot,daa0iterand 
heir of John Gifford, esq. of Yeo, in the 
county of Devon, and had issue, 

George, who pre-deceased hia father, 

Anne. n. to Sir Richard Edgcorob, kut 

of Mount Edgeomb, 
Jane, d. t. f. 
He espoused, secondly, Lettiee, eldest 
daughter of Robert Lord Rich, fiiat earl of 
Warwick, butby her (who m. secondly,Sir 
Arthur Lake, knt.) he had no children. Sir 
George died in 1616, and was ». by his ne- 

Sib Edward C*ry, knt. of Marldon, in 
the county of Devon, styled in.tho family 
pedigree*, " of Exbteb," tbe place probably 
of bis birth. The following curioiis account 
of this gentleman appeared in the Exeter 
News. " About tbe year 1625, Mr. Gary 
received tbe bonour of knighthood in Ire- 
land, and shortly after established himself 
« Stanlor Barton, within Marldon Pariah. 
Here he soon became notM for abaenting 
himself from tbe Protestant Church. De- i 
nounced for refusing to join in tbe Common 
Prayer of tbe Church of England, be was 
convicted on the Iflth March, 1029, of being 
a PopUh recusant: still he contrived to 
elude the payment of £30 per month for 

• Conpiled by Richard Msaion. Porteullii 
PuruiiTint of Arma, Jtth Saptember, I7l9. 

adbcRng to tbe dictates of his 
At lost, a writ was issued from Ihe Crown 
Office, and directed to John Davie, esq. 
high aheriff of Devonshire, to procMd 
against him. An inquisition was accord- 
ingly held, in the pariah of St. Thomaa, near 
Exeter, on 1st October, 1630; and tbe high 
aberiff'a return certiGes, that Sir Edward 
Cary was then seised of the manors of St. 
Hary Church, Coffinswell. Northlewe, Ash- 
water, Bradford, Ahbotesham, Stockley als 
Meeth, and Goodley, aUo of an estate called 
Est Kimber, of 90 acres, of Middlelake, 
containing 41 acres, of M on ehouse, contain- 
ing of 91 acres, Dobles Thome, compre- 
hending &3 acres, Gaston or Gaaon, trf fi& 
acrea, also 70 acres In Yeo, at Allington ; 
63 acres in Cockington. 6 acres in Aiahen- 
^ or Alverdiseolt, 27 acrea in Wisdand, 
Cherybere, and Delton, 87 acres in Parva- 
cott, Thornedon, and Peworthy, 13 acres in 
Inatowe and Bradnorthy, 130 acres at 
Westweeke and Bondehouse, within tbe 
parishes of Lamerlon and Broadwoodwirer; 
and a third part of a cottage in Bedyford. 
By law, the crown was now entitled to take, 
seize, and enjoy all tbe goods and chattels, 
and two parts of the recited lands, tene- 
ments, and hereditaments; but by letters 
patent under the great seal, bearing date 
34th June, 1634, and enrolled in the Pipe 
Office. 20th October, in the sane year. King 
Charles I. was pleased to release and par- 
don all the arrears to the said Sir Edward 
Cary, hi* beirs, executors, and admini- 
strators. At the aame time bis Mtyesty 
Knted tbe above-mentioned estates to 
imas Risden and Christopher Maynard, 
gentlemen, to hold the sane from Lady 
Day, 1632, during tbe complete term of 41 
years, by tbe yearly rent to the crown of 
£136. I3f. 4ii. payable nt Udy Day^ and 
Michaelmas, in even portions. These les- 
sees, however, were fully empowered and 
authorized to grant their lease of the whole 
or part of the recited property to the aaid 
Sir Edward Cary, or lo any person or per- 
sons for hia own use and beneGt, uotwith- 
atanding the statute, anno tertio Jacobi I. 
* An Act for the better discovery and re- 
pressing of Popiah Recusants.' And so long 
as the said Sir Edward Cary continae^ to 
pay into the exchequer the aaid yearly sum 
of £136. 13j. 4(j. both he and his wife are 
directed to remain unmolested by suramons 
and legal process in his majesty s courts of 
law, and to be exempt from all pains and 
penalties by reason of their past recusancy, 
or their future absence from church, chapel, 
or place of common prayer," 

" This royal indulgence, unfortunately 
for Sir Edward Cary, was but of short du- 
ration. The civil wars commenced, and all 
the fiiry of puritanic neal and cruelty was 
let loose on the unoffending Catholics. lu 
the State Paper Office is Ihe 'Catalogue of 



Pa|>Mti tkal hav« been lequestered in Dctod 
nnce the happy redacem«nt of the Hid 
roaoly to Ihe obedience of p&rliament, i. e. 
Mnce MiT, 1846.' and there we find the 
aaoie of Sir EctwrnrdCarf. knt. Two-thirds 
ttf Ua income were unrelentingl}' seized for 
the K<>od of the atate, as we collect from the 
cemGed retorna of eth April, 1048. and 
tSth Scmlembcr, 1048 ; aod Ibe committee 
of both hooaea of parliament for plundered 
■uktSTS, iasoed an order, 2nd June, 16A9, 
that ' £00 be paid and allowed out of the 
«TFrpla* profits of the impropriate rectories 
of Mcr^iJiDrch and Pai^tou, sequestered 
fnm Sit Edward Cory, recusaDi, for id' 
c>— in of maintenance of Witliam Randal), 
tiiniater of Berry Pomeroy.' In the mean 
■hQe, Sir Edward, in the true spirit of a 
person devoted to his reli^on, gloried in 
the peisecntion, and took joyfully the spoil- 
^ of his goods, knowiuf; that he bad in 
bearen a better and eoduring substance. 
He wonld not accept deliTerance, in order 
(hat he inq^ht obtain a better resurrection. 
Ob the 14tb Jane, 16M, (et 80, tbe Al- 
B^ty crowned his fidelity with a happy 
death. Hi> mortal remains were deposited 
in Ihe chancel of Harldon Church, on the 
13lh Jnoe." 

Sir Edward Carj m. Margaret, daughter 
of — BlacUiurst, of Lancashire, and had 
two sons and a daughter, Tii. 

I. GeoRQE (Sir) his inccessor. 

II. Thomaa, of Stantor, in tfaecountyof 
Deron, at. Lucy, daughter of Simon 
HHne, and bad, 

/obn.whoM. Anne, daughter of — 

Allwell, and had isane. 
Benedict, m. to a Scottish lady. 

III. Aune, M. to Sir George Sonthcotl. 
Be was i. by bis elder son, 

Sia Gboroc Cabv, who received the ho- 
•or of knighthood from King Chiirles I. at 
Greenwich, Srd July, 1033. He wedded, 
irat, Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Han- 
aera, kuL* bywbombehadasonanddangh- 
leT, wbo both died young. Sir George 

espoused, secondly, , daughter of — 

Browne, of Hampshire, but had no issae. 
Re m. thiidty, Elizabeth, dnughter of Tho- 
Baa Wells, esq. of Brambridge, in Ihe 
onanty of Southampton, and had, 

I. Edward, his heir. 

II. George, living unmarried in 1701. 

III. Chrmtopher, m. a daughter of E. 
Glanvile, bat living in 1701 withoat 

IV. Job*, went over to Porta gnl with the 
Qwen Dowager, and was living there 
■■ 1701. He m. a Portnguese lady 
of Bie Dame of Vasconcelos. 

*. Blinbeth, as. to Sir Thomas Hanby, 
kuL of Brentwood, in Esaei. 

VII. Margery. 

vil). Constance, m. to Geoi^, second 
brother of Sir Waller Blount, ban. 
Sir George Cary. who parcbasi^ Torh Ab- 
bey from the earl of LondondtTry, died 27th 
May, 1078, and nas (. by his eldest son, 

Edward Gary, esq. of Torr Abbey, who 
m. Mary, second danghler and co-heir of 
Richard Pelsont, esq. by Anneit his wife, 
relict of TbomsaSaTiIe, earl of Sussex, and 
daughterof Christopher Villiers, first earl of 
Anglesey. Bvthis lady he had issue, 
GeoRoe, his heir. 

f^^J^' \ presumed to have d. s, p. 
William, who m. Miss Dorothy Rowe, 
and had two sous and a dangnter, *ii. 
1. George, who succeeded his 

uncle al Torr Abbey. 
3. Edward, father of the present 
Georab Stanley Cary, esq. of 
PoUaton. (See Carv of Foi- 

3. Dorothy, m. in 1704, to Edward 
Meynell, esq. of Yarm and Kil- 

Prwuns, diied unmarried. 


Mr. Cary was t. al his decease by his eldest 

Georqe Caby, esq. of Torr Abbey, born 
1686, who wedded Anne, dan. of Hugh 
Lord Clifford, but, dying Ist October, 17M, 
withoat issne, the estates passed to the chil- 
dren of his brother William ; George, and 
Edward, by the elder of whom, 

George Cary, esq. he was succeeded at 
Torr Abbey. This gentleman m. Cecilia 
Fagnani, and had issue, 

I. George, his heir. 

II. John, bom 17th February. 1770, 
who m. first, Sophia, dau. of Thomas 
Sulyard, esq. and died 19th March, 
1820, leaving issue, 

t Thia'lidy wis beir to bn- brother, Cbidsi 
VUlien, iscimd Eirl of An^User. Sia Gaoaoi 
ViLuiat, hj his iroood wiie, Mary Beaumont, 
hid thrmmii, 

Joho (Sir), cmted VucotiiiT FDasici. 

George, cicued Dull op BvciiNoaAM. 

Chriitaphar, created Easl or Aholbit. 

fiiirjct'l EKincl and DarmaU Pmragl. 
When John Villi«n, fcniid»n of Robert Wright, 
aliii Howard, tba ilkgitimite Km of Fnacei, iha 
rspudisted wife of John, Viioount Farbsck. is- 
■DiiiHltheEuldoniof BuekingbimitDdeUiawdths 
IiM dnka'i tMMM, Eliiibetb, CanatMs of Cutls- 
biTMi, iha Lwlj Frwicei Brudenell, and Has. 
MiiT Cart, petilionsd. is lawful liain of th* 
Dakeaf BurkinKbimiitliiit s cluK be insensd in 
the bin lor the Mie of hia eisce'i eitatM, giving 
to Ihem llie surpluHge, produced bj lbs »id ule, 
bejood thejuil debu. 



1. HbhbT, now "of ToiT Abbey." 

2. Bernard. 

3. Lucias. 

4. Hugh. 

A. John. 

6. SophU, ai. to Charlea StoDor, 
eaq. aod Kaa isane. 

B. Susan. 

0. Harj-Aune. 
Mr. John Car; wedded, secondly, 
Hiss Johnaon, of the connty of Nor- 
folk, and fay her had one daughter, 

!;:S?SS,i '»»■■"•'■•'■• 

V. Mary, m. to J. P. Chichester, eaq. 
of ATlinglaii, and had a daaghter, 
Mary, the wife of Thomas Fiizher- 
faert, eiq. of SwinoBrton. 

VI. Frwiceg, m. ia 1795, to Henry 
Stonor, esq. of San L»car, in Spain. 

George Cary m. secoMdly, Frances Stonor, 

rdkt of Thomas Oifford, esq. of ChilUngtoti, 
•nd had farther issue, 

VII. Charles, [ „,„ . , _ 

VIII. Walter, S ''""'■'■''■ 

IX. Hary-Anne, whom. first, J(An Pal- 
ton, jno. esq. of Thnmham Hall ; 
and secondly, Sir John HayfordTbo- 
rold, hart, of Hanton. 

X. Georgiana, m. to Francis Langan, 

Hr. Cary d. in 1806, and wa* *. by hb eldest 

Geohoe Cakt, esq. of Ton Abbey, who 
■M. Miss Franklin, bnt, dying withont issne, 
was t. by his nephew, the present Hemrv 
CiRT, esq. of TORR Abbey. 

Arm* — Aig. on a bend s«. three rosea of 
the first. 

Crtit — A swan ppr. 

Afotto— Virtnle eicerptte. 

EUatf—Toit Abbey ; and St. Mary 
Chnreh, in the county of Devon. 

Seat— Torr Abbey, Torquay. 


CARY, GEORGE-STANLEY, esq. of Follaton, in the connty of Devon, b. in 1 780, 
m. in 1821, Matilda, second daughter of Sir Richanl 
Bedingfeld, bart. of Oxburg-h Hall, in the county of 
Norfolk, by Charlotte-G«org;iana, his wife, only sister of 
Gearg«- William, present Lord Stafford, and baa issue, 

Stanley- Ed ward-George, 

Camilla- Annabella. 





Mr. Caiy succeeded to the estates apoo the demisa of his 
father, in 1822. He is a magistrate and deputy lieu- 
tenaDt of the coanty of Devon. 


This is the nearest collateral branch of 
the ancient family of Cary, of Torr Abbey, 
(see p. 37). 

Edward Cary, esq. second son of Wil- 
liam Gary, esq. and grandson of Edward 
Cary, esq. of Torr Ab^y, purchased Folia- 
Ion, in the county of Devon, and there Eealed 
himself. He esponsed* Camilla- Annabella, 
elilest daughter of Gilbert-Fane Flemii]g,t 

* Mr. Guy n. leeoadly, Miu Fenatl, sister of 
Boger Ferrall, eiq. but bj her hsd do imie. 

t Mr. Fuia Finning wu aoa of the Hon. Gil- 
bert FlemiDE, Uenleiunt-genrnil of the LsawBrd 
IsUndi, Uia second daughter n.SiiJohnBriKit, 

esq. by the Lady Camilla Bennet, sister of 
Charles, fourth Earl of Tankerville, and 
had, with a younger son, Edward, and a 
daughter, Camilla, who both d. unnuuried, 
a son and successor, the present Georoe 
Stanley Cary, esq. who by his marriage 
with Matilda, daughter of Sir Richard be- 
dingfeld, has become connected with the 
noble catholic families of Stafford, Petrc, 
Clifford, Dillon, Kenmare, &c. 

i bend 



Onf*— First, forCARV, a twan ppr. ; m- 
rawl, for Plbminu, a dexter haAd in ar- 
moor, bolding a aword, all ppr. 

Matte — Virtale es«erptK. 

EtUta — fn the coBti|iiaua puitbea of 
Harberton, Totnea*, and Dartmgton, Id the 

coaoty of Deioa, toffeflMW with' eilea give 
poMeMJotia Id the Weat IndieB, infaeriled 
frotD bis maleroal grett-graiidfather, Hon. 
GQUrt Fleming. 
Seai — Pollalan Houae, near Tatneu. 


BRANDUNG, THE REV. RALPH-HENRY, of Gwforth Hoom, im Northomber- 
lond, of Middleton Lot^, ia Yoibhire, and of ShottoD 
Hall, in the county of Dnriiam, b. 20th November, 
1771, m. 12th Apiil, 1796, Emma, fourth daughter of 
OldGeld BowIm, esq. of North Aaton, in Oxfordshire, 

Charle>-John, a. 14fh NoTcinber, 1797, m. Henrietta, 
TDnngeBt daughter of Sir G. ArmjtagG, bart of 
Kirktees, and baa one con and a daoRhter. 

Elisabeth, m. to Colonel Sir Thomas-Hcnrj Browne, 
of Bronwylfa, in FlintBhire, and has ijsue. 

Haiy, m. to her ooaain, Charles Bell, captain R. N. 

Mr. Brandling, a magiatrate and deputy lieutenant for 
the coonties of York (W. R.), Northumberland, and 
Durham, inherited the estates at the decease of his 
brother, in 1826. 


The name of BlUNDUNo occurs at a Tery 
Ctrl; dale in the records of Norlluunber- 

JoHH Bkandung, (grandson of William 
Bnndling, by Hary, Bister and co-heir of 
— Browne, "CaptBine of Callice," and eon 
of Robert Brandling, by a dangbter of 
WtUiam Selbie) was sheriff of Newcastle in 
ISOb, and mayor in 1000, I6I2, 161A, and 
1530. He «. Elisabeth, daugfatra of Wil- 
UuD Hdye, and had iosne, 

I. RoBBBT (Sir), bis heir. 

II. Thomas, who had two sons. 

WiLUiiK, heir to his nnde. 

Cornelius, of Newcastle on Tyne, 
died in Jane, IG80, leaving by 
his wife, Mary, two sons, Robert 
and CoTneliuB, 

III. Henry, plaintiff {10th Elisabeth) in 
a trial at York, against his nephew, 
WiUian Brandling, for part of the 
family estate. He m. fint, Marga- 
ret, dangbter of Christopher Midford, 
alderman of Newcastle, and had a 
son, Robert, who left isane, and a 
daughter, at. to — Belby, esq. He 
wedded secondly, Ursula, daughter 
ud heiress of William Bncklon, esq. 

of Bucktou, in the comity of York> 
and relict of George CoUingwood. 
esq. of Eslington, by whom ne letl 
at his decease in IG78, 

1. Richard, Lord of Bucktou, in 
the county of York, who m. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony 
Byrde, esq. of Thomope. Hr. 
Brandling died in 1606, leaving 

2. William, who m. Satherine 
Fermor, and if. in 1606. 

3. Ursula, m. to William Carre, 
esq. of Forde. 

4. Anne, m. toNiDyanShafto, esq. 
of Newcastle, ancestor of the 
families seated at Benwell and 
Whitwohth, (See page 48, 
Vol. i.) 

IV. Dorothy, n. to Peter Ridell, mer 
chant of Newcastle. 

V. Katberine, m, to — Bnrtfleld, esq 

VI. Margaret, M. to Edwsrd Taylor, of 

VII. Eleanor, m. to — Forster, esq. 
The eldest bod. 

Sir Ralph BniNnuHa, sbeiiff of New- 
castle in 1C84, and maysr in 1&3S, I&36, 



Catherine, sister and heiret* of Tbomu 
Sartees, psq. of Dinsdale, in the pklatiDale. 
By MiM Place, Sir Robert acquired Felling 
and Gotfnrth, and had an only daughter, 
Anne, who died i. p. Sir Robert Brand- 
ling dying ihoB, without male ianie, in 1668, 
the representalion of the family devolved 
upon hia nephew, 

WiLUAM Brindunq, esq. of Felling, who 
m. Anne, dan. of George Helye, esq. and Inr 
her (who wedded for her aecuod husband, 

worth, esq. of Chester Deanery, and a son, 
Robert Brandung, esq. " heire of the 
Felling," baptited 23rd Janoary, 1674-6. 
This gentleman was high-sheriff of Nortb- 
umherland in 1617. He m. first, Jane, 
daughter of Francis Wortley. esq. of Wort- 
Icy, in the county of York, by whom (who 
if. in 1006-7) he had issue, 

I. Franck (Sir), his heir. 

II. Thomas, t.34tb February, 1696-6. 

III. Richard, living in 1633, then of 
Whitehall, in the eonnly of North- 

IV. John, of Newcastle, who died in 
1635, leaving issue by bis wife. Troth, 
(who m. secondly, Richard Vincent, 
esq. of Great Smealon). 

V. Ralph, who d. ontn. 

VI. William, who d. young. 

VIII. Elizabeth, m. to George Wray, 
e»q. of Beamish, in Durham. 
Mr. Brandling eipooied aecondly, Mary, 
daughter of Tliomas Hilton, esq. Lord of 
Hilton, and had two other sons, viz, 

I. Roger, a captain of horse, slain in 
the royal cause. 

II. Robert, of Leathley, in the county 
of York, captain of a troop of Dra- 
goons, under Edward Grey, brother 
to Lord Grey, of Wark, anrd subse- 

JnentW colonel of a regiment under 
le Harqnis of Newcastle. He m. 
Helen, daughter of Arthur Ltndley, 
of Leathley, and widow of Sir Ingram 
Hopton, knt. of Annley, by whom be 
bad four daughters; the youngest, 
Alathea, m. to Henry Hitch, esq. son 
and heir of the Very Rev, Robert 
Hitch, D.D. Dean of York. 
Ro >ert Brandling, of Felling, wa* t. a 
de .ease by his eldest eon. 

Sir Francis Branduno, knt. of Alnwick 
Abbey, in the county of Northumberland, 
i. 6lh April, 1506. This gentleman repre- 
sented Northnmberland in Parliament in 
1623and1636. He ai. first, Elisabeth, fonrlb 

dau. of Sir Ralpli Grev, knt. of Chillingham, 
and, secoodly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
William Pitt, of Strathfieldsay, in the county 
of Hants, and relict of Richard Wheeler. 
esq. By his frst wife. Sir Francis had 

I. Charles, hia beir. 

II. Ralph, a cavalier commander, slain 
at Maaton Hoor. 

III. Robert,ofWhitehonge,in die parish 
of Alnwivk, who m. Margaret Fora- 
ter, and died in 1664-6, leaving issue. 

IV. Francis, gnnrdian to hi* nephew, 
Robert of Alnwick Abbey. He m. 
Miss Mary Armorer, of Ellingham, 
and dying in 1667, left issue, 

1. Ralph, ofHoppen,whoai, twice, 
and bad, with a son Thomas, who 
d. I. p. three danghten, Frances, 
m. to Nicholas Forster, eaq. 
Mary, m. in 1713, to Edward 
Cook, esq. of Togston, and Mar- 

3. Francis, sometime of Lild« 
Eden, in Ibe coonty of Dnrbam, 
merchant adventurer, who m. 
Miss Abigail Wilkinson, and 
had three sons, and three daugk- 
ten, of vihom the eldest daugh- 
ter wedded Thomas Ilderton, 
esq. of Ilderton. 

3. William, who d. onm. 

4. Frances, m. to Henry Bowes, 
gent of Ellingham. 

6. m. to Bryan Gray, esq. of 

6. m. to John Wilky, esq. of 


V. Thomas, of Hoppen, in Northnm- 
berland, who m. Eleanor Fenwick, 
but if. «. p. in 1700. 

Sir Francis Brandling died In 1641, and 
was (. by his eldest son, 

Charles Brandung, esq. of Alnwick 
Abbey, a colonel in the army. This gen- 
tleman espoused, in 1650, Anne,* daughter 
and sole heiress of Robert ^'iddrineton, 
esq. by whom (who m. secondly. Sir Richard 
Neile,t knt.) be bad issne. 

* Some seeoonlB tuj thit this Anns beemu 
the wiila of Ralph Pbossj. and, by him, had an 
only daughter, Anne, snccesdvsly wif* of Charles 
Brandling, snd Sir Richard Neils. — Budgtoii'i 

t Ha wM encased ia the serviee of Bishop 
CoDsins, bnt an intamperste snd eztrsTSfsnt man ; 
and mcombered Presay and Shotbm with snch 
heavy mortgagea that tboae «t«fn were conveyad 
in coniiderstitm of £7000. Ui ThomH RMldilTe, 
«w]. of Ditsbw. TLis Richud Meile, by patent 
baia Bishop Coosias, ind Mirch. 1667, wu made 
und«i iberiff of Durhmn. He was alga higfa- 
shsHfforNiuthambeilsiidinl687-BS. HU dder 





II. Ralph, VtacceiaiTe proprietors. 
1)1. Charlu.J 

IV, Hary,M.flrsttaA]exBDdeTAraco(es, 
«M. of Pencher, uid wcoodly, to 
iohn lAinbe, teq. ot West Herring- 

Charlea Brandling dt«d aboDt the yeu 1665, 
and wms «. by hii eldest son, 

Robert BRitNOUNg, esq. of Alnwick 
Abbe;f, then nnder age. He nt. Maiy, 
damgtiter of WiUiam Hodgson, esq. of Win- 
btoD, in the county of DarhaiD, bnt dying 
ID 1661, without mrTTfing issne, was t. by 
bia brother, 

Ralth Branduno, esq. of Felling, bom 
Tfli DeceiDber, 1662, who m. Anne, daugh- 
ier and heiress of John Leghe, esq. of Hid- 
dleloa, in the county of York, and thus ac- 
quired tlutt estate : dying, UoweTer, *. ;i. he 
wrised it and his other potseB«ions to his 
wly mrriTing brother, 

Charles Bhanduno, esq. of Felling, who 
m. Margaret, daughter of John Grey, esq. 
of Bowich, and had, with a daughter, Mary, 
who died unmarried, a son and heir, 

Raltb Brandlino, en), of PellinR. This 
gentleman m. 21sl August, 1729, Eleanor, 
daughter of — Ogle, esq. of Egllngham, 
aod left at his decease, in 1749, two sur- 
Tiring ions ; Ralph, who died at Tours, in 
>''raoce, aged 21, in 17&1, and 

Ch.(RLes Branduno, esq. of Gosforth, in 
the county of Northumberland, elected 
M.P. for Newcastle in 17»4. ITiM.aud 1796. 
He wedded Elisabeth, daughter and heiress 
~ ^~ Qthe 

Charlu-Jokn, his heir. 
Ralph-Henry, successor to his bro- 

Robert-Wniiam, of Low Gosforth, bar- 
rister-at-law, in the commisaion of 
die peace for the county of Norlh- 
tunberlnnd, who n. MaiY, daughter 
of Thomas Jaques, esq. of Leeds, and 
has four sons and Sto dai^hters. 

Eleanor, m. first, to William Ord, esq. 
of Fenham, in Northumberland, and 
secondly, to Thouas Creevey, esq. 
M.P. She i. at Brussels in 1818. 

Margaret, m. to Rowland Bnrdon, esq. 
of Castle Eden. 

Elisabeth, m. to Ralph William Grey, 

MMter, Willion Neila, asq. ma ■ icholar and 
pUonpbn' of gro« promiie, but hlling in love 
■U OM of the Diuds of bonor, mnd not beii^ 
iM« u piD his biker's conaait to iBSiiy her. was 
Mid vilb ■ deep meUncbo^, sad died 4th An- 
IW. 1670, at Wbiis WaltLun, in Berkshiic, 
■1b* tb«e is a aMMimwnt to his nuoiaiy. — Ibid. 

esq. of Backwortb, in Northnmher- 

Barbara, ni. to the Rer. James Ord, of 
Langton, in Leicestershire. 

Mary, d. unmarried. 

Anna, nt. to Colonel F. Griffidis, of the 
Royal Artillery. 

Sarah, m. to Matt. Bell, esq. of Wol- 
sington, in Northumberland. 
Mr. Brandling, who served the office of 
sheriff for Northumberland in 1781, was*, at 
his decease by bis eldest son, 

Charles-John Branduno, esq. of Gos- 
forth, who wedded Frances-Elixabeth, dau. 
of WiUiam Hawksworth, esq. of Hawks- 
worth, in the county of York, but had no 
issue. On his father accepting the Chiltern 
Hundreds in 1797, Mr. Brandling sncceeded 
to the representation of the borough of 
Newcastle, which he continued to represenl 
until 1812. At the ^neral election in 1820, 
he was chosen knight of the shire fur 
Northumberland. Mr. Brandling died Ist 
February, 1826, and was (. by bis next 
brother, the present Rev. Ralph-Hbnry 
Brakduno, of Gosforth. 

Armt — Go. a cross patonce arg. in the 
chief point an escallop shell of the secono. 

Cretl — A stump of an oak tree couped 
and erased, from the top issuing flames of 
fire, from the sinister asprigwith one acorn 
and leaves, all ppr.* 

JlfuMo— Fide et virtute. 

Eitalet—In the counties of Nortbomber- 
land, York, and Durham, 

Seati — Gosforth House, Northomber- 
land ; Hiddleton Lodge, W. R. of York- 
shire ; and Shotton HaU, county of Durham. 

\* The following extmordinary depo- 
sitions, regarding this family, occur in a 
tattered volume amongst the mouldering re- 
cords of the Consistory Court of Durham : 

" George Young, of Alnwick, says he has 
been for seventeen years Serjeant to the 
bayliCTe of Alnwick, duriag which time he 
knew Mr. Edward Delavall, and atUr him 
Mr. Robert Huschnmpe and Mr. John Fary, 
successively deputy-constables of the castle 
of Alnwicke, and that they sal in the pewes 
on the north side of the chancell of Alnwick 
Church, where the Earls of Northumber- 
land, their officers, &c. usually sat; that 
Mr. Richard Brandling, after the pub- 
lishing of the monition, did sit in the upper- 
most sent on the north side of the chancell 
of tbe church of Alnwick, in the seat com- 
monly called the Earleof Northumberland's 
seat, where he sett as well in the forenoon 

It doubclen often used for the purpose of 



D put the Baid John Vary forth, wUch he 
relunng, the said Richard Braodlingdid aitt 
before him, in the same aeate, upon his 
booke, and hath Bwome dt*en times that 

the Court of Durham ahonM not trye it; 
aud not content with thia oidrage, another 
witnesi declare!, that aa soon ai he wai 
over the church alyle he took his home, 
and did hlow and aomd the Bame all along 
Ibeatteenof Alwrick.." 

DeporitioH before tkt ArtUaaevti of 


COYNEY-HILL, WALTER-WILLIAM, esq. of Weaton Ci^ner, in the counlf of 
Staffitrd, espoused, ISth Augu«t, 1788, hia cousin, Mary- 
Catharine, sole daughter and tieiress of Edward Copley, 
esq. of the same place, and has had issne, 

Walter Weaton, h. 8tfa Hay, 17B1, died nnmarried, 

27th Fehniary, 1830. 
George, drowned in 1910. 
Charles, captain in dw King's Own StaSbrd Hilitia, 

Hubert-William, i 

A|iril, 1827. 
Hary, m. to George Clifford, esq. yonageat bdo of the 

Hod. Thomas Cliflbrd, of Tixal, in the county of 

Elizabeth -Mary, m. to John Tanseller, wq. of Urer- 

pool, and is deceased. 

This gentleman (the gnndson of Anthony Hill, esq. of Pepperhill, in the county of 
Salop, by Catharine Coyney, daughter of mxtk Coyney, esq.) Mwimed on bis maniage, 
by sign manual, in punuance of the testamentary injunction of Edward Coyney, e«q. 
the surname and arnu of Coynet. Mr. Coyney was major ht the StafFbrd^ire Local 
Militia in 1811, and is a magistrate and defiuty lieutenant for the comi^. 


The family of Cotnbt has been seated at 
Weston Coyney, in the parish of Cavers- 
wall, since the time of Henry III. when 
John, the son of Alan {Fitzalan, Lord of 
Oswestree, ancestor of the EarU of Arun- 
del), who died in the twenty-fourth of that 
reign, anrui 1340, granted by his charter, 

Walter Coyne, the manor of Weston, 
subter Ktversmond, in the parish of Cavers- 
wall, called Webton Coyney, in thecoun^ 
of Stafford, snbject to the chief rent of half 
a mark of silver. This Walter was a bene- 
factor to Rowton Abbey, upon which be 
bestowed five hovates of land in Us manor 
of WnstoD. (He had a brother, Thomas, 
who was settled at Halene, in StaSbrdihire.) 

John Cotnb, living in 130*2, wfco wedded 
Margaret, daughter and beir of William de 
Erdington, and acquired thereby lands in 
Wettley, in the connty of Stafford. His 

WiLUAM Cotnb, Lord of Weston, was 
witness to charten of 24lh Jane, 1316, 9th 
EowAHD II. He was i. by his bob, 

ROBUT CovKt, who m. Sibella , and 

dying about 1343, was t. by his son, 

John Coyne, living in 1370, who waa 
sncceeded by his son, 

Robert Coyne, who m. HoKoUna, Aird 
daughter and co-heir of Edward 
Langley, in the county of Salop, and by the 
deed of partition of hi* fother-m-law's pro- 
perty, obtained the manors of Ee and Hun- 
kynton, in the parish of Much Wenlock, 
and lands ia GarsieBtoo, in the county of 
Salop. In August, L3Q0, Robert Coyne and 




HudUmi, hu wife, were admitted member* 
of &t CMtEralemily of the conrent of lilles- 
kilL He was t. by hii sod, 

BoBUT CovNE, who espoused, \a June, 
1415, Uaigaret, dMigbler of Robert Ha- 
lo^ton, «^ htiDBelf and his wife were liv- 
ing 3ti October, 1430. He had issae, 
RoBBRT, bie heir. 
Waller, Urii^ 3Slb Janoary, 1472. 
Margaret, at. — Boghay, Lord of 

Anneeley, coontj StaJBora. 
^^^\ bothlivi„gtaU«. 
IW elder mm, 

Robert Cotne, died befbra tbe 36th 
Jam, 1473, leaving, by Jane, his wife, a 
wa and heir, 

HoBEHT CoTKE, who M. ID 1476, Alice, 
dangfater of Hngb Erdeiwicka, of Saodon, 
in Ac county of Stafford. He was living 
ted Jannary, 27th Hbnhy VUl. aod was (. 
by his ion, 

RaSERT CoTNB, viiio wedded Dorothy, 
daa^lei of Thomas Hevsrell.of Tbrowley, 
in the eoonty of Btaffbrd, and had issue, 
John, his heir. 
Walter, living in 1540. 
William, baiTed 1st Hay, 1683. 


Jane, at. to October, 1635, to Thomas 
Buckenhail, esq. of Ubeley, Stafford- 

Pelron ilia, living In 1541,«.to— Dol- 

Robert Coyne died about the year 1A4I, and 
was (. by his eldest son, 

John Coinky, who espoused 25Ih Ja- 
DBBiy, 1534, Hargarel, daughter of John 
" " !, of Spurstowe, in the county of 

Sporitowe, of Spur 
(heater, and had is 

John, his heir. 
Cenm, of CoppenhuU, in the county 
of Salop, who ni. first, Winifred, dan. 
of John Skrimshire, esq. of Norbury, 
in tlte connty of Stafford ; and se- 
condly, Margaret, sister of Robert 
Needbam, esq. of Shentoi '' 
same shire. 
Dorothy, m. to James Barlow, esq. of 

IpstoD«e, Staffordshire. 

Eleoor, m. 21st February, 1570, to Wil- 
liam Allen, of BrokenhouBe. 
Tbe eldest son, 

JoHH CoYNEV, esq. married in August, 
15^ Ann, danghter of Anthony Wolseley, 
esq. of Wolselcy, and by her (who was 
wied 38th AprJJ, 1585) he bad four sons 
ud three daughters, vix. 
TuoHAi, bis heir. 

George, baptized 38th April, and died 
I3lh Aogusl, 1587. 

both living in 1560. 

Adam, \ 

Cassandra, baptized 11th April, 1501. 
m. 23rd July, 1580, to John Tytensor, 
esq. of Tyteusor, in SUffordsbire. 
Margaret, baptiTed in March, I5ffi. 
Mary, baptized Tth August, 1564. 
Mr. Coyuey was living 7th September, IGOU. 
"e was t. at bis demise by his son, 

ThoM:Is Coynev, esq. baptized A. D. 
1568, m.Jooe, daughter of Ralpb Done, esq. 
of Atkynton and Piayyard, in ChuBbire, and 
by her (who survived ber husband, and was 

John, baptized 4th Febmarv, 1681. 
died in 1584. 

George, bom in 1584, died the follow- 
ing year. 

Robert, baptised 13tb November, 1688, 
who settled at Ballygayon, in the 
Queen's County, Irelaud. He was 
living t4th November, 1007. 

Richard, baptised in 1580, and died tbe 
following year. 

Ralph, baptized 16tb September, 1664. 

The eldest bod, 

Thomas CnvNEY, esq. baptized 15th Au- 
inst, 1583, espoused Ellen, daughter of 
lampson Erdeswicke, esq. of Sandon, in the 
Dunty of Stafford, and had six bodb and a 
daughter, viz. John, who died v.p. unmar- 
ried : Sampson, his heir ; Praocis, Richard, 
George, Thomas, and Ano, m. in 1631, to 
William Baggeley, esq. of Barlaston. The 
eldest surviving son, 

Sampson Coynev, esq. wedded, in 1633, 
Anne, daughter and co-heir of Philip Dray- 
cot, esq. of Dra^cot, in Staffordshire, by 
whom (who died in IWI) he bad issue, 

I. John, bis heir. 

II. Philip. 

III. SampooD, baptized I2tb December. 

IV. Thomas. 

V. Mark, who died 2nd July, 16&a, 
leaving issue, 

John, of Alveton Lodge, in Staf- 
fordsbire, who cootiuaed the line 
of the fnmilv. 

Edward, a catholic priest. 

Cathariae. born in April 1692. who 
m. B(h July, 1710. Anthony Hill, 
esq. of Pepperhill, in Salop, and 
their grandson is ths present 
Walter WiLUAH Hill CovNEY, 

esq. of Yieldeneley, in Derbyshire, 
and died 17th December, 1689. 

Sampson Coyney died 2nd March> 1663, and 

was 4. by his son, 
John Coyney, esq. born in 1637, who m. 




in October, 1661, EUen. daughter and co-heir 
of John Dawea, eiq. of Caughlev, in Shrop- 
shire, and by her (who wedded, aecondiy, 
William Parker, eaq. of Park. Hall) he had 
(with a dau. Ellen) a son and micceBwir, 

Sampson CoYNev, esq. bom in 1662. 
This gentlemBn dying uDmarricd, 1st May, 
1693, devised bit eMatCs to his sister, 

Ellen Covney. who espotised, in Sept 
le^, William Gower, esq. of Colmen and 
Qneenhill, in the connty of WorceBter, by 
whom (who died 1st June, 1736) she had an 

WilliahGower, esq. in ri^tofhis mother 
lord ofWeslon Co^ey. This gentleraan 
was unfairly killed in a duel at a tavern in 
Dniry- lane,Febniary,l 736, byMajorOoeby, 
who was tried at the Old Bailey, found guilty 
of murder, and ordered for executjon, but 
during the nigbt he cut his throat in prisou. 
(Fjrfe State Trials and Harleian MSS. No. 
7IS7.) William Gower, by his wUl of the 
loth Angust. 17ai, bequeathed Weston 
CoYNEY to his father for life, with remainder 
to the heir male of the family, 

John Coynby, esq. grandson of Sampson 
Coyney, by Ann DraycoL This gentlemao 
died in 1733. before William Gower, the 
elder, and left issue, by Ann his wife, 
Edward, bis beir. 

William, who m. a daughter of Hum- 
phrey Parry, esq. of Pwllhalog, Id 
Fliol, and had an only daughter, 
Elizabelh-Maij, who became ab- 

Thomss, who m. Miss Catharine Brougfa- 

ton, and died in December, 1777. 
Magdalen, m. to Gervas Newton, esq. of 

the county of Lincoln. 
Ann, m. to Robert Bateman, esq. of 
WooUcole, in Hartinglon, county of 
The eldest son, 

EnWitRD Covney, esq. at the decease of 
William Gower, 1st June, 1736. entered 
into possession of the Weston Coyney es- 
tates. He m. is July, 1768, Mary, daugh- 
ter of Mathew Smith, esq. and by that lady 
(who wedded, secondly, in October, 1773, 
Michael Jones, esq. of Lancaster, and died 
in November, 1814,) left at his demise, 2iid 
May, 1772, an only dau. and heiress, Mahv- 
Catharine, lady of the manor of Weston 
Coyney, who m. as stated above, her consin. 
Walter William Hill, esq. 
Amu — Quarterly, Ist and 4th, or, on ■ 
bend SB. three trefoils slipped arg. for Coy- 
ney ; 2nd and 3rd arg. a lion rampant sa. 
crowned, or, for Burnelu 

Crtil—k cubit arm erect, vested sn. 
slashed and cnBed, or, holding in the band 
ppr. a faulcbion arg. en.braed with blood in 
three places, hilt and pomel gold. 
iUoflo— Fide, sed cui. vide. 
Eitatt*~\n Staffordshire. 
Seal — WesloD Coyney, in that coun^. 


LEGH, PETER, esq. of Norbury Booths Hall and Torkington Lodge, both in the 
county of Chester, b. in 1794, succeeded his father in 1826. Mr. Legh is deputy 
lieutenant for Cheshire, and has served the office of high aheriff. 


The Lbohs derived their name from the 
town of High Legh, in Cheshire, where 
they were seated before the CoNOtresT. 

Bamon, Lord of the Mediety of Hioh 
Leoh, in the time of Henry U. was father 

WiLUAK DR Lboh, U West Hall, in High 
Legh,'«AoM gnuidsan, 

Richard db Lech, leR an only daughter 
aitd heiress, 

AflNES DB Leoh, irhn espoused, first, 
Richard db Lyhme, and had a son, 

I. Thohas, who took the name of Lboh, 

and had half of the said mediety of 

High Legh. He left a son, 

Thomas Legh, who was patriarch 

of the Legh, of Weal Legh, in 

High Legh. 




vtrdjn, and had a son ay him, 

II. Ralph db Hawardvn, who had the 
other half of the mediet]' of High 
Legh, and sold it to Sir Richard 
Mawey, of Tatton, in 1200. 

She m. thirdly. Sir William VenableB, knt. 
•econd aos of Sir William Venable*, Baron 
of Kinderton, bywhomahe had another ion, 

III. John, who auumed the name of 

The jonngeat aon, 

John Legh, became proprietor, bj pur- 
rhaae, of Knatiford Booth, before the 28th 

of Edwasd I. He wedded, first. , 

and had a Mn, John (Sir). He espoused, 
•eemidly, Ellen, daughter of Thomaa de Co- 
rnaa, of Adlini^ton, and was father of 

RoBBRT, from whom sprang the Leghs, 
of AdlingtoD, Anneiley, Lyme, 
Ridge, Stonelegb, Stockwell, Sec. 
William (Sir), auceitor of the Legha, 

Gilbert, whoM •on, 
John de Legh, m. Cecilia de Towne- 
lej, and became ancestor of the 
funily, which assumed the name 
of Towneley, and which is now 
repreaented by Pereorine-ED' 
WARD of Towneley. 
He was t, by his eldest sod. 

Sir John db Lboh, liTing in the tiioe oT 
Edward IU. who m. first, Haud, daughter 
of Sir John Ardeme, of Aldford, and ac- 
qnired with her a moiety of the manor of 
Hobhcrley. By this lady he had, 
1. John, his beir. 

U. James, who died before the 43rd of 

Edwird hi. leaving a son, 

John, heir to his uncle. 

Sir John espoused, secondly, Isabel, sister 

aad co-heir of John Baggileigh, of Baggi- 

leigk, and bad another sou, 

IN. William, founder of the Leigtu, of 
Baggileigb, now extinct. 
The eldest sod, 

John LsoH.of Booths, wedded Elisabeth, 

daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard de 

SoBDBch, by whom he had an only daughter, 

Haud Lboh, who m. Richard Rad- 

clyffe, of OidethAll, and conre^ed to 

him, as her inheritance, a moiety of 

the manor Of Hobberley. 

John Legh dying thus without nlle issue, 

the estate of Booths deToWed ddod bis ne- 

John LecK, who thus became "of Booths." 
In the 43rd of Edwahd III. he was found 
by inqnisttion, at the decease of his father's 
sirp-mother, Isabel, heir to the lands which 
At enjoyed after her husband's death, 
Bimety, ihemanor of Booths, in Knottes- 
lerd, 1 iigctlrof OUerton, and half of Rones- 

thome, with direr* other lands. He was 
sheriff of Cheshire from the &th to the 9th 
of the reignof Henry V. Ha waa«. at his 
decease by his son, 
John Lboh, of Booths, father of 
Sir John Legh, of Booths, a staunch 
Lancastrian, who fell fighting under the 
Red Rose at Blore Heath, in the 3Hth of 
Henry VI. He left two sons, 
I. John, his successor. 
11. Phiup, heir lo his nephew. 
The elder sod, 

John Lboh, of Booths, espoused Emma, 
daughter and co-heiress of Robert Grosve- 
nor, of Hulme, with whom be acquired 
the demesne lands of Alloslock. He died 
in 1470, and was i. by his only son, 

John Lboh, esq. of Booths. This gen- 
tleman M. Anne, daughter of Sir William 
Booth, of Dunham Masaey, by whom (who 
m. secondly, Geoffrey Shakerley, esq. of 
Sbakerley) he had an only daughter, 

EuzABETH I^QH, whowos solc hciress 

to her grandmotber's estate at Hulme. 

She m. Peter Shakerley, eaq. of 

Shakerley. (See toI. i. p. 8.) 

John Legh dying without male issue, was «. 

by his uncle, 

Phiup Legh, esq. wbo was returned to 
the estate of Booths by inquisition in the 
2nd Richard III. He wedded Elizabeth, 
daughter of Andrew Brereton, of Brereton, 
by whom (who wedded, secondly, John Car- 
rington, of Carrington) he left issue, 
John (6ir), h& heir. 
Joan, m. first to Richard Starkey^ esq. 
of Stretton, and secondly to — Stan- 
Ellen, m. to Sir Ralph Leycester, of 
Toft. (See vol. i. p. 74.) 
He died in the IBtb of Henry VIII. and 
was f. by his son. 

Sir John Legh, of Booths, who received 
the honor of knighthood at Leith, I lib May, 
1644, at which time the Earl of Hertford, 
being then general, knighted several Che- 
shire ^Dtlenien. Re espoused Jane, sister 
of William Sneyd, esq. of Bradwell, and 
was t, at his decease by his eldest son, 

John Lboh, esq. of Booths. This gentle- 
man wedded Jane, daughter of Sir William 
Brereton, of Brereton, and dying in 1617, 
was f. by his eldest son, 

WiLUAH Lboh, esq. of Booths, who was 
sheriff of Cheshire in 1636. He had two 

ley. of Hulme, namely, 
John, his successor. 
Hary, m. to William Houghton, of 

Elizabeth, ni. to Thomas Witchcot, esq. 
of Mobberley. 
He died in 1641, and was «. by his eldest 




JoHR Leoh, eiq. of Bootlis, who m. fint, 
Margaret, daogfater of ThomM Wasbborn, 
eM|. and had bd only aarriTinf; child, Eliz- 
abeth, m. to Thomaa Hollinshed, eiq. of 
Hejrwood. He eapoosed, •econdlr, Doro- 

K' , daughter of Sir Richard ABhtoo, of 
idleton, and had, with three tone, who 
died young, two dangfatera, Dorothy, wife 
of Samuel Haniner, and Anne, m. to John 
Dichfield, of Manchester. Hr. Legh m. 
thirdly, in I6K2, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
ThoDiai Stanley, bart. of Aldeiiey, and had 
farther iune, 

I. Peteh, his heir. 
II, John, died young, 
in. Richard, of TorkinztOD, d. t. p. 

IV. Elizabeth, m. to Richard Caliertey, 
esq. of Ondea. 

V. Mary. 

Id the Harl. HSS. wQl be fonod a copy of 
the following memorial, which formerly ap- 
peared in the chapel of Nether KnuUford : 

" Here within this tombc lyeth interred 
the body of John Legh, of Norburv Booths, 
esq. who was made high Rhcriff of the county 
palatine of Chester, &e Slat day of Decem- 
ber, in flie yenre of oar Lord God 1667, and 
■o continued for die yearei 165H, 1656 : and 
so whilst he waa high sheriff departed this 
life on Monday, the 16th day of April, 1680, 
being aged 5& yeetres." 
He was (. by his eldest son, 

PETEHLE«H,esq. of Booths, whom. Ruth, 
daughter and co-heir of Robert Barcroft,esq. 
of Bar«roft,io the county of Lancaster, and 
was (. at his decease by his only daughter 
and heiress, 

Ruth Lebb, of Booths, who espoused 
Thomas Pennington, esq- of Chester, a cap- 
tain in the array, and representatiTe of a 
branch of the Penningtons, of Muncaater. 
She died ia 1716-16, and waa (.by her only 
sarriving son, 

Thohas pENNiNeToN, esq. of Booths, who 
assumed the snmame and arms of Leoh. 
He wedded Helena, daughter of Sir Wil- 
kwgkby Aston, bart. of Aston, and was t, 
by his only son, 

Peter Lsgh, esq. of Booths, b. 4th 
March, 1722-3, who in 17tt completed the 
erection of Norbtiry Booths Hall, a hand- 

some and spadous mansion of brick. He 
m. in 1744, Anne, daughter and co-heir of 
Peter Wade, esq. by wbom (who A. in 17M) 
he had issue, 

Peter- Pennington, who d. in die life- 
time of his father, in 1777. 
Thomas, who died also in his &dier's 

lifetime, anno 1790. 
WiuotFOEiBT, heir to his faAer. 
John, snccewor to his brother. 
Anne -Helena, ■■. in ITSO, to John 
Mathews, esq. captain R. N. and d. 
the following year, t. p. 
Mary, d. nnm. 
He d. 13th August, 10M, and ms i. by his 
eldest surriring sod, 

WiujOitohst Leoh, esq. of Norbvry 
Booths Hall, b. 2&th Hay, 1740, at wboee 
decease, nnmarried, Ae estates devolved 
npou hb brother, 

John Leoh, esq. of Bedford-square, Lon- 
don, and Torkington, in Cheshire, barrister 
al law, who m. 29th March, 1793, Isabella, 
daughter and co-heir of Edmund Bawson, 
esq. of Wharton, in Lancashire, and had 

Peter, his heir. 
John, d. young. 

Edmund- Dawson, fr. in 1801, in holy 
orden, incumbent of Trinity Church, 
Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn -Gelds. 
Anne, m. to William Clowes, esq. 
Isabel], IK. to the Rev. Bertie Johnaon, 
rector of Lymme, Cheshire. 
Mr. Legb d. in April, 1»M, and was i. by 
his elder son, the present Peter Leoh, esq. 
of Norbury Booths Ball. 

Amu — Ac. two ban or, over all a bend 
gules ; quartering PeDninston, of Mun- 
esster, Leigh, of Ue West Hall, Corona, of 
Adlington, Baggilegh, Sandhach. Lech, 
Orosvenoc, Barcroft, Wsde, and IHwson. 

jtfaHo— Pmdena, fidelis et audax, 

CrtMl — An arm smfaowfNl, couped at th« 
shoulder, vested gulea, hand ppr. holdng a 
sword erect, also ppr. a snake twisting 
round the same, arg. 

EwUtet— In Cheshire. 

&at*— Norbury Booths Hall, near Knata- 
ford,and Torkington Lodge, near Stockport, 
both in the conn^ of Chester. 



RAWSON, BENJAMIN, esq. of NMd Hall, in the county of York, and of Darley, 
Hall, Lancashire, b. in 1758, m. in 1786, Elizabeth, only 
sniriving child of Thomas Plumbe. eeq. second son of the 
Rev. Thomas Plumbe, rector of Aughton and Moberley, 
and canon of Windsor, by whom (who d. in Noreinber, 
1807) he has had issue. 


Charles, R.N. died at Antig^ua. 

Thomas, who ni. 30th July, I" 

1, Fraucis-Pebelope, 

only daughter, Frances- 

Hall (see Tol. i 

Hay, 1825, hi 

William, lientenanl 87th Fusileers. 
B°o^k, ( who hoth died young. 
Rachel, d. unmarried. 

Sarah, who m. 6tb June, 1817, Major-general George 
Ony Carlton-L'Eitrangc, of HoystDWU, in the Kmg's 

Anne, m. 10th March, 1817, to Lieutenant-colonel 
Thomas-Samuel Nicolls, youngest brother of Ed- 
ward Nicolls, esq. of Swithfunley Park, and has issoe. 

Mai^ret, who died young. 
r. Rawaon, who inherited the family estates at Bradford, havii^ conaiderably aog^- 


Tbe Raventons or Rawsons were origi- 
ailly settled at Pryslon, near Ferrybridge. 
In the visilBtion of the county of York. 
)U6, there is a pedigree given of eight 
oomroencingwith Robert Raw- 

n. and w^ married Agnes, ilauKbler of 
TboBSs Harea. A branch of wbtcE family 
M M preaaned from the similarity of arms 
n Oe risitatioa of 1666, settled at Brad- 
A*d, m Torkshire. 

WiLLUM RawK>N,e>q. of Bradford, whose 
*ai bean date t6tb March, l&W, bad fire 


I. WiuJjtN, who M. (as stated in the 
TiriUtion of Yorkshire, lfl66)Agnes, 
daoghter and heiress of William 
OaacMgiM, esq. and thus acquired 
the manor and estate of Shipley. 
B« had several children, of whom 
WiixiAM, bis heir, m. Barbara, 
daughter of William Hawks- 
worth, esq. of Hawkaworlh, bat 

Thomas, the second son, died nnm. 
Laurence, the third son, wedded 
Jane, another daughter of Wil- 
liam Hawksworth, esq. of Haws- 
worth, and had issne. Fourth 
in descent from Laurence, was, 
William Rawson, esq. who 
n. Judith Prescot, and dying 
without issue, ia 1745, be- 
queathed the Shipley estates 
to his wife. That lady wed- 
ded secondly. Dr. Jackson, 
of Stamford, and bad two 
sons, Cyril, Dean of Christ- 
church, and William, Bishop 
of Oxford, nbose executors 
sold the manor and estate 
of Shipley, to John-Wil- 
■ER PiELn, etq. of Heatou 
Hall, near Bradford, York- 
shire, (he present possessor. 

II. Nicholas. 

III. Richard. 

IV. Pauu 




Third in detceol from the fourth md, 
Paul Rawsdn, esq. of Bradford, nas 
WiLUiH Rawson. eu. of BoUing, near 
Bradford, who m. fint, Martha, dftUEbter of 
William Pollard, esq. and had, wiu other 
child reo, 

Willi AH, bis heir. 

Hannah, m. to Williani Wajninaii, esq. 
of Bot ling- 
He wedded tecjndly, Dorcas, daaghler and 
heiress of Timothy Brooke, esq. of Brook- 
royd, near Birstall, and had (with 6Te 
danghten) ■ son, 

Brooke, who m. Susanna, dnnghter of 

Benjamin Bower, esq. and had a son, 

Benjamin, heir to his consin Jere- 

Hr. Rawson was i. at his decease by his 
eldest ion, 

WiLUAH Rawson, esq. who built the pre- 
sent mansion bouse at Bradford in I70&. 
He married thrice, and by his second wife, 
Grace, daoghter and co-heiress ol Jeremiah 
Rosseodale, esq. had, tM«r o/mm, a sod and 

Jeremiah Rawson, esq. of Bradford, who 
espoused Frances, daughter of Richard 

dying j 

Sterne, esq. of Elvlngton, grand-ilaiij;hler 
of Archbishop Sterne, and couajn to Law- 
rence Sterne, the author of the Sentimental 
Journey. By this lady he had a son, Jere- 
miah, and a daoghter. Prances, but both 
young, he left, at his decease, tbe 

librd estates to his Gnt oousin, 
BENJitHiN Rawson, esq. who as. Anne, 
eldest danghler of the Rev. Charles Steer, 
rector of Handswortb, in the county of 
Torli, and had issue, 

Benjamin, b. in 1758, his heir. 

Susannah, > . ,. >. > 

Anne, tn. to John Cbeyne, esq. lieu- 
tenant R.N. and bad one son and a 
Mr. Rawsou was t. at his decease by bis 
only son, the present Bbnjahin Rawson, 
esq. of Bradford, Nidd, and Darley. 

Amu — Per fesse sa. and amre, a castle 
with four towers, arg. 

Creit — A raven's head couped sa. gntte' 
or, in its beak an annulet gold. 

Etialet — In Yorkshire and Lancashire. 

Seatt—Vidd Hall, near KnaresbonMgh, 
and Darley Hall, in Lancashire. 


BLACKER, WILLIAM, esq. of Carrickblacker, in the cotmty of Armagh, M.A. 
lieutenant- colonel of the Armagh militia, and a deputy-lieutennnt of that ahire, b. in 
1780, m. ia 1810, Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Andrew Ferguson, hart. M.P. for 
Londondenj. Col. Blacker was appointed Vice Treasurer of Ireland in January, 
ISI7, and held office until 1829, when he resigned. He succeeded his &dier in 


men or Danes, who settled at Ihiblin in the 
beginning of the tenth century. He waa 
the sou of Godfred, and (be grandson of 
Imar. Succeeding his brother AmlaTe in 
038, he led back the Danes to Dublin, from 
whence they had been driven. In 940, he 
plundered Clonmacnoisc and Kildare, and 
the next year he slow with bis own axe, on 
the 36th March, in a pitched battle on the 
hanks of the Bann, Hairchertach, King of 
Ailecb, called the Hector or bravest of his 
time, and the day after he marched against 
and sacked the city of Armagh. It is ■ 
singular fact that his descendants have for 
many i^eneratians possessed the site of this 
victory ; the traditions of the country, the 
remains of an ancient encampment, and the 
discovci7 of both Danish and Irish weapons 
(some of which are now in the possession of 
Colonel Blacker), strongly corroborate th« 




ieMJnonr of hiatoriaBa, in this particular. 
Id MS, Blacar waa driven from Dnblin by 
« Mcccwfnl attack of the Iriih, and he feU 

t that dtT, with 1600 of hia peo- 
ple, vanqoiabcd by Congklacb, King of Ire- 
land, and waa avMoed^ by hit acni, SiTRtc 
Hic BuiCAK. By aMneautbi>n he )8 called 
BucCABD, and it ia worthy of obaerratioD, 
that the name ia itill fteoQently pronoanced 
by the lower elaaaea of the pMple Blac- 
U«D. See Hania Ware, toI. i. p. 4t(. 
Stnrart'a History of Armagh, p. 160. &c. 

Captain Vawmtine Blacker, of Carrick, 
ia tka pariah of Sego and county of Armagh, 
ii he ia deecribed in old reconli, was bom 
ia ISO?. He m. Judith, daughter of — 
Harriaaou, esq. of Breagh, and had one 
aoci, Georce, and a daaghter, Violetta. 
Captain Blacker purchased the manor of 
CuTowbrack, with courts teet, &c. from An- 
tony Cope, esq. of Loughgoll, 22ad Auguat, 
IflSO. Thia manor ia commooly known by 
(be name of Carrickblacker. DnriDg Cap- 
bia Blacker'i lifetime, and principally by 
U» means, Oie old church of Sego, now in 
raina, waa built He died I7tli Auguat, 
in?, and waa interred in Sego Church. 
Bia only loo and aueceaaor, 

Huoi Gborsb Biacker, of Carrick and 
BaUynaghie, both in the connty of Armagh, 
Mpcwaed Koaa, daughter of — Young, e«). 
and hadiaaue, 

WiLUAH, hia faeir. 

Legard, died 29tb August, 1686, and 
waa buried at Shankhill. 

Robert, a captain, died 31il August, 
1680, buried at Segi. 

Francea, m. to John Tipping, esq. who 
died 35tb February, 1680, and waa 
boried at Sego. 
Hajor Blacker waa one of tba gentlemen 
ebliged by Jam e« H. to proceed to London- 
torj lor the pnrpoae of demanding the snr- 
renderof that city; but remaining 6rm to 
the cauR of WiLLiAM,hianame, together with 
A«t of hit aon, William Blacker, gent, ap- 

Ered in the act of attainder of that day. 
1. Rote Blacker died 4th February, 1680 ; 
Ae precise time of Major Blacker's demiae 
is ancertain, but it mutt haTe been shortly 
ifler: both were buried in Sego church. 
Kjkr Blacker waa t. by hia eldest ton, 

WiLLiAK Blacker, esq. of Carrick and 
Baitytroan, who bnilt, in 1602, aa appeara 
fron a date cut on a stone in die wdl, the 
Prncnt manor house of Carrickblacker. 
Tlw gentleman m. first, before the year 1666, 
Bimbeth, daughter of the Hon. Robert 
ofcwart, of Irry and Stewart Hall, in the 
Mniit;ofTyrone,third ton of the first baron 
(^•deslewart, descended from the duket of 
AI1)BDy, and by her (who died in January, 
lore, and waa bnried at Ballyclog), he had 

Stewart, hia faeir. 

Mr. Blacker espoused, secondly, late in 
life, Hiaa Halhers, and bad another son, 
Samuel, of Tandragee, connty of Ar- 
magh, whom. SOdi April, 1734,Mary, 
daughter of — Corry, eaq. of Rock 
Corry, in the county of Monaghan, 
and by her (who died 30th October, 
1771) he lel^ issue, 
St. John Blacker, in holy orders, 
rector of Moira, in the connty of 
Down, and afterwards preben- 
dary of Inrer, in Donegal, bom 
38tb September, 1743, tn. firat,' 
lOth October, 1767, Grace, 
daughter of Maxwell Cloae, esq. 
of Etm Park, in Armagbthire, 
and sitter of Sir Barry Close, 
barl. Mr. Blacker tubsequently 
resided at Twickenham, in Mid- 
dlesex, and wedded, secondly, 
Susan, daughter of Dr. Hetslter, 
of London. By hia firat wife 
(who died 2nd April, 1708, and 
was buried at St. Oawald's, 
Chester) he had five aona and 
(bar dangblen, viz. 

I. Sahiiel, in boly orders. 
LL.D. prebendary of Hul- 
labrack, in the county of 
Armagh, bom 28th Septem- 
ber, 1771, M. first, Mary- 
Anne, daughter of Dand 
Roes, esq. of Rositrevor, 
and tiater of major-general 
Robert Rosa, of Blodena- 
bury, by whom he bad, with 
a aon Henry, who d.t.p. one 
daughter, Elizabeth, n, to 
the Rev. N, Calvert, of 
Hunadon House, Hertt. Dr. 
Samuel Blacker wedded, se- 
condly, Elizabeth, dangiiter 
of Tfaoniaa Dooglaa, esq. of 
Grace Hall, county of Down, 
and baa issue, 

1. St. John. 

2. Tbomaa. 

3. Theodotia. 

4. Elizabeth. 

II. Maxwell, of Dublin, K. C. 
bencher of the Hon. Society 
of King's Innt, and chair- 
man of Kilmainham, bom 
14th March, 1779, called to 
the bar in ITOfi. 

III. WiUiam, of Goaford, bora 
lat April, 1776. 

IV. ValeDtine,C.B. lieutenant- 
colonel of the 1st regiment 
of light infantry in the East 
India Company's service ; 
quartermaster'general of the 
Madras army ; surveyor-ge- 



eember,I813, Einma,dKngh- 
ter of Rabert Johnwn, eiq. 
of Liveipool, and fawl three 
tan; Valentine - Samuel- 
Bury ; HaxweU ; uitl St. 
John, and one danghler, 
Entma-LonuB-RoM. Lien- 
teoatit-colonel Blacker pub- 
liabed in 1^1, " A Hutory 
with maps and plane ; and 
alio a magnificent Map of 
Hiadoatan, tram hta own 
Kintj. He died in 1833. 
V. St. John, ofHerioD-winare, 
Dublin, lieutenant-colonel 
in Ihs firat regiment of Ma- 
dras Native Infhntry, bom 
Mth Hareh, 1786, m. \a 
I83S, Anne Haminoad, only 
child of Sir Charles Morgan, 
ood haa two daughters, 
Chariotte and laabella. 
Ti. Han. 

vit. CaOerine, m. 10th !»- 
Duatt, 1804, to the Rex. 
Charles Barlcer, canon of 
Wells ; and secondiy, to tbe 
Rev. — Ball, 
viu. Grace, at. ethMajr, 1800, 
to Robert Alexander, esq. 
lepreaentatiTe of the elder 
branch of the Caledon fa- 
milr, and has 
IX. Charlotte, m 
ber, 1806, to 
colonal Jobn Hnoro, and 
has issue. 
William Blacker, of Carrick, was i. at his 
decease by his elder eon, 

Stewart Biacker, esq. of Carrick, bora 
in 1071. This gentleman espoused EUu- 
betb, daughter and betrets of William La- 
diam.eeq. of Brookend, in the county of 
Tyrone, and had issue, 

I. Stewart, died in infancy. 

II. WiLUAH, his heir. 

III. Latham, bom 30th September, 
1711, n>. Martha, daughter of Peter 
Beaver, esq. of Drogneda, by whom 
(who died in September, 1802) he 
left isaue, 

I. BesTBr, who m. bis cousin. Hiss 
Susan Blacker, and died in May, 
1808, leaving a son, 
Latham Blacker, esq. solicitor 
to His Hi^esty's Costoms, 
Ireland, who m. 13th April, 
1 890, Catherine, daughter of 
&e Rev. George Miller, 
D D. late Fellow of Trinity 
College, Dublin, rector of 
Denyrollen, county of Fer- 
managh, and has Beaver 
Henry, and other issue. 

h Deeem- 

took thai uarae for proper^, 
and haa iatuB. 
4. Latham, ra^jor Sfitb reghnrat, 
Newent, in the county of Wou- 
cester, m. Catherine, danf^ter of 
Colonel Haddiioon, of LJiicoln- 
ihire, and haa had iasoe, 
George, 4ted unmarried, en- 

mga fiMh regiment. 
Manha, i*. to tbe Rev, John 
Fendkll, Henrdime, Glou- 
Catherine, Bi. to Richard Oaa- son of Archdeacon 

Tbeodoaia, m. in 1832, to Lord 
6. Elizabeth, m. to Henry Cod- 
dington, esq. H. P. of Oldbridge, 
and had issue. On the estate of 
Oldbridge was fought the battle 
of the Boyne, anno 16S0. 

IV. Henry, in holy oiders, bom 10th 
July, 1713, at. Ifiss Martin, and had 
a daughter, Frances, who died un- 
married in I89B. 

V. George, of HaUnnill, in Downabire, 
bora aeth September, 1718, at. in 
1747 Alicia, only child of Edward 
(by Alicia Haugbton, relict of — 
Parsona, esq. brother of Sir William 
Parsons, bart. father to the Earl of 
Rosse) and had, with other issue, 
James Blacker, magistrate of Dub- 
lin, bora 14tb August, ITfiO, who m. 
Miss Hansergh,' and haA, imltr mliar, 
the Rev, George Blackw, chaplain to 
the city of Dublin, and rector of 1^^ 
hadoe, in die countyof Kildare. 

VI. Babara, bora 23rd October, 1706, 
M. to James Twigg, esif. of Rohan 
Castle, in the county of Tyrone. 

Mr. Blacker ^ In 1 ?&! , aged eighty, and waa 
buried at Sego. He was <. by hiseldeatson, 
WiLUAH Blacksr, esq. of Carrick and 
Brookend, bora 13th September, 1700. He 
espoused, 81h August, 1738, Letitia, dai^h- 
ter of Henry Gary, esq. of Dungiven Caatle,* 

• Oioaai Ciav, e«]. of BadeaMla, in Ae 
eoonty of DoMgil (dNeended fiom the Caiys of 
CloveUy, in Devonibin). m. Jim, dsagbtei of 
Triitrun BerMfbrd, asq. snceitor to the marquis 
of WmMHbrd, md, djing »nd April, 1640, WM 
I. ^ his oldest son, 

JtLAUca Cabi, esq. of Redcastla, who m. Avioe, 
sister to Captain Henir Vaughui, ud w<« i. tf 
his deouM (being bunfld, with hit wlis. In Aad- 
cisll* cimreh) by lii> a™, 

BoBuiCABT.e»).ofWhilgC«MU,wb> «sd 
in March, 1661, iMviixg s son, 

£dwiro C^ai, eK|. of IhiBgtvn Castle, in 




1I.P. for the covntj of brndondeny, bjr 
vfaon Iw bad twenhr-oa« children. Mid to- 
gcAer with dioM of his brotben, Geo^e 
nd tMOiam, Bade up tb« number of uxtf, 
•En* of w1m« were killed in action in the 
bA Indies. Mr. BU^er died in 17B3, at 
At age of eigbty, and waa interred, be^e 
Ua wife, in Ibe abbev chnrch of Batb, in 
lAich citj lu had rcuded the latter jean 
oThii lile. He left iaane, 

I. StcwjtKT, hiB heif . 

II. WiUiavi, captain lO&th re^ment, 
•erred in the American war. He m. 
tbe dan. and beirea* of Artbur Jacob, 
eaq. of KiUm*, in the 000017 of 
Wexford, and bad, witb anotber aon 
and four dan^ten, bia heir, 

William Bucker, e«q. of Wood- 
brook, in the etmstj of Wes- 
ter of die late M.P. fbr the 
coootj of Wexford, and aiater to 
Robert, Lord Carew, lord lieo- 
tenant of that (hire, by whom be 
left, at bis decease in tbe jear 
IB31, two aoDB and two daogh- 

WlLUtM, of Woodbrook. 

ui. Henry, a captain in the e2iHt rep- 
neat, who serred in the American 
wnr, and waa wonnded and taken 
itfiaiHier wi& General BnrgoTne, at 
Saratoga. He inherited from hie 
nwterMl uncle, tbe Rt, Hon. Edward 

tW eeaa^ of Dern. TUi gcotleman died 4Ui 
tma. 1686, learing, ntn- altM, 

Eswias CAar, esq. btbei of 

Hnai CtaT, ew|. of DiuKiTan Cutle, M.P. 
far tb* taantj of Deirr, who m. Anne, denghtBT 

-"~ - '— "01,111 that diire, 

of Hilbnm, in 

(Right Hononblal, M.P. for the 

eooaqr of Deny, whoa. lOtfa AaguM, 1743, 
Lady Jua BeiHfbrd, Moond dwighter of 
the fint eari of Tjicne, bat died 1. p. 
Lntni, n. to WruAtK Bucsca, e*q. of 

Caniek, ■• in the text. 
Umttn, m. fint, to ThDBM Newbu^h, eiq. 
of BaQ^aiae, in tbeooonty of Canu; ud 
•teoadlj. to Dean Cndoek. of St. Pmtriclc'i,. 

TW Bight Hon. Lienlanint'^eDenl f iiDiaicx 
RuujDi, of Milbonii io Lanackabin. and of 
Wdmth, in Derry. M.P- for Colenine, fRun 
aha Sir Walter Seatt it lud to hare dnwu the , 
dana^aUarttm of miumi.ia hJMtalt ol" Old 
Ualitib,'' na, aa abore mmlioaed, the gnsd- 
I lacbDf tte Right Hod. Edwwd Cirj. and fais 
: «b« Un. Btaekar. 


I dmtt 

UI. iM Mnd, aa aide^de-a 

mpanied W 

Carr, tbe bonae and pivperty of 
Hilbnrn, in the county of Derry. 
He d. 1st September, 1827, and was 
bnried at Coleraine, leaving; his 
estates to bis nephew, the Re*. 
Richard Olpberls. 

IV. George, in holy orders, who if. TJcar 
of Sego, lat May, 1610, E^d 46. 

V. Eliza, b. in I73S, m. Sir William 
Dunkin, judge of the supreme court 
of Judicature, Bengal, and had, with 
other issue, Letitin, wife of Sir P. W. 
Macn^hlen, of Beerdeville, in the 
county of Antrim. Iddy I>iinkiD 
died Bt her house, in Seronsbire- 
place, London, 16th Harob, 1B22. 

VI. Barbara, at. to Richard Olpberts, 
esq. of Armagh, and had isane. 

vu. Hartha. 

VIII. Afieia, m. in 1773, to General Sir 
James Stewart Denbam, bart G.C.H. 
of Coltness and Goodtrees, lAnark- 
sbire, colonel of tbe Sod Dragoons. 

IX. Jane, m. to James Fleming, esq. 
of BelleriUe, in the county of Cstsd, 
and has iaane. 

X. Letitia, w. General flie Hon. Ed- 
ward Stopford, brotter to Ae Earl 
of Conrtown, and bos Issue. 

XI. Lncinda. 

The eldest son and successor, 

Thb Vert Rev. Stewart Blacker, of 
Carrick, Dean of Leigblin, and latterly 
Rector of Dronicree, and Vicar of Sego, 
bom in 1740, espoused Eliza, daughter of 
Sir Hugh Hill, bart. M.P. of Londonderry, 
by whom (who d. 27th February, 1797) he 

ed Inge posaeanona. He wedded Jane, danghter 
of Sir Randal Beredbrd. bart. of Colanine, by 
whan he had no iHue. She died in 1716, Gene- 
ral Munilton in 173t, ind both wn* buried in 
Walworth cbnith, uoder ■ hmdaopie monDment. 
Haring, by bis will, bearins; date !5th AoguM, 
1731, dnind hi* leases of the manor of Wal- 
worth, md diveiB other lands, which he held 
fiom the Fiihmonger's Compeny, London, to his 
nepbnr. Viscount Tyrone, he Imtss his estUes in 
'^ conntieB of Tippemy uid Kildara to Frederio 
!aiy, second um of hii niece Anne, daughter of 
is brotbar Geor^, ind wife to Hency Cirj, esq. 
of Dangiren Cutle, sndbii beinmale, mnaindf^ 
her younger ion* and their heirs m^, they re- 
spectirely to tnke md nae the Bumane of Hawl- 
tOH; remtiadetto Edward, hereldeat son,andbia 
issue, male and female, &c. He bequeathed £50. 
towards rebuilding the ancient abbey^HolTcroas, 
witb ,£350. to he laid out at interest, or in pur- 
ehuing land*, the annual produce thereof to ha 
paid for erer to the clergyman who perforai* the 
wrvjce of the said cburcb, sod ^30. to the poor ^ 
ibe pBri*h of Taun»finl*gan, county of Deny. The 
Cary bmily (siling in heira mite, theie estate* 
descended to tbe Burziu, and on the death of 
Dean Blacker were aold ( Norember, ia31),uiidet 
decree of the Conrt of Chauseiy. 




had (with oQker childmi who d, yonng) four 
Bou and fixe daoefaters, viz. 

I. WiLuiM, DJB heir. 

II. George, h. 37th December, 1784, 
captain in the Hon. £. I. C. 17th 
InAntry, ta. Anne, dai^fater of Cap- 
tain William Sloane, Royal Bengal 
Artillery, and had iasne, 

1. Stewart, A.M. kaniiter-at-law, 

h. lat January, ISOS. 
9. Eliza-Hill. 

3. Hester-Aiine. 

4. SophU-Haria. 

Captain George Blacker died Slit 
Anguit, I8I&, loon after the battle of 
Kolnnga, deeply lamented by all to 
whom he waa known. The native 
Boldien overcame their ancient pre- 
judice* of etutt and bore him to his 
grave, and his brother officers erected 
a handsome monument to his memory, 
at Sahanunpore. 

III. Stewart, capt. R.N. posted in 1621, 
d. vmm. 3&{h April, 1S36. 

IV. Jninea-Stewart,A.H.inholyorders, 
■ Rector of Keady. in the connty of 

AmMgh, h. ISth Febnary, 1797, m. 
30th November, 1S24, Eum, eldest 
daughter of Conjiigham Greg, esq. 
of Ballymenoch, in Downshire, and 
has tanie, 

1. Stewart-Beresford, b. in De- 
cember, isaa. 

2. Conyngham, h. in April, 1832. 
a. Eliza. 

4. Sophia. 

V. Letitia, w. to George Stnddert, e«q. 
of Bnnrotty Castle, county of Qare, 
and d. 8th April, 1B31, leaving isine. 

VI. Sophia, M. first, (o If atthew Forde, 

Down, and secondly, in 1818, 
William-Stewart Hamilton, esq. 
Brownhall, county of Donegall. 
She d. in June, 1B3B, leaving issue. 

VII. Eliia, who m. first, Hugh Lyons- 
, Montgomery, esq. of the county of 

Leitrim, and of Laniencetown, in 
Downshire, by whom (who was killed 
by a fhll fl^om his horse, 96th April, 
1838) she had issue. She wedded 
seeondly, at Tours, in France, 30tli 
Septemttef, 1830,HoDBieDrdeChom- 
prA, Royal Cuirassier*. 

VIII. Louisa, m. to John Bea, esq. of 
St, Oolnmbs, in the cosnty of Derry, 
by whom (who died in 18SZ) she left 
at her decease in ISlfi, two daugh- 
ters, tiie elder of whom, Elisabeth, 
espoused her cousin, George Hill, esq. 
now of St. Columbe, nephew and heir 
to the Right Hon. Sir G«oig« P. Hill, 
hart. Governor of Trinidad. 

IX. Caroliae, d. unm. 30th April, 1838. 
Dean Blacker died 1st December, 1826, 
aged 86, and was f. by his eldest son, die 
present Wiixiah Blackbh, esq. of Cairick. 

Arm* — Arg. gattt de sang, a Danisk 
warrior armed with a battle axe in flie dex- 
ter, and a sword in the sinister hand, all 
ppr. qoartering the ensigns of Harrison, 
Stewart, Latham, Hamilton, Bereaford, and 

CVe«t— Andentty a Danish hattle-ue — 
Latterly &e same supported by an arm m 
armour, ppr. ' , 

AfoHi*— Pro Deo et Bege. 

fVtaJu— Armagh and Down. 

iSMt— Canick, Portadown, 


MONTAGU, GEORGE-CONWAY, eK|. of Lackham, in the county of Wilts, 
t>. 24th June, 1776, m. SQth December, 1803, Maigarat, 
daughter of Richard Green Wilson, esq. of Lancaster, and 

Fuederic-Conwiiv, ft. 3rd October, 1806. 
James-Augustus, b. &tb July, IBIO. 

Mootagfl nceeeded hia imck 12th July, 1797 




TUt ia m brmnch of tlM Hoktaous, EtRLS 
or Manchestch, sprioging from 

Sii BBNmv HoPTTAGD, flret Earl of Han- 
cherter. Hi* lord*hip wedded, tint, Calhe- 
raw, ^((md daa. of Sir WQUud Spencer, 
•TTanton, fai Oxfordriure, dtird Mm of Sir 
Mn Spesoer, of AlOorpe, and had iaane, 
Edward, (ecovd BtA of Manchester, 
aneeator of the preaent Duke, (refer 
to Bmrk^* Petrf* i»d Bamtttage). 
WBll«',whe haTiu Mubraced the Ca tho- 
lie reUgitm, retSed faito a monuterj 
in Fraiwe, and attracting the notice of 
Ae Qiwfti H OTBBR, Mary de Hedicii, 
WW recatred into the qiecfal fanmr 
of Aat princeu, and erentnally ap- 
pointed by her. Abbot of St. Martin's 
Abbey, near PontoiM, in the dioceM 
of Ronen. He waa alio of her ca- 
binet conncQ, and the chief inetm- 
menl of intrwtvcing Cardinal Haia- 
risetoher m^'ea^. Hediedinl070, 
aad wat hnried in die church be- 
longing to the Hoapilal of Incnmblei, 

J«MU, founder of the family now before 

Lacf, M. to Hugh Bare, LordColeraine. 

Theodoalm, d. unmarried. 
Ac Earl eaponaed, aecondly, Anne, dand- 
ier aad beireaa of William Wincot, taq. of 
Tjngham. in die consty ef StafTonl, and 
widow of Sir Leonard Halliday, hot lord 
mxjamt London, btit hmd no itine. He m. 
Airdly, in 1630, Marearet, danghter of John 

thirdly, in 

i, esq of Tolleridge, 
of the extinct Earla 

of Halifax. 

Saaaanah, a*, to Qeorge Brydgea, aixth 
Lord Chaadoa. 
The Earl of Mancheeter died b 1643. Hia 

The Hon. Jamu Montaoo, wedded, 
lift Norenber, 1635, Mary, da(u;hter and 
ac^ heireaa of Sir Robert BBynanC of Lack- 
u«,in theconntyef Wilta,luit. WUmta, 
Ui wife, dangbter of Sir Robert Stapleton, 
ofW^iU, in Yorkshire, and had iasoe, 
I. Walter, who pre-deceased hia fedier, 

n. J AMU, hia heir, 
in. GeoTg^e. 
IV. Robert 
*. Henry. 
1. Sidney, 
vii. Bdwud. 
nil. Charles, 
n. William. 

X. Mary, m. to Thomas Ewer, esq. of 
Bnshy HaU, Herts. 
Hon. James Montagn died lat Febmary, 
I66&, aged sixty-three, and was buried in 
lAchhun Alale, Lacorh, Wilts. His eldest 
amriving aoo. 

Jambs Hontaou, esq. of Laekham, in 
the connty of Wilts, m. Diana, daughter 
of Anthony Hnogerford, esq. of Farley 
Caatle, and had, 

Edward, his heir. 

J:tHU, svcceaaor to hia brother. 


Mr. Montagn died in I67S, and was i. hy 

Edward Montagu, eaq. of Laekham, at 
whoae demise, issueless, in 1710, the es- 
tates devolved on bis brother, 

Janbb Montagu, esq. of Laekham, who 
eaponsed, in 1716, Eliubeth, daaRhter of 
Sir John Eyles, of Sonth-Broom Hall, in 
Wiltshire, and had iaane, 
). Jakrs, his hair. 

II. Edward, a master in chancery, who 
died in 1780, leaving a son, 

Gerard, who m. Ath Jnne, 1786, 
Mary- Anne, dan. of — Dongh^, 
esq. and had isane, 

1. Edward Proudfoot, who m. 
Mary-Anne, dan. of Capt. 
James Everard, and has 

2. George, in holyorderv, who 
m. ISth November, 1817, 
Emil^, daughter of the Re*. 
William Tonnge,Chaiieellor 
of Norwich, and has iaane. 

3. Edgar, barrister-at-law, 

4. H^alena, at. to Captain 
Robert Hockiags, R.N. 

&. LoniH-Heurietta. 
6. Marj^-Anne. 

III. John, BD admiral in the royal navy, 
who d. In 1790, leaving issue, 

George (Sir), 6.C.B. an admiral, 
i. ui 1760, at. in 1783, Charlott^ 
daughter and oo-heir of George 
"" -^■-- --- -ind had iaaoe, 


Montagu, b. 

ber, 1788, a 

lieutenant - colonel In the 

3. John, (. 18th Jannary, 
1790, a captain R.N. 

3. Jamea, b. 10th April, 1791, 
a captain R.N. 

4. Edward, in holy ordera. 
who d. in 1S30. 



& Georgunm, m. in Angiut, 
1806, to Vice-admiral Sir 
John Gore, K.C.B. 

6. Ch*rlotte,l 

7. Sophia, \ all died nnm. 

8. Anne. J 

Sii George died Ulb December, 

John, in holy order*, D.D. who d. 

JameB, a captain R.N. killed Ivt 

Jone, 17M. 
Edward, a lientetiant-colonel of 

artilteTj, killed 8th Hav, 17W. 

He la. 1793, Barbara, d«whler 

of John Fleetwood, eaq. and had 

three md*. vi*. 

1. Edward, b. 7th Jaly, 1798. 

2. John, b. 3IK Ai^^oBt, 1707, 
m. in AngnU. 1BS0, Jeiaie, 
danghter of Colonel Edward 
V. Wonley, Royal ArtU- 

3. G«OTM, (. 11th December, 

Sophia, tn. to Sir George 
. Diana. 

Mr. Montagu died in 1747, and was buried 
Id Lackham Aisle. Hi* eldoii bod and ane- 

James Hontaou, e«q. of Lackham, wed- 
ded Elisabeth, dai^ter and sole heiresi of 
WiUiam Hedna, eK). of Alderlon Hall, 
Wilt*, and had ianie, 

I. Jambs, bis heir. 

II. George, of Knowle Honae, in the 
GOnntyofDeron, a lieutenant-colonel 
in the aimy, who ». Anne, daughter 

of William Courtenay, esq. by Ae 
Lady Jane Sinart, hi* wife, daughter 
of the Earl of Bnte, and had iarae, 

OiOKOB-CoNWAy, beir to hi* uncle. 

James, died, a prisoner of war in 

Jirfin, died unm. 

Frederic, ciqttain in the 33rd foot, 

stain at Albnera, 18th Hay, 

181 1. 
I>oiii*a, M. to Hattbew Crawford, 


III. Arabella, m. in October, 1794, to 
Ralph Borrille Woodford, aeq. of 

IV. Harriet, m. in July, 17S3, l« the 
Rev, Daiuel Carrie, who died in Hay, 

- Smith, eaq. of 

VI. Charlotte, m. to - 
Hill Hall, Esses. 

VII. Eliaabetfa, m. to Re*. — Higgen- 
son, rector of Baud, in the counht of 

Mr. Montagu died in 1790, and was «. by his 

Jakes Honta«u, esq. of LacUuun, at 
whose decease t. p. 12th July, 1797, flie 
estate* passed to ois nephew, the present 
Georoe-Conwav Montaou, esq. of Lack- 

Artmt — Qnarterlv, Ist and 41h, arg. three 
losenges conjoined, in fesse gn. ; &A and 
3rd, or, an e^le displayed VBii, beaked 
and membered gu. 

Crtti — A griffin's head ooiqied, wiags ex- 
panded, or, gorged wiOi « collar, arg. 
diatmd with Ome loienge* gn. 

Matte — Biiponendo, non mutando me, 

Ettiit*»—Ia Wills. 

8*mt — Lackham House, Wilts. 


CLIFTON, THOMAS, esq. of Clifton, and Lytham Hall, in the county of Lancactsr, 
6. 29th January, 1788, m. I7tb March, 1817, Hetty, 
daughter of Peregrine Treves, eeq. Poatma*ter-gener»I ^f 
Calcutta, and relict of David Campbell, of KiUdoloig, ip 
Argyleehire, North Britain, and has issue. 

7 Jobn-Talbot, h. March, 1619. 
^ Henry, fc. May, 1630. 

Charles-Frederick, (. June, 1823. 

Edward-Arthur, b. 1826. 

Angnstns-Wykeban), b. 1839. 

Hr. Clifton snoceeded his father on the 23rd March, 1832. 
Daring the war he served in the 1 4th regiment of Dragooiw, 
under the Duke of Wellington, in Portugal and Spain. He 
is a magi*tnu«, and depu^-lientenant for the county of 




AnMUf die ■ntj-one imaort in the han- 
dled of AmonudemeM, in the ftmntj of 
Laaculer, ennmerkted in Domesdaj-hook, 
which were Aeo held b; Roger dePolctore, 
hM »Ueh be mbwqiKiitly forfeiting to the 
(ton, were afterwards beetowed opon 
Hemu, gruidAlber of Theobud Walter, 
Lord of AnunmdenieaB, and firtl hereditary 
bnder of Ireland, A.D. 11711, are Cliiton, 
(sow Qifloa, about fixe mile* from Pres- 
ten) WaaiUe, Salowie, Plompton, which for 
MDy ecutariea have been the inbentance 
of tte CUftona, of ClifteD. The prcciie 
pciiod when the firvl ancestor of Clifton 
•rated himMlf at Clifton, cannot be aacer- 
tMned. The laoit probable coqiectnre is, 
thai eJAer Roger de Potctore, or Herreua, 
&e ervat granlcu of the crown, bestowed 
part of their raft poMcisions opon dieir 
oGcere and followeri, to be holden of them 
or of their superior lordi. One of these 

Ibrmiitj to the almost invariable practice 
of theee time* acquired his patronymic 
of Clifton, baa the place of bis residence. 
Tbe iret penon whose name oocnra on au- 
tbenlic record is 

WiuuM DE Clifton, who held ten cam- 
cats* of land in tte hundred of Amoundec- 
Maa, in dte ttnd Hihkt UI. A.D. 1257. 
Re was one of tbe collectors of the aids for 
Ae eooaly of lAnoaster, and waa sncoecded 

OiuEKT Di CufTON, who dnring part of 
tha nsgns of HiirnT III. and Edwaiib I. 
execntra dw oflce of Seneschal to Heary 
de 1^, Barl of Lincoln, Lord of CUtheroe 
■ad mad:bnrnshire, be. ; he scrred the 
s fc c of sheriff of Lancaslure in tbe years 
1378, I3M, 1387. 1289, and died 17tb Ed- 
wtM» a, A.D. 1 323,paascased of the manor* 
of niflon and Westby, lands in More Ram- 
let, Skales, Ride Plampton, Magna Filde, 
Plamplon Parra, and Oosenanh, (Inq. 
PJI.) Be had issue, 
WiuuM, his 

The eldest BOD, 

Sir Wiluak di CurroN, in Septem- 
ber. 4th Edward m. A.D. 1330, settled 
the ■anM' of Salwyk on hU son William, 
wd Margaret, Ua wife, the daughter of Sir 
Bobtrt Sbirebiuii, of Stonykiuft, in the 
I tmuj of iMacfter. This gentleman waa 

* ehetcd knight of the ahirc m September, 
Ull% jnatly wfft Oabnt da Siu^Mon, and 

Sir WiujjtN DB CuFTON, knt. who in 
September, 4th Edward III. A.D. 1330, 
married Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert 

and Westby upon his issue male. On the 
2Sth December, 1364, he settled the manor 
of Qooanargh npou his son Nicholas, and d. 
in the 40th Edward III. A.D. iseft, leaviBg 
his wife, Margery, Hrriring, (Inq. P.M.) 
he bad issue. 

Sir Nicholas db Currox, fcnt. who 
lenred In the wars in France, aud waa ap- 
pointed goTemor of the castle of Hsm, in 
Picardy, by letters patent, 14th January, 
7th RiCBARD II. A.D. 13S3. He i«. Elea- 
nor, daughter of Sir Thomas West, knL of 
Snitterfield, in the county of Warwick, and 
of Rugbcombe, in the count; of Wilts, 
(ancestor of the Lords de la Warr) who 
was one of the principal commanders in the 
reign of Edward 111. and Richard II. 
Alice, tbe widow of Sir Thomas West, by 
will, dated lAth July, 139C>, gave to Sir 
Nicholas de Cliftoa, and Eleanors, his wife, 
her daughter, and their 
Be leftlsme, 

RoBBXT DB CurroN, Ua bi 
Thomas de CUlton, legatee under tte 
will of his grandmother, the I«dy 
Alice West, of 16th July, ISSA. 
The eldest son, 

RoBRNT DE CUFTON, was knight of the 
shire, for the county of Lancaster, A.D. 
1883, in the 6fli Richard II. and for twenty- 
6re days wages received £I0. and again in 
the eth Richard II. 1383, and for thirty- 
six days wages received £10. St. He bad 

Thomas CLirroN, bis successor. 
Roger Clifton, who was in tbe retinue 
of Sir Thomas West, in die expedi- 
tion of £iiwi Hekrt v. Into France, 
A.D. 1416. 
James Clifton, in the retinne of Sir 
Richard Hastings, in the same ex- 
pedition. (Nicaliu't Hutory of Its 
BmtlU tf Awivuirt, p. 362, 263.) 
He was s. br his eldest aon, 

Thomai Cufton, whoae name appears in 
(he list of tbe retinue of Ming Hbnbv V. 
Into France, in 1416, which terminated 
by tbe batde of Aglncourt, S6th October, 
1416. (Nicolas, p. 278.) He setded lands 
in Goosnsrgh and Wood Plnmpton, upon 
hia son, James, on bis marriage with Mar- 




garet, dnnghter of Sir Richard Haddtestone, 
of Hillum Cnstle, in the eoDDly of Ciuuber- 
land, knL who died in the lifetime of hi< 
father, niAoat iuae, on the 8th September, 
Hlff. 'ThomasCliftODdiedial442,1eariag 
by hia wife, Agnea, daughter of Sir Richard 
Holynenx, of Sepbton, knl a ton, bia anc- 

RicHlRD CuFTON, who on the 4th Octo- 
ber, 3Iit Henry VI. 14^ paid forty ahil- 
lings to Thomas de Latham, receiver of the 
rents of the Duchy of Lancaster, on obtain- 
ing livery of hii lands in Clifton, Westby 
Field, PhimptOD, Salwyk, and Barton. In 
1460, he settled lauds in Salwyk on bia aon 
Jamea. He «. Alice Butler, daughter of 
John Butler, of Rawcliffe. in the conntv of 
Lancaster, and bad issue, iames Clition, 
who n. Alice, daughter and heir of Jamea 
LRDcaater, of in the county of West- 
moreland, ist March, aeth Henry VI. A.D. 
1467. He d. eth Henby VH. A.D. 1400, 
(Inq. P.M.) and was succeeded by his son, 

Robert Cufton, who m. Margaret, 
daughter of Nicholas Bntler, of Bewsey, in 
the county of Lancaster, by whom be Iwd 


WiuiAK, who in 1&I6, on (be diTJsioD 
of the estates of his elder brother, 
Cntbberl Clifton, who died without 
male Issue, by the award of Justice 
Bmdenell and Seijeant Palmes, 
had the manor of Wortle^, and its 
dependancies, allotted to bun. This 
gentleman will be found carrying on 
the male line of the hmily. 
Tbe elder son and heir, 

CiTTHBERT CufTON, of Clifton, IB. Alice, 
daughter and co-hetr of Sir John l^wrence, 
of Ashton, in tbe county of I^Dcaater, knt. 
By deed of November. 18th Henry VII. 
A.D. lOOS, he settled his estates npoo him- 
self for life, and to bis issue male, with 
remainder to bis brother, William. He d. 
Id IA12, leaviug an only daughter, 

Elizabeth, who m. first. Sir Richard 
Hesketb, kuL of RnfTord, in the 
county of Lancaster, hut had no 
isaue by that gcntlcDtan, who died in 
1620. She wedded secondly. Sir 
William Hol^eux, knt of Sephton, 
who became in consequeuce. Lord of 
Clifton. By Sir William, who died in 
July, 1548, she had an only daughter, 
AMNB HoLVMEUX, who espoosed 
Henry Halaall, esq. of the county 
of Lancaster, and conferred apon 
him the Lordship of Clifton, 
which remained with bis des- 
cendants until it again merged 

ir of Sir Cutbbert Halsall, with 
liomas Clifton, of Westby. 

Cntbbert'B younger brother and coDtiantat 
of the male line, 

WiLUAM CuFTON, of Westby, M. Isabell, 
daughter of — Thomborongb, of Hamps- 
Geld, in Lonsdale North, settlement dsled 
2ath August, 1617, and had isane, 

Thomas, his successor. 


He was *. by his eldest son, 

Thohah Cufton, esq. of Westbr, who 
IK. Ellen, daughter of Sir Alexani{er Os- 
baldiston, of Osbaldiston, in tbe county of 
Lancaster, knt. and bad issoe, 

CtiTHBERT, bia heir. 


Ellen, wife of Arthur Hogbton, esq. of 

Isabel, wife of -- Holcroft. second sonof 
Sir James Holcroft, of HolcrofL luL 
The elder sou, 

CUTHBERT CuFTON, of Wcstby, esq. m. 
Catherine, daughter of Sir Richard Hogh- 
tou, knt of Hogtaton, and tt. 1596, leanng 
issue, (bur sons and four daughters, rix, 

Thohas, his Bi 


Hen, wifi 

Elizi^th, wife of William Bntler, of 

Rawcliffe, esq. 
Mary, wife of Richard Booth, esq. 
Add, wife of Nicholas Butler, younger 
brother of WUUam Bntler, of Raw- 
He was i. by bis eldest son, 

Thomas Clifton, esq. of Westby, wbo 
m. Mary, daughter of air Edward Norris, 
of the Speke, in the county of Lancaster, 
knt and was succeeded by bis son, 

Sir CiTTHBEaT Cufton, knt of Weatby. 
This gentleman m. first, Ann, daughter of 
Thomas Tildealey, of Horley, in the connQt 
of Lancaster, hy whom be tiad tssve, 
Thonas, his successor. 
Cutbbert, colonel in the army of King 
Charles I., slain at tbe siege of 
Manchester, October, 1042. 
Elisabeth, m. Sir William Gerard, of 
Bryn and Garswood, knt and bart. 
He m. secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Smith, knt of Wootton Walwyns, 
in tbe county of Warwick, (ancestor of 
Smith, Lord Carrington, entinct in ITUA) 
and by her had a unmerooa issue, tIz, 

I. Lawrence, mtgor m Ae royal army, 
killed at Sbelford Hoase, in the 
county of Nottingliam, 27(h October, 

II. Francis, a captain in Ae royal army, 
killed at tbe Bral battle of Newberry, 
SOth September, 1043. 



in. John, ft eaptMn is tbe royal army, 
kiUed at Shelford House, 37tb Oc- 
tober, 1646. 

)v. Ann, m. Richkrd NorriB, of the 
Ikmily of Speke. 

V. Alice, m. Richard HaMey, of Rix- 

Ti. Jane, at. Thomas Ecdeatone, of 
Eccleatone, caq. in the connty of Lan- 

vn. Dorodiy, ■ nnn, at Paris. 

VIII. Catherine, a nan, al Antrrerp. 

IX. Hary.m. William Latham, of Hos- 
bome, in the county of Lancaster, 

Sir Cntiibert, on 14th Febrnary, 1606, pui^ 
rtaifil the manors of Hailon and Lytbam, of 
Sit John HolcTOft, kat. He died in 1634, 
aad was i. by hii eldest son, 

TI10M4S CuFTOK, eaq. of Weatby, who 
wedded Anne, dangbter and co-beir of Sir 
C«tbbert HaUall, of Halsall and Clifton, 
aad Ans the latter estate became again the 
powessiMi of the Cliflons. Of this marriage 

I. CuTHBEiiT, heir to hia father. 

II. Thohu, SBCceHor to his brother. 

III. John, who m. a daughter of Tho- 
nas Blackbnrn, esq. of Orford, and 
was father of 

Thomas, of whom presently, as 
enccesBor to his nncle, Sir Tbo- 
mas Clinon, bart. 

IV. William, d. Wth November, 18Dfi. 

V. Rtehard. 

VI. James, who settled in Maryland, 
a*, tfaa daaghler of — Bent, and bad 
Uiree sons, Thomas, William, and 
James, with three daughters, Mary, 
Bridget, and Catherine, all living 
24tb January, 16»1. 

VIII. Elizabeth, a intn, at Dunkirk. 
IS. Dorothy, a nun, at Grarelines. 

X. Alice, M. to Alexander Rigby, esq. 
of Annll. 

XI. Bridget, m. to Thomas Westhy, esq. 
of If owbrick, in Lancashire. 

Kii. Fraoces, m. to — Holgate, esq. 

"v. K""- !"■'"•"''""'"•"■ 

Mr. Clifton d. Ifith December, 1657, and 
wu J. by his eldest son, 

Clthbekt CuFTON, esq. of Westby .and 
aifton. This gentleman m. in 1041, Mar- 
nret, danghter and sole heir of Geo^e Ire- 
had, esq. of Sonthworth, in the county of 
LsBcaster, bnt dying without issue, was i. 
by Ui brother, 

Su Thomas Curros, h. 7th July, 1638, 
asd created a baronet, in 1663. He m. 
Bnt, Bridget, dangbter of Sir George Hene- 
sn, of Halnlan, in the connty of lincolii, by 
whom be had screral children, who alt died 
yoa^, except Mary, who Si. Thomat sixth 

Hnssey, knL of Hunningtou, in the connty 
of Lincoln, by whom he had, 

Thomas, b. in 1668, died m 1688, and 

buried in Kirkham church. 
Bridget, m. to Sir Francis Andrewi, of 
DentoB, in the connty of Northamp- 

Sir Thomas Clifton, with Lord Molynenx, 
and several other catholic gentlemen of 
rank, were nnjnstly accused of ti 

idnct, and the estates deTolved npon his 

Thomas CurroN, esq. who m. Eleanora- 
Alathea, danghter of Richard Walmsley, 
esq. of Dimkuthalgh, in the connty of I^- 
caster, and had issue, 

I. Thomas, 6. 90th August, 1686. 

II. Marr, i. 13Ih November, 1697, ai. 
Sir George Mostyn, of Talacre, in 
flie county of Flint, hart. 

ill. Isabel, I. 37th May. lOQS. 

IV. Aon, 6. 4th June, 1701, 

V. Elisabeth, b. 7th September, 1703, 
m. Sir William Gerard, of Bryn, 

VI. Cudibert, b. 3rd January, 1706. 

VII. Julia, b. 4th October, 1707. 

He d, in 1720, and waa sneoeeded by his 

Thomas of Clifton, Wetthy, 
and Lvdiam, b. 30lh August, 1686, m. &e 
Hon. Hary Molyneux, danghter of Richard, 
fifth Viscount Molyneux, by whom (who 
wedded, secondly, 8th February, 1762, Wil- 
liam Anderlon, esq. of Euzton HaU, in die 
connty of Lancaster), he bad issue, 

Hary, m. Sir John Massey Stanley, of 
Hooton, bart. 

Isabel, a nun, at Ghent 


He died 16th December, 1734, and was t, 
by hli son, 

Thomas Clifton, esq. of Clifton, Westby, 
and Lythsm, b. 9& January, 1728, who 
married three wives, first, on IDth June, 
17S0, Catherine, danghter of — Eyre, esq. 
of Hassop, in the county of Derby, who 
died without issue ; secondly, Ann, dan. of 
Sir Camaby Haggerstone, in the county of 
Northumberland, bart. fay whom (who d. 
22nd February, 1760) he had two daughters, 
who died infants ; and thirdly, 3Sth Sep- 
tember, 1760, Lady Jane Bertie, daughter 
of Willougbby, third Earl of Abingdon, 
and by tiiat lady (who d. 36tb February, 

John, his successor. 

Eleonora, m. Thomas Scarisbrich Ec- 




clMtone, CM], of Scariibiich tnd Ec- 
cleatone, living a widow. Hey, )833. 
Catherine, m. 29tb Hay, 1769, to John 
Talbot, Mq. brother of Charlea, aix- 
teenth Earl of Shrewnbnry, and died 
Hay, 1791. 
' Sophia, living nniu. Hay, 1833. 
Hr. aifbm, who bult Lytham HaU, dkd 
llth Hay, 1783, and wu Bocceeded by his 
aldeal ton, 

John Clifton, cm. of ClifloD, Weslhy, 
■nd Lytham, b, 36th Jannaiy, 17S4, who m. 
SSrd Novmnber, 178&, Elisabeth, dan. of 
Tboc. Ktddell, esq. of Felton Park and Swin- 
bnrae Caatle. in tho connty of NoTthmnber- 
land, by whom, who died 19th November, 
1S26, he had iwue, 

I. Thomai, hia heir. 

II. JfriiB, h. 30th Ha^, ITflO, of the 
Hon. Society of LiDcola's Ion, m. 
28th April, 1817, Haria, yoongeet 
daofhter of John Trafford, eaq, of 
Tn^ord, in tbe couuty of IJuicaster, 
and baa iuue, 

1. Cnlhbert-WilUam. 

2. John. 

3. Edmund. 

ill. William, b. lath Jane, 1791. 

IV. Edward, b. 17th Febmary, 1794, 
served in the Caldatreain Ouardi in 
Spain and France under the Duke of 
Wellington, 1814, m. 16th January, 
1819, to Eliza, third daughter of 

Tbomaa S. Ecoleitone and Eleonora 
Clifton, and baa iitue, 

1. Thoma* CliHon. 

3. Willfan Clifton. 

3. Harriet. 

4. Edward Gerard CUftoB. 

V. Cbarlea, b. &th July, 1796, d. De- 
cember, 1826. 

VI. Elizabeth, marriedln ABguat,18l4, 
at Mary-le-bone Church, Loudon, 
to Charlea Tbomaa ConoUy, eaq. of 
Hidford Caitle, in the coon^ of 
Some reel. 

VII. Hary, d. &th July, 1800. 

Hr. CliHon died 23rd Harch, 1833, and waa 
succeeded by hia eldest son. the preaent 
TnOHtS CurroK, eaq. ofCliflon and Lytham 
HaU. ' 

j4n>u— Sa. ona 

CVcrf — A dexter arm, embowed in ar- 
mour, holding a sword, ppr. 

Molte — Hortem aut trtiunphum. 

EtUte* — Henor« of Clifton, Lytham, 
Marlon, Salwick, Weilb^, and Plampton, 
and estates tu Wharton, Laton, in the Pylde 
district of AmoundemeM Hundred, in dw 
county of Lancaster. 

Town RetuUnet—Cnlton Terrace. 

S'eslr— Clifton and Lytham Hall. 

a bend arg. three mnlleti 


MAC CAUSLAND, The Reo. OLIVER, rector of Fialagan, in the county of Lon- 
donderry, b. 6th November, 1757, m. in 1785, Hannah, 
daugifater of Redmond Conyngham, esq. of I<etterkeiuiy, in 
the county ot Donegal, and hsa issue, 

John, Captain R. N. t. 8th Aogual, ITHO. 

Redmond-Conyngham, in holy ordi 
Elizabeth, m. to Robert Ogilby, ei 

the county of Londonderry. 
Hary- Anne. 

..'of Woodbank, In 


rhii gentleman, who succeeded his father in 1804, claims 
M be chief of the clan of the Macmnalanea, of Qlffndngks, 
in Dnmbartonahire. 




A Scottisb writer, Buchanjin, of Aug hmi 

in Scotland, iras one Buey Ansblan, 

O'Kj-an, King of Ulster, who (when the 
Danei, to avenre the Hassacre of limerick, 
peraecuted aniT dcitroTcd numbers of the 
uiA,) paMed orer to Scotland with a body 
of foUowera in or about the year 1016, and 
that the (aid Anielan, harinr giren great 
ataiatance to Malcolh II. in hie wan, was 
rewarded by that king with graiita of lands 
of can«der«bte value, and a iplendid coat 
of aroiB. (The aame monarcb conferred 
abost Ae aaroe time similar grants upon the 
hmiij of Keith, and several othen.) Bn- 
dnnan goes on to state that the territory 
M cDBferred was called the " lands of Bu- 
t^anan ;" but diet the traditjou ia, that this 
BoET Anselan married an heiress of the 
■ame of Bennieatonn, and in ber right ac- 

e~r«d ihoM lands. He establishes the 
t, however, that Anslan took up his abode 
Oneit a* " Bney Anaelan, Dominna de Bn- 
fhsn»n," and that his ancceasors were all 
Lairds of Buchanan. Of these feudal chiefs 
be givGo a regalar dynasty, beginning in 
tte year lOlS, with the said Anselah ( the 
•ecood laird, in loeo, be denominates John 
Mac Auslane, and be proceeds ontil he 
extiiigaishes ilie line with the last of the 
Urds, John, who flooriabed in 1683, leaving 
■a raly dauhter and heireia. 

Snd is BacbanaB's descent of Ae Ba- 
^•■•n famQy, the yonnger sons of the dif~ 
fcreat lairds of which foimded the numerona 
WaaAea now bearing the name. His state- 
■eim, faowerer, concerning the branch 
*Uch always adhered to the designation of 
Kac Aoilaxe are not so clear ; me flr«t of 

MM to a charter, granted by Malcolm, Earl 
ef Iiciinos, of the lands of Loss, to John, 
Iduid of Luss, abovt the year 1360, the sig- 
■alnre to that charter being "Malcolm, 
BaiM Mac Anslaae." The next he men- 
timi* is one " Mac Beth, Baron Mao Anse- 
lane," of whom there are variotu traditional 
■ccowitB as to his stature and nncommou 
■narth. Be lived about the year 1400. 
^aird beiroo was Alexander, " Wf Baron 
Vac Anselane," whoae only daughter mar- 
■U tme of the Campbella, uler whose deaOi 
■k add her inheritance to Sir Hnmphry 
Cvlfabtmn, of Loss, her superior. " 

IK aow settled In the counties of Tyroni 

and Derry, in the north of Ireland," and 
that those are descended from " the Baron 
Mac Aoslane who went out of the parish of 
Loss, about the latter period of the reign of 
Kin^ Jaues VI." From this baron the 
family before ns claims descent. 

Baroh M'Auslane, of Olenduglas, came 
over to Ireland in the latter end of ATin; 
James I.'a reign, about the year IflOO, and 
left two sons, Andrew and John. Of tbe 
younger the line is now extinct The elder, 
Andrew M'Adslahb, had a son, 
Alexander M'Auslahe, who served in 
tbe army in Ireland before the Tear 1M6, 
as appears by the auditor-general s acconntt 
of the period, wherein tbe said Alexander is 
stated to be entitled to a share of tbe for- 
feited and debenture lands, and to a share 
of money as one of the adventnrers and sol- 
diers before the rebellion of 1S41. He set- 
tled in the county of Tyrone, and was at 
his death possessed of the manors of Ard- 
Btrath, Mountfield, and others. He m. 
Genet, daughter of Edward HM, esq. of 
New Grange, in the county of Healb, and 

. and left a 

Alexander, of Aidochil, who died 
in July, 1763, at the adTancad 
age of one hundred years. 

Catherine, m, to William Colhonn, of 

Newtown Stewart 
Margery, m. to David H'Clenahan, of 

Newtown Stewart. 

OuvBK H'AusLAHD, esq. styled of 8tra- 
bane, in the vicinity of which town he re- 
sided. This was a distin^ished person, 
being no less than twelve tmies returned to 
the Irish parliament by the borough of 
Strabane. In the parliament of 1606 he is 
entered on the Bolls as " Oliveiios Mac 
Causland, Armiger ;" and served the office 
of sheriff for the conn^ of Tyrone in 1687. 
He appears likewise to have held some 
military commission, as we flod it stated, 
under " Castleatewart," in Lodge's Peer- 

Xof Ireland, that he had been em- 
/ed upon a mission of importanee by 
Lord Hoonljoy and Colonel Londy. Re 
m. Jane, daughter of Jame* Hamilton, 
esq. and sister of the Re*. Andrew Hamil- 
and had issue, 



WiUiBm, of Hountfield uid Ruli, m. 
Eliiabeth, dan. of George Huniltou, 
esq. of tliedtyof Dublin, bntiL*.^. 
Oliver, of Stnlwae, m. Rachel, daugh- 
ter of James Hanulton, eaq. of Hamil- 
tou'a Grove, ia the connty of Antrim, 
and had an only daughter, Rom. 
Jane, m. to — SampMii, eiq. 
Catharine, n. to John teilie, e«q. 
Oliier Mac Caualand, who poMeM«d lar^ 
estate) in the cood^ of Donegal, died in 
1723, and waa t. b j Lis eldeal ion, 

John H«c CAtisLAtiD, esq. of Strabane, 
and die manor* of Stranoriar and Casllefin, 
M.P. for Strabane, in the yean 1735 and 
1727, who wedded Amy-Jane, danghter of 
liiomaa Norris, eiq. of the coun^ of Down, 
and of Speke, in Lancashire, by whom he 
had issue, 

I. OuvBB, his heir. 

II. Alexander, of Rnsh, wu Anne, dan. 
of James Neabitt, esq. of lifford, in 
the county of Donegal, and was father 

1. John (RcT.), of Lifford, who m. 
Grat, Hary , daughter of (he Re*. 
Thomas Burgoyne, of Lifford, 
and had three danghters. He 
espoused, secondly, Hannab, 
widow of Thomas Oeratd, esq. 
of the county of Heath, by whom 
be had John, and four daughters. 

3. Andrew. 

3. Henry. 

4. , ■». to — Shirling, esq. 

and living in 1814. 

6. Anne, m. to — Ball, esq. 

III. Rebecca, m. to the Rev. John Ha- 
milton, of Newcastle, in the county 
of Liinenck. 

IV. Mary, tn. to Doctor Hoore, of Loo- 

He li. in 1728, and was *. by bis elder son, 
OtivEn MacCaOsund, esq. of Strabane, 
H.P. for Strabane, in 17% and 1731. This 
Keetleman m, Anne-Jane, daughter of Wil- 
liam Hamilton, esq. of Watenionse, in the 
county vf Lancaster, and had two sou ~ ' 
three daughters, via. 

I. John, his sncceasor. 

ir. Oliver, m. Jane, danriiter of Wfl- 
liam Murray, esq. of Mount Mnrr«y, 
in the county of Heath, and had, with 
five danghters, a son, who d. m, p. 

III. Margaret. 

IV. Alice, m. to General Charles Etu- 

T. Anne-Jane, m. to Edward Shaw, eaq. 
Hr. Hac C^usland d. in 1766, and was r. 1^ 
bis elder son, 

John Mac Caurland, esq. of Strabane, 
four times returned to parliament, by the 
county of Donenl, who m. EliaabeA, dan. 
of the Rev. Willism Span, of Ballnuicove, 
in that shire, and was Mtber of 

OuvEB (Rev.), present representatlTV 

of the family. 
William-James, of Dublin, m. Snaaa, 
daughter of the Rev. J. Waters, of 
Ihe town of Tipperary, and has iaane. 
Catherine, m. to the Atokt Han. WQ- 
liam CoBvn^iBm Plnnket, Lokd 
Pluhket, Lord CMANCBtxoa or Ike- 
land, (see BukKB's Pttrmgt um 

He died in November, 1804, and was ». by 
his elder son, the present Rev. Outeb 
Mac Caoslahd, rector of Finlagan, in Oe 
coun^ of Derry. 

Armt — Or, within a double tresnre, flory 
connterflorv with flenrs-de-lye sa., a lion 
rampant of the second, holding in his dexter 
paw a sabre, or crooked sword, ppr. 

Cretf—K hand conped, holding a dnke's 
coronet, or cap of maintenance, surrounded 
with two laurel branches wreathed. 

Motloti — Over the crest, Andaoea Jbto ; 
beneath the shield, Clarior bine hoaoa. 

Rttidenee — Finlagan. 

• Thiscrettw 
Fnnoe upon Sia Alxjuhdib K 
of tha Scottish laitds of the family, for bis dis- 
tingaistuid biaveiy at the battle of Bamg^, in 
Anjon, mam 14tl, wban b« is asid In luva slain 
Thohu Furtaoiiir, Ddu or Cuaucx, tba 
brotber of Kng Hixm-r V. The French eoat- 
msndat in tbil oig^eiiuut *ru tbe Hanhsl da 
Is Fqrette, laaMtoT of the szisting and eelattatsd 

GOIBKAL LA tltwm. 



r, GEORGE, eM|. of Ebenluun H>U, in the coim^ of Enex, b. SOth April, 
1785, m. in 1810, hia coasin, Clarisem, daughter of Sir 
William Be«imftria Rnali, of WimUedon, in Surrey, uid 


O () o 







Mr. Rtuh, who is a magistrate, and depaty-lientenont 
for the coun^ of Esmk, serred the office of big^-Bheriff 
for Northamptonshire in 1813. 


Sana Rusb, esq. of Bishop's Stortford, 

hw RiA, eaq. of Colchester), liTJng in 

I74D,B.«lMly named Henrietta-Haria, bnt 

•T wlisl family is not recorded, and had issne, 

I. WiLUtM, of Lamheth, baptised at 

StDftfml, 18th Febmary, 1722-3. 

BetM. 18th September. 1748, Hary, 

daashter of OeorKe Smith, gent of 

Louon, and had issve, 

1. WlLLUM-BumiARis (Sir), who 
inherited an estate at Boydon, 
in Snffolk, which was afterwards 
sold to Admiral Sir Hyde Par- 
ker, and after his deau resold, 
and die mansion (which bad 

remored ta Wimbledon, where 
he resided for the last thirty 
years of his life. He wedded, 
10th April, 17S2, Laura, dangh- 

14th Norember, 1833} he had 

six daoghlers, vis. 

Iadtb, m. Bt Glasgow, ic 
leOI, to Baail Hontagn, eeq, 
of Gray's-Inn, barrister-at- 
law, editor of the works of 
Lord Bacon. She died at 
Wimb1edon,ieth Jane,1806, 


Jalian-^oline, m. in 1803, 

to John Leach, esq, of Chel- 
sea, and has issue. 
Charlotte, m. in 1800, to John 
Martin Cripps, esq. of 
Stanton, in Sussex, and has 


Angelica, m. in 1810, to the 
Her. Edward Daniel Clarke, 
LL.D. the celebrated tra- 

Lonisa, m. In IBIS, to John 
A. Knipe, esq. of Belterbet, 
in the coonty of Ca*au. 
S. Samnel, of Kensington, for- 
merly of the Customs, London, 
b. in ITfiS, who M. Henrietta- 
Haria, daughter and heiress of 
Thomas Conlston, esq. of Chel- 
sea, and died in 1820. 

II. John, d. unm. 

III. Obobqe, of whom presently. 

IV. Jane, at. first, to — Ingnm, esq. of 
London, and secondly, to Thomas 
Conlston, esq. of London. 

V. Mary, m. to — Roberts, esq. 

VI. Elisabeth, m. to -^ Comer, esq. 
The third son, 

GborokRusii, esq. of Farthingho, North- 

Fitchet, in the county of Essex, and had 




Oeobob, liU heir. 

Bridget, M. to — Ogilvie, «m|. of Lon- 
don, and d. «.p. ID 1S21. 

Henrietta, > . 

Kitty, i *■ °^- 
Mr. Rub died in 1B03, ud wm «. by Us 
■on, the present Giokoe Rush, esq. of 
ElMohun Hftll. 

Armi- — Qiwrteriy, ga. uidug. on a feu 
pnrty per pale, »ert and or, between three 

bortea eoonuit coiinterchanged, aa 
nxadlea likewiae conntercbaDged. 

Mallo — Un Diea, on nu, ddd fo 
Etlatei— -la Eases, &c. 
Sett — Elaenbain Hall, Essex. 


SUTTON, GEORGE- WILLIAM, vq. of Etton HaU, in the cQnntj of Dnri^am, 
b. 17th October, 1801, m. 2Ul April, 1824, OUfia, aecood 
dangbter of Henry Stapylton, esq. of Norton, Benior male 
deacandant of the ancient biadlj of St^jrlton, of MjrtoD, 
and bu sarriring iasne, 

WiLUUM-GBOiiaB. b. ISfli July, 1838. 
John-SUpylton, b. 33rd November, 1832. 
17 Grace. 


This gentlenuu, whose patronymic was Hutchifsoii, (see 
family of Hutchinson) assumed, on the 17tb October, 
1822, the soTname and arms of Sutton, in compUasce 
with the testamentary injunction of bis great ancle, Geoif^e 
Sutton, esq. of Elton. 


Gboroe Sutton, gent, of ThomborooBh, 
in the NaTth Ridins of Yorkshire, made hii 
will in 1640. He left two loiis, John and 
George. The elder, 

John Sutton, nnt. of Tbomboroogh, 
bad with sereral outer children, a son, 

TuoNAsSirrroK, esq. (. in 1667, of Stock- 
ton and Hirtbnm, in the county of Durham, 
who wedded in 1663, Rachel, daughter of 
— Jefferson, e*)]. of Ellon, in the county of 
Ihirbam, and bad with diree elder children, 
all deceaaed t. p. a ion, 

WlUiAU Sutton, esq. of Elton, Hart- 
bum, and FoTceby, all in the county of 
Durham, bom in 170t. This gentleman 
eepoused in 1737, Hary, daughter of J. 
Watson, esq. of Stockton, and bad issue, 

I. Tbomaa, > who both died young, 

II. WiUiam,S in 1734. 
tii. GaoKOE, hi* beir. 

IV. John, of the Hon. E. I. C. Serrice, 
b. in 1737, wbo m. Hary, danghter 
of Edmond Bunting, esq. of Sttck- 
ton, bat died «. p. in 1793. 

V. Jane, died in infancy. 

VI. Hary, who m. in 1767, Cbarlet 

BaAniat Sleigh, esq. of Ark«idale, 

Id the Gonnly of Tork, and had isen«, 

WiLUAM Slsioh, of Stockton and 

Arkendale, lieulenani coIobbI of 

the lOrd foot This gentlenan, 

(. in 1756, m. Ann, dnighter and 

heiress of J. Ward, esq. of Bil- 

Ungham, in Duriiam, but d. 

issuelesa in 1835. 

Hary Slei^, who m. in 1800, the 

Rer. Thomas Allason, of Hed- 

don, in Northumberland, hot bad 

Frances Sleigh, who d. in infancy. 
EuzABRTH-CARoUNa Sleigh, who 
wedded in ISOO, John Hulchin- 
son, esq. and had inne, 
Geoboe-Wiluah, heir to his 
great uncle, Georob-Sut- 
TON, esq. of Elton. 
Charles-Sleigh Htttchinson. 
Henry Hutchinson. 
WiUuun Hntchinaon. 
Hary Hntabinsoa. 
Anne Hutehineon, m. in 1BZ7, 
to B. Old, esq. 



Lacy HatchiDMn. - • 
iraUtM Svtlon, of EltoD, died 4tli A^, 
17W, Mid wma i. by Ida «l<teit lurriiring son, 
GioHse Sutton, eaq. of Elton, t. TOtb 
Jim, 1736, k au^ictrftte for the county of 
Dnitiain, who m. in 1790, Grmce, youngut 
daaghter of Willimm Honfall, esq. of Stor- 
thca OtU, ID dw West Riding mt Tork- 
■Un, but dyioK «• p. 4th Febnuuy, 1817, 
■t Ike Ml«anc«a age of 82, bequeathed his 
atatea to hk grand nephew, Grorob-Wil- 

lUM BlFTCBINaOH, who *— "— '"g, ID CODK- 

qacBce, the ■amame and arms of SinrOH, 
■ fte praent Gbokoe-Willum Sanov, 
mq. at Ellon. 


lUt ftmflj was originally acAted in Sua- 
MX, K a pUce called Bathuut, not far 
fna Batnie Abbey, of which, however, it 
wai ilwpoilad dwiig A* wan of the Rosa. 

LiniKCB Bathubst lived l*mf. Henrt 
TL at Cranebnwk, in Kent. He left at 
hit jeeeiae, diree sona, viz. 

I. Bdwaiid, of Staplebnrst, anceator of 

IheyrfMNl ElBL B*TUt)UT. 

II. RoBUT, of whom preaently, 

in. J<^, who had unda in Staple- 
hnnt, by gift of hia fkther. 
Tbe aeiMiDd son, 

RoiuT BiTHURsT, esq. of Homnanden, 
IB Kent, esponaed first, a danghtei of Wil- 
San Sauoden, esq. and had issne, 

I. John, of Homnanden, ancestor of 
Sir Edward Bathnrst, created baronet 
in 1043, a tide not eztincL 

II. Pan], who M. Elizabeth, dangbter 
and faeiresa of Edwaid Hoidon, esq. 
of Hordon and Fincbcocks, in Kent, 
and by ber a<:qaiied the l^er manor, 
lod Itad iaane- 

Roberl Bathniat wedded secondly, and bad 
too other aoD*, 

n. Robert, of Uanore, in Ireland. 

IV. John, 
Tbe yoonnat son, 

John Bathubst, esq. of GoDdhorat, in 
Kent, m. Dorothy, daughter of Edward 
MaplMdeo, e«q. of Harsden, in the same 
Atn,aBdhad uine, 

Edward, who died nnm. in 1673, aged 
seventy-seven yean. 


JomiBiTHDBfT.M.D. of London, became 
■ksBqnntly of Richmond and Arkendale, 
ta ae coratr of York. He etpoaied Eli- 
abt^ daughter and heiress of Brian Wil- 
l*>u, eaq. of Glints, and had issue, 

CiiuironiEK, U.D. 

JiAb, who d. young. 

TuoDOBB, aacevaaor to his &dier. 



Elizabeth, m. to Sir R. Blake, of 

Dr. Bathunt died In 1600, and was t. by 
his eldest aurviving son, 

Theodore Bathurst, esq. of Scutter^ 
skelf, Cliuti, and Arkendale, in the conoly 
of York, bom in 1646. This gentleman 
Bi. Letitia, only dauRhter of Sir John Re- 
pingtoD, knt. of Warwickshire, and had 
three sons, Theodore, wbo d. in infann ; 
CuAHLBS, his heir; and Repington, witk 
twp daug^ten, Mary and Letitia. Tht 
eldeat son, 

Chahlis Bathubst, esq. of Cliotz, Sknt- 
terskelf and Arkendale, living in 1712, 
represented tbe borongb of Richmond, in 
pariiament. He m. ^vnces,* daoghter of 
Thomas Potter, esq. of Leeds, and had issne, 
1. Charles, hia heir. 
It. Hary, who m, William Sleigh, esq. 
of Stockton, and had issoa, 
I. Chables-Bathuhst Sleigh, of 
Stockton and Arkendale, t. in 
1734, grandfather (as before 
stated) of the present 
of Elton. 
3. William, a captain in the Guards, 
who d. in 1706. 

3. Elizabetb, who m. lint, Ralph 
Whitlev, esq. of Aston Hall, 
Flintshire, and secondly, the 
Venerable Bei^amin Pye, D.D. 
Archdeacon of Durham. 

4. Frances, m. to George Hoar, 

III. Jane, who m. William Turner, esq. 
of Kirklealham, in Yorkshire, father 
of the first Sir Charles Tnmer, bart 

IV. Frances, m. to C. F. Forster, esq. 
of Boston, in Northumberland. 

Mr. Batharst was t. at his decease by his 
only SOD, Charles Bathubst, esq. of Scut- 
terskelf, Clintz, and Arkendale,* high she- 
riff for Yorkshire, who m. the daughter of 
— Hendry, gent of Elton, but dying t, p. 
in 1740, his estates devolved upon bis sistera 
as co-hein. 

^mu--~Gn. a castle or, thereon a stork 
ppr. for Sutton, quartering the ensigns of 
Sleigb and Bathunt. 

Crett — A stork ppr. holding in the dexter 
claw a rose, and charged on the neck with 
a cross patie gates. 

Ettatti— Elian and Hartbum, aifl in the 
pariBhea of Norton and Redmarahall, in 
Durham, with the manor and estate of 
Forceby, in Cleveland. 

Scot— Elton Hall, Dorham. 

hj Colonel Sle^h u O. Brown, t 



STANDISH-STRICKLAND, CHARLES, cmj. of Sondish Hall, in the coantj- 
[mlBtine of Lkocaater, b. 15th Mftrch, 1790, m. inFebnuir, 
18*22, Mademouelle EmmeUne Conradine, daughter of 
M. de MBthieMD, by hia wife, MademoiMlle EUw Heo- 
riette FeroooQ do Seraey (niece of M&dame k ComteM« 
de 0«DliB,) and has iune, 

Chibles-Henbt-Widdiunoton-Lionel, (. 33rd Ja- 
nuary, 1823. 
Charles-Frederick, t. aoth April, 1824. 
Charlet-Edward, h. March, 1830. 

Mr. Standish •occeedad hia ftlher, Thomaa Strickland- 
Standiah, esq. on the 4th December, (813. He ii a 
magiatrate, and depoty-lientenant for the county of 
Lancaater, and high aheriff in 1 836. 

an AbBtract 
at Standiah, drawn np by the tale Rev. 
Thonma West, domeatic chaplain of the 
Strickland Tamily, author of ue " History 
of Fnmeu Abbey," lu:., who deplored the 
wanton deatmction of a cheat containing 
a collection of andeni charteri, anterior to 
Iheeth of Henbt III. omo 1231. In which 
year he found that 

— OB Stindish, who had married Mar- 
garet, danghter and co-heir of Robert de 
Hulton, became in her rl^t poueasor of 
Ae manor of Shevington, and that he waa 

TntiiuTON DE Standish, who, on the 4th 
Febmary, 6th Henry III. auto 1331, leiied 
a fine of lands in ShevioKton, which he in- 
herited from his mother, Hargerie, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Robert de Hnlton. He 
wa* living in the 30th of the same reign, 
A.D. 1236-6, and had a ton, 

Ralph ub Standieh, who had two sons, 

JOBDAN, hia aucceasor. 
Hugh, who m. in the 34th Edward I., 
1306, Alice, danghter of Sir Richard 
Holyneux, of Sephton, knt. and was 
ancestor of Richard Standiah, eaq. of 
Dnibnry, in Lancashire, created a 
baronet by Kin^ Charles II. in 
1676, a title which became extinct 
□pon the death of Sir Frank Standiah, 
flie third baronet, while the estates 
pMaed to Frank Hall, son of An- 

thony Hall, esq. of the connH of 
Durham, who thereupon assninea the 
name and arms of Standisu. This 
branch is now represented by Augus- 
tus Hall Standish, of Duxbnry, esq. 
The elder son, 

JoBDAN DE Standish, who eoccecded hi* 
father, is vriteeaa to a deed of Emma de 
Shotylworth, 1st Edward I. A.D. 1271. H' 

Willi AN, bis successor. 
Mabel, m. at the church door (ad Os- 
tium Ecclesia:) of Wigan, 13th Edw. 
I. mno 1285, to Henry, son of Kch- 
ard Tmlshagh. 
Alice, m. to Richard de Ince. Thu 
lady was living in 1304. 
Jordan was < . by his son, 

WiLUAM DE Standish, first witness to a 
grant from Robert de Nortunleygh, dated 
2nd Edward I. A.D. 1273. In the 13lh 
Edward 11. 131S, he entailed half the maDor 
of Standish and Longtree, with the adfow- 
son of Standiah, on his son, John de Stand- 
iah, and Margaret his wife. He bad two 
wivea, Alianor and Margaret, and was i. by 
his son, 

John de Standish, Lord of Standuh, 
who. in the 6th of Edward III. A.D. 1332, 
confirmed to bis son, William, and Mar-, 
garet his wife, the eighth part of the manor 
of Shevington, with land in Standish, in fee 
tail. In Uie aame year, he is mentioned si 
being patron of the church of Standish. 
He u witness to a deed, 34th EdwabD UI. 




1350, Ike inl writing id wbkh meatioii U 
rade of pit coal being round at Slandiib. 

I, WiLuiM, who m. in 1333, Margaret, 
daughter of Adam Holcrofl, of Hol- 
cron, and d. itsoelesB. 

II. Hevhv, who f. his brother. 

Itl. Edmond, liring in 1332, and d. i. p. 
IV. B:tLPH (Sir), living in 1332. From 
numerous doconientt it appears thai 
thia Sir Ralph de Stnndisb found 
neani to keep hia elder brother, 
Henrt, ont of the poaseasion of the 
etUtea, for after bis death, in 13S4, 
Heury ia proved to have entered inio 
agreeineiila with Elizabeth hia wife, 
then remarried to Thorn aa Lampet, 
and John de Standiah, his aon, that 
they shonld deliver up to the amid 
Heury the landi formerly potsesaed 
by the said Sir Ralph. Sir Ralph 
bad married twice, first, Hary, diu. 
of — de luce, by whom he had 

John (Sir), atyled in all deeds 
" Lord John."* 


Joan, wi. to John Sanibranr. 
His aecoiid wife was named Elisa- 
brtb, who, aa already stated, re~ 
■uried Thomai LampeL She was 
liriag in the year 1400. By diis 
lady be had two other sona, 


Ralph, upon whom, and his wife 
Joan, his father settled consider- 
able estates. 
Sir Ralph de Standiah bad a grant 
of free pardon under the privy seal, 
for all offencei and breaches of the 
peace, dated lOlh April, 1362. 
*. Robert. 

* Thit Sir John de Stindiih 
fniMrt uul Htrilingihed as beinr in the wr- 
•iei of RicHjiaD II., and ittendBat in hii anite at 
1^ BOKirabla meetiut: of tb« king with the rebsl 
Wii Ttu*. in the y«r 1381, lbs msiinfiT of 
**<*idHih is thns dbtbImI by [beforowr:— aJlar 
'■PNIiag the bold pTopoailions and inao^ent de- 
fTiiiiii of ibe blacumith, he tbn* proceeds : — 
■' fa tnely qnod the d^ts, (Willinn Wd- 
■wth) (iua Um Btynkyri^ knave, ibtlt tbon 
■pcb thna in the preaence of the kynge, my 
"Imi birde ? I conunytte never to lyve with- 
nt ikoo lUt derelr' »ye it, and with tbme 


b Tyl* » greet a stroke on the heed that 
''' Woe al (be feet of bii horse, ind u hf 
— JB they envyroaad hjm all aboute, whereby 
^nsaMune of hia compuj. Then a aqnyer 
^fAskragea alytad, railed John Stsndyaahe, and 
h* fanM on bit aworde, and put into Wat 
I>lBi'ahiilTa,uid«>be dyed." On thii oeeanon, 
Vifaisth. the lord nayor, aeTCial eitiaco*, and 
Joki StedrethN wen fai^;bt«d. 

VII. Gilbert, clerk, who was rector of 
Standiah from S3rd EltWAHD 111. to 
93nd Richard II. (1350 to 1398). 
The second son. 

Henry de Standirh, on the death of bis 
younger brother, Sir Ralph, about the year 
1364, recovered the family estates. He m. 
Joan, daughter of ■ . • . , upon whom his 
fatliersettfed, 17tb Edward III.. 1343, landa 
in SbevingtoD. By her, who sarvived hita, 
be bad, with a daughter, Alice, who es- 
poused, in 1360, Hugh Standish, of Dux- 
bury, a son, hia successor, in I30Q, 

Ralfh de Standish, of Standish, who, in 
Ibe 16th Richard II. (13&2) was sheriff of 
Lancashire,t and in six years afterwards 
(1388) had grant of free pardon Irom the 
crown. He wedded Cecilia, daughter of 
. . . . , and bad had issue, 

T. Lawrence, bis successor. 

II. Alexander, inducted into Ibe rectory 
of Standish, to which he waa pre- 
sented by his father, Ralph, on the 
death of Gilbert de Standish, in 13M. 

III. Gilbert, living 30th September, 
1411. (13th Henry IV.) 

IV. John, a military man, and one of 
the heroes of the Battle of Aoik- 
COURT, a-lth October, 1416. 

V. Elitahcth, married by dispeosatioii 
muled 6tb Hbnby IV. 1403, to 
Richard, son of Gilbert de Longtoee. 

vt. Isabel. 
Ralph and his wife were both living in 1411, 
and he in 1414. He was t. at his decease 
by his eldest son, 

Laurence de Standish, of Standish, 
who espoused, in 1398, Lora, daughter of 
Sir Ri^er de Pilkington, and had, with a 
daughter, contracted, 7th Henry V., (1419) 
to marry John de Birkenhead, a son, his 
successor at his decease, in 1432, 

Sir Alexander de Standish, knt. of 
Standish. This gentleman, in the 2nd of 
Henry VI., had a grant of twenty marka 
per annum, for his good services, to be paid 
out of the Duchy of Lancaster, in the pre- 
vious reign, 9th Henry V. 1431, he con- 
tracted to marry Constance, daughter of 
John Gerard, of BrvD. By this lady, who 
survived biro, he had issne, 
I. Ralph, his heir. 

I!; oSS"' \ ■" '""f » "• s" 
;i':2JS 5 Bowjy.i«8. 

V. Peter, of Erley, Id the county of 
Lancaster, living in 1483, aud had a 
son, James Standish, married to Con- 
stance, dangbterof . 

Sir Alexander (f. in 1445, and was (. by his 

eldest son, 



Rauh di SriroUH, of SUadisk, -who, 
kkTing probaUy tak«n put witli Am hcHue of 
York, had tiro general pardoni fhm Hinrt 
VI. in the durty-fint year of tbkt HoimieL' 


Irof Sir 
ton, by the daaghter k>d hatr of — Chad- 
' m, «f ChMldeitoD, in the eonuty of 

[. AlbundU (Sir), 
There ii a deed estant, dated aoth 
Hekby VI., contracting, •& Ae part 
of hb fatbEr, for thi« genUeman'i 
marriage with Sibil, daughter of 
Heory Bold, of Bold. One of the 
partiee to the contraal U Rogmr da 
Standiih, parton of Staadiah; die 
tnarriage aetdenent it dated 3Mi 
Henrt VI. A.D. 1467. 

time the " De" U omitted before the family 
name. He iraa «. by hit eldest ion, 

8iK Alixandbk STANDisn, of Standiah, 
■at Aan a knight, bat railed t« that honor 
for hit aerricea at the battle of Hnttou 
Field, Scotland, in 1482. He eapouaed, on 
the let Janoary, 1481, Sibilla, dangfatar of 
Henry BoM, of Bold, and had one aon and 
Area dan^tera, ris. 
Ralph, hi* heir. 

Catharine, m. in 14S7, to Thomas, aon 
of Sir Chriatopber BUndiah, knt of 

«. byUa 

Ralph Standim, of Standish, who had a 
■enenl pardoo ftum the crown in Oe lit of 
HiHBT Vn., I48&. He M. (contract dated 
lath Angnat, 1407) Alice, one of the dang- 
lers aoaeo-heirs of Sir Jantea Harrington, 
knt. of Wtdhge, in the connty ef Notlh- 
amplon, which manor the lady had to dower. 
By her he had iss oe, 

Albxandbh, hii anoceaaor. 

Anne, m. to Sir John Hokroft, knt. of 

Agaes, m. to Thonaa Ashtoa, of Croa- 


Jane, m. to Jamea Brsdahaw, of flie 
Haigb, in the connty of lABttaler. 
He died at the advanced age of e^ly, ia 
1538, having made hia wilt on the IMi Oc- 
tober, ISM, and wai t. by hia aon, 

Alixahdu Standisr, of Standldi, who 
eaponaed, In I&IB, Ann, daaghtcr af Sir 

William Holyneu, kaf. sf Sapbloa, aM 

waa father of 

t. Ralph, who died ianaeleaa, and wu 

I, who 

II. EDWABD,wno inherited from Ralph. 

III. Jane, m. to Roger Braddww, of 
the Haigh. 

IV. Alice, at. to Hngh Aaderton. 

V. Agnet. 

VI. Isabel, m. to Thoroai I^thom, of 

VII. Eleanor, M. to William Warttm, of 
Wartofli in Ae conaty of Lancaater. 

VIII. Harmrel, m. to Lambert Tyldea- 
ley, of Gerrett, in Lamcaahire. 

The aecoDd aon, and aventaal repRSenla- 

Edwabd Stahdish, eaq. of Staadiili, liad 
livery of seisia, of the maaOTa of Standiah, 
tee. 7th Edwabo VI. anno Ifi&a, for iriiich 
he paid £31. lOt. to Om Court of Ward* 

who d. lal Jane, 

I, who 

in laOO, (having erected Standhdi Rail, in 
lfi74,) aad waa •. by hia eldeal soa, 

Albxandbr Standish, esq. of Standiih, 
who wedded Eliiabedi, danghter and heir 
of Adam Hawardea, eaq. of Wolaton, In 
Lancaahire, (•ettlement dated MA Angnat, 

leaving iaane, 
iuuw, hii ai 

Thomaa, died nam. 

AleKBnder, living 85A October, IMS, 
died nam. 

Margaret, m. to Thomaa, aeeond aon 
and eventoal heir of Robert Heake A, 
esq. of Rnfford, in the connty of 

EDea, who WIN Hw AM wifaof Hemy 
Banttter, esq. of the Bnake, ia &e 
connty of Lancaaler. 
The eldest son, 

Ralph Standiih, esq. of Staadtsh, wed- 
ded Bridget, danghtorofSir Richard Holy- 
oenx, of Sephton, knL dater of Rlchari, 
first viaoonnt Holyneox, and had two aoaa 
and two danghtera, via. 
Edwabd, Us befa. 
Alexandar, coloael of Hmm, in Ae 

Franeet, m. iL _^ ,, 

Lnk of Morley, M^or Oeaeral ntder 
Ae Bari of I>aTby. HewaakOlodat 
the batde of Wygan, SSA Aog. 1061 . 

EUsabefh, died nnra. 



EawAKEt SuM»iaa, eaq. of Sl&Bdwk, 
«ko m llth NvT««^r, 1«3£, Eliulwdi, 
tuckicT of Sir FiaDck Haw«rd, of Corby 
CmAb, in the conn^ of CnmberlMHl, (mar' 
luge cmtract dated 18th June, 1632, lady'* 
fartiH £1M0) and left at his deeeaae,* 
WiLLUM, kia aneoeMor. 
Bridget, died umi. 
Marj, ■•.to — Dasiel, of Betm Place, 

•ear Sadbwy, SofUk. 
EUsabelh, m. to John Witham, eaq. of 
Gliie.iBtWcewityofYork (aeep.e.) 

WiLLUM St«ndish. eaq. of Stendiah, wu 
UKotf-^ yean of aire, at the viaitalion in 
laH. He wedded Cecilia, daughter aod 
m1« heir of Sir Robert Bindlowe, bart. of 
Bqrwick Hall, in the county of Laneaater. 
bf whom (who d. 10th Jauaary, 17:^-30) 
ke had IUlvh, hii mccesaor, with Mary 
nd Cedlia, who both died Dnio. He died 
Hfc Jnne, 170&, and waa t. by hia aofi, 

EtLmSTAKDUH, eaq. of Standiah. Thia 
psdeman m. fint. Lady Philipoa Howard, 
dughler of Henry, Duke of Norfolk, by 
hp aeea»d DochcM, Jaae, dsnghier of Ro- 
bert Bickeiton, eaq. ta whom, (who died 
i(b April, 1731) he had iaaae, 

1. RALni-Ho«*iip> who wt. 4tb Jnne, 
1730, Mary , eldest daoghterof G«<M|;e 
Boiler, eaq. of Ballyngnt, in Ire- 
Iwd, and had two aoniTltalph and 
Edward, wbo both died in infancT. 
Be died himnOr at Kilkenii;', » 
^ril, 1736, hii father then Unng. 
n. George-Howard, d. iinm. 

V. Anae. -i 

VI. Philippa, I all o 
va. Charlotte, r 
vin. Mary. J 

IX. CEauA, of whom preaently. 

Balph Studiah waa Uiipg fn 17fi3, at the 

■dnaeed age of 83. Hie youngest dangh- 

tea and eventual]; aole hefrafs, 
CaauA Stand isH, espoused William 

TawMdey.caq.ofTowneley, in the coqo^ of 
nr. by whom (who died at Bath, 2iid 
ry, 1741. in the 28th yev of his age, 
la boried in the cliurfb of Bath Wes- 

««) she had issue, 

I. Charlu Townelet, esq. b, 1st Oc- 
lober, 1737. This gentleman ppa- 
■ M SBJ the Towneley estates, and wu 
according to Wliitaker's History vf 
Whalley Abbey, S9th in descent 
bvn Sparflingaa, Dean of WhaUey. 
He waa diitingviihed for his exqui- 
Ae taste io the 6ne arts, and formed 
(fc* spleodid collection of marbles, 
now in the British Mnseom, called 

Ae TowviLBY Marbles. Ha died 
nnmarried, 3rd fanuary, 1806, and 
waa «. by his younger brodiar, 

II. RALrHTowNSLBY-STANinui,e8q.who 
OD &e death of hi* bther and mother, 
inherited the estates of Btnndish, and 
BorwickHaU. He wasi.lSthJu&e, 
1739, and m. to Ueniietin, ninth 
daughter of Roger Strickland, esq. 
of Cattarick, in the ooun^ of York, 
but died *. p. when the asMes passed 
to his brother, Edwmd. 

lu. Edward TawNtLEV-STAHDiaii, sf 

Park, in the county of WeHmorlaiMl, 
by whom (who it. Sth October, 1770) 
she had iasoe, 

1. TuoMAs Stkicexanp, of whom 
hereafter, as inheritor of the 
Stan DISH Estatbi. 

2. William Strickland, an officer 
in the army, who died in the 
Wert Indies. 

3. Charles Strickland, d. in 177&. 

4. Hary-CedUa, m. 37th Febra- 
ary, I7S6, to Edward Stephen- 
son, esq, of Farley Hill, in Berk- 
shire, and Scalein' Castle, in the 
cOQn^ of Cumberland. She died 
at Paris, in 1817, learing issue. 

Mrs. Strickland wedded secondly, 
laih April, 1770, Gerard Edward 
Strickland, esq. of Willtloft, in the 
county of York, (see Strickland, 
page 60. vol. i.) 
The youngest son of the heiress of Standiah 
and William Towneley, 

BDWARDTowii(LEv-STANDiiti, . 
June, 1740, inherited'at the decease of hit 
elder brothers, the estates of bis late fadier 
and mother. Be m. Ann, daughter of Basil 
Thomas Eccleaton, esq. of Bccleston and 
Soarisbrick, in the county of Lancaster, but 
died without iisne, on the SSth March, 1807, 

when file estates of Standlsh, by the fondly 
setUemetits, became nested in (hia sister^ 
eldest son) bis nephew. 

TdOiiAS &TBICKLAHD, esq. of Sisergh, in 
the county of Westaonland, who assumed 
by sigD-mannal, on inheritiDg, the snmame 
and aims of Stanbuh. He m. first, S4tli 
FebruaiY, 17W. Anastaaia, elder danghter 
and co-heir of Sir Jcdin Lawaon, barL of 
Brongh, in the conn^ of York, by whom 

Charles Stickland-Standish. 
Thohas Stucklans, of Sisergb, (see 
*ob i. p. ^.) 

Kri^ St ths TJsiti^an of I jmntiltits, t Refer to fsmilT of SrwcatAira, or Stsuoa. 
' lea. ml. i. p. U. 



mm. in 1800. 

BlinbMh, d. aata. in September, 1B13. 

KoDica, m. in Dacenber, 18l7, to Sir 

John Genrd. but. of Bryn. In vol. 

i. p. M, this Udy it eirODBuiuly 

■ttted to have been the daagbter of 

die Mconrf muriage. 

He wedded secondly, Catherine, joongeit 

dangfater of Sir Robert Gerard, bart. of 

Bvn, bat had do fiiTther iuae. He died 

4th Doofunber, 1813, leaTing a widow anr- 

*iviDK, who ia«tiUliviiig(Jnne, 1833). Mr. 

Strickland-Standiah deviaed the Standish 

estate* tahii elder aon, the preientCH*Bi.ES 

STMCKUNO-STaHDira, esq. of Standish. 
and hie paternal inheritance to the younger, 
THOUat Stkicklanb, eiq. now of Bizeboh. 

A ntu — Quarterly ; flrat and fourth, uble. 
three alaDdiiip diahes argent, for Stakdhh. 
SecoDd and third, aable, three eecallop ihella 
argent, for Strickland. 

Vrut* — An owl with a rat in its taloni, 
ppr. SiANDiau. A holly boah, ppr. Strick- 

£rt«tw— In Lancaahire and Yorkahire. 

iS^alf — Standiih Hall, near Wigan ; and 
Caton, ueai Ripon. 


RAWUNGS, WILLIAM, enq. of Padatow, in the county of Cornwall, b. in 1788, 
a magiatrato, and depntj-Bentenant for that ihira. 


Thia ftofly, originally of Herefordsbire, 
was, for many ^enerationa, officially oon- 
nected with it* city. 

William Rawlinos, eaq. an emment 
merchant, distingniihed alike for actire 
philanthropy, and literary attalnmenU, e»- 
ponaed in 1736, Catherine, daughter of 
ChrietophcT Wame, eaq, of St. Colmnh, 
and thence remoTed to Padatow, about the 
middle of the laat century. Among tiie 
valuable family eaUtea were manora, of St. 
Colnmb, derived from the Wardour Amn- 
dela, and of Rialton, from the Godotphini. 
Mr. Hawlinga d. in 1796, greatly eateemed 
for hia pnblic and private rirtuea, leaving 
two (one, 

Thohas, bia heir. 

William, of Eieter College, Oxford. 
M.A. forty years vioar of Padatow, 
wboae aon, 

William, in holy ordera, the pro- 
aeut rector of Lanaalloa, " 

ponisd in 18S1 , Caroline, dangfa- 
ter of John R<^n, eaq. of 
Penroae, and niece of Lord de 
The elder aon, 

Thomas Rawlinoi, esq. of Saonderi Hill, 
whose superior talents were highly wpre- 
d by tbe county magiatracy, aervetf Ike 
■ of bigh aherW of ComwaU in 1808, 
and was one of the deputy wardens of the 
Stannaries. Hea(.inl783,Hargery,dangh- 
ter and co-heireaa of Thomaa Price, eaq, of 
Tregolda, a branch of the Newtown fainily, 
by whom (who inherited, upon the demiae 
iaaneless of her only brother, John, in pnr- 
auance of her fathera will, the Price estates 
in St. Wenn and Wilhiel) he had, (with 
odier daaghtera) 

WiLUAH, his heir. 

Edward, in holy orders. 

Ann, wfao m. in 1810, John Payater, 
esq. of BlackheaUi, Kent, and haa 
an only son, John. 
Harriet, m. in 1838, to the Rot. Ver- 
non Collina, of Trewardale, in Com- 
Mr. Rawlings died in 1830. and waa ». by 
hia eldest aon, tbe present Wiujan Raw- 
LINOS, eaq. of Padatow. 

jtnm—Sa. three awords palewaya, pidnts 

Creit — An armed arm, embowed, elbow 
resting on the wreath, holding in the gnnnt- 
let a falchion ar. hilt or. 

JIfottv— Cognosce teipanm, et diace pnti. 

fitatM—Comwall, ke. 

Stat — Padatow. 



DONKIN, SIR RUFANE-SHAWE, of Lower CftTenhun, in the cotint; of OxfoH, 
ft lienteit&iit-g«uenj in the army, m. fint. 
■^ Elinibeth'Francaa, eldMt diug^ter of the Very 

Rev. Dr. Geoi^ Markham, dean of York, and 
^reod-danghter of the late Archbishop of 
York, by wham he has tta only child, 

Georob- David. 

He eapotued, secondly, £th Hay, 1632, L«dy 
Aana-Maiia Elliot, daughter of the late eaii 
of Minto. 

This gallaat officer is a knight commander of the Bath, grand cross of lbs RotbI Hano* 
Terian Gnelptiie Urder, colonel of the 80th regiment, ai^ repreeentative in PariniMU 
of ^ horoogfa of Berwick-upon-lVeed. 


a iwA&t 
■idcnilile Ii 

RoBBBT DoNUN, (descended Itoid 
Lb)e &ii]ily, proprietors of coo- 
tie landed property in Northumber- 

«r that cotutry, to have settled on the 
borders, and to have cbaDged tbe unme 
from DotKAN*) wu born 19th March, 1727, 
and adopting a military life, entered the 
array in 1746. In ir6I be was si the siege 
of Belteisle, under General St. Clair, and 
there became acqnainted irith (he biilorian, 
Home, from whose dictation be wrote an 
acemint of the expedition. He was subse- 
nendy Aide-dC'Camp to General Fonke, 
(itowborn captain, afterward! General Wolfe, 
was at the time H^or of Brigade) and 
■erred in Flanders, dnring the campaigns 
of that period. He participated in the seven 
years' war as a captain, and was Aide-de- 
ciBp and Secretary to General Rufane, 
•rkile be was Governor and GomnumdeT-in- 
cbief at Hartiniqne. General Donkinwent 
sfterwards to America, and served there 
ftoB 177A to 17S3, at the commencement, 
M Aide-de-camp to the Commander-in'Chier 
Geaenl Gage, and subsequently as M^or 

Hum is fepportsd by the ttet, 
re alweyi nwd tha umoriil besr- 

JMtteEuaily have alweyi usniiuD umunai ■»«- 
■^ of UcMCii', with the addiiian only of three 

ladte M tbe cbevron. 

in the 44th Regiment, and «■ Lieatenant 
Colonel Commandant of the Royal Gam- 
son Battalion, which latter commission he 
held ontil tbe redncdoo of the regiment in 
1783. Daring a period of the ensoing 
peace he was Aide-de-camp to the Earl m 
Granaid, Commander-in-cliief in Ireland. 
" General Donkin," says a writer fn the 
Gentlenuui's Magazine, " passed a long life 
of the most nnsnllied honor and with the 
greatest respectability , without sickness, and 
apparently without uneasiness of any sort; 
and althongb he had served In a great 
variety of climates, and had been engaged 
in nine actionH, and present at seven sieges, 
he was never absent from bis dutv either from 
illness or wounds." This gallant soldier 
espoused Mary, daughter of the Rev. 
Emanuel Collins, of tne ancient and res- 
pectable Soneraelshire family of that name, 
by whom be left at bis demise, an only 
surviving child, tbe present Lieutenant Ge- 
neral Sir RurANB Shawb Donkin, K.C.B. 
M.P. fcc. 

Mottoei — Tn meliora spera; and above 
the crest. Bona spes. 

Eilale — Lower Caversham, Oxfordshire. 
Town RsfidnMe— Park Street, Grosvenor 

£eaJ— Lower Caversham. 



PEHBERTON, RICHARD, Mq. of hkituM, in the oaunty-palMuMi of I 

b. Utb JoAdidy, 1746, m. 4th Aognit, 1774, Elinbeth^ 
only child of Ralph JackMn, Mq. of Sunderland, and bam 

• kdiMUfl, 

L, John, barrister at law, formerly of York, anl dow 
of Sberbom Hall, in Darhan, a jnttice of the peaee 
for that fhire, (. at Hookweannoulh, 14(h March, 
177B, IK. at Bride'i Kirk, is Cumberland, Sti July. 
1810, Maiy, daughter of WilUam Browne, eaq, of 
Tolaotire Hall, io Cumberland. 

II. Raljjih-Slephen, (. 36th June, 1780, lerred the oflitM 
of high-aheriff forlhe ooon^of Carmartiien in 1820, 
M.3CKhJane, Id the aame year, Anne-Hary, daughter 
and Mle heir of Tbomaa Kppon, eeq. of Low Hill, in 
Ae eonnlT of Dvham, and nieee of the HonorUile 
Aichard HeAeringttm, preddeut of Toitola and tW 
Virgin lalaada* 

III. Richaid,fr.4thApril,, 
Wobum-place, London, 4tb November, 1630, Ellen, 
danghter of Captain Robert Jump, R. N. and Iwa 

Riohard-Lanrence, b. 12th October, 1831. 
IV. Thomai, t. at iBamei, 3rd Saroh, 1785, purchaied Bainbridge Holme trom hia 
eouain, George Pemberton, esq. in 1832, m. at Boldon Zlat September, 1830, 
Elizabetb-Oraa, daughter of John Dntton, en}, of Newcastle-upon-l^ue, and 
Calow Oaki, in the county of Derby, a captain in the army. Hr.Thomaa Pem- 
berton if a deputy-lieutenant for the county of Durham, 
V. ^enelop^, i. 26th June, l775, d. unmarried 18th May, 1821. 
, VI. Eleanor, b. 25th July, 1777, d. unmarried 11th October, 1836. 
VII. Elisabeth, t. 17th October, 1783, d. 13th January, 1784. 

VIII. Bicabeth, m. 23nd September, 1814, to Thomas Thompaon. esq. of Biabop 
Wearmonth, and had issue, 

1. Pemberton-Wharton Thompaon, t. 6th Aogust, 1817, rf. IM Jatae, 1814. 
9. Thom*M3karlei Thompson, b. 38th Febraary, 1821. 

3. EUcolKth-HaTgaret Thompaon, died in infancy. 

4. Penetope-Eleanbr Thompaon, b. 2nd April, 18|9. 
A. EUaaheth-Laurence Thompson, i. 4th April, 1833. 
6. EJeanor-Margaret Thompaon, I. 28th August. 1S26. 

|]|. Har^ret,M. 12ui July, 1838, to John Aoidn, brigadier-general in the army of 
Portugal, K. C. T. 8. and ha« a daaghter, 
Penelope-Fraocea-EUaabeth Aoitm. b. 4th October, 193». 


John Pehbbhtoh, of Stanhope, living io 
1400, WM great-great grandfadier of 

John Pemberton, who m. Alice, sister of 
Alexander Featheratonhalgh, esq. of Slan- 
iiope Hall, and had a son, 

RiCHA]iDPEHVER-roN,irto wedded Alice, 
daughter and eo-heireaa of John Hind- 
marsh, and had ijwne, 

I, HicHtEL, his heir. 

II. Robert, of Eshe, who waa buried 
ftere, 16th April, 1030. He left, by 

hia wife, BUMbelh, who«t ia 1688-9, 
a son, 

Michael, of Brandon Hall, in 1021. 

and of Soosfs Hall, in 1636, m. 

at Eshe, ISth Janoarr, 1611-13, 

Mary Booth, and bad 

Michael, buied 12th May, 

Anne, baptlaed at Braneepelh, 





Maty. >«»l>w4 atst Pmu*- 
m. CimU, m. at Edie, 3»rd Jnlj, 1A77, 

» i^n CMok, ot WooUinsbaBi. 
rr. Aamt, m. at E«^, l«th Movamber, 

um, to Hkhul Eyre. 
«. lHb< Iniu fat IMO. 

HiCBAEL PuuBBTON, esq. poKbued tbe 
— wof lordihipof Aulftby,liiia0S. " 

u. Ba^ ot EgglMclUTe, ftftennird* of 
Bnfwn, UpUcad 6tb July, 1603, n. 
M N«T»Mb<>r, 1637. Jue, dmghler 
«f — IWobtlda, atq. and dFUiK in 
MH, waa >. ^y hia aoD, 
lUph, of DnriuB, irtio m. in 
Fabnuy, 1970-1 , Aiue Ganwtt, 
and had iiane, 
Ibdph, of Snieaeliffe and of 
Sadterge, Mptixed 0t)t Jui. 
1871'^ M. S6th Juinary, 
J097, Hxry Garth, anfl left 
Michael, baptised 8thT»b- 

maiT, ITQp. 
in. Michael, d. yanng, 1G89. 
>T. ibjtaid, baptiaed 17th October, 

I. Mary, at. 90tb October, 1010, t 

utt, ea^. of EggleacUffe, captain of 
horae, u tbe regtuent of Colonel 
Oeorge HarOD, and In tte Hrvice of 
Chmllu I. ; he m. Alice, daoKhler of 
ChitMopher Place, «n]. of Dinadale, 
and relict «f Micdiael Pembertm, 
eaq, of AJabby. 
Ik ddest too and heir, 

Job* PiMEUtTON, esq. of Aiilaby, had 
li*tiyarhi«landa,fi4h October, 1630. Re 
a. u OriadtHii, 8th June, 1613, lubel, dan. 
^ Bmry Graj, eag. of Newmiusler Abbey, 
bB*«a ot Sir lUlph Orey, knt of Chjl- 
HWa, and had iaane, 

1. MiouBL, his heir, of Aislaby.* 

. * Tim M— »i PnnDiToii, of Aialibr, ■ ou- 
FihtoimnifU King CmtMiMal.b.ia 1615, 
•^Uw, Iwglilw ef CfaiMopbit Place, tmt. of 
"tUt, pwa amt aaadaqn of Rowhnd PUca, 
■VW An*, hu wife, dMghMr of Sir Edwud 
Wdif i.ttt. of Cfljagtcn. wardm of tbe EaM 
* "**■ By tUa la^ (who wedded, Mccodl*, 

I- Hxaui. af AuOiby, k IB 1644, ind Kue- 
!«■• «{ NenhalkrtM, what h« dud, and 

II. Jmw, a caytiJu in the service of 

King OuiHLBf I., designated of 

HI. Heniy, teptized SOth April, 1620, 

a captun in ^e royal tnaj, and slain 

in the aervic£. 

IV. Hary, ei. to Ralph Runt, of Aahe, 
in Yorkehire, 

V. Jane, m. to William Theobalds, of 

VI. ijine, M. to Robert Thorpe, of 

wban he wia tailed, 6th Febnuiy, IdSihtf. 
H* ■. Amu, daaghter of George HetoiUb, 
aaq.of Tbamboroogh, YaAahire, bywbon 
he left et hia deoasM, with two duglilan, 
Alice, ■. tD — Fatiiiaaa, of Nortec, ud 
Miry, ■. to Jamaa Meeke, of NoitheUntDD, 

J<Hn, of BlednraU, who loU Aidiby. 
«re. 17M. He m. in 1697, Blaiy, dan. 
of ChriatophtT Plaoa, eaq. of Deriing- 
ton, and d. in 17S9, bariaK had one 
toa end ttoe ilwnMm, <Ao ell died 


II, Jobn, abeiilF of Yoik, in 16S4, who ■•. 

bat, in 1678, Saiah, daag-hter of Oeone 

Preaoot, of Dailingtai, and died at Im>- 

ninfibuij;, leeTing an only ifaiU, 

WiLLUH, who m. EliiabBih, daughter of 


Geoi^, Dniham, and dying in 1730, 


. William, t. Bth Jannaiy, 1718, 
Uiaa Woodmen, of that town. 

George, whioh was poaaeaaed 
by the Killinghalls prior to 
1417. Ha ■. Mils Wini- 
fred Cock, of Plymouth, and 
laft a^ only aon, 
WiLtiui PnuuTDR, «aq. 
of ff iddleton 8l George, 
wbo died onmairied, 
11th March, 1801, aged 
twen^-eight, and waa 
Imriiid at Middleton 
Saint Geoiga, where a 

hie monoty. Be de> 

eaq. H.P. of Blaskwelt 
Gnage, who institatad 
piDcndinn in or'~~ ~~ 

aet the wiH and 

t. Ssish, wila of poorg* 




John Pbkbbkton, of Hilton, , 
beiecODdMHiof JohnPembertonuidlubel 
Orey, wu 'Kcnt or steward to the familj of 
Hilton, of Hilton Cwtle, and -was najn«d a 
trustee in the will of John Hilton, esq. 32nd 
July, 1668, wherein he ii designated as his 
** tme friend." There is strong^ presninp- 
tive evidence* to conclude that ttits ^ntle- 

3. Huy, d. muunied, 1750. 

4. Eliabetli, m. 18th Nutu 
J733, to Jamis Allin. raq. of 
DuiingtoD tad Blackwell 
Gnng«. The gtrtt gmidMU of 
this nunage, Wiluav Ali-ui, 
Mq. of Madcwdl Gnnge. ii now 

™l. i. p. 59). 

5. Ann*, d. nmu 

6. Catberine, t. in iri4, a. I 
Robeit Blown, of London, mc: 

w«dd«l, SMWDdl;, 18th Deoember, 16S3, 
MvT, iliiig>'<n of Robett Dodiworth, nq. 
■rf' nctoi, in Yofkahiro, tnd widow of 
John KilUaghall, swi. <^ Middbton Sl 
Gaotn, tad lid other i«ae, 

John, k U YoA, 10th September, 16ft*, 
an officer on the Irish EslsblUhment, 
a. nnmamud, in 1TG9, ud was boried 
at Middletoa St. George, sged eiglity- 


T^BM, b. lOlh April, 1686, a navy 

■urgeon, who d. unmanied, and was 

buried in St. John ■ Chorcli, Wapping. 

Francis, of N'ewcutle-npon.Tyne. b. in 

1687, n. 6nt, Jine, dinghterof John 

Riod, of Newcastle, who d. i. p., and 

sscoadlj, Maiy, dsDgbter of SDnnet 

Hancock, gent, and relict of the Rer, 

Williun Hall, cant<-of All Sainb. by 

whom be left three danriiters, Kltsa. 

betb, SL to the Rer. WiUiam Hsll, 

Jane, m. to Hr. Bamsrd, and the thini 

(o — VVnuie. of Darlington. 

Elisabeth, d. unmarried, ^ed eighteen. 

* Tboogh there is no known written etidenee 

or record, pnTing the Bainbridg* Hohne and 

Barnes fiunilins, as being descended from the 

fiunily of Stanhope snd AisUby, jret there is stnmg 

preauBiptiTe eiidence of mch being the fsct ; first, 

there ii no trace of there haTing been sncietillr in 

the CoontT Pilatine, more tbsn one Gunily oftbe 

e of Femberion. thst of Slanbope ' ' 


V imigina that the bmili 
Holma and Barnes had their oiigia uul ui uie 
County Psisline ; hence, it wonld follow, that 
they are branches of the oiiginsl fimilj of Stan- 
hope and Aialahy, and soch they hsTS always been 
considered; and thirdlr. the arms of the Bain- 
bridge Hohne, Baniea. Stanhope, snd Aislsby had- 

tbe ikfubtidga Holme sod Banies bsiilies qnarter 

mu wM Captain John Pemberton, i 
named, Ae younger brother of H^or ' 
berton, son of John Pemberton, es 
Aialaby, and Isabel Grey, idio, with an 
Bon, Captain Henry Pemberton, wei 
actirely engaged in tbe ro^*l es 
pedigree of tAe AiiUby family, 
Jhiriam, vol. iii. p. 106, also a no 

le to die 

the sms of Hindmaiah, ns. giiisi. ia m lurri, s 
hmd, ladgtd ppr. as descendants of Richard Pem- 
berton, of Stanhope, snd Alice Hindmsnh, the 
sixth genersticm m the goneslogy. All which 
prores (as br ss eridence, short of wriuen tesli- 
mony, can proTe) that the Bsinbridge Hohne aid 
Barnes families sre descended from the uciait 
&mily or Stsnhope, slid afterwards of Aislshr ; 
and there is eren reason to snppoae that John 
FembertfHi. of Hihoo, to whom the fbnser baily 
trace their sseendency, as shown shore, was the 
connecting link between thebnilies-, being John, 
son of J<Uui, of Aislshy, snd Isabel Grey, snd i 
csplainintheaernceofCnAaLss I. (See Boitee*, 
Td. iii. p. Ka.) According to Snrleea, John, 
the SOD of Jdm, of Aislsby, snd Issbal Giey, wu 
b^itiied itnd NoTember, 1618, (see the toIdbh 
snd page before cited) ; sod the ssme snthor, is 
ToL ii. p. 35, mentions hfr. John Penbeitai, of 
Hatco, ss legatee in the will, dsted ttnd Jdy, 
1668, of John Hilton, esq. of Hittoe, in which te 
legacy of £100. and the tMMsi 

This John Peobeiton, of Hilton, is known to be 
the sncestor of (he bmiliea of Bainbridge Hdnx- 
snd Bsmes, snd it is Teiy probable that be, sad 
John, the son of John of Aislsby, snd Issbd 
Grey, were one snd tbe saase person; lor it is M 
be borne in mind, thst this John Hiltoa, who* 
will is sboTS lefeired to, wsa * captain in tht 
serrice of Charles 1., in which serrice hisftthw, 
John Hilton, *na a colonel (see Surtees, toI. ii. 
p. t7) and thst John Pemberton, son of Jobs 
of Aislsby, and Isabel Grey, was alao s csptain in 
tbe same aerrice. and moat likely in the iSBte 
regiment ; (or st thst time there was do standisg 
army, snd the legiments rsised for tbe royal csMs 
were generally county or provincial corps, snd 
officered by the genilenien of the respectiT* dis- 
tricts. Cohmel HintOD, before mentioned, com. 
manded one of these corps ; snd it is ptesaDiblc. 
thst his son, John, snd John Pemberton. repre- 
sented in these respective pedigrees, ss cipMint 
hi the serrice of Cbart-si I. beU their oommis- 
sions in Atx very oorps. There sre no boidi 
more likely to unite men in strict friendship thsn 
tbe same creed in politics, snd miUtsfy serrice 
perjbnned onder the same siaodard, sod in the 
sime csuse. It is TCiy probable, that tbe friead- 
■hip to which Mr. Hilloa ndrerts in his <rill, 
before cilsd, originated imidiit the din of arsa; 
snd thst, St the conclniion of tbe ciTil wars, Mr. 
HillOD retii«d to his crsitle snd pstemal iliiiiisini 
aecorapaoied by his friend snd oomrade, whoa b« 
sppointed bis slewsrd or ^enl. for inch it sp- 
pesra, tbe John Pamherlon nsawid in hi* will *s*. 
snd which John PembeitMi, was dw pragSniHi of 
tbe Bainbridge Hohne and Bsrnss finiilwii 
It is not s( sll nnlikely Oat sneh an amngs- 




ftdigtee of the Buobridge Holme, and 
Bvw familr, toI. i. p. 2M). He nt. flnt, 
IiBC, daughter of — Robinson, of Stone 
Cdiu Farm, at Uswortb, parub of Wub- 

. I. John, b. at Hilton, 1668. 

>l. Robert, who seired in QvemANNE's 
Davy. He ni. Sarab Page, of Shields, 
and had h eod, 

Ricbard, «ho purchaMd Boldon, 
in 17&3, m. Sarah, daughter of 
John Baiter, of Shieldi, by 
whom (who d. in ISOO) he Ipfl at 
bis decease, Ju 1773, a son and 

Robert, of Boldon, h. in 1787, 
ni. MU« Jane Dixon, foi d. 
12th June, 1819, leaving 
Jane, in. to Henrj Dallon 

Jackson, esq. 
Mary 'A one. 

Alicia, d. nnmarried, at 
Cheltenham, in 1831. 
ui. Huy, named is tlie will of John 
Hilton, esq. as " hii godchild." 
JollH Pemberton e^ionsed, seoondly, in 
Jnne, IS7I, Bridget, daughter of Adam 
SUpperdton, esq. of Baiob ridge Holme, 
■■d aiater and co-betrew of Robert Ship- 
p«4aon, esq. by whom he had 

I. Michael, of Bainbridge Holme, de- 
viaee of his nncle, Robert Shipperd- 
•on, in 1704, m. Hiss Anne Holmes, 
of Darlington, and had iosne, 
Michael, 1 
John, ( d. I. p. 

Mary, m. 13tli Jnly, 1733, 1o Wil- 
liam Wilkinson, esq. of High 
Bnston, Northnmberland. 
> Anne, m. to John Walker, esq. of 

I Scmton, in Yorkshire. 

MM (braU bare taken pUc« between tbaac in- 
tiridaib, tb* one bdns proprietor of rut «Mala, 
ad Ibeoiher ■ joonger ion, perhaps, without any 
HBt kii ; and then is, hence, omy reasonsble 
jmnd Id eonclwU; that tbe John Pemberton 
■Md m the will of the said John Hilton, ud 
«k> ia known to be the tncestor <rf tbe iiaia- 
Iridx* Hohne ud Berne* (wniliH. wu John, son 
tf Jobn of Aiilebj, uid lubel Grey ; a conclu- 
M reDdend i&ongeT by mopuiaE the diile ol 
Ike btler'a b^Mism with Umt of Mr. Hilton's will, 
•rUdi woold aike Mr. Penibeitan'i age, it the 
tee Itr. Hihcm mads his will, exactly My year*. 
An* it no doubt bat the John PembeRon buried 
M Htokweonovtb (see Sniteas, toI. i. p. i3T) 
««tk*b*fcnnientioDadJaha,(ifHilloa, bu ' 
mwlwi ef tba parisb of Monkweaimoutb fai 
\ma iliWiiijinl h; fiie, all paiocbitl inibrnuitian 
uaooaiDf the Ibmily bat been lost. 

Bridget, m. to Michael Coulter, 
esq. of Lesbury, Northnmber- 

Elizabeth, m. to Richard Carr. 
esq. of West Ditcbbora, North- 

II. Adam, of Sunderland, d. 160ft 

III. ShipperdsoD, b. in 1730. 

Tbe eldest son of John Pemberton and 
Jane Robinson, 

John Pehberton, esq. b. at Hilton, in 
February, 1068, espoused Hiss Dorothy 
Stote, and bad Issue, 
John, bit beir. 
Hichael, of South Moor Honse, d. a. p 

in 1700, aged thirly-seTen. 
Ricbard, h. m 1714, m. at Yum, SOtfa 
• August. 1763, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Miles Cron, esq. of Bishop Wear- 
nioulh, and bad issue one son and a 
daughter, both d. young. 
Tbomas, •> 

Adam, I who all d. t.p, 
Robert, J 

Jane, m. to John Ushaw, of Honk- 
Mr. Pemberton if. at SoQth Moor House, m 
1746, and was «. by bis eldest son, 

John Pehserton, esq. of Bainbridge 
Holme, b. 6th NoTember, 1704, who wedded 
nth December, 1740, Penelope, daughter 
of the Rev. John Laurence, rector of Bisbop 
Wearmonth, and by her (who d. in 17671 
be had issue, 

I. John, b. in 1741, d. unmarried 1776. 

II. Stephen, of Bainbridge Holme, a 
iustice of die peace for ue coud^ of 
Durham, sometime fellow of (hiel 
College, Oxford, b. in 1743-4, and H. 
in 1831. He m. Snd Hay, 1783, 
Isabella, daughter of George Ander- 
son, esq. of Newcaslle-Qpon-Tyne, 
by whom (who d. in 1800) he had 

1. Georue, of Bainbridge Holme, 
F.R.S., b. 15tb May, 1784, m. 
Jane, dan. of Thomas Hunter, 
esq. of Beoley Hall, Worcester- 
shire, and has issue, George- 
Thomas, b. in 1830, Stephen- 
John, GeorgiauB - Jane, and 

3. Penelope, m. 6th June, ISOS, to 
Richard Clay, esq, of Hill House, 
Derbyshire, a captain in tbe 
Hertfordshire militia, and d. in 
1813, leaving an only surviijng 
child, Frederick-Lord Clay, esq. 

n. Annabella, m. 9th January, 
1816, to Tbomas Wilkinson, esq. 
of Scots House and Biahop Wear- 
mouth, and has issue. 

4. Mary-Anne, m. in )H17, to Jo- 
seph-Henry - Hendon Holmes, 



M^. P.S.A. jndge advocate to 
the fopees aT Dcmerara uid E»- 
•eqnibo, by wham (who d. in 
ISSl) be !■■■ JMDe. 

III. Richard, now of BuiNEi. 

IV. Fenelope, J. yoong. 

— Afg. a chcrr. snai)wf, between 

tfarae giiMmf bewb, covped m. bearing Ac 
eaajgni of Jackson, ob an «acalcbeoii of 

Oeri— A grifa'a head oDoped m. 

Motto — Labore et honore. 

Ettatu — In (he coantlN of Dnrham, Car- 
marthen, mud Pembroke. 

SmI — Bamea, near SnaderUnd. 


Manor, in the coonty of Bnckingham, and of Withaiu on 
the HiU, in Uoeolnahire, b. 16th July, 1784, m. 5th Ja- 
nuary, 18L3, the Lady Alicia Lambart, daughter of 
Richud, present Earl of Cavan, by whom (who <f. 3nl 
April, I8I8) he had iwoe, 

Phiup-Duhcohbe, h. 8th January, I81S. 
Renrietla-Philippa, d. in July, ISaS. 
Alicia, d. Snd April, 1817. 

Hr. Dnncombe wedded, eecatidiy, 21at Angwt, 1823« 
Sojdiia-Fraiicee, yonDgeat daoghter af the late Sir WiUiam 
Foulii, hart, of In^efay Manor, in the coon^ of York, and 

Hary-Venetia, h. SIM Angmt, ISM, d. Snd Anguat, 

gopfaia, b. I4th October, ISaS. 

Hr. Dnncombe serred the effioe of sheriff for the eoanty of BnoUag^uun in 1 824, and 
w a depa^4ieuteiiBnt, and magiatrete for that shire. 


The fiunily of DuNCOMBK, which is of 
great antiquity in Backinghamshire, became 
posBcHed of the manor and estate of Mneh 
BricUiill in 1627. 

In the College of Arms the pedigree be- 
gins with 

WiLUAM Dt'NCOMBE, of Hncb Brickhill, 
in the cood^ of Bncktcgham. 

THONjia DVNCOMBE, e«q. of Much Brick- 
bill, married Isabel, daoghter of Thomas 
Sannders, esq. of Agmoa^sham, tn Bnck- 
iDgham shire, and bad iraae, 
John, his successor. 
Prancis, of BroughtOD, in the coDUty of 

He died in 1^06, and was >. by his eldest 

John I>uncohbe. esq. of Much BrlvkbJll 

laSS Cioely, Amogb- 
ter of Edmund Conqnest, esq. of Houghton 
Conqimt, in the coon^ of Bedford, and 
died in 1090, tearing fi*e aoas and t«r* 
daughters, rix. John, his heir, Williatn, 
Francis, Bennet, Qeoi^e, Katharine, and 
Dorothea. He was t. by his eldest son, 

John Dukcohbb, esq. of Hnch BricUdfl 
Manor. This gentleman left at his deceaao 
in 1095, two daughters, Idicie and Joann*, 

John Suncombb, esq. of Much Brickhill 

Manor, who m. Susajma , and bad si 

son, JottN.with three davghtws, Katharine, 
Phillis, and Mary. He d. in 1886, and was 
(. by his son, 

John Dunconbb. esq. of Hnch BritdMll 
Manor, who died in 1087 witbcat is«i*, 
when die Brickhill estate descended tn the 




fciide Um to'l)i« fMniliM of Butm and of 
PavKcenKT, of the Palace WitlwBii oD Che 
H3], in flie coosty at Uneohi, a branch of 
fa PmtMwfortB, of Hufidd, m Glonoeater- 

I, eaponoed SybilU, daughter 
I de C&ntehipe. Id the 33nl of 
ihi ■rt w iqu enl reign , Richard PAUNCEroRT 
M a ^aat of the manor of Hasfield, and, 
■ceordinc to Caniden, " built a fair ho«ue at 
<Ui Haateld, called Panacefert Court, and 
Ml aabcaluia irere poaaeMed of &ir landa 
i^ttfi fa the Con^etor'a time." By hi* 
wife, babel, be had a aon. 

I, daughter 
nor of &ii 

Sir Orinbald Paukcbfort, who Mpouaed 
" die lord of 
if Oickhowell, in tbe coou^ of 
Braeon, and waa#. by hia elder aon. 

Sir Grihbald Pauncbfort, knt. wbo 
dkd wMMMt iaaae, and waa >. b; his bro- 

SiR KnRicK pAENCBFORT, kot. poaaeaaor 
•rb« manon of Raa&eld and Crickhowell. 
He died Od) Edward III. learing (with a 
dauhter m. 14th Edward II. to Sir lohn 
H^itfd, bA.) fluxe acHia, 

> ancceaalTe heira. 


Waller, of Compton Panneefiwt, who 
'Ak b& Edward III. Tkomaaino, 
dRMi^ler of JAn Baninfilde, eaq. of 
Pollimore, in the conntjr of Devon, 
and had ilnie, and one of his dangh- 
tera, Margaret, m. 30th Edward III. 
Sir Waiiam BannfiUa, knt. of Pol- 
timore, and bad one aon and two 
Ac ddeat am and heir, 

8iB ORivaAiA PAimcBTOVT, knt wedded 
Hlam, daa^ter of Sir Alan de Cherleton, 
kiL but dyiag, 40th Edward III. *. p. was 
(. bf hia broker, 

Sii Huoo Pauncefobt, knt of HaaBeld, 
OiiUiowcU, and Cowame, wbo died 3Dd 
KmARB II. leuTta^ by Katharine, his wife, 
■ dwi^ter, Katharine, and a aon, hia mc- 

SiR Jom Padnccfort, knt who aerred 
■be atte* of aberlff for GloocMlenhire Itt 
HnsT "VI. and for HerefbrdaUre in the 
Mh of fba aame reign. He m. firat Srd 
SnrtT T. Hargaret, dangfattr of Sir John 
"" ' ap, knt of Holt, in Norfolk; and 
, Alicia, daoghtcr of Sir Andrew 

idlT, Alicia, 
t,kBt andh 

StT?!, \ aacceaaiTe proprieton. 
Margaret, at. to William tney, eaq. of 
Toddington, in Glooceatenhire. 
Hir MHi Pnaccfort waa *. at hia deceaae 

Hmb Paewgbfdbt, eaq. at whoae demise 
vi&onl iaatie tbe estate* and representation 
«r&a bmilj devolved upon hia brother. 

Sir Thomas Pauncbfobt, knt wbo 
espoused, first, AgaAa, daughter of Sir 
Henry Owgan, knt and had a son, Henry, 
his heir. He m. secondly, Margaret, dangh- 
ter of Sir Thomas Swinford, knt of KetHe- 
thoipe, in the county of Lincoln, and had 
two dai^hteis, via. 

Anne, m. to Arthur Kemeys, esq. 
Jane, m. to George Beaumont esq. of 
Stonghtou, in Leicestershire. 
Sir Thomas wedded, thirdly, Eleanor, dau. 
of Thomas Bruges, esq. of Coberley, H.P. 
for Gloucestershire in 14C0, and for Here- 
fordshire in 1472, ancestor of the GUANDoi 
family, and ha4l two sons and a daughter, 
viz. Thomas, Giles, and Anne. Sir Thomas 
waa 1. at his decease by bis eldest son, 

Henry Pavncbfort, eaq. of HasGeld, 
bo. who at. Katharine, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Guise, K.B. and liad two sons, by tbe 
elder of whom, 

John Pauncbtort, eaq. of Hsafield, he 
was succeeded. This Kentleman m. Grx, 
Agnes, daazhter of Sir John St. Low, knt, 
and seconiUy, Bridget, dangler and co- 
heiress of Sir Robert Tate, knt and had iaaoe, 
Richard, hia heir. 

Eleanor, m. to Bartholomew Tate. eaq. 
• of Delapre, in Ae county of North- 
John Pauncefort waa ». at hi* deceaae br 
hi* son, 

Richard Pauncefort, eaq. of Haafield, 
who M. Dorothea, daughter of John Aeh- 
field, esq. of Heythorpe, in Oxfordshire, 

■s. Dorothea, fiflh daughter of Lord Wind- 
sor, of Brudenham, and bad a son, 

Richard Pauncefort, esq. who sold all 
his estates at HasBeld, in Gloucestershire, 
at Bentley and Corapton Pauncefort in 
WorceBterabire,and at Cowem, in Hereford- 
shire. He espoused Anne, daughter of Ed- 
nnmd Rndioo, and had, ni(n- oKm, a son, 

Walter Pauncefort, esq. of Witham, 
in the conn^ofLincoln, who wedded Anne, 
daughter of John Yelverton, eaq. of Nor- 
folk, and had issue, 
Orimbaij), his heir. 
Henry, who at. Anne, daughter of Ed- 
ward Henwick, esq. of the county of 
Robert, who m. Sarah, daughter of 
John Niebolets, esq. of the county of 
Hereford, and had a sou, Grimbald, 
who m. Gulielma, daughter of Colonel 
Rachel, m. to Thomas, Earl of Kin- 
Walter Pauicefort was t. hy his son, 

GniiiBAU) Pauncefort, eaq. receiver for 
tbe Duchy of Lancaster, who at. Anne, 
dao^ter of Sir Paul Tracy, bart of Stan- 
way in Glonceeteiahiie, and had, with two 




olber lOiiB, Griinbald and SHniiel.wIio both 
died nnmarriwl, a mccetMr, 

TmcT Pauncefort, esq. of Withun, 
who Bi. Aane, daaghter of Geor» Billing*- 
ley, eiq. of Hiddletex, and bftd tiro bom, 
Tracv, his heir, and Edwerd, who m. Re- 
becca, daugbtei of Samael Hoyer, ecq. 
The elder, 

Tracy Pai'ncefort, esq. of Witbam, ea- 
poused Jane, daughter of John Partherick, 
esq. of Lincofashire, and had a son and 

Thacy Pauncefoht. esq. of Witham. 
This gentleman marrying Anne, sister of 
Lord Whitworth, had, nith another son and 
daughter, who both died utiin. a saccessor, 

Edward Pauncefort, esq. of Witbam, 
who m. in 1737, Hary, only daughter and 
heiress of William Dodd, esq. of the coud^ 
of Rerks. and was *. at bit decease by bis 
only surviving son, 

George Pauncefokt, esq. of Witham, 
who m. in 1769, Henrietta, daughter of 
James Digby, esq. of Red Hall, in the 

tiarisb of Bourn, Lincolnshire, by which 
ady (who inherited at the decease of her 
brother, James, the Red Hall, and other 
estatea) he had iitne, 

George-Edward, who d. in infancy. 
Henry-Tracy, who d. in 1788. 
Pmup-DvNcoHBE, the present pr&- 

Hrarielta-CecU, who d. nam. in 1793. 

Hr. PanaoefoTt was (. at his decease by Um 
only surriving son, Pbilip-Duncohbe, who 
npon inheriting likewise &e Brickhfll es- 
tates, assamed the additional aarnaine aod 
arms of Duncohbe, and is the preuot 


esq. of Great Brickhill and Witham. 

ArMi — Quarterly ; first and fourth, pw 
cher. engr. gu. and aiv. three falbott' heads 
erased, counterchanged, on a chief fire fleura 
de lys. Second, gn. three lions rampt. a^. 
Third az. a fleor de lys al^. 

CtuIi — First, for Duncombe, out of ■ 
ducal coronet or, a horse's hind leg, oouped 
at the thi^ sa. shoe arg. Second, for 
Pauncefort, a lion rampant, crowned with 
a ducal coronet. 

Motia — Non fecimnaipsi. 

^tatt* — In the counties of Bnchinghain, 
Lincoln, Huntingdon, Bliddlesex, and Bed- 

TWn Reiidenee — 14, Bryanstone Sqnare. 

SMlf — Brickhill Manor, Bucks, Red 
Hall, Bourn, Lincolnibire. 

*a* In the parish chnrch of HasfieM, 
among the Paoncefort ntoDDmanta, ia > 
female Ggure, without her right band. This 
lady, tradition slates, was one of the Pavnce- 
forts, whose huaband being taken prisoner 
by the infidels, she in rain sought Ua t«- 
lease, which would not be granted but by 
sending her right hand, which sha wifli mns 
culine courage ordered to be cot off. 


ROBERTSON, W[l.UAM,esq. of Kindeace, inthecountyof _ 

de|mty- lieutenant for that shire, and major oi its militia, 
b. ItA February, 1765, m. 20th December, 1788, Mary, 
eldest daughter of Alexander Chisholm, esq. of Chisholin, 
in the county of Inverness, by his second wife, Margaret, 
daughter of George Mackenzie, eaq. of AUangrange, in 
Ross-shire. By this lady (who died in 1800) Mr. Ro- 
bertson has bad issue, 

I. Charles, an officer in the army, on half-pay, a nw- 

gistrate, and deputy -lieutenant for the counties of 

Ross and Cromarty, m. I'itb August, IHIS, Helen, 

fourth daughter of Patrick Cruikshank, esq. of 

Stracathro, in the county of Forfar, and baa iaane, 

Williah-Crdikshank, h. I7th May, 1817. 

Patrick-Gerard, b. 3rd February, 1819. 

Charles-Henry, i. Uth June, 1821, and died I4A 

July, 1822. 
Cbaries, h. 21st April, 1831. 

Alexander- Chisholm, a Ueatenant in the 24th regiment of foot, who died in 
April, 1820, on bis passage to join bis regiment in India. 


Mr. Robertson, who ii 

of Rosa, succeeded his father in 1793. 



TbaSoBBRTSONS of KiNDEACE bmiched 
off ftboat the year 1544, from the Robert- 
MB* of iDcheB, in the county of iDvemesa, 
Auceitded in « direct line m>m Robertson, 
•f Strow&n, in Pertluhire, « familf which 
deriTed its oripn from the powerfol Mac- 
domlda, Lords of the Isles. As far back 
M the rei^n of Alexander III. of Scotland, 
DnacsB, the then chief, was a roau of note 
ud influence, and the family has erer since 
Maintmined the highest decree of respecta- 
UUtf. Id 14AI, Jambs II. rave to the 
RoberlBons a cl^ner, dated Uie 15tb Au- 
(■M, gnntin;: certain lands in Perthshire, 
•nd an addltioii to the armorial ensigns of 
the ftmily, fix. " far crest, a dexter hand 
aupporting an imperial crown, with the 
meita, ' Virintii plaria mereet,' and l>elow, 
a MT^e in cbsine," in consideration of 
huriBg rendered essential service to the 
crown, after the murder of James I. by 
•MnJhEnding Walter, Earl of Athol, to 
WbMB tte ngicides had fled, and Robert 
Gmbaa, one of the chief actors in (hat 
Iragwdj, within two miles of Blair Castle, 
•t a little rinlet, called " Graham's Bnni," 
to this day. 

JoBN RoiERTSON, of Inches, abont the 
nd of die ISth century, married, for hia 
•NOBd wife, a danghler of Feam, of Pit- 
cnllia, and had a sod, 

WiLUAH RoBERTSOK, who obtained from 
his ladier, in patrimony, several lands about 
IiTemeM, This gendeman having BcquirFd 
TIM riches, by eonnierce, purchaaed exten- 
nvB eatatea, vis. in IfllS, the lands of Ork- 
ney, in Ute shire of Nairn ; and in 1639, the 
lands of Kindeace, he. in Ross-shire, which 
last became the chief tide of the family. 
la 1631 be bad obtained a charter under 
Ae great seal " Willielmo Robertson, 
baigea de Imemys, ViIIk et terrarnm de 
Easter Kindeace, bc.hc." dated l&th March, 
tf that year. Mr. Robertson espoused Els- 
ftA, dan^ter of the Rev. Thomas Howison, 
■iaisier of Inreniess, and had six sons and 
Ane dta|hers, viz. 

III. Gilbert, heir to his father. 

IV. David. 

V. Matthew, of Dachcarty. 

VII. , M. to Finlay Skinner, esq. 

■lerehant in lureniess. 
Till. , M. first, to — Grant, esq. 

and, secondly, to Idchlan Macintosh, 

esq, son of Macintosh of Borlum. 
IK. . >i. to Robert Rose, esq. of 

Ifer^nie, provoat of Inreniess. 

The eldest snrrlviug son and luccessor, 

Gilbert Robertson, esq. of Kindeace, 
wedded Hai^aret, daughter of Colin Mac- 
kenzie, esq. of Kincraig, in the county of 
Ross, and had (with two daughters, Prances 
and Janet, who both married and left a 
numerous issue,) three sons, William, who 
died unmarried; Coun, his father's heir; 
and George. Gilbert Robertson was /. by 

Colin Robertson, esq. of Kindeace. This 
gentleman m. Rebecca, daughter of Sir Ro- 
bert Munro, hart, of Fowlis, who d. in 166S, 
and had issue, 

William, bisbeir. 

George, sheriff-depute and Gommissary 

of Ross, who m. Agnes, daughter of 

John Barber, eaq. of Aldowrie, in the 

county of Inverness, and had two sons, 

I, Andrew, a writer in Dingwall, 

who m. and lef^ issue. 
3. David, a merchant In London, 

Robert, minister of Edderton, in Easier 

James, bred to the tea. 
Colin Robertson was t. by his eldest son, 

William Robertson, esq. of Kindeace, 
a cavalry oflicer, who espoused, firal, Catha- 
rine, daughter of Robert Robertson, esq. of 
Shipland, and had, with several daughters, 
two SODS, Charles and Archibald. He m. 
secondly, Anne, daughter of Sir John 
Hunro, hart, of Fowlis, but had no further 
issue. He was «. at his decease by his elder 

Charles Robertson, esq. of Kindeace, 
who m. Janet, only daughter of Hugh Rose, 
esq. of Clava, in the county of Nairn, by 
Frances, his wife, only daughter of Eneas 
Macleod, esq. of Cadboll, it the county of 
Ross (see that family^, and had issue, 
WiLUAM, his heir. 
Hugh, a planter in Jamaica, where he 

died of the yellow fever. 
Charles, a merchant in London. 
Roderick, an officer in the army. 
Archibald, a planter in Demerara, 

where he died of the yellow fever. 

Robert, in the East India Company's 

medical service, died of a locked 

jaw, occasioned by the bite of a 

Duncan, a merchant in New Orleans, 
who died there of the yellow fever. 

Harry, in the Trinity House, London, 
who IK. in 1S04, Julia, relict of 
Charles Pennick, esq. of Iregembo, 
& justice of the pence for Comwatl, 
and has had issue, 



1. Charles, (. W& Anguat, ISOfi, 
in the Trinity Hoiim. 

2. Jamea-CoDTt, b. 27th September, 
1811, in the Esat Indim Com- 
pany'i military lerrice. 

3. Janet, m. in 1835, to Willtam 
Pit Burne, eiq. of London. 

4. Hai7-lMib«Ua. 

fi. Julia, who if. in 1823. 
0. Catherine-Suanaa. 
7. Lydia. 
John, a captain in tbo Ea«t India Com- 
pany*! military wrrtM, killed in 
■torming a fort b India. 
George, who d. in youth. 
Frances, who d, in infancy. 
Catherine, m. to Hr. Aleuader Qnthe- 
rie, of Edinbnfgh, and di«d in 1837. 

Hr. Sobertwn wai *. at fail decease by fcia 

eldeit son, the present WiLU AN Robsbt- 
(ON, esq. of Kindeace. 

Armt—QfL three woWea' beads ensed 
arg. armed and langned ai. wiA a wild nan 
in chain* lying under the eacntcfaeon of the 

Cratt—A dexter hand hohUng up u im- 
perial crown, ppr. 

JUbiio— Virtotis gloria meroes. 

GatHt 71tti( 0^ tin Om— Clan Doanocky. 

BaJgt — The baken or fern. 

EUalu — Kindeace and Glencalrie, in 
Roea-shire ; Green-Yards, j|>arUy in Cro- 
marty and partly in P '*••— 

Smt— Kindeace. 


EDWARDS, JOHN, om. of Nmb Strwigo, alia* Great Ness, in the ooontyrf Salop, 
b. 22nd September, 1773, ». 2ad December, 1806, 
CHiarlotte-Mai^arat, daughter of the Rer. Georg« Martin, 
Ticw of Great Ness, by the Udy Mary Mnnay, his wife, 
youngest daughter of John, thinl duke of AthoU, (by Char- 
lotte, Baroneaa Strange, of Knockyn) and has M unw, 

John, b. 10th DecembM-, 1808. 

G«orge-Rowland, b. 23rd June, 1811. 

Rowland, b. in 181S. 

James-Murray, b. 38th March, 1890. 

Charlotte, deeeaoed. 


Charlotte. . , . .,^ 

Hargaiel, who d. unmarried in 1838. 





Mr. Edwarfs, who is a msgiftrute. Hid depaty-lieutenMt for ShinpAire, .. his blber 
31st Hay, 1796. 


BiNioH BvEU, Lord of Cynlloth. in the 
county of Denbigh, lixlng in 1182, .Jon. Of 
Hadoc, PuiNCt OF PowTB, who builtos- 
WBstry Castle in 1148, wedded Arthen, 
di^bter <rf Hocbrant, and bad S son and 

Run AP EWON, of the county of Denbigh, 
liring in 1221, who m. Eli»betli, daughter 
of John, Lord Strange, of Knockyn, and 
was $. by his son, 

CvHBLiN AP Rvv, of Denbighshire, who 
espoused, about the middle of tbe thirteenth 

century, Et». daughter and belrSM of 
Gitmo, Lord of Bache, and was father of 

Jevan apCyheun, constable rfKnock^ 
Castle in I2S3. This genOeman married 
Eva, daugbtcr of Adda ap Awr, of Tre*or, 
and was direct ancestor of 

Jevan Gethin, of Gartheryr, who m. 
first, Margaret, daughter of — Uewelyn, 
esq. of Rotpert, and had (hrvt sons, 

I. OnimTU, of Lloi«n, ancestor of die 
Maurices of that plaee, dte lineal d«- 
scendant of whieh tsmily. 



Pares HtOKiGB, Mq. of Uoran 

U^s, in tba coBDl; of Denbif h, 

Iwd, with otber isme, 

Tbb Rbv. Pktcb HAtTRiCB, 

wboae wm,' Athelstan 

Haukice, hmTiDg ID kccord- 

aoca with a deed of Mttle- 

vent, usamed the (iinuune 

of CoBBBT. ii the present 

Athbutan Corbet, esq. 

of TBjByt>i>eD|Wvn, In 

die canD^ of Heri- 

oatA (*ee tbat family ). 

II. John, of Uangedwin. 

III. Jbvan, of whom prcMntly. 

Jtfaa Oethia eapooied secondly, Margaret, 
tester of Eran ap Hadoc, end had 

IV. Honu ap JeTSn Gelbin, of Oar- 
tberyr, who m. flrat, Amabel, daugh- 
ter «Dd beireas of Llewelyn Gogof, 
esq. and was father of 

WiiijAM AP HoBiis, of GarflierjT, 

wboa. Alicia, daa^ter of Jeran 

Vjebaa wf Jeran, and had a md, 

John Ar Wiluah, of Oar- 

dieryr, who m. Calberise, 

d*«ghter of R^ ap 

dydd, aod had larae, 

IdwiB KTmN, ai 

of Ihs Kyffins of Gar- 

WiLUAM KTrriN, iriiose 

great grand - dBDihler 

and ercBttial hevess, 

Ann KTmM, wedded 

Bobart Edwards, asq. 

of Uodrode. 

Mor«s ap J«*an Oediiii espoused 

secoDdlT, Margaret, dmubter and 

beir of DsTid u j Grioa Uojrd, esq. 

of HendwT, and bad another soa, 

HowEL AP HoROs, who wedded 

HATTcd, heiress of Glucoed, 

daofbler of Howei sp Jeran ap 

Jerwerth, and was (. by his son, 


mva, of Oswestry sad Gla*- 
coed, who m. Thomaaine, 
daughter and heir of Ri- 
chard Ireland, esq. and had 

1. RiCBAMt AP Hbbe- 
DVDD, of Glasooed, 
whose son, John Kyffin, 
esq. of Olasooed, waa 
mat - grandfather of 
MMgaret Kyffin, heir- 
ess of Glascoed, who 
wedded Sir WOlIam 
Williams, hart great- 
Real - grandftther of 
Sir Watkin Wiluahs 
Wvini, ban. now in 
~ n of the Glas- 

3. Bixabatb, who m. 
Hnmphrey Kyuaaton, 
celebrated u the Wild 


and occQpier, during 
his outlawry, of Ky- 
naston'a Cave. Tbo 
repreientatiTe of this 
nuuriage is the present 
SirEdwahdKvn atton, 
3. Anne, m. to Uewelyn 
ap Jevan. 
Tfaethirdsonof JeTanGetbin,ofGartheryr, 
by his first wife, 

Jevan Vtchan, of Abertanat, married, 
for his first wife, a lady named 'Kbota, and 
bad B aon, GRiFnTH, ancestor of the Tanats 
of Abertuut and Blodwell.* He wedded, 
secondly, Gwenhwyfiur, and was, by ber, 
father of 

HowEL AP Jbvak, of MoeliwTch, in Den- 
bighshire, living in 1406. This genfie- 
man and bis immediate successors were 
patrons of the Welsh bards; and their 
names are honorably recorded in nnmerou* 
poetical effnaiona atiU extant. Be m. Elen, 
daughter of David ap Evan, esq. and was >. 
by bis son, 

Jbvam ap Howbl, of Hoeliwrcb, who wu 
father of 

Llewelyn ap Evan, of Moeliwrch, who 
m. first, Jane, daughter of John Edwards, 
of Chirk, and had a son, Morrii Wtnn, of 
Moeliwrch. He espoused, secondly, Ann, 
daughter of Meredydd ap Howel ap Moms, 
and bod another a<Hi,THOiiAt, of whose line 
we hare to treat 

Llewelyn ap Evan died about Ae year 
1634, and the act for the union of England 
and Wales (3eth Henrt Till.) passing 
about the same time, a dispute arose be- 
tween his two sons, Morris Wynn and Th»< 
mas ap Llewelyn, as to the disposition of 
their father's property ; the elder son 
(Morris) claiming, by the new law, the right 
of primogeniture ; and the yonnger (Tho- 
mas) insisting upon the gravel kind divi- 
sion, as directed by tbe laws of Honel DdA. 
and sanctioned by tbe immemorial vsage 
of die ancient Bnlons. After coDBideraUe 
litigation, tbe dispute was finally referred 
lo arbhratioB; and by the award, Morris 
Wynn, Ae elder ion, succeeded to the man- 
sion of Moeliwrch, with the lands attacbed 
tttereta : Thomas ap Uewelyn, his brother, 

■ FU« riiitiihoii af ShnpAht, 1613. From 
tbe bmily of Tanat of Buidwil, throng tbe 
Hattbnr*'*, tbs nrtMa of Blodwul pwwd ta tbs 
Earl tt BndftMd. From tbe Tuutt of Abntaaal 
tba lands of Abertsnal bsva bean Mmvvjed, by 
the Godolphias and Owens of Parkingtoo, to 
HiB. OiBsby Oeie tad tbe pi—int Lord Go- 



wu to have two tenement* in Llys Dyn- 
trnllawn, and at his own cost and cnsrge to 
diiide ill the rett of the pottewione of their 
father in Cynllftith Owsju, Cynllaitb yr 
Jarll, and Carreg Hwfa, in the lordships of 
Chirk and Osnestn', or elsewhere into two 
eqoal puts ; and Horris Wynn wu to bare 
his choice of the moieties. The award di- 
rected likewise " Morris to have a cent in 
our Lady'a chancel, within the church of 
Uansilin, and Thomas to have a seal in the 
same church anynce* St. Silin." 
The second son, 

Thomas ap Llewbltn, of Crnllaith, re- 
sided in Uys Dynwallawn. He m. Jane, 
daughter of Griffith Uoyd, esq. of Ragad, 
and was father of 

Edward Thomas, esq. of Trevonnen, 
who m. Margery, daughter of Thomas 
WychcrleT, asq. of Eylon, in the county of 
Salop, and was i. by his son, 

Robert Edwards, esq. of Rhydycroesaa, 
otherwise of Lledrode, in the parish of 
Llansilin, in the county of Denbigh. This 
gentleman is the first of the family who 
•warned a distinct snmame ; fail ancestors 
brnring adhered to the Webh custom. He 
wedded Ann, daughter and heir of Robert 
Kyffin, gent, of Cynllaith, and was i. by his 
•Meat son, 

John Edwakds, esq. who purchased 

AoDgh m minor, to the freedom of Shrews- 
bury. He wedded Dorothy, daughter of 
Thomas Barnes, esq. of the Lowe, by whom 
(who d. in 1714) he had issue. 
John, his heir. 
Thomas, -b. eth July, 1662, who d. unm. 

in 1683. 
Robert, b. 24th Febmary, 1670, who 
m. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of 
Thomas Corbet, esq. but his male 
line is now extinct. 
Richard, b. 10th March, 1671. 
Elizabeth, tn. ii) 1681, to William Wat- 
Dorothy, who m. in 1685-6, David 
Derwas, gent, of Llwynymapsis, a 

* That is, opposite to the statae of St. Silia, 
which at that tune adrad in ths cbmoel, but was 

branch of the Derwasea, of PenrLAs, 
by marriage with an heiress of which 
place, that estate passed from the 
family of Derwas, through the Lya- 
lers, of Ronton, to the late JohD 
Owen, esq. and came eventually to 
Hrs. Ormsby Ooie. 


Mr. Edwiu^ died in Febniary, 1709-10, 
and was /. by his eldest km, 

John Edwards, esq. of Great Nets, aliiu, 
Neas Strange, in Hie county of Salop, who 
n. Bnt, Hary, daughter of Richard Muck- 
leston, esq. of Shrewsbury, brother of the 
recorder of Oswestry, and secondly, Mary, 
relict of — Corbet, esq, by the former of 
whom (who d. Ist January, 1703) he had, 
with a dan^ter, Hary, n. to the Rev. Wil- 
liam Parry, a son and aucceasor, 

John Edwards, seq. of Great Ness, alias, 
Neas Strange, b. l»lh April, 1701, who 
espoused first, in April, 173&, Margaret, 
daughter of Robert Lowndes, esq. of Win- 
stow, in the county of Bucks, by Margaret, 
bit wife, daughter of Richard Atcberley, 
esq. of Weaton,-t and had a son, Rowland, 
his heir. He im. secondly, in December, 
1744, Hary, daughter of John Comberfaack, 
esq. but by that lady, who died 4th Feb- 
ruary, 1764, had no iaane. Mr. Edwards 
d. 3nd June, 177&, and was t. by his son, 

Rowland Edwards, esq. of Ness Strange, 
b. 1st September, 1738. Thia gcntlemMi 
m. in April, 1765, Dorothy, daughter of 
John Scott, esq. of Shrewsbury, by whom 
(who d. in 1781) be had issue, 

John, his heir. 

Lydia, who d. unm. in 1830. 

Mary, who d. nam. in 1795. 

Hr. Edwards died 31st May, 1796, and wm 
I. by his only son, the present John Ed- 
WAKDS, esq. of Ness Strange. 

Armi — Party per fesse, sa. and arg. > lion 
rampant connterchanged. 

Cretl — Within a wreath a lion rampant. 

Ettate — Great Ness, alias, Ness Strange, 
in the county of Salop, first possessed about 
the year 1660. 

StI—'She Hall, Great Ness, near Shrews- 



worth Cutle, ia the county of York, b. 30th September, 
1795, m. 23rd May, 1826, the lady Augneta-Brudenetl 
Brace, secoad daughter of Charles, present Marquwa of 
Aileabury, and has issue, 

Thomab-Frbderick-Cbarlss, b. 30th October, 1831. 
Loaisa-Mary-Hamilton, t. 4th July, 1829. 
This geDtieman, whose patronyinic is Vernon, assumed 
the additiona] iuniameand armsof Wentwortu, incom- 
pliance with the testamentary injunctioii of his kinswoman, 
AtJOVSTA Hatfield-Kaye, wife of JohnHatfield-Kaye, 
esq. of HklBeld HaD, and sister and heiress of Frederick- 
Thomaa Wentworth, third Earl of Stbatford. 


The (trnHy of Wentworth, oii^ally 
WiHTtawADE, is said by genealogists to 
kave derived its designation, in Saxon 
tines, from the lordship of Winterwade 
(•0 written in Domesday Book), in the 
wapenulLe of Strafford and conntj of 

Is tie reign of Henrt Itl. 

WimAM DE Wtntword, of Wyntword, 
unied Bnuna, daughter and heir of Wil- 
liain Wodebons, of Wodehons, by whom he 
■cqaind that estate ; and taking up his 
■bode there, the family bare erer since 
been denominated "the Wentworths, of 
Westworth-Woodhouse." The descen- 
dul in a direct line from this William and 
Ui wife Emma (for the intermediate gene- 
miani, aea BvnKx's Extitut and Dormant 

Jnioiiss Wentworth, esq. of Wentworth 
Woodbonse, was high sheriff of the county 
<d ToA, in the 25lh Qveen Euzabeth. 
Be m, Uargaret, daughter end heir of Sir 
ViDiaDi Oascoigne,* knt of Gswthorpe, 
udby her acqu^ed the manor and seat of 
'^swmeipe, Cnsworlb, &c. and his descond- 
Mft beome co-bein to the baronies of 
reneis, ofWemme , and Boteler, ofWemme , 
Aen (and still) in abeyance. Mr. Went- 

rfSir B<,bert Fsnren, L 

^oued IUlfh TfETii,, B fonnger son of Ralph, 

EbI of WMtnunbnd, mi had ■ arai, 

loBR Stnu wlia wedded Elimbetb, dsngh- 

te and heir of Robert Newmarab, and left 

ao only dat^fater and beiras, 

JojHa Nam., wboeipoosed Sir William 

GasEoigne, and bet daughter and 

worth died Utfa Pebmary, 1580-7, pos- 
sessed of lands in Yorkshire to the amount 
of£6000ayear. He was (. by his eldest ion, 
Sib Willuh Wentworth, of Wentwordi 
Woodhouse. This gentleman was high* 
sheriff of the county of Tork, in the fast 

SMT of Euzabeth, and was created a 
ARONET on the 29th June, 1611. He m. 
Anne, daughter and heir of Sir Robert 
Atkins, knt. of Stowell, ia the coun^ of 
GloDcester, and had, with other issue (for 
which see Burke't Extinct and Dormant 

Thohas, hit meeeuor, the celebrated 
Sir Thohas Wentworth, Eahl of 
Strafford, Lord Lieuteaant of Ire- 
land, who suffered decapitstion on 
the 12th May, 1611. His honors 
were however restored, after tbe re- 
establisbment of the monarchy, to his 

WiLLiAH Wentwobth, by patent, 
as second Eabl op Strafford, 
&c. and his lordship was in- 
stalled a Knight of Uie Garter. 
He died* without issue, in 1695, 
when tbe creeter part of bis 
estates deToTved upon his nephew 
the HanmtrabU Thomas Wat- 
son, son of Edward Watson, 
Earl of Rockingham, by his sis- 
ter, the Lady Anue Wentworth, 
aud off his honors became ex- 
tinct, except the .Baront of 
Ra b r, which passed to his coasin, 
Thokas Wentworth, of Ash- 
by Pueromm. 
William (Sir), 




The Becond ton, 

Sm WiLUAH Wbhtwobth, of Ailib; 
Paeronim, in the eonMy of Lincoln, wm 
kn^hted by King I. ud fell at 
Hanton Hoot. He wedded Elizabeth, 
daaefater uid oo-betr of Thonwa Sarile, etq. 
of HaMeldon Hall, and bad, with « dnigh- 
4er, Anne, wbo m. Edward Skinner, e«q. of 
Thornton College, in UneoliiBhire, one inr- 

Sin WiLum Wbktworth, wbo was 
sheriff of the coantj of York, in the 34th 
CtitRLU II> He. M. laabella, danghtei of 
Sir Allan Apaley, kni. Treaanrer of the 
HoDsehoM to Junes, Duke of York, and 
had isaae, 

I. WiUiBm, a military officer, died 
nnni. in 1093, while lerTing aa a 
cnntain of hone, in Flandera. 
■I, THONAB, of whom presently, as 

■noceasor to the Baronv of Ribv. 
1ft. Peter, of Henbury, in the county 
of Dorset, who wedded Juliana, only 
daughter of Tbomas Horde, esq. of 
Cote, in Oxfordshire, and had issne, 
I. William, his suoceMor, Gcntle- 
BMn Usher of die FrtTj Cham- 
ber to the PrinceM Dowacer of 
Walei, who M. Suaanna, unif- 
ier of Chamberlaigne Slaaghter, 
ew). of aiaoriiter Hall, in the 
conn^ of GToneeater, and bad 
one son aad two danghten, 
FaiBuucK- Thomas, who *. 
bis conain as third Earl or 


Alio usT A- Anne, m. SOth Hay, 
1773, to John Hatfield- 
Kate, esq. of Hatfield Hail, 
in the county of York. 
Mrs. Hatfield-Kaye, who 
became heiress to her bro- 
Uier, the Earl of Strafford, 
at his lordship's decease 
f. p. in 1799, dying herself 
likewise without issue, (in 
1802) bequeathed the es- 
tates to her kinsman, Fre- 
DERicK- Willi am-Thohai 
Vernon, esq. who assuming 
in consequrnce the addi- 
tional surname and arms of 
Wentworth, i* the present 
Mr. Vernon-Wentwobth, 
OF Wentworth Castle. 
3. Harriet, m. to Thomas, son of 
Fnutcis Anuidd, esq. of Stoke- 
BrueTfl Park, in the connty of 
The second son and eventual heir, 

Thomas Wentworth, esq. inherited at 
the decease, in 18B&,of his cousin, William, 
second Earl or Strafford, (sod of the be- 

headed )ord)tbe Barony or Hart. His lord- 
ship, who was an eminent military character, 
(nnfi. King Wiluam HI. and Cbttn Anne, 
(in the latter re%n he participated in Haki^ 
borouoh's rictortes) was created by letters 
patent, 4th September, 171 1 , Viteount Wtnt- 
vartk, ef WaUvartk Woodkoiut, and Barl 
or Straftord, with especial remainder to 
his brother. Peter Wentworth, esq, of Hen- 
bury, and that gentleman's heirs male. He 
m. Anne, daoghter and heir of Sir Henry 
Johnson, knt. of Bradeohun, in Bncks, and 
bad one son and three daugbten, riz. 

I. WiLLiAH, his successor, and second 
Eaul of Strafford. This nobleman. 

dying /. p. in 1791, his honors passed 
accoMing to the limitation to his 
first cousin, (the son and heir of 
Peter of Henbury), 
Frederics-Thokas Wentworth, 
as third Earl, who died at his 
seat, Henbury, in Borsetshire. 
without ume, in 1799, when all 
the honors expirei, and his es- 
tates devolTed upon hia only 
sorriTing sister, 
AuctiBTA - Annb Hatfibu)- 

II. Anne, m. in 1733, tn the Riflit 
Ho». William ConoUy, of Castle- 
town, in Ireland, and a. *. p. 

III. Imcj, m. to Pieid Mmrthml Sir 
Qcorge Howard, K.B. 

IV. Henri btta. 
The youngest daoghter, 

Ladt Bbnrietta Wbntwoktr, esponsed 
in 1743, Henrt Vernon,* esq. of Hilton, 
in the county of Staflbrd, and had issne. 


Bia-ia't Ptmgt and Barmiilagt,) 

HmitT ViHNaii, esq. of HooDdidiill. b. in 1616, 
n. Muriel, daualiter and heiress of Sir Geoin 
Venion, of HnJinilon, one of tha joigea gf Aa 
Court of CoDUDoa P)«s, ind had iane, 

I. Gunoi, oTSadboiy, whose gnodseB, 
UaoRoi Vkbhoii, esq. of Sndbny, *•• 
BBUMd m 1TK8, tiH sddittonsl raname 
and Sims «f Vehaius, and was o*e- 
ated 1st M^, 1769. Loan VaanoK, 
Bason at Kufnianm, ie tbs ooontv 
•f Cheater. ' 

u. Edwscd, ti in 163e. 
in, H0Br. 
Tb« third «, 

Hekbt Vuhqh, e»|. of Hilton, in tb« ooua^ 
of Stafibnl, b. in June, 1637, eipoosed Margaict, 
dauefatet of William Ladkins, esq. of Kelledon, 
in Nonhsmptonsfairr, and bad fbai- sihis, (ia, 
Hahht, Ms heir. 
Edward, s merchant in Lonilon. 
George, killed ibroad. 



I. Henry, heir to hii father. 

II. WiDUm-LeTCsoo Vernon. 
HI. Henrietta Vernon, m. firat, U 

chard. Earl Gbosvenor, and wu 
mother of the preaent HAit«UEa« or 
WuTifiNSTER. Her ladyship es- 
poused, secondly. General Georire 
Porter, M.P. and d. in 1828. 
rv. Anne Vernon, ai. to Lord Berwick. 

V. Lncy Vernon. 

VI. Caroline Vernon, maid of honour 
to Ch*hlotte, Queen Consobt of 
hi* Majettj, ATta; George III. 

m, Jane Vernon. 
Tie elder son, 

Hemt Vernon, esq. *acce«ded his fether 
^HStDD. Of this gentleinan Miss Seirard 
■ttea fl»e following obserradons :— " Mr, 
VerwM named, to a ten jeara* tonr, with 
•■*™w«ic cnriositj, not only ' the Celtic 
Md Iberian Helds,' bnt abnoit erery icene 
^V^ ™e ^obe whidi has been dieDified by 
|»tiJ prowEM, or has obtained poetic ce- 
Kbrity. He has seen, in tolenble preMi- 


BxnT Ynmm, tmq. of HOtoo, w«ld«l Peao- 
hg, aeoMi dwwbter ud oo-beiKM of Rofant 
naBpa, aa;. of Kawton, in tlie eonntr of Wti^ 
*i^ asd by bar, who diad in 17*6, h^ Maaa 
Hniar, whs ■. aa in tha tazt, the iaidy 

naBa»-Phmipa. b. in in 

John, wU> diad i. p. 

Edward, b. in ITM, 

Riefcttd, i. in 1T*5. who m. Eralja, daarhter 
of John LvTcaon, Evl Gowsr, and mdow 
of John Fitnwtriek, Earl of Uppar Oaaorr. 

P"«A™, ». m int, ». to Sir Williim 
Dnckanfiald Daniel], bait, of Orer Tabler. 

Fh aatxh. d. yonng. ■' 


vation, a great part otlhe Temple of Ceres 
ha* stood upon Monnt CalTary, Olympua 
and the Aonian hills, and has drank of the 
now eihauated waters of the SimoU and 
Scamander; has fought, aince England 
sheathed the sword, the Indians for Ame- 
nca, end the Tnrks for the empress. He 
was some time at Gibraltar, with General 
Elliot, and obtained the friendship of that 
Illustrious being. It giyea me pleasure thai 
he, my neighbour, Mr. Vernon, stands so 
high in Lord Heathfield'e esteeni." Mr.Vor- 
m. firat, Penelope, daughter of — Gra- 
«—.., esq. of Armagh, and bad by her a son 
the present Henby Charles Edward Ver- 
non, esq. of Hilton, (see page eas.vgL iii.) 
He married secondly, Margaret, daughter 
of Thomas Fisher, esq. of Acton, in the 
county of Middlesex, and dying in 1814, 
left by her a son, the present Fredbbick 
WiLLUM -Thomas Vernon -WBimroaTH, 
esq. of Wentworth Castle. 

Amu— Qoarterly; lstMid4th,forWENT- 
worni, sa. a cher. between three leopards' 
heada, or ; 2nd, for Vernon, arg. a fret sa. : 
3rd, for Vsrnon, of Haalingtoo, or, on a 
fesse at. three garbs of the first 

tVa"*— For Wentwohtm, a griffin pas- 
-inL For Vernon, a boar's bead erased 
■a. ducally gorged and bristed or. 

Molto — En Dieu est tout. 

Ettatet — Wentworth Castle, near Barns- 
ley, Yorkshire ; Stoke Park, near Tow- 
cester, Northamptonabire ; and Aldborough, 
near Saxmundham, Suffolk, descended to 
the present possessor from his great-grand- 
father, Tkomu, B.rf 0/ Stra^rd. 

TmoH Acridnwv— 11, Connaught Place. 

*"'— Wentworth Castle, near Banialey. 


MAUDE, FBANCIS, «q. of Hatfeild IWl, in tba cointy of York, bftnister-at-raw, 
i,Si and rscorM of Doncaster, b. In 1768, m. in 1797, 

Hannah, daughter of. Francis Nettloton, esq. and has 

Francis, H.A. in holy orders, incumbent of Hoyland, 
in Yorkshire, b. in 1798, ai. in 1830, Frances, daugh- 
ter of John Branson, esq. of Doncaster. 

Balpft, in holy orders. M.A. vicar of MirGeld, h. 1700. 

Daniel, H.A.t. in 1801, and called to the bar in 1830. 

Charles, b. in 1807, an officer in the Honorable East 
India Company's service , 18th Bombay Native In- 


Mr, Haude incceeded his &ther in 1789. 




The family of Mavdb, origjaally Lords 
of HoNTB Alto, in Italy, was esbbliibed 
in England by 

Eustace de Monte Alto, suniamed (he 
Nortnan Hunter, one of the Boldiere of the 
CoNQCEST, in the immediate train of the 
Palatine Earl of Cheater, the potent Huoh 
Lupus ; from whom, in requital of hit gal- 
lant aerricei, Honte Alto obtained, with 
other territorial pouessions, the lordships 
and manors of Hontalt and Hawanlea, in 
the county of Flint, places still designating 
a branch of bit descendants, the noble house 
of Haude, Viscounts Hawarden aad Barons 
of HoDtalt Enstace was (. by his eldest 

HiTOH DB Honte Alto, tlie second baron 
under Hugh I^piu, who gave a large por- 
tion of bis possessions to (he monks. He 
was «. by his brother, 

RoGBR DE Monte Alto, the (bird baron, 
to whom SDCeeeded his son, 

Ralph de Hontalt, fourth baron, sewer 
to RaDalpfa, Earl of Chester, who had two 
SODS and a daughter, tiz. 
Robert, his heir. 

Simon, living in 1160, who removed 
into the coanty of York, holding land 
in the secona fee of Skipton, under 
the De Romilles. He was i. by his 

Richard de Montalt, Lord of West 
Riddlesden, Morton, Potter 
Newton, Bamby on Don. Bcc. 
who, his son, Simon, dying in 
his lifetime, and without male 
issue, gave all his Yorkshire es- 
tates to Robert Hontalt, son of 
bis cousin, Andohar. 
Beatrix, m. to William Halpas. 
The elder son, 

Robert db Hontalt, first baron by 
tenure, erected, temp. Henrt II. Montalt 
(now Hold or Mould) Castle, in FlinUbire. 
This Robert, who was steward of the pala- 
tine to the Earl of Chester, espoused Emma, 
daoghler of Sir Robert Delaval, and had 

Robert, secoiid baron by tennre.* 


r, tha > 

I. Roosa, his heir. 

II. John, who m. EUan — , and had a daugh- 
ter. Etinbcth, Urins in 1318. 

in. Ralph, in holy ontan, Mth HnnT 111. 
IT. Aii>>ii(3ir>,wbo*>T«]thelilaof HsKBT 
III. It ttw Battle of Evesham. 
Tba eldnt son. 
Roosa DB MoKTALT. Or MoireAVLT, third bann 

William, in holy orders. 

Roger, possessed of two knigbis' fees 
and a half. 

The yonngest son, 

Andohar or Avlmer de Montalt, 
founded the Yorkshire and only sorvirin; 
branch of the family. In 1 174, accompaay- 
in^ the expedition against Wiluau ikt 
Ltoa, Andomar bad die good fortune to 
make the Scottish monarch prisoser, bj 
surprise ; and conveyins the royal c^itifa 
to Henry II. then at FaUise, in NoTmaady, 
that prince granted to him, instead of us 

5 tenure. Seneschal of Chertei, wta deaoad tm 
the moat pocent feudal lordi ia the tine «f 
Hehbt 111. eiid leoompanisd Prince EnwiaDto 
tb* Holy Lend. Bong eonitMitIf taiflojti 
^unn the Weleb. bis lands at Montalt vtn 
wieMod fton bin by Dsvid, PHwc of Wil«i 
but restored in II40. He m. Ceeili*, lecmi 
■iiter ud <mt of the co-b«n of Hugh de AIMnii 
E*il of Arundel, by whom be uqiiind the am 
of Cutle Riling, in Norfolk, with other eitnnra 
e«stea (ux Boaai'i Eiliict aad Dwiwil Fw 
c^), mi had isnta. 

John, hii hair. 


LMchs, M. to Philip de Orrriiy, At 

To equip hinuelf for Paleotine thii great liB« 
oonvc^^, for ■ aum of money, ■ faigt portiai of 
the woods and revenues which ha poaseaied ■! 
Coventry, in right of Cedlia, his wiA, to dit 
monka i^ that place. He died in 1160, ud mt 
1. by hii elder ton, 

JoHK DB Montalt, ftmrth baron by tenure, nlni 
M. first, Elane, widow of Robart de Stockport; 
and secondly. Miliaent, dtughter and CD-heii rf 
William da Contilape, which lady wedded, «- 
condly, Eudo le Zonch, and Ihiin that oaioa 

, itJt) d . 

RoBEar DB MoirrAi; 

I. and waa I. by Ui 

r, fifth baron by tenoie. 
wbo waa preaenl at the lieee of CKrianncL 
This feadal lord waa i . at hii deceaae by hii mb. 
Rooia DS Mont,ilt, the aizth barm by ttnrnf, 
wbo waa one of the noUea in lebdlton agaiatf 
HutBT III. ; but. TetUTuing to hia aUagiaace, b« 
aabadqnantlj defended Cambridge Sir the kiiig. ' 
In the reign of Edward I. he waa In the wan tl ' 
Gaieony. and waa aosmioned to pariianuaK, u s i 
BABOH. on the CSid Juna, 1J95. His lonUbip 
wedded Julia, daughter of Roger da (nifibtd, but ' 
dying without iaaue, in 1397, the barony by writ 
spired i bis lands davolvad, however, on lia 




■■cieiit enaigna, " a lion ga. (the lion of 
Scotland), debmiaed two bus u." to denote 
capliTitj.* The win Mid heir of Andomar, 
RoBUiT DE HoKTALT, inherited Weat 
Riddlcsdeii, and the other aatBlea of his 
iD,Itkhard. He wu gr^t^reat-greot- 

Thomas Hohkault, whoae aon, 

CoNnANTiNs HoFmAULT, or Haudb, of 

West Rjrddyladen, liTtng between the years 

IWO and IfiOO, eaponaed a daughter of — 

KigUej, of Newliall, and wa« aticceeded by 

a daag^ter of I^wreDce Towneley, and had. 

km U the Mth of Hihbt III. Thii pUmt 
pMiMB bariiig dutiiigiiiiliad faimaalf in the wan 
of t—Hfi™* nd GtMBoaj, wu ■ummoned to par- 
Kuat frm srth Eqwaid I. to 13th Enwiao 
III. IB which jeat ha died witbont inna, when 
1 of MoKTiLT became utihct, and hii 
I, aoeotding to a aettleaient made 

a hein fin ever. Emma, the 
■a, and who had prerioailj 
haca l aan ied to Richard Fit^<^, a rnat baron 
(«ai of Joha Fitigaffny, Jnatioe of Imand), waa 
iiniK ia 1S3«. Sba Um istened in Stradaet 
ChDRfa, Noriblk, with thia epitaoh: " Ici giat 
D^na ^'-'^ff dv Honntall, faum* ae deu banraa. 
Dies par ■■ pitic area meroi d« ea ana." Tidi 
C^k, ToL ii. p. 99. 

' Mr. John Hande, of Haoriiaaaa, Tjaited on 
Oe «b Angnat. iaf7. Weat Riddleadeo HaU, 
Oe aaneat aeat of the Monte Alto, Hoolaha, or 
■aadea, and copied the annexed enaigna Chm 
itiiaad glaaa in the ataireaaa window, with the 



'Aitfaorde Hahant prored hia anaa and pedK 
p- ■ Glorar'a viattatieo, 1585. Weat Rid- 
d«daa lUI ia in the pariah of Bingley, within a 
■ikadah^of Kei^ile^. The Uonlalloa' bad 
~ ' aaakiM ia aUi and Weat Morton, in 
of Bi^ey, eari; in the ISth century." 

with B danghter, Agnei, the wife of Stephen 
Pnalew, of Rawdon, a son and aQCceaaor. 

Thomas Monhiult, or Maude, of Weat 
Riddleaden, whose will ia dated 1S76. Thia 
gentleman m. {see p. 47fi, toI. i.) Catberiii«, 
daughter of Roger Tempeat, esq. of Broogh- 
ton, by Anne, his wife, dadgbter of Sir John 
Carre, knL of Thornton, and gTand-dauzbter 
of Tbomaa, Lord Clifford. By this lady he 
had issue, 

I. Ahthur Mawhavt, or Mavde, who 
proved at Glover's nsitation, in 1665, 
his descent from Constsntiiie, and 
was allowed to bear his arms. Ho 
na. Jane, daughter of Anthony El- 
tofts, esq. of FarnLill, in Craven, and 
bad six daughters, viz. 

Agnes, m. 14th Hav, la7&,toTho- 
ma* Hall, eaq. of Shipden, ne«« 
Isabella, m. 23rd April, 1&82, to 
Thomas Wade, of Addingham. 

Arthur died 36th December. 1687, 
and waa bnried at Biugley. 

II. Tbomaa, who if. t. p. 

III. Christopher, of whom presently. 

V. Margaret, at. to Tbomaa Tempeat, 

esq. of Yellowsome. 
vt. Isabel, m. to Robert Bayldon, of 
The third son, 

Christofhbh Mavdb, esq. of HolUug 
Hall and Woodhooae, was patron of Ilkley, 
in 1654. Hia will is dated 1561. He m. 

Grace , and had issue, 

I. Thomas, of West Riddlesden, who rf. 
3rd January, 1033. Hia grandson, 
Robert Maude, esq. of West Rid- 
dlesden and Ripon, in the county 
of York, patron of Ilkley in 
1640, as was his father in 1607. 
:d of bis English estates, 
purchased others, in the 
conniies of Kilkenny and Tip- 
perary, whither he removed. Ho 
' 1685, and was succeeded by 



Ahthoht Maude, eaq. of 
Dnndmm,H.P. forCaahell, 
grand&ther of 
Sir Cornwalus Maude, 
bart. who was elevated 
to the peerage of Ire- 
land, 4tb Hay, 178&, 
fay the title of Baron 
Montaltt and created, 
10th Jnne, 1791, Vis- 
countHawarden. His 
lordship's sou, Corn- 



WALUS, U Ibe preMDl 
vwcount. See Bubkb'r 
Peir*g* and Barantt- 

It. John, of whompKHntly. 
III. Iwbel, M. to WillUm Cuner, Mq. 
of Hul«y. See WkUaket't Crtteen. 
Tbe Mcood ton of Chrwtopher Hands, 

John Hadde, eiq. of Stajrnland, near 
Halifu, made, in 158& and IfiSS, *urreiid«r« 
~" He « 

pOQMd Alice, daughter of Brian Brome, 
eiq. and had (with a yonn^r son, Bryan, 
who ba4 two looi, Bryan and John) his 

John Maudb, mo. of Alveithorpe Hall, 
Id the county of York, sarnamed Stntz, 
partly on account of hii great age, and 
partly to distingniah him from hi* ion and 
grandaon, both named John. Mr. Maude, 
who was the firat of the liunilv to settle at 
Wakefield, nt. Jane , and had iune, 

I. John, his heir. 

II. BARNABA*,noir represented IitTho- 
NAS-HoLNE Maude, eaq. of Blawitb, 
(see familT of Haudb, of Blawith). 

III. Elisabeth, flk to William Yarburgh. 

IV. Mary, — Oni. 

V. Rebecca tn. to — Wilson, eaq. and 
bad one sob, Edward Wilson, and a 
daughter, Elizabeth Wilson. 

John Haude, Stntx, died in 1036, (his widow 
in 164Ct) when his will was proved by his 
grandson. His son and heir, 

John Maude, esq. of AWerthorpe and 

Wakefield, married first, Elizabeth , by 

whom (who d. in leiB) he had issue, 

Jcdm, b. in 1614, proved his grand- 
father's will in 1836, (f. in September, 
1686, aged seventv-two, and was 
buried in the high cnoir of Wakefield 

Oeoive, d. young. 
Sarah, who d. in 1613. 
Eliiabeth, h. in 1616. 

Mr. Ma«de wedded, secondly, Sarah , 

and had 

Da KIEL, bis heir. 

Gideon, of Wakefield, h. in 1625, m. in 
1648, Sarah Neltleton, and had two 
■ODB, Gideon and John. 
Josbua, b, in 1627, had one son and six 

Grace, fr. in 1621. 
Sarah, h. in IffiS, and d. in 1658. 
Maria, b. in 1632. 
The eldest son by the second marriaga, 

Dambl Maudb, esq. of Alverthorpe and 
Wakefield, i. in 1630, espoused, in 1660, 
Fanny Staieley, by whom (who d, in 16K, 
aged seventy'Gve) he had issue, 

I. Daniel, b. in I6{il, at AUerthorpe, 
Wakefield, and Seacrolt, who m. 
Sarah , and dying in 1710, left 

;er, TU. 

1. John, eomqioiily called " Law- 

SiT iHxaAie," of AlrerAorpe 
aU and Lodiertan. (. is laR, 
who ■■. Grti, ElixkbeO, only ddld 
of WUtiam Dodd, dtimi of Lou- 
don, secondly, Finnoea, danf^tor 
and sole heinas of — ParAo- 
ricke, eaq. of London, and Ibirdly , 
Anne, dami^ler of Sir. Michael 
Wentworth, knt. of WooUey, 
and relict, first, of Sir lion Pd- 
kingbn, bart. of Cbevet, and 
secondly, of Sir Charlea Dais- 
ton, hart, of BeaA. By his Aist 
wif^, Lawyer Maude Itad (with 
younger cmldren, who d. t. p.) a 

Thomas, of AlTcrthorpe and 
Lotherton. This gentlemaii, 
although disinherited by his 
lather, eventually (his bro- 
thers dying intestate) inhe- 
rited his patrimonial ealalea. 
He realised, however, Us 
lather's opinion, squaDdered 
all his property, and, im 
1764, sold AlTerthorpe to 
hi* condn, the Rev.WOUan 
Lowther. He i*. a woman 
in low life, and left two 
sons and a daughter, vix, 
1. Thohas, b. in 1713, 
who M. lowly, and bad 

Tbokas, who died at 
Qayworth, near 
Bawtry, in ITM, 
leaving no proper^ 
ty : and thn* ler- 
■ninated the tnale 
line of the senior 
branch of die 

Anne, m. to a cter- 

the army. 
3. Eliaabeth. 
2. Elisabeth (sister to La^vyer 
Haude), b. in 16M, ■>. Christo- 
pher Lowther, esq, and was mo- 
ther of the Rev. William Low- 
ther, rector of SwillingUm, fiuher 
of WiLUAK, the present 
Earl of Lonsdale, repi«Mn- 
tative, in the female line, of 
dte eldest bnacb of the 
Wakefield Haadea. 
■1. Neville, d. yoong. 
in. Timothy, b. in 1666. 

IV. Francis, of whom presently. 

V. William, progenitor of Haudk, of 
Moor Houbi, 



VI. Suafc, i. tn tm&t m. in 1684, to 

OAorge Cooke, «*q. 
Til. EliubeA, i. in 16fi9. 
vni. Umtj, b. in 1663. 
Tk foardi md of Duiel Uande.of Alrer- 
lltotpe, by bi* wift. Puny Staveler, 

Pulncii Haudb, eaq. m. flnt, a ladjr 
■■Bed Mary, but of what Tamily ii not re- 
eMded, and bad ianie, 

I. John, b Dierchant at Wakefield, b. in 
ieM,wbo died in 1744, aged aixty, 

William, of Normaaton, who m. 

Elizabeth, daagbter of (he Rct. 

— WOwn, vicar of Wakefield, 

and d. t. p. iu 1776. 

Siuan, b, ia I7I2,«m, to — Lnmley, ' 

of Leeda. 
Barbara, h. in 1790, who m. — 
Buckle, eeq. ofWakeBeKand 
dying in 1769, left a daughter, 
Lydia Bnckle, b. in 1707, wbo 
■1. Colonel Stranbenaee, of 
Spennitbome, and inherited 
her oDcle William Hande'i 
eitatei, at Normanton, near 
Wakefield. She died in 
Hannah, b. in 1723, ai. to Disney 
Roebuck, cKi. of Heath, 
n. Daniel, A. in infancy. 

III. Tboniaa, b. in 1691, d. in 17A 

IV. Francis, of whom presently. 

V. Jamea, H. m 1736. 

»ii. Benjamin, \ ^ T"^' 

VIII. Bannab, b. in 1686, m. to Mr. 
John Norton, and had imte. 

IX. Mary, b. in 1686, m. in 1707, to 
Richard AmiitBge.eaq. and had iatne. 

X. Sarah, 4. yoong. 

Hr. Mude wedded leeondly, in 1707, Hra. 

L in bfancy. Hit fourth eon, 

Frajicis Haudb, ew|. h. in 1603, m. twice, 
but bad iieae only by hu first wife, Barbara, 
dattgfater of Jamea 8111, eaq. of Wakefield. 
Hr. Haode, wbo waa named sole executor 
of his fatber'* will, died in 1734, and was t. 

Fkancis HAtTDE,eiq. of Leathley on the 
WLarfe, b. in I72S, who m. in 1767, Fuiny- 
Haria, danghter of Ralph Vernon, esq. of 
Shrewsbory, and by her (who died at Wake- 
field, in 1829, aged eigh^-five) had issue, 
pRANCiK, hu heir. 
Ralph, b. in 1770, in holy orders, died 

In 1796. 
James, b. in 1781, d. in 1817. 

Paony, m. lint to John Neale, eaq. and 
secondly, to William Charnock, eaq. 
of Wakefield. 
Aletbea, m. to J. B. Gaunt, esq. of 

Charlotte, m. to Henry Borel, esq. 
lieut. finh dragoon giumls, and baa 
iaane, one son and one danghter. 
Arabella, m. to WilUam Oroom, eaq. 
late of Rusel-eqeate, and has issne, 
three tone and foair danghtera. 
H«> Hande, who died in 1789, was buried at 
Leathley, and t. by bis eon, the preiAit 
Prancts Haubb, esq. of BATniu) Hall. 

Arm* — Arg. diieeban^melleBaa; over 
■11 a lion rampant gn. chuged on tbe abonl- 
der with a croea croeilet fitcbee o: 

Afotte— Se monle alto. 
E*t*tei—lo. Torksbira. 
£>«l~HatreUd Hall, TorksUre. 


H AUDE, JOHN, eaq. of Moor House, iu the county of York, b. in 1773, a Miagia- 
bate, and depaty-Ueutenani for the West-Riding of that ahire. 

Hr. Maude, who waa educated at Huinu, on the Mayne,- spent several year* (from 
1793 to 1803) in the United SUtes of .America, and published an interestuig work at 
Wakefield, in 1836, nnder the title of " A Visit to the Falls of Ni^nra," with descrip- 
tira eug raT iu gs tnva drawii^ by himself. 


WiLUAM BlAtiDE, eeq. of Planshaw, h. in 
1Q07, youngest son of Daniel Mande, esq. 
of AhertbinTe Hall, and great-great grand- 
*•* ^JtAa Mande da Stainland. espoused 

Dinbeth "i by whom (who sorrired ber 

hsibaad several years, and if. Iu 1743, aged 
HTcaly-thrce) be had issue. 

Abraham, who d. yoang. , 
Daniel, his heir- 
William, died in youth. 
NeviUe, (. to 1706, and <f. in I74A. 

having passed the greater part of bis 

life abroad. 



Add, died onmuried, in 1716, aged 

Sank, t. in 1701 , m. to Timothy Schole- 
field, eK[. 
WiilUm Hande, of FUubaw, d. in 1708, 
fei for^-one, and wu «. by hii bod, 

DiNIBL Havdb, esq. of WAefiold, &. in 
1098, who M. io 1720, Add, daughter of — 
SpeDcer, esq. of Rotherham, and had (with 
other children, «^ died young) 

I. William, h. in 1723, entered the 
army, and died abroad. 

II. Daniel, b. in 17% of Wakefield, 
who wedded Ann, daughter of Wil- 
liam Todd, eaq. ofNewitead, and by 
her (who d, in 1823, aged MTenty- 
tii) left U8De at his decease, in 17S7, 
one Mn and (hiee daughters, vix. 

Daniel-Silusbuhy, i. in 1774, of 
G ray's Inn, now residing in 

Sarah, at. toJeremiah Naylor,esq. 

EUiabeth, who at. in 1803, Robert 
He Cleverty, esq. R. M. dow 
colonel GommandaJil of the royal 
mariDca, at Woolwich, son of 
William Mc Qererty, esq. of 
ADtrim, captain R.N. who sailed 
rouDd the world with Lord An- 
son, and was a party to the cap- 
ture of the Acapnlco gaJJeon. 
Mrs. Mc Cleverty died in 1827, 

I. Wiluam-Ansoh He Cle- 
VBRTY, a captain in die 481h 

3. I^bert, H lientenant in the 
94th regiment 

3. Jame*-JohDSOD. 

4. Elisabeth, m. to 
O'Brien, esq. 

III. Francis, of iriiom preaently. 

IV. Elisabeth, who d. in 1706, age* 

V. Sarah, who d. in 1792, aged sixtjr- 

VI. Barbara, who d. ia 1707, ag«d 

Daniel Haade, aenior, of Wakefield, d. ia 
17S0, aged six^-one, and was buried io tbo 
south choir of Wakefield chxrcb. His 
youngest son, 

Fkancii Haude, esq. of WeetHaU, &. in 
1731, espoused, in 1700, Han, daiurliter 
and one of the three co-heiia of John Skil- 
beck, esq. of Bnll, by whom (who died in 
1824, aged ei^ty-«ix years) he had issue ta 
survive him, 

John, lus heir. 

Daniel, of Hiddlewood Hall, York- 
shire, who m. in 1810, Jannet, dan. 
of George Hnnro, esq. of Calder 
Bank, near Glasgow, aod has isane, • 

1. Daniel-John, b. in 1817. 

2. G«orae-Skilbeck, i. in 1810. 

3. Hatifda. 

4. Elisabeth. 

Add, who d. Dnmarried, in 1899. 
Hai^, who d, unmarried, in 1828. 

Hr. Haade, of West Hall, d. in 1810, aged 
seveDty-nine, and was (. by his son, the 
present John Haude, esq. of Moor Hooae. 

Amu, Crttt, and Msilo — See Hadoe, of 
Hatfeild, p. S3. 

Etlmttt—ln Yorkshire. 
S*mt—W.oor House, near Wakefield. 


MAUDE, THOMAS-HOLME, esq. of Kendal, in the county of Wegtmoreland, 
andof Blawith, in Lancashire, b. 4th May, 1770, m. 12th August, 1801, Elizabeth, 
onlychild of Joshua Marriott, esq. of Rushholme, by Ann, his wife, only sarviTiog 
child of the late tiicbolas Wall,* esq. of Preston, banister- at-law. 

This gentleman, a magistrate for Westmoreland and Lancashire, and a depnty-lieo- 
lenant for the fbnner county, was ^ipointed, in 1803, Ueutenant-ecdonel commandant 
of the Kendal volnnteen, and robaequently lieutenant-colonel of the Kendal and Lons- 
dale locftl militia, which latter commission he still holds. He succeeded his btber 
16lh Hay, 1803. 




BiiNius MiDDB, CM|. HooDd Bon of John 
Htadc, caq. of AlTsrOiorpe Hall who died 
a ItSb, mod grandMa of John Huide de 
Sbjnland, esponaed « Udy luuiied Harga- 
re^and badiasae, 

t. Joan, who died before 16S7, leaving; 
one aon, John, and two daagbten, 
Margaret and Hbtt- 

III. WOliam, baptiMd at Wakefield, in 
1030, ■>. liin Harper, of I eeda, and 
d. ID 1706, b&Tlng had four lou*, who 
died onmarned, and a daughter, the 
wife of the Rer. — Twisslelon. 

IV. Hari*. 

V. Editba. 

ud by her (who d. in 1001) had 
JoiiPH, hiaheir. 
SamiEL, ancenor of the Haudei, of Ibe 


Bryan Muds died in 1086, and waa <. by 

Jofara MitiBE, eaq. of Snnderland, tn 
Ibt comly of Dnrbam, i. in 1663. Tbii 
tndeuan ai. in lOBd, Miw Sarah Paddi- 
«•, of Norton, by whom (who died in 1706) 

Wiuj««, Ui heir. 

Bamabu, b. in 1701, and died in 1770. 

itmepb, it in 1712, who m. Miu Noble, 

of Smderiand, and died in 1774. 
IbMdiy, b in 1715, who died in 1741, 
laarfng by Ann, hi* wife, who died 
la ITW, a daughter, m. to Hr. Smea- 
tbam, of SnoderUnd. 
Hr. Ma«de died in 1744, and was «. by hi« 

WiLLUM Uiuns, Mq. of Sunderland, b. 
in IflBB, who m. fint, in 1733, Margery, 
latter of W. Rawlinaon, esq. of Graith- 
nite Hall, in lAncathire, but by her had 
•e <UldreB. Be wedded eecondly, in 1738, 
Margaret, daiwhter of Tbomaa Holme, eiq. 
Hajrar of Kendal in 1716 and 1733, by 
Hannet, hia wife, uBtei of Peter Collin- 
na, eaq. F.R.S. and F.S.A. of HUl Hill, 
■ lUdleaex, and telt at his deceaae in 
1K3; (with another >on, WilliBm, b. in 
17W, who died nnm. in 1775) a anccenor, 
ham Maude, ea^. t. in 1739, who, in 
tn tdi hia extenfiTe poMesnoiia in the 
maty of Dnrham, and pnrchaaing other 
MUca in Weatmorelaud, removed to that 
I Aire, of which he waa appointed a magia- 
tMe tad deputy Ueotenant. He eiponaed 

thwaite Hdl, a yoanger branch of the Mor- 
Unda of Court Lodge, in Kent) and had iaane, 

I. Thokas-Holhe, Ail heir. 

II. Frederick, b. in 1771. 

III. WUliam, b. in 1772, who m. In 
IS03, Jane, younger daurbter of 
James Greenway, eeq. of Hancbes- 
ter, merchant, and has four sons and 
five dsQghters, viz. 

1. Frederick, in holy orders, H. A. 
Incumbent of Longridge, in I^- 

3. Tbomaa-Holme. 

3. William-Edward. 

4. Eustace-Montalt 
&. Sarah-Elizabeth. 

6. Jane. 

7. Marnret. 

8. Cbarlotte. 

9. Emma-Haria. 

IV. Joseph, in holy orders, M.A. m. in 
1804, Leah Cooper, relict of the Rev. 
Oeoive Bellaata, D.D. and haa one 
•on, Joseph, H.A< in holy orders. 

vt. Edwin, at the C»pe of Good H6pe, 
who M. in 1817, Frances-Anne, only 
daughter of the late Mr. Wiggins, of 
Jamaica, and has issue, Henry, Wil- 
liam, and Franceii 

vii. John - Bamabas, M.A. in holv 
orden, Senior Fellow of Queen^ 
College, Oxford. 

VIII. Charlea. 

IX. Bamabai, a merchant at Leghorn, 
who ■■. in 1818, Harriet, only but* 
viving daughter of Richard Arm- 
■trong, esq. late surgeon to tlie 
Britiah Army, in Canada, and has 
Richard- Armstrong, and other issue. 

X. Elisabeth-Margaret, m. to Thomas 
Stamp, esq. capt R.N. 

XI. Anna-Maria, m. to William Briggs, 
H.D. and has issue. 

XII. Charlotte, m. to (the late) George 
Hntchins Bellaiis, esq. eldest aon of 
the late M^or General Bellasis, of 
Bombay, and haa four sons and two 

Hr. Mande died 10th Hay, 1803, aged ilxty- 
three, (his widow survived until 1831, dying 
at the advanced age of eighty-eight, with- 
out having had to mourn the losi of any 
one of her numerous and happy ftmily,) 




. bjr hii eldeat aon, Ihe preient 

Thomas-Holhe Haude, esq. of Kendal and 

Arm*, Crtit, and JHWs— See Haudb of 

£ttaJe*— InWeitmoieUiid, inherited from 

his lather, aad in Laneathire, pnrfhnnril Ib 
1806, by ihe preaent proprietor. 

Siau—K mBDUon i& Kemlal, buOt and 
entailed by the late Jo*e^ Haade, eaq. 
and Blawith Cottage, near Caitmel, erected 
by the preieut Mr. Haade. 


MAUDE, The Reverend HENRY-ROXBY, L. L B. 6. in 1799, m. in 1839. Jaaa. 
datighter of Thoma* Meux, eaq. of London. Mr. Maude succeeded to the npnavat^- 
tion of thii branch of theMaudu upon the demiie of faia father Id 1831. 


SmvEL Haude, eaq. of Snndeiiaiid, ^a 
younger mo of Bryan Hands, esq. t. m 
1634, see Mmvde, «/ Ktndai, p. 80) was 
father of 

Wabhen Haddb, esq. of Snnnyaide, 
who m. first, in 1731, Mary, daughter of — 
Forster, esq. of Hawthorn, Durham, and 

I. Bamnel, who •>. Hannah, daughter 
and heir of — Uakepeace, esq. of 
Newbotlle, and if. in 17U. 
■1. Thomas, of whom presently. 
III. Forster, wjio died young. 
He wedded secoudlv, in 1737, Smh, daugh- 
ter of 'nomas Holme, esq. mayor of Ken- 
dnl, temp. Qkmn Anne, by whom (who died 
in 1793, aged serenty^fonr) lie had issue, to 
Burrire infiucy, 

I. John, ft. in 1738, who died num. in 

II. Jacob, of Snnnyside and Selahy. 

III. Uary, m. 10 Thomas Stamp, ^sq. 
of Sunderland, and dying in 1778, 
left four sons and five daughters. 

caret, M. first, to Robert White, 
, r Shiocliffe, and secondly, lo 
H^or Ricbard Uuellyn, hv whom 
(who died &th January, 1839) she 
left at her decease in 1^2, an only 
son, die present, 

Lieutaiamt Cilmul Rkhard Llu- 
ELLYH, C.B. wbo m. 27th Jane, 
1B31, Elisabeth- A.ngData,daDgh- 
ter, of Lieutenant-^neral Kay- 
OKHid, of Ibe Lee, m Essex, and 
has a son, Richard, i. in 1833. 
V. Sarah, relict of Joaepb Lamb, esq. 
of Ryton. 


Ti, Jane, relict of R. h. Lynn, esq, of 
The second son, 

Thomas Mauue, esq. of Newcaatle, h. in 
1733, espoused in 17fi6, Margaret, dangler 
of John Holme, esq. of Kesdal, who died 
during his mayoral^, and had wsne, 
Thohas, nil heir. 

near Harrogate, b. in 1770, who m. in 1798, 
Jane, dani^ter of Henry Roxby, esq. of 
Clapbani Rise, Surrey, and niece of Sir 
James Saonderson, b«rt. and had three 


Thomas, i. in 1801, H.A. of Ae Mid- 
dle Templs, author of the Tmveller'n 
Lay, and many other poetical piec«a. 
James, t. in 1811, residing witt bin 

mother at (ha Woodlands. 
Jane, a, in 1834, to the Rer. Edwnrd 
Carus Wilson, B.A. third soa of 
William W. Cams Wilson, esq. of 
Casterton Hall, H.P. 
Hr. Hande died in 1831, and was i. by his 
eldest son, the present Rev. Henby Roxbt 

Arm*, Crett, and Mott»~-8te Mavds of 
EtlmUt—ln Yorkshire. 
Reiidtnee — F^mhain, near Knara*- 



MAUDE, JACOB, eaq. of Smuajside, ia the covnty of Durham, b. in 1757, now 
Ttn^ mt Selabj Htll, in tbu ahire, m. first, in 17S5, Mary, daughter of J. Freah- 
Md, «iq. of Norwich, and has a son, 

WitSRBN, of Gre«n Bank, Darlingtoii, an actiiiK maKiBtrale tor the conntT of 
Dnrbam, (. in 1786, at. in 180Q, Humah-babellB, danghler of TIiobibb Wilkin- 
■oo, eiq. of Willou Castle, and baa had iuue, 
Warun, born in 1811. 
Thomas, who died in 1828. 

HanBah-Elizal»etb, m. in 1839, toFrederick, Herding, esq. of ConthanHiin* 
derville, in Durham, brother to the Right Hon. Sir Henry Harding^, K.C.B. 

tit. Hande wedded, secondly, in 1792, Ruth, eldest daughter and co-heireaa of Joha 
llilcbes<Hi, esq. of Cartiale, and has 

Thomaa-Hitcheeon, b. in 1800, H.A. barriiternit-law, 

William, i. in 1802, H.A. m. Hiss Iiamb, graud-dangbter of Joseph I^mb, esq. of 

Hajy, ai. to Richard HoonoD, captain R.N. son of Tice-admiral Sir Robert Hoor- 

•on, K.C.B. and haa iwne. 
Sarah, a*, to dte Rev. Edward Egremont, B.A. 

Hr. Haode is in the cotnnuBsion of the peace for Northnmberiand. 

Bttattt — In thirham. 
SmI— SeUfay Hall, DnrhaBI. 


CORBET, ATHELSTAN, esq. of Ynysymaenywyn, in the coonty of Merionedi, 
b. 24th June, 1788, m. 31it May, 1827, Jolia Barbara, 
daughter of Major-general Garatin, of Calcutta. Mr. 
Corbet ancceeded hia pateraal oncle 3nl December, 1820, 
by deed of settlement, dated 1756, mode by hia great- 
grandmother, Anne Owen, heiress of Ynysymaengwyn, 
which required that he should change his name of Mau- 
rice to Corbet, and bear the aims of Corbet only. 

He is a ma^atnte, and deputy-lieutenant for the 
county of Merioneth, and aerred the office of hi^-sheiiff. 
for that shire in 1825. , a . ^- ~r^ 






The family of TNTgyiUBNOwvN owe* its 
origin to Bleddyn sp Kyn^u, who was (Id 
right of hia mother, Angharad, daoghter 
and heireag of Meredith ap Owen «p Howell 
dda,) PriDce of Powya. 

In 1237, 

Os BUKN Fitzgerald, oniaUy called Oaber 
Wyddel by the natiTCB of Walea, (refer to 
-family of WYNNE, of PENltRTH, Tol. i. p. 

587) came over into Wales, and wu in sncb 
favoiir with Llewellyn the Great, who then 
reined in Walea, titat he made him Go- 
vernor of Huleoh Caatle, and gave him in 
tnarriage the heireu of Corsygedol, hi* 
ward. Their grandaon, 

Li^EWBLLTN AP Cynric, weddod Neat, 
dai^hter and heiresi of Griffith ap Adda, of 
Ynyiyniaengwyii and DoIeAch. From this 
panod, the estate* pauea through ma&y 
geDeratioui (lee voL i. p. fiis?), until they 
again centered in an heiress, 

EuuBETU Wynn (daughter of Humphrey 
Wynn), who espoused Sir James Pryse,* 
kuL second son of John Pirse, of Goger- 
than, one of the council of the Uarchea in 
Walea, dewended from Gwaelhvoed Fawr, 
and the issue of this marriage was an only 
daughter and heiress, 

Bridoet Pryse, of Tnysymaeitgwyii, 
who m. first, Robert Corbet, esq. second 
son of Sir Vincent Corbet,-!- of HoretOD 
Corbet, bv Frances, bis wife, heiress of 
William Humfreston, esq. of Humfreston, 
in Shropshire (which estate was settled on 
Robert Corbet), and by that gentleman (who 
died iu 1644) she had a ton, Vincent, her 
heir. She espoused, secondly. Sir Walter 
Uoyd, of Uanfair Clewedogau, H.P. for 
the county of Cardigan. 

Her eldest son and heir, 

Vincent Corbet,, esq. of Tnysymaen- 
g^ijn, was «. by his 

or William Vaughan, esq. of Corsygedol, 
and had four daughters, viz. 
Ann, his heiress. 

Jane, M. fint, to llomas Pryce, of 
Escairweddan, In the county of Me- 
rioneth, and secondly, to Hugh Wynn, 
LL. D. second son of Robert Wynn, 
of Bodyggallen, in CBmarroDBhire. 
Elizabelh, m. to Evan Glynn, of Glynn, 

in Houtgomeiyshire. 
Bachael, m. to Love Parry, of Wem 
Pawr, M.P. for CamarronshirA. 

■ Sir Junw PiyM died in 164S. 

t^Tb« immediate meeator of ths baity of 

CoKarr aocompuiied WillukjIw ConqaeiDT into 

Britain, and w»a one of the princip*] pemons en- 

liuitad by Rogn- Karl of Sbrewabuiy, ia the 

• toTCfBoient df hii county of Salop. 

Mr .Vincent Corbet ^. Sdi Jaonary, 1733, aged 
sevens-two, and was t. by hia eldest dan. 

Ann Cokbet, of Ynyaymaengwyn, t. in 
1684, who m. Athelstan Owen, esq. of Rhiw- 
aaison, in the county of Montgomery, des- 
cended from Ethelysdan Glodrydd, one of 
the royal tribes of Wales, and had issue. 
Corbel Owen, who m. Hai^aret Pryae, 

heireu of Aberllefenny, but rf. t, p. 
Richard Owen, who d. uom. six mouths 

after his mother, 
Elizabeth Owen, ta. (o the Rev. Dr. 
William Powell, of Nanteos, who d. 
in 1780. (See PomsU, of NaUtn, 
vol. i. p. 230.) 
Ann Owen, who «t. Piyce MA[)RicB,f 
esq. of Lloran XJcba and Penyboo^ 
Id Denbighshire, and left issue at ber 
decease, Ath October, 1767, 

I. Edward Maurice, who iDhe~ 
rited Ynyaymaengwyn on the 
death of tus brother, Heniy- 

II. Pryce Maurice, in holy orders, 
rector of Celynin and vicar of 
Towyn, in the connty of Merio- 
neth, who nt. Anne, daughter of 
the Rev. David Davies, rector of 
Llauryllin, m the ctranty of Meri- 
oneth, by Anne, his wife, heiress 
of Rag6^, in the same shire, and 
left at his demise, in 1803, aged 
fifty-eight, three sons and Oaee 
daughters, vis. 

Ednard-Davies, ? both died 

Pryce, { unmarried. 

Athelstan, who i. his ancle, 

Edward, at YnysymaeD- 

gwyn, and is its present 



Henrietta, m. to Charles De- 
cimns Williames, esq, of 
Berthdn, connty of Mont- 
gomery, and has two dans. 
Henrietta - Corbet Wil- 

Anne-Maria Williames. 

t Tha fanilv of Madhce is tha oldnt hneal 
nule bntieh of the deacendanta of Einicm Even, 
ta whom ao many of the Welah funiliea in the 
neigbbonriioad of Oawestiy tnee their origin. 
I'hs psiiihM of Usoaillyn and Rbaydr. in Mocb- 
nnt, mnd (till mon aitensiTe pouestiona in tint 
diitriot belonged to this bmilj ; bnl GiiBtli 
Yollin da Llraaa and Llaugedwin had KTe^ 
anna, ind 1^ dirided hia estates amannt tbeai. 
Hia freat-grandftm, Evan de Lknn, had eight 
wau, and ha also farther dirided his proparty 
amongat them. What remained wia partly sold 
by the Jate £dnrd Corbet, and puthf wft by bim 
away fnan the legilimBle family. S« hmilj_<d 
EowAUM, 01 Nm SiBuioi. 






*. hia grxudiiiother, kt ¥!!;»- 

Km heir«u of Yojtymaengwpi, sarrMiiK 
ker hnstwiid, AtheUUn Owen, until 18th 
Jily, 1760, left het estatea by lieed of settle- 
Bent, dated 1768, (requiring that lie ihould 
bear the name and arms of CkiRBET, instead 
of MtVHiCE, and in failure of male iasne, 
Aeo, on the lame terms, to his elder brother, 
Edward, and eTentoallj to the next brother, 
Pncc Maurice) to her youngest grandson, 

HEnty-ARTHini Hauricb, who, od in- 
heriting Ynysymaenrwyn, aosumed the 
■ane and arms of <Xibbet. He wedded 
PraDces, danghter of — Hottyn, esq, of 
Brjugw^n, in the county «f Montgomery, 
Intlearing at his decease, 5th October, 17^, 
tgei thim-, an only daughter, Anne, who d. 
BBnarried, in 1831, the estates passed, by 
deal of settlement, to his eldest brother, 

Edward Maurice, esq. of Tnysymaen- 
pryn, who also aasomed the surname of CoB- 

BBT. He m. first, Hannah, dan. and co-heir 
(wifli her sister, Mary, wife of Sir John 
Hill, bart of Hawkestone) of John Chambre, 
esq. of Petton, in Salop, and had one dan. 
Elinor, at. to Thomas Powell, esq. of 
He wedded, secondly, Miw Jane Thomaat 
and had another daagbter, Jane. He d. Srd 
December. 1820, and was i. by his nephew, 
Athelstan Maurice, who took the snmame 
of Corbet, and is the present possesaor of 

Artiu — Or, a raven ppr. 

Creit — An elephant and castle ppr. 

Mottatt — Over the crest, Virtntis Uns 
actio ; under the shield. Dens pascit corvoa. 

Ettatt»—\n Herionethahire. 

Stat — Ynysymaengwyn, In the parish of 
Towyn, signifying, in English, " The Island 
of the 'niiite Stooe," was entirely bunt 
in 16^ by King Charles's forces. In the 
gardens Is a stone of quarts, from which 
the house takes ita name, and where the 
chieftain administered justice. 


NETHERCOAT, JOHN, eaq. of MotUton Grwige, in the CDanty of NorthBmpton, 
b. 3tst December, 1783, ffl. 13th June, 181S, Chu-btte- 
Francee- Jemima, thiid dau^ter of the late William 
Hammond, e«q. of St. Albau'a Court, in Kent, (see vol. i. 
p. 132), and has had issue, 

Willi AH -Charles, h. llth September, 1814, comet in 
the royal regiment of Horse Guards. 

John-Sowland, b. 90th February, 1818. 

Hutimilian-Arthnr, i.36di Hay, 1817. 

Henry-Osmond, I. 27th December, 1819. 

Frederick-Clayton, h. 3rd October, 1893, and d. 30th 
May, 1839. 

Mr. Nethercoataucceeded hia father 18th Februaiy, 1800. 
He is a magistrate, and deputy-Iiegtanant for the comtty 
of Northampton, and served die office of high-sherifT in 

John Nethercoat, esq. h. in 1706, puf^ 
ditsed estates in the paririiea of Clipstone, 
Sihbertoft, Oxendon, and Ardibgworth, 
tadcoanty of Northampton. He died llth 
Stftnmbcr, 1784, and was succeeded by hia 

RasBR Nbthercoat, esq. h. 10th May, 
1761, who wedded Mary, daughter of John 
Wright, esq. of Lubenham. in the count; of 
Leieeater, and dying 18th February, 1800, 
»u /. by bis only son, the present John 
MrruEBCOAT, esq. of Monlton Grange. 

three Eonndles. 

Crett—K wolf's head. 

Eitatti — In the parish of Honlton, North- 
amptonshire, porchased a few years since 
from Colonel Hatton, father of the present 
,Earl of Winchelsea: together with lands in 
the parighes of Clipetone, Sibbertoft, Oxen- 
don, and Artfaingworth, acquired about a 
oentury ago. 

£mI — Monlton Orange, Northampton. 



SHUCKBURGH, WILLUM-PIGOTT, Mq. of the Moot, sliu Dowktoh Hodii, 
in the coDiitj of Wilts, attain of the Wiltahira HilitiA, mherited tbo mtxtet at the 
demiw of hi* father, 39th Aagnst, 1633. 


Tbia ia a branch of the ancieat family of 
Shdckbvroh, of Shut^bnrgh, in the comity 
«f Warwick. 

Sia RiCHtRD SHUCKBURQH, a deroted ad- 
herent to Katg CiuRLES I. married thrice, 
bnt had iiane only by hii laat wife, Grace, 
danghter of Sir Tbomai Holte, bart. of Aa- 
toD, in WarwicksUm, aix lona and three 
daughter!, of whom, 

John (Sir), the eldeit ton, waa created 

a B180NST, Wth June, 1060. He 

wedded Catharine, daughter of Sir 

Hatton Fanner, knt and waa direct 

lineal ancestor of the preaent 

Sir Francis Shuckburoh, bart of 

Shnckbnreh, (lee Burke's Peer- 

mjf» mud Barv»Mmg»), 

Charlu, the fonrtfa son, fonnded the 

family we are now treating of. 
Orace, it. Sir John Barnard, bart of 

Brampton, in Hnntiogdoashire. 
Elizabeth, m. Sir Edward Waldo, knt 
Sir Richard Shnckborgh died 13th Jnne, 
16S6, aged sixty. His relict married, le- 
condly, John Keating, esq. of Norraghinore, 
in the county of Kildare, anbaequenlly lord 
cbiefjnstice of the conunoD-pleaa, and died 
I2ih April, lerr. Sir Richard's fourth son, 
Charlu Shuckburoh, waa father of 
RiCHASD Shuceburgb, ofBedford Street, 
Covent Garden, who was »• by hia aon, 

John Shuckbuhoh, of London, who at. 
Mias Anne Salt, and left at hia decease, in 
1761, a son and ancceesor, 

John Suvckbdroh, esq. of Downlon, in. 
the county of Wilts, bom in 1774. This 
gentleman wedded Diana, danghter of the 
Rer. Nicholas Webb, vicar of Downton, by 

The Rev. Charlrs -Wiluam Sbdci- 
BUROH. of the Hoot, alias Downton Hooie. 
rector of Goldhanger, in Essex, A.M. of 
Oriel College, Oiford, a magistrate for tb« 
counties of Witts and Essex, who * 

ily, 1798, Henrietta, danghter of John 
lake, esq. of Salisburv, and had issue, 
WiLLiAK-PiooTT, bis heir. 

Robert, io holy orders, rector of Ald- 

borongh, Nufolk. 
Charlet-Veruey, cnnte of Goldhanger, 

Walter, h. in 1814, loat two davs after 
his father's death, in the wreck of (be 
East Indiaman, the Ann and Amelis, 
which was cast away on the coast of 
France, during the deatructire gilci 
of 1833. 
Henrietta, married in 1838, to WiUiin 
Wrangham, son of General CoUins. 
Diana, ai. in 1830, to the Bct. W. P. 
Hopton, Ticar of Bishop's Frone, 
Mariana, married, in 1837, to Richird 
Brouncker, esq. of Boveridge, higb 
sheriff for Dorsetshire, in 1833, 
Mr. Shnckhnrgh d. SOth Aagost, 1833, aged 
sixty-one, and was t. by hia eldest son, Ac 
preaeat William Pioott Shuckburoh, esq. 
of Downton House. 

Armt — Sa. a chevron engrailed between 
diree mullets arg. 

Crui—A blackamoor, conped at the waUI 
ppr. with a dart in hia hand or. 
Mt<to—Hmc monus ob patriam. 
Etiatet— In WDts. 

Seal—The Hoot The mansion ia litaaled 
near the remains of a very andent rampart 
of earth, which forms, with the river Avon, a 
semi-circle, encloung an extraordinary hilL 
This hill haa been, from time immemorial, 
called the Hoot, and ia beliered to derive its 
name from the Saxon, Wittenage mote,i.e. 
aeat of judgment Gigantie steps out into 
its side, towards the river, preaent tiers of 
graaaj benches, rising one above the other, 
diminishing in length at the top, and nt^ 
foot curving ronnd a spacious area bordeitd 
by the river. 

• Bv Sir Cbsiles's lecond wife, Disn., ifoi^ 
tar of tUchard. Lord Willonghby 4* Broke. 




of Kelly, io the connlj of Devon, h. in 1604, m. 27th 
October, 1829, Sophia, dtiughter of the late Robert 
Hutland,' Mq. fonnerly a merchant of the city of 
Lmdos, and hw iuoe, 

AittHDR, (. etb September, 1830. 

Hr. Kelly, « migistr^o for Deroiuhire, inherited the 
fiunily eMUes at the deceaM of hia g^randbther, Colonel 
Arthur Kelly, in 1823. 


ma ancient and inflaential family haa 
he<nt seated for centoriei in the conn^ of 

Sib — Kelly, of Kelly, in thai ebire, 
Swiagtn^. Richard I. wai father of 

SiK WiiUAM Kellt, of Ketly, knt. aeth 
HKiniT TIL who waa i. by his aon, 

'" " ■ at 

John Keixt, of Kelly, father of 
Sir John Kellt, knt. of Kelly, living 
44A Edward III. whoso ion, 

Thomas Kellt, of Kelly, esponaed Eli- 
nbedi, daughter and co-heir of William 
Talbott, eiq. of Talbotl Wike, In the connty 
<rf Devon, and bad a ton, 

RiciiiRD Kellt, of KeDy, which estate 
be iaberited at the decease of his elder bro- 
ihw, Nieholaa. He wedded Jane, daughter 
of Thomas Bratton, of Minehead, in the 
tMott of Somenet, and had two aooa, via. 
MBN, hia heir. 

Heu^ living 32nd Henrt VI. who 
M. EtiaabeUi, dangbter and heiress of 
Richard Kimber, of Trewalward, in 
the con&ly of Cornwall, and fbnnded 
Oe bmily of Kellt, of Trecakrbll. 
Tbe elder son, 

lofiN Kellt, of Kdly, m. Johanna, dan. 
tf Henry Forteacne, esq. of the connty of 
DiTon, and was *■ by his son. 

Outer Kellt, oi Kelly, who m. Jane, 
^Isn^ter of John Tremaine, of CoUacombe, 

' John, hia heir. 

to Richard Pine. 
Jane, m. to John Hoore, of Hoore, in 
dke oonnty of Devon. 
The son and heir, 

John Kellt, esq. of Kelly, m. Dorothy, 
daughter of Richard Wood, esq. of North- 
tawtoo, in Devon, and had issne, 
OLivmR, bis heir. 
Henry, who m. EUaabeth White. 

Kalherine, m. to Wmiam Bower, of 

Barnswood, Devon. 
Ann, M. to J<riin Whidocfc, of North- 

The eldest son, 

Oliver Kelly, esq. of Kelly, eaponsed 
Margaret, daughter of Henry Dennis, of 
Hall, in Devonshire, and had, with odter 
iaane, a son and sncceasor, 

Thomas Kellt, esq. of KMy, who m. 
Blanche, daughter of Wi"' 
of Hayne, and had issue, 

I. WiLUAH, his heir. 

II. Otiver. 

III. Arthur, in holy ordeta, who 

Francis, who sncceeded to K 


■ V. Margery, m. to Arthur Kelly, esq. 
of Moreland, in Devui. 

V. Ann, m. to Mafthew Scawen. 

VI. Elixqbetb, a. to John Fnrlong, esq. 
of Tamerton. 

1 Harria, esq. 

OTa ^aiJj afSoottiah desoent, u>d. fin the Ism three genentioDi, aetded in Lend 
pRHM mil— Sill stirs is Rosist Uittund, esq. of Iba Temple, bamster.M-law. 

Londai asmerchsDU. 



Tbomu Kellr wu «. b; hit eldest son, 

WtUJ«M Kelly, esq. of Kelly, liTing in 
1690, aged thirty-two, who m. Phillippm, 
dauKbterof John Conock, esq. of Trewor^e, 
and bod, with four danghlen, two sons, 
Tbomu, b. in 1616, and 

1680, I 


Francis Keu.v, esq. who then became of 
Kelly. He m. Joan, dnnghleT of — Tucker, 
esq. of Holdawortfa]r in Devon, and dying 
in December, 1690, was buried at Kelly, 
and left, with two daaghters, Joan, m. 14th 
September, 1693, to John Tillam, and Phi- 
lippa, an only bod and succeoor, 

Arthur Kelly, esq. of KelW. who es- 
ponied Susanna, daughter of William Han- 
cock, esq. of St. Gennains, in Cornwall, and 
by that lady (who was inleired at Kelly, 
Slat January, 1747) had issoe, 

I. Arthur, his heir. 

II. Grace, baptized 36th August. 170A, 
married, 19th June, 1734, to Edward 
Puckey, gentleman, of Liskard, Corn- 

III. Phillippa, baptised eth July, 1706, 
w. to — Webbe, gentleman, of Salt- 

IV. Snsaona, baptiied IStb November, 
1708, m. 33rd Hay, 1740, lo George 
WormiugtOD Bewes, esq. of SL 
Stepbeni, near Idunceston, 

V. Hary, baptiMd 2nd Januaiy, 1700, 
w. to the Rev. William Kelly, near 
of Brewerd, and d. in 1739. 

Hr. KeUy d. 18th October, 1711, and was (. 
by bis only son, 

Arthor Kelly, esq. of Kelly, who m. 
Hary, daughter of William Tucker, esq. of 
Coritoa,'iD the connty of Devon, and had 
by her (who d. in ITBt) six sons and two 
daughters, tJb. 

I. Arthur, his heir. 

II. William, baptised lOtb Hay, 174&, 
d. in infancy. 

III. Francia-John, a captain in the 18th 
or Royal Irish Re^ment, baptized 
13tb Hay, 1748, m. in 1782, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Thomaa Oakeley, 
esq. of Deal, in Kent. 

IV. WiUiam-Hancock, an admiral of 
the Blue, baptized 6th April, 1751. 

V. Benedictns - Harwood, of Holda- 
worthy, Devon, attorney-at-law, bap- 
tized 13th August, 17Sa, nt. Hary, 
dai^htir of Thomas Coombe, gent, of 
Boldstmrthy, and had issue, 

1. William, a commander R.N. 

2. Benedictns - Harwood, cuAls 

a. Francis, of New Inn, Lento, 


4. Mary. 

5. Anotiier daughter. 

VI. Thomaa, ttf Burrington, in Deron- 
■hire, baptised 3rd September, I1M, 
M. in 1783, Miss Viny, of Sloki, la 

VII. Snsannab.biftised 3rd June, 1746, 
<t 1700. 

vtlt. Mary. 
Ur. Kelly d. in March, 17S3, and was /. by 
his eldest son, 

Arthur Kelly, esq. of Kelly, colonel of 
the South Devon militia, baptised liA Jnly, 
1743. Heespouaed I}iwothea-Jnlisna,d». 
of Edward Srewe, esq. of Bieler, by Do- 
mlbea'Juliana his wife, daughter siid even- 
tual co-heiress of the Right Hon. Oeoigs 
Treby, of Plympton, in the coonly of 
Devon,* and bad iaane, 

I. Arthur, baptiied 15tb June, 1773, 
■•. Uanr, only child of John Oodwis, 
esq. of Portsmouth, banker, sad 
dying in the lifetime ef his (Uher, 
left an only child, 

Arthur, Bnecesw>r to his paid- 

II. Edward & captain iu Ae army, bap- 
tized aeth January, 1770, m. HiM 
Sarah Braddon, and had an oalj 
child, Edward. 

III. Mar?,™., to the Rer. Edward Mofs- 
head, rector of Colstead, inCornwill, 
and of Kelly, in the coonty of Devon. 

IV. Elizabeth. 

v. Phillippa, m. to Thomas Sowdm, 

Colonel Kelly d. in 1S33, and was f . by Ui 
grandson, the present Arthur Keuy, esq. 

Amu—Ai^. a cherron between ibre* 
billets gu. 

Crttt — Out of a ducal coronet gn. an os- 
trich's head arg. holding in the beak s hont 

Etttttei—lD the parishes of KeUy, Dao- 
leston, and Bradslone, in Devon, and st L«- 
uut, in Cornwall ; the parish of KbUj »• 
been in the possession of the family time ib- 

orial. The Kellys formerly held the 
ui.u^rs of Heavitree and Corrilon, in De- 
vonshire, and of St. Gennains, in Com™i- 

■1— Kelly, Devon. 

• By Charity, bis wife, oo-beireM «t "jf 
tele, nq. of Gnton vA Hslwell, in Dev«niki«- 



VOWE, THOMAS, e«]. of H&Uaton, in the eoaatj of Leicester, A. S2ad March, 
1792, M, 15tb July, 1820, Sanh, only child and heiresa of the late Jameg Hoirea.etq. 
(^TbotingtOB, near Colchester, in Euex, and has anrriring iaaue, 

I. EUxabeth-Catherine. It. Clara. iii. Anna. 

Mr. Vowe succeeded hia father in Febra&ry, 1793. 


I Cotton, eiq. and hj her, who died 16(h 
Jane, 1666, aged eightjr-lhree, left, at bia 
deceaae in Blarcb, 1646, a Bon and suc- 

Thonas Vowe, esq. of Hallaton, bom in 
1638, who m. Jane, daaghter of the Rev. 
Robert Dowley, rector of Elford, in Staf- 
fordshire, and waa I. at hii death in 16&I, 

Le0N:IRD Vowe, eiq. of Hallaton, b. in 
1664, who m. firat, in 16D0, Elizabeth, 
daughter of the Rer. Edward Reynolds, 
D.D. Archdeacon of Norfolk, and Rector 
of Kingstborpe, bat bj that lady, who died 
the year after her marriage, he ^ad no chUd. 
Heesponsed secondly, Martha,eldeatdaDgh- 
ter and eventual heiresa of Richard Butler,* 

The Aanily of Vowe ia of great antiqnity, 
Mid has posaessed the manor of Hallaton, 
■iace the year 1401. 

John Hackluit, espoosed in the begin- 
ing of ihe fourteenth century, Alice, daugh- 
ter aad beireae of Theobald Neville, and 
Crandaughter of Haacvlphua Neville, wboee 
wife, Chriatiana, held the manor of Halla- 
tn in IS75. By this marriage he obtained 
BaUaten, and had iaane, 
William, bia heir. 
Hakoabet, anccesaor to her brodiei. 
Mm HacUnit died in 1362, sewed of one 
aieaanage, one camcaie of land, two marks 
tnt, and a certain meadow at Hallaton, 
bcM of the heirs of Robert Pereril, by the 
•trvjce of threepence a year, and a suit of 
SMrt at Hallaton, twice a week. His son, 
WiLjJAN Hacxluit, of Hallaton, died 
•itbavt isne, and waa «. bv bis sister, 

IbtoARET Hackluit, who coDveyed At 
BMaor of HaDalon in marriage to William 
Dehnre, aervant to King Henrt IV. when 
bri of Derby. The granddaughter and 
htiiess of tbia alliance, 

Habobbie Deixter, espoosed first, in 
IV6, Jofan Mylon, and secondly, WlLUAH 
Towi. She obtained temp. Henry IV. a 
fiut of tfae manor of Hallaton, and was 
direct ancestor of 

Iaokard Vowe, esq. of Hallaton, 
(•poosed Dorothy, daughter of William 

Robert de Boteler, cousin and cupbearer to 
WiLLiAH the Conqueror, and bad a son 
and sQcceaaor (at his decease in 170B), 

George Vowt, esq. who m. Misa Sutton, 
and left at bia decease a son and sacccs- 

Thokab Vowe, eso. Thia gentleman, an 
officer in the Enniikillen Dragoons, car- 
ried the colours at the battle of Minden, 
and, as his moDumental inscription in the 
church of Hallaton attests, " served bis 
majesty with honour in that glorioos con- 
tinent^ war, which reflects so much lastre 
OD tbe Btiliah arms, and wbich was termi- 
nated by the peace of Paris in 1763." He 
espoused Elizabeth, the eldest danghler of 
Jonn Smalley. esq. by Elizabeth his wife, 
daughter of Sir Richard Halford, baronet, 
of Wiston, and cousin to tbe last baronet 
of tbat name. Sir Charles Halford, whose 
widow. Lady Denbigh, died in IlilS. By 
this lady, who died 5th August, 1783, he had 

* Througk this marriage tba Vown quuter tbe 
goldcD eupi in tbeir tnnoiiml ensigns. Mr. Vow* 
poaseasaa all the old BuUer rimil]| plitc, with the 
cups for crest and inni ; portraiu of urenl of 
tbe Butlers' sdam tbe HsU «t HBlliton, ind one 
nnm in tba baaH itill eontiDDes Gited op with 
the matat lapettr; nwd bv tbe sua* iuoilj. 



Leonard, hii beir. 

HangerTord, a captain in tlie army. 

Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. J. Gregory, 
rector of St Martin's, Leiceiler. 
Mr. Voire died 27tli Jaonary, 1785, hanng 
receired a muakei abot in the knee, and was 
(. by bla BOO, 

Leonard Towe, e«q. of Hallaton, who 
nt. lltb October. 17SS, Anna, daaghter, of 
Thoroton Pocklioffton, e«i. of Kiooalton, 
in ike county of Nottinghani, and died in 
February, 1783, aged twenty-fiye ^ean, 
leaving a danghter, Elizabeth -Ann, wife of 
the late John Sntion Webster, esq. of Not- 
tjnghun, and a son, Thonab, the present 

proprietor of Hallaton, and repreaenlatiTe of 
diis ancient fomilj. 

Amu — Or, onab«nd between two cottises 
gn. three estoiles of sii points, of tbe first, 
Vowe, impaling az. a bend between aii 
covered caps or, for Butler. 

Crett — A lion rampant gn. 

Motte — Vows should be respected. 

Eitatt — At Hallaton, in Leicestershire, 
consisting of the manor of Hallaton, some- 
times called Hackluit, granted by Henbv 
IV. to Hargcrie Deixie, wife of WtLUAH 

Stat — Manor Hoose, Hallaton. 


FARQDHAI^ON, CATHERINE, of Inrercauld, in the county of Abenleen, inbe- 
rited the estates and became chief of the dan' 
upon the demise of her father, in 1806. She 
• wedded, 16th June, 179B, Captain James 

""^ Ross, R. N. second son of Sir John Lock- 

hart Ross, hart, of Balnagowan, by Elizabetii, 
bis wife, eldest daughter of Presideitt Dundas. 
By Captain Rosa, who took th« name of 
Farquharson, and died in 1810, the heirsM 
of Invercauld has had iasne, 

Jahbs Par4)uhakson, a magistrate and de- 
puty Henlenant for Aberdeenshire, la. 30th 
April, 1833, Janet Hajnilton, eldest dangb- 
ler of the late General Francis Dundai, 
of Sanson, Berwickshire. 

Amelia Farqubarson, m. to Francis Grant, 
esq. and died in 1827. 

Elizabeth Farqubarson. 


"The represcntati re of this ancien t family," 
saith Douglas, in the Baronage, " is the head 
or chief of tbe powerful and namerona clan 
Farquharson. Tbeyhod large possessions 
in the Braes of Mar, (tbe bead of Aber- 
deenshire) and the adjacent countries. They 
alas, like other great highland families, had 
their bards and senachies, who faithfully 
handed down their brave actions ; and it is 
agreed by all our historians, that they were 
a race of valiant and warlike people, steady 
in their loyalty to their king, and always 
ready to Gght m defence of Uie liberties of 
their connlry." The house of lavercauld 
derives its descent from 

Shaw He ITuff, (sprung from a younger 
son of the potent Thanes of Fife) who had 
a son called Farquhar, who settled in Mar, 

in tbe reign of Robert n. (1371) and was 
made bailie and chamberlain thereof: his 
sons, as was customary in that early period, 
obtaining tbe surname of Fa nquH arsons, 
Bona of Farquhar, founded many opulent 
and puissant bouses in Scotland. The 

Donald Farsuharson, wedded a dai^b- 
ter of Robertson, of Calvine, and bad an 

FAKauHAH Fa RouH ARSON, who espoused 
a daughter of Chisbolm, of Stragla^, and 
bad (with junior issue, which settled in ibt 
braeE of Angus, and founded several families 
of Farqubarson) a son and successor, 

DoNALn Farouhahsok, who, in consider- 
ation of the eminent services he had ren- 
dered to the crown, obtained considerable 

■ The Far 

■A^soM of Fiuxeaa also claim this hoaoui. 



oe. Hem-adaugb- 
Ici of Dimcu Stawart, of the &iiiiljr of 
Mv, udAad a Mn and heir, 

Itanu, eonunonljr called Findu Mobb, 
(hk bi* pi^tic sue and great itrcngtb, 
> au of duing courage and of a bold and 
MmniDcd character. "Hit deacendanta 
b Iha Highlanda were callrd (according to 
Doulu) Clan laiila, and the head of the 
!tmSf Hack. lanla, though, before tbie 
pciM, (her were called in the Gaelic 
lufnige, Qan Erachar, and most of the 
bucket were called Hftckerachara, and 
KTinl of them atill retain that name. In 
like muner, tome of the detcendanta of 
FbJU (aettling in the low landa with the 
faugnadon of Hack lanla) had it after- 
"udi eooTerted into the name of FindlBj' 
•u." Findla m. first, Beatrix, daughter of 
G«<i{ge Gaiden, of that Ilk, and had (with 
llmf yoon^r sons, who nil acquired etlales, 
«»d fonnded, with manyothera, the house of 
Fu^haraon, of Finzean,* now represented 
bfltcurBALD Farquharson, esq.) a ton 
udheir, Robert. He espouted secondly, 
1 daaghur of the Baron Roy, of Eincardin 
Sicwut, aad had other children, seated ia 
Peithihin. Thit gallant warrior was kilted 
UPiniic, in 1647, bearing the royal ban- 
HT, tad wai baried is the chnrch yard of 
bvercMld. H* waa t. by hit aon. 

Robot F*B«uiURtON, of Inrercaold, 

»te».l - .. - 


MUX FuotrtiAittON, of InTercanld, who 
1^ by Ui SrM wife, a daughter of Barclay, 
ofGtrlhly, an only son, 

BoiutT Farquharion, of Inrercauld, 
■te wfddsd Margaret Erakine, of Pitodrie, 
ud *!■ 1. at hi* deceaae, in the reign of 
Cbailu II. by bia elder ton. 

mld, who M. Isabella, daughter of William 
^iMiBbMh, of that nk, and bad three sons, 

TlUjAN, hit heir. 
loHN, tucceator to hit brother. 
Alexander, of Monaltrie, who m. Anne, 
daughter of Francis Farquhanon, of 
Fbzean, and had (with three daugh- 
Icti) three aont, 

1. John, whom. Elizabeth Ogilvie, 
of Clunie, and d. i. p. 

2. Francit, m. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Thomaa Eyre, eaq. of Hassan, 
Derby tbire. 

a. Robert, m. first, a daughter of 
William Keith, esq. of Bruxie ; 
and secondly, Anne, daughter of 
William Baird, etq. of Auch- 
medden, and had iaiue. 

lor. iUmi 

The eldest son, 

WiixiAH FAR«imAR«oN, esq. of Inrer- 
cauld, died nnm. and waa t, by his brother, 
John Farquharson, esq. of Inrercauld, 
who m. Grat, Isabella, daughter and co-heir 
of Sir Alexander Boraei, hart of Craig- 
myllie,and had several children, who all d, 
young. He m. secondly. Christian, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Menziea, hart, of Weem, 
and had one daughter, who d. num. He 
etpoused thirdly, Margaret, daughter of 
Lord James Murray, son of the Harqness 
of Athol, andfaad, 

James, hU heir. 

John, who died young. 

1745, by heading her hnaband's clanj 
m. to Eneas Macintosh, of Hacintosb. 
Margaret, d. nnmarried. 
The Laii^ of Invercauld married fourthly, 
Jean Forbes, of Waterton, and had one son, 
Robert, who died unm. and two daughters. 
Hary, m. to Captain OUrer ; and Fanny, 
nt. to — Donaldson, esq. He was t, at hi* 
decease in 1750, by his son, 

James Farouharson, esq. of InTeteanld, 
ho espoused Amelia, daughter of Lord 
Geo. Hurray, and relict of Lord Sindilr, 
by whom he had four daughters, AnwUa, 
Fanny, Matilda, and Catherine, who all d. 
unm. except the yonngest. Ha died in 
1806, and was *. by his only Burrirlog 
daughter, the present Cathehinb FiRav- 
H ARSON, of Invercauid' 

Armt — Qnart«riy, first and fourth, or, a 
lion rampant gn. armed and laugued, a* die 
pateiiM) coat of the name of FAR«tJHARsoN. 
Second and third, a^. a fir tree growing 
onl of a mount in base, seeded, ppr. on a 
chief gu. the banner of Scotland in bend 
displayed ; a canton of the first charged 
with a dexter hand cooped at the wrist, in 
fesae holding a dagger point downward* ppr. 
The Fir Thee is borne from an ancient 

atom of carrying twigs of fir as a badge 

the time of battle. 

Tht Barater—it commcmoratiTe of the 
death of Findla More, who fell at Pinkie, 
bearing the royal standard. 

TAe Haxd and Dagger — in tile canton, 
records that another ancestor of the Farqu- 
harsons slew the rebel Cuming, of Stra- 

Crtit — A lion issuant, gu. holding a sword 
in his dexter paw ppr. pomelled or. 

SmpoTter* — Two wild cats ppr. 

Afotto— F^de et fortitudine. 

Ettatt — Inrercauld. parish of Braemar, 
Aberdeenshire, ppasessed 8ince<the reign of 
Robert II. 

TowH Rfiidtnce — ^, Charlotte Square, 

Seat — Inrercauld, Aberdeenshire ; and 
Uarlie, Perthshire. 



HUTCHINSON, GEORGE, eaq. of Whittoa Houm, in the connty of DoriuDi. 
b. 20tli September, 1768, m. t6th Ma;, 1793,CWlaite- 
Bubitra, dftu^ter and co-heirew of Thomu Dawara, 
eaq. of Tanfieh), in the same shire, ant) has ituie, 

Georoe-Thomas, b. l&th March, 1794, m. in ISX, 
Elisabeth, only daughter of Captain John Herccr, of 
the Eait- India lervice. 

Charlea-FmnciB, b. S2i>d July, 1796. 

Charlotte, died young. 

Catherine-Hary, m. to Joie Lnii FemandH, gnndion 
and repreeentatiTe of the late HarqniB ofTiTon. 

Mr. HatchinBOD, & depaty'lieutenant for tlie pa h t Jn tl * 
succeeded hia father 24Ui Fohruary, 1804. 


The family of HirrcKiNiON ta aappoaed to 
derlTo from UiTONeNds, who came over 
from Castle Cronenbarg with Harold Har- 
rAOER, and aettled at (or near) Bishop Mid- 
dleham, then a fortified place. 

A family of Hutchintons nas lettled at 
Cowlam orCowlaud, in Yorkshire, aboat the 
middle of the thirteenth century, and Tram 
that descended Richard and John Hutchin- 
son, who went to Ireland, and the celebrated 
Colonel Hctchinion, the parliamentary 
gorenior of Nottinghani Castle. 

Thomas Hutchinson, of Comforth, in 
Durham (mii of Thomas Hutchinson and 
— AUansoo), espoused IBth January, 1579, 
Janet Armstrong, and had isane, 

I. Robert, b. 30th October, I57S, m. 
3rd January, 1606, Agnes Morland, 
and had (with a younger child, 
Peter, whom, in 1653, Mary Johnion 
Kelli) a ion and ■nccesaor, 
John Hutchinson, of Hiddlebam, 
i. in 1613, who m. llih Sep- 
tember, 1638, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of the Re*. Thomas Bedford, 
A.B. and had « wm, 
Thomas Hutchinson, who 
wedded I5dt April, 1673, 
Elisaheth Lynn, and was i. 

Thomas Hutchinson, of 
Comforth, (. in 1874, 
who m. Ann Hasswell, 

1. Tbomas.t.inl702, 
■>. in 1727, JUM 
a. WUIiam, *. in 
1705, M. in 17M. 
Hannah Donlile- 
dsT, of Bntterb;', 
and dying in 1777, 
left a son, 
WiLUAH Bit- 
historian of 
Durban, '- 
31it Decem- 
ber. 1733, ■■ 
90th Septem- 



Marshall, de- 
scended from 
Ogle, auk. -. 
ing 7th Apnli 
1814, left i- 

». in 1764. 




9. Elinbetb, (. in 
IflBQ, M. in 171», 
Bryan Raper, etq. 
of Trimdon, and 
hula WD, 
Robert Roper, 
LL.D. chan- 
cellor of the 
dioc«ae of 
York, who M. 
in 1764, IMj 
Harriet Hay, 
daughter of 
George, 7di 
Earl of Kin- 
noul, but died 
II. Tbomas, (. 26th December, 1585, 
who M. in 1033, EUi. RichudMn, 
and had a aon, 
Henry, who m. 8th Hay, 1677, 
Mary Lene, and had iuae. 
IJI. Cothbert, b. in IBM. 
IV. Richard. 
The fonrth son, 

BicBiBD HimntiNSOH, esq. baptized 30th 
April, 1303, ecponted Agnes HerUI, and 
left (with a danghler, HeriaU, m. in IMO, 
to Cnlhben Speke) a aon and locceMor, 

WiLLUH HtrrcHiNsoN, eiq. baptiied llth 
Manb, 1680, who m. in IMS, jktn. daach- 

kr of Woodhouse, esq. of Brandon 

Houe, atid had iaane, 

I. Petek, b. in 1640, who m. in 1682, 
Min A one Arrowamith, and hod, 
with other inne, 

I. Hdkphrey, of Comforth and 
Hnmberknowle, in the conntj 
of Dnrham, al whose decease 
without isme, in 1750, the estate 
and seat of Comforth were sold 
I LambtoD, esq. of 
a alienated them 
BnrrelU, by whom they were 
•old to Mr. Charlea Garthome. 

3. Thomas, in holy orders, rector 
of Horaham, DD. b. 17th Hay, 
1898, editor of Xeoopbon'a Cy- 
ropedia and Anabasis. 

II. William, b. in 1656, who m. Bliss 
Hargaret Woodhouse, and bad a son, 
William, b. in ]710. 

m. Thomis, of whom presently. 

IV. Mary. 

V. Elizabeth. 

Thomas Hittchihion, esq. baptiied 20di 
Aptil, 166), purchased the estate of Whit- 
1MI. Hem. 18th Jnoe, 1705, Sarah, daugh- 
te and «o-beirew of Henry Law, esq. of 
BiDi^an), and was i. by his son, 

RmiT HirrcHiKSON, esq. of Whitton and 
■"^^ ■ 1, *. in 1706, who i». in 1728, Mary, 
*' - Scnifield, eaq. o( Crimdon 

Gborge, hb heir. 

Thomas, of Bishopton, who m. in 1781, 
Him Haiy Brown, of Welboom, ia 
Lincolnshire, and had a son, 
Thomas, of Stockton and Bmnton, 
who fH. in 1809, Mary'Sarah, 
daughter and co-heiress of John 
Stuart, esq. and gr&nd-dsugbter 
of Thomas Dawson, esq. of Tan- 
field, by whom he had four sons 
and five danghters, tie. 

1. Henry, i. in 1810. 

2. Thomas, i. in 1811. 

3. John-Alexander, i. in 1890. 

4. Georgfl-Stnart-IlawBon, i. 
in 1836. 

6. Hary. 

6. Charlotte. 

7. Susan nah-Maria. 

9. Emily. 

Henry, of Stockton and Kirklevington, 

who d. num. 38th January, 1811, 

aged seventy-seven. 

John, of Penrith, Cumberland, who nt. 

y Honkhouse, of die sanw 

Han' K 

1. John, who n. first. Hiss Eliza- 
beth Wilkinson, of Penrith, and 
had two daughters, Elizabeth 
and Jane, who both d. nnm. in 
1837. He wedded, secondly, 
iu 1800, Eliiabeth-Caroline, dan, 
of Charles-Bathnrst Sleigh, esq. 
of Stockton and Arkendale, and 
bad, with other issue, a sod, 

George -WiLUAW, who hu 
assumed the surname of 
Sutton, and is the piewnt 
George -WiLUAM Sijttoh, 
esq. of Elton. (See that 

2. Thomas, who M. his GODsio, Hiss 
Hary Honkhouse. 

3. Henry. 

4. George. 

5. Hary, m. to Wiluan WoxDf- 
woRTH, the poet. 

6. Sarah. 

7. Elizabeth, 

8. Joanna. 
The eldest son and heir, 

Georoe Hutchinson, esq. of Whiltos 
and Stockton, banker, espoused Catherine^ 
daughter of Francis Forster, esq. of BustoDr 
by Frances, bis wife, daughter of Charles, 
mthunt, esq. of Skntterskelf, U.P. foe 
Richmond, and had issue, 
Oeohoe, his heir. 
Henry, -ft. 13th Hay, 1778. 
Franoes-Hary, who m. I&th July, 1800, 
Charles Swain, esq, son of Hr. Al- 
derman Samuel Swain, of Essex, 




Oeorge-HalchinKm Snin, t. 31st 

May, 180), m. Anne, eldnt < 

daughter of Fmicia Dickson, 

esq. oC HuphftO), ID Torkahire. 

Mr. HntchtDHin died 24th Febraary, 1804, 

aged MTenly-rooT, and waa t. by hia son, 

the present Gbokoe Hittchimon, «wi. of 


^nM— Party per pale gn. and as. mn^ 
f CTOM croaalotf and a lion mnpant or. 

Crtit — Oat of a ducal coronet ■ cock- 
trice as. 

Motto — Nihil hunani alienum. 

EitaU* — In the county of Dnrham. 

5Mt— Whitlon Hook, Dnriiam. 


MUSKETT, JOSEPH-SALSBURY, of Intwood Hall, in the county of Norfolk, 
b. in 1784, inherited the estates at the deceaM of hia father, in February, 1832, m. 
Mary, only daughter of William Jaiy, esq. of Buriingham, in the same shire, and has 
one daughter, Masiak. 




^ SSt 

This family resided and ponessed lands 
in the pariali of Hauehleijtb, in Suffolk, in 
the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI. and 
Elizabeth, and a branch continued there 
until the year 1774. 

William Muskett, esq, who was Ifring 
at Haughleigh in 1666, porchased in 1508. 
an estate in Rockland St. Peter's, called 
" lAdie's Manor," havinr been the property 
of Lady Bigod. He d. in 1610, and was i. 
by hie son, 

Robert Muskbtt, esq. a warm adherent 
of royalnr during the troubles which cloud- 
ed the tune of Charles L He was i. in 
1630 by his son, 

SiuoN MusKETT, esq. who removed from 
Haaghleigh, and took up his abode at Bi- 
singhara, m Norfolk. l1>e daughter of this 
gentleman married Henry Bloomfield, esq. 
of Fersfield, grandfather of the Rev. Francis 
Bloomfield, of Fersfield and BOlingford, 
who wrote the History of Norfolk. His 

John Hurkett, possessed landed pto- 

Erty in Brisingham and Fersfield. In the 
ter be held a lease of forty-two acres of 
pasture from the Dnke of Norfolk, at the 
yearly rent of three shillings and six-pence, 
which land is now in the occupation of one 
of his descendants. His son, 

Andrew Huskett, settled at Thelton, in 
Norfolk, amte 1659, and adopting the sen- 
timent* of the Queers, suffered much in 
those persecuting times. He left four sons 
and one daughter, vii. John, Andrew, 
James, Charles, and Elisabeth. Tfae-eldest 

John MiisKETT, resided at Newton-FIoot- 
man, in Norfolk, in 1748, and acquired a 
considerable estate in Roydon and Tebin- 
ham, but leaving a large family the pro- 
perty was sold at his decease. He m. first. 
Miss Hart, daughter of Mr. Charles Hart, 
of Hapton Hall, and had one son, John, 
and two daughters. He espoused, secondly, 
Anne,* daughter of Mr. Ephraim Hey- 
wood, of Diss, in Norfolk, aiM had fbrlber 

Benjamin, of Rockland. 

Mary, m. to William Richardson, esq. 

of Langbarf, in the county of York. 

Sarah, ss. to J. Whiting, esq. of Epsom. 

* Hub lady ml malBnuIly deseended fiem tba 
Re*. Tbomu Thniknr, i«ctor of Woithaia, in 
BoSblk. She was first eoosin to tb* Rer. T, 
Thorloir, rector of Asbfield, in the same county, 
and of TluusUm, in Norfolk, bthst of the Lord 




' Hart, of EMt Grim- 

raiwd a large fortune by hii mdefsligablt 
ndatry u an agriesltiinl and land agent, 
ai porchased couaiderable estatea. In 
1806, he bonglit from the tmateei of Hemy 
Habart, eaq. the pariah of Intwood; the 
maaor and eatate of Lord Roaberj, Id 
Plumilead Farra; and the manor and 

JoiEPH-SlLtBVHy, DOW of iDtwood. 

Henry, of Clipsby, who m. Emily, 
daughter of Tbomaa Grant, and haa 
iMoe, Henby, Emily, Julia, and 

Armt. — Axf. two ban galea, between ais 
UoDi' head* oaboahed. 

Crett — Out of a dneal coronet a demi- 
antelope ta. ringed and chained or. 

fifotfj^Intwood Parish, Plumiiead and 
Manor Baber, Clipiby Paiiah and Hanor, 
all in Norfolk. 

%* Thii reaidencfl was inhabited to tbo 
reign of Euzabetk by Sir Richard and Sir 
Thoroa* Greiham, and the north front atill 
retains aereral memorialB of that family. To 
the apandrilB of the arch of the entrance ar« 
the Oresham amn, and the initials R. O. 


SMITH, CHARLES-HERVEY, wq. of Aspley Hotue, in the county of Bedford, 
b. 7th October, 1783, m. Francea, dtoghter of — Dole, 
esq. and haa ittoe, 

\* * i'/ 

Craioes-Hervey, of Exeter College, Oxford. 

Villiers- Chernock. 


This ^Qtleman, ■ magistnta and deputy-lieateauit for 
Bedfordshire, mcceeded his father in 1820. He ts a 
iDjqor in the anny, and at present major of brigade at 


1U* flainily of SHim haa been in poHca- 
rioa of an estate, with the manorial righti, 
k Ac county of Warwick, siDoe the time of 
BiSBY VII. and probably from a mach 
■rUai period. 

BowABD SiirrR, H.D. a physician of re- 
fate at Coventry, eipoosed Hiss I*mb, 
'aaghtcr and co-heiress of William Lamb, 
*s^ of Famdish, in the county of North- 
~ ' I, aid sister of Judith, lady of Sir 

ns subseqaently nused to a Tisconn^ in 

By i 

Siaitb had an only child. 

The Rev. Edward Sawyer Smith, who 
was presented to the living of RodmarliQ, 
in Gloucestenhire, by bis father. He es- 

Eosed, in 1744, Diaua, dau^Ier and co- 
iresa of Thomas, only brother of Richard 
Orlebar.'esq. of Hinwick House, in Bed- 
fordshire, last Dule representative of the 
senior branch of the Orlebars, of Pudding- 
ton (see p. 247, vol. i.) and was (. at his de- 
cease, in I7fie, hy his only son, (then about 
ten years'* of age) 




The Rkv. Edwaiv Orlbbak Smith, of 

Aiptey House, who, enterhig into holy 
order* as booq bb he became of legal age, 
was preiented by his couaiii, the laat Lord 
WentwoTtb, to the liTing of Bradenbam, in 
Bucks, wbich he resigned upon obtaining 
from his father-in-lan the rectory of Hul- 
cote, in the county of Bedford. He wa« 
subsequently, at the demise of his wife's first 
cotuin, Thomas WiUia, presented to Bletcb- 
ley, in Buckinghamsbire. Mr. Smith es- 
pooeetl, in 1778, Charlotte, dan|;hter and 
co-heiresB of the Rev. Edward Herrey, of 
Chiltem House, Backs, and of AspleyHouse, 
in the county of Bedford, b^ Mary Ms wife, 
dau, of the celebrated antiquary, Brownb 
WiLUe, of Wbaddon Hall, Bucks, and hod 

Charles -Hrrvey, bis heir. 

Edward Orlebar, in holy orders, rector 
of Hulcote, who wedded, in Hay, 
1822, bis coasin, Julia, youngest dau. 
of the Rev. Thomas Willis, and sister 
to John Willis Fleming, esq. of Stone- 
ham Park, Hants. Mr.OrlebarSmitb 
u an acting magistrate for Bedford- 

Boteler ' Chemock, of Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge, who ni. in 1823, Sarah, 
daughter of Dr. Whitby, M. D. of 
Warren Hoose, near A^by-de-la- 
Zouch, and has issue, 

1. Boteler. 

2. Chemock. 

3. Charlotte. 

4. Sarah. 

5. Jnlia. 

Ht. Smith d. in 1820, and was (. by bis 
eldest son, the present Chahles-Hervbt 
Shitk, esq. of Aspley House. 

The ancient and once wide Bpreading 
family of Chbunocke, the only remaining 
representatives of which are the Smiths, of 
Aspley, derive their descent from the Cher- 
NOCKBS, of Cbemocke Hall, in Lancashire. 

RiBERT Chernocke. esq. the first of the 
northern house that settled in the county of 
Bedford, married twice, and had issue by 
bod) wives. He d. in 1547, and was bnried 
at Hulcote, where a monument is erected to 
his memory, with the following iuscription : 
"RobertChJEmocke,esquier,father of Rich- 
ard Chemocke, esq. here cnterred, diddes- 
eende of an anciente bouse, called Cher- 
nocke Hall, in Lancashire, he had by two 
wives, of WorshippeftiU parentage, ten 
cUMren, six by one, by the other four. He 

tye ; he left nis estate to his sod, Rich- 
ard, departing this life about sixty yetu* of 
age, anno Domini, 1647." 
The eldest son, 

Richard Chernockc, esq. m. flrst, Harjr, 
dangbter of Sir George Pnttenam, of Sher- 
field, knt. and secondly, Audrey, daughter 
of William Fordaham, of Elton, in the cr -^ 
' ^e former of whom on 

rebnill the parish church of 
Hnlcote, at his own expense, as well sui his 
mansion-house there ; was (hriee high sheriff 
of Bedfordshire in the 2eth, 28th, and 43rd 
of EuzABETH, and died 14th Angwt, 1616, 
aged eighty-four. He was «. by bis eldect 

JoHH Chehnocke, esq. of Hnlcote, who 
espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John 
Amndell, knt. of Lanhem, in Cornwall, and 

as (. at his decease, in 1041 , by his eldest 

Sir Robert Chernocke, knt. of Hnlcote. 
This gentleman wedded Agnes, fourth dacu 
of Oliver, third Lord St. John, of Bletaoe, 
and died 28th July, IfiTO, having had G*e 
sons, who all d. issueless, excepting Robert, 
father of Francis Cbemocke, esq. of Wedge- 
nock Park, in Warwickshire, and the elde*t 

Sir John Cheknocke, who waa created a 
BARONET vita patris, 13th Charles II. He 
m. Audrey, daughter of Sir William Villiera, 
bart. of Brookesby, in Leicestershire, eldcM 
brother to the first Duke of Buckingham, 
by whom be left at his demise, in 1680, 
aged sixty-one, an only son and heir. 

Sir Viluers Cherkocke, bart of Hnl- 
cote, whom. Ann, daughter of John Pynsent, 
esq. of Comb, in Surrey, prothonotsry of the 
court of common-pleas, and had issue. 
PvNSENT (Sir), his heir. 
St John, -^ 

Robert. Vwho d. unmarried. 
Villiers, J 
Diana, d. young. 

Mary, m. first, to the Rev. Hr. Chey- 
ney, rector of Pertmi Hall, and ae- 
coodly, to Rev. John Littl^oha, 
rector of Hnlcote, and vicar of Sal- 

Elizabeth, d, unmarried. 

Anne, m. to the Rev. Wm. Bnnbnry, 
rector of Great Catworth. 

Sir Villiers Chemocke, who represented the 
county of Bedford, Itjnp. James II. died in 
November, 16!M, and was ». bv his »on. 

Sir Pynsent Chernocke, Wi, of Hnl- 
cote, high sheriff for Bedfordshire, in 1703. 
This gentleman, who was twice M.P. for 
the county, and who appears to have con- 
tested every election with the Russell hmily, 
was compelled, by the expends atteiidaiit 



Mw the sckI of Robert TreTOr, esq. Hi 
ponied Helen, daughter and co-heir of Wil- 
liun Boteler, eaq. of Biddenham, hy whom 

I. BoTELER, hi« heir. 

II. PfiiBent, nho d. young, 
lit' ViUJERi, 1. to hu brother. 

IV. Eliubetb, d. young. 

V. Anne, 4, nmnarried. 

VI. Helen, who m. Edward Herrey, 
etq. of Chilieni, in Backs, and had 
two MDi and a daughter, viz. 

1. Edward Eeevey, in holy or- 
der*, of whom presently. 

3. Pyuienl, a captain in the navy, 
d. t.p. 

3. Helen, m. ReT. JoMph Bayle, 
of Bishop's Waltham, Hants, 
but has no issue. 

VII. Penelope, m. first, to Robert Abbot, 
esq. of Sieppjngly Park, in Bedford- 
-*!— -"■' — ^ndly, to Captain Her- 

ikiie, and si 

vni. Elisabeth, m. — Cbanncey, ««(, 
of Little Court, near Bnntuigford, 
Herts, bnl bad no child. 
Sii Pynsent died 3iid September, 1734, and 
was J. by his eldest san, 

9ia BoTELBK Chernockb, bart. of Hul- 
«ote, H.P. for Bedford in 1740, at whose 
decexM unmarried, the title and estates de- 
TolTcd opan hi* brother, 

8i> ViLUEBS Chbbnocke, bart of Hnl- 
eott, who resided at Twyford, in Hftuta. 
Be wedded Bliss Sophia Harria, bnt dying 
without isMie, the title expired, while the 
Be^rdshire estates passed to his nephew. 
Tit Rev. Edwihs Hekvev, of Hnlcote, 
who eqionsed Maiy, daughter of the cele- 
brated Bbownc Wilus, esq. of Whaddon 
Hilt, Backs, by Catherine, his wife, only 
■^ild lod heiress of Daniel Eliat,<eBq. of 
Pmt Eliot, and had issue, 

I. Charlotte, m. as before stated, to 

the Rev. OiLEBAK SnitH. 

n. Uaiy, d. t. p. 

III. Eliza, rf.s.^. 

IV. Barbara, widow of the Rer. B. 
Watkin, of Lockridge House, Wilts, 
d. ». p. aped sevontjr-nine. 

Mr. Hervey dying thus without male issue, 
a part of the estates reverted to Hrs. Eliia- 
betb Chauncey, only surviving daughter of 
Sir Pynsent, who divided the property 
among her great nieces, Barbara Hervey, 
first cousin to the deceased Hr. Hervey, 
and the four daughters of that Kendeman. 
Hiss Barbara Hervey bequeaihea ber share 
to William Montague, esq. The other por- 
tions have already in part, and will doubt- 
less in due course be entirely divided 
among the children of Charlotte, the only 
daughter of the Rev. Edward Hervey who 
left issue. 

Armr — Arg. three demi-sava^s between 
nine cross cnwslets sa. quartering the en- 
signs of Hervey, Wiuis, Eliot, Oblkbar, 
Chernocke, iu:. Etc. 

Crat — An oak-tree ppr. with acoras «f 
gold; and, as sole representative of the 
Hervevs, Major Sraidi has adopted the 
crest of that family, viz. a lion rampant 

MolU — Non deficit alter. 

Sttatet — In Warwickshire ; an estate at 
Kile Hardwick and Morlaston, near Dun- 
church, with manorial rijjhts, in the powes- 
sion of the family of Smith positively since 
the reign of Henry VU. and probably 
much earlier. At Stoke, near Coventry, 
about two hundred years ; several houses in 
the city of Coventry, all previously to the 
death of Dr. Smith, and some much longer. 

In Bedfordshire ; one-third of the maniw 
fishery and manor farms at Felmersham, 
near Bedford, in right of Diana Orlebar. 
Estates in Hulcote, Sulford, Ridgenortb, 
and Aapley, at present en' 
Smith, widow of the Rev. '. 
representative of the ancient family 

S*at — Aspley House, near Wobnrn. 


LAWSON, WILLIAM, esq. of Longhirst, in Northnmberlaiid. b. 31st Januuy, 
1775, m. 24th February, 1821, John-Hester, daughter of the late Mr. John Clark, of 
Haddington, and has issue, 

WiLUAM-JoHN, t. SIh March, 1833. Edward, t. IQth September, 1834. 

Sasannah. Jane-Hester. 

Lonioa-Caroline . 
This gentleman, a magistrate, and deputy-lientenant for the county of Northnmber- 
knd, inherited Longhirst upon the demise of his uncle, John Lttwson, esq. I7Ui S«p- 
^■^ier, 1822, and Fieldbead and Haydose at the deaJh of another onde, Edward 
LsnoD, CM), of Morpeth 12tfa September, 1826. 




Thi* 1« A bnnch of the hoaM of LawMn, 
to long uid M extMisivelj apread over the 
shire, and Cumberland. 

Robert L*wson, of Longfairat, lea»e« 
dtat cBtate, by wUl, dated 25th July, 1010, 
to hia eldeat bdq, appointing Sir Ralph 
Lawson, knt. and Thomas Ogle, of Ealiug- 
ton, auperTuors. He had iaiue, 

I. ROBERT, hii heir. 

II. William. 

III. Thoma*, of Old Moor, who had 

I?. Henry, a meiehanl and aldennao 

of Newcaatle, and aheiiff of that town 

in 1636. He manied and had i 

The eldest aon, 

Robert Lawson, of Longhirat, wbo»e 
will beara date 1632, wedded a lady named 
Margaret, and bad two aoni and three 
daughters, riz. 

WiLUAH. bia heir. 

Roger, of Newcastle, who by hu will, 

dated 1633, directs hi* body to be 

buried in the church of St. Nicholas, 

Catterine, m. first, to Anthony Sotbe* 
nue, and secondly, to Robert Pres- 


. (o William Dawson, of Ca- 

Mi. I^waon was t. by his elder son, 
WiLUAH Lawbon, esq. of Longhirst, who 

Snrchaaed 23rd February, 1603, of the Rev. 
ohn Thompson, of Pegsworth, and Cathe- 
rine, his wife, two farm holds In Old Hoor, 
He "1. Mai^ret , and by her, who es- 

EDOied secondly, Anthony Hitford, esq. be 

Thomaa, who had a legacy of £300 by 

his nncle Roger's will. 

Elisabeth and Isabel, both liiing nnB. 
in I6&I. 
The second son, 
John Lawson, esq. of Longhint, resided 
1 his estate of Old Moor, in the parish of 
Bothal, and conirty of Nortbnmberland. 
He wedded, 4th December, 1679, Barbara, 
daughter of Edward Cook, esq. of Amble 
New HbU, progenitor of the Cooks of New- 
ton, and had iasoe, 

I. William, hia heir. 

If. Edward, b. 6th March, 1686. 

III. John, b. 16th May, I6&1, wlio had 
by hia &ther's will, dated 30tb March, 
1731, the lands of Old Moor. He 
hul, with a daughter, Anne, an only 

John, who sold Old Moor, in 1838, 
to A. J. Cresswell Baker, esq. 

IV. Margaret, b. in 1682, who m. Hr. 
Henry Atkinson, and had a daiig;hter, 

Jane ATUNtON, b. in 1700, irtu> 
wedded William Scott, mer- 
chant of Newcastle-npon-Tyne, 
and dying in ISOO, left iasoe, 
WiuiAM Scott, created in 
' 1621, Babon Stowill, of 

Slowell Park. 
Henry Scott, wboae only 
dattghter, Mary, wedded 
John Scott, created in 1831. 

Eakl of Eldok. 
Barbara Scott. 

Jane Scott, m. to Sir Thomas 
Bordon, knt. and died 8th 
Hay, 1823. 

V. Jane, b. in 1688, m. in 1713, to 
Ralph Watson, of North Seaton. 

VI. Hary, b. in 1683, m. in 1733, Mr 
George Barker, of Weleslade, and 
had, mter aliiH, a son and dan. ria. 

John Barker, D.Dl Master of 
Christ Church College, Cam- 
bridge, who m. Hannah, relict 
of Thomas Dockwra^ D.D. and 
daughter of Robert Ellison, esq. 
of Otterbnrn. 

Elizabeth Barker, «. to Samuel 
Cook. esq. of Newton, on the 

IX. Sarah, m. in 1741, to Rer. John 
The eldest son, 

William Lawson, esq. of Longhirst, b- 

21st May, 1664, wedded 29th December, 

1723, Ann, daughter of Robert Caniaby, 

esq. of Fulwell, in Duibam, and had issut, 

John, his heir. 




Wnikm, »• llth April, 1739, m. in 
1773, JfiM Jane Smitli, of TogitoD, 
ud 4. IB IS04, leanue iacae, 
WtLUAH, heir to bU nncle, aod 

DOW " of Loaghint." 
Frances, m. to John Watson, of 
Willington, Colliery Tiewer. 

Bobert, h. 12th August, 1742, and d. 
mora. August, IS14. 

Edmrd, of Horpeth, attorney-at-law, 
b. 17th December, 1744, fiA d. 12tli 
September, IVM, when the Field- 
bead and HaydoD estate devolved on 
his nephew, the present Wiluah 
Lawson, esq. and of Longhirst 

DoTOiliy, nt. to — Cook, esq. of New- 
Barbara, d. nnm. 

Ua^aret, h, in 1727, nt. William Te- 
warl, esq. of Monkwearmouth, and 
had torn bods, John Tewart, of Glan- 
ton and Swinhoe, and Edward Te- 
wart, of IjODdon. She d. 1836. 

Aane, d. niun. in 1813. 

Jane, d. udih. in 174?. 
Eliiabelh, d. unm. in 181B. 
Mr. Lawson died lit March, 1769, and was 
(. by his eldest son, 

John Lawson, esq. of Longhint, h, 31st 
December, 1731, who died unmarried, 17th 
September, 1S22, andwasi. by his nephew, 
the present William of Long- 
Armi — Ar. a cbev. between three mart- 
Crest — Two arms embowed, coaped at 
the elbow. Tested erm. cuff arg. supporting 
in the hands ppr. the son in splendonr, 

£r(tit«*—Lo NO HIRST, in the parish of 
Bothal, possessed by the family at least 
200 years. Fieldhead and Hayclgse, in- 
herited from the present proprietor's nncle, 
who bonght those estates about the year 
17&2, from Lord Carlisle. Hazon and 
Hartlaw, purchased from Charies Bacon, 
es«i. ofStyford, &c. 
Seof—LoDghirst, Morpeth. 


ARCHDALE, MERVTN, esq. of CasUa Archdale, in the county of Fermana^, and 
of trillic, in Tyrone, late member for the fonner shire, 
which he represented in eleven parliaments, his fa- 
mily having preceded him for more than a century, a 
general officer in the army, lienteoant-goveraor of the 
Isle of Wight, &c. b. in ^ril, 1763, m. in December, 
1805, Jane, daughter of Gnstartis Rochfort,* esq. of 
Rochfort, in the county of Westmesth, M. P. for that 
county, which the family of Rochfort represented for 150 

General Archdale, who represents the familiee of Arch- 
dale and Hertyn, and daima the representatitm of the 
Mount Alexander tine of that of Montgomery, succeeded 
his father in 1 6 1 3. He has been exempted ^m serving 
the office of iheriff, by pleading his military rank. 


The inl of the family of Abchdali, who 
Wded in Ireland (Mtp- Guiabbth, was 

John Ajichdalb, esq. of Norsom, or 
Nertoa Hall, in Uie county of Norfolk. 
Tbii geotlcman, by the foluwing inscrip- 
doe iiill extant over the gateway in the 
niM, appears to have erected the old man- 
■■ahuusu of Arohdale :— 

> m. and had two sons, vie. 

I. EowARD, his heir. 

II. John, vicar of Luske in 1604, who 

* Tk ddw bniwli of the RocbfiRts wm •Isvatad to tbs peange in the esildcDi of Bclveden, but 
lb Im nd honns expired with the bte sari. 




m, a dangbttr of — DonelUo, esq. 
of Croghui, In the coaDty of Ros- 

lobn, ricar of Lnake from 1876 
to ISM, in which latter vear he 
Io(t his life. He wedded Elisa- 
beth, daughter and heir of John 
Bernard, esq. of Dmrnin, and 

Kher (who m. secondlj, the 
V. Thomas King, prebendary 
of Swords) bad a daughter, 
Frances, and three sons, viz. 

1. John, of Dromin, who A in 
1703, lesving a poathumons 
son, who 4. nnm. 

2. WilUani, of Ihiblin, who 
m. Hearietla, daughter of 
the Rev. Henry Gonne, and 
had (with three daughters, 
the eldest m. to WiUiam 
Preston, esq.) two sons, 

Hbrv VN. rector of SIsne, 
b. in 1723, author of 
the HonasticoD Hiber- 
□icum, and editor of 
Lodge's Peerage. 

3. Bernard. 

John Arcbdale 4. in 1^1, and was *, by his 

Edward Archdale, esq. who espoused 
Angel, daughter of Sir Paul Gore (an- 
cestor of the Gores, Earls of Rom, &c.), and 
had issue. During bis time the castle* 
which his father had erected was takeu and 
burned by the rebels under Sir Pbelim 
O'Neil, JD October, 1641, and but two 
children of a Dumeroos family sarvived. 
One, a daughter, who was absent and 
married; the other, sn in&nt son, Wil- 

WiLUAN Archdale, esq. after succeeding 
to the estates, m. EUaabeth, daughter of 
Henry Henryu, esq. of Omagh Castle and 
Trillic, both in the county of Tyrone, and 
had two sons and a daughter, rii. 

I. Mbhvvn, his heir. 

II. Edward, heir to his brollie^. 

III. Anobl. 

He was «. by bis elder son, 

Hervvn Archdale, esq. of Castle Arch- 
dale, who d. unm. 27th December, 1736, 
and was i. bv his brother, 

Edward Arcudalb, esq. of Castle Arch- 
dale. This gentleman wedded first, Frances, 
eldest daughter of Sir John Caldwell, hart 
aud secondly, Eliiaheth, eldest daughter of 
John Cole, esq. of Florence Court, but 
dyiuK without issue, before 1730, the estates 
deroTved on his only sister. 

ANOBLAmcHDALE.wlio thus became b«ir- 
ess aud representatiTe of the family. She 
e^ioDSed Nicholas Moktoohbrv, esq. of 
Derry Gonaelly, m the county of Fenn*- 
nagh, H.P. for that shire, whs assumed die 
surname and arms of Aschdale, and left 
at her decease, about 17^, or 1743, an ooly 

UcBVYN Archdale, esq. of Castle Arch- 
dale and Trillic, H.P. for the county of 

Fermanagh, who espoused in 1762,' the 
Honourable Uary Dawson, daughter of 
William-Henry, Visconnt^Carlow, and sister 

of John, first Earl of Portarluigton, bj 
whom he had issue, 

I. Hehvin, h^ heir. 

II. William, late lieuteuant-colonel of 
the Fourth or King's Own Infiuitry, 
■t. Martha, daogbter of — ClarLe, 
eaq. of the connty of Somerset. 

III. Edward, m, Matilda, daiwhter of 
William Humphrys, esq. of Bftlly^ 
haiae House, in the county of Cktui, 
and has, with four danghtets, nine 

1. Hbbvyn- Edward, b. in Ja- 
nuary, 1812, (in remainder) a 
comet in the EmtiaLilleD dn- 

2. William-Humpbrys. 

3. Edward. 

4. Henry-Hon^omery. 

5. Nicholas-Hontgomery 

6. John. 

7. Hugh-Hontgome^. 

8. Audley-Herryn. 
0. James-Merryn. 

IV. Henry, late captain 6th Dragoon 
Guards, m. Jane, daughter of Philip 
Doyne, esq. 

V. Hary, nt. to the Right Hon. Sir 
John Stewart, bart. H.P. for the 
coonty of Tyrone. 

VI. ADgel, m. to John Richardson, eaq. 
of lusfad House, in the connty of 

VII. Elizabetb, m. to Dacre Hamilton, 
esq. of Comacassa, in the connty of 

VIII. Sidney, m. to Robert Hamilton, 
esq. of the dty of Dublin. 

Mr. Archdale died in 1813, and was a. by 
his eldest son, the present Genbiui. Akch- 
!, of Castle Archdale. 

SMtnit sf tfet jnrtbB>>Xn|talH, sf entb 

Stttftils. (iMi t|t tUmtftutm 


A branch of the noble family of Mont- 
gomerie. Earls of ^lintouD, in Scotland, 
emigrated to Ireland with their kinsman, 
the Lord Mount Alexander (to the sale of 
whoae estates by the last lord, Nicholu 




HoKToaiiBBt-AKCKDAU, u in remainder, 
warn oMig«d to BMent), and becune repre- 
KMtatiTe or that of Danbar by interauir- 
riage wia «a hair«u. 

Sit John Dunbar, knight-banneret, «r 
Dunbar, in die ooantj of Fermaiugh, b; 
ETUI from King Jahu I. atmo 1610, ori- 
ginally of Scotland, married Marv-Kathe- 
RiKB, Biater of GimAVUi Adolphus, of 
SmsEN, in whose army be bore a distin- 
{aiahed rank, and had a son, 
James Ddnbar, eiq. of Derrj^nelly, 

who wedded , dangfater of — Weldon, 

«aq. and was *. by hia only son, 

Richard Dunbar, esq. of Derrygonelly, 
irha espoooed Kalherine, Lady Hamilton, 
ud left an only daughter and beirera, 

Eathuinb Dunbar, who m. Hvoh 
MoVTcoMERT, esq. and conveyed to him 
tbe greater part of the eitates of the Dun- 
bar*, inclnding DERRyooNELi.y, &c. which 
afe now in pooiession of General Arch- 
BUM. They bad 

Nicholas Hontoomert, who married 
tiat, aa already stated, the beiresa of 
Abchdale, and auamed the name 
and arma of ber family. He wedded 
Kcondly, Sarah, daughter of — 
Sparling, esq. of London, and had 
MTeral children. He i^. in 1760. 
h Hoatgomery, anccBtor of Hngk 
antmmery, eaq. of Bleiaingbnm 
Lodge, in the county of Tyrone, lieu- 
tenant-colonel of the Fermaoagh mi- 

Bnch A 

SMMd tt dt 0brtvB^n(tralM. at HTmIIe 
flrrlSoIc fraai ttt ff nbgitf. 

The family of Uervvn, ori^nally from 
Wain, was seised of Foothill, to the coonty 
•f Witts, dnring the reign of Edward Iv . 
(See Tol. I. p. 682.) 

Ldct Hebvtn, daughter of Sir John 
Hertyn, of Fonthill, eaponsed George, 
Lord Aodley, created Earl of Castle- 
bavin, in the peerage of Ireland, by JTin^ 
Jivu I. and ber youngest daughter, 

LiBY Christiana Touchbt, marryiog her 
niUmal relative. Sib Henbt Hervyn, 
ksL her ion. 

Sir AtiDLEV Hervyn, went over to Ire- 
Isad, and had a command in the English 
>ray in oonjnnction with bis kinsman, the 
Eul of CastlebaveD, dnring die civil wars 
B Ikat kingdom, A.D. IMl and 16«Z. He 

was governor of Londonderry, and member 
of parliament for die county of Tyrone, 
which his representatives continued to re- 

Kesent until the extinction of the male line, 
the year 1061 be was chosen speaker of 
the Irish House of Commons; and on the 
attainder of bis consin, James, third Earl 
of Castleharen, came into possession of that 
nobleman's great estates in tbe county of 
Tyrone, including the manors of Stowey, 
Toucbet, Ike. Slc. which manors, with the 
remainder of the estates and the name and 
representation of the family, are now vested 
in Geiural Hervyn Arcudale by tbe inter- 
marriage of his great-grandfather, Willian 
Arch DALE, esq. and Elizabeth, daughter of 
Henry Hervyn, esq. of Omagh Castle and 
Trillic (whose remaining daughter wedded 
the ancestor of the present Irvmes.of Castle 
Irvine, in the county of Fermanagh), as 
also under the will of Henry, last heir male 
of that family. 

■4rm»— Qnarteriy ; First and Fourth 
for AitCHDALE.aa. between three tolbotsor, 
a chevron erm. ; Second, for Montoohery, 
quarterly, az. and gu. in the 1st nod 4th, 
three fleurs-de-lys or, in the 2nd and 3rd, 
three annulets of the last; Thiri>, for 
Hervyn, porty per pale or and arg. three 
liona passant gnardant aa. 

CV»tr— Arch DALE. Out of a ducal coro- 
net, an heraldic tiger's head ppr. Hont- 
aoHERT. On a cap of maintenance ppr. a 
hand vested az.graspingasword ppr. pomel 
and hilt gold. Hervyn. A squirrel segreaot 

MvKiwf— Arch DALE. Data fata secutus. 
UoNTGOHEHY. Honneur sans fcpos. Men- 
VYN. De Dieu tout. 

Ettalei—foaf manors in the county of 
Fermanagh, from tbe families of Archdale 
and Hontoomery, all by patent io the 
reign of JAMES I. ; and three manors in 
Tyrone from the family of Uervvn, created 
in the eighth year of ttie same reign. 

Toum Arn'iMiw— Kildare Place, Dablin. 

S'Mff— Castle Archdale, in the county of 
Fermanagh, and Trillic, in the county of 

•«• The family name of Archdale has 
been for many years past spett Achdall; 
bnt in the inscription on the old castle and 
in Pynner's Survey, as well as in the patent 
laytl granting the estates and other docu- 
menta, it is invariably written Archdale. 



FONNEREAU, The Reverend CHARLES-WlLUAM.of ChriBt Chareh Park, in 
the count; of Suffolk, b. in 1764, m. Harriette- Deborah, 
eldest daughter ofThomaa Nnle, uq. of nrecton Tower, 
Bod Yaa iuue, 

WiLLiAH'Charleo, h. in 1804, m. in 1S32, Kate-Oeot^ 

?iBna. daughter of John Cobbold, ewi- of The CliC; 
Harriette, m. in 1827, (lee vol. i. p. 183) to Charles, 
second sod of Abraham Spooner-Lillingtton, esq. of 
ElmdoD, in the countf of Warwick, and has one aoo 
and two dangbteis. 
Mr. FoniMi«aa serred some time in His Majeaty's nav^, 
during the first American war, and was lieutenant of th« 
Conqueror under Admiral Rodney, in the action on the 
IQth April, 1782. He retired afterwards, and entered 
into holjordeia. He inherited Christchurdi at the de- 
cease of his father in 1817. 

This family of FoNNBRBjtD, originally of 
nohle desoent, and oresuroed to hare been 
a branch of the EarU of Ivry, of Poictiers, 
in Normandy, was founded in England by 

Zachaby Fonnekeau, who fled from the 

eldeit son, 

C(.AUDE FoNNEKEAU, csq. purchased, in 
1732, the manors of Christ Church, and 
Wicksufford, in Suffolk, of Viscount Here- 
ford, blether with a large estate at Edmon- 
ton, and the borough of Sudbury, and the 
boroagh of Aldborongh, for wbicb three of 
his ions Bat in several successive parlia- 
menla. Claude was (. b; his eldest son, 

Thohas Fonnereau, esq. of Christ 
Church, at whose decease, without issue, 
the estates devolved upon bis next brother. 

The Rev, Dr. Claudius Fonneheau, of 
Christ Church, bora in 1700, who wedded 
in 1735, Ann, daughter aud co-heireas of 
the Rev. William Bunbur;, rector of Cat- 
worth, in the county of Huntingdon, (grand- 
son of Henry Bunbury, esq. ofBunbury and 
Staney, who suffered such great hardships 
for bis uDsbaken loyalty to Charles I.) by 
Anne, bis wife, daughter of Sir Villiers 
Cberaocke, bart. of Hulcote. By this lady 
Dr. Fonnereau acquired some of the old 
Bunbury property in Cheshire, and had 
twelve children, ail of whom died in yonth, 
or without issue, excepting Ann, m. to Sir 
Booth Williams, bart. of Clapton, in North- 
amptonshire, and 

Rev. William Fonnereau, of Christ 
Church, the eldest son and heir, who es- 
poused, in 1758, Anne, only daughter and 
eventually (her brothers dying f. p.) heiress 
of Sir Hntchins Williams, hart, of Clapton, 

Fonnereau did not inherit the bulk of tbe 
landed property of her father, which passed, 
by entail, to her cousin, Admiral Piera 
WHlisms, since Freeman, of Fawlev Court, 
Oxfordshire, but succeeded to the IMaiv, at 
Chichester, the most ancient of the family 
possessions, and, in right of her mother, who 
was a Miss Booth, an heiress of the Biralfas 
of Dunham Massey ; she bore their amta, 
as well as those of Mountfort and Clinton. 
Mr. Fonnereau had issue, 

Clauoe-Wiluahs, in holy orders, rec- 
tor of Ckpton, in Northaroptenshire, 
b. in 1761, who t. his mother at the 
Friars, at Chichester. He is married, 
but has no issue. 
Charles-William, who inherited Christ 
Church, aud is its present possessor. 
Harriette-Louisa-Ann, m. to Frederick 
Comwallis, lieutenant-colonel of the 
33rd regiment, cousin to the first 
Marquis of Comwallis. -■ 
Mary-Anne, d. unmarried. 
Mr. Fonnereau, who inherited, in 1804, d. 
in IS17, and was ». by his second son, the 

Rev. C^ARLES-WtLUAM Fohkeiwau. of 
Christ Church Park. 

Amu — Quarterly; first aud fourth, gu. 
three chevronels arg. on a chief ax. a sun 
in splendour or. Second and third, quar- 
terly, first and foortfa, ^. a wolf issuing 
out of a rock Irom the smister side of the 
escutcheon, all arg. ; second and third, ax. 
three boars' heads couped arg. 

Cretl — A sun in splendour or. 

E*lttUt—Ia Suffolk. 

rSnt— Christ Church Park. 



NEWMAN, HENRY-WENMAN, «eq. of Thornbary Park, in tha county of Glou- 
<«iter,&. lit June, 1788, inherited the eatatea at the demise of his father, 2dth 3ep- 
tmber, 1829. This gentleman is & magistnile, and deputy-lieutenant for the county 
gfOoacMter. He ia Ukeviae a captain in the Royal South Gloncester Light Infantry 


:r tfa« hand of Hviupb- 

lU, of WincantOD, ^ntleman, it 
>p|K*T* that at the dissolution of monasteries 
at Newmans were lessees under the Abbot 
of St. ADgustin; Briitol, of the manors and 
dracsMi of Fifehead Magdalen, Donet, 
ud Ikat tliere were Area distinct branches 
of Ae bnilr aeated at Queen's Camel, Win- 
wiiDD, and odier places in Somersetshire. 
Tke Newmana are of kin to the fonndets of 
&>ipu Chrisd College, Oxford. 

RoiEXT Nbwnan, who lired and died at 
FiTettead Farm, and was burind in the clian- 
«I Acre, aa mentioned in his will, dated 
1% cipoased a lady named Alice, and 
bdime, ' 

r. Robert, of Fifeitd, in the couoty of 
Dorset, who m. and bad one son and 
two daaghters, viz. 
GcoFTHST, of Fifeild, who m. the 
iiater of Sir William Webb, of 
Payna Place, in the county of 
Dotset, but d. *. p. 
Elisabelh, m. first, to John Joyliffe, 
■ad secondly, to William Car- 
nut, esq. 
Christian, m. to Richard Esmond, 
esq. of Fifeild. 
II. Hlcbard, of Cherton Mesgrore, in 
the couDhr of Somenet, father of 
Richard, of Qnenei Camel, in So- 

mersetshire, who m. Agatha, 

daughter of Humphrey Pole, of 

Patlonbordugh, and had a son, 

Humphrey, of Wincanton, in 

Somersetshire, m. Dorodiy, 

dan. of Sir Thomas Pbillipi, 

knt. of Barriugton, and had 

four sons and four daugb- 

1. Thomas. 

2. Richard. 

3. Humphrey. 

6. EUzabolk. 

6. Dorothy. 

7. Joane. 

8. Agatha. 

III. Henry. 

IV. Thomas, of whom presently. 
The youngest son, 

Thomas Newhan, esq. of Fifeild, in the 
county of Dorset, was (. by hia aon, 

Thomas Newman, esq. who m- Ellen, dau. 
of Richard Hayo, and had issue, 

I. Richard, hia heir. 

II. Thomas, who m. Joan, daughter of 
£dward Bayly, esq. of Hinton St. 

III. John, wfao m. Margaret, daughter 
of — Conquest, esq. of Houghton 
Conqoeal in the county of Bedford, 
and had two daughters, riz. 

Margaret, m. to Master Croote. 
Susan, m. to Mr. Hinde. 
tv. Robert 

V. Franoea, m. to Toby Hort 

VI. Mary, at. to Nicholas Clarke, of 

Thomas Newman d. 3lst October, 1040, 
and was i. by his eldest son, 

Richard Newman, esq. who m. first, Eli- 
tabetb, daughter of Giles Synonds, esq. by 
Anne his wife, aiater of Sir John Browne, of 
Fraupton, and bad an only daughter, Anne, 
the wife of Robert White, esq. of the county 
of Doiaet. He wedded, secondly, Eliia- 
beth, daughter and co-heir of Cbrialopber 
Perry, esq. of Kenn, in Someraelahire, by 
Elinor his wifb, sister of Sir William Guise, 
km. of Elmor, in the connty gf Glouceslar, 



Hid left «t bit decesM,* UMh July, 16H. 
(widi uiother Ma, Thraiu, who i. t. p. and 
■ d«ngbter, Jane, wife of Robert Cox, e»q. 

Anne, eldeat danghter of Sir Charlea Hai- 
bord, nrreyor general (o Kingi Charles I. 
and II., and had (with other children who 
d. nnmarried) 

Richard, hia heir. 

Franda-Hoilei, of North Cadborf, in 

Somertetshire, b. 8tb January, 1(171, 

m. Ellinor, daughter of Thomat Hon- 

pesson, eiq. of Brewham. 

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Waire, eeq. of 

Swell, in Someraetihire. 
Anne-Chriitian, mairiedto Sic William 
Honejwood, bart of Evington. 
Mr. Newman d. 24th September, 1895, and 
waa interred on the 16tb of the following 
October, in the vanlt at Fifehead. He waa 
(. by hia eldest son, 

RiCHiKD Nbwhan, esq. of Evercreech 
Park, in the county of Somerset This gen- 
tlemen wedded, in 1675, Grace, daughter 
and co-heir of Henry Edmonds, esq. of 
Preston Hall, in Northamptonshire, by Ann 
Us wife, daughter of Sir Richard Shnck- 
bnrgfa, bart, of Shuckburgh, in the county 
of Warwick, and had issne, 
Richard (Sir), his heir. 
Cavendish, > , 
Henry, J ''■ '" f- 
Anne, who m. Ashbnmham Toll, esq. 
of Grsywell, in Hants, and had isBDe. 

I. Edmund ToIl,who died in 1774, 
leaving one son, Ashbnntham, 
who'd. nnm. 6th January, 1800, 
■nd two danghters, Mery, m. to 
Jobn Bollev, of Reading, sur- 
geon, and /ane, m. to John Al- 
dridge, of Lincoln's-inn, genL 

II. Ashbumham Toll, of Preatoo 
Deanery, in the county of Nortfa- 
amptOD, Bltomey-al-law, who m. 
Mary, dau. of lieulensnt-colonel 
Geary.of the 10th Dragoons, and 
d.25tbHay, 1771, leaving ismie, 

1. Charles, of Preston Dean- 
ery, b. 2nd April, 1739, who 
asanmed by sign manual, Bth 
Sept. 1775, the surname and 
arms of Newman. He m. 
1765, Hester, dan. of Jobn 
Langham, esq, of Cotles- 
broke, and bad issue, 

Jahes, b. in 1707, M. Hiss 
Anne Brace, dan. of — 
Brace,esq. of Hereford- 
shire. This gentleman, 
captaiuof His Mqest/s 
ship Hero, 74 gnus, was 

■ He was buried at Fifehead, wbate t mooa- 

loM witb all his crew, 
24th December, 1811, 
off the Dutch coast, IMMT 
the Texel. 
Charles, a sorgeoD R.N. 

Maria, m. 1812, to Jmxaem 
Payne, esq. of Hard- 
bgstone, Nortbkmp- 

2. AsHBttRNHAN - PhIUP, of 

whom presently. 

3. RtcuARD-NswNAN, heir to 

his brother. 

4. Anne, of Hillou, diod UMh 
Sept 1824, aged serenty-aix, 
and buried in Tbomborr 
cbnreb, unmarried. 

A. Maiy, — Pitman, esq. 
of Ody bam, attomey-at-lMr. 

III. Charles Toll. 

IV. Frederick ToU, father of John, 
of Kings Clear, in holy cH^era, 
who n. bat bad no isane. 

Hr. Newman d. in June, 1682, aged thirQr- 
two, and was i. by his eldest son, 

8)R Richard Ncwuan, of Fifebead, Ever- 
creech Park, and Preston Hall, who was 
created a baronet lOth September, 16B9. 
He espoused Prances, dangbter and co-beir 
of Sir Thomas Samwell, bart of Upton, 
NortbamptoQshire, (see p. 441, >ol. L) and 
bad issue, > 

Sakwell, hii heir. 
Frances, successor to her brother. 
Barbara, who d. unmarried, will dated 
14th July, 1757, proved at Iiondoii, 
24th January, 1763, her sister, Frui- 

Elizabetb, who died nnmarried. 
Sir Richard d. 30lh December, 1731, aged 
forty-five, and was buried at Fifebead. ^He 

Sir Sanweu. Newman, second baronet, of 
Fifehead, Evercreech Park, and Preston 
Hall, who d. unmarried, in 1747, when tbe 
baronetcy expired, bnt the esutes devolTcd 
upon hie sister, 

Frances Newman, at whose decease, alac 
unmarried, 25th August, 1775, they des- 
cended to her cousins, Charles Toll, of 
Preston Deanery, and his brother. 

The Rkv, Ashburnhah-Philip Toll, of 
Thombury Park (refer to issue of Anne, 
daughter of Richard Newman and Gracb 
Edmonds). This gentleman, a prebend of 
York, b. 31st December, 1743, assumed by 
sign manual, 15lh December, 1776, the snr^ 
name and arms of Newman. He m. in De- 
cember, 1773, Hary, daughter of Paul 
Mowbray, esq. of London, and relict of 
Captain Alexander Wood, but dying «. ■ 
16th March. 1802, was succeeded by bu 
next brother, 

RiCHAHD Newman Toll, M.D. of Thom- 
bury Park, in tbe county of GloDteater, and 




^Hamilton, in LaaarkBhire, b. 8th Novem- 
ber, 17M, who ueumed, by sign manual Id 
ISOO, (he surname aod arma of Newman. 
He vedded leih Jane, I7T7, Griiel, daagb- 
Id of Jamea Partly, «iq. of Hamilton, and 

Hsnbt-Wenhan, hi! beir. 

Aehbnnibam - Cecil, b. Ul October, 
1796, emigrated to Caoada, id 1830, 
m. 5th April, in that year, EUaa, 
dang^hter of Mr. John Richards. 

Mary, who m. Gret, io 1804, John Wil- 
■OD Smith, eK|. a captain in the 14th 
Regiment, and had one son, John 
Pairfnl Smith, m. in 1 B3t , to Hiss 
Tonter. She nedded, Kcondly, Wil- 
liam Jack, of Gla^n, merchant, 
aad had one «on, Ricbard-NewmaD 
Jack, and one daughter, Charlotte 

Anne, who d. onm. 18th May, 1804. 

£Iin, who m. mh October, 1S04, Ro- 
bert Lockfaart, esq. of Castle Hill and 
Camnethan, in the connty of Lanark, 
and had iisne, 
1. Jame*^mcIairLock]iut,i.llth 

September, 1806. 
3. Robert- Alexander Lockhart, b. 
Ath May, 1813. 

3. Jofao-Hamilton Lockhart, h. 
94th March, 1814. 

4. Hary-Emilia Lockhart. 

6. Eliza-Anne Lockhart, m. (1826) 
to John Percy Henderson, esq. 
of Foswell Bank, Perthshire. 

fl. Snsan Lockhart. 

7. Ajine-Nisbet Lockhart 
Charlotte, m. Gnl, to John ThomsoD, 

esq. of Kilbank, LanarkBhire, and 
bad one aon, John Lean Thomfton, b. 

the army, (now migor) aecond boo of 
tb« late Brigadier General Hely, of 

the 11th Foot, who was killed at 
Susan -Hamilton, m. in 1631, to Jame* 

Joseph Whitchurch, esq. of Clifton. 
IsabeUa, m. 7tfa July. 1818. to Rev. 
John Joseph Goodenough, D. D. 
rector of Bowbrickhill, in the county 
of Bncks, and maater of Bristol 
Grammar School, and has issue, vie. 
John-Ward Goodenough. 
George Goodenough. 
IsabeUa-NewmaD Goodenough. 
Charlotte- A nne-ToU Goodenough. 
Caroline - Dorothea - Codrington 
Frances- Nemnan, m. 11th March, 1836, 
to William Killegrew Wait, esq. of 
Redland Lodge, Westbury, near 
Bristol, and has issue, riz. 
William-Killegrew Wait 
Henry-WenmaD Wait 
Siisao-Mary Wait. 
Prances- Amelia Wait 
Dr. Richard-Newman Newman died 3mh 
September, 1828, was bnried in the family 
vault in Thombury Chnrch, and was ». by 
hi« elder son, the present Henry Wen- 
Nbwman, esq. of Thombnry Pirk. 
jJi-nu— Quarterly ; «a. and arg. in tfa« 
first and fourth, three mullets of the second, 
■-1 the centre an inescutcheon gu, charged 
. ith a portcullis imperially crowned or, 
being an augmentation granted by King 
Charles to Colonel Newman, for his loyalty 
't Ae battle of Worcester. 
CrtsI — A swallow rising ppr. 
Motle — " Lux mea Christus." 
Ettatf — Situated between the borough 
town of Thombury and the river Severn; 
purchased by Richard Newman, esq, 17th 
Hay, 1679. The first account of thU estate 
IB the sale by Henry Lord Stafford, in th« 
year 1665. 
&at— Thombury Park, Gloocestershire. 


FAIRFAX, CHARLES-GREGORY, e«i. of Gtlling Castle, in the county of 
^1*, m. Harf, sAcond sister of Sir Henry Goodricke, bart. of Ribston, in the same 
van, and haa isaae, 




TKs gentleman, whoao paternal name is Pioorr, assumed, by act of parliament, in 
"93, the surname of Fairtax only, in consequence of inheriting the estates of that 
^milv at llw deeeaae of his cotisia, the Hon. Anne Fairfax. 




Thb BDdent fkinily was or%inaUy named 
from the " F«ir locks" of id memben — 
"njkX," lignifyiDg HAIR in tbe laiifua^ of 
Mr Suon BDcnton, uid it wu ealabliBbed 
befoTB the Norman conqneit at Torcea- 
ter. In the coddI; of Nortbmnberlaiid, 
whence leracmng into TorkaUre, there, in 
the Ticinitf of York, in the year 1206. 

RiCHilltD Faihfax, held the lands of 
Aakam. In thoae be wat (- bj hia son, 

WtLLiAH Fairfax, of Atkam, liring in 
the timet of John and of Hbnhv III. who 
wedded Alice, daoghter and beireaa of Ni- 
cbola* de Bngtborp, and had a aon and 

WiLUAN Fairfax, who was bailiff of 
Tork, ia 1248, and purcbaiing from Peter 
de Broce the manor of Walton, made that 
tbe place of hia residence. He eiponied 
Hary, relict of Walter Flower, Kreat 
nephew of Took Flower, mayor of York, 
temp, RlcHARB I. and had a aon and anc- 

Thomas Fairfax, of Waltoa, IJTJny in 
th e 12th Ed w A WD I . who wedded Agnes, 
dangler and nen of Henry SezeTani, 
mayor of York, and hftd three sons, namely, 
Williftro, who rf. t.p., Bego, treaaurer of the 
Cathedral Church, of York, who likewise 
died issneless, and 

John Fairfax, who sncceeded atWsltoo, 
tn tbe reign of Edward I. He m. Qare, 
danghter and heir of WUUam Scott, hj his 
wife, Constance, daughter and co-bair of 
Sir Roger Bmce, of Walton, and was t. by 
his aon, 

Thoma> Fairfax, of Walton, living in 
the reign of Edward II. who wedded Her- 

WiLUAM Fairfax, of Waltos, wbo m. 
Ellen, daughter of John, or Roadiflie, of 
Rouctiffe, and had issue, 
Thomas, bis hdr. 
John, LL.D. 

Margaret, prioress of Nnn Honcton. 
Mary, ) both nnns ia the Abbey of 
Alice, i Sempringlum. 

The elder son, 

Thomas Fairfax, liViDg at WaHon, 23rd 
Edward III. m. Elizabeth, or Hargant, 
daughter and beireaa of Sir Ivo de Ellon, 
Lara ofGiLUNO, and was i. by bia wd, 

WjLUiM Fairfax, of Walton, patron of 
thecbuicbesof HaUabyandSooltOB. Thii 
gentleman m. in 1303, Constance de Hanley, 
sister of PeEer, fourth Lord Hanley, aad 
was *, by his eldest aon, 

Thomas Fairfax, of Walton, who wedded 
Margaret, sister and heir of Richard Friiton, 
esq. of Marston, and relict of Sir Robert 
Rowcliffe, and dying in 1415, was i. by bii 
eldest son, 

Richard Fairiax, of Walton, who Aoa- 
rlshed in the reigna of the fontth, fiflb, aad 
sixth Henries, and was cbief-jiuticeof &;- 
land nnder the last monarch. He M.Aau- 
taaia, daughter and co-heir of John Car' 
tborpe, by Elizabeth, bis wife, dai^bler and 
co-beir of Sir William Rrg^iB, knL and hid 
icrae, ' ^i»- 

I. WlUJAH, bis heir. 

II. Bryan, LL.D. in holy orders. 

Ml. Gut (Sir), wbo was constituted am 
of tbe juaticea of the Court of Kin^i 
Bench, aOlh September, 1478. Sir 
Gay Fairfax obtained from bis father 
the manor of Steeto*. in the county of 
York, and erecting a castle, seated 
himself there. He «. Hargant,daD. 
of Sir William Ryther, of Rylber, 
and from him descended the ttuxl 
Lords Fairfax, of Cameron, (•«* 
Burke's Perragt tmd Barmfltfi) 
and tbe Fairfaxes of Ntwu» a™ 

IV. Richard, in holy orders. 

V. Nicholas (Sir), a kn^l of Rhodes. 

VI. Miles. 

VII. Margaret. 

VIII. Anne. 

IX. Ellen, a nun and prioress of Nun 
Honcton, near York. 

Tbe eldest son and heir, 

William Fairfax, esq. of Walton, «■ 
Catherine, daughter of Sir Humphrey Ne- 
*illc, of Thornton Bridge, by whom ("M 
wedded, secondly, Sir Richard Percy. o»- 
iber of Henry, Earl of N(wth«"ib"«'"' 
be left at hia decease. Slat Hhnr* VIl. «« 
daughter, Mary, m. to Thomas Oower, «**■ 




of Shtenbun, ui ToAahire, and a 

SiK Thomas Fairfax, of Wnlton, wlio 
wu mule m Knight of tbe Bath, in 14S5, at 
the a««IWB of Arthur, Prince of W«lei, 
He MpooMd Eliubeth, danghter of Sir 
B «t«r t Slerbume, of Stonylraiit, in I^a- 
OMllire, and bad iaaue, 

Thohas (Sir), hi* beir. 

Wflliam (Sir). 



Jane, m. to Sir Richard Aldborongh, of 

Sir Thomas d. in 1{|06, and ira« *. bj bi* 

Sir Thomas Fairfax, of Walton, who ea- 
poaard Anne, daughter of Sir William Ga«- 
coifne, of Gawtborpe, in th« county of 
Terk, by the I^dy Margaret Pen^, third 
•ad Tonngeat dangnler of Henry, Ihird Earl 
of NortbiunberlaiMl, and dying in ISitO, was 
f. hn hia eldest son, 
MB NicHous Fairfax, of Walton and 

TIU. and io the 3rd of El 
wedded, first, Alice, daughter of Sir JoliD 
Ramagton, and secondly, Jane,<laQghter of 
Gay Palmes, esq. of Lindley (vol. i. p. 
13), bytlic latter he had Issae, 
I. WiLUAH (Sir), his heir. 
IL Nicholas, who n. Jane, daughter of 

SirWilliain Hungate, of Saxton. 
ni. George, m. — , daughter of Sir 
Francia Salrin, of ThorpsalTin and 

IV. Thomas, m. — , daughter of Vaux. 

V. Robert, m. — , danghter of John 
Spencer, of YeriDKham. 

n. Edward, M. to Ursula, daughter of 
John, aecond Lord Hordannt, (see 
BuRU'i Extinct «ad Donumi Pt*r- 

VII. Cnibbcrt. 

IX. Margaret, at. to Sir WDIiam Bela- 
syse. Lot. of Newborongh, and was 
gr«iidmother of the first Lobd Fau- 

X. Anne, m. b> Christopher de Frick- 

XI. lienor, m. to John Varasor, esq. 
of Hazlewood. 

XII. Elisabeth, m. to — Rooe, eaq. of 

Iin. MuT, m. to Sir Henry Cnrwen, 
of Workington (vol. L p. 379). 
Sit Nidulaa 4. in 1670, and was t. by his 

Sib Wiluah Fairfax, of Walton and 
GiUtag, sheriff of Yorkshire in the 31it 

Ubhrv VIII. who wedded, first, Agnes,* 
eldest danghter of George, Lord IXArcy, 
but had no issue. Me espoused, secondly, 
Jane, daughter and heir of Brj'an Slapleton, 
esq. of Nottingham and Burton, by whom 
he had an only son and heir. 

Sir Thomas Fairfax, of Walton and 
Gilling, sheriff of Yorkshire in the 3rd of 
Charles 1. This gentleman vraa elevated 
to the peerage of Ireland on the IDth Feb- 
ruary, 1625, as Viscount Fairfax, af Ebm- 
ley. He tn. first, Mary, daughter of Robert 
Ford, esq. of Botley Abbey, and relict of 
Sir William Barobui^h, hart, of Howton, 

count I>nnbaT. and daughter of Sir Henry 
Constable, of Burton Constable, by his wife, 
Margaret, dauRhter of Sir William Dormer, 
and had the foUowing children, 

I. Thomas, his heir. 

II. Henry, who m. Frances, daughter of 
Henry BAer, esq. of Harst, in Berk- f 
shire, and dying, 4th April. 1660, left A 
(with a younger son and daughter) 

Henry, of Hunt, hia faedr, whose 

only child and heir, 

Frances Fairfax, m. in 1607, 

David, Earl of Buchan 

(see Burke's Pteragt and 


III. William, who m. Marv, daughter of 
Harmaduke CholmondeLey, esq. of 
Brandaby, in the county of York, and 

Charles, of York, who m. first, the 
widow of — Walroesley, esq. of 
Dnnkenbaigh, iu Lancashire, by 
whom he had an only child, 
Charles, who died yonng. He 
wedded, secondly, Mrs. Middle- 
ton, and thirdly, Mr*. Mullins, 

WiLUAM, who inherited, as ninth 

TV. Nicholas, who nt. Isabel, elder dan. 
and co-heir ofThomas Beckwitb, esq. 
of Acton. 

VI. John. 

VII. Jane, m. to Cuthbert Morley, esq. 

VIII. Margaret, m, first, to Watkinson 
Tailor, esq. and, secondly, to Sir John 

IX. Cfttberine.m.fifSt.toRobertStaple- 
ton, esq. of Within, and, secondly, 
to Sir Mattliew Boyntoo, hart. 

X. Mary, in. to Sir Thomas Layton, 
knt. of Eaat Layton. 

* To this kdj b»r hther, lbs Lofd D'Arcy b«- 
quealbed by hi* viU, 100 marks ind bis bnt 
wrought silk nrpet. bordend with crimson relret, 
which lbs lad; btrself had mad*. • 




xt> Dorothj, M. to John Ing^ram, eaq. 
and, aecondlf, to Sir Thomaa Nor* 
cliffe, kat of HnntingtoD. 
ThoBUU, fini Lord Fairfax, d. in 1636, and 
wu (. by hia eldcEt son, 

Thomas Faibfax, ■econd viscDUDt, nho 
M. Alathca, youngett daughter ofSir Philip 
Howard (from whom the earls of Carlisle), 
and hi* wife Margaret,danght>:rof Sir John 
Cwryl, of Hasting!, in the coonly of Sussex, 
and had iaiDe, 

I. WiuJAH, hii Buceessor. 

■1. Charles, who inherited as fifth ris- 

III. John, who M. Hary, daughter of 
Colonel Thomas Htmgate, and d. in 


IV. Nicholas, bom at OilUnCt m- Eli- 
zabeth, fourth danghter of Sir Tho- 
maa Darison, of Blackstone, (hj bis 
wife Elizabeth, eldest daughter of 
Sir WUliam Lambton, of ^nbtOD, 
and widow of John Chajtor, esq. of 
Croft), bjr whom he had two sons and 
a daughter, vii. 

I. Nicholas, > «tb and 8th ria- 
3. Charles, \ counts. 
3. Alathea, at. to John Forcer, esq. 
and left two dai^hten. 

V. Philip. 

VI. Hary. 

VII. Catherine, m. first, to George Me- 
Ibam, esq. of Hetbnm, and, secondly, 
to Sir Arthur Ingram. 

His lordship died 24th September, I6il, 
and was $. by his eldest son, 

WiLUAH Fairfax, third viscount, born at 
Naworth Castle, eth Jane, 1630, who nt. 
Elisabeth, daoghter of Alexander Smith, 
esq. of Norfolk, and bad two sons and a 
dau^ter, liz. 

Thomas, bis heir. 

William, who d. in infancy. 

Catharine, m. to Beiyamui Hildnay, 

Lord Fitzwaller. 

The third viscount died in 1648, and his 

widow espoused, secondly. Sir J<^d Oood- 

ricke, hart, of Ribston. He was t. by his 

Thomas Fairfax, fourth viscount, who 
died in infancy, and was i. by his uncle, 

CharlrsFairfax, fifth viscount, attainted 
by King ikuts'i Irish parliamenlof 16S9, as 
resident in England. His lordship wedded 
Abigail, daughter of Sir John Yates, kut. 
and had an only child, 

Alathea, who ■■. William, Lord Wid- 
drington.and was mother of the ill- 
fated Lord Widdrington, beheaded 
for his participation in the rising of 
Lord Fairfax died 6th Jnly, 171 1, and leav- 
ing oo male issue, was t. by his nephew, | 

Nicholas Fairfax, sixth viscount, w]io m. 
Hary, daughter of William Weld, esq. of 
Lulwortb (see WHd ^ Lulwartk, vol. i. p. 
198), and by ber, who espoused, secondly. 
Sir Francis Hnngaie, barL of Saxton, had a 
danghter, Harv, m. to her relative, Charle*- 
Gregory, tenth Viscount Fairfax, and a son 
and successor, 

Charles Fairfax, seventh viscount, who 
died young, and was i. by his uncle, 

Charles Fairfax, eighth viscount, at 
whose decease, nnmarried, the honors of 
the family devolved on his kinimnn, 

Wiluah Fairfax, ninth visconnt (grand- 
son of the first peer). Bis lordship espoused 
Elizabeth, daughter of Captain Gerard, and 

AUtnea, who m. Ralph Pigott, esq. of 
Whitloo, in Middlesex, and bad a 

Nathaniel Pioott, esq. who ■■. 
Anna-Mathorina, daaghter of 
Monsieur de Beriol, grand hail- 
lie of the Seigniory de Aigemont 
Tavinque, in the Austrian Ne- 
therlands, and by her, who died 
in 1793, he left, at his decease in 
19M, vrith other issue, a second 

Chahles-Ghegort Pigott, 
who inherited the Fairfax 
estates, and, having assomed 
that snmame, is the presest 
Ckakles ' Ghegort Fair- 
fax, esq. of Gilling Castle. 
The ninth viscount Fairfax died inNoven- 
ber, 1738, and was (. by his son, 

Charles-Gregory Fairfax, tenth vis- 
connt, who M. first, Elizabeth, danghter of 
Hugh, Lord Clifford, of Chudleigh, and re- 
lict of the Viscount Dunbar, by whom, who 
died in 1721, he had no issae. His lordship 
wedded, secondly, Mary, daughter of Ni- 
cholas, sixth Lord Fairfax, and by that lady, 
who died in 1741, left at bis decease an only 
surviving daughter and heiress, 

The Hon. Annf. Fairfax, who died un- 
married in 1793, when the estates passed to 
ber cousin, 

Charles-Greoorv Pioott, now Fair- 
fax, esq. their present possessor. 

Amu — Arg, three ban-gemelles gn. sur- 
mounted by a lion rampant aa. 

Creti — On a cap of maintenance, a lion 
passant gnardant sa. 

Motto— it le feray duraut ma vie. 

&!«(«(— In Yorkshire. 



STRODE-CHETHAM, HANDLE, esq. of South HUl, in the county of SomeiMt. 
i. Tth Janiwry, 1773, inherited the estates at the decease of hia brother Richud, 
unelew in 1828, and asBumed, by aign maniul, the additional sumaiiie and arms of 


Tht Iktnily orSTROOE, which derives from 
tbe Cokes of Bretagne, was founded in " 
gliExl byone of the soldiers of the CoNQUi 

Sir Wabinus de la Strode. Lord of 
Strode, in Dorsetshire, whose iio mediate 
SDccewoTS enjoyed large estates in 
cooDties of Dorset ana Somerset, to 
eighth of whom in direct line we ] 

Sir Johk db Strode, knt. who was 
sheriff of Donet and Somerset sh ires, in the 
17th Henry ni. He had two sons, John 
Strode, of Parnbam, and an elder, his suc- 

NicHous DE Strode, living in 1249, 
whose son and heir, 

Sib HveH de Sthodc, hnt. m, BeaOTt, 
dt^ter and heiress of Sir JofandeBytlon, 
hat and Hawise, his wife, the daoEhter and 
heiress of Matthew Ffameaux. Sir Hugh 
*at livinE in tbe time of Edward I. and 
*as f. at his decease by his son. 

Sir Hugh de Strode, of Cbalnington, 
oho m. Beatrice, daughter of — Fitchet, 
esq. and was i, by his son, 

Henrt de Strode, liiing in the reigns 
of Edward n. and Edward III. who es- 
{MMsed Hand, danghler and heiress of — 
de Beanpre, and htd two sons, Hugh and 

Hbnhv de Strodb, living temp. Richard 
n. eapoused Elizabeth, daughter and heir- 
ess of John and Joan Brent, and was t. by 

Richard de Strode, of Pamham, in the 
county of Dorset, who m. Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter and heir of John Jerard, and had a sod, 
William de Strode, of Pamham, who 
espoused Alice, daughter and heiress of 
Roger Ledred, and had two sons, namely, 
I. WiLLIAH, of Parnbam. who conli- 
nning the elder line, wedded Alianor, 
daonter of John Cheyne, of Pinho, 
in Devonihire, and was t. by bis 

John db Strode, of Pamham, 
who m. first, Christiaii, daughter 
of John Pokeswell, of Strode, 
and had iuue, 

Robert, bis successor. 

GQes, d. I. p. 

Dorothy, i«. to — Hemerford, 
Be wedded, secondly, EliMbetb, 
daughter of Richard Polbott, 
and had other iasne. He was i. 
by hia eldest son, 
Robert de Strode, of Pamham. 
This gentleman espoused Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Reginald 
Hody, son of Lord Chief Baron 
Hody, of the Exchequer, ttmp. 
Henrv VIU. and wu /. hy his 

John db Strode, of Pamham, b. 
in 1624, M. first, Katherine, 
daughter of G regory , Lord Crom- 
well,* and had a sod, John (Sir). 

" Gregory, Lotd Cromwell, si 
Eari of Euei, n. Eliubetb, diughter of Sir Jobn 
S^monr, aiitar of Edwcrd, Dtike of S - 

bad three sons, Hm 

tnd Tbomss, and two dsn|faters, Frances, n. ._ 
Edward Stroda, esq. of DeTonsbirc. and Ka- 
tBiRin. IN. to John Strode, esq. of Pamhsm, in 
Um coud^ of Dorset. Boais'a Eitinet and Dtr- 

Fnller, in hii Cboich History, h*s tb* follow- 
ing psaaan. " A haight (Sir Joba Stmde, o( 
FsnQiun. in Dorsetshire) sxod neu (iglitv. wboM 
mother wis dsnghtn of Lord Cromwell's son. 



He wedded, Kcondlj, Haraaret, 
daughter and heireu of Chris- 
tian Hadly, Mid widow of Tbo- 
maa Lultrel, of Douster Cutle,* 
by whom fae had 


Margaret, m. to E. Kerr. 

Anne, m. to E. Strmdling. 

Dorothy, m. to W. Protvae. 


He rf. in 1681, and wu f . by bia 
elder son, 
Sir Johk bz Strode, knt of 
Parnhani, b. in 1661, m. Anne, 
daughter of Sir John Wyodham, 
knt. of Onward, and bad two 

Geo^^ (Sir), aeijeant^- 
*. is 1636. M.P. for Lyi 
Regis, tmp. CHjtRLES II. 

He d. in 1624, and was t. by 
elder son. 
Sir John Strode, of Cbandnarle. 
A. in 1624, wedded Anne, daugh- 
ter of T. Brown, eaq. of ^J- 
cott, in the county of North- 
ampton, and widow of John, 
Lord Paulet, of Hinton, by 
whom he had an only daughter 
and heiress, 

Elizabeth Strodb, who m. 
Sir William Oglander, bart. 
and thus terminated the 
elder branch of the family .f 

huh infbnned me Ihmt the phneipil pamge 
whereon the lord'i enenuH loiiMed wta Hum ; it 
being told Lord Cromwell that one tccaied him 
of wuit of fidelity to tba king. Cromwell le. 
turned in a pauion, ' Were be now here I would 
strike my digger into hii bent,' meuung (he 

B 143. Thii Isdy wedded. 

* Sh tdI. i 

thirdhr, Richard H^, etq. 

t Sin WiLUAii OoLANDER, Aiid buonet, m. 
Elinbeth, dui^ter uid beireu of Sir John Strode, 
knt. of Pvnhim, in the conn^ of Dorset, and 
dying in 1734. wu i. b^ Ui Mn, Sir John Oo- 
LAHDEB. who ID right Of bli mother succesded Co 
the esUtea of lbs elder branch of the ancient 
family of Sthodi. Bdru's Pitng* and faro- 
Some of the Stbodes had propertr at Chep. 
■ted, in Kent. In Hari. MSS. 1040. fo. 34. 
mentjon ia made of the funeral of a Sir Nicbcdaa 
Strode buried at Chepatn). IStfa May, 1603, for 
which eerononie Witbie and SsuDdera fiinuAed 

10 Sarcenet aehie«einnits ; arms of Letion, 

Strode, and SariUe 
61 Bnekrao tiibie*eaienti 

11 lai^ pendants 

4 ■hafrooni 


The second sod of William de Strode and 
Alice Ledred, 

John Strode, of Shepton Hallet, in the 
connty of Somerset, wedded Joanna, daugb- 
(er of John Okele, and was «. by his son, 

Walter Strode, of Shepton Hallel; 
whose son and heir, 

Thomu Strode, of Shepton Hallet. bad 

I. John, whose son, 

Stephen, of Shepton HtUet, m. k 
daughter of Richard Hodge«, 
esq. of Chepstow, and bad a son, 
Thohas, of Shepton Hallet, 
living in 1623, who m. first, 
Alicia, daughter of Hackl^ 
Bulliford, and had a dsn^- 
ter, Alice, who d, i. p. He 
wedded, secondly, Aana, 
dangbter of — Xane, of 
HeUs, and relict of John 
Butcher, by whom be h*d 
two other daughters. 
1. Abigsil, aged twenty' 
one years in 1023. This 
lady tn. RidiaTd Swaiue, 
esq. of Ae Oanril 
Swaines. They had 
issne, Abigail Swainb, 
who m. Wyndbatn Har- 
bin, esq. of Newtown, 
in the i»unly of Somer- 
seL She d. 4th Angost, 
1723, leaving isnte, 
SwAYNB Harbin and a 
3. Hannah, aged sixteen 
in 1623. 

II. Edward. 
The second son, 

Edward Strode, of Shepton Hallet, at. 
Alicia, daughter of Robert Whiting, brother 
of the last abbot of Glastonbury, and left a 

WiLUAM Strode, of Sbepton Hallet, who 
wedded Eltcabeth, dangbter and heiresa of 
Galfrid Upton, and bad issue, 

I. Galfrid or OEorFRRV, of Sbeptoa 
Hallet, who m. Elizabeth, daai 
of William Filjol, of Mamhnl 
Dorset, and was father of 
Colonel Wiluam Strode, Ae dis- 
tinguiabed patriot, so celebrUed 
and conspicuous in the tronUed 
times of Charles I. He wmb 
one of tiie five members of par- 
liament demanded by that un- 
fortunate monardi out of Ibe 
House of ComnMns ; and is 
styled by Clarendon in his His- 
toiy, as " that turbulent seditioBs 
fellow." So highly valued was 
Colooel Strode by dte Cobudobs, 
tbat he was boDOred with a pain- 

ihnU, ia 



lie fimentl, ud f>terred with 
Ki«M iMreMpBjr in Weitaiuialer 

II. George, of Londok. 

Ik third toil, 

WiujAH Strode, eaq.ofSbeptOD Mallei, 
■. JoMoa, dMghUr ftnd heinm of E. Bar- 
■Hd, Mq. of Downside,* in the eoonty of 
Soattiaet, and wai i. by his son, 

Edwjibd Strode, taq. t. 23ad Aogiut, 
ISO, t. 1^ bis WD, 

John Btrodr, eeq. who wedded , 

iughlcT at J. Hippetley, e*q. of Camley, 
ud left a Mn and heir, 

JiVU Sthode, e*q. who M. Amy A'Coart, 
ud kid (with & yoanger son, Edward, killed 
in a dael, in Fnnce) bia sacceaior. 

CiRH* Strodr, eM|. of Sonthhill House, 
in tte oMSty of Somenet, who espouied 
BinbeA Bkianer, aad had issue, 

I. James, who d. t. p, 

II. Ei>W4RD, his heir. 

Ht. Strode was t. by his only sarvinDg son, 
b«UDSTM>De,esq. efSoathhill. This 
gcntlnBaB ik Mary, da«[)(hter of — Simp- 
na, esq. of ibe county of Cnnberlwid, and 

]. John, his beir. 

n. Akne, n. 10th October, 1770, to 

nanus Chetham, esq. of Hellor 

Han, in the ooonty of Derby, dnd 

hsd fire sons, via. 

1. Thomas Crbtham, of whom 

preaently, as inheritor of the 

Stkode ntatea, on the demise of 

hia mcle, J*NEl STRODE, in 1807. 


•sd socceasor of Thomas. 

3. Handle Chetham, who harinK 
snoisMded bis brolber, Bichard, 
in tbe Strode estates, ass^oed 
the additioual suraame and arms 
of SntODE, and ia the present 
Ran OLE Chetham -Strode, esq. 
of SmmiHiLL. 

4. BdwRrd Chetliun, captain R.N. 
and Companion of the Bftth. 

&. Jobn C%ethMn, a colonel in (he 

) R«T. Andri 

Boisdanne, and had two dan^ters, 

1. Mary Boisdanne, n. to — Bell, 

esq. of Sellaby, in the connty of 


3. AngnstB Boisdanne, m. first, to 

Col. Moorbouse, and seeoadly, 

to Oeorg«, eighteenth Lord And- 

ley, (his lordship's second wife). 

* Tk* iiwaiiis of part of the old munon <£ 
6t Bwoudi (till exitt. A cnrioas mnd besutifal 
pU liif was diacD«er*d, in IBtS, imongit the 
B>Mah. do the insid* of irhich was eni^aTsd the 

Kt. Strode wa* *. at his decaase by his only 

John Strode, esq. of Southhill, sometinie 
colonel of Ifae BaA Volnnteera, and a depu^ 
lieutenant and justice of the peace for the 
county of SomeraeL He married Margaret- 
Sophia. dangbter of Sir Henry-John Parker, 
hart, of Tam>n, in (be connty of Worcester, 
by whom, who d. 26th AogoK, 180S, he had 
no iaaae. Cotonel Strode died at the age of 
sixtT-nine, in 1807, and waa buried in the 
family vault, in the parish chnrcb, (West 
Craumore) by the side of bis wife, to whose 
memory he had erected an elegant monn- 
ment, with die following inscription : — 

" Skcied (o the menmy of Muffaret-Sophia 
Strode, wife al John Strode, eaq. ud dsnghler of 
Sir Henry-John Parksr, but. of Tslloa, in the 
oannty of Woroestar. Shs died on Sunday, tdtb 
August, 1805, aged 55 jmn." 
Above the tomb of Colonel Strode himself, 
there is also a handsome monnment, thus 
inscribed : — 

" SKTsd to llw memoiy of John Strode, esq. 
tba last mile hair of ui inciant ind highly reaped- 
able lamily resident ia this puisb, and loidB 
of this nmor neaily two hundred ysars ; his 
early life was puaed in the profeHioo of ams, 
■ud hii Utter y««B were dedicmted ta the servica 
of hii oonntry in a cItiI capacity, as an KtiTs, 
hirauna. ud intelligent magiitrale ; bat wban his 
Lliy waa thieateaed by fereiga iuTaaion he 
II ilood fbnrard one of her moat sealoos and 
's defenden, and wu boooured with tha com- 
mand of aerenl oorpi of feneible troopa, raised in 
this GDuulrT. He died, Daoeaibar find. 1807, 
aged 69 jeara. Thomas Chethmi-Strode. his 
nephew and heir, oanaed this to be erected to his 

Colonel Strode was t. by (the eldest son of 
bis elder sister) his nephew, 
Thomas Cheth AH, esq. b. 39ib NoTem- 

December, 1808, Ae additioau snraame 
and arms of STRODE. He ni. in 1816, Ca- 
therine- Brandreth Backhome, widow of 
Lieutenasl Colonel Spencer-Tbomas Vaa- 
sall, who so glorionsly fell in leading the 
British troops to the storm of Monte Video, 
A.D. 1807, (see vol. i. p. 601) and dan. and 
co-heiress of the late Rer. D. Evans, D.D. 
sometime a chaplain to King Oeoroe III. 
and rector of West Tilbun', m Easex. By 
this lady (who surriTes bim) be had do 
issne. He d. lltb September, 1827, and 
was t. by his next brother, 

Richard Chetham, esq. who assnmed on 
'inheriting the additional anmame and arms 
of Strode. He espoused Frances, second 
daughter of the Rev. Robert Thomlinson, 
M.A. rector of Cleye, in the connty of Nor- 
folk, but dying 1. p. IMi July, 1838, was i. 
1^ bis broker, Randlb Chetham, who, as* 
sumiog the surname and arras of Stkode, is 




This is B bnmcb of the BDcient Lancubire 
family of the ume QRme. 

James Chetham, eM. sometime of Jarden, 
and aAerwarda of Hblloh Hall, in the 
county of Derby, which estate he pnreliased, 
in l«n6, tn. fint. Suunna, duKhter of W. 
Radcliffe, eaq. of Mellor, by whom (wbo d. 
26th April, 1680) be had bcae, 
JiiHES, hie heir. 
ThoiUM, baptized 23rd May, 1976, and 

bnried 33rd March, ie06. 
Katberine, bapUied I7tfa Hay, 1660, m. 
to William RadcliSe.eiq. of Podnor, 
anddiedinMay, 16B6. 
Mary, baptised SStb December, 1073, 
nt. in 1703, to Jowpb Chaddock, esq. 

He wedded, secondly, Anne , but had 

no further issue. He d. In 1704, (will daWd 
39th December, 1700, and prored I9th April, 
1704) and was t. by his son, 

Jahes CHETHiiii, esq. of Mellor Hall, 
baptized 36lh September, 1675, m. Elizabeth, 
daaghter of — Lawton, esq. and had iis«ie, 

I. James, heir to his father. 

II. Thomas, heir to his brother. 

III. William, baptiied at Mellor, lAth 
October, 1707. 

IV. Edward, b. I6di Anput. 1711. 

V. Hester, b. 33rd May, 1607, m. in 
1719, to John Potts, the younger. 

VI. Sasanna, h. 34tb April, 1706. 

VII. Elisabeth,kllthMay,1710,liTiDtr 
in I7SS. 

Hr. Cbetham made bis will 16tli May, 1712, 
aitd it was proved on the S&th September 
fbllowing. He was t. by his eldest son, 

Janes Chethah, esq. of Mellor Hall, 
baptized 17th April, 1700, died fn 1717, and 
was i. by bis brother, 

Thohas Chethan, esq. of Mellor Hall, 
(. 8th November, 1702, m. first, 16th Jann- 
ary, 1733, at Mecclesfield, Mair Hawkins, 
by whom he had no issue. He espoused 
secondly, in March, 1739, Mary, third and 
jronngeit daughter of Randle Wilbraham, 
esq. of Rhode and Nantwich, in the county 
of Chester, and had 
Thohas, his heir. 

AprU, 1785. m. 11th April, 1B09, 
to her cooain. Colonel John 
Frances, died in infancy, anno 1743. 
Eliiabetk, bap. llth Aagust, 1746. rf. 
in 1767. 
Mr. Cbetham was buried on the 2lBt Jan- 
uary, 1796, and was (. by his only son, 

Thomas Chbtham, esq. of Hetlor H*U, 
bap. 16tfa December, 1730, espoused at 
8l Jamea'a, Westminster, IMi October. 
1770, Anne, elder danffhler of Epwahd 
Strode, esq. of Soutbhill House, in As 
coonty of Somerset, and bad issue, 

I. Thomas, i successors ts tha 

II. Richard, ( Strode estates, and bjr 

III. Handle. ) asaumpliog Stbodr in 
addition to Chbtham, Oe last is the 
present proprietor. 

IV. Edward, capL R.N. b. at HJgbgMe, 
61h July, 1774, m. 38d> June, 1810, 
Mai^aret, third dangfater of WiUiASS 
Deane, esq. and hai iaane. 

V. John, of LondonderTT, a colonel in 
the army, t. at Highgate, 3Wb Jane, 
1779, M. llth AprO, 1800, his cowin. 
Isabella, daughter of Sahdbl Mac- 
CONBLL, esq. by bis wife, Hary Cbe- 
tham, and has issae, SAVtrtL, b. in 
January, 1810. 

Mr. Chetham died in October, ITBS. ud 
was I. by his eldest son, Thohas, who anb- 
sequeatly bherited the Stkodb estates, Hnd 
assumed the additional surname and arms 
of Strode. 

jinn*— Quarterly ; first and fourth, er- 
mine in a canton sa. a crescent arg. fijr 
Strode. Second and third, arg. a griSn 
segreant gu. within a bordnre bMantee, for 

Cretti — First, for Strode, a demi Uoa 
cooped or. Second, for CHBTHAM, a dead 
griffin, holdinz a cross potent arg. 

Molto — Mala mori quam foedari. 

£^a(c(^In Somersetahire. 

fileaf— Southbill House, situated on A* 
south aide of the Mendip Hills. 


O'SHEE, JOHN-POWER, esq. of Gardetunorres, in the coontj of Waterfbrd, and 
of Sbeestown, in the coonty of Kilkeooy, (. 15th February, 1809, succeeded bis fmtber 
in 1827. Mr. O'Shee, wbo is a magistrMte for the counties of Waterford and Kil- 
kenny, and depnty-lievtenant of l!ie former, served the office of sheriff for tlie OMmtj 
of Waterford in 1832. 




Thk &11137, of Hilesiaii ori^n, derireB 
tron \h» Irish prince* of iTerigb, in the 
couty of Kerry, and iu direct anceitor, 
nior lo (he EDglish inTasion, is acknow- 
Udgcd to bsTC held the tceptre u Kino or 
Loin or IverjIOH. Within the jartBdicIion 
of iTCTigh wu aitiiated the Island of Dair- 
bie, dw estate of tho O'Shees, and in an 
•■dent pedime, attested b^ Robert Cooke, 
QaieDcieni King of Anns, in the year 1582, 

Odi, ok Odinus (ySHEB, chieflain of 
tt« Sept, aboDt the bepaning of the twelfUi 
eentuy, is styled Lord of the tnanora of 
Qonn-O'Sbee, Clone-CShee, and Dran- 
gak-<rahee, in the barony of Hiddlethird 
■nd msBty of Tipperary, and of the Can- 
ttred of Tesnane O'Shee, in the county of 
Kerry, (ntnated in the barony of Jver^h). 
Tht ttDth in descent from this chief, 

OiMNEiii O'Shee, (wbooe grandfather, 
I^Mlnn O'Shee, had removed from Tex- 
HM O'Shee to the connly of Tipperary) 
obtMBed denizensbip for himself and bis 
Aree brothers, William, Edmund, and John, 
MIkeetli November, A.D. 1381, 16tb Rich- 
iU II. This Odoncna vras likewise lord of 
Ike Minors of Cramps Castle, and Shees- 
Uad, near Kiltiuane, in the county of Tip- 
perary. He was i. by his son, 

Robert Shu, who became heir also to 
Ui shore mentioned ancles, William, Ed- 
■ud, and John. Me was father of 

THiiitusSHBE,whosncceededhim. This 
cUef haTiag nnfortnnately slain on the 6th 
December, 1433, John Bntler, brother of 
Ae Baron of Dnnboyne, and Seneschal to 
■he White Earl, in the county palatine of 
Ti^rary, the baron entered into Ihran^^an, 
SImc* land, and other parcels as an encke 
•fter the Irish custom. His brother, Cor- 
■a^ O'Shee, was about the same period 
caaGrmed in the lordship of Cloran, by ' 
Thomas Butler, prior of KilmaiDhBm,wliicli 
esble bowerer came again into the posses- 
•ioB of the desoendanti of Thadeus. He 
*. Margaret, daughter and beir of William I 

Britten, chieftain of the name, and had four 
sons, vis. 

I. Robert, his heir. 

II. John. 

III. Arthur, who m. Issmay Cadell, 
heiress of Horestown and Cadells 
town, in the county of Tipperary, and 
of Elstown and Kilkeraine, in the 
county of Kilkenny, and had issue. 

IV. William. 

Thadeus was «. by his eldest ion, 
Robert Shee, who wedded Ellen, daagh- 
r of Birmingham, called by the Irish, 
Mac Fheoria, aud was 1. by his son, 

RicHABD Shee. who was sent to school lo 
Waterford, by bis grandmother, (a daugh- 
ter of the Earl of Desmond) lest he should 
be murdered by the Baron of Dunboyne, 
and he there m. Rose, daughter of — Archer. 
By this lady he had two sons and four daugh- 
ters, of whom, Catherine, n. William BuAe, 
of Waterford. The elder son, 

Robert Shee, or Sheth, was the first of 
the family that settled in Kilkenny. He es- 
poused Catherine, daughter of — Sherlocke, 
of Kilkenny, and had issue, 

I. Richard, bis heir. 

II. Joan, m. to John Mothel. 

III. Beale, m. lo Francis Pembroke. 

IV. Mary, m. to James Fforgtall. 

V. Alson, m. to John Donnell. 
This Robert was slain on the 6t)i Angpst, 
1600, at Mealifle, in the county of Tip- 
perary, where he commanded a hundred 
men of Kilkenny, under Sir Pierce Butler, 
against O'Brien, and was t. by his son, 

Richard Shee, of Kilkenny, who m. 
Joan, daughter and beir of Eliai Archer, of 
Rosa, by his wife, Marion, daughter and 
beir of — Delahyde, of die same place, 
whose lands he inherited, and had seven 
sons and three daughters, viz. 

I. Robert, his successor. 

II. Thomas, who m. Beale Butler, and 
had two sons and two daughters. 

III. William, m. Margaret Walshe, 
and had seven sons and four dangh- 
lers, of whom Pierce Shee, the 
eldest son, was recorder of Kilkenny. 
William, ^the father) died in 1&84, 
and ia buried in St Mary's choir, in 
Kilkenny, under a flat tomb^stone, 
bearing the following inscription : 

" Hio jscel WiLHiunis Snai, quondwn 

Ba^eaiii vill Kilkenne 

qui obiit 1584 .... uxor ejus 

Mu|;u<ta Wslsbe 

IV. Nicholas, «i. Beale Walshe, and 
had issue. 

V. Edmnnd,ni. Lettice Cranesborough, 
and bad issue. 

VI. Katherine, m. first, to Michael 
Boyle, esq. and secondly, to Nlcho- 




lu Oarrej, eaq. by both of whom 
■he had iuue. 

VII. Leitice, M. to John Sweetman, 
esq. of Callan. 

VIII. AiiRtice, thii lady was m. Ihrice. 
Hewai (. at bia decease by hia eldegl* son, 

Robert SHEE,e»].whoiTBi a justice of the 
peace for the county of Kilkeony, atu) pur- 
chased lands ia the city and ctninty thereof. 
He wedded Margaret, daughter of — Roths, 
esq. and had issue, 

I. Richard (Sir), his beir. 

II. Elias, of Kilkenny, who n. Marga- 
ret, daughter of — Archer, esq. and 
dying 2;th July, IS13. was buried iu 
St. Mary's choir, where a monument 
was erected to his memory, covered 
with curious inscriptions in Latin 
Terse. He is described by Holing- 
■hed, " as Elias Sbeth, borne iu Kit- 
Lennye, sometime scholer of Oxford, 
a gentleman of a passing wit, a pleaft- 
aut conceited companion, fall of mirth 
without gall. He wrote in £agljgb 
divers sonnets." The following epi- 
taph Appears in Roman capitals on a 
tablet over the monument : 

" Hlua Ban Aimigero mnltia Da- 
tura dotibuB ae mulliplicii doctrinn 
ornamentis oonspicno conjap »»!■- 
■imo ebwitiim* uxor Msigtnta Archer 
BBSU posoil Obiil Die 9T Julii A. D. 

Frost this BLi*g,t Sir George Sheb, 
hart, and SiB Hahtih Abcuer Sree, 
P.R.A. derive. 

HI. Hams. 

IV. Matthew. 

VI. Harioa, a. to Thomas Archer, esq. 

VII. Joan, m. first, to Luke Blat^, esq. 
and secondly to — Rothe, esq. of 

VHI. Onor, m. to John Archer, esq. and 
bad issne. She died 24th August, 
1616, and lies interred under a murml 
■nonnment in St. Mary's Church, 
Kilkenny, on which are the arms of 
Archer, impaling those of Shee,with 
a lAtin inscription undemealh. 

II. Ellen, m. to Richard Archdeacon, 
esq. and had issue. 

* Under Bin Mistin Shu, this Robert, the 
Mtit son, is enonBoiuly nllfld As youngat. 

t In vol. i. p. 405, this Elu* Sssi is Kpre»nled 
■a dying in 16B8, afUr forTeiline tbe MUle of 
Clanroore, — eridentlj in eiror. Elisa who loat 
Cluunore, was pnibsblj th* gnndson of tbia 
Euia. By inqnuition, held list August, 1GI9, 
it sppemn tint Eliu Shee was sei»d of tbe 
eastlesofCluuiuiniB, SbuIlunrsth.utdFoUineratb, 
within the tibeituK of Kilkenny, Hisionuidheir, 
Georve Sbee, wu twen^-thne years of mft, and 
Mwmed at hb liIlHr'i deilh. Sib (iaoaos Sasi, 
bait, is lbs besd of tbia bnnch of like family mitf. 


o John Archer, esq. ud 
a Sherlock, esq. 

of Waterford. 
Robert Shee lies buried in St. Mary's Choir, 
Kilkenny. His monument consists of a 
large circular arch, within which are hti 
arms, with seven quarteriuga, and Ihe ioi- 
tials R. S. He was i. by hu eldest ion, 

Sir Richard Shre, knt of Uppercout, 
in the county of Kilkenny, and of Cloiu, 
iu Tipperary, a member of Gray's-Ina, 
London, and founder, in tbe year 1582, of 
the hospital in Kilkenny called after hli 
name, wbicb institution be endowed, by his 
wilt dated leib December, 1603. with the 
tylhes of Bullerswood and Kilmocahill, di- 
recting his son and heir, under pain of his 
curse and promise of his blessing, to precire 
a charter of ineorporution of the poor of 
the hospital, under the title of " Fratrei el 
Sorores Bospitalis Jent Christi in Kil- 
kennia." He m. first, Margaret, daughter 
of John Sheriock, esq. of Mothe, in the 
coanty of Waterford, and had BSae, 

I. Robert, who died in the lifetiDie of 
his fitther unroarried. 

II. Imcub, his heir, ancestor of 6» 
Clorin family, which see st foot of 
this article. 

HI. Tbonuw.of Freitwtown.wboleftno 
issue by his wife EUeo, daughter itf 
Alderman Nichobs Dobbyn, of W*- 

IV. Marcus, of whom presently. 

V. John. 

VI. Lettice, m. to John Orace. bead of 
the sBcient baronial house of Coniti' 
town, «ad hwl issae. 

VII. Catberiae, «. first, Edmund Cail- 
well, esq. of MoycaiieT Casde, ia 
the comity of Tipperary, aod had a 
daughter, Catherine CAKTvuiqrto 
wedded the Hon. John Bntler, MB 
of Edmund, second Viscount Monal 
Garret Mrs. Caotwell espouied •«- 
condly, Richard Fforslal, Jan. of 
Fforatalstown and Ologan Cssdei, 
by whom she bad also a daughter, 
Catherine Fforatal, who espoMM, is 
1650, Matthew Moires, ess-ofBally- 

.to James Wsbhe, 


IK. Elizabeth, m. to Darid Bothe, esq. 

of TvUaghmaio,iu the counl^ofKil- 

kenoy, by whom she had, with ether 

issue. Sir Robert Rotbe, kai. As 

SrsI Mayor of KUkenny, awler die 

chartt^ of King Jahbs I. 

Sir Richard Shee wedded secondly H"- 

garet, daughter of Christopber Ffagsn, f^- 

alderman of Ihihlin, but by her, who stf- 

vived him, he left no nsne. Kr Ricbud 

died at his Cntle ot Bonneatown, Rear Ktl- 

kenny, on Ihe 10th Ai^ust, 1606, snd n» 



WM in Ui mhi chapel in St Mary's 
Cboir : wliere, Mseording to his tectamentuy 
iiutiactioa*, B handMme nonimieDl was 
etBctcd to hi* aiemorf, with tbe foUowiog 
■HcriptiMi, abore four diields beMins hu 

HewMt. bytiiieMeatMn, LucmSheb, of 
vhoaa dncendants BD aeconDl will be found 
tmitt "SBeB.OFCLOKaM." Tohisfonrtfaton, 
MiBCOS Shkb, Sir Richard beqaBathed 
te aitle, Uods, fcc. of Waaeiheyes or 
SWeatowB, BladtooM Sbeja, aliai Cant- 
well'a I^nds. BallynifaDe, bis part of Ihn 
alkragB of TnllaroBD and the parwHUgo of 
Slnaxaitjr, conditioDallv that the aaid 
HarcB* pay yearly and for erer out of the 
MMB two shilling •lerling to hi* (Sir Ri- 
dard'i) heir, Li^aa, and bia heirs for ever, 
aad he diT«cta hia exeiniton " to keep the 
nid Hafcu U fke atDddye of the kinr'i 
lawe, at hia own peraonal chardgea j{ be 
be drrirom Qiereof, and not wantonlye 
given, in hope he maye be tbe better memMr 
<tt die CommoBwealthe, and be the better 
able in thu anfortnoBte countrie to defend 
bintselr, his brethren and friendes from 
wronfe." Thi« HarcnB wedded Ellen, 
dao^ter of Olirer Grace, etq. Baron of 
ConitaUnra, and bad 6ve mdi, viz. 
Richard, his beir. 

Lncu. who wedded Elizabeth, danghler 

of Robert Warren, eaq. of Caetle- 

town, and bad a son. 

Nicholas Shee, M.D. from whom 

lineally aprang 

Henkv Sheb, of Landreces, 

created a peer by LoDis 

XVIII. whose nster and 

LETtnA Shee, espoused 
tbe late Thomas Oarke, 
of Landreces, (n native 
of the county of Kil- 
kenny, and a colonel of 
loTalidt in the French 
service) and was mother 
of the releh-aUd Mar- 
shal Henry Clarke, 
DOKE OF Pelthk, many 
yean minister at war to 
the Empbrok NAroLEON. 

Vr. Shee was ( nt his decease by bis eldest 

RiCHAHD Shee, es(|. of Sbeeitown, who, 
•JA hii fttber, forfeited bis estates in the 
nMlien of 1641, bat obtained eventually 
Aar restoration. He wedded Rose, daugh- 
Ht sad keir «f PMer Rathe, esq. and was «. 

Marcus Sheb, esq. of Sbeestown, who 
poased Mary, dauffhler i 
kett, esq. of Dunsoghly, and had ■■ 

espoused Mary, dauffhler of Nicholas Plan 

1. Rich; 
It. Mnrcns. 

III. Nicholas. 

IV. Jobo,ance8toroftbeSheeB,ofBal- 
lyreddan, now represented by John 
Shee, esq. son of the late John Shee, 
esq. of BaUyreddan, colonel of the 
35th regiment 

He made bii will 10th March, 1684, and was 
J. at his death by his eldest son, 

Richard Shee, esq. of Sheestown, who 
m. the Hon. Symna, or Dymphua, Bame- 
wall, daughter of Robert, twelfth Lord 
Trimblestown, and dying 10th December, 
1748, was I. by his son, 

Harcui Shee, esq. of Sheestown. This 
gentleman wedded Thomaiina, daughter of 
Thomas Hasterson, esq. of Castletown, and 
had issue, 

I. John, his beir. 

II. — , a general in the French service. 

III. PhilliB, ({- unmarried, at Kilkenny, 
aged eighty seven. 

IV. Dympbna, died unmarried, aged 

V. Catherine, rf.unm. aged sixty-eight. 

VI. Hary, d. unmarried. 

Hr. Shee was i. at bis decease by bis eldest 
son, who, adopting the Irish prefix, became 
John O'Shee, esq. of Sheestown. This 
gentleman resided chiefly at Bruaaels, but 
served the office of sheriff for the county of 
Waterford. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and 
heir of Richard Power, esq. of Gahden- 
MOBRES, in the county of Waterford, by 
Anne, dangbler and beir of — Horres, esq. 
of Ballynaren, in the same shire, and hi^ 

Richahd-Fower, bis heir. 

Arnold, now m^or in the Wal^ford 

John, a colonel in the Austrian serrioe, 
d. at Sheestown, unmarried, in I80&, 
and was buried in tbe chapel bujh 
tbeie, by Sir Richard Shee, in the 

Ssar 1671. 
bee was i. by bu eldest son, 

Richard Power O'Sheb, esq. of Gacden- 
morres and Sheestown, who eipooied Mar- 
garet, daagbter of Nicholas Power, esq. of 
Snowhill, in the county of Kilkenny, and 
left at hi* decease, aged sisty-two, in IB37, 
(with a younger son, Nicholas, bom in 1 830) 
the present 

John Power O'Sheb, esq. of Gerden- 
roorres and Sheestown. 

Armt Qoarteriy: for Shee, First, per 
bend indented or and as. tao flenr-de-lys 
covntei^tatiged, tbe hereditary arms of 
Odoneua Shee, in 1382. Second, gules, 
three swonU pet fessa arg. billed or, the 
centre sword pMnting to the ainister side, (be 

Digit za:Jb.GOOg[e 



aroui of William Sbee, brother or Odoneua. ' 
Third, sable, three pbeoos arg. the btdib of 
John Shee, brother of Odoneus. Fourth, 
ffnles, two Bworda in saltier, arg. point 
donn, Burmounted by a third in pale, point 
np, hilt or, the enetgn of Edmond Shee. 

Quartering the ensigns of BmrreN or de 
BftVTTVN ; Archer; Bihhinohah ; De la 
HvDG; Rome; Power, ofGardenmorres; 
and MoftREi, OF Bally haven. 

Crett — A Bwan roueant sa. roembered and 
beaked galea. 

Mollo—Viacit verilflB. 

Eitatet — Garde nmorres, in the connt^ of 
Waterford, acquired by the marriage of the 
present Mr. O'Shee's grandfather, and 
Sheeatown, in the barony of Shillelogher, 
in the county of Kilkenny, first acquired hy 
the will of Sir Richard Shee, but forfeited 
in the rebellion of 1641, by Marcus and 
Richard Shee, son and grandson of Sir 
Richard, and regranted to them 41h July, 
19Ih Car. II. enrolled l»th October, 1667. 

Statt — Oardenmorrea, near Kilmaclho- 
moB, and Sheeatoim, near Kilkenny. 

i\tt. Of CIOHK. 

Lucas Shee, esq. of Upperconrt, county 
of Kilkenny, and of Cloran, county of Tip- 
perary, eldest son and heir of Sir Richard 
Shee, obtained, agreeably to hia father's 
testamentary injunction, a charter to incor- 
porate the poor of Sir Richard Shee'a hos- 
pital, the statutes and constitution of which 
were agreed upon bj- the Lord Deputy Chi- 
chester and the privy council. The bos- 
Cital was founded for such as were blind, 
ime, impotent, diseased, or aged, and for 
BQcb as were poor and not worth five pounds. 
Lucas Shee m. Ellen, daughter of Edmond 
Butler, second Viscount Mount Garret, and 
dying, as appears by inquisition, STth Jul^, 
1622, aged fifty-three, left two sons and six 

III. Hnry, n. to Richard Strange, esq. 
of Dunkitt. 

IV. Hellene, m. to — Archer, esq. 

V. Lettice, m. to Sir Thomas Hurley, 
bart. of Knocklong, in the conoty 
of Limerick, and was mother of Sir 
Maurice Hurley, and of Catherine 
Hurley, who became the wife of 
Pierce Butler, fifth Lord Sunbovne, 
who d. in 1669. 

VI. Margaret, m. to — Dormer, esq. of 

VII. Ellen, m. to Richard Lawless, esq. 
V[ii. Dorothy, m. to Henry Shee, esq. 

Lucas Sbee was t. by his elder son, 
Robert Sbxe, esq. of Uppercourt and 

Cloran. This gentleman being qoneemed 
with his uncle, Lord Mount Garret, and the 
confederate catholics, in the rebellion of 
1641, his house, in Kilkenny, being their 

Richard Shee, were all confiscated, and dia- 
tributed amongst various individuals. Up- 
percoart Freeliford, Brownestown, Olaacro. 
Ballylurkin, and odier adjoining estate*, in 
the barony of Cran^h, were granted to Sir 
George Ayskough,* a parliameotaiy colonel, 
in satisfaction of arreara ; a portjon of the 
ancient inheritance of Cloran alone was al- 
lotted to Robert Shee by the court of claims, 
the greater part being granted to bis kins- 
man, the Duke of Ormonde, and others; «nd 
a small portion which had not been disposed 
of was snbseqaently conferred by Charles 
IL upon bis brother, Jakes, Ddke of York, 
and sold on that prince's abdication. Robert 
Shee m. Margaret, daughter and co-beir of 
Sir Richard Masteraon, of Fernes.t by his 
first wife, Mabel, dai^hter of Sir Christopher 
BamewsJI, knt of Turvey, and had one sob 
and five danghten, viz. 

I. Richard, his successor. 

* The uresr due to this soldier of foitBii* wu 
£iW. sterling, (or which he received 9159 plM- 
cnion acres, equil to 3659 natale meres— the (a- 
tiiv frctm tha poHKUioni of Robert Sbee. 

t Sir Ricbasd HisnaHin, who d. in 16tt, 
wu Iba aoD of Sir Thomu HutarsoD, of Hi am. 
KoeBrhil of the county of Weifbrd, by Catherine, 
daughter of ~ Clere, of KilkeuDy. Tlxaiiu Mts- 
terson, of Chnhire, (the lilber of Sir Thomas) 
wu taken prisoner at tha mntiorable battle of 
Floddim Field, where bis father wu ilsin ; be ■. 
Margery, daughter and heir of Rwr MauwsDiig, 

S pointed by Kin; Hansv Vll. eacheitor of 
Kdiiie, A.D. 149S, and aftenrardi for lifti. He 
wu ■ jounrar aon of Msnwtring, of Carioghain, 
aoD of KaniUe, third >on of Randle Manwariog, of 
Over Peover. and of ISlargeiy, daoghter of Mi^h 
Venables. illron of Kinderlon, (vide Bdksi's 
Eitin^ and Dormant Pom^, and OftHsaonV 
ChtAirt). Sir Richard Masteraon, of Femes, 
left by hia aaid wife, Mabel, dangbter of Sir 
Cbrislopfaer Banwwall, four dai^hters bia ee- 

I. Catherine, the eldest, who esponsed Ed- 
ward Butler, of Honejham, in (he county 
of Wexford, eldest aon of Pierce Butler, 
third son of Richard, GratViacouut Moonl- 
garret. which Edward died 9th September, 
IGf H, lasving iseoe. Pierce, Richard, Mary, 
and Joan. 

II. Maiy, wife of Richard Sinnott, of BaUy- 
Sinnott, in the eoontv of Weilbid. 

m. Msbell, wife of Nichdas Devereux, of 

the county of Weiford. 
IV. Margaret, n. u above, Robiht Sacs, eaq, 
son and heir of Lucu Shee, of Upper 
Sir Richard Masteraon m. secondly, Joan, dm. of 
Richard Butler, third Viseoiint HoaiitgarTM. 



II. Huian, m. lo — Cantwell. esq. of 
Cantwell't Court. 

III. Hargaret, at. lo — Butler, e»q. of 

IV. EUeD, m. to — Comerford, eMj. of 
Inch y • wologhan . 

V. Mabel, w. lo — Raggett, esq. of Car- 

Qe wu t. by his son, 

RicHABD Shee, eaq. of Cloran, who, ac- 
conling to Lodge (Pteragt of Ireland), 
csmmanded an Irish regiment in the Spanish 
•eirice id Flanders, daring the exile of King 
Cauku^ U. which was almost wholly de- 
ilroyed at Uie siege of Arras. He m. Rrst, 
Qitberine, daughter of Sir Richard Eve- 
nM,tMrt. ofFethard, in the county of Tip- 
Hiuy, by his wife, Catherine, daughter of 

Juki Tobia, esq. of Cumpshinsgh, i 
ne shire, and had issue, 
Edhond, his heir. 
Richard, living in 1683, d. t 


Hargaret, m. to Richard Bntler, fifth 
Vucount Mount Garret, and d. i. p. 
Colonel Shee espoused, secondly, Bridget, 
danghter of — Halone, esq. by whom he 
had another son, Robert, who d. t. p. He 
wu I. at his decease by his eldest son, 

Edvond Shcb, esq. of Cloran, whose wilt 
bears date 33rd July, 1709, and was proved 
Mill Hay, 1739. He wedded Catharine, 
dingfalerof — O'Dwyer, esq. of Dnndmm, 
ia ae county of Tipperary (of the ancient 
aad princely family of the O'Dwyers, of 
Kihiemanagh}, and had one son and four 
dao^ters, riz. 

RlCH«KD, his auccesBor. 
Margaret, m. to Sir John Morres, bart 
of Knockagb, in the county of Tip- 
perary, {\rhi) d. in 1723), and was 
mother of 
SiK Redmond HoHHe>,who d. 

in 1742. 
Edmond Morres, d. unmarried. 
Catherine Morres. m, to Ambrose 

Kearney, esq. of Cappagb. 
Mary Morres. m. to James Everard 
Long, esq. of Grove, and of Kil' 
loran, in the county of Tippe- 

Maigaret Morres, »t. to John Uni- 

acke, esq. of Youghal. 
Elizabeth Morres, m. to — Uni- 

Mabel, ». to Geoi^ Lanigan, esq. and 
bad a son, 
William LanigBO, esq. who marry- 
ing Elizabeth, dau, and eventual 
heir, of Thomas Fogarly, eaq. of 
Castle Fogarty, in the counQf of 
Tipperary, his son inherited that 
ancient estate, and became La- 
nkan, of Caatle Fogarty. 




Mr. Shee was «. by liis only son, 

Richard Shee, esq. of Cloran, who es- 
poused Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mi- 
chael Grace, esq, of Shanganah, now Grace- 
field (see GiucB OF Mantua, and also Sir 
William Grace, bart. Bukke'b Ptrragt 
and Bareuetape), and dying at Cloran, 30th 
May, 1743, aged forty-two, left issue, by 
her who aurvived him, viz. 

I, Edhond, his heir, who sold the an- 
cient estate of Cloran, which had been 
ta the posseasion of his ancestors from 
a period antecedent lo the English 
invasion, together with the tithes of 
Kilmocahill, the property of Sir 
Richard Shee's hospital. He died 
in 178r>, (. p. 

II. Lucas, a priest. 
HI. Michael, d. i. p. 

IV. Robert, of Paris, a connt of the 
kingdom of France, m. in 1778, a 
danghter of Sir Patrick Bellew, bart. 

V. Jobn,captain in theSpaoirii service, 

* ThaGist of the Waionr ftmily who reiidgd 
IntLiNP Wriost. scoampinied Ouvia Caoii- 

T! f 

of Cmppighnigersne, 
iizt, WHO weaoed Citheiiue, dauebler oi — 
Keuney.eiq.of Cuhol, by his wife, Josn. dugh- 
ter ind co-heir of Junes SbU, ssq. of Meldium, la 
Tippersry. and bad isans, 
I. John, hii heir. 
ti, Tbomss.wbosettledinthacountyofCork, 

wbers be m. Miu Orpen, sod fawi iuoe. 
III. Catbenne, m. to WiUiun Nicbolson, esq. 
of Csppigbaagenne. in lbs county of Tip- 
perary, sad bad, with other issue, 

1, Jobn-Nichol»D, of Tmtola, id ths 
ily of Tipperarj.n 

sou, esq. of Tt 

It Will 

I Nicbol- 

irtola, ind Ibree diugh- 

t. Hary Nicbolson, n. to WiUism 
Biywn. esq. of Gurteen, county af 
TippaniT, udii. lltb Febmaiy, 1796, 

3. E^abetb Nicbolson, m. to Willism 
Bradshaw, esq, of CorbiUj, coun^ of 

4. Frances Nicholson, m. to Thomas 
Buuell, CH). of B«ll;david, county of 
Kilkenny, and i. 9tb November, 

liffe, coonty of Tipperary. 
IV. Msiy, m. to David Oldis, ew]. of Bslly- 
Isnigan, in the oonnlj of Tipperary, bvt 



county of Tipperarf, and djing in 

1770, aged thirty-fiTe yean, her 

JMue by tbit muruge became, 

tbrougb fulnre of heirt in the male 

line, representatives of the family of 

Sheb of Clorin. Hr. Wright di«d 

33rd Febniary. 1806, aged eigbty- 

fonr ye&n, and left, by the beireu of 


1. Beknakd Wright, of Cloninel. 

This KcntleniBD wb> moat in- 

hnouuv and vnjnttly tortnred 

by the nigb ■beriB of the county 

ofTippermry, inl79B; beiabM- 

quCDUy obtained the inadequate 

compeuation of £000. damages, 

in a court of jostice. He m. in 

IB06, Hary, daogbter of Jobn 

Smith, etq. of Cloamel, and died 

Ml April, 1831, aged fif^-eight 

irhich borough he has served the 
office of aovereign in tbe yean 
1807. 1809, 1831, 1836, 1820, 
1833), ni. in 1813, Arabella, 
danghter of JTames Hazlitt, esq. 
of Fethard, and ba« iwue. 
a. Jobn Wright, of CompseyCoi- 

ae,*!. in 1794,bisconsiDHary, 
Mt daughter of William Sil- 

Tb* aldwt Sim, 

Joan Wsion, ot Clonsen. id the cosnty of 
Tippouy, au^ bii wiU m nth Mm;, lTfi5, hj 
which bfl disinherited both hit sodb, who htd em- 
hfae<d the Romui ruhoUo rsltgioD. He n. 
Ssnb, eldest dsoghter of Bemud Mtrkbun, esq. 
of Faamngstown, in KilkniDy, (siiter ofWilUun 
M—th— , au. of Nenbbev. in tbe county of 
TippeiaiTi *nd of Huy Msrkbun, tf bo wpoosed 
Robert Sbsir, nq. gnudlitber of Sir Robert 
Sbsw, but. Mr. Wrigbl died I4tb JaD^ 1766, 
•gad sevens-five, leaving issae, 

I. JoKK. irbo WH, u above itatsd, diiinlie- 
rited by hia father tor embracing tbe Ca- 
IhoUc religian. He wedded, as above, d- 

TBUim 8b IK. 

n. Benard (Abbj Wrig:bt'l, a prieil, who 
resided at Patis, wbeira be died at an ad- 
vanced ^e. 

m. Bobecca, died Tinu^, in 1741. 

rr. Catherine, of Compn; Callage, in the 
cooDtj of Tippemy, who m. William Sil- 
Uto, esq. of Oltoieter, and had isane. She 
d. IBtb Febmafy, 1813. aged eighty-sight. 

T. Hai^Bm, irbo M. George Miles, esq. of 
Siimmerhill, snd had a daagbtsr, Bebecca, 

Tbs Sav. George Hiiss, of SammeihiU, 

lito, of Uttoxeter, by wbom be 

huhad iMue. 

William Wright, in holy oi- 
den. • doctor of laws of the 
University of Dnblin, and 
late chaplain at the Cape of 
Good Hope. m. in 1B31. 
Adelaido-Elizabefli, second 
daughter of Jamcs-Edwatd 
Ford, esq. of London, by 
Prances, daughter of the 
late major-general SaniDel 
Stranabam, of Favenhtm, 
John Wright, if . in the V«t 

Richard Wright, in holy or- 
ders, bachelor of arts ol 
tbe University of Dublin. 
Eliza Wright, >. to Kilnet 
Haxlitt, eaq. of Fetbard,irba 
d. *. p. in 1832. 
Catherine Wright, m. to John 
Allan Walker, esq. Uenle- 
nant in tbe 60tb regiatenl. 
Hary- Anne Wright 
Sarah Wright, d. young. 
4. Patrick Wright, d. t. f. 
a. Sarah, 
nl. Mary, «. to — Graham, esq. at 
Ballycormack, in the county of Car- 
tow, and if. t. p. 

la tbecautfofKu- 
kenny. and nieee of Sir R. A. Hodc- 
son. but. by whom he left fits dsagt- 
tars, hii co-bciis, via. 
Maiy Hilea. 
Mirganl Miles. 

Melaina Milea, wedded, in lUS, 
the Rev. Horfi Prior, WKimi n* 
of tbe Rev, Tbomaa Prior, D.D- 
of Prior's Lodge, in the ctnn^ 
of Tippemry, vioe-wovaal ofTn- 
Dity College, Dublm. 
Eliabeth Miles, m. to Uaaley Sen- 
pie, eaq. of ClonswL 
Georgi ma- Rebecca Miles, 
vt. Maiy, n. to Robert Constable, esq. d 

Lswleutown. and had iaiue. 

VII. Rebecca, aftenrarda of Cloneen, m. to 

Patrick Dalton, esq. of Hsrristown, ia 

Kilkenny, and d, i. p. m. 

The arms of tbe Waionr family are aij. on ■ 

pale gn. between two crosses nwline ai- an eaglf 

diiplayed or, with which thev quarter the srau of 

Shei, of CLoaiH, which are' the saDMaathoMof 

0'£bee of Gardesmom 



HALUDAY, &IMON-WELMAN, esq. one of the lords of tiie manor of Cunber- 
veO-BackiBglMin, in the comity of Sorrej, aour reaiding at Brampton Hall, in Mid- 
dlMu, ia n>prea«(rtatiTe of the BomersMahire brRnch since 1805, and head of the 
fimilynnce 1833. 


Tka fiunily, wbieh is of remote antiquity, 
betit one of the earlieM British ■nmamea 
tfoa record ; familiar nofr for more than 
ail bwklred jreara on either aide of the 
Tweed, bat originally adopted, according 
M badhiOD, ■• wall as aothenticated written 
tvidnee, ob the Scottish Border. The peo- 
pi>i whom it came to deoi^ate, are repre- 
•eatad, bv the same teatioiony, as a portion 
of fte Ulaler Crdithene, which about the 
Wfianing of the ninth centnr7, crowed the 
Iriih Channel, and reconquered from the 
Saxrat die greater part of their o^inal 
poMewiona in the aonth of Scotland. These 
laadi L»own in onr time as the district of 
GaikiwKj, DnmfrieMhire, and part of 
Peehle*, formed, in coojanction with La~ 
aaik and Reii£rew, the Celtic kinzdom of 
Sfutb Clutd, where in some of ue most 
mnote di s trict s , nnlil rery recently, the 
Gwlie t»r Irish langnage was conatantly 
^fcktB. The Craithene, so called from the 
Cehie word, " Cmiteneaeb," to paint, had 
been driven into Ireland by the Roman 
C»B^eror« and had taken posaesaion of the 
pmiDce of Ulster ; but becomins in pro- 
CMB of tine too numerous for their new 
w W ement, adTentBred to regain from the 
SnuHia, a portioa of that territory from 
•Ueh Ae Romans had expelled their fore- 
fttbm. VielorionB, — the conquered coun- 
try, was divided amongst thetr leaders: 
aad the Vale or Dale of the River Annan, 
tbe portion of one of these cbieflnini, 
•M taken posioriou of by hit followers. 

This Tale was then thickly wooded, and 
ttie deer and Ae wild boar could be chaaed 
from " the Devil's Punch Bowl to Annan 
Water Foot," without once emei^ing 
from the Forest. With the settlement 
of tbia people on the borders of the two 
kingdoms, began Aat harassing and petty 
wamre which may be said to have con- 
tiuDed until long after the Union ; and tra- 
dition affirms, that " a holyday" became the 
warcry or stoggan of tbe chief and people 
of Annjuidale, whenever they made a 
" raide" or foray upon the Saxon border — 
for they accounted every day holy, that 
was spent In ravaging the enemy's eonnlnr. 
The wars that in aflertiraes so fiercely 
raged between two neighbouring and rival 
nations, thus arose from the hatred that 
existed and long continued to exist between 
two distinct people, the Saxon and the Gaul, 
theoppressor and the oppressed. The Clan, 
when provisions became scarce were sum- 
moned to make a holyday, and in proof of 
the probability of this origin of the name, 
the eminence where tbe " Annandale Moss 
Troopers," were accustomed to asBembla 
when a foray into England was ordered, 
still retains uedeajgnntion of the Hallidat 
Hill. Whether this derivation be correct 
or not, there are now no means of ascer- 
taining — bnt tbe evidence is complete, that 
the chieftain, who first assumed the sur- 
name, had his castle or strong tower, near 
the source of flie River Annan, and abont 
two or three miles above the present flou- 
riiliing vHtage of Moffat, so celebrated for 
its mineral waters; at the CoREHEAn the 
rnins of this castle may still bo traced, and 
there we may suppose that generation after 
generation had lived in Celtic greatness as 
chieft, andhadhunted the wolf and tbe wild 
boar in the woody vale, when tbe more 
profitable pursuit of Saxon beeves was not 
necessary or advisable. 

On the accession of David, the first of 
hia name, to the throne of Scotland, a new 
era may be said to have arisen ; not only 
new laws but a new race of people were 
introduced into the country. DAVin had 
resided, during the greater part of bis hro~ 
ther's reign, at the court of the Norman 
conquerors of England, and had married 
the heiress of Waltheof Earl ofHunting- 




don and NorthumberUnd, to whfcb titlet 
lie wu in consequence advanced by bis royal 
brotber-in-law in 1130. Hence, in habib 
and feeling, he became a Norman himaeir, 
M)d finding his Scotlish crown aurronnded 
with many thorns, and the Celtic tribes 
more ready to fight for independence, 
than to submit to control, he prevailed 
upon aa many as he could of the younger 
■ODS of the Nonuan baians to accom- 
pany him into Scotland. In this David 
was actoated by more than one motiTe, for 
wbile thev could not fail to enliven his court, 
and by Ineir better breeding and greater 
polish tend to soften and civilize the man- 
ners of the Scotch, they would, at the same 
time, form a very efficient body guard and 
enable him to raise and dicipline an army 
with more advantage than could be done 
by the natives. Amongst the many young 
men of noble birth but scant fortune, that 
accompanied King Djivid, was Robert de 
Bttuis, a son of the Baron of Cleveland, 
who as a reward for thus exiling himself 
from "merry England," received a grant 
of the Valla de Annan, to be held of the 

Border Celts were a warlike, though at all 
times an undisciplined people, and subdued 
and heart-broken in their own territory, it 
may naturally be supposed they sought for 
adventure on some other shore. Tbe Nor- 
man yoke must have been felt most acutely — 
and certain it is, that almost every man able 
to bear arms within the Stewartr^ (as it 
was now called) of Annandale, joined the 
standard of the Earl of Huntingdon, and 
accompanied the lion-hearted RtCH«itD to 
tiie Holy Land.* But even previous to this 
levy " en masse," many of tbe Hallioay 
clan had returned to Ireland, or Sed into 
the wilds of Galloway, where their valour 
long kept tbe Norman at bay. It is not 
required to follow the history of the legions 
which Jfiny Richard led to Palestine — 
while the illfated monarch was in capti- 
vity, the Esrl of Huntingdon returned to 
England with all that remained of the British 
force — and such was the jealousy of the 
two factions, or rather the faction of Prijtct 
John, which then disturbed the peace of 
the kingdom, that this little band of worn 
out, but distinguished warriors, was dis- 
charged and dispersed over the kingdom. 
Among these veterans.there must have been 
seen many of the name of Halliday, for 
we very soon afterwards find the samame 
common in several counties in England, 
holding freehold lands of the sovereign, as 
also vassals of superior lords. 

■ Of the five tbomuid men lent by Wiluah 
of ScolUnd to join King Richihd, ons tbouisnii 
wera from Annsndilf, *nd alinast all Ualudavi. 

In 1240, a Walter HuxtDAT stands ia 
the Exchequer Rolls, as lord of a manor, 
called St. Bololpb, in Kent, and a Wtuiiic 
Halliday is mentioned in 1278, as pos- 
sessing Trivil, in the same county. Is 
1298, ThohasHaixiday, and in 13(15, John 
Halliday represented the town of Bedfoid 
in parliament. About this period also a 
Gbrard Halliday, and four others of bit 
name are mentioned as land holders in lb( 
hundred of Lackford, county of Suffolk. 
Others stand recorded aa proprietors of die 
parishes of " Wardeboys, or "Waibojs," 
and Caldicole, in Huntingdonshire; and of 
Bampton-Pogys, Oxfordshire. 

In 1338, 

John Halliday, of Pontefract, was snm- 
moned to attend his sovereign, Edward III. 
with twenty bowmen, and men at arms (to 
be paid by him) in the wars against tbe 
Scots. In 1435, 

Thomas Haujday, of Pontefract, com- 
manded five hundred archers in Sir John 
Shirley's division of the English army, il 
the battle of Agincourt. In 1470, 

Waltee Halliday, called " Thi Mai- 
itrel," became master of the revels to Ed- 
ward IV., and acquired lands in the pa- 
rish of Rodborough, in the county of Glou- 
cester, which are still held by his descen- 
dants. He was father of 

Henry Haluday, styled of Hinchis 
Hampton, who m. a daughter of — Payne, 
of Payne's Court, and left four sons, vii. 

I. Henry, his successor. 

II. Edward, of RodborooEh, in Glou- 
cestershire, M. and had, witb four 
other sons and one daughter, Rose, 
m. to Payne, of Pavne's Court, 

WiLUAH, of RodWough.a person 
of considerable note, who iredded 
Sarah, aunt of Sir John Brydges, 
created in 1554, Baron Chaodot, 
of Sudley, and was «. by bii hd. 
Sir Leonard Haludat, who, 
at bis father's decease, «si 
sent to London, where be 
rose to be sheriff, and, in 
1606, was lord mavor, (nd 
knighted by King James 1. 
Stowe, in his annals, states 
how Sir Leonard converted 
tbe Mooriields, then " a per- 
fect lystal," in the viciai^ 
of London, into the beiuti- 
ful and fashionable gardens 
which they were in siter- 
times, and so little agreeabl* 
was this labonr to the men 
employed, that they sdopled 
a term for all hard toil, by 

datf-worh." Sir Leonard «- 
Anne, dang^ter and beircM 




of William Winhold. or 
Wincot, en. of Lbb^Iibid, 
in Suffolk, by wlioin (nho 
wedded for her wcond biu- 
band, Henry, the great Eart 
of Manchester) he left an 

John Haludat, e«q. of 
Loodon, who m. Alice, 
daoghlei of Alderman 
Ferrara, and djing; ritA 
patii*, left a son, 
John Haluday, of 
Bronilej, in Mid- 
dleaex, who m. 
Mary, daughter of 
Henry Bolt, of 
Darent, in Kent, 
and had ono aoD, 
John, aged twenty- 
three in 1664, and 
A daughter, Eliza, 
m. William, of Strond, in Gloncester- 
(bire, who had one ton, 
Theobald. See the Haludays, 


IV. John. See HilU[>ay, of Frome 
The eldcM lOB, 

Hekrt Haluday, married and had (with 
anotber child, Edward, who d, nnmanied) 


Thomas Haluday, esq. of Kings Stanley, 

LiwatNCe Haluday, some time mayor 
of the city of Gloiiceater, who wedded Jane, 
dAagbler of Thomas Pury, and had iraue, 
WHliam, a merchant of London, choaen 
in 1617, one of the sheriffs of that 
city, and, in the following year elected 
alderman of Cripplegate Ward. This 
gentleman was the first chairman of 
the United East Iiidia Company. He 
m. Susanna, sister of Sir Henry 
Rowe, of Shacklewell, and by her 
(who wadded, secondly, Robert Rich, 
Earl of Warwick, admiral of thu 
•eaa, and d. 1640) left at his decease, 
14th March, 1633, aged fift^-eight, 
(beiag buried, with his relict and 
elder dau. in St. I^wrence JeiTry, 
where a handsome monument is 
erects to their memory*) two daugh- 
ter*, liis oo-heirs, vis. 
Annb, to whom her father be- 
qoeaAed £14000, married to Sir 
Henry Mildmay, of Wanstead, 
Fmutt, keeperof the Jewel Office, 
who d. in 1666, and bad two soni 
and three danghters. 
Habgaret, to whom her father 
likewise deTised £14000, m. 

Sir Edward Hongerford, of Cora- 
ham, inWUts. Thisladyfoundrd 
a magnificent alms house, at 

Samuel, of whom presently. 

John, to whom his brother, William, 
bequeathed £50 a year. 

Margaret, m. to Mr. Jasper Clutter- 

The second son, 

Samuel Haluday, esq. to whom his 
brother, Mr. Alderman Ualliday, devised 
£lOin, was father of 

Wiluah Haluday, esq. who m. and had 


Giles, of Wedinglon, near Devizes, 

ancestor of the Hallidays, of Urch- 

font and SattoD Veney, extinct in 

Richard, proEenilor of a branch seated 

at Bradford, WUts. 
Dorothy, m. to Matthew Cooke, of 

The eldest son, 

Edward Halliday, esq. of Warminster, 
h. In 1626, m. first, Mary, daughter of John 
Pilton, of Warminster, and had a son, 

Edward, h. in IflOB, who settled at 
Frome, in Somersetshire, and marry- 
ing Mary, daughter of John Hippie, 
b^ame ancestor of the Haludays, 
of Frome, extinct in 1B23. 
Edward Halliday wedded, secondly, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Gardner, but by that lady (who d. 
in 16e3)hadnoisBne. He espoused, thirdly, 
Mary, daugbter of John Barton, of War- 
minster, and had issne. 

fblloiriag inscription. " In or neu Ihii church 
lyeth interred the body 

udemwn of the c-j — -.. 

14th Much, IGfS, being ■ wortby msgiitiate of 
this city, wbo, for bii piety, charity, *nd prudence. 




William, of London, predeceased bii 

U«T7, b. in 1665, m. to John Higden, 

eaq. of London, and d. in 1741. 
Softutna, b. in 1675, ta. to John Bennett, 
esq. of Smallbrook, and d. in 1763. 
Hr. B&ilidHf died in 1701--1, and bis widow 
6d) February, 1723. His eider bod, by bi« 
third marriage, 

John Hau-iimy, e«q. of Yard Houm, in 
die conntTof Somerset, and of Tilsbed, near 
Deviiea, Wilts, b. in 1671, espoused Mary. 
danghter of Edmund Trowbridge, esq. of 
Lyppeyeate, by whom (who d. 9th May, 
1733) he bad issue, 

I. Trowbridge, 6. in 1706, d. jonag. 

II. John, t. to hit father. 

III. Edward, b. in 1712, <'. in infancy. 

IV. Edmund, 6, in 1716, who m. Mary, 
only dan. of William Jones, of Sher- 
borne, and dying in 1744, left issue, 

Edmund, b. in 1744, who m. Joan- 
na., daagbter of John Ricknlts, 
esq. of Gosport, and died at 
Dinan, in Brittany, 24tb March, 
18^, leavii^ a son and sue 

John-Ednund, now of War- 
mi nster, who Si. Mary Jane, 
eldest daughter bf Dr. John 
Seagram, of Warminster. 
Hary, d. unm, IS07. 
vi '5^"^^'^ 5 both d. yonng. 
Hr. Malliday'd. 17lh Jane, 1737, and was 
(. by his eldest son, 

John HAUJD*Y,e*q.of Yard House, who 
for his altacbment to tho reigning family, 
wasappoinicd high Bheriff of Somersetshire, 
when Charles-Eoward advanced to Derby, 
in 1745. Mr. Hallida^ filled, for many 
years, with ability and mtegrity, the dntieB 
of chairman of the quarter sessions, and at 
the general election in 1764, when party 
spirit raa high, was returned to parliament, 
at the head of the poll, for the borough of 
Taunton ; baTing caught, however, a severe 
cold during the contest, he was carried off by 
an inflammation of the lungs, prior to taking 
bis seat. He bad nt. 1737, Mary, dau, of 
Isaac Welman, esq. of PoundlBford Pork.* 
in tbe connty of Somerset, and bad issue, 

I. John, bis heir. 

II. SiHoN,oflfoid Park, in Wilts, and 
subsequently of Westcombe Park, in 
Kent, an eminent banker of tbe ciW of 
London, b. in 1738, m. Jane, daught 

■ Id I8M, Mr. Simon Welman HsUiday b*- 
nsM b«ir-Bt-liw to tbe Poandiabrd estata, at tha 
decnse, ismelMt, of Tbcmts Welmu'i only 
dinghter, tbe wife of tba Hon. CbtilM Noel (now 
Lml Barbtm). Mr. Thomas Wehosn, howerer, 
•DbHqnantly renvned, snd kft a son and beir, 

of Jahu Bytbesea. esq. of Weak* 
House, in the county of Wilts, and 
dying 18th May, 1791, left issue, 

1. Sihon-Weliuh, now r«preae*- 
tative of the family. 

2. Mary. 

3. Harriet, m. to the Rev. Joseph 
Griffith, of BromptoD Hall, Mid- 
dlesex, rector of Tnrrey, in Bed- 
fotdsbire, snd has one daughter, 

4. Elisabeth, m. to Michael Dicker 
Sauders, esq. of Exeter. 

5. Jane,in. Sir John Dyer, K.C.B. 
colonel of the royal artillery, 
first cousin to the preseal Sir 
lliomas Swinnerton Dyer, but. 
and has issue, 

Thomas Dyer, who m. Uias 

Clemenl, daughter of Col. 

Clement, of the royal ^r- 

tillery, and has one son, 

Swinnerton - HaUidny 

Dyer, b. in 1S3S. 

Kichard Dyer, d. youne. 

Jane Dyer, married la Colonel 
Greentree, E.I.C.S. and is 

Eliza Dyer, m. to Tbomas Dil- 
lon Heame, esq. of Hekmca- 
brook, in tbe connty of Gal- 

6. Louisa, Si. first, to General 
Sproole, R.A. and secondly, to 
Frederick Caulfield, esq. of 
Fanlkner House, Glonceoter- 

III. Edmund Trowbridge, of Chapel 
Cleeve, in Somersetshire, h. 26tfa Oc- 
tober, 1743, who ta. Jane, daughter of 
the Rev. Tilleman Hodgkinsou, aitd 
left Usue, 

1. John, of Cbapel Cleeve, m. 
Anne, dau. of General I>yer. 
and dying in 1826, left three aoos 
and four daughters, 


William- Leonard. 


2. Trowbridge, in holy orders, now 
of Yard House. 

3. Mary-Elizabeth, m. to Petar 
IlickBrdB-Mynor«,esq. ofT^eago, 
(see vol. i. p. 86). 

IV. Mary, d. unmarried. 

V. Eleanor, d. in ISoa, aged sixty-six, 

VI. Elizabeth, d. in 1830, aged ogbty- 
six, numarried. 

VII. Prudence, d. nnuorried. 



■i. Hallidar d. flUi Jnne, 1754, aged forty- 
kw, ud waa a. by his eldeil ion, 

John Uuudai, esq. of Yard Home, ■ 
ptrtnn' with hii brother, Simon, in the 
Milking hoiur of Halliday, Duutze, and Co., 
•ad repreaentatire, for many yean, of the 
boraogfa of TaoDtoD. This gentleman suf- 
fmd a recoveTy and alienated the eetatea. 
He d. nnm. in April, 1806, aged aixty-eight, 
wken die le presentation of the family de- 
nlied npon bia nephew, the present Sin (m- 
VujiiRHAUJDAT,esq. whohadaacoeeded 
Ui father, letb Hay, 1791. Mr. Simoo- 
Wehian Halliday was heir «f entail to the 
lud Eitate,* as well aa bta father's pro- 
perty, Init his graN^dther surviving his 
btfacr, who was ker teamd sod, the elder 
>m. John Haluday, wu then eoabled 
(Hn. HalKday, the mother, and her trustee* 
joOBg) to enfer ■ recovery, and obtained 
"le sabeeqaently miH1gag:ed 

• Tl» Tnd estate was snttilad by Mr. S. W, 
BiIEd^» gnat irnadbther, on tb« manian of 
at Mm mm, Johb. 


Die estate to the late finn of Hesars. Rao- 
80in and Co. the bankers, and it ereutually 
came to the hammer, when Edmund-Trow- 
bridge Halliday, esq. the third brother, pur- 
chased one part, and bis sisters the other. 
Of which [alter portion he subsequently 

Armi — Sa. three faelmels aig. garnished 

or, within a border engrailed of the second. 

granted temp. Edward IV. confirmed 1806, 

quartering ttke ensigns of Trowbridge, viz. 

bridge of ttree arches in fesse gn. 

f transfluent ppr. a 

masoned ea. the s 
fane arg. 

CrM — A demi-lion rampant or, holding 

1 anchor az. , 

Jlfo<f o— Qaarta aaluti. 

Aenifeitfe— Brompton Hall, Middlesex, 

e seat of his sister, Mrs. Griffith. 

.> Of the Somersetshire branch of the 
family was the learned Barton Haixidat, 
his portrait is still in the posaesaion of Hr. 
S. W. Halliday. 


HALLIDAY, WILLIAM, esq. of Rodborongb, in the county of GkmceBter, m. in 
V^, Sophia, daughter of the Rev. Peter Hawker, of Woodcheater, in that ahire. 
^geDtleman, a magistrate and depnty-Iieutanant for Gloucesterehire, succeeded to 
itafltUidaypropertyatthedeceaseof his father, in 1804, and inherited, upon the de- 
Msi (^ his mother and ancle, the estates of the families of Spilman and Gyda. 

JoBi Haluday. of Hinchin Hampton, 
(fcwft mm of Heniy Halliday, who m. a 
"w^ilsr of Payne, of Payne's Coort) was 

JoKi Haludav, esq. of Hinchin Bamp- 

HiMY Haluday, esq. of Hinchin 
Hn^lon. wedded Mary, dan. of Robert 
■■Us, of Red Marley, in the county of 
Hotfont, and was <- by his sou, 

Jwui HiixinAY, e»<^ of London, who m. 
auj, daughter of — Bowler, of Kent, and 

JemrHALUIUV, esq. of Bromley, in Kent, 
■» I. by ki* only son, 

WiujAM Haujday, esq. of Bowlehill, 
Ob lenlleman resided in the same house 
2 "m the lord mayor had been born. 
«• (^oited, first. Hiss Driver, of Aston, 
1°, Kent, and seoondly. Hiss Blanch, of 
^MtMii, am) dying in 1715, had a son and 

WiLUAH Haludav, esq. of Bowlehill, 
R«dborough, in the county of Gloucester, 
who lit. Miss Gyde, of Rodborough, an 
heiress, and thus acquired additional pro- 
perly in that parish. He was (. by his son, 

WiLUAM HkLUDAY, esq, of BowlehiU, 
Rodborongb, Gloucestershire. This gentle- 
man wedded Catherine, dau. of Nathaniel 
Beard, esq. and Ann Spilman, his wife, 
heiress of that ancient family seated at 
Spilman'a Court, and left at his decease, in 
1S04, an only child, the present William 
Haluday, esq. of Rodborongb, and Froom 

Arvu—See HALUnAY, of Wilts and So- 

Creil~-A demi-lion rampant regoardant 
or, holding an anchor aznre. 

Eitatf — In the Vale of Gloucester, at 
Minchin Hampton, and chiefly in the parish 
of Rodborough. Rodborough Hill, a beau- 
tiful and striking object, hanging aa it wera 




orer the town of Stroud, sad nhere there 
h>Te been erected Bham baltlernenti, belongt 
to Mr. Hallida)'. On this hill the Rom&Q* 
had ft watch tower, and it Tonned an oat- 
poEt for their caiop at Woodchester. 

Seat — Froom Hall, about half a mile rroiti 
Stroud, and on the banks of the Stroud 


HALUDAY.ofTuIlibole.nowi Stewartry 
of Berneaw, > of Anoan- 

HiLUDkv, of Wbinnyrig. ' dale. 

HjILLIDav, of Castlemaios, ) StewaTtry 

H^LLIDkr, of Chapman- WfKirkcud- 
towD, J bright 

It is DOW ascertained by documenfant 
eridence the most aDtfaentic that, alihouEQ 
the last Laird of Corehead, uDdoubtedly the 
ehief of all who bore the name of Halliday, 
and the lineal representatiTe of the fint 
Celtic warrior who assumed it, left no heii 
male of bi« body, and that the direct Scot- 
tish line failed between the year* 1400 and 
lUO, yet that Walter, "(ie mitulrel," 
(master of the rerels to Edward IV.) was a 
yonn^r son of the Annandale Chieftain. 

W1LLI4H HtLLiDiY, third son of Henry 
Halliday, of Minctiin Hampton, and grand- 
son of WALTEit, the miuttrel, was presomed 
t» have been father of 

Theobald Halud«y, who liTcd contem- 

Kraneously with William Halliday, of Rod- 
rough. He weDt to Holland, and there 
married — Hay, heiress of Totyboll, in the 
county of Fife, only daughter of Colonel 
Hay, of the serrice of the states general, 
and wa* J. by his son, 

John Halliday, educated in Holland, 
who inherited at the decease of bis mother 
the lands of Tolyboll, and established him- 
self there. It would appear that this John 
Halliday was a person of some distinction, 
for he was in ereat favor with King lnues 
VI. who duriog the pr<^eM of the court 
from Stirling to Falklaud, in his youthful 
days, often slept at Tnlliettole House, mid- 
way on the journey, and is said to have 
conferred the houor of Knighthood npon 
the I^rd.* Hit second son, 

WiLLiAH Haluday, who became prorost 
of Dumfries, and one of its representatives 
in parliament, had the honor of entertaining 
die tame monarch, at bis house in that 
Royal Burgb, after the king'i 

* Thi ettMe of TalHebole remained in the 
OMmndsnts of the eldeil Km of this Sir John 
Hsllidiy, until nti. wbsa Cathibinb, danrhtar 
of John HiUidsy, wedded the Rev. Archibald 
Honciieff, *ud convefsd it to that f^ily, now 
rsp res e u tad by bar gnn gniidHin, the pi«Mnt 
Sir JsssM WellwDOd Uonrriaff, but. of f uUie- 

the crown of England, in his majest]''! last 
visit to Scotland. The provoet died at ■ 
good old age, leaving a namerous progeny 
by his wife, a daughter of Gabriel Johostoti, 
a merchant and bnrgeu of Dumfries. One 
of his sons, 

Thomas Hau.idav, cave iato EngUtid, 
but returned to Scotland, snui \eTBt in the 
army of the Duke of Honmoatb, which had 
been raised to qnell the rebellion of Ibe 
Corenanters; Ending however dtat all bis 
kinsmen were on the side of Presbytery, 
be left the king's service. He m. Hiss 
Wright, an heiress of the Fonr Towns, with 
whom he acquired some property at Bem- 
gaw, in the county of Dnmfries, and settled 
there. By this lady he had issue, 
I. WiLUAW, his heir. 
It. Simon, who acquired the lands of 
Whiunyrig, on the banks of the 
Solway Frith, and by Graeie, daugh- 
ter of of Dumfries, had several 

sons, of whom, Simon, the second 
son, became an eminent ship builder, 
and had an only daaghler, who m. 
Captain David Scott, R.N. of Aber- 
deen, and left two daughters, Jane 
and Margaret Scott The eldestaon. 
John, inherited Whinny rig, and 

was 4. by his elder son, 
Robert Malijdav, of Whinnyrig, 
who m. Helen Dooglas, nieoe of 
Sir John Douglas, ^art. of Kil- 
head, but leaving no issue, was 
1. by his brother, 
SiHDN Haluday, of Wfainnyrig, 
a naval surgeon, and aAerwari^ 
banker in London. He wedded 
Miss Harvie, outy daughter of 
Thomas Harvie, esq. of Jamaica, 
by Anne, his wife, subseqarally 
udy Farquhar, and d. in 1S28, 
having bad two sous and two 
dangbters, vU. 

1. GeoBoe, a partner with his 
father in the banking of 
Ueniea, Farqubar, HnlU- 
days, and Co. who d. num. 
in 1820. 
a. Walter, Id holy orden, 
now of Whinnyris, in Dum- 
fries, and of Linton, in 
Devon, m. in 1S31, Anne. 
daughter of — Gardiner, 
esq. of Edinburgh, 

3. Anne, m. to W. G. John- 
stone, esq. DOW a banker «t 
Florence, and d. leaTJn^ 

4. Elixiibeth, m. to Sir 'Wil- 
liam-Richard f^oaway, lent, 
of Bilsington, in Kent, nnd 
has one son, William HnlU- 
day Cosway, and aevMrnl 




The elder MD, 

William HjIludat, eaq. of BerngBw, 
wedded Uiu Bell, of tbe BelU of Middle- 
bie, sDd left three sons and two daDghters, 
TO. Thomas, Joha. Waller, Jute, and 
BridfeL He n»a <. in 1745, by the eldest, 

Thonii Haludav, esq. of Bemgaw, 
uka Bi. Margaret, daughter of Archibald 
Pnleona, Portioner of the Copewood, and 
died ID ISOi, leaTtDg KB oulj lorTiving ion, 
(be present, 

8iK Akdiek Haludat, K.G.H- depoly 
JMpector gcoeral of army hoapitalj, kc. be. 
oae of hu m^eily's joiticea of the peace 
for the county of Middletes,* a Fellow of 
the Colkn* of Phyncians of London and 
Edinborgb, and of many Royal and Learned 
Societiet, m. Helen Carmichael, daaghler of 
Peter Carmichael, esq. merchant in the city 
of Edinburgb. 

fflNe— Hn. Haixiday. of ChRpnanloD, 
and Doctor Alexander Halliday, of Cal- 
catla, are of the Galloway line of the family. 
Doctor Halliday, who dutingoiabed himMlf 

as a physician at Moscow, and left sereral 
sons, derived from a junior branch of the 
Corhead family, that never left Annandale. 
and whoae representative is now a most 
respectable fanner, near HoSat 

by 8ii AwDitiw Haludav. 


TOLSON, RICHARD-HENRY, eM]. F.S.A. of Woodland Lodge, in the county of 
Somerset, and of Bridekirke, in Cumberland, a major in 
His Majesty's service, and lata of the 3nd regiment of 
life Guards, baptized, at St. Martin's in the Fielda, 
London, 29th July, 1776, m. 17th June, 1797, Jane, 
eldest daughter of John Collins, esq. of Hatch Court, in 
Somenetshire, and sister of Henry Powell Collins, esq. 

^ ;;:- ~ 7 M.P. for Taunton in 1820, by whom (who died in 1807 ) 

\ ii Li. X he has an only chUd, 

Jang-Dinmss-Tolson Tolson, b. at Hatch Court, and 
baptited at Hatch-Beaochamp, in Somenetshiie, 
married at St Mary Haedaline, Tannton, 22nd 
May. 1819, to Richard Harcourt Symone, esq. 
of Fairfield Lodge, in the county of Dorset, second 
son of tbe of Mvnde Park, 
in the county of Hereford, and has an only inrriTing 
HARY-I.OUISA SYMONS,baptiiedatLyme-ltegis,in 
the county of Dorset, 0th March, 1830. 
Majw Tfdson «. at the decease of hia Ather, the 13th Jnne, 1815, and petttioBed his 
Bq«i^, in 1830, for a writ of BBnunons, aa heir, through the Saviles,* to the 
BiKoNT or Darct, of Darcy. 


TUa family claims importance in the bad a DaU to receive and entertain his 

Suoo era of our history, and its founder, guests, and at the lower end a bower or 

Henbicvs, ia said, in proof of bis rank in recess, wherein he might himself repose, 

SaioB times, lo hare been one of those great with a streamlet flowing through the pre- 

r«noM who in the upper part of his hall mises into the river Derwent, in which he 




ii iteted to hftve bapdzed hit children, in 
the forest of Kokermonth, in Cnmbri, in the 
diatrict of Camberland, being part of the 
BriganteHjBndBncieiitkiDzdomofthe North- 
nmhen. This Henricns had laiidii granted 
from Gnlielmi de Koknat, ai appeara hy 
deed, bearing date 859, which lands were 
called KoknBt and Derwent, and were 
granted from Alice de Vnmeley, daughter 
of Gulielmi, son of Latcej, to the said 
Gulielmi. The fifth in descent from Hen- 
ricua, another 

Benricus, aainmed the surname of '' De 
ToLSON," and waa ». by hia ion, 

Henricui de Tolson, who was fonnd 
goilty of high treason in the time of Ed- 
WAHD I. but received a free pardon from 
that monarch. He held lands at Bryde- 
kirk, in Cumberland, appertaining to the 
Honutery of Gysbame, in fiie county of 
York. His lineal descendant, 

Hehhv Tolson, esq. at the dissolutlDn of 
the Monastery of Gysburae, ten^. Henhy 
Vni. obtained a grant, by patent from the 
crown, dated aOth Julv, in the 36th year of 
that king's reign, of tne manor of BrydE' 
SiRKE, to himself and his hein for ever. 
His son and successor, 

Henry Touch, esq. was sheriff of the 
county of ComberUnd, in the 17tli Euz*- 
BETH, and was seized of the manor of 
Brydekirke, in ifiOO. He bad two sons, 
Richard, bis heir. 

John, Provost of Oriel College, Ox- 
The elder son, 

Richard Tolson, esq. of Bridekirke, es- 
ponsed Eleanor,* only danghter of Ffaocis 
I«mplagb, esq. of Dovenby, in the coun^ 
of Cumtierland, snd had issue, (see Sir 
William Dngdale'a Tisitation for Cumber- 
land, in 1666), 

I. Henry, his heir. 

II, Lancelot, of Bridektrk, citizen and 
merchant taylor of London, m. Hary, 
daughter of Thomas Hales, esq. of 
BeAesborne, in the conn^ of Kent, 
and left an only aon, 

Thomas Tolson. of Beakesbome, 
who wedded Elizabeth, danghter 
of Sir John Roberts, knt of 
Cranbrook and Canterbnry, and 
dying )8tb February, 1686, (will 
proved 16th Hay, following) bad 

1. Thomas, d. i. p. 9th Hay, 

* TUs lady's eight brothers dying iunelou, 
slw benme etentuaUr sole heiress. See her 
biDtbv, Sii ThoDSS Lamplu^h's will, proved in 
the prmngatiTs of CantetbuiT, London, 17tii 
Fcbnisiy, 1634. 

tuber, 1670, m. — daiqher 
of gamuet Plummer, esq. 
and d. ». p. 22iid Septem- 
ber, 1713. Will proved ia 
the prerogative cooil of 
Canterbury, 30th of Ihc 
sama month. 

3. Lancelot, of PIbsIdw, ia 
Kent, esq. baptised 34lli 
September, 1673, died wiik- 
out issue, buried at SL Bat- 
tolph, Aldengate, London, 
in 1837. WiU proved s> 

Ererogfttive court of Canter- 
nry, 6th June, 1737, en- 
tailed his estates upas hii 
nephsw, I^ucelot ToImi 

4. Hary, m. to Charies Ham- 
mond, esq. and d. ». p. 

6. Mary, m. to Joseph Tiilj, 
esq. of the Middle Temple, 
London, by whom (wbo d. 
in June, 1741, sdnumtda- 
tion granted to bis widow, 
Mary, in 1742 and 1743) 
■be had (with a daogfakr, 
Hary Tilly, who d,t.p.)n 
only aon, 
LuuDcelot TolsoB Tilly, 
of Beckenbam, m Kent, 
esq. who died SOtt 
November, 1741, (will 
prored eih September, 
1743) leaving by hit 
wife, Elizabeth, dang- 
ler of Gabriel Betl- 
man, esq.anonlychQd, 
Tilly, irtio d,nim. 
and was buried it 
Beckenbam, 36Ili 
Sept. 1743, idmi- 
nistnUion arsated 
to her mouer die 

III. Jane, m. to Oie Rev. William Fair- 
far, rector of Bolton, in ComberUsd. 


VI. Catherine, m. to Sir John DalfkHi. 
knt of Dalston Hall, m Cvnber- 

VII. Jane. 

VIII. Prances. 

Richard Tolson, who was seised of ibe 
manors of Brandholme, Bridekirke, aid 
Papcastle, in the conn^ of Cnmberisad, 
was bniied at BrideUrke, seih May, IIUO, 
and was *. by his soa, 

Henry Tolson, esq. of BridekiUe. 
This gentleman served the office of sberiff 
for the county of Cnmberiand, in the Urd 
Charles L and was member of parlianKat 
for that shire. He m. HaiyarM, daaghler 
and sola beir of Henry Savile, esq. «f 




WiA-npoB-Deknie, in the ooonly of York, 
•W ijing ia OebAer, 1663, (he -wu buried 
U BndBkirke, on the 30th of tliM month) 
left u only moa and heir (lee the will of 
Wr fcther, Uenrj Sarile, proved at York, 
IM September, 1641), 

RiCHAKD ToLMN, Btq. of Bridekirke, t. 
b 1833, of Uncoln'a Inn, barrister-Bt-law, 
ndaJHticeof the peace, and qnomm in the 
eoaUy of Westmorland, hiefa iberiff for the 
toutr of Cnmbertaiid, M.P. for Cocker- 
mooA, in the pullamentB of the 12tb and 
I31h of Ghablks n. and receiTer-general 
10 the Qoeea, ■•. Anoe, aged forty-two, in 
IMS, daagbter of Gilbert Gregory, esq, of 
Btisbj-npOD-Dun, in the county of York, 
(■arrUfe ■ettlement dated 13th June, 1672) 
by whom (who d. in March, 1714) he had 

I. HcNRT, hia heir. 

n. Bkhard, k in 1658, barritter-at- 
law, of IJncolti's Inn, defendant in 
a canse in chancery with his brother 
Henry, in 1703, m. Sarah, daughter 
of — and had three dangbtera, via. 

1. Mary. 

2. Sarah, plaintiff in a tnit in 
chancery with her ancle Francis, 
in 1722, bnriedatWath, in 1760, 
will prored in 1761, d. *. p. 

9. Elixabeth, plaintiff in a suit in 
chancery with her uncle Francis, 
in 1732, died without issue. 

RidiBid waa buried at Wath, in 1720. 
ill. Gregory, baptized 21sl April, 16S9, 

4. in 1682, t. p. 
IT. Wilfred, baptized 10th September, 

1604, wiU proved at York, 17th April, 

1733, died issoeleas. 
V. Edward, baptized lllh Decemlier, 

1666, died I. p. 
tt. Elizabeth, b. in )6C>6, m. to Philip 

Vincent, esq. of Bamboroogh, in the 

eoanty of York. 
111. Cauierine, b. in 1602, d. nun. 
vui. baried at Wath, 12th De- 
cember. 1693, unm. 

II. Anne, n. 1st September, 1600, to 
John Piccard. esq. of Wath Hall, in 
in-law, Richard Tolson, in a cauie 
in chancery, in 1706, Mrs. Piccard 
died ieMoelesa. 

fUi Richard Tobon settled, by deed 
^oriag date I8th June, 1872, enrolled in 
Ametty 13tb February, 1827, 4 P. R. I. 
baom, the sereral manora of Bridekirke, 
Bnadholme, PapcaBtle.TallantircBrougb- 
ba, Dnainvr, in the county of CumMr~ 
lud, and Wath, Brampton, Byerlow, and 
HohDcfrilh, in the pariah of Walh-upon- 
Iteane, in the county of York, upon his 
ildtst ton, He«ry, and Frances, hii wife, 
fnT their Uvea, and their issue in tail, male, 
•fsath .... 

tail, male, and then to hia cousin, Thohjk 
Tolson, esq. of ReakeBbonrne, in Kent, and 
his heirs in tail, and then to his right heirs at 
law. He was buried at Wath-upOD-Deame, 
2nd July, 1600, and was i. by his eldest son, 
Henky Tolson. esq. baptized at Wood- 
hall, in the parish of Rridekirke, 16th 
April, leal, entered at St. Alban'a Hall, 
Oxford, in 1666, m. Frances, deoghler of 
Sir Wilfred Lawaoo, barL of Isell, in the 
coanly of Cumberland, and hod one sur- 
viving son and two daughters, viz. 
Henrv, his ai 

Jane, baptised 24th H^, I67I. 
Halcah, baptized 12th Febt 
This gentleman was plaintiff in chancery 

', I67S. 

iruaiT, 1 

ith hia younger brotlier, in 1703. He w 
baried at Rridekirke, 27Ch September, 1724, 
and was i. by his son, 

Henry Tolson, esq. of Woodhall, bap- 
tized at Bridekirke, 31at J>ecember, 1673, 

M. Sarab • and had issue, 

Henry, hia heir. 

WiLLiAH, born at Woodhall, and bap> 
tired at Bridekirke, 1st March, 1706. 
This gentleman was lieutenant-go- 
vemor of Tilbury Fort and Graves- 
end. He m. &th September, 1732, 
Margaret, daughter and sole heir of 
Patrick Mathewson, esq. of Perth 
and Mugdrum, in Scotland, and bad 
a son and daagbter, namely, 
Richard, of whom preaently, as 
representative of the family, at 
the decease of his uncle Henrv. 
Anne, at. to William Prosper 
Popple, esq. governor of Ber- 

Governor Tobon having died of 
wounds he had received in action, 
was baried at St. George's Hanover 
Square, 4th September, 1748. 
Oeoi^, bom at Woodhall, baptized at 
Cockermonth, in Cumberland, 28th 
June, 1711. .He was of Cheapaide, 
London, merchant, and married 
Sarah, daughter of — Fatten, esq. 
by whom he had, 
Richard, baptized 19tb August, 
1760, a solicitor, residing at 
Lambeth, baried there, 10th Oc- 
tober, 1822. 

* Tbii muring ia supposed to have been 
■olemniied st Bridskirke. The lesvei of the 
pirisli of Bridekiilce cborch-book hmviog bean 
torn oat Or destroyed about this peiioa, it is 
proved by an indenCura of Pine of Trinity Term, 
Tth Anns, without proclunitione to bu ths wih's 
Dower] snJ tlio by the will of Mih Fissom 
I.awsoo. proved at Carliile, Btb April. ITtt, and 
bv 1 nunuBcripl in the band writing of the lata 
lialpb Biglmnd, e»]. who diad 1T&4, now in the 
pouCHiaa of Sir Ralph Bigliod, «q. Garter king 




Sarab, baptized 11 lb December, 
I74S, m. 6ni, William Fairman, 
CM), and secondly, — Hill, esq. 
She was buried at the cathedral 
in Lincoln. 
This Henry died seised of the estates under 
the settlement of 18th Jam, 1672. His 

Febnury, 1S27). He was i. by his eldest 

Henry Touon, esq. of Woodhall.of the 
town of Derby, and ofRichniond, in Surrey, 
bapllKed St Bridekirke, 24tb February, 
1703. This gentleman died a bachelor, 
seized of the estates under the settlement 
of 18th June, 1872, and was buried at St. 
Vedae, Foster Lane, 2nd February, 1763. 
He was *. in the representation of the 
family by his nephew, 

RrcHAHD ToLsoN, esq. of Weston, in the 
county of Somerset, born at Tilbury Fort, 
baptized at Hilton, near GraTesend, in 
Kent, 20th October, 174S. This gentleman. 
K lieulensnt-general in the army, was a 
minor at the time of his uncle, Henry Tol- 
■oo's decease, and then serving abroad : he 
m. at St. Marlin's, in the Island of Guern- 
sey, 22nd July, 1766, Dinniss Oram, widow, 
of St. James's, Westminster, and of Hamp- 
stead, Middlesex, by whom, (who was 
buried At the latter place, 9th March, 1611) 
be had one sod and two daughters, riz. 
Bichard-Hbnby, who was created 

heir in tail, attd heir at law of hii 
grnat grandfather, Henry ToIbmi, the 
Donee, and Frances, his wife, (under 
the settlement of 18tb June, 1672) 
by *irtne of a report, dated S&tb 
July, 1820, by John Bdmund Dow- 
deswell, esq. one of the master* in 
chancery, and confirmed by a decre* 
tal order in chancery, dated 9tli Au- 
gust, 1820. 
Harriott, m. at St. George's, Banorer 
Sqnare, 9th Norember, 17B2, to 
Thomas Holland, esq. of Thorn, in the 
county of ¥ork,(nowofYork Street. 
St. Mary le bone) and has two sons, 
Lieutenant-general Richard ToUoo was 
buried at St James's, Piccadilly, 19th June, 
1S16, will proved in the prerogative court 
of Canterbury, London, on the 30th of the 
same month. He was i. by his son, the 
present Richard-Henry Tolsom, esq. or 
" :, and Woodijind Lodob. 

Armt — Vert on a 
lets or, all within i 

Crcit — Out of a ducal coronet, a lion's 
paw holding a plume of feathers. 

Motto — Ferro Comite. 

£«(■(«— ■Woodland Lodge, Somerset, 
and Lord of the manor of Bridekirke, 

Seat — Woodland Lodge, and Bridekirke. 


HA Y-LEITH, ALEXANDER, esq. of RauDu and Leith Hall, in the county of Aber- 
deen, a ^neral officer in the anny, i. 2Ict 
December, 1758, m. in 1784, Hary, duighter 
'"' "' of Cbarlea Forbes, esq. of Ballogie, and has 

had issue, 

Andrew, lieaten ant-colonel in Ae amy, 

M. P. for the Elgin district of burghs, m. 

in 1816, Mary-Hargaret,daiighter of WQ- 

liam Clark, esq. of Buckland House. 

John, captain R.N. 

Harriot-ChrisliBn, m. to Sir Hairy N. Lmna- 

den, bsrt and d. in 1820. 
Mary. m. to Mqjor Mitchell, of Ashgrove. 
Elizabeth, m. to Alexander Forbes, esq. of 

Margaret. in 1778, and iitheriled the 
lV, esq. iu 1789, when he assumed the 

This g^allant officer j, hb elder brother, Joi 
estate of Rannes upon the demise of Andrei 
additional surname and arms of Hay. 

General Leitb-Hay is a deputy -lieutenant and jtutice of the peace for the connty of 




e of Lgith u deenwd of great 
utiqnit; in Scotland, and thooe who bore 
h held, in a remote era, Ta«t pouewioni, 
iadodiag the baron; of Reitalrig, nad otben 
ia Hie shire of Hid Lothian aDdterrilor; of 
Leilk, whence it ■• preKuiMd the name wa« 
MMUDcd. The immediate ancettor of the 
Utuly before ni, 

WiLUAM LiiTH, of BamiE, liiing in the 
time of Darid Brace, and uid to have been 
Ibe male repreaentatiTe of the Leiths, of 
EdingaiTOck., was provoetMif Aberdeen 

LAraEVCE, his heir. 

JoHM, ambassador to Ibe coort of Eng- 
land in 1412, 1413, nnd 1416, and one 
of the commiuioneTs to adjust the 
■monnt of rsniom for the release of 
Janes I. 
WiUiam Leith died some time in the reign 
of RoBtRT II. and was buried in the cburch 
of Aberdeen, where his monument, hhh.i-, 
and ami are still extant. He was *. by his 
elder son, 

Lawiencb Leith, of Barnis, in the county 
rf Aberdeen, and provoet of Aberdeen in 
1401, 1403, and 141 1 1 to which town he pre- 
sented their largest bell, on which his name 
is still risible. He died in the time of 
JiHU n. and was t. by bis son, 

NoRHAN Leith, who m. Elizabetb, dnn. 

of William Iieslie, fourth Baron of Balqn- 

hain. by Agnea Irvine, his wife, daughter of 

the Baron of Drum, and had three sodb, viz. 

Henrv, his beir. 


Jdin, aaceitor of the Leiths, of Over- 

Normao d. ttMp. Jaheb III, and w 

HiNKv Leith, of Bamis, who bad also 

Geoxob, his beir. 
William, incceasor to bis brother. 
Patri^, prt^enitor of the Leiths, of 
Aad dying before the year 1479, was «. by 

GeoROE Leith, esq. who possessed many 
odier lands besides those of Bamis, who 
vtdded and bad two daughters, viz. 

EuzABETH, iK. to John Forbes, of To vie. 
Janet, m. first, to Alexander Seton, of 
Meldrnm, and secondly, to Sir Alex- 
ander Gordon, of Abergeldie. From 
the second marriage lineally desceuda 

the present Wiluam Gordon, esq 
of Haffield (see that family). 
Between his two daughters, George Lettb, 
at his decease, in 1605, divided the lands 
of Barnis, &c., but the represents tiou of the 
family devolved upon his brother, 

WiLUAK Leith, esq. of Edingarrock, 
which estate he had acquired by charter 
from Geoi^ Leslie, of Leslie, dated on the 
last day of January, 1409. He m. a daugh- 
ter of Gordon, of Strathdon, and was (. by 
his elder son. 

was succeeded by his 

died without issue, and 

George Leith, esq. of Edingarrock, who, 
in 1650, was served and returned beir male 
to his uncle, Geoi^ Leith, of Bamis, before 
John Leslie, of ^Iqnhain, sheriff of Aber- 
deen, and an inqneal composed of fifteen of 
the leading gentlemen in the conn^. He 
died at an advanced age, about the close of 
Qtuen Mary's reign, and was succeeded by 

Patrick Leith, esq. who during the life- 
time of bis father was designed of Liklie- 
head. He espoused Jean, second daughter 
of William Leslie, seventh Baron of Balqu- 
hatn, by Elizabetb, his wife, daughter of 
Sir Walter Ogilvie, of Boyne, and had 

Patrick, his heir. 

John, designed of Edingarrock, who 
wedded a daogbter of John Ledie, of 

' Wardis, but £ m. p. 

Lawrence, auccessor to his brother, 


Nicholas, ta. to Geoi^ Leslie, fbnrlb 
Laird of Finrassie. 

Margaret, m. to Stephen Leslie, fourth 
Laird of WarthUl. 
This Patrick acquired, in his father's time, 
the lands of Kirklon de Rain from his bro- 
ther-in-law, John Leslie, of Balquhain, on 
whose resignation he got a charter from the 
Archdean of Aberdeen, dated 13th August, 
1661, to which Patrick Leith, of Harthfll, U 
a subscribing witness. He died in the end 
of the reign of Jakes VI. and was i. by his 
eldest son, 

Pat RICK Leith, esq. of Edingarrock, who 
sold that estate and the lands of Likliehead 
to John Forbes, of Leslie. He was after- 
wards, anno 1639, enfeoffed in the lands of 
Innogathill, upon a precept of clare con- 
■tat from George, Marquess of Huntly, as 
heir to William Leith, of Edingarrock, his 
great grandfather. Dying : p. be waa t. 
by his brother, 



Laurence I^ith, esq. of Kirklon de 
RuD, who wadset from tbe Hkrquflw of 
Hnntly (he Uods of Bucharne, where he af- 
terward* chiefly reaidod. He likewiu pur- 
ohated a couicierable part of tbe pariah of 
Colbrack. He espinsBd, fint, Agnea, third 
dau. of Alesander, third Laird of Wajrtlia, by 
Margaret, hii wife, daughter of Alexander 
Forbes, of Towie. By thi« lady he had no 
iaaue, but by hia second wife, Beaaie, daugh- 
ter of Sir Geor^ Gordon, of Cocklarochie, 
he had a son and incceaaor, 

John Leith, esq. who sold the lands of 
Kirklon de Rain, and purchased those of 
New Leslie, (whence he was sonietinieB de- 
signed) Pelll, Syde, Arnbog, See. He 
wedded Margery, dan. of Arthur Forbes, 
fooTtb ion of the sixth Lord Pitsligo, by 
Mamiret, his wife, daughter of Alexander 
Leslie, fourth I^rd of Pitcaple, and had 
with two daughters, the elder m. to Iaihu- 
dain, of CosbDie, the younger, to Forbes, of 
Colqnhary) two bods, namely, 
James, his heir. 

Alexander, commonly called Hard 
Htad, on account of hia remarkable 
personal courage. He obtained from 
hia father a wadset of the lands of 
Bnchame, which wadset was re- 
deemed by the family of Gordon, 
from John Leith, his son, whose son 
thereopon got a lease of Bnchame. 
This Alexander was socestor of tbe 
Leiths, of Bneliame, Blair, Ice. 
The sou and heir. 

Jamb* Leith, of New Leslie, erected tbe 
mansion-bouse of Leith Hall, upon the 
lands of Peill, which has since continued 
die residence and designation of the faaiily. 
This gentleman esponsed Hnrgarel, dangb- 
ter of Alexander Strschau, of OlenUndy, 
and had issne, 
John, his heir. 
Alexander, ancestor of the Leitha, of 

Olenkindy and Freefield. 
William, i. I. p. 

Margaret, at. Co Gordon, of Beldomie. 
Jean,M. toJtdm Grant, of TomaviUion. 
He was succeeded at his decease by his 
eldest son, 

John Lbith, esq. of Leith Hall, who n. 
Janet Ogilvie, daughter of George, second 
Lord Banff, by Agnes Falconer, bis wife, 
daughter of Alexander, Brat Lord Halker- 
ton, and had issue, 

Gboroe, of BlackhaU. 



ElisabeA, m. to Richard Gordon, esq. 
of Craigmile. 
Mr. Leith acquiring die whole estate of 
Leslie, iq, the Oarroch, regained poese«sioa 
of tbe laoda of Bdingarrock, his aucient pa- 
trimonial inheritance. He died in 1727, 
and was i. by his eldest son, 

John Leith, esq. of Leith HaD, who es- 
poused Mary, daughter of Charles Hay, 
esq. of Rannes, and dying is 1736, left 

Switb a daughter, Janet, m. to James Gor- 
on, of Ardmilie) a son and heir, 
John Leith, esq. of Ldth Hall, who 
augmented hia estate by the lands of Lair 
and Ardlair. He m. Harriot, daughter and 
heiress of Alexander Steuart, of Aochlan- 
cart, and had three sons, tIe. 

James (Sir), a lieuteaaot-general in Ibe 
army, G.G.B. K.T.S. grand eordon 
of uie order of merit of France, 
goremor of Barhadoes, and com- 
mander of the forces in the Wind- 
ward and Leeward Islands, Sir 
James Leith d. 16th October, 1816. 
John Leith died in 1763, and was t. by hia 
eldest Bon, 

John I^im, esq. of LeiA Hall, at whose 
decease, without i^ue, In 1778, die estates 
devolved oa bis brother, Alexandek, who, 
having succeeded Andrew Hay, of Bannes, 

f resent general Alexand — ' 
Rannes and Leith Hall. 

Arm* — Quarterly ; first and fourth, or, ■ 
cross croulet fitcbee aa. between three cres- 
cents in chief, and as many fhailea in base 
barways gu. ; second and third, quarterly, 
first and fourth, arg, three inescutclieoDS 
gn. ; second and HoM, gu. three dnqoefoila 

Creitr — A croaa crosslet fitchee aa, and a 
goat trippant ppr. 

iSW}ipor(cri — Two naked men, wreaflted 
about the loina, each holding in his exterior 
hand a club. 

Mottoei — Trustie to the end. Spare 

Ettatf — In Aberdeenshire, obtained by 
tbe family at different periods, commencing 
abont the year 1900. 

Seat*— Leith Hall and Leslie Honae, 



CHAYTOR, JOHN-GLERVAUX, Mq. of Spennithome Hall, in the coun^ of 
York, b. 9th June, 1782, m. 16th January, 1810, Ann, 
eldest daughter and co-heir (with her sister Isabella, wife 
of Sir Wilbam Chaytor, bart.) of John Carter, esq. of 
Tuiutall and Richmond, by whom he has had issue, 

1. CHRiSTOPHEK-WiiXUM-CARTEa, b. 1st February, 

2. Halhew~John-CaiIer, who died young. 

3. Charlotte. 

S. Elizabeth. 

Mr. Chaytor is in the conm 
North Riding of Yorkshire. 

iBion of the peace for the 

' Ufntage. 

The fimily of Clervaux,* is at French 

Sir HiHON DB Clbrvaulx, accompanied 
Ae CoKauKHOR from Normtndy, and nas 
preoent at the battle of Hastings. Be ac- 
qnired lands in Bothnm, in the coun^ of 
York, and was i. by his son, 

AuAN Clcrevaiilx, who, by Us wife, 
* danghter of Sir Lambert Boshy, knt. left 
a son, 

JoRDA N Clerbvadlx, who espoused Ama- 
leta. daughter of Lord Merile, and was f. 
by his ion. 

John Clerevadlx, who m. Oswalda, 
daa^ter of Sir Adam Bruce, and had a stm 

Thomas Clbkevaulx, of Croft, who wed- 
M ^modiea, daughter of John Gaacoigne, 
and WOB f. by bis son, 

Bobbrt Clrrevaulk, of Croft, who m. 
Am, daughter of Edward Lethby, and wu 

Sir John Clsrrvaulx, knt. who espoused 
Herodea, daughter of Iiord Uormion, and 

Henby Clbrevadlx, of Croft, who by 
his wife, Jon&tha, danghter of John Nesome, 
of Nesome, bad three sons, Bobert, John, 
and Rowland, by the eldest of whom, 

Robert Clerbvaulx, of Croft, he was 
Mccecded. This gentleman m. Eve, daugh- 
Mr of Sir William Fairfax, knt. and had 

* The BiBMS of CuaTAvx tad Cbitib occdi 
IB lh» ton of BUteU Abbey. Tba tliield of the 
Cbrrwi «M stationed in RicbiiiODd Castle, 

John I heirs in succession. 
William, rector of Croft. 
Simeon, rector of Lithe. 
The eldest son, 

Sir Thomas Clerevaulx, knt. of Croft, 
espoused Constance, daoghterof Sir Hugh 
Gobion, otherwise daughter of Lord Grey, 
of Coduor, but baring an only daughter, 
Catherine, who died *. p. he was «. by his 

John Clerevaulx, who then became of 
Croft. He m. Matilda, daughter of Robert 
Cerf, and was i, by his son, 

StH WiujAH Clerevaulx, knt. who m. 
Ann, daughter of Thomas Scoythley, and 
was father of 

Sir John Clbrbvaulx, knt. of Croft, 
who nt. Eleanor, daughter of Sir Alexander 
Percy, and had four son* and fire daughters, 

well, and d, * 
Nicholas, it. : p.' 

Christiana, ta. to Thomas Colwell. 
Johanna, aa. to John Sothills. 
Margaret, m. to William Boynton, of 

Sedbury, county of York. 
Anaatasia, m. to Thomas File Henry. 
Alice, m. to Sir Tbomes CoTell, kuL 
The eldest son and heir, 

Sm John Clekevaux, wedded Beatrix, 
daughter of Sir John Mauliverer, and left 



of Tboreaby, in th« conniy of York. 

III. Richard. 

IV. Robert. 

V. Agues, nt. to — SluddoD. 

Sir John WBB succeeded at bin decease by 
hia eldest aon, 

Sir John Clenvaux, knt. of Croft, who 
(K, Iiabell, dsDgbter of Richard RicbtDond, 
and had issue, 

I. John (Sir), his heir. 

of Robert Conyers, of Socbumc, and 
had Rol>ert, who died iisaeless, and 
Alice, m. lo John Fauni, of Wyaton, 
In LeicesteTsbire. 

IV. Mai^arel, m. lo William Vincent, 
of Great Smealon. 

V. Agnes, tn. ta John Headlam. 

VI. Elizabeth, m. to William Lever- 
•ham, d. $. p. 

VII. Beatrix, m. to John KilliDgbmll, of 
Nether Hiddleton. 

VII). Johan, or Katherine, m. to Henry 
The eldest son. 

Sir John Clrrvaux. knt. of CroO, wed- 
ded Margaret, daughter of Sir Ralph Lum- 
ley, knt. (summoned to parliament as 

Ra^, and sister to Ralph, the great Earl 
of Westmoreland, (Stt Bmrki* Extinct 
Ptrragt) by whom he left at bis decease 
in 1443, two sons, JoHK, who mBrried, bat 
died issueless, and 

Sir Richard Clervaitx, of CroR, one of 
the esquires of the body of King Henrv 
VI. This gentleman m. Elixabetb, dau. 
of Sir Henry Vavasor, knt. of Haselwood, 
bigb sheriff of Yorkshire, 10th Edward IV. 
by Joan, bis wife, daughter of Sir William 
Gascoigne, knt. and widow of Richard 
Goldshorough, esq. of Goldsborough. By 
ihie lady Sir Richard bad four sons and 
five daughters, viz. 

I. John, } successive iuheri- 

II. HARMADnKC. ! tors, 

III. Henry, if. i.p- 

IV. Robert 

V. Eliiabeth, m. first, to William Fitz 
Heor^, and secondly, lo William 

VI. Mw^^aret, ■•. to Thomas Laton, of 

VII. Joan, m. to Christopher Aske. 

VIII. Isabel!, m. to WUIiam, son and 
heir of Sir Roger Conyers, knt. 

IX. Beatrix, a nun, at Synynglhweite. 
Sir Richard Clervaux died in 1400, and nu 
buried in the south aisle of the nave in 
('roft church, (the wbole of whicb belonged 
to the family of Clervaux) in a tomb of 
grey marble, exhibiting on each side the 

arms of Cierraox, impaling Vavaaor, and 
corercd by a single slab, bearing the fol- 
lowing iuscriptioD : 
Cif sTioi RH:j>DU*jicethic sub msimom clsBsna 

Crofte qtKmdun Domians huic miienm Dciu 
Anniger Hmrid Regis et pro C4irp0re ssxt 

D D«ua 

• Foil 

ed by bis 

Ssnguini* Edwiibdi qnwti, l«niiqae Ricis 

GradibuB in temii iltsr ntriqne ftiit.* 

Qui obiit A.D. 1490. 

Sir Richard was *. by his son, 

John Clervaux, esq. of CrofI, who m. 
Jane, danghter of John HuBsey, esq. of Slee- 
ford, in the county of Lincoln, and had an 
onlv daughter, Margeria. «. to Jofan Pita 
William, eaq. of Sprotborough. 
without male issue, he w 

Harmaditkb Clervaux, esq. of Croft, 
who espoused Eliiabeth, dau^ter of Sir 
James Strangwayes, knt of Harlesey Castle, 
in the county of York, and had two sons and 
two daughters, namely, John, ttis faeir, and 
William, successor to his niece. Gliiabetb, 
M. to Perciral Lambton, esq. of Belais, and 
Eleanor. Marmaduke Clervaux died 14th 
Henry VII. and was succeeded by his 
elder son, 

John Clervaux, esq. of Croft, who was 
enga^ in the battle of Flodden Field, and 
mentioned in the poem of that name. He 
M. Margaret, daughter of Richard Hansard, 
esq. of Walworth, by Elixabetb, daughter 
ofThomaa Blount, second brother of Wal- 
ter, first Lord Moun^oy, and left at bis de- 
cease, 6th Henry VIII. an ooly dandier 
and heiress, 

■ llw nUtknsbip with til* Kijil bmilyia tfans 

JoHH. Loao NiTiLi, of Raby, K.G. snmmoosd 
to parlisnwnt from 24th Febnury, 1368, to tfltli 
July, 1388, wedded M«id, daaghter of Ltnd 
Pticy, snd had iinte, 

I. Rtiru, lomtb Bsron NcTill, of Rsby, who 

was, in 1397, idTuicsd, in ^11 parKnnent. 

to the dignity of Eirl or Westhoseumb. 

His lordship ■. for his second wile, Joan 

de Beanfort, snd had, with Mliet iasoe. 

Cicely Nstill, who weddad Riohaid 

Plamasniet, Dttai or Yoaa, and bad, 

with OUMT children. 

m Edwjii 


crown, ss thiid of the nam*. 

II. Tbomas, aomnioued to parliameat, as Lord 

III. Msud, Bi. to William, Lord Scroop. 
IT. Alice, BI. teWilltani, Loid Deineonit. 

T. Eluhos. wbowBdd«l Ralph, Lord L«b- 
ley, and had a dan^tar, 

MASOAaET LcMLiY, wbo Bb Sir Joha 

Clerrani, of Croft, and wia Botbsr of 

SiB RicBABD CLaavADX, of Cntft, 

esquire of th* bod* U> Kime 

HioY VI. 



EuijtBBTH Clervaux, who espoused 
Tbonws, BaroD of BUton Castle, in the 
Moot; of DnrbBOt, but dying mthoat issue, 
the eslatea devolved oa her uncle, 

WiLUAM Clbrvaux, esq. of Croft, who 
m. iMbell. dKuehter of Tbomtis Belasyse, 
esq. of Henfcnou, by Margaret, his second 
•rife, davghler and co-heir of Sir Lancelot 
Thirkeld, kot. of Helmerby, in (he county 
of Comberland, and had two sons and a 
dsoghter, vii. 

Richard, his heir. 

Elizabeth, who eventually became 
heiress to her brother, and sole re- 
presentative of the funUy. 
The elder son, 

Richard Clervaux, esq, of Croft, es- 
poued. first, Mai^ry, daughter of William 
KQUn^isU, esq. and aecoDdl^, Margery, 
diDghter of — Place, but leaving no iasue, 
hii lister, 

BuEABETB Clervaux, became sole heiress 
ud representative of the Clervaux family. 
She married Christopher Chaytor, esq. 
of Beantrove, or Butterby, in the county 
of Durham, (son of John Chaytor, of New- 
cutle) bom in 1494, and brooght up ac- 
(oiding to (be custom of those times, in the 
UiaHj of the great Duke of Somerset. By 
^ gentleman (who was anrveyor-general 
of the coantiea of Durbam and Noiihumber- 
ImmI, Itmp. Quern Elizabeth) the beiress 
<rf CierraiuL, bad four sons and four daugh- 

I. Anthony Chaytor, of Croft, which 
estate he inherited at the decease of 
bis mother, m. Gret, Margaret, dan. 
of William Witham, esq. of Cliffe, in 
the county of York, (see p. 6) but 
had DO issne. He wedded, secoodly, 
Margery, dan. of William Thome- 
ton, esq. of Newton, in (he same 
shire, and had 
Wiluah, bis heir. 
Richard, ) . ^. . , 
Thomas, J '**''■ 'P- 
Margaret, nt. first, to Ralph Hnt- 
ton, esq. of Mainsworth, in the 
county palatine of Durham, and 
secondly, to Christopher Rich- 
mond, esq. of Uigbhead Castle, 
in Cumberland. 
Mary, m to Charles Hntton, bro- 
ther of Ralph. 
He was i. by bis eldest son. 
Sir WiLUAM Chaytor, of Croft, 
who received the bonorof knight- 
liood from King Jkua 1, in his 
progress to the accession of the 
crown of England. Hem. Pran- 
ces, daughter of Sir James Bel- 
liogbam, knt. of Levens, in the 

connty of Westmoreland, and 

Thomas, his si 

Henry, a captain, in Ireland, 
under Col. George Mouk, 
(afterwards created Duke 
of Albemarle) subsequently 
col. and governor of Bolton 
Castle, Wensleydale, in 
Yorkshire, under the com- 
mission of Prince Rupert, 
which place he defended un- 
til reduced to eat horse 
flesh, and then marched to 
Pontefract, continuing in 
the service of the royal 
Charleses during the whole 
of those unhappy wars. He 
m. Marnret, daughter of 
Artbor Hebbnme, esq. of 
Hebbnrae, and widow of 
Robert Dodsworth, esq. of 
Barton, in Yorkshire, bulrf. 
t.;>.in 1664. 
Agnes, m. first, to Nicholas 
Foster, esq. of Bambrough. 
in Northumberland, and se- 
condljr, to — Dawson, esq. 
of Ripon, and thirdly, to 
Sir Francis Liddell, knt. of 
Redheugh, in the county of 
Northum berland. 
Sir William was i. by his eldest 

Thomas Chaytor, esq. of 
Croft, who espoused Mair, 
daughter of Thomas Lewu, 
esq. of Marr, in Yorkshire, 
and was (. by bis son, 

John Chaytor, esq. of Croft. 
This gentleman m. first, Sa- 
rah, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam AUanson, of York, and 
secondly, £ltMbeth,* dau. 
of Sir Thomas Davison, of 
(he coun^ of Durham. The 
issue of these marriages was 
a SOD and daughter, who 
both died in bfancy. 

II. Hugh, eqnery to Queen Elizabeth 
<f . .. p. 

III. Christopher, if. i, p. 

IV. Thomas. 

V. Margaret. 

VI. Jane, m. to Ralph Wylly, esq, of 
Houghton, in the county of Durham. 

VII. Elizabeth. 

VIII. Beatrix. 

The fourth son of the heiress of Croft, 

Thomas Chaytor, esq. of Butterby, who 

his father in the office of surveyor-general 

of Durham and Northumberland, m. first, 

Eleanor, daughter of — Thomell, esq. but 

* This tsdy ■>. tttoaHy, Nicholu Fair&i, smj. 




I bath rf. J 

had no unie. He aipoDsed. secondly, Jane, 
daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest, hart, of 
Stella,' (created baronet in 1622) by whom 
he had Gve bod* and five daughten, viz. 

Nicholas, t"*'"" 



JTerDuina, m. to Tbonas SwiDebnme, 
esq. of Banntoii, in Durtiam. 

laabell, «■■ to Jainea BelasyM, esq. of 
Owton, in Durham, (his second wife) 
sixth BOD of Sir William Belasyse, 
of Newborough Abbey, in the couoty 
of York, and Margery, daughter of 
Sir Nicbolaa Fairfax, of GUliDg. 

Margaret, m. to Ralph Bates, esq. of 
Halliwell, in Northumberland (refer 
to vol. i. page 624). 

Hr. Chaytor died in IfllS, and was i. hy hii 
eldest son, 

HeNRv Chaytor, esq. of Bwtterby, who 
died nnm. in IflUS, and was i. by his brother, 

Nicholas Chaytor, esq. a lieatenant- 
colonel noder tbe Harqueee of Newcastle, 
who remained in the army notil the king's 
force* were reduced. He eeponsed Add, 
daughter aod co-heir (with her siBter Mar- 
garet, wife of John KUlingfaall, of Middle- 
ton St. George) of William Lambton, esq, 
of Honghtonneld, in I>urhain, by Ann, his 
wife, daughter and co-heir of the Rev. Joho 
BameB, rector of HonghtoD le Skeme, and 
niece of Richard Bamee, bishop of Durham. 
By this lady Mr. Chajrtor had isBue to sar 

I. WiixiAH, hii beir. 

II. Henry, who m. Isabell, daughter 
and co-heir ol Anthony Horley, esq. 
of lugletoD, and had one bod and a 
daughter, vis. 

Henry, heir to his uncle, 
iBabella, m. to — Hobbins, esq, 

III. Walter, wbo 4.t.p.ia Germany, 
tv. Ann, !■. to — Ogle, esq. 

V. babell. 

vt. Jermima. 
Hr. Chaytor died lOtb February, IQ65, and 
was f. by bis eldest son, 

Sir William Chaytor, of Croft, wbo 
was created a Baronet 38th June, 1671. 
He M. Perigrina, daughter of Sir Joseph 
Cradock, knt.t of Richmond, and had issue. 

Lanbton, ml. a 
dinehler of air R^h de Enre, (ucond son i^ 
Wimuo, Ent Lotd Eure, and his wife, Elisibeth, 
■iater of William, Lord Willoagbby de Eresby) 
I^ Eliadwtb, duighter of Ralph Bowet, esq. of 
Stmdun Culle, in Uurbun. 

f Cndock Hall, in Richmond, Yorkshire, the 
reaidsacB of the lunily, wss built by Sir Joseph 

Henry, a major in the army, wbo 
served four campaign* in Gennany 
and Flanders, under JoH N Churchill, 
DuKB OF Mahlborouoh. Major 
Chaytor predeceased his father with- 

Thomas, who, also, died vitll patris, 
' Anna, d. unm. 
Sir William Craytor died in 1730, and wm 
I. by hi* nephew, 

Hrnry Chaytor, esq, of Croft, who m. 
Jane, only daughter (and upon the death of 
her brothers) heir of Matthew Sraales, esq. 
of Gilling, in Ihe county of York, and had 
four eons and two dauEhtere, yli. 

Henry, LL.D. rector of Croft, and 
Ticarof Catterick, in the county of 
York, and prebendary of Durham, 
who died at Croft, in Jane, 17SD. 
He m. first, Betty, daoghter aod 
heiress of — Gregaan, esq. of Bond- 
gate, in Westmoreland, and by her 
bad one daughter, viz. 
Betty, who m. George Pearson, 
esq. of Harperly Park, in Dur- 
ham, and bad an only child, 
EUzabetb-JaDe Pearson, wbo 
George - HaUoD 


ilkinson, esq. I 

Dr. Chaytor espoused tecondly, Ann, 
daughter of Charles Robinson, esq. 
of Appleby, in Westmoreland, and 
bad other children, viz. 

I. William, wbo d. young. 

II. Henry, a lieutenant-colonel in 
(be firet regiment of foot guards, 
who m. Jano, daughter of Wil- 
liam Harriot, esq. and had, 

1. Henry, t. in 179». 

3. William-CbarleR,&.ii)l800. 

3. John, b. in 1802. 

4. Guslavna - Adolphus, A. in 

5. Ana-Jane. 

6. Mary. 

III. Charles. 

IV. Charkrtte. 

VI. Hannab-Jane 

VIII. Mary. 

IX. Isabella. 

X. Jnliana. 

XI. Harriot. 

Halhew, an ensign in (he fiiM reginaent 
of foot guards, who d, *. p. in Ger- 

John, d. yonng. 

After the sbova 




Jwi«, m. to JohD TroUer, H.D. of D»r- 

AlJce-Huy, m. to Caleb Redsbavr, 
afterwards Morley. esq. of BeamBley, 
in Craven, and d. 6tb July, 1833, 
hiTing htA, wiih other iwoe, who d. 

1. JoaiuHorley, of Beamaleyanil 
MuTtck Park, Yorkshire, who 
d, in Febrvarj, 1827, leaving by 
his firal wife, Miw H. ColUng, 
tw« MM and two dauehtera, viz. 
Francis, of Harrick Park, b. 6th 

' April, 1810, Thomas, b. eth Feb- 
raarj, 1814, Hary, and Dorothy. 

2. John, who M. HUa Hary Miller. 

3. William. 

4. Thomas, who m. and left one 
■on and a danghter. 

Mr. Qiaytor was i. at his decease, by hii 

WiLU«H Chavtor, esq. of Crofl, some- 
line « member of parliament, barrister at 
Uw, recorder of Richmond, vice lipntenont, 
ltd a magistrate for the North Riding of 
Yorkshire, He wedded Hiis Jane Lee, 

1. WiLUAM (Sir), created a Bironet 

in 1831, (see Burka't Pteragt and 


II. Hathew, d. aom. 1825. 

III. John-Clervaux. 

IV. jBnfl,rf. nnm. 1811. 

V. Hary. 

vt. Charlotte, if. nnm. 17D2. 

VII. Elisabeth, m. IStb December. 
1804, to Timothy Hutton, esq. of 
Cliflon Csitle, in the county of York. 

VIII. Harriet, d. nnm. 17D8. 

Mr. Chaylor, of Crofl, died in May, 1B19, 
aged eighty-six. Hit yonnger son is the 
present John Clxhvaux Chaytor, esq. of 

Armt — Quarterly ; Erst and fourth, party 
per bend dancetlie aiv. and az. three cin- 
qnefoiis, two in chief, and one in base, 
connterchanged, for Chavtor. Secondand 
third, sa. a saltire or, for Clervaux. 

Cretti — Chavtor, a stag's head erased 
lozengy, arg. and az. the dexter horn of the 
Gnl, Sie sinister, of the second. CLeavAUX, 
an eagle displayed. A heron ppr. 

Ertatti — At SpeDnithorue and Bellerhy, 
in the parish of Spentiitbome. and manorial 
rigbls ; also at Tunstall, in the pariah of 

Seat — Spennitboroe Hall, Bedale, York- 

^ w 


NICHOLL, Tke Right Honorabk SIR JOHN. kot. LCD. F.R.S. Sec. of Mer- 
thjuiBwr, in the county of Glamorgan, b. 16th March, 
1759, m. 8th September, 1787, Jad7,7oai]gHt daughter 
of Peter Birt, esq. of Wenvoe Ceatle, in the same shire, 
by whom (who d. Ist December, 1S29) he has had issue. 
I. John, b. August, 1797, educated at Westminster 
School, and Chriitchurch College, Oxford, called to 
the bar in 1824 ; took the degree of doctor of laws, 
and was admitted an advocate at Doctors' Commons 
in 1826. He wedded, in December, 1831, Jane- 
Harriot, second daughter of the late T. M. Talbot, 
esq. of Mamm, in Glamorganshire, by the Lady 
Hary Lacy Strangways, his wife, second daughter 
of Henry Thomas, second Earl of IlcheBler, and has 

ir. Mary- Anne. 

III. Judy, m. in 1830, to Charles Franka, esq. a banker 
in liondon, and has issue. 

IV. Katharine, m. in September, 1839, to the Very Re- 
verend Charles Scott Loxmore, dean of St Asaph, 
and d. in November, 1830, leaving an only sod. 

Tliis gratlemnn, who received the first rudiments of his education at Cowbridgra and 
Bristol schools, was elected, in 1775, a fellow, as founder's kinsman, of St. John's 
College, Oxford. In 1785 he took the degree of doctor of laws, and vas admitted an 
sdvonte at Doctorv' Gammons. In 1798 he was appointed His Majesty's advocate- 
gHwal, and knighted. In 1809 ha waa raised to the office of dean of tha Avcbea, and 




judge of the PrerogntiTe Court of Canterbaiy, b3r the Uu arcfabbhop of that pror&tce, 
■ad ma sworn of Uie prlvj connctl. 

Sir John NichoU aht in parluunent above thirty jrean, hmring been elected, in 1 803, 
for Peoryn: in 1806, for HuEings; and, in 1807, for Great Bedwin, which last 
borough he continned to repreeent m long m it aent memben taparliuneot. 


Thb Rbvbsend Iltyd Nichou, rector 
of lAnmaes, in the connty of GUmornn, 
where, and in the adjoining pariab of Lan- 
tevit, or St. Illyde, the family of Nicholt hu 

which latter parish the elder branch still 
posseiees considerable property, waa father 
(with an elder son) of 

John Nicholl, eeq. of Laninaea, who had 
two sons, the elder, father of the present 
Iltvd Nicholl, esq. His M^ea^s procu- 
rator-general, (see fanuly of NlCHOU. of 


Armt — Sa. three pheont arg. 

ilfiKdi— Nit falsi audeat. 

Ettatt* — At Merthymawr, and in sereral 
parishes in Glamorganshire, part by deriae, 
and part by parchaM. 

ToKm Httidaut—BviUm Street, Berke- 
ley Sqoare. 

•Sfat— HerthymawT, Glamorganahire. 


HOORE, JOHN, eaq. of Tara Hooae, in the connty of Meatfa, b. 2(hb September. 
1763. m. first, 24tb May, 1788, Barbara. dai;^ter of 
the Hod. William Brabazon, second eon of Edward, 
serenth earl of Meath. and has isaiM, 

WriXiAM-JoHN, b. 29th April, 1789, in holy ordera. 
John-Arthur, i.24th September, 1791, rending at Hy- 
derabad, in the East Indies. This gentleman, for 
many years signal officer to Admiral, then Captain, 
Blackwood, was blown from a port-hole of the Ajax, 
when that ship was deetroyi^ by fire near the island 
of TenedoB, in the night of the 14th February, 1807, 
hut was saved, togetlier with his captain, by a boat 
belonging to the Canopos, after having been in the 
water more than half an hour. He m. 3lst July, IB27, 
Sophia, daughter of Ckilonel Yates. 
Charles-Henry, (. Zlst March, 1708. 
Mr. Moore wedded, secondly, 26th April, 1825, Char- 
lotte, daughter of George Sainuet Collyer, esq. He aoc- 
ceoded hja fiither 25th February, 1768. 

-^^ Ik 


In 1721, John Moore, esq. of Dublin, 
acquired, under an act of parliament, passed 
for the side of the estalei of William Gra- 

lam, esq. the town lands of Balgatherine, 
Jill of Rath, Tullyhallen, and Drybridge, 
all in the barony of Hellifont, and connty of 

II. John, of whom presently, 
ni. Alice, who wedded General Sir 
John Wbiteford, bart. and had seve- 

ral daughters, of whom one. .Uicia- 
Lucy, m. Wtb November, 1795. 
Henry, third Lord Vernon, and ano- 
ther. Colonel Cunningham. 
Hr. Moore, at his decease, divided his es- 
tates between his two sons, the yonoger of 

John Moore, M.D. of Tullyhallco, tut. 
inheriti'd the entire at the death of hia bro- 
ther CbarleR, which occorred a short time 
snbsequent to that of his father. Dr. Moore 
espoused, 36th August, 1792, Frideawide, 



4ngtoff or Dixie Coddingtou, eu. of Alb. 
liBB^CMtle, in the conntj of Heath, 1>7 
Mm WbUw, of AUeiurtawn, hia wife, uid 
kad iMDe to snrrire, 

I. John, hit heir. 

II. Alice, m. to Thomu Ahmnty, esq. of 
Ae iiluid of Hftdeira, and hod iune. 

III. Jane, M. in July, 1709, the Hon. and 
Teiy Reverend John Hewitt, dean of 
Cloyne, ^onngesl son of James, 
Baron LriTord, lord chancellor of 
Ireland, and had ismw, 

Mary Hewitt, irtto m. in Janaarr, 
1802, die Hon. H^jor-geneni] 
Hennr King. 
Jane Hewitt, «. to Acheeon St 
George, cm]. m>d of Thomaa St. 
George, ew). by the Hon. Lu- 
anda Acheaon, daughter of Ar- 
chibttld, first Viscount Goaford. 
tv. Frideawide,M.inl7S6,Col.tbeHon. 
Robert Henry SoaOiwell, of Caatle 
HuiilioB, aecond son of Thomas- 
George, tinrt Viacoont Sonthwetl, 
aad left iwae one aoo, Robert South- 
well, and a danghter, m. to Colonel 
Dr. Hoore was shot at bis own door bj an 

n person, in 1788, and succeeded hv 
, die present John Hoorb, esq. of 
Tara House. 

Crtit — Out of a dacalcoronctor.amoor's 
head ppr. filletted round the temples az. and 
or, Bjewel pendant in the ear arg. 

Motto — Durum patientift frango. 

£r(af«>— TullThaUen, Bolgatherine, Dry 
bridge,* and Hill of Rath, all in the barony 
of Hellifont, and county of Louth, ac- 
quired by purchase in 1721. In Grose's 
Antiquities of Ireland it is stated that these 
lands, together widi tbe manor and abbey of 
Mellifont, were mnted to Sib Edwabb 
HooRE by Qkmh EuzABETH, in reward for 
bis loyalty, and the bospltali^ shown by 
him to her majesty's troops. Tara Houae 
and demesne, acquired by the present pro. 
prietor'i marriage with Hiss Brabaion. 

Stat — Tara House, county of Headi; 
Stour Lodge, nearMistleythom, Essex, 

• At Drrbridge wu fbacht Iba battle of tbe 
Baptm, tnil ■ bmntifbl obetisk is there erected. 


HELD, JOHN-WILMER, esq. B. A. of Henton Hall, and Hebneatey Lodge, botb 
in the county of York, fvnnerly an officer in the Roym 
Hone-Guards, Bine, m. first, in 1812, Anne, dangbter <^ 
Robert Wbarton-Myddletan, esq. of Crinkle Park, in 
ClereUnd, by whom (who died 11th February, 1815) he 
has two daughters, rii. 

Mart, m. In 1836 to Lord Oxmantown. 

He wedded, secondly, Isabella-Helena, danghter trf the 
late Captain Salter, R.N. but has no other children. 

Mr. Field, who is a deputy-lieutenant and magutntte 
fi>r the West Riding of the coan^ of York, succeeded 
his father m 1819. 


The first of fliis family, which has formed 
Mac eminent alliances, upon record, 

JnHN Fbild, was liring in the year 1571, 
far u that period he is nfuned in bii elder 
•m.-nranaa'awiU. He had two sons. 

Frances, wedded Thomas Green, 
cittten of York, and joined by 
her hnihand, couveyed Shiplet 
to her cousins, George, Edward, 
and Roben Feild. 
II. Willi AH. 
The second son, 
WiLUAM Peiu), esq. of Great Rorton, in 





cUldrCD, all li*lDff in IfiflS, 

I. Gbouis, of Shipley, heir lo kf> brO' 
Iber, Robert, mt wBoae decease, id 
IfiOS, be wfti and for^'Mren, He 
M. at Biadfoid, 7A Au|:iMt, 1S9&, 
laabel Mortimer, anddyiogiaHmrch, 
10X7, left a ion, 

GeoROB, of Sbiplej, b. 28th No- 
vember, 1603, m. in IflSO, 
Hai7 Akead, and was buried at 
Brw^id, SSrd Ootober, 1M7. 


III. Kobeit, of ShipleT, auo lOOA, ten- 
•nt of the Quaen ui capite, i. t. p. 


The Moond md, 

Edw*kd Feild. eeq. ww of Horloa, in 
toee, and of Shipley, in )61& Tbia gcDtle- 
■lan bold land* of the king in c^ite, and 
pvrchaaed property in Heatoa. He wedded, 
at Bradford, Vth AaKoat, 1699, Jennet 
Thoroton, and dying SA April, 1641, waa i. 
by hiiMMi, 

Joseph Fbild, wq. of Shipley, lord of the 
manor of Heaton, baptiied 23rd Angnet, 
laOl, who, m. Mary, eldest dMehter and 
co-heir of William Rawson, of Brakra 
Biank, in the pariah of Kiebley, muTiage 
■ettlement dated 10th October, 1636. By 
IhU lady, who outlived him, and died a 
widow, in 1063, he had iwne, 

I. John, his heir. 

II. Jeremiih, of Hipperholm, in 1672, 
and afterwaids of Chillow, baptised 
at Bradford, 27th Jnl^, 1034, m. Sod 
Norember, 10S8, JndiUi, daoKhter of 
WiUiam Walker, of Watareiae, near 
Halifax, and dying In I70^ left two 
Miu and llnrec daugbten, vix. 

Joseph, beir to bis unde. 
John, who w. abont 1700, Grace, 
daughter of Timothy Rhodes, 
esq. of Heaton Rhodes, and relict 
of Thomas Hodgson, of Little 
Horton, and had snrriTbg issue, 
John, who inheriled under the 

will of bis ancle, Joseph. 
Judith, m. in 1733, to Henir 
Atkinson, esq. of Bradford. 
Mary, baptized llthJannary, 1663, 
M. 1st Hay, lOSb, to Paul Green- 
Sarah, d. at an adranced age, nn- 

mairied, in 17AS. 
AbigU, baptised 16tb March, 1672, 
w, to George Longbotham, esq. 
of Halifax, living a widow, 1st 
Blarcfa, I73S. 

III. Joshua, of Selby, in Yorkshire, 
baptited amh May, 1637, m. at Brad- 
ford, loth July, 1002, Abigal, dan. 
of George FeUd, esq. of Shipley, and 
Jiad a dM^hter, Abigal. 

IV. Anne, b, in 1696, m. to William 

Paikinsoa, esq. and bad serersl 

. Mary, named an execatrix m b(V 
father's will, in 1000. 
Joseph Feild died in 1080, and was t. bj 
hia eldest son, 

John Feild, esq. of Heaton. bspiisedSOUi 
March, 1638. At the decease of this gen- 
tleman wtlhoat issue, in 1712, the eititct 
derolTed npon his n^thew, 

JosBm Feild, esq. of Heatoa, Chellow, 
and Shipley, &. in 1600, w%o died namsTried, 
attont the year 1730, when be lands paned 
to his nephew, 

John Feild, esq. of Hbaton, who mnrrird 
Mary, daughter of Joshua Eamoason, esq. 
of SeacToft, and dying Slst Jannary, 1772, 
aged seMnty-cne, was baned at Bradford, 

cember, 1743, who la. at Scarboiongh, 4tb 
October, 1774, Uttry, yomiger daegbter and 
eventually sole heiress of Randal- Wibner, 
esq. of Helmesley, and represeDtatiie of i 
junior branch of die andenl baronial toose 
of Thwemge (see familiee of THWCNOiasd 
Wilmeb). By this lady be had tssne, 
John, his heir. 
Zachaiy, d. an infant 
Josbaa, of Wcstow House, in the eotmtj 
of York, and of Park Crescent, Lon- 
don, lord of the manor of Beriythorpe 
cum Kennythorpe, m. 17th Angnal, 
1801, Elisabeth, eldest dsn^tir of 
William Wainman, esq. of Csirhesd, 
in Craven, and has bad two dan^- 
ters, Elisabeth and Hary-Amne, both 
of whom died unmanied, ^ eldet 
ia 1S92, the younger in 1896 
Mary-Anne, m. 4th February, 1802, U 
Engene-Thomas Whittell, esq. bar- 
rtster-at-law, of Over Helnesley, and 
has a son, 

Joshua-Francis WUttell, wbo * 

Delia, m. in 1806, to Thomas-Gwirgt! 
Fitzgerald, esq. of Oaklands, ii On 
connty of Hayo, a colonel in tbt 
army, and left at her decease, tttb 
December, 1817, an only snrvivin| 
Charles-Lionel William Fi^i^d, 
who M. his cousin. Hiss Kirwsi. 
Mr. Field, who was a magistrate and depnl; 
lieutenant for the West Riding of Toitnin, 
d. in 1810, and was J. by his only son, Ike 
present John-Wilmbx Field, esq. of Hes- 

^Millfs* Of Clbcilt ■ 

The family of Thwenoe, andenlly antuigst 

the most AstingBished in Om ooanty of 

YoA, wen lords of Killan Castle, in d>st 




■Ure. BBd attained the rank or nobility _ 
the 36tfa of Edwabd I. when Hariudoke 
M Thwehoe, a celebrated soldier, In 
Scottish wata, was lotnitHMM] to parliament 
u a MBON (lee BuMKi'a Extinct amd Dor- 
mmU Peermpt). 
lo the time of Henrv III. we find 
&K Robert de Thwenob, depnted by 
Ike oAer barons lo repair to Rome, and to 
lay at the foot of the pontiff a complaint 
from the ooblea of EnKlaod, regarding an 
entaoachment upon their eccleiiaalical im- 
manitiea by the noty Me. His ion and heir, 
H&uitDUKE TnwBKGE, espODied Emma, 
■Mtar and heiress of Dnncan Darrell, and 

RoBBST DB Thwenoe, lord of the castle 
of KiltOB, 1^0 m. the widow of Sir John de 
Okelon, and had issue, 

KtRKADQKB (Sir), his saccessor. 
Blchard (Sir), lord of Boyrille, m. 
Jttliana, relict of Sir Walter d'Aw- 
dr«, knt. 
YTau, father of John de Thwenge. 
Richaid, in holy order*, rector of the 
chnrch of Ripley, in Yorkshire. 

M. to WilUam Constable, ancestor 

to the Constables of Flambroogh. 
Alice, m. to John OketoD, son of Sir 
John Oketon, knt. 
Tb« eldest sou and heir, 

HARMADtiKE DC Thwbnob, lord of Kil- 
tofi, M. Laeia, second sister and co-heir of 
Pelei de Bru, baron of Skelton,* and had, 
with jniiMW isne, 

I. Robert, his heir, who left an only 
danKhter, LucijI, m. Bnt, to William, 
Locd Latinier, from whom she waa 
derorced. She lived afterwords with 
Bobert Meinill, bv whom she bad a 
aatnral ion, Nicnolas de Meinill, 
lommoned to parliament as Baron 
Meinill, 6th Edward II. She wed- 
ded secondly, Robert de Everingham, 
and ttlrdly, Bartholomew de Fan- 

a. HUhnadiike, saccessor to bis bro- 
ther. This was the gallant soldier, 
so diatlogaished in the Scottish wars, 
and who, as mentioBed abore, was 
Ruumoned to parliament as Baron 
in. Edward. 
The third son. 

' Petar de Bros dcnTed from a conunon ■»• 
cMtor with the tingi of ScotlMid ; 

Ronar n Bicci, loid of Skdton, fannder of 
tfa> pri'T of Giibiuiie, in tba oonnty of York, 
weddMl Ag»M, daogblw of Fnlke Pi^tl, baron 
of Dodley, and dyinKinllU, tail two (oni, 

Ania, baran ofSkellao, grett grtndfatber of 

tha Peter de Bras, nMDtimMd in the laxt. 
R«nn, kfd of Anaoultle, in Sootland, 
saceMor of the Kivoi of Scotltad. 

Edward Thwinoe, eroonswl Alice, 
daughter and sole heir of Walter Helmes- 
ley, of Over-Helmesey, in the coanty of 
York, and bad, with two younger sons 
William and Walter, who both died i. p. 
a son and heir. 

Sir Habmaduke Thwenoe, of Over- 
Helmesley, who m. in 1344, Agnes, daughter 
of Sir John Horton, knt. and had issue, 

Thokas, who m. — daughter of Sir 
' Ralph Bigod, of Setrington, knt. and 

died without issue. 
WiLUAM, of whom presently. 
Thomas, the younger, m — daughter 
of Hugh Hough, esq. of Hough, and 

^e second son, 

WiLUAH Thwbnob, espoused Alice, 
daughter of William Nesam, and had a son 
and hfir, 

Walter Thwbnob, who n. Hargaret, 
daughter of Bryan de la See, and had fiiive 
sons and two daughters, viz, 
GeoRos, his heir. 
John, d. t. p. 

m. lo Thomaa Hnalarde, alias 


HI. to — Dawtree. 

He was *. ^ bis eldest son, 

Georob Thwenoe, esq. of Upper Helma- 

sley, who wedded — daughter of Thomas 

LeptDn,esq.of Ketwith,and wasi. by his son, 

Mabhaduke Thwenoe, esq. of Upper 

Helraesley. This gentleman m. —daughter 

of Redmain, esq. of Bosaoll, in the county 

of York, asd had iiane, 

GaoROE, his saccessor. 

Christopher, of Huggot, in Yorkshire, 

living in 1A84. 
Dorothy, a nun. 
The eldest son and heir, 

GEOROBTHWENi;E,e»q. of Upper Helme- 
•ley, wedded Anne, daughter of William 
Thwaites, esq. of Long Haraton, and had 

John, his heir. 

Thomas, of Henarth, from whom the 

Thwengea of that plaoe, now re- 

presented by GEORob Alphonso 

THWENOE, esq. 

Ingram, attainted in the rebeUJoii. 
Katherine, m. to Ralph TbwcDge, of 


Jane, m. to Robert Withea. 
Margerv, m. to Robert ThorBton, of 
East NewtoB. 
George Thwenge waa t. at his decease by 
bis eldeat son, 

John Tuwenob, eaq. of Upper Helne- 
sley, who m. Maud, daughter of Thomas 



GrimBtoD, ciq. or Griiniton, and bad a 

HABMUtUKB Thwbnob, eiq. of Upper 
Helmeder, agAd twentj-foar yean, ouui 
1564. Tbia Rentlemaa wedded Anne, Red- 
didi, and had (with one aoo, Harmadnke, 
who diad jouiig, 3rd Jane, Sfith EuzAiBTU) 
aa only daughter, 

Harobrv Tuwrhge, who npcnaed 61M, 
(before 3rd Jamu I.) GuBoi Wilmer,* 
eaq. of Stratford le Bow, in tbe countj of 
HJddleMS, and aecondly, the Hob. Henry 
Fairfax, aecoDd aon of Thomaa, ViMonnl 
Fairiax, by tbe former of whom ihe left, 
at her decease, 33rd September, 8tb Ch ar lrs 

Grorcr Wilmrr, eiq. of Stratford le 
Bow, aeiaed of Helmealey. Thii gentleman 
M. in l«3B, Rebecca, daaghter of Ranulph 
BukerriUe, e«q. of London, son of Thomaa 
BaakerriUe, esq. of Old Whittiagton, in 
Cheahire, and Margery, hji wife, daughter 
and co-heir of Thomas Kynaey, of BUck- 
den. By this lady, who died before 1684, 
Mr. Wilmer had uiae, 

John, of Walthamatow, ). in 16Sd, died 
I. 1737. 


If argery, i. 1606, m. firat, to Richard 
Parry, eaq. and lecondly, to Sir 
Robert Beachcrofl, knL 
Mary, linng in U»4, m. to Peler Cart- 
Mr. Wilmer, iritoae will bean date 13th 
Norember, 1684, and waa proved 8lb April, 
1687, wa* *. by his ton, 

IUndil Wilhik, eaq. lord of Helmealey, 
who m. Snt, Dorothy Cornwall, and by 
iMr, who died in UTS, had a son, 

Obokob, hia heir. 
Re wedded secondly, Sarah, yovngest 
danghtEr of John StBinforth, eaq. of York, 
by Mary, his wife, daughter of Hanna- 
dttke Blakeston, of Honk Fryston, and had 

hta brother- 

John, of Tori, irtio died nnmanied, 
14th February, 1761. 

Hary, d. nnm. 6di September, 1733. 
Mr. Wilmer eepoosed thirdl;, Isabella 
Wood, by whom, wbo m. secondly, Richard 
Wilks,ofTanstaU, he had an only child. 

• Th. a 

EuuilT tit Wiuua dariirM 

WuxMH WiuiiB, of Wilhalmk*, 

S temp. UmiT VII. 

Thomas, who dird in minoritT. He died 
himself in 1710, and was 1. by nis sob, 

Geobok Wilher, esq. h. 16th December, 
lOTd, an (Acer in the Guards, who m, 4th 
September, 1701, Anne, daughter and heir 
of Lewis Etherington, esq. of Rillington, is 
Yorkshire, and had one son and fb«r dangh- 

Grorgb, who predeceased hia fatter itt 

Dorothy, ai. to John Ireaen, eaq. of 

BUton, and d. 1743. 
Anne, m. 13tb Norember, 1731, WH- 
liam Gossip, eaq, of Tborpareh, in 
Ihe county of York. The grandso* 
of this marriage, 
Rahdall Gouip, a colonel in the 
army, suoceeded hia brodicr at 
Tborparch, He at. Uiai Cmj, 
and waa &ther of the present 
Captain Rasdali. Uiw«ir, of 
norparcb, Yorkshire, and of 
two younger aona, Wilmer and 
George, who have assumed Ike 
surname of Wilher, 
Rebecca, d. nnm. in 1736. 
LnCT, m. in 1749, to — Neldiorpe, eaq. 
Mr. Wilmer hBTing outUred his son, Ae 
repreaeutation of the fiimily, at his dooease 
in 1743, derolTed upon hia brodier, 

Randall Wilmer, esq. of Staple Inn, 
Loudon, who eventually 1. his uncle, J<dm, 
at Helmetley. He at. ftth January, 1748, 
Jane, sister and heir of the Rev. &chary 
Suger, anddyiug33nd February, 1761, aged 
scTcn^, left two daughters, his co-heirs, via. 

I. Ann, m. first, in 1770, to Wilmer 
Gossip, esq. of Thorparcb, and le- 
condly, abont 1793, to John Bnrke 
Ryan, esq. of Grosrenor Place, but 
d. I. p. 4th Jannsry, 1790. 

II. Mary, ultimately sole heiress, who 
wedded, as already alaled, JontiA 
Field, esq. of Healou. and was 
mother of the present John Wilmer 
Field, esq. of HeatMi Hali. 

Arm* — Arg. three bara wavy ax. a>r- 
mottnted of a Gon rampant or, in chief two 
escallop shells of the second, qaartering 
Wilmer, Thweng, Bruce, kc. 

CrttI — A deater hand ppr. holding ai 
armillary sphere, all surrounded by clouds, 

Eitaler — In the three ridinn of Torfc- 

Aoif — Hentou Hall, and Helne^ 
Lodge, Yorkshire. 



STEDART, HOPE, «aq. vt Balleclua, in the cotmtj of Perth, ft. 36th Jane, 1761 
t. hi* brother in 1783, m. 28th September, 1803,Louiia, 
second daughter of Junea Morley, eeq. iMe of Kemahot 
Park, in the conntj of Hants, and has istne, 




Hary • Ga*in~ Eltzebetb. 


Anne-Oncer Agn es. 

Louisa- Wilhelntna. 


- gtumdam i 

This is an iUegitinate branch of the royal 
bonae of Stewart, springing Irom 

8» John Stsuhht, natural son of King 
Jambs II. of ScoUbihI, wbo purchaMd the 
lands of Stioks, be. jn Glenqoaich, from 
Patrick Cardnejr, of that Ilk. Of those 
landa he got a charter from JitHES III. dated 
DeoeaibCT, 1486, wherein he is dcBignated, 
BtrnTubUiM Vir Dvmanu Joannt* Stetuu-t, 
/rater btMlanhu tuaremi Domimi noitri 
Regit. And in another charter, of Aanist, 
I'lM, in Kma Sauu Ou " " ^ ' 

Stemtrt, frmttr o. — 

Ammu Aoftn' Regit. 

had three eoui, Wiluah, John, and Pi- 

TRMX, by the eldest of whom, 
WiLUAM Steuart, of Sticks, he was 

saccceded. Tliis gentleman dying t. p, 
wm followed by his brother, 

John Steoart, of Sticks, whom. Hatilda 
Maetem. Lady Rattrwr, hot died witiunt 
bsitimate isane, at Ballechin, hi 1M9. 
k>nng settled seTcral of his lands npon his 
SUaral sons, John and Alexander, as ap~ 
pears by hU charters to thent, ^ted at 
BiUech£D, in IMS aod lAfiO. He died at 
SB idTanced are in lAfiO, haTing prerionsly 
■Ataiwd from QmieH Hary (in 1543) license 
to absent himeelf from the wars in conse- 
qoence ofhis age. He was (. by his brother, 
Patrick Steuait, of Ballechin, In Oe 
coanhr of Perth. This eentleman espoused 
Elisabeth Buttar, dan^ter of Bnttar, of 

Patrick 4 

I. Jamis, bis heir. 

II. Otowge. 

III. John, from whom descended the 
Slenarts of Ara^y. This John 

bad a dangbter, SiBitXA, m. to Alex- 
ander Leuie, of Urqhafl. Douglas, 
in the Peerage of Scotland, mentions 
another dangher, Anne, m. to George 
Leslie, captain of the garrison of 
Blair CasUe, temp. James VI. pro- 
genitor of the Earl of Leren. 
He was (. by the eldest, 

Sir Jambs Stbuart, knt of Ballechin, 
who sold the lands of Sticks to Sir Duncan 
Campbell, of Olenorchay. He si. firsL 

HiRABLE Crichton (contract of i 
dated at Blair, in Atbol, 3nd Febmaiy, 
1&86, to which John, Earl of Athol, James. 
Lord Doun, deseed the lady's uncles, and 
James, Earl of Hurray, are nnderlaken of 
soreties for the dower). By this lady he 
had a son, Robert, his successor, and a 
daughter, Elisabeth, m. to Ihucan Robert- 
son, esq. of DalenhoQ, ancestor of Ae Earl 
ofPortmore. Sir James eaponsed secondly. 

progenitor of Lord RoUo, and hsd two other 

John, of Killichassie, whose great 
James Steuart, eeq. an eminent 
banker in EdinbnrKh, settled at 
Stewartfleld, near Suit city. 
Geor^, ancestor of Stenart, of Loch 
of Clunie. 
Sir James Stuart was t. by his eldest son, 

Robert Stuart, of Ballechin, who wed- 
ded Hargaret, daughter of Cunpbell, of 
Olenlyon, br whom (who oi. secondly, 
Bruce, of Cnltmalindie) he had issue. 




Alexander, who with other children, 
wu father of 

Robert, a minUtec of the church 
of ScotlBDd, frequently called 
Alexander, lulled at Halplacqnet, 
in Flanden. 
The laird waa «. hj hi« elded aon, 

John Stkuabt, B*a. ov Billechik, who 
etpooainK ^^ royal cause, waa Blain by 
Cromweu'i troops near Dunkeld, haTing 
been niittal.en for die Earl of Athol, while 
that nobleman effected hia escape. Dying 
without iasne, he waa (. by hii brother, 

Patrick Stbuart, esq, of Ballechin. 
This g^entleman stood high in the favooi of 
King Jakes II. of England, and had a 
charter from that monarch, couched in the 
most honorable terms, " nos conitderaates, 
Patriciam Steuart de Ballechin, vimm esse 
probatK fidelitatia, et qni diadematt not- 
troque inlerewe regio firmua semper ad 
beserat, fcc. Ice." He espoused Elizabeth, 
dughter of Sir Alexander Lindsay, of Eve- 
lick, by whom he had, with sever^ daugh- 
tera, five sons, viz. 

t. Cbables, his heir. 

II. Alexander. 

III. John, of Keynachin, who at. and 

IV. Robert, a writer in the exchequer. 

V. George, who died in the Daricn ex- 

Ballechin was t. by his eldest son, 

Charles Steuart, esq. of Ballechin, who 
wedded Anne, dau^ter and co-heir of John 
Dow, of Amhall, and had issue, 

t, Patrick, who ta. Christinn, daughter 
of Sir Robert Henzies, of Weem, 
hut predeceased his father, issueless. 

II. James, who being made prisoner at 
Preston, died in Newgate, (1718) 

III. Charles, heir to hia father. 

V. Helen, n>. to Alexander Henzies, 
esq. of Woodend. 

VI. Margaret, m. to John Campbell, 
esq. of Kinloch. 

VII. Emilia, n. to John Stewart, eaq. ol 

VIII. Anne, m. to David Rattray, esq. 
of Tnlly oharran . 

IX. Jean, m. to Sir I«wrence Mercer, 

The laird was «. by hia only mrTinag boa, 

Charles Stewart, eaq. of Ballechin. 

This ^ntleman m. GriCell, daoriiter of Sir 

Iiawrence Mercer, of Aldle, and had issoe, 

I. Robert, his heir. 

II. James, one of the derksof his ma- 
jesty's signet. 

III. George, a merchant in Edinbnrgfa. 

IV. Jean, m. to Stewart, ofTincaatle. 

V. Clementina, n. to Sir John Stewart, 
of Grandtully. 

He died in 17B4, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

Robert Steuart, esq. of Ballechin, who 
wedded Isabella, daughter of John Hope, 
esq. of Edinbora^h, eon of Sir Thomas Hope, 
hart, of RankeiUor and Ciaighall, by whom 
he had 

Charlu, his successor. 

Hope, heir to his brother. 

Robert, m. Martha, danghler of Col. 

Frederick, and has issue. 
James, d. nnmarried. 
Isabella, d. unmarried. 
Grace, m. to Charles Steuart, eaq. of 
Dalgnire, in Perthshire, and d. with- 
out Burriving issue. 
Margaret-Douglas, h. 2nd April, 176S, 

d. 131h Hay, 1833. 
Mr. Steuart waa *. by his eldeM son, 

Charles Steuart, esq. of Ballechin, at 
whose decease unmarried, in 1783, the es- 
tates devolved upon his brother, the present 
HoFE Steuart, esq. of Ballechin. 

Amu — First and fourth, or, a lion ram- 
pant within a double treasure flowered and 
counter flowered gales, as descended of the 
royal family of Scotland. Second and third, 
or, a fesse cheque az. and arg. wi&in a b»r- 
dnre engrailed of the first. 

MMo — Semper fi delis. 

£f(ai«— Ballechin, in Perthshire. 

rStat— Ballechin. 



DISNEY, JOHN, vq. of The Hyd«, in the county of Essax, F. R. S. tutd of the 
Inner Templa, b&rrister at law, 6, at Flintham Hall, 
Notti, 29th May, 1779, m. at St. George's, Hanover 
Squara, 22iid September, 1802, hii coiuin-german, 
SoPBiA, younger daughter and co-heir of Lewis 
DwwRY-Frrrcm, e»q. «f Swinderfay, in the county 
-^ of Lincohi, and of Danbury Place, Eetex, and hae hati 

John, L 28th July, IBOS, d. 201h December, 1819. 

Ei>a:tR, b. 23iid December, 1810. 


Mr. DiNiey inherited the estatea at the deceue of hie 
father, 26th December, 1816, and became repreaentatiTe 
of thia branch of the family of Disney upon the demiia 
of hif nncle and father-in-lav, 22Dd September, 1822. 



ns ftmily of Disney, anciently written 
P t^IgWET and D'EisNKY, and deriving its 
P*(ninyniic from Isigny, a bonrg near Bbj- 
tn, in Normandy, came into England at 
<^ period of the CouqneBt, as atlesled by 
lb* Buneroos copiee of the Battell Abbey 
Rdl, printed in " Grafton's Abridgement,'' 

p. 34, ■' Fnller's Church Hiatory,' 
8t«w, Hollingshed, and other of _ _ _ 
' Leiniid, In his Itinerary, p. 2», 

iting the gentry of tbe Keslevfn 
wimoa of IdnoolDshire, mentions " Disney 
•>"• D« beney ; be dwelleth at Diseney, 
■J*of Ui name and line he geDtilmen of 
nwnce. Atlesham Priory, by Tbomey 
t-omloisc, was nf the Diseney's fonndation, 
ui there were divers of them bnryed, 
ud likewise at Diseney." 
. UmEBT Db IflNEi, of Norton Disney, 
" tbe wapentake of Boothl^ Graffoe, and 
W of Keeleren, in Uncofoshire, i» tho 
°nt nentioned in tbe record* of this klnc- 
dm. His BOO, 

8ii JoiDAN De Issey, of Norton Disney, 
■■ Ae danfhter of Sir Geofiy Friskney, 
w. tnd was J. by bis son, 

8ii GiLieiiT DeIsnev, of tbe same place, 
"u by the daughter of tbe Lord Bardolph 

Sii Anthony De Isnev, of Norton 
W^lmy, who wedded — , dan. of Thomas 
"V^ilcT. and bad a son and successor, 

8i« John De Isnbv, of Norton Disney, 
!*y.»P«»ed tbe danriiter of Sir Robert 
H*bT, kat and left a son, 

■•f "tdded tbe daughter of Sir Gregory 
•we, kni. and had a son and successor, 

SiK John Di Iskey, of Norton Disney. 
Tbiagentleman espoused Anne, daughter of 
Sir William Skipwith, knt and had iwine, 

Sra WiLUAM De Isnsy, of Norton 
Disney, who wedded Christiana, daughter 
of Thomas Chelden, and was i . by his sod. 

Thohas D'Ibnev, of Norton D'Isney, who 
m. tbe daughter of Sir GeoSreY PavnelL 
knt and left 

William DIiney, of Norton D'lsney, 
who by his wife, Berthsheba, daughter of 
Thomas Oimesby, bad a son and snccessor, 

Sia WiLUAM DlsXEV, Lord of Norton 
D'lsney, i«mp. Hehey III. who m. lane, 
dan^ter and co-heir of Sir William Dive, 
knt. of Kingerby, in the county of Uncoln, 
by Ermentnida, his wife, daogbter and co- 
heir of Peter de AmundeTille, of Eingerbr, 
(tbe great- great -grand«on of Ri^er de 
AmnndeTille, colled also Humfines, senes- 
chal to Remigios de Feschamp, Bishop of 
Lincoln, anno 1072, who granted to him tbe 
manors of Kingerby, Anresby, EUeaham, 
and Croxton) by this lady he had (with 
Richard and John, who both died «. p. and 
Margaret, wife of Thomas de Fenton, of 
Fenton) a son and successor, 

SiK WiLUAH D'IsNBi, of Norton Dlaney, 
knight of tbe shire for lincoln, from 26th 
EowARD I to 171h EowARn II. who wedded 
Joan, daugfattr of Sir Nicholas Liuigford, of 
I^n^ord, Notts, and was t, at his decease 
(baviDg been buried at Norton, where bis 
tomb remains) by his son, 

Sir WiLUAH DIsnev, of Norton Disney, 
hi^b sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1340, and 
knighl oflbe shire in parliament 17th Edw. 



Grey de Rntbjn, 

Sir Wiixiitii D'Iiney, of Norton Dis- 
ney, who, by Lacy, hit wife, du 
Sir William Feltoo, wu fktbec of 

March, 1461, leanng, by Katheriae, hii 
wife, daoghler of John Leake, eiq. 

John, bifbeir. 



Edward, of Fnlbeck, in LincolnsUn, 
who n, Catherine, daaebter and co- 
heir of William HiddtcUm, Mq. of 
Fnlbeck, and had iune. 


Katberine, m. to WOliun Stanuton, 
eaq. of Blaiuilon. 
The eldeat loi) and beir. 

Thia gentleman m. Aargaret, 
Thomas Ncvil, eaq. of RoUeaton, Notta, and 
r. by hia ton, 


who, hy hia wife _ . ^ 

Tfaomaa CnNbolroe, eaq. was lather of 

WiujAH, hia Bnceeiaor. 

John, of Carlton, in Hoorianda, Un- 

colnahire, m. Ellaabelh, daughter of 

— Wslocit,«Mj. of Walcot, and died 

about the year IfiM. His gremt 

TnoHis DlsNET, eaq. of Somer- 
ton CaalJe, diapiised of his inte- 
rest in that estate to Sir Edward 
Hossey, baring no aurriring 

The elder son and heir, 

WlLUAM miNET, eaq. of Norton Dis- 
ney, was high sheriff of the county of Lin- 
oom in 1633. He m. Margaret, danghter of 
— Joyner, esq. and had iaaue, 

RiCHAKD, his heir. 



Anna, w. to — Wayte, esq. 

Mary, m. to William Harrey, esq. of 

Harpret, at. to Richard Grey, esq. of 


He lies buried with hii wife at Norton, 
Duder a tomb BtUI existing, and was t. by 
Us eldest eon, 

Richard DIsnbt. esq. of Norton Dis- 
ney, high sheriff of the county of Lincoln in 
1067 and 1568, and horgeu in parliameni 
for Grantham ' tn I6M. This gealleniHn 
M. Irat, Margaret, daughter and co-heir of 

Sir William Hnasey,* and had, with olber 
iaine, who d. t. p. 

Daniel, his heir. 

Syrach, who m. Bridget, daughter of 
Richard Skepper, ewi. of East Kirby. 

Sarah, m. to Alexaader Ancotts, eaq. 
of Amcotis, Id Unoolnshire. 
He wedded, secondly, Jane, danghter of 
Sir William AvscoDgb, and relict of Sir 
George St. Paul. He died 30th December, 
IA7B, and was Interred at Norton, where > 
roouoment still perpetuates hiinemary. He 
was 1. by his sod, 

Daniel DIsney, esq. of Norton DIshev, 
who was sheriff of Lincolnshire, anno 1683, 
and died 3rd February, 1087, aeiaed, as ap- 
pears by the inqnisitio post mortem, of the 
manor of Norton Disney, the rerersioB of 
the manor of Kingerby (me ascient poaacs 
sion of the AiivNDBViixEt firom the time of 
the Conquest), and tbe manors of Slaple- 
farth and Swinnerby, leaving, hyHary, hia 
wife, (whom he wedded 24tb April, laOfi), 
dan^ter of Sir Edward Molyneox, knL of 
Hawton and TOTcraaU, Notts, an only son 
and heir, 

SikHenbt DliNEY.t of Norton Dli- 
ney.who was bora 1st March, 1069, knighted 
at Whitehall 23rd July, 1603, and bnned at 
Norton, lllh October, 1B41. He m. fan, 
Barbara, daughter of John Thorahaagb, eaq. 
of FeDloD, Notts, and had (with a daughter, 
Anne, the wife of John WiUiamson, eaq. of 
Bnrton), a son and heir, 

* Sib Joaa SoMav, knL ww nada chiaf Int- 
lar of Eogland by Kiag Hdst VIII. and aaa- 
UMmad Id paiiiamant by tlMnme monuoh m BAaoa 
HcuMT.ciirSlaJbid, in Linodmhiia ; bMangaciac 
in the mnmction of 153T, h> ww baks^ at 
Linooln, and his DunoT of Slalbrd, and other (•■ 
tatea, amonntinc to £5.000. a nai, eopfiaealad. 
He left, by his fiiat wile, tha Lady Anas Gtn, 
danvbtar of Gaoiga, Eabl of Kswr, tm soaa, who 
died iasaaltas, and fbor daoghurs ; and by tbt 
aaooad, Hargant, dsngfalet and bnaas of Sir 
Simon Bkmnt, of Hangnfidd, in Oliiiwaianliin, 
four aona, and anotbn dangbtar. Hw eldaat tea. 
Sib WiLLua Hu*m, with hia bndtart nd 
airtns, waa reatoiad in blaad by th* iwreraal of 
tbe utBindar by pariiaaunt in tba 5th of Euu- 
ana, bM ba got neithn the tide nor •statas. He 
■L tbeheinsaof Sir TboaasLorell, knt. and dy- 
ing in the 3id «t 4th of Philip and Haiy, Mt 
two daogbteia, liia eo-heira, ris. 

Nblu (or ManaiM), m. to Ricrabb D'li- 

NiT, eaq, aa m the taM. 
Awaa, ■■. to WiUiaai Gdl, cao. of Dailey, ia 
the egon^ of Darby. (Bdbii'i ExtuM 
1 This Heniy had thns aiatera. 

Eliaabedi, ■. Gr«, to William Staantoai, of 

Stanntan, (loe VoL i. p.5S7); 

— Aaton i and thinllj, to — Baaay. 

Uaatn, n. to Sir Charlaa Bsrnby, of Bsd^. 

Adm, ■>. to Duiid Uacrey, esq. of Erado^ 




I. WiUJAH, of Norton Dlne^, bora 
Srd Juuuy, lOSB, m. lal Iky, 1612, 
Bridget, dMu^ler of Ediniuid Holy- 
nenx, eaq. of Tboip, io the oottnt; of 
NottngbuB, and dying in ISM, left 
1. HoLTMEDX, of Norton D'bney, 
. alieuteDBDt-colonel in the wmy, 
and some time ooder the com- 
mand of Christopher, Duke of 
Albemarle, d. in ISM, baring 
had by hia wife (whom he m. 14I1i 
JsQuary, 1633), Muy, younnit 
dangbter and co-heir of Sir Ro- 
bert Homuon, of Carlton, in 
lincolnahiie, the followineiMue, 
WiLUtM ,who WM inrolTed in 
the Duke of Honmonth's re- 
bellion, and nir«r«d death 
at Kennington, 3Mt Jnne, 
Honaon,> died young and nn- 
John, \ married. 
Harj, oi. firat, in 1683, to John 
Stow, e*q. of Newton ; and 
•econdly, to Robert Heron, 
eaq. of Newark-npo»-Trent, 
Penelope, died yonng. 
Sarah, b. in 1628. 
Bridget, a^XlBt June, 1666, to 
Francia Bnaiy, eiq. a cap- 
**■■! in the army, aloin in 

Elisabeth, baptiied 8di Octo- 
ber, 1642, m. to the Rer. 
Francis Clarke, miniiter of 
Stoke, Notts. 

Diana, h. in 1646. 

Catherine, b. 16th October, 

gent, of London. 

2. Daniel, barrister at law, b. in 
I6I6, m. in 1636, Oeanor, third 
danghter of Thomas, Viscount 
Beaomont, and lud three sons, 
wbo all tf. young and issueless. 

3. RIGH4HD,* a captain in the 
army, b. in 1634, m. Jane, 
daughter of William Wreight- 
nwn, esq. of Stoke, in Notts, and 
Itad issue, 

WiLLiaii, who became of Nor- 
ton D'Ibnet at the deceaat 
of hia uncle Colonel HOLT- 
NEUX DISNEY, in 16D4, but 
died unmarried in 1722, 
when the estate passed to 
the line of his younger bro- 
-^ - - of Biox. 

dier, the i 

Richard, in holy orders, r 

[* firaj iatnmadial* torn, who died 

tor of BloKhun, lineoln- 
shire, m. first, Rebecca, 
daughter of Ihc Rev. Henry 
Wych, of Sutton, in Surrey, 
and had a dat^;bter, Annb. 
He wedded, secondly, Brid- 
get, danghter of Eakins 
Lenton, esq. of Wigtoll, in 
' fite coDuty of Lincoln, and 

Bridget, b. in 1881. 
Anne, ■>. first, 36tfa Ja- 
nnary, 1681, toTimotby 
Boole, esq. of Naren- 
fay ; and secondly, to 
John Oilman, esq. of 
Csnwick, both in lin- 
4. Eliiabedi, m, to Samuel Fisher, 

A. Hary. m. in 1647 to Barftolo- 
mew Lascelles, esq. of Elaton, 

Sir Henry D'Isney wedded, secondly, Elea- 
nor, daughter of Thomas Grey, esq. of 
Idngley, b the county of Letceeter, by 
whom he had two other sons, Tii. 

Stoke Hammond, Bucks, b. in 1606, 
m. loan, daughter of Edward Wilks, 
esq. oflieighton Buzxard, and had, 

Jmtb a daughter Frances, the wife of 
lenry Hawes, esq. of Prince Res- 
borough, Backs), a sou. 
The Rev. Matthew DIsnrt, rec- 
tor of Blechley, who at. first, 
Sarah, danghter and co-heir of 
Samuel Ironside, esq. of Heath, 
in Bedfordshire, and had a 
Frances, nt. to Philip Leman. 
He wedded, secondly, Mary, 
relict of Paul DavreU, esq. of 
Lillingston Dayrell, and by this 
marriage was grandfather of 
The Rbt. Wiluah D'Isney, 
D.D. rector of PlucLley, in 
Kent, formerly professor of 
Hebrew in the University of 
Cambridge, h. in 1731, m. 
Anna-Maria, dau^ter and 
co-heir of Jdin Smyth, esq. 
of Chart Sutton, in Kent 
Sir Henry's second son (the elder of the 
second marriage J, 

John DIxnev, esq. of Swinderhy, in the 
county of Lincoln, b. 30th November, 1603, 
M. 3Ath January, 1636, Barbara, daughter 
ofGerrase Lee, esq. of Norwell H»]l,Noni, 
and had two sons, vis, 

Gervase, b, in 1641, bis eucc 
Daniel, heir to his brother. 



He d. lOth ImoMtj, 1680-1, and wu *. b; 

lua elder bod, 

Oervasb Diinev, esq. of Swinderby, who 
■>. fint, Rebeco, dangler of John Sp«te- 
mMi, eaq. of Rednooke, in Derbvihire, and 
■econdly. Hit. Haxy Serie, of Lunbeth, 
but d jin; iMnelMi, ^ April, 1691, waa f . 
by bj* bratber, 

Daniel Disney, e«q, of tbe city of Lin- 
coln, who then became alio ." of Swinderby." 
He m. in 1674, Cntherioe, youugeBt daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Henry Fynes Clinton,* 
e«q. of Kirksted, in Lincolnshire, by nbom 



John, who was of Lincoln, and in the 
conuniMion of the peace for that 
county, bat baring taken bii degree 
of matter of arts, afUirwards, entered 
into holy orders, and was inducted 
to the Ticarage of St Mary's, Not- 
tingham. He was bom 36th Decem- 
ber, 1977, and dying in the life time 
of bis father, 3rd February, 172ft-30, 
left by bis wife, Mary, daughter and 
heir of WilUam Woolhouse, H.D. 
of North Hoskhsin, Notts, whom he 
m. aoth May, 160S, six sons and 
three danghters, vix. 

1. John, heir to his grandfather. 

2. HeniT, of Newcastle, M.D. b, 
16th Janoary, 1701, if. 4th No- 
vember, 1760, m. Martha, sister 
and heir of John Roebodt, esq. 
of Heath, in the county of York, 
and had a son, 

Hehky Woolhouse Disney, 
esq. of Ingress, in Kent, b. 
in 1733, ioherf ted his ra^nd- 
motber's estate, at North 
Mnskhain,and assumed upon 
succeeding to those of bis 
maternal uncle, John Roe- 
buck, esq. the 


3. William, d. yonng. 

* Thii Kenllemsn vi* eldest son of iha Han. Sit 
Haniy Fynes- Clinloo, of Kirksted, son ot Heniy, 
•ecoiid EiBL or Lincoln, by hii second wifa, Eu- 
SABEIB, dsnghtei of Sir Richard MonrBan, knt 
sad widow of Williiin, elde« ton of Henry, first 
LoBD NomaaTa, of Rycote, (sn fiurb'i Ptngt 
oiuiBanTiutap.DDkaDf Newcanls). Sir Kichud 
Morrysm wa ib. to Bridcet. eUeM dmaghler of 
the sttaJDtad ud beheadedLoao Lady 
Aniw Gny, daaghter of Georn, Earl of Ksnt ; 
through tins line Catbeuni Duhit (CUntim) 
oonld clsim allisnce with tba blood loyal tk 
Eodand, sod tbe must iUostrimM ssd noUe 
ftouUet b tba kingdom, including the historical 
DBiDesarGny.BBaiisGny da Buthn, Herbert, 
EaiU of PembrolEe, Percy, of NatthUBbcriand, 
HortiiDar, EaiUof Haieh, NeTil,DscT>,St>fli»d, 
Beaofint, Ftlihn|^, StomtOB, &o. Sh* oonld 
trsM dsaoeat turn nany of tb« lorereigii bonaw 
of Eniopa, 

4. Daniel, whoae only son, 

Daniel, a muor in the anny, 
d. in 1780. 
A. Samuel, in holy orders, m. 
Mai^ry, youngest daughter *)t 
Francis Proctor, esq. of Thorpe 
on tbe Hill, and left issue, «t 
bis deceaae in 1741, but hit line 
is now extinct 

6. Oerrase, of Pontef^act, m. ia 
173^ Mary, daughter of William 
Thorpe, esq. of Nottinghaai, aad 
left four daughters, namely, 

I. Martha, m. in 1763, ta 
Robert Thorpe, esq. of Blid- 
worth, Notta. 

3. Harriet, m. in 1763, to 
Robert Alexander, surgeon. 

3. Henrietta. 

4. Lucy, ta. in 1784, lo the 
ReT, Thomas Land, rector 
of Parton le Street 

7. Hary, m. to Benjamin Sbeaker, 
esq. a captain in Colonel KiA'a 
regiment of foot 

8. Catherine, at. to David Hoos- 
ton, esq. of Honston. 

9. Martha, ni. to Metcalfe Proctor, 
esq. of Thorpe. 

Mr. Disney if. 39ib Angost, 1734, and was 
1. by bis grandson, 

John Dibnby, esq. of Swinderby, and of 
Ae city of Lincoln, b. 3rd April, 1700, and 
served the ofBoe of sheriff for Nottingham- 
shire, the year before tbe death of his 
gnndialher, m. 2&tb December, 1730, 
Frances, youngest daughter of Oeorge Cart- 
wright, esq. of Ossington, Notts, by whom 
(who d, 6th January, 1791) he had issue, 
i. Lewis, who iubarited Swinderby, b. 
9tb October, 1738, m. 16& Septem- 
ber, 1776, EuZABBTH, only dai^ter 
and heir of WiUiam P^tche, e«q. 
governor of Bengal, and heir likewise 
to her uncle, Thomas FtfichB, esq. 
of Danbury Place, in the oounty of 
Essex, in consequence of which ha 
assumed by sign manual, 27th Sep- 
tember, 177&, the additional surname 
and arms of Ffytche, and became 
Lewis Disnby- Ffytche, e§q. sif 
Swinderby, in tiie county of Lincoln, 
and of Danbury Place, in Fasr¥ 
He died 22nd September, 1833, leav- 
ing two daughters, his co-beirs, via. 
1. Frances - Elizabeth, (. 3Qth 
August, 1776, «. 21st Febrwary, 
1800, to William Hillary, eaq. 
now Sir William Hillary, bart 
3. Sophia, m. to her cousin ger- 
man, the present Joan Disnbt, 
esq. of the Hyde. 




III. John, Id holy orden. 

IV. Muy, n. in I7S3, Edramid Tumor, 
*aq. of Stoke Rochford (tee lamily 
of TuHKOR, of Stoke Rochfohd, 
TOl. i. p. 301). 

Hr. Ditney died 96tb Janiutry, 1771, ind 
m •- by hi* eidecl too and heir, Lbwii 
DiuiET, esq. tvhote line terminaUri U 
ntnl abate. Hia yonogest ion, 

TIh Bn. John DiaNET, of the H;rde, 
D.D. •ometinie rector of Pantoii, and Tiitar 
of Svinderby, in the countv of Lincoln, i, 
ITIh September. 1746. m. mh November, 

Fnids Black barne, 

I, AM. 

rector of Ricb- 

mond, Yorkabire, uid archdeaoM of Oierv- 
laud, by wbom be bad, 

John, his beir. 

AlKemon.i. alFliutbamHill, lUJnne, 

France»-Hary, i. 7tli Anguit. 1775. 
Hr. Disney.rf. 36tb December, 1816, and 
was 4. by hii elder aon, the prewnt John 
Disney, eaq. of the Hyde. 

Amu — Arg. on a feise gnlea, three flenra 

Cmt — A lion pasiant ^nardast gulei. 
Ettattf'~At the Hyde, in Eaaex, and at 
Coracombe. Dorsetsbire. 
Stat — The Hyde, near Ingatectov, Eaaez. 


HIGGINS, GODFREY,eBq. of Skellow Grange, in the county of York, &. 9th 
Jaly, ISOl, (. his fother 9th August, 1633. 
Mr. H^^gina ia a m^iatrate and deputy'lieutenant of the West Riding. 




Thti Rirtlenian representing a branch of 
<teiMaeBt fbmOr of CoFLEY,we shall eom- 
■•*»<* by tracing that line. 

Amh de Copley, slain at the siege of 
iMfc,snDo 1070, was lineally pnweuitor of 

8ii WiLusM Copley, knt. whose will 
'■O* dale in die fint year of Queen Haby. 
H' ■. firit, tentp. Henby VHI. Dorothy, 
'"vhter and ctt-heir of Sir William Fltz- 
*i^as of gpFotborongh,* by whom he ao- 

>f SpFotborongh,* by 
at estate, and had a si 

* Snonoaocoa mm* totbs Frfzwiiuiiu (sn- 
n*m of Esri Fittwilliun) bi tba marriigs, soon 
•Ker tbc nnxmn, of Sir Willum FitiwiUiDn, knt. 

I. Phiup, who inherited Sprotborongh, 

and m. Mary, daogbter of Sir Bryan 

Hastings, knt He d. 19th October, 

lfi77, and from him directly sprang, 

Sir Godfrey Copley, bart of 

Sprolborongh, so created 17th 

June, 1661, who was «. by hia 

Sir Qodfhey Coflbv, second 
baronet, who left at his de- 
cease, when the title expired, 
an only danghter, 
Cathbrinb Copley, who 
ni. Joseph Hoyle, esq. 
second son of jSir Wal- 
ter Hoyle, knt of Beke, 
and had a son, 
Joseph Hotle, esq. 
who, upon sac- . 
ceedinc la Sprot- 
borough, on the 
demise of hia kins- 
man, Lionel Cop- 

■nmed, by act of 
parli*ment,(he inr- 
name of Coflbt 
only, and waa cre- 
ated a MHONBTin 
1778. (Refer to 
Bubkb'b Pteram* 




Sir WilliuB i*«dded, ■eoMidl]', Hkrguet, 
(UtightcT of Pien SaTsge, esq. of HatSold, 
and had four other sons, riz. 

II. Fraud*, of Hanafield-Woodhoiue, 
who d. in IA80. 

III. CHBinoniBR, of whom preieiilljr. 
iv. John, of BronghtoD, d. *.p. 

V. PbiUp, in holy orien, rector of 
Sprolborongh, d, t. p. in IfiOS. 
The diird w>n, 

CHHliToniBli CoFLET, e«q. pnrehaaed an 
Mlate at Wadworth, in the comtj of York, 
aadMatedhiiuelf there. He m. Snaan, re- 
lict of Juuea RolatoD, eeq. of Tanahelf, and 
danghter of Hngh Creai;, bj whom he had 

WiLUAH, hi* heir. 

Snaan, m. to William Copier, eaq. of 

Nether HBU,iii YoriLshire. 
Han, m. first, to Ralph Boiwell, eaq. 
ofGunihwaJtei and aecondly, to Fulk 
Ht. Copley wai i. at hit deceaae (luq.P.H. 
4th Jannary, IflOO) by fail aon, 

WiLUAH COPLBT, eaq. of Wadworth, bora 
in 1070, who wedded Anne, daughter of 
Gerrai Creasy, esq. of Birkin, and relict of 
Lionel Rolaton, eaq. of Gnuthwaile, by whom 
(who d. 36th Jannary, IMA) he had 

I. Christofbbr. 

II. Lionel. 

III. Snaan, m. to Thomas St. Nicholas, 
esq. of Aahe, near Sandirich. 

Ha d. 300) Hay, 16M, and was t. by hia 

CHmsToPHEK CoPLET, esq. of Wadworth. 
This gentleman espoosed, in 1S3S, Etiia- 
beth, danghler of Gervaa Boirile, esq. of 
Wanosworth, and had one son, Wiluah, 
who d. «. p. and three daughters, of whom 
the aecond m. Timothy St. Nicholas, esq. ; 
and the yonngeBl wedded — Featt, esq. of 
Leicestenhire. He died in 1664, and was 
t. by his brother, 

Lionel Copley, esq. of Rotherbam and 
Copley, who nt. Fitialina, daughter of 
George Warde, eaq. of Caneethomc, in 
Qieabire, and relict of John Wheeler, esq. 


Lionel, hia heir. 

Castiliana, m. first, to John Beckwitb, 
eaq. of Staningford, and secondly, to 
the Rer. Thomas Halererer. 
Anne, nt. to John Crofts, esq. 
The son, 

Lionel CorteT, esq. of Wadworth, who 
was goreraor of Hall, and afterwards of 
Maryland, m. 30th June, 1076, Anne, dau. of 
Sir f^hiUp Boteler, K. B. of Walton Wood- 
hall, Herti, and, dying beyond the seas, left 
a daughter Anne, the wife of Isaac Hiluer, 
of London, and a 

Lionel Coflet, esq. of Wadworth. bgn 
16th July, 1677, who, inheriting under the 
will of Sir Godfrey Copley, Ae eltate of 
Spn>ti>orough, in the county of York, rohi- 
tuily bound up that property in strict en- 
tail to his male iaane only, in nmainder, net 
to die children of his own daughters, hat la 
the iaane of Catrerinb Hotle, the oalj 
child of Sir Godfrey. H« wedded, on the 
38th August, 1090, Hary, daaghler ssd 
heireas of — Wilson, esq. of Banil, and 
had issue, 

OonntBY, b. 1401 Norember, 170B, ii- 
heriled Sprotboron^, at-Aane-Hi- 
ria, daughter of Joui Tburloe Biacc, 
esq. grudson of secretary Thirioe, 
but left no iasue at his decesse,UM 
April, 1701. He had been diToiced 
from his wife, Snd Hay, 1748, aaii 
the lady wedded, secondly, Wiljiin 
Parkins, esq. of Crainsby. 
Lionel, b. 6th Norember, 1700, t. to 
Sprotboroogh at the decease of Ui 
brother, but died unmarried in 1760)* 
when Sprotborongh passed nnder tlie 
entail lo Joseph BIoyle, eaq. too of 
Catherine Hoyls, who tberenpoo 
aaaumed the inniame of Copley oil;, 
as already stated. 
William, died young. 
Castiliana, b. 2Tth Anznst, 1700, m. to 
the RcT. Charles Willatts, rector of 
Plumtree, Notts. 
Mary, b. in 1702, m. to William Vu- 
kyns, esq. of Hortemley, and died is 
Catherine, died yonng. 
The youngest daughter, 

Anne Copley, b. 27th June, ITI4, «*■ 
ponaed Richard Hiogins, eeq. of Toik, 
aud had an only son, 

Godfrey Higoins, esq. who porcbased 
from the family of Anne, of Bargb W«Bi«, 
the manor of Skellow, and certain demene 
landa which lay close to the Grange. Hr 
wedded Miss dhristiana Matteraon, and bad 

Godfrey, bii beir. 
Christiana, m. to William Hsrthill, 
eaq. of Newton Kyme. 

* Some of Iha Coput fiunily (ny* Hnntiir. ■■ 
Us KiMtorj of Doncuter), like their rclitiooii l^* 
BosTJles of Ganthwiita, and thn Laid Bnotc 
were diitin^igbed in the KTrioe of tlH ftrtitmat 
dnnng the ciTil mn. The little bmoer of om of 
tbein(for fch of tb« offieem of thopuriiiinanoaij 
had hiipeDDon.liketboaeo'hiofa b*d beniMat 
oentnrj before in the toorouDeot). diipUjod m 
■rm and hind grupioff % ocjinitir, tbe liiod of 
which n-aa the cioai nuiTina. with the motia, " For 
Refbimation ;" while an olber displayed a ktifl* 
on his cbarger, eipariaonod, with the nHN, 
" Nay, but as a captain of tba boatof tbeLoid m 



Hr.HigginaiLaSrd May, 1794, when sole 
npcMntatiTc of hia graDdfadter, Lionel 
CoTLST, M>d wu *. by hia aon, 

OonraiT HiasiNi, eaq. F.S.A.,* of Skel- 
law Gnuigeiiii IIm conntv of Y(Ml,ajiiitice 
•r Ik peMW for tlw W«t JUding. Thii 
natluun m, Jane, only daughter and 
HifCM of Riclkard Thorp, eaq. of HQn- 
ikoTf, near Wakefield, and had one hd and 
Kpo daaghten, viz. 

GonrREY, hia ancceMor. 

Jane, skto Lientenanl-generml Shanie, 
of Hoddam Cattle, l>iimfric»-ahire, 
H.P. for the DuQiMea boronglu. 

Cbarlone, died young. 
Mr. H^gine d. Mh Angust, 1833, and waa *. 

„ . . . •DJorad otnuidmUt 
•J rmtMioo, ii thnt ipokcn of br tha B 
^ Huntv, inhii HiMoty of South Yoil 

Hi^iaa fbllowad tboM 

AiM^ iriuob M to th* ptodttMioD of hia w<vk, 
■titlid ■ C«llw Dnidi,' ad of a atiU man pro- 
band woA, BOW naariyoo^lMwI, to wUch ba 
pvpoav 10 gire the tiUa of ' Anacalypaia, or u 
attMpHodrawaaidathaSulio Vuloflii*.' Ib 
boA of Oaaa wotka ba dvacanda into the very 
d apaa of Mtiqnity, thatuocakiagbcfore tha earn- 
■ w c mm t of wnttan Uatity, and when tha only 

■igbQ woika, gigtstia pillan, wido dirclea, edi- 
AewanMnaBtad, and, more alabonu thu the real, 
tkePynadde. In tha ■ Cdtia Dmida' wa h*Ta a 

affliait rawioi; and «• braalaothe pan of lua 
gr ant aialiui, in whieh tbo Britiab naOon ia nMn 
fUJLiilwly intweatad, fcr he ragaida tha Dmida, 

norenigD^ of prieata, and a« a talio of that atata 
of high colttratioa which be anppoaat to hara ai- 
iatad in tha aartbet agae of aodaty, when then 
wiaana gnat em^M Toadnnf from the Eaitcra to 
aaWeatamOcan,theaaa(or gorennnant haing 
in North India, turn ahoot tha 35th to the 4Sth 
dana of latitnde. Thaae are reaaanibaa which 
■Ml the Btioniliaa of each a wwk aa thiabnt 
Ma ModMn mrentkaia, and tha inqniriaa afiw 

by hia aon, the preaent Godfrkv HioeiHa, 

eaq. of Skellbw Grange. 
Armt — Erm. on a feaae an. three towen, 
CVaal— Onl of a tower aa. a Uon'a head 

ftiBtaa — Skellow, pnrcbaaed by the pre- 
aent proprietor'a grandfather. Wadwohth, 
Inherited from JUine Copley, heireaa of the 

le Mvaent { 
motiier, Jane, heireaa of Thorp. Foxup, in 
Craren, pnrchaaed by the late Godfrey 

&at— Skbllow OuNflB, near Doncaater. 

manoia and obnnbaa bat matteia of ieaa than in- 
aigniflcinoy. StiU thare ia a atabilitr whan we 
fael that we are proceeding by the ligfat of the 
written anatrnponatfia rKord, which may oom- 
panaata for the n ' " ' 

ire mind of Mr. Higgina baa alao bean 
on objeota of grtat local atility. In 
lof bin ' ■ • ' - ■ ■ 


poaeranng exeitiaoa it ohialy ia owing that a gnat 
refnm waa aeoompUahBd in that — '■Mithtnfmt 
Thia lad him to other riewa of tha Doaaibility of 
impionng tha condition of anob nnfcrrtanata per- 
aona in a kiwer nnk of Ufii, atd to bin ia prinoi. 
pally to ba attribnted tha erection of tha houaa ior 
tha panpar Innatica of tha Waat Riding, araetad 
near to tha town of Wakelald, whaca, endar tha 
Taiy able anperintendenoe of Dr. Elba, aroy tx- 

Mt, Hugina waa aothor of asctbor worii, en- 
titled '■ Mahomad, or tha UkaOiana i an Andogy 
for the Life and Clianatar of tha oalahrMad Pro- 
phet of Arabia," 1819, Bro. Arafotatian ofaoeaa 
of tha opinionapronndgated in thia book waa pnb- 
liabednitha "GantlaiiULQ'aHagaiiiie"for Janoarf, 
1B90, by Edwaid Upbam.aaq. uthor of the ■■ nia- 
toiy of Budbiami" to idiichUr, Hugina replied 
in the fcDotiing mmtlh, and Mr. Uptan iqoinad 



CAMPBELL, JOHN, Mq. of SonlMg, in tha shin (^Att, b. llthMuch, 1785, 
a mag^rtnte, and depn^-lieatenant for thmt coun^. 


CiHPBCLL, or B*RWHARHiE, U • cadst of 
Cemock, one of the noal BBCiaiit Mid di»- 
tinEnished families in Scotlvid. 

Sir Dunciin Cahfsbix, grandson of Sir 
Colin More Campbell, ancestor of the 
Dukes of Argyll, wedded about the ^ear 
13T8, SuBanirab, oa\j daughter and heir of 
Sir Reginald Cranfurd, (see vol. i. p. 663) 
and ten a eon. 

Sir Andrew CmrvELL, of LaadoaD, be- 
ritahle Bheriff of Ayr, wboae lineal dea- 

Sir Hooh Cahpbcu, bart of Cemock, 
>. i> Hay, 1630. He eaponsed Elizabeth, 
■ccond daDghter* and co-beir of John Camp- 
bell, master of Loudoun, by Jean, bis wife, 
daughter of John Fleming, ilrst £arl of 
Wigton, and bad iuue, 

Gedrog, whose eventual representative, 
Hahoaret Cahpbell, m. 28tb Jaly, 
1607, Alexander, second Earl of 
Harchmont, and bad Usne, 

I. George, Lord Polwutb, who 

d. nnraarried, 1724. 
3. Patrick, li: also in 1724. 

* Tbe eUai dm^htn, 

HAaoiBET Cahuell, I. her gnndiatlier, in 
IGti, in the BAmDin ot Ldudodn. Her Udyitiip 
■I. in 1620. 3iK JoHir Cahpbell, of Lawen, wba 
■ras slerated to tbe p«er^ of Scotlind in 1633, 
by tba (ill«s of Bvon Funnyeane ud MuKhline. 

/be li 

..r, tnd HatchionM* 
Dowser of UiMtiDgt. (Beau's Pttragi 
and Banmetagt), 

3. Hiran, third Earl of Harch- 
mont, tbe learned and witty 
associate of Loid Cobbam, 
Walpole, and Pope, to die 
last of whom be was execntor. 

4. Alexandar, Lord Cieit Re- 
gister of Scotland. 

5. Anns, who at. Sir William 
Pnrves, bart of Pnrres Hall, 
gratidfather of the piewnt Sir 


Cahpbbli., bart. of Panes 
Ball, in the oonn^ of Ber- 
wick, (see BUUCB B Pteraf* 
mtd Baronetagt), 

JtHu, ancestor of Camfbru., of Trees- 

Hugh, of whom preaeotly. 

John, ancestor ol Cimpbeix, of P*n- 


Sir Hagb Campbell d. 20th September, 
1686, aged seventy-une. He had been ar- 
raigned the preceding year, aa a partuapa- 

guilty ; 

in the state prison of the haaa, and bad 
his estates confiscated. There Is little 
dotibt, however, bat that the accasatioii was 
a false one. The trial, as detailed by lh« 
accarate Wodrow ia extremely intereslitig. 
A large portion of the forfeited lands <ra> 
restored ay act of parliament passed ia 
1690, to his eldest son, bat the oaronelcy 
never has been revived. His thinl son, 

Hugh Campbell, eaq. designed of Bafqi- 
harrie, and of Hayfield and Hilrigg, in 
Ayrshire, espoused 6tb Jane, 170S, Marga- 
ret, second danghter of David Boawell, esq. 
of Auchinleck, and had an only son, 

Hugh Cahpbell, cb)]. of Barqnharrir, 
who m. 10th January, 1727, Margaret, daa. 
of David Hendereon, esq. of TioDocbside, 
and bad three sons, Hugh, Claud, and Brace, 
the two former dying unmarried, the estates 
and representation of this branch of the 
Campbell family devolved, in 1782, on Ihr 
third son, 

Brdce Cahpbell, esq. of Barqnbarrie, 
who wedded, in February, 1772, Annabella, 
daughter of James Wilson, esq. of Kilmar- 
nock, and had issue, 

I. Hugh, of Barqnharrie, a jnatice of 

the peace for the county of Ayr, and 

detain in the 85Ih r^ment, who «. 

16th December, 1 7117, Sophia, yooag;. 

eat daughter of Thomas Barber, eiq- 



of Qmtltj, in NottiDEhuniliire, and 
tfjing kt Bath, Sth faJinAzj, \8M, 
1. HoaH-BHtrGB, of Buqahame, 
ncnrreriding *t NottiiiEliaiii , (. 8tli 
April, 1803, wbo m. Int, Anne, 
dm. of — Hnrd, e*q. of JEeatiah 
Town, by whom he had no inne, 
and ucondly, in October, 1833, 
EliEBbeth, dughter of E. Weree, 
e*q- of BeigTBTe Pkrk, in uie 
conntj of Nottingham. 
3. Thomu-Alexander. 
3. WUIian. 

6. Aone, m. to Oeorge Douglas, 
Eaq. of RodiDKhead,N. B. 

e. Annabella, m. to William Co- 
myn, esq. of the county of Clare. 

7. Soptaia-EliEabeth, m. to Denia 
Browne, eaq. of Browneatown, 

U. BnKe, i. 35lh Hay, 1770, captain 
B. I. Company'fl Davi^ aerrice, died 

111. AlaUDdar, honi 23rd September, 
1779, > captain in the 74th regiment, 
and of disdnfuiahed bnrery ; of hia 
. puticnlariy at the memo- 

rable battle of Aaaaye, booorable 
mention ie frequently mada in Col. 
Welch's reminucence* of India. He 
died of his wounda, in October, I80&, 

IV. John, now of SoRNBEo. 

V. William, b. 4th Hay, 1788, d. in 
January, 1830. 

VI. Bnphemia, m. to her couain, Hugh 
WUmo, eaq. of KOmarnock, and died 
in 1817, leaving a bod, Hugh-Camp- 
bell Wilaon. 

VII. Marianne, d. in AprU, IB2&, unm. 
Mr. Campbell became a partner in the Ayr 
bank, a ahort time before its failure, on 
which event bis eatatea, previously very 
couaiderable, were much reduced. He died 
in February, 1813, aged seventy-nine, and 
was *. by bis eldest son, Huoh, of Balqn- 
harrie. His fourth son ia the preaent John 
Cahpbell, esq, of Sombeg. 

Amu — Gironnyof eight, or and sa. within 
a bordnre gn. charged with eight escallops 
of the first, and a canton, also g^roouy of 
eight pieces, erm. and gn. 

Cre*l — A phnnii bead erased. 

Motto — Conatnnter et pmdenler. 

Ettate*— la Ayrshire. 

&«(— Sond»eg, in that thire. 


OONOLLT, EDWARD-HICHAEL, ewi. of Caatletown, in the CDtuty of Kildare, 
lieutenant-coloDel of the Donegal militia, wd H. P. tar 
that sbire, 6. 24th August, 1786, m. 20th May, 1819, 
Catherine- Jane, daughter of Chambre-Brabazon Pon- 
•onby- Barker, esq.* by the ImAj Henrietta Taylour, hia 
wife, daughter of Thomas, Earl of Bective, and has iaaue, 

Thohas, b. in 1823. 

Chambre- Brabacon . 

Ed w ard- Frederick . 


John Augustus. 




This gentleman relinquished Hia patronymic, Packen- 
BAM, upon inberitiDg the estatea of the late Right Hon. 
Thomas ConoUy, at the demiae of lady Louisa Conolly, 
hia widow, in 1821, and asaumed the aumame and arms 

of CoNOLI-T. 

Colonel Conollj it a magistrate in the counties of Kildare, Dnblin, and Donegal, and 
■ d«piity'lient«nant in Donegal and Kildare, for both which alurea he has served the 
office of sheriff. 



The PACKBttHiilK, bnutchinK tnm an 
ancient Snffotit bmily, irei« «ftebluhed in 
Ireland, by 

Sim EnwjtKD Fackbnham, knt who ac- 
eonpuiied hii cotuin. Sir Henrj Sidner, 
into dial kingdom, anno ia76, whea Sir 
Henrr went to •unms the n>vejnimenl, a* 
lord-Ueoteunl there. Sir Edward Pack- 
enham'a gnaitoa, 

BiNXT Packbnham, eiq. was teated at 
Packenbam Hall, in the canaty of Weit- 
meatb, Id the reign of Charlej I. haring to 
dewnated the land* of TnUynally, which 
lie had acqnired by P*^^ (torn the crown. 
He d. in IWl, and (referriug to Burkb'i 
Pttrmgt tnd BmrMttlmge)iie pan to hit great 

Tbomu Packbnbah, e«q. who having 
w«dded in 1739, Elisabeth, danghter and 
•olfl heireea of Michael Coffe, esq. and niece 
of Ambrow Aungier, lecond and last Earl 
of Longford* of that family, waa creain], in 
17ae, Baron Lonofoiid, aod in 17B& hit 
ladjr waa reiaed to the rank of Counteu of 
LoNoroBD. Hif lonUhip had, with other 
iame, Edward-Hichabl, hia lucceaaor in 
the barony, and 

The Honorable 

Sir Thomas Packenham, an admiral of 
tlie Red Flag, and « knight grand croH of 
die Bath, wb wedded Looita-Angnsta, das. 
of the Right Hon. John Staple*, and grand- 
daogfater of the Right Hon. William Co- 
nolly, of Caatletown, by whom he had iMoe, 

I. Edward, who inherited the Castle- 
town eitates, and is the present Col. 

II. ThomaB,oftbeEastIndiaC<nnpany's 
aerrice, Bengal, i. 13th October, 
1787, Pebmary.lBlS, Isabella- 
Hary, eldeM danghler of Uenteoant- 
general Frederick-Augustas W«ih- 

III. William, i. 3rd Febmary, 1780. 

IV. John, captain R.N.i. ISOi October, 
1790, «■. in August, 1817, CaroUne- 
Emily, third daoghter of Ae late Sir 
Home Fopham, and has iaane, 

1. Thomas-ConoUj. 
3. Catherine. 

3. ElisabeA. 

4. Lauiaa- Barbara. 

V. Richard, i. 10th Hay, 1797, a di- 

VI. Robert, in holy orders, b, 4th Jane, 
1799, m. aoth June, 1839, Harriet- 
Haria, youngest danghter of die late 

* ThiiEABLDOMor LoHOFoaDeipiredinlTO*. 

Right Hod. Denis Browne, and has 

VII. Henry, t. 17th June, ISOA, lient 
royal nary. 

VIII. Arthur, i.23rd December, IsiO. 

IX. Louaa-Anne, m. 1st SeplOHber, 
1814, to WUliam Dutton Pollard, caq. 
of Ciulle Pollard, In the county of 

X. Eliaabeth. 

XI. Henrietta, m. 10th April, laas, U 
the Rev. John Hare. 

XII. Cadierine, died lldi Hay, Ittl. 

XIII. Sarah, m. 1st March, 1831, to 
Samuel Law, esq. 

XIV. Helen. 

XV. Emily, d. 8th July, 1821, onro. 

The Right Hon. 

WiLUAH C0NOU.T, nMaker of die hooae 
_* ;_i_i._j -the reign <rfQw«» 

of the lords justices of that king- 
dom, espoused the Hon. Catherine Conyvg- 
hara, aiater of Henry, first Earl Conyng- 
ham, by whom be acquired large estates 
in Ulster. Dying *. p. he was «. by his 

The B^ht Hon. 

WiiXJAH CoNoLLY, whoeaponaed the Lady 
Anne Wentworth, eldest dau. of Thomas, 
Eari of Strafford, K.G. ambassador to Oe 
court of Utrecht, son of Wn. Wentworth, of 
Ashby Paeromm, in Linoolnshire, and grand 
nephew of Thomas Wentworth, the ill-lated 
Earl of Strafford. By this lady Mr. Con<^y 
had one son and four daughters, via. 

I. Thomas, his heir. 

II. ANNE,*i.taOeorge Byng,esq.M.P. 
for Middlesex (see vol. L p. 14). 

III. Harriet, who at. the lUght Hon. 
John Staples, M. P. and was mod^r 

LoDisA - AvousTA Staplu, who 
wedded, aa already slated. Ad- 
miral itheHoQorableSiRTHOHAS 
Packenham, O.C.B. and had, 
widi other itane, a son and heir, 
Edward • Michael Pacxkh- 
HAM, sncoesaor to hisgraMl- 
ancle. Right Hon. Aomh 

IV. Frances, ■■. to William, Viscovat 
Howe, K.B. and d. 1. p. 

V. CAROUNB,>i.toJolui,Earlof Bsck* 
ingbanuhire, then ioid-UeatBnaBt of 
Ireland, and was Dunher of Emily, 
HarcbioncM of Londonderry. 




The RiiiHT Hon. 'Riomas Conollv, 
Muber. like bii father, o( the privy coun- 
ai, in Iieland, «aa one of the depntation 
qipoiiiled by the parliainent of that king- 
iam to offer the regency to the Prince of 
Wdn, on the firet indis position of George 
in. This genQemaD wedded Lady Loui»a- 
Auosb Lenox, daughter of Charles, third 
Due of Richmond, but died without iMue, 
"ken a life iaiereal in his estates rested in 
kii widow, at whose decease they passed to 
ftt grandson of his sister, Harriet, wife of 
dw Right Honorable John Staples, his 
mad-nephew, Edward-HichaelPaceeh- 
H«a, e«q. who aaaumed, a* already stated, 
'' e and arms of Conollv only. 

Armt — Ai^. on a saltier sa. fife escallops 
of the field. 

Crat — A cubit ami erect, vested go. cuff 
arg. holding io the hand an aannlet arg. 

Motto — En Dien est tout. 

E$latet—The manors of Castletown and 
Leixlip, in Kildare, of Rathfamham, in 
Dublin, of Ballyshnnnon and Parkhill, in 
Donegal, besides estates in Roscommon, and 
the King's County, all purchased by bis 
Excellency the Right Hon. William Conolly, 
speaker of the house of commons, and lord 
justice of Ireland. 

Tount BttuUnce — 20, Grosvenor Square. 

Seal* — Castletown, Celbridge, and Cliff, 
BallyahanDon, Ireland. 


THROCKMORTON, ROBERT-GEORGE, esq. 'of Molland, in the county of 
Dmn, b. fith December, 1800, m. 16th July, 1839, Elizabeth, only daughter of Sir 
John Acton, but. of Aldenham, and has issue, 

RoBEHT-CHARLRS-CotlBTENAY, b. Isl April, 1S31, 

Hary-EI isabeth-Frances. 
Mr. TfartKkntortoD inherited the Courtenay estates upon tho present Sir Charles 
I^Mkmorton'n succeeding hia elder brother in the baronetcj. He is a magistrate, 
d^ratj-Iientenaat, and M.P. for the coun^ of Berks. 


8iE Pntur CoCBTENAT, knt. of Powder- 
■•■ Castle, who ». to the esutes in 1415, 
j^msed Elizabeth, daughter of Walter, 
«rt Hangerford, and acquired by the al- 
™t« fte manor of Molland Botreaux, in 
D*»<'"hire. He had issae, 
WiLUAH (Sir), hu 

derham Casde, high sheriff of Devon 
in 14S3. Front this gentleman line- 
ally descends William, present Earl 
of Devon. 

Phiup (Sir), of Holland. 

Peter, Bishop of Winchester. This 
prelate was one of the great persons 
who iuTited Henry, Earl of Rich- 
mond to make an effort for the crown, 
and aided him in his subsequent vic- 
torious career. 

£dmund(Sir), of Deviock,whom. first, 
Alice, daughter and heiress of John 
Wotlon, esq. and secondly, Joan, 
daughter and heir of Edward Dy- 
mock, esq. From this Sir Edmund 
descended the Cornish Courtenays. 

Walter (Sir), who m. Alice, daughter 
and co-heir of Walter de KilrioKton, 
which lady m, secondly. Sir John 

John (Sir), who was made a knight 
banneret by Eowian IV. afler the 
battle of Tewkesbury. 

Humphrey, who left an only dau^ter 
m. to Thomas Carew, esq. (eminenUy 



dMBgifshedstPtodden). Thfa lady 
coDTeyed !■> bar husband the iMUKir 

PUliplM, flt. to Sir Thomu Fnlferd. 
Anne, m. fint, lo WiUi»m Paltoa, of 
Umberkigb, »nd *econdly, to Rictwrd 
Tbe aecond Mn, 

Sib Phiup Couhtkniy, who had Holluid. 
in tbe cowitjr of Deron. jpTcn him for hu 
portMB, was hicb sberiff for that ihire lOtb 
EaWAUt IV. He m. a daughter of Robert 
Hingealon, of Wonewell, and had usoe, 
John, hi* heir. 

WJIUbui, eeatad at Longbtorr, in the 
contirf of DeroD, who bad a aon. 
Sir PHiLir Courtenay, of Lough- 
torr, who m. Jane, daughter of 
Richard Fowel, of FowelMomb, 
and had an only daughter, 
EuzABBTH, m. to William 
Strode, of Nererham. 
Sir Phili»'a widow w«dded m- 
coodly, Hnmphrey Piideaax, of 
Adeslon and Tbuborou^b, and 
firam thla inarriage*den*e the 
prSMBl Sir Johk^ilnot Pri- 
CEAVK, of Netherlon, and tbe 
present Charlbi Pridbacx- 
Bhunb, esq. of Prideaux Place, 
(see Tol. i. p. 203). 
mEahetb,M. to Edward, Earl of Deron- 

Margaret, M.toSir John Champemooae, 
of Modbiuy. 
Tbe eldest son and heir, 

John CousTEMaT, esq. of Holland, «• 
pcnued Joan, danghter of Robert Brett, of 
Pilload, in Bflton parish, and drtog in the 
Tear IMO, was boried in Mollaad churoh. 
From this John, the fatnil; of Gochtenat 
continned seated in igh reapectatrility at 
Holland, down to the year 1732, when 

JoHH CotniTENAY, esq. of Holland, die 
Itat beir male of diis branch of the family 
died witfaont iiaae, leaTing a sister, 

Hits CotiRTENAT, heiress to Holland, 
wbo wedded Wiluah Pastok, esq. of Hor- 
ton, in Gleikceettikhire, and left an only dan. 

Anha-Hama Pastoh, who espoosed 
Oeorg« TfaroduMwtoD, etq.' sou of Sir 

wiifahil*. Bote's Psange md BaranM^a, &o. 

Robert Tbrockraoilpa, but. of Congbton, 
in the county of Wtrwiek, and had issue, 

I. John Codrtenay, who inherited die 
haronelef at Ae decease of his gTuid' 
&th«, in 1791. He if. in 1819, ud 
was t, by his broUier. 

II. OeoBOE (Sir), who bad ai 

tales of the CouRTBNAYt, of Molland. 
Heif. «.p. 18-26. 

III. Cbablcs (Sir), who had Iikewi»e 
taken the name ofCouiiTSMAY: snc- 
ceediag, hawever, to the Ilirockmor- 
ton baronetcy and estates in 1S3^ 
MoLUNDdevolTed Dpon his nephew, 
the present RoBEHT-tiEORoeTHtocK- 
NORTON, esq. of Molland. 

IV. Wiluah, oFwhom presently. 

V. Theresa, m. to Thomas Metcalf, esq. 
of Balb, and had issue one son, Tbo- 
uas-Petar Helcalf, who assnmed the 
snmame of Mori, and a daughter, 
Haria-TheresB Melcalf, m. to Charles 
Eyston, esq. of East Hendred Honae, 
(see *ol. i. p. 13). 

The foarth son, 

WiLLiAK TdKOCKHORTON, esq. espoused, 
in JanuuT, 1708, Prances, dan. of Tbomas 
Giffard, eaq. of ChiUington, (see loL i. p. 
206} and had issue, 

Robert-Geoeoe, his beir. 
Niehola^Joba, >. 33rd Jane, l«03. 
Jerris St. Vincent, h. 10th January, 

Frances, d. at Paris, lllh Harch, 182a. 
Hary, m. 15tb October, 1827, to Tho- 
mas' Riddell, esq. of Felton, in Nor- 
Hr. Throckmorton d. SOfli Harch, 1819, 
and was i. by Us eldest son, the present 
Robert - Georob Thkockhorton, esq. 
M.P. now in possession of Ae Coorteuay 

Atwu — Gu. OB a ^er. aig-. three ban 

Crttt — An elephant's head. 

Etimlet — Holland, in Deronsbire, ana 
Sampford Brett, in Somersetshire, Weslon 
Underwood, in Bocks, acquired bj marriage 
with the heiress of Olney, ttmp. HenbtVI. 

&aJ— Bnckland, BcriLihlre. 




MOEOAN, EDWAEO, Mq. ofGoUan Giot8. in the county of Flint, b. 1» April, 
1793, m. fint, 14th Pebniaiy, 1827, Charlotte, dai^ler 
of Gwyllym Lloyd Wardle, esq, of Hamhenth, in the 
'~ine thira, utd ha« a son, 

Georoe-Auovstus, (. St Florence, lltb April, 1338. 

e m. Mcondly, 30th July, 1832, Alice, daughter of 
John Dougjaa, eaq. of Gym, in Flintahire. 

Mr. Morgan, who was educated at the Rnyal Military 
College of Marlow, entered at an eariy age into the R^*! 
Fusileen, participated in ahnoit erery action in the Pe- 
ainsula, and woa severely wounded at the battle of M- 
buera. He t. hie l«tber in 1831, and ia a nagittrate for 


Oamm, aistk in dewent from Edsy- 
(ed Vyeban, m. Anriiarad, daughter and 
lieir of Darid lioyd ap Todor, ap Ithel 
Vy«haa, and had a loa andmcceMor, 

Bbwaid ipGiumT]i,wbo. by Anj^iarad, 
dxBghier of John ap Etan Teg. of Trecae- 
tfdl, had a eon. 

Tbohu mt BnwARD, who wedded Kathe- 
ii«e, davght^ of John ap Evan Vycfaaa ap 
Tolyn, of Rhjdordda, and had (muOi 

I. MoaoAR, hie heir. 

II. Ho^. 

III. OriOith. 

I*. PoMlk (Sir). 

V. Agsee, nt. to Hi^h Thomas ap 

Ti. Katherine, nt. to Griffith Vycfaan 
ap Llewelyn ap Bel. 

)Ioa«Aii AF TftoHAt, efpaoaed Elen, 
duller of Hogh ap John Cynrie ap ItUe), 
and had iune, 

I. Edwaro, hii heir. 

II. Janet, m, to Hugh ap David ap 

III. Agnee, m. to John ap Reea, ap 
Jolm Beuel. 

n'. Alice, m. to John ap Hagh ap 

Tbomaa Hwyndeg. 
V. Catharine, m. to EUii ap Reea Wyn, 
of Hope Dale. 
Ae loa and lacceiaor, 

Edward Horcan, eeq. " lawyer," ai- 
naed bis surname in the early part of Eu- 
USeth's leign. HeweddedCalherine.dan. 
of Jobs Dsvies, oq. of Gwisaney, in the 

ooon^ of Flint, and hod, with two daugh- 
ters, Margaret, at. to Edward Lloyd, esq. 
of Penlre Hobyn, and Maria, m. to John 
Conway, esq. of Bodrhyddan, a son and 

EovARS HoROAH, esq. " learned in the 
law," who w. Anne, daoghter of John 
Conway, of Bodihyddan, and dying a^tb 
PebniAry, Iflll, left a daoghler, Catberine, 
M. 3Sth August, 1611, to John Uoyd, gent, 
of Gwyrch, and a son and heir, 

Robert Morgan, esq. of Golden Grove, 
liring in 1622, who m. Catherine, daughter 
of Sir William Jones, of CaBlell-y-march, 
j and had issue, 

I. WiixiAM, his heir. 

lyn, of Talacre and Greenfield, who 
tn. Anne, daughter of Henry Fox, 
esq. of Lehuret, in Salop, and was 
father of EnwARn Mostyn, esq. of 
Talacre, created a Baronet, 23nd 
Car. IL whose lineal descendant 
and representative is the present 
Sir Edward Mostyn, of Talacre, 

bart (Stt Bvkke'b Peavgt 

amd Bttronttage.} 

III. Anne, m, to Thomas Hwnfries, of 

IV. Jane, m. to John Tbelwall, esq. of 

V. Catbarbe, m. to Griffith Lloyd, of 

VI. Dorothy,tii. to Thomas Davies, esq, 
colonel for Charlbs I. and constalile 




of RkwardeD Caade, in 1643, nho 
waa left guardian lo hu nephew, 
Robert Datiea, esq. of Gwyuney, 
nominated in 1660, an inteoded 
knfght of the Royal Oak, (aee vol. i. 
p. 693). 
Mr. Morgan naa (. at hia decearc by hi* 

CirTAiN WiixiAH Morgan, of Golden 
Grove, who m. Eliaa, daughter of Tho- 
mas Whitley, eaq. of Aston, and had a bod 
and heir, 

Edwird Morgan, eaq. who waa lUin at 
Winnington Bridge, leaviog, by Elizabeth, 
his wife, dai^bier of Thomas White, eaq. a 
son and auccessor, 

Edward Morgan, esq. of Golden Grove, 
who wedded Unnla, daughter of Sir Henry 
Bnnbury, bart. of Stanney, and bad issue, 

I. Edward, hia heir. 

II. Thomas, a captain in Barbadoea. 

III. William. 

IV. Eliubeth 

V. Catharine, who lived at Cheater. 
Mr. Morgan died in 1682, and was t. by 

Edward Morgan, esq. of Golden Grove, 
b. in 1669, who served the office of sheriff 
for Flintshire in 1701. He m. Prances, 
danehter of William Bankes, esq. .of W^- 
Btanley. and had B daughter, Catherine, 
nt. to Robert Bankes, esq. of Wynatanley, 
and a son, 

Edwakd Morgan, esq. of Golden Grove, 

who m. Anne, daughter and heiress of 

Robert Crompton, esq. of Kinnerton and 

Bache, in Cheshire, and had issue, 

CronptOD, who d. v. p. in 1734, ni 


Elisabeth, d. unmajTied. 

Peter Morgan, esq. of Golden Grove, 
hlghsberiffinl752. This gentlemsn wedded 
Margaret, daughter of John Hesketh, eii(. 
of Warrington, and dying in 1780, left s 
daughter, Margaret, who d. unmarried, and 

Edward Morgan, esq. of Golden Gwt, 
lienteuant-colonel of the FUntdiire Hilibs, 
a deputy lieutenant and msgistrale for 
nearly forty years, and high sheriff in \TVl, 
h. 7th August, 1780, who m. in April, WW, 
Louisa, daughter and co-heiress of the late 
Thomas Griffith, esq. of Rbual, and h*d 

I. Edward, bis heir, 

II. Augustus-Henry, of St. John'* Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 

III. Louisa - Henrietta, m. in Mircti. 
1823, Richard Augustus Tucker 
Steward, esq, of Nottioglon Houw, 
lieutenant - colonel of the DonM 
Militia, and late M.P. for Weymudi. 

Mr. Morgan died 26th June, 1B31, sod «u 
I. by his elder son, the present Edvais 
MoROAN, esq. of Golden Grove. 

Amu — Quarterly; first, gu. a cherwo 
ermine between three Saxon's heads ppr.: 

Ihird, arg. 1 

I three boars' heads, t 

Ettmtt$ — In Flintshire, p 
family prior to the Conquest 
•S^af— Golden Grove, built in IG78. 


LONG. HENRY-LAWE.S, esq. of Hampton Lodge, in the county of SvnT' 
and of Cast Bamet, in the county of Herts, m- ^^ 
July, 1822, Lady Catharine Walpolo, youngest dangbttr 
of thelate, and sister of the present Earl of Orfoid, sad 

Chartotte-Carolin e-G eorgiana 

) the estates upon the d 




ThU iiniily is of Witlskire origin, wbero 
Tuious branches of that name have been 
nlablisbed for WTeral centuries. 

John Lokob, of Netberaron, in that 
Dt^. d. in 1630, leay'wg by Catbarii 

his wire, besides an eMer aon John, a second 

TiHOTKT LoNce, born 1610, m. Jane, onljr 
da^hter of the Rer. Oliver Brunselt, vicar 
of WroQghlon.t io the county of Wilts, by 
Elisabeth, daug:hter of Henry Martvn, of 
Upham, in the parish of Albonroe, m the 
same coimty, and of the loner Temple, by 
Jane, daaghter of Thomas Walroud, of At- 
bonme, forester in fee of that chace. He 
died ia 1601, and had Irann, 

I. Timothy Long, in holy orders, b. in 
1036, rector of St Alphage, London, 
4. anm. 14th September, 1066, dur- 
ing the great plague, as stated in 
Peck's Desiderata. 

II. Sakubl. 

Bamucl Long, second son, b. a( Wrough- 
ton in 1638, accompanied the expedition. 

■ Camden derirea the nuu of Loag from Ihn 
traditianuT bet, that " a young gsatlemui of Ifae 
HoDM of Preui," being a (blkurer of the Lord 
Tnujmrer Han^rford, waa " preferred by him to 
« good Burriige," and adapted it by reaaoo of Ilia 
stauu&p Leland deaignatea bira as " a atoate felair 
•N op by one of the old Lords Himgerford." 
ThB principal <>inily of the name vaa veiy early 
SMtad u ScHtih Wraisll, and afterwards st Dray- 
oot, t^ marriage in tbe time of Hekbi VI. irith 
the burea* of Ceme. These propertiea irera dis- 
■ffiered in 1610, wben the male line of Wrsxall 
became eitinct in 1715, and tbat of Draycot in 
1S05. There IS now no known male iaaua axiat- 
inf of (Ilia family. Another eitenaive branch of 
the SBBe waa early aeltled at Semington, Trow- 
bridge, Whsddon, Monkton, and Rowd Ashton, 
pbeca in the riciuity of Wiaiall, sod at Beckii^- 
MD and Siratton in Someraeiahire. There is at 
pnaaat no known male iaiue extant of this 
awach. A third was eariy sealed st Fottem and 
CheranQ in tbe same vicini^, and became the 
male anceMry of R. G. Loi^, esq. of Rowd Ash- 
bm, and of Waller Long, eaq. of Freahaw, in 
Hanta. Tliis branch acquired tbe posaeeaiona of 
Wrajcall, Rowd AahtOD, &c. by sn inUrmairiage 
with the heir female of the Monkton line, m 
wbich they had centered in tba person of the late 
Waher Long, eaq. wbo d. in ISOT. 

U early periods, by 
« of these lour tamilies, msy be 
~~*'"'e evidence in bvour of s 

Jamaica in 1666, as a lieutenant in Colonel 
D'Oyley's regiment, with wbom he was con- 
nected, and was further appointed secretary 

to Cromwell's 

large grants of land in that island, where he 
became a colonel of horse, chief justice, 
spealter of the assembly, and one of the 
council. He was subsequently distinguished 
for his spirited and Buccesglul resistance to 
the arbitrary measures of the crown in 1679, 
as related in Edwards's West Indies. He 
died ill 1683, and had by his wife. Eliza- 
beth, (who remarried the Rev. John Tower;, 
rector of Swaffham Bulbec, in the county 
of Cambridge, grandson of John Towers, 
Bishop of Peterborough, and died 1710,} 
the following issue, 

I. Samuel,* b. 1667, tt. 1677. 

II. John,**. 1674, rf. 1677. 

III. Charles, his heir. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. 1670, m. first, Henry 
LowC, esq. of Goadby Marwood, in 
the county of Leicester, and secondly, 
Henry Smallwood, esq. She had 
issue by her first husband, 

1. Samuel, of Goadby Marwood, 
M.P. for Aldborough, and comp- 
troller of the orduance in Ire- 
land, vbod. unm. in 1731. 

2. Elizabeth, m. Samuel Moore, 
eaq. by whom she had Sir Henry 

3. Susanna, m. Theobald Tsaffe, 
esq. M.P. and d. i. p. 

V. Vere,« b. 1672, rf. 1677. 

VI. Mary," b. 1677, rf. 1677. 

These children are buried in the chsocel of 
the church of St Catherine at St lago de In 
Vega, or Spaniah Town, under a alnb bearing the 
aims gnuted to Edward Long, of Monkton. ill 
1589, vis. s lion paaaant. on a chief three cnos 
crosslets. Creat. out of s ducal otown a lion's 

« viierat pront virum generorum et vera 

Tandem falo cedens. 
Quod hsbail terrenum terrs reddidit 
Igne recoctum. diei 

Et oielitus quod oral, 
Cl patri, et patiie, spiritna, et am 



CiMRLES LoNO, of Longville, Jamaica, 
ADd at Hurta Hall, in the pariah of Sax- 
niundbam, in the coualy of Suffolk, only 
Burviring MD, via born in 1878, and re- 
turned la parliament for Dunwich in 1716. 
He m. Grot, in 1699, Amy, eldert daughter 
of Sir Nicholas Lawea, ut. goTemor of Ja- 
maica, and had iMoe by her, who 4, in 

I. Sanvel, his heir. 

II. ElizabeA, i. 1701, m. John Hamer- 
ton, esq. aecretHry to SotiA CwoliDa, 
and d. (. p. in 1772. 

He married, aecondly, in 1703, Jane, dan. 
and hebr of Sir William Beeaton, knt. go- 
vernor of Jamaica, and relict of Sir Thoma* 
Modyfoid, hart, by whom, who died in 1734, 

III. Charles, h. 1706, of Harts Hall, 
■>. Hary, danghter and heir of Dad- 
ley North, OKI. of Glemham Hall, in 
the county of Suffolk, nephew of 
Francis, first Earl of Guildford, lord 
keeper, &c. Hedied in 177B,leBTiDg 
two sons, 

1. Charles, h. 1748, of Hurts Hall, 
M. his cousin, Jane, (now of 
Hurls Hall,) daughter of Beeslon 
Long, est], and died in 1813, hav- 
ing had issue two sons, Charles 
and Dudley, both of whom died 

2. Dadky, b. 1740, of Glembam 
HaU and Hurls Hall, member 
in several parliaments, assumed 
the name of North, m. die Hon. 
Sophia- Anderson Pelham, dan. 
of the last, and siiter of the pre- 
sent LordY arborongh, and d. i. p. 
in 1839. 

IV. William, a lienlenant In the Earl 
of Pembroke's dragoons, i. 1700, 

V. Beeston, of Carshaltoo Park, In the 
county of Snrrev, b. In 1710, m. in 
1746, SDsanna, daughter and heir of 
Abraham Croppi esq. of Ricbmond, in 
Surrey, and d. in 1785, having had 

1. Samael,ofCar*haltoa,H.P. for 

dau. of the last, and sister of the 
present Earl of lAuderdale, (who 
M. secondly. Lieutenant-general 
Sir William Houston, O.C.B.) 
He d. in 1807, and left issue, 
Samuel, lieut-colonel grena- 
dier guards, who m. Grat, the 
Hon. Lonisa-Emily Stanley, 
second daughter of Edward, 
Lord Stanley, and secondly, 
Sydney, danghter of Arthur 
Atherley, esq. H. P. for 

Charles Haitland, in holy 


2. Richard, d. nam. at Oxford. 

3. Beesloo, of Coombe House, 
Surrey, a bank director, who 
n>. 1786, Frances-Looisa, eldest 
dau. of Sic Richard Neave, barC 
and dying in 1830, left isane, 

William, who married in 1S30, 
Eleonora-Charlotte, sister of 
Sir Edward Poore, bart. of 
Rusball, and has a bod, 
William Beeston. 

Caroline-Jane, died in 1B24. 

Amelia- Ann. 

Maria, m. to Henry-SeymoBr 
Montagu, esq. and died in 
1832, leaving issue. 

4. CHARtBs, Lord Parnbokough, 
(see Burke's Peerage). 

&. GeorKe, Gist lieutenant of the 
Sapertte, killed at the storming 
of Triucomalee, in 1782, nnm. 

6. William, in holy orders, csbob 
of Windsor, reclor of Pnlhan, 
in Norfolk, and of Stemfield, ia 

7. Richard, d. unmarried. 

8. Sarah, m. in 1774, to Sir George 
William Prescott, bart and left 

9. Jane, m. to her coosin, Charles 
I«Dg, esq. of Hurls Hall. 

10. Susannah, married to the Rev. 
George Chamberlayne. 

VI. Jane, i. in 1700, m. first, to Roger 
Drake, esq. of Shirley, Surrey, and 
secondly, to the Marqnesa D'Aragoaa, 
of Modena. 
VII. Anne,i.in1713,ni.totheReT.Phi- 
lip Carter, vicar of Tunslatl, SidTolk. 
Viii. Suunhah, d. unmarried, in 1830, 
aged 103. 
The only sod of Charles Long, of Loogville, 
by his titt wife. Amy Lawes. 

Sahugl Long, esq. b. in 1700, a captain 
in Queen Caroline's DragotHia, and keeper 
of the king's palace at Newmarket, mamed 
Hary, aecond dau. of Bartholomew Tate. 
esq. of DelaprA Abbey, in the county of 
Northampton, (by Mary, daughter and co- 
heir of Edward Noel, esq. of the Gainsbo- 
nagb family) and co-beir, with her sister 
Catharine, to the ancient baronies of Zoncfae, 
of Harringworth, St. Haur, and Iiovel of 
Cary. He d. in 1757, and bad u«ne, 

I. Samuel, died young. 

II. Robert, h. in 17&, who m. Locf, 
danghter of George- Ann Cooke, esq. 
gentleman usher to Georob II. «md 
Grorob III. and ^ that lady (who 
m. secondly, John Bagshall, esq. aod 
thirdly, Comte de la Stilt) had thre« 



Jane-CadiaTiDe-SBrBli, m. to John 
OUver, e«i. of Hoole HaU, 
Cbefhire, and hu iwne. 

Hary-Clurlone, m. to Iter eooun, 
Samuel Scudamore Hemiug, ew). 
and left iuae. 

Lacy-Ann, ■*. to Thomu Bayley 
HowflU, eaq. of Prinknasb Paii, 
OlouceMerahire, and left iuae. 

III. Cbarlea, Uentenaiit 48th foot, who 
d.t.p. 1766. 

IV. Edwakd, of whom hereafter. 

V. Catharine-Maria, i. in 17fl7, in. Sir 
Henry Hoore, b&rL 

VI. SoMimah-Charlotte, b. id 1733, m. 
Snt, George Ellis, oaq. by whom the 
had the late Geatfe EOu, esq. the 
accomplished aotbor of die Early 
Engliah Poets, Ju;. and leoondly, 
Ueat.-General Sir David Lindsay, 
hart and left Uiue. 

*il. Amelia-Elizabeth, b. in 1740, m. 
Samuel Heming, esq. and left issue. 
Ae foDJth soo, bat ooly surriring male heir, 
Bowun LoHG, e«q. b. in 1734, barrister 
of Gra^a Inn, accompMiied U* brodker^in* 
bw, Sir Henry Hoore, to Jamaica, H se- 
octary, was aflenrarda appoiitted oliiel' 
jadge of the vioe-adminlly court, Jamaica, 
ud iras aathof of the history of Oial wUnd. 
Hi m. Hary Ballard, daughter and heir of 
Thomas Beckford, esq.(tee family of Bbce- 
vuD.ov FoNTHiLL, Tol. i. p. STB) and relict 
«f John Pallmer.era, by whom (who died in 
17D7[he had issue, 

EDwaHfi-BEESTON, his beir. 
Robert-Ballard, a lientenanl-Eeneral in 
the army and lieutenaot-corone] 15th 
hussars, who J. nnmarried, in 1826. 
Chsrles- Beckford, who n. Frances- 
Honro, daughter and heir of Lucius 
Tucker, esq. of NorfoU St. Park 
LkD«, (by Frances, daughter and heir 
of William Jenkyns, esq. captain royal 
hone Grenadier guards) and by lier, 
who died in IHI3, has had kane, 
I. Charles-Edward. 
3. Robert Beckfknd, d. 18S7. 

3. Hary-Henrietta. 

4. Chariotte'Uovo, i. and <i in 

i. CvoliDe-Eliubeth. 
CalbuiM, Ni. to Richard Dmrkins, esq. 

fourth son of Henry Dawkini. esq. 
of Standlynch, Wilts, and d. in 1S9S, 
leaving issue. 
Charlotte, m. to Sir George Pococke, 

bart. and has issue. 
ElizabeUi, m, to Lord Henry-Holy- 
neux Howard, depu^ earl-nMrshall 
of England, and has issue. 
Mr. Long died in 1813, and was «. by bis 
eldest son, 

Edward Bekston Long, esq. of Hamp- 
ton, who married Hary, daughter of John 
ThomlinsoD, esq. H.P. for Stevning, (by 
Maisaret, dBughter of Hariiu Blake, esq.) 
asd heir to her grandfather, John Thorn- 
linson, esq. of East Banuit, and by her 
(who d. in 1818) be bad issue, 

Edward Noel, ensign Coldstream regi- 
ment of foot guards, lost on hii pas- 
sage to Spain, in 1800. 
HeNRy-LAWBS, beir to his fsflier. 
Frederic-Beckford, who nt. Haria- 
Elizabeth, fifth daughter of Jamea 
Daniell, esq. and has issue, 

1. Josepblne-Ha^iaret-Eliaabetb. 

2. Isabella. 

3. Augusta-Caroline. 

Hary, >». to Charles Devon, esq. of 

Rnckenford, in Devonshire. 
Charlotte, m. to Geoi^ Grenville 
Pigott, esq. M.P. for Sl Hawes, in 
1830, son and heir of William FigoR, 
esq. of Dodershall Park, Bucks, and 
(/.(.p. in 1823. 
Hr. Long d, in 1826, and was t. by his son, 
Henrt - Laweb Lono, esq. of Hampton 

Amu — Quarterly, Erst, aa. a lion passaot 
org. holding in the dexter paw a croM 
croulet fitch£e or, on a chief of the second, 
three cross crosslels of the field, for Loho. 
Second, party, per fess or and gu. a pale 
counterchanged, three Cornish chouf bs ppr. 
for Tate ; third, gn. ten besanta, a canton 
enn. for ZotiCHB ; fourth, m. two chcv- 
ronels en. in chiefs label of five pointi ««. 
for St. U AUB. 

Crut — Out of a duoal coronet «> ■ Uw'a 
head arg. gntt^ de sang. 
Woa»--P(etut qnoique prenx. 
ff taf w— Id the oounlies of Burrey, Herti, 
and Middlesex. 

Stat — Hampton Lodge, Faniha»i Ssnfjr. 



MUCKLESTON, The Reverend JOHN -FLETCHER, D. D. of Chmtchureh 
College, Oxfiird, a prebeadarj of Lirbfield luid WolTerhunpton, m. 16(li April, 1793, 
Louisa, dangbter of the R«r. Juha Preston, of Aakham BiTui, in the coontf of York, 
and had iaaue, 

I. John, in holy order*. 
II. Rowland, a scholar of WorMater College, Oxford. 

III. Louisa. 

IV. Ads, n. to Arthar Battenbjr, esq. 
V, Huy. 

Dr. Muckleilon, who inherited Merrington, intheconntyof Salop, at the decease of his 
father, sold that estate in 1817 to hia cousin, Joseph Muckleeton, esq. of Preacot, who 
was h%h-Bheriff of Salop in 1788. 


The fhmil; of Huckleston is of con- 
aideraUe antiquity in the counly of Salop. 

A charter of the Earl of Arundel and 
Surrey, dated 1399, recites that the lands 
of RooER, son of RooEH de Mokleston, 
had been seised into the hands of the earl, 
his father, "nhom God assoile," bj reason 
of forfeiture for ontlawry, pronounced 
M|ainst Ro^, the sou, for the death of 
Richard de Mokleston, his brother, hy him 

standing the lands nere in the earl's hands, 
purchased them in fee simple from the said 
Roger, the sou, " now by the advise of our 
council," says the earl, (such is the almost 
regal style of our ancient nobles) "and for 
the sum of £20 paid by Trland to us, we 
pardon his purchase of the said land, with- 
out having first oblaiued our license." 

There can he no doubt that this transac- 
tion refers to the family before us, but it rs 
difficult lo assign its proper place iu the 
pedigree, which commeocrs with 

HocsKTN HucCLCSTON, bom in \3i&, 
who wedded Gertrude, daughter of Hofh 
Kynaaton, and was father of 

Racer Muccleston, living in 1986, and 
1383, who m. Susan Ottley, and besidea, of 
his son, William, who continued the liae, 
was probably Ikther of the Roger and 
Richard, mentioned in the deed.* His son 
aad successor, 

WiLUAN Hdccleston, espoused Rebecca 
Lucie, and was (. hy his sou, 

THOHits HuccLESTOH, Uvine in the 9th 
Henhv IV. who hy hia wife, Anne Harris, 
had a son and heir, 

William Huckleston, who wedded in 
the reignof Henry VI. Cicely, danghler of 
Richard Ireland, of Oswestry, and was «. 
hy his son, 

Thomas Huckleston, living in 1471, 
great grandfather of 

John Huckleston, esq. who manied 
Anne, daughter of Edward Uoyd.of Llwyn- 
y-maen, and is styled of Peu-y-lan. in Uan- 
vorda, near Oswestry. His son and heir, 

EnwARD HUCKLBSTON. esq. of Pen-y-lan, 
recorder of Oswestry, became possessed of 
the estate of Heriden, now Merrington, in 
the parish of Preston Oohalds, hy his mar- 
riage (4th Jannary, 1615} with Hary, dangh- 
ler and heiress of Thomas Corbet, esq. by 
Sarah, his wife, sister and heiress of Thomas 
Colefoxe, esq. of Herrington. Edward 
Huckleston died in 1638, and lefl taaue, 

I. John, his heir. 

II. Rowland, successor (o hia hrodter. 

III. Richard, of Shrewshury, who mar- 
ried and had issue, 

I. Richard, who m. the danghter 




or JohD Tayluar, eaq. of Rod- 

dyngton, acd had an only child, 

John, of BickloD,who wedded 

Mias Anne Tong, and left 

an only daaghter and heir, 

Lbttice, m. to Richard 

Jenkina, esq. of Ihe 

ooaDty of Salop. 

2. Edward, vho m. Grace, dangfa- 
ler of Robert Owen, ewj. of Wil- 
cotl, and had two (oni, Richard, 
of GreeuGelde, and Edward, who 
d. unmarried. 

3. Joaeph, of Shrewabnry, who m. 
HiM Mary Hawkina, and had 

Joieph, of SbrewBhnrVi who 
m. Catherine, daughter of 
William Hawkina, esq. of 
BurtoD-upon-Tf enl, and had 
an only daughter and heir- 
ew, Catherine, m. to Samuel 
Griffith, esq. of Dinthill. 
Richard, who w.MBry,nnotber 
daughter of William Haw- 
kins, esq. and left iwne, 
Joseph, of Prescott, high 
aheriff ofSalopin 1788, 
whoporchaaed in 1817, 
as already atated, the 
estate of Herrington, 
from hia couain, Dr. 
MuckleBton. He died 
William-Hawkini, U.D. 
of London, who m. 
Frances, daughter of 
Thomas Prestlend,eaq. 
of Walford, and left 
an only daughter and 
heiress, Elizabeth, fa. 
to Robert Aglionby 
Slany, esq. son of R. 
Slany, esq. of HattOD. 

4. Beigamin, died unmarried. 

6. Mary, m. to John Edwards, esq. 

of Ness Strange, in the coun^ 

of Salop, (see page 80). 

6. Sarah, m. to Morgan Powell, 


I*. Hargery, m. to Robert Haywood, 

esq. of Woodhouse. 
V. Sarah, m. to Francis Lloyd, esq. of 

1. John Harwood, LL.B. 

2. Thomas Harwood.ofTeruHall, 
who m. Margaret, sister of the 
Right Hon. Richard HUt. and 
was grandfather of Nosi. HiLL, 
&r«l Lord Berwick. 

3. Edward Harwood, m. and left 

4. Hartba Harwood, m. to Siroon 

H Burner. 
&. Abigail Harwood, «i. to John 

CongreTe, esq. of Congreve. 
6. Anne Harwood, m. (o George 
Curties, esq. 
The eldest boq, 

John Hucklebton, esq. suceaeded hia 
father in his estates, and iu the office of 
recorder. He died unmarried, in IG03, 
when Harrington devolved upon his brother, 
Rowland Mucklestoh, esq. who es> 
poused Ma^aret, daughter of Andrew 
Bowdler, gent, and had (with two daugh- 
ters, Mary, m. to — Maddox, esq. of Astley, 
and Margaret, m. first to John Howard, and 
secondly, to Mr. John Collier, A.M.) a sou 
and successor, 

EDW.IRD MucKLESTON, csq. of Merrlng- 
ton, who wedded Anne, daughter of John 
Joyce, of Cocksbutt, and had issue, 
Edward, his heir. 
John, who m. Miss Mary Price, and 

had a 

1, Price 

Richard, who m. Uisa Sarah Cowkley, 
and had a daughter, Sarah, nt. to 
Hr. Edward Topham. 
Tbe eldest bod, 

Edward HucKLenoN, esq. of Merriog- 
lon, had by Hiss Anne Adams, bis wife, a 
■on and heir, 

John Muckleston, eaq. of Merrington, 
who m. Hiss Jane Sandland, and was «. by 

John Muckleston, esq. of Sbrewslmry 
and Merrington, who m. Mary, daughter 
and co'heiresB of John Fletcher,* esq. ot 
Lichfield, and had issue, 

John-Flf.tchv.k, his heir. 
Charles- Bowdler, of Shrewsbury, who 
fit. Mias Mary Smith, of Shrewsbury, 
Bud left one son, Edward, of the 3dth 
regiment, who m. Miss Eliza Jeffreyi, 
of Willcott, in Salop, and a daugh- 
ter, Mary, m. to Edward Shaw, esq. 
of Condover Grange, Salop. 
Martha, m. to William Cary, esq, of 
Mr. HncklesloD died ahoat the year 1780, 
and was *. by his elder son, the present 
Rev. John Fletcher Muckleston, D.D. 

Amu — Vert, on a fessearg. between three 
greyhounds' heads erased of the second, 
three crosses pallee gu. 

Creil — A greyhound's head eraaed, ppr. 
collared gules. 

AcflifniM— Tbe Cathedral Clow, Lich- 

* Mr. Ftstcber'* mothsr was danphlar of Ralph 
Tbickoesse, esq. of Bitterly, by Bridget, his wile. 



ALEXANDER, EDWARD, ew]. of Powii, in the county of Ocickinuinsn, b. in 
1768, m. Gret, in 1801, Miu Colquhoun, 
daughter of R. Colquhoun, eaq. and auter of 
Gideon Colquhoun, eaq. Ute Resident *X 
Buworah, but had no iNoe. He eapowed, 
secondly, in 1803, Cstherine, dai^ter of 
John Glas, esq. and niece of Major-General 
Sir Alexander Bryce, K. C.H. Inspector- 
general of Fortifications, and of Dr. Bryce, 
Dean of the Chapel Royal. By this lady he 

I. Jambs-Edwabd, Captain in the 42nd Royal H^hlandere, K.L.8. anthof of 

Travels, kc. 
li. John, Captain in theRifie Brinde.whoBHonied the samameorHENDBMON, 
on succeeding to the estate of Weslerton, at the decease of his nncle, John 
Henderson, esq. in whose family the landsofWesterton had been for several 
hondred years. 

III. Euphemia-Hayne, who d. nnmarried In 1B23. 

IV. Mary- Bryce. 
V. Calherine-Olas. 

Mr. Alexander, a deputy-lieutenant, &c. succeeded to Powis upon the demise of his 
ooosin, James Hayne, esq. in 1808. 


Catherine, n. to James Bum, of 

He wedded, secondly, Marnret, sister- 
g^rman of Sir James Hall, of Dunglas ; and 
thirdly, Janet Bum, but had no other chil- 
dren. Re died at the mmiually advanced 
age of 110, in I606,and wasf. byhta graad- 

This family, which claims to be a branch 
from the same root aa the Earls of Stik- 
UNG, inherits the lands of Powis from the 
heiress of Maine, whose progenitors, de- 
scending from the Maynes of Lochnood, 
were settled near Stirling, and have been 
landed proprietors in that neighbourhood 
since the commencement of the fifteenth 

of TuUibodie (Alexander), the landsof Pile, 
within a few miles of Stirling, then the chief 
residence of the lantily, in which, as well as 
in the poeaesaions in Clackmannanshire, he 
was (. by bis son, 

John Hayne, esq. i. in 1666, who m. first, 
Catherine Kerr, of the family of Faimey- 
hirst, and had issue, 

John, who m. Harnret, sister of Cap- 
tain Robert Anderson, of Glasgow, 
and lefl at his decease, in his father's 
lifetime, two sons and a daughter, 

WiLLiAH, who /.his grandfather. 

Edward, who went to St. Lucai 
and Lisbon, and acquired the 
lands of Powii and L^e, in the 
shires of Perth and Oackman- 
nan, and got a charter of them 
under the great seal, dated in 
1731. He d. unmarried in 1743. 

WiLUAN Matnb, esi|. who was, by bis 
brother, put in possession of die lands of 
Powis and Logie in 1731. He m. firat, 
Enpban Christie, of Lecropt, and had, with 
several daughters, three sous, via. 

I. John, a merchant in London and 
Lisbon, who m. Jean, daughter of 
Etheldred Davie, esq. of flie oouniy 
of Devon, and had diree sons, Ed- 
ward, John, and Henry, and two 
daughters, Harnret and Hiaabeth, 
the iaane of all of whom is nost 

II. Jahes, of whom presently. 

III. Edward, of Powis, who m. Janet, 
daughter of James Henderson, esq.of 
Westertown, by whom he had, with 
several daughters, one of whom m. 
Alexander Cunningham, ofCapeslon, 




J*HE«, a capUin in the 37(li foot, 

father of Miu Helen Hajoe. 

IV. Caflieriiie, m, (o Jamei Bnin, esq. 
of Galeiide. 

V. Margaret, m. to Sir Alexander Cun- 
ninguun, of Capiitoa. 

Mr. Uajnp wedded, ■econdly, Helen Gal- 
braitii, of the BalK«ir fMail;r» *"' grand- 
duster of Sir Philip Hnagnre, bart by 
whom be had iame, 

VI. WiLLUM (Sir), a privy councillor, 
and member in the Irish parlianeat, 
who waa created a baronet 33nd 
April, 1763, and elevated to the peer- 
age of Ireland, as Baron Newhaven, 
in 1776, Hi* Lordship married, in 
1758, the Hon. Frances AUeQ,daugh' 
ler and co-beir of Joshua, viscount 
Allen, bat dyiue without iiaue, in 
17M, bis honors became extinct. 

VII. Robert, a banker to London, who 
M. Anne, datigbter and heireie of John 
Knight, esq. of the cuunt; of Glou- 
cester, bf Hiss Otway, his wife, 
daogbter of General Otway, and had 

2. Robert, in boljr orders. 

3. Charles-Otway, a captain [■ the 
R. E. I. C. Sea Service. 

VIII. Helen,whom. John Graham, esq. of 
Kemock, son of James, only brother 
of John Graham, of Balqubaple, de- 
scended from George Graham, of 
Callendar, second son of William, 
Eiord Graham. By this manage she 
had Issue, 

I. Thomas Orabam, of Kinross, 
M.P. father of lAdy Uontgome- 
ry, of 8l«bo,and of Hrs.Templar. 

A. Ellen, M. in 1780, to Sir Henry 
WatkiD Dasbwood, bart. 

IX. Janet, who died unmarried. 

X. Barbara, m. to James Dnncanson, 
esq. of Campleton. 

XI. Isabel, m. to James IHncanson, 
esq. of Inverary. 

William Mayne wedded, thirdly, Helen, 
daughter of the Rev. Hr. Stark, of Lecropt, 
descended from the family of KiUelmonnt, 
and had, 

Thomas, of Lisbon, whom. Miss Clever, 
of thai city, and Hits Pringle of 
Whitebank, and had a daughter, 

Elizabeth, nt. to Rev. Archibald Smith, 

of Fintry. 
Jean, m. to John Broira, merchant in 
Glasgow, and had, with other issue, a 
SOD, Georse Brown, of London. 
Hr. Mayne had, by his three wives, twenty- 
one children, and the cradle is said to have 
rocked in his house for filty years. Before 
he act^aired Powls he resided at Csmbus, 
and his children are mostly registered in 
Alloa. His second son, 

Janes Haynb, esq. of SL Nhilans, left an 
only daughter, 

Etn^BMiA Mayne, who m. first, James 
Henderson, esq. of Westerton, and had two 
sons, John and William. She espoused, se- 

Jahes Alexander, esq. provost of Stir- 
ling, and had a son, the present Edward 
Alexander, esq. of Powie. 

j4rm*— Quarterly, first and fourth parly 
per pale, arg. and sa. a chevron, and in base 
a crescent, all counlerchauged ; second and 
third or, a galley sa. three cross crosslets, 
fitcbee gu. 

Crert— A beaver. 

Siipporleri — A higblander and mermaid. 

Matte — Per mare, per terras. 

Eitata — Powii, tkc, in the county ol 

Stat — Powis Hou3e. 


LUCAS, BERNARD, eaq. of Hasland, in the county of Derby, b. al CheBl«r6eId, 
I4th Angnst, 1757, m. 16th April, 1789, Esther, daug^hter of the late John Lax, esq. 
of Eryholme,in the county of York, and sister of Anthony LAX-Maynard,eBq. of Chee- 
(sifieU, by whom he has issue, 

Thomas-Burton, in holy orders, rector of Sawtry, in Huntiugdonsbire. 
Bemard-Haynard, of Toplon Grove, near Chesterfield, si. I^ June, 1B3&, Eliia, 

only daughter of the late Captain John Wood, R,N. ofBmmling House, Kent. 
Esther, M. to William Brodhurst, esq. of Newark. 
Hub geDtleman succeeded his father 29th May, 1818. 




Thomas Lucav, b. 24(li April, 1607, mo 
of BerDBrd LncM, who d, llib Septemtwr, 
1660, boagK ID 1695, eiUlea in Htuland, 
and in Augnat, 1723, purchaaed tlie re- 
munder of tne land* tberein, Ihen belonging 
to the family of Lowe, of Orgreavei, but 
the title wai not completed nntil 1727. In 
an act of partiamenl obtained about tbat 
period, by NicholBs, Earl of Scarsdale, and 
others, for the dirision of the common fields 
and wastes, in Scarcliffe and Palterton, Mr. 
Lucai ii named by the description of Thomas 
Lucas, esq. of Haaland, in the county of 
Derby. He m. Miss Elizabeth Thomas, pro- 
prietor, in her own right, of several manors 
and cBtatei in Lincoliishire, once the pro- 
perty of Ibe family of Holyneux, tind had a 

of Robert Wood, gent, of Swanwick, in the 
county of Derby, and had one daoghter, 
Margaret, who d. unm. and two sons, Th<v- 
HAS, his heir, and Bernard, of Chesterfield, 
who d. unm. He died25th July, 1771, and 
was (. by his elder aoo, 

Thomas Lucas, esq. of Chesterfield and 
Hasland, a magistrate and deputy lieulenaut 
for the connty of Derby, who wedded Eiita- 
beth, daughter of John Burton,* esq. of 
Chesterfield, by Ann his wifo, danrbter and 
heiress of Edward Hailam, esq.of Newbold, 
and dying 2Sth Hay, 1618, was t. by his 
eldest son, the present Bernard Lucas, esq. 
of Hasland. 

Amu — Arg. a cher. gn. between three 
orgresses ; on a chief ac. a moor cock of the 
field between two cross crosslets or. 

Crett — An arm embowed, vested sa. bc- 
zant^e caff arg. holding in the hiuid ppr. a 
crois croflslet gu. 

Eitalri— In Haaland, Newbold, Calow, 
&c. io the parisb of Chesterfield, and other 
places in the county of Derby. 

^Mt— Hasland, near CheEterfield, e rooted 
by the present proprietor, in 1820. 

■ Thii Jonn Burtoh lud, buidea Hn. Loch, 
a aon, Edward, and a daughter, Ann, who diad 
without iasue. He iru e\&i brolber of WiUiiai 
Burton, of Royda Mill, nesr Sheffield, and dea- 
oended from RicbBnl Burton, of Cheftnfield, 
gnndaan of William Barton, nf Falde, (who dird 
5th RicH^xn II.) aod Maud bia wife, airtar and 
beir of Tlumiu Cortia, and ^jeat giaadaon of 
Nicholsa Barton, and Avnea hia wife, siBtar and 
beir of John Caraun, of Filde. The fimul; oT 
Burton wai origiDally fbaoded by Ji>n Boktoh, 
eaqoin of the tndy to " 

d WJ*! 


PAWSON, WILLIAM, esq. of Shawtloo, in the countjr of Northumberland, b. 
14th May, 1760, m. January 1817, Mary Aiu.daug'hterof the Rer. Robert Trotter, f 
of Morpeth, and has issue, 

WiLUAK-JoHN, b. in December, 1817. HaryAon. 

Mr. PawBon, who i- to the estates of Shawdoa at the decease of hia brother, Geoi^ 
PawBon-Hargrave, esq. in 1817, was high-sheriff of Northumberland daring the great 
contested election for that county in 1626. 

t The nama of Trotter iaoFanciaut standing on the Scottiah border. The bmily (hIa rerenad 
smtlnnan represented held broad tauda in that part of Roibarghahire called the Hefse, until ibrfntml 
hj idhereDce to the Stvjuts in 1715 and 1745, Um lastpMseaaoT having soflcted s long impriionmnit, 
' beaide, in Edinburgh and Carliale Cattlea. W illiam TnilUr, an ancestor, ia recorded to hav* Mian at 
the battle of Hodden ; and in corrobaTation of the fiut, a gold ring araa found, about the oiiddl* of tba 
laatctmlnry, upon (be ails of the field of battle, bearing an inacriplion in Norman-French, haring be- 
tween each word a boar's bead, the irmorial bauinga of the Trailers, and oomatni to tbMa with tbe 
Gotdona and Swinlona. 




The Pawsons, b rninily of great antiquity 
in Torkahire, are firat mentioned in the reign 
ofHBNBY rv. anno 1406. 

Rbsinald P*»!0N, by Edith hiB wife, a 
descendant of Simon Hontfort, the great 
Earl of Leicester, had a son, 

HttSH Pawsoh, father, by Eliaabeth bia 

Henht Pawroh, who died in 1517, leav- 

Richard Pawson, who wedded Elizabeth 

, and by her, who was liHoK a widow 

in ta76, he had issne, 

I. WUIiam. 

II. Christopher. 
■II. Tbomaa. 

IV. John, of whom presently. 

V. Anthony. 

VI. Oliver, 
vir. Richard. 

viit. Grace, m. (o — Teale. 

IX. Ann, tiring unmarried, 1576. 
Tke roortb ion, 

John PAW8ON,esq.0f Leeds, in the connly 
of York, by hie will, dated 12th Jannary, 
1576, and proved at York 24th April, in the 
rollowinK year, directs his body to be bnried 
in tbe parish diorch of Leeds. He married 
Aon — ,* and liad a son and successor, 

Chrirtopher Pawson, of Leeds, whose 
will, dated 7th January, 1631, and prored 
3Dd Angust, 1632, at York, direcU bis bodv 
to be bniied at bis stall, in tbe parish church 
of Leeds. He wedded Jane, daughter of 
Richard Wilkinson, and by her (who died 
in 1634) had iavne, 

I. Samnel, of York, Urinr in 1632, who 
M. Hary, daughter of clias Mickle- 

• Her win ii dUed 3rd 
ia pmred at York, 9th Febnurr, 13BS 
iirm to b* boried near ber mOtW, in 
diun:h of Loads. 

:, 158T, s 

thwaite, lord mayor of York. 

II. Henry, of whom presently. 

III. Richard. 

IV. Thomas. 

V. William, living in Portugal, 1632. 

VI. Ellen, wife of Richard Holmes, 
living in 1634. 

vti. Elizabeth, wife of T. Bacon, living 
in lOM. 

VIII. Ann, wife of John Lawrence, of 
York, living in 1634. 

IX. Prisdlla. 

X. Jane, 
xr. Mary. 
XII. Grace. 

Tbe second son, 

HeNRV Pawson, of Leeds, purchased 
lands of Henry Neville, alias Smith, esq. 
He M. Hiss Alice Clarkson, and by that 
lady, (whose will was dated 3ni March, 
leez, and proved a( York, April 1663) he 

had is 

. CHRrsTOPHEn, who fined for alder- 
man of Leeds. He m. Susan, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Mr. Alderman H. 
Roundell, of the same place, and died 
12th November, 18M, aged sixty- 
four, leaving issue, 

1. Henry, alderman of Leeds, who 
m. Sarah, dan. and co-heiress of 
Richard Beene, of Ledstone, hot 
d. I. p. His widow was living in 

2. Samnel, d. at Coromendera, in 
Guinea, where he was chief lac 

3. Christopher, who m. Mary, dau, 
of William Sprenlall, and lefl 
an only son and heir, 

Henht, of Allerton Gledhow, 
near Leeds, who m. Ann, 
daughter of Hugh Sleigh, 
esq. and dying 3rd Novem- 
ber, 1733, left two daughters 
and co-heirs, viz. 
EuzABBrn, b. 2lRt July, 
1724, m. to John Pres- 
'too, esq. of Leeds, and 
Anne, b, 16th Aognal, 
1729, erentaalW sole 
heiress, m. 26th Febm- 
UT, 1760, lo William 
Wilson, esq. of Aller- 
ton Gledhow (jure ox- 
oris) alderman of Leeds, 
and had an only daugh- 
ter and heiress, 
Anne Wiuoh, v. 



13th December, 
1784, to ThoniBi 
Da](OD, «tq. wbo 
Miumed, in 1817, 
«B inheriting (he 
ectatetorthe family 
of NORCUFFE, that 


of Leeda, and d. 2Sth November, 
16B7, ag«d fortjr-fottr, boried at 

II. John, of York, who d. 4ih Aasust, 
1677, and w«i buried at Biihop-iip- 
Hil), the ehler chundi ia York. 

III. Henry. 

V. Seth, d. 2»th May, lan.aged thirty- 
■CTen, and WM buried al I^edi. 

VI. Ann, m. to Tbomai Day. 

.h January, 1095, and 

IiroTed 13th Norember, 1696, at York, he 
ttt (with two daughters, Alice, m. to J(An 
Peckelt, esq. lord mayor of York, and Sa- 
rah, wife of — Wilberforce, esq, of York- 
■liire) a eon and ancceuor, 

Elias Pawion, esq. lord mayor of York 
in 17M, whom. Mary,* da ogbter of William 
Dyneley, esq. of that city, and dying Ath 
January, 1716, waa buried in Bisbop-up- 
HiU, the elder, York, and aucceeded by hii 

Henrv Pawbow, eaq. alao lord mayor of 
York, who m. Catherine, daughter of R. 
Fairfax, esq. of Bteeton Caatle. and by her, 
who it SOth March, 1767, he left at faia de- 
ceaae, in 1736, a aon and ancceaaor, 

John Fawsok, eaq. who ai. Mary, datigfa- 
t«r of Nathaniel MABORAVE,t esq. of Sliaw- 
don Caatle, in NorthumberlaDd, and had 

JoUK, his heir. 

Nathaniel, a major in the army, died 

unmarried, at Serinmpatam. 
Mary, 4, nnm. at YoA., 2&Ib January, 

I niniHtEL Miiouvi, esq. of Stuvdon 
Cutle, m. Sarah, dtoghter and oo-beirMa of Wil- 
liam Carter, eaq. of Kiibywiake. in Yorlcshin, 
aad laR iaane « hi* dMesae, in 1714, 

I. Jahei, wbo wu high abcrilTof Noithiun- 
bariand in 1758. He n. Priacilia, dangb- 
lor and oo-beinaa of Willum Bonner, esq. 
of St. Anthony'*, and died in 1777, lear- 
inr an only aon, 

Wnuii^ k in 1736, bigb aheriff of 

1760, and was buried at Bishop-np- 
Hill, the elder chnrcb. 
Sarah, d. in infancy, in 1736. 
Mr. Pawson d. dth NoTember, 1747, waa 
buried in St. Nicholas Cfaur«h, Newcutle- 
on-Tyne, and succeeded by his elder son, 

John Paw«on, esq. a captain in the 
Northnmberlend militia. This Ecntleman 
m. at All Saints Church, SOth Norember, 
1770, Elisabeth, only child of B. Foggin, 
esq. by whom (who died in October, 1826) 
be had three sons and a daugfater, vis. 
Geohqe, bia beir. 

John, (. al Newcastle, in 1776, who d. 
». p. in Hay, 1816, and was buried in 
Shoreditch Church, London. 
WiLUAH.sncoessor to bia eldest brother. 
Elizabeth, m. at 8L Andrew's Church, 
Newcastle, Qth Jnne, 1806, to WiUiam 
Haraey, eaq. 
Mr. Pawson, dying SStli Febmary, 180S, 
was buried in St Nieholas Church, and waa 
(. bv bis eldest son, 

GEt>R«EPAwsoN,esq, bom at Ncwcaade- 
on-Tyne, 3rd Septambar, 1771, who u- 
snmed, by Mgn manual, in 1817, the ad- 
ditional auniaiBe and anna of Harckavb. 
He m. first, at Sl Andrew's Churdi, New* 
castle, in November, 1606, Sophia-Ann, 
danchter of the ReT. Henry L^ttea, Ticar 
of Woodbom, which lady d. at Morpeth, 
30th April, 1813, and was buried in SL 
Nicholas Church. He wedded, aecondly, 
Ann-James, daughter of James Collin gwood, 
esq. of Morpeth, and widow of T. CurreU, 
eaq. of Jamaica, but dying i. p. a9th De- 
cember, 1 817, at EaUngUn Houae, in North- 
umberland, was buned in Bl Nicholas 
Chnrcb, Newcastle. Th« estates devolrcd 
upon his brother, the present 
WiLUAM Pawson, eaq. of Siuw»oN. 

AriH* — Quarterly, first and foarth, quar- 
terly indented az. and gu. on a fess ermine 
between three bucks courant or, as msny 
maactes of the first ; second and third, ei^ 
mines, two chevronels between three lions' 
gamba erased or. 

OMf»— First, a back's bead, erased al 
lite neck, quaiteriy indented arg. and gu. 
attired aa. and charged witb fonr roundels 
coontercbanged ; second, a mount vert, and 
thereon a hurt charged witb the >un in 

Northnmbariand in 1785, and ssaior 
deputy lieotoiuit. wbo m. Catberiae, 
dauffbter and co-beires* of Samuel 
Shields, esq. wid d. i. f. in 18(7, be- 
((nestbing all bii estates to bi* rd*- 
tiTe, Gioaoi Pawion, eaq. witb re- 
mainder to Willian Pswaon, aaq. and 




Hmm— FsTpnte Deo. 

EtNM t Shtwdon, TiUingtBD, Weet Bol- 
M, LmuniDgtoD, Hoppra, West Byker, in 
KoObiiHbwlkDd. CmlI mines, U Jarrow, 
■ Ike comatj of Dmbam, and an ectate at 
Kirbywiake, in Torkahira, which haa des- 
cended, in a right line, to the preaent pro- 
prietor fnira Hm 3rd of Hihhy V. anno 

fiutlf — Shawdon Hall, Lemmin^n 
Tower, Mtd Titliaeton Hall, in Northum- 

Shawiwn Hau. ia aitaated in the fertile 
nle feraied by tbe river Alne, in tiw pariib 
«(W1iittiiigluM,NorthumberUBd,aiMl built 
ia 1779, by tbe laH WUliaMi Harg^ave, eaq. 
■earif on the aite of die ancient caatle of 
Huodoo, deacribed aa one of the border 
fintrenee. Tbe booae is opproacbed from 
' ' tnd wetl lodges tfaraaeb aa arenue 

of majcatie elma, terminated by a 
■tritgated boUiea, which, for beaotv i 
wgniAoeice, are allowed to be die trsi 

■tritgated boUiea, which, for 
wgniAoeace, are allowed to b> 
Ibe kingdem, aeveral of them being more 

than fitly feel in height, and their -tninke 
nine feet in circomference. Upon the ad- 
joining hills are the remains of two Roman 
camps ; several cavins likewise afford evi- 
dence of more remote antiquity; some of 
them have been opened, and found to con- 
tain urns of unbaked clay, on wluch naa 
traced a rude pattern, and enclosing human 
bones and aafaes. Silver coins of Robert 
Brace, Darid of Scotland, and the Edwards 
of England, hare been occasionally found, 
together with a gold rose noble of Edward 
I. in beauliftil preservation. Shawdon is a 
BWDor in ittelf. the court rolls and entries 
of suit and service to which are extant for 
some cenbuiei back. Tbe lords of tbe do- 
main had once poaaesaed the power of exe- 
cuting malefactors within their own boun- 
dariea, and a tree, which bears the appella- 
tion of tbe HoMowun't Oak, ia yet pointed 
out, beneatb which, a few years ago, were 
diacorered the remains of fourteen persons, 
who had there probably auffiered the penalty 


MACLEOD, ROBERT-BRUCE-^NEAS, esq. of Cadbt^l, in th« eoimtr of Cro- 
marty, and of Invergordon Castle, in Roaa-shire, b. in Ja- 
nuary, 1764, n>. in 1784, Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander 
Hacleod, eaq. of Harria, and has had iaiua, 

RoDERtcK. h. in 1786, M.P, for the county of Suther- 
land, lord-lieutenant of the county of Cromarty, and 
deputy- lieutenant of Rosa-shire, ai. in 1813, Isabella, 
daughter of William Cunninghame, esq. of Lainshow, 
in Ayrshire, and has two sons and two daughters, viz. 

EliMb^th-IilUa, 5 »>0*'"^ ""«"■ 
Mr. Macleod Bucceeded hia lather in 1770. He was. 
formerly, repreBccilatJre in parliaaient forCromarty, and 
was constituted lord-lienlenant for that shire when the 
office was first instituted in Scotland, anno 1 794. He re- 
signed in 1 83 3. He ii a deputy-lientenant for Roaa-shire. 


It ts aAnowledged nniversally that the 
Hackeods uf Seo^md, sprang from the Nor- 
wegim Kings of Han, of which monarchs 
the fonmrtag is a brief narratire, as re- 
<M4«d in &e Oironicle of the Island, pnb- 
Uri wiA CaMMen'a BritanaU, anno 1566. 

I. Gonrnu), somamed Crovan, son 
of HahoU), tkt Black, being ap- 
pointed sovereizn of Man, and tbe 
Western Isles, bv Harolo, Ihe Im- 
ptri»Ht, came with a fleet, and army, 
and took poaaeasion of hia kingdom, 



anno 106S, bnt the saperiority still 
reoieined with the kinga. He left ml 
hb decease three Mtu, 

1. LitGHilN. 

2. HitRaLD. 

3. Otftua, or Olare, a child at hit 
father's death. 

II. Laoman, KinKofHanBiidthelBlea: 
this monarch's brother, Harold, 
having raised a rebellion againat 
liim, wasdcfeated and made prisoner, 
and Laginan pnt oat his ejes, and 
otherwise treated him barbarously, 
l^pnan being afterwards seized with 
remorae, went on a pilgrimage to 
Jerusalem, and died there issueless, 
in the year 1089. Hts anhapp; 
brotiier, Harold, dying also childlesa, 
the kingdom fell to the youngest and 
only surviving brother, 

III. Olal's, or Olave, snmamed the 
Snartk^, who being still in minority, 
the government of the island was 
committed to a nobleman of Ireland, 
named Donald, son of Thade, but 
the regent acting tyrannically, was 
expelled the kingdom, and Olaus 
having then attained majority, as- 
sumed the reins of government, 
anno 1102. This monarch espoused 
Africa, daughter of Fergus, Lord of 
Galloway, at the timeoueof the most 
powerful subjects in Scotland, and 
had one ion, Godfred, kitkeir, with 
several daughters, one of whom, 
Africa, married Sonbrl.ei>*Macoii.- 
BRED, Qiane of Argyll, ancestor of 
the Macdonalds, and by him had 
four sons, viz. Dungall, Reginald, 
Angus, aiid Olave. Through this 
marriage the family eventually lost 
the kingdom of the Isles, and upon it . 
vras founded the title of Kings and 
Lords of the Isles, assumed ov the 
descendants of Somerlade, the Hac- 
donalda ; Olaua had likewise three 
illegitimate aona, Reginald, legman, 
and Harold. He waa a good prince, 
and always lived in league and 
friendship with the kings of Scotland 
and Ireland. After a peaceful reign 
of about forty years, he was treache- 
rously murdered by the sons of his 
natural brother, Harold, anno 1143, 
and waa /. by hia only lawful aon, 

IV. OoDFRED, King of Man and the 
lalea, who m. Phingold, daughter of 
Hactotten, son of Hackartae, King 
of Ireland, by whom he had one sod, 
Olaus, or Olave, hia heir, and two 
natural aona, Reginald and Ivar. 

This God&«d proving a tyrant, hts 
subjects rebelled under Torphin, the 
BOD of Otter, and others, who trana- 
ferred the goverment of the island to 
Dungall, aon of Somerlede. King 
Godfred d. in 1187, and his ouly 
lawful bod, 

V. Olaus, sumamed the Black, being 
then only len years of age, the noblea 
ca#t their eyes ou Regiuald, his 
natural brother, who was a brave 
man, but he had no sooner got the 
reigna of government than he seised 
upon ttie cowD, of which he retained 
possession thirty eight years, and 
gave his brother, Olaus, the rightful 
heir, the island of Lewes, for bis sub- 
sistence. Olaua, however, after en- 
countering maay dangers and diiE- 
culttes, recovered, by the assistance 
of Paul, sheriff of Skye, possession of 
hia kingdom of Han and the Isles, 
anno 1220, and enjoyed it until he 
died, in tbe)rear 1337. Hehadbeea 
thrice married, first, to a daughter of 
one of the nobles of Kintyre, by 
whom he had three sons, viz. 

1. Harold, "l Kinga of Han and 

2. Reginald, \^ai Isles, in suc- 

3. Hagnus, J ceasion. 

By his second wife he had im iaan«, 
but by the third, Christina, daughter 
of Ferquhar, earl of Ross, he waa 
father of three other sons, 

1. Leoid, Lovd, or Leod, Ibe 
acknowledged progenitor of tbe 
clan Macleod. 

2. GuiN, from whom the clan Gun, 
in Sutiierland, are desceaded. 

3. Leaundres, of whom the clan 
Le sunders, in Roaa-shire. 

The three elder sons became in sac- 
cession Kinga of Han and the Isles, 
but that dominion terminated when 
Maonus, King of Norway, made a 
aurrender of Han, and the weatern 
islea to Alexander III. King of 
Scotland, in 1265. Ha gnus, the 
youngest of the three aona, and last 
king, died without issue, at ^e castle 
Koaa.anno 1366, and thus tenninBt«d 
theNorwegian race of sovereigns; ve 
now proceed with the eldest of lb« 
three younger sons. 

VI. LeoD, who bad in patrimony from 
his father, the island of Lewea, be. 

and brought up in the house of Paul, 
son of Soke, sheriff of Skye, a ^an 
of the utmost power and authority in 
these parts, who had been the con- 
Btant friend of hia father in all hi* 
difficultiea, and by whose "■jt'infT 
he bad recovered his crown. L«lad 




flovUiMliii die reinaf Albkander 
m. and got rrom tie wid Paul, tlw 
I luda of HerrieB, &c. He obtained 

I UkawiM from his girandfatker, the 

Etui of Rosa, a part of tbe barony of 
Gleaely, and be and bis descendants 
bare been promUcDOosly distinguisb- 
cd by &e titles of Herriea, Glenaly, 
Dnnvegan, that Ilk, &c. He m. the 
daagbter of Macraild ArmiDe, a 
Daiu«b knigbt, by whom he got Ilie 
lauds of Hogenish, firacadale, Duri- 
niab, DunTeEWi, Lindell, Vaterness, 
and part of Trotteniess, in the Isle of 
Skye. By tbia lady he had two sons, 
ToKMOD, and Tokquil, called H*c- 
LBODS, «• the BOOS of Leoo. The 
drscendants of the former were 
called Sheil Tor hod, and the 
" Macleods of Herries." The pos- 
terity of the latter, Sheil ToaauiL, 
and the " Macleoda of Lewei."* 
Leod was t. by hia sod, 
ToBQDiL H4CLEOD, second baron of Lewes, 
i. in the time of Alexander III. married 
Dorothea, daughter of William, Earl of 
Rom, and died m the reign of Kiny Robert 
Broce, letring a son and successor, 

NoBHAN Hacleod, third baron of Lewes, 
who was (. by bis son, 

ToMML Hacleod, foanb baron of Lewes. 
who got a charter uudar Ihe great seal, fnmi 
f ou David Bruce, " Tor^uilo Macleod, 
d« Lewes, terranim baronue de Assynt, 
oui fortalice, &c. Uc." He espoused Hai 
caret Nicbolson, by whom he acquired 
conaiderable accession to hia estate, and bad 

I. Roderick, his heir, who carried on 
the line of Lewes. 


Tbe second son, 

NoKiUN Haclkod, obtained from his 
father in palrimooy, the barony of Astynt, 
and dying; in the reign of Janes I. left a son 

ANfliM HiCLBOD, second baron of Assynt, 


d by Sir DsTid Lindsay, st tbe Mount, 
n. King St arms, and by BucbuiiD'i 
r lbs Origin of tb> Ctaas, pige 61, 

who m. Margaret Hatbeison, heiress of 
Locbalsh, and had a son and heir, 

Donald Maclbod, third baron of Assynt, 
who wedded Hargaret Macdonaid, a daugh- 
ter of Glengarry, and was /. by his son, 

Angus Macleod, of Assynt, who es- 
poused Christian, daughter of Macdonald, 
of Keppoch, and dying in the time of Jaues 
V. left a son and snccessor, 

NBtL Haclbod, of AsavDt, whose wife 
was Florence, daughter of M ackay, of Farr, 
and he was i. by his son, 

Neil Hacleod, sixth baron of Assynt, 
who M. Margaret, daughter of Macdoiuld, 
of Glengarry, and dying in the reign of 
Janes VI. left a son and snccessor, 

Donald Macleod, a/iu, Donald Bain 
More, seventh baron of Assynt. who got a 
confirmation under the great seal from King 
Charles I. dated 21st November, 1642, 
" Donaldo Macleod de Assynt," iu>. cou- 
firming to him and bis heirs, the lands of 
Annot, and others, in InvemesS'Shire, and 
united to the barony of Assynt, Sic. He 
wedded first, Marian Mackay. daughter of 
Donald, first I^rd Reay. and bad two sons 
and a daughter, 

I. Neil, his heir, who carried on the 
line of Assynt. 

II. Donald, who died without issue. 

III. «. to — OordoD, a younger 

aon of the Earl of Sutherland. 

Donald m. secondly, Christian, daughter of 
Nicholas Ross, of PiCc&Inie, and had two 
other sons, namely, 

IV. Donald, of whom there is no suc- 

V. Hugh. 
The youngest son, 

Hugh Hacleod, of Camscvrry, espoused 
Christian, daughter of Walter ifoss, of In- 
vercarron, b^ whom he had two sons, An- 
Bvs, whose line is extinet, and 

JEntAi Macleod, of CadboU, and Cams- 
curry, who m. Margaret, eldest daughter of 
Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, of Scatwell, by 
whom he bad three sons and a daughter, 

Roderick, his heir. 

2!""P' \ both died without issue. 

Hugh, S 

Frances, m. to Rose, of Clara. 
Mr. Hacleod represented Ihe county of 
Cromarty, in the Scottish parliament, and 
was one of thoae who signed tlie articles of 
union in 1707. He was t. by hia eldest 

RoDBHicK Macleod, of CadboU, who 
wedded Liliaa, daughter of William Mac- 
kensie, of Balmadutbie, by whom he bad 

Robert- Brucb-j£ NBAS, his beir. 

Margaret, d. nnm. 
Mr. Hacleod died in 1770, and was *. by 
his onlv son, the present Robert-Bxuck- 




D the 

.Cmu HActeoD, caq. of Ctdboll, 
coDBty of CronMity. 

Xrmi— <hi«rterly ; firit, i 
inflamed ppr. Second, ga. the three legs oT 
Hbd ppr. coi^tHned in the centre, at the 
upper end of the thigh, flexed in triangle, 
utd the ipnn gold. Third, or, a gaUey 
ppr. FoDTlb, as. a caatle triple towered 
and embattled ai^. UMoned a*, windowa 
and port gu. 

CW*f— Tbe fun in aplendoar, ud below 
dw arms a naml cimrn. 

JIMi»— Aboie tke crest, Loiiciai agua 
MilleirghiBi. Below the imiral crown, 
QaoenMiue jecerii Mabit. 

£>tBlM— Cadboll and InteifordoD, in 
Roaa and Cromarty, and HnlMrg, in the 
fonner ahire. 

Sm<«— InvergordoB CaMle, RoM-shire ; 
Cadboll, (koroartyahire. 



MANSFIELD, JOHN, Mq. of Biratall Hooae, in the county of Leicester, b. VM 
March, 1778, m. first, Ifilh February, 1797, Sarah, only 
dai^tsr and heirua of Henry Waid, esq. of Stamford, 
Id Lino^uhire, and has had wna danghters, vis. 

I. Ma«t-Anhi, m. 10th April, 1834, ro WiDiam Tur- 
ner, esq. then Secretary of Legation to Ae Ottonab 
Porte, by whom she has had, 
George Canning Tnraer, i.S6di September, 18% 
and dying IMi February, 18S7, was boried ■« 
the Greek chapel at Pera. 
Hanafleld Turner, b. at Birrtall House, 10th Fe- 
bruary, 1898. 
Haiy Anne Tomer, *. at Pera in 1825. 
11. Jane-Sarah, who m. 33rd Norember, 1836, Ednusd 
Packe, esq. a captaia in the Royal Horse-Onards, 
third son of Charles James Packe, esq. of Piestwdd 
Hall, and baa isaue, 
Charles Packe, k. 32nd August, 1S9S. 
Edmand-Stratford Packe, b. 2Ist September, 18S7, 
William-James Packe, i. 2nd February, 1833. 
Jane Packe. 

III. Louisa, who died unmarried 4th March, 1B17. 

IV. Emily. 

VII. Caroline. 
Mrs. Mansfield died in IB 13, and was buried in the chaitcelof the chapel at Birstsll 
Mr. Mansfield wedded, secondly, Hannah-Mary, only dang^hterand heiress of Hiomss 
Harper, esq. of Stamford, bat has no other issue. He is a magiatrate and depnty-Iieu- 
tenant for the coimty of Leicester ; was UeuteDant-colonel commandant of the Leices- 
ter regiment of Volunteers, and subsequently lieutenant-colonel conunandant of the 
first r^ment of Leicestenhire Local Militia. In June, 1818, and in March, 1820, 
Mr. Mansfield was unanimously elected one of the representatiTes in parijament fortbe 
borou^ of Leicester. In 1633 hs served the office of sheriff for the county of Leic«ster. 


This gentleman, who Inherited his patri- 1 Jmu— Erm. on a fesse wavy as. a lee- 
roonlal estates in September, I7B8, is son pard'i face arg. between two beaants. 
of John MANSnBU>,esq. banker, of Leices- Crnt — An eagle rising, wings expasdtd, 
ler, and Hvy, his wife, daughter of William in the beak an annolet. 
Pank, esq. bv BUsabeth, his wife, daughter Eaalet — In Leicesterahire, partly pairt- 
«f James BelUirs,esq. monlal, partly puTGhaaed. 

5m/— Birst^ House, Leicestenhire. 



CHAMBERS, SIR SAMUEL, knt. t^ Biedgv Hohh, in the coontr of Kent, b. 3rd 
Hkj, 1763, m.3l8tAugiut,l7Se,BaH»m,eldMt daugh- 
ter of the Hon. Philip Roper, son of Hemy, tenth Lord 
TefnhaiD, and has isni«, 

Oibon-William, m. Eleanor, eldeatdaiighler of Philip 
Darell, esq. brother of the Ule Henry Darell, esq. of 
Cale Hill. 
Philip, an officer in the Pint Madras European Rcgf- 

ment in the Eut India Company's service. 
Barbara-Roper, m. to John Hart, esq. 
Charlotte- Angell, m. to John Donaldson Boswell, esq. 

ofWardie, near Edinburgh, a Post Captain R.N. 
Thi> geotlanaaB, a Bagistrate and d^nity-lieutenaot in 
Kent, has tirice sorred the office of aheriff for that shire, 
first in 1795, forColooel Harper, and seeoodlyin 1799, 
for himself. la the Isttar year, King Giobqe III. re- 
newing the Kentish Volunteers at tbe Hote Park, was 
pleased to confer the boaor of knighthood on tlie high 


Abubam Crambess, esq. died possessed 
sf a BBadoD and estate caUed Harshes, in 
ttcpariA of Selling, connty of Kent, Jan- 
Bsiy, UM, and was buried in the chnrch 
tken. He left iame, by Ann, hia wife, fire 
soas aad two daogbters, of whom 

I. EswAKD, was Ibe eldeit. 

II. Akbaham, founded the family be- 
fore aa. 

m. WiUiam, who inherited Marshes, 
Bi. Suanna, only danriiter of Robert 
Gibba, and died 14th November, 1724, 
leaving Oree dao^ters, his co-heirs, 
s»e of whom, Elisabeth, wedded 
Robert Hilton, esq. and conTeyed to 
ker hariiaiidoDe tUrd part of Marshes, 
Mr. Hilton subaeqaently became, by 
pBiobue, possessor of the entiie pro- 
perQr, which remaiaed with the Hil- 
ton feaiily anti] 1828, when it was 
sold to Lord Sondes. 

AsRAHAN Chaihekr, esq. esponsed Ca- 
tharias SprKUyn, of Ellincton, b the Isle 
^t^M aet, where the Spra^lyna possessed 
°**^ienfa(e praperty, and resided in the 
niga of Qkmm Bueabetu : many of them 
■n huied in the dtancel of St. Laurence's 
^BTch, fa Ae iaUad, wid the inscriptions 
- Aj ^ ^.y mnain. By this 

lady Mr. Charaben had, with several other 
SODS and daughtert, 

Abraham Chambebs, esq. of Tonslal and 
Totteridge, in Kent, who ooilt, abont the 
middle of thelBalcenttiry,the present Man- 
sion bouse of Woodstock, in that pari^, 
where he occasionally resided. He m. 6rst, 
Elisabeth, daughter of Colonel James,* 
Royal Artillery, and had a daughter, 

Oiza, m. first, to William HaUett, esq. 
of Cannons, and was mother of Wil- 
liam Hallea, esq. who has contested 
the county of Berks at several elec- 
tions. Mrs. Hallettwedded, secondly, 
the Rer. Mr. Harington, brother of 
the lata Sir James Harin^n, bart. 
BIr. Chambeis espoused, secondly, in 1761, 
Miss Ann Janes, and had foor sons and one 
daughter. Til. 

Samuel, his heir. 

Abraham, late of Bond Street, who m. 
Miss Mary Rsdcliff, and has two 

* Tbi* gentlemin b*d~t)me brothan, on* of 
whom distineoiahed binuelf in the ditsI serrioe 
of the Eut Uidis Compuiy, ind bailt the tower 
on Shootir'i Hill ; iDoUur, > colonel in [he suns 
MrriM, ni tost in the Qrorrmor East-India- 
man ; ind tbe third wM a eobnd ia the ttojal 



•on*, Henry and Jtutie*, and a dau. 

Jamet, ia holy orders. 

William, who at the death of the late 
Marqoia of Cbolmondeler hecame 
poaaeHcd, under the will of Sir 
James Stepney, hart, of a lar);e 
landed proper^ atLlanelly, in Car- 
marthenshire, and serred the office of 
afaeriff for thai county in 1828. 

EmilT-Hary-Ann, m. to John Herbert 
Foley, esq. of Rtdgeway, in Peni- 

brokeabirc, elder brother of Admiral 
Sir Thomas Foley, G.C.B. 
Mr. Chambers, who was a magiatrale. and 
depoty-tienteDant in the coontiea of Hertfofd 
and Kent, wai succeeded at his death, in 
1782, by his eldest son, the present Sir 
Sahdel Chambers, of Bredgar Bouse. 
Armt — On, a chev. between three cinqoe- 

Creit — A bear passant 

£<taJ(*— In Kent. 

,S>aJ— Btedgar HDuge,nearSi ttingbonrae. 


NANNEY, The Reverend JOHN, of Belmoat, conntj of Denbigh, and Hass-y- 
iwtiadd,inHerioi>ethabire, m. firat, in Jauuuy, 1795, Ann, third daughter and co-bein« 
of SirTboroas Kyffin, of Maenan, in the former shire, by whom (who d. SeptemberSO, 
18S3) he had no iaane. Heesponaed, secondly, October 19, 1829, Ann Reming.eldert 
daughter of John Fisher, esq. of Chetwyod I^>dg«, in the coanty of Salop, by wbon 
he haa had a daught«r, b. 30th December, 1830, who d. in the following year, and s 
BOO and heir, b. in July, 1833, now liTin{^ 


This family isahrancbof that of Wynne, 
of Pentarth, (refer to vol. i. page 565.) 

Maukicb Wtnn, second son of William 
Wynn, of Olynn, esq. was sheriff of Heri- 
onethsfaire In 1671. He espoused Jane, 
daughter and heiress of GriffiA Uoyd, esq. 
of Mmes-y-nenadd, in that shire, and by her 
had iasne, 

I. Robert, of whom hereafter. 

II. Hai^caret, married first, to Morris 
Williams, of IJwyn Crwn, and se- 
condly to Charles Eraits. 

III. Another dandttet, married to Grif- 
fith Uoyd, of Owemeinion. 

IV. Anne, wife of Robert Owen, of 
Tygwyn, in the pariah of DalgellcT. 
Mr. Wynn died in Anffost, 1673, and wi» 
bnried m the chancel of Llandanwg church, 
county of Merioneth. He was sneceeded 
by hii only son, 

Robert Wynn, of Haes-y-neosdd, esq. 
sheriff of Merionethshire in 1079, espoased 
Jane, danghter of Robert BTans, f«q. of 
Tan-y-bwlch, in that shire, by whom, who 
was buried at LlandaawK, 22nd July, W% 
be had issue, 

I. William, bis heir. 

II. Maurice, married Mary, daoglUi 
of Thomas Lloyd, of Hendre Imea. 
and had issue, 

Robert, who married, and bad 

III. Rob^ in holy orders, rector of 
Rhiw, county of Carnanon, espoaoed 
Ann, daughter of John Lewis, of 

IV. Lowry. married inSep(emher,lAK. 
Ellis Wynn, of Lasynys, ooonty of 

V. Elizabeth, wife of Robert Lloyd, of 

VI. Jane, wife of Owen Owen, of Dol- 

VII. Marvaret, wife of John More. 

VIII. Catherine, wiA of Morgan Pry*, 
of Gerddifalnog. 



IX. AdD) wifa of Jofcii Pagh, of Bodi- 
Mr. WyoB died in October, lOBI, tnd ma 
hvicd in Ibe clmrch of Llandaowg. He 
'«»• aacceeded by bu eldcM too, 

WiuiAH Winn, of Haet-y-nenadd, eiq. 
i4eriff in Henonelbriiira in 1714. He ea- 
poiued irtt, (about the 3rd of William and 
Mary) Margaret, a daagbter of tbe very 
ancieiit bonse of Brynker, in the county of 
CarDBTVon, (being tbe daacbter of Ellii 
Brynker, of that place, by Jane, bis wife, 
dangbter of Robert Wynne, of Olyuii, eaq.) 
(refer to vol. i. page 60S) and by bar had, 
I. Robert, his ncceMor. 
It. EtlU, in holy orderi, M.A. of Con- 
ricton, in Cheihire, eapoiutid Elixa- 
betb, daughter and co-beireu of 
Leftwicb Oldfield, esq. of Lefbriefa, in 
tbe tane county, and by her had, 
Leftwjcb Bowyer Wynn. 

Eliiabetb, married in 1763, to Sir 
Nirel Gresley, bart 
III. Jane, lirlng in 1720. 
Mr. Wynn married secondly, Hargaret, 
dangbter of Roger Llo^d, of Rbagatt, coud» 
of Merioneth, and relict of Meredith Lloyd, 
a younger mh of the ancient family of 
Uoyd, of Rhewed<%, in the same ^ire, 
and bad, 

William, H.A. rector of Llangrnhafal, 

in Denbighshire, and JHanavon, 

county Montgomery, married — 

daughter of — Roberta, and by ber 

bad lame. This centleman waa a 

diniogDished Welsn poet. He died 

in 1760. 

Tbe will of Mr. Wynn ia dated on the 30tb 

Jannary, 1730. He was succeeded by hia 

eldest aoo, 

SOBERT Wtnn, of Haes-y'Dcnadd, esq. 

nheriff of Merionethshire in 1734. Tbu 

nntleman espoused Lownv, sister and 

heiress of John Naknby, esq. of Maes-y- 

, pandy, in that county, and had a aon and 

WiLUAM Wtnn, of Maes-y-neandd, esq. 
Aerjff of Merionethsbire in 17At), who as- 
saned tte nmaioe of Niinney, apon in- 
beritiBg the estates of his mother's family- 
He eapooaed EUiabeth, daughter of John 
WiUluDS, eaq. of Tyfry, in Angleaea, and 
dying 4th April, 1796, left issue, 

I. Robert, died unmarried, SAtb March, 

II. John, who retained the inmame of 
NiNNET, aasnmed I^ his father, and 

tny officer, goremor of Sandown 
Port, in the Isle of Wight, espoused 

in Berkshit«. 
tains tbe 

IV. Margaret Wynn. 

V. Hary Wynn, died 

I gentl* 

inmarried, in 

VI. Lowiy Nanney Wynn, married to 
Tboa. Vangban, eaq. of Burlton, 
county Salop, and had, with other 
issue, ■ son and heir, 

Robert Chambre Vangban, now of 
BnrltOD, esq. who espoused 11th 
September, 18S8, Anna, third 
daughter of the Hon. Edward 
Hassey, and has issue. 

VII. JaneWyno, married toJohnLloyd, 
esq. a yonnger ion of the family of 
Lloyd, of Gwerclos, in Merioneth- 
shire. She died in December, 1824, 
and Mr. Lloyd, on the 34th Decem- 
ber, I82&. 

^ntilg of ^nacB. 

The family of Nannev is one of the most 
ancient in Wales, They have rei>ealadly 
sat in parliament, for Merionethshire, and 
the county now returns Sir Robert Williaroes 
Vaugban,harl. the represenlatiTC of the elder 
branch, and posseuor of the Nanney estate. 

Edwibd Nanney, (second son of Hugh 
Nanney, of Nanney, esq. sheriff of Meri- 
onethshire in 1667, and younger brother of 
Griffith Nanney, esq. M.P. for that county 
in IfiOS) lineally descended from Cadogan, 
lord of Nanney, one of the sons of BletMyii 
ap Cynvyn, prince of Powis, espoused Eli- 
zabeth, daughter of Lewis Gwynn, esq. of 
Dolaugwyn, la the county of Merioneth, 
and left, with other issue, a son and heir, 

LewisNanney, esq. sheriff of Merioneth- 
shire in 1634, married Jane, daughter and 
heiress of John Hughes, esq. of Maea-v- 
pandy, in the same county, and bv her,wno 
entODwd secondly, John Uoyo, esq. of 
Aberlleveney, bad issue, 

John Nanney, esq. of Maes-y-pandy, 
who espoused ElisabeUi, daughter and heir- 
ess of John Anwyl, esq. of Uanyendiged, 
in Merionethshire. Mr. Nanney was living 
28th Nov. 109), but his wife was then dead. 
He was succeeded by his son, 

John Nanney, esq. of Maes-y-pandy, 
and in right of his mother, of Uanvendiged. 
He m. Blandina, (who is sapposed to have 
been a daughter of Vincent (kirbet, esq. of 
Ynys-y-maen-gwyn^ and by ber bad issue, 
I. John, his heir. 

Mr. Nanney was succeeded by bis son, 

John Nanney, esq. of Haea-y-pandy, 
who wedded about the year 16&1, Mary, 
one of the daughters of Humphrey Pugbe, 
esq. of AberffrydlBn,couuty of Montgomery, 
■• ■ ■lad.v- ■ ■ 

d by her bad, with other ii 


JonN Nannky, of Bf^M-y-pandy, etq. 
who dying wilhovt iMoe, the estates 
devolved npoa Ilia eldest sister, 
IiOWRY, who, as before lUted, was 
the wife of Robert Wynn, of Haea- 
y'Oevadd, esq. 

and thiro, en 

t, or, for Wyun. 


CttH — A lioD n 

■Id thfl covntles of HerioiKtb, 
Denbigb, acquired by Ihe mir- 
of Maurice Wynn and Juu Uoyd, 

Flint, and Denbigb, acquired by Ihe mir- 
riaKes of Maurice Wynn and Juu Uoyd, 
BoDert Wynn and Lowry Naaaey, and Ihe 

present proprietor with Ana Ky£n, witb 
conaiderable augmentation* by purchase. 

SImU— Belmont, in Dcnbighihire, and 
Hses-y-neuadd, in Merionetbuite. 


TUFNELL, JOHN JOLLIFFE, e«q. of Ungleya, iit the county of Emm, (■ !lit 
September, 1776, m. 29th June, 1801, Catherine-Doro- 
thy, eldaat liaughter of Sir Michael Pilkington, bart of 
Ch«vet, and haa iBHae, 

John Jolufte, (. lal July. 180S, m. CaroUne-Hanr, 
second daughter of C. T. Tower, eaq. of Weald HaOi 
in Eiaes. 

WiUiam-Mich&eI,b..')l«t January, 1816. 

Tbomaa-Pilkington.t. 5th April, 1819. 

George-C^vsanor, (. 33d Hay, 1831. 

Isabella- Anne. 

Elisabeth, n. to the Rev. H. Cockerell. 



Harriet- Dorodiea. 

This gentlemnn, who succeeded to the estates upon <ib» 
ilamiae of his uncle, 9th May, 1820, is a roagistnle snd 
deputy-Ueateoant for the county of EsaAx, aod wu bigb- 
aberiff in 1823. 


Richard Tvniuix, er Tutnell, (eon of 
another Richard TufnB{le)citiEen and brewer 
of London, resided at Clapfaam, in the coonty 
of Surrey, and waa H.P. for Soathwark, in 
1640. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir- 
ess of WillJam Hninphries, esq. and dying 
In Angust, 1640, waa t. by his son, 

John TvPNAILE, eaq. of London, merchant, 
and of Honken Hsdley, in the connty of 
Middlesex, who wedded Eliubeth, daughter 
of Aid. Sir Wm. JolliiTe,* of the ci^ of 
London, by Rebeoca, his wife, danghter of 
Walter Boothby, eaq. and Cattnine, sister 

* This Aldn. Joutrn wss son <rf' Tbovas Jul- 
LET, or JoLum, e». of Leeke, in the conntyof 
SuBbrd. uid of Dnglswton, in ChMhir*. by Eli- 
nbeth, bis wife, dtnghisrtf Edward Majawirinf, 
esq. of Whitnwte. 

and co-heir of Henry Witham, esq. Bj 
this lady Mr. Tnfbaile lefl at Us decease la 
16Be, a son and successor, 

Samuel Tufnell, esq. of Honken Hsd- 
ley. in Middlesex, and of Laugleys in Ibe 
county of Essex. This gentleman, a com- 
missioner for settling commerce, wa* r*- 
tamed to parliament in 17117, for Maiden, 
in 1738, for Colchester, and in 1741, for 
Great Harlow. He m. Elixabeth, daOgbter 
of Geoi^ Creasener,* esq. and had lasae. 

10 was boiwd si S^ 
buy, in Ssfiblk, Id 1454, Moused UintsM, 
fburtli dsDghter of Ralph Neville, E«l of W(^ 
morelsnd, K.G. and widow of Richard Lori 
Scrape, of Bollon, bj urbam b* had s aea, 
Aliusois Cbuwnir, who u. Cslia, iMfi- 



I. John Jouim, Ui heir. 

II. G«arg« F<Mler Tnfbell, caq. of Chi- 
ebeater, colonel of the Eut Middle- 
MX Mailia, i. tn 1723, who wu 
Ktnmed to pRrliunent b; the boroagh 
of BcTOTley in 1703, and 1774. Thii 
nndenuD m. firal, at Batb, llth 
FebnaiT, 17M, Etlzabeth, davghter 

. and co-heir of — Foiter, eiq. of 

Ireland, which marriage wai dii- 

•olTed by act of parliament, in 17AS. 

Colonel Tufiiell wedded, aecondly, 

Ha^, danghter of — ' Farhill, eaq. 

of Cbicheater, and dying lOth Jaly, 

17M, left, by hia second wife, 

1. WilliBm, of Chichester, 5. in 

1700, who m. Mary, daughter 

and co-heir of LoaEh Carletou, 

eaq. and, by that Indy, who died 

Slat Anguil. 1H29. left at hii 

deceara 3«th April, 1800, two 

sons and a daughter, viz. 

Henry, who m, Anne, dan. of 
Sir Rob.WUmot Horlon, bt. 
Edward-Carleton, barriater. 
Harin, d, on married. 
% John-CharleB, who married, and 

had iaiae, see page xi. 

S. SamDel-JolliBe, in holy orders, 

prebendarj of Chichester, and 

of Honiton, and ^onh 

He M. and had 

4. George, 

&. Frances-Haria, deceased. 

III. William, who aaanmed die aiL. 

of JoLLiFFE, pursuant to the will of 
Sir William Jolliffe. Be died 31st 
April, 1797. 

GaoMB Camttnaa, ew|. of BliOetwie]!, b 
tt* (Mat)' of Nonhampton, vbo n. Sabriani 
Rwfcody, aad by her (who died in 1396) l«ft a 

Ml, asq. of Haridoi, ioiSs coiiDtT of Winrick, 
aiwHi.WUaaoB, ' 


a, aaa. of Eail's Cona, linng 
■a I6M, who ■. Man, iMU^Un and beina* of 
Ma HdfaHF, pu. of Lmdon, aad wm father of 
GaoBOB CaiBDiu, caq. of London, who m. 
daoghter of Nattunial Pirlar, esq. 
Bhtoo, in Yorkabin, and dyhig 4Ui 

ir«3,waabiiiud>t Eari'iCouB. U* 

dMhUr, Euixntni. «. u jo the text, to 
at fvnnu., eaq, M.P. 

IV. Elisabeth, > both ff.nnm. the elder 

V. Hary-AnDe, \ in 17M, ihe younger 

in 1790. 
Hr. Tuhell dying 36th December, 1766, 
waa buried at Pleshey, and socceeided by 
hia eldest son, 

JoHNjDU.iFrETiiFNELL,eM. ofLangleys, 
wbo m. Anna, dengbter of William Heeke, 
esq. of North Allerton, in the county of 
York, and had issue, 

I. giMUEL JoLUFFB, his heir. 
It. William, who m. 20th September, 
1777, Anna, eldest daughter of John 
Close, esq. of Easby House, Tort- 
shire, and had iasne, 

I. JoHN-JoLLiFTB, sncccsaor to his 

3. William, in holy orders, who 
ai. Hannab-Maria, daughter of 
John Naylor, esq. of NewsUad. 

5. George, in holy orders, wbo m. 
in 1831, Maria Newton, daugh- 
ter of Cornelius Kortwright, eaq. 
of Hy lands, Eaaex. 

4. Eliia-Anne, w. to Sir Thomas 
Pilkinglou, bart of Chevel Hall. 

6. Louisa-Anne, bl 31st Decem- 
ber. 1806, to Sir Waiiam-Latt- 
rence Young, hart of MarloW 

6. Anne, m. to J. W. Holden, esq. 

III. John, of Waltham, in Easex, who 
m. Miss Beanlien, and left two sons, 
John and William. 

IV. Richard, d. t. p. 

Hr. Tnlbell d. 3Srd September, 1794, and 
waa *. by his eldest son, 

Samuel Jolufte Tufnell, esq. of I^ng- 
le^s, at whose decease, un married, 99i 
Hay, 1820, the esUtes duToWed on his 
nephew, the present John Joixiftk Ttir- 
HELL, esq. of Langleys. 

Armt — Ai. on a fess« between three 
ostrich feathers ai>f . as many martlets an. 

Creal — A dexter am, embowed, in ar- 
mour ppr. holding in the gauntlet a cijtlaaa 
arg. hill or. 

^mttt — Lanzleys, Eaaes, purchased in 
1711, of Dame Mary Everard, widow of Sir 
Hngh ETerard, hart. The manor of Wal- 
tham, and farm called Waltham Bary, 
bought of Lord Waltham, and seTeral odier 
farms in die same county. Estates of Hol- 
bom and Fenham, in Norlhomberland, and 
New MoncktoB, in Yorkshire, inherited in 
1790, from the present pfMsesBor's Uncle 
William Tufnell JolliSe, esq. 

ToacM A«tdMM— 49, Albermarle Street. 

£Mt— J^ngleys, near Chelmsford. 



WRIGHTSON, WILUAM-BATTIE, esq. of Cu»worth. id the comity of Yoik, 
formerly M.P. for East Retford, m. Georgiuia, daughter of Freeman Thomu, eeq. of 
RattoD, in Suuex, by Charlotte, hii wife, daughter and co-heirof Henry Piene,eeq. of 
Bedale Mr. Wrightaon n. hia father in 1837. 


Robert Wrightson, esq. horn in 1639, 
purchaaed, aboat the year 1670, from the 
family of Wray, the manor and lands of 
CuiwoRTH. He m. firat, Elicabeth, dangh- 
ter of ThoDnaa Garland, of Todwick, and 
had two eoni, John and Robert, who both 
died yonng, and a daughter, Elizabeth, m. 
to Henry Parrer, of Ewood. Mr. Wrtf;fatBOO 
espoused, secondly, Sarah, dauebter of Sir 
Tbomae BcRumont, knt. of Whitley, h. in 
1648, by whom (who died 13th September, 
1717, and was buried at Hemsworth) he had 
two aona, and as many danghten, tti. 

Thomas, j _ . 

William, i ""**"" propnetora. 

Felicia, d. yonng. 

Hary, m. to John Whitehead, ancestor 
of the Rbt. Beaumont Whitehead. 
Mr. Wrightson dying 17th December, 1706, 
was ioterred at Hemstvorth, and succeeded 
by his elder son, 

Thomas Wriohtsoh, esq. of Casworlh, 
who was high sheriff for Yorkshire in 1714. 
He wedded Jane, daughter of Sir Paul 
Barret, but dying .. ;,. in January, 1724, 
was I. by his only brother, 

WiLLiAH Wrightson, esq. of Cuswortb, 
*- in 1676, elected M.P, tor Newcastle-on- 
Tyne. This genUeman m. firtt, Isabel, 
relict of Thomas Matthews, and daughter of 
Francis Burton, of Newcastle ; and se- 
condly, Isabel, eldest daughter and co-heir 

of William Penwick, .. _^ _ 

Northumberland; by the latter of 'wbom he 
left at his decease, 4tfa December, 1760, 
being buried at Hemsworth, an only oor- 
Tiving child and heiress, 

Isabel Wrightson, of Cusworth, b. in 
1727, who espoused, 2&th December, 1748, 
John Battie," esq. of Warmsworth, in the 
county of York, who assumed in 1761, the 
surname and arms of Wrightson. By 
this gentleman, who died in 1766, aged 
forty-three, the heiress of Cuswortb. left at 
her decease in 1784, an only snrviTing child, 

William Wrightson, esq. of Cuswortb, 
high sheriff for Yorkshire in 1621, «Dd 
sometime M.P. for Aylesbury. This gen- 
tleman m. first, Barbara, daughter of Junes 

I I7S2, had B 

• Warmsworth waapuicbsied 14Ui April, 1668 

JOHH Battie, esq. who was horn in 1616. Tina 
nntlemBn m. first, tAmiy, diugfater and beir of 
John Pieirepaint, esq. of Wsdirortli, in the — ■— 
■hire, and tod ime, 

I. FaANCu, of Wadworth, m. Hutha, dmiab- 
ter of Michwfl Fawkes, eoq. of Fareler, 
■nd d. I. p. in Seplembm, 1683. 
n. ElizAetli. n. lo Johu C(^, of HnlL 

III. MugRTBt. n. to tha RaT. Willinn Sto- 
pbeni, rector of Sutton, Bodfbrdshire. 

Mr. Battie wedded, secondly, Ann, dsngbter of 
Stephen Kelhuo, of Rocberham, ind dvinc in 
1676, left iuue, ""^ 

I. JoRN. who inherited Waaxnianni. 

D. Dorothy, n. to Jolm Worsop, of Adbiig. 

ni. Ann, m. to Joba Cooke, of Baribofowfa. 

IV, Jane, m. to William Ctrtv. 

T, Ssnli, n. Grat, to Thomas Tomlina, mA 
■ecoudiy, to Edward Banurd, of Beradej- 
Ths only ain of the second mauiage, 

John B.rni, eaq. of Wamisworlii, 6. in 1663. 
m. firal, in 1687, Suaaa. sister of WiUiam VaT»- 
»or, esq. of Wealon, but h«d no isaue. He wed- 
ded, «ecoBdIy,Elii»belh, dsughlcr of Robert Cop- 
"J. •*L "f Doncaater ; and thirdly, Maiy, dnwb- 
ter of Tobias Harray, esq. of Womenler. br tba 
tatur of whom, he left at his decease. 5th No- 



lie weddnl, Mcoadly, in 1787, Henrietta, 
dngbler ud co-heir of Richud Heber, 
(•q, of Harton, by EliEfibelfa, hit wife, 
daq^ter *iid co-heir of S^ofl Bkmar- 
iktao, ««]. and had, 

WiLUAH Battie. hia beir. 
Ajthnr-Bland, in holy orders, H.A. 
rector of Edliogton, and vicar of 
Sichard- Heber, of Lincoln's Inn. 
Heuy, of Queen's College, Oxford. 
nomas-Barnardiaton, of Brazennose 

College, Oxford. 
Harriet, nt. 6rtl, to Hon. F. SylTealer 
Douglaa, ooly kod of Lord Glen- 

bervie, and secondly, to the Hon. 
Henry Hely Hntchinion, uext bro- 
ther to John, present earl of Do- 
Mr. WrightMiD died io 1837, and was t. by 
hia eldest son, the present Wiluan-Battie 
Wrigbtson, esq. of Coswortb. 

Armt — Or, a fesse, counter-componee 
arg. and az. between three griffins' beads, 
erased of the third. 

Cretl — A unicorn salianl arg, 

Bttatet — In Yorkshire. 

Stat — Cua worth . 



LOSHINGTON, EDMUND-HENRY, eaq. of Park Place, in the county of Kent, 

barrister at law, late one of the puisne juilges at Ceylon, 

r<:>K Bubeeqnently chief commisaioner of the Colonial Boud of 

w jA Audit, and master of the Crown Office, m. firat, LouUa, 

^&ip daughter of Faulknor Philips, esq. of Manchester; and 

secondly, Sophia, daughter of Thomas Philips, esq. of 

Sedgley, in Lancaehire. By the latter be has iaaue, 

I. EnHUNn-L«w. 

III. Thomas. 

IV. Franklyn. 
V. Sophia. 

VII. Emily. 
VIII. Rosa. 
IX. Ellen. 

Mr. Luahington succeeded to the representation of th« 
family upon the demise of hia father. 


AuQvsTiNE LuKHiNOTON, of SitdogboarD, 
ii Kent, living in 1633, was father of 

iSlOHAS LVSHINOTON, of Sittingbonm, 
wbo held the manor of Rodmerabam, in the 
Mnw connty. He m. Aon, daughter ol 
Bwphen Tomlyn, and by her (who died in 
W78) left at his decease, in 1088, a sou and 

boom, who purchased the fee simple of 
ttanor of Rodmersham. This gentleman 
*edded, Grat, Catherine, only sister and 
Iwiress of John Godfrey, esq. of Norton 
Court, by whom (who died at the age of 
t<rrBty-teT«n, 28th Angnst, 1700) be had an 
Daly child, Thohas-Godrev, his heir. He 

m. secondly, Jane-Petlev, relict of Edmond 
Fowler, esq. of Ash, and bad issne, 

J. Stephen, who d. issueless. 

tl. Franklyn, captain R. N. killed on 
board the Burford man-of-war, at fiie 
siege of Guyra, 19th February, 1743, 

(II. Henry, D.D. vicar of Eastbourne, 
in Sussex, who m. MaiY, daughter of 
Roeer Aliliam, D. D. Archdeacon of 
Middlesex, and bad four aona aud 
three daughters, viz. 

1. Mntuew, who d. unmarried. 

2. Stephen, of Sontbbitl Park, in 
Berkshire, chairman of the East 
India Company in 1790, and 
created a baronet the following 



year (we Buhkb'i Pttrmyt ltd 

3. WiUuuD,ofBUrk'sH>U.Eu«, 
and aldermui of and M.P. for 
the city of London, m. Pavlina, 
only child of Thomaa French, 

4. Henry, Miawinated by 

All GkWB, at Palna, in die Eut 

i. MbHb, m. to John Tilaon, eiq. of 

6. Charlotte, m. to Ralph Lej^ce*- 
ter, eM. of Toft (ie« *al. i. p. 

7. Jane, ni. to the Rev. Thomas 
Altham, IX.D. 

IV. William, b colonel in (he army, at. 
Jane, daughter of Col. SonthweUL 

V. Jane, m. to the Rer. John Perry, 
D.D. rector of A*h. 

VI. Catherine, m. to Roger Aldiam, 
eaq. barrister-at-law. 

Hr. Lnibingtan, who died in 1718, 
buried in Chillon Church, wai j 
eldest son, 


Sittingboom, who wedded, flrtt, Dorothy, 
daughter of John Giiboome, Mq. and had 

Thomaa, who died (before hia father) 

nnmarried, in I74S. 
William, a captain in the army, died 

nnmarried, in 1763. 
James-Stephen, in holy orden, heir 

Catherine, a. to John Cochin Sole, eaq, 
and died in 1766, leaving an only 
Hr. LnshiugtoD m. secondly, in 17fiZ, 
Barbara Skeere, of Doddington. He died 
8rd Angnst, 1767, aged fifty-aeren. His 
yonngest son, 

JiiMES - Stephen Lushincton, of Rod- 
mersham, in Kent, prebendary of Carlisle, 
ricar of Newcaade-npon-Tyne, and of lot- 
ion, in Essex, esponsed, first, Hary, dao^- 
ler of the Riffht Rer. Edward Law, D.!). 
Bishop of Carlisle, and bad two sons s 
daoghter, tIz. 

I. THOMAs-OoDrsEy, who d. nnm. 

II. Edhund-Hbhrt. 

III. Haria-Catherine. m. to the Rev. 
Thomaa Edwards, LL.O. of Nunea- 
ton, in Cornwall, and has ii 

Thomas Edwudi. 

Haria Edwards, m. (o Chrktonher 
Wren, eaq. of Wnwall Abbey, 
h WarwiidLshfa^. 

j.aeco dly, Hary, danghteroftbeRev. 

Homphrey ChrUtiaii, of Etocking, in Not- 
folk, and bad four other bods, via. 

I. Wiu.i|H-j0HN, of Rodaertham, one 
of theVommiasioners of pailiameotary 
enoniry. who m. Barbara, daughter 
ana co-heir of James Wilaou, esq. «f 
Kendal, and ba* fasae, 

1. Jambs-Stephen. 
3. William. 

3. Cbarles-Hngh. 

4. Hary. 

ft. Jane- Anne. 

6. Barbara. 

7. Sophia. 

II. Stephen-Rumbold.ofNortonConrt, 
gorernor of Uadras, and formerly 
M. P. for Canterbui?, i. In Hay, 
1776, wedded in 17B8, Anne-Eliia- 
betfa, eldest daughter of George, first 
Lord Harris, and hu 

1. Slephen-Oeorge, commisHoner 

3. Jamea-Stepben, private secre- 
tary to the governor of Uadras. 

3. George-Thomas. 

4. Wilham-Hordis. 
ft. Richard. 

6. Chsrles-Uanner*. 

7. Hary-Anne, >l to J. Beckford of Chilham Cutte. 

8. Anne-Elizabeth. 

III. James-Law, formerly H. P. for Car- 
lisle, lieutenant-colonel 1st regiment 
Native Infantry. 

IV. Charles-Hay, one of the oircnit 
judges on the Madras establishment, 
M. Hiss Ansell. 

V. Hester-Panlina, d. nnm. 

VI. Dorothy-Christian, M.toGny Lenox 
Prendei^Bst, esq. 

The Rev. James-Stepben Lnahington was (. 
at his decease by his eldest son. die present 
Henkv-Edhund Lushinoton, esq. 

Arm* — Or, on a fesse wavy, between 
three lions' heads erased vert. langned gn. 
as many ermine spots. 

Creti — A lion's head erased vert, charged 
on the erasure with three ermine spots or, 
ducally goived arg. 

Motta — Andens qui patiens. 



CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER, eu. of Gatcombe Park, in tiie lale of Wight, b. 5tb 
Hajr, 1776, ». 30(h Jime, 1795, Jute, <isughl«r umI co-heir of Edward Meaox 
Wonlej, esq. of Gatcombe, bj Elimbeth, hia irife, dau^ter and co-heir of Leonard, 
Lord Holmee, of Killmaflock, and bat iwoe, 

ALaxANDEB-GLTNN, i. lOth AogDit, 1796 ; elected, in 1890, M.P. Tor Fowey. 


Hophia-Margaret, who d. 


John, eiq. of Failey, in Hampdiire, and 

I. BicuRD (Sir) created a Babonbt 

28lh June, IQlt, who 4. 27th June, 

1621, leaving, iMer tUiot, 

1. Henrt, Beoond baronet, who rf. 

in 1366, and wa« i. by hie ton, 

JiMBS (Sir), third baronet, 

nhoae grandMii, 

Sir Thomu Woriley, eisth 

baronet, eaponeed, in 1740, 

the Lady Elixabeth Bovle, 

danshter of Jobs, Earl of 

Con. and Orrery, and bad 

one eon and adaDghter.ric. 

1, Sia RiCHiiiD, •erenA 

barwiet, a piiTy-conn- 

cillor, H.P. be. who d. 

For u aeconnt of Ihb bnncb of the 
Curauu, eee C*Nrsux, of Abdciutmn 
Prioit, Colonel Campbell, of Gatcombe, 
being ■ yonager eoo of the late PaTarcK 
CturiKLL, esq. of Ardchattan, who died the 
KNh Jnne, 1801, by LOiaa, hie wife, dan. of 
iiAa MecTarlane, eeq. 

TJu eetkte of OiTCOMBE was obtained by 
Cakmcl Campbell in marriage with Jane, 
dangikler and co-heirea* of Edward Hbaux 
WouLET, ceq. M.P. 

The famfly of Worslet deriTes from 

SiaEuAJ nBWoRKBSLBT.of Workeeley, 
h I^ncaahire, a eoldler of the croe*, whose 
liaeal descendant 

8lR JikHES WoRSLBY, knt. of Apoldei^ 
eonbc, captain of the Isle of Wight, e«- 
Ponied Anne, danghter and co-beir of Sir 
John Leigh, of Leigh, in the connty of Dor- 
Mi, and left at bia decease, in 1S3B, Ri- 
caiao, goremor of the lele of Wiciht, and 

Bvrton, io the lele of Wight, and 
1 Jumary, 1660, w 
_M3. This geotleman wedded, 
tOSa, Barbara, dangbter of WiUian St 


Z. Henrietta-Frances, m, 
in 1784. to the Hon. 
John Simpson, second 
SOD of Henry, first Lord 
Bradford, and had an 
only daughter, , 
HEHRieTTA - Anna - 


Simpson, who m. 

1 1th Augoat, IBOO, 

Charlea, present 

Lord Tarborongh, 

and hae issne (see 

Burke's Prermgt 

Mnd Banmetagt). 

th, M. to Sir John Meaox, 

bart. of Kingston, and their eldest 

grand-danghter and co-beir, 

EUZABETH Mbaux, wedded Sir 

John Hiller, of Froylc, and 

was mother of 

EuzABETK Hiller, m in 

1737, to Sir Edward 

Wonley, knt and had 




■I. Thomas. 
III. John. 
The third md, 

John Wohslby, esq. b, in 158Q, was of 
Gatcombe, in the Isle of Wight. He m. 
Cicely, daughter of Sir Edward RJchudi, 
of Yarerland, knt. and was i. bj his son, 

StKEDWARDWoRSLEY.knI. of Gatcombe, 
b. in 1631. a Grm and dsToted royalist, who 
attempted, at the neatest persoDsl hatard, 
the detireTy vf Ch*hles I. from his im- 
priHonmeDl in the Isle of Wight. He m. 
Jane Barker, and had a son and 

John Wohslet, esq. of Gatcombe, h. in 
1653, who wedded Ann Uny. of Fresh- 
water, in the Isia of Wight, and had two 

Edward, his heir. 

David, of Stenfanry. in Ihe Isle of Wieht, 
who m. Mary, dangbter of William 
Hooke, esq. and hMl a son, 
Francis, in holy orders, rector of 
Chale, who m. Anne, dxngl 
of Henry Roberts, esq. of St 
den,and dyine :' ' " 

aeveral daughl 

I. James, in hoir orders, LL.B. 
vicar of Tborley, m. first, in 
I7M, Elixabeth, daughter of 
ThomasGother, esq. of Bel- 
lin^ham, in the Isle of 
Wight, and has two sons, 
James and Francis, and one 
dan. Elimbelh-Roselta. He 
wedded, secondly, in 1810, 
Sophia, daughter of Sir John 
Finhom, knt. of London, 
and has fonr more sons, vix. 
John-Hennr, David, Jona- 
than, and Williain-Rolwrt. 

3. Henry, a m^or-gcneral in 
the army, and Companion 
of the Bath. 

4 Francis, who also d. unm. 

5. Robert, of Edinburgh, m. 
Miss Cecilia Spottiswood, 
and bas a son, Francis. 

fl. Charles - Corowall - Sey- 
mour, of Newport, m. Aone, 
daagh terofBeqjaniinGleed, 
esq. of Cansbrook, and bas 

7. Tbomas, of Liverpool. 
Mr. Worsley, of Gatcombe died in 1727, 
and was (. by bis elder son, 

Edward Worslbv, esq. of Gatcombe, 
who M. ISth November. 170B, Miss Jane 
Leigh, of Idleoombe, and had a son and 

Sir Edward WoHtLEV, knt. of Ga^ 

combe, who espoused, lOtfa January, 1737, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John JUller. of 
Froyle, in Hants, and great grand-dangfater 
of Elisabeth Worsle:^* "bo >"• S>r Joka 
Meaax, bait. Bjt tlus lady Mr. Wonley 

I. Edward-Meaux, his heir. 

II. James, n holy orders, rector of 
Gatcombe, who m. Miss Ann Hayles, 
and badsurriving issue, 

1. Ed ward-Vaugfaan, colonel R. A 
M. in 1800, Mary, daughter of 
John Arthar, esq. of Plymouth, 


Jesse, m. to Captain Hontaga. 
St. Helena, m. to C^iUin 
3. Tbomas.colonel4ath Native In- 
fantry, East India Company's 

3. Charlotte. 

4. Elixabeth. ( 
E. A. 

A. Louisa. 

, to Colonel Dixon, 

III. Thomas, io holy orders, A.M. died 
unmarried, 1777. 

IV. John, lieutenant in Ihe army, died 
unmarried, 1783. 

V. Henry, D. D. rector of Gatcombe, 
<K. Mary, daughter of Thomas Dick- 
enson, esq. and bad (with other iaane) 

The Rev. Henry Worsley. LL.D. 
who m. Susan, daughter of James 
Still, esq, of Knoy^. 

VI. Jane, m. to the Rev. Arthur Hodg- 

VII. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Samuel Mar- 
shall, K.B. 

VIII. Anne, n. to Admiral Richard- 
Rodney Bligh. 

Mr. Worsley died b 17QS, and was t. by 
his eldest son, 

Edward-Huux Worslet, esq. of Gat- 
combe, b, in 1747, who represented Oe 
borongb of Newtown, in parlia " 

M. 6rsi, Miss r " 

and by her, 

EuzARBTH, M. in 1700, to Edmund- 
John Glynn, esq. of Glynn, in Corn- 
Mr. Worsley wedded, secondly, !■ 1772, 
Elixabeth, eldest daugblerofLeonard, Lord 
Holmes, by whom (who m. secondly. Rev. 
Sir Henry Worsley Holmes, bart.) he left 
another daughter, 

Jane, m. as slated above, to Celvul 
Alexander Cahprell. 




Atwu — Qnarterljr, first and fourib, gi- 
roDDy of eight, or iai u. ; aecood, ft back's 
b*Bd ; third, arg. a gsll«y sa. all within a 
bordnre or, charfed with eight cretcentf . 

Crttt — A awan ppr. cntnned or. 

Eilatei— the manor of Freewurei), of 

Gatcdmbe, porchased, in the rei^ of 
Henrv VH. by Richard Woraley, captain 
of the Isle of Wight. 

Seat — Gatcombe Park, near Newport, 
Isle of Wight 


CURKE, GEORGE, esq. of Hyde Hall, in Cheihira, m. 4th September, 1793 
Eliza, dangbter of General Geoi^ Rocbfort, of the 
couQty of Weatmeath, and baa had issue, 

George Hyde, who died nnroarried in 1822. 

Edwakd Htde, m. 191h October, 1S2&, bis consio. Hiss 

Georgiaoa Moran. 
George-Rochfort, m. Sth July, IBM, Elizabeth, eldest 

daughter of the late Ret. Henry Byron, son of the 

Hon. and Rer. Richard Byron, and grandson of 

William, Uiird Lord Byron. 

Mr. Clarke sacceedad 
of his father. 

) the estates upon the denuse 


"Abont the time of King JtoMM," says 
Ojmerod, iu his able History of Cheshire, 
** one moiety of the township of Htde was 
vested in a family which bore the local 
ttame, and was then represented by MAT- 
THEW DE Hyde." This Matthew had a 

Sir Robert Hyde, knt. living (o"i»- 
Hbmrt III. lord (rf the manors of Hyde 
and Newton, in Cheshire ; of Shalcross, m 
Derbydiire ; and of Halghton, in the county 
•f lADcasler, who m. the cousin and heiress 
ef Thomas de Norbury, by whom he ac- 
fsind the lordship of Norbury, and had a 

RoBEBT Hyde, lord of Norbury, who had 

John (Sir), bis heir. 
Alexander, who acquired lands in Den- 
ton from his father, founded the fa- 
mily of Hyde, of Denton. 
The elder son. 

Sir John Hvde, knt. of Norbory and 
Hyde, a gallant soldier and one of the compa- 
Bions inarms of the Black Phi ncb, espous- 
ed, fitat, Margaret,daa.ofSirJohnDaTeDpon, 
nd bad two sons, John and Roger,' men- 
Honed in aettlementa of the manor of Not- 
bary, who appear both to have died issue- 

less. Sir John wedded, secondly, one of 
the daughters of Sir William Baggiley, of 
Baggiley, and sister and co-heiress of John 
Baggiley, of Baggiley, by whom he obtain- 
ed sereral estates ; and the Hydes hence- 
forth used the arms of Baggiley, Inrening 
the colours, and adding a chevron, for di(- 
ference. By the co-heiress of Barley he 
had, with other issue, 
William, his heir. 

Ralph, ancestor of the Hydes of Ur- 
meston, in Lancashire. 
Sir John Hyde having sold the manors and 
estatfS of Shalcross, Newton, Ferneley,kc. 
bis olher possessioDS alone devolved upon 
his eldest son by his second marriage, 

WlLUAH Hyde, of Norbury and Hyde, 
living in the reign of Edward 111. who m. 
Alice, daoghter of Richard de Bromhall, 
and was great- great-grandfather of 

ThohA!) Htde, of Norbury and Hyde, 
who flourished from the reign of Edward 
rV. to that of Henry VII. He wedded a 
daughter of Knyveton, of Underwood, and 
was (. at his decease by his son, 

Robert Hyde, of Hyde and Norbury, 
who m. first, Margaret, daughter of Richard 
Holland, of Denton, in Lancashire, and bad 




1- Hamrvt, wlio M. MarEu^^ dwiffh- 
ter flf lAwreuee W»rren, esq. of 
PojBton, and had (with a daughter 
Catherine, m. to StrangwayM, of 
Strangmyea), a md, 
Robert, heir to hia Rraniirather. 
u. John. 

111. Agnea, m. to John Arderne. 
Robert RjdeHponMd.aecondl;, the dRugb- 
ter of Scaragill, of Scaragill ; and thirdly, 
the daughter of John Bojdell, of PnlcrofL 
By the Utter he was ancestor of &e Hvdbs 
of Weathatch, in Wflli, ^ vAmd wu the 
celobrated Enwiw) Htd*. Eahl or Cu- 
KENDON, grattdflrther, (hroM^ hia daoghter 
Aane, «f the PrinoeaMt I^y and Anns, 
moceadTelv Qubens of Ekolabd. (See 
BORKE« Extinct Pierage.) Robert Hyde 
waa tneceDded at bia demiae by hia grand- '' 

RoBUT Hydb, eaq. of Norbory and 
Hyde, h. Uth Henky THI. who wedded, 
Ant. Ha^aret, daa^tei of John Dncken- 
firid, of DackcDfield, and had two dangb- 
tera. He at. secondly, Jane, daughter of. 
Sir William Darenport, knt of BramhaQ, 
and had, with other iaane, a aon and anc- 

RoBBRT Hyde, esq, of Norbniy and 
%de.liTingattbeTiaitationof Ifieo. TUa 

Cleman m. Beatrix, dao^ter of Sir Wil- 
CalTerley, of Calrerley, knighted 
about the 2nd of Edward VI. by Elii^ieth, 
hia second wife, daaghter of Richard Sneyd, 
esq. (see vol. i. p. 074), and had iasut. 
I. Hahhet. hia sncceaaor. 
II.- Elisabeth, la. to — Gore, of Tiqiton. 

III. Alice, m. to Richard Ivye. 

IV. Jane, m. to Edward Vawdrey, eaq, 
(SeeTol. Lp.364.) 

V. Margaret, n. to George Hnlton, esq. 

VI. Beatrix, wife of John Frodsham, 

VII. Addb, wife of Richard Rftley, esq. 

VIII. Marj;, m. to John Natlal, esq. 

IX. Catherine, ■•. to John Hnlton, esq. 

The son and heir, 

Hamnet Hyde, esq. of Norbnry and 
Hyde, bom in 1663, m. Hary, daaghter of 
John Warren, esq. of Poynlon, and, dying 
in 1043, was succeeded by hia son, 

Robert Hyde, esq. of Norhniy and 
Hyde, who wedded, first, Margaret, dangb- 
ter and co-hrir of Thomas Fitton, of Sid- 
dioeton, and by her. who died in 1618, had, 
wia other iaane, a aon Edward, who aac- 
ceeded him. He m. aecondly, Anne, 
daoriiter of Robert Hyde, esq. of West- 
batch, and had a aon, 

RoBUT, of Ballougb Loughlan Castle, 
in Ireland, who m. Borotby, daugh- 
ter of Sir Richard Brooke, hut. of 
Norton, by Catherine, hfa wife. 

daughter at Sir Beuy NerilL of 

BiUmgbere, in Berkahire. 
Mr. Hyde was ancceeded by his eldest son, 
Edwakd Hyde, esq. of Norbnry and 
Hyde, wbo wedded Anne, another daaghter 
of Sir Richard Brooke, knt of NcMton, and 
left al hia decease, in 1671, with other tnw, 
who died .. p. a danrfiter Margaret, m. to 
Piers Leigh, eaq. of Birch, and a son and 

RoiEHT Hyde, esq. of Norbnry and 
Hyde, bom in IflK. wbo m. Felicia, dangb- 
to of WilHam bneyd, esq. of Keel, and 

Bdwabd, his heir. 

Anne, m. to George Croxton. (sq. 
RaTenscroft ; and aecondly, to Jc 



, , - the Key. Dr. Jobs 
Thane, archdeacon and prebendarr 
of Chester. ' 

Mr. Hyde was i. by bb aon, 

Edward Hydr, esq. wbo sold the manor 
of Norbnry. This gentleman wedded Ca- 
therine, daaghter of Alexander Rigby, esq. 
of Leighton, and left, with other iaane, who 
all died nninarried, a daughter, and eren- 

Anne Hyde, who eaponaed Georcb 
Clabke, esq. lientenant-GoTemor of the 
Province of New York, (aon of George 
Clarke, esq. of Swanswick, In Someraet- 
Bhire), and by that gentleman, who died in 
1760, had iinie, 

I. Georoe Clakxe. 

II. RobertClarke.wbo died unmarried. 

III. Edward Clarke, who m. EliEabeth, 
daughter of — Guthrie, esq. of Ja- 
maica, widow of William Wiuiama, 
eaq. and of Philip Haaghton, esq. by 
whom he left at his decease, eth Sep- 
tember, 1776, a son, 

Georoe Hyde, sncceasor to his 

IV. Hyde ClaAe, d. yoong. 

V. ^izabeth Clarke, m.t«ciiptB{B Code. 

VI. Letitia, or Anne Clarke, m. to Jo- 
afanaHoTton,e8q.ofHowroTde. (See 

VII. Penelope Clarke, died unmarried. 

VIII. HaryClarke,ni.uBallBrd Beck- 
ford, esq. 

The eldest son and heir, 

George Curke, esq. of Swanawick and 
Hyde, secretary of New York, died, with- 
ont isaae, 11th November, 1777, and wm 
succeeded by hia nephew, 

George Hyde Clarke, esq. of Hyde, 
who wedded Catherine, danghter of — Hna- 
sey, esq. of Ireland, and bad iaane, 
Georoe, hia heir. 

Edward, of Swanswick, who m. Anne 
Margaret, daughtor of Geoerd Pre- 




Mr.ClariwwM Moeccdtd Bt hwdecaaM by I witk iri^a «uMuded M. bMk«d wd mem- 

IM tUKi aon, tke prMeut GrBoaoB CLutftE, b«red or, 

«H. Of Hyde H.1I. iWotw— Hyd« >iid Hough toD.near Staek.- 

Armw-QjitwteTlj : Ut ud 4a, w. three port, Chethire, poweMcd by the Hyde f«- 
nallop* M pale or, between two flatmcbei biIt for aamn or eight bunijrad ye»it. 
««.: Sod uid 3rd, u. a oher. benreen StmU-Byit Halt, Cheihire; and Hjde 
thm loamgn or. Hail, on Lake OtMego, New York StK«, 

OwM*— lit, a pbeMi ppr. ; Snd, an eagle | North Amerioa. 

Kq^rMCBMa* of s Wvm^ at ttc mutist ^mnflg at notfRMIi. 

PiCKERINO, EDWARD-ROWLAND, esq. of the OJd Lodge, and of Claphaoi, 
Mh 'ia the ctmatj t^ Surrey, b. 25th December, 1778, 
m. 15th October, 1B05, Mary, only child of SamnelVeK 
esq. of UptoD, Backa, ajid Eari'a Colne, Enex, (by Ann, 
his wife, one of the two danghten and co-heira of Edward 
Proctor, eaq. of Ware, in Hortfordahire) and has bad 

1. Edward-Hayei, h. 2lit Hay, IBOT. 
II. Perdval-Andree, 6. 8th Febnury, 1810. 
lu. Rowland-Proctor, t. AA June, ISIl, d. 9tA Jhdy, 

IV. Oeor^e-Smilh, i. 9th March, ISIA. 
V. Jamea-Benry, b. 2cid March, 1810. 
VI. Arthnr-Proctor, b. ISA September, 1818. 
VII. Williain-Percival, h. 2Mh October, 1819. 
VIII. Alfred-Rowland, i. 31(t December, 1830, H. IIA 
September, 1824. 
IX. Anoa-Hary. 
X. Jane- Ann. 
xt. Sanh-Charlotle, d, I3di March, I8S&. 



In iW tenth year of hiareigm Wiixiam 

•mm CoNOtiBBOR granted the forest, valley, 
•■d lerdahip of Riddeadale. in (he caonty of 
HovdnmbMlaBd, to hia kiacman, 

SiK RoBUT OB UiiFiiBviLL, knt nr- 
■naed JMert vitk tht SturH, Lord ofTonr* 
and rian, to bold, by the lerrioe of defend- 
ing the vicinity from eneauea and wolvet, 
with tite aword which Kmg Wiluah had by 
fail aide when he entered Northumberland. 
By the tenor of the pant he waa invested 
with the power of holdinE, goveraing, ezer- 
cisiag, beariog and jadgiog, in all the pleaa 
of d»e Crown, as well as others oocarring 
wittin Ike precincis of RiddsadalD. The son 
of Sir Robert, 

Roaurr db Umfreviu., was father of 

those of Otterbonme, Harbottle, and Rid- 
«fa» dato, all in the connqt of Northumber- 
land, lie oppoaed (he Scotch invasion 
■utder DimCAM, sod waa in the battle wherein 

the Scottiab king was taken prisoner. Of 
this baron one of the monks of Tynemonth 

E'evonsly complained («n^. Hbnhy II. for 
exactions opon his neigbbonia towards 
repairing the roof of the castle of Prudhoe. 
He died in 1 182, leaving a daughter, Matilda, 
de AJbii ' 

wife of William d 

Ubini, and a son and 

Robert db Uhfreville, baron of Pmd- 
hoe, who by deed, dated aSth Henry H. 
granted certain lands to the monks of New- 
minster. He was succeeded by his graod- 

RicHiRD DEUHFHEVtLLG, baron of Prud- 
hoe (son of Gilbert de UmfreviUe). This 
feudal lord appears, in the 7tb Richard II. 
to bave pledged his lands of Tuma; to 
Aaron, a Jew, fortbesum of £32.Sf. which 
be then owed the Israelite. Id the Ath of 
preventing al 

* EnoaMuly csUmI bis m* by Dugdals. 




iac, or cntdng dowa tiihbflr, ii 
RiddMdak ; and in oine yea 

D tbe forBit of 
a afterwardi>, 
the times being then tarbnfent, he delirered 
np his four eoni in hostsge, irilh his cutle 
of Prudhoe, aa guarantee for his loyalty ; 
notwithglandiDgwhich, BOBoon bh the barons 
look up arms, he appeared amongst them, 
when his lands were seized, and |:ranted to 
Hngh de Baliol. In the reign of Henry 
III. however, be made his peace, and had 
reititation of the castle of Prudboe, Ri- 
chard's eldest son, 

Gilbert de Uhfreviixe, succeeded to 
the barony of Prudhoe, and doing homare, 
3nd Henry III. and paying £lOO. for bis 
relief, had livery of his lands. In the 13th 
of the same reign he was one of the uorthem 
baroDS appointed by the king to be at Ber- 
wick-upon-Tweed npon Sunday before Hid- 
Lent, to attend Alexander of Scotland 
thence to York, where the English monarch 
met tiie Scoliish Ling, and to a charter be- 
tween the two princes the name of Gilbert 
de UmfreTille is affixed as a witness. Me 
died 39th Henry 111. according to Matthew 
Paris, " a famous baron, guardian and chief 
flower of the north," leaving a son and heir, 

Gilbert DE UiirHeviLL, seven years old 
at his father's decease, whose gaardianship 
was committed to Simon de Montfort, Earl 
of Leicester, in consideration of one thou- 
sand marks paid to the king. This feudal 
lord attained majority in the 43rd Henry HI. 
and in six years afterwards we find him in 
arms with the barons, but he made his peace 
before tbe battle of Evesham, and obtained 
then some immunities from the crown. In 
the 30lh of Edward 1. he was governor of 
the castles of Dundee and Forfar, and tbe 
whole territory of Angus, in Scotland, and 
appears to have borne the title of Earl of 
Angus, in right of his wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter and heiress of John Comyn, Barl of 
Angus. He was summoned to parliament 
however, subsequently, 24th June, 1395, as 
Baron Uhfrevill only ; but in the2&th of 
Edward I. and from that period to the 1st of 
Edward II. he had summons as "Gilberlo 
de Umfrevill, Comili de Angos." This title 
the English lawyers refused to acknowledge 
(Angus not being within the kingdom of 
England), until he had openly produced the 
king's writ in pnblic court, by which he was 
called toparliamentas Eahl OF Angus. His 
lordship was highlv instrumental in forti- 
fying tbe castles aoa strongholds in Scotland, 
and was the only man who refused to sur- 
render the fortresses in his custody to the 
enemy. He died in 1908, and was succeeded 
by his son (then thirty years of age), 

Robert de Uhfrevill, second Earl of 
Angus, and feudal baron of Prudboe. This 
noMeman distineaiabed himself, while his 
father lived, in &e Scottish wars, and sood 
after his •ccession to the honors of the fa- 

. Lord Roa, of Hamlake, and Henry, 
Lord Beaumont, in the lieutenancy of Scot- 
land. In the Iltb of Edward Jl. he wbii 
one of the confmissioners appointed to treat 
with Robert Bruce for a truce between tbe 
realms. His lordship espoused, first, Lucie, 
dangbter of Philip de Kyme, Baron Kvme, 
and eventually heiress of her brother Wil- 
liam, second BaroD Kyme, by whom he had 

Gilbert, summoned to parliament as 
third Eahl of Anou«, from 27tb Ja- 
nuary, 1332, to 26th August. 1380. 
This nobleman acquired great reputa- 
tion in tbe Scottish wars, and was a 
chief commander at the battle of 
Durham, 20th Edward HI. where 
David Brus was totally defeated, 
and made prisoner by the English. 
His lordship wedded, first, Johanna, 
daughter of Robert, Lord Willough- 
by de Eresby, by whom be had n? 
iMue. He m. secondly, Maud, sister 
of Anthony Lucy, and had an only 
child, Robert, who «. Margaret, 
daughter of Henry, Lord Percy, but 
mc-deceased bis father without issue. 
The earl, npon the demise iMuelesB 
of William de Kyme, became pos- 
sessed of the manors of Sotby, Sta- 
lynburgh, Kesyll, and Paddockthorp, 
in the county of York, and of Kyme, 
Ersewardby, Methringham, Barom- 
burgb, Culseby, Elkynlon, Joyng- 
ham, and other estates in Linoaln- 
shire. His lordship died in 1381, 
leaving Alianore, his niece, wife of 
Henry Talhoys, his heir of the whole 
blood, and Thomas Umfrerille, hia 
brother of the half blood, his next 
male heir, but none of the family 
were ever aabsequenlly summoned 
to parliaraeuL 
Elizabeth, m. to Gilbert JSnrdon, and 
had an only daughter and heireas, 
Alianore Burden, m. to HenryTal- 
hoys, ancestor of the Lords Talhoys. 
Robert, second Earl of Angus, wedded, se- 
condly, Eleanora, daughter of Roger de 
Hauduit, and had, 

Robert (Sir), who died issueless. 
Tkonas, of whose line we are about 
to treat 
The earl died in April, 1335. His second 
son, by the second countess. 

Sir Thohas Uhfreville, knt. of Har- 
botde Castle, and proprietor of Holtnsida 
and Whitley, in Durham, espoused Joane, 
daughter of Adam de Roddam, and had 

I. THOMAS(Sir), his heir, aged twenty- 
three, 10th Richard II. who died 
12th February, 1300-1, leaving one 
son and five daughters, vie. 



1. Gilbert, who wu flaio at 
Bfangy Bridge, with the Dnke 
orCluence, m 142I.- He had 
married Aona, dangbler of 
. Ralph NetiU, Earl of Wetf- 
moreland, bnl died t.p, 
1. Elisabeth, m. Sir WilliHra 0- 
meden. of ElBieden, and died 
3rd Uenrv VL leaving four 
djuighten, vis. 
Agnes Elmeden, bi. to Thomiu 
CUxioD, «M1. of Old Park. 
BlUabelh Elmeden. m. to 
Joho Dalton, esq. of Wett 
.Jaabel Elmeden, t>. to Roir- 
land Tempeat. eeq. jore 
uioria Lord of Harboitle. 
Joan Elmeden. m. to Thonu 
Fonter, eiq. 
3. Mande, m. to Sir William Ri- 

ther, of Harwood Caatlc. 
3. Joan, m. to Sir Tbomaa Lam- 
bert, knt 

* The Butle of Bongiii m* (bagbt on EMter 
Err, A.D. 1490, ud i> dMcribed ^ John Hud- 
tag, c. no, H cited bj Weeren MannmeDti, p. 
tU, which Haidiog wii an eaquin of ucicDt 
parentage, and bred ia hi* youtli in mililuj em- 
pkijintat. luidei Robert Umfrevil. GoTemor of 
tUufbarrii Caide, wia liring 1461, then ywj 
t^. FsncT'i Wortbiei in Com. EbOT. p. SOS. 

And after je (aut to leke opoD bia tot 
And be ■mweiBd him vf thoti be ifecd 
Go bona tb; w^ and npe je Cbunh Yaid 
Wfth tbit he wKji lay Lord je hive no Dl«a 
Wjth the Eneni^t thu« bulely to (ygbt 
VflDienene wot not of this, ne bow na wbennc 
To aemUa to yoo of power, ne of mjgbt 
7or tiewly nowe mj Coain Gr»y now* right 
And I bare hen but ten mea & no mo 
But jet ye ahiU asTer ny we leare yon io 

(bnh ay chiding by ye way 

TVII tbey to Bawgj otbt ye Bridge were gone 
Wben the Eaeniyi were batliyled in iray 
Whate then they light & fin^t wyth them moi 
The I>Qks waa ilanie that day there wyth bya Mil 
Wjtb him wet* tlayne then therie CmlraTile 
Aad Sir John Graj ye Erie of Tuikerril* 
The tLord Rod* & Syr John Lomley 
Vi-fA Biaay other were wyth faym ilayD* 

Th* fariaa two of Huntiiigdon no naya 

Of .... tar tbera I aaye 

For PnaoDcn aatd put to greet Ranaom 
iod lay lUl loog in Franca tbarain priaon 

• La. YeD.ofi 

4. Mu^ret, m. flnt, to — Lod- 
diogtOD, and Mcondly. to Sir 
John Conalable, knt. of Harl- 

fi. A^ea. m. to Sir Thoma* Hag- 
getston, of Haggeraton. 
II. RoBBiiT (Sir). 
The aecoDd eon. 

Sir Robert Umfreville. waa ■ knigbt 
□f (be garter, aheriff of Northumberiand, 
and Vice Admiral of England. He died 
16th Henry VI, seised of Harbottle Caatle, 
leaving a aon. 

WiLUAn Umfreville. under the care of 
the Abbot of HiMenden, in the county of 
Bucka. father of another, 
Wkuam Umerbville, whoae only aon, 
Andrew Uufxeville, had two aona, 
Richard and Roger, of Ewell, bjr the elder 
□f whom, 

RrcHARD VhfhevillE) of Bncfcingltam- 
ahire. be waa nicceeded. Tbla gentleman's 
onW son, 

WILLUH UmFRSVILLE, eaq. of Illeworth, 
purchased Fambam Royal, in the conntjr 
of Buckingham. He m. Mary, daughter 
of — Lane, of Acton. Yeoman Uaber to 
Henry VUI. and bad issoe, 
Andrew, bis hrir. 

Thomai, of London, who m. Grat,' 
Porothy, daughter and co>heir of 
StClere; and secondly, Joaue, dau. 
of— Hyde, ofHnnt, in Berkaj by 
the forhier of whom he lelt a son, 
WiLUAM, of Langham, in Eiaex, 
whose will bears date, 8lb Feb- 
ruary, 1676, and was proTed in 
167». He m. first, EiiMbeth, 
daughter and heir of Thomas 
Gotta, esq. and bad iasue, 

1. Charles (Sir), of Stoke, 
in Suffolk, knighted 12th 
Hay, 1661, who n. Eliza* 
be th, daughter of Humphrey 
Jaggard, eaq. of Pamdon, 
and dying in 1606, left two 
daughters, viz. 

' Elizabetb, n. first, to 

Milea Mitchell, and 

secondly, to — Gibbs. 

Sarah, m. to Samael 

Brewster, esq. of lin- 

2. Henry, if. in infancy. 

1. Jane, (f. unm. 

2. Bridget, la. to Tfaomaf 
Ingrey, esq. of HEgbam. 

3. Quabeth, m. to Thomas 
May, of Stoke. 

William Umfretille, m. second' 
ly, Isabel Bapworth, and had, 
1. St Clere, of Hlghun HaU. 
in Saffolk, living io 1707, 



3. WillUm, D.D. Rector or 
Lecturer of St. Andrews, 
Holbom, who M. Elinbeth, 
duu^ter of Nkthaniel Bnt- 
kenbar;, and relict of John 
H>rr, of Bouted, Bwex. 

3. Tfaomu, of Newoutlc-OD- 
Tfne, a cBptaiD in the umj', 
wbo ■■. Harjr, dau^ter of 
LetHimrd Thornton, ew]. of 
Kipling, kmd d. is 1731. 
Their graadfon, 

WrujAH, left iUBB, 

John-BriIHD, csp- 
bun R.N. 4. nnm. 
in 1830. 
Hasoahbt, m. to die 
Rev. Robert Green- 
wood, of Blfth, 
1. lubd-Huy, d. nnm. 
It, Dorotby, m. to Spring 
The elder mm and heir of Wniiun Un&e- 
Title, die porchuer of Farnhan Royal, 

Andrew UHrREviLLK, esq. of i^ndtani 
Royal, married Anne, daughter of the Rer, 
WUliam Harward, D.D. Prebendary of 
Windior, and bad three mu and a dangb- 

I. Akdrkw, wbo m, Franeei, daoEhter 
of— Daniel, of Aplefbrd, in Wilti, 
and dving v. p. in 164S, lell iiane, 

), Edward, heir to kii grand- 

1. Francei, 6, in 1642, 
Perriman, esq. 

3. Harr, m. to Rol 

II. WiUtam. 

III. Edward. 

I. Hai7, at. to Robert Nerille, of 

London, fifth eon of Edwaid Neville, 

of CuUum and Sunningwell Park, 

Berks, and grandson of Sir Henry 

Neville, of Billingbeare. 

Hr. UmlVeTille dying in Jane, 1661, wa* 

buried at Farnbain Royal, and sncceeded 

by his grandson, 

Edward UHFRevtiXE, nq. of FanihaDi 
Royal, born in 1638, of the Inner Temple, 
barrister-at-law, who songht to recover the 
barony of Umfreville, bnt failed, by reawin 
of the ^at lapse of time, and the difficul- 
ties nruing Ibrongh the wars of York and 
Lancaster ; the family of UmfroTille snffer- 
ing severely during uiose contests, so that 
in some instances they were obliged to 
absent themselves in foreign conntries, and 
in others to change their names and arms 
(o avoid proeecntion. Edward Umfreville 
wedded /adith, one of the two daughters 
and co-heirs of Richard Meeim, esq. and 
was succeeded at his decease, in April, 1691 , 

tobert Harris, of 

Edward Umfreville, esq. of Famham 
Royal, fr. 33rd October, 1670, who m. Mary, 
second dai^bler of Richard Osborne, esq. 
of the Inner Temple, and had issne, 

Edward, of the Inner Temple, F.S.A. 
coroner for Middlesex, who m. Anne 
Williams, daaghter of Tfaooiaa Um- 
freville, esq. of Ewell, hot died s. p. 
17th Jnne, 1796. 
Thomas, H.D. wbo d. *. p. in 1772. 


Ann, who d. nnm. in 1768. 
Hr. Umfreville died Mh October, I73D, and 
was buried at Famham Royal. His Siird 

Pleas, c^KHued Hary, daughter and co-heir 
of John Weld, of London, merchant, (a 
descendant of Richard Weld, of West As- 
ton, and of Eaton, in Cheshire), b^ whom 
he had three sons, Williun aad Josiaa, who 
died in infancy ; and John, who attained 
the age of twenty-two, and then died nn- 
married ; and one daughter, 

Hart Umfrrvillr, 5. in November, 
1743, irito esponsed in 1768, Edward Laks 
PicKBRiKO, esq. of the Exchequer Office, 
Temple, ttie onU son of Edward Pickering, 
(see fhmily of Pickering, at fbot), by Ka- 
tfaerine, his wife, dangbter of Edward lACjr, 
of Daventry, descended from the Lacys, of 
Pomfret, and had issne, 

I. Lakb-Umfrevillb. 

II. Edward-Rowland. 

III. Cornelia-Weld, <f. 1806, onmarried. 
Hr. Pickering died in JaDoary, 1788, and 
his second son is the present Edward Row- 
land PicKBRiNa, esq. of dapbam, and 
Old Lodge. His widow, the heiress of 
Umfreville, wedded secondly, George An- 
dree, esq. who d. in 1801, /. |i. 


Gilbert Piciebino, esq. (son of Jobn 
Pickering, grandson of Sir James Picker- 
ing, of Winderwalh, Westmoreland, by- 
Mary, daaghter of Sir R- Lowther), pur- 
chased temp. EuzABETH, the manor of 
Tichmareb, &c. in Northamptonshire, from 
William, Earl of Worcester ; it bein^ held 
of the crown hv knight service. This Gil- 
bert, who held employments of trust un- 
der the Lord Treasurer Burleigh, wedded 
Elisabeth, daughter of John Stanfaank, of 
the cOQn^ of Northampton, and was «. by 

John Pickerino, esq.of Tichmarsh, who 
m. first, Lucy, dangbter of Edward Ka;fe, 
of Woodham, Yorkshire, and had (with 
several other children, one of whom, Mar- 
garet, iM, Robert Keyes, one of die ctmspi- 
Tutors in the gnn-pcwder plot) a son and 
keir, GtLBUv. He esponsed secondly. 



Dts«I«, dangbter of Tbomaa Oxenbridffc, 
nq. of Itehingkain, Sums, and bad, wjtb 
tao daoEbten, uiotber son, Lewis, of Sit- 
■iubnnA. Tbe eldest ton and heir, 

SiK GilAeht I'iCKERiHG, of Ticbnunb, 
wbo wu Tery BctiTe in apprebeodiiig the 
c^puaton in the guitfomdei plot, m. 
SliaabeA, dkogbler of — Hogud, of 
Bo«T««, in Cambridceabire, and left at hia 
deccaae, lOtb Jamu I. (wilb a jronnger aou, 
ChriMo^rr, t*bi» m. Jane, daaghter of Sir 
Cfariea Hordaont), hia ■ncceuor, 

SiK John Pickbrino, of Ticbmanb, wlw 
m. Snaapiiah, daugbler of Sir EOnnM 
Diyden, bart. and ^d'iiane, 

I. GiLiBKT (Sijr), bi* bair. 

II. Jobn. 

ui. Edward, lAom.Doroth]', daughter 

of 8a John WeU, of AmoUa. 
iir. Ja^ea, 

11. EUnbeA. 
Sir J(An died in 1627, and waa j. by hia 

&« GiLSEBT PicuBiHO, of Ticbmuab, 
wbo waa CMated a baronet. He wedded 
EUnbelh. only dan. of Sir Stdney Honta- 
n. and aiater to the Earl of Sandwkb, and 
lad, with fixiT daugblen, eight aona, viz. 

I. John (Sir), who aooceeded to tha 

II. GiLBBST, of whom presently. 

III. Sklnej. 

IV. Olirer. 

V. HoBtagB. 

VI. Fraada. 

Tii. Tbeopbana, D.D.* 
VIII. Lawb. 
Sir Gilbert ^ in I0B8. HHWcondioB, 

* On tba noith Mf of tbe chuiMl of lh« 
cboTck el Tiefattuih, Ae prindpal burial claoa 
<f tha Picbringa, an aaranl monuumUl in- 

, UbUDa. tai odiei«, u bad Iwa onked 
t> dbv PictanngB t7 anniagea. AmoDcM tboaa 
tka Ulowteg »«ara— ■■ In mwioiy of tba bta 
nnaMd tad laanad TbMipbilna Piekoiag, 
D.D. Ut waa lb* aoa of ao boMrabla and 
piaaa gmt. Sir Gdbart PidE«ri^, bait, wboae 
i iMwy win ba abr^ awatt in As j^aea; hia 
waAw. iriw aaaaot ba nwntiaQa) bw wiA 
a riiaalialli. As soly daoj^itaf of Sir 

Eiwnd, Eail of Sandwich, Ail«iiil of England, 


Gilbert Pickering, esq. eapouied Hary, 
daughter of John Creed, of Ticlunarsh, and 
left, wiA elder children, 

Edwahd Pickbbinc, esq. who m, Teresa, 
daughter of Wilton Brown, esq. of Tbraps- 
ton, and had a son, 

Edward PickkbiiJo, esg. tfbo at. KaAe- 
rine, daughter of Edpmrd LaCj, esq. of 
DaTentry. related iaAe Laeya of PomfVci, 
and Ae Winna of Noatel, and dying in 
1766, left, wMh oAer aona, who d.t.p. his 

Edward Lake Ficebbiko, esq. wbo es- 
poused, in 1708, as before slated, Mart, 
daughter of WiLUAHViirRBViLLE, esq. and 
was &Aer of the present Edward Row- 
laud Pickering, eaq. of Ae Old Lodge. 

jlraw— Qnarterlj i first, arg. ermine, a 
lion rampant, ai. langned crowned and 
anned or, for Pickebino. Second, ^n, 
eight crosses patonce, in Ae centre a on- 
quefoil, or, for Uhfheviu^. Third, gn. a 
fesae arg. between Aree water bowels, 
ermine, for Heereb. FootA, as. a Teste 
nebnl£ between Aree crescenta eno. for 

Crtd—A lion's gamb erazed, arg. armed. 

JSjria(«s— Ijngfleld and Home, Surrey ; 
lalingtan, and usewhere in Hiddlesex, and 

iS««(*— Clapbaaa and Old Lodge, Snmy. 

good nkoUMT in Iwr widowhood, 
nenr to b» fttgotten, and bofon ba had an* pra- 
fennent npon a nrr nigant oooaaiaa, where ehuily 
aad the bonoM of hia ftmily wan conooiwd be 
fiealy gare tanj hia whole patrimony. 

He yeartjr olMbed tbti^ poor peopla, and gars 
pmawoa to earand, and alaa laaiated in bringing 
np and aohooling many oMIdtai, and paying As 
beat uiatan to tcash ingauoua arti to sooli aa 
were capabia of them. Besides the Rieet bospi- 
taliqr of hie boose, and landing reliM to all the 
sick, and a crown to ereiy pov wooaa who lay- 
in, andi«li«TingaII tbatoametoUmfroBafamad, 
ha gare by hia win, £900, lor the aainlmBoe of 

Gateibead ; and' be died ea be Oni, fnU of the 
lore of God, and goodwill towaida nan, on tbe 
SOA Usceh, 1710, tai was boriad in tbe cboir of 
LadgMd obntcb, who* tliere is s maible toab 
tat him. Bvt hia moat lasting and durable moD- 
naienl is — the genecoaity, the piety, and ohaii^ 
of bii life. As tbe last teatinuny of tha eetiem 
and bODOor she had for him, tbii mm piintsd by 
hi* most ifiectiiinate and only aiiter, to prasarra 
hia dear owiBOTy anoi^ bii nUfkoa. F.Cnad, 
aged 68. 



POPHAM-LEYBORNE, ED WARD- WILLI AM, Mq. of Litdecott, in the taaatj 
p fViX of Wilts, a lientenuit'geDenl in the tnay, 6. 37th 

y ^ June, 1764, m. 23d July, 1806, Eltnbeth, dau^ter of 

fiit^fj nlMi^ j!^ ^^ veoerablfl Arcbdeacon Andrew, rector of Powder- 

• *"" <^f^ ham, in DeTon, by whom he ha« iuue, 

Alexan der-Hngh . 

General (Le^bome) Popham inheriting the Po^tam 
' 'a conwquence, l' 

He ia in the commiaaion of the peace for the ooantj 
of WiJti, and was aheriff in 1830. 


The POPHAHS hare been iealed in the 
■ooth of EuKland aince a rerj remote era. 

Gilbert Pophah, of Popham, in Hamp- 
ahire, living in (he time of Kino Joh n, es- 

Eoaed Joan, daughter and heiresa of Ro- 
rt Clarke, (a feoSee in tnut for the manor 
of Popham, «■ appean by charter of the 
Emprett Haud), and had a aou and sue- 

RoBBHT PopHAH, of Popham, irbo had 

Sib John Popham, who died ISth 
Richard II. leaving, by Sybil, 
hia wifa, daughter and heireas of 
Sir Idwrence St. Hartin, two 

I. John (Sir), constable and 

remor of Southampton, 
England, and of Ton- 
nine and B^onne, in 
Prance, tenp. Henry V. 
and tniaiury of the houac' 
hold in (be 
S. Henbt, 


■.aiar reign. 

died 17lh 

Henbt VI. leaving, by Joan, 

hia wife, B aon, 

SiK Stephen Popham, 

knL who m. Margaret, 

daughter and heireia 

of NichoUa Read, of 

Somercetahire, and bad 

four daughter*, bia co- 

heira, viz. 

Mabgebt, IB. to Tbo- 

maa Hampden ,eaq. 

Eleakor, m. to John 

Barentine eaq.ani} 

^UZABETU, m. to 

AucE, Bt. to Hnm- 
phry Forater, eaq. 
II. Hugh (Sir). 
The second mm. 

Sib Huoh Popham, kot who waa one of 
King Edwasd the First's conunissiMiet* for 
fixing the houudariea of the royal for«ata in 
Sonterselahire, m. Joan, widow of air John 
Trivet, and daughter and aole heir of Sir 
Stephen de Kentisbnry, knt of Hnnlwortfa,* 
in the county of Somerset, by whom he had 
a son and successor, 

StB Hugh Popham, knt. father of 

John Popham, of Hnntwortb, who m. 
Alexandria, daughter of John Honey, of 
Horsey, and waa *. hy his son, 

HvoH Popham, of Hnntwortb, father, by 
Havrise, dan. of Robert Brent, his wife, of 

JoHNpOFHiN, of Huntworth,who wedded 

* Thii Ntata wai aoqnind hj the ftmilj of 
Kentuboij, in tlw tinw of Ricbud I. with Jn- 
Ijan, iMofhtn nd brinaa of Joaiuit Rsrwa. 



4SA EltwtXD III. WM I. by hii BOH, 

Thonai Popran, of Hnntworth.who died 
IB ifae6thof Henrv V. leBvin^;, by Cecilia, 
kit wife, daughter of John Hdgon, k ion and 

WtLUAM POFHAH, of HantworUi. This 
KDtlemui m. Agaet, dkngbter and heir of 
WiUiam Edmondea, and wat «. at his de- 
oeaae, 4A Edward FV. by hit ion, 

John Popham, of Hnntworth, who wedded 
lMb«Ua, danghter and heir of Thomas 
Kaojle, OT Kcowles, and wa« i. by his bod, 
ALeKANDBRPoFHAH,of Hnntworlh. Thii 
centlenuui m. Jane, daughter of Sir Edward 
Slr^Iiiig, knt. of St. Donal's Castle, in the 
caan^ of Glamorgsn, and had iuue, 

1. Edward, of Hnntwortfa, liTing id 
IA73, who n. Jane, danghter of lUch- 
ard Norton, of Abbot's Lee, and bad 

Alexander, of Hnntwonh, bnried 
in the Temple, London, who 
wedded Dolcibella, daughter of 
Jolin Barley, or Bayly, and had 

1. Edward, of Hantworth, 
colonel of the tnilitia, de- 
pn^-lieutenant and magia- 
trate of the co«nty. of So- 
merset, wherein he ' serred 
the offloe of sheriEF in ia23. 
Ha manied twice, but died 

3. ALCXANDBii,UTingitiie23. 

3. Thonas, who, sncceediag 
his brother, became "of 
HtniTwoBTH," which manor 
was (nbaequontly sold (temp. 
Charles L) to the Port- 
mans. He M. first, Grace, 
daughter of William Dale, 
esq. of Somersetsbire, by 
whom he bad a daughter, 
Sarah, M. to — Score.. He 
wedded, secondly, Mary, 
daughter of Henry Darby, 
of Beminater, and had a 

Thokas, of Huntwoith, 
m. to Miss Eleanor 
Wansford, and had 

two SODS, 

Alrxandeb, who m. 
thrice, and had 
issue, viz. by bis 
first wife, Eliza- 
beth Lianey, a son, 
Francis, of Wsl- 
lington, and a dna. 
Elizabeth, the wife 
of the RcT. John 
Hawea ; and by 
the third wife. 


Mary, daogbter oF 
Thranas Oatcbell, 
esq. of Clawsey, 1717, two 
sooa, Thomas and 
Thomas, married and 

II. John (Sir). 

I. Eliiabetb, in. to Richard Mitchell, 

■ of CaningUin. 

It, Catherine, m. to William Poole. 

III. Dorothy. 
The second aon. 

Sir John Pophah, knt. adopting the legal 
profession, attained its highest bonoars, and 
accnmnlating an ample fortnne, purchased, 
in the time of Euzabbth, from the family of 
Darbll, the estate of Littlecolt, in the 
countr of Wilts. Fuller, in his English 
Worthies, speaks thus of this learned per- 
son. " Sir John Popham, of most ancient 
descent, was bom at Hontwortb, in the 
county of Somerset. In his youthful dayes 
he was as stotit and skilful a man at sword 
and buckler as any in that age, and wild 
enough in his recreations. Bat oh ! if 
qnicksilTer could be really fixed, to what a 
treasure it would amount! Such is wild . 
youth seriously reduced to gravity, as by 
this young man did appear. He applied 
himself to a more profitable fencing, the 
study of the law, therein attaining to such 
eminency, that he became the quAn's at- 
torney, and aHerwards Lord ChiepJustice 
OF Enoland. Being sent, anno 1000, by 
the queen, with some others, to the Earl of 
Essex, to know the cause of die confluence of 
so many military men into his house, the 
soldiers therein detained him for a time, 
which some did mske tantamonnt to an im- 
prisonment. This, his violent detention. 
Sir John deposed upon oath at the Earl's 
trial, which 1 note uie rather for the rarity 
thereof, that a lord-chief-justice ahould be 

Erodnced as witness in open court. In the 
eginning of the reign of Kixg James his 
justice was exeraplsry on thieves and rob- 
bers. The land then swarmed with people 
which had been souldiers, who had never 
gotten (or else quite forgotten) any other 
vocation. Hard it was for peace to feed all 
the mouths which a former war did breed ; 
being too proud to begge, too lazy to labour, 
those infected the bigbwayes with their felo- 
nies, some presuming on their mnttitades, 
as the robbers on the northern rode, whose 
knot (otherwise not to be untyed) Sir John 
cut asunder with the sword of justice. He 
possessed King Janes bow die frequent 
granting of pardons was prejudicial to jus- 
tice, rendering the judges to the contempt of 
insolent malefactors ; which made His Ma- 
jesty more sparing afterwards in that kind. 
In a word, the deserved death of some scores 



thU jodge's MTerily many jreua after his 
death, trhtcb happened anno Domini 18 — ." 

ind dnrinK that time greatly 
* '■- - *-»eofM- 


Devon. In the ciTa inx dw 

t WelliBgton wa* obtained by 

■tratagem by one Boret, of TmuIob, who 
converted it into a gmrriaon for the tiM of 
the parliaiDeBl anny, and defended it for a 
conNderable time ag^ait Sir Richard Oren- 
Tille, who came to ib reiciie, in which con- 
teat it was «o Imttered tltat it waa never after- 
wards deemed worth repairing- The jndfe 
waa a great patron and b«ne&etor to Wet- 
UngloD, and in puimance of hu will, (tiear- 
ing date Slit September, 1604), an lioapital 
waa erected at die weit end of the town for 
the maintenance of twelve poor iaipotent 
and aged people, whereof fix to be men and 
■ix women ; and for the education of two 
poor men'i children. 

Sir John Pophan ■■. Amy, danghter and 
heir of Robert Gamea, eiq. of Caaellon, in 
the county of Glamoi^^, and bad ' 

FiiiNaB (Sir), hit heir. 

Penel<^ie, m. to Hr. SeijeaatTbomu 

Jane, m, to Thomaa Homer, eaq. 

Eleanor, m. to Roger Warre, eaq. of 

Elizabeth, m. to Sir Richard 

■iBeTH,aiid in-kll tkote of Kinft I Aual, 
aiidCitABLBaI.,andeieeptedout of the eo- 
neral panics by the Utter prince. B« 
w«dded AnM.daaghter and heireMof Joha 

, He died in 1607, and hia remaina repoM 
nnder a magnificent tomb in die chnrcb of 
Wellington, nuronnded br a paliaade of 
wood and iron. On the tablet are effigieaof 
himaelf and of lady Poiihun. The jndg« is 
attired in his robes, chain, and small square 
black cap, hia head turned towards the west. 
On the lower basement, at the head and feet, 
are fonr Bmallcrfignresoftwomenandtwo 
women, kneeling face to face. On the north 
side of the basement are fire boya and eight 
giria, dressed in black, kneeling in a row ; 
and on the aonth aide are nine women kneel- 
lag in the same manner. A superb arched 
canopy, ornamented with the family arms, 
roaes, paintiiigs.and obelisks, is placed over 
the headsof the two principal figures. The 
whole is supported hy eight round columna 
of black marble, five feet high, with capi- 
(ab green and gold. 
Sir John was r. by his son. 

Sir Francis Pofhaii, kol. of Littlecolt, 
member in the last parliament of Quttm Elv 

I. JoBN.gentlemanoftheprivyc] 
to Kiiui Chaklu I. m. the davgfater 
of Sir SebnatiaB Harvey, lord mayor 
of London, b«t pre-4eceaaed his 
fiidker iaaneteas. 

II. Albxakdek, the heir, 
ni. Thomas, who d. t.p. 

IV. Hngfa, slain at Sherborne during 
the civil wan, and died nnm. 

V. Edward. This genOcman com- 
manded a parliamentary reginent 
during Oe civil wars, and at bis de- 
cease, in Anguat, 16SI, had a pablic 
Aioenl at Westminster Abbey, iriicre 
his remains, with thoae of fala wife, 
wore interred. The conrt of die 

ttoraaaiated at tk ~ 

Colonel Popbatn, and a 

Bument waa erected in the abbey to 
the memory of himaelf and his lady. 
Their atatnes, in white maiUe, as 
lai^ M Ui^ stand nnder a lofty c*- 
nt^y, renting; fteir arms, in ■ reied- 
ing postare, span a marble altar, 
on which Be Ae glove* of an aiwed 
fcwtgfc*, The inaeriptHM was eraaed 
attteRestocntian. ColMiel Pophaat 
M. Anne, dangler of William Cam, 
mof the bedchamber to Juas I. 
" -Whar- 
r, Letitin, 
Aewife'of JfAnBaaden, and a son, 
Alexander, of Bonrlon oa tke Hill, 
in Ae ooanty of Gleoceatcr, who na. 
Bfilliana, daughter of Sir Edward 
Hariey, and had a son Edward, with 
fonr daariiters, one of wham aa. 
Francis Popbam, esq. of litdeootL 
t. Mary, died nnmarried. 

II. Amy, m. to — Borlace, esq. son of 
Sir William Borlace. 

III. Elizabeth, >l to Sir Gabriel PDe. 

IV. Prancea, m. to Edward, second 
Viscount Conwat. Her son, 

Edward Conway, third viscount, 
was created Earl of Conwat in 
1679, but leaving no issne at his 
decease, in 1683, all hia honovbs 
became txtinct, while the chief 
part of hia eatate* passed under 

groom of the bedchamber to Jktas 1 
by whom(iAo m-seoondly — Whai 
ton, Mq.) M had a dai^ter, Letitii 

ind rendered Iba 

Dndlsy bong ia gnat bmor witli 
— '— -'- importiiit ar— ' — '- 

dughl'i', alUnnnli L«dy Pophiai. 



his lordaUp'i will to Us eonatiia, 
tiM diildiaiof Sir Edward Sej- 
■iiO«f , ImtL end Letitia, danghter 
of Alexander PoplMni,ew]. — See 
Bducb*! £ifM«l Md Donmam 

. Jaii«,M.loTboiDa*IjBttrelI, esq. of 
Dnntter Cacde. (See toI. i. a. 144.) 

VI. EleaBOT, m. to Edward Gwtdii, 
eaq. of lABlhauy. 

VII. Kattu>riiie,iii.toJobBFraBdB,ewi. 

VIII. Anne, d. ntmianied. 

Sir Franda wat >. al his decease l>j hb eld- 
est aarririiig acm, 

AuiUNDBR PorHiN, esq. of littlecott, 
H. P. for llie coontf of Somenet, and one 
of CwMnrux's npper house. This gentle- 
maaretnmed to parliament in the Ifitb and 
lOAof Ch*rles I. siened the protestation, 
took, the covenant, and tom to be colonel of 
fiiol En die parliament army. So dreaded 
WBabebThiam»e*ty, that he excepted him 
a« wall as his fiither, out of the general par- 
doB. In 1644 Colonel Popbam was ^ipoiol- 
ed > coaunieatoDer formartial Uw, and one 
trfdMCOBDcilofrtateinieW. In 16M he 
warn retained ^ain to parliament, and in 
t6AS fer Sonwfsetahite ; but Cromwell 
wonid not j^ermit him to sit in die latter 
parilwient, well knowing Us attachment to 
mhlican htm of government ; tint to 
tj Us amUlioB, he raised him to the 
rank of one of his lords. In the healing 
parliament Popham voted for the restoration, 
and had snbse^snlly the honour of enter- 
taining iPtii^ Charlbs II. at Littlecott, dur- 
the royal progreM. Heio. first, Letitia, 
ghter of Willum Carre, esq. groom of 
[chamber to Jambs I. and luid, 

I. Fnifcis^Sir), hiaheir. 

II. AtBXANDEit, who succeeded his ne- 

III. George, of Barwick Basset, and of 
Winchester, n>, Dulcibella, daughter 
of Joim Ford, era. of Hastings, and 
dyi^g in 1687, leu, with two daugh- 
ters, LetitiB, m. to Francis Popham, 
esq. of Wellington ; and Bliiabeth, 
m. to Di. Norwood, of Winchester, 

John, of Rtisley, in Wiltshire, and 
of Newport andSbanklin, in the 
Isle of Wight, M. first, Grace- 
Broad, daughter of Alexander 
Alchome, esq. of Soathampton, 
and had, (witha son and a dangb- 
ler, who both died Dnmarried,) 
ioHM, of Newchnrch, laic of 
Wight, who wedded Sarah, 
daughter of John Shapletgh, 
esq. of New Coort, in De- 
Tonahim, and d. 18th Jan. 
17<n, leaving a son, 
John, of SbankJiiig and 

a rmmUJ 


Wight militia, and a 
deputy - lieutenant for 
Hampshire, m. Mary, 
dan^ter of Jas. Perry, 
esq. of Kitchill, and 
left at his decease, in 
1816, an only sarviving 
danghter and heiress. 
Hart Fopmam, who 
m. the Rev. Richd. 
Walton White,rec- 
tor of Wotton, in 
the Isle of Wight, 
and baa issne. 
John.of Rnaley, esponsed secondly 
Elixahetb, daughter of John Red- 
atone, esq. of Newport, and by 
her had an only danghter, 
Elizabeth, who m. lientenanl- 
coionel WUliam Hill, and 
died in 180B, leaving three 
sons and a dan^ter, viz. 

1. Charles - Fitzmanrice 
Hill, lieotenant-colonel 
10th rwiment, who m. 
Hiss Margaret Back- 
ley, and nd Issue. 

2. Henry-Hill, rear-ad- 
miral R.N. m. first, 
Anne, dangh. of Rev. 
James Woraley, of Gat- 
combe ; and secondly, 
Caroline, daughter of 
James Bettsworth, esq. 
ofRyde. AdmiralHill 
has iaaue of both mai^ 

3. Justly-Hlll, in holy 
orders, rector of Bon- 
chnrch, with Sbanklin, 
archdeacon of Bncks, 
(H. Helena, daughter of 
Samuel Shnte, esq. of 
Fern Hill, and has one 
dau^ter, Eliubeth- 

4. Elicabeth-HUl, m. to 
lientenanl-colonel Tho- 
mas Tmaty Friday. 

IV. Easex, ta. to John, third Lord Poo- 
lett.* (his lotdsbip's first wife), and 
had two daughtera, vis. 

The Hon. Calherine Poolett, mi. 
to William, Lord Lempster. 

Tke Him. Letitia Poulett. m. (o 
Sir William Honson, of Brox- 
burn, in the county of Hertford. 

V. Letitia, m. to Sir Edward Seymonr, 
hart of Berry Pomeroy, (his second 
wife), and hod. 

'i Flfrage nmf Bmvntldge, 




PdPIMN SCTNOUH, who having 

inherited Ae «)t«i«« of hii Gn t 
ctnuin, Edward Conway, Earl 
OF CoHWAT, (refer to Burke'b 
■Stilaut Peermge), aunmed the 
•nmame of Conw«y. This gen- 
tleman fell in a duel wMx Co- 
lonel Kirk, 4th Jane, 169&, and 
dyiDg onmarried. the Conway 
property deTolved npon hi* hro- 
Fbanch SeTMouH, who also 
aMomed the ■nrname and 
. amu of Conway, and was 
' created Baron Conwav, of 
Bagley. This nobleman 
wa4 grcat-grandfntlier to 
Ihe pretent Harquib ^f 
VI. Anna, nt. to William Ashe, esq. of 
Heyteshnn, in Wiltshire. The 
heiress of'^ the Ashe family m. in 
1706, Pierce A'Contt, esq. fc'^"- 
rrandfalber of th« preieni LORD 
Hettbuurt. . 
Alexander Popham d, in 1660, and wu /. 
by his eldest son. 

Sib Francis Pophah, of Littlecotl, cre- 
ated, a knight of Ihe tnth at the coronation 
A{ King Charles II. who wedded Helena, 
.daoghiaT and beic of Hugh Rogers, esq. of 
Cunnington, in the counly of Somerset, and 
dying 2tlth August, lir74, was buried at 

This gentlematt m. the Lnily Anne Mon- 
tagu, daughter of Ralph, first Uuke of Hon- 
tagn, (see Burke's EiHsei Peerage), by 
whom (who w^ded lecoudly LJeulenant- 
genersl Herrey) be left Iid only daughter, 
EUKABETH, who m. lirst, Edward- 
Riefaard ViKcouKT Hikchingbroke, 
and was mother of John, fourth Earl 
of Sandwich. Lady Hinchingbroke 
wedded secondly, Francis Seymour, 
esq. brother to the Duke of Somer- 
Mr. Popharo died 16th Jnne. I70S, when 
having no male iseue, the estates reverted 
to his uncle, 

At.EKAKDeR PoFHAM, esq. of LIttlecott 

and Houndstreet, M.P. in 16&4 and 1606, 

who es)Mnsed Miss Jane French, and had 

four sons and two daugblers, viz. 

Francis, his heir. 

Alexander of Ogbooni, who J. i. p. 

in 1719-30. 
Edward, who d. t. p. 
G«orge, in holy orders, rector of Chil- 
ton, Bi. Anna, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam .Scroggs, and bad a son, 
Alekander. . 

Tlie son and heir, 

Francis Pophah, esq. of Litdeoott, t»- 
ponsed Anne, daughter of Alexander P«q»- 
ham, esq. of Bourton, in Oloaccstersliire, 
and had issue, 

Edward, his heir. 

Alexander, J, *.p. 

Letitia, m. to Henry Bridgnab, esq. 

Anne, who d. unm. 

EDWAHDp0PHAii,eaq. of Littleoott, elected 
M.P.forthe.conntyofWiHs,inl741,1747, - 
17M, and 1761. thU gentlrma> m. His* 
iUbecca Huddon, and lud 
Fhakcis, bis heir. 

Edward, in holy orders, D.D, for thirty- 
seven years rector of Chilton Foliat, 
who d. ». p. 16th September, ISIA. 
Anne, m. to William -Ley home Ley- 
borne, eaq. governor of Grenada, of 
St. Vincents and Tobago, in 177S, 
and wu mother of 
Edward William Letdorne, who 
«. his uncle in the Popham e*-' 
tales, and, taking the snmknie 
of. Popham, is the present Gr- 
NERAL PoFHAH, ofLittlecott 
Mr. Popham 4. in 1773, aad was «. by hi* 

Francis Popham, e«]. of Litflecott and 
Honndsti«et, who m. Dorothy, daughter of 
the most reverend Matthew Hntton, D.D. 
archbishop of Canterbury, bat dying t. p. in 
1780, devised hii estates to bis nephew, the 

Amu — Ar. on a chief, gules two bucks' 
heads cabossed or, quartering tbe ensigns 
of Levborne bz. six lions rampant, arg. 

Crett—A. Blag's head erased ppr. 

MoUo — Hods prislina mansit. 

fdatM— In the counties of Wilts, Buck- 
ingham, and Somerset. 

5'ea(«—Littlecott,WiIta, and Houndstreet, 

V ToabaUBdin"Bokeby,"8iRWAL- 
TER Scott appends the following tradition 
regarding Littlecott, when possessed by the 

■■ Littlecott House stands in a low and 
lonely situation. On three aides it is sar-. 
rounded by a park, that spreads over tbe 
adjoining hill ; on the fourth by meadows, 
which are watered by tlie river Kennet. 
Close on one side of Ihe house is a grove of 
lofty trees, alon^ the verge of which mna 
one of tbe principal avenues to it through 
Ao park. It is an irregular building, of 
great antiquity, and was probably erected 
about the termination of feudal warfare, 
when delimce came no hmger to be an 
object in a country mansion. Many cir- 
curaslances, however, in the interior of ths 
house, seem appropriiitc 1o feudal dniM. 




Hue haU la very ^acioVt floored with 
Ooara, and lighted b]r Urge trwuom win- 
dowB, that are clothed with ca«ementa. Its 
walls are hung wiOi old military. Kccoutre- 
BWDts, that lure long been -len a prey lb 
nut. On one end of the hall a a range of 
eoataof nail and helmets; and there a on 
erery nd& abundance of old-faihioned pll 

hanga a row of leatbem jerkini, made in 
the form of a ahiii, Bupposed to have been 
worD aa annonr by the vaaBals. A lante 
oak table, reachiog nenrly one end of the 
room to the other, might have feasted the 
whole neigfaboiu'luMMl ; and an appendage 
to MM end of it made it anawer at other 
times for the old game of ahufleboard. The 
rest of the fnmitnre i« in a auitable style, 
particnl«rly an arm-chair, of cumbroua 
workmMiahip, constracted of wood, cnri- 
ooal^ tamed, witb a, high back and triaa- 
nlar leat, said to bare been used by Judge 
PophaiA in the reign of Elizabeth. The 
CBtrmnce into the hall is at one end by a low 
door, commnDicaling with a passage that 
le«d>fitnB the outer door in the front of tAe 
boose to a qqadraugle within ; at the other 
it open* npon a gloomy staircase, by wttich 
yoa ascend to the first floor, and, passing 
the doora of some bedchambers, enter a 
nkrrotr gallerv, which extends along the 
haek-frout of toe house from one end to the 
oQierof It, and looks npon aa old garden. 
Thia gallery is hong with portraits, chiefiy 
in Spanish dresses of the sixteenth century. 
Id one of the bedchaiubera which vou pass 
!■ gcAag towaMs the gallery, is a bedstead 
with blue furniture, which time lins now 
made dingy and thraadbare, and in the bot- 
tom of ooe of the bed curtains you are 
showir a place where a small piece had 
been cut out and sewn in a^n, a circum- 
stance which serres to identify the scene of 
the following story. 

" It was a dark rainy night, in the month 
of November, that an old midwife sat mus- 
ing by her cottage fireside, when on a sndden 
shewsa startled by a load knocking at the 
door. On opening it she found a horsemiu, 
who toM her that her assistance was required 
immediately by a person of rank, and that 
she should be handsomely rewarded, but 
that there were icasons for keeping the affair 
a strict secret, and therefore she must snb- 
mic to being blindfolded, and to be con- 
ducted to the bedchamber of the lady. With 
some hesitation the midwife consented: the 
horseman bound her eyes.vnd placed heron 
a pillion behind him. After proceeding in 
silence for many jniles tbrou^ rough and 

dirty lanes, they stopped, and the midwife 
was led into a house, which from the length 
of her walk throngh the apartments, aa 
well as the sounds Aont her, she disco- 
rered to be the seat of wealth and power- 
When the bandnge was removed from her 
eyes, she found herself in a bedchamber, ip 
which there was a lady, en whose account 
she had been scot for, and a man of haughty 
and ferocious aspecL The lady whs deli- 
vered of a fine boy. Immediately the man 
commanded the midwife to give him the 
child, and catching it from her, he hurried 
across the room, and threw it on the back of 
the fire that was blazing in the chimney. 
The child, however, was strong, and by its 
struggles rolled itself off upon the hearth, 
when the raSian again seized it with fury, 
and, in spite of the intercemion of the mid- 
wife, and the more pious entreaties of the 
mother, thmst it under the grate, and raking 
the live coals upon it, soon put an end to lis 
life. The midwife, after spending some 
time in affording all the relief in her power 
to the wretched mother, was told thai she 
must begone. Her former conductor ap- 
peared, who aRBin bound her eyes, and 
conveyed her beniDd him (o her own home ; 
he then paid her handsomely, and departed. 
The midwife was strongly agitated by the 
horrors of the preceding night ; and she 
immediately made a deposition of the fact 
befose a magistrate. Two circumstances 
aflbrded hopes of delecting the house in 
which the crime b4d been committed ; one 
was, that the midwife, as she sat by the bed- 
side, had, with a view to discover the place, 
cut out a piece of the bed curtain, and sown 
it in again ; the other was, that as tbt bad 
descended the staircase, she bad counted 
the steps. Some suspicion fell upon one 
Darell, at that time the proprietor of Lit- 
tlecolt House, and the domain around it. 
The house was examined, and identifled 
by the midwife, and Darell was tried at 
Salisbury for the murder. He escaped the 
sentence of the law; but broke his neck by 
a fall from his horse in bunting, in a few 
months after. The place where this hap- 
pened is still known by the name of Darell's 
Stile, a spot to be dreaded by the peasant 
whom the shades of evening have overtaken 
on his way. 
" Uttleeott HooM is two miles from Hnn- 

gerford. in Berk^ire, through which the 
Bath road passes. The fact occurred in the 
reign of Euzabeth. All the important 
I have given exactly as they 
oic Hiiu lu uie county; some trifles only 
are added, either to render the whole 
connected, or to increane the impression.*' 



U)CH, JAMES, Mq. of Drylaw, in the county orEdinbuigh, b. 7ih Mky, 1780, m. 
10th Augnat, 1810, Ann, Toongwt dkoghler of P. Orr, 
esq. of Kincardineahire, and baa iaane. 


I. George, t. id 1811. 

ir. GnnHlle-Gower, b. in 1813. 
ni. William-Adam, b. in 1814. 
IV. Thomaa, b. in 1816. 

V. Jamet-Patrick, b. In 1819, and d. ii 
vt. John-Charln, b. In 1835. 
vii. Heniy-Brougiiam, b. in 1827. 

Mr. Locb, who wcceeded his fatbar in 1788, w an 
advocate at tba Sottiah Bar, and M.P. for Kirk* 
wait, Sec. ' 


Edinbnr^, m. Ilth October, leiO, 

ret, daughter of — Barclay, oKrcfaant of the 

I. Jambi. 

II. Patrick, b. 3rd October, 1613. 

III. Thonaa, b. in 1616. 

I. Janet, b. 11th November, 1611, m. 
2Sth November, 1633, to Nicol 
Edwart, merchant of fdinhnrgh. 

II. EUaabeth. 
The elder eon, 

Jamu Loch, eaq. of Drylaw, in die county 
of Edinburgh, treaaorer of Edinhnrgb, b. 

37th Anguat, 1612, eapooMd laabel , 

of the county of Wiztoa, and had hvith 
two dauKbtera, Catherine, m. firat, to John 
HuiT, of Craigworth, and aecondly, to Sir 
John Hull, of Dnaglaaa, and Agnea, die 
wife of John Colvil, eaq. advocate), a aoo 

Jahei Loch, i 
1660, who M 
Fonlis, of RaveUton, and had iitne, 

y^'j '««""•'?'"■!• 

GBOaoe, heir to hii father. 
John, merchant in Edinburgh, b. in 
1684. wbo m. Mai^aret, daughter of 

— BrowD^ merchant of dtal towv. 
and dying in 177S, left Jtaae. 
1. John, of Rarham, in Iho 
ahire of Peeblea, who im, 
and had tame, 
John, w. in Ireland, and 

3. Jamei, Joint King'a Re- 
membrancer for Scotland, 
who m. hia couain, Harga- 
rcl, daughter of Jamea Loch, 
■M. of Orylaw, and had, 

James, at. and had iaaue. 

Uargaret, m. to — B 

Janet, b. in 1681, who m. in 1710, 
Edward Maijoribanki, eaq. ofHalt- 
yardo, and their great grandson, JoHM 
Haeuohibanks, esq. of Hallyarda 
and Lees, was created a BAaoNBT 
in 1SI4. 
Marian, b. in 1085. 
CathBTinr, b. in 1687. 
Mr. Loch died I2lh November, 16B0, and 
waa ancceeded by hia eldest son, 
Geoksb Locb, esq. of Drylaw, b. 36th 




Much, 1678, who m. le»a; dan. of OMrgs 
Fonli*, esq. of RAvelttOM, uid had two toiu, 
JuiBS. bis heir. 

0«om, merchant in Edinbargh, b. 
M& Jsne, ITOi, m. in 173S, EUca- 
iMlb, daughter of Sir Philip Anatiu- 
llier, of Jjistmther, and baa a son. 
Philip, collector of onatoniB, who 
d. t. p. in 1801. 
Hr. Loch mi moceeded bjr hii eUur wm, 

jAHea Loch, eaq. of Drylaw, h. ledi 
AoEssI, 1603, who m. Uth Jamiarr, 174S, 
Prance*, daughter of the Hod. WflUam 
Bnkine, tan of DaTid, foorlh Earl of Bn- 
cban, and djiog 14th NoTember, 1750, left 
■ daaghler, Hargaret, m. to her cooaiu, 
Janea Loch, eaq, and a ion and laccestor, 
Gbobok Loch, esq. of Drylaw, who m. 
Mary, danghter of John Adam, esq. of 
Blair, in the county of Kinroaa, and diter 
of the Lord Chief Conuniaaioner Adam, by 
whom he had iaeae, 
Jamu, bis heir. 

John, formerly H.P. for Hjthe, a di- 
rector of the East India dttinpany of 

the Aoatralian Society, See. who m. 
Marion, dauehler of Aichibal)] Cnl- 
len, esq. K.C. and bas a bob, George 
John, and a danghler, Marion. 
William, in the Bengal Civil Serrice, 
who lell issue, 

1. Geoive-William. 

2. William. 

3. Charles. 

1. Mary. 

2. Eliaa. 

3. Charlotte. 
Francia-ErakiDe, capl. R.N. who m. 

Miss Jesse Robertson, and has issne. 
Mr. Loch died at Richmond, Surrey, in 
1788, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 
the present Jamu Lqch, esq. of Drylaw. 

Amu — Arg. i 

Crett — A swan devonring a perch, ppr. 
Afotto — Assiduitale non desidit. 
Eilmttt — Edinbu^hshire. 
rSWaJ— Drylaw, 


MARKHAM, WILLIAM, esq. of Becc« HaU, In the ooontr of Yoric, b. 28th June, 
1796, M. 12th February, 1828, Lucy Anne, second daoghter of William Holbech, 
«M]. of FVraborDngli, in Warwiduhire, (see toI. i. p. 659> and has iuae, 

Wiluak-Thoius, b. 13th Joly, 1890. 

Edwin, b. 98th March, 1833. 

Laura- EUnbeA-Frederica. 

Tbk gentleman, a magistrata and depa^ Ueutanant for the West Riding, and colonel 
tf the 2nd West YoA HQitia, tnhentad the aatatet apon the demiw of hif Auker, Ist 
Jaaqsiy, 1815. 


Haruiaii, a village in NottingkamsMre, 
gave name, sailb Camden, to the Harkhams, 
a family very famous both for antiquity and 
valour. Prom 

SiB Albxahdbr db Marchah, Castellan 
of Nottingham Castle, temp. Hbhbt II. 

8iB Richard db Marchah, who, by 
Cecilia, hii wife, sister of Robert do Lex- 
inKton, had a son, 

RoBBRT DB HARCH«if, father of 

John de Marchah, an eminent lawyer, 
temp. Edward II. and Edward III. whom. 
Joan, daughter of Str Nicholas Bothomsell, 
kut. and waa succeeded by his son, 

Robert de Mabkhak, seqeant-at-law, 
temp. Edwabd III. who m. a dangbter of 



Markham, of becga halI. 

Sir JtAn CanDton, or CtantOD, aod waa 
rather of 

' Sir John dc Markham, knt <hi« of the 
Justices of the Common Pleu, from the 
20th Richard II. to &th Hgnhy IV. He 
tkvquired great poueMinai in LioeolDshire, 
by bii first mBrria;;e, with Elivabeth, daugh- 
ter of Sir John de Crest;, killed at the bat- 
tle of Sbrewabury, and had a son, Robbrt 
(Sir), his heir. He espoused secondly, 
MilioeBt, daughter and co-heir of Sir John 
de Bekeringe, kut. and relict of Sir Nicolas 
BnrdoD, knt. and had another aon. 

John (Sir), an eminent lawyer, ap- 

Klnted Lord Chief Justice of the 
urt of Kins'* Bench, 22Dd HiNRv 
VI. and had ttia patent renewed Isl 
Edward IV. Of this distinguished 
and upright judge we hare ate fol- 
lowing accoant, " John Markham 
was born at Harkham, in Notting- 
hamshire, descended of an ancient 
and worthy family. He employed 
his yonth in the studying of the mu- 
nicipal law of thw realm, wherein he 
attained to auch eminency, tLal King 
Edward IV. koishted him, and made 
him Lord Chief JoiCice of the King's 
Bench, in the place of Sir John For- 
tcscue, that leprued and upright 
judge, who fled away with King 
Henry VI. Yet Fortescue was not 
missed, because Markham succeeded 
him ; and that loss, which otherwise 
could not be repaired, now could not 
be perceived. For though these two 
judges did seTerally.lean to the sides 
of Lancaster and York, yet both sat 
nprighl in matters of judicature." 
Camden states this chief justice " the 
greatest ornament of this family, who 
tempered bis judgments with so niiieh 
c^uit}^ (a* yon may read in the 
hittoriea nt England), that his name 
will endure as long as time itself. 
After his being displaced on a very 
honourable acconnl,* and hRving 

* Dusdila thui relites the cause of Mirkbim'B 
disipiHu; " King Edwibd IV. luring married 
into the funily of tha WidTiles, (gsntleraiMi of 
laon tntji^uitj thftn wemlth. and of higher ipirits 
Ihsn fivninea> thought fit, for his own honor, to 
besiow honor -apon them, bat be could not ao 
euilf pioride them wealth as title*. For bonoi 
ha oould derive from Unsalf, like light from ■ 
candle, without iny diminishina of hia own lustre ; 
whereas, WF«lth flowing from nim, aa water from 
ifbuatiiD,madstheapriagtbeahalkiwer. Wbere- 
fbre be reaoWed to cut down aome prime lubjecta, 
and to iniraff tbe i^ueen'a kindred into tbeir es- 
lalea, wbieh Dthenrise, Ukf tuckers, moat feed on 

k of bis 

ebequer, Tbera was at 
aa Cook, late lord mayor 
of I.oudoa, and knigbt of die Bath, one who had 
well licked hia fi^eis under Queen Hajfaret, 

(wliosewBnlrobeTbewia,«d a 
tan), t man of gieM eatale. It 
be ahoold he socnsad of high ti> 

-■--— atom snd ti— ' 

— -^a Dub 

Lord RiTer*, Sir John Haikhaai, 
Sir John Fogg, &o. to I17 him in GnildhaU ; and 
tha king, by private ioBtructiDiu to tbe Judge, 
appeared to far, that Cook, tboogb be wii not, 
mutt be band guilty, and if the law were too 
ahoit, the judge nun atretcb it to the purpoae. 
Tbe fault laid to bis ebarge wai for lending 
moneya to Queen Maigaret, wih to King Hnav 
V'l. ; the preof waa the eonlession of one Hawkina, 
who beitur racked in tbe lower, bad con<ea*rd so 
touch, 'rbe council for tbe king hanging as mucli 
weight on the amalleat wire as it would hold, ag- 
gnvated nob particular, and by tbeir rhetorical 
Bufaea blew the fi ' ' ' ' 

Tbomaa Cook 

him to lend one thouaand marks, upon good secu- 
rity. But be desired fint to know for wbom tha 
money should be : and nndsntanding it wta for 
Queen Margaret, denied to lend any money, thongb 
St length tbe aaid Hawkins deaeaaded so low as 
to require but one hnndred pounda, and departed 
without any penny lent bim. Jadge MaAham, 
in ■ grave ipeech, did reoapitnlate, (elect, and 
collate the material points on uther aide, sbewing 
that tbe proof reached not tha charge of hi^ 
treason, and misprision of treaaon waa the bigbeat 
it oonid imount loj and intimated to (he jury to 
be tender in nntters of life, and dischai^ gooii 
oontcieoce*. The jury being wise men, (whose 
■ppnbsnaioos conla make up ■ whda eeoWnoa of 
aveiy nod of tbe judge) saw it bdicned ihea la 
diaw up tieaum into aa nanow a ""p*** a> 
might be, lett it became their own esse ; for they 
lived in a troubleaome worbl, wherein the caida 
wan ao ahufled that two kings wov turned up 
tramps at once, which tmtaed men how to pl^ 
their gmnea, whereupon tbey acquitted tbe pri- 
soner of bigb treason, and found bim guilty as tbe 
jndge directed. Yet it cott Sir Thomaa Cook, 
befrae ba could get bit liberty, eight hnndred 
pounds to the queen, and eigbt thouaand poonda 
to the king ; t inm in that age more aoanding 
like the nnaom of a prince than tbe fine of a aob- 
ject. Beaidea, the Loi4 Riven (tbe qneeu's 
father) had, during hia impriaonment, detpoitsd 
his bouses, one in tbe city, and another in tbe 
country, of plate and furniture, for which be never 
received a penny lecompmse. Yet God righted 
him of tbe nreogi men did him, by bletaing tbe 
remnant of hit estate to him tod bis posterity, 
which still flourish at Giddy HaU. in Eaaei. Aa 
for Sir John Markham, Iba king-a di^leMm* 
foU so beatr on him, thst be wai ousted of hi* 
place, and Sir Tbonua Billing, put in his room, 
though the one tost that ofioe wiA more boDOC 
than tbe other got it, snd gloried in this, that 
though the king could make bim no judge, ba 
oould not make bim a corrupt judge. He lived 
privately tbe rest of bis days, having got a fair 
estate by his practice. 



Sedgcbrook, vbere he built a buriil 
place in the church, and oTcr it a 
chamber, where he lodged, and spent 
hit latter da^, in great piety and de- 
votioD." Sir Joha Harkhan wed- 
ded Margaret, daughter and eft-heir 
of Sir Simon Lehe, b; Joan, daugh- 
ter and heir at Sir John Talbot, of 
Swannington, and had a son, Thomafl, 
lord of Sedgebrook, who founded the 
family seated at that place, and which 
wai niaed to a Baronetcy, 22nd 
Auguit, 1643. 
Sir John de Harkbam died in 1406, and waa 
f . by hi* ton, 

SiK RoBHT DE Markham, who n. in 
1444, Elizabeth, daughter and beireu of 
Sir Nichtdai Burdon, and waa aucceeded by 

Sim Robert Markuak, knt of Coathan, 
ia the county of Nottinghun. who, by Jane, 
hi* wife, daughter of Sir Oilea D'Anbeny, 
left a ton ana mcceuor, 

SiK John Hakkeum, knt. of Coatham, a 
cutMin atStoke-field, in 1488. He wedded 
AIhjb, daughter of Sir WiHiam Skipwilh, of 
Skipwitfa, who died in 1485, by Agnes, his 
•eeuad wife, daughter of Sir John Conjta- 
Ue, kut. of Burton Constable, in the county 
•f York, and waa succeeded, at his demise, 

SiK John Markhak, of Coatham, who 
represented the coon^ of Nottingham in 
Murliament, in 1647. He m. Gnl, Anne, 
oanghier ol Sir George Neville, and had a 


John, who predeceased his father, 
leariog, by Catherine, his wife, 
daughter of Anthony Babinglau, a 

Robert, succeuor lo his grand- 
Sir John m. secondly, Hargery, daughter 
of Sir Ralph Langford, andliad a son, Ro- 
bert, H. P. for Notdngbunshire, " 

poused thirdly, Anne, relict of Richard 
Stanhope, eiq. of Bampton, by whom be 
had two son*, William, H.P. for the town 

of Nottingham, and Thomas, standard bearer 
to the baisd of Peasionera, founder at the 
Dllerloa Branch, Sir John sarriring his 
eldeat son, was sqcceeded by his grandson, 

Robert Harkham, esq. of Coathajn, knL 
)■ parliament for Nottinghamshire, tenp. 
Own EuzABETH. who m. first, Hary, 
daughter of Sir Francis Leeke, and se- 
eondly, Jane, daughter of William Bnmell, 
of Winkbonrue, by (he former of whom he 
left, at bit deee»se, 4 sou and faeir, 

Robert BiABKHAH, esq. who sold Coatham, 
■Bd the other family estates. " This gentle- 
man," saitbTborotoa," was* fatal nnlhriA, 
aad destroyer of this eminent faouly ; he 
Jiad « brother, called Francis Uarkbam, 
vho waa a aoldier apd a (cholar ; he was 

adnilttd into the UniTartih' ofHeildelberg, 
J2th February, IdQS. He collected tlie 
history of his own family, and wrote orr- 
tain decades of epistles to great persons, 
concerning the art of war, which he printed." 
Robert Uarkham m. first, Agnes, daughter 
of Sir John Warbnrton, of Cheshire, and 
secondly, Winifred, daughter or Sir Robert 
Thorold, by the former be had issue, 

I. John. 

II. RobeH. 

V. PhiUp, 

IT. Ann, d. in 1601: 
The third son, 

Daniel Harkhah, esq. served under the 
Duke of York, and settled at Kinsale, in 
Ireland. He m. Elizabeth, dan. of Captain 
Pennell, of Cappagb, in Ireland, by Frances, 
his wife, daughter of General Fleetwood, 
and grand-danghler, through her mother, of 
OuvBR Crohweul, (see vol. i. p. 438,) by 
whom be had (with two younger sons, Enoch 
and Matthew, who d. at Kinsale, and a 
daughter, m. to Mr. Coombe,) a aon and 

Major Wiixiah Harkkak, h. in 1686, 
who is said to have built the first house at 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Re nr. Mita Elisa- 
beth Markham, of die Ollerton Branch, and 
had issue, 

George, who died in I80I. Rjs re- 
mains were interred in the cloisters 
of Westminster Abbey. 
Enoch, colonel 46th regiment, who died 

in 1801. 
Elizabeth, died young. 
M^or Harkbam died in 1 773. His eldest 

Tht Right Rte. Wiujam Markhah, 
bom in Ireland, in the year 1719, waa 
bron^t arer to England in hit infancy, 
and at an early age entered of Westminster 
School. Here he diBtiDguished himself, by 
assiduity in his studies, and particularly by 
some compositions in Latin verse, and at 
the usual age was sent lo Christ Church 
College, Oxford, where he obtained the 
degree of A.M. in 1746. In 17S3 he pro- 
ceeded bachelor, and in a few years after, 
doctor of civil laws ; from which it was 
Ibongbt by many not to have been bis in- 
tention, at that time, to adopt the cle- 
rical fiiDctions. In I7S6, having taken 
prders, he was made a prebendary of 
Durham ; in 1764, he resigned the master- 
ship of Westminster School, to which be 
had been appointed in 17flO, and in 1763, 
was preferred to the deanery of Rochester, 
which, in 1707, he vacated for that of Christ 
Church. In 1771 Dr. Markham waa con- 



Mcrated BUiap of Cbealer, aod almost im- 
mediate); aftenrardt, named by His Ha- 
JMty GsoBae III. to the impartwit sitnatioD 
of DTeceplor to H. R. H. the Prince of 
WalM, in which offioe he continaed till 
1776, when be waa neceeded by Dr. Hard, 
•nbaeqaeiiOr Biihop of Woraetler. In 
1777 hi* tordahip «n* tranilsted Irmn Cbea- 
ler to the aichiepbeopal aee of Yorfc, fktno 
which be waa removed by death, in bis 
ei^ly-ninth year, 9rd Noreuber, 1807, and 
hia remajna were interred in Weatmiuater 
Abbey. Hia grace m. 8ai>h, danghter of 
JohnGoddard, of Rotterdam, related to the 
Hopes, and had iwne, 

I. WiLUAH, his heir. 

II. John, h. in 1761, who adopting the 
natal pcofesaioa, obtained tbe rank 
of post captain, 3rd January, 17 
nnd in the following year oommain 
Ibe SpUnx, of twenty-four guns, 
Ae Mediterranean station, at toe 
commencement of the war wMi reTO- 
Intioniaed France, and in 1798, we 
find him oommanding the Centaur, 
of sevenly-fooT gnns. Early Id the 
following year Captain Markbam 
waa entrnsted by Earl St Vincent, 
with the command of a Sying aqoad- 
roD, with which he attacked die town 
of Cambrelles, on the coast of Cata- 
lonia; in 1801 he was appointed a 
Lord Commissioner of the Admiral^. 
He snbeeqneotly attained the rank 
of Admiral, and nt the general elec- 
tion in ISOZ, was chosen H.P. for 
Portsmonth. He m. 17th November, 
1706, the Hon. Uaria Sice, danghter 
of Cecil, Batcmeaa Dyneror, and had 

1. John. 

S. WllUam-Rice, in holy orders. 

3. Frederick, captain 32nd regi- 

Dean of York, who m, I 
Evelin, dangbter of Sir R. Satton, 
hart, and bad issoe, 

1. George, lieutenant R.N. 

2. Edward. 

I. Eliiabeth-Franees, m. to lien- 
tenant i- general Sir Rafcae- 
Shawe I>onkin, of Lower Caver- 
sbam, (see p. 69). 

5. Henrietta-Alicia. 

3. Celicia, «k to — ■ Uon^omery, 

4. Maria,M.2Sdi8egt(>BbeT,1813, 
to tte Hon. and 
Alfred Harris. 

6. Aime ■■ Isabella, at. to Mt^Jor 

ment, a colonel in the army, 
was killed at St. DotninEo, in 1796. 
v. Robert, b. i» 1768, in holy orders, 
archdeacon of York, and rector of 
BoltOD Percy, who m. in 1797, Fran- 
ces-Egerton, dangbter of Sir Oervaa 
CUflon, bart. of Clifton, Notts, a>d 
had issae, 

I. Robert, captain 68A regiment, 

d. in 1833. 
3. Henry-Spencer, in holy orders, 
prebendary of York, ai. Sophia, 
dangbter (rf Sir J. L. Kayc, bart 
1. Frances-Egerton. 
3. Georgina, a>. to G. Baylej, 
esq. of Hellenton, N.B. 
VI. Osborne, H.P. he. i. in 1769, who 
M. first, lOth Jane, 1806, the Lady 
Mary Tbynne, dan^ter of Thomas, 
first Marqness of Batb, and had 
a son and dai ' " """ 
Osborne, t 

daogbtoT of Captain William-I 
Jerris, R. N. and died ' " 
1 . Henrietta-Sarah , wbo m. Ewan Iaw, 
esq. of Horsteftd, Snssn, brotlicrof 
Edward, first Lwd EUenboroa^. 
and had by bim, who died'Mth 
April, 1839, three sons and fonr 


II. ]El&belh-< 

-Catherine, m. to WO' 
liam Baraett, esq. and ba« two sons, 
William and John, and a danghter, 

J1I. Alicia-Harriet, who m. die Rer. 
Heory-Foiater Hills, and has a nn- 
mermu family, of whom the eldest 
son, William Hills, lientenant R.N. 
is a magistrate and dcpoty lieutenant 
for the oonn^ of Dorham. 

■V. Georgina, died nam. 

V. Frederica, m. 16th September, 1797, 
to William, present Earl of Hans- 
field, and has issoe. 

VI. Anne, died nnm. 

VII. Celicia, m. to the Rev. Sober!- 
Philip Goodenoogh, son of die Bisbop 
of Carlisle, and has issue. 

Tbe archbishop was >. at his decease in 
1807, by his eldest sod, 

WiLLuK Harkhim, esq. i. ISA April, 
1700, who was privaW secntarj' to Warren 
Hastings, and nbeeqnenlh; resident for 
some time at Benares, in India. EventaallT 
returning to Yorkshire, be seated himseu 
at Becca Hall, near Wi&erby, and becasM 
a depMy Unitenut tat the eonn^. He atf. 




eiinklh, dugjliter of the Ute OldficM 
Bowles, eiq. of North Aston, in Oxford- 
ihire, and by that Imdy (irho wedded 
Mcondly, AleiBoder Hnre, esq.) bad iwue, 
I. William, hit beir. 
tt. John, Uentesuit R.N. k 6th Jnne, 

It). David, in holj ordors, prabeiidkry 
of WindMr, ud rector of Stillinp- 
fleet, i. 11th Harcb, 1800, m. Cnthe- 
line, danghter of Sir Williun Hi Iner, 
bwt. of NoiMppletoD, and baa iarae. 

IV. 'WMTeB.captainTSadlligAlaDden, 
k 15tfa Jolr, ISOl, and ^ at the Cape 
of Good Hope, 16th November, 18ai. 

V. Charles, a major in the OOtfa Rifles, 
». 14tfa March, 1603. 

1. Emma, ai. to William RookeaCnrnp- 

ton Stantfield, esq. of Eiholt Hall. 

II. Laura, m. to William Hnre, e>q. of 
Caldwell, colonel of the Renfrew- 
ahire HlHtia, (see vol. i. p. 463.^ 

III. Lucy, la.lo Hemy Lewit Wicknam, 
nq. oiil;jr tan of the Right Hon. Wil- 
liun Wickham. 

Hr. HaiUtam died lit Jannary, 1816, and 
was f. by his eldest son, the present Wil- 
UAH Harkhah, esq. ofBecoa Hall. 

Amu — Az. on a chief or, a demi lioD 
nmpant iiiaing ga. 

Crett — A lion of St. Hark, sejant gnardr 
ant, and resthtg bis pnws on a harp. 

flfteff^— BeccB, Resst Park, bsgodby, 
Yorkshire, and Bellmoor, Notts. 

&a/— Becca Hall, near Wetberby. 


STAPTLTON, MARTIN, esq. «f Myton, In tin cotmty of York, b. in September, 
1771, m. firrt, Sophia, dan^iler of WilUam 
Parsons, esq. of Pljmonth, and baa iasne. 

Hutin, in holy orders, rector of Bal- 
borongh, Derbyshire, m. Eliiabeth, ^a. 
of the Rev. — Donnison, vicar of Irlia- 

Henry, b«rrister-at-law. 

He wedded, secondly, Anns, daughter oT 
William Curtis, esq. of Chiswick, Middlesex, 

Biyan, m. Lucy, daughter of the Rev. A. Johnson, rector of Sonlb-Stoke, near 



LMira-Anne, m. to Thomas Vardon, esq. librarian of the Honse of Commons. 

Tins gentleman, whose patronymic is B&ee, i 
sanuune and arms of Staptltoh only. 

sumed, npon inheriting tbe estates, the 


Ob ^ aonlh tide of die river Tees stands 
an inooMidcrable village called Stapvlton, 
vhenoe ^a andetit £mily bath obtained 
ita somame. Traditioa states that, in tbe 
year 400, Octa, brother of Hengist, and 
Ebnsa arrived, with their followers, on the 
' fa«nks of the Tees, to defend tbe adjacent 
cowitry from the ravages of tbe Ficts, and 
that being Angles, and some from that part 
of tbe (Smbrica Cbersoneins, which is still 
caDed StMelboliB, sitnated between Slos- 
mMe ami nvderickstall, they preserved the 

name of their original residence by calling 
the new settlement Stafyltun.* 

In 1062, HuYOH or Hbhhan was seised 
of tbe manor or lordship of Stspylton npon 
Tey*. Be was father of 

Allah, of Stapyltou, living in 1060, who 

^riog, in thair Isagniga, idj awlosiira wbstarsr. 



wlio nedded Johu, daughter (tf Sir— M«i- 
lorvi knl. and left • ioq and succe«ioT, 

SlK HlLII StaPTLTON, knLof StapyltOD, 
nho, on hU return Iron) the Holy Land. 
e«pon»ed Pflnrodai, dtoghter of the King 
of Cyprni, sod bad three loiit, Allan, hU 
heir ; Bit^ard, Mued of Ae manor of Sea- 
mor, in Clereland ; -and Brian, aeued of the 
manor of HalRwetl. The eldest ion, 

Aluh Stapyltdn, of Stapylton, living 
in 1170, wedded Ann, daughter of Boberl 
NaTill, of Howlon, near Gaterley, and was 
father of 

Sir Brian Stapvlton, of Stapylton, m. 
in the commencemeDt of the thirteenth ceo- 
turr, the daagfaler of Sir Henry Fits Henry, 
and had two Miu, Henry, who died unmar- 
ried, and 

John Stapylton, who m. Catherine, 
daughter of Sir Mitea Haniard, knt. and 
hod B daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Sir William 
VaTBaonr, and a son and succeuor. 

Sir Milu Stapvlton, Unng in 1208, 
who eerred in the wars of Gaaco^e and 
had EummoDB to parUament as a babon 
6Ib and 7tJi Eoward I). He m. Barbara, 
daughter of Sir John Darell, of Scaay, and 
, wsa *. kr hi* aon. 

Sir Nicholai Stapylton, knt. who m. 
Diana, daughter and co-beir of John Beau- 
lien, by Lc^erina, his wife, liiter and co- 
heir of Peter Bmce, UHi Baron of SkelloB, 
in whose right he was leiaed of the lordship 
of Carleton, in the county of York, and 
had two sous, Miles and Gilbert, and a 
danehter, Habel, m. to William Calverley, 
of (^Terley (tee rol. i. p. 673). 
The elder aon. 

Sir Mile* Stapvlton, of Carleton, in 
Yorkshire, was summoned to parliament as 
a Baron in 1312. His lordship n. Eliza- 
beth, daughter and sole heir of John Ris- 
mond, by whom he acquired the manor of 
Kirby Feetham.and had, with an elder son, 
whose line terminated in an heiress, Eliza- 
BETH, M. to Sir Thomas Hetbam, of Metham, 
a: yonnger son. 

Sir Gilbert Stapylton, who wedded 
^nes, daughter of Sir Brian Fitzalan, knt. 

his hHr, and Mile* (Sir), of Norfolk, wlio 
m. Joane, daughter and heir of Sir Oliver 
Ingham, knL The elder son, 

Sir Brian Stapvlton, knt of Carleton, 
lirjng 4&th Edward HI. was one of the 
knights of the Garter, temp. Richard JI. 
theseventy'SeTenthin nnmerical older, wbo 
bore an annalet of gold on the shoulder of 
U» lion, as an armorial difference. This 
Sir Brian killed a. SarMeo In open battle 

before the Kings of England, France, and 
Scotland, and therefrom assamed the Sara- 
cen's head for crest. He espotued Agnes, 
daughter and heir of Sir John PbiUbert, 
knt and had two sons, Brian (Sir), ancestor 
of the Stapvlton* of Carleton, (now repre- 
sented by Miles Stapleton, esq.) and 

SirMilu Stapylton, knt who M. Joanna, 
daogbter and co-beir of Sir Gerard Usfleet, 
knt. ofWioHiLLfin the connty of York, bv 
whom he sMinired the kwdsfaips of Wi^lf. 
Esedike. Swanlands, Hnllbanke, and other 
lands. Sir Miles was succeeded by bis son. 

Sir John Stapylton, knt of Wfghill, 
who M. Harnret dau|^ter of Hr. Justice 
Norton, of Norton Conyers, near Ripon, 
and dying 33rd Hrnby VI. left (with * 
daughter M. to Rafe Rereaby,of ThirinOgh). 

Sir Wilu am Stapylton, knt. of Wighill. 
This gentleman espoused Margaret, daogb- 
ter of Sir James Pickering, knt and was s. 

Sib Brian Sf afvlton, kot of Wi^iiU, 
liting in 1006, wbo m. Jane, dangbter of 
Sir Lancelot Tbirkeld, knt. and bad issne, 

I. Christopheb, bis heir. 

II. Brian. 

IV. Miles. 

V. William. 

VI. Richard. 

VII. Robert 

I. Elizabeth, m. to Robert Saltmarske, 

II. Jane, n. to Robert Conyers, esq. of 
Hooton Bonvile, 

III. Elinor, m, to Thomas Wharton. 

IV. Margaret, m. to John Copley, e«q. 
of Hotham. 
Sir Brian Stapylton was t. by his eldest 

CHRirropncR Stapylton, esq. of Wig- 
bill, living in 1632, «1io m. fiist, Alice, dan. 
of William Aske, esq. of Aske, and se- 
condly, Hai^nret, daughter of Sir John 
NeVile, knt of Liversedge, by the former' 
of whom only be hod issue, viz. 
' Bhian, 

Robert (! 

I snccessively beirs. 

Ann, m. to John Irton, esq. of iHon. 

Isabel, m. to John Lampli^h, esq. 

, m. to Henry HumUelon, isq. 

CIviitopher was i, by his elder son, 

Brian Stapvlton, esq. of Wiriiill, wba 
m. Haijorie, daughter of Sir John Con- 
stable, knt of Halsham, but dying issneless, 
the estates and representation of the family 
devolved on bis brother. 

danghler of Sir William Hallory, «f Stiid> 




Itj, in Yorkahire, and by that lady (who 
■•Tried , lecoDdly. Harmadnke Slingaby, 
eaq.) had one aon and two daaghtera, vis. 
RoBBHT (Sir), hb heir. 
Bi^betb, M. to Brian Hamond, esq. or 

Bridal, m. to John Norton, eaq. 
Sir Robert waa aiicceedcd, at bii deceaae, 
by hi* only aon, 

Sib Robbrt Staptlton, knt of W^hill, 
who waa high sheriff for Yorkahire 23r1 
BuKABSTH, and met the jndp^a with aeTen 
aoore men in raitable lireriea. Sir Robeil 
lired in great boapitality and eateetn, and ii 
Bwntioned by a contemporary writer aa " i 
Buu well apiAen, property Ken in lan- 
nagea, a comely and goodly peraoaage, 
had acarce an equal, and next to Sir Philip 
Sydney, no taperior in England." 
He Bt. first, Catherine, danghter of Sir Mar* 
nndmke Conatable, of Ereringham, and had 

I. Hknhv, who cncceeded hia father at 
WioHILL, and marrying Hanr, dan. 
of Sir John Poater, knt. had Jaane. 
The Wighill line of the family termi- 
nated in an heireaa, 
UjkRTHii (only daughter of Henry 
Stapylton, eaq. of Wighill), who 
m. in 17B3, the Hon. General 
GrauvQle Anaon Chetwynd (that 
gentleman aaaumed, in conae- 
qnence the additional aartiBroe 
of Stapylton), and haa iuue, 
1. Henrv-Bichard Chet- 
wvND Stapylton. m. in 
1830, Hai^ret, daughter of 
George Hammond, eiq. and 
haa iaiue, 
3. Granrille-William. 
1. Harriel-Honora. 
S. Ellher-Suaannab. 
3. Margaret. 
Of diis branch wa* the celebrated 
SibPhilip Stapylton, who purchaa- 
ed Warter on the Woulds, in the 
Eaat Riding of Yorkahire. Thia dis- 
tingoiahed patriot was one of the 
fire membera demanded from the 
Hooae or Commons bv Charles I. ; 
and by hia personal valosrand bold- 
neaa of spirit, rendered great service 
to the cauaa he had espoused. Subae- 
qnently, however, perceiving Croh- 
WKLt's influence npon the army. Sir 
Philip ao reaolntely opposed the 
Proteclor'a designs, that he waa one 
of ihoae members against whom 
charges were exbibilea, and whom 
Clarendon mentions ai " men of 
parts, intereit, and signal courage, 
and heartily nbhonring the intentiona 
which they diacemed the army to 
have." Stapylton went, afterwuds, 

beyond sea, and dying at Calais, in 
AnguBt, 1647, waa denied burial, 
under the impression that he was in- 
fected with the plagne. 
11. Philip. 

I. Jane, *». to Christopher Wyvill,e«t. 

II. Dorothy. 

Sir Robert espoused, secondly, Olive, dau. 
of Sir Henry Sherrington, of LBGock,Wilta, 
and widow of John Talbot, esq. by whom 
he had issue, 

I. Brian, of whom preaently. 

II. Robert, of Hurst Courtney, 
ill. Edward. 

I. Olive, m. to Sir Robert Dineley.knL 
of Brambope, in Yorkshire. 

II. Ursula, m. to Sir Robert Barnard, 
of Lackbam, in WQta (aee p. 03).^ 

IV. Grace. 
The eldest son by the second wife, 

Bryan Stapylton, esq. a justice of the 
peace, and receiver-general in the north 
parta for King CuARLEa I. sealed himself 
at Myton, near Boron ghbridge, in York- 
shire. He m. Frances, daughter of Sir 
Henry Slingaby, knt. of Scriven, and had 

I. Henry, bis heir. 

II. Robert 

III. HiLES,anvestorof theStAPTLTONS 
of Norton. (See that family.) 

1. Oliva, M. flrat, to Sir William Vava- 
aor, bart. of Copmanlhorp, in York- 
shire, major-general to the king of 
Sweden, slain at the siege of Copen- 

r wed- 
secondly, Richanl Topham, esq, 

II. Frances, n. to John Hutlon, esq. of 
Harske, in Yorkshire. 

III. Ursula, m. to Thomas Pepya, esq. 
of Hatchiun Barnes, Surrey. 

Bryan Stapylton died in 1668, and waa t, by 
hia eldest son. 

Sir Henry Stapylton, of Hyton, who 
as created a baronet in 1660. This gen- 
tleman eapoused the Lady Elizabeth 
D'Arcy, second daughter of Conyera, earl of 
Hotdemease, by Grace, his wife, dau. and 
heiress of Thomaa Rokeby, esq. of Skyers, 
in Yorkshire,* and, dying in 1670, left an 
only son and successor, 

BIB Bryan Stapylton, second baronet of 
Mvton,who eapooKed Anne, daughter of Sir 
John Kaye, bart. of Woodsome, by Anne, 
his wiie, dan^hter of William Lister, esq. 
of Thornton, in Craven, and had, with othor 
children who died young, a son John, hia 
heir, and a daughter Anne. Sir Bryan d, 
'- November, 1727, and was /. by his son. 

Sir John Stapylton, third baronet, of 
MytoD, who wedded Mary, daughter of 

■ See Bnais's EitJwt tmd Darmtat Pmf. 




'Francii Sandyi, esq. of Scroby, NotU. and 
by her had several soniand danghbin. 
John ynm nominated a candidate to represenl 
the coDDly of York, but died before the 
electioD came on, 24th October, 1733, and 
waa f. bv his eldest son. 

Sir Miles Stafvlton, (bnrlh baronet of 
Hyton, who became beii^general of Bean- 
}ien Bruce, haron of Skelton. This een- 
llemnn. If bo rcpreaeDtedthe couatyofYork 
in parliament, m. in 173S, Anne, daughter 
of Edmund Waller, en], of HaU Bam, 
Bucks, and had an only child, Anne, who 
dint unmarried. Sir Mile* was succeeded 
at hi* decease, 14th Hay, 1703, by his next 

Sir BitVAH Stiptlton, Qflb baronet, of 
Mytou, at whose decease, nnroarried, the 
family honours and estates passed to his 

Sir John Stapylton, sixth hart of Hy- 
fon, who also died without iune in 17dd, 
and was succeeded by his brother. 

The Rev. Sis Martin Stapylton, se- 
venth baronet, of Mylon, who wedded 
LeAj, datighler of — Love, merchant, of 
Bristol, and had iasue, 

I. Francis-Sahuel, a cap-l both d. 
tain in the army. \ vita 

II. Henht. J palrit. 
Ml. Martin, heir. 

I. Anne, who m. in 1770, the Rev. 

Martin Bree, who socoeeded to 
tbeMvTON estates upon the de- 
mise of his uDcle, Sir Martin 
Stapylton, hart, tn Jaooary, 
1817, and haTing assumed, in 
conseqnence, the surname and 
armi of Stapyltok, is the pre- 
sent Martin Stapylton, esq. of 
John Bree, of Keswick, in Cumber- 
land, deceased. 
Robert-Francia Biee, in holy or- 

den, of Sydenham, in Kent. 
Ann Bree, d, num. 
Sir Martin d. b 1801, and was j. by hii onl^ 
surviving soa. 

Sir Martin Stapylton, eighth baronet, 
of Mytou, at whose decease, withoat issue, 
in January, 1817, the estates passed to his 
nephew, HAHTiNBnEB,now Stapylton, esq. 
of Mylon, their pre 

Arms — Arg. a lion rampant, sa. 

Crtti — Out of a crowQ or, a Saracen's 
head ppr. 

SttBpvrtert — Two talbots, arg. their ears 
•nd BDonlden guttle de sang. 

MoUo — Fide, aed cui vide. 

Eitatet— In the North and West Ridings 
of Yorkshire. 

rSeat— Hyton, near Boroughbridge. 


STAPYLTON, HENRY. eM|. of Norton, in the county of Durham, m. SrdJannsTy, 
1786, Mary-Ann, daughter of Robert Gregory, esq. 
captain R.N. and has issae, 
I. John, barrister-at-law. 

II. Robert-Martin, of the Army Pay-office, m. Eliza, 
daughter of J. Bockett, esq. and has a son and five 
daughters, viz. 

I. Robert-George. 

1. Henrietta-Charlotte. 

2. Elica. 

3. Lucy. 

4. Mary. 
6. Olina. 

I. Mary-Pranoes, m. to Harshall Fowler, esq. of 

Preston, tn Durham. 
II. Olivia, m. to George- William Sutton, esq. of Blton 

(see p. 63 of this volume), 

IV. Henrielta-Oiarlotte. 

Mr. Stapylton succeeded his father in 1767. 
peace for the palatinate of Duriiam. 

He is in the conunisaion of tbe 



• 'Xfraagt. 

"not it abnncb of the Kncient Yorkshire 
rmmfly of St*pylton. 

Miles Stapylton, esq. third «on of 
Bryaa Stuylton, eiq. of Hytoo, by Frances, 
hia wife, oanghter of Sir Heory Slingtby, 
of Scriren, not sudiMr and librnrian 1o 
Consina, Biihop of Snrham, tmp. Charles 
n. and a juitice of the peace. He n. the 
daoghter of Mr. Hinde, citiieD of London, 
%mA had itflue, 

Milks, D.D. rector of Harpsden, in 
Oxfordshire, and prebendary of 
Worcester, who d. aam. 
Bryan, who j. nom. 
Kob«Tt, R.N. whose seo. Miles, was 
an admiral in the royal navy, and . 
left a datighier, nt. to — lUynoMs, 
HeksT, of whose line we are aboat to 
^le fourth son, 

Th* Rtw. HBNR.T Stiptlton, rector of 
TboratoD Watlass, said Marske, in York- 
tUn, espoused Mary, daughter of the Rer. 
— (hvhard, of Newbury, Beriu, and had 
wne SOD and am. daughters, Tii. 
I. John, hia heir. 


III. Frances, i/. unmarried. 

IV. Sarab,ni.lo Thomas Raisbeck, gent, 
of Stockton. 

V. Olivia, m. lo the Rct. Hiomas Ro- 
binson, rector of Wycliffe, Yorkshire. 

VI. Henrietta, m. to John Sons, esq. of 

Hfs son and successor. 

The Rn. John St«pyiton, rector of 
Thornton Watlngs, wedded first, Miu Elea- 
nor Lee, and bad 1)y her a son, Henry, 
who died in infancy. He married secondly, 
Lucy, dnugbter of Thomas WyclilTe, esq. of 
OaytiB, Rnd left at his decease, in 1767, with 
a younger son, Thomas, who died nnm. in 
1780, his snccessor. the present Henrt 
Stapylton, esq. of Norton. 

A m u Arg. a lion i 

CrtH — A Saracen' 
iisalog from a ducal c 
Mollo— fide, sed cui vide. 
Ettaitt — In Dnrham. 
5<at— Norton. 

head affrontA ppr. 


KINODON, GEOROE-BOUGHTON, esq. of Uimcella, in the coaatr of 
Cornwall, one of the gentlemen of His Majestjr'a moat honourable Priry Cbtunber, 
B magiatr»ts for Cornwall and Devon, and a depnty-lieutenant of the former. 


The Kingdons are an old and respec- 
table family of the counties of Cornwall and 
Devon. Their most ancient residence, of 
which there is now any authentic account, 
was at Trehl'nsey, in the parish of Quithi- 
ock, Cornwall, where they flourished in the 
12th, 13th, 14th, and Iftth centuries. In 
the parish church of Quitbiock is a cross 
aisle, on the southern side, belonging tp 
the ancient mansion and manor of Trebun- 
scy, with the family vaolt underneath, near 
which stands an antique marble monument, 
on which are the brass elligiee of Roger 
KlhCDON, (who died A.D. 1463), Joanna, 
his wife, and fifteen children, viz, ten sona 
and five daughters, with four shields, of 
arms, and the following inscription : 

Hie jagent Rooiaui Kihodoh, Josdm oxor 



f Man 

BJUl. filii, GliuK|UI-, mt OfUDM ptDgFD 

•onun. (Jui obiil Isitio 
Ao. Uni. MccccLuj : ga 
[dtinui Jwoi, Amen. 
Th« arms of Kin^oo— Aif. a chev. U. 
between three magpiei ppr. appear on one 
of tbe ahield*. 

The younger KUii of tbii nnmerou* family 
dispened ami branched forth into leveral 
pnriebes in tbe coaotiea of Cornwall and 

WiLUAN KiNCDON, con of Roger, wb< 

Vi. and Edward Eingdon, hia eldeit ion 
wai in the firnt year of the reign of Ed- 
ward IV. appointed bailie or pnefect of 
the county of Surrey, "Anno 1" Regis 
Edwardi Qnarti, Rex conceuit Edwardo 
KinodoD , pro xiti, Officiam Balli** de Snr- 
ria,''^ This Edward was rabeeqaeatly (7Ih 
Edward IVO elected M.P. for LUkeud, a 
borough he contioaed to represent in many 
sncceaaire parliaments. 

The eldest branch of the Kingdon bmily 
became ektinct si Trehnnsey, abont the 
middle of the sisteenlh century, when the 
two co-heireues married Chivekton and 
Vivian ; the manor of Trehnntey, with 
diven lands merged in the Chivertons, 
with whom it remained tintil the year 1668, 
Mhen Elizabeth, daughter of Sm Richard 
Chiverton, coDveyed it in marriage to Sib 
John Corvton, but. from whom it bas des- 
cended (through afemele heir) to the present 
John Tilue Corvton, esq. of Pentillie 
Castle, (see toI. i. p. 332). The mansion 
of Thehunsey Is now a mere farm house. 

RaoEB Kinoikin, (son of Roger King- 
don, eaq. descended from one of the sons 
of the Trehunsey family) aeltled at Hols- 
worthy, in Ihe oonnty of Devon, about the 
year 1730, and engaged in commerce. He 
m. Id 1733, Jndith, daughter of John Cory, 
eaq. and had issne, 

1. John, in holv orders, an active ma- 
gistrate for tae counties of Cornwall 
and Devon, and patron of the advow- 
•ODS of the parishes of Bridgerule, 

and Marhamchurcb, in the North of 
Cornwall. He nt. in 1760, Jane, 
daughter of the Rev. John Hockin,t 

' Sir Williun Pole, in his eoDaetian tonrds _ 
description of the ooun^ of DevoD. msdo (aoii 
aftar ths year 1600. under the head entitled, " An 
Alphsbel oftbeAnasof IbeGeotlemeDof Davon- 
abira, is well as tb«a in being: — thOH which 
have bean /' ninitiaiis the name of Kinodoh, with 
the anna is dascribsd shore. 

t GiLSUT, in his Historical Sorrqr of Corn- 
wdl, slaUs thst in lbs ptfmt of anu, giut«l to 
tldi John Hockin, hia dasosodHiM, snd ths iA- 

patron and ticar of Okeliamplon, 
and rector of Lydford, both in De- 
vonshire, aod chaplain to George, 
Lord Littlelon, by whom he had issne, 
1. John, in holy orders, patron 
and rector of the pariabes of 
Harlmmchnrch and Whitstooe, 
in the hundred of Stratlon, aud 
county of Cornwall, in the com- 
miwion of the peace for that 
ibire, M. Miss Marsh, siater-in- 
law to Richard Preston, esq. 
bsrrister-ftt-law, the eminent 
conveyancer, and has several 
children, one of whom, the Rev. 
William Kingdon, married Hiss 
Hawker, daughter of Ihe Rev. 
Jacob Hawker, vicar of Stral- 
ton, son of tbe late Rev. Dr. 
Hawker, D.D. of Plymouth. 
3. Roger, in holy orders, patron 
and rector of tlie esteniive 

anna, and the btlowiu event ia the ftnuly, 
whereby thay wsra thns Mtsined, via. pa fasa, 
wsvT, gn. snd is. a liaii passsnt, gsidsnt or ; b«> 
neMh his feat • mosfcet lyinr horisDstdlT, ppr. 
and semt of flenr de Iji, ccmftiavdly diapeiied at 
tbe third ; and for the crest, on a wraaUi of the 
ntlonn, a lock, there&om s sesgoU riling ppr. 
Motto, Hoc in Loco Dans mpes. 

" In the time of the war with Fnooa, at the 
be^ninf of Queen Anne'a re^, i ihip of war, 
cruiiJDg in tin Bristol channel, cama to an auibai 
off an sitslB called Godrevy, in the pariah fif 
Gwiibisa. then in tbe poaswiion of John Hochin, 
gnndfother of the Ker. John Hockis, wtio was 
one of the principil inhabitants of that psriib, 
and, It heiug conjectnred that tl» Freookaan's 
intent was to send in a boat to plunder Iba home, 
which ilood alone, and to ctny off the cattle bam 
ths estite ; thU John Hockin, led his &mily bv- 
caB* ilinned, and coUectsd tbeir Giendi lod 
nalshbiHin to keap wUoh thw night on the cHff ; 
M day bnak thsy lU dispacsad, Ihinkini the dsn- 
i:<r over, bat jnst si Thonss Hockin, ftuwr of the 
patentee, then i joung man, was getting into bed, 
iBother person, wboaa fean had M him out iMn* 
than ODC* lo take a view, oime in a gnat harry 
and told him that a bolt Inll of man, WM nwking 
fiir the ibore ; on hnring thii, the nid Thooiai 
lUpped on hit clothei. and catching up a gun, 
and a pole lo feign the appemooe of another man, 
ran out ud piSMd down a iteep bill to the aea, 
in sight of iba boat, &om wbeoce he was Bred at 
sevsnl limei; be, however, got behind a rock, 
which served him as i kind of breaat-wtirk, and 
thence with hii gnn fired on the boat with ao 
moeb v^our snd aStat aa to prevent the cmw'i 
landing, and at last, made then tnni iboot md 
row hack again na bat is they ootdd." 

The ^anch of the Kihodoh fami^ dtaocoded 
Ana the nirriue of tbe Rev. Jolin Kingdon, 
with Jme. din^usT of tbe Rsv. John UockiB, 
qniitsn ths Uocfcin snM with thoas of Kingdon. 




pwUi of HolBworlhy, in Ote I 
wetl of DcTon, m. the widow of 
the Her. Leonard Herring, and 
hu MTenl children, of whom 1 
one, the Rev. John Kingdon, i* 
Tic*r of North Petherwin, in 

3. Richard, m. his first coniin, 
Mary, ibinghter of the late 
Richard KIngdon, Mq. ud hw 

4. Thoma«-Hocfcin,inho]yorden, 
a magialrate for the counties of 
Cornwall and Devon. Tbia gen- 
tleman is patron and rector of 
Pywortby, jo the west of Devon. 
He m. Hiw Nicholson, daughter 
of Satanel Nicholson, esq. lite 
of Ham, and sister of George 
Nicholson, est}, bnrrister-at-law, 
and has, with junior iteae, a son, 
the Rer. Samuel Kiogdon, of 

6- Francia,M.MissPalmer,daivb- 

ter of the late vnv Rer. Dr. 

Palmer, dean of tiashell, and 

has several children. 
6. Dennis, late mqior la the 80tb 

reiiment, m. BUh Herring,oi)lj 

child of the lata Rev. Lemaid 

1. Elizabedi-DenDU, m. to Cap* 

tain Vsherwood, R.N. 

II. RiCHABD, of whom presently. 

III. Roger, who died yonng. 

Tfae second son, 

RiCHAkD KiNCDON, esq. of Holaworthy, 
in the eoDDty of Devon, was for many years 
an active magiitrate for that shire. He m. 
m 1770. Rebecca,only daughterof the Rev. 

George Bonghlon,* of the ancient family 
of Baughton, of Idwford Hall, in Warwick- 
■hire, and had issue, 

I. RooER, in holy orders, of Oascoigne 
Place, Plymouth. 

II. GaoKGE-BouoHTON. now of Lavh- 

III. Richard, of Lostwitbiel, in the 
county of Cornwall, M.D. m. Jane, 
daughter of the late Dr. Parson. 
H.D, and sister of Dr. Parsoo, 
L.L.D. and has issue. 

IV. Cory, M.D. of Broombill, and the 
manor of Ponghill, in the hundred of 
Stralton, and county of Cornwall, 
M. Elizabeth, daughter of the Ret. 
James Buckingham, vicar of Bur- 
ringlon, and rector of Dodiicomb- 
leigb, both in Devon, and has issue. 

I. Judith, m. to John Braddon, esq. a 
m^istrate and deputy lieutenant for 
Cornwall, and has issue. 

II. Hary, m. to her cousin Richard 
Kingdon, esq. 

Amu — Quarterly ; first and fourth, Arg. 
a chev. sa. between three magpies ppr. for 
Kingdom. Second and third, Sa. three 
crcacents or, for Boughton. 

Crttt — Ad eagle displayed, with two 
necks and heads, sa. 

£f (■((*— In Cornwall. 

Seat— LannceUs House, near .Stratton, 

• This gentlemin «. in J743, Muy, duughtet 
of the Rev.JohnHemnK.of Becklcixn. «>u*iii to 
his gnee TbniiiH Hernnc, ARhbiihop of Can- 
terbiuy. The Boughton ftinily hu two foats of 
tnu, vis. on tbe uMient shield, u. tbree ctm- 
eonti ot ; seooDdly, by patmt from King Kehry 
VIII., ug. on s ebCT. between thne cmaslcts 
botoiurf f Icby, n. three digs' beuis eaboabed or, 
on a chief gu. ■ goat pasamt of tbe field. 

•u tf tti fMtiM ■( t|t enn of miMft snui. 

TAUNTON, SIR WILLIAM -ELI AS, kot. M.A., F.R.S. Sec. of Freeland 
Lodg«, ID the count; of Oxford, m. lOth October, 1814, Maria, youngest daughter 
of Henrf William AtkiDMn, Mq. provost of the Company of MoDeyera, Raval 
Hint, uid hu iaaoe, 

I. WiLUAK-EUAa, i. 8tk January, 1818. 
II. Charles-Edward, b. Ifith January, 1830. 

II. Frances. 
:ii. Enma. 
IV. Caroline-Julia. 
Sir WiUiain T«nnton, fbnnerlj student of Chriatchurch, Oxford, « commissioner of 
bankmpta, and king's counsel, was conatitulid, in 1830, one of the jodgea of tba 
Court of King's Bencb. He is likewiN recorder of Oxford. 




The fainil; of Taukton, one of ^eat im- 
tiqnily in the nest of England, is supposed 
to have derived its sarname from the tonn 
of Taunton, in Some raetsb ire. 

RiCH«RD DE TiNTONE, Son of John de 
Tantone, and elder brother of John, abhot 
of Glastonbury, in the 2nd Edward I. es- 
poused the daughter of Thomhul, of Tboni- 
IidI, in Somersetshire, and bad a son, 

John db Tantone, who m. thu daughter 
of Hawie, of Bradford, and was great'grand- 
father of 

Robert Taunton, nho m. Mary, danghler 
of — Popbani, of 4e county of Somerset. 
The grBn('son of this marriage, 

Richard Taunton, who wedded Jaoe, 
danghter of Henry Smyth, of Somerton, in 
the county of Somerset, was father of 

John Taunton, of Somerton, who m. 

Richard Taukton, of Somerton, espous- 
ing Gertrude, danghter of John Qibbon, esq. 
of Wells, had a son and heir, 

WiLLiAH Taunton, of Somerton, whose 

William Taunton, esq. was governor of 
Portland Castle, in the county of Dorset. 
He m. Mary, eldest daughter of Richard 
Willoughby,* esq. of Pehembrie, in Devon, 

* This gentleimn wu linnl deicendint of 

ROBEST, Lose WlIXOUOUBI DE £sE>ll¥, who d. 

13Ih RicHASD n. 

Sin Thohai Willououbv. bit. (s younger son 
of that nobtenun. by his first irile. Alice Skip- 
with) wHided F.liubeth, daughter uid beiress of 
John NsTill, Lord LMimer, and was j. by Ikii 
onlv son, 

S.R Thohai Wiuocdhbv. whose son and heir, 
by J»n, dsaebtflT and heir of— Welbv, 

Sir John Willodohsv, Itnt. m. Agnes, dsngb- 
ter and co-hrir of Sir t^d Hard Cbeyney, kni. by 

and bad two sons, Edmund, ofHilfield, in 
Dorset, (ancestor of Thomas Taunton, esq, 
of Colyton, in Devon) and 

William Taunton, esq. of Tolnell, also 
in the county of Dorset, grandfather of 

Tke Rev. Joseph Taunton, vicar of 
Quethiock, in Cornwall, living in 1710, who 
n, Mary, daughter of — Guavas, esq. in 
the same shire, and had issue, 

I. Nathaniel, bis heir. 

II. Elias. 

HI. Joseph, in holy orders, trho m. 
Hiss Uary Jess, of Torbryan, in De- 

I. Martha, if. nnmarried. 

II. Eliia, M. to Caleb TiUej, esq. of 

III. Rebecca. 
The eldest son, 

Nathaniel Taunton, M.D. of Liakeard, 
married Juliana, daughter and co-heir of 
Anthony Tanner,! b*<1- of Carvynick, by 

'ho aiding lbs oausa of Henry, Eart ofRicbiDaBd. 
was innunoned to pariiuiient by the new nkoaarcfa, 
(Henry VII.}, by writ, dated Itth August, 14», 
u Loud Wiluiuoubv di Baois, (Si Bwla, 
Fterxigt} sod 

Sib WitLiAB WiLLODOBST, of TunMr". Ped- 
dd, in the county of Dorset, whose son, 

Christopuih Wtluhiohit, mq. of Kasila Od- 
yenle, in tha conaty of Wilts, wedded F-Lnbeth,' 
dtogfaterofNicbolst Weekea, esq. of DoddingtOB, 
in Uloncesterahiie, and was Krest grandhlber of 

JoBH WiLLODOBBV, MO. w&> a. EliB. dsi^fater 
of — SpencOT, esq. of Cnditon, in Devon, and 
was father of 

RicKABD WiLLODOHBT, eM). of Pehonbria. 
whoaa eldest daughter, (by Agnea, danghtar of 
WiUitm Culms, esq. of ChtDnton) Maiu, es- 
poused. KB sbora, Williak TtuxiOH, esq. gOT«^ 
Dor of Porthnd Castle. 

t The ftmily of Tahhib, one of reHiote snti- 
qaity, in the oountiea ai Sametsst, Devan, and 
Cornwall, was raprssonted about the close of tha 
16th cenluiT by 

GEonoiTANNEH.nq. of Columbton, in Devoo- 
shire, who n. Muyaret, third daughter and oo- 
heir of John Tregarthyn, esq. of Tregartbyn, (sot 
of Tbomaa Trpguthya. esq. of Tregutbyc, If.P. 
for Cornwall, 7di Henbt VII. by Maigaret, bis 
wife, only daughter and heiress of Ric^rd Hen- 
dower) and by her acquired the manor of BnnelL 
The grandsoo of this DUiriage. 

John Tammeii, esq. of Court in Brannel, M.P, 
for Gramponnd, 13Ch, Slst, and 3tnd Chabus II. 
in the lit and fnd Wiluah and Maht, and lor 
St. Gennains, in the lOtb of the last rein, ea- 
poused Catherine, dsnchter of Thomas Koarar- 
Rwli, esq. of Hoacartock, in Cornwall, and left ■ 



OraM, his wiTa, dsi^ter knd hoinu of 
Tbomai Culbev, esq. of CumftUiggy, sad 

I. Eli AS, his heir. 
It. Natbanie), d. niiin. 
111. Joa^h, of Liskeard, who m. Eliza- 
beth, eldeii dsngbter and ooheiT of 
Richard Kempe, esq. of Tiegoay, 
■atsnuUy desceoded from the great 
boose of Courtenay, and had issue, 
I. Joseph, d. uDm. 

3. Carter, d. in infancy. 

a. Richard, of Redruth, who m. 

Jane, second daughter and eo- 

heiT of Tbeophilos Michtdl, esq. 

and dyin^ in the twenty-ninth 

year of hia age, left a son, 

Richard, H.D. of Truro, vrho 

m. Anne, youngest dangb- 

ler and co-beir of the Rev. 

John Wbitaker, rector of 

Ruan Langhome, in Cont- 

wall, the hislorisD of Ifaa- 

4. Robert. 

. Biubeth,^ 
\, Grace, 
3. Juliana, 

11 J^u { ^"^ ^**^ anmarried. 

lit. Grace, m. to Daniel Carter, geoL 
of Redruth. 
The eldest son, 

Thb Rbv. Euas TiUNTON, sometime 
re<A>r of Soirtoii, in Devonshire, a portionist 
of Bampton, and a justice of the peace for 
Ibecoonty of Oxford, married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Leaver, esq. of the city of 
Oxford, by Catherine, hU wife, danghtei 
of John Haffldna, esq.* and had issue. 

AiBoddl, «w|. of Carrynick, brAnne, bii wife, 
* «Kto«t sad Bo-heir of G«ai^ WlDoDEh^, esq. 
at Carryni^ and rraDddushtOT of SampKiii 
e, Mq. of Heligan. Mr. TniMr waa i. 

AiiTBOHT TiNNza, esq. of Carryaioh, who m. 
Cnee, daughter sod heir of Thomai Caithew, eaq. 
of Cimsliggy, and bad, with other iuas, Gntci, 
6fth diBgfiar and oo-bair, who n. Thomaa Pea- 
wsi», eaq. and Jduaha, sixth daughter and eo- 
bsir, who wadded, as in tbe text. Da. Tjivktoh. 
■ Tbia 
f Joan HiwaiM, descended from tlie sea captain, 
m the time of EuzaaaTii, «. Mary, dstighter of 
"""■ — idnieee of 
ra of Pem- 

1. WUliam, wbo n. Hia* Sarah Grant, 
Bad had a ac», Samnel, wbo n. Sarah 
Callaa, and had istn*. 

I. JoHN-JosRPH, a DaTal officer in the 
American war. 

II. Thomaa, a major in the East India 
Company's Army, and slain in that 

III. WiLUAH EuAs(Sir), ofwhompre- 
l. Charlotte-Mary. 

ij. Jnliana, n. to the Rer. Edmund 
Goodenough, A.H. vicar of Swindon, 
in Wills. 
The third son, 

Sir Willum-Euas Taunton, knt. clerk 
of the peace for the county, and town-clerk' 
of the city of Oxford, wedded Frances, 
daughter of Stephen Grosvenor, esq. sub- 
treasurer of Christchurch, Oxford, descend- 
ed from a family long settled at Ongars 
Heath, parish of Ashley, in the county of 
Stafford, a branch of the GiosvcDors of 
EaIon,f and had issue. 

S. John, who «. Miaa Conjreia. 
3. Thonkss, who ». Mary, daughter of 
Thomas l.aarer, of Oxtbrd, and had 
one aon snd a draghter, via. 

Henry-WtUiun.FhmeB, wbo n. 

Hiu Sarah Fidler. 
CharlDtte, «. to Willism Elias 
Tauotou, esq. 
1. Catberiae, n. to Tbomaa Smith, esq. 

of Northamptonahini. 
S. Elisabeth, n. to Jtdin Smith, eaq. of 
N artluunpUnubira. 
IT. William, serjeBnl-Bt-liw, who n. firat. 
Miss Jenyiu, sister to the M.l'. for Cam- 
bridgnhire, and had jaaue, 
WilJiai -■■ 

Phillip, in htdy ordcn, of Aablbni, Kent, 
who m. Miss Ann Holton, sod has 

daughter, t 

I, Abel Rsm, 

,. , m. to Dr. Nnreosabe, sad had a 

son, the Rer. Jidw Hawoonba, wbo n. 
Miss Penn. 

a. Cmisms. who m. Tbomaa LsaTer, of 
Oxford, snd had a daughter, Ann, n. ti in 
the text, U> Ibe Hit. Eius Tiuntoit. 
t The coDDexioa is thus meed in the Amily 

Sia TaoHA) le GaoavaHOS. Lord of Hnfans, m. 
a daughter of Sir WiUiam Fhtasnt, knt. and had 
three sons, rii. 

I. RoBiBT, Lord of Hulme, who m. a dsngh- 
tor of Sir Jeffry ds Cbadall, and laA six 

II. Ralph, wbo n. Josn, dangbler of John 
EatoD, eaq. of Eaton, and founded the la- 
milyofGaowiKoaor Eaton, now lepre- 
■entMl br RoaanT, Maaotna or Wnr- 



iVitxiAK-EuAt, BOW Sir Wiluam- 
EuAi Taunton, of Freeland, • judge 
of the Court of Kiog*! Bench. 
Thomu-Heury, clerk of the peace for 
the counW of Oxford, who m. Miu 
Johanna Davie*, and dying in 1833 
left iune, 

1. Thomaa- Henry. 
% John. 

8. WiUiuD-Eliai. 
4. Frederick. 

1. Johanna. 

2. HariietL 

Daniel, who n. Haria, eldeit daughter 
of James Bradford, gent, of Swindon, 
Wiltt.and dying in 1826 leR iuae, 

1. Williaoi-Eliaa. 

2. JameB-Bradford. 

George, B.D. in holy orden, rector of 
Stratford St. Anthony, in WilUhire, 
who m. another daughter of Jamea 
Bradford, gent, of Swindon, but d. 
without iuue ID 1832. 

Taoax GaoaviHoa, npoaHd a dtogbtn of 
lUchtdrd PeibaU, Mq. of Chatirjiie, and bul ■ 


' of Kaadolph MaJDwaring, taq. of Cninghun, 


Anne, duieliler of Willius CbarilOD, «■<]. ol 
Appley, and had tiro loiia, ria. 

I. Tuoui, of Bctlaport ud Bnnd, who 
jerj, daagbter i " ' ' " 

Wood cote, and bad 
WiUii . 

William Hajirood, of Stoney Low, in 
Staffordafaire, ud left ■ Kn, WiUiun, 

' Richard, who m. Uranli, daughter of 
Frmd* Charlton, eaq. of Appley. and 
left a aon, WillinD, whoM inue were 
liTiu ia 1640. 

II. HK*ai. 
Tb* Mcood Km. 

Elcnai GaoanHia, eaq. m. a deugliteT of Bir 
D GieaTca, knu of Bnrtoo, and wai 

France*, m. to the Re*. Henry Smith 
prebcDdary of Southwark, second 
■on of Samuel Smith, LL.D. pre- 
bendarr of Weitminiter and Peier- 

Elinbett, m. to William Posilelhwaite. 
eaq. of Hambrook Honae, near Chi- 

Charlotte, m. to William Warren, eaq. 

of Truro. 
Anne. m. to the Rev. John Williams, 
vicar of Probna, in Cornwall. 
Sir Wmiam-Eliae Taunton d. in 1826, and 
wai t. by hi* elde*t aon, the preient Hon. 
Hr. Justice Taunton. 

Armi — Arg. on a cher. g«, between Aree 
Comidi chourha ppr. three loienge* or. 

Crtil — A Comirii chough ppr. 

BttattM — Freeland, in the pariib of 
Ea*ham, Oxon; and Hinster Lom, in die 4*t 
came couDhr. The latter purchaiedin 1812 
from Hr. Cike, of Holkham. yj 

Stat — Freeland Lodge, near Eaiham. 

■. Gnt, Miu ilaiinah Stubba, of Gcmiley fiiiiMi. 

Cbeabire, and had a aoo, 

STEnitN. aDb-treamrer of Chrietcharch, Ox* 
lord, bapliied trOT, who ■>. Ebnbetb. 
daogbter of the Re*. Hr. Tottig. vicar of 
EccWhall (in Shaw'a Stafibrdahiic, a p*- 
digree ahowi the coDDaiion of EUubatk 
Totlie wiLh the familiv of Scott, CroxaB. 
Sadler, and Jordao). By thij bdj Mr. 

1. JoKK, of Oxford, an 

«. FaAH^, ai. to Sii 

TAtiNTuN, a* above. 
'. Eliuiwth. 


Babeit GroavcDor ei. aecondly, Mra. Haiy Al]e«, 
and bad, with three daaghtHB. the (Ueat dmgb- 

Mr. P. 

ighten. tl 

btber of John, of Maikel D iaj ta u , 
aurgeoD, and of a ■" ' 


WILKINS, WALTER, e«i. of Maulongh Caade, id the county of lUanar, b. 13tfa 
October, 1809, m. I4th Febraarr, 1831, Julia-Cecilia, second daogliter of the Rev. 
John CoUinaon, rector of Gateshead, in Durham, and has issue, 
Walter, h. 30tb November, 1633. 





Robert db Wintom, nho caine to Gla- 
BMMKaiiiture with Robert FitdwinoD, li- 
•caUjr dMcendRcl 

WiLUAN DEWrMCErritM, flouruhiog in 
Ibe reigoa of Edwakd I. and Edward II. 
whaa« gruMlMD, 

RoBCKT WiNCHBTU, Lord of Landongfa, 
w«» father «f 

John Wilcouke or Wilkyn, who tifed 
(nap. Edward UI. and vraa succeeded by 

John Wilcolyne or Wilkyn, lirioK in 
133S, who wedded Isabel, danghter of John 
Bateigh, and djing in the reign of Kichard 
n. left a aon, 

John Wilkyn, who was living In the 4th 
and 31st of Richard II. He esponsed 
Gwenllian, daughter of Griffith Gethin, by 
Har^ret, daughter of Run ap Oronow, 
aad was t, by his sou, 

WiLUAH WILKYN, who flourished ttmp. 
Henht VI. He m. Agues, daughter of 
Howel Csme, by the heiress of Naab, ud 

RiCHAKD Wilkyn, liTing in ISOA. This 
Kentleman wedded Jennet,* daughter and 
imr of Thomas Hadoo, of Uaufair, and was 
M>«ceeded by his son, 

Thokas Wilkyn, who m'. Gwenllian, 
daughter of Jeukin ap Richard, alias Owyn, 
of Lansanor, by his wife, a daughter of Ro- 
bert Hatbew, of Cast Menach, and had a 
MO. his SQCcessor iu 1658, 

n< lira. Thonas Wilkyn, rector of 
Poitkerry and St. Mary Church. This 
centlenan married Elizabeth, danghter, of 
I«wii Harry, of Leifcadle, by Margaret, 

II. R«er, » 
of "niDmi 

of Horgan Matthew, and was suc- 

:eaen, at his decease in 1623, by bis son, 

Tlie Rev. Roger Wilkins, A.M. parson 

St. Mary Church, who m. Blanch, dau. 

and heir of Christopher Gaynor, esq. of Si. 

Bride's, in the county of Honmouth, and 

was succeeded, 36Ih December, 1648, by his 

Tie An. Thomas Wilkins, LL.B. rector 
of I^mmaas and St. Mary Church, and 
prebendary of Llandaff. He m. Jane, dau. 
of Thomas Came, esq. of Nash, by Jane, 
his wife, daughter of Sir Edward Stradling, 
bart. of SL IKtnat's, and had issue, 

rho m. Elizabeth, daughter 
IS Lewis, esq. of Lanissen. 
ana naa a daughter, Jane. 

III. John, who m. Janet, daughter of 
Walter Morgan, and had two sous, 
John and Edward, and a daughter, 

IV. Gaynor, died young. 

I. Blanche, also died young. 
Mr, Wilkins died to 1688,and wa* ». by his 

Thomas Wiucihb, esq. bom SAth June, 

1977, prothouotary on the Brecon Circuit, 

who espoused, fint, Anne, daughter and 

co-heir of Richard Cann, esq. of Compton, 

in the county of Gloucester, and bad issue, 

t. Cann, t. 31sl October, 1702, who m. 

Mary Sparrow, daughter of Mrs. 

Anne Horgan, of St. George's, by her 

first buaband, had, with dangbten, 

1. Thomas Wilkins 
b. 16th September, 1736, who 
m. Elizabeth, daughter of Ebe- 
neier Mussel], esq. by a daugh- 
ter of Sir John Davie, of Crrali- 
(on, and bad by her an only 
child, Elitabeth, m, to — Batts, 
esq. Mr. Wilkins Morgan 
wedded, secondly. Miss Mary 
Thompson, and had another 

Mary-Anne, who w. Thomas - 
Edward Thomas, esq. of 
Swansea^ and left a son, 
niid Thomas, esq. 

2. John, b. 4th May, 1732. 

3. William, b. I2th April, 1733. 

4. Richard, b. 28th April, 173S, 
whose only child, Cann. d. 

6. Robert, b. IBth May, 1730. 

6. Cann, b. in 1740. 

7. Charles. 

». Geo^, A. Slid September, I7ti, 



in holjr orden, m. four timM, 
Mid had Usae, 

Cann, DOW of Clinon, m. kud 

has usae. 
George, sIbo m. and has issue. 
Thoma*, deceased. 
William, in India. 
Jane, m. la Jobn Parry Wil- 
klns, esq. of Haesderwen 

Mary- Anne. 
I. Anne, m. to John Howe,eM|.of 
1. Anne, d. in 1706. 
Mr. Wilkins (the prolhouotary) wedded, 
aecondly, Anne, daughter of Meredith 
Bowen, esq. of Uanwerne, in Brecooshire, 
■nd by her (who died Slh November, 1710) 
bad issue, 

I. Thomas, died yoong 13th November, 

II. John, of «rhom presently. 

I. Elizabeth, b. 25th August, 1710. 
He espoused, thirdly, Heslber Shrenton, of 
London, merchant, but bad no further iwne. 
. His only larviTlng son by his second wife, 
John Wilkjns, esq. b. 13th November, 
1713, deputy protbonotary, he. married 
Sibil, daughter of Walter or Watkin Jef- 
freys, esq. and bad issue, 

I. Thomas, m. Eliiabeth, daughter of 
the Rer. William Games, rector of 
Llandetty, and had one sod, 

John, who m. Hiss Williams, of 

II. Walter, of whom presently. 

III. John, in holy orders, who d. na- 

IV. JeFFREVi (see Wiikini, ot Mat*- 

V. WiUiam, prothoDotary, d. nnm. 

I. Anne, m. to JobD Mayben, esq. 

II. Magdalen, m. to Eobert Curry, esq. 

■t. H. H. James, oq. 

>. to the Rer. Geoi^ 

I. to Samnet Price, esq 

Mr.Wilkinsdiedinl7ft4. HU second son, 
Walter Wilkins, esq. M.P. who repre- 
sented the county of Radnor in parliaroeat 
for thirty-six years, esponsed, 34th Febru- 
ary, 1777, CBtheriDe, daughter of — Hay- 
ward, esq. of Walsworth Hall, in (he county 
of Gloucester, and left, with a danghter, 
Augnsta-Frances, now deceased, a son and 

Castle, in the county of Radnor, who m. in 
March, 1906, the Hon. CatheriDe Eliza 
Devereux, third daughter of Henry, Vis- 
count Hereford, and had issue, 
Walter, his heir. 
Katberine-ADgusta-Marianna, m. 10th 

August, 1830, to Williun Van, esq. 
Mary- Anne- Qica. 

Georgiana-Frances, m. 7th December, 
IH30, to Charles Stretton, esq. of 
Llangoed Castle, in the county of 

Mr. WilkiDS died 1st May, 1830, and was 
succeeded by his son, the present Waltek 
WiLKiNS, esq. of Maeslongh Castle. 

•4rnu-— Per psie or and m%. a g^riffin *ert 
betwHeu two spear heads sa. 

CreiU — iBt, A griffin's head erased vert, 
collared arg. the collar embattled and coun- 
ter-embattled. 2nd. A demi-lioD rampant 
issuing from a mural crown, holding in his 
paws a rose branch, and charged ou (he 
shoulder with a full-blown rose. 

con, Glamorgan, Hereford, and in the city 
of Gloucester. 

Seatt — Maeslongh Castle, Boughrood 
Castle, and Woodlands, all in de coud^ of 


WILKINS, JOHN-PARRY, w\. of Maeederwen Home, in the cotuity of Brecon, 
b. 21st July, 1778, m. first, lOth October, 1803, Jane, daughter of the late Rev. 
George Wilkins, of Weston, in Somersetshire, but by her, who d. in August, 1810, 
has no issue. He wedded secondly, 1st January, 1812, Charlotte-Elin, third daugh- 
ter of tJie Rev. William Davies, rector of Newport-Pagnel, Bucks, and of Uangoro, 
in the county of Brecon, by whom (wbod. 2€tb Febru«J7, 1826) he has iutw, 

John- Jeffreys, b. 28tb Au^st, 1813. Mary-Catherine. 

Richard- Da vies, b. lltb March, 1831. Charlotte-Anna. 

William, h. ttth February, 1^23. Catherinv-Rebceca. 

Henry, 6. 13th February, 1820. 




Mr. Wilkiu m. tliirdly, 5th March, 1828, Hmrriet, third dsnghter of the late 
Rev. Edward Pitwya, of Wutwood, SttJTordahira, and has a daughter, Emily-Cathe- 

This gentleman, who ancceeded his &tber 21st January, 1819, is a magistrate, and 
depatj-Uenteoant for the eoun^ of Brecon, and was its high-sheriff in 1 829-30. 


JarFRBYS WiLKiNi, esq. of the Priory, 
■ear Brecon, (fourth son of John WiUuDS, 
eiq. see page 318) esDonsed Catherine, 
foorth danghter of the late Rev. Gregory 
Parry, of IJandeTaglog, in the county of 
Brecon, and prebendary of Worcester, and 
had iasae, 

Joun-Pabrv, his heir. 

Waller, in holy orders, of Hay Castle, 

, .j». to John Jones, esq. late 

of Skethrog House, in the county of 

Catherine, m. to Captain William Hur- 
ray, of the Royal Marines. 
Mr. Wilkini died 3Ist January, 1819, (his 
widow survived until 2l8t Hay, 1837) and 
was succeeded by his eldest son, the pre- 
sent Johh-Pirrv Wiluns, esq. of HacB- 

Amt, Crttl, and Motto — See WiLKINs, 
of MiiesLouoH Castlb. 

Ettatts — In the counties of Brecon and 

SttI — Maesderwen House, near Brecon. 


GORDON, WILLIAM, esq. of Haffield, in the county of Hereford, b. 8th De- 
cember, 1794, ni. at St. Geoi^'s, Bloonubury, 21st December, 1820, Mary, eldest 
dangfatar of William Wingfield, esq. a master in Chancery, by Lady Charlotte Digby, 
In* first wife, daughter of Henry, late Earl Digby, and has issue. 

Mr. Gordon succeeded his father in May, 1800. 
of Heraford, and was its high-sheriff in 1829. 

He is a magistnte for the county 


This scion from the house of Gdrikin, 
was planted by Alexander, Lord Gordou, 
who was created Earl of Huntly in 1446, 
and to whom Janes 11. of Scotland, gare 
three lions' heads in addition to his heredi- 
tary ensigns, for subduing the rebellion of 
Crawford and Douglas, at Brechin, in 14A3. 
Hii lordship married thrice, first Jane, 
dangblerofRobert, son and heir of William, 
Gr»t Earl Marischal, by whom he acquired a 
peat estate, but had no issue. Secondly, 
Egidla, daughter and belr of Sir John Ha;^, 
of Tullibody, by whom he had a son. Sir 
Alexander Selon, who inherited his mother's 
estates, and was progenitor of the Setone, 
of Tonch. The earl espoused thirdly, Eli- 
zabeth, daughter of William Lord Cnchton, 
chancellor of Scotland, and had issue, 



GlOROB, wbo tooceeded hn father u 
■econd E*KL of Humtlt, MCordiDg 
to K specific UmiUtioD in the pHlenl. 
Hii lordahip wedded the PrinceM 
AnnabelU Stout, dsaghter of Kiog 
JitMU I. of SootlkBd, and relict of 
Jamea, Earl of Angna. From this 
alliance the I>iikei of Gobdon de- 

Alexander (Sir). 
To the aecood ton, 

SiK Alexander Gordon, kut. hia lather, 
the 'Earl of Haatly, granted, by deed dated 

Myginar(Hidmar)Bnd Tulch, bcBidei other 
eitatea therein mentioDed. Sir Alexander 
acquired tubaeqnendy by royal ^nt from 
Kii^ Jambs III. in the twenty-lhifd year of 
his reign, the laoda of Abbraeldib, whence 
this branch of the Gordons was ever after 
deaignated, and is styled in the deed of gift, 
(dated at Edinburgh, a6th December, 14BZ) 
" dilecto ramiliari armi^ero nostro, Alex- 
andro de Mygmair." Sir Alexander wed- 
ded Janet, secoiid daughter and co-heir of 
George Leith, of Bamis, who d. in 1609, 
and relict of AlcKasder Seton, of Meldruin, 
by whom he had a son and succesaor, 

Alrxandbr Gordon, esq. of Abergeldie, 
who m. Janet, daughter of Alexander Imne, 
esq. of Dram, and was (. by his son, 

WiLUAH Gordon, esq. of Abergeldie, 
who espoused Frances, danghter of Ajidrew 
Lord Gray, who d. in IA14, and was i. by 

Alexander Gordon, esq. of Abereeldie. 
This laird wedded Katherine, daughter ol 
Sir William Nicholson, bart of Carnock, 
king's advocate for Scotland, and bad a son 
anit heir, 

Albxindbr Gorbon, ew|. of Abergeldle, 
who, by Eophemis, his mfe, danghter ol 
Robert Orahatn, esq. of Horphy, left a sod, 
John, his heir ; and a danghter, Rachel, 
snccessor to her brother. The son, 

John Gordon, esq. of Aber^ldie, 
ried a daughter of Roes, of Kilianck, bnt 
dying without issue, the estates and repre- 
sentation of the fanily derolved npon his 

Rachel Gordon, of Abergeldie, who 
wedded Captain Charles Gordon, son of 
Peter Gordon, esq. of Hinmore, a cadet of 
tbe ducal family, by Janet, daughter of Sir 
Alexander Gordon, of Clnny, and had a sou 

Fonlis, bart of Dunipacc, by Janet, dangWer 
of Sir John Cunningham, of Capringloa, 
king's advocate for Scotland, and had issue, 
Charles, his hcii 


Euphenia, wbo wedded James, fifth 
Viscount Stratlifdlan, and by hia 
lordship, who died in 1766, had issue, 
Jauei Dhuhond, of StnthaUau. 
of the R.N. who died nnmarned, 
in 1776. 
Andrew-John Druhmond, a ge- 
neral olScer in tbe army, who 
petitioned, but fruitlessly- in 
1787, for • reatontiou of the 
honors from attainder. He it. 
nnro. in 17S7, when the repre- 
seutation of the family deTolved 
upon his cousin, Jahes Andrew, 
present ViscountStrathallan. 

The laird of Abergeldie was *. by his son, 
' Charles Gordon, esq. of Anergeldie, 
who M. Alison, daughter of David Hnnter. 
esq. of Bumside, and widow of — Paterson. 
esq. by whom he had issue, 

I. Petrr, of Abei^ldie, who m. flrst, 
Hary, daughter of — Forbes, esq. 
of Blackfo^, and had an only child, 
Katharine, who d. nnm. in 1602, aged 
seTCnteen. He wedded secondly. 
Elixabeth,daaKhteror— Leith.eeq.of 
FreeGeld,Bnddn'iIboat issue, in l»lil. 

II. David, of London and Abergeldit-. 
who m. Anne, third danghter of Mi- 
chael Biddulph, esq. of Ledbury, in 
the county of Hereford, and died Ju 
October, 1831, leaving issue. 

III. Charles (Sir), knight of the order 
of Merit 

IV. Adah, of whom preaentiy. 

V. Alexander-Sinclair. 

VI. William, ?_.„rf . „ 
VI,. John, t "'""'• ••?■ 

Dr. Skene, i 

Peter Gordon, esq. of Abergeldie, who 
M. Gist, Hai^ret, danghter of Peter Stra- 
cban, of Edinburgh, and secondly, Elisa- 
beth, danghter of Lord Gray, by the latter 
of whom he had a daughter, Barbara, m. to 
David Hunter, of Bumside. Abergeldie 
espoused thirdly, Margaret, sister to Sii 
Architiald (Fonlis) Primrose, bong st Car- 
lisle in 1745, and daughter of Sir George 

. Margaret, n 


The fourth son, 

Adah Gordon, esq. of London, espoused 
Penelope, eldest dan^ter of Michael Bid- 
dtdph, esq. of Ledbury, and dying 98tfa 
Mav, 1800, aged forty-two, was succeeded 
by bis only son, the present Wiluah Cor- 
don, esq. of HafGeld. 

iliTiM— Quarterly ! first, Ai. three boaru' 
heads couped or. Second, Or, three lioas 
heads erazed gu. Third. Or, three cres- 
cents, gu. wiu>in a double tressnre fl<M7' 
counter fiory of the second. Fourth, Ax. 
three cinquefeUs *rg. the whole mthin « 
boidure quarterly, arg. and gu. 

Crett — A deer honnd arg. collared gu, 

.Wo<i»— God with us ; «iv anciently, God 
with ws. 

Etiale — In Herefordshire. 

S'eor— Uafield, near Leihaif. 



HARCOURT, GEORGE-SIMON, esq. of Ankerwycke Park, in the county of 
Bticks, b. 25th February, |S07, m. 24th June, 1633, Jessy, Becood daughter of John 
Rolls, esq. of BryanBtone-iquare. Ht«v>.. iifii^iv-A Cf., ^ufV 

Hr. Haramrt, who is this year (1834) h^-theriff for BuckinghuDBhire, succeeded 
U* &tbwin 1809, and is now the representative of the Hakcour' ' 



This is a branch of the sncieal houae of 
Barc-Mft, from which apraog the E*nL8 op 
HkTCOOmT, extincl in 1830, nnd nhich de- 
(tncc* Hs pedigree from Bernard, a noble- 
nwa of the royal blood of Saxony, who ac- 
qoircd in 876, when Roixo.tfae Dane, made 
bimtelf master of Normandy, the lordihips 
of Hartomrt, Cailevilte, and Beaoficel, in 
tbkt dochy. From 
Bbknakd descended 

Tdkchetil, Lord of Tnnnierile, Tnrqne- 
tmj, fcc. joint gnsrdiaa aad gOTCmor with 
Us elder brother, Tonroode, to William, 
Doke of Normandy, and eventnally mur- 
dered for hii allachment io dtat prince. He 
ai. Adeline de Hontfart, and was t. fay his 
elder son, 

ANCHrnL, who 
lbncauHT,and bi . ,, 

I«dy of Boessey le Chaste], hsd seven sons, 
of whom the eldest, 

EasiHD DB Habcourt, wm commander 
«r the archers of Val-de-Rnel, in the array 
iriikh ■■eceasfully invaded England, amo 
lOOS. nis gallant soldier appears to have 
retamed ID his own oonntnr after he had 
witnessed Ae crowning of hto chief ss Kino 
or EtiOLiNS, while bis nest brother, 

RoBCRT DK Harcooht, SBmamed tkt 
Strmp, also on* of the soldiers of the Con- 
West, fonnded the lainily in England. Hi* 
eldest son. 

battle near Bonrgtooroude, A.D. 1123, and 
for hie lervicei wea rewarded with large 
poseessions in England, which he conferred 
upon his second son, 
Ivo DE Hahcoubt, who vras f. by his son, 
RoBER-r DE Harcourt, who was sheriff 
of Warwickshire and LeiceBleishire, in the 
yean 1199, 1201, and 1309, in which latter 
year he departed this life. This Robert 
M. Iiabel, only child and heir of Richard 
de Camvitle,' of Stanton, in Oxfordshire, 
and acquired thereby tbst lordship, which 
subsequently bore the name of Stanton- 
Harcoukt. He waa (.-by his eldest son, 

WiLUAH DE HARCoURT,Lord of StanloD- 
Harconrt, sumamed the. Engluh^n^, who 
adhered to King John in the baronial war. 
omu 1217, and br appointment of that 
prince m. Alice, elder dBagbter and co-heir 
of Thomas Noel, by Margaret, eldest daa. 
of Guy le Strange, of Kuockyn, and co-heir 
of ber brother, Ralph le Strange {tet 
Bubke's Eitintt Peerage), by whom be ac- 

J aired large estates in Staffordshire, and 
raiosborongh, in tbe county of Warwick, 
and had, with another son and daaghler, bis 

Sib Richard de Harcoubt, Lord of 
StantOD-Harcourt, who d. in 1368, and was 
t. by his eldest bod. 

Sin WiixiAM DB Harcoubt, of Stanton- 
Harcoort, who died in lOTB, leaving by his 
second wife, Eleanor, dau^tor of Henry, 
Lord Hastings, by Ada, his .wife, daughter 

■ Tbiid >an of HicniiD iti Camvilue, who 
tbuDd*d Comb« Abbe;, in Wsrwicksbir*. snd was 
■on and beir of Guiai> m CiHviiu, Lord of 
Lilbcmme, nesi Creek, in Nortbunptonsbtre. 
liiBu'i mother was MiliceKt, cousin to King 
HiNHT !.'■ Kcond conBMt, Adehis, daugfater to 
Godfrav I. Duke of Brabant, who p>e to the 
■aid MiUccot. on bar marriua with the said 
RicBAKD CiuTiLLs, tlw loidafaip of StaMoa. in 
tba Bounty of Oiiord, whieh waa eoDfiimed to Iwr 
and bei baiit by Singi Snnm and Hirbv II, 







or Dftvid, EaA of Huntingdoii, and niece of 
Halcolh rv. and William Ike Lion, of 
Scotland, an only son and aucceasor, 

Sir Richard deHascovrt, knt.of Stan- 
tOD-Haroourt, who d. in the Slat of Ed- 
ward I. and waa i. by hii son, 

Sir John de Harcovkt, who was 
knighted at Wfaitnintide with Edward, 
Prince of Wales, omu 1306, and dying in 
1330, was #. by hia only son, 

StR William Harcoubt, who m. Jane, 
daagbter of HM wud, Lord Grey of Codnor, 
V7mt and had two sons, vie. 

' I. Richard (Sir), who died in the life- 

t< S'f* time of bis father, learing by his wife, 
Joan, daaghler and heir of Sir Wil- 
liam Skareahnll, of Skareshnll, in 
the conn^ of Stafford, knt lord chief 
jmtice of England, an mly daughter 
and heir, - 

EUZABBTH, who m. Tbomaa AM- 
ley, of Nelaton, in Leiceater- 
ahire, second aon of Thomas, 
Lord Aalley, and hence the 
Astleys of Patesholl. 
n. Thomas. 
He was (. by the second son. 

Sir Thohas Harcourt, represeDtatire in 

parliament for the county of Oxford in 1376, 

who died 12th April, 1417, and was t. by 

'J his elder ion (fay Maod,* daughter of Robert. . 

. Jjord Grey of Rotberfield, and widow 'oi Sir 

John Botetourt, of Woody), 

Thohas Harcourt, of Stanton- Harcourt, 
who n. Joan, daughter of Sir Robert 
Franncys, of Foremark, in the county of 
Derby, end had, with other issue, 

I. Robert (Sir), bis heir, who was 
sheriif of Leicestershire and War- 
wickshire in 1445, and was made 
knight of the Garter in 1463. This 
Sir Robert signalized himself in the 
wan of Henry TI. and Edward IV. 
and lost his life in the service of the 
latter, being alaJD by die Staffords, 
of the Lancastrian party, 14th No- 
Tember, 1470. He had nuuried 
Margaret, daughter of Sir laiui 
Byron, of Clayton, In Lancaabire, 
and was *. by his eldest son. 
John Harcourt. who 4. in 148ft, 
learing^an only son and heir, 
Sir Robert Harcourt, stan- 
dard-bearer to Henry VH. 
at the Rattle of Bosworth, 
and made a knight banneret 
after the Battle of Black- 
heath in 14&7. Hem. Agnes, 
daughter of Thomas Lyme- 
rick, I and left, at his de- 





cease, five ^■^fft'""- liis 
co-heiia, Tiz. 

1. Elizabeth, m. to Ro- k^ 
Jttrt Gainsford, hT 
Hampton Poyle, in the 
counff of Oxford. 

2. Letitia. m. first, to 
'Humphry Peshal, esq. 

and secondly, to Tho- 
mas Nevil, esq. 

3. Catherihb,m. to Tho- 
mas Stonor, esq. 

4. Ellen, m. to Richard 
Beckingham, of Podli- 

ueckingliani, ol I'ooii- r . t 
cot, in Oxfbrdshire- •«) \f(*4h" 

> /T .- ' : 6. , •"■ to William 

Cope, esq. of Hanwell, 
in O]tfordshire. %j^,ie^.ft^ 
Richard (Sir). 
The second son. 

Sir Richard Harcourt, died Ist Oc, m 

tober, 14S7, and was (. b^is eldest son, g^t^df- 
Sir Chbistdfher Harcourt, who m. ' 

Jane, daughter and heir of Sir Miles Staple- 
ton, knL and, 1474, was s. by hU 
only surriving son, >a1p • 

Sir Simon Harcourt^ who received the 
honor of knighthood for his distinguisheil 
valour at the Battle of Spurs, I8th August, 
1613. Upon the extinction of the male line 
of Sir Robert Harcourt (his great uncle), 
the estate of Stan Ion- Harcourt reverted to 
this gentleman. He died Ist January, 1M7, 
leaving hy bis first wife, Agnes, dangbter of 
Hiomaa Darrel, of Scotney, a sou and suc- 

SiH John Harcoubt, knt. of StantoD- 
Harcourt, who m. Hamret. daogbter and 
at length co-heir of Sir Williani Barentyne, 
of Hasety, in Oxfordahire, and dying on th« 
IBtb February, 1565, was t. by hia eldeat 

Sir Simon Harcoubt, who served the 
office of ahsriff for the coantiea of Oxford 
and Beiks, and was knighted by King 
Henry VUL He died 27th Joly, 1677, 
"' was (. by his eldest son, 

R Walter HABCotiBT, of Stanton Har- 
court, and EUenhalt, anoo 1604, who was t. 

■ Mind, by CoUiiu ; Alice, tcooidiag to the 
Honasticon ; ElMnor, by the VinMka of .Staf- 

*. *n,e /#«A^ w^^liU S-yf^l. 

t his decease, by his si . 
Sir Robert Habcouiit, b. in 1674. Thia 
gentleman was one of the most considerable 
adventurers with Sir Walter Raleigh, in 
hia voyage to Wiasaero, Guyana, Sx. in 
America. Having obtained a patent from 
James I. for planting part of Guyana, h« 
proceeded thither in 1609, with bis brother. 
Captain Hichael Harcourt, and afterwarda, 
in I618,pnbliBbed an account of their voyage. 
He had two wives, fint, Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Fitz Herbert, esq. of Norbury, and 
secondly, Frances, dangbter of the Hon, 
Geffery Vere, son of John, fifteenth Earl of 
Oxford, (the ladf was sister to Sir Francis 
Vere, and Horatio, Lord Vere, of Tilbury). 




B7 the first be had no iune, bat by the 
weood, was father of bit soccesior, (with 
other children). 

Sir 81MON H.IRCOURT, who si^allzed 
hinuelf b; feats of arms ag;BiDBt the Spa- 
niards in the. low countries, where he was 
major of the regiment of horse, commanded 
W nk gallant uncle. Sir Horace Vere, Lord 
lubnry, and at whose seat, Kirbj HsU, 
Esses, were the picturea of hU lordship's 
officers, and amongst them this Sir Simon 
Haromn. In 1641 we find him at the head 
of bis regiment in Ireland, invested with 
A* goremmeat of the city of Dublin, and 
tbe next year in actiie operation ngaiost the 
rebels, nising the blockade of Dublin, and 
gaining other considerable advantages. His 
career terminated, however, within a brief 
period, and we have Ae following scconnt 
o( bi* last exjdoit ; " On March seih, 1643, 
Sir SiiBoa lurconrt, with a small party, 
■tarched ont of Dublin, towards Wick- 
low, and finding fhe rebels possessed of the 
ntsOe of Carrick Uaiu, but four miles from 
the city, he sent back for two great guns to 
batter it, but before they arrived, Sir Simon, 
as he was viewing the castle, with two 
bondred musketeers, received a shot from 
the garrison, wUch killed bim on the spoL" 
He had eepoosed Anne,daugbter of William, 
Lord Paget, by whom (who married se- 
coDdlj. Sir William WaUer, of Osterly 
Park, the parliament's general) he bad two 
sons, Frederick, the younger, who died 
without issue ; and the elder, liis successor. 
Sir Philip Harcdurt, of Stanton Har- 
oonrt, who received the honor of knight- 
hood, at Whitehall, Ath June, 1600, and was 
retoraed to parliament by the county of 
Oxford, on the Sist March, 1680-1. This 
gentleman m. first, Anne, dau. of Sir Wjl- 
liam Waller, of Osterly Park, by whom (who 
d. 23rd August, 1664) he had an only son, 
SlHON, who attaining great Eminence 
at ihe bar, was constituted Lord 
CBANCitxoR or Great Britain in 
1712, and raised to the peerage, as 
Baron and Viscount Harcourt,* 
(See Burke's Extitut and DormtaU 

Sir Philip espoused secondly, Elizabeth, 
danghter and heir of John Lbe, esq. of 
ANKeawycKB, in tbe county of Bucks, and 

Lee, died in February, II 
babeila, died io 16SS. 
Mary, died in 1745. 

■ Psrt of tbe eststea of th« Lords Hsrcourt 
Ibt« diiTolved upon tbenuMt Rst. Edvird V< 
UB, D.D. ArcbblKp of York, nsphew mHtemb 
of iIm Gnt earl of Ilircourt, who bu usumt 

IB e(ns*i|iHiice, the sdditiDDsl sniUBme and ui — - . — , .-. 

ofHamrait. ■\ J C i MP \U /^ ''■'/'j- of Georm, ViAConnt Hi 

Elizabeth, m. (o Richard, second son 

of Simon Harcourt,tesq. of Pendley. 

Anoe, m. to Thomas Powell, esq. of 

Pembrokeshire, and d. in 1742. 

Sir Philip d. in April, I6SS. His eldest 

BOD, by his second wife, 

Philip Harcourt, esq. of Wignell, in 
Sussex, and of AnkerwyckK in Backs, wed- 
ded Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Timo- 
thy, Woodroffe, esq. and had three sous, 
and two dnugblers, viz. 

I. Philip, bis heir. 

II. Lee, who died without issne. 

lit. John, heir to his eldest brother. 

I. Elizabeth, A. unm. 

II. Mary, m. to Thomas Ringer, esq. 
and dying in 1746, was buried a( 
Stanton - Harcourt. 

Ur. Harcourt died about 1706^, and was ». 
by hii eldest sod, 

Phiup Harcourt, esq. of Ankerwycke, 
who m. Sarah, daughter of Henry Hall, 
esq. of Hutton Hall, iu Essex, by whom he 
had an only child, Elizabeth, who died un- 
married, in her father's life time. This 
gentleman was buried at Draira burv. tbe 
parish in which Ankerwytke is situated, 
anno 1758, and succeeded by his only sur- 
viving brother, 

John Harcourt, esq. of Ankerwycke, 
who wedded first, Anne, danghter of — 
Parker, esq. but had no issue. He espoused 
secondly, Margaret-Irene, daughter of John 
Samey, esq, of Somerset House, London, 
by whom (who m. secondly. Lord Shuldbam, 
and thirdly, Lord Clanwilliam,) he bad, 
JoHN-SiHON, bis successor. 
Philip, died young. 

Geoi^e - William - Richard, colonel of 

tbe 12th fool, a brigadier general in 

the army, and governor of SL Croix. 

He d, in 1784, and was *. by bis eldest son, 

JoHN-SiHON Harcourt, esq. of Anker- 
wycke. This gentleman m. 7th December, 
1800, Elizabeth-Sale, daughter of M^jor 
Henniker, esq. son of Sir John Henniker, 
bart who was created Lord Henniker, in 
1800, and bi^ her, who A. in 1810, had one 
daughter, Elizabeth, who died young, and 
an only son, the present George Simon 
Harcourt, esq. of Ankerwycke Park. 

Amu — Gu. two bars or. 

CrttI — Out of a ducal coronet or, a pea- 
cock close ppr. 

Motio — Le bon t«Bips viendra. 

SMlater — In the countMS of Bucks, Surrey 


FiANcfa ViHi, scqaired Pcndley. in HertJbrd- 
thira, with his wife, EUisbath, duiKhler lod hair 
of Sic Richud Ander»n, but. of that place, ind 
Elirabelh, h' ■■ ' -— -" - " ' 

= /4Wi<e *«Vlv?. 

= »0 l&*rt./>'/ 




TOLLET, GEORGE, cm]. of Better Hsil, in the coootr of Stafford, b. 3id August. 
1767, M. 30Ui November, 1795, Fmncee, wlj child of 
WiUiim JoUiffe, cmj. of ScnlcoUi, hj Frencea, hie wife, 
denghter ofThomea Wickited, eeq. of Nentwich, utd 
hea iiene, 

t. Cti«BLU,wboeMiuned,byaipiiiunii«I,36Ui March, 
1814, the euniaiiM end emu of Wicutbd. (See 
page 497, toI. i.) 
II. Peoelope-Marguet. 

III. FraDcee-EUiabelh. 

IV. Elizabeth. 
V. Marianne, ■>. to the Rererend WiUian Clire, eMcat 

Barririn^ loti of the late William Qire, eiq. of 
Stfche, in the county of Sahip, yoanger biolher of 
the first Lord Clire. 
VI. Georgina. 
VII. EHen-Harriel. 
vnt. CaroIine-OctaTla. 

"This gentleman, a magiitrate and depntj-lieateDant fi» the eotm^of Stafioid, inhe- 
rited the eatatee in J11I7, 1796, at the deceaae of hia conain, Charlee ToUett, ew]., high 
aberiff for Staffbrdahire in 1782. 



About the year 1730, Gborgb Tollet, 
eaq. who had been a commiuioneT of the 
nary in the reigns orKtn^ Wiluah and 
QMttn Anne, purchased, of a branch of the 
Egerlon family, Betlev Hill, and varioua 
eslatet in Betley and Audley, in the county 
of Stafford, together with the impropriation 
and advowiona of those parishei. From 
this gentleman the; descended to 

CiUBLEe ToLLBT, esq. of Betlev Hall, 
who served the office of high sheriff for tlie 
comity of Stafford in I78Z. He 4.i.p. in 

July, 1798, and waa t. by hii consio, die 
present GEOHfiB Touet, esq. of Betley. 

ilmu—Checquy aig. and asnre, on a 
chev. engniled or. three anchor* ta. On a 
chief gu. a lion passant of the flitt. 

Crttt — A pyramid erected on e pedeatal 
of one degree arg. the lop entwined bj a 
serpent descending ppr. respecting ma 
escroU, with the 

Jlfatlo~— Pmdentia in adversi*. 

£t(ei(f— In Betley, Andley, and Baiter^ 
ley, in the county of SUfford. 

5mI— Betley Ball, in StalTordahire. 


CLUTTERBUCK, JOHN, eaq. of Warkworth, in the eoaatj of Northomheilutd, 
m. 3lBt October, 1821, Mar7-Ann, youngeat daughter of the HonouraUe Tbomaa 
Lyon, «f Hetton Honse, in the palatinate of Dorhain, third tea of Tbomaa, e^th aari 
of Strathmore, and has iasue, 








This gentleman, formeriy a major in the army, aucceeded his latber I9th November, 
1S33. He ia in the coouniaaion of the peace for Nortbomberland. 




RicHtRD CLOTTCRBooKe, of King'i Stan- 
k;, wbo i\v4 4tb February, IfiOI, married 
Gnt, Joan Webb, and had iamie, 

I. Thomm, or KinK*! SUnlev, who 
married thrice, asd djio^ 11th Jane, 
leU. 1^ nxty-BeTen, left, by his 
tecond wife, EUzabeth, daughter of 
William Sandford, a son, 

WlIXUH, who m, Dorcaa, daDghter 
of J. Bayoehain, of Weitbuy, 
ID the for««t of Dean, Oloacea- 
tnahire, by Mary, hia wife, maid 
of honour to Qaeen Euzabbth, 
and di«d in 1G&&, leavfaij;, 
Thomai, Bged Kven, in 1^3. 

Elinbetb, m. to Robert Olds- 
worth, etq. 

II. Ferdinand, of London, married, and 
had iMne. 

Hr. Clotterbooke wedded secondir, a lady, 
■u»ed Eliiabelh, and had, with other iMoe, 

III. RiCHtRD, or WiixiAH. 

IV. Jasper, a clothier, who died in 1637, 
and waa buried at King'a Stanley. 

*. John, of King's Stanley, m. and had 

The eldeit aon of the tecond marriage, 

BiCHiKD, or WiLUAH Cluttekbuck, waa 
of Eaitin^n, in the conoW^of Oloacester. 
Be m. UnnU, danghter of Thomai Browu- 
■C. eaq. of C«iwiey, in tlw aame ahiie, add 

I. Richard, hii heir 

II. Daniel, of London, merchant. i*ho 
left two dangbten, one of whom, 
Marj, aL Ricnard Creech, eaq. of 
Lee, Kent. , 

ill. Samoel, in holy order*, of Dana- 
ton, Bncki, who had a ftoa, 

Thomas, D.D. Fellow of St. Mary 
HaU, Oxford, Atehdeacon of 

Winchester, ana rector of St. 
Mary's, Sonthampton. He m. 
Miss Susan Norlon, and dying 
al>out the year ITOO, left a son, 
Roger, of Sonthainpton, pa- 
lent searcher in the customs 

there. He m. firet, , 

and had two sons, 
Samuel, a m^or in the 
army, living in 1700, 
who settled in Ireland, 
where hia descendants 
still remain. 
Tbomss, conunaoding of- 
ficer in the SciUy Isles, 
who n. Miss Juliana 
Keigwtn, of Cornwall, 
and had, 
Samuel, died young, 
Tbomai, of Mara- 
sion, in Cornwall, 
b. 13ih Jaly, 1738, 
m. Hary, dan. of 
Christopber Mas- 
terman, merchaDt, 
of Truro, and dj ing 
in 1781. left iMoe, 
Thomas, of Truro; 
Christopher, R.N.i 
Charles, of Cad- 
boTf ; Henry,M.D. 
of Loadon; Hsry, 
and Juliana. 
Jnlisna, m. to the Rer. 
Henry Penneck, rector 
of Cheriton Fit^ayne, 
Roger, ol Southampton, at. 
■econdlv. Hits Champion, 
and bad another son, 
Charles, who succeeded 
his father as patent 
searnher, at Sonrh- 
ampton. He n. Hits 
Brougham, of Suffolk, 
and d. in 1783, baring 
had two daughttn, who 

IV. Josias,of Bristol, whom. Margaret, 
daughter of Richard Colston, mer- 
chant of Bristol, and had two sons 
and five daughter*, vix. 

I. Thomai (Sir\ of London, mar- 
cbant and aJdennan. Thia gen- 
tleman, British consul at Leg- 
hora, was appointed on his re- 
turn, a oommissioner to victual 
the king's navy, in Ae Mediter- 
ranean seas, and received, for 
bis good services, the bonor of 
knighthood, at Whitehall, Mi 



Aug. I860. SirTlioBU'*ii__. 
appeut aUo usong the intended 
luughti of die Royal 0»k,* hk 
estate being tlien valued at 
£9000 per annum. HeM.Hai^ 
tba, danzliter of George Swan- 
ley, of Hacluiey, and dying in 
1682, left iarae, 

AaiM, m. to Sir Thoinat Bnr- 
ton, bart of Stokenton, in 

Kalberine-Muia, } hcAb died 
Teresa-Victoria, J unm. 

5. Williain, of Briitol, and Brad- 
ley, in Olonceiter^iire, i. in 
I^, m. Sarah, danghter of 
John Vernon, eeq. of Hanbnry. 

1. Margaret, m. to Richard Ne- 

tfaenray, of Bristol. 
3. EliEabeth,in.toGeo^e Larkin, 

of Bristol. 

3. Mary, m. to Qconn Towgood, 
ofB-- ' 

4. Chi 

6. Sarah, m. to Giles Merrick, of 

V. Jahn,of Rodbarongh,ii<.MissIsrael 
Green, of Horsley, and had Lssne. 

I. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Hicki, esq. 
of Cromwell, Gloueestersbire. 

II. Anna, m, to John Elliott, esq. of 
Weslhorpe, GloncectenUre. 

III. Mary, m. to Nathaniel Cayley, esq. 
The eldest son, 

Richard CunruBUCK, of Hill End, in 
Ae pariah of Eastington, GioDcestershire, 
t. Id 1S03, espoused Anns, daogfater of 
Daniel Fowler, esq. of Stonehonoe, in the 
•ame connQ, aadtiad issae, 

WiLUAM, of Allcott,. in the parish of 
EastingtOD, who married, and had 

John, of wbont presently. 
Katharine, m. Id Daniel Oissold, of 

Jndidi, as. to Thomas CUasold, of 

Martha, m. to WiUlam aatterbnck, of 

Mr. Clntterhwk died in 1660. His second 

JoRH CuHTBiiBDcK, esq. setded, as a 
merchant, at Newcaslle-apon-Tyne. He 
M. first. Hiss Priscilla Place, of that town, 
and bad one daughter, 

Hannah, m. to William Wharton, esq. 
of Hertford in Northumberland. 
Be at. seooodly. Miss Anne Collier, by 
wbopi he had another daughter, 

Anne. m. to John Simpsou, esq. high 
sheriff for Northumberland. 
Mr. Clutterbock espoused thirdly, az>d dyiw 
in 1717, left a sod and nicGessor, 

Richard CurrrGBBVCK, esq. of Wark- 
worth, in Northnmberlaoil, liring in 1781, 
who M. Mmgaret, daughter of George Ord, 
esq. of LoDgridge, in Durham, and left, 
with three daughteis, one of whom, Etiia- 
betb, M. in February, 1770, the Rev. 
Thomas Bates, (see vol. i. p. 035,) a son 
aud heir, 

John Cluttbhbuck, ew]. of Warkworth, 
a justice of the peace for Northumberland, 
who m. Ann, daughter of Captain Lyon, of 
East Thetford, and had iasue, 

I. John, bis heir. 

II. HargareL 

III. Eliza-Maria, m. to the Rev. T. C. 

IV. Snaanne, m. to F. Fonter, esq. 

Mr. Clutterbnck died IMh November. 1833, 
and was *. by his son, the preseut John 
Clutterbuck, esq. of Wari:worth. 

rmj — Aa. a lion rampant are. in chief 
three escallop shells of the second. 

CrtH — A buck slatani arg. between two 
laurel branches ppr. 

SmI— Warkworth, in that shirp. 


BERKELEY, 7Ae Revemtd RICHARD, of Cotberidge Court, in the cotm^ of 
Worceatar, rector of Great Honrood, Bock*, m. Louisa, dughter of the Rev. James 

This ^tleman, whoie patronymic iaToHKTNS, having inherited the estate* of his 
maternal family upon the decease of his uncle, the Rev. Rowland Berkeley, on the 
17th September, 1832, assumed by sign manual, on the 9th October following, the 
Bumaine and amis of BfiHKiLEr. 




TU* i* • brand) of the noble hooM of 
BiREEtEV (tee vol. i. p. 469), diverging 

J*MU BeHKCUV, who inherited, on the 
deoeaK of hi* uncle, in 1418, the lordahip 
■nd cutle of Berkeley, and nu gnrnmoned 
Id parlivnent aa Lord Berkeley from 1431 
to 1481. Byhia Gral wife, a daughter of 
Hsmphrer Stafford, of Hooke, this noble- 
laaii had no tiaiie ; hat bj the second. Isabel, 
widow of Henry, md and heir of William, 
l4ird Femn.of Groby, and second daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Thomas Howbray, Grat 
Dnke of Norfolk, he was father of Sir Wil- 
liam Berkeley, created Earl of Nottingham 
and Harquii of Berkeley, whose honors 
expiRd wilb himself 1 of Manrice Berkeley, 
•BceMor of the eztmt earls ; at James, who 
ma killed m Prance ; and of 

Thomas Bukrlev, of Darsley, in the 
coantj of Gloncester, who 'wedded Hary, 
daoghteir of Bicbard Gay, etq. of Hinsler- 
worth, ia die same sbire, aod, dying in l484, 
waa J. by hia aon, 

Richard Bbrkblet, esq. of I>iinley, who 
was faAer of 

WuxiAH Berkeley, esq. mayor of Here- 
ford, and H.P. for that city in 1547. Thia 
(sntlemnn waa «. by his son, 

BoWLAND Berkeist, esq. M.P. for the 
ettj of Worcester, who acquired the eatates 
of Cotheridge and Spetchley, in Worcester- 
■faire. He m. Ifilh April, 1&74, Catherine, 
dangler of Thomas Hayward, esq. and had 

I. WiluaM, of whom presenfly, ■ 

barftor of Cothbridge. 
n. Robert (Sir), founder of die ftmil; 
of Sfbtchlrv. (See vol. i. p. 400). 
in. Edward. 
IT. JtAut, who lired M Baal Bamet, 

Middlesex, in 1634, and m. Eliiabelh, 
daughter of John TiWBer, esq. 

VI, Thomas. 

IL Katherhie, m. to William Wor- 

Beld, esq. 
-~. Eliiabetb, m. to Robert Cnwby, 

> John FiogBaer, of 

IT. eiaaaor, « 

V. Jane, at. lo — Stintou, aaq. 

VI. Joan, m. first, to Henry Bri^t, esq. 
of Brockhnr^ ; and secondly, to 
Edward Annesley, esq. of Brookend. 

VII. Hary, m. to Edward Wynne, esq. 
of Thornton Curtis, in Lincolnshire. 

VIII. Anne, m. to Thomas Uoore, esq. 

IX. Joyce, ni. to — Newton, esq. of 

Thia Rowland died lit June, I6I1,and waa 
bnrind at Spetchley. He gave by his will 
£I00. to the Corporation of Clothiers in the 
ity of Worcester, to be lent out gratis for 
»o yean, to two thriving yonng men, exei- 
oiaing the trade of clothing diere ; but if 
such should not be fooud, then to be lent to 
thriving young men pursuing some other ho- 
nest calling. He was /. by his eldest son, 

WiLLUH Berkeley, esq. of Cotherid^, 
in the county of Wonxster, 6. in 1502, nlio 
espoused Margaret, daughter of Thomas 
Chettle, esq. of Worcester, by whom (who 
d. 2&th' September, 1649) be had one son 
and two daughters, vis. 

Rowland (Sir), his heir. 

Jane, m. to Henry Jeffivys, esq. of 

Holm Castle. 
Katherine, m. to JohnVemey, etq. of 
KingcstoUj in die county ofj^ War- 
Mr. Berkeley d. 4tk December, 1668, and 

Sir Howuhd Berkeley, kul. of Cother- 1613, who wedded Dorothy, daugh- 
ter oT Sir Thomaa Care, km, of Stamford, 
and badisane, 

I. Thohas, who died unmarried. In 
Greece, (his father still living), 26th 
October, 1669. There is a cenotaph 
on the south wall of the chancel of the 
church bearing the following inscrip- 
tion to this gendeman : 

" In mtmorj of Thomaa Berkeley, 
Mq. ton of Sir Rowland Berkelay, of 
this puiih of CotlHrid)(e, kught, who 
ODl orsgenanniicariaBtytoaeefereuiii 
countriw, want with his ezoillaaey. Sit 



Dmial Hwmj, ■■■lnwiliii txtnoidi- 
Din from King Cbarld II. to Sultan 
HuKmat Ku. ■mpenr of tli« Tnrki, 
■nd tnToUing iritli tba uid imbHwdor 
6mb Coiiit*atiBo|)lii tmrtnU TImimIo- 
nie*, whtn Iha anbundor wu (a »- 
CMT* hii udinue from llw anpcKM', 
Ml riA br tb* my, nd «t ■ dtr eillwl 
HWTM, u GtMM, diad OottriMc tb, 
1669, bein|r thictj j*«n of Agt, lod 
liMh boriad tb*r« anong the GiMk 

II. BuzAsniifWha beetune heir at de 
deceue of ber brother, m. Heniy 
GrMDe.eMi.of Wykio ui the cmin^ 
of Warwick, a jtutice of the peace, 
aged forty-one, in January, 1681, 
aod had, with junior iaaue, of whom 
waa HaaiA-REBicCA, the wife of 
John CraveD, eaq. and mother of 
William, fifth Lord Craven, 

Rowland GaBtH, who inherited 
the ettatei of hia grandfather. 

III. , m. to Sir 'DiomaB Steele, 

kat. one of the jnaticei of the Com- 
mon Plea*. 

IV. Rebecca, at. to Henry To wntend, 
eaq. of Elmley Loxat. 

V. Hary, m. to Richard Naah, eaq. of 
SL Peter's, Droitwicb. 

VI. Margaret, m. to William Bromley, 
esq. of Holt Cattle. 

Sir Rowland waa «. at hia decease by hii 

Rowland Orbeh, eaq. who 
psfsnance of the teatuneoCary iiyiuiction of 
hia piedeceaaor, die MiniaiiM of BeaKBLBT. 
Ha tm. Hary, daagbtor and co-heir at 
GeoTKC Bchnn, esq. ofCoandon, in War- 
wickAire, (fonnden kin at Winchester), and 
bad two aoDS and eight daughlen, Tia. 

I. Rowland, hi* beir. 

II. LnGy,M.A. in boly ordera.rectorof 
Great Whidey, and AcIod Bean- 
cbamp, in Warwicluhire, littng in 
1780, m. MiM Jana Cox, and had ■ 
«oo Rowland, LL.D. and a daoghtai 

I. Margery, d.aDmarried. 

II. Dorolfay, at. to William Callcott, 
esq. of Berwick, in Salop, fellow of 
New College, Oxford. 

III. Peiielope, William Green, 
"'s'Sna, j <Jied unmarried. 
VI. Margaret, m. to — Lloyd, eaq. of 

VM. Jane, m. to William. Lord Craven. 
VIII. Katherine, m. to Thomas fourth 

Lord Leigh (bis loKUUp'a second 
irife), and had ad 

T^e Hon. Anne LEion, who a 
Andrew Heskett, esq. 
Mr. (Green) Bericelej waa i. at hia deceaie 
by hii elder *on, 

Rowland Bbrkblet, eaq. of Cotberidge, 
who wedded Lacy, daughter of Anthony 
Lecbmera, esq. of SeYem End, and bad 

I. Rowland, his beir. 

II. Bdmnnd, "l all died 

III. Thomas, VADmar- 

IV. William, in bnly orders,J ried. 

V. Henry-Rowland, in holy orden, 
successor to his eldest brother. 

VI. Thomas, in holv orders, 1 

VII. AnthoTiy- Rowland, I died un- 

VIII. William-Rowland, tmarried. 

IX. Robert-Rowland, J 

I. Ammb, at. to the Re*. Richard Toii- 
KTHi, and waa mother of 

The Stv. RiCBARD Tonkvni, who 
hariDg assumed the anmaaie 
and arms of Bbrielev, is the 
present Rtv. Richard Berke- 
LRV, of Cotheridge. 

II. Lncy. 

III. Dorothy. 

IV. Hary, at. to Joseph Seveme, esq. 
of Bromyard. 

V. Margaret, in. to William Teo- 
mandj, esq. 

Mr. Berkeley waa t. by Ms eldest son, 

ROWUND BeRRELBT,caq. of Colherid^, 
who m. Hisa Sarah Carirannel, and dyiag 
t.p.ia 1770, was «. by hia brother, 

Tlu A**. Hbnhv- Rowland Bbrkelet, 
of Cotheridge, D.C.L. rector of Onibury. in 
Shmpahire, and of Sheleey Beaucbamp, in 
the county of Worcester, and a fellow of 
Winchester. This gentleman, who had 
been rector of Onihury for the lengthened 
period of sixty-seven years, having been 
presented to that cbnrcb by Earl Craven in 
I76&, died 17tb September, 1832, aged 
ninety-two, without issue, when the eitale* 
passed to (hia eldest sister's sod) hia nepbew. 
the Rev. Richard Tohkvns, who assumed 
the surname of Bbrkeley, and is lbs 
present proprietor. 

jirau— Ou. a chevron arg. betweeo tea 
crosses pat^ of the second. 

Crrit—k bear't head, coupcd arg. mnRded 

Jlf0tt^~-Dien avec nons. 

EitmUt—la Worcestershire. 

Seal— Cotheridge Coarl, Woroeslnsbire: 



CHILDER3-WALBANKE, JOHN, Mq. of CuUey, in Mu conntf of York, h. 
37th Hftj, 1798, m. in 1B24, Anne, only daughter of Sir Fnncialindleir Wood, bait. 
of HickletoD, in the ume shire, and has imua, 

LEONtao-JoHK, t. 33rd September, I89S. 

Rowland-PraDcii, k. 2&tk September, 1B30. 


Mr. Walhanke Childers, who reproMnts CambridgMhire in parliament, and is a 
g of York, nicceeded hia fiither, Colonel Childera, on 


Hdgh Childkbs, of Cut House,* in tbe 
county of York, Mayor of Doocaster in 
lOM. «. 3rd Febmary, 1506, MsrKaret, 
danghter or Mr. Alderman Hardy, of New- 
casdo-upoD-Tyne, and, dying in 1631, left, 
with a danghter, Harnret, m. 17th July, 
1<B7, to George Sitwell, esq. of Reniskaw, 
in the coonty of Derby, n son and nic- 

PnANai Chiu>eki, esq. of Carr Honse, 
baptii«d 3id July, 1607. This genllemaa 
married twice ; by his first wife he had two 
BOBS, who both appear to hare died yoanj, 
and a dangbter, Winiflvd, m. in 1650, to 

he left a daoghter, Frances, the wife of 
Richard Sheppard, gent, and a son, hia snc- 
ceaw»r in l«ee, 
Tbohab Chilous, esq. of Carr House, 

■ ThUMtatawunltiaMUlywridbjtlisCbildmi 
batlf b> J. H. Mswa.ceq. fran whran it wu pnr- 
ffcialit trf John Juntt, aiq. ud lahMqamtly 
mM by that Mitlaaisn to Gioi^ Cooke, taq. • 
yoMger son «t Geovga Cooks Vsriioiaggb, nq. 

I. I4di Norember, 1646, who m. EUnUlb, 
dangbler and co-heir of Leonard Thomp- 
son,* esq. and by that lady (who married 
for her second husband, in 1670, the Rev. 

Riding.) left at his decease, tMth Hay. 1674 
(beioE buried in the Church of Doncsister), 
■n only surriring son, 

Lkonahd CniuiEas, caq. of Carr House, 
b. in 1679. This gentleman m. first, in 
1606, Elisabeth, daughter and co-heir of the 
ReT. JohnHawhood, D.D. vicar of Arksey, 
and had four daughters, tIe, 

1. MiLOBED, M. first to WiLUsii WsL- 
BANKE, esq. of Kirkbrfa^, in tho 
county of York, and had a son, 
CHiLneai WiLB>NKE, successor to 
his grandfather. 
Mrs. Walbsnke espoosed, secondly, 
John ThompMjn, esq. of Xirby Ball, 
I). Margaret, died an infant. 
... u— ~.. (both died onmarried, 

III. Frances, ^^ ^jj^_. j^, ^^^^ ^ 

IV. liucy, (,oonger in 1768. 

BIr. ChUders wedded secondly, llrsnla, 
daoghter and co-heir of Francis Wyvil, esq, 
son of SirCbriitopher Wyvil, bart. and had 
three other daognters, who all died num. 
He espoused tbfrdly, Martha, daughter of 
the Rev. Doctor Blore, snd relict of Mr. 
Wilson. He A 20th November. 1748. was 
buried at Doncasler, and s. by his grand- 

Childbm WiLBANKa, esq. who 
" CHiLnCRi. 

on Inheriting, die additional s 

" He wedded first. 

Hary, daughter of John Thompson, esq. of 
Kirby Hall, by whom (who d. in 1773) he 
had tsnie, 

John, his heir. 

Leonard, of Doneaster, at. Saiab-ADne, 
daughter of Sir Charles Kant, bart. 

* Ur.ThoBpnM*raatwi«alordRU7orofVoik. 



and djring 34th Janoaiy, 1S96, aged 
fifty-MTCD, \e{l 

1. ChBTlcB-Heury. 

2. OeoTge-Leonud. 

3. Edward. 

4. Frederick. 

1. Hary-Aiiiie. 

2. Loalaa. 

3. Francea. 

4. Sophia-Charlotte. 

William, in holy orden,H.A. rector of 
Beeford, vicar of Caalley, and pre- 
bendai^ of Ely. 
Haria, diedyODDg. 
Mr. Walbuike-Cnilders ni. Mcondly, Sarah, 
daughter of the Rer. — Fowler, of Shrop- 
•hir«, and had 

Michael, an officer in the army. 
Harriet, m. to dte Rev, R. Thompaon, 

of Aakham Brian, Dear York. 
Anna-Hildmda, at. to Richard Bell, 

e«q. of Newcastle-npon-Tyne. 
EllxB-Diana, m. to Edward Radford, 


Mr. Cbildera waa (. at fata deceaM, t6th 
Jnne, 1803 (being interred at Cantley), by 
hia eldeit Mm, 

JohnWalbanke-Childehs, eiq.of Cant- 
ley , who m. at St. Georse'i, Hanover Square, 
in March, 17S7, the Hon. Selina Eardley, 
diird dauehter and co-heir of Sampaon, 
Lord Eardley, and had isiae. 

John, hia heir. 

Eardley, in holy order*, at. hi* eoiub, 
Mana-Charlotte, eldeit dan^^ter ef 
Sir Cnlltng Smith, bait, and died at 
Nice in 1830. 

William, captain in the 43nd itffmmt, 
ta. 16th Angnit, 1838, Maiy-BliBa- 
beth, relict of Robert Home, eM|. . 

Leonard, deceaaed. 

Charlea, in holy orden. Vicar of Cant- 

Selina, m. to Georn Bnrrongha, e«|. 
R.A. and died at Gibraltar. 

Charlotte-Aiue, d. October, 1838. 

Col. Cbildera died let Mardi, 1812, and 
wai f. by hia eldetl bod, the preaenl John 
WiLBAHKE-CuiutBU, esq. of Cantley. 

Armt — Arg. a croaa bnmetlie, between 
four ronnd bncklee galea. 
Crttt — A dexter hand graaping a ronnd 

Bitmitt — In (he countiet of Toik and 

Stat — Cantley, near DoDcaatrr. 

N«U. The celebrated borse Bav-Chil- 
DBRi, or F LYING Child EHS, which tnitaday, 
and long afterwards, was spoken of as Ue 
Seeteat racer ever known in England, was 
bred at Carr House, the former aeat of the 
Childon fanily. 


CRAUFURD-HOWISON, WILLIAM, asq. of Cranfiirdland, Im (he cotmty of Ayr, 
and of Bnehead, in Mid Lothian, t. 2dth Novamber, 
17SI,tN. IdtfaJone, 1S08, Jane- Esther, only daughter of 
Jamea Whyte, esq.* of Newmains, and had iasne, 


Janet- Winifred. 

♦ tfy 


Howison-CraufnTd, a magistrate and depatj- 
a Aynhire, succeeded hia mother, in 1833, 
who got possession of the estates of John Walkin- 
shaw Craofbrd, under a decree of the Hoow of Lords, 

* bii vile, EvTHia Cbji 

a daseaadaat of tba haily <rf CtaaftitdlaBd. 




Thi* k a funiljr of •■tiqmit; and emitience, 
» > part t4 Ibe emw 
npMl bare erer d 

Sim Rea)N«LD di CRAuruHD, 'horitable 
Aeriff of Anfaire, eip^ued in the begin- 
MBgortbetbirteenthcentnrjiMtaGiSET ItE 
Loudoun, only daughter vai beireis of 
Jamea de Louaono,* feudal Lord of Lod- 
doaa. aod had foar (ons, tJi. 

I. Hu«H, iDheritor of Londoan, whoM 
■OD and heir, 

HtROtRiT CKAUFiniD, tbe wife 
of Halcolm WaUace, Uird of 
Ellenlie, and mother of the re- 
nowned Sir Wiluan Walucr, 
atid a aon and mcceiMr, 

Sir RioiHiLD dr Craufurd, 

heritable iheiiff of Ajre, 

who died in I303,leaTiiigan 

only daogbler and beireu, 

Susannah Craufurd, of 

LoadoDR, wbft Keddfd 

Sir Duncan Camprell, 

and from this marriage 

•pringi the exiiting 


DOUH. . 

II. WilliMD. 
til. John. 
IV. Adam 

Tbe third ion, 

John Craufurd, obtained broad land* 
from his father in Clydesdale, and in right 
of his wife became chief proprietor of the 
barony. This John conferred Ahdoch, or 
CRAuruRDi.AND, ID Ayrshire, upon bis se- 

9, who lived in the time of 
Alexander II. and waa i. at bis decease 
hy bis son, 


Janes Craufuhd, of Crsufurdland, who 
foo^l Duder Wallace, and assisted at the 
election of that UlnstiiouB chief to the wsr- 
dcnahip of Scotland, at the Forest Kirk, in 
the ahif«ofSelkirk, anno 1297. Hewass. 
by bis eldest son, 

CRtUFURD, of Cranliirdland, who d. 

ik 1300, leaving a son and heir, 

John Craufubd, who obtained hota King 
RoR^T in. a charter of confinnattou of 
tbe lands of Ardoch, or Cnnfnrdlsud, dated 

■ Tb BiBOvr or LnDOBn, in the eoantv of 
Ayr, bdongad, in tb« tiax of King Dtno I. to 
sac LuuniDS, (fktber of James de Loudeoo) of 
Thieh, with oUwr lands, he oUsinid ■ cfauttr 
ftga Rithsnl da Mornlls. Bnau's Fttng* rnnd 

at Otmdonald, in 1301. This liird bwl, 
with other children, 

WiLUAM (Sit), his beir. 
John, who became Laird of Gifford- 
land. His son, 
John Cradfurd, of Giffordland, 
living in 1480, bad two sons, 
John, of Giffordland, who Ibll 
at Flodden, and 

Thomas, who settled at Birk- 
beid, where his direct dea- 

1766. when 
WiLUAM Craufcrd, of 
Fossil and Birkbeld^ 
alienated tbe latter es- 
tate to Alexander 
father of its present 
possessor, James Crau- 
FORD, esq. oC Birhbeid. 
The eldest snrviTing son, 

SirWiluah Craufurd, of Craofiirdland, 
distingnidied bimsrif in arms, and had 
the henor of knighthood frons James I. 
In 1423, be received a severe wound at the 
siege of Crevell, in France, and the next 
year we find him amongst the piisoners 
released with the Scottish king. He was i, 

RankineCea cfcr d, of Cranfnrdlaod, wbo 
married about the year 1430, and had three 
sons, WiLUAM, hh heir; Robert, a priest; 
and Andrew. He was «. by tbe eldest, 

William Ciuufiird, of Cranrnrdland, 
living in the time of James H. This laird 
wedded Janet Hamilton, dnughter of Bal- 
DowiB, and had issue, Archibald, his suc- 
cessor ; William, ancestor of the Craafbrtb, 
of Dean ; and Thomas, of Amlaird. The 

Archibald Craufurd, of CranfnrdlaiHl, 
flourished under Jahks III. He wedded 
lirst, Jean, daughter of Gilbert Kennedy, 
second lainl of Bargenny, and had a sou, 
Robert, of Ancbencaim, inNitbsdale, 
M. Elizabeth Muir, daughter of the 
Laird of Polkelly, and dying in the 
lifetime of his father, lell, 
John, heir to his grandfather. 
Wniiam, Laird of Walston, who 
wedded the dangbler of Howat, 
of Busbie, and bad two sons, 
John.of Walston, m. to Isabel 
Craufurd, heiress of Gifford- 
William, of BeanscroR. 

Robert Craufiird died in 1487, of s 
wound received at the Wyllielee, 
attendipg James Boyd, Earl of At- 




ran ; when that gmleimti was lUia ' 

by the Ewl of Clinton. 
Cnufurdlud wedded lecondly, the eldeil 
dau^ter of Archibald Bojrd,* of Bonthaw, 
and widow of Bngb 'Hair, of Polkelly, and 

TboniM, BDcestoT of the Craufard*. of 
ClaMlodiie and Powmill, in the ibire 
of Kinrou. 
William, Mcuretar^ to the Eail of Hoi^ 
ton, and progenitor of the Craafoidi, 
who settled m Tweeddale. 
Jean, m. to Calhcart, of Waterhead. 
Archibald Cranfurd wai >. »t his decease, 
by hii graodfon, 
'John CiiitUFuaD, of Cranfnnlland, who, 
in the reconciliatioD of the Boj'da aod 
Mootgomerys, obtained in marriage the 
hand of Janet Hontgomery, daughter of the 
Baron of Oiffin, and bad two sons, 

I. John, bis lucceasor. 

II. Archibald, bom after his fadier'i 
death, was bred to the church, and 
became parson of Eaglisham. He 
was also a lord of Sesaion, and secre- 
tary and almoner to the Queen Re- 
OBNT, HiKT,-t widow of Jambs V. 
with whose royal remains he was 
entnwted in IMO, to have them con- 
veyed lo France, for interment in the 
benedictine nooastery of St. Peter, 
at Rheima, of which hie sister, Kence, 
was abbess. Dorior bis slay abroad 
he obtained from Uie yoang qncen, 
. ^ ■ n,J rtiU 

• AlTBIUU BOTD, of BinshsW, Ittd 

duwhtars, the LuU Poltelly; Elisabeth, Lady 
Loehlaieni and HAaoAatr, miatnas of Jtmu 
iV. by wboiB ^M h*d. Aleimder Stewart, 
Anhbiafaap of St. Aodrewi ; tad Catbtrine, 
counieu of MDittm. Mirguet ^oji ennpag 
gml fiiTOiiT U court, procnnd Ibr haiaclf the 
iruil of the laird oT Howillu, ud maniad him. 
8b« likewiw brouKbt (bent tbs mirriigr* of hii 
(isim to tbf Imirdi of Cnuflirdluid ud Loefa- 
Itm. Bt tlie moni mlu of this Isdj, Ibe feud 
betwiil Ibe liiids of Cnufurdlmd and RowaUw, 
(tben ■uperioT of tbs lands of Aidooh) ww at 
Isagth •ettl«d, ud a new chtitar upon nd^atiiin 
grutod to the Laird of Cnofiirdland, oTArdoch. 

t Danghtsr of Cumoi ii I^nmu, Duu or 
Guisi, and mother of the nnfaappj HAar, Qmm 

i " RnnHi. We for tbe fcnde [ren ud tlnnik- 
All lerTice done to out deimt omquihil] mother 
the late Qnwn Regtnt oT our Reafan of Sootlud. 
be oai well belored Clerk, Mr. Arehibdd Cru- 
fiird, and for the gnde HrTire w« hope be itiU 
shall do DS in tymea coming, we tharclor, end (at 
dthars diTcra and raasoaable eanaei ud conaideia- 
tiona moriag ns, hare recAiTd and br yr pnaest 
receires him in the sum DBea he held in nr 
dearest motber'e time, wt sick like Stlarr aa be 
had of ber. and hi* entree to be yerto aeii and 
immediately after oar aniTing in our Raahn, end 
from tbeace to conliiiue in iba aaid oB«e art the 

preaerred fn die fkmily ardiives, reiu- 
Teating him with the oiSce of aectetkry 
and almoner, and rxprraaiiff of ol^ 
ligation for the serricea rendered 
to ber majesty's doceued mother. 
Thronghont Ibe qnees'a sabsMiiKMt 
unhappy reign, Cranfurd nerer onoa 
failed in loynlty and altadinMnt .to 
his ill-fated mistress. In die turim- 
lent times of 1661, the queen, ap|ire- 

plnce the sacred Teasels and para- 
phernalia in the custody of her re- 
spectable almoner, Hr. Archibald 
in Lochleren Caatle, Mart fonnd 
means to convey into the bands of 
this &ithfnl servant, certain piecea 
of plate for tbe service of ber laUe, 
which be safely preserved nnlil tlwy 
were demanded by the treasurer, 
Robert Richards<»i, and by him de- 

foni is still preserved at Cranfaid- 

land. Tbisestimableperson.Bmonnt 

the acts which adorned Us life, 

erected the West Klrit of GUwgow, 

and the brid^ of Ea^esham. 

Mr. Craufiird having accompanied Jamu 

IV. lo Flodden, fell there in the flower of 

hii ajce, anno 1&13. (His widow remarried 

with Robert Hunter, of Bunteriton). He 

waa M. by hi* elder son, 

John Craufurd, of Cranferdland, who 
wedded Margaret, daughter of John Blair, 
of that Ilk. by the liiy Eliaabetb Mont- 
mHnery, hU wife, daughter of Hagh, first 
Earl of Eglintoon, and had three sonsf and 
five danglers, vis. 

II. Thomas, whom. Margaret CraoAud, 
heir portioner of GilTordland. 

III. Robert, died nnm. 

I. Janet, m, to James Aochencross. of 

that Ilk. 
ti. Aenes, m. to Hugh Monlgomerj, of 

SmithaoD, bailUe of Kilwinning. 
III. Eliiabelh, m, to Alexander Arnot, 

of Lochrig. 

SOB of Three Jmndrsd matka jr for ec 

■nd i|iihila he be providit of any beoefie 

valne. In witaeas whereof we have anbalrribad 

thii with our hud and caaait affix our aisnet at 

Joinvilla, tbe aaventeaath dn of April, lbs yax 

of God, one thoniand ^rre nondied three aoota 

ud ne yeir." — Sabaaibed, Miau. 

* The ordinal invmtory of tbeaa omamAiita. 
with tbe aigiuttiuea, is still prte w vad bytheCrsn- 
ibrdlaad fuiily. 

t H«faiduillantimateaoo,R«faeft,arN(tfaci- 
towB, wbo Ml at Pinkie. 



IV. m. to AidriUld' Dmlop, of 


r. MuioD, M. to John Cnrrie, «sq. 
Thim laird obtained AcliarlernndertlieKTeat 
acal from James VI. of die lands of Gifford- 
laad. in AynUre, dated 27ttt March, 1978. 
Be d. in 1563. and waa (. by bia eldeat ton, 
JoBN CRAunmD, of Cranfordlaad, wbo, 
■poo bia fatber*! reaignatiaii, got a charter, 
dated IStfa Febrnai7. 1061. of the cbarch 
Ikods of Kilbride, in the ihire of Ayr. He 
bad likewise (rom Qium Mary, hj deed of 

(•till praaerred at CnnAirdland) die ward 
of the lands of Reidboll. lying in the 
■tewartry of Auandale. He m. Harnret, 

I. John, hii beir. 

II. HogbtportioiierofRQthergleii, mar- 
ried and had aereral mhi*, who all 
Milled ia Oenauy. 

III. Robert, of Howrat, d. nnm. 

IV. ArcUbaM, eonatable of Dnnhaiton 
Caatle, nnd mm of tbe haOliei of that 

I. Janet, n. flnt to Geone Campbell, 
of SlerenstoD ; iecondT]''. to Mnn§^ 

III. Marion, M. to William Shaw, of 
Cnufkrdland d. In 16D3, a^ aerentj, and 
was f. by his son, 

John Cuutukk, of Craofnrdlasd. This 
laird M. firat, in ISOO, Helen, danehter of 
Ja^«* Chalmers, of Gai^rt, by wnom he 
had one son and three danghters, vie. 

1. John, who m. in leto, Elisabeth, 
daoriiler of Alexander CnnniiigbBm, 
of <%rsehi]l, and by ber (who wedded 
■econdly. Sir David Barclay, of Lady- 
land) had two sons, 
John, aaccesaor to his unnd- 

Alexander, died an inlknt 
Be died a abort time before bii father, 
aged twenty-one, of a hurt received 
at foo^b«U, in 1613. 

I. Janet, m. to Alexander Cnnningham, 
of Waterston and Carlnnt. 

II. Agnes, M. to Thomas Cranfurd, of 

III. Helen, m. to William Rankine, of 

He espoused secondly, Cbriitian Wallace, 
daBghter of the Laird of Ancbans, and relict 
of James Roes, of Whiteri^s, by whom he 
had a son, Robert, who got tbe land* of 
Mookland, but d. m. p. anda dkoghter, Ca- 
Ukerine, the wife of Robert Slewait, of 


Backsinming. Tbe laird d. in 1613, aged 
forty-two, and was * . by his grandson, 

John CHiunniD, of Cranftirdland, i. in 
1611, who m. in 1630, Janet Ctumin^bame 
daoghter of Cnnningfaame, of Crugends, 
and bad issue, 

i. John, his heir. 

II. Alexander, of FeTgnshill, m. first, 
Elisabeth, daughter of John Max- 
well, of Sonthbsrr, and had issue. He 
wedded secondly, Isabel, relict of 
Bryce Boyd, of Pitcon, and daughter 
of Henderson, of Baikle, by whom 
he bad one son and a daughter. 

III. William, merobant and bargess of 
Glasgow, who M. Hardia, daughter 
of John Miller, and had, with one 
dsnghter, fonr eons, vis, 

1. Anthony. 

3. Matthew, desjgned of ScotstouB, 
and andiar of the Ecclerinstisal 

Dalmnple, of Couslaud. 
wedded secondly, Esther Fletch- 
er, eo-heirest of Cnnilon, and 
had, widi odier issne, 
John Cranfnrd, M. D. who m. 
Janet, dsnghter of John Orr, 
e«|. of Barrowfleld and 

John, the second, m. Miss 
Mary Johnston, of New 
York, and has issne. 

Esther, Ihe only dsnghter 
that married, was wife 
of James Wbyte. esq. 
of Newmains, and mo- 

FVKD, of Cranliirdlatid. 

r. Archibald, d in AfricB, aged twenty. 
VI. Robert, 
vii. Thomas. 

I. Elisabeth, m. to John Hsmilton, of 

II. Agnes, m. lo John Campbell, of 

V. Janet, m. to William Craufnrd, of 
Craofnrdland m. secondly, Margaret, dan. 
of Skeene, of Hallyards, and widow of Wil- 
liam Fairley, of Bmntfield. He wedded 
thirdly, Elisabeth, daaghler of Inglia, of 




Inglbton, and ralkt of 
miln, but had no fbrther bmll]'. He-rf. 
1686, aged •ermtT'-flva, and ma t. by hit 
eldett Mm, 

John Ckaofurd, of CVaafnrdland. Tkia 
Uird WB* imprUoned in 16S4, on napkina 
of beinf concerned in tbe ruing of Bolbwell 
Bii^. Be m. in 1697, Anna, daughter of 
Sir Archibald Stoart. of Caatlemuk, and 
dying in 1003, waa «. by hit eldett sod, 

John Cbavfurd, of Cfaofbrdlaod, who 
wedded Elicab«fli, daBefater of Hail Kerr, 
of Horrieslon, and had (with four younger 
•ons and two dan^tere, who all d. $. p.) 
John, his heir. 

Elizabbth, inccesaar to h«r Be(riiew. 
Craufurdland died in 1744, and waa *. by 

John Chaufurd, of Craofiirdland, iriio 
m. Giat, in 1710, Robina, daoghter and heb- 
«Ba «r John Walkiiwhaw, of thai llfc, and 
in eonaeqnence aMuraed the additional aor- 
oame and anua of the familyv By this 
lady he bad one son only to surriTe, John. 
He wedded secondly, Elenora, danehler of 
Sir Thomaa Nicolsoa, of Caniocfc, ana widow 
of the Hon. Thomaa Boyd. He died at 
Newcastle, 10th January, 17a>, and waa f. 
by his o^ child, 

John WitLXiNiHAW-CRAunnu), of Cran- 
fordland, appointed, in Angnat, 1761, fal- 

and attained the rank of lieutenant-colonel. 
He shared in the lictory of Detlingeu, and 
distingaiahed himself in the hard fonght 
field of Fontenoy. Colanel Craufurd was 
the intimate and faithful friend of the ill- 
Htei Earl of Kilniarnock, who snffered for 
•dhe^n U> the Stnnrta in 1745. He al- 
lended the nnhappy nobleman to the scaf- 
fold, and baditfon states that he held a 
corner of the cloth which received faishead: 
for which act of trying friendship hia name, 
it is said, was placed at the bottom of the 
army lisL Colonel Cranford <L at Edin- 
bvrgh, onmanied, in Febniary, 1793, aged 
seventy-two, settling his estate, by deed 
made on his death-bed, upon Thomas Coalts, 
esq. of London, banker. That iostnunent 
was, howerer, disputed by his aant and next 

EuzABGTH Cravfuhd, who inititnted an 
action of rednction, and after protracted 
litigation, carried on by herself and her suc- 
cessor, the deed was erentually reduced by 
a decree of the House of Lords in 1906, and 
the ancient estates came back to the rightful 
heirs. Miss Craufurd had m. fifsl, William 
Fairlie, of that flk, by whom she had one 
daoghter, who died in infancy. She espoused 
secondly, 3rd June, 1744, John Howison, 
esq. of Braehead, in Hid Lothian (see family 
of HowisoN at foot), and dying in 1S02, 
and ninety-seven, wa* (. by her only sor- 
VI ring child, , 

EuuutH HoinsoH-CKAOTvu>,of Brw- 
head, and, by the decree of the House of 
Lords, of CiuiiratDUHD. This lady es- 
poused, in 1777, the Rev. James Hoodie, 
who assumed the additioiial sonames of 
HowisoN and CRlunnUt, by whom (who 4. 
in 1S31) she had isne, 

Alexander, b. in 1780, it. ta 1706. 

WitxiiH, her heir. 

Hai^aret, deceased. 

and was «. by hw Only surviving so«, tha 
present WiiusK HowtsoN-CaaurUMD, esq. 
of Cvanfhrdland and Braehead. 

This famSv, of all those that have lived 
with repute in the district of Cramond, in 
Hid Lothian, Is by fkr As moat ancient, 
having continued Aera for more than three 
•entniies and a half. 

John Howjson, a borgesa of Edinborgfa, 

iH» I4fiO, was father of 

JsHBS Howison; who obtained a charter 
•f Cramond Regis in 1466. His son, 

GeoroeHowison, was witness toasasine 
of Sir John Honhray, of Bambon^e, flth 
October, 1511, of the lands of Cockaimy to 
bii nncle, William Honbray. He was *. 

Andrew Howison, of Cramond Regis, 
living in lUS, and father of 

John Howison, of Braehead, in the coonty 
of Mid Lothian. This John had a charter 
dated 13th December, 1576. Be at. Janet, 
daughter of Alexander Honbray, of Dai- 
ly, and dTinr in 1618, left, wiA ■ dangfa- 

. Elizabeth, the wife of William Horray, 
of Bamanno,* a son and (nccesaor, 

ALCXANDKa HowiaoN, of Braehead, who, 
by his wife, a daughter of Haldane, of 
SnghlOQ, had a son, his snocesaor In 1^7, 

Janbs Howison, of Braehead, who w. 
Alison, daughter of Ramsay, of Blaokmig, 
and dying in Hardi, 1680, waa bnried at 
Cramond, and succeeded by his son, 

ALBXANDEa H«wison, of Braehead, h. in 
1636, who wedded Martha, daughter and 
heiress of William Young, esq. uid left at 
his decease, in 1703, a son and heir, 

WiLUAii Howison, of b«ehead. Thin 

John, his heir. 

Charles, d. in 1780, without male iamie. 

, m. lu 1735, to William Danling. 

William Howison died of a fit of apoplexjr - 
in returning from Cramond Church, 20w 
Februwy, 1729, aged sixty-three, and waa 
t. by his elder sou. 

* Fiom wboin mrin^ the Hnttayi of Cado^ 
sad Ihi Hunys of Cnngdtie. 



John Howibon, trf.BiMhead, wIm m; <u 

CutrruED, I 

mtf. ■ hcMt ppT. oa k chief uore, three 
lenn-dC'lya or, for Hawison. 

Crttu — CKituruRD ; a muUe pilUr nip- 
twrtiDg a man'* heart, ppr. HowiaoH ; a 
dextH hand erect oooped at the writt. 

tiypperf nv — Two hoabanduieii in the dreu 
•T the Cportemth ccntary. One holding a 
flail, the other a baaon and napkin. 

JfMlac* — Crai^tuwd. Stant Inniza Deo. 
HowisoN. Sarmm oorda. 

£Mta* — FnnfnHland, Ayithiie, heU 
•uce the thirteenth century. Braehead, in 
Hid Lothian, Bince the time of Jakes I. of 
Scotland. Hr. Granfurd, in right of the 
lainbhip of Braehead, had the honor of 
peiforming (in Venaa of the reddendo in the 
charters of that estate, " Servitinm lavacri 
ia aomine allMS &rmm,")ihe folloiring *er- 
TiM to Xing Gboeob IV. at the banquet 

" A* aoon as the kiog had dined, a silrer 
basin containing rose-water was brought to 
his mtgestjF by William HowisoD-Cranfunl, 
yonngcr, of Braehead, who, in right of his 
mother, as proprietrix of Biaebead, in the 
county of Mid Lothian, claims this priTilege ; 
the service performed being the anstent 
tenonr by which tbe estate of Braehead ia- 
held. He was attended by Jtfastera Charles 
and Walter Scott, the one a son, the other 
a nephew, of Sir WaJter Scott, bart. as 
pages, attired in splendid dresses of scarlet 
and while satin. Tbe former holding a 
silTsr ewer, and tbe other a salver, wiU) a 
damask napkin of Scottish msnafaclure, and 
of the finest texture. Hr. Howison-Craa- 
furd knelt down to bis majesty, who, after 
he had dipped his lingers in the water, and 
wiped them with the napkin, acknowledged 
the serrice with affability and grace." 

Aob — Cranfnrdland Castle, near Kil- 
marnock, Ayrshire; and Braehead, in Mid 


GLBGG, BIRKENHEAD, om]. of Irble and Baekford, both in the county of Cbester, 
a lienteDant-^Deral in the army, 6. 1st November, 1765, 
m. first, 4th July, 1604, Emma, second daughter atul co- 
heir of Edwnrd Holt, esq. of Ince Hall, Lancashire, by 
whom be has two sons and two daughters, m. 
BASKBavYLB, captain in the 131b Lancers. 
Edward-Holl, lientenant in the Rifle Brigade. 
_ 1 — ■ — y Emma-Johanna, m. to Lee Townshend, esq. of (Hieshire, 

f^jl^ M General Gtegg espoused secoiully, in 1814, Sarah, 

^i^s^ H youngest danghter of Rer. Henry Barnard, D.D. rector 

of Maghera, in Deny, and has four other daughters, 

He sncceeded his fnther in 1604. 


The Anilv of wbicfa difs is a sdoB «e- 
qnlred the MUNOit or Gi VTON, In the coiuty 
of Chester, by the Aarriage of 

GiLBUtT Glboo with JoHANNS, eldest 
daughter and erentusJly sole beir of Ste- 
nu DB HiBTON, its lord. The great 
' n of that onion, 

JoHH Glboo, of Gayton (with whom the 
entry in the Visitation of 1566 commences), 
wedded a dmghter of Thomas Poole, esq. 
of Poole, and had three sons, tIz. 

I. John, bis beir, who continued the 
line of Oatton, which finally closed 




]fABvOi.ee4),b«plusdltt October, 

1711, who beonc the wife o^ 

John BuHCRVVLe, eiq. of With- 

iagtoD, uiil cODveyed the ettatc 

to tbkt family. Her graadaoD, 

John Bakkbrv vlb - Olboo, 

esq. of Gayton, wm ■heril' 

Of Cheshire in 1814. 

II. John. 

III. ThomM. 
The secoiul wiii, 

John Glego, eaq. grantee of Gunoe, in 
the county of Cheater, by letters patent 
dated 6th of Edwakd VI. wedded Sibilla, 
daughter and co-heir of Roger Ledtham, of 
Chester, and waa «. by his ion, 

RooER Gleoq, esq. of Caldey Grange, 
who m. Aiuie, daughter of William Hoclien- 
hull, esq. of PrentoD, and left a son and 

of Teaamore, and dying 4ili 
Ai^tut, 1714, aged thirty-three, 
was ». by his eldeM son, 
WiLLUH Glego, eaq. of Caldey 
Grange, h. in 17D4, M. De- 
borah, second dao^ter and 
co-heir of Henry Birken- 
head, eaq. of Back ford, bat 
having no isaae (Mrs. Glegv 
M. secondly, Lieat.-Cotonel 
Crosbie, and d. t. «.) wm 
t, at his decease by his bro- 
John Gleco, esq. of Caldey 
Grange, 1712. Thisg«- 
tleuan'a only aon and beir, 
WiLuaN Gleoo, esq. sold 
the manor of Great 
Caldey to John I«igb, 

William Gleog, esq. of Caldey Grange. 
This gentleman espoused Alice, danebler of 
Thomas RatcUffe, es(}. of West Kirb^, and 

whom he hi 


Elizabeth, at. to George Watson, 

Alir«, m. 10 George Beunet, esq. of 
He d. Bth November, 1636, aged serenty- 
seven, was buried iu the cbnrch of West 
Kirby, and succeeded by bis son, 

William Gleoo, esq. of Caldey Grange, 
who was above twenty-fonr years of age at 
the visitation of 1613. He m. Hannah, dan. 
of Sir John Bowyer, of Knipersley, in the 
coanly of StaDonl, bv whom (who d. 20th 
September, 1070, aged seventy, and was in- 
terred with her husband at West Kirby.) 
he left at his decease, 16th December, 1644, 
a son and successor, 

Edward Glego, esq. of Caldey Grange, 
(, in 1622. This gentleman angmented nis 
estate by purchasing in 1650 and 1656 the 
manor of Irrie, in the county of Chester, 
from Elizabeth Ratbbone and Alice Clarke, 
the danghlers and co-heir* of Thomas Leigh, 
gent, by whom it was acquired by fine, for 
the sum of £400, from John Harpur, in the 
44tb Eltzaeeth. Mr. Olegg wedded first, 
Martpirf t, daughter of Wiluam Glegg, eaq. 
of Gayton, by Cicely, his wife, sister and 
co-heir of Thomas Sephton, esq. of HoUing- 
ton, and had a son, 

I. William, (. in 1663, who succeeded 

at Caldey Grange. He m. and had, 

with a danghter, Margaret, the wife 

cf — Becket, esq. a son and heir, 

Edward Gleoo, esq. of Caldey 

Grange, who m- Elizabeth, dau. 

and lieirrss of J<An Kent, esq. 

secondly, Anne, only daughter of Roger 
Lowndes, esq. of Overton, in Cheshire, and 
by her (who d, 6tb Jtine, 1676, aged iftj- 
one,) had two other sons, via. 

II. Edward, ofwhoia presently. 

III. John, of Tranmore, living in 1703. 
He M. his flrat coniin, Hannah, only 
daughter of Roger Glegg, esq. and 
had issue. 

Hr. Gle^ wedded thirdly. Hiss Anne Thel- 
wall, witbont, however, having any addi- 
tional family. He bequeathed, at bis de- 
cease, to his second son, 

Edward Gleoo, esq. the manorial estate 
oflrbie. This gentleman at. Jane, daughter 
of John Scorer, gent of Westminster, by 
whom, whti was buried at ThnTBtaDston,7A 
March, 1720, aged forty-six, be had iasne, 

I. John, bis heir. 

II. Roger, who died unmarried 7th De- 
cember, 1777. 

I. Pmdence, died young. 

II. Anne,«i. to tbe Rev. John Urmson, 
of Neston, and died 6ih February, 
1769, aged sixty-one. 

Mr, Glegg <L in Dec. 1703, was buried Ow 
30th of that month at Thnrstauton, and «. 

John Glegg, esq. of Irbie, who as. Praa- 
ces, eldest daughter of Henry Birkenhead, 
esq. and co-heiress of her uncle, Tbtwuta BACiiF0RD,(Ree family of 
Birkenhead, at foot), by whom (who d. 14th 
April, 1701) he left at his decease, in 1768, 
adangbterUary, ni. to Robert Dod, esq. of 
Rowton, and an only surviving son, 

JoHK Qlboo, esq. of Irby, who wedded in 
1762, Betty, eldest dan. of John Baskervyle 
Cle^, esq. of Wifbington and Gayton, by 
whom (who rf.tKh Julv, 1610, aged aeventy- 
seven, and was buried at St Mary's, Ches- 
ter) he left two aon* and a dau^ter, vis. 
BiRKCNHUD, his keir. 




Hr. Gkac d. in 18M, in tbe ■erenh^-thln] 
j«ar of ttu age. iriia boried at St. Uu^'i, 
■■d «. by bU elder, aon, the pretenl Lmq- 
tenaBt-fenaral Bikkbnbbad Olboo , of Bed- 
ford «M Irbie. 


ADaM BinsBKnui), of Hnxley. IlTing 
tfmp. Hbhrv VII. and Henhv VIII. de- 
riving from John De Birkenhead, who 
looriafaed in the rai^ of Edward III. 
w«dd«d Alice, daughter and heirew of John 
Hnxley, of Huxley, and bad iaaue, 

I. John, who m. Jane, daughMr and 
heir of Ralph Done.etq.of Crowton, 
in Cheahire. 

II. HiNRT, of whom presently. 

III. Hngh, BDceator of a branch seHled 
at Rivineton, in Lancashire, 

tv. Ralph (Sir), who was the fint re- 
corder of Cheater, (2l»t Henhy VII.) 
m. Mary, daughter of Ri^er Brad- 
■hftir, eiq. of Haigh, in I^ncaihiiw, 
and had a ton, Robkrt, created an 
esqnire, by invwtitnre of collar S8. 
and lilrer ipnrs the day after ihe 
battle of Leilh, in which be Ibnght, 
and«r the earl of Hertford. 
II. Alice, tn. to Jobs Wbidnore, eaq. 

of Tbnnlantoo. 
III. Elisabeth, m. to ThomaaHnrleston. 
of Hnrleaton. From this marriage 
descended the f'milv of Hurlu- 
TON OF PicTON, in Cheshire, which 
continned until the demise, in 
1734, of CnjtRLES HuRLESTON, esq. 
issueless, learing his nieces, Anne, 
who married. Erst, Geoffry Shaker- 
ley, esq. and secondly, John.Viscounl 
Kilmorey; and M*RV, na. to John 
Iicche, esq. of Garden, his co-heirs. 
Adam BErkenhead washuried atSt Mary's, 
in Chester, where a nonoment remains to 
his memory. His second son, 

Hbnry Birsbnhfjid, esq. clerk of the 
gr^en cloOi to King Henbt VIII. prothono- 
tan^ and clerk of the crown for the connttes 
of Chester and Flint, wedded Alice, dBU{^- 
lerofJobn Homcliffe, eaq. of Hallowbnry, 
io Essex, and dying in I6A8, was sncceeded 
by his son, 
HtNRr Bibkbnhbad, esq. of Huxley, who 

ties of Chester and Flint. This gentleman 
jmn-hssfd. tn the 13th of Elizabeth, from 
nomas Aldersey, the manor of Backfohd, 

with estates in Bromborough, in Cheshire, 
He m. first, Mary, daughter of Hugh Bo*- 
tock,e«q. of Hnxley, and secondly, Eliia- 
belh, daughter of Henry Bunbnry, esq. 
of Stanney, by the latter of whom (wbo^, 
13tb Annist, 1099) he had issue, 

I. Henry, his heir. 

II. Thomas, b. in 1582, m. Alice, dan. 
■nd heirew of Thomas Roberts, of 
Chester, and had a son, 

Thomas, b. lOlh March, 1634, m. 
Diana, second daughter of John 
Birkenhead, esq. and dying in 
1685, ten issue, 
1. Thomas, who inherited 
Backford at the decease of 
his cousin io L720, of whom 
3. John, H. 1. f. 1669. 

3. Henry, who m. Miss Re- 
becca Jones, of the county 
of Denbigh, and left two 
daughters, viz. 

Frances, b. 4th Jane, 
1704, (co-heir to her 
uncle,) who m, John 
Glego, esq. of Irbie, 
andtf. I4th April, 1791, 
and was grandmother 
'~ of the present Lieute 

nant-general GLECG,or 
Irbie and Backford. 
Deborah, b. 31st March, 
1706, M. first, toWil- 
.. . , liam Glegg, esq. of 

^', Grange, and secondly. 

Lieutenant-col. Charles 
Croabie. She d. with- 
out snrrlTing issue, eth 
March, 1796. 

4. Philip, who d. t. f. 
1. Diana, 4l. nnm. 

3. Mary, b. in 1667, m. to 
Thomas Johnson, of Ches- 
ter, merchant. 

III. Geo^, of Hilton Brook, who m. 
Catherine, dau. of Henrv Plumbe, 
esq. by whom he had Henry and 
Thomas. The Utter was father of 

Dr. Henry Birkenhead, fellow 
of All Soul's College. Oxford, 
BUthor of seTeral poetic pieces, 
and founder. In 1707, of the pro- 
fesBorsUp of poetry in die uni- 
rersity of Oxford. 

I. EliMbeth,m.taHenry Browne, gent, 
of Upton. 

II. Fruices. 
til. Ursula. 

IV. Eliza. 

V. Margaret. 

VI. Bridget, M. to John Chetwode, esq. 
of Oakley. 



of John Sin^eton, caq. of ^ainiDK, In [«n- 
cuhire, umI by ber, who died in NoTember, 

I. Henry, bu beir. 

II. John, •neeeMor to bii brotber. 
I. Eliiabedi, k. In 1007, m. to Imws 

Beverley, eao. «Ueit aem vt «r 
r, B a^^ jn(_ „(■ HUntiiig- 

II. Anne, died yoan;. 

III. Mar^re't, resident at Huxley, d. 
■nm. IS24. 

tv. Anne, fr. in 1604, M.'lo Peter Lezh. 

esq. of Bircb, yaangOT son of Sir 

Peter Legfa, of Lyme. 
V. Eleanor, t. in 1605, m. to Tbomu, 

second son of Sir Henry Baabnry, of 

Vi. Hary, h. in 1600, m. to WEUIun 

'Ztownes, eiq. of Worth and Shrigley. 
VII. Bridret, d. t. p. 
ynu Madlda, n. to Hagb HoUuubed, 

Mq. of Heywood. 

IX. Barbara. 

X. Amey. 

Mr. Bbkenbead'died 7th Harcb, leU, and 
wu I. by hi* elder ton, 

Henht BiHKBNHEAD, e«q. of Backford, 
baptized at Waverton, September, IfiBD, 
who M. Margaret, danehter of Sir Handle 
Mainwaring, of Otct PeoTer, with a mar- 
rian portion of £860. and had three loui 
and two danghlen, who all pre-deceased 
bim nnmarried. He d. himtelf in 1060, 
wa* baried in the church of St Sepnichie, 
London. Hi* brotber, 

John Birkenhead, esq. of Backford, b, 
in 1000, wedded Jane, daughter of Captain 
Berrington, of LichGeld, and had isaoe. 

Singleton, his heir. 

John, died in infancy. 

Alice, b. in 1638, m. to Joseph Cortns, 
and bnried at Backford, SSnd Jnne, 

Mana, ». in 1630. 

Arbc, t. in 10^ tM. in ie6&, lo Hat- 
d»ew Ellia, gent, of Overl^i. 

■ (occeeded at hit de- 


Ur. Birkenhead v 
oease, in 1007, by his son, 

SiiraixTov BiRKRHHUs, esq. of Back- 
fad, ft. IMkAnfi, 1 ' 

'" " May, M 

William Brock, esq. of Untou 
and Bradley, and died in 1604, baTing had, 
besides several other children, who aU died 
unmarried, a son and anccessor, 

John Birkenhead, esq. of Backford, b. 
6th October, 1676, m. in 1703, Jane, daugh- 
ter of Charles Hurleston, esq. of Picton, biit 
dying witbont issue, in March, 1720, thn 
estates devolved upon his kinsman, {refrr 
to Henry Birkenhead, the [ ' 
Backfoi4, temp. Euubrth), 

Thomas Birkenhead, esq. who tbos be- 
came of Backford. TbisgentleraaneiyQjed 
the inheritance but fonr years, and dyinc 
then, anuo 1724, issneleu, the estate* and 
manor of Backford devolved in equal parts 
upon bis nieces, Frances B:rkenur*d, Uie 
infe of John Gleog, esq. of Irbie, and De- 
borah Birkenhead, of William Glbog, 
esq. of Grange, Those divisions are now, 
however, vested in lietitenant - general 
Gleog, who inherited one moiety uiranrt 
his grandmother, the said Frances, and at 
other from his grand-aunt, (in 1786), the 
said Deborah. 

Arm* — Qvarterly ; first and fourth, 8a. 
..'0 lions counter-passant, in pale arg. a 
crescent within a crescent for difference, for 
Gleoo. Second and third, Sa. three garbs 
or, within a border arg. for Birkenhead. 

Cruit — First, A hawk, with wings ex- 
panded, preying on a partridge, all ppr. for 
Gixoo. Second, A goat, saliant, arg. attired 
or, resting its fore-feet on a garb, for BiBX- 

C«ian*— Backford and bbie, CatesUt*. 
&af— Backford. 


VAUGHAN, ROBERT-CHAMBRE, Mq. of Bnrlton Hall, in tbe eoonty of 
Salop, (. 3nl June, 1796, m. 11th SeptMnber, 1836, Anna, third daughter of tbe 
Hon. Edward Massy, second son of Hugh, second Lord Massy, of Duntrileagiw, in 
tbe kingdom of IreWd, (see Burke's Peerage), and has issue, 

Mr. Vanghan, who it a graduate of Oxford, sncceeded to tbe representation of tha 
ftmily at the decease of bis father, Obtain Tbomaa Vanghan, who was loat at sea, on 
the 27th May, 1804. 




Tbia, wiOi lereral olher DOtakU families 
OD tbc Welch border, dedncn ft* oripn from 
the celebrated Tu DOS Tkevor, and' through 
Iiiln firom the aaciBiit prince* and aoblci of 


Tnir tt Cadvioch , lord of Both Maylore, 
Osweatiy, and Whininston, Odb of the 
iMrcnu of flie Prince of Powis, (lineally 
dcacended froiil Cadell Deimllue, Prince 
of Poiria, who sprang from Gwilheirn 
Owelhenan, called Vorttgern, by the En- 
^iah hiMoriana) eipcmaed Rhienger, daugh- 
ter ftnd aole heir of (he eari of Hereford, 
mad had a son, 

Tudor Trevor, (m called becanae liom 
or nvraed at Treroi), liTing in 934, who 
wa» lord of Haylora, fee. from bii father, 
and in ririitof his mother, EarL of Here- 
n>KD. [leai.ADgbarad,orGladnsia,dangh- 
ter of Howell DdJi, King of South Wdes, 
A.D. W7, and had iuae, 

I. Qronwt, Earl of Hereford, whoae 
only daughter and heiress, m. (he 
Lord of Bnillt, and had a sod, Atbel- 
*tan Glodrydd, who became EaH of 
Hertford, and Lord of Carmarthi 
. Llddocha, of whom preientlj. 
" — gad, from — ■--— - 

TbB second aoD, 

Llddocha, Lord of Haylors and Osires- 
trjr, married Angharad, daagbter of Jago 
ap Idwall, Prince of North Wales, (A,D. 
1031) and bad a son and mccenor, 

Id^twARCH Gam, a nobleman in Haylora, 
BraadAtber of 

Rts »r EDNTvrr, (commonly called Rhys 
Saia, from being bred among the English) 
Lord of Ofwestry, Whittington, and part of 
Maylon, wedded in 1137, Eva, daughter of 
Orifilfa. Prince of South Wales, and had 

Tudor ApRraSAis, LordofChiric.and 
pan of both Haylors, from whom ai« 

descended (says the old family pedi- 

) " Lloyd of Halghton, in Hay- 

; Hoatyn, of Moatyn ; Edwards, 

gree) " Lloyd of Halghton, i 

lor»; Hoatyn, of Moatyn ; E , 

of Chirk ; all the Trevors, Lloyds, 
of Taiwin, Wittinglon, and Bryu, 
the Pennants, Dymmocks, and maoT 
more in Mayloia." 
Elidyr ap Ryb Sais, Lord of Eyton, 
ancestor of the Eytona, of Eyton, &c. 
IDDON AP RvB Sais, of whow liae ws 
bare to treat 
The thin) son, 

Trayan, bate for hi* coat armoor " arg. a 
cber. between three boars' headacouped gu. 
armed or, and langned atare." He mamed 
Alice, daughter of Sir John Done, knt. of 
UtkintoD, in Cheshire, by Elizabeth, his 
wife, daughter of Sir William Butler, knt. 
of Warrington, and was (. by his son, 

Trehavarh apIdi>oh, LordofDudliston, 
who wedded Elen, daughter of Sir Jeffrey 
Cornwall, knt. Baron of Burford, and had, 
with other issue, a (fifth) son, 

HwFA AP Trehavahn, who had, by Gr>- 
velkind tenure, his share of bis father's 
lands in Dndliston. From Ibjs Hwfa ap 
Trehayam, the sixth in descent, 

EioNioN Vychan ap Ednvvit, of Plas 
Thomas, in Dudliston, county of Salop, 
espoused Myranwy, daughter of Jevan ap 
Ednerit Gam, lineally descended from 
Tudor Treior, and was great grandfather of 
Rhys ap Llewellyn, gent of Plas 
Tbomaa, in Dudliston, who had five sons, 
Tbomas, a catholic priest ; Edward, of Plat 
Ithell : John Lloyd, who d. t. p.; Robert, 
of Plas Owen, and 

John Vauohan, fonrih aoo by birth, bnt 
second by bearing, in coat of arms, father 

Thomas ap John Vavghan, esq. of Plas 
Thomas, in the coun^ of Salop, who m. 
Joan, daughter of Philip Jennings, esq. of 
Dndliston, by Diana, his wife, daughter of 
Sir William Bowyer, hart.* and left, with 

' ThnmghlhiialliiDce.tlMpTeMBtMr.Vtti^iin 
prOTm fbunder'a kin to AUSonUCoUfl^.OxAnd. 

TBOiiAtCaicBiu,Df HiKhBc FecT«iB,iD North- 
■mptonihire, who died (3th Febniuy, 1400, left 
thrM SOBA, firm, HtUKi, wolibiibc^ of Cuitn. 
bniy, and FouHDia Of All Sooi.'i ' ~ 

bert (Sir), lord am 
l^ltl i iDd, thiid, ' 

WiLUAM CmcaaLi, shtiilT of London, whose 

AoHn CHicHua. muried WilUain Kaas, of 

Ion, in 1411, md 



Hordlej', id Shroptbire, who m. Elinbetli, 
duighler of — BiiHr, of Whittle, m the 
uine countj, and hkd bane, 

Tbonua, wbo died while ptmoing his 
■ladies b Oxford, in 1674, without 

Peter, heir to his &ther. 

The Rev. Hr. VanghMt, wu «. at hit deceHe 
hy his eldest Bornviiig son, 

Peter Vauohan, esq. of Plas Thomu, 
living in 1696, as appears by a settlement 
of his estates, made on the 12th December, 
of that year. He m. Eliiabeth, danshter of 
the ReT. Joseph Ottiwell, ricar of Elles- 
mere, and dyioK in 1700. was buried in 
Dndliston Chap^, on the 22nd Hr;.* 

W«1U»]I, in ElIhuQ, Kent, iberiff in tbs i6tl> 
Hshhv VI. and left i dsngbter, 

Bainin Kins, wbo wedded Sir WOlism Tnia- 
iel, md wM mother of 

Su EdwiuTsuuu, oTCnblwIan, IB Stafford- 
ihira, knigbt of tha Bstb, wbo disd lOtb Jnne, 
14th HtmY VII, Hi* dsughter ud hcireu, 

EtnABBTH Tbdmil, espmuod Jobn de Vem, 
Earf of Oxford, ud b*d l^ his lordship, (wbo i. 
in 1539) with serenl otber children, 

L*iiT Fbihcu di \TtM, whow. Heniy How«d, 
Eol of Smray. and their gTsnddiughtsr, 

Tbs Lid* Cintam Howawd, muryii^ in 
leOB, Willisn Cecil, Earl of Saliibnry, wis 
nuMber of 

Chablis, VncotJifT CuANioijBBi, who ■. line, 
dmebier and co-beii of James MaxwsU, Eul of 
DtriMon, and luid, inter alios, a dsDRhtar, 

HoM. Fbabcss Cscn., who wedded Sir WilUsni 
Bovyer, bsit, of Denham Court, and by bim. (wbo 
died in Iff 1) left with other israe, a daughter, 

Diana Bowteb, wbo ■>. Pniur Jihnimoi, em 
of DadlistOD, in ^lop, and was mother of 

Joan Jenniuds, h. (as in tbe text) to Tnoiij 
Ar John Vadoban, ew). (fteat-grest-greal-gratt 
grrndbtber of the present Rosibt Cba 
Vaodhan, uq. of Burlton Hsll. 

' Peter Vsnghan's two eldest sou were 
1 John, the Istter it. t. p. in 1711. 

His third son, 

Phiup Vauohan, eaq. of Bnrlton, asd ' 
who eventnally became representntiTe of 
the family by default of iesne in the elder 
branches, baptized lOth October, 1600, mnr- 
ried 30th Jannary, 1716, Jane, danghter of 
R^r Solas, esq. of Rayton, by Katherine, 
his wife, daughter of Arthur Chatnbre, eaq. 
of Bnrlton, *nd left at his decease in 1760, 
with oflier issue, a son and successor, 

Thomas Vauohan, esq. of Bnrlton and 
Plas Thomas, b. February, 20th 1720, wh» 
espoused in 175e, EliMbeth, daughter of 
Thomas Cbambre, esq, (see family of Chah- 
Me, at foot) and had issue, 

Thomas, his heir, bom 21st Hay, 176S. 

Eliiabeth, who died unm. 21st January, 

Sarah, wbo likewise d. unm. 10th Jaa- 
uary, 1B33. 

Jane, now living antn. 1S34. 
Hr. Vanghan died 21st April, 1780, and waa 
buried at (he eastern end of the parisit 
church of Loppi»Elon.* His only son and 

Vanghan, of the Wood, d. 1719, and 
his only sarriring child, 

TsOMAi Vauobah, «q. of Ibe Wood, matned 

Smh , md hsd hy her. (who d. 1764) two 

dangfaters, MsMsret, wbo d. in lTt9 ; and Sa.ah, 
who beeofung Mir to bar bthei. At bis death, in 
ITST, and dying mnmnied, in l753, bequeathed 
the old iami^ estate of Plai Tbomsa to her neat 
nnda Philip Vaugban, «q. of Buriton, third son 
of Peter Vanghan, of Plas Thmnas 
Wood l« bM notber snd ber heiis. 

Thomas Vauohan, esq. of Burltoo and 
Plas Thomas, an officer in the army, sold 
the latter esUte, which had been for so manj 
centuries uninterruptedly possessed hy bis 
anccBtors. He (redded in 1795, Lowry- 
Nanney. daughter of William '^^d, esq, 
of Haes-y-nenadd, sheriff of Herioneth- 
sbire in 1758, wbo assumed the surname of 
Nanney, upon iaberiting the estates of his 
mother's family (see p. 181,tof this volume), 
and left an only child, Robert Chahbrr. 

Captain Vanghan, was lost on hispa*- 
sage homeward, in the Prince of Wales 
East Indiaman, on (he 27th May, 1804, and 
was succeeded by his son, the present 
Robert-Chahbeh Vauohan, esq. of Bnrllon 

Tamils -tf eiodn. 
John ue Chambre, who held, tuider 
Henry Lacy, Earl of Lincoln Constable of 
Chester, two canicates of laud, in Llewenne, 
Denbighshire, A.D. 1310, is stated in a very 
ancient and mutilated pedigree, to have 
been descended from " Johan de la Chaum- 
bri, a nobelle Normanne, who entrcd 
Englaunde in ye trains of King WiUiaumn 
ye Conqueranre." He m. Helen, daughter 
of Lewis de la Hoce, and was grandfather 

of « , . 

Joshua Chahbrr, wbo m. Cathanne, 
daughter of Edmund Charlton, of Powi% 

• Hia widow, wbo died in 17*1, liaa in d» 

t Where, bowerer, tba Iste C^it. Vangbm b 
erroneously called JoHM. 




ai h*d. (with levend other tonB, iqcI a 
iiat^Ut, Cecilia, wife of Hadoc ap Evan), 

HniiGANClljtMBRE. This gentleman wed- 
M Anoe, daughter of Henry Ferrers, and 
«u peit-great-great grandfather of 

JiNUN Chahbke, of Bnrlton, to tfa 

nwDl)' of Salop, who had two sons, namel] 

I. Richard, of Petlon, in SbTopahin 

1. Arthur, of Petlon, who i 
Mu|;arPt, daughter of Prancea 
Charlton, esq. of Appley, in 
Salop, and left, with a daughter. 
Mar;, wife of Riehsrd Wright, 
esq. of Stretlon, aerjeaot-a' 
arms, a aoo aod heir, 

Arthur, of Petton, liriog Id 
1A23, who m. Katherine, 
daughter of Rohert Sand- 
ford, esq. of Sandford. His 
Henrt, (who ia supposed 
to have died t.p.) sold 
Petton in \669. 

2. George, who m. Judith, daugh- 
ter and faeir of Walter CaldecotI, 
esq. of William Bcott, in Oxford- 
■hire. and had a son, 

Caldecon Chauibre, of Willes- 
cott, in Oxfordshire, a»ne 

3. Francis, who m. Hisa Dorothy 
Briatowe, of London. 

4. Leonard, who n. Anne, daugh- 
ter of John PrvDce, of Salop, 
and relict of WUIiam Colfox. 

&. Michael. 

6. Gabriel. 

7. Andrew. 

The KcoDd aoo, 

John Chambre, es^. purchased lauds in 
iIm lordahips of Loppington, Weui, lie. and 
wu father of 

HuxniRET Chamrre, esq. who n. Jane, 
dsqjhter of — Barber, gent, of Coogage, id 
Salop, and had two aona. 
Thou AS, hii heir. 

George, from whom spraog the Cham- 
bres of LoppiDgton and WolTerley. 
Franda Chambre, of Wolverley, 
lirinK in 1686, and nhoM will is 
dated aeth December, 1S7S, was 
father of 
John Chahbhe, of Wolverley 
Hall, who M. at Wetn, 6th 
December, 1681, Miss Sarah 
Waring, and had issue, 
I. Francis, of Petton, who 
left (with two daughtera, 
the elder m. to — Cotea, 
esq. and the younger to 

— Jennings, esq.) three sons, 
(he two younger died with- 
out issue, the eldest, 
John, who Te-purcbased 
in 1761, such parts of 
the Petton estate as 
had been alienated by 
his anceators, m. the 
daughter of — Alher- 
ton, esq. and left three 
daughtera, his co-heirs, 

1. Hannah, m. to 
Edward Corbet, 
esq. of Tnjrsyma- 
engwyn, (this gen- 
tleman sold (he 
Petton estate (o 
the late John Spar- merchant, 
of Lircrpool), and 
left au only daugh- 

Elinor Corrit, 
nt. to Thomas 
Powell, esq. of 
Nanleos, (seB_ 
vol. i. p. 330,' 

M). "" ■ "■ *■■ 

2. Rebecca, d. unm. 
30th October, 1783. 

3. Mary, m. (o Sir 
John Hill, hart, of 

It. Richard, vicar of Lopping- 
ton, m. Mrs. Nash, wi(b 
whom he bad Burlton Mill 
esUte. He d. i. p. 4th Feb- 
ruary, 1753, aged seventy. 
111. Thomas, of Whittal, who 
n. Elisabeth, daughter of 
BeRJamin Gotdisbrough,* 
esq. and had a daughter, 
Elizabeth, m. (aa before 
stated) to Thohas 
Vai'ohan, esq. ' of 

• Of a family seated at Goldiabargh, in York- 

GonraiT GoLDoaaotioM, living temp. Eliia- 
BETH, fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and 
ansbdaacon of Worceatar, wbo wu oonaemtcd 
BuHor or Guracuna in 1396. tie d, in 1604, 

JoHH GoLDiiaRODOB, e*q. the Gnt of (ha fkmOy 
who B«ttlMl in ShropBbire. una 1606. Ha n. 
Rebecca, daughter of Rowliod BumiBtei, esq. of 
Lacon, utd dying in 1619, wu i. by his ion, 

RiCHABO GoLDieBnouau, «q. who married 
twice, but at hia deceue in 169!, left inne, only 
by bia aacond wife, France*, daughto' of ViaiMat 





The elder ion of Hninpfaray Chambre uid 
Jue Barker, 

Thomm CHiMBiit, e«q. wbo had b leaae 
of Bnrlton, ■■. Him Smidi, of Staffordtbire, 
Mid «nu folher of 

Waltbr CiUMBHe, e*q. Thta gentlemaD 
wedded Mary, dangbter of Ricbard Pyck- 
■tock, gent, of Brandwood, in Salop, and 
waa •occeeded by hU ion, 

Arthur ChiIHBhr, eaq. who left, by Jane, 
bi* wife, danghler of Williain KynaatoD, 
gent. arPenley,two aoniandaixdaagbtera, 

Tbomaa Alcherley, gent, of Harton , 
and lecondly, Anne, relict of Thomaa 
Heath, taq. of BarbiU, in Cheehire, 
Utrf.(.p. April, 1731. 

I. Hary, died unm. as appear* by ber 
will, dated S3rd Anguat 1714. 

II. Eleanor. 

in. Ana, M. to Ricbard Bulkeley, gent 
IV. Jane. 

Oailud, of Sleqi, and bad coe aon and a dugb- 

EuaABnn, wbo bad WoodgaU, for bee por- 
tica. Sha wadded Thomu CiuaBBi^Mq. 
of Wbattall, and had inaa, 

Bicbard Chambie, who d, i. f. in 18M. 
EuaAiira CiUHiBi, who w. Tdosu 
VmamAn, *»n. of Bnritoo. 

V. Eliubelh. 

VI. KtTHERiHR, tm. to Roger Bolaa, 
eaq. of Ryton, and had a dangbier, 
Jane Bolaa, wboai. Phiup Vauoiuh, 
eaq. of Buhlton, great grandlather 

Arm* — Arg. a ebe*. gn. between three 
boara' beads cooped, gn. armed or, langned 
aa. on the centre of the cher. a creaeent arg. 
within an ananlet or, quartering Tudor 
Trevor, CHamRB, Ooldiirrouoh, and 


Cral — On a chapeaa, a boar's bead 
conped gu. armed or, langned ax. 

Motto— Afrad pAb afraid. 

£tlate~The manor and estate of BnrltOB. 
in the county of Salop, acquired by an an- 
eeitor of the Cfaambrea (of whicb family 
Hr. Vangban ii now die represeulatiTe) 
daring the qvil wars. 

Stmt — Bnrlton Hall, near Sbrewabnir. 

Cbanbn, a. to Rev. SCephn 

Sarah Chaaibre, <wbo bad WDodgata), 
m. W WiUiam Griffitha. eaq. R.N. 
nunied, aod pan eat cH of Woodgato ; 
Maiy. who d. imniam»d ; and Ann, 
wile of Tbooaa Wingfidd, ciq. abo 



q. of the Hill Court, in the county of Herefortl, foaauAj 
lientenanl and captain lat Foot-Gaanls.i. lat July, 1784, 
m. 19th September, 1810, Anne-Roailia-Elinbeth, eldeat 
' of Thomas Thoroton, eaq. of FUntham House, 

Hub gentleman, who is in the commission of the 
fiir the counties of Hereford, Glooeeater, and Honmontfa, 
and in the deputy-liententncy of Hereford, served the 
office of high-sheriff for that ahire in I81S. He inhe- 
rited, in ISOti, upon the demise of his coiuiii Jane, the 
iast Burriving child of the late Richard Qarke, eaq. the 
estate of the Hill Court, whicb bad been acquired temp. 
Henkt VII. in marritge, from the Kyrlea, of Wol&id 
Court, anceaton of the " Han of Robs." 




h (be time of Euzabeth, 

Tii<MUf At IvoM IP Jenkih Herbirt, of 
Ijngutack, or, ai uickntly spell, Laogat- 
Itf, JD the count}' of Honmoath, entered in 
As VUl 1834, wedded Eliubeth, dBDshter 
of Walter Pye, e«q. of the Hjmds Park, in 
(kteout; of Hereford (sea vol. i, p. 800), 
tad bad issue, 

Hekbeht-Thomas-Waltu, hia heir. 
Hanr, bapdied at Lan|[atlock, who m. 
WiiUam Keme7a,etq.brotheraf Sir 
Charles Kemejra, ban. of Karan- 
mably, in the conoly of Honmoath, 
and had a daughter, Mary Keraeys, 
who d. uum. in 174B. Her will bean 
date 1746. 
The laa and sncceuor, 

Hhbut Thoh*b WitLTER EvANS, esq. 
of Langattock, UtIue in 1061, espoused 
Fnnees, daughter of Giles Morgan, esq. of 
Pncralg Hooae, near Newport, firal coutin 
ofSir Edmund Morgan, bart, of Lantarnam. 
Abbfj, in the county of Monmoutb, and by 
lier (who was interred at Langaltock) bad 
•on and heir, 

THnHAsEvtNH.eeq. of Langattock.lmng 
■a 16S9, who wu baptized and buried at 
Langittock. He fa. Alicia, danghter of 
Kiehard Clarke, eaq. of The Hill Coart, 
in the eonnly of Hereford, by whom (who 
wu bapIiMd at Walford and buried at Lan- 
pUMfc) be bad iame, 

I. Thomas, of I^ngattoek, hi* beir, 
liTing in 1729, wbo nt. 8ybi], daugh- 
ter of Penry Williania, esq, of Pen- 
pont. in the coon^ of Brecon, and 

aged ■erenty-^eigLt 
H ar;, m. Herbert Phillipps, esq. 
and had a son, Thomas Phil- 
Uppa, liTing in 1834. 
II. EiRoiiiiLL, of whom presently. 
I. PrancM, at. to John Rnmser, eaq. 
of TreUeg, In (he county of Hon- 

Tfe leeond aon, 

KiMfHiLL Evans, eaq. of LydiertHooM, 
a tte Mvaly ot Hownoath, barrlatei^«t- 
Iw.a.Hary, daughter of Waiiani Adams, 

L KiKssNiLL, Ms beir. 

n. Thomas, d. nnni. 

III. Jowph, of dw Ancborhm, i. a 

I. Anne, m. to R. Willis, esq. 

II. Eliubeth, (^.unm. 

Mt. Evans was succeeded at his decease by 
hi* eldest son, 

KiNQSMiLL Evans, esq. of Lydiert Hoose, 
colonel in tbe first Foot Guards, wbo es- 

Eoused Catherine, daughter of William Dur- 
am, esq. of Maugusbury, in the county of 
GloQceiter, and grand-daughter of Edward 
Reginald Blewitt, esq. of Lantarnam Abbey 
near Newport, by whom be bad issue, 
KiNOSHiLL, his heir. 
Joseph- Ble wilt, tientenitnt and captain 
First Guards, who d. unm. iu France, 
in 1815. 
Anne, who m. in 1819, lieutenant-gene- 
ral Sir Manley Power. K.C.B. lien- 
ten ant-governor of Malta, and by 
him, wbo d. in 1837, has issue, 

1. Ki Nairn ill-Man LEV Power, (. 
in 1820. 

2. Henry-Bolton Power, baptized 
at Malta In 1821. 


Colonel Evans died of wounds received at 
Lincelles, in France, in 1793, and was *. by 
his son, the present KiNosMiLL Evans, eaq. 
of The HiU Court. 

^atmal Bntrnt at fHv. Cbni. 
SiH EoHtiND Morgan, bart. of Lantar- 
nam Abbey, in the county of Monmouth, 
liitog in teS9, ni.for bis second wife, Mary, 

'fgin ^, 

daughter of Humphrey Baskerville, esq. of 
Pontrilas. (see vol. i. p. 92), and by that 
lady, who wedded, secondlv, Jobn Howe, 
esq. fetber of tbe first Lord Chedworth, had 
a dnughter, 

Frances Morgan, whom. Edmund Bray,* 
esq. eldest son of Sir Edmund Reginald 
Bray, ban. of Banington Park, in the 
~~inty of Gloucester, aiul bad issue, 

EdhundRboinaldMoroan Brat, wbo 

Mart Brat, of whom presently. 
Prance* Bray, who ni. Charles Petty- 
place, esq. son of Sir C, Fettyplace, 
of Snimbrook, in the county of Ox- 
ford, and bad, with a son Charles, 
who d. unm. a daughter, 

Fritnce* Fettyplace, vt. to Richard 
Gorges, esq. of the Eye, Here- 
fordshire, and had a son, who d. 
nnm. and three daugbten. 

* Tliraudi this iHiuioe. the prawol Mr. 
Kinnmill Etus cWm* Ebundcr's kin st All 
SooTs CcUega, Oiford. 



The elder dan^ter ot FraocM Ho^^ and 
Edvud Bny, 

Mary Briv, wedded Edmtrd Blewiit, 
esq. or Sidford, in Osfbrdihire, and had 

1. EDiiirNB-KratKAiit Blbwitt, wboae 
descendant U Kiiding at Lantamam, 

I. Haiy Kewjtt, m. Jaeeph Newton, 
e*q. and had a dangbter, Hary New- 

ti. Catharine Blewitt, m. to William 
Durham, es^. of Maapubary, in 
Gloncealenbire, and bad a dan^- 

Catharihe Durhaii, who muried 

Oolotid KiNGtHiLL Evans, oT 
Lydien Hoose, and waa nMHher 
of tbe preaeat 
KiN«iHiLL Evans, esq, of The 
HUl Coart. 

Arm* — Party per pale as. and ga. thrre 
lion* rampant ara. arned and tangned or, 
a crescent for diaerence. 

Cmt — Out of on «atrB coronet a dexter 
arm embowed naked, brandiibing a dagger 
pomelled and hilted or, bladed arg. guttec 

Alfllw— In the coQDties of Hereford, 
Olooeester, Honmoatb, and Durban, 
SmI— The HiU Court, near Aota. 


WYNDHAM, GEORGE-THOMAS-WRIGHTE, etq. of Crwner Hall, in tha 
CMDty of Norfolk ; of Gajbnrst, Bncka; and of Brookab^, LakeMenturt, b. 21tt 
September, 1828, aocceeded hia &tber 5th Febniary, 1630. 


This is a branch of the ucient and emi- 
oent family of WvNDHHii, which derived 
origioally from Ailwabdus, a Saxoo, who, 
soon after Che Conqiibbt, assumed his aor- 
iiame from possesiions in WviiaHDHAH, in 
inty of Norfolk. 

Sir GEOHoe Wyr 

younger » 

of Sir John Windham, of Orchard, by Joan, 
his wife, daughter of Sir Henry Portman, 
received the honour of knighthood at Ad- 
derwick, in Scotlaud, on the leth July, 
1633, and was gentleman pensioner to the 
king. He wedded Srst, Anne Godfrey, 
relict of James Underwood, of Cromer, but 
had no issue. He m. sewndly, Fiances, 

daughter and co-beir of James Davy, eaq. 
(son of Sir Henry Darj), by Fnnccs, 

SHinger daughter and co-heir of WiUiaa 
obarl, esq. of Metton, lord of Uffoid's 
manor in 1616. By this lady. Sir George 
acquired that manor, and had a son and 

Francis Wtni>hah, esq. lord at Ac 
manor of USbrd, in the county of Norfolk, 
in 1691, who espoused Frances, daughter of 
Sir Thomas Dayrell, of Lillingston Day- 
rell, Bncka, and was tncceeded by his son, 

Francis Wvndhan, esq. of Ctford's 
mantw, in 17fi2, whose son, 

John Wtndhan, esq. of Cromer, in Nor- 
folk, wedded Eliiabelh, onl^ child of Rich- 

Gborce Wyndhah, esq. of Cromer.t. in 
1766, who m. Marianne, daaghter of colonel 
Philip Bscon, of Ipswich, and had iss«e, . 

Geo roe-Thomas, hb heir. 

Marianne, m. in 1838, to tha Rev, Cre- 




Mr. Wpidhun died in 1810, and was «. by 

GcoBOB Thoma* Wtndhan, esq. of 
Cromer, who n. 12tli July, 1836, Maria 
Angela, second dau^ter of tfae Isle Vice 
Admiral Windbam, of Pelbri^. and by tbat 
lady, <wbo wedded aecoodly, Williani Vii- 
cooDt EilDUniore) lefl at bis decease, in 
Febraary, IS30, with two daughters, a son 
and Riccnsor, Ae preaeDtGEOnvE-TMOMAS 
WKiom Wtndkah, esq. of Cromer Hall. 

^■n(Is at CBrlgltt. 

John Wriohte. esq. of Kelredan, in 
Esaez. left, inter alios, a fton, 

John Wriohte. esq. of Wrigble'sBrid^, 
Id Essex, and Gray's Idd, who led two 

I. John, who married twice. By bis 
first wife he bad John, of Wrigbte's 
Bridge, clerk of tbe parliament, 
who married and had issue, and 
Nathan, of London, merchant By 
the second he had, 

Qenrt, of London, merchant. 

Sir Henry Whishtb, of Da- 
genbam, in Essex, was cre- 
ated a Baronet, by the pro- 
tector's parliament, 2&th 
March, 1858, and anin by 
King if. .13th 
June, 1660 The title is 
now estiDt:!. 

II. Robert. 
The second son, 

Scv. Robert Wriohte. B.D. for tbirtr- 
foor fears rector of Denntngtoo, iu SuHbllL, 
named Jane, danghter of John Butler, esq. 
of Sheby, in Esses, and sister of Sir Oltrer 
B«UeT, of Shambrook, in Bedfordshire : by 
ber be bad isane, 

I. Euaeby, barrister -at -law, who iri. 
thrice, but died /. p. 

II, Nathan, a merchant and alderman 
of London, who purchased the manor 
ofCrauham, in Essex. Mr. Alder- 
man WriEbte espoused Anne Flem- 
ing, of Warley Place, and dying in 
16&7, was succeeded by his son. 

Benjamin Wriohte, esq. of Cran- 
ham Hall, who was created a 
Baronet m 1660. He was suc- 
ceeded fay his eldest son. 

Sii Nathan Wriohte, second 
baninet, of Cranham Hall, who 
m. first, Ann Heyrick, and bad 

I. Nathan (Sir), fourth ba- 
ronet, who m. Margaret, 
daughter of Sir Francis 
Lawley, bart. and died in 
1737, leaTing two danghti 
one of whom, 

Anne, m. to Thomas 
Lewis, esq. of Harpton 
CouH. M.P. 

2. John, d. I. p. 1730. 
Sir Nathan married three other 
wives, but had Isane by the Ust 
only, Tiz. 

3. Sahuel (Sir), liflli bnrt. at 
whose decease, unmarried, 
the title became extinct. 

4. Eliiabeth. m. to Generat 
Oglethorpe, and d. issueless 
in 1787. 

III. Benjamin (Sir), of Drnninfrton, a 
merchant, of London, who died in 
Spain, leaving an only daughter. 


The RcT. Robert Wrighle died in 1634. 
His fourth son, 

Tht Rn. Ekeki EL Wriohte, D.D. rector 
of Thurcaston. espoused Dorothy, second 
daughter of John Onebye, esq. and co-heir 
of her brother. Sir John Onebye, by whom 
(who died in 16B1) be had issue, 

I. Nathan (Sir), his heir. 

II. Eiekiel, a student of the Inner 
Temple, who d, in 1728. 

I. Dorothy, n. first, to the Rev. Mr. 
Giffard ; and secondly, to John 
Twells, esq. of Wisbech. 
Dr. Wrighta died !■ 1668, and was s. by 

his SOD, 

Sir NathanWriohte, 6. at Thurcaston, 
11th Pebmary. 1663. This eminent person 
received his education at Emanuel College, 
Cambridge, and thence became a member 
of the Inner Temple, London, where for 
seven years he devoted the entire of bis 
time to the stndy of the law ; but acquiring 
then an independent fortune, with his wife, 
Elixahelh, daughter of George Aebby, esq. 
of Queenby, he declined practising at the 
bar, until ui^d by the advice of his friends, 
and the increase of his family. Subse- 
quently acquiring high reputation as a sound 
lawyerandeloqoentadvocale.he was elected 
recorder of Leicester, in 1680; called to the 
degree of seijeant, in 1602 ; and knighted 
the 301h December, 1686. In four years 
afterwards, Sir Nslhati Wrigbte was de- 
clared by the kins in council successor to 
Lord Somers in uie custody of the Great 
Seal, under the title of Lord Keeper, and 
he continued in this elevated office until 
the 6th October, 170&, when, through the 
intrigues of the Duchess of Marlborough, 
be received his dismissal. 

The character and abllitiea of the Lord 
Keeper Wrigbte have been very differently 
estimated by cotemporary writers. 

Jobo Dunton describes him as " de- 
servedly advanced to the highest pinnacle of 
state preferments," while he is stigmatized 
fay Burnet, as " covetous, slothful and ex- 
ceptionable in all respects." 



.1 Blow chin- 
cellor, &Dd ao ciTiliui> Chuice, more than 
choice, brought him the se&li ; the lords 
chief jucticcB, Hall and Trehy, refilling to 
succeed bo great K man as the Lord Somen, 
they fell into the hands of thii gentleman ; 
who being recommended by the oppoaite 
parhr, proved their faithful tool ever lince. 
He {■ a plain man, both in person aod coa- 
Teraation, of middle itature, inclining (o 
corpalency, and liatb a fat broad face, much 
marked with the small pox." 

A more farorable eitimate of Sir Nathan'i 
conduct is recorded by Sir T. little, who 
states the Lord Keeper to have been " of 
an iDTiolable fidelity, and of a steady regard 
to the conititation in cborch and state. 

Sir Nathan m. in 1676, Eliiabelh, lecond 
daogbler of George Ashby, esq. ofQueenby, 
ud by her (who died in 1706) bad iaaae, 

I, QeoBoE, his heir. 

II. Nathan, U. A. in holy orders, rector 
of Fanibam Roval and Taplow, in 
Bucks, and a prettendary of Norwich, 
who M. Anne, only daughter and 
heirrsa of Lord Francis Powletl, and 
thus acquired the estate and manor 

1721, witti ■ daughter, Anne, who 4. 

mm, three sons, tIi. 
1. PowLBTT,of EngleSeld, whom. 
Mary, danghter of Richard Tys- 
sen, esq. of Hackney, and by 
her (who wedded secondly, 
Kichard Benyon, esq. of Guidea 

3. Franuii, died (. s. 

3. Nathan, who innerited Engle- 
fleld, at the demise of bis nephew. 
He married twice, but leaving 
an only danghter, Selina, m. to 
the Rev. James Knight Hoore, 
H.A. the estate of Eoglefield, 
deTOlved in accordance with the 
will of the last Powlett Wrighte, 
his half brother, Rich«iid Ben- 
yon, esq. of Guidea Hall. 

III. Robert, manied twice, and left 

IV. Eiekiel, m. and had iuoe. 

V. William, recorder of Leicester, who 
m. Susanna, daughter and co-heir of 
— LcTinge, esq. of Sbepey, in the 
county of Leicester, and bad four 
daughters, riz. 

I. Susanna, m. to John Gilbert 
Cooper, esq. a writer of cele- 

S. Aane, m. to Selwood Hewetl, 

3. Catherine, ak to Captain Jnm 
Fraine, R.N. 

4. Dorothy, d. unm. 
vr. Thomaa, 4. in 1710. 

I. I>orothy, IN. to Henry, third Earl of 
Stamford, and had issue. 

II. Elixabeth, m. to Sir Samuel Ta- 
nacker Sambrooke, bart and bad 

The Lord Keeper died in 1731, and was 

snoceeded by his eldest aon, 

Gborob Wriohtb, esq. clerk of (he 
crown, b, in 1S77, who purchased in 1704, 
(he wanon of GayhursI and Stoke G«d- 
dington, in the county of Backs. He «. ia . 
1700, Mary, danghter of Thomas Bedford, 
esq. of Doctors Commons, and bad, with 
other issue, who died nnm. 
Geoboe, his heir. 

HAnv, who n. Richard Dalloa, esq. 
and had an only sorviTing child, 
ELizABrrH Dalton, wb> espoused 
John Wtndham, esq. of Cro- 
mer, in Norfolk, and bad n son, 
Georob ThoniIS Wvnihum, 
who becanxt heir to bis 
cousin, AnHB BaBUR* 
Elisabeth, m. (o Nathan Wrighte, esq. 
•on of Robert, diird son of the Loid 

Hr. Wrighte died in 1734-A, and was t. by 
his sou, 

Geobok Whiouts, esq. of Gayhi)TBt,who 
represented the borough of Leicester in 
parlianient. He m. in June, 1733, Barbara, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Clarges, bail by 
Barbara, his wife, youngest daughter and 
co-heir of John Viscount Fitshai4iBf , aad 
died in 1766, leaving a danghter, B^ata, 

)d aa only son and heir, 

OBORaH WBiOBTt.caq. of Gay burst, who 
m. Anne, danghter and heir ot Jeaepb 
Jekyll, esq. of Dallingloa, in the coimn of 
Northampton, and by that lady, (who died 
in 1798) he left at his decvoac, an only sar- 
(iving child, 

Annb Barbaiu Wrisbte, of Gayhutst, 

whose decease, unmarried, llth February, 
1830, Oayhurst, and the Other family es- 
tates, devolved upon (the great graadson of 
H4R1 Wriohtb and Richard I)alton)ber 
cooain, OEORiiE Thomas Wyki>ham, cmj. 
of Cromer, father of their present pos- 

Arwu—\t. m che*. botvew three Uons' 
heads, erased or. 

Creti — A lion's head eraaad, within a 
fetter lock or. 

JIfotIv— An boo itroiL 

Ettmitt — In the oaunttes of Norfolk, 
Bucks, and Leieceter. 

SMls—CromerUall, Norfolk ; Gajhusi 
Bucks ; and Brooksl^, Leicester. 



lAWSON, ANDREW, nq. of Aldbonugh Lodge uid Bonm^bridge Hdl, both in 
the county of York, m depntj-lientenut' for die Weat 
Riding, and an acting magittrate for the North and 
West, and liberty of Ripou, b. in the dty of York, in 
1800, fbnnerty of Herton College, Oxford, m. in 1823, 
Marianne - Anns - Maria, eldeet daaghur of Thomas 
Sherlock Gooch, eaq. of Bramfield Hall, in Suffolk^ 
r^reeentatiTa in manj parliunenU for that ihire,* and 

S@WW7 "" 

Andrew-Shlrlock, (. lit Norember, 1824. 
Ednard~lobD, i. 8th April, 1836. 
Marmadake-Charle^ b. 16lh October, 1837. 
Jemea-Georee, t. Mdi November, 1838. 
Thomaa-WiUiam, h. lat March, 1833. 

Mr, LawMD inherited th« eatatea at the deceoae of hi* 
elder brother, Mannaduke, ■• p. on the 10th Marchr 


The aa^e of LiwioK, althongh not of 
freqMat occnrrenee in the aoDtfaem parti 
of England, b widely ipread througboat 
Scodand.and the nortbern coontiea; and so 
early «• the firat year of King Henky III.'» 
i«igD,we find John Lawion, Lord of Fonlea- 
pore, near Scarbonnigh, in Torkihire (lee 
pedigree of Lawion, baronet, Toreibv'b 
IhMfaf £ca^i*wu, page 340), to whom the 
baroDeb of C^mberuuid and WeatmorUnd 
bace theb foandation. , From the same 
■eeality, at a mocfa later date (laOft), Six 
Jou¥ luweoN (of whom ClareDdon lava, 
"be waa of Yorkihire, near Scarboro '), 
•f poor parantage, and haTiog niied hin- 
kIi fnm a conmon lailoT to the rank of 
*>(»-admiral of the fleet by bis renowned 
ami exploits, triumphant with paxlia- 
■eitary honours, conferred a celebri^ on 
be aame of I<a«raoN, which his more ops- 
Irat and mots regularly deacended name- 
Nkf* bsTe failed to attain. Dwelling np 
Id Oil period (1834) in Yorkahire, u a dis- 
liact toanch. the Lawsoni of the Aynity 
(Me Dodiworth'e Collect.) have had a con- 
tincd residence there, or have been landed 

* On Um deMh of bU Oakm in 18M, Mr. 
Omtk bMs** Sir TbonM Coocli, bart. of B«i- 
mttSm Bdbu.'* Pmif »U BsrvMto^ 

widiin five milei of it; the head of tha 
family, except twice, when in holy orders, 
being alwayi designated (ffwir*, in times . 
when thai title was not lO freely bestowed as 
at present), and ■■ they hare always borne 
the same nsme ud armi identii^ with Sin 
WiLTRiD Lawbon's family, there is ercn 
probability that these two houiea were ori- 
ginally one. Without, however, going be- 
yond " what is written," we find this fiunily 
deaignalod as " Lawson* of Pop^eton 
among tha Aynily families in the "Heraldie 
Viiitationi and Pedigreea of Yorkihire,"t 
preserred in the Britub Hnieum, from 1&30 
to 1613, when Geobce Lawmn, the laat of 
Poppleton, having a family of eight daugh- 
ters end three sons, lold that estate to Sir 
John Benaett. The moat of the "dM hall" 
now partly nurounds a modern farmhonie, 
irfaich, however. Mill retains Iti ancient 
name. Theaee, htrrtng removed with dimi- 
nished fortune, we find George Lawson in 
1606 exercising rights as s resident i^ro- 
prietor of ths imsll eitate of MorebyJ in 

t The irms ntj b* ■!■> Man m the Aynity 
bnnBfa of YoitebiT* bmili« of die ElnabMbm 
igs, ia tb* iplandid looai tt Cfllmg CsMl^ tba 
MM of the Fmiibcea in tint eami^. 

t Fnm fiarih doonnMati (to vUcb w* bsrs 
hul lecww), ws iMia that ia 15t9 Kiw Hssav 
V 1 II. by Isttm patsat, gtantad to Jobn^alliik- 
bnnM, esq. and hw hein, outain bods at Honbia, 



the parish of Sti11iii|{fleet-with-Horeb]r, in 
tbe East BidinK, which property he had 
derired from bis mother Beck with, aud 
where .be was probably induced to Ex from 
the contiguity to his wife's family at Barley, 
uear Selbj. This small estate descended 
regularlv in the hands of the Lawrani till 
tbe death ofMarmadukeLansoii, of Horeby 
and Seaton Rosse (great uncle of tbe pre- 
aept direct representative of the &mily), ia 
January 1761. 

The patrimony of the I^wBoua passed thro 
into other bands, under the will of that 
gentleman, made before the birth of bis 
nephew, Harmaduke, father of tbe preseul 
Mr. Lawson, leaving the estates at Moreby, 
Seatan Roue, Holme, and Beilby, failing 
^e more direct heirs, " to his brother Bi- 

ton and his liejis." Richard predeceaaed 
the testator six months, in consequence of 
which the property devolved upon Hr. 
PrEston, a distant relation of the family. 

The Ret. Harmaduke I^wson bat in g 
thus been deprived of hia paternal inherit- 
ance, the Wilkinson property (one much 
superior to the Lawson) was lelt by will of 
tbe Inst male descendant, and the Lawsone 
are thus continued in their native county, 
within twelve milea of Poppleton, sixteen 
of York, and twenty-one of Moreby, ro- 
tainiag their proper name of I^wsod, but 
indebted for their eatatea to Wilkinson. 

In 1630, 

Sir GborAb Lawson, knt. treasurer of 
Bernick, waa mayor ol the city of York. 
He left at hia decease a daughter, Anne, 
married to William I^waon, and a son, hia 

Thomas Lawson, of York, also mayor of 
that city in 1962. He m. Christian, daugh- 
ter of Hugh Atkinson, of Castlefbrd, in 
Yorksbire, and bad issue, 

PeTBa, hit An>. 



Anne, m. to Nynyan I^wson, of Rip- 
pon and of Honckton, bofli in ^e 
county of York. 
Frances, m. to Stephen I^ngdale, of 
Eberaton, in the aame ihire. 
The eldest son, 

Fetbh Lawsok, of Poppleton, in the 
coatity of York, liTing in 1A84, m. EUs>- 
betfa, daughter of Ambrose Beckwith,* of 
Stiltingflete, in tbe same shire, and had two 
sons and two danghtera, namely, 
George, Au rmcceitor. 
Charles, in boly orders, indoeted to 
West Markham Ticarage, Notts, 
anno 1616. 

Jane, m. to Thomas Lyster. 
Peter waa (. by his elder son, 
Georqe Lawson, b. in 1&7&, of Fopple- 
n, and subsequently of Moreby. This 
gentleman, who was living in 1613, espoused 
Anne, daughter of George Twisletoo, of 
Barley,i- near Selby, and uad isane, 

I. Georqe his heir. 

II. Thomas. 

II. Mary. 

V. Elizabeth. 

VI. Helen. 

VII. Christian, 
viii. Catherine. 

Tbe eldest son, 

George Lawiok, of Moreby, baptised al 
Slillingfleet, 13th November, 1606, was in 
holy orders, and rector of Eakring, Nona 
(where may be aeen the Lawson aniia on a 
chalice, his gift ; a brass plate records bia 
death in 1670). He m. in 1B56. Eleanor 
More,! of Normanton, in the county of lin- 
coln, by whom (who waa buried at StUling- 
Beet in 1686} he had, beside Anne and 
Eleanor (the latter died in 1679 uun.), a 
sou and beir, 

in Com. Ebor. Ute the estate of Fnncis LotcU, 
Int. " at the yearly rent of a red rose, payable at 
tbe ftui of St. .■oho." In September l<)03,.we 
God a viTPnuat Irom Sir Heniy Slyn^bie aod 
Frsnfes, bis eife, who was oaly child of Eliia- 
bfth Vannur, sole daughter and bsir of Sir 
Leonard BKkwith, of Selby, knt. (sea Tol. i. 
p. M) with (ieorgs Lawaon, Ann; that be should 
peaceably "enjoy the manor of Horebye and pie- 
miaea" af^iuat and tbe heirs of Leonard and 
Rog«r Beckwith and .IoIid Welliabame. Suboe- 
quently occurs a fine of tbe manor, &c. Tbe wit- 
neaaea to these deeda are Ralph BabthDTpe, John 
Ptlmea, Charlea Methun, Matthew Redman, 
Mauser VaTaaonr, Jouei Hoyaer, Leauid BMk- 

' Sh TnoaiSBt's Ihicstiu Ltcditnnt, pedigiM 
of Sir Roett Beckwith (Bheriff ITOe), of Beck- 
with and Clint, in the Wtst Riding, wbvs baa 
John B«kwith deaoend " Sir Leourd Bsokwilb 
(Ugh aberiff of Yorkafaire, 4 En. IV.}, and Am- 
broaa Beckwith, of Stillinclleel. near York. 

f From which family Uie noble bouse of Says 
and Sele. .^ Burse's Pwro^ and BamuUgi. 

S From the will of Georj^ Lawno, caq. of 
Moreby, lh« eldest soa of tbis lady, which bean 
dsta in 1G9B, it appears that besides Harabv h* 
had eatatea at Oabiuneby and Gavelatone, in Lin- 

DtlMn, hia eiaeuIOTS, to dispose ol 



Oedue LawsOh. eaq- of Morebf. who 
«. id 1680, EliMbeth, only daughter sixl 
bcirofHanDaduke Bosnlle,eMi. orSeaCoQ 
8<MR, in the But Riding, and bv her (who 
i. in 1608) had, with two daagbten (wbo 
diat ID iofaDcy), two tons, vii. 

I. HiKMaDtJKi, hia heir (Ibe name of 
" MarmaduLe" appears now sdopied 
Trom the BosTillea, to fnpenede the 
old famil; Chriatian name, George). 

II. RiCHiaD, baptised at Stillingfleet 
in \W7, of Oie Mint-yard, Tock, 
•Idennan of that city, and mayor id 
1741 and I7M, m. Barbara, daogh- 
Ur of the R«T. Thomas Burton, MTA. 
vicar of Halifax, by EUiabeth, dan. 
of Frauds Jeaeop, esq. of Broom 
Hall (see family of Bnrton and iet- 
•op at foot), by whom he bad iMue, 

1. H^RHiiDUKB, in holy ordcn, 
rector of Sproatley, and pre- 
bendary oflUpon.of whom here- 
after, as cODtiouator of the fa- 
mily at the decease of bis ancle, 
Habmadube, iu 1761. 

_ .. ._ . N,* esq. of Bo- 
ronghbridge, captain R.N. eld- 
est surviving sou of Andrew 
Wilkinson, esq. member for 
Aldbro* in maoy parliament*, by 
Barbua, sister to tbe last Lord 

* Thii g«ntlem>n wu w titnmely popular 
rliuiLter (lO engnving of him by Hudson, in ■ 
hnting dnss, may be Hni in nun; of the houMt 
d th* Yorkibire g«atiy}. He wu tbe rapre- 
•nOiiTt of « &01UI7 whose residence in tbe ptriib 
cfAlilboniigb exlande bejond tbe extreme periods 
of loo] history, ud wboee Cbriitisn nsme, 
" iidrew," ippeirs to bare been derived arigi- 
■■% ftoD St. Andrew, tbe pUroa uinc of Uie 
(WkIi. la the old bill mt Botoughbtidge are 
dn«, W. IM8. 1606. Ibej do not, bowerei, 
■pnu to have been eitensivs owDsri of property 
Mm the yemr 1650, between whicb tud 1700 
*AH of their property wbi pnrotiased from tbe 
TiBtndi, who were tbe greet rendenl proprietors- 
Is IGH is ■ parobeie of tbe first bnrgsn pm- 
ptr^ St Bonngbbridge by Andrew WiltiDun, 
<ei|. Ib 1 659 tbe site of tbe old Aldlniigb Mstior 
"~~ purchuHl, whence cum Ibe Ald- 

i to tbe fiaDily. In 1666 Andrew 

■ Dsmed in tlie charter of furs to 

BocDo^bridge. Id 1685 Andrew Wilkiiuon m. 
Dtbonb Chofanley, dsoghter sad co-heireei of 
RieWd Chohnby, of the femily of Whitby. 
Hmntaa. &c. then residiDg st Spruistv Hill, 10 
<bt BBiib of KiUinghiU (snothar Wilkinson 
ndM Bother sister) ; tbe »n ud heir of this 
W Mi ii g e wu Cbsries Wilkinson, eeq. of Ald- 
bwifc Hsll (high aberiff in 1716), wbowi son, 
WrewWilkinKni.nurrifd Buban Jesn^D. Tbe 
■ consiaHisbls. 

borough iotei 


d Boiougiih 

sop, esq. of Broom Hall, H.P. 
and the Honorable Mary Jessop 
(see pedigrees of IVArcy, Earia 
of Holdemesse, tec. in Whita- 
ker's Rjchmondshire, where the 
heiress of the earldom married 
the Duke of Leeds, and the de- 
scent of the younger branch ia 
brought down to Jessops and 
Andrew Wilkinson, of Borongh- 
bridge ; see also MonnoientB in 
Gilling ChuTL-h. The Lawson* 
have DOW several D'Arcy papers, 
books, paintings, &c. Hr. Law- 
son has also some curious minia- 
tures from tbe Burtons, a roll of 
parliament from Jahes I. lo 
Charles II. be. kc.) 
Hr. Lawson died in 1009, and was «. by his 
elder son, 

Harhasukb Lawson, esq. of Moreby, 
who inherited through his mother the Bo>- 
ville estates of Sentoo-Rosse, Holme, and 
BeilbY4 This gentleman, who was bap- 
tiied ID 168S, and buried at Stillingfleet in 
1761. had by Susannah, his first wife (who 
was interred at Stillingfleet in 1711), two 
SODS and two danghtera, vie. 

I. Gboroe, fr.lstJanaary,l70&,ii.>.}t. 

II. Harmaduke, b. in 1700. This gen- 
tleman had been abroad unbeani of 
for thirty-five years at his fother'a 
decease, bat lo whose heirs (if bom 
in the lifetime of Marmaduke, sen. 
or if Harmaduke, jun. survived hia 

t The LaweOD title deeds exhibit four di 

namtt showed their derivation from Lbs purent 
stocks of Roger de Guntbwiile sad Alice ds 
Darfield, ud terminsting with ELizienB, this 
gentleman's mother, the aole heir, as stated d>ore, 
of Msimaduke Boavills by Eliubstb Bacon (in 
1680). After what we have slreedy staled (vol. i. 
page 516) of the esuinut family of BosviUe, ud 
Its high connections, ud after the aii pedigrees 
of diffeient branches of it, given in Hunto's 
Sonth Yorkshire, wbo calls it " an ucient, 
nnmeriHu, ud influential family," begianing with 
Sir John Bosvilli in 1C3(, ud ending in tbe 
last heiress, Eluibeth Duhi Bosvu-li, wbo 
married Loan Micdonild, whoae second aon, 
Godlrey (afterwards Lord Macdonald), ssaiimed 
tbe Dsme of Boaville iu 1814, and wboaa son, 
the preaent Mr. Bo«>U1e, of Thorpe, ia Lord 
of Gantbwaiie (1834), it need only be added 

tbos preeervina the memoiy of the conoection of 
the family with that pUc«. si alio, whicb aeems 
not to have been noticed, (hat BoswcU. the bio- 

Ober of Johnson, was of this fomily, and calls 
frey Bosville, of CuDihwaile. his " Yorksbii* 
chief. Life if Johnson, 410. voL ii. p. 316. 



father) and tLair 
Iawbod eatates beloDK- 
Hr. Lntnoa wedded aecon^y, Gnce, daa. 
of the RcT. Dr. Bn>okkba(ik, of Reading 
(buried at Stillingfleet in 1770), bat bad 
other itaoe. 

This geDtlenMB made a «riU, preTionaljr 
to the bird) of bii nephew, tit Retertnd 
HiRMiituKB LiiwioN, devUinr the eatatee 
at Hoieb^, Seaton-Roaae, Holne, 
Beilb}', ftiling hi* more direct hein, 
hia brother Richard and the hefra of hU 
' '"^^T;" oix' " >■■ default of aoch iaiae to 
Wifliam Preaton and hia hdre." Thoie 
eatate* anbaequently deiolTcd npon Hr. 
Preston, the deviae to (he heira of Richard 
LawMn beinc a lapaed de*iae,,aa already 
*ta ted, while the repreaenlation of the family, 
preanming that his aecond aon, Harmadnke, 
died iaaaeleai, came to (tlie aon of bia de- 
ceased brother, Richard,) bit nephew. 
The Rep. H*rmadukb Lawsoh, M.A. 

window of thai minater), b. in 1740, at. Bar- 
bara-IaabeUa, daughter of John WOfcinMn, 
eaq. of the Middle Temple, brother of tbe 
Rer. Jamea WilUnaon, tIcbt of Sheffield, 
of Broom Ball, near that place, and of Bo- 
ronghbridge Hall, Torkabire, well known 
and mneh reapeoted for b 
piety,* inflexible inl^rity, . 
■eal in Oie aenice of the pablk during _ 
period of half a centnry." Thia gentleman 
being tbe laat of tbe Wilkinaona in tail 
male, left by bii will at hia decease in 1806, 
hia estate* at BoroDghbrtdge, be. to his 
niece, Mrs. Lawson, and her family. Ha 
also erinced hia esteem for hii friend and 
reladre, the Rererend Harmadnke Lawaon, 
by inserting his name anbaeqnently in the 
entail. Hr. Lawwm had issne, 

I. Hakimdvke, his heir. 

II. Andrbw, heir to his brother. 

til. James, in holy ordera, rodor of 
Chapel Iiod, Paimerat o wa, fcc near 

tv. John, in boly orders. 

I. Barbara. 

II. Dorothy, at. in IS31 to tlw KeT. 
Edward Bird. 

III. Hary, m. in 1633 to the Rer. Alex- 
ander Stewart, H.A. rector of Bnr- 


ford, Woroesterdilre, eldsal bob of 

the Hon. HontKomerifl Stewart and 

nephew to the Earl of Galloway. 

Hr. lawaon died in 1814, waa fanned at 

Aldborongh, and succeeded by his eldest 

HtKHAOusK Lawmk, m^. of Borongb- 
bridge Hall, a gentleman dutinnisbed by 
his Utarary pre-eminence at Cambridge, 
where he was the first Pit^s scholar in 1814. 
In 1S12 he obtained one of Sir WiUiam 
Browne's medals for tbe best Latin ode, 
and in 1818 one of die Chancellor's medals 
for tbe best classical exerciaea, waa anbse- 
qaently an active magistrate, and was tbiiee 
returned to parliament for Borongh bridge. 
He died onmarried on the 10th of HMvk, 
1833, when the Wilkinson estates derolred 
npon hia nest brolher, AKDIBW LnwaOM, 
esq. the preaoit proprietor. There ia a hand- 
le marble monnment to this Hr. Lawaon 
die Aldbnrgh Chapel, in Aldboraogh 
Cbnrcb, bearing tbe following inscripti(n: — 
H. 8. 

, -niiimii^ . apod . CantabrigHnaM ■ honoribaa 
Id . liuiamm . atndiu . oniataa 
Daindfl . *d . aeoatnn . BritmnioaB 


a monorjr, by sobaerifH 

-J. ,_ti7,cle^, and atbets,° 

and lliapltto of it, wiA tb* jfrM but by tb« Mla- 
braled Chaatray, m Hnnter^ Hdhmduie, p. 11& 

■n. — ;- -, -J hiiB in AUbra' 

I fnna tb« origiu 
I Conpaay, aad i 
mcdillioD by Watwood, tettifj tba artam ii 
vhich tbia eioeUent auo was gnenlly bald. 

Fntri . optinM) . c 
Andraa. Law ann . P . 

^mOim at ftbitt, Vntai, ■■» JMw^ 

The connexion widi die JiMon and Wil- 
UNMNS haTing more than restorad Oe 
fUlen fortnncB of the bonae of Lawsoh, H ia 
reqoired in tracing the origia of that bene- 
fiml alliance to commence wilk aone mem- 
of the family of Swyftf 

. Tba MlebTated Dsu Swift aay* that bia 
&mily wia reputed to hare eooa 6aa Yoiblui^ 
and allied to tba Swyfts ncntioaed in tbe laxt. 
Sea tba Dnn'i own aeooant, priated in tbe ap- 
paadix to bia lib by Dr. Shendaa. The ptnaaiH 
boiafit darned by tbs Lawaona fom tbe SwyAa 
e 10 tba Uriag of SbelbOd, abaB> 
Oella. Tbia was naatad """^ 

„JlabartS«yft,Mii.iirBnxni_. .. 

■ad Willina Swyft, logatber wiUi otbn nbnUe 




RoBUT SwYfT,* " the rich merMt of' 
Kotknam," to whom and liis wife there ii 
iiplendid monnnMQl in RotbBram Chorcfa, 
tracKd n IMI, apniis 

RoHKT SwTFT.t of Broom Hall, who 
■. EIbuiot, dBDKhter and heir of Nicholu 
Wiekenley, of Wkkenley and Broom Hall, 
ud relict of — Wentwortb. by whom he 
Irfi, ■! hii decease in 1006, three daughter*, 
bii co-heirs, Tis. 

Anhe, of whom preeendy. 

MARY, m. to Prancia Wortley, eiq. of 

Wortley, anceitiw of Lord Whara- 

FiiiNcu, M. to Sir Franei* Leke, kot 
of Satton, father of Sir Francis Leke, 
Baron Deincourt and Earl of Scan- 
dale (dignitiea which expired io 1730, 
■ee BtrutB'l Extuul Pttragt). 
Ihe eldeal daughter and co-heir, 

Atime Swvrr, bom in 1&31, espoused 
Richsnl Jessop, esq. son of William Jes- 
•op.ofllotberfcam.b; Emote, hi* wife, dau. 
ofJohaChaHeswortti.of Treeton,Bod dying 
i* ia87. len a son and sooeessor, 

WiLunN Jesrop.I esq. of Broom Hall, 
*g(d Hilrtecn In lATft. He m. flnt, 21st 
JiDouy, 1AS2, HarKarel, daughter of Sir 
John Atherton, of Atherton, and had two 
MBS, Tis. 

I. WoRTLET.of Scofton, near Worksop, 
*. 13th April, I&83, who m. (6Ih 
JiHCS l.)CBthenne,aecond daugbler 
and co-heir of Thomaa Doyley.H.D. 
of London, a younEor son of John 
Doyley, esq. of Chislebampton, in 
Oifordsbire, by whoa be left at his 
deceaae, being lost at sea, a daogbtar, 
Anne; m. to — Wade, esq. of Not- 
tiDghwn, and an only son, 
WiujAH, successor to hi* graad- 

rf Ooacater and StrMthnp*, ahaiff of Y 
■■a>««XhEi4uacn, udkni^ited m' 

■, SiB RoauiT Sv 


TCi ONrtad in 16f7, Viwxant Cutinglanl. 

I For ■ (iilt account of the gi«t (Ibuuwi of 
tbit bnily, nfar to HoHRa'i Sooth Yorlubire, 
niL L p. (M, &c. 

t Tba biunl-plsm of the ittanf wt* in the 
(iMMl of the ebnich of Sheffield, when Jadge 
J<Mip'a ac nu MO B t is itill to ba seen. The tfluth 
>U« thoe is also nearly filled witb tin mana- 
■Ma td As miooi braocbw of tha bmilj of 
Btigbt, of Caibroofc md BmnnncrDu, whieb trai 
lalinMly ceaneeted b; manuge with the jMoope 
ad Datiuus ; tha fint InsDch laimioatsd in tba 
Mt W feaa of Raekiogham ; and tfae bat, da- 
aeodii^ rmtdiately from Baiban J«aiop(EUia- 
bMfa Bortiia'* Niinlind John Bright, ended with 
Lady Joha Homy. 

■1. George, of Braocliffe, h. in 1584, a 
barrister of the Middle Temple, who 
died in 1601. 
Hr. Jessop wetded^ secondly, Ann Good- 
rick, and thirdly, Jane, dauehter of Edward 
Disney ; by the former of wbom he had two 

I. Hargnret, m. first to Humphrey Sa- 
TBEe, eaq. of Northlees, andsecouiUy, 
to William YoDDg, esq. 

II. Anne, m. to Thontas Eyre, eaq. of 

He d. in 1S30, and was >. by hi* grandson, 
William JBiior, esq. of Broom Hall, h, 
in 1610, who made his will lat April, 1641, 
and died soon after, being interred at Shef- 
field OQ the I6(b of the same month. He 
had married, first. 1630-1, Mary, daughter 
of Stepben BriEbt, esq. of Carbrook, and 
sister to Sir Johti Bright, hart, by which 
lady, who rf. in 1636, be bad two son* and 
a daughter, who all died ia youth. He wed- 
ded, secondly, in 1637, Jane, daughter of 
Sir Francis South, knt. of Kclsteme, Lin- 
colnshire, by Anne, bis wife, daughter of 
Anthony Irby, esq. of Whaploade, and left 

He n. in 1664. his 
_*ter of Robert Eyre, 
esq. of Highlow, and Dsd issue, 

I. WiLlism, hi* heir. 

II, Francii, H. A. rector of TreetOD, 
i. in 1668, i. num. and was boned at 

I. Jane, at. to Harriott Pett, esq. 

II. Elisabeth, m. in ITOO, Ae Rer. 
Thomas Burton,^ H.A. vlcar of Ha- 
Uikx, and their daughter, 

Babbaxa Burton, wedded, as al- 

I Mip««% final a pedigrsa of the ueiHit 
AmQ* of BaaioH, origindly at Talboiy, in Stat 
fiadihiTa, tM. IboiAaD 1. and aattUd, Hkswise, 
M Liiiley,inL«ioeatniIun(of nhiebbnnchTBf* 
tha calabtatsd hiMnita of that coon^ and tha 
fanwva sUImw of tba " Aaatoay of Hdnaehidy ')> 
and Dmnfidd. ia Darbyihin, that Ht. Burton 
wM pieriooaly oonaeelad with tha bmily of 
Jeaaop. by the namaca of Thomas Boitoii, of 
Dronfield, alvriff of Darbyihire in 1618. wkh 
ElIcD Bright, and also thningb the Eyna (now 
GaDa, of Hopton). Thomia Bortini, ot Holmas- 
' ' and Alderoar Pai^ tba gnsdaon of Thomss 

on ba&re mantiooed, after tba death of bis 
firat wife, in tT6l, •>. Domthy, daughter of 
Pardnl Willooght^, H. D. of Derby (of the 
family of Willoaghl^, of WooUton), wheoee we 
'- ■ Dorothy Buitan, aialer of the RaT. Tbomas 

^ni, nurried John Sayer. eaq. of Eye, in Snf- 
ItiUi, who wadded, aaoondly, Oraoa, dangbtar of 



ready sUted, RlCHAIIV Lawson, 

III. Anne, died unm. in 1740. 

IV. Barbara, m. in 1701, toJohnBright, 
esq. of BanoercroM. 

Mr. Jcssop made his will 101b April, 1688, 
was buried 3rd April, 1690, and wu lae- 
ceeded by bis *on, 

WiLLiAH Jusop, esq. of Broom Hall, i. 
in 1664-6, M.P. for Aldbro', a bencber of 
Gray's Inn, one of his Majesty's jnsticei of 
Chester, and treasurer of the Alienation 
Office. He died at Broom Hall, l&tb No- 
reuiber, 1734, the last male heir of the 

Tbu gentleman wedded the Hon. Mary 
D'Arcy, daughter of James D'Arcy, esq. of 
Sodbury Park., in Yorkshire (sod of James 
D'Arcy, Bixlh son of Cony ers. Lord D'Arcy), 
who was creatad Baron U'Arcy, of Navan, 
in Ireland, A.D. 1721, with remainder to 
his grandson, James Jessop. By the Hon. 
Mary D'Arcy Mr. Jessop had issoe, 

I, Jahbs, who succeeded his grand- 
hther as second Lord D'Arcy, of 
Navan, in 1731, and assumed in cod- 
aequence the surname and arms of 
D'Arcy. His lordship died vnin. in 
1, Barbara, m. Andrew Wi1l(insoD. 
esq.of Boro'bridge, H.P. for Aldbro', 
and had issue, 
1. Charues Wilkinson, of Boro'- 

Tbonus Tytell, esq. of Gippiog. Dorothr Ssym's 
niece, Eliubelh BaittMi. siMer of Mrs. Hichud 
L«w»on, espoused Mr. Pilgraye, of PslgrsTs, of 
an ancient Noriblk bouH (ia whicb ooud^ the 
hiotber, Francis Burton, wss rector of Ryburgh 
and Egmere), and hsd two sons ; the elder ss- 
samed the sumuue of Sijer, and muried Miss 
Tyrell, of Gippiog-, aftarwsrds Ledy Mirnud 
Ifeselriggo. To the yonnger, ths rector <rf P«l- 
fnrt, and the Eriend and correspondent of tbs 
poet Gnij (»e* Masons Cray's Letters