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My " Dictionary of the Landed Gentry " is now, for the first time, 
presented to the public complete in a single volume, exactly similar to 
that of my " Peerage and Baronetage/' The book may appear lai^, 
yet, its contents, in the same manner, as with the Dictionary of the 
Peerage and Baronetage, have been compressed into the smallest compass 
consistent with the fall information such productions should necessarily 
possess, to be historically, genealogically, and generally usefdl. 

This work, the subject of which is of deep, and I may say, national 
interest, has been a favourite occupation of my past life, and has been 
cheered in its course by great and flattering success : I have laboured in 
this new edition, with a spirit fully alive to the importance of perpetuating 
such prosperity. I have spared in the task neither toil nor devotion; 
every page has been re-written, every memoir careftQly revised, and every 
pedigree minutely examined. Communications in emendation have been 
received from all parts of the kingdom, and new information of great 
value obtained: these means of perfection, when acquired, have been 
carefully attended to. 

I may, therefore be pardoned in the agreeable and sanguine hope that 
"The Dictionary of the Landed Gentry/^ thus submitted to further public 
approval, will be deemed a more comprehensive, faithful^ and worthy record, 
than can be obtained from any other source, of that class of gentlemen, 
who, though undistinguished by hereditary titles, possess an undeniable 
right, from antiquity of race, extent of property, and brilliancy of 
achievement, to take foremost rank among the lesser nobility of Europe. 


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Digitized by CjOOQIC 






Abidam, Edwabd, Esq. of Hiddleton Hall, oo. 
Gumarthen, b. 28 April, 1809; m, Louisa, dau. of 
— IViylor, Esq., and has issue, 

L iDWAmp-H A iiT.rK. XL Ooniad. 

m. Ftancli-Walrand. And other iasoe. 

MJtungf, — ^WnxxAM Adams, Esq., son of Capt. Conrad 
Adams, of Barbadoes, derivod from the old baronial CeunUy 
of Abftdam, d. in 1703. He m. 28 Deo. 1007, Franoes, dau. 
■nd eo-brir of CoL Thomas Walrond, by Prances, dau. of Sir 
Jonathan Atkins* Kni., governor of Barbadoes from 1674 to 
1€S0, and by her (who «. subsequently Qeoi^ Oraeme, Esq.) 
kA at his decease a son, 

Tbomas A¥tAi«i^ Esq. of Christchurch, Barbadoes. who m. 
f JttDS, IT27, Margmretf dau. of Lt.-Gen. Thomas Maxwell, a 
t of the Nithsdale fitmily, and by her had issue. 

VnxujL of whom presently. 

Tboinie-Mazwell, of Adam's Castle, Baxbadoes, fn. In 1770, 
MriL Anne Fonblanque. 
IBabeth, m. In 17^ to James Monk, chief Justice of 

AaaoeiL si. in 1767, to Samuel Sedgwick, Esq. M.D. 
The eldest SOD, 

WiLLUM Aw; AW Esq., m. 1st, in 1750, Eleanor Bosiman, 
by wiKXB he had no issue to survive; and Sndly, Elisabeth- 
Ajom, dso. of the Rev. Thomas Coxeter, by whom (who 
n. tedly, Robert Gocdon, M.D.) he had issue, 

WiDkm Maxwell, b. 10 Oct 1776 ; who d. wm. in 1705. 

Bdwaxd-HamUn, of Middleton Hall. 

Thomas -Maxwell, who m. 4 July, 170S» Anne-St.-John 
TreAuis (sister of Lord CUnton). 

Aiiaa-Maigaretta» who d. tmm. in 1780. 

lpwA«i>-ffAiixnc Abams, Esq. of Middleton Hall, b. 
39 April, 1777 ; saived as high-sheriff of Carmarthenshire in 
18S1, and wm M.P. for that county in 1888-4. He m. 5 Jan. 
17M. Amdia4Sophia, eldest dau. of Capt. John MaoFheraon, 
by Maiy-Anne Martwil, his 2nd wife, and granddau. of 
WiDism MaePharwm, dss e wded firom QalHchattan More^ 
cUcfef ths daa^ehattan, and had issuer 

Ibwasi^ now of Middleton Hall, who has resumed the 


Vfifiam, b. U Sept. 1814; d 15 Oct 1851. 
Msiy-Anne. Sophia. Caroline. 

Mr. Adams iL S Jan. 1842. 

Anu—Arg.^ on a cross go., Ave mullets <or, estoHesX or. 
C mi O ut of a ducal coronet, or. a demi-lion, afiront^ gu. 
Jtf««o— Aspire — Persev er e and Indulge not 
Gmi Middletnn Hall, oo. OaxmarthsD. 


Abnbt, William- Wotton, of Meaaham Hall, oou 
Derby, Esq., b, 6 Jan. 1807; m. 6 May, 1828, Helen- 
John-Sinclair, eld. dau. of James Buchanan, Esq. of 
Craigend Castle, oo. Stirling, by the Lady Janet 
Sindair, his wife, and had one son, who d. in early 
infancy, Dea 1829. Mr. Abney «. his grandfather in 

HiXitK^t — The Abneys were seated at Abney in the 
Peak about the time of the Conquest. 

JoHX DB Abbnky (son of William de Abeney, and 
grandson of John de Abeney, living at Wivelislie in 1318X 
m, about 1400, the elder dau. and co-heir of WUliam de 
Ingewardeby, of Willesleye, co. Derby, and was ancestor 
of the Abnbts qf WUUriep, of which were Sir Edward 
Abnbt, a well known Judge, and his younger brother, Sm 
Thomas Abnxt, lord-mayor and M.P. for London, one of 
the founders of the Bank of England. 

William Abnet, of the Inner Temple, Esq. (fourth in 
descent Arom Robert Abney, of Newton Buiiguland, 2nd 
son of Geoige de Abeney, of WillesleyX purchased the 
estate of Meaaham, co. Derby, and erected the ftmiily 
mansion there. He was 6. 25 Nov. 1713, and d. in 1800. 
He m. Catherine, dan. and heir of Thomas Wotton, of litUo 
Cannons, Herts, Esq., and had (with two daus., Mary, 
wife of John Swinfen, of Swinfen, Esq., and Catherine, 
wife of the Rev. Thomas Bumaby) four sons: the two 
yoimgest d. vnm. ; the eldest, Robert, of Messham, 6. in 
1748, high-sheriff of Derbyshire in 1777, m. Anne, dau. of 
the Rev. Philip Braoebridge, and left an only dau. and 
heir, Anne, wife of Samuel-B. Homing, Esq. The second 

Edwabd Abnet, of Meaaham, Esq., b. in 1751, d. in 
1827; having had by Hephaibah, his 2nd wife, dan. of 
Samuel Need, Esq. of Nottingham, two sons snd a dan., 

L WiLUAM-WoTTOK, capt. royal horse-guards blue; m. 
Elisabeth, dau. of w. luohardson, Eso. of Fulford House^ 
CO. York; and dying v. p., in 1821, left issuer 

1 WiLUAM-Wonov, present proprietor. 

2 Edward-Henry, in holy orders; m. in 1833, Catherine^ 
dau. of Jedediah Strutt, Esq. of Belper, oo. Derby, and 
has issue. 

1 Catherine, m. in 1835, to the Rev. William Sandys. 

XI. Edward, m. in 1822, Ellen, dau. of Hyla Holden, of 
Wednesbuiy, Esq^and left two daus., Hephzibah-Oon- 
stance, and Ellen-Clarke. 

1. Elisabeth, m. to Henry Walker, of Blythe HaU, Nott^ 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Armi Or, on ft cUef^ go., a lion, passnnt, org. 
Creat—A doml-lion, rampant, or, a pellttt between the paws. 
JfoCto— Fortiter et honeste. 
£ea^— Measham Hall, Derbyihire. 


AoKSRS, Qeoroe-Holland, Esq. of Moreton Hall, 
CO. Chester, b. 10 Aug. 1812; m. 23 Jan. 183S, 
Harriott- Susan, 2nd dau. of Henry- William Button, 
Esq. of Beverley, co. York, and has 

I. Osoboiaha-Habbiott. XL O oi i«ta nc <»- M ar i anne. 

Mr. Ackers «. his father, 22 Not. 1836. 

%intMff*-^'RoLLAMi> AoKMts, Esq. of Bank Honae, 
Mandiester, 6. Feb. 1744, son of Qeorge Ackers, by Ellen 
Bonney, bis lit wife, purchased the Moreton proper^. He 
m. 83 Oct. 1787, Elisabeth Filkin, and by her (who <L 
16 Feb. 1800), had a son and suooessor, 

OaoaoB AoKBRS, Esq. of Moreton Ebll, h. 19 Aug. 1788 ; 
m. 8 Nov. 1811, Harriott Dell. 2nd dan. of Henry Hutton, 
Esq. of Lincoln, and by her (who m. 2ndly, in 1841, the late 
William-Edward Powell, of Nanteos, Esq., M.P. for Car- 
diganshire), left at his decease, S8 Nov. 1836, sn only efadld, 
OsoBOS-HoLLAiTD AoKiBS, Esq., now of Moreton Hall. 

.^mu— Axg., on a bend, aa., three acorns, or, husked, vert 
Crat—A dove rising, in the beak an oUve branch, all ppr. 
Ifotto— La Ubert^ 
£m^— Moreton Hall, Conglelon. 


Acton, Edward-Farrkr, Esq. of Gataore Park, 
CO. Salop, J.P. and D.L., major in the Shropshire 
militia; m. in 1882, Mary^Anna, youngeat dau. of 
the Rev. Horace Suckling, rector of 6arsham, Suffolk, 
»nd has issue, 

I. EnwARD-WnxiAX-FBXDXBiOK, an officer in the army, 
6. in 1884. 

I. Mary-Henrietta. 

KneAfff. — ^Thomas Aotov, Esq., of Gatacre Park, Snd 
son of Sir Edward Acton, let Bart, of Aldenham, by Sai-ah 
his wife, dau. of Richard Mytton, Esq., of Halston, m. 
Msbell, dau. of Clem«it Stoner, Esq. of London, and d. in 
1877, leaving a son, Clkmeht, who d. in 1726, and was 
Ikther of Eowabd, of Oataera Paik, who d. in 1787, and 
was grandfetther of EowAim-AOTOV Aorov, Esq. of Gataore 
Park, who d. in 182S, and was t. by his sod, the present 
B.-F. AOTOK, Esq. of Gatacre Psrk. 

Jr»M*— Ou.. two lions peasant, tag., between nine-cioss- 

mtMslets^toite, or. 

CVeif— within a tonwL 
oouped, and droning blood, all ppr. 

CVeif— Within a toracL a human leg and thigh in annour, 
niped, and dropping blood, all pi 
S00^-Qataore Fuik, Bridgnorth. 


Acton, Thomas, Esq. of West Aston, ca Wick- 
low, b. m 1826; s. his £ather, 10 Apnl, 1854. 

HiltfX^. — ^Thomas Aonm, Esq. of West Aston (son of 
William Acton, Esq., by Jane Parsons, his wife, granddau. 
of Sir Wm. Parsons, Bart, of Birr, and grandson of Thos 
Acton, Esq., by Eleanor his wife, dau. of CoL KempstonX 
m. in 1780. Sidney, dan. of Joshua Dayis, Esq., barrister. 
ai4aw, of DubUn, and had issue, 

WnxiAJC, his heir. 

Thomas, m. Sidney, dau. of Hampden Evans; Esq. of 
Portrane^ oo. Dubun. 

Anna-Maris «^ to Ms|or Waiborton, of Augfarim, oo. 

Jane^ m. to Geoigv Drou^t, Esq. of Glenoorry, oo. Wick- 
The eldest son, 

William Acton, Baq. of West Aston, M.P. for oo. Wick- 
few, lt.-ooL of the CO. militia, and ito hi«^ sheriff in 1820 ; 
(. in 1789 ; m. in 1817, Caroline, dau. of Thomas Wslker, 
Esq., master in Chsneery, and has issue, 

L Thomas^ now of West Aston. 

U. Charles, 6. 1830. ui. William, b. 1828. 

I. Jane. 

Ifetto— Adjuvants Deo. 
5^(0— West Aston, oo. Wicklow. 



Acton, William-Joseph, Esq. of Wolverton, ca 
Worcester, b. 9,7 June, 180.3 ; «. 22 Oct. 1833, Mary, 
widow of William Traflford, Esq., brother of the late 
Sir Thomas-Joseph de Trafford, Bart of Traflord 
Park, Lancashire, and has survivbg issue^ 

I. WiLLiAM-RoBSBT, b. 10 Nov. 1835. 

n. Thomas-Vincent, 6. 16 Oct. 1830. 

m. Edward-Charles, 6. 13 Oct 1839. 
Mr. Acton is a magistrate for the co. of Worcester. 

JLitltH^* — The Actons, whose antiquity of descent is 
equalled b^v few existing famitiyi, an* of Sv^on origin, and 
were in Worcestershire, aooording to Mr, Abingdon, pre- 
viously to the Conquest. Soon after thsit great event, we 
find them seatAd at Ombersley ; and in the 3rd HcmiT III. 
the name of Elias de Acton, of Acton Hall, in Ombersley. 
appears with those of other knights and gentlemen sum- 
moned to senre upon a Jury. 

From a common ancestor with the Aotoks of Aet<m 
sprung the Actovs of SuUon, of which fiunily that of Wol- 
rerton is a scion, being founded by a younger son of Sir 
Roger Acton, of Sutton (the heir of Sir John MortimerX 
who m. AUce, sister of William Cokesey, Esq., and was 
fiEkther of Joeir AcroH, who acquired the estate of Wol- 
Arinton, or Wolyerton, in Woapesterskire, as heir to his 
unde, the last of the Cokeseys. 

WiLUAM. AoTOM, Esq. of Wolvertea (son snd heir of 
William Acton, of Wolverton, by Maiigaret his wife. dau. 
and co-heir of Richard Perkins, Esq. of Beenham, Berka,) 
and grandson (by Barbara his wife, dau. and co-heir of 
John Vincent, Esq.) of William Acton, Esq. of Wolver- 
ton, who d. 12 April, 1079); m. Anne. dau. of William 
Tyler, descended ftt>m the Ardens of Warwickshire ; and, 
dying 6 Sept. 1763, left a son and successor, 

WiLUAX AoTON, Esq. of Wolverton, who «. in 1801, 
Ann*Constsntia Davies, descended from the CunQy of 
Fowler, of St. Thomas, co. Stafford; and, dying 22 Feb. 
1814, left, with a dau. Maiy, who d. unm., a son, the 
present Wiluam Actom, Esq. of Wolverton. 

ArtM—Qu., a fease^ enD.i within a bordiure, engrailed, of 
the second. 

Creae— An ann in armour, embowed, ppr.. holding in the 
himd a sword, arg., hUt, or, thereon a ooar's head, oouped 
at the neck, sa., (ustilling blood. 

IfoMo— VaiUance avance lliomme. 

fiea^— Wolverton, Worcestershire. 


Adaib, Gborqe, Esq. of Bellegrove, and Rath, 
Queen's County, 6. 18 Sept. 1784 ; m. 16 May, 1822, 
Elizabeth, 2nd daiL of the Very Rev. Thos. Trench, 
Dean of Kildare, 2nd brother of the late Lord 
Ashtown, and by her, who d, 21 March, 1823, has 
an only son, 

JoHy-QsoBGi, b. 8 March, 1898. 
Mr. Adair, who #. his father 14 July, 180d, is J.P. 
and D.L. for the Queen's County, and was high- 
sheriff in 1822. 

Itnrage.— The traditional origin of the Adajbs </ 
BeUtgrovt is this: 

Thomas, the 8th Esri of Desmond, having gone on a 
hunting expedition, lost his way, and was benighted be- 
tween Tralee and Newcastle, co. Limerick, where he was 
received and hospitably entertained by William M'Cormio, 
whose dau. he subsequently married. At this alliance his 
family and dan, it is s^d, were much oflfended, and com- 
pelled him to fly to France, and resign his title and estates 
to his younger brother, in 1418. He d. of grief at Rouen, 
A.O. 1490, the king of England attending his Amend. The 
fiunily account proceeds to state that his grandscm, 

RoBCST, returning to Ireland, with the hope of regaining 
his fiunily title and estates, kUled Gerald, the White Knight 
(2nd son of Gerald, the then Earl of Desmond) in single 
combat, at Athdare (Ford of the OaksX oo. limerick, but 
was subsequently defeated, and fled to Scotland, where he 
assumed the name of Adaibb. From him descended 

Thomas Aoaibb, Esq. (son of Archibald Adaire). who m. 
Mary Hamilton, of the Scotdi noble temily, and settled in 
the Queen's County, his patrimonial estates being much dimi- 
nished, in consequence of his father having been attainted 
by King Jamo. He had issue^ Archibald, William, John, 

Digitized by V3OOQI., 



Robert, ind & lax^ge ikmily, «I1 of whom d, witlioat issue, 

ARCHIBALD ADAtBi, Esq., who m. fai 1781, Jane, dau. of 
ICtik Antony Chateneui; and had issue, 1 John ; 2 Mark 
Istany, d. young ; 1 Ifary, d. unm. The eldest son, 

JoBX Adaib, Esq. of Rath, Queen's County, m. 86 Feb. 
Vui, Bebecca, eldest child of George Maquay, of the city of 
Dobttn. Esq.. and his wife Elixabeth. dau. of Eccles Disney, 
Em|. of Chorehtown, oo. Wateiford, and dying 14 July, 
19M, left issue, 

L QwotOE, heir to h^# &ther. 

a John. 6. 8 Jan. 179S; d, «mm. 8 Jso. 1889. 


n. Janst sk to F.-W. Fortescus^ of Miltown Orange^ oo. 
Loath. Isq. 

m. Maiy. nr. Sarah. v. Chariotte. 

A i m P erbend, orandaig.. three dexter hands, oouped 
it tho wrist, two and one, gu. 
CVwC— A man's head, oouped and bloody, ppr. 
M tt U Loyal an mori. 
8M— BellegToye^ Ballybrittas, Queen's County, Ireland. 


Adaib, Alkzandbr, Esq. of Heatherton Park, co. 
SooMnet, and Colehouse, Devon, 6. 15 Sept 1791 ; 
«. 17 Jane, 1828, Harriet-Eliza, dau. ot George 
Atkmson, Esq. of Temple Sowerby, Westmorland, 
lod has issue, 

L AuxAVDca-WiuiAM, b. 28 Oet. 1829. 

n. Bobort-Desmond, b. 19 Jan. 1881. 

HL HughJenisoD, b. 21 March, 1885. 

IT. AOan^hafto. fr. 20 Dec 1886. 

T. Hsuy-AtUnaon, 6. 17 Mareh. 1889. 

L Hsnfet^CamiUa. u. Henrietta-Mary. 

Mr. Adair is younger brother of Sir Robert-Shafto 
Adiir, Bart^, being 2nd surviving son of the late 
Hqg^ (commonly called William) Adair, Esq. of 
BiO^ena, co. Antrim, by Camilla his wife, dau. 
ud heir of Robert Shafto, Esq. of Benwell, North- 

inu—Fer bead, or and aig., three dexter hands^ oouped 
it the wrist, two and one, gn. 

Crtd—k man's head, oouped and bloody, ppr. 

if«*— Loyal 4 mort. 

fttf»-Heatherton Park, near Taunton ; and Cole House^ 


Adaib, Thomas-Bknjamik, Esq. of Loughanmore, 
eo. Antrim, b. 1775 ; nk in 1806, Amelia, 2nd daiL of 
Ueot-CoL Benjamin Adair, R.M., and has, 

L rwAw late oapt. 8Srd foot. 

n. Emaj. m, Bei\)amtp-ClMnfflts. 

IT. Thnmas-Bflnjamhit in holy orders. 

T. WilHam-Bobeit, Ikot. in the $7th foot. 

L MUhoent. n. Amelia. 

m. Sossnna. nr. Eleanor-Maigaret. 

Hr. Adair, J.P. for the county of Antrim, served as 

Itimgf . — ^BDfJAicnr Abaqi, Esq, of Loughanmore, 
«to m. Aane, dan. of Waterliouse Crymble, Esq. of BaUy- 
|i&o^ ee. Antxtan. was fiOher of 

TaoHAa-BivJAMtK AnAia, Esq. of Loughanmore. who m. 
)l«IBtt, eldest dan. of Charles Crymble, Esq. of Bullygil- 
l«k. ee. Antrim, and had (with two other sons, Benjamin 
tad Wdfiam-Bobert, and two daus., Anne and Elizabeth) 

CteAius Aoah, Esq. of Ijoughonmore, who m. in 1776, 
KDiecnt, eldest dau. of Henry Ellis, Esq. of Prospect, in the 
I CQwtyofthetownof Carrickfeigus, and had issue, Toomas- 
> BojAXDi, DOW id Loughanmore, and Henry. 

inw— FvbsAd, or and aig., three dexter hand% couped 
it Jtbt wrist, fu. 
CVtrt—A man's head, oouped at the neck, ppr. 
y<>»— Loyil an mort* 
fcK Lwi^hanmo re, near Antrim. 

AsAic, Wtluam-Patrick, Esq. of Blair Adam, co. 
KisroM, b, 14 Sept 1828 ; «. his father, Sir Chailes 
Adun, K.C.E, 16 Sept 1868. 

%itttKQt» — The surname of Adam is of great antiquity 
in ScoUand, as proved by many documents in the publio 

DuMGAK Adam, son of Alexander Adam, lived in the 
reign of King Robert Bbdcb, and had four sons, Robeii, 
John, Reginald, and Duncan, from whom all the Adams, 
Adamsons, and Adies, in Scotland, are descended. 

WuxiAM Adam, an eminent architect (son of John Adam, 
by Helen Cranston his wifo, and grandson of Archibald 
Adam, of Fanno, who purchased, temp. Chablbb I., the 
lands of Queensmanour, oo. Forfar), became poeeeasod of 
many lands, particularly those of Blair, oo. Kinross, where 
he built a house and village, to which he gave the name of 
Maiybuxgh. He m. Mary, dau. of William Robertson, Esq.. 
of Qladn^. and had issue, John, his heir; Robert, ardiitect 
to Obobob III., returned to parliament for Kinrosshire in 
1768; James, William, Janet, Helen; Mary, wife of Dr. 
John Drysdale, Dean of the Chapel Royal ; Susannalym. to 
John Clerk, Esq., 8rd son of Sir John Clerk, Bart. &[ Pen- 
nycuick ; and Maigaret. Mr. Adam d. in 1748, and was t. 
by his son, 

John Adam, Esq. of Marybuigh, who m. in 1750, Jean, 
dau. of John Ramsay, Esq., by Jean his wife, dau. of 
Robert Whyte, Esq. of Bennochy, and left at his decease, 
85 June, 1702, with other issue, a son and su cce ssor, 

Thb Rian Hon. Wiluam Adam, of Blair-Adam, lord- 
lieut. of Kinroeehire, lord chief commissioner' of the Jury 
Court of Scotland, a bencher of Lincoln's Inn, Ac. ; who m. 
7 May, 1777, the Hon. Eleanora Elphinston, 2nd dau. of 
Charles, 10th Lord Elphinston, and sister of Adm. Lord 
Keith, by whioh lady (who d. 4 Feb. 1800) he had a nume- 
rous (lEunily, of whom were Viob-Adm. Sot Chablbb Adam, 
K.C.B., and Libut.-Gen. Sir Fbbderick Adam, O.C.B. and 
O.C.M.O., colonel 57th regiment, a gallant military officer, 
who served with high disUnotion in the Peninsula and at 
Waterloo ; and d. 17 Aug. 1858. The elder, 

Viob-Admhial Sir Chablbb Adam, K.C.B., governor of 
Oreenwich HospitBl; 6. ia 1780, m. 4 Oct 1822, EUaabeth, 
dau. of Patrick Biydone, Esq., F.R.S. ; and d. 16 Sept. 1858, 
having had, 

Wiluam-Patbick, now of Blair Adam. 

Charies-Bxydone. Mid. R.N.; b. 1825; lost at sea in 
H.MS. "Fairy." 1840. 


Arma—Arg., a mullet as., pierced, of tiie field, between 
three crosses crosalet fltchte. gu. 

Ort$t-—A cross-crosslet as in the arms, surmounted of a 
sword in saltier, ppr.. hilted and pommelled, or. 

Motto— Ctmx mlhi grata quies. 

&at— Bhiir Adam, co. Kinross. 


Adams, Henry- Willtak, Esq. of Ansty Hall, oo. 
Warwick, and Morton Pinkney, co. Northampton, 
brigadier-gen. and col in the army, lieui-coL 49th 
re^, C.B., b, 31 Jan. 1805 ; m. 28 Nov. 1843, hia 
cousin, Catharine, dau. of the late Rev. Thomaii 
Coker Adams, yioar of Ansty. He «. his father in 

%itltHQf, — SiMOK Adams, merchant and vintner, d. in 
1448, leaving several houses and other property in the City 
of London, to the Vintner's Company, to found two chap- 
laindee, and distribute the surplus to the poor. His des- 

SncoH Adams, Lord of the Manor of Oreat FiBokham, 
Essex, d. 1598, leaving a grandson, 

Simon Adams, who became possessed of Morton Pinkney, 
00. Northampton, he d. in 1644, leaving a son, 

Thb Riv. Simon Adams, oo. Northampton, rector of 
Aston-le-Walls, who d. in 1678, leaving by Cecily Abbys, his 
wife (with four daus.), two sons, Simon, his heir, and 
Thomas, ancestor <>f the fotmily of Adams of Lavendon, 
Bucks. The eldest son, 

Simon Adams, Esq. of Morton Pinkn^, co. Northamp- 
ton, k. in 1681, m. twice, and by his 2nd wife, Anne, dau. 
of Robert Cooper, of Lubbenham, Esq., Iiad (with four 
dans.) two sons, of whom the elder, 

Simon Adams, M.D. of Daventry and East Haddon, b. 
in 1667, m. 1602, Anne, dan. of the Rev. William OUbert, 
of Culworth, and hod by her one son, SiMdN, and two 
daus. Dr. Adams d. in 1748, aged 80. His son, 

Thb Rev. Simon Adams, vicar of Wolton, in Northamp- 
tcmshive, b. in 1603, m. 1717-18, Anne, dau. ef John Clarke, 
Esq. of Welton, and left, at his deoeass in 1781, two sooi^ 
of whom the elder, ^-^ j 

» 2jigitizedbyC300gle 


Claxxs Aoami. Esq. of East Haddon and Morton Fink- 
iie7» lieat.-ool. of the Northamtonahire militia, b. in 1718- 
19, iM. l8t, 15 Aug. 1744, Elizabeth Dobbins, dau. and heir 
of the BoT. William Tayler, of Anaty Hall, oo. Warwick, 
rector of Malpaa, in Cheshire, and had a son, SmoN, hia 
heir, and a dau. Elizabeth Dobbins, m. to Charles Watkins, 
Esq. of Daventry. Col. Adams m. Sndly, 29 Aug. 1751, 
Franoea, only dau. and heir of Richard Clarke, Esq. of 
Welton, but by her, who d. SO Aug. 1781, had no issue. 
He d. 86 June, 1776, and was «. by his son, 

Btxov Adaio* Esq. of Ansty Hall, oo. Warwick, barrts- 
ter-at-Iaw, deputy recorder of Northampton, and recorder 
of Daventry. This gentleman, in 1780, sold the estate of 
East Haddon to Henry Bawbridge, Esq. He m. S Jan. 
1778, Barah, dan. of Cadwallader Coker, Esq. of Bioester, 
and by her, who d. 17 July, 1883, aged eighty, had issue, 

Hshbt-Cadwalladib, his heir. 

Thomas-Coker. Ticar of Anstey, Shelton, and FoleahiU, 
A.lf .. b. in 1782; d. in 1851 ; m. 16 Sept 1806. Marv. dau. 
of Johnson Pistor. Esq. of Bath, and has issue, Simon- 
Thomas, 6. in 1807; Cadwallader-Coker. 6. in 1817; and 
Daniel-Charies-Ootavlus, 6. in 1822; all in holy orders; 
Mary Philaddphia, Catherine and Sarah-Coker. 
John, serieant-at-Iaw and assistant-judge of the Middle- 
sex quaiier sessions, 6. in 1786. im. Ist. in 1811, Eliza. 
only dau. of William Nation, Esq. of Exeter, and by 
her, who d. 12 Aug. 1814, had issue, John, barrister- 
at-law, and author of Tk4J)oclrine o/BquUy, b. in 1813. 
«. 21 Dec. 1843, Emily, dau. of Sir John Riddell, Bart, 
of Ridddl, Roxbuigfashire. and d, 18 Sept. 1848, leaving 
inue, John-Walter and Emily-ElizaCharlotte; and Wil- 
liam, in ludy orders, and author of The Shadow of the 
Crou, Ac, 6. in 1814, d. 17 Jan. 1848. He m. 2ndlv. in 1817, 
Jane^ dau. of Thomas Martin. Esq. of Nottingham, and 
by her. who d. 19 June. 1825, had another sou, Heniy- 
Cadwallader, in holy orders, 6. in 1817. m. 1852. Esther, 
dau of the Rer. B. Edmonds. Mr. Seijeant Adorns m. 
Srdly. in 1826. Charlotte-Prisdlla, dau. and heir of John 
Coker. Esq. (See Cokxb qf Bicester), and has by her, Coker. 
6. in 1827, in holy orders, fellow of New College, Oxford; 
CfaAries-Warren, 6. in 1883; Walter-Marsham, 6. in 1837. 
Samh-Coker, «. 17 May. 1800, to James Beck. Esq. of Al- 
lesIeyPiuk, Warwickshire. 
Mr. Adams d. 10 March, 1801, and was «. by his son, 

HsmT-CADWALLADKB Adams, Esq. of Ansty Hall, oo. 
Warwick, 6. 11 Dec 1779 ; m. 18 June, 1803, Emma, eldest 
dau. of Sir William Curtis, Bart, and had issue, 
I. HnrmT-WuxiAM, his heir. 

n. George-Curtis, commander RN., 6. 1807. m. 1847. Mary- 
Susan, dau. of Edward Wocdmer, Esq. of Exeter, and hu, 
1. HenxyCadwallader, 6. 28 July. 1860. 
1. Emma-Louisa. 2. Catharine-Anne 

UL Frank. Ueut.-ool. 28th foot, b. in 1809, m. in 1845, 
Ellen, reliot of J. Btraith, Esq., and has issuer 
1. William-Ormond, b. 16 Jan. 1847. 
S. Frank-Reginald, b. 14 Sept 1852. 

^S£S2E^ie, } ''^"^ 
IT. Arthur-Robarts, A.M., Fellow of Bt John's CdUegei 
Oxford, b. in 1812. 

y. Cadwallader, capt 49th foot, b. in 1825. 
L Emma-Curtis. IL Laura-Coker. 

m. Anna-Delioia. 

Mr. Adams, a msgistnte and deputy-lieutenant for War- 
wiekshire, serred as sheriff of the county in 1887. He d. 
In March, 1842. 

.^mu— Vert, a cross, or, charged with an eetoile, sa. 
CWaC-^ talbot, passant, as., semtfof besanta, and collared, 

Votto— Bub cruce ▼erltas. 
Aa<— Ansty HaU, near CoTontiy. 


Bhr Edmund Bacon, Bart, and has one dan., Edith- 
IV. Herbert-Goorge, in holy orders, vicar of Com^rood, 
Devon ; b. 23 Jon. 1814 ; m. 3 Aug. 1843. Eleanor, dau. 
of Baldwin Fulford, Esq. of Fulford ; and d. at 
Bowdon, 25 Nov. 1S51, leaving issue, Charles-Herbert, 
Baldwin-Dacres, George-Francis, and Anna-Maria. 
L Elizabeth-Mary. 
Mr. Adams was confidential secretary to the Right 
Hon. William Pitt during his last administration, 
and was Bubeequently a commiadoner of the Woods, 
Forests, and Land revenues. 

IL{lItAfi(« — ^WnxiAX Adaxs, Esq., son of the Bev. 
Samuel Adams, by Susan his wife, dvi. of Bartholomew 
Farr, of Silverton, Devon, m. Mary Chadder, and had, 

L WixxiAM, his heir. 

n. Samuel, of Totness, in Devon, b. 1 Jan. 1770 ; m. 27 Jan. 
1800, Elisabeth Bentall, and has. 1 William, 6. in 1802; 
2 Edward, in the army, 6. in 1804; 3 Heury-BcntuU. 6. 
in 1806, who m. in 1835, Harriot; dau. of the late Joseph 
Bickham, Esq., and has issue ; 4 Geoige, E. I. Co.'s civil 
service, 6. in 1808, who m. in 1833, Amelia, dau. of the 
late Captain Beid, and hai; issue ; 5 Frederick. E. I. Co. 'a 
militai7 service, 6. in 1814 ; 8 Frands, 6. in 1821; 1 Mazy; 
2 Louisa; and 3 Elizabeth. 

I. Mary, m. to Giles Welsford. Esq. 

n. Sarah-Chadder m. to James Hodge. Esq. 

nL Susan, m. to John-Parr Welsford, Esq. 

The elder son, 

William Adams, Esq. of Bowdon, in Devon, M.P. for 
Totness; m. 24 June, 1774, Anna-Maiia, dau. of Richard 
Daores, Esq., descended fipom Docres, of Leatherhead, in 
Surrey, supposed to be a branch of the noble line of Daore 
of the North, and by her (who d. at Bowden, 19 April, 
1830), had issue, 
WiLUAM Daokbs, his heir. 

George FownoU (Sir), K.C.H., geai. in the army ; m. Elixa> 
beth. dau. and co-heir of Sir William Elford, Bart., and 
has issue, William-Elford, ciq>t. Royal Irish regt., 6. 10 
June, 18^ m. 1849, Anua-Maria, dau. of Patrick Banuer- 
man, Esq.; OeoigeDacres, b. 1 Nov. 1823, in hoiy orders; 
Arthur-Fulford. fr. April, 1825, m. 1847, Henr etta, 2ud 
dau. of William F. Bowman, Esq. ; and Henry Cram^oon, 
b. 25 Nov. 1826, m. Matilda- Wiusloe^ 3rd dau. of Thonuus 
Palton, Esq., and has issue, 

Anna-Maria, m. to Baldwin Fulford, Esq. of Great Fulford. 
Mr. Adams d. 21 Sept 1811, and was «. by his elder son, 
the present Wiluam-Daokes Adams, Esq. of Bowdon. 

Arm*— Or, a lion, rampant, gu., between semte of crooe- 
dosslets fitohte, within a bordure, engrailed, sa. 

Creet-~K dexter arm in armour, embowed, grasping a crofl»- 
oroeslet of the arms, charged on the elbow with a tortean. 

If oMo— libertas et natale solum. 

SacO— Bowdon, near Totness. 

ADAiiRy Willtam-Dacrbs, Esq., of Bowdon, oo. 
Devon, 6. 16 Dec. 1775 ; m. 10 March, 1804, Eliza- 
beth, 2nd dau. of Mayow-Wynell Mayow, Esq. of 
Sydenham, in Kent^ and by her, who d 4 Feb. 1814, 
has issue, 
I. WiLLtAM-PrrT, Chaigtf d*Aflhlras and Consul-General 
to the Peruvian BepubUo; 6. 11 Dec 1804 ; m. 18 Sept. 
1847, Georgiana-Bmily, dan. of Robert Lukin, Esq. ; 
and d. at lima, 1 Sept. 1852, leaiing one daughter, 
n. Daores, in holy orders, vicar of Bampton, co. Oxford ; 
ft. M July, 1804; m. 15 Aug. 1832, Anna-Maria, eldest 
dan. of Baldwin Fulford, Esq. of Fulford, oo. Devon, 
and has issue, WOliam-Fulford and Philip-Daores. 
m. Mayow-Wynell, ft. 11 Oct 1806 ; m. 19 May, 1841, 
Anna-Maria, dau. of Mi^or Edward Hodge, 7th light- 
drag, (killed at Waterioo), and Maria hkwife^ dau. of 


Adams, John, Esq. of Holyland, co. Pembroke, h. 
in 1796; m. 24 July, 1828, Anne, eldest dau. of the 
late Henry Qibbons, 2nd son of John QibbonSy Baq. 
of Oswestry, and has issue, 

I. Johv-Alkzahdbb-Philipfb, ft. 10 Jon. 1881. 

n. Henry-Joseph, ft. in S^. 1885. 

I. Augusta-Mary. n. Agnes-Anne. 

m. Frances-Louisa. iv. Maiy-Charlotte. 

IL{lttA0e* — ^This is a veiy ancient Fembro]oealiix« 
fiunily. The first recorded anoestor, 

Nicholas Adams, or Adamis, was of Budkspool, atbcmt 
the year 1870. His son and successor, 

JoHK Adams, marrying BUen, one of the oo-heireaHea ot 
David de Paterohurch, became seated at Paterohuroh, -where 
his descendants continue to reside. 

WiLUAM Adams, Esq. of Holyland (son sud heir of Wil- 
liam Adams, Esq. of Hdyland, descended in a diroot Uxm 
fh>m the Paterohurch familyX m. Anne, 2nd dau. of Tnoauli 
Bixson, Esq., and had issue, 1 JoBV-PBnjpps, hia heir* 
2 Joseph, mi^or in the army, who m. Elisabeth, dstu. of 
John Campbell, Esq. of Btackpool Court, and was Aether of 
lieut.-Oen. Alexander Adamti, who m. Franoee-Louiaa, dan. 
of the Bev. William Holcombe, canon of St. Dskvid's * 
8 Roger; 4 Anne, m. 1st, to the Rev. William ThonosM, ^^Jj 
2ndly, to Mattliew Campbell, Esq., son of J. H. Campb^ii 
Esq. of Bangeston, Lion king-at-arms. The eldest son, 

John-Prxlipps Adams, Esq. of Holyland, a cloputy- 
lieutenant for Pembrokeshire; m. Charlotte, dan. of Wil« 


aniCoi^Mt. Csq. of DarnbalU in Cheshire, and left two 
•ODfl, John utd WilUam. The elder, 

JoH» Adams, Esq. of Holyland, m. in 1795, Sophia, dau. 
of the Ten. Archdeacon Holcombe, and left, with a dau., 
AqgoiU, M. to Yaughan lioyd, Esq., RN., a son and 
locc e io r , the present John Abams, Esq. of Holyland. 

^nu-Qoarterly: let and 4th, sa., a martlet, tag.; 2nd 
iBdSrd, arg., a croaa, gu , thereon Ato muUeta, or. 
CVwl— A martlet, arg. 
M t t to C e r tio r in oo^o domus. 
Asri-Holyiand, near Pembroke. 

Adams, Thb Vbrt Rbv. Samuel, A.M., of North- 
laiKis, CO. GaTan, Dean of Cashel, and prebendary of 
Terebrine, diocese of Elphiu, J.P. for the counties 
(rf Otran and Monaghan, 6. 15 Feb, 1788 ; m, i Jan. 
1809, Frances, youngest dan. of Capt. John Hervey, 
of KOIiane Cbstie, oa Wexford, and has issue, 
L BeqJamfaj-WilHam. b. 13 Feb. 1816 ; d. 4 March, 1822. 
K JoHV-HravKT, a barrister. J.P. for the cos. of Cavan 
and Monaghan. and high-sheriff of the former county, 
1M4: 6. 28 April, 1818: w. 81 March, 1846, BUzabeth, 
Sid dan. of Ambrose Ooing, Esq., J.P. of Ballyphilip, 
CO. Tipperaxy, and has issue, &imuel-AIlen, Ambrose- 
Ooliig, Maxgttret. and Elizabeth-Frances, 
m. Charief»-8te«art. b. 12 Julv, 1820: «. Eliaabeth, only 
dan. of Charles McMahon. Esq,, and has issue two sons. 
IT. Benjamin- William, A.M.; b. 31 Moixh, 1827; in holy 
orders, rector of Cloghran, Swords, diocese of Dublin ; 
M. 14 Dee. 1&54, Geotgina-Roberts. dau. of John-Drew 
AtUn, Esq. of Merrion Square Dublin, and granddau. 
of the late Sir Thomas Roberts, Bart 
L Dorothea - Anno, m. 81 March, 1833. Le Chevalier 

Charies-A. Zander, of Munich, and has issue, 
n. KUzabeth- Frances, m. 21 March, 1838, John -J. -D. 

MeDouieU. Esq., an officer in the army, and has iMue. 
m. GuoUne-Matilda. m. 8 May, 1837, Thomas-B. Bany, 
Esq., and has ixsue. 

IrtntaQt. — ^This fiunily claims to be a branch of the 
oU Scottish boose of Adam, which was closely allied in 
ncient times to the illustrious race of Douglas. In the 
17th eentury, tradition records that there were three 
^ratkers of the family of Adam of Fanno. The eldest 
soatauied the line in his native country, while the two 
T^^aVK, annexing the letter « to their patronymic, left 
boQw, one settling In Wales, and the other in Ireland. 
Ite latter, who m. Catherine Magennis, dau. of Arthur 
lUgennls, let Viscount Iveagb, by his wife Sarah, dau. of 
Bogh, Earl of Tyrone, was father of 

CxrtAxs Jame» Adams, who was an officer in the army 
of King WoxiAM UL, and disting^ahed himself at the 
bsttle <tf tUe Boyne. Hto son, 

Jamss Adams, Esq. of Comeary House, oo. Cavan, b. in 
1«73, at. Jane Allen, and d. 19 Nov. 1744, aged 71. His 

AiLo Adams, Esq. of Comeary House, 6. 1708, m. Martha. 
diQ. <d Osptain Higginbotham, and granddau. of General 
ficoriogh Williams,* of Clongill Castle, co. Meath, and dying 
1^ Deo: 1755, left iasae^ 

L Rkbakdl J.P. fop the cos. of Cavan and Monaghan, of 

Sbireock House, co. Cavan, of which coun^ he was high- 

ihsriirin 1783. and of Monaghan in 1784. He m. MatUda, 

dan. of Thomas Cosby, Esq., and had a numerous issue. 

IL James, of Oomeaiy House, d. umu. in 1809, aged 64. 

m. WlUiam, <d Gaatletown House, in. and dj^ng 28 Feb. 

1615. left isme. 

!▼. UaraneL settled in Dublin, and m. Misf Leslie, by 

vboB he hsd issue. He d. 7 June^ 1799, 

V. Bei^amin. 

Tai Rbv. Bkwamxm Adams, b. 1766 ; rector of EelUnidk, 
JJ". Car the CO. of Cavan ; m. 14 April, 1777. Elisabeth, 
dsn. of John CSazk, Esq., son of the celebrated metaphy- 
•■^ Dr. Saoniel CSark, rector of St. James, London, and 
cHUn to Queeii Aim, and by her (who d. 28 Feb. 1888, 
«S«d 77) had issue four sons and six daus., 

L WiQIamAllen, 6. 15 May, 1783 ; d. 3 March, 1784. 

n. John, J.P. for co. Cavan ; 6. 16 May, 1785 ; was Ugh- 
ihedff for Cav»a In 1811 ; m. 1807. Joyce, eldest dau. of 
^onde Riebard; and d. in 1827. without issue. 

UL 8AMirKLk the present dean of CaaheL 

!▼. Chaiie^Jamea, lieut. R.N., J.P. for co. Cavan, of 
SUaan House : 6. 29 April, 1792 ; entered tl^e navy in 

* la coosidenition of the distinguished servioe rendered 
^ this ofien' to the inhabitants ot Droffheda hi the war of 
I'M, tbsy granted the freedom of their borouffh to him and 
u hsin for ever, which privilege the Adams umily, in oon- 
»• 9f this inaiTlsge^ still egloy, 


1807, where he served with distinguished merit for some 
years: he was high-sheriff for Cavan in 1633; i». Anne- 
Jane (d, 4 March, 1834, aged 36), dau. of William Foster, 
Esq. of Dowdstown, co. Louth, and d. 23 Aug. 1854, 
having bad issue, 

1 Benjamin-Samuel, b. 22 June, 1828 ; lieut. 12th regt 

2 WUliam-John, b. 14 Feb. 1831 ; d. 29 March, 1832. 
8 Chariea-Jamea, 6. 13 Feb. 1832. 

1 Rebecca-Horatia, m. Thomas Coote^ Esq., D.L.. and 
J.P., of the oo. Monaghan, of Brandrum, and has issue. 

2 Elisabeth, ik. Rev. Wm. Deering, and has issue. 

8 Caroline -Martha, m. Edgar Brodin, Esq., J.P., and 
has issue. 
4 Anne-Jane, m. Rev. Stephen Raddifl^ and has issoe. 

I. Elizabeth, d. 25 April, 1780. 

II. Elizabeth, d. 28 Oct. 1780, an infant 
ITT. Emelia, d. 6 Sept. 1782. 

IT. Charlotte, d. 16 Aug. 1790. 

▼. MatUda, d. 15 July, 1794. 

▼I. Caroline, im. John Leonard, Esq., J. P., of Claremont 
House, CO. Wioklow, and has issue. 
Mr. Adams d. 10 June, 1840, aged 84. 

if rms— (duly reg^tered in the Office of Arms^ Dublin 
Ca8tle>--0u. a heart, between three croeses-orossletk fltoh^ 

Cnnf— On a mount, vert, a cross •crosslet^ fttoh^ or, 
changed with a bleeding heart, go. 

Afotto— In cruce salus. 

SecU— Northlands, oo. Cavan. 


Adams, Richard-Walus-Qoold, Esq. of Jame^ 
brook, CO. Cork, J.P., 6. 27 March, 1802, m. 4 Nov. 
1852, Mary-Sarah, dau. of the late Sir William 
Wrixon-Becher, Bart of Ballygiblin, and has a son 
and heir, 

Wiixiam-Riohard, b. 80 Aug. 1858. 

iLtttta0f. — The late Miohasl-Ooold Adams, Esq. of 
Jameebrook, son of Wallis Adams, Esq., and Frances Oodd 
his wife, m. in 1800, Martha, sister of the 1st Eari of 
Bantry, and dau. of Simon White, Esq. of Bantiy House, 
00. Cork, by Frances-Jane his wife, dau. of Richard-Hedges 
Eyre, Esq., of Mount Hedges, and had issoe, 

Riohabd- Wallis. his \xelir, 

Michael, late capt Soots Oroya. 


Samuel-Hamilton, m. let, in 1846b Franoes-Maxgaret dan, 
of Colonel and Lady Katharine Bernard of Castle Bernard, 

Kiug's County, anq has by her. a dau., Katharine-Char- 
lotte. He m. 2nd]y, in Mov, 1852. Frances^Louisa, dau. 
of the late Deso ofCloyne and the Lady Anna De Buigh. 


Mr. Qoold Adams d. in 1817 (Us widow survived until 
1841), and was «. by his son, the present Bicbabd-Walus- 
QooLD Adams, %sq. of Jamesbrook. 

£!eat-^amesbrook, near Cloyne. 


Adams, Thomab-Trati^rs, Esq. of Ahayagurrah, 
CO. Limerick, J.P,, b, in Oct 1790 ; m. June, 1822, 
Hannah, dau. of Captain -pSvans, of Tipperary. 

%inta,iit. — ^WiLUAM ApAMS, Esq., a younger son of 
Roger Adams, Esq. of the co. of Limerick, m. Frances G^ 
of Ballinoe, in that county, and was father of 

William Adams, Esq. of Ahavagurrah, who m, in July, 
1789, Jane Travers, and by her, who d. in Bcpt 1846^ had 

L Thomas-Tratsbs, now of Ahavsgurrah. 

n. William, d. young. . in. George. IT. Hngh. 

L Maria, ru, to Midor Travers. 

IL Frances, m. to Llewellyn Nash, Esq. of Ba]lyqaaa% oo. 

ni. Harriette^ m. to Jonathan-Wigmore Sherlock, Esq. ot 

IV. Jane, d. «tim, y. Wilhelmlna, d. yonng; 

Mr. Adams d. in Deo. 1846. 

itrms— Ax., three mountain-cats, passant or. 
Crest — ^A ffriffin*s head, erased, as. 
IfoMi^— Malo mori quam foeds^. 
fiea(— Ahavagurrah, KUfinane, co. Limerick. 


Adderlet, Charles-Bo wteb, Esq. of Uama H.ill, 
CO. Warwick, b. 2 Aug. 1814 ; m. 28 July, 1842» 
Julia- Anne-Eliza, eldest dau. of Chandof , Lord Leigh^ 
of Stoneleiglx Abbey, and has isaue, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


I. Chables-Lxioh, 6. 10 March, 1846. 

I Anna-Miria-Matigarette. u. CaroUne-Juie. 

in. Franoes-Oeorgiua-Mary. 

IV. Evelyn-Atigusta. v. Isabel. 

Mr. Adderley, who is M.P. for North Stafforduhire, 
$, his great uncle, Charles-Bo wyer Adderley, Esq. of 
Hama HaU, 12 April, 1826. 

ILtllC2l00. — ^The family of Addkrlbt is of ocmaiderable 
antiquity in Staflbrdahire. The manor of Coton, in that 
county, was purchased in 1658, by Balph Adderley, Esq., an 
eminent lawyer, who serred as high sheriff, 17 Elizabeth. 
From his eldest son, Richard, derived the Adderley's 
of Coton, and fh>m his 2nd, Ralph, the Adderley's of Hams 
Hall, CO. Warwick, an estate purchased by Sir Charles 
Adderley, Knt. (Ralph's son and heir). 8ir Charles's great 

BowTEB Addkblkt, Bsq. of Hams Hall (son of Charles 
Adderley, Esq. of Hams, by Mary, his wife, dau. and 
co-heir of Sir William Bowyer, Bart.X m. 1st, 1726, Elisa- 
beth, dau. of Christopher Horton, Esq. of Catton, oo. 
Dei'by, and had two daus., Mary and Frances. He m. 
2ndly, 14 July, 1741, Lettice, dau. and oo-hdr of Ralph 
Adderley, Esq. of Coton Hall, oo. Staflbcd, and had issue, 

I. Charlbb-Bowto, heir to his father. 

II. Ralph, of Coton, who m. 4 Aug. 1778, Dorothy, dau. of 
Thomas Kynnersley. Esq. of Loxley Park, and widow of 
Thomas Byrche Savage. Esq. of Elmlenr Gutle, co. Wor- 
cester, by whom he left at ms decease m 1819, 

1 Charles Clemekt, who m. 6 June, ISll, Anna- 
Maria, eldest dau. of Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp, 
Bart, of Four Oaks Hall, Warwickshire, and dying 
80 June, 1818, (his widow survived untU April, 1827), 
left issue, 

Charles-Bowtxb, heir to his grand-uncle. 
Edmimd-James, 6. in February, 1816, m. Marian, dau. 
of Sir Joseph Leeds, Bt. 

Anna-Moria-Letitia, m. in 1834, to Forster-AU^yne 
M'Geachy, Esq., and d. in 1841. 
S Ralph, of Barlaston and Coton. (Set that family.) 
8 Arden, admiral R.N., im. 21 Oct. 182S, Anne^ only 
dau. of W.-B. BiahtoD, Esq. of Shakerley House, co. 

4 Qeorge-WiUiam Bowyer, of Fillongley HaU, co. War- 
wick. (See that nafM.) 

1 Letitia- Penelope, m. 1st, Andrew Hacket, Esq. of 
Moxhull Pork, in Warwickshire, and 2ndly, in 1820, 
the Hon. Berkeley Noel, 6th son of Sir Oerard-Noci 
Noel, Bart, by the Baroness Barfaam. 
Mr. Adderley d. 8rd Nor. 1747, and was «. by his son, 

Charlbs-Bowter Adderlbt, Esq. of Hams Hall, who 
m, in 1770, Mary, only dau. of Robert Hotchkin, Esq. of 
Uppingham, oo. Rutland, but dying «. p. 12th April, 1826, 
was «. by his grandnephew CharlbstBowtxr Ai>dsrl«t, 
Isq. of Hams Hall. 

Arm»—ATg., on a bend, as. three masdes, of the field, 
Crett— On a ohapeau. gu., turned up, enn., a stork, arg. 
bcat—HaxDB Hall, Warwickshire. 


Addkblet, Ralph-Thomas, Esq. of Barlaston Hall 
end Ck>ton Uall, both in the county of Stafiord, 6. 
18 March, 1826. 

Srintaffe. — ^Ralpb Addbrlbt, Esq. of Coton Hall. b. 
1^ June, 1781, uncle of Charles-Bowyer Adderley, Esq. Oi 
fiams HaU, «a. 4 July, 1816, Rosamond, eldest dau. and co- 
heir (with her sister, Catherine-Penelope, wife of Sir J.-C- 
Bit>wne Cave, Bart.) of William Mills, Esq. of Barlaston 
Ball, grandson of Thomas Mills, Esq., by Hester his wile, 
dau. and co-heir of Samuel Bagnall, Esq. of Barlaston Hall, 
and had issue, 

Fjilpb-Thomas. now of B.nrlaston and Coton. 

Randolph-Ralph, Ueut. 60th rifles, 6. 15 Feb. 1882. 

MyUes^Bagnall- Bowyer, b. 6 June, 1835. 

Sophia-Catherine^ d. 28 July, 1835. 

Mary-Ehsabetb, im. 19 April, 1863. to Andrew Coibet, fi«a., 
2nd son of Sir Andrew Corbet, Bart 

Ml-. Adderley d, 81 Jan. 1851. 

&at»— Barlaston and Coton Halls, Staffordshirt. 


Adderlbt, The Rev. George-William-Bowteb, 
ol Fillongley Hall, oo. Warwick, b. 9 Jan. 1787; m. 
11 Dea 1828, Caroline^ youngest dau. of the late 

A G N 

John Taylor, Esq. of Moseley Hall, co. Worcester. 
Mr. Adderley is 4th son ot the late Ralph Adderley, 
Esq. of Coton Hall, co. Stafford, by Dorothy, his 
wife, dau. of Thomas Kynnersley, Esq. of Loxley 
Park, and widow of Thomas Byrche Savage, of 
Elmley Castle, co. Worcester, and youngest uncle of 
Charles-Bowyer Adderley, Esq. of Hams HaU, co. 
Warwick. {See thai family.) 

ArrM and (>«•£— Same as Addeblet qfHams HaU. 
feat— Fillongley Hall, co. Warwick. 


Adeane, Henrt-Jobx, Esq. of Babroliam, co. 
Cambridge, b. 9 June, 1833. 

ILtnra0t. — GnrBuiL James-Wbobwood Adeane, M.P. 
for the town and afterwards for the co. Cambridge, son of 
Simon Adeane, Esq. by Mary, his wife, dau. of the Hon. and 
BeT. Dr. Henry Biydgea, brother to the 1st Duke of Chu- 
dos, m. Anne, only child and heiress of Robert Jones, «q. 
of Babraham, oo. Cambridge, and had with three daoa., 
vis., Jane, m. to Oeorge-Henry Law, D.D., Bishop of Bath 
and Wells ; Margaret, m. to John Osborne, Esq. of Malahot 
Park, Hants, and Mazy-Anne, m. to Oenoral Tiuling, an 
only son and heir, 

RoBEBT-JoNBS Adsams, Esq. of Babraham, m, in 1785, 
Annabella, dau. of Sir Patrick Blake, Bart, of TAngham 
Hall, 00. Suffolk, and had issue, 

Cbarles^ames, b. 14 June, 1786, d. young. 

IlEMRT-JoHir, heir to his Cnther. 

Aunabdla, m. to Captain Francis Warde. Rl. H. Art 

Louisa, m. Rev. William Barlow, Prebendary of Chester. 
The son and heir, 

HsmtT-JoHN Adeahe, Esq. of Babraham, 5. 18 Jane» 
1789 ; t». 1st, 24 Oct. 1S22, Catherine^udith, dau. of Johxi 
King, Esq. of Aldenham House, Herts, but bad by this 
marriage no siu^ving issue. He m. 2ndly, 6 Oct. 1828, the 
Hon. Matilda-Abigail Stanley, dau. of Lord Stanley, of 
Alderley, co. Chester, and by her (who c/. 28 July, 1850,) bad, 

L RoBsmsFovBa^ of Babraham, b. 9 Sept. 1830 ; d. unmm 
7 Dec. 1853. 

II. Hknrt-John, now of Babraham. 

iiL Edward-Stanley, b. 7 Dec 18;^. 

rr. Frederic-Carus, d. 5 Dec 1853. 

I. MatUda-Annabella-Maria, d, 11 Sept 1853. ) ^^^^^ 

u. Alethea-Louisa. f twma. 

ni. Lucy-Elizabeth. it. Emmeline-Augusta. 

V. Isabu. Ti. Loultta-AmabeL 

TU. Jane^enrietta. via. Constanoe-Maria-Joaepha. 

Mr. Adeane, M.P. oo. of Cambridge, d. 11 May, 1847. 

Jrm*— Sa., on a chevron between three griffins* heads, 
erased, aiig., as many estoiles; quartering Jokbs^ Brti>qs^ 
and Cbandos. 

Crett— A griffin's head, collared, between two winga. 

Itot— Babraham, oo. Cambridge. 


Yanb-Aokew, Robert, Esq. of Bambarrooh, oo. 
Wigton, f. his father hi 1842. 

Sritiexse* — The fiuDily of Vans or Vaits claims to lie a 
branch of the great house of Vaux, so celebrated in every 
part of Europe. (See Bukks's Bztinet and Donnant Fecmgt,') 
A younger branch of the Dirleton line of the fiunily -was 
that of Bambarrooh, derived frcnn Bobbbt Vavs, ^vbo 
acquired fkt>m the Earl of DoughM a charter of the landa of 
Bambarroch, in 1451. This 

BoBCBT Vahs, who was eldest son of John Vans, 
ambassador to England irom King James II., in 1487, loa 
issue, Blaizb, his heir; Thomas, ambassador to England, 
in 1457, dean of Glasgow, secretary to the King, and keeper 
of the Privy Seal ; Qeoige, Bishop of Galloway, and Patrick, 
Trior of Whitehome. The eldest son, 

Blabb Vans, of Bambarroch, m. Elisabeth, daa. and 
heheas of bhr John Shaw, of Haillie, and vridow of Sir John 
Stewart, <tf Gaxiies, by whom he had a son, Pathick 
Vavs, of Bambairoch, who m. MargareS dau. oi Gilbert, find 
Lord Kennedy, and great-gronddau. of King Robkbt III., 
and left at his decease, in 1538, a son and successor. Sin 
JoHH Vans, of Bambarroch. skdn at Pinkie, whoee son, 
Sm Patrick Vans, of Bambarroch, ambassador to Den- 
mark, was father of Sia John Vans, oi Bambarroch, vsho 
d. in 1648, and was «. by his son, Patrick Vans, of Uatw 
banooh, who d. in 1978, leaving a son, John Vaks, £sq. 
of Bamban-och, who dissipatod the greater portion ot the 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

A K £ 

bmflf ettMteB. Hk brother and heir, Alxxaxdkb YAJitn, 
bq. of BanilMrroch, was father of 

Paibms Vasb, E»q. of Bombarroch, M.P. for Wlgton- 
Aira, who died aoddenly in 1733, owing to the breaking 
cat of a wound reoeived at the Battle of Aimany^ He 
m «. 1^ his eon, 

Jomr YAM, Esq. of Banibarroeh, who m. Margaret, only 
efaild and hetrass of Robert Agnew, Beq. of Shenohan, (of 
the AgDuwB of LoohnawO by Margaret, dau. of Patrick 
M1)owalI, of Freugh, and upon his marriage, under a 
motual entail, assumed the additional sumame and arms 
oTAovKW. He d. in 1780, and was «. by his son, 

BoBEKT YAKB-Aoirxw, Bsq. of Barr.barroch and Seuchan, 
▼bo «. Franoea, dau. of John Dunlop, Esq of that ilk, 
lod had issue, JoHir, his heir ; Patbiok, suocessor to his 
brottur ; Heni7<«tewart» an advocate at the Soottidi bar ; 
Haxgaret, Fnuuses-Oeorgiana, and Anna-lCaria. Mr. Yans- 
ignew d. in 1800. and was «. by hit eldest son, 

Josa Yahs-Aokkw, Esq. of Bambarroch and Seuohan, 
vhe i, nam. ia 1836, and was «. by his next brother, 

Patbicx Yaxb-Aohew, Esq. of Bambarroch and Seuchan, 
eoL in the East India Company's service, Companion oi 
the Bath, and one of the East India dixvotors, b. 6 Jan. 
17SS, ». 7 Sept. 1813, Miss Catherine Fraser, of Inverness, 
nd had iasue^ Bosbbt. his heir; Patrick -Alexander, 
mUsm, John» James, Geoige, Fnuiccs» Maiy, Elixabeth 
aod Cstherine. CoL Yans-Agnew d. in 1842. 

ilnM—Quartesrly: 1st and 4th, mrg., a bend, gu. ; 2nd and 
3^ ug., a chemm, between, in chief; two oiuquefoils^ gn., 
vith a cross-eroaslet fltch^ sa., in centre and in base, a sal- 
Ur cooped. 

rreic»— 1st, a Hon, rampant, holdiug Males in the dexter 
psv; snd, an ea^^e, issuant and regardant, ppr. 

6* j>o o rUn Two savages* with dubs in their hands, and 
vntthed about the middle with laurel 

IfeOMt— Be fidthftil— for YAira. Consilio, non impeta-4'or 

^ w to— Barabairocfa, near THgton; Park House, near Stan- 


AuswoBTH, Petir, Esq. of Smitbills Hall, co. 
Leacaater, 6. 24 Nov. 1790; m. 15 Aug. 1816, Eliza- 
beth, Srd dau. and coheir of Asbton Bjrom, Esq. of 
Fairriew, LiverpooL He 9, his father, 1 April, 1888. 
He is a magutrate and deputy-Ueut of the oountj, 
«ad was M.P. for Bolton from 1834 to 1847. 

Itnf Sj^. — This fkmily has been resident in the town- 
iUp of Balliwell for two hundred yean. 

PirEa Amswouth, Esq. of Lightbounds, oo. Lanoaster, 
ioD of Peter Ainsworth, of The Moss, m. 17 July, 1761, Alice 
A^rinsll, of Carringion, co. Chester, by whom he had a son, 

BioiARD AnrawoBTH, Esq. of Moss Bank, Halliwell, a 
depaty-lieotenani i<ar the eo. of Lancaster, who m. Sarah, 
dm. of James Noble, Esq. of Lanoaster, and had issue. 

Pod. Us heir. 

John-HorrDcka, of Moss Bank, ia. in 1889, Elizabeth, 

dm. of John Shaw, Bsq. of London, and has issue, 

Bichard-Henxy, Gertrude-Sophia, Emily-AJioe, Louisa- 

Banh and Florenea. 

Ssnh, ia. to the Hon. Arthur Anneal^ Snd son of the 

late Bar! of Mountnorris. Alice. 

Haniah, ai. S July, 18M^ to Edward Webster, of lincoln's 

Inn, Bsq. 

Ur. Atnmrth d. 1 April, 1883, and waa «. by his son, the 
I AzvawoKTH, of Smithhills Hall, Esq. 

Jrau— Ou., three battle-axe& axg. 

Crat—k nan in armour, holding a battle-axei ppr. 

near Bolton, oo. Lancaster. 

Jr«0o— Mea gloria ftdea. 
Sai»-flmithilla HaO, 


Aun^ Arras, Enq. of MalUng Abbey, co. Kent> 
J.P. and D.L. of that county, and iJso J.P. for 
Sussex, h. 15 May, 1799; m. 9 May, 1821, Isabella, 
oau. (by DoroUiy, his wife, only dau. oi Sir Charles 
Stjle, Bart) of the late John Larking; Esq. ot Clare 
HoDM, hifl^ eherifiT in 1800, and has had six sons 
•od four dana., of whom thm sons and five dans. 

L Abstas, h. 18 Wor. 1824, m. 7 Aug. 1849, Fiances- 
Maiia, dau. d Frances Brsndram, Esq. of Tonbridge 

n. Charica^tyl^ Lt B. Eng., h, 21 Sept 1828, m. 

A L 

18 Oct 1851, Henxietta-Maigaret, dau. of CoL Deepard, 

m. Oeoige, h. 18 Dee. 1887. 
I. IsabeUa-Dorethea. n. Jane^Mary. 

m. Caroline-Ramsay, ta. to the Rot. W. Lewis THgan, 

eldest son of J. A. Wigan, Esq., of dare House, Kent 
ir. Maiy-Eliraboth. ▼. Dorothy. 

Mr. Akers is eldest son of Aretas Akers, Esq., for- 
merly of St. Christopher and St Vincent, m the 
West Indies, the descendant of a family which was 
among the earliest settlers in those colonies, by 
Jane, his wife, youngest dau. of the Rev. James 
Ramsay, vicar of Teston and rector of Nettlested, id 
Kent> the celebrated writer on the African slave 
trade, and the originator of the disoussion which 
terminated in the abolition of that traffic on the 
part of this country. The late Mr. Akers derivedy 
through his paternal grandmother, from the Dou- 
glases of Bwadff CO. Lanark. He left, besides the 
present Aretas Akers, Esq., another son, James- 
Ramsay, who m. Maria, dau. of — Qoodrich, Esq., 
lite of The Rookery, Dedham, Essex, and one dau., 
Caroline, m. to John Borton, Esq., of Blofield^ 

^rm»— Gu., three escallops, or. 

6'fYe^— An arm, vested, bondv, aa. and or, holding a pennon, 
bendy, of the some and or, chaiged with a Saraceu's head, 
ppr.. between eight orosses-oposslet^ oounterohanged. 

Jfotfo— Je vive en espenmce. 

£ea«-nMalli]}g Abbey, Kent 


Aloook, Harbt, of Wilton Castie, co. Wexford, 
Esq., 6. 27 July, 1821 ; t. his father 3 Dec. 1840. 

Hillf a0t«— Habbt Aloock, of Wilson, Esq., h, 22 Feb. 
1793 (youngest son of Henry Aloock, Esq. of Wilton, by 
Elizabeth-Gatherine, his wife, dau. of BoTerley Ussher, Esq. 
M P., and grandson of Col. William Alcock, by Mary, his 
wife, dau. of Nicholas, 1st Viscount LoftusX «. to the family 
esUtes at the death, in 1812, of his elder brother, WiUiam- 
Congreve Aloock, Esq. of Wilton, M.P. for the oo. of Wex- 
ford. Ho m. Margaret, dau. and heir of James Savage, Esq. 
of Kilgibbon, oo, Wexford, and had issue, 1 Harrv, 
now of WUton Castle; 2 tssher- William ; 8 Philip^ vage; 

4 Oeorge-Auguftus ; 1 EUnor^Satherine ; 2 Henrietta, m. to 
Wm. Russell Farmer, Esq, of Bloomfield, co. Wexford; 
8 EUzabeth-Louisa; 4 Ifaigaret-Charlotte, ta. to David- 
Yandelour Beatty, Esq. of Borodale, co. Wexford; and 

5 Sarah, m, to Sir Thoa-John Fetherston, Bt Mr. Aloock, 
who was aheriff of the oo. of Wexford, d. 8 Dec. 1840. 

.^mw-^Aig., a fesse^ embattled, as., between three codki^ 
heads, eraseid, gu. 

CWsf— A cock, aig., standing on a globe^ armed, combed, 
and gilled, or. 

Jtfotto— Vigilate, 

£eat— Wilton, Ennlfoorthy. 

Aloook, Thb Ret. Alezaudbr, A.M., rector of 
Kilculliheen, ^. Kilkenny, nk Anne, eldeat dan. of 
the Rev. Jo)in Kennedy, of Fethard Castle, oo. 
Wexford, and lias had issae, 
t Letitia, who m, 1st in 1888, Jacob-WUliam Goff, Esq., 
J. P. and D. L., of Horetown House, co. Wexford, and 
2nd]y, 16 Nov. 1847, D. Beaty, Esq. of the same oo., 
but d. «. p. in 1848. 
n. Eliza, m. Samuel-Thomas Qrubb, Bsq. of KiUaapey, 
and has one sou and two daus. 

l.Cntft0f • — Thb Ysby Bsv. ALBXAimia Aloook, Dean 
of Lismoi^ brother of William Aloock, Esq. of the dty of 
Dublin, ancestor of Aloock of Wilton, m. Miss Maaon, dau. 
of Sir John Mason, and had issue^ 

I. Henry, m. the sister of the 1st yisoount Jooetyn. 

II. John, dean of Ferns, m. Miss 0. Buigh, aunt of Waltir 
Hussey Buigfa, lord chief bcuion, and had with two dans., 

1 Alexander who ia. Miss Cumberland, dau. of the 
bishop of Clonfert. 

2 Robert who m. Miss Eeily, dau. of John Keily, Beq., 
by whom he had issue, John-Henry, of lUchmond, oo. 
waterford. nu^or in that county militia, m. 29 Aug. 
1853, Deborah, ddest dau. of the Rev. C. CampbeU, 
rector of Ardglass, co. Down ; and Biohard, B.N. ; ^d 

8 John Dormer, vdio m. Miss Ashe, 
m. . 

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The 8rd son. 

The Vbnerabli Alsxakdeb Alooox, Archdeacon of 
Waterford, m. a suter of Viaoount Jooelyn, Lord Chancellor 
of Ireland, and had iaoue, Robert, Alexander, Thomas, 
Ifaaon, and Jane, m. to Sir Simon Newport The 2nd son, 

Alexander Aloock^ Esq. of Elysium, co. Waterford, m. 
Hiss Wall, dau. of James-Wall, Esq., and had, with five 
younger sons and three daus , Alexahdbr, present repre- 


Aloook, Thomas, Esq. of Kingswood Warren, co. 
Surrey, b. in 1801 ; m. in 1831, a dau. of the late 
Rear- Admiral Stuart. This gentleman, formerly 
M.P. for Newton, and now one of the Knights of 
the Shire for East Surrey, b son of the late Joseph 
Alcock, Esq. of Roehampton. 

6«U — ^Kingswood Wairen, Epsom, Suir^y. 


Aldsrsst, Samuel, of Aldersey Hall and Spur- 
stow, CO. Chester, Esq., 6. 17 Sept. 1776; a, his 
father in 1802; high-sheriff in 1816; m. 9 Aug. 
1824, Lucy, dau. of Qeoige Baylis, of Shiffiial, Esq., 
and has issue, 

I. Hugh-Rohert, b. 19 Nor. 1888 ; d. S4 Dec 1848. 

n. Thomas, 6. 80 March, 1880. 

I. Susan-Mary, m. 4 July, 1850, to Augustus, 8rd son of 

Bobert-Kelham Kelham, Esq. of Bleasby, Notts, 
n. Luoy-Anne. 

%lntU%f» — ^The Alderaeys have been seated at Aldersey 
shice the Conquest. 

William ALDEnssY, of Aldersey, Esq., living temp. 
Hbmbt yi., the lineal descendant of Hugh de Aldersey, 
-who flourished under Hekrt III., m. Maigaret, dau. and 
heir of John Stall^r, of Lower ^urstow, Esq., and was 

Hekbt Aldbbsby, of Aldersey and Spurstow, Esq., who 
M. Jane^ dau. of John HockenhuU, of Hockenhull, Esq., 
and had four sons. The 2nd, Robert, was ancestor of the 
Alderaeys of Kent and Staffordshire; and the fourth, 
Richard, father of William Aldersey, a celebrated anti- 
quary, mayor of Chester in 1614. The eldest son and heir, 

John Aldersey, of Aldersey and Spurstow, Esq , m. 
Anne, dau. and eventual heir of Thomas Bird, of Glutton, 
Esq., and d. In 1528, leaving inter oliot, two sons ; John, 
his heir, and Thomas, founder of the 8cdu>ol of Bunbury. 
The former, 

John Aldbbsby, of Aldersey and Spurstow, Esq., m. 
Anne, dau of Uus^ Aston, of Aston Green, Esq., and was 
great^p^eat-great-grandfather of 

The Rbv. Samuel Aldersey, of Aldersey and Spurstow, 
rector of Wigan, co. Lancaster, who m. Henrietta, dau. of 
Henry Bridgmau, D.D., Bishop of Spd^ and Man, and d, 
in 1743, leaving several children. The iast surviving son 
and eventual heir. 

The Rev. Samuel Aldersey, <tf Aldersey and Spurstow, 
m. Margaret, youngest dau. and oo-heir of Comeliua Hignot, 
of Dariand, Esq., and dying in 1802, was «. by his son, 

Robert Aldbbsley, of Aldersey and Spurptow, Esq., 
b. in 1738, a bencher of the Inner Temple, who d. unm. in 
1802, and whs s. by his brother, 

Samuel ALJ>ER8Ey, of Aldersley and Spurstow, Esq., who 
m. Elizabetix, only child of William Wotton, cf Haddonham, 
CO. Bucks, Esq., and dying in 1802, left issue, Samuel, 
Thomas, d. $. p., Catlicrine, Maiigaret^ and Elinbeth (all 
deceased). The eldest son is the present 

Samuel ALOBitttLKY, of Aldorsley and Spurstow, Esq. 

^t*ni«— Ou., on abend, engrailed^ aig., between two cii:que- 
foils, or, three leopards' faces, vert. 

CVf«<— A demi-giifliu, sogrennt, gu., beaked and armed, 
ismiing from a plumo of five ostrich feathers, or. 
• iSteto— Aldersey Uall, and Spurstow Hall, Cheahire. 


Aldwortb, Richahd-Olivisr, Esq. of Newmarket, 
CO. Cork, 6. 2 Feb. 1794 ; m. 22 Jan. 1824, the Lady 
Letitiu Hiire, eldest dau. of the late Viscount Ennis- 
mora (eldest son of tlie late Eftrl of Listowel), and 
has issue, 


I. RiOHARD-WiLUAM, b. 81 Jan. 1825. 
n. Robert, 6. 11 June, 1837. 

m. William-St. Leger, b. 21 Feb. 182» ; m. in June, 185S. 
Mary, 8rd dau. of the late William-Stark Dougall, Baq. 
of Scotocaig, Fifeshhre. 
rv. John, b. 8 Sept. 1882. 
I. Katherine-Anne. 
Mr. Aldworth is a magistrate and deputy-lieut. for 
CO. Coric, and served as high-sherifit in 1832-3. 

IUn(2l0f . — ^This family, of considerable antiquity, waa 
early seated in the county of Berks, where the immodlato 
representative, Richard Aldworth, resided at Stanlakes, 
and on succeeding to the barony of Braybrocdce, awannKwl 
the names of Neville and OrifAn. 

The Irish branch settled in the oo. of Cork, in the rtign 
of EuzABsrH, and in various female lines trace their 
descent from some of the noblest families in England, and 
through the houses of Neville of Abergavenny, Stafford of 
Buckingham, and Percy of Northumberland, troim, th« 
Plantagenets and King Henry III. 

Richard Aldworth, who obtained a grant of part of 
the Earl of Desmond's forfeited estate near Short Caatle, 
Mallow, m. Ellen Poer, dau. of the ancestor of the Earl of 
Tjrrone, and niece of Roche, Visoount Fermoy, and waa 
father of Sib Richard Aldworth, Knt., provoat-mamhal 
and vice-president of If unster, to whom the manor and 
estate of Newmarket was granted, 1 March, 1021. Tlut 
property devolved in succession to 

Richard Aldwoth, Esq. of Newmarket, b. in 1604, son 
of Boyle Aldworth, Esq., and grandson of Sir Richard 
Aldworth, of Newmarket, by Martha Stannard, his wife, 
dAU. of Su: Robert Travers, and niece of Dr. Michael Boyle, 
Primate of Ireland. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Arthur, let 
Lord Donendle, and had issue, Boyle, his heir ; and St. 
Lboer, who was created Lord Doneraile, (tee Bcrxje's Feer* 
agt and Baronetage.) Mr. Aldworth d. 26 April, 1776, and 
was t. by his eldest son, 

Boyle Aldworth, Esq. of Newmarket, who m. let, 
Jane, dau. of Robert Oliver, Esq. of Cloughnodfoj, oo. 
Limerick, and by her had, 

Richard, who ta. Anne. dau. of Dr. John Ryder, Ajnch- 
bishop of Tuam, and relict of Admiral Cotes^ and d. «. ». 
4 April, 1824. 

Robert, d. tmm, 

Jane, m. to Phineas Bury. Eso. of little Island, Carte 

Elixabeth, ta. to John Flood, Esq. of Flood Hall, oo. KU- 

Mary. Susan. 

Be m. 2ndly, Martha, dau. of Colonel Christopher Bogers, 
of Lota, 00. Cork, and by her had, 

St. Leger. d,$. 1828. 

Christopher, d. a p. in 1796. . 

RosEwr-RoGERS, of whom we treat. 

Mr. Aldworth d. 7 Deo. 1788. His son, 

RosERT-RooERS ALDWORTH, Esq. of Kewmarkot, m. 
11 March, 1798, Elisabeth, dau. of the Ten. John Oliver, 
Arohdeaoon of Ardagh, and granddua. of John Ryder, 
Archbishop of Tuam, and had issue, 
I. RicHARD-OuvER, present proprietor, 
n. John, in holy orders, rector of Youghal, m. let, Anneu 
dau. of Charles -Deane Oliver, Esq., and 2ndly, Miae 
Mary Jackson, by the Conner be has issue, 1. Chariee- 
Oliver; 2. Robert -8t Leger; 8. Richard -Fits -John - 
4. St Leger-Hewttt; 1. Ebzabeth- Catherine; 2. 8ar»h* 
Maria; and 8. Letitia- Agnes. 

Ill St Leger, m. AUda, dau. of Charles -Deane Oll^wr 
Esq., and has issue, Robert-Oliver and Alida-Emilyl 

rv. Robert, «. Olivia, widow of George Wood, Esq., and 
dau. of the Rev. James Morton. 

Mr. Alworth d. 28 Jan. 1830. 

Jrm^^Arg., a fesse, engrailed, between Ox billvta, gtu 
CVeft— A dexter arm embowed, in armour, the hand irrasD- 
ing a straight sword, all ppr. *^ 

IfoMo— Nee temere, nee timide, 
£ta£— Newmarket^ oo. Cork. 


Alexander, Sir James - Edward, of Powia, 
K.C.L.S., K.C.S.J., lieut.-coL Portuguese servioo, and 
on the stafl of the British army ; m. in 1837, Eveline- 
Marie, dau. of Col. Charles Coruwidlis Michell, K.H 
K.C.T.S., surveyor-gen. of the Cape of Good Hope! 
and has issue. 

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ItnUtf • — ^This Atmily, -which claims to be a branch 
&«B the fame root tm the Eaals of BnBUiia, acquired the 
Iiodi of Pown fh>m the heireaa of Matkb, whoee progeui- 
toq. difwnding from the UAma of Loehieood, were 
iettled Dew Stiriing, and have been landed proprietors in 
tliit Ddghboozhood sfaioe the oommenoement of the fifteenth 

&• kte ExnrABD Alezaitdsb, Esq. of Powi8» aon of 
J«BMi Alexander. Esq., Provost of Stirling, by Euphemia» 
bb wifiB^ widow of James Henderson, Esq., and oxdy dau. 
«f Junes Mayne, Esq. of St. Ninians {mfamUy of Matkb), 
h. in 17«, SI, 1st, in 1801, Miss Colquhoun, dau. of R. Col- 
qshoon, Esq., and sister of Gideon Colquhoun, Esq., late 
i«iiilint at Buflsorsh, bat had no issue. He im. 2ndly, in 
1S08, Ctthsrine, dan. of John Glass, Esq., and niece of 
imor-G«Betal Sir Alexander Bryce, K.C.H., inspector- 
feoenl of fortifications, and of Dr. Bryoe^ dean of the 
dMpel ro^ By this lady he had, 

Jaxv-Edwabd, mt) his heir 

John, mi^}or in Che rifle brigtide. who assumed the sur- 
nsms of HnroEBSOK, on sucoeedinff to the estate of Wes- 
tart<Hi, at the decease of his uncle, John Henderson, Esq., 
fai whose family the lands of Westerton had been for 
•annl hundred years. 

Bupbemia-llayne, who d, wan. in 1828. 

Itey-Bryoe, m. to J. Colquhoun, Esq., banrister-at-law. 

Githerine^las, m. to J. Mao Arthur Moir, Esq. of Milton. 

Jm»-<)aartarlv ; 1st and 4th, per pale, axv. and sa., a 
cherroB. and in Mse a orescent, all counterc£anged ; 2nd 
SDdSrd, or, a gaUej, sa., three oross-orosslets, fitchte, gn. 

Cr^ A beaver. 

JfrtCe— Par mare^ per term. 


ALnroTON, Oeorob-Marmadukb, Esq. of Sxvin- 
hope, 00. Lincoln, 6. 17 Feb. 1798 ; m. 17 May, 1825, 
Mary, dau. of Hathew-BancroU Lister, Esq. of Bur- 
vcU Park, co. Lincoln, and has had, 

L GaofBaB-HuoH. 6. in 1826, an oflioer, 68th IJght In- 
teitry. d. at Malta, 8 June, 1862. 

n. Charles- Argentine, in holy orders, rector of Burwell. 6. 
SSMsrcfa, 1838. 

m. Arthur.HUdebnmd, mids. R.N., 6. 10 Oct. 1839. 

IT. Albert-Edward, b. 24 Nov. 1841. 

T. FMenok-Willkan, h. 29 July, 1845. 

L Sophy-Anne. n. KUen-Vanny. 

Mr. AHiigton, J.P. and D.L. for Lincolnshire, «. his 
&ttMr, the late Marmadoke Alington, Esq., 2 Aug. 

lillfX0f. — Sir Hildebrsnd de Alington was under- 
aanfaal to Wiixlam tbb Conqukbor. His descendant, 

OaoiaB AuiroTOV, Esq of Swlnhope, co. lincoln, son of 
GeoiBe AUngtnn, Esq., younger brother of Sir Giles Aling- 
ton, of Hotseheath, ancestor of the Lords Alington, d, in 
10S> ksTing the htfge property in that shire, of which he 
vsi poMcesed, to his grand-nephew, 

HcsBT AuvoTOV, Esq. of Swinhope, son of Metcalfs 

AUofton, Esq., and grandson of Henry Ahngton, younger 

mi of Geoige AUngton, who d. in 1558. He m. Penelope, 

du. of Sir MaTimilian Dalyson, of Kent, and devised his 

«itBtos to his two sons, 

Hq^ who SI. in 1688^ Jane, dau. of Sir Marthi lister, 

of MrweO, and had an only surviving dan., Barbara, m. 

St sn early ase to Richard Pye, Esq., a younger son of 

Bb- Bobert ^e, of Farringdon, flrom whom Uie Sarah 

BowB who bequeathed her estate to tho late Mr. Aling- 

loQ's second son, derived her descent. 

The lad son, 

HoBT AujroTOV, Esq. of Swinhope, «. Elisabeth Boyer, 
•ad had (with another son, Marmaduke, who d. wmh.) a 

WouAM AuvoTOir, Esq. of Swinhope, who m. Ellsa- 
btth, iiater of Sir Thomas Cookes Winford, of Oksshamp- 
toa. Id the CO. of Worcester, and niece of Sir Thomas Cookes, 
<Mad«r of Woreester College, Oxford, and had(with another 
MB, RildebraiMi, -who d. ^mm.t andadau., la. to Mr. Threa- 

Hbbt ALoroTov, Esq. of Swinhope, who m. Frances, 
dML of Bobert Baron, Esq. of Letohworth, in Herts, by 
whoa (who d, hi 1909) he had issue, 
MiDCAOiTKX, his heir. 

ViUiam. in holy orders, who m. Sarah, dau. of John William- 
no. Baq. of Baldock, hi Hertfordshire, and had, with a 
dao. France^ a son, John. (Set Aluiotoh o/ LittU Bar- 


Henry, of Hertford. 

Mary. ta. to Colonel George Maddison, and had an only soi^ 
George-Wilson Maddison. 
Sarah, m. to the Rev. John Robinson, of Faldingworth. 

Mr. Alington was «. by his eldest son, 

Mabmaouu Alinoton, of Swinhope, Esq., who m. Anne^ 
dau. of the Rev. John Emeris, of Louth, co. T^ncoln, and 
by her (who d. in 1851) had issue, 

GaoBoa-MABMAOUKB, present proprietor. 

Henry, 6. 8 Aug. 1800, who assumed the surname and 
arms of Prs, in compliance with the testamentary in- 
junction of Mrs. Sarah Rowe^ who bequeathed to him an 
estate at Bosbury, derived i^m Uie Pye family. He m. 
1st, Charlotte, dau. and co-heiress of John Yarburgh, 
Esq. of Frampton, and has by her, one dau., Cliariotte, 
m. to the Rev. Cluuiee-Gaiy Barnard. He m. 2ndly, in 
1854. Lady Albhiia- Francos Hobart, eldest dau. of the 
present Eari of Buckinghamshire. 

John, in holv ordOTS, rector of Candlesby, oo. Lincoln, m. 
Charlotte, 8rd dau. of the late and sister of the present 
Sir Allan BelUngbam, Bart, of Castle Bellingham, oo. 

Hildebrsnd- William, of Boston, who ta. KatherinOb dan. of 
Francis Overton, Esq. of Louth. 

Richard Pye, in holy orders, rector of Swinhope, m. Emily, 
dau. of William Medland, Esq. of Hertford. 

Anne, m. to the Rev. William Cooper, of West Rasen. 

Saiah-Penelope, m. to the Rev. George Robinson, rect<» of 

.^mw— Sa., a bend, engrailed, between six billets azg. 
CrtH — A tailbot, passant, ermine. 
iSecU— Swinhope, near Binbrook. 


Alinoton, The Rky. Johx, M.A. of Little Barford, 
Manor House, Beds, and Letohworth Hall, Herts, 
h, 4 May, 1795; m, 3 Oct. 1822, Eliza-Frances, 2nd 
dau. of the Rt Hon. Sir Thomas Plumer, Master of 
the RoUfl, and has issue, 

X. WiLUAX, 6. 6 April, 1826. 

n. Henry, 6. 28 July, 1881. 

m. Charles, b. 22 April, 1888. 

nr. JuUus, 6. 6 Dec. 1836. 

I. Frances, m. to the Rev. George Talden, M.A., rector 
of Twywell. 

n. Mary. m. Emily. 

Mr. Alington is only son of the Rev. William Aling- 
ton, 2nd son of Henry Alington, Esq. of Swinhope, 
by Frances Baron, his wife. 

Arm$~-AB AUKOTON o/Svtnkope. 
Seo^— Little Barford Manor House, Beds. 


Allan, Wiluam, Esq. of Blackwell Grange, co. 
Durham, J.P., b, 21 May, 1796; t. his relative, 
Geoii^e Allan, Esq., 21 July, 1828. 

ILittfft0t* — This is a branch of the ancient fiunlly of 
Allah of Bvdcetihati and Broekhmmy in the oo. of Stafford, 
whose desoent is deduced in an unbroken line from Henry 
Allan, or Alleyne, Lord of Buckenhall, in 1290. 

GsoBoa Allaw, Esq. of Term, in Toikshire, living in 
1680, (son of Geoige AUan, *'who went to settle in the 
county of Durham,** and who was 2nd son of William AUen, 
Esq. of Brockhouse, who d. 2 July, 1689,) m. a dau. of 
— Clifton, and bad (with other children, who d. «. p.) 
X. Thomas, (eldest son, ) 6. in 1651, of Newcastle-upon-Tyn^ 
who nmsieod a large fortune in the collieries, and purchased 
estates, a part of wliich still retains the name of Allan's 
Flatts, near Chester-le-Street. He left four sons. 1 John, 
d. laim. ; 2 George, of Newcastleron-^Tne, d. 1729. leaving 
four daus., his co-heirs ; 8 lioueL of Rotterdam ; and 
4 Thomas, of AUan Flatts, d. 1740, leaving a son, Thomas, 
who d. ttnm., and four oaus., co-heirs— vis. . Susan, ia. 
to Ralph Jennison, Esq., M.P. of Walworth Castle, ca 
Durham, Master of the Stag-hounds to Gsobob II. ; Mar- 
garet, m. to Jennison Shafto, Esq., MP of Wratting 
Park. CO. Cambridge; Dorothy, m. to James Garland, 
Esq., of Michael Stow Hall, co. Essex ; and Camilla, who 
m. in 1762, Robert Shafto, Esq. of Benwell, and waa 
mother of a dau., Camilla, heiress to her brother, m. to 
WilUam Adair. Esq., father of the present Sir Robert 
Shafto Adair, Bart. , ^ . ^ , 

n. John. bapt. 18 June, 1658, whose only dau. and heir 
w. Mr. Swaiuston. ^_. . . . ^_^ 

in. Henry, bapt. 6 Nov. 1666, who «. twice: by his first 
wife he had an only dau. m. to Capt Mewse. and by his 
second, another dan. m. to Wm. Francis, Esq. of London. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


XT. Ooorge, (sixth son,} b. in 1663, who making a large for- 
tune by government oontracto, built Blackwell Grunge, 
**a handsome, spacioua mansion," in 1710, and purchased 
estates. He d. in 1744. His grauddau.. Anne Allan, who 
eventually became sole heiress, d. universally lamented, 
in Oct. 1785, and devised all her estates in Durham ana 
Yorkshire to her cousin and nearest male relation of her 
name, James Allan, Esq. of Darlington. 
T. Robert, (seventh son, ) who d. at Antigua, leaving an only 
dau. and heiress, Elizabeth, who m. John Burice, Esq. 
vx. NiGH0LA8» (eighth son,) of whom presently. 
The eighUi son cf Qeoige Allan, of Tarm, 

Nicholas Allah, Esq. of Staindrop, oo. Durham, h. In 
1668, m. in 1691, Elisabeth, only dau. of William Sober, 
Eoq. of Cockerton, co. Dtirham, and had fifteen children, 
who all d. unm. except the youngest son, 

James Allah, Esq. of Blackwell Orange, upon whom 
the fianily estates eventually devolved. He was 6. 33 Oct. 
1712, and m. 18 Nov. 1734, Eliiabeth. dau. of WUliam Pem- 
berton, Esq. («et Bubkb's Royal Famili€$\ by Elisabeth, 
dau. of John Killinghall, Esq. of Middleton St. Geoi^ge, in 
the 00. Durham. Mr. Allan d. in 17&0, and left issue, 
L Gbobob, his successor. 
II. James, d. tmr/i. 26 Sept 1800. 

in. Robert, of Bunniside, co. Durham ; lord of the manor 
of Barton, co. York, m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir (with 
her sister Mary, wife of William Russell, Esq. of Branoo- 
peth Castle) of Robert Harrison, Esq., a wealthy mer- 
chant at Sunderland, and dying 28 Marcli, 1806, left 

1 Robert, of Newbottle, oo. Durham, h. 10 April, 1769, 
who m. 20 Dec 1702, Hannah, (who d. 9 Jan. 1887. 
aged 70.) dau. of William Havelock, Esq. of Bunder- 
land, and sister of William Havelock. Esq^ late of 
Ingress Park, Kent, and left at his demise, 27 Dec 1818, 
William, who «. to Blackwell Grange at the demise 
of his relative. Geo. Allan. Esq.. 21 July. 1828, and 


RoBSBT-HKirRT. F. S. A., of Blackwell Hall(^ Allan 

of BUuhetU HaU). 
John, of Dalton-upon-Tees. co. York, h. 25 June, 1803, 

ta. Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. Jeffries, and d. «. j>. 25 

March, 1844. 
George-Thomas, of Ery holme, co. York. D.L. foroo. 

Durham, 6. 11 Oct 1804, m. 11 Oct 1848, Maria, dau. 

of the Rev. Thomas Rainshay, vicar of Bmmpton. 
James, h. 2 Dec 1807; d vmr.t. 26 March, 1838. 
Elisabeth- Anne, va, 21 May. 1832, to Be^jamin Dunn, 

Esq. of Hurworth, co. Durham. 

Joanna-Mary, m. 22 Sept 1836, Edward- Haygarth 
Maling. Esq., and has one son and one dau. 
Mary-smma. m. 10 July, 1837, to William Wheatley, 

Esq., who d. $. p.. 30 Sept 1860. 
Caroline-Jane, m. 1st, 28 Sept 1831, to William-Hunter 
Bume. Esq., and by him, who d. 8 July, 1844, has a 
son, FrevJUe-Lambtou. She m. 2ndly, 23 Oct. 1846, 
John Murray, Esq., and d. SO Nov. 1849. 
S JoBV, of BlackweD, co. Durham, M.A., J. P. for that 
shire, and for the North Riding of York, 6. 29 Aug. 
1778, d. wtm. 

1 Elizabeth, m. to John Maling, Esq. of Hylton, oo. 
Durham: and d. in 1810. 
S Anne^ a, unm. in 1807. 

8 Mary. m. 18 June, 1802, to John-Henry Johnson, Esq., 
a capt in the North York militia. 
The eldest son, 

Gbobob Allan, Esq. of Blackwell Grange, F.S.A., who 
is designated in Sir John Prestwick's RupuUicti, as "a 
learned, studious, and careAil preserver of English anti- 
quities, and a fttvourer of literature ; " and by Mr. Surtees, 
as "an eminent antiquary and collector," was b. 7 June, 
1736. He m. 18 Sept 1766, Anne, only dau. and heir of 
James Colling Nicholson, Esq. of Soruton, oo. York, and had, 
Gbobob, his successor. 

Jamrjs, 6. 27 Feb. 1772; capt 29th x«gt of foot; d. 28 May, 

Anne, m. to John Wright, Esq. of Bolton-on-Swale, oo. 
York, and d. in 1797. 
Elizabeth, m. In Nov. 1791, to Seymour Hodgson, Esq. of 

Richmond, co. York. 
H fty^n n h , d. young. 
Dorothy, d, unm. 18 Sept 1821. 
Mr. Allan d. 17 May, 1800, and was «. by his elder son, 

Gbobob Allan, Esq. of Blackwell Grange, M.A., F.S.A., 
M.P. for Durham, a gentleman not more distinguished 
for his Uteruy talents than for an el^ant, accomplished, 
and generous mind. He m. Prudence, dau. of William 
Williams, Esq., but had no issue. Mr. Allan, who d. $. p. 
at St. Omer. in France, 21 July, 182S. was «. by his relative, 
WiLUAM Allan, Esq., now of Blackwell Grange. 

Arm » Sa ., a cross potent quarter pierced, or, charged with 
four guttes de siuig, in chief two lions' heads erased, of the 
soooml, all within a bordure engrailed, enninois; quartering 


Pembbbton, Hindmabsb, KiLLnroBAU^ Hbbdbwtk, Laks* 
ton, and Dodswobth. 

CreM—A demi-lion, rampant t^rg., ducally crowned, gu., 
holding in the dexter paw a cross potent t*T. and supportiii|r 
with the sinister paw a rudder of the second. 

IfoMo— Fortiter gerit cruoem. 

iSeof— Blackwell Grange, co. Durham. 


Allan, Robert Hsnrt, Esq. of Blackwell HaU, 
CO. Durham, and of Barton, co. York, F.S.A., D.L., 
high-sheriff of the co. of Durham in 1851, and a jua- 
tice of the peace for the co. ot Durham and North 
Riding of the co. York ; 6. 22 Jan. 1802 ; fit 14 July, 
1841, Eliaabeth, dau. of John Gregson, Esq. of Mar- 
ton and Burden, co. Durham, by Elizabeth, dau. and 
heiress of Lancelot Allgood, Esq., and had one son, 

Bobert-Killinghall, b. 25 Dec. 1848 ; ct. 25, and boxied in 
Bishop Wearmouth church, 28 Sep. 1848. 
Robert Henry Allan, Esq. of Blackwell Hall, is next 
brother of the present William Allan, Esq. of Blook- 
well Grange, the head of the fistmily. 

AruUf CreM, and ifoMo— Same as the preceding. 
&at— Blackwell Hall, Darlington. 

ALLARDICE.— ^ Barolat. 

Allen, Setmodr-Phiupfs, Esa. of Cresselly, co. 
Pembroke, 6. 24 May, 1815; «. bis father 9 April, 
1843 ; m. 29 July, 1843, Lady Catherine, dau. of the 
late and sister of the present Earl ot Portsmouth^ 
and has issue, 

I. HeniyHugh. 6. 19 Nov. 1845 ; d, 8 Hay, 1847. 

II. Henry-Sstmour, 6. 80 Aug. 1847. 
in. Frederick-Soymour, b. 28 Aug. 1849. 
IV. Frands-Seymour, 6. 29 March, 1858. 
I. Gertrude-Catherine. 

n. Camilla-Frances-Henrietta, d. young, 1868. 

Srillf A0f . — JoHv Allcn, Esq., tnd son of David Alien, 
Esq. of Fobstone, by Anne his wife, sister and heir of Johtk 
Laugharae, Esq. M.P., which David Allen was yoongvT 
brother of William Allen, Esq. of Qalliswiok ; m. Joan Bart- 
lett, of Cresselly and left issue, 

JoHN-BABTLKTr, his heir. 

K<^r, who m. Miss Margaret Davis, and had a son. Jambs 
Allbk, Esq. of Freestone Hall. 

Joshua. (Ste Alubv ofBicton.) 

Margaret, wife of A. Leach, Esq. * 
The eldest son, 

Johk-Babtlbtt Allsh, Esq. of Cresselly, oo. Pembroke^ 
m. 1768, Elisabeth, only chUd of John Hensleigh, Esq. c€ 
Panteague, and had issue, 

JOKir-HsvsLsiaH, his heir. 

Lancelot-Baugh, one of the six derks in Chanoenr, b, 
1 Jan. 1774; m, 1st. 13 May, 1818, Caroline, dau. of Mr. 
Romilly, of Dulwich, brother of Sir Samuel Romilly. and 

by her, who d, in 1830, has two sous, George and Edwurd- 
Edmund. Mr. L.-B. Allen m. Sndly, in July, 1841, 
Georgiana-Sarah, dau. of Charles-Nathaniel Bayloy. Esq., 
by the Ladv Sarah, his wife, dau. of George, 4th fiarl of 
Jersey, and has by her a son, Charles, 6. in Maj, 1842. 
Elizabeth, m. to Jodah Wedgwood, Esq. 
Catherine, second wife of Sir James Hn^iHftf/^i^ 
Mary, d. young. 

Ciux>line, m. to the Bev. Edward Drewe^ rector of BtomI- 

Harriet^ m. to the Bev. Matthew Surtees, M.A., preben- 
dary of Cuitexbury and Gloticeeter, younger son of Au- 
bone Surtees. Esq. of Newcastleand Headley, aadbroth;M> 
in-law of Lord Eldon. 
Jessie, m. to Siamondi, the hist<Nrian. 
Emma. Frances. 

Mr Allen was «. at his decease by his elder son, 

Johm-Hensleioh Allsn, Esq. of CrasseUy, b. S9 Aug. 
1768, J.P. and D.L., who filled the office of high sheriff for 
00. Pembroke, in 1809, and rep r esented that shire in par- 
liament Ax>m 1819 to 1826. He m. 12 Nov. 1812, Gertrude^ 
youngest dau. of Lord Robert Seymour, 8ixl son of Franois^ 
1st Marquis of Hertford, and by that lady, who d. IS Jan. 
1825, had issue, 
SsTMouBrPmuFPS, his heir. 
Heury-Geoige, 6. 29 July, 1816. 
John-Hensleigh, 6. 8 Nov. 1818. 
Gertrude-Elisabeth, d. in 1824. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


iMlMOa-OeotiKiBa. m. in 1840, to Georg^'Uirt PhiUip^ 
Esq. of Lowreuay Hall, doscended, in the female Hue, 
from the LoRTS o/StackpoU Court, 
Mr. Alloi d. 9 Apxil, 1843. 

Armt—VtBT bend, rompu, aig. and sa., six martlets, oounter- 
Cruh-A dove and olive branch. 
Jf«Me— Amidtia sine flraude. 
Sdot-CreaaeUy, co. Pembroke. 


Alle5, Jobhua-Juluan, Esq. of Bicton, co. Pem- 
broke, J.P., 5. 25 March, 1799; m. 8 July, 1821, 
Marthii, only surviviDg dau. of John Brooke, Eaq. 
of London, and has had issue, 
L JoSHUA-BlBD^ of Trinity Ooll. Gamb., b. 15 Hay, 1828 ; 
«. 18 April, 1848, Maxgaretta-Anne^ only dau. of Lt.- 
CoL William Moriwn, E.I.C.S., of Fortolew House, oo. 
n. Charies^ohn, 6. 2 March, 1832. 
L Haiy-Anne, d, 19 July, 1833. 

ICltfaSt. — Joshua Allbm, 8rd son of John-AUen, of 
Creael^, by Joan Bartlett, hia wife, t». hia first oouain, 
Xaigaret, dan. and oo^ieiress of William Allen, of Fobstone, 
hj MaxB^zei Bird, his wifis, and had, with other issue, 
DAvm Baa>, hish«ir; Franoea, t». to George Bowling, Esq. ; 
Jalia. ». to Ubjot William Slater, of the 82nd regt. ; and 
Locr, «- to Lt.-CoL William Moxison, Bombay Army. The 
■on and heir, 

Tbs Rst. DAyii>-BzBD Allev, M.A., Rector of Burton, 
TO. Pembroke^ b. 16 Feb. 1769; m. 24 Oct. 1796, Mary-Anne- 
Haniot, dau. of Petcr^Bartholomew Jullian, Esq. of London ; 
cad dL 81 Dec 1831, leaving issue, 


William, b. 87 8ept 1800; M. A, rector of Bosheraton, oo. 
Pembroke; m. 6 July, 1831, his second cousin. Fiauces- 
Margaretk ddest dan. ot James Alien, Esq. of Freestone 
Ban. and has issue. Robert-James, 6. 20 May. 1882 ; 
AUredBfard, ». 11 Nov. 1884; Charles-Stanley, 6. 22 Aug. 
1838; WiUiam-Prederick. 6. 15 April, 1840; Thomas- 
CecO. b. 11 April. 1846; Elisabeth-Jane; Francis-Char- 
lotte ; and Jeasie-Emfly. 

JsqiM^ b. 15 July, 1802 ; M. A., vicar of CasUemartiu, oo. 
Pttnbroke; m. 28 AprU, 1352, Isabella-Dorothea Hoare. 

Bird, oomm. R.N. ; d. icjim. at Fernando Po, on his return 
with G^ktatn Trotter fhim the Niger i£3q>edition, 25 Oct 

Charles, b. 29 July, 1806; in the Bengal dvil service; m. 
U Aug. 1840. Mary, youngest dau. of James Allen, Esq. 
of Freestone Hall, and has issue a son, Herbert-James. 

John. b. 25 May. 1841 ; M.A., chaplain of King's College. 
' ' * Her " • * 

M^esty's inm>ector of schools: he m. 

81 July. 1834. Harriet, dau. of J.-W. Higgin% Esq., and 
has isRM, John-Higgtna, and several daus. 

Sn^Bktoo, oo. Psmbroke. 


Alltrbt, Robert, Esq. of Wokefield Park, co. 
Berks, J.P., b. 10 Oct 1809; m, 20 Oct 1834, Caro- 
line, dan. of William Hot)flon, Esq. and has, 

L GooittK«-HoLif^AU, 5. 27 Sept. 1896, 

u. Irving^Stentug. 6. 5 April, 1837. 

m. Ernest-Herbert, b, 80 April, 1889. 

IV. Walter-Mortimer, b. 6 Dec. 1848. 

V. Bodney-Chazlfls, b. 18 March, 1847. 
▼L Oerald-Moabray, b, 10 Sept 1848. 
▼n. Beaodeik-CyTil. b. 10 F^b. 1851. 
▼m. Sidney-Bee^nald, 6. 26 Nov. 1852. 

L EDib. u. Constance-Louisa. 

i4llt«g«.~Tbe fiunily of Allfi^ has hma kmg settled 
in the county of Sussex, as appears by family papsn 
dated bx the reign of Hbnbt VIII., and from the Heralds' 
Viatatians. The immediate ancestor of the ftunOy before us, 

tuwAMD Alvbst, of Wostdeau, oo. Sussex, m. Eleanor 
Tatt, sDd d. in 1606^ i«ed 65, leaving issue, of which the 

Bhha>d AmsT, or Aixnor. of Dsptford, had, by Msiy 
Us wUi^ bcsldss dans., three sons* of wliich the youngest, 

Qioaat ALLvaar, of Westdeaa, b. in 1705, m. Catharine 
Woodhams, and d. in 1764, aged 59, having had, besides a 
ivL, Mary, w1m> si. 19 Feb. 1765, Stenhig Beard, of Seaiord, 
CO. teassx, a son, 

Obosoi ALurasr, Esq. of Weetdean, and afterwards of 
FJst<m Plsee, oo. Sussex, who la. Moiy, dau. of WUUaox 


Stone, Esq. oX Stonebridge, Sussex, and d. in 1704, having 
had by her (who d. at Seaford in 1810) five daus.. of whom 
the 3rd, Catherine, m. Thomas-B. Willard, Esq. and the 4th, 
Harriet, Capt Thomas Mortimer; and two sons, 

I. Oeobos, of Friston Place ; m. Kitty, dau. of Stoning 
Beardj^Esq. of Seaford. and Mary AUfrey. his wife ; and 
d. at Brighton, in 1802, having had issue, 1 Geoige, of 
Stamford Hill. Middlesex, m. 1st, Marianne, dau. of 
Nicholas St. Croix, of Guernsey, and by hor (who d. in 
1828) has Issue, Geoige, b. iu July, 1824, and Maigaret 
He m. 2nd]y, Elisabeth, dau. of Henry Richmond, Esq. 
of Chester-street, London, and by her has, Johu-Octo- 
vius, b. 6 May, 1833; Edward-Kichmond. b. 6 Oct. 1885: 
Charles -Heuiy, 6. in 1838; Katberlne - Elisabeth ; and 
Frances ; 2 Edward-Thomas ; 8 John-Steuing ; 4 William. 

II. Edwabd, of whom we treat 
The 2nd son, 

Edward ALumsT, Esq. of Bryanstone-square, TiondoD, 
Salehurst, co. Siissex, and Banstead, co. Surrey, m, 8 Dec. 
1807, Margaret, dau. of Robert Shedden, Esq. of Gower- 
street, and d. in June, 1884, having hod issue, 
Robert, now of Wokefield Park. 

Henry- Weils, 6. 17 Sept. 1817; m. 6 Dec. 1845, Adeline- 
Frances, dnu. of Sir Robert Moubray, K.H., of Cockair- 
ney, co. Fife. 

Frederick-William. 5. 15 May, 1819 ; m. 4 Sept. 184^, Emily, 
dau. of Sir Robert Moubray, K.H., of CocKoimey. 
Edward, b. 16 Dec 1822. 

^rm»— Per fesse, sa. and erm., a pale, oounterdhanged. 
three ostrich's heads, wased, aig., gorged with crowns and 
lines, or. 

Crest — ^An ostrich's head and neck, goiged with a crown« 
as in the arms, between two ostrich's Teathdrs, axg. 

Seat— Wokefield Park, Reading, Berkshire. 


Allgood, Lakoklot-John-Hunteb, Esq. of Nun- 
wick, CO. Northumberland! an officer, 18th li^i* 
dragoons, b. 22 Feb. 1823. 

l.tneASC. — The Allooods of Nunviek are descended 
from John Allgood, of Bsleme, co. Devon, living in 1886, who 
accompanied John, Duke of Lancaster, in his expedition to 
Spain, against the pretended king of Castile. 

Snt Lamoblot Alloood, Knt. high-sheriff of Northumber* 
land, temp. Gborob II., and M.P. for that county in 1748, 
son of Isaac Allgood, of Brandon White House, uid grand- . 
son of the Rev. M^jor Allgood, rector of Simonbum, was 
knighted by Gboroi III, in 1760. Sir Lancelot m, 22 Feb. 
1788-^, his relative, Jane. dau. and heir of Robert Allgood, 
of Nunwick and Simonbum, co. Northumberland, Esq., and 
was father, inter aliott of two daus. (Hannah, wife of Sir 
William Loraino, Bart. ; and Isabella, ta. to Lambton 
Loraine, Esq.) and of a son and heir. 

Jambs Alloood, Esq. of Nunwick, LL.D., b. In 1740, is. 2 
Oot. 1790, Martha, dau. of Christopher Reed, of Chipchsia 
Castle, 00. Northumberland, Esq. and by her had issuer 

Bobebt-Lakoblot, his heir. 

James, vicar of Felton, and rector of Ingram, co. Northum- 
Sarah. Jane. Mavgoret. 

Mr. Allgood d. 14 May, 1807, and was «. by bis eldest son, 

Bobbbt*Lakgblot Allgood, of Nunwick, Esq, b. 17 Sept. 
1794, SI. 1st, 2 May, 1816, Mory-Neville (who d. 2 Sept. 
followingX eldost dau. of John Reed, of Chipchase Castle^ 
60. Northumberiand, Esq., and 2ndly, 26 Aug. 1820, Elisa- 
beth, 2nd dau. and oo-heiress of John Hunter, of The Her* 
mitage, in the some county. Esq., by whom he had, 

Lancblot-John-Huktbr, now of Nimwick. 

James, in holy orders, b. SO June, 1826, m. 4 May, 1854, 
Isabmla, 8rd dau. of the late Charles- A. Williamson, Esq. 

Geoige, 6. 1 Nov. 1827. 

WUliam-Isaac, b. 1 Nov. 1887. 

Elizabeth-Martha, m. in 1840, to Henry Byre, Esq. m^Jof 
98th regt. 

Anne-Jane. Isabella. 

Mr. AUgood, a deputy4ieut. for Northumbsriand, for whldt 
county he was high-sheriff in 1818, d. 25 May, 1854. 

Jrm^—Axg., a cross, engrsUed. gu., between four mullet^ 
as. : ou a chiei; or, three damask roses of the second, seeded 
gold, barbed, vert. 

CWs^— Two arms, embowod, in armour, ppr , holding in 
the hands a human heart, gu., inflamed, or, ohaxged with a 
tower, triple towered, arg. 

JIaotto—Age omne bouum. 

6Mt— Nunwick, oo. Norlaumberland. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Allix, Charles, Esq. of Willougbbj Hall, oo. 
Lincoln, h. 20 Jan. 17S3; m. 8 June, 1808, Mary- 
Elizabeth, 2nd dao. of William Hammond, Esq. of 
Stw Albans Court, Kent> and has issue, 

I. Chablbs-Hammond, b, 27 July, 1810, Ueut Grenadier 

guards, d. in 1830. 
n. Frederick- William, b. 11 April, 1816, m. Bophia-Kary, 

only child of 0. H. Noel, Esq. of Wellingore, oo. lin- 

coin, and haa iesue, a aon, b. 15 May, 1851. 
m. William-Kent, 6. 9 April, 1828. 
IT. Wager-Townley, b. 1 March, 1825. 
I. Mary-Catherine-Elizabeth, m. to her oouiin, Charles 

Alliz, Esq. and d. in 1843. 
n. Charlotte-Francis, 
in. Caroline-Isabella, d. 25 Jan. 1886. 
XY. Louisa-MaigarBt, m. to the Rev. James Griffith. 

V. Julian»Jemima, m. 15 Aug. 1839, to Francis Capper 
Brooke, Esq. of Uflbrd-place, Suffolk, and d. in 1840. 

VI. EmUy-Persis, m. to A. D.. Veasey, Esq. eldest son of 
David Veasey, Esq. ot Castle Hall, co. Huntingdon. 

Mr. AUix, who is in the commission of the peace, 
and deputy-lieutenancy for Lincolnshire, «. his father 
in Nov. 1795. 

IL(ltf2l0e. — Tbm Yery Rbv. Pbtbr Allix, reotor of 
Bhudy Camps, in Cambridgeshire, and dean of Ely, (son of 
the eminent cUvine, Dr. Peter Alliz, of Aleu^on, head of the 
Protestant Church in France, banished that kingdom at the 
revocation of the Edict of Nantes) m. Miss Elizabeth Wager, 
niece and co-heir of Admiral Sir Charles Wager, first Lord of 
the Admiralty, temp. King GcoaoB I., and \^as «. by his 

Chablbs Allix, Esq. of Swaffham, oo. Cambridge, who 
m. Catherine, dau. of Thomas Green, D.D., Bishop of Ely, 
and had issue, Cuables Waosr, his heir ; John-Peter (tee 
Allix cf Swciffham Houh); and Jane, who m. the Rev. 
George Wilson, and d. in 1794. He was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

iHi Rxv. ChablsS'Wageb Alux, of Willougbby Hall, 
who m. Catherine, 2nd dau. of Richard Townley, Esq. of 
Belfleld, oo. Lancaster, and by her, who d. 6 Oct. 1889, had 
issue, Chaklbb, his heir; Richard- Wager; Catherine- Anne ; 
and Maigaret-Elisabeth, m. to the Rev. George Tate. 

Mr. Allix d. in Nov. 1796, and was «. by his elder son, the 
present Chablbs Alux, Esq. of Willoughby Hall. 

Arm»-^Axft.. a woITs head, erased at the neck, ppr. ; in 
the dexter chief point, a mullet, gu. 
Ooe— A wolf's head, erased, as in the arms. 
^mC— Willouj^y Hall, near Grantham. 


Alux, Johk-Petieii, Esq. of Swaffham House, oo. 
Cambridge, late M.P. for that shire ; 6. 2 Deo. 1785 ; 
m. 7 March, 1816, Maria, dau. of John Pardoe, Esq. 
of Leyton, co. Essex. Mr. Allix, J.P. and D.L., 
served as high-sheriff in 1828. 

S«itlfa0f • — John Pkteb Alux, Esq. of Swaffham 
House, CO. Cambridge, younger brother of the Rev. Charles- 
Wager Allix, of WiUoughby Hall, co. Lincoln, (m that 
familVt) m. in 1783, Sarah, dau. of the Rev. William Collier, 
Ticar ct SwaflTham, co. Cambridge, and had issue, 

Johh-Pbtxb, now of Swaffham House. 

Charies, oolond in the guards : who m. Mary-Catherine- 
Ellsabeth, dau. of Charies Allix. Esq. of Willoughby. co. 
linooln, by Maiy his wife. dau. of William Hamond, 
Esq.. St. Alban's Court, Kent, and had issue one son. 

Williaxn. Thomas. Wager. 

Catherine, m. to Robert Wilkinson. Esq. 

Charlotte, m. to John Pardee, Esq., Leyton, Essex. 

Matilda, m. to Thomas Roberts, Esq. 

Juliana. Mariana. 

£m<— SwaflTham House, co. Cambridge. 


Allott, The Rev. John, of Hague Hall, co. 
York, rector of Maltby, co. Lincoln, 6. 21 March, 
1812; m. 27 Oct. 1836, Catherine, dau. of William 
Wilson, Esq. of Louth, co. Lincoln, and has Issue, 

I. John-Oeorok, 6. 16 July. 1889. 

n. Heniy-Hepworth, 6. 25 June, 184S. 

m. Robert-James, b. 22 Nov. 1847. 
. I. Catherine-Mary. u. Marianne-Ludlam. 

in. Sarah-Frances. iv. Elizabeth-Ann. 

Sr(ltea0t. — ^When this fiunily became first seated at 
Elmley, it is dlflBcult to ascertain on good authority, but 
that they were settled there in the time of Hehbt VI., tbo 
strongest evidence exists, in deeds dated 11, 1<S, and S4 
Hxkbt VI. 

EDKUNn Allot, lineally descended fhnn Robert AUot, of 
Sedfull, m. Bridget, dau. of Thomas Arthington, and had 
two sons, JoHK, and Thomas, who m. the dau. of Thomas 
Merfield, and was grsnd&ther of Richard Allot, of Green- 
field, 00. Middlesex, as well as of Syles Allot, of Micklefleld, 
Suffolk. The elder son, 

JoHH Allot, whose will is dated in 1500, m. Elizabeth, 
dau. and heir of Sir John Allington, Knt., and wasfisther of 

RoBBBT Allott, of Beutley Orange, whose will was proved 
in 1541. He m. Elizabeth, sister of Armigael Waad, the 
navigator, and niece of Alvared Comyn, prior of Nostel, and 
had two sons, 

Robert, of Bentley Grange, wbose ddest son, John, of 
Rentier Grange, aged 43. 14 Oct 1606, was ancestor of tbo 
Rev. Richard Allott, Fellow of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, son of Richard Allott, late dean of Raphoe. 

JoHK, of whom we treat. 
The 2nd son, 

JoHir Allott, of Crigleston, which estate had been pur- 
chased by his mother, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Spight» 
of Heaton, and had issue, EnwAan, of whom presently; 
Robert, M.D., of St. John's CoUege, Uving in 1626 ; Elica- 
beth. The elder son, 

Edwabd Allott, of Crigleston, m. Susanna, dau. of John- 
son of Dercame, and had, besides other issue, an eldest son* 

Oboroi Allott, of Crigleston, whose will was dated in 
1688. His son, 

Edward Allott, of Crigleston, m. 18 Dec 1677, Rebeeoa 
Swallow, and had, with younger issue, 

GaoBOE, his heir, of Crigleston and South Kirkby. who 
m. Jane, dau. and heu: of Thomas Slack, of South 
Elmsall, and had two daus., Rebecca, and Amhb (his 
heiress j, who m. in Oct. 1739, William Eowes, Esq. of 
York, and d. «. p. in 1700. leaving the Crigleston and 
South Elmsall estates to ner kinsman, James AHott, 
Esq. of Hague Hall. Geoige Allott d. in 1716. 
Robsbt, of whom presently. 
The 2nd son, 

Thb Rsv. Robxbt Allott, M.A., fellow of St. John's 
College, Cambridge, and vicar of South Kirkby, m. Franoee* 
dau. of Francis Hall, Esq. of Swaith Hall, and d. 29 Julj, 

1783, having had three sons, 

I. James, in holy orders, vicar of South Kirkby; bapi. 
6 May, 1728 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of the Rev. 
Henry Green, of the Hague ; and d. in 1756, leaving a aom 
and heir, 

1 Jambs Allott, of Hague Hall devisee of the Crigles- 
ton and Elmsall estates, fh>m his kinswoman, Anne 
Bowes. He d. unm. 28 Sept. 1811, and devised his 
estates of Crigleston and Elmsall to his cousin, Robebt 
Allott; and Hague Hall to his cousm. Captain John 
' II. Robert, of Painthorpe, bapt 15 April, 1780 ; m. 24 ApriL 
1709, Elizabeth, dau. of the* Rev. — SidweO, and had 

1 RoBKBT. who «. to Crigleston and Elmsall, under the 
will of nis cousin, James. He m. Sarah, dau. of 
William Hodgson, Esq. of Taxal Lodge, co. DerVy; 
and d. 14 May, 1847, having had issue one son and one 
dau., viz., James, d. ttnm ; Frances-Dorothy. 

2 George, m. Maiy Neal, and had a dau., Miuy, d, trnm. 
m. John, of whom we treat. 

The youngest son, 
Thb Rbv. Johh Allott, vicar of South Kirkby, bapt. 

1784, m. in Nov. 1768 or 1769, Anne, dau. of Hugh Hani- 
mersley, Esq. of Doncaster, and d, in 1818, having had 

I. John. ii. Geobqb. 

UL James, in holy orders, chaplain to the forces: d, «n». 
in 1814. 

L Sarah, d. tMim. u. Anne, 

The eldest son, 

John Allott, Esq. captain in the army, «. to the Hague 
Hall estate, under the will of his coiuin, James Allott, in 
1811. He f». Elizabeth, dau. of James Emmeraon, Esq. of 
South Kirkby, and dying «. p. in 1824, was s. by his 

Thb Rbv. Qborob Allott, of Hague Hall, vicar of South 
Kirkby, b. 8 Oct. 1776, m. 10 Oct 1806, Mary, eldest dau. of 
Jam^ Emmerson, Esq. of South Kirkby, and had iasue, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Jamh^ I. » 8ept 1810 ; m. 14 Jan. 1847» Hannah, eldeet 

dan. of the late John Webster, Esq. of Springfield Houae^ 

Moriey, near Leeds, and d, t. p, 
JoHS. now of Hague HolL 
Qeoge, in holy orders, vicar of South Eirkby, co. Lincoln ; 

k. 7 Jane, 1818 ; m. June, 1851, Miss Sarah Webster. 
GOherine-Ann, m. to W.-Platt Bradahaw, Esq. of Comaton 

Bank. eo. Lancaster. 
Buab-Cope. m. to Joshua Hepworth, Esq. of Bogerthorpe 

Hall, near Pontefract. 
Maiy-EUnbeth, m. to Heniy Ormsb Esq. of Louth, oo. 

Ranoes^ane^ m. to Bobert Shipman, Esq. of Grantham, 

00. linooln. 
Xr. Attott (L IS June, 1848. 

Jnw— Or. a plain fesae^ double coUsed, wavv, az. ; on a 
euton of the second, two bars, aig., chaxged with three 
swaOows, T(dant, aa. 

CWiC— A dexter arm, oouned at the elbow, habited, or, 
chaiged with a fesse, double coUsed, wavy, as., cuf^ aig., 
the hand, ppr., holding a mullet, gold. 

iratt»--Fortiter et recta. 

fcaf'— Hague HaU, near Wakefield, oo. Yoxk. 


Allowat, RoBBRT-MoRBLLn, Eeq. of Ballyshan- 
doffa, otherwise The Derries, in the Queen's Co., 
JJP^ f. his father, the late William- Johnson Alloway, 
Esq., 2 Oct 1829 ; m, 19 June, 1882, MaiyAnne, 
only dan. of William Lewis, Esq. of Harlech, co. 
Doblin, and has issue, 

BoBKvr-MAaMADiru, b. 9 June, 1840. 

Hiltf Afft* Thsopkilds Allowat, son of Harmaduke, 
latrd of Alloway, in AyrBhlre, left Scotland, and became 
pft asesa e d ef property at Minehead, in Somersetshire, about 
tbeyaarlMO. He was fikther of 

Bosner Allowat, who m. Katharine, dau. of Sir John 
Wstaon, of BtaffiDrdshire, and was father of 

TaaopHiLos Allowat, who m. Dorothy Wanen, of 
Denmahire, and had a son, 

Bswaimr Ajxowat, who m. Una, dau. of Peter God- 
win, of Ben, in Bomerwtshire. He left Hinehead, and 
aattled hi Dublin, about the year 1700. His son, 

WouAM Allowat, m, Oraoe, dau. of Archibald Mont- 
gonerie, Esq. of Ayrshire, of the Eglinton family, and had 
(with a dau. Hannah, who m. Jonas Duokett, Esq. and 
was grandmother to John-Dawson Duckett, Esq. of 
Dadcett's Orore, oo. Cariow) a son, 

BavjAifXH Allowat, Esq. who m. Ist, Lydia, grand- 
dao. of Bobert Barclay, of Urie, Aberdeenshire, the oele- 
bcated "Apologist,'* by whom he left a son, the late John- 
Buclay Alloway, Esq., of Mount Pleasant, co. Dublin, who 
d. in 18S1, without issue. He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of 
WQliam Johnson, Esq. of Dublin, by whom he left a son, 

WnjiAM^OHMsoH Allowat, Esq. of The Derries, 
Qoecn'a County, who m. Maigaret, ddest dau. of the late 
Hon. Bobert Johnson, a judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas in Ireland, and by her (who <L in April, 18S4) left» 

BoaKKr-MoaaLLXT, now of BaUyshandufi'e. 

Aithur-Wiliiam, late of the 4th or Kine's Own regiment ; 
m. his coosin. Miss Mary Johnson, and has Issue. 

Oeoige- Holmes, M.D.; m. in 1849, Florence -Gertrude, 
dan. of the late Heniy McCUntook, Esq. of Duudalk. 

Seat— BaDyahaaduflb^ Ballybrittas, (Queen's 0>unty. 


ALBfov, William-Ohabub, Esq. of Elmdon Hall, 
ooi Warwick, b. 22 March, 1796; m. 8 Dec 1841, 
Elinbeth-Ami, dau. of CoL Fetheraton, of Padk- 
wood, and has issoe, 

L WnxiAM-CnABLBB, 6. S Nov. 184S. 

n. Jsmes-Fethevston, 6. 19 Oct 1844. 

And three daughters. 

This gentleman is son of the late James Alston, Esq. 
of wIdsoo Hill, by his wife, Anne Holty of The 
Woodlioases, Shropshire. 

■imu— As., tea estofles, or, fbur, three, two, and one ; on 
a dUat, ng., a c resce nt l et ei se d , gu., between two boars' 

Omt^A deml^ agle, wings displayed, or; on each wing a 
vescent ravened, gu. 
lf«tto— In altom. 

leal— Kfandon HaD, WarwickaUra 

A M S 


Amsrt, John, Esq., F.S. A, of Park House, Stour- 
bridge, CO. Worcester, J.P. and D.L,, barrister-ai-law, 
6. 10 Feb. 1799 ; m. 1 Nov. 1824, Anna-Dorothea, 
eldest dau. of the Rev. Frederick-William Foster, of 
Derbyshire, elder brother of John Foster, Esq. of 
Bricldiill, co. Bedford, and has issue, 

I. Johk-Fbbdbbiok Fostkb, B.A., b. 24 Dec. 1826. 

n. Edmund- Verdon, M.A. in holy orders, b. 21 July, 1827. 

m. Henry Dickinson, b. 28 Sept. 1831. 

rr. William-D'Ameiy, 6. 1 Deo. 1889. 

X. Anna-Eleonora, d. 10 Aug. 1844. 

n. Garoline-Amelia. m. Henrietta-Louisa-Ctortrude. 

TV. Mary-KmrneHne. 

%intli%t. — The family of D'Ameiy came to England 
with the OoNQUBBOB, fh>m Tours; and different branches 
were subsequently seated in the counties of Somerset, 
Oxford, Devon, and Olouoeeter. 

Boon D'AMxaT, of Tate, co. Gloucester, and his descen- 
dants, held the manor of Weston Birt, in the same oo., firom 
the 22nd Edward III., until it was alienated by Biohabo 
D'Amsbt, of Codrington, about the year 1810 : fhnn this 
Bichard descended BooxR D'Ambrt, whose son, John, was 
father of Biohabd Ambry, of Stoney Stainton, oo. York, 
father of an only son, Biohabd Ambrt, Esq. of FisUaksb 
who m. Miss Conway, and had two sons, of whom the elder, 
Balph Ambrt, Esq. of Womersley, m. Ann Banks, and was 
father of an only son, John Ambry, Esq. who m. Ann 
Eodes, and left, with other issue, a son and successor, the 
present John Ambrt, Esq. of Park House, Stourbridge. 

Arm$—ATg., three bars, nebul^ gu. ; over all a bend, 
engrailed, as. 
Crut^-Ovkt of a mural crown, a talbot's head. 
If oMo— Tu ne cede maUs. 
Seat—Ptak. Houae^ Btouibxidge, co. Worcester. 


Ames, Lionel, Esq. of The Hyde, co. Bedford, h, 
18 July, 1810; m. 10 June, 1848, Augusta-Percy, 
dau. of Col. Sir John-Monllyon Wilson, C.B., K.H., 
and has issue, 

I. IdONBL-NBVILLB-FBBDBBIOK, b. 21 Feb. 1850. 

n. Percy-Oeoige, b. 7 May, 1851. 
in. Gerard-Vivian, 6. T Aug. 1852. 

Mr. Ames is lieui.-coL of the Herts militia, and a 
magistrate for the counties of Herts and Bedford. 
He $. his father in 18^6. 

ILftlf AQt* — Levi Ambs, Esq. mayor of Bristol in 

1789, son of Jeremiah Ames, m. Ist^ in 1770, Anna-Karia, 

dau. of Chauncy Poole, Esq. also of Bristol, by Anna* 

Maria his wife, sister of Sir lionel Lyde, Bart, of Ayot 

St. Lawrence, and had issue, , 

LiOMBL, who assumed the surname of Ltdb on succeeding 

to the estates of Sir Lionel Lyde, Bart. He d. in Jan. 


Jeremiah, who m. Mary, youngest dau. of J.-F. Pinner, 
Esq. of Somerton, oo. Somerset ; and d. without issue m 

Lbvi, late of The Hyde. John. 

Oeoige-Heniy, who m. Anna, dau. of Q. Acland, Esq. 
Maria, m. to Bichard liewellyn, Esq. of Westlnuy, oo. 

Sarah, m. to her cousin, John Olive, Esq. of Beach Hffl, 
CO. Monmouth. 

Phcsbe, m. to her cousin, the Bev. James Olive. 
Harriet^ d. wwa. 

The 8rd son, 

Lbti Ambb, Esq. of The Hyde, b. 80 Nov. 1778; m. 18 
June^ 1808, Anne-Bird, dau. of Henry Metcalfe, Esq. of 
Murton and SeatonviUe, co. Northumberland, and has 

LiovBL, now of The Hyde. 

HenirJfetcalfe, m. in Nov. 1852, Elisabeth-Sarah, dan. 

of Mfi^or Hodgson Cadogan, of Brinkbum Prioiy, oo. 


Emily- Aune, m. to the Bev. Frederick Sullivan. 
Mary, m. to Col. Codrington, of the Coldstream guards. 
Margarot-Bose, m. to Cwpt R. Blane, 2nd life-giiards. 
Harriet-Elisabeth, m. to Obtain Sidlcy Burdett» Cold- 

stream guards. 
Xr. Ames, a magistrsto for the cos. of Bedford and Hert% 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

A M n 

and a dop.-lieut. of the latter, senrod as BhcrUT of Bedford- 
ahira in 1840. He d. in 1846. 

Ar m s Aiy., on a bend, ootiaed, n., three roses of the 
field, seeded, or, barbed, vert. 
OreM — A rose, ars' , stalked and leared, vert. 
&at— The Hyde, Beds. 


Amherst, The Rby. FRANdB-KBRitiL, of field 
Qate Hoiue, oo. Warwick, h. 17 July, 1819. 

HtUaS^.^Thia is an ancient Bssez fiunily. TIm late 

William-Kesril Amhkbst, Esq. of Pamdon, in that 
eoonty, m. in May, 1817, Mary-Louisa, dan. of Francis 
Fortescue Turvile, Esq. of Bosworth Hall, co. Leicester, 
and left issue, 

FsAjrcu-KniBiL, now of Field Gate House. 

William^oseph. b. 7 July, 18S0. 

Osroline. ) ^„„. 

Mary-Barbara, / ^"^ 

Mary-Iiouiia. Harriet-Ana. 

J m$ On., three tilting (q»ears <»: lanoes, erect, in fesse^ 
or, headed, as. 

Crtttr— On a mount, vm*t, three like spears, one erec^ and 
two in saltier, girt with a wreath of laurel, ppr. 

&at— Field Gate House, Kenilworth. 

See Cbacbofi. 


Amos, Andrew, Esq. of St Ibbe, oo. Hertford, 
l>arri8ter-at-lnw; m. 1 Aug. 1826, Margaret, dau. of 
the Rot. Professor Lax, of the Uniyersity of Cam- 
bridge, and has issue^ 

L WiLUAX. n. James. 

m. Gilbert-Andrew. nr. SheldwL 

I. Maigaret-Isabella. 

This distinguished lawyer, son of James Amos, Esq., 
by Franoee-Comelia Bontfi, his wife, dau. of General 
Bont^, goyemor of Kegapatam, s. to St. Ibbs, at the 
decease of his father-in-law, in 1836, and is a magis- 
trate for Herts. He was lately member of the 
Supreme Coimcil of India.* 

Crett^A stsg's hted. 
Ifolto— Sapere aude. 
Seal-eL Ibbs, Hitoben. 


Amphlett, John, Esq. of Clent House, co. Wor- 
cester, b. 29 March, 1820; m. 18 May, 1844, Jane, 
datL of the late Robert Smithson, Esq. of Skipwith, 
00. York, and has issue, 

I. JoHH, b. 82 March, 1845. 

n. Oharles-Hugfa, 6. 19 March, 1847. d. an infant. 

I. Jane-Elisabeth. 

ILint2l0f . — ^This fiunily anciently resided at Salwarpe, 
CO. Worcester. 

WitUAX Amphlrt, Bsq. lord of the msncnr of Hadsor, 
in that shire, son of William Amphlett, of Salwarpe, 
Ump. Jamis I. m. Frances, dau. of John Sparrow, of 
Clent, 00. Stafford, and was father of 

BiCHARD Amphlrt, Esq. of Hadsor, who ta. Anne, 
dan. of Edward Cookes, of Bentley Paunoefote, Esq. and 
had, with three daus. (Elizabeth, wife of Robei-t CUva, of 
Etyche, Esq.; Anne, wife of John Hunt. Esq., of Ctxester; 
and Frances, wife of John DoughtieX three sons, Tis. 

I. JO0K, who m. Luoy Perrot, and d. $. p. 

II. William, of Astley, co. Worcester, who m. Anne, dao. 
of the Rer. Thomas James, of Sedgeley^ wd had five 

SOQS, Richard. JohiL William, Joseph, ana ^, and 
one dao^Anne. wife of the Rev. Thomas Bell, rector of 
<^aat. The eldest sou, Richabd Amphlett, Esq. of 
Hadsor. m. Sarah, dau. of Nicholas Hyett, of Amely, 
and had a son and heir, 

William Amphlett. Esq. of Hadsor, who m. Christian, 
dau. of John Amphlett. of Cleut, Esq., and had, with 
a dan. (Harriet, wife of Captain John EdwardsX four 
sons, 1 Richabd, his heir: 8 John, D.D., rector of 
Dodeihill. oo. Woroester (fiather of John, d. «. p.. 


Aubrey, d. a p., RSchaid. Joseph. Elizabeth, si. to 
Henry Burslem. Esq.. and Fendope, of Monmouth) ; 
8 Joeeph, of Dudley (father of Edward, ot Brome. co. 
Stafiord, wbo m. Caroline, dau. of Jacob Turner, Esq. 
of Fark Hall, in Kidderminster, and had issue); and 

4 Martin, rector of Stamford, co. lincohi. The eldeafc 
son. BiCBABD Amphlett, Esq. of Hadsor. Uving ta 
1780 m. Lydia. dau. and co-hmr of John H<dmden. of 
Crowle. oo. Woroester. and had a son and successor. 
The Ret. Richabd Holmdbx Amphlrt, of Hadsor, 
who m. 1st, adao. of Fanl, of Finedon. co. Northamp- 
ton ; and 2iid]y, Jane^ dan. of Thomas Dudley, c€ 
Shutend. in Himlsy, by both of whom he has iasoa. 
The chUdran by his first wife ar^ 1 Richard-Paul, of 
Iinc<^'s Inn, M.A.. barristei^at-Uw; m. 2 Dec. 1840» 
Fnnces, only dilld of the late Edward Fenand. Esq^ 
of St. Ives, oo. York : 3 Hohnden. of Birmingham ; 

5 Marthi; 4Charies.of London; 6 William; 1 Sarah; 
S Louisa; and S Julia. 

m. Joseph, of whose line we have to treat. 
The Srd son. 

Joseph Amphlett. Esq. of Clent. m. Anne. dau. of Sir 
Charles Lyttetton, of Fnmkl^, and had, with other iaane^ 
a son and su cces so r, 

John Amphuot, Esq. of dent, who la. Mary. dau. of 
John Cardale. Esq. of Dudley, and widow of Edward 
Martin, of Leigh Court, oo. Worcester, and had, with » 
dau. (Chxistian, la. 1st. to Wm. Amphlett, Esq. of Hadsor, 
and 2ndly, to Thomas Hdbeaoh, Esq.) a son and suooeaaor, 

John Amphlett, Esq. of Clent, who m. Msry, dau. and 
co-heir of Thomas Hopwood, Esq. of Droitwich, and had, 

John, his heir. 

Mary, m, to Henry, son of Dr. Cameron, of Worcester. 

Elizabeth, m. to Col. Andrews, banack-master at Gibraltar. 

Christian, m. to William Wilkinson, Esq. 

Mamiret, m. Ist, to John-Perrott Noel, of Bell Hall, Eaq. ; 
Sndiy, to Henry Andrewi^ Esq.; and Srdly, to J<mn 
Owinndl. Esq. 
Mr. Amphlett d. in 1777, end was «. by his son, 

John Amphlett, Esq. of Clent, b. in 1763, who vt. in 
1789. Elisa-Anne, eldest dau. of Thomas Hill. Bsq. of 
Dennis, in the same county, by whom (who 0. in 1887) ha 
had issue, 

L John. b. 1795; m. hi 1810. Eliza, eldest dau. and oo-heirof 

Benjamin Benyon. Bsq. of Haughton. in Shiffnall, oow 

Salop, M.P. for Stafford ; and d. 9 Deo. 1836. leaving iasus^ 

1 John, present representatiTo. 1 EUza-Maiim 

n. Thomas. 

I. Maxgarec, d. 1839. n. Eliza- Anne. ni. Manr. 

IV. Harriet, m. to John-Perrott Noel. Esq. of Bell HalL 

T. Caroline. Ti. Sophia, d. young. m. Louisa. 

Mr. Amphlett was «. at his decease by his grandson, the 
present John Amphlett, Esq. of Clent House. 

Jmut—Axg., a fesse between three lozenges^ as. ; in chiof a 
dnquefoil, sa. 
Cittt — A dromedaxy, ppr. 
Seat— Cleut House, oo. Stafford. 


AiTDSBSON, Thomas, Esq. of Jesmond House, ca 
Northumberland, and Waliington Lodge, oo. Surrey, 
b. 21 Sept 1789 ; m. 7 June, 1S27, Isabella, dau. of 
Robert Simpson, M.D., of St. Petersbux^gh, formerly 
of Sebrigham Hall, Cumberland, and has iaaue^ 

I. John-Soulsbt, b. 22 June, 1828. 

n. Robert-Oerard. b. 9 June, 1890. 

m. Thomas-Qoldsborough, 6. 5 April, 1833. 

rv. Charles-King, 6. 24 Aug. 18.^. 
Mr. Anderson «. his father 1829, and served as sheriff 
of Newcasde in 1812. 

E(tttagr«— This famUy was settled In NewcasUe from 
the time of Elizabeth, until about tha year 1090, when 
they removed to North Shields, where they held property, 
a portion of which still continues in posBoasi<» of ^e 
fiunily. About the middle of the last ceatuzy they 
returned to Newcastle. 

Okraro Anderson, b. in 1846, w. Elisabeth Kicholson 
and d. in 1711, leaving, with a dau. Barbara, m. to CapL 
Valentine Wye, a son, 

Thomas Anskbson, who was fkther of two sens, Edward. 
who emigrated to America, and 

Thomas AicnsRaoN, 6. in 1710, who m. 87 Sept. 1736^ 
Eleanor Soulsby, of Newcastle^ and had, with two daua., 
three sons, 

I. Thomas, who d. «mm. in 1780. 

n. Mutthew. 6. in 1754; who settled in St. Peterabuxv 
about the end of the last centuzy ; and d. in 1834. leaving 
issue three sons, 1 Thomas, 6. at St. Petersburg; 179S ; 

Digitized by CjOOQI , 



t ^ohn, M. FnuMeSt dau. of Bob«rt Simpeon, H.D., and 
kM taM, Robori- Alexia, m. Harriet, dau. of Robert 
Gatt^y. Esq., Thomas - Qerard, and other children; 
S Matthew, m. Annie -Ehxabeth Maine, and haa iasue; 
1 Eleanor, at. to Joeeph Stother, Esq. 
m. JoBjr, of whom we treat. 

JoBsr AsDEBSOV, Esq. of Jeemond House, J.P., b. 1 Nov. 
IT57. ai. U May, 1787, Hannah, dau. ot James King; Esq. 
of Newcastle, and had issue, 

TBoMAi, now of Jeemond Houssi 

Matthew, of Jeemond Cottsge. J.P., b. 18 April. 179S. 

Jm as Crosby, of little Benton, m. in 182^ Alice, dau. of 
Wmiam Loeh, Esq. of Pohit Pleasant, and d. in 1837. 
kartng issue, 1 John, b. S Feb 1826; S WUliam-Lofih, 
h. 1« July. 1886; 8 James -Crosby, 6. 12 July, 1828; 
1 Alice : aind S Eleanor- Adelaide. 

Jom. of Oozlodge Hall, Narthnmb«riand, J.P., sheriff of 
NewoBStle^ 1820; ». in 1827, Dorothy - Dinna, dau. of 
Qttrlea-DalsUm Purria, and sister of Thomas Purvis, 
taq., Q.C , and has iasue. 1 Charles-Dalstou. 6. 16 March, 
mh; 1 Dorotlnr-BlizabeCh; 2 Hannah-Emily, m. 3 May. 
1861, to W. -P. Carter, Esq.. eapt. 8Srd regt ; 8 Marianne- 
Ptinris; 4 Eleanor; and 6 Florence. 

Blsanor. Ann. Maiy. 

Mr. Andenon d. May, 1829i 

Arwu—Fmr naboMa, as. and Tsrt, a bugle horn stringed, 
betwean three stags, oouehant, or. 

jCynf--On a mount, vert, a stag oouehant, wounded in the 
~" *^ an arrow, and holding in his mouUi au ear of 
r.. duufged on his side wi^ a bugle horn, or. 
Mnmdum, au;q>iee Deo. 
L House, CO. Northumberland; and Walling- 




AvDnsoN, The Rbv. Joshua, A.M., rector of 
MyihaU, oa Carlow, b, 8 Dec. 1770; m. Oct 1807, 
Anne, eldest dau. of Capt William PerMval, {see 
Pkbcbtal of Temple S(mm)f and has issue, 

L Jamxi^ cT O»aoo Dieu Lodge, oo. Waterford, J.P., m. 
April, 1842, ICaiigaret, youngest dau. of Thomas Carow, 
Esq. of Ballinamona, and has issue, Jamea-Paul, b. 21 
Jan. 1850 ; Thomaa-William; and Jane-Margaret. 

o. WOUam. 

UL Bobert-Caraw, M.D., 90th light iniiuitry, m. 13 Oct. 
1868, Jane-Wallis, only dau. of the Bev. Henry Bolton. 

IT. Pknl-Chriatmas, of Proq)ectk oo. Kilkenny. 

T. Alexander, Ueut. R.N. 

L Anne. si. 4 Feb. 1845, Charles-Newport Bolton, Esq. 

n. Jane-Ellen. m. Ellen. it. Catherine. 

▼. H enrietta. Ti. Susan. 

linflflt* — AuDUJiDKB ANDXBSOir, Bsq. of Grace 
Din, deaoenderi from Anderson of Wester- Airderbeck, was 
Mphsw of the Ber. Arthur Anderson, chaplain to WiL- 
UAM HI., and Mi^or Anderson, of Grace Dieu. He m. 
t Feb. 1721, Hiss Brewster, dau. and co-heir of Wm. 
Bkevitar, Esq. son of Sir Francis Brewster, twice lord- 
aayor of DuUin. By her (who d. in 1754X Mr. Anderson 
Wt (with two daus., of whom the elder, Jane, m. Robert 
Cue*. Esq. of Woodenstown, co. Tipperaiy) a son and heu*, 

Jims AvDBBSOir, Esq. of Grace Dimi. m. in 1764, Susanna, . 
yooagest dan. of Christmas Paul. Esq. by EUen his wife, 
teWhtsr of Robert Carew, Esq. M.P., of CuUe Boro', co. 
Wofocd, great-unde of Lord Carew, and had iaaue, 

Jamb, hia hair. 

Fnl (SIrX C B., K.C., general, colonel of the 78th High- 

■ndara. and goremor of Peudennia Castle ; d. $. p. 1851 

Ateranrter, capt in the army; 0. in Bath, in 1883. a. p. 

"-"7.B.M : Aa.p. ^ 

Joshua, in hoiy orders, preeentrepresentatireof the family. 

fiobart, an oOcer in the 42nd rogt, who was killed at 
iha battle of Alexandria^ «. p. 


Jajob Awpmsoir, Esq. of Grace Dieu, d. in London, in 
1818. «. p., and left his estates to his brother, the pr^aent 
Bit. Jouua Aja>KBS0H. 

Am^~4^mrimfy: 1st and 4th, aig., a aaltier, engraUed, 
iL, batwean two muUets in chiet gu., and as many boars' 
Ma. waaed, in the flanks, of the last: 2nd and 3rd, gu.. a 
ibmon. arm., between three estoiles, aig. 

Crm—An oak-trae, ppr. 

M 9tl9 Orer the crast, "Stand sure.** Under the arms. 

imiimn Myihan Glebe, co. Cariow. 



Anderton, William-Incb, Esq. of Euxton and 
Ince, both in oo. Lancaster; m. 14 Not. 1823, Fran- 
ces, only dau. of Christopher Crook, Esq. of London^ 
and first cousin to Thomas Qillebrand, Esq. ot Gille- 
brand Hall, by whom he has an only son, 

Wuxiam-Miohabl-Inob, 6. 29 Sept 1825, m. 12 Sept 1850, 
Lady Emma - Frances Plunkett^ dau. of the Eaxl of 

Mr. Anderton «. his father in 1811. 

ILCtttXSt* — Jaios Andsbtoit, Esq. of Euzton, des- 
cended from a 2nd son of Anderton of Anderton, wedded 
Ann, dau. of Henry Banister, Esq. of The Bank, in the co. 
of Lancaster, and relict of Thomas Farington, Esq. of 
Farington. He was t. by his son, 

Hugh Aira>BBTOK, Esq. of Euxton, who m. Ist, a dau. of 
— Butler, Esq. of Rawdiffe ; and 2ndly, Alice, dau. of Alex- 
ander Standish, Esq. of Standish. He had (besides four 
daus., Dorothy, m. to Edward Rigby, Esq. of Bury ; Jane, 
whod. wMn.; Anne, m. to William Hei^eth. Esq. of Maioes; 
and Alice, m. to Cuthbert aifton, Esq. of WestbyX two sons, 
WxLLLAM and Hugh, of Clayton. Hugh Anderttm d. about 
the year 1852, and was «, by his grandson, 

Hugh Ahdkbtoit, Esq. of Euxton, son of William Ander- 
ton, Esq. by Isabel his wife, dau. and beir of William Han- 
cock, Esq. of Pendle HalL He m. Margaret, dau. of Roger 
Kirkby, Esq. and left at his decease in 1664, a dau., Dorothy, 
m. to John Bradshaw, Esq. of Daniog, in An^^esea^ and a son, 

HuoH Andsbtok, Esq. of Euxton, who m. Catherine, dau. 
of Francis Traps, Baq. of Nidd, and left, at his demise (with 
other issue), Margaret, the wife of Robert Blundell, Esq. of 
bice Blundell, in the co. of Lancaster, and a son and suo- 

WiLUAM ANDXBTOir, Esq. of Euxton, who m. Mary, dau. 
of Richard, 6th Viscount Mulyneux, and relict of Thomas 
Clifton, Esq. of Lytham, by whom (who d. in 1752) he had 
(with two daus., Catherine, wife of Sir Robert Gerard. Bart, 
and Ann, a nun at Calais) two sons, Williav, his heir, and 
Francis, a monk, who d. at Linley, in Salop. 

William Akdebtok, Esq. of Euxton, the elder son, m. 
Frances, dau. and heir of Christopher Ince, Esq. of Ince 
Hall, in the CO. of Lancaster, representative of one of the 
most ancient fiamilies in that shire, and had (with three 
other sons, Robert, Thomas, and FrandsX a successor, at 
his decease in 1811. the present WiujAM-Iycs Avdcbtoh, 
Esq. of Euxton and Ince. 

*«* From a third son of the House of Akdkbtoh o/Jnder' 
ton descended Lawrxmcs Akdebtok, who founded the 
fkmily of Lostock. (See Bubks's Bxtinct BaronHage), 

Jmu—StL, a chevron, between three shackbolts, aig; 
CrtM — ^A curlew, ppr. 
AfoMo— We stoop not 

<S?a<a— Euxton uoU, near Choriey; and Ince Hall, near 


Andrews, Robert, Esq. of Little Lever and 
Rivington, co. Lancaster, J. P., b. at Rivington HalL 
13 Jan. 1785. 

ICnra^e. — ^Thls is a branch of the andent fiunily of 
Andrew o/ Charvelton, oo. Noilhampton. founded by Ralph 
Andbsw, of Gray's Inn, son of Thomas Andrew, of Carlisle, 
anno 12S8, as i4)pears from a certificate under the hand and 
seal of John Andrew, son of Sir John Andrew, of Charwel- 
toD, now among the archives of the College ot Arms. 

JoHH AiTDRSW, Esq. of Little Lever Hall, son and heir of 
Nicholas Andrew, citixen of London, by Hoth, dau. of Thos. 
Lever, Esq. of Little Lever, oo. Lancaster, a captain in 
Cbomwsll's army, entered his pedigree at the visitation of 
Lancashire, 16 May, 1664, by Sir William Dugdate, Norroy 
King-at-Arms. He m. for his 2nd wife, in 1658, Jane^ dan. 
and heiress of Robert Lever, Esq. of Darcy Lever, oo. Lan- 
caster, and had issue. The son and heir, 

JoHK AVDBXW, otherwise Aifnasws, of little Lever and 
Rivington, m. 6 July, 1682, Anna, dau. of Robert Mcrt, Esq. 
of Little Hulton, oo. Lancaster, and had issue, 

Robert Akprxws, of Bolton-le-Moors, oo. Lancaster, 2nd 
son, m. Dec 80, 1712, Hannah, dau. of Joeeph Crompton, 
Esq. of Hackin, oo. Lancaster, afterwards of Bolton-le-Moon^ 
in the same county, and had, with other issue^ 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 

A N K 

I. JosxPH, of whom preaently. 

n. Robert, b. 20 June, 1728 ; minittor of the presbyterlan 

ehapeU Bridgenorth. oo. Salop ; tit. Hannah, dau. of — 

Haslewood, of Bridgenorth ; a,».p. 

in. James, of Manchester, and afterwards of Bolton-le- 

Moors, 00. Lancaster, 6. 4 Feb. 1728; m. 31 Oct 1760, 

Susanna, second dau., and eventually co-heiress, of Robert 

Ihikinaeld, Esq. of Manchester, son of Sir Robert Dukin- 

field, Bart., and had issue two daus. and co-heiresses 

(he d. in Not. 1768 ; she (f. in Jan. 1787), vis., 

1 Susanna, 6. 29 June, 1765 ; m. 8 July. 1776, the Rev. 

Jonathan HodgUnson, of Hindloy, oo. Lancaster, and 

had issue, James-Andrews, 6. 26 Jan. 1783 : William, 

b. 12 March, 1786 ; and Susanna-Andrews, 6. 8 April, 

1791 : m. her cousin, Thomas Hibbert» Esq. of Evexton, 

00. Lancaster. 

S Frances, b. 11 June, 1761 ; m. at Wlgan, oo. Lancaster, 
23 Feb. 1789. the Rev. Nathaniel Hibbert, of Rivington, 
oo Lancaster, and had with junior issue, Thomas, of 
Brerton, oo. Lanoaster. 6. 21 Aug. 1791 ; mi. his cousin, 
Susanna-Andrews Hoogkinson, as before mentioned, 
and has issue, Thomas-Doming, b. 29 July, 1821, of 
the Middle Temple^ borrister-at^w. 

Joseph Ahdrswb, of Bolton-le-Moors, son and heir, b, 85 
Not. 1716, tit. Hannah, dau. of Edward Kenyon, of that 
plaoe^ and had issuer 


I. Hannah, b. 18 April, 1740 ; m. in 1766, John Fletch«r, 
of liTorpool, and had, with three daus., four sons, 
1 Thomas, of Liverpool, 6. 22 June, 1767 ; m. Anna, dau. 

of William Enfield. LL.D., and has issue. 
8 Joseph, of Uverpool, 6. 19 Oct 1768 ; m. Ellsa, dau. 

of RoDert Nicholson, of liverpool, and has issue. 
8 John, of Uvexpool, b. 20 April. 1773 ; d. 24 Aug. 

1844. He «. 1st, Elixa, dau. of Thomas Hodgson, of 

Caton, oo. Lancaster, and had issue. He n. 2ndly, 

Sarah, dau. of Eli Ja^ror, of Liveipool, and had issue. 
4 Robert, of Tozteth Park, near Liverpool; 6. 6 Sept 

1776; JR. his cousin, Hannah-Maria, dau. of Robert 

Andrews, Esq., of whom hereafter. 

Mr. Joseph Andrews^ d. 29 Oct 1749, and was $. by his son 

RoBBBT Aira>BBWii, Esq. of little Lever and Rivington ; he 
having ». to theestates^ on the death of Mr. Wilson, as great- 
nephew and heir-at-law of John Andrews aforeraid; b. 80 
Dec. 1741, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Samuel Darbishire, of Bol- 
ton-le-Moors, by whom he had no issue. He m. 2ndly, 
Sarah, dau. of Thomas Cockshott, Esq. of Marlow, oo. York, 
and by her (who d. 29 April, 1791) hadlssue, 

RoBKBT, his heir. 

John, b. 26 July. 1786. 

Anna- Maria, 6. 21 July, 1783 ; m. her cousin. Robert 
Fletcher, of Toxteth Paris, as before mentioned, and has 

Mr. Andrews, J.P. for Lancashire, d. 13 Aug. 1798, and was 
«. by his son and heir, the present Robebt Ajidbbw% Esq. 
of Little Lever and Rivington. 

.^raw— Quarteriy : 1st and 4th. gu.. a saltier, or, sur- 
mounted of another. Tert ; in chief, a trefoil, arg., for diflfia- 
renoe, for Andbcws; 2nd and 3rd. aiig., two bends^ sa., the 
one in chief, engrailed, for Letbb of Darey Lever. 

Crut—A Mo^s head, in profile, oouped at the shoulden^ 
ppr. ; in the ear a pendant aig. 

ifoOo— Fortiter defendit 

Aitf— RiTmgton Hall, co. Lancaster. 


Ankrtell, Wiluam, Esq. of Anketell QroTo, oo. 
Monagban, J.P. and D.L. ; m. Sarah, dau. of John 
Waring MaxweU, Esq. of Finnebrogue, oo. Down, 
and hi^ issue, 
L MATTEBW-Jomr, b. 81 Oct 1812, high-sheriff for the 
county of Monagban, in 1884 ; m. 6 Feb. 1840, Frances- 
Anne, eldest dan. of DaTid Ker, Esq. of PortaTo, oo. 
Down, by the Lady Selioa his wife, sister of the late 
Marquess of Londonderry, and has issue, 
n. William. m. Oliver. it. Fitaameline. 

y. MazweU. ti. Moutray. 

I. Anne-Dorothea, m. in 1888, to the Rer. Robert Loftos 
• Tottenham, 2nd son of Lord Robert Tottenham, Bishop 
n. Maria, m. in 1889. to the Rot. John Bunbuzy, eldest 
■on of Sir James Richaidson-Bunboiy, Bart, of Angfaer 
Oastle, 00. Tyrone, 
m. MatUda. 

IUtieX0f • — The fiunily of which we are about to treat, 
was of high station in the co. of DorMt at a Tory remote 
period (its name appearing iu Doomsday Book), and so early 

A N S 

as Iho reign of Bdwabo I., we find Fltsameline Ansebfttil 
repi-esenting the borough of Shaftesbury in parliament The 
English line has long since passed away, but a branch of the 
ancient stem haTing been planted in the north of Ireland 
temp. Chablbs I., the Anketells maintain in the land of tbeir 
adoption as distinguished a position as did their EngHah 
progenitors in the land of their extraction. 

Matthbw Abkbtbll, Esq. acquired in 1686, a grant oC 
land in the co. of Monagfaan, and emigrated to Ireland, 
where he m. Matilda, dau. of Robert Moore, Beq. of Qmrwj 
C^wtle, in Tyrone, and had a son, 

Matthbw Amkbtbll, Esq. of Anketell GroTe, who loat his 
life during the contest between King Jambs and King Wxi<- 
LiAM in 1689, fighting on the side of the latter mon a mh . 
His son, 

OuTEB Amxxtbll^ Esq. of Anketell (Jrove, M.P. for the 
borough of Monsghan, m. 28 Feb. 1716, the Hon. Sarah Canl- 
feild. 2nd dau. of William, 2nd Yisoount Charlemont (the 
gallant and well-known participator in the triumphs of the 
Eari of Petert>oroughin SpainX by Anne his wife, oxdy dan. 
of James Margetson, Lord Archbishop of Armagh. By this 
lady, who d. in Deo. 1742, Mr. AnketeU left, with other iaeua, 
a son and successor, 

Matthbw Avxbtell, Esq. of Anketell OroTO, who wu 11 
March, 1748, Anne. dau. of Charles Coote, Esq. of Ooote Hill, 
M.P. for the oo. of Cavan, and sister of Charles, Earl of Bel- 
lament; by this lady he had a son and heir, 

Matthbw Abkbtbll, Esq. of Anket^ell Orove, who m. let, 
in 1780, Prudentia, only dan. of Thonoas Steward Oorry, 
Esq. of Rockoorry Castle, in the co. of Monagban, \>y whom 
he had a dau. Prudentia, who d. in youth. He wedded 
2ndly, Mary, dau. of the Rev. Richard Norria, and had, with 
other issue, a son and heir, the present William Akutbll^ 
Esq. of Anketell Grove. 

Arm*— Or, a cross, raguUe, vert 
Crett—An oak-tree. ppr. 
If otto— Yade ad f ormioam. 
fi0a^-Anketell Grove. 


Aniteslbt, Arthur -LTTTBi/roir, Esq. of Arlej 
Castle, 00. Stafford, oapt in the army, h. 80 Not. 
1802; m. 18 March, 1835, Mary, 8rd dau. of John 
Bradley, Esq. of Colbome Hall, co. Stafford, and has, 

X. ABTHua-LTTTLRON, b. 2 Sept 1887. 

n. John-Oeoii^, b. 8 Aug. 1889. 

L Geoi^Bfiana-Lyttleton. n. Annabella-Lacy. 

m. Augusta-Maiy. 
This gentleman, son of Major-Qen. Norman Mao- 
leod (great-grandson of Sir Roderick Maoleod, of 
Macleod), by Hester- Annabella his wife, dait of the 
1st Earl of Mountnorris, took the name and arms of 
Anneslbt, by royal license, in 1844, having a, to the 
estates of hb maternal undo, George Annesley, last 
Earl of Moimtnorris. Mr. Annesley is a magistrate 
for the coa of Stafford, Worcester, Salop^ and Wex- 

Amu—Ttlj of six, axg. and as., over all a bend, gu. 

Crttt—A Moor's head in profile, oouped, ppr., wreathed 
about the temples, arg. and as. 

if otto— Vlrtutls amore. 

&^»— Arley Castle, co. Stafford; and fi't'^ftUn Paxic. oo. 

8u Thomson cifCharUUm. 


Anstruthbii, JambbHahilton-Llotd, Esq. of 
Hintlesham Hall, oo. Suffolk, 5. 21 Dec. 1807; m. 
lst» 6 Deo. 1888, Oeoigiana-Charlotte, eldest dau. of 
the Hon. Lindsey Biurell, and by her (who d 
21 Sept 1848), has is«ue, 

Robcrt-Hamiltoh, b. S7 AprU, 1841. 


He m. 2ndly, 1 Nov. 1847, the Hon. Qeorgiana- 
Christiana, dau. of Oeoige, 5th Viscount Barringtozi. 
and by her has^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


ftiBdi-Wmiam. h. 20 Feb. 1849. 

JtaotM, b. 9 Jan. 1852. 

^«il and OkO (twinsX *. 1 Doc 1852. 
Mr. Ansbuther is next brother of the present Sir 
lui^-Abercrombie Anstnither, Bart, of Balcaskie, 
JP- "J^ ^e 2nd son of the late General Anstru- 
wer, l^ Charlotte*Lnc7 ^ ^ife. onlj dau. of CoL 
James Hamilton (grandson of James, 4th Duke of 
Itoilton), by Lucy his wife, dau. of Sir Richard 
Lloyd, of Hintlesham 

ilm»-rAiy., three piles i«kuj 
Crat — ^Two arms in armour 
nttle^ze^ aU ppr. 
iM(e— Periiaeem ni perUsaem. 
Atf-Bintleihain Han. Bofblk. 

from the chief, sa. 

in the gauntlets a 


ARTROBua^ OiBBS-CiiAWTuitD, Esq. of Eaton Hall 

«a Chester, 6. 27 May, 1798; m. 1st, 28rd June, 

1827, Jane, 2nd dau. of Sir Coutts Trotter, Bart.. 

md by her (who d, 24 Nov. 1829), had one son and 

L Jomi-CouR% b. 28 Hot. 1829. 
He «. 2ndly, 12 Jan. 1832, Charlotte, 2nd dau. of 
&r Edward Crofton, Bart, and sister of the present 
Lwd Crofton, and by her (who d, 29 Sept 1839), 

1- UwmKTrawfdxd, b. 28 Feb. 1835. 

n. Charles, b, 26 Aug. 183«. 

L Soean-Emily. n. Anna-lCaria. 

Mr. Antoobua, who is younger brother of Sir Ed- 
mund-William Antrobus, Bart, is a magistrate and 
depu^-hwit of Cheshire, and was high-sheriff in 

JJinfiqie.— F6r descent, see Buaxx's Pmofft and 

^jjMj-Lowngy, or and as., on a pale, gu.. three estoOes of 

^•'illltfS!?*'™*" ^•^ couped, arg., homed and maned. 
SSr^^*^''^'*^*^?^'*"*^ vw^ laauingoutof rays.ppr. 
Vcoe— Dei memor, gratus amicia. "w-»*'4' 

«irt-latoBHall, Congieton, oo. Chester. 


AiiBW, Richard, Esq. of Beech Hill Park, co. 
Mex, and Drayton House, Middlesex, b. 1 March, 
IJll; sk 10 Oct. 1839, Elizabeth-Mary, eldest dau. 
« the late Sir Henry Meux, Bart of Theobalds 
ran, Herts, and has issue, 

L VuxLUf-Sr. JvLiAir. b. 28 Nov. 1848. 

L Harfaane-EUzabeth. u. Alioe^Siarlotto. 

Mr. AraWn, JJ>. for the cos. of Middlesex, Herts, 
•ojEs8ei,andD.L.forthek8frnamed shire, t. his 
Mierml841. , •• "« 

';fWH0t.— WnuAM - Br. Juuzir AaiBnr. Esq. of 
jNich mi Fari^ aeijeant-at-law. m. Maty, sister of the 
WjafrHemy Meox. Bart and had a aon. Biohaw), his 
h!^U-^?**"* AraWn, who was judge -advocate -general 
o l«I8-#, d. in 1841. and was ». by hla eon, the present 
««:«A«DAaAM». Esq. of Beech Hill Park. 

i^I^^lt^^''^^'''**^^^**^ allppr..^ 

/2& .^•P*^**' aa.. ducaHy crowned, or. 
*23^ctS-2gri?*^ ~^ betwe«itwo wing^ «l. 
j^Btt»-Nee temera nee tfanlda. 
*— "- 1HiUPaik,oo. - 

A R t) 

heir of Andrew Aroedookneb attemey-general of the island 
of Jamaica, where he died about the year 1785, m. Catherine, 
2nd dau. and co-heireea of John Leigh, Baq. of Jlorth Court 
House, Isle of Wight, and d. 18 Dec 1809, leaving issue. 
Ahdbcw, his heir, Chaloner. d. unm., Walter, Froocoa- 
Katherine. m. 2 April. 1810. te Lord Huntingfield ; and Mary- 
Louisa, d. vnm, in July, 1818. 

The eldest son, Andbbw Asoedbokits, Esq. of Olevering 
Hall, 00. Suffolk, ft. in Jan. 1780, m. 29 Aug. 1816, Harriot, 
only dau. of Frands-Love Beokford. Esq. of Basing Park. 
Hants, by whom he had iasue^ 

Andrsw, now of Glevering. 

Louisa, m. 6 July, 1889. the Hon. Joahua Vanneck, eldeat 
aon of Lord Huntingfield. ««««. 

Mr. Aroedeckne. who eat in parliament for Dunwioh. d, 
8 Feb. 1849. 

^mw— Aig., three chevrona, gu. 

Crettr—A dexter arm, holding in the hand a sword. 

S«rt— Glevering Hall, Su^E. 

Arohbold, Robert, Esq. of Davidstewn, co. Kil- 
dare, late M.P. for that county; m. Was Copeland, 
and became a widower without issue in 1842. 

W^intKSf' — '^^ Archbolds were, in early times, titular 
Barons of Timolin. in the oo. of Kildare. The late 

Jamxs Abohbold. Esq. of Dublin, s. to the eetete of 
Davidstown and the repreeentation of his ancient tomily. 
on the demise of his cousin. John Archbold. Esq. of 
Blackrath. oo. Kildare. He m. Eleanor, dan. of Thomaa 
Eavanagh. Esq. of Bonis, oo. Carlow. by the Lady Susan 
his wife, sister of John Butler. Earl of Ormonde and 
Ossory. and dying about the year 1804. left, with a dan. m. 
to Robert Cassidy. Esq. of Monasterevan, three sona^ 
RoBBRT. now of Davidstown; James, who m. in 184^ 
Miss Power, of Faithlegue. oo. Waterfowl ; and John. 

Seat— Davidstown Houses oo. Kfldaxe. 


AwaDioon^ Akdrxw, Esq. of Glevering HalL 

jLfeWff^--CtaAMnmi AmotDwaam, Esq. of Olerering I 

Arohdall, William, Esq. of Castle Archdall, co. 
Fermanagh, late lieut-col. 4th or King's Own infan- 
try; s. his brother, Gen. Mervyn Archdall, in 1839; 
m. Martha-Hawley, dau. of James Clarke, Esq. of 
Castle Carey, oo. Someiset^ and ia a widower with- 
out issue. ^ 

E(neXSe.— The first of the flunUy of Abobball. who 
settled in Ireland temp. Eloabbtb, was Johw Arohoatj., 
Esq. of Noraom or Norton Hall, in the co. of Norfolk. His 
two sons were^ 

Edwabd. his belr. and John, vicar of Luske in 1664, 
great-gmndfather of the R«v. Mbbvik Abohdalb. author of 
the iionatlieon ffitemicum, 

Anobl Abohball (the eventual heiress), only sister of 
Edward Archdall. Esq. of Castle Arehdall. m. Nicholas 
Moktoombbt. Esq. of Deny GonneUy, co. Petmanagh, M.P. 
for that ahire, aon of Hugh Montgomeiy, Eaq. by Katharine 
his wife, dau. and hefa: of Richard Dunbar. Esq. of Deny- 
gonelly. Mr. Montgomery assumed the surname and arms 
of Abchdall, and left by the heiress of ArchdalL who d. 
about 1742 or 1748, an only son, u.m, wno «. 

MsBvnc Abchdaxx^ Esq. of Castle Archdall and TrilUo. 
M.P. for the oo. of Fermanagh, who m. in 1762. Maiy, dau 
of William-Heniy. Yisoount Cariow. and sister of John, 1st 
Earl of Portariington, hy whom he had issne^ 

I. MKBvnr. his heir. 

iL WiLUAM, present representative of the fcrnlly. 

^ S^T^***' of Rlversdale. co. Fermanagh. hJgh-aherii: 
to 1813; «. 2 Oct 18<». Matilda, todJS, bf WiU^ 
Humphiya, Esq. of Ballyhaise^ ca Cavan, and has had 

««. h%h-shsrtt oC Suflolk, and MP. for Westhoiy» 


isad I 

1 Mbbvtw. late ettpt, 6th dragoona, MP. for the co. of 
Fermanagh ; b. to 1812. 

8 Edward. cM»t. in the army, late 14th tofantiy; m. 

*J Nov. 1846, Garolme-Anne. dau, of Oharles-Claudb 

Clifton, Esq. of Tymawr, co. Brecon. 
4 Heniy-DawsoQ. B.A, to holy ordera; m. a dau. of 

James-Blackwood Price, Esq. of Sototfield, and haa 

6 Nloholas-Montgomeiy, m. the 4th dau. of the Rev. 
John-Gray Portei^ aon of the Biahop of Clogfaer. and 
haa issue. " ^^ ' ^j 

« JigitizedbyV^OOgle 


Jobn. in th* 62nd Ught infiuitry; 4. of yeQow ferav 
at Bobioe. in 1841. 

7 Huffh-Montgomery, capt. 58Dd iwk 

8 Audlev-Mervvu. m. a dau. of Phuip-Jolm lUle% Bsq. 
of Leigh Courts Bristol. 

Jamee-Mervyn, el. in 1840, 

1 Maiy. 

8 Letitia-Jane, m. to the Bar. Butler Brooke, roetor of 
Agliaven, next brother of Sir H.-B. Brooke, Bart. 
8 mchmaU-MagnaU. 4 MatUda. d. umm. 1851 

IV. Henxy, late oapt. 6th dxaffoon-guarda; m. Jane, dau. 

of Philip Doyne^ Beg., which lady a. $, p. 
1. Mary, m. Sir John Stewart, Bart.. M.P., and is deceaaed. 
XL Angel, m. John Richardson, Esq. of Rosafiul House, 

00. Fermanagh; and d. leaving issue, 
in. Caroline. iv. Anne. T. Catherine. 

Yl. Elixabetlt, m. to Daore Hamilton, Bsq. of Comacassa, 

00. Monaghan : and d, leaviog issue. 
Tii. Sidney, m. Robert Hamilton, Eaq . of the city of Dublin. 

and has issueu 1 Maxwell, who m. In 1864, the dau. and 

co-heir of the late John Graves, Esg. of Mickleton Manor 

House, CO. Gloucester; 2 Robert, in hcAy orders, widower. 

with issue; 3 Chetwode; 4 Mervyn; 5 Dawson; and 

several daughters. 
vm. Wilhelmina-HoDrietta, m. to Augustine Macnamaia, 

Esq. of DuUin, and is deceased. 

Mr. Arohdall d. in 1818, and was «. by his eldest son, 

MnRTTK Abohdall, Esq. of Castle Archdall and Trillie, 
a general officer in the army, lieutenant-governor of the Isle 
of Wight, and M.P. in eleven parliaments for the co. Fer- 
managh, b. in 1Y68, m. 1806, Jane, dau. of Oustavus Boch- 
fort, Esq. of Bochiort, co. of Weaimeath, but d. without 
B in 1880. 

Arnu — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, for Arohdazx. az., a 
dievron, erm., between three talbots, or; 2nd, for Moht- 
OOXKBT, quarterly, as. and gu., in the 1st and 4th, three 
fleurs-de-liiB, or ; in the 2ud and 3rd, three annulets of the 
last ; 8rd, for Mntmr. party per pale, or and aig., three 
Uons, passant-guardttut^ sa. 

Aief£h-ABCHDALX/— Out of a ducal coronet, an heraldic 
tiger's head. ppr. Moktoombbv— On a cap of maintenance, 
ppr., a hand, vested, aa., ffmsping a sword, ppr., pommel 
and hilt, gold. Mcbttv— -A squlrra, segreant, ppr. 

lfoftoe»— Abohdall— Data fata secutus. Moktoomkbt — 
Honneur sans repos. Mebvtn— De Dieu tout. 

fiea<«— Castle Archdall, oo. Fermanagh ; and Trillie, oo. 


AncHSR- Burton, Burton, Esq., M.A. of Wood- 
lands, Emsworth, Hants, J.P., barrister - at - law, 
h, 10 July, 1820; m. 80 Sept. 1845, Henrietta, 4th 
dUu. of the late Heoiy Taylor, Esq., Madras Civil 
Service, and has, 

I. Jahxs-Obbaic. n. James-Henzy. 

I. Katharine-Edith. n. Qeozgina-Emma. 

m. Evelyn-Mary. 

ILlltCa0(. — The late Lavoblot Abohxb-Bubtoh, Esq. of 
Smsworth, son of John South, Esq. of Latton, in Essex, 
Vy Ann his wife, sole heiress of John Archer, Esq. of 
Ongar Park Hall, in the same county, 6. 9 Bep. 1789, 
assumed the surnames of Abohbb and Bobtok, under the 
King's sign-manual, in lieu of South, at the decease, and 
on his succession to the property, of Lancelot Burton, Esq. 
•r Maida Yale, Middlesex. He was J.P. and D.L. for 
Hants, and served as High Bheiifr in 1847. He m. 3 Sept. 
1817, Jane, youngest dau. of James Oubbins^ Esq. of 
Spsom, and bad issue, 

Bubton, now of Woodlands. 

James-Qubbins^ late capt. 6th dragoon guards. 


Sosan-Jana. Maiy-Ann-Elisshett ■ Emma. 

Mr. Aroher-Burton d. 7 Feb. 1869. 

^mu— Abohkb and Bubton, quarterly. 
Crat»—'M^ BuBTOW: 2nd, Abchjol 
IfoOo— Amicus vit» solatium. 

SttU*— Woodlands, Emsworth, Hants ; and Brook Lodge, 
Sonninghill, Berks. 


Archer, Edward, Esq. <^ Trelaske House, oo. 
Cornwall, b. 8 Nov. 1816; m. 24 July, 1888, Ssrah- 
Lydia, eldest dau. of the Rev. Walter Radoliffe, of 
Warlegh, co. Devon, and has issue, 

I. Chablbb-Qobdom, 6. 1 Nov. 1846. 

n. Addis-Edwaxd, b. 18 Aug. 1861. 

z. Alice. n. Emily-Augusta. 

m. Sarah-Constanoe. 


Mr. Archer «. his father 16 May, 1884, and ifl & 
magistrate and deputy -lieut. for Cornwall. 

ILtnf Agf • — The Archers came over at the time of the 
CoKQUBST, and the name is to be found in the Battle Abbey 
Roll. A branch of this family was ennobled, anno 1747, in 
the person of Thomas Abohkb, Esq. M.P. for Warwick, who 
was created Babon Abohbb, of Umberrieuie, in Warwick- 
ahire. The line more immediately before us appeara to have 
been settled in Cornwall for at least 400 years, a John Archer 
having represented Helston in parliament as Csrback aa the 
time of Hbnbt VI. 

BiOBABD Abohbb, of St. Kew, who possessed oonslderahle 
property in St. Kew, St. Ewe, Bodmin, and other parishet^ 
devised Trelewack, in St. Ewe, and all his -estates to bis 
nephew, Nicholas Archer, ddest son of his brother John, 
rector of Oaiba]res. and to this Nicholas, his father, by will, 
bequeaths "his silver cup, to remayne for ever in the keep- 
ing of the eldest son of my femily." The rector of Gar^ 
hayes, the Rbt. John Abohbb, had three sons, Nicholas, 
who d. $. p. ; Edward, vicar of Manancan, who m. Judith 
Swete ; and John ; and three daus.. Amy, m. to Qeoige 
Slade, Anne, and Mary. 

The late Edwabd Abohbb, Esq. of Trelaske, b. 25 April, 
1792, high-sheriff of Cornwall hi 1832 (son of Samuel Archer, 
Esq. of Trelaske, by Dorothy- Ayre his wife, dau. of the 
Rev. John Yonge, of Postlynch, Devon, and great-grandson 
of John Archer, Esq., by Sarah his wiib, dau. and eo-heir 
of John Addis, Esq. of Whiteford, whi<^ John Archer was 
eldest son of the Rev. Edward Archer, vicar of Manaocan, 
and Judith his wife, dau. of John Sweto, Esq. of ModburyX 
m. 2 Aug. 1814, Charlotte-Qatherine, only child and heireaa 
of Capt Charles Harward. of the 8rd foot guards, of Hayne 
House, Devon, by Charlotte-Augusta his wife, 3rd dau. of 
Sir Wm. Chambers, surveyoi'-general of the Board of Works, 
snd by her(who m. Sndly, Charles Gordon, Esq. of Wlaoombe 
Pack, Devon) had issue, 

I. EnwABD^is hair. 

n. Charles-Harward, b. in Aug. 1819. 

UL Samud-Harward, 6. in Jan. 1821. 

IT. Fulbeit, b. in April, 1825. 

V. Henry-Swete, b. in Jan. 1884. 

I. Charlotte-Dorothea. n. Jane. 

m. Anne-Augusta. nr. Elisabeth. 

V. Catherine. vl Marianne. 

Mr. Areher d. 16 May, 1834. 

i4rm<-— Sa., a chevron, engrailed, azg., between three 
pheons, or. 
Crest — A quiver, fess^wise, ppr. 
Seat—TrtHaake, near Launooston. 


Archibald, Charles-Dickson, Esq. of Rusland 
Hall, CO. Lancaster, F.RS., F.S.A, b, at Tniro, in 
the province of Nova Sootia, 31 Oct. 1802 ; w. 16 Sept 
1832, Bridget^ only child and heiress of Myles 
Walker, Esq. of Rusland Hall, and has issue^ 

I. Chablbs-William, b. 20 July, 1838. 

n. Edward-Stanley-Fitsgerald, 6. 5 Dec 1846. 

ra. Clarence-Holford, 6. 12 Nov. 184Y. 

rv. AlAred-Oeoige, 6. 6 Aug. 1849. 

X. Elizabeth-Jane. n. Florenee-Mary. 

m. Juliet-Augusta. iv. Claia-Suaanna. 

Mr. Archibald is a magistrate and deputy-lieutw for 
the county of Lancaster. 

%intKfit' — The family of AnaBXBALD has been aetah- 
Ushed for centuries In Ireland. 

Sakubl AROHTBAi.n, Esq. of Coleralne, oo. Londonderry, 
son of David Arohibald, Esq. of Colersine, m. Rachel, dan. 
of Jamea Duncan, Esq. of Haveihill, Massachusetts, New 
England, and was fother of 

Thb Hon. SAMUBL-OsoBOB-WnxxAK Abohibaza, LiIj.D.. 
her Majesty's attorney and advocsAe-general. speaker of the 
Assembly, master of the roUs, Ao. of the province of Kova 
Sootia. who ta. 1st, in 1802, Elizabeth, dau. of Charlee Dick- 
son, Esq. of Onslow, and by her, who d. in May, 1830, Koii 

Chablss-Dicksow, now of Rusland Halt 
Be m. ^dly, in 1832, Joanna, widow of W. Bkinky. Itoa. 
andd. 28Jon.l840. 

Motto— TehnA non sine pulv«re. 
£m^— Rusland Hail, oa lanesstw. 

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A B K 



Abdkt, Thb Rbt. Francis-Edwi.rd, of Qreeham, 
CO. Norfolk, m. R a ch aaly dao. of John Pinkard, Esq., 

L Edwasd. n. Haniy. m. Hamen 

L " " 

Ifnfa^t. — This fionfly boasts of Saxon blood, and 
chiMS disUnetioii for a ftiU oentmy at least before the 
Ctrnqionr, deriying, in direct descent, from Siwabd ds 
Aum, eldestson of Tnrchlll de Warwick. The senior line, 
tiw Aansiis nf Park HaU, in Wanriokshire, became extinct 
attbs titwiaw, in IMS, of Robxbt ABnu, of Park Hall, Esq. 
iriko kft his four sisters his co-heirs — ^rif., Elizabkth, m. 
to Sr Wm. Foley, of Boxted. in Buflblk ; GoprrHA, wife of 
Bdtai Price, Esq. ; Dorothxa, m. to Henry Bagot, Esq. ; 
ad Ana, « to Sir Charles Adderloy. of Lea. 

The late Rsr. Jomr Ardbv, of Longcrofb Han, b. in 
Xacdi, 17SS, was son of Heniy Arden, Esq. of Longooft, 
hf Alatbea his wife, dan. of Robert Cotton, Esq. of Wor- 
eeeter, and grandson (by Anna<2atherine his first wife, 
«Uest dan. of John Newton, Esq. of King's Bromley) of 
John Aidea, Esq. of Longoroft, sheriff of Btaffordshire in 
)790, Mh in descent fitnn Simon Arden, Esq., 2nd son of 
Tbos. Arden. Eaq. of Faik HalL He m. Margaret-KUaaboOi, 
gajj duu of Bear^Admirai Hamer, and had, 

JoHX. his heir. 

FiAXCBS-EnwABn, pcetsBt ripresentative of the fkmily. 

Heniy. tieuteoant olat foot, slain at Toulouse. 

Banrael, mi^or in the East India Company's serrice, m. 
Jane. dan. of James Franklyn, Esq., of Bristol, and d, 

WmiaB. ofBarton-ondsr-ireedwood, m. Lettlce, dan. of the 
Bar. John Waston, of P»eatbi»y^ oo. Cbsster, 

and has 

Qeoife-Hiimphrcy. deceased. 
Geoiie. Ueotenant RK., died in the West Indieei 
. in h<riy orders. 

Emma-Catheiinfl^ m, to Walter^WUliam FeH, Esq., barrls- 


Anne-Diana, «. to the Rev. FrMicis Close, of Chelteidiam. 
Mary-Jane^ m. to Oeoxge-Woodroofe Fnmklyn, Esq. 

Xr. Ankn d. 10 Feb. 1803, sged 61. and was f. by his 

IQjQn-Joinff AnnsH, of the Srd or King's Own dragoons, 
whe ■. Anna-Maria, dan. of John Hod^n, Esq. of Wel- 
Bai^wroagfa, co. Northampton, and had issue, 

JoBi-HniimxT-CoTTOtf, died in India. 
Xarfuet-Mary-Anne, «. to Jamea ChallMi, Esq., and has 

Sosanna-Maria, m. to John Bott, Esq., of Coton Hall, co. 

Staifanl, and haa issue. 
ll^for Arden d. S Aug. 1800, sged 89. 

Jraw— Erm., a Coase^ eheqny or and aa. 
C iv i On a chapeau, purpura, turned up, ennlns^ a wild 
bosr. paasuit, or. 

Um* Quo me cnnqne rocat patria. 
fart Loogciofl Hall, StafEbrdahire. 


A m W EIGH T, BoBiBT, Esq. of Suiton, co. Derby, 
JJ*. and D.L., 6. 7 Mnrdi, 1783; m. Frauces-Craw- 
fcrd, d«L of Stephen-Qeorge Kemble, Esq. oi Dur- 
ktm, and bfts issue, 

L Qaomam, barri st er a t-tow, a maglstnita for Detbyahirs, 

aod M.P. Idr Lsominater, 6. 90 Aug. ISOT. 
n. Wifflam, capt in the army, b. IS Jtiept. 1800. 
B. Oo^fraj-Hany, k, 10 Oct. 1814. 
rr. Bustacew ». S7 Dec. 1818. 

liKragr. — Bn, BiOHAxn AmcwwoBT, ta whom we 
•at tte sempflitinn and completion into a eonneoted 
vkK sf tba diflwvnt parU of the Invention called the 
^isniDf -fScaaBs^ waa bom at Ptsston, in Lancaahire, in 
17» ; hs 81. lat, Patience, dan. of Bobort Holt, of Bdton, 
br whoa he had one son< Riohaed, his heir, and 2ndly, in 
l'*0. Maifsnt BIggena, by whom ha had one other child, 
fcwash, au to Charles Hurt, Esq. of Wirksworth. Sir 
KdHnl Arkwrifht^was knighted on presenting on address 
teOaaoB UI., and asrrad aa aheriff of Derbyshire in 1787. 
B* ^ 1 Aqg. 179S, and waa #. by bia son, 

UmAnAaMWMMmT, Esq. pC W|l]an)qr» >» U I>of. IW, 

J.P. and D.L., high aheriff in 1601, is. in 1780, Hary, dan. 
of Adam Simpson, Esq. of Bonsall, and had issue, 

i. RioHABB, h. 80 8^ 1781; m. Maria, dan. of the Ber. 
Mr. Beresford. d. $. p., in 1832. 

n. RoBKBT. of Sutton Soarsdale. 

ni. Pctkb, of Willcraley Castle. 

IV. JoHV, of Hampton CourL 

▼. Chablu, of Dunstall. 

▼I. JosBPH, of Mark Hall. 

I. Elizabeth, m. Francis Hurt, Esq., of Alderwadfly, co. 
Derby, and <i. in 1838. leaving issue. 

n. Anne, m. Sir James Wignim. 

m. Francea. 

Mr. Arkwright d. in 1848. 

Arms—Ajg., on a mount, vert, a cotton tree^ fhicted, ppr., 
on a chief; as., between two bexants, an escutcheon of th^ 
field, charged with a bee, volant, ppr. 

CVeie— An eagK rising, or. in ita oeak an eaeuteheov, pear 
dent by a riband, gu., thereon a hank of cotton, arg. 

ifoMo— MuUa tuli fedqua. 

/S^ot— Willersley. 


Arxwrioht, Petbr, Esq. of Willereley, co. Derby, 
J.P., 6. 17 April, 1784 ; m. 1805^ Mary-Anne, dau. of 
Charles Hurt» Eaq, of Wirksworth, and has iasue, 

X. Frbdxbio, b. 16 Aug. 1800 ; m. in 1845, Susan-Sabriaa, 
dau. of the Yen. Archdeacon Bumey, and baa one yon 

n. Edward, b. 16 Dec 1808 ; m. in 1845, Charlotte-WU- 
mot, dau. of Bobert SItwell, Eaq., and d. in 1860^ 
leaving three daua. 

m. Henry, b. 16 March, 1811, in holy orders, m. 1st, 
Henrietta, dau. of the Bev. Charles ThomicrofU of 
Thomlcroft, co. Chester, and by her (who d. in 1844) 
has one son and three daus., Henrietta-Beck, Soi)hia' 
Maiy. and Mary-Anne-Louiaa : he m. 2ndly, in 1847, 
Ellen, dau. of John-Home Purrea, Eaq., and has by 
her five children. 

IV. AlAped, 6. 19 June, 1818; m. in 1845. Elizabeth, dan. 
of Henxy Crutohley, Esq. of Sunning Hill Park, and 
has two daus. 

V. James-Charlea, 6. 1 Oct. 1813. 

VI. Ferdinand-William. 6. 10 Dec. 1814. 

vn. Augustus-Peter, lieut. B.N., b. 6 March, 1821. 

vm. John-Thomas, b. 2 Nov. 1823. 

I. Mary-Anne, m. in 1852, to Bobert Straoge, Esq. of 

n. Susan-Maria, m, to Yen. ArdideacoB Joseph Wigram, 

and has issue, 
m. Fanny-Jane. 

IV. Margaret-Helen, m. to Ja8.-Bichard Wi^fram, Esq. 

V. Caroline-Elizabeth, ta. in 1852, to John Gowes, Esq., 
2nd son of W.-Lsgh Clowes, Eaq. of Broughton Hall, 

Mr. Arkwright of Willersley ia 8rd son of the late 
Richard Arkwright^ Esq. of Willersley {tee preceding 
fieoe—WUleraley, oo. Derby. 


Arkwright, John, Esq. of Hampton Court» oo. 
Hereford, b. 27 Aug. 1785, J.P. and high-sheriff 
1831; m, 13 April, 1880, Sarah, eldest surviving 
dau. of Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, Bart of H^rewood, 
aud has issue, 

I. JoHV-HmrocBioBn, b, July, 1883, 
n. Richard, b. 22 Jan. 1885. 
in. Qeoige, 6. 29 July, 1836. 

IV. Henry-John, b. 18 Dec 1887. 

V. Edwyn, b. 2 May, 18S9. 

VT. Arthur-Chandos, b. 8 March, 1848. 

vn. Chorles-Loigh, b. June, 1846. 

1. Carc^ne-Stirah. n. Mary. 

m. Frances-Catherine. iv. Emily-Sopbla. 

V. AUce-Eden. 
Mr. Arkwright of Hampton Court is the ith son 
of the late Richard Arkwright, Esq. of WiU(»rsley 

^00^— Hampton Court, co. Hereford. 

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AttKWMGHT, Ch^rlbs, Eaq. of Dunstall, co. Staf- 
ford, J.P., 6th son of the Ute Richard Arkwright, 
Esq. of WiUereley Castle, 6. 22 Nov. 1786 ; m, Mary, 
dau. of Edward-a SitweU, Esq. of Stainsby. 
—Dunstall, Staflbrdihire. 


Abkwbiuht, Thi Rkv. Jobbfh, of Mark Hall, 
Essex, and Nonnanton Turville, co. Leicester, 6th 
son of the late Richard Arkwright, Esq. of Willera- 
ley Castie, 6. 9 Aug. 1791; w. 29 Oct. 1818, Anne, 
dau. of Sir Robert Wigram, Bart, and has issue, 

I. BoBmT-WiGBAM, h. 16 April, 18S8 ; m. 80 Deo. 1847. 

n. Charles, b. 9 Sept. 18S8. 

m. JuUus, b. 28 Sept 18S6 ; M. 6 Sept 1851. 

IT. Loftiis-Wigram. b. 29 Sept. 1829. 

▼. Arthur-Wmiam, b. 20 Feb. 1831. 

I. Blewior-Harriett, «, 4 Feb. 1861, to Cspt Geoige-O. 

n. Anne-Mny, m. 18 Sept 1841, Rev. O. Bruxner, and 
has issue. 

m. Anna-Pnmoes. nr. Catherine-Elizabeth. 

Y. Suaan-EUen. ▼!. Gertrude. 

▼n. Agnes-Isabella, 

8eat$—Utak Hall, Timwnr. and Normanton Turville, co. 


Armtpaqb, "Whalbt, Esq. of Coole and Brumin, 
00. Louth, barristerat-law, 6. 9 June, 1767; m. 
7 April, 1796, Eleonora, eldest dau. and co-heir of 
the late Edward Hidstwell, Esq. of Kensington, by 
Eleonora Brickenden his wife, maternally descended 
from the Hungerfords ; and has had issue, 

I. BaAXTHWAm. n. Robert. ra. Edward. 

^r^ Whaley. ▼• Arthur. 

I. Caroline. n. Eleonora. in. RacheL 

TT. Qraoe. ▼• CedUa. ▼!. EmmiL 

TD. Fnmoes, d. unm. Tm. Ootavla. ix. Henrietta. 
Mr. Armitago, who resides at Moraston, near Ross, 
00. Hereford, is in the commission of the peace for 
that shire. 

SrineXfte.— This tlunily, which cUdms descent ftom the 
■enlor bianoh of the ABMrrAOSS of rwrkahirt, was establiahed 
in Ireland, Ump. Queen Euzabxth. upon grants of land 
than reoeiwd, situated at Atherdee. Coole, Cardiston, and 
Drumin, all in the oo. Louth. 

The late Robsbt AaioTAas, Esq. of Coole and Drumin, 
who resided at Kensington, co. Middlesex, and was there 
buried, was son and heir of Robert Armitage, of Uverpool, 
a oonaiderable merohant there, and nephew of Timothy Ar- 
mitage, Esq. of Atherdee, whose granddan.. Miss Annitage, 
m. R..C. Whaley, Esq. M.P. He «. in 1786, Caroline, eldest 
dau. of Colonel Braithwalte, by Sylvia Cole, his wife, a des- 
Modant of the funily of Cols <tf CoUhuUr, and had issue, 
Whamt, his heir, now representative of the flunUy, William, 
deceased, Carolina, and PriacUla-Cedlia. 

Jfotto— Fraetum non abjido ensenu 
itoidMM*— Moraston, near Ross. 

ARMiTAaB, JosBPH, Esq. of Milnsbridge House, oo. 
York, J.P. and D.L., h. 9 Feb. 1778; m. 25 Sept. 
1804, Anne, eldest dau. of Joseph Taylor, Esq. of 
Blaokley Hall, oo. Lancaster/ and by her (who d, 
% Feb. 1854) has issue, 
I. OaoitOB, b. 84 Sept. 1806; «. Caroline-Jane, eldest dan. 
of James Dowker, Esq. of North Dalton, East Riding^ 
00. York. 
n. Joseph-Taylor, of Biikby, near Huddersfield, h, 24 
April 1809, m, Ellen. 2nd dau. of Henry Ingram, Esq. 
of w^»fa-r, 00. Toric 
ni. John,6. SO Feb. 1817, ». Harriet. 2nd dau. of Thomas 
Cahow, Esq. of Bury, oo. Laooastor. 


IV. Heniy, h. 21 May, 1818. m. Amelift, 8rd dau. of Thomas 
Ramsay, Esq. oommiaaary-general, N.S.W. 

V. Edward, b. 27 Aug. 1810, m. Elixa-Anne. 8id dau. of 
Thomas Calrow, Eaq. of Bury. 

VI. James, 6. 10 Ajog. 1823. 

I. Sarah-Anne. m. to John Starkey, Esq. of HudderrfeUL 
n. Emma, t>i. to the Rev. Dr. James, Incumbent of Mius- 

den, near Huddersfield. 
m. Charlotte, m. to William-Leigh Brook, eldest waa of 

James Brook, Esq. of Meltham Hall, West Riding, co. 

IV. Ellon, d. in Feb. 1812. v. Eliaa, d. IT May, 1818. 
VI. Mary, m. to the Rev. Edward Sandford, incumbent of 

Elland, near Hali&x, 4th son of the Rev. H'imphrsy 

vii. Helen, d. 1 June, 1818. 
vin. Anne-Taylor, m. to Humphrey Sandford, Esq. eldeet 

son of the Rev. Humphrey Sandford. 
IX. Emily, t». to W. L. Brook, Esq. 

I^Cneage.— gtobob abiotaob. Esq. \^^\^X 

resided at Highroyd House, pariah of Ahmondbuiy, toll w 
his deooase hi 1742 (by Alice his wifeX an <^^7 "»• . 

Joseph Abiotaob, Esq. of Highroyd House, who «. 
Mary, dau. of the Rev. Mr. Wilson, incumbent of HotoftrtH. 
and by her had, with two daua., vis, : 8^ «. to WdUam 

Fenton, Eaq. of Spring Grove, Huddersfield; and IfartM* 
m. to Richwd Bafssett, Esq. of Qlentworth HaU, nearGamf 
borough, an only son, ,. «« itw 

Obobob Abxitaob, Esq. of Highroyd House, b. to 178^ 
who m. in 1776, Sarah, dau. of Joseph "^^'J^.^ 
Lascelles Hall, snd had by her (who d. in 1815X 7*^,^ 
daus., Marianne, and Sarah, «. in 1808, to Richard Wilson. 
Esq. of Leeds, and d. in 1800, an only son, the prewai 
JosBPH Abmitaos, Esq. of Mihisbridge House. 

^rm*-Gu. a Uon»a head, erased, between three croesKjTOO- 

^1?;JJ?:a dexter arm, embowed o<a^ •* *^f?% 
habited, or, ou£fed, arg., holding in the hand, ppr., a awn, 
gu., headed and pointM^ or. 

Afotto— Semper paratus. ,,__«,, v«.*. 

^Mt_Milnsbridge House, Huddersfield, oo. xoik. 


Armstrong, John-Warkeford, Esq. of Ballycom- 

her. King's a,mity, J.P., 6. 28 Aug. 1770; ». 18 Oct 

1806, Anne, dau. of William Turner, Esq. of Qlou- 

cester, and has two daus., 

X. Mabt-Dbouoht, m. 12 July, 1887, to Oiaries-Edmund 

Wilkinson, Esq. Ueut-ool. royal engineer^ aon of Jaooo 

Wilkinson. Es^. of Springfield House, oo. Someriet, aoa 

hss issue, William-Edmund, b. 22 April, 1889, Charto- 

StliO, b. 12 May, 1840. Anne-Frances-Louisa, and Lw* 

StLo-Elisabeth. ^^ ^ .^^ 

n. Abnb-Fb^ow, m. 17 Dec. 1844, Wm. Bigoe Buchanan. 

IrineattJ.— The Camily of Armstrong wss, to ande^J 
times, aetUed on the Scottish border; and springtog iwm 
this parent stock, several branches, at a veiy ^^^ ^ 
became located to the northern counties of England, vw, 
eatabliahed at Corby, in Linootoshire, had ^^^"^.^Z 
for seven descents; and another at Tynedale, to Noi^ 
beriand. for ntoe generations, at the period of the Vinttwo^ 

tol028. AUiirdscion,Thoroton, tohis //i*tory<l/'-ff<«*2; 
iMvUkim, mentions as fixed at Thorpe, to tiiat «>•» JJ *^ 
as the eleventii year of RiobabdU., and gives *>»« J?^*^ 
to an toterrupted succession, to the year 1«72; snd uu«», 
to the first volume of his /rtn*rory, speaks of s f"?"' 
Armstrong setiJed to Yorkshire, whose wP'«*i**>^aiJ 
calls "agentiemsnofmsnylsnds." Tradition statea tna* 
the original surname was Fairbaim. «mn«r 

Chbibiophbb Abmstbobo, laird of M«»««;*^iC^ 
brother of the ftaious John Armstrong, Isird ©^ jf**""^ 

-who was executed at Carlingrig, about ti>e y<»» /Jf^iVS 
had two sons, the younger of whom. WilUam. left Doou«^ 

aome years after the death of Queen B"*^"*^' i*°7!«S 
himself to the CO. Fermanagh, where he *>«»"*? T^tHhoae 
of a numerous fiunily, whose branchea fl<«™**** Jl ^rt» 
parts. The eldest son of tiie laird of Mangetton ^ 

ikther of w-nirMion to 

Ahdbbw Abmstbobo, bom to the oasUe of *«*^2jl^ 
167«, who migrated to the north ol Ireland, and ^^T^ 
himself near his undo to tiie CO. Fermanagh. *^lr\^ 
a lady Munwi AlsoMndsr, of Scottish descent, snd WW 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


bar, Ajoomw, irho m. and had (with two dwis., Rebeooa, m. 
to Ut. Johnston, and Maxy, wife of Thomas Robinson, of 
Kaockahegowna, Eaq.X one son, Richard, who m. and had 
iana. Andrew Armstrong m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of M. 
Johaeton, Bsq. and had by that lady, with dans., live other 
Mu, ISMVMi), ancestor of the Arxstronos nf OaUm Priory: 
TmomAB, of whom presently; WilUam, who had three bodm 
aad two daas. ; Robert, &ther of (with two daus., Eliaabeth, 
a. to Philip Hensell, Esq., and Lydia, wifb of John Fleet- 
wood, Esq.) three sons, 1. The celebrated founder of the 
Boysl Arsenal at Woolwich, the gallant Ojutkral Jomr 
AiMtrBOHO, so distingoiabed as an engineer offloer in Harl- 
boroogfali wan; S. Samuel, who d. under age; and S. 
Michael, whose son was ths late Genenl Bigoe Armstrong; 
John, (I. HMR. Andrew Armstrong m, Srdly, in the seventy- 
iioarUi pear of his age, Mzb. Jane Stephenson, and had, by 
her, two otiier sons, Michaxl^ who m. and d. at Banagher; 
AaoBiBALn, for whose descendants see Armstboiio ^ 
flsny CatUt and CattU Iver, Andrew Annstrong d. in 
U71, aged ninety-five : his son, 

TatMAS AjuaTBONO. Esq. b. in the oo. Fermanagh, in 
168B^ waa taken prisoner at the battle of Worcester, 8rd 
Sefittmber, 1661, and conTeyed to London. He subsequently 
retuned to Irdand, and settled at Banagher, in the King's 
Co., of which be was one of the burgesses, and ssTeral times 
s osi idgu of the corporation. He m. Grissel, sister of C^. 
Charles Beatty, of the co. Longford, and by her, who d, in 
lan, had, with four daua. (ICargaret, m. to Capt. William 
Charleton; Catherine, m, to Oliver CroAon, Esq. ; Anne, m. 
to William Beatty, Esq. ; and Elizabeth, m. to Mr. CourtsX 
ttree sons, Johk, killed at the siege of Gibraltar, in 1704 ; 
AnwKW, heir to his father; and James, who d. tmim The 
iMi, but eldest surviving son, 

Anttiw AmMSTBOtfO, Bsq. of Ballyeumbor, in the King's 
Co., ». hi 1669, «». 9 June. 1607, Loqy, vridow of William 
Mason, an officer in King Wiluam's army, and eldest dau. 
cf Oeofge Cfaamo^ Esq. 8th son of Sir Qeoige Chamook, 
Kat of Glouoesterahire, by Jane his wife, sister of William 
Ckot, Esq. of the city of Worcester; and had by her, who 
^ 16th Sept. 1783, aged 63, and was buried hi Rahan 
Cfanr^ four sooe and four daus., viz. : 1. Wasrstoiu), his 
hair; S. Thomas, b. in 1703, who became first director of his 
M ^lei tj li engineers, chief engineer of Minorca, and senior 
■igiBeer in the service : he d. uhm, ; 8. Oeoige, who d. $. p, 
la 175); 4. John, governor of Minorca, who d. wmr.; 
1- Mary, m. to Edward Wallen, Esq. of Snugborough; 
1 Ori sw l , m, to Alexander Armstrong, Esq. ; 8. Jane, m. 
toCkpt Supple; and 4. Letttia, m. lst» to Mr. SUughter, 
aid tedly, to the Bev, Geo. Wallen. Andrew Armstrong d. 
U May, 1717. aged 48, and was $. by his eldest son, 

Waksipord ABKSTBOiro, Esq. of Ballyeumbor, J. P. h. S7 
Bept lflP9, sheriff for King's Go. in 1788, m. first, 16 March, 
17U. maabeth, eidest dan. of Mik> Bagot, Esq. of Newtown, 
by Matgarei his wifis, younger dan. of Edmund Armstrong, 
bt of Stonestown, and had by her, who d. 23 Oct. 1789, 

L Ajmasw, b. 28 Mav. 1727. m. Sept. 17ML Deborah, 
dan. and beirees of Samuel Simpson, Esq. of Oatflelda, 
eo. Gatway, and by her, who d. in AprO, 1808, left at his 
dseeaso. 16 July, 1802, 

1 AsiWKw, of Clara, J.P., King's County, and captain 
of the KBeoarcy oorpaof yeomamy cavalry, m. Eleanor, 
dsD. and heir of Ikiward Briscoe, Esq. of Bonggan, 
and dytaig 25 Ang. 1708, left issue. 

EnwABD-Oap^i; b. in 1788, d. 28 July, 1884. 
MMza, m. to the Rev. Mr. Jones» rector of Macroom. 

2 Samuel, 6. 16 SepL 1762, for some time of Clara House, 
and sobeequeotly of Spring Garden, J.P. for the King'a 
County. He si. Euphemia-Francee Wright, of the co. 
el Longford, and d. at Bny, 16 March, 1882, leaving 
two aoos and two daus. 

1 Mai^vet, SI. to William Hodson. Esq. of DubUn, 
brother to 8iF Bobett Hodson, Bart, of HoDy Park, 
in Wicklow, and had issue. 

2 EliiiAMth, m. to John-Hardhnan Burke, Eaq. of St. 
darana^ co. Oahray, and d. 3 Jan. 1886, leaving iisue. 

n. MU& 6. 10 March, 1720, of the E. I. Oo.'s service, d. at 
Bmd, 27 Sept. 176L 

Ri. flMMnas. 0. 28 Oct. 1731, who made two voyages to 
He d. si Clani» isisi., and waa buried at 

nr. GiBOBoa, of whom presently. 

V. John, b, 28 June, 1786. d. in infancy. 

L Maigarst, h. 8 Jan. 1720. m. to Frank Brown, Eaq. of 

Riventown, oo. Rildare, barrister-at-biw, and had issue, 
n. Carofiae. 6. 14 Nov. 1728. m. in 1762, to Thomas Drought, 

Eiq.. eldest son of John Droughty Eaq. of The HeaUi, 

Ki^s County, 
m. Efizabeth, 6. 28 June, 1736; si. to Ridiard. aon of 

Bkhard Vlean. Esq. of Levally. in the Queen*a County; 

aadd. at aifton, 19 Jan. 181<^ leaving ' 



Wameford Annstrong m. 2ndly, Jane, eldest dan. of Lewis 
Jones, Esq. of Dublin, by whom he had two aona, who both 
died in infancy; and 3rdly, in Jan. 1760, Fanny, dan. of 
William Grey, Esq. by whom, who d, in*Dublin, Nov. 1807, 
he had, with two daus., Fanny, who d. wim. in 1884, and 
Ludnda, who d. an infant, two aons, 
I. John, b. 16 Sept 1761, capt. iu the 8th foot» and sub- 
sequently miOpr in the 6th dragoon guards. He m. 6 
March. 1806, Marv-Anne, dau. and co-heir of Jonathan 
Gumell, Esq. of Baling House. Middlesex, and dying in 
CoruwiOl, in May, 183^ left isaue, 

1 John, of Baliol CoUege, Oxford, b. 2 AprU, 1810, hi 
holy orders. 

2 Maxy-Anne-GumelL 8 Fanny. 

n. William, b. in 1768, a militaiy officer, who served in 
America and India, and obtained a minority in the 80th 
r«gimeut He waa afterwards i»p<^ted inspecting field 
officer of yeomanry for the oo. Longford. (kL William 
Armstrong m. in Aug. 1791, Charlotte, 6th dau. of the 
Very Rev. Dean Arthur Champagn^ of Portarlington. 

Wameford Armstrong's 4th son, 

GxoROS Abiotrono, Esq., b. 19 June, 1784, is. Constantla- 
Maria, eldest dau. of Andrew Armstrong, Bsq. of Oallen, 
and by her, who d. in April, 1826, had issuer 

I. Johh-Wabnctobp. his heir. 

u. Andrew-Geoige, b. 12 Sept, 1778, a capt in the 104th 
regiment, purchased the house and demesne of Bally- 
cumber, ue d. vnm. 26 Sept 1821. 

I. Constantia. 

n. Elisabeth, d. itnm. in 1700. 

ut. Fnmces, m. 26 April, }805, to Samuel John Bevw, 
Esq., a lieut 88th regt, and had issue. 
Mr. Armstrong d. 28 Aug. 1780, and was f. by his son, the 
present Jomr-WABirBroBO Abmstboito, Esq. of Ballyw 

A rm t Gu., three dexter arms, vambraoed in armour, aig., 
hands, ppr. 

Cred—A dexter arm, vambraoed in aiuiour, axg., hand, 

Af otto— Vi et armis. 

Seat— Ballycumber, King's County, 


Armstbono, Thoma8-St.-Gxoroe, Esq. of Qanj 
Castle House, King's County, high-sberif' in 1809, b, 
14 Nov. 1765; m. 14 Feb. 1792, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Priaulx, Esq. of the IsUmd of Quemsey, of 
an ancient Norman fiEimily, and has surviving issue^ 
I. CABTBER-AHDRKif, barrlster-atUaw, 6, i^ ITOtf. 
n. Thomas-St. Geoige, b. in 1797, m. Donna Justa de VU- 
lanueva, dau, of Don Fedro de Yillanueva, a CastiUaa 
of noble deeoent, settled in Buenos Ayres« 
m. William-Bigoe. b. 13 April, 1800, 
IV. John-Priaulx, m. his cousin-germap, Vmma, dau. of 
Thomas Priaulx, Esq, of MontU lUmfs^ in Quem^Vt 
and has issue, 

HinCAflf . — ABomsALD Abmbtrowo, Bsq. of Ballylfai, 

2nd son of Andrew Armstrong, Bsq. by Jane Stephenson, 

his 8rd wife, b. in 1866, m^in 16S1, Letitia, youngest dan. of 

CoL Edward Playsted, and had iasue, 

L WiLUAX, b. in 1001 ; who la. in ITIQ^ Bebeoei^ dau. of 

Bigoe Henzell, Eaq., and left laau«, 

1 Archibald, b. at Bamagratty in 1716 ; «^ Bebeooa, 

only dau. of Qaptain Michael Armatrong. and sister of 

General Bigoe Armstrong, and had. with two daus., 

Jane, m, to Hugh Coulagnan, Esq., and Catherine, m. 

to Daniel Coulaghan. Eaq., three aon% c^ whom the 

third, Bigoe. an offloer m the •rtnr, si. Susannah, 

dau. of thomaa Bernard, Bsq. of Birr, and by her 

(who d. in July. 1810X l«ft st his deoeaee^ 16 Mareh, 

1778, aged 28, two sons, Bigoe, an offloer in the guards, 

irho m. Sophia, widow of Sir David WUllama, Bart, 

and d. at Boulogne^ in 1824, leaving a dau., Caroline; 

and Thomaa, lieut. -coL in the Coldstream guiarda. 

S William, an officer in the army: at. 1st, 8 July, 1747, 

Mary, dau. of William Hunt, Baq. of Petworth. hi 

Sussex; snd 2ndhr, Miss Hill, sister of Ccdonel Hfll. of 

London, but had issue only by the first, via., fbur 

daua. ; Fanny, m, to Edmund Armstronff, Esq. of Percy 

Street, London ; Cbarlotte, m. to Richaid Hassell, Esq., 

barrister^t-Utw; Bebecc^ m. and had issue; Mary, m. 

to Dr. Blair, and had issue. Mr. William Armsteong 

d. in London, 10 Oct. 1784, aged 82. 

8 Andrew, capt. E.I.C.8., of Castle Armstrong, King's 

County, hign- sheriff in 1777 ; m. Mary, relict of 

Governor George Scot, of Bengal, and dm. of a Mr. 

Bidwell, by whom (who d. 2 Juh^^ 1781) he left at hia 

decease, 81 July, 1780, sged 06, WiUiam, who went as 

a writer to Bengal, where be SI. and d. ; Thomas 6. in 

Jigitized by V^OOQIC 


A 11 M 

1706. of CasUa Annstrong, who m, EliMbftth, dan. tf 
John Fuget, Esq. of Loudon, banker, and left a dan. 
and heirees, Elizabeth, m. to Thonuui Raikes, Esq. ; 
Andrew, who d. at St Croix, In 1805, leaving, by Anne 
his wife, eldeet dau. of James Brady, Esq. of the city 
of Dublin, two sorvlying sons and two daus. (William- 
Andrew. J.P. of Batbmacknea, co. Wexford, J.P., b, 
SO March, 1708. who m. 8 Feb. 1848. Marianne-Stuart^ 
dau. of John Flood. Esq. of View Mount, co. Kilkenny; 
Th<Mnas-Bagot, in holy orders, vicar of Bally valdon, co. 
Wexford, iit. S4 Jan. 1845, Isabella, younsest dau of 
Richard FotheigilL Esq. of Oarieon, co. Monmouth; 
Harriet; and Catherine); Rebecca^ m. to Nicholas 
Gamble, Esq. of Derrinboy. and had Issue; and Har- 
ris m. in 1796, to Qeorge Armstrong, Esq. 

4 Edward, b. 14 June. 1724. who lived id Clara, and 
was in the oommiasion of the peace for the King's 
County. He m. Anne, dau. of Michael MOSvoy, Esq. 
Of the CO. Longford, and had issue. 

1 Rebeoea, m, to Frank Conrahy, Esq. of Birr. 

IL Edmund, capt E.I.C.8.. who d. leaving issue. 

nz. Chorlee, In (General Wynne's regtmeut of dragoons; 

IT. AmmEW, of whose Une we have to tre»t. 

V. Thomas, of Ballylin, in the King's County, inspector- 
genend of barmcks, and a histice uf the peace, who 
served the office of sheriff. He m. twice, but lell at his 
dco3ase, in 1760. issue only bv his second wife, lAtey, 
third dau. of Oeoige Holmes, Esq.— via., 
1 Andrew, of BallyUn, an officer in the B.t.C.S. : d. i.p. 

5 Thomas, lieut.-col. in the 1 7th regt. of foot ; d. unm. 

8 George, of the island of Jamaica ; who m. 1st, Eliza- 
beth, dati. of Mr. Philips, and widow of Andrew 
Waller, Eftq., by whom be had issue, 
Thomas, capt in the Longford militia ; m. Misa Aim- 
strong, of Bnnis, in the co. of Clare, and had issue, 
Geoiige-Knox; Edmund, M.D. ; Robert- WaUaoe^ 
M.D., who d. uam.; Thomas-Holmes, merchant in 
Manchester (who m. in l&Sl, Anna, eldest dau. of 
the Rev. Blayney Mitohell of Monaghao, and has 
issue, Lydia, Anna-Sophia, Harriet, Lucy-Ellen, and 
Ellen- Stewart); John -Simpson, barrister- at -law; 
James-Henry; Anna. m. to Sir Benjamin Morris, 
Knt, late capt. S6tb regiment; Jane ; and Dorothea. 
Ln^-Maxy, d. wtm. at l^dmouUi, 7 Jan. 1810. 
Geoige Armstrong m. Sndly, in 1796, Harriet, 2nd dau. 
of Andrew Armstrong, Esq., and left bv her, at his 
decease (being killed by. Calling into a dock at BristolX 
three daiia.~#li., Harriet Mary-Bltxabeth. Isabella. 
1 Elizabeth, m. in 1780, to Thomas Woods. Esq. ; and d. 
at Parsonstown, 28 Feb. 1808, leaving issue. 

I. Maigaret. m. to Geoive Brereton, Esq., and had issue. 

II. Elisabeth, m. to Matthew Hyde, Esq. of Newtown, in 
the King's County, and had issue. 

Archibald Armstrong, who had been treasurer of the King's 
County, d. at a very advanced age, April 18, 1747, and 
was burled in the fiunily burial place at Banagher. His 
4th son, 

Ahdrbw Abscbtbovo, Esq. was treasurer of the King's 

Co., and for some time comptroller of the household to the 

Lord-lieutenant of Ireland. He m. 1 Aug. 1724, Alplua, 

youngest dau. of Bigoe Henzell, Esq. of Bamagrotty, and 

by her, who d. 18 July, 1788, had issue, 

I. Archibald, b. at Bamagrotty, in 1726 ; m. Margaret, 

dau. of John Bagot Esq. of Ard. in the King's Countv ; 

and dying 13 June^ 1798, left, with other childran, who 

d, «nm. 

1 Andrew-Edmund-Bfgoe, b. 1 June, 1774. who assumed 
the surname of Baoot, in consequence of his uncle, 
William BM[ot having left him a share of his estate 
at Ard, He ta. Mrs. Sidney Stretch, and left three 
dans., via., 

BidAey-Mary, m. In 1840, to Charles Bagot, Esq. of 
KilcoarBey, King's Countv. 

Fanny -Anne, m. to Abranam Fuller, eldest son of 
Abraham Fuller, Esq. of Woodfield, in the King's 
8 Charlotte-Maigaret, m, in 1780, to Richard Crosbie, 
n. Thomaa. % captain in the army ; b. 27 Dec. 1729 ; who 
Uved at Derrrcooly, and afterwards at Ballycumber. 
where he d. 7 Nov. 1795, leaving by his wife, the dan. of 
Hugh Campbell, Esq., and widow of Hugh MlAUghlin, 
Esq., an only surviviiig child, Ludnda, 6. at Dundee ; m, 
to Boiviamin Bird. Esq., and had iisue. 
lu. AvDBBW, of whom presently. 

IV. Edmund, b. in 1785, of Fortie Hall. Enfield. Middlesex, 
uid of Pen7 Street London; army-agent appointed 
25 Jan. 1794, groom of the privv ^lamber to Gkobob III., 
and made subsequently nusoand of Uio 4^ per cent, 
duties of the customs. He m. 1st Miss Mackie, hy whom 
be had an only dau., who d. younff ; and 2ndly, Fanny, 
dau. of William Armstrong, Esq. or Petworth, hy whom 
he had three children, via., 

1 WilUam- Archibald. Of Pengelly Lodge, b. lu 1770; 
A.B , F.S.A., in holy orders, rector of Hykham, in 

lintfoAnshirek amagistrate foftheeos. of Hertford and 
Middlesex ; m. in 1796. Charlotte B.-M. HasseU, younger 
dau. of Richard Hassell, Esq., and had issue, 
Edmund-John, lieut R.N.; b. in Aug. 1798; si. in 
1825, Miss Watson. 

Henry-WiQlam, of St. John's College, Oxon. 
Geoige-Craven. b. 2 April, 1806; lieut in the E.LC.8. 
Augustus, b. 19 April. 1810. 
Wmiam-Matthew, 6. 2 Mai«h, 1814. 
Charles-Frederiok. b. 6 Dec. 1814. 

Avarilla-Alphra, m. in 1825, to Artemidorus-Cromwell 
Russell, Esq.. eldest son of T.-A. RuaseO, tlsq. o^ 
Cheshunt Park, Herts. 
S Georg«- Andrew, b. In Get 1771 ; lieut -geiiaral in the 
army ; m. 1st Eliaabeth. don. of Geonce Hj^rward, 
Esq.; and 2ndly. Mary-Esther, dau. of T.-A. KusaaU, 
Esq. of Cheshunt Park ; but d, $. p. 12 Nov. 1834. 
1 Harriet-Ann. 
▼. Bigoe, b. 1787; d. vnm. 1766. 

X. Rebecca, 6. in 1728 ; tn. to Theiiagh Msgrath, Esq., And 
had three sons, and one dau., m. to RichBrd Warbuiton, 

n. Lucy, m. to Humphrey EUis, and had issue. 
The Srd son of Andrew Armstrong, by Alphra hia wife, 

AHDBSW Abmbtboho, Esq. b. in 1732, was an officer h& 
the 14tb regiment, but being severdy wounded at the eiege 
of Louisbuiig, he retired from the army. He resided at 
Garry Castla, in the King's Co., whereof he was treasurer, 
and J.P. He m. 6 May, 1756, Elizabeth, only dan. of Capt. 
James Buchanan, of Cndgovera and Dromaldll, in Scotland, 
of the Cunily of that ilk, and by her, who d. 21 Sept. 181S» 
aged seventy-two, had issue^ 

I. Archibald, b. 1 Nov. 1768 ; capt in the E.I.C.S. : d. $. p. 
If. Andrew, b. 20 Oct 1764 ; lieut 54th regt. ; m. 14 Jan. 
1798, Anne. dau. of Andrew Armstrong, Esq. of Gallsin, 
and hod issue, 

1 WiUiam-Bigoe. 6. in 1801. . 2 John. 

1 Coustantia-Maria. S Elizabeth, 

ni. Thomas-St. Gbobob, of Garry CasUe. 
rv. WiLLiAM-BiooE. of Castle Iver. 

Y. James, 6. 20 Aug. 1769 ; formerly lieut 46th regt, and 
subsequent! V paymaster 57th. He m. in the West Indies^ 
and now resiaes in France. 

▼I. Edmund, b. 10 Jan. 1772; m(\)or in the B.I.C.S. ; ai. 
Mizs Leonora Lucaa ; and d. in India, in 1809, having had 
Mie son and three daus., via., 

1 Audrew-Biffoo. In the E.I.C.S.: b. 11 June, 180S; d^ 
in the East Indiea. 

1 Leonora. S Mai7-Elizabeth. 

3 Catherine-Rebecca. 
Tii. BIgoe-Charies, b. 17 May, 1775; capt in the 67th 
xt»t : d. tmia. 

1. Catherine-Rebecca, ni. 27 Jan. 1784, to Hugh Conrahy, 
Esq., and had issue. 

n. Mary, m. in 1792, to Capt William Gnmt of tha Clara 
militia, son of James Grant Esq., and had Issua. 
ui. Elizabeth, m. in 1794, to John Armstrong, Esq., lieut 
royal Irish artillery, of the co. Fermanagh, and had issue. 

llie Srd son is the present TBOXAa^.GBOBOs Abmstbovo* 
Esq. of Garry Castle. 

.^Imu, Ac— See ABirflTBOHO <^f BaUycwkber, 
Beal'-wxtj Castle House. 


Armstronq, James-Fkrbier, Eb<^. of Caetle Irer, 
King's County, treasurer of the King's County, m. 
14 Jan. 1835, Honoria, eldest dau. of John Fleming, 
Esq. of Stoneliam Park, Hants, M.P. for the southern 
diyision of that county. 

%iXltK%t* — WiLLiuc-BtGoc Abicstrowo, Esq. of Castle 
Iver, treasurer of the Ring's County, (next younger brother 
of Thos.-St. George Armstrong, Esq. of Garry Castle), *. 
19 July, 1768, m, in 1796, Jane-Wilholmhia, only child of 
James Ferrier, Esq. Gen. Royal Engineers, and by her 
(who d. 16 April, 1829, aged 66), left at his deceaae, an 
only child, the present Jamss-Fsbribr AbmstboIto, Esq. 
of Castle Iver. 

Jrm*— See Abmstbono <^f BallycwMher, 
B*taie»—ln the Khig's County. 
&at— Castle Iver. 


Armbtrono, William -Jonrs, Esq. of Batleagh 
Lodge, Tynan, co. Ansagh, 6. 22 May, 17^; nw 

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8 Feb. 1M% Frances-Elizabeth, Lady M'Creagli, 
relict of the late CoL Sir Michael M'Creagh, C.B., 
K.C.H., kc, and only dan. of Major Chnstopher 
TViison, late of the 22nd foot. Mr. Armstrong served 
the office of high-sheriff for the comity of Armo^ in 

ItnfaQt. — This is another bfandi of the sneient bor- 
der fkmily of Armstrong, derlTing, tradHionalty, Arom a 
eommon ancestor with the King's County family. 

Ths Bst. William - Jovss AaiisTBoifo, M.A. rector of 
the UnkA of T^rmonfeekan, oo. Lonth, son of Edward 
Armstrong, Esq. by Graoe Jones, his wife, and grandson of 
WiOiaoi Armstrong, Esq. by Jane Ganrey, his wife ; m. iu 
17»4, Margaret, 8rd dan. of AldennaD John Tew, of 
PobOn, at one time its lord-mayor, and granddan. of 
Aldsnnsn David Tew, of the same place, lord-mayor in 
175S, by wlunn he had issne, 
WiLUAM-JoMBS. late of Kippore Faric, oo. Wieklow, and 
BOW of Batlei^h Lodge. 

Jdm-Tew, who m. Anne^ only dan. of Ralph Tew, Fsq., 
bte of Baddinstown, oo. Heath, and has issue. Maxwell, 
John, and Thomasi 

TboBMS-Knoz, who si. Catherine-Frances, 2nd dan. of the 
late Wallop Brabaxon, Esq. of Rath Bouse, co. Louth, by 
Jane, his 1st wife. dau. of the late Josias Dupr^ Esq. 
of WQton Park. Bucka, and d. at Rome in Jan. 1840. 
kaviiiff issuer Jane -Rebecca and Catherine • Diana- 

Helen, m. to the Rer. John Kerr, rector of the Union of 

Tomonfeckan, and has issue. 
Anne. m. to Walter Newton, Esq., late of the Slst light 

dragoons, and has issue. 

^^ \ As AnnRmovo tf BaUycumber. 

JfoOo— Inrktus maneo. 

te^Batleagh Lodge, Tynan, oo. Armagh. 



ARMSTBoira, William Edward, Esq. of New HiUl, 
Clare, h, 10 May, 1826; s. 29 June, 1850, to the 
extsDsiTe estates of his maternal uncle, the late John 
ICacDonnell, Esq. of New HalL Mr. Armstrong is a 
magistrate for the county of Clare, and filled the 
office of high-sheriff in 1858. 

SintaSt. — ^This fiamlly has long held a leading position 
in the eoonties of Tipperary and King's, where it acquired 
eearfdenble property, as also in the counties of limerick 
sad fWmanagh. Its progenitors were formerly Scotch, 
ffid bore the name of FAiBBAmr, which was changed to 
thstof Amiaisoiio. The Armstrongs of the border were at 
the head of a nomerons and warlike dan, the most famed 
of whose eUeftatns was John Armstrong, of Gilnockie, in 
the*parish of Cannonby, Eskdale. His castle was built on 
a promootocy washed on three sides by the Eslc, which 
h^ng steep and rocky, was soarody aooessiUe but on the 
land side, where it was fenced with a deep ditch. This 
ppwoAil border ehieftain Hred in the reign of Jamb V. 
(1^13 to 1M5) and was the terror of the Western Msiches 
ef BhglanH, baring forced the inhaUtonta of Cumberland, 
Wastaaoriaod, and a great part of Northumberland, to 
Wove Us tribotaries. At length, his power having grown 
too great for a sohiJeet, he became an object of Jealousy to 
the Seottlah king, who levied an army for the avowed pur- 
poee ot poniahing Gilnockie and his foUowera, and marched 
St their head to the parish of Elves. There John was 
anniftnoed to attend the king, upon the promise of security, 
md having aeoordin^y obeyed his summons, in violation of 
tite pohlk Ciith pledged for his personal safety, as observed 
bf Bnfhanan, he and his attendants were hanged at 
Oietlawiek rfgg; two miles to the north of Mosspeul, on 
ti» road b et ween Hawick and Langholm. Alter this 
oeeation, the family dispersed, and some of them aettled 
h diffiemt parts of Eni^and, one branch in linoolnahire : 
tbe preeent liunily trace their deeoent fhnn Sir Thomas 
Anas tfo u g, w^ was the representative of that line. 

8ia Thomas ABMsnoiro, Knt., fr. at Nimeguen, in Holland, 
bad been a great suflbrsr in the royal cause, and was very 
>cdve for CMAauBS II. before the restoration. His enter- 
prubg apidt ezdted the Jealousy of Cromwell, who 
tbw him into prison and even threatened his life. He 
««aged with all the seal that was natural to him in the 
>Bviee of the Duke of Monmooth. Finding himself 


obnoxions to the court, he fled the kingdom and went to 
Holland, and his flight was soon followed by outlawry. 
He was seized abroad and sent to London, where he was 
condemned by Chief Justice JefiMss, and executed at 
Tyburn, without a trial, and with peculiar dreumstances 
of rigour. He at his death denied having ever had ahy 
intention against his Majesty's lifie. The attahider was 
subsequently reversed. Sir Thomas was gentleman of the 
horse to tlie king, captain of the flrst troop of royal horw 
guards, and served as a burgess in parliament for Stafford 
and Leicester town. He had no issue male. 

CaPTAur WiLUAM Abmstboho, brother to Sir Thomas, 
and founder of the family in Tippei-ary, went over to Ireland 
shortly after the battle of Worcester, and settled In the 
old castle at Famey Bridge, near Thurles, where he was 
followed by his brother's widow. Lady Armstrong. William 
Armstrong we find was captain of the troop Of horse 
attached to the Tipperary militia in 1688. He m. Alice, 
dan. of Sir Thomas Deane^ of the county irt Suffolk, and Vf 
her had issue, two sons, 
JoHV, his successor. 
Thomas, m. a dau. of Robert Ct&rew, Esq. of Balllna- 

mona, and had issue. From Thomas are descended the 

If ealifib branch, now represented by Oeotte Armrtrong; 

Esq. of Chafl^oole and Healifli^ high sheriff of the county 

JoHH Abmstboho, Esq. oi Famey Osstle, a his fiUber, and 
la. in 1677, Julianna, dau. of Robert Carew, Esq. of Ballina- 
mona, co. Waterford, by Mary his wife, dau. of John Shi^ 
land, Esq. He purchased, in 1677. the lands of BallycaUl 
and Holycross, and d. in 1717, leaving issue four sons, 

William, his successor. 

Robert, d. vatm. 

John, ancestor of the present Famey Castle branch 
fnow represented by Majob W. ABMsraotio, of Famey 

James- William, in holy orders^ d. wtm. 

Colonel Wiluam Abmstbono, M.P., of Famey Castle 
and Mount Heaton (the eldest sonX col. Tipperaiy militJa» 
m. in 1780, Mary, dau. and co-heir of Francis Heaton, Esq. 
of Mount Heaton, King's County (and formerly of the co. 
of YorkX by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of — Cartwright, 
Eeq. The family residence was then ahanged to Mount 
Heaton (otherwise called Ballyskennagh) ; and Famey 
Castle wss given over to his brother John. William (having 
survived his wife) d, in 177S; leaving issue, a son and a 

John, (of whom presently), 

Mary, m. 12 Sept 1765, the Rev. deoi|n) Thomas, and had 

Ihe son and heir, 

Thb Riobt Hon. John Abmstbono, of Famey (Castle 
and Mount Heaton, $, his father in 1772. He m. 17 Jufy, 
1770, Letitia, dau. and co>heir of Henry Greene, Esq. 
of Ballymaereese, co. limerick, (late of Destemane, co. 
Fermanagh). (Mrs. Armstrong m. 2ndly, the Rev. James 
Hobson, of Sidmouth, son of Mr. HobsoUi M.P. dty of 
Waterford, and d. 28 Jan. 1820). John rose to considerable 
disUnction at the bar, to which he was called 1750 : he 
served in several parliaments for the boroughs of Fore snd 
Eilmallock, and was a member of the king's privy council 
in Ireland. He was twice urged by the Irish government 
to take a baronetcy (which he declined), in oonsideration of 
important services he had done the country, It was sub- 
sequently arranged that he was to be made a peer, under 
the title of Banm o/Jhmamaie, in Ireland, and the patent 
is stated to have been lodged at the Hanaper office, when 
he d. at Mount Heaton, on 12 Sept. 1791, and is buried 
in the churchyard at Ballysahill. His son and sueoeesor 

Wix4JAM-Hbnrt Abm8TB0H0» Esq. of Mount Heaton, 
M.P., 5, at Toulouse, in France, 21 June, 1774. He ta. 7 
April, 1809, Bridgeti only dau. of the late Co' jnel Charles 
MacDonuell, of New Hall, co. Clare, M.P., by Bridget his 
wife, dau. of John Bayly, Esq. of Debeborough, co. Tippe- 
rarjr. From the year 1816, he resided almost entirely on 
the continent, and not intending to retnm to Ireland, he 
sold, in 1817, Mount Heaton, in 1827, his Fermsnsgh and 
neariy all his l^perary and Limerick property. He d. at 
Fassy, near Pttls, 21 Sept. 1885, and is buried in the 
eixaetibf Montmartre, at Paris, leaving issuer 

John, b. at Mount Heaton, 1 May, 1815, m. 29 May, 1849, 
Mile. Josephine Von Mayr, a Qerman lady, and has issue, 
John-Childe, b. 1 Jan. 1850; Louisa-Bids. 

Charies-WiUiam, 6. 19 April, 1819, d. at Abbeville, SI Msy, 

WiLLiAM-EnwARD, uow of Ncw HsU. 

Charles, J.P. for Clare^ 5. 7 May, 1830. 

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LetttiA-Maxy, d. 11 Jnlr, 1811, and is buried «t BaUy- 

Letitia-Chariotto, m. 1 JuncL 1841, ChAriee-WilUaxn, eldest 
son of Chariea Hamilton, Eaq. of Hamwood, co. Meath, 
by Maiy-Anue-Caroline hia Wife, dau. of William Tlghe^ 
Eaq. of Woodstock, oo. Kilkenny, M.P., and baa issue. 

Catherine-Gertrude, m. 7 Oct 18aO. John Bayly, Esq. of 
Debsborough, co. Tipperaiy, by Mary-EliBabeth-Helena 
his wife, dau. of Richard Uniacka, Esq. of Mount Uniacke^ 
00. Cork, and has issue. 

Bridget, m. 23 March, 1849, James Dobrfe, Bsq. of Book 
Lodge, Devonshire, eldest son of the late Peter Dobrfe, 
Bsq. of Clapham Common, London, (and srandson of the 
lato Peter Dobrte, Esq. of Beaurejsard, in the island of 
GuemseyX and has issue. 

Mary, m. 12 July, 1842. Evans Johnson, archdeacon of 
Ferns, second son of the lato Judge Johnson, and has 

Emily-Dorothea, d. at Puis, 5 Feb. 1888, and is buried 
near her (kther. 


Arm»—4hi., three anns in armour vambraoed, hands ppr., 
quartering Hb^ton, Obsswi^ and MaoDokkbix. 

Cre*t—AXi armed hand and arm; in the hand a log ftnd 
foot, in rich armour, oouped at the thigh. 

Ifotto— Viet armis. 

5ea(*— New HaD, and Kilkee^ co. dare. 

Armstrong, Qeorgb-Di la Pobr, Ebq. of Mea- 
Bffe, CO. Tippeniry, and Chafipoole, oo Sligo ; «. hia 
father 2 Dec. 1846. 

HiltCaffC. — ^This is a branch of the ABMBiitoiros <^ 
Harney CclHU^ springing fVom the marriage of Iliomas 
Armstrong, l^gh sheriff of the oo. Tipperary, temp. Queen 
Aknb, (next brother of John Armstrong, Esq. of Fkmey 
CasUe), with a dau. of Bobert Carew, Emi. of Bellinamona. 
f§m jmceding genxalun). The grandfSftther of the present 
possessor of Mealiffe, 

ThbRcy. Wn.T.TAy A ^tMimtowQ, of MeaHffe. m. in 1791, the 
Hon. Catherine-gtolM>r Beresford, eldest dau. of William, 
Lord Deci^s, arehblahop of Tuapi, and by her, who d. in 1887, 
left at hia decease. May, 1889, % son and successor, 

Jomr AmiSTBOiio, Esq. of Mealiff^, who m. Catherine, 
dau. and heir of T. Somers, Esq. of Cljafll^le, co. Sligo, 
and had by her, besides two sons, deceased, vis., Captain 
William Armstrong, who m. Madamoiselle de Labrosse, and 
d. 7 March, 1849, and Thomas, lieut. 00th Biflep, who d. 7 
June, 1847, four otiier sons, still suryiving, viz., 

Gbobgb-Db la Pocb, now of Mealilb and Chaflboolo. 

James-W.. lieut RN. ^ 

Edward-Marcus, lieut 65th regt, 

Xr. Armstrong d, I Deo. 1848. 

./Irm*— Gu., three arms in armour vambraoed, hands ppr. 
Creit— An armed hapd and arm; in the hand a leg and 
fbot iu rich armour, couped at the thigh. 
Afotto— Vi et armis. 
£tet»-*Maalifflb, Thurles; and Chafl^le, Ballymote. 


Armbtroito, EoMUifD-JoHV, Esq. of WHlow Bank, 
00. Claiv, and Adzar House, oo. Dublin, 6. in May, 
1808 ; m. in April, 1840, Jane-Catherina, 8rd dau. of 
Thomas-Hayter LDngden, Esq., D.L., of co. Kent» of 
Ennismore Place, Hyde Park, London, and luui issuiS, 

I. Edmund-James, h. 1844. 

II. Johu-Heniy-Maxwell, 6. 1850, 
lu. Thomas-Conyngham, 6. 1852.. 

1. Mario-Larinio-Cecilia. |i. Jane-Longdea, 

lU. EUen-Louisa. it. Agues-Oeotie^na. 

Mr. Armstrong, a magistrate and deputyUeut for 
00. Clare, served as j^h-shisriff for that county in 
1 852. He «. his unde, the late K-B. Armstrong, Esq., 
who (i. wnm, in 1883. He is only son of the late 
Key. John Armstrong (who d in 1820), by Maria- 
Cassandra Young his wife, niece to the Very Rev. 
Dr. Young, bishop of Clonfert, and grandson (by 
Hannah Westropp his wife, sister of the late M. R. 
"Ny^estippp, Esq. of Monkstown Castle, oo. Cork) of 
Edmund Armstrong, Esq. of Buncraggy, whose father, 
JjuDfis Armstrong, was the first of the family who 

settled in co. Clare, in the early part of the 17th 
century, and who was brother of Major-General Joha 
Armstrong, surveyor-general of the Ordnance and 
chief engineer of England, and colonel-in-chief of the 
royal regiment of foot in Ireland. 

./Irm»— Ou., three arms vambnced in armour, hands ppc; 

Cmt— An arm vambraoed in armour. 

Jfotto— In Deo robur meus. 

fieoto— Willow Banlc, Enni% oo. Clare; and Adzar Houses 
00. Dublin. 


Armstrong, Thb Ret. Charlss-Edward, M.A. of 
Hemsworth, co. York, 6. 1807; m. 18 April, 1888, 
Mary-Anne, dau. of John Clayton, Esq. of EInfield 
Old Park, co. Middlesex. The Rev. Mr. Armstronc^ 
master of Hemsworth Hospital, and perpetual curate 
of St. Forckley-cum-Clayton, co. Yonc, t. in 1852, on 
the decease of his aunt (wife of William Busfield, 
Esq., M.P.), to the estates of his grandmother, Mrs. 
Wood (heiress of Laoon Barker, Esq.), at Otley, in 
Yorkshire. He is son of Charies-Edward Armstrong, 
Esq., of the E.I.C.S., by Dorothy his wife, dau. of 
Capt. Wood, R.N., and sister of Sir F. Wood, Bart, 
of Hemsworth Hall, and grandson of Dr. Charles 
Armstrong, of London, and great-grandson of Dr. 
John Armstrong, of Qodalming, co. Surrey, whose 
dau., Elizabeth, m. in 1778, Edward, Earl of Wintei^ 
ton. This Dr. John Armstrong was son of Dr. 
Richard Armstrong, of Dumfries, who left that 
place and settled in Guildford, co. Surrey. He was 
son of David Armstrong, advocate, of Edinburgh, and 
grandson of David Arxnstrong, of Kirtle Town, Dum- 
fries, whose grandlather, Christopher Armstroog^ 
settled in Dumfries, and was living 1530. 

jimu— Qtt., three dexter arms vambraoed, in pale^ ppr. 

Of «(— An arm vambraoed. 

Jfotto— Vi et armia. 

iSioi— Hemsworth, Ponteflract. 


Arnold, Thb Rkv. Edward-Gladwin, of Little 

^lissenden Abbey, ca Bucks, rector of Stapleford, 

Herts, h, 25 April, 1823 ; m. 27 April, 1852. Charlotte- 

Geoii^iana, eldest dau. of Lord Henry Cholmondeley. 

ILitUaS?. — GEicnuL Bbnkdioi Arnold m. 8 April, 
1779, Margaret, dau. of Edward Shippen, Chief Judge of 
Pennsylvania, and d. in 1801, having liad iaaue, 

Edward-Shippsn, lieut. ath Bengal cavalry, and paymaster 
of Huttra; d. at I)iuiq>oor, in India, 13 l>ec 1818. 

James-Robert^n. Ueuc. -general, K.H. and K. Cieeoent, 
m. Virginia, dau. of Bartlett Goodrich, Eaq. of Baling 
Grove, Kseex, Tfhich lady d. 14 Julv. 1852. 

George^ lieut. -coL 2nd Bengal cavalry, m. Anne Brown, 
and d. iu India. 1 Nov. 18^. 

WiLLUM-FrrcH, of Little Hiaeenden Abbey. 

Bophia-MatUda, m. to Co). Pownall Phippa, E. I. C. Servioec 
(related to the Mulgnve Ijimily) and <£ in 1828. 
The youngest son, 

WuJJAM-FiTOH Arnold, Esq. of Little Ifiaaenden Abbey, 
capt, 10th Lanopr>» ^ 25 June, 1794; m. 19 May, 1819, 
Elisabeth-Cecilia, only dau. of Alexander Buddaoh, Eaq. of 
Tpbago, ao4 had issue, 

Edvaiid-Gladwin, his heir. 

WilUamTrail 6. 23 Oct 1826, ci^t. 4th rart 

Margaret-Steuart, m. to the Rev. Robert-EL-S. Rogers. 

Elizabeth-Sophia, m. to the Rev. Bryant Buigess. 

GeoTgiana-Phipps, m. to the Rev. John Stephenson. 

CH>t. Arnold, a magistrate for Bticks, d. 7 ITov. 1846. 

Jrm«— <lu., three pheons, arg. ; on a chief of the second, a 
bar nebul^ as. 

Crttt, — ^A aemi-tiger, sa., began t^, maned and tufted, or., 
holding a broad arrow, stick, gu., feathers and phoon, arg. 

Jkfotto— Nil den)erandum. 

fistU— Little Misaeuden Abb^, Bucks (now belonging to 
the widow of Capt. Arnold). 


Arthur, Thomas, Esq. of Qlanomera^ oa Clar^ 
h, 10 Sept. 1806 ; «. hia &ther in 1S16. 

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A SB! 

UmSt.— It !■ not deaily tfloertafaMd at what period 
the Azthnn aeltled In Iraknd, bat it i« certain that they 
kmg bald kige poweaaiona in that kingdom, espeoially in 
Uaco^ot limerick, until their eatatea in that county were 
wit a rated hf Cbokwsll^ for their loyalty to the royal 
oun, whan they removed to the oo. of Clajie, and became 
Mrtid at OlanoiDera^ 

The blatory of limerick lecorda that two membera of the 
taOy tat in pariiament for that dty, temp. Queen Eusa- 
hh, via., Bdwazd Arthur, in 1659, and Thomaa Arthur, 

Tmua ABTHUBy Eaq. of Oknomera, ropr ee on tatlTe <^ 
tUiaaeieat houae, «. Ifaiy Butler, heireaa of the BoTLSBa 
^ISmfltr, CO. of Tipperary, lineally descended fh>m the 
Bthb hooae of Ormonde, and waa fkther of 

Tmua ABTRum, Baq. of Glanomera, who m. Lucy, 
fnith dan. of Sir Edward O'Brien, Bart, of Dromoland, 
Md teft by her at hie deceaae. in 1801 (with a dau. Mary, 
m. to Bidiard Heon, Eaq. of Pamdiae, oo. of Clare, who d. 
w&hmt mxrririxifg iaaueX an only eon and aucoeeaor, 

Twaua AsrauB, Baq. of Glanomera, b. April, 1778, m. 
10 April. 1808, Harriet, 2nd dau. and co-heir (with her 
cDlj iiater, Charlotte, wife of Sir Edward O'Brien, Bart, of 
DfooMland) of William Smith, Eaq., of Cahirmoyle, oo. of 
UnMrick, by whom he had iaaue, 


WOUam-Smith, 6. 18 June, 1809. m. in 1839. Caroline- 

Bvdney, etdeet dau. of Fmerick-Saintbuiy Faiicer, Eaq. 

ofaai nOwu y , eo. Dublin, and d. without iaaue in March, 

Lociiaa. in holy ordera, b. 81 July. 1810, m. 21 April. 1840. 
OtfcQne-Elimeth. third dau. of John Jerri^ Esq. of 
Moaefa y. Warwickahira, by whom he haa had three sons, 
Tbamaa-Locfua-Jerris ; Edward-Henxy-Frederick (who 
i. an infant); and Chariea-William-Auguataa; with five 

Idwinl, barri8ter^t&>law. b. 7 Jan. 1817, d. 6 Aug. 1863. 

Aagnatua, a magiatrate for the co. Clare, b. 27 Aug. 1810. 

Honxy. in holy ordera, b. 12 Not. 1820, m. 18 April, 1847, 
EOea. 2nd dau. of the late Henry^oy Tombe. Esq. 

VMeriek'B.-B., in holy orders, b. 12 Sept. 1822. 

Tqgethflr with nine daua.. four of whom are deceaaed. 
Hr. Aithnr d. 6 May, 1846, and was f. by his eldeet aon, 
the pnsent Tbohas Aithub, Baq. of Glanomera. 

imt— Ou., a dftevron between three reata (or dariona)^ 
or., qoarterlng Brmum and Sicmi. 
mf— A laloMi, riaing; ppr., Joaaed and belled, or. 
JMto-ImpeUe obatantK. 
If nUn<muiia> co. Clara. 


Am, William-Hamilton, Esq. of Aahbrook, co. 
Loodondeny, J.P. ftnd D.L., 6. 8 May, 1801; m, 
10 July, 1827, Lady Elizabeth-Emma Douglas, sister 
of tbe preseni Eail of Morton, and has issue, 

QnGaa-Hamllton, m. 7 July, 1853, to John-Barre Berea- 
ford, Eeq. of Leumcnt, oo. Londondeny. 

lincaff. — William Hamiltok, Esq., aon of WilUam- 
Htmfltflp, Eaq., by Jane hia wife, dau. of George Ash, 
Esq^ took the additional name of Ash, oo aucceeding to 
tbe«states of hia uncle, the late George Aah, Esq. of Aah- 
brook. He m. » May, 1796, Miaa Elisabeth <^arriet 
B«idsvaon. by wbom (who d. in 1806) he had iaaue, 

WiuiAM-HAifn.*oii, now of Aahbrook. 

Omgivin hd^ otdem rector of BaDyacullion, co. London- 

6mry, m. in 1828, Maiy. dau. of the late Rev. Thomaa 

SpoUwood, and d. 28 Oct 1862, having had iaaue two 


Ana, «. to (thAlate) Ber. William Dixon. 

Jaaa. at. to Robert Algar. Eaq., collector of Customs at 
BoKwiek-upoo-Tweed. and d. in 1848. 
Xr. HsDiiltoa AA d. 29 May, 1821. 

<im»— AsB and Haim/roir, quarteriy. 
A«tf— A aquiirsL 
M m * S on nobis aed omnlbua. 
Il lihbiuok, near Londonderry. 

Asrbt-Maddook, Oiobov, Esq. of Naseby, oo. 
Kofthampton, and of Qreenfields, co. Salop, an 
oAeer 11th Hussais, h. 8 June, 1884. 

iinfaff. — TUa is the senior line of the very andent 
hn8/ or Aahby, which can be anthsntkally traced flram 


Rksabd Ds Ashbt, lord of the manors of South Crozton 
and Quenby, co. Loiceeter, a.d. 1207. 

BoBEBT AaHBY, Eaq., grandaon of IHlliam Aahby, Eaq. 
of Quenby, living in 1489, i. in 1686 to the fiunily eaUtes, 
at the deceaae of hia cousin, Anne Ashby, of Quenby, wife 
of Geoige Bkevington, of Bkerington. He m. Barbara, 
dau. George Aahby, Eaq. of Loeeby, co. Leiceeter, and 
sister of Edward Aahby, Esq. of Loseby, whoee son, Wil* 
liam Aahby, Queen Eucabrh's ambaaaador to Jambb YI., 
d. $. p. in Scotland, in 1689. 

By Barbara hia wife, Robert Aahby left at hia deceaae^ 
24 Aug. 1667, four daua. and one aon, viz. : — 

GaoBOB ASHBT, Eaq. of Quenby and Loaeby, high aherift 
of Ldceaterahire in 1601, who m. Mary, dau. of Andrew 
Gedney, Eaq. of Enderby, and left, with other iaaue, a son 
and heir, 

Gbobob Asrbt, Eaq. of Quenby, who erected, in 1686, 
the present manaion-houae, and sold the lordship of Loseby 
to Mr. Paramour. He m. Elisabeth, dau. of George 
Bonnet, Eaq. of London, and of Welby, co. Lincoln, and d. 
in 1668, learing issue, three aona and three daua. The 
eldeat son, 

Gbobob Ashbt, Esq. of Quenby, b. 29 July. 1629, served 
aa high aherifl of Leicestershire, 18 and 19 Chablbb II. 
He m. 24 June» 1662, Mary, dau. and heir of Euseby Shuk- 
brugh, Eaq. of Naaeby. oo. Northampton, and by her (who 
m. 9ndly, George Hewett, Eaq. of Botherby, and d. 16 
April, 1721, aged 98) had iaaue, 

Gbobob, hia hdr. 

Shukbrugh, whoee son (by Mary, his wife, dau. of Nela 
Hewett, Baq.) ShukbuiKh. m. Mary. duu. and heir of 
Nathaniel Ciitdock, of Coaabgton. and d. in 1762, leavin^f 

ason, Shukbrugh Aahby, Eaq.. F.R8.. MP. for Leiceeter, 

who m. Eliaabeth, dau and heir of Richard Hinde, Eaq., 

and d. in 1792. leaving two daua., hia co-heireaaea, vis., 

Maiy-Eliaabeth, m, to William Latham, Baq.. F.R.8., 
F.8.A., of Eltham; and Dorothea, m. to Sir Thomas 
Huaaey Apreeoe, Bart (See Ashbt of Quenbp), 

Buaeby, Fellow of Trinity College, d. i. p. 

Mary. m. to John Ekina. Eaq. of Ruwhden. 

Eliaabeth. m. to Sir Nathan Wrighte, the lord keeper. 

Imoj, d. young, 

Margaret, m. to William Boothby, Esq. of Maraton. 

George Ashby, sen., d. 29 May, 1672, and waa $, by his 

Gbobob Asbbt, Esq. of Quenby, 6. 16 July, 1666, M.P. 
for Leiceaterahire in 1696 and 1707, and high aheriff in 
1688-9. Thia gentleman m. 7 Nov. 1682, H^«nfh, dau. and 
co-heir of Mi^or Edward Waring, of Humphreaton, high 
aherifr of Shropshire in 1667, and M.P. for Bridgenorth in 
1668, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Ashe, Esq. of 
Freshford, co. Somerset, and had, with other children, who 
Jomr, of whom presently, 

Edmund, (iather of the Rev. George Ashby, president of 
St. John's College^ Cambridge. 

Waring, who $. to Quenby, and aerved aa hiofa aheriff of 
Leiceaterahire, in 1788. By Elizabeth Cuinberiand, hia 
wife, aiater of the Bishop of Dromore. he left at hia 
deceaae in 1770, one aon, Gbobob. of Uaalebeech Hall, 
near Naaeby, who sold Quenby to Shukbnudli Aahby, 
Esq., and d. a. p. in 1802. havinff bequeathed &e Naaeby 
estate to hia couain, Hannah Maria, the wife of John 
Haddock. Eaq. 
Elisabeth, who m. 17 Feb. 1706,- John Freeman, Esq. of 
WeUingborougfa. and had two dJEtua., vis,, Elisabeth, wife 
of Pucuay Jesaon, Baa. of Langlev, co. Warwick; and 
Hannah, who m. WilUam Aah. Eaq. of Paaton, near 
Peterborough, and waa mother of three daua. ; HAn n^ii^ 
m. to William Jeaaon. Eeq. of Sutton Coldfleld ; Elizabeth, 
wife of Edmund Aahby, Eaq. of The I^mchea ; and Mary, 
wife of the Rev. Richard-Biaa Riland, rector of Sutton 

Mary, m. to Henry Hall, of LondoiL 
Haxmah, m. to George Cheselden, MD. 
Anne, m. to Robert Norton, of Leicester. 

The eldeat aon, 

Jobb Ashbt, Eaq. of The Lynchea, licar Shrewabury (his 
mother's Jointure), b. 27 Nov. 1687, d. 20 July, 1766, leaving 
by Hannah hia wife, two aona and one dau., viz., 

JoHV, of The Lynchea, b. 9 May, 1722, one of the eaquirea 
to Lord CUve, on his Installation aa a Knight of the Bath. 
He M. Jane Wingfleld. rellet of Anthony KiimerBley, 
Eaq. <xr Ledghton, but d. a. p., 29 Jan. 1779, 

EDMVin), of whom we treat. 

Hannah, b. 14 Aug. 1728, tn. to Chariea Stamlbrd, Baq. of 

The 2nd son (but the only one to leave iasueX 

Edmuhd Ashbt, Eaq. of The Lynchea, m. Elisabeth Aah, 
hia cousin, dau. of William Aah, Eeq. of Paaton, near Peter- 
borough, and by her (who m, 2ndly, JSmilian Holboch, 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 



bq.) h« left ftt hit deowMa> SO Not. 1786, i#o dai». hto 
co-heire88M (in whom vetted the repreeeatfttion of the 
andent house of Abbbt •/ Quenby), vis. : 
BusABcrB-FRBBMAir AsHBT, who m. in 1784, Robert Hale. 
Eeq., and had four daua., Elisabeth, Loda, Jane, and 
Frances. Of theae the third m. Capt. Whitfield, 18th 
regt, and had issue, Major Henij Wnitfield, of the 2i:d 
West India rqgt . and Robert-Philpote Whitfield, who d. 
wim., 23 June, 1842, aged 81 years. 
'ELavvas-Mabia Ashby, m. 9 Jan. 178^ John Maddoek, 
Esq. of Shrewsburv, son of John Maddock, also of 
Bhrewsbunr, bj Elisabeth his wife, and grandson of 
John Haddock, of Shrewsbury, who was son of Thooias 
Haddock, of Chester. 
The Snd dau. and oo-heiress, 

H^knah-Habia Ashbt, wife of John Haddock. Esq. of 
Shrewsbury, d. 25 Nov. 1830, leaving a son and heir, 

Thb Rev. OMorob Ashbt Haddock, of Qreenfields, 
Shrewsbxuy, and of Naseby. oo. Northampton, who m, July 
22, 1833, Anno, dau. of Hr. Oeoige Procter, of Carron 
€k)ttage, Aigyllshire, and d. in 1886, leaving an only child, 
tike present 

Gborob Ashbt Haddock, Esq. of Naseby, co. Northamp- 
ton, and of Greenfields, oo. Salop. 

•ulmw— Quarterly: 1st, per pale, ax. and gu., two lions, 
passant in pale, or, for Haddock. 2nd, or, three boars' 
Leads sa., a chief indented of the last, for Jbnk& 8rd, as. 
a chevron, erm., between three leopards' faces, or, for Ashby. 
4th, sa . a chevron, engrailed, between three mullets, axg., 
for Shttkbruob. 5th, sa., a chevron, between three pewits' 
heads, erased, aig., for Wabino. 6th, Ash, vg., two 
chevronels, and in chief as many crescents, sa. 

CrttU—lBt, a demi-lion rampant, holding a sword erect, for 
Haddock. 2nd, on a mural crown, aig., a leopard's head, 
or, for Ashbt. 

Ifotto— Be Just and fear not 


Ashbt, William-Ashby, Esq. of Quenby Hall, co. 
Leicester, 6. 6 Feb. 1776 ; m. 15 July, 1797, Mary, 
dau. of Michael Miller, Esq. of Bristol, aud haa issue, 

I. Shukbbcoh-Asrbt, \ ^ . 

n. William, ( ^'''^' 

HI. Edward-Quenby, in holy orders, m. Eliza, £Bd dau. 
of the Rev. Henry Palmer, of Withcoto, co. Leicester. 

1. Agnee-Elitt, m. to George Pochin, Esq. of Barkby, co. 
This gentleman, whose patronymic was Lathaic, 
assumed the surname and arms of AsnBT on inherit- 
ing the estates of that family. He is a magistrate 
for the counties of Leicester aud Derby. 

UtttCHSf. — Habt-Elizabeth Ashbt, b. in 1747, elder 
dau. and co-heir of Ehukbrugh Ashby, Esq., H.P. (tee 
pagt 26) m. In 1770, William Latham, Esq. of Eltbam, F.R.&, 
and F.S.A., and by him, who d. about 1806, and was buried 
at Hungertou, had issue, 

William- Ashby Latham, his heir. 

Haria-Elizabeth Latham, m. to the Rev. Geotge OsbOTBe, 
of Hnselbeech, Northamptonshire. 

Harriet Latham, m. to Thomas Byron, Esq., who is 

Dorotheo-Hlnde Latham. 
Hrs. Latham d. in 1815, and was buried with her husband. 
Her son, having assumed the surname of Ashby, is the 
present Wiluam-Ashbt Ashbt, of Quenby, Esq. 

^mu— As., a chevron, erm., between three leopards' 
£em!66, or. 
Crt$t—Ont of a mural crown, a leopard's face, aflhmt^ 
Motto— Be iust. and foAr not. 
&al— Quenby HaU. 


Ashe, William- Welleslet, Esq. of Ashfield, co. 
Meath; nu in 1828, Maria- Walker, only dau.- of 
Geoi^ Hftigh, Esq. of Halifax, descended from an 
ancieut Scottish family, and had one son and one 
dau., both uf whom d, in infancy. This gentleman 
is a brevet lieut-col foreign sen-ice. 

UtttCXBC. — The andent and eminent family of Esss. 
Asms, or D'Esseoourt, which come over with Wiluam thb 
CoNQUKROR. appears by certified extracts under the seal 
of Ulster king-of-arros, — ^by the authority of the Hemld's 
Coll<^ro.— end from the pages of our old historians, to 
have hold lanre estates in the oo. of Devon, so early as the 

olevenlh o<mtury ; and the line is dedudble through mere 
than eighteen generations. From 

Sir Olivbb D'Essb or Asob, Uving towards the dose of 
the thirteenth centiiry, lineally descended 

Sa Thomas Ashb, of St John's, and of Dromsfaill, oou 
Gavan (eldest son of Thomas Ashe. Esq., by his wife, the 
dau. and heiress of Nicholas Bailey, Eaq. of the Abbey of 
St. John's, eo. Heath, and grandson of H ioholas Ashe, of 
Clyst Fomyeon, frcHU whose youngest son. James, derived 
the Ashes of Fte$hford and Hej/teAurjf, and the Ashes ^f 
Athffrovt. CO. LimerickX was knighted at Dublin OMtla 
by Sir Geoige Oarew, lord deputy, on St. James's day, 
26 July, 1808. He d. without issue, 14 Get. 1626, and was 
$. by his grand^ephew, 

Nicholas Ashb, Esq. of Hoyrath, b. in 160S, at whose 
decease without issue, in 1650, the estates wen inherited 
by the bdr of entail, his oousin, 

William Asm, Esq. of Summentown (son of Bidund 
Ashe, Esq., and Alice his wife. dau. of Lewis Jonss, D.D. 
Bishop of KiUaloe. and grandson of Nidiolas Ash, Esq. of 
Newtown, who was brother of Sir Thomas Ash. of St. 
John's). He m. 1st, Hartha Leigh, and by her had one 
son. RiOBABD, and four daus., Hary. m. to Edward Crofton, 
Esq. of Clonard, in Heath ; Hartha, m. Joseph Fish, Esq. 
of Kilculkm ; Alice, and Elisabeth. He m. 2ndly, Haiy, 
dau. of Dudley CoUey, Esq. of Castle Carbety. and rister 
of Henry CoUey, Esq. great-grandfather of Arthur, Itt 
Duke of Wdlington. By this lady he had one son. Dudley, 
and a dau. Hary, who m. one of Lord Damky's ftonily. 
Hr. Ashe d. in 16S2, was buried at Tiim, and ». by his 

Richard Ash, Esq. of Ashfidd, in tho oo. of Heath, H.P. 
for Tiim. He m. Anne, dau. of — ^ Deane, Esq.. and dying 
in 1727, lea (with three daus., Anne, m. in 17S4, to Hans 
Bailey, Esq. ; Hary, m. in 1740, ta. to William Lynden, 
Esq. ; and Elizabeth^ m, to Beivjamin Fish, Esq.X Ato sons, 
of whom the ddest was 

Joseph Ashb, Esq. of Ashfield, high-sheriff of Heath, 
H.P. for Tiim. He m. Susanna, dan. of Dxidley Loftns, 
Esq. of KUUan, had issue, 

L RiOHABJ>, bnrrister-at-low, and H.P. for Trim ; at. a dan. 
of Richard Warren, Esq. of Grangebeg, in Kildars. and 
relict of Thomas Cooper, Esq.. registrar of the court of 
Chancery; but d. t. p. in the lifetime of his father. 

II. Dudley, killed at the storming of Hero Castle. 

m. Thomas (SirX Knt.. H.P., bapt 10 Sept. 1788; hl«h- 
sheriff for the co. Heath ; m. Mary, dau. of Sir Daftd 
Kinlocb, Bart of Gllmartln, in Scotland, and lefl^ 
1 Joseph, of Drogheda. who m. in 1802, Catherine^ dan. 
of — Sheppard, Esq., but has no issue, 

1 Harriot, m. to Robert Shepherd, Esq., formerly secre- 
tary to Lord Castlereagh. 

2 Catherine, m. to James Sterling, Esq., British oonsul 
at Genoa. 

rv. Joseph, killed in storming the battery of Hora CssOs^ 

V. William, of whom presently. 

I. Alice, m. to Darner Edgeworth, Esq. of Lougwood, in 
the CO. Weatmeath. 

n. Anne, m. Dudley Loftus, Esq ef dan CasUe, in Meatk 
The 6th son, 

Wiluam Ashe, Esq., mi^or in the army, inherited, at 
his father's decease, a portion of the Ashflold estate. He 
m. in 1793, Hary, dau. of Archdeacon Hockler, and rdict of 
John Rawlins, Esq. of Dublin, and had, with two other 
sons and three daus., all now deceased, the present LiWT.' 
CoL. Wiluam-Wbllebley Ashe, of Ashfield. 

i^rnii— Quarterly of six: 1st and eth. sag., two ohevronali. 
sa., for Ashb ; 2nd, vert, a lion rampant, axg., for FofUfTsos; 
3rd, gu., a cross, erm. ; 4th, aig., a bend and three mullets, 
in chief, so. ; 6th, gu., a fesse, vair, aiv. and as. between, in 
chief, a bezant diozged with an anchor, sa., between two 
stars, or, and in base three martlets^ two and one^ of the 
last, for Bailey. 

Crat—A cockatrice, or, crested, armed, Ac, gu. 

Jfottof*— Above the shield, •' Fight." Bdow, " Kon nobis 
sed omnibus. 

gait— Ashfield, co. Heath. 


AsHHURST, John Henry, Esq. of Waterstock, co. 
Oxford; «. his father 3 June, 1846; m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Thomas Duffield, Esq. of Marcham, Bucks, 
and has a sod and heir, 


ItittCage. — Soon after the Conquest, Adam de Asshb- 
HuasT obtahied trom Roger de Leyland a grant of all Roger's 
claim of lands in Dalton, and trom that remote period to the 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


jaeientk Um Aihlniists haT« piea e i f e d a male fUOoeMion ; 
MTenl members of the fomily received the honour of 
koightbood In early Umea, and were Hiirfingirfwha^ in the 
vm of the Flaata^renota. Sir Adam ds Asshxhubst, Knt. 
direct mowtor of the preeent family^ was i4>i)ointed derkr 
nunbal to Edward IIL, in 1389, for life, and formed part 
of the suite of that \ing at the batUe of Cressy. For a 
dttaikd pedigree refer to Bubxs's JKxtiact and Dormant 

Tbohas AsHHuaar, of Aahhmrst, Ssq. living in the reign 
If Cbasixb II.. 1071, eon of William Ashhurst, Esq.* 
oicmber of the Long Parliament, and representative of the 
eoaoty of Lancaster in 1654, and grandson of Henry Ash- 
kont, Esq. of Ashhurst; m. Susanna, dau. and co-heiress 
of Thomas Boavile, Esq. of EdUngton, co. York, and was 

TsoKAS-HxirBT Abhhxtkst, Esq. of Ashhurst. in Lanoa- 
tban, b. in 167S. l^ce-Chanoenor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 
«ad reader of liverpool and Wigan, b. in 167S, who m. 
Dbsa, dau. of Sir Richard AQin, of Somerleighton, oo. 
BfxtMk, Bart, by Franoee his wife (only dau. of the 1st Sir 
HsDiy Ashhmvt, Bart, of Waterstock, in right €i whom 
Iff. Ashhurst became possessed of Waterstock, OzooX and 
bj her left at his deoease, in 1744, with five daus., a son and 

8m Wiluaii-Hkkbt Ashhubst, Knt., one of the Judges 
of the King's Bench in the reign of Qao. III., from 1770 to 
ISOO^ and twice (in 1783 and 1702), one of the lords oommis- 
iii»sts of the great seal. His lordship was 6. at Ashhurst, 
Ismashire, in Jan. 1725, m. 81 April, 1772, Ozaoe, dau. of 
Bobert Whalley, of Oxford. M.D., and had issue, 

WnxiAM-HxntT. heir to his father. 

Jamea Henry, d. in the Bast Indies, mtm. 

Thomas- Henry, D.C.L., Fdlow of AH Souls' College^ 


Gfaee^ m. 6 Oct 1796, to Oeoige Dorrien, Esq. ; and d. 

leaving two sons and four daus. 
Mr. Ashhurst d. at Waterstock, Nov. 1807, and was «. by his 

WiLUAM-HnntT Ajdhubst, Esq. of Waterstock, 6. 19 
Oct 1778. «. lat 10 Deo. 1806, Eliabeth. eldest dau. of 
Oswald Mbsley, Esq. of BolesworUi Castle, Cheshire, by 
whom he had issue, 

▼miAM-HssKT, d. wvm. 

JoBV-HnimT, now of Waterstock. 

Jsmee-Henxy, in holy orders, vicar of Qrsat Milton, Oxon. 

Beniy-Gooirge, in Australia. 

Trsderick-Tnomaa-HenTy, in Canada. 

Pnaces-Eliaabeth, m. 18 Aug. 1^36, to Thomas-Geoige 
Haritot Eaq. of Twickenham ; and d. U May, 1889, 
leetlDgason, Qeone-Tbomas. 

Ovolins^ m. to the Venerable Charles-Corr CSerice, Ardh- 
dea^m of Oxford. Mary. 

He at. Sndly, 15 Aug. 1889, Selina, eldest dau. of Sir John 
Mwahciid. Bart ot Trenant Park, Cornwall, and widow of 
Or Charles Mill. Bart of Newton Buiy, Hants. Mr. Ash- 
h«nt to J.P. and D.L. for the oo. of Oxford, and sboriff in 
UIO; be repraeented this county in parliament from 1815 
toisao. He 4. 8 June, 1846. 

ifr«»-Qn., a aosa, aig., between four fleuzB-de-Us^ axg. 
Cnat—A fox, statant, ppr. 
Jfetts— Tiiicit qui patitur. 
-Wateratock, oo. Oxford, 


AaawoBTH, The Rev. John-Habtkt, of Enst 
WoocDuiy, Haatfl, and Chuggan Tower, co, Clare, 
Ute of £I]and, co. York, a magistrate for Hamp- 
iidre ; m, Mary, eldest dau. of Thomas - Hippon 
Vavaeoar, Esq. of Rochdale, co. Lancaster, descended 
from the Tery ancient house of Vatasoub of HmiU- 
wood, eaTork. 

lUnMff . — The Ashworths are one of the oldest 
tesffies in England : the eaiiieet notice of them which we 
haw dieoovered, is in 1244. In the middle of the reign of 
Hnmr III. B^onard de Hesseworth devised the manor of 
AA w iai h to his sons Bobert and Stephen de Assheworth. 
tephsDli moiety was alkmated by his daughter Maigery 

Ashhorsfa brother, Hbtbt AsBHVBsr, of 

I'oodoa. Esq.. an eminent merchant, distinguished for 
baBevoisoce^ humanity, and piety, was father, inter aiio«, 
of two aonj^ 8m Bkvbt AsKHfjasr, Bart of Waterstock, 
and iSr William Aabhurst» Knt, lord-mayor and M.P. fir 



(92 Edwabd I.) to her cousin Robert, ion of Robert de Asshe- 
worth; and Matilda, dau, and co-heir of Bobert, having 
manied before 1849, Hugh, son of John del'Holt, conveyed 
the whole to him. The senior Mne thus became extinct 
in 1849, with the heiress marrying Hdte, but younger 
branches "bam preeerved a male eucoesslcm even to the 
present time. One oSshoot has long been seated at Hall 
Garr, eo. Lancaster, and another at Elland Bank, oo. 
Tork, from which springs by direct descent, the present 
Be v.. Jorn-Habybt Ashwobth, M.A. of East Woodtiay, 
Hants. His grandfather, John Ashworth, Esq. of EUukd 
Bank, died seised of certain lands in Whitworth, whioh 
formed part of the ancient poes e s si ons of the family. During 
the civil wars, the Ashworths were engaged with Faiifii::t in 
support of the Parliament. 

Arvf—QvL a cross humettd and engrailed, or, between four 
fleur-de-Iys, aig. 
Cre$t~-Ou a mount, vert, a fox i)pr. 
£raf— Craggan Tower, oo. Clare. 


AsKiw, Hknrt-Williah, E8q. c^ Coniahead Priory, 
CO. Lancaster, and of Qlenriddtog, eo. Cumberland, 
6. in 1808 ; m. in 1832, Lucy, ,^rd dau. of The Hon. 
and Rt Rev. Hugh Percy, D.D., bishop of Cariisle, 
and has issue, 

I. HsHBT-HuGH. 6. 23 July, 1847. 

n. Edmund-Adam, b. 25 May, 1849. 

I. Charlotte-Elisabeth. n. Emily-Mary. 

in. Frances-Louisa. 

ll(ntX0f. — Adam Asksw, M.D. (son of Anthony 
Askew, M.D. of Kendal, by Anne his wife, dau. of Adam 
Storrs, Esq. of Storrs Hall, co. Lancaster, and the lineal 
descendant of Hugh Askew, of Qreymanes, Cumberland), 
settled at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, about the year 1725, and 
acquired extensive practice. He m. Anne, dau and co-heir 
of Richard Crakenth o rp, Esq. of Newblggin. in Westmor- 
land, and had issue, Antuont, his heir; Adam, M.A.,reotor 
of Plumland; Heniy, of Bedheugh; John, of Palliusbum; 
Deborah, who d. unm. ; and Anne, who d. also single. Doctor 
Askew d. in 1778, and was $. by his eldest son, 

AvTHOirT Askew, M.D. of London, so celebrated for his 
extensive collection of books snd manuscripts, b. in 1722. 
Doctor Askew m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Cuthbert Swin- 
burne, Esq. of Longwitton, snd the West Gate, in North- 
umberland, but had no Issue. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Bobei-t Holford, Esq., one of the masters in dhanoery, by 
whom he had, 
Adam, his heir. 

Anthony-Linacro. M.A., Fellow of King's College^ Cam- 
bridge; d. in 1818. 

Henry, in holy orders, rector of Greystock, in Cumber^ 
land; m. 1799, Anne. dau. of Thomas Sunderland, Esq. of 
Little Croft Ulverstone; d. 25 Deo. 1852, leaving issue, 
HsNBT- William, now of Conishead Prioxy ; Anne-EUsa- 
both, fli. in 1880, John - Dalrymple Murray, Esq. of 
Murraythwaite, and d. in 1845; and Eleoiuna, m, to 
Capt Washington, R.N. 
Richard, formerly nu\jor, 27th regiment 
Thomas, m. to Lucy, dau. oi Bobert Carey, Esq. of 
London, merchant 

Anne-Elizabeth, m. to Oeoige- Adam Askew, Esq. of Pal- 
Unsbum. Sarah, d. unm. 

Deborah, m. to Sir Lucas Pepys, Bart, M.D. 
Amy, to the Rev. John Washmgton, of Winchester. 
Mary, d, wnm. in. 1786. 

EUsaoeth, tn. to Henry-Percy PnUelue, Esq. of Carleton 
Hall, in Toikahire. 
Doctor Askew d. at Hempstead, In 1774, and was $. by his 

Apam Asksw, Esq. of Bedheugh, high-aheriiT of the eo. of 
Durham in 1809; m. 1st. Amy, dau. of Robert Carey, Esq. 
of London, and 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of the late Rev. Sir 
Richard Rycrofb, Bart., but d. ». p. His nephew Is the 
present Heivbt-Wiluam Askbw, Esq. of Conishead Prioiy. 

.<lrm**-Sa., a fesse, or, between three asses, passant, aig. 
Crat—hn arm holding a sword transfixing a Saracen s 

&«tt— Coniahead Priory, Ulvewton; and Glsnxiddfaigi 
Penrith. ^ 

Askbw, Richard Chaster, Esq. of Pallmsbum, 
00. Northumberland, barrister-at-law, recorder of 
Newcastie-on-Tyne, h. 6 Sept. 1778; «. his brother 
25 June^ 1847. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


- %intKfl[t' — JOHV AsKKW, Esq. of PftUinsbarn, 4th son 
of Doctor Adftm Askew, of Btozrs Hall, by Anne, dau. snd 
co-heir of Bichard Grslranthorp, Esq. of Newbiggen, m. 99 
Sept. 1770, Bridget, dan. and hebr of John Watson, Esq. of 
Goswick, 00. Durham, by Elisabeth, dau. of John Craster, 
Esq. of Craster, in Northumbexiand, and had issue, 

Gbobos-Adam, his heir. 

John-Watson, A.M., Fellow of University College, Oxford, 
in holy orders ; d. unm, 17 Nov. 1810. 

Hbvbt (Sir). K.C.B., Ute of Pallinsbum. 

William, lieut. R.N. ; d. in Dec. 1805. 

Bichabd-Obastcb, now r^resentaUve of the family. 

Christopher-Crakenthoip. capt. B.N. ; b. 83 May, 1793 ; 
m. in Feb. 1828, Sarah Dickson, and has issue. 

Hugh-Bertram, in the B.I.C.8. 

Elizabeth-Anne. Isabella. 

Mr. Askew d. 28 Oct. 1794, and was ». by his eldest son, 

Gsobox-Adam Asuew, Esq. of Pallinsbxim, b. 19 July, 
1771, sheriff of Northumberland in 1800, m, in 1795, his 
cou^ Anne-EUsabeth, dau. of Anthony Askew, M.D. of 
London, but d. 8. p. in 1808, when he was 8. by his brother, 

But Hkstbt Askkw, K.C.B. of Pallinsbum, lieut. -gen. in 
the army, b. 7 May, 1775, d,8.p, 25 June, 1847. 

jlmu— S&., a feese, or, between three asses, passant, aig. 
CVeif— An arm holding a swcnid transfixing a Saracen's 
Ifotto— Patientia casus exuperat omnes. 
Sea(— FaUinsbum House, Northumberiand. 


Abfikall, John, Esq. of Standen HaU, oo. Lan- 
caster, b, 7 Aug. 1779 ; m. lst» 28 April, 1804, Jane, 
dau. of — Robinson, of Sabden ; and 2ndly, Harriet, 
widow of Ralph Bligborough, M.D., by the former of 
'whom he hna issue, 

I. Johh-Thomas-Walshxah, who m. 20 May, 1851, Ellinor, 
dau. of Nicholas Aspinall, Esq. of LiverpooL 

T. Mary, m. to J.-L. Hammond, Esq. 

n. Helen, m. to John Lomax, Esq. of Clayton HalL 

m. Eliabeth-Walshman. rv. Jane. 

Mr. Aspinall, who «. his great-uncle, John Aspinall, 
Esq., serjeant-at-law, 1 Murch, 1784, is J.P. and D.L. 
for Lancashire and ^e west riding of Yorkshire. 

%.ittfS0C* — ^This ftonily has been for several centuries 
seated in the parish of Whalley; its ancestor, Jamcs Aspi- 
KALL, was seised of lands in Clitheroe, prior to the reign of 


Jakbb Abpivall, Esq. (elder son of Alexander Aspinall, 
Esq. of Clitheroe, and brother of the late Mr. Setjeant John 
Aspinall), «». Anne, widow of Henry Lonsdale, Esq., and 
was father of 

JoHH AspiKALL, Esq. who m. in 1744, Miss Hannah 
Cooper, and had two sons, Johh, now of Standen Hall ; and 
Nicholas, of liverpool, who m. Elisabeth Bowden, and has 
issue, Edward, Margaret, Alice, and Ellinor. 

Arm*— Or, a chevron, between three grlflSps' heads, erased, 

OreM^A demi-grifBn, erased, sa., collared, winged, and 
beaked, or. 

Motto—JB^B fortissima virtus. 

j8m<— Standen Hall, Lancashire. 


AssHBTON, WiLUAM, Esq. of Downbam Hall, oo. 
Lancaster, J.P. and D.L., b, 16 March, 1788; m. 
9 Aug. 1816, Frances- Annabella, dau. of the Hon. 
William Codcayne, of Rushton Hall, co. Northamp- 
ton, and by her (who d. 25 July, 1835) has surviving 

L Balph, b. SO Deo. 1880. 

u. Richard-Orme, 6. 12 July, 1835. 

9rClICX0f • — Ashton-imder^I^yne, a market town in Sal- 
ford hundred, county palatine of Lancaster, gave name to 
the ancient famUy of Assbeton, which was founded by Orme 
FitzEward, to whom Albert de Greeley gave one carucate 
of land in Assheton, besides a knight's fee in Dalton, Far- 
bold, and Wrightington, temp. Hehbt III. 

RADOLirrs Assheton, Esq. b. hi 1582. 2nd sen of Ralph 
Ashbeton, Esq. of Gi'eat Lever, oo. Lancaster, by Johanna 
his let wife. dau. and co-heir of Thomas Radcliffe, Esq. of 
Wimbersley (see Bcrkb's Exiinct Barorutage); m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Hyde, of London, and had, witli other issue, 

John Asshkton, Esq. ooL in the service of Chablbb I., 

A S T^ 

who m. Anne, dau. of Richard Shuttleworth, Esq. of Gaw- 
thorpe. add had a son, 

RiCHABD AsBHETON, Esq. of Dowuham, under a deed of 
settlement, dated in 1678, of his Irinsman, Sir Ralph Ash- 
heton, of Whalley, Bart Richard Assheton m. Mary, dau. 
of Geoige Pigot, Esq. of Preston, by whom he had numerous 
issue; of whom 

Ralph Asshron, Esq. m. Sarah Bruen of Stapdford, 
and(withason, Richard, who d. ». p.) was Cftther of an eldsr 

Ralph Asbhbton, Esq., who m. Kary, dau. of lliomai 
lister, Esq. of Amoldsbiggin, co. Toric, and had issue, 

Ralph, his heir. 

Richard, D.D.. warden of Hanchester, and rector of Mid- 
dleton; b. 19 Aug. 1727; d. 1800, leaving by his wife 
Maiy, younger dau. of William Hulls, Esq. of London, 
Richard, d. «. p. ; Mary ; Elizabeth, m. to James Whalley, 
Esq. of aerkiull, who d. 1785 ; Caroline ; and Catherine. 

Elizabeth, m. to Richard Assheton, Esq., brother of Sir 
Ralph Assheton, of Middleton. 

Maiy, m. to the Rev. John Witton, of Lnpset Hall; and 
Sndly, to Peregrine Wentworth, Esq. of Tdston Lodg«^ 
The eldest son, 

Ralph Asshkton, Esq. of Downham, m, Rebecca, dao. 
of WiUiam Hulls, Esq. of London, and dying S Jan. 175^ 
aged 47, left issue, Wiluax, his heir, Anne, m. to Dr. W. 
Cleaver, Bishop of Bangor, Rebecca, m. to — Penniston, Esq. 
of Oxfordshire, Mary, and Elizabeth. The son and heir, 

WiLUAX Assheton, Esq. of Downham, b. in 1758, served 
assheriirofLancashirehil792. He m. in 1780, Lettioe, 2iHi 
dau. of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart, of Norton Priory, eo. 
Chester, and left (with a dau. Mary, wifeof John Annytage. 
Esq.. eldest son of Sir Geoige Armytage, Bart.) a son and 
successor, the present William Assheton, of Downham 
ITiiii^ Esq. 

Arm8—Axg., a mullet, sa., pierced, of the field, 
fiaot— Downham Hall, near Clitheroe. 

Abtell, Richabd William, Esq. of Everton House, 
CO. Huntingdon, lieut-coL Grenadier guards, «. his 
father 7 March, 1847. 

iLinfUHt* — ^Willlam Thobnton, Esq. Snd son of God- 
frey Thornton, Esq. of Mogerhanger House, co. Beds, (seo 
familp qf Thobnton), b. 18 Oct. 1774, assumed by sign- 
manual the surname and arms of Astkll in 1807. He m. 15 
July, 1800, Sarah, only dau. of John Harvey, Esq. of Ick- 
wellbury in Beds., and of Finningly Park, co. York, and by 
her (who d. 15 May, 1841) has had issue, 

RiOHABD-WiLLiAX, now of Evcrton House. 

John-Harvey, H.E.I.C. foctory at Canton, now M.P. for 
Cambridge, 6. in 1804S. 

Henry -Godhnev, m. Louisa-Maria, dao. of 1Ui<3it'Qtn, 
Wyuyard, C.B. 

Cbarles-Edward, a military officer. 


Caroline, m. to the Rev. W.-H. Booper, of Abbots Beptoo, 
Huntingdonshire, and is deceased. 

Louisa, m. to Thomas St. Quintin, Esq., Jun., of Hati^ 
Park, in the co. of Cambridge. 

Mr. AsteU was colonel of the Royal East India Yoluntean, a 
director of the East India Company, and frequently filled 
the chair of the court. He d. 7 Mainh, 1847. 

.<lrms-^Quarteriy: 1st and 4th, gu., a lion, passant, per 
pale, or and aig., between four cross-crosslets, of the un, 
for AsTSLL ; 2ndi, ai^g., on a chevron, gu., between three 
trees, ppr., three-crosses pat^fitchte, aig., for Thobntoh; 
8rd, for Godin. 

CretU—lst, a cross-crosslet or, entwined with a serpent, 
vert; 2nd. a lion's head, erased, puipure; round the neck, a 
coronet, or. 

lfoao--8ub cruoe glorior. 

6lea^-Everton House. 



Felfoot, CO. Lancaster, and Dukinfield Lodge, oo. 
Chester, 6. 24 April, 1825 ; m. 7 Oct 1847, Gtertrude- 
Emma, 2nd dau. of CoL H.-D. Junes, Royal Engineecs, 
and has isbue, 

L FiuNCui-DuKiNraLp, b, S9 May. 1858, 

I. Gerti-ude-SusfUD, 

n. Constanoe-Charlotta. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

A T C 

Xr. AflUey is son of the late Francis-Dukiiifield 
AiUej, 1^. (who d 29 July, 1825), by Susan 
Pifaner his wife, and grandson (by his 1st wife, 
Lady Dukinfield-Daniel) of John Astley, Esq., son 
oi Richard Astley, a physician, who was cousin of 
Sir John Astley, Bart of PatshulL 

JnM— Ax., a dnquefoO, erm. 

■ C^oe— Out of a duoal coronet^ or, a plume of seren ostrich 

«ii(»--feUfoot, Lancashire; and DuUnfield Lodge, Che- 


AflfOK, Sib Arthur, Q.CB. of Aston, oo. Chester, 
I fermeriy envoy-extraordinary and minister-plenipo- 
tentiary at the oourt of Spain; $, his nephew in 

EinCItt.— GATSBam Astoh, eldest sister and beir of 
Btr Thomas Aston, 4th Bart, of Aston, who d. in 1744 (see 
BoBKB^ Mxtiitet Baronetagt), m. the Hon. and Rev. John 
Bwey, D J>., 6Ch son of John, 1st Earl of Bristol. Dr. Herrey 
asiiimeil, in ocounquenoe, the surname of Aston, by act of 
pariianHWit» and left a son and heir, 

HaniT-HMavsT Aston, Esq. of Aston, sheriff of Cheshire 
la 1768, who ••. Miss Dickonson, of Wrightington Hall, co. 
Tsnrariiire, and had, witti a dau., Anna-Sophia, m. in 1782, 
to Anttwrny Hodges, Esq., a son, 

HantT-HMarsT Aston, Esq. of Aston, a ool. in the army, 
who «. 10 Sept. 1789, the Hon. Hsrriet-Ingnon Shepherd, 
4Ui dao. and oo-heir oi Charles 9th Viscount Irvine, and left 
at his decease (having fSallen in a duel, 23 Dec. 1798) two 
aooa, HKNaT-CHAaua, liis heir, and Abthub (Sir) now of 
Aston. The elder, 

HsxaT-CHABLas-HNBTET AsTON, of Aston Hall, m. Mar- 
gareta, dau. of the late William Barron, Esq. of Canick 
Banon, and left at his decease (with a dau., Harriet, m. 17 
July, 1833, to the Hon. and Bar. Arthur Talbot), a son, 

ABTBua-WKLuNGTON-HaaYST AsroN, Esq. of Aston, 
Beat. Iflt lifeguards, 6. in 1816, who d. unm. 28 Aug. 1839, 
and waa «. by his unde, the laeaent Ajtihub Aston, Esq. 
aov of Aston HaU. 

jf fau--Per dievron. sa. and arg. 
C i vd A n ass's head, ppr. 
Mm^-^PrH d'aocom^. 
awrt-Artoa Han, Cheshire. 


Atchsrlkt, Dayib-Franois, Esq. of Marton, co. 
Salop, k 1 July, 1818 ; «. his &ther in 1846. 

EintXgf.— The flunily of Atohsblbt €f Marion has 
been aettled in that neighbotiThood at least as far back as 
the reign of Hnnst VII. Their ancestor. Sir Roger Atcher- 
kj, KfldL, who was bom at Stanwardine, in the parish of 
Barhuicli, within about a mile from Marton, was elected 
ihflrfff of Middlceex and London, 21 Sept 1504, aoth 
Hanr YII., and was chosen lord-mayor of London, IS Oct. 
Ull, Srd HxNBT YIIL He is mentioned in Fuller's Wor- 
Ma, ToL iL p. 263, and also in Stow's Survey of London^ 
edittao U66, p. 680, as having munificently stored Leaden- 
hailiDr the reUef of the poor. He filled aoveral dvio offices 
of high trust with distinction, and died in the month of 
Ix^, 1521, ISth HXNBT YIII. 

Bia descendant, Richard Atcheriey, who was also b. at 
B lan w awlltt e, went to live at Marton, and afterwards lived 
at Wyefaariey Hall, in the same parish of Baschurch. 
IhasMs Atcheriey, the eldest son of Richard Atcheriey, 
added certain parte of the Marton property in 1011, 9th 
Jambs L.and pfurohased more in 1020; and upon hia death, 
Wis a by Us eldsst son, 

TBcaus AiCHXBUT, who was baptised 31 Deo. 1009, and 
•w la 1042; Steanor, a dan. of Roger Griffiths, Bsq., alderman 
if B hiewshmy. This Thomas rebuilt Marton Hall, which 
kas sfw siDoe been in the possession of his lineal desoen- 
dnts, and which Btm remains as he built it, with some 
t addltionB. The last male descendant of this gentle- 

Riwasp AtCBBBurr, Ssq., who m. Elisabeth Edwards, 
dan. of Arthur Edwards^ 9t Boebuiy, oo. Hereford, Esq,, 
4, wfshMtt tasoe, 27 Feb. 1884. and by his will devised his 
ertates to his nephew, David-Francis Jones, now Atcheriey, 
the OQ]y son of his sister Jane, by her husband, David- 
~ i Jones, Esq. of Oymmsn, oo. Flinty dh?eoting him 

A T K 

to take the name and anns of Atohxblet only. This he 
according d|d, by royal license, 21 March, 1834, and became 
David-Franois Atoheblst, Esq. of Marton, F.R.S.» 
seijeant-at-law, and attorney-general of the counties pala- 
tine of Lancaster and Durham. He waa 6. 13 June, 17S3, 
and m. 20 May, 1817, Anne-Margaret, 2nd dau. of the late 
James Topping, Esq. of Whatcroft Hall, oo. Chester, K.C., 
and d. in 1840, leaving a son and heir, the present David- 
Fbanois Atohzblet, Esq. of Marton, and seven other 
surviving children. 

./Imu— Qu., on a fesse, engrailed, org., between three 
griffins* heads, erased, or, as many crosses patfe-fltch^e, sa. 

Cre$t-^A demi-bustard, oouped, gu., wings elevated, or; in 
the beak a lily, aig., slipped, vert. 

MoUo—Bp9 posteri temporis. 

ite <i <toice»— Marton and Qymman. 


A THORPE, Johk-Caryer, Esq. of DinniDgton, ca 
York, 6. 9 Aug. 1808; m. 8 Feb. 1831, Mary, dau. of 
Thomas-Gibbon FitzQibbon, Esq. of Ballyseeda, co. 
Limerick, and granddau. of Sir Henry Osborn% 
Bart., and has iESue, 

L John, b. 31 March, 1833. 

n. Oeorge-Middleton, b. 1 Nov. 1885. 

m. Henry, b. 6 Maix^ 1837. 

rr. Robert, b. 16 Oct. 1841. 

▼. Marmaduke, 6. 27 May, 1843. 

X. Mary-Anne-EUza, la. 6 April, 1858, to Edward Walter, 
Esq.. late oapt. 8th Hussars. 

n. Harriet. m. Emily-Jane. it. Catherine-Agnes. 

▼. Clara-Isabella. ti. Nannette-Fanny. 

YU. EUan-Ethdred. Tm. Blanche. 

IX. Alice-Nina. 
This gentlefnan, who is elder son of the late Mianna- 
duke-Middleton Middleton, Esq. of Learn, co. Derby, 
(who d. 6 Nov. 1848), by Mary-Anne his wife, dau. 
of Robert Athorpe-Athorpe, Esq. of Dinnington, 
assumed, upon attaining his majority, the Buruame 
and arms of Athorpi, in pursuance of the will of 
his maternal unde, Thomas Athorpe, Esq. 

./Imw— <2uarterly : Ist and 4th, per pale, nebul^ aig. and 
as., two mullets in fess. counterchanged. for Atborps ; 2nd, 
erm., on a saltier, engrailed, sa., an eagle's head, erased, or, 
for MfDDLRON ; 3rd, or, on a chevron, between three crosses 
duch^ sa., a fleur-de-lis between two stage' heads, oabossed, 
of the first, for Cabvier. 

CVttte— 1st, Atbobps, a falcon, ppr., belled, or, the dexter 
daw resting on an escutcheon, per pale, nebul^ and two 
mullets, in fesse, as in the arms ; 2nd, Middleton ($ee Mid- 
dleton of Learn): 3rd, Carveb, a mount, vert, tnereon a 
cross duoh^ or, charged in the centre with a fleuxMle-lis, 

aait— Dinnington, Torkshhe. 


Atht, Rakblb-Edmond-Ltnch, Esq. of Renville, 
CO. Qalway, repreaentative of one of the Tribes of 
Galway, is son and heir of the late Philip-Lynch 
Athy, Esq., by Bridget his wife, elder dau. of Randle 
M'Donnell, Esq., an eminent merchant of the city of 
Dublin. He has one brother, Myles, and two sisters, 
Elizabeth and Catharine. 

SM^-Renvill, co. Galway. 


Atkiv, John-Thomas, Esq. of Leadington, co. 
Cork, m. Sophia, dau. of J. Wright, Esq. of Dublin^ 
and has (with three daus.) a son and heir, 


Sritlf Xftt. — This fiunily have been settled in the oo. of 
Cork for more than two centuries. They removed from the 
neighbourhood of Mip*»*M*ft^, Somerset, at the time when 
the royalisto were beginning to be roughly handled by the 
dominant parliamentary addiery. 

John Atkin, Esq., whose fother was of BOlbrook, Old 
Cleave, oo. Somerset, was of Polemore, now called Bedham, 
near Toughal, which estate he purchased. By Jeane his 
wile (who d. 7 Dec. 1«76), he had with five daus., of whom 
the eldest, Jane, m. Jasper Lucas, Bsq.^Youghal, and 

Jigitized by V^OOQIC 


tbe Moond, Elisabeth, Samuel Hayman, Esq. of South 
Abbey. He d. 14 Feb. 1642, and was $. by bis son, 

JoHV Atxik, Esq. an alderman of Toughal, ft. In 1688. 
He d. 20 Hay, 1708, leaving a son, 

Thb Rby. Walter Atkiv, of BaUinleaden, or Leading- 
ton, incumbent of Middleton, and Tioar-geneial of the 
diocese of Cloyne. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of — r Ooningsby, 
Esq. of Hampton Court, oo. Hereford, and by her (who d. 
4 Not. 1718), had four sons and three daus. ; the youngest 
of the latter, Elizabeth, m. in 1742, the Rev. Atldn Hayman 
(Me BxYUAJKof South Al>b€^\ and d. in Jan. 1756. Mr. Atkin 
4. 1 Not. 1741, and was ». by the next son, 

Ths Rst. Johm-Thomas Atkiv, of Leadington,.who m. 
Ifaigaret, Snd dau. of the Bct. Matthew Jones, anfa- 
deaoon of Lismore (by Bridget his wife, dau. of Sir Richard 
Kennedy, Bart., 2nd baron of tbe ExohequerX and sieoe 
to Dr. Edward Jones, Bishop of Cloyne (1682—1602)^ by 
whom he left at his decease, in 1766, an only son, 

Waltxb Atkiv, Esq. of Leadington and Windsor, both 
in oo. Coric, who m. 1st, in June, 1751, Baibara, only child 
of Maurice Uniaoke, Esq. of Woodhouae, and bad, l Johv- 
Thoilu, his heir; n. Maubioc-Uvaiokb, heir to his bro- 
ther; m. Walter, m. Gertrude, dau. of R.-U. Fitqj;erald, 
Esq. of Corkbeg, M.P. for co. Cork, by whom he had, 
Robert, deceased ; Louisa, m. to William-M. Hickson, Esq. 
of 00. Kerry; Maigaret. «|. to Sir William Hamilton, 
gOTemor of Heligoland. Mr. Atkin m. 2ndly, Maiy, 2nd 
dau. of George Dunacombe, Esq. of Mount Deeert, and had 
further issue, 

I. Geoige, of Kilwinny, m. Miss Burke, of Galway, and 
had issuer Maxy, d. unm. 

u. Edward, eapt. in the 50th regt. ; m. Miss 0*SulliTan. 
III. William. 

IT. Matthew, drowned in North America. 
▼. Nicholas, m. Miss KUdahL 

Ti. James, m. Ist, Maxy, dau* of — Bleasley, Esq. ; and 
2ndly. the widow Roe. 

I. Harriette, m. 1st, Val. Kildahl, Esq. ; and 2ndly, the 
Rot. Thomas Nolaioi, A.M., of Tougfaal To the former 
she bore, 

SoBiBBKi Kildahl, Esq. of Proepect HilL Tougfaal, m. 
Mary-Harriette. elder dau. of Lieut. Atkin Hayman, 
R.N., and has issue. 
n. Elisa. m. 1st, 6 Feb. 1813, Atkin Hayman. Esq., lieut 
R.N., by whom (who d. 25 Mardi, 1817) she had knue^ 
1 Samuel, a posthumous son, d. in inftmcy. 

1 Mary-Harriette, m. to her cousin, Sobieeki Kildahl, 

2 EUzabeth. 

She m. 2ndlT, 17 May, 1821, William -Andrews Uaah, 
Esq. of Bandon, J. P., and has fiuther issue. 
He was ». by his eldest son, 

Johv-Thomab Atkiv, 1^. of LsadingtoB, m. in June, 
1785, Martha, 2nd dau. of WtlUam Purefoy, Esq. of Cork, 
and d. in 1786, haTing had issue, a dau., 
Martha, n, to OraTcs-Chamney Swan, Esq. of Newtown 

Maubics-Uviackk Atkiv, Ueot.-ool. in the North Cork 
militia, i. to the fkmily estates on his elder brother's death, 
without male issue. He m. filizabeth-De Courcy, only dau. 
of Daniel M'Carty, Esq. of OarrignaTar (see that/amilp), by 
the Hon. EUzabeth-Geraldine De Courcy, his wife, dan. of 
Gerald, 24th Lord Kingwale, and had issue^ 

Walter, d. imm. in Jan. 1821. 

JoHV-THOMAS, present repreeentatiTS. 

Robert, d. in 1^. 

BUaabeth-Geraldine-De Courcy, m. 28 June, 1868, William- 
Cooke CoUis, Esq. of CasUe Cooke (m that tUU). 

Barbara, m. to the Rot. Charles Harte: and d. 3 Feb. 1845. 

EUen. d. unm. in 1844. 

^rfn»— Arg., three conies, gu. ; a chief, Taliy, or and as. 
Aazt— Leadington, near Middleton, oo. Coric 


ATKnrs-GoiKO, Thb Rev. PHTUP-Gk>iiro, of Flr- 
ville, 00. (}ork, and of Monaquil, oo. Tipperary, 6. 
21 June, 1804 ; m. 16 Aug. 1830, Jaae, 2iid dau* of 
the late Rowland Horriaon, Esq. of Cork, by Maria 
his wife, 2nd daiL of Robert Davies, M.D., and Iumb 
f arriving issue, 

I. Robert, 6. in 1833. n. Philip, b. in 1834. 

lU. John, 5. iu 1840. 

t. Maria-Jane. n. Chariotte-EIizabeth. 

in. Heurietta-Louisa. 

Hr. Atkins-Qoing $,, at his grandmother, Mrs. Qoing^s 

A T K 

decease, to the Honaquil estates, and to FhTflle, ai 
the death of his father, 13 Sept. 1839. 

tLinta^e.— RiOHABB Atkivs, Esq., the first of tha 
fiunily who settled in Ireland, is belicTed to have been Snd 
son of Sir Jonathan Atkins, Knt., goTemor of Ouenuwy, 
by Maxy his wife, sister of Charles Howard, let Eari of 
Ouiisle. He obtained a grant of lands in the co. of Kerry, 
between the years 1640 and 1660, which be soon aftarwazda 
ali en ated, and purchased scTeral debentures, wfaioh wera 
confirmed to him as a loyal subjeet^ when Sir Peter Ooor- 
thorpe was goTemor of Munster, about 1660. He m. a dau. 
of — Fuller, Eeq. of The Sandbanka, co. Cork, and had, 
I. Charlib, his heir. 

n. William, of Roasagh, co. Cork, m. a dau. of John 
Nowhm, of Doneraae, and had iasue. Hia deaeendants 
intermarried with the Crofts. Puroell, Crone, and other 
fiamUies of reepectabilitj in the neighbourhood ; Q^OJgO, 
John, and Rogor, were nunfly namea. 
m. John, of BallTandrew, near DoneraHe. He ••. EUaar 
both, dau. of John Nowlan; and dying beCore 1757, left 
a son, Richard, of Ballyandirew, near DoneraOe. and of 
Marlow ; who m. Anne^ only dan. of the CSulllTan Beore^ 
of Glennarought, and by her (who was b. in 171S, and d. 
8 Not. 1756, aged 44) Mr. AtUna left at his decease^ being 
killed by a fiall firom hia horse returning fkxwa hunting; 
an only child, John, of FountaiuTille, b. about 1729 ; who 
M. 5 Not. 1757. Maij, 2nd dau. of Robert Atkiua, Eaq. 
of FountainTille and Copstown, by Elizabeth hia wii& 
dau. and co-heir of Jacob Riagrose, Eso., and Elizabeth 
his wife, dau. of Qeoige Crofts, Esq. of VelTetstown, oo. 
Cork. Jacob Rinmsewaa 3rd son of CoL Biohard Ring- 
rose, of Moynoe House, oo. Clare. Mr. Atkins <L 10 Jan. 
178S, having had Issue^ 

1 Robert, capt in the South Cork militU; b, 13 March, 

1762 ; tM. Jane-Purdon, Snd dau. of Richard Ringroae 

Bowerman, Esq. of Mojmoe House, oo. dare, by 

ATarina his wife, dau. of Simon Puraon, Esq. of Tin- 

nersna, co. dare ; and d. 20 May, 1808, leaTing & dan., 

ATarina, m. to the Rot. Henry Oubbins, of Limeri<^ 

eldest son, by his 2nd wife, of Joeeph Gubbinn, Eaq. 

of Kenmare CasUe. 

Thomas, lieut. 89th regiment, who inherited Arom hia 
&ther the pr(^>erty of BallydanieL He d. of a vround 
in one of his feet, m 1795, at St Lucia. He waa aerer 

1 Anne, m. 2 April, 1782, tp John Cole, Esq. of Oldwood, 
CO. Cork. 
8 Elizabeth, <£. unm, at Mallow, 30 April, 1836. 

3 Moigaret. 

4 Mary, m. 8 July, 1802, to Jamee-Thomaa Davia, Esq., 
surgeon Royal Artilleiy, and acting deputy-inspector 
of ordnance hospitala in the Peninsula, rapreaeutatire 
of an ancient Bucldnghamahire family, originally from 
Walea; and had by him, who d. at Exeter, aged 40, 
27 Sept 1814, three sons and oae dau., 

royal artillery. 

James-Robert DaTis, of Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, 
m. 17 Oct. 1844, Charlotte-Eliza, aiater of tha Ber. 
Philip-G. Atkins-Going, of Finrille. 
Thomas-Osborne DaTis, i)arrister-at-law, d. unm. 
Charlotte-Melina DaTia. 
6 Cbailotte^ n. to John-Frederlok Ridley. Esq., sorgeen 
Boyal Artillery, of Hawthorn, oo. Durham. 
IT. Samuel, who liTod in London; he m, and had tsaue, 
two sons, Robert and Thomas, and a dau., Chariottsk 
(Mrs. Bradshaw.) 

1. Maigaret, m. Richard Chapman. Esq. of Gurtnagxnsik 
CO. Cork, (now called Firville ) and had iaauo. 

The eldest aon of Richard Atkins, 

CHAaus Atkihs, Esq. of FountainTille, ahariff of linari^ 
in 1604, fa. 1st, a dau. of John Westropp, Eaq, of OUiir^ 
dowgan, co. Cork, who waa the eldest brothar of Westropp 
of At^yn, in the co. of Limerick, but had no laana by her. 
He m. 2ndly, Hannah, eldest dau. of Robert Minnltt, Eaq. of 
Knygh OuBtle, Blaokfort, CO. Tipperary. Mr. Atkina 4. before 
1733-4, but his widow, who waa b. in 1688, liTad till 80 
Aug. 1762 (and m. again, but by her aeoond husband had' 
no issue); by her first husband, Mr. Atkiaa, aha had, with 
a dau. Barbara, m. to Mr. Bajnes, an Rn yiUK^p^ p thzee 
aona, Tis., Roasar, hia heir, John, who d, # . p.« and Thoviaa, 
of Virginia, in America. The eldest aon, 

RoBSRT Atkiks, Eeq. of FountainTille, BaUyngnarane, 
Clashgarifle, Ballybowra, Ac. was b. 1704. He m. g^iw*^*4*»x 
only child of Jacob Bingroee, Eeq 8rd son of Col. Richard 
Ringroee, of Moynoe House, m the co of Clara. He d. 17 
May, 1783, haTing had a numerooa iasua, Tis., 

I Chablbb. b. 18 Oct. 1729, who m. Elizabeth, aole chHd 
(by his 1st wife) of William Deere, Eeq. of Ballyboy eo 
Tipperary. He d. 1762, aged 32, in the lifetime of his 
father, leaTing iseue^ 
William Atkut^ Esq., 6. in Msj, 1757, who a to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PottDtalnTlDe en the demiie of hit graad&tlker in 1788. 

BeM. llaiy, dan. of John Roberts, Esq. of A-rdmora 

Boom, oo. Cork, and had issue, a son, William, who d. 

wot., Kod six daus., of whom the eldest, Sarah, tn. her 

cousin, BiugToae Atkins. H.D., and the youngest, 

Tnmoes, m. William Lysaght^ Esq. of Hazleisod, co. 


n Ripgrose^ of Prospect Hill, netur Mallow, Justice of the 

Msse. eo. Goik, m. Ist in 1760, Catharine, only dsax. and 

Urof Jokn Brookes. Esq.. Inr whom he had no issue, and 

tadly, Blasabeth. eldest dan. of William Baker, Esq. ot 

JUIvdaTid, 00. Tipperary. Mr. Atkins d. U FebTlVst, 

Vkd iett iene aerenu children, vis., 

1 Bobbbt-Bakxi^ his heir, of Proq;iect Hill, d, unm. 

$ Biqgrose, M.P., wae suj:;geon of the Tipperary militia. 

ft. in 178S, w. in 1S04, Sarah, eldest dau. and co-heiress 

of William Atkins, Bsq. of Fonntainville and of Mallow, 

sad A 18 Fob. 1818, aged 86. leaving iasne, 

TMMAe-RnroBoa^ now of Monkstown. eo. Oorlc, b. 

Oct 1800, a captain in the Imperial Lanoefs of 

Austria; he sold Prospect Hill, and other property in 

MaUowand iU vicinity; be m. July, 1887, Susauna- 

Aqgnsta, dau. of Cok>«fil Nuttal Greene, of Kilmana- 

ban Castle, near Clonmel, co. Tipperary, and has issue. 

John-Boberts, of Coolmahon, co. Cork, barrister-at- 

kw, ». in 1810. 

Bienoas^ late a midor im the Queen of Spain's Rifles, 
aod mem lieiii.-«QL br breret^ and a knight of San 

Vabam. on whom half of FoontaiAviUe i* petUed by 
Us gnmd&ther's wilL 
Wsitei^Baker, of Trinity College, DubUn. 


I Thomas, tteui. in the army, now a settler hi Yan 
BiMwn's Lasd, m. Bertha-JBwrab. d*u. of — Luttrell, 
Ek]., staff-surgidon in that colony, and ha& Qobert; 
Bii^^roee; EUsa^ wife of Tbomaa NicholsoB, £sq. ; and 

1 Anae, m, to Thomas Oelston, Esq., asslstant-com- 
mlssBzy-geoenl, now of Adelaide Pla^ Cork. 
i Elizabeth, m. to Henxy Franks, Esq., bercouelB. 
I Mazgaret, at. to O.-B. Psia, Esq.. and has one child. 
BL Jaoob. who vraa port-sonreyor, Baltimore, eo. Cork. 
Hs SI. in 1772, Phcsbe, sole eblld and heiress of John 
IM>b8, Bsq. of IfaUow, («« Dobm of CaMU Dobbt,) and 
hsd issue one aoxi, Bobert. d. wim., and one dau. Ph<xbb, 
•List, to John I^mcli, Esq., and Sndly, to the Bev. J.-B. 

merchant at Jamaica^ in the West Iiulies, d, 

9. ot FirviUe, of whom hersaftsr, as founder of 

L lUigaret, h. in 1780, m. to William Deveieaz, Esq. of 
Dwcpsrk, CO. Clare, a scion of the ancient faojly of Devs- 
■nn •/ Carriffmaian, in Wexford. 
B. Haiy, SI. as before stated, to her relative, John Atkins, 

, of Meadestown, m. to Henxy Franks, Bsq. 

of MMvestown* co. Limerick. 

B» Stti wr v i v in g son, 

BoBEw ATKnia, Esq. b. 1 Aug. 1740. of RrviHe, near 
XiDow. in the oo. of Cork, J.p. for that co„ and mi^jor in 
the MsUow cavalry. He m. in 1773, Maxy, dau. of Oeoi^ 
HiitiDgB, Esq., and sister and co-heiress by blood, and sole 
biinsi in pnpeity, to her brother, Stephen Hastings, Esq. 
<f VoHhsaxy, in tbe oo. of Tipperary, J.P. for the counties 
cf l^penry, Clnie, and lihierick, a deooendant of Sir 
Uvwd Hsstings, 4th son of Francis, Snd Earl of Hunting- 
din, ad had ismie. 

L BcBttr. his beir. 

B- fltsphen-HastlBgs, ef Porthenry, ee. Tipperary, J.P. 
i«ssv«ai yean for the eoe. Ttpparsry, dare, aadlime- 
^; he waa ». 90 Man*. Vf^aiii i». i Deo. 1816, 
ttaOwtb. eldeet dao. of Myles O'Reilly, Esq. and sister 
or Dowtl^obn CBeiUy. Esq. ol Heath House, Queen's 
Oounty. Mrs. Atkins dying In 1816, left an only child, 
BIsplMn-BastingaL in holy orders, b. 12 Sept 1810. 
« Xi^ Atkins m. tedly, Jul/, 182fi^ Maiy-Anne. eldest dan. 
of Msior William Greene, of the 6l8t re^^entw of OottAfiN^ 
MtfSwordsi, oo. Dublin, and has by her, 
WUBsm, h. 17 Jan. 1886. 

eth-Adeieu JfaiKaret-Gzaca. 

Jfaqi;ai«t-Gzaca. Maiy-Anne. 
to. Oeoige, d. a stadent In Trinity College, Dublin, unm. 
'jjyy.** to TheaoM LidwiU, Bsq. of Gcnoaokstown, oo. 

n/ra35th, St. to Robert Twiss, Esq., lustioe of the peace, 

« Cordel Hoose^ eo. Keny. bigh-shraifl of the said co. in 

IB. Aaaa ai« to Riebarxl-HardlBg ingBM>r% Esq. of BeDy- 

M^snd Brookdale, oo. Code 
>v- Mvgaret, si. Arthur Ormsby. Esq. of Bhrd Hill Houses 

•^ Tli^enuy, a»d pow eC BroelcdaU^ 00. Ooric, 

A T K 

▼. Hannah, m. to Wniiam Fitzgerald, Blaq. of Adrival, o^. 
Kerry, and of Blackfort. co. llpperaiy. 
VI. Henrietta, tn. 1st, to the Rev. Warham Leader, rector 
of Upper Shnndon, Cork, 2nd son of William Leader, 
Esq. of Mount Leader, co. Cork, and 2ndly, to the Rev. 
Uattbew Moore, now rector of Cahirconlish, co. Limerick, 
Snd brother of M.^rosbie Moore, Bsq. of Mooresfool^ co. 
Tipperary, justice of the peace and depu^-lieutenant 
The eldest son, 

BoBSRT ATXiira, Bsq. of Firville, oo. Coric, 6. 21 Jan. 
1776, m. 1st, 81 Dee. 1708, Chark>tte, 2nd dau. and co-heir of 
Philip GMng, Esq. of Monaquil, co. Tipperaiy, by Oraoe his 
wife, dau. of Thomas Bernard Esq. of Castle Bernard, 
King's Co., and by her, who d. in 1812, had issue, 
Bobert, b, in 1802, d. in 1812, unm. 
PHiup-Gonro, now of Firville. 
Hastings, 6. 6 March. 1807. 

Thomas, b. 22 April, 1808, lieut. lOtb footy d. wm. at 
Pemerara^ 1827. 

Johu-Bennett-Robert, b. 80 Qct. 1812, in holy orders, curate 
of Mallow, d, vnm. in 1840. 

Chariotte-Blisa, m. in 1844, to Jas.-Bobett Davies, Esq. 
Mr. Atkins m. 2ndly, 81 Oct. 1816, Catherine, dau. and 
eventually co-heir of John Ridley, Esq. of Hawthorn, co. 
Durham, but had no fiurther issue. He d. IS Sept. 1830. 

.^rme— Arg., on a ^evron, sable, three unicorns' heads, 
erased, of the field ; quarterinir Hastotos, Munnrr, (through 
the sanM family, Woollastov, and many others) Qoino, 


Cre$t-^A demi-heraldio tiger, ppr., ermin^ ducally collared 
and chained, or. 

<Sea£«— Firville^ near Mallow, co. Cork; Monaquil, oo. Tip- 


Atkins, Robert, Esq. of Waterrark, co. Cork, 
late capt. 60th Riflaa, b, March, ld02 ; tn. 8 Dec 
1S40, Sarah-Elizabeth, dau. of Jaxues Peoroae, £sq. 
of Woodhill, CO. Cork, and has issue,L 

I. Robebt-St. Lbosb, 6. 12 No7. 1842, 

z. Louisa-Petitot-St. Leger. 

n. Mary-Elizabeth-St. Leger. 

m. Henrietta-Oeraldine-St. Leger. 

JLintUHt. — UABOABMt ATKon, hsiress of Wateipaik 
(elder dau. of Bobert Atkins, Esq. of Highfleld, who pur- 
chased Carrigaline, now Waterpark, and gnmddsu. of 
Robert Atkins (son of Angusdne Atkins, a gentleman of 
English ancestryX who obtained various grants of land at 
the oommenoement of the 18th oentury), m. in 1742, Hey- 
ward St. Loger, Esq. of Hejrward's Hill, and had seversl 
children (see family af St. Lsobr). The 2nd son, 

Robert- Anmre St. Lbgsb, Esq. succeeding to Waterpark, 
assumed the surname of Atxivs, in compliance with his 
grandfather's will. He m. Jane, dau. and co-heir of Philip 
Lavallin, Bsq. of Waterstown, co. Cork, and had (with two 
daus., Sarah m. to Robert Berkeley, Esq. great grandscm of 
the celebrated Bishop Berkeley; and Jane, «. to Michael- 
Bustoad Westropp, Esq.) six sons; of whom the eldest 

RoBiST St. LBoaa-ATKnis, Esq. of Waierparic, was killed 
by a fall flnom his horse. He d. imsi., and was t. by hia 

WAB0AM ATKDffl, Esq. of Waterpsilc, who m. Mary, dan. 
of Dennis McCarthy, Esq. of Macksgrove, oo. Cork, and had 
an only soil, the present Robert Atkins, Esq. ef Waterparic 

ArTM^ikX%.^ two bars, go. ; on a chief, of the firsts three 
roundles, of the second. 
Crexf— A pelican wotmdin^ herself, ppr. 
Mott4>^Be just, and fear not 
iSrai— Waterpark, co. Coric 

Atkinson, Adam, Esq. of Lorbottle, co. Nortfa- 
umberlaiid, J.P., and captain in the militia, b. 
7 April, 1817; m. 4 June, 1850, CJhariotte-Eustafcia, 
only child of John CJoUett, Esq. of Upper Belgrave- 
street, London, bf Emma his wi£a, eldest dau. of 
Sir Thomas Gage, Bart, of Hepgrftve, Sufiblk, and 
by this lady (who is of founder's kin to William of 
Wykehwi tee Burke's CoUegioU Fmndaiiont) haa 
I. JoHN-CoLLBTT, b 28 April, 1854. 
X. Louisa-Edith. n. Oertnide. 

%lntKUf* — ^This fhmlly is of considerable antiquity on 
the English border, as may be seen from various old reoords. 
In one of the earlieet heraldlo Tisitations of Northumber- 

A T K 

land, a document is recorded, in which William Adekyeon, 
of Fenwick, is mentioned, 13 Nor. 1397 ; and in a manu- 
script poesoBsed by the late Robert Surtees, Esq. of Mains- 
forth, F. A.S., is given a list of all the castles and towers in 
the county of Northumberland, with the names of their 
proprietors, made about the year 1460 ; and under the head, 
** Nomina Fortalidnum infht com. Northumb. :" we find 
" Turris de Bukton," the property of William Atkynson. 

There are records of this fomily in yarious places ; but a fire 
having occurred at Brankston, which destrosred a number 
of the fiunily registers, it would be Hiniwiif. to make a con- 
nected history with preeision. 

ADiJf Atkihson, Esq. 6. in 1766, J.P. fbr Northumber- 
land, purchased the estate of Lorbottle in 1796. He m. in 
1776, Isabella, eldest dau. of Robert Curry, Esq., and d. 16 
July, 1844. His eldest son, 

Adam Atunsok, Esq. of Lorbottle, 6. 1 May, 1794, J.P., 
and majorKX>mmandant of a corps of yeomanry cayahy, m. 
S5 June, 1816, Eleanor, 4th dau.. of Nathaniel Davison, Esq., 
British consul at Nice, and afterwards at Algiers, and had 

Adam, present representative. 

Nathamel, in holy orders ; b. 80 April, 1822. 

John, an o£Bcer in the army ; b. 12 April, 1829. 

Ifan^Lret, m. 11 June, 1846, to the Rev. David Bruce, IC.A., 

Snd son of Thomas Bruce^ Esq. of Amot, N.B., by 

Clementina his wiflo^ dau. of Gen. lliomas and Lady 

Eleanor Dundas. 
IsabeUa-Blisa-Cook, m. to Thomas Benny, eldest son of 

Alexander-Renny Tailjrour, Esq. of Borrowfleld, co. Forfiar. 
Eleanor. Louisa-Elisabeth. 

^mw— Erm., a fesse, sa., between three pheons, or. 

Crttt—A. pheon, or. 

Saot— Lorbottle House, co. Northumberland. 

Atkinsok, Charles, Esq. of Rehins, oo. Mayo, 
^, in Feb. 1820. 

ILineAgf • — ^WiIliam ATmrsoir, Esq. of ReUns (son of 
Charles, of Behins, by Deborah Ids wife, dau. of CiH;>t. John 
Yaughan, and fourth in descent fh>m Capt. Cliarles Atkin- 
son, who settled in Ireland, ttmp. Queen Elicabeth), m. 
Jane, widow of Joseph Shardlowe, Esq. of the co. Kildare, 
and had, with two daus., Dehors, wife of Charies Gardiner 
Esq. of Cloona^ co. Mayo, and liarths, wife of William 
Rogers, Esq. of the co. Oalway, two sons, William, who d, 
in minority, and his successor, 

Chablis ATKnraoir, Esq. of Rehins, who tn. in 1786, his 
eousin Mary, dau. and heir of his unde, George Atkinson, 
Esq. of Ballina, co. Mayo, and had issue» 

William, his heir. 

Charles, who m. Mary, dan. of MivJor Hill, of BeUaghy 
Castle, oo. Antrim, and left one son, Charles. 

Matthew, of Mounljoy Squarei Dublin, barrister-at-law ; 
m. Miss Cruice, dau. of D.-J. Cruloe, Esq., RM. 

Thomas, in holv orders, rector of Doone, co. limerick. 

Elizabeth, m. to Fergus langley, Esq. of Lickflne^ oo. 

Mary, m. to William Leech, Em. of the co. of Dublin. 

Anne, m. to the Rev. Charles-F. Coote, brother of Chidley 
Coote^ Esq. of Mount Coote, co. Limerick. 
Mr. Atkinson was «. at his decease by his eldest son, 

William Atkihson, Esq. of Rehins, 6. 28 Deo. 1790, m. 16 
Feb. 1816, Frances, dau. of Charies Lan^^, Esq. of Coal- 
brook, CO. Tipperary, and has issue, 

Chabues, now of Rehins. 

William, b. in Dec 1827. 

Frances- WUhelmina. Mary-Georgina. 

Elizabeth. Charlotte-Anne. 

Mr. Atkinson was a magistrate for the counties of Mayo and 
BUgo, and a deputy-lieutenant at the former. 

jYnu—'Erm., on a fesse, vert, three fleurs-de-Us, arg. 
Oef(— An eagle, with two heads, displayed, arg. 
Jfotto— Est pii Deum et patriam diligare. 
Ao/— Rehln% co. Mayo. 


Atkinson, Gut, Esq. of Cangort, Kingfs County, 
h, 14 July, 1800 ; m. 24 Oct 1839, Anne-Moore, 2nd 
dau. of William Trench, Esq. of Cangort Park, bro- 
ther of the late Lord Ashtown, and has had issue, 

I. Charles-Newoomen, d. young. 

n. GuT-NswooMSH, b. 4 Jan. 1847. 

m. William-Henry, b. 28 Aug. 1848. 

IT. Richard-Frederick, b. 11 Dec 1849. 

L SanOi-Harriet. u. Emily. m. CaroUne-Sophia. 

A T K 

Mr. Atkinson t. his fether 14 Aug. 1846, and is a 
magistrate for the King^s County. 

SrtneAffe. — This family has been settled in the Ung^ 
Co. since the reign of Elizabeth, holding its lands under a 
patent firom the crown. 

AiTTHOKT Atkiksoh, Esq. of Cangort (son of William At- 
kinson, Esq. of Cangort, by Anne Hamilton his wife, grand- 
dan, of Sir Francis Hamilton, Knt. of Killiahandra, oo. 
Otyan). and grandson (by Anne his wife, dau. of Sir Robert 
Newcomen, Bart.) of Anthony Atkinson, Esq. of Oangort, 
(whose father, lieut. Anthony Atkinson, of the island of 
Kntobret. King's Co., made his will 16 May, 1626) m. in 
1700, Maty, dau. of Admiral John Guy, of Greenwich, in 
Kent (celebrated for having reUeved Derry by breaking the 
boomX and had, with other issue. Gut, s u c cessor to his 
&ther, and Charles, ancestor of ATKixraoN tf A$ldt]f Park 
rwhieh m). Mr. Atkinson d. in Dec. 1748, snd was f. by 
his eldest surviving son, 

Ths Rst. Gut ATKursoir, of Cangort, rector of Agfang- 
hni, 00. Antrim, and vicar of Trim, who m. 1st, in 174^ 
Jane, dau. of Charles Maule, Esq., and niece of Henry, 
Bishop of Meath, and had by her an only child, Anthony, 
who d. before his father. Mr. Atkinson m. 2ndly, Jan^ 
dau. of Jackson Wray, Esq. of the co. Donegal, and had 
by her, 1 Hugh, who d. in India; 8 Guy, an officer in the 
lUivy, blown up by the explosion of a ship on fire; 3 Jaoi[- 
soir, of whom presently; 4 Charles, in holy orders, rector of 
Creggan, co. Armagh; m. Thomasina, dau. of the Rev. Mr. 
Downing, of the oo. of Londonderry ; 6 George, who si. 
Leonora, dau. of Jackson Wray, ^. of Bentford, oo. 
Antrim, and assumed, by royal license, the surname and 
arms of Wrat; and 1 Maria, «. to — Golding, Ibq. The 
third son, 

Jacksow-Wrat Atkiksoh, Esq. of Cangort, lieut-coL of 
the King's Co. miUtia, m. in 1794, Sarah, dau. of Riohsrd 
Caddell, Esq. of Downpatrick, and had issue. 

Gut, his heir. 

Henry, 6. in July, 1806, m. in April, 1889, Elix8beth•JaD^ 
eldest dau. of the Rev. William-Brownlow Savage, rector 
of Shinrono, King's County, and has two dans., Blisabetii- 
Barbara and Sarah- Anne. 

Charies, an officer 10th Native cavalry, B.I.C.a, d. hi 
India fh>m the bite of a snake, in 1840. 

Richard, 6. in 1819, m. Ifary^ane^ dao. of George Golding, 
Esq., and has a dau., Georgiana. 

Sarah. Maria. MabeUa^ane. 

Caroline-Steuart, m, to William L'Bstrange^ Esq. of Kfl- 

Emily-Rebecca. Harriet-Anne. 

Col. Atkinson d. 14 Aug. 1846, and was ». by his eldest 
son, the present Gut Atkinson, Esq. of Cangort. 

^mu— Or, an eaffle, displayed, with two heada, as., beaked 
and legged, gu. ; m chi^, a rose, of the last, seeded, gold, 
between two martlets, sa. 

Crettr—An eagle^ di^layed, with two head% as., beaked 
and legged, gu. 

Jfotto— Deo et regi fidelis. 

£ta(— Cangort^ King's County. 

Atkikson, Qboroe-Qut, Esq. of Ashley Pail, co. 
Tipperary, a ma^pstrate for that shire and for the 
KiDg*s County. 

SiittX^e. — Anthont AnmisoN, Esq. of South Fuk, 
CO. Tipperary, (son of Charles Atkinson, Esq. King's Co., 
by Mary his wife, dau. of Robert Saundarson, of Clover 
Hill, CO. Cavan, and grandson of Anthony Atkinson, Esq. 
of CangortX who d. in 1748, m. CatherizM, dau. of Dominick 
Blake, Esq. of CssUegrove, by Franoes his wife, dau. of 
Nicholas, 6th Viscount Netterville, and had, with a dau. 
Charlotte, who d. unm., two sons, Gbobob-Gut AnaHSOV. 
Esq. of Ashley Park, and Chablbs Atkinson, Esq. 6f 
South Park, 

Arm»t Ac—See Atkinson o/Cten^orC 

Smi—ABblisy Paric, co. Tipperary. 

Atkiksov, Jamss-Hkvrt-Holub, Esq. of Allge^ 
ton, 00. Northumbeiiand, b, 9 March, 1819; st. 
12 March, 1840, Anne-Louisa, d&u. of the late Wil- 
liam Ellice, Esq. He took the name oi Atkiksok on 
succeeding to the estates ot his maternal grand- 
uncle, Ralph Atkinson, Esa. of Angerton, in 1827, 
and was lately a oomet in the royal horse-guards. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

A T K 

KltrXJlt. — Sib Thomas BsCadvobd, O.C.B., O.C.H., « 
leot-gen. in the army, (sou of the la'.e Thomas Bradford, 
bf. of Woodlands near Doncastar, and of Ashdown Park, 
Sdmi, and broihsr of Ii0at.-Gol. Sir Henxy Bradford, 
vfao d. 1814; from the effects of wounds reoeiyed at Water* 
koX «. 1st, Mary- Anne, widow of Lieut.-Ool. Philip Ainslie, 
Md nieoe of Balph Atkinson, Esq., by whom he had issue, 
JixB^nBT-HoLLia, now of Angnton; Ralph, b. 1824; 
ffinbeth-Xary; Oeoigiana-Augusta-Frederica ; and Bar- 
Un. fir Thomas m. 2ndly, 18 July, 1840, Anne-Elizabeth, 
willow of B. Good, Esq. of Hariey Street. 

imf-Erm., on a fesse, double cotised, gu., between 
HampheooB, as., a lion, passant, between two roses, tag. 

Cni— On a mounts between two rosea^ stalked and leaved, 


A#-AQg«ton near Morpeth, oo. Northumberland. 


Amnov, Frakcib-Barino, Esq. of Rampsbeck 
Lodge, oa Cumberland, and Moreland, co. West- 
BNtdand, 6. 80 Dec. 1805; m. Ist^ in Deo. 1831, 
Maiy-Anne, dau. of Sir JobJi Stoddart^ Knt, chief 
jartMe of Malta» which lady d. in Nov. the following 
jcar. He in. 2ndly, 8 Aug. 1837, Ellen-Franois, 
dan. of John Home, Esq. of Edgbaaton (son of John, 
who was son of the last Home of Whitfield, a branch 
of Hom (or Hums) of Ninewelli), and by her has 

L QaoKn, h. 24 Nor. 1888. 

n. Frmcte-Homew 6. S Marah, 1840. 

m. Ihomss, &. S Aug. 1841. 

TL Akxsndei^Hecnry, b. 16 Aug. 1846. 

vn. Bobert-Septimuflk 6. 15 Feb. 1848. 

TUL Edward, b. 19 Jufy, 1850. 

L BDeD-Fiancas. n. Mary-Jane. m. Bridget-Harriet 

Ut. Atkinson is a deputy-lieutenant for Cumberland, 
for which shire he was hi^^-Bheiiff in 1853. 

Unflft. — ^This fkunfly inherits at Temple Sowerby, by 
dnei dMoeot, firom William Atkinson, who with his mother 
hiDclnded in a lease for MO years, granted in the 18th of 
EuuBsn, by the then lords of the manor, on the com- 
pnnim of suits at York, wliich had originated out of 
VMtioos on the tenures of the landholders at Temple 
Bowoby, whiefa numor had formerly belonged to the Knights 
of 8t Jolm and to the Templars. Mr. Atidnson's groat- 

Matthsv ATKnraov, of Temple Sowerby, was father 
(biridM a younger son, Bichard Atkinson, b. in 1738, a 
BMidkant of London, and admitted to the freedom of the 
la MwBit h i* company, who sat in parliament for Bomney, 
>ad vas senknr aldennan present at the mansion-house 
^(% thsattaek on the Bank in Lord George Gordon's riots, 
■ft« Kennet, the lord mayor* had absconded; and who d, 
*K. in May, 1TS6) of an elder son, 

GsoBoi Anmrsoir, Esq. b. 16 Aug. 1780, who was 
iteitvergeDenl for Cumberland and Westmoreland. He m, 
7 Ja. 1758, Bridget, dau. and heiress of Michael Maughan, 
Is). of Wdsingfaam, and Dorothy his wife, oo-heiress of 
Oenie Lowthlan, Ssq. of Staflbld, and d. 12 Oct. 1781, having 
^ with other children who d, in infancy, 

Miebael, of Mount Mackal, Kent, and London, d. 1821. 

Gsoaoj^ of whom presently. 

Bekaid. d. «Mft. 1793. 

HatUiew. of Garr HID, near Newesstls-on-Tyne^ d. 1820. 

^dha. d. mm. 1708. 

l>orDCfay. M. to N. Clayton, Esq. of Chesters, Korthumber- 

hnd. mad d. in 1827. 

Brid^st, M. to H. Tolteu Esq. of Bnmton, Northumberland, 


Jaas, of Tteiple Soweibj. 
At lad sonrivfng son, 

OsoiQB ATxnraow. Esq. of Morland. oalled also of Lee, 
Is EmA, b. 17 Sept. 1704. was secretary at Jamaica, and 
^-I>.C. to Lord Baloarres, when governor of that island, and 
« ft« > aiJs sgent-genaral for that colony in England. He m. 
SI JiUy, 17M, Boean-Mackensie Dunkley, of Clarendon, 
'■sues, sad d. tn Feb. 1880, having had, 

0«n<B. b. 9 Jane. 1795. d. wuh. 1849. 

Tknaa^ ». 14 Sept 1800^ eapt. 18th light dragoons, d. nam. 




Fiuiiois-BARmo, now of Rampsbeck Lodge and Morelond. 

William, in holy orders, rector of Gateshead Fell, Durham, 
and hon. canon of Durham ; 6. 18 June, 1800, m. Jane- 
Elisabeth, dau. of William Clarke. Esq. of Belford Hall, 
oo. Northumberland, and has issue. 

Bichard, 6. 6 Aug. 1813, m. Caroline, dau. of the Bev. J. 
Landon, of Aberford. 

Bridget, m. to Robert Robertson, Esq. of Auchleeks, co. 
Perth, and Hembland& Devon. 

Mary, m. to Alex. Tumbull, Esq., H.B.M. Consul at Mar* 

Jane. m. to Edward Johnson, Esq. of Newcastle-on-'Trne. 

Harriet-Elixak m. to Alex. Adair, Esq. of Heathortou Park, 

Amu— On., an eoffle, displayed, with two heada^ aig. ; on 
chieC of the second, three mullets, of the first 
Creat — A fiJcon, wings expanded. 

&at«— Rampsbeck Lodges Cumberland ; and Moreland, oo. 


Atthili^ Thb Rev. Wiluah, of Brandiston Hall, 
CO. Norfolk, A.M., vicar of Horsford, and perpetual 
curate of Horsham St Faith's, Norfolk, b. 11 July, 
1807; m. Ist^ 14 Dea 1835, Sarah-Bircham, eldest 
dau. of the late Quy Lloyd, Esq. of Croghan House, 
00. Roecommon, and by her, who d, in 1887, has one 

WiLXJAK, b. S Dec. 1880. 
He m. 2ndly, in 1840, Catherine, only dau. of the 
late Christopher Topham, Esq. of Middleham Hall, 
Torkshire, by whom (who d, 19 Oct 1844) he has, 

Bobert-Chiistopher-Topham, b. 18 Sep. 1841. 


He 91k Srdly, 28 June, 1849, Dorothea, dau. of the 
late Robert Radclyffe, Esq. of Fozdenton Hall, ca 

JLiMKflt- — ^This family deduces its descent from the 
time of the Conquest, and is stated by some authorities to 
have been of Saxon origin. 

RiCHABD ATT*xmLL, of Barsworth, in the oo. of Berks, 
(whose name, Ao. are recorded in the AbbmiaHo RottUorum 
OriffhuUiumt 81st Edward I.) m, Maude, dau. of Sir John 
Hariey, of South Wales, and was grand&ther of 

John ATT'smix, the first of his fomily who settled in 
the CO. of Norfolk, where his descendants have since con- 
tinued to reside. HIb great-great-grandson, 

Hbnrt Att'kbill, appears among the list of the gentry 
of England returned by the commissioners in the reign of 
Hrnbt VI. He m. in 1448, Maiy-Therese, dau. of Shr Hugo 
de Montmorende, a French officer, and by her left, with 
three daus., two sons. The elder, 

Hknrt Att'khizx, fell in the wars of the Boses, leaving 
an only son, who d. in infoncy. The fiunily estates then 
devolved upon his only brother, 

Thomas Att'hill, who m. in 1471, Lucy, dau. of Sir 
Balph Mordaunt snd had, with four daus., an only son, 
his successor. 

Sot RiOHABD Arr'Hixx, Knt who d. in 1506, leaving 
two sons and two daus. and was interred in the dhurch of 
Geystwidk, where his effigy in brass still remains. Sir 
Bichard was t. at his demise by his elder son, 

ANTHOtTT Att*hxll, Esq. The family residence havhig 
become dilapidated, this gentleman settled at Cawston, in 
the 00. of Norfolk. He m. in 1640, and had issue, fbiu: 
sons and two daus. of whom the eldest 

RiOBABD Att'hill, Esq. b. in 1546, succeeded his father^ 
and marrying in 1689, had, inter alios, a dau. Cicely, wife 
of William Custance, Esq. and a son and sucoessor, 

Edwabd Att'hill, Esq. captain in the army of Charlxs 
I. who m. the dau. and heir of Peterson, of Aylsham and 
Brandiston, and d. in 1670, leaving an only surviving son, 

Amtbont Att'hill, Esq. of Cawston, who m. in 1684, 
Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas Lombe, Knt. and left, besides 
several daus., two sons, vis. 

Amthoh t-Lombs. 

John, ancestor of the Cawston branch, ftrom which are des- 
cended Edwabd Atthill, Esq., Sttised of esUtoe in Caw- 
ston and Bewley, and the Bsv. Lombb Atthill, of Halos- 

Mr. Att'hill was ». at his decease, by his eldest son, 

AifTHOHT-LoMBB Atthill, Esq, of Brandiston, who m. 
Maria, dau. of — Capon, Esq. and had issue, 

1. Anthony, whom. Mary, dau. of Charles WethoraU. Esq. 
and, dying bef:re his father in 1768, lea issue. 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


1 Airraoinr-jQinr, enccesflor to liis grandfathar. 
8 William, M.D.. of Spottisham Hall, co. Norf(^ d, wm. 
8 Jennyn, H.B.I.C.S., d. abroad, tmm. 
4 Maria, m. to — Bond, Esq., co. Iflddleflox. 
n. Edwaid, A.M., in holy orders, rector of Sparbam and 
Fozley, co. Norfolk, d. win. 
m. John, RN., d. at sea, unm. 

vr. Lombe, ta. Elizabeth, dau. of --Johnson, Esq., and 
left issue four sons and three dnus. 
I. Mary, m. to — Smith, of Cottis Hall, oo. Norfolk, and 
had, with other issue, 

1 Mary, m. to the Right Bat. John Porter, D.D., Lord 
Xr. Atthill was «. at his decease in 1760, by his grandson, 

AVTHOKT-JOHH AtTHHX, Esq. of Brandlston, #ho m. in 
1778, Sarah, dau. of Mr. Hewlett, of Marsham, in the oo. 
of Nqrfolk, deceased, and dying, 1780, left with a dau. 
Miortha, an only son, 

Ths Rbt. William AttkiM', of Brandlston Hall, A.M. 
in^ebendary of Glogher, rector and vicar of the parishes of 
Fintona, co. Tyrone, and of Magheraculmony, co. Fer- 
managh, 6. in April, 1774; m. 1st, April, 1805, Henrietta- 
Margaret-Eyre, eldest dau. of the Very Rey. Geo. Maunaell, 
D^D. Dean of LeigtiUn, niece of Robert-Hedges Eyre, Esq. 
of Maoroom Castle, oo. Cork, and cousin to the Earl of 
Bantry, by whom he had issue, 
WnxiAM, present representative. 
Robert, A.B., b. » Feb. 1810 ; d. abroad In 1889.. 
Richard. 6. 11 Aug. 1811, A.B., in holy orders, canon of 
the collegiate chuirch of Middldiam, Yorkshire ; m. Dec. 
1844, Mflurtha, eldest dau. and co-heir of the late Robert 
Cookson, Esq. of EUeiy. Westmorland, and has issue. 
John-Grey-Porter, 6. 81 Dec 1812, barrister-at-law, judge 
of the royal court at St. Luda, and of the court of Vice- 
Admiraltythere; m. 15 Sept. 1840. Veronica-Montgomerie, 
dau. and co-heir of John-Henry Blennerhassett, Esq. of 
Tralee, and has a dau., Veronica-Montgomorie. 
Edward-Eyre, J. P. for Fermanagh, m. 1847, Jane, eldest 
dan. and po-heir of the late Lowther Brien, Esq. of Ard- 
vamey, Fennanatfh, and has issue. 

Lombe, M.D., m. in 1846, Elizabeth, dau. of Jas. Dudgeon, 
Esq. of DuUin, and has issue. 

Henrietta -EUsabeth, m. in 1888, to the Rev. Richard 
Stainforth, A.M. 

Emily, m. in Feb. 1843, to Joseph Jones, Esq. of Hather- 
shaw House^ Oldham, J.P. ana D.L. for Lancashire and 

Jemima-Onuses m. in June^ 1842; to the Rev. Howard- 
Boyle St George. 
This gentlfflnan was elected in 1796, a fellow of Caius and 
Oonville College, Cambridge ; whence, removing to Ireland, 
he obtained the preferment above mentioned. He d. 7 
March, 1847. 

Arru—Axg.t on a dievron, gu., three oreaoents, or, quaiv 
taring LoMBs. 

VretU—\8t, a demi-griffln, rampant; 3ndly, a fUoon, or, 
docally goraed, as., belled and leashed, of the first. 

JtfbMo««— Honorantes me houorabo ; and Monte de alto. 

&af— Brandlston Hall, co. Norfolk. 

JUikimei Hcrslord Vicarage^ near Norwich. 


AttTj Jambb, Esq. of Rugby, co. Warwick, and 
Pinchbeck, co. Lincoln, J.P. for the former shire, and 
major 2nd regt of Warwickshire militia, 6. in 1810; 
m. in 1831, Catherine-Adeline, dau. of Adlard Welby, 
£«q. of North Rauceby, co. Lincoln, and has issue, 

I. JAmB, an officer, 43rd light infantry. 

n. Oeoige-Robert. iii. Charles. 

I. Adeline. n. Harriot. 

m. Charlotte. 
Hr. Atty was formerly capt 52nd light infifmtiy. 

lUnf a0f • — Jambs Attts, Esq., second son of Jaihes 
Attts, Esq. ot Whitby, by Isabella his wife, dau. of O. 
Weatherill, Esq., m. Harriot, dau. of Bobei-t Middleton, 
Esq., andhad isaue, 

Jamo, of whom presently. 

Oeorge, d. unm. 1797, aged 25. 

Rob^ lOddleton, of Ingon Orange, co. Warwick. 
The eldest son. 

Jambs Attvb, Esq., m. 1st, in 1807, Harriot, dau. of 
Sir Thomas Whichcote, Bart., of Oswarby, oo. Lhicoln, by 
Diana his wife, dau. of Edmond Tumor, Esq. of Stoke 
Bochfort, by whom, who d. In 1810, he had one son, Jambs, 
now of Rugby. He m. 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of the Rev. 
Thomas Hall, rector of Westborougfa, and vicar of Dod- 


dingtcn, CO. linooln, and had by her one son, Oeorge, 
M.A., of Brasenose College, Oxford, and now of the Middle 

.^^rm*— As., a bend between two lions, rampant^ tit, 
Crutr—An ermine, passant, on a ducal coronet. 
Ifotto— Eamus que dudt fortuna. 
&(U— Penl^Hall, co. Flint. 


Atttb, Robert-Jambs, Esq. of Ingon Orange^ oa 
Warwick, B.A, of St. John's College, Cambridge, 
J.P. and D.L. co. Warwick, b, in 1812. 

, SrCnfV0f . — The late RoBEBT-MrnDLBiOH Atttb, Esq., 
pt Ingon Orange, J.P., and D.L., and high sheriff for the oo. 
pf Warwick in 1824, (youngest son of James Attye, Esq., of 
^tby, by Harriot his wife, dau. of Robert Middleton, 
^sq.), m. in 1810, Maigaretto-Lucy, youngest dau. of the 
Venerable WUIiam Willes, archdeacon of Wella, third son of 
Edward, 2nd bishop of Bath and Wells, younger brother of 
the Right Hon. Sir John Willes, lord chief justioe of the 
Common Pleas. He had issue, 

Robbbt-Jambs^ now of Ingon Orange. 

Henry-Oould, d, in 1838. 

William-F.-WlUes, lieut. in Slst regt., prasent at the ooea- 

; pation of Cabul in 1842, throughout the oampaigns in the 

Pui\jaub and on the SutleJ, in the actions ot Moodkee^ 

FerozMhah, Ali wal (where he was wotmded), and Sobraon ; 

and d. aged 83 years. 

Frands-Llonel-Octavlua^ capt in the 8nd or Queen's Eoyata. 

Hannah-Lucy. Harriett-Caroline, 

Euen-Margaret. Augusta-Jeans. 

Mr. Attye d. in 1838. 

Armi, dfre.— See preoedingfamlly. 
SMrf— Ingon Orange, co. Warwick. 


AuFRERE, Oeorob-Ai^thokT) Esq. of Foulsham 
Old Hall, CO. Norfolk, 6. 18 June, 1794 ; m. 3 Sept 
1828, Caroline, dau. of John Wehrtmann, Esq. of 
Hambuigh. Mr^ Aufr^re Ib a magistrate for the 
county, and 9, his father in Nov. 1833. 

ILiVLtK^t* — ^Anthont Autrebb, an advocate in the 
Parliament of Paris, who left Prance on the revocation of 
the edict of Nantes, was grandfather of 

Thb Rev. Anthony AtmucRB.* (presented in 1731, to 
the rectory of Heigham, in Norfolk) who d. in 1781. His 
only son, 

Anthony Autrbrb, Esq. of Hoveton, m. 17 Feb. 1756^ 
Anna, only dau. of John Norris, Esq. of Witton, by Anne 
his wife, one of the daus. of Thomas Carthew, Esq., 
of Benacre in Suffolk, and dying 11 Sopt 1814, had issue, 
Anthony, b. in 1757, of whom horoafter. 
Oeorge-John, 6. in 1769, in holy orders, rector of Ridling- 
ton and Bacton, Norfolk. 
Charles-Oatten, R.N., b. in 1700, drowned. 
Thomas-Norris, deceased. 

Philip -DuVal, in holy orders, rector of Seaming^ and 
Bawdeswell, Norfolk, m. 1st, Maiy. dau. of the Rev. Mr. 
Beevor, who d. in 1818, «. p. ; and 2ndly, Ann-Margar^ 
dau. of the Rev. Marmaduke Smith ; by the latter of 
whom he left at his death, 4 June, 1840, one chOd, Fhilip- 

Anne, d. Mini. 

Sophia, m. to William Dawson, Esq. 
Harriett, m. to Sir Robert Baker, Ent, some time diief 
magistrate at Bow Street. 
' Caroline, m. to the Rev. Mr. Flav^ rector of Stody and 
; Hunworth, Norfolk. 
Louisa, m. to ~ Minshiill, Esq., one of the magistcatee in 
AmeUa-Jane. . 

Maria, m. to Paul Squires, of Mulbarton Lodge. 
The eldest son and heir, 

Anthony Auybbeb, Esq. 5. 80 Nov. 1767, sold thm 
fioveton estate. He m. in 1791, Matilda, dau. of Oanaral 
dount Lookhart of Dryden and Lee House, co. Lanaik, 
N.B., and d. in Nov. 1888, leaving a son and dan., vis., 
Obobob-Anthony, his heir, now of Foulsham. 
' Matilda, m. in 1818, to Oeorge Barday, Esq. 

I Motto— "Ei^ quod esse videris. 
' &at— Foulsham Old HaU. 

A<vid<m:e*— Biumside, near Bowness; Wlndermers^ oo. 

* His next brother. OeoiseAn^^re^ Esq. of Chelsea, M.P.. 
left an only dau. and heir, Sophia, Baroness Yarborough. 

A W D 


Austin, Sib Hbitbt-Eoxund, Knt of Shalford 
Eooae, oa Surrey, J.P. and D.L., high-sheriff in 
1810, h. 20 May, 1785; m. Ist, m 1805, Anne- 
Attdia, only dau. of Uie late Robert-Spearman Bate, 
Ek). of the H.KLC.a, and by her (who d 5 Sept 
18S9) hai surviving issuer 
L BoBiBT-ALrRSD-OLOTini, 6. Vr Maroh, 1808, a magis- 
trate and depaty-lieut. for Surrey, m. in 1832. Maud- 
Btailwtth, dan. of GoL Godwin, C.B., gentleman- 
naher to Prince Albkbt, and has, besides daus., a son, 
D. HmT-Sdmund, 6. 4 Ifaxvh, 1809, rnpt in the nstUght 

m. fkedsriek-Lewes, h. 18 Oct. 1818. 
IT. Algemon-Sfeoart, lieut R.N., 6. 8 Aug. 1815. 
T. Jobn-Wentwtnrth. Beat. 40th ngt, b. 6 July, 18S0. 
IT. AlbertrOeoige, Ueut. KLC'sserrioe, 6. 9 Sept. 18S3. 
L AmsBa, ». in 1833, to James Brabason, Esq. of Mom- 
ingtoD House, oo. Heath. 
& Henry Auaten uk 2ndly, in 1843, Lady Pockling- 
too, widow of Sir Robert Pooklington, K.M.T., of 
(^flltworth, Suffolk. 

Ibttlgf .— The late Bobebt Avsm, Esq. of Shalford, 
vbo was a munificent benefactor to the parish of Shalford, 
by itboilding its church at his own expense, in 1788, pi. 
is 1771, Frances- Annesley, dau. and heir of Jbhn-Went- 
wth-Hasisnaen Gregory, Esq., snd had surriving issue, 

L Hnar-Smnnm^ his heir. 

L Fiaooes-Ann, s». to the Hon. John Bedford, judge of the 

Tue-Admind^ Court in Barbadoes, and had (with a dau., 

who d. in 1806) two sons, 
1 Edward-Heni7 Bedford. 
S Panl- Austen Bedford, in holy orders. 

n. BiWi b ii th- f>'nH h. 
Ir Aostsn d, 3 Nov. 1797. and was «. by his son, the 
fSBMst 8m HavKT-EDmnn) Ausrv, of Shalford. 

Arm»—Anu9, a chenon, aig., between three Cornish 

C>fi(-OD a leopard's head, az., a flfdoon rising, or. 

JTofto— Ke quid nimis. 

Hwl ranlfoia Houses near Guildford. 


AwDBT, Ambrose, Esq. of Seend, co. Wilts, 5. 
14 Sept 1816; m. 24 Oct 1839, Eliza, dau. of G.-B. 
Ckpooit^ Esq. of Keynstone, oo. Dorset^ and has 

, b. 9 Xan^ 1848. 

n. Idvard-Seymour, 6. S Aug. 1850. 

m. Hcniy-Shield, 6. 8 Oct. 1861. 

t Flmny-EUM. n. "Ellen-Louisa. 

Mr. Awdiy t. his uBcle 15 June, 1842. 

ItSflgf • — The fkrst recorded ancestor of this respeot- 
lUtWQtafain tuoily, Ths Ret. Johx Awdbt, was insti- 
taled to the ▼icvrage of Msiksham, 21 Sept. 1601, and d. 
is 109, karing, by Hester his wife, a son, Godwin Awdbt. 
Ki), ihtber, by Ahcs his wife, dan. of Sandley Holmes, of 
Anaosi Awdbt, Esq. of Melksham and Seend, bapt. in 
l«7, who wi. CScel, dan. of Jeremiah Gough, and had 
iase, L Jom, of If elkaham ; S. Ambrose^ of whom pre- 
■Btly; S. Jenmiah ; 1. Mary, m. to Thomas Goddard, 
^ of Bodloe, CO. Wilts. The second son, 

AiOKSB Awdbt. Beq. of Seend, m. Mary, dau. of Isaac 
Ufc. Esq., snd d. in 1788, aged 76, leaving (with two 
^sBs, Mary, a». to George Penney, Esq., and Elizabeth, 
a^ to Ambrose Goddard, Esq. iof Swindon) a son and 

AiOKSB AwsKT, Eaq. of Seend, eo. THlts, who m. 14 
'«. ITU, Jane, daa. of John Awdry, Esq. of Melksham, 
■d lad (with two dans. Mary, 6. 8 Vbb. 1726, and Jane, 
i I Dee. ITM) three eons, Ambbosb, his heir; John, of 
Xattfm. so. Witts, fmtkat/mmUfJ ; Jeremiah, fellow of Oriel 
Cofltfi, Ozted. The eldest son, 

iaiaosB AwDStf, Beq. of Seend, m. in 1781, Christiana, 
^•TFrtsrDslmA. Esq. of Erie Stoke Park, Wilts, and by 
kw (wbe d. in 1784) had issue, 

L Avnosi; his heir. 

B. Ffena. *. 8 Mareh, 1771, who la. 1st, 18 May, 1794, 

BaUr-lUrim, dau. of Lord William Seymour. 8rd son of 
Bdward. Duke of Somerset, Which lady d. in the f Uow- 
iBf yenr; and indly, 8 Nor. 1813, EUxabetb, dau. of 


Anthony Guy, Esq. of Chippenham ; and d. 1 Jons^ 1828, 
leaving by this lady (who d. 81 March, 1861) a son, the 
present Ambbosb Awdbt, of Seend, and two daus.. 
Elizabeth, m. to the Bev. Alston-William Radclilfo ; and 
EUen-Seymour, m. to the Bev. Edward Everett. 
III. WiUiam-Heniy, 6. 1 Dec. 1778 ; m. in 1801. Eliza, dan. 
of West Hill, M.D. of Devizes, and has surviving issue. 

1 West, b. in 1807, who m. in 1834. Mary-Bemfaigton, 
2nd dau. of John Smith, Esq. of Clapham, and has, 
William Heuty, b. in 1885; West-Stewart, 6. in 1840; 
Caroline. Bella-Delm^ and Georglana. 

2 Edward-Charles, in holy orders, 6. in 1811. 

8 Frederick. 6. in 1817. 4 JusUy-WilUam, 6. in 1818. 
6 Peter, b. in 1820. 8 Chorfes-Hill, b. in 1826. 

1 Geoxgiana. 2 Arabella. 

XT. Charies, b. 23 Aug. 1784 ; d. 6 May, 1840. 
L Christian, d. vnm. 8 May, 1841. 

IL Georgiana, in. in 1800, to her kinsman, James-Henry 
Arnold, LL.D. 
The eldest son, 

Ambbosb Awdbt, Esq. of Seend, 6. 12 Aug. 1782, was 
a magistrate and deputy-lieut. for Wilts, and served as 
high sheriff in 1821* he m. Hannah, dau. of Anthony 
Guy, Esq. of Chippenham, but dyin^ «. p. 16 June, 1842, 
was «. by his nephew, the present Ambbosb Awdbt, of 
Seend, Esq. 

.<lrm»— Arg., three dnquefoils, or, on a bend, as., ootised, 
of the same. 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, a lion's head, as. 
J^otto— Nil sine Deo. 
Siat See n d, near Melksham. 


Awdbt, Sir John-Witheb, Knt of Notton Honse^ 
CO. Wilts, 6. 21 Oct. 1796; m. Ist, 29 June, 1830, 
Sarah-Maria> dau. of the Rev. Jeremiah Awdry, vicar 
of Felsted, in Essex, and by her had issue, 

I. JoHV, b. 18 Feb. 1834. I. Jane. 

He m. 2ndly, 24 July, 1839, FranqesEllen, 2nd dau. 
of the Rt. Rev. Thomas Carr, D.D., late bishop of 
Bombay, and by her has, 

L Thomas, 6. 6 July, 1840. 

n. William, 6. 24 Jan. 1842. 

m. Ambrose, b. 28 April, 1844. 

rv. Charles, 6. 12 Feb. 1847. 

V. James, 6. 8 Sept. 1849. 

VI. Herbert. 6. 20 Oct. 1861. 

I. Sarah. n. Frances. m. EUzabeth. 

Sir John Awdry, formerly fellow of Oriel College^ 
Oxford, and subsequently chief justice of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature at Bombay, t, his 
father 23 Dea 1844. 

SrCtUAfff . — JoHH Awdbt, Esq. of Notton, oo. WUts, 
lfeut.-col. of yeomanry, jrounger son of Amlmise Awdry, 
Esq. of Seend, by Jane his wife, dau. of John Awdry, 
tsq. of Melksham, was devisee of his maternal unde, 
Jeiemiah Awdiy, Esq., who d. in 1764. He m. 1st, 26 
June, 1706, Pxisdlla, dau. of Ambrose Goddard, Esq. of 
Swindon, and had by her, who d. 2 Dec 1768, a son, Johv, 
his heir. He m. 2ndly, Mary-Magdalene, dau. of Jamee 
Mass^ Esq., by whom he had no issue ; and 8rdly, 
Sarah-Susannah, widow of the Bev. Mr. Derbyshire, pre- 
bendary of Chester, and dau. of Thomas Boston, Esq. of 
Barton, oo. Stafford, by which lady he had another son, 
Jeremiah, in hcAy orders, vicar of FSlsted, in Essex, who 
m. 1st, Maria-^elia, eldest dau. of J. May, Esq. of Hale 
House, Hants, and had by her, 

John-Dea, mii^or in the Madras service, who m. Mar- 
garet Currie, and has one son and one dau. 
Charles-Boston, who m. Jane, dau. of the Bev. W. 
Thring, D.D., and has issue. 
' Ssiah-Maria, late wife of Sir John-Wither Awdry. 

Harriet-May, «(. to Quintin Jamieson, Esq., Madras 

Mary-Catherine, m. to Gapt. M.-J. Bowlandson, Madras 

EUza-Coppindale^ m. to the Bev. J. Peck. 

Louisa-mnoes, m. to GeoiiBe Stiles, Esq. 
The Bev. Jeremiah Awdrv m. 2ndly, Bosina-Osbome^ 
only dau. of the late Gapt weller, of the Bengal service, 

Sr whom he has a dau.. Bosina-Osbome-Law; and 8rd]y, 
aiy-SibeUa, eldest daiu of John Wilkinson. Esq. of 
Springfield. Bath, by whom he has two daus, Sarah and 
Col. Awdiy, who was a magistrate and dep.-Ueut of the 
county of Wilts, served as higb-sherUT in 1791, His elder 
.bD»»l.UCCM«>r, ^^ _„, JoOgle 

A Y L 

John Awdbt, Esq. of Notton Hoote, J.P. and D.L. for 
'Wilis. 6. 7 April, 1766, m. 19 Doo. 1704, Jane, 2nd dau. of 
Lovelace Bigg. Esq. of Chilton Foliat, (who afterwards 
took the name of Wither, and became of Marydown Park, 
HantsX and had issue to surviye, 
JoBN-WiTHEB(SirX his heir. 

Charles, in holy orders^ B.C.L., rector of Worthen, oo. 
Salop, b. 10 Dec. 1802. 

Benxy-Ooddard, 6. 21 Aug. 1804 ; m. 10 ApiiL 1884. Mary, 
dau. of the Rev. Kenrick Peck, of Notton Ixxlge. Wilts, 
and has issue, Henry-Short. 6. 17 July. 1886; Kenrick- 
Wither. 6. 21 Nov. 1837; WUUam, b. 14 Jan. 1840; and 

Walter-Herbert* 6. 1 Aug. 1812: m. 8 Jan. 1854, Mary- 
liewellyn, dau. of the Rer. William Evans, vicar of Bhay- 
ader, oo. Badnor. 

Jane, m. in May. 1827, to the Rev. William Short, M.A.. 
then vicar of Cnippenham, Wilts, now rector of St Geoise- 
the-Martyr, Queen-sqtiare. London, and has issue, Wil- 
liam- Awdry; Walter-Francis; Ambrose; Charlotte- Au- 
gusta : Mary-Jane ; and Elizabeth-lAura. 
(Sitherhie, m. 4 Maroh, 1887. to Frederic Stainforth. Esq., 
Bengal civil service, and has issue, Biscoe and Ellen- 

Alethea-Sophia. Maxgaret-Lucy. 

Mr. Awdry d. 23 Deo. 1844, and was «. by his eldest son, 
the present Sib Johx- Witbxb Awdbt, Knt of Notton. Mrs. 
Awdtyd. 14 April, 1846. 

Amu and CVeie— Same as Awdbt o/Semd, 
Actf— Notton House^ Chippenham. 


Atlmib, MiOHAiL-yALiNTiNB, Esq. of Derrj 
House, oo. Tuppenny, 6. 8 Mardi, 1812 ; «. his father, 
as head and lineal representative of this ancient 
family, 9 Jan. 18S7; m. 26 April, 1841, Marianne, 
davL and heir of the late William ConoUy, Esq. of 
the city of Dublin, and has had issue, 

L Qbbald-Josxph, 6. 27 Got. 1849. 

n. Michael-Valentine, 6. 36 June, 1861. 

m. Beginald-Amulph, 6. 8 Feb. 1863. 

I. Mary, d. young, in 1847. 

n. Valentina. m. Tbresa-Maiguerita. 

!▼. Henrietta-Sabilla. 

▼. Alathoa-Josephine-Tlctoria, d. 1861. 

ILCtl^fl0(. — ^The fiunily of Aylmer has been long seated 
in Ireland, and particularly at Lyons, in the county of 
Kildare, where it occupied for many generations a high 
station amongst the gentry of that shire. 

In the year 1300, we find the two brothers, Badulph and 
William Aylmer, living at Lyons. 

In 1421, RiOHABO Atlmxb, Esq. of the same place, was 
one of the keepers of the peace of the counties of Dublin 
and Kildare. and in 1432. sovereign of the town of Tassa- 
gard. From him lineally derived 

BiOHABD Atlmbb, of Lyous. Esq. who was made chief 
aeijeant of the county of Kildsire, 1 June, 1636. His de- 

Okobob Atlmbb, Esq., was (Jtn Qonjunction with John 
Wogan, Esq. of BathcoffeyX one of the representatives 
returned by the oo. of Kild««, to the memorable parlia- 
ment convened to assemble in Dublin, 7 May, 1689, and at 
the Revolution was comprehended within the Articles of 
Limerick ; he m. in 1686, Mary, eldest dau. of Sir ValenMne 
Browne, 1st Viscount Kenmare, and dying 21 Jan. 1729, 
left (with three daus., of whom the eldest, Jane, m. Pierce 
Bryan, Esq. of Jenkinstown) three sons, of whom the 

Obbald Atlmbb, d. 10 March, 1729, two months after 
his father's decease, leaving, by Mary his wife, dau. and 
coheiress of Michael Moore, of Drogheda, Esq., two sons 
and two daus., Oeoige, who d. a minor, in Oct 1782, 
Michael, Mary, and Alice. The surviving son and heir, 

Michabl Atuckb. Esq. of Lyons, m. 1st, in 1760, Mar- 
garet, only child of George Mathew, of Thomastown, Esq., 
by whom he had issue, George and Gerald, who b<^ d. 
young; Mary, m. in 1783, to Valentine, the late Earl of 
Kenmare ; and Margaret, m. in 1788, to Robert Ffhmch, of 
Rnhasane, oo. Galway, Esq. Mr. Aylmer m. 2ndly, 8 Juns^ 
1766, Honors, dau. of Matthew Here, of Shandon, oo. 
Waterford, Esq., and Agbrahane, co. Galway, by whom he 
had no Issue ; and Srdly, in 1770. Mary, dau. of the Hon. 
Thomas de Burgh, younger brother to Michael, 10th Earl 
of Clanricarde, and had issue. Mr. Aylmer d, at Brussels, 
in the 80th year of his ag«^ 6 Aug. 1808, and was $. by 
his son and heir, 

A Y L 

Obbald Atx^teb, Esq., who m. In April, 1811, Catherine, 
eldest dau. of Patrick Lambert, of Camagh, co. Wexford, 
Esq. and had, 

Michael- Valbntinb, his heir. 

Henry, m. 28 Feb. 1842, Esmay, only dau. of the lata 
Bryan Brady, Esq. of Stonefield, co. lleath. 


Marsaret, m. 2 July, 1860, to Ambrose Nugent, Esq. of 
Kinasona, oo. Longford. 

Frances. Geoigina, deceased. 

Jane Eliza, d, 18 Feb. 1849. 

LetiUa, m. 9 Oct. 1844, to Charts BamewaU, Esq. of 
Meadstown, co. Meath. 
Mr. Aylmer d. 9 Jan. 1887, and was «. by his elder son 
and heir, the present MiOBABL-VALKHmn Atuibb, Esq. 

Arm^—Arg., a cross, sa., between four Cornish choughs, 

Crul—A Cornish chough, rising oat of a ducal coronet^ 

ATotfo— HalleliOah. 

Seat— Deny House, Rathcabbln. 


Atlmeb, John-Harbibon, Esq. of Walworth Cas- 
tle, CO. Durham, 5. 19 Jan. 1812; t. his father. 
General Aylmer, in 1881, m. 7 Feb. 1849, Roaanna- 
Louisa, dau. of Yice-Adiuind Sir J. CoghUl-Coghill, 
Bart, and haa issue, 

I. ABTHua-FrrsonuxD-HABEisoH, 6. M Jan. 1860. 

n. Herbert-Willoughby-Coghill, b. 81 Jan. 1861. 

%intK^, — ^LmrrBiiAjrr-OEirsRAi. Abthiib Atuob* 
(tod son of Sir Fltagerald Aylmer. Bart of Donadea. who 
deriTed flnom a branch of the Atlmbes qfljfona), m. 9 June, 
1807, Anne, only dan. and heiress of John Harrison, Esq. 
of Walworth Castle, oo. Durham, by whom he had issue, 

Johv-Habbibov, present proprietor. 

Elizabeth-Maxgaret, m. 6 Jan. 1883, to the Rer. John James 
Boott, and d, 84 July, 1863. leaving two sons and two daus. 

Grace-Anna, m. 21 Oct 1828, to the Rev. Charlos-Pasley 
Vivian, of Hatton Hall, Wellingborough, Northampton- 
shire^ and has issue. 

Louisa-Lucy-Bleanor. Catherine-Dorothy. 

Augusta- Anne, m. in 1845, to the Rev. John-Davie Eadc^ 
Ticar of Aydiffk 
General Aylmer d. in 1881. 

Jmu— Arg., a oross^ sa., between four Cornish rhoughsg 

Oeit— A Cornish chough, rising out of a ducal coronet 

IfoMo— Halleluiah. 

fieoi— Walworth Castle^ tMx DaxUngton. 


Atlward, Jahes-Kbarnet, Eaq. of Shankill Caa- 
tle, CO. Kilkenny, J.P. and high-flheriff in 18S7; m. 
in 1853, Mrs. Newton. 

IrCnf agr.— This £unily is of great antiquity hi Ireland, 
and was settled in the co. of Waterford at a very eariy 
period, where, for more than thi«e centuries, it was in the 
enjoyment of large possessions. The first on record is, 

RiCBABD Atlwabo, who, by Joan Fitagersld, his wife, 
was flsther of Riohabd Atlwasd, of Faithlecke, or Path- 
legg. CO. Waterford, who m. Catherine, sister to Sir Alroare 
Gras (Baroui de GrasX of Kilkenny, and who was appointed, 
16 Jan. 1386, commissioner of the peace for the oo. Water- 
ford. From this Richard descended 

Pana Atlwasd, who settled at Shankill, co. KUkanny, 
son of John Ayiward of Fathlegg. He m. Elisabeth, eldest 
dan. and eventual co-heir of Sir Richard Butler, Bart of 
Poolestown, co. Kilkenny, and had a son and suooessor, 

Nicholas Atlwabd, Esq. of Shankill, M.P. for Thomas- 
town, sheriff of the oo. Kilkenny in 174S. He m. 6 Aqg. 
1710, Catherine, 2nd dau. of Maurice Keating, Esq. of 
Nairaghmore, oo. Kildare, and d. in 1750, leaving two sons, 
Nicholas, his heir, and Peter, who d. «nta». in 1801, and 
was interred at Gloucester. The elder son, 

Nicholas Atlwabd, Esq. of Shankill, high-sheriff in 1767, 
m. Mary, dau. of B. Kearney, Esq., by whom he had 
issue, Prxb, his heir; Nicholas, d. iimm.; and Cathetins. 
He was «. at his death, in 1768, by his eldest son, 

Preb Atlward, Esq. of Shankill, who vi. Anna, dan. 
of — Kearney, Esq. of New Ross, oo. Wexford, and d. in 
179S, having had a son and heir, 

Nicholas Atlward, Esq. of Shankill, who «. in 1806^ 
Elisabeth, eldest dau. of James Kearney, Esq. of Blaaeh- 
Tille^ 00. Kilkenny, and had issoe, JAMES-KRAanET, pra- 

Jigitized by V^OL. ^s.^^ 



Knt repneentatlTe ; Nicholas, d. young; Peter-Charles; 
MsriuuM. 81. to the Rev. P. Toler, and basiasue ; Elizabeth, 
m. to the Rer. CIopton-Heniy Keogh, and has issue, 
Banna-Waller ; and MeriaL 

Jhm— Quarterly: Ist and 4th, arg.. a flear-de-ns, aa. ; in 
tiM dexter diief and sinister base a sun in its giory, or; in 
tbe nnister chief and dexter base an increscent, of Um last, 
(otKTLWAXD; 2nd and 8rd, or, a chief^ indented, as., for 

Ofltf-Ooi of a ducal coronet^ a dexter arm in armour, 
eBboved, couped at the ahoulder, ppr., grasping an anchor. 


rtCfe— Yenis et fidelia semper. 
Ai»-Shsnkffl Castl^ oo. Kilkenny. 


BABDroTOir, Thomab • Gisborns, Esq., A.M., of 
Bothley Temple, ca Leicester, 5. 24 July, 1788 ; m. 
flkpA, 1814, AiigoBtaJulia, 4th dau. of Sir Gerard 
Koel-Kod, Bart of Exton Fbrk, Rutland, by his Ist 
vife, Diana, Baroness Barhftm, and by her (who d, 
19 June, 1838) has issue, 

L TBoua-AxTBum, b. S6 Nor. 1890. 

n. CbDies-Edward, b. 28 Feb. 1828. 

L Aopista-Diana, m. 9 April, 1839, to Prederio Lewin, 
Eiq., of The Holliea, Kent 

n. LoqIm, ». at Rothley, 3 Feb. 1842, to the Ber. Frands- 
C-P. Reynolds, chaplain to the B. I. C. 

Mr. Batungton m. 2ndly, 18 June, 1841, Augusta- 
TbereM, dau. of Francis-Gerard Vecqueray, one of 
the secretaries of state to the King of Prussia for 
the Qnnd Duchy of the Rhine, by whom he has 

L Julk-Maiy. 
Mr. Babington, J^. for Leioestershire, $. his father 
21 Not. 1837. 

iinfast.— The fianOy of Babington was settled at 
Blbiqgtoo in Northiunberiand, Ump. Wiluam the Con- 
qwnr. The iiiat wlio is known to hare seated in Nortb- 
vnbadnd, is Jomr ds BABtHoroH, Lord of Babington, in 
tke fawony of UmfHtrille, where he resided in the reigns of 
liagk Jomr sad Hbtrt III. 

Bia JoHir BAauoTOir, Knt of Bast Brldgeford, Notts, 
(«3a of Sir John de Babington, chief captain of Morlaix in 
Brtttny, tmp. Edw. III.) d, in 1409, leaving, by Benedicta 
Us wili^ dao. and heir of Sh* Simon Ward, of the oo. Cam- 
tvidc^ five eooa, Thomas, his heir; William (BbrX Knt of 
CUhrdl, Notts, and Kiddingcon, Ozfordshhte, K.B., chief 
Jutioe oTtbe Common Pleas ; Arnold, a dtixen of Norwich; 
SccBia, of Bast Bridgeford ; John, of Aldrington, county 
I^TOB. Sir John Babington's eldest son, 

Taoaus Babixotoii, Esq., after serving with HixraT Y. 
b tbe Fiendi wars, returned home, and porohased the 
a>Bor of Kingstoo, Notts. The sword which he wore at 
Aiiaeaart is still pieaeaved. He was If .P. for Nottingham 
b 1450. Be M. Isabel, dan. and heir of Bobert Dethick, of 
DeUaek, in Dexbyshire, and by her, who d. in 1486» left at 
Ui deoeete in 14«4, a son and suooessor, 

Sdi Jobv Baboiotov, Knt d Dettiick and Kingston, 
Aviff of the coontiee of Derby snd Nottingham in 1480, 
«W m. Isabel, dao. of Henry Bradbume, Esq, of Brad. 
^nn, nd The Hough, in Aahboom; and by her, who d, 18 
Hweh, 14M, had iasoe. Sir John Babington was shdn at 
^brttleof Bosworth, ands-byhisson, 

Tsoaus BAinroTOjr, Esq. cf Dethick, shexifT of DerVy- 
ihfae tad Rutts in 1498, who m. Ediths, dan. of Balph 
ntdMrtmt, Esq. of Norbuiy, and dying 18 March, 1518, had 
iaoa from flU Anthony, the eldest son, descended the 
B^BJOlon (f IktMet, ot whom was Anthony Babington, 
>(t«iBted in 1A66 ; the Snd son was Sir Jolkax Babington, 
•ttnsiukr of the praceptory of Dalby and Bothley, co. 
I«ioHtor ; and the 9th son was 

HmniT BA B Uioroit, Esq. of Bothley Temple^ oo. Lei- 
«»tw: bs M. Eleanor, 8rd dan. and co*heir of Jc^ Beao- 
a«t, Isq. of Wedne^bnry, in StafTordshire, grandson of 
Bcsry, Lord Beanmont, and dying 22 Nor. 1544, was «. by 

TaoMAS BAmroio*, Esq. of Bothley Temple, snd of Cos- 
^ tt, both hi Leioertershire : he joined in the Aruitloss 
ttuenpt to advance the Lady Jane Oray to the throne, but 
OS paysicat of a large fln^ obtained a pardon under the 
pnt goal, hi the first year of Queen Mart's reign. He m. 

" dan. of Biehanl Humf^y, Esq. of Barton, in 


Noi-thamptonehire, and dying 27 Oct 1567, waa «. by his 

HuMraxT Babxhotoh, Esq. of Bothley Temple, 5. in 
1544, who m. Haiigaret, dau. of Francis Cave, LL.D. of Bag- 
gi-ave, in Leicestershire, brother to Sir Thomas Cave, of 
Stanford, and left at his decease (10 June, 1010), a son and 

Thomas BABmoroK, Esq. of Rothley Temple, lord of the 
manor, and patron of the church, of Goesington, at the 
decease of his uncle Matthew. He was 5. in 1575, and m. 
Catherine, only dau. of Henry Kendall, Esq. of Smithosby, 
in Derbydiire, and dying in 1645, left, with other issue, a 
sou and suooessor, 

Matthxw Babinoton, Esq. of Rothley Temple, 5. 17 
May, 1612, M.P. for the oo. of Leicester in 1660, who m. 
Anne, youngest dau. of Samson Hopkyns, Esq. of Stoko- 
by-Coventry. and dying in 1669, was «. by his son, 

Thomas Babdioton, Esq. of Rotbl^ Temple, M.P. for 
Leioester hi 1685 and 1688, and sheriff for the co. in 1677. 
He was 6. hi 1685, and m. 1st, Elisabeth, dau. of William 
Jesson, Esq. of Coventry, by whom, who d. in 1660, he had 
no surviving child, and S^idly, Maiigaret dau. and co-heir of 
Henry Hall, Esq. of Gretford, in Unoolnshire, by whom, 
who d. 12 Feb. 1728-4, he left at his decease, 16 April, 1708, 
a son and heir, 

Thomas Babihoton, Esq. of Rothley Temple, bapt. 10 
Oct 1682, who m. hi 1711. Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Keefing, 
Esq. of London, and by her, who d. 30 Jan. 1729-80, left at 
his decease, 81 July, 1745, with other issue, who d, wnm., a 
son and successor, 

Thomas Babdcotox, Esq. of Rothley Temple, 6. 26 May, 
1715, high-sheriff of Leicestershire hi 1750. He m. at Wanlip, 
9 Jan. 1758, I^dia, dau. of the Rev. Joeeph Cardale, A.M., 
vicar of Hinckley, and l^ her, who d. 4 May, 1791, aged 64, 
L Thomas, his heir. 

n. Matthew, A.M.. fellow of St John's OoUege, Cambridge 
vicar of Rothley, 6. 24 Jtme, 1761, m. hi 1787, EUzabeth, 
oul V child of Biohard-Roberts Drake, Esq. of Leicester, 
and by her, who d. 26 June, 1798, left at his decease^ 
6 May, 1796, a son and dau., 

Matthew-Drake, A.M. rural dean of Ackl^, in Lelcea- 
tershire, 5. 11 July, 1788, m. 7 June, 1820, Hannah, 
dau. of B. -Fleetwood Churchill, Esq. of Northampton, 
by whom he has a son, 

Churchill, 6. 11 Mar. 1821, of St John's College Cam- 
Elizabeth, m. hi 1829, to Bobert Strange, Esq., M.D. of 
ni. William, A.B., rector of Cossington, 6. 11 March, 1768, 
m. in 1787. Elisabeth Newbold, dau. of the Rev. Hemrv- 
Lovell Noble. A.M., patron and rector of Frowlesworth, in 
Leicestershhe, and by her, who d. 18 Mar. 1882, left at his 
decease three sons and one dau., 
1 William, of the B.I.C.C.S., 6. 10 Deo. 1790. m. IS 
Jan. 1824. Catharine, dau. of the Rev. Wm. Ravens- 
croft, prebendary of Rasharkin, and rector of Finvoy, 
in the CO. of Armagh, by whom he has issue. 
William, a midahipman in H.M.S. ''Indus^** 6. 1 Feb. 

Oeoige-Matthew. b. 18 Feb. 1829. 
Samuel-HenTy, 6. 20 Dec. 1880. 
Heniy-Oisbome. 6. 5 Nov. 1882. 
Oisbome, 6. 20 Maxeh, 1885. 
AlAred, 6. 80 Dec. 1839. 
Redmond, b. 29 Aug. 1842. 
Elisabeth-RavenscrofL Catharine. 

% Samuel, of the E.I.C.C.S., b. 28 Nov. 1792, m. 1st 
Martha, dau. of John Dicldnson, Esq., of London, 
who d. 81 Jan. 1826; be m. 2ndly, Florence, dau. of 
Thomas Waddy. Esu. of Norton Grange^ Yoricahire. 
By his 1st wife he haa issue, 
Samuel-Bobert ^* 26 Jan. 1826^ d. in infiuicy. 
Martha. Jane. 

8 Gisbome. 6. 7 March, 1812. 

1 Elisa. m. 28 Sept. 1884. to Henry-WOUam Ravens- 
croft Esq.. son of the Bev. W. Bavensoroft l>y whom 
ahe has issue. 
IT. Joseph, M.D. of Ludlow, b. 2 Jan. 1768, m. Catherine^ 
dau. of Jnhn Whitter. Esq. of Bradninch, Devon, and l^ 
her, who d. 18 Nov. 1888, left at his decease^ 16 Dec 1826^ 
an only son, 

Charles-Cardale, of St John's College Csmhridge^ 6. 28 
Nov. 1806, A.M., F.L&, snd F.G.& 
L Mary. m. 1 Mardi, 1788, to the Rev. Thomas Gisbome^ 
A.M. of Tozall Lodge. Stalfordahhn^ Prebendaiy of Dur- 
ham, by whom she has issu& 

Mr. BaUngton d. 20 June, 1776» aged 61, and was s. by his 

Thomas BABnroTOH, Esq. of Bothley Temple, high-sheriff 
of Leicestershire in 1780, M.P. for Leioester in five successive 

B A I 

Elizabeth-Ur8ula» m. 2S June, 185.3. to Henxy-St. John, 
eldest son of Sir Henrv Uolford, Bart 
Caroline-Anne. Helen-Gertrude. Oedlialiugaret 
He d. 1 June. 1851. 

Jmu— Per pale, erminoie and su.. a buflle stringed between 
three roses, nil counterchanged, barbed, and seeded, ppr. 
quartering the ensigns ofGux, Wbstby, and D&akb. 

CreH — A dexter cubit arm issuing out of the cloudy the 
hand, ppr., holding a bu£^ horn, or, the handle^ aa., within 
the strings arose, gu. 

jfoMo— -Fonna* flos; fama, flatus. 

SeaU— The Oaks, in Norton, near Sheffield; Wormhill 
Hall, near Buxton. 


Bagwell^ John, Esq. of Marlfield, co. Tipperuy, 
and of Eaflt Grove, co. Cork, J.P. and D.L., high- 
Bheriflf of the co. of Tipperary in 1884, b. 8 April, 
1811 ; 9. his uncle, the Right Hon. William Bagwell, 
M.P., in 1826 ; m. 21 June, 1888, Fanny, youngest 
dau. of the Hon. F.-A. PritUe, brother of Lord Dun- 
alley, and has issue, 

I. RiOHAaD, b. 9 Dec. 1840. 

II. William, 6. 6 March, 1840. 

I. Elisabeth. n. Maigaret. 

HI. Bmily. it. Fanny. 

ECneitffJ.— WnxiAM Baowbll, Esq. M.P. for Clonmel 
(son of John BagweU, Esq. of Clonmel and Burgagery, 
banker, and grandson of William Bagwell. Esq. of Bally- 
loughane, living in 1707, whose father, John Baokwell, a 
captain in CboM well's army, is stated to haye been brother 
of Backwell, the origfaial proprietor of the London bank, 
now known as Child's), m. in 1740, Jane, dau. and oo-hefa- of 
John Harper, Esq. of Belgrove, oo. Cork, and dying in 1750, 
left, with three daus., a son and heir, 

John Bagwkll, Esq., who purchased Harlfleld, in theoo. 
of Tipperary. He was M.P. for tho oo. of Tipperary, and ool. 
of the militia. He m. In 1774, Mary, dau. of Riohard Hare, 
Esq. of Ennismore, and sister of WUliam, Eaii of listowel, 
by whom he had issue (with four daus., Margaret, m. to 
John Keilyi Esq. of Shangally Castle ; Jane, m. to Lieut - 
Oon. Sir Eyre Ooot^ ; Catharine, m. to John Croker, Esq. of 
Ballinaguard ; and Mary, m. to Henry Laagley, Esq. of 
Brettas CastleX two sons, Wiluam, his heir ; and Richard, 
who m. in 1808, Maigarpt, eldest daii. of Edward Croker, 
Esq. of Ballinaguard, and had issue, John, suooessor to his 
undo; Edward, an officer in the 8rd dragoon guards ; Maiv 
garet, m. to Joseph Oore, Esq. of Derrymore, co. Clan ; 
Mary, m. to Qeoige Oough, Eeq. of Woodstown, co. Tippe- 
T»ry ; and Jane, m. to Bei^amin B- Frend, Esq. Colonel 
Bagwell was t. at bis decease by his eldest son. 

Ths Right How. Colonbl William Baowcll, of Marl- 
Aeld, M'P-i a privy councillor and n^usterbmaster-general for 
Ireland, at whose decease, wnm., in 1825, the estates devolved 
on his nephew, the present John Bagwell, Esq. of Marl- 

^mw— Paly of six, aig. and ax. ; on achief, gu., alien, pas- 
sant, axg. 

Crest-^wt of a mural crown, a demi-bull, all ppr. 

Motto — In fide et in hello fortis. 

SeaU^UariA*Mt near Clonmel, and Eastgrove, Qoeens- 

Bailbt, Crawshat, Esq. of Abenunan, oo. Gla- 
moigan, J.P. and D.ll, elected M.P. for Monmouth 
in 1852 ; m. Anne, dau. of the late Joseph Moore, 
Esq. of Mitcham, Surrey. This gentleman, brother 
of me present Sir Joseph Bailey, Bart, of Qliuiusk, is 
son of the late Joseph Bailey, Esq., and nephew of 
the late Richard Crawshay, Esq. of C^artha. He 
served as sheriff of Brecknockshire in 1SS7> and of 
Monmouthshire in 1850. 

Antu— Axg., between two bars, three annulets^ In fease 
gu., all between as many martleta, of the last. 
Cnrt^A. griffin, sejant, aig., semte of annulets, go. 
ifotto— llbertas. 
fiiot— Aberaman, near Pontyprydd. 

B A I 

L Oboegi, 6. so July, 18S7. 

u. Robort, Ueut Rifle brigade, b. 8 Oet 18S8. 

m. Clifton, 6. 5 March. 1881. 

IT. Henry, R.N., b. 20 Aug. 1882. 

v. ArthuivCharlflS, 6. in 1888. 

L Mary. u. Frances. 

m. Qcoxgina-Sophia. 

Mr. Baillie t. his fother, 11 Dec. 1841. He is eldest 
son of the late George Baillie, Esq. of Jerriswuod 
and MeUerstain, by Muy his wife, youngest dau. <ff 
Sir James Pringle, Bart, and grandson <^ the Hon. 
George Hamilton (2nd son of Charles, Lord Binning), 
who assumed the surname of his maternal ancestors, 
the Bailuks of Jerviswood and MdUrttain. (See 
BvBKX^B Peerage, " Haddinqton.**) 

^rms— As., nine stan, three, three, two, and one^ or. 
Vrttt—A cresoent, or, surmounted of a sou. 
jyroMo— Maior virtus quam Q>lendor. 
iSeot-MaUeratain, co. Benrick. 

Baillie, George, Esq. of Jerviswood, oo. Lanark, 
and Melleretain, co. Berwick, 6. 14 April, 1802; m. 
16 Sept. 1S24, Geoigina, dau. of the late Archdeacon 
Robert Markham, and has issue, 


Baillik, Evan, Esq. of Dochfour, co. InTeraen, 
m. in 1828, Lady Georgiana-Frederica Montagu, 4th 
dau. of William, Duke of Manchester, and has issue. 

Kttta0(. — 8m Wiluam Bailloi, of Lamington, by 
Marian his wlife, dau. of Sir John Beton, of Seton, had a 
numerous issue. The three eldest sons had midmed a 
clergyman, who had been taken into the house as tutor, 
for a grierous olTence whidi he had committed in their 
£uni]y, of which injury he died. The power ot the dtmrdi 
at this time being great in Scotland, the three brothers 
were obliged to fly. 

The eldest settled in Inyemess-ahire; the second in 
Ireland : txcm him springs the fiunily of Inshhangy. The 
third went to the isle of Anglesey, and founded the tamily 
of which the Marquess of Anglesey is a descendant. 

ALBXANDca Badxis, the eldest son, fought at the battle 
of Brechin, and was for his services rewarded with the 
baronies of Dunain and Torbreck, part of the oastle lands of 
Inverness, in the year 1452. From him derived, fourth in 

Wiluam Baillik, d Dunane, who m. Catherine, dan. of 
Robert More Munro, of Fowlia, chief of the dan Munro, 
and left two sons, Albxaitdbr, of Dunain, and John, 
ancestor of the fkmily of Leys. Th» elder, 

AiJCXAin>Bn Baillu, Esq. of Dunain, slwrilf of the ooonty 
troxa 1685 to 1698, m. Oatherine, dau. of Munro of MUtown, 
and left two sons, Wiluam, his heir, of Dunain, ancestor 
of the BAiLUBo/ihmaMi, now represented by Wiluam 
Bailui, Esq. of that place ; and Davu>, anoestor of the 
fiunily of Dochfour. The second son, 

Datid Bailus, Ist of Dochfour, m. Maigaret, fcmrth dau. 
of the Lord Lovat, and was «. by his eldest son, 

ALKXAMDca Bailub, of DochfouT, who vx. in 1709, 
Hannah, dau. of Fraser of Relig, and left four sons, Hctoh, 
of Dochfour; William, of Rosehall, in Butheriand, father of 
the late General Sir Ewan BaiUie, Bart, and General 
Charles Baillie; Evan, of Aberiachan; and David. The 
eldest son, 

Hugh Bailuv, Esq. of Dochfour, m. 10 June, 1730, 
BmlUa, dau. of Fraser of Relig, and left, Albxavdbb, hii 
heir, of Dochfour, d. in 1798; James; Bvax, of whom 
prasently ; Duncan; Oatherine, m. to Provost Cbiaholni, of 
Inverness, younger lnx>ther of Chishdm oi Chishohn; 
Isabella, m. to Duncan Grant, of Bught ; Hannah, si. to 
James Fraser, of Belladrum ; Christin, m. to Doff of Muir- 
town. The third son, 

Etam Baillik, of Dochfour, «. his elder brother, Alex- 
ander, in 1798. and beooming an eminent West India mei^ 
chant at Bristol, was M.P. for that dty, and colonel of ths 
Bristol regiment of volunteer infkntry. He m. Mary, dan. 
of Peter Gurley, Esq. of the island of 8t Yinocnt, and left 
three sons, 

Pcraa, of Dochfour. 

Hugh-Duncan, of Redcastle, MJP. for Honiton, sad lord- 
lieutenant of the CO. Ross. 

James-Evan, formeriy M.P. for Tralee and BristoL 
TIm eldest son, 

Preb Bailub, of Doohfbur, M.P., m. In 1707, EUaabeth, 
dau. of John Pinney, Esq. of Somerton, and left, 

EvAX, now of Dochfour. 

John - Frederick, of Leys, m. Annie Baillie^ dan. and 
heiress of CoL John Baillie, of Leys. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B A I 

Jvml «. to the Hon. and B«v. Bnptiat-WrlothMl^ No«l, 

brothor of the B«iri of OfliDflboroogh. 
KuT. m. lat» to John MorrittTBeq. of Rokeby: and 

Sodlj, to Capt. G«oi9»-St John Mildmay. R.N. 
Jm*— Ac , nine 8tan» threes tbrtf^ two^ and onei 
Cnert— A boar'a head, oouped. 
Jr«tto— Quid dartos astris. 
-Doehfoor, InT< 

B41LUE, Col. Huoh-Duvoan, of Redcastle and 
Tumdale, 00. Ross, 6. 81 May, 1777; m. 1st, 18 Dea 
1796, EHzabeth, dan. of the Rey. Heniy Reynett, 
D.D., and hj her has issue, 

L HKnT^AKn» M.P. for InTernase-ahh^, 5. In ICardh, 
laos, «. » Dec. 1840, Philippa-Eliza-Sydney, elder dau. 
of Fterey, praaent Yiaooont Straogford. 

I. Maxia-Ann, m. 8 Maroh, 1881, to the Hon. WflUam 
Aahiay, aeeond aon of the Earl of Shafteabuzy. 

XL Augosta-Veeey. 

m. EUb, m. to William Brodie, Esq. of Brodie, N.B. 

Cdkniel Baillie ». 2ndly, 2 July, 1821, Mary, dau. of 
Thomas Smith, Esq. it Castleton Hall, and by her 
has issue, 

L Huglfc^intth. n. Dtmoan-James. 

m. Alfred-inniam. 

L FrBderica-Pcpelope^ m, to Philip Peroeral, Esq., eldeet 
•an of Ool. Peroeral, of Temple House, 00. SUgo. 

for Hneaga, kc, see Bailux 0/ J)oel{f<mr. 

teto— BodcMtle^ and TanadaK Bosa-ehire. 


Bailt, Thomas - Fabmeb, Esq., of Hall Place, 
Logfa, CO. Kent, &. 24 Sept. 1823, is only son and 
kdr (by Amelia Perkins lus wife, who m. 2ndly, in 
S^ 1882, William Smith, Esq. of Sydenham) of 
Fabmer Bailt, Esq., who purchased, m 1821, the 
estate of Hall Place, in the parish of Leigh, 00. Kent^ 
and din Oct 1828. 

Arwu^Or, on a feaae, engrailed, botween three nags' 
heada, enaed, as., as many fleura-do-lla, of the first 
Chm A goat's head, erued, as., besant^ attired, or. 
Jfftto— Vestigia nuUa retroraimi. 
tef-HaUnaoe^ Lai^ eo. Kent 


Bai5BBIook» Thomab-Parkeb, Esq. of Hill House, 
Derby, d. 6 March, 1791 ; «i. 1st, 8 May, 1820, Elisa, 
dso. gI liieat-Oen. Sir Dyson Marshall, K.C.B., which 
kdy dt. p. 8 May, 1822. He m, 2nd]y, 11 May, 
1880, Lonna-Anne, dau. of Charles Dashwood, Esq. 
of Beodes, co. Suffolk. Mr. Bainbrigge «. his father 
28 Jan. 1842. 

liaexgr.— Thla tlunily, of great antiquity in the 
north of Engkmd, came to Lo^ington about the eloee of 
Ot reign of HasntT YII. **In the year 1588, William 
tlaara i Notroy, granted to WQIiam Baynbrigge, of Loolc- 
iagtoD, (deaoendad from the ancient famUy of the Bain- 
taggaa in the north), a ereat to hia ancient arma, which 

JoBF Batvbsiooi, of Wheatley, 00. of Yoik, otherwiae 
MQid Bainbrigge del North, and afterwarda of Leicester- 
iUia^ bad three children, Bossar, Thomas, and John, 
horn the eldeat 

Bosnr BAinaioaB, Ebq. of Loddngton, 00. of Lei- 
eater (bmled SI Aug. UTi^ theaixth in deaoent waa 

Taotus BAnraaiooB, Eaq. of Woodaeat and Booester, 
I.Joly, 1714, who porrtiaaed the manor of Bocestar, 1778; 
baflt Woodaeat, 1767; was sheriff for the eo. of Dert^ in 
im, nd prodsiflaed KInir Oaoacn III. on his acoeaalon 
to tfaa throoa. He m. Anna, dan. of laaao Borrow, Baq. 
«f Gbatle6aldai eo. oi Der^, by hiaSnd wife. Honor Burton, 
«he waa diraeCly deacended from Bdwabd III. of England. 
Ha d. in 17P6, and waa buried at Booeater, leaving iaaae, 
L TmoauM, b. 8th Aug. 1751, sheriff for the co. of Stafford 
ia UOl, 4. wm. 1818. n. Josbph, of whom preaently. 
BL Jolm, of Halea Green, 00. Derby, captain in the Derby 
MfiUa, d. 18M, aged 71. !▼. Philip, b. 1758, lieat-coL, 
kffladeoaBaMuidtaag the SOth ragimant of foot, at the battle 

B A K 

of Egmont-op-Zee, in Holland, 6th Oct. 1799, aged 43. He 
m. Rachel, dau. of Peter Dobree, Esq. of Beam^gard, in 
the isle of Guernsey, by whom he left issue, 1 Philip, coL 
in the army. 6. in 1780, m. in 1816, Sarah-Mary, dau. of 
Joseph Fletcher, Baq. of Liverpool; 2 John-Hankey, ci^ 
tain in the army, who m. his cousin, Sophia, dau. of 
Bonamy Dobree, Esq. of Guernsey; 8 Peter, who took the 
name of Ls Hukt in 1832 ; 4 Thomas, an officer in the 
army, who m. Sarsh, dau. of — Bate, Esq. ; 1 Anne, who 
d. young; 2 Harriet, m. to lieut-Col. Bobert Dale; 8 
Honor-Eliabeth ; 4 Bachd-Dobree ; 5 Anne, m. 81 Doc 
1815, to her cousin, Samuel Dobree, Eaq. of Walthamstow, 
and d. in the Dec following. The second son, 

Josbph Baihbbioob, Baq. of Derby, capt in the Stafford- 
8hh« militia, b. 27 Sept 1752, m. let, his cousin Honor, 
dan. of Philip Gell, M.D. of Wirksworth, co. Derby, who d. 
«. p., and 2ndly, Miss Hannah Harrison, of Yieldenley, by 
whom (who d. in April, 1841) he had issue, 
Thomas-Pabksr, present representative of the fomily. 
William -Heuxy. now of livexpool, 6. in Deo. 1805, to whom 
his elder brother* has given up Woodseat and Rocester: 
he m. Ist. 26 April, 1838, Miss HariaM. Thompson, of 
Liverpool, and haa iasue, Thomas-Parker-Borough, and 
Anne-Honora. He m. 2ndly. 7 June^ 1851, Bmma» dau. 
of Joseph Tatea, Eaq. of Liverpool. 

Banuahliaria^ane^ m, 81 Dec. 1885, to the Ber. Wm. 
Fletcher, D.D. 

Mary-Barbara, m. 20 Dec 1888, to William Dixon, Eaq., a 
magistrate for liverpooL 
Mr. Bainbrigge d. 28 Jan. 1842. 

^rma— 1st and 4th, aiig.. a fease embattled, between three 
battle-axes, sa., BAnrBaiDOs; 2nd and 3rd, gu., a chevron 
between three leopards' heads, or. 

Ctestr—A goat, aa., homed and unguled, aiig., around his 
neck a collar of the same, standing on a hfll, vert 

JUrideace— Hill Houses Derby. 

Baird, James, Esq. of Cambusdoon, co. Ayr, b, 
1808; m. in 1852, Charlotte, dau. of Robert Lock- 
hart, Esq. of CasUe Hill, co. Lanark. Mr. Baird, 
who represents the Falkirk district of bui^ghs in 
parliament since 1851, is son of the late Alezandeor 
Baird, of Lockwood (who d. in 1883]^ by Jane Moflht 
his wife ; and brother of William Burd, Esq. of £lie^ 
CO. Fife, who sat in parliament for Falkirk from 1841 
to 1847 ; of Douglas Baird, Esq. of Closebum, co. 
Dumfries ; of George Baird, Esq. of Auchmedden ; 
and of David Baird, Esq. of Urie. 

CV««f — An eagle's head, eraaod. 
Motto — Domlnus fecit. 
&«£— Cambuadoon, co. Ayr. 


Baker, Henrt-Johh- Baker, Esq. of Elemor^ 
Hall and Crook Hall, co. Durham, b. 29 June, 1822 ; 
m. Isabella, dau. of R. S. AUgood, Esq. of Nunwick, 
ca Northumberland. Mr. fieJLer, an officer in the 
4th dragoon guards, eldest son of Henry Tower, 
Esq., by IsabeUa his wife itnd cousin, only child and 
heiress of Oeoige Baker, Esq. of Elemore Hsll, Dur- 
ham, assumed, in 1844, the surname of Baker only, 
with the arms <^ Baker quarterly irWh. Tower, m 
accordance with the will of his maternal grandfather. 

fLintajft* — SibOiobob Bakeb, Knt, reoorder of New- 
castle^n-^ne, one of the loyal defenders of that town for 
King Chablbs, was second son of Oswald Baker, of Dor- 
ham, by Mary Heron his wife. He purchased, abouttha 
year 1685, Crook Hall, in Which eatate he was «. in 1667, by 
his aon, 

OaoBflS Baksb, Esq. of Crook Hall, ftkther, by Maigarst 
hia wife, dau. of Thomaa Forater, Baq. of Bdderstone, 
Northumberland, of a aon and sncooaaor, 

Oboros Bakbb, Baq. of Crook Hall, b. 1 Aug. 1664, who 
m. EUsabeth, only dau. and heir of Samuel Daviaon, Baq. 
of Wingate Orange, 00. Durham, and dyingin 1609, laft an 
<mly aon, 

Gbobob Bakbb, Eaq. of Crook Hall, M.P. for the dty of 
Durham, who m. Elisabeth, only dan. and heireaa of 
Thomaa Omyen, Esq. of Elemore, co. Durham, M .P., and 
d. 1 June, 17S8, leaving, with a dau. Maiigaret, wife of 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B A K 

Edward Shipperdson, Esq. of Piddington Hall Garth, a 

Gbobok Bakkr, Esq. of Elemore Hall, who m. Judith, 
dau. and oo-heir of of Cuthbert Routh, Esq. of Dinadale, 
CO. Durham, and d. in 1774, leaving a dau. Ellnbeth, m. to 
Ghriatopher Tower, IQaq. of Weald Hall, Eaaex, and a son, 

Gbobob BiXKB, Esq. of Elemore Hall, who m. Isabella, 
dau. of John Dalton, Esq. of Sleningford, oo. Yoxlc, and 
bad an only dau. and heiress, 

TaA««T.TA Bakeb, who m. 16 Feb. 1816, lier eousin, Henry 
Tower, Esq, (m/amUp o/Toweb, qf WttOd Hall), and d. in 
Kov. 1842, leaTing, with other issue, {tee Towkb), an eldest 
son, the present Hxnbt-Jobii Bak£B Bakzb, Esq. of 

.<4mu— Quarteriy : 1st and 4th, erm., onasaltire, engrailed, 
az., a maunch between four escallops, or ; on a chief, aa., 
a lion, passant, of the third, for Ba&sb ; 2nd and Srd, sa., 
a tower, or, chaiged with a peahen, of the field, within a 
bordure, of the second, ohaiged with ten cross-crosslets, also 
of the field, for Towee. 

Crt$u-~\iA^ Bakkb, a lion, rampant, aig., chained on the 
shoulder with a saltier, az., and supporting between the 

¥aws a shield of the last, thereon a maunch, or; 2nd, 
owot, a griifin, passant per pale or and erm., the dexter 
daw restkig on a shield, sa., diaxged with a tower, as in 
the arms. 
If oMo— Love and dread. 
fiMf»— Blemore Ball, and Crook Hall, both oo. DnriianL 


Baker, William-Robebt, Esq. of Bayfordbuiy, co. 
Hertford, 6. 8 Oct 1810; m. 4 Oot 1839, Anna- 
Emma-Katherine, eldest daii. (by Katherine, his 2ud 
wife, dau. of the Right Rev. Wm. Magendie, bishop 
of Bangor) of Henry-Fynes CQinton, Esq., eldest son 
of the Rev. Chas.-Pynes Clinton, D.D., representative 
of the Hon. Sir Henry-Fynes Clinton, 3rd son of the 
2nd Earl of Lincoln, and by her has a son and heir, 

Hr. Baker is a magistrate for the county of Hertford, 
of which shire he was high-sheriff in 1886. 

yLXXitWgt* — 8» WiLUAM BaKBR, Knt purchased. In 
1757, the manor and estate ot Bajrford ; and between the 
years 1758 and 1762, built the present mansion-houae of 
Bayfordbury, wliioh he surrounded with a park. He m. 
19 Jan. 1742, Mary, dau. of Jacob and Hary Tonson, and 
had six sons and a dau. The eldest son, 

William Bakbb, Esq. of Bayfordbury, oo. Herts, H.P. 
for that county in five successive parliaments, m. Ist, 28 
Hay, 1771, Jtiliana, eldest dau. of Thomas Penn, of Stoke 
Pegeis, Esq., by Juliana his wife, dau. of Thomas, 1st 
Eari of Pomfiret, and by her had one dau., 

He «». 2ndly, 7 Oot 1775, Sophia, third dau. of Jotm and 
lady Henrietta Conyers, of C^ Hall, Essex, by whom he 
had nine sons and six daus., of whom three sons and fiiur 
daus. still survive. The eldest son, 

William Bakeb, Esq. of Bayfordbury, la. at Palermo, 
S Aug. 1809, Ester, dau. of Robert Pagan, Esq., consul- 
general of H. B. H. for Sicily and Malta, and had issue, 

Edward, d. Oct 1811. 

WnxiAM-RoMBT, now of Bayfordbuiy. 

Haiy-Anne-Conoordia, d. in 1839. 

Jrm»— Per pale, ermine and gules, a greyhound, oourant, 
between two oars invecked ; in ohie^ two quatrafoUs, and 
another in base, all counterchaoged. 

Cre$t — A cockatrice, per fesM, indented, erminols and 
pean, combed and wattled, gu., gorged with a collar, as., 
and in the beak a quatrefoil, slipped, vert 

Jfo«o--So run that you may obtain. 

SMrf— Bayfordbuiy, oo. Herts. 


Bakxr, Robert, Esq. of West Hay, co. Somerset, 
J.P. and D.L., h. 26 Nov. 1786; «. 6 April, 1826, 
Dorothea, davL of the Rev. John Wvlde, rector of 
Aldridge-with-Barr, co. Stafiford, and has issu^ 

L RoBBRT-LowBiUDaE, h. 22 Feb. 1831. 

I. Fanny. n. Maxy. m. Lucy. 

XV. Emily-Dorothea. 

ltnrAgr.--JoHH-Iintas Bakcr, Esq., 6. ft July, 1746 
(8nd son of Slade Baker, Esq., by EUiabethhia wifiD^ dau. of 

B A K 

Jeremy Innee, Esq. of Redland Court, Bristol, one of the 
grandsons of Sir Robert lunos, Bart), m. 9 Deo. 1776, Mary, 
dau. of Robert Bright, of Brockbury, co. Hereford, Esq., 
and by l&er, who d, 18 Feb. 1825, had issue, five sons and 
five daus. Hr. Baker d. 81 Jan. 1805. 

Arm*— Am., on a fesse^ engrailed, between three swmn^ 
necks, erased, or, fforged with duoal ooionets, gu., as many 
dnqueloils, of the last. 

Orttt — A dexter arm in mail, the under vest seen at tho 
elbow, vert, the hand, ppr., grasping a swan's neck, as in 
the arms, beaked, gu. 

<Sea^~We8t Hay, in the parish of Wrington, oo. S omari s t 


Bakeb, William, Esq. of Oraett Hall, Essex, 5. in 
June, 1772 ; wk Ist, in 1795, Lady Charlotte-Maria 
Digby, eldest dau. of Henry, 1st Earl of Digby, and 
by her (who d, in 1807) has issue, 

L Obobok-Diobt WnroFiiLD, 6. in 1796, m. Lncy-Mahella, 
sister of Lord Portman. 

XL John-Digby Wingfidd, in holy orders, 5. 1798. m. 
20 April, 1820, Anne-Elisa, elder dau. of ffir Jobn- 
Wyldbore Smith, of Bydling, Dorset, Bart, and baa, 
1 John-Digby. 2 WilUam-Oeozge-Digby. 

8 Riohard-Henxy. 
1 l^ydia-Lucy. S Anne-Ellaa. 8 Haaniat. 

m. Biohard-Baker Wfaigfleld, 6. 180L 

I. ICary, m. to William Oorddn, Bsq. of HaiMd, oo. H«rd- 

n. Caroline, m. to the late Earl of Oottenham, Lord Cfaaa- 

m. Franoes-BHaa, m. to her cousin, B.-W. MQlM, Bsq. 
Mr. Baker m. 2ndly, 2 June, 1818, Elizabeth, dau. of 
William Mills, Bsq. of Bisteme, oo. Hants, and by her 
has issue, 

I. William-Wriothedey-Digby. 

n. CharleaJohn-Wingfield. in. Frederick-Wingfield. 

r?. Henry-Wingfield. v. Kenehn-Digby. 

L Juha, m. to J. Fletdier, Beq, n. Lucy. 

Mr. Baker is a Queen's counsel, and was formeriy 
one of the masters in ordinaij in the court of Chan- 
eery, and chief justice of the Brecon circuit in Wales. 
He assumed the surname of Baker, in lieu of his 
patronymic, WiNOFiELD, by royal license^ 29 Dea 

Hint fl0f • — ^William Wxnopiku), Beq. of Waddngton, 
CO. Durham, and Humbleton, oo. Northumberland, claiming 
descent ftom the WnramLDs cif 8viffoUc, »». in 17S4, Anne, 
dau. of Sir William Williamson, Bart, of Whitburn Hall, 
CO. Durham, by EUabeUi his wifb, dau. of John Hedwortb, 
Esq. of Harraton, and had (beeidos a dau. Euzabctk, m, to 
Sir J. St. Aubyn, ci Qowanoe, co. Cornwall) a son, 

GsoBOB WnrarncLD^ Bsq. who m. Mary, dau. of G. ^Mr- 
row, Esq., and d. in 1774, having had, bealdee the p ie s en t 
Hr. Baker, of Orsett Hidl, another son, George^ engt. 1a 
the 7th Hussars, who assumed his maternal surname of 
Spabrow, under the will of his grandfiither, on inheriting 
his estate, and three daus. 

Anne, m. to the Rev. T.-H. Hume, canon of SaUsbuxy. 

EUiea, ta. to J. James, Esq. 

Mary, m. to the Rev. John Baasett 

^nn«*-<2uarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., a greyhound, oourant^ 
between two bars, sa., for Bauer ; Snd and Srd. aig., on a 
bend, gu.. between two ootises, sa., three pairs of wings^ 
of the nrst, for WiMonsu). 

CretU—lti, a cockatrice, erm., combed and wattled, go.. 
for Bakxb; 2ndly, a griffin, passant, vert 

»a«-OiMU Hall, Bnex. 

Baker, Thokab-Babwiok-Llotd, Esq. of Hsfd« 
wicke Court, oa Qlouoester, b, 14 Nov. 1807; m. 
10 March, 1840, Marv, dau. of Nicholas-Lewis Fen* 
wick. Esq. of Besford Court, co, Worcester, by Hary- 
Anne-Saunders, dau. of Sir John Sebright, Barti and 
has issue, 
1, GnAirviLLC-EDWur-LLOTD, b. 10 Feb. 1841. 
XI. Henry-Orde-Iioyd, b. 1 June, 1848, 

ILittfa0(«^-THa Rbv. WtLUAM «Lxx>vx> Bakbb, late of 
Stouts Hill, 00. Gloucester (son of the Rev. ThomM Baker, 
vioar of Bibury, oo. Glouoester» by Maxy his wife, sister of 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B A L 

the Ber. John Uoyd, of BytonX m. Mary, dau. of tlie Rer. 
John Lloyd, rector of Byton, in Durham, a descendant of 
I>r. WmUam lioyd. Bishop of St Asaph, liohfleld. Coven- 
tiy, ud Votvester, by whom he had issue, an only son, 

Too]fA»Jomr-LLOTi> Bakxb, Bsq. of Hardwicke Gourt, 
k 17 Hsy, 1777, «iu Ist, in May, 1800, Mary, dau. of William 
Sksipe^ Esq., of Fulham, co. Mid d l esex , and nteee of Oran- 
viQ» Sharps, and had issue, 

TaoKAs-BABwxcK-LLOTD. now of Hardwicke Court 

Cktherine. m. in 1834, to the Rev. Thomas-Murray Browne, 
Tior of Standish, oo. Qlouoester. 

l^y^Anne-Iioyd, m. in 1833, to CoL Beojamin Chapman 
Be«. 2Ddly, in Sept 1815, Annabella, dau. of theBev. 
WOBtiD Balfe, rector of Maldon, oo. Bedford. Mr. Baker, 
vfao washigh^heiiff in 1824, d. in 1841. 

Jm*— As., three swans' heads^ erased, MXg., goi^ged with 

Otift— A naked dexter arm, ppr., holding a swan's head, 
ftsfr-H»rdwicke Courts near Olonoestor. 


BiKBB, Riohari>-Westbroor, of Cottesmore and 
Tangham, co. Rutland, Esq., 6. 4 Julv, 1797; m. 
« Dea 1820, Ann, dau. of Henry-Hind Brown, Esq., 
of MeHon Mowbray, and has haid issue, 

L BidMurd, 6. 17 April. 18S5 ; d. 22 Oct. 1833. 

n. WnxiAH-HnntT, 6. 10 Aug. 1832. 

m. Bdward-Oeovge, 6. 13 Nov. 1885. 

L Ann-GitlMrine^ m. 9 Ifor. 1860, to John Stortbi, Esq.. 

n. SacahJane. 
Xr. Baker is a life-gOTemor of the Royal Agricul- 
tunl Sodetjr, and commissioner of land-tax, and was 
lug^-aheriff in 1 842-8. 

UntXBt, — ^In the fifteenth oentory the Bakers were 
% Infly of property in the North, and subsequently, about 
the year 1060, were resident at and near Ailesbuxy, Bucks, 
It whidi period the greater number of them became the 
fefloven d the oolebrated George Fox, the Quaker, and 
vHh fafan suffered imprisonment, by order of Csuouwzll. 
Or^ the AOesbury branch of the family, was 

WoLUX Baxxr, M.D., 6. in 1721, son of Francis Baker, 
bj his wifb Mary Burr, of an ancient Hertfordshire family. 
B« a. lOss Anne Leete, of Cambridgeshire descent, and 

WiuuM, b. fat 1751 ; d. tmm. in 1780. 
BicaABo, of whom presently. 

Asa, 6. in 1740 ; m, to Robert Jennyn ; and dying in 1824, 
Ml an on^ dao., the wifb of Samuel James, M.D. 

BioKABD Baxib, b, in 1782, m. 1st, Miss Ann Beynolds, 
hj whon he had oom son and one dan., yiz., 
WnxuM, captain E.I.C.8., a magistrate, and commia- 
iloDer of land-tax for the oo. of Sturey ; 6. in March, 
1T80; ». and has issue. 


He a. Indly. 27 Feb. 1793, Catherine, only dau. of William 
Bidarda, M.D., and by her had Issue, 

ttchard-Westhrook, now of Cottesmore and T^uigham. 

Jonph-Prands, Ueutenant R.N. ; b. 81 July, 1798 ; m. and 

Cktharinei Sarah-Isabella, m. and has issue. 

imt— Bnn., on a fesse, invecked, between two grey- 
H«ad% eourant, sa., a gaA>, or, between two fleura-de-ua^ 

Cnd—A myhound's head, erased, par., charged with a 
faK, ai in die arms, between six ears of wheat, or. 
MH$o-^ca sibi sed patrite. 
' ' - ^ And janghsm, co. Rutland. 

BunfVDi, HsBBiRr, Esq^, MJ). of Clohina, co. Cork, 
fcraiferiy M.P. for the city of Cork, b. 24 June, 1782; 
«. lit, in 1809, Barbara, dau. of Edward Ihinne, 
E«^ MD. of Tnlee, and baa by her one surviying 
Ibry-Aane^ m. to John O'Sonivan, Esq. of Bere, in the 
•0. of Cork. 
Dr. Baldwin «i. 2ndl7, in 1818, Julia, dau. of Edward 
Uenick, Esq. of Bellemount, and haa a son, 
HBacBT-JAXis.HKintT, 6. 19 April, 1822, m. in Not. 
Mfi^ Miss O'DrisoolL 

B A L 

UttUASC* — ^The first of this fiixnily who came to Irt- 
land, or, at least, to the south of that kingdom, were two 
brothers, who settled there in the reign of Queen Eliea- 
BKTB ; the elder of whom was Banger of (me of the royal 
parks, and m. to the dau. of Herbert of Powis, a house 
ennobled under that title, and illustrious under those of 
Pembroke, Montgomery, and Cherbury («m Bubxk's Bxtintt 
Feeroffe). From this alllanoe the Christian. name of Herbert 
has been transmitted in the fiunily, which has also con- 
tinued to quarter the arms of HeriMrt with those ef 
Baldwin. These two brothers purchased p roper ty, and 
fixed their residence in the vicinity of Bandon, in the oo. 
of Cork ; the dder at Mosagrore, the younger at lisnagart. 
The former left three sons, of whom the Snd, 

Hebbkbt Baldwik, Esq. of Currovoidy, m. Mary, dau. 
of Dr. Dives Downes, Bishop of Cork fijid Boss, and had 
three sons and two daus., riz., 1 Henry; 8 Herbert; 
8 Walter ; 1 Mazy, fa. to CoL Foot, of Mallow ; and 2 Eliza- 
beth, m. to John Ware, Esq. Of the sons, Henry and 
Walter ai« the progemtors of several considerable families 
in the co. of Corlc The 2nd, 

Hebbxrt Baldwdt, Esq., who, inherited the estate of 
Clohina, under the bequest of his uncle, CoL James Bald- 
win, m. in 1689, Mary, dau. of Col. Hungevford, of The 
Island, and had issue, 1 James, his heir ; 2 Herbert, who 
d. $. p. ; and 3 Bidiard, whose son Biohard m. Miss Ger- 
main, of Afladown. Herbert Baldwin was «. at his decease 
by his ddest son. 

Jambs BAiJ>wnr, Esq., who m. in 1726, Elizabeth Langtoo, 
of Bury, in the co. of limerick, and loft at his decease, in 
1778, 1 Jamsb, his heir; 2 Herbert, M.D., who m. Miss Col- 
lis, and had, UUer alios, a aon, Michael, M. D., who m. 
MisA Shea ; Anne, m. to Mr. Thomas Oliffe, of Cork ; and 
Mary, m. to Charles M'Carthy, Bsq. The elder son, 

Jamcs Baldwdt, Esq., m. in 1703, Mary, dau. of Daniel 
CConnell, Esq. of Der^rnane, in the co. of Kerry, and 
lefl-, at his decease, three sons and five daus., 1 Walter, 
d. unm. ; 2 Connell-James, late capt. 60th regiment, now of 
Toronto, Upper Canada ; 3 Hbrbcbt ; and fire daughters, 

1 Eliza, m. to Daniel M'Carthy, Esq. of Glenarough ; 

2 Alice, m. to Matthew • Hale -Adderly Minhear, Esq.; 

3 Maiy-Anne, m. to Biohard Newton, Esq. ; 4 Anne, m. to 
Mt^jor Broderick; and 6 Bridget, m, to William Hiokey, 
Bsq. of Lisbon. Mr. Baldwin's 8rd son is tha present 
Dr. HutBXBT Baldwin, of Cork. 

Arm^^Axg., a chevron, erm., between three oak branches 
Crat^A dove with the oUve branch, ppr. 
JfoMo— Est voluntas DeL 
&ot— Clohina, oo. Cork. 


Balfoub, David, Esq. of Balfour and Trenabie^ 
CO. Orkney, D.L., conyener of that county, 6. 14 Oct. 
1811; m. 12 Dec. 1844, Eleanor-Alder, dau. of Capt. 
Samuel-Barker Edmeston. 

SrCtiease.— The very andent family of Bslfoor, long 
heritable sherifb of Fife, derive their name from Balfour 
Castle in that county, built upon their eariiest possessiona 
in Scotland, the vale, or strath, of the Or, a tributary of 
the Leven. Their first recorded ancestor was Siwabd^ 
probably a Northumbrian, living in the reign of Duhoah I. 
His son, OsuLT, living Ump. Malcolm Cbah-Mobb, waa 
father of Siwabd, "cui dat Bdoab Bex vallem de Or 
(Btrathor) et Maey, pro capite Ottar Dsni." He had a son, 
OoTBKD, who founded an altarage to St. Michael for tha 
souls of his father and gimndfiatha*, and of his son, Miobakl 
DB Baltob, " qui obiit obses in An^^" leaving two sooa^ 
between whom Octred de Btrathor, their g r andfathe r , 
divided his lands, viz., 

William (Sir) of that ilk, sheriff of Fife, ancestor of tha 
Baltoubs of BaUour, extinct in tlie male line^ but repre- 
sented through the female by the BrrHUwn if BaJIJ^vwr, 

MiCHASik of whose line we are about to treat 
The 2nd son. 

Sir Migbaxl db Baltob, Knt, 1st Baron of Btrathor, 
was father of 

Sir Datid db Baltob, Knt., of Stratlunr, '* qui ob enioe 
signatus iqmd Tunigiam," in 1269. His son snd successor. 

Bin MiOBABL DB Baltob, Knt., of Btrathor, seneschal 
of the Earl of Fife, feU in Wallaoe'a defeat at FaUdrk, in 
1298, leaving a son, 

SiB David db Baltob, Ent., o Btrathor, soneschal of 
Fife, who sat as a baron in the parliocnonts of Cambuskon- 
noth, 1314, and of Ayr, 1315. He m. ifiabeUa, dau. of 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 

B A L 

Kftoduff of Beres, woond son of MaIeohn» 8th Earl of Fife, 
and was «. at his decease, in 1S18, being then with Bbucs's 
army in Ireland, by his son, 

8tB Maloolm dk Balfob, Knt., of Strathor, seneschal of 
Fife, who was slain by the English, leaving a son, 

Sm MiOHASL DB Baltor, who was brought up by his 
kinsman, Duncan, 12th Earl of Fifs, who gave, in 1353, 
" oonsanguineo suo Michaeli de Balfour,** in exchange for 
Fittenerieff, the much more valuable lands of Munqhanny. 
The Countess Isabella, dau. of Earl Duncan, also bestowed 
many giants upon her "cousin " Sir Michael, who «. as 
chief of the fiunily, in 1379, at the decease of Sir John Bal- 
four of Balfour. He was «. by his eldest son, 

Sir Laubknob db Baltoitr, of Strathor and Munqhanny, 
who, by Maijory his wife, had three sons : the 8rd, John, 
was of Balgarvey; the 2nd, David, was of Garroldstone ; 
and the eldest, 

Qbobqb db Balfoub, s. at his ftXhtx^s decease, to Mun- 
qhanny. He had two sons: James, the younger, was of 
Ballo ; the elder, Stb Johh Balfoub, fell at the siege of 
Roxbuigh, in 1460, during his father's lifetime, leaving a 
son and heir. 

Bib Miohaxl Balfoub, 9th baron of Strathor, who m. 
Janet, dau. of Sir Andrew Ogilvy, of Tnnh martin, and was 
father of 

MiOHABL Balfoub, of Munqhanny, an especial foyourite 
of Jambs IY., who, in 1493, erected his lands into a barony, 
to be called the Barony of Munqhanny. Sir Michael m, 
Maijory, dau. of Qooige Duzy of that ilk, and falling at 
Flodden, was «. by his only son, 

Ahdbbw Balfoub, of Munqhanny, who m. Janet, third 
dau. ot Sir Alexander Bruce, of Earlshall, and had seven 
sons, vis., 1 Miohabl; 2 Sir Qilbert, of Westra, master of 
Queen Mabt'b household; 3 Sir James, of Pittondriech, 
who la. Margaret, dau. and heiress of Michael Balfour, of 
Burleigh, and from him descended the Lords Balfour of 
Burleigh, James, Lord Balfour of Clonawley, Ac. ; 4 David, 
ancestor of the Balfoubs qf Orange; 6 Qeoige, Ftior Com- 
mendator of Charterhouue; 6 Robert, Provost of St. Mai-y's ; 
and 7 John. The eldest son, 

MiCBABL Balfour, younger of Munqhanny, m. Janot^ 
dau. of Sir David Boswell, of Balmuto, and dying in 1670, 
was «. by his son. 

Sib Michabl Balfoub, of Munqhanny. who removed, in 

1588, to Xoltland Castle, in the island of Westra, in 
Orkney, which he inherited from his oousin-german, Archi- 
bald Balfour, of Westra. He m. Mariota Adamson, dau. of 
Patrick. Archbishop of St Andrew's, and had two sons ; 
the elder, Sir Andrew, of Strathor and Mimqhonny, m. in 

1589, Mary, dau. of Sir James Melville, of HalhUl, but 
d. i. p. The younger. 

Michael Balfoub, of Gai-th, m. in 1593, Maigaret, dau. 
of Malcolm Sinclair, of Quendal, Arch-dean of Zetland, and 
was «. by his eldest son, 

Patrick Balfoub, of Pharay, m. a stanch royaUst, and 
severe sufferer in the cause, who nt. Barbara, dau. of 
Francis Mudy, of Breckness, and was «. at his decease, in 
1664. by his elder son, 

Obobob Balfoub, of Pharay, m. 1st, in 1657, Marjory, 
dau. of James Baikie, Esq. of Tankemess, and his only 
surviving son by that lady, William, of Pharay, left an 
only chUd, Isabel, wife of Archibald Slewart, of Brough. 
He m. 2ndly, in 1678, Mary Mackenzie, only dan. of Mur- 
doch, Bishop of Orkney, and dying in 1706, left, by her 
several sons, of whom the eldest, 

JoHX Balfoub, of Trenaby, «. to a portion of his 
father's estates, and on the death of his half-brother Wil- 
liam, became chief of the flunily. He m. Elizabeth, dan. of 
Thomas Tiaill, of Skaill, and had five sons and one dau. ; 
WiLUAM, his heir ; Thomas, of Huip ; Archibald ; John, M.D. ; 
Robert ; and Mary. m. to John Traill, of Westness. He d. in 
1741, and was $. by his eldest son, 

WiLUAM Balfoub, of Trenaby, b. in 1719, who m. 9 Feb. 
1744, Elisabeth Coventry, heiress of Newark, dau. of the 
Bev. Thomas Coventry, and bad (with three daus., Eliza- 
beth, m. in 1787, to William Manson, Esq. ; Maigaret, who 
d. w*M, ; Catherine, who d. imm. ; and Mary, m. to Capt. 
George Craigie,) three sons, viz., 
I. JoBH, his heir. 

n. Thoma&, of Elwick. a col. in the army; b. 8 Feb. 1752; 
and d. at Bath in 1799. He m. in 1776, Frances Ugonier, 
niece of neld-Marslud John, Earl Ligonier, commander- 
in-chief '>f the British forces, and only sister of Edwurd, 
2nd Earl Liguiiier, by whom he had, Ji>huEdward- 
Ligonler, eopt in thn 9th foot, 6. 11 Jan. 1780, killed at 
Alkmaar, 19 Sept. 1799; Wiluam, of Elwick, present 
representative of the family ; and Mary, m. to the Bev. 
Alexander Bnmton, D.D. 

B A L 

ni. David, 6. 8 Nov. 1754; m. Marion, dau. of Georgv 
M'Intosh. Esq. of Dunchattan; and d. 25 May, 18L3, 
leaving issue, William, late lieut.-ooL of the 32nd regt., 
m. and has issue; and Mary, m. to Godfrey MeyneD, 
Esq. of Langley Meynell. 
Mr. Balfotir d. in Oct. 1786, and was «. by his eldest son, 

John Balfour, Esq. of Trenaby, 6. in 1750, M J*, for 
the 00. of Orkney, who m. 1788, Henrietta, sister of Star 
Richard Sullivan, Bart, but dying «. p. in 1842, was «. bj 
his nephew, 

William Balfoub, Esq. of Trenaby, oapt. R.N., and 
vice^eutenant of Orkn^, 6. 8 Dec 1781, m. let, in 1806, 
his cousin. Mary-Balfour, only child of William Manson, 
Esq. of Kirkwall, and by her, who d. in 1820, had issue, 

Thomas, late M.P. for Orkney ; b. 2 April, 1810 ; d, in 1838^ 

Datid, now of Trenabie and Balfour. 

William, late lieut 79th Highlanders; 5. 19 Aug. 1818; 
m. Jessy- Alexina, dau. of the Bev. Thomas Steele. 

Geoige-Craigie, 6. 18 Feb. 1818; m. and has issue. 

Jamee-TraiU. d. in 1826. 

Maiv-Henrietta, m. to James Ktnnear, Esq. of Bdinbuigfa. 
and has issue. 

Elizabeth, d. tturn. in 1828. 
Capt Balfour m. 2ndly, in 1823, Mary-Margaret, dan. of 
Androw Baikie, Esq., and has, by her, two sons, James- 
William, 7th diagoon-guards, 6. in 1827, m. Isabella, dau. 
of Col. Craster, and Edward, b. in 1831, and five daus., 
Margaret-Craigie, Frances-Ligtmier, Isabella-Traill, Janet- 
Edmestone, and Harriett Capt Balfour d. 10 Feb. 1846. 

ArrM^Axg.t on a chevron, sa., an ottei's head, erased, of 
the first 

Crett—A dexter arm, ]^r., oonped at the elbow, heading a 
baton, aig. 

JfoCto— Foxi^ward. (Supposed to refer to the tenure of the 
wardenship of the Forth, held by the Balfours aspropriotors 
of the Isle of May at the mouth of the Firth of Forth.) 

fisat*— Balfour Castle, and Noltland Castle, co. Orkney. 


Balfoub, John, Esq. of Balbirnie, oo. Fife, 6. 
28 April, 1811 ; m. 25 June, 1840, Lady Qeorgiaiui- 
Isabella Campbell, 2nd dau. of the Earl of Cawdm', 
and has issue, 

I. Bobbbt-Fbsdbbiox, b. 80 April, 1846. 

u. Edward, b. 23 Jan. 1840. 

xn. John-William, d. 20 Aug. 1850. 

I. Emily-Eglantine. u. Geoigiaaa-Wlisabeth. 

iiL Mary-Louisa. 

Srtn(A0(« — ^The late Lieut -Gen. Eobebt Bautoub, of 
Balbirnie, co. Fife, son of John Balfour, Esq., by Mary^ 
Ellen his wife, was descended fVom the ancient fhmily of 
Balfour. He m. 8 Aug. 1808, Eg^tine-Katherine Fardyo^ 
and by her (who d. 9 Jan. 1852) had issue, 
John, now of Balbimi& 

Charies-James, commander R.N. ; m. 16 MayJ850, Frances- 
Harriet, dau. of Bear- Admiral WemysSk of WemyssCsstle^ 
00. Fife. 

Robert- William, maior 88th regt 
Geoige^iordon, H.B.LC.S. ; m. JuUa Lamb. 

Katherine-Jane, m. to Edward EUioe, Esq., M.P., son of 
the Right Hon. Edward ElUoe. 

Eglantine Charlotte-Louisa, m. to Robert ElUoe^ Esq., son 
of Gen. Ellice. 

Elisabeth -Anne, m. 1 Nov. 1842, to the Hon. Edward- 
Pleydell Bouverie, 2nd son of the Earl of Radnor. 
General Balfour d. 81 Oct 1837. 

Arm$ Arg., on a chevron, engrailed, between three muIleCs, 
sa., a eealch's head, erased, of the first 
CWcC— A palm-tree, ppr. 
Jfoffo— Virtus ad nthora tendit 
Seat— Balbirnie, Markinch, Fifb. 

Balfour, James MAiTLAin), Esq. of Whitting- 
bame. East Lothian, and Strathconan, co. Roes, b, 
5 Jan. 1820 ; m. 15 Aug. 1848, Lady Blanche-Oas- 
coyne-Cecil, 2nd dau. of James, 2nd Marquess of 
Salisbiuy, and has issue, 

I. Arthubt James, 6. 24 July, 1848. 

II. Ceoil-ChArles, 6, 22 Oct 1849. 

ni. Fnmcis-Maltland, b. 11 Nov. 1851. 
XT. Gerald- William, 6. 9 April, 1863. 
L Eleanor-Mildred. 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 

B A L 

n. IvvljB-Geoiskiuk-liazy. 

Xr. BiJfoar is son of the late James Balfour, Esq. 
(who d. in April, 1845), by the Ladv Eleanor Mait- 
luid his wife, da\L of James, 8th Earl of Lauderdale, 
which James Balfour was a younger son of John 
B^Uour, Esq. of Balbimie, co. Fife. The present 
Mr. BaUbor of Whittinghame has one brother and 
two asters, tIx^ Charles, of Balgonie and Newton 
Doo, CO. Berwidc ; Mary, m. to Henry-Arthur Her- 
bertk Esq. of Muckross, co. Reny; and Anna, m. to 
Lord Augustus-Charles-Lennox Fitsroy, 2nd son of 
Hflmy, 6th Duke of Orafton. 

Arm»—Axg..<m a chorron, engrailed, between three mulleta, 
■.. aiedch^ head. eiBaed, ofUie fUst 

OnM»— A pdm-tree. ppr. 

Jr«M»-Virtna ad nthera tendit 

Aat»-Whititi]ighaine, oo. Bast Lothian; and Strathoonao, 
•a Boa 


Bjojoitb, BLaTHET-TowirLBT, Esq. of Townley 
Han, ea Louth, J.P. and D.L., b. 28 May, 1769 ; m, 
17 Oct 1797, Lady Florence Cole, dau. of William 
WiOou^by, 1st Earl of Enniskillen, and has issue, 
L BLiTViT-Towin.XT, 5. 1790, formerly lieut-goy. of the 
fiahana Tai«t»*/<* m. Bliiabeth- Catherine, dau. and 
heir of Ridiard-M oleaworth Beynell, B«i. of B^ynella, 
•0. Weatmeath. and haa two sons. 
0. mnoagfaby-WiUiain-Townley, 6. 1801, In holy orders, 
m. Pnnds-Ldgfa, b. in 1805, d. at Hondnraa, in 1888. 
IT. Arthnr-Lowxy-Townlay* b. in 1809, mi^orin the army, 

d: in India. 
T. Lowry-Yeaey-Town]«y, secretary of the Order of 8t 

FSitrfek, ft. in 1S19. 
L Anne-lfazy-Townloy. 
n. Letitia-Ftmnoea-Townley. 
m. notenee-Henrietta-Tovmley. 
IT. Uaheth-Sarah-Townlay, d. 1888, wm, 
Xr. Balfour, who «. his grandfather, Blayney-Town- 
ley BaUbur, Esq., in 1788, was formerly member in 
the Irish parliament in 1797-8, for the borough of 
Bokorbet; he served the office of high-sheriff for 
Louth in 1792. 

KntHjIt. — The Balfoura of whom we are treating are 
a younger hranch of the Balfoubs cf BurUiffK in Scot- 
had, nd and were established by Sir William Balfour, 
whoporehaaed property in the oo. of Fermanagh, trcm 
iMd BiUbor of Clonawley. The Townleya spring from a 
■te of the andent stock of Towitlbt </ TownUp Hall, in 
laacMliirt. Their representative, . 

BuTSET Towxlkt, Eaq. aawuned the aomame ot 
BuvooB on the death of hia nephew, William Balfour, 
B■^, whom he aocoeeded. He m. hia oouain, Hary Town- 
fay* hdrav of Hamilton Townley, of Townley Hall, Esq , 
■adidkiof — Tennison, Esq., I^whom he left an only 
BUTSST TowvuT, 6. in 1748 ; who m. 20 Feb. 1768, 
Litttaa, dan. of Franda LdMi, Eaq., If .P. for Droffhedo, 
hjr Anne his wife, dan. of Henry Binghani, Esq. of New- 
Rook, 00. Mayo, and predeceasing his father, left iasue^ 
BLATnT-TowsLST, succossor to his gimndfkther. 
AssA Maka, m. in 17M, to the late Bar. Thomaa-Veaay 
Bavrsoo, dean of Clanmorris, and nephew to Thomaa, 
lit Locd Cremorne. He d. «. p. in 18S0. 
>r. Bilfoarct. at the age of 84, in 1788, and was «. by his 
gnadson, (hacving sorriTed hia only sonX Blatvst-TQwv- 
ur BatvovB, Esq. of Townley Hall. 

imi— Qosrterly: lat and 4th, aig., on a ohsTron, aa., an 
ittat'shead. erased, of the first; Snd and Srd. aig., a feaae, 
ii;la dde^ three muHata of the 2nd, for Townlst. 

A«(»— 1st, a lady atanding on a rock, holding in herrlght 
iiad SB otter's headL and in her left a swan's head : 2nd, on 
ap«Bh,er; ahawk eloee^ ppr., beaked and belled, of the first, 
mad the perch a ribbon, go. 

if M'*'* Derter, an ottor ; sinister, a swan, both ppr. 

mm O mnaaohamgortipataria. 

4mI— Townlsy HaO, near Drofl^ieda, oo. Loath. 


Balout, Johv, Esq. of Duffield, ca Derby, Q.C., 
Bseoider of Derby, J.P. and D.L., 6. 14 Sept. 1782; 


m, 1 May, 1819, Barbara, eldest dau. of the Rer. 
John-Francis-Seymour-Fleming St. John, one of the 

Srebendariee of Worcester Cathedral, and relict of 
ohn Baker,* Esq. of Waresley House, co. Worcester, 
and has issue, 
I. John, barrister-at-law, h. 16 Deo. 1821. 
n. Henry, oapt. 4th or King's Own regt.,&. 28 Aug. 1828. 
m. Charlee-Yelverton, oapt 42nd Highlanders, b. 20 

Aug. 1827. 
IT. Frands-St John, 6. 7 Jan. 1832. 
L BaxbararEliaabeth, m. in 1852, to F. O. Olteilly, Esq. 
n. Caroline- Amy. 

9,intKSt* — '^9 Balguya have been seated in Derby- 
shire for twenty generations, and are described as a branch 
of the Baoulbts of BoffuUy, in Cheshire. The eetate of 
Darwent Hall, aold by the late John Balguy, Esq., had 
been held by the ftunily for seyeral hundred years, and 
was the remnant of huge poeaessions in the High Peak, 
formerly belonging to them. Johk Balout, who served 
the office of high-sheriff for Derbyshire three or four years 
after the Beatoration. is described as of Darwent HalL 
In 1504, Thomaa Balguy waa member for Stamford, in 
linooln^ire, and recorder of that borough. To the latter 
office John Balguy was elected in 1628, and his son, of 
the same name, in 1649. The late zepreaentadve of the 

JoHX Balout, Esq. of Darwent HaD and Duffield, oow 
Derby, recorder of Derby, chairman of the quarter sessions 
for that county, and one of hia mi^eaty's judges upon the 
Carmarthen circuit, tn, in Sept 1781, Elisabeth, youngest 
dan. of Edward Qould, Esq. of Mansfield Woodhouse, oo. 
Notta, by whom, who d. 8 Dec 1821, he had (with three 
daua., Mary; Elixabeth, wife of Cockahutt Heathcote^ 
Esq.; and Charlotte) three surrivlng sons, iris., Johbt, 
now of Duffield; Bryan-Thomaa, town-clerk of Derby; and 
Charlea-Georgo, registrar of the archdeaconry of Notting- 
ham. Mr. Balguy d. 148ept 1888. 

A mu Or, three loxengea^ as. 

Crt9t—A bear, peasant ppr., collared and chained, or. 

Seat— Duffield. co. Derby. 


Ballaitttkb, Jambs, Esq. of Holylee, Scotland, 
b. 22 Ma^ 1789; m, 17 Aug. 1821, Anne, dau. of 
Andrew Henderson, Esq. of Hidgehope, and haa 

I. JAms-GsoBOS, b. 28 May, 1837. 

I. Helen-Tumbull. u. Bliaabeth-Bunat 

UL Ann-Wllliama. 
Mr. Ballantyne is son of Thomas Ballantyne, Esq., by 
Elizabeth Burnet his wife ; and grandson of Qeoige 
Ballantyne and Katharine bis wife. 

ArtM—Arg.t on a crosa, as., between four mullet^ gu., a 
crescent, or. 

Crttt—A. demi-griifin, holding in the dexter daw a sword, 
erect, ppr. 

JfoCto— Nee dto, uec tarda. 

fiea^-Holylee, N.B. 


Band, Edward- Wright, Esq. of Wookey House^ 
00. Somerset, J.P., b. 28 AprU, 1779; m. 9 June^ 
1800, Sarah-Elizabeth, eldest dau. and oo-beir (with 
his sister, Maiy, i}i. to the Rev. Lewis Way) of the 
Rev. Herman I)rewe, rector of Combe-Raleigh, in 
Devon, 7th son of Francis Drewe, Esq. of Broad- 
hembuiy Orange, by his first wife, Mary, dau. and 
heiress of Thomas Rose, Esq. of Wotton-Fltzpain, 
Dorsetshire, and has issue, 
L Cbablss-Edwabd, of St John's Colloge, Cambridge^ 
in holy ordera, rector of Combe Balelgfa, in Devon- 
Shire, m. 1st, 4th June, 1827, Henrietta-Mary-Bourke^ 
aldeat dan. of the Ber. Henry Fellowes, vicar of Sid- 
buiy, and by her, who d. 6 Jan. 1841, haa issue. He 
SI. Sndly, Haniott-Louisa, dau. of the Bev. John Bond» 
rector of Freaton, co. Suffolk. 
L Elizabeth-Drewe, la. 8 May, 1888, to Pieroe-Bogers 

Neebit, M.D., and <<. in 1835. 
n. HermanarDrewe. m. Mary-Boaa. 

IV. Dorothea-Penruddocka, d. imm. 

V. "Wiight-Drewo. ^^ , . 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


S.{lltafi:e.— JoHK. Baitd, Esq. of Wookoy Hoom, 
(whooe mother wm » Miae Wright, of tho family of that 
name, near Andover, HantsX for many years an acting 
magistrate, and deputy-lieut. for Somersetlhire, served 
the office of high-sheriff for that oo. in 1801. He m. and 
hod issue, 

EnwASO-WBioar, now of Wookey House. 

Martha, m. to Charles Penruddocke, Esq. 

Arm9—Qn,, three eagles, displayed, or; on a chieC three 
leopards' heads. 
Crttt—An eai^e, or. 
JtfoCCo— Qieu est mon aide. 
Adt— Wookey House^ Somersetshire. 


Bakkbs, Wn.LUM-JoHK, Esq., M.A., of Kingston 
Hall, 00. Dorset, and of Songhton Hall, in Flintshire, 
«. his fiftther in 1834 ; formerly M.P. for the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge, and afterwards for Dorsetshire. 

SritUSSe.— Sut Jonr Bakkis, constituted lord chief 
Justice of the Common Pleas in IMO, (the son of John 
Bankes, a merchant, by his wife Elizabeth Haasel). had 
been in the celebrated cause instituted in the Exchequer 
against the patriot Hampdbn, for his reAisal to i>ay the 
arbitrary imposition of ship-monoy. By his wife Hary, (the 
gallant defender of Corfe Castle for King Chablbs), only 
dau. of Robert Hawtrey, Esq. of Rlselip, Sir John Bankes 
left at his decease in 1944, a son and successor, 

Sia Ralph Bakkbb, of Corfe Castle, Knt., who m. Mary, 
only dau. and heir of John Bruen, Esq., of Athelhampton, 
and had, with a dau. Mary, who d. wim., an only son, 
JoRV, his heir. Sir Ralph dying about the year 1679, was 
J. by his son, 

John Bavsss, Esq. of Kingston Ball, M.P. for Corfe 
Castle, who m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Henry Parker, by 
whom (who m. 2ndly, Thomas Lewis, Esq. of London), 
he had, with othor children, who died issueless, two sons, 
JoHH and EExNBT, and a dau. Mary, m. to Sir Thomas 
I'Anson, Bart He d. in 1714,, and was «. by his elder son, 

Jomr BAJffKBB, Esq. of Kingston Hall, M.P. who dying 
Issueless, in 1778, was «. by his brother, 

Hbitbt Baxkxs, Esq. of Kingston Hall, borristei^at- 
law, king's counsel, M.P. for Corfe Castle, and one of the 
oommissionerB of the customs. He m, 1st, Eleanor, dau. 
of Richard Symonds, Esq. of London, and 2ndl7, Mai^ 
garet, dau. of the Right Rev. John Wyime, D.D., Bishop 
of Bath and Wells, and co-heir of her brother, the Right 
Hon. Sir W. Wynne, Knt., chief Judge of the Prerogative 
Court and dean of the Ardies. By the first lady, he had no 
issue. By the seoond he had a son. HnntT, his heir, and 
a dau. Anne. Mr. Bankes d, in 177(^ and was «. by his 
only surviving son, 

HsNBT Bavku, Esq. of Kingston Hall, M.P. for Corfe 
Castle from 1780 to 1826, and for the co. of Dorset A*om 
that time until 1881. Mr. Bankes m. in 1784. Frances, 
dau. of Williiun Woodley, Esq., governor of the Leeward 
Islands, and had (with two daus., Anne-Frances, m. to 
Edward, Earl of Falmouth; and Maria- Wynne, m. to the 
Hon. Thomas Stapleton) four sons, viz , 

I. Henry, lost at sea in 1806. 

n. WiLUAM-JoBM. now of Kingston HoU. 

in. Oeoive, of Studland, in the Isle ofPurbeck, Cursitor 
Baron, M.P. for oo. Dorset He m. Oeoxrina-Charlotte^ 
dau. and heir of Sir Charles -Edmund Nugent Knt, 
O.C.H., and Admiral of the Fleet aod has had issue, 

1 Bdmund-Geoige, h. 24 April, 1826. 

2 Heuiy-Hyde-Nugent b. 10 April. 1828. 

8 Edward-Dee, 6. 12 Jan. 1830 ; d. 24 June. 1844. 

4 Frederick-Wynne, h. 15 April, 1834; d. 22 June, 1886. 
6 William-Geoige-Howbrey, 6. 11 Sept 1885. 

6 Wynne-Albeit, 6. 81 May. 1840. 
1 Geoigina-Chailotte-Frances. m. 20 Feb. 1844, to John 
Floyer. Esq. of West Staftord, co. Dorset 

5 Marv-Maigaret d, 28 May, 1886. 
8 Adelaide. 

4 Augusta-Anne, ) i«j_. 

5 OcUvia-Elixabetb, f *''*^ 

IT. Edward, rector of Corfe Castle, prebendaiy of 01 'U- 
oester; who m. 1st in 1820, Lady Frances-Jane Scott 
dau. r*f John, Earl of Eldon, t^ whom he has issue, 
John-Scott, Eldon-Surtees, and Frances; and 2ndly, in 
1889, Maria, 8rd dau. of the Hon. and Yeiy Rev. Edward 
Rice, D.D. 
Xr. Bankes d. l7Deo. 1884. 

, a cross, engrailed, onn., between four fleurs-de- 
lis, or; quartering Bbuxn, MAmTnr, Pydei^ Wyknb, and 




Creat^A Moor's head, fiill fkced, oouped at tho shoulder^ 
»r.. on the head a cap of maintenance, gu.. turned up, erm., 
omed with a crescent whence issues a fleur-de-lis. 
£^a(~Kingston Lucy, Dorsetshire. 


Bavkbs, Mbtrick, Esq. of Wiostanlej Hall and 
Up-HoUand House, Lancashire, h. 22 Nov. 1811. 

%r{nea0f • — Socov Bakkss, the first of this &m!ly on 
record, m, in 1835, the dau. and heiress of Katherton of 
Bank Newton, in Craven, Yorkshire, and acquired, >ur« 
turoHc, the manor of Bank Newton, ^^lich remained in the 
Bankes' fiunily till sold by the elder branch, about the 
middle of the seventeenth century, to IHcholas Townkj, 
Esq. of Royle. The last male heir of the Baitkk's qf 
Windardejf HaU, who were the second branch of the stock, 

WxLUAM BAirKia, Esq. of WInstanley Hall, high-sberifT 
of Lancashire in 1784; m. Mary- Anne, dau. of Joseph 
Bunney, Esq. of Leicester, and d. $. p. in 1800, when the male 
line of the Bankes family became ^tinct; but Mr. Bankee 
bequeathed his property to his flrst-cooaln and nearest 

Thb Rev. TH01118 HoLMB,* of Up-HoUand Houses and 
then of WInstanley Hall, the son of AHVs-BAinus, the 
first-cousin of the testator. He was 6. in 1732, and «a. Maiy^ 
dau. of Richard Mesrriok, Esq., fourth son of Owen 
Meyrick, Esq of Bodoigan, oo. Anglesea» and by her left 

I. Mktbiok. his heir. 

n. Frederick-William, in holv orders, B.D. ; h. 12 Jan. 
1772, fellow of Corpus ChrCsti College, Oxford, and after- 
wards rector of MeysOT Hampton, co. Gloucester ; m. 1st 
May, 1811, Mary-Elisabeth, eldest dau. of Thomas Pigot, 
Esq. of Almtngton Hall, Staffordshire, and left issue, 
1 Fiederick, 6. 10 June, 1812; M.A. and F.Z.8., feDow 
of Corpus Christ! College, Oxford ; d. wtm. 
8 Me^ck, in holy orders; 6. 18 April, 1815; B.A. of 
Brasennose College^ Oxf<nd. 
1 Mary-Elisabeth, m. to the Rev. Mr. Lee. 
S Jane, m. in 1842, to Henry-Leigh TralTord, Esq. 
in. Cholmondeley. b. 23 Jan, 1779 ; d, 12 Auff. 1793. 
X. Jane, m. lieut.-Col. Burgh Lolghton ; who d. in 1836, «. p. 
n. Anne, m. the Rev. O. Boriase, who d. in 1809, «. p. 
lU. Mary-Meyrick, d. wm. in 1884, buried at Up-HoUand. 
IV. Harriet. 
He m. 2ndly, in 1800, Miss Anne Leighton, sister of Sir 
Baldwin Ldghton, Bart., but by her (who survived him 
and d. his widow in 1820) he had no issue. Mr. Holme 
d. at WInstanley, 17 Aug. 1803, and was «. by his third, but 
eldest surviving son, 

Mbtriok Holms, Esq. of WInstanley Hall, who took 
the name and arms of Bankes only, in 1804 ; 6. 12 Au^. 
1768, served the office of high-sheriff of Lancashire in 
1895. He m. 1st, his first-cousin, Catherine, dau. of the 
Rev. Edward Lally, vicar of Whitegate, Cheshire, by whom 
he had issue an only son, who d. an infant. He m. 2Bdly, 
in 1810, Maria-Elisabeth, eldest dau. of Thomas Langford« 
Brooke, Esq. of Mere Hall, Cheshire. Mr. Bankae d. 
1 March, 1827, and was «. by his only surviving son, the 
present Mktbiok Bankks, Esq. now of Winstanley HalL 

Arm$—Sa., a plain cross, or. between four fleurs-de-lis, 
uxg., and a canton of the seoond. 

urett — On a stump of a tree, a stoik, statant, ppr., duoally 
gorged, gu. 

5ea<— Winstanley Hall, near Wigan. 

Barclat-Allabdiob, Robert, Esq. of Urie and 
Allardlce, ca Kincardiine, b, 19 May, 1841 ; <l his 
grandfather in 1854. 

SrCtVage. — ^TUs fiunfly claims desbent fhhn the Bx&« 
KXLSYS ofBerh^ CaHU, 

Di^vtn Barclay, 6. in 1610, colonel under Gustavus Ado1« 
phus, purchased, in 1648, the estate of Urie, ficom WiUiam, 

* The fiimily of Holme has been seated in Lancashire, in 
difhrent branches, from a period Portly subaeauent to the 
Norman conquest. The surname, which was originally and 
property spelt Hulme, is local, and derived from the manor 
of that name between Traflbrd and Manchester, formerly 
possessed by the family. 

In the third volume of Holinshod's ChnmieU, amon|^ the 
Norman gentlemen attending William the Conqueror, is 
mentioned the "Seigneur de Hulme," but whether hewoa 
the father of Ranulph or Randulphus, who was possessed 
of Hulme about the end of the 11th century, is not dearij 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Eiri-HuitdML Ho wm eldest mm of Dsvid Barclay, of 
Mathcn, tbe rtpiwentattvo of the old hooae of Babclat of 
Matken. He «*. Katharine, dau. of of Sir Robert Gordon, 
of Qordona t onn, and had, with two daua., Lucy and Jean, 
«. to Sir Ewen Cameron, of Lochiel, three sons, BoBsmr, his 
hm; John, who settled in Amerim, and left iasue ; and 

BoBOtr Babcult, of Urie, the celebrated ai)ologi8t of the 
Qoaken^ h. in 1648, m. Christian, dan. of OUbert MoUeoon, 
of tb0 HauLEBOKBqf Aberdtethirt, and had, with four daua. 
(FktMDce^ ». to Timothy Forbes, of Dublin, merchant; 
KtthiTin e , si. to Alexander Forbes, brother of Timothy ; 
Ckriitin, m, te Alexander Jaffn^, of King's Wells ; imd 
Jmd, «. to Ahrrander Forbes) three sons, Bobxrt, his hehr; 
Ssvid, of T<onrton, from whom descend the Babolats 0/ 
Hrf ma, kc (see that /amUp); John, who settled in 
DalifiB,aDd married there, Anne, dan. of Amos Strettdl, by 
vbom he had issue. The eldeet.son, 

Btanr Babolat. Esq. of Urie, ft. in 1672, m. Ellaabeth, 
te of John O^rien, Bsq« and had, with three daua., two 
taoM, BoBBBT, hie heir ; and David, who m. Mary, dau. of 
Jfhn Fttdoe^ Esq. of Wovoester, l>ut d. «. j). m. The elder 

r Babolat, Esq. of Urie, b. in 1609, m. Une, dau. of 
Hr Iwcn Gameroci, of Lodhiel, and had three sons, Robebt, 
Ui hdr ; Evan, who d, 9. p. ; and Alexander, who d. t, p, 

BoBUT Babolat, Esq. of Urie, b. in 17S1-3, H.P. for 
liDcardiBsehire, m. Ist^ Lucy, dau. of David Barclay, Esq., 
bf vhoQ he had a dau. Lucy, m. to Samuel Oalton, Esq. of 
Doddoton Hooae* 00. Wairwick; and Sndly, Sabah-Akvk 
AuABOfd, only dan. of James AUardice, of Allftrdtee, 
MnM of Une of tbe Earis of Aiiih and MenteUh, by whom 

BcMBi, his heir. 

i»mm, d. at Madras, in 1804^ imai. 

D«id4taart, if. wm. 

DoeCnasron, m. to John Innes» Esq. of Cowie* 

Xainrotk.m. in 1809, to Hudson Gumey, Esq. of Ke*- 


Ir. Bndsy d. in 1707, and was «. by his son, 

Bosibt Babolat-Allabdigb, Esq. of Urie and AUardice, 
L is kag. 1779, who m. in 1819, Mary Dalgamo, and had an 

EABaABcr, who m. S April, 184<K Samud Ritdiie, and 
his a son and heir, Bobbbt Babolat-Allabdigb, now of 
Ir. Bandar* AUardioe being general and of line of William, 
14 brl of Airth, as such claimed tbe Earldoms of Strathem, 
MiiMth, and Airth. He was sole heir of the body of 
^tin» DsTid, son of Bobkbt IL King of Scotland. 

ifM ^ BABCLAT-nAs., a eheTTon, and in chief, three 
"W Mg p ii l <e,arg. 
CVctf •/ Babolat— A mitrs. 

*WMfcn ^ Babolat— Two old men, with dubs^ ppr. 
'•tt9— In enioe spero. 

Ami 9/ AujiKwcB— Aiy., a fesse wavy, gu., between three 
mn' heads, erased, sa. ; quartering Gbaham, Earls of Mon- 
■und Airth, and the Royal Arms ot Scotland diflbrenoed 

^vtf 9f Allabdiob— A naked arm fhnn the middle, hold- 
■f in the dexter hand a scimitar, all ppr. 

Mmo < Allabdiob— In the defence of the distressed. 
^(SMrtnrt ^ Allabdiob— Dextei; an eagle; sinister, a 

Babclat, Charlbs, Esq. of Bury Hill, co. Surrey, 
lateMJ*. lor thfti shire, b. in 1780; m. Anna-Maria, 
^ of Thomm Kett, Esq. of Seething, co. Norfolk, 
L ABnRjBpKBTT, b, in 1800, who m. SO Dee. 1886, Maria- 
Oetavia, dan. of Idiabod Wrifi^t» Esq. of Miq>periey, 
Votts, and has issue, 
n. Bobert, 6. in 1808, whom. Baehel, dan. of Osgood Han- 

hnry, Esq. of Holfidd Grange, Essex, and has issue, 
m. Oeoiv^ b. in 1810. 

L Omttna^ si. to Johik-Guxney Hosve, Esq. 
n." " * — 

ItnrSft. — ^Datid Babolat, Snd son of Robert Baiv 
(%. of Uzie, the apologist of the Quakers, settled in Lon- 
te, ad entertained snccessiyely Queen Aknb. Qeobgb I., 
Cbbob IL, and Gbobok III. when they visited the city on 
^^^■mfoi^BdMf. He m. 1st, Anne, dau. of James Taylor, 
<fLaodao,bj whom be bad two sobs, 

Jsmes, who t^ Sarah Fnaame^ and Jiad two sons^ Joseph 
and Alexander, both d. «. 0,, and one dau., Anne, wife of 
James Allardice, of AUarduce. 

Alexakdeb, of whom presently. 

Elisabeth, m. to Timotny Bevan, Esq. 

Christiana, d. ttnm. 

Anne, m. to James Collison, Esq. 

Patience, m. 1st, to John Stedman, Esq., and Sndly, to 
Thomas Weston, Esq. 
He m. Sndly, in 1738, Priscilla, dau. of John Freame, of 
London, by whom he had two sons, 

David, of Toungbuxy, Herts, who m. 1st, Martha Hudson, 
and Sndly, Baohael, dau. of Samson Uojrd, banker at 
Birmingham, the last-named lady d. i. p.; but by his 
1st wife, David Barclay left at his decease, in 1800, an 
only dau. and heiress. Agatha, who m. Richard Guruey, 
Esq. of Keswick, 00. Moifolk, and had a son. the present 
HtTDSOir Gubnbt, Esq. of Keswick, and a dau., Agatha, 
widow of Sampson Hanbury, Esq. of Poles, Berts. 

John, who m. Susannah Willett. and had a son, Robert* 
b. in 1768k who m. Anne SatterthwaiteL and had a son, 
Robert, who m. Elizabeth Gumey, and nod issue. 


Catharine, m. to Daniel Bell. Esq. of Tottenham. 

Lucy. m. to Robert Barclay, Esq., M.P., of Uric. 

Carmine, m. to John lindoe, Esq. of Norwldi. 

Richenda, m. to Nathaniel Springall, Esq. 

Christiana^ m. 1st. to Joseph Gumey, Esq.; Sndly, to 
John Freame^ Esq. ; and Sidly, to Sbr Williim Watson, of 

The Snd son, 

Alxxakdxb Babolat, Esq. who d. at Philadelphia, in 
1768, aged 67, left, by Ann Hickman his wife, a son, 

Robxbt Babolat, Esq. of Bury Hill, 00. of Surrey, 6. in 
1761, who m. Ist, Rachel, dau. of John Gumey, Esq. of 
Keswick, and Sndly, Maigaret Hodgson; by the former of 
whom he had (with daua., of whom Anne, m. to Jacob- 
Foster Reynolds, Esq. ; Lucy, m. to Geoige Crokor Fox, 
Esq. of Grove Hill ; and Maria, m. to Robert- Were Fox, 
Esq.) four sons, 
Cbables, his heir. 

David, 6. in 1784. of Eastwick Park, co. Surrey, formeriy 
M.P. for Sunderland, whom. SO Oct. 1818, Maria-Dorothea, 
dan. of the late Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart, and has 

Gumey, b. in 1788, who m. Mary Freshfleld, and d. leaving 
an only child, Gumey, 6. in 1819. 
Alexander, 6. 1791; d. unm. in 181S. 

Mr. Barclay vras «. at his decease by his eldest son, the pre- 
sent Chablbs Babolat, Esq. of Bury HiU. 

Artfu, CrtMt, and Motto— Same as Babolat cfAUardict, 
Seat—Bxay HiU, Dorking, Surrey. 


Barclay, THOMAd-BROOKHURST, Esq. of Waver- 
tree Lodge, 00. Lancaster, J.P., b. 6 Sept 1788; 9, 
his father 18 June, 1819; m. 12 Dea 1820, Sanh, 
dau. of Henry Peters, of Betchworth Castle, co. 
Surrey, Baq. 

JLixUK^t* — Gbobob Babolat, Esq. of Burford Lodges 
00. Surrey, M.P. for Bridport (son of Thomas Barclay, Esq. 
of London, by Dorothy, dau. of Robert Thomson, Esq. of 
Kilham, co. York, and grandson of Geoige Barclay, Esq. of 
Collaimio, co. Fife, by his Snd wife, Alice Rigbye, of Goes- 
nargh, CO. Lancaster), m. 18 July, 178S, Rebecca, only child 
of Benjamin Brockhurst, of London, Esq., by Sarah his 
wife, dau. of Latham Arnold, of London, Esq., and had 
Thoxas-Bbockhubst, of Wavertree. 
Geonfe-Pearkes, b. 1784, m. in 1810, Maria, dau. of Heniy 

Boiuton, of Givon's Grove, co. Surrey, Esq., and has 

issue, Geoxffe-Bamard; Frederick; Maria; Bebeeoa-An- 

dalusia; Jtuiana-Elizabeth; Emily. 
Frederick-Maude. 6. 1787, d. unm, 1835. 
Mr. Barclay d. 18 June, 1819. 

Arm^—Axg. a chevron between three crosses-pat^ go. 
CYeie— A oross-pat^ gu., surmounted by a Moorish crown, 
Jfotto— Mieux 8tre que parottre. 
5001— Wavertree Lodge, near liveipooL 


Ponsonbt-Barker» William, Esq. of Kiloooly 
Abbey, 00. THpperary, J.P. and D.L., 6. 9 Nov. 1796 ; 
m. 8 Aug. 1816, Elizabeth-Selina, 4th dau. of the 
late Hon. And Rt. Rev. William Knox, Biahop of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


%intHfti* — Tam Hov. MAJOR-OsimuLL Hbhbt Poh- 
SOWBT, of AshgroTe, Snd son of William, Ist Yiacount Dun- 
oaonoii, m. Lady Franoes Brabason, daa. of Cbambre, Eari 
of Meatb, and dying in 1745 (being ilain at Fontenoy), left, 
with a da«i., Juliana, tn. to William Southwell, Eaq. a ion 
and suooeaaor, 

CHAMBRi-BBABAaoK POHsoiiBT, Esq., who vi, Ist, Elisa- 
beth, dau. and heir of Edward Clarke, Esq., by whom he 
had a dau., Frances, m. in 1707, to Geoige Lowtber, Esq. of 
Kilrue, in Heath ; 2ndly, Louisa, dau. of John Lyons, Esq. 
of Morant, in Westmeath, by whom he had another dau., 
Sarah, of Llangollen Vale, who d. in 18S1 ; and Srdly, Maiy, 
dau. of Sib William Bamueb, Bart, of Kileooly. by whom 
he left, with a dau., Mary, wife of Folliot Barton, Esq., a 

Chahbrs-Bbabaxoh PovsoiiBT, Esq., h. IS June, 176S, 
who inherited Kiloooly trom bds maternal fiunlly, and 
assumed the additional surname of Baekxk ; he m. 4 June, 
1791. Lady Henrietta Taylor, eldest dau. of Thomas, 1st 
Earl of Beetive, and by her, who d. 12 Jan. 1888, had issue, 

William, his heir, now of Kilooolv 

Chambre-Brabaxon, late capt 8th hussars, m. 80 AprU, 
18S4, Mary, dau. of the late CoL David Latouche, and 
becune a widower in Aug. 1840. 

Thomas-Henry, capt. 6th dragoon guards, m. 21 Feb. 1888, 
Fanny-Maiy, 2nd dau. of Mitfor R-L. Dickson, late of the 
life-guards, and has issue. 

Oatherine-Jane, m. 25 May, 1810, to Edward-Michael 
ConoUy, Esq. 
Mr. Ponsonby-Baxker d, 18 Deo. 1884. 

^nn*— Quarterly: 1st and 4th, per fesse, nebul^ as. and 
aa^ three martlets, or, a canton, erm.. for Babkbe; 2nd and 
Sro, gu., a chevron between three oomDs, aig., for Pomsoitbt. 

CrttU—lKt, a bear, sqjant, or, collared, sa., for Babker; 
Snd, in a ducal coronet, ax., three arrows, one in pale, and 
two in saltier, points downwards^ enveloped with a snake, 

ppr., for PONSONBT. 

48eal— Kileooly Abbey, oo. Tippenuy. 


Rathond-Babker, Johv-Ratmond, Esq. of Fair- 
ford Park, CO. Qloucester, b, 80 March, 1801 ; m. 1st, 
6 May, 1825, Harriot-lTee, davL of William Bosan- 
quet, Esq. of London, banker, l^ whom he had 

I. Augusta. n. Leonora. 

He m. 2ndly, 14 Dea 1841, the Lady Catherine 
Moreton, youngest dan. of Thomao, Ist Earl of 
Dncie, and has by her a son, 

I. PBBOT-FiTZHABDniOB, b. In Feb. 1842. 

%iXUKfff, — ^EsTHBB Babkbb, lady of the manor of F^- 
ford, dan. and co-heir of Samuel Barker, Esq., high-sheriff 
of Qloucestershire in 1601, and granddau. (tf Andrew Barker, 
who purchased Fairford fh>m the Traoeys, m. James Lamb, 
Esq. of Hackney, but d, i. p,in. 1789, having devised her 

JoBH Ratxohd, Esq., who took the surname of Babkxb 
in addition to his patronymic, by sign-manxial. He m. Ist, 
Martha, co-heir of Daniel Booth, Esq. of Hutton Hall, co. 
Basex, by whom he had twelve children ; he m. 2ndly, 
Margaret Boddington, and had by her two daus. His son, 

Davibl Ratxovd-Babkbb, Esq. m. in 1797, Sophia- Anne, 
youngest dau. of J<dm Ives, Esq. of Norfolk, and had issue, 

John-Ratmohd, now of Fairford Park. 


Heniy-Charlos, rector of Daylingworth, oo. Gloucester. 

k^hla-Anne, m. to Bernard Brocas, Esq. of Beaurspaire^ 

Harriet-Ivea, vi. to the Rev. F. Rice, vicar of Fairford. 
Arm*— Ax., five escallops in cross, or, quartering R a ymokd. 
CraU—lBt, on a rock, arg., a hawk close, or. for Babkbb; 
ini, out of a mural crown, a demi-eagie displayed, 
if oCto—Yirtus tutissima caeais. 
&a«— Fairford Park, co. Gloucester. 


Babkard, HEiniT-GBS, Esq. of Cave Castle, co. 
Toik, b. 22 Feb. 1789; m. 8 April, 18S4, EUsabeth- 
Mury, dau. of Henry Elliot, Esq. 

U,intKQi» — ^Edwabb-Oalb Boldbbo, Esq., supposed to 
have been a descendant of the Suffolk Boldbbos, had, by his 
wifis Mary Lewyns, who d. in 1758, aged 68 (with two daus., 
Mn. Hutchinson and Mn. FaDowfleld), four sons, vis : 


I. LSWTHS, his heir. 

n. John, first of Stapleton Hall, in Torkshire, and subse* 
quently of A«>eden Hall, in the co. of Herts. He m. 
Esther, dau. of D. Stone, Esq., and had (with two other 
sons, who d. uam., and three daus., the eldest, Esther, m. 
to Sir Stephen Lushington, Bart.; the 2nd, to Thomas 
Hibbert, Esq. of Clialfont; and the 8rd. to General Den- 
sill Onslow) CBABLJts; and William, in hdy orden^ who 
({.in 1838. 

m. Edward-Gale, m. and had one dau. 

XT. Henry, of Aviary Hill, near Eltham, in Kent, who m. 
Miss Randall, and had an only surviving child, the present 
Edward-Gale Boldero, Esq., who m. Si^tiia, dau. of John 
Comvrall, Esq. of Hendon, and had issue, 

1 Hbnbt, who M. Margaret, dan. of the Ute Wmiam 
Christian, Esq. of Hoddesdon, Herts, and has a dau. 

2 John-Stephen, in the E.I.C.C.a, who m. in India, 
Louisa, dau. of — Templeton, Esq., and has issuer 

Edward-James. John-ComwaU. 

Tempe-Stanley. Louisa-Maigaret 

8 Lonsdale^ captain and Ueut -colonel in the grenadier 
1 Sophia. 
The eldest son, 

LBwnfS BoLDBBO, Esq. assumed thesunameand aimsoC 
Babhabd.* He espoused Miss Anne Papplewdl, and by 
her, who d. in 1707, aged 68, had issue, 
I. Hbhbt, his heir. 

n. Lewyns, who d. in 1820, leaving an only child, 
MaiT-Anne, who m. in June, 1821, Captain John ]>itma% 
and by him, who d. 29 Aug. 1827, aged 27, has issuer 
1 Mary-Henrietta Ditmas. 2 Geoiglana Ditmas. 

8 Frances Ditmas. 4 Laura Ditmaa. 

L Anne, who m. Robert, Lord Canington, and d. In FA. 

n. Mary, m. in 1808, to James Bankes, Esq., oouain to Sir 
Joseph Bankea, K.B. 
Mr. Boldero-Banutfd d. in 1783, aged 75, and was a. by his 

Hebbt Boldbbo-Babhabd, Esq. of Cave Castle, who 
m. 28 AprU, 1788, Banih-EliBabeth, elder dau. and oo-hdr 
of BooBB Gbi, Esq. of Bishop Burton, representative of 
the andent Yorkshire family of Gbi, of which was Sir 
William Gee, Knt. of Bishop Burton, secretary to the 
Council of the North, who d. in 1611. By this lady, Mr. 
Boldero-Bamard had issue, 
L Hbnbt-Gbb. his heir. 

u. Charles-Lewyns, 6. 19 Jan. 1790, capt. Scotch Greys ; 
killed at Watertoo, 1R16. 

m. Edward-William, in holy orders, b. 16 March, 1791. held 
the funily living of South Gave. He m. 27 ApxU, 1821, 
Philadelphia-Frunces-Esther, dau. of the late Venerable 
Archdeacon Wrangham, and dying at Chester, in Jan. 
1827, left issue, 

1 Edward-Chazles-Gee, b. 28 March. 1822. 
1 Rosamond. 2 Caroline. 

I. Sarah-Elinor, 6. 11 Aug. 1810, m. 10 Oct 1881, to Joseph 
Delpratt, Esq., only surviving son of the late Samuel 
Delpratt, Esq., of the island of Jamaica. 
Mr. Boldero-Bamard d. 6 Feb. 1816 (his widow surviving 
until 28 Nov. 1882X and was succeeded by his eldest son, the 
present Hbtbt-Gbb Babhabd, Esq. of Cave Castle. 

.ilmu— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, quarteriy, let and 4th, axg. 
a bear, rampant, sa., muaaled, or; 2ud, and 3rd, per pale^ 
or and as., a saltier coimterchauged, surmounted by a sal- 
tieret; 2nd and Srd, gu., a sword in bend, arg., for Gbb. 

CrtsU—A bear, as in the arms, for Babhabd; a greyhound, 
couront, fur Boldbbo. 

iSea(— Cave Castle^ Yorkshire. 


Barvabd, Thomab, Esq. of Bartlow, co. Cam- 
bridge, J.P., formerly capt in the army, b, SO July, 
1792; m. 12 Aug^ 1822, Christian, dau. of Thomas 
Porter, Esq. of Rockbeare House, oo. DevoDy and 
has issue, 

I. Thomas, 6. 20 July, 1823, 65th regt 

n. William, 6. 21 May, 1825. 

m. Bobert^Cary, 6. 18 Dec 1827. 

I. Charlotte-Christina. 

Srttteaffe.—THB Rbt. Thomas Babhabd, of Leeds, who 
m. Miss Drake, had, with a dau. Frances, wife of tha Bev. 
Mr. Jackson, two sons, Thomas^ his heir, snd (Tharles^ who 
m. and had issue. The elder son. 

* The great-grand&ther of Lewyns Boldero had, besides 
his son and sucoussor, a dau., Mrs. Barnard, mother of 
Henbt Babhabd, M.D., who d. unm, in 1769, and waa burled 
in St Mary's Church, Beverley. From this gentleman the 
lamily derive the surname of babhabd. 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 



Tn BxT. Thoicas Babhabo, reetor of Wiihenflald, 
Snffolk, m, Ifeiosine RoeenhagoD. and had iaiue. 
L BoBKBT^A&T, ofwhoiu presently, 
n. Robert^ in holy orders^ prebendary of '^nchester, who 
m. m 1799, Ii0uua» only daiL of John-Peyto, 6th Lord 
Wmou^l^ de Broke, and d. 3 Feb. 1835, leaving issue, 
1 RoBKBT. Lord Willou^by de Broke. 
1 Looisa, «. to Joeeph Townaend, Esq. 
m. Thcnnaa, in holy orders, who m. Syerilda^ Snd dan. of 
tbs laU Sir Mordaunt Martin, Bart 
IT. Cbariea-Dtaka, in holy orders who m. Axma-llaiii^ 
nKct of Sir Griffith Boynton, Bart. 
L Cbaik4(*-Ann«. 


To Bbt. Bobbbt-Gabt Rabbabd, rector of Wiihanfldd, 
Bofttk, and Jtutioe of the peace, m. 10 June, 1790, EUnbeth, 
dn. of Bobert-Oary Elwea, Baq. of Throdking, co. Herts, 
sad I7 her <irtK> d. in ISISX had issuer 

TWBfAa^ of Bartlow, aa above. 

Gfaariee-Jamea, in hdlr orders, who m. in 1827. Garoline- 
▲rabella-BUaabeth, dan. of Bobert-Caiy Elwefl» Esq. of 
BOttng, 00. Northampton. 

Hemy-Antiiony. Philip-Adolphas. 

Chazlotte-Bliaabeth, m. to Henxy-Undow Lindow, Esq. 

ilmff— Aiv., a bear, rampant, aa., musaled, or. 
C nM A demi-bear, rampant, sa., mtualed, or. 
4M^Bartlow, 00. Cambridge. 


Babsahdibtoh, Kathahiel-Clabks, Esq. of The 
Byei, eo. Suffolk, h, 6 Nov. 1799 ; m. 1 March, 1826, 
Sophia, dan. of Geoige-Robert Ejres, Efiq. of Cayen- 
kam Hooae, ca Nom^lk, l^ Louiaa his wife, dau. of 
the kte Sir Harry Paiker, Bart of Melford, and has 

L KATHAjnBE^ an officer 27th regt, b. 24 April, 1882. 

n. ThomM, B.N., 6. 4 Dec 1833. 

BL Arthnr, 6. 7 June, 1835. 

IT. (Siaries-Frands, ft. 8 June, 1841. 

L Looifla-Elisabeth, wt. 19 Feb. 1862, to John Greenwood, 
■sq. of Swardiffe, near Ripley, co. Yoik. 

n. Anne4(^>hia, d. 1 Feb. 1832. 

m. Sophia-Mary. it. Frances-Varia. 

▼. UtararCaroline. yi. Edith-Charlotte. 

Me. Bimardiston «. hia &ther in 1837. 

lUfffHgy. — ^The ftonily of Bamardiatan, one of the moat 

' ) of the equestrian order in the kingdom, hairing 
in a direct line for nearly thirty generations, 
1 its name ftom the townof Bamarston, or Bamston, 
coB U g tt ou a to Ketton, of which the Bamardistons were pro- 
pristen from the Covqubr. By marrying, temp. Edw. II., 
tfai beireas of Willoughby, the ftunily obtained the noble 
lasiwr of Great Cotes, 00. linooln, which they held for 
eentnriea. Ketton Hall they acquired with the 
of the temOy of Newmaroh. which surname it 
I they adopted, and anciently bore, in ooi^Junction 
with that of Bamardiston, aa exhibited on the monument 
•f ABne, dan. of Sir Thomas Bamardiston, the wife of Sir 
Bogh Everard, In the church of Great Waltham, Essex. 
8b6 d. in 1600. 

te TaoacAS Babxasdistow, Knt. of Witham, 00. Essex, 
vbos. to the representation of this distinguished race at the 
dsaasae of hia father, Shr lliomas, in 1819, m. twice, but had 
Imm only by his first wife, l^ry, dau. of Sir Bichard 
Iirightley, Knt. of Fawsley, several sons and daua. Of the 
tmma, the eldest, Snt NATHAimL Barhardioton, of 
Ksttoo, ftre times knight of the shire for Suffolk, was 
imtoreftfae extinot baroneto of Ketton and Brightwell, 

Tbomas BABVAanmoir, Esq., founded the fieunily before 
«. He «. 1st, Anne, dau. of Henry Austen, Esq. of Lon- 
in, by wl^im he had daua. only, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of 
Baary Poletead, Eoq. of London, by whom he had foursons 
■id mma dans. The eldest son, 

TnoKAa BAJOfA aiM gw w , a merehant of London, d. 81 
Oot ITM. ^led 07, leaTlng by hia wife Eliaa, dau. of John 
Ghiksy Esq., M.P. for Bury, with numerous other children, 

VaiBAvriL BABVABnmoH, 6. in 1881, who fn. Bethia 
iMfter, and waa fSsther of four aons, aU of whom d. «. p., 
cmpt the yoongeet, vis. : 

Jon BABSABMvnnr, of linooln's Inn, who m. 81 May, 
I1M, Anac^ dan. of Edward Leeda, Esq. of Oroxton Park, 
n. OMahridge, aeijeantret'law, and by her left an only sur- 


Natbanikl Babvabdiston, Esq. of The Byes, near 8ud- 
bury, 6. 28 Sept. 176A, who m. 25 Feb. 1783, Elizabeth- 
Joanna, only child of John Styles, Esq. of Kingston, 
Surrey, and d. 28 Dec. 1837, having had issue, 
Nathanibl-Cla&kb, present representative. 
Elixabeth, m. in 1811, to Charles-Raymond Barker, Esq., 
and d. 8 Jan. 1825. 

Ann, m. in 1815, to the Rev. Thomaa Mills, rector of Btut- 
ton, 00. Suffolk. 

^mu— Ax., a fesse danoett^ erm., between six croea- 
oroasleta, aig. 
Crett — An aaa's head, aig. 
Attrt— The Byes, near Sudbury. 


Barns, Fredbriok, Esq. of Sotterlev and Dun- 
wich, CO. Suffolk, late HP. for Dunwich, and capt. 
in the 12th lancers, b. 8 Nov. 1805 ; m. 4 Feb. 1834, 
Mary-Anne-Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the late Sir 
John-Courtenay Honywood, Bart, and has issue, 

I. FaiDXBicK-ST. JoHH-NxwoiOATB, b. 5 Sept 1841. 

u. Philip-Julius-Honjrwood-Ayscogb, 6. 19 Jan. 1848. 

X. Alioe-Mary-Honywood. n. Edith. 

Srittease.— MiUEs BAmrs, Esq. of Sotteriey, in theoo. 
Suffolk, M.P. for Dunwich, 6. in 1718 («th in descent from 
Sir George Bame, lord-mayor of London in 1552X m. 1st, 
Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Nathaniel Elwi<^ Esq. of 
May Plaoe^ near Crayford, Kent, formerly governor of Fort 
Saint Geoige, in the East Indies, and had a son, Milbs. hia 
heir. Mr. Bame m, 2ndly, Mary, eldest dau. of Geoige 
Thomhill, Esq. of Diddington, in Huntingdonshire, and had, 
with other children, Bame. M.P. d. unm. in 1829; Snowdon, 
M.P., a lord of the Treasury, d. unm. in 1825; Miohabl, 
successor to his brother; Thomas, M.A., rector of Sotteriey, 
Suffolk; Mary, m. to W. Sawbridge, Esq. of East Haddon; 
Sarah, m. to John Harding, Esq. ; Elicabeth; and Anne, 
wife of Drake Garrard, of Lamer, Esq. Mr. Bame d. 20 
Dec 1780, and was «. by his eldest son, 

MiLss BABira, Esq. of Sotteriey, Suffolk, and May Place, 
Kent, M.P. for Dunwich from 1791 to 1798, at whose decease, 
unm., 8 Sept. 1825, the estates devolved upon his half- 

MicHASL Bautb, of Sotteriey and Dunwich, Esq., tieut- 
coL 7th hussars, and M.P. for Dunwich, 6. in 1759, m. in 
1798, Mary, dau. of Ayscogh Bouoherett, of WUlingham and 
Stalingborough, oo. Lincoln, and d. in 1837, leaving, with a 
dau., Emilia-Mary, m. to Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edward Bowater, a 
son, the present Fuedebiok Barks, of Sotteriey and Dun- 
wich, Esq. 

A rm$ Quarteriy; 1st and 4th, as., three leopards' headi^ 
axg. ; 2nd and Srd, aig., a chevron, ais., between three Coruiah 
choughs, so. 

CVuf — An eai^e displayed, sa. 

Jfotto— Nee timide, nee temere. 

SmU*— Dunwich and Sotteriey Park, Suffolk; and May 
Places Kent. 


Babkibt, Johv-Habinoton, Esq. of Brookhamp- 
toD, CO. Hereford, 5. 2 May, 1840. 

Sritteage.— Dr. Nash, in his History cf Woreutenhin 
(vol i p. 110, art. ** Bockdton,'*) has the following note 
respecting the Bamebys: — *' Mr. Habingdon says this 
family came originally fitnn Yorkshire, and if so, were pro- 
bacy a younger branch of the ancient fomily Barnbt <^ 
Barnby Hall, in the parish of Calthome, in the Eaat Biding 
of that CO., where they continued to flourish till the last 
century, when they expired in co-heirs." 

JoRV Babhxbt, Esq. (Srd son of Bichard Bameby, Esq. of 
Brockhampton, by Isabella his wiib, dau. of NichoUs Lech- 
mere, Esq. of Hanley Castle, co. Worcester, and grandson 
of John Bameby, Esq. of Brockhampton, returned among 
the persons qualified for the Order of the Boyal Oak), bi^)- 
tiaed May, 1684, d, hi 1726. «. p., havfaig devised hia estates 
to hia nephew, 

BABTHOLOMSW-RiCHABD-L^rrLKT, Esq., who assumed in 
consequence the surname and arms of Barnebt by act <tf 
parliament in 1735. He «». at Whitboume. 21 Oct 1756, 
Betty, dau. of John Freeman, Esq. of Gaines, and by her 
(who d. 14 May, 1785, aged 60). had (with two daus., Pene- 
lope, m. to Thomas Newnham, Esq. of Broadwas; and 
Abigail, who d. unm. in 1805) John, his heir; Philip. 6. in 
1768, late reoeivor-general for the oo. of Hereford, who ai. 

* igitized by V^OOQIC 



Wemot, dan. of William lilly, Esq., and had a dau. Aime ; 
liuUey. 6. in 1764; Richard, b. in 17^9, whom. Betty Dansie, 
niece and devisee of Richard-Sweeting Dansie, Esq., and had 
iMue, Richard, Thomas, EHsaheth, wife of the Rev. Jolin 
lingard, and Mary; and Thomas, rector of Stepney, 6. in 
1773. Mr. Bamehy, who was high-sheriff of Herefordshire 
in 1739, d. 21 Dec. 17S3, and was «. by his son, 

JoRK Bakrkbt, Esq. of Brookhamptcm, bapUMd there 
1« Dec. 1767, high-sheriff of HerefordHhire in 1797. He m. at 
St. George's, Hanover Square, 17 July, 1792, Elisabeth, dau. 
and sole heir of Robert Bulkeley, Esq. of Bulkelcy, in 
Cheshire, and by her (who d. at Buckenhill, 18 Jan. 1833), 
had issue, 

JoHH, his heir. WiUiam, b. 27 Nov. 1801. 

Edmund, 6. lb Dec. 1802, devisee of his great-uncle, Wil- 
liam Higginson, Esq. of Saltmarsk, under whose will lie 
has taken the name of Hiooikson. 

Elisabeth, devisee of Buckenhill under her mother's will, 
m. 5 Aug. 1834, to Bobert-Biddulph PhUlippfl^ Esq. of 
Xr. Bameby d. in London, 11 Feb. 1817, was buxied at 
Brockhampton, and «. by his eldest son, 

JoHH Babnebt, Esq. of Brockhampton, M.P. for Drolt- 

, wich, and afterwards for Worcestershire, b. 20 Nov. 1799, m. 

24 July, 1838, Susan, eldest dau. of Henry Elwes, Esq. of 

Oolesbome, oo. Gloucester, and had a son and heir, Johk- 

HABnrovox, now of Brockhampton. 

.irm»— Quarterly: Ist and 4th, sa., a lion, passant-ffuar- 
dant, between three escallops, arg.. for Babkkbt ; 2nd and 
Srd, quarterly, or and ax., four lions, rampant, counter- 
tituaigi»±, togetner with upwards of forty quartocifigS) chiefly 
brought in by Habingdon and Shirley. 

Cr^tr—A lion, couchant-guardant, sa. 

Ifotto— Virtute non vi. 

-Brockhampton, in Herefordshire. 


Babneit, Charles, Esq. of Stratton Park, co. 
Bedford, 6. 81 Oct 1796; wi, 1 Feb. 1826, Elizabeth, 
8rd dau. of Sir Peter Payne, Bart, and has issue, 

I. CHAJtUB-FmaoT, 6. 12 Oct. 1880. 

n. Geoige-James, b. 8 Deo. 1881. 

m. Gkyton. 6. 15 Sept. 1839. 

IT. Roaewell, 6. 8 May, 1841. 

I. Harriet-Anna-Maria-Stanhope. n. Elisabeth. 

m. LauraJanet-Emma. it. Louisa. 

Mr. Bamett was high-sheriff of the county of Bedford 
in 1821. 

%iXttJiSt, — CuBTis BAiurETT, Esq., son of lieut Bar- 
nett, who was lost in the " Stirling Castle'* man-of-war, in 
1703, m. 18 May, 1725, Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin Rose- 
Wl, Esq., and (2. 29 April, 1746. at Fort St. David's, in the 
Sast Indies, being oommander-in-chief of his m^jesty'a ships 
designed on a particular servioe, leaving a son, 

Chablbb Barnbtt, Esq. of Stratton Park, oo. Bedford, 
tilio )». 17 Feb. 1756, Bridget, 8rd dau. of Alexander Clay- 
ton, Esq., and had (with other children deceased), Charles, 
his lM«ir ; James, banker, of Xx>mbard Street ; and Bridget. 
The eldest sou and heir, 

MAJoa-GKif. Charles Barvbtt, of Stratton Park, 6. in 
Ifaroh, 1758, m. 22 Feb. 1796, Harriet eldest dau. of Admbul 
Blr Bichaid King, Bart, by whom, who d. 17 Sept. 1790, he 
had a dau., Caroline, wife of J. McOrath, M.D., and an only 
ton and successor, ihe present Charles Barnett, Esq. of 
fftratton Park. Gen. BameU d. 10 Oct 1804, at Oibrattar, 
ef which ganrisoii he was then second in command. 

ArrM—Axg., a saltier, sa. ; in chief^ a leopard's head, of the 

eVeaf—A treftrfL 

Itot' ahrattoft Paik, BiggleBwade. 


BABKaviMr, RoeBB, Esq. of Crewe Hill, eo. Chester, 
h 4 Dec 1826, capt. 90th light infantry. 

S^ineafff •— The ancestors of this fkmily were seated at 
Ohurton at least as earl^ as the reign of Henrt VI., when 
VvoAXi »B Barxstoh appears asatrustee in the deeds of the 
Lbohss qf Carden. This Urian do Bamston had issue, by 
Catherine his wife, dau. of Edward de Crewe, of Crewe. 

BoBiBT BARitsTOif, Esq. of Churton, b. 1714, son and heir 
of Boger Bamston, Esq. of Churton, by Jane his 1st wife, 
dau. and heir of Edward Gregge, Esq. of Hi4}8ford, was 9th 
in descent from Thomas Bamaton, of ChurUm, temp. 
BxasT YU. Hem .Elisabeth dau. of Sir Whitmore Aoton, 

4th bart. of Atdenham and Bound Aoton, in the eo. Salop, 
and was father of 

RooER Barmstom, Esq. of Churton, high-sheriff of 
Cheshire in 1800, 6. 1749. m. Anne, dau. of the Rev. John 
Parker, of Astle, oo. Chester, and d. 4 Feb. 1837. having had 
two daus., Anne- Elizabeth-Mary and Alice-Emma, m. to the 
Hon. Charles Napier, and a son and heir, 

Booer-Harrt Barkston, Esq. of Churton, J.P. and D.L., 
b. 29 Sept. 1803, who m. in 1825, Selina-Martha, dau. of 
William-M. Thackeray, M.D. of Chester, and by her, who d. 
13 Jan. 1835, left at his decease, 22 May, 1849, Roger, now 
of Crewe Hill ; William, lieut 55th regt ; Hany ; Belina ; 
Eliza ; Mary ; and Emma. 

^rnu— As., a fosse danoott^ orm., between six erosa- 
orosslets, fitdi^e. or. 
iSial— Crewe Hill, Fanxdon, Cheshire. 


Barrett, John -Basil, Eaq. of MCton Honse, 
Berks, is son of the late James Barrett, Esq. of ihe 
same place, and grandson of John-Briant Barrett^ 
Esq., who purchased the estate of Milton, about the 
year 1768, from the family of Calton. 

JrfiM— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., on a chief, indented, 
BTg., three escallops of the 1st for Babrett ; 2nd and 3rd, 
arg.t a dievron, .enmiled, enninee, between three grey- 
hounds' bends, enM, erm., for Beusom. 

Crest— A wyvem, wings erect, or, chained and oollannd, as. 

Motto — Honor, virtus, probitasi 

Stat^Wltou. Mousey Berks. 


Barnwell, The Rky. Charlks-Baritwell, of Mile- 
ham Hall, lord of the manors of Mileham and Bees- 
ton, and patron of those churchee, rector of Milehazn, 
J.P. for the CO. of Norfolk ; 6. 7 July, 1801 ; m. 
28 Oct 1829, Sophia, one of the daus. of Geoi^ge- 
Thomas Wyndhain, of Cromer, Esq., and has issue, 

I. Chablbb-Wthdham, b. 31 Aug. 1836. 

I. Sophia-Catherine. ii. Adelaide-Horatia. 

Mr. Barnwell, whose original name was HBKRiNa^ 
assumed the name of Barnwell on succeeding to 
the estates of Charles Bamewell, Esq., and the Rev. 
William Barnwell, his great-uncles, in 1825. 

Sritl^aff?* — ^Wolfram dk Babnwall, lord of Dronmagfa, 
CO. Dublin, 14 Edward I., was descended from Mksakl ds 
Barnwali^ who settled in Ireland temp. Hkkrv II. 

RianiALD, his son ( 28 Edward I.) had, with a Snd son 
Reginald, an elder sou and heir. 

WoLTRAic, who m. Nioola, dau. of Robert Clahull. lord of 
Balrothery, Dublin, and had issuer Reginald; Walter; end. 
NiOHOLAS. The last, 

NiOHOiJisBARirwAix, of Crickstown, oo. Meath, m. a dau. 
of CUfford, and left two sons, Christophsr, of Ciic ka town ; 
and Jomr, of Frankstown, created Fitcount Kinfftland. The 

Christopher Babhwall, Esq. of Crickstown, was a 
Judge of the King's Bench in Ireland; he m. thus widow 
of Drake of Drakestown, and had two sons : the younger, 
Robert, was created Baron TrwU€itow% (See PeerageJ, Xba 

Sib Xiobolas Barnswall, m. Ismay, dau. and heir of 
Sir John Saijeant, of Castle Knock. Christopher, his elder 
son, was ancestor of the present Sir RBOurAiA Babmb. 
WKLL, Bart of Crickstown. His second son, 

Thomas Barswsll, was ot OfBiJye, in Ireland, and by 
Blanche Nugent his wifo had three sons, Monia. Gervanl, 
and Thomas. The last named, 

Thomas BarnwrlLv is said to haye m. Alice, dmi. of 
James Eustace, Master of the Rolls, and to have had iflBoo 
by ber, with twoother sons, Thomas and Bicbard, a third son, 

Bobrrt Barnwell, who migrated to Lenton, oo. NoU 
tingham, and m. Abigail, dau. of Thomas Manly, and Mt 
two sons, Simon and Thomas. The elder, 

Simon Barnwell, was of Cransloy. oo. Northampton. 
He was father, besides two younger sons, John and 
Richard, of 

Thomas Barnweli^ of Cransley, his heir, who by his wife 
Elisabeth, dau. of Thomas Cradock, of Dyngley, oo. N< rtl>> 
ampton, had issue, fiv« sons, Edward; Gyles; Thmoaa; 
Gerrard; and William ; and one dau. Maiy. The ekkst «*^m 

Jigitized by V3OOQI, 


Sdvabd BABsrwnx, of CranBlej, Gent., m. 1st, Ellen, 
dn.of Thogaos Brook; of Ogeley, whose only child, Jane, 
i. «aa.; he m, Sndly, Ann, dau. of John Spencer, of 
Bonham. oo. Beds., and by her had issue, six sons, 
SfiTBcr; Thomas; Edward; John; William; and Angus; 
aad tluee daus., Ifary; Elizabeth; and Ann. He d. in 
IfOS, at Walgrave, baring, in conjunction with his eldest 
son Stephen , exch a n ged the Northamptonshire estate with 
Or Thomas Oedl, Knt, (afterwards Marquess of ExeterX 
ftr that of Mileham and Beeston, in Norfolk. The eldest 


Brmnr BirnvwcLL^ eanoe into Norfolk, and made his 
niidanoeat Mlleham. in 1585. He m. Maiy, dau. of Nicho- 
ks CUtoo, of littie Oatworth, Hants, and was buried at 
Mikham, 19 Sept. 1088, leavingthree sons, of whom the 

BnwABO Babxwkll, Esq. of MUeham, m. Anne, dau. 
of Sir Tbaama Pkyters, of Sotterloy, Suffolk, Bart, and (U 
at MUeham, whara he was buried, 80 Nor. 1666. His issue 
ven eight sons and four daus. His eldest surviving son 

Ckakus Babjkwmll, of MUfduun, 6. 1626, m. Susan, dau. 
tt Wniiam Sjrdnor, of Blundeston, Suffolk, and was f . 
(UwBid his eldest sod dying an infhnc) by his only other 


Ckabub BjLsanrELL, of Mlleham, Gent, who m. in 1678, 
Aaa, one of the daus. of Clement Heigham, of Barrow, 
Softlk, aad dyhig fai 1702, (buried Dec 19), left issue 
(two other sons having d. in infancy), with a dau. Ann, 
«if» of Heniy Mingay, of Woodton, his 2nd son and heir, 

C>t*«f.w Babhwkll^ of Mileham, Esq., who was thrice 
■wried; by bis 1st wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. John 
Iflife, lector of MOeham, who d, 19 Deo. 1705, he had an 

He sk Sadly, Mary, dao. of Sir Hiomas Bumey, of Reed- 
hiB, But., who d. 17 Deo. 1790, having had several children 
dlof iriiom d. in iniaacy, exoept the second, 

Bdward, (. 1712; in holy orders, rector of Mileham; d. 

Bs ■. ardlj. Sb 1728, Mary, dan. of Rev. John Nowell, 
ndsr of HiUingtoii, Norf<^ and by this lady (who sur- 
itvid has and d, his widow in 1787)^ with a son John who 
Aan - 

LTiedflrick, of Bury Si. Edmunds, bapt. at Mlleham 
9 Jane, 1790 ; in holy orders, rector of^Brackl^, Law- 
ihaO, and Stanningfldd, in Sufiblk; succeeded, under 
kli mother's marriage settlement^ to a portion of the 
Mfliham estato^ incinding theOld Park and the site of the 
andeut castle of the PitsAlans; m. 1769, Susanna-Maria, 
dan. aad co-heir of Rev. Thomas Ewin, rector of Swanton 
Horisy. Norfolk, who d. 28 Aug. 1806. He d. 4 March, 
18», and left issue, 

1 Fnderidc-Heniy, of Bury St. Edmunds, who in 1826, 
en sQoceeding to the property of Heniv Tumor, late ot 
Boty, took the name or Tukkor beforo Barnwell; 
aad d. unm. 24 Oct. 1843, when he was f. in his iuheri- 
tMce of MtMiam Park by his only brother, 

2 Clariea-Fredarick, kee|>er of sntiquities in the British 
Museum ; who m. Jane, dau. of Rev. John Lowry, and 
by her left, Frederick -Lowry, solicitor, of Lincoln's 
Ian Fields ; John-Lowiy, d. an infant ; Charles-Lowiy ; 
■dwsrd-Lowry, in holjr orders ; Heniry-Lo wry ; Busanna- 
Lowry, wife of Rev. Edward Parker, of Oxendon, co. 
Northampton: Jane-Lowiy, wife of Charles-Lewis 
Pkrksr, of Oxford. 

L Anaa-Maria, la. William Donne^ an eminent suxgeon at 

Er. BvnweD d. 24 July, 1730, and was f., as to the manors of 
IQohaa aad B eest o n, the mansion of Mileham Hall, and 
tke adr ow au ns of tiie rectories of Mileham and Booston, 
brUi eldest son, 

Tn Bbv. OesBMB Babvwxll, h. 1705, ceotor of Beeston* 
■m-WMism. He m. in 1785, Oatheriae, dau. of Samuel 
%aanr, of Lavenham. SuftiDlk, who d. 28 April, 1774, 
ad W faOowing within three days after, they were both 
Wzisd in nseston cfanrofa, on the 29th of same month. 

n. Edwaid, d. an infhnt. 

m. WnjUAM. who took holy orders, and on Ua fathet^s 
4«th beeaate rector of Beeeton. He d. 6 Jan. 1810, leav- 
^ by his wile Mary, dan. of Geoige Patteson, of I^ynn 
Bigis(who«L n Jahr, 1825}, an only son, Ombos-Baxv- 
VBJ^ rector of Mileham: whod. 25 Dec 1822, tntm. 

nr. John, of BnIc, in NosfoUc ; m. Anne Wilson, dau. and 
e»heir of Thomas Wright, of Stiffkev, Norfolk, Esq., 
ad niiot of Thomas-Lee Warner, of Walslngham, Esq.; 
adhis only dan. and heir, Oaxhxbuii Bamshtmu^ m. . 
SI ^ 


John Herring, Esq., alderman of Norwich; and d. in 
1840, leaving issue, 

1 Charlis-Babmwbll Hkb&ino. who has assumed the 
surname of Barkwell on succoeding to the family 
estates, and is the present possessor of Mileham HalL 

2 Hennr-Lee- Warner-Herring, m. Joanna, dau. of Wil- 
liam Harlock, Esq. of Ely. 

8 John-BamweU-Herri^, d. wmi. 1888. 

1 Catherine -Barnwell Eferrrinff. m. to the Rev. John- 
Thomas Ba t c h el e r, 2nd son of Homer Batcheler, Esq. 
of Horstead, Norfolk ; and is now deceased. 


I. Theodc^La, d. unm. n. Elizabeth, d, unm, 

m. Catherine, m. John Webster, of Norwich, suxgeon. 
rv. Sarah,- M. Samuel Pye, of Norwich, Oent 

Charlks Babitwbll, Esq., ddest son, was of Mileham 
Hall, and d. 1 Dec. 1802 : his widow Moxy, dau. and co-heir 
of William Berwick, of Norwich, suigeon, d. 17 Deo. 
1808, and leaving no issue, the estates come to his brother, 

Thb Rbv. William Babhwbll, above mentioned, who 
was «. by his son, 

Thx Rev. Obobob Babkwxll, on whose death, wnm., 25 
Dec 1822, the property devolved, imder the vrill of Charles 
Barnwell, Esq., on the present Rev. Chablxs BAJtirwBLL 
Herbino, who 8 Oct 1825, obtained the royal license to 
bear the name and arms of Babkwkll. 

Arm»--OvL, a saltier, embattled, between four orBSoenta, 

CreH — A wolf's head, erased, axg., gorged with a collar, 
embattled, gu.. studded, or, and chained, of the same» 

Motto— hojtl au mort 

iSio^—Mileham HaD, oo. Norfolk. 


Babboit, Pierse-Marcus, Esq. of Qlenview and 
Killoen, co. Waterford, J.P., b, 8 Jiily, 180C; m, 
9 Oct. 1824, Catherine-Lucinda, dau. of Laurence 
Crowe, Esq. of Stephen'a Qreen, Dublin, and haa 


n. Joseph-ManueL m. WUUam-Justiii-Arohbold. 

rv. Arthur-Hervey-Aston. 

I. Catalina-Lucinda-Maiy-Anne. 

n. Maria-Matilda. uu Maigarita-Loolsa. 

IV. Emily-Elisa-Maiy. 

^itltH^t* — Jambs Barbon, Esq. of Oarridk Barron, 
CO. Waterford, brother of John Barron, Esq., grand fkther 
of the present Sib Henrt-Wikoton Barbov, Bart., m. and 
had two sons, John and William. The elder m. Miss 
Power, heiress of the Georgetown estate, and had a son, 
James Barron. Esq. of Oeorgetown. The younger, 

William Barron, Esq. of Carrick Barron, and afteiv 
wards of Cadis, in Spain, m. Maiigarita Power, whose 
mother, Maigarita Archbold, was aunt to Robert Arohbold, 
Esq. of Davidstown, M.P. By this lady, who m. 2ndly, 
Col. Le ChevuUer fltagerald, of the Spanish servise, Mr. 
Barron had issue, 
Piebw-Marcus, his heir, now of Olenvlew. 
WUliom-Eustace. 6. in 1808 ; d. at Malaga in 1825. 
Maivarita, m. 1st, to Arthur-Hervey Aston, Esq. of Aston 
Hall, Cheshire ; 2ndly, to the Chevalier de PoggenhofeL 
Chargtf d'AflUres fVom Russia to the court of Spain ; ana 
8rdly, to Le Chevalier de Montenegro, lieut-gen. and 
chamberlain to H.R.H. Don Francisco de Paula. 

.^mw— Erm., on a saltier, gu., five annulets, or. 
Cmt—A boar, passant, as., on a wp of maintenance, ppr. 
Motto — Audaoes fortuna luvat 
fiMte— Olenview, and Killoen, oo. Waterford. 


Barrow, Wiluam-Hodoson, Esq. of Smithwell, 
CO. Lincoln, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for South Notts, 6. 
1 Sept 1784. 

SritlfHQe.— John Barrow, who m. Isabel, dan. of 
William Hodgson, had, with other issue, two sons, the 
younger, William, in holy orders, late arehdeaoon of Not- 
tingham, and 

Thb Rbv. Richard Barrow, who m. 1 Jan. 1778, Maty 
dau. of George Hodgkinson, Esq., and had issue, 

Gbobob-Hodoukson, b. Jan. 1779; m. Mrs. Elisabeth 

Lowe ; and d. in May, 1858, leaving two sous and two 


WiLLiAM-HoDOSOir, of Southwell, t 



lUchiutl, of lUngwood Hall, co. Derby, 5. Jtdy, 1787. 

John, of Normanton Hall, Southwell, 6. Aug. 1790. 

James, iu holy orders, rector of Lopham, Norfolk ; 6. Oct. 
1793 ; m. Louisa, dau. of the late Bir C. Molet, and has 
A son and a dau. 

Ifary-Aune, widow of the Rev. William Lawson. 

Aimbella, d. 8^t. 1850. Sutten-Bullen. 

.^mu— Per pale, indented, sa. and as., two swords in 
saltimr, ppr., pommels and hilts, or, between four fieurs-de- 
Us, two in pale, of the last, and two in fesse, axg. 

Crettr— On a perch, ppr., a squirrel, sc|jaut, or, coUared and 
ohained, craclung a nut, all ppr. 

Jfoito— Non fnistra. 

Mttidmce Bouthwell, lincohishire. 

Babbt, Pkndock - Babbt, Esq. of Roclaveston 
Kanor, co. Notimgham, D.L., b, 6 May, 1783; «. his 
tskiher, Fendock Barry, Esq., LL.D., 18 March, 1833. 

ILitttajl^.-~This family derives. In direct descent, 
firom Godfridus, "qui floruit apud Teversal, ifmp. Con- 
quest." In the Uth Edward III., Sir John Barrt, of 
Tollerton, served as one of the knights of the shire in par- 
liament, and is probaUy the Bir John Barry mentioned in 
the siege of Oaerlaverock. The eventual heiress of this long 
dMoended house, 

Matilda Babbt, only child of William Barrt, of 
^Mlerton, Esq., m. Richard Pendook, Esq., of Qothet^ 
Ington, CO. Gloucester, decended fh>m Pendook of Pendock, 
and their descendant and representaUve, 

Amr Pkmdook, of Tollerton, m. John Neale, Esq. of 
MMisfldd Woodhouse, 6. 18 Sept. 1657, (son of Richard 
Neale of the same place, who oame firom Ireland with the 
Duke of Newcastle), and dying in 1602, left a son, 

John Nkalb, of Tollerton, Esq., b. at Mansfield Wood- 
boose^ in 1686, who m. Elizabeth Mi^or, of Belper, co. 
Derby, and had issue, 

I. Pbtdock, of whom presently. 

n. John, in holy orders, rector of Tollerton and Sibson ; 
who m. Elisabeth Lowe, dau. of Lowe of Park Hall, co. 
Derby, and had a son, 
PuTDocK, of whom hereafter, as successor to his uncle. 

m. Thomas, in holy orders, rector of Sibson, co. Leicester, 
and of Tollerton : bapt. 11 Dec. 1733 ; who m. Susanna. 
dau. of Philip Falkner, Esq. of Lincoln, by whom ho had 

1 Thomas, who m. Bridget Olen, and had two sons, 
Thomas-Pendock, and Pendock- William, and two daus. 

S Pendcck, who m. Sarah Wright ; and d. $,p. 

8 John, iu holy orders, rector of Tollerton ; S. 29 March, 
1771 ; who m. Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Jonathan Dennis, 
rector of Bramshot, Hants, and has a son, Philip- 
Pendock, 6. in 1798. 

1 Susanna, m. to her cousin, Pendock Barry, LL.D., of 


Pbhdook Nkalb, of Tollerton, Esq., m. Hai-riet, sister 
of Richard, 1st Lord Eliot, of Port Eliot, d, 8. p. in 1778, 
and was $. by his nephew, 

Pbhdook Nbalb, Esq., LL.D., b. 27 Aug. 1757. who 
m. his cousin, Susanna, dau. of his imclo, the Rev. Thomas 
Neale. and by her (who d. 22 April, 1811), had issue, 

Pbhdook-Barrt, now of Roclaveston. 

Susanna-Falkner-Neale, d, vnm. in 1821. 
Mr. Neale, who assumed, in 1812, by sign-manual, the 
surname of Barrt, in lieu of his patronymic, d. IS March, 

Arms Gu., three bars, embattled, arg. 
Oreie— The embattlement of a tower, gu., chaiged with 
three roses in fesse. arg. 
Motto— IL R«ge et victoriA. 
fiectf— Rodaveston Manor, Notts. 


Jahbs, his heir. 

Anne, m. to Samud Hartwdl, Esq., capt. in the army, 
dain at Landen, in 1093. 

Catherine, m. to Alan Brodrick, 1st Viscotmt Midleton, 
and had issue. 
Mr. Barry m. 2ndly, in 1666, Jane, ddest dau. of Sir 
Nicholas Purdon, Knt., of BaUyclough, co. Cork, MP. for 
Baltimore, and had, with two daus., another son, 
Redmond, of Ballvdough, co. Cork, who m. 1700. Catha- 
rine, dau. of William Taylor, Esq. of Brucbeny and 
Ballintemple (near Buttevant), co. Cork, and by her had 
an dder sou and heir, 
Rbdkond, of Ballydough, high-dierlff of co. Cork in 
1734 ; who m. Henrietta, 2nd dau. of WilUam Duna- 
combe^ Esq. of Mount Desart, co. Cork, and had issuo. 
Jamb8» his hdr, of whom hereafter, as successor to 
his coiisin, Redmond Barry, Esq. of Ratbcormack, 
as M 'Adam Barrt. 

Mary, m. to Richard -Aldworth St Leger, Yiscoont 
Mr. Barry was f. by his eldest son by his 1st wife. 

Jambs Barrt, Esq. of Ratbcormack, (•'M'Adam Barry^ 
col. in the army, who m. Ist^ Mary, dau. of Abraham 
Anseln, Esq. of London, and had issue, two sons and a 
dau., vis., James, his hdr; Rbdmond, successor to hia 
brother, as hereafter; Mary, d. unm. Col. Barry m. 2ndly, 
Susaima, dau. of John Townsend, Esq. of Tlmoleage, oo. 
Cork, by Lady Catherine Barry, his wife, dau. of Richard, 
Earl of Barrymore, and by her had issue two sons, David, 
M.D., d. i, p.; Patrick, M.D., d. $. p. ; and two daus., 
Ehzabeth, m. to Noblett Dunscombe, Esq. of Mount Desart, 
CO. Cork, and had issue; and Catherine, m. to John 
Townsend, Esq., her cousin. On the death of CoL Barry, 
he was «. by iSb elder son. 

Jambs Barrt, Esq., who d. «nia., when his next 

Redmond Barrt, Esq. became of Ratbcormack, (M'Adam 
Barry). He d. $. p. in 1750, and was «. by his coudn, 

James Barrt, Esq. of Ballydough, who then became 
the M'Adam Barry. He m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-hoiress 
of Abraham Green, Esq. of Ballymachree, co. Limerick, 
and d. in 1793. leaving issue. The ddest son and heir, 

Redmond Barrt, Esq. of Ballydough, (M'Adam Barry,) 
d. unm. 10 Feb. 1812, when the representation devolved 
upon his brother. 

Hbnrt-Grben Barrt, Esq. of Ballydough, a mi^or- 
general, H.M.S., who m. 21 Sept. 1804, Phoebe, dau. of John- 
Armstrong Drought, Esq. of Letty brook. King's Co., and 
had issue, 
James, his heir. 

Henry, capt. B.I.C.'s service, kiUed in Burmah, 1854. 
Redmond, barrister-at-law. Judge at Mdboume, Victoria. 
St. Leger, late capt 65th foot, now commissioner Gold 
Fidds, Australia. 
John-Richard, lieut. 86th foot ; d. in India «nm. 
WilUam-Wigram, capt. royal artillery. 
Letitia, m. to the Rev. Robert Biuy, of Carrigrenaae, oo. 

Eliza, m. Murray Simpson. Esq. Caroline. 

Catherine, m. to Mi^or Osborne Broadly. 
Phoibe, d. unm. Chariotte. Louisa, d. wtm. 

Gen. Barry d. 18 May. 1838, and was f. by his oldest son 
and heir, the present James Barrt, Esq. of BaUyclough. 

AnM—Btarry of six, arg. and gu. 

Crei<— Out of a castle, aig., a wdf *s head, sa. 

Motto — BoutoK en avant 

SmU— Ballydough, co. Cork. 


Babbt, James, Esq. of BaUyclough, co. Cork, 
5. 28 July, 1805; m. 2 March, 1841, Olivia-Maria, 
dau. and sole heiress of Francis Drew, Esqt of 
M'Ck>]lop Castle, co. Waterford. Captain Barry was 
bigh-sherifl of co. Cork in 1841. 

fLClttafft. — ^This family, formeriy seated at lisnagar, 
near Rathoormadc, claims to be senior to the Barrymore 

Rbdmoitd Barrt, Esq. of Lisnogar and Ratbcormack, co. 
Cork, ("M'Adam Barry,**) m, Ist, Mary, dau. of John Boyle, 
Esq. of Castle I^ons, oo. Cork, and had issue a son and 
two daua., 


Shtth-Barrt, Jambs-Huoh, Esq. of Foaiy Island, 
CO. Cork, and of Marbury Hall, co. Chester, 6. in 
1816 ; m. in Sept. 1841, Eliza, eldest da>i. of Shall- 
cross Jacson, Esq. of Newton Bank, Cheshire. 
Mr. Smith -Barry served as high-sheriff of Cheehire 
in 1846. 

Hintagt.— Tub Hom. John Babbt. 6. in 1725, 
youngest son of James, 4th Earl of Barrymore, m, in 1748, 
Dorothy, dau. and co-heir (with her sister Lucy, wife of 
James, Lord Strange) of Hugh Smith, Esq. of Weald Hall, 
in Essex, and had two sons, James-Huoh, his heir, and 
Richard, who d. «. p. The dder, 

jAMEa-HuGH Bmith-Barrt, Esq. of Marbury Hall and 
Foaty IsUnd, 6. in 174S, was high-sheriff of Cheshire In 1735. 
He d. leaving two sons and three daus., vis., 

JoHV, of whom presently, 

James, of Lota Lodges co. Cork, m. but has no iasoe. 


OuoliiM^u^sta* m. to Qwrge, eldest son of ^bert Cour- 
t«04y, Eaq. of BaUyedmond. 

Narcun, m. to the Hon. William Masnr* brother of the 
kte Lord Uuasy. 

limiia, m. to the Right Hon. Thomas-R Cuaack-Smith. 
MMtcr of the Rolle in Ireland. -o""mi, 


/omi Smtth-Babbt. Beq. of Marbury Hall and Foaty 
Uukd. b, 1793, sucoeeded to the eetates by bequest. He w. 
1M« Bisi^ second dan. of Robert Gourtenay, Esq. of Bally- 
edmood, and had. 
Jajdes-Hxwh, his heir, now of Marbozy HalL 
John-H^fh, deceased. 

Anne, deceased. Elizabeth, also deceased. 

Mr. Smith-BuTy ta. 2ndly, Elira-Felida, second dau. of 
Oeoeial Heron, of Moor, in Cheshire, but by her had no 
iaos. He d. fai 1837. 

ilm*— Quarterly : Ist and 4th. barry of six, arg. and gu. ; 
tod and Srdlv. quarteriy, Ist and 4th. gu., on a chevron ; 
or, between three besants, as many crosses form^fitch^ 
ss. ; tnd and 3rd. a fease, between three urchins, or. 

Cra*— Out of a castie. ai^., a wolfs head, sa. 

JToO^— Bootes en avant. 

fa rf>~Ma f bugy HaU, Cheshire ; and Foaty Island, oo. Cork. 


Bartow, Thomas-Edward-Walter, Esq. of Threx^ 
ton Houae. oo. Norfolk, b. 14 Sept 1811 ; m. 27 June, 
1S44, Eliza, only child of John AUday, Esq. of Gris- 
ton, and has issue, 

L TiiotCAB-AixDAT, b. 21 Junc, 1845. 

n. Waltei^May. b. 18 Not. 184«. 
Mr. Barton «. his father 22 Aug. 1837. 

lintK^t. — ^Thomas Babton, Esq. of Hadlow, younger 
brether of John Barton, Esq., grandfather of the present 
WALin-BAKTOK May, Esq. of Hadlow CasUe, Kent, 
fm that family); b. 13 Oct. 1736. v». Susanna Ellis, and 
kid issue a son, Walter, and a dau. who m. John Bur- 
dttm, of Holt, Norfolk. The son. 

Waltxb Bastok, Esq., m. Anne-Hannah Pigge, snd had 
iMoe, three sons and four daus. ; of the former. 

THcofAS Babtoh, Esq. of Threzton House, m. 10 Jan. 
mo, Hannah Clark, and had issue, 

Tbohas-Edwakd-Waltkb, now of Threxton. 

Sarah-Anne-Hannah. Elizabeth. 

Armt-^Erm., on a fesse, gu., three annulets, or. 

CV<aC— A griffin's head, erased, ppr. 

Jlf«(fs~-^rtis est Veritas. 

ftctf— Threxton House, near Watton, co. Norfolk. 


Barton, John Hope, Esq. of Stapleton Park, co. 
Yoik, and Saxby Hall, co. Lmdojn, 6. 3 Oct, 1883. 

IrtlUafft. — ^This fiunily claims to be a branch of the 
SDcieot boose of Babtok qf StnitkUU, in Lancashiie, recorded 
ia the Heralds' Visitaticm of 1567. 

Bsanr Babtoh, Esq., descended from William Andrew 
Barton, Esq. of Deanwater, Cheshire, acquired considetable 
property as a merchant at Manchester, and purchased, 
a^xNit the end of the century, the estates of Swinton and 
Ward Hall, in Ijuicashira. He m. in 1768, Mary, dau. of 
Joseph Boshell, Esq. of Neston, in Cheshire, and had issue. 
Tbe eldest son, 

JoKS Basiov, Esq. of Swinton in Lancashire, and 
Saxby in linocdnshire, 6. in 1770, m. in 1796, Maigaret, 
daa. of John Watson, Esq. of Preston, in I,a])cashire, and 
dying in 1831. left, (with two daus., Mary, wife of Thomas 
Beywood, Esq, ef Hope End, and Sophia, of Jeremiah 
Ikylor, Esq. of The Orange, co. Worcester,) a son, 

JoHS-WATBOir Babxos, Esq., J. P. and B. L., of Staple- 
too Park, 00. York, and of Swinton, in Lancashire, b. 
30 Aug. 1798, m. 29 Jan. 1830, Juliana, 2nd dau. of James 
Hope, Esq. d Moray Place, Edinburgh, and bad issue, 

L JoHv Hops. i. Mary-Jane. 

n. Julia-Sop^ m. 21 Sept. 18M. to the Rev. Charles- 
Aiigostus Hope, youngest son of the \aJtA Sir John Hope. 
Bart, of Craig Han. ^ 

m. Margaret. rr. Louisa. ▼. OaroUne. 

n. Franoea. 
Xr. Barton d, 23 Jan. 1840. 

>irais— As., on a feese, between threebucks' heads, oabossed, 
ar. a mankt, gu., between two aoorus, leaved, ppr. 

CWjt—Aa acorn, or, leaved, vert 

lf<f>ao-<:rBscitar cxiltu. 

&»l~fitu>Ieton Park, near Fontefhict. 



Barton, William, Esq. of Grove, co. Tipperaiy, 
J.P. and D.L., 6. 21 June, 1790; m. in April, 1816, 
Catherine, dau. of Samuel Perry, Esq. of Woodrooffe, 
by Deborah his wife, dau. of Lord Dunalley, and baa 

L Thomas-Barksb, b, in 1810. 

n. Samuel-Harry, 6. in 1817. 

m. William-Hugh, 6. in 1820. 

L Deborah, m. to John Wade, Esq., Snd son of WilUam 
Blaney Wade, Esq. of Clonabrany, oo. Meath. 

n. Mary-Frances. m. Gatherine-Oraoe. 

IV. Anue-Maigaret. v. Emily-Martha. 

Mr. Barton was high-sheriff in 1825. 

^.tiuafft. — This family, which claims to be a branch 
of the ancient Lancashire house of Barton of Barton Sail, 
was established in Ireland by Thomas Barton, who 
accompanied the Earl of Essex's army to that IdAgdom, 
and obtained a grant of land, comprising t^ district called 
Drumminshin and Necaim, in the oo. of Fermanagh. He 
m. Maigaret Loyd, and had a son, Anthont Bartov, 
father of 

William Barton, 6. about 16S0, who m. Jane-Hannah 
Forster, and had two sons, 

Edward, m. and had issue, William and Edward. The 
latter m. his cousin, Elizabeth Barton, and was father of 
Job a, who was brought up by his lucle Thomas, at Bor- 
deaux. The elder son, William, had three sons, John, 
Edward, and Gustavus. The latter was father of the 
Rev. Edward Barton, archdeacpn of Ferns. 

The second son, 

William Barton, had (with a daughter, Elizabeth, wifo 
of her cousin, Edward Barton) a son, 

Thomas Barton, Esq. of Curraghmore, co. Fermanagh, 
6. 21 Dec. 1094, who settled as a merchant at Bordeaux 
A D. 1725. He m. 1 Nov. 1722, Maigaret, youngest dau. of 
Robert Delap, Esq. of BaHyshannon, and had one son, 

William Barton, Esq. of Orove, co. Tipperary, who 
m. 1 Aug. 1754, Grace, eldest dau. of the Rev. Charles 
Massey, of Doonas, co. Clare, Dean of Limerick, and «ister 
of Sir Hugh-Dillon Massey, the first baronet of Doonas^ and 
had issue, 

I. Thomas, his heir, 

n. William, of Clonelly. (See that branch,) 

m. Charles. CSee Barton of Waterfoot.) 

IV. Hugh, of Stral&n, co. Kildare, (See that famUy.) 

V. Robert (Sir), K.C.H., a lieutenant-general in the army, 
b. in 1770. m. 1st, Maria, dau. and oo-heir of John Painter, 
Esq., and had issue, 

1 Hugh, a mi^or in the army. 

1 Grace, m. to Captain Addison. 2 Maria. 

He m. 2ndly, Colette, relict of CoL McFhersa, and had bj 
her a dau., Alexandrine. 

VI. Dunbar, of Rod^^stown, oo. Tipperary. (Ste that 

L Grace, m. to John Ptilliser, Esq. of Derryluskan, co. Tip- 
perary, and has issue. 

n. Elisabeth, m. to the late Lieut. -Gen. Sir Augustine 
Fitzgerald, Bart, many years M.P. for Clare county. 

III. Margaret m. to Lord Massy, and d. in 1818, leaving 
The eldest son, 

Thomas Barton, Esq. of Grove, M.P. for Fethard before 
the Union, m. Mary, dau. of the Hon. General Ponsonby, 
and sister of Chambre-Brabaxon Ponsonby Barker, Esq. <tf 
Kiloooly Abbey, and d. in 1830, leaving issue, 

William, now of Grove. 

Chambre-Brabason, lieutenant-colonel in the 2ikd liUs 
giiords. d. in 1884. 

Charles-Robert, a field-ofBcer in the army, 

Miiry, m. to Geoige, youngest son of the late Lord Robert 

Grace, m. Ist, to lieut-Col. Pennefather, of Newpark co. 
Tipperaiy, and had issue. She was m. Sndhr, to Mi^or 
Michael- Angelo GalUaszi, of the Austrian service. 

Catherine, m. to Bdmond Staples, Esq. of Dumnore, Queen ■ 

AnM—Axg., a rose, three boars' heads, erased, gu. 

Creft—A boar's head, gu. ^, ^ ^^ 

Jtfo^o— Quod ero spero. Ancient Motto-~ViB fortibusannaL 

Seat-^roYQ, near Fethard, co. Tipperaiy. 

Barton, Folliot-Warren, Esq. of Clonelly, co. 
Fermanagh, J.P. and D.L., 6. 15 Sept. 1798; <. hk 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


5 HuicPHBST, of Aberedow and Lombedr. oo. lUdnor, 
which estates he acquired in marriage with Eleanor, 
dau. and heir of John ap G willim. Uls son and heir, 

JoHK Baskcbyille; Esq. of Aberedow, m. in 1678, 
Sarah, dau. of Thomas Lewiii, of Haipton Court, 
in Radnorshire, and was father of 
Thomab Baskkbvill^ Esq. of Lambedr in 1610, in. 
Eleanor, dau. of Jonn Lewis, of Lanwenny, and 
was «. by his son, 

Jamcs Basrbryillb, Esq. of Aberedow, who in. 
Dorothy, dau. of David Blayn^, and by her, who 
d. in 1697, left a son. 

Jambs Baskcrvilxje, Esq. of Aberedow, who m, in 
1664, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Oriffin, Esq. of 
Bickmarsh, and was «. by his son, 
Thomas Babkbrvillx, Esq., who m. in 1700, Sybill, 
dau. of — Collins, Esq. of Bryngwyn, in the oo. 
of Radnor, and was «. by his son. 
Thomas Baskzrvillk. Esq. of Aberedow Court 
who m. in 1726, Meliora, eldest dau. of Richard 
BadcerviUe. Esq. of Richardstou, in Wiltshire, b^ 
Jane, dnu. of Sir William Gore, Knt of Barrow Cour£ 
and left at his decease in 1740, an only dau. and 
Phiuppa, who m. in 1767, the Rev. John Powell, 
pf FenUnd, co. Radnor, by whom (who <L in 1819) 
she had an only dau. and heiress, 
Meuoka, m. in 1787, to Peter Rickards-Mynors, 
Esq. ofTreago. 
n. John, who left a son, Henry, 
m. Thomas, of Poctrilaa. 

17. ElizabetA, irife of Kynard Delaberoy or according to 
soi^e, of Sanacre Delabere, of Kynardaley. 

Bir Walter m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Henry ap Hilo ap 
Harry, of Poston, by whom he had, with other issue, Philip 
(aee Baskxbvillb of Oroalejf Park), and Simok. This 

Bdcok Baskebville, Esq. m. Elizabeth, dau. of — Brand, 
Esq. of Wanborough, in the oo. of Wilts, and left three sons, 
of whom the youngest, 

Oboboe Baskxbtillb, Esq. of Tewkesbury, oo. Olouoes- 
t«r, m. Eleanor, dau. of ^— Quarrel, Esq. of Blockland, of 
Eveaham. oo. Worcester, and had a son, 

Thomas Baskebville, Esq. of Rlohardston, in the co. of 
Wilts, m. in 1604, Johan Lor, by whom he had (with five 
daus., Jenevora, m. to John Orubbe, Esq. of Potherne; 
Catharine, m. to Henry Orubbe, Esq. ; Elizabeth, m. to John 
Lambe, Esq. ; Anne, wife of John Polwhele, of Polwhele, 
Esq. ; and Mary, m. to William Riven, Esq.) an only sur- 
viving son and heir, 

Fbamois Baskebville, Esq. b. in 1615, m. in April, 1635, 
Hatgaret, 2nd dau. of John Olanville, Esq. of Broadhinton, 
in the CO. of Wilts (afterwards Sir John Olanville, Knt.) by 
whom, who d. 28 March, 1606, he left, with four dMis., 
three sons, Walter, who d. $. p. in 1606; Thomas, eucoessor 
to his £»th«r ; and Francis, M.P. tw Marlborough. The 2nd 

Thomas Baskebville, Esq. m. Mary, dau. of Richard 
JonoB, Esq. of Hanham, in the co. of Gloucester, and had, 

I. RiCHABD, his heir. 

u. George, of Winterboume Basset, who d, 20 May, 1765, 
at the age of 73, leaving, with other issue, a dau., 
1 Jane, m. to her cousin, Thomas Baskervilje, Esq. 
Thomas Baskerville was t. by his son, 

RiCBABO Baskerville, Eaq of Richardston, who m. 
Jane, dau. of Sir William Gore, Knt. of Boitow Court^ in 
the 00. of Somerset, and widow of -r- Raymond^ Esq., by 
whom he had issue, 
L Thomas, his successor. 

n. Meuoba, 6. in 1701, who m. in |726, Thomas Basker^ 

ville, Esq. of Aberedow Court, and left an only child and 

heiress, Fhilippa, who m. in 1767, the Rev. John Powell, 

of Fonland, and had an only dau. and heiress, 

Meuoba Powell, who m. 1st, in 1787. Peter Rickards- 

Mynors, Esq. of Treago. by whom (who d. in 1794) she 

had issue; 1 Peter Rickardb-Mynobs, Esq. of Treago, 

(See that family) ; 2 Thomas Baskervilli^ of whom 

rreeently. as succeesor to his reLitive, Col. t^askerville; 
Meliora, m. in lbl5, to Hugh-Hovell Farrmr, Esq. of 
Dunsinane, in the co. Wexford, and has iasue. Mrs. 
Rickards-Mynors m. 2nd]y, Jaspar Farmai, Esq., but 
dying in 1829, left no further issue. 
nL Jape, m. to Thomas Roding, E^. of Salisbury, and 
d. s.p. 
Mr. Baskorville, of Richardston, d. 14 Sept. 1789, aged 72, 
and was «. by his only surviving son, 

Thomas Baskebville, Esq. who m. his oomdn Jane, dau. 
of George Baskerville, Esq. of Winterboume Basset, and 
left issue at his decease, in 1758 (with a dau., Meliora* who 
d. imm., in 1773), a son and successor, 

Thomas Baskkbvillk, Esq., lieut-col. of the 60th regt. 
of foot* who m, 1st, Anne, only dau. of the Rev. James 

B A S 

CNeile, of Banyshannon, hi the co. of Donogal* and Sndly, 
Jane, youngest dan. of Thomas Bishop, Esq. of Kiusale, 
but d. f . p. in 181,7, when his estates devolved upon his 
cousin, the present Tkomas-Babkebville-M yhobs- B a hkeb t 
VILLE, Esq. of Clyrow Court. . 

.^mu— Arg., a chevron, gu., between three hurts. 
Cye«(— A wolfs head, erased, arg., holding in its mouth a 
broken spear, stafC or, head, arg., imbrued, gu. 
if oMo— Spero ut fldeUs. 
iSoot— Clyrow Court* in the oo. Radnor. 


Baskbryille, Hbnrt, Eaq. of WooUey House, oo. 
Wilts, and Crowsley Park, co. Oxford, J.P. and D.L., 
6. 6 Jan. 1798; m. 14 Feb. 1889, Mary-Anna* 2nd 
dau. of John Burton. Esq. of Cheltenham, and grand- 
niece of Tolmin North, Esq. of Thurland OasUe, oo. 
Lancaster, and has* 

I. John, 6. Nov. 1889. 

I. Maiy-Anna. n. Jessie. 

m. Helen-Jane. it. Fkureooe-Bmma. 

Mr. Baskerville, formerly a dvilian at Madras, «. to 
the estates of his cousin, the late John Baskerville, 
Esq. of Woolley House, and assumed, by royal 
license, 5 March, 1888, the surname and arms of 
Baskebyillb, in lieu of his paternal one, Viykash. 
He served as high-sherifif of Oxfordshire in 1847. 

SrCtlf Age.^1%ia is a branch of the gre^ and andont 
family of BaakerviUe. 

Pmup Baskebville, who settled in Wiltshire (son of Star 
Walter Baskerville, of Erdial^, K.B.. by Elizabeth Ms 2nd 
wife, dau. of Henry ap Milo ap Henry, had, by Agnes his 
wife, dau. of John Hamlyn, of that co., 

JoHK Baskebville, who settled at Malmeebniy. He «». 
and had two sons, Francis and John ; the latter, 

John Baskebville, of Mahnesbury, co. WUts, buried 
there, 8 Nov. 1681, was father, by Rebecca his wife, of 

Jomr Baskebville, Esq. of Burton Hill, Malmeabuiy, 
Wilts, whose eldest surviving son, by his first wile, EUs»- 
beth Wallis, of Slaughterford, was 

John Baskebville, Esq. of Woolley, Bradford, Wots, 6. 
7 July, 1678, who m. 1st, 10 June, 1701, Anne Webb, of 
Bradford, whtoh lady d. 86 Dec following. He si. 2ndly. 
6 July, 1710. Rachel, dau. of Joseph Saigent, Esq. of Oalnie, 
WUts, and by her (who d. 18 March, 1744, aged 69), bad 
issue. The 8rd son, 

Thomas Baskebville, Esq. of WooUey, 6. 7 March. 1718, 
m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Dyke. Esq. of Bradford, oo. WBtsi, 
and d. in 1770, having had issue, 

I. Thomas, an <^cer in the army. 

IL John, of whom presently. 

L Elizabeth, m. 18 March, 1782, to Thomas Todd, Esq. 
of the Gencoral Post Office, London, and of Tunniside^ near 
Lanchester, co. Durham. He d. 11 March, 1827. 

n. Susannah, m. to Henry Headley, Esq., M.D., of Devizes* 
Wilts, who d. i. p. 12 March, 1838. 

nL Rachel, d. wtm. rv. Anne, d, imm. 

V. Sarsh. m. 21 April, 1788, to Oriel Viveaah, Esq. of 
Calne, co. Wilts, 2nd son of Simeon Vivoash, Esq. of 
Calne, and Mazy Bailey, his wife; and by him (who <L 
80 April, 1886, aged 72) had issue, 

1 Samuel, h. 10 Jan. 1701, d. in London, 25 Nov. 1830, 

2 Henry, who $. his cousin in the WooUegr House estate^ 
and assumed the surname and arms of BASKEBVUxaL 
He is the present Hbkbt Baskxbvilli^ Esq. of WooUey 
House and Crowsley Park. 

8 Oriel, of Calne, and the Middle Temple, barrister-at- 
law, 6. 6 Jan. 1705. 

4 Charles-Baskerville, of Cahie, h. 2T Jan. 1700. m. 19 
April, 1824, Eleanor, eldest surviving dan. of Heury 
Taun^, Esq. of Overton, Wilts: she dC 14 June, 184S. 

1 Catherine- Anne, d. young, in 1702. 

2 Anne, d, unm. in 1810, aged 25, 
8 Eliza-Susannah. 

4 Hester, m. 15 Oct. 1820, to William Tpnner, Esq. of 
Overton, Wilts. 
The 2nd son, 

John Baskebville, Esq. of Woolley, J.P. and D.L. for 
Wilts, m. in Oct. 1771, Hester, dau. of Nicholas Webb, of 
Gloucester, and d. 15 March, 1800, aged 54, leaving two sons, 
John, his heir ; and Joseph, of Woolley House, d. mtm. 7 
Oct. 1812. The elder son, 

John Baskebville, Esq. of WooUey House, and of Bath» 
d. unm,t 20 Dec 1837, and was «. by his oousin, Hknbt 
VivEAfiH, Esq., who thereupon assumed the somamo i ffi^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B A S 

nttt of BAflDKBTnxK, and is the pfrewnt Hevrt Baskib- 
nuM, Esq. of Woolly House end Crowsley Park. 

ArmM, Cmt, and Jlfotto— See preceding family. 

toto-WooUey House, parish of Bradford, Wilts; and 
Cnmsley Park, Heuley-on-Thames, Ozfordahize. 


BAflBRT, Abthur-Davie, Esq. of Umberleigh and 
Watennouth, co. Devon, b. 14 May, 1801; m. 4 Dec. 
1828, Harriet-Sarah Crawfurth, descended from the 
Crawfubths of Oraw/urth Mope, co. Berwick, and 

L AxTHUK CsAWFUBTH, In holy orders, b. 11 Aug. 1830. 

t Hairtet^Mary. u. Eleanora-Susan. 

i.flieagf.— On the roll of Battel Abbey appears the 
Mine of Basbbt, and in the Ckmqueror^i survey. Thurstan 
(or, at be is commonly written, THmurmrc) a Norman, held 
^hMei of land in Drayton, oo. Staflford. This Thuxstine. 
leooxding to Dugdale, was patenjal ancestor of the several 
ftmilios bearing the name of Basset, which rose into power 
and distinction very shortly after the Conquest, Ordericus 

VttaUs stating them to have been previously of baronial rank 

JoaBABBCT, Esq.eldestsonandheirof Sir John Basset, 
\woOm of Oeoige Basset, of Tehidy, ComwaU, and grand- 
■OQ of Sir John Basset, who acquired Umberleigh and 
Heanton Court, Devon, by his marriage with Joan, sister 
and heir of Philip Beaumont, of Shirwel, Devon, w. Frances, 
dan. and co-heir of Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle, who 
■anriving him, remarried Thomas Monk, of Potheridge, co. 
Devon, Esq., and was greatrgrandmother of the celebrated 
Oeose if onk, Duke of Albemaxie. 5y Frances Plantagenet 
Mr. BasKst had issue, 

Sa AxTHUR Bassbt, of Umberleigh, Knt, who w. 
Ikanor, dan. of Sir John Chichester, of Baleigh, Knt.. and 

&E BoBKBT Basset, Knt. of Umberldgh, living in 1620, 
"whoi" says Prince, "being by his grandmother descended 
ftwn the Plantageneta, and of the blood royal, in the 
begiuiing of King James I.'s reign, made some pretensions 
t« the crown of England, but not being able to make them 
r»«l, he was forced to fly into France, to save his head " 
To eoooponnd for this as weU as to maintain his expensive 
iCrlecf living. Sir Bobert greatly injured his estate, and was 
neecaritated to sell White Chappie, the andent inheritance 
of bit ancestors, and no less than thirty manors. He to. 
EUabeth, Snd dan. and co-heir of Sir William Peryam, Knt. 
daef baroo of the Exchequer, and by her, who d. in 1633. 
igMl M, 1)« had issuer 

0(N^ Abthttb Basset, his son and heir, b. at Heanton 
Coort, in lfi«7, and d. 7 Jan. 1672, having m. a dau. and co- 
heir of Leigh of Burrough, co. Devon, by whom he had a 
wo, who d, V. p, CoL Basset was a sealous royalist, and 
Prince, fax his WortkUg, gives a lengthened memoir of Ixim. 
He was governor of St. Michael's Mount, when it was sur- 
nadeced to the paiiiamentary forces, under CoL Hammond, 
aM* <b ABd is boried in the parish church of Heanton Pun- 
' ^*"fa p» CO. Devon, where a handsome monument is erected 
to his monoty. 

JoM Babbet, Esq. his son, d. in 1660, i^ed 80, and is 
baried in Heanton church. He to. Susannah, dau. of Bluett, 
of Hpleambe Regis, co. Devon, and left one son and heir. 

Jobs Basset, whp suceeoded to the estates on the decease 
<* Us grand&ther. He vras b. 1652, and d. 1686, having to. 
KBsibeth, dau. of Arthur Adand. of Bittadon, co. Devon, 
bq., by whom he left issue, 

Jose Basset, Esq., who to. a dau. of Sir Nicholas 
Hooper, of Follafarook, oo. Devon, Knt., and d. in 1721, 

FEAjnas Basset, Esq. his son and heir, of Heanton 
Coart, who si. Eleanora, dau. of Sir William Coiutenay, of 
Ptwierfaam, oo. Devon, and had three children, 

L Feaecu Basset, of Heanton Court, Esq., only son and 
heir, who dying vmm., devised his estates as before men- 


t Enat a rhla , who m. John-Hooke Campbell, Esq., Lord 
I^ettl^ef arm% l?y vrtuim she had issue, Eustftl^ 
le AAnirsl Sir 0«MTge Campbell, G.C,B,; Charlotte, to, 
Btr Thomas Gage, of Suffolk. Bart ; and Louisa-Caroline. 
WL to Heniy Hulton, Esq. 

IL Blaanota, m. John Davie, of Orieigh, in the pariah of 
Bodd^nd Brewer, co. Devon, Esq., and d, leaving fourteen 

1 J( 

- Davie, who took the name of Basset in pur- 
" — — * of his uncle's will, and was the late Josxph- 
Datie Basset; of Umberleigh and Watermouth, Esq. 

B A S 

5 Rev. Charles Davie, rector of Heanton Panchaidon, 
CO. Devon, w. Bridget, dau. of — Boyfleld, of Lee, co. 
Kent, Esq., and d. leaviug issue, Charles-Christopher 
Davie, captain 67th regiment; and Mary-JaneT w. 
John May, Esq. of Broadgate, near Barnstaple, deputy- 
lieutenant and magistrate for the co. of Devon. 

8 John Davie. Esq., post-captain in the B.N., whom, 
and a., leaving one dau. 
4 Francis Davie, alieut. in the R M., who d, imro. 

^^?^",® ^f^^ ^*i' ^ ^« H.E.I.C.S., TO. and d, 
in India, leavingone caUd^ a dau. 

Hemy Davie, Esq also in the H.E.I.C.a, was lost 
at sea on his return from India. He d. unm. 

7 Thomas Davie, d. young. 

^-rS**?***** *^® ®^**®^ <=^-» «»• ^^- J^B^riB Lewis, of 
Gwinfe, co. Carmarthen, and d. leaving issue. 
2 Julia, TO. Rev. Mr. Beadon. 

8 Eustatia, to. Captahi Sharp, of H.M. 29th regt of foot, 
and has issue. 

1 S*°5®^ ^ '*"'"• * Harriet, d. vnm. 

6 Charlotte, m. General Debrisay, and has issue. 
^J^^' ^' *^ce, 1st, to — Lumsden, Esq. of the 

E.I.C.S., and 2ndly, — Jones, Esq.. and has issue by 
both husbands. 

Joseph Davie, Esq., nephew and heir of Colonel Fiwids 
Basset, «. to the estates of the Basset family upon the 
demise of his uncle, in 1802, and thereupon assumed the 
additional surname of Basset. He to. MLbs Mary Irwin, of 
Barnstaple, oo. Devon, and had issue, 
Arthur, now of Watermouth. 

^rancis, in holv orders, rec^r of Heanton Punchaidon, oo. 
Devon, to. Mary dau. ef William Cartwright, Esq. of 
Toignmouth, co. Devon. 

John, TO. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Smith. Esq. of Qlou- 
cester. * 

Augusta-Mary. to. In 1827, to the Rev. William-Bickford 
Coham, of Coham and Dunsland, co. Devon. 
Mary, to. to General Sir Hopton Scott, K.C.B., of the Hon. 
E.I.Co.'s service. 

^rTO»-Quarteriy : 1st and 4th, Barry-wavy of six, or and 
gu., for Basset- 2nd and 8rd, as., a ship with two masts, or. 
the s^ trussed up and hoisted to the yards, aig., adorned 
with flags charged with the cross of Eu^and ; on a chiel of 
the second, three Ctoquefoils, pierced, gu., for Davis. 

CW«<*— let, a miicom's head, couped. aig., mane, beard, 
and horn, or, on the neck two bare indented, gu., for Basset ; 
2udly, a mount, vert, thereon a lamb, passant, aig., in the 
mouth a sprig of cinquefoil, gu., sUpped vert, for Davie. 

«ea(»— Watermouth, in the pariah of Ilfiaoomba and 
Umberleigh, near Exeter. 

Basset, Richard, Esq. of Beaupr^, co. Glamorgan, 
6. 6 Dec. 1797, capL in the royal ai-tillery; d. 8 Nov. 
1849, leaving his widow, the present proprietrix of 
the estate of BeauprS. 

EineAgt. — The Bassets cf Beaupri descend trom 
Thubstute db Basset, the Norman who accompanied 
William the Conqueror, as his grand-falooner, to England, 
and whose name appears on the Boll of Battel Abbey. 
His son. Sib John Basset, Knt., was Chancellor and 
Vice-oomes hi Olamoiganshire, to Bobert Fitshamon, from 
whom he received the lordship of St. Hilary, in which 
Beauprtf is situated. The representative of this gallant 

WiLUAx Basset, Esq. of Beaupr^ son of Edward Basset, 
Esq. of Brovishin, co. Olamoigan, and Katherine his wife, 
second dau. of Edward Came, Esq. of Nash, in the same 
CO., m. Cecil, dau. of Thomas Van, Esq. of Penbrey, and 
with other children, left at his decease, before 1046, a son 
and heir, 

Sm RicHABB Basset, of Beaupr^ Knt., high-sheriff of 
Olamoiganshhe, and governor of the tovm and castle of 
Cardiff; who m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Edward Thomas, of 
Wenvoe, and had issue, Wiluam (Sir), his heir; Katharine, 
m. to Edward Matthew, Esq. of Abennan, oo. Glamorgan; 
and Mary. m. 1st, to William Games, and 2ndly, to James 
Lory, Esq. Sir Richard «i. 2ndly, EUsabeth, datu of 
Edward Vanne, Esq. of Marcrosse, and reUct of James 
Matthew, Esq. of Aberman and Boos, and by her had 
issue, RiGHABD (SirX successor to his half-brother, John, 
and Edward ] Jane, wife of the Rev. Anthony Jones, 
archdeacon of St. David's; and Eliza, vdfe o£ WUUam 
Andrews, of Cadoxton, Sir Richard Basset was «. by his 
eldest son. 

Sib Wiluam Basset, of Beauprtf, Knt., who m. in 1662-3, 
Martha, third dau. and oo-heir of Sir Hugh Wyndham; cl 
Pilsden, co. Dorset, Bart., and reUct of Edward Came, Esq. 
of Ewenny, co. Glamorgan, but dying «. p.^ 8 Sept. 1067g 
was M. by his half-brother, ^ ^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B A ff 

BiA BrcHABD DABsrr, of BeaupH; ksighted at Wbitcbnll, 
8 F«b. 16HI, who m. IH, Philippa. <Uu. of Jamea CamplM;!], 
of Woodford, CO. Em«z, uul 2ndly, PriaeUU, dau. of CoL 
I'hilUp JoiiM, of Foiimon, co. Olunorgui ; by the latter 
only ba bad Imnie, Tis., Philip, of Beoupr^ living 1709 ; 
XiiouAMD, of whom presently ; Jane, wife of Cbarke Oibbs ; 
Klizabetb, wifo of Tbomaa Powell, Eeq. of Landow, oo. 
Olamoi^an ; Anne ; and Pri«cilla, m. to Thomaa Croaa. The 
younger ton, 

BiouABD Bamut, Esq., a major in Sir John BruU's regi- 
ment, baptijBed 12 Nov. 1060 ; m. lat, EUaaboth Apprice, 
and 2ndly, Barbara, dau, of William Beinbrigge, Eaq. of 
I^okingtou, 00. Derby, and by the latter only hod iaaue, an 
otUy aon, 

LiEDT-CoL. Hbvkt fiAaan. b. in 1780, who m. Kathorlne, 
dau. of Thomaa Bainbrigge, Esq. of Woodseat, oo. Derby, 
and had ioaue, 1 Jamee, eapt. in the army; 2 Bicharo 
(HirX brigadier-general and lieut.-eolonel 0th Woat India 
regiment, d. tmm. in 1806 ; 8 THOMAa ; and 4 Catherine, 
who m. William King, Eaq., and had three sona, William, 
nu^or in the army ; Richai-d, lieut. -colonel royal artillery; 
and Henry. The 8rd ton, 

TaouAa BAaaar, Eaq., lient.-eol. in the army, aometime 
Ooveinor of the If ilitary Knighte of Windsor, m. 1 March, 
1790, Elisabeth, dnu, of the late Alexander Cruikshanka, 
Esq. of the oo. of Aberdeen, and had iaaue» 

HiuHARD. lata of Beauprd. 

Willlara-Alexander, 6. 1 June, 1810. 

C.^iitliorine, m. to (7apt. BrookoA, of Applodore, Devon. 


iRHbttllo, fa. Major William Bruce, K.H., and baa a aon, 
Wllllnra-Woat-Jamea Bruoe^ Eaq., on whom Beauprd is 

Col. Baaaet d, 7 Jan. 1842. 

Arm$^Arfi„ a chevron, between three bugle horns, 
atringud, sn. 

Ctr»t—\ Stag's head, oabossed ; between the attirea a croaa 
fiti-hetl at the foot, arg. 

Motto — UwoU augtm na chywllydd. » 

&ul^Beauprtf, oo. Qlamuigau. 

B A s 

' Basbett; prebendary of rJandafT, who d. 1660, leavfi^ by 

I hi5 wife, Rachel Mathews, a eon, Thomas BAaanr, fisther 

of the Rev. Johv Bassxtt, prebendary of T Jandaff, whose aoo, 

JoHM Baobett, Eaq. of Bonvilatone, 6. in 1745, high sheriff 
of Olamoiganiriiire in 1824, m. Aime Moigan, and dytng 
11 Dec. 1827, waa «. by his son, 

JoHV Jamw, who d.$,p. 1838, and waa «. by hia brothir, 

Thomas-Moboajc Basbrt, Eaq. of Bonvilstone, b. in Feb. 
1780, who m. in 1817, Anne, eldeat dau. of the Bev. Dr. 
Morgan, and had iaaiie, 

RicBARD, now of Bonvilstone. 

JohnMotgan, d, mum. 23 Jan. 1841. 

WiUiom-Watkin, an officer A6th rogt. 

Mary. m. the Rev. Charles Rumsey Knight, of Tlthegataoa 
Court ; aod d. in 1848, leaving a dau. Florence. 

Susannah, m, Louis Thowroude, and has issue. 

Louisa-Catherine, m. the Rev. Louis Thomas^ and has iania. 
Mr. Basaett cf. 5 Nor. 1840. 

Amu, OreM, and ifoMo— Same as Babsbr 9ifB«aMpri, 

iSeat— Bonvilatone Uouae, CardiflC 

Basmrt, John, Esq. of Tehidy, oa Cornwall, J.P. 
and D.L., 6. in 1791. bigb-aheriff of Cornwadl in 
1S37; m. in 1830, MaryKlisabeth, dau, of tbe late 
Sir Hoae Prioei, Bart, of Trengwainton. 

S.intaC[f.— Thk Rxv. Jorn Bassst. rector of lUogan 
atad Camborne. Cornwall, next brother of Francis, lat 
lA>rd de Dunstonvllle. 6. in 1760. m. 4 Oct. 1790, Mary, dau. 
of Qeorge Wiugfield. Esq.. and dying 20 May, 1810, left a 
aon, the prcMut John HAaarr. Esq. 

JrtPU— Or. three bars, wavy, gn. 

VrtM—X uuioonk's head. tx>upod. aiy. : aa Bassktt ^ Uim- 
btrki^ JJifito — l*ro rege et pvpulo. 


BLxsAirr, RicHARi^ Esq. of BouviUtone, oa Gk- 
moi^gan, J.P. and IXU. A. 21 June, \^'^; m. 24 Oct. 
1J^43, Ann-Maria, 2nd dau. of John Homfrar, Esq. of 
IVulUue Castle, co. (Glamorgan, by Ann-Maria, daii. 
aiul heir of John Richnnls, Esq. of Coraex House, 
OuxiiC and hai» i«Mie, 

1. JouN-RidLAaxs b. SI May. li^7. 

u. RdJpih-Thurvtine. 6^. 16 Jan. 1:>6X. 

1. Mary^KhaabethA^'onstance. 

EintAfr.— Thia ia a bcaooh of tke azMieat temOy of 
JtAMCTT 4^ Btauimi, which wm founded by Thorstiae the 
Nomsan, grand f a too aer to Willlam the CooquecorX whose 
soa. Sir John Baeaett. Kttt.. waa rioe-c^kneeUor to Robert 
Fitohasooa. Eleventh in dcecent from this Sir John, was 
William Basbbtt, E»v cf BeaupxxS and St. HiUry. who was 
Ikther ol' five 9000^ ot whom the yottugeet. TiaonAa Bassbxt. 
Xaq.. •». JeodMt. chuL and heir of Thomas ap Evaik op 
Ywhjia, oad thus became poassssed of the infill of Uantry^ 
Uyd. Ute sea aad heir. 

JoaM Thomas B-^f*srrT, Esq. of UaBtrythyd, sk 1st, 
Aboe^ doa. ef Thoeoae Love, Esq. of Drnospowie, and 
Sudly. EfaaobetK Nottoa, by ths toroaar of whom he wae 
tftiihjr ol A sou, 

TuoMiit Bajwctt, Esq. of Uootrxthvd. whose son, by 
«K>c4k iiwillim hi* wifo, mtw John Ba.'«*ktt. K>*|., Caber, by 
Mhtk^u^ Wiiliwaahia wile, ot thw Rkv. Will:oi BASturr; 
ascter o( XewtKMi Nottace, ttTtti^ l4>^ who at. JeuoeC. dait. 
of th^ftov. Ro(^r WUUama, and hwt a soa, the Bxv. Thomas 

Bastard, Edmcxd-Rodket-Pollbxfbn, Eeq. of 
Ritley and Buckland Court, both in co. DeTon, b. 
7 Sept 1825 ; 8. his father 8 June, 1838 ; m. 22 Not. 
1853, Florence-Mary, eldest dau. of Simon Scrope, 
Esq. of Danby Hall, co. York. 

SLfnragr.— The famUy of Baotabd baa been seated in 
Devonshire . ever since the Conquest. Bobert Bastard 
appears in Domesday Book to have had large grants in that 
county. His descendants have intermarried with tho 
heircsaes of Crispin and of Killiowe, in the co. of Cornwall, 
and into the fomilios of FitzStephon, BcsiUes, DamareU, 
Oilbort, Beynell, Hele, and Bampfyide, and have at diffe- 
rent periods served aa sheriffs of the county. Their sest, 
for many generations, was at Qarston, near Kingslnidge, 
until, about the end of 17th century, 

WiLUAM Bastard, Esq., by marriage with the heiress of 
Pollexfen of Kltley, acquired that estate, which has since 
been tho flunily residence. His son, 

FoLLKXJTKN Bastard, Esq. of Kitloy, m. Lady Bridget 
Poulett, dan. of John, 1st Earl Foulett, and waa f. at bis 
decease, in 1733, by his eldest son, 

WiLUAM Bastabo, Esq. of Kitley. He m. Ann, dan. of 
Thomaa Worsley, Esq. of Ovingham, in the co. of Tork, 
and was «. at hia decease, in 17S2, by hia elder son, 

JoHK-PoLUEXTEK Bastard, Esq., M P. for Devon, who 
m. Sarah, widow of — Wymondeeold, Esq. of Unkings, hi 
the 00. of Berks, but dying without isaue^ 4 April, 181^ 
he waa «. by hia brother, 

EoM nn> Bastard, Esq.. sometime M.P. for Dartmooth, 
who m. Jane, dau. tixA heirosa of Captain PownoO, BJ7, 
of Sharpham, Devon, and had iasue, 

EDMUXD-PoLLKxrcx, hls heir. 

John, of Shart>ham. c^pt. RN.. and M.P. for Dartmooth, 
who Inhentea the P->wuoU estates. He m. Fnmces, dan. 
and co-beiroes of Benjamin Wade, of Tbe Orange, ee. 
York. Ek^. ; and d. 11 Jan. 193ft, leaving aa oulv chOd 
and heireas, Francea, m. S July. 1850. to WBa.-Frederkk, 
Viscount Chewton. who d. Iii6i, of wooada recetvsd at 
the Battle of the Alma. 

Philomen-PuwuoU, in ho^ orders; sk Maiy, ddeat dan. 
of Mr. Justice Park. 
Mr. Bastard d. in 1816, and waa «. by hia aon, 

EPMVXD-POLLXxrix Bastard, Esq. of Kltley, M.P. Cor 
Devon, b. U July, 1784, who ». S3 Jan. 1834, the Hco. 
.^nne>Jane Rodney, only sorviving daa. of George, tod 
Baron Rodney, of Rodney Stoke^ and hftd by bar (who d. 
23 April, 1SS3X three sooa. 

Ei>acrifD-RoD«^T-Pou.KxrKV. now of K:*Jey. 

Ba]dwu»John-Pi>Uexf«n. \ U M.irch, ISSOc 

WUliun-PoUexfen, 6. 12 Jan ISai 
Mr. Ba^Aid rf. S June. 1S3S. 

A "'•-• — Or, a chevron, as. 

Crrx' —A. dexter arm. embowed. fat plate armour, ppr., 
iP*rti::(b«d. or. the elbow tow^urEs tbe sinister, tiie hAod in a 
^ grasping a sword, also prr.. potaxaei and hilt, 
}(v.<id. in Knd aiQister. the point downwaida. 

f^a- o — Pax potior b«?no. 

Sf*(^9— Kitiey. near YeaIm|»ton, aad ^*Hm»^ Osoii, aear 
AshburtoQ, both in Devoo. 

Bastard, Thomas - Horlock, Esq. <rf Chariton 
Marshall co. I>»r^t, J.P. aad P.L^ &. in 1772; ». 
l>»t, in I7'i3, Eli^btfth I%gs» of Bkndfonly aad hj 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 



L T»»u»-Hoia/}CX, 6. in in 17M. 
' n. Elinbeth-HorioGk, *». in 1819, to John Brine, com- 
BuuMter, R.N. 

Mr. Bastard m. 2ndly, in 1811, Eliza Miiston, of 
Blandford, and had iasue, 
L Heniy-Horkwk, b. in 1812, M.A., in holy orders, of 
Wakehill House, Ilminster, nt. 20 July, 18M, Anna- 
Ofttharine, dan. of the late Edward Sanders, Ssq. of 
Thk gentleman, who wm high-sheriff in 1812, is 
only son of the late Thomas Bastard, Esq. of Bk^d- 
fofd Fomm, and subeequentlv of Charlton Marshall, 
who was 2nd son of Thomas Bastard, £Isq. of Bknd- 
foid, by Mary his wife, dau, of Henry Horlock, Esq. 
ci Chariton MarHhall, and grandson of Thomas Bas- 
tard, originally of Belchalwell, by Bridget Creech 
his wife, sister of the poet Creech. 
Arwt»—Or, a chevron, as. 
Crt$t — A gfriffin's heau. coUarod and armod, or. 
Rnidmn Cbtui ton Marshall, near Blandford. 


BaTKMAy, John, Esq. of Knypersley Hall, co. 
Stafford, and of Tolson Hall, Westmoreland, high- 
•hcriff for Staffordshire in 1830, 6. 81 Oct. 1782 ; m. 
30 Maj, 1810, Elizabeth, 2nd dan. of the late George 
Hc^ £isq. of Bedivals, in Lancashire, and has issue, 

James, h. 18 July, 1812. 

Imtagr. — Jomr Bateilui, Esq. of Tolson HaU, son 
of Thomas Bateman. of the same place, who d. in 1736, 
M. Ebsabeth, dao. of Edward Branthwaite, Esq. of Carllng- 
bH, in the co. of Westmoreland (direct lineal descendant 
fim, and inheritor of the estates of, Robert Brsnthwayt, 
of QurlinghiTl. keeper of the Tower of London, temp. 
Jajos L, and dying in 1783, was f . by his elder son. 

Jamb Bateman. Esq. of Tolson HaU, who m. Mai^garet, 
dn. of Edward Nicholson, of Kendal, merchant, and grand- 
dao. to the Rev. William Nicholson, of Old Button, by 
UtisareC, first-cousin to Secretary Craggs, and had issue, 
Jonr, his heir; James, who d. in 1800; EUsabeth, m. to 
Vflhm Thorpe, Esq. ; Maxgaret, m. to O.-P. Wathen, Esq., 
ift SOB of Sir Samuel Wathen ; and Susanna, m. to Richard 
Gfluld, Esq. Mr. Bateman d. in 1824, and was «. by his 
Mm son, John Bateman, Esq., of Knypersley Hall. 

Jrwu—Az , on a fesse, embattled, between three crescents, 
iMiant from each an estoile^ arg., the chemical character of 
Man, sa. 

Crat—A. tower, aiig., iasuant therefrom a demi-eagle, wings 
dsrated, aa., cliaiged on the breast with the chemical cha- 
£wter ot Hars, or : in the beak, a wreath of oak. ppr. 

Saatf#— Knyperdey Hall, oo. Staflord; and Tolaon HaU, 

BaTiMAV, Thomas, Esq. of Middleton Hall, co. 

Derby, 6. 8 Not. 1821 ; m, 2 Aug. 1847, Sarah, dau. 

of Mr. WilliAm Parker, and has issue, 
L TBOMAS-WiLLfAM, b. 9 March, 185S. i. Sarah. 

lillCXft. — RiCHABD Bateman, Esq. of Hartington, 
i. hi 1727, lineal deaoendant of William Bateman, of South 
WlnSdd. firing 4th Riomard IT,, m. in 1758, Elisabeth, dau. 
of Balph Leek, Esq. of The Heath House, Cliaddleton, in 
StsAordahire, and by her, who d, in 1784, had issue, 
L TBoxAa his heir. 

n. Rkhard, 6. in 1768; m. twice, but d. a p, in 1808 : his 
widow ai. 2 Not. 1810, John Stringer. 
m. William, of Manchester, mercluint ; b. in 1774 ; m. in 
ITM, Mary, dao. ot tieaavui Swire, roeroliant, by Isabella 
his wilia, dan. and co-heir of Richard Bent, of Man- 
dMsier, and of Isabel his wife, dau. and co-heir of 
Thoipe, of Hoptc^ in Yorlcshire. Mr. WilUam Bateman 
d. at Ardwidc, 14 July. 1817, leaving issue, 

1 Heory, of Trinity College, Gsmbridge, M.A.; 6. 6 Oct 

STbooMS,*. 0ApriLlMe. 
t WUUaai. b, 18 Jnly. 1806; d. 10 Jan. 1818. 
4 Samuel, b. 4 Oct. 1810. 
i Predeciclc, 6. in 1815 ; d. in 1818. 
1 lUrj, m. in 18S2, to William Kay. M.D.. of Cheltenham. 
t KBabeth. 8 Isabella-Anne. 

I. Bizabeth, tt young. 

n. Kaneey, m. 1st, in 1700, to Nathan Sutto% of Leek; 
aai Sndly. to John Oibaon, of TattenhaU, in linoohishire, 
Vk. BatflBsa d. in 1774, and was «. by bis son, Tbomas 

Bateman, Esq. of Middleton Hall, high sheriff of Dtirby- 
shire in 1823. b. 27 Sept 1760 ; m. 13 April. 17S6, Rebekah, 
dau. and oo>heir of Arthur Clegg, of Manchester, merehant, 
and by her (who d, in 1707) had issue, 
William, F.A.S. ; b. 36 July, 1787 ; m. 19 June, 1820, 
Mary, dau. of James Cranpton, of Brightroet in Lan- 
cashire ; and dying 11 June. 1835, left an only child, 
Thomas, now of Middleton HaU. 
Thomas, b. in 1792 ; d. in 1810. 

Rebekah, m. 1816; to Samuel Hope^ Esq. of liTsrpool, 
and has issue. 

Arm»-~Or, tliree crosoents, each surmounted by an estoile^ 

Orat^K crescent and estoile, as in the arms, between two 
eagles* wings, or. 

&<U— Middleton Hall, Derbyshire. 


Bateman, Richabd- Thomas, Esq. of Hartington 
HaU, CO. Derby, h. 9 Sept 1794 ; m. 26 May, 1820, 
Madelene, dau. of Robert Willoughby, Esq. of Clifie, 
in Warvrickshire, and has issue, 

I. Hugh. n. Richard. ni. Thomas. 

lY. Frands-WiUoughby. 

L Elizabeth. n. Madeleine. 

EttUage.— That the famUy of Bateman was settled at 
Hartington before the year 1600, appears by the entries in 
the Heralds' College, as well as by a letter of Sir Anthony 
Batomsn, lord-mayor of London in 1664, dated in Jan. 
1644, in which, after stating that his father is "Just dead 
at an advanced age,** he says, that the deceased had remem- 
bered in his will " the x)oor of Hartington, where he was 

Hugh Batsmah, Eaq. of Hartington (4th in desosnt trom. 
Hugh Bateman, elder brother of Richud Bateman, oluan- 
berliun of Lcmdon, and sometime M.P., flather of Sir Thomas 
Bateman, created a Baronet 1664), m. Elizabeth, dau. and 
co-heir of John Osborne, Esq. of Derby, by Elizabeth his 
wife, dau. and eyentual co-heir of William Sacheverell, Esq. 
of Barton, Notts, and of Moiiey in Derbyshire, and had a son, 
RiOHABD, of Derby, 6. in 1719; who m. 11 June. 1765, 

Catherine, dau. of William Fitzherbert Esq. of llssing- 

ton, in Derbyshire, and had two sons, 

1 Hugh, suooeesor to his grandfather. 

2 Richard, a deputy-lieut, and magistrate for the coun- 
ties of Derby and Stafford, and liigh-sheriff tor the 
former shire in 1812 ; who m. 12 Oct 1792, Eliz^ieth, 
only child and sole heiress of the Rer. Thomas Keeiiuge^ 
of Uttoxeter, in Stattordshire ; and dying 29 M^rch, 
1821, leaving issue, 

RiCHABn-THOMAS, of wbom i>resently. 
John, b. in Feb. 1^00 ; in holy orders; m. Emily, dan. 
of E. Shewell, Esa. 
James-Alleyne-Sacbeverd, 6. 10 Dec. 1805 ; a deputy- 
Ueutenant for Derbyshire. 
Thomas-Osborne. 5. 1 March, 1809. 
Joyce-Osbome, a, in 1808. 

Mary-Elizabeth, m. 20 March, 1829, to the Rev. James- 
Hamilton Chichester, of Arlington, in Devonshire; 
and ci. in 1830. 

Eliza-Catherine, d. in 1810 wum. 
Hu^ Bateman d. 21 Nov. 1777, and was «. by his grand- 

Hugh Batsmah, Esq. of Hartington Hall, 6. 21 March, 
1756, who was created a Baronet 15 Deo. 1806, with remain- 
der, on failure of the issue male of his body, to the heirs 
male of his daughters. He m. 4 Feb. 1786, Temperance, 
dau. of John Gisfoorne, Esq. of Derby, and had two daus., 
I. Cathebinb Juliana, who m. in 1816, Edward-Dolman 
Scott Esq., eldest son of Sir Joseph Scott Bart, and 
had a son, 

Fraivois-Edwabd Soott, Esq., 6. in 1824 ; who «. his 
maternal grandfather, and is the present baronet 
n. Amelia-Anne, m. to Sir Alexander Hood, Bart 
Sir Hugh Bateman d. in March, 1824, and was ». at Hart- 
ington by his nephew, the present Richard-Thomas Batb- 
mah, Esq. of Hartington HaU. 

ArvM—Or^ three descents, with an estoile of six points 
above each orescent gu. : a canton, as. 

Crut—K crescent and estoile, as in the arms, between two 
eagles' wings, or. 

Batbhav, The Rev. Edmukd-Hazelrioq, M.A., 


Ouilsboroiigh, ca Northampton, &. 25 Dec. 1803 ; m. 
23 Not. 1842, Magdalene Leckner. 



BAT ' 

%itlt&St* — ^^^^ family of Bateman is of antiquity in 

John Bateman, de Clifton, oo. Garwiok, (whose will, 
dated 24 F6b. 1679, was proved 15 June, 15S0), m. Alice 
Page, and had four aona, William, of Pulkington, oo. War- 
■wick; John, devioee of estates at Clifton; Thomas; and 

Subeeqoently, by the Visitation of 1678, there was a 
Bateman of Tottenham Coiirt, oo. Middlesex, one of the 
rix dories in Chancery, and his brother, 

Edmund Bahsmam, of Clifton, co. Warwick, and of Wind- 
sor, CO. Berks, who was father of 

Edmund Bateman, of Windsor and Shawell, lord of the 
manor of Ouilsborough, and auditor of the king's exche- 
quer. From him descended 

Mabt Bateman, of Ouilsborough, only dau. and heir of 
John Bateman, Esq. of Guilsborough, who d. in 1784. She 
ijt, the Rev. Joshua Wigloy, D.D., rector of Clifton, near 
Ouilsborough, who was directly descended from the ancient 
family of W101.ET of WigtcdX^ co. Derby, and d. in Nov. 
1822, leaving by her husband (who d. in 1790) two daus. 
and co-heirs; Elisabeth, d. unm.. 15 Feb. 1888, and 

Mart Wiolet, of Ouilsborough, m. to the Rev. John 
Buckley, of Kil worth, who assumed, by royal license, in 
1824, the surname of Bateman, in pursuance of the will 
of his wife's grandfather, John Bateman. Their issue 

Edmund, present representative. 

John, in holy orders, M. A. of Oxford ; 5. S Sept. 1805. 

Richard, 5. 12 Feb. 1807. 

JoshuA-Wigley, M.A. of Cambridge; 6.. 27 Nov. 1808, 
receiver-general of the Duchy of ComwiUl: m. 1 Jan. 
1841, Emma- Louisa-Rosa, dau. of Oeneral Blacker, and 
has issue a dau., Orace. 

Thomas, H.A. of Cambridge ; 6. 16 March, 1810 ; m. 
29 June, 1840, Marianne, dau. of John Daubeny, Esq., 
I4L.D., of Doctors' Commons, London, and has issue, 
Arthur-Wigley and Mory-Daubeny. 

Charles, b. 28 Dec. 1812 : m. Catherine Needham, of Man- 
ton, and has a dau., Elizabeth. 


.^niM— Or, three stars, issuing fh>m croncents, gu. 
Creit— A star, issuing from a crescent, gu., as in the arms, 
between two wings, gold. 
lfo<(o— Sidus adsit amicum. 
£ea^-Ouilsborough, co. Northampton. 


Bateman, John, Esq. of Oak Park, Killeen, and 
Ardravale, co. Kerry, high-sheriff in 1820, and at one 
time M.P. for Trolee, 6. 26 Nov. 1792; m. 25 Sept. 
1824, Frances, youngest dau. of Nathaniel Bland, Esq. 
of Randalls Park, Leatherhead, co. Surrey, and has, 

Rowland dk Conxnosbt, J. P., h. 16 May, 1826. 

%,iXitVi^t* — ^This family, claiming descent from the 
De Baodements, Seigneurs de Bi-aine-sur-Visie, is directly 
descended from 

Rowland Bateman, an officer in Hierome Sonkey's 
regiment of horse, who settled in Kerry about 1654, and 
was subsequently high-ahenff of the county. His son, 

John Bateman, Esq. of Killeen, co. Kerry, m. 1st, a dau. 
of William Trenchard, Esq. of Moimt Trenchard, co. Lime- 
rick, but had no issue. He n». 2ndly, Anne, 2nd dau. of 
the Right Hon. Oeorge Evans, and sister of the 1st Lord 
Carb«7, by whom he had issue, 
Rowland, of whom presently. 

Oeorve, m. a dau. of Anthony Stoughton, of Rattoo, and 
settled at Dromaltin, co. Kerry. 

John, who settled in co. Limerick, and was ancestor of 
the Batkmans o/AUa Villa, in that county. 
The eldest son, 

Rowland Bateman, Esq. of Oak Park, b. in Jan. 1706, 
m. in 1727, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Nicholas Colthurst, 
Esq', of Bully haly, 00. Coik, eldest son of John Colthurst, 
Esq. of Cooleneshanavalley, and uncle of Sir John-Conway 
Colthurst, created a Baronet in 1744 ; and by faer had issue, 
Rowland, «. to his father. 
Colthurst. (See Batcman of BarthoUy. ) 
Jolm, m. Olivia, dau. and co-heiress of Hugh Edwar48, 
Esq., and relict of Richard Parsons, 2nd Earl of Rosse, 
but had no issue. 

Elizabeth, m. to Anthony Stoughton. of Rattoo, and had 
iraue two sons, Thomas and Anthony, and four daus. 
Anne, m. to Francis Crosbie, Esq. of Rusheen, «. p. 
Penelope, m. to Richard Smyth, Esq. of BnUynatray, co. 
Waterford, and had issue. 

Mary, m. to Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Olyn. and had 



Sarah, m. to the Rev. Dr. Barry, of Cork, and had Issue. 

Francis, m. to Pierce Crosbie, Esq. of Ballyheigue, and 

had, with daus., two sons, of whom the elder, Colonel 

Crosbie, m. his cousin Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Rowland 


Jane, m. to Richard Dunacombe, Esq., co. Coik, and had 

The eldest son, 

Rowland Bateman, Esq. of Oak Park, M.P. for the eo. 
of Keny, and also for the boroxigh of Tralee, m. in 1758, 
Letitia, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Denny, Knt. of Tralee 
Castle, by Agnes his wife, dau. of John Blenneihassettk 
Esq. of Ballyseedy. The issue of this marriage was, 

Rowland, 6. 1760 ; d. yoxmg. 

Rowland, successor to his father. 

Thomas, 6. 1767 ; d. young. 

Agnes, m. to Richard Chute, Esq. of Tallygarron, and had 
issue, two sons, Francis and Rowland, and three daus. 
The only surviving son, 

Rowland Bateman, Esq. of Oak Paric, m. in 1790, his 
first-cousin, Arabella, 2nd dau. of Sir Barry Denny, of 
Tralee Castle, Bart., descended in a direct line from the 
celebrated Sir Anthony Denny, Knt., groom of the stole 
and privy coimdllor to Henbt YIII. By this lady Mr. 
Bateman had issue, 

John, present representative. 

William, 6. 1 May. 1797. 

Thomas, 6. 26 Aug. 1802 ; d, 1830. 

Jane. d. 26 Jan. 1792. 

Letitia, m. 8 Sept 1831, to Emanuel-Hutchinson Orpen, Esq. 

Arm^—Or, on a dievron, betwem three esoallqpa^ gu., an 
ostrich feather, aig. 
Crt$tr—A pheasant, ppr. 
Motto— ^9c pretio nee preoe. 


Bateman, Colthurst, Esq. of Bartholey Honae, 
CO. Monmouth, high-Bheriff in 1832-40, b. 2 Oct 
1780; wi. 2 Nov. 1809, Jane-Sarah-Qardner, only 
surviving child and heiress of John-Kemeys GJardner- 
Kemeys, Esq. of Bartholey House, and has issue, 

I. John, b. Feb. 1814. 

II. George-Colihurst, b. Aug. 1815. 

in. Rowland, b. Nov. 1816, an officer in the navy, d, on 
board H. M. B. "Wellesl^,"in the Persian Gulf, in 1889. 
rv. Robert, 6. Aug. 1819. 
V. Reginald, of the R.N. b. Dec. 1820. 
Ti. Thomas, 6. March, 1823. 
VII. Frederick, 6. April, 1826. 
X. Jane, m. iu Aug. 1836, to John Gwalter Palalret, B.A., 

Christ Coll., Camb. 
n. Sarah. 

%intSiflt» — CoLTHUBST Bateman, Esq. of Bedford 
House, near Listowel, co. Kerry, 2nd son of Rowland 
Bateman, of Oak Paric, Esq., by Elizabeth his wife, dan. 
of Nicholas Colthiurst, Esq., m. in Sept. 1779, Jane, dan of 
Rol>ert Dobson, Esq. of Angrove, eo. Cork, and hadiasue^ 
COLTHUB9T, uow of Bartholcy. 

Rowland, in holy orders ; m. Eliza, dau. of Maurice Fits* 
maurice, Esq. of Duagh, and relict of James Erdington, 
Esq. of Scotland. 
John, a lieut. in the 13th Bengal N.I.; d. unnt. 
Jane, m. to Robert-R. Dobson, Esq., late captain in the 
6th foot. 
Anne, m. to Patiick Maitland, Esq., since deceased. 
Elizabeth, m. to Daniel Staunton. Esq., deceased. 
Dorothea, m. to Admiral John Maitlaud. 

ArnUy Crt$t, and Motto, as Bateman cf Oak Park. 
iSeat— Bartholey House, near Uske, 00. Mpmnouth. 


Bates, Nathaniel, Esq. of Milbouma Hall, co. 
Northumberland, 6. 16 June, 1805. 

iLinrarre.— The famUy of Bates has been established 
many ccniuiics in the 00. of Northumberland. 

Thomas Bates, Esq. of Ovington Hall, ki Northumbei^ 
land, M.P. for Morpeth, which he continued to represent in 
tlie reigns of Mary and Elizabeth, appears to have been 
high in favoxur with the former queen, for we find her 
majesty addressing a complimentary letter to him in 1656-7. 
Thomas Bates was subsequently, during the reign of Euza- 
BETH, appointed supei'visor of all her mi^esty'shouaes, l<Mrd- 
ship0, manors, lands, and tenements in Northumberiand. 
His great great^'andson, 

BAi.n Bates, Esq. of Halliwell, East Hartford, 4o., eo. 


ll<)VtluunberiuMl, bapt. at Eondon. 89 Aug. 1613, tranB- 
vitted in 16«6, to the Herald's Office, a pedigree of his 
fsmOf. He «. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Chatour, of 
Botterhj, and dying 11 March, 1690, aged 78, was t. by his 

Ralph BAna» JSaq. of Halliwell, bapt. 16 Feb. 1646, 
vhoae son (by bia 2nd wife, Anne, dau. of William James, 
E*]. of WasfaingtonX 

Balth Bates, Esq. of Halliwell, 6. 8 Jan. 1688, succeeded 
to the fiunfly estates at the death, f. p., in 1734, of his half- 
IvoUmt, Thomas. He m. 1st, 6 May, 1714, Mary. dau. of 
John Bacon, Esq. of Staward, in Northumberland, by whom 
(who d. in Man^ 1738X he had issue, Anne, wife of the 
Ber. Chailes Btoddart ; Isabella, m. to WiUiam Watson, 
Esq. ; and Maxgaret, wilb of Cuthbert Watson, Esq. Mr. 
Brtea m. Sndly, in 1735, his ooushi, Isabel, eldest dau. of 
Bkhard Bates, Bsq. of Newcasile-on-lVne, and had further 
tame, Baijh, his heir; Thomas, whoee eldest son, CoL 
Viomas Bates, m. a dau. of Sir Bobert Waller, Bart., and 
has israe, Mary, m. in 1754, to Henry Wilson, Esq. of New- 
bottle ; Esther, m. to Bidiard Wharton, Esq. ; Elizabeth, d. 
mm. ; and Dorotby, m. 1st, to William Clayton, Esq., of 
KewcasUe, and Sndly, to — Brick, Esq. Ralph Bates, of 
HaUiwell, a very active magistrate, d. 23 Nov. 1754, and was 
boxied at St. Bunstan's in the West^ London. His elder 
son and successor, 

Balph Batcs, Esq., b. 14 May, 1730, sheriff for North- 
mnberland in 176S, m. Ist, 16 July, 1759. Jane Mitford, by 
whom (who d. in childbed, 6 May, 1760) he had an only dau., 
laabeUa^ane, m. in 1786, to the Rev. Henry Ingilby, brother 
to the late ffir John Ingilby, Bart, of Ripley Castle. Mr. 
Bates m. Sndly in 1762, Anne, sister of the late Henry Elli- 
son, Esq. of Hebbxim Hall, and had (with other children 
iriko d. miim.X Ralph, his heir ; Richard, killed on board 
fbe ''Aigo" man-of-war, in 1783; Cuthbert; Hnnnah, m. 
ia 1T86, to John Hunter, Esq. of Lisbum ; and Mary- Anne, 
SI. in 1796, to the Rer. John Fawcett Mr. Bates d. 2 Aug. 
17B3, and was «. by his el lest son, 

Ralph Baths, Esq. of MilboumeHall, Halliwell, Ac, 6. 22 
Oct. 17M, for many years liout.-ool. of the 6th (EnniskiUen) 
dngoons. This gentleman, ool.-oommnndant of the southern 
regiment of Northumberland local militia, J.P. and D.L., 
sarved as high-sheriff in 1812. He m. 4 Dec. 1798, his second- 
eeosin, Saiah, 3rd dau. of the late Rev. Nathaniel Ellison, 
viear of Bolam and Doddington, by Jane his wife, dau. and 
hriroM of CoL Fuiye, of Fai-ingdon, Berks, and had two 
sons and three daus, via. : Ralph, Nathaniel^ Jane- Anne, 
SBih, and Geoigiana, m. 8 March, 1848, the Rev. John 
Blphinetone Elliot^ Srd son of James Elliot, Esq. of Wolflee, 
ea. Boxbmgh. Col. Bates d. 6 June, 1813, and was «. by his 

Ralph Batb, Esq. of Milboume Hall, 6. 18 Dec 1799, 
idto d. 6 June, 1853, and was f . b^ his brother, the present 
Sathaaiel Bates, Esq. of MUboume. 

Jnu—StLf a fesse engrailed, or, between threo dexter 
hsoda, oouped at the wrist, bendwaVs^ aig. 

CrcK— A naked man, holding in his dexter hand a willow 

Jfotto— Et manu et corde. 

3ntf— MiDxraine HaU, oo. Northumberland. 

Bates, Henbt-Wiujam, Esq. of Denton, oo. Sus- 
sex, JP., a capt. in the royal Sussex militia, &. in 
1807; 9. lus fi&ther, John-Henry Bates, Esq., in 1828. 

Ulntafft* — JoHH Bates, Esq. of Beaconsfleld, oo. 
Bodks, 6. in 1722, an alderman of the city of London, d. in 
178S, daring hia year of serving the office of sheriff for that 
city, and was buiied in -Beaconsfleld church. He m. Miss 
EDiMi, and lefta eon, Henbt, and two daus., vis. : Martha, 
a. to Samuel Ferns, M.D. of Beaconsfleld, whose only son, 
CoL Sr Bates Ferns, d. in 1886 > Anne, m. to M. Staples, 
tttker, <rf London. 

HsKBT Bates, Eaq. of Denton, co. Sussex, the son and 
kcir, h. in 1754, m, Sarah, only dau. of Jonathan ElUson, 
Esq. of Cheshire, and d, in 1826, leaving by his wife, who 
d. in 1835, an only son, 

Jonr-Honnr Bates, Esq. of Denton, oo. Sussex, J.P. and 
BX., 5. fai 1775, capt. in the 2nd life-guards, who m. in 1806, 
Harriet-Elisa, Srd dan. of Wm. Smith, Esq. of Chlswick, oo. 
XUdksex, and had by her (who d. hx 1826X 

Hbit-Willlam, his successor. 

Johs-EUison, in holy orders, incumbent of Crosby, oo. 

Lmcaster, 6. in 1809, m, in 1^ Ellen, dau. of F. Carlton, 

Iso. ol Di^blin, and has issue, Heniy; Charies-Ellison; 



Prancis^Edward, b. 1811, a midshipman R.N., d. in 1824. 
Charles-Chester, B.A., Trinity ColL, Cambridge, 6. in 18161 
Mr. Bates d. in 1828. 

^mw— Sa., a fesse, between three hands, nxg. 
CreU—AjOi arm in armour, embowed, in the hand a tmn* 
if otto— Manu et corde. 
fieo^— Denton, co. Sussex. 

Bathubst, Charles, Esq. of Lydney Pork, co. 
Gloucester, J.P., 6. 15 Jan. 1790; m. 27 Aug. 1819, 
Mary, dau. of William Trendall, Esq. of Gloucester, 
and of Hall Ck)urt, Marole, co. Hereford, by Jane his 
wife, dau. of the Rer. James Benson, D.D., and the 
LAdy Anne his wife, da\L of Allen, 1st Earl Bathurst. 

UntKQt* — Benjaion BATHxmsT, Esq. of I^ydney, oo. 
Gloucester, Srd son of Sir Benjamin Bathurst, Knt. coflferer 
of the household to Queen Anns, by Frances his wife, dau. 
of Sir Allen Apsley, Knt. of Apsley, in Sussex, to. let, 
Finetta, dau. and oo-heir of Henry Poole, Esq. of Eemble, 
in Wiltshire, and by her (who d. in 1738) had two sons, 
Thomas and Pools, and four daus., all of whom d. f. p., 
except a dau. Anns, who m. 25 Jan. 1752, Charles Biiigge, 
Esq. of Cleve Hill, Mangotsfield, co. Gloucester, and was 
mother of a son, Chablbs Bbaqos, heir to his uncle. Mr. 
Batl^urst m. 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of Laurence Brodrlck; 
D.D., brother of Alan, Viscount Midleton, and had, with 
other issue, a son, Hxnrt, late bishop of Norwich. (Su 
BuRKK's Peerage). The eldest son, 

Thomas Bathctbst, Esq. of I^dney Paik, d. tmm., and 
was f . by his brother, 

PooLi Bathttbst, Esq. of Lydney Park, who also d. with- 
out issue, havhig bequeathed his estates to his nephew. 

The Biqht Hok. Charles Braggs, M.P., who assumed, 
by sign-manual, in 1804, the surname and arms of Bat- 
hurst. He was chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster in 
1812. He TO. 1 Aug. 1738, Charlotte, youngest dau. of 
Anthony Addington, M.D., father of Visoount Sidmouth, 
and dying 18 Aug. 1831, left surviving issue, 

Charles, now of Lydney Park. 

WilUam-Hiley, in holy orders, of Barwlctc-in-Elmet, York- 
shire, who m. Mary- Anne Rhodes, and has two sons, the 
elder named Charles ; and four daus. 

Charlotte. Anne. 

.^mw— Sa., two bars, erm. : in chief, three crosses-pat^ or. 
Crttt^X dexter arm in mail, embowed, holding a club with 
spikes, all ppr. 
AfoWo— Tien ta foy. 
SecU--Lydney Park, co. Gloucester. 


Batt, Robert, Esq. of Purdysbum, co. Down, and 
Ozier Hill, co. Wexford, h. in 1795; m. in 1841, 
Charlotte, dau. of Samuel Wood, Esq., and has issue, 

Bobert, b. in 1844 ; and four daus. 

Mr. Batt is a magistrate and deputy-lieut. for ca 

ILttt^flSt. — ^This family, originally from Cornwall, was 
founded in Ireland, by an officer in Cromwell's army, who 
acquired considerable property in the oo. of Wexford. His 

Thomas Batt, of Osier Hill, m. in 1718, Jane, dau. of 
Thomas Devereux, and was ». by his eldest son, 

Samuel Batt, Esq., father of Major Thomas Batt, who 
was killed in the American war, when the property 
devolved on his youngest brother, 

Robert Batt, Esq. of Osier HiU, co. Wexford, captain in 
the 18th regt, who to. in 1765, Hannah, dau. of Samuel 
Hyde, Esq., and d, in 1788, having had issue flv% sons, 
Naroisbus, his heir, lIHlliam, Samuel, Robert, and Thomas. 
The eldest son. 

Narcissus Batt, Esq. of Purdysbum, oo. Down, and 
Oder Hill, oo. Wexford, w. in 1798, Margaret, dau. of Tho- 
mas Greg, Esq., and hy her, who d. in 1848, had issue, 
Robert, now of Purdysbum ; Thomas ; Elisabeth ; and 
Moiy, TO. to Thomas Greg, Esq. Mr. BaU d. in 1840. 

^rTO»— Arg., on a cross, between fout bats, displayed, sa., 
three escallops, in pale. or. 

Crettr-A crescent, aig., charged with an escallop, gu. 

Jtfotto— Virtute et vaJfore. 

i8ea<*— Purdysbum, co. Down ; and Osier HUl, co. Wex- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Battek, JoHir, Esq. of Thorn Fauloon and Teovil, 
CO. Somerset^ J.P. and D.L., 6. in 1775 ; m. in March, 
1818, Sarah, youngest dau. of John Copeland, Esq. 
of Ivor, CO. Bucks, and Lingfield Lodge, co. Surrey, 
and by her (who d, in 1821) had issue, 

I. JoHK. b. in Feb. 1815, m. in May. 1841, Graoe-Elinor, 
only surriTing dau. of John White, Esq. of Upceme, 
00. Dorset, and Foiriee, Isle of Wight, and had issue, 
JoHK-MouMT, b. in April, 1843, and a dau. 

tL Edmund. 6. in Not. 1817, M.A., barristei^at-law, m. In 
Aug. 1848, Jemima, only dau. of The Ghisholm, of 
Erchlees Gsstle, oo. Inverness, by Elisabeth his wife, 
dau. of Macdonell of Olengsny, snd has issue, James- 
Forbes-Chisholm, b, 18 Jan. 1847, and Jemima-Emily. 

m. Herbert-Butler, 6. in July, 1819. 

I. Emily. 

i^iXltKQf, — ^This family has been seated for neariy six 
oenturiee in the ooimty of Somerset. 

Its origin appears to have been Flemish. In the reign of 
EnwARD I., the leading merchants of the wool staple, trading 
-with Flanders and of Flemish origin, were Ingeram do Be- 
isyn, William de Beteyn, and John Beteyn. 

Ingeram de Beteyn a^ held lands In Wendover, co. 
Bucks, where Andrew Batyn, probsbly his son, was M.P. 
for Wycombe hi 1307. 

William Beteyn was sheriff of London, 1280, and amember 
of the Goldsmiths' Company/ Richard Beteyn, goldsmith, 
probably his son, served as mayor of London in 1327, and 
twice T^resented the dty in parliament He bore a con- 
oonspicuouspartinthe dethronement of Edward II., and in 
sequence the city reorived extensive charters from Eoward 
III. on his accession. His arms were Tor many hundred 
yean in the Grey Friars' Church, Newgate, where he was 

Henry Batyn settled in Somersetshire, and was M.P. for 
Bath, 1297 ; from that time to the present his dcisoendants 
have ranalned in that county. 

For a period of 250 years, this fiMnUy occupied an im- 
portant stati<Hi at Bath, and in the adjoining counties, 
ihomas Batten was steward of the priory of Bath in 1684. 
After the dissolution of monasteries, the fiunily seem to 
have quitted Bath, cue brsnch to have settled in Wiltshire, 
of which was Sir Hekbt Batten, Knt., gentleman- 
pensioner to Jambb I., snd another to have gone to the 
more western parts of the county, of which were AxnaEW 
Baitkv, of EaJBton St. Oeoige, and John Battkn, of 
Michael Church, co. Somerset. 

ANniUEW Batten, of Easton, had a son. Sib Wiluam 
Batten, Knt., one of the most eminent naval commanders 
in the civfl wars ; he wss surveyor of the navy, 1638, vice- 
admiral of En^^d from 1642 to 1647, and particularly dis- 
tinguished himself at the sieges of Dartmouth, Lyme, and 
Portland Castle. He was appointed governor of Mount 
Batten, a fort which he built at Plymouth, and which is 
still existing. Though he served the parliament, he was 
sincerely attached to a constitutional monarchy, and averse 
to the designs of the army, to stop whose attempts upon the 
king's life, he revolted with the fleet to Prince Charles. On 
the Restoration, however, he was merely reinstated in his 
post of surveyor, snd became M.P. for Rochester, till his 
death, in 1667. His issue in the male line is extinct. 

John Batten, of Michael Church, is the immediate 
ancestor of the line before us. In 1597, hs is returned as 
having lands in Michael Church. From him sprang, in a 
direct line (with a dau., Grace, m. to John Fletcher), a 

Nathanisl-Butleb Batten, Esq., b. 1718 (son of Robert 
Batten, the friend of Sir Richard Steele, and the author 
of the letten in the Stteetator, vol. i., signed R B.), sold his 
estate At Pitminster, and ptutshased the manor and advow- 
son of Thorn Faulcon. He m. in 1788, Joanna, dau. and 
co-heiress of John Prigge, Esq., and had issue, John- 
Priooe, ^^o m. Miss Wallis, and had issue, with daus., an 
only son, the present John Batten, Esq. Mr. Butler 
BaUen vu 2ndly, Miss Adams, and had issue, 


Robert, m. Hannah, dan. of John Copeland. Esq. of Peck- 
ham, and Lingfield Lodge, co. Surrey, high-sheriff for 

that 00. in 1735, but d. t. p. 


Mr. Butler Batten d. in 1700 : his eldest son, by his first 
marriage, havhig succeeded to his mother's property, the 
estate of Thorn Faulcon came to his son, 

Katbanibl BATntN, Esq. of the Inner Temple and 
Thorn Faulcon ; he d. warn, in 1819, and was $. by his 

EoMUND Batten, Esq. of Thorn Faulcon and Teovil, a 
deputy-Ueutenant for Somersetshire, who m. Miss Chafifoy, 
of Stoke, and dying in 1836, «. p. (his widow survived until 
IBibX was f. by his nephew, John Batten, Esq. 

./Imw— Quarteriy:lstand4th, as., achevnm,erm., between 
three andxors, ppr. ; Snd and Srd, gu., a saltier, or, between 
four fleurs-de-lis of the 2nd, quartering Drake and Ashb. 

Crutf— The trunk of an oak tree, couped at the top. issuinif 
from towards the top two branches, all ppr. The family also 
use a sea-lion, erect, holding in his paws an anchor, all ppr. 

SeaU—Thom Faulcon. near Taunton ; and Hollands, near 
Yeovil, both oo. Somerset. 


Battersbt, Robert, Esq., M.D., of A.s1igrove and 
Lifllin, CO. Cavan, 6. 9 Oct 1805 ; m. 20 April, 1835, 
Susanna-Maria, daiL of the late Henry Woodward, 
Esq. of Dnimbarrow, co. Meath, by hifl wife, Sarah- 
CaUierine Wade, and has iseoe, 

I. Chablbs-Henbt, 6. 16 Jan. 1886. 

n. Bobert-WUliam, b. 26 Dec. 1840. 

III. Henry- Wade, 6. 26 Jan, 1843. 

IV. WilUam-Edwaid, 6. 84 Hay. 1847. 

I. Sarsh-Catherine. ii. Franoes-BsCher. 
m. Elisabeth-Mary. 

iLtntafff . — ^This family, which cams over to Ireland 
with Wiluam III., claims to derive from an andent house 
of the same name, formerly seated in the oo. of York, of 
which was Nicholas Battersby, of Harrabeare, in Cornwall, 
who entered his pedigree in the Herald's visitation of that 
ooimty, in 1620, grandson of Nicholas Battersby, of Battersby 
Hall, CO. York. 

Wiluam Battehsbt, Esq. of Clonabrsny, son of the first 
settler in IreUmd, was b. in 1676, m. Mary, dau. of Ambroae 
Sharman, Esq., and d. in 1762, having had issue^ 

William, of Smithstown, m. Miss Garoett; and d. a j». 

RoBEET, heir to his Csther. 

John, of Lakefield, b. in 1722 ; m. let, Elizabeth Shiel. of 
Monaghan, by whom he had one son ; and 2ndly, Sarsih 
Leslie, by whom he left at his decease, in 1803, seven 
sons and five daus. 

Thomas, cC vnm, 

Charles, m. Miss Hastings, and left at his decease, in 17M, 
a son, James, capt. 20th regt., who d. a p., and a dau., 
m. let, ~ Hanna, Esq., and 2ndly, W. Campbell, Esq. 

Elizabeth. Caroline. 

The 2nd but eldest surviving eon, 

RoBEBT Battersby, Esq. of Bobsville, b. in 1721, m. !n 
17G8, Marianne, dau. and co-heiress of Haynes Wade, Esq. 
of Lislin, oo. C^van, and had issue, 

L HATNES-WiknE. his heir. 

II. William, of Bobsville, b. 1767; Ueut.-coL. J.P., and 
dep.-gov. for Meath, for which oo. he served as high- 
sheriff in 1804. He m. in 1794, Anna-Maria, dau. of Lon^ 
of LoDgfield, CO. Tipperary : and d. in 1837, having had 
issue, 1 Robert, in holy orders, rector of Killesjrii, b. in 
1796 ; 2 Ridiard. in the armv, 6. in 1798 ; 8 WiUiam. in 
holy orders, 6. in 1800, m. m 1840, Maiy, dau. of Cot 
William CauUeild, of Beuown ; 4 Thomas, 6. in in 1804, 
A in 1837; 5 Henry, 6. 1806, d. in 1826; 6 Francis, b. 
1810. J.P.; 7 Charles, b. 1811; 8 John, 6. 1814, m. in 
1841, Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Thomas BLikeney, of 
Holywell, co. Kosoommon: she d. in 1842; 9 Hercules- 
Soame-Jenyns, 6. in 1820 ; 1 Marianne, d, in 1841 ; and 
2 Harriett 

III. Thomas, in the army, deceased. 

IV. Robert, 6. 1793 ; m. Penelope, dan. of John Battersby, 
Esq. of Lakefirid, and left at his decease, in 1824, sur- 
viving issue, RoBEBT, M.D. in the army, 6. 1802 ; Sarah ; 
Marianne: Penelope, m. to Robert Roberts, Esq. ; Elisa- 
beth ; and Catherine, m. to Thomas Oerrard, Esq. 

▼. Edward, m. Elizaoeth, dau. of Rev. Wm. Ryan, and 
has issue. Robert; Williun, in. Harriette Ormonde, dau. 
of Rev. J. Phelan ; and Jenyns, m. and has two dana.. 
Mary-Elizabeth and Vhginia. 
I. Francis, d. young. 

IL Mary. in. Abigail, m. to A. Morland, Esq. 

rv. Catherine, m. to Edward-J. Smith, Esq. of Chiswick. 
Mr. Battersby d, in 1785, and was <. by Us son, 

Hatkeb-Wade Battbbsbt, Esq., J. P., late of Bollard, co. 
Westmeath, b. in 1765, who m. in Oct. 1804, Judith, dau. of the 
Rev. Charles Woodward, D.B. of Drumbairow, by whom 
(who d. in 1847) he lea at his decease, in 1841, 
RobBbt, now of Lialin snd Ashgrove. 
Charles, d. unm. 1833. 

Esther, m. in 1832, to Hugh GauDsghar, Esq. ; and d. in 
1840, leaving one dau. 

Jigitized by 



Arm»-Or, a Mdtiar, paly of twelve, enn. and go. ; a cree- 
Crat—A ram, passant, armed and unguled, gold. 
JM»— Ante iMmorem homiUtas. 
fiBOt— lishn, CO. Gavao. 

BiTTBBSBT, Gborob, Eaq. of Lough Bane, oo. 
WcrtmeaUi, Q.C., LL.D., b. 8 Sept. 1802; m. 10 Dec 
1830, Charlotte^Sarah, dau. of the Right Hon. John 
Biddii!; LL.D., late judge of the Prerogative Court 
b Inbnd, and has issue, 
L Tbokab^bobok, b. 9 Oct 1881 
o John-RaddUi; b. 80 Sept 1880. 

L Betanaa-Catberine, m, 10 Jan. 1852, John-CoUey 
Foondan, Esq. of BallywaHar, co. Wexford, and has 
tana, Chariotte^ EUaabeth, and AUoe-Betauna. 

linrSSt. — John Battkbsbt, Esq. of Lakefleld» oo. 
Hmth, J.P.» Snd son of William Battaraby, Esq. of Smiths- 
town Houaa^ by ILuy bis wifis, dau. of Ambrose Sharman, 
I^.. 6. in 1733, m. Ist Elisabeth Shiel, of Ifonsghan. and 
by her had an only child, Wiluam, of Freflkns, co. Meath, 
k U Not. 1704, who m. FraaoMrdau. of Nathaniel Preston, 
Eiq. of SwBinstown, and by her had two sons and two 
dsoa, Tis. : Ftands, d. wnm ; Arthur, m. EUsa, dau. of 
l^lor Dflloo, and d, leaving a son, William, and a dau. ; 
Ibbi, si. to Lambert Disney, Esq. ; and Fiunoes, m. to 
ChiflL - John Batteraby, Eaq. John Battersby m. 2ndly, 7 
flept 176. Sanh, dau. of the Bev. Heniy Leslie, of Nut- 
ieU, CO. Fermaoae^ and by her had issue, 
ImuK, Sn holy orders, of Skreene, co. SHgo, b. 20 July, 
1760. m. 5 July, 1790, Anna-Maria, dau. of Patrick 
Pdmer, Eaq.* barrister-at-law, and d. leaving issue, John, 
Bent R.N,, settled at Hamilton. Upper Canada; Leriie; 
Jos^i. d. a. p. ; Edwin, of publin ; George, of Dublin, 
and wiUiam, settled at Hamilton, Upper Canada. 
Tboha^ of whom bereafler. 

TnasiB, fieut-cot, C.B.. of listoke House, Drogheda. b. 
l»8cpt 1796; ssrred under the Duke of York in Bol- 
luid, sabaeouently at Alexandria. Copenhagen, and the 
c^ture of tke West India Islands, as ms^or in the 8th 
foot He commanded the Olengarrv light infantiy at the 
battle of Niagara, and throughout the last American war, 
and at its tenniuation w.i8 i^esented with an address of 
thanks and a sword of great value, by the houses of legis- 
htore of CanAda^ for his services. He m. Elisa, 2nd dau. 
sf Oeoigo Bothetiiam, Esq. of Crossdrum. co. Mooth, and 
kid fame a son, John Provost, lieut 80th Royal rifles, b. 
la 1826, and a dau., Frances, m. in Jun& 1818, to Mathew 
Goates, Esq. of Newtown Prospect, co. Heath. 
J<Ab, b. 28 June, 1781, a J. P. for Meath, raised and com- 
manded the Athboy uxd ClonmuUon Teomaniy during the 
nbeOion of 1796. He m. Frances, dau. of Robert Wade, 
Isq. of donalnrany. oo. Meath, and d, in 1839, leaving 
Imm^ John, in holy orderaof Drumelton, co. Westmeath ; 
Bobert of I^ikeficHd ; and Thomas. 

Alazsnder, b. 10 Aug. 178S, m. 10 Juhr, 1807, Eliza, dau. of 
Jamea Cooae, Eaq- <^ Lara, co. and Kildore, d. leaving an 
child, John, of If utown. oo. Westmeath. 
Benry-Bobcrt, postHSipt RN., m. 10 May, ISIO. Miss 
Chapman, dan. of WiUiam Chiqnnan, Esq., and niece of 
fir Vhnm'as Gbapman, of Klllua Cartle, co. Westmrath, 
B«t, d.i. p. 

Qaoifs, b. 20 April, 1788, cspt 28rd light dragoons, and 
aide-de-camp to General Howard during the war in Spain. 
Be wss severely wounded at Toulouse, and fell returning 
ttam the last onjuve of the cavalry at Waterloo. There 
hssbesn a q»landu monument erected to his memory in 
tlM church of Waterloo, by "a mooming friend," whose 
Bsmelsunlmowntohisfiftmily. Cspt Battersby d. imm. 
1ka2Bd son, 

Tmmas Battbbsbt, Esq. b. 23 Oct, 1707, m. 10 Oct. 1799, 
EKfarstrOatfaaxina, eldest dan. of George Aotherfaam, Eaq. 
of Oossdram, eo. Meath, and d. 20 Feb. 1889, leaving fbur- 

OaoMB^ now of Lough Bane. 

IVanss, now of Newcastle^ co. Meath, J. P., b. 10 Oct 

Itas, wk. 17 May, 1837, Henrietta-Maiy-Anne^ dan. of 

JohaBottoo, Esq. of Bath. 
Idwaid, ttaat ILJf., b. 8 May, 1805, d. on board H.M.S. 

''Bstsmta," at Barbadoes, 4 Oct 1839, ann. 
Hfluy. 6.4 AprO, 1806, ». Frances, dau. of T. Buthsrfoord, 

■ai. of 8t Doolagfa's, oo. Dublin. 
Pnoeis, M.D. Frederiek-WiDiam. 


Wmfaoa-Alssaader, eehoburof Triniiy CoU., DobUn. 
Oatterina, m. 16 Nor. 1880^ to WiUiam-Smith Harman, 

Baq. of Crossdmm 
BarJi. m. 29 Jan. 1841, to the Bev. Hugh-Heniy O'Neill, 

cfMoatsrCVniai^t> oo. Cavon. 



Arm$t Orestt and Motto, as Battbrsbt o/LiHin. 
iS^o^— Lough Bane^ Collinstown, Westmeath. 


B.\TTY, EspiNE, Esq., late of Ballyhealy, co. Weai* 
meath, 8. his brother in 1847 ; m. let, in 1832, Jan<^ 
dau. of Michael Harris, Esq. of Dublin, by whom he 
has a dau., Jame ; and 2ncUy, in 1835, Belissa, dao. 
of John Smyly, Esq., Q.C. 

iLitltHffe. — ^This fkmily, which came originally fW>m 
England, has been seated at Ballyhealy, since about 1090, 
when Charles Batty, Esq., was the head of the famUy. Hia 
son, Chablbl Battt, Esq. of Ballyhealy, m. Maigaret 
Espine. of the co. of Wicklow, and d. in 1737, leaving two 
sons, the Bev. John Batty, rootor of TimoUn, oo. Kildare, 
who d. f. p., and 

Espuri Battt, Esq., who «. in 1763, Alicia WhitUng- 
ham, by whom he had two sons, Philip, his heir, and 
John-Espine, who m. Letitia, dau. of — Bolt<m, Esq. of 
Brazil, oo. Dublin, and had two sons, John, d. s. p., and 
Arthur-Henry; and six daus., Elisa; Letitia, deceased; 
Louisa; Annette; Caroline; and Florenoe. The eldest son, 
Phiup Battt, Esq. of Ballyhealy, m. twice, 1st in 1780, 
Catherine, dau. of Oaynor Barry, Esq. of the co. of DubUn, 
and 2ndly, in 1811, Louisa , dau. of John Nugent Esq. of 
Clonlost 00. Westmeath, but had issue by his first wife 
only, several children, vis., 
BoBEBT-FrrzHEBBEBT, his heir, who d. wm. in 1886. 
Qaynor-Barry, d. wnm, 

FiTZHBRBBBT, sucoossor to hls fhthor, d. vma. in 1847. 
EsPiiTB. now representative of the family. 
Michael- William, who d. unm, in 1822. 
Edward, in holy orders, vicar of Duleck, co. Meath, to 
whom the estate of Ballyhealy was transferred in 1863^ 
he St. 1st Marv-Anne. widow of Capt Caulfelld, and by 
bar had two daus., Louisa, m. to Nicholas Evans, Esq., 
and Emily, who d. unm ; he m. 2ndly, Catherine Kincaid, 
by whom he has a son, Pmup, and two daus., via., 
Anni^Maria and Frances. 
Catherine- Hannah . 

FamUy Seat— Ballyhealy, Castletown Delvin, Ireland. 


Bayly, Edward-Symbs, Esq. of Ballyarthur, co. 
Wicklow, J.P. and D.L., formerly capt d4th regt, 
high-eheriflf in 1837, 6. 9 April, 1807 ; m. 20 June^ 
1835, Catherine, yoimgest dau. of the Right Hon. 
Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, by Maria his 
wife, yoimgest dau. of the Rt Hon. David Latouche, 
of Mariay, co. Dublin, and has issue, 

I. HsmtY-NiOBOLAS, b. 2 Oct 1843. 

IL Edward-Richard, 6. in June, li^. 

m. Maurioe-Spriug-Rioe, b. in 1850. 

L Maria-Elizabeth-Frances-Gertrude, d. 20 Ainil, 1863. 

n. Gertrude-Caroline. 

m. Seliua-Emily. 

rv. Julia-Catherine, d. 20 March, 1854. 

ILitlf Age. — ^The Bailies or Baylys derived their name 
and origin fh>m their ancestors having sndently been 
baUilft of the districts of Carriok, Kyle, and Cunningham, 
in Scotland. The Baiubs of Lamington, co. Lanark, became 
seated there by marriage with the only dan. ai^d heiress of 
the Scottish patriot. Sir WilOam Wallace, of Tftmington. 
From this alliance descended 

Lambabt Baylt, Esq., barristeiHttlaw, third son of Sir 
Edward Bayly, Bart, of Plasnewyd, oo. Anglesey, by 
Dorothy his wife, dau. of the Hon. Oliver Lambart ; and 
younger brother of Sir Nicholas Bayly, Bart, fiather of 
Henry, 1st Earl of Uxbridge; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jbhn 
Botton, Esq., and had two sons : the younger, John, dean 
of RiUaloe, m. Mary, dau. of William Wall, Esq. of Cool- 
namuck, oo. Waterford, and d. in July, 1831, having had 
issue, Paget, capt in the 7th hussars; and a dau., Letitia. 
The elder son, 

Thb Bbv. EnwABD Bayly, rector of KUlurln, oo. Wex- 
ford, 6. in 1743, m. Ist hi 1778, EUzabeth, dau. of Richard 
Symes, Esq. of Ballyarthur, co. Wicklow, by Eleanor his 
wife, dau. of Loftus Clifie, Esq. of Ross, and had issue aa 
only son, IIbwbt-Lambabt, of whom hereafter. He m. 
2ndly, in 1783, Mildred, dau. of Joshua Davis, Esq., bairic- 
ter-at-law, by whom ho had issue^ 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


B E A 

Edward, in holy orders, rector of Hoartown, oo. Wexford : 

m. ii4 Jan. 18*27, Ellen, dau. of Bov. Joseph Miller, and 

has several children. 
Anna-Lucinda, m. to Bartholomew Warburton, Esq. of 

Birrview. King's Co. 

Elizabeth-Jane, m. to Col. Skerritt, of the 55th regiment. 
TheBev. Mr. Bayly cL in Deo. 1825. His only son by his 
first marriage, 

Ths Rev. Hknbt-Lambabt Batlt, of Ballyarthnr, co. 
Wicklow, heir to his maternal unole, the Rev. James Symes, 
of BaUyiuihur, co. Wicklow, m. 29 Aug. 1802, Belina, eldest 
dan. of Sir Charles Leviuge^ Bart, and dying 25 July, 1827, 
left issue, 
EDWABD-STMCfl^ present representative. 
Henry-Lambert, 6. 9 Dec. 1808; for many years in the 

E.I. Co. 's servioe; m. Margaret, dau. ot the Kev. Thomas 

Charles-James, in holy orders; 6. 9 Sept. 1811; rector of 

CoUinstown, co. Westmeath. 
Richaxd-WUliam, b. 11 Nov. 1817. 
Geoige- Augustus. 5. 26 May, 1819; m. 1851, Elizabeth, 

dau. of Sir Nicholas Colthurst, Bart. 
Elizabeth-Frances, »». 24 Nov. 1830, to the Rev. William 

Aylmer. 8rd son of the late Sir Felton Aylmer, Bart 
Anna-SeUna, m. 1830, to Capt. William Congreve, of the 

8rd light dragoons, eldest son of Richard Congreve, Esq. 

of Burton, co. Chester. 

Caioline-Sarah. Elizabeth-Maiy. 

.^mtr— Az., nine estoiles, arg. 
Creit— A boar's head, enued, ppr. 
If otto— Quid daiius astxis. 
Ant— BflOlyarthur, Blessington, oo. ^Hcklow. 


Batlt, John, Esq. of Debeborough, oo. Tipperary, 
J.P. and D.L., 6. 8 Sept 1805 ; w. 1st, 13 May, 1829, 
Catherine, youngest daa of Thomas Yates, Esq. oi 
Barry, oo. Lancaster, first-oousin of the late Sir 
Robert Peel, Bart, and by her (who d 22 Sept 
1833) he has one son, 

JOHV, b. SO Nov. 1831. 
He m. 2ndly, 17 Oct 1839, Gertrude-Catherine, 3rd 
dau. of the late William-Henry Armstrong, Esq. oi 
Mount Heaton, King's County, by his wile, the only 
dau. of the late Col Charles M'Donell, of New Hall, 
M.P. for the co. of Clare, and has by her a son, 

Laaoelot-Peter, 6. Feb. 1842. 

ILCtlf 800. — This influential &mily has long maintained 
a leading position in the co. o« Tipperary. 

John Baylt, Esq. of Debsborough, b. 17 June, 1691, m. 
7 July, 1720, Deborah, dau. and co-heir of Benjamin O'Neale, 
arohdMCon of Leighlin, by Hannah his wife, dau. of Sir 
Joshua Paul, Bart, and by her, who m. 2ndly, in 1736, 
Henry Frittie, Esq. of Dunalley Castle, M.P., had issue, 
Jomr; Benjamin (whose only son, Benjamin-Olleale, m. 
Letitia Archer, and had issue); OITeale; Henry; Paul; 
Hannah; Constantia; and Elizabeth. The eldest son, John 
Batlt, Esq. of I>ebBborough, 6. 4 Dec. 1724, m. Bridget, 
dan. of Robert Holmes, Esq. of Johnstown, co. Tipperaiy, 
and had issue, John; Henry; Bei\}amin; Peter; William; 
Deborah; Liioinda; and Bridget, wife of Charles M'Donell, 
of New Hall, M.P. for the co. of Clare. The eldest son, 

JoHV Batlt, Esq. of Debsborough, 6. in 1755, m. in 1776, 
Catherine, eldest dau. and oo-hoir of Lancelot Crofbie, Esq. 
of Tubbrid, co. Kerry, and by her, who inherited the estates 
of her uncle, John Gustarus Crosbie, Esq., M.P., was 

John Batlt, Esq. of Debsborough, b. 15 Deo. 1777, who 
M. 1 May, 1800, Maiy-EliBabeth-Helena, only child and heir 
of Richard Uniacke, Esq. of Mount Uniacke, oc. Cork, and 
had issue, 
John, now of Debsborough. 

Bichard-Uniacke, of Ballynaclofl^ co. Tipperary, J.P. ; b. 
I Nov. 1806 ; w. 7 Feb. 1837, Harriet only dau. of the 
Very Rev. John Head, dean of Killaloe, by Susanna his 
wife, dau. of Edward Darby, Esq , of Lew Castle, King's 
Co., and has issue, Richaiu>-Uniackb, 6. 15 Dec 1838; 
and John-Pnttie, 6. 4 July. 1842. 

Lanoelot-Peter. 6. 27 Sept 1807 ; to. 12 Oct 1841, Lydla- 
Catherine, only dau. of the Very Rev. Gilbert Hobnes, 
dean of Ardfert, by Lydia- Waller his wife, youngest dau. 
of the late Francis Saunderson, Esq. of Castle Saunder- 
son, 00. Cavan, and has issue, Lancelot*Gilbert-Alezan- 
der, b. 27 Aug. 1842. 

&CK— Debsborough, co. TipptMrary. 


Beach, William, Esq. of Oakley Hall, oo. Hants, 
and Weevil House, co. Wilts, J.P. and D.L, 6. 
24 July, 1783 ; m. 1 Feb. 1826,- Jane-Henrietta, dau. 
of John Browne, Esq. of Salperton, ca Qlouoester, 
and by ber (who d 11 Aug. 1831) has is^e, 

I. WiLLLAM-WlTHXBrBBAMBlON, 6. 25 DSO. 1829. 

I. Mary-Jane. n. Henrietta-Maria. , 

Mr. Beach (who is nephew of the late Sir WiUiam 
Hicks, Bart, uncle to Sir Michael-Hicks Hicks-Beach* 
the present baronet, and 2nd son of the late Michael 
Hicks, Esq. of Beverstone Castle, who assumed the 
additionskl surname of Beach, upon his marriage 
with HenriettarMaria, only dau. of William Beach, 
Esq. of Netheravon) dropped, by sign- m anu al, in 
1838, the name HiOKS, retaining that of Beach 

.^rm*— Vair^ aig. and gu., on a canton, az.. a pile, or. 
Crett—A demi-lion, rampant couped, or, holding in the 
paws an escocheon, as., chaiged with a pile, or. 
fi0cU»-Oakley Hall, Hants ; and KeeTfl Houses Wilts. 


Beadle, John, Esq. of South Ella, Esst Biding 
CO. York, &. 17 Dec. 1786 ; a magistrate ior Kingston- 
upon-Hull, and chairman of the Hull Dock Company 
from 1840 to 1847. 

Arm^-ea , a chevron, between three escallops, azg , all 
within a bordure, enfraOed, of the last 
Cratr^K stag's tiead, erased, ppr , duoBtUy goiged, or. 
lSM^-8outh Ella, East Biding ot Yorkshire. 

BEADON of gotten HOUSE. 

Bbadon, William, Esq. oi Gotton House, ci\ 
Somerset, J.P., m. in 1802, Martha-Anna, only child 
of John Hammet, Esq., lieut R.N., by Elizabeth his 
wile, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Musgntve, Esq., of 
Gotten House, and has issue, 
X. William, of Otterhead, oo. Devon, b. 10th Nor. 1803, 
m. 1 June, 1827, Anne, eldest dau. of William Olivei*, 
Esq. of Hope Comer, oo. Somerset by Anne Ruddock 
his wife, and has issue, 
1 William-Hammet barrister-at-law, b. 18 May, 1880; 
m. 14 Sept. 1852, Fanny-Adele-Lambart dau. of the 
late John-Clayton Cowell, Esq., Ist Royals, by Frsn- 
ces-Anne-Hester his wife, granddau. of Richard, 
Earl ol Cavan. 
S Edward-Husgrave, 6. 9 Deo. 1833, 85th regt 
8 RobertJohn, b. 11 April, 1844. 
1 Anue-OUver. m. 28 Dec 1868, to Woodforde Ffooks, 

8 Martha-Anna. 8 Maiy-MusgraTO. 

4 Emily-Ruddodc 
n. John Hammet capt 1st Somerset mUiUa, m. in Sept 
1845, Emma-Harriet, only dau. of James Whiting. 
Esq. of The OroTO, Carshalton, Surrey, and has Issue, 
Emma- Alice, 
m. Oeoige, oomm. R.N., m. 17 Oct. 1833, Sarah, youngest 
dau. of William Oliver. Esq. of Hope Comer (sister of 
his brother William's wife), and has issue two sons 
two daus., 
1 George-Robert 
1 Oeoxgiana. 

8 Oliver-Armitago. 
8 AnnabeUa. 


ILitltaS^.— The fiftxnily of Boadon, variously written 
Boaudin, Beaudyn, or Beadj^n, was of considerable im- 
portance at a very early period, and enjoyed extensivo 
property in Devonshire; in particular the manor of Egge 
Buckland, and Compton, in the himdred of Roborough. 
This estate was held by them until oonveved in marriage 
to Roger Whitleigh, of Efford, by Margaret dau. and 
heir of Sir Robert de Beadyn, once high-sheriff of Devon, 
femp. Edward I., and twice during the reign of Edwajkd II. 

RoBKRT BsADOK, living at Piukworthy, about 1645, m. 
Agnes Spurway, of the ancient family of Spubwat of 
Spurvay, (a pedigree of which may be found in the Vtsi- 
UUUmt <^ Devon), and by her had (besides a dau., who m. 
Plnoombe oi Oakiord, co. Devon) five sons, of whom the 

RiCHABD Bbadon, Esq., m. Joan, dau. and oo-heir of 
John Badiord, Esq. of Oakford, (derived, thxoogh the 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B E A 


e of John Bedford, Eeq. of Oakford, living In 16S0, 
frith Dorothy, dan. of John Beare, Esq. of Baare, fh>m 
Sieliinl Radford, JSaq. of Oakford, with whom the entiy 
bi tb0 ruUatiom itf Jkmm commenoes). By this lady Mr. 
Beadon had iSBUe, The eldest son. 

r BBAixnr. Esq^ m. in Hay, 17S8, Maiy, dan. of 
d» Ber. Dr. F. Squire, and niece of Dr. Samuel Squire, 
babop of St David's,* and had issue, 

L Edwards, in holy orders, rector of North Stoneham, 
Bants, and domestio chaplain to Lord Bute ; m. Mary, 
dm. of Sir WlUiam Watson, M.D.. and had issue, 

1 John- Watson, in holy orders, rector of Christian Mnl- 
ford, wots : ta. Juliana, sister of Joseph-Davio Bassett, 
l^q. of Umberleigh and Watermouth, co. Devon. 

S WuUam, drowned acoidentally at Cambridge. 

t Tredniek, in holy orders, rector of North Stoneham, 
Hants; m. Mary-Ajwe, eldest dau. of the Rev. Henry 
Wilder, LL.D. of Puriev Hall, Berks, and had issue 
a son, Richard, d. an imant, and two daus., of whom, 
Anne at. the Rev. Mr. Heathcote, son of Sir John 
Heathoote, Bart 

1 Maiy-Anne^ m. to the Rev. Bdward Bernard, only son 
of Dr. Bernard, provost of Eton. 

S Chsriotte, m. to Geoige Norman, Esq. of Bromley, 
Kent higfa-sheriflTfor that county. 

t Harriet m. to J. WUder, Esq. of Puri^ Hall, Berks. 

n. OaoaoK. of whom present]^. 

m. Richard, D.D.. Bisnop of CHouoester, and subsequently 
of Bath and Wells; m. Rachel, dau. and co-heir of the 
Bsv. John Oooch. prebendary of B^, son of Sir Thomas 
Qooch, Bart, Bishopof Ely ; and d. in April, 1824, leaving 

fiSehsrd. m, U May, 1806, Annabella, dan. of the late 
Sir WQUam-P.-Aahe A'Court Bart, M.P., and sister of 
Lord H^yteabuxy , and has issuer 

WiaSam- Frederick, barrister -at -law, of the Inner 

Tami^ ; m. Jeaste. dan. of General Cockbum. 
Bidiard- A'Court in holyorders, vicar of Cheddar, 

vicar and prebendary of wlveliscombe, oo. Somerset ; 

«!. Isabella, dan. of Dr. White, D.D., and has issue 

two dans. 
^rde-Wyndham. in hc^y orders, vicar of Latton, 

Wilt% and of Haselling, 00. Somerset; m. Frances, 

dan. of lieut-Oen. Sir William Ponsonby, K.B.. and 

has a dan., Mary. 
Oedl, El I. Co. 's efvil oervioe; m. Harriet, dau. of 

M^)or Ralph Sneyd, and has issue four sons. 
Arniahellii, ta. Henry Bruoe^ Esq., and has issue. 

IV. Robert d.vMSt., having perished on board the "Prince 
Geocge** packet which was burnt in Plymouth Soimd. 

L Saiah. at. Richard Buller, Esq., and had issue. 

n. Mary, m. Oeone Turner, Esq., and has issue, Qeoxge, 
sad oUmt adldren. 

m. Soasnna, m. to John Otway, Eaa. 

ir. Agnes^ m, John Blake^ Esq., and has Issuew 

As seeond son, 

Onaoa B&uxnr, Esq. of Oakford, b. in 17S3, la. Re- 
beeea, eUeat dan. of Wniiam Ldgh, Beq^ of Bardon, co. 
, grandson of Robert Ldgh, Esq. of Bardon, by 
i his wifo, dan. of John CoUard, Esq. of Spaxton, 
•id ttth in descent fh>m Robert Leij^ Esq. of Ridge, 
vbe, vsBftoving trvm Devonshire, settled at Bardon in 1596. 
Br tUB lady Mr. Beadon had istoe, 

1. Bbbert of Tamtton and Corfe, oo. Somerset, m. Hannah, 
dML of Hugh P^itten, Esq. ; andd hi Aug. 1846, aged 83, 
kavfaig bad isnuoi 


S Edwards, «. Anne^ reUet of the late Rev. Riohard-F. 
FoDett oonaiii of the late Sir William FoUett, attorn^- 

I BfehantJohn, in hohr orderareetor of Sherwell, co. 

Devon, wk. in 1848, Charlotte-Elisabeth, eldest dau. of 

the late Bb> Arthur Chichester, Bart 
1 Mary. S Chariotte^ d. imm, 

t Hnainnfl, d. wtm. 

Charlotte^ dan. of the Rev. Jeremiah Griffiths, 

D. OeomLm. 

inho]yorder% reetorof Axbridge, co. Somerset. 
8 Frances. 

BL WnxiAX, of Gotten House. 

X. P i^ fp ca , d. MMm. 

B. Maiy.Ann^ m. to Robert FrankUn, Esq.; and d. 


tUs marriage the Beadons have become related 
m of WhaDey. Rogers* and Twyf ord, the last of 
«»ea is now represented by the Rev. T.-R. Joliflto^ of Am- 
Mdown Park, oo. Somerset only surriving son of the late 
Tfc'MMsHsmnel JolifB^ Esq^ M.F., by Mary-Anne his wiie, 
heiress of the Rev. Bdbert Twyford, of Kilmersdon, 
Sqnirs bis wife. 


Bbalb, Thomas, Esq. of The Heath 'Room, ^ou 
Salop, m. 18 May, 1815, Constance-lMkbella, dau. of 
the late Richard Salwey, Esq. of The Moor Park, co. 
Salop, and has issue. 

%intKflt» — ^BABTHOLonw BsALS, Esq. of Oray's Inn, 
derk of the signet, and lord of the manor of Walton. Bucks, 
purchased that estate fh>m the family of Longuevillo, and 
d, in 1060, aged 77, leaving four sons; Henry; Theodoi-e, 
rector of Walton ; Baktholomew ; and Charles, (father, by 
Mary Cradock, his wife, who d. in 1697, aged 65, of two 
sons, Charles, 6. in 1660, and Bartholomew, D.D.). The 
third son, 

BabthOlomxw Bbalb, Esq. auditor of imprests in the 
Exchequer, purchased the manor of Hopton Castle, oo. 
Salop, and <2. at his house in Hatton Garden, London, 
8 May, 1674, leaving, by his wife, a dau. of CoL Hunt, a 

Babtholoicbw Bbalb, Esq. of The Heath House, oo. 
Salop, who m. Elizabeth^ dau. Sir Walter Tonge, Bart of 
Culleton, 00. Devon, and had a son and successor, 

Thomas Bsalb, Esq. of The Heath House, father of 

Thomas Bealb, Esq. of The Heath House, who m. and 
had issue. His eldest dau., Mary, m. in 1806, the Rev« 
John-Bright Bright, and his eldest son is the present Thomas 
BiALC, Esq. of The Heath House. 

Arm$—Q^, on a ohevron, or, between three griffins' heads^ 
erased, arg , as many estoiles, gu. 

CrettF—A. unioom's head, erased, aig., charged on the nedc 
with tliree estoiles, gu. 

/Seat— The Heath House, Shropshire. 


Bbamibh-Bsbnabd^ Abthur, Esq. of Palace Anne^ 
oo. Cork, the present head of the Beamish fiunily. 
(For his birth, maternal descent^ Ace, see Bebnaro 
of PcUaee Anne.) 

Srtnexjie.— The fjamlly of Beamish has been settled in 
the 00. Cork for nearly three oentui-ies. Catherine, widow of 
the first of the name of whom we find mention, d. in 1648 
(will proved in Cork same yearX having had issue, 
Thomas Beamish, patentee under act of settlement of the 
lands of Allaghmore Jointly with his stepson-in-law John 
Franks: will dated 1681; proved in Cork: he had issue 
(with two daus.X a son, Daniel, m. in 1688. Elizabeth 
Williams, of Kilbroffun, but is supposed to have died a p. 
Richard Beamish, iomt patentee with his brotlier Franou^ 
of the lands of Kumalooda and Maulbradk; he had issue 
(with one dau.) a son, Richard, d. f. p. 
John Bkamthh, of whom hereafter. 
Francis Beamish, Joint patentee with his brother Richard, 
of the lands of SLilmalooda and Maulbrack, ancestor of 
the present Thomas Beamish, of KHmalooda House^ Esq. 
(8u Bsamish of KUmalooda). 
Catherine^ m. William Wright, Esq. 
TheSrd son, 

John Bbamxsh of West Gully, ta. EUsabeth, sister of 
Isaac Fhilpot, Esq. and d. 1669, when he was «. by his 
eldest son (he had besides three younger sons and five 

Thomas BBAMiSH,of West Gully, who was father of Thomas 
Bbamish, of Rsheroon, who, by Elisabeth his wife^ had a son 
and successor, 

Thomas Bbamish, of Raheroon, who fn. in 1738, Jane^ 
dau. of Richard Beamish, of Garranlowghane, Esq., hy 
whom he had issue (with three dans.), an only son, 

RiOHABD Beamish, of Raheroon, who m. Elisabeth, eldest 
dau. of Arthur Bernard, Esq. of Palace Anne, oo. Cork, and 
was fftther of the present AiTHum-BBAMiSH Bebhabd, of 
Palace Anne and Raheroon, (for his other issue, see Bsamish- 
BcBHABD o/Palaee Anne.) 

ArtM—BKAMsaa: 1st and 4th, ai^., a Hon. rampant, gu.; 
Snd, or, a chevron, between three fleurs-de-lis, gu. ; 8xd, or, 
a fease, gu., between six laurel leaves^ vert. 

OreM — ^A demi-Uon, rampant, gu. 

JfdXto— Virtus insignit SAidentea. 


Bbamish, Thomas, of Kilmalooda House^ oo. Co 
Esq., justice of the peace for oo. CoriL 

fLtnta^t* — Francis Bsamish («m preetding artieU\ 
Joint patentee of the lands of Kilmalooda and Maulbrsok, 
and next brothor to John, of West Gully, ancestor oC 

B E A 

B E A 

Arthar-Baainlah Boraard, of Palnoe Anne, m. Catlterina, 
dan. of Fmncis Bernai-d, of Caatie Bemai-d, Esq. (ancestor 
of the Earls of Bandon), and hod iisue (with three daus.), 

I. Francis. «. his father. 

II. John, of Keolworrough, m. in 1698, Jane Wood, of 
Kenneigh, and had ia<«ue, 

1 Francis, «. his cousin at Kilmalooda. 

2 John, of lia^^bba. m. in 1786, Mary Good, of Kihneen, 
and was father of Richard Beamish, of Cork, merchant. 

8 Richard, m. in 1780, Maiir<u:et Coveuey. and had issue. 
John, of Cashelmore. who had a son. John Beamish, of 
Cashelmore and Hare Hill, co. Cork, who m. 1st. a 
dau. of — Howe, of Qlounavorrane, E^q., and 2ndly. 
a dau. of — Hewitt, of Cork, Esa., and has issae. 
George, of Clogheen, m. in 1789, Catherine, dau. of 
Heniy Baldwin, of Old Court, Esq., by Catherine his 
wife^ dao. of Jonas Morris* of Dunkettle, Esq., and 
bad issue (with five daus.}. Rev. Thomas, of Reen- 
garrigeen, la. Eliza, dau. of Boyle Trovers, of Bally- 
macowen. Esq. ; Richard, J. P., co. Cork, m. Susan, 
daxu of Richford Huugerford, of Cappen, Esq., and 
has issue; Oeoige, M.D., m. Sophia, dau. of Samuel 
Oipen, Esq. ; Henry-Baldwin, of Dimmore, J. P., oo 
Cork, m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Harmion, Esq. : and 
John, of Maulbrack. 

4 Thomas^ m. 1726-7, Jane Kingston, of Rathclarin, but 
d. i. p, 

6 William. 

III. Richard, of Garranloughane. ancestor of the present 
Brnjamin-Swatnr Bkakish. of Mount Beamish, Esq. 
(See Bkamish o/MotaU Bea^nish). 

IV. Thomas. 

Mr. Beamish of Kilmalooda d. 1679 (will, in which he leaves 
llaiilbnck to his son John, dated and proved in Cork 
«me yearX and was $. by his eldest son, 

Fravois Bbamish, of Kilmalooda, who m. in 1677-8, 
Aone, dau. of John Freke, Esq. (ancestor of the Lords Oar- 
beryX by whom he had a sou, Francis, f. his father, and 
a dsu. Anne, m. Freke Smyth, Esq. Mr. Beamish of Kil- 
Bialooda was $. on his decease (will dated 25 Jan. 1681, 
and proved in CorkX by his only son, 

Franoib Bbamish, of Kilmalooda, who m. in 1726, Elizv 
betb, dau. of Jervoiii, of Brade, Esq., and widow of Percy 
Chnyth, of Headborougfa, Esq. but d. «. p. Will dated 
1750, and proved in Cork. He was $. by his cousin, 

Francis Bsamish, of Kilmalooda (eldest son of John 
Beamish, of Keelworrough), who m. in 1727, Mary Warren, 
of Kilmkhael, and had issue (with three daus.), an only 


Francis Bbamish, of Kilmalooda, who m. in 1758, Eliza- 
beUi, dau. of John Sealy, of Richmount, Esq., and had 
issue ; i. Francis, $. his father ; ii. Sampson, $. his nephew, 
Townsend Boamish ; and iii. John of KiUinea and Bandon, 
V.D., who la. a dau. of — Teulon, Esq., and had, with 
other issue, two sons, Francis, of Killinear and Bandon, 
barri8ter<at-law, Charles, mivjor 35th regiment ; i. Eleanor, 
m. in 1784, William Austin, Esq ; il Elizabeth, m. Richard 
Qillman, of Ourteen and Baudon, Esq. ; iii. A dau., m. 
Boyle Travers, of Ballymacowen, Esq. The eldest son, 

Francis Bbamish, of KUmalooda, m. Mary, dau. of 
Francis Townsend, of Clogheon, Esq., and had (with three 
dans.) an only son, 

Townsbnd BBAMnH, Esq. who m. Mary, dau. of Walter 
Atkins, Esq., and had two sons, Frands snd John, who 
both predeceased him, $. p. Mr. Townsend Beamish dying 
without ioMUb was «. in the Kilmalooda estates by his 

Sampson Bbamish, of Kilmalooda, who m. in. 1800, Oathe- 
rine, dau. of the Rev. Thomas-Waller Bvans (nephew of 
QeoigiB, 1st Lord Garbeiy) and had iasna, 
Thomas, now of Kilmalooda. 

Sampson, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Andrew Poole, of KUrush, 
Esq., and has issue, Thomas; Andrew-Poole: lydia- 
Maria, and snother dau. 
Elizabeth, fa. Franda Bennett, of Clognakilty, Esq. 

Mr. Beamish of Kilmalooda was $. on his decease by his 
oldest son, Thomas Bbamish, Esq., now of Kilmalooda 
House, 00. Cork. 

Armi, Ore$t, and Jfotto— Same as Bramibh (i/EaMeroon. 


Bbamish, BEKJAMnr-SwATKi, of Mount Beamish, 
00. Oork, Esq., m, Charity-Maiptf«t» dau. of Thomas 
Little, Esq., MD. 

ILillfHSf • — Richard Bbamish, of OsRRnloagfaaiie 
fruwhased by him In 1606)^ 8rd son of Fnuaois i***"*<«\ of I 
66 • 

KilraRlooda, Esq.. m. In 16^5, Maiy Townsend, of Clogii»> 

kilty, by whom be had issue, 

John (Rev.), of Maulbrack, m. in 1740. Elizabeth, dau. of 

William Morris, of Beuduffa, Eaq., and hud issue. Francis; 

John (Rev.), of Bantry, nu Mary, dau. of William PuxcoU, 

of Park, Esq. 

Gborob, of whom hereafter. 

WiLUAM, pro^^tor of the WiUsgrove branch of the 
Beamish family. 

Thomas, m. in 1738, Dorothy Swete, but d. s. p. 
Jane, m. in 1728. Thomas Beamish, of Raheroon, Esq. 
The 2nd son, 

Oborob Bbamish, of Mount Beamish, m. Ist^ in 1746, 
Rebecca Scheolfteld, of Fanlobus, and 2ndly. in 1748, Miis 
Frances Jones, by whom be had two sons, Samuel (IRev.X 
his heir, and George, who had (with two daus.) a son, 
Q^orge Beamish. Mr. Beamish, of Mount Beamish, was 
«. on his decease by his eldest son, 

Thb Rev. Samuel Beamish, of Mount Beamish, who si. 
1st, 14 July, 1774, Mary, dau. of John Stamers, ofBandmi, 
Esq., by whom he had issue, 
Oeorgtt. d. $. p. 
Johv-Samt}bl» $. his father. 

William, m. 1 Sept 1800, Harriett, dan. of John ITew- 
man, of Dromore, Bsq^ and had issue, Samuel-Geoi^ 
m. 19 Feb. 1884, Miss Haunah SUngsby, and hss issue; 
John-Newman, of Cork ; Adam-Newman, in h(dy orders ; 
and William, m. a dau. of Rev. James Kingston, LL J). 
Sarah, m. Edward Rogers, Esq. 
Frances- Anne, «a. Mijor-General Hamilton, of Newiy. 
The Rev. Samuel Beamish m, Sndly. a dau. of Joskna 
Hamilton, Esq. (by Mary, dau. of Bit Richard Cox, Bsit-X 
and had by her, 
Henry-HamHton, (Rev.), n, Ist^ Miss Spread, and 2nd]y, 
Mrs. D: k. and has issue. 
Mary, yh. to the Rev. Richard-F. Webb. 
The Rev. Samuel Beamish was «. on his deceass by his 
eldest Burvivingf son, 

Johk-Samitbl Beamish; of Mount Beamish, M.D., who 
m. in Sept. 1802, Arabella^ dau. of Bei\)aaiin Swi^e, Esq., 
snd had issue, 
daroud (Rev.), d. warn. 
Bei^amin-Swayne, t, his (hther. 
John, d. i. j», 

George, of DubUn, m. in Nov. 1844, Lacy, dao. of Samuel 
Croethwidt, of Bagnalrtown, co. C^ow, Esq. 
WUliam, of Cork, M.D.. m. in Mav, 1840, Etien, dan. of 
Lieut. -Colonel David Gr^^ry, 45Ui regt, and has issue, 
David-Gregory; William; ArsbeUa-Swayne; Ellen-Cathe- 
riue. and another dau. 

Elisabeth, m. in July, 1837, to Henry Herrick, of Farran- 
lough, Esq. • 

Isabella, m. in Feb. 1846, to Henry C. Jones. Esq. 
Harriett, m. in Feb. 1854, to WUliam Hamilton, Esq.. bto 
captain S7th r^. 

Frances-Anne, m. in 1845, to Frederick Mc Caithy, of 
Carrigrnavar, Esq., M.D. 
Dr. Beamish, of Mount Beamish, d. in 1853, and was t. by 
his oldest surviving son, Bbmjamih-Swatkb Bbamish, Esq., 
now of Mount Beamish. 
Armt, Ondt and Motto flamo as Beamish <tf Rahintfn, 

Beamish, Robert-Delaoour, of Ditchley, oa Cork, 
Esq., h. 1791; high-aheriff of co. Cork in 1841; m, 
Maria- Anne, dau. of Lieut. -Col. Archibald Macdonnld, 
adjutant-gen. H. M. forces in India, by whom he has 
I. Wiluam-Dblaooue. n. Norman-Maodonsld. 

m. Gaulfleld. rv. Grenville. 

SrineOffe.— ^William Bbamish, of WiUiwnrove, oo. Coik, 
Cspt. RlT, next brother of Oeoi^ Beamish, of Mount 
Beamish, Esq., m. in 1750, Alice, dau. of Mi^oi North* 
Ludlow Bernard, of Castle Bernard, co. Cork (ancestor of 
tho Earls of BandobX by whom (who d. 1792) he bad 

FRAKCiA-BBMrABD, $. his fJathsT. 

Kichard,6. 11' Feb. 1755. 

William, of whom hereafter. 

Charles (Rov. X 6. 14 Aug. 1761, reotor of Si. Aims^ Bhsndoiw 
Cork, a. at Florence circa 1841, leaving issue. 

James, 6. 25 June, 1764. 

Isaac, 6. 10 July, 1767. 

Rose. m. to Wm. Cuthbert, of Bloomfield, Esq. 

Mary, m. to Thos. Ware, of Woodfort, Esq. 
Captain Beamish d. in 1773, and was «. by his eklest son, 

Fbahois-Bbrnabd Bbamish, .of WiUsgrove, M J*, for Bath* 

B E A 

k?i.2^^'k "* Bandon, and dying wim. in 1806, waa ,. 
oy his brother, 

«. l^'^.^ff"^ o' Beaumont Honee, oo. Cork. Eaq., 
rf^^ il*l' '^^^ "*• ^ ^^^' Anne^an6-Maisan)t.lSi. 
ofBobert De la Cour, of Short Caatlo, co. Cork, Esq.. by 
whom (who d. 8th Aug. 1852), he had iiue. 

ViLLLU ^iL hia father. 

Bamtr-DBLAooDB, of whom hereafter. 

TW^SS^i J^i ^*f. ^>*v «*• ^'k, ft. 81 Dec. 1797, 

^^5;^:?^ ?^ ^ of CaapiruB-Adrianual^C^ 
■JJ^ttojernor of Voorwjhooten and Veur. in Holland 
O^CMMl BaamJah haa inue^ North-Ludlow-AxeL A iSw 

■tTBMn ffuarda, P.R.a, P.8.8., M.I.C.B. M R I Ac. 
•^ Qa^ton, Buoka. 27 Sept 1881. The5oda:k^' 
ul:TS^STr,^r^ of Ueut-Colonel Au^JSi 
H«M& aB. and K.H.. of the King's German LeBion. by 
ftjo^oa^ArabeUa hia wife. daTiLd cSSTonSeR^ 
Wmam King; rector of MaUow. 00. Co^^ Mr.RichSS 
Beamiah haa issue. Richard-Pigott. 6 1832- iSan. 
Aogostua-Wflllam. ft. 1841; An^iSSodida; ^d ^y- 

^afMaeoor Vm^ Crookstown. co. Cork, and 

S2I??A T«£f^"«?*^ granted to her by royal Ucense. 

WhCgliWJ of South D«fcji Place, Plymouth, m. 
Ij^^&itow, tod dau. of Lieut-Colonel A«hibald 

u-vd «ti^rBgt : and Louisa-Kate. 

^v JtJ^ to Fredenok Meade, of Bebnont co. Cork. 

liiq^Me qt.-<ylonel unattached, late of the 88th Connauifht 
na«wj imd^ide^^^amp to Mnjor-Oen. Sir Tho^ 

J?*^?!^**' of Beaomont^ d, 17th April, 1828. and was #. 
■7 Us eldest son, 

WiLUAM BCAJOBH, of Beaomont. ft. 14 Oct. 1790. who m 
it Uchnaw Outl^ Scotland, 16 Sept 1814, the Hon. MaiT 
De Goorcy. dan. of Jdm. 26th Lord Kingsale (who d 17 
Aptfl.l815X and by her had issue. """^^ ^ ° «• ^' 

WiLUAX. $, his father. 

JoBi-Ds CouBCT, s. his brother. 

^SSiiterJ?'^^^ «. In May 184«. to the Rev. Wm.- 
Itamat^Thomps<m^and has W. Mm. Thompson *. 

" . of Beaumont, d. 1 Oct 1888, and was t. by 

▼iLUAM Bbaxhh, of Beaumont, M.A. Trin. ColL. Cam- 
h*^, ft. 1821, who d. Mm. 1847, and was «. by his only 

J«Di-Di Conor Bkaiosb, of Beaomont House, ft. 1822 
y f- T^ *" *®*®» '''>«» *1» representation of thii 
■n«h of the family devolved upon his uncle, Robert- 
l*L40ora Beamish, Esq. of I>ltchley, as abore mentioned. 

^rmt^ Crmt, and 1/etto— Bame as Bsaxbh qfRahmxm, 

BtAtdOFi; Edward^ Esq. of M«er HaU, oo. Wot- 

^^JW^—The estate of Meer HaU was possessed by 
^eBesreroAa. In lineal male descent, fh>m 1837— and pro- 
"My fkwa a period long anteiior-iip to the year 1822, 
»fc« It pasMd into the female line, whose bein assumed 
ae aaae and arms of BxAjtcBorT. 

■jw HaD was buitt by Thomas Bearcroft in 1337, the 
""■ yea r of B dwam> IH.** reign. It is a -half-timber 
■■■■*«. aiiproacbed by a iSne avenue of elms, with a 
v^dsdhfll behind, forming a picturesque background. 
^tte great ciril war. the Bearcroft of the day had the 
■«: to maka himaelf somewhat too conspicuous on 
"Wf of royalty. The eooM^oence was. that CromweU's 


6 E A 

i^^K?^^ Powesaion of his house, converting the haU 
k^to stables, and applying the rest to puipoi^or which 
SSfdeT bT^'J^?^^^.^"^ intended by the ori^nii 
™^^«.^ ^ ^""7^ ^ ^ ^^"^ of «^« triumphant 
party for an inveterate and confirmed malignant he was 
heavily fin^, and his name still appears in^ the ^^o^ 
of liiose who were obliged to compoi^for their esu3 
«Mrf— Meer Hall, Worcesterahiw. 

Beammore, John, Esq. of Uplands, co. Hante, 

I'rS'^i*^^^ — ^J^® ^*® ^^^ Beakdmom, Esq.. ft. in 
Tli:"*^!^ '^'^ ""^^""S^ B.AIIDMORB. Esq.. and godson of 
JOHK BEi^MOBB, Esq.. of 8omer*etshU m. ^ria-Mar- 
garot, eldest dau. of John Parke, Esq.. by Hannah his wife. 
^A 1?^ ?^S»S™«tt. (» descendant of Bishop BumettX 
and by her (who d. the August previous) he left at his 
decease an only son, the pi^eeent Johk Bbabdmom, Esq. of 

^o^'o—ProvidentlaB nee committo. 
aKl^-^pIands, near Fareham, Hants. 


KiS^"K:isTi^^^^^ o^ 

BoBKOT, his heir. 

David, first of the famfly of Vicarsgrange. 
^W^jA'^t ?fT5h\S?™« ^ ^' Qlasmouut. now reprosented 
uLYlI^^iLy^^ Beatsom, Esq.. an offic6r Bengal 

^,^:^tSS^'' "'^•'^ "'^''^ "'»"^" 

Robert Beatsok, son and heir, m. IsabelL dau. of — 
Cunynghame, Esq., and left issue, 

James, of Pitkennie, his hefa-. 

John, first of the family of Pitcadie. 

And other children. 

Ja>«8 Beatsok, Esq., son andheb-, m. 1672, Janet dau. 
of Al^ OiTock, Esq. of that ilk, Fifeshire, and was ,. by 
his eldest son, ' 

RomrtBeatson, Esq. of Pitkennie, who m. Margaret 
only child of the 2nd marriage of William Beatson. Esq of 
Qlasmount, and had issue, inter aliot, * 

Robert, his heir. 

Jean, m. Beatson of Yicaragrange. 

Robert Beatsok, Esq., son and heir. m. 7 Aug. 1728. 
Helen, eldest dau. of Alex Orrock, Esq. of that ilk. Plfol 
shire, snd had issue, inter o/io«, a dau. Lu^bio, «. Beatson 
of Qlasmount ; and a son and successor 

Robert Beatsok. Esq.. ft. lo Aug. Itso, ». 176^ Jean, 
dau. of Read of Turfbeg, co. Forfar, by Bliaabeth his wS 
dau. of Sir Alexander Wedderbum, Bart, and had issuelr 
L Robert, his heir. ft. at Dundee, 2 Oct 1768 
"wi^J^ nii^or-gen. H.E.I.C.8., of Knowte Pton, and 
^^^' «>-SuMex. governor of St Helena. 1808-18 

and ^nduet <^theWartritk Tippoo Saib • m 1806^ BavM. 

Mi^lesty's Customs for Scotland, and had issue; 

1 ^«^^H.E.LC.S., engineers; d.wm, 

2 Theodore^ »pt In The Bengal cavalry; m. In 1843. 
J^"^ °°^y ^^- °' ^L Stephen Reid. "**»«» 
•/C* u"?i°'J*- IWl* .Anne-Henrietta, 2nd dau. of John 

CampbeU. Esq. of Uston Hall, Norfolk; and has is^ 
a son and dau. ' "-"«■*«% 

4 Stqphen, d. young. 

£ ?JJP^»«» B«n««jSifknti7: d.t,p. 

6 Albert, Bengal infantiy 

2 Catherina, d. unm, • 

^s^dhM^^^ ^^^ ^*^ ^* **' ^'^*>rf«'«o Wells, 

*cSS?"^ "*• ^"^ ^"^^ I^y*««»>V B»q. of MaUow. oo. 

'^^o^I1^^>5k.''*'' ^'^ ^"^^"^ ^' ^ ^'•^ 
? ShT**"** "** Samuel Newington, Esq., M.D. 

F 2 



in. John, h. Nov. 17«0, d. $. p. 

I. Helena, m. Sir Chorlee Ookoley, Bart. ; and d. 1837. 
The eldest son, 

Robert Bbatsov, Esq. of the Royal Enginoem, m. Jane, 
only child of Murdoch Campbell, Esq. of Rossend Castle, 
Fifeshire, by Margaret his wife, dau. of John Taylor, Esq. 
of PitcoLilia and the hoireas of Carbiston, and had issue, 
Robert, who d. younff. 
Alkx-Campbkll, his heir. 

Robert-Wedderbum, capt. in the Indian army; d. s. p. 
11 Dec. 1848. 
'William Feiigusson, lieat.-ool. In the service of the Queen 
of Spain, and knight of San Fernando, lieut.-col. in the 
Indian army, recently employed as brigadier commanding 
the cavalry of His Highness the Nizam, and subsequently 
in the Turkish army; m. 1840. Marian, youngest dau. of 
Iieut.-Col. Himift^s, of the Bengal engineers; has two 
daus., Jane; and BLorriet, m. to Wm.-A. Laurin, Esq. 
Maigaret, d, young. 

Barbara, m. M%|or - Gen. Bdwaid - Swift Broughton, 
H.E.I.C.S.; issue, daus. 
Harriette, m. Wm.-Alex. Lawrie* Esq. 
The eldest surviving son, 

Alex-Campbell BsATSoif, of Rossend, captain in the 
Indian army, m. 22 Dec. 1831, Eliza, Srd dau. of Jolm 
Baird, Esq. of Camelon, and d. 14 August, 1832, leaving 
Issue a posthumous son, the present representative of the 

^mw— Ou., a chevron between threo spear-heads (points 
upwardsX aig. 
Crest— 'A. bee, volant en anrite«, ppr. 
ifoOo— Cum prudentia sedulua. 


Bbauclerk, Aubret-De Yere, Esq. of Ardglass 
Castle, CO. Down, b, 28 Sept. 1837; «. hia father 
1 Feb. 1854. 

IL{tlfA0C. — ToPHAX BxAUOLEBK, Esq., 6. in 1730, 
(son of Lord Sydney Beauclerk, vice-chamberlain to the 
king, by Mary his wife, dau. of Thomas Norris, Esq. 
of Speke, and grandson of Charles, 1st Duke of St. Albans, 
by Diana his wife, dau. and heir of Aubrey de Vere, 30th 
Earl of Oxford), m. in 1708, Lady Diana Spencer, dau. 
of Cliarlee, Duke of Marlborough, and had (with two daus., 
Mary, m. to Frands, Count Jenison Walworth; and Eliza- 
beth, lit. to Qeorge, Earl ofPembroke)ason, 

CHABLBS-GKORas Bbauolbrk, Esq. of St. Leonard's 
Forest, Horsham, Sussex, who m. in 1799, Bmily-Chaiiotte, 
■econd dau. of William Ogilvie, Esq., by Emily-Mary his 
wife. Duchess Dowager of Leinster, and had issue, Aubrbt- 
William, his heir; Charles-Rol>ert, fellow of Caius College, 
Cambridge, 6. in 1802; Qeorge-Robert, b. in 1803; Caroline, 
Anne, m. in 1829, to Robert Aldridge, Esq.; CKx>iigiana, 
M. in 1826, to John-Dean Paul, Esq. ; Diana-OUvia, widow 
of Sir Francis-Fletcher Vane, Bart. ; Jane- Elizabeth, m. in 
1880, to Henry Fitzroy, Esq. ; Isabella- Elizabeth, m. in 1S40, 
to Capt John -William Montagu, B.N.; and Katherine- 
Kathika The eldest son, 

AuBRBT-WiLUAM Bbauolebk, Esq. of Ardgloss Castle, 
00. Down, and St. Leonard's Forest, Horsham, Sussex, b. 
10 Feb. 1601 ; ta. 1st, IS Feb. 1834, Ida, Srd dau. of Sir 
Charles-Forster-Ooring, Bart, and 2ndly, 7 Dec. 1840, Rosa- 
Matilda, dau. of Joshua Robinson, Esq. of Kew Green ; by 
the former of whom (who d. 23 April, 1839X he had issue, 
Aubrbt-Db Verb, now of Ardglass; Diana- Arabella; and 
Augusta; and by the latter (who survives) he had two 
daus., Louisa-Catherine and Isabella-Julia. M^or Beau- 
clerk, formerly M.P. for Bast Surrey, d. 1 Feb. 1854. 

A rm » Quarterly : 1st and 4th, France and England, quar- 
terly ; 2nd, Scotland ; 3rd, Ireland ; over all a sinister baton, 
gu., charged with three roses, org., seeded and barbed, ppr. 

Crat— On a chapean. gu.. turned up, erm., a lion, statant- 
guardant or crcwned with a ducal coronet, per pale, ai^. 
and of the first, goived with a collar of the last, thereon 
three roses, also aig., oarbed and seeded, ppr. 

JtfoMo— Auq>ioium melioria ssvi. 

Ao^-nArdglaaa Castle, co. Down. 


Beattman, MAlfcEwFoRDE, Esq. of Hyde Park, In 
the 00. of Wexford, i. his brother 24 Sept 1840 ; m. 
7 July, 1841, Harriet, youngest dau. of the late Key. 
Thomas Quin, of Wingfield, oo. Wioklow^ and haa^ 

B E A 

I. Jomf-CHBISTOPHBR, b. 8 March, 1840. 
I. Ellen. II. Jone-Emily. 

in. Harriet rv. Anne-Margaret. 

T. Isabella. vl Elizabeth, 

▼n. Mary-Emily. 

HititKflt* — The Bauxans, originally of Bohemia, 
where they possessed considerable property, expatriated 
themselves in consequence of the persecutions to which, as 
Lutherans, they were exposed on the expulsion of the 
Elbctor-P A LATINS, and took reftige in various parts of 
Germany and Holland. 

MBLOHiORrCHBisTorant BAUXAif, accompanying General 
de Ginkell, to whom he was neariy allied by marriage, 
into Ireland, settled in the co. of Wexford, anno 1G91.* 
He married and had two sons, viz., JoHV, his heir; and 
Francis, who m. a sister of the Comte de Serana, and 
settled at Nantes, in Bretagne. The eldest son, 

JoHW Baumak, Esq., of the CO. of Wexford, m. Maxgwret, 
dau. of Edward Barty, Esq. of Rathrush, co. Carlow, and 
dying in 1761, vras $. by his son, 

John Bauman, Esq. of the oo. of Wexford, who altered 
the ^Mlling of the Cunily name fh>m Bauman to Bkaumav. 
He m. in 1768, Anne. dau. of Edmond Rice, Eaq. of Ahere, 
in the same shire, and by her, who d, 10 May, 1812, had» 

I. John-Chribtopheb, his heir. 

II. Edward-Barry, who d. in 1800, in India. 

in. Michael, a capt in the Madras artillery ; m. Mary, dan. 
of General Wahab, and had several children, of whom 
the only surviving is, 
Edward- John -Ba^ry Beouman, Esq. of Fumesa, co. 
Kildare, a Justice of the peace ; who m. 20 March, 
1833, Elizabeth, dau. of Geoige Moore, Esq. of the 
CO. Wicklow, and has issue. 
Capt Michael Beauman, who held the situation of soper- 
intendant of the arsenals at Madras, was lost on bis 
passage home from India^ on board the "Lady Dondos*' 
indiaman, in 1809. 

rv. William, of Rutland Square, Dublin, m. in 17M, 
Charity, widow of Tennison Edwards, Esq. of Old Court, 
in Wicklow, and dau. of John Barrington, Esq., and had 

1 John, in holy orders, vioar-choral of St. Patrick's 
Cathedral, and vicar of Julianstown, co. Meath ; cC man. 
U April, 1828. 

1 Anne. m. 9 Oct. 1827. to the Rev. Brabazon-WQliam 
Disney, rector of Btackallen, in Meath. 
8 Maria, m. 19 March, 1819, to Sir John Kennedy. Bart 
of Johnstown-Kennedy ; and cC 7 Nov. 1828, leaving 
five sons and one dau. 
V. Francis, capt RN. 

I. Maigaret, m. to Bony Lawless, .^sq. of Chenywood, oo. 
Dublin; and d. in March, 1818. «. p. 
n. Anne. m. to William Talbot^ Esq. of Castle Talboi, co. 
m. Mary. 
Mr. Beauman d. 13 Deo. 1802, and was «. by his eldest son, 
John-Chbistophkr Beauman, Esq. of Hyde Park, b. 29 
Oct. 1764, high-Bheriffof the co. of Wexford in 1821, who 
m. 2 Oct 1795, Jane, dau. of Matthew Forde, E^. of Sea- 
forde, 00. Down, and had issue, 
John, who d. <. p. 24 Sept 1840. 
Mathew-Fordk, present poss e s s or. 
Elizabeth- Anne, m. in 1841, to Sir John Kennedy, Bart 

Charity-Isnbella, m. in 1835, to HenrT-Cavendiah Here, 
Esq., R.N., 4th son of the kite William Hon, Esq. of 


fisot— Hyde Park, co. Wexford. 


Bbaxtmont, John, Esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, co. 
Derby, 6. 22 July, 1826 ; «. hia father 11 Mar. 1884. 

%intKfit* — ^BnwABD Beaumont, Esq., 'who aettled a^ 
Barrow-upon 'Trent, oo. Derby, about the year 1650, was 
2nd son of Thomas Beaumont Esq. of Thringston, co. Lei- 
cester, and yoimger brother of John Beaumont, of Orano 
Dieu, Master of the Rolls, and grandfather of Francia 
Beaumont, the dramatic poet. He m. Anne, dau. and heir 

* Another member of the family, the Rev. John Baum av, 
a native of Prague, came to England about the year 1046. 
with ample teslimonials from many of the prindpol German 
divines. Ue d. about 1668, leaving one dau., then of tender 
years, who afterwards m. Daniel Doddridge, of London, 
and was mother of the oelebrated Phiup Doddridoi^ D.D^ 
the veiy eminent dissenting divine. . 

B E A 

B E C 

«f XillgBte of Loddngton, in Leioestenbire, and had a 
aooand soccomor, 

WiLUAM Beaumont, Esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, who m. 
Eliakbeth Sutton, of Derby, and dying SO July, 1692, was <. 
by hit son, 

FSASCis BxAUXOMT, Esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, a isu^or 
in the eerrice of Chablss I., whom. Elizabeth, dau. and 
Ijcirof Bimon Braoebndge, Eaq. of Twyford, co. Derby, and 
bad issue, two aona — rix., Bowabd, who waa disinherited, 
md 4. in IMO, and his heir, at hia deoease, in 1661, aged 

JoHV BBAU1ID9T, Eoq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, who m. 
1«, Dorothy, dau. of John PowtreU, Esq. of West Hollom, 
in Derbyshire, by whom he had no iaeue, and 2ndly, Bar- 
ban, dau. of Edward Willoughby, Esq. of Gotham, in Not- 
tiaflaunflfaire, by whom he left at hia deoeaae, with other 
ime, a aon and suooeaeor, 

BoBBBT BxAUMOMT, Eaq., of Barrow-upon-Trent, b. in 
16U, who m, lat, Oedly, dau. and oo-heir of Sir Thomas 
iwmwiwwi^^ Bart, of Oracedieu, and had by her, who d. in 
1697, JoHV, hia heir, and Barbara, lady abbess of a convent 
fai Flanders. Mr. Beaumont m. Sndly, Jane, widow of 
FruMxs Lowe, Esq. of Old Oreaves, and dau. and heir of 
John Iflddleton, Esq. of Wandesley, Notts, by whom ho 
had a son, Francis, who d, tmm. ; and Srdly, Winifred, dau. 
of Francis Lowe, Esq., without issue. He d. 2 Jan. 17S^7, 
and waa «. by his son, 

JoHV Bbauxont, Esq., of Barrow-upon-Trent, b. in 1604, 
wbo m. Miss Joyce Johnson, niece of Thomas AUestree, 
£«). of ElTaston, and dying 11 Oct. 176S, was «. by his 

JoHji BsAUMOirr, Esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, who d. 
«am^ n July, 180«, and was $. by (the son of his brother 
Bobert) his nephew, 

Joazr Bkaumovt, Esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent, b. 23 Jan. 
1779. who ». 89 Aug. 1826, the Hon. Mary-Elisabeth 
Canon, Srd dau. of Nathaniel, Snd Lord Scarsdale, and had 

J(«]i, now of Barrow. 

Bobert-Cnrson, b 10 Dec 1827. 

Edward, b. 22 July. 1829. Heniy. 

Xr. Beaomeitt d, 11 March, 1834. 

irou— Az., sem^ of fleurs de lis. a Hon, rampant, or. 
Creit— On a chapeou, gu., turned up, erm., a lion, passant, 
Jfotto— Erectos non elatus. 
&a»— Barrow-upon-Trent 


BEAUifONT, Richard-Henrt, Esq. of Whitley, co. 
York, b, 5 Aug. 1805 ; m. 8 Deo. 1831, Catherine, 
dau. (d Timothy Wiggin, Esq. of the United Statea 
of " 

ItntXgt. — ^Tbe last direct male representatiye of the 
and eminent house of Bsaumovt o/ WhiiUjf 

JoBV BsAUMOHT, Esq. of Whitky Beaumont, b. 29 Aug. 

1TS2, Ind issue by Sarah Butler (whom he married in 1778), 

dsD. of Humphrey Butler, of Hereford, and granddau. of 

lbs Rot. Humphrey Butler, rector of Keir, one son and two 

dm.. Til.: 

L CBABL»-%CHAiq>, LL.D. ; 5. 22 May, 1777, constituted 

tanant for life of the Whitley Beaumont estates, after the 

daath of his Cather and his aunt Bernard, with remainder 

to the beus of his body, byUie will of his uncle, Richard* 

Hoiiy Beaumont, Esq. He m. in 1802, Martha, dau. of 

atephn Hemsted, M.l>. ; and dying 18 March, 1818, left 

a son and dan., 

1 BiCHABl>-HBS|iT, heir to his grandfather. 
1 Martha, si. to Patrick MMahon, Esq. of Addleetone, 
L Chariotte, 6. hi 1779 ; m. 14 April, 1801. to John M'Cum- 
^agi Esq., sdgnevir of Grande Yallee des Montes, in 
Lover Cutada, capt 81st regt.; and d. 16 Aug 1815, 
IsKTing COS son, the present BiCHABD-HnrBT-JoHH- 
BtAUifovT M'CpifMiHO. Esq., seigneur of Qraude Vallte 
des Montes, a nuuor m the army ; and three daua. 
n Elisabeth -SaraJi. 6. in 1781; m. in 1818, to Jos^h- 
Thomas Toite, Esq. of Focklington, afterwards of Den- 
ton OroTe, near Toik. 
Mr Baaamont d. 8 Deo 1881, and was «. by his grandson, 
tlH jwiswit RiCBa«>-HKVRT Beaumont, Eaq of Whitley. 

Armjh^Qnx , a hon, nunpaut. arg , langued and armed, as., 
bitwsn eight croscents, ot the second. 
I'M—A buD's bead, erased, quarterly. 
JfiO*— FUle sed cui vide. 
^s^Whitky Hall, near Huddersfleld, oo. Tork. 


Beaumont, Wentworth-Blackett, Esq. of Bretton 
Hall, CO. York, and Bywell Hall, Northumberland, 6. 
in 1829, M.P. for South Northumberland. Mr. Beau- 
mont 9, his father in 1849. 

S,ttl^age* — Geobob Bkaumont, Esq. of The Oaks, ft. 
in 1696 (eldest son of Geotge Beaumont, Esq. of Chapel 
Thorpe, by Gertrude his wife, dau. of John Bagshaw, Esq. 
of Hucklow, and grandson of William Beaumont, Esq. of 
The Oaks, in Darton, oo. York, whose father, Geoige Beau- 
mont, of The Oaks, d. in 1C64), m. in 1728, Frances, dau. of 
Richard Beaumont, Esq. of Whitley Beaumont, and had two 
sons and a dau., vis. : 

Thomas, his successor. 

Geozge, in holy orders ; m. Elisabeth, dau. of Johih Gieen, 
of Leeds, merchant ; and d. 17 May, 1773, leaving issue. 

Susanna, m. to the Rev. John Walter, and d. s. p. 
He d. 27 Jan. 1736, and was t. by his elder son, 

Thomas Bxaumomt, Esq. of The Oaks, b. at Whitley, 18 
Feb. 1723, m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Edward Asoough, 
Esq. of Louth, in Lincolnshixo, and dying 6 Feb. 1785, was 
$. by his son, 

Tbomas-Riohabd BxAXTMOirr, Esq. of The Oaks, b. S9 
April, 1758, ooL in the army, M.P. for Northumberland fhmi 
1795 to 1818. He m. Diana, dau. and heir, by will, of Snt 
Thomas Wentwobth Blaokbtt, Bart, and had issue^ 
Thomas-Wbntwobth. his heir ; William ; Ridiard ; Edward- ' 
Blackett, m. Jane, dau. of William Lee, Esq. of Grove ; 
Henry; Diana; Marianne; and Sophia. Col. Beaumont d. 
at Biietton Hall, 31 July, 1829, and Mrs. Beaumont subse- 
quently, when the estates devolved upon her eldest son, 

Thomas- Wehtwobth Bbaumomt, Esq. of Bretton Hall, 
M.P. for Northumberland, 6. 5 Nov. 1792, who m. Henriettik 
Jane-Emma, dau. of J. Atkinson, Esq. of Maple Hayes, and 
d. Id Dec. 1849, leaving issue, Wbntworth-Blaoksit, now of 
Bictton and Bywoll; Walter; Someraet-Arohibald ; Dudley; 
Emma-Diana ; and Florence. 

Arnu, dfcc, as Bkaxtmont of Whitley . 
Sm/«— Bywell Hall, Newcastle - on- TVne; and Bretton 
Hall, Wakefield. 



BsoKKTT, John-Staniporth, Esq. of The Knoll, 
Torquay, Devon, formerly of Barnsley, co. York, 
deputy-lieut, b. 5 April, 1794; m, 24 May, 1842, 
Gertrude-Elizabeth, elder dau. of Capt Sir William- 
Howe Mulcaster, RN., K.C.H., K.T.S., C.B. 

SrUttase. — Joseph Bbokbtt, Esq. younger brother of 
Sir John Beckett, the 1st Bart, of Leeds and Somerby Park, 
oo. Lincoln, la. 28 June, 1785. Mary, dau. and oo-heir ck 
John Staniforth, Esq. of Hull, and by her had (with five 
daus., Eleanor; Caroline, m. in 1825, to Sir Thomas Beckett* 
Bart. ; Mary- Anne ; Eliza, m. to William-Creed Fairman, 
Esq. of Lynsted, Kent ; and Augusta) one son, the present 
John-Stanitobth BfCKXTT, Esq. of The Knoll. 

J mu— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a fesse between three 
bcMus' heads, couped, erminois, a crescent, arg., for diffe- 
rence; 2nd and Srd, erminois, on a fesse, wavy, gu., three 
lions, rampant, arg. 

Crete— A boar's head, oouped, or, pierced by a oroas pattf»- 
fitch^ erect, sa. 

Jfotto— Prodesse dvibua. 

iSeoC— The Knoll, Torquay. 


Beckwtth, William, Esq. of Thurcrofl, oo. York, 
and of Trimdon, co. Diu>ham, b. in 1772 ; m. in 1794, 
Caroline, dau. of John Neasham, Esq. of Houghton- 
le-Spring, and by her, wHo d. at St. Omer, in ^luioe, 
10 April, 1882, tiad surviying issue, 
L WiLUAM, K.H., lieut-odl. unattached, late m^or of 
the 14th light-dragoons, who m. 1881, Pnscilla-Maria, 
dau. and heiress of Thomas Hopper, Esq. of Bilk^ 
worth, in Durham, 
n. John, 
m. Henry, in holy orders, rector of Eaton Constantine, 

near Shrewsbury, m. Miss Bo s e^ n ne Eyton. 
I. Caroline. u. Mary. 

%itltKfit* — ^This very andent family bore, originally, 
the name of Malble or Malbysse, being lineally descended 
from the marriage, («mp. Heitby Ill^of Hercules de Malble^ 

B E 

grandson of Sir Simon do Halbie, Lord of Cawton in 
Craven, with Bcckwith, ono of tho daus. of Sir William 
Bruce. Lord of Uglebarby, deiived from Sir Robert Bnis, 
Lord of Skelton Castle, in Cleveland, a noble Norman knight, 
ancestor of the Bruobb </ Scotland, 

Matthew BccKwrrH, Esq. of Tanfield and Sleningford, a 
captain in the parliamentary army, living 9 April, 1666, 8rd 
son of Roger Beckwith, of dint, co. Tork, Esq. and younger 
brother of Arthur Beckwith, of Aldborough, Esq., father of 
8iB RoQKB Bbckwith, Bart. (m« Bubks's Extinct BaronHagt) 
M. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Buck, Knt. of Filey, and 
dying in 1679, loft, with other issue, a son, 

William Bsotwith, Esq. b 22 Nov. 1664, who inherited 
tlie property of his unde, William Beckwith, Esq. of Thur- 
croft, and became of that place. He m. Mary, dau. of Sir 
Edward Chaloner, of Guisborough, by whom, who d. 4 Dec. 
1702, he left at his decease in 1713, with other issue, a son 
and successor, 

WnxiAM BBorwTTB, Esq. of Thuroroft and Sleningford. 
He m. 28 April, 1716, Elissbeth, only dau. and boirass of 
John Woodifleld, Esq. of Fishbum and Trimdon, in the co. 
palatine of Durham, and had issue, 

WoontFiXLD. his heir. 

William, of Carey -street, London, barrlster^it-law; who m. 
and had one sou, William, an ensign in the 27th regt. of 
foot^ d, ufim. in 1776 ; and two daus., Maria and Elizabeth. 

John, a lieut.-coL in Abercrombie's rwrt. 

Jjine, TO. to Thomas Westley, Esq. of Howarth. 

Elisabeth, m. to W. Honfall, Esq. of Storth's Hall ; and d, 
21 April, 1798, aged 72. 
Mr. Beckvrilh d. at Thurcroft, 10 April, 1760, aged 74, and 
was «. by his oldest son, 

WooDuriKLD Bkckwith, Esq. of Thurcroft and Trimdon, 
baptized at Laughton, 12 Sept. 1719, who m. 1 June, 1771, 
Dorothy, dau. of Cluistopher Robinson. Esq. of Easington, 
00. Durham, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Major Patrick 
Campbell, and was buried at Easington), left at his decease, 
in 1779, aged 60, an only surviving child, Williax Bbck- 
with. Esq. of Thurcroft and Trimdon. 

^rmj^Aig., a chevron between three hinds'heads, erased, 
Creie— An antelope, ppr., in Uie mouth a branch, vert. 
Motto— 3o{t en bien. 
&»l— Trimdon House, near Sadgefield, Durham. 


Beckford, WiLUAM, Esq. of Ruxley Lodge, Surrey, 
h. 23 March, 1790 ; m. 12 Jan. 1822, Maria-Elizabeth, 
only dau. of the Rev. John Bramston Stane, of Forest 
HaU, E886X, and has issue, 
I, FaAHOT8-JoHK-BRAiC8TON, 6. at Rome, 2 Feb. 1842. 
I. Maria-Harriet. u. Joanna-Elizabeth, 

in. Haniette-Marian. 

iLineag^. — ^The family of Beckford was established at 
an early period in Gloucestovsbire, and the name occurs so 
far back as the li'th century, when Roboit de Beckeford 
gn'anted certain tithes to the abbey of Gloucer^tcr. Among 
the principal adhertnts of Richaf.o III. at Bosworth, was 
Sir William Beckford. The family appears to have been 
settled afterwards near Oxford, and to have removed thence 
to Berkshire. 

After the conquest of Jamaica, In 1656, Col. Petrr Beck- 
Foan, son of Peter Beckford, Esq., who was bmtber to 
Sir Thomas Beckford, of Ashtead, rose to tho highest 
station in that colony. Having, during the reign of 
CuARLES IL, filled tho important ofBoe of president of the 
eoundl, he was, by Wiluam III., appointed lieut. -governor 
and oommander-in-chief of the idand. He d. in 1710, pos- 
sessed of immense wealth, leaving two sous, viz.: Pbtcb, of 
Whom presently; and Thouias, 6. in 16S2, ni. Mary, dau. and 
heir of Thomas Ballaid, Esq., and dying in 1731, lea issue. 
The elder son, 

Petcb BECKroRD, Esq. Speaker of the House of Assembly 
of Jamaica, d, in 1736. Having m. Bathshua, dau. and co- 
heir of Col. Julines Hering, he had issue, 
PcTEB, his heir; d,$.p. 1787. 

William, successor to his brother, of FonthilU twice lord- 
mayor of the city of Loudon, and representative in par- 
liament for the metropolis ; d, during his mayoralty, in 
1770, having m. l^ria, dau. and co-heir of the Hon. 
Gooige Hamilton, W.P. for Wells, second surviving son 
of James, 6th Earl of Aberconi, and loft an only cliild, 
WiLUAM BecKFOKO, Esq. of FouthlU Abbey. M.P. author 
of The Caliph Vathek; who d. in 1S44, having liad. by 
Maigaret Ids wife, dau. of Charles, 4th Earl oF Alxnnio, 


two daus., his co-heirs, vix., Mai^'aret-MarJa-KliEabeth^ 
m. in 1811, to Lieut. -Uen. James Orde; and Susannah* 
Euphemia, m. in 1810, to Alexaader, Duke of Hamilton 
ana Brandon, K.G. 
Richard, M.P. for Bristol ; d. team. 
Nathaniel, d. vnm. 

Julines, of Stapleton, M. P., grandfather of Hobaob- 
William, 8xd Lord Biverv. 

Anne, m. to Geoige Ellis, Esq., ehief-Justice of the island 
of Jamaica. 

Elisabeth, m. Ist, to Thomas Howard. 2nd Eaii of Effing^ 
ham ; and 2ndly, to Field-Marshal Sh- Qeoige Howard, 

The 6th son, Francis Bcckfobd, Esq. of Basing Park, 
Hants, m. Ist, Lady Albhiia Bertie, dau. of Persgrine, Duke 
of Ancaster and Kesteven, but by her, who d. in 1764, he 
had no issue. He m. Sndly, in 1765, Susannah, dau. and heir 
of Richard Love, Esq. of Basing, and by her, had (with two 
daus., Charlotte, wife of John Middleton, Esq. of Hilder- 
sham House, oo. Cambridge, and MariaX a son, 

FRAVora-LoYS Bbcktobd, Esq., late of Bssing Park, b. ITM* 
m. in 1788, Joanna, Srd dau. and co-heir of John Leigh, 
Esq. of Northoourt House, Isle of Wight, and relict of 
Richard-Bennett Uoyd, Esq., by which lady (who 4 in 
1814), he had issuer 
Frakcis-Lovc, late of the Coldstream gnaids, b. 1789 
Wiluam, of Buxky Lodge, Surrey. 

John-Leigh, capt. R.N. ; m. in Nov. 1829, Harriette, 4th 
dau. of Oeinge Ward, Esq. of Northwood House, Isle of 

Carleton, d. unm, in 1829. 

Charles-Douglas, in holy ovders; m. In 1831, his cousin, 
Charlotte -Maria, 2nd dau. of John Middleton, Esq. of 
Hildersham House, Cambridge, and has a dau., Lucy. 
Harriet, m. in 1816. to her cousin, Andrew Aroodookna^ 
Esq. of Glevering Hall, Suffolk. 
Mr. FoLove Beckford d. 24 Feb. 18S8. 

Jrm«— Per i>a]e, gu. and ax., on a chevron, aig., between 
three martlets^ or, an es^le, displayed, sa.. within a bordiue, 
of t^e fourth, charged with a double trcssuro, floiy-counter- 
flory, of the first. 

Ctitt — A heron's head, erased, or, goiged with a collar, 
fiory-counterflory, gu. ; in the beak a fish, uig. 

MoUo—De Dieu tout. 

Scat— Ruxley Lodge^ Suir<7. 


Bedtkqfeld, JoHN-LoNGUEViLLE, E.sq. of Ditching- 
ham Hall, co. Norfolk, b. 19 Oct. 1800 ; m. 24 July, 
1829, Mary, 2tid daiu of John, Lord Henuiker, and 

I. Philip, b. 25 April, 1890. n. John, 6. 10 Aug. 1881. 

ni. Frands-William, 6. 26 Oct. 1S37. 

lY. Geoige-Longueville, b. 1S41. 

I. Mary-Henniker. ii. Sarah-Sophia. 

III. Anne-Eliza. iv. Louisa-JemimiL 

HilltEflt* — ^The fiunily of Bedingfeld is one (as Camden 
says) of undoubted antiquity, deriving its name from a 
town in Siiffolk ; and deducing its lineage from the era of 
the Conquest, through an uninterrupted line of dis- 
tinguished ancestors. From Oocrus dk Puans, <Mlias 
Lgngubvills, a Norman knight, and fdlow soldier of Duke 
William, lineally descended 

Jambs Beoinofeld (2nd son of Sir Peter, and brother of 
Sir Thomas Bedingfeld, ancestor of the Oxburgfa fiunily), 
who was living in 1350. He m. Alice, dan. and heir of Peter 
de Fleming, by whom he acquired Fleming's Hall and 
Manor, and had, with a dan., Margaret, wife ol Thomas 
Appleyard. of Dunstan, in Norfolk, a son and successor, 

Wiluam Bedinofeld. living temp. Henry VI., who m, 
Mary, dau. of Thomas Playters, of Sotterly, in Suffolk, and 
was ancestor of the Bedimgpelds of Diickitigkam, whoos 
representative at the beginning of the 18th century. 

The Rkv. John Bbdinopeld, LL.D. oi Ditchingfaam, 
built the present mansion there. He m. Catherina, dau. of 
Clers Oameys, Esq. of Hedenham, but dying «. p, in 1729, 
wa8«. by his brother, 

James BEOiNorsLD, Esq. of Ditchingham, who m. Mary, 
dau. of Francis MaskuU, Gent, of Loudon, and left (with a 
younger son, James, and three daus., Elizabeth, Anno, and 
Mary) a successor, 

Phiup Bedingpeu), Esq. of Ditchingham, b. SI May, 1716» 
who m. Ist, Mary, dau. of Sir Edmund Bnco:i. Bart, 
of Gillingham, and had, by her, throe sous and two dana., 

Philip, bi» hoir. 

Bacon, successor to his brother. 

James, who »*. Miss Piersou ; hutlf. x ft. ^^T^ 

I--' I V. J I 1 1 ^ v^ \^ F^ y -^.^J V^^ V^ JV L ^.^ 



Hary, n. to Brampton Gurdon, Esq. of DiUiugham and 

Ajin, m. to Wmiam Ldgh, Esq. ofRushall, Staffbrdahiro. 
Mr. Bedingfeld m. Sndly, Mn. Forster, dau. of — Spend- 
lore, Eaq. of Norwich, and had further issue, 
FADds-FhiUp, fc. in 1768: who «, Catherine^ dau. of 
Thomas Havers, Esq. of Thelton, in Norfolk, and had 
three sons. Francis, Thomas, and Bichard, and two 
dsus.. Gstherine and Mary. 

Eliabeth. w. lst» to GapL Addison; and 2ndl7, to the 
Ber. B. Fbrster. 
Xr. fiedingfbld d, in im, and was «. by his son, 

Pnup BcDiKOFXLD, Esq. of Ditchingham, who m. Hen- 
liittarPriBciUa^ dau. of Robert Hamby, Esq. of Ipswich, but 
d. without iasne, shortly after his Ikther, in Sept 1791, when 
the estate derolved on his brother, 

ThsRst. Bacom BxDiNorsLD, of Ditchingham, b. 16 May, 
1T4«^ who «t. 19 June, 1770, Susannah, dan. of Donatus 
0*61160, Esq. of Blatherwycke Park, in Northamptonalxire, 
and had by her, who d. 9 Maj, 1812, 
niifip-Bacon, who d.M,p, 
Jobv-Jajco, his heir. 

Boaanna-Harriot, «». lst» to John Talbot, brother to the 
Karl of Shrewsbmy; and 2ndly, to Henxy Boper, 16th 

Out^ne-SiaMh, widow of Joesph Mortimer, Esq. of 

EatOda-Staflbrd-Sophia, Widow of Donatus (yBrien, Esq. 
Kr. Bedingfehl d. 18 July, 1797, and was ». by his son, 

Jora-^AMst Bn»xarBLis Esq. of Ditchingham, J.P. and 
D.L, b. u F^b. 1773, m. 1 Jan. 1800, Sfciah, dau. and oo-heir 
if Fsol Flersy, Eaq. of Fairhill, oo. Coik, and had issue, 
Jon-LovouxTiLLi^ now of Dit<diingham. 
Phnip, b. in 1808 ; m^}or E.LC.a 

ViOiam, b. in 1805, lost his life while serving as a mid- 
afa^xoan, RJH. 

Janea^ b, 19 Sept. 1800 ; rector of Bedingfeld, in Suffolk ; 
■L in 1899, Frances, dau. of the late Loixl Henniker. 
ladada^^aroline. m. 19 Oct. 1824, to Rev. JohnRobert 
Bopper, reetor of Wells, in Norfolk, and has issue. 

L, an eagle displayed, gu., armed, or. 
C/«K->A demi-eagle, gu. 

JMCo— Aquila non capit muscas ; or, Despido terrena. 
fca»-Pitrhtngham Bj^ Norfolk. 


BncB, Jam ss, Esq. of Brandon Lodge, co. War- 
iriek, and The Sbawe, co. Stafford ; m. Miss Madocks, 
cf the ancient family of Glanjrwem, co. Denbigh. 

The estate of The Shaw* came into the Beech 
fuBiiy through the eldest of three co-heireeses (sis- 
ten of the name of Stubbe), who married Uie uncle 
of the present proprietor's grandfather. The man- 
non was bnOt by the late James Bee<2h, Esq., about 
■izty yean since. 

Jrwu-'Aig., on a bend, go., three bucks* heads^ cabossed, 

Oiecf— A stag's head, cabossed. 

ifiXfo— Sub tegmiue tagi. 

&Bf»-Bxandon Lodge, Coventry; and The Shawe^ near 


BcLBRATK, Ths Rev. William, M.A. of Preston 
Han, ca Rutland, J.P., rector of Preston, b. 24 Aug. 
1791; m. 3 Nor. 1814, Sophia-Elizabeth, dau. of the 
kte ^Filliam BelgTaTe, Esq. of Preston Hall, oo. 
Rutland, and has issuei 

L WnxiAM, b. 8 Dec 1823, m. 9 April, 1847, EUen-]Caiy» 
dau. of Peneval'Hara Saile, Esq. of Torquay. 

L Bofihia-Biaawth. u. JaDO-Suaanna. 

m. Frances, s». SI Nov. 1848, to the Bev. Charles Lucas, 
ef FObj Boosei, co. Norfolk. 

!▼. Hariaane, tf. 11 Feb. 1862. 


Htneast* — ^Tbs Rbt. CoBSSLros Bclorats, m.a, 
rector of Ridlfaqfton, oo. Rutland, and of North Kilworth, 
eo. Utoaster, b. 18 Aug. 1676, the 6th son of William Bel* 
gtn, of North Kilwc^th, great-great-great-great-grandaon 
of Wilfiam Belgnive, of North and South Kilworth, who 
«ei2Qd son of Belgrave of Belgrave, m. S Dec 1708, Mary, 
dHL and eo-helr of William Sbsild, of Fneton, oo. Butland, 


Gent., and d. 17 Feb. 1757, leaving, besides four other sons 
and four daus., 

Thk Rav. Jerbiuah Bblobavb, rector of Preston, oo. 
Rutland, and of North Kilworth, co. Leicester, 6. in 1708, 
who m. in Aug. 1742, Frances, dau. of Bichard Taylor, ot 
the parish of St. George, Middlosez, capt. of an inHii^n^n^ 
and had issue, 

Charles, in holy orders, rector of Ridlington, oo. Buslaad, 
and of North Kilworth, oo. Leicester; d. itnm. 80 Feb. 

William, of Preston Hall, oo. kutland, high-sheriff in 1788. 
He d, 1824, leaving daus. ouly. 

George, D.D. of Preston Hall, rector of Cockfield : {(.«.«. 
March, 1881. 

Jersiciah, of whom presently. 

Thomas, of Louth, co. Lincoln, d. 1789, leaving issue. 

SamueU of Preston, d. 1768. 

Cornelius, of Lutterworth, d. 1704, leaving a dau. 

Frances, of Stamford. Mary, of Stamford. 

Mr. Belgrave d. in 1802. His 4th son, 

JxBSMiAB Beloravs, Esq. of Stamford, oo. TAntv%irf (. f 
June, 1763, m. 26 Feb. 17S6, Jane, eldest dau. of William 
Barker, Esq. of Stamford, oo. Linooho, and by her (who d, 
4 May, 1796), had issue, 


Frances-filixabeth, m. in 1814, to Bdward Tryon, Esq. of 


Mary-Arme. m. in 1814, to Egerton Cutler, Esq. of London. 

who d. in March, 1888. 
Mr. Belgrave d, 19 Aug. 1819, and his son William s. to the 
estates of his uncle, George Belgrave^ D.D., at his deoeass 

;<lrm«— Gu., a chevron, erm., b^ween three masdes^ sig. 

C!r«l^— A ram's head. 

fibol— Preston Hall, near Uppingham, oo. Rutland. 

Bell, Matthew, Esq. of WoolBington, co. North* 
umberland, D.L. and high-eheriff in 1816, former]|y 
M.P. for Northumberland, b, 18 April, 1798; n^ 
10 Oct. 1816, Elizabeth-Anne, only cluld and heiress 
of Henry-Utrick Beay, Esq. of KOlingworth, North* 

HCtl^affe. — Matthew Bell, of NewoasOe-on-Tyne, m, 
the dau. of Salkeld, and had, vrith a dau., Elizabeth, who 
m, John Stephenson, Esq. also of Newcastle, and Knarea- 
dale Hall, co. Northumberland, an only son, 

Matthew Bell, Esq. alderman of Newcastle, sherilTln 
1736, and mayor in 1757. He m. Jane, dau. of Biehahl 
Ridley, Esq. of Heaton, oo. Noithumberland, auoestor of 
Sir M. -White Ridley, Bart., and was father of 

Matthew Bell, Esq. of Woolsington, colonel of ths 
Northumberland MiUtia» who m. in 1767, DuldbeUa, dan. of 
Sir John Eden, Bart, of Windlestone, co. Durham, and had» 
with three daus., four sons, Matthew ; Stephen; Robert^ 
mayor of Newcastle in 1822 ; and Henry. The eldest, 

Matthew Bell, Esq. of Woolsington, high-sheiiflf of 
Northumberland in 1797, m. 9 June, 1792, Sarah-Franoee» 
sister of Charles-J. Brandling, Eaq. of Goiforth House^ oo. 
Northumberland, and had issue, 
Matthew, now of Woolsington. 

Charles, m. 1st, Mary, youngest dau. of the Bev. Bai^h* 
Henry Brandling, of Goeforth House, which lady 
1828; and 2ndly, Rachel, fourth dau. of William Brand- 
ling, Eaq. of Low Goeforth. Mr. Charles BeU d, in 1844. 
Bobert^ohn, d. in 1826, 

Heuy, «a. Helen, only ojiild of Sir WUUam-Bsgnel Bdr- 

John, m. Isabella, only dau. of Sir Charles Lorsine, Bart, 
of Kirkharia Northumberland, and has issue. 
William, m. Jane, 8rd dau. of John Ridley, Esq. of Park 
End, CO. Northumberland. ' 

Elisabeth-Jane. DuldbeOa. 

Frances, m. to Sir JohnrJsmes Walsham, Bart of Knill 
Court, 00. Hereford. 
Mr. Bell d. in 1811, and was f. by his eldest son, Matthew 
Bell, Esq. now of Woolsington. 

Arm»—etL, a fesse, erm., between three beUi^ Kg, 

Crat^A hawk, erect» and belled. 

fitot— Woolsington, Newoastle-upon-Tjrna. 


Beli» William-Qillibon, Esq. of MelUng HaU^ 
CO. Lancaster, J.P. and D.L., b, 28 Aug. 1808 ; mi' 
5 March, 1828, Harriot, 2nd dau. of the Ber. Ralph 
Worsley, rector of Finchley, and has issue surviying 


I. WiLUAX-OiLUflON, 6. 12 Deo. 18S8, 

n. Honry-Jomos, b. 27 Oct. 1831. 

in. Oeoige-ConBtabld-Gildart, b. Sept. 1848. 

L Harriot. 
Mr. Bell is only son of the late William-Gillison Bell, 
Esq., by Rebecca hia wife, dau. of William Saunders, 
grandson of WiUiam BeU and Marion Dalgliesh his 
wife, and great-grandson of James Bell, Esq., and 
Elizabeth his wife. 

Jifotto— PnenuntiA paois. 

fl^ot— M eUlDg Hall, near Lancaster. 

Bellairs, Rev. Henrt, A.M., rector of Bedworth, 
CO. Warwick, rural dean and honorary canon of Wor- 
cester cathedral, vicar of Hunsingore, oo. of York, 
domestic chaplain to the Earl of Strafford, and J.P., 
h. 29 Aug. 1790 ; entered the royal navy, and was 
wounded at Tia&lgar; was afterwards in the 15th 
hussars ; and subs^uently entered holy orders ; m. 
80 May, 1811, Dorothy-Parker, dau. and co-heir (with 
Mary, 1st wife of John, Earl of Strafford, and Sarah, 
wife of Captain Carmichael) of Peter Mackenzie, 
Esq. <^ Grove House, Middlesex, descended from the 
Mackenzies, barons of Kintail, and by her has issue, 
I. Hbkbt-Walfobd, in holy orders, one of H.M. Inspectors 
of Schools. 6. 14 Maroh, 1812, m. 15 July, 1889, Maxy- 
Hannah-Albina, dau. of Qeorge-Watkin Kenrick, Esq. 
of Woore HaU, Salop, by Isabella, dau. of WiUiam 
fBuington, Esq. of Werden, Lancaster, and has issue. 
n. William-Oswald-Maokenzie, b. 22 July, 1814. 
m. Charles, in holy orders, b. 8 March, 1818, m. 5 Dec 
1889, Anna-Maria, eldest dau. of John Isherwood, Esq. 
of Mar]>Ie HaD, Cheshire, and of Bradahaw Hall, Lan- 
cashire, and has issue. 

IV. Arthur-Heathoote, b. 27 Sept. 1828. 

V. Goorge-Byng, b. 7 March, 1828. 

I. Dora-Ennis, m. Beglnald-Simpson Graham, Esq. eldest 
son of Reginald Qraham, Esq. of Etterby, in Cumber- 
land. Bba was drowned with her husband and only 
child in the xiver Amason, on Easter Monday, 1846, by 
the accidental upsetting of a canoe. 

II. Mary'EUeo, m. Thomas-Bradshaw Isherwood, Esq. of 
Marple and Bradshaw, and has issue. 

m. Bosamira, fji. Beojamixi Lancaster, Eeq. of Chester 
Terrace, Regent's Park. l^- Laura-Parker. 

V. Francos-Lake, m. the Rey. Joh^-Morgan Brown. 

VI. Nonar^Maria-Steyenson. 

Vn. Agnes, fH- the Rey. Bertrao^-Brooke Hulbert, of 

■sUiall, 00. Warwick. 
SrttUaS^.^— Thia family (spoken of by Dugdale as " roy- 
ally oonneoted'O deduco their origin ftv>m Judith, niece to 
King WiLLEAif the Conqueror, and sister to Hugh Lupus, 
Coimt of Ayranchee, and Earl of Chester. She m. Richard do 
Aquila, and had issue, Maud de Aquila, m. 1st, to Robert de 
Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland, and 2ndly, to Ifigel de 
Albioi, younger brother of William de Pinoema. By him 
ahe had two sons, 
Roger Mowbray, ancestor of the ducal house of Norfolk, 
a great benefM^tor to the Kpights Templars, and a famous 
warrior; he marched ia the second crusade with King 
Louis to Palestine, fought under the banner of the 
Temple, and on his return home gave many possessious 
to the order. 

Hamon de Beler, ancestor of the Bellairs family. He was 
Lord of Eye Kettleby, a.d. 1160, and left a son, 
Ralph di Belxr, of Eye Kettleby, m. Emma, dau. of Sir 
Walter de Folvile, of Ashby Folyile, Knt., and had issue, 
two sons. The younger, 
Roger, sheriff of Lincolnshire 1256 ; cE. 1277 ; grandfather of 
Roger, Lord de Beler, an itinerant Judge, who was killed 
in a yalley near Reresby, anno 1326, by Eustace de Fol- 
yile, of Ashby Folvile, his two brothers, and Eudo de la 
Zouch, who wavlaid and barbarously murdered him. 
His vast estates aescended in the female line to the family 
of Lord Cromwdl. His diief seat was Wingfield Manor 
House, 00. Derby, where was a msgniflcent nu^isioii, 
dismantled during the dvU wars. 
The elder son of Ralph, 

William de Bblbb, of Eye Kettleby, living in 1285 and 

1278, m. Isabel, dau. of Sir Robert Dangervile, Knt., and 

)|Sd issue two sons, Hamon, and William, of whom pre- 

sputly. The descendants of Hamon were, 

Hamon, d. 1304. 

Sir Ralph, m, Emma, dau. of Sir Walter de Folvile^ Knt, 



Sir Richard, m. Agatha, dau. of Shr Richard Bingham, 

Knt., d. 1388. 
Sir James Bellars, m, Maigaret, dau. of Richard Barnard, 

of Hoifin^iam, whose son, John, m. Elisabeth, dau. of 

Antony Howby: d. 1461, leaving issue, 1 J<^m, d. «. p. ; 

1 Marma, m. to Sir Thomas Greene; 2 Joanna, m. to Jas- 

rr Villiers, ancestor of the ducal bouse of Buckinflrham; 
Margaret, prioress of Langley; 4 Eleanor, in. wilLam 
Ruskin, of Melton Mowbray. 

WiLUAM, above-mentioned, founded a religious house of 
Black Canons at Kirkby Bellars, and left descendants : Roger, 
1851; Roger, 13S0; Ralph Bellars, 1438; Sir John, 1476; 
John, 1515; Reginald, 1546; John, m. 15*5, Dorothy Petre. 
and d. 1597; John, 6. 15S1, m. Elizabeth Madleye, d. 1647; 
John, b. 1603. 

JoHX Bellabs, b. 1640, m. Esther Greene, and had issue^ 
John, b. 1677, d. 1677 ; James, his heir ; Tobias, d, 16S2 ; 
Elizabeth ; Ann, m. John Goodyear, Esq. The eldest son, 

James Bellabs, Esq. of Uffington, co. Lincoln, and of 
Billesdon, oo. Leicester, b. May, 1680, d. hi 1744. He m. 
1714, Catharine, dau. and heiress of John Lea, of Brao»- 
brough (by Catharine, dau. and heiress of Thomas Foot, of 
Ryhall, Esq.) and by her, who d. 21 Jan. 1757, had issue. 
Jambs, his heir. 

Elisabeth, m. William Pank, Esq. of Wansford, whose 
dau. Maiy m, John Mansfield, Esq., M.P. for Leicester. 
Esther, b. 1716; m. Richard Boar, Esq. of Maxey. 
Alice, b. 1718 ; m, William Clark, Esq. of Lobthorpe ; and 
was grandmother of William Stevenson, who d. 184^ 
leavi^ his large possessions to the Bellairs family. 
Ann, 6. 1728 ; m. J.-W. Davie, Esq. of Stamford. 
The son snd heir. 

Jambs Bbllabs, Esq. of Uflingtca snd Billesdon, h. 5 
Sept 1720, d. 6 Deo. 1790, married twice (his 2nd wife was 
Martha, dau. of William Baricer, Esq. of the ikmily of Sir 
Abel Barker, Bart.) : his 1st wife was Mary, dau. and heiress 
of Abel Walford, Esq., by Susanna, dau. of J. Vonourp 
Esq.: by her he had issue, 
Abbl-Walfobd. his heir. 

John, capt. 46th regt. ; m. Jane Judd, and left, John- 
Harry, Qeut R.N. ; and other issue. 
James, mtvjor 12th r^. ; d, 8. p. 1799. 
The eldest son, 

Abel-Walfobo Bbllaibs, Esq. (inserted the letter "I,** 
into the spelling of the name), of Uffington and Billesdon. 
b. 8 Feb. 1755. He was high-sheriff for Rutlandshire, D.Lu 
and J. P. for lincohishire and Northamptonshire ; he <C 8S 
April, 1889, having m. In 1781, Susanna, only dau. of Miles 
LowIey,E«i. of Oakham, and had issue, 
X. James, of Uffington, who assumed, by royal sjgn-manual, 
in 1844. the name and arms of Stevenson. He was 6u 
9 Auff. 1782; and d. 18 Aug. 1858; he m 29 Jan. 1807. 
ElissiDeth-Ann, eldest dau. of Laureuce Peel, Esq., ana 
niece of Sir Robert Peel^Bart, and left issue, 
James-Peel Stevenson, Esq. of Uffington. He was fc. 
20 June, 1808 ; and m. Muia, dau. of C6L MacksnEls^ 
and has issue, 
n. Geoige, of Stockerston, co. Leloester, b. 26 Feb. 1787; 
m. Miss Liiiwood, and has issue, 

1 Stevenson-Gilbert, in holy orders, b. 1825. 

2 Geoiige-Clarke. 

I Dora-Maiy, m. 1o the Rev. William Alford. 

m. Henry, in holy orders (vide tupra). 

ry. WiUiam (ShrX Knt, of Mulbartou Lodffe, oo. NorfbDe. 
capt. 15th hnssars, served in the PeninsuXu* war, and aft 
Waterioo ; «. Cassandra, dau. and heir of Edmund Hooks^ 
Esq. of Mulbarton Lodge, and has issue. 1 Edmund, capt. 
7th ftisiliers, m. Emilia Bellairs, dau. of James Stevenson, 
Esq. of Uffington ; 2 Leopold, capt 49th regt. ; 8 WUliam, 
capt. in the 49th regt. 

I. Emilia, m. Rev. John Wood, of Swanwick HaU, Deibj. 

II. Frances, m. James Higgon, Esq. of Soolton Houses oo. 

III. Catherine, m. Ist, Rev. J.-Iindsay Young; and Sndly; 
Rev. Georae MacLear. 

lY. Anna-Maria, m, W.-M. Harries, Esq. of Haverfordweat 
^mu— Per pale, gu. and sa., a lion rampant^ sxg: 
Cmtr—A lion's gamb, erased, gu. 
Motto—In cruce mea fides. 


BsiiLSW, JoHN-pRESTWOOD^ Esq. of Stookleigli 
Court* CO. Devon, 6. 19 July, 1808 ; m. 8 May, 1827, 
Maiy-Ann, dau. of William Hancock, Eeq. of Wive- 
liseombe, in Somenetshire, and has issue, 

I. Johh-Fboudb. n. William-Legassicke. 

I. LouissrPhilippa. ii. Fumy. 

III. Mary-Anne-Prestwood. it. Camilla-Garrington. 

^intJiilt, — ^The Bollews, of whom there \rere eighteen 
knights in a direct line of succession, and wh** wei« 
renowned in the middle ages^ settled in Ireland, at B«i- 


in Vbit CO. of Meatb, and in the adjoininsr oo. 
of Looth, in 1470. From Sn Righabd Beluew deeoeoded 
Btr John Bdlew, of WiUystown, ancestor of Lord Bellow of 
BviiMatb, of Sir Viefaaal-Dillon Bellew, Bart, of Mount 
Bdiew, in the oo. of Oalw^, and of Sir Cttristopher Bellew, 
Kfit, wliooe eldeat son. Sir John, was created Baron 
BbOcw. of Dnlech. The Bellsws qf Devonthirt derive from 
• oconmon anoeeior with the ennobled branches, and have 
lor eentoiiea held a Tery high position amongst the landed 
•dstooacy of the West of England. Their pedigree can be 
taoed in an unbroken line up to the period of tho Nonnan 

JoBV Bkllkwe* lineally deeoended tnm. Boger Bellewe, 
of BtUewstown, at. Ump. King Edwabd IV., Amy, eldest 
dstL and oo-heir of John Fleminge, Esq. (of the very 
audect boose of FLsimroK <if Bratton FUmingt^ by liis 
wifo, the dau. and co-heir of Martin Ferrers, descended 
from Heniy Ferrers, who held the manor of Eieer Ferrers, 
in the oo. of Deron, in the reign of Edwabd II., and liad 
Ufl castle there. Bytheoo-heiressof Fleminge, JohnBellewe 
had a son and suooessor, 

Patuck Bellxwb, of Alrerdisoott, in Beron, who m. 
lane, dao. of John Dennya, Esq. of Oildgh, in that ahire, 
aad had a aon and heir, 

Hexbt Biuxwb, Esq. of AlTordisoott, who m. Alice, 
dao. aad heir of William Odebrooke, by Jane his wife, dau. 
nd heir of Robert Galley, Esq. of Chymney, and had a son 

William Bkllbws, Esq. of Ash Bogus, in Brampton, in 
Dennahlre, who m, Anne, dau. of Sir Hugh Stukely, of 
iston, in that oo., and had a son, 

HsniT Bkllkw, Esq. of Stockldgh English, in the co. of 
Devon, ttring in 1564, wlio m. Elisabeth, d«i. of Amyas 
CUebester, Esq. of Ariington, and dying in 1597, left a son, 

PmuF Bbllkw, Esq. of StooUeigh Court, father of 

WnuAM Bkllkw, Esq. of Tamscombe, who m. Bose Hill, 
md dying in 1700, was ». by his son, 

Hxnr Bkllkw, Esq. of Stockleigh Court, who m. and had 
one son, Henry, who «(. t. ja. in 1711. Mr. Bellew, surviving 
Us only diild, was «. at his decease, in 1719, by (the son of 
ka brother William) his nephew, 

HiKBT Bkllkw. Esq. of Stockleigh Court, who m. Frances, 
dso. of William Barbor, Esq. of Lary and Baleigh, in the oo. 
sf Denm, by Franoes his wife, the heiress of Poyntz of 
KottbeoCo and Bettadown, and dying in 1752, left, with a 
dao^ Frsooea, wifisof Horatio Hele, Esq., three sons, of whom 

HnrsT Bkllkw, Esq., captain R.N., s. his neptiew at 
ft ec kki gh Court, aad was a distinguished naval officer. He 
«. Aaas^ widow of Thomas Wentworth, Esq., but dying 
iwnflfs, 18 April, 1791, sged 63, was «. by his brother, 

Jomr Bkllkw, Esq. of Stockleigh Court, who m. Phllippa 
UComte, an heiress, and d. in 1821, having had issue, John- 
PIDet, who d. twrn. in 1815; Henry, who d. in 1806 ; Wil- 
UAM, socccasor to his &ther ; Frances, who d. 22 Dec. 1840; 
sad Pfaihppa, who d. 6 Feb. 1841. The son and heir, 

WouAM Bkllkw, Esq. of Stockleigh Court, ». in 1796, 
FMtwood-Lore, dau. of the Rev. J<rfm Froude, rector of 
Knowrtone aad MoUaad (of the fiunfly of Fboudk qf Edtnet- 
tNM, in BevonX by his wife Miss LegassJcke, and had issue, 
Jon-PiKsrwooD, his heir; Henry, of Oskhampton Park, 
W o nMtawtah l i o, m. Mary, 2nd dau. of H. Bawden, Esq., J.P., 
ad has a dao., Ada-M«y ; Francea ; and Cabouvk, whom 
her aont, Mias Bellew, made her heiress. Mr. Bellew d, 
17 June, 1826, and waa «. by his son, the present Jomr- 
TamnrooD Bkllkw, Esq. of Stockleigh Court. 

Jrm~8a., tttiUj, or, quartering FLDinroK, Fkbbkbs^ 


Cru^^An arm, embowed, habited, the hand, ppr., grasp- 
iBgachaUoepoiuringwat«r(6cU<« alhiaiontothe name) 
iato a basin, alao ppr. if otto— Tout d'eu bout 

fcm nnwitUilgfi Court, oo. Devon. 

BncB, Hihrt-Behci, £8q. of Thorington Hall, 
Suffolk, J.P. and D.L., col in the East Suffolk mili- 
tia, A. IS March, 1788; m. 5 May, 1815, Elizabeth- 
Sonona, 2nd dau. and oo-heir d the late Nicholas 
Stedtk^ Eaq. of Fyencbwood, Lancaster, and has had, 
l Hkkkt-Alkxakdkb-Staxkik. 6. 15 Mi^, 1810, m. in 

IBM. the dau of John Barclay, Esq. 
n. Sdw8niBofaeri4Markie, late of the King'a dragoon 
fuaHs, b 87 Aug. U23, m. in 1860, a dau. of Qeoige 
BuliTsn, Esq. 
m. Themas-atarida, in holy orders, b. 1 Oct. 18S4, reetor 
of Tbortngtoo. 

Isiteme-Sasanna-StailcSe, d.lnl88S. 


%inttlfl[t* — The fkmily of Bence is one of oonstdenbla 
antiquity in Suffolk, deriving immediately i^m 

John Bknck, of Aldebuigh, co. Suffolk, youngest son of 
Edmund Bence, of the same place, who d. before 1587. Tha . 
eventual heiress, 

Ann Bkkox, dau. of Bobert Bence, Esq. of Henstead, 6. 

in 1707, m. 10 Dec. 1740, Bobert Sparrow, Esq. of Worling- 

liam and Kettleborough, in Suffolk, and by ^^i-n^ who tf. in 

1764, had issue, 

L RoBEiT Spakbow, Esq. of Woriingham Hall, who m. 

twice, and had by his first wife, Mivv, dau. and heir of 

John Barnard, Bart of Brampton Park, one son and one 

dau., vis., 

1 Robkbt-Bkbmabd Spakbow, Esq. of Woriingham Hall, 
bapt in 1778 ; who «. 14 May, 1797, Lady Olivia 
Acneeon. dau. of Arthur, 1st Earl of Qosford ; and d. 
a brigadier-general in the West Indies in 1805, leaving 
a dau. and heiress, 
MiuoKMT, «n. in 1823, to Geoige, present Duke ot 
Manchester; and d, 21 Nov. 1848. 
1 Mary Sparrow, m. to Archibald, Eari of Oosford. 
n. Bkm CK Spabbow, of whom we are about to treat 
The 2nd son, 

Thb Rbv. Bbnox Sparbow, rector of Beedes, in Suffolk, 

inheriting the Thorington estate, assumed by sign-manual 

2 May, 1804, the surname and arms of Bbncb. He m. in 1786, 

Harriet, dau. and heir of William Elmy, Esq. of Beodes, and 

had issue, 

Hbnrt Bkwok, now of Thorington. 

Anna-MariiL vu in 1809, to the Bev. Lancelot Brown, 

rector of Kelsale and Carlton, co. Suffolk, and has three 

Matilda, m. in 1811, to Lieut-Col. Wm. Jones, of the 5th 
dragoon guards, and has three sons. 
Mr. Bence d. in Sept 1824.* 

^rsu— Aig., on a cross, between four fk«ts, gu., a castl^ 
of the first 
Cretl — ^A castle, tri)de-towered. 
lfotf<H— Virtus castellum meimu 
SmU— Thorington Hall, Suffolk. 


Bendtshb, John, Esq. of Barrington, co. Cam- 
bridge, lieut. R.N., J.P. and D.L., at one time high- 
sheriff of Cambridgeshire, b. 10 April, 1791 ; m,lfst, 
10 Hay, 1830, Catherine, eldest dau. of George 
Matcham, Esq. of Ashfold Lodge, Sussex, bj Cathe- 
rine his wife, sister of the great Earl Kelson, and by 
her (who d. in 1831) he has issue, 

1. Jomr, b. 10 May, 1821. ii. Richard, b. 8 Sept 1822. 

m. Nelson, b. 17 Oct. 1828. rv. Thomas, b. 7 July, 1827. 

I. Caroline. ii. Laura. ui. Susanna. 

rv. Circa. t. Catherine. 

He in. 2nd]y, 21 Oct 1838, Anna-Haria, 8rd dau. of 
Sir Charles Watson, Bart, of Wratting Park, Cam- 

SrttltaS^* — ^The surname, originally Ds Wbstlbt, was 
changed to that of Bckdish, ftt>m a considenible lordship 
in Radwinter, whereof the family became possesssd some- 
time in the twelfth century. The first whose name occurs 
in ancient writings that may be certainly depended upcm, is, 

Pktkb di Westlst, alias Bemdisb, He flourished about 
the reigns of King Johk and of HnniT III. His desoen- 

Bi>Mxnn> BnrDTSBK, Esq., eldest son of Thomas Ben- 
dyshe, Esq., by Margaret his wife, dau. and co-heir of 
Thomas Bradfleld, Esq. of Barrington, inherited his mother's 
estate, and founded the family of Bsvdtshi qf Barringtcn, 
00. Ciunbridge, whose representative in the eariy part of 
the last centuxy, 

Ralph Bskdtshk, Esq. of Barrington, «. Mary, dan. 
of John Aylaff, of the parish of St. James's^ Westmioster, 
and was father of 

Richard BEimrsHS, Esq. of Barrington, who m. 17 
Feb. 1788, Jane, dan. of John Jervis, Esq. of Darlaston, 
oo. Stafford, and had (with two other sr^is, Richard, an 
officer in the let foot-guards, who d. at CHiatham; and 
Robert, lieut R.N., drowned in the ** Blenheim ** with Sir 
Thomas Trowbridge) a successor, the present Johx Bsv- 
DTSBB, Esq. of Ban^igton. 

AnM—Aig., a dievron, sa., between three rams' hflad% 
erased, ax. 
Ci-e$t—Oni of a ducal coronet, or, a talbot's head. 
If otto— Utrtque Pallade. 
&(U— Kneeswortb Housei, nearRoyston. 


BE N- 

Bkknbt, John- Wick, Esq. of Laleeton, co. Glamoiv 
g&n, J.P. and D.L., m. Anna-Maria-Charlotte, relict 
of Thomas Wyndham, Esq. of Dunraven Castle, and 
daiL of Thomas Ashby, Esq., by Charlotte his wife, 
dau. of Robert Jones, Esq. of Fonmon Castle, co. 

^intKflt.^-SsR Bevst db PorouLWDD accompanied 
the CoNQUEBOB to England, and received for hia services 
the lordship of Pendawdd, in Qower, (the western extre- 
mity of Glamorgan.) 

That the family of which we are treating was settled 
there at that period, divers records Ailly substiuitiate. 

Fuller, in his Ckiuxk HUtoiy, pp. 166, 166, quotes a 
MS. of Thomas Scrlven, Esq.; also Pox, and the Chro- 
nicU of John Brompton ; in proof that, amongst others, 
Bonet, or Bonet was one of "such persons as after the 
battle were advanced to selgneuries in this land" [Gla- 

Bib Humphbxy Benet (son of Sir Benet de Pendawdd), 
«H. Elinor, dau. of Moigan liewellyn Kp Ivor, and thus 
acquired the estate of Kilfigin, in the parish of lianbador, 
in Monmouthshire. He was ancestor of 

JoHM Benvbt, Esq., 6. 1630 (2nd eon of David Bennet, 
and undo of Jolm Bennet, of Kettle Hill, sheriff of Glamor- 
ganshire in 1665). He »i. Mary Jones, of Laleston, dau. of 
Captain Thomas Jones, of Frampton, in Olamorgamthire, 
by his wile, Mary Turbervill, of Ogmore. By the heiress of 
Laleston (who d, 10 Dec. 1726), Mr. Bennet left, at his 
decease, in 1707, with other issue, a son, 

William Bxmrirr, Esq. of Laleston, who m. Mary, dau. 
of Richard Llewellyn, Esq. of Tms-y-gerwn, in Glainorgan- 
s^^ira^ and had (witii two daus., Jane, m. to Edward 
Gwynne, Esq. of Llantrissant ; and Anne, m. to the Bev. 
Robert Davies) several Hons, of whom the eldest, 

Thomas Bennet, Esq. of Laleston, served the office of 
sheritt for Glamoiganshire in 1768. Ho m. Mmy, dau. of 
Edward Walters, Esq. of Pitoot, sheriff in 1754, but dying 
issueless, 29 Jan. 1772, was $. by his brother, 

WiLUAM Bennet, Esq. of Loleston, who m. 1st, the dau. 
of Robert Morris, Esq. of Gnisarwad, high-sheriff for Gla- 
moi^ganshire in 1742; and 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of Edward 
Wilkins, Esq. of Lontwit ; by the latter of whom he left, 
at his decease in 1801, aged 80, a dau., Mary, wife of 
Morgan-Price Smith, Esq. of Newhouse, and a son, 

John Bennet, Esq. of Laleston, m. 17 July, 1791. Selennh- 
Maria-Anne, dau. of Jacob Grose, Esq. of Appleshaw, 
Hants (brother to Captain Francis Grose, the celebrated 
antiquary and Richmond heraldX by Frances Andrews his 
wife, of the fiuuily of Andbsws o/PotIon, in Hampshire, 
and had issue, 

JoHN-WicK, now of Laleston. 
■ Selenah-Catheriue-Frauces. 


CSroline-Susan, m. to the Rev. Henry Wfaidsor-Richarda, 
rector of St Andrew's and St Lytban's, in Ulomozgan- 
shire, and lias issue. 

Elinor. Matilda. 

Elixa, m. to William Head-Deaoon, Esq. of Longcross 
House, Glamoiganshire. 
Mr. Bonnet served the office of high-sheriff for the co. of 
Glamorgan in 1826. 

ArvM-'Arg., three goats* heads, erased, aa., barbed and 
double armed, or ; langued, gu. 
Crat — A goat's head, as iu the arms. 
Afotto— Aut nunquam tentee, aut perflce. 
&a(— Laleston House, Glamorganshire. 


Bennet, Philip, Esq. of Tollesbury, co. Essex, 
and Roiigham Halt co. Suflfolk, J.P. and D.L., M.P. 
fur West Suffolk ; m. in 1822, Anne, 2nd dau. and 
oo-heir of Sir Thomas Pilkington, Bart, of Chevet, 
and has a son and heir, 

Philip, b. in 1837. 

UttCK^f* — Philip Benitet, Esq. of Widcombe, oo. 
Somerset, son of Philip Bennet, Esq., by Mary his 2nd 
wife, dan. of Thomas Hallam, Esq. of Tollesbury, and 
grandson of Piiilip Bennet, by Jane bis veife, dau. of Scar- 
borough Chapman, Esq. of Widcombe, co. Somerset, tn. 
14 Dec. 1769, Mary, dau. of the Rov. Christopher Hand, 
B.D., and by her, who d. 10 April, 1823 aged 76, had a 



Philip Benkr, Esq. of Tollesbury, J. P., high-sherifT of 
Sufiblk in 1S21 ; 6. in 1771 ; who m. in 1704, Jane-Judith, only 
child of the Bev. B. Kedington, of Bougham Hall, and had 
Phiup, now of Bougham. 

James-Thomas, rector of Chevelly, co. Cambridge, m. 
6 April, 1826, Henrietta-Eliza, dau. of James Jackson, 
Esq. of Doncaster, and has issue. 

Jane-Fanny, nu 4 Dec. 1821, to the Rev. Samuel Alderson, 
rector of Bisby, brother of Mr. Baron Alderson. 

.^mw— Gu., a besant between three deml-Uons^ rampant» 
couped, arg. 

Crtst—In a mural crown, or, a lion's head, couped, chaigsd 
on the neck with a besant 

Motto— Bene tenax. 

Seat*-~RovkgYiAm Uoll, Buiy St. Edmunds^ oo. Sufiblk; and 
Tollesbury, co. Essex. 


Bennett, Francis -Valentinb, Esq. of ThomaB- 
town, King's County, b, 28 Jan. 1826 ; 9. as repre- 
sentative of the family, upon the death of his father, 
Valentine Bennett, Esq., in May, 1839. 

EttUaffC*— NiOHOLAs BENirrrr. Esq., m. Mabel O^elly, 
CO. Boeoommon, and had issue. Thomas, d, umm, ; FRAiroia^ 
his heir ; Mabel, m. to John Ball, Esq., ftither of the pre- 
sent Bt. Hon. Nicholas Ball, one of the Judges of Uie Common 
Pleas in Ireland ; Anne, d. unm. The eldest surriTing son, 

Fbancis Bkvnbtt, Esq., m. Elisabeth Laffim, of the co. 
of Kilkenny, and had issue, Thomas, wtm. ; VALXifTiKB ; 
Mary-Catherine, m. to Iieut.-CoI. L'Estrange, of Moystown, 
King's County ; Elizabeth-Emily, m. to John Farrell, Esq., 
of Moynalty, co. Meath. The youngest son, 

VALBmNE BsinrBTT, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of the Kfaig's 
County, and high-sheriff in 1830, m. 7 Jan. 1834, EUaabeth- 
Helen, dau. of the late George Byan, Esq. of Inch House, 
CO. Tipperary, and had issue, 

Frakcis-Valentihi^ now of Thomastown. 

George Henry. Valentine. 

Thomas-Joseph. Frederick-FhUip. 

Houry-Grey. Albert, (a posthumoos child.) 

Elisabeth-Marian, d. 1883. 
Mr. Valentine Bennett d. in May, 1880. 

£to<— Thomastown House, King's County. 


Bennett, The Rev. Henrt-Lkioh, of Thorpe 
Place, CO. Surrey, b. 17 May, 1795 ; m. 11 Sept. 1846, 
Caroline, 2nd dau. of George-Henry Crutchley, Eaq. 
of Sunnmg Hill Park, Berks, and has had issue, 

I. HsMBT-CuBRiB-LsiaB, 6. 25 July, 1852. 

L Grace-Leigh, d, yoimg. n. Julia-Leigh, d, young. 

m. Mary-Leigh. 

%irUliQt*—On the dissolution of the monastsries bj 
Henbt VIII., the manor of Thorpe^ Sunrey, became nested 
in the crown, and so remained until granted in 1600, by 
Queen Elizabstb, to Sir John Wolley, her Latin secretary. 
His only son and heir, Sir Frands Wolley, M.P. for Hasle- 
mere, <t in 1<K)9, having doTised this estate to his cousin 
William Mlnteme, with remainder to another ooosin, 
Ettzabeth Miuteme. This lady, Elizabeth Mlnteme^ ut. Sia 
Franois LnoH, whose ancestors had long been settled 
at Addingtou, oo. Surrey. With the descendants of Sir 
Francis Leigh, and Elisabeth his wife, Thorpe remained, 
untU, by the marriage of the two oo-heireesee, Mary and 
Anne, in the years 1731 and 1737 respectively, it devolved 
to the fomilies of Bevkett and Spsnokr. Eventually a 
division of the Leigh estates took place, and in 1768, under 
the provisions of an act of parliament, Thorpe was allotted to 

The Bey. Wollbt-Leioh Bennett. His son. 

The Rev. John-Leioh Benkett, of Thorpe, pulled down 
the old mansion at Hall Place, and built a new and hand- 
some house in its stead, to which he gave the name of 
Thoq^ Place. By Harriott-Eliaa his wife, who d. 11 Deo. 
1846, he had issue, 

John-Leioh, now of Thoipe. 

Edward-Leigh, m. Ist, Ellonor Coddrington; and 2nd]y, 
Anne Himtingford. 

Frederick-Leigh, deceased. 

Mary-Anne, m. in 1824, to Sir Bichard-Torin Kiuderd^. 

.^rm«— Ou., a besant between three demi-lions^ rampant, 
couped, arff. 
Cred — A lion's head, issuing out of a mural crown. 
Motto— Dux vitaa ratio, 
ficot— Thorpe Plaoe, Cherts^. 

^,y,.,^.d by 



iESSVKTt, Dajtiel, Esq, of Faringdon House, co. 
Berks, h, 29 June, 1823 ; m. 28 Oct. 1847, Mary- 
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Uyedale Corbett, Esq. of 
Aston HaJl, co. Salop. 

Itntage. — Wiluajc BEmrarr, Esq. of Fftringdon 
Hooie, bAm, b, in 1790, son of Daniel Bennett, Esq. of 
fmagAeai Hoase, who d. in 1826, served as high-sheriff of 
Backsin 1887. Ho m. 25 8ei^ 1817, Morianna, dau. of the 
hi» John Dunkin, Esq. of Fryerning, Essex, and by her 
(wko tf. in 1840) has issoe, 

Dasisl, now of Faringdon House. 

WiOiam, lieut 15th hussars, d. in India, 20 Sept 1S4S. 

Jobn-Dunkin, d. 6 Not. 1851. 

Elinbeth-Emma, m. 29 July, 1845, Richard • Meredyth 
Riefaarda, Esq., only son of R. Richards, Esq., H.P. of 

Qerynwch; and d. $. p. 10 Dec. 1862. 

Marianne, d. vmm. 22 March, 1837. 
Ir. Bennett d, 18 Jan. 1844. 

irsu—Gn., a besant, between three demi-Iions, ram|>ant, 


i Hon*s head, chaigod with a hesant. 
M tt t 9 D o bon vouloir servir lo rol. 
Smt — ^Fkiingdon House, co. BerlLB. 


Bgsvm, Joseph-Hen RT, Esq. of Bennett's Court, 

eo. Cork, m, Theodoeia-Ann, dau. and co-heiress of 

John &nith, Esq. of Summer Castle, co. Lancaster, 

iDd had one son, 

L JosBPH-HxHRT, who d. 4 July, 1813, aged 80, and was 

intsrrod with his mother at the Abbey Church at 

This gentleman, eldest son of Gteorge Jackson, Esq. 
of Qknbeg, oo. Waterford, by Susannah his wife, 
dao. and sole heiress of Joseph Bennett, Esq., re- 
eorder of Cork, assumed the name and arms of his 
oatenilal gnmdfiather, to whose estates he succeded. 

ir««— Go., a besant, between three demi-lions, or. 
CnM— Out of a mural coronet, or, a demi-lion, rampant, 
■Tm holdiDg a besant. 
Jf««o— Serve Uie King. 
Hmt Piintwtt's Court, near Qoeenstown. 


Bmrrrr, William, Esq. of Stourton Hall, near 
Stourbridge, h. 15 Nov. 1799; m. in Aug. 1834, 
Snah-Louisa, dau. of John Dawes, Esq., and has 

L Frvsoir-lfnJioT, 6. 17 June, 1830. 

n. Wmiam-Ward, fr. 24 Nov. 1839. 

m. Thomaj Qeorge-Dawea, 6. 19 Oct. 1847. 

IT. Joseph-Bourne, b. 17 July, 1S49. 

L Tionisa Jane. n. Soroh-Maria. 

m. Bmma-NaomL it. Eleanor-Harding. 

Xr. Bennitt is an actiye magistrate for the counties 
of Worcester, Stafford, and Salop, and deputy-lieut. 
of the first-named shire. He is captain of the Dudley 
tioop of Worcestershire yeomanry cavalry, and had 
pcsented to him, in 1846, two pieces of plate on 
behalf of the county troop, for his efficient cUscharve 
of the dntiee in command of it since its formation m 

Jra»->As., on a dierron, or, between three martlets in 
cImC and one in base^ arg.. three annulets, of tlie Add. 

Crm U pon a mvont, vert, a horse's heaid, coujped, axg., 
lietted tbroogfa the nedc by an arrow, in bena sinister, 
point dovnwsrds. ppr. 


t tm Btomton flail, near Stoorbridgii 


Bnnov, The Rbt. Henbt, A.M. of UtterW 
Hooae, oo. Lincoln, J.P., late vicar of Hedunton, b. 
9 Atig. 1793 ; m, 15 Oct. 1829, Mary-Catherine, only 
ihiid of the late Sapstord Harrold, Esq. of Utterby 

ImOlgr. — This family, originally resident in Tork- 
■iiire, wm a near branch of that from which Bobort Benson, 
loniBiDj;!^. d< 



Gboros Bknson (cousin of his lordship) was b. in 1693, 
m. in 1692, Anne Coulton. and d. in 1738, being then 
lord mayor of York. He loft, with other issue, a son, 

RoBSBT Bevsos, 6. at York, 14 Jon. 170v^, who m, 1st,; 
6 Jan. 1742, Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac Handcock, of Leeds, 
and by her (who d. 24 Nov. 1743), had one son, John, who 
died the same day. He m. 2ndly, 27 June, 1754, Mary, dau. 
of Mr. Thomas Bridges, of Leeds, and by her (who d. 22 
Dec. 1816X had issue, 
RoBKBT, of whom presently. 

John, 6. 22 June» 1766, m. S Aug. 1780, Martha, dau. of 
Paul Tato^ Esq. of Oauber HalU Yorkshire, and had 
issue, Bobert-luchael; James; William; John; Thomas; 
Richard; Mary-Ann; and Martha. 

Thomas, b. 11 Nov. 1757, one of the hon. band of gentle- 
men pensioners^ d, unm, 9 April, 1704, accidentally 
The eldest son, 

Thb Rbv. Robert Bsnsoh, AM., patron and vicar of 
Hockington, co. Lincoln, fr. 11 May, 1755, m. 8 Dec. 1778, 
Ludnda, only dau. of Matthew Fretwell, Esq. of Snaith, 
and had issue, 
Robert-Haggard, formerly of University CoEsge, Oxford, 
d. «. p. 2 vSb. 1820. 
HnfBY, now of Utterby House. 
Luoinda-Maria, d. wim. 21 Jan. 1816. 
Harriet-Frunces, m. 27 July, 1820, John Skipworth, Esq. 
of York, and has issue, George, an officer in the army, 6. 
in 1825; Harriett-Mary; and Lavinia, m. to the Rev. 
Wm. -George Jorvis, only son of Iieut.-Ck>loael Jervis, of 
Barl^ Hall, Herts. 

^rm*— Aig., three tarefoils, sa.. between two bendlets, gu. 
Cr€$t — A bear's head erased, arg., muasled, gu. 
Jtf otto— Inconcussa virtus. 
&a<— Utterby House, co. Lincoln. 


Benson, Moseb-Oeorqe, Esq. of Lutwyche Hall, 
CO. Salop, J.P. and D.L., b. 20 Jan. 1798 ; m. 11 April, 
1826,Charlotte-Riou, only child (by Dorothy* his wife, 
dau. of Stephen Riou, Esq., captain 1st regt. horse 
grenadier-giiards) of the late Colonel Lyde Browne, 
2l8t Fusiliers (2nd son of Lyde Browne, Esq., by 
Margaret his wife, dau. and heiress of Richard Bar- 
well, Esq. of Esher, Surrey). By this lady Mr. Benson 
has issue, 

I. Balph-Auoustus, b. 11 Aug. 1828. 

n. Edward-Riou-George, b. 1 Deo. 1834. 

m. Philip-Riou-Henry, b. 4 June, 1842. 

TV. Lyde-Emest-Gcorgc, 6. 27 May, 1845. 

I. Dora-Geoigina-Harittgton, m. 22 Nov. 1853, to the Rev. 
Frederic-J. Richards, vicar of Boxley, grandson of 
Chief Baron Richards. 

n. Charlotte-Julia-Maiy. 

ni. Maiy-Elizabeth. 17, Fanniy-Maiy. 

V. Madeline-Barbara. 

%intU^t» — Ralph Bszrsov, Esq. of Lutwyche HsU 
(elder son and heir of Moses Benson, of liverpool, and 
grandson of John Benson, Esq. of Ulverston, Fumess), m. 
Barbara, 8rd dau. and co-helress of Thomas Lewin, Esq. of 
Cloghans, oo. Mayo, by Elixa his wife, dau. of Harry-Ross 
Lewin, of Fort Forgus, oo. Clare, and Hannah his wife, dau. 
of John Westropp, Esq. of Attyflin, oo. limerick, and had 
by her (who d. in 1852) issue, 
I. MosBS-GioBOi^ his heir. 

u. Ralph-Lewin. formerly rector of Sasthope ; 6. 6 May, 
1790, m. in 1827, Amelia- tit. George-Browne, only child of 
John Dyer, Esq., by Amelia-St. George, his wife, 2nd 
dau. of the late Gan. Sir SaokviUe Browne^ K.C.B. ; and 
d. 28 Aug. 18-19, leaving two sons, 

1 George-Sackville, 5. in Oct. 1828. 

2 Wilham-Ralph, b. in 1830. 
I. Elizabeth-Maiy, > - -^,„« 
u. Barbara, ^' [ '^ young. 

Mr. Benson, for some time M.P. for BtaiVard, d. 28 Oet 

ArtM—Ajg., on waves of the sea, an old English gaOey, all 
ppr. ; on a chief, wavy, as., a hand, coupedat the wzist, sup- 
porting on a dagger the scales of Justice, or. 

CnM—A. horse, caparisoned, passant, ppr. 

Motto— licgCB orma tenent sanctas. 

Seat — ^Lutwyche Hall, co. Salop. 

* Dorothy Rion was descended from the ancient and hon- 
ourable family of De Ribox, in Languedoc. Her mother 
was Dorothy, dau. of George Dawaon, Esq. of Ferriby. He» 
brothers were CoL Philip Rloti, royal engineers, and Ca^/t. 
Riou, R.N., killod at the battle of Copenhagen. ^ 



Beiyt, John, Esq. of Wexham Lodge, co. Bucks, 
J.P., major in the army, 6. 26 April, 1782; m. 
24 April, 1823, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Robert 
Paul, Esq., president of the Council, St. Vincent's, 
West Indies, and has issue, 

I. Qeobgb, b. 81 May, 1824, an officer in the 26th rogt 

u. Bobert-Paul, b. 1 Feb. 1820, In holy orders ; m. 8 Aiig. 
1854, Luoy-Helen, only Buryiving dau. of B. Dowson, 
Esq. of Great Tarmouth. 

m. William>Rubert8, 6. 81 July, 1829, in the R.N. 

iv. John-Ozenham, b. 12 Oct. 1831. 

V. Stephen-Weston, 6. 26 April, 1835. 

I. Elizabeth- Adeline. ii. Mary-Qranger. 

III. Frances-Rebecca. iv. Oeorgina-Sarah. 

U,intKQt* — ^Thb Rev. Gtobob Bsnt, rector of Jaoob- 
Btowe and Highbray, oo. Devon, and chaplain of SandfDrd, 
in the same shire (son of George Bent, M.D. of Exetei% by 
Mary his wife, dau. of Wm. Oxenham, Esq. of Ozenham, 
the descendant of a very ancient Devonshire family), m. 1st, 
in 1773, Mary, dau. of John Milton, Esq. of Bristol, and by 
her (who d. in 1784) had issue, George, d, wim. in 1803, 
capt 60th rifles ; John, now of Wexham Lodge ; Mary, d. 
Hnm. in 1841 ; Frances ; Elizabeth, d. in 1784. He m. 2ndly, 
in 1785, Hannah, widow of Thomas Marsh, Esq., and by 
her (who d. in 1794) had issue, 

I. Hugh, in holy orders, 8. to his father's livings of Jacob- 
. stowe and Highbray, m, Ist, Sarah Lane, by whom he 

had two daus., 

1 Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. R. Hutton, rector of Ring- 

2 Maiy-Frances, m. to William Deans, Esq. 

He m. 2nd]y, Emily Hutton, and by her had a dau., 
Hannah -Matilda, and d. in 1836. 

II. William-Henry, lieut. -colonel roval artilleij, m. Char- 
lotte, dau. of the late Lieut. -General Samuel Runmington, 
royal invalid artillery, and has issue, 

1 Jolm, assistant-surgeon royal artillery. 

2 William-Henry, assistant-surgeon, K.N. 
8 George, an officer in the royal engineers. 
4 Hugh, an officer in the royal artiUeiy. 

6 Froderick. 6 Thomas. 

1 Anna. 2 Charlotte. 

8 Mary- Anne, m. to Capt. Travers, nsyal srtilleiy. 

4 Frances. 
I. Rebecca, m. to Willitun-Teer Hawke, Esq. 
u. Cbariotto, deceased. 

III. Georgiua, m. to btephen Shute, Esq. 
The Rev. George Bent d. in 1814. 

^mu— Per pale, az. and gu., on a fesse, engnUled, or, be- 
tween six bezants, a lion's bead, erased, of the second, be- 
tween two annulets, of the first. 

Crt3t—A demi-lion ramptiut, per fesse. az. and gu., gorged 
with a collar, indented, and holding between the paws a 
bull's head, oaboesed, or. 

JfoMo— Tutameu Deus. 

feat— Wexham Lodge, near Slough, Bucka. 


Bbntwck, Georoe-Wiluam-Pierrepont, Esq. of 
Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk, M.P. for the west- 
em division of that county, b. 17 July, 1808. This 
gentleman is eldest son of Vice-Admiral William 
Bentinck, by the Lady Frances-Augusta-Eliza Pierre- 
pont, only dau. of Charles, 1st Earl Manvers, and 
grandson of Captain John Albert Bentinck, R.N., 
Count of the Empire, whose father, the Hon. William 
Bentinck, a noble of Holland, was son of William 
Bentinck, Ist Earl of Portland, by his 2nd wife, 
Jane, Dowager Lady Berkeley. (*S^ Burke's Peer- 

Arm»—Az., a cross-moline, arg. 

Crett — Out of a marquess's coronet, ppr., two arms counter- 
embowed, vested, gu., on the hauds, gloves, or, each holding 
an ostrich feather, arg< 

£eo^— Terrington t^ Clement. 

Bentlet, John, Esq. of Birch Hoiuje, co. Lancas- 
ter, J.P. and D.L., 6. 11 April, 1797; m. 11 Oct. 
1836, Emma, eldest dau. of Clement Royds, Esq. of 
Mount Falinge, high-sheriff of Lancashire in 1850, 
and has issue, 


I. FRANXTO-JoHiC'RoYns, b. 12 May, 1850. 

II. Cloucut-Edward-Eoydfl, 6. 24 Nov. 1852. 

III. Algemon-Royds, 6. 7 Aug. 1354. 

I. Emma-Rhoda. u. Adela-Constanoe. 

9,lUtKQt* — ^The Bentlyes are an old Lancashire fomily, 
and their residence was for some centuries at Bentley Hall, 
near Bury. 

John Bbntlxt, living about the middle of the 18th 
century (son of John Bentley), m. Mary, dau. of — Cravoi, 
Esq., and had six children, Jomr, Richard, Thomas, Sarah, 
Mary, and Lydia. The eldest son, 

JoniT Bentlet, Esq. of Birch House, b. 22 Sept. 1758, m. 
in 1793, Ellen, dau. of Richard Lomax, Esq. of Harwood, 
near Bolton, and dying in June, 1821, left an only smviving 
child, the present John Bbsttley, Esq. of Birch House. 

Amu— Arg . on a bend, sa., three wolves, passant, or, 
Crat — A wolf, rampant, erm., ducally collarod, or. 
Moao—Benigjio numine. 
Seat — Birch House, near Bolton. 

Benton, Richard, Esq. of Englefield House, co. 
Berks. This gentleman, 2nd surviving son of the 
late William-Henry Fellowes, Esq. of Ramsey Abbey, 
by Emma his wife, dau. of Richard Benyon, Esq.,!. 
to the Benyon estates under the will of his uncle, 
Richard Benyon De Beauvoir, Elsq., and has assumed 
Uie name and arms of Benton. 

%itltSlQt* — ^RiCHABD BxNTON, Esq., Governor of Fori 
St. George, in the East Indies, son of Daniel Benyon, Esq. 
by Mary his wife, 6. 26 Nov. 1698, m. for his 3rd wife, Mary, 
dau. of Francis Tyssen, Esq. of Balmes House, Hackney, 
and relict of Powlett Wrightc, Esq. (by which gentleman, 
who was grandson of Sir Nathaniel Wrighte, lord keeper of 
the Great Seal, he had one sou, Powlett Wri^te, who d. i. p. 
in 1779, and bequeathed his estates to his uncle. Nathaniel, 
for life, with remainder to his half-brother, Richard 
Benyon), and by her had an only son, 

RiOHABn Benyon, Esq.. devisee of the estates of his half- 
brother, Powlett Wrighte, b. 28 June, 1746, ». S Sept. 1767, 
Hannah, eldest dau. of Sir Edward Hulse, Bart, of Bresr 
more House, and by her (who d. 27 April, 1828) left at his 
death, 22 Aug. 1796, with daus. (of whom, Hannah-Elia- 
beth m. Vice- Admiral Fellowes; and Emma «a. Williaoi- 
Heury-Fellowee, Esq. of Ramsey Abbey, Huntingdon) an 
only son, 

RiCHARn Benyon-Db Beau voir, Esq. of Englefield House, 
m. 27 Sept. 1797, Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir Francis Sykes, 
of Basildon Park, oo. Berks, and by this lady (who d. 29 
Oct. 1822X had no issue. Mr. Benyon-De Beauvoir, who 
assumed the surname of Powlett-Wriohtk in 1814, and 
that of Da Bbauvoib in 182S, was a magistrate and deputy* 
lieut. for Berkshire, and was hi^h-sheriff in 1816. He d. in 
18M, having devised a portion of his estates to (the son 
of his sister) his nephew RioHARn Fsllowbs, wh'>, having 
assumed the name of Benyon, is now of Englefield. 

^rm«— Vair6. sa. and or ; on a chief; wavy, of the last, an 
eastern crown between two mullets, gu., for Bkkyon, quar- 
tering FSLLOWfB. 

Crtti — A grifliii. sqjaut, or, cellared with an eastern crown, 
gu.. holding in the beak a Guernsey lily, ppr. 

Ifotto— VTucam vel moriar. 

Seat — ^Englefidd House, Berks. 

beynon of carshalton, 

Betnon, The Rev. Edmund-Turner, A.BL of 
Carehalton, and Slioes Oaks, Chelsham, co. Suroev, 
6. 29 April, 1777; m. 81 July, 1805, Martha, only child 
of Edward Beynon, Esq. oi Carshalton,* and haa^ 

I. EnMuim-BATLXY Bkynon, 6. 24 Jtme, 1806, M.A. 

IX. Edward-Francis Beynon, b. 9 Deo. 1808, M.A. Trin. 
Ck>ll., Cambridge, rector of Creaton, oo. Nortiiampton. 
Mr. Beynon (son of the late Heniy Batley, Gent., of 
CJarshalton, by Jane his wife, dau. and heir of Ed- 
mund Turner, Esq. of Stockwell, and grandson of 
Benjamin Batley, G^nt. of Newington Butts, ori- 
ginally from the neighbourhood of Halifax) having 
acquired the estate at Carshalton upon his marriage, 
assumed his present surname. 

• Mr. Beynon was 2nd son of Francis Beynon, Esq. of 
Shrewsbuiy, and ycun^er brother of Francis Beynun, of 
Spratton Place, co. Northampton, Esq., whoso only dau. and 
heir, Eusabeth-Anns, m. Andrew Hacket(, Esq. ol MoxhuU 
Park, 00. Warwick. 

B Elt 


Jnu—VBt palfl^ ^»^, as. and go., on a bend, cotiaed, or, 
ftiM croea-croaBlota^ vert, for Beynon; quartering Batlkt. 

Crat—A 1km, rampant^ aiig., sem^ of crosscrosslets, vert, 
holding between hia fore paws an eacocheon, of the first, 
duiged with a gtiffiu's head, erased, poan, for Betnon; a 
griffin's bead, eraaed, pean, in the beai a roillrind, as in the 
snns, tor Batlbt. 

art OirBhalt.on, eo. Suirey. 

Baixr-Bbrx, Montaoub, Esq. of Morebath, co. 
Devon, D.L^ barrister-at-law, and one of the com- 
maaionerB of Bankruptcy, 6. 15 July, 1798; m. 
12 Aug. 1822, Wilhelmina- Jemima, 3rd dau. of 
Daniel Sandford, D.D., bishop of Edinbui^gh, and 
fau issue, 
L MosTAOVK, barrister^t-law, 6. 9 July, 1824 ; m. 12 Aug. 
1852, Ceca-Henrietta, 2nd dan. of Capt. Thomas-Went- 
, worth Buller, B.N., of Whimple, Devon, and has a dau,, 

^ Alioe^iiUa. 

n. Charles-8aiidford, 6. 25 Jan. 1829. 
I L Ttanoea-Anne-Julia. 

\ n. Wilhrimfawfc-Addaide-Qeoigiana. 

fLintUSt, — ^The family of Bere was seated at Huntsham 
ts early aa the reign of Bdwabd II., and its pedigree appears 
leeofded in the Heralds' Visitations. 

Mobtaoub-Bebb Baxkb, Esq. of Morebath (son and heir 
of William Baker, Esq. of Timberscomb, oo. Somerset, by 
Auie his wife, dan. and eventual heir of Davy Bei-e, Esq. 
of Morebath, grandaon of Richard Bere, Esq., who pur- 
chased the manor of Morebath), assumed the surname and 
anns of Bekb, by royal licenae, 9 Dec. 1775. He m. Ist, in 
179S, Anne, eldest dau. of the Bev. Thomaa-Edward Clarke, 
of Trimlet House, oc Somerset, and by her, who d. 1802, 
MoKTAOUX. now of Morebath. 

Wmiam, M.A., vicar of Morebath, and perpetual curate 
of Upton, m. MatT-Emilv, 2nd dau. of the Rev. John 
Sprye. vicar of Ugborouffh, co. Devon, but by her (who 
d. 16 April, 1864) left no iasue at hia decease, 5 Oct 1844. 
Sdwd, m^r in the army, m. ArabeUa-Elixabeth, eldest 
dan. of Wllham Pigou, Esq. of Hounslow, and has issue. 
Ann»<3ax^ m. Ist, in 1821, to the Rev. R.-F. Follett, 
M.A^ and 2ndly, in 1836, to Edwards Beadon, Esq. of 

Mr. Baker a». Zndly, 25 Jan. 1804, Anne, dau. of Robert 
I^ Esq. of Bardon, co. Someraet, by which lady (who m. 
todiy, JohnBuigeaa Keralake, Eaq.; and Srdly, Richard 
OmpioQ, Esq.) he had no iaaue. He d. 29 Jan. 1804. 

ifn aa A ig-., three beara* heada, aa., muzzled, or. 
JIfoCte— Bear and forbear. 
&8<— Morebath Houses Devon. 

Bm, JoHir, Esq. of Timewell House, co. Devon, 
J J*., m, Mary, dau. of the Bey. James Bandolph, of 
l^rertoD, and has issue. 

Itnnige. — Tm Bkt. Johh Bbrx, vicar of Morebath 
Croanger brother of Davy Bere, Eaq. of Morebath, whose 
tfao. Anne, «». William Baker, Eaq., grandfather of the 
praaent Montague Baker-Bere, Eaq.), m. Mary Hayman, 
ad was father of Johv, hia heir, and Richard, B.D., vicar 
if Ottbampton, d. ttmn, in 1881. The elder, 

Tmm Bit. Jobv Baax, M.A. vioar of Morebath, and 
neior of Sldll^te, oo. Someraet, m. Anne, dau. and oo- 
hdr d Robert Pearoe, Eaq. of Morebath, and had (with 
two dans., Axme, ». in 1814, to Stnkeley-Triatram Lucas, 
laq., and Elisabeth, "who d, vnm.) two aona, Jomr, hia 
kair, now of Timewell Houae^ and Richard, LL.B., z«ctor 
of fftiSgata, co. Bomenei. 

ilnaf and Jtfbtte— Aa Bnts of Morebath, 

fiH*-TfaDannU Houses Morebath. 


BmsFORD, Johh-Babr^ Esq. of Learmount, oo. 
ItODdondeny, JJP. and D.L., 6. 19 April, 1815; m. 
H 23 AprO, 1840, Sophia, sister of Hugh Lyons- 
Xootgomenr, Esq., H.P. oo. Leitrim, and had by her 

I. Henbt-Barbx-Blaoker, b. 4 May, 1848. 
u. John-Claudius-Montgomery, 6. S Feb. 1850. 

He m. 2ndly, 17 July, 1858, Oaroline, only dau. of 
William-Haxuilton Ash, Esq. of Ashbrook, oo. Lon- 

%intHflt* — Thb RiOHT Hon. John Berxstobd, 2nd 
son of Mm-cus, 1st Earl of Tyrone, by Catherine his wife. 
Baroness Le Peer, left, by Barbara his 2nd wife, dau. of 
Sir William Montgomery, Bart, of Magbie Hill, two sons 
and five daus. Of the former, the elder, 

Hknbt-Babrb Bebestobd, Eaq., 5. 25 Sept. 1874, m. 
29 Feb. 1812, Eliza, youngest dau. of John Bayly, Esq^. 
of the city of Bristol, and by her (who d, 22 Dec. 1831), 
had issue, 

John-Babrb, now of Learmount. 

Henry-Barrt, Ueut RN., b. 23 July, 1816. 

Willi£un-Montgomeiy, in holy orders, b. 81 Oct. 1817, m. 
18 Feb. 1851, Rosa, dau. of John Turner, Esq. of Brigh- 
ton, and has a dau. 

James-David, late 76th regt, b. 2 April, 1819. 

Geoige-De la Poor, capt 16th regt., b, IS Feb. 1826, m. 15 
Dec. 1849, Anne, dau. of Mi^or-Qen. Conyera, and has 

issue, three sons. 

Maty-Barbara, m. 9 Feb. 1886, to Thomas-William Foun- 

taine, Esq. of Narford Hall, co. Norfolk. 


.^rm«— Quarterly: 1st and 4th, arg., crusillv-fltch^ three 
fleurs-de-lis, within a bordure, engrailed, sa., forBEBEsroBD; 
2nd and Srd, axg., a chie^ indented, sa., for Db la Posb. 

CretU — A dragon's head, erased, arg., pierced through the 
neck with a broken spear, or, point, aiif., thrust through the 
upper Jaw, forBBRKSFOBD; and a stn^sbeod. caboesed, ppr., 
attired, or, between the horns acruciflz, of the Ixut, theroon 
the resemblance of Jesus, ppr., for La Poes. 

Motto— Vil nisi cruce. 

J80a^— Learmount, co. Londondeny. 


Berington, John, Esq., hi. 1 March, 1850, Qeoi^gina- 
Deborah, dau. of the late J.-S. Oxon, Esq. of Flesk 
Priory, Killamey. 

ILintKflt* — The Shropshire family of Berington, seated 
at Motehall, near Shrewsbury, has always been considered 
to have a common origin wiUx branches seated in Hereford- 
shii-e, and is the senior branch. 

Bloimt, in hia M8. OolUctions from Her^fMUhire, speakincr 
of Winsley, anciently Windesley, says : " In Edward III.'s 
time, Beryton of Stoke Lacy married the daughter and 
heir of Rowland de Windesley, and had by her this ancient 
seat, with other lands, which^has continued in the family 
ever since. But in later tymes the name has been changed 
to Berington. This house lyes in the parish of Hope-under- 
Dinmore, and as a badge of its antiquity there la carved in 
wood, in old characters, over the porch, a cross with tiiese 
words : ' Per signum Taw libera noa Domine.' Upon the 
crossbeams of the hall is carved an ancient coat of arma^ 
oonaisting of bendy of five pieces, which haply was 
the arms of Windesley before the Beringtona were owners 
of it" 

Simon BEamoTOK , Esq. (eldest son of William Berington, 
of Stoke Lacy, by Elizabeth Kittleby his 2nd wife, and 
grandson of John Berington, Esq, of Stoke Lacy, by Eleanor 
his wife, dau. and heir of Rowland Wyndesley, of Wyn- 
desley) m. 1st, WiniAred Coningsby, of Hampton, co. Here- 
ford ; and 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of John Blount, of Eye, 
CO. Hereford, and by the latter had issue, William, of 
whom we treat ; Humphrey, of London, merchant, m. and 
left a son, John ; and Philippa, m. to William Carpenter, of 
Coleford, oo. Oloucester. The elder son, 

William Bebimoton, of Winsley, m. Eleanor, dan. and 
heir of Richard Goodman, chief yeoman of the buttery to 
Queen Euzabbth, and d. about 1636, aged about 55, leaving 
(besides two daus., Elizabeth ; and Anne, m. to John 
Harpur, of Chilston, co. Hereford) a son and heir, 

JoHV Berikoton, Esq. of Winsley, aged 72 in 1688, who 
m. Jane, dau. of Henry Casey, of Whitfield, co. Gloucester, 
and had issue a son, Johk, and three daus., viz., WiniAred, 
m. to Bellingham Slaughter, of Cheneys Court, oo. Here- 
ford ; Anne, m. to Thomas Berington, of Motehall, eo. 
Salop ; and Mary, m. to John Street, of Gatertop, oo. Hera- 
ford. The son, 

John Bbkihgton, Esq. of Winsley, living In 1688, aged 
85, m, Elisabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Wooliych, Knt. 

Jigitized by V^OOQIC 

13 EK 

B E R 

and Bart, of Dodmaston, oo. Salop, and had, with other 

I John, his heir. 

Thomas, living in 1683, who «. Elizabeth, dau. of John 
BusaelL of little Malvern, and had (besides a son, who 
d. t. p.) an only dau. and heir, Elirabeth, «. to Thomas 
WiUlams, Eaa. of TreUynnic, co. Flint, who acquired, 
TOh her, Little Malvern, and left an only dau. and heir, 
Mary, who m, — Wakeman, and d, $. p.. devising Little 
Malvern to her kinsman, William BeringtonTEsq. of 
Hereford, (the son of her second-cousin, Clurles.) 

Elisabeth. ' 

The ddest ion and hsir, 

John Bbrinotok, Esq. of Winsley, «. the dan. and heir 
of Andrews of Hereford, and had, with a younger son, 
Simon, in holy orders, an elder son and heir, 

John Bbrinoton, Esq. of Winsley and Deveroux Wot- 
ton, who TO. Winifted, dau. of John Homyold, Esq. of 
Blaekmoor Park, co. Worcester, and by her (who d. 12 Jan. 
1791) had ioBoe^ 

John, d. i. p. at Bristol. 

Thoxas; of whom presently. 

Joseph, in hd|y orders. 

Charles, of Wintercott, co. Hereford, (See BERiNOTOir of 
LiUle Malvern Omrt. ) 

Winifred, d. imm. 24 Sept 1826. 

Eliisabeth, wk to Lacon Lambe, Esq., and d. 80 Sept. 1823. 

Maiy, TO. 1 Dec. 1770, to John Eldridge, of London. 

Catharine, Bridget, and another dau., all nuna. 

Henrietta, d. tmioi, 5 July, 18S6. 

Jane^ d. uhto. 1 Jan. 1820. 

Mr.Berington d. 2 Feb. 1794, aged 87, and was «. by hin- 
ted but eldest surviving son, 

Thomas Bbrinoton, Esq. of Winsley, who to. Jane, onlv 
dau. of Francis Ridon, Esq. of Howflcld, oo. EMez, and 
by her (who d. in Feb. 1812) hod issue, 

John, his hdr. ^Thomae.Bladon,ofHeretoitL 

SlilSSdrd.^**^ Hughos, and has issuer John and Harriot 
Caroline. Maria. Louisa. Harriet 

Mr. Berington d, 14 Mardh. 1824, aged 82, and was «. by 
his eldest son, 

- John Bwunotoh, Esq., D.L., and lieut-<5oL Hereford 
miUtIa* TO. Mrs. Frances Dickenson, and d. 26 Jan. 1862, 
leaving, John, present representative of the flunily: Bow- 
land; Thomas; William ; and Charles. 

^niM-Ja., three greyhounds, couiant, aiig., collared, gu., 
within a borduio, of the last *»*w, ^u.. 


Bbrinoton, Charles-Michael, Esq. of Little Mal- 
vern Court, CO. Worcester, *. 16 Feb. 1830. 

'iLiXlttLfS:^. — (Thablk Bbrinoton, of Whitenott, oo. 
Hereford, 4th surriving son ot John Berington, Esq. of 
Winsley, by Winiflned Hornyold, his wife (see Bbrinoton of 
WtnOepX TO. 1 Dec 1770, Mary Jay, of Wintercott, a co- 
heiress, and d. 7 Feb. 1809, baring had by her (who d. 
6 Jan. 1810) issuer besides four sons, who d. $. p. 


WiLUAM. of whom presently. 

Marv. TO. to Hooper, of oo. Hereford. 

Wim&ed, lady abbess at Taunton. 

Anne. Frances. 

Elizabeth, m. in 1814, to John Davis, of Demdale, oo. 


Catherine, lady abbess at Spetsbunr, co. Dorset. 

Jane, ». to Clement Lorymer, of Perthea, oo. Monmouth. 

Tbo 2nd surviving son, 

WiLUAM Bbrinoton, Esq., acquh:ed the little Malvern 
estate, under the will of his oousfai, Mrs. Mary Wakeman, 
dau. and heir of Thomas Williams, Esq. of TreUynnic, oo. 
FUnt and Little Malvern, which latter estate he acquired 
by his wifo Elizabeth, only dau. and heir of Thomas Ber- 
ington (2nd son of John Berington, of Winsley, by Eliza- 
beth his wife, dau. of John Russell, of Little Malvern. 
Mr. William Berington to. 18 May, 1829, Mary-Frances 
Brun, a Spanish lady, and d. 10 April, 1847, having had 
Sssu^ Charlbs-Miohasl, now of little Malvern Court; 
William; and Josephine. 

^rm*— Sa., three greyhounds oounuit» aig., onllared, or. 
within a bordure, gu. 



BERKELKif, Robert, Esq. of Spetcbley, co. Wor- 
cester, m. in 1822, Henrietta-Sophia, eldest dau. aikd 
co-heir of the late Panl Benfield, Esq. of Grosvenor 
Square, M.P., by Mary-Fi'ances his wife, granddau. ot 
Sir John Swinburne, of Capheaton, Bart^ and has, 

I. RoBXRT, b. 8 Oct 1823, m, 4 MaitOi, 1851, lAdy Cathe- 
rine Browne, dau. of Thomas, Earl of Kenmare. 

II. John-Edward. m. Heniy^William. 
I. Mxuy-Fnmoes. ii. Harriet-Eliza. 

III. Agnes-CaroUne. rv. Bmily-Jane. 

%iueagt. — ^Thk Hon. Thomas Bersblet, fourth son 
of James, 4th Lord Berkeley, by Isabd his ^e, dan. and. 
co-heir of Thomas Mowbray, Ist Duke of Norfolk, was 
seated at Dursley, eo. CHoueester. He to. Mary, dan. of 
Richard Guy, Esq. of Mlnsterworth, in the same Bhix% and. 
dying in 1484, was $. by his son, 

RioftABD BXBKKLET, Bsq. of DuTsley, (named in the will 
of his undo the Marquesi of BeikeleyX who si. Maigarat 
Dyer, and was fiither of 

WiujAM Bbiiksuit, Esq., mayor of Heretord, and M.P. 
for that dty in 1647. He m. Elizabeth, dan. of WiUlam 
BimgfaiU, of Cowame, and was «. by his son, 

Rowland Bbrkxlsy, Esq., M.P. for tho city of Wor- 
cester, who became possessor of the estates of Ootheridge 
and Spetchley, in Worcestershire. He m. Catherine, dau. 
of Thomas Hayward, Esq., and dying in 1011, had, with 
five yoimger sons and nine daus., 

WiLUAH, of 0>theridge (See thai fatmUy). 

RoBSBT (Sir). 
Tho second son, 

Sm Robert Bxbkklkt, Knt of Spetchley, h. In 15849 
became one of the Judges of the court of Klng^ Bench. 
He m. Elizabeth, dau. and oo-heir of Thomas Coaywm^ 
Esq. of Bast Bamet» and left, in 1066, an only son and 

Thomas Bsrkkjet, Esq. of Spetdhley, who m. Anne, dao. 
of William Dardl, Esq. of 8ootn«y, in Sussex, (descended 
from a niece of Archbishop Chioheley, founder of All Sonla* 
CoUego, Oxford). Their son, 

Thomas BsautLST, Esq., si. Elisabeth, dau, and sola 
heir of William Hdyoke, Esq. of Morton Basset, co. War- 
wick. He d. in 1719, and was $, by his son, 

Thomas Bxbkelbt, Esq., who m. Mary, dan. and heiresa 
of Robert Davis, Esq. of Clythsi co. Monmouth, and dying 
in France, left two sons, vis., 
Robert, his heir. 

John, who m. 1st, Catherine, dau. of Cfbarlos Bodenham, 
Esq. of Rotherwas, co. Hereford, and had an only son, 
Robert, successor to his uncle. He m. 2udly, Jane, dan, 
and co-heir of Sir William Compton, Bart, and had two 
daus., Catherine, wife of Robert Canning, Bsq. of Fox- 
cote ; and Jane, m. to Thomas-Anthony, viscount South- 
The elder 8<m, 

Robert BsBKBLBY, Esq. of Spetohley, m. Ist, Anne^ 
sister and co-heir of John Wyboxne, Esq. of Flixt<m, co. 
Norfolk ; 2ndly, (^therine, dau. of Thomas Fitidierbert* 
Esq. of SwinnertOD, in Staffordsldre ; and Srdly, EUxabeth, 
dau. of Peter Parry, Esq. of Twysog, in Doibighshii^ 
Mr. Berkeley d, without issue, in 1804, and was «. by his 

Robert Berkxlxt, Esq. of Spetohley, who m. In 170^ 
Apolonia, 3rd dau. of Richard Lee, Esq. of Uanfblst, oo. 
Monmouth, and left at his decease, an only surviving mm^ 
the present Robert Berkeley, Esq. of Spetchl^. 

A rm § Gu., a dievron, axg., between ten crosses pattfe^ of 
the second. 
Orat—A bear's head, couped, axg., muxsled, go, 
lfott<H-Dieu avec nous. 
SeoU-SpotcMsy, Worcestershire. 


Berkblet, William, Esq. of Cotheridge Cotvrt, 
CO. Worcester, m. in 1809, Lucy-Prederica, 2nd dau. 
and co-heir of John-Richard Comyns, Esq. of Hylands, 
CO. Easel, and has issue, 

X. WnjJAM-CoMYNs, in holy oxders, m. Harriet-Elisa- 
beth, 8rd dau. of John-Bowyer Nicholls, Esq., P.aA,, 
and has four sons, 
1 Rowland-Comyns. 2 WIlliam-NichoUa 

8 Edmund-Robert. 4 tferbert-Bowyor. 

Jigitized by V^^ ^ ^ "^ ^ ^ 

fi E R 

n. Camyns-Bowltfid, of Oray's-iim, m. Hary, 2nd dan. 

of the Ber. Frederic Lftte^ard, rector of Perivale, 

Middteaex, and baa issue, 
in. CbaHee-Clement, of lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-Iaw. 
IT. Geoige-Brackenbnry. v. AuguatuB. 

L Emfly-Gonyera. 

Itltea^. — Wn.uAX Bebiulbt, Esq., b. in 1582, 
ddest eon of Borland Berkeley, Esq. of Worcester and 
Spetcfatey, M.P., fmt Bkbkzlby of SpetchleyJ, m. Mai^g^aret, 
dio. ef Thomas Cl^ttle, Bsq. of Worcester. In the 13th of 
Jaiob I., he pnrchaaod firom Sir John Acton, the manor 
lad estate <^ Cotheridge, in Woaeester, and senred the office 
of U^i-«h«riff in 1618. At his decease in 1668, he left, 
with two dans., Jane, la. to William Jefflfvys, Esq. of Holme 
OMls; and 'Kattierine, m. to John Vetn^, Esq. of Kingston, 
•0. Warvick ; a son and heir, 

8b Bowijusn Bebkelbt, Knt. of Cotheridge, b. in 1618, 
1 earaller officer, and M.P. for the city of Worcester. In 
1M6 he paid a fine of £2030, for having been a oommis- 
itaBer of anay, and for having ndsed money to maintain 
the fiwn*tf of the parlitunent. In Dugdale's Umffe qf 
Arm*, he is m e nti on ed as one of the intended knights of 
the Boyal Oak. He m. Dorothy, dan. of Sir Thomas Cave, 
KnL of Stanford, oo. Northampton, and had a son, Thomas, 
vho d. wm. in 1669, and five daus., Elisabeth, m. to 
Heuy Green, Esq. of Wykin, oo. Warwick; Penelope, m. 
fir Thomas Street, Knt., lord chie^ Justice of the King's 
BomIi; Bebecca, m, to Henry Townsend, Esq. of Elmley- 
Lvvel; Mary. ^ to Biohard Nssh, Esq. of Droitwich; 
lad Maipuret, ». to William Bromley, Esq. of Holt Castle, 
fifa- Bowhmd was «. at his de(Sease, by his grandson, 

BowuuTD Qnssif, Esq., who assmnod the surname of 
BotKSLrr. He was high-sheriff for the co. of Worcester in 
1711. He m. Hary, dau. and co-heir of George Bohun, 
laq. of Newhoose wad Conndon, co. Warwick, (founder's 
kin at Windiester). and had two sons, Rowland, and Lucy, 
1f.A., rector of Great Whitley and Acton-Beanchamp, co. 
Worcester ; and eight daus., Maigery, d. ttnm. ; Dorothy, 
wife of WiUiam Calcott, of Berwick, Shropshhe ; Penelope, 
wife of William Green, Esq. ; Eliza, d, unm. ; Susanna, d. 
wn. ; Maigaret, wife of Scarlett Lloyd, Esq. of Harlscott ; 
Jans, m, to WilUam, 5th Lord Craven, of Combe Abbey, co. 
ITwrmkik; and Katheiine, wife of Thomas, 4th Lord Lcdgh, 
of Stooddgh Abbey, co. Warwick. Mr. Green -Berkeley 
was «. at his decease by his elder son, 

BovLABD BsBKXLKT, Esq. of Cotheridgo. who m. Lucy, 
dso. of AnthcHiy Lechmere, Esq. of Severn End, and had 
teae, BowLAjn); Henry-Bowland; Anne, wife of the Rev. 
Bkhard Tomkyna ; Mary, m. to Joseph Seveme, Esq. of 
Bnymyard, oo. Hereford; and Maigaret, m, to William 
Teomans, Esq. Mr. Bericeley was «. by his eldest son, 

BowLAVD Bkbkxlkt, Esq. of Cotheridgo, who served as 
U|^-dieriir in 1764. He m. Sarah, dau. of William Car- 
bonnel, Esq., and dying 8. p. in 1806, was «. by his 

Thx Bet. Hkhbt-Bowlaitd Bebsklet, of Cotheridge, 
D.C.L., rector of Onib<iiy, Shropshire, and of Shelsley- 
Beandamp, oo. Worcester, and a fellow of Winchester. 
He at. Miss Mary Jones, of New Woodstock, co. Oxford, 
and at his decease $. p^ 17 Sept 1832, aged 02, the estates 
passed under his brother Bowland's will, to (his eldest 
lister's son) his nephew, 

. Tki Bkt. RifiHABP ToMXTva, who assumed the surname 
of BXBKBLiT, in Uie October following. He m. Louisa, 
dsn. of the Bev. James Peeedy, and had (with a son 
w1m> d. in infiuugr) a dau., Louisa- Anne, who m. Edward- 
SosmU Ingram, Bsq. of Wareley. Mr. Tomkyna-Bei^ley 
d. S Jan. 1840, and was «. by his coushi, 

Tn Bsv. Jonr - Bowlakd BHUisurr, of Cotheridge, 
Mlow of New College, Oxford, rector of Much-Cowame, 
ea. Hianfevd, grandson of the Bev. Uujy Berkeley before 
mmtioned, and eldest son of the Bev. Rowland Berkeley,' 
1L.D., feDow of Nevr College, Oxford, vicar of Writtle and 
iKoxwell, and rector of Rochford, co. Essex, by Elizabeth 
his wife, dan. of — Wathen, Esq. He d. wnm. 81 March, 
1890, and was t. by his brother, the present Wiluam 
Bbszlct, Esq. of Cotheridge. 

if ras-Gu., a chevron, tag., between ten cro s s e s p a t < e ^ of 
Cmt^A bear's head, ooaped, aig., musiled, go. 
Mctto^Vkn aveo nous, 
tee— Oothertdge Court, WorcestersUre. 

BnsABD^ Thoma8> £8^' of C!a8tle Bernard, Kiug^s 

^ E H 

CJounty, late capt 12th lancers, 6. in Sepi 1816; i. 
his father, the late CoL Bernard, in May, 1884 

9^lntHflt» — Chables Bernabd, b. in 1816, stated to 
have been grandson of Francis Bernard, Esq. of Abing4on, 
in Northamptonshire, aocompanied Cbomwbll to Irelmul, 
and settled in the co. of Carlow. He m. Elizabeth, dan. 
and heir of Philip Bhoppard, Esq., and by her was father 

Thomas Bbrkabd, Esq. of Oldtown andClonmulsh, co. Oor- 
low, who m. Deborah, dau. of Charles Franks, Esq, of Clap- 
ham, and dying in 1720, left issue. 1 Chables, of Bernard's 
Grove, Queen's Co., high-sherilT of Carlow in 1718, who d. 
17S8, leaving issue; 8 Franks, of Castletown, King's Co. 
m. and had issue ; 8 Jossph, of whom we treat. The third 

Joseph Beritard, Esq. of Straw HOI, co. Carlow, and 
Castletown, King's County, high-sheriff of the former in 
1730, b. in 1604, m. Mary, dau. of John Edwards, Esq of 
Old Court, CO. Wicklow, and had, with five daus,, (Jane * 
(Mrs. Oalbndth) ; Mary, wife of John Bennett, Esq. ; Debo- 
rah ; Jemima (Mrs. Mo&tt); and Anne) three sons, 

Thomas, his heir. 

John, capt. R.N,, who m. his cousin. Miss Pickering, and 
lefb one son, Joseph, of Franklord, King's Co. 

WiUiam, of Straw Hall, oo. Carlow. m. his cousin, Mary 
Bernard, by whom he had, Thomas, of Straw Hill, who 
d. in 1807, leaving, besides daus., two sons. 

Mr. Bernard d. in 1764, and was «. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Bebnabo, Esq. of Castletown, who m. Ist, Mfas 
Stephens; 2ndly, Mrs. Bernard, widow of Franks Bernard, 
Esq. ; and Srdly, Miss Palmer ; and d. in 1788, leaving (with 
six daus., Mrs. Palmer; Mra. Going; Mrs. Armstrong; 
Mrs. Lauder; Mrs. Smith; and Mrs. Clarke) one son, 

Thomas Bbrnabd, Esq. of Castle Bernard, who m. Ist, 
Mary, dau. of -^ Willington, Esq. of Castle Willington, 
King's County, and 2ndly, Miss Biddulph, by the former 
ct whom he left, at his decease in 1816, (with four daus., 
Mary, in. to Sir Robert Waller, Bart.; Anne; Elisa; and 
Barbara, wife of John Foe, Esq. of Salsboi-ough), one son, 

Thomas Bbbnabd, Esq. of Castle Bernard, colonel of the 
King's County militia, and for more than thirty-two years 
knight ct the shire in parliament. Colonel Bernard, b. in 
1760, m. 1st, in 1800, EUsabeth, dau. of Henry, 1st Lord 
Dunalley, which lady d. «. p. in 1802; and 2ndly, 29 July, 
1814, Lady Catherine-Henrietta Hely-Hutchinson, sister of 
the present Earl of Donoughmore, by whom he had four 
sons and two daus., viz. 

Thomas, now of Castle Bernard. 
Frands, b. in Dec. 1818. 

John-Heary-Scrope, 6. Maj, 1820, an ofiieer in the anny. 
Ilichard-Wellealev, b. in March, 1822, who was present at 
the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and lukerman. 
Frances. Maiguerite, d, in 1842. 

Colonel Bernard d. in May, 1884. 

50a<«— Castle Bernard, King's Co. ; and Tou^baU Lodges 


Bbrnard-Beaiosh, Abthur, Esq. of Palace Anne^ 
CO. Cork, J.P., <. his maternal unde, Thomas Ber- 
nard, Esq., in 1795, and assumed, in consequence, 
the surname and arms of Bernard. 

SrCtUXS^. — Abthub Bbbnabd, Esq. of Palace Anna^ 
near Bandon, co. Cork, b. in 1666, next brother of Francis 
Bernard, of Castle Bernard, co. Cork, Esq., Judge of the 
Common Pleas, ancestor of the Earls of Bandon, m. Anne^ 
dau. and heir of Roger Le Poor, or Power, of Mount Eglan- 
tine, CO. Waterford, and had issue, Boobb, his heir; 
Francis ; Oeoige, fietther of the late General George Bernard, 
of Heton Lodge, Leeds, who d, in 1820 ; Abthub, successor 
to his nephew ; Anne, m. to William Conner, Esq. ; EBcaf- 
both, m. to Mf^or Gibbon ; Alida, m. to Bei^Iamin Green, 

Esq. ; , m. to Charles Gooken, Esq. ; Catherine, m. to 

Edward MsrUn, Esq. of Cork ; Thomaaine, m. to William 
Coghlan, Esq. ; Margai^ m. to Edward Barret, Esq. ; 
Henrietta, m. to Arthur Bernard, Esq. ; and Arabells, who 
d. unm. Mr. Bemai-d erected, in 1714, the fiunily mansion 
of Palace Anne, near the river Bandon, where his suooessoia 
have been since seated. 

BooBB Bebnabd, Esq. of Palace Anne, m. a dau. of 
— Harpur, and left at his decease an only child, 

Boobb Bbbnabd, Esq. of Palace Anne, higfa-sheriir for 

Digitized by 





lh« eo. of Cork in 1767, at whose deoeMO, unrn., the 
pMsed to hijB uncle, 

Abtbub Bbbmabd, Esq. of Palace Anne, 6. in 1716, who 
m. his cousin, Mary Adderiey, great-granddau. of Sir 
Matthew Hale, and had issue, 
I. Thomas, his heir. 

IL Arthur, who m. Margaret, — Warren, Esq., of Castle 
Warren, oo. Cork, and has, with other issue, a sou, 
1 Arthur, nug'or, h.-p., 84th regt. 
I. Elisabeth, m. to Richard Beamish, Esq., of Baharoon, 
CO. Cork, and had issue, 

1 Thomas Beamish, late mt^or 88rd regt (deceased). 

2 Abthub Beamish, successor to his unde, Thomas 
Bernard, Esq. 

8 Viiioent Beamish, lieat 8th (King's) r«gt. d. in the 
West Indies. 

4 Geoige Beamish, late capt 81st regt. 
6 Bernard Beamish, late aeut 84th regt 

6 Samuel Beamish, late c^^t 84th regt, m. Ellen, dan. 
of Oeoige Byrne, Esq., and has issue. 

7 Adderiey Beamish, late capt 81st regt. 

8 Richard Beamish, deceased. 

1 Elizabeth Beamish, m. to Thomas Austen, Esq. of 
Sheaf; CO. Cork. 

8 Mary Beamish, m. to William SuUiTan, Esq., late major 
79th regt (deceased). 

8 Jane Beamish, deceased. 4 Anne Beamish. 

n Alicia^ m. to the Rot. John Hingston, of Agii% co. 

m. Anne, d. imm. 
Mr. Bernard, who was provost of Bandon for many 
yearst d. at an advanced ago in 1798, and was «. by his 

Thomas BsasABn, Esq. of Palace Anne, who m. Harriet, 
dan. of — Lucas, Esq., but dying without issue^ was $. by 
his nephew, Arthur Beamish, Esq., now Abthub-Bsamisb- 
Bbrmaho, Esq. of Palace Anne. 

Arm*— Arg., a bend, as., ohaxged with three escallop 
•hells, of the first. 

Crttt^A demi-lion, axg., holding between his paws a snake, 
ppr. -^ 

Jtfbtto— Virtus probata florescit 

5mU— Palace Anne, near Bandon. 


Bkrnbrs, Johk, Esq. of Woolveretone Park, co. 
Suffolk, b, in July, 1800; m, in 1832, Mary-Hen- 
rietta, dau. of the Rev. Joshua Rowley, rector of 
Bergholt» Suffolk, and niece of the late Sir William 
Rowley, Bart 

SrttttXJl^. — ^This ftmily claims descent fhnn Hugo de 
Bemers, who accompanied the Cohqdseor to TtngiMirf ^^id 
VBoeived grants of land in Essex. 

Jamss Berkkbs, son of Jobias BsRifUts, m. Mary, dau. 
and heiress of William BoUnson, JSsq. and, with other issue, 
was father of 

. William Bsrnxbs, Esq., b. in 1679, who m. a dau. of R. 
Roworth, Esq., and d. in 1713, leaving an only surviving 

William Bsrnxbs, Es^. who m. Mary, dan. of Henry 
Bendysh, Esq. of South Town, OreatTarmouth. great-great- 
grsnddau. of the Protector Cbomwbll, and had issue, 

CHABLBfl; of whom presently. 

Henry, rector of Hambleton, co. Bucks, who m. Elizabeth 
Weston, and f<. in 1810, having had issue a dau., Emma. 

William, d. an Infant 

The elder son, 

Chablis Bsuvebs, Esq. of Woolverstone Park, b. hi 1740, 
m. 11 June, 17«5, Katharine, dau. of John lAroche, Esq. of 
Elgham, M.P. for Bodmin, and had issue. 

Chabllbb, his heir. 

Hevbt-Dkniit, kite of Woolverstone Park. 

William^ of London, banker, b. in 1771, m. Rachel, dau. of 

John Jarrett, Esq., of FreemanUe, Hanta. and <L in 1841, 

having had issue, with two daus.. throe sons, William, 

capt R.H.A. ; Heniy, m. Miss Saunders, of London; and 

Maria, m. in 1793, to Herbert-Newton Jarrett^ Esq., of the 
island of Jamaica, and d. in 1831. 
Mr. Bemers d. in 1815, and was $. by his son, 

Charlbs BERKKita, Esq. of Woolverstone Park, who d, 
«am. 19 Aug. 1831, aged 61, and was $. by his brother, 

Th« Veh . HszntT-DKNVv Bkiikbbs, of Woolverstone Park, 
J.P., archdeacon of Suffolk, b. 18 Sept 1769, m. hi July, 
1799. Sarah, dau. of John Jarrett, Esq. of Freemantle, 
and had issue, 

Jomr, now of Woolverstone. 

Bngh, ciqpt. R.N., b. in July, 1801, m. in 18S9; Julia, dan. 

of John Ashtmi, Esq. of The Orange, dieshlre^ and has 
issue a son and three daus. 

Ralph, 6. iu March, 1S03, in holy orders, rector of Haik- 
stead, CO. Suffolk, m. 27 June, 1831, Eliza, dau. of Sir Cor- 
nelius Cuyler, BJnrt. of Welwyn, Herts» and has issue 
three sons and two daus. 

AUoe, d. imm. in 1820. 

.^mu--Quarterly, or and vert. 

CVeiC— A monkey, ppr., environed about the loin% and 
lined, or, holding a scroll with the motto. 
Motto—Del Aigo I avolo— I escape troxxi the Are. 
Aot— Woolverstone Park, oo. Suffolk. 


Bernkt, THOMAfi-TRBKOB, Esq. of Morton Hall, 
00. Norfolk, b. 27 July, 1784; m. 15 June, 1812, 
Mary, dau. of Thomas Penrice, Esq. of Qreat Tar- 
mouth, and of Wilton House, co. Norfolk, and has 

I. OsoBOB-DuoKXT« H. Thomas, in holy orden. 

iiL John. rv. Augustus. 

L Mary. n. EUiabeth-Emily. xu. Susannah* 

IV. Caroline. v. Julia. 

Mr. Bemey is a magistrate for Noifolk, and was 
high-sherifr in 1813. 

SritlCAff^. — This vei7 ancient family is of Nonnaa 
origin, and derived its name from the town of Bem^, near 
Walsingham, Norfolk. 

Thomas Bebhst, Esq. high-sheriff of Noxfolk in IMT 
(younger brother of Sir Richard Bemey, 1st Bart, of Park 
Hall, in Reedham)^ m. Dorothy, dau. of John Smith, Esq. of 
Arminghall, and was grandfather of 

Thomas Bkbitst, Esq. of Swardestone Hall, bapt. S8 
April, 1674, who m. 89 Hay, 1700, Anne, dau. of Robert 
Suckling, Esq. of Wotton HkU, co. Norfolk, by Sarah his 
wife, dau. of Maurice Shelton, Esq. of Bamingham, Suffolk, 
and was father of 

JoHir Bkbmkt, Esq. of Brecon Hall, bopf. 14 July, 1717, 
high-sheriff of Norfolk hi 1760, who m. 1st, 28 May, 1745, 
Susan, dau. and sole heir of Samuel Trench, Esq., and had 
by her a son, Thomas, his heir; and two daus., Anne, m. to 
Robert Fellowes, of Shotteeham Hall, M.P. ; and Susanna,' 
m. to Peter-John -Tremeaux, Esq. He m. 2ndly, in 1756, 
Maigaret, dau. and heir of Sir Daniel Dolens, Knt., but had 
no further issue. His son and successor, 

Thomas Bebket, Esq. of Bracon HaU, b. 18 March, 175S, 
m. 8 May, 1774, Elisabeth, 3rd dau. and oo-heir of Sir 
George Jackson, Bart., some time under-eecretaiy of state, 
and M.P. for Colchester, by Mary his wife, dau. and s(de heir 
of William Ward, Esq. of Quisborough, in Torkshire, and left 
at his decease (with a dau., Elizabeth) a son and suoc ea ao r, 
the present Thomab-Trsnoh Bcrkkt, Esq. of Morton HalL 

.^rma— Quarteriy, gu. and as., over all, a croes, engrailed, 
Creif— A plume of ostrich feathers, per pale, aig. and m. 
MoUo—ifH temere, neque Umore. 
feat— Morton Hall, oo. Norfolk. 


Berbt, James-Wiluam-Middlstoit, Esq. of Ballj- 
negall, co. Westmeath, 6. 17 March, 1812 ; m. 16 Sept^ 
1851, Caroline-Augusta, 4th dau. of the Right Hon. 
T.-R Cusack Smith, Master of the Rolls in Ireland. 
Mr. Berry is a magistrate and deputy-lieut, and 
served as high-sheriff of Westmeath in 1848, He a. 
by will to the estate of Ballynegall in 1846, on the 
death of James Gibbons, Eaq. 

SritUXge.— The family of Beny, oxiginally flmn Walea» 
where they possessed a huge estate called Middleton, eet- 
tled in Ireland in the time of Cbomwkll, and reodved firooi 
Charues II. a grant of Eglish Castle, where they resided 
for several years. John Berry, of Middleton, in Walm. dia- 
inherited his son (John) for marrying a Miss Sweetroan, a 
Roman Catholic lady: by her he had a son, Thomas, who 
settled at Mnockerville, and purchased, with several other 
townlands, Millelan, which he called Middleton. He m. 
Miss Dames, of Oreen Hills, in the King's Co., and by her 
had issue, a son, 

Jomr BeaaT, who settled at Roundwoods, oo. Westmeath. 
He m. Hester, dau. of Capt. Fleetwood, son to Gen. Fleet- 
wood, by Bridget, dau. of Oliver Cbomwxll, widow of 
Gen. Ireton (thus this ikmUy not only went to Ireland with 

Jigitized by V^OOQl^ 


Ofirer Cbomwbx, IretoD, ftc, as sfcated by Hume in his 
BMtrjf <^ Bitgland, but aro, by its praeent membora, linsaUy 
<k« c« nded tram Ollrtr Cbomwell himself, through his dau. 
Bridget): by Heotor, his wife, Mr. Benyleft at his decease, 
ia 178S. three sons, 

Ibonkai^ of Bathgibbon and JBfflish Castle, in the Kino's 
Co^».inl7Sl. ^^ 

JAMsa-MiBDLnoH, of whom we treat 

Michael, d. loun. 
llM&id son, 

JAMv-MmDUTOH Bbbst, Esq., b. in 1745, «. Mary, dau. 
of Thomas Longworth (who assumed the surname of Dames, 
flQ foeoeeding to the estates of his maternal grandfather, 
TSmqss Dames)aBd dying in 1833, was $. by his only son, 

Joaai-MiDi>i.KTOH Beb»t, Esq., b. in 1787, who m. in 1810, 
Letiii^Citharine, dau. of William Smyth, Esq. of Drumcroe 
(•ho mpreqented Westmeath in soTeral suooessive parlia- 
MBta, both before and after the Union). Mr. Berry served 
ts aberiflr in 1814, and dying in 1880, left an only child, 
JAiCB-WiLUAM-MiDDLKrov BsRftT, Esq. uow of Bally- 

ilr«s— ^Jusrteriy : 1st and 4th. gu., three bars, or, a trefoil, 
leit ; Snd and 3rd, aiv., a lion, rampant, gu., debruised by 
iheod. az., charged with three escaUops, or. 

^«iC«-— 1st, a griffin's head and neck, per palo indented, 
fo. and aisr., chaiged with a trefoil, counterchanged ; 2nd, a 
oanl-fioD, rampant, az., holding in his paws an eecalloD. or. 

jfgtto— Nihil sine labora. 

aisl— BsllynegaU, oo. Westmealh. 


Ban; HsAD-PomifOBB, Esq. of Donnington, co. 
Backs, JJP., b. 18 July, 1808; m. 1st, 11 June, 1889, 
Maria, 2nd daa of Thomas Duffield, Esq. of Mar- 
cham Paik, in the same shire, M.P. for Abingdon, 
by Emily his wife, only child and heir of Qeorge 
Elwea, Esq., and bj this htdy (who d. 5 Jan. 1845) 

Mr. Beat m. 2ndly, 22 Sept 1846, Jane, eldest dan. 
of George Stratton, Esq., E. L Co.'s civil service, and 
a member of the cooncU of Fort* St. Ocoi^, and has 
a son and heir, 

MABMAMna-HxAD, 6. 27 June^ 1847. 

ItnfXflr. — ^The fionily of Best was for several genera- 
tifOBs settled at Middleton Quemhow, hi the parish of 
Wath. CO. York. Sir Christopher Best, chantry-priest of 
Wsfch. made his wiU fai 1557. 

Jajos Bnr, of Button Cranswidk, eldest son of Richard 
Best, of Middkion Quemhow, bought, in 1598, the manor 
of EbnsweU from his brother Heniy, who was ancestor 
of the respectable fiunily which oontinaed at Middleton 
Quanihow tm about 1745 (m« Basr of Battbwy). James 
Best 4. fai lffl7. His son, Hshbt, of Slmswell, who d, in 
19a, was fiUher of Jomr, who d. in 1609, leaving, by Sarah 
lambsrt his wife, a son, 

Ob* Bsst, Bsq. of Elmswell, J. P. ; 6. 7 May, 1650; 
•. Charlotte, sister of Sir Charles Hotham, Bart, and by 
W (who <L in 1710X was fMher of 

TaAjRis Bmt, Ski. of EamsweO, J.P and D.L.,^ b. in 
liM. He m. in 1727, Bosamond, dau. of Tarfouigh Con- 
stable. Ebq. of Wassand, and by her (who d, 6 March, IW) 
had, with a dau., Bosamond, m. to William Tulloh, Esq., 
AreeaoDs, 1 Francis, of Ehnswell, rector of SouthDalton, J. P., 
whose Isst surviving son, Charles, M.D., of Tork, m. in 1807, 
Msry-KoreUHb-Dalton, dau. of Thomas NorclifTe, Esq. of 
T sngt on , and left at his decease, in 1817, two daus.. Rosa- 
Bcad. flk in 1830, to Henry, 8rd son of Bear-Admind 
Bobimuai; and Maiy- Ellen, m. 1840, to John- Anthony 
8>ig. bq. ; 3 Marmaduke, d. ». p.; and 8 Charles. The 

CsaaLis Basv, Esq. of Bsglake Manor, oo. Dorset, b. in 
niX ». 7 April, 1764, Henrietta-Harriett, dau. of William 
light, Esq. of Bsglake, by Susan his wife, dau. of Thomas 
Bnsdivpp^ Esq. of Melpaah, Dorset, and by this lady (who 
^ 5 May, 181^ had, with a dau., Catherine, three sons, 
1 Vnasli, b. in 1766, d, ^mm. in 1782; 2 Chsries, b. in 1773, 
te. Msiy, dso. of R. OodAey, D.D., of Bath, and d. 7 Jan. 
1819, leariqg a son, Charies-John, m., and has issue ; and 
• dsa., Hairiott-Miiry-Boaamond, ». Johu-Biehard Bests, 
Bsq. of BoClsigfa Oranga. Hants, and d. in 1848, leaving 
taae; S Jajob^ of whom we treat Mr. Best d. 13 May, 
UU^ a0sd 80. His youngest son, 

Tmm Rev. jAMES-WtLKis BcsT, M.A., of Bsth, and 
Chi ii auj, Bsri^ 6. 7 March, 1777, si. 80 July, 1807, Eliaa- 


Head, dan. and sole heir of the Rev. Head Pottinger, vieav 
and impropriator of Compton, co. Berks, and by her had 
a son and heir, Hxad-Pottznoeb Basr, Esq. of Donningtou. 
00. Berks. 

.^Irnw—Ou., a Saracen's head, couped at the neck, ppr., 
navally crowned, or, between eight lions' gambs, chevrcn- 
ways, in pairs, paws inwards, of the second. 

Crut^A cubit arm, vested, gu., cufl^ aig., a faulchion. ppr. 

If otto— Optimus est qui opumfe fecit 

Aea<— Donnington, Berks. 

Bbst, Georob, Esq. of Eastbury House, Compton, 
CO. Surrey, J.P. and D.L., b. 9 March, 1799 ; m. Ist, 
Nov. 1827, Mabel-Anne, only surviving dau. and heir 
of Jolin-Britland HoUings, Esq. of Eaton Mascott, 
Shropshire, which lady d 8. p. in 1882 ; and 2ndly, 
in 1884, Elizabeth-Georgina, 2nd daiL of the late 
General William Loftue, lieutenant of the Tower of 
London, by Lady Elizabeth Townahend, his 2nd 
wife ; by this ladj he has issue, 

I. GsoBoa-HozxiNOs, b. 5 Msy. 1885. 

n. Henry-Compton, b. July, 1887. 

m. William-Orosvenor, b. 26 Jan. 1841. 

XV. Prancis-Wittingham, 6. 17 Aug. 1842. 

I. Bmilie^ane. 

KlieHS^*— This family (the present head of which is 
JoHN-RiGBAiu> Best, Esq. of Botldgh Orange. Hants, 
second-cousin of George Best, Esq. of Eastbury,) was set- 
tled at Middleton Quemhow, in Richmondshire, in the 
latter part of the sixteenth century. 

Thi Rbv. Hknbt Best. D.D.. prebendary of Uneohi, 
m. Ist, Judith, dau. of the Rev. E. Sogar, of Sowerby Park, 
Thfarsk, by whom he had no issue, and 2ndly, Mercy, dau. 
and co-heir of Richard Whittingham, of Sutterton, co. liu- 
ooln, Esq., by whom he had two sons, Henbt and Whit- 
TnroHAH. Dr. Best d. in 1756, and was buried in lincohi 
Cathedral. His 2nd son. 

The Rsv. WmmHaHAM Basr, vicar of Sunbury, oo. 
Middlesex, m. Anne, 2nd dau. of Christopher Jones, Esq. 
of Weston, in Shropshire, by Sarah his wife, dau. and 
heir of Thomas Fenton, Esq. of Hollin House, co. Stafford, 
and had two sons, Thomas, and OaoaoB-NATHANiBL. 
Mr. Best d. in 1760, and was burled at Sunbury. His 
2nd son, 

OBOBOE-NATBAinBL Bkst, Esq. of Bayfield Hall, Norfolk, 
a barrister of eminence, one of the benchers of the Middle 
Temple, m. 1st, in 1706, Elisabeth, 2nd dau. of Col. John 
Wood, commandant of Trichinopoly, in the East Indies, 
and by her, who d. in 1804, had (with another son, the 
Rev. Nathaniel Best, M.A., who d. $. p. in 1841) the pre- 
sent Oeobob Best, Bsq. of Eastbury House. Mr. G.-N. 
Best m. 2ndly, Joanna-Elizabeth, widow of Henry Jodrell, 
Esq., and eldest dan. of John Weyland, Esq. of Wood 
Eaton, CO. Oxf^ 

ilmu— Aig., a chevron, gu., between three sheaves of 
arrows, two in saltier and one In pale. 
Crest — Agriffin's head, erased, sa. 
Jfotto— Haud nomine tantum. 
&at— Eastbury House, Compton, Surrsy. 


Best, (the late) Thomas-Fairfax, Esq. of Cliilston, 
and of Wierton, oo. Kent, &. 15 Oct 1786 ; m. Mar- 
garet-Anna, dau. of Joseph-George Brett, Esq. of Old 
Brompton, Middlesex. He d in London, 30 June, 
1849, and waa buried at Boughton-Malherbe, cOb 
Kent, leaving issue four daus., Ins co-heirs, viz., 


m. Maboabr-Anka. rv. Fbahobb. 

Mr. Best had been an officer in the Grenadier guards, 
had served in Spain under Sir John Moore, and waa 
at the battle of Corunna; he was also a magistrate 
and deputy-lieut for the co. of Kent. 

ILCllfafft* — The earliest recorded ancestor of this 
fomily is 

John Bsst, who d. 20 July, 1408, and was buried at 
Boughton-under-Bleane, oo. Koit, as appears by the 
insoription to his memory, and that of his wife Joane, in 
Weaver's FunenU Momtmtntt. From him we pass to 

RicuABD Bbst, Esq. of Bibrooke, in the oo. oi Kent, who 


m. Dorothy, the dan. and co-heir of John Blurow, Beq. 
of Hinxhill, oo. Kont, and had iaaaio, 
JoBH, hia heir. 

Magdalen, wife of John Fowie, Esq. 
JoBK Bvr, Esq., the eon and heir, was of AlUngton 
Oaatle, oo. Kent, of St. Lawrence, near Cantertniry, and of 
Welloourt, in the pariah of Coamusbleane, Kent, which last 
he purchaaed in 1010. He ia alao deacribed aa of London, 
in 16S8, and of Kennlugton, near Charing, in Kent, where 
he waa buried. He m. let, Anne, the dau. of Reginald 
Knatohbull, Esq. of Saltwood CasUe, and had iasue, 
BiOBABD, hl8 heir, of whom hereafter. 
Dorothy, who m. at Bt Paul'a Church, Canterbuxy, 24 
March, 1914, Thomaa Gibbon, £eq. of Westdiiie, co. Kent, 
and waa buried at Westoliffe, S7 Jan. 1634, where her 
huiband waa alao interred, 19 Not. 1671, aged 81. 
Anne^ wife of John Odiame^ Esq. of Maidatone^ Kenl 
Franoea, wifs of Henry Stourton, Eaq. 
The 2nd wife of Mr. John Beat waa Anne, dau. of lAurenoe 
Booke, Baq. of Horton-Monachorum, and afterwarda of 
Chiistdturch, co. Koit ; t> Uiia lady (who waa granddau. 
of Sir Reginald Soott, Knt, of Scott'a Hall, oo. Kent) he 
waa ». in 1598, and by her he had iaaue, 
L John, who waa aged 17 at the Vldtation of 1619, and ia 
deacribed aa " the younger," of Allington Caatle, in 1626. 
He m. twice ; hia lat wife waa Anne, jiau. of George 
(otherwiae Oore) Tucker, Eaq. of Milton-next^raTeaend, 
Kentk who d. 19 Dec. 1626, and waa buried in the chancel 
of Allington Church, baring had one dau., Anne, who 
waa "half a-year old^' at the Viaitation of 1625. Hia 8nd 
wife waa Eliiabeth, dau. of Humfrey Clarke, Eaa. of 
Bredgar and of Great Chart, co. Kent widow of WilliAm 
Tonga, Baq. ; and by thia lady he had, 
1 John, d. an inflant in 1638. buried at AlUngton. 
S Humphrey, alao buried at Allington. 
1 Mary. 

1 Bliiabeth, m, 90 Sept. 1660, to Hert>ert Randolph. Esq. 
of Cantertmrr : he f<. 15 Aug. 1685, aged 66, and waa 
buried at Biddenden, Kent : ahe aurvived till 12 
April, 1697. 
n. Geoxge, alao deacribed aa of Allington Caatle, aged 16 
at the viBitation of 1619. He aubaequently aettled in 
London, and is there recorded in 1638. but on the 26th 
June, 1641, he ia deacribed aa of St. Lawrence, near 
Cantertrary, when he had a leaae of the yioarage of 
St. Paul'a. He m. Anne^ dau. of Thomaa Banning, of 
Wodneaborough, oo. Kent^ and had iaaue, Geoige; Wil- 
liam ; and Anne. 
TJnula, wife of Thomaa Finch, of Coptree, in Allington. 

BiOHABD Best, Eaq., the eldeat aon of the lat marriage, 
waa "aged 21 and upwards" at the Viaitation of 1619. He 
li deacribed aa of Wringleton, oo. Kent, in 1625, and of 
Bt. Lawrence, near Canterbury, in 1633. He m. Eliaabeth, 
dau. of Andrew Hughea, Eaq. of Wringleton, in Wina- 
bocoufl^ oa Kent» and had iaaue^ 
JoHir. hia heir. 

Mary, Joint-ezeoutriz of her mother, 1662. 
Anne^ wUe of — Day, Eaq. named in her aiater Doxothyli 
will (1689). ^ 

Elizabeth, m. at St. Paul'a, Cantexboi7, 17 Sept. 1657. 
Henry Pettit, Eaq. of Dent-de-Lyon, Isle of Thanot (who 
d. in 1661, »t 33); ahe was executrix of her sister 
Dorothy, in 1689. 
Urmila, bc4>t. 1627. 

MUlioentk bapt. at St. Paul'a, Canterbury. 18 May, 1630. 
Dorothy, bapt. 1681, i<nnt-executrix of her mother in 
1662 ; aeecribed aa '* of the pariah of St John the Baptist 
in the lale of Thanet Bj^xiAer," in her will, dated 8 Feb. 
1689, which waa proved 3 May. 1690. 
Fnmcea, bant 1682. )oint-exeoutrix of her mother, in 1602; 
and named in her aiater Dorothy'a will, 1689. 
Mr. Richard Best waa buried in the chancel of St Paul's, 
Canterbury, 18 Oct. 1633; hia wife aurvived him, and 
residod in the parish of St. Cosmas and Damian-upon-the- 
Bleane, Kent ; her will was dated 5 Oct. 1662, and proved 
S9 Oct same year ; ahe «(. at Welloourt and waa buried in 
the dumod of St. Paul'a ohurdk, Canterbury, near her 
husband, 13 Got 1662. 

John Bbbt, Esq. of St Lawrence, near Gantertmry, the 
son and heir of Richard, «. hit father in 1633, but sold the 
Bt Lawrence eatate before 1654, to William Rooke, Esq. 
He m. K atharine, dan. of John AUanson, Esq. of Norwood, 
in Middlesex, and had issuer 
Richard, aged 12 at the Yisitation of 166S. 
John, living in 1663. 

miiam. bapt at St Paul'a, Canterbuxy, 21 Aug. 1665, 
living in 1668. 

Tbomas; or whom presently. 

C^rtM, bapt 12 June. 1659, lnix«sd aaua year, both at 
St Paul'a. Canterbury. 

Chariea. bapt at St Paul'a, Cantw-buiy, 17 Fd). 1668; living 
at the Viaitation in that year. -» "-• 

Henry, bapt at St Panl'a, 25 April, 1666. 


Elfsnboth, bapt. at St Paul'a, 22 Nov. 1660, Uvingat the 
ViaiUtion of 1662. 

Mr. John Best d. in 1666, and waa buried at St Paul's, 
Canterbury, 14 Dec in that year. Mrs. Best survived 
him, and is named in the will of Dorothy, in 1689. Their 
4th son, 

Thomas Bbt, Esq., was bapt 2 June, 1657, at St Panl's, 
Canterbuxy, aubaequent to the alienation of the St. Law- 
rence estate. In conaequence of hia marriage, he aettled at 
Chatham, and was eventually deacribed as of Cowling 
Castle, CO. Kent He m. Ist Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Mawdistly, Esq. of Chatham, and by her had issue, one son 
and five daua., viz., 

Mawdistlt, hia heir. 

Sarah, wife of Admiral Edward Vernon. 

Dorothy, wife of Capt John MyheU. 

Mary, wife of John Tyhurst Esq. of Chatham. 

Anne, wife of Charies Taylor. Esq. 

Elizabeth, wife of Thomaa Pearoe, Esq. 
Mrs. Best <!. 80 Oet 1702, aged 45, and was burled «i 
Chatham, 8 Nov. in that year. Her huabond m. Sndlj, 
Eliaabeth, widow of William Nutm, Esq., but by that 
lady had no issue; she d. 20 Dec. 1706, sged 88, and 
was buried at Chatham, on the 27th of the same month. 
Mr. Thomas Best d, 22 Aug. 1740, and waa buried at Chat- 
ham, on the 81st of the same month, where his monu- 
ment bears the old arms of the Bbsts ofAUinffton^ vis., sn.» 
a cinqu^oil, between eight cross^srosslets, fitchte, or. His 
wiU is dated 29 Oct. 1787, and waa proved 25 Aug. 1740. 

Mawdistlt Basr, Esq. of Pkrk House, Boxley. Kent, 
high-sheriff in 1780, «. his father in 1740; and, 18 Dee. 1742, 
obtained a new grant of arma, viz., sa., in chief two croaa 
crosslets, fltch^ and in base a einquefoil, pierced, or. Ha 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of — Fearae, and had issue, 

Thomas, of Chilston Park, oo. Kent eldest son, Heat- 
govemor of Dovor Castle. M.P. for Canterbuxy trout 1741 
to 1754, and from 1761 to 1768 ; 6. 1718, m. 8 Jan. 1743, 
Caroline, dau. of Geo. Scott Esq. of Scott's Hall, co. 
Kent who d. 29 April, 1782. set. 64. Mr. Best d. «. p. 20 
March, 1795, and was buried at Boughton Malhsrbei, oo. 

Jamcs. of whom presently, continuing the male line. 
Dorothy-Sarah, m. 18 July, 1740, Robert, 7th Baron Fair- 
fax, of Leeds Castle^ oo. Kent 
The 2nd son, 

Jamis Best, Esq. of Park House, Boxley, oo. Kent, hlgfa- 
sheriff in 1751, m. Francos, dau. and co-heir of Richard 
Shelley, Esq. of Michclgrove, co. Sussex, and by her 
(who d. 30 Oct 1808, aged 77, buried at Boxley) had 
I. Thomas, who oonUnued the senior male line^ (vide Bbr 
0/ Park House.) 

u. Jamea. who m. twice, but d. «. p., 1828. 
ni. Richuxl, who m. twice, and d. 1801. leaving issue, 
rv. GaoBOi^ of whom hereafter, as continuing thia Una. 
- Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Maurice lioyd, vicar of 

n. Frances, m. 4 June, 1779, the Rev. Heniy Hardinge. and 
d. 27 Oct. 1887, leaving issue^ 

1 RxY. Sir Chables HABDnroi, Bart of Bounda Park, 
CO. Kent 

2 Gkn. Visoouvt HAADnroE^ the oommander-in-cblef; 
with other issue, (ride Bubxe's Pttragt.) 

m. Dorothy, wife of William Twopenxky, Esq. of Wood- 
stock Park, CO. Kent 
IT. Charlotte, d. 4 Aug. 1791, aged 27. 

Mr. James Best d. in 1782, aged 62, and was buried at 
Boxley, Kent. His 4th son, 

George Best, Esq. of Chilston Park, in the parish of 
Boughton Malherbe, oo. Kent, a magistrate and deputy- 
lieutenant for that CO., was M.P. for Rochester ftom 1790 
to 1796, and m. Caroline, dnu. of Edward Scott, Esq. of 
Scott's Hall, CO. Kent (which Oaroiine was 6. 3 March, 
1751, bapt. at Smooth, co. Kent 28 March, 1751, and m. 
at Boughton-Malherbe, 7 Deo. 1784; she d. at Chilston, 
24 Oct. 1809, sged 58, and was buried at Boughton-Mal- 
herbe). By this alliance, Mr. George Best had issue, 

Thomaa-Geosge^ twin with CaroUna-Fraaoes^ 4. in infancy 

1786. ^* 

Thomas-Fairpax, his heir. 
George, an officer in the 10th foot d. at lanoaster s. « 

1814. • ^'* 

William-BaUol, d, $. p., 1822. 
Garoline-Franoes, twin with ThomaB-Qeonra d. la infhnor 

1786. ^' 

Caroline, living 1854. 

Dorothy, wife of the Rev. Joseph-George Brett 
Louisa, wife of George-Matcham Tiuiton, Baq., late of thd 

6th foot. 

Mr. Gooige Best d. at Chilston, 8 Sept. 1818, and waa 

B E S 


Vnted ai Booghfam-lUIharhe, oo. Kent, being t. by bis 
•on, TR<ncAft-FAiBrAX Bwn, whose name is at the head of 

^raw— 9a., in chief two croes-«rosalets, fltch^ tnd in base 
a dnqiiefoll, pleroed, or, for Bnr ; quartering Barrow, 
EhaUev. PMitt, Hawkwood, Miohelgrore, Belknap, Boteler, 
FkotolC Ba Sodley. De Montfort^ De la Plaunch, Uavenham, 
Osge, Sudgrore. St. Clare, Louvajmo, Darcy, Fits Langley, 
EuiastoB, BerdweU, Hetbe, Durward, Kytson. Donnington, 
^«L Tanlcerville, Chamberlain. Oateaden, lf<Nrteyn, lEkney, 
8t John, LouTayna, Abell, ana Bourchier. 

ft ttt A dcmi-oatrich, aig.. Issoing out of a mnial orown ; 
ia the beak a cro«a-crosslet» fitch^ or. 

MmUmn Wt, Waatboone Terrace, Hyde Paik. 


Bbst, James, Esq. of Park House, oo. Kent, «. bis 
&tber in 1815 ; m. 23 Sept 1817, Harriet, dau. of 
&•& Qgnwon, Esq. of Hertfordshire, and has issue, 

L Jamsb, b. 27 Oct. IStt. 

n. Mawdiaay-Oanssen, 6. 23 Ang. 1826. 

to. Thomaa-Charlea-Hard inge, 6. 22 May, 1828. 
Mr. Best is major of the West Kent militiiw 

lillf Xfff • — Thomas Bnrr, Bsq. of Park House, eldest 
ica or JaoMS Beat, Esq. of Park House, high-sheriff of 
Eaat in 1761, fmipneedinff ffenmlogy), m. Miss Elizabeth 
bvin, or WfaudMsfcer, and dying 27 May, 1815, aged 61, 
Ut(wlfch tbvee dans., Frances-JnUa; Elisabeth-Chariotte; 
sad Dorothy) two sons, Jamsi; now of Park House, and 
IhooMSt eapt. Mth foot, who d, at Olbraltar, 8 Oct. 1813, 
aesd 9, leaving by Anna his wife, two sons, WllUam- 
b^astly, h, in 1809, and Jamea^ohn, 6. in 1811. 

, a cinqoefoQ, pieroed, and in chief; two crosses 

Cy«c— A demi-ostrich, aoqg., iasning out of a mnxal orown, 
nd hotding in the beak a croas-cxosslet, fitohtfe, or. 
Atf— Padc Hoose^ Keat. 


Bbswiok, William, Esq. of Gristhorpe, co. Tork, 
i 7 June, 1817, a magistrate for the East Riding of 

llBfJISe* — ^WiLUAM BiBWiOK, Esq. of Orlsthorpe, 
vbm the fiunUy have been seated for upwards of four 
CMtsziBS. m. SI Oct. 1755, Mary, dan. of William Darley, 
•f Maston. oa Tork, andhad issue an only son, 

LiHrr.-CoL. Gaoaaa Bbswick, of Gristhorpe, a deputy- 
leat for the N<Mrth Riding of Yorkshire, who m. 2 Oct 
17». Jsae, dan. of John WOson, of Filey, oo. York, and 

L WauAM, hia beir. 

n. Qeoige, 5. 1ft Dec. 170L m. Anns^ dan. of John Bell, 

Bh|. of Searborou^ and had issue, 

1 George, m. 81 March, 1846, Emma, yomureet dau. and 
co-hniress oT IHUiam Darley, of Mustou, Esq., and has 

Oodflny-DMiay. h. 20 Nor. 1847. 
Geone-Wmiani-Darl^, b. 13 June. 1851. 
Arthnr-BaU-Darl^y, 5l 10 Oct 1861 
t John-Wilaon, d. 1« Daa. 1860^ «. p. 
1 Jane, «. to Jamaa- Arthur, son of the Hon. Jonathan 
Sswed, lata chief-jostioe of Lower Canada. 
I Anne-Bell, d. 17 Aug. 1833. 

WnuAM BaswiOK, Bsq. or Gri■ttlOlp^ a magiafcrafce for 
tfaiNoith Bkii^ of Yorkahire, «. 28 S^A. 1809, Maiy, 
dML of Thomaa Kaid, Baq. of Soaiborough, by Mary Bea- 
«kk,orOiMhoEpa, Ua wilii, and had issue, 
QMqi%Ushair, b, 10 Dea 1815, d. mm., 8 Aprfl, 1851. 
WpLMAJL p sea e pt rep y aaa nt a rt ve. 

lfay-Bi>sbeth, «. to W.-H.-K. Myers, Esq. of Leeds. 
hm, d. n Ai«. ISn. Ann, d. 80 April, 1838. 

^ drmt (Ancient>— Aigv. on a fease, sa., coUsed, gu., three 
Maal^ bstwuuu tlirae battering-rams in chief, aa. ; in base, 
Aoow opoo the stomp of a tree, ppr. 

€htf-4teftsr hand eoopad a* tbi wilsfe, 
^ansstofla, ladiatad, or. 

if ppr ! sumonnted 

inu(0nlfaua7)— <Ga., ^^"^ bessnts, four, three, two, and 
«••: eaaeUei; or, alkm, paasant^nuardant, as. 
^ Chi» -A dsast-boa, rairgr^*^ holding between the paws a 

M * tt » P sniquaeflBhnn. 

ftst-Qristbofpe^ naar Scaiboroat^ Korth Biding; oo. 



BiTHSLi^ Richard, Esq. of Rise and Walton Abbey, 
00. Toi^ late M.P. for the East Riding of that shire, 
6. 10 May, 1772 ; m. 26 April, 1800, Mary, 2nd dau. 
of William Welbank, Esq. of the city of London. 
Mr. Bethell t. to the estates under the will of 
the late William Bethell, Esq., who d. in July, 1799. 

iLXtltK^t* — ^Thomas BsrmELL, or Ap Ithxll, of Maun- 
sel, in the oo. of Hereford, was Cather of 

Thomas Bcthbll, Esq. of Maunsell, who m. Blinbeth, 
dau. of George Rogers, Esq., and had, with other issue, 
Hugh (Sir,) Knt., of EUerton, oo. Yoik. 
BooBB, of whom presently. 
Andrew, whose grandson was 

RiOHABO, devisee of his unde^ John BetheU. This gentle- 
man was grandfather of 

John BrmsLLk Esq., h. in 1669, who m. Catherine Jay, 
of Deamdale, oo. Hereford, and was «. by his son. 
RiCHABD BaTHELL, Esq., 6. in 1687, ^o m. Frances 
Bond, of Hereford, by whom he left, at his decease, in 
1762. a son, 

Thb Rsv. Richabd Bsthzll, who m. in 1771, Ann. dau. 
of James Clitherow, Esq. of Boston House, Middlesex, 
and dving in 1806, left (with three daus., Anne, Frances^ 
and Fliilipp% who all d. wnm,) four sons^ 

1 RiOHABD, the present Richabd Brhbll^ Esq., 
M.P.. ofBise. 

2 Christopher, D.D., consecrated, in 1894, Bisht^ of 
Gloucester, and translated to the see of Bangor, in 

8 James, d. 18M. 

4 George, in holy orders, M.A., Fellow of Eton CoUegei 
ta. Miss Ann lightfoot. 
The son, 

Rogee Bbthxll^ Esq., acquired the estate of Rise, in 
Holdemess. He d. and was buried there, 22 March, 1625. 
His great-grsndson m. for his second wife, Sarah, dMi. and 
oo^ieiress of William Dickenson, Esq. of Walton Abboy, in 
Uie 00. of York, by whom he left, at his decease in 1716, a 
son and heir, 

HuoH BxTHXU^ Esq. of Rise and Walton Abbey, bigfa> 
sheriff of Yoriuhire in 1734, who m. Ann, dau. of Sir Jcrfin 
Coke, Bart of BramshiU, and dying in 1752, was «. by his 

HuoB Brhsll, Esq. of Rise, high-sheriff of YoriEsldre 
in 1761, who d. ittua. 8 May, 1772, and was t. by Ixis 

William Bkthzll, Esq. of Rise, sheriff in 1780, who m, 
Chariotte, dau. of Ridph Pennyman, Esq., but dying «. p, 
25 July, 1799, devised his estates to his kinsman, the present 
Richabd Bbthxll, Esq. of Rise. 

.<4mw— Arg., on a chevron, between three boars' head% 
couped, sa., an estoOe^ or. 
CreK— Out of a ducal coronet, or, a boar's head, oouped, sa. 
&crts— RLse^ and Walton Abbey, both near Beverley. 


BxrroN, Richard, Esq. of Orerton Hoose, oo. 
Salop^ 6. 8 Oct. 1808 ; 9i». 13 Oct 1881, Charlotte- 
Margaretta, youngest dau. of the late Richazd 
Salwey, Esq. of Moor Park, near Ludlow. 

lineaffe*— By deed, dated the Snd of Riohabd IL 
(1878), we learn that John de Betton was then dead, liavtng 
left Maigaret, his widow, and Richard de Betton, liis soa 
and heir. This Richard was father of 

William Brrroir, of Groat Berwick, near Shrewsbuiy, 
wliose residence there in the year 1403 is proved by the 
records in the Exchequer of the town of Shrewsbury. 
From him derived, 7th in descent, 

Richabd Brrroir, Esq., bapt. at St Maiy's, Shrewsbury, 
6 Feb. 1614-15, who, by his wife Elisabeth, had issue, 
Richard, Mb heir; John, whose son, James Betton, was 
father of John Betton, the father of Sir John Betton, Knt 
late of Shrewsbuiy; and Nathaniel, whose son John was 
fittber of Nathaniel Betton, Esq. late of Shrewsbury, who 
by Mary his wife, had issue, John capt 8rd dragoon- 
Iniards, d. in Spain, in 1809; Richard, d, aam. ; Nathaniel, 
of Shrewsbury; and Maiy, wife of Thomas G. Gwyn, Esq. 
Mr. Betton was «. by his son, 

Richabd Bktton, Esq. of Great Berwick, wlio d. ia 
1726, and was t. by liis only surviving son, 

Richabd Bstton, Esq. of Great Berwick, 6. in 1684, 
m. 90 Feb. 1706-7, Dorothy, dau. of Edward Lloyd, Esq. 
of Leaton, in the oo. of Salop, and left at his doo e ase^ 


In 1764, a dau. EUraboth, la. to John Watkina, Baq., and a 

"^BicnARD Bbttom, Esq. of Great Berwick, h. in ITIO, who 
m Mary. dau. of Charles Maddox, Baq. of Whitcott, in the 
00. of Salop, and had, with a dau. Anne, m. to Thomaa 
Bayley, Esq., two eons, Richard, his heir, and Charlea, of 
Whitchurch, near Boss. Mr. Betton d. in 1767, and waa •. 
by his eldest son, ... w, . . 

Richard Bbttoh, Esq. of Great Berwick, b. in 1744, who 
'«. PiiBcilla, dau. and eventually sole heir of John Bright, 
Esq. of Tottei-ton House, in the co. of Salop, by whom he 
bad issue, 

^S^WB^lStin, M.A.. vicar of Lydbuiy Nortt/ft. in 
1778 who. in succeeding to the Tottorton Ac. estates, 
took by ri)yal sign-man^ 12 Oct. 1807, tiie nraie of 
Bbioht. and used the arms of Bright only. He m. 
M ji. 1806, Mary, eldest dau. of Thomas Scale. Esq. 
of Heath House, and dying 22 Dec 1883, left issue, Johh, 
b. in 1811. Eliaa, Mary, Frances, Amelia, Louisa. 
Mr. Betton d. 7 Feb. 1796, and was ». by his eldest son, 

Richard Bktok, Esq. of Great Berwick, 6. 16 Nov. 
1768, major in the Shropshire regiment of militia, who m. 
17 Feb. 1795, Mary- Anne, dau. of the Rev. Aaron Foster, 
of Taunton, oo. Somerset, and d. 15 June, 1819, leaving, 
(with two daus., Mary-Anne, wife of Thomas Foster, Esq., 
royal engineers; and Harriet, m. to Thomas-H. Rimington, 
Esq., royal engineers) a son and successor, the present 
BiOHABO Bktton, Esq. 

Arm^-ATg., two pales, sa., each charged with tbree cross- 
lets, fitchtfe. or. 
Crettr—A demi-lion, rampant. 
Jfotto— Nunquam non paratus. 
£Mt---Overton, near Ludlow, oo. Salop. 


Betts, Edwabd-Ladd, Esq. of Preston Hall, co. 
Kent. 6. 6 June, 1815 ; m. 6 July, 1843, Ann, dau- 
«f William Peto, Esq., and has issue, 

I. Bdward-Peto, b. 2 Aug. 1844. 

u. Morton-Peto, 6. 80 Aug. 1847. 

m. Ernest-William, b. 29 Oct. 1850. 

I. Bbaabeth-Peto. n. Alioe-Peto. 

Mr. Betts is son of William Betts, Esq., by Elizabeth- 
Haywud Ladd his wife, whom he m. in Aug. 1814, 
and who d. 25 Jan. 1844. 

ifrm*— 8a., on abend between two bendlets indented, axg., 
an annulet, between two cinquefoila, of the first. ^ . , , 

Cmt— Out of battlements of a tower, ppr., a stag's head, 
Vg., chaiged with a dnquefoll. ppr. 

Jtfotto— Ostendo non ostento. 

£««— Preston Hall, near Maidstone. 


Bmro, Thb Rkv. Thomas-D'Eye, of Woi-tham Hall, 
00. SuflFolk, b, 1789; m. Harriet, dau. of George- 
Chtfke Doughty, Esq. of Theberton Hall, co. Sulfolk, 
and has issue, 

I. OaoROB. !• Maxy. 

n. Catherine-Harriet. 

HClIf affe. — John Brts, son of John Betts, Esq. of 
Withenden, co. Sufiolk. settled at Woitham, 1490. He m, 
Elisabeth, dau. of John Wright, Esq. of Wortham, and was 

Richabd Betts, who d. in 1658, having had, by Alice 
bis wife, with other issue, Qeotge, who by Susan his wife, 
had a son, John; and Richard, whose son, John, was 
father of 

Obobos Brts, liying 1656, m. Susan Oasoolgne, and was 
flKther of 

Edmttkd Betts, who m. Abigail Vincent, and d. in 17S8, 
leaving issue, Qborob, his heir, and Edmund. The elder 

Oeoroe Betts, «». Anne Shuckford, and d. in 1766^ 
leaving, with other issue, a son and heir, 

George Betts, b. in 175S, who m. his cousin Mary, dau. 
of Edmund Betta and Martha D'Eye, his wife, and by her 
(who d. in 1814) had issue, of whom he only left surviving 
at his decease, in 1822, 

Thomas-D'Ete, now of Wortham HaiQ. 

James, m. to Sophia Borradaile. 
. Harriet Bophia» d, 184S. 


B E V 

yf r»ii»— Sa., on a bend, aig., three dnquefoDs, gu., all within 
a bordure, engrailed, of the second. ^.. . 

CVert— Out of a ducal coronet^ or, a buck's head, gu., attired, 

Seat— Wortham Hall, co. Suffolk. 


Bevan, Robert -Cooper -Lee, Esq. of Fosbury 
House, CO. Wilts, and Trent Park, East Bornet, 
Herts, 6. 8 Feb. 1809; m. 24 Feb. 1836, Lady 
Agneta-Elizabeth Yorke, sister of tbe Earl of Hard- 
wicke, and by her (who d. 8 July, 1861) has issue!, 

1. Sydney, b. 6 Oct. 1838. 

n. Francis- Augustus, b. 17 Jan. 1840. 

m. Wafted-Arthur, 6. 21 OcN 1845. 

IT. Roland-York, 6. Sept. 1848. 

I. Lucy-Agneta, d. 7 Sept. 1845. 

n. Alioo-Lee. ni. Edith-Agneta. 

iLClieflQe. — Silt ANUS Bevam, Esq. (son of 'Hmothy 
Bevan, Esq., by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of David Barclay, 
Esq.) d. in 1880, leaving, by Louisa Kendall his wife, (with 
six other son#, vis., Henry; Frederick; Charles; George; 
Robert ; and Richard) the late 

David Bbvak, Esq. of Belmont, Middlesex, b. 6 Nov. 
1774, who m. in 1797, Miss Favell Bourke, dau. of Robert- 
Cooper Lee. Esq. of Bedford-square, and had issue, 

Robert-Coopee-Leb, now of Fosbury. , „ .^^ 

Richard-Tiee, in. Isabella, dau. of the Rev. Loraine Smith. 

David-Barclay, in holy orders, m. Agues, dau. of the Rev. 
W.-Carus Wflson, of Casterton Hall. 

Loulsa-Priscilla, «. to Augustus-Heniv Bosanquet, Esq. 

FavellLee, w. to the Rev. Thos. Mortraier. 

Fioderica-Emma, m. to Ernest-Augustus Stephenson, Esq. 

Frances-Lee, m. to Capt William Morier, R.N. 

^rnu— Az., a dove, ppr. ; on a chief, erm., three annuleta, 
or, each enriched by a ruby. 

Crttt—On a mural crown, aig., a griffin, passant, or, gorged 
with an eastern coronet, gu. ^ ^ x «__*. t> _* 

geat«— Fosbiury, near Hungerford; and Trent Park, East 
Bamet, Herts. 


Beverley, Robert-Mackienzie, Esq. of Beverley, 
CO. York, J.P. and D.L. 

HtnraSf • — This andent fiunfly can be traced amongst 
the corporation rocords of the town of Beverley to the time 
of King John. Jn the reign of Hemby VIII. the Beverlejs 
had increased in consideration, and one of them was a 
commissioner appointed by the king to inquire into the 
northern monasteries. They received some grants of church 
property, and became soon after divided into two branches, 
one settled in Selby, the other at Beverley. In the reign of 
Charles I., John Beverley, of Beverley, adhered to tho 
caxise of royalty; and at the Restoration, his name appears 
on the list of those on whom it was intended to confer tho 
order of the Royal Oak. 

RoBEBT Bbvebley, Esq. of Bevei-ley, the representative 
of the ftimily, sold his property In Beverley to the Penny- 
man family, and retired, with a large fortime, to Pennsyl- 
yania, in America, of which he waa appointed Governor, 
and where he purchased very extensive estates. He erected 
a laige mansion, now occupied by his grandson, Robert 
Beverley, Esq., and called the place Blandford. His only 

Robert Beveblet, Esq.,* was sent to England to be 
educated at the Beveriey grammai>school. He i». Mias 
Bland, of Yorkshire descent, and had a large fkmily, of 
which the eldest, 

WxuxAM Beveblbt, Esq. of Beverley, East Riding of 

Torkahire, J.P. and D.L., was i^pointed in 18S2, vioo- 

lieut. by the Earl of Carlisle. He m. about the year 1795, 

Mary, dau. and co-heir (with her sister, Anna-M ar ga r et ta , 

wife of Lord Orsntley) of Jonathan Midgley, Esq. of 

Beverley, a gentleman of large landed estate, and had 


Robert Maokekzie, present representative of the flunily . 

Maria (great-niece and sole heiress of Anne, Dowager Lady 

Denison, widow of Sir Thomas Deuisou. Knt., one of the 

judges of the court of Kind's Benchl m. in 1S14, to 

Edmimd, 4th son of Sir John Beckett, Bart of Leeda, and 

assumed with her husband the name and arms of Dbkisov. 

* Mr. Beverley was first-coushi of General Washington. 
The fiunily of Washington had estates near South Gave, in the 
East Ridhig of Yorkshire, about the end of the last oeutuxy. 


Kr. Beckett-Denlion represents the West Biding of York- 
shire in porliaxnent. 

ilnM— Erm., aohevron, sa. ; on a chief of the second, three 
bulls' heads, cabossed, aig. 
Crat—A bun's head, erased, nrg. 
Motto— \J\A Uoertas ibi i»atria. 


Bewicks, Mrs. Marqaret, of Close House, co. 
Northumberland, and of Urpeih Lodge, co. Durham, 
widow of Calyerley Bewicke, Esq. At the death, in 
1815, of that gentleman, without issue, he bequeathed 
his estates to his widow for her life, and afterwards 
to his nephew, Calverley-Bewicke Anderson, Esq. of 
Coleb^ Manor, oo. Durham, who, in compliance with 
the will of his unde, relinquished the patronymic of 
AsDKBSoir, and assumed the surname of Bewicks, 
by sign-manual, 16 Dec 1816. This CalverleyBe- 
wif^e BewidLe, Esq., m. Elizabeth-Philadelphia, dau. 
of Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. of Coxhoe, co. Durham, 
by Anne his wife, dau. and co-heiress of Robert 
Spearman, Esq. of Old Acres, and has issue, 

L Caltsbuct. n. Robert-CaTerley. 

UL Thomas, d. «. ji. rr. William. 

L Maigaret. n. Elisabeth. 

WAntK^t. — This fiamily anciently possessed lands at 
Bewicke, oo. Northumberland, whence it deriTod its sur- 
name ; iKit in tho reign of Eowabo II., the then Bewicke 
of Bewicke confederating with the Scots, forfeited his patri- 

Pma Bewkks, sheriff of NewcaBtle-npon-Tyne in M7«, 
■nd miqror in 1400, married, and was father of 

AvDBKw BcwicKK, sheriff of Newcastle-upon-l^e in 
152S, mayor in 1538, m. Maigaret, dau. of Cuthbert Hunter, 
merchsnt, in the same borough, and by hmr (who m. 2ndly, 
Balph Jenniaon, mayor of Newcastle) had issue, 1 Robebt, 
his heir; 2 Cuthbert, m. 1590, Barbara, dau. of Edmund 
Cia'stcr, of Cxa'ster Tower, Northumberland (see Cba'stbbX 
and had a dan. and heiress, Jane, 6. in 1600, who m. 
Edward Stole, Esq, captain of foot in the service of 
CaiaLSS I., and was grandmother of Frances Stole, wife of 
Wiliiam Shippen, the celebrated orator and patiipt. The 

Bonn Bewicks, Esq., b. 18 Oct 1561, sheriff of New- 
csstle inl6l5, mayor in 1628 and 1620, purduwed the manor 
of Cbantre and chapel of Abb^ le Close, otherwise Ck>se 
Hflose, and the whole hamlet of Houghton. He m. in 1596, 
AeaDor, dan. <^ William Huntley, alderman of Newcastle, 
and had a son and heir, 

Thomas Bkwickx, Esq. of Close House and Urpeth Lodge, 
ihe^for oo. Durham in 1655. At the Restoration, he was 
SBC of the gentlemen selected for the proposed order of the 
Boyal Oak. He m. Jane, dau. of Sheffield Calrerley. Esq., 
a younger son ot ihp house of Colverley, co. Ytirk, and had 
with other Issue, Robert, his heir, and Bei\]amin, rector of 
Barrow and Hallatop (tee Bswickb of HaUaUm). The eldest 

Robebt Bbwiorb, Esq. of Close House and Urpeth Lodge, 
k fai 1648, high-sheriff of Northumberland hi 1605, d. wim. 
in 1706, sad 'Was «. by his brother, 

Caltbblbt Bewicke, Esq. of aose House and Urpeth 
Lodge, b. in 1661, m. Dorothy Isard, and d. in 1720, leaving 
ianie, 1 Robebt, his heir; 2 Cayerley («e< Bewicke qf 
BU/otMi); 1 Dorothy, «». to Thomas Lambton, Esq. of 
Hardwire (ate Bubke's Pmnge); 3 Elisabeth. The son and 

BoBBBT Bkwiokb, Esq. of Close House and Urpeth 
Lodge. 6. fai 1«80. Ugfa-sheriff of Northumberiand in 1726, 
•I. in 17S4, Jane, dau. <d Robert Lynn, Esq. of Mainsforth, 
snd hsh-oM, through her mother, of Joseph Wilson, Esq. of 
Caasop, sad Isft issoe, two sons. The elder, 

fiiB RoBSBT Bbwiokb, 6. in 1728, high-sheriff of North- 
vmberlaod in 1760, when he was knighted, m. Mary, dau. 
o( Robert Hurst, Esq. of Nottingham, d. in 1771, leaving 
(with ssfffB dans., via., i. Jane, m. Sir Paul Joddrell, Bart ; 
n. Mary, ». to Alexander Anderson, Esq. of Highgate, and 
kad isMs ; 1 John-Robert, b. hi in5, fa. in 1800. Elisabeth, 
dan. «f Robert Boswell, Eaq. of Edinburgh ; 2 Calverley- 
B e w i c k s, who, by his uncle's will, will succeed to the pro- 
Pfrty 0p the death of Mrs. Bewicke, now of Close House ; 
I Paul ; 1 Chariotte ; 2 Mary-Anne ; in. Anne, m. to James 
Woodmaaon, Esq. of Bekamp, near Dublin, d, «.p. nr. Mar- 
0unrt, a. to TbomsB Bond* Eaq. of Norton House, Devon, 

B E W 

d. «. p.; T. Alida, d. wnm.; ti. Dorothy, m. to Wmiam 
Lynn, Esq. of aapham ; and vn. Eleanor) a son and heir, 

Calteblbt Bewiokb, Esq. of Close House and Urpeth 
Lodge, Ueut-coL of the Durham militia, M.P. for Winches- 
tor, high-sheriff of Northumberhmd in 1782, m. 1st, Deborah, 
dau. of Thomas Wilkinson, Esq. of Brancepeth, in Durham, 
and 2ndly, Margaret, youngest dau. and co-heiress of 
Robert Spearman, Eaq. of Old Acres, Northumberiand, 
and dying vrithout isKtie in 1815, bequeathed his estates to 
his widow, the present Mrs. Bewicke, of Close House and 
Urpeth Lodge, for her life, and afterwards to his nephew; 
Calverley Bewicks Anderson, of Coleby Manor. 

ArvM—Axa., five lozcDffes, in fesse, gu., each charged 
with a mullet, of the first, between three bears' heads, eraMd, 

Creif— A bugle's head, erased at the neck, aig., armed, 
maned, and goived with a mural crown, gu. 

&a(«— Close House, Northumberiand, and Urpeth Lodge 


Bewiokb. Calterlet, Esq. of Hallaton Hall, Lei- 
cestershire, 6. in 1816; m. Mary-Amelia^ yoiingeei 
dau. of the Rev. Nathaniel-John HoUingsworth, reo- 
tor of Boldon, co. Durham, and has issue, 

I. Calvbblby-Thbodobb, b, in 1848, 

I. Caroline-Emily. tx. Men&ia-Honotia. 

m. Alida-Ellen-Neve. 

Xrinrage. .. Thb Rbv. Bbkjamqi Bcwiokb, 5th son of 
Thomas Bewicke, Esq. of aose House (we Bbwiokb cfCUm 
Hovae\ purchased the manor and advowson of Hallaton in 
1713, and dying wnm., bequeathed them to his nephew, 

Calvbrlby Bbwickb, Esq. of Hallaton HaU, 2nd son of 
Calverley Bewicke, Esq. of Close House, b. in. 16M, high- 
sheriff for the county of Leicester in 1762, m. Alice, dau. of 
Robert Smith, Esq. He d. in 1774, leaving issue, 
I, Benjamin, his heir. 

|L Calveriey, of Clapham, m. Jane, dau. of Robert Thorn- 
ton, Esq ; d, in 1814, leaving issue^ 
1 Henry, d, unm. 

1 Jane, m. Henry Blackburn, Esq. of Ramsgate^ and 
I. Anne, m. the Rt Rev. FhilipTonng. Bishop of Norwich, 
n. Alice, m. Daniel Eyre^ Esq. of Wiltshire^ and left issue. 
Benjamin Bbwiokb, Esq. of Hallaton Hall, and of 
Ormondistreet, London, 6, in 1728, ir. 1st, Elisabeth Smith, 
without issue, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of John Oleson, Esq. 
of London. He d, in 1815, leavhig issue, 
I. Calybblbt-John, his heir. 

|T' Thomas, in holy orders; m. in 1797, Sarah, dau. of the 
Rev. R Etheridge. rector of Stanton, Norfolk; d. in 1842; 
leaving issue, with five daus., a son, 
1 Calveriey-Richard, 6. in 1798. 

I. Rebecca, m. William- Augustus Standard Esq. 

II. Anna-Letitia, d, «mm. in 1841. 

Calvbblbt-John Bbwiokb, of Hallaton HaU, 6. in 1785^ 
in holy orders, rector of Hallaton-eum-Blaston, and Lod* 
dington, in the co. of Leicester, m. 1st, Mary-Elisabeth, 
widow of James Vaughan, Esq. of Leicester, dau. of Sir 
Everard Buckworth, Bart., without issue ; and 2ndly, Can^ 
line, dau. of Col. Nathaniel Newnham, of Bam Rocks House, 
Sussex, by whom he left issuer 

1. Calvbblbt, his heif. 

n. Thomas, 6. in 1822. 

I. Emma, m. her coorin, Calveriey-Richard Bewicke^ Msq. 
pf Barsham, Sulfolk, and has \am, 

1 Arthur-Newnham. 

2 lionel-Calvorley. 

1 Ada-Philippine-AnnSr 

2 MinnatHunrey. 

8 Madeline-Emma-Collingwood. 
n. Sophia. 
The Rev. Calveriey-John pewicke d. in 1848, and was : by 
his eldest son, the present Calvbblbt Bbwiokb, Esq. of 
Ha]lat<m Ball, who is the direct male representative of the 
family of Bbwiokb <^f Clou House, 

Arms and Crea<— The same as Bbwiokb <(^CVow ITouMi 
£ea^-HaUaton Hall, Leicestershiro. 


Wrioht-Biddulph, Anthont-John, Esq. of Bur- 
ton Park, oa Sussex, 6. 20 Jan. 1830. 

UnrSSf. — "The BiDDULPHs do derive themsdves," 
saya Brdeswicl^ ** from one Obmus lb Guisoir, the son of 


BxoAKDTts FoBEOTABnTB,** of Nomuui Tsoe, who hald, as 
appears by Domesday, ten lordships in B^flbrdshin, whidi 
leere conferred on him in reward of his services. The 2nd 
son of 

EDWiiRD, of Middle Biddolph, first took the samame of 
BmnxTLPH, and was ancestor of the eminent family of 
BiDDULPH, which, in the reign of Hskbt YIII., became 
divided into two branches, the elder line represented by 
Bra BiCHABD BiDDULPH, Knt., who adhered steadily to 
the principles and faith of their ancestors, during all the 
religious revolutions of that and the succeeding reign% 
with many of the andent ikmilies in the northern ports of 

RicHABD BiDDULPH, of Biddulph, son of WilUam, of 
Biddulph, and the direct descendant of Ormus le Guidon, 
bad two sons, Stmon, the younger, ancestor of the Bn>- 
DULPHs of Ledbury^ and the elder, 

8iB BicHABD Biddulph, of Biddulph, Knt., living temp. 
Hknrt YIII., whose son and successor, 

BiCHABD Biddulph, of Biddulph, m. Margaret, dau. and 
po-heir of Sir John Solwey, by Margaret his wife, dau. of 
^ugh Erdeswick, and was father of Fbaxois, of Biddulph, 
who erected the noble mansion of Biddulph, temp. Eliza- 
beth. This Frajvcis was grandfather of Johk Biddulph, 
Esq. of Biddulph, a devoted royalist, whose grandson, 

Richard Biddulph, Esq. of Biddulph, m. Anne, dau. 
and eventual heiress of Sir Henry Goring, Bart, of Burton, 
the lineal descendant and representative of John Goring, 
of Burton, Esq., by Margaret, his 1st wifs, dau. of Ralph 
Badmylde, Esq., and Margaret his wife, sister and co-heir 
of Hugh Lord Camoys. Mr. Biddulph d. before 1679, 
leaving (vrith a dau., Elizabeth, m. to Charles, Lord Dormer) 
a son and successsor, 

John Biddulph, Esq. of Biddulph and Burton, who m. 
Maiy, dau. of Charles Arundel, Esq. of Homing^m, and 
had issue, i. Bichard, his heir ; ii. Charles, successor to 
his brother ; i. Mart, b, 1710, who m. Thomas Stonor, Esq. 
ofStonor, co. Oxford, andwasgreot-grandmother of Thomas 
Stonob, now Lord Camoys ; n. Anme, d. in 1717, who m. 
Anthony Wright, Esq. of Wieldside, in Essex, and had, 
with other issue, Anthony Wright, Esq., who m. Lucy, 
Snd dau. of Edmxmd Plowden, Esq. of Flowden, and by 
bor, who d. in 1786, left at his decease in the same year ; 
1 Anthovt-Gborok, of Burton Park ; S John, 6. 20 June, 
1786, m. Henrietta, eldest dau. of the late Midiael Blount, 
Esq. of Maple Durtiam, and has issue ; 1 Lucy ; 8 Mary, m. 
to Vincent Eyre, Esq. ; 3 Anne, m. to Sir Charles Wolseley* 
Bart, of Wolseley, co. Stafford, and d. in 1838. He d. in 
May, 1720. The elder son, 

Richard Biddulph, Esq. of Biddulph, d. wan, in 1767, 
aged 60, and was t. by his brother, 

Charles Biddulph, Esq. of Biddulph and Burton, who 
m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Heniy Bedingfeld, Bart, of 
Oxbm^h, and 2ndly, Franoes-Apollonia, dau. of Geoige- 
Brownlow Bounty, Esq, of Snarford Hall, co. Lincoln, and 
widow of Henry Wells, Esq. By the former, who d, in 
1793, he left at his decease, in 1763, a son and heir, 

JoHH Biddulph, Esq. of Biddulph and Burton, who 
d. unm, 2 Aug. 1835, leaving his estates to his kinsman, 

Ahthont-Gkorob Wright, Esq. 6. 80 April, 1785, who 
took the additional surname of Biddulph. He m. 15 Jan. 
1827, Catherine -Dorothy, dau. of the late Simon-Thomas 
Scrope, Esq. of Danby Hall, oo. York, and d, leaving; with 
three daus., Catherine -Charlotto*Mary, Clementina-Maria, 
and Oeraldine-Mary, a son and successor, the present 
AxTBOVT-JoHN Wright-Biddulph, Esq. 

Arma—KiaaxtenAy: Ist and 4th, vert, an eagle displayed, 
aiv., for Biddulph ; 2nd and Srd, az., two bars, org., and in 
chief, a leopard's face, or, for Wright; quartering Goring, 
CoMPTON, and Camoys. 

Crttt*— Ist, a wolf, salient, axg. ; 2nd, out of a duoal coronet, 
or, a dragon's head, ppr. 

SaK— Burton Park, Sussex. 


Biddulph, Robert - Mtddelton, Esq. of Chirk 
Castle, CO. Denbigh, and Burghill, co. Hereford, h. 
20 June, 1805 ; m, 81 May, 1832, Fanny, 2nd daii. 
of William Owen, Esq. of Woodhonse, co. Salop, 
and has issue, 

I. BiOHARD, 6. 18 Feb. 1887. 

I. Fanny. n. AUoe. in. Mazy-Carolina. 

Hr. Biddulph is lieutenant and ciiBtos-rotalonun of 
Denbighshuv, and colonel of the county militia. 

BID, — tee Biddulph qf Lcdbwy. 

The MyddeltoDS are said to have descended fhnn Ririd 
Vlaydd, Lord oi Penlyn, in Merionethshire, whose descen- 
dant, Birid, m. Cicely, sister and heir of Sir Alexander Mid- 
dleton, of Middleton, co. Salop, and was father was Ririd, 
whose great-grandson, 

David Myddkltoh, of Gwaynenog, in Denbighshire, 
Receiver of North Wales, Ump. Edward IV., m, Ellen, dau. 
of Sbr John Done, Knt. of Utkingtoo, oo. Chester, and had, 
with other issue, 

Roger Mtddkltov, of Gw»rnenog, ancestor of the 
M TDDKLTONS ^ QtoayiuiMg. [See iheut famUp}. 

FuucE Mtddeltok, Esq., who «i. Margaret, dan. o! 
Thomas Smith, aldennan of Chester, and had, with other 

Richard Mtddsltoh, Esq. of Denbigh, who m, Jans, 

dau. of Hugh Dryhurst, of the same place, by Lucy his 

wife, dau. of Robert Groensdyke, and had several diildra^ 

of whom 

Thomas (the eldest surviving son) was ancestor of the 

M TDDKLTONS qf Chirk Castle ; and 

Hugh (the 6th sonl of Ruthyn, co. Denbigh, was the cele- 
brated Sir Hugh Mn>DBLToy, the prqjeotor of the New 
River. See Burkr's JBxtinct BarandoQe. 

The eldest son. 

Sir Thomas Mtddelton, was sheriff sad alderman of 
London, and filled the dvic chair in 1618. He was a mimi- 
ficent bene£M}tor of the Goldsmiths' Company. His son 
and heir, 

Sir Thomas Mtddcltov, Knt. of ddrk Castle, sufibred 
severely during the Commonwealth. From him descended 
the extinct Baronets, the Myddcltons qf Chirk Caetle (eee 
Burke's Bxtinet Peerage), whose last male heir, 

Richard Myddelton, Esq. of Chirk Castle, lieut. of the 
county, and M.P. for the town of Denbigh, m. thrice, but 
had issue only by his Snd wife, the Hon. Anne Rushont, 
sister of Lord Northwick, one son and three daus., vis., 
Richard, his h^; Chablottk, of whom .hereafter; Maria, 
m. to the Hon. Frederick West, brother of Lord Ddawarr; 
and Harrikt. Mr. Myddelton d. in 1706, and was «. by his 
eldest son, 

Richard Myddelton, Esq. of Chitk Castle, who d. «aim. 
in 1796, leaving his three sisters his co-heirs ; of whom the 

CHARLom Mtddkltoit, fit. in 1801, Robert Biddulph, 
Esq. of Ledbuxy, co. Hereford, and Cofton Hall, co. Wor- 
cester, who thereupon assumed the additional name and 
arms of Myddelton, and had iraue, 

Robert Myddelton, now ol Chirk Castle. 

Thomas Msrddelton, lieut. -coL in the anny. Master <3i the 
Household to the Queen. 


w4nn>— Quarteriy : 1st and 4 th, vert, an eagle displayed, 
arg., armed and langned, gu., for Biddulph ; Snd and Srd, 
aiig., on a bend, vert, three wolves' heads, erased, of the field, 
for Myddelton. 

CretU—A wolf, salient, anr., charged on the shoulder with 
a trefoil, slipped, vert, for Biddulph ; out of a ducal caronet^ 
or, a bloody hand, ppr., for Myddelton. 

Motto— In veritate triumpho. 

Seati Chiik Castle and Nantyr HaU, co. Devon. 


BroDULFH, BoBERT, Esq. of Ledbury, co. Here- 
ford, J.P. and D.L., fonneny M.P. for Hereford ; m. 
25 Feb. 1830, Elizabeth, dau. of Qeorge Palmer, 
Esq. of Nazing Park, Essex. 

ILtntSfft* — Symon Biddulph, Esq. of Elmhurrt, 2nd 
son of Richard Biddulph, Esq. of Biddulph, m. Joyce, dau. 
of Sir Robert Weston, Knt., and was fkther of 

Symon Biddulph, Esq. of samhurst, whose son, 

Symon Biddulph, Esq. of Elmhurst, d. In 16SS, leaving. 
by Joyce his wife, dau. of Ridutrd Floyer, Esq., several 
sons, of whom the eldest, Michael, was iather of Sir Theo- 
PHiLus Biddulph, created a Baronet in 1684, and the 8rd, 

Anthony Biddulpb, Esq., bapt. at Stowe In 1584, m. EU- 
sabeth, dau. o< Robert Palmer, Esq., aldeniMia of London, 
and was father of 

MioHAEL Bidduub, Esq., who m. Frances, dan. of Btt 
William Kingston, Bart, and had a son and successor, 

RoRBBT Biddulph, Esq., who m. Mary, dau. of Sir Wil- 
liam Cullen, Bart., of East Sheen, and dyhig in 1670, was 
«. by his son, 

Anthony Biddulph, Esq., who first settled at Ledbury, 
in the 00. of Hereford, and served as high-«herilf in 16C4. 

Jigitized by V3O w ^^ -- -^ 


He m. Oonstanod, dan. and oo-heir of Francis Hall, Baq., and 

djmg in 1718, iaSt ihreo sona, 
L BoBKBT. hia heir. 

n. Franda, m ttirioa. By bia lat and 2nd wives he had 
twodaua., Go^iatanoa, «». to the Bev. Thomas Salwey, 
LLD., and Anne, m. to Beijamin Baugh, Esq. of Ludlow. 
By the 3rd, Margaret, widow of Ranald Pindar, Esq. of 
Kenqdey. oo. Gloucester, and dau. and heir of William 
I^rgoo, Esq. of Madresfield, representative of Richard, 
last Lord Beauchamp of Powick, he had a son. Tub Bmw. 
Tqomas Biodulph, who m. 1st, Martha, dau. and co-heir 
of the Bav. John Tregenna, and had by her a aon, 
THOMA»-TBaoBHif A. hia neir. Be m. 2nd]y, Sarah, dau. 
of Channc^ Townaand, Eaq., and had by her two daua., 
Prancea-FhiDps, m. to James Townsend, Esq., com- 
mander, Rn. ; and Charlotte-Louiaa, m. to George 
Visard, Baq. Mr. Biddulph was «. I)y his son, Tbb Rbv. 
TBOMaA-TBBoaNHA BiDOULPB, M.A., b. at Worcester. 
miiiistBr of St. Jamea's, Bristol, who m. Rachel, dau. of 
Zachaiy Shrapnel, Eaq. of Bradford, Wilta, and sister of 
Maior-Gen. ileniy Shrapnel, RA., and hadiasue, Thomas 
SiaumBL, of Amroth Castle, prebeudaiy of Brecon, m, 
Gliarlotte^ dan. of the Rev. James Stillingfleet, prebeDOaiir 
of Worcester, and had issue^ Francis-John ; Michael- 
Anthony ; Thomaa-Bdward-St^ngfleet ; Maigaret-Anne; 
Frances- Aqgusta-Chaiiotte; Zachariah-Heniy, B.D., vicar 
of Shoreham, Suasex, and Blackwell, Somersetshire, late 
feBow of Magdalen College, Oxford ; Theophihis, who m. 
Catherine, dau. of John Linden, Esq. ; Rachel-Iordia. m. 
to tbeBer. Chariea Banning ; and Hanzietta, m. to Wil- 

ot Lincoln's Inn, who d, t, p. in 

m. Mkhad,a 

The ddest aon, 

BoBSBT Biddulph. Esq. of Ledbury, bapt. Oct. 168S, m. 
Anne. dau. of Benjamin Joliffe, Esq. of Cofton Hall, co. 
Worcester, and dying in 1773, left three aona, Miohakl, his 
heir; Bai\jamin, in holy orders (father of Benjamin, of 
Bugfain, CO. Hereford); and Fronds, banker, of Charing 
Cross, who d. «. p. in 1800. The eldest Bda, 

Mkhacl BtDDiTLPH, Eaq. of Ledbury and Cofton Hall, m. 
Pcaetope, eldest dau. of John Dandiidge, Eaq. of Balden's 
Gfeen, Ifaklvem, WOToestershire. and had (with four daua., 
rwaliipe, widow of Adam Gordon, Eaq. ; Maiy-Anne, widow 
of Robert Fhillipa, Esq. of Longworth. oo. Hereford ; Anne, 
widow of David Gordon, Esq. of Abecgeldie ; and Harriet, 
». to Thomas Woodyattt Esq., B.N.) two sons, Bobmrt, 
tthsr of the preaent BoBsnT-MrDDBLiox Biddulph, Esq. 
of Chirk CMtle (m that family), and Jotn, of Ledbury. 
Mr. BUdulph d. 6 Dec 1800. His Snd son, 

JoHH Biddulph, Esq. of Ledbury, 6. in 1768, «». 9 
Belli. 1797, Miss AngusU Roberts, and had, with six daus., 
four sons, vis., Bobsbt, now of Ladbuxy ; John ; Franoia- 
s; axkdOzmua. 

•Yert., an eagle displayed, aig., anned and langued, 

Cyoto— let, a wofi; salient, aig., ohaived on the ahoulder 
with a trefoil attpped, vert ; 2nd, a woli^ aqjant-ragardant^ 

iKv, Tofaied on tne ahoulder, gu. 

Jfotfa— Sublimiota petamua. 

&8(— Ledbuij, CO. Heretord. 


Biooi, Chabli8-Sblbt, Eaq. of Lindexi« oo. North- 
mberiaiid, 6. 21 July, 1834. 

UntXSt. — William Biqob, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
pfesmned to have deacended from an ancient houae seated 
tar many generationain Essex, m. in 16M, Isabell, dau. and 
co-heir of Thomas Dent, Esq.. and d. in 1600, leaving two 
daua. (Mary, wife of Edward Collingwood, Esq. of Byker 
toi Disiingtoo ; and Anne, m. to Edward Ward, Esq.) and 
two sons, John, who d,$.p.ia 1721. and 

TBOHAsBraoc, Esq., who m. circa 1706, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Bdwixd Wfp/^wiai-ah, Eaq. of the Six Clerks' Office, and had 
(with three daua., of whom the eldest, Grace, m. Kr Robert 
Cvr. Bart.) three aona, vis., Williaic, his heir ; Edward, 
of Brinkl^, who d, «uh». ; and Thomas, of Ludgate Hill, 
London, who s». Elizabeth, aister of the Utte Phillip Bundell, 
aad dying in 1791, left » aon, Thomaa, 6. in 1766, who m. 
Maria, ^o. of Thomaa BundeU, Eaq. of Bath, and had issue, 
TJMsaas Tdaiund. Philip-Edmund, Jamss-Bundell, Charles- 
Biehscd; John; EUaabeth, m. toCoL Anderson; Jane, who 
d. Ma. tai 1812; Ar^ptaib^ Emily, Maria, Geoigiana, Emily- 
JsDs, and f^any. The eldest aon and heir, 

WiLU AX BiooB, Esq. of Benton, 6. in 1707, one of €he six 
decks in Chancery, was high-sherifi for Northumberland in 
1750. He «•. 29 Jan. 1736, Mary, dau. and eventually aole 
btima at Charles Clarke, Eaq. oi Ovingliam, and had issue, 
Tbomas-Ciiamjh, Ida heib; William-Edward, who d. mua. ; 


John, of Brlnkley, who d. «. i>. in 1797. Mr. Bisige d. 89 
June, 1758, and was t. by his eldest son, 

Thokas-Chablbb Bioob, Esq. b. in 1789, sheriff of North- 
umberland in 1771, who m. in ^e following year Jemima, 
dau. of William Ord, Eaq. of Fenham, by his wife Anne, 
dau. of William Dillingham, Esq. of London, and had, with 
six daus., of whom one only married, vis., Gmca-Juliiw 
widow of Thomaa-Chrlstopher Glyn, Esq., three sons, 
Charlbb-Williak, his heir ; Jdhn-Tnomaa, b. in 1780, for- 
merly chief-Justice of Trinidad ; Tbomaa-Hanw^. of New- 
csstle-on-Tyne, banker, who m. Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. 
James Scott, and d. in 1824, leaving fSouraons and two dauS. 
Mr. Bigge d. at Bath. 10 Oct. 1794, and was «. by hk eldM* 

Chablbb-Wiluam Bioob, Esq. of linden, a deputy-Ueut 
and late c h ai rm an of the quarter sessions there, lieut.-coL 
in the Northumberland MiUtia, and high-sherifr in 1802, b, 
28 Oct. 1778, m. 27 Jan. 1802. Alicia, only dau. of Christophei 
Wilkinson, Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, of the family of 
WiLKiKsoir qf Thorpe, co. Tock, and d. in 1849, having had 

I. Charlbb-John, b. 11 ApriL 1808, m. Lewis-Mariannei 
eldest dan. of Prideaux-Jolin Belby, of Twiaell Houas^ and 
d. 16 March, 1646, having isaue^ 
1 Chables-Sxlbt, present representative of ilia fiunilj, 

1 Mary-Lewis, 6. 7 May, 1836. 

2 Fanny-AUce, b. 11 March. 1842. 

8 Sybil-Constance (poathumouaX b. 6 April, 1846. 
u. Henry-Lancelot, 6. 10 May, 1806, d, in India, 9 Deo. 

1844, in the E. I. Co. 'a military service, 
in. Edward-Thomas, 6. 19 Oct 1807, d. 8 April, 1844, in 

holy orders, first archdeacon of lindisfame, and vicar of 

Bdilngham, co. Northmnberiand. 
lY. WiUiam-Matthew. b, 9 Oct 1812, in the army, Ueut-eoL 

of the 7th regt of foot 
Y. John-Frederick, in holy orders, vicar of Stamfordham, 

CO. Northumberland, 6. 12 JiUy, 1814, w. 14 Dec. 1843. 

CaroUne-Mary, only dau. of N^Ouiniol Ellison, Esq., and 

has issue. 

VL Arthur, b. 18 May, 1818. barrister-at^sw. 
vu. Matthew-Robert, b. 80 Man^ 1822. 
VIII. Geoige-Richard, b. 2 Got 1826. 
L Maiy. d. 8 Feb. 1821. 
IL Chariotte-Elisa. 
m. Julia-Katherin% m. the Rev. H.-J. Vidtby. son of 

Edward MaHlmD.D., Lord Biahop of Durtuun, d. 27 

April. 1848. leaving issus^ 
1 Bdwanl-Charisa. 1 Julia. 

IT. Jemima, d. in 1881. 

Jrm^—Arg., on a fesse, engrailed, between three martieta^ 
sa.. three annuletSw or. 
CreM—A codkatrlce's head, tuxretted, «r, wisga enet| aa. ^ 
iSm— linden. 


Bioos, Harry, Esq. of Stockton, co. Wilte, Wgh- 

sheriff in 1819, 6. 4 Dec 1767; w. 16 Sept 1802, 

Margaretta-Ann, sole daa and heir of Godolphin- 

WiUiam Burslem, Esq. of Alton Grange, co. lielces- 

ter, and has had issue, 

I. Hehbt-Godolpbhi. b. 4 July. 1808, m. 20 June, 1887, 

itf»<«^n«A^ Snd dau. of William Wyndham, Esq. of 


n. Arthur-WiHiam, m^or 7th hussars, b. 9 Aug. 1804, d. 

2 Nov. 1840. 
I. Maigaretta, 6. 11 Oct, 1805. d. 11 Oct. 1819. 
n. Emma, m. in 1887, to Harry-Farr Teatman, Esq. of 
Stock House, oo. Dorset, who d. 22 May, 1862. 

ftduafe.— The village of Btapleford, in the hnmediate 
vidnity of Stockton, waa kwg the residence of the ikmily of 
Biggs, of wliich, 

Thomas Btogs, of Stapleford, hi the oo. of Wilta, d. in 
1851. 6th EdwaboVI. In thia pariah the fiunily continued to 
leaide. and had there their place of sepulture, until 

Tristram Biogs removed to the a4Joining pariah of little 
Langford, in the same co. He was 6. in 1634, and m. Dioy, 
dau. of Beach, of Wiltshire, who d. in 1704: he d. 1 Sept 
1720, and waa buiied at Stopleford, having had issue^ three 
aona and three daus. The eldest son, 

Tristram Biogs, Esq., «. his fat^Mr at Little Langford. 
He was twice married: by his 1st wife he had, with two 
dans. (Hannah, m. to Henry Hunt, Esq. of litUeton ; and 
Mary, m. to Flower Sainabury, Esq. of Uvington) two sons, 
Tristram, who d. in infuioy in 1706 ; and Thomaa, of Hay- 
teabuxy, whose only son, Thomaa-Morris Biggs, d. «. p. The 
2ad wifo of Mr. Tristram Biggs waa Jane, dau. of Heniy 
Miles, of y?^^<ng*iyn, in tho CO. Af Wilts, and oo-heir of 

B1 L 

ItM t*«^ tw'/ 4iMut Mi4 iM Mil/ afim, 

HiM>«r liMiiM. K»4 ot UtU* Uiicford«6. knlTSS. Bftvtof 
burtduum^ ttm tfMtfUifOHt^aM manor and fl^aU of ScodEton, 
U nNi*//v«<l UiIUmt, Br litoM bi« wiiii, dM. of John Dsvte, 
Ka'I of lto|H«f»« Mi4 nrft^i of Jobs ro U iim rj, Kmi. (whon 
tM m. i Jutm, iWt), Im bad i«mo« 

HaKMV, bTMMmtpfMMMOr, ^ 

/mm. m, Um Itot WkllUm Bond, of TjriMlMtD, oo. Bonci, 
4in MW of Jobii Bond, IC«i. of Onng*; waAd,% Mareb, 

Mr. BtMiii d, %\ Mwab, UOO, and bU widow, SO Juim, 1«U, 

Amuk-Vw x>tA; ono. tod «., a lion. pMMut, within a 
b^ifilura, MM^allad, gu., tba latUr obaigad with tmxn^^M 

Ofui A IcoiHird'a faoa, 

Orui A iMiHiro'a raoa. ppr. 
kMU'^Utckiita, naar li»U«lnu7, eo, Wiltc 

BtoUVD, Wiuom-Braddtll, Eaq. of Biglaod Hall, 
ea l^noaaUr, oapi H.N.. ftud K.H. : m. 8 Jan. 1822, 
Kiiiily, HlHtar of Ct^\A Sir Uanry Leekei R.N., and 
han had laauaf 

I. Uaonr* HaUay, analgn 40ih rtgt , aoddantly kUlad, 38 
Jan. IMl 

II, WiUMiM llRHiiT-Joiiir, 6. T Jan. 1884. 
I HupltU-UaoifiaoA. 

AilirnaC*— Tha Dlflanda, ona of tha moat a&eiant 
(WntlUwi Ui umoaahlra, tradlUona aflbrm to haTa baan aeatad 
al UUlland aa aarly aa tha Norman oonquaat 

KnwARO DiouAND, of Blffland, grandaon of Bdward 
aytfUnda, of llyglanda, Uving tmp. Hnmr VII., m. a 
Uau, of th« aoolaut (kmUj of HAMOYa ^ Fumm FM, and 
had, with two daua., throa aona, from tha aaoond of whom. 
IKiorga, of Carimal, dariTad through tha fbmala Una, tha 
iula ttta Halth Biound, Qartar kinr«t-arma. Kdward 
UltftMid A. tu 1A4S, and waa t. by hla aldaat aon, 

lUNav UiuuANiH Kaq. of Ulgiand, firom whom tha aatanth 

UMtiMH ttiui^ANn, Kaq. of BtgUind. I, ft May, 1760. a». 
i»t« iu ITHl. Anna, 8nd dau. and oo-hatr of Robart Wattara, 
Kmi, of Wbltahatan. hlgh^abariflT (br dimbariand, and had 
by bar^ who 4. tn im. ona aon. Qaoaoa, hia hair. Ha m. 
Viuily. at Vlv«r»tonak 88 Not. 1T84, Sarah, dau. of John 
UaK K»^V of Whtt«hav«n. bigh^ariff (br Cumbarland. and 
autar of tba kta WlUon BmiyU, E»). of Ooalahaad Prioty. 
aftd by bar^ wb^ «!, in 1H»>« b^t (with tour daua., who all 
4, iMMM,, M^^^H tha alxWai aaimb. wil« of Pudt«y Dawaon. 
IW^. vt UiMatir UaU) two aooi^ John, oapt Sid i^t. of 
lAMaahira lutittbw who la nuorlad* and baa iMua; and 
If^iAV^ ItouM^vu^ «M>w of B^biMt Mr. Bl(iaad A In 
Jm^ )!^U «^ by bl* •Kt«at aon, 

0«MM« CU\UJkNiv 1^, of Btcrbknd. ^ tn ITS^ who dL 
»M*i*, MKt w*» *. bv bfa bi>»iH^» iha ptaaant iru.30Sh 
BiuvAYV BMkUkKPw 1^« af BMkmL 

.4«^«M> J(*.. tw\> «a« y^ b^ whMlk ar« <iuar«arin|^ aif,. 
tKr*<i» Mi\>ix**' biM>.K wa-v fcr w \ia>». 

\'^'.<^ A hN«M I'A i ifc w i wipuNJAnt. pi.. boAvDn^ te bla fbra- 
|p«w AU ma \v t'4:^ >*ttMi*|« »» w ih^ *nu3k 

.Wvt ->«• AS,^v« IW «»rM^ \k>kU|M>i«*; bafov thii iblilij 
U|sf« U^vsr Vvw. 

».«»-^l|t^%Att4 Main tMar CbiUaal 


IteUA)!. F^xviav I^ ol' X«w«Il HjdU €iv York, 
^n. K a Jfasy. Kv.Vi a*. W Jaft. l>::^ Aaa«. nfixt 
<rf YlM«Mh» \\'ltt»w«.>t»^ *^ \>f Wirsufrbun>a. cov 
\*^*^ mkI v»t»N «^u. *'*vl bwuwa \4 TVh»4» Ciifto*. 
1^ ^ Xaw«u^ *avl v^tuV^ow asvi Ww w«*«k 
l^Naav*<\wt«c J r. ^^ Twrt-ritJ^ •. » ^p«. l**a. 

Vttk Tby«»««» v^:;Wi^ k an l>«^ «a)i ycWr aHHA. 


tha n&v. John JadESoa. raetor of Boaifagtoo, oo. Toric, 
IfnhetuiMTf of WbcrveU, mMtcr of Wlgtoo Hcapital, Lei- 
oMt«r, and domcMtk cfaspbuA to Qoeen CABOun, wife of 
Oboboc IL ; and bj her had two aooa and a dan., Tii., 
Jomi, hia bcftr; Fraada-Tbomaa, Bant, fai the «2nd ngL, 
d. wm»„ 10 Feb. 1840 ; and Anne, wbo m. Edward Kenioo, 
Beq. of Knajton, oo. York, and bj her (who d. in 1805) left 
an only dau,, Anna-BUlam, m. to Chariae Bia ta tt WaUcer, 
Eaq. Tha cibleat aon, 

JoKM Billam, E«q. of Walaa, oo. Tork, M.D., of Trinity 
CoUega, Oambildge, m. Mary, eldeat dan. of Oeorge Baron, 
of Leeda, menrhant, and bj her (who d, 81 Jan. 1827) lad 
at hia deoeaae, 20 Dea 1825, 

FKAMoia, of NewaU HalL 

John-Daron, m. 20 fiept 1814, Maria, youngeat dan. of 
Harper Boulby, Eaq. of CliiEB Houae. co. York, and haa 
iamie. John; Harper-8oaU>y; Fiank-Baron; Maria; 
Dorothy; and Barah-Jana. 

^m*— On., three bow^ ppr. 

Ocae— A dexter arm, gracing an arrow, ppr. 

Ifotto— Aainoour. 

fieol— Newall Hall, Torkahire. 

BnroHAM, RiCHARD-HiPPiBLET, Esq. of Bingham'a 
Meloombe, oo. Dorset, J.P., D.L., and colonel ot tbe 
Dorset mlUtia, b. 1 Oct 1804; m. 6 April, 1886, 
Harriet- Qeorgiana, 8rd dau. of his maternal uncle, 
the Rev. Montagu-John Wynyard, B.D., cliaplain to 
the Queen. 

ECllMSf . — Hia funny of Btngfasm, of Saxon origin, 
waa originally aeated at Button Bingham, In the co. of 
Somaiaet, and thenoe remored to Meloombe, In Dotaot- 

RoBnT BiKanAM, Eaq. of Melcomba (aon and heir of 
Robert Bingham, Eaq. of Meloombe, by Joan hia wife, 
dau. of John Delalynda, Eaq., and ninth in desoent from 
Sir Ralph de Bingham, elder brother of Robert, Blahop of 
Saliabury, who d. in I2i0) m, Alice, dan. of Thomaa Cokar^ 
Eaq. of Mapouder, and had, with two dana., eight aona, 
Tis., ROBKRT, hia bair; Ghiiatopher; Ricbakd (BirX one of 
Cba moat eminent aoUUera of tha time In which ha lived, 
who d. in 1508; Qbobob (SlrX who aerrad under hia 
brother in the Iriah ware, and waa anoeotor of tha KABUi or 
Litcan; Roger, who d, 9, p,i John (BSr); Tbomaa; and 
Charlea. Robert Rii^[bam d, in 1561, and wna a. by hia 

.b% *. ^ T*SMM» VbiiJ>i>uxwt^ Sbk< .if V.WH, «bi «■• 8ms^« 
b* ; w im h ii ^a i& ..^ ^ )Sm «i^ Xua% ^Ihc. MMk war « ; 

BoBKKT Brntnux, Eaq. of Meloomba, who a». Jana, dca. 
of Robert WUUama, Eaq. of Herringston, in DoraeCdiire, 
and dying in 15^ waa «. by hia grandaon. 

RiOfUBD BuronAM, Saq. of Mekombe, (aon of Robert 
Binghaai and Anne bk wift^ dan. of WiUiun Clialdeeot, 
Eft), of Quai t e lat o o X who «. Jane, dan. d Sfar Azthur 
Hopton. Cnt. of Witham Abbey, in SooMtsotahira, and 
dyinginl83«, WMA. by hla eMeat aon, 

Jon BiKonAM. Bk|. of Mefeoaabe^ tha p MBnin e nt arian, 
wbo WM, during the aril war. eelonal af a ragt., Qorenuir 
tif PooK and oonaaandarat tha kat aiagaaBd dMaomion of 
Ctel^OMtk: hawniakoa m aBB b e r ofthaliongFBrikmeot 
at itadkaobitMn. April. ICSa. He «. lat« Ptancna^ dan. and 
co-hMT of Jcha Tywrt!av< Biq. af WarmweD, and tndly, 
J«M Norwood, of Gl<>«xaaaarihfa«. bat had immm only by 
th* f tjc w. ria.. tvt «iMaa.. FSaaheth; Jan* ; l^niiknjo, ■». 
w Jv>ttn MWhei. Eaq of Tiagrtw RnaseO; Fkvneaa. who 
f vm H^l ; and OrM*. s. «• Thoaaaa flinnM, Baq. CoL 
Rtveuus d, m l^rx avi «aa a. bf (tha aam d hia brother. 

R-vmiaD B^xcauja. Eh^- af Mdroaahe BkigihaaDa, who m. 
ri.j^i,eix^mk. >kaL aa^i hear af J«hn INrai^ii. Baq. by 
r*t Ukiin^^M ^» vt^ An. efSbr J^shn bale. Knt^ chan- 
.xi.v-r 4C :^ b.1:kl^nlMr• ^mA bf bar. wbfft ^ te 1T37, agad 
"!^ ^lU^ vtth <K^«r nan^ 
L Ksk'ncBsv. \^)g«dr 

R *3*. iv»v E. :* . WTyw ^ AT^Swriar CA^aL Oxford, 
Ttctvr .*r P*tB:p«ra» saU Ifrjrt Cr>aML a ^aasiaigwakodand 
kv<f«««i h^r>2M. «k 91 r«^^. :$aa^ Ea^a. ani by karlaftat 

1 r^i^«r«k^ LL.B^. ikifinr jf S«« CVjAm^ netar of 
V.i:zt iniiMhaai 4tti jc S^ikil;*^. w^» «. An^y, Am. oT 
Y /htm. Ewfti^ bi^. ami A aa Ua^ hwo^ ted two 

. iw »mi jiK n dl* a^.t&a» i ^ _ 

Jigitized by VjOOQIC 


Cdward, b, in 1789, aUeot RN., d. at lima, in Peru, 
in 1833, «. p. 
lb. Bingham, for more than forty years in the oommladon 
of the peace, repreacnted Brldport, and subeequently the 
00. of Dorset, in parliament. He d. in 1786, aged 09, and 
wu «. by his eldest son, 

Rkhasd Behoham, Esq. of Melcomb Bingham, barrister- 
it^w, who m. liartha. daa. of William Bait, Esq. of 
Gsfisbory, and by her (who wedded 2ndly, Ferry Buckley, 
Esq. of Winkfield Place, Berks, and d. in 1766) had three 
aons, namely, 
I. RiOHAxn, his hebr. 

u. WiUiam, D.D., archdeacon of London, who m. Agues^ 
dan. of — Donrien, Esq., and had issue, 
1 Robert-TurberrHle, 6. in 1777, lieut.-ooL grenadier- 
gnards, m. Mary, only dau. and heir of Thomas-Elliott, 
Esq. of The Vines, Bodiester, and had a dau., who d. 
in 1817. 

i Arthur-Battv b. in 1784, capt RN., who was drowned 
in 1830, leaving, by Emily his wife, dau. of W.-L. 
Kingsman, Esq., of Petworth, four sons and one dau., 
Tiz., Arthur- Maunsel, RN., b. in 1814, d, in 1838; 
Thomaa-Henxy, RK., b. in 1816, lost at sea; Qeoige- 
William, b. in 1817, in the 95th regt ; Francis-Robert- 
Bertie, b. in 1819, d. in 1839; and Emily-Agnata- 

8 Jtdm-Batt, b. in 1787, in holy orders, m, Frances, 2nd 
dau. of the Bey. Croxton Jolmston, rector of Wilmslow, 
Cheshire, and has a son, Heniy, b. in 1837, and a dau., 

1 ]Cartha<2Broline-Backley. 8 Agnata-Maria. 

m. John, d. at Calcutta, in 1760. 

Mr. BIngfaam d. in 1766, aged 58, and was t. by his son, 

BiaoABD BixaHAM, Esq. of Molcombe Bingham, colond 
of the Doraetahire militia, b. in 1760, who m. Sst, in 1766, 
Sophia, dau. of Charles Halsey, Esq. of Great Oaddesden, in 
Berts, and had by her, who d. in 1778, two sons and one 
d«L, Tis., 
L BiCBABO, his heir. 

n. wniiam. fellow of New Colleffe, Oxford, 6. In 1771, 
rector o£ C^meley, in Somersetshire, and of Helbury 
Bobb, in Dorsetshire, m. 20 April, 1797, Barah-EmUy, 
dan. of General William Wynyard, and d, 27 May, 1810 
(his widow surrlTed until 14 June, 1862), leaving issue^ 

1 WiUiam-Wynyaxd, 6. 18 Jan. 1798^ fellow of Kew 
CoDege, Oxfoxd, d. uiun. 1821. 

2 Obobob, b. in 1803, in holy orders, m. Frances, dau. of 
Anthony Blagrave, Esq., and d, in 1838. 

S RiCHAnD-HiPpm.KT, present head of the fiamily. 

4 Charles*WlIUam, rector of Melcombe Hors^, co. 
Dorset, 6. 28 Sept 1810, m. 28 May. 1839, his cousin, 
CsToline-Damer, 2nd dan. of the Kev. Montagu-John 
Wynyazd, which lady d. without surviving issue, 
1 Jan. 1863. 

1 BmOy-Georgiana, deceased. 

2 BophU-Matflda. m. in 1826, to Bobert-Frands Wright, 
Esq. oTHlnton Blewett, co. Somerset, and has Augus- 
toa-Bobert-Btngham, Arthur « Francis -Bingh%m, and 

m. Chaxles-Cox, 6. in 1772, d. at the Boyal ArsennL Wool- 
wich, in 1886, colonel RA„ m. Sarah, dau. of Samuel 
Hi^Tter, Esq., and had issue. 

1 George-Wimam, royal artillery, 6. 16 Sept 1801. 

2 Rkhard-ClaveU, an officer in the army. 6. 10 May, 

8 Charles^ rojal artillery, b. in 1816. 
4 Edmnnd-HiRyter, 6. in 1820. 

1 Maiy-Prsnoes, m. in 1833, to the Ber. Henry Stevens, 
eldest sou of the Dean of Bochester. 

2 Emma. 8 Sophia. 

L Sophia, IK, iQ WilUam-BichardB davell, Esq. of Smed- 

Xr. BiB«faam m. Sndly, 20 Oct 1776, Elizabeth, dau, of 
John Bidoirt, Esq. at Dean's Lease, and had by her, 
Geone-BidoQt (SirX K.CB. ^nd T.S. of Dean's Lease, 6. 
21 ^y, 1777, miOor-gei^e^ ^ ^e army, and coL of the 
Bille eorps. si. in 8«^ 1814, Emma^Septima, yoimgest 
dm. of Edmund-Morton Pleydell, Esq. of Whatcombe 
House, in Dorsetshire, but d. $. p. 3 Jan, 1838, 
John, 6. 18 March, 1786, lieut RN., m. Fanny, dau. of 
C Woolcombe, Itoq.. and has issue. 
MuT. m. to Natbamel-Tryon Still, Esq., espt in the anny, 
and had issue. 

Leonora, m. twiee^ witho«it issue. 
Kr. Btn gh^mt d. in 1823, and was t. by his eldest son, 

ftuTtiAf n BfifOHAif, Esq. of Melcombe Bingham, b. in 
1768, wiio attidned Uie rank of lieut -gen. in the army. 
Be «k Miss Prisdlla Garden, a relation of Sir John Garden, 
BvL, bat dying withont issue in 1829, (hi« widow sur- 
vided unta 1 Feb. 1848) was t. by his nephew, 

Tn Rsv. Obobos BuroBAM, 6. 4 June, 1803, who m. 
Franees-Anna-Byam, only dau. of Anthony Blagrave, Esq., 
Ml bad a son, Geovgo-Hflnry, who d. in inlanpy. He d. 


himself in May, 1883, and was «. by his brother, the present 
representative of the family. 

ArtM—Az.t a bend, cotised, between six crosses-pat^, or. 
Crest—On a rock, ppr., an eagle rlsLog; ot, 
MotUh-Bpoa mea Christus. 
£0a^-Meloombe Bingham, Dorset 


BiTtCH, "Wtrlet, Esq. of WreUiam Hall, oo. Koiw 
folk, b, 11 Sept 1781 ; m. 19 July, 1804, Katharine- 
Sarah, 8rd dku. and co-heir of Jacob ReynardBon, 
Esq. of Holywell, co. Lincoln, by Anne his wife, 
dau. of Sir John Oust, Bart, Speaker of the House 
of (yommonii, and has issue, 
L Gboboe-Wyiilby, b. in April, 1806, m. 17 Jan. 1888, 

Jane, Srd dau. of Bichai-d Congreve, Esq. of Burton, 

00. Chester, and has, with other issue, a son, Wyblst, 

6. hi 1837. 
n. Thomas-Jacob, b. in 1806, called to the bar, 18 Nov. 

1831, Judge of the county oou|:t circuit No. 8^ recorder 

of Thetford. 
m. Henry-William, 6. in 1809. 
IT. Frederick-Lane, rector of Bast and West Wretham, 

6. in 1812, d. May, 1860. 
y. Peregrine, d. in 1817, m. in 1848, Anna, dau. of Gen. 

James Grant, of Hayes Park, Middlesex. 
▼I. Lawrence, b. in 1828. 
I. Katherine-Maiy-Anne. 
u. Jemima-Lucy, m, 81 Aug. 1841, to Bichard Longfteld, 

Esq. of Longueville, oo. Cork, 
in. Chariotte-Ethelred. 
rv. Frances-Augusta, m. SS July, 1888, to WilUam-Peere 

Williama-Freeman, Esq. late of Fawley Courts oo. 

Bucks, now of Pylewell, Hants. 
y. JuHana-Maria, m. 8 Nov. 1840, to Heniy-Fowler 

Broadwood, Esq. 
yi. Elizabeth-Caroline, m. in Aug. 1844, to Bobert Pryor, 

yn. Agnes-Ellen, m. in Sept. 1860, to the Bev. James 

Parke Whalley, rector of East and West Wretham. 

%intJlQe. — Thomas Biboh, Esq. of Birofafield, in the 
parish of Handsworth, oo. Stafford, and of Birch Green 
and Aston, co. Warwick, was IMag at Birchfield, Tih 
EuzABBTH, and was buried at Aston in 1618. His son 
and heir, Thomas Bibch, Esq. of Harbome, bapt at Hands- 
worth in 1666, was father of Gboboi BnoH, of Harboma 
Hall, bapt. at Handsworth in 1616, and buried there in 
1660. His son, 

GsoBOB Biboh, Esq., m. Mary, dan, of Thomas Foster 
Esq., and dying in 1721, left issue. 

Thomas (BirX his heir. 

John, rector of Handsworth, d. «. p. 

James, of Wolston, co. Warwick, m. Jana^ dan. and co- 
heir of Abraham Owen, Esq., and d. in 1772, leaving a 
son, Geobob Bibch, Esq. of 6t Leonard's Hill, co. Bwka, 
who tn. Mary, dau. of Thomas Newell, Esq., and d. in 1803» 
leaving issue. 

Another son, in holy orders, who d. leaving issue. 

Mary, m. to William Green, Esq. of Ecdes, co. Norfolk. 

Sarah, m. 1st in 1769, to Godffey-Woodward Yane^ Esq., 
and 2ndly, to Sir Wadsworth Bush. 
The eldest son. 

Sib Thomas Biboh, Knt, judge of the Common Fleaa^ 
6. at Harbome, in 1600, m, in 1733, Sarah, dau. and oo- 
heir of J. Teshmaker, Esq., and dying in 1767, left, with 
two daus., Mary, who d. «mm., and Esther-Barbara, m. to 
the Bev. Thomas Lane, rector of Handsworth, three sons, 
GxoBOB, his heir; Thomas, who d. «. p.; and John, capt 
in the horse-guards (BlueX who d. unm. The eldest son, 

Gboboe Bibch, Esq. of Hamstead Hall and Elandsworth, 
6. in July, 1789, m. in 1776, Anne, 3rd dau. of Thomas 
Lsne, Esq. of Bentley, (and granddau. of John Lane, Esq., 
by Mary his wife, eldest dan. of Humphrey Wyrley, Esq.; 
and oo-heir with her sLrter Syl^l, m. to the Bev. Peter 
Birch, D.D., prebendary of Westminster). By her (who d. 
in Feb. 1806) Mr. Birch left »t his decease, in Feb. 1807, 
one son, the present Wtbuct Bibch, Esq. of Wretham 
Hall, and three daus., vis., Mary- Ann, m. to Bichard Qon* 
greve, Esq. of Burton, Cheshire; Sarah, who d. in 1846; 
and Ann, m. M^jor Joseph-Jeanes Dtubii^ (son of Sir John 
Durbin), and d. in 1848. 

Arm*—Az., three fleurs-de-lis. and a canton, ai^. 
Crat—lL fleur-de-lis, with shamrock and serpent entw.'a* 
ing, ppr. 
JfoCto— Prudentia simplicitate. 
^nu^Wretham, near Thetford. 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


Kewbll- Birch, John-Willum, Esq. of Henley 
Park, CO. Oxford, b, 80 April, 1776 ; m. 18 Dea 1821, 
Diana-Eliza, dam of the late James Bourchier, Esq. 
of Little Berkhampstead, Herts. Mr. Newell-Birch 
assumed the name of Newell before his patronymic, 
BtBCH, in compliance with the will of Mrs. Fiinces 
Webb, from whom he derives the family estate 
of Adwell, CO. Oxford. 

Kneage.— This is a branch of the boose of Biboh qf 
Wrttkamt (me that name J. 

Okobos BntCB, Bsq. of St Leonard's HiU, Berks, son of 

James Birch, of Wolston, co. Warwick, 2nd brother of Sir 

Thomas Bhrch, Knt., Juatioe of the Common Pleas, (tee 

DiRoa <\f Wretham\ m. Mary, dau .of Thomas Newell, Eiq., 

and d, in 1803, leaving, 

Thomas, general in the army, who m. Etheldred-Anne, 

eldest dau. and co-heir of Jacob Reynardson, Esq. of 

Holywell Hall, co. Lincoln, and assumed, on the death 

of his father-in-law in 1811, the additional surname of 

RsTXARosov. He d. in 1847, leaving issue {See Birch- 


JoHV-WiLLL&M, thepresent JoHH-WixjJAMNxwBLL-BiBaB, 
Esq. of Henley Park. 

Hary-Jane, m. to the R«v. William Canning, canon of 
Windsor, and brother of Lord Stratford de Beddiffe. 

Amu, Crest, and ifotto— As BmcH €f Wrethtm: quartering 


^Seo^— Henldy Park, oo. Oxford. 


BmD, The Rev. Charles-John, A.M. and F.A.S., 
of Drybridge House, co. Hereford, rector of Mordi- 
ford and Dynedor, J.P., and late rural dean of Ross, 
6. 11 July, 1777; m, Ist, 19 May, 1808, Harriet 
Jones, of Upton Castle, co. Pembroke, great-nioce of 
John Tasker, Esq. of Upton Castle, high-sheriff of 
Pembrokeshire, and has had issue, 
I. Charles - William • Tasker, 6. 10 Fbb. 1804, m. his 
cousin, Ifary-Anne, dau. of O.-O. Bird, Esq., and d. *.p. 
L Thomas-Huoh, b. 12 May, 1800, A.M., in holy orders, 
m. 8 Sept. 1846, Jane, 2nd dau. of Samuel Bell, Esq. 
of Hopton HaU, Suffolk, and by her, who d, 27 Dec 
I860, has two sons, Charles-Pavin and Reginald-Here- 
I. Harriett-Jane-EUza, d. tenia. In 1818. 
u. Sophia-Maria-Jane, ta. to the Rev. John Evans, A.M., 

of Aylestones Hill, co. Hereford, 
m. Frances-Anne, tu. 26 June, 1345, Thomas Cooper, Esq. 

of Hampstead. 
IT. Julia-Hannah, m. to the Rev. John Purton, A.M., 
rector of Oldboiy, near Bridgnorth. 
Mr. Bird m. 2ndly, 4 Feb. 1823, Rachel, dau. of the 
Kev. Edward Glover, A.M. of Banner, oo. Norfolk, 
and by her has a dau. 
X. Chiistiana-BachaeL 

fttnrflQe. — RiOHABn Bntn, Esq. ft. in 1640, claimed 
descent from the Bybdss of Broxton, co. Chester. By 
Elisabeth his wife, he had, with numerous other issue, a 

Bbnjamih Bmn, Esq. of Drybridge House, h. 18 April, 
1682, who m. 1st, Miss Smith, of Crockey HUl, oo. Here- 
ford, by whom he had issue. He m. 2ndly, Jano, dau. of 
Thomas Owynne, Eeq. of Cunghordy, oo.' Carmarthen, 
brother of Gljmne of Olanbrane, and by her bad three 
eons and four dans. The last surviving son of the 2nd 

WiLUAM Bntn, Esq. of Drybridge House, m. 16 Deo. 1757. 
Hannah, eldest dau. and co>heiress of William Boulton, 
Esq. of SiUens, co. Worcester, and d, 16 Aug. 1796, having 

William, 6. 12 May, 1759, d. wim. 14 Feb. 1784. 

James, 6. 22 Jan. 1771, of Magdalen HaU, Oxon, d. wtm. 

81 Aug. 1796. 
Thomas, D.L., F.A.S., late of Drybridge House, b. 2 

March, 1772, m. in 1798, Hannah-Maria, dau. of the Rev. 

Edward Phillips, A.M., rector of Patching, and vicar of 

West Tarring, co. Sussex, and d. t. p. b March, 1886. 
CnABLKS-JoHM, of Drybridge House, as above. 
George-Gwynne, b. 19 Aug. 1779, m. Elisabeth Preece, and 

has issue, Qeorge, William, Cbaries, Thomas^ Benjamin, 

Richard, Mary- Anne, Julia, and Blixabeth. 
Anne^ m. to the Hon. Banning Wentworth, Secrstaiy of 

B I R 

the provineo of Nova Scotia, member of oooncil, &&, 
both deceased. 

Catherine, m. to Henry Allen, Esq., son of the Rev. Wil- 
liam Allen, D.D., prebendary of Hereford, and d. 18 
June, 1842. 

Harriet, m. to James NichoUs, Esq. and d. 6 Feb. 1800. 

Maty-Anne, w. to Charles Bctton, Esq., and d. Oct 1803. 

Jrms^Axg., a cross-flory, between four martlets, gu. ; on 
a canton, as., a mullet of five points or, a orescent for 

Crest— A martlet, gu. 

Motto — Cruce spee mea. 

i8eo(— Diybridge House, joo. Hereford. 

BntLBT, JoHK, Esq. of Woodend, near Egremont^ 
CO. Cumberland, b, at Eirkham, 1 March, 1769 ; m, 
1 Dea 1808, Mary-Ann, dau. of Simon Grayson, 
Eaq, of Maryport, and widow of John Linden ; bj 
this lady (who d, 80 April, 1818) he had issue, 
I. Thomas, 6. 9 Sq>t, 1800, si. Agnes Evans, and d. «. p, 

18 Aug. 1847. 
n. Hutton, b. 14 Sept. 1816, d. 18 March, 1818. 
m. Hutton, b. 28 March, and d. 10 Aug. 1818. 
I. Anne, m. to her cousin, Thomas-Langton Hrley, Esq. 

of Carr Hill, 
n. Margaret, m. to Joseph Didcson, Esq. of Preston, and 

d, 24 May, 1835. 
m. Ellen, m. to Henry Smith, Esq. of Fleetwood. 

)Ctn(ilS0. ~The locality from which this name is 
derived is mentioned in the charters of the Osbaldiaton 
family, temp. EnwARn U. and III., as Bercclegh and BUr- 
clogh, in the township of Balderston, in the parish of 
Blackburn ; the grantor being called Rob. do Birclogh and 
Rob. de Byrlogh. Adam de Birleye and others were wit- 
nesses, in 1335, to a Judgment respecting the repair of the 
chancel at Chirohe, in the parish of Whalley. In Kuerdcn's 
MS8., W. flL B. de Birley is named, 4th Hbxbt IV., and 
James Birley, as a tenant of Sir John Southwoith, of 
Samlesbury, 22nd Heitbt YII. In 1621, Isabel, wifb of 
Thomas Birley, of Kirkham, gave "seventy gold pieces,** 
as an incitement to a general contribution throughout the 
parish for the erection and endowment of a Free SdiooL 
The Free Grammar School of Kirkham was thus founded, 
now a rich and flourishing institution, whose ftmds have 
been augmented by the gifts and bequests of more reoent 

JoHH Bkblit, of Skippool, in the parish of Poulton-lo 
Fylde, co. Lancaster, (whose will bears do^ 6 Nov. 1782)^ 
was father of 

JoHK BiBLET, of Kkkham, a West India merchant, whr» 
d. 12May, 1767. By his 1st wife, Ellen Harrison, he had 
four children, who all d. without issue. His 2nd wife was 
Elizabeth, dan. of Thomas Shepherd, in. 6 May. 1741, 4, 27 
Jan. 1780, and by her he had, with four daus., four sons^ 
Thomas, his heir; Richard, of Blackburn (see Biblet qf 
Manchester J; John, of Kirkham (see Biblet qf KirthamJ; 
and William, b. 24 April, 1750, d. unm. 10 March, 1702. 

Thomas Biblet, oT Kirkham, son and heir, b. 22 Fob. 
1741-2, m. 23 Sept 1765, Maigaret, dan. of Henry Lawson, 
by Isabel Crookall his wife ; she d. 30 Mardi, 1797. Thomas 
Biriey d. 1 March, 1847. His issue were, 

JoHX, now of Woodend, Egremont. 

Henry, of Whitehaven, bapt. 9 July, 1771, d. 81 Jan. 
1830, tmm. 

Richard, bapt 6 Jan. 1774, d. 17 Nov. 1704. 

James, oi Bsstalrijg^car Edinburgh, bapt. 8 June^ 1784, la. 
to Jane, dau. or Rev. Abraham Brown, and widow of 
John Richardson;— issue, Isabel, m. to Frands CBrion. 
of Liverpool. 

Martha, m. Rev. George Lewthwaite, rector of Add, in 
00. York. 

Cicely, m. ChariesBuck, Esq. of Preston, and et. 6 Dec 1840. 

.^mu— Sa., on a fees, engraUed, between three boars* heads, 
couped, arg., a masde, between two oross-orosslets, oi the 

Crest— A. demi-boar, sa., collared, as., chain reflexed ovor 
the back, or, supporting a branch of wild teasle, ppr., and 
charged on the shoulder with a millrind, arg. 

ifoao--Omni Uber metu. 


Ifltradt. — RiCHABn BiBLST, of Blackbum, second 
surviving son of of J<rfm Birley» of Kirkham, (vids prs' 
csdistff artkUJ, 6. 4 D^ 1748, m. ^5 De^. 1772, Alice, da% 

Jigitized by VjOOQI^ 


of Sogh Hdnby, Esq. of Kirkham, by Mi wife Kai^garet, 
dsa. of Jcmph HanUnaon. Mr. Blrley d. 11 Jan. 1813, 
•ad his wiie in tlia following month of April. Thair isBua 

L John Wxiej, a dapaty-Ueut. of the eo. Lancaster, b. 80 
Inc. 177\ m. 4 Feb. 1800, Ma>:garet. dan. of Daniel 
BedrhmiBft, Saq. of UveipooL He d. 26 Deo. 1833, leaving 

1 Bichard, h. 16 Mareh, 1801, m. 10 March, 1825, Moxy- 
Anne, dau. of John Hardman, Eeo. of Manchester, and 
of Maiy hia wife, duo. ot Jos. lipping. Be d. In 
Guada, 3 Nov. 1845, leaving issue^ 
John-James, b. 7 July, 1828. 
Chariea, b. 8 Oct 1830. 
Wdiaxd-WiUiam, 6. 7 Oct 1885. d. 8 Jan. 1880. 

' m. Andrew-Tosach Smith, of Dumfties, 

Marv-Anne. d. 27 Feb. 1835. 

ElizarJane^ d. S Oct 1841. 
S Daniel, 5. 26 Jan. 1807. d. 10 Oct 1880. 

3 Hornby, b. 18 Jan. 1811, m. M«agaret, 2nd dan. of 
Dr. Boberts, M.D., of Beaumaris. 

4 Wmiam, in holy orders, incumbent of Choriton-cum- 
Hsidy. b. 1« Feb. 1818, m. 8 Smt 1836. Mario, 8rd 
dan. of Thomas Barrow, Esq. or Pendleton, and of 
Harriet his wife^ dau. of James Hatdman. Tnoy iiave 

WHliam Csiew, 5. 22 June. 1848, d. 16 Nov. 1843. 

WOHam-Carew, b. 8 Deo. 1844. 


Ocroline-Maigaret Mai^'-Jane. 

6 John, 6. 30 Oct 1814. d. 16 Feb. 1851. 
6 George, b. 4 June, 1816. 

1 Elizabeth, m. Bev. John ^HUiams, of Beaumaris, d. 
24 May, 1845. 

2 Alice, m. Charies Buck, Esq. of Preston, being his 

8 Mazgaret, «. Charies Poohin, d. 80 Deo. 1840. 

4 Frances, m. Daniel Hornby, Esq. of Baikes HolL 

n. Hq^Homby Biriey, of Broomhonse, a depufy-Iieut. 
snd magistrate for the co. Lancaster, 6. 10 March, 1778, 
«. 5 March. 1822, Cicely, dau. of Thomas Hornby, Esq. of 
KirUwm, and of Cicely his wife, dau. of Thomas Lang- 
toa. Mrs. Biri^ jL 15 Jan. 1843^ and Mr. Biriey, 81 
July, 1845, leaving issue, 

1 Thomaa-Homby, of Broomhouse, b. 16 June, 1824. 

2 Hujrii-Bomby, in holy orders, b. 31 Aug. 1825. 

5 Joaeph-Homby, 6. 12 March, 1827. 

4 WtUiam-Homby, ) twins, b. 22 Dec. 1884, d. 26 Jan. 

6 Edward-Hornby, / 1888. 

6 Frederick-Hornby. 6. 28 March. 1887. 

7 Bdwaid-Homby, 6. 17 Jan. 1842. 

1 Cioely-MargaTet, d. 28 Sept 1828. 

2 (Soely-Margaret 8 AUcia-Morian. 
4 Mary-IaabSla. 6 Emily>Jane. 

m. Joeq>h Biriey, of Ford Bank, a deputy-lieut for the 
eo. Lancaster, 6. 31 May, 1782, m. 22 Aug. 1800, and d. 
S4 Jan. 1847. His wife was Jane, eldest dau. of Thomas 
Eornby. of Kirkham, by Cicely Langton, his wife. Their 
Issue are, 

1 Bkhard, of Manchester, J.P. and deputy-lieut oo. 
limcaater, 6. 11 March, 1812. m. 2 Aug. 1886, Amelia- 
Gariorth, dan. of James Kennedy, Esq. of Manchester, 
and of his wife, Jane, dan. of Matthew Brown, of 
Fualey. Their issue are, 

Bichaid-Kennedy, 6. 16 Mardi, 1845. 
Amelia^ooephine, d. 8 March, 1841. 
Bekn. Maxgarst 

Amelia^ane^ d. 7 Dec. 1842. 
Mary-Louisa. Josephine. Janet 

Henrietta. Amelia-Gertrude. 

2 Thomaa-Bomby, b, 13 Nov. 1818. d. ^Nov. 1814. 

8 TbonMS-Homby. of Manchester, 6. 11 May, 1815. 
ai. 8 Aqg. 1848» Anne, dau. of Cfq>t James Leatham, 
1st dnttooQ guaidsL and of hia wife. Catherine-Frances, 
dao. of Beniy White, Esq. of Carrick-ou Suir, ana 
widow of Qecnge Hobbs, of Waterford. Tlieir issue 

Jsmsa-Leathom, 6. 22 Dec. 1847. 
Fkaneto-fiomby, b, 4 March. 18(H). 

4 Hash, 6. 4 Sa>t 1816^ d. 4 Nov. following. 

5 Hi^ of Manchester, 6. 21 Oct 1817. m. 7 July. 1842, 
M^^t^n. dan. ol Joseph Baxendale, Esq., and of Mary 
faia wife^ dan. of Bichard Biriey. Their tasue axo, 

Bwfa-Arthur, 6. 20 Aug. 1846. 
Joseph-Reginald, b. 8 April. 186a 
MuflaSi KcQth MabeDa. 

T £2^ } *''*^ *• ^** ^p^ ^^• 

8 Bobert in holy orders ; b. 1 Nov. 1825. 

Alfred, b, 10 July, 1827 ; d. young. 

1« Alf^ of BaUol CoUege. Oxford; b. 18 May. 1882. 
11 Arthur, of Pembn^e Cdloge, Oxford; b. 25 April, 1884. 

1 Jne. S OeoOia. 9 EUabeth. 


B I R 

4 Louisa, d. 7 Aug. 1834. 

6 Louisa-Margaret 6 Adelaide. 

I. Moigaret d. in infancy. 

n. EliRabeth, m. John C^rdwell, Esq. of Liveipod. 
m. Maigaret. d. 28 Jan. 1844. 

IV. Jane, d. 2 April, 1828. 

V. Mary, m. Joseph Baxendale, Esq. of Woodside^ co. Mid- 

Arms, Onalt and Jfetto— As Bututr <tf Wpodend, 


BiRLET, The Rev. John-Shepherd, M.A. of HalH* 
well HaU and Kirkham, co. Lancaster, J.P., b.ll Oct 
1805; m. 22 Aug. 1836, Anne, dau. of John Har- 
greaves, Esq. of Hart Common, and has issue^ 


UlTtAfft. — JoHH BzaucT, of Kli^cham, 8rd surviving 
son of John Biriey, of Kirkham («m b^ore)y b. 20 Nov 1747; 
m. 16 Doc. 1776, Margaret, dau. of John Yate, Esq. d 
Liverpool, by Hannah his wife, dau. of Hugh Parr, and 
widow of John Potter. She d. 18 Nov. 1830, and Mr. 
Biriey d. Slst of the following month of May. Their issue 

I. William, of Kirkham. 

II. Thomas, of Millbank, b. 4 Aug. 1782, m. July, 1810^ 
Anne, dau. and co-heir of John Langton, Esq. of Kirk- 
ham, by his wife Betty, dau. and heir of Cuthbert Brad- 
kirk : she d. in Feb. 1883, and Mr. Biriey, 1 April, 1847, 
leaving issue, 

1 Thomas-Langton Biriey. of Carr HiU, b. 18 June. 1811* 
m. 31 Aug. isis, Anne, dau. of John Biriey, of Wood- 
end, and nas issue, 

Henry-Longtou. b. 11 Aug. 1837. 

Hutton, 6. 6 Aug. 1840. 

Bdvrin-Orayson. b. 12 Jan. 1847. and d. 16 Dee. 1840. 

Maivaret-LouiBR, d. 10 Sept 1842. 


2 Charles, of Kirkham, b. 20 Nov. 1812, m. 23 Feb. 1843. 
Elizabeth, dau. c Ilich.ird Addison, Esq. of Liverpool, 
by Betty his wife, dau. of John-Bridge AspinaU. They 
have issue, 

Charles-Addison, b. 11 S^. 1844. 
Richard-Bradkh-k, b. 10 April, 1846. 
Aspiuall, b. 9 June, 1847. 
Thomas-Shepherd, 6. 18 Feb. 1850. 
8 James-Webber, in holy orders, 5. 5 May, 1814. 

4 Prancis-Bradkirk, of Canton, b. 10 Oct. 1817. m. ai 
Hong Kong, 80 March, 1847, Melicina-Eloanor, dau. of 
Lieut -Col. Thornton. 

5 Edward, b. 12 Oct 1818, d. 22 Nov. 1842. 

6 ArthuivLeyland, of MiUbank, b. 5 Aug. 1820. 

7 Frederick, of Wrea Green, ft. 11 Dec 1822. i». 14 Dec. 
1848, to Mary. dau. of Bichard Addison, of liveipool, 
and has issue, 


8 Oilmour^Bobert b. 18 Oct 1828, d. the following day. 

1 Louisa, d. 10 Sept 1830. 

2 Maria-Joanna, m. the Bev. Q.-L. Parsons, vioar of 

m. Edward, of Kirkham, ft. 10 April, 1784, m. 8 Aug. 1808. 
Elisabeth, dau. of JohnSwainson, ot Preston. Mr. Biriey 
d. 18 Nov. 1811. and Mrs. Biriey in 1886. They had 
1 Edward, bapt 2 March, 1812, buried 26 Dec. 1817. 
1 Maigaret-Susannah, wife of Wllliam-Heniy Hombj» 
Esq. of Bladcbum. 
rv. Charies, ft. 27 Aug., d. 20 Sept 1787. 
V. Charies, ft. 8 Aug., d. 5 Oct 1780. 
▼I. Tate, of Ramsay, Isle of Man. ft. July. 1701. m. 28 
Dec 1815, Nancy, dan. of William Fisher, of Westby, and 
has issue, 

1 John. ft. 18 Sept 1818, d. 26 Aug. 18A8. 

2 William-Henry, ft. 25 Nov. 1826. 
8 Robert b. 10 Jan. 1829. 

4 Walter, ft. 14 Nov. Ib32. 


7 Septimus, ft. 20 Feb. 1841. 

1 Frances. 2 Margaret-Elisabeth. 

8 Maiy-Anne. 4 'fannah, d. 26 Jan. 1882. 

5 Hannah-Oatherine. 6 EmmarJane. 
I. Hannah, d. 18 June, 1778. 

n. Hannah, m. Richard Harrison, Esq. of Bankfidd. 

in. Elisabeth. 

William BmLSV, of Kirkham, J.P., ft. 2 June, 1770, m, 
30 Oct. 1804, Mary, dan. of John Swainson, Esq. of Preston, 
by his wife Susannah, dau. of Charles Inroan, Esq. of the 
island of Jamaica : by her (who d. 6 Feb. 1810), he had 

L John-8hspebu>, of Halliwell HaU 

n. William, of Preston, ft. 5 Deo. 1811, m, 18 Jan. 1S54 
Elisa, dau. of John Hastings, Esq. of Downpatrick. 

„,,„...„„, ..e 

B L A 

ni. Edmund, of Clifton Hall J.P., h. 19 Aug. 1817. m. 17 | 
June. 18i6, CoroUno-Dorothoa, dau. of Kev. Richard 
Moore, by Mary -Anne hiB wife, dau. of Richard 
Bodgaon, and has Issue^ 
1 Rdmund-Wmiam. 

1 Emily-Marian. 2 Caroline-Margaret 

8 Another daughter. 
I. Mary, m. to Richard Fedder, Esq. of Preston. 
Mr. Birley m. 2ndly, 4 Feb. 1828, Margaret, dau. of Robert 
Greene, of Liyerpool. He 4. 29 May, 1S50. 

.«4r»«*— Quarterly : Ist and 4th, sa., on a feese. engrailed, 
between three boars' heads, oouped, arg„ a mascle, between 
two cross-croaslets. of the field, for Birlbt. 2nd, a«., on a 
chevron, between three fleurs-de-lis, aig., as many estoUes, 
gu., for Shepherd. 3rd, per chevron, or and sa., three gates, 
counterohanged, for Yats. 

CixH—A demi-boar, sa., collared, arg., chain reflexed ow 
the bock, or, supporting a branch of wild teaale, ppr., and 
charged on the shoulder with a millrind, azg. 

HIoUo— Omni liber metu. 

i8to<«— Kirkham and Halllwell Hall, oo. Lancaster. 


Blaauw, William-Henry, Esq. of BeecWand, co. 
Sussex, M.A., F.^cA., 6. 25 May, 1793; m. Ist, 14 June, 
1825, Harriet, dau. of John King, Esq., formerly 
M.P. and under-secretary of stete, and by her (who 
d 26 May, 1828) had issue, 

I. Louisa-Henrietta, d. 14 July, 1841. 

n. Caroline-Jane, d. 8 May, 1828. 
He m, 2ndly, 16 June, 1832, Mai^jaretrEmily, dau. 
and co-heiress of Sir John-St Leger Qillmau, Bart 
of Currahoen, co. Cork, by Hannah, dau. of Sir 
Thomas Miller, Bart, and by her has issue, 

1. HRNBt -Willi AM-GiLLMAH, 6. March 9, 1834 (In the 
light infantTy battalion of the Royal Sussex MiliUa). 

n. ITiomas-St. Leger, 6. July 1, 1889. 

I. Emily-Hannah. 
Mr. Blaauw, who t. his father in 1808, is a magistrate 
and deputy -lietit for co. Sussex. 

Htllf AQf . — This family Is of ancient Dutch extraction, 
many of whom have been buigomastors of Amsterdam. 

Qbrard Blaauw, 6. in 1708, m, 18 June, 1730, Maria- 

.Agneta, dau. of David Van Heyst, and d. IS Deo. 1775, 

eaviug issue, 

1. William, b. 9 Nov. 1748. who settled in England, and m. 

Ist, in 1772, Aur.e-Charlotte, dau of M. Charles LeMaitre, 

by whom he had issue, 

1 Maria-Anne, m. 6 Feb. 1796, to Thomas-Gardiner 
Bramston, Esq.. M.P. of Skreens, oo. Essex, whod. in 
1831. She d. 6 Feb. 1821. 
S Charlotte-Julia, d. in 1787. 

Mr. Blaauw m. 2ndly. in 17S9, Louisa, dau. of Christopher 
Puller. Esq. of Woodford, co. Essex, and by her (who d. 
M Oct 1842X had issue, 

1 William-Hbkrt, his successor, now of Beediland. 
a Louisa- Agnes. » 94 April IS13, Capt ChariesR -Man- 
ners MoUoy. grenadier-guarda, son of Oipt. MoUoy, 
RN., by Juliuia, dau. of Sir John Laforey, Bart He 
d. in I8-U 

8 Frances- Elisabeth, m. 14 June, 1817. Fredeiick-Bax^ 
mester, Esq. of Gwynne House, co. Essex. 
Mr. Blaauw d. S7 Dea 180$. 

IL Gerard, for many years buigomaster of Amsterdam, M. 
and had issue. 

JnN»— As., ahuman fbot cooped, aig. ; on a canton, or, 
•Q anchor, gu. 
Crr^ — A demi Hon, rampant aig. 
AfoMo— Festiua taite. 
&.«(^Beechland. Newkk, ca Sussex. 


Blackburkb, John-Ireland, Esq. of Orford and 
Hale, CO. Lancaster, J.P. and D.L., Utely M.P. for 
Wwrington, 6. 26 May, 17S3; •». in April, 1811, 
Anne, dau. of William Bamfbrd, Esq. of Bamford, in 
the same ci>unty» and baa issue, 
L JoHH-IiUBLAKik, oapi. 5th dragooo-guards, h. in lS15s «>• 
in li^ft, Marr, dau. of Sir Heniy Hoghtoo, Burt, of 
Hoghton Tower, oo. lAOcaster, and has on« sofi and 
four daua. 
1. Emily, n. Harriott-Elinbeth. m. EUinor-Avena. 

Hinf HQt- — This branch of the Blackbom family came 
fK'tn Ycrk««hire, h^^. Cuzabetu, and eeiUed a( Qarotang, 


B L A 

WiLLTAM Blackburw, an extensive Buwda memhant, 
originally from Yorkshire, was of Thistleton, in Lancashire: 
he was fiither, with two other sons, William* and Thomas, of 
RiCBARD Blaokburnb, Esq. first of Soorton HaU, near 
Garstang, then of Thistleton, and lastly, of Nevrton, all in 
Lancashu^. He m, Jane, dau. of John Aynesworth, of 
Newton, and their Srd son, 

Tbomab Blackbubmb, Esq. of Orford and Newton, b. 
in 1605, m. Margaret, dau. of Robert Norris, Esq. of 
Boston, and had nine daus. and seven sons : of the latter, 
the 2nd, 

Jonathan Blaokburnb, Esq. of Orford, 6. in 1(W6, m, 
twice, 1st, Anno, dau. of Thomas Lever, Esq., and relict of 
C. Lockwood, Esq. of Leeds, by whom he had three sons, 
Thomas j John, of whom presently ; and Jonathan. He 
m. 2ndly, Bridget, dau. of Thomas Bloomfield, of Little 
Leigh, CO. Chester, and had by her four daus., Margaret* 
TO. 20 July, 1686, to Thomas Patten, Esq. of Warringt<m ; 
Bridget, to. to Henry Richmond, Esq., grandfather of 
Bishop Richmond ; Mutha, to. to J. BUnstone, Esq. ; and 
Catharine, d. s. p. The 2nd son of the first marriage, 

John Blaokburnb, Esq. of Orford Hall, became by pur- 
chase lord of the manor of Warrington. He to. Catharine, 
dau. and co-heiress of the Rev. William Asheton, B.D., 
rector of Prestwlch, Lancashire, and by her (who d. in 1740) 
had issue, 
I. Thomas, his heir. 

n. John, of Liverpool, merchant, mayor in 1760, who m. 
Dorothy, dau. of L. Barrett^ Esq. of Appleby, co. West- 
moreland, and had issue, 

1 John, of Hawford House, co. Worcester, and of 
Wavertree Hall, Lancashire, lord of the mauor of Oar- 
ston, Lancashire, and mayor of Liverpool in 1788. Ho 
TO. 1st, Mary, dau. of Jonathan Blundell, Esq. of liver- 
pool, and had an only dau. and heiress, Alice-Hannah, 
TO. in 1814, to Thomas Hawkea, of Himley House, oo. 
Worcester, M.P. for Dudley. Mr. Blackbume to. Ondly, 
Ellinor, dau. of Matthew Strouge, Esq, mayor of 
Liverpool 1768, and sister of the late Sir James Stronger 
Bart, of Tynan Abbey, oo. Armagh. 
8 MUes, d. s. p. 

8 Thomas, settled at Lynn Regi^ co. Norfolk, «. Ist. 
Bandi, dau. and heiress of Thomas Steward, Esq. of 
Lynn, bv whom he had one son, who d young. He m» 
2ndly, Lucy, dau. of the Rev. Brooke Hurlock, of 
Lemarsh, oo. Essex, and by her had two iono^ Jo n athan 
and Thomas. 
4 Ashton, of liverpool. 
1 Catherine, d. 22 Oct 1816. 
in. Jonathan, an eminent antiquary, who had a vevy 
famous collection of prints ; they ^^'ore sold in March, 

lY. WilUam, of Leeds, m. Miss Preston, of The Park, aad 
had two sons in the East Indies. 
T. AfM^" ▼!. James. 

L Anne, of Fairfield, near Warrington, the great natundiflfc 
and correspondent of linnwua, d. mmm. 

The eldest son, 

Thomas Blaokburnb, Esq. of Orford Hall, higfa-aberiff 
of Lancashire in 1763, m. Ireland, dau. and oo-heirBss of 
Isaac Green, Esq. of Childwall and Hale, by Mary his wife, 
dau. and eventual heir of Edward Asptowall, Esq., grand- 
son of Edward Aspinwall. Esq. of A^nnwall, and Eleanar 
bis wife, elder sister and co-heir of Sir Gilbert Ireland, of 
The Hutt and Hale, lineally descended from Sir John de 
Irvlond, ttmp. C^m^umtortM. Mr. Blackbume d. in 1768» 
leaving issue. 
John, of whom presently. 

Thomas. LLD.. a magistrate for the co. of Chester and 
warden of the collegiate church of Manchester. He re- 
sided at Thelwall Hall, Cheshire, and m. Margaret, 
ridest dau. of Sir Richard Brooke. Bart., and d, bk l8iS^ 
leaving two daus., Mary, m. to the Rev. Peter Leigh, 
rector of I^rmm ; and Aime. m. to Ralph Petefs, Eaq., 
and is nowTiving, his widow, at Southpoit. 
Isaac of Wanington, high-eheriff in 1803, sk Ahcia, aole 
dau. and heire«s of Walter Kerfoot^ and <f. in 1830. 
Anne. m. to William Bamford, Esq. of Bamford. 
Mrs. Blackbume survived her husband until 1795, when 
the HaIc estate devolved uixm her eldest son, 

John Blackburxk, Esq. of Orford HaU and Hale, P.R8. 
tc, 6. 6 Aug. 17M, high-«berifi of Lancashire in 1781, 
which county he represented in parliament for forty-six 
yeaia. He »i, 19 April, ITSl. Ai"»» dau. of Samud Rod- 
bard. £«i. of Sb^)too Mallet, and had issuer 
John-Irkland. present representative. 
Thomas, M.A., in holy orders. recUwr of Preetwich, late 

I • William was ancestor of the Blaolbtrns <if Brvi^ Bmd 
«nl BU<kU « /f«rft, Um last of wiikdi &mily *< John Uiidart, 
K.-*l , and their oiilv ch-Jd, Sophia. «. the Hon. Richard 

, Jon^ brother to the 6th and tiUk V' 

B L a; 

yktt of Boclaa^ eo. Lanouter. ft. 1700, Emma^ dau. of 
Benry Heskoth, Eaq. of Newton, oo. Chester, and died, 
kaving iasQO. 

GObert-Rodbard, M.A., rector of Crofton, co. York, b. in 
1900, w. SI Auff. 1832, Charlotte, eldest dau. of the late 
Gen. Sir Montagu Burgoyne, Bart of Sutton Paric, Bed- 

Marf, m. to Oeoiga-John Lagh, Esq. of High Legh, 

Ansa. m. to Sdwin Corbett Bsq. of Damhall, Cheshire. 
Btaabeth. Harriet. 

Xr. BlackbwM d, 11 AprQ, 188S. 

Jrau—Axg , a fesM^ nabul^ between three mullets, ml 
Crat—A M<^ rmr., standing on a trumpet, or. 
fiff>— Hala Hsil, and Orford Hall, near Warrington. 

Blacker, Wiluah, Esq. of Carrick Blacker, oo. 
Aima^ M.A., lieui.-ooL of the Armagh militia, J.P. 
and D.L., high-flheriff in 1811; b, 1st Sept. 1777 ; fn. 
Hot. 1810, Anne, eldest dan. of Sir Andrew Ferguson, 
Bart., M.P. for Londonderry. Colonel Blacker was 
appoflnted Tice-treasurer of Ireland in Jan. 1817, and 
keld office untO 1829, when he resigned. He «. his 
&ther in 1826. 

iLtnfXSt.— Captaxh YALBxnms Blaoksb, of Csrrick, 
eo. Armagh, 6. in 1507, m. Judith, dau. of Geoige Harris- 
•on, Esq. of Ballydorgan, oo. Down, and had one son, 
GaoBOS, and a dau. Violetta. Capt. Blacker purchased, in 
1100, fkom Anthony Cope, Esq. of Loughall, the manor of 
Csrrowbrack, subsequently known as Carrick-Blacker. He 
4, IT Aug. 1077,and was interred in Seagoe church. His only 

Ifxioa OsoBOS Blaokxb, of Carrick, a firm adherent of 
King William III., m. Rosa, dau. of Rowland Toung, Esq. 
of Dfakeatown, oo. Louth, and by her, who d, in 1089, left 
two aooa; the younger, Robert, was ancestor of the 
Blackkbs itf J>roffk$da and of the co. Meath ; the elder, 

WiLLLiM BuiOKXB, Esq. of Carrick and Ballytroan, f». 

1st, about the year 1M6, Elisabeth, daughter of CoL the 

Hon. Robert Stewart, of Irry and Stewart Hall, in the oo. of 

Tyrooe, Srd son of the 1st Baron Castlestewart, and by 

k«; who d. 11 Jan. 1078, he had an only son, Stcwabt, 

kto heir. Mr. Blacker m. 2ndly, late in life, Miss Mathers, 

sad had another son, 

Bsmud. of Tandrogee, barrister-at-law ; who m. S9 April, 

1794. Mary, dau. of Corry. of Rock Corry, co. Monaghan, 

and by her (who d. 30 Oct 1771). he left issue, 

Br. JoHV BiACcn, M.R.I.A., rector of Moira, co. Down, 

and afterwards prebendary of Inver, in Donegal; b. 

» Sept. 1743; m. lst» in 1767. Uraoe^ dau. of £jcwell 

Cktsa, Esq. d Elm Park, in Armaghshire ; and 2ndly, 

Boaan, dau. of Dr. Mesater, of London. By his 1st wife 

he had firo sons and four daus., vis., 

Samnu^ in holy orders, LL.D., prebendary of Mulla- 

biadc. oo. Arma^ b. 1771, m. 1st, Maiy-Anne, daxL 

of Darid Roaa, Esq. of RoMtravor, by whom he had, 

with a son. Henry, who d. ^p^ one dau., Elisabeth, 

wk, to the Rer. N. Calvert, of Hunsdon House, Herta 

Dr. Samuel Blacker m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of 

Thomas Douglas. Esq. of Qrsoe HalL co. Down, snd 

d. 3 Jan. 1849, leaTing issue, St. John-Thomas, of 

Ball^ongford, J.P. and D.L. for Kerry ; Thomas- 

Samod, of Gastle Martin, oo. Rildare. m. 1852, 

Frances-Mary- Anne, dau. of Thomas-A. Forde, Esq., 

and has issue; Theodosia, d. urvoi.', and Frances- 

Biaabetb, «. 1861, to M.-M. Blacker, Esq.; and 

MaxwaU, of Dublin, Q.C., late chairman of Kilmain- 
ham, fr. 14 March, U78, d. s. i>. in 1843. 

WnUam, of Armagh, 6. IHA; M.aLA.; d.«.p. SOOct. 

Talentine^ C.B., Ueat.-ool. of the 1st regiment of light 
infsntiy in the E. I. Co.'s service^ quartermaster- 
general of the Madras army, surv^or-genentl of 
India, Ac, b. in 1778, m. 22 Dec 1818, Emma, dau. of 
Robert Johnson. Esq. of liTerpooL and had three 
soQiv Valentine-Samuel-Bany. in holy orders ; Max- 
weD-JuUtts, in holy orders, married; and Murray- 
Macmgor m. in 1851, Frances-Elisabeth, dau. of 
the Rer. Dr. Blacker, and has issue ; and one dau.. 
Emma-Louisa-Roaa. He d. in 1823. 

St John, heut-coL in the 1st regt of Madras native 
hifiuitry, h. 14 March, 1780. m. in 1828. Aune- 
HamnKod, only child of Sir Charies Morgan, and d. 
ia 1842. leaving two sons. St John-Maxwell, lieut 
Slst Aisillers. d, 1862; and William; and two daus., 
Charkitte and laabeDa. 


Qstharine. m. 1st, 10 Jan. 1804, to the Rev. Charies 
Baricsr, canon of WeU% and 2ndly, to the Rev. Robert 


Graoe, m. 6 May, 1809, to Robert Alexander, Esq., Y^ 
presentative of the elder branch of the Caledon 
family ; and d. in 1835, leaving issue. 
Charlotte, m. 8 Dec. 1808, to M^ior-Oen. Munio, of 
Teaninich, and has Issue. 
William Blacker, of Carrick, was «. at hla decease, in 1732, 
by his elder son, 

Stcwart Blaokbb, Esq. of Carrick, b. in 1671, who m. 
in 1704, Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. Henxy Young, A.M., 
and niece and heiress of William Latham, Esq. of Brookend, 
00. Tyrone, and had issue, 
I. William, his heir. 

n. Ixktham, 6. 1711, m. Martha, dan. of Peter Beaver, Esq. 
of Drogheda, by whom (who d. in Sept. 1802) he left 

1 William-Latham, ta. 1773, Mary, eldest dau. of Thomaa 
HamUn, Esq. ; and d. in 1810, leavhig, Latham (who 
took the name of Hamlin), and other issue. 
8 Henry, capt. 65th regt., d. «. p. in America. 
8 Beaver, who m. in Dec 1789, his cousin. Miss Susan 
Blacker, and d. in 1806, leaving issue, 
Latham, of London, 6. 25 Oct 1793 ; who m. 13 April, 
1820, Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Geoige Miller. D.D 
late fellow of Trinity Colloge, Dublin, vicar-general 
of Armagh, and by her (who d. 14 Dec. 1853), has 
surviving issue, 1 Beaver-Henry. M.A. in holy orders, 
6. 31 May. 1821, m. 20 Feb. 1850. Isabella, eldest dau. 
of Martin-Brownly Rutherfoord. Esq. of Dublin, and 
by her (who d. 19 Dec. 1850) has an only child. Latham- 
Brownly Rutherfoord, 6. 5 Dea 1850; 2 Geoige- 
Miller, b. 10 Aug. 1827; 3 Latham-WiUiam, 5. 18 June, 
1829, m. 10 Dec. 1851, Harriet-De Maine, youngest dau. 
of (diaries Smith, Esq. ; 1 Anna, m. 29 Dec. 1849, to 
Richard-Tipping Hamilton. Esq. ; 2 Catherine-Oeor- 
gina- Elizsbeth ; 8 Florinda-Mskha : 4 Elisabeth- 

Martha-Beaver, m. the Rev. Thos.-BlackerOwens; and 
d, in 1830. • 

Frances- Anne^ la. to John-Shaw MoChillodh, Esq. 
4 Tiatham, imjor 65th refft.. Newent. co. Gloucester, m. 
Catherine, dau. of Col. Maddisson, of Lincolnshire; and 
d. 11 June, 1846, having had issue, 
George^ d. imia., ensign 65th regt. 1827. 
Martha, m. to the Rev. John Fendall, M.A. 
Catherine, m. to Richard Gnalow, Esq , son of Ardi* 
deacon Onslow. 

Theodosia, «a. in 1832, to Frederick-John, 6th Lord 
Monson, who d, in 1841. 
6 Elizabeth, m. to Heniy Coddingtoo, E«i., M.P., of 
Oldbridge, and had issue, 
ni. Heniy, in holy orders. M.A. : 6. 10 July, 1713; m. Miss 
Martin, and had a dau. Frances, who d. vmm, in 1829. 
nr. <}eoigB, of Hallsmill, in Duwnshire, b, 26 Sept. 1718. 
m. 1st, in 1744, Mary, only surviving dau. of Joseph 
Nicolson, LLD., and 2ndlv. in 1746, AUcia, only child of 
Edward Dowdall, Esq. of Mountown. in Meath (by Alicia 
Hau^ribton, relict of — Parsons. Esq.. brother of Sir WU- 
hom Parsons. Bart, father to the Earl of RosseX and had, 
with other issue. James Blacker, magistrate of Dublin, b. 
14 Aug. 1769, who m. Miss Mansexgh, and had, inter <Uio$, 
the Rev. Geonre Blacker, chaplain to the dty of Dublin, 
and rector of Toghadoe. co. Kildare. 
I. Barbara. 6. 23 Oct. 1706, m. to James Twigg, Esq. of 
4tohan ClasUe, co. Tyrone. 
Mr. Blacker d in 1751, aged 80, and was buried at Sago. 
He was «. by his eldest son, 

William Blaokkb, Esq. of Ouriok and Brookend, 6. 
12 Sept. 1709. He m. 8 Aug. 1738, LedUa, elder dan. of 
Henry (Tary, Esq. of Dungiven Castle, M.P. for the oo. of 
Londonderry, and d. in 1783, leaving issue, 
I. Stswabt, his heir. 

n. William, capt 105th regt, served in the American war. 
He m. the dau. and heiress of Arthur Jacob, Esq. of Kil- 
lane. co. Wexford, and had, 1 William Blackxb, Em. of 
Woodbrook, co. Wexford, whose son is the present Msjor 
Blacker, of Woodbrook (Me that /amUy); 2 Edward; 
1 LetiUa; 2 Jane; 3 Hannah; and 4 Susan, 
m. Heniy, a oapt in the 62ud regt., who served in the 
American war, and was wounded and taken prisoner with 
Ctoneral Buivoyne, at Saratoga. He inherited fh>m his 
maternal unde, the Right Hon. Edward Ouy. the house 
and property of Milbum, oo. Deny. He d. 1 Sept 1827, 
and was buried at (^leraine, leaving hia estates to his 
nephew, the Rer. Richud Olpherts. 
TV. (JeoigCL in holy orders, who d. vicar of Sago, 1 May» 
1810. 0^ 46. 

I. Elisa, 6. in 1739, m. Sir William DunUn, Judge of the 
Supreme 0>urt of Judicature In Bengal, 
n. Barbara, m. to Richard Olpherts, Esq. of Armagh, and 
had issue. 
OL Martha. 

IV. Alicia, m, in 1772, to (General Sir James ^tewart Den* 
ham, Bart, G C.H. 

V. Jane, m. to James Fleming; Esq. of Belleville^ oo. 
Cavan, and has issue. / 

Jigitized by ^^^ ^ ^.^^C 

'BL A 

B L A 

▼T. LetiUa. m. G«n. the Hon. Bdwititl Stopford, brother to 
the Earl of Courtown, and baa iasue. 
TIL Lucinda. 
The eldest eon and anooeeeor, 

Tbs Vkbt Rbt. Btcwabt Blaoksb, of Garriok, dean of 
LdghHn, and laMerly rector of Dumeree and Ticar of 
Seagoe, b. 1740, m. Eliza, dau. of Sir Hugh Hill, Bart, M .P. 
for Londondeny, by whom, who d. S7 F^. 1797, he had 
four Bona and five daus., Tiz., 
L WiLUAM, now of Carriok-Blaoker. 
n. George, b. S7 Dec 1784, captain in the Hon. E. T. Co.*B 
17th infiEUitry, m. Anne, dau. of CapC WUllam Bloane, 
Boyal Bengal artUlecy, and had iaaue^ 
1 Stewart, A.M., baniater^it-law, b. 1 Jan. 1806. 
1 Ellsi-HUL 2 Heeter-Aune. 

8 Sophia-Maria, d. 80 April, 1888. 
Gapt Qeoige Blacker d. 31 Aug. 1815. 

m. Stewart^ capi. RN., poated in 18S1» d, unm, 25 April, 

IT. Jamea-Stewart, A.M., in holy orders, rector of Keady, 

CO. Armagh, b. 16 Feb, 1797, m. 80 Not. 1824, Eliza, eldest 

dau. of Conyngham Greg|, Baq. of Bollymenoch, in 

Downahire^ and dying in 1 w6, left iaaue^ 
1 Stewart-Bereeford, 6 in Deo. 1826. 

9 Jamea-Conyngham, 6. in April, 1832. 
1 Sliaa. 2 Sophia. 

L Letltia, m. to George Stnddert, Esq. of Bunrotty Castle^ 
CO. dare, and d, 8 April, 1881, leaying issue. 

u. Sophia, m. 1st, to Matthew Forde, Esq. of Seaforde, in 
00. Down, and 2nd]y, in 1818, to William-Stewart Hamil- 
ton, Esq. of Brownhall, oo. DonegaL She d, in June, 
182^ leaving issue. 

m. ratsiL who m. 1st, Hu^rili Imma-Uontgomery, Esq. of 
Bslhavel, oo. Leitrim, and of Lawrenoetown, in Down- 
ahlre, by whom (who was killed by a fkll ftnom his horse, 
26 April, 1826) she had issue. She m. 2ndly. at Tours, in 
France, 29 Sept 1830, Monsieur de Chompi^ Royal 

IT. Louisa, St. to John Bea, Esq., of St Oolumbs, oo. 
Derry, by whom (who d. in 1882) she left^ at her decease 
in 1U5, two daua. 

T. Caroline, d, unm. 80 April, 1828. 
Dean Blacker d. 1 Dec 1826» aged 86. 

Am»—Aift., ffutt^-de-sang, a DaniA warrior, armed with 
a battle-axe in the dexter,' lutd a sword in the sinister hand, 

CYieie— AndenUy a Danish battle-axe Latterly, the same^ 

tpported by an arm in armour, ppc; 
IfoMo— Pro Deo et Regc 
Ao^-Ctaxiok, Portadown. 

Blackbb, Wiluam- Jacob, Esq. of Woodbn>ok, co. 
Wexford, J.P., mi^or of the Wexford militia^ and 
high-sheriff in 1852; b. in 1828; m. 26 May, 1849, 
EUzabeih, dau. of Henrey-Pratt De Montmorency, 
Esq. of Castle Morres, co. Kilkenny. Major Blacker 
la eldest son (by Anne his wife, daiL of the late 
Bobert-Shapland Carew, Esq., M.P. for co. Wexford, 
and sister of Robert, Lord Carew) of the late Wil- 
liam Blacker, Esq. of Woodbrook, who was son »of 
Captain William Blacker, of the 105th regiment, 2nd 
son of William Blacker, Esq. of Carrick and Brook- 
sod, by Letitia his wife, dau. of Ueniy Cary, Esq. of 
DungiTen Castle, M.P. for oo. Londonderry. {See 
Blaokib of Oarrick-Blacker), Minor Blacker has one 
brother, Robert-Shapland-Carew, B.A., in holy orders, 
and fiye sisters, viz., Anne, m. in 1848, to Sir Robert 
Joshua Ptol, Bart.; Susan, m. in 1840, to the Rev. 
A.-L. Kirwan, dean of Limerick (son of the celebrated 
Dean Kirwan); Ellen-Leiitia; Hannah-Dorothea; and 

Arwu, de.^-Quo» aa Blacxxb qf Carrkh'SlaclMr, 
&oi— Woodbrook, oo. Wexlord. 

Blaokitt, JoHK-FENwiCK-BuBQOTifB, Esq. of Wy- 
1am, 00. of Northumberland, b, in 1821 ; KP. for 

ILmrSSe.— Nicholas Blackrt, Esq. of Woodcroft 
(4th in descent (bom 8ir John Blackett» Knt., of Wood- 
eroft, who fought at AgincourtX «s. Alyson, dan. and 
oo-heir of Sir BowUnd Tempest, Knt, and one of the 
le pi ess ui a U fes of the noble fomlly of UmfieTill^ Earls of 
Angus. Hia great-grandson, 

WnjJiAM Blackctt, Esq. of Hoppyland^ in the oo. of 

Durham, first possessed the lead mines in Durham, which 
have produced great wealth to the junior branches of his 
descendants. He had issue three sons, yia., Chbistophib, 
his heir ; Edward, whose issue is extinct ; and William, MP. 
for Newcastle-upon-Tyne, created a Bart, in 1678, ancestor 
of the present Sib Edwabo Blacktit, Bart, of Matfen. 
The eldest son, 

Chbistophkr Blaokrt, Esq. of Hoppyland, aa ofSoer in 
the army of King Chablxs I., m. Alice, dau. and sole heir 
of Thomas Fenwick, Esq. of Matfen, in the co. of Northum- 
berland, and dying in 1675, left issue, William, of Hoppy- 
land, for many years enroy at the ootnrt of Sweden, where 
he m. the dau. of the Due de Boys, but d. «. j>. 25 Deo. 
1695 ; and Jomr Blaokstt, Esq. of Hoppyland and Wylam, 
Northumberland, high-aherilf in 1692. He m. Mary, dan. 
and heir of Biehard, son of John Errington, Esq. of Erring- 
ton Hall and Beaufiront, by Dorothy his wife, sister of Sir 
Henry Widdrington, Knt of Widdrington Caatle, and was 
«. at hia decease. In 1707, aged s ev enty -two, by his eldest 

JoBV Blaokstt, Esq. of Hoppyland and Wylam, high- 
sheriff in 1714. He d. in the same year, leaving, by EUaa- 
both his wifo, dau. of John Baoon, Esq. of Staward Peel 
(with two daus., Isabella, s». to William Clavering, Esq. of 
Bevington ; and Alice, m. to her cousin, Blackett Burton, 
Esq. of KiverstonX an only son and successor, 

JoHH Blaokrt, Esq. of Wylam, high-sheriff in 17S8. 
He m. 1st, Dorothy, dau. of Edward Orey, Esq., by Anne 
his wife^ dau. of Eobert Lambton, Esq., 5th son of Sii- 
William Lambton, Knt., alain at Naset^ Moor, and had 
four sons, Jomr, heir; Edward, an officer in the army, 
d. unm. I William, an offloer in the army, d, unm. ; and 
Thomas, successor to his brother. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth 
Crosbie, and had another son, Chbistophkr, who «. his 
half-brother Thomaa. Mr. Blackett was «. at hia deeeaao, 
in 1769, by hia eldest son, 

JoHir Blackstt. Esq. of Wylam, who d. unm. in 1791, 
and was «. by his next surviving brother, 

Thomas Blackxtt, Esq. of Wylam, who dying also with- 
out issue, in 1801, was «. by his half-brother, 

Chbistophkb BLAOXKrr, Esq. of Wylam, who m, Alice, 
dau. of William Ingham, Esq., and had issue, 

Chbistophkb, late of Wylam. 

WiDiam-Fenwick, who m. Oatherine-Porterfleld, dau. of 
Bobert Stewart, Esq. of St. Fort, co. Fife, and has fasue. 

John- Alexander, in noly orders, vioar of Heddon-on-the- 
Wall, Northumberland, m. Annie, only child of lieut.- 
CoL Hamilton, by Anne his wife, eldest sister of William 
Ord, Esq. of WhTtfleld Hall 

Alice, m. to Anthony Surtees^ Esq. of Hamsteri^ Hall, oo. 
Durham, and d. in 18S7. 

EUaabeth. Dorothy-Christian. 

Mr. Blackett d. 26 Jan. 1829, and was t. by his son, 

Chbistophkb Blaokktt, Eeq. of Wylam, formerly oapt 
18th hussars, and M.P. for South Northnmberland ; b. 
22 June, 1788; who m, 15 Aug. 1818, EUsabeth-Tounge, 
dau. and co-beir of Montagu Burgoyne, Esq., younger son 
of Sir Boger Buigoyne, Bart. ; by this lady (who d. 
29 Maxoh, 1883) Mr. Bbu±«tt had isue, 

JoHH-Fstrwicx-BuBOOTiri; now of Wylam. 

Edward-Algernon, R.N. ; wl 25 May, 185S^ Luoy» dan. of 
the BevTr. Minohin. 

Montagu. Frances-Mary. 

Jrnu—Arg., on a chevron between three maOeta, pierced* 
sa., three escallops of the Add. 
Creti — A hawk's head, erased, ppr. 
Afbtto— Nous travaillerons dots I'eqpftvicek 
iScfot— Wylam, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 


Blaobave, JoHif , Esq. of Galoot Park, BeriES, J J». 
and D.L., coL of the Berkshire militia^ b. 14 Hardly 
1781 ; m. Ist^ Sept 1827, Mary-Aime, dau. of Henry 
Parsons, Esq., and relict of the Rev. Matthsw Robin- 
son, brother of Lord Rokebv ; and 2ndlj, 80 Nov. 
1841, Qeofgiana, dau. of the late Sir WilUam Rowley^ 
of Tendring HaU, oo. Suffolk, Bart 

lCnfS0f . — JoHX Blaobatb, Esq. of Hlghworth, who si. 
Agnes, dau. of John lUbhlewhite, Esq. of South Fawley, oo. 
Barks (living 12th Hbtbt VII., and aunt ofSir Thomaa miyte, 
lord-mayor kk 1554, founder of St. John's Oollege, Oxford) 
waa father of Thomas Blaobatb, Esq. of WatohflekJ, 
whose son, Thomas Blagrave, of Shrivenham, had a son, 
GKonoB Blaqbayk, living 1594, who was greaHpmt-gnmd- 
liEither of 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B L A 


Jomr Blaobatb, Esq. of Wfttchfldd, who w.'in 1723, 
Aime HuMy, and bad an only son and hdr, 

TraMUB Blaorats» Esq. of Watohfield, who m. Cathe- 
line, only dau. and eventual heiress (through the death i.p. 
«f her three brothers) of Charles Garnrd, Esq. of Kingwood, 
by Maiy hk wife, only child and heir of Edward Batten, 
I^. of Lamboum Woodlandi, oo. Berks. By this lady he 
had (with two dans., Catherine, t». to Samuel Pocoeke, 
Eiq. of Beanbam, co. B«rks» and Agnes-Anne) an only son 

Jobs BLAoajL-^m, Esq. of Watchfield, parish of Shriven- 
hsB, wh^ m. in 1778 or 1779, Frances, eldest dau. and 
flo-heir of Anthony Kagrave, son and heir of Anthony 
Bbgrave, Eaq. of Soothcot, and grandson of John Blagrave, 
bq. of Reading, If .P. by Hester his wife, dau. of Wm. Qon, 
Wk^. of BaxTow. By her had surviving issue, 

Jonr, now of Csloot Park. 

Anthony, «». Mrs. Bayl^, dau. of — Yates, Esq., and has 
issue a son, John-Henry, and a dau., Frances- Anna-Byam, 
fli. to the Be7. Geoiige Bingham, of Dorsetshire. 

Charies-Geonre. in theeivil service of the B. I. Co., m. a dao. 
of — Colvin, £sq» and has issue, Charles- Alexander, 6. 
17 June, 1816 ; Thomas-Colvin, b. 25 March, 1818 ; two 
other sons and five daus., Elizabeth-Helen-Russel, Jean- 
Xaria-Ann, Frances-Elizabeth-Colvin, Cathenne-Calverly, 

Oathsrine. m. to Sir Boberi PocUiagton. Knt. of Chils- 

woTth, CO. Suffolk. 
BinirApvfft. m. in 1820, to the Rev. Martin-Joseph Bouth, 

D-D./Preddent of Magdalen College, Oxon. 
AuM, SI. to the Bev. Henry Pole^ son of Sir Charles Pole^ 


Agnes. Harriet. 

Cbailotte^ «k to Job Hanmer, Esq. of Holbroke Hall, oo. 

Mr. Bhgiave d. 28 Feb. 1827. 

A r w u Or, on a bend, sa., three legs in armour, couped at 
tbe thigh, and erased at the ancle, ppr. 

Cn a t A falcon, ppr., boUed, or. (Another cre«^-An oak 
\gm, sradkated. ppr. ^InoOfr^-Three palm branches, ppr). 

Mfltts— Pro marts ei arteu 

ftrt-Calcot Parte, CO. Berks. 


Blaib, Wiujam-Fobdtob, Esq. of BIait, oo. Ayr, 
Ji». and D.L., captain R.N., b. 10 Sept. 1807 ; m. 
28 July, 1840, CaroHne-Isabella, youngest dau. of 
tbs late John Sproty Esq. of London, and sister of 
Mai^ 3prot> of lUddell, and has issue, 

L ▼nxzAX- Augustus, 6. 24 June, 1848. 

n. Fredorick-Gordon, 6. 11 Nov. 1863. 

L Mary. n. Caroline-Madelina. 

SineXft. — ^Tbe Blaibs of Blair, connected by Inter- 
■ai ti ages with the first families in the west of Scotland, 
have matntained, for upwards of six centuries, a high 
posittoii in the oo. of Ayr. They daim the chlefship of all 
the Bbin in the south and west of Scotland; but the 
Bukin ^ JteUAfodfr, settled in the eountiee of Fife, Perth, 
■ad Angus, diqmte the honour with them. JAM/ia VI., to 
vhom the point was referred, determined that *'the oldest 
mmk, fsr the time befaig, of either fiunUy, should have the 
ineedeD^." Both flomiUes appear to be equally andent, 
but the beUef that they spring ttcm the same ancestry is 
sBtnmeiy doubtfol, their arms bearing no afiluity. 

fie fir back as 1206, William de Blair occurs in a contract 
hi it w wm Balph de Eglinton and the town of Irvine. His 
gzaadson, Snt Bbtcs Blaib, of Bkir, was one of the 
ytkihM asnnrlstnil with WaUaoe, in defence of the liberties 
flf Seotlsnd ; and in m(«e recent times, the troublous period 
if the gnat dvfl war, another Sir Bryoe BUdr, of Blair, 
aOcted wUhunahaken k^ty to King Chabub I., by 
nhoa he was knighted. 

Hadalmmk Blaik, (the erentual heiress of fUs eminent 
hoBsa^ only dau. of William Blahr, of Bhdr, son and heir of 
WIBiam BWr, of Blair, by the Lady Margaret Hamilton, 
hiiwIfB^ dan. of Wiffiam, 2nd Duke of HamUton), m. 
WHBam Seott, Esq., advocate, second son of John Scott, 
1^. of MsUdBy, in Midlothian, (an andent brandi of Buc- 
dewfaX xmI had a son, WnxiAM, her heir. The heiress of 
BMr d. probably before the year 1716, and Mr. Scott, her 
vidover, who had assumed the surname of Blair, m. 
IMIy, Qskhflttee^ only dau. of Alexander Talt, of Edin- 
boigli, metehant, and had by her five sons and six daus. ; 
iIl, 1 HAMiLioir, heir to his half-brother; 2 Alexander, 
s«n«7or of the eostoms at Port Glasgow, m. Elizabeth, 
tally dao. of John Hamilton, Esq. of Orange, and had 

issue; 8 John, captain of infantry, killed at MIndcn, In 
1759; 4 Thomias, comet in the Scots Oreys, killed at the 
battk of Vald, in 1747; 6 William, an officer, slain at 
Oswego, in India, in 1760; 1 Ann, m. to David Blair, 
Esq. of Adamton; 2 Madaline, m. to Sir William Maxwdl, 
Bart, of M<mrdth; 3 Janet, m. to Alexander Tdt, Esq., 
one of tbe prindpal derks of sesdon; Barbara, m. to 
William FuUarton, Esq. of that ilk ; 6 Catherine, d. unm. ; 
6 Mary, m. to Sir John Sinclair, Bart, of Stevenston. 
Madalene Blair was «. at her decease by her son, 

WiLUAM Blair, Esq. of Blair, who d. tmm. in 1732, 
and was «. by his half-brother, 

Hamiltov Blair, ^Isq. ms^or. Soots Greys. He m. Jane, 
dau. of Sydenham Williams, Esq. of Herringston, co. 
Dorset, and dying in 1782, left (with two daus., Agatha, 
s». to Iieut.-0ener8l Avame; luid Jane, m. to Bobert 
Williams, Esq. of Ceme Abbas, oo. Dorset) a son and 

William Blair, Esq. of Blahr, M.P. for Ayrshire. He m, 
Madalene, dau. of the late John Fordyce, Esq. of Ayton, oo. 
Berwick, and by her, who d. in 1817, had 
Hamilton, capt RN., d. 21 May, 1816. 
John-Charloe, capt R.N., d. 6 July, 1836. 
WiLUAM-FoRDYOB, present representative. 
HenryMdvUle, lieut B.N., d. 18 July, 1837. 
Augustus, capt. Scotch fUsiliers. 
Catharine, m. to Matthew Fortescue, Esq. of Stephens- 

town, CO. Louth, and d. 17 Dec. 1847. 
Madaline^ m. to Alexander Scot, Esq. of Trinity, lOd- 


Louisa, m. to Colonel Jackson, of Bnnisooe^ co. Mayo. 
EllBabeth. Charlotte. 

Jane-Gordon, d. in 1829. 
Geoigiana, m. to James Hamilton, Esq. of Comaoassa, co. 


CoL Blair d. 21 Oct 1841. 

.<4rm>— Quarteriy: 1st and 4th, arg., on a saltier, sa., nine 
masdes, of the fidd, for Blair ; 2ud and 3rd, or. on a bend, 
as., a star between two crescents, of the Add, and in base an 
arrow, bend-wise, ppr., fioathered, headed, and barbed, aig., 
for Scott. 

Crett^A stag, lodged, ppr. 

Ifotto— Amo proboa. 

Sm^— Blair, near Dahy. 


Blair, Keil-James-Feroubson, Esq. of Balthayock, 
CO. Perth, J.P., b. 9 June, 1814. 

%iVltH%t4 — ^Alkxakder DC Blair, who lived in the 
reigns of William the lion, and his son, Alexakder II. 
m. Ela, dau. of Hugh de Nyden, of that ilk. and d. in 1230, 
leaving a son. Sir Wiluam db Blair, who was Steward of 
Fife, and was knighted by King Albxandkr II. He was 
i. by his son. Sir Alsxaitobr Blair, whose son and heir, 
(by Hden his wife, sister of Sir William Bamsay), John 
Blair, was fkther of David db Blair, who d. in the reign 
of King David, leaving two sons, Thomas, the yoimger, 
ancestor of the Blairs of Ardblair; and the elder, his hdr, 

Patrick de Blair, the first designed of Balthayodc. 
From this Patrick, who was living in 1370, derived the 
distinguished family of Blair of BdUhayoek, and its off- 
dioots, the Blairs settled in France, the Blairs of FUUni- 
rtieh, OliuewMjf, BalmyU, Ac. 

Maroaret Blair, of Balthayock, (only dau. and heir of 
John Blair, of Balthayock, son of Sir Alexander Blair, of 
Balthayock, by Elizai)eth his wife, only child of Thomas 
Fotheringham, of Powrie), m. in 1723, David Drummond, 
(son of David Drummoni^ advocate^ who, upon his mar- 
riage, assumed the name and arms of Blair. He d. in 
1728, leaving by the said Margaret, a son and successor, 

JoHH Blair, of Balthyock, who m. Patricia, dau. of 
John Stevens, Esq. of Edinburgh, and had issue a son, 
David, and five daus., of whom the ddest dau. 

Maroaret Blair, s». Mi^ Johnston, and had an only 
dau. and hdr, 

Jbmdca Johvstoh, who beeame re p r e s en tative of the 
family of Blair of Balthapoek, and m. 26 Nov. 1811, Adam 
Feiigusson, Esq.,* and had issue, Nbil^ambb, now of 
Balthayock; Adam; David; John; James; George; and 

.<4nR«— Arg., a dievron, sa., between three tortoises^ go. 
Crtttr-A dove with winigs expanded, ppr. 
ifoMo—Virtute tutus. 
iSM^— Balthayock, oo. Perth. 

* Mr. Feivosson m. 2ndly, Jessy, ddcst dau. of the late 
M. Tower, of Aberdeen, xncrchaat ^ t 




Blaki, Thomas, Esq. of Horstead, co. Norfolk, 
LL.D., J.P. and D.L., 6. 18 March, 1790. 

UltlCXfff • — ^Thls familj, luppoted to have oome fiwm 
WUU, ihiMrUy preTious to tho civil war, Ump. Charlbs I., 
havo been reddrnt for eevetal geaemtioiie at Dunwell 
and ftt Soottow, in Norfolk. 

BoBsaT Blajli, 6. in 1655» (4th eon of John BUke, Oent 
of Bun well, by Anne hia wife, dau. of Thomea Welbee; 
and grendeon of John Bleke^ who wee admitted to oopy- 
bold lende in Bunwell, a.D. 1088) eetlled et Scottow, where 
he erected e good houae. He m. in 1681, Meiigeret, eldeet 
deu. of William Durrent, Esq. of Soottow, (anoeetor of 
the Durranta, Barta.) and d. in Deo. 17S9. leaving two eona, 
Bobert and TBOMAa, of whom the younger, 

TBOMAa Bluci, 6. in 1089, t. hia father at Soottow. He 
WL Kliaabeth, dau. of John Jex, Eaq. of Loweatoft, 
and Mary hia wile, dan. and oo-heir of William Coulaon, of 
bwanton Abbota, and had two aona, Thoha8, and William, 
of Bwanton Abbota, who d. «. p. Mr. Blake d. in Aug. 
178d, and waa i. by hia elder eon, 

TBOMAa Blaki, Eaq. of Soottow, 6. 18 June, 1726, who 
m. Judith, dau. of William Clarke, Eaq. of Loddon, and d. 
S6 June, 1806, leaving two anna, 
TnoMAa hia heir. 

William, to whom hia nnde William bequeathed the eatate 
or Swanton Abbota, and who aaaumed (by aign-manuAl. 
dated 17 Aug. 1887) the additional aumame and arma of 
J BX. {8t$ J sx-Blakb V BwanUm AUoU.) 
The elder eon and heir, 

TaoMAa Blakb. Eaq., barriaterai-law, of Soottow, J.P. 
and D.L. tor oo. Norfolk, 6. S2 June, 1765, m. lat, Mar- 
garet, only ehild of the Bov. Thomaa Weeton, rector of 
Cookeley and Haleaworth, oo. Suffolk; and 2ndly, Theo- 
dora-Martha, dau. of David Oolombtne^ Eaq. of Norwich, 
(deecended ftom an andent family of Dauphiny, trwa 
wbenoe hia grandfather, a phyaidan, withdrew after the 
revocation of the edict of Nanioa. in 1686, and aetUed at 
Norwich). By the latter lady only (who cL S8 July, 1801) 
Mr. Blake had iaaoe, 
I. THUMAa now of Horatead. 

II Robert, ». 83 Nov. 179S, of Swafiekl. and Wroxham 
Uouae. CO. Norfolk. J. P., an ofBoer in the army, aevorvly 
wounded, and loat hia leg in action near Bayoune, IS Dec 
ItilS. He aaaumed, by royal aign-maiuial. 10 Aug. 1847, 
the additional aumame and anna of HuMrnsv. He m. 
Chariotte^ youngest dan. of lieut -Colonel Harvey, of 
TlMMpe Lodge, near Norwich, and haa iaau«^ 
1 Robert-HarvOT. fc. 23 Jan. 1843. 
S "Diomaa, *. 3 March. 18U. 
8 John. k. S3 Jan. 1847. 
1 Maigarai. S Eleanor, 

ni. Heniy^WttUam. ft. S9 Deo. 1798. tn holy ordera, rector 
of Thumtng. oo. Norfblk. late fellow of Corpua Chnsti 
CoU^ra M. let, Louie*, only dau. of the Rev. Charles 
Day. of Horafbrd. and granddan. of lieut. -CoL Harvey. 
of Thorpe Lodge, and by her (who 4, 11 Mardt, 184j>) 
had aurviving iasucL Henry, h, 4 Jan. 1843. He ■». Sndly, 
Mary. dau. of Mt^Jor Heitland. of the Bengal ariilkiy. 
rr. mncie^ohn. of Norwich, h, 31 March. 1801. «k Sarah, 
eldeet dan. of the Rev. George Norria. of Woodnorton, oo. 
Nortotk. and by her (who d. 30 July, 18S7) haa twodaaa., 
Prances and f^ie a nna Mi rg a r o t- 

1 Tb«odora Martha, m. to the Rev. Robert-FOontaine 
Khrin. rector of WUby and Hargbam. Norfolk. 
n. Maria- Margaret, m. the Rev. George Howee. rector of 
Spixwocth, CO. Norfolk, and vicar of Gaadey, co. Suffolk. 
and d. 11 Febi 18:20, leavii« iam^ a eon, Ftederkk 

ra. JwUtk-IUaake^ 
Mr. Bteke d. 17 Bept. 18U. 
Aa«-Horalaad. Korfblk. 

£ht Jiz-Blakb or Swaktoh AiMm. 


Blakv, HKsmi^ Ekl of RmvyK co. (Sahraj^ J J^., 
Ik IS Not. 17S9 ; ae. 22 I>ec ISIO. Martka<Louia%daiL 
ok J oaepk AttoreoU, Em^ of Portkad Place, Loodoo, 
«idhaA tssua, 

L EaOAa-HKKttT. fieieL BJ{.« k 19 Dm. ISU. 

n. Harold-Henry, b. 1 July, 1817. 

ui. Ethdbert-Henry, M.D., in the 98th regiment, b. 

Dec 1818, m. Oct. 1849, Jane-Caroline, dau. of Dr. 

Hay, E.I.C.& 
IT. Egbert-Henry, royal engineera, b. 16 Sept. 1821, loat 

in the wreck of the " Solway,** April, 1848. 
y. Ethelred-Heniy, d. 1838, aged 14. 
Ti. Ethelatane-Henry, b. 8 April, 1820. 
Tii. Herbert-Henry, 6. 4 May, 1828. 
1. EmeUe-Anna. n. Eleanor-EUnbeth. 

Mr. Blake ia a mag^rate for the counties of Qalwaj 
and Mayo. 

ILinZK^t, — ^RiOHABO Caddue alku Blaki, aberiff of 
Connaught in 1806, was the anoeator of the many noUe 
fkmiliea of the name in Ireland, and of the Blaku ^ 
Langkam, ee. Sinffolk, and TtaUel CoHle, oo. Durham, both 
Rnjj^iah baroneta. 

The remarlcable petition presented by John Blake alioi 
Caddie, eldeet and lineel deecendant of Richard Caddie 
aliat Blake, aheriffof Connaught, 1806, to the ComxniMionera 
of Plantation in Connaught, 1640, and the oommiaaionera' 
report thereon, with other fkmily documenta, aotiafactorily 
prove the orig^ and deaoent of thia old fiunily trota their 
flrat coming to Connaught down to the preeent HamtT 
Blaxs, of Benvyle, who la the head of thia andent family. 

RiOBARD Caddlb, alioi Blake, purchased aeveral manoca 
fh>m Thomaa Stobridge, in 1816, in addition to whidi he 
got granta in the reigns of Edwabx> I. and II. He had 
four aona, Walter; John; Thomae-Niger; and Valentine. 

Waltke, eldeet eon of Richard, got a grant of the oua- 
toma of Galway ; he had Ave aona, John ; Henry, attainted 
for joining the rebellion of the De Buiigfaai Nicholas; 
Walter; and William Fits Walter FiURkduu^ Anom whom 
Lord Wallacourt and the Blakcs ^ BaUiiutfad are de- 

Joax-OOB BLAKa, eldest son of Walter, m. Margaret, 
dau. of FhiUp LeBron, of Atbanry, by whom he had three 
eona. Henry; Walter; and Geofb^. InthelSth ofRiCHAan 
II., divera knda about Athenry were granted to John and 
Henry, hia heira. John d, 1490, and waa «. by hia eldest 

HaxaT-Fm Jomr, who m. Mary, dau. of Bermlngham 
of Athenry, and had five aona, John ; Nidtolas ; Thomas ; 
Walter; and Richard. He got a grant of hmd in the oo. 
Galway, Snd Havar YL Thte Henry and aeveral membera 
of the Blake fiunily, in 1436, joined in giving granta to the 
church of Saint Nicholas, Galway. and aubseqnently, in 
1446, .they had an amicabie diviaion of their landed pos- 

Jonr Blasx, eldest eon of Heniy, m,, and had two aoos, 
Vakntine and Wmfcam. and a dan. Juhan, m. to Peter 
I^rnch. He d. in 1468, and WM a. by hfa eon and heir, 

VALxrava Blaks, who m, JuHan, dan. of GeoOkey 
I^yneh, by whom he had, John, hia heir; Valentine; 
Thomaa, ancestor of the Blaus ^ Memliugk (Barta.) 
rowvrAiU, and Drum; William; and Annestaaia, m, to 
William Browne^ of Galway. He d. 1499, and waa «. by 

Joui Blasx, his eldest son, who «». Evelina Bkctret, 
and had. Nidkobs, his heir; Ridiard. anoeator of the 
Blakis ^ KilhtUm^ (now FrmchfortX and of the Blaks 
^Cn9§Cmaa»iUid John-FitihJohn ; with a dan. Julian, 
m.toBodkin. Tbe eMeet eon, 

Nkbolab BLAKa, aaayor of Galway, 1566, si. let, Oennet, 
dan. of Jamea Ffrench. and Sndly. 1666, Ceha, <tan. of 
Watur I^ynch, by whom he had, John, has Ikalr. and a 
dan.. Evehna. He d. in 16«l. and wm «. by 

Joaa BLAKa. whom. Celia Skanet, andfaad, Nkholei^ 
and Walter-FitaJohn : he d. 16TS, and ww «. by hk eon, 

NicnoLAa Blakb. aaayor of Galway, 164(4, w)kO ai. Juttaa. 
dan Of Valentine F&ench, and iMd, Jon, k» hair; Martin; 
Jainee;Nkholni; and Mary. He d. 163^, and ww «. bf 

Jonr Blaxb, who «. Mary FfrmcK and wne BMyor of 
Galway. 1646 : in 1640 he praaMtwl a petition tn tbe Coaa> 
mi s sion s re of theP l an h i tion ef rhnnaimht. arnwmnainil bj 
his pedicree and etkv ancMiBt itriiiaesfe. npen whkk 
tkey esrtifted tteit ka was tiM Uneat MMi eUaat daacendaat 
ef RkterdCaddKsiaMfikk^akeriff efConnm^ht, 13061 
asMi awarded loa the daioeed prapartieeL He had. 
Thoaene. hto hah^; John; NaehetM; md Bimrj (John 
went to Montsenat, Nlffhilw and Hengy to Barhndoea) and 
adao. Cathecina 

TnoMAS fiaAKE. (eUeel eenof John.) of Man^hsaew and 
WuidiUfld. «. Mary. eUMt dan. of Nichotaa Haka. of 
likuIlHgfi. hfcl<S8, and !»d» Jou» hii ^; Biehohn; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


BL A. 

OithafaM ; Julian, m. to Philip Butler ; and Maxy, hl to 
BuiXf-hyocb. Fits AmbroM. The eldest son, 

JoHX Blakx, m. Julian Lynch, and had, with other 
iwie, Thomas, his heir; and Marcus (whose eldest son, 
Tafentine, became the head of the Blake fiunily on the death 
flf the three sons of Thomas Blake without issue, while 
John, his 2nd son, came into the poss ess ion of the MuUsgh- 
■ora and Windfield estates under the will of his first- 
eoQ^ John Blake, of Windfield). j 

Tbom as Blakb, eldest son of John, m. Anne, dau. of 
John Bodkin, of Annagfa, by his Ist wife, Miss Browne, of 
Cbolank, by whom he had, J<^m, his h^ ; Martin ; and 
Marcos, nelthar of whom had a fiunily ; Maty, «a. Michael 
Browns^ of Cloonkeely and Moyne; Ellen, m. James 
KsQy; Bridget* m. Andrew Ooneannon; Oatherlne, m. 
— MeDennoi; and Maigaret* «. — FitsMaurice. The 

Jonr Blakb, t. to his father's extenstre estates ; he m. 
Miss Kirwan, of Crogg. He d. «. p. in 17tf9. His undo. 
Mask Buuu, Ssq. of BeoTyle, m. Miss French, of Carrorea, 
ee. Galway, and had, with other issue, of which one dan. 
SI. GeoKge Dariea, Esq. of Martinstown, oo. Bosoommon, 
sad another st. Oeoige Tuiflb, Esq. of Strokestown, two 

L YAUBrratL, his heir. 

u. John, of Wlufleki, J.P.. who m. Manr, dan. of Chris- 
topher fiowen, Esq. of Hoilymoont, oo. IKsyo, abranch of 
BowBv ^ JhwmU ConrC, and d. In 1818, leafing issue, 
1 Chiioto^Mr^ohn, of Winfleld, who wl Eliasbeth, dau. 
of J<^m Barker Esq. of St Gleran's, and d. U March. 
ISM, learing a son, John Bowen, who d. in minority 
In 18SI, and two dana , Eliatbeth, and Maria. 
S Heorr-Martlh, of The Heath, oo. Mayo, 6. in ITM, who 
■k twiss: Iqr his first wife he has a son, John, b. in 
U16; and by his second, Nichola-Frances-Charlotta* 
tod dau. of Robert French. Esq. of Monivae Castle, 
00. Galway, he has several children. 
1 Anna-Maiia, m. to William-M. Burl^ Esq. of Bally- 
dngan, oo. Galway. (See tkat/amilp,) 

Ths elder aon, 

TALErmra Buuu, Eaq. of Lehinch and Benvyle, high- 
ifasiff of Mayo, «». in 1788, Anna-Maria, dau. of the Hon. 
sad Ber. Bichard Henry Boper, of Clones, son of Henry, 
8th Lord T^ynham, by Anne, Baroness Dacre, his wife ; and 
by her, who m, Sndly, James Shuttleworth, Esq. of Barton 
Lodge, oo. Inneaster, he had two sons, Homr, now of 
Bairyie, and Maroos, who d. young; and three daua., 
Jue-lfaria* d. vjmk., 1815; Car^ine» d. uma., 1818; and 
Jsfia-Frsnces, sii. to the Bev. Henry Burke, a younger son 
if the kt* MkhMl Burke, Esq. of BaUydugan. Mr. Blake 

drm^-'Axg^ a fkei. go. 
Oai f A moontain-cat, z 
JftOe— Tiiius sola nobifitak 
nvyla^ oo. Ctahray. 



Blaxb, Kabtih-Jobrfh, Esq. of Ballyglunin Park, 
eo. Qalway, M.P. for the town of that name ainoe 
U3S, m rK>reaentatiTe of a braach of the family of 
Blaxb of Lamgkam^ oo. Suffolk. 

ilm«— Afg.. a fretk go. 
CntL-'k moontain-cat, passunt, ppr. 
jr«a«— Yirtus sola nobiUtat 
9mi Banygliinin Fuk, Atbsnry. 


BiAKB, YALBKTnf K-CCoHKOR, Esq. of TowerhiH, 
col Mayo, and Bunown Castle, co. Chtlway, J.P. and 
BXu, hic^.«heriff of Mayo in 1889 ; m. in 1886, the 
Hob. Mar^rei-Maiy, only dao. of Charies, Lord 
FErendi, and has issue, 

L Xsnrios; n. Charles. m. Valentine. 

IT. Robert* ▼. Thomas. tl Martin-Joseph. 

L Msiy. n. Maigaret. 

ItnClgr.— BaoHABD Casdu aUat Blaks, sherilT of 
'Hwrmt i l fai 1M6-4, was anoestor of the Bljuub «/ Con- 
niytf, snd of the Blaksb qf lanffkam^ in Suffolk, and of 
ttefiLAjm ^ Twitd CasOi, oo. Duzham, both Ebglish 

Frem WQUam, Mh son of Walter, eldest son of the shore 
fiited. was descended the distinguished patriot Sir Bichard 

Blake of Ardfty, ancestor to the Lords WaUsoonrt ; while 
Thomas, 3rd son of Valentine, sixth in descent ftnom the 
first Richard, was the founder of the Blarbb o/ Mtnlo 
CadU^ Irish baronets, fh>m whom the J^i-Ag— ^^ ToieerAttt 
are more immediately desoended. 

Sib Yalentinb Bi^iJU, of Menlo Castle, 8rd baronet, 
m. Elinor, dau. of Sir Henry Lynch, of Castle Carra, oo. 
Mayo, Bart., and had four sons and seyeral daua., 

Thomas (SirX his heir. 

Henry, whose descendants t. to the Baronetqr on the 

failure of male issue of the dder branch. 

Frsnds, who left no fiunily. 

Hie 4th son, 

JoHH Blakb, was the founder of the TowerUll branch of 
the Blake fiunily : he was an active and brave supporter of 
the cause of Cbablss II., and was rewarded for his services 
by grants of land in the counties of Qalway, Mayo, and 
Clare. His attachment to the Stuabts induced him a 
second time to take up arms in their behalf, and he lost his 
life while leading his regiment sgainst the besiegers of 
Athlone (1601), leaving an only son (by his wife Miss Lynch, 
of Drimcong) then under age, 

lamoBB Bulks, father of 

Maumob Blakx, of Towerh!ll» who m. his cousin Anne, 
dan. of Sir Walter Blake, of Menlo Castle^ and had a 
numerous fionily : his eldest son, 

IsiDOBB Blaks. Esq. of Oldhead and TowerhiU, co. Mayo, 
m. Fanny, one of the three oo-helresses of R. FUitledge, of 
Bloomfield, co. Mayo (the Snd Miss Butledge m. Anthony 
Ormsby, Esq. of Ballinamore, oo. Masro ; and the 3rd, m. 
WUUam Bermingham, of Bosshill, and was mother of the 
Ladies Charlemont and Leitrim, co-heiresses). Isidore left 
six eons and four dans., vis., 

I. Xaubiob, his hefar. 

n. Thomas, of Lakeview. m. Maxvaret Dowell, and had^ 
Isidore, his heir ; Edward, of Castlemoyle, co. Galway, si. 
Maigaiet, only dau. of John Nolan, Esq. of BaUindeny ; 
Patrick ; Fanny ; and Elixabeth. 

m. John, of Weston, m. Charlotte Blake, of CoibaUy, and 
has, Isidore-John, his heir, and other children. 

IT. Peter, of Ballylahan. oo. Mayo, m. Mazr McLoughlin, 
and had, Isidore, his heir, and several children. 

T. Anthony, of Dublin, m. Rebecca Skerrett, and lefl; 
Joseph, his heir (who m. his cousin. Miss lynch, of 
Peterfourgh), and a dau. 

Ti. Isidore, m. Anne Coleman, and has, Isidore and 
Anthony, and three daua. 

L Maiy, m. Arthur Lynch, Esq. of CloughbaUymore, by 
whom she had one son and several daus., all of whon^ 
with the exception of Anne, «». to Maurice filake^ Esq. of 
Ballinafad, died young. 

n. Anne, m. to Jose^Burke, Eso. of Carrow KeeL 

nx. Catherine, m. to Daniel Jones, Esq. of Banada, and had 
one dau. 

IV. Faimy, m. to Arthur lynch, Esq. of Peterbui^B^ mm* 
was mother of the present Charles Lynch, of Peterbuxi^ 
The eldest son, 

Mavbiob BiJkKB, Esq. of Towertiill, mi^or of the North 
Mayo militia, and a magistrate for that county, «». Maria, 
only dau. of Valentine-O'Connor, of Dublin, and of Oakley 
Paik, Bbckrook, and had, VAtnrrnnE CComioB, p r es ent 
proprietor ; Mary, who m. the late O'Connor Don, many 
yeaia M.P. for the co. Roscommon ; and Honi0ria» m. to 
Edward, brother of the O'Connor Don. 

.^mu— Aig., a fret, gu. 
Avrt— A mountain-cat, passant, ppr. 
JTotto— Virtus sola nobUitat 

SaoCt— Towerhill, Ballyglass, co. Mayo ; and Bonown Casds^ 
COiMen, 00. Galway. 


Blaki, Fravoib, Esq. of Cregg Castle, so. GkJway, 

J.P., 6. 7 Feb. 178d; m. 19 Jan. 1819, Goor|fui». 

EHzsbeth, dau. of Riohard Burke, Esq. of Qhnsk, 

and has issue, 

I. Jamxs, 6. 37 Dec 18S1 m. IS Aug. 1851, Helen% dan. of 

Arthur French, Esq. of Franch Park, 
n. John, 6. 4 Oct 182«. 
m. Henry, 6. 28 March, 18S8. 
IT. Richard, 6. 18 Aug^ 18i9. 
T. Frauds, 6. 18 Sept. 1885. 
I. Jane, s». to Pierce Joyce, Esq. of Mervlew. 
n. Johanna. lu. Gecngina. it. Fanny. 

T. Maiy. 

XritieSSe.—FRAVon Blau, Esq., son of 
Blaks, Esq., and a descendant of the andent Camily of 
ft,,,......, _^^^.^ 

6 L A 

*L«K« 9f KUMla, eo. ChJway, m. Julia Bemy, and Had two 
SODS, HoDty and 

James Blaki, Eaq. of Ongg Oartlo, who m. 16 June, 
1787, Jane, only stotar of Walter Joyce, Beq. of Menrtew, 
and had« with three eons, Henry, Pteroe-Joeeph, and Walter, 
and a dau., Mary, wife of Jamee MacDermott, Esq. of 
Baaore, another eon, the preaent FRAHOia Blaxm, Esq. of 
Cregg Castle. 

. Arttii^Arg., a ftet, go, 
CftH—'i^ cat-a-mountain, ppr. 
JlfoMo— Virtus sola nobilitat 
Saot— Cregg Castle^ co. Oalway. 


Blakb, Avdrbw-William, Esq. of Furbough, eo. 
CUlway, J.P. «nd D.L., high-cdieriff in 1841, h, 
22 Aug. 1798; m. 26 Sept. 1832, Miuia, 2iid dau. of 
Xalachjr Thly^ Esq. of Kaford, co. Gkdway, by Julia 
iis wife, dau. of the late Sir Thomas Burke, of Mar- 
ble Hill, Bart, and sister of the late Countess of 
Clanricarde, and has issue, 
L JoHy-AROHXB Dalt, of Raford, 6. 11 Jan. 1836, for 
whom the royal license was obtained, 24 April, 1837, to 
bear the name and arms <^ Daly only, in aocordanoe 
with the testamentary inJunoUon of his giand-unde 
Hyacinth Daly, Esq. of Raford. 
n. Malachy-Joseph, 6. 5 Feb. 1886. 
m. Andrew- William, 6. S June, 184S. 
I. Julia-Maria^ d. «uit»., S8 March. 1864. 
n. Elissbeth-Anne. in. Bmily-Maigant 

IT. Charlotte-Franoes. 

B L A 

ArtM—Arg., a fret, gu. 
Crut—A cat-a-mountain. ppr. 
Ifotte—Virtus sola nobilitat. 
<6ia(— Merlin Fark, co. Galway. 

S.{neXfff • — ^Thls is another branch of the ancient and 
eminent fkmily of Blake. 

AiTDBXW Blakb, Esq. of Furbough, only son of John 
Blake, Esq., by his wife Sarah French, of Aggard. co. 
Oalway, m. Honora, dau. of Michael ^irke, Esq. of Bally- 
dugan; and had, with a son, Andrew, a eaptain in the 
88th foot, killed at tiie battle of TiOaTera, an elder son 
and successor, 

COloncl John Blakb, of Fuibough, who m. in 1797, 
Maria-EUsa Blake, and by her (who d. Feb^ 1849) had iMue, 

AvDRBW-WxLLtAii, present repreeentatlvsi 

Edmoud. John-Heniy. 

CoL Blake d. 8 Oct 1886. 

jlrm*— Aig., a fret, gu. 
Cretif— A cat^ passant-guardant, ppr« 
Hono— Virtus sola nobiUtat 
£mI— Furbough, co. Oalway. 

Blaub, Charlbs, Esq. late of Merlin Park, oo. 
Galwar, J.P. and D.L., m. 7 May, 1889, Dorothea, 
only dau. of Thomas Ormsby, Esq. of Cummin 
House, 00. Sligo, and has issue a son and heir, 6. 
fi8 Mardi, 184U. 

ltltni8t.~TUsls a brsndi of the great house of Bx.akjb 
fbonded in Ireland by Richard Blake, a soldier of fortune, 
who accompanied Piihce John to that kingdom in 1186, and 
haTing obtained ooosidexable gnnts of land in the oounties 
of Galwsy and Mayo^ Mttled there. 

CBAaLBB Blakb, Esq. of Media Park, co. Mayo, m. Mar- 
garet Daly, of the family of Dalt ^ Raford, and had, with 
a son Dennis, and a dao. Frsaces, an elder son, 

Charles Blaks, Eeq. of Merlin Park, who m. Geoigina, 
dau. and oo-hdr (with her riator Anne, wifo of Samuel 
foot, Eeq. of BsBeritte Paik, eo. Wateiford) ef Sir Gwige 
Browne^ of The NmIs, oo. Majo, BarL, by Anaatatta his 
wife, ekftest daa. of Dente Daly, Esq. of Baferd, and had 

CHAKLca of Mecttn Park, as abova. 

D«nis^ohn, who m. te Apnl, 1831, the eldest daa. of 

Samuel Poor, Eeq. of BeUeville Park, co. . Waterfoid, end 

has tseue a eon and a dau. 
Martin, who m. the only dan. of the late John BlakiL Esq. 

of Tuaian, unctetothepreeept Joseph Blak» Bsq. of Brook 

Lodges oow Qalwiy, M.P., sad has isaoe two sens snd two 

Maigaret «. to Geoige Klrwan, Esq. of Dalgin Park, co. 

Qeorgina, ai. to Waller La w i ea u s^ Bsq. of PaBsiwu^ oo. 


Blaki, Theobald -Michael^ Esq. of KntuUagh 
and Frenchfort, 6. Jan. 1829 ; m. Nov. 1854, Eliza- 
beth, dau. and heir of James Blake, Esq. of Ver- 
mont^ CO. Galway. 

Ktieft0f •— This is snother brandi of the Bhke fsmily, 
descended from Bidisid Caddie, ttliat Blake, sheriff of 
Connaught in 1800 ; but more immediately from Richard, 
seoond son of John Blake (sixth in descent from the 
founder), by his wife Eveline Skerrett Richard-FitsJohn 
iUed the oflEiee of mayor of Galway in 1533. On a dlTiiiaQ 
of the property (between the BlakesX the csstle of KUtul- 
la^ and some of the adjoining townlands fell to the lot of 
Bichard. This was part of the estate purchased by 
Richsrd Caddie, aUat Blake, from Thomas Hobzidge, in 

The csstle of KiltuUsgh was built by a person of the 
name of McWelycke, whoee grandson, John MoWelydke, in 
1658, filed a bill in Chancery against Richard and Nicolas 
Bkke. seekiiw compensation for the loss his gnndfather 
sustained in buUding the csstle of Kiltullagh. The Lord 
Chancellor, Sir Thomas Cnsack, ordered Richard Blake to 
pay to complainant, John McWelycke. a small annuity for 
life, inasmuch as his grandfather built the castle, under 
the fanpivssion that he held the lands in perpetuity, 
whereas he only held them for a term of fouiacore years. 
This, perhaps, is the earliest instsnoe of tenant-zi^ en 

JoHH-FiTzRiOHABD soocoeded to his father^ property. 
He serred as mayor of Oalway in 1578 ; and m. in 1580, 
Julian-Browne, by whom he had, 

NicoLAS-FrrzJoHH, his hdr, who was a. by his eldest sod, 

AimoHT-FinNiooLAS, who was «. by his son, 

NiooLAS-PiwAimioirr, slderman of Oalway in 1689. He 
had four sons, Patrick, his heh'; Nicolas; James; and 
Henry; and an only dau., Mary. la. in IMS, to her eouun. 
Thomas Blake, of Mullaghmore, in the oo. of Oalway. 

Patrick Blakr, eldest son of Nicolas RtsAnthony, was 
a. by his eldest son, 

Nicolas Blakx, who was «. by his eldest son, 

Patrick Blakb, living in 17S7, who m. Maiy Browne 
and was father of 

Edward Blakx, Eeq., who «. Eliaa Cheerers, end had 
a son and heir, 

MiCBAKL Blakr, Esq., who 9l 1st, Anno Ffrenofa. and 
had issue by her, Edward, and Eliaa: he m. Sndly, 
Elisa Bu!ler, and by her had, James, ICiohael, Fstriek. 
Nicolas, Theresa, Mary-Apne. and Henrietta. 

Edward Blakr, Esq., eldest son of Mi<diael by his first 
wifb, m. Mary MoDennott. by whom lis had iwoe, snd was 
«. by his eldest surriTing son, 

Ownr-EDWARD Blakr, Esq. of Kiltallagh, who d. with- 
out issue, and was a. by his brother, Tubobai^Mksaxl 
Blakr, Esq., the prssant proprietos: 

jlrmj— Arg., a finot, gu. 

Cre$t—A mountain-cat. p sn s s nt , ppr. 

Motto— 'YisboB sola nobifitat. ^ 

SMU—Vxvachtari and KiltuHagh, Oranmore, oo. Galway. 

BLAKXirKT, JoHW-HmoiT, Ebo. of Abbot, Ourtle 
Blakeney, oo. Galway, J.P., high^eriff in 1819, m. 
1 July, 1811, C3uriotte^ Srd dau. of the Iftte Sir Robs 
ICahon, Bart of CSastiegar, oo. (Salwmy, by ElirAbeth. 
his 1st wife, sister of the late Harqoeaa of Sligo, and 
has issue, 
I. JoHH, tats of ths SSrd R. W. FuaOtea. «. in 18M, 

Fanny, dan. of James-H. Buika, Esq. of St. Cleran*^ 
n. Robert, oapt. 4Sth regt. m. WlDlaai, E.I.a& 

iV. Edward. v. Henry. 

L Elisabeth>Maxg«rei, «. S4 April, 18S4. to Albemaxie 
CMor, Esq., eUsst sea of John Cater. Eeq. of Beckea- 
ham Place, Kent, snd Woodhaatwick HaU. Nodblk. 
n. Sanh. m. Maxy. it. lioaiiaa. 

▼. HarrMte. tl Maigarst. to. Aium. 

Itnragt.— The Btakeneys fonoeiiy resided in KorHoik 
where tbey were in pusueniion of oonaidersble landed pro- 
perty, a huge pttiportto a of which hsTin^ been tnhatited by 

B L A 

ft tanalt, tba male anoetton of tba GmUo BUkm&y and 
Itaxnt BlakoMy* familtot. aettled in Irdand, temp. Euza- 
Tbe anoaetor of the elder of these two l»«Dohesm. 

Banh Hatton, of thafhniUy of the Lord Chanodlor Hatton, 
and porrhaaad Caatle Blakeney, in the oo. of Galwaj. 

JoH3r Blaksskt, Esq.. aon of Robert Blakanay, Eaq. of 
CmOb Bbkeaey, ▲.d. 1671, m. 8ax«h, dau. of Dudley Peraes, 
of Boxboroagfa, dean of Kilmafiduah, and had iaaue, 
Bo«Bff, of whom preaently ; John, capt in the army, of 
Sfalingtcik, in Camberiand ; Suaanna^ m. to John Colpoyae, 
■■I. The eldest son, 

Okavh. Bobsbt BLAKSirBT, of OMtle Blakeney, M.P. 
Cor Atheniy, m. Sarah, dan. of Colonel WiUiam Ormsby, 
ILP^ and bad aeveral children, the eldest of whom, 

Jaa Blakbist, Esq. of Castle Blakeney, a colonel in 
the army, and member of parliament, m. Grace, dan. of 
Coknel Peraae, of Roxborough, and had issue, 
Boanx. of Abberi. a mafor in the army, and M.P., m. in 
1738. Oestrode, dau. of SU^or Robert Blakeney, of Mount 
Bbkeoey, and had issue, John d, tttun.; Qzaoe^ m. to 
J- Lyon, Esq. 

THnopHii.Dfl^ of whom presently. 

VnHam, a eolonel in the army, and M.P., father, with other 
children, of the Bt. Hon. Sib Bowabd Blakbnst, 
O.aB., O.C.H., ELT.a. Ac. lieut-Oeneral, Commander 
sfths Foraea in Irdand, ft. in 1778, m. in 1814, »<i*u. of 
ttielateOoLOardinsr.B.LC.& This highly distinguished 

', whosoteced the srmy in 1794, serred at the taking 
of Demsiaim, Berbioe. and Keseo uibo^ in 1796; in Holland, 
in ITW : at Minorea, In 1800 and 1801, and at the capture 
sf Martlniqus^ in 1800. Subsequently he Joined the Pen- 
lasQlsr foross and partioipated in the Tictories of Bnsaoo, 
Chsdad Bodrigo, Bad^fos, Albuhera, Vittoria, and the 
I^w i u ss. At Hadislos and Albuhera, he was wounded. 
In 1814. he commanded the 1st battaUon Rojral Fusiliers 
apinst New Ozieana; in 1815, accompanied the Ouke of 
WeiHngton'a army to Paris ; and in 18S6, had imder his 
erdsrs ths 1st brigade^ eeut to Portugal under Sir W. 

Bioh, m. to CoL Persse, <rt Bozborough. 
Hanhs, at. to M. Browne, Bag. of tJheweL 
Ibiy, St. to Mi^ T^lor, of Castle Taylor, 

f EJUvmu n Blakkhst, Esq. of Abbert, captafai in the 
aaay. and 1I.P., m. in 1782, Haigaret, eldest dau. of John 
Btaftid, Esq. of Oillstown, oo. Boscommon, and had issue, 
Jonv-HmT. now of Abbert 

Bridnt. m. to Sir Richard-Bligh St Qeoige. of Woodflgift^ 
a^lmiBenny, Bart 

J^ I both d. young. 

" ' m John CDwrer, Esq., barrlster-at-low. 

, «». to Chpt De Hugo^ of the French National 

fisnist, sk. Arthur St Geoige^ Esq. of Kihrush Houses oo. 

Cvlain Blsksn^ d. SS Sept 1818, and waa t. by his 
sUest mm, ths present Johv-Hkvbt Blasxnbt, Esq. of 

t, ft dMTroB, sraL, between three leopards' faces, 


C ^ t a l Oat of a ducal coronet an arm, erect couped at tho 
•ftow, veated. go., cuflbd, aig., in the hand a aword, pyr., 
kdt and pommel, or. 

J f«f s A nTJlinm meum ab alto. 

ftK Abbert Caatle Blakeney, oo. Gahrij. 



Blamibe, Wiluam, Esq. of Thiiokwood and The 

Oaks, CaznberUnd, J.P., high-BheriS' in 1828, for- 

mmij ILP. for Camberiftod, and now Chi^ Tithe 

6. 18 April, 1790; m. 8 Apiil, 1834, 

Don, 70iiDg<eii dau. of John Ttfabman, 

MhsroTtwosoos, WUBam and Qaorge, 
tathessmr: tks fomsr waa Cithsr of i 
TVu\m. Joiuv and Robert The eldest 
GnouLlteWiuxAif Blakott. K.B., I 

, , of Monnt Blsksosy, near KOmalloek, 

brother ofjthe Blsken^ of Caatle Blakenay. waa 

>, the latter a colonel 

r four aon^ William. 

t was the celebrated 

. k, raised to the peerage 

fe ITM^ as Bamom Bi^AMMMtr, for his gallant conduct aa 
Osfsmor of Mlnofca ; the youngest was Mi^or Robert Blake- 
Mf . of Csstle BlakMiej. who m. Deborah, dau. of Richard 
l^rth. Esq.. of BaUjzuateaj. co. Waterfiord, andhadtwoaons, 
L WiteD,of JfoautBlakaoey. who SI. hisoousin, Oertrude^ 
4k. ef Blehaid Smyth, Baq. of Ballynatray, and had one son, 
mtr^ tho RsT. BolMrt Blsksn^, who d. s. p. in 1834 : 
1 (hteiL a Bsiit.-g«n0ral in the army, who d. unin, ; and 
1 Gwtndflk wife^BobsrtBlakettey, of Abberf, Esq. 


Esq. of The Nunnery, Isle of Man, and reKot of 
Col Mark Wilks, of ^by, in that inland, governor 
of St Helena. 

Sritiexge.— WnxiAif Blaxibb, Esq. of Ths Oaks, son 
and heir of John Bkonire, Esq. of The Oaks, by Jane hia 
wife, only child of John Bitson, Esq., «». 1st in 1786, 
Isabella, only child and heir of Qeoige Simpson, Esq. of 
Thackwood, co. CumbsKland, by Sarah his wife, dau. of 
Christopher Bichmond, Esq. of Catterlen and TTigi.hM>fi 
Castle, in the same co., and had issue, 

William, his heir. 

Bichmond, 6. in 1742, si. Francea, dan. of BlehardBaynes^ 
Esq. of Cockermouth. 

Sarsn, m. to Thomas Oneme^ Esq. of Gartmore, oo. Stir* 
ling, col. of the 42nd Highlanders. 

Hs m. 2ndly, Bridget widow of John Shnpson, Esq. of 
Sebergham Hall, Cumberland, and by her had one dau., 
Bridget m. to George Browne, Eaq. of Nowcastle-opon- 
Tyne. The eldest son and heir, 

William Blamiu, Esq. of The Oaks, m. in. Aug. 1786, 
Jane, 8rd dau. of John Christian, of Milntown, Isle of Hon, 
and of Ewanrigg Hall, co. Cumberland, by Jane his wife, 
dau. of Bldred Curwen, Esq., M.P., of Workington Hall, hi 
the aame oo., and had issue, 

William, present representative of the family. 

Maxy-Simpeon, «i. m Sept 1814, to the Ber. Thtmias 
Toung; rector of Oilling, oo. York. 


Sarah-Susannah, m. in AprQ, 18S0, to the Bar. WlUiain 
Toung; rector of Aller, oo. Somerset. 

.inas— Axg., a lion, rampant within an orif% gn. 

Cret^—A wol( sejant ppr., chained, or. 

Motto — Faire sans dire. 

Seats— Thackwood and The Oaks; co. Cumbexland. 


DATiBOir-BLAirD, Thomas, Esq. of Kippaz Pai^ 
CO. York, 6. 15 July, 1788; m. 20 Jan. 1812, Apol- 
Ionia, 2nd dan. of Charlea-Philip, 16th Lord Stour- 
ton, and has isBue, 

I. Thomas^ ^ 28 Nor. 181S. n. Edward, b. 28 Aug. 1811. 

m. Heniy, 6. 6 Dec 1814. 

%,XXUB,fit* — ^The fiunHy of Bland waa andently aeated 
at BlMid'a OUl, in the co. of York, but the male line of the 
elder stock failing, the representation devolved upon the 
descendant of 

BoBBBT Blajtd of Lsoming, in the North Biding, a 
younger eon of Bland of Bland's OUL This Bobert waa 
greatgrandfother of 

SiB Thomas Bland, Knt, who settled at Kippax Park, 
in the time of Eloabbth, and was in the commission of the 
peace for the co. of York, in the 83nd of that reign. His 
grandson, Sib Thomas Bland, of Kippaz Park, was created 
a baronet on the 90 Aug. 1642. by King Charlu I., for his 
active seal and devotion in the royal cause, and became 
ancestor of the Blauds qf Kippax, extinct baronets^ the 
last of whom 

Sot HuNOBBVOBD Blaxd, 8th baronst d. imsi. in 1766, 
when the title hsoams extinct, while tbs estate passed to 
his cousin, 

Thomas Davisoii, Esq., fr. 8 Jane, 1744^ son of Ihomaa 
Daviaon, Eaq. of Blakeatone, who waa son of Thomas 
Daviaon, Esq. of the same place, by Anns his wifo, eldest 
dau. of Sib John Bland, 6th Bart. He assumed the addi- 
tional surname of Bland, and m. in 1776, Jane, dau. and 
co-heir of Oodft^ Meynell, Eaq. of Tddersley, in the co. 
Derby, by whom he had one V>n, Thomas, now of Kippaz 
Park ; and five daus., Harriett «». to lisut-CoL John- 
SulUvan Wood; Martha; Anne; Prances-Augusta; Judith- 
Selina; and Charlotte, m. to the Bev. Theophilus Baniea. 
Mr. Davlson-Bhttd d. 27 April, 1794. 

.irms— Aig., on a bend, sa., three pheona, or. 
Cresf— Out of a ducal coronet a lion'a head, ppr* 
Am<— Kippax Paric, near Leeds. 


Bland, Loftub • Hbnrt, Esq. of Blandsfort, 
Queen's County, M.P., Queen's Counsel, b. Aug. 1805; 
m. let, 20 Aug. 1840, Cbarlotte-ElizBbeth, 2nd dao. 
of Gen. the Hon. Arthur-Grove Annesley, of Ann's 
Grove, oo. Cork, and by her (who dw 86 March, 1342) 
baa a son, ^,y,._. .,, _, . .C 

B L A 

B L A 

I. JoHV-Lorn% b. 20 June, 1841. 
He m. 2ndly, 2ud Dec. 1843, Annie* Jane, eldeat dftu. 
of the late Johu-Prendergaflt Hackett, £«q. of Strat- 
ford Place, London, and by her has, 

I. Thomas-Dalrympto, 6. Juno, 1846. 

I. Ehzabeth-Emily. 

II. Aunie-BophU-AUda. 

Mr. LoftuH Bland gra<luated at Cambridge in 1 825, 
became M.A. in 1828, was called to the bar in 
182&, and created Q.C. in 1854. He was returned 
for the King's County in 1852, and continues to 
represent it in parliament. He f. his brother, John- 
Thomas Bland, Esq., in 1849. 

HiltfAffft — OoLONEL John Bland, a oadet of the 
baronetioal houss of Bland o/ Kipp€UB, oo. York, in 1099 
purohased land in the Queen's County, where he oom- 
meooed the preasnt mansion, which was finished in 1716, 
a date inscribed on a out stone slab, beneath the family 
arms, at Blandsfort. Colonel Bland d. in 1788, $.p., and was 
f. by hie brother, 

OiNBaAL UuMraacT Bland, who was governor of Gibral- 
tar, and oommander>in-ohlef in Scotland. General Bland, 
a distinguished writer on military taotios, oomnumded a 
troop of horse at Culloden. He m. at Bdinbuigh, 12 Jan. 
1766 (being then oommander-in-chlef in Scotland), Elisabeth 
Balrymple. eldest sister of John, 6th Earl of Stair (she d. 
In 1816, sffod 96). General Humphrey Bland d. in 1703. 
a p. His youngest brother. 

Captain Wiluam Bland, m. 1st, 1790, Elisabeth Hors- 
man (nA JonesX and by her had a son, John, heir to 
his unole. General Humphrey. Captain Bland m. 2ndly, 
1T8S, Letitla Davys, and by her had iMue, 1 Humphrey, 
captain in the army, whoee male line ia extinct ; 2 Neville, 
Ikther of the gallant Loitus-Otway Bland. Captain R.N., 
and Ueut -Colonel Humphrey Bland, 47th regt ; 3 Thomas, 
Ckneral in the army, and Colonel of the 6th dragoon guards, 
who d. in 1810, without issue. The eldest son (the heir to 
General Humphrey BlandX 

John Bland. Eaq, of Blandafort, m. in 1703 (then a comet 
of drsgoonsX Sarah, dau. of Charles Blroh. Esq. of Biroh 
Grove, eo. Wexibrd; and d. in 1790, leaving a son snd 

John Bland, Eaq. of Blandsfort, who m. in 1790, Elia- 
both. dau. of Robert Blroh. Esq. of Turvey. oo. Dublin, 
and by hor (who d. in 18S6X left at his decease, in 1810, 
three sons and three daua., v^, 
L John THOMAa his heir. 

II. RoButT WiNTmiNQHAM, in holy orders, of Abbeyville, 
CO. Antrim ; m. Alicia, dau. of the Rev. Edward Evans, 
of Dungannon. ou, Tyrone^ and has inue^ 
1 JoHN'HuMniasT. 

i BdwardLuttua. RE. 8 Robert-Henry. 

1 Mar^-Aunc-Sinclair. t Sarah-Maria. 

8 LouuM-Jane, 
nL L(krrv»-HKNaT. now of Blandafbrt. 
I. Cathttriue-Jane. m. let. to Capt. Richard Croker. R.N.. 
and ^dly. to the Rev. Thomaa-Frers Boworbouk, vicar 
ot Chiawick. oo. Middlesex. 
IL Sarah- Aime. ci mmw. 1^23. 

ui. Ueorgii)a-Kliaab«th. w. to Jamee-Franck RoQeston, 
Eaq. of FraiKkfort CastK King's County. 
The eldeat eon. 

John-Thomas Bland, Baq. of Bkndsfori, «. Maigarei, 
dau. of John Bond. Esq. of Bath, and dying «. j». in 1S49. 
deviaed Blandsfort to hia brother, Lonvs-HsHmT Bland, 
Esq. of Bkadsfori, M.P. 

Jraw ,'reglatered and conftraied in Ulster^i OfBce^ — Axg.. 
en a bend, aa.. three pheooi^ or; in the ainisler chief point 
acreaoeot. gn. 

(V«# -Out of a diaeal eotOM< a bom's head, ppr.. ^Mxged 
with a craaoeut. giL 

>f«Mo->4)uo flSiU vocaai 

£«a^-BU&dafort, Queen's CCiinty. 

PmrnMmdmc^"^ Menrion Square Norths Dnbttau 


Blaki\ Jjouc»>Fiunkli:c, Esq. of ]>nrTiquin Cas 
k» cok K«m-, J.P., high-sheriff in T "" 
1799; m 27 V^e, 18:25, £mma» dau. of Joeeph 

1S35, 6. 24 Ja 

TajW, Esq. of Duakerroo Quila, KaRj^ n^jor 
P iit ^ al artillery, aad Kas Hsue» 

L raaNcia-Ciaasxonnaw ». 8 Oct.l9M^ m. 18 Jhm^ IStf. 
JaM» <ibu. q£ tha tev. AfshUbaU-Botovt HMnikon. of 


n. Jomes-TranUin. capt. 57th foot, b. 10 Jan. 1833. kQled 

in action at tlio battle of Inkerman. 
I. Alioe-Phillia, m. 20 Dec. 1853. to Usbor Williamaon. Ew)., 

eldest Bon of the Rev. Benjamin Williamaon, of Old 

Dromore. oo. Cork. 

Kltrafff • — Nathanibl Bland, IX.D., Judge of the 
Prerogative Court at Dublin, and vicar-goneral of the 
diocese of Ardfert and Aghadoe, m. Ist, Diana, only dau. 
of Nicholas Kemeys, Esq., and had by her a aon, 

Jamis. hia heir. 
He fli. 2ndly, I^icy, dan. of Francis Heaton, Esq., by whom 
he had issue, 

Frands, fkthsr, bv Catherine Mshony his wife, of Colonel 

James-Francis Bland, of Killamcy, and of Fnmces, m. to 

the Rev. Robert Hewaon. 
Nathaniel, m. Marv Mead, but hod no issue. 
Geoige, ni. Hannah Westrop, but hod no issue. 
lAicy, m. to George Orpen. Eaq., a military offleer, dis* 

tinffuiahed at Minden, 4th aon or the Rev. Thomas Oipen, 

of Killowen, co. Kerry. 
Hester, m. to Robert Sinclair. 
Dorothea, m. to Francis Crumpc, Esq., and hod, with othwr 

issue. Nathaniel Crumpe, of Ifandnlla Park, in Surrey, who 

took the additional surname of Bland. 

Dr. Bland was $. by his eldest son, 

Thk Rbv. Jamu Bland, of Derriqnin Castle, who m. 
1st, Elisabefh, dau. of Christopher Julian ; and 2nd!y, Bar- 
bara, dau. of — Nash, Esq., by the former of whom he bad, 
with other issue, a dau., m. to Mi^or Nathaniel Bland, and 
a son and successor, 

FaANOis-CHRisTOPHCR Bland, Esq. of Derriquin Castle, 
who m. 15 March, 1798, Ludnda, dau. of Arthur-fiastable 
Herbert, Esq. of Brewsterfield, near Killamey, and by her 
(who d. 10 Sept. 1888) had 

Jambs-Feanklin, now of Derriquin. 
Arthur. John. Edward. 

Elisabeth, m. Frederick Hyde. Esq. 
Lucy. m. to Capt Thomas Stuart. R.N. 
Frances-Diana, m. to Thomas-Hartnett FuUar, Esq. 
IsBtitia. m. to Heniv Stokes, Esq., C.S. 

(Aristina-Franoes, m. to Robert- Acheaon Thompson, Esq. 
CUura-Dalinda, m. to William Allen, Esq. 
Mr. Blsnd d, 10 Sept 1838. 
Am«— Derriquin CasUa, oo. Kerry. 


Blathwatt, Qkorqb- William, Esq. of Dyrham 
Park, 00. Qlouoeeter, and of Langridge and Poriock, 
oo. Somerset, J.P., a captain (h. p.) in the 1st Dra- 
goon-guards, major of the royal Oloucesterahire 
hnasar yeomanry cavalry, b. 25 Feb. 1797; si. 
il Jan. 1822, Mary- Anne, dan. of the Rev. Thomss- 
Agmondisham Yeeey (a branch of the De Vcsci 
fiunily), and has issue, 

I. QBoaoa-WnxiAM, 6. 11 May, 1834, an oiBorr fai ths 
1st dragoon-firuards. 

n. Wynter-Thomas. 6. in Sept. ISSS. 

m. R)chard-V«ey. b. in Jan. 1S37. 

IT. Charios-Py«. b. in March, 183S. 

T. Wimam, b. in April, 1S39. 

ItntSSt.— The fiunily of Bfathwayt is of very ndent 
origin : the firat ot the name, originally spelt Bnmthwait, 
are aakl to have come over to England with Wiluam the 
Ooaqueror. and to hava settled in the ooontaas of Cumbei^ 
land and Weotmoreland, whars they Iwd grants oflasd for 

Tbe fiunily estatei of Dyrhsm, 4e^. wjgtnslly belonged 
to Sir WaMar D«uite, Eat., who sold ths manor tai the 
13th ELBABcn. 1571. to QaoMB WTirm, Esq^ fyooageit 
bft)thMrsr8farWiUaasa Wyntsr. of lidaey. ia the Fonatof 
Dean.) He at. Anasw sm of Iba Maters and eo-hsirasaflB of 
Robavt Braya, Esq., a sssrehaafc ot Brirtol, sad dying in 
U81. WM a by hk soa, Jon Wtvtbs, a eaptaia in ths 
royal navy, who acco as pa ai sd 8ta> Fisnii s Ikaks ia his 
ekmons voy^;» rooad the world, as hia vtea a d aatxal His 
eldest biothsr. Sir Wimam Wyntar. of lidney. <»oQoes- 
canhire^ was aiao a vii»«dmiral msder Sb- Fraada Drak^ 
in ths aver saaniersMa dastrrartion ef the 8|)nnish snnada. 

capt. J«h& Wyntar at. Mary, <faB. af Shr Wilham Braoi. 
sf Donstshirsb and dy^ in 1«», was a fay h 

Qaonia Wrsm^ Mgh -s^a tlg ft 

L & sa Macy» ^a. af Bdwacd B««ao» Esq. 

B L A 

of GunUngtock, oo. Somerset, and dying in 1688, waa t. by 
hlB eldest eon, 

JoHH Wtktsb, Esq., who m. Frances, dau. of Thomas 
Gecard, Esq. of Trent, oo. Somerset, and d. in 1668, leaving 
•a odIj BurriTing dau., 

Maet Wtktkb, who «. 28 Dec 1686, Wiluam Blayth- 
TATT, Esq., of St. Martin's, *' within the citty of London," 
»d had (with a dau., Anne, m. the Hon. Edward South weU, 
cf Eing'a Weston,) two sons, William, his heir ; John, a 
eoL in the army, m. Miss Penfield, and had issue. This 
Ifr. Blathwayt was seotetary-at-war, and also secretary 
of state, to King Wiluam, during his abode in Holhmd and 
Flanden ; he was also one of the commissioners for trade 
•ad p la n ta t i ons, and clerk of the privy council in the reigns 
of King Chablb, King Jamxs, King William, and Queen 
▲jrvB. He likewise represented the city of Bath in parlia- 
ment, from 1600 to 1710. He d. in Aug. 1717, and was <. 
hj his son and heir, 

William Blathwatt, Esq. of Dyxham, who m. in 1719, 
Thomasina Ambrose, and by her (who d. in 1774), left, at 
fak deesase in 1742, a son, 

Wiluam Blathwatt, Esq. of Dyrham, who m, 1st, in 
1T80. Mks Penelope Jenkinson, and by her (who d. in July, 
1756) has issue, i. Wiluam, his heir, 6. in 1751 ; ii. James, 
A. in 1754, a captain in the army, d. unm. in 1788 ; i. Penelope, 
ft. in 1755, m. Mr. Crane, and had one son only, William, 
who took the name of Blathwatt in 1818, but d. ». p. in 
18S9. He m, 2ndly, Mra. Elizabeth Le Pepre (whose maiden 
name was Clarke) and by her (who d, in Aug. 1764) had 

. I. Obobok-Wiluam, fellow of Merton College, Oxon, and 
rector of Langridge, oo. Somerset, and ot Dyrham, oo. 
Gkooerter, m. in 1795, Imtbella, dau. of Charles Pye, Esq. 
of WadJey, co. Berks, a deputy-lieutenaut uud high-sherm 
of that coun^, and had issue, 
QsoiMiB-WiLLiAM, uow of Dyrham Park. 
William, 5. 10 April, 1798, capt. 8rd light dragoons, m. 
Miss Filmer and has issue. 

Charles, 5. 6 Jan. 1800, rector of Langridge, m, Miss 
Roee^ and has issue two sons. 
Wynter, d. young; in 1818. 
Anne-Sophia, «». Thomas Curtis, Esq. of London. 

Mr. WQfiam Blathwayt m. Srdly, Miss Mary Creighton, of 
London, bat by her had no issue. He d, in May, 1787, and 
was 1. 1^ his ddest son (rf* the first marriage, 

Wiluam Blathwatt, Esq. of Dyrham, h. in 1761, who 
m. in July 1790 Frances, dan. of William Soott, Esq. of 
Otest Barr, StaflbrdaMre, but d. in May, 1806, without 
iaae, leaTing his widow surviving : she subsequently m. 
Adnrizal Douglas, who d» ia 1889. 

Jvas— Or, two bends, engrailed, sa. 

C n M On a rock. ppr.. an eagle rising, aig., wings, as. 

lf«to— Virtuteetveritate.^ 

ftat— Dyxham Park, Glouoeeterahirei, 


Blatdbb, Chablbb • Benjamin, Esq. of Ranby 
Hall, KottB, 6. 9 April, 1812; m, C^aroline-Martha, 
dau. of C^^ytain Jackson. 

IrCnOlt?*— JossFH BLAmiB, of Suttou, in the oo. of 
Toric, J.P., h. 16 July, 1588, son and heir of WiUiam 
Bbides, aivi Margaret ApplAyaid his wife, heiress of Sutton, 
CO. York, was mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull, in 1686. He 
K. Anne Booth, by whom hft had a dau., Lydia, the wife 
of Geovge Anson, Esq., ancestor of the circumnavigator, 
a fter war ds Lord Alison ; and a son, his successor , 

Jamk Blajdu or Blatdss, of Button, J.P., 6. about the 
fBsr 1625, m. Anne, dau. of the Rev. Andrew Marvel, and 
Mter of the oelehrsted patriot, Andrew Mi^rveL He was«, 
St Us decease by his soq, 

JosBPB Blatdss, Esq,, bapt 28 Sept, 1671, m. Jane 
Moald. whose fiunily likewise possessed estates in Sutton. 

HooH Blatdbb, Esq., lord of the manors of Sutton-eum- 
StoncCeiTy, and part of Sculooates, in the oo. of Tork, 6. in 
1855, m, 28 April, 1728, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter de la 
Ptyms, Esq. of Crowtrees Hall, by Frances, dau. of Frands 
Wood, Esq. of HatfMd«Levels. By this hidy (who d. 21 
Lag. 1772) he had issue, of whom, his successor, Bkkjamdt, 
•boe married. He d. 1^ April, 1759, aged 74, and was $, by 

BcvJAMnr Blatokb, Esq. of Melton and High Paull, in 
the ea of York, 6. 5 March, 1736, He m. 18 May, 1776, 
Kitty, ted dan. and oo-heirsBB of. Christopher Soott, Esq. 

B L A 

of Aldborough, in Holdemess, and dying 29 Oct. 1805, was 
$, by his son, 

Hdqhxs Blatdks, Esq. of High Paull, in Yorkshire, and 
of Ranby Hall. Notts, high-sheiiff in 1812. He was 6. at 
Melton. 9 Aug. 1777, and m. 19 March, 1800, at Ripon Minster, 
Delia-Maria, 2nd dau. of Col. Richard Wood, t>f Hollin TT.tii, 
in the co. of York, by whom he had issue, 

Huoh-Mabvel. who d. unvi, in 1836. 

Charles-Benjamin, present representative. 

Frederick-Henry Marvel, in holy orders, 6. 29 Sept. 1818, 
m. in 1848, Fanny-Maria, eldest dau. of the late -Sir 
Edward-Page Turner, Bt., and has issue, Edward-Henry 
Frederick - Augustus, Arthur • Charles - Julius, Qeoige- 
Frederick-Handel, and Kathiurine-Louisa-Frances. 


Louisa- Anne, t». to Henry-Thomas-Coggan Kerr, Esq., 
oapt. in the army, son of the late Oen. Kerr, of Hartham 
House, CO. Somerset: and by him (who d. in Sept 1845) 
has issue, Harry-Kynaston ; Mary ; Kate, m. to Captain 
Cowell, 8rd dragoons: Emily: and Annie. 

Harriet-Elisabeth, d, unm. in 1824. 

Henrietta-Christian, n. in 1837, to Edward Parratt, Esq. 
clerk of the joumalsy House of Lords^ and has one dau., 

Emmeline- Sophia, m. in 1838, to Frederick -Alexander 
Blackford, Esq., capt 98rd Highlanders. 

This gentleman was for some years miOor of the 3rd batta- 
lion of West Riding militia. He d, 15 Feb. 1829. 

Arm»—kz., a saltier, aig., between three pheons, ppr. ; on 
a chief^ or, a lion, passant. 
Crett — A talbot's head, erased, and erects sa. 
Motto— Vio Deo, rege, et patria. 
£^a«— Ranby Hall, Notts. 


Blatnet, Robert, Esq., M.A., of The Lodge, Eve- 
sham, CO. Worcester, 6. 23 March, 1818, a captain in 
the Worcestershire militia, and J.P. for the countiee 
of Worcester and Qlouceater. 

linPSJ3[0. — ^This fiunily claims to descend, through the 
Blaynets of Kintham, co. Hereford, ftxtm the filmed 
Elystan Olodrydd, Prince of Fferlys. 

Robert Playnet (2nd son of Thomas Blayney, Esq., by 
Betty his wife, dau. of Benjamin Parkes, Esq. of Worceater, 
and youijger brother of the Rev. Bei^amin Blayney, D.D., 
Regius professor of Hebrew, and canon of Christchurch, 
Oxford), ia. 18 July, 1756, Katherine, youngest dau. of 
Joseph Withers, Esq. of Worcester (of the Hampshire 
family of WitherpX &nd had issue. The elder son. 

The Rev. Robert Blayney, rector of Pitsford, co. Nor- 
thampton, lord of the manor of Oarlford, heir of his mater- 
nal uncle. Sir Charles-Trubshaw Withers, Knt, who had m. 
Frances, widow of Richard Nash, D.D., and dau. and heir 
of John Ravenhill, Esq., by Katherine Dansey his wife, 
lady of the manor of Strensham, granddau. and heir of Sir 
Francis Russell, Bart, of Strensham, The Rev. Robert 
Blayney m. in Sept 1788, Catherine, eldest dau. of Henry 
Howard, Esq. of Arundel, and sister of Lord EfBngham, 
but dying «. p, 24 Sept 1824, was «. by his brother, 

Thomas Blayney, Esq. of The Lodge, Evesham, Worces- 
tershire, D.L., 6. 9 Sept, 1762, m. 1st, 12 April, 1787, Mar- 
garet, 2nd dau. of Charles Welch, Esq. of Evesham, which 
lady d. $.p.i and 2ndly, 17 Jime, 1815, Anna-Harland, 2nd 
dau. of Thomas Harrison, Esq. of Fulford, in Yorkshire, by 
whom he had issue, 

John-Charies-Withera, b. 18 Myrob, 1816, and d. in April, 

RoBrsT, of Exeter CoII^ge^ Oxford, M.A., now of The 

Lodge^ Evesham. 
Kathenne-Emma, m. in 1848, to James F. Marett, Esq. of 

St HeUer**, Jersey, and ^.M. Ordnanc^ Barbadoes. 
Mary-Eleanor, m. in 1841, to Oeoige Jackson, Esq. of 

Bushey, Herts. 
Anna, m. in 1844, to Thomas Colmore, Esq. of Sheldon 

House, Warwickshire. 
Mr. Blayney d. 1 Deo. 1838. 

i^mu— Quarteriy : first' and fourth, aig., three boars' head^ 
oouped, sa., armed, gu. ; second and third, gu., a lion, 
rampant -regardant, or; quartering Withers and Trubshaw. 

CrefC— A fox, aig. 

Motto— I rest to rise. 

/Seat— The Lodge, near Evesham. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

B L E 


Blbkcowe, Hknbt-Prkoott, Esq., late of Blen- 
cowe Hall, co. Cumberland, and now of Thoby 
Priory, 00. Bbsex, b. 1799 ; t. his father in 1847. 

V^intU^t* — Adam db Blxnoowk diBthiguiahod himadf 
in the French wars in the reign of Edwabd III., onder the 
banner of William, Baron of Greyatoke, who granted arms 
to him and his hein by the following warrant : 

" To all to whom theee preoenta aball come to be seen or 
heard; William, Barou of Oreystoke, Lord of Morpeth, 
wisheUi health in the Lord : Know ye, that I have given 
and granted to Adam de Blencowe an escutcheon sable, with 
a bend oloeetted (or barred)argeut and asare, with t U^-ee ohap- 
lets gules ; and with a crest olosetted, aigent and asure, of 
my arms ; to have and to hold to the said Adam, and his 
heirs, for ever. And I, the said William, and my heirs, will 
wanant to the said Adam, and his heirs, the arms aforesaid ; 
In witness whereof, I have to these letters patent set my 
seaL Written at the Castle of Morpeth, the 28th day of Feb- 
ruary, in the 80th year of the reign of King Edwabd III., 
after the Conquest." [a.d. 1867.] 

Adam db Blbmoowb. 1827, m. twicei *By his 1st wife, 
Bmma, he had three sons, William, d. v. p., vnm. ; Thomas, 
his successor ; John, whose wife's name was Johs^na. 

Tbomas j>k Blbhoowb, t. his fiithei; and m. Elliaheth. 
dau. and heiress of Nicholas Yetetipont or Yipont, (1888,) 
Baron of Westmorland, and to whom his Alstfoi estates de- 
scended, in conjunction with her rister Joan, wife of William 
Whytlaw. They now belong to Greenwich HospitaL Their 
son and he!r, 

William db Blenoowb, m., Ump. Hjenrt YI., Johanna, 
dau. of Robert Brisco, of Crofton, Cumberland. 

Biohabd db Blbnoowe, son and heir of William, living 
in the reign of Edward IY., was father of 

Cbristopbbb db Blenoowb, who m. and had issue, 
BiOHARD, his hdr, and Isabella, m. James Halton, of an 
ancient ftunily resident at Greystoke, whose manor house 
still remains. 

RicHAAD Blenoowb, Esq., son and heir of Christopher, m. 
Eleanor Crackenthorpe, of Newbiggin, dau. of John Crack- 
onthorpe, Esq., and had issue, Anthont, his heir; Christo- 
pher, d. anm. ; Cuthbert, d. unm, ; Elizabeth, m. Bichard 
Hoton, of Hoton Boof, Esq., a hamlet of Greystoke ; and 
Maraen, m. Matthew Bee, Esq. 

Anthont ^lenoowe, Esq., the eldest son and heir of 
Richard, m. Winifred Bu^y, granddau. of the old Lord 
Dudley, of Tanwarth, co. Westmorland, by whom he had 

I. RiCH4|KD, his heir, mentioned amonost the gentry of the 

ooimty subiect to Border service, 1M8 ; m. Appoline , 

afterwards the wife of W. Allonby, of Allonby, Esq., by 
whom he left issue, 
1 Henbt, heir to bis grandfother. 
S Richard, d. mmh. 

n. Anthony, D.C.L., provost of Oriel College, Oxford, 
45 years. He was -chanceUor or vicai'-geneial of the 
cathedral diorch of Chichester. He d. 1018, and was 
buried in 8t. Mary's Chun^ Oi^ford. He was wMm,, and 
left £1,800 to the rebuilding of his college, with which the 

west side of Oriel College, as it now stands, was accord- 
ingly built. 

RL George, M.P. for Chichester in 1008. 

Henbt (afterwards Sib Hbnbt) Blbnoqwb, t, his grand- 
Ikther. He was high-sheriff of Cumberland in 1008, and was 
knighted by King James I., on his return hom SooUand in 
1617. He was sgain high -sheriff of Cumberland, 1st 
Chables I., and d. 21 Nov. 1683. Qis Ist wife was Jane, 
dau. of Sir William Muagrave, of Hayton, Bart, (ristor to 
Eleanor, wife of Sir Christopher Lowtber, oi Lowther, Knt., 
ind great-graadiaotber to the 1st Lord Lonsdale.) by whom 
be had no issue that lived tosucoe^dhim. His 2nd wife was 
Oraoe, dan. of Sir Richard SandfM, of Qowgill, by whom 
he had issue, 
CHBmoFBBB, his successor. 
Henry, d. umn. in his other's liibtime. 
Anthony, to whom the estate at Harbybrow was first 
limited by Mr. Highmore. Harbvbrow was for many 
gensntions the property and seat of the Hiohmobes. The 
Blxnooweb purchased it of them and possessed it for 
several descents. This estate was purchased of the latter 
about the year 1745, by — Steel, Esq. It is now the pro- 
perty of W. Charlton. Esq. A square tower, which is 
part of the old mansion at Harbybrow, still remains. An- 
tliony d. soon after his (lather, unm, 

John, m. and d. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue, by 
Anne •— , his wife^ Elisabetlv ta. H. Thompson, Esq. of 

B L E 

HoDin Hal!, Bipon, Tork, graadfhther of Sir W. Thomp^ 
son, a baron of the Exchequer ; Ann, m. Geosge Barwicc, 
Esq. of Cariisle. 

Sib CmusroPBEB Blekoowbi, Knt, son and heir of Sir 
Henry, m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Bobinson, of Rokeby, 
Esq., Torkshire, great-grandfiitherof Sir Thos. Robinson, of 
Bokeby, Bart., and his brother, Lord Bidiop of Armagh, 
created Baron Bokeby ; and had issuer Henry, d. unm. before 
his fisther; Cbbutophbb, his soooeflBor ; Thomas, it. uma. ; 
Mary ; Franoes ; Maiigartft; and Katheiine. 

Chbxsvophkb Blenoowb, Esq., son snd heir of Sir Chris- 
topfaer, Knt., m. Ann, eldest dau. and oo-helreBB of Willism 
Laton, of DalemaiB, Esq., whieh this family had posBessad 
before the time of Hbnbt IIL, and had issue a son and 

Henbt Blenoowb, Esq., hk^-shertff of Cumberland, temp. 
GfiOBOB I. : he m. 1st, Doroifiy, daa. and heiress of Geoige 
Sisson, Esq. of Penrith, she d. 29 Got 1707, aged 82, and 
WHS buried in the ehuroh of Penrith ; by this lady be bad 

Chbistophbb, vrfao succeeded him. 

Henry, d, v. p. Geotge, d. «. «. 

Dorothy, «. the Rev. Tobias Crofts ▼Icar ci Khrby Lon» 

Bridget, la. Utrick Reay, Esq. of Newoaatto. 

Mary, d. vmn. 
He m. Sndly, EllnbeUi, dan. of W. Todd, Esq. of Wath, 
Toikshire, and had issue, 

X. Hbnbt, who $. his half-brother, Christopher, 
n. William, m. 1730, Elizabeth, dau. and co-heiress of Fsr- 
dinando lAtua, Esq. of The Beck, in Milium, oo. Cumber- 
land, 1^ Henrietta his wife, dan. at ^ John Tempest 
Bart of Tong, oo. Torlc, by whom be bad iasus^ 
1 GeoTige, d. in the West Indies, $. p. 
t Henry, d. t. p. 8 John, d. ». p. 

4 William-Fbbdinando, son and heir. 
1 Elizabeth, m. J. Blain, Esq., M.D. of Oariislsi interred 
at St Mary's, Carlisle, 
m. Peter, m. Franoes Benn, of Whitehaven, Cumberiand, 
and had issuer 
1 Henry. 
1 Elisabeth. 
Henry Blencowe^ Esq., d. in 1721, and was «. by his sldsst 

Chbutophkb Blenoowb, Esq. of Blenoowe, who d. mm^ 
1728, sged 26, and was t. by his half-brother. Such was 
the reputation of this gentlmnan as a lawyer that he was 
called to the bar at the age of 21, and thre; years after he 
wss made one of the deputy-Ueutenants of the Tower Ham- 
lets, and chief steward or Judge of the Court of Booordi^ 
within the liberties of the same : he died whDe upon ttai 

Henbt Blenoowb, Baq., t. his half-brother, Christopher, 
and -m. Mary, only surviving dau. and beiress of Alexander 
Presoott, Esq. of Thoby Priory, Essex, [at this point the 
Blenoowes 0/ BUneowe become again closely oonnScted with 
the Blenoowes ttf MarsUm] : he*had iasue^ 
Hbnbt-Pbbsooit, b. 17S2, his heir. 
Mary, d. unm., at BiUericay, Essex. 
Hbnbt-Pbbsoott Blenoowb, Esq., a. hit fktfaer, and m, 
Elizabeth,* eldest dau. of Bichard Barbor, Eaq. of Brent- 
wood, 00. Essex. By this kuly, who d. in 1848 (the last of 
the Barbor family), he had issue, 
l HBNBT-PBXsoorr, his successor, 
n. Jolm-Prescott b. 1778, m. Pleasanee, youngest dan. ef 
Edward Bvenurd, Esq. of Lynn, NoribUc : he d. 9 No«. 
1840, leaving issue, 

1 John-Presoott, 6. 1800. * 

2 Edward-Everard. b. 17 April, 1800, reotorof West Wal- 
ton, Norfolk, and B.D. 

8 Edmond, d«c. 4 Walter, b. 25 Aug. 1812. 

1 Pleasanee, dee, t Elizabe^. 8 Mary. 

4 Agnes, dee. 5 Henrietta. 

* There was in the possession of <this lady a curious Jewd, 
of which the account is as f<Aows, copied fkom the will of 
Gabriel Itarbor : 

*'Mr. Barbor (the fbther of my great-grandfhther,) for his 
firm adhersnee to the Protestant religion, was in Queen 
Mary's reign brought into Smithfield to sufbr at the staka 
but Whilst he waa taking leave of certain IHends. news came 
the queen was dead, so that the Popish party did not dare to 
put him to death. In remembrance <^ so emtnsnt a {weser- 
vatlon, the said Mr. Barbor had the effigies ef Queen Eliaa- 
both out out upon a stone, bequeathing the jewel to his 
eldest son, if he had a dauc^iter and named her Elizabeth, 
otherwise the iewel should descend to the 2nd son if tho con- 
dition was fulfilled by him, but if not then to the 8rd son, 
and so on. This is ye account as it has been handed down 
flrora father to son, and hitherto there has been an EHi a h e tti 
inthefiunily.** A»g.a4,17M. 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 

B L E 

e Jane» m. BeT. 8. Allen, D.D. 

7 Agnes. 8 Haigaret. • Ellen. 

L dizftbeih. m. James Everard, Beq. of Lowestoft, and d. 

kftTing isBue, Jamea^ RN., drowned; Mary, m. Bev. 

Inae Gaslcartii; Eleanor, m. Proudfoot Montagu, Esq. ; 

Fanny; Caroline; Louisa ; and Anna. 

n. Mai:garei. 
Mr. Blenoowe d. 9 F^. 1787, and was <. by his son, 

HianiT-PRBaooTT Blemoowb, Esq of Blencowe, m. IU> 
booos, aldest dau. of Edward Bvorard, Esq. of Lynn. oo. 
Hof«Dlk, and by her (wbo d. 80 Oct 1864, aged 88) bad 
iflsne, HcKBT-pRBsooTT, his successor; John, d«c.; Edward, 
te. : Brerard; Bebecca; Mary, m. Oeoige Bannatyne, Esq. 
flf Bithford House, Sontersetdiire. Mr. Blencowe, in the 
yesr 180S, sold Blenoowe to the Duke of Norfolk. He d. in 
1M7, and was t. by his eldest son, the preeent Hkkbt- 
Vmuoarrt BuBiroowa, Esq. 

^rm»— Istk Blxstoow;!, gu., a quarter, ai^g. 2nd, Grct- 
noKK, augmentation with a diflbrenoe. Srd, L^TOK q^ IhUe' 
•am. 4th, Pbucott. 

Cntt—A sworn in pale, axg., hilt in chief, or, enfiladed with 
ahnman hearty gu., all between two wings expanded, ai^;. 
[A kgeod in the family refers this curious crest to the oir- 
eomstanoe that In the Border wars, a Blencowe, whose crest 
was a sword, baring slam a Douj^as (xm> small honour tu those 
daysL was permitted to unite it in the present form, with 
the bleeding heart of the Douglas]. 

Jfstts i^orsum viTsre mon, moii vUax 

ft«^— IlMby Pzioix, 


Blehcowe, Johk^ackson, Esq. of Marston St 
L&wronoe, oo. NorihaoiptoD, b, 5 Feb. 1810 ; n. 1st, 
27 May, 1834, Gratia-Maria, dau. of the Rev. John 
ProweU, rector ot Catfield, Norfolk, and Irr her, 
who <L 2S Dec. 1840, has an only surviving duld, 

He ». 2iidly, 2 May, 1848, Cedlia, dan. of the Rev. 
Chariee Ptowett, rector of Stapleford, Herta, and 
has by her, 

L Jobji-Alecahdbb, 6. 8 Sept 1848. 

n. Charles-Edward, b. 13 Oct 1847. 

m. Alfred^ames, b. 16 Nor. 1848. 

L Maiy-OeeOia. 

linCJmC • — The Blsnoowes (a branch of a veiy old 
OBmberiaiid flsmily, which had property at Oreystock, in 
tfast eoon^X hare been seated at Marston earlier than 

Tbohas BuMOOwa, gxandaon of Jcdm Blenoowe, living 
atMarstoa St. Lawrence, temp. Hbibt YI., obtafaned in 
the year 1540, a grant from ths crown of the demesne lands 
sad leetorial tithes of the manor of " Lawreaoe Merston, 
sfiss Msnton St. Lawreiboe.'* Bis great-great-graat-grsnd- 

Sot Jomr BLHaoowK, of Marston St. Lawrenee, an emi- 
Bsat Judge, one of the Justioes of the Common Pleas, He 
«. Aane, eldest dan. of the Bev. John WalUs, D.D.,, 
Oe iiuDOus Savfliaa professor of Oxford, by whom (who d. 
Ib 1718) he bad issue, Jomr, his heir ; Thomas, a bencher 
sf the Inner Temple (tee Blxnoows qf Tfu HooU) : William, 
who d. tdija. ; Mary, m. to Alexander Prescott, Esq. of 
Tboby Priory, Essex; Anne, m, in 1720, to Sir Edmund 
Prot^jm, of Kewlands ; Elizabeth ; and Sussnnah, m. to 
Bicfaard Jennens, Esq. of Prinoethorp. ^udge Blenoowe 
d. in 1790k at the age of 84, and wss $. by his eldest son, 

Joaar BLavoowx, Esq. ^f ^Marston St Lawrence, who 
■k Jaae^ dan. of WUUam Holbech, . Esq. of Famborough, 
la Warwickshire, by whom (who d. in 1756) he left issue, 
s son, JoHM, his heir, and four daus., Jaue, who fa. the 
Bev. Samnel Jackson, rector of Stisted, in Essex, and had 
two SODS, Samuel and John ; Anne, si. to the Bev. Thomas 
ftc^ M^ ; Elissbeth, who d. miw, ; and Mary, who also 
d. wan. Mr. Bleocowe d. in 1740, and was «. by his only 

Jomi Biavoows, Esq. of Marston St Lawrenoe, who d. 
MMk in 1717, and devised his estates to his nephew, 

Samrn. JacKaov, Esq., who thus became of Marston 
0t Lswreooe, and assumed the surname and arms of 
Blbkowx. Bo m. 1st, Anne, youngest dau. of the Bev. 
Ihomss Bree, of Allesley, by Anne Blenoowe, and had by 
hsr (wbo d. in 1789) fivo sons — ^riz., 1 Jobn-Jaoksom, his 
beir ; S ^Hiomas, in holy orders, vicar of Marston, b. in 
1783 ; 8 Samuel- Waiiam, of lincolo, 6. in 1784, m. Miss 
Abds BsD ; 4 James, in holy orders, b. in 1785, m. in 1818, 
Aane, ntict of Jas. Nagle, Esq. dan. and co-heir of John 
Besndkamp, Esq. of Peogreep^ in Cornwall ; and 5 Henry, 

B L £ 

who d. tmm. in 1808. Mr. (Jackson) Blenoowe m. 2ndly, 
Elisabeth-Qi-amer, dau. of the Bev. Thomas Biker, rector 
ofCulworth, by whom (who d. in 1814) he had further 
issue, Charles, in holy orders, 6. in 1798 ; Petei^ramer, in 
holy orders, m. 2 Jan. 1829, Loveday, eldest dau. of Isaao 
Sparkes, Esq. of Crewkenie, in Somersetshire; Bobert, of 
the Inner Temple, London, 6. in 1801 ; Geoige, b. in 1808 ; 
Edward, 6. in 1805 ; Elizabeth ; Bhoda-Maria ; and Sophia. 
Mr. Blencowe was ». by his eldest son, 

Jobn-Jacksok Blbnoowb, Esq. of Marston St. Lawrence^ 
high-sheriff in 1827, b. in 1780, who m. 16 Aug. 1804, 
Louisa*Anne, dau. and co-heiress of the Bev. Thoma^ 
Biker, rector of Cul worth, by his 2nd wife, and by her 
(who d. 21 Feb. 1845) had issue, 

John-Jagxson, now of Marston. 

Samuel, twin with John, d. imm. 2 Aug. 1888. 

Thomas, m. in Dea 1887, Ellen, dau. of B. Bathurst, Esq., 
and has, Thomas-Henry, and other issue. 


Louisa-Ann, relict of the Rev. Frsnds Gottwalts, lata vicar 
of Coughton, in Warwickshire. 


Susannah-Judith, m. 1 July. 1841, to the Bev. Jamea 
Stafford, rector of Dinton, Wilta. 
Mr. Blenoowe d, 28 Aug. 1880. 

A r t M Gu., a canton, aig. 

Cratr-K sword in pale, aig., hilt in chie^ or, enfilsded with 
a human heart, gu., all between two wings expanded, aig. 
&a^— Marston House^ Northamptonshire. 


Blekcowe, Robert- Wilms, Esq., M.A., of ine 
Hooke, 00. Sussex, J.P., 6. 1791 ; m. m 1816, Charr 
lotte-EIizabeth, youngest dau. and co-heir of the 
Rev. Sir Henry Poole, Bart of The Hooke, and has 
one son, 

JoHN-OaoBOS, M.A., J.P. for Sussex, 5. 1817. 

SrttUa0(. — ^Thomas Blkkcowb, Esq. of Hayes, oo. 
Middlesex, bencher of the Inner Ttanple, 2nd son of Sir 
John Blenoowe, Knt., by Anne his wife, dau. of the Bev. 
John Walhs, D.D., the celebrated Savilian professor of 
Oxford (m Blinoowk o/ ManUm St. lawrtMeJ, m. Martha, 
dau. and co-heir of William Ferris^ Esq. of Hayes, by bis 
wife, dau. and lieir of — Briggenshaw, Esq. of Hayes, and 
was eventually $. by his youngest son, 

BoBXRT Blemoowb, Esq. of Northampton, M.D., 6. 1782, 
who flk Margaret, dau. of — Danvers, Esq., and d. in 1774. 
His only aurviving son, 

RoBEBT Willis Blbkoowx, Esq., b. in 1770, la. in 1780. 
Penelope, youngstt dau. of Sir George Bpbinson, Bart ot 
Cranford, co. Northampton, and d. in 1842, having had 

John-George, b. 1700, d, vnm, 

BoBBBrr«WiLLi8, now of The Hookau 


William«Multon, in holy ordei^ rector of Shawell, cow 
Leicester, fa. Maynard, dau. of CoL Eochfoxi. 

Edward-Willis, d. in 1888. 

Frances-Dorothea, fa. 1st to William-Peere Williams, only 
surviTing son of Admiral WlULuns, of Clapton, co. North- 
ampton, and 2udly. to General Sir George Naito; K.C.B. 

Mary. fa. to M%)<»M3eneral Grant 

Ann-Elisabeth, d. itaia. 1881. 

Elisabeth. Louisa-Eleanor, d. 1806. 


Emma, fa. to the Bev. Sir Geoige Bobinson. Bart 

Charlotte-Louisa, fn. tp Heniy Frampton. Esq. 

Louisa-Isabella, m. to the Bev. J. Chichester, and d. in 

Arms and A^— As Blbnqowc qf Manto% quartering 
Wallbstom, Pxbbis, and Bbiooebshaw. 
Motto Quo r sum vivere morl, morl vitaa^ 
SaUr-Tho Hookey Ohail^, near Lewea. 


Blenkihbofp, Qsobge-Thomas Lsatqn, Esq. of 
Hoppyland Castle, oo. Durham, and Humbleton 
Hail, Northumberland, J.P. and DX., 5. 21 Deo. 
1783 ; m. 6 Oct 1807, Harriot, dau. of Henry Col- 
lingwood, Esq. of Idlbum Tower, and Comhill 
House, 00. DuxWn, and has had issue, 
X. BiOHABD-BLBininrsopp-GBOBOB, b. 15 Jan. 1809, rector 
of Shadforth, Durham, fa. 27 Sept 1838, Mary-Emma, 
dau. of Sanderson Uderton, Esq. of Ilderton, North- 
umberland, and has issus^ 

Jigitized by 



1 Geoive-ndertoii, b. 8 May, 1840. 
8 Edwin-Henry, 6. 15 Jon. 1842. 
1 Emma- Victoria. 

II. G«ois»-AnthoBy, 6. 24 Dto. 1813, captain in the 45th 

m. Henry-Wellington, 5. 2 July, 1815. d. 27 AprU, 1841. 
lY. Edward-CIennell, in holy orders, b. 81 Jan. 1810. 
I. Harriet-GoUingwood. 

HtlKAff^* — ^Thla is a branch of the andent Northum- 
brian house of Blekkinsopp of BUnkwsopp, which Camden 
styles '* a right ancient and generous ftunily." The heiress 
of the senior line, Jane, only dau. and heir of Thomas 
Blenkinsopp, of Blenklnsopp Castle, Esq., m. in 1727, 
William Couuoir, Esq., of Jesmond House (see Coulsok 
Hf Blenkm$opp Cattle J, while the heiress of this descendant 
<^ another branch, 

Elizabeth BLKKKnreopp, only dau. of Obobob BLcmuir- 
aopp, Esq. of Whickham House, co. Durham, and Humble- 
ton Hall, 00. Northumberland, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. 
of John Coulter, of Preetwich and Newcastle, merchant, 
m. 5 Dec. 1770, AnTHorr Lkatok, Esq., son of John 
Leaton, Esq., by Elizabeth Rawlingshis wife, and grandson 
of Anthony Leaton, Esq., by his wife, a dau. of the family 
of Orde, and had a son and heir, the present Geobob- 
Thomab-Lbatoh Blevxinsopp, of Hoppylsnd Castle, Esq. 

j|rma'*-Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a fesse between three 
garbs, or, for Blenkinsopp; 2nd and Srd, quarterly, Ist and 
4th, arg.. a fesse between six crosses-crosslet, fitch^, sa., for 
Latton or Lbaton : 2lid and Srd, sa., three swords in fesse, 
arg., two with their points in base^ and the middle one in 
chief, for Rawlins. 

CretU^lBt, a lion, rampant, or, for BLBVKnroorr; 2ud, out 
of a mural coronet, two wings expanded, aig., each ehazged 
with a cross-crosslet, fltch^ sa., for JjE^ltotk. 

Ifotto^Dieu defende le droit 

fiaoto— Hoppyland Castle^ oo. Durham, and Humbleton 
Hall, Northumberland. 


BLENifBRHASSBTT, Chables • JoHN, Esq. of Bally- 
aeedy, b. in July, 1830. 

litUage.— This family is of English origin, and has 
•ithw received its surname ftrom, or conferred it upon, 
Blennerfaasset* co. Cimiberland. It sent a lepresentatiTe 
for Carlisle to the parliaments of almost all kings fkt>m 
BiOHABD II. to Jambs I. The Blennerliassetts settled in 
Ireland, temp. Queen Elizabeth ; and have, since that 
period, maintained the highest rank amongst the gentry 
of the CO. Kerry, where the first settlers, Thomas Blbn- 
NBBHASSETT, with his son, RoBBBT, obtained a part of the 
Earl of Desmond's large possessions. From the latter 

John BLENNBBHABsnr, Esq. of BaDyseedy, who became 
knight of the shire, co. Kprry. He m. Margaret Lyn, 
and had, with other i^ue, John, his hdr, and Robert, 
ancestor of the present Sir Arthur Blennerhassett, Bart. 
The eldest son, 

John Blbnnerbassbtt, Esq. of Ballyseedy, was pro* 
genitor of the late 

Arthur Blennerhassett, Ejki. of Ballyseedy, M.P. for 
Kerry, son pf Arthur piennerha^tt, Esq. of Ballyseedy, by 
Dorcas his Wife, dau. of Oeoige Twiss, Esq. of Anna ; he m. 
Frances-Deane Qrady, and by her (who d, in 1884), hod sur- 
viving issue, Charlbb-John, now ef Ballyseedy; Don»8, m. 
to Robert-Conway Hurly, Esq.; Amelia, m. to the Hon. 
Chichester BkefBngton ; Ada, m. to Btandish, Srd Viscount 
Ouillamore ; and Frances. Mr. Blennerhassett d. in 1843. 

^rNM— Qu., a ji^evron, ern^, between t^ifee dotohins, 
embowed, naint, arg. ^ 

Cr€M — A wolf, sqjont, ppr. 
If ofto— Fortes fortuna jtivat. 
£eai— Ballyseedy House, Tr^lee, oo. Keny. 

Buss, HsNRT, Esq. of Brandon Park, oo. Suffolk, 
h, 28 May, 1809, assumed, hj royal license, the 
surname and arms of Buss, m lieu of those of 
Aldhidgb, on succeeding to the property of his 
uncle, Edward Bliss, Esq. 

9.tneag(.— The late Edward Buss, Esq., J.P„ lord of 
the nuuior of Brnudon, co. Suffollc, hlgfa^heriff of that 
shiro in 1880, (sou of Edward Bliss, Esq., M.D., by Ifaxy 

B L O 

Clark his wife, and grandson of Edward Bliss, and Eliaa- 
beth Brown his wife) was b. 20 Deo. 1774. He m. 28 Oct 
1797, Sarah,* 2nd daiL of the Bev. Aoquila Scatchard, and 
Sarah his wife, but d. vrithout issue, 2 April, 1845. Bran- 
don Paik, and the whole of his other property, passed 
under his will (subject to some life annuities) to his nephew, 
Hbnbt Aldrxdob, Esq. (son <^ James Aldridge, Esq., by 
Elisabeth his wife, and grandson of John Aldridge, Esq. 
of Hampshire, Justice of the peace, and d^mty-lieutenant 
of the countyX ^^ho by royal sign-manual, changed his 
name to Buss. 
Sea<— Brandon Park, Suflblk. 


Blofeld, The Rev. Thomas-Calthorpe, M.A., of 
Hoveton House, co. Norfolk, J.P. and D.L., rector 
of Helleeden-with-Drayton, co. Norfolk, 6. 16 Aug. 
1777; m. 7 May, 1802, Mary-CJaroline, Srd dau. and 
eventually only surviving child of Francis Qrose, 
£^., F.A.S. (the celebrated antiquary), and by her 
(who d. 5 Jan. 1852) has issue, 

L Thomas-John, ILA., in holy orders, J.P. and D.L., 
vicar of Hoveton, co. Norfolk, 6. 2S Feb. 1807, m. 1884, 
Catherine-Chariotte, dau. of the Bev. Anthony CoUetti 
rector of Heveningfaam, and has issus^ 

1 Thomas-Calthorpe, 6. 15 Dec. 188d. 

2 Robert-^ngleton, b. 7 Jan. 1889. 

8 Francis-Orose, b. 8 April, 1846, d. 28 April, 1851. 
1 Catharine-Maiy. 
I. Haiy-Gatheiine. 

E(neaffe.— The fomUy of Blofdd was settled in Nor- 
folk at a very early period. Thomas Blofeld possessed 
lands in N(nrth Bepps, in that ooun^, which he add before 
1465 to Bobert Wende, of Northrepps ; and a Robert Blofeld 
was living at Hickling in 1479. 

Thomas Blofbld, Esq. of Bustoad Hall and Beeston 
Priory, oo. Norfolk, barrister-at-Iaw (son of Thomas Blofeld, 
Esq. of South Bepps, by Margaret his wife, dau. of Bobert 
Doughty, Esq. and grandson of Bobert Blofeld, of Cromer, 
whose grandfiather, John Blofeld, of Cromer, living in 1528, 
was grandson of William Blofeld, of NorwichX n. lat, Maiy, 
dau. — of Wright, Esq. of Soulthozp, oo. Norfdk, and by 
her had, with four dans., 

Thomas, of Beeston Priory, who m. Anne, dau. of William 
* Hunt, Esq. of HUdoverstone, oo. Norfolk, and had issos^ 
William, of Beeston Priory. 

Robert, of whom presently. 

The 2nd son, 

Thb Bev. Bobbbt Blopsld, M.A., rector of Westwksk 
and of Thorpe-next-Norwich, m. Mary, dau. of T. layer, 
Esq. of Booton, oo. Norfolk, and had issue, 
1. Thomas, of whom presently. 

IL John, of London, m. Mary, dau. and co-heir of — Biok' 
ardson, Esq., and had issue : John, of London, m. Maiy. 
dau. of Henry Negus, of Norwich, merchant; ana 
Thomas* of Briston, m. Catherine, dau. of John Cal> 
thoipe, Esq. of Hidding Hall, and had issue; 1 Thomas, 
of Hoveton, who «. his great-uncle^ and of whom here- 
after; 2 John, of Norwich, m, Mary, dau. of Thomas 
MiqmingB, Esq., and hod a sou, John, of whom here- 
after; 1 Catharine, m. to John Bioher, Esq., 1|.D. 

The elder son, 

Thomas Bloivld, Esq, of Norwich and Hoveton, J.P. 
and D.L., and M.P. for Norwich, m, Elizabeth, daxi. of Heniy 
Negus, .Esq. of Hoveton^t Peter, co. Norfolk, and dying 
i. p., 17 Oct. 1708, was $. by his grand-nephew, 

Thomas Blofxld, Esq, of Hoveton, co. Norfolk, J.P. 
and D.L,, who nt. Sarah, dan. of Henry Negus, E^. <^ 
Hoveton-8t. Peter, and had an only child, Babah, ta. to 
her cousin John, This 

Jchn Bloteld, Esq,, b. 6 Feb. 1725, «. under the will 
of his great-great-unde, to the estate of Hoveton. He m. 
his cousin, Sarah, only child of Thomas Blofeld, Esq. of 
Hoveton, and d. in Aug. 1805, leaving a son, 

THOif AS Blofelp, Esq. of Hoveton, barrister-at-Iaw, and 
a magistrate and deputy-lieut., 6. 24 Dec 1753, m. Mary, 
dau. of Henry Spencer, Esq. of Dulwich, and by her (who 
d. 14 April, 1824) had issue, 

John-Spencer, 6. 5 July, 1776, capt. In the E. I. Co.'s ser- 
vice, d. unm. at Hyderabad, 22 Sept. 1803. 

* This lady's elder sister. Mary, m. Ist, the Rev. James 
Bentham, prebendary of Ely, and 2nd]y. the Rev. Dr. Hatt 


B L O 

TaoMAii^ now of Hoveton. 
]Uria» d. man. 

Mr. BtoMd d. 7 Aug. 1817. 

Arm»—GA., achoTTon, trg., between three flenn-de-Uflk or, 
Cmt— Three ostrich feethers, tag. 
JfoOo— Domino quid reddam. 
Bmt Horeton BLouBe^ oo. Ncnfolk. 


Bloukt, Michael -Hbnrt- Mart, Esq. of Maple- 
Dnrham, oo. Oxford, J.P. and D.L., high-sheriff in 
1832, 6. 8 Aug. 1789; m, Ist, 15 May, 1817, Eliza- 
beth-Anne-Marj, 4th dan. of Robert-Edward, 10th 
Lord Petre, and has surviying issue, 

L MICHAKL-CBABI.E8, b. 19 April, 1819. 

n. Charies-John, b. 21 Aug. 1821. 

m. John, 6. 22 Feb. 1SS3. 

IT. BobertrMartin, 6. 25 Oct 1837. 

L Ifary-Cathertne. n. Charlotte-Elizabeth. 

m. QeoigiaDa-FruioeB. iv. Hemietta-MaUlda. 

Mr. Blount in. 2ndlj, Lucy-Catherine, 4th dau. of 
Jamee Wlieble, Esq. 

CitintSf* — TbiB ancient and distinguished family can 
be traced from the Counts of Guisnes, in Picardy, a race of 
noblei descended from the Scandinavian rulers of Denmark. 
BoDouPH, 8rd Count of Guisnes, had tliree sons by his wife 
Boaetta, dau. of the Count de 8t. Pol, all of whom accom- 
panied the Norman in his expedition against England, in 
lOM. One of the brothers returned to his native country ; 
the other two adopted that which they had so gallantly 
helped to win, and abided there ; of these, Sir William lb 
BLoiniT, the younger, was a general of foot, at Hastings, 
and was rewarded by grants of seven lordships in lincoln- 
diire ; his son was seated at SaxUngham, in Norfolk, and 
the great-granddau. of that gentleman, aole heiress of her 
frvfy Mabia lb Blouht, marrying in the next century. Sir 
(ft/^hen le Blount, the descendant and represeatative of her 
great-great-great-uncle, Sib Bobekt lb Bloukt, united the 
fiunilies of the two brothers, 

Sm Waltbr Blouht (son of Sir John le Blount, of 
Sodington, by Eleanor his 2nd wife, dau. and co-heir of 
John, Lord Beauchamp of Hacho), so celebrated for his 
martial pto w o ss in the warlike times of Edw. III., Rich. II., 
sad HsmtT IT., and immortalised by the muse of Shak- 
speaze for his devotion, even unto death, to King Henbt, 
fdl at the battle of Shrewsbury, 22 June, 1408, leaving, by 
his wife, Donna Sancha de Ayala, dau. of Don Diego Gomez 
de Toledo, with two daus., four sons, viz., Johh (Sir), 
bk hfdbr, K.O., who d. i. p.; Thomas, successor to his 
brother; Jambs (Sir), ancestor of the Bloukts qf Oren- 
dea, SUUr^^Idd, Orldon, Ac; and Peter, who d. $. p. The 

8iB Tbokas Blouvt, treasurer of Normandy, dying in 
1456, left> with three datia., two sons, Bib Waltbr Bloukt, 
Loan MouirrjOT, and 

Sib Thomas BLOtmr, of Milton Boss, ca Leicester, who 
d. in 1408, and was $. by his son, 

Bkbabd Bloubt, who m. Elizabeth, only dau. and heir 
of William de la Ford, of Iver, in the co. of Buckingham, 
by whom he aequired the estate in that place, and pur- 
diaaing the maoOT of Haple-Durham Gumey, in the oo. of 
Oxford, 1 Feb. 1488, fixed his permanent abode there. 
He served the oAoe of shetiif for Bucks and Bedfordshire 
in UOS. He d, tl Nov. 1608, and was $. by his son, 

Bna BiCBABD Bloukt, of Haple-Durtiam Gumey, one of 
the gentlemen of the ^lamber to King Hbkbt VIII. ; of the 
privy chamber to Bdwabd YI., and lieutenant of the Tower, 
temp. BuzABBTM. He ta. EUzabeth, dau. of Sir Richard 
lister, diief-Jnstiee of England, and sister of Sir Michael 
lister, K.B.,and dying 11 Aug. 1564, was «. by his elder son. 

Bat MiCBABL Bloukt, of Maple-Durham, b. in 1529, 
lieatenant of the "Somct. In 1581 (4 Feb.) he purchased the 
manor of Mi^ile-Darfaam Chawsey, for 9002., and soon after 
OTected the fine mansion of Maple-Durham, still existing in 
the most perfect state. He was sheriff of Oxfordshire 
in 1586 and 1597. He m. Mary, sister and co-heh- of Thomas 
Mooce, Esq. of Bicester, in Oxfordshire, by whom (who d. 
28 Dee. 1592) be had, with other issue, a son and successor. 

Bib Richard Bloukt, Knt. of Mi^le-Durham, 6. 28 
June, 1564, m. let, Cldly, dau. of Sir Richard Baker, of 
BUnghnrst, in Kent, and had, with other issue, Charubs 
(Bb-X his heir. He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Francis 
MocHV, Knt. of Fawley, in Berkshire, and had by her a 
dan., JsttSi, m. to Sir William Moore, of Fawky, and two 

B L 

sons, of whom the elder, Wiluam, of Kidmore End, in. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Ralph Delaval, and had a son, Listxb, 
of whom presently. Sir Richard d. 22 Nov. 1619, and was 
*. by his ddest son, 

Sir Chablbs Bloukt, Knt. of Maple-Duiham, who was 
slain fighting under the king's banner, at Oxford, 1 June, 
1644. He m. Dorothy, dau. and sole heir of Sir Francis 
Clerke, Knt of Houghton Conquest, in Bedfordshire, and 
by her had (with two daus., of whom the elder Anne, m. 
1st, John Swinburne, Esq. of Capheaton, and 2ndly, 
Francis Qodfnj, Esq.) two sons, Miohaxl, who was killed 
in 1649, and Waltbb. The 2nd son, 

Waltbb Bloukt, Esq. of Maple-Durham, m. 1st, Philippa 
Benlowes, of Essex, who d. in 1667 (Issueless), and 2ndly, 
Dorothy, dau. of Edmund Plowden, Esq. of Plowden, co. 
Salop, by whom he had a dau., Elizabeth, who d. an iniiuit. 
He d. himself in May, 1671, having, by deed, of the 5th 
February, in the previous year, settled the estates of 
Maple-Durham on his cousin, 

IdSTBR Bloukt, Esq , b. in 1654, who thus became of 
Maple-Durimm. This gentleman m. in 1688, Mary, dau. of 
Anthony £n«rlefleld, Esq. of White Knights, and had 
issue, one son, Michael, his heir, and two dans., well 
known as the fHends of the poet Pqpe, viz., Teresa, b. at 
Paris, 15 Oct 1688, and d. in 1750 ; and Martha, b. 15 Jime, 
1600, and d. in 1768. Mr. Blount d. 25 June, 1710, and was 
«. by his son, 

MiCHABL Bloukt, Esq. of Maple-Duiham, b. 26 March, 
1693, m. 1715, Mabt-Aokbs, dau. and co-heir of Sbr Josbfh 
TicHBORKB, of Tichbome, co. Hants, by which lady (who 
d. in May, 1777, aged 82) he had, with two daus., Mary, m. 
to ^ Henry Tichbome, Bart, and Francis, who d. a nun 
at Brussels, in 1740, three sons, Miohabl, his heir ; Henry 
Tichbome, a priest, president of Douay College in 1770, 
who d. in 1810 ; and Walter, a Benedictine monk, who d. 
in 1746. He d. 2 Nov. 1739, and was<. by hia eldest son, 

MiOBABL Bloukt, Esq. of Maple-Durham, 6. in 1719, 
who m. in 1742, Ifory-Eugenia, eldest dau. of Mannock 
Strickland, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, by whom (who was 6. 
10 July, 1728. and d. 12 Dec. 1762) he had issue, 

I. Miohabl, his heir. 

II. Josrah, b. 15 July, 1752, m. Mary, dau. of Francis Can- 
ning. Esq. of Foxcote. oo. Warwidc:, by whom he left at 
his decease, 

1 Joseph, b. in 1779. m. 1st. JancL dau. of John Sater- 
thwaite, Esq. of Mansetgh Hall, Westmoreland, but 
there was no issue of that marriage. He tit. 2ud]y, 
19 Feb. 1816, Anne, only dau. of Mr. Richard Martin, of 
Hurstbome Tarrant, in Hampshire, and by this lady 
had an unly dau. 

2 Michael, m. Catharine, dau. and co-heir of Francis 
Wright, Esq. of Bedford Square. London, (by his wife, 
Catharine Petre, who m. after the death of Mr. Wright, 
Michael Blouu^ Esq. of Maple-Durham.) and nas 

1 Elizabeth, m. in July, 1802, to Ralph Riddell, Esq. 
ofFeltonPark, in Northumberland. 

2 Frances. 

L Maiy-Eugenia, b. 14 Feb. 1745, m. 1st, 15 Nov. 1765. to 
Charles Stonor, Esq. of Stouor, and 2ndly, in 1783, to 
Thomas Canning, second son of Thomas Canning; Esq. 
of Foxcote^ in Warwickshire, 
n. Martha, 6. in 1762, d. vmm. 5 Feb. 1780. 
Mr. Blount d. 5 Feb. 1792, and was<. by his eldest son, 

Miohabl Bloukt, Esq. of Mn^le-Durham. 6. 4 July. 1748, 
m. 1st, at Bristol, 15 April, 1781, Eleanors, 2nd dau. of 
Maurice Fitsgerald, Esq. of Puncher's Grange, co. Kildare. 
By this lady, who d. 12 May in the next year, he had a 
dau., Maria-Eugenia, b. h> Jan. 1782, d. 2 Aug. 1791. He 
m. 2ndly, 27 Aug. 1787, Catharine, dau. and sole heir of 
John Petre, Esq. of Belhouse, Essex, and widow of Francis 
Wright, Esq. of Bedford Square, and had 
Michaxl-Hbkbt-Maby, his successor. 

Henrietta, m. 16 Sept. 1811, to John Wxigbt. Esq. of Bel- 
ize Park, Hampstead. 

Juliana-Mary, m. to Thomas Nolan, Esq. of the andent 
family of Ballykealy. co. Carlow. 
Mr. Blount d. 29 Oot 1S21, and was t. by his son. the 
present Michabl-Hbkby-Maby Bloukt, Esq. of Mi4>le- 

.<lrm«— Barry-nebul^ or and sa. ; quartering Atala, Cas* 
tilb. and Bbauchamp. 

Orut—k wolf, passant, sa., between two comets, out of a 
ducal coronet, or ; slso, a foot in the sun, with the motto^ 
"Lux tua. via mea." The latter is the crest now geuemlly 

fiMt— Maple-Durham. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Blount, Wiluaji, Esq. of Orleton, co. Hereford, 
(. in April, 1799; m. let, in 1821, Eliza, dau. of 
Thomaa Wright, Esq. of Fitcwalteni, co. Easez, by 
which lady he haa a son, 


And 2ndly, 81 March, 1839, Lady Charlotte-Jane 
Stw Maur, eldest daii. of Edward- Adolphus, Duke of 
Somerset, and has by her two sons, 

I. ArchibAld. n. Honry. 

Mr. Blount f. his elder brother in 1881, and was 
M.P. for Totness in 1889. 

SritlHlfft. — ^Mtub Blottut, Esq. of Ortoton, eth son 
of Roger Blount, Eaq. of Orandon, by Maria his wife, dau. 
of W. Berington, Esq. of Winaley, tL in 1668, leavixig, by 
bis wife, Aime Bustard, of Addlebury, inttr aUo$f two smis, 
Thomas Blouvt, the lawyer, an antiquary and writer of 
cdebrity, who d. at Orleton, having been lightened to 
death by Titxis Oates' plot, and Mylm Bloukt, Esq. 

Thomas BLOUirr, Esq., who m. Mary Mostyn, and dying 
in 1781, left a son, 

EnwABn Blouvt, Esq., who m. Miss Gotham, and had 
issue. The fourth son, 

. WiuJAM Bloukt, Esq., M.D. of Orieton, b. in 1760, m. 
Mary, only dau. of Lacon Lambe, Esq. of Bidoey, co. 
Herefinrd, and had (with other issue, of which a dau. 
Emma, m. Henry Matthews, Esq., the author of Tkt Diarp 
<^an ImPoUdf who d, a Judge in the island of Ceylon, in 
IS20) a son and successor, the present Wiluam Blount, 
of Orieton, Esq. 

^rm*— Bany-nebul^ of six, or and aa. ; in chief, eight 
Oio^— A cross in the sun. 
Motto — More crucia mea saIus. 
Seat — Orieton, co. Hereford. 


Bluett, Peter, Esq. of Hokombe Courts oo. 
Devon, J.P. and D.L., high-sheriff in 1800, 6. 25 July, 
1768; m. 20 Sept. 179i, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward 
Phelipe, Esq. of Montacute House, oo. Somerset, and 
relict of John Clarke, Esq. of Halton, oo. ComwalL 

SritUafft. — JoHX Blurt, descended ftom the Bluetts, 
loida of Bagland, acquired Holoombe Bogus in the 15th 
«ratUTy, by marriage with a oo-heireas of Cbiaelden. His 
anceetore had married heiresses or co-heiresses of Bagland. 
€^reenham, and Beaupeny. Riohako Bluttt, great-grand- 
son of this John, had two sons. Sir Booer, hia heir, who 
d. in 1566, and Fcands, ancestor of the Blustts <(f Cornwall, 
Arthur, great-grandson of Sir Roger, m. the hoireaa of Lan- 
caster. The elder branch of the direct line became extinct 
in 1636^ by the doatlkof hia son, John Bluett, Esq., whose 
daus. and oo-heira m. Jomss, Wallop, LsirrHAU^ and 
Babskt. John, the wfOk of Franda (a younger eon of 
ArthurX who was killed at the siege of Lyme, in 1644, 
dying $. p. in 1700, the elder line was supposed to be 
extinct, and he bequeathed hia estatea to Bobsrt Bluett, 
Eaq., then the repreaentatiye of the Bluctts (ff Cblan, in 
Cornwall, deacended ftom the younger brother of Sir 
Roger. BucKLAKn-NuTOOMBs Bluett, Eaq. (son of Robert) 
who d. in 1786, bequeathed his estates to their present 
posssesor, Prer Bluett, Esq. ol Falmouth, aupposed to 
be a descendant of Franda Bluett, half-brother of Colan 
Bluett, who lived in the eariy part of the 17th century. 
Mr. Bluett ia eon of the Ute James Bluett, Esq., by 
Anna hia wife, dau. of Capt. Peter Hill ; and grandaon of 
William Bluett. Esq., by Maxy his wife. He has had one 
brother and three sisters, vis., 

Wiluam, who m. EUxabeth-Maria, dau. of John Clarke, 
Esq. of Halton, Cornwall, and had issue, Peter-Frederidc; 
James, Lauretta-Maude, Amelia, and Christiana. 

EUxabeth, m. to John Walsby, Esq, 

Anna, m. to Capt Stephen-Banfield Bell. 

Amu— Or, a cheyron, between three eagles displayed, Tert. 

C.rrt— A aquirreU a^|ant, or, in hia paw an acorn, vert, 
firucted. or. 

IfoUo— In Deo omnia. 

£aiil— Holoombe Court, oo. Deron. 

106 " 


Bluvdsll, Nicholas, Esq. of Oro^y Hall, oow 
Lancaeter, t. bis father 11 July, 1854 ; m. in Nov. 
1847, Agnes, Srd dau. of Sir Edward Smytbe, Bart, 
of Acton Bumell, and has issue, 

L Wiluam, b. in Aprfl, 1851. 

XL Frands-Nicholis, 6. in May, 1853. 

L Mary-Agnea. 

%intUQt» — OsBKitTUs ra AnrosnALa, living in the 
12th century, the first ^ancestor of this fiunily on record, 
was grcat-grandCather of 

Sir Robebt Blundbll de Crosby, living 5th Bdwabb I., 
who gave to Allan, the son of Allan Norraa (Norreya) all 
his land in Watton Dale, Breck, and Bold, for six marks, 
which the said Allan had lent him. In the 6th EnwABO I. 
Sir Robert made over to his son Nicholas, all his landa in 
Annoedale, now called Ainsdale, saving to himself the 
right of ahipwreck (a valuable appendage in thoae days) to 
an estate on the coaat, and likewise all his lands in Ravens- 
meales and liverpoole, still reserving the produce of ship- 

Nicholas Bluhdell, Esq. of Crosby, the last male 
representative of this long^escended fanUly, m. Frances, 
dau. of Marmadukfl, 2nd Loi-d Tiangdale, and had two 
daua., vis., 

Mabt, who m. John Coppinger. Eaq. of Bollyvolane, oo. 
Cork, and had an only aon, who d. m inCuicy, in 1745. 

Mr. Blundell d, in 1737, and was $. by hia dans., of whom 
the younger, 

Fbahoes BLUvnELL, fn. Henry P^ppard, Esq. (grandson 
of Thomaa Peppard, Esq., who d. M.P. for Dixigheda, in 
1640), and had issue. The heiress of Crosby d. 17 April, 
1773, having outlived her husband about eighteen months, 
and was $. by her eldest surviving son, 

Nicholas PspPABn, Esq. of Crosby, who assumed, in 
1772, the surname and arma of Bluiidell only. He m. 
Clementina, Srd dau. of Stephen- Walter Tempest, Eaq. 
of Brougfaton, co. York, by Frances-Olive hia wife, dau. 
and co-heir of Geoige Meynell, Esq. of Aldborough, and 
by her, who d. 31 July, 18SI, left at his decease in 1795» 
(with two daus., Frances, wife of Sir Edward Moetyn, 
Bart., and Clementina, who d. wun. in 1821) a son and 

Wiluam BLUHnBLt^ Esq. of Crosby, J.P. and D.L., m. 
Catherine, dau. of the late Sir Thomas Staiiley-Massey- 
Stanley, Bart, of Hooton, in Cheshire, by Catherine hie 
wife, dau. of William Salvin, Eaq., of Croxdole, and had 

I. Nicholas, now of Crosby. 

n. William, capt 51at infuitry, killed in action at Ban* 
goon, 18 Ain^I, 1851 

m. Charlea, vuijcir Austrian service. 

XT. John, m. Catherine, dau. of Peter Middleton, Esq. of 
Middleton Lodge^ and StockweU Park, co. Tork. 

T. Thomaa. 

L Clementina. il Catharine-Prancec 

HL Mary-Emily. rv. Anna-Maiia. 

Mr. Blundell d. 11 July, 1854. 

ArmtStL, ten billetB. axg. 

CrtU^K demi-liou, rampant, aa., in thepaws a tan, fitofa^ 
erect, aig. 
£e<U— Crosby Hall, near liverpooL 

Set Wbld-Blukdsu.. 


Blukt, Thb Hey. Walter, of Wallop Hovse, eo. 
Hants, J.P., 6. 28 Jan. 1802 ; i». 16 Oct. 1827, 
Marian, eldest dau. of Willisjn Pearoe, Esq. oC 
Whitehall Place, London, and has had issue, 

1. Ronald-Pkaros, b. in 1828, d. the same year. 

I. Bmily-Anna-Maria. n. Agnes Rebecca. 

UttUAff^. — ^Walter Blckt, Eaq. of Croydon, (Sid aon 
of ffir Henry Blunt, 2nd bart., by Dorothy hia wife, eldest 
dau. of William Nutt, Esq, of Walthamatow), m. let, Ant^ 
dau. of Jamea Dandridge, Eaq. and by her had two eons, 
Wal er, who d, young, and Jaxxb, of whom presently. 
He m. 2ndly, in 1774, Haima-Maria, dan. of Sir ThomM 
Gatehouse, of Head^y Park, 9anU and granddao. of 

Digitized by CjOOQI, 



msbm Hoggixuiv Esq. of the same place. And by her had 

Oeoiie, h, 4 Jan. 1778, d. at Agxa» fai tba Ba 
8 Jone^ 18S0. s. p. 
Eowau>-Waltkb» now of Kempahott Park C«eefAa(aiticle). 
Bia^Maiia, m. 17 Nor. 1804, to John Greathed Hanifl, 
laq., Commiiwioner of the InaoLvant Court. 
The only sotn of the first mairiaga, 

Jamb Bluxt, Esq. of Wallop Haose, oo. Hants, m. 1st, 
S Oct. 1799, Henrietta* dan. of Robert Garden, Esq. of 
COftoD, and had issue, 
Waixnt, now of Wallop House. 

Edward-Powlett, in hobr orders, fr. 24 April, 1808. m. July, 
1881, Caroline-Anne, dau. of the Rev. Roger Clayell, of 
Maaston, eo. Docaet, and has issuer f^ntnds. Grants Hen- 
rietta, Ghariotto, and Mary- Anne. 
finfly-Dorothea, d. 7 July, 1881. 
He m. Sadly, April, 1810, Sarah, dan. of Richard Little, 
1ki^ and by her had issue, 
H aiii e t L oBiaa» m. to Hulbart Wathen, Esq. of Stnatham, 

Chariotte-karia, d. in April. 1888. 

GsroUne-Arabella, m. to the Rev. Alfred Wilkinson, of 

Downside, co. Somerset. 
Sanh-Sdina. nt. to the Rer. Alexander Annand, of Roade, 

eo. Northampton. 
Mr. Blnnt d. S8 Sept. 188S. 

jInM— Barry-nebul^ of six, or and sa. 
C int The sun in glory, chaiged on the eaotrswithaBeye, 
iasoinsr tears, all ppr. 
ifette-^nterlaomrymas micat. 
AB»—Wa2kp Houses nearAndover. 


BLmr, Edwatu) - Walter, Esq. of Kempshott 
Park, 00. Hants, 6. 28 Nov. 1779 ; m. 9 March, 1818, 
JaDei43hiriey, dau. of James Allan, Esq. of The Hall, 
CO. Stirling, and has issue, 

L Bdwaid . Walter, ft. 2 Sept 1818, d. wm. 80 July, 

n. GeotBo-AUan, 6. S8 June, 1823, d. 11 Feb. 1840. 

m. HxVBT, 6. 16 Sept. 1823. 

IT. Charles-Harris, b. 7 8<9t. 1826. 

▼. James-St. John, 6. 6 June, 1827. 

▼I. Arthur, 6. 1 Jan. 1829. 

m. Alezander-Colvin, 6. 14 Nor. 1831. 

Tm. David, 6, 29 Dec 1838. 

L Bisabeth-Maria, m. 8 May. 1889, to the Rev. H -J. 
Bigg Wither, rector of Worting, Hsatts, 2nd son of 
the late Henry-Bigg Wither, Bsq. of Marydown Park, 

n. Hwrise, «. 17 Aug; 1841, to the Rer. Jchn Lawrell, 
ILA., motor of Hampreston, eo. Dorset, youngest son 
ef the laU James Lawrell, Bsq.of Friml^, co. Borrqr. 

Mr. Blunt is a m a g is trate and deputy-lieutenant. 

IClltXgf* — ^Thls Is a Jxmior biaach of the Blunts, 
Bvooets, of Lottdoti. 

Waltke Blvkt, Esq., 8rd son of Sir Henry Bhmt, 2nd 
hsreoet, by Dorothy his wife, eldest dan. of WUham Nutt, 
■r|. ef Walthamstow, married twice ; by his first wife he 
WM gfaaMithsr ef the Rsv. WAi/mt Blvrt, of Wallop 
House, tmt thai nameJt and by his second, Anna-Haiia, 
dw. ef Sir Thonaas Gacehonse, of Headly Park, Hants, 
■Ml gxanddan. id WUUam Higgins, of that place, Bsq., he 

George, 6. 4 Jan. 1778, d. at Agra, B.I., 8 June, 1829. 
BDWABD-WAi;ra^ of Kempabott Paric, as above. 
Ettsa-Maria, m. in 1806, to John Grsathad Hacxis, Esq., 
Owniiiisstnnor of the Insolvent Court 

^rsv-'Barry-nebal^ of six, or and sa. 
Ciwl— The son in glory, charged on theoeotxewith aneye, 
isMiogtear^ aHpnr. 
ir««»— Inter ladxymas micat 

BoDniBAM, Charleb-Thomas, Esq. of RotherwRs, 
CO. Hereford, J.P., ^- 1^ Feb. 1788 ; m. 29 Nov. 1810, 
EHzabeth-Mary, 6th dau. of Thomas Wel<^ Esq. of 
Lulworth Caatlc^ eo. I^orsei^ and has a son, 

CBASLBB-Ds LA Babrb, b. 4 Hay, 1818, m, 28 April, 1860^ 
the Countess Irona-Maiia DaierBykri^-MorAwsk^ dau^ 
of the late Joseph, Count Drienykr%j-Morawska, of 
Openm, Grand Duchy of Posen. 

fi^htf Sffe. — Sir Jomr Bodbivham, Lord of Monington, 
Widtenton, Cheriston, and Dewcfauroh, 6th in descent flrom 
Hugh de Bodham, aUaa Bodenham, Lord of Bodenham 
Rogeil, imp. Stbpben, la. 1st, Margaret, dau. of John 
Ragon, Lord of Walterston and Cheriston, and had by her 
two sons, vis., John, <^ Monington, whose dan. and hrir, 
Kangaret, m. HughHargost, of Ha^gest. and Robert, ances- 
tor of the BooxKHAM 8 cff Biddenden and RyaL Shr John la. 
2ndly, Isabella, dan. and sole hefar of Walter de la Barre, 
and l^ her (who m. 2ndly, Walter CoyWn, without issue), 
left at his decease, 49th Edwabd III., a son and successor, 

RooBB BoDKKHAM, of DewchuTch, great-graudfather of 

RoosB BODKNHAif, Esq. of Rothcrwos. b. 8rd Hbn. VII., 
who m. Jane, 8rd dau. and co-heir of Thomas Whyttington, 
of Pauntly, and left at his decease in 1679, Hiomas, his 
heir, who d, $. p. 1688; Rooeb, successor to his brodier; 
Elisabeth, m. to Thomas Moiigan, of Madien, co. Mon- 
mouth; and Margaret, m. lst> to William Games, and 
2ndly, to John P^ The 2nd son. 

Sib Rookk Bodbvram, of Rotherwaa, 6. in 1646, K.B. at 
the coronation of Jamxs I. ; m. in 1682, Bridget, youngest 
dau. of Sir Humphrey Baskenrflle, Ent of Erdidey Castle, 
CO. Hereford, and had (with a dau. Blanch, m. 6 Oct. 1811, 
to Edward Lhiigea, of Stoke Edith and Sutton, co. Here- 
ford) two sons, 1 Thomas, his heir ; and 2 William, of 
Bryngwyn, bapt 21 Sept 1692, who signed the VisitaUon 
of 1684. Sir Roger's elder son and heir, 

Thomas Bodinham, Esq. of Rotherwas, Uring in 1884, 
m. Mary, dau. of Sir Francis Lacon, of Kinlet Hall, in 
Salop, and had, with twodaus. (Bridg^, m. before 1884, to 
Walter James, of Treryyor; and Blanch, m. after 1684, to 
Edmund Hawley)^ a eon and suooesBor, 

RoGKE BooKimAM, Esq. of Rotherwas, who m. Anne 
Draycot, of Faynesley, in Staffordshire, and had issue. The 
second son, 

John Bodsitham, Esq. m. Mary, dau. of Charies Trinder, 
of Bourton-on-tho-Water, in Gloucestershire, and had (with 
a dau. Anne, m. to Hemy Tasburgh, Esq. of London, and 
d. $. p.), two sons, of whom the younger, John, a Jesuit, 
named in the settlement of 1712, d. tmm ; while the elder, 

Chablss BonnvHAM, Esq. of Rotherwas, m. 1st, Anne, 
dau. of John Stonor, Esq. of Stonor, co. Oxford, and by 
her (who d. in April, 1714) had a son, CHAiku» Stonor, 
his heir, aaid Margaret-Catherine, a nun at Brussels. He 
ta. 2ndly. in 1731, Catherine, dau. of Honry Huddlestono, 
Esq. of Sawston. in Cambridgeshire, and by her had issuer 
John, d. $. p.; Catherine, m. to John Bericeley, Esq. of 
Spetchley, co. Worcester ; Mary, ta. to John Tanerad, Esq. ; 
and Anne, d, an infant Mr. Bodenham d. 16 May, 1782, 
and waa s, by h^s son, 

Crablss-Stomob Bodbztham, Bsq. of Rotherwas, who m, 
Frances PendriU, deecended Arom Richard Pendrill, who 
saved King Chablbs II., and dying 18 April, 1784, was f. 
by his son, 

Chablb Bodbnbam, Esq. of Rotherwas, 6. 2 June, 1787» 
who m. Bridget dau. of Thomas Homyold, Esq. of Black- 
more Paric, in Worcestershire, and by her, who d. 21 April, 
1826, had one son and a dan., viz., 

Chablbs-Thomas, now of Rotherwas. 

Eliza-Maiy, Cauoness of the order of St Anne of Bararia. 
Mr. Bodenham d. 6 April, 1826. 

^rm»— As., a feose between three chess-rook^ or, quarter- 
ing twmty-five coats. 
Crtgt^A dragon's head, erased, sa. 
itfotto— Veritas liberabit 
Sm^— Rotherwas, co. Hereford. 

BoDKTif, Robert, Esq. of Annagfa, co. GKUway, 
J.P., bigh-8beri£f in 1883-4, b. 20 Maroh, 1809 ; «». 
80 June, 1842, Elixabeth, Toungesi dau. and co- 
heiress of the late Thomas Kedington, Esq. of Rye- 
hiU, in the county Galway. 

Uttlf Sfft. — ^Thefiunay name was originaOy TmosBALD. 
A younger son of the ancient and powerful fsmily, the 
FiTSGEBALDS of Jktmond and KUdaa% came to Connaught 
in the 13th century, and settled in Athenry, as meet of .the 
Anglo-Normans did at that period. A descendant of his 
had BoWDBKiKB added to his name, which was retained, 
and the original diacon t tnii e d in a similar maimer to tha4 

..„....„, J^oogle 



by whleh the dMoendantt of the Gaddlee took the name 
of BUke. The motto of their ancoiton the Flts^ralds ie 
that of the Bodktna of the preeeut day. 

The Bodktne took an aotive part in the aflUn of Athemy 
in the time of Edwabd III. : many of the funily removed 
to Oalway in the auooeeding roign, that of Riohabd II., 
where they gave their name to a street, and at that early 
period Thomas Bodkin and his son Henry were, in and 
about the town, extensive proprietors. In 1465, John Bod- 
kin was oompositor of the customs. Members of the family 
were fk«quently elected provosts of Athenry ; Richard Bod- 
kin, a burgess of Oalway, was provost of Athenry in 14M. 
A groat many of the Aunily became mayors and Bheiifls 
for the town of Galway up to the time when it surrendered 
to Blr Charles Coote In 1662. So attached were they to their i 
i-ollglon and king, that not a single member of the Bodkin ! 
Aunily signed the ai'tioles of assent on that occasion ; it ' 
appears by the returns of the town-major of Galway to the ; 
commissioners of the Commonwealth, in 1662, that the 
repitieenutives of six of the Bodkin family refused to sign, 
and that ten others were absent. During the short reign 
of Jambs II., many of the ancient Roman Catholic fkmilies 
returned to Galway ; amongst them, Johk Bodkin Fits- 
Ambrosk, of Annagh, who is mentioned in the charter that 
Jambs II. granted to the oltiBons of Oalway. 

John BonKUi, mayor of Oalway, 1618, was «. by his eldest 

Ambrobb Bodkin, sheriff of Galway in 1670, who m. 
Julian, dau. of John Blake, by his wife Evelina Skerrett, 
and was father of 

John Bodkin, who had two eons, John Ftts-John, bis 
heir, and Richard Fita-John. 

John Bodkin Fitb-Jobn, was father of Ambrose, his 
heir; Dominiok Pits-John; Andrew Fita-John; and Mar- 
ou« Fits-John. The oldest son, 

Ambbosb Bodkin Fits-John, m. the dau. of Alderman 
Andrew Browne Fita-Dominick. of Galway. This Ambrose 
absented himself from Oalway on the surrender to Sir 
Charlee Coote in 1662; he got grants of the following 
lands, that is to say, Annagh. Kilmoylaud, and several 
other denouiiuatlona. He d. in 1679, and was s. by his 

John Bodkin Fm-AMBitofiB, who d. In 16S9. leaving 
three sons, Richard" Fits-John, his heir; John Fits-John; 
and Patrkk Fits-John. He was admitted a (teeman of 
Galway by charter of Jambs II. John was s. by his son, 

RicuABD Bodkin Frra-JoHN, whose son, 

John Bodkin, m. 1st, Miss Browne, dau. of Martin 
Browne, of Coolarae, by his wif^ Misa Brown, of Castle 
Mount Garret, and had by her, RicHard-Blakb, his heir; 
Robert^ successor to his brother; Axistin; Aime, m. in 
1719, to Thomas BUke, Esq. of MuUoughmore and Wind- 
field; and aiK>ther dau. m. to Nicholas Benuingham, of 
Baohermtort He w. 2ndly. Margaret, dau. of R BUke, of 
Ardfry, anoeetor to the present Lord Wallsoourt, and bad 
three daua., Julia, m. 1st, to Peter Lyndi, Esq., and ^udly. | 
toP, Martyn,B»q. ; a dau. w. to John Browne, of Galway; 
axKl Mary- Anne, m. to Ridutrd Geoghegan, Esq. of Bunovn I 
OkstKoa Galway, | 

RicrajowBlakb Bodkin, the elder son, d. kam., bimI . 
w«i «. by his broth«i'. 

RoaxRT BoDKiK, who ». let, a dau. of Sir Anthony Bra- 
baavn. of Brabazvn Park, co. Mayo, by whom he had an 
0«dy dau.. Anne, ■», to Henry Bingham, brother of John, | 
l4>rd daumortie. of Newbrvok. in the ooc Mayiv He «. 
SBvUy. Ehaabeth. dau. of Johu Einran, Esq. of Ctetlehackei, ! 
Itt the eo. QahTBy. by whom be had John, his hear; ' 
iVnie, who d, tmw. ; and Margaret, who sk John ^^^^'^^tw*. 
of Ktoganra, in the co. Galway. 

JoKN BoMUX, oi Anm^ sea snd heir, m. Haniet, dau. 
ef Martin Kima, ef BhndwaQ, in tbs eo. Galwaj, aad 

iq. ef BaQyghnte, now 
Xbi^ of Asfbid, In the 


BoLDBN, John, Esq. of HyniDg, co. Lancaster, 
J.P. and D.L., b. 25 Aug. 1776; m. in 1801, Mary, 
daiL of John Satterthwaite, Esq. of Bigmaden Hall, 
Westmoreland, and has issue, 

WiLUAM-BoLDEN, his heir, b. 29 Sept. 1808. 

And six other sons and two dans. 

UttUagt. — ^This family was possessed of the estate of 
Bolden, in Ellel, oo. Lancaster, for more than two cen- 
turies, until it was sold about the year 1750, by 

William Boldhm, Esq., who afterwards settled in liver- 
pool. His son and heir, 

Wiluam Boldbn, Esq. of Hynlng, oo. Lancaster, b. 25 
Dec 1730, m. Agnes Fleming, of Rayrigg, oo. Westmorland, 
a descendant of the Rydal family, but d. «. i>. in 1800, 
when his estate devolved on (the son of his sister, Alice, by 
her hiisband, John Leonard, of Liverpool) his nephew, 
John Lbonakd, who assumed the oumame and arms 
of Boldbn, and is the present John Boldbn, Esq. of 

.ilrnu— Quarterly: 1st and 4th, or, on a fesse, gu., three 
fleurs-de-lis of the field; 8nd and 3rd, per fesse danoett^ 
gu. and vert, three swans, or. 

Cretu— 1st, out of a ducal coronet, or> a tiger^s head, arg. ; 
2nd, a swan, or. 

ifotto— Pour bien d^sirer. 

£m<— Hyning, oo. Lancaster. 

Komcbt. the preseat proprietor. 

Martin, a bamrtur. who iL aa^k. 


Muy. aaiUL 

KluabetK «. W JehA Bkk% 1 

BarrWt, m. to Hyaeiath IMty, 

cv>ui»ty of GdkNray. 

A'^'^^Xrf . a sahire. gm. 
C'^^it — A % :M botiU". ppc. 
yivtto — Crv*njh*-boo. 
Sta^--Aaaagh, cow Galway. 



BoLDBRO, John, Esq. of White House, Rattlesdeoy 
CO. Suffolk, 6. 8 Oct 1806; m. 16 Oct. 1829, Sarah- 
Maria, eldest dau. of Mr. John Kaynham, sometime 
of Drinkstone Hall, ca Suffolk, son of James Rayn- 
ham, of Ofton WaUow and Burnt House, in the same 
county, and has issue, 

L John-Sdcon, 6. 12 Nov. 1830. 

n. George-Thomas, 6. 20 Feb. 18SS. 

III. Fxederic, 6. 2 May, 18«1. 

nr. Arthur-Herbert, 6. SO Oct 184S. 

▼. Joeeph^ohn, 6 18 July. 1847. 

Ti. Alexander-Samuel, b. 2 Nov. 1848. 

TO. Henry-Franda, 6. 23 Nov. 1S52. 

L Mary-Anne. u. Sarah-Maria. 

m. Anna-OaroliBe. nr. Hden. 

T. Isahell^Jana, ti. Alke-Bmma. 

SrtntASt* — ^Kdmvnd Boidxbo, living at Foniham 8t 
Martin, Suilclk, in 1501, eon and hair of Rkfaanl Bddero^ 
and grandson of William Boldero, of Foraham SL Martin, 
w. Isabel, dau. of Jenkyn Smith, Esq., and A in or aheot 
1623. leaving (with youi^erissQe) two sons. JoBN, hia hehr, 
and Thomaa, who d. in 158S, leaving. 1^ Margery Bettea, 
his wil^ a eon and b^r, John, of Bury St. Edmonds, 
father of Edmund Boldero, M.A.. rector of WssterfieU, 
Gkonaford. and SnaylweQ, who d. 5 July, 1C79 :— he ia 
reftrred to by Roger North, Walker, and Bv«lyn. 

John Boldkbo, (son and heir of Edmnmd Boldero and 
iMbel Smith his wife) livii^ at Ftenhsm St. Martin in 
1SS7. ai. in 1M«. Margaret Howard, of Norfolk, and d. in 
15S4. leaving, with other iasoe, BuixncD Botnamn, who «. 
Shaabeth Page, of FvaaahnglMUB, and tf. la 1M2, kafiac 
several children, and 

Qmmam BoLnao^ Gwt. faav*. at FteaJMOM 8t Maitii. 
in 1541, wte d. in 1«O0, leavii^ by MatguaA Mt wi% 
aawal chiktrm, of whooa wan 

Gbomk Boumbo, QenL, hapt. at Bnzy in UK, whoas 
wife's naae WM Anau He d. in ICCSi. aad wm fisther of 

SUON BouMWK M.A.ef JesiiaO»lk|^Caanl»i<»e,bapt. 
at Uworth in 1«3«, who «. as 1«68, Frsncaa, das. of John 
GodbouU, Kq.. MP. for Bazy, aad d. M 1791, 

SutoN, hiahsir. 

G«a(gtt. &. in l«6S. at. in ITU. 
and d. in 17^7. leaviai^ with other issae; 
Ixworth. A in 1714. who m. in 173«. Ehaabeth 
and L in 1794. teaTtDg a spn, Georm. k in 1753. who ■. 
itt ir>0. Hseesr, dau. ot the Rrr. Edward Griifia, and d. 
in ISIS,. haviBg had, G«otg«^ psrpntnai etuate o( Ixworth, 
4 $. p. 9X Kraessels, lS3t$; H«eCer. m. to the B«v. Henry 
Adaaoe^ rector of B^jniwaO. SuflbOL: Vt ■w,<w. ». to the 
BtfT. Kdwaid-Bentf Pa^nsaL tactor of Bapwwth, Saflblk; 
and Maiy. at. to the ftrr. Mr. Doiina^ 

TftBMn. SMmr BoaMH^ AJ^ viev ff Qnat 

Jigitized by V^OOQi^ 

B E 

•nd •abMCfoently rector of Wolpit» b. in 1660, m. in 1«88» 
Joan Cooke, of littlo livormere, and was $. at his deoeaao 
in 17S3, by bia son and heir. 

The Rkv. Johh Boldero, rector of Woolpit, who m. 17 
Oct 1828, Martha Taylor, of Woolpit, sister of Mariar 
Bebeoea Taylor, wife of Richard Dillon, Esq. of Dillon 
Qrore, oo. Roscommon, and had by her 

Johh, rector of Ampton, b. 16 Oct 17», whose sons were, 
Jomv* WiUiam; Oeoive (rector of Raynham, Norfolk); 
and Bdmnnd. The eldest son, the Rev. John Boldero, 
rector of Ampton, was father of Coxx>mhl Hhhbt-Osobob 
BoLDiBo. M.P. for Chippenham. 
BmoH, of whose family we treat 
Soger, d. mum. 1756. 

Martha, «. 6 Oct 1757, to Simon Hunt, of Norton, Boflblk, 

Ann. Mary, d, yoong. Elisabeth, d. young. 

John Boldero d. 17 Oct 1758. His Snd son, 

SniOH BoLDCBO, Esq., 6. 80 Dee. 1780, m. 6 Oct 1757, 
EUabeth-SoaaDntUi, dan. of— Gardner. Gent of Woolpit, 
a dewsendaut of Sir R. Gardner, Knt, sometime lord of the 
manors of Elmswell and Woolpit^ and founder of alms- 
houses in the former parish, in the church of which is a 
sphmdM monument to his memory. By her (who d. 5 July, 
1784) Mr. Boldero left at his decease, 86 March, 1784, 
three aoDS, vis., 
RooKB, 6. 88 May. 1766, who m. Deborah Poole, and d. 
t July, 1810, leaving issue. 
Soiov. of whom presently. 

John, of Buxy St Edmunds^ b. 81 March, 1771, m. Susan 
Codcsedge; and d. in 1888. 

The second son, 

SncoM BoLDKBO, Esq. of Drinkstone, b. 80 Jan. 1769, m. 

twice. By Elisabeth-Susan, his 1st wifb. who d, in 1801, he 

had a dan. Eliabeth, m. to 'Hiomas Markham ; and by his 

SDd, Mary Haslewood, of Woolpit, three sons and two 

dsns., vis., 

JoBH, now of Whito House, RatUesden. 

Geotve, of Ashfield, b 81 July. 1811. m. 85 Nov. 1830, 

Sophia, dau. of James Ransom, of Bury St. Edmimds, 

I7 his wife, a dan. of James Stewart, Esq., and has, 

GaoBOK-WiLUAiE, eldest surviving son, b. in 1887, and 

William, b. in 1818, m. Anna-Caroliue, dau. of Mr. Rayn- 
ham, of Drinkstone Hall, and d. s. o. in 1851. 
Susan, St. to Geoive Pledger, lato of Buxy. 
Martha, d. nam. * ^ ' 

jf raw— Per pale^ or and as., a saltire oounterchanged. 

CVca^— A greyhound, enfant 

lf«tto— Atidax ero. 

Aa»— Whito Houses Rattlesden, Wodpit, Suffolk. 


BoLOSB, James, Esq. of Ballinabarna, co. Kilkenny, 
h. 7 April, 1828 ; f. his father 18 Aug. 1847. 

luifaffe.— RiCHABD BoLon, Esq.. m. Margaret, dau. 
of Patrick Wall, Esq. of^Pollardstown, 00. Carlow, and had, 
with a dau. Bridget, an only son and heir, 

EowAKD BoLOSR, Esq., who m. Chxistian, dau. of Harry 
Lambert, Esq. of Camagfa, 00. Wexford, and by her had 
two sons. BiCHABD, the elder, d, t. p., and was «. by his 
only brother, 

Jamhs Boloxb, Esq., who m. about 1795, Catherine^ dau. 
•r James Winter, Esq. of London and Pilgrim Hatch, and 

Edwabd, his heir. 

Biduod, sk. Henrietta, dan. of James O'Reilly, Esq. of 
Baltzasn% and had isMie, four sons and one dau. 


Christina-Maria. Catherlna. 

Maiy, flk to ^ODiam de Rlu^y, Esq. of Wexford. 

The eldest son, 

Bdwabd Boloxb, Esq. of BalUnabama, 00. Kilkenny, 
J.P., b. 10 July, 1803, $. his fiither 1 Sept 1884. He fa. 13 
Jons, 1837, Maria, only dau. of Francis MoCrohon, Esq. 
•r 00. Kerry, and had issue, 

L Jamwm, now of Balliuahama. 

n. Edward. m. Prands. 

rr. RIduurd. ▼. George. 

TL WiUiam-Henxy. 

L Jane. n. MarJa- L a o faida. m. Catherine. 

rr. Christina. ▼. Ellen. n. Viotoiia-Anna. 

▼u. Tflv*i*^^ ▼ni. Anne. 

Mttt^-VtnB providebit 

Jfe((»— Dens providebit 

tel— Ballinabam% 00. Kilkenny. 




Bolton, Richard, Esq. of Bective Abbey, co.. 
Heath, J.P., m. Frances, dau. of G^rge Bomford, 
Esq. of Rahinstown, co. Meath, and sister and co-heir 
of Robert-Geoi^ Bomford, Eaq. of Rahinstown, who 
d i. j>. in 1846. 

ILintH^t. — Sm RiCBABD Bolton, Knt, recorder of 
Dublin in 1607, was son of John Bolton, Esq. of Great 
Fenton, 00. StaflTord, by Maigaret his wife, dau. of Rioliard 
Ash, of Ash, snd derived firom a branch of the fiunily of 
Bolton of BoUon^ in Lancashire. In 1625, he was appointed 
chief banmof the Exchequer, and in 1630, became lord- 
chancellor of Ireland. He m. Ist Francee, dau. of Richard 
Walter, Esq. of Stafford, and 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Sir 
Patrick Bamewall, Knt. of Turvey ; by the former he left 
at his decease, 1648, two daiis., Anne, m. to Arthur Hill,. 
Esq. of Hillsborough, and Mary, m. lst> to Patrick Nangle, 
baron of Navan, and 8ndly, to Edward Bermingham ; and 
seven sons, of whom the eldest, 

Sir Eowabd Bolton, of Braseel, co. Dublin, knighted 
8 Feb. 1685, was constituted chief bQjt>n of the Exchequer in 
Ireland, but was removed by the usurping powers. By 
Isabella his wife, dau. of Mr. Sergeant Ayloffe, he had 
Nicholas, his heir ; Edward, of Clounesk, Queen's Co. ; and 
one dau. The eldest son, 

Nicholas Bolton, Esq. of Braaed, m. 1 May, 1640, Anne^ 
2nd dau. of Nidiolas Loftus, Esq. of Fethard, and had issue, 
Edwabd, of Braseel, who d. «. p. in 1705 ; Riohabd, such 
oeeeor to his brother; Isabella, m. 16 May, 1695, to Sir Mark 
Rainsford, Knt. ; Frances, m. to John Madden, M.D. ; and 
Maigaret, m. 1st to Theophilus Jones, Esq. of Ballynamore, 
CO. Leitrim, and 2ndly, to John Atkyns, Esq. of Roper'jP 
Best Mr. Bolton d. 1 Aug. 1602. His 2nd son, 

RiOHABn Bolton, Esq. of Braaeel, heir to his brother, 
m. Anne-Catherine, dau. of Stein Bill, of Copenhagen, and 
dying in 1721, was «. by his eldest son, 

Edward Bolton, Esq. of Brazeel, M.P. for Swords, b. in 
1605, m. Letitia, youngest dau. of Robert, Viscount Moles- 
worth, and d. 5 Aug. 1758, leaving (with five daus., of whom 
Letitia m. the Rev. Gustavus Haniilton, and Anna-Maria 
m. Capt. Archibald Grant) four sons, vis., Robkbt, his 
heir ; Theophilus, a commissioner for managing the stoto 
lottery in Dublin ; Richard ; and Edward, who died young. 
The eldest son, 

RoBBBT Bolton, Esq. of Braseel, m. 18 July, 1754, Elin- 
beth, dau. of John Blennerhassett, and had two sons, 
Edwakd, his heir ; and Robert-Compton, who m. in 1778, 
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Jas.-Massey Dawson, Esq. of Bally- 
naoourt co. DuUin, and had a son, John-Bolton Maasey, 
Esq. of Balliwire, co. Tipperary, and a dau., Maria, wife of 
John Arthur, Esq. of Seafield, co. Dublin. Mr. Bolton d. in 
1708, and was $. by his son, 

Edwabd Bolton, Esq. of Brazeel, who fa. 1st, Miss 
Donaldson, and 2ndly, Francee, dau. of Joseph Neynoe, 
Esq., and had issue by both : by the 1st he was fkther of h 
dau., Anna-Maria, m. to W.-B. Neynoe, Esq., and of two 
sons, Robert-Compton, his heir, and Edward-Oompton, in^ 
ta. and had issue. The eldest son, 

RoBBRT-CoMPTON BoLTON, Esq. of Brasecl, had two wives^ 
by the 2nd, Charlotte, dau. of Joeeph Neynoe, Esq. (whom 
he la. in 1800), he had a dau., Anne, la. to Loftus Neynoe, 
Esq. of Castle Neynoe, co. Sligo, and two sons, Richard, 
now of Bective Abbey, and Robert, who m. Muia, dau. of 
John Arthur, Esq. of Seafield, co. Dublin, and has i 


,<lrsu— Or, on a chevron, gu., three lions oouchant^ of the 
CVefe— A hawk beDed. 
Sm^— Bective Abbey, 



BoLTOir, Janb, of Mount Bolton, 00. Waterford, t. 

her brother, Major John Bolton, in 1841. 

Itllf affr.— The founder of this family hi Ireland* waa. 
Captain Wiluam Bolton, an officer of dragoons in the 

Protector's army, who stormed and took Fktlock Castle, 

* It is presumed that the Boltokb of Moumt Boltcn, 00. 
Waterford, are descended fh>m the ancient fiunilv of 
De B<dton, represented in the year 1300 by John de Bolton, 
bow-bearer of the royal forest of Bowland, LancashlrSk who 
was (according to Sir William Dugdale) the lineal reproMn- 
tativt of the Saxon Baxla of Merela. 



Oct 1640, Bad obtained a lai^ grant of land in the co. of 
Waterford in 1067. He held the office of mayor of Water- 
ford in 1662. By Abigail hin wife. dau. of CoL Prittie, he 
had aeveral children ; from the eldest son, Cornelius, eaptain 
in OA. CoUingwood's regt, descends the present Cobhkuus- 
HcMRT BoLTOV, csptaai in the Waterford Militia. O^kt. Wil- 
liam Bolton's brother, 

Thomas Boltoh, Esq., mayor of Watmford in 1671, and 
recorder of that dty, ± aboat 1697, leanrlng issue. The 
Moest son, 

William Boltoh, of Fatlodc Oastle, Bh]., capt !n CoL 
Edward May's troop of dragoons. He d. 19 March, 1760, 
leaving (with two daus., Mary, m. to — Lymbery, Esq., of 
Killcopp House, oo. Waterford, and Ekanor, d, wtm. in 17S8) 
A son, 

John Boiaoh, Esq., irst of Fatlook Cutis, and after- 
wards of Mount B<dtoB, who m. 5 Dea 1746, Anne, dau. of 
-> Snow, Esq. of BnowtiaTen, co. Kilkenny, and had iasus, 

Charles, his hetr. 

Robert (dir). lieut.-gen., O.O.H., of Swerford Park, Oxford- 
shire^ aide-de-camp to Qboboh III., and equeny to 
Gboboi IV. He d. 16 March, 1836. 

H a nnah , m. 21 May, 1772, to MaunseU Bowers, Esq., and 
had issue, thi^ee sons and six daus. 
The son and heir, 

Chablib Boltoh, Esq., bapt 18 Aprfl. I7f9, m. 1st, Jane, 
sister of Lieut. -Qen. Doyle, of Waterford, by whom he had 

L Johv, his heir. 
Mr. Bolton m. 2ndly, Ellsn, eldest dsn. of Hsmy WslUs, of 
Drishane Cutis, oo. Cork, Esq., by EUaabeth, dan. of 
Christinas Paul, Esq., and Ellen, dan. of Robert Oaxew, 
Esq., M.P. of BalHniunctia, eo. Waterfoid. By this seoond 
marriage he had two sons and one d*n., 

I. HxHBT, A.M., Ticar of Dyssrt. Enos^ and KOtealeu 
Qoeen's Co., 6. 8 April, 1787, m. 19 Dee. 1814, FrancesT^ 

dan. of Sir Simon Kewpovt, Knt, by Jane his wifei 
dan. of the Yen. Archdeacon Aloook, and had 

younger < 

1 Charles-Newport, of Brook Lodge, oo. Waterford, 
B.A. of St Edmund Hull, Oxford, 6. 16 Maxc^ 1816, 
fa. 4 Feb. 1845, Anne, eldest dau. of the Rer. Joshua 
Anderson, of Qnce Dieu, oo. Waterford (brother of Gen. 
Anderson, O.B., K.C.) by Anne his wife^ eldest dau. of 
O^t William Perceval, and has issuer 
Henry-Anderson, 6. 7 March, 1848. 
Charies-Peroeval, b. 18 Sept 1849. 
S Robert-Walli^ b. 2 May, 1819, d. 26 Feb. 1820. 
1 Jane-Walliflt «. 13 Oct. 185S, Robert-Carew Anderson, 
Eeo., M.D., 90th light inCautnr, Srd son of the Rev. 
Joshua Anderson, rwctor and ^car of MyshalL co. Car- 
low, son of James Anderson, Esq. of uraoe Dieu, by 
his wife Bnssnna, yoongsst dau. of Chxistmas PaoL 
n. Chazlee. d. young. 

L Eliaabe(h,M. in 1828, afar Simon Newport Knt of Watei^ 
iu< but d. «. p. 1 Dec 1844. 

TIm eldest son, 

JoHH Boltoh, Esq. of Mount Bolton, si. Blisa, Snd dan. 
«f MaunseU Bowers, Esq., and dying in 1807, aged 24, was 
«. by his son, 

. JoHH Boltoh, Esq. of Mount Bolton, m^}or 7th dragoon- 
guards, 6. in 1807, who d. suddenly in London in 1841, and 
was i. by his sister, the preesnt Mrs. Bolton, of Mount 

Jrsis— Ai^., on a eherron, gu., thne lioni^ passant- 
goardant, or. 

CVtsf— A buck's head, erased, attired, or, goiged with a 
ehi^let^ vert, and pierced through the neck wiU an arrow, of 
the seoond. 

IfoMo— Viotvirtute. 

fintf— Brook Lodges oo. Waterford. 


BoMTORD, Oeorgi, Esq. of O&kley Park, oo. Heath, 
1. 11 April, 1811 ; m. 23 July, 1832, Arabella, dau, 
of John-Pratt VHnter, Esq. of Agher, and has issue, 

I. OsMKn-WiHTBB, b. 12 Not. 18S4. 

n. John-Frands, 6. 22 Dso. 18S7. 

m. Samuel-Stephen, b. 27 July, 1841. 

IT. Arthar<;hiehester, b. 27 July, 1861. 

1. Anne. n. Arbella-Anna. m. EUmbeth. 

IT. Vletoria-Adela. 

Iritlfafff . — In 1692, LAumsHot Bomtord, descended 
*feem a good English funily, was living at Clonmahon. in the 
00. Meath: he d. in 1720, at the adTanoed age of 106L having 

had issue by his wife Eleanor, four SODS and four dans. His 

Thomas Bokforo, Esq. of Rahinstown, ca Meath, secre- 
tary of the Court of Claims, d. t. p., 4 Feb. 1740, and was i. 
by his brother, 

Stbphhh Bomvobd, Esq. of Oallow, eo. Meath, 'who «. 
Anne Smith, of Viototstown, co. Westmeath, hj whom he 
had issue, Thomas; Stephen; John; David, ancestor at 
Issao-North Bomford, of Oallow; and Isaac; and four daus. 
He d. in 1756, and was «. by his eldest surviving son, 

STBPHBr BOMTOBD, Esq., J.P. of Rahinstown, who m, 
EUsabeth, dau. of Stephen SHithorpe, of Brownstown, 
CO. Louth, by Maigaret his wift, sister of the Bight Hon. 
Anthony Foster, chief baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, 
and grand-dau. of William Fortesoue, of Newragfa* co. Louth : 
by her he had, with other issuer 

L RoBSBT. his heir, of Rahinstown, who st. In 1798, Maria, 
dau. of the Hon. James-Massey Daweon, 2ad son of Hugh, 
1st Lord Msssy. snd had issuer 

I Robkbt-Ohobob, of Rahinstown, b. in 1802. high-aheriff 
of Meath in 1832, who m. In 1826. Elizabeth, only child 
of James-Trail Kennedy, Esq. of AnnadaVe^ co. Down, 
and d. «. p. in 1846. 

1 Annette, m. to Sir Thomas-H. Hesketh, Bart, of 
Ruflbrd Hall. co. Lancaster. 

2 Jane, m. to Richard Manset|^ Eeq. of erqsnsBBs^ ee. 

8 iSancea M. to Richard BoUon, Esq. of Beetive Abbey, 
CO. Meath. 
4 Jemima, m. to Richard Bolton, Esq., co. Waterford. 
6 Sarah, «. to the Hon. Frederick Tollemaahe. 
6 Susan, m. to the Rev. Chaiiea Martin, 
n. Gboboi; of Drumlargan. 

QaoBaB BoMfoBD, Esq. of Dmmlaigan, sk. in 1800, 
AzbeUa, dan. of Samuel Winter, Esq. of Aeher, and by her, 
who d. 11 Sept 1815, had issue, 
QaoBO^ now of Oskley Park. 

Samuel, of the 8rd (Uagoon-guarda. ta. 11 July, 188^ 
Frauces-JsML dan. of Samuel-Pratt Winter, Esq., 8rd son 
of Samuel Winter; Esq. of Agher, and has issue. 
Rodoc-Chariea. Laurence-Oeoige. 

IVevor. Gerald. 


Mr. Bomford d. Jan. 1814. 

Ifotto-Justus et fldelis. 

Sntf— Rahinstown Houses co. Heath. 


BovAB, Jamis, Esq. of Kimmer^hame, co. Ber- 
wick, and WaniBton, in Mid-Lothian, b. in 1795, 
chief of the name, and twentieth in deeoeni fh>in 
William de Bonare, founder of the family in Scot- 
land ; heir male and repreeentative of Bonar of that 
ilk, of Keltye, and of kilgraston, and heir of line 
and repreeentatiTe of Oliphant of Dron, and of Ora- 
hame of Callander; m. 11 Sept 18S9, Mary, daiL of 
Sir Patrick Murray, 7th baronet of Ochtertyre. 

UttKAfft. — Sm GuiLHBX DX BovASB, the first of this 
fiunily, with whom we commence the Scottish branches, 
settled in North Britain xmder Kbig Willlui the lion (anU 
1200), as ttadal Baron of Bonare, in Perthshire, having given 
to the lands assigned to him in fief his own name, which is 
still borne to this day by the village of Bonar, sitoats at the 
foot of a hill, on the simimlt of which stand the ruins of 
Castle Bonar. This knight, idiom we may call in this 
pedigree William, 1st feudal Lord of Bonare, bore " Asure, 
two swordB erossed ssltiar-waTB, aigent" He was «. by his 

WfLUAM, Snd feudal lord, who lived (oap. King Aucx- 
ANDBB II. (13S0), and waa a by his son, 

WiLLiAM-RooBB DB BoBAB, 8rd feudal lord, who took the 
cross On 1248-OX and Joined the sixth Crusade, with the 
other Scottish knights, whom King Albzabdbr IIL ssnt to 
Palestine under the banner of St. Louis. Of the issue <^ 
William-Roger, the Crusader, two sons alone are known, 

WtLUAic, Master of Bonar«. 

John, of Laindes, who mimted to Flandoi^ and was 

author of aeveral lines wnioh flourished both in that 

country and in Sweden, Poland, Moravia^ SUesia, and 
The eldtist son, 

William Bobab, 4th feudal lord, royal seneschal oi 

^0 N 

Kyngahoms, oa the ooMt of Fife, femp. King Albz- 
AVViK III., was «. by hia sob, 

WaxiAM BcnvAB, 6th feudal lord, royal ssnfwchal of Kyngs- 
bone, Ump. King Robbbt L, a sealous follower of Sir Wil- 
tbm Wallace. He fought at Bannookbam hi 1814, under the 
banner of Bo>bi3kt ths Bbuob. His only son, 

Wxuxui-RoBKBT BoRAB, 6th feudal lord, royal seneschal 
flf Kyngabome, Ump. Kings Bobbbt I. and David n. He 
fought at the battle of Halldon HiU hk 1333. By Maigaret 
bis Wilis, of the family of Wemyss of that ilk, he had issue, 
L Jomr, his heir ; n. Jaxb, of Bonarton, founder of that 
Bne, and snoestor of other branches, wldch flourished in 
Pdaad and SUesia. The last seneschal of Kyngshome was 
killed at the battle of Durham in 1840. His son and heh-, 

Jon BoNAB, 7th feudal lord of Bonare, was at the siege 
of Gsrlaveroe in 1866, and was still living hi 1880. He m. 
ABne» of the Bambatb qf J)afhou$i€, and left the following 

WnxiAM, his heir. 

James, of Bossye^ founder of the Bossye fiunOy. From 
the line of Rosi^e also derlred the Barons of Cannbudd y, 
who held their barony inunediately from the crown ; also 
the Lairds of Bonarneld (of whom David, the first, was 
killed at Flodden)^ and the Lairds of Balgerdiaw, and the 
Lairds of Easter Boaqre (of whom John, the first, was 
killed at FloddenX and the legitimated line of Coltye, and 
theHnes of thelsuds of Forgundezmy, and Lairds of Cow- 

Jchn, of Friarton, author of that line (of which James> the 
firsts was killed at Flodden). 

Sr John de Bonare was «. by his son, 

WiLUAM BovAB, of Bonsrs, who is the Ihst of this family 
whom we find designated as feudal lord of Keltye ^which 
sAerwards became the chief barony of the family). He 
swTsdfai tbeFrsndi wars under the Bastard of Orleans, who 
led a body of Beottisfa knights te the khig^ aid, and thus 
gsiaed thsTietoiiss of Beaug^ ki 14S1, and of Vemeuil, hi 
UM, ofer the English. By his morrii^e with Chzisyan 
Briflnr, of the Balioobs qf Smieiifk, ha left, 

L JoB«,htoheb^ 

n. ICUUnm, of Keltye, who fought with his fiftther and 
brother at Arbroath end Bannockbum. He d. In 1478, 
Issving issuer 

1 HiviAH, suooessor to hfs uncle. 
S David, of Wester Keyth, who was wounded and made 
pfisoner at Flodden. He m. Janet Barclay, of Touch, 
aiMl left a son, Datxd^ of Wester Keyth, living in 1648. 
wlioee wife was Maiy Kircaldy, heiress of Lumquhat^ 
Br bar he had David, of Wester Kevth, who d. «. p. ; 
Aiexander, d,§.p.; John, of Lumquhat, living in 1678, 
£iU>er of Jomr, 2nd of LumquhM, who appears in 
several charters of the years IM9, 1602, 1598, 1604, and 
1M7. He had issuer 

JoRV, Srd of Lumquhat^ a.d. 1610, whose son, Johk, 
4th of Lumquhat, d. $, p. 

Habbti; of Gregstou, ancestor of the BoNAJts tif Qreg- 
aum, now represented by Willxax-Gbahax Bomab, 
of Orsgston. 
S John, abbot of Balmerinoch. 

m. Bebert, of Stnthy Bonar, ancestor of the Bonabs qj 
AflCfty end Cbirf^ both extinct 

IT. James^ of Bonahalffc^ living in 1603. who m. Anne 
laghs, dau. of Tarvat, and left (with another son, William, 
of DramdowaneX a suooessor, 

Johb, of Kilgiaston, who was at Flodden. By Jean his 
wife, of the Araots of that ilk, he left a son, 
JoBV, of Kilgraston, living in 1681, who loft by Agnes, 
dau. of Orabame of Oarvock, a dau., Isobel, m, to 
Blair of Pitskellie, and a son and heir, 
JoHH, of Kilgraston, living in 1642, vrho left, by Janet, 
dso. of ho^uk of that ilk, an only dau. and heir, 
BupBHO. lAdy of Kilgraston. He also left, 
John, of Golbyue, author of that line, bastard of 
KUgrsston. who was legitimated under the great 
sealof Sootland, poU mortem patrU, 26 Feb. 1684. 
Xnpheme^ Lady of Kilgraston, m. her kinsman, 
James Bionar, of Trevor, who $. at Kilgraston, as 
Jamb, of Kilgraston and Trevor. He left by her, 
I. JoKV, his heir ; n. David, d. t. p.j in. Bessette, 
SI. to Mumy of BbKldMunony; nr. Eupheme^ si. to 
her vtuwnMi^ John of Bonarton. The Lady of Kil- 
g r as t ett pvedsoeasing hfan, James was remanied to 
his ooosin, Mamret, of the Ck>LViLLn ofCrdnm, and 
left by her, Fatnok, who continued the line of Trevor. 
Tbe eider son succeeded as 

JoHir, of Kilgraston. He ta. previo us ly to 1606; 
Besfaiak of iSe Moxbatb e/ iWMerfjn^ and left, 
L Jomr, Us heir; n. Robert; m. Matthew; it. Walter, 
isr of Garro^ whose only son, Andrew, of Qlass- 
mouth, was tnkcnr <^ Keltye^ and left a son. David, of 
wuutisiand, idao tutor of Kel^e ; t. Hwen, si. to 
Craigie of Dumbamey; ti. Katnerlne, m. to Halt- 
bsftd. Theeldflrsonwbo«.hi8fiatheivae 

B O K 

Jomir, of Kilgraston, m. in 1634, Agnee^ dau. and hd^ 
of liAurence Orahame, of Calkuader, a scion of Mon- 
trose; and left by her, i. Jomr, Master of Kilgrsston, 
in right of his miother, repnsentative and heir of line 
of Gbahamb of CaUatuUr ; il Alexander, of TuUoch- 
maire, author of that line ; iii. James, of Gregnton, 
who carried on that line, having m. his kinswomau, 
Mary, heiress of Oregston. The elder son, 

Jomr BoKAB, uf Kilgraston, became eventually, at the 
decease of William Bonar, of Keltye^ chief of the 
house of Bonar: of him in tbe sequel 

William Bonar dying in 1469, was $. by his eldest son, 

Jomr BoHAB, 2nd feudal lord of Keltjre, who had fought 
with his father and brother at Arbroath, hi 1446, and at 
BannOckbum in 1448. By his marriage with Margaret, of 
the Brovs €f Parbroath, he had an only son, Ninian, Master 
of Bonare, who d, in infancy, whereupon the rqp re e e ntatioO 
of the family devolved on John's nephew, 

KnriAX BoVAB, Baron of Keltye, eldest son of William of 
Keltye, and grandson of William, of Bonare. He was 
created knight-bannoret on the field of Quiglor (or 8auehy> 
bum, ss it is often called), in 1488, in whidi he saved the 
life of King Jambs, by whose side he was afterwards killed 
at Flodden, in 1618. He si. ante 1606, Margaret Oliphant, 
Lady of Dron, sole dau. and heritrix of John Oliphant, of 
D^on, Dumbarney, Pitcatthly, and ^usesa, son and heir of 
Thomas, of Dron, who was 2Dd son of Walter. 6th of Aber- 
dalgye, who was son of John, of Aberdalgye, and grandson 
of Wslter, 4th of Aberdalgye, eldest son and heir of Walter, 
8rd of Aberdalgie, Gask, Ac., by the Princess EUsabeth of 
Scotland, dau. of King Bobbbt I. Sir Nhiian fell at Flodden, 
9 Sept 1618. Sir Nfaiian was «. by 

Wa,ltbb Bohab, 2nd Baron of Keltye, who had been at 
Flodden under his father's banner. He m. Beatrice, of the 
HAT8(i^ihTt>{, by whom he had a dau., Isabel, m. to Charles, 
of the BuTHBBvoBDs qf FfximyUe, and two sons, 

WiLUAM, Master of Keltye. 
John, of Trevor. 

Sir Walter resigned his barony into tiie Queen's hands by 
deed dated at Keltye, 28 Feb. 1636, in favour of his son, 

William Bokab, who fought at the battle of Pinlde, in 
1647. He m. his cousin Margaret, Ludy Abercaimey, dau. 
of Lord Oliphant, by whom he had, i. Niniak, Master of 
Keltye ; n. Robert, of Cardness, of whom hereafter, as 7th 
Baron of Kel^ ; i. Janet, m. in 1671, to her coudn Gra- 
hame, 6th Earon of Garvock. After the death of Lady 
Abercaimey, he m. 2ndly, his cousin Niooline, dan. of 
Murray of FhiUphau^, by irhom he had Margaret, ts. to 
Henderson, treasurer of the Orkneys. He resigned his 
barony into the king's hands, by deed of 18 Nov. 1686, dated 
at Keltye, in fevoiir of his son, 

KiMiAK BoNAB, who having no male issue, and the banmy 
of Keltye being a male fief, resigned the barony by act 
dated at Keltye, 28 Nor. 1610, in fkvour of his brother, 

RoBBBX Bonar, who si. Margaret, of the SAHDiLAHse qf 
Torpkickent by whom he had six children, of whom Isobel; 
SI. her cousin, Oliphant of Over Cultuquhaine, (and their 
dau., Isobd, m. Nhiian, 10th Baron of Keltye;) Margaret, 
SI. Stewart of Outhills, sheriff of Perth ; Catherine, m, her 
cousin Rutherford, of Nether Balquhandie. Robert of Kel- 
tye resigned his barony, by instrument dated Keltye, 8 Feb. 
1680, in IjAvour of his eldest son, 

WiLLLAM BoMAB, who m. his oonain Catherine, dan. of 
Blair of South Corbe, by whom he left Jean, si. to her 
cousin Amot; Nutlam, of whom presently, as 10th Baron of 
Keltye ; and his eldest son, who succeeded him, 

Robbbt Bovab, who dying tmm. was «. by his brother, 

NiNiAJi BoVAB, who SI. his cousin Isobel, dau. of Oliphant 
of Over Cultuquhaine, by whom he had an only son, Wil- 
liam. He eventually resigned his barony by act, dated 
Keltye, 4 May, 1680, in favour of his son, who suooeeded, 

William Bomab. Ho m. his cousin Helen, dau. of Gra- 
hame of Balgovrane, and had an only son, Nixiian, Master of 
Keltye, who d. the year of his birth, 1689. This last Baron 
of Keltye d. in Deo. 1691, and in his person the second Une 
of the family ended, and the representation devolved on his 
kinsmsn, Jomr, 6th of Kilgraston. ThiS' 

Jomr BovAB, 6th of Kilgraston, by Jean his wUIb, dan. of 
Reyd of Carse, had issue, l Jomr, Master of Kilgraston and 
titular Master of Keltye ; n. Catherine, m. to her kinsman, 
David, 2nd of Kintillo ; and ni. Anne, m. to Sinchdr of 
Kennyarde. He d. in 1694, and was s. by his son, 

Jomr BoirAB, 6. 16 Jan. 1670, m. 16 Dec. 1698, GrixselU 
dan. of Gilbert Bennett, of Beath, by whom he had seven 
children, of whom WUliam, Ebeneier, Margaret, Grlseldis, 
and Maijorie d. young; Ambsbw vras founder of the line of 



Gunden (mc Camdkh), and John, the eldest, was his father's 
heir. He d. 7 Aug. 1747, and was «. by his eldest son, 

John Bonar, of Kilgraston, b. 4 Aug. 1690, m. 13 Oct 
1720, Jean, dau. to Smjrthe of Monypenny ; by her he left 
six sons: i. John, his heir; ii. James, d. $. p. ; m. Ebe- 
nezer, d. «. j>. ; ly. William, d. $. p. ; t. Andrew, 6. 17 
Harch, 1734, who left, by Patience Redboume, two eons, 
James, who left by Janet, of the Laubibs qf Mcucwdtcn, 
Thomson ; and William, of Gogar, who left by Janet, of 
the M AiTLANDs of PUrickie, four sons, Thomson, John, Archi- 
bald, all unm.t and Andrew, who m. Anne, of the DncoNS cff 
In^fo, and has issue. He was t. in 1760, by his eldest son, 

John Bonab, titular Baron of Keltye, and 10th laird oi 
Kilgraston, b. 4 Nov. 1721, who m. 18 Nov. 1746, Christian 
Currier, oo-heritiix of Peppermills, and left issxie, l John, 
of Kimmeigfaame ; n. Andrew, of Warriston, of whom pre- 
sently, as Kiminexghame ; m. Albxandbb, of Ratho, 
whose son, John, of Ratho, left a dau., Helen, heiress of 
Ratho; rv. Archibald, who left James and Archibald; 
▼. Thomson, of Qrove, who left Thomson, John, and Andrew ; 
▼1. James, who left John, who has left Andrew, Thomson, 
John, William, Archibald, and James. This last titular of 
Kilgnston d, 21 Dec 1761, and the representation of the 
fHnily devolved on his eldest son, 

John Bonab, of Kimmeighame, 6. 24 Aug. 1747. He d. 
«Mim. in 1807, and was $, by his brother, 

Andbkw Bonab, b. 6 Oct 1T48, who had acquired the 
estate of Waxriston, in Mid-Lothian. He m. Anne, dau. of 
Carr of Bsholt by whom he had, i. John, his heir; 
u. Jambb, now of Kimmeighame ; ui. William, 6. in 1797, 
«. 20 May, 1831. lilias, dau. of the late Alexander Cuning- 
hame, of Cnigends (sister to the Duchess of Argyll), and 
has one dau., Maigaret-Cuniaghame ; and iv. Andrew, 6. in 
1802, m. 22 Oct 1838, Maroelline, dau. of M'DonneU of 
Glengarry, and has two sons, John-Andrew and Alexander 
M'Donnell, and two daus., Euphemiar Rebecca and Anne- 
Jane. Andrew Bonar, on his demise, 6 Aug. 1826, was c 
by his elder son, 

John Bonab, of Kimmeighame, b. in 1798, who dying 
unim., in July, 1834, was «. by his brother, Jambb Bonab, 
now of Kimmeigfaame and Warrist<ML 

.imt»— Quarteriy : 1st grand quarter, Bonab, cmcitnt, quar- 
tering Bonab, mocfem; 2nd grand auarter, Ouphant of 
Jhtm, quartering the Royal ensigns of Scotland ; 3rd grand 

3uarter, Qbahakb of Callander^ quarteriog Qbabamb of 
iontrote; 4th grand quarter, Bonab of Rdtyt, quartering 
Bonab of KUffnuUm, ; over all Bonab of Kimmerghame. 

CiretU— Two swords, Bonab, ancieiU: a Crusader's sword, 
Bonab, modem; two baimers crossed, as honourable aug- 
mentation, gnmted to the family by the King of France. 
5ta<— Kimmeighame, oo. Berwick. 

IBoivir of Cnmtitn, ta. 9itnt 

This is a branch of Bonab qf KUgnutoHj derived fh>m 

Andbxw Bonab (Srd son of John Bonar, 7th of Kilgraston, 
b. 24 June, 1708, m. Anne, dau. of Thomson of Crichton, 
(which flunily andeutly bore the name of MTavish, and was 
a sdon of the house of M'Farlane of that ilk), by whom he 
left, I. John, who d. unm. ; n. Thomson, of Camden ; 
m. Harrye, d. «. j>. Of these, the 2nd son, 

Thomson Bonab, Esq., 6. in 1743, acquired the lands of 
Camden and Rlmstead, oo. Kent He m. Anne Thomson, 
dau. of his mother's brother, Andrew Thomson, Esq., and 
left issue by her, i. Thomson, of Camden ; ii. Henry, 6. in 
1798 ; I. Agnes, 6. in 1796, m. to Count di Moretti, in Italy. 
The elder son, 

Thomas Bonab, Esq., «. his father in 1811. He was 6. in 
1780, and «. 8 Nov. 1807, Anastaaia-Jessye, dau. and (with 
her sister, the Dowager Lady Hay)oo-heritrix of Outhrie of 
Hawkerton, ftdeoner to the crown in Fife, heir-male, and 
ninth in desoent fh>m James Outhrie, 1st of Hawkerton, 
next brothw to David, 1st Baron of GHthrie, armour-bearer 
to King Jambs III., and lord hi^-treasurer of Sootland. 
By this buly Mr. Bonar had issue, 

Bbnbr, present possessor of Camden. 
Alfired-Guthrie, secretary of legation at Munich. 
Llonel-Ninian. 6. hi 1816. 
Qeoige-DouAlas, b. in 1817. 

Auastasia-Maiy, m. to her kinsman, Fatrick-Fraser Tytler, 
Esq., son of the late Lord Woodhouselee. 
Bmily-Anne. Maiy-Anne. 

The elder son, who «. his father in 1828, is the present 

Ebnbbt-Auoustus Bonab, Esq. of Camden and Blmstead, 
b. in 1808, chief of the second branch of the Bonars, 
twentieth in descent from William, first founder of the 
fkmily in Scotland, and heir of line and representative of 
Quthrie of Hawkerton, heritable fUooner to the crown in 

RDb. He was several years an of&oer in the service of the 
Emperor of Austria, and received the Cross of the Sovereign 
Hospitaller Order, as Chevalier de Justice of the Britanno- 
Bavarian Langue, upon the verification of his proofs of 
knightly extraction and gentle blood on either side, showing 
the filiation end alliances of this paternal line of Bonab, up 
to James, 1st of Trevor, and his wife Eupheme, dau. of Kil- 
graston, and the filiation and alliances of his maternal line 
of GuTHBiB, up to Hanye, 1st of Hawkerton, and his wife 
Mary, dau. of Ogilvye of Newton. He m. 11 Jan. 1834, 
RosaUa-JuUana-HenrietU de WullerstorfT-Urbair, dan. of 
Charles-Leopold de WuUerstoriT-et-Urbair, a nobleman of 
Moravia and of the Holy Roman Empire. 


BoKD, Hbkrt-Cooti, Esq. of BondTille, oo. Ar- 
magh, 5. in March, 1786; f». in Deo. 1812, Eliza, 
eldest dau. of the Rev. Edward Stanley, of Tyhol- 
land, oo. Monaghan, and grand-dau. of Arthur Stan- 
ley, Esq. of Dublin, late governor of the Bank of 
Ireland, and has issue, 

I. Bdwabd-W., b, 12 Dec 1818. 

n. Handcock-Stanley, b. 18 Maixsh, 181S, m. 88 July, 1840. 

m. Wadham-Wyndham, b. I Nov. 1817, m. in June, 1846. 

IV. Arthui^Heniy, 6. 21 April, 1810. 

y. Thomas, 6 34 Maxxsh, 1824, d. 1850. 

I. Charlotte-Stanley, m. to Thomas Bond, Esq. of oo. 

XL Jane-CaroUne, ta. to Ralph-Smith Obr6, Esq. of oo. 

Mr. Bond is only surviving Bon of the late Thomas 
Bond, who d in 1784, by Sarah Donelly his wife, 
and grandson of Dr. John Bond, by his wife, Mar- 
garet Coote, of Belunont Forest^ oo. Mona^ian. 
He had one brother, Thomas, who d, wnm. in 182S ; 
and one sister, BCargaret^ m, to Edward Tounge, of 
Knockbum, co. Armagh. 

Crut—A lion, sejant, axg. 
fieo^— BondviUe^ oo. Armagh. 


BOKD, Thi Rbv. Nathanibl, of Change, oo. Dor- 
set, rector of Steeple- with -l^eham, 6. 24 Nov. 
1804 ; m. 81 Oct 1885, Mary, 2nd dau. of the late 
John Hawkeeworth, Esq. of Forest, in the Qneen't 
County, and has issue, 

I. Nathakibl, b. 18 Sept. 1840. 

n. Denis-William, b. 22 Jan. 1842. 

m. Geoige-Hawkesworth, 6. 13 May, 1845. 

I. Leonora-Sophia. 

Iritlf X0(* — ^The ftunOy of Bond were of great t&tiqaity 
in the co. of Cornwall, and are said to have been originally 
seated at Peoryn in that oo., but removed thence, at a very 
eerly period, to Earth, in the parish of St. Stephen's, an 
estate they acquired in marriage with the dau. and heiress 
of a very ancient house, which took its name ft^om that 

From this match descended 

Robbbt Bond, who removed to Beauchamp*s Hadis^ In 
SomerMtshire, and in the year 1431 (»th Hbkby VI.) was 
seated at lAitton, in the Isle of Purbeck, in tbs oo. of 
Dorset, an estate which he acquired in marriage with the 
dau. and heiress of a fiBunily of that name, and whioh has 
ever since continued in the posses si on of his descend snta. 
He had issue two sons, vis., Robbbt, his heir; and William, 
of Buckland, co. Somerset, who had two sons, William, of 
Crosby Palace, alderman of London, who d. in 1576 ; and 
George (Sir), lord-mayor of London in 1587, anoestor of 
Sib Thomas Bond, created a Babonbt by Cbablbb n. 
The elder son, 

Robbbt Bond, of Lutton, m, in 1458, Mary, dan. of 
Sir John Body, Knt. of Pilleedon, in the co. of Dorset^ 
lord chief-Justioe of Englsnd in the 18th Hknbt VI., and 
was father of Whuam, his successor, and John Bond, of 
Buckland, in the oo. of Dorset^ whose stm. Sir Nicholas 
B<md, Knt., d, $.p. m, 

William Bono, of Lutton, eldest son of Robert, was 
b. in 1455, and m. in 1400, Elisabeth, dau. and co-heiress 
of John Prows, of Bredy, in the co. of Dorset, of the 
ancient family of Pbowi qf GtdUigh OuUe, in Deyonahire^ 


BO a 

nd had Thsxm, bia heir, and John, sncMtor of the Dokm 
^Buex. William Bond dying in 1530, was t, by his son, 

Dbvis Boni>, of Lutton, 6. in 1500, who m. in 1532. Alice, 
dso. oi Robert Samways, of ToUer, Dorwt, and had several 
dkildreQ : the 3rd son, William, left three daus., his co-heirs, 
of whom the eldest, Edith, m. Sir White Beckonshaw, of 
Xojle's Court, and was mother of Alice, m. to John Lisle, 
Is^ This lady was tngusUy beheaded at Winchester in 
1«5. Denia Bond's 4th son, 

JoBV BoKD, Esq. of Lutton, 6. in 1556, continued the line 
•f the funily, and was appointed, in 1588, o^»tain of the 
Us of Portland, at the time of the expected inTasion by 
the Spanish armada. He m. in 1588, Margaret, dau. of 
Bfehsrd Htt, Esq. of North Griekett, in the oo. of Somerset, 
•Dd dying in 1082, was t. by his son, 

Dexxs Bokd. Esq. of Lutton, b. in 1588, a staunch parlia- 
nentarian, high in fkrour with CromwelL From the com 
BMoosoMnt of the civil war he was of the committee for 
Ut own county, and from 1664 to 1656 he was M.P. for 
Hwpaoath, and <me of the council of state Arom 1648 to 
li&S. He was likewise comptroller of the receipts of the 
Xxdiequer. Mr. Bond t». 1st, in 1610, Joane, dau. of John 
Goold, Esq. of Dorchester, by whom he had issue, Johk, 
UaJ)„ M.P. for Meloombe Regis, 16th Chakles I., who 
^np. in 1676 ; and William, of South Bestwall, co. Dorset, 
•f whose dans, and oo^teiis the elder, Mabt, by her 2nd 
^— >***^, James Gould, Esq., wss motiier of an only child, 
Ana-Maria, m. 1st, to Qen. Charles Churchill, brother of 
iobn, Isi Duke of Marlborough, and 2ndly, to Montagu, 
Sad Eari of Abfaigdon ; and the 2nd, Marqabst, m. Wil- 
liB Spekfli, Esq. He m. 2ndly, in 1622, Lucy, dau. of 
¥Qliam Lawrence, Esq. of Steeptoton, eo. Dorset, and had, 
vlth other issue, Samiiel, sometime M.P. for Poole and 
Meleombe Bsgia ; and Natravul, his successor at ImI- 
tea. Mr. Denis Bond dying 80 Aug. 1658, was buried 
k Westminster Abb«y, and succeeded at Lutton by his son 
by his ind marriage, 

KATHAjnsL BoKD^ Esq. of Lutton, b. 1684, who was 
bed to the bar, and became king's seijeant. He purchased, 
ta 1066, the adjoining estate of Orange, which has since 
bfln the chief residence of the fiunily. He had also bought 
Tjadiam, where a branch of his descendants still continue 
to reside. He m. Mary, dau. of Lewis Williams, Esq. of 
CUttecton, D<H«et, and relict of Thomas Browne, Esq. of 
Frampton, by whom (who d, in 1728) he had inue, 
Dans, his successor. 

John, of 'rynefaam, in the Me of Purbeck, M.P. for Corfe 

Cwtie. m, in 1715, his cousin Margaret, 8rd dau. of 

John Williams, Esq. of Herringston, co. Dorset, by whom 

^rfao d. in 1775) he had, with other issue. Jobs, heir to 

Ids undo. 

Hi. Nathaniel Bond, who was M.P. for Corfe Castle, 31st 

CHAELas II., and subsequently for Dorchester, d, in 1707, 

■kd was «. by his eldest son. 

Dons BovD, Esq. of Orange, M.P. for Dorchester, 7th 
Am ; for Corfe Castle, 1st and 8th Obobok I. ; and for 
Poole, 1st Obobob II. He m. in 1729, Leonora-Sophia, 
nbet of Edmund Dummer, Esq., and youngest dau. of 
fir WiUiam-Dutt<m Colt, Knt, envoy at the court of 
Hanover, by Maiy, his 3rd wife (of whom she was oo-heii), 
ildett surviving dau. of John, and co-heir of her brother, 

Editha-Augusta-Mary, only dau. of the late Hon. 
Henry Pomeroy, and has issue, William-Henry: and 
4 Thomas^ barrister-at-law, recorder of Woreham. 
1 Jane. 2 Mary. 

L Manraret-Sophia, m. in 1801, to the Rev. John Rogers, nt 
Berkley House, co. Somerset, and d. t. p. in 1820. 
n. Mary, m. in 1796, to Nicholas-Caoaar Corsellis, Esq. of 
Wiveuiroe Hall, oo. Essex, and d. $. p. 1842. 
The eldest son, 

JoHir Bond, Esq. of Orange, b. 1753, «. his fkther, in 
1784. He la. hi 1798, Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of John 
Uoyd, Esq. of Cefticoed, oo. Cardigan, and by her (who 
d. in 1846) had issue^ 
Johk, his heir. 
Nathaniel, now of Orange. 
Elizabeth, m. in 1840, to the Rev. Charies Onslow. 
Leonora-8ophia» ta. in 1885, to the Rev. William Buller. 
Mr. Bond, who was M.P. for Corfe Castle, d. 12 May, 1824,' 
and was «. by his elder son, 

John Bond, Esq. of Orange, M.P. for Corfe Castle, who 
served as high-sheriff of Dorsetshire in 1830. He d. unm. 
18 March, 1844. and was i. by his brother, the present 
Rbv. Nathanibl Bond, of Orange. 

^rm»— 1st and 4th, Bond fandentX aa.. afesse, or; 2nd and 
3rd, Bond qf ComuaUf aig., on a chevron, sa., three 

Cre«tt— 1st. an eagle's wing, sa., chaiged with a fesse, or; 
2nd, a demi-pegBSUs, az., winged, and semte of estoilea^ or. 

Motto — Non sufficit orbis. 

Seat—Qrwago, in the Isle of Purbeck. 


BooKBB, Thomas- William, Esq. of The Leys and 
Cobrey Park, co. H^ereford, and Velindra House, co. 
Glamoi^gan, 6. 28 Sept. 1801; m. 4 Oct. 1824, Jan^ 
Anne, only dau. of tJie late John Coghlan, Esq., an 
officer in tne army, and has issue, 

I. Riohakd-Blakbmorb, b. 26 Jime, 1828. 

u. Thomas-William, 6. 7 Jan. 1881. 

in. John, b. 17 Nor. 1833. 

I. Anna. n. Maiy. 

Mr. Booker was returned M.P. for co. Hereford in 
1850. He is son of the Rev. Luke Booker, LL.D., 
F.R.L.S., vicar of Dudley, co. Worcester, and rector 
of Tedstone de la Mere, co. Hereford, by Anna his 
wife, dau. of Thomas Blakemore, Esq. of Darlaston, 
CO. Stafford, and sister of the late Richard Blake- 
more, Esq. of The Leys, M.P. for Wells. Mr. Booker 
has one half-brother, John-Key Booker, and three 
sisters, viz., 

Harriet-Esther, m. to James Willington, Esq. of Bristol. 

Catherine, m. to Leopold TUdasley, Esq. of Westbroni- 


^rm»— Or, an eagle, displayed, vert, ducally crowned, of 

— ,-. ..^...-^ , — , the first, beaked and membered, gu., within abordure, as., 

Wtttworth Oaroeys, Esqrs. of Boyland Hall, in Norfolk, charged with three fleurs-de-lis, gold. 

Md Kentoo Ball, in Suffolk. Mr. Denis Bond d. «. p. in Crettr—A demt-eagle, displayed. 

1741, snd the estates devolved upon his nephew. Seat*— The Leys snd Cobrey Park, co. Hereford; and 

John Boind, Esq. of Orange, b. 1717, M.P. for Corfe 
Oatle. from 81st Oboboc II. to 14th Obobob III., who 
m. la 1740, Mary, eldest dau. and co-hehr (with her tister, 
Btefaeth. wife of ValentiDe Knightley, Esq. of Pawsley 
Fitfk, in the oo. of Northampton) of Edmund Dummer, 
Is). of SwathUng, Hants, by the above-mentioned Leonora- 
~ » (tea. of Sir WilUam-Dutton Colt, snd had iMnie, 

L Jonr. his socoessor. 

o. Kathavibl (RiOBT HoH.X of HolmcL b. 17M, sometime 
M.P. lor Corfo CMtle. one of the most non. privy council, 
jadmKlvocate-general, a king's counsel, one of the lords 
oftAs Tiwiiiiij, uid a bencher of the Inner Temple, 

m. Thomasi of EgUaton, b. in 175<S, vicar of Coombe-with- 
Wool. ooTDorset, d. unm. in 1833. 

IT. Wilttam, of Tyneham. 6. in 1757, rector of Steeple-with- 
TynslMm, and a oanon of Bristol Cathedral, who m. 
Jsos^ <mfy dao. of Henry Biggs, Esq. of Stockton House, 
eo. Wilts, and had issue, 

1 Wmiam, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, a police 
Bugistimte^ xeoonler of Poole and Wareham, d. wuu. 

S John, vicar of Bath Weston, in Somersetshire^ now of 
S Usnry. vicar of Sooth Petherton, in Somersetshire, m. 

Velindra House, near Cardiff, co. Olamotgan. 


Booth, Richabd, Esq. of Qlendon HaU, oo. North- 

HitttSfft* — Jomr Booth, of London, <f . at his seat, 
Cheshunt, Herts, 14 Aug. 1783, leaving, by Anne his wife, 
dau. snd co-heir of William IJoyd, Esq. of Liverpool, four 
sons, John, William, Montsgu, and Bei^amin, and several 
daus. The eldest son, 

John Booth, Esq. of Theobalds, oo. Herts, then of 
Olatton, CO. Huntingdon, and lastly of Olendon, co. North- 
ampUm, b. in May, 1721, m. Phoebe Wilkinson, of London, 
an heiress, by whom (who d. about 1764.) he had issue. 
The 4th son, Robei't, of Huntingdon, and of Aloonbviry 
Hill, 6. about 1758, m. Mrs. Maule, of Huntingdon, and d. 
7 Aug. 1798, leaving issue, a dau., Phoebe (who m. and hod 
issue), and a son, Robert, b. in 1704 ; i». Miss Edwards, 
dau. of the Rev. Mr. Edwards, by whom he had two sons 
and six daus. Mr. Booth was «. at his decease, in 1782, by 

""**"' Sigitized by Google 


RioRABO Booth, Esq. of Glendoo Hall, oo. Northamp- 
ton, 6. in March, 1756, high-«herifr in 17M, m. Janet, dau. 
of Sir QilliM Payne, of Tompsford, oo. Bedford, Bart., and 
had issue, i. Jobk, his heir ; ii. Richard, 6. in 1709. d. 1821, 
Mtim, ; m. Oeoiffe-NovUle ; i. Janet, m. 1 Jan. 1828, to the 
Rev. Henry-Hule Sarel, rector of Baloombe, co. Sussex; 
n. Anne, d. unm. ; m. Lntitia-Mary, d. timn. ; it. Caroline- 
Matilda, m. in 1834, to Richard Palmer, Esq, (of the 
fiamily of Palmer qf Orantham) ; y. Eliza - Purefoy. Mr. 
Booth d. 24 Feh. 1807, and was t. by his eldest son, 

John Booth, Esq. of Olendon Hall, 6. 25 March, 1794, 
m. 14 Oct. 1835, Augusta De Capell-Brooke, 4th dau. of the 
late Shr Richard -Brooke De Capell-Brooke, of Oakley 
House, oo. Northampton, Bart., and left a son and heir, 
the present Richard Booth, Esq. of Olendon. Mr. Booth 
was a deputy-Ueutenaat for Northamptonshire, and sheriff 
in 1818. 

Jmu—Aig., three boars' head^ erect and erased, sa. 

Crut~-A liooL passant, tag* 

JfoMo— Quod ero. spero. 

£eai— Olendon Hall, oo. Northampton. 

Bobber, William, Esq. of Henfield, Sussex, J.P., 
F.R.S., and F.Ua, 6. in May, 1781; m. 28 March, 
1810, Elizabeth, dau. of Natbaniel Hall, Esq., and 
has issue, 
I. WiLUAM, of Brook Hill, Cowfold, M.A. J.P., ft\, Mar- 
garet, dau. of J. H. Borrer, Esq. of Brighton, and has 

n. Dawson. m. Undfield. 

I. Ann, m. to Nldkolas Hall, Esq. of Portslade. 

n. Tvanj, m. to the Ber. Charles Dunlop, H.A., vioar 

of Henfield, deceased, 
m. EUsabeth. it. IsabeL t. Adelaide. 

ftiltf afftt — WlLLUM BOBBKB, Of RuspOT, SuSSCX, who 

m. in 1008, Sarah Smith, of Hurstpierpoint, was father of 
two sons, William Borrer, of Rusper, and 

Jomr BoRBSB, of Rusper, who had, by Susanna his 
wifiB, William, his heir; John, of Ditohling; and other 
issue. The eldest son, 

William Bouuer, Esq. of Farkyns Manor, b. 1724 ; m. 
1750, Barbara, dau. and co^ieir of Edward Haiidess, Esq. 
of Alboume House (of the ancient family of Hardess), and 
d. 21 Jan. 1797, leaying by her (who d. 12 April, 1795), 
William; John, of Henfield; and other issue. The eldest 

WiLUAM BoRRKR, Bsq. of Pazkyns Manor, J.P. D.L., 
and high-sheriff of Sussex in 1801, was 5. 7 March, 1753. 
He m. 1 Aug. 1780, Maiy, dau. and oo-heir of Nathaniel 
lindfleld, of Dean House, by Mary Cliffbrd his wife, and by 
her (who d. 4 Sept 1807) hod iasuo, 
I. WiLUAiL now of BaiTow Hill, Henfield. 
n. John, or the Manor House. Portslade, Sussex, J.P., h. 
25 Dec 1784, m. 1st, Kitty, 2nd dau. of John Beckett^ of 
Henfield : she d. 7 April, 1811. He m. 2ndly, Mary-Anue, 
only dau. of John Upperton, of Amberley, which lady d. 
13 July, 1819, and Srdly, Sarah -Anne, Srd dau. of 
Nathaniel HaU of New Hall: hehasissua 
nu NATaAMiCL, of Parkyns Manor, oo. Sussex, J.P., 6. 
94 March. 1790. m. 4 Arail. 1811. Maxy-Anne, dau. of 
Richard Weekes, Esq. of Hurstoierpoiut, by Charity his 
wife, dau. and heir of the Rer. WUluun Hampton, rector 
of Plumpton, Sussex, and by this lady (who d. 5 Jan. 
1854) has iasoe^ 

1 Carbt-Hamptoh, in holy orders, rector of Hurstpier- 
point, M.A., and rural dean. 6. 13 Not. 1814. «. 17 
Auff. 1837, Elisabeth, 3rd dau. of James Orr, Esq. of 
Holyhead House, co. Down, by Jane his wife, dau. of 
Riohard Stewart, of Ballintoy 6»stl% and has lasu^ 
Oar^y-Hamptoo. 6. 13 July, 183S. 
Cliflbrd-Fortescue^ 6. 5 March. 1841. 
Charles-Alexander, 6. 4 Dec 1843. 
Jane-Cliflbrd. EUiabeth-Catharine. 

Isabella-EmilT. Charlotte-Augusta. 

Mary-Anne-Alioei Ida-Franoea. 

t Henrietta, m. 81 Mareb, 181T, to Oeonge OoUThis 
PoUard. of Lower Seymour Street, London, yom^r^t 
son of the late Rer. John Pollard, M.A., D.D.. rector of 
Bennington. Herts, by Sophia his wiCs, dau. of the 
late Qeoeral and Lady Frauccs Moi^gan. 
t Bmihr. m. 26 March. 1844. to Charles-Hodnms, only 
■on of C.-H.-L. Master, of Barrow Oraen House, oc 
BoxT^, and Codnor Castle^ oo. Derby, Esq. 

ilrsM— Ab., a Hon rampant, enninois, holding an anger 
(bcrar), ppr., in his dexter paw, a oherxon, ug., sbarged 


with fhtte inescutcheons, of the fidd, the centre bearing a 
white rose, seeded and pointed, ppr. 

Cre$t—A buck's head, ppr., erased, firetty, arg., holding an 
auger, ppr., in its mouth. 

Motto— Fide laboro. 

Seat— Barrow Bill, Henfield, Sussex. 


Borough, John-Cbarles-Burton, Esq. of Hul- 
land Hall, oo. Derby, and Chetwynd Park, co. Salop, 
6. 80 July, 1810 ; m. 11 July, 1848, Elizabeth- Char- 
lotte, dau. of Rear-Admiral Robert Qawen, and has 

I JoHN-SmNET, b. 2fi April, 1858. 

L Jane-Charlotte. 

ftCneaffe.— Thomas Bobbow, Bsq. of Oastlsfidd, oo. 
Derby, barrister-at-law, b. 3 June, 1709 (eldest son of Isaao 
Borrow, Esq. of HuUand, by Honora his 2iKi wifb, only 
dau. of Thomas Burton, Esq., and erentiially sole beiresa 
of her brother, Bobert Burton, of the elder branch of the 
Burtons, desoendsd fhmi Jaoobus de Burton, which Isaao 
Borrow was son of John Borowe, Esq. of Hulland, hi^- 
sherifir of Derbyshixe in 1688, by Maiy his wife, dau. oC 
Curwen Bawlinson, Esq. of Cark Hall, oo. LanoashireX was 
recorder of Derby for forty years. He m. Anne, dau. and 
heir of John Alt, Esq. of Loughborough, oo. Leicester, and 
d. 6 August, 1786, leaving a son, 

Thomas Bobouob, E^. of Castlefield, who first reoorded 
in the College of Arms the dumge in the spelling of the 
name fh>m Borrow. He was of University CoU^pe, Oxford, 
a barrister-«t4aw of the Middle Temple, and was sometime 
captain in the Leicester Militia. He m. 96 April, 1788, 
Jane, only dau. of William Smithson, Esq. of Ledstoue 
Parte, Ferrybridge, co. Tork, and by her had issue, 

Jobn-Chablib-Bubtoh, his heir. 

Jane, m. 3 May, 1832, to QeoTKe HilL Esq.. captain royal 
horse artilleiy, eldest son of Sir KooertOhambre Hill, of 
Bees Hall, oo. Salop. 

Anna-Honora, d. unm. 19 Oct 1862. 
Mr. Borough, who removed from Castlefield to Chetwynd 
Park, in 1803, was t. at his decease by his only surviving 
son and heir, the present Johh-Chablss-Bubtov Bobouoh, 
Esq. of Chetwynd Park. 

ilrms—Gu., the root of aa oak-tree, eradicated and ooiiped. 
in pale, sprouting out two branches, ppr., with the shieU of 
Pallas **«^'»^g <'>g thereon, or. 

CWi«— An eagk^ ppr., hokUng the shield of PaUaa In its 

JToOe— Vfaiute et robore. 

£ftit— HuUaud Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. , 

borthwick of crookston and borth- 
wick castlr 

Borthwick, John, Eeq. of Crookston and Borth- 
wick Castle, CO. Edinbui^L 

lineage.— The somame of Borthwick is apparently 
local, assumed tmm lands of that name on Borthwidc 
Water, co. Selkirk. Thomas de Borthwidc obtained some 
lands near Lauder, in Berwickshire, ftem Bobort Lander, of 
Quarrelwood, in the reign of King David II. Bkr William 
Borthwick was poeseesor of the lands of Catkune, in the 
reign of King Bobbbt II. whkh appears by a charter dated 
in 1878. 

Sm WnxuM B obih w wj k, Junior, ambesndor at Rome in 
1426, was created Baboh Bobthwiok, in 143S, and d. in 
1468, leaving two sons, vis., William, second Lord Borth- 
wick, and Jom db Bobtmwick, who aoqulred the estate of 
Crookston in 1446, and from whom descended, through nine 
generatioiis, (as set forth in the petition presented to the 
House of Lords, regarding the suoceseion to the peerage,) 

JoHV BoarawiOK, Esq. of Crookston, who m. in 1787, 
Oriael, eldest dan. of Oe<ngeAdinston,Esq. of Oarcant, and 
left, at his decease, a son and successor, 

JoHH BoBTHWiCK. Esq. of Crookstouand BorthwidcCastH 
J.P. and D.L.. who «. 1st, 16 March, 1819, Anne, eldest 
dan. of the Right Hon. Bobert Duaias. of Amiston. and 
by her had issue, 1 Jomr, now of Borthwidc and Crook- 
ston; S Robert; 8 William-Hauy; 1 Elizaboth; 2 Ozaoe* 
Henrietta, d. in 1838; and 3 OraocL He m. 2ndly, Mm 
Simpson, widow of CoL Sbnpeon, of Plean, oo. Surttng^ 
and hod issue by her. 

ilna»— Arg., three cinquefdlB, sa. 
AyigwrtfrH-Two aogeli^ ppr., winged, ««^T ^ 


€Vfl»— A Moor's hand, ooopod. ppr. 
ir«ttiM»-- ** <^ eoiMludt.'' uid " Fkle St spe.** 
fcrt —Crook rt op, oo. Edinbiugh. 


BofiuiQUST, SamubItRichabd, Esq. of the Forefii 
Home, Epping Forest^ oo. Easez, and of Dingestow 
Courts 00. Monmouth, b, 1 April, 1800 ; m. 4 Feb. 
1830, Emily, eldeet dau. of Geoige Courthope, Esq. 
of Whili^ Soasez, and has issue, 

L SAJtUKL-OoDBTHOPB, 6. % Maroh, 188i. 

n. aaade, 6. 8 Nor. ISSS. 

m. Geoige-Staiilejr, 6. 18 April, 18S6. 

IT. Frederick-Albert, b. 8 Feb. 1887. 

y. Walter-Henry, 6. 10 Jan. 1889. 

TL Vdmnnd-Fletcher, 6. S Sept 1840. 

TIL Beginald-DftTid, ft. S4 Jan. 1847, deeeased. 

Tm. William-DaTid, b. 8 June, 1849. 

DL Ricberd-Arthur, ft. S5 May, 186i. 

L Kmily-Letitia. n. Fanny-EUabeth. 

m. EUok-Edith. 

Uneagf • — PxsBBB, grandson of Foulorand Bosaaquet, 
ards Boaanqoet, wn. about I628> Antoinette MaiaTieUe, and 

Pnasa, of Ltmel, in Langaedoo, who bad seren children. 
At fhe revocation of tbe Edict of Nantes, the family became 
firided; Ute two elder sons of Pierre, John and David, 
; rafoge in Wngisnd, where John was subsequently 
»byprlTateaotof pariiaDMnt,inl706. The Stnd 

DATm BoBAvquR, m, 1097, EUxabeth, dan. of daude 
Bayaa, Bsq., and d. 1782, leaving issue, i. Datid, ft. 1099, a 
■Thimi in London, and a learned antiquary. He d. in 
1741, leaTing an only cbUd, Biobard, wbo d. wna. ; 
o.SA]nraL, ft. 1700, of whom presently ;; ui. Claude, d, t.p.; 
IT. Benjamin, M.D., F.B.B., one of the oouncO of tbe B<^ 
Sedety, in 1749, d. «. j^ ; T. Jaoob. (8t$ Bosakqttbt qf 
Bnai b o unt dw^ . ) L Susannah, ft. 1698, m. Cbaiies Van Notten, 
B^. of Amsterdam ; and tt. Blianor, m. Heniy Lannoy 
laq., and had issue. The Snd son of DaTid 

BAMim. BoaAsqnmr, Esq. of the Forest House, lord of 
Ibe manor of Low HaU, oo. Essex, «t. in 1788, Mary, dan. 
■ii aole heiress of William Dunster, Esq. (son of Henry 
Doastar, Esq., and Mary, dau. and sole heirees of Henry 
Gardiner, BSq. M.P. fbr nchester, in the 12th of Chas. II.) 
by Ann, dau. of Sir Peter Vandeput, and had issue, 
Samvbl ; ^nUSam, who d. ama. in 1818 ; Anna-Maria, m, to 
bar eouiin Peter Ganseen, Esq. ; and Mary, sk. to the Bev. 
Jofan-WBIiam de la Flecbere. The eldest son, 

Samukl Bosavqubt, of Forest House, and also of Dinges- 
tow Ooortk oo. Monmouth, lieutenant of the Forest of 
Wahbam, J.P. and D.L. for Essex, ft. in 1744, was high- 
ibedf of that diiie in 1770 : be la. in 1767, bis oonrin 
Baaaor, dan. of Henry Innnoy Hunter, Esq. Mr. Bosan- 
fist WW Ootecnor of the Bank of England in 1798. Bed. 
Bamuml^ his heir. 

Chaiie^ of Bock, co. Northnmberiand, J.P. and D.L., 
fa%bHinevifrof Northnmberland, hi 1828. He la. Charlotte^ 
dan. of Peter Holford, Esq., Master in Chancery, and had 
sarviring issue, Bobert-Wuliam, in holy orders, wbo m. 
Fomeea, dan. of C6L PuIUne, of Crake HaU, Toiksbire. 
and has issue; Oeorge-Henry, also in holy orders; and 

Jonr BBDiAJiD (Star), one of the Judgea of tbe Common 
Pleas, and a member of the prtvy council. He ta. in 
1894, Manr-Anne^ ddeet dau. of Richard Lewis, Esq. of 
UantBio O i oaien ny, co. Monmouth, and bad a son, Lewis- 
Beraard, w^io d. «. j». 
Ae eldest son, 

Bunnx. BoBAiTQinnr, Bsq. of tbe Forest House and Dhi- 
fMtow Court, ft. in Aug. 1768, la. 19 Jan. 1798, Leetitia- 
PUIppa, tbe younger of the two daus. (tbe dder, Camilla, 
■. to Sir Cbarlss Style, Bart) of James Whatman. Esq. of 
Tbrteia. Kent, I7 bis 1st wife^ Sarah, eldest dan. of Edward 
, Esq., LL.D., eouain of tbe 11th Bail of Deii^, and 

MiinfrRTTTF**". now of Fotest House. 
Jsmes-Wbntman, ft. Jan. 1804: m. In 1840, MereUna, only 

daa. of thsRigfct Hon. Sir Nicbobs-Conyni^um TIndal, 

Loid Oiief Joatloe of the Common Flea^ and baa a son, 

Jsmes-Tlndal, ft. in 1841. 
Wilfiam-Heniy, ft. Feb. 1806. , , 

Edward-Stanley, ft. March, 18061 in holr oniers. 
OBTiea^ohn, ft. ft May. 1807, of Wfldwood, Middlesex 

oot aN., m. e Jnns^ IS93, his oousto, Chadottȣttai^ 


youngest dan. of Jaoob Bosanquet, Esq. of Broxbourtt- 

bury. Herts, and has issue, Qenrietta-Letitia-Bliza; and 


Frederick-Bernard, ft. Nov. 1818. 
Eleanor-Lntitia, m. in 1852, to William, third son ot 

Samuel Qauseen. Esq. of Brookmuis, Herts. 
Camilla, m. to William Needham, Esq. of Lenton. Notts. 
Qeoiviana, la. to Thomas, fourth son of Sir John Ogilvy, 

Mr. Bosanquet, a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the 
counties of Essex and Moxunouth, served the office of high- 
sheriff of the latter county hi 1816. He d. hi June, 1843. 

^rsw— Or, on a mount, vert, a tree, ppr. ; on a chief; gu., 
a creeoent between two mullets^ aig. ; quartering Dukstsb 
and OABDiHEa. 

Orat — A demi-lion, rampant, oouped, gu. 

S e a t i Dingestow Court, Monmouthshire; Forest Bouse^ 


Bosanquet, Qsobob-Jacob, Esq. of Broxbonrn- 
bnry, 00. Herts, high-sheriff of that shire in 18d8, 6. 
1 July, 1791 ; m, 28 Oct. 1881, his cousin Cecilia, 
dan. of William Franks, Esq. of Beech Hill, and 
widow of Samuel-Robert Oaussen, Esq. of Brook- 
mails, Herts, and has a dau., 

Mr. Bosanquet was his Majesty's chai^g;^ d'affisdres at 
Madrid fh>m 1828 to 1880. 

%intUQt*— Jaoob BoeAvqun, Hb son of David Bosan- 
quet, the first settlerin England, m. lA 1748, BUaabotb, dan. 
of John Hanbury, Esq. of Kelmanh^ do. If orthaaq>ton, and 
had Issue, 
I. Jacob, bis hehr. 

u. William, banker of London, m. in 1787, Cbaxlotte-Elisa- 
be^ dau. of John Ives, Esq.. and had issuei 
1 WilUam-Geotge-IveiL m. Elisa, dau. of Patrick Cum- 
ming, Esq., and has Issue. 

S Augustus-Henry, m. Loiiisu, dau of David Bevan, Esq. 
of Belmont, Herts, and has issue. 
8 John, la. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas BoUeau, Esq., and 

4 Bamud, m. Sophia, dau. of James Broadwood, Esq. 

5 Edwin, in holy orders, m. Ellsa, dau. of Thomas 
Terry, Esq. of Dununer House, Hants, and has issue. 

1 Charlotte-Blisabeth-IvesL 

S Emma, m. to the Chevalier de Eantzow, His Swedish 
K^jesty's minister at Lisbon. 

8 Sophia, m. to her cousin, WlUiam-John, eldest son of 
John- William Commerell, Esq. of Strood. Sussex. 
4 Harriet, m. to John-Raymond Barker, Esq. of Fairfoid 
Park, Gloucestershire, and is deceased. 
III. Henry, of Clanville, Hants, served the office of high- 
sheriff of that 00. in 1816, «a. in 1790, Caroline^ dau. of 
Christopher Anstey, Esq., the poet, and bad issue, Henry, 
m. Maxy, dau. of William Riol»rds, Esq., and has issue, 
rv. Susannah, la. to James Whatman. Esq. of Vinters, Kent. 
▼. Maiy, fa. to John-William Commereu, Esq. of Strood, 

▼L EUaabeth, m. to her cousin, Samuel-Bobert Gaossen, 
Esq. of Brookmans, Herta. 
The elder son, 

Jacob Bosahqukt, Esq. of Broxboumboty, 00. Herts; 
forty*five years an East India Director, served as sheriff of 
the county in 1808. He ia. in 1790, Henrietta, dau. of Sir 
George Armytage, Bt., and had. with two daus. (Henrietta- 
Maria, m. to her cousiu John Wentworth, Esq., and Char- 
lotte-Eliza, m. to her cousin, Ci^t. Charles-John Bosanquet, 
R.N.) two sons, GxoBOx-JAobB, now of Broxboumbury, and 
Richard-Godfrey, b. 29 Sept. 1798, la. Grace, dau. of mUiam 
Browne, Esq. of Brownes Hill, co. Carlow. 

Arms, 4^.— As Bosanqubt o/Forttl Hovm. 
Aea<-^Broxboumbury, Herts. 

:bosvile of ravenfield. 

B08VILB, Thomas -Bob VILE, Esq. of Rayenfiehi 
Parte, 00. York, 6. 4 May, 1799; m. in Aug. 1829, 
Harriet, dau. of William Ja<^son, Esq., depu^-com.- 
gen., and widow of Samuel Petrie, Esq. Mr. Bos- 
vUe, who is 2nd son of tiie late Robert-Newton Lee. 
Esq. of Louth and Littlecoate, assumed, hj royal 
license, in 1829, the surname of B08VILX, in lieu of 
his patronymio, Lbb, upon succeeding to the Rayen- 
field estate, on the d«ith of his kinsman, the late 
Lieutk-Ck>L Thomas -James Bosrile, in accordance 
with the will of the Bey. Thonuui Boeyilc, of B»toi^ 

B T 

B T 

field. He is a mugistrate for the West Riding of 

ILltttK^tt — ^There are fbwfamiliM in England which can 
b« traced, by means of authentic evidences, through so 
many centuries, as that of Bosvile. 

The eumame is found in England from nearly the time of 
the Conquest, when, in all probability, it was introduced. 
In a charter of Humphrey de Bohun, dated in 1126. a Wil- 
liam de Doevile appeai-s aa a witness. In a ohartulary of 
the abbey of Warden, in Bedfordshire, a William de Bi^svUe 
is spoken of as his knight by Geffrey de Maundevile, the 
Earl, that is, of Essex ; and Michael, son of William de 
Bosvile, was an early benefhctor to the same house. The 
senior branches, seated at New Hall, Darfleld, at Ounth- 
waite, oc. York, and at Bradboum, oo. Kent, are all now 
•xUnot in the male line. 

Tas Rbv. Thomas Bosviub, vicar of Bralthwell, eldest 
son of Thomas Boevile, Beq. of Bralthwell, by Alice his 
wlfb, who recorded hia pedigree at Sir William Dugdale's 
ViaiUUon in 1666, d. in 1674, leaving (with two daus.) an 
only eon, 

Ths Bit. Thomas Bosyili. vicar of Bralthwell, and 

rector of Sandal Parva, near Doncuter, who m. Elizabeth, 

only child of Alexander Hatfield, Eeq., and dying in 1711, 

left, with four daus., six sons, 

1. Thomas, B.D., retor of Ufford, oo. Northampton ; who 

d. in 1718, aged 40. leaving, by Elisabeth hia wife, 

sister and co-heir of John Bolle, Esq. of Thorpe Hall, co. 

linoohi, three daus., his co-heirs, 

1 Margaret, who m. James Birch, Esq. of Coventrv; 

and a, in 1778, leaving two sons and one dau. ; the 

8nd son, the Rev. James Birch, d. in 182S. aged 

84; the eldest son, Thomas Bibch, of Thorpe Hall, 

Eaq^ was fkther of Licirr.-CoL. Thomas-Jambs BntcH, 

of Thorpa, of whom presently, as successor to the 

Raveufittkl estate ; the only dau.. Elisabeth Birch, m. 

Bobert Lee, of Louth and littleooate. and d. in 1819, 

leaving an only son, Robert • Newton Lee, Esq. of 

Coldrey, Hants, who w. iu 1793. Harriet - Elisabeth, 

dau. of the R«v. Joseph Warton. D.D., head-master of 

Winchester CoUese, and d. in 1837. leaving, with Junior 

issue, Robert • Newton Lee, Esq. of Taunton, and 

Thomas -BosviLB Lkb. who a to Ravenfidd at the 

deooHse of his kinsman. CoL Bosvile. in IS^, and 

having assumed the sunuune and arms of Bosvile, is 

the present Tuomas-Bosvili Bosvile of Ravenfield, 


1 Ehaabeth, m. let, to Alexander Emmerson, Esq. of 
Retford ; and Sndly. to the Rev. Stephen Ashton. 
S Bridget, m, to her cousin, Thomas Bosvile, Esq. 
n. Alexander, who had an only dau., Elisabeth, 
in. Jasper, who d. mnw. in Barbary. 
IV. JoHM, of whom preseutly. t. Anthony. 

T1. Uxigh, of the cit V of York, whose only dau. and h^, 
Mary, m. Tbomaa Piaoo, Esq. 


JoHK BosTiLS, of London, m. Mary, dau. of Henry 
Bobtos. and bad, with a dau.. Mary, an only son, 

Thomas Boaviu, who became po aeesj ed of th« estate of 
Ulveraorofl Abbey, oo. Leioester, by the will of his distant 
rslatkm, Chariea BosvUe, Esq. of Byanna. in StaflTordahiie. 
He m. his cousin Bandget, Srd dau. and co-heir of the Rev. 
Thomas Bosvik, rector of Ciford. and dying m ITTl, was $. 
b|y his eia«r SOB. 

WiLUAM-pAiuuii BoenuK, Bk). of Ulrerscrort Abbey and 
BaventMd Hall, who 4, without ivoe m ISll, and was «. by 
his brother. 

Tmk Rkv. Thomas Bosvtlx. of Ravenfleld. who d. wtm. 
tn l)i:M» having made by will a settlement of his estates on 
tha dsricendanUof hts elxl<»st »ant. Margaret Bcevile, wife of 
JaoMS Burahk Esq. : under that di^Msition. he was «. by hia 

Tmuma»Jamvs Bocb. of Tborpe HaU. tieat.-col. let life- 
gMHrds, who assumed, the sttnuuu« of Bostilb. by sign- 
manual. Ha d. «. jk in 1^:^. and was «. by his ccniain 
TwetAS-BosTiLm Lbs; ths present poaaessor of Bav<iaifield. 

Jr«i»— Arr .» ftve fWsOs in tese. gu. ; in chieC three bean' 
kaa^l9y aa. 
tV»«r->Aa «>x issttixtf (hwi a knoQ of tinws, ppr. 
Msfttit — lutvuco iu Ueum aumi%\ 
ai Rav^nHeki Hall^ near IKucMtsr, ca Toriu 


Itot«tJK». WiuXkX. E»). of BrocI: S(r«e< EMrtiy, 
•aw K«iiv i. i;} 0«C lSlv>. M. A.> bMnst«f^«t-kv. 
%Uif 3(t« — This l^&ulr is cf vtiT- ancjant stevfiag In 

fifteenth century, we find John Boteler. of Sandwich, eo. 
Kent, mayor' of that corporation, aiinu 1440-3-4, and 1445 ; 
one of the burgesa in parliament for Sandwich in 1445 and 
1447, and one of the suppertera of the canopy at the corona- 
tion of Haroarbt, Queen of Henrt VI., 30 May, 1445. He 
waa buried in St. Peter'a Church, Sandwich. His descen- 

Wiluam Boteleb, Esq., P.8.A. of Brook Street, fal 
Eastry, h. 4 Oct. 1745 (son of Richard Boteler. Esq. of 
Brook Street, in EastryX who d. in 1792), m. Ist, 26 April, 
1774, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Fuller, Esq. of Statonborough^ 
CO. Kent, by whom (who d. 9 Jan. 1777.) he had a son, 
William-Fdllbr,' late of Eastry. Mr. Boteler m. Sndly, 
16 March, 1785, Mary, dau. of John Harvey, Esq. capt. R.N. 
(who died of wotmds received in the action of the Ist of 
June, 1794), and by her had, 

Richard, lieut.-col. royal engineers; b. 24 Oct. 1786; lost 

at s«i on bis return m>m Halifax, in 1833. 
Henry, comm. R.N. ; 6. 16 Feb. 1793; w. 1 Dec. 1829, 

Henrietta, duu. of the late Allan Bellingham, Esq., and 

niece of the late Sir WiUiam Bellingham. of Cftstle Bol- 

lingham, Bart, and has issue one dau., Mary-JuUa- 

John Harvey, comm. R.N. ; b. 11 Feb. 1796 ; m. 15 Aug. 1832, 

Helen-Agnes, 5th dau. of ti&e late Jamee West, Esq. of 

Bryanstone - square, London, and has issue, WilualJc- 

JoHir, 6. 12 Nov. 1842 ; Emma-Mary ; Julia-Elisabeth ; 

Helen- Agnes; Annie- Adelaide. 
Thomas, comm. R,N ; 6. 1 Mary, 1797 ; d. 28 Nov. 1829, whilo 

in command of H.M.S. " HecLi," employed on asurveyin^r 

and exploring expedition on the coast of AfHca. 
Edward, M.A.. and fellow of Sidney Sui«ex College, Cam- 

bridge, vicar of St. Clement's^ Sandwich; 6. 29 April, 

1798 ; d. 9 Aug. 1831. 
Robert, capt royal engineers ; b. 11 Sept 1801 ; m. 3 Dec. 

1835, Maria- Anne, only dau. of the Kev. John-Thomaa 

Casbard. D.C.L. 
Elisa, lu. 6 Jiily. 1819. to the Rev. C.-J. Burton, M. A., vicar 

of I^dd. CO. Kent and has issue. 
Julia, m. 18 Jan. 1820, to the Rev. Thomas-Stophen Hodgeo^ 

M.A., late rector ot Little Waltham, Essex; and d. 20 Nov. 

1824, leaving issue. 
Maria. Agnes. Bertha. 

Mr. Boteler d. 4 Sept. 1818, and was «. by hia son, 

Wiluam-FullceBotsler, Esq. of Brook Street* in Eastry, 
Q.C. and ben^or of Lincoln's Inn, recorder of the city of 
Canterbury, and towns and ports of Sandwich, Hythe, azul 
Kstw Ronm^, and of the borough <^ Deal, and steward of 
tlie town of Fordwich ; b. b Jan. 1777, m. 29 Nov. 1808, 
Charlotte, dau. of the lata James-Leigh Joynes, Eaq. of 
Mount Pleasant, near Qraveaond, and had ias*ie, 

I. William, present represeutttive. 

IL Richard. 6. 2 MAy, ISil, now of St. J<dm*8 CoUeg«, 

m. ThomAs. 5. 10 Sept 1823 ; d the foUovring day. 
L Chariott*-Grac«. u. Mary 

m. Kliz2*both-Oitherine. nr. Sarah. 

T. Catherine. tl Anne. d. 1839. 

jPM*— Arg., three eecodwons, aa.. each charged with a 
covered cup. or. 

Crt$ t A covered cop. or. between a pair of vrings. endoraed, 
the dexter, arg . sinister, ax. 

Hotto—Do not for tn repent. 

&ai~BrxMk-«treet, Sastzy. Kent. 


BoTriELD, Beriah, Esq. of Norton HaU, co. 
Northampton, and Decker Hill, co. Salop, JJ*., 
MJU F.K.S., and F.S^\., &. 5 March, 1S07; a. hia 
father. 27 AitiL 1S13; higb-sheriff of Northampton- 
shire in 1S;$1. and M.P. for Ludlow from 1S40 to 
1847. Chevalier of the Order of Albeit the BraTe of 
Saxony, and Knight of the Ordo* of Iteopold of 

l.ilir3lft.~T1na is a bcaaeh of the ancisnt fiunOy of 
BorrrTUK ^ Mv tt t fi*^ in Shropefaira. founded by Geoflry 
and Our«r Bo««TTie, who caaae o««r Croas Poitna to aaaiat 
Kuig JoHX in h's wwa with the baroaa in Ul*. 

Thomas Bk^rvrsLDS, hrixag 5tk Hssbt T., Mh ia dfceot 
tpom Sa GeoffrvT Btitevyiie, hvisg a-Al lilt, waa &ther of 
two «oca, Wiuat^M BuTsrsLnc. m:^t» WiHam ** de U Inn." 
sacct$tor of tSe TliTttBea. Mar^<aeE«acs of Bath ; and Josji 
BorcrsLri;. I^^h Uucav TI.. gmbi£k£ber cf 
t W:li„lam BorrrTLS, of BocerrK Ckareh Strettcai. Slirop> 
shrre. vho <a. Jovc«» dsa. of J«Kkyu Sackey. of I ~ 
atti hftJ» wtthyimagii uaa^ a sea aaid h^ 


Tboxas Botsvtlk, of Botevyle, who tn. twice : by bis ' 
let wife, Margaret, dau. of ThomaB Palmer, of Hughley, 
be hftd a ion, Thoxas, ancestor of the Botevyles of 
B^ttyie ; and by JoiUi. his 2nd wife, he left, Peter, living 
1023 ; John, of Leighton ; Richard, of Shrewsbury ; and 
Humphrey, of Frodsley. The 2nd son, John Dotevtle, 
«r Lei^ton, was fkther of Wiluam Botettlk, alias Wil- 
UDi BoTTiELD, of Leighton, who d. before 3 May, 1639, 
ksTisg a mm, Thomas BomKLD, of Eaton Constantlne, co. 
Bilop. A.D. 1066, father, by Mary his 1st wife, of 

TB03IA8 BoTFiXLD, of Dawlsy, buried there 28 May, 1735. 
By Abigail hia wifo, be letl a dau., Agnes B^>tevyle, m. 
at Madeky, 17 Nov. 1728, and a son. 

BniAH BonriELD, Esq. of Dawley, b. 28 Feb. 1702. He 
m. Margaret, dan. of John and Ann Adams; and d. 
8 Apdl, 17M, tearing a son, 

TaoacAS Botfield, Esq. of Dawley and Ditton Stoke, 
«a. Salop, and Norton Hidl, oo. Northampton, 6. 14 Feb. 
1736; who m. 39 Sept 1761, Margaret, only dau. of William 
Bdcar, Esq. of Bromley, in the parish of Worfield, Salop, 
and by her (who d, 5 Not. 1803) had issue, 

Thomas, his heir. 

VnoiAM, of Decker Hill, oo. Salop, 6. 7 May, 1766 ; m. 
14 Jan. 1794, Lucy. dau. of John Bishton, Esq. of RilsalL 
Mr. Botarld served as high-sheriff m IdOO. He d. a j). 
. » Dec 1860; and his widow 9 Dec. 1851. 

BsBiAB, of Norton Hall, co. Northampton, b. 27 July. 
1768: wi. 26 July, 1806, Charlotte, dau. of William Wither- 
isg. M.D., of The Larches, Edgbaston, near Birmingham, 
by Heknahis wife, only dau. of Qeoige Ckiokes, Esq., and 
ttxth Amery his wife ; and dying 27 April, 1813, left a son, 
. the present Bcuab Botfixld. of Norton Hall and Decker 

Mr. Botfidd d. 5 April, 1841, and was «. by his son, 

Thomas Botfixld, Esq. of Hopton Court, co. Salop, 5. 
14 Ftb. 1702 ; ». 14 Feb. 1800. Lucy, dau. of William Skel^ 
boms, of LiTerpooL Mr. Botfield, a ma^pstrate and deputy- 
Bcntfoant of Shropshire, served as high-sheriff of the 
eosBty in 1818. He d. t. p. 17 Ja«. 1843. 

Jm^—Barry of twelve, or and sa. 
Cratr—A. reindeer, statant, or. 
Jf octs-— J'ay bonne cause. 

S'rf—Norton Hall, co. Northampton ; and Decker Hill, 


BoucHEREiT, Ayscoqhb, Esq. of Willingham and 
StalliDgborough, co. Xjincoln, J.P., high-«herili' in 
K:iO, 6. 24 Sept 1791; m. 11 May, 1816, Louisa, 
dso. of Frederick-John Pigou, Esq. of Dartford, in 
Kcbt, and Hill Street, Berkeley Sqiuire, London, 
tod his wife, Louisa, dan. of Humphrey Minchin, 
Esq. of Stubbington, Hants, by whom he has had 

L Aywoghe, b. S2 June, 1817; d. 6 Aug. 183S. 

n. HxjTBT-BoBEBT, b. 23 Aug. 1818 ; in the I7th lancers. 

m. Hugow b. 31 Dec. 1810. 

L Looiaa. n. Emilia. m. Jessie. 

linnijlf.— TIm Bouchoretts are of ancient French 
daeeat. Annon de Boncherat, who d. in 1564, ATOcat du 
Bn ; asd Louis Boucherat, of the same £&mily, son of Jean 
Boacherst, Maitre des Comptes, was Chanoelier de France 
ind Garde des Seeanx in 1686. The first who settled at 
inSisgham was Matbsw Bou^hbbet, naturalised in 1644. 
Bk dMceodant, 

Mathxw Bo ummtS TT, Esq. of Willingham. co. Lincoln, 
«. Sanh, dsn. of Sir — Hungerford, Knt,, and was 

Mathcw Booobxbrt, Esq, of Willingham, who m. 
IwfasOa, Snd dao. and oo-heiress of Sir Edward Ayscoghe, 
KaL, of StaUingborough and South Ke)sey, oo. Lincoln, by 
Mary Us wifo, dau. and oo-heiress of William Harfooard, 
Bm)^ and bmi an only son, 

ATBoooaa BoiTCHcium, Esq. of Willingfaam and Stalling- 
Wra^k, who m. Mary, dau. of ~ White, Esq., and hod 
iMw (with a dau. Mary, m. to Michael Bame, Esq. of 
HsOeriey snd Dnnwfcfa, lieut-coL of tiie 7th light dragoons, 
ssd M.P. for Donwich) a son and successor, 

Atsoochk BoucrasBrrr, Esq. of Willingham and Stalling- 
banish, who ■». 17 Mait^, 1789. Emilia, dau. of Charles 
Cnebtt. Esq. of Luzboroogb Hall, Essex, and Anne his 
vMa, dan. and heiress cf Heniy Muilman, Esq. of Dagen« 
hsa Flack, co. Essex, and Ajum) his wife, dau. and co-heir of 

B O U 

Sir John Damall, Knt., and his wife, the dau. and heiress 
of Sir ThoiEss Jenner, Knt., Justice of the Common Pleas. 
By this marriage he had a son and three daus., Atsooohs, 
now of Willingham ; Emilia-Mary; Maria, widow of Charles- 
Newdigate Newdegate, Esq. of Harefield, oo. Middlesex; and 
Juliana. Mr. Boucherett d. 15 Sept. 1815. 

^mM— Quarterly : 1st and 4th. as., a cock, or, armed, Ac, 
for Boucherett ; 2nd and 8rd, sa.. a fesse, or, between three 
asses, passant, aiig.. for Atsooghb. 

Crut — A cocka^ce, or. 

Ifoeto— PrimA voce salutat. 

gea<— Willingham. oo. lincohi. 


BouLTBEE, Joseph-Moore, Esq. of Springfield, co. 
Warwick, m. 6 Aug. 1816, the Lady Elizabeth-Mar- 
garet-Ferrers Townshend, 3rd dau. of the late Mar- 
quees Townshend, and has ieeue, 
I. Henry-Towkshxhd, 6. 8 March. 1827; an offloer in the 

royal horse artillery. 
X. Charlotte-Elizabeth. n. Henrietta, 

m. Elizabeth, m. to James Roberts-West, Esq. of Alsoot 
Park, 00. Warwick. 
. IT. Emily, m. to Capt. E.-V. Maddnnon, 5th dragoon- 

Mr. Boultbee is lieut-col. of the Warwickshire militia. 
He is son of Joseph Boultbee, Esq. and Elizabeth 
Moore his wife, and has three brothers and two 
sisters, viz., 

I. Richard-Moore, m. Mary, dau. of Sir Christopher Pegge. 

n. Edward-Moore, m. Beatrice, dau. of John Boultbee^ 
Esq. of Baxteriy, co. Warwick. 

ni, Frederick-Moore, capt. R.N. 

I. Charlotte- Anna, m. to Lieut. -Col. Dimdas. 

n. Helena-Maria, m. to the Rev. J.-W. Bree, of Allesley. 

Af otto— Spes in Deo. 

/6ea<— Springfield House, near Knowle, oo. Warwick. 


BouLTON, Rev. Anthony, of Moulton, oo. Lincoln, 
rector of Preston Capes, in Noithamptonshire, 6. 
4 June, 1788; m, 29 June, 1819, Haniet, 8rd dau. 
of Thomas Lane, Esq. ol Selsdon, in Surrey, by Anne 
bis wife, only dau. and heiress of Heniy Bowyer, 
Esq.,* and bas two daus., 


Mr. Boulton «. his father 11 March, 1828. 

%itlt&Slt* — ^This fiunily was formerly possessed of con- 
siderable property at Stixwold, in Lincolnshire ; and in the 
56th of Hknbt III., we find Thomas de Bolton sheriff 
of that county. 

Hbnrt Boultoh, Esq. of Moulton, J.P. for Rutland and 
Lincoln, member of the Board of Green Cloth, Ac, son of 
Henry Boulton, Esq., by Alice Bolton, of Moulton, his wife; 
m. Ist, Mrs. Elizabeth Berridge, but had no issue. He «». 
2ndly, Miss Sarah Buckworth, and had one dau., Eli»- 
beth, m. to the Rev. Cbaries KnighUey. Mr. Boulton nu 
Srdly, Mary, dau. of D'Arcy Preston, Esq. of Askham, in 
Yorkshire, and had throe sons, vis., 

Hbnrt, his heir. 

D'Arcy, one of Her Mx^jesty's fudges in Upper Csnada. 

Geoiige, m holy orders, rector of Oxenden, Northampton- 
He was t. by his eldest son, 

Henbt Boulton, Esq. of Moulton, of the Middle temple, 
barrister-at-Uw ; who la. 1st, 17 April, 1781, Susannah, 
eldest dau. and oo-heir of Mr. Seijeant James Forster, by 
Susannah his wife, dau. of Sir John Strange, Master of the 
Rolls, and had one son and one dau., vis., Anthony, his 
heir, and Maiy. He m. Sndly, Mary, dau. of John Franck- 
Im, Esq. of Great Barford, in Bedf ordshtae ; and Srdly, 
Harriet, youngest dau. of the Rev. Baptist Isaac, of 
Whitwell, in the CO. of Rutland : by the latter he had two 
daus., viz., 

HaiTiet. m. to the Rev. Henry-De Foe Baker, of Greetham, 
in Rutlandshire. 

Elizabeth, m. to her cousin, Qeoige-Strange Boulton, Esq. 
of Cobouiig, Upper Canada. 

* By Anne his wife, sole dau. and heiress of J. Bennett 
Esq. of East Qrlnstead, Sussex. 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


Mr. Boulton wttidAd, 4thl7, Mary-Winiflwl^ dan. oflieut- 
Col. Durell, and had another dau., 

Anna-Maria, m. to Donald-Chrlatophar BaynM^ Esq., 8rd 
■on of Bir ubriatophar Baynaa, Bart. 
Da m. fithly, Bmma, 4th dau. of the late Thomaa Lane^ 
Eaq. of Seladon. and younger alater of hie eldeet ion'a wlfo, 
by whom he had one eon, 

Jamea. b. in May, 1810. 
Mr. Boulton d. 11 Maroh, 18S8. and waa «. by hia eon, tha 
preaant Rst. AimoirT Boulton, of Moolton. 

ilrma— Aa., three bird-bolta, or; quartering Fonam, Tia., 
wg., a ohevron, vert, between three bugle>homa, aa. 
Crat—Tht bolt in tun. 
JloOo— Dux TltM ratio. 


BouRKi, Lixut.-Gbn« Sir Richard, K.C,E of 
Tbomfleia, oo. Limerick, J,P., high-aheriff in 1889, 
h. i May, 1777; n^ 1 M^roh, 1800, Elizabeth-Jane, 
youngeat dau^ of John Bourke, E^q^ of Carahalton, 
00* Burrey, reoeiTer-general of the land tax for Mid- 
dleaex ; .and by her, who d. at Paramatta, New South 
Wales (where she is interred), 7 May, 1882, haa 
I. Jonr, b, 11 Tab. 1808. 

n. Richard, ft. 80 May, 1819, barrlater^t-law, m. 8 Oot 
1844, Ann% dan. of De Oonroy O'Orady, Beq. of Kil- 
1. Mary^Jane, m. In 18S7, to Dudley^Montagu Fereewd. 
Xeq., 4th eon of the late Rt. Hon. Spencer Percetal, 
ohanoeUor of the Bxdkequer, and has iaaue. 
n. Anne, m. in 1888, to Bdward-Deaa Thomaon, Baq., 
oolonial aeoretary in Nf w South Walee, and aeoond eon 
of the late Sir John Thomaon, K.C.H., formerly a 
pommiaaioner of the navy ; and kaa iaaue. 
m. Franoea, m. in 1831, to the Bot. John Jebb, eldeat 
pon of the late Hon. Richard Jebb, a Juatioe of the 
King'a Benoh in Ireland. 
IT. Qeoigina, d. young. 
▼. Lucy, d. in 1828, wiai. 

Bir Richard Bourke, who a his father in 1799, serred 
with great distinction in Holland in 1799, when he 
was severely wounded in the hoe; was present at 
Buenos Ayres in 1807, at the storming of Monte 
Video, and subsequently serred in the Peninsular 
war. He was lieutenant-goyemor of the Cape of 
Good Hope firom 1825 to 1828, and goyernor-in- 
chief of New South Wales and Van Dieman*s Land 
lh>m 18S1 to Dec 18S7, 

EitltAfff •^Jonr BoQBsn, liq., graadaon of Riahard 
Beorica, Baq. of PnunaaUy, eo. limerick, halfmnole to Sir 
Richard de Burgho, Bart, ai. in 177^ Anne. dan. of 
Bdmund ^yaa, of the dly of Dublin, ana of Boaeobel, oo. 
Tlppemy, and ^ bar (wka d. in 1887) had tean^ 

B O U 

ft-itltSflt. — ^The funfly of Bourne ia one of great anti- 
quity : ao fhr back aa the reign of King John ita anoeators 
appear to have been aettled and to have tn^oy9d eatatea ia 
the townahip of Nether Wyeradaki The tything of a dia- 
triot there aituate, called "Boume'a tenement," haa d»> 
aoended to, and ia atiU poaaeaaed by the present Mr. Bourne^ 
of Stalmiiw. Croaahill achool, in the aame townahip, waa 
founded by one of the Boumea. The repreeentatiTe of tha 
(kmily, about the middle of the aeventeenth century, lef^ 
by Unia hia wife, Ato aona^ 

JoHV, of whom preeently. 

Titua, of Lincoluahire, tram whom the flunily aeated at 
Dolby, in that coimty, ia deacended. 
Timothy, of Suxtou, whose deacendanta aettled in Londo n . 

The eldeat aon, 

JoHH BouBKB, Baq. of Wyeradale, d. in 1714, leaTing a 

JoHH BouRira, Baq. of Stalmine, b. in 1706, who m, 
Jane, dan. and oo-heireaa of Comeliua Fox, Beq. of Fern 
HiU and Btahnine Hall, and d. 80 Jan. 1788, having had 
I, Jomr, hia heir, 
n. Jamb, heir to hia brother. 

Ill, ComirnJira^ 6. 8 April, 1747: d. 1 March, 1808. He m, 
SI July, 1774, Anne, dau. of Thomaa ^^er, Beq., and 
widow of Bdmund OloTor, Baq., and by her (who d. 
IS June^ 18S8) had iaaue, 
1 Jomr, heir to hia uncle. 
S TnoMAa, of HaokinaaU, d. unm. 18S1. 
8 Jamss, of liTerpool. 
4 Prm (m Bouurs of HaeHmaU), 
I Maxy-Ann, ai. to Jamea Mcdyneuz, Baq. : and d. a. jpw 
SSJidy, 1861. 
L Agnea, m. to Jamea Smith, Baq. 
n. llaigaiy, «k Robert Lawe^ Baq. of Preaton. 

The eldeet aon, 

JoHV BouBirn, Baq. of Stahnine, 6. 1741, d. mmi. in 1790, 
and waa a. by hia brother, 

Jajos Bonmirc, Baq. of Stalmine, b. inl74S, ai. Dorothy, 
dau. of Thomaa Parkinaon, Baq., and had iaaue, two dana., 
Jane and SUaabeth, both d. wun. Ha d. in 1818, and was 
», by hia nephew, 

John Bonans, Baq. of Stalmine, 6. SO Aug. 1777« who ak 
in July, 1804, Mary, dan. of John Bury, Baq. of Salfofd* 
and d. in 1841, havtog had by her (who d. in 188S) 

CoBKsuTja, now of Btahnine Ball. 

John-Buxy, in holy Mder% rector of Oohnere^ Hants; m, 

Margarei. eldeat dan. of Henry Wood, Beq. of Littleton. 

Middleeez. and haa iaane. 

Jamea-Thomaa. of Newaham Hall, oo. lancaatar, J.P. 
Thomaa-I^ymer, ai. Anna, dau. of Alex. Haliborton, Um^ 


Margaret, ai. to T.-K. Haaeell. Baq. 
Ann, ai. to Arthur-Tatea Wni&ama, Baq. 
Jane, ai. to F. Whitelook, Baq. 

Bdmund and John, both d. yonng. 

Francea-Bmma, Ml. to the Rev. Heoeafe Honl«y, onbr aon 
of the Right Rst. Samuel Horaley.D.D., formerlyjLord 
Biah<9 ofSt. Aaaph. She d. in 1»1, leaTing ieana. 
Mr. Bouilce d. la 17ML 

-dnaa-Or, a eroa^ go. ; In tha ftrat qnaitar a ttoa, tam* 
pant aa. 

ftw* A ca»^<aw m tato, adaaHraarduftt, ppr., eoQarad 
and chained, or, 

M t m I I n cmoa aahiaL 

aM-nMcnlWd, oa LlBieri<Au 

ilnaa^Aiv., acherran. aa^ ntfttfHl*easi, betwaaa. In diieC 
two Uona, rampant; and in base an heraldw tiger, alaa 
rampant gn. 

CV^o*— An henldie tiger, extent, or, | 
the dexter paw on a arowapatda^ go. 


Bomuni, Oorkilua Eaa. of Stahome HaQ, ea 
Laneaater, JJ". andlXU, A 2 Jan.l$07; ai. 27Juhr, 
1841, Ahc«>. ekl«it dau. of WUliain Sharp, Eso^ JJ^, 
of Und«Q Hall, cix Lancaster, by Jane his wi{», dau. 
and hw of WiUiam I>yl^» £W of fionri<^ and 
Jane h» wif«, dau. and oo-heir of Henzr PtekiiMoo, 
^4^ r e p fsse nt atiT^ of Fammjwm ^ mmad M l t , and 
haa Hsue^ 

L JiMM-Wiujuii. k 88 Jan. 1S4S. 


BointVE, jAinB, Esq. of HacHnsall, ca Laneaster, 
J.P. and i>JMt major royal Lancashire artaOery, A 
8 Oct. 181S; SI. 11 Oct 1841, Sarah-Hamet, dan. of 
Thomas-Foumis Dyson, Esq. ol Sreitoci and WiUow 
Hall, ca Tock, and has iasoe, 

1. JAMM^^DnoK, b. S» Jnly, 1841, 
I. Haniet-Anna^lyaim. 
n. Hete-Dyaoa. d. 1 Jan. 1888. 
IB. Bmily^Pyaon. 

Mr. Boone Ik h» frther 3 Fehw 1S4«. 

lillCaV*'-1hia ia a jmikr hnack ef the fciaflj af 
Bovmxm ^ StnbmimtL. 

TnoMAS Bocam;. Baq. (Sad eon of 
Eaq. of Liverpool, Iqr Aaae hie wiie, dan. ofl 
Bag.) beaaaae jcmt icrd cf tha aiia ir ef Pruaaall-wrtk-Haeb. 
' inaall. c<k I anniahireL Ha was 4^ in 1779, and d, \ 
I l>:;i. H» bn>tfc«r. 
I Pszsm Bocmxx, Saq. oC LHaKpoat bacana of 1 

Digitized by 



Bm vis h. 13 Oet 1788, and «. 14 Hay, 1810, Margaret, only 
dan. of James Drinkwater, Esq. of Liverpool (descended 
from the DBiinLVATCRS of BerU\ by whom he had issue, 

Cornelius, M.A., of Oxford; b. in 1811, d. mwi, in 1880. 

Jambs now of Hafikinsal]. 

Thomas, b. S8 Feb. 1814. Peter, b. in 1819. 

Oeorg»-Drinkwater, in holy orders, rector of Weaton-sub- 
E^Se. ca Gloucester, J. P. and D.L., 6. 81 Aug. 1821, m. 

Jane, only dau. of Pranda HoK Esq. of Tiverton, Devon, 

and has tesoe^ Pranda-Hole, 6. 8 April, 1860; and Mar- 

Elinor, d. young. 

Annev m. to the Rev. W.-H. Brandreth, rector of Standish. 

BUnor-Drinkwater, m. to her oousin, W.-L. Drinkwater, 
Esq., barrister-at-law. 

Ifsigarrt, m. to Henry Boyda, Esq. 
Mr Bourne d. 8 Ftob. 1848, and was t. by his eldest sur- 
viving son, the present Jambs Boukvx, Esq. of Hackinsall. 

Jrmtt Crt^ and Jfotto— -Same as Bovbnk o/Stalmine. 
Smt9 Hnrlrinwall ; and Heathfield Houses Wavertree. 


BouRVB, Jamsi, Esq. of Hildetvtone Hall, oo. 
Stafford, 6. 17 July, 1796. 

lineXj^t.—JAMES BouBHV, Esq. of Fenton, in the 
pariah of Stoke-upon-Trent, oo. Stafford, descended ftx>m a 
respectable family in that shire, m. in 1706, Jane, dau. of 
John Dayson, Esq. of Sbdton, by Mary his wife, relict of 
James Stannaway, Esq., and had issue, 
L IIAI.PB, his heir. 

IL John, of Fenton, merchant, 6. 4 April, 1774, deoeased. 
tn. Chariea, of Fenton, merchant, ft. SI Nov. 177(^ who m. 
in 1708, Mary. dau. of William Edwards, Esq. of Lane 
Delph, oo. Stafford, and had issue, Charles; Ralph; John; 
Mary ; and Charlotte. 

L Mary, m. 4 Oct 1704, to William Baker, Esq. of Fenton 
Culvcsi, CO. Stafford, and has issuev 
1 Wimam Baker, Esq. 

1 Ths Rev. Ralph-Boubk* Baksb. M.A„ rural dean of 
Stone, and incumbent of Hilderstone. This gentleman 
now residos at HUderstfne Hall, and has also the landed 
property of Doveridge Woodhouse^ oo. Derby. 
1 HuTiot Baker, deceased. 

t Chari^ Baker, m. to Philip-Barnes Broode^ Esq. of 
Fenton Manor House, 
t Maiy Baker, d. wnm. 

4 Jane Sarah Baker, «. to John Httchman, Esq. of Lea- 

6 Charlotte Baker. 6 Elisabeth Baker, deceased. 

IL Charlotte, m. in 1804, to John Pratt, Esq. of Lane 
Delph, and had issue. 
Mr. Bourne d. 88 Aug. 1780, and was buried at Stoke-upon- 
Trank His eldest son and suooessor, 

Ralph Bouun^ Esq. of Hilderstone Hall, a magistmte 
end dspoty-Ueut for Staffordshire, 6. 2 March, 177S, m. 
n Dee. 1708, Sanh, relict of William Baker, Esq., and dau. 
9t Thomas •''•g^*". Esq., and had an only child, Jamss. 
Mr. Bourne, founder of two churches built and endowed at 
his own expense, one at Hilderstone, the other at Fenton, 
d, 30 Kov. 1835. 

Jnu— Azg., on a mount, vert, and in base, barry-wavv of 
four, of the field and as., a castle, triple-towered, gu., two 
ihuixihos, of the last ; ona diieC nebuly. ct the third, thesun 
ki splendo«ir, between two estoUes of'the first. 

Cr«t$-~On a mount, vert, a pegasua, saliant. per fesse, orand 
fu., ohaned on the body with two ' 
■oath a trefoil slipped, vert 

itUt^^Bmo omnia trauseunt. 

JM— Hilderstone Hall, Staflbrdahira. 

> fountains, ppr. ; in the 


BouTEius, Edward, Esq. of Delapr^ Abbey, co. 

Northampton, J.P. and D.U, sheriif in 1800, k 

29 Oct 1767; m. 10 Mansb, 1788, Catherine, only 

dau. and heir of William Castle, Esq., and has issue, 

L BvsBAKD-WiLUAM, ooL in the army, equeny to Prince 

Aunrr, b. 18 Oct 17S0, m. 8 April, 1816, Charlotte dau. 

of the late OoL Hugh ODonel, of Newport Pratt, oo. 


n. Charles, d. wim. in 1837. 

m. Fnnois-Kenehn, m. 21 Nor. 1898, Eliaa, dau. of 
— Shea, Esq. of Castle Dawson, eo. Derry, and d. 
IT. Jamas, Ueut-coL in the 17th foot, m. 11 July, 1828, 
Miss SUaabetb- Alston Stewart, dau. of CoL Alston, of 
Urtard House, Perthshire, and «!. in 1845. 
I. Cktharine-Msry-Cbariotte. n. Elisaboth-Anne. 


m. CftroliDe-Hargu^t 

nr. MaryEUzabcth, d. 1 Oct 1884. 

fttntajlfe. — Hok. Edward Bouvkbib (2nd son of Jacob. 
1st Yiscotmt Folkestone, by Mary his wife, dau. of Bartho- 
lomew Clarke, Esq. of Hardingstone, and of Delapr6 AbbeyX 
who was returned at the genoral elections in 1761 and 1768, 
M.P. for New Sarum. He m. 80 June, 1764, Harriot, only 
dau. of Sir Bverard Fawkener, Knt , many years ambassador 
at the Porte, and had issue, 
Ed WABD. his heir, of Delapr& 

John, in holy orders, b. 18 Jan. 1770, prebendaxyof lincoha, 
and rector of Woolbeding, Sussex. 

Heniy-Frederick (Sir), K.C.B., G.C.M.O., a general officer. 
Governor of Malta, Ac, b. 11 July, 1783, m. 8 July, 1826, 
Julia, dau. of Lewis MontoUeu, Esq.. and widow of Captain 
William Wilbraham, R.N., and d, 14 Nov. 18A2, leavW « 
son, Heni^-Montolieu, c^t Coldstream-guaida, kiUedin 
action at the battle of lukerman ; and a dau., Henrietti^ . 
m. in 1861, to Hugh-Montolieu Hammeraley, Esq. 
Harriet-Elisabeth, m. to the Earl of Boeslyn, and d. in 1810. 
Frances- Anne. 

Maiy-Charlotte, m. in 1800, to William Maxwell, Esq., and 
d. hi 1816. 

Jane. m. in 180S; to Sir Francis Vincent, Bart., and d. in 

Diana-Juliana, m. to the Hon. Geoige Pensouby. 
Mr. Boaverie d. 8 Sept 1810. 

^rm«— Per fesse, or and azg., an eagle displayed, sa. ; on 
the breast an escutcheon, gu., ehargeu with a bend, vair. 

CrefC— A demi-ea^ewith two heads, diqjlayed, sa., duoally 
goigod, or: on the oreast a cross-crosslet, aig. 

Alotto— Patria cara, carior libertas. 

i8wl^— Delaprtf Abbey, near Northampton. 


BowDON, HSNRT, Esq. of Sonthgate House aa^ 
Beightonfields, oo. Derby, J.P. and D.L., b. 7 Aug. 
1814; m. Henrietta-Matilda, 4th dau. of Michael 
Blount, Esq. of Maple Durham, co. Oxford. He «. 
his father in 1850. 

fttlKagt* — ^The Bowdons of Bowdon Hall, nearChi^- 
en-le-Frith, co. Derby, were settled there, according to 
many writers, upwazda of four hundred years. Lysons 
mentions them as a very wealthy and andent fsmily. It is 
generally supposed that the Bowdons came over at the 
Conquest as the name Bodln or Bowdon appears on the 
roll of Battel Abbey. During the times of perseoutioii 
carried on against the Catholics, most of the fiamily p^)erB 
were either loet or destroyed, and we are therefore compelled 
to begin only at the year 1600, when 

GaoROB Bowdon, son of Thomas Bowdon, was of Bowdon. 
He m. Barbara, dan. of Nicholas Bagshawe, of Abney, and 
was tether of 

Gborob Bowdon, Esq. of Bowdon Hall, 6. in 1587, who 
m. Ellen, dau. of Augustine Pole, Esq. of Langley, and had, 
with a dau., Anne, wife of Bowhmd Smith, of Wateiford, 
throe sons, 

I. Thomas, whod. v. p., leaving; bv Anne his wlfe^ dan. of 
Heniy Bagshawe^ Esq. of Bidge^ nUer aUot, 

1 Gbobgb, of Bowden. aged twelve, in 1611, m. tn 162S; 
Dorothy, dau. of Nicholas Brown, of Marsh Hall, Esq., 
and dymg in 1670, left a son and heir, 

Nicholas, of Bowdon, who d. about 167(L leaving 
issue only by his second wife, the dau. of Thomas 
ihumby, of Bamby, vis., three sons, Bsmby; Thomas; 
and Bobert: who all d. t. j^ 

2 Nicholaa, ) ^ . ^ 
8 Edward, f <*• * P- 

4 Thomas, of whose line we treat. 

n. Geoige, m. Alianor: dan. and heir of Geoige Bowdon, 
Esq. of Downs, co. Chester, and was fkther of two sons^ 
WilUam, the elder, whose dau. m. Augustine Pole, of 
Langley; and Edward Bowdon, living in 1611, whose 
only son, Geoige Bowdon, m. his cousin, Ellen, dau. of 
Augustine Pple, of Langley. 

m. German, who w. Florence, dau. of Nicholas Bradbuxne. 

The 4th son of Thos. Bowdon and Anne Bagshawe his 

Thomas Bowdon, Esq. of Whetstone, oo. Derby, oapt in 
the army, and commander of the garrison at Bolsover 
Castle, m. Helen, dau. of J. Shrigley. Eeq., and had (with 
a younger son, John, capt in the army, who la. Alice, dau. 
of Bichard Beard, Esq. of Beard Hall, co. Derby, and d,i,p. 
of the plague in 1666), an elder son, 

Hbnbt Bowdon, Esq. of Whetstone, co. Derby, who m 
the sister and heiress of John Alleyne, Esq. of WhetsUm 
Hall, and had a son and suoo essor . 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


Heicry DowDOzr, Esq. of Whetstone, beir to hit imde, I 
John Alleyne, m. in 1601, Mary, dau. and heir of John 
Ucwot, Esq. of Beightoufields, of the family of Hzwet of 
$.iir€0(U:$^ Notts, and had a son and heir, 

John Bowdon, Esq. of Beightoufields, b, 31 Aug. 1606, 
who m. Ist, Maiy, dau. of John Barker, of Bavlborough, 
and had by her. with a dau., Elixabeth, m. to George John- 
son, Esq. of Sholfield, brother to her father's third wife, an 
only son and heir, 

John, of whom presently. 
He m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of — Nelson, Esq. of Palr- 
hurst, CO. Lancaster, and relict of John Sherburne, of 
Btonyhurst, by whom ho had a son, Thomas, b. 20 Aug. 
1731, d. unm. 1779. Mr. Bowdon m. 3rdly, Mary, dau. of 
George Johnson, Esq. of Shelfleld, co. Warwick, and had, 
with other issue, 

I. George, of Radford, co. Oxford, 6. 9 Oct. 1748, m. Eliza- 
both Clements, of Oxfordshire, and had issue, 

1 Geoiige, of Barlborougb, m. Eleanora Harrison, of Lan- 
cashire, and dying 18 Feb. 1822, left issue. Maiy, d. in 
1842; Ellxa, m to Philip Hicklu, Esq. of Wolverhamp- 
ton; and Anne, m. to James Vinn, Esq. of Brussels, 
and d. t. p. In 1842. 

2 John, d, unim. 

8 Joseph, in holy ordar% D.D., president of Bedgely 

Park. d. 1844. 
4 Mary. 

II. James, of Stareley, co. Derby, b. 14 Not 1744, m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of the Rev. Samuel Yates, rector of Ck wn, co. 
Derby, and d. t. p. 

I. Charlotte, tik to Ridiaid Butler, Esq. of Pleasington 
Hall, CO. Lancaster. 

Mr. Bowdon d, 1 March, 1764, and was $. by the only son of 
his first marriage, 

JoBK Bowdon, Esq. of Beightoufields, b. 14 May. 1722, 
who m. Alice, dau. of George Johnson, Esq. of Shelfleld, and 
lister to his father's Srd wife, and was father of 

Hbnbt Bowdon. Esq. of Southgate House and Beightou- 
fields, b, in 1754, who m. Mary, only dau. and heir of Joseph 
Erdeswick, of Harney Groen, Esq., co. Stafibrd. represen- 
tative of that very ancient (kmily. and son of Sampson 
Erdeswick. of Hartley, Esq.. by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of 
Thomas Whitegreave, Esq. of Moeeley. Mr. Bowdon d. 
26 Feb. 1833, and was «. by his only surviving son, 

John-Pbtbb-Bruno Bowdon, Esq. of Southgate and 
Beightoufields, J.P., high-sheriff 1841, b. 23 April. 1787. who 
m. 26 Feb. 1812. Mary-Martha, eldest dau. of Edward Fer- 
rers, Esq. of Baddesley Clinton, co. Warwick, and had 

Hknkt, now of Southgate House. 

John, of PleasiDgton Hall, co. Lancaster. [Ste Butlkb- 
DowDON. of that ttlaee). 

Helena- Mary. la. to Peter Constable Maxwell. Esq.. 
third son of M. C. Maxwell, Esq. of Everingham Park, 
CO. Tork. and has issue. 

Barbftra-Magdalen. m. 24 April, 1849, to Edward Wright^ 
Esq.. third son of John Wnght, Esq. of Kelvedon, and has 

Fianny-WiUoughl^. a nun. EUia-Jemima. 

Carollne-Erdeswiok, d. 1842. 

if rm*— Quarterly: 1st and 4th. sa. and or; in the first 
quarter, a lion, passant, arg., langued. gu.. for Bowdon ; 2nd. 
ffu.. a bordure. erro. ; Srd, arg., on a chevron, gu., five 
be«mts, for Erdbswick. 

CrttU—lsU a heron's head, erased, ppr.. beaked, and charged 
on the neck with three ermine spots, sa. ; 2nd, out of a duoal 
oomnet, or, a demi-ea^e displayed, ppr. 

ifotto— Vanus est honor. 

5rU«— Southgate House and Beightoufields, oa Derby. 


BuTLBR-BowDON, JoHN, Esq. of PieajBington Hall, 
CO. Lancaster, 6. 14 Sept. 1S15, 2nd sou of the late 
John-Peter-Bruno Bowdon, Esq. of Southgate House 
and Beightonfields, by Mary his wife, eldest dau. of 
Edward Ferrers, Esq. of B^dde^Iey-Clinton, co. War- 
wick, t. to the Pleasington estate by the bequest of 
his cousin, Mary- Anne, only suiriving child and heir 
of the late Richard Butler, Esq. of Pleasington Hall 
(who purchased that property in 1777), by Charlotte 
his wife, dau. of the late John Bowdon, Esq. of 
Beightonfields* Mr. Bowdon, upon his succession to 
the Butler estate, assumed, by sign-manual, dated 
21 Jan, 1841, the name of Butler, in addition to 
and before his patronymic, as also the arms of Butler 
quarterly with Bowdon. He m, Ameha-Catherine- 


Frances, eldest dau. of G.-T. Whitgreave, Esq. of 
Moseley Courts co. Stafford, and has issue, 

I. John-Ebduwiok, 6. 16 Feb. 1850. 

n. Lanoelot-George, 6. 28 March, 1S51. 

ni. Jermyne-Tbomas. 6. 18 Sept. 1868. 

L Mary-Frances-Amelia. 

.<lrm«--Quarterly: 1st and 4th, sa. and or, in the first 
quarter a uon, passant, ai^g., langued, gu.. for Bowdon; 2nd 
and Srd, as., a chevron between three covered cups, or, for 


CVMto— 1st, for Bowdon ; 2nd, a covered ct^>, or, for Bftlsb. 

Motto — Comme Je trouve. 

Seat— Pleasington Hail, co. Lancaster. 



of Camrose House, co. Pembroke, J.P., high-sheriff 
in 1836-7, b. 9 March, 1798; «. his father in May, 

i,itUKQt* — ^The fiunily of Bowen has been established 
in Pembrokeshire for a great number <d years, and -various 
branches have become diqwrsed over South Wales and else* 

Hugh Wbbb, Esq.. son of Qeorse Webb, Esq. of Hackaid, 
00. Pembroke, by Annb his wife, eldest dau. of the Rer. 
James Bowen, Srd son of the Rev. Charles Bowen, of 
Camrose, «. to Camrose in 1801, and assumed the additional 
surname and arms of Bowen, in the Not. following. He 
m. 1st, Miss Child, of Haverfordwest, by whom he had one 
dau.. Elisabeth ; and 2ndly, 2 Oct. 1795, Emma, youngest 
dau. (by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and oo-heir of Robert 
Townseud, Esq.) of Thomas Ince, Esq. of Stoneydale^ 
Chiistleton, co. Chester, by whom he had issue, 

CH&RLES-WHB&Lsa-TowNSKND, uow of Camross. 


William, in holy orders, widower, with three sons and two 


Thomas, Ueut <Hth regiment, d. untn. at Kingston, Ja- 

Emma, m. to J.-M. Child, Esq. of Bigelly House, co. Pem- 

Augusta, widow of John Howell, MD., of Tigf^nydd, oo. 

Caroline, m. to D.-P. CaUan, Esq. of MoUeeton, oo. Pem- 
Mr. Webb-Bowen d, in May, 1888. 

.<4n}t»— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., a Hon, rampant, sa., 
for Bowen; 2nd and Srd, giL, a fesse, between three owl% 
or, for Webb. 

Crett—A lion, I'ampant, as in the arms. 

£mU— Camrose House, near Haverfordwest. 


BowEK, Thb Rev. Thomas, of Troedyrawr, oo. 
Cardigan, 5. 25 Jan. 1757; «». Ist, in 1792, Sanh- 
Malvina Vaulker, of Hampton, co. Middlesex, but 
has no issue. He m. 2ndly, in 1801, Fhinces Nor- 
ton, of Hampton. The rev. gentleman, who «. his 
mother in 1793, is rector of Troedyrawr, and a 
magistrate and deputy-lieuteBant. 

ftUtfaSt. — JoBH Bowen, Esq., whose grandfiither 
changed the luone of Owen into that now in use by this 
fiwnily, wasfkther<tf 

WnxiAM Bowen, Esq., high-sheriff of Cardiganshire in 

1756, who m. Bebeoea, eldest dau. and co^heireas of — 

Willy, Esq. of Whitehouse, oo. Pttnbroke, and had, besides 

the Rev. Thomas Bowen, of Troedyrawr, two other sons 

and four daus.. vis., 

John, barrister-at-law, «. 1st, Mary, younffesi dan. of 

DavidUovd Morgan, Esq of Gard^an, and Sndly, Miss 

Hughes, heireas of Aber Molwyn. oo. Cardigan. He 

d. «. ]>. in 1815. ^ 

William. MD., at Bath, n. Miss Boycott, of Bhimhirs^ 
sister of the late Countess of Guildford. He A «. ». bi 18Uw 
Mary-Anne, Rebecca, Hester, and KUsabeth, all d. i 

il r sM QtL, a lion, rampant-regardant, or. 
Cr$t^—A nag's hm±, bridled. 
iSiol— Troe^rawr, po. Cardigan. 


Bower, Thomas-Bowtkr, Esq. of Iweme House, 
00. Dorset^ high-sheriff in 1847, 6. 1 Julj, 1808; v^ 

Jigitized by VjOOQI^ 

B O W 


• Aug. 1828, Eliza, only dan. of William Creed, Esq. 
of Ballygrennan CasUe, co. Limerick, by whom he 
has issue, 

L TaoMAS-BowTXB» formerly an officer, 78rd regt, b. 6 
Sept, 1820* 

n. WiUiam-Heniy, b, 14 Deo. 1838. 

L Elixa-Hanriott n. Charlotte-Franoes. 

Huif a^. — ^EzmuHD BowiB, Esq., livteg 22nd Edw. IV., 
gmt-grandson of John Bower, m. Agnes, dau. of Hugh 
'tCeston, and had three sons, Edmund, Walter, and WU- 
Xsm, of Mere, in WUtaUre, who had iemie. The eldest 

Bdkuvd Bowaa, Esq., liTfng 8rd Heitbt VIII., was 
major of Shaftesbury, to which town he appears to hare 
ben a great benefiaotor, haring built the Guild Hall and 
Market-plaoe. He m. Joan, dau. of Biohard Moggeridge^ 
of Sanun, and had two sons, i. Waltkr, canon of Wells, 
who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Adrian Hawthorne, Esq., and 
had Issue; and n. Thomas, of Lower Donhead, Wilts, 
£itlier of Edmund, of Dunhead 8t Andrew, whose son, by 
Ifaigaret his wife, dau. and eo-heir of William Kirle, of 
Wilton, was Thomas, of Ewsn Minster, great-great-great- 
grandfather of 

TaoMiis BowsB, Esq., b. 90 Feb. 1744, who m. 1st, 
19 Oct. 1767, Anne^^adiarina, dau. of the Bev. Edward 
Xapier, rector of More Critchni, oo. Dorset, and had two 
sons sad three daus., all deceased. He m. 2ndly, Dorothy- 
Ettaabeth, dau. of the Ber. Samuel Elliott, by whom he 
also had issue a son, Geoige-Edmund, 6. 11 March, 1781, 
who M. Bmma-Letitia, dau. of John Boys, M.D., and had 
iMoe, two daus., Louisa-Dorothy and Lucy. The eldest 

TuoHAS-Bowm Bownt, Esq. of Iweme House, J. P., 
Ugb-sheriff in 179ft, and lieut.«col. Dorset yeomanry cavaliy, 
». 26 April, 1771, m. 29 May, 1792. Harriett, dau. of Walter 
Whitaker, Esq., reoorder of Shaftesbuzy, and by her (who 
d. 27 May, 1841) had issue, 

L Thomas-Bowtsb. now of Iweme House. 

n. Henry -Tregon well, in holy orders, b. 22 Not. 1808. m. 

22 June, 1887. Elizabeth-Synderoombe, dau. of the Bev. 

Thomas Fox, rector of Abbas Combe, oo. Somerset, and 

South Newton, Wilts, and has issue, 
Henry-Syndercombe, 6. 14 July, 1839. 

I. Harriett-Catheiina, m. 17 Feb. 1826, the Ber. Christo- 
' Nerill, rector of East Orlustead, co. Sussex, and 


n. Elisabeth-Anne, m. 2 Oct 1828. to the Bev. Edward 
Bower, rector of Closworth, oo. Somerset, and has issue. 
Mr. Bower d. 21 Sept. 1840. 

ArwuSa., three talbots' heads, couped in chief; aig., lan- 
goed, gu. ; in the middle point a duquefoil, erm. 
C^vtf— A talbot's head. arg. 
ifotto— Hope well and have welL 
fc g l I weme House, Dorsetshire. 


BowEB, RoBEBT, Esq. of Welham, co. Tork, D.L., 
M. 28 June, 1824, Helen, eldest dau. of John Hall, 
Esq. of Scarborough, and hius issue, 
r-HABTLET, 6. 9 July, 1882. 

n. Henry-John, 6. 14 Sept. 1834. 

m. Oeoige-Outhbertson, b. 1 Nov. 1835. 

IV. LeonardWmiam. 

L Loey-Maiigaret. n. Charlotte-Phnadelphia. 

lUntflflC. — The finally of Bower was originally settled 
at BvidUngton, East Biding of Yorkshire. In the earliest 
registers of its church we And the name of Bower, and it 
is continuod in regular succession of entries from 1668 to 
(he latter part of the last century, when the more imme- 
diate oonnexion of the fkmily with that place appears to 
have oeased. The first advancer of the family was, 

William Bowkb, of Bridlington, merchant (son of John 
Bower, of the same place, and Jean [Bonfeylde], his wife), 
wbooe bytism occurs on the 14th May, 1598. He was a 
eonaiderablo bene&ctor to his native town. His eldest 

JoBM Bow KB, Esq. of Bridlington, m. in 1652, Catherine, 
nUow of — Rogers, and dau. of William Bowdr, of Clough* 
ton, and had several sons and daus. : of the latter, Pris- 
cOk n. 10 Ang. 1700, to Balph Creyke, Esq. of Marton, 
near. BridliTigton ; and of the former, the eldest, 

WiLUAM BoWKR, Esq. of BridUngton, 6. in 1054, m. Ist, 
Ih 1076, Sarah, dau. of Jasper Belt, Esq. of PockUngton, 
•on of Sir Robert Belt, of Boesall, Knt., and had issue, 

WnxtAX, who left three daus. ; LcoirAito, of whom prs' 
sently ; and other issue. Mr. Bower m. 2ndly. Catherine, 
dau. of Edward Trotter, Esq. of Skelton Castle, by Mary 
his wife, dau. of Sir John Lowther, Bart, and by that lady 
had issue, 
Henry, of York, who purchased the estate of KilleKby 
Hall, near Scarborough. Ue d. tinm. in 1770. 
Qeoige, of Bridlington, b. in 170S, m. Henrietta, dau. of 
Samuel Freeman, Esq. of Dublin, and relict of William 
Heblethwaite, Esq. of Bridlington, and had issue. 
FnscMAM. of Killerby Hall and Bawtiy, co. Tork, 
J.P. and D.L., m. 1st, Maiigaret. dau. of Blchard-Bur- 
dou. Esq. of Doncaster, and had one son. Edward- 
Trotter, a. an infant. He m. 2ndly, 18 Jan. 1777. Maiy, 
eldest dau. and co-heiress of Nathaniel Pearson, Esq. 
of Tyers Hill, Darfleld, by Prisdlla his wife, sister aud 
co-heir of Thomas Bnyney, Esq. of Tyers Hill, and by 
this lady left, at his decease, 29 July, 1786, one son and 
three daus., vis., 

1 Hbvbt. of Tiokhill and Doncaster, F.S.A., deputy- 

liout. of the West Bidiiig. d. wun. 26 Feb. 1842; 

2 Frances-Hary. m. to the Bev. Henry Watldns, 

vicar of SUkstone, co. York, and Beckingham, Notts, 

aud has issue; 8 Henrietta-Priscilla, widow of James 

Jackson, Esq. of Doncaster, who d. 14 March, 1821, 

leaving issue; and 4 Wilhelmina-Elizabeth. 

BOBBBT, of Sleights, near Whitby, and Welham, b. in 1706, 

who m. Tubitha, dau. and coheir of Richard Burdett, Esq. 

of Sleiffhts. by Idonea his wife, dau.^of Fiennes Twisleton, 

Esq. of Broughton Castle, co. Oxford, but d. ». p. in 1777, 

leaving his estate of Welham to his kinsman, Bobert^ 

ffrandson of his half-brother Leonard. 

Mary. m. 1st, in 1727, to Peter Whitton. Esq.. lord-mayor 

of York in 1728, and 2ndly, in 1742, to Qeoive Perrott, 

Esq., an eminent barrister, afterwards one of the barons 

of the Exchequer. 

The 2nd son of the Ist marrisge^ 

Lbonabd Bowkb, Esq., 6. 26 April, 1682, settled at 8oor> 
ton. He m. 2 Aug. 1720, Elisabeth, dau. of Bichard WoolfS% 
Esq. of Biidlington Quay, and had (with three daus., of 
whom the eldest, Hannah, m. 17 Sept. 1761, Qeorge Cuth- 
bertson, Jun., Esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne ; and the youngest^ 
Sarah, m. Gen. Montgomery Agnew) two sons : the elder, 
Williiun, d. «. p. ; the younger, 

JoHH Bower, Esq. of Scorton, b, in 1780, m. 10 July, 
1769, Philadelphia, dau. of Geoige Cuthbertson, Esq. of 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and bad issue. The eldest surviving 

RoBBRT Bower, Esq., b. 2 Feb. 1767, «. to the Welham 
estate, under the will of his kinsman, Bobert Bower, half- 
brother of ills grandfather, Leonard Bower. He was m^jw 
of the East Biding local militia, and deputy-Ueut. He ni. 
Elisabeth-Amy, only surviving child of John Clubbe, Esq., 
M.D., of Ipswich, and by her (who d. 17 Jan. 1802) had issue, 

BoBSRT, present representative. 

John- William, M.A.. in holy orders, rector of Barmston, 
00. York, and a magidtrate for the Bast Riding, m. 3 Sept. 
1828, Eugeida, youngest dau. of John Hall, Esq. of Scar- 

iMroogh, and has issue, John; Mary-Elisabeth ; Elisabeth ; 
Maigaret; and Eiigenia. 

Oeoige-Heniy, M.A., in holy orders, rector of Bosrington, 
00. York. 

Elisabeth-Amy. Sarah-Anna. 

Mr. Bower d. 29 April, 1886. 

Arm» Sa .. a human leg, couped at the thigh, transpierced 
by a broken q>ear, in bend, ppr. ; on a canton, sxg., a 
tower, gu. 

Crett—A human Isg. transpierced, as in the anna 

Ifotfo^Esse quam videri 

£ta<— Welham, East Riding, oo. York. 


Bowes, John, Esq. of Streatlam Castle, Gibside 
Paric, aud Hilton Castle, all in the coimty of Dur- 
ham, 6. 19 June, 1811 ;«. to the estates of John, 10th 
Earl of Strathmore, under the will of that nobleman. 
These great possessions in the north came into the 
Strathmore fetmily by the intermarriage of John, the 
9th earl, in 1767, with Mary-Eleanor, dau. and 
heiress of Geoi^ge Bowe^, "Esq. of Streatlam Castle. 
Mr. Bowes represented for some time the southern 
division of the county of Durliam in parliament. 

/Stote— Streatlam Castle and Gibside Park, co. Durham. 


Bowles, Charlbs-Oldpieu), Esq. of North Aston, 
00. Oxford, J.P. and D.L., licut.-coL_Qf the militia^ 

Digitized by VJjOL. ^ ^ ^ 


(. 80 Auff. 1785 ; m. 9 April, 1815, Elizabeth, eldest 
dAU. of Matthew, Lord llokeby, and haa i-tue, 
h CHAaLM, Umt. 8rd light dragoom. b. 6 Mmj, 1816, m. 
Martliift, dau. of Dr. IfilUam^Lowia Omnt, B.I.C.B., and 
widow of CApt. A\fnA JAOkson, E.I.C.8. 
n. Bttir-Olditold. rlfU brigade, b. 7 Jan. 1818, m. Bar- 
bara, dau. of PolhAin Wwren, M.D. 
III. Bdward. 6. 87 Aug. 1828. 

I. JuM-tordla, m. to Leopold, Baron Gronye deFrimdon- 

II. Laura-Oertrude-Aima. 

lillfAfff •— Tblt family clalma deeeent from William 
J9.)11m or Bowlii, 8rd son of John BowIm, of Swinesheud 
and Uough. oo. Lincoln, who wm iheriffof that shire. 18th 
KuwAaD XV. The great-grandfather of the preMnt repre- 

Wi 1.14 AM BoWLM. Beq. of Wlndeor and Clewer, oo. Berks, 
tfi. Ullsaboth, dau. of Sir Oharles Modyford, Burt., by Ifary 
his wife. dau. of Sir Thomas Norton, Bart, of Coventry, 
and had a son and successor, 

OiiAaLU BoWLis, Ksq., who w. Jane, dau. of — Clark. 
Beq. of Nortliamptoushlre, and had, with a dau., Anne, m. 
to Robtrt Graham, Esq., a son and suoossso r . 

OLDPiaLD DoWLis, Bsq. of North Aston, who m. 1st, in 
1788. Gwtrude. dau. of Sir Richard Bamfyide. Bart, of 
PolUmore, which lady d. #. p. the following year. Mr. 
Bowlse m. 9ndly, Mary. dau. of 8ir Abraham Blton, Bart. 
of Clevedon Court, oo. Somerset, and had issue. 

CuAliLaa0t4>PiiLDi now of North Aston. 

June, m. to Klohard ralmor, Bsq. of Holme Park. 

M»ry, m, to Sir George Armytage, Bart, of Klrkleea. 

Anne, m, to U\e Right Hon. WUliom-Sturges Bourne, of 
Twtwood, Hiuits. ^ ^ ^ ^^ 

Emma, m. to the ReT. Ralph'H. Brandling, of Qosfbith, 
©0, Northumberland. _^ ^ „ 

Sliiabeth, m. to WiUiam Markham, Esq. of Beooa Hall, 
oo, York. 

Lucy. *N. to William Holbeoh. Bsq. of nmborougb, oo. 
Warwick. . . ^ * «. x 

La»ini Gertrude, m. to Frederick Moysey, Beq. of West 
Wiokham. Kent ..... «„, ,. 

Pmnoea, w. to Bdward Qoldtag. Beq. of Maiden Brlegh. 

^m*-Aa, out of three eopa, or, aa laaay boars* beada, 

'**tv2lJl55eml.boar, wounded in the breast with a broken 

Smc— Noiih Aaton, oo. Oxfbrd. 


BoTcotT. Thomas, Kaq. of Boycott, Hinton, and 
Rudga, oo. Salon. A. in 1771; m. 10 Aug. ISOl, Jane, 
•l^Mt daiu of llkomaa Tarleton. Esq. or Boleeworkh 
Oatlei, CO. Clieeter. by Maiy hte wif«. dau. and 
Ctvheir of Ijawrence Rohinaon, Kaq. of CUtheroc, oo. 
LanoMUr. and by her ^who«L IS Febw 1S43) haa had 
t. TuoMAa. ^ S3 May. IMft. d. «Ma. in ISST. 
I. Kmn\a. n, Chartotta, it •i«-i. to IS*«. 

m. Harriet m. M Jua^ !««, Fiwacis Uairiee, Baq^ j«n. 

et BwlhaU. 
IT, lAHiiM^MaKT^therim^ m, » Jan. IMl, Andxeiw 
W^l. Ifteq. of OvmiMK>n, K.&« and baa had taRN^ 
1 An«lrvwvB(«5w<t. K 4 Jwaa. IM^ A 1 J JvOy. IStT. 
t HaMi^tx^ B«i£ut B^\T^^«t. k 11 Aug. 1»4<L 

ILtttWIlt*— tW fcaatty of B|p< er Boytwa is of grsat 
anu^^Oly ia SbrpfAiM. to wtocb oMntj. iumI to tboee 
• i^wvskt tli^ ImU exaiMtee «s(aM» ft««a tlw peii<)d of 
Hw Om^wK psM ef wbtok iselttdir^ B<»jw*u w fa sew e 
tiMMMWtt takeiktoatdlto tl» pweanwa «r Om praaeaft 
wy cBaiii ti i Hi x^ 

F>iuws» K^TvvTT. Snq «r Bj^vntt a»l BoaUw^K to 

WluiAW Bo^xvwTT. Rjfcj of BcTwrt^ Bo^&dwaic aad H^ 
t«%. «W ^ IM. to 1«S)k. tSu&NOx. dbn. asid best <)€ J<Cia 
It^w^ C^ ^ Bto«w\. aetd b*^i ishgi^ 

Ik Caud^MV TC^ tw* TVflans Ho£b»i, Gh 


Bdward littleton, Bart, of Pillaton, oo. StafiTord, and had 
issue, SylvanuB, of Hinton and Buildwaa, and Fbanois, of 
Boycott, of whom presently. William Boycott was one of 
those Shropshire gentlemen who, with his sons, Sylvanua 
and Frands, materially assisted their majeetiee, Charles 
I. and II. in their distresses, and as a reward for which, 
Chablbs II., in 1603, granted to the said Sylvanus and 
Frands Boycott, a special patent of arma William Boycott 
d. in 1068. His second son, 

Fbakoib Boycott, of Boycott, m. in 1669, Gatherine, 
dau. and aole heir of Bichard Ward, Gent of The Lowe 
and of Uppington, and had issue, with other diildren, his 
eldest son, 

WiLUAM Boycott, Bsq. of Boycott, 6. in IMl, who ai. 
to lOOS, Sarah, sole dau. and heir of Robert Kixkby, Bsq.. 
eo. Nottingham, and had issue, with other children, three 
sons, Tie., Ftands, of Boycott, whose issue became ez« 
tinct; William, d. to 1702. «. p. ; and RiCHAaD (the Bev.X 
of whose descendants we treat The third son, 

Tna Rav. Richard Boycott, b. to 1W8, rector of WWt- 
tington, near Oswestry, m. to 1782, Gertrude, 2nd dau. of 
Thomas Jenkins, Bsq. by Gertrude, dau. of Richard Wing- 
fleld, Esq. of Bauzley, and dying to 1761, left, with two 
daus., Anne, who d. unm., and Sarah, wife of Bdward 
Jenktos, Bsq. of Charlton HUl, co. Salop, three sons, of 
whom the eldest, 

Thomas Boycott, Bsq. of Boycott, Htoton, and Budge, 
m. to 1768, Jane, youngeet dan. of John Puketon, Bsq. 
of Pickhlll, 00. Denbifi^ and by her (who d. to Oct 1808) 

Thomas, of Boyoott, Hinton, and Budge. 

Richard, 6. to 1773. capt to the 84th regt, d. wm. to the 

island of St Vtocent 
Chariee. b. in 1777, ma)<'r to the 29th regt. d, to 1800. 

having m. WUhelmina, dau. of Christopher Smyth. Esq., 

and granddau. of Christopher Smyth, Esq. of N<»ih- 

Frances, m. to 1707, John Hayman, Esq., mi^ to the 9th 


Emma, «. to 1798, to Edward Ravenscroft, Esq. 
Harriet, «». to 1801, Heniy-Lannoy Hunter, Bsq. of Beeoh 

BilL oo. Berics. 
Sophia, «. to 1810^ to Wmiam Bowen, Esq., ILD., d. in 

18^, «. p. 
Maria, w. to July. 1810, to Ftonci% 4th Bail of Guilford, 

d. to 1821. «. p, 
Charlotte, d. mm. to 1842. 
LnuiaaVictoria, «. to 1807. Walter Smyths^ Beq. of Bfesm- 

bridge, CO. Hanta 
Mr. BoycottiL 29 June, 1798. 

.^mu— Go., on a diief; arg., three grenadoea^ ppr. 
Crnt'-An armed arm, ppr. ; issuing oat of a moral crown, 
and castimr a graaado. 

JToffe— Fro rage 

[all, WotYeihan^iioii. 


BoTD, Jaicn^ Esq. of Bocalare^ oo. Wexfbrd, J.P., 
high-eheriff in 1831, m^jor in the anny, ai. in 181S, 
G^on^iana, dau. and co-heir of the Hon. Ckoiigo 
Joc«Iyn, next brother to Robert, Sod Eail of Roden, 
by whom, who d in 1819, he haa tosue;, 

1 J.-JSa Wfcstw, V^ ^ Ftj^w H«X »l<it CR*^ <*«ftl 
Kd^ «r m«4 \\-trr>^ ^ <fit«M toa «^ Am. ef Sa 

I. Jambs- Jocxlth, aa eOoer to the army, m, to IMl; 

Isabel, dau. of M^'or Oooper, simI A to 1SI». leaving 

toaoe. JAina, Chartos. and Isabel-Iacj. 
L QeoKipaBa, m. to Philip BagSBal, Baq. ef U s H a ki i j 

Park. CO. Caziow, and haa tosaa. 
n. Blaab1k.w> to Waitosa*. niswsH, Mag, ef AMertflw, 

ee^ Waxltod, aAd haa tonsL 

i.tBCIlt.— HiOATT BoT«, Bh}^ k betea ICTT. to 
', whom his coaato. John H^^^t^ata, ef B«lax«, bequesthed 
, an tos eiaata^ chamed deKcsl ftoaa ths &>Taa ff KHmtmr- 
MM^ H* m. ttuqiKtC Srd dsa. of Bmiy Lotftu, Esq. 
^ Loftoi Ball. CO. W«x«nrdL ^e to&sr of Kfeehotoa, 1st 
Vew>(£at Ijciftw. aod h*JL w:^ ftnr saoa. sreeo dsas^ «r 
wbMft. Mx-T. «. to iriX Bdhert OArd. Bvi. eT Wcxfard; 
XA.-PUXC SuK^eS Tnnoh, Ba^. ; AnsK^ Sawad Bait, Eaq.; 
uhi Jeaa. J«aqph Arvoad. Bb). H^ptt Bajd «» «m off 
Uie owMttiw asii «(t nssiv »»rr « the eai. ef Wcxitod 
fitr Ka^ WoAAAX UI , to UW^ ffi» wi£ is dated SI Jom^ 
1?». sfti WW fs a w ad to the djaoaa* <f Mnk U Ma^. Un. 

^ JjLse B^rik, B)h^ «r IWntev. k 17«1 had. h^ Jmcj Ua 
' wr*. rw» «v«» «»i J:^ir- teaa Jaooes B*t^ wS s < 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 


HiOATT BoTDk Esq. of Bodara, bapt 6 Feb.l7», «. 17«8, 
moB Amy-Phillips, and had iasue^ 

Jajos Boti>, Bsq. of Rodare, J.P., m, Eliaabeth, only 
dan. of CoL Waltor Horo, of Harpenrtown, oo. Wexford, by 
Lady Anne Stopford his wife, 4th dau. of Jamea, let Earl 
of Ooortown, and had Isaae, L JjLxn, now of Roalara ; 
n. Higatt, Uaut. 4th foot, 1« Aug. 1810; m. Charlea, an 
officer of the B. L Co. 'a eerHoe^ d. wma. ; i. Anne, d. wma, 
17 Feb. 1836 ; n. Amy ; and in. Lucy. Mr. Boyd waa M.P. 
fbr Wezfbrd in the Irlah parliament^ and aerred the offl w 
ef sheriff of the oo. of Wexford. 

ilraw— Ab., a feese, cheqny. or and go. 
CWaC— A dexter hand, couped at the wriat^ erect, third and 
omth flngen turned down, ppr. 
fini— Boelare^ aeren miloa fWnn Wexfiord, 


BoTD, Gboeob-Auoubtus, Esq. of Ifiddleion Park, 
oo. Weetmesth, J.P. and D.L., high-eherifif in 1848, 
b, 13 March, 1817; nt. 4 Julv, 1843, Sarah Jane, 
eldest dau. of Oeoive Woods, Esq. of Hilverton, oo. 
Dublin, by Sarah his wife, dau. of the late Hans 
Hamilton, Eeq., for many years M.P. for the co. of 
DuUin, and has issue, 

L BooBvenT-HAiOLTON, b, S6 Sept 1844. 

n. Charlee-Aaguatua-Roohfort, 6. 4 Oct 1850. 

L ABee-Janeu n. Bdith-Sanh-HamHton. 

m. Flonnea. 

Mr. Boyd inherits from his mother, the late Countess 
of Belyedere, a great portion of the Belvedere estates, 
situated in the oo. of WeetmeaUL 

Unrafft.— Ths Rsv. Jamm Botc^ rector of Brria, oo. 
Mayo, ft. in 1726, who claimed deeoent fh>m the Boyda, 
Earia of Kilmarnock, m. in 1752, Mary, dau. of — Martin, 
Esq., and reliot of Arthur Vernon, Biq., and d. in 1775, 
karfaig an only eon, 

Abbaham Botd, Baq., barrister-at-law and K.C., b. 1700, 
wiM> «. In July, 1780, Catherine Bhuttleworth. reUct of 
John DavioB, Esq., by whom he had ono ehOd, Helena, m. 
to Thomaa Fenton, Baq. He m. 2ndly. in 1815, Jane, 
Ooanteai of Bdvedere, dan. and OTontual aolo heiresa of 
the Bev. Jamea Mackay, and by her, who d. in 1830, left 
aihia decease, 4 Nor. 1822, an only aon, the preaent 
QsoBOS-AuoDSTUs BoTD, Eaq., aa above. 

ilnw— (eonflimed 24 April, 18S7) Quarteriy: let and 4th, 
aa., a feaae^ cheqny, arg. and go., between three oreaoenta, of 
the aeoond. for Botd; 2nd, go., on a chevron, aig., between 
three bean* heada, coaped, or, muaaled, of the fiiat, a roe- 
bo^'a head, ereaed, ppr. ; between two handa, couped at 
the wrists each graqMng a dagger pointing to the centre, 
»., for Maokat ; Srd, aa., a uon, rampant, axg., and in 
cfaieC two redbreaata, ppr., fbr "Rooaromt, 

Ci tt t t lit , Out of a ducal eoronety or, a hand erect, with 
Ihetfaird and fourth fingera folded, ppr., for Bom; 2nd, A 
cobit ami, giaaping a d^ger in pak^ ppr., for Maceat; 8rd, 
A redbreaat, ppr., for BocmroBT. 

if ottoii— Above the anna "Mann forte." Underneath, 

-Middletop Park, oo. Weatmeath. 


' Anna-Haria, a*, to William-Stewart Bose, Baq:, of Sham 
Hill. 00. Deny. 


Botd, John -Robert, Esq. of Ballymaoool, eo. 
Dcmegal, JJP. and D.L., barnstermt-law, 6. 24 Jime, 
1808; M. 6 Aug. 1861, Hary-Louisa, eldest dau. of 
the Ber. William Knox, of Clonleigfa. 

IrilteSSr.—JoHV BoTD, Baq. of Letteritenny, who 
ftaimed deoeeot from a younger branch of the trndent 
Beottiah tenily of B<^yd, Barla o? Kflmamock, m. Ann, dau. 
of Alderman Gamble, of Deny, and had iesoe. The eldest 

Jon BoTD, Beq., m^for in the Donegal mlUtla, m. 
Martha, eldeat dan. of Col. Stewart, governor of the Ba^ 
hMM Talanda, and waa flrther of 

Jonr BoT«, Baq., barrister-at-law, b. 2d Aug. 1769, who 
». ae Jan. 1799, Franeea, 2nd dau. of Sir Samuel Hayea, 
Bat. of Drumboe OMtle, andhadiaaue^ 

JoRV-BoBEBT, now of Ballvmaoool. 

WiUiam, an officer in the 87th Boval Iiiah FostUers. 

Mary, ■•. to WilUam-H. Porter, Beq. 

Patty Franoea 


JfoCto— Confldo. 

dSiat— Ballymaoool, Letterkenny, oo. Donegal. 


Botd, John, Esq. of Dundium House, ca London- 
derry. J.P. and D.L., and manv years M.P. for Cole- 
raine, 6. 22 June, 1789; m. 8 Jan. 1821, Anna-Ara- 
bella, eldest dau. of the Rev. Robert Heslet^ rector 
of KiUowen, J.P., and has issue. 


BoTLB, Patrick, of Shewalton, co. Ayr, M.A., 
Oriel College, Ozon, J.P. and D.L., member of the 
Factdty of Advocates, principal clerk of the Hi^ 
Coiurt of Justiciary, 6. 20 Maroh, 1806 ; m. 17 Aug. 
1830, Mary-Frances, 2nd dau. of Sir Robert Dahym- 
pie - Horn - Elphinstone, Bart of Horn and Logie 
Elphinstone, and has surviving issue, 

I. Davto, R.N., 6. 81 Hay, 1883. 

n. Bobert-Elphinatone, b. 8 June, 1887. 

m. Alexander-James, 6. 28 Feb. 1842. 

I. EHntbeth-Magdalene-Oreeme. 

n. Maiy-Helan. m. Helen-Jane. 

Untafft. — ^Tns Right Hoh. DAvm Botu, (2nd ion 
of the Hon. Patrick Boyle, 8rd eon of John, 2nd Earl of 
Glasgow, Mt BuBKs'S Feeragt), lord justice-general and 
president in the Court of Session, in Scotland, b. 26 July, 
1772, m. Ist, 24 Dec 1804, Eliaabeth, eldest dau. of the late 
Alexander Montgomerle, Esq. of Annick Lodge, next 
brother of Hugh, 12th Earl of Eglinton, and had by her, 

Patbick. now of Shewalton. 

Alexander, commander B.N., b. 9 March, 1810, m. 2 July, 
1844, Agnes, 8rd dau of James Walker, Esq., C.E. 

John, b. 9 Sept. 1819, barrister-at-law, m. 6 Sept 1868, 
Jane, 2nd dau. of Theodore Walrond, Bsq. of Calder PaOrk* 
CO. Lanark. 

William, capt 80th rMt.. b. 25 Jan. 1821. m, 14 Jone^ 186$, 
Louisa, eldeat dau. or the Bev. Henry Paraona. 

Arohibald-Tbomaa, b. 14 April, 1822. 

Elisabeth, m. in 1828, to Jamee Hope^ Eaq., Srd son of 
the Bight Hon. Charlee Hope. 

Helen, m. in 1829, to Sir Chariea-Dabymple Fenrusaon, of 
Kilkerran, Bart , who d, in 1849. 

Hamilla-Augusta. Eleanora-Chariotta. 

Mr. Boyle m. 2ndly. 17 July, 1827, Camilla-Catherine, eldest 
dau. of the late Hon. David Smythe, of Methven Castle, 
Perthshire, a judge of the Court of BoasJon, and had by 

Oeoige-David, M.A., in holy orders, 6. 17 May, 1828* 

Bobert, royal horse artillery, b. 2 Dec. 1880. 

Heniy-Dundaa, 6. 1 Feb. 1»8, d. 19 April, 1863. 

The Lord Juatice-Ocneral, who «. to Shewalton, on the death 
of hii elder brother, CoL Jfim Boyle, in 1887, d, 4 Feb. 

^nM--Qaaitarly : let and 4th, or, an eagle, displayed, wi£h 
two heada, gu. ; 2nd and 3rd, per bend embattled, arg. and 
ffu. ; over sll, an escutcheon, or, charged with three stsga^ 
horns, erect, gu., two and one. 

Crttt^An esgle, displayed, with two heads, per pale em- 
battled, arg. and gu. 

iMto^Domlnua provldebit. 

iSco^— Shewalton, near Kilmarnock. 


BoTSB, Thi Ret. Richard, of Bannow, co. Wez* 
ford, m. Winih^-Bemers Plestow, of Watlington 
Hall, Norfolk, and has a son and heir, 

Auoitstub-Fbssicah, ft. 26 Sept. 1822. 

UlttSfft* — Thomas Botsb, Esq., great-grandson of 
Nathaniel Boyae, who settled in the co. of Wexford abotit 
1668, and porohased the eatate of Bannow, m. Maiigaret, 
dau. and co-heir of Edmund Jackson, Esq. of Portneacc^ly, 
and left (with four daus., Nina, ai. to John Ore sn , Eaq. of 
Oreeuville ; Margaret, m. m> William Watta, Eaq. ; Fianoea, 
m. to H,JI^ Ouew, Bsq. of Ballinamona; and Jane) one 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


*.8AinTiL BoYHB, Esq. of Bannow, who in. in 1780, D->rothy, 
dau. of Robort-8. Carew, Eaq. of CaatleborouKh, aud biid 
iMU«, 1 Thomas, his heir; 2 Sbapland, Ueut-col. 13th light 
dragoons, C. B.. commanded his regiment at Waterloo, 
d. unm. in 1832 ; 8 Riohabd, present repreeentatlve ; and 
Ave daus., of whom the 4th, Margaret, m. H.-H. Hunt, 
Esq. The eldest son, 

Thomas Botsb, Esq. of Bannow, J.P., h. 25 Deo. 1781, 
m. Jane-Stratford, dan. of John Kirwan, Esq., barrister- 
a't-law, and widow of Cnear Colelough, Esq. of Tintem 
Abbey, oo. "Wexford; but d. i. p,; when he was «. by his 

■ 8«a(— Bannow, co. Wexford. 


Moorb-Brabazon, The Rev. William-John, of 
TiMTR House, CO. Meath, A.M., vicar of Sarrat, Herta, 
I. 29 April, 1789 ; assumed hj sign-manual, in July, 
1845, the additional surname and arms of Brabazon. 

littfage.— In 1721, Johk Moorb, Esq. of Dublin, 
acquired, under an act of parliament passed for the sale 
9f the estates of William Graham, Esq. the town lands of 
Dalgatherine, Bill of Rath, TullyhaUen, and Drybridge, 
all in the barony of Mollifont, and oo. of LouUl He m. 
Uiss Campbell, second sinter of the Right Hon. Charles 
Campbell, M.P. of New Grange, oo. Meath, and had issue, 
Charles, barrister-at-law, d, $, p, 
Johk, of whom we ti^esit. 

Alice, m. General Sir John Whiteford, Bart, and had 
several daus., of whom one, Alicia-lAicy. m. 20 Nov. 
1796, Henry. Srd Lord Vernon; and another, m, CoL 

The younger son, 

John Moore, Esq , M.B., of TullyhaUen, Ac, m. 26 
Aug. 1752, Frideewide, dau. of Dixie Coddington, Esq. of 
Athlumney Castle, oo. Meath, and had, 
John, his heir. 

Alice, m. Thomas Achmuty, Esq. of Madeira. 
• Jane, m. in July. 1799. Uie Hon. and Very Bar. John 
Hewitt, Dean of Cloyue. 

Frideswide. m. in 1780. CoL the Hon. Robert-Henry South- 
well, of Castle Hamilton. 
Dr. Moore was shot at his own door hj an unknown per^ 
son, in 17SS, and was «. by his son, 

JoBM MoORC, Esq. of New Lodge, Herta, 6. 90 Sept. 1763, 

who m. 1st, M May. 17SS, Baibara, dau. of the Hon. 

William Brabaaon, :end son of Edward, 7th Earl of Meath. 

and had issue, . 

WiLU AM-JoHK, now of TaTS House, who has a— iimed, the 

additional surname of Brarakon. 

John Arthur. 6. S4 Sept 1791. R N., for many years signal- 
officer to .\dmirHl (then Captaiu, Blackwood, ». 81 July, 
- 18i7. Sophia, dau. of Col. Yates, 
Charles-Henry. 6. 21 March. 1798. 
Mr. Moore m. Sndly. 96 April. 1839. Charloita. dan. of 
0«>rge-8amuel CoUyer. Esq. and d. in April, 1S42. 

Jrm*— Qu.. on a bend, or, three martleta, aa.. quarteHi^, 
aa.. a chie^ indented, or, charged with thrve mullets, 
pverc-ed. gu. 

<V**— iat on a mount, rert a fklcon rising, or. bdled. of 
the Uftt ; tod, out of a ductU coronet, or, a Moor's head. ppr.. 
tilietad rmmd the templue. as. and or; a jewel pendent in 
tbeeiur. arg. 

JUMrtt— Durum patientiA fraisgo. 

Sm«— Tara House, ca Me^th. 

IB E i 

BftABAZOV: 2nd and 8rd, arg., ffutt^-de-p<^, on a fosse . sa., 
three towers, of the first, for UioaiMS. 

Ct est— Oa a mount, vert, a falcon, rising, belled, or, 
charged with a fleur-de-lis, as. 

Motto — Vota vita mea. 

£ceU— Brabazon Park, co. Mayo. 


BiUBAi\)X, High, Esq. of BrRb^zon Park, oo. 
llayo. late a oupt in the 15th hussars. b». 9 Feb. 
lSi*7. Ellen-AmbroMR. joungeet dau. of the late Sir 
Wiliiam-Henry Palmer. BarL, of Pmhuerstown, and 
Keuure I^urk. aikl has is^ue, 

1. LrxK-BitAaAKVc. h. S Xan^ 1S33. 

u. John-ralBMr. ^ 1:1 Fbb. 1»M. 

L KhnbechLouis^ n. Auirwata. 

lu. Biuma. rr. Kate. 

Tlus ^n^tleman. eMeei son of Luke Hi^na. ¥>q^ 
Ute ot CastleUur, cix Mayo« by Catkariiie hi* wiJie, 
•Utw of Sir AuthvWT HnU^uon. Hart, of Brabttxon 
Park. assuiue\i br t\\v^ license, in ISoi. the sunwiiie 
axKi arau of B&aba£v>5. 

.^-'••— ^^utfterlr: irt Aad 4tK jru.. on a berl or. thrve 
«MrtI«<a, sa.. *^«h a £v*ir-de-iia, m*^ for duie«iK-«, for 


Bracebridob, Charles-Holte, Esq. of Atherstone 
Hall, CO. Warwick, 6. 19 March, 1799; m. 24 March, 
1824, Selina, dau. of William Mills, Esq. of Bisteme, 
CO. Hants. 

UtttCage.— This fkmUy establishes a Saxon descent,^ 
deriving fh>m Tubohill db Warwick, who enjoyed the 
dignity of Earl prior to the advent of the Normans, and 
afterwards, in conformity with the invaders, assumed the 
surname of Abden, fh>m a woodland tract in Warwickshire. 

OsBBBT DM Ardkm, SOU of TuTchill, by his 2nd wife, 
inherited the manor of Kingsbury, the principal seat of hit 
father, which property passed eventually to his only dan., 

Amicia db Aroek, wife of 

Pbtbb db Braoxbridoo, so called fh>m a place near 
Lincoln, of which he was lord. His elder son, 

John db Braoxbridoo, Lord of Kingsbury, d. issueless, 
2nd Hbnry III., and was ». by his brother, 

WiLUAM DE Braoebridoo, Lord of Kingsbury, consti- 
tuted, 19th Hekry IIL, a Justice of asaiae at Warwick. 
He was «. by his son. 

Sib Ralph db Bracbbbioo^ Knt., Lord of Kingsbury, 
knighted in the SSrd of Hbnrt III. His dau., Matilda, m. 
Thomas de Clinton, and he was «. by his son. 

Sir Johk db Braoebrioo, Knt. From Sib Jomf we 
pass to 

Sir Ralph db Braoebrioo, Knt, styled, in an inqui- 
sition taken in the Ist of Henrt IT., "frater Johaimis 
de Braceb.Tgg miUtis." In the 7th Henry V., Sir Ralph 
was summoned the first, unongst other persons of note, 
to attend the king in person, for the defence of the realm. 
Sir Ralph de Brscebrigg, it appears, attended, in 1414. with 
eleven other knights of ancient fiunily, Hskbt V. to Paris, 
on the occasion of the coronation of Chablbs VI. of France. 
His descendant in the fifth degree was, 

Thomas Bracebbiqo, Esq. (a son of Smon Braoebrigg^ 
lyy Elinbeth, dau. of William Harewell, of Wotton-WavenX 
He m. twice, and disinherited the children* of his 1st wifiB, 
on noarrying the 2nd, Jocosa Wilson. His son and heir; 
Thomab, by that lady, becoming deeply involved in debt, 
the renttainder of Kingsbury yrwB alienated to Sir Francis 
Willoughby, Knt. of Middleton. He d. 1 March, in the 
11th of Buzabbth. The Srd son of the 2nd marriage, 

Akutil Bbacbbbioo, Esq., «. Aima, dau. of Thomas 
Oorbin, Esq. of Hall End, and was grandfather of 

Samucl Bracebridob, Esq. of Atherstooe, who m. Eliar 
beth. dau. of John Moore, Esq. of Shak&ton, and had. with 
younger children, Amihjm, his heir, and Thomas, in holy 
orders, who m. Jane, dau. of J<^uk lAidford, Esq. ; and his 
son, Samtel, who assumed the name of Lcdpord, was 
great-grandfiUher of Elisabeth^uhana Lodfbnl, the wife 
of John, eldest son of Sir John Chetwode, Bart. ; Frsnces- 
Milhcent Ludford; and Mary-Aime Ludford, wife of the 
Rev. Francis Astley, of Evecley, co. Wflis. These ladies 
were the dans, and oo^keira of John Ludford, of Aialej 
Hall. Esq., who d, in 1S23, The .eMest son, and noceeKir 
in lt%»2. of Samuel Braoebridge. 

Abraham Bracebridob, of Atharsfecoa, Bsq., «. Maria, 
dau. of Thomas Chamell, of Snarestoo. oo. Leicester, Eaq.. 
and was &tber of aamQelt of Undky. and 

ABa>HiiM Bracebridos, Esq. ef Atherstone. wbo was 
«. by his son (by ^^ ^^ ^'i^'^ Maria, dan. and eo-hdr of 
the Rev. Walter Jenningm. of Onparva, in StaffordshireX 

Abraham Bracxbridoe. Eaq. of Atherstone, wbo m. 
Mary. dau. of John Stika, Esq. of Uxbcidge. aul had isBoe, 
Abraham, his soooeesor. 
r Walter («c« Bracxbbidge ^f M^rnOt ) 

I * The eldest sod, William Bncehndgei, ai, Abbsi, dan. of 
JuhxD ^etbermiU; and d, 3 EuxABcrm. teaving a «». 
Michael, who d. *. p,, and two daoa., Maigeiy. «. Isc, to 
Waklvvs Willingtoa. of Hnriey. Esq. ; aad Sodlr. to Bsr- 
naby Easte, Esq.; and JaM^ai. to LmmI Skipwith. Ssq. 

t This gsntleBMH had. with otkar l0«Bh 
SamteuMP. farTteiwocth: wtw d. Im ths Ue ef Sd% 

I Fhilxp. in hc<y ordo*; who d. in 171E2. kavmg tvs 

Anne. a. to Robert Abr>*v. 
AMivTA, Mw to G«oig« Hfoua^ 1 

Jigitized by CjOOQIC 



He was «. at his deoeafle, in 1780. by bis oldest son, 

Abraham Brackbbidob, Esq. of Atherstone, who m. 
in 1775. Mary -Elizabeth, only dau. and heiress of Sir 
Charies Holte, Bart, of Aston, co. Warwick, and had a son 
and a dau., vis.. 

i-HoLT^ present proprietor. 
Mary-Holte, who m. in 1803. her cousin, Walter-Henxy 
Bracebridge, Esq. of Morville House. 

Mr. Bracebridge d. in 1882. 

Jrm* — Vair^ aiig^. and sa., a fesse, gu. 

CVert— A staff raguly, aig. (NoU: "The Bear and raffged 
Staff** belonged to Turchil de Warwick, as descendant orthe 
chiTalrous Ouy, Earl of Warwick.) 

Jfotto— Be as Qod will. 

Seert— Atherstone Hall, co. Warwick. 


Bracbbridoe, Walter Henrt, Esq. of Morville 
Hall, CO. Warwick, and Chetwode Priory, Bucks, b, 
in 1781 ; m. in 1803, Mary-Holte, dau. of Abraham 
Bracebridge, Esq. of Atherstone HalL 

ItlttSffr* — Wavtkb, Bbackbridob, Esq., 2nd son of 
Abraham Biaoebiidge, Esq. of Atherstone, m. Harriet, dau. 
9f Henry Streatfeild, Esq. of Chiddingstone, Kent, and by 
ber (who d. 4 March, 1824). he left at his decease, 27 Oct. 
XBM, a son, WALTKR-HmniT. now of Morville and Chetwode 
Priory; and "One surviTing dau., Harriet-Anne, of Sea 
Beaoh House, Eastbourne, Sussex, widow of Houry Ogle, 
Sk)., son of the Bev. John Ogle, of Kirkley, Northum- 

Armt, Arc., same as Braocbbidgb of Athentone, 

Acts— Monrille Hall, Warwickshire ; and Chetwode Prioiy, 


Bracksnbubt, Sir Edward, Knt. of Skendleby 
Hoose, ca Lincoln, J.P. and D.L., lieut.-col. in the 
army, m. 1st, 9 June, 1827, Maria, dau. of the Rev. 
EdwiBLrd Bromhead, of Repham, co. Lincoln, and had 

Sdwabz>-Bboichsai>, b. 18 Oct. 1828 ; d. in 1845. 
He m. 2iidly, Eleanor, widow of the kte William-B 
Clark, Esq. of Belford Hall, Northumberland, and 
dau. of the late Addison Fenwick, Esq. of Bishop- 
wearmouih. In 1824, he was invested with the 
order of the Tower and Sword, and also with that 
of St Bento d'Avis. 

KnCSfft. — ^This fiarnQy, which descends immediately 
from Sir Robert Brackenbury, the famous lieutenant of the 
Tower, temp. Richard III., was founded in England by 
9r Perse de Brakenbury, one of the companions in arms 
of WiLUAM the Conqueror. 

The grsndfather of Sir Edward, Brackenbury, Cabb 
BaAOKEHBUBT, Esq. of Pautou Hall, co. Lincoln, eldest 
no of Cabb Bbackbkbitbt, Esq. of Spilsby, was father 
ef the Rev. Edwabd Bbaoksbbubt, of Bkendleby, who 
4. $. j»., and of 

Bichabd BBACKBffBUBT. Esq. of Aswardby, co. Tinooln, 
who wn, Janetta Gun, of Edinbuigh, and has issue, 

Johm-Macphebsoh (Sir). K.H., late H. B. M.'s consul at 
Qulix: m. in 1801, Hiss NicheLson, dau. of William 
Nkdielson, Esq. 

EnwAaD (Sir), of Skendleby House. 

WilUam. of Whitbv House, co. Lincoln, formerly of the 
101st rsgiment: deceased. 

Janetta, m. to Charles Brackeubunr, Esq., elder brother 
of the Ber. Henry Brackenbury, or Scremby. 

^r«s— Aig., three chevrons, interlaced in base. sa. 
Cn$t—A Hon. oouchant. sa.. at the foot of an oak-tree, ppr. 
MoUo Hens recueller jamais. 
tet—Skendleby House, near Spilsby, co. Lincoln. 


Brackehburt, Henrt, Esq. of Scremby Hall, co. 
liocobi, 6. 11 Dec. 1790; m. 28 May, 1821, Anne, 
only dau. of John Atkinson, Esq. of Ansthorpe Hall, 
CO. York. 

lttlM0t* — Cabb Bbackbkbubt, Esq. of Spilsby, oo. 
liacoln, m. 1st, Miss Anne <}aoe, by whom he had six sons 
ysi ooai dau.. vis., Cabb, of Fsn^si Hall (sae jpneeding 

familyX Joseph, Thomas. Longley, C!hai-Ies, John, and 
Anne ; and 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Sir John Tyrwhitt, Bart., 
by whom he had one son, James. The third son, 

Thomas -Cabb Bbaokjbkbubv, Esq.. m, 1st, Elizabeth 
Ostler, who d. in 1760 ; and 2ndly, in 1761, Maigaret, eldest 
dau. of John Mottram. E^. He was «. by his son, 

Chables Bbaokenbuby, Esq. of Scremby Hall, who m.' 
in 1780, Caroline Hairby, and had issue, 1 Charles, m. Miss 
Janetta Brackenbury, and had one dau., Janetta ; 2 George; 
8 Hbnbt, of Scremby Hall ; 4 Augustus ; 6 Evelyn ; 1 Anne ; 
8 Caroline ; 3 Sophia ; and 4 Louisa. He d. 16 March, 1816. 

^rms— Aig., three chevrons, braced in base, sa. 
Crat — A lion, couchant-guardant, sa., under an oak-tree, 
Jtfbtto— Sans reouellerjamais. 
Siot— Scremby Hall, Spilsby, co. Lincoln. 


Brackenridqe, QsoRaE-CHARLES, Esq. of Ashfield 
Park, CO. Tyrone, J.P., barrister<it-law, 6. 18 June, 
1814 ; assumed by royal license, 9 March) 1846, the 
surname of Bracken iuoqe, in lieu of that of Trim-' 
ble, and the arms of Biackenridge quarterly with 
those of Trimble. 

E'CttfAStt — Joseph Tbimbls, Esq. of Ashfield Park, 
whose mother, Margaret, was dau. of Qeorge Brackenridge, 
of Ballymacan, co. Tyrone, d. 8 Sept. It- 4 1, leaving, by 
Catherine his wife, a son, the present Oeobob-Chables 
Bbaokekbidob, Esq. of Ashfield Park, and two daus., 
Jane, m. 1st, 7 May, 1830, to James King, Esq. of Dough- 
more, and 2ndly. 20 Oct. 1847, to Charles Stanley, Esq. 
of Armagh; and Maiigaret, m. 22 July, 1841, to James-C. 
Bell, Esq. 

.<lrm«— Quarterly: 1st and 4th. as., three roses, atg., 
seeded, or, barbed, vert; from the chief, a pile, of the thini, 
chazved with a rose, gu ; 2nd and 3rd, per fesse, aig. and or, 
a bull's heiid. cabossed, sa. 

CYe$t — Between two eagle's winn, displayed, as., a pile, 
gu., chaiged with a white rose, as in the arms. 

JHTot/o— Labors et industria. 

5e<U— Ashfield Park, co. Tyrone. 


Braddon, John, Esq. of Treglith, co. Cornwall, 
J.P. and D.L., b. in May, 1777; m. July, 1805, 
Judith, dau. of Richard Kingdon, Esq. of Holswor- 
thy, CO. Deyou, and has issue three sons. 

^itltUQt* — ^The Braddons were originally of Northamp- 
tonshire : the first of the family recorded in the Heralds' 
College, as living in Cornwall, is 

Stiphbn Bbaddoh, barrister of iha Inner Temple, of 
Trewoigey, in St. Genny's. He m. Alice, dau. of WilUam 
Beleawe, and was elected member of paxiiament for the 
neighbouring town of Bossiney, in the first year of Queen 
Elizabbtb (1668), as he also was in the fifth of the same 

WiLUAM Bbaddou, grandson of Stephen, rebuilt the old 
house of Treworgey, and was M.P. for Cornwall in 1651. 
He d. at Trewoigey in 1094. By Ann his wife (who d. 
21 Oct. 1672), he left issue two sons and one dau., Hbnbt ; 
Lawrence, barrister of the Middle Temple ; Ann. m. Har- 
rington, of Devon, grandson of Sir John Harrington. Knt., 
godson of Queen Elizabeth. The elder son, 

Henbt Bbabdon, Esq., d. 26 Sept. 1711, leaving a son. 

The Rbv. Johb Bbaddon, who, in 1713, was mducted 
to the livings of Loffincott and St. Oiles-on-the-heath, Devon. 
He m. Mary, dau. of Nicholas Mill, Esq. of Orimsoott, oo. 
Cornwall, and left two sons and three daus. The elder 

Jomr Bbaddon, Esq., m. Mary, only child of Richard 
Martyn, Esq. of Milford, Devon ; and (i. at Milford in 1788, 
leaTing three sons and a dau., vis., Wiluam, of whom we 
treat; John, In holy orders, rector of Werrington, oo. 
Cornwall, d, t, p. In 1842 ; Hbmbt, father of Wiluam 
Braddon, Esq. of Skisdon Lodge («m that branch); Mary, 
m. to the Rev. Thomas-Tregenna Hamley, and d. iu 1815^ 
s. p. The eldest son, 

Wiluam Bbaddon, Esq. of Treglith, oo. Comwnll, m. In 
1774, Mary, dau. of — Spettigue. Esq. oi Treglith; and d, 
in 1823, leaving three sons surviving, viz., 

John, now of Treglith. 

Thomas-Anstia. Richard-Martyn. 

Arm»—Stk.. a bend, fiisilly, arg. " 

Motto— 'Aui mors aut libertas. 

B B A 


Brasdon, William, Esq. of Blacklands, Deron, 

find Skisdon Lodge, Cornwall, J.P., late H.E.LC.S., 

in. Hannah-Maria, dau. of John Darnells, Esq., and 


L Wiluax-Clqds, m. ItaiKaretpSeUiia, dao. of John- 

Wogwi Patten, Esq., and has issue, two sons. 
n. Henzy-Edward, m. AUoia-Elisabeth, dau. of John 
Cbapmaa, Esq. of Bloomfield« co. Tippeiary, and has 
two sons. in. Jobn-Clode. 

I. Hary-Maynard, m. to the Ber. Jamos-Henxy Chowne, 
(son of James TUson, Esq. of Goring, co. Oxford^ 
who, in complisnoe with the will of hie uncl^^ General 
Christopher Chowne, assumed the surname of Oaamwm ; 
they have issue, three sons and two daus. ^ 

n. Sarah, d. imm. in 18M. lu. Maria. 

IT. Annie-Franoes, m. Richard-Strode Hewlett, oapt. &.N. 
T. Louisa<»uurlotto. d. 8 July, 1847. 

&Cllta0t* — HsmtT Bbadzx>v, Esq. of Skisdon Lodge, 
8rd son of John Braddon, Esq. of Milfoxd, m. Sarah, dau. of 
William Clode, Esq. of Camelford, and d, in 1817, kartng 
five sons and two daus. 

Richard, ma^or E.I.C.'s sendee; d. unm. in 1887. 

WiixiAM, present representative of this branch. 

John-ClodcL of Camelford and Skisdon Lodge ; d. in 1850. 

Henxy. m. Fanny, dau. of J. White, Esq. of co. Cavan. 

Edward-Nicholas, in holy orders, vicar of St. Maty's and 
St Clement's^ Kent; m. Charlotte^ dan. of W. Wright, 
Esq. of Kent. 

Sarah-Phillis-Clode^ la. 1st, Edward Kelly, Esq.. capt 61st 
Ught infantry, 2nd son of the late Arthur Kelly, Esq. of 
Kelly, CO. Devon, and by him (who d, 24 May, 1831) has 
a son, Edward-Henry-Kelly, of Camplehay, Devon. She 
m. 2ndly, the Rev. WlUiim Cowlard, who d. 17 June^ 1844. 

Maiy, m. to Charies Basden, Esq., capt. &N. 

Arnu, to,—AB Braddok of TrefftUh. 

" ' -Blacklands, Devon ; and Skisdon Lodge^ OomwalL 


Bradley, RoberisGreekb, Esq. of Slyne House, 
eo. Lancaster, J.P., barrister-at-law, and a bencher 
of Qray*B Inn, b. 14 April, 1788 ; m, 12 June, 1820, 
Lydia, only surviving criild of the late Francis Boyn- 
ton, Esq., by Charlotte his wife, eldest dau. and co- 
heiress of the late Sir Warton-Pennyman Warton, 
of Beverley Park, co. York, Bart She d. at Slyne 
House, 12 April, 1836, t, p. Mr. Bradley and his 
Bister Elizabeth are the children of Robert Bradley, 
Esq., by Mai^garet his wife, dau. of Thomas Greene, 
Esq. of Slyne. 

ilrms— 8a., a fesse^ engrailed; and in ehisf, a mnOsU 
between two crosses, form^fltch^ axg. 

AaC— aiyne Houses co. limcaster. 


Brasshaw, FRA170I8, Esq. of Barton Blount, eo. 
Derby, 6. 8 July, 1800; m. 18 Deo. 1828, Mary- 
Anne, dau. of Robert Holden, Esq. of NuttaJl Tem- 
ple, Notts, and has issue, 

I Francis, 6. 1826. n. Henry-Holden, 6. 1828. 

m. Bobert-WUmot, 6. 188«. iv. William, b, 1840, 

L Maiy-Anne. n. Frances-Maria. 

m. Caroline. rv. Helen. r. Alice. 

ILintK^t* — The BsAnsHAWs nf BarUm Movnt are 
dsscended fktmi the Bradshaws <(f Br€id$kaWt oo. Lan- 
caster, whero the fiunily have flourished fh>m the time of the 
Saxons, the present owner thereof being Thomas Bradshaw- 
Isberwood. Esq. of Marple Hall, Cheshire. 

Gborob BRAnsHAW, Esq., 2nd son of John Bradshaw, of 
Bradshaw, went, cirta 1400, into Staffbrdshirs, having m. 
the dau. and heiress of Sir William SkefiSngton. His son, 

JoBir Brasshaw, Esq., m. Cicely, dau. and heir of 
Thomas FoUambe, of Wyndley, oo. Derby, and d. in 1628. 
His grandson, 

Hbxbt BRAnsRAW, Esq., m. Elizabeth, dan. of Robert 
Elyre, of Haasop, and had two sons, Hrhrt, of whose 
descendants we treat ; and William, of Bradshaw Hall, oa 
Derby, ancestor of the Bev. C.-Bradshaw Bowles, and also 
of the Bradshaw-Iaherwood, of Maiple. The eldest sou, 

HxmT BaAnauAW, m. Eleanor, dau. of Bkhard Curaon, 
of Kedieeton, and was father of 

RiCHABB Bradshaw, of Alderwasley. His great-gxeat- 



Hevrt Brassbaw, Esq. of Holbrook, d. 1649, leaving, 
by Ellen Hill his wife, two sons. Bamubl, his heir; and 
Arthokt, of Belper, whose eldest dau., by Anne Lowe his 
wife, Anne, ta. Joeeph Baggiley, Esq. The son and heir, 

Saicuxl Bradshaw, Esq. of Holbrook, m. 1676, Maiy, 
dau. of Robert Feame, Esq. ; and d. 1716, leaving a son, 

Thb Bit. Samusl BRAneHAW, of Upmiaster, in Essex, 
6. in 1688; ta. Kary, dau. of the Rev. Mr. Elhs, of Oon- 
ningstone, Notts, and dying ». p., bequeathed his estate (0 
his cousin, 

Joseph Bagoaut, Esq. of Holbrook, (son of Joaaph 
Baggaley, Esq. of Holbrook, by Anne his wifo, dau. of 
Anthony Bradshaw, of Bdper) who assumed in 1767, the 
surname and aims of Bradshaw, and served as sheriff tot 
Derbyshire in 1777. He m. Frances, dau. of the Bev. 
Frauds Bower, rector of Baribereugfa, and had issue, Frav- 
OS, heir; Jos^^ la. Frances, dau. of Samuel Clowes, Esq. 
of Brouj^iton, near Manchester; Anne, m. to Thomas-P<»> 
ter BoneU, Esq. of Duffleld, and (i. 20 Oct. 18S1 ; Elisabeth, 
«a. 16 Jan. 1798, to John-Edwin Bisooe, Esq.; Maxy; Har- 
riet; and Frances. The eldest son, 

Fravois Bradshaw, Esq. of Barton Blount, high-sheriit 
CO. Derby, 1806, m. 1798, EUsa, dau. of Sir Robert Wilmot, 
Bart, of Chaddesden; and dying Aug. 1841, left issuer 
Fbajtois, now of Barton Blount ; Charlotte - Anne, wu 
19 Nov. 1821, to Bobert-S.-Wihnot Sitwell, Esq. of Stainsby ; 
Frances -Maria, m. 8 March, 1828, to the Bev. Charies- 
Evelyn Cotton, of Etwall Hall ; and Elisabeth, m. b July, 
1836. to the Rev. Peploe-P. Moeley, of RoUeeton. 

ilrma— Arg., two bendlets, between as many martlets, sa. 
Ort$tf-'A hart, gu., standing under a vlne*braneh, verl 
Motto— Qoi vit content tient asses. 
Sactf— Barton Hall, co. Derby. 

Bradt, John Bbauchamp, Esq. of Hyshall Lodge, 
ca Carlow, J.P., 6. 2 July, 1800; m. 25 Dec. 1825, 
Jane-Harriety 8rd dau. of Sir Rupert Geoige, Bart, 
and has issuer 
I. J.-CORRWALL, late of the 28rd fiisiUers, ». 26 Maroh, 
1827, la. 6 Oct. 1858, Elisabeth-Susan, dau. of the late 
Thomas H. Watson. Esq. of Serendove, oo. Carlow. 
n. Henry-Beauchamp (69th r^gt.), b. 25 July, 1828. 
III. Rupert-George (1st Royals), b. 25 July, 1831. 
I. Franoes-Margaret-Fetherstone, m. to John-Frederick 
Leeky, Esq., only son of John-James Leeky, Baq., 
J.P. and D.L., of Ballykesly, oo. Carlow. 

Mr. Brady has served as high-sheriff of oo. Oaiiow. 
His father, Hbkbt Bbadt, Esq. of Myahall Lodge, 
son of Hugh Brady, Esq., by Eliza Beauehamp his 
wife, m. in 1702, Sarah Pearson, and by her had a 
son, the present John-Bbauchamp Brady, of Myshall 
Lodge; and two dau&, Jane, m. in 1810, to Major 
Cornwall; and Blisa, m, in 1817, to Sir Francis 
Ford, Bart 
iSMt-^Myahall Lodges oo. Cariow. 


Brailsford, Thomas, Esq. of Toft Hill and Toft 
Grange, co. Lincoln, D.L., 6. 10 Oct. 1787: m. Ist^ 
14 Jan. 1815, Anne, dau. of James Shapley, Esq., by 
Elizabeth his wife, one of the co-heiresses of the late 
William Heathcote, Esq. of the colony of Demarsra, 
and of Standiffe Hall, oa Derby, and has iaiue, 

I. Thomas, b. 2 Nov. 1815 ; d. 20 April, 1854. 

n. Samuk^ b. 1 May, 1819. 

m. John-ArthuivHeathoote, 5. hi 1822; 4. in IMH 

nr. William, b. 2 June, 1825. 

I. Eliaa. 

n. EUen, m. in 1841, to the Bey. Charies Holland, Tioar 
of Buigh. 

in. Alsina, m, 1848, to the ^t. Halford-Bobert BurdetL 

lY. EmmarDorothea. 

Mr. Brailsford m, 2ndly, 81 March, 1840, Mary-Anne, 
dau. of the Rev. John Hale, rector of Holton, and 
has by her a dau., Mary-Margaret 

%ilXtKflt* — ^Thomas Braiufobd, of South Normanton, 
descended firom the BRAiLSFoane ^&nwr, m, sometime 
before the year 1689, Elisabeth Smyth, of Bolsover, an 
heiress, and had ason and suooessor, 

TnoMAS BBAnsjonn, of Bolsover and South Nonnanioop 


Ikther, by FnmoeB Meaofaam, of Mansfiold, his wife, whom 
te ». SO Sept. 1718, of Samuel Bnilaford, of Bowthome, 
who d. in 1808, and of 

Thomas B&ailsford. of Bolaorer and Soath Normanton, 
In the CO. of Derby, who m. in 1740, EUen Newbould, of 
Manafldd Woodhouao, Notts, and bad two sons, Thomas, 
his heir; and Samuel, who «». in 1780, Mazy, dau. of Nieho- 
laa Christian, Esq. of GasUeton, Isle of Man, and d. hi 1798, 
taaviBflr two Bona, Thomas, and Samuel, who d. in 1809. 
Mr. Bnilsford was «. by his elder s(mi, 

Thomas Bbailspobd, Esq. of South Normanton, 6. in 
174S; at whose decease, without iassue, in 1820, the estates 
sod gqi> r tse ptat io n of the ftunily devolved on his nephew, 
the present Thomas Bbailsioed, Bsq. of Barkwith House. 

A rm9 lO tt, a cfaMjasfoil. aa., on a diiei; indented, em., two 
pommsis sash diaig«d with a cranv axg. 

Cntt — A unicorn's head, ai^., eraeed. ffu., armed and 
aianed, or; entwined by a serpent, ppr., and charged on the 
neck with a pomme, and thereon a croaB, as in the arms. 

ifotto— In Jehovah fides mea. 

tm t T oll Orangey Honicastle, linoolnahive. 


Brambtok, Thomas- William, Esq. of Skreens^ oo. 
Bmer, M.P. for Essex, J.P. and D.L., 6. 80 Oct. 
1796 ; m. 12 Aug. 1830, Eliza, 5th dau. and co-heir 
of the late Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey, G.C.B., M.P., 
of Rolls Park, in the same coimty, 'and has issue, 

L Tboma8-Habvst».6. 11 Msy, 1831. 

u. John. 6. 14 Nov. 1832. 

m. ^nUiam-Mondeford. b. 8 Feb. 183& 

IV. Henry, b. 4 July, 1830. 

L Geoigina. u. Bllza-Harrist. 

m. Emma- Alios. 

lineXfr.— Sib Jobh Bbamron, Knt., b. at Maldon, 
son of Roger Kamston, of that plaoe^ lineally descended 
from William Brsmston, sheriffof London, 18th Riohabd II., 
was constituted lord chief Justice of England in 1086. Sir 
John Btamston m. 1st, Bridget, dau. of Thomas Mondeford, 
SB eminent physician (son of Sir Bdmund Mondeford, Knt. 
of Pdtwsll, in NOTfoOc) by Kary his wife, dan. of Hr 
Bkhaid HiU and EUsabeth his wife, the 20th dau. of Sir 
WiBiam Lock, lord-mayor of London. By her he had issue, 
1 JoAV (Sh-X his heir ; 2 Mondeford (Sir), Master in Chan- 
osry, who m. Ahoe, dan. of Sir Geoige le Hunt, and had 
IsBOs: t Franeis, one of the barons of the Exchequer, 1078; 
1 Dorothy, si. to Sir WillSsm Palmer; 2 Mary, m. to John 
Paries, Btaq.; and 8 Catherine, m. to Sir Thomas Dyke. 
The <±dsr justieem. Sndly, Elisabeth, widow of Sir John 
Bereton, Knt., seijesnt-at-law, and dau. of Edward, Lord 
BrabMon, of Ardee, but by her (who d. 7 June, 1047) had 
no Issoe. He was «. at his decease by blseldeet son, 

Sib Jobh Buambtok. of Skreons, in Essex, Knight of the 
Bath at the coronation of King Chablbs II., having had a 
seat in the pariiament (1000) which restored the monarchy, 
as member for the oo. at Essex, ftnr which shire he was 
again returned knight in 1001. Sir John m. Alice, ekiest 
dao. of Anthony Adby, Esq., an alderman of London, and 
b7 her left at hia decease, 4 Feb. 1099, (with two daus., 
Mary, wife of Sir Andrew Jenour, Bart of Bigoods; and 
EUsabeth, wifo of Mondeford Bramston, Esq.) an only 
surrivlug son, 

AVTBOBT Bbamstov, Esq. of Sloeens, who m. Gatherine, 
dsB. atnd co4)eir of Sir Thomas Nutt, Knt of Mayes, in 
FssTT, and d. in 1722, having had, with other issue, 
JoBB, who d.9.p. in 1718, leaving three daus., of whom, 
Msiy, m. 17S0, Edward Byng, son of Lord Torrii^r^n, and 

Thomas Bbammok, Esq. of Skreens, who m. 1st, Diana, 
dan. of Edward Tumor, Esq. of Stoke, in the oo. of Lin- 
coin, and widow of Bobert Feme, Esq. of Locke, in Derby- 
drin, but had by her no issue. He m. 2ndly, Elisabeth, 
only dan. of Richard Bemey, Esq. recorder of Norwich, 
sod had (with a dau. Maiy, the wife of William Deedes, 
Isq.) a son and heir, 

TBOMAS-BBuniT Bbamstov, Esq. of Skreens, M.P. for 
tfa» eo. of Essex f^om 1779 to 1802^ who m. Mary, dau. and 
hib«SB of — Gardiner, Bsq. of Norfblk, and dying in 1812, 
sged 80, left (with a d«i. Mary- Anne, wife of J.-A. Houblon, 
bq.of Hallingbury Place, Essex) two sons, Thomas-Oab- 
BiVBB, his heir; and Jobh, of Forest Hall, Essex, in holy 
Ofdera, who has assumed the surname of Stank. The elder 

Thomas-Oabdihbb Bbamstoh, Esq. of Skreens, M.P. 
ftar the 00. of Essex, m. Maria-Anne, dau. of William 
BhiMw, Bsq. of Queen Anne Stxeet, London, and had two 


sons and three daus., viz., 1 Thomas- William, now of 
Skreens; 2 John, in holy orders, vicar of Great Baddow, 
b. in 1804, who m. Ist, in 1832, Clarissa-Sandford, only dau. 
of Sir Nicholas Tnmt, and 2ndly, Anna Hanbuiy, and has 
issue; 8 Mary-Anne; 4 Charlotte, m. to the Bev. J. David^ 
son, and d. hi 1841 ; and 5 Elizabeth, m. to W. Hooper, 
Esq., B.N., and d. in 1839. Mr. Bramston d. 8 Feb. 1831. 

ilmw— Or, on a fesse, sa, three plates, aig. 

Cmt^A lion, sqjant, collared, sa., cha^^ with three 

in Essex. 


Branxul, Bxnjamin-Atlitt, Esq. of Upmlnster 
Hall, oa Essex, an officer in the 10th royal hussars, 
ft. 26 Feb. 1828. 

litltafft. — " The original name of this family," says 
Morant, " is supposed to have been Bamfield," — a supposi- 
tion borne out by the exact similarity of arms. The pur- 
oluser of Upminster Hall, in Essex, was 

Capt. Akdrbw Bbabtill, Esq. of Dartmouth, in Devon, 
who bou£^t the manor from the Earl of Gainsborough, in 
1085. He m. in 1081, Damaris, eldest dau. of John Aylet, 
of Kelvedon Hatch, (son of the gallant Capt. Aylot, of Mag- 
dalen Laver, so distinguished in the cause of King Chables 
during the great civil war,) and by her had several children. 
He d. 27 July, 1709, aged 59. Hie eldest son and heir. 

Champion Bbabfill, Esq. of Upminster Hall, Essex, 
high-sheriff in 1784, m. Maiy, dau. of Mr. Bei^jamin Braimd, 
of the city of London, and had issue. The elder sozi, 

CoAMMOH Brahull, Bsq. of Upminster Hall, m. Eliza- 
beth James, and by her had two sons and a dau., viz.. 
Champion ; Benjamin ; and Frances, d. young. The elder 
son and hdr, 

Champion Bbanfill, Esq. of Upminster Hall, m. 14 Oct. 
1788, Charlotte, dau. of Edward Brydges, Esq. and Jemima 
his wife, youngest dau. and co-heir of WilUam E^^erton, 
LL.D., and by her (who m. 2ndly, 20 Jan. 1794, John Har- 
rison, Esq.) had issue a son, Champion-Edward, and a dau. 
Jemima-Elizabeth, m. to the Bev. Thomas Harrison. Mr. 
Branfill d. 7 Oct. 1792, and was «. by his son, 

Champion-Edwabd Bbanfill, Esq. of Upminster Hall, 
b. 18 July, 1789, who m. 20 Nov. 1818, Anne-Eliza, dau. of 
the Bev. Anthony-Egerton Hammond, lineally descended, 
maternally, from the Earis of Bridgewater. By this lady 
Mr. BranflU had issue, 
Champion, 5. 19 Oct 1820 ; succeeded to the estate of the 

late Joseph Russell, Esq., and awnimed, in consequence^ 

the surname and arms of Russell. 
Bgerton-Anthony-Hammoud, b. 28 March, 1825 ; d, 6 Oot. 

BxN jamin-Atlbtt, of Upminster HaU. 

Champion-Edward-Biydges. 6. in 1829; d. in 1881. 

Brydges-Robinson, 6. 22 Nov. 18S3. 

John-Arthur-Capel 6. 22 March, 1838. 

Eliza-Jemima-Mazy, m. 28 May, 1851, to the Bev. BdWard- 
Francia Qei^. 

Chariotte-Jane. Agnes-Josepha. 

Mr. BranfiU d. 7 Oct. 1844. 

.^mu— Or, on a bend, gu., three mullets, azg.. quartering 
Atlkt, vis., Ou., three annulets, an., surmounted by a 
chief, azg. ; on a canton, or, a rose of England, ppr. 

Cyet^—Anaked arm, holding a sword, rising out of a cloud, 

Afofto— Not in vain. 

flta^-UpIninster HaD, Upminster, 


Brat, Edward, Esq. of Sh&re, oo. Surrey, h. 
20 July, 1798. 

fttII(aj|?.-^The nsme of the Sicur db Brat occurs in 
the roll of Battel Abbey, amongst the associates in arms of 


B» RiCHABD Bbat, the descendant snd representative of 
the Norman knight, is said by some to have been of the 
privy council to Henry VI. ; by others he is called the 
King's phyBidan ; the former is the more probable, as he 
was buried in Worcester cathedral. He had two wives : l^ 
the 1st, Maigaret, dan. of John Sandea, Esq. of Fumess 
Fell, in Lancashire, he had an only son, John (SirX whose 
only dau. and heir, Maigaret, m. Sir William Sandys, Baron 
Sandys of the Vine; by the 2nd, Joan, Sir Richard had two 
other sons, vis., Sm Rbginaij> Brat, knigfat-bsnneret and 
K.O., lord-treasurer temp, Hsnrt VII., and 

John Brat, Esq., who was buried in the chancel of the 
church at Chelsea, had (with a dau., the wife of Sir John 

B R E 

VorrisX three sons, EDanrND (SirX summonod to parliament 
aa Baron Bray, Slat Hekry VIII., ancestor of the present 
BAHoxsaeBBATB; Edward (Sir), of whom presently; and 
Beginald, of Barrington, co. Olouoester, ancestor of the 
Brats (^ Barrinffton. The 2nd son. 

Sib Edward Brat, Knt. of Vachery Park, in Cranley, 
Surrey, was sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in the 80th of 
Hrnbt VIII., and represented the former county in the two 
pariiaments of Queen Mart. He d. in 1658, and was $. by 
his son. 

Sir Edward Brat, Knt., H.P. for Helstone, in the 13th 
EiJZABBTH, who tn. Ist^ Hary, dau. of Simon Elrington, 
Eicq. of Northampton, and had by her an only son, Regi- 
nald, described as heir-apparent, and of the Inner Temple in 
1657, being then of age, who appears to have d^ Issueless. 
Sir Edward m. 2ndly, Elisabeth, dau. of William Roper, 
Esq. of Eltham, in Kent, by Margaret his wife, dau. of the 
Chancellor Sir Thomas More, and had another son, also 
named Rboikald. He m. 3ixlly, Magdalene, dau. of Sir 
Thomas Cotton, of Kent, by whom, who d. in 1563, he had 
no issue ; and 4thly, a lady, named Mary, by whom (who 
wedded 2ndly, Sir Edmund Tylney, master of the revels to 
Queen Euzabkth) he had three daus., Mary, m. to Sir 
Qeoige Chowne, Knt. of Wrotham, Kent ; Magdalen, m. to 
George Bowes, Esq. of Durham; Frances, m. to George 
Gastrell, Esq. Sir Edward d, in 1581, and was i. by his 

Rjboikald Brat, Esq. of Shere, bapt. 1 May, 1565, who 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Covert, Esq. of Hascombe, in 
Surrey, and left a son and successor, 

Edward Brat, Esq. of Shere, 6. in 1577. He m. Ist, 
Jane, dau. of Edward Covert, Esq. of Tuynham, in Sussex, 
and was grandfather of 

Edward Brat, Esq. of Shere (son of Edward), bapt. 
18 Oct. 1640, who m. Frances, dau. of Vincent Randy 11, Esq. 
of Chilworth, and dying in 1714, was $. by his son, 

Edward Brat, Esq. of Shere, bapt 4 Jan. 16S7, who 
M. in 1727, Ann, dan. of the Rev., Geoige Duncumb, rector 
of Shere, and dying in 1740, was «'. by his eldest son, 

Tbr Rbv. Georob Brat, of Shere, who d, vnm. 1 Mandi, 
1803, and was «. by his brother, 

William Brat, Esq. of Shere, the learned antiquarian 
and historian of Surrey, bapt 7 Nov. 1786. He m. Mary, 
dau. of Henry Stevens, Gent, and had (with three daus., 
Mary, Catherine, and Amelia-Caroline, who d. unm. in 1789) 

Edward, b. 81 Jan. 1768 ; who m. Mary- Anne-Catherine, 
dau. of Daniel Malthus, Esq. of Albury, in Surrey, and 
sister of the celebrated writer on population, and prede- 
ceasing his father in 1814, left issue, 
1 Edward, now of Bhers. 

S Reginald. 6. in 1797; m. Frances, dau. of T.-N. Long- 
man, Esq., and has a son, lieginald-More, and two 
daus., MoVy and Henrietta-Louisa. 
8 William, in holy orders. 
1 Henrietta-Maxy, m. to Augustus Warren, Esq. 
S Louisa. 8 Catherine. 

Mr. Bray, who was treasurer to the Society of Antiquaries, 
and editor of The Evelyn Metaoirs, d. in 1832. 

Jmu— Quarterly: 1st and 4th, arg., a chevron, between 
three eagles' legs, sa., erased 4 la cuisse, their talons, gu. ; 
Snd and 3rd, vaiiy, aig and az., three bend% gu. 

CrtU — A flax-breaker, or. 

fiea^-8here^ near Guildford. 


Brat, Cbcil-Nicholas, Esq. of Langford Hill, co. 
Cornwall, J.P., 5. 14 July, 1804; m. 20 Dec. 1831, 
Hiss Maiy-Dennis Abraham, of TaviBtock, co. Devon, 
and has issue, 

I. Cecil, 6. 14 Jan. 1885. 

I. Maigaret-Maiy. ii, Lucy. m. Mary. 

Mr. Bray is son of the late Ricbard-Burdon Bray, 
Esq., and grandson of Nicholas Bray, by Elizabeth 
Burdon his wife. 

Arm9—Arg., three oak trees, ppr., acomed, or. 

Crest — On a ducal corunet, as., a griilin's head, erm., 
beaked, or. 

i8«l— lAngford HiU, Mariiamchuivh, co. Cornwall. 

Brereton, John, Esq. of Brinton, co. Norfolk, h. 
11 Sept 1813; m. 29 June, 1841, Elizabeth-Ann, 
only dau. of Robert-John Brereton, Esq. of Bhikeney, 

B R B 

by Sarah his wife, younger dau. and oo-heiress of 
Pearson Walton, Esq. of Walton House, co. York, 
and has issue, 

I. Johh-Lloyd, 6. 23 April, 1842. 

II. William-Robert-John, 6. 16 Feb. 1845. 
m. Robert-Pearson, b, 18 March, 1848. 
IT. Cuthbert-Arthur, 6. 17 Sept. 1850. 

I. Elizabeth-Anna. 

ECtieage.—Ormerod, in his able Hiitorp of ChtAire, 
mentions Oroerenor, DsTenport, and Brereton as "three 
grantees who can be proved by ancient deeds to have 
existed at or near the Conquest, though unnoticed in 
Domesday." Of these, the fiamily least fkvoored by forw 
tune in later times (the peerage and the baronetcy in th9 
Brsreton £unily haring both become extinct, and the heir- 
ship in lands and manors, in all the prindpal Wnglish lines, 
having descended to females) was, during the earlier cen- 
turies after the Conquest, among the most distinguished 
in the Palatinate ; and by its fortunate and splendid mar- 
riages became entitled to prefer for its issue the highast 
claims, even to ducal and regal descent. 

The Breretons appear to have arrived in England from 
Normandy with Wiluaic thc Cokqubbob, under Oilbeit 
or Oislebert de Venables, suraamed Venator (the hunterX 
afterwards Baron of Kinderton, in the retinue of Hu^^ 
Lupus, or Hugh d'Avranohes, nephew of the Cokqukbob, 
and afterwards Earl of Chester. 

After the Conquest, the manor of Brereton (called 
Bretone in Domesday) was one of the six dependencies of 
the Barony of Kinderton. Very shortly after this period, 
says Ormerod, " the manor of Brereton was granted to a 
family which assumed the local name, and was probably 
descended from the same stock as the Norman grantee of 
the Barony of Kinderton, if an opinion may be formed 
from the arms which the Breretens subsequently used, 
arg., two bars, sa., difiering only in tincture from the coat 
which the Barons of Kinderton had adopted.** And what 
seems a decisive test of consanguinity is, that upon any 
intermarriage of the Venables with the BrereUma, a dispen- 
sation was required. 

On these grounds it is inferred, that the first grantee of 
the manor of Brereton, who assumed the local name, was 
a Venables, or a youthful kinsman engaged in the Norman 
adventxue. What we find as a fact is, that, in reign of 
William Rufub, Ralf - de Brereton witnessed a deed of 
Gilbert de Venables, and was probably his esquire. 

The lineage of the direct line of the Bbebetohs of BrereUm 
Hatl, and the Irish branch descended therefhun, is to be 
found in Orroerod's NiHorjf qf ChetUr^ Lysons' Magwi 
Britannia^ Collins' Peerage, and Sir F. Dwarris' Memoin fif 
the Brereton Family. 

Fixran the branch seated at Shocklack and Malpas Hall, 
Cheshire, which separated from the elder branch of the 
family in the person of Sir Randle Brereton, of Ipstanee, 
descend the Bbcbbtoms qf Norfolk. 

John Bbkbctoit, Esq., tn. Cicely, eldest dau. and co-heir 
of Robert and Mary Cook, of Brinton, and was father of 
three sons. The eldest, 

John Bbsbbton, of Brinton, m. Anne Banbridge, but 
d. «. p., and was «. by his brother, 

WiLUAM Brkbkton, Esq. of Brinton, who m. Anne, dau. 
of Thomas Shorting, collector of customs at the port of 
Cley, and niece of Admiral Sir Cloudeeley Shovell, Knt, 
and was $. by his eldest son, 

Shovbll Brkbbtom, Esq., who left only two daus. His 

John Brebbton, Esq. of Brinton, m. Bridget, younger 
dau. of John Brett, Esq. of Toft Trees, co. Norfolk, de- 
Monded fh>m the fkmily of QUr Percy Brett, and had issue, 

JoHK. his heir. AbeU 

William, m. Anne^ dau. of William Roberts, Esq. 

Robert, of Blaken^, who m. Aim, dau. of — Hudson, Esq. 
of Tottenham, co. Middlesex, and had issue, Robert- 
John, his heir, of Blakeney, who m. Sarah, younger dau. 
and oo-heiress of Pearsou Walton, Esq. of Walton House, 
CO. York, and has issue a son. Robert-Pearson, m. in 
May, 1842, Anna-Margaretta, eldest sister of the present 
John Brereton, Esq.. of Brinton. and a dau., Elisabeth- 
Anne, wife of the said John Brereton.. 

And several daus. 
The eldest son, 

John Brerston, Esq. of Brinton, m. hiP cousin, Anna- 
Margaretta, eldest dau. of David Lloyd, Esq. of Lanvau- 
ghon, CO. CaixUgan, by Mary his wife, younger dau. of 
William Brereton, Esq. of Brinton, and had, 

William John, his heir, of whom presently. 

Chttiltfs-Davio, rural dean, rector of little Mniaingham, 


B R E 

eo. Norfolk ; 6. 4 July, 1790 ; m. 20 June, 1819, Fnmoee, 
dan. of Joseph Wilson, Esq. of Highbury Hill, co. Mid- 
dlesex, and StowUngtofb Hall, co. SuiTolk, and has, 
Charles-David, b. 19 April, 1830, m. Jan. 1844, Eliza, dan. 
of William Kent, Esq.^eniy, 6. 28 May, 1821, m. 4 Sept. 
1848, Emily, dau. of Henry Boulderson, Esq. ; Joseph- 
Uoyd. m. 24 June, 1852, Frances, dau. of the Rev. William 
Martin; John- Alfred; William-Wilson; Robert-Maitland ; 
Anna-Margaretta, «». 14 Mav, 1844, H.-O.-W. SperUng, 
Esq., and d. $. p.; Frances-Mary, d. 1848 ; Mary- Anne ; 
BxnmarMi^da; Henrietta-Lucy. 

Baudle, of Blakeney, merchant : m. Sarah, 2nd dau. of 
WHIiam Barwick, Esq. of Holt Lodge. Noifolk, and had 
issue a son, Bandle-Bu^ck, and four daus. 

Bbovttll, of Briningham, impropriator and rector of Great 
Borinc^and, Norfolk ; m. Maria, dau. of Edward Colwell, 
Esq. fl^ London, and has issue, two sons and a dau., viz., 
ShoveU-Henry, CSiarles- John, and Anna-MargarettarJane. 

The eldest son, 

William Johh Bbcrbiok, Esq. of Brinton, a magistFate 
sod deputy-Ueut. for Norfolk, m. Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Hale, Esq. of Worcester, and had issuer 

JoHV, now of Biinton. 

Anna-Maigaretta, m. In May, 1842, to Bobert- Pearson 
Brereton, Esq. 

Elizabeth, m. in May, 1842, to Richard Ward, Esq. 

Mary-BrecknelL Emma-Franoes. 

Jnn*— Arg., two bars, sa. 

Creti — ^A bear, ppr., muzzled, or. 

Jfotto-^Of^tuhmte Deo. 

Seat-^Btinton, oo. Norfolk. 


KtlfSffT. — ^The Brewsters are one of the oldest of our 
BMt Anglian families : in the c(mfinnation by Harvey, 
Ctaraioeux, a-d. 1661, of the original grant of arms (now 
in the possession of Cardinal Brewster, Esq. of Habtead, 
GasexX the house of Brewster is descrilfed as " most an- 
eient; " the date of original grant is not known. In a list 
«f the gentry of Norfolk, returned to King Henbt VII., 
Aj>. 148S, we find the name of GalfHdus Brewster, and 
in 1560, Sir J(dm Brewster died at Kirton, in Lincolnshire. 
Ibe fiunily became connected with the county of Suffolk at a 
stiU earlier period, for in 1376, John Brewster was witness 
to a deed relating to land in the parish of Henstead. In the 
early part of the reign of Edward IV., the manor of Wren- 
tham was ptirchased by this &mily ; and in 1550, Humphrey 
Brewster, Esq., built Wrentham Hall, which was occupied 
by his descendants until 1797, when on the death of ano- 
ther Humphrey Brewster, the estate was sold and the 
mansimi taken down. 

In the toaaty of Suflblk, this family ^possessed oonrider- 
aUe influence ; and in the great rebellion, became active 
partisans of the parliament Colonel Humphrey Brewster 
rated and commanded a troop of horse against the king ; 
and Bobett Brewster, Esq. of Wrentham Hall, sat for Dun- 
vkh in the Long Parliament. 

William Bkewstxr, Esq. of Rushmere, oo. Suffolk, 
living temp. Hkitbt VI., s». Mary, dau. of William Hervey. 
Esq. of Olton, oo. Suffcdk, and was father of Robert Brew- 
ster, Esq. ctl Rushmere, who m. the dau. and co-heiress 
of Sir Christopher Edmonds, of Cressing Temple, co. Essex, 
sod Lewknor, co. Oxon ; and had two sons, Humphrey 
SBd James. The former, Humf^rey Brewster, Esq. of 
Wrentham HaU, oo. Suffolk, who built that edifice, 6. in 
16S0V *• Alice, dau. of William Foster, Esq. of Copdook, co. 
ffoflblk, and d. in 1593, having had by her (who d. in 161 1)^ 
two sons and four daus., viz.. Fbakcis, his heir ; Hum- 
phrey, of Hadleigh, oo. Suffolk, m. Orizel, dau. of Robert 
Bolt Bsq. of Hadkigh, and d. in 1613, aged 44 ; Elizabeth, 
sk Isfc, to niomas Brews, Esq., son of Sir J. Brews, of 
Wenham Hall, eo. SufMk, and 2ndly, to Frands Claxton, 
Kaq. of Chfosion, co. Suffolk ; Susan, m. to John Hayward, 
Baq. at Gfsieham, oo. Suflblk ; Mary ; and Jane. The elder 
•SB and heir, 

Fbajrss Bbswbtib, Esq. of Wrentham Hall, 6. in 1566, 
J.P. aad D.L. for the oo. of Suflblk, m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Bobart SnelUiig, Esq. of Ipswich, and d. in 1644, having had 
by tUs lady, who d, in 1638, 

BoHsr, his heir. 

Fkaada, of Wrentham, b. in 1600 ; m. Susanna Bunnen ; 
aad d. in 1657, having had issue, Francis, b. in 1627, d. 
in 16M : John, of Yarmouth, b. in 1632 ; Robert, 6. in 
1698; Nathaniel, 6. in 1648; Bei\]ainin, b. in 1644; Eliaa- 
betfa; Mary; and Anne. 

Htnnphfvy, of Hedenham, oo. Norfolk, and afterwards of 
Beodea, co. Suflblk, b. in 1602; lleut-coL of infuitry; 
d. in 1660 ; m. Ann, dau. of — Atkins, Esq. of Norwich, 
aad had Isoue^ Philip, of Wrentham Hall, who d. 1710; 

Samuel, of Norwich; and John, of Beodes, who t». 
Rebecca Cleeves, and d. in 1718. 

John, of Wyflelds, Barking, co. Essesc. b. in 1604 ; m. Mary, 
dau. of Augustine Scottowe, Esq. of Norwidi ; and d. m 
1677, having had issue, Augustine, of Wyfields, 6. in 1642; 
and d. in 1708, set 66 ; Samuel, of St. Maigaret's, West- 
minster, who d. in 1701, leaving, by Dorothy his wife, 
a son, John, of the Cursitor's Office, and two daus., 
Dorothy and Mary. 

Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Richard Taylor. 

Mary, w. to — MUdmay, Esq. 

The eldest son and heir, 

Robert Brewster, Esq. of Wrentham HaU, b. in 1599, 
M.P. for Dunwich in 1640-45-49-54-58-59, and 1660, and 
for tbe 00. of Suffolk in 1666 ; m. Amy, dau. of Sir Thomaa 
Corbet, of Sprowston, co. Norfolk, and had two sons, 
Fraivcib, and Robert He d. in 1663, and was «. by his 
eldest son, 

Feaitois Brewster, Esq. of Wrentham Hall, 6. in 1623, 
M.P. for the co. of Suffolk, who m. Cicely, dau. and co- 
heiress of Sir Charles Crofts, of Bardwell, co. Suffolk, and 
had two daua.. 

Amy, m. Sir Philip Skippon, M.P. for Dunwich, son of 
M%]or-Oen. Skippon, the republican general ; acd Cicely, m, 
1st, to Sir Robert Hatton, of Ditton, Surrey; and, 2ndly, to 
Sir Harry Dutton Colt, Bart., M.P. for Westminster, temp. 
WiLUAM and Anne. Mr. Francis Brewster d. in 1761, and 
was «. by his brother Robert, on whose decease in 1681, $. p., 
Phiup Brewster, Esq., eldest son of Col. Humphrey Brew- 
ster, of Beodee, became the proprietor of Wrentham Hall : 
he d. in 1710, leaving a son and heir, 

HuMPHRBT Brewster, Esq. of Wrentham Hall, who m. 
Elizabeth Molton, and d. in 1735, aged 63, having had by 
her, who d. ia 1747, Philip ; William, b. 1718, d. 1788, 
i. p. ; Humphrey, 6. 1721, d. 1751, unm. ; Anne, m. John 
Wilkinson, Esq. of Halesworth, co. Suffolk ; Frands, m. 
John Meadows, Esq. of Wortham, oo. Suflblk ; Mary ; and 
Elizabeth. The eldest son, 

Philip Brewster, Esq. of Wrentham HaU, 6. in 1712, m. 
Isabella Crompton, of Doncaster, oo. York, and d. in 1765, 
having had by her, who d. in 1778, 

HuMPHRST Brewster, Esq. of Wrentham Hall, 6. in 
1752, d. 1797, unm. This fiunily had many ramifloations ; 
one branch settled at Barking, in Essex, and possessed the 
manor of Withfidd, in Great Ilford, and the manor of 
Condovers, in West Tilbury; another branch was esta- 
blished at Castle Hedingham, in Essex. There was also a 
branch of the family which, in the reign of Elizabeth, 
owned land in Luddenham, Linstead, Lonham, Ospringe, 
and other parishes, in the cotmty of Kent ; another branch 
settled in Northamptonshire, in the reign of Charles I., 
where they possessed the manor of Welford, and other 
lands; and another branch, seated in Lincolnshire, gave 
birth to William Brewster, the ruling elder and chief pastor 
of the Pilgrim Fathers, who in 16i0 went to America to 
avoid the religious persecutions to which they were ex- 
posed in this country, and became the fbunders of New 
England. In 1655. Nathanid Brewster, of Aldby, in Nor- 
folk, was appointed chaplain to Henry Cromwell, lord- 
lieutenant of Ireland, and was actively engaged in the 
service of the parliament; and in the same year, Hugh 
Brewster and Frands Brewster were acting as commis- 
sioners for securing the peace of the commonwealth at 
Bury St. Edmunds; their correspondence with Cromwell 
and his secretary Thurloe may be seen in Thurloe's Stat* 
Paperi. In 1699, Sir Francis Brewster was appointed, in 
company with the Earl of Drogheda and others, a commis- 
sioner to take account of forfdted estates in Ireland. 

The Hedingham brandi of the Wrentham family settled 
at Castle Hedingham, Essex, early in the 16th century, and 
was allied to the ancient families of Clopton, Foley, Went- 
worth, Seckford, Hardwicke, Neville, Quarles, Ac. 

Robert Brewster, son of John, had four sons, 

William, who d. 1583. Robert. 

Richard, d. 1598; buried in St Dunstan's in the West» 
with Alice his wife. 


William Brewster, Esq., eldest son, m. Ist, Anne, dan. 
of Sir Wm. aopton, of liston Hall, Essex. By her he had, 

William, 6. 1562; m. a dau. of John Wells, Esq. of London, 
and had issue, John, Anthony, and William. 


Catherine, m. let, to Thoma** ""•miwicke, Esq. ; and 2ndly, 
to William Neville, Esq. oi York. 

The 2nd wife of William Brewster was Mirabel, dau. of 
Sir John Foley, of Badley, oo. Suffolk, by Ann, dau. of 
Thomas, Lord Wentworth, of Nettlestead Hall, co. Suffolk; 
by her he had, /^^ t ■ 


John, b. 157ft ; d, in Ireland. 

Edmund, d. 1038, buried in Badley churoh. 

WlUliun, of Great BeftllngB. Suflfolk, d. 1624. 

Edward, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, d. 1637. 

Thomaa, of Wlckham Market, Suffolk, d. 164ft. ^ „, ^ 

Anne, b. 1679 ; m. lat, to Thomas Kirby, Eaq. of Klrby 
Hall, CaaUe Hedlngham, and Henham, co. Essex ; 2ndly, 
to Sir Thomas Seckford, of Heckford Hall, Great Bealinga, 
CO. Suffolk ; and Srdly, to Sir Robert Quaries, of Stewards, 
Romford, co. Essex, M.P. for Colchester, and brother of 
the poet Quaries. 

JoBV Brswstkb, Esq., 4th son of Robert, was Secondary 
of the Office of Fines : he m. Ist, Thomasine, dau. of John 
Fierce, Esq. of London ; she d. 1696 ; and 2ndly, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Richard Tliorahill, Esq. of Bromley, co. Kent: 
*she had been preyiously married, 1st, to Christopher Webb, 
eldest son of Sir William Webb, and first-cousin of Arch- 
bishop Laud; and 2ndly, to Sir James Deane. John 
BMWster had issue by his 1st wife, 

I. Thomas. n. Richard. 

Thomas BiJcwflrrsB, Esq., his son and heir, of the Middle 
Temple, and of Burwell, co. Lincobi, and Trumplngton, co. 
Cambridge ; m. Ist, Dorothy, dau. of Sir Thomas Jooelyn, 
.of High Boding Hall, co. Essex ; he m. 2ndly, Dorothy, 
<1au. of — Martin, Eaq. of Barton, co. Cambridge, by 
whom he had, Dorotbt, his heir, who ta. Henry Wingfield, 
Esq. of Crowfleld, oo. Suffolk. In 1668, John Brewster 
represented the co. of Essex in parliament, and in 1666, 
he was a member of the parliament committee formed for 
the preservation of the peace of the county of Essex. 

Descendants of this branch of the flunily are still residing 
in the nt-lgfabourhood of Hedlngham. 

^rm#— vSa.. a chevron, erm., between three eetoiles, ig. 

Crtit^A leopard's head, erased, as. 

fida^— Ualsted Lodge, Essex. 


Brio&dalr, John-Fostescue, Esq. of Birchamp 
House, oo. Glouoeater, J.P. and D.L., barriater-at-law, 
b. 17 Feb. 1788 ; m. 7 July, 1818, Catherine, dau. of 
Charlei Qregorie, Esq., by Catherine-Sophia his wife, 
dau. and heir of Qeorge Macaulay, M.D., and has 

I. MATTHSW-lRQurrr, barrister-at-law, b. 1ft April, 1817. 

It. Charles-John, lieut. in the navy. 

ni. John-Fortesoue, lieut. in the 61st foot. 

I. Anne. 

n. Catherine-Sophia, m. in 1840, to Edward-Owen Jones, 
Esq. of Nass House, oo. Gloucester. 

tn. Mary. 

HUlf JISt.'The Briokdales were originally of Brick- 
dale, 00. Lancaster, of which fiuuily were Ralph and 
Thomas Briokdak, first govemors of Conway Castle, temp. 
Xdwaad I. 

JoHH Bkiokdali, lord <tf the outnor of mton, oo. Olouces- 
tsr, J.P. and D.L., m. Elinbeth, dau. and co-heir of Robert 
Bound, mayor of Bristol, and was father of two 8on^ 
Jomr, who m. and settled in Spain, where there are several 
of the fiunily, and 

Mattbbw Briokdau, lord of the manor of Filton, oo. 
Glouoeater, and of Stoodlelgh, oo. Devon, who bad estates 
in the COS. of Somerset, Salop, and Montgomeiy, all of 
which he sold. He repiesented Bristol in several parlia- 
Uaments. and resided at West Monkton, Somersetshire. 
Mr. Briokdale m. Elisabeth, dau. of Thomas Smith, Esq. 
of CUfton, 00. Qlouoester, by Lucy bis wife, dau. of Thos. 
Carew, Eaq. of Garew Castle, oo. Pembroke, and Crow> 
0ombe, oo. Somerset, and by this lady was father of 

JoBN BaiOKBALi, Eeq., J.P. and D.L. fbr Somerset and 
Devon, who ai. in Feb. 17S7, Anne-Inglett, youngest dau. 
of Bkhaid-Inglett Forteai»», Esq. of ^uidlestooe, Buck- 
knd-flUeigh, and Dawliah, eo. Devon, and had issue, 

Jom-FoitnEscus, now of Bhrchamp House. 

Biduurd, in holy orders, rector of FeHhoipe and vksr of 
Ringland. Ncurfolk, ai. Sbrire BaunseU. 

Fhmoes-Eliaabeih. Anne. Lucy-Maria. 

Mr. Brickdale «i. 38 June, IMO. 

.4rau-<Granted by Sdwakd IL to Jenk^n RrkkdaK for 
his valiant services in the field;— Ax., a chevTon. between 
tkree sheaves of five arrows, or, flighted and pheoned, aig.. 
peintwl and banded, gu. 

CV«aC»— Ist, a a^af of arrows, as in the arms; Snd. out of 
a dncal coronet, or, adoni-lion, rampant, supportinga sp 
por^ thenon a standard, as., fringed and tassdOed, 
rfisniil ■Hli s sliiisfiif fliii ■iiiiiiii. asintheannsw 

JMf»-Flde et ibrtitadiiML 

tmt Birchsmp Houses Cokford, oo. Ok mcestss: 



Bridger, Harry -Cclvill, Esq. of Buckingham 
House, Old Shoreham, co. Sufisex, J.P., 6. 11 June, 
1799; m. 21 May, 1825, Sarah-Louisa, Srd dau. of 
William ^crase, Esq., late of Withdean, co. Sussex, 
and has issue, 

I. Harbt, 6. 27 June, 1828, m. 9 March, 1850, Eliza-Ann, 
eldest dau. of George Orme, Esq. of Merlon, co. Surrey, 
and has one son, Harry-Colvill, 6. 21 Nov. 1850. 

n. William. 6. 14 Sept. 1834. 

m. John, 6. 14 March, 1836, d. 16 March, 1837. 

IV. Frederick, b. 24 May, 1837. 

V. Augustus-Goring, b. 24 July, 1841. 

I. Louisa, d. 23 Sept. 1840. n. Mary. 

m. Isabella, d. 10 Nov. 1841. xv. Emma. 

v. Adda-Catharine. 

litUage.— Hakbt Bbidosr, Esq., m. Kathetine Brid- 
ger, and had issue, Hany, 6. 10 Feb. 1720, d. young; Ccl- 
vill, b. 6 May, 1726, d. young ; Colvill, his heir ; Hany, ft. 
8 March, 1732; Richard, 6. 16 June, 1734; Arthur. 6. 
13 Oct 1787; Katherine; Anne; Elisabeth; and Mary. 
The eldest surviving son and heir, 

CoLYiLL BBinaKR, Esq. of Buckingham House, co. Sus- 
sex, served as high-sheriff of Sussex in 1778. Ho m. Mary, 
2nd dau. of Sir Charles-Mathews Goring, 4th Bart, of 
Highden, co. Sussex, by Mary his first vrife, youngest dau. 
of William Blackbume, Esq. of High Ongar, and by this 
lady had, with several sons and daus., an eldest son and 

Habbt Bbiixibb, Esq. of Buckingham House, ft. 16 Sept. 
1768, who TO. 8 June, 1797, Mary-Ann, 2nd dau. of the late 
Jeremiah Watson, Esq. of Great Portland-street, London, 
and had issue, 

Hbubt-Colville, present representative. 

FrEmk, m. Manr. dau. of Cwtain John Butler, of New 
Shoreham, and d. «. d., 25 Feb. 1840. 

Augustus, d. wim. 16 Nov. 1828. 

John, m. Elisa-Pope, dau. of — Comper, Esq. of Chichester, 
and has issue one son. 


Isabolla, m. to John-Sandys Penfold, Esq. and has issue. 

Mr. Bridger d. 25 Mardi, 1832. 

^rm«— Aig., a chevron, engrailed, sa., between three crah^ 
CreH — ^A crab, as in the arms. 
£eal-^uokingfaam House, Oki Shoreham, oo. Sussex. 

Bridgbb, Wiluam-Miltow, Eaq. of Halnaker, ca 
Sussex, a magistrate for that county, m. 10 Oct 
1887, Sophia, youngest dau. of Gorges Lowther, 
Esq., formerly of Kilrue, co. Meath, and Julia his 
wife, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Huntingford, and uiece of 
George-Isaac Huntingford, late l^op of Hereford. 
By this ladyJMr. Bridger has issue, 

I. WiLLIAM-MlLTOV, ft. 1 Aug. 1838.' 

n. John-Huntingford, ft. 13 Aug. 1888. 

m. Bobert-Lowther, ft. 8 Deo. 1840. 

I. Bq^hia. 
Mr. Bridger, barrister-at-law, and recorder of Chi- 
chester, Is son of the late William BrnDOBR, Esq., 
and Mary Pannd his wife, and great^nephew of Ann 
Streetin, wife of William Milton, Esq., for many 
years deputy -recorder of Chichester, which lady 
cequeatiied to him the Milton property. 

^nM— Arg.. a dkevron, between three craba, go. 

CW«<— A hand, grasping an ei^'s nook and bead. 

fijal—Halnaker, Cmchester. 



Briqham, William, Esq. of Foxley Hooae, Lymm, 
00. Chester, h, 18 Feb. 1792; m. S Feb. 1884, Eliia- 
beth, dau. of John Richardson, Esq. of MandMster, 
and has two daus., 

I. HanuxTTA-FsLiofA. n. HsLm-BusABRS