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d I09 



^ISii d^ 107 




























lotn lieutenant of 3|relanli» 








Eno Jammths Pirbt instituted the order of BBranet u Mii,Hv4 
tod twentr-Bcven vears ago; and vithin that period, WW ■ fc , 
tion of un antiquary, nearly n thousand patents bxn hn^K 4 
Kvly a thousand Baronetcies have ceased to exist: notd, m 
ibaolotely i-xtinct, but all virtually so. The penoaaga «W a 
iioiioiirs have left behind them, however, numerons and viUr mim 
Mxions, who, although excluded by the tenour of the njd a^c, i 
tlwir dignity, inherit, in many instances, their name, ia bm« Av h 
in kD, thrir blood : — to tliose thie book especially belong*; lo ^^^ I 
(ram the late of their titled predecessors it U produced, and )■ ^^^^ 
>l is mainly devoted, under an impression, at the now t^. ^« -, 
dtnctli/ ii|>|>crta!ning to so large and influential a pnrtiw tf ^^^^m 
niiiiit indirectly be of value to the whole: that it ud^ff^^^ 
lime and vast labour have been bestowed upon its o^^^^ ^ ^^^ 
teords have been carcfiilly explored, private collnrtM wt m^te ^m. 
HUm referred lo — in fine, nothinf! has lieen left mrf^ « ^^m m,M. 
atnts fnl), rlcvr, and accurate. 

In addition to these few prc&tory words, the i^M hw- b 
Ihdr Miknowlulgments for the facilities afimli^ ^ * *•« ,. """ 
p«hlic mhI i>rivitl.-, through which it was neo»By»^j^^^ 
ikif wodd willingly express their tlianks lo ■ '' 

that they Hrc obliged lo forcep ibe plant 





. AlkB.a.MlUrJabDllTw.loB.K.B.arSU«am, 

■-•.•■^•raLfHS.. M.P.fnr Kh«. 
Mr. Abknn AWr* •«™' •«■ 

y— - 

4 Jnka Pcnniucuiii, aq. ■ 

nwvch'a miMi fiilhnil uUienott), md l«fl at lii* 
IKCIM ■ diDiiMcr, Jmt, n. la cbi RgT. Edkud 

Sii RoiUT Aiur.(lilrdtwn>n«.iirAll>iiia,<r1iani Ho- 

r>nt dsKribai u " ■ maa of drcp kiuiirlcdge la inli- 

bll. sf wbich be hid • fine i»llet.-Illia : and, «hal ii 
nan HldBbla, a Im patrut, mud i penOD of on. 
ibakui Inugrily, and KinarkaUe bnmaBttv." H« 

lanCinndd to rBprrtdbt thai ihirc in pAriiunent until 
lu demba' Ha la- Thaad»i«j only dvugbtrr and bair 
ilCtargi- Bnniil.111, LL.D. and had, In (urrin soaOt, 
ma Kin and onv dati^blaT^ Domely, 

Theodoaiii m- in 1I5V. to Cba 

W [UIbb Abdy, fgunhbarani 
died iuuatsH in ITM. 

r. Sunktrd Abdy, 
arCeliiUdl. Sha 


Sir Robf n died in ir4S. and i 

Ehei. who died unmarrieit Ind April. ITM. *ben Iha 
BtiuHnri became UT I HCT. He b«|ueatli«I hia anataa 
labia aunt, Mn. Crank, (or life, vilb npMindar u Sir 
AnlboDT Thamu Abdy, bvLof Felli Hall. D> Ibe B«. 
Siolhecd Abdy, Ibat (anilaniau'i bratber, and atm- 
toall). au lailura of tlia iania of both, to Thomaa, loa 
or Ibe Re. Ur. Bntharford, by tbelr alMar. CbarloOa 
Alidy. The lut auDed deiliM alUmauly inheriaed. 

la Temple, a 
roli>-AauT Kit 

cb. daiiihter of O] 

, r-«iil>iii K.N. a widown-' 

I. Chaiki Bgjd AUy. In htif gidin, of I 

r. Jmnwi Abdj.DOJDt in lb» Kul IndUCuo 

milittry Krricp^ murlfd^ 
I, t!dwwd-Slrnn Abd;. 

CauTiD nnd luai. KBo — F.itiNcr ■bam l<W9. 


)asi Aiut.iir Salcot. Ei«i, IhiiiliDa gt 
AMnttu AolhsBT AMy. ■» cniMd ■ Biaanii In 
urn, iat dylBf in twg ^in gftir witfagui iwDc, tbe 
HO* Rflnd, vhils hii ciUIca paiKd u tb« Aiuii, gf 

4'Jiu— ScB pnecdtDi Hnicl«- 



!■ am. kM dyini vlthiml immt In irM. ilx UUa U- 





■ AcnH. if looin, Ok RiM utJ 

i'»»— Q — w i i y. p" >•—• ladnMJ ng. »w ■«. 



. Sm Thuhii Adi», knt. ihoiff of lb< cMy sT 
sdDS la IM4, and lard miTgr Id IM«, bolnc nf- 

I hill «]ulfd iofcrri^ by mnitUiir to bi< m^ofty 
rewdayaaftfr IheRrabiratiDn. SirTlunnBa, althga|b 
anyGmeral Monli lu Bndii, ud loatUod Ibanilad 

icbgolfj panicolarly 
Jainbri<l(c, gt whlrb 

If St. Tbimu'i Hw 
plui uul taOitt of (ba dly, Itib Pabraary, lOOT. ii«td 
alghly-f wg. by a fcli in atf-ppioK oul of lila marh. II* 
m. Anne, daafbttr of Homphny Hapali'ad. caq, bI 
TRiilan, in li:aa», (Bd wu j. by bla mn. 

who waddad Sir EruDiu Narvirk. 

Sir WUIiaiii ai. Hvmdly, Jut, dam(hUr of — Bubm, 
and irida* nt Aldtmu Alllnftaii. of Landsa. bat 
h*d Be Mhrr Uaa*. He d. in lotT, and tu i. by kb 
■Idol nmiiinf aoB, 

IIM. ud vaa I. b) hi< bnxber. 

11. Sia CmiiLU ADim. Tbia tniilnnaD. vbawaa 
tba aliU am oT hli talhar, naldfd >( Sprsvauo Hall, 
IB NsrfDik. H( M. Prance*, cnu ef tb« aU daufbun 
at Sir PfVBFie Rollr, kiit. and (randdanibur gf ih« 
Lard Cblat Jualia XuHf. but d. •. p. Ulh Au(u(. 
inn, «b>n Ika CHUM juaaed la M* nwa, Jn*. Lady 
N*ar*lTh. afld tb* lUla daielTcd apH bla Miy aw- 

•I. Sis Tkobii Aubi, Capl. R. N. 1 
ika VinlaU Mailea l*ib *|>rtl, irr*, Iw 



Sir MkliMl tlHlli. knt. : and, iMoadlT, H>ry, ding] 
tod eahtir of Uu Hrw. [[■1117 Tilbot, founh m 
<i( Ctofl^. Earl of SluTwibiiry. He died in 1S9 
riat, ky hit ftnl iiife. 1 un and nimuoi, 

1. SuWiu.uii*jiiai>(,ofOigDdbt,wbon.Ann 


Uj, Jtka. liwi BOntjic) bid daugbUn, iiii 

JumM. wanted TIumu*. uund Lord Cnw, 
n, ber co-ban, < 
iiy De Cray, Di 

AnMuai, Barl sf Uamld, •> 

f' l.JBBi»Cai»,>. 

•, of Cmd- 
wtll.ialilU. HcM. Lady Mary Tu(- 
lea.bald.i. p. iniru. HUdrubii 
■cDCinitd at faaiiflf aruta froin an 
Mr cl k«Fla<r which bU lordabip bad 

^icb b« waa cbokad. 
Hcsry, li«l win. 

•Bd hasei daKcnd tba Karli Da Can 

asd 8iK». 
JmitMa.M. u Jokn. ibird Lord Aabbnrn- 

tyobo, M.P, r« Nonliatuirton 

Dtaftta Cnw... 


r«B u* S*rt- iii*.-EiTii>n )itb Stpi 


iMV-Cm. Sn Auiiaoaa Alliji, a dir 


I. SiaTnam 
Inh, daagbui 

of Laodan, wbo waa 


!^ i 


, dwcended from 

Sia JoHii Aluth, hd oiiDnit ciliKn of Loudoa. 
vbo «u iliiriir in isia, and lord mayor In IMJ and 
■«aln in ISM. Dying nnnjarricd in ISM, ha dcriaed 
to tbal elty IItc boodnd marlu, u > ttock ftir •« coal ; 
tlia renla of bialaodi, pnrchMnlof dieklng, lobedii- 
tribulcd to Ibe poor far flTcr.baaidi- many bentrfactiona 
to Uw priMDi and boapltala. and a rich collar of gold 

brotbor and auoreuor, 

John Ali,(ih, wrdding Margirn. rldir danfblci 
■nd CD-hnr of Uyin Lsi^, «q, of Walton Uigb. In 


Ulbs.of Hatlield Pnercll, hi. Chriitian. daiiRhfar 
of JobD Wm. and bad one ion and (lim daugb- 

EllUlwtb. >*. HI Tboma. Bamaby, aaq. 
AfD«. n. 10 WUIiam Hi^am. mq. 
John illtyn dl«] nnd Juna. ISM. and waa aDHvT 

yean, who muried thrice, and had two anna, am 
many daufblon. via. 

TUomaa, wbo h. Mary Pairdongb, o( HerU. 

Blinhnh. oi. in Chriitnpbar Coldlngliatn. rvg 


Ituu Ci>)t. or Nonb OKnHdan. 

I, Tke eMcr wn, 

■l>«r iv 1971. lie m. Minhi. rUnchm unil a 

■ .MiBrJohaUIUHOck, ■»!. Dffovrn lUU, tn Ui 
una bad b; bur. who died in ISM, osc wo nn 


Ht. AlUyn di>d la ISia. ui] ou i. by bii xni, 

I. EmniaD Aijjir, n^. of Haltlilcl Pcrtnlt, nfsd 
ttilitr »r Itw pfrtod o/ InltrriLBDCc. Id invlie Krred 
m ■hnur for Ehcx. ind wu rmted ■ DtaDKnr on 
the Mth of Jons in tliM yru. Hi m. EllulHtb, 
daH(hur and ov-bsir of Unts* Sot, Hf. o( Unit 
L«ia. bx wbon he abtniiied canndnvbb* Iwidrd pro- 
ptrtT Id f>Hi, Mi<t had, with twn danfhtan, Kartlu, 
■. u lb* Bai. jBahn* Blowar HoiAt, and Hair, la 
BstaH can. t^. of StychB, a 

ifie. daschtn ut Nidiola* U 

or 10 hit gnndfalher. 


itma, anmay^iBenl u Ch<i»j» II. 
■It Ednrd AUcyD dM In Konnbn, 1038. and w*i 
Muntdfd by hu inniUiin, 

II. Kin Xdikxid Au.aTii, or llMArU. wbo wcildpd 
Pnao*. Doly dauihur tnd Iwir of Tbuiru Cent, «i|. 

DnMoD Hall 

of UaBUrUD, In Yurii 

Lord Caiitca Howard, ■an of Hnity, Dokn 

ef Nortollk. Brtnn tha y«n iri» aod in* 

Uabba. brnwrly rl«t u Nir Jebn Finyer. ud 
kafBjoyfd ll»iii idHI hladHtaw. IIM-l,*bTB, 
by ■ manloaary cUiua Ib Udy ArsbctU't 
will. Uwy rawHd la bar klncniaB, Sir btUBod 
Bdnaod difd Ind Nanvln. IMC. obaa him •( 
drinl'rd on bla d«i(bifr, wbil* (ba 

i«i Aiuin, auiad at tJlUa Liw.. In 
yiin. who aanvA Ibtwi vlTia. By (b> tHoad. 
llBHb«.4*a(bwrof ttocfrlooM.aa^.of IbaonBlyef 

tolUi • daiitblar, Ab»*. ai l« Hanry Kraa waJi . —\. 


>i. Gill OiDKoi Au.ira, vbs alao dM nSH. mat 
wai (unroedBd by bia napbair. 

Hr^tBiKr. llW.IhF BiauaiTCT bacamc i-illncl, wfaila 
(b>T niaua paHtd ID SIT Kdmiuid'a aiatar, AaiuLU, 
*>ra of ibe Rer. )tau CtHLiaaa. 


RoiHT Au-in bit, wilb two dinchUn. Mary, *ba 
diad In l«I. Uh wifa sf «aar AdnainI lUtoT, and 
AUr>, of KaVn Aihby, aa<(. an uuly bo, 

I. gii Thuiii Allik, km. k. in Hill, wbo aofalnd 
' ' 'fl bclijnd Ibe higb rep nufion of a brura asd 


Uukr of York. In IMS be n> nnutiluud euauBan-«falif (aa nnuonlan' snlyj of Itae ablgia and rea- 
»li In Uw boirni. and la'aMed on thai oonalaa vhk 
Iba aln^ar priTilefa af bearinc at bla m/^artif tt* 
liuloB dim. wbldi be hntabid on board Ibt BL Aa- 
drtw. Th( ne«y«rh* waa nnnBderiBiUefla 
Iha liadiUrranrau: luid ha loaii afUroarda acMiTad 
a TUaary star Ibi Dnich daat, tnr irbirii b> ntt»nk 
rba baaouf of kalflhtbDod, and waa jmHaoted Da Om 
ruA of Admiral of tbe Blm. In ISOS b< vaa b|. 
noead to Ibe t*l,u,, aud ajaln dininialabad MbhIT 
aa oiiaiBBiuUr of tke Van or WUt* aitaadna to B Ip 
cUiT> acUsa <nifa Iba FieiKh mod Dabcb alUad taiaH. 

lani nploita Admiral AlUn vaa crrMrd a Baaoan, 
uD Ibi ID) Joly, 1«T), and ntind Iban w bia aaai ai 
SoBerltytuB. in BBflUk, arblcb hIbH and nianur b< 
lniT|iBriiliaaMl fioia Tliiiaiaa niimiji. t%\ [iial iiiiid 
aoaof JoluiWaBnDHb. «1w w^lrel (h*H traa tb* 
JamynfbaBaBtOoaKy. Mr Tbavta •>» ai dUhnH 
roioda aoarmllar of Ibe nary, oatdale af 6wd|iti 
Caalla, ■ndwHlarofUHTrtnloHaBaa. Roa-flnt, 
AUra, daa|bnr of W. WbliUw. nf. «r LewMaC. 
Cap. K. N. and »y bi* bad l_aa, 

Anna, wba t. Hit M*T> HM. HBM. IWfd tVBrty 
iAiar»n,ra4. at UtMaa, 

af bla BKla »tt TlHiH 

Xlr noBBa ndded. anndly. KlKakHb, daa^m af 

-~ ABfBlah. ea^. >rf M»lbm, and aMar of bia 

a-tl«, bnl bad Ba elbrt laiaa. Ha d. M l«Ht, 

8ia TaoBU Aujb, of a— i ri iy tB a. *hB m. to 


ALS ■ 

1 isn. Umrj. d*nthtcr ..f Joku C>ld»ll. of l^n<l«n, 

Dinnn. m, la TlioniU'ElFiiry Aihoril. aiq. of Wi- 

l_ta« 4TtM -tllmK l«u. in im. Ib« B..<.«nri »i 

ttrtiock. 1 

BMIlB) Md Uu HUM Ariolitd upon hi* nephew, 

Sir Rictaird H. 1Mb October, ins. gad wu i. by bii 

^^^Em AbUii, vl Stmrrleil-m). 

BiiLB wu «bcriff of SuRbllL in ITU, ud lio *■■ ap- 

^^hm-Ga. > ctnqaeMI pinced Dr. 

polnt«d«rJBini-iil-Bmilolh»Tn«surf in irw. Ho 
Uifd lumnir. lIUi AoBiut. 1704, aod wm (. by bl> bro- 
.... 74* ««. Si. A.BVK9T Allin, Twtor of Bl«n- 


.ton miin FUlUo. aba died OCb NuvcDibcr, 1770, 

irsving * duBbwr, Prucea, wbo d. oimi. Bud a «u 

dauiu) l«lh Dec low.— EiTiNCT In IIM. 

11. SiB TnoHii Allin. irho d. noni. in 17B4, trfaen 

the BiaoNETn became UTiHn-,BndSDiBericvlon witb 



Auca Aum. jmnitr ind obIt inrriTuii dsBghtn- 

M^HKl Bnacili Ahovui,* «>|. d( Mmltou, in iLe 


cii—ty of .tarMk, ud by bim but iung. 

Til Hai. GiDRDii Ahocihh, H. A. now of SonieT- 

l«,lon, in Iho county of SolTolk. («rfrr (o 

U. buMiii A»»i>u. wbu I*. Ml» Uuf Bcm, 

BvRKi'i ammom-ri. vol. 11. p. 41VJ. 

nd Jytnt IB If0«. Uft l*o «Bt iu.ll t»Q 


4n<bMn. Tic- 

druu— flu. B rinquvfuil picnxd or. d 


onkn. -ho ••. Ml- M.ry Eliiig. or Bk- 


d_. mui dTlDf Hnl April, 1703. wu .. 
by hiiMa. 


ihg Cnurt or Chu>«ry. >!» wedJcd 

fliinb. dugbtn of - Henley, uq. ol 
ItaokiBC. iD Norfolt.. -Bd dyi°K Jl« 


^^H DaoiBbn-, irat.UniHDs. 

^^■b 1. Thohi* Airstiili. *ha IflbniUd 

IJIb jBue, IHa, 

jii rft * 

tBlb June, im. 

^^^B Uln dI hi> kintnuu Sll Tlm- 

I* * 

■ l ■» Au.ii.. but. 


r *■ Cuini ANauiin. in Ii«1t wdm, 


1 hi< itdfir biwhet. 


The fbmilT of AuTUK U upon mnrd k> nily ■* the 

^^k l>Bb< of U«li, (bb gi«g'> «- 

rdga of EoniKU 1. wbtu '< Wiu-iah Auton. of 

SliiUd. in EaKS, for of wurraiity of Bmtlu.. 

^^H Lonl SIJ»y - G»l»lphin ■ 0- 

crofl, in Stilled, did (nnl and continn to John do 

^^H bonw. ud ■ d.H^I<i. Ud> 

^^B Jobn niiytt M.l.il1..«i. 

Ibe tlmeof EuwiBU ill, Hugh Aliton ban fur arnu. 

^^^B t. Asar AnfBldi. 

• i.iuTt, Un tlan, or, (onr. thr^c, tw>. one : ■ which 

^^^H 1. inurtoa* Aniuiifa. 

wu long bcfo™ toat ortnour nu grauled by paleul." 

^^^^h ' Mmf AivuKh, of n«<i». 

^^^^Un^AlMEUMl, -, <- lb, Rtr. Tbouiu 

ftltan of 

W.LLH« AixroB. of Newton, who had by Ann bla 

*ifr. daugbler of Thonuu Symons, n Min and bar. 

Euwiin or EDnmij AucrOB, of Suhun Hall, in 

1. Rwaus Ahvuh. nq. baiinf inbfriird 8o>iiii 

NewIOB, «bo m. Elitihiith, itaugbtv of iohn Cole- 

U.TOO. to MTolb. ud tb. «hMT HUU- If bi. BBd<. 

lAA,: mi n< crcMod ■ Bi.o»n 1411. UoKiubrr, 

M>. a* *. r«ua^ «ly iMmhUr or !(lr H.Bry 

Dorothy, danghier ind cfrhiir of Ueuty Holm- 

■tod, «(|. of MaplMled, In Ems, .nd h*l > aon, 

tm^tUlml U— . 


He wedded, -omdly. , and had another 

Uct.«4. <.■•.>•. 

Thoniai. of Newun, ■<. to Elliabeth, daBjhtar 

Autui, In Iwly ndtn, wb° bKune Ihlnl bt>n- 

of Thon... Wr.t, of London. >nd w« f* 


Aniullb hrld IKi^ Diamx or Mcinglitno or Vului. <•! llie 

iir;c!r'»«i:::ii""y™i'io'"-SrF!;'i;r. »r Noilbii.ii.ruli, t! l-xul ..f 111. lul>l>1.lp'> ...41lut 



^^H Tbcno- Al>»i>. or N'«u». 

^^H Tho-nu, of>i>n>, wu .. (>> hi. .Iri.r 

Temple, knt. of Sluilan, Bneki.ud had 1 

^^^1 Ecvtau Aumi.fq. oT Edcnrdium, who 

Willim™. .. to ■ d>u(bterof - Bmtki, ..d 1 

^^^H ■■. H>rg*nl. doughtcr of Anbur P<n- 

d...,. 1 


^^^m »!■ KDO.IU AuT... kDI. of LoDdcm, 

John. ■.. Anne, den^lcr of - W.lli.. 

^^^^B II. 0. and Pmliltnl of thu Calli^sfl 

^^^H of PbiMidui*.* 

Ellubvth, m. la William CnrfU. 

^^^P I»t<->>ALmH,»i.ofCI»U«,craUd 

^^^H > iHiniiel in lOSl. 

Domiby, m. to rhomu Weill. 

^^H^ Finding Abum. «|. of Losdui. 


^^H ThoaMtTHnoDdbcir, 

^^H («;■ '•mliUr ud n-bftr of — HDlni>rti1, «q. of 

of Bedford. hi|h .berilTiB 1MI, .» creiled a ».au^ 

^^M ckUdtw, i>k»e liii« oU hUf^l. 

nwT by A'lii* Chiilu 1. Inh June. KHl Ko •. 

KUubrih. d.ugbHr of Sir Rowland SL Jobs. K. B. \ 

and h.d iHue, 1 

^^H WlLLiiM, of Ibt Inntr Temiilc, oho wu 

Tbon... -be d. at Oiford In hi. father^ Uf. 1 

^^^L mtod U UulHford. Id Knffuni. He ■. 

tinei lud Jnbfl. im. aged Iwenty^lwo. nam. 

^^^H BU, CH|- ol Wwdbrldii, ond hmd i»af. 

tVanqe.. m. lo Sir Jnhn Picberii^, of TiidunMrii, 

^^^H SiauiiL,hiiib>ir. 

^^H nmn.,, of <h> Inner Toioplo, «fao died 

Elliabtlh. m. finl, U Snrety SUDUn. OH- of 


Bircbmoor, in tbe nnnly of Bedford s and. »^ 

^^^^^ Attv. H. » SirTbooiu Fnler, knL kh 

^^^^H of tbf Idrd Chief Jnilin Kiwler. 


^^^^H BHulwIb, «. (0 Ttaomu Minn, *h|. of 

Mcond daughter of Ttaema.. eecoad Lord Cm, of ' 

^^^m Ibo Inner Temple. IKher of the Roll*. 

^^V Marr. -bo »«». 

^^^V- B* tf. IB IM1, eiHl with hie wife liM in- 

Blene. by whom (wbo him, and .. «c«dlr. 

^^^H Mmd IB MurlHfiird ChuRh. Ilo wu >. 

^^H WI>i*oM*r<»i>. 

fteld. Middletn} be bad iani. 

^^B K.Not,. Al^roH. »q. of M«le«ford, wbo 


^^^h m. Aim. duffalra of fnnrJ. Nlchal- 


^^^^K Mm. cpq. st Chip*ll>. In Ewi. end hul 

VoreJobn. In haly ordera, rertorgf nd*n, died IB 

ITM. aged vrulyaereo. harlng had. by Hnah 

^^^^f irho ItddHl Ellnbelh. diufbirr of 

TiBrn.-cn.wbu .. the Her. Arth.r Bad 

^^^H diughli-n. 

^^^H WiLLiiw AuTon.of Gni* Inn. 

11*1, aged twea(y.ali. left Iwe dangbUn, 


l.T»rr».Hi. wbe ■.. Ibe Her. DuM 

^^H Taou> AiTOK, H). of PolMna.U SoAin. >«Mrd 

^^^H aiq. of UsnL'i Il1«y, 1b A* M» nmty, awl by br> 

^^r |«to«rri.ed him. end ■■.•KMMllT.filt Jobs Temple. 

CHiiLom Siiin..a.«.lB ln>.R» 

ben-ChBrlea Orlebar, e**- aBd baa 

F Wini«n. of the Ione> TnopU. t. u™. bxrieA u 

IMell. I«». 

1. Ann. a^ » Joha «|. »f W.rtB- 

TioHx.oflbelBiwrTnnpit: ofhlni pnwntlr 

1 Edw.rt(Kirl.ollb. iDHrTn-pte, uduftiM.. 

^^^L 1 kBiihlhopd Hml-rred ■■«■ l.ln. ond m. Ke 


^^^H tea. tnllitBrltblre. b) wbmbebed 

Ell>ab«b, m. Krx. la Ceneni «ta»n, ul, m- 

^^^H TboiDU, rf. onn. 

coKdly, ta Mr, Rowe. 

^^B ; 

Anna, m- M Rlebard Mead. M. D. af RafnM. tM 

^^H <:horl». In bal, order., D. D. oRMf-roa of 

^^H e«.4. lDlIlt,op». 

Sir Rowfawd d. la ISb, asd waa t. by Ua aldait aa. 

IN. Nib T.r>«.. Autok. wb, d. mm. i« U14. ul 

^H -»*'"■ 

w .. b, U. b™«bar. 

r o nu mtom pmoa ml Smb. damhtn of Chrtih* 

a...B7ini'. >> Oe«,.. .Mh » ^ Hit Hat- 

^^^H Ml* (blid. 

^^^^ ifiBt Ubobib. abo weddxl llr*» H'MIi. 


n. Si* Kowudd kiwian, M. P. lot Om coaDlT of 
•4<ar« in lb»i<p>rliuHiU. Tbu (cBIIsnn woAdcd 
MMibtA»DBjy Anicbter of CKpL ThiHUA Ha jEHfl, uid 
■4 tm ana* ani tmo tUocbl^n, rit. 
TlHUi, U« b«ir. 

AaM>. M. Is U» IUt. Roteit Py>. rKtnr or naeU. 

I. SraTBoiiiiAunix.lI.P. far Ihrcminly at Bed- 
lb(C >^ *■ CalbrriDC Ditu, diagbur >nd heir of 

Ma A web JbIt- in*, aul wu <. hy hii hnrth^r, 
n.ScaBcou!>DALni>i[. Tbii (cdUihiui ». Cor 
mia.ilawriitililUngaeM of Ib« Tower, 
tM Jftac •- f. W«b tavm. IIW. acsd ailly-fanr. tba 
Btfa III am I tiTi«iT. TLr Cually pmprrty. by lb« 
«ai a< »r TbwH AlMOB, bU prpdrcHMT, devolved 

■to wMh «i>nii»l util Uudi, i»T. 
iItmi ta tmtaJleinr.fuuf.UifM.lwo.aadoin. 

laum MA lu. IWl^EiTtacT in ITI 


« Colki* of ■•hyiriioi. whc 
■. Smbb, Aausbter uf Chriatoplwr II udsan , «>q 
■f hatndi, udliHl iwo danilibin. hl> eobein 

■ •■v. m. u Rlr Jiihn LuRbun. ImfooJI ba 

N>»L<»Hia,wbi>w«ldtd Henry Bomb, 
Carl of W*rnii«lni (He Butlit't £i- 

■•a>a. >•. ttm to <J*aT|e, *ld«M inn of Sir 

brcune al tbat period of i;i1,00«. He nib»qniTntly 
purrhucd Bri^«ell Abbey, in Ibe county of Boclu. y 

May. ims, leaving iuae, 
JoiarH.^lf larcoiDr. 
Edward, w. Uary, daughter of Capt. Tbomiuon, 

JoKph.ofEdwBrdaton,«boweddi!d Lnnrenlii 
only dancbter and heir of the Re>. Cbarli 
TmnibnU, LL.D, and niece af gir Williai 

fTMiam, and kft oc 

m and tliree daugh- 

.1, Sir Johph Autoi, wu Katett at BradwcU A 
bey, In Bucka. He m. EliHbcth.dansbler of Maurii 
Thoni|i«n. «i|. and eiiur of John, ftnl Lard Have 

■ of Sir lidward Bialya, ban. of 
"ey, and had {uaF. 

H* waa buried 

IV. Sia'joiarl 

af Ricbard Thareby, ei^ 

<N, who m. Lory, only dauEhter 

DilUHi, in Sumy, wbieh be had inberilrd from Iha 
Krelyne, air Evelyn eold, previouely to mi, Id Sir 
Paler Kin|. afierwanli Urd Kiii(, 

Jnu— See preceding article. 

who bMh died nun 

umed,anaBly d 


kk.K a> Hak. Mary lllaa>Ml. «« «< -he •Kachlrn 

-ho ... Anhor 

a.»iaeu of 


«« -fcatorfM-m-. VleaowU HaadeU. in Ii.laad. 


a 1*n, ifae n-rm 

r blroBX hav 

M*a' TivwRt'll. wbvwvWHl Col. ibe Hrw. Uinln 

tmdf*, am uf laaad. B«g> Se«i><. -A (>r.»e.. 

rf 111. (»i>lli 



lar.B-l M. *Uh ■« aMH, WUUao. «.< Ed-arO, 



m* bnilj. vtakb nripDiillT l»» Dm nuiH of 

li'Iiu. and w» HiM ■< Bnm^ UwnnBHiT Bf 

h LiaailB,i>thiu>>pvkiiuorb7 Ctuxlu.luUibiilinvil 

I ■■ - ga^! ~ Un,.| AndnrmOD.nq.llHitllydeKeDiIid 

Ltifl AUciBIII fuuly of (be AndQTVOIuDf NorlhuBi^ 

id (u anMan bl > cnnL Iioib Clucndm), 

n Uu ^nrslogy din Hicnttcntli. 
wu (u Kir RiL-h*rd AadEnon. Ilii 
'Utea^ L'liltf; bcic mirryliiB ah 1>' 

■Uif Hsl Bitbe fimiljit Bnmfliiun loowcnjo]'*'' )>T 
BLr Sr^pbcD Aiid«rHn» liart,) in Llbeoinithim Uierq 
•M Ilkt*i« tliRfi othir bnnchra of it. «, Sir Ed- 
■Biul AniUtHn, in Hmfordihtn. Sir Richird. iu 
ButUii(baiM]ilR,Bndl<lTJaliB,iir Knmutl'." Tliis 
IkBlIi knl>ra»iTlHl vilh HTml <tf the nftbUilr. and 
> (TMi wuy o( tb* prineiiial falrj a' •"•ml nnia- 
Hb : u iIhi of tllMaiald, GliniDn. sOu nii«, Sbm^ 
wood, Hulln. BhubhhlI, BDMb.aa naUe bonm, and 
ba Car cnnipi>iian, lliay arv nUlpd by nucriafa lo 
lb* L'SitrufH- UouMani, Ualliuiu, FiuirUlliuiii. 
CoOBu tf 

th« twuity of L1d«Iii, and lafl an only mil. 

Ei»»iD Ai>[>i»ua, w|. of nubonufb. in tlw 
•MX oOBOtT. •!" k^ ihr.- «■•■•. 

ninu. vkoaa Una faUad. 

Btebard. If. urn. 

TW yMiBfui •OH, 

Ua Hav o( KLiitaHii. wtu Uni diiaf jtutlc* ol Ux 
CaWHoa Plra. /ma lau u lOM. II' ■•. MafdaUo. 

Im>. Ilta wldnw *ad^d Sit Rsbiit Ball, kal. 

at l>wall, U IVorlua- 
Fa»><'i>, Hair u bi> (alhar. 
WiMJiii. vim ■- Ji»ii,dn(hUt al Hanrr Eaan. 

taf. of UaihwrM. in Itarta, asd bad an niT Kllmwtck Piarey. in Hw coialy 
■ HiuoR In l<»llaa»u 
Kuniaa Aruhwh, of Ilr«(*r.>H. aul U 

• B) hu olla. DmidU). d»tkwi 

It Tbnmu Mouan, knl. irf B«v 
mty of UDi»1n. mamt at tbm 
uUt ralFoaer to KInt Jtaii I. 
1 Grliuby. «hi> na cnaUd ■ 

waa deervdrd in IMI. Bhd BCBIaiHvd. wiA 
Sir Henry Mlldma; and Sir Habnl Wal- 
lop. 10 be dnirn on a iledia witt ■ nf 
■bnnl hia neO^ ftmn Ibe Toirar Is TybdrB 
Anil back aeaini and to be libpriimkad in tb* 

niacd lo the pecnKa KKb April. IMI, aa 
BiioN DiuaiKi.ol&anAMjtfaHW. Hia 

puled by Itae Houac of Coaimcnu. In May, 

II. t^ hlamajoaty, and tba home mad him, 
on the inch July rollowini, iha <bb •< 

Griaild, m. to Sir John Kb<lftcU. knL aim ad 
hair of Edniuud, aecond Uann SbeOeld at Hat- 
trrwika. uDil Karl of Nulgnit, by vhaai ak« 

uCWiLuiH CinDu. CWmcteB.- ■■ TW iKM • 
iblpplull. Sir EdBiud AsdifaauiHi.kiilfbl, lard (k 
juailce at Iba Commai Plaaa, dipnWd Uia n«Hl 

were wIeiBBiaad Ibe ftfte of SeptaaibR. « Kyvarth. 
Id Ibe oonnUr or Badfoid aail fldlairiac i StrnwKj* 

lilted by sir naaaa UoHas. Hr 
Siepban Aatiw. Sir DaOTfr Bolh, aad Mr Jaka ■*- 
therban. lutifbu^ (b> aUndard b«ma by Hr. RakaM 
Andennane, Ibe pmuin by Mr. Ro g ir fl all man. 
ew|>. ; healine and craal. boma by HaDand. PBtaHlKa, 
drputia let Uemiria Paiua. blueaucU*, awd a>d 
tar*>. by Dr. St. Canrga. Namy, law ariaiir. ky 
Mr. Camden, Clarenrleui, Unf of anaaa af IW |«» 

al Kir Strpben RoaiM, bnL lard 
ind by bar bad iwv a<nu. 
ivlr. nt Sirailm. In (ba eaanty «f 
llln, daufhteT and aaU beir o(»r 
>le. kat.' ar Dnnby. Is Vorkabln. 

wifr of Sir Thonuj CotbB. tuH, ot CdiudeUId, 

Cubw aT At alUTfl Sir John. 

liTivHi»» ol wboB pmently. 

Sir Fniwii vKlJcd. ko>d11<i, Audrey. tUett Aangh- 

taaiBit IBba Bum. but. of Hucficld Woudliall, in 

anrnty sf Henfind, aftnrwanli, by mitlaii. Lgrd 

w 01 aruiiiU (k* Bdiki'i £ilhirc Perragri, 

tarn («ba ■orriTid him. ud at. •pcondly, Pnn- 

d* LciKh. Earl at ChichnUr,) hi )ud. irilb iwo 

I, 4 St. Int. in Huntlnedotiililrc, cnnled a 

'.nd «. lolm.:d .t F.,- 

riMKi*. <rf Mut-y. In lfa« Monty «f Unraln. vl 

VkAJtciB Ahdiuoh, Mq. of Uaaby, «■ ^d 
Ftknury, ITtr. EInnor, diughlsr of TLin- 
BM Caitor,€>4- Dl B«mrrn,intlii! counly 
W [Imliigta. ud by brr (whn m. (OiTanAI), 
RaWrt Tyiur, t>q. o( GiDtby. in linculD- 

ruioaoUflB. llih Aaxux. inH (rcf* 
a Seati'i Ptmiit amt H/tnucUfrj. 
^ Wh Ancui, im. toBting uaiu. 

isrr inli isly. ism. Hlr HiephED m. 
tM. Hiri, dHfUrr of Rir John Clynnr, tnt. vr- 
tav, wd by IhM lady (wha il. Uth Pcbnurj'i 

H. m. B Kit WlUnngtitry lltcknin, bint, nr 
1a Ok nvfinty of LiiH^ln. 

■ ■ B- irf Sir Jijin 


; limer Temple. burlMnxI-lair. 

a Sn. DiMarAnlliiniy Em>.t»(iir 
'■, OLdJtfvry. hiid pmbanditry oT 

uupHubirs, ud becime > widnw Wtb Marcb, 

Fnoco, «. to Edward Radditf;, nq. ot DeTDo- 
■hin Sr(nan, Lmidati. ■ Turkey mcrcbkBI, 

in Hcrtfardihin^. and d. s. p. 
diod SIflt OctDbvTt 1T40. wu buried Bt Bywortb, 

1y dau 

ghii-r al Milu Bsme, esq. of Un 


m. ud 

faid B HOD, SmpUm.w 

a dlodyo 




DITT3, the title became 





rcprcMnialivo la Lor 








cbey. between three oi 





Pianrli AnsttBo.i, knl. of Eyworth, eldest 

tidat daughter of Sir Jabn Bnller, bsrt. of Rutlteld 
Woodtutll. in tho county of Hertford, auhBrqaeoUy, 
by milion. Lord Butler <if Brnmlirld, by wbom he 
~ ~i two dau|b(en, an only Hn, 

but dying wiEhoat is 


iTiD 3rd July, l«^— EiTiMCT loth Ang. l<Wi. 

a. m. ID Robert NeedhilB, eaq. of Slmlpt- 
M. to Sir ClUttta WllBot, aflrrward* Vla- 

■1. to Kir J<An Spencer, ban. at OAtv. 

:Y i^."--' ' "'j 


Sir K^TT d. In INB, uil vu i. by his • 

Bntwrt, Lord SpnuxT oC WannlnEhlon, i 
ia ia53» vu I. try lilA Mm, 

r. Rekkt Ahduuoh, uq. oT Peuter, iD Ibe con 
of Hntford, vho vu cniiled a BianxET by A' 
CutHLU I. an the 3rd July. tOa. Sir Hrary n. fi 
Juomina. dingblcr of Sh- Chailu Cuur. kn(. 
BBnlofftDD, H«rta^ sod, Hcoudly, tf ary, ilnDfibter n( 
Sir Winiun Lytlan, knl. He d. 
July, laM, <tu baried at Tring, n 

AnderHiu of Eut Hcon, Is lliit coddf; of Huila. 

daugbur of Sir Tbnir 
in HertTordablrF. nai Haoil, oT tli< 

t, iai»l 

in. Elinbctb. daaghler of Richard 

! at tbs Lord Ghucslliir (Slnan 

^bdaanm of NotlinEhuD, and preltcndiry ol 
9cnln, by vhom abe had fwjth tiirce dau^h- 



urried Lacy» daugbtff of Si 

Eliiabcth, K. to Licntenant ColpnEl GiuiUier, of 

Lucy, m- lo Andmw Scott, merchant, of DanlaiC' 
Ixiuiaa, m. to Jofaji Simpioii, iD«ii:1uat, of Beriin, 

JURH-WlLUiH Andiihin. nq, of MiU Hin, U 
Uaau. bom at Uaotiic in ITas-fl, filled the ciile 
r of Ilia rity at t,audon in ttos, and wai created a 

Henry Hareourt d. Dth NDVenber, 

1. Richard Harcoort, rn. flnt , EIi»belh. da 
ler of Sir Ricbard Hanuurt. km. and 
two children, (ii. 
Rkhard Haiconrt, of Wigael. in 
HI, mho m. Ehirhy. danghter al 
Cbarlea Palmer, ban. of Dome; Ci 
Rackfl, and bad two danghten, 
Phieby. in. to Anthony Sawyer, 
Anne Harconit, m. to Sir Charles 
mer, bart. of Dorney Conrt. 
HeweddFd.aecondly, a daaghternf — 

dauefatera, EUiabetb and Jane. 


Sir Richard Ai 

lenon vidded, aecondly, Mary, elder 
e Right Hon. John Methuen. Idrd 
eland. Icmp. JCIitj Williib and Quim 
nptirey Simpaoni eaq. 

CbanceliDr oi 

AlHK. Sba wa> vida< 

and auUiring Sir Richard. 

■■thirdly. Sir BrovnlowShemrd. hart. Sir Richard 

d. lOth Aagiiat, ISM, vhen tbe eatate of Penley dc- 

TOlTed open hia only anrriiing danghter, Etiiian-n, 


>yed it 

g her huabai 

• B. hit wife 
N'<iiy%aid. ViH 

I Pruni • •com 

i.uq. (SevBviufaS 

«!i«<alliMi>nkTC'N»i»ll. Itc M. Kliubrth, 
iM^Mrof tir Dwrtta SoanKt, hotdiI win of Kil 
^oA, But af Wmnur. lont ftiry ksI. uid d[>iii 

W Dm fJmkoli ltc»aicIiM'M«<l», rhcra ui iiucHp 
. . .. !.-> ui> lumuory. 81r Pnucuwu (. 

I -. •im huvwU. TbaaUol. 

... >.» rii.ti ri 4)iD»iDH,iir LoM(Hk,dLi>ilyiniii)t, 
•• 4>l Ui ant bmbar. 

>f . a<a Jian ARDinoi, of LoMook, ro vlioui lac 
ml llltolBMtw, 

I. !>■■ UliiMU;* JkiOHTOK, of I^ialDrk, ■ nwiiVi 
■«> dial 1« l>«<ga f.f. MIk HrptemlMr. iril.aad 

•1. Ki« FUHia iKPfiinik.iif>ia<-li.wku«, Har- 
(T— J— j^T--»iii. Hnry BwllDilrld, Wrl. nf Ov 
%*r^. hM kr Itul lid; bn I'M na iMDf . »it Pnnvu 
" ^ ftir kin phriifipiatiuh in thi- 
' ' ; IhucIch in Irco, U» 

■■■ki g kh ot u arf- 



Anwricn. uoAer Kir Henry Cllaton. Thott ba Iw- 
L-timB biffhly fLLsdiipiiilhed. and iehva pivmiH of oue 
da; taking a luidlOK plus Bnumg tlia military huiK* 
of hii country, bvt Ibe hop«t wbicb tke brifblneu df 
bia early mud brief tmrer held oal were dBadned lo 

mninulAa» the a«lmiracii>a of hit iiip«rion — fell b rlc- 

wor wad the only and feeble ekciup. Id Sept. t7B0, 
bu was inlmfted with the manaeement of (he nego- 
Uation with General Arnold, preTiinmly tn that offi- 
wr'B jolDiog the royal anoy ; andbeine taken, within 
the American linn, in diaguite, hid caao vaa referred 
by Genml WaihiuBtoti to a board of Dfllren, who 
adjud^d him to be a apy, and bo niiTend death on 
the Ind October fDllDviD|(- 11ie velaoelmly etenl 

tiful eulo^oTn- Major Andrfc died 
honOQT of hia miTnory, A'iae Gio 
the dlftuily of n aiarrnii-r DpDii bis 


■ Amuuvii. of Denton, lineal drwen- 

Ir. Patia. of Unton, In the caanty of Cambridge. 
nd bad five uu, three of whoDi fell at the battle of 
VorceMer, fighting under the royal btmner. Sir 
Gillian vai buried ■! St. Bdmnnd-a Bury, and aiic- 
eeded fay hi* Mm, 

•ctaiie an only daughter, who died nnnurried. Hn 

FDa Bueeeeded hy hin brother. 

■ II- giaWiLuiH An uaiwa, of Denton, who wedded 
leku, dangbtet and heir of Edward Attilow, etq. nf 
lownhan Hall, Ewn, and hud. with aercral other 

Catherine, m. to Jou^ Petre, eaq. of Piillim, in 
E»«, and hul a •uD, 
John Peire, vKi. at Pldlen, whoie daughter 
nnd OBDtool heir, Wary, m. Prancla Can 

William died IStb Aognal, IDH. aud wu burled 

'. Sia PaiRGii Aaoaiwi. of UentuD, bating ob 

•tata of UownUait 
If Unie, rrom wh 

e titun and ci>hel» 11 



j3 jmAaMti by Otmoud BflHToET, fsq^ ol Balm*. 
[ iib Pnud* n. Brfd««. only duibtir of Sir Thamu 
[ Clifun, bnt. of Lyllun). in Lannubin, by Bridcel, 

Vm Hcsad wift.dluRhliir of Sir Bdwmrd HaMy, knl. 
I ■ df HneningloD, in Ifan aninty o( Lionilii, and left il 
f Ua droeuirj wbidi occnmd *i CbeUca, 3nt April, 

ITM. vilfa »D dingbwn, Bridget nod Elcsnar, an 



fOm Knrhig tn ScoIUod In ITU. vfaa m. In IIU. 
EliHbetb. duighlm of Mimuct Hiird. «<i. of Krw- 
cafttlB-nndcT-Lyne, mod hid by her ■ «od, 

JqiKra, vf wbotd preiHntly. 
Hr wcddad, Kcandl;, in I7M, EUubMh, dunfbur ef 
Jnhn Pntil, oq. o( St. Botolpb, Aldgate, by vbooi be 

J^wrt-PrTTiT, poU« nufLttnle at Qnven Square, 
dialiupiEihnl in the literary world aa Bntbor of 
■cvcnl admirrd pubUcatiDoi : aiDDnfil ulbrn. 
of ■■ AncrdotM, aocirnt and modem, wiili ob- 
seryatioiM." nuduf " A Hlatory of Gmi BriBui. 

Lf^rued, wlib flpeeiDieiia of their Worha, « 
the plan of (be Preiident Heoaolt." &b Mr. 

Rot. Mr. Pcnmo. ranor of NewbHTj, and by 
her, who rf. lit Septambcff, IT8J,faad lant, 

Jcuirii, who auaxeded hie uncle aa a u eand 

I. Sia HaNiiT AnDiaw*,iit Lalhbury, In BdcUiie- 
inahlre, «aa created a BiaoNir in IMl, but lesTini 
1 iMue by either ot hla id*et : the Brat, a daughter 
' the Kentlah family of Browne, the aecond, Eliaa- 
!1b, relict of John Drew, nq. of Deviirt^ tbe title 
The manor of Lathbury, 

pnrchaaed by hia ahoator about tbe year IWV, *u 

neaCBallydlapoaedofbylbt ~ 

Id Iha inDtber of lira- Jane SyfnM, wh« be(|Dea(bed 

Id Hanael DawUna Maoael, laq. 

il poRiDna. Thi 

BrrUhire HUltla. wbo waa 

in April iru, aged ai 
f«q. of Shaw, t 

Id 1701, RKiabcIb, danghler of llkb 
ef Tarrlnrton, in Herta, but dyin^ laa 

too. waa 1. by bia nrpbew. 

aim, of the Poo* Uoard*, k 

111. ij Jiue. blB rite, dgiigblei 
■ , chk-r JuiHfb of EDRUna, aiK 
I. iritk B luffaUr, Miuvi>K<< Ix wife ol Jubi 

losn ArriATOK. «Bq, of HiMuflet, 
MtMsd. «ka widilnl Aon.*, ilMfr sod 
nCUrk*. H). Df llidley, ill SuOblk. jui 
I. Biiit, bbluir. 
I. Winks, of Kculcbutus, in SulTi 
of tlM bnulT omlnl ii thai plici 

>- AtWv. K. Id Bcnry Banj^y 

UiniT ArrLCTon, w|. obo bcid tbi^ 

, <alM \an)auy»<>r Jurit Hil], bnldMOIli 
I H* a. fatih, danihm or WiOiuD CudiDi 
SiW Bimlry. iQ Emtx, uid hid n 
u« U*>rd. sBd ■ dsoitaur. Edith. 

' ■ ■ ■ I. by hU Ki 


»d a BiHimicT In Mil. Ha wrdi 
, I««|1|HI of Sir Tbnniu Mildmiy, knt. 
hn. tm Ban. sod by bar (who niirried, 
r, Jabt rMdMn. of Bidow,) left *i hit d.-«i 
wowy. Ml* (with i»o dau|iiun, KniiHi, 

I ■•• a. ia^ dnghta of EdwiBd SbddOE, nq. or 
( t^Tf. ky tUnlnh, M> witt, dn^urai Thnnu 
HirtlMn. (■». of Ollcrtoo. N iXte. •luidiird beanr lo 
k laad ■< (■DttmiMi [wiuliiiin*, Imyi. Kuiibnii. 

la. tu Hsu* Amwiau. of Sonlb BcidHhi, vha 
•- toiM. Ranli. diii(blcr nf Rir llumH Didficbl, of 
IpOltoc, «■> Uwolubln, kii.I, tHondly, Miry, rclim 
4 a*t 11>«u_ Wtenau, b>n. al BtvoOuiU, Bihi. 
il> d. ahiBi ite yni !«», ind ou niccndnl by hi> 
■■ .>! Ibr IM BatTiJCF). 

•1. S» Heiii ArrLiTun. ut Soalb Bctnai^t, who 
K Kflry, ^vftitFr of Julko Uivrif norchkDi of Lod- 
4*. b«t ')1ai wiEbour vi^ [Ha*? aboi 
■rtty AmiHd OBkia BBdiiUicMnc 

ID pndonued his fatbef V 

Qricin>lly pliin) •■. 

Lf«d aad alipiird ppr. The 

I apptH BU- UiO Itavn and 

le ApplGtaui of tbe Wvatof Eu^ind, 

I app]<» .cTt." 

WlLMlK AnillTtr.l.l 

n. WMofKirUo.lnt 
ifYork. H*»i,C»tbcr 

for (be Wet RliUiiK, sod tnnnirFr in ihe 411 
ntii of Euiianu, with Sir Robrit Swifl, for 
■oldifirL Tbii gobTletnan m. ftnt, Jana, daugb 
Mr. Gear);c Gregory, of KiDg>lDD-opon HnlJ ; ai 

of NethCTtim, in Yorkihin, IWlng 
n, Etiubclb. daue;]tar and eobsb- of 
riJi, »). of NHberlon, and Irft. uritb • 
""iiabeth, m. lo Sir Tbomaa Brau only tan. 


try. and by Iwr (who vrddiil. i 

iooiao. of Ken»liinu-hia, in iba caaoty i 
> art. m. fini, KllnbeOi, dioebwr ud bdni 
nf Rdvurrl HiiMOD, »q. oC Ljtltc Hard; an< 
HCDndl]!. Jut. duoglilcr af Jalin Pufnley. of 
tloonbinuM. HyUiaranMrbtvufadierar 
Juiiia, of KFm(fi>nh>biU, 1>, Id IBID, wbam 


■ndign ■■the pment ShJuhb 

Tiut. b>rt.ofKirUc». 

Ir Hugh Womll. tnl. of Loth 


iiiH jtiiiTiot. H4' of KirUfM.ilKTiiror Yoi 
I lUnUthr inliofJioul- H> n. Wlplfnd,diu« 
I Hr««H«ryKDicM,a4.>(Knlgl>ibni.mndl.u].„ 

■.U8lriBtanSa<lle,laL erf Lu|ihi, 

, ..tAtttutlijUttUniiM. 

Jobs Afttfrrtua, nq. who m- Doriichy, dauxhrnr gf 
Cptll AnhiBfioD, f^-af Anbinidm, bsld;lB|<rlik' 

I, Pvi«cil> AaillTtOI, Hq. of Kull«(«, who WBO 

«mi.d ■ BiioRn by AIif« Cmiku* I. IMIi Uomm- 

' Wr. IIMI> 8li Fnoekt il CtUivius. lUugbtn' ol 

CkiiMoflitr Kubl. tsq. of Panliy, Baw twda, anJ 

Md dirH Mnn aad ■» d«a(U«n, Tit 


Pruicki.whxB-MarT.iliagbUraf ItoVnTnpvt, 

»(. af NUd, nnr KuamtMnmb. inil bad an 

only MiirlTiDt Kn, 

THOBti, who 


of hi. bnMbr Vr. 

loB.. ■.. ro Mr. 8-)tb. of Undon. 

WlDifRd! ■>. v> Tkamu Ub). i^ 

Bit Pnorw *. ip lOW. 

lul « I bv hi. f 

>, af kiHJ».. i- 

VolBUHt Han.. TU> 

t ..d <.!«<- of 

<«i,l riaagbwr of Hkk 

M. TkonUll. OS 

BBd had i-M. 

TBoMtf, hta unw* 


Hictual. 1 

Pranria. ^«.UB. 

Katevra. daa|bi> 

T or Tbam.. Hoo, 

Job., of HimJ. 

CluBai. •.Wnnn 

drd U. bnUu Jo 

Wonley. in tba ccmnly of Vork, ■»! bad Ibb*. 
The baran-4 «u i. by hi. sldeil •an. 

111. Si. Thuvx AisTTioi, of KlrbliH.A. in laa, 
«ba if. .. p. in ISM, aad wa. (. by U. nul bn(lH>, 

buUcJoT, at in tittaai age. IKh Pctimbei, im, 
ftiid wv. '. by lii. mjly aurriTtiif brolhvr, 

>. Sia Ocuaoi Aivmn*. of KlrUm. TU. gw 
tlBoun dying 111. hU biWlwn uiBUinM. dM UM- 
tcTcj dn.lvrd on bi*cau>jB, 

ti. Sii Thdmii AKiirtiot. of KirktM*. at vk^ 

lilt. Iblrd •OB of JuHH Anai- 


.•TH. .nd bit wife Margery UmumOBI) 
AHi'iLAa^ifkci. vbo Ibn becaate " of Kiil' 
l«.." He iru erandfilhor af * 

Bia Ciuwi A.BTT>ai. »ba m. itat, Mary. 
cIdistdiiiiBblerDrSiTHaibordH.ibafd.buti , 
by wbom he hmi Kncml childnB. all W I 

rot O 

AT. Ha 


C.«,.„.«b April. .7«.-E». 

»tt in ibh 


ii»r<4Hiil .f Ub- 



Bcrdal punnlu. Ho «a. an aU.n 

■u of Um city tf 

LendoB. -r».d Uie nB.-. of dw49 

o llbl. *b» ba 

d l»td lb. rtiu 

chair iortV. SirChartaaoaavir. 


A-Mc Rmuk 111. 1Mb April, im 

H* <■. im. ■ 

irw, ., -. H« 

wrjrt*!. MBodly, Mlu Pranial. daathUr <M UibmI 


I IMtIIU. Hf. .« H<B- 

■nil DO lb. Srd of Primiuy. mi 
iirlnln Iha titmr ynr, )Miwd ilx' • 
utuiHuid of (ba Viirfftl.Cuniw.lli', " 
if lb. amjiaifu.. va. taVi^n prbvurf 
I li«ob*r. ai lb* rtt«v oI Voit Tos. 



tin May, im, at which period ftll the eapUlna of the 
my were ordered hy General Washington to as- 
•entMe and draw lota, that one might be selected to 
tmBnr death, by way of retaliation for the death of an 
Aaterican ofllc*>r, Captain Hardy, whom oar govern* 
aent rrfnaed to deliver up, for political reaeona, al- 
tboB^ Genenil Waahin^^.ton demanded it. The lot 
frn on Sir Charles AiH:ili» and he was, in conse- 
qaence, conveyed nnder a strong OAOort, to the place 
intendrd for his rzecution, in the Jerseys, where he 
ramatued iu prison enduring peculiar hardships for 
the space of six months, expectinc daily that his exe* 
cntion would take place. Sir Charles was nnespec^ 
cdly releajed from his couflnement by an act of Con- 
I reas parsed at the iut< rreosion of the Queen of France, 
who, deeply affrcted by a most eloquent and pathetic 
sppral from h's mother Lady Asgill, humanely inti-r* 
frreii and obtained his rrlfase. He returned to Eng- 
UdJ on parole, and shortly after went to Paris to 
aiake his acLnowledgments to tlie Queeo of France. 


who both had issue. 

1Mb June. 16tf. 

«3rd Dec. 162.1. 


9'iB RiiBKBT AsiiBY, kot. of Breakspears, in Hare- 
Ivld. Middlrses, great-great great granJHon of (George 
-UMfy. uf Rreaiii>iH*arA, clerk of the signet to Margaret 
id 4ii)/Mi. Qun-ii iif (li.NKT VI. M. Doruthy, youngebt 
^«tarbt«-r of Frsiit ii fIa>don, eitq. of the Grove, Wat- 
JMnJ, liirts,and b..>l bsue, 
I'si^tif, bin htir. 

Mwjird. biipt. i;th Nov. l3iW, died in l(il'2, leaf- 
ing IMU^. 

Hi»bert of HrraL«piMrs, after the drath of bis bn>- 
thrr. Sir Franris, bapt. Itth April, 1508, died in 
117 f 3, I«-a«ing with other issue, a Mm and heir, 
i'a«%«.is, u^ Breakupeurs, bapt. at llareAeld, 
\'j*\i \iii. Kl^iO, m. Jodith, only daughter of 
Mr. U Turner, of Ickunham, Middle- 
M-x. aiud cluing lOth April, 1713, left iiwue, 
WiifJiti. of Breakspears, who m. first. 
\iine, daughter of John Aleyn, esq. and 
«4-iondly, Anne, daughter of Whitlock 
HuUtrude, esq. of Houn«low. By the 
ffirm*r hv !i:id three children, who died 
infwnts. ;iiid by the latter, he left, at his 
dTriise I'th April, 1700, three daugh- 
rrr«. (if whoin the )oungf»t, Charlotte, 
■1. thr IN-v. William Williams, M.A. 
Kusiar. nf lln;aksp<ars, bupt. SOth Nov. 
Miill, M. Mary, sister of Krar Adiuiral 
Prt*-r loni, and died 'ind June. 17(111. 
ifuving an only daughter and heir, 
Ki.ixiBKTM, «ho Mf. in 1770, Joseph 
Partridge, esq. of St. James's, and 
die-1 in 1417, leaving with a dsu^h- 
ter, f'lizabeth. a son, 
Jmf PH AsHsr FAsrsiDCB, esq. of 
JSreakiipears, Middlesex, and ('f 
Craiifield, Bucks. 
Judith, died unra. 

^arah, m. in 1711, to Edward Blackstone, 

citixcn of London, and had a son, John 

Blackstone, of Fleet Street, whose only 

child, Sophia, m. in 1780, Hector Davies, 

esq. and was mother of the Rev. H< ctor 

Davies Morgan, A.M. of Castle Heding- 

haul, Fj^sex. 

William, 1 

Perdinando, J 

Sir Robert died in 1017-18, and wai^ s. by his eldest son, 

I. Sib Pbancis Ashbt, knt. of Breakspears, who 

was created a Babonxt 18th June, um. By Joane, 

his wife, who was buried at Harefield, 17th March, 

1034-5, he had an only daughter, 

Alicb, bapt. at Harefield, 8th Nov. 1020, m. to 

Alexander of Rickroans worth, H« rts. 

Sir Francis died 23rd December, 1023, aged thirty one, 

'and was buried at Harefield 22nd Fcbiuary following. 

The Babokbtcy expibbd with him. 

Arms — Ax. a rhev. or, between three double head( d 
eagles, with win^t display* d, arg. 


10th Sept. 1000. 

8th Nov. 1731. 


** The ancient and eminent family of Tssb, Ashb, 
or D'KhSRCoraT, which came over with Wii.i.iav the 
Conqueror, appears by certified extracts under tho 
seal of Ulster King of Arms, by the authority of the 
College of Arras, and from the pages of our old histo- 
rians, to have held large estates in the county of Dt-voii, 
so early as the eleventh century." 

Sia Oliteb D'Ksse or Amis, a person of rank and 
influence in the beginning of the fourteenth century, 
was father of 

HxsRY FssB or Ashb, who wedded in the tiir e of 
Edward II. the daughter and hi iress of Hiihard For- 
nyson, and acquired thereby, with othrr Iund<i, the 
manor of Sowton, othcrwiKe Clyst Fornyfon, in Devon. 
Of this marriage there was a sou »ud heir, 
Richard KshK or Ashr, of ('ly^t Fornyson, father of 
Bti.DW i.\ \!»HE, of Clyst Foniyson, whose non, 
JuH.N A.MiK, iif Clyitt Fornyson, i/t. and left a won, 
Wii.i.i tM AftiiK.ofClyst Fornyson, to whom 4. hi.xsoii, 
JoH\ AsHK, of Clynt Foniyrtt.n, father of 
Nkhul^s A»hr, of C'h.rt Fornyson, who wedded 
Johanna, daughter of Anthony FoUard, of Harwood, 
ill l)t'\on, and hud three sors, \\7.. 

I. KiriMRD. who iiihtrited t'lyst Fomyiwn, and 
uhoM* uiiili^ lino r»':tHtfd with his RrundKon, 
fin luitii, who had three i'au(;lilcrs. 
II. Tiiovf 4S. iH. the diirijlitrr and heir* sh nf Nirhola^ 
Bailfy, eMj. of the Abb* y o: St. John, in the 
rounty of Mvath, and mttlint; iu Ireland, 
founded many of the numi'mus and highly 
respectable branrhes of the family fixi'd in 
that part of the ( nited Kii)gdf*m, the i>riii<:i 
pal of which — Ashe, of Athefieh' - If now le- 
prenented by ("iit. Wi.i.i Km.F.Y Aonr.. 'For 
det.iiU refer to Hlkkv'n lli-<tory <•! the Com- 
moners, vol. ii. p. I'll? : 




III. jAHm. 
The joangMt son, 

Jamu AiMB, enq. m. Anne, dangfater of John Wal- 
rood* eaq. of BoTey, and from hhn iiprang 

John Ashk, eaq. of Westcombe, in the county of 
Smnrnet, liTing in 1631, who m. Anne» daoghtffr of 
TboDiM Strode, eaq. of llaxton Mallet, and had iaaue, 
J A Mia, hia heir. 

AH'^e, m. to John Pitt, exq. of MHoonibe Regin. 
Margaret, «i. to John Maniel, eiq. of Weymouth. 
The eon, 

Jaiiu A%nK. eaq. of Frrnhford. in SomeuMtahire, 
■I. Gnu*e, daughter of Richard Pitt. eaq. of Melcombe 
Regia, and had fiye ions, rn. 

1. John, of Freahfnrd, who sat in parliament temp. 
CHAai.u 1., and inbaequently under the Pro- 
tectorate. He waa in faTonr with Ckomwbli^ 
but refuted to git in judgment upon th" King. 
He poaeeaaed a landed property valued at 
£0OM a year, which he di? ided at hia deceaae 
amongat hit sons, bv RUiabeth hia wife, the 
daughter of Henry Davifon* ew|. Tix. 

I. Javks, of Fifteld, Wilta, whoae eon waa 

seated at HeywoM. 
i. JoHiN, of TfifntU Wilts, who had the ma- 
nor of Beckiiigtiin, in Someraetahire, 
and d. m. p. 

3. EuwAao, of Freahford, who left an only 

daughter and heireM. 

4. Sahubl, of Challou, Wilu. 
^. JfMRPH, of Lonratn^t. WilU. 

0. Bbnjauin, of Westcombe, in Someraet- 

7. Jonathan, of Clanwilliam, in the county 
of Tipperary, from whom the preaent 
Reir. Treror- Lloyd Aahe, of Ashgrore, 
in the county of Limerick. 

1. Annb, m. to Sir John Shaw, bart. of 

Rltharo, in Kent. 
3. Grace, ai. to Paul Methuen. eH4|. direct 
anceittur of the preaent Paul Mediuen, 
eaq. of Curaham. 
3. H rater, m. to Samuel Creawick, esq. of 

•1. , m. to John Barnard, raq. of Surrey. 

i. Mary, m. to Jai:ob Self, eaq. of Beanacre. ! 
II. Kdwnrd, of T/imdon, M.P. fur Heyteabnry in 
the 10th of rH«RLhs 1. m. F.liaabeth, daugh- , 
ter of rtiriiitiiplier Woodward, eaq. and bud a I 
aon and heir, 

U ii.i.iAH, of Hryteabury, who died in 1713, 

Irariiig liy Anne hia wifp, daughter of 

Alrxaiidrr I'ophaiii, eaq. M.P. of Little- j 

root, two aona, whoae poaterity became 

extiiM-t, ami an only daughter, 

Ei4XAB»TH AaHR.whom. Pierce A'Conrt, 

eaq. ofWychunrh.and waa great grand* 

niothrr to William A'Court, now Lord 

IfKYTKsai RV. 

III. Jo^f.pH, of whom pn>sentl>. 

iv. Jonathan, of iy>ndon, merchant, who«e daughter, ' 
Rt-biTca, m. Sir Francis Vim'ent, bart. ' 

V. Samurl, of i^angley Rnrrvll, Wilta. ' 

The third aon. 

I. Juoi:eH Akiir. eaq. of Twirkeuh.iin, in thr rouiit> ' 
of Middli'iM'X, in t'oii«ideriitiim of the aervii^c* hf had i 
rendered to the Crown, waa crrated a Htaoi^ir by 
Aimg CH%RLk<k 11. imh .Srptembrr, IfltiO. .Sir Jnaeph 
m. Mary, daughter of Robert Wilaou. eaq. of I^ondon, 
(who fint^l for aldeniiau), and had iaaue, 
Jaukh. hia aucr«^«i»r. 
riiHcaiMC. ai. to William Wyndham.eaq.of Fell 

l»ngi;r, in Norfolk. 
M«aY, m. to Horatio, \iarount Townahrml. 

He d. 15th April, 1880, and waa t. by hia aon. 

II. SiE Jahks Ashb. who m. Catherine, dufhtar 
and co-heir of Sir F.dmund Bowyer, knt. of Camber- 
well, in Surrey, but dying 1734, the Babowbtct be- 
came bxtinct. 

^rau— Arg. two chevronela sa. 


S7th July, Km. 


before I7t7. 


The were aeated at Stowlanglofk. in 
SuSblk, from the time of Kuwaru 111. when they 
acquired that eatate by pumhaae, until tbe VU^ 
JkMKs I. They anbaequently were of Netherhall. 

Rorrrt ur Ashpiri.I), great-grandaon of the irat 
proprietor of Stowlangtoft, liring in 14S3, married 
three wivea ; and by the aecond, Cicely, daughter of 
John Tendring, hf had three aona, and a daughter, 
Margaret, m. to Jolin Beaupre, of Wella. By the fint, 
Eleanor Cunon, he had a aon and heir, 

John Ashpirld, who flonriahed in the time of Ed- 
WARD IV. He wedded Florentia, daoghter of John 
Butler, and waa father of 

JuHN AaHi-iRLD,whodiedl5 II kn. VII. I4W, leaving 
by Margari't, his wife, daughter of John Weiitworth, 
of Coafteld. in Eases, a aon and aucceasor, 

Gbdrgr AaHPiBLU, of Pakenham, who m. Margery, 
daughter of Cheeke of B]udhall,in llebenhaaa, and 
dying Henbt VIII. left a aon. 

RosEBT AsHPiRi.i), who married two wirea: by the 
flrat, Margaret, daughter of Simon Lr Groase, knt. 
he had no iaaue : but by the aecond, Alice, danghter of 
SirThnmaa Termin. he had aix aona and three davgh- 
tera, viz. 

I. RiiRKBT, hb heir. ii. William. 

III. Tliomaa. i?. George. v. John. 

▼1. Edmund, m. the daughter and heir of — Har- 
Tey, eaq. of Snflfblk. 
I. Florence, m. to Edward Brooke, of Aapal. 
II. .\mye, m. to Reinold Rmia, of Baddingkaai. 
III. Anne, m. to John Sturt, of Highgate. 
The f Ideat aon and heir, 

BoRBRT AsHPiRi.n. IN. ftrst, Alice, daughter of Wil* 
liam Clapton, of Lyaton. in EsAex. and had by her a 
•Km. RoBRRT. hia heir, and a daughter, Anne, the wife 
of Anthonv Denny, eaq. He eapouscd, secondly, Pran- 
re*. (laughter of Robert Spring, esq. of Lavenkaas. and 
had by her, 

Jo%n. of Wickham,who m. Margaret Cleare, of 

Thomas, of Hopton, who m. Elen Holdtlrh. relict 
of Thomas Prettiman, and had two daughters,. 
Penelope and Dorothy. The latter m. Robert 
W'ilmot, gent, of St. Gili-s. Middleaex. 
William. 1 who both died *' in expeditione l.uai- 
Francis. J tanior. I WO." 
Dorothy, m. to .Sir Richard ^>gle, knt. 
Robert Aahfield d. 10 Jftuaa 1. and waa a. by hi* aoa, 

Sir Rorrrt AaHnRi.ii. knt «ho aold hia inheritance 
at StuwlanRt4ift to Paul D'Ewca, eaq. He m. Anne, 
daughter of .Sir John Taabnrgh, and waa father of 
I. Sib Joh\ AkHPiRi.n. knt. gentleman of the pnry 
• Ifl 

wbo IK. flnt, the daagh- 

it id Sir Blclmrd Roeen. kni, d 

, ia msnlidncd In the IBUi of J 
n.Madlli.daii^icraf Rnfh 1 

. AuBiuiiMT.whafignrFd in thanlga oC' J 

inm — St. * toM VivHa Vanst fl< 


4 ■mud nign. Ho m- Marguvt, daQghtcr of 

Richard BwamjCsq^ of Byraidi and wiu'. fayhu Nmj 
IX jtuHUHinuT, uq. nil piDlleinan n. fim, 
liti.dBugburelSir Williuiu Lexlind. ^nl.^ mi, 
dly, Alice, diughlEr and hejr of Jafao Omll, 


iLLiia ItiiHiHURir, »q. UtIdb in the IM ot En- 

u VI. Tbii gcDtleioui Tcdilcd Cecily, dWEbler 

of Euiimii, and liiTine ■■, Murgant.diiughtii 
of Thtmiu WiltoD, »4. leR ■ »n and aucceasor, 

aughur of John Bradiluw, eiq. of Bnidahaw, and 

AUK •■ AjuiMitiuT and hii hein. tlia mh. 

adx^ne to the iiuliludoua and rrndam ef the 
country h flmily ■> la hare the uoiu. «r>t 
Moglj imtca VcHtai, placed under hu p«t- 
tnhtt fren the pencil of Vandyie. He m. 
one «r>he dauf hten or SirThomiii BlIyi.lLDt. 
dI Wyham. in Lincolnahin, juid had Ibna 
nna. Thus*!, WiUian, aud Jahn. by (be 
eldnl of whom, Itbe two yonngur *. i. p.). 

iim^waA Hrmrf, upoii nhoni be conferred lani! 
--im4.iKama,BBlyel Lucartet, Ih* deed of gift 

t^m^_0fHritUi. The elder KU. 
tnmu na AaiaiHuan. had dIki Ivd aima. 
I- EoBVT, vtM pn aw aMul landa in Dalinn, 
M. J^^ aba Iwl Uia nuDur and eutin pariah of 

.: uibn-ot' 

*- f..(. ..r Cko .ai. ill. aod KTrliit ibil 
I ■ Ml Iknifn *>n, had leitn* patoDi. da 

■#aviiabe«ni,ef royal prstertSon and defence eranled 

■ai b^ all Inlha. IFUeMht. tc witneiaed by I 
Li^ ■ flr^ M la Mb Noiamhcr. in (be mh year 
U M^. Nr A<Uni iraa ., hy hit un, 

«.* Ju>n i>a AHUini'iix. Imt. Uving iu the HI 
>>S4aB II.. vba m. Vairanl, daugbKr of Heu 

U^TVIa caikBt UU«M «m Dm flnit who aUled 

HiNai AiaBHUHiT, eai|. lettled in Ifaecityof La 

don, and became ■ mercbapT there. Ho ttaa emine 
for gmt heacTDlence. bununily. and pietf. waa 
chief penon in founding Ibn corporation for proii 
gtCmi the ioipel ia foreign parts, temp. CHikLU 1 
to trbicb he arted m 

a Hint 

if York, and by ber had four h 

I. Il>i7, m. 10 Sir Tliinnu Ub«. 

I. iudith. ■>. 10 Btr Rebett Bnolh. tnt. Hi LodJoi 

mirchiuit, and lud h only dmihtcr, 

JonitH Biwrn. lirlr s( her hlliirr, vha u 

Sir WiUiatD Cmnnr. ftnl f!>i>L Coo rti 

toH chuinlliir of Englud. but hid v 

I. HuilT Aiiiuri 

T, mj. ol WaurMoci. in tli* 

iras. Rir Henrj ■>. (Ix Hod. 
iD|htn of WiUlam. fiHb Lwd 


tor. Diiu, ■■. w TbDiDU Henry Aihbant, t>i|. 
Sir Henry fUliliiml tit ta pariiamont in cho rcigti* 
■( CRtuLU ll.mnd WiLLUH ril. for tbo borongtu gf 
Traro, In ConmU, aod Willoa, in Will*. He wu 
Uw iaUnuMfrienl of tl» Hon. Robert Boyle, to *ta»iD 
ha waa Reenm, and (nuIH for fauoding Ike lecture 
nkich bora thai genllenun'i name. He died at WV 
(Ralack l»li April, 1710. lira buried Ibere, ud naa i. 
bjr hi. .«. 

or Rlr' 

rr, ban. of Hanninn Hill 
I eng- DTi ID Ibe deilcr cb 

hBtdy1iic>.p. I71bi 
Mr ■ «x>r.d^Ua of i 


■H Original, (n™ ' 

lUiaanT AmuiT. who douriahad andvr Hiaat IV. 
■nd hla two ImmedUU •iiKwwn. lU >-. Ksldla. 
•al> iba«htir and luiraaa af Sir Jabn Hanrlyn. b? 
ttm wbom ba aoqidrcd Iba Diuar of Win 
iBOnae Ml. KUaa. !■ tke eouiy «( UothI. hhI bad ■ 

Kbucrv AaauT, lirini tonr- EowiiD tV. sbo •>. 


rel. dniRbler of Rnbrrt TuTfia.ud wu rillu 
u AtHiJir, of WiBbanme St. Ciln. who . 
.pril. 140], ItiTing by Eliubeth, daoghte 
Id Walwyn. of Suan, a dinihlrr ■>. M Eta- 
ftUap.oT Qtoi Wallop, in Hanpahin. aaei 


Kiaar (SlO.hiaheIr 

Anthony al Damnliani. who H. DorMbj, daicb- 
ler or John Lyie, rtq. ut Lytea Car>y, In 
GmBRHtabire, and had three aona, naaety, 

caiaor In bia conaln al Winlmunu. 
I. Robert, eboaen M.P. for UonduMer W 

Bl.lIt>ltTll,lf.>. p. 

9. Pnuicii(Sir|. but. of ihe Middle Taapb. 

cbrtter, for which boroo^ he vaa li 
aeni tn pariiamrnt, n. Ansa. •). 
daofbter and oo-hrir ef Barnard S 
way«, eaq. or Toller Kratrum. in I 

m. 10 Uuiaell Lord BH 
> conapicnotu u tha I 
ofCHiaiJial. 'nit(raB4- 
•on 01 inia marriafe, Danioll, ' 
Lard Hnllea dr>n| dbu. In I 

law, John, Duke of Nawowlla, 
anceatnr of tlifl prmani Doble boi 
of Ponlud, Nevnaile. CUchmcr, 
and ClereUiid. 
1. EliaabtUi, ■». lo - Pan7, ea^. 
11. Anna. ai. to John Oiborne. 
111. Mamanl, a., to Juho Halo. 
Henry AablEy, died in IM», and waa i by hk aldar 

Sia Htnai AiBLlT. of Wfubonni* »u Allaa. M.P. 

of Vwtn Hiii.aDdap)nlntRliu(>rof Holt Paeaat. 
He aa. CalhuiDr, d(B(hIar oT Sir John tUawf, knL 
aad waa i. at Ma dfVeaae, is IMS, by bia aon, 

Sll Haaai Aanur, kni. or Winbouno St. Clin. 
k in IMS, oeatleman penainniT lo Q-rrm KLILiam : 
ai. Abb*, danfhtir of Lord Bur(h, ud had, with foar 
daoflhlaTa. Ihrao eona wbe dW »- p. wbarantwa ih« 
fasdly eatatap p aia rd to bia maalD, 

I. 8ii AKTaoNT AiHuT. of Winbamii St. Ciba, 
who Ht in aatentl parUanmb, and waa hlfhly 4* 
llneuLihad by ibr ra<«ir nf (/uh» KuaiHiK. Ha 
wu anretary lo her aniadl a< war. and ivcoimd tha 
honour or koifbthovd fttr Ua tarrlroa al Ibe nptaiw 

wnipiolJiHul. aodwaacni 
- Sir Anthony marriid, brB(.Jr 
[^okaiBO. r*n. atid daui^tvr nbd nt- 

I a allpaliiiua la hii >*ib>r^ puntaf ar 



■ Kitra AwHETui. kniffai huDenT. mnrrrine 
fWIrt, dliulilrf 0( Jalui Ulrlun, aiq. uC Middlctao. 

r«p- El.i«.irrM. 

r, diiigbUr of Adam 

WldLCnrd, ia (be cnni^ t 

5a «■• •- M Ua rldMI •an , 

■uraAuimaii.wq.vbD vtddnlMinaRl.daiigh- 

IUuB. bla ktii. 

w tit ManfamUt in th« cnutily t 

Em. wf. of Wlmtenlr;. Of 


H» vedded, Kcoodly, Anne, diughler of John Tiilbat, 
•on nf Sir Tbomu Talbot, of Sutaall, and rclicl of 
Udmand Aubctan, ew). of ChsIlcRou, and wai i. at 
hia deuaae by hia eldvr sook 

I. EUu-B Aul]ETO».»i|. ofGnat Lever, and Wbal- 
IcT. b. in I9'll. auA creaWd a Binaxir 79Ih Jaoe, 
Into. Sir Ralph K. fini, Dorothj, daaghter d[ Sir 
JiDiei Belllngluni, kal. of Lerena, in WetHDDreliDd; 
unJ, Kcoadlii. ElexDur, daughter of Tkomu Sbnnle- 

Tbomu. 3 mrchMit. m. Anne, 

aughter of Sir 

^beSuld CUpbam, and had a » 

n^0« Collen. 

Oiford. buried IMO, 

j^J'„"'^'"'| ttird and roonh baron 


ban. ot Mlddle- 

Hc^nd barooet ot Hiddktou, « 

«l>le. ot hi. uncle, 8ia Jobh 

iiUBlLTOH, but. 

Sir Balph lold hia putemal utate ot 

Great Lerer, U 


-id(nuin, Siibi.p of Chetlet. abont 

the Tear ION. 

impellrd to mate a loiimey to LoDdon. when Terr 
luty and InAnn, He d. 181b Octobfr, IH1, and was 

I, Lady Dorotbr Tu 

of WhaUe>', b. in 
un, daughter of NicJ 
xooM-j, Eliiabelh.d 

id. yDBBg. Be died in IWS, and wu 
rnham, where ha buUI Ihe fanllT ti 
D«1: be pulled down the old Abbey C 
'er u Wballey. Eir Ralph dying <*i 
m iwie, waa : by hit neat niniTiDg t 
1. Sia Ediuko AiiHiTan, olWfaaliey, 

hart, of Middleiob, and thb fitn 


.mily. wl 

•aa cuuau tt bnJ in A>b<toD. betide ■ bdglx'i 
In in Udnm PuMd mid Wricl'tiiwniD. (nv- H" 
Bt Itl' TkU Onn H, EivBMt dao^ler of thB HboTC- 
J Altvri ds GnalCT> ft «u enadhtbcr al 
.11 AjaiicTofi, Lord of Ajabeton. Hii 

I vilti FriHce. He wu mFurwdi (o'criiiir oF 
>P*, virdm I7f Efaa ridlltr porUi uid ■dmitat of 
VarrVK' And. tn the UrA ol Hit Hme rriro be 
tnaiU Julia o( lirianA; fimr yifiin iriiirwarilii 
\ MiuUnud Inwimr Df Cnftind : and lull T-npi^i Died 
»W< af Daiir CuUe. Sir Hobnt tniaiir afOie 
BUm of (IH liM will of hu nyit nuter. Mid he 
■nM he<e nOefed the nnftdpsni nf the •ocaed- 
BOBUTh; f« we And khn in tbe leb of Riihiiid 
iflato vardvh at <b« doqite ponih Kfl left at liu 

TO*, wbA eapCnred tbe rvyal Ktj 
ibe tattle «f Duham, ITiti U< 

Wr, 1>W. H< WH faiber of 

II iuiR nAHanoH. «bn repmeiiird ihncfliuii] 
or Lanaater is pauUoBOil tnta Riininu II. He ■■ 
Uuianri, daii(liur of Pnklu di Lagb, of Ljmie, in 
Iha «!■■)[ of CbHUr. and bad a •DD. 

Kii loan PI AiiiTa», drovucd ■< Norban. He ■■ 
Ibe dufburef Sir Rebut Swndiita. Df Staodinb. Lat 

IH-JabnafJenHlvm.atienranUK troll Luowo 

Iba lUtr ■nil, 

Baih al Ibe nrunalloii of Ki»t Ilnir IV. and re 
■iinii.d ana of Ibe Inifbu of Ibe ubira lor Ibe untitii 
Hltdnr of kuwuirr In tbe Int parlliawnl gfHdiair 

I CimalaBie in Ynaa. Be ■>. Ant, Jane, danxbur ol 
! J(4iii»iTne.orTaatn*teT.lii(be«mi>tTef \r>rk,asd 
bad tow, 

TDoaia li\t). hit beif, tbe alctiemiA, who ■■ Rli- 
•abrili. Onichlo of sir Jubo BiTaii, and bad 

t, Joaa (Xir). knitblnl bcfere ibe balUi of 
tlotlbiunptan. IMh Jul;. 1«n. He m. 
ftnl, Uultla, laufbler of Hlr F.dnund 
TniroTd, bBl.ofTnflbrd; and, HOindl), 
liabrlU. daa^trr ol Klland. ol FOIand, 
lBlbee<nBIT<j(1«rk. He<l,nrd Kii>ai 
VII. laattan by Ua Aral wili, 
T«ia>* (SlIJ. bM|bted al RIpall >tb 
MiHii VII,, m. bni, KllBkeili ' 
•Dd baima of Kalpb Suield«b. trf 
Slayl-T. -u^ bad laaw. 

■laicaiM, •. w Sit WiniiB Bintta. 

HatrlBCloa, a( Wmlliiii. XisffbuiiT 
WnUra, aa4 dTMaMb Huit VII. 
laba, <. i.y. m. liiu. daagbmaiHl 
hail at W. KuDleT- 


t. Utttm. m. Ibe d*a(b»r aiul beima III 

Tbonaa Maniuri, of Shipley. 
4. \idiolBi.H. Marr.daufblerof Imrd Bcmk- 
I. Dolcia, ■>, tDSIrTbaiaa>G(TT*rdiOf Orjn. 
1. Klliabelh, ■>. to Sir Jobo Tnllbnl. 
And four crtber cbitdren. 

to Ricbaid Bynm: and, Ibirdl)r, u Sir Ralph 

Mart^ret, m. to Tbimaa I^nileT, of Bdc""*^ 

Katherine. a> ID Jobn DudLeDfixld 

EILubeib. aL brM. ID Sir Rajpb HaniB(nB ; ■*- 

coDdly. ID IJIr Ricbard UamBMrton. 
Afuee, H. to Tbomaa Bootbj of RartoD. 
. Anne, ■■. to — IhilDm, etq. of Cbcabiiia. 
Sir Jobn wedded. Hcondl]), Mary, daychtcv (TSt 
Joba ByriHi, of Claj-lob lb IdDoaaUra, and br ttat 

and'beriffof Tor 
.ti'lV. In the 1 

appaiolcd tke-onalalilr of KneUndi with Ibe anlba- 

rity of onatible -. and HtWuial uamea bIB r" 

tfae bni(bu wbo nid* in pRRaabm at Ibe mnMMta 
D< RicHiau 111. wblcb uRMHij be did net la^ aar- 


iDd brir of Adam Lrtrr. eaq, of Lem, t* 1^ 
HabiKi ai^Dired Ibal iMdabip. II* vaa ftr 

BiauioT b) AiHK Jtau I. Mb Int, MK 

Tbe eldert aon and heir, 

pabuine of Lauoatn 

nsdit Ibe Lord Hirante. and it 
H»i>i VII. leaTlai hy bia wit 
Jobn Talbot, aaq. of Baltabnr; 

Kia Rimtap Aaaiirniii, ibe amlj *oa airf Mr. teas 
a dlAlncalahrd warriar, and weeliod lb* beaiir if 
bBlfhlbood for bit laUun bwlB( ob d>a oalrbrBlad 

, b*Tl<i( aaTnwl pnTUtfBt oHUiI dN * 
towrd bin b; tba kiDf. Heia-Aa a i.fc^ 
,1 Hoban Poalabont, if Cnm, 1> ChaM 

ter h*d ■» iwH. >lt <t. In (h« 3rd D( Kuwaud VI. 
ui n> .. br bw aJM •on. 
BiTKiaii AiumriN. w|, of Midtlleain, who wu^ 


Rli'liarJ, d. Mfa >wtrii utb Uanh, 1IU1. Ilii 

wliclHTtn, Ihr work of one VUey, who it> c<in< 
■vftuencB wBa hapgcd itt LiiQniiiier. 


dam Bmuu 

l>t. 1.^.0 


.M.toClirirtoplivf Bnn 

or Bank. 

h PcbruBrv 



hud iKciv 

id Ibc banou 

at kDiehtliind fwn 

El by Kint 






i.n WUiM«rf. 

INI. u 

d bit un 

l>Uupiwiit Si 


M<nr r.w., .. titmt 



Hrarj AipiDill 


■ " ""■ 



lirinj ia 

tMK. H. Hobcn CuopbeU 


in im. la SirTbmiiH E^non, t*n. 
VM wu cmud in l>M. Buna Cny de WU- 
tBB, Diul in but, ViKDonl <lr>T A* WUHn ■uil 
K*n. » WiittiN. bjr «t»a> Dw luil Bf^trsnl 

ElUKDI ROHTDH, who H. MUl ApKI, int. 

Babcit Urwtciur, iIwb VUnnuil Htlfnia. 

•he l»rl ibnr KM. 

Tbohi*. Scrl >/ MIUmi. 

Sir tialpli wcddtd, McondlT. Blunor. dancbtn- at itia 
Hn. John Coplc). of BaUirly. uii] nlid of Jnhp 
Hshaii.HH. at Holun, U tkn cminlr of LaKucn. 
Il> iM JIM DnmWr, iraa. whin ku dMufl.un bt^ 



Ant wifr. iomt, Anafbla at EbuiM d* Boifc ■ fnU 
man it Out tisie tD Lrmncnbin, Sir Tbotaa kal • 

Lnnli Am1>t. g( Aitlny. and a danghbir. Inal 
nf WiUian da Blnsii^ttaUB. By hi> h 
daufhlei of Pft(r ComuUe. of Mchon 

CD-Iwir dT lin bmber. Sir Rabm Cm 

•Ubia, kuL. bi Itft thTH xnu, Tmubk. . . _ 
Supbcn. wilbidanikur, Acua. Tba (U<M eC IbiM 


», inbniud Hill HoRub. tmt Oai 
T.of Uill Morton aod )I«Iiiib<-<» 

dufhtai uf H lUUn Haamcr, rai, 
K, fn-AuHnna rviMii, Hbo 

X. blbcT. 

JnHR A>TLiT.M|. of Hm UoMa ami Upturn Cw 
•ubia. >bo I-. FnooH, daB(fat>r ud tatr sf Jaka 
CbryiK-y. u^. of Sinjafbani, la tba aooMf «f K«M. 

Iiiir kniti. >.«. .r HOI Mann and HMMb C«» 
riiMi. TbiacDUuuaaLMarr.dHshMrarHmp* 
Wildffra". nq. at BortaT, ka Ban, u« kri 
Tnuait. bla bnr. 

JtcoafSlr), a dklintaiabrd ranttf r •>(«. wto 
tar bia aminanf Mntoa «•> niaad b> U>a 
tMnnaa >B IWl » I«4 Aniay, gf RaadiM- 
(Saa Bnbal'i C^iMarl Z'amvi.} 

ravpttatar •< Wk*u*i 

. md b; b>i Udr>b>v 

la IIm) ■• Hrijr Hivlnlat tblld. 
XicHiaoWiujia Pui Ctaaua, whs Ui 
«aa (naud KtlLllBwa. Uta Indiblp 

Mt. *«ddrd Fruu». dungbur (nd 

> UniK. <w|. at TilDejr, uiil had iHi 

nsulSlt). vbsd. J. p. 

.4Bf, bnir (A biA &dwr. 

Dw<iptS)t).wbsM. ths Hon. Eliubclh AilUy. 

only daB(kI« ud ncntul brims nr 

Jwflb. tiM Lnd Aitlc), of lUudinE. 

Juoa AifiTT, who Inhpriud tbo i 
I U* BDcli. K>> Imu Amity. I.un. i 
IMI*d ( Bllrmrt hhnirit in KWO 

vtiatius tARtqeU of UiU Uortoa and 


life ■■ loi luitb llugdBlc) fa fuiDotu did Jnhn 
de Aitlij grow for hl> rilour llul he vu elertsd 
■ Knicut or iHi GinTU, ind bon for hii tnnt 
llu cmli of ^illi? aud aartcourt, quiTTrrlT. 
with . ioAri ./[fttw poind n-«ito#." Hewn 
inumd >t PmhuU under ■ Itindiume icaoa- 

i AiTUT, M|. of Ilnl Hortao ud Hrllon 

I. till Janurr. IMl- Sir laur n. Kadul, duigfalei 
•( A^aitfH HwlociF. »|. of HuifoTd, in Nor- 
UK ^ kad. MCgnJIy, Biidtei. daugbtn of John CdLe. 
f^ ■( Manfcua, ud vidow of Edward DnylF)-. riq. 

mM afta**^ and ft* ■•■□aircT Iminc eKinr 



•4. oT PaDhult, in tbi 
I. M. Jane.* daoghler of Sir Tlioo 
Gollab, in tha taske itiiR, and h 

Thdhii Aitlit. nq. of Patthnll, who wedded ilur- 
griret, daoebler of Sir William DoUlcr. knt. of Kar- 

RicHiKU AtTLti. «q. of Pnuhull. Thi> gButlemiiii 
n. Joan, daUEfalcr of TbomaB Otelej. uq. of Pilch- 
fotd, in Salop, and bad, with a dangler Jape, hd 
only un, hit tuccctaor at bi» deceaK in 1A3V, 

Tuantl AiTLCi, ev). of Pnubull, who n. Hary, 
daughiEr and ro-lu-ir of Sir Gilbert Talboi, tnt.t and 

tacnr Aitlct, «q. of Palabull. wbo wedded Do- 
I. daughur of Sir tluiniu GiO^rd, knt. of Cbil- 
D, in titalTliTdflhlre. and waa 1. by (the ton of 
Tbooiai AfUay, bit only aon. by Nargery, daagfatir of 
Sir Walter Alton, Lul. of Tiial, oonnly of Suffurd) 
hit grandton, 

■a Anui, kat. wu in conmiuion Ind daugb 
AKasp [L. «■*■« IV9, for laalnj a tahtidT oi 
««f afWnwtrk.andtli ^aara afla. hrcoUertlng 

a M «« •( lb* kalgbt* of tba ihir*. Ha wedded 

"l -i-r to^kHT aait hrir nt RIohard, ton c' " 

mt^ Bareniit. and had laiae. 

Taoaaa (Sir), Id* biir. 

ia*s fSlrr, tat tit iht hn>aai and moai em 

•nUbmor 0» era In which be ll'ed. and d 

yidafevd bfr hit exlraordlBary pennnal pro 

■■■^ kf bin OB bonahaek wtlh Peter dt Ma>- 

if Helber, in Leicettcnl 

. daugbUT of Franc] 

taly. lit MbawgwDtlyfonobl Sir Philip Boyle, 

• nil My -a. aam In ^iiv »»■> VI. 

t !**■•*. <aafbU(iadh>lt of Hit William Pii 
kM. ^ fbr IMy talw Riialon bit wto, daaihle 

; I. I'^ancia'lHtntitj Am.aT, bit heir, who a 
ttn, Mm. ttvt d.amtti and t»bnt nf ' 
n^ Bvilar,<iq. td Bflnhaw, Wilit. awl 

iht. aiHl by 

I. hill, »]<b 


1. ttleham AMley, of OMi 

. eiq. of WQIon, Id Wit- 


.. by bi. d. 

lis df TciIiDn IB tbe caiiK sT royalty wu kni|1i(«] by 
dniCniaLDll-andrrHicdiBiiniiri lltb Au(n*t, 
t, xm <i(>rr lbs Kt'tlormtlon. He •>. Bnl, Eliu- 
h, dujfbur of John PlLJUpp*. esq. of Picton Ca>llD» 
in IhD wnnty o( Fnnbrabi, hul by bcr bid do male 
ima- u (arrive biouelr. Sir Ricbud wedd<4, x- 
nmdly. Henrima, diuiftler uil co-beiT of Williun 
Uoilue.uq. stGrHtNurhi*. inUu-cennty sf Burti. 

•Imue *tth fnbnury. laa, 

II. 8ia Joni. *tnjr, ¥.H. fnr Sbrrvibnry, irhn m. 
Miry, diiighwr mil b»ir nf Pnnci* Pryaca. mj.* o( 
Ihc OMiity of Silaii, imd bid innie, 

Richard- Prynn. wbo pndeceaKd bi* filbet oniu^ 

Aucii, d. M Charlu, [bird I 

Pkocu, h. to June* O'Dimnrll, twi. 
Ur Jobs Aillrj 4. IVlb Utombcr. irri, 

Iba BinDiinvi bccvne izluut. 



RuBiiD Di Antxi (»• 
DUtoB, Sn Bautlia Ttm 
■f Uu> fftri <>( lUoif III. Ilia *■(•' 

1. ud A'iMf Jum. Hi* 

iliDDiAtniii.wbaouf. biibiaaini.aMtlwr I 

lau UK AlTDK, Wb4 WBddrd. Ifivp. KmttKul-, 
Dungcit dtngbm ud ahrii ut HiigffTfcmiii. 
lield, in Chuhin. sod b*d Lhiw. 

Tbii Ricbard dird bcforf lii> wife, i 

widow in tin IMbof EDWtDDlll.) 

Huan. father, by Cicely (■fterw^di ■■ N 

of Ibe fanily. 

t<ir Rubtrt died beton be Wth EuHliD It 
that year bw eldat hd, 

HicHAao AiTOK, wu lord of Ammi. bri Ih dylac 
iuiicleu abanc the -aitnd « Urd oi iIm bb* ndpi. 
Ibe eabu* piuHid to hi> (nsdnefibcw, 

Si> RicHian Arroii. UiL Iiii4 of Aaton. nbo m. 
6r>l. Jiuiel. danibler nf John HDPbnrU, ef Hnln. 
■ nd had leinral ehlldrtn wbo wiih tlulf UMWr dt 
dt>-d of tbe placne « Rlnny- He neddfll. mttaitt, J 
Plh RicHiau II, BIIfh, daaghwr am) brlio* <;*f>^ I 
Uiiltna.! aiirl aoquired landi Ihinrby Id Liatwk »mA 1 
Hniton- Of Uiia Kcuod marria^^ tberv wa* Ih**, \ 
BoauT. I 

Kiory, lliin( Xaih KanaT V. 

EliaabBb. B. tni, llib KiraiaD ll.nTk 

KB of TboiuBB Doydell, of CalsTicb. w1 

iaaue ; •KBndlT. Il>> of lh> hiv rrtfB- I 

b«il Maaiy. of Halei and. thirdly, u n 

Danyel, of nier-TaUe; : ibe rf. in til*. 

Kir Ricbard waa Ireaiuierlo PblU|ipa. QnecnCt 

of Edwiii. 111., of her tanda and KDb is AhI 

In Walea, and Hrward of llopeadile. He na In Oc 

waninKpiin, lltb Ri.niau II.. and n* (miBd > ' 

llaltoD. IWb Hi»>r I\. Sir Rl'hatd. aba vat to 

of Amn fimy yetrt. WHf. at bla drceaar ineB,kl 

vidaw, mnairied Jrdm Kycroft; by Ui cUcr tua. 

Kia ttuHiT AtTOR. of AttoD, wbo weddr4 labri 
dattfhin- and heir b( Joba Uentoo. and bad, Riditai 
bli hair, UaTid, llTini t3nl Haiar W-. mt, AUw 
wireaf;obiiMaa.y,a(Sala. He diidia Itll, ImtI* 

AnbtUa. dieibin ■* ifc 

[ Mnb'b"' I ' 

SIT at UunH, b> 
lartlce Banbn. 
Hidila HoMB, M 
'.'•, Ibil be boao 
ii> be lotrrltd by 
< llllrh Juba Hi' 
-■rda, aHl tbai 

Cledt.aftenriDdtmirrlnlloHockioD; •adHacbi 

rlrd HiEbllfl bli inuidMI, wm ii> Kuhiid AMI" ' 
»y, aaii. J«iel. daatbirr of lihm Hoektrll. n 



Bn HicHisD AnvB, of Amtau. who m. » Hin(T V. 

■adc, daofhla nd beir of Peler Huxr.* of Hnrtun, 

Ac •rnitT of Cb«ur, b; Harpnt hli wiTs, duigb 

r m4 Mir o( WDIiw d> Hatoa, ud hid iuuc, 

TaoMUi bialisr; n. in ItBJ, MsrEinl, dan(hlcr 

•ad B-bciT el Bir Tluiinu Dnnan. al Datlan, 

^ vh«a (vlio w«ddsd, secondly. RBljib Vpt- 

•«. a^. or HuliBflDn, In ChuUn) be lefl al 

JahB.Unof ID HniT VII. 

WaUui.Ai.f. MUuiir VII. 

Hud*, at. IS John Dom, or FlaiTwda, in Chs 


!•■■, *. 6m, ta Roger Dunm, trbn ■Acrwirdi 

8* A 4a 1 VI, >Bd vb J. by bid fnadJOHp 

Kac««nD AiTbai*H|.af Ainm.wboiBi. Doucvidnngh 
■f •( PiH* Wubunon, oq. (oiled (FiH Pien) o 



Makot. of Crust, Id Ow oiaut) of SoiTard. 
CaAxtaa. a>- B Richard BrmcbioD, of Bromh- 
Utela-ttHmi VII. 10 Raudle. wn and belr 

im,m. Mlluir Vllt. ii 

liam Mutj.tvi. 

nMaa* AaivB, a>|. nr Aibn. Tbii Eenilenan 
BiMad. !■ Ili(, BiUtft. dauct-in- irf Jobo Hanwell. 
■i iliaaa aoad o-boir al Thnnu llano'eU. eiq, dI 

FMa, *te ted a ba«>H ■«. Thnmai ;litaB, who 
wm Urbit tn Undon U Ibe M Hubi VIII. 

VVBhb* m. Aon*, daugbtarof ThDHUia Ireland, 
•^ •< •> Hut. In LuuuUn, 

fhMw JU»H vw tbenff of CbaAlre In liUI, 4 En- 
•*•■ TL a^ djini In two Jtmn after ou (, ij Jtit 

I. «ho n. in IMn, M>r- 

• ««aMiNr^UM 

•—dlr. Bih Ba.. 


EUzabeth, n. In iaho Musy, esi. of Coaghow, 
younger brother or George Muiy, eaq. o[ Pod- 

Nargiret, ni. fim, lo Thomu EgeruiD. eeii. o( 
Walereva ; lod, Mcondly, lo Sir Edward Tirrel. 

EUen, I*, to George Mainwaring, eiij. a younger 

broiber. o( IgblSeld, in Sbropfhirc. 
Uriida. ai. to Geffrey HoIcroR, oT Hvm, in Lav- 


r of knighthood in Itxa 

He in. flr«, i 



ng, uf 

lghtfi.1d, and hu) iuue, 

Arthur (Sir), of Fulhjim 

bo had 

two lont, Bicbard 

n, and Sia Akt 

ir> At- 

anny, and go.o 

rnor of 

JlUl td 

death by tbe rebeli at 

Tred^h, In Ire 

Ddered the town 

Thomju (Sir), m. Eliub 

th, deoghler o 


SbackburEh, e..!, of B 

denbory, in W 


l^wcei, n. flnl, to John Hockuell. eai|. of Hock- 
uell : >eCDndly. to Reben Darle, of CroogbloD i 
and, thirdly, to Owen Longford, of Boitoa, In 


Htigartt, M. to Sir Thomu Ireland, at B«u>Ti 
near Warnngton, and waa Tice-chaiulierUin of 

l- of Clorerley, 

BUiabeih, m. to Richard Dod, e 

in SbrojMhira. 
Mary, m. first, to Richard Brown, gent. 

Anne. m. to Richard Allen, esq. of GrHDhill. 

CalhaiiDe, m. to Peter Leigh, gent, of Ridge. 
e wedded, secondly. Mary, daughter of WiUiam Vd- 
n, caq. of Dracton, in Salop, but had no other ianno. 
Iio aarriied him, and ai. secondly, Edward Payler, 
q. of York. Sir ThMiuu was •henB' of Cheshire in 

Robert, d- yovngi 

Haude, m. Ant. lo Thomu Panons, eaq. of Cab- 
Ungton, in Warwickshlra i and, aacondly. In 

V sa of Rkbard MaNy. esq. n 

Astai, kBL ■sMlsnaa of ibe bedebam- 
M Jaaaa t. wbo m. am. H»y Stewart. 
s( imsuWf. LmH U(k<l<r>r. sod bad 

If Upton, la NorthamptoailiiFv 

He weddid, Kcoodty, CordeUt, dauehler ul Sir 
John Siaabope, snd sliIeT of Ihs Bni Earl uf Chi^t. 

knt. of Buld. IB Unci 

re. daughter of Sir Rlihaid Buld. 

KliulicTh, if. oDm. in IffW. 

I KojmS OHM. He HL fint, ip IU7. k 
dkuf htrF ot Sir John PonltiirT, kni, of Mli 
llw imBt]> of [Renter, ud oo-hcir of hi 

Xai iuot, ISU) hi had us nniTiiic imw. 
AbA, Kcoadly, Anne, dftncbrvr uid nt» fc 
llAff WiUoutblr), tan. of mdW. in tbc 
Ucrtf, b} hia fint wifo, otm eC Ihe i]ui(hi«i 

l»i» of Sir Thsmu Koollyt, knU at Bcrki 

■ ndbT 

IMl UAj (who mi>if«l him 

and 1*. is be 


iHxid Uh Hon. Anclwtel Gny 



WitLoieHiT. tail meow 


Rm«. of PoRIurll, JD 

th' cmnry of 


bit ttcni Witt, tnibm. 

UtTj. BiddDl)>h 

uq. of PolMS 

oHh, iu 



uriin. n«T N 


IR. bal iffrcted fa 

uiab. iDd bmifhl into Snltiinl. wtarnoc kRcmptiiu; 
■I^B to »cape, he su oteernd bji ■ loldier vbo (itb 
faiB ■ Mow on the bead, which, ud bii other voimdi 
hnnuhl on n (errr *nd onrionrd hii dntb ia Saf. 
. He <rw I. by hli »n, 
■I I noil. Tlib (emltmu envcted 

II. liiaWiLi, 

Riciuiu, m. KliHbMi, diucbter -tlabs War 
•>|. of OxfgrdAin. and died *4Ui Noiem 
U4I. leaiinf Ihu, 
WiLLocoBiT, who inherited u Sftta bnrog 

tb* )<idcM of (he cwrl of Ktma Beodi In 
nw, wii milled Iba banonr of hnJfht- 
ItMd. Hi Rkdiatd ■•. Cm. MIm Kldiwl, 

Is lohn Pickerinc. tv\. el TbalnIL 


u HeoTT n'rifbt. t* 

lancbter of Willian Widdringlmi. ik|. and dxd M 
anuarr.lTll, left, with eighl daughlen. of -b« C 
n»«,lheHDn.and Rei. Hiurj Ham 
oiinli toB of John. Evi at Briaio). and Umrftry, t 
ame the wifo of Gilbrn WalioHlyi eeq. i mlela 

>ud beir, '" " 

ilocM M.P. far Uicp rt 



H. in Harch. IIIVS, Reben-i 
he. nq. of Greenwicb. Iiy «hi 

J. blTlnf had na iunv. Ih dntacd faia OMMefc Id 
~ b Pebraary. 1IH. ■• ^ 


r. D.D. who in c 

I. Sia WiLLOvoHii AnoR, who wi 
deofbter of Henry Pye, ttq, at Pan 
(by hia wife Anne, aiater sf Lord BalhorM), nkd 

Minrt, 4, yaonf. 

Hary* m. tun, to Sir Jsbn Crew, imi, sf I'll 

• CiTanmi Arma, wh<- Inbniied Afln Hall and 

• eMIH uf hri bfvther. bol bi bTF baabani tka Hui. 
>d Krt. Pi. Hnwy AaUa, wU died In !«»»»»«, 

innat ICmtit Ain>«. >(.<... Ml., rilrklnut 

Sopbia. 1'"^ BiimafiMJ- 
Sir WUlouchby wu rtnned to ptrilMil fcr Ki» 
tiniham in IIM. and appslaled ealoail bI Am Keii. 
ahire ulliti. in I7». Ha d. Mib AnfM. im. ..J 
waa J. by hia ion. 

»i. Sii Wiijj«uii.i A.To». wbn _. Udy laH 
Hanfary. aKand dau(taler of Kotan. Kari of NotAin* 
Dm. Loan CutHiiiLuia or EHOuao in l»l. bal dyti^ 
>. r. nnd Uarcb. l«l]. bia aiatm bHnH Ua IMia, 
ud Uia BlkuRalcr HjMnrf. 

-Party pw et 



June. ITS*. 

bart. Df R^l^. in the munty of Bprk., by wlioH 
(wlio RM. aiit OclolHtt, IIU. John, Bnl Earl Cower*), 

Prnelnpe, ». Jih JmuBry. Ir-»S0. Oforge Pitt, 
Hs <1. in Fnucr, in ITIS, and wm i. b; bii elder ton. 

■r AiuH*. H'D. pb^ridu to A 

bclUBIi A»is<.a«. urCUyhini, la thcanuitj 

u«II.IMh)aD(. 1000. Hf ■■. II«bK«,aiiDgtain- 
> muinoJ Hhdil, III Loudon, knt. and ' 

mnry. wbo <- IHb Fsbrw; , 1077, (god tw 

HOT' a. B lb< Rl«)>l HrT. Williun Moralon, 
D.P. BUiop nt HfUh. wd tud l»tw. 
Miilari Munton, la lioly nrdrn, a. •■ p. 
AKiaiHLU iluiiTuii, ■■. (0 WUlUn T'lylur. 

la mi. Un • Mm. 
T)M Hn. Sii:H(Iii> Tiruia, vbn taberited 
A* HOW of Llnlo Monton, io Ihg 

■Ml* ol Ibc half Uood, Sir WilUuo 
■•nton, iratimt of ibi dly of Londoo 
la IIU. and unnrtil tba 


nf th« 

^nmt Krr. Wiltldn-Hcinton Mgrcioi 
td liMa MoiTlcni, 
t^m, m. m Uwinl Aitiu. cq. brailicr <.( Sii 

■b. «. fa Tbonv Took*. e*q. of Wumitvy. 

It daiigbltr of Sir WuUtin UUk, tan. ud bud, 
. ou (urtirine dioghler, Rebem-Haria, m. in 

Hied in the fin fsmily, uid tbe BiioiilTsi bsru 
Jn-f Ai. IbTH bar* arg. in chief Ihm benuila- 


:h« coudHh ot Euei, Kenl. Suoiin, and NolDngbini. 
'deri?i!d" Ive qnou HuMd) from falcluv or Ait- 
.-Km, Iha Ont Earl of Kent, and nnong iti eartint 
sonbrn we mmi menliuu Walnr fiti- Auger, ■ ooblr 
Briton, who Aoiriibcl >[ the Couqacil, and wia a 

Nicuoui Aiiuuaa, Kin of Thomaii, Lord of Idub- 

■oui. Tbv TODDgei-. William, left an only daugliirr, 
CbriitinB,lhe(rire of Arnald do Alkhus. Tho cldor 
«ai father of 

HtHiii AiiDHai, of LoMubam.n. Elinbeth. daugh- 
ter of John UiEE*. o' Barbuo, in Koni, and had a 

Ha!^aT Ai'CHiTi, of Loiiaiihau. who wnldod, Ann. 
...bellB At TowDB. of llirowlrlgb, (Dd had hy btr. 

"liambetb. aauRbia' of Sir John 


kCii ol loha Vtit'^ttJ, «q. ThB (nnd- 

•OBof tbltnuuriAgeiMlr JuHKCoumriHk 

Lni.iifWi(HU, HldaMininaraf Lohh 

ham to AJrian Moorr, mq. of BghUD. In 

HarRT. In wbi» funily 11 uutinaed 

uolO alleTiMed in lin to Kiclwlu BUhx^ 

II. Robert, ■ncnlgr of tUt Aucben of WotwiU. 

Knry Aneher nuTiid. ucendlj, inui. diugbMr and 

Iwlr at TbBni* St. !>•(«. o( Otnrd«n. HconJ Mm of 

Sir lUlph St. UiBT. of UloHDb. knichl of Uw •bin 

fbr K«l SI Edhiid, ud b«d ui ooly ma. 

fluiT AtCHiK. wbo neended U the muor o( 
Ottndn, bla mMbir'i IslteriUDCc, (od icUTd hira- 
••l(tben.«b>nhe«»mldia« IVHijoar VI. He 
M. Alkia Bolcpi, (od Irtt ■ •on and mxeHor. 

ioiiD Adchu, Df Olbrdn, irho died lard April, 
IMI, and wu burled ia Ibr nnrlbdupil ofthepiirub 
AnKbi tiaTioi by Altee Cbari:b, hia vita, Ihne >aiu 

>. Jtao, hiibeir. 

t.m.t danghUr oC Gflbolr. 

II. Jim. •>. tn nunai Corbel. 
Tbe eldnt Mm, 

Jaxu AvcBn, aq. of Onerdea. vedded Atii» 
daniblrr of Tbcnaaa Hilli, ew), of Efgarton, nci 

Hardm. »q. of Hardrt*) had a aon and daofUlei 
AxiHuar, bii belt, awl Hutao, s. lo Jinet Aurhii 
He died «h January, t»n, wu iiilened Mar bl 
father, aod ancceeded by bia Mm. 

Si> Annosi Ai'CHii. LdL af Oltrrden. vba a. 
quiivd (ram Tbomaa ColFfepet, (mil. Mtnai VIII 

He •riddfd AITn. daiicbter of WaUam Com'nUla, ■ 

1. Jdhi. Df Onenbni. ■•. Ana 

daiuhUr of Sir 

William KclIawBV. kut. and led u asly 

de-ibter and belre.*. 

Jam. m. trmr- tt<um E 

I. b, whom tb. 

■dd M. William 

Lavin. LL.I>. 

Ml. rbaBia..d. •. t>. 


«kD. U» mawna of BW>oiiboiin.!e 

H* ■. Vabal, diBfbier of Sir Tbomae WnMbe, knL 


AnauiT. hIa belt. 

Kllaabelb. ■. M Sir WIHUh 

by bb.,. who dl«l 

NiaoiaiT. M. b> Hesrr. ink •« 
Lard Cblal Jaalta Cake. 

Aanoii AntBia. mq. M Biihapabiwine. er Bnaree, 
■Berried Iva vine, bu bad laaiM eatr by the aeeaB ' 
Marvmt. lantbter ed MvtB Mandri, AirhbMwr 

B, of Willsbennch. >b* at. Hary, daufbur 

of John tilbbOB. and by btr. vbi 

Auchtr. D.D 

dying in Jnly leil, waa luceeadrd by bit aoo, 

1, Sia Amudiii ADCBaa.or Bonnie, wbo aaa 
aled a aiaoNBT 41h Jnly, I«SII. He veddad. 
Kliiabgth, daufhter of Reberl Hatlon, raq. by v 
{wbo died In IBWJ ba had no iHne B anrrlTa 
and, Kcondly, EUiabelb, dau|bler of Sir TV 
Hewitt. XbI. by whom be had, 

lady prcemttT av co-Hajn: 

■I. Mkiut. m. to Ralpb BlooKr. D.D. \ 

or gaDlertnry, and bad, with othar IMM. ■ 
Anne Bloner. <rba wrddad Jawa Taaia, 
a«|. aad bad a ho, laaac H. T«l>. <•«. 
and a daoibtar. Mary Telle, who m. Ma- { 
jor Cenenl Sir Cbarlea Shipley, aad Ml i 
Ihie* daiiihure. J 

KatherinaJaae, ■. to CoIohI EdwH4 I 

Aocuta-liary. ■- In Alnasdar Maa- I 

Bliiabnb«al«, ai. to Henry, Cari ^ I 

r Anibony died in May, lOM, and vaa f . by kla i^ * 
II. Sia AoTHDkT AfCHia. of Binra*. M *lMaa do- 1 
aie in minority In l«t, the tiUa faeeid aa Ue b^ ' 

Beekiniham, w|. (Is wboB eba » ■ 
cfibd wife). Bad bad a wt, 
Hm Kn. JoH> Cu 

daafbtrr and beir, im.m XnwMaTit- 

Lua, ae^. af Bihau, !■ Kankadt 
ba. l>a». («■« Hvaaa-a fbv 
mmrr,. Tol, iii, f 

lIiMtin'-Hu»ii-HalliiTi Coiirrr, n 
to WOUabi Hvughan, oq. of Uarloii 
Cnn. and hud Ihuc, 

CslblriDa HiHishMiii. m, to iLr Kci 
Rk^Bfd Sukdyi, and bnd luue, 
Richard- Edwin Sudyi, Iteut. R. N 
kiDfd ID KtioD off Cupcnlugd 

Calbuina SandyB, ■«■ in IV03, li 
John CbHBbyrc, «q. opL H-N. 
Brm, <a « ^i«f ai. thrHi limu r&nkpL or- 


._ . I. «q. of UnlcT. Iii«b •barlfl' of 

■ MM tmi IMI.WH CIMU4 • (IKIHR bT X*'"* 

MiLaiklMJiilytDilicfoniifryHr. Sir 
■. Am. Mucuit. duqihKt o( WUIiuD Wtl 

■•4 »r ikM ti^ ku b 

Sinli WindKr, nhD m. «nl, Bd- 
nard CiminUs. and, uwDdlr, 
J' ndauWr and 1iifl by tlie fur- 
Eoer (va daugbtara and co-bnra, 

Uiit CuHtTtiLi, ■■. to ibe 

Rsr. ThaiDu RobcrU. 
Anna ConiTiBLB, n. to Sir 
Wiltiom Curtk, ban. 
!d»ard,of Bexley, m. Ant. Mary, ilaugb- 
ter of Kdvird Napier. »q. of Dorast- 
•hin. bal bad no iHne. He wedded, 
Ka>niUy.Eliiabetb,diueliUr of Edward 
Mflnoiiig, evq. of KiviDgton, in Kml, 

1. John. 

morohant. w 

od. in 


■• *3; 


r Bote 


f rna- 

.. Drmi 

thenton, in the eoi 

«,a of 






trk, In tbe 


wih Ociober 


by hi. 


HK Aditin, M.P. fin 

Bye. in 


III. ar 

d ODO Of tho wm- 


b«r ol 

of Slagun 

h«, in 


, by wbom (w 

mti) be had isiu, 

BUiabetta, d. nnn. 

Knac, m. to ConterfDrd BriKike, Bh). of UaMej 

Caan, in Shropahire, and of Conibiirfard, in the 

counlf of Suttati. 
Anns, n. to Boben Rod, oq. of Herefardabin. 

Eliubetb, danghur and CD-hrir of CiniBII SOIWIID, 
eaq. of CiAbaratoa, in Samenetahlnj uid by bar (vpho 
•nTTiTed bim, and we^ed. aecondly, WDIiam Wynd, 
(aq. of NnifDllE. chambcriaia to Ibe Piinceaa Siiphia, 

Sir Rabsrt d. 

>. by bia at 

in Kent, m. in Norcmbsr )»». Rachel, daughlei sf 
Sir Pimmii Uaafawood, ban. of Weal Wycoinb, BucU, 

V. Sia SHarruLu AttTim, Tbb gentlonun dyina 

to Una of Boben, aecond aon of ibi flnt baninoi). 


r. 111*. f>U ioba nrpmrBted iIm comt) al 
IMi, wIhb Uw Biauanci bccuu uilnei. 

Tta* ■ruHmiHutorHilirunllT.imiinf Shoo nrlnie- 
iMm. wu •( nmuii \IupU. u«r H'tc bi ibe oninly 

Kmr 111., uid wtilrh pl>f«, m Mr. fhilpM ok- 
Hr>H, " hid tb«I tyv'tltOn tiattasUoB HDltoll to iU 
OHO* la tDlinat* U u, Uul In Ibt laun chM it 
DirD^ Uw ]itUdt«l>iaiir«M Alolrkiu. • Xhob." 
rnn All Alulfiku Jumaiii Aurr. « pcnoa e( 

.1 VI.. 

laam AiLor* n* ttui u Hur 
BBoMy ■>( Kim. uid marritd In Ai 
Thona* WfM, M^. bj *luiB t>r had I 

Tuonaii Aiui», of ths hbh t^acr. and sf HndbarT 
In HnffDU, botdliK Urt* pnaMlou Id Hi* iwinUr* 
•r Kawl ud HnOblk ((m^ Kpwiid IV.. obo bid 
Uhm. kT Aiiui, hia irllai daatblar i4 Wlllian Birch 
0)F Ilk* hl> wk(r. danthtat of Rofer (irk*, of Nor 
Mk!.a »D. WUtiau, u.l * dauibur. Akdu. ■>. to 
Hk Jaba llniK«. lord m*it.r of Limdnn, tnm whotn 
, an4 WiDlInd DnitH. 

a. u air tliFbaid «i 

I. of Bdc 

khani. ud lUrl <X 

WiujiB Atuhv. *•«. na Mcb al 

•ln«b(« al EoKMI SolTard. n^ af f 

C i4 Ik* OBIT 4 
. Baa.Ja 

II. TlwBaa. who at. Marf CainiaiAaa, aaA « 
hibcr s( CatadBdiiu Aylatf, — mm iJtd 
Dac^T af LancaalaT. 

1. Uarfuvt, wi/( o< Edward Bm, aa*. a« l)» 

. Inu of S 
a AjrlaA, Mf. rf Bi 

. iu CuahridcBhir* ^ and h] - ' 

nbelh. daagbiir of Tioaaa 

ochowr. Tboiul \y]nfr». I 

MuTY, Hire of Sir AnlhonT Thuiua. knL d( Cafe * 

kaiD. in SamT. 
eilobclb. wire e4 Onraae Ue, at HtniM, M 

Jam. m. 10 Ed«rd KlthleT, ol Uray. U BaMK. , 
Sir wnilan ■. HWondlT. Harbart. daugMar wA 
' TbDBiaa SnUo, and had two m>ii>. 

noBH, of Clrar'a In. who ■>. KHaahach. Aa 
moIEdwaid WeBtv<>rtk,o( BocUx.ia >• 
ud WW lalhn of Bnuania A):Mh. v^ tf 
Gn;'> Ibb. whs ••. Vicidtu. daafhm ^ " 
■t>darRnUBa.a«|. urn n> ioLo. Bari af M 

HroTf Ayvnnfh, aaq. and tafi two ttm* aai I 
iTdaathtara. nitdAfrana, Gni'i Ibb. buriaWr^law. *ad ' 
dad Mary, daofhtn af Brfu Afiar*. ma- 

Juaira. irlio anntBallT iBhHHarf «ha la 

>BB VI, ilv Aim tl«i«l bad 

ai ananiudi halfMad. ud dM ••)» 

WaMathan, hH, ■*•■ 
r, WUlIaia 4/taft, a^l 


li # 

I. IIiiTno<i4> llinn.flf CmiuH OyHlli, oumi 
(laoBCT tn 1041, but ilyliiii iritbani inrTiiin^ i« 



— nia Onnils-tyii. 


Th* ^^Oj of Bakn- na HtUcd u Ciutmetii. U 
Rni. •> aufj ■• &• TTlfB of ED*tiD III., uhI b« 
«■■ gf lu TvoDcn-bniwltH aanndad Thokii BtKna. 
«(ilwUngUB. wbatttn^urtiadbtiitm, Mufim. 
«> « lalM MAcB. VH nolkn of lb* leaned JnbB 

Tuiau Btm, of RUiaikimt. Cnubnak, Kant, 
WM UOmtal 
Ricatao B*»a, Ut1b| Im|>. Kuat VII.. wboH 


ji ■!><—< aim ■<»fc»ytlTT 

—■■■I f U> 




•inlj raoardar a( LobAsb, aBiaij ^U (kaacdlar d 
■ba Bxchequer. Uf ww lilifwte • pri^ ^omIv 
Id Hiniai VIII., Enwian VI.. Iliai. aM Euuaan. 
Sir RjchaHai. EUnlMb, laB(hiBr aB4hnr<«riawa 
Dinlej. aul wUin e( Georfa Bunt, ky vVas la 

■DfSir}. blihdr. 
ubD, of LoDdan, irhs •■. CalhiHa* , iaoclii 
Sir KigiiiaU ScMt, kot. o( 8c«l'> Hill.aa 

tbs cflclmud Chx 

be bad twoi 
I Richard, whi 

Df the deb«> al bk 

U. asd wai boiied la SlBM*^ 
Sir ThaUH Sam, bit. tt tMn 

piTufun.iir ReaUlbeU,U Kia*. 

■ EuKAarrH la bar p a ei ,H M laaa Ktf* 
He ■>. ant, Calberina, duqAM aad k« 
cQ, Tiwnfen •«> «f Sir Tboaaa mWl, 

t>r>w 1 aad. UilrdlT. to Bania Siuidja, il «* 
Vise, is Huspiaitn. 
Sir Rlehard wadded, •aeoadlj. Mar}, d 
John Ciabrd. and bHi by bn m ^a^M 

GriaacoB. ■•. ta HaBry LesBaid, baH Dbmb. E 
CacilU, iL u B4eb«d BIbM aHBa4b*a(» 
llkbHl Blwii 
Tbr elder aaa, 

JuH. a-). 
ther in IIM. He .. 

ifhier af Sir J*bB Sxuib. bat. af Oi 
1 drlxl U IMI. *a> 1. b) hia •aa, 

b, daatbter g« Sir Knkert l>utkiHM, b 

a BuauB. .^ ^ *W« 

XM nt Si* II--»i:i Vii!>, 

efttn SMnilmlBl riiatn. 

BuiinnH. ■». Bi Haben.SpriiixT 

Hatl, ■■■ tn Jahn Dmrrl.nq. g 


Bkk-BB Doit 11,, tw). or Orar, wliod. ii 

I. aBil wui. bybliwD. 

■MH-llittii B*iwi»DottiL,U4.BfOnir 

' d. liiirU.Vf)iiuitii>ifUl*lnnr« 
lu BnVer ntHIrt ta (he Rav. fiuiio 
D««|*> "I'd cenrjjrf Ihinn n Gil 
Mdiw Mian, oq, fitbcrof Sib Udmci 
■. H. IS Itocir Xirkb^. and d. Id ITU. 


Cauiu tub IHc Mll~EiTincT aid Aug. 18Vi. 


Wnuia BtiLU>inq.Hninr\lmmln'Baillw.ew|. 
'■f llmtC ». IL tint, Ritiilwlh. diughur uf Alex 
.Mdv »im«l>iul. Mq. or Cliyu, la IlH <nuat} of 
ltj_. bj vton Iw b>d (»ith in elOu mid ^Duncer 
*M) Kkdi, of Tkan pmHOIIyi and, M<niDdly, Mi» 
MarsvM HtekaT . of BiM>B>> lu iba nonnlT ar CiiiUi- 
^■v, HBd bad, vltb iMber rhiUranj 

CallkDtBt, frlw n, U t7>V, IMccieh UictwaSc, 
m^. M Pairtinni. bj ■bgn tba bHl 
JIuKioDia Ml»iiHiia. till prcHni baraoM 
a4 ralKmrii. itm BuiKt'i /•i^iifc auri 

latlDji •Haltird tb> rank of 

« Hiarv* ha oUailKil • aRowl paUm'tStll Ma 


■. Wniitm, ». in IP 10. J< 

daa^bm' idiI liFir of Tgbiai ChlppiDEil'lc 

Ed (Iia tansDur of kniehtlHiod 
\ at high (herlir for Laicea- 
1. firm, Emma, iaughl" "f 

Thomii. ktllnl is tbn rayal 

wilb datotvA atUMhmvnl u? fha ill-lktad Line, and 

iOU bla konM al CaHaton Cailiau v*a giTriwnad In 1 


ir Jalia < 

• of the arw. by rolimtary (lib lo ib* | 
nnarch.aBil by tha tnaa whieb ware Iaila.1 by par 
latit. Ha*. ADnr.daaKbliruidbalralliiTTluii 
ucikfrlng, ban. ul Warwick, bai biiint do iau 

IncT, and bla pr4|>Drly at Cartalon waa purf^haaad br 

LO Sia Uu.rfi 

4 J'n 

. armed and b«akfd ni 

f Carlaloiij in \onb* 

an mlr ill<n>1n)el 


■cnobcr. IfllB—EiTHUT 

bm F<MTd. (irtiidi lady vnldcd. •mondlir, Thooiiii, 
■nt VlKmnl yiirfu). Ib« 6Uc npind wilb bini 




Tbit Haay i> dnrmdcri trnm Simon Rank*, wlin 

ion. Virtihire. 7Ui Bnwmi' ill. By Ibii Bi*rrlk«r 
Ika BUDar <>( NnrUn. in Uie WnprnOkc Bt flUJD. 
din, ame (s Ibt funil; of Hiiikr, •nil wu ■frrr- 
iticdi c*n(il BaaU Nfwtim, II wh uM la Mr. 
Tsvnlcji, gC KoTlf I ■boul Ibt middle Df I)M HTEnUcnlh 

H»ii BiKiti, of Bnnle Nnrtnn, Tb> (roth In H- 
M*l dnctDt rrniD Ui« hM Simm, in. lub«lU dnHgli- 
trr of wnuun Li«v, of Thomtun ud H«dh<i|H'. in 

■udKabnl. Tli«*UtirHm, Kfnry.ornankf NroIOD. 
. IlTinciD lUD.M.fnl.Alkia.dlaihUrar Rubn^Ryn- 

■w/nfd (Ineii, la Mil, and iHbrlla. Hi- lu.rriad, 
•aiandly. Jakuma. daimhtiT of Niclwlu Purkvr, of 
HotTaefbnk. Id l.annahln, by vluHn he hid rout 
and Iva dauAlil«r», 

■f B«l[ HUl. In Ihe pariah <X Clal» 
ha bud tbree hhu and Iwa duibm. 
rd In ibe iuig'i Krriea in ll» flnl 
be H, Hunar, dauihur i>( Alan M- 
1. mi. by whom be hail one dinfMai. 
Lthn wu tb« nm wife of Hogtr frrT- 
the Middle Tivple. Umdmi. Sb> «. 

in Chancery : he d»d wltli 

FrankUnd, alio of RalhiHll, bT whan Ik 
uui.* Ruben, aud 

Ji»tPH KtHu, M|. Qf nmvby Abbtry. Ii 
thin. Hiueiime ol KlieAeld. M I-. fur Or 
..IB D.<n»Un 


iba K«T. Hawland Handing, ut AMicliA UA to 
Ik* pirtjh of Gi-eleaHvld, in Vartthtn, hj Htaa t» 
ud uac nan, JuurH, and eoe daii«hl>T. H«T, «lfc 
If Sir l^ncia Whicbdou, ban. of AawaAy. In U» 

mlBihln. She died I- ;>. an>' ~ ' 

III BuckiiiKhaBuhin. Thi i 

wu blab •boiff'irf ~ 

I. Maitirel. dea|bl>r of Ux R.!. lt«b>lt fhan. 
H-u* «f Hlikla. la y«t.hln. by wbam ba bad 

IH> •> l'>.!,'ari'u>rk''«r^ r»<rtt>rthl'n>aBly 

liila(bia. la DtrtyibiR. by vbui 
•ra toa>. Rsbin aBd Jwepb. *hu 

■ Saury. He sartM tM 

I (I Hiifal.. In Km. Mb 

Eanarl. le^erwa mt VleauiiB. HI IW b 

■ ndW*. xbenheOlodl. |>. 
Min, Ibr dinahor. Hal Xb of IW tkn. II 

Wlllila-*. •Ua> u( Gefdaye. U t«l 

KuHw.ibiKl •€* af Am.4~|^ 

ol - Ki'ieia, •u.JdMlry. 

D ilaoibuii or lUbcri. 
Aunr. wai wifr i4 WUIIaai Siwn. Tirai er IWIe 
arid, eid piTbradaO M 1l«b. «j •ha < 
bed »w da>|bl>r. 
Hai>,wli> or bt> coaUa.Jowpb Sankt.a»ea 

tt—rrh. vba 4. tUa patrli, 
WiLLUH. sf wham facnafur. 
Kabrrt'HixIgkiBMIll, oi OtenoB. i 
tk« iMMi br hia gnndfsltaTr'i 
U* broOkcr WillisHi toeHtdtd lo 

tfllmctonJ.ln MildltK 

IMrdi. dM nniB.rTinl. 

m *t Ut^tklamm Ivr Die Otariuu mutr, iHron 
■Uat bradm • itntli. H( m. Hunk, lUngblu ol 
■^ fun, of KtuHOB, In I>«<>y^ln, ky iht 
^IM- ■«« wlxlnH [wHh hn lirtw, Huiu*l» 
hM, ril* M annlaw, Etffaih E*rl of ExcUr) gf 
■■■ Ch mtrw, atq^ of Louilon^ by whan bt h*d 

•■B,I»M*B. ill. Bankiif. lioiiUidirui. bjrliia 

r ilua. RiR JutirH Biou, bui. pntldwi 
»• H«id tacfn;, knlgbi of lbs uini bDnmir- 
I m*tr ^ tba SaUi, ■nil oaa of bl> mijoly'i nwil 
^Bsbb rnrji (oauil, k. I)th UMember, 11*3l. 
m. t»rt Huih, nn. VonMit*. diufbur anl m 
m> |wU^ lui iMii y>r>. oirn of Sir Kdnrd 
»W*> rfl )nimilbai W' SfPrB 
Jh. to (^ fulib of ^onDn. In Keui, but iiiut 
wtmm,VI^ Jaiu. I'M, Uw BilunnuT, wUeli li»l 

"»•«■ I Q Oj 


duriuE tbEiJTilciiminatwa* of Ihs reita of CHiiui. 
I. wu emud a Bmoihr- in IS44, mi in Ivo yuan 

at Orambci, and Vimodnt Bilhoitt. Hiilordihip 

nunlry by > whlrinriod and chnlKil b; Iht unit: 1h« 


.„,„ ^^ 


Thii fanllT mided u Ipnrlch fram ■ rery mnota 

Ruuai Biaiaa, of IpnFich, il Anne, diufbUr of 
— Bcictii«y, ?aq- «f Cambntlgeahirt. and left by bar 

- Kempc, of S< 

]|RhD( F.Liiiimi, vba aLtnl. WUlrmlni, daugbrer 
and heir orlohn Bouuirt, a ncribaBI al Bmncn.aud 
by Ihai Ud; bad laiosi 
KoiiiT (BIr), hl> bcii. 

Jahn, a rolonel in Ibe araiy, at. a dasihlcT of 
raol Wiibypool*, m^. by thu Hoiimble U«- 
[Dthy WiBtwurlb hia wifo, yamiKoat daaflitcr 

of Thou 


- Kau< K 

a Mr. JntHZ Clcneb. uf Ibi cwrl vf Kiiig'i 

ThomuiBa. M. (s Sir Roliai Girdlnfr, \at. o 
Ih* eODDly et Baflolk, lord ilrputr of Inland. 
I Kb widdid. icroadly, Anna, dufbivr af Mr. Aider 
Icnlina, of Laniliia, ind Hidsw of Gtors^ 



liDf XlHgliHU I. (IMI). Tbi< gcBI 
gf tlie fiinilT at GHmttini Hall. 
I farfab of TrlnliT St. Martin, flght milH xiii 
I froH Irnkb. wHllbrr h<i mniiTad. Uc ■<. fit 
1 l\th. danfkler ot Oniric Nioildard, Eaq. of M 

Sir Kubirl -wtiAti. m 
8lr Jobn Cmfti, kni. si 

.!■ nuMliFT. wai st Bdftml, 
r Jnhn Tubiinni(h. Lnt. of 

Edward. ■■ ftm. Wary, dionbtcr aud aule hair of 
Kdward WltnmtB, «i. of Twickenbam, and 
widDir nr Sif T)ioi»a> Uolland, iaU of «aiJdi.'ii- 
han. In Nsrfglk : aiid, •m>Ddly, a daufbur bI 

. of B<k1 


T>« aldM »B and |i«i 

I. Joiia Biaail. wt- of Crinnton Hall, In Ibv 
eantr of KoiUi. wa* walad a Bi*u.%tT by JKIfrf 

I Java 1. en Ibe Itih Uardi, KHI. He la. fniKn. 
I dan^ur o( Sit Jobn Jmh;, kat. of llrl«lilvcll, in 
I tnftilk, and had tbrai •«». 

TtWMla. ■>■ a daH(bMr of Sir Dadlty Carlaum, 

knt. of Imkcr Cwul, in Sumjr. 
BsbiR. 4. 1, p. 
tUt Jalin A IB liU), and «aa >. by Ua <-M»i wm. 

II. Sii JoMH Btaita, of Uriniilun Hall, who ««l- 
~ Id WlBlfrM, dauRbUr af 6tr PbUlp ParkT. knl. nl 

' ItBllblk, and tan at Ui d(«aw. In lOM 

JalBT. Ilia bair. 

lUbvn. vlio ■>. a daasliUF af Rabirt Matrlot. 
mm,. Bt HndOild. aad bad twa -iii. asd tit 
daufhlm ; Iba -»■ Mh IVIl la Uia aviln^ uf 

Vnrra Aaxa, o&i a naril ofllcct. Uh uibcr in 

ba ildM HI. and balr. 
111. KIB iaini lliL*(iia. died aiunamad abgnl th' 

Uraea. •■■ is I'blllp Bacon, i*). of Ipawich, In 
•>B o( Sir S. Banm. af BbnbUnd. 
I t\t John nlamad back ta l|iHlcb. and afiln ■■ 
1 )ila» a( akada of lb* faallir. He irpiNTi 
I Il» borqa^ In atiaral pafUamuta, In tba raisu 
u II., /laaa II,, ud WiujiB aad Utai. 

a Hit ria BxKiB, wbe'ai. Am. War-, a 
n of JiAa Baaca. Ba>|. •< 

cuadlT, VUi Pcbniar;. 1731. Anna, nlicl ot Ed« 
Slnucar. i-aii. of Randlaabam. in SuSulk, bat bad i 
iaane by thai lady. Sir William tM In faFUaw 
f<ir Iraoicb in ihc niED af «>>«■ Hani, and ha <a 
sna df Itifl kniftau of lbs ahira f»r Bafftilk, ■■ t 
ml^na of Gauaca 1. and of Gvnat It. lie t. 13 
Jnly. mi, and waa (. br hit aon. 
II, XiaJnua Biatta. Tfaia p-n(lmu aa. «Ib C 

Pylcb. ban! nt Moanc Harkiall. in Kant, and heir 
farr brotlKr. Sib WiLLim, itIhi diid a minor la in 
by Itai* lady lia bad 

JuHN-FncB. hia brir, b. Utb Jaly. Ilil. 
He 4. tth June. iisr. and iraa >. by kia aon. 

Til, SiajDHK-FrrcnBiaaia, wbaai. Lucy, daaik- 
Mr of Kir Ricbard Uoyd, of Uiaclaahaa. in SaSllk. 


CauriD nh fi^irl. liw^etriicu la H 

Bii.uwia fiiaaaii, • 

'y'th^ woa'd, EliaTt 

AaiL. hta brir. 

Urta fasiUy, aad 

h Luffrnbani, whs aa. Ita«* 
Uixcy, and araa fatbrr M 
SuiBal. «bo m. Kllaabnb WUdbaa*. wllai 
of— Chabmar.ciq. of DamaM. and dial) 

alaliala of fail Ilua. aad djlai la am, W> 

Thonaa. A. in' Ifn. «h<> «. 

daii«bl«r ot John Whii-. <ai|. of Sathan. 

Hanti. and dyina in law, kft («!' ' 

daaO.Irn, Sarah, ii, to Kdvard Una 


aB dlrd onaarrlol). ■ •• 
Sannrl, of (.yndnn. In Kt 

Ucoffa Hafxill. PatffOF 

Tboiaaa. who 4. IB IM 

Aaai. Biaaaa.aaii, aT llanhlata 
Kaclaiil. M- KIlHbrlb Wricbt. aid na a. by kdti^ 

I. AaiL Riaiia.rx) d( HaaiblaBaa, b. la ■•M.wta 
WM. crralada Hiatal RbSapanbPr, law. Ba» 
am, Anna, daatbtar af Sir Tbaniaa Kanaa. bart. rf 
KtoktrHnn, in Ulcaalnablrai a^, am 
d.Bfbtrr of Alaaandar \<ial. ra^. af 
RLitland>hlr«. Ky Ibr lalirr ha b«l Bo 
ibc foraar h* kdd * aen. ranau, bia hc'.r. Sir Urf 


^Mmlfd (sr tit •rrani vtle Ha- 

ir Jobs CliifU. uf Siibaio. uii 

trt* «lv> bv^ADOv hfit TO hif mntberr iibd 
Bll hrt . la 1>dSdII>. U< n- Priiclupe. 
r «r S)> JoliD TxbarouRb, kul. mid taaa 

n. Inl. Muyi 4ui(kur ud taia hair of 
■d Wlfimm, lia. at Twurkcniuun, unil 
If Sir nwBH llolUDd. km. at Quirl- 
, In Nnfdik ; udi •ccandlr. n AiueIiIlt 

ntlu. dntbl" o' Winiam Turnor, ul 
lilt*, uid of londoB, turrhint Inlict nF 

■ •■Kin, «[. of BiKkiDR HbII, in tb> 

^. nm. iBd «M •. b) uu nidx »«>, 

iXJtB n>ain dI B«^n| Hill.ud Ki 

Tliia ■wiloyiAJi ««44«d liHry.dBfiEljEnr 

B>iii.iit. H<'M.in1tvl,Lul$HcDriFlI> 
Tmlor, Eldst dunilileT nl Thovu, fini 
Enrlof BeotlTe.aiid dyinlin 18S4, Ivfl, 

Williiii-Po>>>uiih'biii[i:ii, Eiq. of 

?. Fniucu, widow af Gwaj^ti LmirtliDr, Eaei- 
.1. Snnb, d. M Llnnfullen.SUi Dec.lSSL. 

Mn. Paounby vcdilBd, Kcondly, Sir Robrrt 

Smplet, Bui'i of DnnnuiTv, HUd btd a Baa. 

Bobcn, ud a dufhicr. AnDC-Uirii, h. to 

ttalph Smjib. r>q. of GBybrook. 

LEK, of BockJDi Hill, who in. 

I. only diughtfr *ni h>in» of wmiuB 

. of Dnblin, bat djinji withoni ueob, XM 

llS.Ibe Bj|KO!ciTi.'T>n|^Kd,wliilc(beMla>ea 

wToiTFa an htB DppUtfWi ChBTltfl^BrBbBuni PonunliVi 

>[ Kikoolny Abbey. ' 

It. Si« Wj 
Hit Uns. 


w~Hm Bw-ker «( Griidilon It.ll. 

BAUKr.n, OF BtiSltBitlDGE. 

■iTiu1l4tli Mir-ITSI^-BiTiHcrMthScpI. 1 

rauid«r in chltf of Ihn umlla-y al tlie »|Karc al 
HimlUl lu OcIabET, irsl. wu i:r*>tcd * BiItUKET 94th 
Mirfh, II8I. He purdiaHd of Ibe widow of PhiU)]. 
CuttHt Wetib, uq. Ibc eitite of Biithbrldge, In Sur. 

ttir Hnbm d. I4tb Septciobrr. iiBU, und wu bu 
(< llinmiemnilh. when Ilm UlUNniT beams 
TiaL-T. In ITDI, ttt «t>t* of Biubbridge w» i 
sndu ■ drcrw orrhiDcery, ID Ni>lb»niel Webb, 
bat tas ivbHIIUelitly lold II lo Mrnry.Uare Tdwd* 




nlly «f H 




w„, f„ , I„,, period 



., of Houtl. A.:re, In 


Bnl b-™ 


ronily.H. Pr.n«..d> 

nr ofS 



knt of Hedbui, la 





■ .'of NoatbAcr*. wb 

Ant. lir 

K.. da-llll* 

Uwii, Anl Lord Rw 

i(b iKdr 

1.u.,ll«o.;.r.d, i-'« 






..1... !„.«. of L 



I. Sia Edwhu BiitHiH.orWnlDfleli.iD Lincoln 

II. Ifae dlRDity of BiiimiT. Hf ••. Annr, diuglilcj 
■nd Ixir of Sir Bobcn Ln, of BUIcnln, in Warwicl: 

D SUnwidc*, kal. a 

varld >1 


far brlwarii] 

unirfhto m 

I cccnialiud cIoh priMi 
It Birloir Ilia In ' 
End Sir Hoben CliBord, vha In. 
■IMcr, Che Dleht bcfan their dtp 
of Uirsiro, DuThiw af Biir(iiii<l]r, aai Ui « 
iiUU hting WfWIBd fnni him wh COstnMl I 
V«E, Earl of Oxford. Itaen mrnllir mrtil Utt 

In priuHi until be fully and llfill) nUtti Ika fl 
fft, gntinB tnt at laat. bat vith dinkmlry. bvm 
t«maltiH of higb maaon. Of hi> ehiUnM, 

h lltaat t 
to St. Uatk 

f rarlHT. U* *i 
rmlnUBl Udtop in EDiUtid. Ha 
daiifblw nf Jahi "" ■ 

sf HarWn WntfalliK, Bit^ at K> 

dm4 la 1h< fuiU]' ^UiR. 
• U iIm HMinnco «> IkiM laJli* Thoitibr hai »T*a 

m, AaiaHM HnxIk-iaiT, airf HnKll). BlA<.j> Mm 
.Jllui iwl FnamlaiB>n;«nl.MiilikT« rHkTi. ca 
g| AnkkMep l>uhu, ud >Kiiad]>, Bl«b-p Kailhaiit. 

I>chbl>l>u> M Y ■!*, *a> a HM « 

1. ki'Tki^T^lf^ 

a. ».< .I..I.I Ai<hi>iJL.v x Vaak. n 

rOIittUf l—Kkx 

AkiLulrr, lAiri KIphiBiioiKi i am 
n(4lB( Uid* Klpliiiuume (ud l)n 

>t Madrid. SlrTlKiinu Jolfynr, br vu 
>!■ mra •i»<r[(d, King H>«iii VIU.. to 

t't lla)p« fram Hklfurd 
purchased ftti nute 

xm. T*l. IU«.I 

BIh»mwa. HcH-Ji 
Km* I»h. sf Brutal, and wu •. b; hi. uii. 
■■• B»Bifl*, ttq. Of Glahelcb. id tba counlj 
Bh ill wte vcdikd EIia«br1h,dlugbUT of )( 
har. *■«. Hid had ■ Hni and bair. 

Ivtaf »w KTcai rvkalllAi. Calo»l Bariow 
( •> fW bnd of bU corpa. (AUaNy caapgacd of 
( twinlTT. (D «ie f»l»f of ih» llu^oni of 
Mr al fUfliiidCuIti, tDlblifiiUswtnlKvine 

a Cimaall-i biunrlUa, w 

Tni*. wd RUraed u Englud arin ib 

kt W<fU, aaq. ait 
(. hr Ma cldnt an 

IT wd c»hrlr sf Uarld Un^d, a.i|. I 

1 1, fef Ua aU« aon, 

■B tititiw. *•%, of Slebaldi. in IW cuimty or 

John vedded. aaoindly, Catherine, duaghter of 
tbnilapher Uiddleton, etq. of Middleinn Hall, in lUn 
$ of Canuaitheu, and by tbu lady bad thriM 

GciTKE, vbo widded Addc, dnn^ter of ~ 
BlnndnU. nq. of HaTOrfardwul. 
Mr. John Barlow n. ansudlT. Anne, danihler 

Wr, Anne. He rf. U) NovBinhn-, I7JB. 
Ite d. about the year ISU, and «a> i. by hii alden 

il'. Sia CaoRBi BiaiuH. wbo ■■. Wjuifred. daugh- 
Jobn Barlow, »q. Hi waa >. at hia deccua by bia' 



By marrying the helnat of WUIonghby, >d Ibe Kmrt 
>( EpHiaii II., tba family obiainad the notila manor 
>f Oml CoUa, in Iba eouBCir of UnculD, which tliey 


II, or 

Kadyion Fall 



of Ih 

IHOIU of Net. 

it agipeara they adopted and aodently 


Ih Ihit or Bai 

a, daughler n 

1 Sir 


lan. the wife o 


e chur 

ch of 

Oreal Waltiun, Ewn. Bba died 


of ibo BamardifUin 

aa onomlad. in th« 

MSS. batln. it 

e pediEriie wl 

.he duu^hle 




and waa father 

Bin Thoiki ntimaiiDiiTa/i, wbaiMtldodrligilaucli- 
U-r inJ en Drlr •>( Sir WIIIIuh t-'nulm. km. uf Cruii.- 
UDIT of LlDcalo* iDd hit a xiii, 
luliiDiiToti, fiitU<-r iy bit wife lialHj, 

a a. ftnt. ■ dsuhWr ot Sit Rii^li 
>laU«D, ud bid by bcT U 

BiKbinl. » Sm;ri]iu 
u Sir Hobcn Clirke. bin. of Si»U 
la lb> amBty o( dunbndee. 

IT BtmardLMon «. Kcnndiy, Marr 
Df luiniwi LukiTp «>q- of Woodr^, Ln 
in. wht nirriTin^ him. n-niBmed in 
luod Sunui] UUckBTliy, Hq. 
I Sir John Halt. tni. uf HiJum. in 
, ~t UnKord. 

nl. of Ci 

DilT. i« RyjFd by FilicIanvL, 
lb. nail prinwd il with ClurlL's l.irM, 
M vniDtnl p4trioli of hi* tJBiP. *nd 
■ - li. (uBily." He diiid 

wu 1. by bu >bl» 

Bd Iwit of Sir Kubm Kli>(.> of 
4 br Ur, olu 4. In irii. bid. 

, Koybl* wd BUMbclfa, villi both 

M M Iflh bvonrt. 
Iu«bt*r o< — lUch. ■■ 
H of WlltiM*. brolfacr . 

■•■■•RlillItBI). Tllia imillenian 
M<l cvktir afKIr Hirhird Koih- 
ttrt. la IW HKBiy of LinKan. by 
1 Ffbnury, ll»l) b* lud thnc 


>t>»TH.Ji.l»il Jinii 


r Ullbjin. in K«Dt. 

-rt. orFolixHill. 






Iheriofl. dumber of Sir Rnwiuiil Wyua*, 
Smtel Abboy. in ibe counirof York, bm had 
, Hs dlrd *t Knnsa Hall 4tb Prb. I7U-«I, 
I- by bit nepbew. 



• vu s •Finn fmu the nocinDl taaily of Bunar- 

fiin NiTRihiii. BtnitsninviK.knt of Ketton, M.P. 

ntm of Itia knifbtly family, n- Jauv. dxaghltfr of Sir 
SiApbm 5ouii«, iDtd mayor of LondoD. aud by Uiai 

itHimiri^ of H«cko^. *lio m. Eljiabeih, dau, 
at ThoBiu Bacnii. an), uf Friitow. in Suffolk, 
ud bad two ■mif and lirn daughfera, *it- 
8t«n«U vho iobartlod (hs dils aud cautea of 

FiLmtH, btir m bi* hroibcr. 

JuDC. ■■. to Kobnt. KB and hair uf Mr, Aldfl 

man Man. of Nnrwkh. 
eiiaabcUi. ■•. id Samuel Blackarby. cm. e 

Bncbiwell, a 

Tfa* third aoD, 

l. StirtraL BiniiiHuii 
in ibaeouniy of Suffolk 

1. lo hi* a 

it Itlchard Tumoi 
•came foorlh barmwl o 

ra milr, default of wbtvb u 1 
ir Sunnal ■>. Aral. Tbni»iiuni<. daufhln- 

w Sir titers Cbatc. knl- 
Sir Hutiii d. in 1010, mad wu >. b; tiia •■>. 

[htn- at Stmfmaa Lcowd. «q- • 

F. WnUua. BUToi <rf Norvli^ tn lUt, » ti 

Elinbtfe ,d(o(hUTirfWUIIa WiBAm. < 

qf Sutnby.hiNiiifiilt.aBj hid bT*>«** 

Willian, buTipUr*t lav.vlM ■. hit ra 

KUalMb. diachm- uil a luir r4 CI 

Sii Cyii 
Mr. WiDim 1 
nb. cniiM>iiMCT (t Sir Hugh MIII H i 
ban. and b;r bcr bad ■ daDghUF, Suik.* 
wifr (>(Chul(»WDod.»4.iir LaateB. ~ 
tbirdlT. Rrbcca. dantbUT oT NvaM I 

- Dii.aiidhadbydiailKlTnndaai 

Mary, ■•. lo Chario W~d. 

lUbecca, nu Bntiamin W. 
■ If h. faanhlT. Mary F1<» 

., in bt. Kriinnui.. >.yi, ■• Uorrinclon Hall, 
n) Ih* (Ml of lb« nulDRit fuufly of tbi 

■nclud with the eauu oC the Lara Mont 
■4 ia Ibe nmnatj of out faihen. * mi-ub 

■I of Hwlcld-Hcgli, trmp 

UUIHiQH. Urine in Ae Utb oC U»> 
>■. KUhUA. a.iicb1eTDrTb<imu Bcmhu 
M> A* Km. EUnbtlb Muncf. daughter > 
M LaN H«B«T< "<' MuvEir. in Ike coaol 

I bssinsTnii, nq, Thii ifntlniiui m. An 
^00 ■< Henry Parker, Lord Marley, t 
kad n iibIt di<i|d>Kr- Elutbelh. w. i 

■■< niifc»li—> lit Hnipy Pole. Lord Montugn, 
^M Of KIT KhAvd P~U. KM. ky Marfnrri 
■at. f iiHif ■ er Saliabarr. md mil irud 
rf CtaWi*. Pnte «t Cliwiee. ttotlwr to Kin/ 
:T.lMtBoaK('>ei«ai-l/'«rafrl^ brvhieh 
ilaly Mr. aarrlapDn had.vith ■daUEhW. 
I, a. Mt Winiata RsureUn. at- two 10111. •ii. 
M« (Sir), ku balr. 

If. al CBllinafh. Who l*R, 

iMah 'ttir), temariT |od(* nfihe hia 

(■an if oliBinllv In Irrlind, in 

M.)*, Cur the iMItm of Toaa ec 

dagjur. d. fai ItU. twins iHue, 

Kdward.«.Uil7M.i- ■•ulh»laN< 

Jane CutnliH^K.In IHIS.taTbaiw 

Ji CWuier da PonUutflK, H.l 

an baradlBrT rlnmint of Frano 


SyMla. -. f<i IBIS, 10 Willi.™ Olway. 

Parnrt*. «, Id Aleiander HunUr.ea^. 

AralwllaHBBrlMta, m. in Imle, to Ed- 

ward Unghca Lee, eaq. 

M.rpu«, ". IBM, in Cnpt. R. Worthy, 

nflheH. E. r. Co.',,erTl«. 

». Wheeler, who «i. H... O'Nrill. and had . 


S. Ch.H», m. and Killed in CaoaiJii. 

wa. I, at hla deceue by the elder >o.>. 

Sib PatNcii BimiKcioj., kol. member for the 

ntf Dt E»wi, in Uie parliainenl aaHmbled in the 

sAntof CHiBuul.vhowaicraWda BAaDHn 


1. DoTDlhy. daughter of Sit Thomai 

Mary. ai. la Sir Gitbart Gerard . 

Winifred, n. to Sir William Mewna, or Mem. 

Rdth, m. to Sir (reergo Lamplaih, knt, 

Joane. H. to Sir Richard Everard, ban. 
ir Francia dylne in IfllS, wai 1. by hia eldeal ion, 
II. Si> Thuhii BtaaixcTun, who a<. fint, Praii«ia> 
aogfaler and DD-heir of John Gobart,eaq. of CaTe^try■ 
y whom he had (wllh adaDihtcr.LucyjtwoHna, lia' 

aoliart(Sirl,orTafta, Eawx, wtao m. Luey.daucli- 

ir of Sir Richard Wbem 

HaU, E 

-of Ton 

nal in 

bavine preilonaly made ursr hi< eaute Ui 
hia brother. 
Francis, who m. BliaatMh, daughter and co- 
heir of Samuel Shule, eiq. of London, bgl 
had DO liane. Mr- Barrington bei^uralhtpd 

Shute,Df Beetnt Part, Berk!, who atanmed 

laUd to Iho peerage of Inland. (S<e 

omied. anundly, Judilb. daughter nf J 
.Sir Rawland Lrtton, kni. of Knehwunli, in Henfnrd-l, , 
" "■ Geergi! Smith, knt. of An- J''> 

n- Rwxaod Ilia UtearWinhli 
he Irnglha to which the parlia- 
JDed to pmeeed, he deoUned to 
pnihahta It waa upeued Uui 

Kir Then 

Rign. Sir John, howerer. 

7 hia unba 

y declined aignlng the 
Bmil« 'HF nine V.q4i>l.u ■ executioD- llo lived In 
uromont aflir the Reatoration. Sir John m, Dan- 
y, daui^ler of Sir Willinin Lynon, ef Knebworrth. 
d dying Mlb Marrh, tun, waa a. by the eldeal aon 
Thonaa Barringtan. mtn. by Anne. dan|bler and 
.helr~a nf ReWrt Rkb. Karl of Warwlek.liiamiil. 


IT. Sir Jdhii B 



pen, in 



•pm hiM brotlur. 



er Ehci; *. r<nce: b 

1 dylnc 

,he iIe- 




BhiKii. aq. tal Ih 

Tl. Sii John B 






nf GroTfc Dnprr 


«f Hitc 


B<>m.»0 wu.. 



*ii. SiiJon^n 


toni(]«H. «tli Mnv 

B. Ihr' li 


inm 1i» 

MudM, a|iUiB R.N. buDuulnniurririnsiHu: fa 
m- KODDdly, ta ira*,Ju)e,dauchf«r of M^Ithev HhI 
esq. «pd wjia «- HE hia drcFUc. Hth SFptAnber. ITS: 

n. F.dithH>r}. dinihur of Sir 
. R.N. lad dyinf Wlk 8«plcv- 
rnnlg Imie. Ibc BinuKimT b* 

IS Sir Hkbud Klmno, ban. 

■. then wen then bnlbm n( tb* Bui 

J Btmgel^i the fwmHj ta 

one^r dldbar^fd in rhs 

Poicii Biiin, nq.wbni*. MurfSivt. dn^wrf 
Sir Itibo Kt. Aubrn, bart. of CIovibm, tk IW e*^ 
of Cgrnwin, and hud 
PutNirii. kl'hrlr. 

John, inhelyorden.M. Mury. dinihtw rf C u nt 
WiiDrfifld. esq. ind h*d • ■«■, 
John, of Lioniln'i-itio. 

Cilbrrinr, i. UBiurTitd, tad Jbui, U». 
Tfan elder Mn. 
1. PmsiiiBiiIITT. Of' of T*IiUt. kdAAii 

(nd ndTuicKl ID Ihe jmertft *t Ei»u» n DtK 
• iLLi [7Ih Jyne, ITM. lie VHfurtb>r crmtd ■ 
Bgwit, ef SlnKoB. >tb Ninmbn. im. wld 
■Kinder lo hi* only •tmibut. Ill* l<ml>Mr ai. 
Id 1180, Fnnen-Suunnib. diufbwr af Jaba Ml|f» 
ley Cote, ewi. M Sl<.»r [:mIi>d, by vboni (>ta ' "^ 
1«13) be bad me dentbnr. Piti»cn, Biubb 

in lilM. Harriet, dauthw sf Sir WHUob 1 

I tb* Bin 


l(.><>i>ETbyXlflrUi<'>a> III- Tlw title oh »Mt 
In irru. but he. t»rer bnn edsplinl. H*l il k 
■uamed by Uw [ainlly, Unusd PallnfPa >••■ 

.. iMe H.P, tnr a 


klkti BATHIiKBt, wbo if. iinnuurlcd, md 

kfUad in u gnr*!'™"'' *>t>> tbe iBdlBnii 

■■4 kit liitj. irilh pan of bi> family, fn 
knuin oUb Uansnl Oglclliorp In tncou- 
w Bitllcmnil, end d. ihera about the yitr 

i>Mlicl B'TBUuT.wbo TMided slGeorgU, 
■«. n* li[|> ii luud b; Hniic (ccounu 


m m 

■n, <•« sf Pul Bit 

■ K.inxn 14th Sepuubcr. ID 
tm prm^ va tbr t^tb Februtiryj 1i 
(« Biau* BiTHIsfD. Df RorLolcT-Bi 
HBIIOt Kwn.Ud adlunced td Ibc r 
' BA1liliio.«f Sudbaryj Id the c 
m Wh of Minik. Id Ibx •■oh yi 
Amc dinihwr cd' Sir Bnu? G 

11 F. A 
btna. K.ti. ID 


oud, itomdly, In ChriilDphf r, Eur] of AnglBic 
Ellubclh, m. la Francii Lronird. Lord Diltf. 

litliln ths city of LanilDa," on the IBth July, Iffi 
jidviui. bybuHD, 

t. Pniilope. ODty daaghMr mi tadrtH nl Sir Rob. 

ly whom (who m. Hcondl J, Philip. Eiri of Pembroi 
II left two dmghlor*. liii. 

Akhi, hi. ta Aubrry ds Von, Enrl of Oxford. 

PtntLOFi, m. ID tbe Hod. Jobn Horlxn. youoEi 
»o of Philip, (onrth E»rl of PnnlirolB, >i 


(See BtTHTUK-Roi.T). 









««1- - 

S- ir^ i>Lji fft 


r^i j*^ ^^^ 


^ -^ ^1: — L, 











rm t M Mb Ju. imt Biiijiirr rUi lalj, inw. 

tmau Biionm. <4 TrmRMw. ■ icton i>r tlii! 
bkOmB hBiilT. iL Ai.D« Horonin, ■nil dyini Voi 
■tail VIII, lefl tvD wni, >ii. 
>«■■, kn b'Ir. 

UvirJ. »k> Htllnl m BuTvw upon Treol, unil 
fcoBdx) Ih< kranoll of ()iF family tlirFr (ntnl, 
n^ femr hrpntniUd by John Ri>uvn?iT, r>i|. 
•f B«Rvw upTn Trvnl' (Sec BunKt't fV*i- 

kXtW alb ■( dw priory •■( U<H»-Dt>ia, in'l>». 
■l*f ■BMtHk.Wi wll»,i4d«l aiuffiur and cn-htir 
'■■ iraUH BwUaci. kai. M) • HH ind bvlr, 
•h Pa*M» Bhubdct. tut. of Crw^Dieu. mdHB 
tf k* ClHiMsii PtaH, vkB m. AnKf . tau(b»r af liir 
■■■(■ HrB n ya t iJ. of tlanx Picfnpalnt, In NnuliiR 
l^i^fasa iBd mtlcl of nManivi ntnrfilil. eai|- *hd bjiil 

Jam. ml vWm itmcDily- 

<■!■■■ ■■•■•H>n,»|.irfc;nn-[>bn.wHrnalnl 
lUManUi IBD. Il><t. KHiabrlk.diHiliiHof Jnhn 
taiHiB^ •■«. Had cnM |»iHM4<iikltr of Mr KiFliinl 
htt. K.B. ky mhmn b> kit u U. dH^w, in inm. ■ 

Ml* ■—■—». 

n. >■ liMi nuirmn. «r nn>i*t>lH>, rvlnnel In 

ir Wllliun Tntton, tmrt. ot 

AUK!, H. u> Itoban P 
Sir Tbdmas died wilhmit m 
4g4(t Biity-ai; 

luhroHA Phillippfli kni. o 









1. Sin RiiTHiKU BoimnHT.* knt-ot WUUley Bnu- 
raoDI, A. tad Aucail. int. m of Edward Buanoiit, 
(111. or Whillen, bT Kliubelh bit will. lUoithttr of 

Urd July, lOM. >nd in latj bid a onumiaian la 





Ab^iuI, IIU. Hod wjv '- by lllB bnittieT 



■Klly tbt Mint orKiLIll, or MiLirui. It> prdlpiM 
wu •nwnd in thf liiiullDn of Yorljhin by Kir W ii- 
llmn Ilii(ilmlc at Doncwtfr. Mh April, IMS. 

Sm Small Hilhi, knllardof CruTin. 
■. tht daughur of JokOi lunl of Hfthlcy. ud had 

I. JoHii. bi* heir, wba wtddcd n daugliur el Sir 

Sii JuuH Mii.»t,knt. iRd uf C«lDn, wbo 

■1. Dm d»i(tiliiraf Sir Jofan Atdliurfb, at 

AldbBTRh, nd lind * Hn uiil bdr. 

JuHir UiLiit, or UiLitHii, |grd of 

Wntbit, wlw viddn] Ibv iliuthtcr uf 

0lt edwud W lUrtnpc. nod had Uin 

dAUlHilvr". of wbinn M'HataaT, wt 

■ •■ y m»n ,arWi>ln>ii.aiHii»>di>w 
WIUlUB PairTu. or Watbm, rrom 
<rhoa> tlw Faiifaiw °r Cillli 
Cladf. ISttKv 

Abh Pairfaa, a. la — aiamon. 

ClarirK Pdrhi, ■■ to Willlin 

Parno.or Nabum. iSogBiaia-i 

• . Root. ■. Ih> daogbwr of Sir Hngb H*l(b, 



HiacDLUbi UiLBia.whoB. B«kwid>.aH 
iD«1ii«no( Sir wnUam Brara^.* lard of Ufh 
<K«ndHl Inm Sir Babnt Bni. lord of fltdtMi 
. ClfYilaad. ■ noble Nonnas knicbl, noiM 
■Dcu, of ScoiLiRD, aad lud a wm nJ hair, 
NicHoui BacKWITH, who chaninl U> m 

d by tbc Earl Manhal of En(la^ 
t waa dat«d Irani tbp jifbrcaaid Sw 
m-orByaainiiCaMlc. ilKhauxiBtjrflt*' 

lUU, Ibal the aald Hainan BkI 
and take onU bisi. a oal o< ana 
lainlnR onto Jotan, Lord Halbioi 

'or wfalcli Ubbi 

Hinar lll.wlikhoaainlbtytarafw land 

rrom ono HaicUea Malbia, (ha Ibinl as <f Nr Uaa 

MalbickBLvUch narriad the Udy 

Brswaa, gBauIlba daDihtera o( Sir 1 

inrd of ITglabarby, and nrtaiD lauda ii 

Ikr aaid Hncialoa abould chanoa bia nana, or alt 

mat. and hiapoaurllyliirocr. and ao II wtta 

•aid XcKBloa ebanfid bia dmm frav Ualbw u I 

«ilb. and did bold bka coal ; vbanat I, ik* aaid 

Marabal. Vitrt Havlun. laid •>( d« Lnka. tord r^m 

bi^lain u our loTrnvn lard Klmt Bi 

Kanry. Und Fany.Sli Koten loyaUai.ku. aadik 

Willlum Acbffl, did aa> and alio ~ ~ 


>. (brdaa^Mrarnrll 

abip -I niDi, bmndlDi ol tk* Bonk aid* (d KU Ja 
lUnpHtbwall. and at Idabarby, la Wbdlby^n 
unaiuLuda In l-kkarlnf and KmWa.artikttrBa 
of BM\wiib and Btckwllkakan. iMb bwaw I 
A. I>. lU*. Iloia. IhadaafblvrBt Sir l>UttrYIki 

>( JehD Bowlcji, nq. of SufuD, null hwl 

j4faa,a«-AiB7C,dfiucblflrdf Arthur ChaAbc»»v>i|' 

su. ■>. ta John Cbucy, « 

TVlIMB* GlutIC}. 

JnlUii Cb>ory. 

la n* >. br kit (IdT » 

.f CLlnl. f» 

r, ij EliHbDtfa Tyi^ 

hIhi m. linl, Hand, 
r BrjBD Palmn, e>q. of 

ilHDShur of WilUuD Tancrtd. m). of 
fioraaabbT^dgV' He if. In IA7Q, and 
wa> I. by bii iDD (by bi> fint <n(»;, 

Joaona. diugbccT of WilliuD Tan- 
end, laq. of Barangbhridgi. by 

died yoong. Hi> iKond wife vaa 
Mary, danghtir or AnUioiiy Xal- 

id Titorp. Ufi had It 

fakB. a. Ikr du(hlei gf Thorn 
AAa^, m. Any, daa^lvr of 

Itacftwttk and 

r Leonard 

tr l.«>*r<t ll«;*wiih wmi •btrtirof York- 
■Un in (h> tOi of Bowiap VI. He 
aomd Ktmt H»at Vlll. in hit Pnoch 

■■IDIiai BlDIWITH,* CH). of AUlOD, Kbo 

Anof, <<aughwr flf Bobert Pyndcy, i"q- of B«i 

tiM kl bTi ni(D of «« •i» of [fac Ahtny »f 
S«by. Ha m. BUaahnh, daatbur and 
wbatr of Sir Kt«ir CbohBley, LnL and 


Pnacaa, in. to Oevrgt Uarre), m). 
of HaAaa. in E>hi. 

Tmmu ll*«><n.<a4.efniBI,<rhoiia!EliHhMh, 
^■■^■r af riMua la(My, a-j. of RlpIcy, in ttie 
i^uH) tl Turk. *Bi dti>V '- F- "•' '- by liia broiberi 

•m WiuiaB Sanwrm.tBr.uf Clint. ThliKanila. 

1. laa|b»r of 9ir WUlian 
Hi and Koniitly.thedaucli- 

■* ■■!>«»■, aai I laul a daaftiur nf Thnrnw 

(. TlBDaai. kHr u> hia' anda Sit WIIHa» 

vxh. B. Mawl. dau«hur nf Henry Piidac;. 

ban, daoihter of John MUhome.tai. 
of HlDdsnLelf, and had (with ■ daugli- 
trr, Uary, ii. to Edward Aafalon, of 
TKuatt, of Aiktoo. who n. Hu- 
rioll.t daughter of William Wan- 


Hmii Ukikwith, ■ 
CUdI, ponhiaed Iha u 

,. nf So«rb,. 
■I Wn«by otb AufsM, Idi. to , 

a TU> Maaatiwaa laM Cllu. aail 


LifeCdaW HaudiirlaiM, » 

-» •J*;»-JP •"IJJ 

WlllLan WandDAwd, irhkb Uil> died will 
..... danhlan Bmiliooed ■! 

U'- «*• J. w hi 

il HraKDO 

^ - . - "BlT « 

■to *■«■ af Tark. and at Uic banle of Munou Mmir, 
Wv Iki UukK nt N««cuUi. Willi •rhom h* flsd lo 
ItM awlUinl (flw iluf imfonuDiIr imttn. He w. 
IXutan. teiKliUr gf Sir Hmrr dmlmondleT. Un. 
af RnbT. !■ <b> ceontr nt Vorl, uid bad iaaui. 

Banrj, M.P. for tha cuuDty of York : o( vhom 
Ctarrjidoti wriiea : — " Harry BalaaU, with iba 
Ur« PaMtx, Iba i«d fcnighu vho •mrd in 
ptfUamaDl for Yorkjhin, liiaed arUclu for a 
knlmlity for thai countTi bainc ncarlr allied 

^wwnl i Iha Lord Fairfax adiwripg lo Uii! iiar- 
••krtMT, W Uw kiBf." Mr. Bflaiyu ». Gnce. 


Jaki. it. 1. f. 

Ita*lu4. ••■ Pmin*, d>iicfal«r of Chrii- 
tfj/kB. Lard Tgynhan, bf whom be 

iliu, D.D. of Surbwia' 

Otmt, a. n Ba my . VimiiDt CaMMovn, i 

PusDM Juiru, M. U Blcliud, Emrl of 

AnWBa. -. M Mr WUIlaa I'rutlukd. Un. 
■( ThMMr.ta Uw mDlJr at YwL. 


nl.MUdreil.daiiglilsrarNicbDlM.VbninMCaatlitoilt ' 

oiembn. iaa7.tbe Lidt MiitTCioHWILL.daBgbur 
r ihe Pun-anoa. Of Ibli DoblEnian Ui4 Clarsndon 

bcland pruUctur, and in ereal pirwer, be Danied 
ia dangliter u> the Lord Paucnulwrg, the owner of 

mily emlnenUi loyal. Tben 


eutlemaa, bdng 

£Dtly aftcrwardfli ib prirate. narried 
dained b)? bUhopa, and accordiDC <0 

meilic detighu were le»ei 
■corered lliat bii hid Fa 

ID perfectly." 01 Lady Fi 


lordabip lonvardud the reatoTadonj ia erideal fram 
Ui bel^E thereatored monarch, id 100V, 
Itird lienunant of (he Uahepric of Iluiham, ami in 

and tbo princea of Italy, am 

J'aucoobars oaa awom of tl 

aod «iinn Htar, when hia lo! 
PiucuIHUG, by Mun palei 
April, in that year. He d. ' 

V 8ii lUnrland Beluyie, 

IV. SiK Thuko Biuaiu, a> fourth bannet. and 
third Viaeaunt Fanconberg. Hia lordahip ■■. Bridffeti 
daughtrrof Sir John Cage, ban. of Firle. la tbe^nntj 

I, eiq. of l^filiaaton, la 
WanickahLre. by wbom be bad fluryivine iaaua, 

n the Ulh of 
t Deceniber, 

a of iba Onl ^^J 

bannet. and ^^^^| 

f m. Bridcet, ^^^H 

latbe^DBtj ^^^^1 

ecbaaton.ia ^^^ 

Hu lordablp, who caaforme 

1 to tfac uBbUihiid churct 

BBcondcarl. Hl> tordshlp 
dinRbMraf 8ii V ■ 

Ahhi.ii. loBIr George Wiimbwsl I. luH. 
EuiiHTH, m. ID ITKft. to Bf nikrd Hawud. e«), 
(■Rirwurda Unkn of Norfolk), frein wliom iLu 

Eiirl of Lnan. lier UdTihip di<d In tHta. 


UeluyH, eldert •on of Sir Tbamat I 
..I. SiiillawuiiDBii. 

Vlacijiinry of pADmnbvri and cli 

<4rfju— Qimrlerly; Arat «nd fDurth ar 
b-lrmn tSlw ll™r»J.>-li< >i. ; «r™iirt i 
■ pala Ingnllnl belwcco Iwa palleu |iIi1d u, 


Alu da Bdliac' 
HuilVt, Hei 


im. vho liTtd " IflDpure 

, EliolwIb.iUiifhUiorill 

ttanar (Sir), wks dwd with 

T-n«u BnuiMiHta. >l» 

■ HiMJHH>ii.D«ltlI>kn|ion.lnWMiin«rud. 
■ Wiuhit III ibt NhUla TcMplr. .nil kind 

rf Hiliincran, w 

id ^m IClMK }•■■ 

CO EncUnd. Hi ■•. A( 

Icr g( Sir Henrr Ci>nr>n, Lul. ud hul, * 

H»i> [Sir), hU heir. 

AIniii or l.cTnu. in WntmorelHul, fr. 

Snuo. dmigbltr of Mirmi, 

BetliiiKhun. in Cfa« conely at LouUl. wir K 
Kdwd tiySiit Alin Kdwiid Biiu4kaa4a.1 
of Cutle BcUiBghui. 
The eUoi UB. 

■ .Sim HiNir B>Li.iKoiiiii,a(H<l.iBfMB,«M 
nied ( finDHn Wih Hiy, (me. He ■. DM 
dauRhUTof Sir Pnuidn BOTDlan, tut. of Bu^ 
in Itae county ol York, lud iru >. by Ue Ma. 

■I. Sim JiKB Bmui».iiit-. of UlUtaciaib «« 
Calhehnr, dingfalar Hd co-Mt it Sit KfWT' 
longhb j.of Derbyihin. b<a kr hv.ak 
Kcondly, George Puref^j. e*q. of Wh»ll«y.t« U 

Hohen, irbo m. KUen Sundfor 
fhiUp, •ba iL aod bad ime. 
BUnrhe. BL ID Hifrt S]iark*. 
Mmry " <» B"ter Orene. 

lo Rotter U»i 

Tkuhik Bd.inr, p*^. ef MonbH. m. Alta. Jib 
Ir <•( Willlua RoydoB, of DiBM«l>iMn, Hi M 

weiviu fuoUy. rii. 

MtfB ftcUst «u f. ftl hia ilnvuF fly hie fnbdsmi, 
HMK BiLuiT.Hf. otHarciaa.wfaadlfdrih Aa 
. Mn, lHriii( kf Amy. liU vifx, diughter tmd cu- 
«f Aadbonr Crqirwiaf , csq^ oT Dodldian. yminrvr 
•( Urintd Gthocbo*. e*<i. or Biton, Uine •dd> 

C— n . irf OU Rods. ■>. Eloiuir. dngbKrof Wil- 
Hv^ LavlDii, of Lavtirti, in ChBflbire, uid h>d 
iwa AiMbHX. Anw ud Mary. 

T>—M.<. iiniu. In lUl. 

^ ■■■ w , K. bo JiihB Broofhuni. of Brouglitan. 

r»lii>i. •»- P«ur liTgk, of Lyme, 

KftukMh, ■ HvBpUD, 

Mmwi, m. ta TlHaiu CaniBll. 

baa BuiAi. a^. oT Horctcs, h t'nuU, ilsnghin- 
■ ■■laWiri^JskB BenUry.cxi.iirihii A>h».iii8uf 
MUfv, hA Aftaf Id IUV, IcRi «ieb nnir younger 
' ' >. AuM. ». tx WOliuuFEniai 


m.oT UorfoU, Id Cbwhirr. 
lajMCHU July. iar4.M{tKi mly mirriTiag child, 
L iiBTwiiMiBiiiun.of Msnlon.A. nndOcioba, 
I. «%■ a. ka l«T«d. SBUnna. itagbltr at Ctarulo- 
■ rttl Hq. «( CoHa. Id Lcicnuntain, ud wu 

(. SM iol* BtLLVr. #r HteMBD, h. Mtk Nattm- 
iMM; « vka« dm Ml, Ith Pcbnury. IT14, the 

iMdbi^ tat nkwqiufiUjr pirchnKd frou Tbaaiu 
I r>«i(. Bf. ky HOLUHD Acini, «q. 

■ cU*r (a. Ilirt* dD^HfuOji oT lb* 


wbo purcbued landi in Siftple B<uii]Hlcad, I^mfx 

Uac BiljainiDB parish, had Iwo anus, John and noliF>i 
Departing tbii lilt about cbc year IMl, he wu ). b 

Hubert Rc«e, and bad a 

, d(D|hUr or Sir 

Ibc fLLTnans lic^ of Calais in IMTB. and wllb Jnbn 
ythome, mtcir of Halnid. gait £100 la thf unl- 
nity rheil o( Cambridge, (onndcd by Waller Nnle. 

HargarM, dangbter and co-heir of Tfaumai Bradttld. 
?aqH af BarringtoD, in CambridgeabiFe, aDd tFCDDtlly, 
Alkx. daughter and anle heir of Sir Walter Claptoa, 
if Hadte;, ia Suffblk, Knighl of Rhodci. By hi* 
wcond wife be had Tbomu of Hiidley, William, and 

d Alice. 

to Richard OnBar, of 

Yeldham. By hii fim wife h 

John B 

HDriHi, oaf. of that 

pl«*; Tbo-.., of w 

om pnae 

udy;Jo>B«,a.. InW. 

Wilford. ™i. of c™ 

tamtoTI, in 

tbe cmiDIv of South. 


WalDir Gennl, of Eaui, wbo 

had wiib her ■ ponio 


Their hther died in 

e Bumptead ealale by 

»u. by hi. fim wih. 

Hew. fins. Juan..', 


f - Filawilliam., by 

•ai> and 

Thoma.; and b, hia 

«™.d wile. ioan^. 



he had Ralph, John. 


H, d. in 14H-3, and 

vui. by hiieldealHiD. 



gfftbPebmary, I4SII, 


f tnm cburch, under 

«,. ol HoydeD Hal 


by whom he had ■ 

daiBhler. Hargwel. imd > ion 

Ricii.aD BaoDUn 


bcr. Hia 

wife wa. Marjaret, 

wport, Eaq. of Herta. 

andby betbehad Jd 

UN aDd M 


DDT.daufhler and cu-lifir of John Pord. of Hocliealvy, 

M. WalHkeD.'ioNorfolA; Mary) 
El[>ab«ih. m, to Jamea Papya, of Cottenban, in i;am- 
bridcnblre ; l^lranor. wife of Roben Bryu. at Bolin- 
brobf, Mariant, aDdEUaabeth. Hli aeoondwife waa 
Tbom^i^Dr, daughter of — Pinvbaqi, who waa burin] 

wife waa Vi%t\try, daughter ■ 
Ultle BtuDford. but b j the Ihre 
He d. t3rd Peb. 1«M, a«Dd U ] 

May, lail.udarrr. 

. Hlafoi 

aa crealad ■ Baaoair ni 

id made a conaiderable a 
■I. Usmhy, daucbur 


Bicliiril Cutti. a 

ddDghtcn, Dorothy^ vrltt of 
■r Barton Uiwri, Lrio'Xrr 
Fflamlvyj of Cnlinf , in &uj 

II. SmTBontiBuoiiH. 
Binlyrvi. " Hbitu.'ht* 

prince, jrifvCHimcu t. P< 
BUiinial tniuMn h« hud ■ rl 
I8lfa Jnlj. INI. >nd iiRtcnti 
tfoit. mnrt Rftcrwardt petitia 
■Bd diH parlii 

I mimllu in IhE Tower, 

Su«i, by whom 
n diea yDiuir; and cwa 

; find RliH. ». Io'j«lin 
rolk. Ha 4. in IdU. .nd 

lUulfutlT IfT'l 10 hi> 
r It the beginnlDg of Ihs 
lief lubd in drnwiiig bp, 
nf Id Che Kinf ■ dflclan- 
i. H.>nlT 

ud Moody 

fl he wu icdpriHaed 

fl,iwn. H( 

-. Ihaiifh he Ml al 
t powen 

ud hlM> leave to rii 

■nltiMador to the OllomiiD 
of thein coalil prev»l] witb 
onnblc employ withoql ihe 

>J the Turkey < 

tilL in luiiiu^B. 


Hcly ilbonted him u an audirar* 

chair to be r^wred out of Ihe nxHn that he migbl 

daliTir hi! tBhway itaadiBf, Sb TbomM made od* 

s( U> (amlaiBRi tBeal lows and lean dd bi> handa, 

and tblB HI don upon bimi liefan he weald diUrer 

hb enbuHT- At anolbar aodienca. when tliF grand 

plare. Iftlinc 


Anotbrr time there 

lirkiM f. 

whereon he lale. Hid. bli r 

luu and (>lla]il Ubillaw »*d> hii 
•OBiUenbla. Klnc CniaiJia I. ha> 
4aB( the L«Taui Csmpany, bryimd any ■ 

«ra«d Rlcnior and kirn, by lb* IHI* of Catii 
XlBt<>(Ka(UBd,RnlUBit. Pnmca.and Inlan 
Ikli peixw nutnHd Sir Tbanai In hli coaH 

by Ib> lli«h Coan of luMca March. 1«M. t 


dlipatrhnd Richard Laonuoe to G(BHlainlmi*lt 
letlen of leroeatloB for iiir Tbimaa. who •hsal 

Laorenn. that he wu lenl by the lUac. bM< 
Doi d<ll>sr Dp hii GOBUBiaatmi wiOnat ^ lb| 

biiej to the parUoniBl aaainit bias by «■ 

laROt. bq 

I In Tnri 

li for 

lady, tbe fullihi 

Imncd bere. Hh. 

Henry Baker, of flhoebrry. i 

bfl had Tbamaa. John. ttDl 

nK dauibtera. noraChy. 

ucondly. to — Bowyeit Abiiill. at. ( 

•H. to — CaRwriiihti Diana, m. W I 
Haaien, knl. ; and Soun, jw. lo Kit « 

Ihe peace, and one of tba iryntj^inntamM I 
EMn. Re ■■■ Calherinr. danf blar of Sct Wl 
C»]in(. kuc. one of Ihe SberllTa of Laa4aa li 

ilraij— Ari^DI, a rbeiroB aabla. b ai aam < 

of King Roxiao 111. and HiKar IV. A^p 
wild tan.', bead for Ibeir anna. Tb-y <r 
ooau ot Burthwell. Grai 

liya. Beauchanp. J BjadHc M 
NewpDTti Ford. Bj ' " ' 

x, dnickter al Sir jDhn Uyiran, tau a( Ov«r 
•d vUdt of Sir WiUiun AlhenoB, dT Ather 

anrMIuBniiLii. LuL 
A. HuEsnn, rideni duckicr aim mneir oi i bamiH 
4> la laoiul. bi KmOiorinF, hii vifi>, daogblvr Uld co- 
ht*r W Uoiiil. Lord WcIIm. bj Jeiib. danghKr and 
WiraffMiR^bmWunun.aiidfaiidiwaKnu, Hii- 

M>i ■li'a Shout, nq. of WTumidhiiBi.M.Uar- 

Wt. sllh * daaKhiir. EliuWib. «. Bnt, la Robert 
hloAHB. nq. clfl4 o( Itae gntn cloth ; uid iBdDtld- 
tf. •■ lUrfuH I-rmey; «fon. 
foav nniiur.iaq. of WyingndhaD, wbod. •■ f. 

Hrujis llnttui, »q. of Wynnndliun, vho m. 
Maty. i^Mchtn bI Kobnt Bnudi, af lli>raby. Id tlic 
■— 1 > al LiDoilu. ind ri. m 11M. Imrisg i ann lud 

Kaikid BisAtLEt. «*q' oT Wymondbanj, wha h. 

«W •!■ rf. unBurried. «o*|i( one dnghler. Elcuior, 

1. Do Mkit DniiLiT. of Wymondbiin, L In 

tm.M>m Mrixr; ■■ulHoudlT.K>UiiTii>i>,daii|:1>«!r 
rf KldHdH BMymoiil, ni|. uf Colv Ortun, uid nlici 

>l djlKR 

r WllLun Sedls;. barl. ul 



TW *U« Vnwk af a><* fuHny. liniidcd by Ruo 
Ih*.*p. xHllnDt In llHi' llmf of bowimo III. Itr 

11 KixtiD. n^. of Abtnftin.* nwr KoRh- 

■ TW ^H>ar 4Ma(t«> wiould <• ianb)!lir Jiilrii 

He wedded, ■Fumdly.ElinlMlb.diDgliur of Sir JjiiiH» 
Alltiim, a( OxEy, Hsru, but hud no oCtair iuoe. Thia 
Lady died 3Td Juniry. loSl.iDd wu buried in CgreDt 
Garden Chnrcb. NiddleH'I. Sir Frlairii d. in bil 
aiity-rijUi yest, Bono IWB, ud Uoi intmed in [b« 
uanb ilileofAbiDglonCburcb. Ha wui.byhUwn, 
Jir SiBjiiitTi BHn^klif knt- member for tbe bomigib 
of Hnndnidan in UiH Renoralian and Iho Lang Par- 
llammti. He m. Hnt. Elinbetb, diDghter of OliTir 
Su John, lord cbiefjiutice of the Comnisn Pleu, and 
had (with fire DLber daughlen, vho all died oimiar' 

homu Btowd, eef . of Arlaey.ln Ihe 

•.a the cfltebntcd Ricbird Beutlay, 
and prvbeudery of Ely, rrgiiu pn>- 

f aome dininnlini ; 
«, In Humphrei 


to tbo Rev. ~ 

of Kilmore (ton of 

d. Urd Oclober, 
EUnliMh Beniley, 
Ridge. ew|. of I' 

Ehubeth-Bentley Cumberland. 
He wedded, aeeondly, Grace, daughler of Sir Richiird 
StauckbiirEh. bnl. of ShnO-biiTih, in the manly of 
Wanrlck. bat by ber had no lame. Sir Jobn a. In 

He rf, bIhkiI tbe year IIII.1, and hii vidow baeime (b* 
•econd vitc of Thomaa.^nf Lord Tniur. uf Broia- 
bam.- Gil RobeR «• i. by hii (On, 

i>, BiH JoHK Buin.iao, vbo m. Mary, yaanxeal 
daoilKai of Bir Fronrla St. Jobn. ban. of I^DntluriM, 

Mary. ' 
He d. Ifitb Deermber, t7M, and wu i. by <ila aon, 

I. Sl> Roiaai Bnioau : U wboaa deeeur un- 
married, md Janoarj, IIM>. (be lliaiiHcrcr became 

-Are- a bear ra 

i.t aa. muialcd or. 

IB Tbanty. oit, ami li 

■*■■■¥ TatToc, wks 

n Tai'fH, la boly orten, e. 
|i or Hi. Davld'i la IT44. bhI in 
.m la irn, 4. aninanmi li> Uf 

Mib Feb. 1«M. 

He m. Emnu, daughtir of 
a..«i.of W.ri.tiiw,in Dt'ou. 


rUi Feb. ICOO. 

ICHUD Bni<»« n, ElisUKtb. dan(h»r and ra- 
ti Jolm Uiborn, of Uckliicdoi]. Id Ewi. uhI 
obuininE Ilxrtby tha uuU of Tiltl UtJI.ui tli« 
couJaif' nud« U Ehc |dace of his Hbode. He had by 11ii> 
l*ly <*bd nni'dl Mm, ind mtrrud, HCODiUj.Anbar 
Bnaw, el K>lM*d,<) thnt h», li*. 

Riuuui, bla hair. 

n* tidal HD ud hnr. 

Kicl'iD Biri>K>., Hq. irho iru nf Uyrr de l> 
Hay. is EH«,v«liled C>lbrrtii«.diU(htiri>l' Cesris 
Tski. »|. ft U^r-Huuv, In Ibe Hmt omnlr, and 

Bii^HtsD, hta lamnar. 

TltmH, ■>. Adik. daufhUTof llinry Lmall, eiq. 
sr BI>ukLii(ly. Sumry, nnd lud taaua, 
Rkbard. rf. yaoog. 

*)iD wu rrcaud a BiaDHir kr XMf CiaaB 
PTbruary. lAM. He m. Aone, danthm of 91 
Mwyni. ban. of Waldmbue, tn Xeo^ fl 

an «late in Loodon— dct^TeJ apart hta 
«jr*p and thr Baropeicy retvrtM to hia i 
1. Su Euw.iD Biruus. Tbi. «*all 
' I, danghlcr of Jobn Hiila, of- if 

d>Uii J. p. lith h 



• By •■>■■■ >bc htt oar dlB|liltt, 

ir Hon. AlNal* CocO. <— a 

'a Eilimtl / ■ rtra p a.) 



Mtfly n* m*t*i M ■ muota period and (or ■ 
t •■ W> NDnhnnifeirlud. 
■ Mt Jalm BlKkMt, LdI. «r WonJcrun. gnf of ilir 
■_«( AaiBaHin>>.A1imi, duu. udai-lKiriifair 
vhB4 TiiiniiiT nf Molninidc, In rbaffijuDiy of Uur- 
■>.■ Ilia (TW-p'uidaan. 

LUX ButiiT.uIHoppyUud. in Ihirlam.'irlig 
■d Iwbfl. duBKhlir a( L'coak. of Wool>iIlg^Hn, 

C w iwtt f W. ef HappjrUDd. m nAnr la ih* 
mrmt •( CaiiLB I. tacrtUtr of ib« pnntnf 
bad tf Hb fnOT- CiimuTaplIn HL4ctrrf , 
■^. «( W>Un, Id NartbamlMttiiDd. <S« 
kasMi-a flMMwrf, tol. I. p. U7.j 

ijB BunoT. Hq. H.P. (br NeweutI* npai 

^hlo Hto» ud ogUlfria*. >dJ vu eniWd i 
■ tj AlMg C>>>iLU II. 13 l)fT>iulwr. KITl 
1^ *. Inl, KJiaitKDi, iliHiliIfr of Hlrhicl 

a. Mh^il. wh« "■ OnnKby. d»ugtiUf "f 

koaH,*^. a( Dmriiugion, iu iud 
^ u imlj <lilld. EUulwtli, wbo ^. ;duii(. 
n> •«> (knllfd bun. (lul ». Mrmdly, Sir 
■kkul Bnn, tart. : uid tliirdi). Dr. Juhn 
Mb. W>d»p iFf eir- 
in. WitutH, af WilUnttoa, Id KanhunlHrUDj, 
■< ■»■■ fw—tly- 

n. RHwhfA.v. laTlMthy DwrUnn, caq. ot Hi-. 

T. lMM.B.uSI>MiBrldtH,at.DfKinbcrCuuri, 
U IMxTI MIlfoH. €*>). of SfihlU, 

1). Mn. Hoam, wltfo* gt C>pn[D 
rwiuda.wid danftitotef lit.Cuc)., 

I. WllU4a HuflR. «q. o 

u Sir Walltr CiItb 

PnncM, m. In ina, to Robert, snly (on of 
Chirin, Lnrd BrDi»,hnr>ppareiiIo(T]iDmu. 
Eirl of Ailitmr;. but bid oa i»ue. 

tHbcUa, w. iD 1141, lo Diiild, Ksrl at Buchan, 

Id lIlR.indltRbiieiliilulahltnatBral 
diBibUr. DiiHt, wife of Thwou R. 
B<naDianl,ei>4. oflba Oiki.vboHMD, 

<. DwM Wentwonh,*. lDGiKl(re<r li""^'*' 
H<|. or (lnntbrniUi, and bad iuua. 
WUliun Bofxile.ofGnnlhwaitF.obn 

Oodtroy Mscdonild. thtrd Lord 

HicdoDald, wbo ■aaqned thu 

(ddltioDil nrDuna of Botrilo. 

Tbamu BlirkM B«Tile, CtpL Cold- 

Itifh.lo Ihn coDDty ot SmDEnet.aad KcoudJyi 

(a — GordoD. ai|. Bbc d. j, f ■ 
8iT WilliiiiD if. la Dre. ITI9, iDd «u i. hj hi* Hn. 

■ I. S» WiLi.ii* DucuT.of WilUniton, Mniil)^ 
In KTinl PurUiuHott fur Nii*ch1|ii on Tync, wbo 
m. Uily Hubira Vlllbin. diDchitr of WUllnni, Hoond 
Kiri of Imty. but il>iu| witbiml lagltiraata luua 
Utb SEptnnbrt, im, (bii viiloir m. Bnaiy Mani>i. 
ci^.j iha DmnNVTL'v bNiiHBi utihot, bui ho be- 
qwuiktd hia MtaM* to bia UkgldiuiiU itagiort, Bki- 

• $m lbra*DBr<Mr*n,<i(>iiiidln, •■•faUvtDf i 
••■WuiuaTiapvn.sClliadlay.wlwai. Klai 
■H. 4«tHc> aal mtt brir •! HIr Wllllasi 

Th~w XfftntH. ivi. of Vlnbr. is LuKoliHlun. 
»4 BiM sf Kir JtAa BaTDU. of RocUiKt. u> Y<vL 
«Mn. h) vliciBi In Ml >1 hii Iruh Mlh Jue. !>«•, 

•1. Ill Jou Bucuii, wLs nrtiTiHl hii t»1hwi 

BteUMHi WI*aiBW»c«Ka.Ciku«r.K*.i«i 
OUMalH.Smai.u'nnlan Halt han pmrtrf 


tl, Alice imrngkUa ud CDhdr at Wil< 
^ k«Bm«, e^. irf WiB janl. vid bad iomfi, 
Jaba. wbo iL AniM, diBgfaln- of fniiai TnUoti. 


1. 1>< Bur 

ll( ■■. Mar 

n Var 

» Hanrj, ( IjcDui.t Dunbar, by nhnn liE buil two 
d«afam. Varum, b. tn iai4. ■od Hary, m. u Sir 
TkasM Smith, koE. of Bnmton, Kotu. and had iuuc. 
Mr Tfaanu d. in l«a«, whFu Ibc BiHimirrT bcnmt 
■Snurr. TW auu be bid mtd in IBIl. Id Aleun' 
4tr Dawiatm. it NgvcuUe, merchuil. vbuafUrwu-ils 

w Ki»BK. <ba HM of Uw lalter funuly. Tbr 
■ «< tbabMoB wu kU ((ain unnf yean linn 
'■!«■ RawU. aa^. of Bnncvpcch CuUe, ill 

»■# -A»^ tm hmn, mat in chief (lure okLi gu. 

Coin* IMi Juljr, 1B«|^EIT1NCT Ml Oct. irij. 


■ BudaTnK.ea^. aym: 


UcUII. In Ourbun. .d4I left .t hi. drcea« 
rlai date ISIh Jnoury. IMIJ, a dausbter 
«• al CbriMapbgt Psllherpe, eH|. of ThD' 

M — « Bua(*n».a>f.aCHntleTHalt,in Durham. 
Vliiii BawHr. diHfbttf uf John Tb4iue, aaq. af 
MaiMk, ud by bar (who ■>. Indly, 

>r of Ball] 

Tittav laan. BLr WUII 
■Mated »y>Ua(. ni4 
■, (f lUiBbW 

I. RiuH.blahelr. 
II. Nicbulu, nf Shirldniw. in Durban, n. Ju 

Parter, U'l had iitui:. 
III. Lionel. 

IT. John, who left liaue. 
>. nofcr, of Hedley, ■>. Mixi Cnoke, of Newcutli 

11. William, 

I. lane. m. to Toby Dudley. eH|. of Chopnritl 

I. Uorolbj, 

'. Barbara, ai. Lindley Wren , etq. Bdn mad he 

Sir Charlea Wren, knt. 
Mrilliim d. in IMI, and wai f. by hiaMn. 
SlH RiLru Blikiituh. of (iibaide. aged IweDtT- I 

, H>n, Mar«iiKi,dsu||bwrofSir WIlliimFea- I 
.. inl, of WaUlneloai Id PiorlhumberUnd, ~~* 

i>. Georcc of LiDti Hall, c(. luun. wiU diUd Id 

I. HargaRl. m. to Thonuu Uwrr, »q. of Angr 

Giangi!, in VorkiUrc. 
II. Mary.of NewRlTat.if. uam. isrr. 
Sir Ralph d. in lUl.and wu i. by bia i^ldeal luni. 

II. Sir Wiuluh Bi.tairraN, of Clibaide, who 
Mary, daufhur of Cocil Calyert, Lord Baltimore. 1 

III. »■■ Piisoii Blikihoii. of Gibalde. nho a. 
Aoue. diUBbter of Sit Georgv Bowh, hat. of Bndliry, 
aud dtiDE Bib Oct. III3, tha BiaoHncr becana at- 
tiHcT, bnl the »uiei deacendrd In Sir Ptauda'* mlv J 


IfatuitT Blind, of Leaning, in (IM Vonh RidiDc. i 
rouMn-Hn of Bland, ar BUnd. GUI. Thu Robir 
nild'd a ilansliur nl Gale of Uelgblou, in Che •am 
Wiiiit7, and had. vilb iwd ilsnchuin, Uirfanit tni 

Of TUomu Pole. e«q. and bad icTcral cbildrcD. Hi 
direda \j hi* will Uuil bli bod; be inlerred in thi 
pariah cfaurch of Biusmiii, vlth bii anuaton. lli 
«u I. at bii deceaK br bit ridut vn>. 

Roam BuND.afLnnilng.wbaiH. Anna.diiii(btei 
of Wflliam Pepper, gent., and wu father of 

Sib THami Buna. km. who ■ettled at Kippii 
Part. IntbeliniEar ELitiBBTU.andmiinlbecoin 

•.ion o( Ibe pea« (oi 

tbr CDBBt) of York in th' 


d of Ibal reign. He 

».. EliHbeth, da 

ghler and 


re» of Thomai EuDi 

t, af Redneu, and 

Uargani. tn. u Gilbert Nerile, eaf. et 

Crore, Co. 


Ell»betl>-Muriel, •• 

D> Anhnir BBreh 

B»]. lord 

rf. OG the Mlb (... b 

Dried in St. Georg 





IB THOiita Blind, knt. of KIppfti Park 

a j^tice 

XlhFpnn 13IhJi«H 

BlTile.oMm danghleT o 

John, l^rd Sarlle 

of Tbomaa, Earl of Sea 

«. bj .hom (wb 

oi.dly. WalMr Wel.1. 

eaq-i, he had too 


daasfalera, rU. 
TH..«.a (Sir}, bia « 

Adwn,ai>iajarafb(rr»einihonTDlamy, and a 

dcTDtnl adbeTCDi t 

the wan 

of the Comnumw 

allb. MBJur Rlan 

of the Torkahir. 

C«Il- of Poolefra. 

-1 for Iha king, and 

.U-rmdrd ll ; and b 



narkable aortia frc 

ohKD ll>e parllaue 

nlarr general, Rai 


>a. killed. He« 


Raibariar. m. a Thomai flarriam. ei 

. of llan- 

Pnuieee, m. to Jabn 


I. hT «"'-d 

He wu'bThia elder >on. 

I. lii* THoaia Buau, ofKippu 
v*Bud a DiBUKR an (h* J*ib Aiigt 
CniaiJt I. tor h)> artlTc aeal an< 
njndeaiua. He m, I)iHan<ind. daughMr uf Prancii 
Narlla. a-i. nf CheTrl, ia Uh MnnIT of Vork. and h; 
tier (wb« wedded, aeeandly. Waller Walah, e^- <• 

I. who a. a dBHgbter at Sir Tboiww Bar- 
1 nUrt of Aahenlt, b; wb«n I.e 
to Iha davgbtar of Edwanl Cbft- 
■aeebeater, and Jan*. 
m. u Hartia Hrmily, an alduimaB rf 

Lh, ai, to Jehu fnai.. e**, of Pontefnef, 


Sir Edward UoaleT. of Hulm. in L 

10 Burrive infoncy, one aav and foHr danghBH 

|. of Btai-kl».' 
a Knar, •*, - 

1 Inheritor of lh* ■ 

mnty of VaI. by whan ha liA. 
Meaae, Hb Bapl. IfW. 
Wlllian Daliaw, la Itaty m 

Vork, wheal. JrdJoBa. RMbCa** 
rlur, eldral daafbirratnearti 
m). <tf Lbs« NewUH. !■ Hw< 

u. by* 

Tb> Her. T 

Stock (nn-npaBTe 
• cial cblUreB. 
II. BaDi,tedinl),l 

t. Si* ioHn BuKU, iMrt. af KIppu I'ark. li.r. 
Uueaablre in ITH. It. ■>. t.ady yrwn— fM 
daniAiaTaf Uaniaae, ftna Eart at A>laifniJ. ml X 

auB. ■natldaHBli— ,11. 
It yoancer nd> Jamary, RM 
■.dKHaa.ia U«a.byUi< 

lbs honanr or kulgfalbood kom JTInf Jma I. ■! 

rimn GciRluiil, H* H. Fnnum, dinglilFr of Sit 
Sir Thnmu Neril. iLnt. of Hole, in Uiomenhlre. by 

lii>iii,btir (o lu* brovUcr. 
Sir Tfaoniu d. lOtb Junairy. 1038-0, Id iIj< eJRhly- 
tlb ycuT of bl> lee, and wu liuricd dh ths I31b at 
e nuus nmntb in the fBinily vkuII uljoinliig (d lbs 
.rib >ido or Ibf fhuiitt or tbr church vt Rygo. Ha 
II t>iw«>Mil of oMtn in tbi cimollci o[ HcnlOTi, 
[ildlam, Bedford. Lckn-ucr, Suflbrd. end Derby, 

I. mj. or TlimibiiiinH. b. 7ih 
M. Mn. Mocsarel Palf, bat 
h Attguvt, lOM, wH r- by hk 

Dcranhtr. I 

■ Triuity Cullcge, Oiford, u a reUow-commmrr. 
r b* hud taken a dagrte in Arts, bo refireil to 
tiraf'i Inn, and KBdied llM mnnii^al law. He sub- 
qoently Infelleil iu FradCE, Italy, nnd part of 


^b, leao-m. He 

t, and GdeebUt, 
tbe care cf Dm 


xumiioned beron 
iDJeiiy, but pleadi 

■ppointRl of 

(rial in Weittmiim 

I oT St. AlbBDt 
i> eightieth yem 

nlnotion BKaiiut tbe 

oinled, with tbe Inrd chler jutle* 

nr Don PauUlHin Bb, the Pdru- 

r HaU. About Ihia time he pallrd 
nuteriei. had been tbe Mai of 

' county or Usrtliird. and 
It ritlenhanger, Mb Oct. 
Ildiin tbe family laall 

■•aorihe right heltaur Sit BdnrrfBkHinl.alSulTnxlan. 
(iill»S<>itlniiHaft«uM],and lieniaknilw Luid>fi>ut- 
uy (Wt1IUuBlauat;unenliiifarM>l»ia> 
> lllie Hoiduchieruf WiiUin Fopc. t""-«( Dcdlog- 


' i , iii V Li»..>*«.iy i*.-.^^ 

.«Af aMTCMT. 


.n| in th* eonnty 

•< XvliilD IV. vked, by an intcnnirriifv 
■<i iM sT Ihe fuBily it H«gb, the cldrr b> 

I ■ fMM*' HtaUilhCd itmtU It CukeriirkE. 

UTii.M. to IIm Rrv. Tbooiu Boa 
tR*. B. U, Secilar a< Lrfnnl, nod hai 

u JiBH Binh, HI), ar Coventry 

■ Bircb.or Thorpf ll*ll< 

■ Hn. Thomu-Iau-i 
b, I1.41I. Km lITt gnurili, 

tf- f- f. VSad April, law. 
WUu, <. in IMl. lecd cltbty- 

w*B irvn JnodwT of Ukv pr 


tii^.vnq.ur lUoubld 1-arl 

tWKTon AbtwTi •od b»d two Hrna, 

imloy Onncs. (Kee Bumiii'a 

e WIoMr, Mq. 01 

led u •bcriff of III 
k iJiiir in IfllT. Hi 
SlrJobnHart, km. 

I. 8iiJoui>Bar.i,i 
iaxut at hit InMhl 

following yMr. H.i 

yor ot LoDdon la lilM, 
t ot KtrlmpIOD, in Uu- 

St. SwithiD'j, London, 
d to hui meuinry by lii< 

rilTof L 

duueblernf TboiniK 

t. ■sed nixlj-MTen, 

1, M.P. for Lin- 
er, 1657. Mvy,dau(ht>r 
if HuuuinglOD, and liid 

ubelia, m, to Sir Bdwird AyKongh, Lot. 
BliMb«Ili, m. to Sir I'oter Wych, Int. ind wo 

moihor of Sir Cyiit Wycb, lllirf. 
Ka<hi;riii«, n. to TbotDU Wuher. esi). uid liad 

1^ Wuher, etq. of Lincolu'i Inn. 

only daOffater >iid bilr, 

ll«ry AnIrolni.,wbo •■.John Hny^n, (*[. t, 
Aibby-de-la-Zoucbc, nnd bid an only lui 

Rir RobcR Bd1I», a loiinifircnt patron or Ibe arli and 
lllrralare, died in Anguit, 1<M3, agad forlyfour. and 

w»>, byhiiion: 

e*q. obeof tbe protbonDlarEeH of liiB Court of Camninn 

daufbirr of Hit Vincrni Corben. ban. ol Uortnn C"i' 
belt, in Sbropthire, by whom he bad Id lurriva laiia. 

K, bia bi 

a dty of Lincoln In ftra BumaHiTe ' 

"M> 10 1701, and i* recorded to hi 

.Unduiir. He died uuinarHed U 

At liIidecoaHlbiUiiuiRaiti 1 


of Ibi Buck ropccud fuoilT "f B>dc. Gii Joha 
iyiaf iatttau. Ihi alaW o( Scuaptaa ■It! in Ilia 
MUT, Hiu.St»mBau^.<BsidaUdT,*br>»iid(d 
■t BhRvitarr- Ob ber desiH, whidi oreund nb 
NonrnVr. Ir4a. the uBiuir and uiuc of Seaiapton, 
tacctticr vith ■ itaed of ibnal «e hnsdnd aow, 
<b1M lailebr Wood, dnccudcd u her tbn* tvAoin, 

StaCr>ii.WTcH, tan.' 

Hu. HiiY Tunmn, 

wife of John Ttinoi 
M.U. sf BinainEfaim, 

«n of Sk Wil 
CiTKT, tan. 



!■ Ibcrc dvvTibnt ■» " dncvnded of 

■ diqgllUTflf- HUI. 

.ua. oTCnMbrPali 

Aldtfrmtai and In tJMS ftarifT of LdDdoD- Rv 
Univant. liu wifr, dioihur of WillUlu Aid; 

1. Uaaiel (NIrl, wbo uluritot Croaby Pi 

TDtarrrainp. in IMB.aBd AtafcapaalD 
of llui Intn tandi al xht dtj gf Lon- 
don. Id II Jiau 1. ha na M.P. (or 
thai clIT, and d. Is Ma). lOU, agad 

«. Abu*. ■. finl. h> Robert Kiiif 
fVwHy. to nuiiaiD WbiOBon 
«af4. wbo A. and had i««ia. 

I. Kaihcriu, ak IB Palaar.sfTi 
•1. i*^i^ B OluWaaeeinba. 

l»<iB(.bT Winifnd hte wife, daafMai af M' 
Laiflb, kjit- of Londofk. ua<w» 
I. WiLUiv rSr).bi> hair. 
II. G«ar(T. or Bridttpnler. b. GBtnlr. I 
aad belr of WUliu> SaoBdtf*. od 
oaly daafbctr aod brifr 
Mary. la. In Richard Mw«nw.ii4- 

111. Tbomii rSir>, of Ocbor»Bi. Oaan».l 

Pmfanj. lad •aoaadly, (• WU 

I. Alka. a>. u ^ir WQIian QurtM. »«■ 

1. Ann. M. la Riebvd HmiB. 

I. DTon«a«i HL to ftir Maiuy V«Mlaa 

Gtandiab. in OlaBsitfarAln. 
I. Jane, ai. to — Dan. X DerMMlb 
F. llaTy.M.loHiKbH>II.fl(Tud,MMl 

Rn». a>. to WUliaa Hal*, s^ aC Ua 
den. Hrrla, ancattir •( tba imMat 
Wiix..a H.u.aaq.of kWaWl 

nind Ux toonow of bnlib[ba>d. HH Ja 
nt. 0/ B>niu4'> Ina, Hribvni. Ba4 bad i 

idliaglnn. and bad iaaua. 
t. TaoHU. 

I. Jobn. who left laana by UavUb, IIh 

«Dd danfblar of ioliB PicM, a( UM 
and Mary. 

II. Edvaid. 

I. WUllim. m. Muy, fanaUcr rf fc 
titfr, tan. el Haafnta, la gallll. 
Ihu, ai Ui daccaaa is IN*. «•• ft 


wrj *ci« remiltfld to bin, for bv Tna- 
kUf 111* dvil wv^ H« piUTfaa«ed b 


Sib Thd»> BnoTII, of Bnnun, nlW ■■ Tmulln of 
WortHlry, siHi". of Wort™iry. nnw Wanley. in Ilie 

arThaaiu, UmUannyn. 

I. <*]. D( Dory. 

I Frbrniry. MM, Iniinf. hy 

AaBBbliir of — Cnttnj, 

■. nB brvofhe up hy Hcd 

pM Mr WinUm G>(e. bun. c 

(If Sir Henry Tnffiird, af TnlTord, in Hi 

l-IUi HiiMti VI. Sir Tbomu m. * daugbli 
Sir Gccrr^ CDTTinirton, Lnl, and vidow ■ 
- ^VeflVfiri BDd had lutif ^ 
ir Jabn HouUi, km. ui wbom jriiif Him 

Ting for hi* pi°d MrvicM. Sir John frll i 
PlodJrnFlfId in Ihe Itb of Henit V[i 
and hit mala 
(Tnndun, Job: 
Uirca diDghten 

il hit doccuc. 
nceitor of Itia 

_ aenOy, . 

WiUiam, Brrhbli>h(ip nf York. 
Richard. of Strloklaoit.near ipa 
af Huindk. 

pbon Boolfa, flsq- Of Sawltiy, in [ht cr 
)f Derby. 
liBbel. at. to Raljib Na«il. Ihii4 a] 

Jntan , bishop ef F.ielar, >di 
chnrdi of St. Clamml Di 
BBl^h, (rcbdeBGOD of York. 
Hilary, m, tn John Byroi 

u KutdilTc, raf. of Win 

■if Cimbridia, buhop of Durbam, and 

ifEonXBDlV. He> 


diugblrr >iid CD-lieirM or Sa Williim \tn: 
•Mna nr Bnllm. in tha utdc iblFg -, whkh Sir Willtun 
Tuacn efJomiE. daughter and hrir or HamimnRan, 
who wu imidHii of John Picuu. or Bollen. b; Ci- 
«Ii> Ilia wtfe, cIdMI dauibter and CD-hslr or Sir Ha- 
la alith and iHt baran nr Dunban 
Maiale. one al Ike clfhl (sudal lordablpi InaliRitrd hy 
Hn(fa Lnpna, Karl nf Ihe lime or ihe Con- 
qoirar. By thli Lady Sir Rnbrrt Bonlh hait no lua 
Ihan nina aoiu aail O't daughun. Oflherarraar, 
WiixitHi the Blita, iaheriui thr rortuns. 
Fbllip, l<'t yMngnt, m. lh» flanghlcr and htireta 
orSlrWItKam Hamplaii, or WeUloiioD, Inu'llliaiBCbaantRtl.Mq. oflLe Bathe. 

i>»r Cbeitel. 
Elkn. ■■. to Robert U3I1. earj. of AdlinElon, in 

Alice, ai. to Boben Hmkeib. »s- <•' RolTiird, Id 

Sir llobert and bi 

lin, (ithsr prr«o 







1430, aj-d w> 






T or John 

Duttmi. »q. or D 

y or Cheater, by 

»bo» he had dv 

i aod Dina d 

. wbkb 

dufbor* w<r>, 

Uo««. n. to 

rbm». Leigb, 04. or W 

e*l Hall. 

Id Iha couot 


Ado.. ■.. Irx 

Jnhn Leiab, 

CbMhlra, an 


largary. m. John Hyd*, u). or Halihlen, Lao 
IlioD, M. 10 John Aahley, eaq. or Aahley, in Ibi 


» Willia 

on... KiUon, eH|. <.f PowD.ll. 
a Holt, «,. 


Sir WUItam a. b, l«», and waa ., by hia Mm« a«i, 
d*u(liH>r and bairea* nr Koben Umintron, eaq. or 

LaioM.r, Wilta . SOBMMI, Coro-aQ, ud Meraford. 

BWn, a. I»t. ID namaa Vandriy, eaf. an 
MDODdly, to TnlTard, or TnlTotd, 

HM, and waa >. by hla eldaM aon. 
Buna, kM. wko ■■■ Ant, Maifin 

WilllaiD, m, a dagghler oT SnldbMl 

miDty of Lrivealer. 

CtiHlor, r^D> whom deacMdad Ika k 
Twemlow Hall. 
HFory, n. to a daitgbMr of — Briii 

Jxne, M. &nt, to Hiiih. aou and b«lr •< ■ 
Datlan, or Duttoo, in Ibe coaMy afOa 
aeeondly, lo llioaa* Hslfsid, ««, tl 1 



tiBbar, Id iIh llAKi 

ir Tfaoniu BdwIct. of lleai 


Itdben, in hn 

EllfD.K. taJobnCarfl'iiIon. taif. afCai 
lona, m. u William Mu>ie. c^. a« IW 
Itariuvt. a>. Id Sir Killiam Unaafaffc 1 

10 Robert TanoB. ••«. <f 
et<r Daoial, oaq . al Oiwll 
D tbe Bd Hkii VIILm 

To thla Uooitr Sadw, Vwd lau Sayw 
inaDded a iHIar la b* viiltaD, ac^mlBtl^ I 
lb* Mrtb d ■ en, (aftanrard. XMy ■■« 

dtUrsa, 0>«ib<r IWi, Wlb Hansi vUl« 

« MMcht a. by Ibt t« 

tiliiUQt jt fniBhl not ttnlj Ttndm 
1 OMkahsBhil prulHfar HWffniLt kbe 

wrmi. or Boi'THI. wbo. bcioE ll 

< tBtfbllUBd til inn. Kir Will 
•^Mr sf fiii John WvkarMo, t 

In <W ONnlT mf DEoMih. and HMndl). 

ttiA.Bnaf . Iralud. 

*- w Hftlpb Baanlflctnn, tt^. of Htr- 

■. ™(- 
U w4 Wamn . of Poln ion . 

•miu* •>[ AViif Chihlu 

OM. Sir John V. Doratb;. lUufhtn n 
>r Bolingbnike, ud lift Hrfcn] childrep 1 

Kliubcih. ■>. to HirliarA, Lora Bypon, (h'a l<rt^- 
aliip'a sKnnd nih,) tat diad Tilhmil iHne. 
Rir GHire* DoMh, wbu aartcd Ibe aAix of ibniirat 
L'hMblra twiw, aod ■■ nftau of LancnriiiR', d. on tlia 
iitb OctolKT. Iitm, (nd wM (. in hii iitlt Hud nuttt 
by hUgr«ndiuA(wlH)ao|nHrdihuahlpliehBdparchaa«d 
bam Ihc crown Oir {-IMS.}, 

ri. Km Gkiroi Bootii. TUi (BsUeinui wu ami' 
oiiltBd priannar u Oia Towar of London dnjiug Iha 
luaqution, ftr bin hhI iq Ui? royil couM, >nd fai« 
" ■ ■ Ra )ud Iba pin 

Ml UvndaT- '3lh July. laoo. Ibc Kouh of Comnona 

aarvleu. and iraat anffbrinjia In Ilia public aiuai! T' 
whieb order abtai?Kd tlic aancUva of Ilia Rouia nt 
lord* !■ Ib« enauloa noDtli. tn addilion M vhleb 
hnnminble gnnl. tha baronat wa* ttfratad u. tba 
Paaraite. b)r Icllar* paiani. dated Wtb April, lOAI. » 
HtaoN DllJUMI.a/OiHikiui jruiio.MIkaiwiiarjia/' 
('*«rrr. Hla IionUhip n. Ami, Lidy Carolina f:Uu> 
ton. dHthnr and n>4»ir of Thaiipbilui, Earl of I,in. 
aoln, 1>T Khan ha had an ani; daoRhtar, Vara, who 4, 


dad lo Ih 

at dauefHT B 

(laonia, M, Lucy. dau|ilil>r nC ihr Rlflii IInu 
Rebart Robartaa, Vunxint Itadioln. ua and 

RobnH, in bolynnlpn, ArrlidaawjiiatDiiThani. In 
lOBt. and Uaan el RriMul, in irM. Tliia (anila- 
--* ' — .duMtblarntfilraobarlDaoth. 



lu4. HaatE. Sec Bcacif l««- 
MMwri, 141. iv. p. Mt. 

. ■. to Uwtf. Earl vi C^a-vm;. 
ErUaa, a. vt Sit Kkifh D«U«&i!. but. «# 5 
lHUi*Jl= is tke aomnvfot "^ iBhiiwWilin ' 
k#>r L« i»x»am t» Sir Edward Bkackct, 

U Nev!»7, ia tkc ammxj ol York. 

C*9ry«, ftnt L»nl DffliMi w, tf . oa tibe 9A A 
l«M, »a4 wm f . k? ki* aiMt rarrtriac mb. 

ii:. S:b HftUBT Bwyra. McoBd tanm. Tkk 
Baa, vfaALi^VeeBeoiDmitt«<!toA«ToverprMr lo tb* 
death «f A'iaf CaABLta II. vat braaghc to trial, ia 
tbc reifB 4f A'iar itau, Cor ku(h treaaoa, bciorv the 
Lard Chaaeclkc Jc4t«t», ooaMitaKd bi|^ Mcward «a 
tW occaaJOB, an4 a ■cl«ct aumbrr '27, otf^ parr». W: 
vaa moat hoaofunblj aoioincd. After vbichW lived 
la recirvmeBt nniU the rrv<rfafioB, wLeacspoaaiaf dw 
caaae of the Priaee of Oraage, he va* defatad with 
the If ar^wM of Halifax, and the Earl of.Shrevabary, 

the arrival of the priaoe at Wiadaor, irth D«- 
\tt^,Ut bear a ateseafe tothe faOea BMoarriii 
re^Biriaii; that hit majeaty ahoold more froai White- 
hall. Aa oOee vhach hia Lordahip esccated io deli- I 
cately that A'hur Jaaia vaa aftcraarda heard to re- \ 
nark; " that the Lord Debuaere, whom he bad aaed ! 
ill. trtated him with aiach aiore r«sard»thaB thoae to • 
m^MBhcha<lbeeakiad.aad from whom he mirht better ' 
Lave »p»cted it." Hialordahipwaaafterwardaawora , 
^4 the privy coanril, aad appoiated chaaccUor of the 
eaeb*:^uer«anr4&r«vbichheheldbBtoae7ear: wbca, • 
apoa bia retinraieat, be waa advanced to the dig it\ ' 
of K«aL or WiaaiACTOs, by letter* patent, dated 17th 
April » 16M. The eari m. Mary, daafhter. aad aolo ' 
heimaof Sir Jaaiea Laaffham, bart. of Cocte*Lrook.e. 
io the eooaty *d Northampton, by whom he had fcur 
Noaa aad two daaghten, which latter were, 

Elizabeth, ai. to Thomaa Dclvep. faq. sod arj 

heir appareot of Sir Thomaa Ilehea. bart. of 

Dodiagton, in the ooonty of Cberter, And died 

J. p. in \W7. 
Mary, «. to the Hon. Rumel Robartea. and had 


ilenr>, laat Earl of Radnor of that family. 
Hit lordship, who puUtabed a Vindication of hi* friend. 
Irfrtd RuMi*!, and other literary prodnrtiona men- 
tioned ia Walpole'a Catalogue, d. on the tad January, 
lOtf) I, and waa j. by his second, but eldest •unriiing 

IV. Sir rSroKOK RovTH.aecond Earl of Warrington. 
'IliiH riobleiuaii m. Mary .eldest daughter, and co-heireaa 
of John Oldbury, esq. of Luadon, merchant, by whom 
he had an only daushter, 

Mnry, who at. in 1736, Henry Crey, fourth Eari of 
Stamford, and left, 
lliANY, who J*, to the Earldom of Stamford, 
upon the decease of his father, in 1768, and 
was created in l7INi, Baron Dclamere, and 
Karl of Warrington — ^see thuae dignities in 
BMTkt'% Dictionary oj tk» Pfrragrmmd Ba 

H ia lordship d. on the tml August, 17M, when his esutr* 
pa^oed to hia daughter, Mary. C'ountem of Stamford ; 
the K4Bi.iji>« or WAaaiNOTUN i&riacu, white the 
\. •M>iirf« y, with the baruny n- verted to biaroamn.'re- 
it r til tho Very Reverend Dean Robert Booth, sou of 
th» hft fy ! lielam^re/. 

r. NtiH«*irt ll'urTH, e*«|. m» fmirth Baron I)i la- 
Hu lordship m, Margaret, daughlcrof Ricbard 


Mb NaT. I 



ThL* family was origiBallT settled ia the 
Stafford, aad had its «eat at If arrhanton. wbevr 1 
ard Boothby was liviag frmp. Hi^ar \ 111. Tbi 
who e<abliahed himself m Eaaez, aad paiTkani 
maaor nf Chia^ord. waa 

Tuuaas Boi/raiT, eaq. acomid aoa of Vi 
Boochby, merrhant cf London, who fngagad Hi 
ia coiamerrial pnrvuits. By hia first wifc. i 
Grafton, who died liSth December. 1«IS, h» hJ 
dauphters and three sons, William and Richmd, 
both died unamrried.and Walter, aeateJ alToMa 
in Middlesex. By hu secoal wifc, Elisaheth Wi 

he had two tons and as aiaay daaghlrrti 

Tifiiif %^. a merrhaat in Spain. 
RoBiKT. of whom presently. 

Anne. m. tit Mattht-w Bedell, eaq. 
Elisabeth, ai. to — Styles, esq. of W< 

The youugest son, 

Ri>ai.aT Bot/TifsY. f«]. of Friday Rill, m. I 
daughter and hfir <>f (Irorpe Hyrr, es^. of WcM 
Surrvy. and had ijiy;r. 

Tho»«s, hia heir. 

George, d. nnm. 

Robert, who succeeded to the estates of hbf 
brother. Sir Thotua-o ; and marrying Sanlli 
of Samuel JackMii, esq. of Bicker, ia ihesi 
of Ijncoln, had a Min. Thomas, whs dial 
May. I7U, and a daughter. Sarah, whs i 

Wilhiiiii. uf Sherc, in Surrey. 

The eldest son, 

1. Sia Tiioaas BouTHST.of Chiacfiaid, wmv 
a BaauxKT 0th November. ISM. He ai. Eliml 
daughter of — Styles, of Weatcrhaaa. ia Kcal, 

TMOM41 Sir),kBt. who^ j. p. lat Dwsmbfr. 

aged twenty-four. 
Robert, died yoaag. 

EliiHheth, m. to Hugh Woo.1, of Uadoa.Ts 

Dying without surriving male i4«ur, Sir Th< 
Boothhy left his i-state to his Beat rariiviog brsi 
The BABuMtTCT becankc imisct. 

\r|:. ■•II a ciiBtaii aa. 

a lioa'a 

S^r.fBt Harlow li ind li Ciiim 

I, aL U Sit nickinl *>t>T, k«rl. 
, tfl LWUMlulBM!i.nrrMj W (M. 
LMJobD Willvp, M>j. 

B^rrf Ur*a>i1U. ri^. 

From lb* nouli-rt gr Biiilfn, B> 
WeuiuiD lUil UTinlty. <leK>rDil«l 

I. Sin ioHK BotluR. mC HuBeld WoodhnU, In tbi 
cMuty of Herlliiri]. wbii wu creaHd n Hmaitrr ii 

lOM. u Rtiiuii Bi-riu or Botilii, af Br<unn<Kt, Ji 
Ch< umc ihlrc nil lurdibip •>. Elinbetb, >»Mr d 

■od lix dKoghlcn, of wbom 

Aubrc;, m. flnl, Sir Fnncli Andcnon; and m 

eundly.FnBOi, Evl d< ChlcheatFr. 
HeIeh, n. Sit John Dnika, kot. 
Juc, «. toJunu Ley. Enri of Hirlliaraugb. 
01[>en. ■>. to (lodyinion fiirur, nq. 
Nkt), «. 10 Bdwiril, LorJ Howird of EKrick. 

Hit lonlabip d. 

«<:ond1y, 1 

(k«t Wamn, 1^. or Hupl(Ioi4, 
Wuiu.n^. of LtEllo H.r] 
JnVM Bum. 

lordaLLp'i «lt«t«a d< 

ud wju I. by till only il 
K. M.-ond b^TDU, ■■ wboM dFccuc <vii 
If Bnuhild, iiFlnlo, whils > 

imbaaod ofterwkrda by 
Grftbdjjaii jn Ircliutd, who fhotcbir 
lu of tho muuir of BramHild. 

la blib pru- 

Ha «» •( 

Cuilliw, diMbMr of Ccncnl 
lata Ola'anng. K.i:.B. and h ' 
■B. Ultod u tt> laad[n| of i 
nap Is BiTPlI «B only aor 

w-Kaai.abla ti««i* CUari 


(laoa Di/rama, hairbrotUrr of Kir Jolin 
-lacRcM H Dodtaall, lbs Ani pter. waa in- 
■ it In IMI. U* n. Udy Bulhall. bul <>. 

a.°f Mn(ri.fJ iru.i(itul(. 




■til war. Sir WUIuu niicd a ncumt 4t ki> 
ipeue (or Ihc acnic* M Uw ^U>(. »>d w Uh 
IS hwd JB Ibc tauk of Cnpedx BriJcr. IM J 

II. Sin Olkw IXn-iLlm, st Thus, «h> n 
LDu, iUu(bnr or Bii Rsban AiuUn, taR> rtta 

LhU fuDjIy w dcfljtnptHl ■■ rifhl wonhipful and i 
cieDt" by joha PhUipoI, rcme«-drafiDii, luarBlul, ■ 

JoHR BanLvt, Ugb •herUTof Kcdi » Richaud 
■Dd kiiicbc nf Ibt utaln l Himr V. m. tha dauglii 
ud hvir <rf llichard Percntum, ud rroo thil m. 
riagc JlnoiTljr dncmded 

iiLirBoTiun.oCTHttA, M.P MH 

lUr n( Sir IM«ii4 L>«b«nf«>, ki 
■a dllnc is Afnl, III8. v« f. kjrkK 

a lud ta «iily d»fti;cT. I 

(Bd hrir nr ThDiBU n«r)iui, riq. of Tuton. In I 
rnuiBd rnii>iShan>l>Tak>,iD 1)cdfordalilr«(irhm hb 
(»BdrMhemiiH from Kedi ind HillFd). In lluil m-i 
■Dd tha tunil^ mnlluwd iter ■Itenrnrdi to mi 
then. Hn viKHilw^unidf Lolgbud by A'Mf J>h 

counuu Dowigf I FnlUbnH. ud k«r •«, W 
Ewl d( RMdiiur. T«UD Muut bcoma Ik* I* 
of Mn. EUivbclb Bnixtnc* 


Jun, tf . 1. r. (lu la lh< Ufi or M> 

Abm. m la Sir Cnnrpi Tuif, nr Hhwod. In Kmi. 
xrond »D or Sir riMTU P.n. by Iba l.ody 
Umtj NiTiUe. °d1> duaiblcr ud brirw <i< 
H*ary, Lard Abvrjtavifiuiy. Thu lady wu rr- 
■Uivd. bT tciun |«lcM. lu <bc dlKnltyuT Bt- 
no^ U DviMDocr.U wbicb banni bcr aldM 
M, Ftusi*. Bwl of Wvlna; 

Sir OUT*r i(. In lUI, iBd «u l, by hb third and mly 
MnWlaa HB. 

I. WiuaiB B«....«.~i,«tr«u»..inil.-oraiily 
•r Kant, «bi> iBhartlf d tb« rM*la al Iba donwa itf bit 
blbar. »ai iiai mialad ■ UiuiiiaT by Ktnf L-mai.u 
I. mlJaly, IMI. Ht m. In KQI. Juan, dai 
Hlr llanry Kauh*iii, of Ware P«k, Harta. ._ 
bad an only ain.OiJiM. Al Iba bnakitic sal af tb« 

Mr WmiHi iWibuax.K. 
tr.*M . a.aoi.ti. 

U Fbilip MUb IW Itfiitrt nt a•r^tlgM^- U««ii«i«» 7,'' iff 

t llnban C«i>rt. DwU. tai 
Mia «■>«■ Buoiu. buL of U*ali*Di 


■f iH' AonnuUjt'-J 

; t Ki.;.u.B II. Dwricd *(■>/![• 

^■nd Uiui HcquiRil the flf << - 4 "A ^ 

i.JcHX flow.«, «q Bf Knipenl^, w« mawd >, (f«»( j£| 

an. ud Urt uui nmuDed «iih iiii J ,, \ . 

,* dUBlH of Sin WlLLXa BOHTU. !'" • "**" 

rti>)u( vm. ttm fmnli buoDM, in sts f/sMt 

. rbnt guuHeuiD-i hud four dKugblsn. hu nc . . ' ■ rf 

KBd John da IIirfMlij, A 
•i itui ftir Oh Hid mutT. ta d 
BdVMrdlll. Bf M.b«*-ilhl 

TwUitB . at TwIiAn, In K*i». ad taa 
ftmOy of Hndtbufh. of TwIcAh. 

Tbe (lilcr wi imt hcli-, Bkeimiish. x*!. of Hmigk. ihtti 

l«f ol Sir Rsbnt MoU'riitl, 1 ' ~ " " 


1. WllJUa, (Sir) of wIhibi pi 
I. John. {Sit) «ha m. the diufhlfr and hi-lr of 
I^nitinn, ot Lftii|{ton. but barLn^ nu ' 
^'' id Ua Htate upou bia vtdvr brotbr 

Sia WiLuia'smnu.* wba 
•^dkw and ■ tmrslltr. unuiwd 

iu <kt IhIt van, ohicb lady >n> Malwl.daw 
co-bcir al Ba^ Narrih Lard of Soiton, Hnynb 
Sir WUItaM puwM. d aa " bia propcRr" Hatgb aad 
niKlnda. by a nriiriti part of • bn)(bl'> ten. u 
Hmb la Norri* htld tbe aaiM, and a> M>M Un^a 
baidi, bl> wih bcM lh> •■»« ai brli °r Kncb, for 
■ ba:U Ihrt paid tl. M. aid, Irmf Rliwiao III. (nr 

by tba aFODuiiU or Jufan C«Ut oe " (Kf r >hniir uf tbat 
oiBiity. At thai Una Sir Wllllan tnuir an aluralinn 

hia nnni be (»uiid UaWI, bla wif>. adLiHWln 
aBMbar lord, Is iba parwn of Bir Oanond N(< 
WrVb kilibiuvbixa alia had ban nirrMd. ' 
WiUlMi manint," ■■>< ■>> °<d imifr. ■■ cubo 
■• bu*l(* U iHU.lraaaparted oilb Uir moubllBi 
•f bar fimaar baabaad, fall a implD(. (or vhicb die 
bnWT.i-timi. Kir WlUlain Umatnii 

L, ■bo H. t. p. 
r. ■*. Is Dumb), diufbUT or WilUius 
, w^. of ll->»;ik>r*. 
u HsteR Goddud, c*«- of Hinnx, 

m. lo Kkhanl RoiU, Mq. of HurKiBvf. 

I. rm- of tlai«b. irbo ■■. Annr. 
rf OoHUiiilwr An4n1aii. I*), of UiUock, In 
t) ■< LwKHiar. mil died la IMI,biiT<tic hud 


C«k>Mb. u Lanoihln. 

UHjNr) •b> n> linickinl hy KiB( Ctaorln 
•■ kli (Md not Idlhhil Hn' 
nbl. I^T K-ilOT.Imi by bar 

■( Mr PnneU EixMild. Vol. sf Barl 

loncaahin, uid bitij *u only dAu^hter. 

im Pbmti>%) bnlr of bor &th4rt-| vbo 
1 Sir Williun lAwtber.bvt. of U uitp. 

n ••■• ■nribut 

W* rhlrll» lu 

•entb lUrl of 

Bnb». u 











due bin. 


r. Dg«D 



KHi^ u Uh ■»■■ liBW In Itity. 

•ttbiu* niundiii. Hq. of rm)>T, ii 

'.■•vn^rMDlrd by WiLMaa ■i4;n 

- - -lM*T.« Riilun.ti 

i> K4«bM SorMrkk. Hf, of Sario- 
■ at Roaa. 

lib hod « «•■ ecHi'U ■b'UI Ibli U 
TutW. Al«»n«» Hoshrn^ 

DorkobTo fortbo ob««ltnMfl of h i* conjiiBii11o*t,tbF gooA- 
ar— of ■ fuUUr'l can, and Iba lireDtDnu of I nuKT-l 
OfTV jiervT vantijie4it bit (able: no man oatortatTiatl 
botb acqnalDUnL-p and alnnfen, wllb gr9»ter trrB- 

wba a^uiH] in nnd of It. »nd bo bad dob only * cboarfq] 
brait. bal a libaral bund i vl.i.:b t untr to^w con- 

auyicb itoul! but I ta»* ofun btPD a witnui at hl> 
lurwanl binuity. IliM hi nlfbl prainkc albert by iho 
»itm|>leaftai(awucbMrful liberality. Pnrtwa Ihini* 
bi- Is ID b« hoDDurid I bli nlii^DD Is God. and bb un- 
tb4>ktii loyalty to bia Prinoi. Mi* nliflm wu true 
Pniwiunl.ln which hcwu hi^Uy vduntnl.Md ia- 
•imct-d in hl<inTfn^ytM».byai*c»rtanddir«*ion 
ot ).am. Eirl of Derby, to wboin b< wu aolnwd 
by Nil (■■■btui (uardian, John Plielwaad. of Pcnwor- 

prwiam ot fdrty mud In tbat hublly flnt cammencf d 
pmnnnnt. aad waa ilu-utv atnt to (bo Itio ot Mu>, 
wbt» ih* prindplea bo hail almdy bnbibid, von: 
Hon culUiitad andinprotad under Ibe lunbrai* of 
that reHflaoa. loyal, and ffTnl mao. ^HI toblarelj- 
fion, bit loyalty vu noM lUar tu UiB. In Uni buth 
»d lg«ellier. and be ■■■» aarly proofa of bin 
b>yally. In an aft wherein II vi* jadgeil ■ crlne; 
whra »b*lllou looktd fay <v''b »!«■••, and nterileae 

ju'lnidDuttbeeauaebyilaiDccao. balbylherifblNua. 
nru »r li.and dHnlbthoaoalipiUarkadtlBiea, The 
Line »» •ell acqanlnled wltb hi> wortb, asd earn*. 


>k vll.iH. 

bli f.<lU>ft>ln*H a 


a tn.a i«[riot, , 



on aadi cboka 

im Ibi 

ParlUnirnc, in • 

th treal dlUieno 


f that robUi^ empley 


. lite llfttlwe i>r bla luber. He ■■. nh April, UHi, 
■T' iliuiihtiir *nd ralicir at Hmrv Mumy. M). 
nllrniiiii DC Ihv bed chnTnbrr to Klnt VmnLtt I. 
I kinrifr, Annr. ViKOunuiiBiynilig, unj had Uinc, 
!!•»■■, biiincccMor. 

tlur e«>I or RiTm. In flpilo. irMrwirdi M. P. 
ftiT WlgnB, d. Ib ITIt, u Paue;. 


rnin til 

iiKTl, Ibc bariil place nf liiifimily, 

Rirliinl, d, youig. 

Tliimuw, Ib hiily onlen. nKtm of fllnidlanl, <ii 

Knffolk. und l«i>|rt»>n, Smn, m. Mvy. dsuch' 

ter ■Ml Mllr lirlr dT Knbrn SuplMIUi, », I), of 

ArdlFy-Wi>«k. in Eimi, lud hul iwiF. 

Eiiubi'ih, a. 6nt <c> Jnb V»(».*iq. iiBdwcaiiJI]!, 

(g Cinbrirl. Mirquu l>u Vuune. 

Sir Riiurr wim murni'il In imrllaninil by thr coonty 

ptUtiue sr Ijumiiur, in IBU, nid dyinf Itlk iiue. 

III. SiiHoRvn BiituiiiiuH.of lliiiili.whixirurr- 
tanipd M purlhuAml bv til' bnrDuelinf WiKMn,in IflOa/ 
■Hd cuntiawHl to -it fST lb»l pliri full biir ■ irnliiry. 
Hr # ja adnif I of ■ rvvfiiwnt of fimt. In tke IwfcliiBiBji 
•K itar Rim et t)Kn» ImiK. Sir Knxtt wnl.Ird Ki- 


I •l^inK V-llb KuhniiiTy. 

i»hrtb.i>.i-j.>i.n >:a>i 

Km ll.H.i H BHti-HiKili, ■•( lliinb. IK. in \)>ril. 
ll-in4liV. .IjiiiiiIk.t and •'■.hrir ..f nillUini KrI 

iH. •-«(. or !.'>.'■.-. Ill VV.'Mii.M.-lai.d. h.ii.hii,r 

I'.itMivM. or m:w M[M)S(ik. 


kat. of BnhuB HiU, SuHulk ; *u ci 
lath April. 1001. H* m. Itnt, Sbub 

GnT^ Snatbroll : urondly, Suhb 1 
of Sir Robert r.Mnrll, knl. of WuHnfi 
Jine, diBRhter o/ Thomu D***Biah. ■ 
io Dontulure. btil dyinf wiiboal ami 


CuklTl , 

iMi Dec. IMn^EiimcT Mb VBTb. MK 



lly of HnilbwiiU hu been iv Buy |a« 

^<l«l in 

J'.HI( H 

■ •iTHWiiTi. born in IdM. bitumi iiiMI 

of IlK Afrinn Couipiry-. fKlnrin « Ite lo^ <«« 

nf Afrka 

n an cnc 

Ti* Vol., of Anuterdu.. amd bi^ b) b-,«>i 

died In 1 

«*. «» »n ».d t« da.sU.f.. »-riy. 


-. to Bonnrl TbonrtM. oi. a^ nt» 


of the w.rll known phyiicias aid k«^« 

nn JuKH Thuiktuh, M. a. 


m, m. (o Robert Anaitace, n*. 

I. SiaJi.Hx Hi<iiTii»tiTk.«.inl>W.aB 
ral in llir umy and r.^nuBuder iB^kirf at 
nf Cnmiiiandrl In ITU, wh irrvunl a Btai 
IlrrcBibi'r, IHIH. llr m. Elliabetb, daafMi 
Hma'n. rik). by Klinbrtli, bi« wih-, daa«b 
Jokn Ciilletoii, lart. aoi dird in Auf^, IM 
■ dauitbtrr. SiItIu, wit* of Vbarlw Parkbua 

[iiii'.Ki'rrf>s, or [loNpnRn. 



iJ xdr brir of H itlta 

r, •mt dTiac Mb Junr, IMI, lift, wilb ( danchWr. 
ChtriM WUhu, ttn- of CopfraTv, in 

V rf Sit Gwn«« Bnolh, irha icu 

a CiMihli*. Tka ban mod grtateit of bit kint- 
b- WiUa Drrub. irf ilu BbocklKh bnnth, 
■ •Mnfaed on Ifae block but > few generadaiu 
MlWrwyof Kim Vllt .wbichvoold ?M 

vbich ludbraugblhUnEnlomcliTDcol- 

>« imnkapAl ftDtiiDTLl&H of Uax p1ac« 
fd rnm billii tad Bunsv in ri^bl of (hfl 
• W S*. Ilarr'i NuDDcry, Bro luppmed to bkiii 
' ~ •i tovudi ouUni the Kieritj wilh whicb 

■• hW MlalBcd BU^ril;. « 

v4. Uib. ud 1«i)i of Chulu I. Ai 
tllktdta war. Nir WlUiun tmycd 
i« pwUjUDcnlftrrbuiFiev.ADd Reeiv«d 

,.. bowa.», b, ne 
■d H Ih* paluioi, and Iboufli th> (deiue- 
' A W fttnicipKl«d, were perbapt i 
' * ' ' la llw biaeory of Ibe onbappr "" 

4^T«< to tha Anal dcatnctiou i 

Th. ODly ion, 

II. Sia rilnHX 
m. TboodDua, y< 
Ward, of Birminftbai 

■ ITOK. oi Hnnrord, t 


00 GO 




■ brauiib of the bonH of BTidfHmaii ot 
\ in the coouty M LaDcaattfr, now roprD' 
IE Bariof BradfanL 

Dare, ip holy urdera, prabcndary of tbe cathedral 

of LiehBeld,) by whom ho bid an only hib, 
Cbarlta, arcbdeucoD of HietaoMmd, in YoFk- 

daoihter of Robert Lftoj 
:. and had a diugblcr, tb 

UuiD CluRitlcr. licu-canont gf Ibi dia 
■• l-lMiullari m. to (tm Hct. Thomu Bro- 
urine ChMn<tIfT. m. lo Wadhus Wynil 

nivkrlh. m. IS Lfigh Unnkr. Hf of BUekUnd*. 
Sofforddiln, BboH inndHD. 

Tufl RiT. Ji>iiH HawikRi Df llHDghtnn, ricar 
of fitaiTnal, J. in ITM. utd deviud bii 
■ W i' M ID hia BEpbnr, Cforii BTi»kii BriM< 
T'wttdwnd, wilb tn LnjuucIiDa to adopt the 
mamt al Biouca only, tud tlul uemleiL 

VMto, imng^UT of Williim UmBMeJ, caq- 
" - -an Hdl, ChulkiK. and bad iHue. 

. At Ihc sutliTFakiiii 

■>. McmdlT, Thoni 
a daDghwr. Mart] 
ofTbarnttmadd M 

1 var. «a find 

s FairTai.actinilT I 

ir tbc Weit Riding 

1 Wakefield. CdIdmI Brigbl a 
u Fairfax in hia Chcabin ei 
juincd ttav cnnMin 

>, Rl.:li'ird HuDlltv. irf BuiwcU. ami B 

ml KIKKilliim. TWIhi baq-iulkf^li' 
urn AuiuiiDi, Btri or tVnkroki.oUh 
Kcond ma. Ihe Hub. Sfdlier HtltKrl. 



^^P Itntagr. 

, lo^ of LcigbMB, ID CfaoUn, *I ibi 
nMb cmturj. The Usnl demadut > 
11*« <d Adun,* 
iHi* But I. of Ltifliuii.IiTingln IMD, 

•r Mm <wb»< |ifHf Bt cbicf ii Pirn Lii 
ttmm %vmt, t>h. of Mm, la CbnbiKj. 
. KdyK <rf N ulokti. tninwr of CDiia. ud 
tor ar tiM BnkM of Nuivkh. 

VIII, r 

>t lunn or tti« ( 

» 11*11, Dttf Vpairich- Iff wu (aUiFT at 
t* >*0*.i. o). Bf NK«un. In SnlTulk, aho 
». lutbM- ud hclnu Kf - HulgniE, 
■■« *H •. hj hb Hill, 
«» Bucs, (Wi. of N*etDU, wlu m, Eliubel 
r af Xr Jsbn Irtmj, kni. of Brlgbroill, 

»< kfl • HB Hud HHWHT, 

IT Baoai. n^. of Nictaa, who il Bliutvl 
r •« WOlwB Wum.<»|. of Wlmblcdan, in 
M4 4Tla«hi !•«.*■• 1. btbUion, 
(eaiaa Baoi*. ksl. «f Nanan, who m. i 

at Brsta UaU, Suffulk. ■ bifhly diitir 
gniiked Qival olBctr. (Sea Busii'i Pm 
mge and Barontlagt-') 
Sir Rlcbard d. In t«ag, and vaa i. bj bii (Ideal ua, 

I. SiE RoBEiiT Brciii, (if Nscuu, irba »u cniiK 

Sir Lionel Tulmub. 'ban. at Benllcy. in Soffoik, an 


Sir Koben d. Utb Febnary. Id 

ard Kynaaton, t§^. of tbo 

Walgra'o, esq, nf Sniatl- 

■a ang. parij per pale i 


Thii biaHy clBlmcd ancient Wei 

-.nocx, LarH if rait, (mm wboae riei 
■ itH, of BmtiijUld, ap Cadi»igan, pn 

daii|;bter of Sir WiUiam Aiulin, of Cleven Hall, 
EtHi, aod by faer had one ton. Euwiao. He m. 
•eroodly, eUubetb , daughter and oo-belr of William 

tally bull CharlM, George. Blliabelh, and Margarn. 
He wedded, thirdly. Anne, daugbtei of Chriitopber 
Woodward, of Lambctb, in Surrry, and by her had 

Uaa, LeH ef U^leo. la CbnMrt. 

WlOun J>l Brvbf. 

MM* Bnbc, of Ulghtoa, A.D. IMS. 

hv* «t< Bnba di LMgWoa. IISB-Ittl. 

i«hm*4 Bnba.4.«llapalrii. 


Rlchanl del Broke. IIIR-im-llU. 

Broke, of Ulthlaa. im. 

Ralph d( li Broke. uT Leighloe, lilA. 

R«t« de U Broke, irf Lelghloo. I«M. 

John Drake, d. viu ^Mi. 

Tliuniti Biahr, of Ulihloa, 14W. 

CawraD M JbIt, MSt^EmxcT Mik Job*. IIM. 

Ty> **■ ■ Imck of Ag wiMiHtJ hsw irf BfB«. 

Su AnvoHf anoKBi. B*4c Lnicht of Ox btUi M 
Oh onoMtM af JTHv Hkbub II. left lira mh. 

Rn RsMn Baowni, «■• (MkB af 
8i> Tuau* BaowBi, kmt. wko wh W — ut » i sT iht 
haii ft ili to Ktmf HniiT VI. 04 U Oh ttMr^Uib 

to BHi U tt* sHt ■( Hackntor OS lb* Wth ar AufitM. 

iBd «Unr ■( Nlr T^nM rina 
«<AUnr)i>.ii>lln«BlT«fTiMt. »yki 
Him m 4MictiB». KlltobMh. A< <Mfc ar 
S«ntot. Eviaf Womtor.ud l*rr.*r»< 
CUfltoid, bn. u> osl) •a*. Ut i. 

tecBibBuiT VIII. w*« 
Iram Ami fan u BiK«) i •■( af^ laaMii i 
lek>. iu htitaaj. WM kB>fkH< «gr ^ t^M 
aiaaolt ud wiuLiaf ct IkAl to«to H* tfft 
4»ci>ur D( Sir John Oft, K.O. ui< tad tM 
AvTHoni. U> IwLr. 

Vitl Iim. ilmfcm iri M>^ I 

Maolot*. «>|. ud iWnkj MHkud M 

llf «. Ml Hit. IMt. ud aai «. bf hk •! 

Sii AnHii>Y Bauwita, *to «• Ma 

LnlitiU i»d( al Ibt cawlHIaa af ffew I 

and iru ailiaucrd ID tw faviaa, la Vw 

H « inicbt «( tl>* (itur. 
w Thntlby, Hiitiap o( El;. 

Jtpntvd by par- 

1 Dltsduu*, Ud 

&* cii«n af fipcin, by Qwvji EtiiAKtru. Lord 
MnacB at. *»|, Uar, dmucliter of Ruben REUUffa. 
■« W SoHn. ud by b>r lutyibip bad iuor, 

ofSir WnUan Domn. 

a. lUa«lllar I 

- GiStti, Mq, 

iaaa. ■- Id Sii Ceoma EnilclVcld. b 

Caltattu, ■■. B — Tnganlan. w). 

Marj, a. am. u Henir WrlMbalcT- 

ft—tfcainpliiB. wqmitly, ■« Kir Tbinuiii I 

tju. h4 Uilrdly, to Sir WUIiua Hen 

■Umy, tl ILtdbnok, in the onmtr of licul. ij 
^■a af a'-i'"- ' 

kv. Ur4 ttaen, of GOWtud, tod by bcr bad 

Q»Wf C»l. af WbAham-Birm. in iht county n 
Kam.M. Mary. daBctattr of Sic Hoban Tyrwbili 
kM. i« KatiR^. la Uanilnrtilra. and bad litat 

■nmmat. *. anra. 

Hna< fill), <rf arbam pn-andy. 

Aa*«T n"!'!. at Kaa(him. vbo ■■. Amw 
«n«nnal- BcH. •-]. af Norfidk. 

UMItarMr, ^/ Ww ■ 

y. in the 

ar, laR. J ha tatrd t«u uf hu 

■w Rkii Bauwii, kat oba waa aaalad it Kid. 

H^BB at ttf Wlltlau CalMby. int. of Aabby 
i^Mh a* ^ ttal lady bad too A«|tiUn. b«b 
^m a* Oranltoi. Ha waddad, aaemidly. Mary. 
M^»r<< Stt noiplliucau. ban. of autaa, in ibe 
MM* « raft. »y vblch lady ba had * »n. 
Sh ri>M Bamai, hni. vba d. ai Oiford of bia 
PMB*> «n>« al iba baltia of NaHby, In tba Kr. 
Iv of «(^ Caiaiia I. liaTiai, by Uananl, bia 
Ml. fc« ^w r a( Rii Haary KaaHya. hoi. na mu, 
Ivnt aad raiMH: IkraMrr. 


Slrathitelduiy, la the cot 
dylol UHb December. ITJ> 

III, Sin ClOHcI Btu»> 
PliKMaf tbt Hapt n/ tilt 

of Sir Giorst 
Txm. (Sea R 

e. yoongeal dimhicr of 
an only daughter ud 

Lady MDatyoia.Kcandly. Edward Gam, ai^. of 

Birmw Coun, in Somaraotahire, asd left by 
him twaaoDi, ColoaelOore Lan^n, of Newton 

Sir tlwrga'ai. proudly. Mr>. Holman, of Wariiwortil. 
and Ihirdiy, Fniicet. aiiter of William Sbaldim, raq- 
of Beoley. and widow of Henry Fermor, eiq. of Tiu- 
more, but bad no iiuue by allher of thoie ladlM. He 
a. nub June, DM. when the Biiomili becana il- 


480, M- Int. Alice, danfhler and biir of Willi* 
Iwinnhid. and •ecoodly. Aaat Belwood, By it 


■in o 


had no 

Kin>. Rob« 


and o»e d 

aiighcer, [» 

riM, of 

(Torf. Th 



oa of 

lb. Pr 

ar VIII 


Sir Edward Palmxr, of Anfmcrlng, in Siuari. and 
lefl, wiib a yoanger Wellcy, in Willa.a 

Huiaai BaowM, faq. of Walcol.wbii m.Marrint. 
Jiujbler and beir of Philip Barnard, eaq. of Aldan- 
han. and rrUa of Sir Barnard WbalMiaa, of Eaaei. 

Sii WiLU4>i BiowNB, Of WalcM. linigbt of ibe 

I. Sis Rui»T BiuwKi. of Walcol. enated a B>- 
■ ORET. lilt Sept., mi. Ha ■■■ lli«, Anne, daaghter 
of Rogar Capitock. who il- 1. jr- and aeDondly, Eliaa^ 
belhpdangblcrDf John Doyley.eaq. of ChlHlbaniptun. 
In Oifordahlre. by whom {who wedded teeoDdly Sir 
Oay Paloiea, knL of Aihwill. in RoIlaodiUre, J be iFfi 

o J<ihu Lord Poulttt 

^' <A^^-- 3 i.<*'J^U 

!. ■. AiH. 10 BrmUo Bcnm^hier, tti\. i 
IB Uh hhidIt of Oifard. 

I cnaait by letun 
, rinmnt WiUot, 

WftltewlBt. • purnl fmmra tbm (nut lul, gnndni 

» afir4 of cTork of (ho luiiiiprf 

t iriV, on Ihe mh April, hu lordBbip wh 

I to IW MarfuUatr «/ Lterriurnn, ani] 

cWippiUillDaDrUiEpHnrFff Cbudot. Hi 
tint. (Mb Frbrw), laso-r. Marr, only tur- 

mmmn *f HiddlHa, by « 

CwkKTiD* Talmulir. dHifaur of Lioael. Et 
" 4n. hy wbdm br lud khdb. 

iHlBi. Willlua Bcrkiley Lro 
l, frf iba faon* ivurdr, ud tKondlf, 
iTia PrkDclo fltabbope, eh^. by Thorn «] 

BryilBPt. laf. of PiDntr. 
•* itmnu^an 4. Wh April, 

~ '■,••» JobB Lslfh, a^. of AddlHtrop, In 
tta BaatT W tiloiKuUr, ud wu inBdnKubrr 

> a* aniDly of Wuwick. 

ooendly, Adb* JvltVoyA, uid by 

•'Abh,«>. is Htnry 

.. lUidly, in irn, 

r and ohbailr of Sir Johh 


II. Jibu Bktdou, third duke, b, irih Deceinbir. 
I7SI, Tbis aoblemui. Dpan (be acc«ilaa of hii 
Mijnty, Kim Gioiiui HI. >u oppololEd oae of Iha 
lordu of bii bed'diuiibtr. In InS. be »u iwoni of 

May, 1713. Mary. dtDghter and tola btiiT» of John 
Mrol. cH,. of SoBihgile, MiddloKi. by wbon he *e- 
qnlnd Mincbeodoii Maun. ■! SaothnM. IwflfaoT 

in-liw. Byibii 

■pouaed, aecoudly, 11a( Jbm, 177?, AonP-Eliu, 
aauKhUr of Rtcbard Gaoion, uq. and widow at Roger 
Hops BUfOou. EH), by whom he b*d a dBUBh(« and 
boiru.. Ol 

AKnaBLKi, who m. in ITW, RicmiD, Harl J 
TemfU. DOW Dun or Bdckimhii iks Cho- 

Hia gnrn d, without malo loue Wth September, ITNi 

came tiTinin', but the B*io»r or CiiiHuaa, whieb 
wia iBiuEdialely claimed by the Rit. Edwiiu Tthi- 
wiLL BaTHiu. M.A. of WoottDu Court. Id Kint. ai 
ncKi bflir maleot tbcbody of Sir Jobb Br^dgaa, Load 


j« Lord-dapuly, Bii 
nty. m ijuh. na jr. t^eaooT. daughter and 
a Wynarbe. txi. at Grelford, In Linroln- 

I. Eliiaba(h, daB|bur of John Claydoa, 

■ Caa*«H — Ttai aiaa laJai^d palxi Mond na (he 
niWaWav MKdcrwaR. Tbi 'Tiuli orir ill ulfm- 

cbawil Iter Ue Eari of Tlliui, (Or kit new bulldlBf ■■ 
WaoiMd, iu EaK«, wbKh h.. .lace eipeFlaMod^fha 
file of CaBBona i the ntaiMa ililrEuc waa hoofbl by U» 
Birl ofCbaiierlald lor bli wUeaeo la Hay Pair. Tbt 

CTDBBd BBd aln wberifla Ibli nufBltcaBt adUc* aUod 
(teaBia (ha property of aa opalMI H*d«BlaB. wbo Inlll 

thenwi aiwat baMUKloii wbleb Hill mulBi. altar ha*lBt 

of iponlaf eelehilly- 
ABo. ISM. 
Sir JahB Burke, of Henbaeba.ata Buuby. 

aa.ata Biiuby.lB ihepor. 

IB (he eoaD(y of Llscijae, 



*• Ufim U tki mwarr- n. ft»t, Jnl 


Maty. JiBsliur of Kir Joka Sl Aubyu. 


wmaiw, in Omnll, hy icbom bt bkd. 

laos. EnHaaD.Df wtu>m pnontlT- He 

The Hcond ion. 

T.<i R«. L.OI. Bi:a»i.OB>, D.D. ArrfadeKOn of 

■■kler or JitiD Hnnur, uq. niul lud ilu 

Drrry, ». M.rj. dautihirr of KLchard Cino, nq. of 

It tedT. >l» <I. Illb ImuiTj. IIM. H>> 

LmbrinD, in KildHTt, by Anne Lvnsi, of Rim 


LyoB., in ibe King"! County, mnil hid iuue, 

tUID Bi i.Lri.sf Tmint Pirk.CDninll, 

M*dlimn, >D officer in lb* »nny, who m. Miry 

W tfc> rrd. w» moled ■ B»oii>t M 

Newborgh, Archdevon of Deny,*. Anne Tw.or. 

, «• Binoi (^wuwi. Till. It.), ud 

only child of lauc Bomrord, »q. o( Tymlli- 

*«h]m.rf. r«u.,. 

Wii.Lini. ol whom prewnUy. 

Mu.vboa. UchFFbniiri, ISM, UcoL- 

Fran Ml. 


The Ibird ton. 

U «kB »M ««rt.-r ™f Eul L«r. did 

li IHH 1Mb Apnl. IDM, oliRi Itaa Biiu- 

(•1, by Lard CornwiUii. Oa hii mnn> he wtt 

armtti ■ BugKCT. Im Demnber, 1M4, sir William 

^m ■ «*■ iri. qouterlr vicrnd sf tbc 

BtllvbaiM and Dmmcarn. id Caiin. by LcUUa, hia 


wife, daoiblet and heir of BraghiU Perrol. u<|. of 


B.i1,bdgh. uid bad by her, who a. ia IM3, one «a 


and Ifaree daoihten. >ii. 


milUn. ». I3tb September, IIM, In the CoU- 

■KS. of cast ham. 

r(cei?ed behn Bayonnc, lllh May. 1BI4. 

B^b nu^KiTuicT Hita April, 1803. 

H^ ., 

Sir Chailu Ogle, ban. und d. 13th N'svimber, 

V ^'"^- 

I«n. iHTing a »n, William Ogle. 

HlaiiMBttun,«b«o. M.rgi.nt,<n.l; 

Haria-lHbuUa, d. unm. in IfW. 

■IMr If Yerr Baisa. o^' »( f^l Hun 

Louiia. J 

Sir WlUiim dying in 1«M, vltbout nniring mala M 

Wldyljkf 'r- tB IM*. Uu llUi apind. 

i»n., Che B.aoNn-^ air...D. H 

Jrau-Gu. the trunk of a tauni tree etadicaled H 


cemnet gn. between two aDDUieM a.. ■ 


'~ Ufi/* 


^ E 





BtTiacT ^M 


nnd July. ion. 


(dale-iikww.}. H 


K^ 1 

^3^ ■ 

linMK. H 

The fir.l of Ihi> family «. reand ie H 
H>i.a<, »» of Kic>«iai> oi BiraroKi, who by hi. ■ 

■ ~^ -"'•n,. ud had U™, 

derd renOnned to Uu monka of Goroaden. in the ^M 

KD of Ingehnir. and Begloald. ton of thai Eteginald. ^M 

iMi*.. ""«»»,, CaT«.*hl..but-Md 

In YbHioke. ^M 

\1CII»L>| Di BuaTox. wa. hjrd of Tolethorp, Id ibr ■ 

Bonnly ol Kuiland, In the vtb ol Eow.ii, II. and In ^M 

that year wx knight o( the .hire. UL. »n, H 

one of >he jn.<.c» of llie king* bench from (he lltu H 

ftiaiflnal tniat. had the honour of knishthood ran- 

HielialI.eiq. ar StftitU, In Norfolk. Unl d. wlthoul 
lHi» In ISW. whao .he B.«o»n-cr .« .«d. 

ontnti' of Yort, tn ri|hl of tat* tuMbar. «M N 
tha hDiua IS the Emprau Maiul. and bv* h 

hiiHilaSirdtodacdaiqliidiB*. Bava 
l» Stii-bik, »» IIM, and ai. Ih* liii^Mi 
John Luttreli. knt. of Hootn PumI. nth 


Jmu.tDBnli Rarlof Callaiuter, 
Iha demiia sf ht> udcIc. OHrfa, U 

talDlad. and Ilia landi and ban 

falnn, John Callandar m. Jann. aldait d&uihtar sf 

ALiIiHDaa CiLunui*. h. to 1710, vho n, in ITH. 
Hamnl. yoon^ut duiblaT of Daiil Rimwiiy, ea^. 

Buphemla. d. unn. iu ITM- 

Jinat. m. IB John HIkrIoi. 
Tha ildul •on, 

I. SiiJOHR CiiLtHDta.afWaitmnwn.liiSlirliiDi- 
iMtt. ■ coloatl IB Itw amy. and M.P. lor Ucnrldi 
■poD IVerd. b. in Sapmnber. I7V>, waa cr«al«d a 
Biaourr lit Aafiut. 1708. Ha m. Ind Pabmary, 
irM.Martaral,dau(bl«of Jotan Rnnar. ivi. of Cher 
iriek. In Norlhamhariand. and ntlM of Rnd|fi Kpar 
nry. aaq. but dying i. p. and April. I8II, rha liUa b.^- 

'ha BL t<«rdi?riiu. a« 
AlphEinaiu Goapalrick. Lard nf C 
othrr DHifuira, and « peraoh »f gf 

the chapel of the SlcMd Virgin Hary u ltd, I 
by Roier, the archbiabop, [wbaae r^i ««h 
ScDIt, in JTiiif BtHit Ihi Bfonid'a nteK. 
Joan, dauchtEr of Sir John S 


Miry. ai. IrKrrj. aoh «f PaMr 
with which lady her brotbtf. S 
fare landa in GalTBTWy. 

gf Sir Nicholaa Slapleun, knt. and n 
W.LTia Scott. IItibs in ITTl. ■- I 

lubelb. tb. >tr. of ThaDW PaW>B. tf I 
ay. >lMt bw|<M(ta*d bar W<y w to ta 
If Eaholt. nia My, kf* 

tD>g m. Dm. KUiobcih, diagblcr of Alnandar Mora, 

Itna. Ue wedded, •nondly, ioya, daugbler 
Wilier Pjr, knt. orihF Myndv. in I!' - ■ - ■ 

bad, WiiLT», hii nu»e»r, mud John, of Gn; 

dnrinc Ib> dTil Tin. He h. Frmca, diuHfaWr at 
Henry Thampun, e^. of Bsbolt noil Bmtiiliiild, lod 
bud, Titli two dinghtfn, Anne, wife of BeDjtiuia 
Wide. wi. of Nm> tinuge, PEU L»de: and Briditel, 
witw, mccailTitly of Jobn Runidcn. «q. uiit Wallet 

enuced a Biionet liy (/urrH Akni>, llcb Dk. ITII. 
Sir Wdur ». in Jiniury, IIM, JulU, eldeit Osachlcr 
or Sir WiUiuB Blicten. of NcwcuUe npao-Tyne. 

Juiii, m. to Sir George Trerelyu, Inrl. and ui only 

II. Sin WiLTU CiLiuuT, of CilTerby, who 
wedded Etiubeth. diufliter ud luir of Sir Willijim 
Blickftl, but^ imd thereupgu wimvd the niniiUDe 

Amu— St. m iDNcutdifiin sri, wllb sn orle of eight 




■t|bt, leaTing by AUui. bii wife, duoeliler at tdward 

fia BDa(iTC*iiiii.i.ildrTia*Dari.auduii, vba n. 
JUIn. dsa|ht« of WilliRB WilllBKIOD, aod bid twu 
•MM.J»lt, ofWwdfnnl.aDdTuoaK.of l-Uy Hall, 
who wosbuthenaled Biaoiini. Tba yunnfar. 

t. lliiTiiuBuGaBiu.L,afaaTHall,l>> Kbu.wu 
« crrutA In IdH. He m. Ini, a dasgliier uf Nklu 

three licvra' head* eraaed aV' 


liiiTiD «tb April, loai— Enitrrr Maf.H 

bmlher of the Aret barei 
ing year, the lille becua 

f Wnadfard. Km 
. Bi Clay H>n. « 


Ji at* C> ■rnu, CCA- 1 


VewBuu. mn.' •ai had tM». 
Hiiaiat iSirj, bit hrtr. 

Richard, who ••. EWaaar, i 

tbmoAUmua RkknA Stmwrt,crf 

■- eaSirlVKuf IdD^tntii knt of Brvtol. 

■tiu wit Dw^oT of BrUtol (ion 

rrtn KlHf Chii'lu II. Und 
rancfld to t BkBOHTTCT on tbc 

It (MB Sir Erivkrd WBltn-. 

Abb>. ■■■ Im, to Sir Rokari a 

■ wn illy. u Mr Kudlrj >artk, Lnl. brother of 
ClHtrta*, Lard Norlli vul Urry. to Sir Pnnds 
Kwtk, tlH l«rd-kT<|icr, and In Uinl GaUdrard. 

DuJIrt North, of Rlmilun. in SnHlilk. vt 
■. CstlHtlB*, diHthlcr o( Klihi 1'kJi, on 
■ iBTtmu ia Uui Eul liidi«, ind lud 

Sin HiNiT CiNTt Liprinc(nT,buI.who 
Ai. fnttj trg. ■ rt»e pu cbvied with three 



Thii wu ■ yonngf^r brimch of the C>n-wi of Hoc- 
oombc, ID tbe rouoly of Doou. fonodtd b; 

Aliiihuu C>Hn,Mq.<or EuiADtlM)n;,bi CoRI- 
«*1I. whs m. habel, dugbur of JoliD Katdi, oiui- of 
Woodleigb, in Dnon, (by tho b«ir of Darwin} tnd 
dTinc in ibe lltb HiHiir Vlli. vu 1. by himmm, 

JoHi Ciatn, e*|, sC Aachony, wbo n. Tboniuiae, 
danclitcr ud co-litiT of Bogir Hallsnd, e*q. Bud hid 

John, of Puole, who led Eira dinghten 

ThamnB, •>. ElouHir.diuitbterDrEirCiln 

Hunwonb. (n the county of Donot. 
Rofcr. niuierofoiK of tho aillr«a ia Oxford. 
Mr. Cucw. wlin «i> tbfrtff of ComnU in (b« Mi «f 

Kia Wtiuid Ciuv. Int. of Anlhonii, who wee 

Vlil. uid wu knighled >I Dn roroution of King 
EDWAiPibeLDCDuD of 1hi foKy tLniEUtsmkdD imtend 

Gci«it Jit pffTfonn Eh« cnrmODiM Decftaary tu thfl 
litter iRMi«i>. Uc ■■. Mirths, daughur Df edwud 

Rocer, wbo Irfl Iho> 

.*iw, knt. >b. J. U II 
T wo f«lr>. iiHiKir ,4 ii.m\i ta 

AuiutiM, w EiH «atbiwy, la Coniw4ll. Blivfi>- 
Wn>m« (■r"««wijb»»i»d. WidtUldi-r, Bukt 

Im iIiEm tM kiTiBt illwMlciil hia notlHr, that Udy 

k> lewli itMB llKm aiHl tkr iHsiaf llnir bwtlei. iibul. 
■nliiK toiwHi ilnnTof. iIk oil! la b^lw biirtf ib>«ilM', 
.■•1 ■■ la wItiHM wbcnof (>hi Hjt la krrr mmrmtej 
D wcJi of tbMi dnidi »n limn lodcaiid, I hen Ht nr 

irwond Ihi imI of tb* mijfor of Ihe ally of Ktilrt t« 

t Cjiatw, Id bU —ifj of CsnwiU, oUi Ihti imlb- 

Tohln lit MMndr »<1 iMrniHM vf d>l*m iAB 1 

wkkk OH l»t>d ■■><»■ •■ IV BCWH} ■( ■*• •■«« I 

•iucuiiipof*«kudUnc^. AJk>ni»k«i | 

SiriRoa. ■»( ibt klat'i tofiH rfmlUaf •• ftr ««*- 1 



mm, oi HaRvwbHr, horn ohcxu diKoua.^d 

• II. Th> Rei. Si> Aluirdeii CiaBvt |n:(rr tu ^^^1 

anAcr w» .. by hit dder «p. 

Sir AlEiauder.Iho m-aiai bart.) who it. alio iMnclMa, ^^H 

« J«o« c™. nmbr In Uio muntion 

whrn the IJUe bmuDE nrurt-T. ^^H 

■Bl tsr CornnU, and loln In Ibal rboKD in 

Tha utaM, indudioi Eut Aalbony, pamd *I tho ^^H 

drceaae of L*dy Carrv. widow of Sir CoTSntry Caraw. ^^^H 

branch, and *( hit dcmlH wilhoal nialo iuue to tbo ^^H 


Bnit grnodwiu of lbs Ihird barouat (to whan rcfar), ^^^| 

HUt. >a Conxill, uiil IeR a danghm. 

Ibooy. ^H 

LDi roL*. nnoroT St. Brtot. and »iih a 
y«.>.(.r »D ud laoghttr, bad a «>>. and 

«.d l.nju«d'p.. Hj 


^^•■e. >• > I. PoLi. -ho ■>. <t OBO. dai>el.<» 


^B rtlw™.""'""" " 

^P^ Rk-miui Pole, who Inhoriud ih> 


nuiuc their inrDuu(l wu the 

SiaNicHoi.iiTnaa«K>ioaTDn,tDt.orPiuter'sFerry. >' " '■' 

law tU(bl Hon. HaBinALD fnu 

Tnorton, of GmiihiOD. by Cathariiu, hii wifi.dauBbter 

of Mcbolaa, Lord Vaax of Harrowdcn, aie Suaii'i 

danghtar of Sir Nlcbola* Canw, K.G. of Brildinpon. "" / ^" 

> ■( Sir Winiam Morrici. hart, of WorriogUHi, 

andaiaUrandhgirarSir FranciaCUTW, bywhomtM C^f.-i /.t~i 


1. AaiHim (Sir), of Pia]er-> Perrf , Int. .boriff of 

wnM. <a. Brat, u Sir Gedrrcr Copley, bin. i>f 

Sir Thomai Lucas, of Calcbnler. and bad (Our 

dauphttra, hia ca-bein, rii. 

Miar, ■■. in 1S08. Id Thomai. Baron Wollon. 

kKl W lb. Utor all. had Uaoo. 

Ann I, m. Id ION. lo Sir PcCrr Temple, Imtl- 

t*m. hut. ind taeotidly. in WlUiam But- 

te, a.^. H.P. (,, Wailor. 

1. Euataarii, h. u Sia W.i.r» R>l>ioh. 

Tho youncer ton, " 

^•■.au.. o..«, M.p. („ Con.w.11, Thi. 

p;::Si;',"i:.r;:;;j-.",'r,s, „. 

r^*^*^- ■•'» daoihtt,, al Si, Copi™!..' 

Sia McHOLtaTHaoctuDaTOK.kDl. of Beddinglon, 

namoofhiamaUmalancealon.Ciuw. Hom.Mary. 
(ld»I il*«i|hUr of Sir Gtorgc Uore, knl. of Loatley, 

'°8il Fa«c!. Caa^. of Beddington. who m. Swan, ' *'- 

daugbur of Sir W llliatn Romney, and dying Ulh April. ^^H 
lOIB, left a aon and aucceaaor, ^^H 


tflnt. Bdl he -ti id •otllihly lud danEerouily wary of ^^| 

bli awn Kcnrlly.fbadat neither <iHita{e inenib loobey ^^^H 

atalnil U,) Ihal be WDuld net proceed (III be wu hI*. ^^H 
cftnily aiiorad Ihal bti paidoo *at paated Ibe )nal ae al ^^H 
of Gnilaadi b.f«. which lime, >bou|h all loHfinable ^H 
bule wu made, by Ibe tnacbary of a lerraM oCuni ha ^^H 

Irailad. hli Inaiy and deiifu were di«»v(red lo ih. ^^H 

pSfc'*^'""''""' "i""; 

Ihc dillgeiKe gi«d by Ibal party in caan of inch eon- ^^^H 

BriSvS"'"' ■■■■''■": 

priaed la hli foil, and canted prtKiDer Inlo Plymofllb. ^^H 
■od IWiln Ibence by aea aenl u loDdoq, when he waa ^^H 

• John Carcw. e«|. of CamrriDn and Sail AntboBy, ^^H -. lo Geo.j. KaUTv WiTrlnKHin. e»|. of ^^H 
Peoiripinl. (he praKnl G. H, Ciaiw. trq. af ^^^H 

►OinnB, ■on •rf Rir Phaip de Cint- 

rt. liy hl> pmilflna and 
4 ■( Jma} rnxn MliUR into ibe 

a.iHiattMa of Fr«aea. ffemoiui for lits mtny 
•H*<t>eB«lM>, puKdti>dJ>iily from Dn- 
■!■■*?• **lb M itiBToricii (boiuuidiiivn. 

« MnttT. At tku iIbm' Ihia RicinaM dK 
«■••« awBI Oi«uiI CiMlf , and defoDded 

—— . > uuu ■■■ us USTID ■OM we™ lU 
•**»«*•« 111. IB OBI. diiv. Fmmihi. 
l^^""** *» »•■ tn bla dH«nduit, 
fMlw C4»nm«. mho iind.rwH, la Ih. rtigo 
P.**** *«-» <w Mm F»».h. nd k> Mnml 

>i brtr of Lord nouiii 

' -r'l ** "^tilj of S<' Own. Tk 

fDrleil III ujlum lo tbr Priooe of Wiilej, (who'mp- 
pDinUd bim hit rioe-chiniboriiiB,) Mr. UjAt, ift*r- 
wttrds Lord CUrendoD, tad ochor Kfn^cvB of dlntinc. 
Uon. After thi> he defmded the iiUnd of Ititrj ia 

camDiuid of King CniHLU II. iw (d do. EUubelb 
Cutle, JD tho uUnd Btlenej.mier Sir Gtorgt Cir- 
MTI, wu tbs lul fortrcu that lovend tbs royal 
baaner. At Um rulanMoa.Sir Gmrse fonnod onrnf 
the iBiniediau train uC ihc rtflored mananh in hiatri- 
DBi|ihau( entry into Londoui aodibeiinldaybe waa 
■worn of tha priTT*ouncil, and drclared iionHili- 

fcy the corporation of Potwmoulb. Sir fieorge ai. 
Eliaab^lb, dmighKr of Sir Phibp Cartgnt. knt. of 81. 

itly diatlnguiahdl 

of Mount Or^flll €aatlD, wha 
by tha parUamenury foraa In lUI. Sir fhilip 
m. Jiminia, daughter of Edward Montagn, hnt 
Eari of Sandwich, nce-adniral of England, and 

Philip, aptain of nviuaa. Lonuaeain lOftS. 

Edward, H.P. Jalnt poal-maiWT-gcanal, m. 
Bridget, daughlar of Sir Thnmaa Extnn, 
jndKC ofUw bigb conrt o4 BitaairalEy, ud d. 

Sir Philip CulrretbtlngwhhUifatberiuliv, 

n>«nt off Solabay, 3»cfa Hay, 1071, was blown 
up with that gallant oSoer in Iha Royal 

plain R.N. inthorcignofJirinf CBtauti 


Adiu.iii. to Sir Nlduriu SUnIng, of Uii- counl; 

or Dsron, K.B. 
Gnvllnc, «. U Sir Thmui Scot, of Sun'! Kail, 

, f'ti Lnrlu-M>r|UcItE. ■>. u Sir Rolwrl lUins, nr 
, t EupcrUD, in th« conBty a( GlaneeiUr, 

Sir OcsTES i. 13th Juiury. 1070, tui «u 4. bf bu 


eltrated ut die |>««rsice on tb 

Tbii aalil(in(D, whcD only eight yun of ige, wu ■>. 
to Ud) Gn» GniuiillB, yaiin|«t dauRhler of Jobu, 

Hanrr, U" Eirl of Botb of thai fuaily ; • mirrjai* 
Igrerd npon by hi» 4[nlDdf»lhffr. Sir George Ctncnt. 
■bA Ibc Eul of Bilb, u mniiit Uir friendihip which 
hadtongiiib«i<tedbplv«on tbcTD' Dythiilady bii lord- 
•hip had iiniE, Johk. hia lucccuor. wilh mmtber aoii, 
Philip, and a dangbur, jFmimi, who both 4. unmiir- 
ried- Hit tordahip, who wi« « Beatoua lupporter of 
tha nrolution, d. *l tbe early ago of twrnry-aik* iu 
lou. Hia widow, Lady Cirum, baring lucmdEd •■ 

of ber nephaw, William- II anry GraniiUo, Earl of 
Balbi in ITII (whan thai dignity bFcaim etlincl), 
wai mitad on the lit Jinniry, Irl4. rtiamntri 
Ctrttril. and CaohTiiia GataiiLi-a, with nmaindii' 
of th< TiacoonlVi drfaull of male iaaua in bar Hn, 
John, Lord Cartrrtt, to the uncle of that nobleman, 
Bdwaid Cut-ret, 004. and Ui male bein. Har lady- 
aklp d' in 1744, and waa j. tay har only aiirrivEngaoD, 
III. Sin Jour CiaTian, aacood Lord Cirterel, u 
Earl GrsDrille. Hia lordahip wu appolatad ona of 

the lord! 

nf Ih 




m of the 

of Swad 

i>. whle 

high olSce h 

Uw ail 


ng yaan. 

only daughter i>f Sir Itsbcn Won 
ad ■nnd.daughler milemally of Tliomaj Tbynn 
iiconnt WtynuHilh, by wbom be bad 


■e«, M.toJDbD, Har^MHof T*mU) 
I opoiucd. aMoodly, LadT 8B>fcU ( 
ilaugblar of rhumu, Karl of PsittM, ud I 
only dangbler, 

Sophia, wbo «. in I7g9, WillinB Patty. 
Barl of Shalbuma, anerward* Harv 

John, a^nnd Mir<iueaa of Lnadowi 
bnxher of Hnry pr~.tit narfOM. 

ir. Sia RaaiH CiBtaatr, third Lord CcrMa 

r— Galea, foor fuaila 14 


Ha ai. arcondly, a daoghter 

and had Wiujiii,Johi>. Pr>i 

EUubeth. rbe atdaalaon, 

aaghiarof B«it<^ 

by hit ton. 

rraatad a B^aoi'n by KiMt rB.iua. r^fcj 

of Haaaet, In Suffolk, and dnfbiar af ~~iiM 
of Uie atmr coBnly. and bad iMU, 


».' iu holy ordan. «ko WmmI ■ Jabn SMtUy.^^Ki 

• W^ ,, I JoHii Ciii»miJim, »q. Ike lut ■>■■> 

'^ I '^ of Tlrte. ud HmniUy, u Sir Williu 

II. SiiTnoaii Cat 
duibtD if fUmaai Pritenx. aiv ■f *• 
Tempi*, and ht4 iwa duthm, Ua c*k*tn> •! 



of Um Hoom of Comiqpmi. H« m, tint, Dorothyf 
daaghter and hoirem of William Blanden, esq. of 
Riabop'a Castle, try whom he had 
Faijfcis, his sncceafor. 

Jane, m. to Thoman Hanmer, esq. of the Fenns, in 

Flintshire, and bad two sons, William and Job, 

and a daagbter, mi. to Admiral Cornwall, of 


Dorothy, m. to Sir Edward Leighton,baTt.of Wat- 

Mary, m. to — Burrell, esq. of Essex. 
Sir Job Ml. srcondly, Lettice, daughter of Walter 
Waring, esq. of Oldbury, and had farther issue, 

Gilbert, who wi. Anne, daughter and co ht*ir of 
Harrey Staunton, esq. of Staunton, in Notting- 
hamsliirc, and had, with other issue, a daughter, 
Anne, who mi. Richard Brough, esq. and was 
Grrandmothvr of Elizabeth Brough, married to 
the KeT. Dr. ;Vspinshuw, who has assumed the 
«nmame of Staunton, and is the prtn^ent Dr. 
ST%i-!rroN, of Staunton. (See BcrkeS Com- 
moners, Tol. i. p. SM.) 
Emma, m. first, to Thomas Comwallis, esq. of 
Abermarles ; and secondly, to Dr. J. Robinson, 
lord bishop of London. 

Sir Job Charlton was s. at his decease, 27th May, lti»7. 
by his oldest son, 

II. Sir Francis Charlton, who m. first, Dorothy, 
daughf'r and co-heir of the Ker. Mr. Bromwyrh, by 
whom he had a son, Bllndel, his successor; and se> 
i*<indly. Miss Cam. by whom he left two sous and a 
daughter, Emma. w. to John LloyJ, esq. of Aston, in 
Shropwhire. Sir Francis d. *ilst April, 1729, and waii 
«. by bin son, 

III. Sir Bi.rNor.L Chari.tun, who in. Mary, siittcr 
of Lord Foley, and had issue, 

Francis (Sir), his siiccrsnor. 

Robert^ob, in holy orders, rector of Brampton, in 
the county of Hereford, and vicar of Kiddrr- 
minster, Worcestershire, d. before his brother, 

Emma, d. unmarried. 

Elikabkth, m. tu Edmund l^erhniere,* e«q. of 
Hanley Ca»tle, in the founty of Worcester, 
knight in parlianicnt ftir that shire in 1734, and 
hud issue, 
Nicholas LKiiiMLRit, of Hauley Castle, //. in 
17J3, who vucceedt'd tu the Charlton estates 
upon the demise of hix uncle, Sir Francis 
Churl ton, in 17»l, and assumed that addi- 
tional surname. He espoused Susanna, 
daughter of Jessun Case, esq. of Powyck, 
and hiul issue, 

1. KiiviND. present possessor. 

2. Francis, h. in I7!M». 

3. Kmiua. </. in IfUX). 

Mr. IrfX'hmerf-Charlton wsh 5. at his decease 
by his rider son, 

Eduinu Lmiivlrk Charlton, esq. nom- 
rrpr«sentati«e of the two families of 
Lechmere and Charlton. 
Sir Blondel died in Detvuiber. 1742, and was s. by his 

IV. Sim Frimm ('HtRi.ios.of Ludford.a centleman 
of the privy ch imbf r, who died unmarried 3rd I)e- 
(-«>uib-r, 1784, when the Baronetcy became rxTiMi ; 
the estates devolving on his nephew, Nicholas Lucii. 
MEUk, eaq. of Haule) Castle. 

Armi -As CiiiRLLTON, or Hi>LrYMi)k. 


ttth June, 1671. 




1. Sir William Ch4Ttor, of Croft (■MonCli 

Chaytor, es4i. lieutenant-colonel in the royal ii 

by Ann, his wife, dan. and co-heir of WillfaMi La 

eAii.of HoughtonAeld»in Darhaai, and great-fn 

of Christopher Chaytor.eaq. of BntteHvy, by Db 

sister and sole heir of Richard Clenra«x,v«q.«|i 

was creatc<l a Baronet 28th June, 1071. He m 

grina, dan. of Sir Joseph Cradock. kat. of Rid 

but dying jr. p. i. in 1720. the Bason ctcT bMH 

TiNCT. The estates derolred on Sir Willina'aai 

H EN R V C H A r tor , esq. who then heewae * rf ' 

He was direct ancestor of Che prcacnC 

Sir WiLLim Chattor. of Cnft, w1 

created a Baromet in IMl. 

i4rM4- Party per bend dancettte erg. and ai 
oinqnefoils. two in chief and one in h«ae, ci 


Crr«ti:u 18th July, I7«6.— Extinct in Maick, 


1. SiK Hi:>R\ C II EERE, of Westminster. Che ifi 
received the honor of kniRhthood in 1760, ea pr 
ing a congratulatory address to his majesty en 
cession to the throne, and was advanced to the < 
of a Baro\ft IHth July. I7IW. He m. Helen, da 
of SauviRiiiiin llaudall, esq. and dying in 17«l, 
by hiii son, 

H. The Rev. Sir NVii i.ia« Ciilerk. whii 4. t 
ISOH, when the title became i.vtimt. 

.4r/sjc— Quarterly ; erminois and pu. a label 
lN>ints a/.. 


list Ma\, \M\. 

in i: 


RuMitT ("HERMH kA, efMi- of the LancaaUra 
inarriiti tirst, Frances, daughter of — AH 
eM|. of luddingtun. in Bedfordshire, and Rffl 
thi* iMiinty. By this lady he had seven 
dien. uf whuiii wre KuhaRu, his sacctesii 
Flon-nre, the wife of Siwurth Pettes. uf B* 

• Mr. ijrrhiii'rt- wap rt|.|i «■ iiLiii\f of ibr aiK-ieHi fAiiiil> ofllialnatiii, i»i sn act-nnnl of which, tc* Pat 
wf Al'rB*liio|f, lit Ul kkl■'^ I'tmttm 'frB. vol. I ii. IML 


or Ibc Trinity, in tha inwn at Sbiw Ht. Edwwd. in the 

nr muicr md u biut penoix u ifaniU ihluk fti u 
Im dT Iki rruunilT ; irhieb wirAin oi muur. wilb 
UiiT auqaritT uT thr rnlcniity. Ml cbcir ■aortMon. 
nn (inpairgnd to cbBDH utmiJIy ■ virdrn, dd tbE 
■ve of Trinity, fdr die gDTFnuDEHI nf Ibc ■»>•(: ilu. 
llHt tiu) he Diw body cnrponu. huTC ■ ohwood teml, 
|iiii 1 1iM< tandfli Ac, ! And likewit* atv wpoiFnTd id 
CT«I > cli«(ry, uid piin*MB U ■ ' - ■ -■ 
£1a pir aonBD far lbs miinwui 
U (ppnlnlcd by Iht uid Robert 
irhi> ibuuld pny M the alur of Ibc baly Trisily, 1 
Ibc punab a( Slow SI. Edvird araRMid. for the we 
Ah of the king and War^nr. hitqaiavn, and for tii 
•aula af Ibilt pTOfTiiifDn, tod for ibo velCan of SI 
Ralpb Bawl«r, LdI. Liird Sudlry. tirunnr o( Eu| 
Uud, Sir John Bnucbamp. el Pvwlck, Vet. and fi 
tba waidcu vf (be uid aociety. Thii ftobcri (ibcni 

M. TWh 

ilwupratadtltbSiFawbrrMlawiB(. ■>■ 
he [ilea Afnoa CheaOa, bla urif*, lua M 
plau. and bmiHbold (oada, a< iMf ■ * 
wtdowi but it abe mrry. U> h«e all* 

landa, ohicb ba *Ula, aftar bn da w > 
u iobn Cbartn, bu (iia. ocaft bia nWl 
and in Suaei, vbirb ba dralfw hlicMM 
and diapoaa aTlbc Huay Or kta aaal. Md W 

Rifliard CbeMT*. bb bn<b«. Ma aaca«B 

naapp<ii> KiaiT.maniriKaMM^tiaM 

N icHOLAi and Wi'ixitii, beiwea •MaM 
be dltido aU bla («>4a ud lIHIII H 
nuiny. ud Ma anna ibt wbati *M*^ 

nam. M ahi: bad aaid uxM bto)" mil 
bar wile oaeruirii. IbaUMnlilHaHwl 
laa. railloc. Ibc nvnaanuUgw ul iMMM 
devotted vpna 

younferaDn. Thit WIIUl^ m tNl» 

i> BliliDp d( RIphlB, In Irelnn 
■M, m. on or the dsiihirr* of H 
CUrnlai. 1in(. of Aiwell. in II 
sf NnnhunitxrLind. biii rf. Tiihai 

obn Troll. J "' 

s Bkhant, 

I. to lohn (lanUi 

f>r Jnbn Tdi 
x( AldirnuiB WiUlam Bmwick, 
le- A( wbu pm^K liiDD he died 
[ bo v*a barl«d wllh hi* wi*«B in 
unnd, LoDtaard Stroel, ImhaTiiifl 

UKal, in Uu wall of tbM chorrli. 

B IKtUueol 

only «ir- 

Ht m. 

I.* inlb««HintTor Bucki.udllHinliy 
UBw- ty Ihii UdT ha IcA, u tiii d«- 
» »ly •on. 

y of koTMi ta a|>p(*d tb« flpabiab Ln- 

.f John FrT«, 

H of iku qoBn'o n^, an 
)r iiK* I. Unl March, 
nti DIaahidi, iliii(hirr nl f 

JaJtm Hankvimli, daughWr of Mr. 

LBkwonb.anJ hy lurhad ■•ao.BobrH, 
ai ttm af> nf Mckntn. Ilo m. imnul 
r. famfhiEt si ThuBua U'omI, tt^. of 
. Md altar af Htr Haary Wood, knt 

i: At vH wUov or Mr. Aldanaan 

Ik In*. IMI, at. Catbariu, dai 

Bell. knt. dT Branpna 

Fill m. ■ccoDdl)'. Slh SeptamlKr, 
il John E11U, a »). of Kiddil. in 

year. Havaai. bybi 

of York. 

DOlidly, Samuel Uding- 

vbo Tu a^aiD sberilf oi 
. rf.idldU.MedKTtDty, 
in tba 3tiI Ucccmlwr in 
«ld>^>t ion, 
t, baptized Urd Marcb, 

of JtrjnfCHlBLU t. 

lioD be acrrad in cha 
lOry largely to Iho c 

H« behXDd hlmaelf with •InsnUr hnicry at Nu«by 

Holland, and id munin tbere until compoailkm wan 
effacHd (or hia Ufa, libeny, and Uuda.wilh ths aavrp- 
- ■ - — ■ - . daufblar of 



xti aga of aighlyniua. 
Henry, who died unmuriad in bia falber'a Ufe- 

PeylDD, icntleman of the bedcbamber to Henry, 

i)ute of GloHCCiUr, i. DDmarricd. 
William, a W«l India mcnrbant, who anmucd n 

Ur^ fortune in tradr. Ha m. Sarab, dauBhlar 

d two daoiibtan, namely, Dumnnv, n. 

lo Mr. Butl 

>( Barbadoea, ud Euii 

Jobn. a, unmarried. 

Alice, m. U JobB Mltlioeut, an, of Berakaiu, in 

Duiulby, n. u Colonel Jobn Fialier. of Wiibicb. 

iVilliam Kyley. em). barriatrr-at 

m Itlor'a b<Bch,J ha jcft IViai daachlen, 1<1> w- 

],• by wLdio (vbo rf. hla iridow, IMh »>< 
mj, bipdied in lOU, tf. aDnUTritd In M>; 

r* bnptiitd SOtb S«p1CTDber. IBHft, of HbAof 

4. nnmiDTled. 

A. Illh Hinh, 1074. m. ElinbMh. 
Diniel Wingfirld, «q. of Londat 
■nd btd a loa uid two dvieh(«n» 

Mury, ■>. lo 
<B ib« cou 

miubelb, ■ 

SictiDlii Kyn. EH|. 
■Dd had ID Buly »[ 

Hnirinu, <f. j-duhr. 

DIaoi. H. to t)ia Rer. Mr. HiminfUiD, rrclar < 

DoriKby, m. u Jnlin WiUsD, aq, of Tboip, lUa 

Sir AnthDpr d. Illh Pfbrur^. laOT^a, iu th* ilily- 

lidy. who d. ii4 Onatx-i. 

rnncu. ■■. BcFIhU, dauAfatnr ■ 



cfrttin 01 

Sir M*DrT Wood 






(blh Unmet. 


ID 1JI». jBl.1, Tail 



■Diir nf Uneola. wi**: 


Pi'nelope. m. ta Rlclunl SmbthM 

He M. Hcondly (April. 1TI4). Frvwo, vUwf 
Cl»rln SkrimaUrE. tnL of Norbary Mu«. a 
foFdifain, onlT child of Sir WillUa N'hI. M 
Kitkby. in Ibe nnDly •>! LiinsMr. by Tttmm 
Kcond wire), dauehnr of Uiwblf.. Iin4 W •«. M 
no uUicr iwoe. Ttaii gsBtlnaui bcauii^ wl M 
Ihr cbuiTb *l Cbicblay, bntina wk<4lT nWI 
rhancrlandpiTnlilwithniiirblf. K< 

T. Sib Witum Chdtu. who al- 
ter of Gtat* Henci. Mq. of 

sitnif by hla nut *iiniiin« bnttn, 

• I. Sn Junn-CBHTin. U.P. far Aa iiinM| rf 
ford. ThiiontlonuD ■.in iri». rnaen,^ 
nf Sir Edward B>(Cil. hart, of BlilhAaU. a ^fl 

, Rm CH.aiu.Bjki)aT CHorn. M w^M 
Utb May, l)M. the manar of CHtdtky.toii 

nd by wiD on bii eoulB, Cbartn •■«« 
■n brslber of WilNaia. ArM Lnd ^V 
inillenian iHUDied in Muo^ttiuMt. »y i| 

• Ibi pnwDI Chiilu CnuTia. _«. riOMI 
hariat-Ba«oc Cbaler wm i. in iIh Bai— 1 

E. TBI Ktr.Sia AimoNT r.aariB.i.M<«l 
Idoa.vhoai. Ellnbtlh "'- ' T III I imliilt 
I Hay, ITdD. a«>^ • wbn Iht Wfa* 
■ue aiTllrcT. HiiTiitow «HrTi*ada*UIIMJl 

I 1 1 .1 I I |l 


SUET, bettfecn threa leopirdjt' 

ftmM HHgh d. Cliolniondoley.d 
I Chaurt. imp. K„«.«i, i,,u,d u 
Mui.fiwt irudioB o( Robert, wi 

■«^ "tWnuntHf BOTWuor of Hu 
I* bU btinlin RogH ooouDUidid il 
" «»B,ih. Umr, trt»u>u (t llMftcl 
*7*t Iwl <( ivmy .1 PteideD. ■( 

rb a. r'^^I.tBI •>' Klutbarp, ia York- 
**• <W..'*". B*^"*"'' i«"flit« of Sir 
•■**KT7h.t,t at flwil™««h.»na left. 

^4^,^, '"-.-.wie Tmr..ofthe.1- 
*r*C'-^S/ WIUU,,.„d.nb«. 

■St^^'i/^"^ hunting Ih. 


LljicL. mil hu cDiDiilekioD to Bwarthy, tliM ho wu 
fragucnily cBllnd ' the Blnek KnLghl of llie North.' " 

, of Whiibv. uuTled aliaut 

ic Hulm 

■1 dying i 

lOLHUiT. knt. of WhitbT and Roiby, 
B. Mirgint, dtUEfatsr at Sir WilUiuii 
■ad bud ijuui^. 

Birbary, n, la Tbamu Lord F»1i:aiib«r] 
Hildn, m. l4> Tnby Wrifht, Fiq. 

Uaiy, ■•.'to tlie Hon. Henry Puifu. » 

Puirfu.of DoBlon. 

AnTiibelli, m. to Htnry Wlckbam, cl 
CutHLU 1. 

SirHonrid, bUOll.uidw.. 

lOM. Hf«.ttrM.Sounn>,da 
«.!. *nd b» ho. who died in IB 

of WUilby. high «he- 
P. farIJ»r)>orau«hiii 

UUCH (Sir), fail 
H=Br> (81r) a 1 

Bur'ir,. " 
MprBarrl. ». (0 


of RobrR Supyllon, en,, of Wi| 
o( Sir {» Twitd™, but. of 

ir WLlJLin 
orgc Trottt 

StricUind. knt. 
r, E«i). 

an. M»( 


ret, •liter of Sir Wll 
n Oxford, ud hod by 

Rfchurd iSiT). 
durinf the dT 

f Oromonl. knt. wlopcl in thn 

pointed commander-in-chief of all the form 
which bHieied Lyme, fa* reoeived ■ vonnd it 
rorathMtowB.of whleli hadisd. TUi gallan 


Sir KiAird i, nri Scptemkar, lUI, sad ma >■ by 

t. Silt HcEB Cholouit. kni. of WhiUry, ». Und 

Bnuwrr is IU1. On tfar ondKukiDi; of tbf firil 

nvr, and au ■ppaiDIa] foTflnuir Df Scvrboraq^h 
Captle, A gmcnl ID Ibp northfrn pkrtf of Bn^liiv], ■ 
pokiael flfdrafovflA. Hbd jadge of All nurisc *M%iT* in 
EicTT port OD tbe Vorbbfn owl, hctwroi tbi Tkh 
•nd firidlinrlm. In Scu-himliigh hi conlinurd bil 
rrfidctlCfl hbdl the parlUln«nt hftd obOibrd poptetf- 
■ian of pTcry pUc« io VorLfbin, n^vpt tlw ovtlHof 
PontefmS and SciirhiinKi(b, irhcn In annsd (oiTf 

PnnhEnnan, on <ht fill of lh< culls, vhni tbe 
whale wu Trdn«d dlmaffl lo ■ heap of rain*. And Sir 
Jolia MrJdmn, who commuided the titfK, mmt pra^ 
poult to bfn npiHd witb Dj#aar«B. ho refalntely vtlh- 
Mood Ihc Hunll, iIfw Sii John, Had bnlDlTkiitraapa 
wlih treat loH. DDiiiig ibc whole ilcgc. Lwly Cholm- 
Icy cootiDaod witb hrr bubiind in Ib« cutis, tbmn 
■bo was of great vrrrico by Bttmdinc Ibe tUX aod 

hi> naiuion m Wbilby 

bnHher. Sir Hoary Choloilry.linding ncu 
the puliamfDi. he wai a^n penailud u 
Ebfliad.ind ananalD nnditioiii an» nu 


Anh, A. ID Ridund StepbcDi. roq- 

Slr Hogb, KKh Noitmber, ion. ii 

■ I. Sii Wi'lluh Chouiuit, of Whitby, ft. i 

FyllBC DiIm. wbicta lidy d. i. f, in June. HUD, and 
Momdly, in April. MUI. liUiabilb. diufhler of Sir 
Jebii Saiilic. bart. of Hechloy. by whan (who ■•. 
■mildly. Sir Kicholu Sinde. ban.) he had iiaae. 


KUeabdh. a. to Sir Edward Dcrlnf, hart, of Snr- 
nndeo. in Kenl. 

Hwfaret. '■>. lo WIUlus Tuner. (■«. «f Kirk- 

SIt Wiliiam d- in October. lOM. ud waa i. by hit 

III. Sii Hdsii Chdlhiit. of Whitby, who died in 

apgailslcd by (^mau* ti, goreriMr of Tin|lifr. in 
Aim. wk*r« bo mldad vut yoan. and had tbe 
dlnetton uf bwldinf the nolo (ben. He n. In Vr- 
bniary. IddO. Lady Aan Csaipoa. eldeal daufbur of 
SpoDCer, Carl of Kmbaaup««. ud had an only m^ 

Hi:ca. ft. Ik AlMUt. IM4. M- P.fe> ■> 
high rimiff of VivkaUra In in^aad 
Toyor-gtmflefbiaia ni ia Tj 'aaaaBl 
■1. in Hanh. ITIH. Cathrrlx.only di 
ler and enatsal heir af Sir Jaba 1 
woitb, ban. of Elmaall and Bewi 
■nddyiniUth Kay. liu.agrd •mail 

K. f. wha B, 

to dancblan. 
in lirt. IS Henry »• 

phen Cton, e^. at MIIkgiB 
thirdly. AuieJaaaB. M»l 4m4 
Leonard SBeldt,oi^. «d laa0m 

SthcUud. but. 
Anne KUaabMk. M. w Ca 
tine-John. Und TTi%m-| 

EliHbelli CbniBleTpMp 

Sir Huiib d. al Whilby. Mb Jansary, IMK. wk 
daufbier and bcireaa, Wary. 
dnu—Go. twohelaiea la dtirr'ae^. imi4 a| 

f Kelle, Hli iHdablp waa IlkrvlHeapaBiri at 

ad Hulbulk,aud^nheTadTaB(wd*•M■■Ml 
.riuaur. Ha H. CaibitiH, daocMar rf i^m, 
b« d. ,. ^ MA flu 

lia«ria ut Ci>OLaoiia*Lti. 
I- Cm. two kil»afc 


trimkH tor Himl I 

•ten* tf Ri<-HimD It., HuiT VI., tat Hihiit 
■ ■ tmnty, indnilly culled 

1, n af Su Hkhu^ Proui, t. 
■Hjkd b} deed tilurd ia 1330J, froBi " Kiehird 
mi MuawM, kli (rife, In Jobn ChndldBh ud 
ud Tli«j>un« dFKcmlcil 

lr«(8ir Jobs Dc. ksL 

> CMVBkiioa.tuf.or AditsD.wboM. Murgnni. 
r «< Wmtn. Lord Smrtm. of whidi mu- 
■ katl>Ma|ariheeonDuiirDD.ili»: " Ttaur 

b l«rt Stsanm, wbo (JTaifa bim (d hondird 

blD, k^l. of Mcrlfiiild, 
u.. kj,bi.»i,. 
X. M|. nf Aibtnn. 

w, - w at ■ rigki mintil, MM, nd idTrn 
pMt . fcr. U*ta« In iht ni«ii oC Qntn Kliu 
' wd Dnka. Ciinndlab. Ac.H 

kiBE. and I 
lubed ■ drcUntiim in mil, in viudialloa ef bl 
•a. Hen. Muj.danehtfrof SirW 
of .NewnbaiD, in the county or Dcion, and hul inug, 
I. Cmdhhi, bii luccnior. 

" Holliod ttmf. 


■I ib< bitUe of SimtOTi.t inrn«d orar to ihs 
and ciiUii (urrendered to SirTtioinu Pairfu. 
in mcaiiDoiui tho minncT of bi* dciUi, cilli 

ird,H<|. of Anbtord. 
liflord, of Ugbrgok, in 

Sir GeorgE died In lUT. 

• ■ their loyilly." H« / 

■I Otm br»«l b*nw, ud 
not Un, bowntr, (c 

• ■f tfkcllui, Inttnjt, by hii wlfv,dBDfb- 
» l>p«tr, •■«, cf Whit* LvlLliiftoa, in Uu 

r n r 

Qmx, m. ta Thomu Gibbon, of Excwr. 

JaiK, ■■. lo Rogn' 5(n>dB. i*q. of DrTin. 

Doralfa;. M. Id Cliarlct Pord, uq. of ExMer. 
Hgil. in ISSI.udwui. by bisann, 

III. SiiGuiuiiCHiiDuiaH.iihani.Mvy.'dutfatar 
of Ridiird Ldf. o< WIdiIuIc, iu Drioiuhin. aal by 
her (vbo d. In iriO), bod with other iuus, 

1, bun 

left by II 

tart, or CToedy, In Iha conntT of Dnon. Jind had 

I. MiBi. H. Id Humpbrr Pridoiui. OH- of PIkc- 
II. Punch, hl 1o Sir Jolin CMchHUr, lun. 
III. MinuoET, m. to Sir Heary Onodrn. taH. 
Hg <f. IDUi October, IT3S, and wu i. by bi« nrphrw. 

wbo A num. ■( Ali-U-ChapcllE, in Juoc, 1741. and 
iru buriid Ittb July (ollowine, at ChclKa. Uo wai 
1. bybltcDniln. 

Tl. Sm JoHK CHODUiaii.whD wu of I'halminatnn. 
in tfas cnanly <rf Dontt. Tfatt genllsmui wu kiltpil 
4t Ottend. lat Auput, 171A. and dyinH anmarriFd. Ibr 

bein, and from tbnn Ibecitateof ChalEutiECon jHUKd 
ID their DEphcw. Hugb Cbudleifh Uainlw. eaq. bgr 

■IdcKendatof PbDipCkUhitlnW 

Mq. of Tonlrrten. tf 

qiinnlly Bold ic to TboDU Bem. eaq. of CI 

nana to Richard Cramnll'i fa 
It tho Vint, in Hunpahin. al 

Tbmbba Lobb, »q. '^rsat fruidaai 
Iher, of CballDnrr Chote. eaq. <il II 
hiiaou, Ibi Rx.ThoiDiuVanCbii 

It. dnlHi ilBd<r U» ■III ^ UakaCM 

Mlnrllf •iBfllar Uau 
at u anion ol irawui, baiwimi WlltUn Sbrnla, aUH. 
IW, ud SlrWalinL'lai|H.b<n.*HloIbt»,df<radtiit., 
M Uw tat or (W KUl'i Binrk, •! WcMnlnilcr, lUli No- 
nnbci, ItW :— 
" Tb* ftntmnn, •• tolt mali rtpr>t>nl(llv> nf Thnniii 

laaihlat of It 

- Col. H<Hik. 

• raaalHjr, M n«ut HalMiiC 


^. of 0« T™ple 

BMd Ux City 

Wan— »i.d V-«i 

bM B«I«™ 

I, VUnuDI Piuhin 

*fE Wn(bi.c-), ¥.1-. for Lei 
al Sir NutuD Wright. 

biiHB. >!»■>- MlwItkriDi.uu] 

K«iB* unart, ■■ By will, lie 
of landed pn 
HuR. ■ dlauul 

■i •< tiM tnt, uniMil wtib (our 

He d. ach March, ino, nnd wu i. by liii hii. 

II, SiH RaaiiT Cuiii, M. P. fgr ILe Hranty of 
Cunbridge. Thii ReaUmiBii m. Mary, ddI; ■oniriDe 
Anu^httr of Arthur BamardiAoti, esq- pnd fran- 
dugliMr of Hir Nithinisl BanurdUtoo. of Rarnar- 


d ai liilb Bar 

Mary, b. Itlh April, 1710. "1 mu of vhom ■• 
Anns, *. 4lh Pcbnury, I'M. > BeiO. I>ane, rtq 
Jui«. b. Tih April, 1117- J uf Uampatead. 

111. Sia StvDIL Cuaia, wbo if. niunarTicd, IDtt 
and dying I9tli Aiifuat, I77n. waa i, by hia »n, 

• 1. Kia AlTHoa CuaEa. at vboH dicnas in IMO, 
the BAaoaRCI brcamr (iTmrT. Tha manor of HnaU 
well wai aold by Sir Saouid Clirka. la 
of IlK Hnn, TtaoDiaa Brand, of whom i 
by Uw lala Jobs Tbarp, IW). of UbipiM 

lh> {i.'rt M.nhlu'i ti'>»ir,iii Ilia'Culk'ie uf Amu. Tib P<.'. 
1171. La Nax'i USX. vol. Ul. p. IM. Therr 

il>er.Fiucn,<ncl>4lh*Muh. TWi^MBi 
Sii Esoaan Cuu, al O-rmmbi. via M 
Nsnrick. by Oaarn KuuaiTH, ia htrnn'l 

Mmiiuvi. 4michur of Willutn )ulry,a^ 
Ic;. in SiOUk. kj irbaa ha tu4 • ub. 

Be m. KCDDdly, A^bh, Jj u rt Mr ^ I1A0 
«|.DfClii)(aD,ul widovof Sir ChiWfkM 
<>< Bw»ii«l»rp. ui) ky bo- k«l « »»l^» dK 
wbo il. toum. Sir Edward kAOiuBadtB 


(. HtM iB^idR.ll Hihbi VI. IrlHi 
- mumr of WUlanghby. b; Itittt, of 
vraUkTcp of (bs biwpiul of Si. John. 
Out U Oifnrd, raiuded by HiKiir 
Ihlt Wllllua W'BiiillFU. Bialinp 
»Ib«. M llaimi VI.. cwunencAil Ihc 

ll. dill. iD Ibr Utb of Ibc ume 
mM nHlar and bnthnRi, Ibc 
ddilp of WiUaii«bby, vbcnanM it 
" ij. bcint pMiw w iJ by the pre- 

«4- of Wlllaa|hb>, bad by kii 

ta Hurt tk* Vltl.-i Un.baTiDf 
■ al UufTlla piiadMT. ■■ iba 
(or thai (iiHal Hr?lH 
la Unfwitb aflboDorarr addtliim 

■.■naaf WalftiTd.lii Nanking 

Robert, of LoTiR Buckler, ■■• NonluBptatuhini. 
Coiaa, «4. (If Woodoote. ia ShropaMn, and bad 

Bliaabctb, m. to 

HaiT, M. to Sir K 

of tbd fiicbaqui 

lohn Walaol, ttq. of Walcoc. 

>berl Atkyu. K. B. ehief baron 

Wadbua Wjndbam, knL one 
at Ibe Kiog'i Rcncb. 
imaa ILiantnloy, on), of Loxley, 

u Cotio.aaq. of WiHHlcote. Salop. 

I. Hi* T<iiiB(ait ion. 

a. •-■q. of UoDde AUwy, In Ibis 

■bin, and bad iaaua 

. Georva, vhoaa. Dnrothypdaia 
««|. of Oakficld. Birki, aj 

Dorothy, m- id Pbillp Jenniaea, eaq- i 
Duddlraton, in Sbropabin. beplww to Ai 

CiwDHich KiHpilal. 

■ r. Bia TiiaoT Cuaii. wbo ■ 
and ro brir of Tbomaa Gladin, t 
ia Ibe «>uniy of Derby, by vhoi 
Jnbn Honk Morgan, nq. of Man 

deccaaa. imb FebmarT. im. 

rity and noiDarrifd. H 

■ba Rar, Mr, K>«in 

jdraai — Arg. on a bead go- belwepn Ibrea peUota, h« 

CuiTiD Mtti Oi^, ITM.-KiTiiiiT Mod April, irM. 

I, SiaPH.MrJixHiKaiCLiBii.afDurldiaatona.iD 

nf LoDcfOrd, vbo vu cniilfld 
Ml. Sir E4»ud •>. 

luntrnf HoDCinisiloq. 

Cuu. H. P. fot thg cauity of 
Jmull. KE«i.Strmti.ilafl(UI'r 
■rkn, (n|. nf AbtlEbUce, iu Hilop. 
Imu. in iinu*n'. IOC. wu j>. fey 

Mood HD of Bdwvd Cnt< 

'Iionu. Is IftN. Ha 4lI^d doiu 

M iL by tab brMhir. 

•If. af LiBi(feTd. line dunbc 

Ami. wks «eA vlihHi i»iH, » 


■■I. •# CMdKalir. fbE U 

I hU ky b« II •IiBcbur, 

ISTl, Ibe Bin 
«d la hi* ancle of ths 1: 
T, Sin RuniHTCoLaiiiim.HIiaf SirJohBColbrmd, 
ml Banucr, by bu xMiiid wife. He n. Miry, 
■Ufbler o( Tbnmu SmilblilDd, enq. of I*e. in Ken), 
>ai dylDf I. f . lud June, ITW, ibg litig beume »- 

m— ^. ibrae lereli vlth their ;Iuninwl>, 

, esq. of BfccIh. in SolTolk. m 
Aii|b»r nf Tbomu Fclun, c 
aunty, and HcODdly, (inuU, t 

ler uf Edward Read, c 

I. Sin Tllua» Cul.m. al Knuinelon. one < 
wwulMloBin of hi* Mijniy't iiiTy. and M. 
Rwbiialer, who wu crauud a ttiaoaiT IJit 
lltD. He d. ann. unl SapUnnber. 11^. wbi 
UUc became ■it.bct ; bl> properly devaltiui i 
family of Buuuua,* of KhipdliuD, In NorfuU. 

I R<, S. 



Katbertnc. nmrried u Edvard ShcMon. eu]. of 
Sleeiils Buloa. in DifordihlrF, and died aiKh 
Apil. IMI. 

Sir Ptalll|i b« Inried al Steeple ButDD Church, under 

. ■ hudHma Donunwnl, and Uiii iiucTiptiOD : 

Hen bcih ibf Body of S', Fhtlip 

0<H»iiUf of E'cFiHihun In Ihe Count; 

dT York BorsHI, HhuK wbatt Euit 

TUi Sr. PUlip «M ruber in Kilhrrinc 
wih or Bdwud WwlduB of 8i»ple 
BariBB Em ; irblrli Bdwiinl «u hhi 
o< R>lph, .Ht he ■ rwuKer »ii «t 
Bdoard BIkMi» of B«4y .nd l« 
tke (UB ud Iwlr of Rulpb Bliildoa 
of ik> hM phee. In em. Wtfm. 

IkrH Hinn^ Is BMple Banwi 

Dvmi) whkb b now pmirti by 
lUpb Sblldin, »■ and heir at 
I Sdoud Sbeldua by Kji[herine 
■ GunMiblf hit irlfC, 

Rir PhiUp wu 1. bT hi> gidnt Mm , 

II. Sii MimiiDirii COKirtii.i, bun. b. In 
Anne, daofbur of RIobnrd Bbeibomr, raq. o' 
hiini, in Lancuhire, nnd had (with tvo da 
Aniie nnd Eliubntb. bntb nutiaj, ■ Kia and Ur 

III. Sir PHiijp.Mtai CoMTiaLi. ban. of i 

PraiiciaRatcling,l>ut.Df Nortbum 

II, Sialili(H4ni'i[a CoNn-mui.but. o1 BT>rin|faam, 

■ad Itanng no Iwne. the B>Bonm:T became iirinrr! 
ETeringbani and the otber eaiafa devgiyed upnn bia 

LikH HioaaaiTon, eaq. who aaen m ed Ibe addiliana] 
namnrCmaTobLi. He m. Udy Winlfrad Huxll. 
OBlj aunltini dauihUr and hair of John, L«d Mii- 
vell. Iwbo aviiBied the title of Karl of Niihidale. at 
Iba dtaaae of bia falber, tb> attainted Urd Mllii- 
dale, in I'M. (Bd inherttad Ibc »t«ea, Ibe (arfeinim 
alTeetlac the life latrmtof tbe altaistod lord onl^). 
Kr. HauminO'Caoatahle had laane. 

Maraiadnke-WilUun C<ma( yaiwell. e*q. of 


CaattiDtnh June. Taii.-BiTincT UA Ji 


I tnia fhe elder bnuwh M (be ka« 
a, of E>fliD|ha>B, Biilsci Bsnom 
for Ibe pedigree la lull. 

KIsanoT, ■>. firri, ID Jaka IbcI>H.<^-< 

andaecondlT, to -- Berkal^. aai- 

Aisea, ah w Sir HcBrjr Oorhmd, tM. 

He wedded, aecondly, HariarT. daatfnar a 

Lord PItihuidi, but by bar had na bMat tt 

dnt> wu I. at hti denaaa, by hia aaa, 

SiH RaiaiT CanRiBLi. of yi^tiii^ 
eetred the faononr of hnl(hlhoad. inb tm 

yaloraua nwduci agalutt the <:<>r«IA nk*. 

Jobn. Lord Huaey, ind otbaea, aoariMt 
•WHmeiit of a anbaidy. wn itliliilil^l 
at Hull. Heleftby biawlf*. Jabck^M 
lian Iniileby.eiq.rfR^y.iaawauQtl 
•on aod beir, 

Sia M....i>ca(Ci>aR.aL>,.1i.Miy 
o( Yorkahin, in the lai and S«th of Bmi * 
aerred tbe Ling In hia ixrn ; wh «ia Ul 
aiage of TeroTroi and the battle wkM Mi* 
he rsBsitad the baDaar of koltbiboBa.aMdhi 

lallon of " Sit tlaiMMali 
tn H>n Df Sir Kobaft ra 

kni^l bai 

Raided chiefly at Nunfaisii, *< 
ID the tad year of Huuana,' 

e im y«T •# m>*^ « 

• Sir Hafn.a4ak*l»«bBMMtte» 

keiwn !• Ibe ^(tat oi ■ kMchI M ■ 
It back , ki> baad itiUa( <>■ a pUUa.ktol 

Hart lyiuk Bit UanaWiaW Cm«> 

ble Kay(ki.ttbtrk>(r.4tb.iaAi^ 

Apill, ia»<yenofaai Lard,*. B. A 

— «. Aoaa aad barre tt, Mt B<*M 

;«<iaUa. Xajih. laH ^ t^im- 

>oar(he aad Haw Uml ' 

• the Mvd (Ir Man 

» sf SlT Bd4»ia. tta ■ 

n Kit ClurtUB, ■ , 

I. Edwird. 

■torn, »q. aiHl lift, imler alltt, 
■ son Mid hf ir, the prrstful 

or BmUiy, M.P. 
if Pswkk, liriDg in IB83. murisd. 



>. ThDiDM. of Bidford GnoB". Wirwieliliin'. d. 
Richard AoipUctt, aq, oT Cteat, io 
in ArTia» etq- of ChuiiifwoTUii 

d(Hgbtcrandni-b(iraf Jobn Cooku. wq. wbicb l*d; 
4. t, p.: ud Mcondly, llFTdr. dao^ier of Ednrd 
Dloclef , Bu|. of Churllaii. in WomitEHhin, ud ■!>- 
UTof SirEdwird Dineley, tut. Bji bir. wlw weddxl 
Hcwidly, Mirk DIdcIbt, uq. be hid iwiu. 

1, hill 

Sii WiLLiiK Con. M.P. tor th* natrtfl) 

la m. Qinbech. diugbur nd bcir al Sv I 

Cbawonb, Lnt. sf WiToiUn. Notu, ol k*) M 

t, ui Rwry Wlnford. u(. ( 

tinned ItuI line. 


dauthlTT of Tbomu. Bui of l^>ii 

of SuSbrd, ■>, Anui. diufhWr «< Ste !!••■■ I 

nd wu I. by bu wn. 

JoHirHi). Curr. «|. of RuM, *k* » 
■ii(bnr of Sir Huuiu povlg, kM. rf 1^ 

CaiiTiD IMli VA. ins^EiTikCT Mlb Dec 

I. Mia JoRH-Hi'TToa Coorn. bun rth Xtta 
iru, r.R.S. and P.S.*. of Walcai.iD SommfMiin. 
ilHUb(nt-<aloMl of tin tad rrpBimt of Sasionel- 
•Uri Miliua ud grown of the ludcbauber to Ui Uu 
M^Hly when Doka of Clarence, wu Afth fon of 
Baajanln Co«pvr, eni. of Slaaford, in Lincdlnihire, 
by Aase. hi* Aral wlb, dasubur and bcjr nt Raban 
Candrwi eiq. of Urrat Hale, and crukdaoD of the 
Ret. BanJamiB Cooper, a cttrcyman ronnicted wiih 
the CaUe(iau Charcb of Sealha^ll. Colonel CooiMr 
via rfCamed to perllanwDt by the baroufh of Dart- 

Ha m. tat, in irsa, IQl(ab«h>Har>, daaibtar of Ed- 
nrd KUU,ee4.of Anwlek; Hocindl] 
daaihtar at WUlUn MaaU. »», of U 


Iba BtaoKi 

Antban;. m, Anoe. younfM* daocbMr d 
ben Daahwood. ban. ot Nawbtiranb. bK 

ingh of Banbaff In the liat pwlta«*M ri 
**■ and the an itf KUig Qmmi I. ||» 
rary, yo»nc»< deafhwr ef Stt BettiM Jn 

»>. Pbiiiii. 

1 and third 

Anhdia. ■. 1. ito. u John WiUjc^ 

ni). of Caofptiin BaaaH. Wl^ 

Mr. Cope a. aamMlT, IB tfN. J^^ d 


ba bihcrilrd v fm 


ttat. a-,, of'lfar guFcn'i Cmi 
Ikirdlj.u Moiultur dc RoJIrrLUi 

IWT. m. W Rir Robert Jinkituon, 
'■■■I I. m. u Witliim, ronrth VI 


I WiMJiH CuFUii, linnl dndgnduitof Adim Ae 
Coplfy, ilun at (be •icgt uf Vtrrk in icrnt, h. Hnl, 
frMii. Horn VIII. Iloruthy, dsuebler sni] co-btir of 
Sir WiUUm Fita-WiniuD, of Bprotboroiish, ud bad 

-H1UP, buibeir. 

1. Hcondly. Hirgarel, diughtrr of Pien Sn'kgii, 
if Hatfield, iDd bid (our »iu, 
'rancii, of Manilittd WoodbniuF, ri. in I&gg. 

LiuNiL Cpflet, of WudwDrib, A. in 1C7T, wba 
InbcritiDi under tbr will of Sir Godfrey Onp- 
ley tbe «auti] of Sprorbarouxh, ToLuntarilj 

Baft* W OB>las. Ib I»M. U ib* Maniuii 

Btn 4. lUh J one. I»l . and bii >idnw iri 
Mlavl^ ytat. CbulCh *nl Birl uf LiTsrpoul. 
Hb Ciiuia Curii of Hnwrmf 

I 4mtrtt nviui U> •totcn aa ca>bnt*, and Ibe 
!<■ JvnatHi* Con, at Brawaru. wbo m. ia 
im, tanaballh anlT daiicbMT of Witliua 
■■.•■«- rf Tallu. In (ba nmnly sf Kilkenoy, 
nt. kM wib. iUi>(bl.T a( WUItam Vnaamir, aa^. 
MM* Mall. In Aa cwaDly o< Ysrk, and (nnd- 
^ W Uao Casdlv. D.U. of Callan CiaOa, in 

Gauraii , of Sprolboroiigb, If. >. p. 
LioNiLtOf Sprolborougta, (/. f. ^. 
WiUUiD. <f. yonng. 
Cajilillana, n. to the Rct. Cfaarliu WlUitl 

|tlwaa4av1.aa but Saan^ddii i 

JabD, of Braoghron, rf. t. p. 
Philip, rscior of SpnHbnroDgta. a. i, p. 
Tba (Ueal aon of Sir William, 

It CoPLtir. emq. of S|iratbnniiiBh, n. Mary, 

FT of Sir Bryan HaaCinga, kot. and died ISIh 

r.lKT. Hiadeacendam, 

lUrskT Coai>iT. eaq. of SprotbnrauEb, vaa cre- 

BiBonn Itib June, IWl. Haai. Am. Kl«nirr. 

RofBiiTbi>maaWa[inraiay,knt.i udtKSBd 

ly, klixabatb, daufbur of Sir WilUani Stanhope, km. 

Sir Kailrty died oirca lOM, and waa >. by bia aon, 

II. Sis GonaaaT CnrLar. of SprotboranEh, P.K.S. 

bo ■>. Ant, KMbariDC, daufhter and beir of Jobo 

indly.Miaa Carew; and left at hb dcccaae, «Ui April. 
'M, an only daucblar, 

CtTflcaiaa, whoaa. Joaeph Uoyle, ewi. atcand ann 
of Sir Walter Movie, bnt. of Babe, and b«l u 

Joaaru KotLi, who aaaamed, on iDbcriiiDc 
Sprothorodib, Ui« BarDama of Cori^t, and 

SiH JoitrH Cori-at , bart, of Sptntlnnniili. 

(Sh Bima'a J'umfrfliuf llanmrlat't 

Sr OadlVvy CepUy died Wlh April, ITW, iibau (he 

Arma—\rg. a traaa nioliue fq. 



Thli ftmlljr, vhleh Cundm deili 
tba Ubc of Ibc Cflnqnnl. doHnndr 

pHfUr, UUiUn, Ratclingbope. Bnnun. lldiv 
Fole, Luigidniiia. Wtinnon, Rnniilaii, Middlc- 

HoaiaT (Sir), Lord ol AlMiUr, vhn d. i. p. 

of lbs sUcT hraihrr. laA likcwui twa hu, 

Raktn.or Caai Cutif . *liow d«M(Ddan( «u •OBi- 
moncd la parUu>i<n( u • hiinni by Edwou I. 

I, knl. wlw, by bit Int wife, left 

■itr. kut. wha m. Jonn, dunghlet 
nuw Tumi, ol Manun, mid h*d 

lo gave Kyhwillob 

Sm THDMia Collar, of HoRtoD. waa UXhtrof 
Ria E<iaHT Ca»R, of Morfian, vhii <f . In Iba Wlh 
Bpoikd III. and »u >. by U. hb. 

Hil Rmki Coaair, ol Honloii CorbrI, *bo ■>. 
Marcaf**- daiifht«r and brir ol Brdingluat Lonl of 
8bavbw7> •"* dyini 18 Hicbiid U. wa> i. by hu 

lioam Coaan, aaq. of KDraWn ('«rb«, wbe n. 

h, daoi^tar of Sir Henrfr Vi 

RtiNOLD Coaarr, ana of O* )«acH al U 
TotoiDoii Plata io tho time of Kuuanm 
BniburoUobii Gnu«aad,H«. ud UKai 

r Sir KawUod HLII, a 

If SBAjt, ia a* ■■ 

re illuacriDoA panriota wortby of Iba avaraal #i 

r thvir countr)'. wbo uppiiKd lb* tarnd laB k 

iraj dI Biicbinithaiii ; sblcb. if H lu« aM 
onld baTs tnrnad tliia limited taaaar^y ■■«• 
b daapDtiaiD." Hr w- Ann*, daocfaBi a< Sm I 
lainwanns. inl. ol 1|bibaM. 1b Ibi ««) ^ 
Dd by bar (wbo *aa bnuwB u tbt -■ aBVl U* 
;I") had no leu Oiu WD anna a*J ■•■ Mi«M 

lirary, M. Catberi 

Ria Eogaa ( 
■>. KUubalb,* 

Sia Eicia.aD 

^, hill- «l tlcntaa r. 

Aune, I-. NathMial Dnbsnafk. asf. 
Uargvn, ■. Wflliam SuAtd, Mf, <« ■ 

wick, ia NanhamplDaabin. 
Anne, aa- Robarl Anatrvilivr, *a%. tf WIM 

Iba countT «( ^'•'k. 
Frmncea. ■■. Uatid Maarir*. oaf. ■/ r*Bap 

[h. (onnly of Dnbicb. 
Alia, ai-Thnnaa Coma, n^. td PaBi f, Hi 

Ovnialy, n. John Sfllbury, ^m^. 
Uenial. ■■. Sir Honpbny BfinKtMt.« 

loo, in .be ««BI, ol Salop. 
Sdiu., ■>. Utoria SpWRtow. a<Sf«nMKl 

Grac*. ■•. Sir Willias Putmajr. tm. 
Sir John «■• '. by bia ald>ri aon. 

... Sii Joxa CnaafT.wbo >. U*Mk.4a^ 
Sir Roberl KsoUyi, kni. of Gnft Cam. b •» 
ol Oiftird. tnntmae ol Bii PrmKia t»ill|« 
■Dd na I. by bia only aoo. 

pbila, daufbur ud bcic of Juw CaaML 
by bar bad aontrl^ taav. 

Ha <m. aKvndl;. Francca. 

•Kondly. Sir JaiBfa 
bad m Diher anu akd • < 
raaaad bin. »• waa i. by b 

I ; B> C>ibrna>,kti Htla.iUHharaf W^ 
r-i. by L«l> Wary BalarM, b& vMb. <M>H 

' O^, Ui km. 

' *- ■ Sit HufcF WdihUumh, of KIni 

^K u JiBw Sbob. (tni. «l SvrfiM. 
» Brjia U'Any, of Baa. 

r, kat. K. *imt, CMkniiw. diuih 

r Ht^ Bu»ast)ian>- *"' 

I*. wM*> of loiiB RpUiiun.cvi. E 

' - r of Wintia !(>n<Kn, w|. i 

Wargint, m. Bnl, tn Tliomu Cnrbct, »q. af 
SunwMdlDS 1 and Mcoadly. u Sir Tbnmu 

Unry, B. 10 Sir Rkbitd HuHy, Ilbi. of Alhricht 

IT CoaiKT. of MontoD CorbM. born 
I ID. Bliubeili, duibtiir o( Franela 
I, Bq. of Shflniclic, la Shraptkin, mid bail 

BeKrio, bipIiHil tc 

il. 4tb febniuy, lOW, nod w 


CluItD 17Ui Jniu, ITM,— ElTIHCt 1I« Manb, ISU. 

I. Sii Coitn ConiiT. of Su>k«>apiin-TerD and AA- 
ietltyt in Shri^bire. wbo waa cn4ifd a BAkaHvr in 
ITM. wu Kin or TbuBiaa D'ATUant. wj. of Clcar- 
bnoic. in HcKfordiUr* . by Anut, bia wih. danghUi 
and btir of Sir Rogtr Corbel, ban. of Blokc. and aa- 
auninl Ibe enniaine of Cuaair on inhFritlni tht 
PataRa of Ma maternal ■niTaUin. He m. HeHtr. 
yonnivvt dan^fm- at Sir Lyncli Saluabor^ Ctftlon, 

Andrav Corbeti ban. uid bia otber proparty to Ebc 
Cdood tUaily. 

irmi—Ot, ■ r»Ten •». 


Uu Cnrbala of Caiia CaMlf. "aa mart ■ B»ao>»i 

tttbJuiia, IML Haaa. Maniant.daiiRbUrar Bdvard 

WaUaa, i«|. of Hanray. Id tibnpahtn. and bad baua. 

Kuwiiu. whs ai. Ansa. daa«1iur of Sir Riafaard 

Nvwynrt. bnl- {aftanrardji l4Td Kawportkand 

dTiiif r. f. SMb Hay. IMl, lad.iHlb iwodauib 

Wattaa. of BlM. la Hinfonlablr*. .h« *. Ni 
waa bwU4, M«ii fabrnary, •( LabMwnd, I 

tfaa Baranal(7 aa Iha i 

Jane, a). 10 John FUni. sent. 

uB«h.aa^. ofShn 

Vicuria, ■■. u Sir Cbarica Moji. kHt. 
Sir Rirbard d. lit Aupial. I«JI. and waa (. I 
111, Sla UT^UiLcCuaiaTjof Lnofiua««4 
wbo m. in igtl. Hlldnd, daufbur of iaa 
Saliabary, and bad by bar (who aa. aKi 
Charirt HiXbaD, ban.) laaM, 

RioHiin. bia bair. 

Edward, d. .. ,. in DM, borlcd M t^ 

Fiancia. (.. Illb lona. iro. nia fM 

iD Scotland, but mban aara tkM la ' 
of Sl Patriok-i. Dublia. ■>« mmN* 

praaaui Hciiai Coiaar r ■■> 

Aclart, in Meatb. 
Bobcn. • FolDnd in d» OsaH 
daughtar of [ha lata WUUaa K*« 
M.l>. ror Sbmrilnirf , naaMi M ~ 

Sir llTsdala d. 1Mb October, mi, aad 
■ •. Sia RicHaaD Coman.of Uao 
U.P. ft» Sbnwabvy, ». tn MM, ■ 
r, int. fl 

rlaimad and awncd bf Hi. 
Wuia, (ha ytm 

dMia nlanid ^ 

laariBC a aaa. IU«bar«, ta «a I 


oia*Li..i>f Mairnrl.wliom. Allanor*. 
■M ateir al isbo UmiBO, 
I, tal kr twr, vtaD died In Aynl. ITU, hi had 
■MiahliWHUnfdbyilUirroiiihl ' 

TT, cehlDiuly m-opTTmud with t 
in nuiciDg fbroed toBHA tnA art 
kn tikewiH dictinpilthed himeir u ■ > 

who •men impriKmed tor hiiini lordU; dsUiiwd Ih* 
■psakcr (Pinch) in lbs chair. Thin ■Ciancb patrlol 
eipDiiicd ElliibFlb, diu^bler of Sir liOiB ChicbcRcr, 
of Rslcigh. ia Ifa« count; of Dcrini. and had ■ hd and 

,«i|. of CannlDitDa. •biriS nf Ciim- 
■=- m. ♦ Hm.v VIII. ■• loo.. 

I. Co Edwird Pitdirr, ««q, ■ 
a Canbrlitguhin-. iFrniidly, I 
CottritliKm. ind tblnlly, 10 Dnclci 

W). of Conoington M. P. for Ihr 
n.tuidlPuiurondMiiir. Thli 
; KllukHh, d>u(lit>r of FnnrU 
HBioa HuoU. lu Iho countT of 
llr lUlpb Hhtr]<r, tnl. ud Jou, 

lt.te4.Bl Grfdlaf.wbo ... Pnnrc 
M mnly of SutTanl, ud left 1 

ruty of ADCiqumrlo. In lOOJ, Mr. Canon 
bDTiDurof linifiblbood from A'fx^ Javbh I- 
IhOH MdialingDJihf^iiiiiiiodUiely brfon 
comnitian, " During Ihii nHgn. and in 

point!, fSir Robm vu la 

■ Jnne, 1011. In Ifae Hma nl^ Sir Hobi 
u Mill Id ptrllaBHDt by the county of Hunli 




nterrrd on lb. mo 



wUcb Udy wu EUubclb 

d.nfh«r .nd co- 


WllUtm Biwu. uq. of ThHlinswonh. in the 

nly (urr 

Ting MH and Heir 

M. P. for Oh co 


t, M>r|I 

Lo,d llow.rd. of K 


»d byUiil ladyb. 

Locy. ■. n Sir 

PhiLp WodtboUK-, ban. 

( K. 



L.dy Wgd.h. 

nhJnue, lOM. 


obn Coniublo. k» 

.of Dro 

mondby. in (b. to 

d And.™,. rM. 

Robert (Bir>. of Hiiliy tU Uoorge. in lumbrilgc 
•birr, M. P. for ihM county, M. GeRnido.HCDDd 
daugtawr of Sir WilUuo Murriu. of Vi'ariii|Ion. 
In (be county of Devon, bun. trrrtnrf of •»» 

3.,- .._„.. 

_1 , n> R«*. Arlhur Jtii.nlt», or Cliannl. li. 

MIMA4 X^» (ibwoXi' 

Wt af Sir Ga» AllDctDD. tnl.iir Honetiulb. bf *tu 
»ba viddfd KcamdlT. Ihk hpplsuin, tiq. of W>lil. 
InrfcM, be b^ (Dnr dUBfaun hii 

MiDT, «. M 8ir Rilph Han, 

Jikii, ■■. Hn(. in Sir WUIt« 

ondly, tD Jobh. I>urd B*1jiByi*e- 

Svti*. M. (0 Sir Unrd Wilpolc. K H. 

kiTHHixa. m. ' "■ ■ " - 


Itib AprU. lOV. {.■' li/\}^f. 

Chum, at H 

i (ml RTaDdHB at Elllt Cniff, n^ ■! IM 
ClimnMcnblre. aUcnaB mmi tktnVtf l« 

■ ■ ttj hi«b idH of Sir Ntcbv- 
:T^«F, «*wvl1 H of thfl ■llDllL 
lb* Usf : " <1d* wbUo," uyi 
' ' "" id* ol gold ; 

,m porter c^rrytof or 

HcTuce."* Ai ■ futber proof o( 

■ut. ftl> Kieholu nlHd. 



Ok pu1u»»oI. moy b. 



m. (ruud m tbr (l«iot 

uid>(I«aUbl*iaiH>,lcn* Icry 
t, AbaalUHbf(toDinf of Chiklu 
'^'h Ntcbolu baUl ol brlok, ■ mnu 

It kf Hid. of UHTly U.WHJ. 
i4 durlaf tb> r4rly pan of Ibt 

Sm JouA CRom. knt- rrprevulmliTO ot tbp family 
rff*p^ Philip and MtHT. Eunrried ibi? dmushtrr uid 


Thomii, of Kniroik, wbs ■». Margirrt. 
duDibtFT of Sir Jobn Copirdike, uil dyinn M 

l^r. II ««• pitrdiiu«4 by Tin^ 
fPMB Ibii t^hoy Umilr puMd 

■pa. Hl*b>rM>lrd*tbi>dllU>Tta«»u 
' '■'. vu •obBrHHOHltT tbf pnptTtv 

Cicoly. m. 10 Pruidii Bi 
of WrtultikHi. 
t. iobB. b>rri>teruii><r, 
S- nob^Tl. tnercbBnt of Landod 

t. Minanl. •). to lohn Syll«n Curt.. «,. of W«t 
r.>. . d.uBbUT BfTbmtiu. i.«d 
>d one WD. Jobn, *bo died 1. p 

■Fhus, lod Min-. Hhn-rf. Bum 
™ndlr, BU«b.H., diuibt'r of 
vbom be t«(l. ■! hit dMcue 

lurth. b> wboo' b* 

rrtrd. Ho wcddtd, 
Sir TboHH KIIkii. 

Thuk.. C«o»» 
hn I'ol^r. «,. o 

nq. who •>. 
Ridlsy. uid 

SUHD. do 





Abm. h. io S 

ttlchud Crohan, kat. 
r Rob«R ttmrkor. knl. 

■•rbla.Ba which lUsdi an ma. ImImIbi Iba b*on u( Bit 
Nk>h>Im Grlipf, On tb< pednHl It Ibli liiKrIpllaii: 
" Wllhio ibli lira* l> ulonb-d •»• bwrl iX Kli Nbbolii 

!■(■ orhl'lao igd urrtvnl Ua>«Iy. Ho Dnl hiiM 'he 

ConBnilno. Dl*« M PibnoFf. Inu. iir^ m " 



« $. by his ton, 

CsoMS, M . P. for Wotton Baaaet, who 

•y, 170S, when the Babombtcy became 

berly aju and arf . in the fint and fourth 
M moline of the second. 



LTiLLB Cbowb, of Llanheme, in the 
nnarthen, son of William Crowe, esq. 

Kent, by Anne, his wife, daughter and 
I SackYille, esq. of Susiex, was created 
I0S7. He married Mary, sister of John, 

Rutland, daughter of Sir George Man- 
on, by Grace, his wife, daughter of Sir 
Mmt, knt. and dying in the Fleet Prison, 
a, was $. by hii son, 
LTiLUi Cbowi, of Llanheme, who m. 
Bfhter of Sir William Rouse, bart. ; and 
ibeth, daughter of William Herbert, esq. 
c, in Monmouthshire, and relict of Sir 
in, of Derwhitt, in Caermarthenshire, 
. the Babonbtcy became bxtimct. 

a dMTTon or, between Uiree cocks ar. 



15th Oct. i73a 


1 to hare been an ancient family of 
I>adiy of Brabant, and it deduced from 
Cbclbn, who was liring there in the 

Lum, who came into England on the 
the Protestants, in the Low Countries, 
d'AlTa, m. Mrs. Thamar, of Walwyn, 

ixsN, esq. who m. Mn. Abigail Moone, 
ise in Brabftat) and left a ion and heir, 
CriXBN, esq. of East Sheen, in the 
*y, M. P. for ETcsham, who was created 
r King Chaalju 11. 17th June, 1861. 
■. Abi^l, youngest danghter of John 
city of London . merchant, sod had issue , 

John, his successor. 









He d, in lfl68i and was s. by his eldest son, 

II. SiB John Cdllbn, who, dying unmarried in 
1877, was ». by his brother, 

III. Sib Rushodt Cdllbn, M. P. for the county of 
Cambridge from 1807 to 1710. He m. first, Mary, 
daughter of Sir John Maynard, of Isleham, in the 
same county, and relict of Francis BuUer, esq. of 
Cornwall, and of William Adams, esq.* and by that 
lady left a daughter, 

Mabt, m. to Sir John Dutton, bart. of Sherborne, 
but died 8, p. 

He m. secondly, Eleanor, daughter of WiUiam Jarret, 
of the city of London, merchant, but by her had no 
issue. Sir Rushout d. 19th October, 1730, when the 
Babonbtcy became bxtinct. 

Arms — Or, an eagle displayed sa. 


17th May, ieS7. 

18th May, 1723. 


The manor of Preston, in the county of Kent, with 
the seat called Preston Hall, situated at a short dis- 
tance from the Rirer Medway, opposite the Tillage 
of Aylesford, was possessed in rery ancient times 
by the family of Colepeper, or Culpeper, which 
spread, in various branches, over the counties of Kent 
and Sussex, and produced warriors and statesmen of 
high eminence in the ages in which they flourished. 
The first recorded ancestor of note, Thomas db Colb- 
pbpbr, was a distinguished lawyer, and one of the 
Recognitorts Magtue Assise, or judges of the great 
assise, temp. King John ; shortly after his time, the 
family separated into different branches, one continued 
at Bayhall, (See Culpeper of fVakehurst,) while 
another seated itself at Preston Hall. 

Waltbb Colbpkpbr, died in the last year of Ed> 
WABD II. seised, as appears by inquisition taken in 
that year, of estates in Langley, Boughton, East and 
West Farleigh, Yalding, Mailing, Brenchley, Tun- 
bridge, and Shipboone. By Joane, his wife, he left 
three sons, 

Thomas, of Preston Hall, d. s. p. 

Jkpfry (Sir), of whom presently. 


The second son. 

Sir Jbpfry Colbpkpbb, of Preston Hall, succeeded 
hb brother in that estate, and serred as sheriff* of Kent 

• Sou uui bciro( Sir WUliaro Adarat, uf Sprow»ton. 


I iheriir of K«nt Alb Hkhvt VL aad dyinE tli 
•iat year, w» mWrTed in Wnt Pcckhim Ch 
■Ut EUulwIh, irbo dind in I 

Sir Jpuh Caurmi, kni. of On-nliiaih. 1 

Sli WiLuta CouFiFci, kDt. of ProtaD Hi 
Aj-IiitordiVho ■>. ■ dugbtrrof Femn, of Grab; 

RiGBUu (Sir), kDl 
ticllB , dniKbler ui 

o' S tarn worth, *, 

[aLord Edmund Udward.yi 
hamu, Duke of Norfnlk. 
i.H.lo Henry Birhom.ofl 

Sir G^orfl* ChDwne, »]d OKcnlwj 
Birtbsrontw, etq. it wu beqat^. 

NFFbrr, Sir WiUJia Chit, bii 

of Pr«tDii HtU, m. Ku- 
of PmtoD Hill, whiiM 

iririn, w|. sf Pruwd Kill, tiring m 
<r«ii ■>. ;>M WlicBKbill, ind hid. wi 
n, tba older. Anne, «. (a Joba S«dl> 

THn*(> UoLuirti. eeq. of frmaii Hill, who ■ 
Uarcurel. daufktn' uf Tliaiiiu Colepeper, uq. o 
ttttitay. ud bid iMie, 
Thoui. hli heir. 

Abb*, HI. to UeDrr. yonin*' *"' "^ *'" H""^ 
Mary, w.'u Henry Crupe.of St. iohn'i, in Thaacl 
TlmHW Colopeper died In IMT, agnd Mtffhtf. aijd wil 
*.by blaeOD. 

»» Thdhi* CnLtFirin. knt. of l>ra»un Hall. vb. 
■■ Mary. onlydaufllUr of Tboigaa Pynnei. of Mileb 
tm, Ib Bvioy, cluef clerk comptrnllrr <o Qmiit Ei.i 
- ni.indd-rlnillth OetDbrr. ISM. left, wllb Mhei 

.. by hi. «.ly w..^ ^^ 

cni iDd Qnni Ann. (N& I 
I. p. IMh Hay, ins, (vImb Ike BiBoaavct oi 

Calpoper, eiq. hia aole brir. Tkal Udy ■irrT 
the October fallDwinc.JoHH Miui., ILB. W r 
in Vorkabire. aeltled die naoor aad awaa tf r 
Mall OB ber hDabaad and hIa helr» P>. ■fl* 

FiBIoB la hia Dephsw. Iha R«. Jon 
nov poiaaHcd by that ftnllanaB^ tt 


Vu fU^.^'tiilWr 

Tbefnailyaf CautnrH.<irCrirvK,to<(i 
date in the cDDBly of Kent : bri«« *a «hI 
«.aD III. It wu di>Utd iuM rhWr baMU 
Colpcpera af Prealoii Hall, atui Uw Culp^ail 

rOBWay. in the coaoty of LlneBl 

I. af Bay BtU, la *■ H 

Sir IuH> C»LEPti 

Sia Tiioiiu Coi^ 

of I^nculer, in ini. ajBian Ktmg fallM fl 

waa eLocnwd M WiDcbtlaa>. He M) ■ mi Ml 

JoHn'triB. oaq. of Kay BbH. vtevs 

of Krat iDHMUrio< KDVtRF III. K* B. ^ 

HardrUhall. in tkt uonty af Wam(k.»t % 
aradr n, an hrlreaa. aBd tticnh? bcona |Mi 
StmmtBon. He w*a >. by tiliiM. 

Sr> THooia CnLtPiru. kB>. Ufh *atU4 
m iho iMh Kicu.iD II. >h> _. Iwb, ta^ 

Hii JoB> H>i*i\anM. Uii. win 
OH mawil tttnoo HiiiiiiiaTux 
ol Kiun. in IDM. IS« Uubik-. 
eirfaKl PrtTut'.) 

}TliM< ffDllnHD. wiA Pfrer Colt 
cmlry af Kent, n Uiikiit VI. 

rr tu «u bariid In IW>. Iin u»u. 

J<*a B>dB>biiry. »S' °' H'dlii'liury, iu K'n 

WnlWi. Imn nhani Ihr Bitdiih (lolppcjit 
ihf Colrpepm, or Wknihlll and FnliiD, 
In. liiSn_a. ibtrab-pcptn.Df llolUn 

fctaMkn Itlrbinl. iFltlinur iHUC llr «. Kliiibelli. 
b«Mrr «$ ILKlikH'i wirr. uj diuiliUr .ml ra-bcir 
kV WiOilnrM. <rf WUibnrM, ind bid i«ii<, 

. Uti -t Wikihunl. who ■• 

■r m ni'ttfir oT »lr John Enilc, kal 

~ I.I. WOliu. anil Kdirird ; 

BQDunptH. ■. Phllllpa. duRbUr of lohii 

• ■unH. Mf. of CseklbM, ia 

wu ]. at liii dNniH t>T bit iiaml urn, 
I. Sia BiHiiBiii Ci'LFipiit. of Walubunt, nrh* 

tberinc.daoetiter and co-heir of Goldnuilh He 
i.andfaid anuntycbfld. ELiuBtTH. Dying 

1XJ> NIK, whan Judilh.daiigfaUrof EirWl) 
W lUon. ban. ot Eaatborae. in Siixn, and dyinf 
in Ihf Ufeiiac of hit (atliaT, lift 






Lr pjtlailntf uahW hommrvt Scmr^Atttf waa v«7 ancltfDl, 
ind Iu mrnib>n wtn of nnk trnia tba Coutoul » ' 
Iu liur ut Ito iitlDcUan.* 

RnwRTUiCi'uua. U<ln|"><haIiiMaf Ha**T II. 
R, Uko. AaHthwr af Da )»i<w>nUi<. aod IKl • ho. 

RicHtan na Cuaaaa, .ha m. P.lnmrl, daufhler tni 

It Ikr HjwflTi^laui. Il>r>l il 



H-I. K. G. 

fa of RtCHlllU I. 

y of Dflrby^ upon 

TUn Ridivd amftmi, 
tha tawD of KtdlMUn, id 

Tbdvu Ceiioii, wbD bun for ■>>• utiu, " Vi 
vnd pile*. Da a bead Hblp. Ihnv popbijari 
Pran whicb Tboinu we pua to hii dacrniUiit 

ioHii CnuoK, of KcdlcMon. liiing in the t 
HfeNVT IV- wbo ■>. MuYuvt.iUufflibfrDf &rNJ 

I. RicniiD. Cipt. of SandEElc Culle. II I 
Vt. fatbn al 

oJobD Powcr.riq. of Bletcbinglnn. 

of KdfFTDIc, Bucrti. 

IVillitni Bel»n, »q. el HHII. in 


Ibjr. »q. o 


Cubcrinr. n. u Bdmund T 



Vinfcm Cliaio». Uq. wh 


>( Ractr CortM, «,. of M 

n CoTb«, * 


Sim FiuciiCiimioH.kiil 


>r Judta Sontbcalr . br wlion 


n>, Joxi. 

li^apcw. >dJ Riditrd, ud ■ 


ghwr ll«: 

the wi(» 


Rm loHK CuuaH. kut. ■• 


■rj, diofblrT of Ro 

bm. Lord Dornur. ud bid 


pftrtianvnt, uid viv cm 
■>. ■••M,dj»(blfT>i>4 
vl WhltabHo. in DurtMB, bu djM 



nq.. liMicr gf the fonnh IaH Dorvd. ■ 
Edmund Pownn. Hg. of Sis^foxl. tn 
but br that lady bid BO UHH. Sir lote 

Bdmnnd Hovrll.Hq. n 

.-Arf . oa a b«J wu <br 


a4iiD nd April, ION.— Bki 




■Ti ■>- 10 John Cooke, oq. 
OftiiB of Iba BiltanpboD, killed U 

9. Charlatu Htrdj, m. to Ueat -Coloael 

George Jobn HumUIan. R.A. 
u ■■. KCODdlT, Jina, ittugbter of Walter 

Ul 1(d) bkd UHrtlier lOii, Fruii 
ir of KzHvlIOD, ^- unmuTled 
'It who npreHtnted CunCertiary in parli 

huly iirdeT 

I. Sii Niiaaii(>i;.:u D' Ana, of KddwIId 
inty of KoDt, *bo ■■- Anne, dAUfhter am 
■n Ctirte, Hq. ol Blike Hall, in Bun, ( 
October, im (hii will, dated I9lb Pebrui 


(•mil; In t)K liitHBIh taocuri 

W>u.i>- OiLiuH. ■»(. or U 

oC UiKKlii. «n of HiUiiBi Del 

Willien [>fe]yvoii b) ■ dauRlileT 

I, WiUI*m,*ban>pr»«iMd tbaoHDIyof Uunln 

qouIlT on* at Ibe )Dd|t< ef (he Cmn si 
Kla«'e BfBcb. H* ah RIlHbith. sniv daiub- 
lu tt llnben Itlchmn. 04. gl Kmn 

.andbTlwr, whiiw 

Prwieu Aaaniph. Lni- 

, lef or Robcrl'Ue.n. of 
■ Knt, ud by 

cat ID May. IMI. by bfa eaL 

H»ii>iLii> Uiuiun, ««. of 11*1 

<n, Knocn. DBly daa«hm •> 

Thotnu Stanley, e*^. al Ria 

Kent, and bad ieww, 

TBa»>. hia beir. 

Charls. whs dind MA MilM 

leiiiDC by Boncn. Uo 1 

Buuina Bon.^ 

M«fW, liii^Wi 

Tbua. DallMBtf. WJ«l|,ll»a 

T-n.(. DiiiKik. •■«. << Mom.) 

lib Oeulwr, ln4, •«■ at, mlM 
daaebtn of Kk*ar« KibHBfM. 
•Ti, by wboa l« bad t«« «M 

Me iB.BecaBdly. in in». labdk 
brr U Pew Kuirll. i^ ■( MU 


TlK-ua. » My aedm, M. 1 • 



in I7M, who died onmmiTi«d llth Ja- 
lary, IMO. His estates Tasted in his 
Iter Mn. Master, who bequeathed them 

her cousin, Maximilian Hammond, esq. 
(i<Mniiif him to take the name of Dali- 
s, and rebuild the mansion of Hamptons. 

, wife of KiddaU. 
wife of Pierpoint. 
St. to Edward Tirwhitt, esq. of Stain- 

LUSOM, esq. of Langhton, in Lincoln- 
rd Edward VI. married the daughter of 
leoB, esq. of Kirmington, and had issue, 

his heir. 

to John Wharfe. 
to — Anderson. 

and was $. by his son, 
AixisoN, esq. of Langhton, liring Slst 
M> m. Anne, daughter of Robert Dighton, 
I, and had issue, 

• heir. 

n (Sir), knt. 

as. to John Langton, esq. of Langton, 


IK Daluson. of Langhton, lieutenant- 
OTdnance, was created a Baron rr S9th 
le Ml. first, a daughter of Sir Valentine 
secondly, Elisabeth Tirwhitt, by the 
t he left a son and successor, 
■AS Daluson, of Langhton, who was 
y ^[itring under the royal banner, at 
sne, 1M5, and as he left no issue, with 


three crceoents or, a canton erm. 



7th March, 1769. 


4 Dalston, one of great antiquity in the 
iberland, was founded by 
and brother of Hubert de Vallibus, Lord 
a the time of the Conqukror, who had 
r D ALSTON conferred upon him by his 
«lpb de Meschines, Earl of Chester; 
ity posstssrd it, in lineal descent, until 
fsre Cumberland to Datid, King of 
II. recorering the county, seised the 
Don, and nnited it to the forest of Engle- 

wood, whereof it oontinued a member until Henry III. 
in the fourteenth year of his reign, disforested Bngl^ 
wood, and gare or sold it to Walter Malclerk, then 
Bishop of Carlisle and lord treasurer, whose successors 
in the see of Carlisle erer afterwards enjoyed the 
estate. The descendants of Robert de Dalston held, 
howerer, the old mansion house, with the manor and 
lordship, of Dalston Parra. Of those descendants, 

HxNRY or Dalston, son of Reginald, gave Brown- 
elston, part of his manor, to the priory of Carlisle. 

John dr Dalston, son of Robert, m. a daughter and 
co-heir of Kirkhide, with whom he had the estate at 

Thomas di Dalston had the manor of Ulndale, 
part of the barony of Utterdale, giren him by King 
Hrnry VIII. as a reward for the serrices he had ren- 
dered at the battle of SoUom Moss. From this Thomas 
descended the Dalstons of Acombank, in Westmore- 
land,* and 

Sir John Dalston, knt. sheriff of Cumberland in 
the loth James I. His son and heir. 

Sir Groror Dalston, knt. was M.P. for Cumber- 
land in the lOth Charles I. and was sheriff in the 
10th of the preceding reign. This gentleman had a 
son, William, and a daughter, Catherine, the wife of 
Sir Henry Fletcher, knt. of Hutton, in Cumberland. 
Sir Henry fell at Rowton Heath, near Chester, fight- 
ing for KiHg Charlrs I. in 1045, and his widow, who 
was a lady of great courage and resolution, endured 
sequestration, incarceration, plunder, &c. from the 
rebels with a brare and masculine spirit. She lired, 
howerer, to see her daughters married into some of 
the first families in the county. Sir George Dalston 's 
only son and heir, 

1. Sir William Dalston, knt. of Dalston, in Cum- 
berland, was created a Baronrt by King Charles I. 
19th February, 1040-1, in which year he was M.P. for 
Carlisle. '* When the rebellion broke out, both he and 
his father behared themselres rery braTely and duti- 
fully towards the king, and were great sufferers for the 
royal cause ; the latter being obliged to pay £700 and 
Sir William £3000 to the sequestraton." Sir WiUiam 
resided chiefly at Heath Hall, in Yorkshire (an estate 
which came into the family by marriage), and died 
13th January, 10S3, learing issue, by Anne, the daugh- 
ter of Thomas BoUes, esq. of Osberton, in the county 
of Nottingham, and Dame Mary Bolles, his wife. 
Baron rttrs s or Noya Scot ia^ 

Groror (Sir), who received the honour of knight- 
hood, and died in the lifetime of his father. He 
m. Brown, eldest daughter of Sir William Ranis- 
den, knt. of Byrom and Longley, in the county 
of York, and by that lady (who m. secondly, 
Edward Andrews, esq. of Westminster; and 
thirdly. Sir Richard Fisher, hart, of Islington ; 
and died at Tumbam Green, aged eighty -seren, 
15th March, 1730-40,) left an only daughtei^uid 
Francxs, who m. first, John Jenny, esq. of 
Sturton Hall, in Suffolk, and secondly, Sir 
William Halton, bart. 

John (Sir), knighted at Whitehall lOth February, 
1663, and eyentually heir to his father. 

Mary, m. to Thomas, second son of Thomas Gent, 
esq. of Moynfl, in Emcx. 

The second, but eldest surviving son, became, at the 
death of his father. 

i^irr and cahcir of Sir Richaru Dal- 
Bank, in WertmoreUnd, wrddcd Sir 
ancr«t<>r of the prewnt Coix)N bl Li) K b 

-r*reiiitive of 8ia Thoras Ale."*, bart. 
aa«l nf the mo»t ancient lin« of Akn, 

; frutn EAS^od. where it h«d been let- 

tk-d »incc the period of the Conqukst, was establiHlicd 
in Ireland temp. Hrnry Vlll. by Archbishuf Alrn. 
Sec Burke's CommonerM, vol. ii. p. 303. 

t Thii* i'* t 


111- only U<ly iip<m whom the dignity of / 
; h.i* ever been conferred. / 


[. Alicu. m. u UoiTT Tncwj. 

Sir John, vhD wu ■heriff of CnmberUiul in tin UI 
JiHU II. wu >. at hii itctut by bi> dd« un, 

III. Si> Catiui DiinoH, bsrt. who m. Anl, U 
dEHgtiUr and ro-hsir of Sir l^uid* BUkg, kni. i 
Whitiuy, ID tlH cmmly oT OtLtnrd, uid lud (with (m 

Hr m. ■ecDndly. Inoc, founb daogbnr of Sir MidiHl 
Wentvonli, of Wmllry , md widow of Sir Uoo I'll. 
UnctoD, l>u1.Bf ChiTct. HylUiUdy (whsM. tbird. 
It. in I7U. Jabn H«ud«, etq- of Alverthnnw Hull, in 

bad HDodwrdaaghter.wbDdicdyDtmgukdaaaiu^cd. 
Hk tu j. at hiA deccaae by bii fOD, 

of George HiiJtL«y, t«q. but dyinf j. fi, m. (hii only 
diH|hier muTied ■ Pnnch (>all(HMn nunad Ulllim) 

1. TBOBti (Sir), of BubBTT, Is OS 

rf- .. r- 
I. Winioin (Sir), <rf Cbi»bn>»^. > ■ 

jsden af Um Cant at €•■■■■ fi 
ucuur of Eb« DuMU «( I'fMii 

'. Edward, d. j. ^ 

r. H»Ty. cofl^nr to Hnai *1Lb. 

daufbnrirfSiT Raljib TanMy.aMl 

I. Afon. ••. GrM. U Sir lahn hij-k 


inHdon, OxTDTdibirv. 
IT. Jane, ■.to Richard FhIb. «(.rfi 
bam, chauRjior of the imtkl tt la 
Jotm D-Anrcn' Udrd nn, 

RicHiau D'A*i»>,U4. <X PtfoM l>M 
purebiMd from bia picco Iha ■>•■• ^ ^ 
He ■•■ EUaabcIh. daii«bwr of Jtlia t^^lM 
CaTcraSEld, Bw:kiii«huuliin.a»l»*t| 
Sii John D'Astiu, knL <•( C>I*«a.< 
NnriluuiiFniDahir* imb Huat WL n»g 
A. Addc, daBgbur of SiiJohB.aadiMWi 
air Edwaid Smdlinc. kai."? D»«cy,sl 



Baronbtct became extinct ; the manor of Calwoith 
deTolTing on hi* nater and beireaa, Mbbibl Daktbks, 
who derised it in moietiea to Martha aud Frances, 
the dau;i(hteni and co-hein of her fimt cousin, Daniei. 
KiCH, e<q. 

Arms — Gu. a cher. bet w een three mnllets of six 
points pierced or. 



4th July. 1746. 

fist Sept. 1790. 


Samcrl D'Antrrs, esq. m. Elisabeth Morewood, of 
Overton, in the county of Derby, an heiress, and was 
father of 

I. Joseph D'Anters, of Swithland, in the county of 
Leicester, M.P. for Boronghbridge in 17SI, and subse- 
quently for Bramber and Totness. who was created a 
Baronet by King George II. 4th July, 1746. He m. 
Frances, daughter of Thomas Babington, esq. of Roth- 
ley Temple, in Leicestershire, and dying list October, 
1753, was $. by his only child* 

II. Sir John D'Antkrs, hart, who m. Mary, daugh- 
ter and heir of Joel Watson, esq. of Clapham, in 
Surrey. Sir John was sheriff of Leicestershire iu 
1755, and djring 31st September, 1706, aged seventy- 
three, without male issue, the Baronetcy became 
extini-t. He left, however, an only surviving daugh- 
ter and heireM, 

Elikabeth Danvers, then the wife of the Hon. 
Augustus- Richard Butler (second Mm of Brins* 
ley, second Earl of Lanenborough), who asvumed 
the name and amis of Danvers in addition to 
tliom; of Butler. She died in 180*2, leaving two 



now of Swithland. 
George-Augustiui Butler-Danvers, h. in 170H. 

^nvu— Arg. on a bend gu. three martlets of the 


IMi June. 1666. 

in Oct. lAlH. 


John DtRCT, of ToUeshunt Tregoa, second son of 
Robert Uarcy, of Danbnry, ancestor of the Ixirdsi 
Darry of Chii-be (sec Ki<RkE*s /'JrliNcf Prira^t ). mar> 

ried Anne, danghtvr of Sir ThMBM Tyi 
Heron, and had a son, 

Axthont Daict, of Tniliihnnf. tiben 
and Hertfordshire in 1911, who ». KHaabcl 
of Christopher Wilkinson, eoq. and was h 

Thomas Darct, eaq. of ToUeslrant, k. n 
ried three wiTea; by tiM aecond. 
Sir John Mnndaj, lord macfor of 
had two sons, 

Anthony, who left only m danghfor. 
Thomas, sheriff of Eaaex in 19M, w! 
garet, daughter of Eostaoe Snlyari,* 
well, and dying in ISM left imm, 
1. Thomas, who m. Camilla, daagj 
cent Gniociardine, of Floreac«, 
who wedded, secondly, Fram 
esq. of Ickworth, he left six di 
Mary, m. to the Hon. Chffi 
Till, third aoa of BdwaiC 
Elisabeth, ak to Sir He«r 
hnt. of Woodhaaa Waltor. 
Bridget, m. to Sir Goorgo F 
Frances, m. to Sir Henry 
secretary of state ta Cbari 
Margaret, as. to John Bi 
S. Eustace. 
3. John, who d. $. p. 

1. Bridget. 
S. Dorothy. 

3. Margaret. 

4. Anne. 

5. Mary, m, to RidiBrd 

Woodrising, in NorMk. 

6. Elisabeth, m. to Henry Mayna 

Great Waltham. 

By his third wife. EUxabeCh, danghter af 
don, esq. and sister of Sir Chiiataphcr I 
Baconsthorp, he left a son, 

Brian St.Osithand Updo 
\atter place he built a fine hoose oat sf lb 
the priory. He served the oAce of shcrtfs 
1.^5, and died in two years after. He ■ 
daughter of John Corbet, eM). of SpiuaHBRiii 
Hnd wa.1 s. by his son, 

John Darcy, esq. of St. Osith and Tipnc 
serjeant-atlaw, who m. I>orothy, daagjhliff • 
Audeley, esq. of Berecburch, in Essex, ui 
and heir, 

Thomas Darcy. esq. of St. Osith aal 1^ 
m. iu ICttl, Man, daughter of Sir Andiev 
Writtle, and had by her, Mary, and a fi 

I. Thomas Darcy, esq. of St. Osilh aall^ 
in lUatt, who wan created a BARoaiTMkJt 
He m. first. Cicely, daughter of Sir Sjmm 
hart, by whom he had no surririnc iiMt 
condly. Jane, daughter and hear af 
by whimi he had 

Thomas, his heir. 

Brian, h. in October, law. 




Franctrs. m. to the Right Rer. Sir* 
bart. Archbishop of Canterhory. 

The elde»t son, 

II. Sia Thomas Darcy, at whof 
in October, Itilitf, the Baronetcy RxriiH 
passed from the Darcys t» Richard 
(in illy to the Price family. 

.4r«ijr— Arg. three rinqoeCaila g«. 



mm Cf)«Dnj_»a.5'J^^«»lc, in Wilt- 
Ihu KsoEirBu eatiu. ITu ton ud 

'ukcT at tba PrMector SoomFI. Sir 
emmity, Ellnbeth, dinghWrar Sir Bdmond 
1*1 ijiBt M Edwhu IV. wu I. bj bit 

of Sir Ridwrd CnfU, 1 

i> Cbota. Sir Ed- 

er al UnlFcoU 

Chankcriun, km 
'ilUun Young. »q 

. taoilj of Hudycrd 

'i/—™— °* kl 11« pMdlKlwr of till 


I. Bit Thoiiu DimciLL, of Hiyling, In Uucaln- 
■tuK, wUo «u creiled > BitoHrr »lh Septsmber. 
1, diuglitir of rhoiuu Pbb«r, em- 
b«n. of ■•lioftaii, 

Dg Kquind * lurgs 

o England, and piir- 

■ Binonsrlif Kl<t Ciriiii.ii II. l»h Hay, IWt. Sir 
Rolwrt d. aboBl ths y«r loM. and wu i. by hii hoi, 
II. Sii RoiHT Diiui.bart. of Roughun, who h. 
Uiry Jennyn, Kcond daughter attd co>hilr 


Loud ImtrntM, and 

had iaree, 

hoir of Wi 

ird kud fDUrth baron 


ral R.N.iR. Citlierin 
i>m SmitbHn. M.D 
mitluoD, 4. 1. p. 

and India 


Mary, m. uth OdDber, iras. lo CltmeiKa 
r<D«, t^. «r Parhain, tt.V. f« Oiford. 
BvKni-i C«««.-r.. .ol. iii. p. 370.) 

iHbclU. m. to Hrig.di,r.G.M™i Moyl.. 

HenriMu. m. Id Hoget Pntt, ««. of Ryiton 

P™.top., -. 

u Dr. Pake. 

: lad Jobn, ibe kcomI 

Sir Hobnt, Tho bv^nenilT : 
SidTblk iBfAriiamnii in Ibe rfipu of ^«cn4 Awmahd 
KlMf Cu»ci I- died Ifl OriDbcr. im. uj n 
hi* eU««t aDT), 
III. Sii ttoini Diini. Un. mm^m -A Hat < 

IT. 5u Jdhtr DiTDU, bin. vkg kaj kwB ■ 
M.P. for St. Ed_ud<lii>i7 
•( rtic GcoHi 1. whidi 


Bishop «f DeTTT.^nDd 
Sir Jgnyn died iB P*brB«7. II 

Oakj CBTTiTiBf BBB, 

>. 8u Cbuui DlTDt*. of R. 

A.. Kiri at BiiAol ud 

inH—An. ■> 


> lllh Ju. IMl-d.— ErnscT (dU* OBLiunnJ 

•d IB « Bi» 

It N'aple 

II \\\ iMiiiiidiiii 


iHir <rf Si>' TIhvh IfART. kBH' 
iB E^a. H4 kf kar («k* A a 


li.KU. tart. M 
imtr •>( Tart. 

HutoB WlBdilrT. iB <■>■ I ini^<i 
ladj {<rte m. ■iwIIt. BaOkT Ihi 
Ewick.ti tad l_iw. 

rtoMFMb •• B«lWk. «ta d *'»'^ 

ninBtuB. ■( bncfc. A ^h* 

Jio. T>iiiitiiB. ~.H R« B. «^MU■ *^^^ 


Bid RiLn 

Dauiu. knL (i< 

««<m. *« 

m ti 

Juc. diaghttrsT T 



Huron. U«<. H* -. 

u.. kylu. 


"'^>...T D 

wbo m. Km 


iMuflku, of Sir Cwf. S,l», , knt. 


D.Li..i, »,. ef iieun Itelw-U 


> B.iD-r. t.T A-x 

CB..l« II 

J»H, \tm. 

Sir lUIpfa K. Lid< A 


sf Hufk. MaMFrnf !>»».• ud dmthKrof \l«uder 

Lotlr. Itart of Lcm. ud W im 


Tbo died M AdcuI 

IC«1. ■erd WRy- 


btbn Ibcn brine »" 



G«OT^-> Cbiptl 11 » 

uubar. iHTiui bj 

II. Sis Ralth Diukl. oT Sntos Ddml. Tlik 
cntlenuD irtddnl Dianii. dKoctiUT at Rnirrp Bspcli. 
Laid bfUiner*. by whicb lady fuba h. Hcandlj, Sir 
EdwBid Bluket. ban. ef NcwtFy, ia tht cmuy at 
York.) bt bxl 

Euoin-H, H. w WiUluB Bloum ««. of Kid- 
re End. and wu mathrr of 

CiaU BiiUbt, IM A<a«>M. m*. •■ <ta 
BtioH DiuoL. of SoMn Vtttnl, Im Oa 
NunbiinbirUiid. Ha m. »m. giii i i i> 
al R. Rsbiam. ««. ud <rida« •! late I 
by i>h>rb Mi (wbo A IM Octibv. IT« 

EuaxiTTH. IL tTCb Hay, Im. to fl 
tnntb Unl AodlBT. md 4. •■ IT*. 

Siti.n, n. n G«rt(. lUH <4 Tjnunai 

u oulv danghlcr (belm* of Ika nd 

L.DT SFiiiii Cabraataa. oba . 

•Kaad Har^aoB of Wundsfd. 

Kia lordddp ■•. Homdly, Hia> KM^f.! 




•t Ib wUeh MO — rd h ** nign he 
ff", md MBf eftcheator of that county, 
and of tiM marches of Walea, had a 
be lordehipof Walton-npon-Trent. He 
bdore his father, 18th Richard II. 

to hie graiidfather. 

i, ». to Bdmnnd Baaeet, of Blore. 

n. to William de Eferton. 

i» m. to Richard de Wibonhnry. 

dyiBg Ifdi RiCBARD II. was «. hy his 

I, oaq. of Delres Hall, a soldier in the 
heriff of Staffordshire 11th Hinry IV. 
r VI. and was ». by his eldest son, 

LTRS, esq. who, for want of male issue. 

LTBs, of Delves Hall, who was sheriff 
> and comptroller of the petty customs 
dso warden of the Mint, temp. Hrnry 
; been knighted, was slain at the battle 
, and attainted by parliament for his 
M house of Lancaster. He m. Ellen, 
alph Egerton, esq. of WrinehiU, and 

being with his father at Tewkeshnry, 
Boded nth Edward IV.; he left two 
», Elisabeth, m. to Sir James Blunt, 
I, the wifs of Robert SheiBeld, of Bu^ 

to his brother, 
priest, canon of Lichfield and rector of 
ton, where he was buried in IflSO. 

tKRT, who «. his uncle Ralph, and con- 
m1 the line. 

. by his eldest son, 

I, esq. beheaded as stated above, and 

e iseue, was «. by his brother, 

ris, esq. who died without issue, and 

DsLTSA, of Dodington, (son of Henry 
■andson of John Delves, sheriff of Staf- 
Ib.\rt IV.) He was twice sheriff of 
te time of Hknry VIII. was knighted, 
lament for that county. He d. 0th Au- 
buried at Wibonbury, and *. by his »on, 
s, esq. who m. Mary, daughter of Wil- 
tq. of Keel, in the county of Stafford, 
i June, 1571, was s, by his son, 

ras, esq. who m, Frances, daughter of 
rjF, esq. of Alderley, in Cheshire, and 
teamt, 8tfa October, 1600 (he was buried 
the 10th;, by 

k% DiLYRS, of Dodington, in the county 
at Alderley Uth Elixabryh, knighted 
•, and created a B4aoNrr by King 
ay, 1011. He m. first, Mary, daughter 
brahaai, esq. of Woodhey, and by that 
.Y, his snocessor, and Lawrence, Rich- 
as, who all dird issaeleas. Sir Thomas 
lary, daughter of Edward Baber, esq. 
amersetshire, and widow of Sir Roger 
It had no odicr issue. He lerTed the 
of Chrahire in 1038, and was t. at his 
eldest son, 

IT Drlyrr, hurt. 6. in ISW, sheriff of 
4V, m, ftrut* CnUierine, daughter and 

oo-heir of Sir Roger WObraham, one of the masters 
of requests to King Jamrs 1. and by her had 

Thomas, his successor. 

Mary, m. to Sir Thomas Mainwaring, hart, of 

PeoYor, in the county of Chester. 
Catherine, m. to Edward Glegg, esq. of Gayton, 

in the same county. 
Grace, m. to Joshua Edisbury, esq. of Pentry yr 

Claud, in Derbyshire. 

He m. secondly, Mary, daughter of Randal Leicester, 
dtisen of London, but had no other issue. He d. SSrd 
May, 1003, and was s. by his son, 

III. Sir Thomas Drlyis. hart of Dodington, b. Mth 
August, 1030, sheriff in 1005, m. first, Elisabeth, only 
daughter and heir of Hall Rarenscrolt, esq. of Hors- 
ham, in Sussex, and had two sons, 

Thomas, his heir. 

He M. secondly, Radiel, daughter of Francis For- 
rester, esq. of Watling Street, Salop, without issue. 
Sir Thomas d. ISth May, 1718, and was t. hy his elder 

lY. Sir Thomas Drlyrs, hart, of Dodington, b, 4th 
October, 1053. This gentleman m, first, Jane, daugh- 
ter of Sir Richard Knightly, K.B. of Fawesley, in 
Northamptonahire, by whom he had one dau^ter, 

Eusasrth, m. to Sir Brian Broughton, hart, of 
Broughton, in the county of Stafford, and had 
Sir Brian BROtJOHTON, hart, of whom here- 
after as heir to his grandfather. Sir Thomas 

Jane Broughton, m. to Sir Rowland HQl, 

Elisabeth Broughton, d. unmarried in 17S5. 

He m. secondly, Lady Elisabeth Booth, daughter of 
Henry, Earl of Warrington, which lady d. «. p. in 
I0tf7 ; thirdly, Elisabeth, daughter of Andrew Barker, 
esq. of Fairford, in Gloucestershire, and by her had 

Henry, b, 18th July, 1700, and d. at Warwick, on 
his return from Prance, unmarried in April, 
1795, his father being then aliYe. 

Sir Thomas m. fourthly, Rhoda, daughter of Sir John 
Huband, hart, but by that lady had no issue. He d. 
ISth September, 1795, when the Baronetcy, through 
failure of male issue, became extinct, and the estates 
passed, under the will of the deceased baronet, to his 

Sir Brian BRouoHtoN, hart, of Broughton, in the 
county of Stafford, who, in compliance with the 
injunction of that instrument, assumed the ad- 
ditional suruaine of Dsltrs. Sir Brian was 
grandfather of the present 
Sir John Delves-Brouohton, hart. (Refer 
to Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.) 

Amu— Arg. a chcYron gu. fretted or, between three 
tunres or delYOs sa. ^ 


Created 18th March, 1700.— Extinct, date unknown. 


I. Sir Robert de Neufyille, of Frankfort, in Ger- 
many, was created a Baronet in 1700, but no further 
particulars concerning him have ever been obtained. 


id ibE «Mld villi ComniDdc 
la flTftlienlenut- S<ioDitfI«T,bediff pal iDtocoanau' 
udfd thg CinnhoD an (ht Ird Hav. 

kJ Tictor; thm 
uUiTcd orer tha Pmcb Bed. Id IIM.bfcamitiwided 
Iha D«*ccaUre, and capmred the Reaaoixable. of e^ual 



I. Hii WiLLiiH UiKni.aCGIIIingliaiii. in NsiMl. 
vtuiw-MWCatlwrioa Voasi, buIhaJnuiaaw. Sir 
W ILliun dted in freat ladignca bihI wIOi bha Ac titia 

ilir bMwtu II a vmm, pWItc. a 



iiiliD «Mh Ka). law.— Ki 



^....., inAiIrtfcrt 

m.iD Norfolk. - ■ • -^ »-1^--^^ 

Uaorrmat ui U».iua. »Ww<ll,liW 
n Wnltar.ttM<M«P 

I II. u Hnbin n 

KlBC Knw.iD VI. iranlpA Uw iMnor af Dillo 
I'uiiii 11 Uuniii. H^ . (Ii> dr-rmialil of ■nTT M 

(li.tlthgfEi><>i>i>lll. HtaaMotfnato 
~ IBM M DatHf. of CWm !■>!■.■■ 
V.' ■>. Kitaahnk, dwichUT nai bMr •< •> 
Van. at Dnm.lB NorMk.iwivlnaai 

• »<■ KuutT btiJ 

rnilr la iIh rnwk mn at Bu 

«( Sir John 
chkrr-loMkK af Bn(luid. ukd ( 
«■ of Iha diDfblrn Ind oMwIr 

1^. by wbou ht hail ■ hd. loliu, or 
»• «*44»d. iMndlT. PhiUlppa. ilauihlar Clurt. uid had laMbrr aon, 
» Diwu, «!, ■! WaotWB CflBit, in Kfnt, 

bui ilTins » f. IB IM«. dU lU* toe 
Mnom-i vidn nUad. ■Pllli 
««q. n< llfen Court* la tuTtr^ 



■^tt* vf WUHuB Wtbb.dlliwD M L»nda>i, 
•un tw<i 


■* •*-. .^^*' ««.n<y of 

LLUM DiiwtLL. UhmIIt st like iwub • 
( M, MArE>irflt,daiLghtvr«iidh«iror AdiuuS. 
If Cdwb, In the counly af Waririi'li, ntn 
9 TiDgnlb. In Bcdrorditalre, ud Hilled t 

3t Dodford. la NorthUQP' 

'dtoDjHit' of Slonrlon, id Lin 
heriud Coton. (Srt DiiKiii.i., 

ll«u|ul>li,lwtwF<ni / 
le-lii. gula*. and In tli« mUdlt. quirUrly. 

Work dMh npn 

dinothtrpuDof K»li Imuplsnteil 
county, iind Mtilpd *t TnliBgh.m, 

M»E 'diiwill, uq.'Mm or hi* hrotbw WiUUm, 
vim M. EliiateUi. dtsgbur of Hililisw, und liaMr 
.ud hrlr of WiUUm R«d, «|. of FoUuunt, by 
wblrk \»iy (whs wedded, Menndly. Sir Hinry 0»n 

I. Baiil Diivkll. nq. of Bi™ir. in (he county or 
haul, who vu cniled ■ Bmomr by King CniniJi 

It. Itilh June, IMO. 8ir Buil m. DonKhy, daugbler 

BLiinnH. aiw of tfapniaidiof bnoDur to Qim 
Hi>I. ■•. Id Geor^ OxaDdrn. LL.D. muier 
Tnnily HH\. Cimbridgn. ud by bim. «rlir> •: 

Sin HtNKt OxnjiDMH, ronrtli Orne. 
in Knil,liiildyingi.}i.w»9.1>yb[i)in»h«', 

StH CtDiici OiuDKK. fiftb binnct. M.P. far 
Sandwicb. whs m. in ITJS. EILHlirlh,^" 
dauihtar ud cn-helr of Edmimd D 
g^. dF UIUc Wilbenfaam. Bcrkt, and 

Hg ■>. in ITU, MVT, dui^hln- nS Sir W< 
' rt. of StunCord,* but Out Udi lUid IIA Mi 

ac. ud Sir WiilUo rmainrd i.rter««t* t Hi 

VDiiDiir d tlie (:tTaf FT pan of tbe r«lHn of W 
le WH alu M.P. fnr Ihr lawn and port of 

wide dj^ng abODt Ihi jear ItM.i Calheriog, daigihur 
«f WiUiui Liin«ni!Tl1la, »q aon of Sir Thonu ' 
(saiillc, of Bnidoill Ahhay. BucU. barosel of 1 


«tal« dnalifd, andtr hii * 

Lit thai gentletoan dyin^ i 


CaatTio 1«ib Feb. Iim-H.— EirmiT In IMI. 
Rcfbr 10 DlioiLL of Baaa». 

CiaaiiD llUi JnM. iTM.'ExTiaci HIb In. IT 

[] a D J 

[J a Q 


l,(lt«l(. I' 

Pnn Ddihh. aaf. of Im Rnaf^Bidb|Bi 

•m of Caoffrej Domgr^ h^. It Wm WpiM 

*' (ob, hii wifa. dsodibT and bMr irf BoMd 

llingndia. dlad IH April. Iiu. IraiiaiM k 

F Ant wiFa. daoibbo of TVj^da C«iBf«f. ai| 

CiiaiiL Doaaii, (•«. of L« Ciaa(t aal M 
who ■- Bridial, daacblcr ef neaaai LmK^ 
A«waU, and k; bar, vbs vrMatf, •o^.l 
Hawiny, M<|.ofCb«su».lB Sitcb.tadiiM 

Pnia Doaan. aa^. of Lh ClWfaalM 
who m. in ■•». Matram, CaaChM if Ik"*!! 
wood. fiq. of tbe Vacbi, and d]rt^ >N BiM< 

Sia PMnwooD DoaaM, al LaaO<^a'i 
■Dm, wbo •■. Marr. ihM Aaa^dar rf Ik ■■ 
tiban, of BtaBDMOB. and wi*« tl UMdM 

■ II. FlaatWDOd (Sir). U Arit Caaat, la GM 

•bin i (Bicntad la Vteffaik. 
... R«.b,. j 

II. Danxhy. ^ 

III. Harj. ••. tD WUiHa llW|lm«. (flM 
irPlHtvsod tf. M FU(«ri,IMM^«<««l 

Wlllliira HionU;. ■■ 


■d b; Ihi> Irill 10 br ip- 

Kwrrr, or by whit mnfhaTitr marker." Thtl 

e jjnblic «prri« w«i much injured b^ the ap- 
if mndry EQ The purpoH* of the pleuare* of 

br Lord Clurendan, vbo wu 

had bc'D illoned Is nulnti 

lun broke onl. He jn. ■ lady (irtily dfiUn 
I for bunty. Pnneei, fourth dau|liler of SLi 
u Honrd. kut.uf Naworlli Cutle. in Cumbgr 

M. Cbule 

>. complrolll! 

of ths COltOBU, who 


birt- iDd d 

od beir of Sir TbirnM 

iHh Apcii, ir«, i«TiB, 


oi (Sir), wh 

1. u fourth baronn. 

1. yruM 
of 8, 

johu L-onou 

r. Cotton, »q. •on ud h 

Iphl.. .. to 

Sii Henry Pickering, b 

of Wbaddou. 

• >•. I.«y. 

bird Bulktley. ban. of 

... M.r> 




1. SlB GlOllOl DowirtN 


let* of th 

Irmp. JtJiu II. m, C»tl 

ne, cUM 


■loe*. Rari of Salbbury 

Munnirt bl 


Tii. Sii GlDUi DowTiina, of Rut KaUey. kuighl 

ef (hi uib. and jf Dunbtr ot SatDniiit Collar, 

CauhriclB'. Hrm. MlaaFonMrr, daocbtir of Sir H 11- 
lian Pomm, kul. of WalUag nnet. in Sbropibtre, 
and dXd '. P' iu )'«>' By a wiU dated in ' ' 

TtaMi all bii pi»p»ny lo hl«Mnti 

CoUeie at Cambridge. 

Fr mnch Lktifatinn.lBDlt ptafc in 


and heir. Si 

f WilUtn Uorta. m-ifCbM 
larrled Eltaahnb. I IW^I 
ey. of JolnnUa. aad <1*«kB 

nrr^t Uw. tiaft fa i*« rt 
ary, IB Irdand. m. tnH. ■*! 

Cbarlei. n.N. I 

Nicholaa-Milley. in boly or4m. bi<~j 
Charlea. and JobnHilUy (Ntr), DMi^ 
ID the army, lau MP. tor tba ematsl^ 
loan, of whom prHenll). I 


.1 Sia PH>ai-» HamaaiK 
to Iha Rot. Thaaia ftda- 

Tbe (oorth aoo, 

I. Sia John Dviu. G.C.B. aU XX-i 
the army, colDoel of iha nib 
of Chuclemont, waa crrabd a Bi 
d>Hu| DDmarried. mb AacuM, IMk' 


>rdnre company or aad aa. oai a cao^^M 

i.M thai <be I>i>y1y« ' 
Hoiaat D'Dtlt. eUei 


1. TU>Nifll™i"'>»U<l»Cai»,uw 
kroOxn. Kebm, wbiRn bs lubihMd 

ibtn. He (Nifcll) m. tlii l.idy Acnei. 

r. vIm m. tttBtj it 

JouK D'Otli. ■ r>moy> •oldlcr In Fiuca- Us k/ ii'~ 

■nd CD heir of Rlcfaird Hare, or BiujBeld, Berka, wu 

Thohiii D'Oili. wba wu ukted at UarUnr, bnl 
cnBtinasd iltcrwardi ths AeiigiuIIaD oF (he family. 

inMbcr Alice I dinghlo' of ~ Hill, of Oitnbridp. In 
WilBbin, iDd widoT dI Sir Wil" 

•mil nod ditUEbUra. Tbc Eldnat i 
JoHn D'OrLT. uq. of CblHlbai 


..rd. «. mucH, 


ud ™-hdr o 
ily. Hew. 



nign of IfntcH Ei.iii4«rrH," w 
ur of c»a Innt kHprr. Sir N 
kiU>d U tb. bliA .uriH.. .1 

o n. Eliub 
bolM B>cr> 
Oxford, by 






C,p.,b.«, o('h 


noli, ilitc 
•nd bad lui 


Sir An- 


DPI (Sir). III! mu 


e.bui. andlhifdlTi 


Pri«ll1a. bapl. IJIk Auiuat. ISO*. 
(inddard, wi. of Kn(1»>uin, jovi 
TlHima* Coddard, fai. of SviDdoi 
R> iraa >. M bia duccaH br bU iod. 

. u Bdnf4 

in Wilubirr. 


ncrooi fnnity. Sir Cope died 41b Aufnat, 
(Mr-ti »D >Dd lw<r, 

JouM D'Orn, «q. in. Mirr, dHa^Ier , 
nf Sir John Shirley, Lnl. of liftuld, in Sum 

Tfamnu, n. Ilia cautiD, Doralby. dioghUr of Jobu 
HiDhel. «q. of Kineitnn RuHcll, whkh Udy n, 
HCODdly. tfa< Rer. Jabn Oirtn, D.D. 

I. JORH D'Otlt, etq- of Clu*eLhUDptoD, in the 

HISLu II. TCfa IuIt, ISU. He M. MtrguTt, dangll- 
>r and coheir of Sir Ridiard CholBiilty, kuight- 
iDDenl, of Wbilby Abber. Id Ui« ronnty sf York. 

Cboln , . 

>f Uagh ForWKue, a 
ba ■rmy, lieat^govei 

EUubrth, H. u tho H 
»if Jobn n-Oyly, who WM 

■ Job* It'OiLT. tn%. utm mt. Mm. tt 

u TbuBu Toaac 

ChalBieley. iL II 

daughter. jWK! ■^'^ 

He wedded, Kcondly, Rebeeo. du^Hr aJ i 

Oi[ord,biitbyIbi(Udyli>di»i«iL Ka*i 

iir Tlioiiiuditd«(liPibrury.irM, ■atvMJ,' 

IT. s'ii JoUH D'OTLT''~i«tor prCulSbl 
ordihin, whs died UBBuniiri, V IPi li 
ind wH ). by hb brother, ? *^c JJ^^ 

4«KJ^ /L*t 

■1 Ib n.ii_.i.hi.f with thi 

Tit >he Glutloii< MiiBurii 
lili Drpuly Litui. ofOiIunl 

il NuhkkHU Sir Cope 
Hi. (ri UHiDmHtirr. iihI Jiulkc at Oyer «ih 

I Fimlhf vTUii U'Oyly'h of the luu Cui 
BuMe Mblci of OtBiy inil tUt—aOtm, *i 

1« Mh UM Chireh. they'll lell lh« *l 
b well u Mabber'd EyM »a do •, 
' W UtnMk Hk ih* Poor. 

ThiM titn iMI kMr ■■Mgh lo 

Peart will ui 
u» TuBk, or If I 

im »«. Marbk 

K Hid Sit Cope O-Ovlt. km. cideii <l»|hiei of Jw 
1, Riq i who ncelv'd ihe L'ruwD of Glorx, In ihe yn 

Wouldn ihoa, fll<*der,}dnw lo 
nw puftcl (opy or • Wile, 
KtBd on, and th»n rcdevin fnim 

Spirit • Jael. 
II •in •■ Ahlnll, 
the Charrh a Hauah, 

U Wurki ■ Dure 

And lo b.r Spo.H. bimhi, 

rradeaily •'•■P';^ protldeatly warie. 

I I K^u. I I J.n>« I I Ham 

1 i IL ). Km.. ^ Ki.l>.Fi K Dtaghun li D»Mtl 


Ja(ihHi-H«Mrl. Eh]. ( •• 

, 1). D. (ilMcrnjAl rran Ednnl 
i«f LUllnninh, In dxi piiHih of Slane, 
inwa atLnm. in KsHri.TkinallDrar 
f ChtehMrT, (Bd pnlwDiliry of Ely. m. 
titH*. HcnrtsU MirU. (rnHKt iisghlcr 
iDdov, (by Rlidbvth. bU- 

■M K> aroiBUf 10 lbs kioc. b. tnd April. 
, ■. HsRfc, im, Swuai. d>ii|hl<:r of 
M> *ubknxA«. Mq. of W«nn», caanty 
Alk, (ltd 4. Octp^r. I«I«, without ians, 

r, litMl»t(r If llufb Tkonui. D. D. inn 

ratu DOf LI, nam ol UctMil, in Su 
tm •< Lfm*. an' |ir<b*ni]ar)> <>' Ely. A. 
IV, n«a, ■■ Itty. mo. MM7,4>u|liurnf 

r, im. a. «h Jbiiih 

■ {Mf), KC.B, UhI-oI. in Om i 
It D J. NOM af Luknk and of So: 

•a, a|. af UMm, and bM Iwnr, 

■■».H^rT> >>■ »«• J<>>>>. lall. 
">M. i. Ui April. 1918. 
lahB. ». lilt Jolr. ins. 
IB a* lal (IlardI,^. lilt April, irM. 

■ DWki. oflMa) raaMnl » KandT, Id 
OtTli*. * Mkiau*. irT4,«iicnaiada 
■U, tn djtaf ■■». ia ihta* y«n aftar. 

!•■ Ii m di-to In baad, ■>»•, batwaas 


nuhlre houe of Drake.* waa 

w). who IB 

rried IB <h> time or Hta- 

V. Ctarialii 

■Bd hrir of John BlllDl. 


of libc. In 

f Davon.and thtreby (hat 

B thi^ pariib of MoalierTT. ucnwd to 


ramlly and 

l>«aiac thB p1a» of thair 


boaeb Ihfir 

•t MoUDl Drak 

, • UIDHiOB 

biuU by tbem in Iha «id>s 

daqgllleT ol 

Bobart Drtko, who had bi 

Kobon. e 

Wlironiti. In Uw pariah of Sontbli-ih. 
. Eliiabeth. danfhIiFT. of llaiaplmy 

-— ■ ■i.hjwbmn.wilbothn- 


r1 it U pmbflbla thai tha Drvli 

Ji Df Ik* ftmillr fmndtd b^ !>» <»- 
Ut idnUnl Mm FatHci* Dun. 

jHuf Kuuam. 

» Duta,tan. of Hwtl»A, ill fbnnHiDIT 
. Mfkn tai (vdun of llii limMirUl tcn- 
rtirf fcr U> HCODil wlb. Jdu, iliiiigbKr of 
■ •aal>. kM. ■d4 >u >. kr hii ddtr wn. 

I. Ilo>HT,orEt«rly,wbi>.>.Ai>B<llininiuui,u<l ..U^ 
l»d > »D, Sir Hsnnr Drury, tnt. of E««rlr, ■''!5^ 
tuAtbiwdiiufluen, of whom llut rldeil, iOi- 7^ *>| 

ul»lk, uirrjful Juhn Buika, at Lower Sbsl' flf? 

hrd, CuateUgcshin. 
WiLLim (Sir), lord judn ud (otmnT nf ^ £ li %i 
InUnd, H. Mirfini. diuchur of Tboniai. ""1 " " 
Lord Wanivntli. ana widow of Jvbo, UiM 1' U* 
W' WUUuu.iif ThiiH. aiut d^lng In [lublin In 
- tSJB. I.« two LuehUr., L xi J,. It 

itat. m. 10 Bldurd Ckenrood. ewi. of (ft"'"*"' \., 
foM.hlrc. fU^ ,?'~«i 1^ . • / u Rabcn >lan<r>1i,ti 


II. PniunK, ». (0 Sir Roborl Rolilcr. at WoUon, 

III. AuiK.III.IaSir Jo1uiDiiuie,of Mapleiled, Euei. 
Sir Dnic tlntrf, dinl in laiT, iigsd mnety-ninc, ud 

I. UnuiDiiDiiT.eHi. orHiddluinirtb,iDN<iTfalL, A. 
Id IH8, wbD wu cnaUd > BtlDniT Id 1017- Ha m. 
Anne, itnugblcr af Ednu-d WoUgnTi, e>q. of Cnnfisld, 
In Bhbi, Aod dying ia 163V. «u j- bf hia ton, 

II. Si* Dm'K DBniiT, who n. Ruud, daagbtn af 

<. b> Sir Wllllup Wike, but. ■ 

111. SiK BuBiBT Dncm 
ftnt, EUubrth, danihier 

■an, or Waldingetld, S 
daugbMT o( SamiHil Hi 

folk ; and thirdly, Di> 
Fiakn» Hull, but dii 
•nanlj-uiehti «h<m It 

CiUTip IDIli Feb. Iise.-EITINCT ISth Jan. IIW. 


Thfi fBOily vbicb 
U Uhi CoaiqiuM. 

LD Ell«J.l) 

iman. vuracbuor 
biir>ioa.i>l>o-. Hi'i* 
I, or Bwkoway.uid 1; 

Ko(«. panon al BrmdAfld. in Suttntk. 
Maud, •(. uiim. 

All«. n. In William gwa«ln(, a«|. of Soffblk. 
Tba cMiM Hm lad heir. 

Jiixa Uiirat. »q. or ThunUD, liritii Im|i. Ki>' 

ntiu 1. ■>. Aiubla, diucbttr ot Tboniu Ncwun. niid 

bad imut, Roor, fiwa of R.ek.rua, wd bU biir. 

Xicauui Tkia gciitlnnat 

.t by vhotn be had U 

I llooaa (fltr), who -. Hattfir. iMI 

•ola brir of Kir Tlinnu N auBlon. <<H 

anaionatbladicaar, >ol*as.aaiB 

~^ arSirO(tia3wyiifoTd,g aad n 

Etbetdnd. ■ 

Rarbeli m. to — Tulle, (mi. al K«it. 
Tbii Richard bora for arm»~a>vaat, « ■ d 
■ un. be»«n two noUeu pIvrtW. ar.aMk 
liM lot diRiDi-ilaii, dcBoIiDi Uo Wac ihi i 
Hl> »a ud hdr. 

WiLUia DiDBT, caq. oflUndi, Ib Ha>tta« 
wai lard of (br naiwr of Cede, tk Ikal as 

Ii Cillitrina, daofbur, akd • 

im. of KarlOi. *ba ■ 



I. Jo«.jh. TV- , 

r. Wind., ('•*■*• 
I. Ciithfrl 

1. ntn'' 


>. to loaeph Ina, af W 
1« of eiT. 1 

• Tbt rauiU^ «t Oauai cunt Ibi» Biiclind al ihnCuo- 
bilDcWi; llv trit Halr.1 (t Ilnathiiii; Ibl Hcoud 11 

t Bt kl> sin. *(U, daailMn and, Iflrr Ibe daalb of 
bH bnnltn. I»1> B( «lr Kllbant rm»ll . by hl> <■)«, 
CubiMH. aldral 4iacbin <ihI Eo-ffir Jallb bi-c ililci 
Jou, olhHnmuaTrkaoRb.'Hi, If Ick-onhlnSBi. 


rfiy M"("> M. •"<. ■«— • *ai^*.^ 
SlFTkma>I>i»ll.>bi>li llatfnY«AM.I>K 
iiood, Kb <;i«(ir r'\>lu.lrin»mt,mlam 

I B> hia mir KaiBuiBa. laa^lH ^ • 
H— lt.a kBlahlot U*liia>ll.O«inMkl^<n«f 
lady Minltd •avuuill}, Joan M OttM. M" 

IT. mq. of Cola* (»d Cunbrlilgi 
r of tb« onbtic* of t'wnbtiilEV 
BB, «• l^rfwaia. iUii|1iter uiil 
nOI>r1]|. gl WUIlKfa.nndenndw 

laui. XM. ntmr of OTrnn«Ki ud CUy 
w, wlu B. HlH C«i«U. DDlT 'lul'l of till 
B R«. Bktiud CotU.uil iyiat in 1807, 
R <auh ikm d«ufhia». KUubedi. ■. in 

nH»M, •dmlrml R.N.ThnU 

Omcf. tomadxl hia CKbrr 

lOn, uDly diiugbUr of Kir 
•pil, bun. by Uuy. hu 

m. liarU. lUuRbMr of Capuln 
Snjik. Imnhir nf Kir WllllJim 
HiBTtk.kKrt.arillll Hull, B»]i. 

or WlUiau Niehi^Kiu. m). of Saribill, in Con- 

Ir John Cu|». lint, m Canoni Aihby, and hid eltht 
ion (Bd ronrilaimhbn. Ha if.MUiSipUiiibn.ltM. 

I. BliMVi UkTuu.wi.'orCuouA, 
Dl> of NoRhamptoD, wbo <«Il Uii d«(m of 
' I ibr uDlTinKv of Otfnrd llib Jang, 

ImU .1 

unun, •.{ Tlchnunl 
Ml. MmT?. Amughlft nf 
in)!, D.t>. iBd dyini 

ird, danghlvr of ' 
r1 et BerkihiK, and h*d th 
CbarlH, nnfortunalifly Aro 


pli; mW " Th( Untlnind hit own 
ElutiLiM until, who inherited u 


a. Prucn. ■>. M Mr J<iM|>h Hindnll. of 
LondDii, tnHvhutt, She d, loth ftc- 

I. Eliiabclh. oi. n> Sir Rkhud PhUUppi, bul. nl 

PlrtOB CuUi. 
I. MuT. ■•. to Sir EdTurd Hinoiip, hart, si 

DnniAy, •■. Id Kdwud 1 

(Wdi ta lh# toBDtT ■'' 

Unlcvkb in IBM. (Sm Bmu'i 

™l. I. p. 1M.J 
Snian, m. lo Sir JohD Plckcrinji. ] 

nnniu d. nod Hiy, ISJi 

II. Sim John Dutdih. thchlTar Nnithanplaiuhii* 
In l«»t, ud »lKUd iU knight u •cria In |wrltnuDI 
Id IiHO, m. Int. FiiKilla, duihur of Judh Quirtei. 

daughter of H«nry Pirrit, uq. of Bockbolts. in the 
■•me couBty ; hqt thflw ladiva dirj both without Un«- 
Slr John ■■. Ihirdlj. Honor, duughter of Sir Rohirt«. hi - - 

I. Rati 

Id hT bcT, 

il.P. for tht o 

D. in the twflaty-fanrth year of 

I. Pn>B». m. 10 Ralph Suyd. m|. lUnt xn of 
(Villlaw Hi»rl. «q' of Ktel Hall. Stafford 

t. Abut, HI. U Wallair Plfot. aai. at Chslwrad. 

(refer w WlUiun. Hmud hb of cha fax tm 
IV. Si* Johk Uituiti, af ranted N«h 

Rlinlwth, duxhtir of Mr. t«dL. af NwA 

HuiiDi, at. Id Mr. Joivph HW 


RILabeth.d. Bnn. 

IT Ramai>. *■«. rf T(M 
Philippe, m. to TVm* Sen^a 

BIlnl-th.M.u Rirhaid HarrfB. DlO-I^ 
Mary. ai. to John Sh*«. oai- rf A* k 

D. of C*t, 

r ttti hair 4 

Rllabdh.ditubUr adahn lUin.aav'*'] 
«H<t. Mana. hin drtng t. p. ON llp*j ^ 

|«r *Hhlha(Uit, kuIhudanEbtfr 
■B the lud ihnU bi lat, inwd 
mM aouDlln« bpr fnUuir'ii •tRd. 

,t»B i i h« hair (boiu h«r ibonldrT 
^-- ■dopud »ad €vir «ftiirw«Td« 


I, l«ll_-EiTimT Irt VA. l«t*. 

Et.d frwii • r<»i««.H« timlly 

Ca4><.u I, H. WM bura .1 VraD> 
LBfOit. IIU. tli> hlbn. Itaa Rmi. 
U tar BUI) THn ihi [Innc of St. 
ituri *Bd brine invrwuriU pnunled 
(mA Futmbridin, lu Kmct, rooKuril 
ittM rautr, and iwk IF lili (tnl* 
«k lUMr koHtM hti »n Hcnty, 

V mru^ Um pHWtd pnwi ■ 

» rmcb luicuMf. 


ilk IlM «tn a< ■ nlMkn bfhniRlBK t 

I (Iw Bttnd a( lk« BtdiDp gf Lnnilna 

rfltapuna- Thia iir»nKr<nrni wu, 

I Aa UtIbi to tlie cnvn, wlikb Im- 
■n. Mr, CamM*, ck>plalii-(<i»r*i 
■ caaa «■• thinfU • katd aiw. and 
h; llw Lurd Bmrbiwit. (ba Uird 

n a* Pattfc, Inlud. 

Mr. Gamble, Sburtl; after. 
Bannelcy: and in 181(1. IfaE i 
El J Cathidral, whicb hs rein 

Of a comprclieatiTe ulnd 

acta, Hniw of wtakli (till maialuin Uieir Ibodng on 
>e ttage. AjnnDg Uiug are " The Flitch of fiBcem." 

■ TliB Rital Can 


Wliile," tU Iha 


atation of whifh. party apirtt 


avordi were in 

aowDg Hie aodieotel ; " The 

TraTcllert in EwiairU 

nd ;■• and lutly, a than bat 

popalar piece. 


QUI about thirty yeara aincc 

under the title o 


utloly Indebted far diK^rer- 

fi( and fottori 

« (he 

painter ; and be 


tu ta*«> been one of the *nt 

o apprMiale 111 

DH <ft Mra. Siddoiu. irbinD Iw intro- 

d««d tn OarricL. Ht 

athletic ; vUls 

in Ilia 

cleth.iDUien'ral qnarp 

ell. Tbec«™.ft.Dn*the,« 

PiU(«rald and Milia)la>aid 

ta ba>e been Mra, HartI 

ber beaulT. who 

•iniuUrly eDOii«li, after Ibt Ulw of 

haif. century. 

ied an 

qnenduu cbamp 

Ma. A 

third, of mam a,ai™.ld.a- 

niciar. faagbt » 

tb Mr 

Stoniy Bowe*. made a great 




waaaberilTuf Londanb 





• ■»l..andbljx 

Krred the mbm 


Eh of 


Ha, Tbi. Peter «.a (aO 



. *hD «* abaiiir of LOBdon In 


nib of 



Iba Ittb, Uth. 


and IM 

of the 

•uoer-iiB. Ilia 

(«. af Brauptef. imv. 

did hia 




1 ffurd. Karl uf » 

ilwn Lnrd of 

n.1* In 




afet. II 

.. by bi. -m. 


■ I)c,a 


a, heW ,,,1. 

in Kb 




VI. lH.Hnan.lha.c. 

Hit 1 1 al BitrthiU. mn etutc aaw inieyit j by 
l>iiiur-Di:»«>iiii PAVnomaT-UuHcoiii, 
■^.aCCnU BrleUiDI. (Sn Biriii'iCini' 

laAMk, ■. la WUIiiHB Dnjatt. of Cnubrool:. 

n Dcimai. r^. of Uulnpon, in BBdftinl- 
Urtaa la IMt, marriBd Crcfly, diugbter of Ed- 
q. nf HoufbloD Conqiieif, mid had 

Ilk Marrh, IBM; 

nf Sir EJoird Do. 

«. Rofw. gf Wmod, 

W ;gka Child, Dt r.uildfnrd ; (I 
macoBilJ, Clblrtir, dlHBlUir of II 
" U( d. In 1<M. karii 

Hill, m. U> Cbtrlt* Erd 

WUIim. ••. Kuonnah. d»fli 
TViinu Uottey, ind 4. >. 

duugbur af Sir Hcury 
cbief julke of On Con 
■nd dyinfl baCnTB hLs (AUHir, in 
ITM. ]eH u only cUld. 
MiHi. w. Im. to lohu Batleri 
■od wcondlT ID Bicthud tlth- 

r HuTi11.fH.mKabenW00dreffe.n14. 

of Poylo, ud hid iHup. 

3. MuTHi. ■>. to NtthanicI Storl, uq. 

and ta»d iune mu Mni. who rf. .. y. 

sod k dtuibur, Pnncii, m. 10 John 

ChiiaoM, eH|. 

Klyot, olio M. Eliubeth. •Ji'ar of Sic Ricb- 

ud Hutfa, of Cludon, ud d, is IMO, 

irho 1. EllnlKth, d 



S«nh, M. Mr 

'om, of 


and wu motbe 

I ot Dr. 


I, M.B. 

J«^h, wh 

OH dati(htcr aod beir. 



Ittty. m. (s John Ingnm 

-q. ot 




of Uiford. and wu falhor of 
Grorge, ntcuir of SbEro, *ha m. Annt, 
daoubtor of Sir Richard Hcalb. of CUn- 

n, who M. Lu 

or«i.,' d.ogh.« 

RoboR Pouo^ 


and d. In I7M 

IcaTUR l-UB. 

I'honu, iKtoi 



nd di>d In l«M 


Thorn... r. 


iobn, M. A 

Wrbb. ot Urn- 

Wmiam. c 

puio lUN. 





Robort. rvior of P rlnn WBUn '• 
l*ri.h, in CaniUD*. ■-. Bia* 
belb. dsBKblcr of — Ofbba, at 


, m. Id Edwird Bny.wq. of Bben. 

I. Chuily, n. Id Williwn SltEet. w). of Sbalford. 
II. Mary. m. u H«>ry roUu^m. Mq. 

1. PllHCK DVHCCNl, »q. or TuiIft P^A. «u 


Sic WUlUm Alhirun. ud w» frnthat •( 

Sii PiiuDimDN.DlDsaaB. vtetaaihuai 
New H.U at DonoD. He r, laabaU, 4B^hM • 

or Hobcn Taylor ; 
phn KyrUB, allien 

and null. He «. Anna. lucbHr rf I 
NicboUut, kDI. lord mayor of lond— , k) ^Bfl 
Bi. ■ecoqdIy.SlrPaulTnicey.Jb.liilaiM— ■ 
MTEadau^tan. He rf. io ISla, tal *rwAl|l 

county |Gtouc«ur)U ill i& Ibc mM | II II 
but beluK frifhud ihesce by Ita Imihi Ml 
up to the puliUDeDt iloon. a* aOar MjUMt M 
conreyed hlmactr priiUety w Oifii4.aM ■»! 
Ut vat a lewned and pndeal ntB,M<MiMrfM 

*■■ active in BakiOf tha dellBoe aa4 tnattt 
■rtlclea of OioB wbea be ivrfaam n n ta 
dersd lu tka parUanati for wUcA. aaJ Ui 
loyally, he wm aftemidt femd M Bay • ■« 
LiGoldHuiib'iHall.LiHidni." H.i>.to.i,a 

*ho ■!. KriU Sir Prm. Mewy iM « 

Uitrhirt ; and >Kni41y. ~ " ■- -* 

ofUudwy. <Kc* BoBii' 

He wedrled. •rcondly. Abim. <iii^m» rf Bt.i_ 

Kinf, Blahep of Uadaa. bal hy «m latf.vta* 

Hied hbu aod ■. Sir IUAu4 B* ' * —^ 

bHue. He d in Ima. «ha SW 

larff enaUi denind BpBa Mt Mfl 

Wiiijta niTToi., wbc ikH *a 

bome.-- Ha vu aldor aen «t Mr Sa^hlfl 



■■OS fU> m Jnkn luTiDC pndtnued him in lOH), 
««■ t- by ki« brotbn, 

KImt C»iLU II. itnd Jut, ins. H. n. Bnt, 
Brtwl. ^BitbtR gf Sii Bdnrd Poole, <rf Keuble, <» 
»■ eMBij of Wilti. iDd bT <t»< Ixly b*d odc diuHh- 
tW, K. IS WilliUB Cthh, uq. of Lmidoii. Sir Rnlpfa 
■■Ml J. (KBedlT. M>ry. nlj diuchur of Ptur Bct- 
•^ M. I>. u 1>»LU II. ud ij hn hmd ioiu. 

An HI. m- b Juiut Nmper. e*^. if Loughcrev. ld 
Ilw caaaty of Malh, and bid ibiw, 

WUllam K*fa, 4. hud. 

ChiU Pdlint. to IhK omnty o< Wutueitta. 

■m7. ■- is Sii Tliouiu lUadc, ban. of SbipUm 

Caw1.iBll>ceaulyBf Oifntd.iiiidwuiiHithirof 

Itta loiiii Rupt.fauTth biniiiit. or Shipton 

Covrt. crmiidfather at tht praMnt Bib Jodh 

m. >•» JoBi Dlttoii, ban. *tio ■>. tnt, Mary 
~ vtCKIrKiubaylCBllcB, but.<ir till 
9 tf Wwwkk : IDd HooDdly. Hary. daugtiit 
t, m^. of Crii Tew, In the coonty o 

J Bi— a TT inb Nan*. IM»I, He ra- UDnHhy, dan- 

wtaa mt. Jadtth, datubur of 

Richard Guktonc, eiq. of Heiu, and had in ouly 

DoioriiT, M. lo William Harray. ew|. M.P. and 



Kin cage. 

The hmily of Dyet waa one t 

Silt RicHiiD Uiaa. kol. one of the gmttnsen at 

a, aM H ••• fsrrod blBualr lo «y bryoad 

I from Lcilh lo Praon, be ww 



of 8 

[ Edv 

■in) Huup 



nd wu 

by hi, 


d heir of Jo 

lsn>u, b»lD( no 





Df Wil 

un W.lby, 

of Dt 

Con. it. Lin 

■nd b. 



d, Moondlx 


«q. of Hdu|1i. 

rft at 

U» doxiK. 


nth ^ufDR, IWT, >ied (oEiiiy-FDur, ths B**oi» 

Jnu— Gn. k ttu IntwMB ibne ibeldnkH urg. 


lib Jiinc, ITM. 


nSatrslt. Hr.'d. 

Multak, «. 

B Rir PhlUp I'lrk 

IF ■ MorlcT. bin 

■nd died » 

tb Hircb. 17M, 1 

a.ii>( (wo d.ueh 

iiiHi PiIKtli. ■■■ U John Thymic Hoi 
wrond Lord Chid worth. 
iiiniTtl Piuim, n. to J*mH Plunh 

t.^Ut elder lOH. 

iry. Hl»). Thi* |ei 
^tetliiiiwriehof Horler.ii] 
tf KennlnpDD. in Serrt;. 

of Henllejd. In 

>, tnS b|r tbii Ud} (who d. Jii April, iTVt.j IhJ 

Ann*. B, is H>nr> Norn*, cm- of llrm|i«<d. in 
Kent. H of Adainl Sir John Norrw. hnl. 

EllohMk. n. U lili Ci|41 MoIIhu. ban. ef 
Cuile DUlua, In IreUnl. 

Mr. Eut wu (. 

of Ceorite Ywuitlut, aeq- 
Miry. b. Mtb BrpUnbrT, ITU. 
Ho wedded, lecondly.Mth Jiily. irw, Mlm H 
■nd had •nolher did|hter, 

r. who n. Rir WilltuB CInJrUB. 

Kttled in YoTkjhir*, wber 

bnndrcd Bannda i-yrar. ai., 

cohmel in the ritU www mtn KH^ C«m4 
wherein hs lort bit life, ind hto lao^MlkM 

Sir Solomon Swale, of Swale Dale, te Ik* ■«« 
York, bal dao> not apr«t M h>n kri taK I 

SiaTmu*. knt. w» l«4 wqiBrfl 
don in ten. and lent ATbv (;> It. ttdni* 
Hnd pounda while that pfinn w !■ Mifle ■ »• 
which dob! *a. hononmblT di - - - ' ~ 

He <f, I. ^. lHh Febraarj. !■•. wm 
hall Cbapol. LoDdoD. and •. by hi* m 
I. Jiaii Euwtaw.«4.i>b«WHCF 
nhDemabrr.KSI, SirJamBwaea 
In Norfolk, of whirh amtT k* an* 
be wai alo) (mllaman of (he yini 
kin«. HeM.Br*l.ada<i(blcig«Hr.JU 
of Yorb.udhaA 

Hi wedded, KcmidlT, Uia HewaO, ■ 
by thai lady bad 


— Bns' ■ lUm nmpBBt guardui ■■> > 



' ftlXMBt. *«^rf*/ 


H (ad Iwe diuicliUn. Tit. 

h. MIn af Kcw CoUigt, Oua. rf. >. 


.. (.*,- r./«^ /,.;w i- ;.,^ C^'. 


a Mtt tall, irra^KiTwrr lib Nn. ITM. 


of Uacoln, of which llMiHriahcburch of Grent I'at 

rrcctcd by Aptbooy Ellyt, CBq. wbo had mHrried ■ 
ludy of tlie fHmJLy or AacoubUj u apjieiircd by hi* ani 

A y'lnoffer brmnch af the family had Sormitly Hi- 
lled in HedCardahire. Kud pDucaaed the lordahlp of 
NaiUll IhcK, bat (bal bnudi ia long HCinrt. 

»■ eaq- of Wyhufi, in 

if Philip. 6nl Kail af CI 


liia buried in ihi rfvple Church. 
Janfl, a<. tn — StrodB, ev). of Uarriaclon. 


Bllya. » 

u II. ■ 

Plata. Tht . 
hanuft at. lubrtla. daofbur of tho Riftal Honourahts 
RidHrd H>nip<*eD. aomctJini! chuinllOT uf ibe «ehc- 
quer, ahd letandaapbur of cbfl celabntfid John Uiar- 
Du ; by h«r be had life aana and Ate dao^^hlera. of 
wb«B oaly one »d «nd two daufthtera nurried. tti. 

Anna, m, u Edward Cbmk, oq. ot Pergu. 
taabelU,ai. ta llicbaid Hampden. 

Mb Uciober, ITK, aged aeTenly.faMT, 

t. Bllis- 

(taur and cfrbeir ot Sir Edward lla*- 
■ninftoa. in Ihe unialy of Lincoln. iWd 
\. danchirr and co-heir of George GeaW, 
a BucLinahunihin, bat had no Iwu. 
hen (be Btaaam:! ba- 


The ftiM or thli funilT 
WiLI.MI Htl-iIllU.Dr 

U thn lins 

tody Ibcrc, 



for bring pri.T W 

hi> d«[b, 

J<KU 1. 



TbumiM. Pf H 


GmDPPMT. or 



M.1T. ". » . 



to - Bnrtb 

of tlie city or LoD- 

ubcth, dm 


Bt Robert G«*b(m 

i hfir ol faei 

■bbu, ■ mercfaiiii, 





JH».. hit 

htir. who p 

on do 

ed Ih« chief lior 

whlcli U o 


by RoinT-Cnn 

Rlwu. «<i 

»f GR.I 

John Etwu, Uie tbird hd of ildtmua GeolTrty 
Elou. «■• ■ dtJHD dT LDDdoD, wd like bit (ntber 
■ttained the BldflrrnHDic Eown. He wu Urinr in lAM, 
•nd muTyfng BUubclh. dBofhUr ol Rofcr Hcbbi. of 
WeThridge. in Bortey, wu i, by hi. hd, 

Sim OERTiai Elwd, tnl. of Weodford, io £•«>. 

lady (irbo wedded Kcoudly, Sir Bichud ETenrd.but. 

WiLUlB. who 
Mary. ■>. u Thoui 

amaly of SulTelL. wba n 

A'iHf Cmiui II. nad JBM, MM. S» 

Amy, dBngfatei of Dr. Triot. ot lllifc ■ ■ 

Amy, m. u Robert Uauot. n|, 
brflw«r ID the bonofb ti J 
gTuidson of Sir Geerae Vfii 

JUBH HioooT,wl» ■ 

•nrnuue ol Eloh, ud i^ 

nd by Ub had ■ Ha, 



hHitad Ik* m»m 

I. Amy. ■■. uStrlE 

Util. BoflolA. 
II. PraDcee.o.Io Ralph I 
■ II. Eliubetb.'l 
II. Rfbecu. V *. BBia. 

i ol BiwB, tat ■ 

, who lahtctUi) Ui ^fwu piiv 

,. ^-^ 

Stin bti hibcr, UDU. 
gf Whkli Koiifau. Dor BHdiBC. ■■ 

■T'*)wi^ Alt 

botjonr of kiii^Uiood fnn ATfMf Jmii 
III, im. He n. Winifnd, daaeblar lod 
^Uliua Brookibf , »q, of ShoEeby, la Ibv 

Idinme. hurt, and 

HuiT. wbg (. H liiili tiareai: 
In bn ■! bis drcHK ID ion. 1 dauch- 
Mr. lb* wife of — Patiiplau. ■» 

. Rliiabclb. d«Bghlar ot— Piek- 
i**1L. bai by h«r bad no L 
r. KUiUwlb. dknihWr of Sir WalUr 

Sir Fnnda d. Iil May, 10011,1 ud wu I. by bia ma. 

111. Sii Fkihcii BaOLirULD, Imt. wbo ■•. Lady 
HoDoii* O'BryrB. daughnr of Hunry, Bui of Thfr 
mond, but had no inat ; hia lady aarTirmg him, mar- 
ried Bccondly. Sir Robert Haward, LdI- oiilb aob of 

a. IB Sir WUUuB Keuedy, of 
.a-taTnmmHiyan.n^. aTTtidtoii, 

Uilrdly, Abbc. daughlnr or Joh: 
I of Ipalay, ia Ow cmiBly of Wii 
r Uul lady bad no iatue. 
» Kir Ednrd Uoiiiui. bnt. c 

hnauiilwr. fmrtb LnnlTeyBbaiii 

^ <rf NortbamplnL 
ID Sir Wniiun Brsdibaigh. kni 


iearge HuDilay.Hq. orilii- on 

I cluipcl of Knclafirld Churct 

ia lady, belli knolioc i 
«r ainia, and brbind tier 

u imr oC AntbODji o[ WliiM Kolfbu, fifrb md of Hit 
tni banuici). 



dia(bl>rarTbcnduCuc,eM|. of Bl>bapaItcfain|Uii,iii 
WarwkkihJn, >nd by her. wbo m. iccDnilly, JohD 
WTri<y.eH|. dF Dodfprd.anddiid in IfllB, u^rd eighty - 
IhrM, t»d, with Iwo daii|:btc». CobiUdix, m. la leJI. 
IS RDb*R Witmer. Mq, of KywtU. and Alict. m. to 
HuDuibil Hor»y, aq. nf llD>iinib«ii. > wo. 

I. Jiflu Ehiom, ai|. or PlocT, oho wu milFd i 

BiDOVRin IIVII. Kr n. luc.diQgtilerorSir Adim 

ntwuiik. bun. of (^hirlloD, In K«dI, md bid iuue, 


. SlrTboEouSualay.orCaiiibfrlonCTMn.Hcrti. 

GDirrtno. m, Id Richud HinibnU, tlictS i>ut- 

Ti>in( mh of Ricbard, LoM Minlhnll. 
CtTHniisi, M. tini ID Sir Ceotti BnnrfU. but, 
st Clipnon, ud Mcmdly, to Sir Jobo Gimtd, 
ban. of LVDtr : by ihs Iillgr sbe left > diuchttr 
■Dd hEir, 
Jim <l4Bm>iiD. M. to HodUcb Dnkc, uq. of 
Sir Jama BDyon, brfore the Hpindon of tbe yf ir in 
wblck k> •» ertaled ■ banrft, feU in ■ dael with 
Sir Nkbolu Crbp>. Both pjulin iren Ti>lniite«i Id 

fanaDUa bullet -. uid ibnnigh life, bsllowed CTcry 
lorn or the meUiurbaly ■imireniry, by clniiif 

iHOB.Ibl titliieipirrd wilb bim. ThE lUnar af Pl< 
■fnr pUHng Ibrougb muy fiuilin, i< bow the | 
ftrty at itaat of P*c> , 
Jnw — Arf. B cber- betwean tbne rBTtnji in. 


Cilu, WUb, BBdby bH bwlimiVM Kjm 

John (Sir). KbI. of WbMhaa 

£|IM.I1 of VlHWTtUM. is « 

•enied by MigaT-r.(ii*n) JaH» Knu 
nrHucbH«T:te.u HeicAwiAM.^ 
Ibun in WQUbire. (See BvaiK^ (M 

Hir^, M. IB Winiio Blvku-.n^. If K** 
Crcili*. M. Ut Williwi ItaoM. ••«. 
Micbasl BmiE wedded. Hmndly. Huw.cMM 

>d by her, vbo A *lMt0B,» 

tbii, diuibwr at EdoiH ToBka*. -t itf IbM 
•nd luter ipd n^faelt of bir CUn T*A«, b> 
bid by her (who wh biiriad n MmtM^m Ml 
I OH) two •Diu Bnd ■ dBUfbtti, tit. 

I. EiiMnn, b. aa, Octabn, wi>i ■ )to—< 
M uf Kdwird Alb*. «f •* K' t" *" 
WUinbin. uddytBC r.p. UOtaMHI 

Atnugt. I 

•,•*).■.( Hnurun.liiiMllydfxeiidid I 
r>alt ><f rrufe, litlni mv II»ibi [ 

EUnbetb. >.bi n^H lltoWilf W 
iMi ib« nnuM W Bus. i^ 
ID JobB CslMm. Hf. Bl«>M 

left ■ tn. 1^ 

d»i(hwr Mrf bMr iT ■• >l 
Wgller. uf CoBHk . IB WMMm. h4** 


» (Sir). n< Coneck, who iDbfrtW' 

in. Sir Edinid Erslr, bart. or Mud 
Doi. Ibird buDiwt. SirWalUrd. 1 
• July, im, accd BftTiix. 

' <.*tit Dtccmter, I7W. (I 
of Glllbrd Wunixr, w 
nuiii. EUiabciU Bmlo. 

Kh Kuwiao K>KL(, who ■■. Pb.wcm, onl; 
m ^ b«r of Ocnnml Ox HI. Hon. THnnii 
■<Cli«V(Fmfh. ucBibrt <>< Ili« priiy coundl 
ifmmm jUiii ud Gwutt I. ud li*d u osIt 

uaawTH, irhn iil HtBtj Dnx. e>q. oT EllertDB 
A>h«|r.lBT»rUMM,mJ wmfmnrnndmottitr 

•t Jniairf> im4, and w: 

■r* of IM B«, John Am>«. of 
Mb <M Nik Muvb. iril. wlxD U» bu 
■■■ MniH E**L>. or BrinilBde Pari 


i(y from wbirh it dorirad 

0frL», tamp. HiKnr VIII. partly by iahtritance from 
Uw Jlogeraat, of BeDbHV, Wnd partly by purcliiufl. 

Tnuaii £uii. «q. of Bevi:ot, In Bcrkihire. hob 
■nd bnr of Sir TlioiDaa Eaiei. Int. of the tame pUce. 
muTtad Joan, daugbtsr DfThoniu Huiviid, uq- ud 


.!■■ EttI 

. «q. 

. in BftI 

daaiblcr of Sir Watlrr Harcoun. of StaDbin 
irt, Oiford^re, aod bid a •nn, 

by bi* »ii Colonel Cbarlei EtHi. and lu uken pri- 
uner at tba battle of Edpibili, in which hie kid wu 






% ■* i 

\'+' • ■* y 



CiLU KuTroiHT, of Newion. In Wlltebi 

lu Sorrull.«Dd»4ufatbtraf 

Citn E«to...T. .lalD ta Italy, Ho db 

w»i. by lii>brMh<ir, 

WiixuB F^orr.i. who WH kilM .1 a 

»ni, Uadoa. by Hoary fit. Jabn, •^. .boi 

irer matrMd. Ihx 

ofiktkm tU.Xr.«'\. 


UteriBiBH •# Gnu fhisdd, iB dH OHMT of TerL, 
*■■ a BTRkut g( spBlaaci, it Kiacilini-iipaB-Hiill, 
Md m. HiH Jau PoitR. br wban t» had Hrrnisf 

Bnai, hk bar. 

Tsud ■ BiiosR itad NsTciBb 
■B. Hana-CniuUBIia. dufbin 
bC, ban- bat dyioi f- p- I0lll Aap 

T pale, ariiBt and tMt, tbm li 


tb. Rill, Hiddl«m. tnmj,. 

CioHi Bil>.1i>, »|. of hoBt DiltoB, Obo Bnl 
Koilasd) parchHad WidUn. in SaTny. Hr >. Rnl, 
sarbn sT Sir John W illian*. kal. br wham br bid 

Taoai* (Sir), wa> of Loag DImti. 
UaoMB. »u o( B'.rl.y .Bd W« D 
dandiOT Md hrlnu ol Sir Jabu E' 

Tbumby, lad via naUiat of Exljn 

■M, Tb- 
«(. uf 


ddad. HtaadlT. Ima Sfial. ind bad br hi 

lUur a< '■ Sill 
nr HDond tan of Cm** Knlrn, bjr Mi tea *< 
H r. waL pan nib th* p< 

riahtd aeOiT iB lb* w 

EliiabMb, la. n Edward BaBkna. 
PrasMa, nL to Prucia Clufc. 
Maffant. ■■_ to Joba Saaadaca. 

U Sir Aatbaaj Bcbb. 

TbcaaariH. duicMer aad aabidr at WIUm In 
ra4. of Chu da tl— . and by bar (■«■ «aa M 
Gaduoaa ia IBU) bad (km. 

Uarjant, bia «rM wift, i 

Tint, irbo ■. Mart. «Mtfitar rt H 
Garth, aa^. and by Imt, «ta aaUl 
omdlT, Cbaria lliMi.«a»MlMlil 

Edvird. a, la lan.atr. 
whn ■•. Jalla. daafUw •(«■■« 
OmwDd, aud djiaf la mt. M* 

CaM. He dtod. Inrfiw kf lb 
•rlh. Iwa dHuMn 8^ llfii 

Aaa.d. anv. Id VM. 

J^liaAaaablla. >. « flb • 
Aofutaa SkwUni«k.M 

.»nK Rnlro. Pt KalftiM. Ml H fM 

W Uluia. of St. Oara.ta llaM,«M»4 
PnnM. daitfbttr aad ha4r id Wl 
UUoUlc. ■■«. aad —J 1ta«i 
affiuariLuu *th*aka^«^ 
PaiacH, ■. 1 

Sir Ancbony m. •econdly. An 
Anlhany FflloD. K. B. al Playfurd, in SuBblk. but b 
IhiL iady hod no iiaiH. He 4. in IA1I, VA* bofied « 
Wiiltliin, BEid ueoeeded by hia bntbrr, 

Hooa Ktdhd, ««. of Uncb WallbBO, wbo «• 
■bniff of Ban ia Ime. He b. Htrr, danghiei i 

Hngb. hnow of EamuDBrl Cnlltci, Cunbridge. 
Wiuifrrd, H. to Sir WiUiim LnckTD. but. 
f vMldFd.MUDdly, PnncH.daiiflilcr of Sir Robert 

*, Eiaei.biilbT 

^cbunbertD flHjJu 

Scnduid, knifbl of 

Kir Richard «■ ncoDdlir, Jue. daufbcn of Sir John 
Finjwl, nuitfr dT iha csmnanlH to Jmu I. ud 
CHiaui I. He ri. in AnfBrt. IDH, iced HicDtT, and 
«u J. by tail •on, 

III. Sii HicH EiniiiD, bin. i mUilU7 tnui. who 
in bia early Ufa bad diadaguiabed himaelf in Plaadrra. 
Ill m. Mary, dui(liler ol Jobn Brown. H.D. of Sali» 
bnrj, aod bod 

Hugh, droned in Uie gnal iUtid in irM. He 

waa llemenani of ttac RcaUnUiin. 
Bfonon. biilni on board the Haapabire, eon- 

-.1 (nncTal of the land lai, and 

Thuud, in Eian. 

T llagb iraa f 

atice of th# peacv lor ibt fiDtinry or c^«x. no «. in 

itanary, ITOMi, aftd fiftr^Dt, «•« buried ■( Wal- 

ir of Richard I 

^ of Balta and Wella, (I 
y\ laa in Walla, by tin 

>. Saaanna, 

■ inNoTan 

RicHibD, hit keir. 
llrata. beir to bta bntbar. 

Sainu. •>. Id VknlBla. bi Nr. WUta, a eouUer- 
bM( laianhant and planirr ttaen. 
r Riebard v-u lairnuw nf NnKh CamUaa, ODdar 
afler bla retvra u EsfUBd. 

t. Sia BicBuiD Kiaaaan, haft, vfea «■ 

•I. Sia Ut'cH Biauaa, bM ww'xi 
Geoniaaiid •■. Ibeia; bvllyiaciawlaMtal 
BkaD»»Mi:T became EiTiacT- 

irmt^k-tfat. a feaae vaij, kets^B ■ 



meircd ite hmoar of ki>l«bibOBd tr^ M 
11. in (ha iaat year of thai prlBea-a n^>. J 
«at ibra Lord mayor of LoAdan. aBd eeaBM4 ' 
ihair on tba arriial of iba Pruce of Onam- 

I. Sarab. m. to Joacph Kaaba *>}laa,a(. 
r. Uary. m. u Sir Jabs SaiyCh. tat. 

Sir Jobn itdrladaiSmilh Brsan HaO^lkM 
ofWilb. Uiabrolbcf. 
I. Paifiria Eiiu, m* an mlBiM ^m* 

renwa af ihe Kaai Indu Coakraar. *m a 
BiaoiiT by A'laf Oaoani I, lai », nata.lf 
ra. Eliubatb. dauxbter of Mr. Aytr. « la* 
(baal. and by that lady, wto d. Ml AfoLf 

1. EUiabrlh, ■>. to Sit ni^ CHb t 
hrifteHdonbary. U Ik. eauty ^ KM 

t. - — ■ il ■ T' 

frey ItlfVeya. kut. 


ihftfftmbar.ira. lie • 

1. bybii 

diughlcr of Sir John ErFlyn, knt. 
Wert Drn>, mnd widow or sir Jill 
Wny : by Ihli Ud J hi> loril.bip Irfl 

OctolHrj lOSf , aged bi 

*. EliHtntb. m. to Sir Thnmu Fanthiwe, 



Elita, m. ta George Tiyla*. e( CUdM 

1. Simim (Sir), km. tnpiind t3rd Apn1. ION: m. 

Aldermaii Pmrington t. la IWJ. ^id 

Kathirlne.Kniiid diuitatcr and colwirof Sir 

™y, ul wide™ if KEighBn FBmr.'. »,. 


HitT-fiT. in IMl, wbo ■>. As-. «M#1 

, WilUr. bapti^d til SapUTnber, IMS. 

, RicaiiD. olnboin prcMDlly. 


•nphrcy Ma;, taL uul by bn, «W * 



RicKiao. Ua h<ir. 

Thorn.., <t.<u>n in IW. 

. Mary. ». 10 Willi™ Newc. of C«.l Hadhun. 


Franre*. m. flM. to Sir Ctarta Oakl 

. Joan, n. ttnl. 1° William, third am sf Sir OUiar 

modir, to Hear, Bdniaiida.aa«.tf T 
Ai.n'«'''loWllli.n VI>.D.WDay«iM 

Philip Warwick, knt. 

■ Kl.«l»lb. 

tiriHl, «. n BushUB OobUI. M.D. a 

I. Sia HicHiaiiFiiKniHri.kDi.baptlHdlMiJunc. 
IMS. M. P. (or the unl'enity of Cambrides, wai crr- 
■ttd a Biaonrr *nd September. Iiuo. He m. Idth 
Hay. IM4, Anne, eldeil danfhter uf Sir John Harri- 
•oa, knt. of Ball*, in Heru. and bad, with aeTeral 

1. Sia RicBian F» 

i-Or, a cber. bmwa 



Tao'afl F^aiKVTOir, paq. dearendvd from a jroq>i| 
hmltaer of Partaiton nl PariniUu. in LanDaahli*. ■ 

JaHH PiaiRcTaii, N<' •)' 
n. Ant. Anna, dauihtsral 
lad by her, who died in 111 


that city. He n. »iHl>Bn>aiTrarM.i 
place, and bad i»ae. 
tavt (Sir), bit beir. 

Danial BrMd, af Kewp 

belh. only dauihUr and batr •< Jrta N 
at Enhais. and bad i-M, 

Miller, ban. and tf. f. V •■ te MM 


:>*u Mth Jan. llW-ia.— Euimt 10* 

July. IIM, apd Sflrlhlw. ud. H »• U 

Carahalton nh-agsnUy Ma^>4 ■ MB 
llardwirke, asd aftvr hT " "^"^ 

pole, frgm wheal II w 




Itdi Not. 17191 

y of Felton, firerioiuly Mated at 
reuMnred to Playford, in the Mine 
( that estate in nuunriafe with the 

•q. of Shotley, eon of John Pelton, 

Icott, married Margery, daughter 

Sampoon, esq. of Playford, and 

aeq. of Playfbrd, liring 4 HsnaT 
A, dani^tcr of Thomat Seckford, 


eeq. of Playford. who ». Mary, 

hard CaTendiah knt. of Trimley, 

nghter of Sir William Brandon, 

deoeaM, SO Euzamktu, one Mn 

, TtS. 


iMKno Colby, eaq. of Beocle*. 
»hn Cotton, eaq. of Emmz. 
Uiard Freeton, eaq. of Mendbam. 

roN, K. B. of Playford, high she- 
597, m. Rliaabeth, daughter of 
nd WM «. by his aon, 
. eaq. of Playford, who wm ere- 
h Jaly, leM. He ■■. Dorothy, 
ttngbome Cawdy, knt. and had a 

.TON, of Playford, who m. SiiMn- 
ir Lionel Talmach, hart, of Hcl- 

nnreiHiTe baronets. 

D in the amy. d. s. p. 

-ertor of Loiik Melford, in SiiflToIk, 

wIU May, mill had one Mm, 

lo died yotinK. 

:, to llMmiaji llrrbort. eni\. and se* 

incts, Ijord Howard of Ktfingham. 

imt to Allaxtfiu ; and secoiidl> to 

ley, knc. of Boxted. 

111. Eltiabeth, d. vnm. 
Sir Henry Felton died in IflM, and waa «. by Ua aon, 
III. Sir Adam Pblton, of Flayford, who m. BUaa- 
betfa, daughter of Sir George RerMby, of lliryberi^. 
in Yorkahire, widow, first, of Sfar Franda Fo^iaaibe, 
bart. ; secondly, of Edward Homer, ea^ ; and thirdly, 
of William, Viacount Caatlemaine. By thia lady he 
had no iasne, and dying in February, 16B0, waa s, by 
hia brother, 

IT. Sir Tbom as Fklton . of Playford, comptroller of 
the queen 'a houaehold, who M.ljady Elisabeth Howard, 
daughter and co-heir of JamM, Lord Howard de Wal- 
den and Karl of Suflblk, and had an only daughter 
and heir, 

Rlisabkth, m. to John Hbrtkt, esq. of Ickworth, 
who was created Earl op Bristol in 1714, and 
from this marriage descend 
Frrukrick-William, present Marqoiss or 
Bristol, and Cuarlrs, Lord Howard dr 
Sir Thonua died Snd March, 17M, and was s. by his 

T. Sir Compton Frlton, who m, Frances, daughter 
of Mr. Finch of Playford, and had an only daughter 
and heir, 

EusA BiTH , m. to John Platers, esq. of Worlingham. 

Sir Compton d. ISth Norember, 1710, aged sixty-nine, 
and with him the Baronktct ripirrd. 

Amu — Gu. two lions paasant in pale erm. crowned 



tfth June, loss. 

37th Jan. 1007. 

Db Fbnwtkb, Lord of the Castell and Tower of 
Penwykp, and lord of the manor in the pariah of 
Stamfordhiun, NorthumlMirland, living Itmp. Hknrt 
I. and Stbphrn, was father of 

Sir Hobbrt ub Fknwtkb, knt. Lord of the Castell 
and Tower of Fenwykc, ti:mp. Hf nkt II. and KicH- 
ARf) I. whose son and successur. 

Sir Rubbrt db Fbnwtbk, knt. Lord of Fcnwyke 
and the two Matfen*,* living in the reign of JoBN, 

t^l fr'rtn ili^ Ft-nMicke fi«mily rfboal 
t wa* Mild to Ml. I)4ielri5h, «>r Dun- 
»m whom it ram*- to the Klarki-tt 
■nt Sir Kdwanl Blarkrit. tuirt. Imi 

II4II. Mr. Friiwirke, who told 
I>r«-enibcT, 1744, ai;^! righl>-foiir, 

• id. who ^. *iiHl October. 17UH, 
»oDS and two diiushtcra. Of the 

c«]. of Morpcih, m. aboat 1720, 
ighur and cv-hcir of John Wilkin- 
ind Barbara, hit wife, dao{ht«r and 
ilsoa, c»q. ol Lunffrainlin^ton, and 
I S7th ilreerober, 1007, and d. 30th 
•vcDiy-tix, left at hia deccaM*, llat 
a; ilie youngt-r, William, of the 
t. Tbr rider, 


John Fknwickk, ctt\. M.D. i»f Morpeth, b. 0th Marrh, 
17*/'/, m. Mary, yoiiiii(>>«t daoghtrr of John Thornton, esq. 
of NVthfTwitton, ton and hfir of Nicholas Thornton, rtq. 
of Nfihcrwitlou Ca^ilr, N<»rthniiib«rland, by his wifr, 
Auiie, f4>coii(l Haajjhti-r of Sir John Swiuburnv, bart. of 
OaphcHtoii ('j^llf, in the Mine rounty, and hit wife, Isa- 
bel, iM>lr daughter and hrircst of Ifrnry l«awM»n, ex}. of 
itroa»h Hall, in the coonty of Yoik,by Catherine, daagh- 
ter and ro-hi-in-st of Sir Willirfni Fenwicke, kol. <»f 
Meldon. After her father wat clain at Melton Mowbray, 
in the M-rvicc of Charlrs II. her mother re-marricil Sir 
Francis Kadclytf, bart. who was created Earl of Dcr- 
wentwater,by Jaurs II. By Mary, his wife, who died 
0th November, 1773, Mr. Fenwick left at hb deeease, 
33rd December, 1783, aged sixty-one, two sous and three 
daoghters, vix. 

I Jahbs, his heir. 




had three miu, Adam, William, and Thomas. The 

Sir Thovas di Fknwtkk, knt. Lord of Fenwyke 
anJ Capheaton, acid the latter to Alan de Swinbume, 
in IS74, by dee.l, sealed with his coat of arms, *' Per 
fesse gn. and arg. six martlets counterchanged." His 

Sir Thomas db Fknwtkk, Ix>rd of Fenwyke, knight- 
ed by Edward I. in 1S8A. was father, inter afku,_o{ 

Al«n db Fknwtkk, who m. the daughter and heir 
of Barrett, of Walker, and was s. by bin son, 

Sir John dk Fenwtkr, knt. Iiord of Fenwyke. she- 
riflr of Northumberland in 1300. He ». Elisabeth, 
daughter and C4> heir oi Sir Alan Heaton.knt. of Hea- 
ton Castle, and had two sons, 

Allan (Sir), knt. I«i>rd of Fenwyke, a prisoner 
with his brother John in Scotland ut the (leriod 
of his father's demise. He left a son, 
HiiNRT (Sirj, knt. of Fenwyke. at whose dtr- 
cease, without male issue, Fenwyke went 
to his cousin, John Fenwicke, of Newbum 
and Wallington, while the lands of Heaton 
were divided between his six daughters and 
John (Sir), knt. of whose line we have to treat. 
The second son, 

Sir John dk Fenwickk. knt. a warrior of the mar- 
tial reign of Hlnrt V. served that monarch with dis- 
tinction in his French wars, and obtained in recom- 
pense, from hiii royal master, the lordship of Trouble- 
Tille, in Normandy, and pemiinsion to bear for his 
motto, ** A tous junrs loyal." His son and heir, 

John Fknwickb, es(i. of Newbum, m. first, Mary, 
youngest daughter and co-heir of William del Strothor, 
of Kirkharle. by Joan, his wife, only daughter of Ro- 
bert de Wallington, Lord of Wallington, and had 

John, of Newbum, father by Isabella, his wife, of 
Ralph, who had two sons: the elder, Williani, 
died Jt-p.; the other was fouml by un inquest, 
7th March, 1501, to be " fatnus ct idiota." 
William, of whuin presently. 
Robt'rt, of Chibbiirius from whom the Fe.nwickl^ 
of Kentoa huiI Kiitterby. 
John Fenwirkf m. secondly, Klizabeth, sister of Sir 
Roi^r WiildrinRton. knt. and had other childrt>n, 
frum whom derivrJ thtt FeiiwickoM of .St.intuii, Nun- 
nykirk, Harbottl'.*, Krinkburni', Kartt llcddon, Grom- 
I'-ighton, and Langxliaws. Tho oerond son of the first 

Wii.iJAM Fr.NWirKE, esq. of Fenwyck^, m. Joan, 
daughtrr and coheir of Thomas Musgrave. of Ryall. 
and d\ini: h«>for«> 3rd July, IKt, was i. by his son, 

John Fe>wickk. esq. of Walliiuton and Kyal. 
funnd to b<* next hi^irof Hrnry Fenwicke in I3ol, and 

as such, had Fenwicke TowvTf 4kc awai 
in 15M. He m. Margerjt dRogbMr ef 
bottle, and had two aoiu : JoHx. his heir; 
ofBitchfleld. The elder, 

John Frnwickr, esq. Lord of Fcavicl 
lington, M. Joan Cla^ering, and waa «. b^ 

Sir Rug eh Fknwickb, knt. Lord of Fi 
Wallington. who m. Dorothy, dan^cer 
Widdrington, of Widdrington. and had o 

Sir William Fknwickk. hat. of Wall 
about the year 15M, wliooe wardship aad 
queen granted November 3, I5M, to Wil 
esq. and on May 10, I5ri, being then of 
had especial living of the lands of whic 
died seised at the Redeiiwire skirmish, 9th 

" Frond WallinL'tun was wrMind«4 s« 
Albrit he was a Fonwicke ftirs.** 

Sir William had lands demised to hia by 
J « MRS 1. The family c<itatti according to t 
Northumberland in 10 Glixabcth, consiso 
nor and castle of Fenwicke, tho Tills aad m 
lington Cwhere he resided). Walker, CaaiHi 
Herterton Hall, Catcherside. half of R; 
leighton, (Snnuerton, and Hawick, with L 
Matfen. also of the villa Esheaden, of 
Hawick. His will, dated 3rd December, 
at York 13th March. 1013. directs his bod 
ried at Stannerton. and gives to his seem 
Ham, the lordship of Meldon, &c. Acr. Sir 
first, Grace, daufl^ter* and co-heir of Sir Jt 
knt. of Kdderatone, I^ord Warden sf 
marches, and had issue. John. He m. wet 
paret, daughter of William Sclby, csf . of 
and had issue, 

1. William (Sir), knt. of MelJon. 
II. Rogrr, of Shortflah, from wfaus wr 
wickes of Bywell. 

I. Elisabeth, m. Sir Cau lias 

castli', created a IlARU^n 7th VaR 

II. Dorothy, iii. Aune. iv. MargSRt 

Tho sou by the firmt marriage, 

1. Sir John FExwukB. knt. of Wallia 
tliirty^fivc >(.'ars old 1 4th September, li 
thf inquest after the death of hi« father a 
and from whimi he iiihfrited Frnwickr. Es 
Wallinpton, Cnnihoe, Walker. EahinjrtBa,<'i 
Kyal, Livi>rthn|><>. and<>wood: t«A m 
wicke, two in ratrliiT<iii>, nue in (.rr'-nlntl 
in Lout^witton, two in Hawkwell and Braat 
which he had living, 13th Febraar^.l 
John For«tfr, hi* grandfather. Mild April, M 
upon him thr manor and capital mmsiiagrrf' 
with land:* and tcn^mi-nta thrrv. and 4iick 
Bayfield or i'rinrt>ii«riies. Hotlaud Paiit 

II. Jiiliii-K4l|ih, of tlu> city of Durham, \«ho m. Do- 
Miths, vlfif*tt daii',;hli'r and cn-licir o| Rohrri 
•SprrfMiian, v«ii. ol' OM Acrv*, in the cmint^ uf 
Dmham, hut had no imiitr. 

I (tiithfiinc. 

II.«l, m. Wi11i.-im Ch.irlton, r«i|. of Hf«lry. 
Hid i>. and d. I'ilh Miirh, lrt.t-i. ii-.iviii:: i>llr niil) 
chihl, the pn-iicut Wii.i.iia Johm Chiklion. 

III .M4i>, m. to <!rn«'i.^l Dt- M.iiliiim-, of iIh- Fnnch 
siinjr, and \va-^ i*<iii-. Willi-tiii di M.iitviinv. 

Tlif eldr«l inn, 

Jam».ii Fk.^wickk |. of I^'iii^witiiiu Hall, in (he 

paii«h of Uailhurn. Ni>rlliiimlH'ilaiiil, h. \'\\\\ Orinhi-i, 
I7VI, IN. J nil-, only ciiihi ami li<-iri-<» uf John Maiilit.-ii>, 
e«q "I I«iiiiierr4iMlmi;ti>n, in tin* rmini^ (if N«»rthiinih<'i- 
lanrf. th** la«t «»f ihi- lymeframlinutun branch of thf 

nohh h<Mi I El'', n«>w nprt-M nti-d b> thi- Duki- nf 

RiiiUiid.aiifi d. Ht |jiin::wiltiMi llin..iid F<:briiJi>. 1N37, 
air*- J prvi'niv ri];hl. ha\inie had i<>iii-, 

I. John M«.NNka«. of Lion«fr«niliacioa. • 
hrii;iml, A IHfhMav.l.'M. 

II. WillMin, majiir lu I'hv V3nl Rojril"* 
It-fio. h I lih Ani;n«l. 1707, aad d. « I 
Mill Srptt-inbvr, 1^.17. a£i-d f«Kty. 

III. Jaiiii'iTliiima*. M D. trf BUrkril ft" 
c i!iili'-ii[Miu-r\n*', b. I Jib Jiiae, 17i^ 

IV. F.dn;inl. X. 7th'Oct..bfr. I*«M. 
\. Thiirnton. h. :(nd Apiil. IMU. 

VI. Th<iina», d. 7ih .\l:i>, 1^21. 
VII. M4nnl'^^. A. Iltli Jal>. IMH. 
I. Jaiir. h. rind V|irtiiilN-r. l!«Ol. bl IHt 
1h:l'», to llrni> Mnnlxnnirr Hi«ki»< 
(I,n*r .mil Ti«--liinn>irk, In tbr o«si' 
iniHiih. an-l d. ai R>»««. la llmfit^ 
l)«Tvmbi*i, I>i3, Ir-ivms aa («l« datf 

! J.inv-Hrnriciia 11 1'skiai. 

I * tleaniir, .in>itiirr *i<frr.M. Sir FiaacuR* 
, tKn ol thf r.jil u{ Rrdfortl. 




thcs of Hexlwm, Acombe, Anick*, Sandhoe 
Pallowfteld. In 1018 be porcluucd Roth- 
I Sure, and in UH9 the regality of Hexham, 
ig train of manors. He wa« in partiament 
■outh and for the county of Northumber- 
asa 1. and 1, It, 13, 19, and 10 Cuaklxs 1. 
named king, in lOM, created him a baro- 
member of die Hoiue of Commons in the 
meat, his loyalty was so conspicnoos as to 
a the honour of being pat into the band of 
, who, on January SS, 1043, were discharged 
id for sitting and being any longer members 
ise daring that parliament, for deserting 
of tibe boose, and being in the king's quar- 
dhrring to that party. He died about 1058. 
fed issue by his first wife, Catherine, daagh- 
lenry Slingsby, knt. of Sniam in the west 
k'orkshire, three children, John Fenwicke, 
nel of a regiment of drugoons. m. Mary, 
f George Sclby, knt. of WhitehaTen, near 
lie county of Dublin, and was slain in the 
larscon Moor July S, IGM, d. $. p. Cathe- 
liaaiech. Sir John m. Sndly, Grace, dan. of 
laia. esq. of Kirkharle, and had issue, 
uaa (Sir), knt. his heir. ii. Allan. 

X, m. to Peter Venables, esq. son and heir 
Peter TenaUes, baron of Kinderton. 

WiLLiAV PtNwicKB, of WaOiogton, aged 
1 1000, who was retamed in 1043, to the long 

in the room of his father, then discharged 

id becanM a stanch supporter of the Com- 

He died in 1070, and left by Jane, his 

htcr of Henry Stapleton, esq. of Wighill, 

a son and heir, 

IwHN Pknwickk, of Fenwicke and Walling- 
■ber of the healing parliament 25th April, 
f the suoccssire parliaments of Chari.ks II. 

II. He, Sir John, possessed consi«lerab1e 
, iras romantically attached to the House of 
t his " moral character," as a supporter of 
s trial observed, '* wa* none of the best." 
ted the estates of a long line of aucestry, 
ted of high treason, and beheaded ; but he 
lid traits in his character, and good men 
lealh on account of the harfh and anronsti- 
fasurr by wbtcb it was accomplished. Af- 
at firr of lAtudtm in 1(M0, he built the gmat 
(net's Hospital, in which the boys dine un<l 

restless spirit bad led biro, in the year 
list in onr^rting plans fur tbe restoration 
lau U. but in lOCM, finding that goTem- 
tequaiate<i with bis proceedings, he set out 
t. but was apprehended at New Komney, in 
aitted toth« tower, and indict>-d at the Old 

the oaths of Cirorge Portrr, esq. and Cor- 
taa, Rcut. on tbe tSth of May of that year 
passing sud imagining the death and de- 
4 the king, and adhering to bis enemies," 
% his case a had oi.e. be and his friends, bv 
■as and suggestions, got hi-* trial put otT till 
afeoeed<4 by golden penuasions in n-moving 
•at nt tbe country. There was therefore now 
ritaeas against him, and as parliament had 
t pissrd a law ** That no person should be 
tainted of high trrason, whfn corruption of 
curred, but by the oath of two lawful wit- 
less the party confcus, stand mute," &c. he 
tcfaa to rely on the uniform prurtic** of the 
tdge by law or precedent, ami Vt hope that 
p against him would be stayed, lie wa^ 
o to try the experiment of soitening WiU 
ift, by a foil disclosure of his own and lu» 
«s' gatll in a written account of their plans 

• < 

and proceedings. Besides the persons immediately 
engaged with him in '< the plot," Admiral Rnaaell, 
Lord Marlborough, the Duke of Shrewsbury, Lords 
Godolphin and Both, Sir Ralph Delaral, and othara, 
all eminently known and beliered to be in the intC' 
rest of the government, and none but which were in 
some post of trust and employment in it, were accused 
in his informations, ** of correspondencies and in- 
trigues carried on with the court of St. Germain, and 
though this account is known now to be true in every 
particular, it neither gained William's favour, nor 
served the design of Fenwicke. William indeed is 
said to have entertained a personal enmity against 
Fenwicke, for some expressions reflecting on his con- 
duct, when he served in the army in Holland. On die 
0th of November, 1000, the king laid these informap 
tions before the House of Commons, which bniught in 
a bill of attainder against bim, summoned him to its 
bar, and endeavoured to draw further confession from 
him, which he steadily declined to do, alleging that 
he had made a full disclosure to the king. The bill 
was supported and opposed with great seal and abi- 
lity. Powerful arguments were advanced to justify 
parliament in proceeding to judgment upon bills of 
attainder, contrary to the roles and maxims of West- 
minster Hall. On the opposite side it was shewn that 
parliament could not consistt-ntly move an enactment 
contrary to the salutary law it had passed in the last 
session, that no one should be convicted of treason but 
on the oath of two witnesses. But the stem spirit 
that ruled tbe laud in William's day was a stranger 
to mercy : Sir John was condemned by a law made 
on purpose to stain the scaffold with his blood, made 
after the crime was done for which he was accused by 
a guilty oppressor, a proceeding" which cannot be too 
much condemned as a breach of the most sacred and 
unalterable rules of justice," which will stand as a 
lasting reproach upon the persons who commenced 
and supported it.* Tlie ayes for tbe act were 180, noes 
150, majority 33. In the Hotute of Lords the majority 
was only seven, and forty peers, seven of whom were 
bishops, entered their protest against it. One act of 
mercy was allowed to Sir John, he was not dragged 
through the street to be hanged at Tyburn as the law 
required, bat the king in consideration it is supposed 
of the high rank of Lady Fenwicke, by his writ of 18th 
January, 1097, omitted all execution of the act of for- 
feiture except beheading him on Tower Hill, which 
was done on the 27th of that month. He met his fate 
with great firmneNS and composure in the fifty-second 
year of his age. His body was buried near the altar 
of St. Martin's church, near those of his three sons, 
Charles, who died «. p. of the small-pox, aged sixteen, 
William died, aged six years, Howard died, aged one 
and a-half, all buried in St. Martins, London. His 
only daughter and eldest child, Jane Fenwicke, was 
buried in St. Nicholas, Newcastle. Sir John's wife 
was Lady Mary Howard, eldest daughter of Charles, 
Larl of Carlisle. This faithful and amiable lady ex- 
erted herself with the moiit devoted x«>al and tender- 
ness to save the life of her husband. She endeavoured 
with theacrency of one Chancy to get the two witnesses 
to withdraw, and succeeded with Ciooduian, but the 
upright Captain Porter after taking a bribe of jL'300, 
made a ili<M:overy to government. She al.^to re<|uested 
to b«' a sharer with him in his confinement, which he 
would not permit, because " he knew it would kill 
her." 'I'hf following inscription is on a monument 
in the Huwani aisle, in York Cathedral. " This 
monumental pillar is erected and dedicated by the 
Right Honourable the Lady Mary Fenwicke, elde^t 
daughter to Charles Howard, Karl of Carlisle, as a 
testimony of resjtect to the memory of Sir John Fen- 

* Hodgion'ii NurthimiberlaiKl. 



wicke, bait, of Fenwibke Caiitle, in the ooonty of Nor- 
thumberland* her droGased hunband, by vhom ahe had 
fonr children* one daughter and three Mna. Jane, 
lier eldest* died Tery young* and was buried in a rault 
in tlie pariah churdi of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne ; GharlKM, William* and Howard, her three sons, 
do all lie with their fother in the parish diurch of St. 
Martin-in-the- Fields* London* where he was interred 
98th January. 1006* aged fifty-two. Lady Fenwicke 
died S7th October* 1708, aged fifty. 

^rwM— Per fcsse gu. and arg. six martlets counter^ 



4tb May* ITlTt, 

'i til Oct. I7H4. 


TliP family of Fomior came oripnally out of France 
in the rrii'.ii of KitwARh III. and branches of it con- 
tinnKd to a rpcent iwriod in Picardy* whfre probably 
thi; name may )ot be found. In the Visitation of 
SiiNiwx, a 

John FEanoR is the first mentioned, and he was 
p«)H!«ibiy the Frenchman who settled in that county in 
the latter end of Kdwaru's rei((ii. His son and heir* 
Wai.trr FKSMdR, married Margery Lee* an heiress* 
and was father of 
John Fkrvor, father of anothrr 
John Fkrwor* who»e son* 
John Fckuor. was .«. by his son and l.cir, 
\ViM,i*M Fkrmor, fathor of 

Ai KWNDiiK I'kkmmr, e«»q. of Wrh'hPB, in the county 
of Sii-^si X, who III. VAi/.n)H-t\i . il:iiiKhli-r of William 
Fowlf, <>if>|. of UiviThuIl. in tho same county* and wan 
V. h\ hirt clth'iit Mon, 

\\'ii.i.i\M l'F.R"»ioR,rj«|.of Wrlrln'H, who w^rof*idinp 
fh«T«' ill tho I7th of Ki.iztiiKMi. He wi. first, Misj* 
Fulwar, but hy hrr hail no insxtv ; secondly, Kli7.ihcth 
or Aniif, tiaiightrr of (Jeon;e Srott* emi. of CunKbcrst, 
ill K*>nt, and by tliat lady had, 

\\ illiam, who m. Alice, daii^htor of -- Williams, 

rM|. of thi! rity of I^iMtdon, but ft. x. p, 
Aiiiii', m. to Ah'xamlvr I'lliof. f^q. of Rihh'hani. 
in the t'ounty of Suitscx. 
Mr M. thinlly. Manjarrt, daughter of William Squire, 
esq. of the city of Ixmdoii, and had 
\i.R\ whkr. hiH hrir. 

Hritl;^<t. M }'ir.-t. John ()li\<>. rnq. of llahtin^t, and 
had iMiiK', Hirh.ird, Judith, and Mar^art't. Shi> 

wedded, ■eeoadly, th* Her. 
and by hfan had a mo. 
Ho was s. hy his only au rt l f i aif 

Alrkandu FniMOB, eeq. of Wclrh<i,B*li 
Tliis gentleman* diatingiiiahdl, lor Ua fafyalr 
Charles I. raised an independent oompanv < 
for the serrioe of that prince dnriac the dril 
for that act of fidelity sobaeqneDtlymifered a 
dose imprismiinent at Lewea, in Snasnt. B 
Mary, eldest daughter of Antihony Fowle. « 
therfield* in the same ooonty* nnd had Issae, 
William, his heir. 

Henry* m. Mary* dan^ter of — Blsfcl 
ford* in Sussex, and had a son, who tf 
Anthony, d, unm. 

Rliiabeth* m. to Walter Lapp, gene 
Margaret. Mary. 

He was s. by his eldest son, 

William Fkriior* eeq. of Welrkes. whe 
years of age in 1034* and wc And him in I 
rister-at-law. He m. first* Mary* daarhler • 
Pickering, esq. of the county of 8i 
Alexander, who died young. He 
Margaret* daughter of Peter Bock, esq. ef 1 
and by her had a son, 

William* who M. Elisabeth Shorth«Me.aad 
Mary* the wife of Charles Berv, esq. • 
He weddc^d, thirdly* Martha, daoidhter ef 
Tliomas* gent, of Kent, and had issoe, 
Hrnry* his heir. 

James, m. Mrs. Luck, b>it <!. s. p. 
Charles, in. a dau. of SirTbeop. Joaea.h 
John, colonel in the army and M. P. Id 
bnry, d. unm. in Deoeniber* I7tt. 
The eldest son and hoir, 

I. Hknry Fkrmor, esq. of Welrhee, in A 
of Susifcx, was created a DARtiNBT by JCimg i 
Itli May. 1729, with spenal reaiaindcr ti 
KTcntfield, junior, esq. of llenn, in the sbm 
Sir Henry m. tirnt, Dorothy, daughter of J ehi 
enift, esq. and sistor of Sir John ThomyrrnA 
whom he had a sun and two duughlrn, wh 
vounR- H« m. serondly, Mary, daughter of 
ThoniuH, enq. of Folkin^tnn. in .Sossex. m^ 
William 'MuiinaM, hart, and relict, fir«t. of 

j fiflil, r*«q. of llor>ham, in Sussex ; s econdl 
Tlionins lifeWford, of Ijrmdon, mrrrhant ; an 
of (-orlM'tt llenr. ^I'lit. of St. M.trtiBVi»4i 
Hy thiri ladv 1h' ha<I no ixKue. Hf tt. at Srvv 
Kent, :^r(l June, 1714, and was s. arcordn 
limitation, by 

II. Sir (*m«ri v.s Kr».i:sriri n. liart. fsoa ai 
Charh'i* K.vemtiel.I. esq. M.I*.* of l>ena. in U 
-f SuMtex). who */. *. p. *Jth Orinb^T. in*4. i 
IUromti y iMNMine R\TiMi,and (he r*tatn 
in the deHri'ndaiits of liin Hifttt-ri^. and arr aea 
hy Cif \Hi.k(i-(>ii.RRRTKYi.R%i'ii:i II. r^.of Den 
the haronet'M groat graiidu^hew. 


I Arms—iia. a rh»'verou vairy arg. 
I three lioiiH r.tnijmnt or. 

• Nniions K.VF.RSKir.i.o.f >i|. of (;i-ii\i-,iiear H.tMint;^, | 
liii^h yhi ritt III Sim^'X in M>l*l i>i>n of Tli<iiiia«^ lIvvi^fieKI. | 
*"<{. -hi'iill ill ly.Kt). in. |)>i>>(l\, fl.iii^hlcr of FM\%.ii<l J 
<i<iiiir.;, r«q. of' Oki lnifi. in llii- 5aiiic rminlv, aii«l m:i* 
t' ^i-onlMthi-r of iIh- ahoVf 

<!if%Ki.i>> K\ I itsi-iKi.ii, f»q of Deniii- IM.nt , who 
m. Mar>, ilaii-^lil* r iUii| ri>-lieir ni Htiny Dmu 

ri*lill>f, r«q. «i| Wftull, ill lllf m«ilil\ i»f .S|||ii-\. 

h> v\h<>iii '^Kiiii W.I' hitrii ti .11 II I -li nil < ht* hAii 
I ••III', 
CiMRi-FH KvFR«rir.i.n. whii inliiri(i<i ihi- Baro- 

iiilr> I'linf* rml u|m>u Sih IIi.nhy FiiRMok 
Oiiv r KTitR»riiiLii, who d. nt iln- a-^v of niiietv 
in IhOJ, and wa» «. hy Im i mphc-M , 

Wll.l.IW|. •IrtSI 
I «.ii«< •|iii iii'i- th** aainr uf EvilS 

M«ry Mv»n%r-iiiii, ■». at Kau B«o 
JiiiM-. i; J'l, lo J«iir» MftRkwicft.n^ 
Ih M, ill SiirM'K, aiiil had a m«, 

Wii.i.iJiu MftRKWKK. who •«■ 
oiirnAiiif lit K%t-i«tifM aadrr ift 
\u* .iniit Oli\r. Hr dird 6lk A| 
h-4viii^ i«<iir, 

J«Mr.> Kvra«piKLn, f fMhsr • 
MMi rharir-Gilheft S«fi4 
Charles, and Sophia. nili« 
Rli^h, eM|. 







in 1075. 


■RRT FBmtiRs, of Skellingthorpe, in Lin* 
irbo WM created a Baronct in 1088* mar- 
danghter of James Scodamore, Mq. and 
163, was «. by hia eon, 

iliNRT PBRaaas, who died without Inoe 
sd forty-Are, when the Baronetcy became 

T%. on a bend fu. cottiaed sa. three horse 
i Artt. 


I7th Oct. 1746. 


r FcTHBRtTONB (of the ancient stock of the 
I of Hetherye Cleugh, in the parish of 
in the county of Durham), the founder of 
I of the family, died in 1GI5, aud was 
it. Dunstan's-in the- West, London, where 
ic in the wall of the south aisle was thus 

Memiiriap aacrom 
I CslberloA FetherMone, Oeocrus. nnpcr 
t 4k: Proclamator l>om. Regis >» Cons 
Ff is eonun ipso rrj;e obicaoque faerat in 

rst hoc manere, ann. 35. obiit 10 Decern- 
i, setatis 78. 

ppe trsBsill rssn*. aliqaando ioTenit. 

abore is another monument, with the fol- 
ripCioB : 

« pew door, next to the body of ibe above- 
ihtwn FetherstoDr, lyeth bis beloved wife, 

Fetbrntnoe. Wbu as they pioonly liv«d in 
forty udde yeerea to^rther, so at their deaths 
pd to be inferred together; not doubting, at 
il Resarrectioo, throogh Christ's Merits, to 
«r, snd for erer in Heaven to live together. 

Obiil Novemb. I0n, aetatis 115. 

his in Dart they do attaine, 

by their Deaths new Lives doe gaine. 

Boritnr per paeaam, resorgit per gloriam. 
saritar per calpam, resorgit per gratiam. 

This Cuthbert had issue by hIa above-mentioned wife 
Catherine, three sons and a daughter, vis. 

Ralph, who d. s. p. in 1031. 


Edward, of Lincoln's Inn, died unmarried. 

Mary, m. to Francis Hutton, in the retinue of 
Count Gondemar, and had an only daughter, 
Catharine Hutton, who m. George Thomason, 
of Westham, the learned collector of the " Royal 
Pamphlets " in the British Museum, and had, 
with other issue, a son, the Rev. Gkorgr Tho- 
mason, rector of Halston, and a daughter, Ka- 
THERiNB, who MS. William Stonestreet, of West- 
ham, in Sussex, and was ancestor of the pre- 
sent Rbt. Gborgs-Stonkstreet Griffin-Stonr- 
STREBT, LL.B. of Stondon Hall, Essex. 

The second son, 

Henry Fbthirston, of London, living in 1635, m. 
first, Mary, daughter of Mr. Gaynes Newman, but 
that lady died issueless. He wedded, secondly, Ka- 
therine, daughter of Michael Heneage, esq. keeper of 
the records in the Tower of London, and by her had 

Heneage, his heir. 

Grace, m. to William Barker, esq. who fined for 
alderman of London. 

He vras 5. at his decease by his son, 

I. Heneage Fbthbrston, esq. who purchased from 
John King, gent, the estate of Blackesware, in the 
county of Herts, and was created a Baronet by iCing 
Charles II. 4th December, 1000. Sir Heneage m. 
Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Bennet, bart. of Ba- 
braham, in Cambridgeshire, and had a numerous 
family. One of the daughters married Henry Bertie, 
esq. of Chesterton, in Oxfordshire, and the eldest sur- 
riving son, 

II. Sir Henrt Fetherstoxe, succeeded his father 
23rd October, 1711. This gentleman married Anna- 
Maria, daughter and heir of James Williamson, esq. 
of London, merchant, but d. s. p. 17th October, 1740, 
aged 100, when the Baronetcy bxpirf.d. Blackesware 
was sold by the Fetherstones to Sir Thomas Leven- 
thorpe, bart. from whom it passed to Sir Thomas 
Clutterbuck. knt. and from the Clutterbucks it came 
to the Plumers, being now possessed by Robert 
Plumer Ward, esq. of Gilston. 

Arms—Gu. on a chev. between three ostrich feathers 
arg. a pellet. 


30th Mar. JOOl. 

8th April. 1743. 


The first Fettipi.ack in England, was gentleman 
usher to William tke Conqueror, and came in with 
that monarch. 

JoH.N FiTtPLACE, descended from the Norman usher, 
liviiit; in the time of Hknry VI. was grandfather of 

WiLLiAV Feteplace, who conferred a considerable 
estate upon Queen's College, Oxford, and founded a 




U<i 4 

fre^-M*hnol at (-hildrey. in Berks, in the rfaarch nf 
whu'h pluce he was bariedt under the following in- 
scription : 

Htrre niiiirr thii lyetb the bndien nf 

William Frtc place, erq : aud Elizabeth, hit 

Wile, foiiiiiicr of thi» Chauotrey, fuaodtf*! 

in the Hunniir of the blrfved Trinity, oar 

Lail\, .ind Srni KatciAn: t^hich GliEaheth 

dm'*«<-il. the 14th day of Jjnu4n', the yeare 

t\i lur Irnrd 1310. and the Mid' Wiliiam 

deci'-*«fd, the day of iu the yeare of 

our Lord God 15 On wbo*e Suwle*, 

and 4II C:iri«tiaa Sowlei , Jhrsa have Mercy.* 

The family rumored its residence about the nuddir 
(if thr sixteenth century, fran ChiMrey, in Berks, to 
Swinbrook, in Oxfordshire, retaining howerer both 

I. Juiix FKTTiPL«rR, eiM}. of Chi]dr<>y, in the county 
of llerk^. ill considerMtioii of his serricrs and sufTer- 
infTH in the cause of King CH4RI.ks I. was created a 
K4RoMrr Moon after the restoration, by patent dated 
30th March, IGftl. Sir John m. first, Anne, daughter 
of Sir Francis Wennian, of CarsweU, in the county of 
Oxfonl, and had i-<sue. 

who all succeeded to the haronetcy. 

Anne, m. to James Pitts, esq. of Kyre, in the 
county of Worcester, and survived him thirty 
years, during which period she lived a widow, 
conspicuous for piety and benevolence. She 
founded and endowed almshouses at Kyre, for 
poor widows, with an allowance for a chaplain ; 
and a free school at Swinbrook , for the educa- 
tion of poor children, with an allowance to the 
school-master for ever. 

Arabella, m. to Sir Rowland Lacy, knt. of Pud- 
licot, in the county of Oxford. 

Dmm, m. to HoficRT RrsHKL,esq. of Cleve Pryer, 
in U orc»*nton*hin», and their son inheritt d the 
e^tateniinil n!«<umed the surname of 
H** was f.ither of 

Ch*ri \.s Fi.niPi.ACF, e!»«|. of ChiMrcy. 
Mary. d. unm. 

Sophia, in. to Fnmcis BmihTirk, c«»q. of Langfonl, 
ill BerL.t, and d. (ith October. I7<N). 


fSth July, l«M. 




Sir John m. Herondly. Sunaii. daughter of Thnma.H 
Cook, onq. of Staunton, in WorrenterHhire, and n-lict 
of f,nurenco Hiithurtt, esq. of I^'chlade, in the county 
of lilourcstPF, but hy that lady (who m. thirdly. Sir 
John Cutler. knt.> hatl no issue. He was 5. at his de- 
ceaiM' by liiH eldeHt son, 

II. Sir Fi>«rNU FrmPi.trR, hart, who d. unm. 
about the yvar 1707, aud was 1. by his brother, 

III. Sir CiiAiii.Eh Fcmi'i.icK, hart, who </. unm. 
■bout the yrar 1711, and was %. by his brother. 

IT. Sir Lokbnzo FrmrLici:, hart, at whoite deceaw 
unm. loth Fi-bruar^ . 17!{<i, the biironetry devtdvi'd upon 
his only surviving brother, 

V. Sir Cr.itRUK Kittipi.aif, fmrt- who diedunm.Mth 
April, 1713, when the title beranie kxtinct, aud the 
eiitates devolved on his nephew, Mr. Bi':(HCl. 

^riwf -(!ules, two » heverons. argent. 

This family was presuincd to have 
vnd to have derived its soniaac frm 
FUrd-brmtt strong of arm, hot at vb«C pnfiai 
into England is not aacertaiDcd. 

In the visitation of LeioestenkSn, mmb*. H 
pedigree begins with 

RORK-RT FiRCRRACR, gCllt. of tbe tOVB asi 1 

of Derby, who died in IMS, haTiaff kad isaw 
wife, Susanna, daughter of JohD Hirrane,«f I 
merchant, six sons, and one daugfalerf yria. 

Robert, who d. unm. 

Bryan , d. s. f, 

Samuel. \ ... „^^ 

John, / ^'^ ""■• 

Brnjamin, d. ». p. 


Rebecca, m. to Thomas Moaelry, Mf . «f L 
rough, in the county of Leieottr. 
The youngest son, 

HiNRY FiRKBRACR, etq. b. tad O c to b er, I 
Stoke- Cold in g, in the county of Le ic e st er, wi 
clerk of the kitchen to A'img C HA I lis the th 
adhered with great fidelity to that uhaffy 
When his majesty was confined in Cariahmk 
Mr. Firebrace engaged with Mr. Barrow, Mr 
and Mr. Cn*t>»et. to effect hisdrliverancriaad 
purpose a ve!*4el was pro\ided, honw* pfvnv 
«>viTy oth<T iiiattiT arranged, hut the pnfect 
almrtivc. Tin' particul.trs <>f tlie alfair is rd 
jrreat leucth in the life of Dr. BArwic-k. " M; 
braoe had the Imnnur. it Mrenis. to he kaova 
king, by s<'«it.iI Mvr^ii'e^ hi> done hiaa ia d 
of tbe treaty at I xbridpr*. at Oxfonl. an docker 
and beiup at Ncwo.iotle. when the SoiCs delive 
inai<><>t\ to thi* Kri^li>h. and n**w jiervaati w 
about him. by his majesty** directio a he ifp 
Kome of the i-oniinisMonem. and prevailed tt 
luitted to tliat fHist ; in whirli attending his BV 
hi^ conAiiement. he found weans In rooceff *A 
several niethodii of escape. One, he sajs, mwLt 
niajf Hty should come out of his bedchaaftct «< 
which hating found wide enough for his !■ 
majesty concluded winild not he tau aanwl 
body, and tht-n^fore rejected his proptaal s^Mfc 
a little wider fur fear that should ucrastoa %M^ 
Mr. Worst-ley, the late Sir Edward.. Mr.) 
borne, and Mr. John New land, nf Nevpafl.^ 
«-ni;aged in tbe secret, and very f Jithfal, Ik* I 
iiier waiting on horseback beyond tlw 
with a goo4l hfime. &c. fur his m^ 
to \«>w]and'h Niat that was ready, and Vr.< 
prepared to receive him, as he was to kchiM" 
by a cord fn»ni tin' window, and condnrt U* ' 

• III ilii f*»i window of thi* ihap«-l, AM (he |fictun-« of .Sir PmIiii Fi ni|i1ji-e. Umt of the manor af >«A^ 
iiii-n III 4rniiMir, hflviii^ i>ii thrlr •iiMiui* thr aiiii* of \%.<iih. *•• c^irl) j« the mi;n i4^ EuwftaD L< ^^ 
riti4i'.i<-. wl.Kh M-nn of -rial anlii|iiil>. The fjiuil^ i hi. aim-. " iii 4 tit-Id. two i-hevrrvn*,** as 
ha* Innt; (lonri«litd in divrr* part* of ihf ritniii) 01 Brik«. | mrI iiiailt use of h) liiin in the time uf that 
4« at N'liflh Denihwiiitli, Mjidt-iii-ot, &c. aiitl we hiid a j 


■nUiBrt brlDi iniha way.) W Ow gmt 

t DM able ID (M (smrd or backward, 
ip inataol before b« cTidnTOared to f«t 
uUd. and tkd a jitn of hii coid to a 
idowHitbio.bTniiaiuwhemrbc forced 
Tbla actaopt Ihni failing, Mr. Fireteace 

cr dnifni vbkh 

kat wbile tbar wm tbni 
} aacapa, Hammoud was directed frnrn 
< a nnfal eye oo tboH about the bing 
nad Ur. Plirbrace, and Mbera to b> dii 
in Mr. Ftrebraca'* ibKore, lb* other at- 

witb tbi., wu aa frniiliaalf made-" 

oOnn of cbe gr«n cloi 
nibmof TbomaiDaTiH 
laaae b, h' 

r arTrinlcrCoUcir, Cambhdte, 

iB»a Hall. eaq. of Blymara Hall , 

Oj, Alki, daacbter of Richard 

ttt, in Nortbaniptoni 
iaan*. Ha 4. tTtb 1, 
and vaa Interred i 

r of kniibihoDd. He 


I. and d|io( and Aufiut, I 

M daafbirr of l-bili 


•eaind mu -f Sir N 

bolai nu» 

1 Han. SnlTolk,, bot 

died wilhoa 

IIM. abeu tbe Bia 

o»rrcT beta 

e Earli of [ 


er ibird hni 

hrr to Job 

TO., ud dirdia i>n 

Kft .< the nrebraoe 

wai>a> N™t«. y 

ea. Govt of Criminal 



thrre aanB 

eni : Samm 

1[(A Caiana ; iann 

and EH.>be< 

.n>,..abe<>d. or.tb 



Sbropataire. He wu irntlrnian 
panaiontr la u» Alu^i UiHtT VIlI.aDd BDWiao VI. 
and Ibe Quam Miar and ELiaiin-H, and in tha 
fifth of tha lati, aenad Ibe office of iberiirror Wu-wick- 
■hire, far wUrb coauty ha wa* in the commiaaioa of 
tbo peace from the banning of Kaar'a reign, to Iba 
time of bia deceaar, Idtb of KLiaABam. Hiawifa wu 
Katherine, daughter of Sir Tbomaa Digby, knt. of 
Olnay, Bucki.BDil widow of SimoD Wheeler of Kenll- 
wortbp By her he bad two una, Tbamaa tha yoDBger 
died is iTfltand, unm. the alder, 
8ia CLiaiRT Pimia, auueeded to hia father*! ca- 

ood fnin KInt Jania I. Sir Clemi 
anghter of Franda KepingtoD, av|. of 
le nnillly of Stafford, and bad iasue, 

in the connly of Warwick, and lecondly. to Sir 
Haney Bagoll, hart, of Blilhfi.ld. In Slafford- 

Lettice. m. to Sir Roberl Throckmorton of Haae- 

ley, in the cunty ol tt .rwick. 
Mary, n^lo Sir Kdward Uiulctan, of Pillaton Hall, 

FBI buried at Packiugura, and 

a Roai 

. :t PacI 

dangler of Sir Arlhnr 

who 1. aa fourth barom 

B. linl.iaSirCliarlea 
ondly, to the biabop of 

at Fleetwooji of Bw- 

PucrwooD, nq. of Reuatl, H.P. 
Bridgel.w-toSlrWDllUDltmith.Df Hill Hall. 
Jnjec. M. fim la Sir H«*it Oiliame, knl. 

■nd McandlT, to SIt PMar Pnadiilte. 
tolwrl, <vu father of 

Si* Wiuji- Pluhtwood. tot. nn mniiicnl 

dun^ nn etute Ht Miuniidcn, in Uucki, 
■nd iljilni in lua, left (vo H>n> ud two 

rouli^ tan. «f U^ 
county uf Vort. 
I. EUuDrtb PlwtvMd, ■ 

r, E<lR<usa,*ii»t<lL*l»in. tl 

Ion, fu LucBaUire, ■>■ juif. d*B#M>r Hhl 
TliDqiH LmngOa, 4-b4|. buun of WtMttm ■ 

■ Of U 

JlHU F««TWOUD, Wl »«ll(l. »n, W.. llllniUMl 

KboUc orkliii>i Colkwc. UunbtlUn, In IDH; Krtcr- 
•mill be tecuH ciMplilD IS Dr. WfIiIii, lll>bop of 
Liehltdil, Ih wbon bi wi* prchmd lu Uk vlunc' "' 
Pmi, Ik Sbnipdiirc, ud imii after colliled la Ui< pie- 
bendihlp of Eedoliall, M«i|Ibc m the (ligrcli u( Licli- 
DcM, bnt WISn bt wu (drained or iutiUc^ ilii' Rrbcl- 

■d bnake bit prthmmi, b* bcnnk hinurlt u ibe wan. 
ud batamt ebapUli Id Ott ntlntai of ioba. Eul of 
Rlnn. awl ia Ibe qailllt of ■ ehapliin b« csMloiied la 

(BKlal coanladi buBoand wlili iln' ili'iric 'if ili>ri,.r i:i 
dlvlollr (MUk Hrtke tat fl» I''i.< lli.n 'in. 

UtbkeM, S«ial XIMiin, ii.mI i .i ... m,.:..., 

(*fccr> bfdkdl.ani u Oburln, <rt«»cr>«l«J lilm Lo 
ihtdakidotB. JUurUw mbnUn of nvCmoiu II. 

kin, n> mide |iro*oil of Kitft cSlrtr, CanitniiJii.. 
in ]bh, ion, aad ttoal Ihal lline mfor nl AnMy, In oaia'uetUHl Blibap tgVcnmriitut 4. irib 
/•ly, lOH, and (iibli-ooe, «ad «w karttd la W«t»i- 
tn C(lb*dnl, ooir whuH |Rva li ■ raarMa Baaaniiii, 
*lth (be AlUaiilBt (pluph of bli own nuklai; 
M. S. 
B|ilnphlani hoc •!*■• vMnniBE Krlpil. 

Rfo la. Pletlnort). 9. T. P. ChIIh-I. Wlpim. Euli- 

1 Sir William Fl«n 


rliiimhe bad IbRFKHii: Ulln, «■ . 

baron 1 b> wat faihei of Oaai- 
SweOeB. Tbe Hiowl •«, 

Slf WIlllaiB PleetHow), lud 
CharlH 1. cumpliiitUr of W«a 


I ; bji Ibe Brx be bad 
Sir Milea neetwood, kn. tf 
Colcaal WUIUd PkMwaad. 
y Ibc KtoiHl, MliB Bamj. »• kad > 

I Plotwodd, 1 



■I. lUktrt, tnm wbMD tk« Foley* o# Stouitridge. 
IV. SfltBael, ftidwr o# dn«e MQS, 

1. 8«aae], Bishop of I>owii and Coiinor» in 

S. Joha» M.D. of CiMdiire. 

a. SoImbob, in holy orders, D. D. 

w. J«kB« a Tarfcey SMfcliaiit* d. UBmarried. 

mA3 Four, eoq. of Wkitky Cowt, in the county 

r, au Aane. 4aii|^ter of John Browne, 

1, in Kent; by theidditionofwhoM 

to his petemal inheritance, lie left, at 

a very large eelate in seTcral counties : 

I. Til. 

Thomas, his heir, M. P. for the county of 
Surrey, father of 
THOM4S FoL£T, coq. M. P. for Worcester- 
shire, who was created Babon Foliy, of 
Kidderminster, in 1711, and was s, in 
17a>J, hy his son, 
TaoMis, second baron, who d. unm. in 
1766, when the barony expired. 
Fnal* of Stohe Edith Court, in the county of 
Here f ord, chosen speaker of the House of 
I, Mth March, 16M-A. His grand- 

Tbouas Folbt, esq. of Whitley Court, was 
created Baron Foley, of Kiddemiinster, 
la I7M. (See Bi'BKb's Peerage and Baro- 

tu Fsiur. 

^t%AW Ftoutr, esq. of Prestwood, in the county of 
fepd, M.P. ak Penelope, daughter of William 
pf^ ftfth Latd Paget, and had two sons, 
t. Favi„ of Prestwood, who m. Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter ai William Turton, esq. of I'lderwas, in 
Scaflhrdshire, son and heir of Judge Turton, 
•M had, with three daughters, Frances, d, 
uaaaarried; Elisabeth, wife of Walter Noel. 
coq. of Hilcoc; and Penelope, of John How- 
ard, rsq. of Liclifteld, an only son, 

WiuJAU, who m. Anna- Maria Bromwicb, 
by whom be left 

UiLUtM, whod. unmarried. 

EuzABiTH, M. to Thomas llodyetts, 
esq. of SbatCend, in the county of 
fttaflord. and left one daughter, who 
d. issueless. 


FuuT, esq. Ml. Mary, dsughter of the Her. 

pk Madiaad. and had issue, 

t. Tnuuis,ei. Mary, dan^ter of Admiral St. Loo, 
and d. in January, 1770. 

It. Philip, rector of Shrlsley, in Worcestershire, 
as. Anne, only daughter of John Titmarsb, 
esq. at Barrington, in Cambridgeshire. 

I. Edwurd, d. unm. 

t. Eoaaar RALru. 

B. Mnrry Thomas, rector of Holt, in Worcester- 

!■ nnelepe, ». to the Ker. H. Whitmore, rector 
ev BtorktoB, Salop. 

IT Bai^tm Folat. esq. of Halstrad Place, in 
% was irilid a BAao!^i.T 1st July, 17ti7. Sir 
■I as. Persthy, only daughter of Thomas Hinch« 
It esq. at Bilcliffe, in Yorkshire, but dying s. p. 

, I7ia, the Babonkti y cxriRKu. 

Argmt, a fesse, engrailed, between throe 
, within a bordurc, sable. 


14th July, ion. 


17th Dec IMO. 


The funily of Fouambi has been seated from a rery 
remote period in Uie county of Derby, and so early as 
thereigntff HbnbyIII. Sir Thomas Fo^ambe appears, 
with other knights, as witness to sereral charters. 
Throng a race of persons of principal account in Uie 
northern part of Derbyshire, we arrire at 

Hbnby Fouaxbb, esq. of Walton, near Chesterfield, 
who Ml. Benedicts, daughter of Sir William Vernon, 
knt. and had two sons, 

GonrBBY, his heir. 

Roger, of Linacre Hall, who mi. Ellen, daoghter 
of John Coke, esq. and was ancestor of the pre- 

GioBOB Sayilb FouASiBB,esq. of Osberton, in 
the county of Nottingham, and of Aldwarfc, 
in Yorkshire. (See Bubkb's Caaunomers, 
TOl. iT.) 

The elder son. 

Sib Godfbby Fouajibb, knt. of Walton, in Derby- 
shire, representatiYe of the ancient house of Fo^ambe, 
teatp. Hbnby VIII. was sherifT of the county of Derby 
twice in that reign. He m. Catherine, daughter of Sir 
John Leake, and had a son and successor. 

Sib James Fuijaxsb, knt of Walton, in Derbyshire, 
and of Aldwark, in the West Kidicg of the county of 
York, who was sheriff of Derbyshire 3 and 3 of 
Philip and Mary. He m. first, Alice, daughter and 
co-heir of Thomas Fits-William, esq. of Aldwark, slain 
at Flodden in 1913, and had issue, 

GourasY (Sir), knt. of Walton, who mi. Troth, 
daughter of Sir William Tyrwhit, of Kettleby, 
and by her, who wedded, secondly. Sir Willism 
Mallory, left at his decease, 22nd December, 
1584, an only child, 

GouFRCY, of Walton, b. 2Ist November, 1538, 

sheriff of Derbyiibire 31 Elizabctu, d. s. p. 

George, of Brimroington, in Derbyshire, b. 21st 

June, I33H, whose only daoghter and heir, Troth, 

is said to haYe been married to Sir Edward Bel- 

lingham, of New Timber, in Sussex. 

James, twin with (>eorge. 

Frances, m. to John Thorn, or Thomas. 
Cecily, m. to George <>r«euhalgh, of Terersal. 
Mury, m. to Vincent Feame, or Harris. 

Sir James married, secondly, Constance, daughter of 
Sir Edward Littleton, knt. of Pillaton, and had by 

Fra?(ci9, of whom presently. 

Barbara, at, to Tliomas Fletcher, esq. of Staflbrd- 


Grace, w. to Henry Murj^u. 


Sir JuBH PnljaiLbc aid » 

lici Inrlsd u CbolEraclil, wuen a mmmmfai u 

daughlrr of Thomu Bl^^1eCl, mi- of fiirThvHLte, uid 
rrllcl of Frtneia WonloT, ek|. of Wortkj, by whom 

I. FKHiiIaPoLiiaii.ui. oTWilIonuiilAJdwiirk, 

In Ihe fupilr history Iw {« dei 

WiiUn uid wienl otlmr cMi 
Km, EliBbrUi, dug 
Giopcwonli, by *ba 

fl had la DbtT dBbgbUr I 

Heucdiltdinnndly, Eli»bclfa.d>u|h1n'o(SiTG«irg« 
Raruby,ti>ilb$b«',»ndlt. Ed ward Horner, 
Ml. of MclK, lUrdli, Sir WilUam Mon»D, Viirouni 
CaillsBialnc. aod loorthly, Sir Adaiu Fulton, tnrt. u( 

Irav^Sa, b bend betveeti til eacailopa, tr. 




Id Iba counly of N 

d. and from Tbomai 

y Porilf r, by Thooa 

•tne. dangliler of 

■r Edward 

blanch of iht ForK. 

r* long Mab 

Tbo un or fr... 

Thoma. maiTitd th 

daofMar aod biir 

of Harpdim 

of Harpdcn, in Ih 

ronnly of Onou. ai. 

d froid liim 


.. uf HartKl 



S.. h' F 

«o.m, iBt 

Alio. daii(bl« ii 

kul. auddytnglo 
Sll Ch»di Fo 
man-led Bliubeth, daufblet and Ixir bI Ji 

mere, kat.] and by ha. wbo dUd tttt Di 

Sir auMtHMt FoaiTia. km. at Aids 
rirr. isn and U, married CliaabMli. ttm 
liatn, Urd Sandyi, of tba Vlu. nd hmt 

Elizabeth, m. Gtorga Cot*R.<(*« 
Aunt, m. Edward Brymlw. 
Margarrt. ■■. AalbonjF KliaM, wt 

Sia HDiriiar Foair 
rilTafBorta, 13TB and 
lubn Barrau. of Suntord Uln«Ut. IsikaM 

Rtebard. bapl. IIM. 
Matlbew. bapl. IIM. 

Hnftr, bapl. iM«. 

nlict of Birhard Spin. 
Iibtl, l>apl. IMI, m. &it tUktl 
Knlthlon, Iila of WicM. aM fa 

.iita F..a>Tnl, a( >lllifi^tJ 
ITof Bci«(. I«a, m. iaM.lhn.lMi 
Sie-aR.ordH lata (f By.adlTll 

T Foam*. kM. if U 

• Sir BlcpbHPotAaa.aiuiatt JohaPotAanilbailik 
?«•****** inC'iLllirtrf HiaiT III. Bk^b^wr^fk^rtfa 

rlrd \: t Ddll I i-JaOJ* I 

>.. »f ra-fMharffwIMi 

Lalfkl Ii* '>■• bolj -yatobn. . Md * Mj~ 

'id 1.J Elii.wih. b.. !!<■■< 

> yuaa^r'-*, Im'.>.i>. <■. wli» aa>, J.«)i'PiNI 

"l M*r^!!r;''{^« .1 Nr M 
• •fl, .^ l.lllbroU'. Mr irmiartt4 lb ■«■■« 



d Abm, danfMar of Sir Williun Kfaigi- 
}i Sidnantoo, in tiie coanty of Hants, and 
« died ISth October, 1073, had iasne, 

ta7» died «. j». 

ks kia beir who d. r. j». in 16fl0. He m. 
thcdi, danghtirr o# Sir John Tyrrell, of 
m, in Eaacs, and had iaane, 

imwmmr, mmewnot to hia grandfather. 

IDiaM, 4» 1617, aged twenty-fire. 

te, tniad in a dnel, lOBi, aged twenty-fire. 

ine, (f. ItHi Janoary, 166ii 
JEAaira, aiu WiOiani Pert, of Eaaex, and 
teoaadly, Henry Kelaey, and had iiaue by 
ber firvl hnaband, 

EBaahcth Pert, who married first, Wil- 
liam Poraler, of Bamboroagh Caatle, in 
Nor thum be r land, bat had no iaaoe ; and 
Mcondly, WUliam, third Lord Stawell, 
by whom (who died in 1749) he had 


William, bopt. 7th October, 17 IS, in 
London, died 1740, s. p. 

Charlotte, bopt. Slat March, 1700, in 
Sobo Square, m, fint, Rniahe Ha- 
•dl, a major in the army ; and after 
hia death, Ral^ Congrere, esq. of 
Congrere, in the county of Stafibrd. 
She died 7th Jnly, 170t, t. p. when 
tiM pi o p e ity paated, by bequest, to 
tiM family of her last husband, Mr. 
CoBgrere. and the repr ese ntation of 
the Porsters became Tested in the 
hein of Margaret Pratt and Sophia 

Sir Uomphry died in 1711, when the Baron btgt be- 
came EXTINCT, and his estates erentaally derolred 
on his niece, Lady Stawell. 

Aruu — Sa. a cher. engrailed between three arrows 


7th Mar. 1010-20. 

about 10*^3. 


Lady Suwell died in 1743. 

nd« tf . «. p. 

died 1674, t. p. 

B, bnyt. 1030. 

te,bsipt. 1031,4. 1000. 

. hapC 1034, d. s. p. 

It, as. first. Miss Wilde, and bad issue, 

rwnrt, of the Phoenix frigate, d. s. p. before 

■mphf jf, of Yardly Bury, in the county of 
Herts, d, t. p. before 1603. 

as. sceondly, Elisabeth, daughter of Lord 
try Paalett, of Amport. but by her bad no 
a. He died 10(M, aged forty-five. 

■s, hapC 1000. 

hope 1010, d. 10th May, 1638. 

d. Oth September, I03». 
(C d. 00^ May, 1037. 
!vy, bapt. 10S3. 

«tt« bapt. lOM, m. Sir C^eorge Pratt, knt. 
rslasbifl, in the coanty of Berks, and had 

t. V. Oit^ r 

a, bnpt. 1031, SI. Laurence Halstead, esq. and 


I. Sir Claudius Forstkr, of Bamborough Castle, 
in Northumberland, who was created a Barunkt in 
1010-30, married Elisabeth, daughter of Sir William 
Fen wick, knt. but died t. p. about lOtS, whoi the title 
became extinct. 

ilniM— Arg. a cher. rert between three bugle horns 

kry died In 1003, aged sixty-eight, and was 
hf Ms graadsoo, 

HoaraaT FoasTEa, ban. of Aldermaston, 
Bests, 170I, who Ml. Judith, daughter and co- 
r Mamphrij Winch, bart. of Haines, in the 
r B s ifcrd , and by her (who d. 1710) bad 

uur,d. loot. 

OB, d* 1003, agid seven. 

«•« #. I6i0, aged two. 


Crkatrd nth July, 1001.— Extinct 


I. Sir RxoiNALD FoafTRR, of East Greenwidi in 
Kent, who deroted himself a e aloasly to the royal caufto 
during the ciril wars, and expended a large fortune 
in the serrice of his unhappy master, was rewarded 
by a Baron rrcY shortly after Uie restoration. He m. 
Blandina, daughter of John Acton, goldsmith, of Lon- 
don, and dying circa 1004, was s. by his son, 

II. SiB Reginald Forster, who married fint, Miss 
Nash, of Greenwich, an heiress, and secondly, a War- 
wickshire lady, also an heiress, but died without male 
issue, at Stratford on Avon, subsequently to the year 
1090, when the Baronetcy became extinct. 


Crbatio ISth Sept. lOtO.— Extinct before 1714. 


I. Richard Porstbr, enq. of Stokesly, in the county 
of York, who was raised to the degree of Baronst in 
1040, married Joan Midleton, of Leighton, in Lanca- 
shire, and left at his decease, 17th January, 1001, a 
•on and succesiwr, 

II. Sia RicHAao FoasTER. of Stokesly, who m. 
Clare,daugbter of Anthony Meynell, of North Kilring- 
ton, in Yorkshire, and left (with a daughter, Mary, 
as. to CoIUngwood, of Hettou-in -the- Hole, in the 
county of Durham) a son, 

ill. Sir RicMAao Forhtbr, of Stokesly, at whose de- 
ceajir, unm. before 1714, the BARONrrtY became ax- 
il kci. 





no Vik Jan. 1O60^^Extinct in 1080. 


• MMtfbtr Wmi^ o# tiie great huoam of Fob- 
wttnitd ftwm Sib Hbkbt Fobtbscui, chief 
tht G«vC o# CwiwMm P1m«, in Ireland, by 
im will, h eirea e of Wood* in Deronehire. 
Um of the original Forteocnca, of Wood, 
I tbm repreaentation and estata were oon- 
fnnalt bcir, Euxabitr Fobtbscdb, to her 
«wu FoBTiaccB, eaq. of Prraton, represen- 
laockor hranch of the family. Hia direct 

ft FoBTBMcra, eaq. of Wood, waa created a 
B iaw-7. He muricd flrat, Bridget, dangfa- 

Jubn Eliot, of Port Eliot, in Cornwall; 
dly. Amy, daughter of Peter Coartenay, 

Michael, in Uie aame county, and relict 
■r Coartenay, knt. hut aa he left no male 
in lObC, the Babonktct became 

a PbaTsaccB op Fallapit. 


in Not. 1001. 


lo-Saxon family, traced on proof* for nine 
the Viaitation of lOtO, is of rery ((rcat 
mi ia eoBaiderrd to have cxinted at Fowellii- 
he pariah of Ugboroogh, Deron, preriously 
iaaa<. (S«e Blbkb's Commoners, toI. it.) 

Voeaii.. or Dt Foohill, aon and heir of 
Ip4 to have derived hia deiiccnt from ano- 
ly die danghter and heireM of Cooiiie, lived 
ar«Bth century, and m, the dau^thter and 
rBKTAas. of Trevaae, in Cornwall, which 
ainad with their deacendanta until the di- 
• eeCatea of the elder branch of the family, 
the aiatrra of the laat baronet. Their 
m and heir (through daugbtera and 

f WaixBomiB. H^iXTBLL, and , of 

hni« all in Devon), waa 

FopVBL, eaq. of FouhelKombe, M. P. for 
t Hsmbt VI. (14U.) He married Elinor. 
■glMer, by hb wife, Margaret , eldeat danith- 
ff heir of William Stiirbnl. of Deron of Kir 
yacO, knt. Lord of Trumpingtou and Bad- 

MMSf F«>wfcUI, of Fuwliin»carobe,m. •erondly, 
Chtrr of — Beyyll, of Ctimwall, by whom he 
■<••, Tboma*. Robert, and William, one of 
coaaMrrrd, ori^iaatrd the Ijoodon branch f»f 
a daaccadant of which it tappoted to lia^e 

Un^ham, is Cambridgeahira» and of Malaton, in De- 
Ton, anceator of the Reynella, of that place, and of 
Ogwell, and of the ReyneUa, baronota. (See BuBKB'a 
Peemgt and Baronetage, and Commontn, toI. ir.) 
Thia William Fouhel, M.P. for Totneaa, died S3rd 
March, 1507, and hia wife, Elinor, the Oth of April, the 
aame year, and aa appeara by inacription on a braaa 
plate in their ranlt, were interred in the Fowell aiale 
of the church of Ugborough. Their aon and heir. 

Sib Richabd Fowhil, knt. of Fowhilacombe, m, 
ftrat, Blanch, danghter and oo>heir of Hayea of Deron ; 
and aeoondly, Eliaabeth, dau|^ter of Sir Richard 
Edgcombe, knt. sheriff of DoTon in 1487. By the 
former he had iaane, 

Troxas, hia heir, and 

JoANi, married, flrat, to Sir Philip Courtenay, knt. 
of Longhter, aecond aon of Sir Philip Courtenay, 
knt. of Molland, both in DoTon, and had by him 
an only daughter, 

Elizabeth Courtenay, married to Sir William 
Strode, knt. of Newenham Park, in DeTon, 
ancestor, by her, of the preaent Strodea of 

She wedded, secondly, Humphrey Prideaux, eaq. 
of Thoughborongh and Adeston, in DeTon, an- 
ceator, by her of Uie preaent Sir Edmund Pri- 
deaux, bart. of Netherton, in Uiat county. (See 
BcBKB'a Peerage and Baronetage.) 

The aon and heir, 

Thomas Fowuill, of Fowhfllacombe, married Maria, 
eldest daughter, by hia wife, Joane, daughter and co- 
heir of Richard Whitley, esq. of EiTord, of Richard 
Halae, eaq. of Kenedon, both in Deron, and dying in 
1544, waa s. by hia son and heir,* 

Richabd Fowhill, eaq. of Fowhillaoombe, who ». 
27th January, 1541, Grace, aecond daughter, by hia 
wife, Jane, daughter of Nicholas Dillon, eaq. of Chim- 
well, in DeTon, of John Somaster, eaq. of Pajmsford, 
in that county, and had iaaue three aona and one 

I. Arthcb, his heir. 

II. William, of Blackball and Diptford Down, in 
the adjoining parishes of North Huish and 
Diptford, b, at Fowellacombe in 155d, and m, 
Agnes, eldeat daughter, by Anne, daughter 
of John Bligh, eaq. of Bodmin, in Cornwall, of 
William Ach3rro, esq. of Plenynth, or Plynt, 
in that county. His grandson and heir, 

Richard Fowkll, of Blackball and Dipt- 
ford, IM. in 1055, Elizabeth, eldest daugh- 
ter of Sir Thomas Hele, bart. of Fleet 
Damarell, in Devon, M.P. sheriff of De- 
Ton, 1030, and co-heir of her brothers. Sir 
Samuel and Sir Henry Hele. harts. ; on 
the death of the latter of whom, in 1677, 
s. p. that title (for which see that family, 
page 251), expired. Their son and heir, 

William Fowbll, esq. of Black Hall and 
Diptford, bom at Blackhall in 1099, be- 
came, at the decease of Sir John Fowell, 
the third baronet, in 1002, beir male of 
the family. He died in April. 1714. aged 
fifty-five. leaving isjiue by bis wife, Su- 
aaniiMh, daughter of John Smyth, esq. of 
Tavistock, in DeTon, 

been Fuwbll, c>q. of Loodoo, the socceMfiil 
KiiAnia meirhant, i»bo!ie only daughter and hcireu, Sarah, 
m. iMar Buxton, rM]. and wa> cramlnMither »f 

John Fom bi.l Bixton, cm]. late M. P. for Weymooth, 
the philanthropic advocate of tlave eroancipatioB. 


•KM. M»y,IIk MUM BuMl>t.Mq. lrfW«T UMntUDD, 

la Uttvm, axl •»• nMktr at llx pnHM Sli KAw,„ 

. i. U BUek Hun. lUh /<i1). 1f« 
rw, Mo^ duiblH, bv KliulHIt 
of Ckulu ContU, n). uT AUIni 

..I™-]!' nl l>lnkiwj'p..k nod ai 

SlMb-llMlwlllIt, ». M BlBk lltiitA ••* 
I'ibnnutEk. ■■ O mi t n . IIO*. MK Mi ' 

; CtplilB Spifr lui »Km ■■■) l«Mi I*" 
riala fvr • khiiHir «> Ik* pii*ti Miii>iiy >■< 

CliU W*i —a'Cca— H— Mll*i^ll»lt^l 



iBTBVB. of Fmrclliciwibe, b. Avgnit, lS»i, 
McideBtally at bw vnde'i, Sir Hi- 
ReyneD. of Ford» in Deron, in 1012, 
■fed thifty* oBBnitied. 
KiHMWD* hair to hl« brother. 

Grm, M. flnt, Richard Barrett, esq. of Tregar- 
dd»o« ia Cornwall, by whom she had issue, 
tvo dsta^teri his 0(Hheirs» and secondly. Sir 
Camsew, knt. of Camsew, in that 
r» the friend of Carew the Cornish his- 


bt EoMMiD FowBix, knt. of FoweDscombe, heir 
thuher, Arthur, was bom there in IS03, knight- 
I %t Fulace of Greenwichv Srd Norember, 1010, 
dMid M.P. for Ashbnrton in the long parlia- 
imA far the coonty of Deron in lOSO. lie was 
fel ef dM parlianientary committee and deputy 
i*Mi ibr tbiit shire, and president of the com- 
tl» seqnrstration. He was created a Baronkt 
Ifril, 1C4*I. He Si. in 1014, Margaret, eldest 
kir, by his wife CaUicrine, only daughter of 
• Lord Norreys of llycote, of Sir Anthony 
K knt. of Hiiittm St. U^orge, captain of the 
to Qmetm Kmsasbih, and sister of John, first 
Paidsttt of Hinton, ancestor of the Earls Puu- 
iy Iwr Sir Edmond had snrviTiug issue, two 
li iw daaghten, 
loBs, Us hrir. 

IftBoad, of Panquit, in the adjoining parish of 
Modbary, A. at Fowcllsotntibe in 1G37, siu in 
lga», EUxabeth, daughter by his wife Bridget, 
sixth daanhter (by UridKet, daughter of Sir 
B«rdet, bart.) of 'rhomas Erisley, eiq. 
flOB of Sir George Krisley, bart. of Drake- 
l«v, Im tibe oounty of Derby, and Susan, his 
wife, daashter of Sir Humphry Ferrers, knt. 
of Thonao Brome, esq. of Kwithington, in the 
ity of Hereford, and d. in 1081 , aged forty- 
I, baring had issue two daughters, Bridget 

I, b. at FoweUfCombe in 1015. 

I, h. there in lOSl, m. Snd January, 

lOS, to Richard Cabell, esq. of Brooke, in 

Dwon, sheriff of the county in 1004, son and 

heir of Richard Cabrll, esq. of Brooke, and biM 

wrfb Maria, daughter of George i'restwood, 

«B% of Whitoombe, in Devon, by liis wife, 

Iho daughter of Sir Nicholas Martyn, knt. of 

Ostan, ia that shire, M. P. for the county of 

I, in the long parliament, in whose 

tr'm house, in WatUn Street, London, 

Ike ftve members were concealed when A'ing 

Cbaklss followed tlu*m into the city. They 

had iso»e, which terminated in an heiress, 

who carried Brooke in marriage to the family 

of Fmmes, of SUpleton, in Dorset. (See 

BoftKi's f *«iWMOiMr«, vol. i.) 

t, k^ at Fowellscombe in 1017, m. S8tli 
r, 1653, to Edmond Williams, esq. 
of iBtowford, in Devon, descendant and heir 
ef Thomao Williams, esq. thereof, speaker of 
tte Hoase of Commons in tlie reign of Elua- 
I, and bad a son and lu'ir, 

W illiams, esq. of Stowfurd, who $n. his 
hinswomsn, daughter of Arthur Champcr- 
nowoe, caq. of Dartingtun House, in De- 
von, by his wife Margaret, second sur^ 
▼ivuic daughUT of Sir John Powell, 
eteond baronet. 

IT. Anne, 6. at Fowellscombe in 1039. 
T. Florence, b. there in 1031, m. Serrington Savery, 
esq. of Shilston, in Devon, son and heir of 
Christopher Savery, esq. of Sbilston, a colonel 
of foot on the parliamentary side, and father 
of Christopher Savery, esq. thereof, sheriff of 
Devon in 1003, and lieutenant-colonel of the 

Sir Edmond Powell d. in October, 1074, aged eighty- 
one. He made a settlement of his estates and pro- 
perty on the marriage of his eldest son and heir ; but 
when on his death bed, his sons being reduced to two in 
number, the youngest of them baying only daui^ters, 
and the eldest only one surviving son. Sir Edmond 
strictly enjoined them to settle Fowellscombe Park 
and odier manors and lands, on the heir male, Wil- 
liam Powell, of Black Hall. He was s. by his son, 

II. Sir John Powell, of Fowellscombe, bom there 
in 1023, colonel of a regiment of foot in the service of 
the Parliament, governor of Totness,* mentioned in 
the letters of Fairfax to the parliament, after the 
taking of Dartmouth, and M.P. for Ashburton in Ui&H. 
He m. Elisabeth, daughter, by his wife Elizabeth, eld- 
est daughter of Sir John Hsyney, burt, of Sir John 
ChidicKter, of iialeigh, in Devon, knt. and bart. and 
hud issue that survived him, 

I. John, his heir. 

1. Elisabeth, wi. in 1001, George Parker, e^q. of 
Boringdon, in Devon, anceiitor of the Eurl of 
Morley, Viscount Boringdon, and d. in Octo- 
ber, 1007, leaving issue a son, 
Edmund Parker, esq. who attained his age 
in 1718, but was killed in the lifetime of 
his father, by a fall from his horse, while 
riding on the banks of the Lara, near 
Boringdon. He <l. t. p» 
11. Margaret, m. to Arthur Champemowne, esq. of 
Dartington House, in Devon, ancestor, by her, 
of the present Henry Champemowne, esq. of 
Dartington. (See Bdbkb's CommoiurSf vol. 
ii. p. S73.) 

Sir John Powell d. in 1070, aged sixty-two. In his 
will, dated 2nd June tliat year, he makes reference to 
tlic dying injunction of his father, to preserve Fow- 
ellscombe Park and estates in the male line of tlio 
family, and adds, *' to which enjoinmcnt of my said 
dear deceased father, I readily yield all dutiful obe- 
dience." He was s. by his son, 

III. KiK John Fowbll, of Fowellscombe, b. in 1005, 
M. P. for TotneM, 10K8, to his death, and one of tlii> 
151 members of the celebrated convention who voted 
against making the Prince of Orange king, but for 
declaring the Princess queen. He d. in 1(KI2, aged 
twenty-seven, unm. when the Baronetcy became kx- 
TiNCT, and the heir malcship of the family devolved 
on the before named 

William Fowbll, esq. of Black Hall and Diptford, 
to whom this Sir John Powell, in reference to the 
dying command of his grandfather. Sir Edmond, and 
the will of his father, Sir John, gave by his will, 
dated 4th November, 1001, Fowellsrombc, with aU his 
lands and possessions, making him his sole hrir and 
executor. Owing, however, to the omission by Uie 
person who drew up the instrument and superintended 
its execution, of one of the three required attesting 
signatures, the intentions of the testator, and of his 
predecessors, were defeated, and the will set aside, 
by Parker and Champemowne, the husbands of his 
sisters, notwithstanding these had fortunes indopou- 


; fiiwtrsit ot tbia Sir J<ihn Fowvll, iMit. in full arniuar, hy Sir < Godfrey KuvUcr, is auiou^^i 
I, %m potscrtion i4 ibc present Juho Digby Powell. 





drntly nt^riired to them by their father, from other 
land*. By tliem Fowellncombe Park, with all the 
nianors and eiitati>s not appropriated by the itecond 
humnct to their fortunoA, were held in coparcenary 
until Auicu8t. 171*2, when a partition was made by 
George Parker, liiii wife, Elixabetli, being dead, and 
their son and heir apparent, Edmund Parker ; and 
Mariiraret Chainpernowne, at that time a widow. Un- 
der thiji agreement, tiie inaTiors and estates of Har- 
burtonford and Ludbrouke, &c. which included Higher 
and Lower Whichcombe, were allotted to the Parkers ; 
and Fowtflbcmnbe Park, lloulterscombe, and other 
lands, to Mrs. Champemowne, who remoTcd from 
Darlington House to Powellscombe, and there died, 
13th March, 17)E0. Ity her will, dated 3rd January 
preceding, she gave i^lOOO to Arthur, the eldest sou 
of her eldest son ; £'H00 to her daughter, who had 
married her relative, Jtihn Williams, esq. of Stow ford, 
and other legacies ; after which she devised all her 
freehold manors ami estates in Devon and Cornwall, 
including Fowellscombe Park, to her younger son, 
Henry. He also made it his residence, and died in 
1757, without issue, when his nephew and heir, Arthur 
Champernowne, of Dartington House, heir also of his 
grandmother, Margaret Powell, sold Fowellscombe to 
Mr. (>eorge Herbert, of Plymouth, by deed dated 0th 
January, I75!>. Hi-* sou aud heir, (ieorge, banker of 
Plymouth, sold it on 1.1th March, 1784, to Mr.lliomas 
King, of Plymouth, who dying unni. l.tth January, 
1702, loft it to his three brothers, John, Richard, and 
Kobi'rt. John ft. also unm. 2fith January. 17115. in- 
testate, when his share devolved to liichard, us hrir- 
at-law : to him hit* brother Robert released his third, 
thereby enabling Richard, who ri. I8th Januar>-, l^ll, 
s. p. to f>nt.iil the mansion ami estates on liin nephew. 
John, the eldest son of Robi'rtiand his three brothers. 
This John Kiufi. esq. in the preAcnt owner; but he has 
not resided in the rounty of Devon for several years 
paiit. and during that period Fowellscombe. a battle- 
meuted mansion of Klizabethan dute.origin.iHy on>i'ted 
in the form of the roman iiiitiiil ot' the family name, 
has remained uninhabited. The jiark. uas in cn^ater 
part divided olF fur tillage nfter its purchase by Mr. 

Ari/ix- Arrcnt. a chov. ^a. on cliiet' ^it. three nnillets 
pirreed of the nrst. 

f()\\li:r, oi' i!\H\\(ii: CiKANc.i:. 


Ut Not. I7I!4. ' / ili 

Mxi i.srr 
ist Marih. 17;3. 



This f.imilv VI .in III rriMt :in'i<|ttitv lN>fiire ih«- ri-i::ii 
of Hkhihii I., uhi-M III u.irlike |l^lnle'^ exj i- 
dition til the Hol\ L.iiiit 

Sir Kitnti:ii Iii%%ii.K,oi V'nxlry. in (li< i-oimtx oi 
Hiiekii, MTvini: as a ritniiiiitiniiii;; iiHn-ir ;i:-.iiiiHt tin- 
liiliili'l. «/!»•' I I'.Hl, iii,iintaitii-ii at bin uivii i\|iiii!«e a i 
irrtain nuiu>HTof Hriii«h liowiin-ti.iill himiu n tenants, 
III M rve in the «-:ir-« . .\:k\ hv In- e\tra>iriUi).iry \i^i ' 
)4n«e Ii4tiiii: Kavdl the 1 laiiip trom .i niH* | 
tiirii^l suiprnir, riiened the huiiour nf kiii^hlh<Hjii I 

in th« field from hb royal master, wko a 
crest which he then bore— ■ kead and 1v 
changed for the vigilant owl. Froaa JBir Ri 
■cended ^^"^m^f^m^ 

John Fowlbr, eeq. of Foxley* who as. tl 
of Loveday, and was s. by hia boo, « 

HiNRr Fowi^R, esq. of Fovley, wko as^ 
and heir of John Barton, and left a oon anS 

Sir William Fowlkr, knt. of Ricote. in i 
of Oxford. This gentleman m. Cecilia, anh 
and heir of Sir Nicholas Inglcficld, Sl 

Richard, his heir. 

lliomas. J 

Cecilia, m. tn Thomas Rooks, wq. wt ] 
He was s. by his elder son. 

Sir Richard Fowlkr, who was kni|:hic 
WARD IV. and made chancellor of the durh 
ciutiir. He m. Jane, danghter of John Daa 
of Colthorp, in the cTOunty of Oxford, and 
his elder son. 

Sir Richard Fowi.rr, knt. who m, J 
daughter of Thomas Windsiir. and siater ot , 
Lord Windsor, but dying without issue, was 

Thomas Fow i.rr, esquire nf the body to Ed 
He married Margery Coleville, and was i. bj 

Rugrr Fo\%, esq. of Broomhill, in the < 
Stafford. This gentleman m. Isabella. da«| 
(*o-heir of William Lee, of Morpeth, tKasurr 
wick , and had ij<8ue, 

1. Rowland, his heir, who m. the dsi 
Vradshaw of Presteign, in the cona^ 
nor, and had twn *>ous, 

1. dcoRo:, 1 who both married, 

2. Brian, / issueless. 

II. Brian, of St. Thomas, in the coonty al 

m. Jane, d.iuphter and ht-ir of J«hn 

entj. of ll<tti>tield, in thi' County t-f V 

left, uith other i«<tue. a S4>n ^nj hrii 

\\ alter, of St. 1 liiiin.i«. w hu m. Mar 

ter of Ualph of l<f-til\ m rHr i 

\N orie««ttr, aiii| lri*iii lum ut»»^. 

h'liu ler.^ of St. HionLis V. 

III. W 1 1 1 u V . 

IV. J.lllle^. m. Margaret Mortiui. uf U lUf 

in the eoiinty of Stalford. and Utt IM 
which deM'ciul the Ki>v« i rxs up Pci 
(See Hi KKt'a Cvmtmmtrf, vol. i%.. 
v. Johanna. 
\i. Alieia. 

The third son. 

\N iLi.MM Fowi.hR. riq. of H ama;:e firaafi 
roiinty of Salop, m. Mary, daughter cff Jcte 
.M.D. and had i^Nne. 

Kh HARD, his heir. 



Marpiret.m. toThonmii^ .iiich«u,r«t.olf^ 

in the cuuiit> of Carnarinu. 

J III* i-|i!i-<>t Min. 

Hitii«i<p I'liwiiR. esq. cif HAnLiUe <■!■ 
M-i>, iliUKliMr iif .*^ir bdwiird LinleTiin. k«l 
l.itiiii ll.til. III (he louniy nf St^iTurJ, aal ■ 
lii^ elilfst Mill, 

U'li.i 11 « PiiuiiK. tiw). ni HNrna|:e l^raact. 
Viina, duughtir of KK'hard Perks, nq. of ^ 


tbt eoMlT or Yofi. 

SiaioaHnMMKi-l-.knl- • HMdlr- 
•H, U.r. far Hum moiit. a. EUMbMk. •ttnlbni of 



G«orge Parefoy. esq. of Madeley» Berks, and was s. 
by his son* 

I. Sir Richard Framokltii , knt. of Moor Park, in 
the county of Hertford* who was created a Baronbt 
by King Charlsi II. 10th October, 1000. He m. first, 
Elisabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Cheeke, 
knt. of Pyrgo, in Essex, and by her had three sons 
and a daughter, viz. 

RiCHARDf his heir. 
Thomas, successor to his brodier. 
Robert, died at King's College, Cambridge, unmar- 
Essex, died young. 

Sir Richard m. secondly, Eleanora, daughter of Sir 
Samuel Tryon, hart, of Halstead, in Essex, and sister 
and heir of Sir Samuel Tryon, bart. and by that lady 
had three daughters, namely, 

Eleanora, m. to Charles May, esq. son and heir 
of Sir Algernon May, knt. and d, s. p. 

Elisabeth, m. to Dr. Richard Willis, Bishop of 
Winchester, and 4. m. p. 

Sir Richard, who represented the county of Hertford 
in parliament, died about the year 1085, and was t. by 
his eldest son, 

II. Sir Richard Franckltn, bart. who m. Lady 
Anne Rich, eldest dau^ter of Thomas, third Earl of 
Warwick,* and widow of Thomas Barrington, esq. 
but dying without male issue in 1009, was s. by his 

III. Sir Thomas Franckltn, bart. This gentleman 
m. Mary, daughter of Ralph Hawtrey, esq. of Rislip, 
in Middlesex, and widow of Christopher Clitherow, 
esq. of Pinners, in the same county, but dying 5th 
October, 1728, aged soTenty-two, without issue, the 
Baronktct became extinct. 

ilriiu— Arg. on a bend as. tiuree dolphins naiant of 
the first. 



Criatxo nth July, lOSO.— Extinct about 1030. 


I. Edward Frrkr, esq. of Water Eyton, in Oxford- 
shire, was created a Baron nr in 1020. Sir Edward 
M. Mary, daughter of John Stafford, esq. of Blather- 
wyck, in Northamptonshire, but d. t, p. about 1030, 
when the title rxpirbo. 


4th June, 1713. 

13th April, 1704. 


This family descended from 

Francis Frikb. esq. " a person of good repute in 
Somersetshire," whose son. 

Roubt Fbbkb, eaq. wbb fbr wmaj fta 
the Treasury in the raigna of HbbbtTII 
Eubabbth, and died worth b phns, aa i 
tune in those tinM. El* Ml thna mb 
daughters, tIs. 

I. Sir Thomas Frbkb, knt. of Bwa 
in Dorsetshire, "b person of 
note, great trust, and matbority i 
of Dorset tamp, Bubabbth aa 
He ». Elizabedi, only dao^tn 
John Taylor, alderaiBa of Loodi 
with other iaaiie, 

John, of Ewem Co«rtiiej, i 
twice and had iasBie. 
^ Ralph, of Hantdngto n, in Wlh 
^' tor of the~FBBKnof thst pte 

, II. John, of Hilton. 


I. Mary, m. to WaUan Hodfee. 

II. Frances, «. to John CuIliiRd, of I 
III. Susanna. 
IT. Margaret, m. to Sir Robert Mdlff. 

T. Eliiabeth, «. to Tboniaa Beak. 
▼I. Ann. 
▼II. Joan. 

The youngest son, 

WiLUAX Frbkb, esq. who was o# 8«i«i 
shire, m. Anne, daughter of Ar&nr Svai: 
remoTed wiUi his son Arthur into Irdaad 

Arthur Frbkb, coq. lired near the d 
and marrying Dorothy, daogfatar of Sir F 
of Youghall, had a son, 

PiRRcr Frbxb, esq. who ei\|oyod r frir > 
county of Cork, and coming into Ea^ 
kinswoman, Elisabeth, daughter of Ralph 
widi whom he had a considerable fintn 
chased the estate of Bflney, in Noflblk, 
was s. by his son, 

I. Ralph Frbkb, esq. who was created 
by Queen Anns, 4th June, 1713. Sir Rsl| 
beth, daughter of Sir John Meade, bart. sai 

PiBRCT, his successor. 

Ralph, who d. at Richmond in 17V ■ 

John-Rbdmond, successor to his bnAi 

Gbacb, erentuaUy sole heiross of Iha i 
m. in 1741, the Hon. John Enat, 
of George, Lord Cariwry, and M 
issue, a son, 

John ETAN8,esq. who assaoMdtia 
with the testamentary iajaacl 
maternal uncle, the additioBsI i 
Frbkb, and was created a Babb 
Sir John ETans-Freke'k ddfll 
present John. Lord Cabbibt. 

Sir Ralph died about the year 171t, aad « 
eldest son, 

II. Sir Pibrct Frbkb, bart. member iB 
ment of Ireland for Baltimore, who 4. bi 
Dublin lOth April, im, and was s. by Us 

III. Sir John-Rbdmond FBBBB,baft« 
Brodrick, but d. t. p, 13th April, 170^ «b 
BONBTCT became bxtinct. 

Arms—Sai. two bars or, in chief ttrec » 

By his second wife, Anne, danghter of Sir Thomas Cheeke, of Pjffo. 




of Gloucester. He m. ftnt Anne, lUaglrter of Robert 
John Hide» eeq. of Ingarstone» in Essex » and Addi- 
sham, in Kent ; and secondly, Catherine* daughter of 
Giles H ambler, of Ghent. By the former he had issae, 

Edward, his heir. 
Richard, 4. nnm. 

Jane, 6. seth January, 1603, ». to the Rer. Rich- 
ard Astley, rector of Melton Constable. 
Julian, 6. 19th January, 1004, m. to James Poe, 
esq. of Swindon Hall, in the county of York, 
and left an only daughter, 
Anns Pox, m. to Sir Thomas Jenner, knt. 
recorder of London, and one of the judges 
of the Common Pleas, temp. Jamks II. and 
William III. 
Anne, d. unm. 

He was «. by his eldest son, 

I. Edward Fust, esq. of Hill, in the county of 
Gloucester, who for his fidelity to the house of Stenart 
in its extremity, was created a Baron it by King 
Charlks II. 21st August, 1602. Sir Edward m. 
Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas Denton, knt. of 
Hillersdon, Bucks, and had issue, 

Edward, </. unm. 

Richard, b. 27th January, 1632, d. unm. 
Ponltney, b. in February, 1635, d, unm. 
John, his heir, b. 5th December, 1637. 
Richard, 6. 23rd October, 1664, bred a merchant, 
d. unm. 

Elianor, m. to George Bennet, esq. of Bath. 

Mari^et, m. first, to Ralph Ironsides, M.D. bro- 
ther of Dr. Gilbert Ironsides, Bishop of Bristol 
in 1670, and, secondly, to Freke, esq. of Dorset- 

Sir Edward d. 6th April, 1674, and was «. by his 
eldest surviTing son, 

II. Sir John Fcst, sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1675. 
He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Cocks, bart. 
of Dumbleton, in the same county, and dying 12th 
February, 1008, was buried in a Tault adjoining Hill 
Church, and s. by his only suryiving child, 

III. Sir Edward Fusi'. This gentleman married 
four wires : first, Anne-Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Stephens, esq. of Lipiut, in the county of Gloucester, 
and by her had a daughter, Elizabeth, who m. Thomas 
Warner, esq. of Packenhull, in the same county. 
His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter and heir of 
William Mohun, esq. of Portishead, in the county of 
Somerset, and by her had, to surviTC infancy, one 

Edward, his heir. 

He wedded, thirdly, Catherine, daughter of Francis 
Moliun, esq. of Fleet, in Dorsetshire, and had by that 

Francis, heir to his half brother. 

Catherine, b. 4th January, 1703-4. 
His fourth wife was Susanna, daughter of Richard 
Cocks, esq. sister of Sir Richard Cocks, bart. of Dum- 
bleton, aud widow of Roger Thompson, of London, 
merchant ; by her he had three children, John, Rich- 
ard, and Edward, who all died in infancy. He d. 
5th August, 1713, and was s. by his elder surviring 

IV. Sik Edward Fust, high sheriff of Gloucester- 
shire in 1717, who m. Dorothy, daughter of the abore- 
mentioned Roger Thomson, of London, and had four 
children, who all died young. He died 27th February, 
1727-8 (his widow m. Gilbert Maximilian Mohun, 
esq. of Fleet), and was s. by his half brother, 

V. SiK Francis Fust, who m. 28th September, 1724, 
Fanny, daughter of Nicholas Tooker, of the city of 
Bristol, merchant, and had surriTing issue. 




John, hia hiAt, h, tOtik A^«t» IIM. 
Gilbert-MvRimilUn, b, Mh immuuj, IIV. 
Denton, 6. 8th October, 171B. 

Fanny-FranceliA, b, lOlh 

Julian, 6. lOth April, wm. 
Sir Franda d. 96th Jane, irOi. 

Ti. Sir John Fust, who AIbA at 
15th April, 1770, witfaoat iMoe, 
ing, similarly, predeceased UaSf 
came extinct. 

Anns Ai^ent, on a diemn between tkn 
bills' heads, dimidiated per pele aaUe, 
of the field pierced. 


7th Sept. 16W. 



I. Sir Tbomas Fttcbs, of ElOiam end Mti 
kail, in Kent, descended from the aadset i 
Fytche, in Essex, haring been knightfd I 
Charles II. was created a Barokbt in tkel 
reign, 7th September, 1688. He m. ABBe,aal; 
ter and heir of Richard C uuipwt , esq. of EM 
dying lOUi September, 1668, was «. by his sn 

II. Sir Comport Fytche, bart. who sii 
daughter of Sir Lumley Robinson, bart. of f 
Hall, in the county of Suffblk, and dyiic > 
cember, 1720, was s. by his son, 

III. Sir Wiluax Fttchb, bart. who d. i 
unm. 13th June, 1736, when the Babosktct 

faces or. 

-Vert, a cherron between llatt 1 


26th Jan. 1813. 


Samuel Galbraith, esq. of Dundvff^ FMi 
county of Donegal, m. Jane, dangbter of Jota 
esq. and had issue, 

James Galbraith, esq. of L ondo nd my* 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Whitehill, es|. • 
in the county of Londonderry, and bad a •■ 





George, who d, s. p» 

Anne, m. to Sir Dudley Cariton, yice-cham* 
berlain to King Charlu I. created Vifl- 
coant Dorche8ter» and had a eon, Henry* 
who d. young. 
Frances, m. to Sir Richard Hanison, knt. 
of Hurst, Berkshire. 
III. John (Sir), heir to his elder brother. 
IT. Peter. 

I. Anne, m. to Sir George Bame, knt. lord mayor 
of London, and had issue. (SeeBuaua's Com- 
montrtf toI. i. page 130.) 

Sir WUIiam died in 1571. In St. Magnus's Church, 
near London Bridge, was erected a fair monument to 
his memory, thus inscribed : 

Sir William Garrard, Haberdasher, Mayor, 1555, a 
grave, sober, wise, and discreet Citiaen, equal with 
the best, and inferior to none of oar time, deceased 
1571, in the parish of St. Christopher, bat was ba- 
ried in this Charch of St. Magnus, as in the Parish 
where he was bom. 

His eldest son and heir. 

Sir William Garrard, knt. of Domey, m. Elisa- 
beth, daughter of Sir Thomas Roe, knt. lord mayor 
of London, and his wife, Mary, daughter of Sir John 
Gresham, knt. of the same city, and had, with seven 
sons, who all predeceased him unmarried, the fol- 
lowing daughters, M. 

Mart, m. to Kedderminster. 
An NR, m. to Hynde. 
Elixabrth, unm. 
•«./Vr *» Judith, m. to Gresham. 

Jane, unm. /^ 

Martha, m. to Pal mer., ^g'^ f^t*-f^^^ 
Katherinb, unmT ; ^^ 

He d, 17th November, 1007, was buried in Domey 
Church, where a fine monument recorded his memory, 
and leaving no male issue, the representation of the 
family devolved upon his brother. 

Sir John Garrard, knt. sheriff of London in 1502, 
and lord mayor in 1001. He tn. Jane, daughter of 
Mr. Richard Partridge, citizen of London, and died 
7th May, 1025, leaving two sons and six daughters, 
and was buried in St. Magnus Church, ** where on a 
fair monument, in the south isle of the chancel is 
this incription for him and his lady:" 

Here lieth interred the Bodies uf Sir John Gerrard, 
Knt. and Dame Jane, his wife, who was Daugh- 
ter to Richsrd Partridge, Citizen and Haberdasher 
of London, by whom he had 13 Children ; five 
whereof died young. They lived comfortably to- 
gether, 43 years. 

He was Lord-Mayor of London, in the year 1001. 
She departed this Life, the 24 Jan. 1010 ; and he 
left this world, the 7 of May, 1025, being 70 
yean old ; leaving only 8 Sens, and six Daughters 
behind him. 

This Monument was erected at the Charges of Be- 
nedict Gerrard, Gent, his youngest son, 1020. 

Their surviving children were, 

John (Sir). 

Anne, m. to Sir John Read, of Wranghill, in the 
county of Lincoln. 


Ursula, m. to Francis Hamby, esq. of Lincoln- 

, m. to Sir George Sams. 

, jw. to — Lindley, esq. 

, m. to — Robinson, esq. of Totness. 

The eldest son and heir, 

I. Sir John Garrard, knt. of Lamar, in the 

county of H«rtSf wm adfaBead ta a Bai 
KUig Jam It I. lOlh Fiknury, lttl-«. H 
first, in 1611, EUsateth^ ddaat dniiMv i 
ward BaxUism, knt. locd sayor of LmIi 
by whom he had six aona and ek|^ teg 
died 17th Ipril, lOtt, and bee bvied ia 
aisle of the choxdi of WliathampiHad, ta 
of Hertford: upon a bandaoMN waiUa 
(whereon are placed two nuoM* ifmsitl; 
of Sir John Gairard, and Daaa EHnhiA 
is an inscription setting fiarth her many v 
marriage, &c. Of their aarviving cUUni 

JoBM, sucoeasor to his fiallMar. 

Jane, the wife of Sir Justinian lifca« 
Sir John wedded, secondly, KHaahiA. i 
Monlton Lambard, knt. of Sevcnoaka, Ii 
that lady had no iaine. He 4. abaat th 
and was s. by his eldest aon, 

II. Sir Jobm Garraro, ba^ wIm» as. Jai 
of Sir Monlton Lambard, knt. and died ii 

John, his auoceaaor. 
Samurl, heir to hi* brother. 

Elixabeth, as. first, to Sir Nkhdaa 
and, secondly, to Thomaa Neale, ei 


in the county of C^ 

, HI. to Anthony Farringdon, i 

Radiael, as. to Richard Bniertaa,eif. 
end, in the county of Hertfiavd. 
He died in 1080, and waa «. by his eldest 

III. Sir John GaaaaaD, who as. KaOi 
ter and co-heir of Sir James Bnyon, fc 

in the county of Northamptmi, and i 
George Boswell, hart, of Clipaton, by a 
at his decease, 13th January, 17M, an m 
and heiress, 

. Jane G arrard, who as. Ifontaaaf 
'^^K of ShardJlbes, M.P. and d, in 171 

daughter, Mary Drake, the wife sf 
Everard, bart. and a son and heir, 


loes, M. P. for the oonnty of Bi 
m. Isabella, daughter and heii 
Marshall, esq. and dying in tn 
his eldest surviving son, 
WiLUAX DaAKR, esq. LL.D 
m. in 1746-7, KliaabaA, 
John Rawordi, eaq. and i] 
left aeveral aona, of whi 

CuAaLSs DaAKi, 
Utes of his 
GARaARD, bait, in I7C 

Sir John leaving no male isane» tte bi 
volved upon his brother, 

IV. Sir Sajiurl Garrard, lord aaTa 

in 1710, and M.P. for aevenl yean fer 

of Agmondesham. He ai. first, BUiaale 

of George Poyner, esq. of Coddiooie-B 

county of Herts, but by that lady had a 

m. secondly, Jane, daughter of llMHua 

of Salthorp, Wilts, by whona be left ftam 

Samvbl, his succesaor. 

Tboxas, barrister-at-law, and coaaBa 

the city of London, as. in March, 

garet, only daughter of Robeft * 

Hatton Garden, M. P. lor the dty i 

d. s. p. in 1750. 

DiNiT, suocesaor to hb alder biathtr 

mflferr yntirilT> nliflmuly ^nc- 

M>, to« kT Uv IcMHlH in OBBty, >Dd by 
n* ■■!■> laod. c*Il*d Oilru, Id Ibe pirUb 
p HpfrvprLklfd Tor pvtT» muif 
e, for lt» Undinl ml or fouT 
w ol lh> parkb of W«M. ind ane of 

ii la; saall ftir (Ih poor of CnwechiiRli 

Ml ^tah ckwcb or Nttdbam Msrktl, in 
' IkJank WW HilautT (luclwd lo A'lHf 
L Ml l« bia (crTMB (a Ihal anlupiiy 
iJHi proM M M ■■ ■ d<bni|B>iif. «d tried 
Mihfaa MfBMnd far w»l of eitdcnn lu 
I W—Hnii.i of vUOi arHl h* ■ppslowd 
I M tt |>i» ch »d yiartr on >>m Mottlttntrj 
* if kM MlwuM. Mut iha Mk " 

The tmmili of Giwdt b itited U hne dtrntd 
- ~ 1 Giwdey, • Frtoeh " 

wfaa wu pi m i f l > m>dp aod Httlvd iv 
k. Hkdi 

ixti GiwuiT, uq. or Hirluum. Hijant^t- 

en by Aniw, kii wire, dmigtiur and o-hair of 

John Buiingbininia, Hq, oT Wrwdhall, H>ru. ■ tm. 

Sit BiuliaHKltHI tilHDT. dird acuad of WM 

lirling, tie. iD Notrolk, Utb JiDuar}. IMg, lc»int 

ttif kM Ml 

ll|fMna8aBday,i>r alaa Uu nnl 
« «■ fulak rbnvli nf W«(kin. ky < 



FninLiHOHiii. faltbeir. 


Chutid iOtb April, l«i.— EniJiCT.... 



trr al Sir Ntcholu Bucgo. of R(dcr><c. and by liir. 

£iK Cbhlu Ciwdi, tat. af Cno'i Kd 

who ». .Kondly. Sir H.nry Frilon, tart- of Pl.yford, 

folk. *. iu IHI. ucond •» of Sir Bmb 

G..d;. Li,!, of Wen n»rri.d l^U 

b.V.MO. "" " ^"'' 

Fm«LiKEMA« G<itDr.e.q. o( Weil Hwling. 6. Blh 

1. CuKLO GoTDi. «q. or Cnrw-1 HiB. 

Aucuil, 1MB. .h«riir o( Norfolli in irai, -who «. Let- 

a.^aT«] > BiloxiT ID laai. He .. V».. 

ti™, dBogliWr >nd CQ-hsir of Sir Robrrt KbowIm, 

RKd <to*elr of Sir Bdw*rd Cook. kol. .f M 

km. and had iuiu b; bir, »ha wu buried >t Wui 

e»ex. ud h*d iint. 

HerUng, ard I>««mb.r. IBSO.ui *«» mai two d>D^- 

t. CHttLO.hiikelr. ^^ 

ton, Til. 

II. Pnuici>, died <. p. .^M 

1. Willi—, bu h>ir. 

III. Edmiind.liTinBUiaas. ^H 

..Henry.d.,.p. ^ 

1.. TbDiiiM. b, in mu, who died unm. 

I. Anne, -. to Wentworth Cmd^n 

T. Chirla. A. in WU. 

lend HiOl. Norfolk. 

.1. Robert. 4, in lOM. 


I. Lettke. 

11. E,u CH.I.1.M CiWDT, of Cn™-. Hrt 

11. Anne. 

i»ue. With hit .on. the man Buoon 

1. WiLLiiH G.WDT, en- of Wcti Herling. who 

af EmI Wrrlhun. in Norfolk, ni by hor. who died 

Waiiam, died unm. 
Fnmlinghuo, of Butt. 
Anne, died ODnarried. 
Sir WiUiani died in livw. ond wu j. b; bji kd. 
II. Sik JoHH GiwDi, of Weil Heiling. t. 4th Oc^ 

poneued CDDtideTable AbUity. ttnd attained no nnBtl 
degreB of celebrity a« ■ poiuter. He m. AoDe, dnugh- 
ler of Sir Roben de Cray, but. of Martin, and had 

BiMiNOHitriiici, hie beir. 

Anne, who n. OliTer Ij! Neie, eii|. of Great 
Wichingbanif and had laaue. 

OliTBT Lt NeTe, who d. i. p. in 1«M. 

laiaiLLi Lt Niti. 

Ahke Li Niti. n. to John Rogera, of Slan- 

Htliai'lTTi La Nata. m. to Edward Lo Neie, 

the daugbtera of hi> liiter. Mra. Le NeTe. brioE taia 

eatate lo Joahna Draper, enq. who Hid il lo Richard 
Gippa. eiq. 


The GiLLa wen aeited at Hoptoni i> A 
10 early aa the reicDolEowainlil. arid 
corded anceilor, Ralph Gelt, ia anppiwd It I 

the then chief of the faniily, 

1. Sia JDHHGaM.,*of Ho]>tan.anaiB<4(ii 
eminence aa a paiiiameniar^ leadrr: ca| 
cjly of Licblietd, and irndoned ttry BapM 
Tien to hia parly In bia uaiiie tvuxf. 

himaeU, for the purpoae of Tifutiuc.aa 11 af| 

deula got into power, giiea ■ foil and iaa* 

indeed Lord Clarmdon obaerraa that, afler 

ir Jobn waa nrncb 



erected a stately mansion in the county of Stafford, 
where he resided, called Gerard's Bromley. He m, 
Anne, daughter of William Ratdiffe, esq. of Wtmers- 
ley, in Lancashire, and had issue, 

Thomas, created in 1003, Babon Gbbabd, of Ge- 
rard's Bromley. 
Ratcuppb, of whom presently. 
Frances, m. to Sir Richard Molineux, bart. 
Margaret, m. to Peter Leigh, esq. 
Catherine, m. to Sir Richard Hoghton, hart. 

Sir GUbert died in 1503. His second son, 

Ratclippk Gkrabd, esq. of Hatsall, in Lancashire, 
m. Elisabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Chaiies Somer- 
set, K.B. fifth son, of Henry, Earl of Worcester, and 
had issue, 

Charlks (Sir), knt. a distinguished royalist com- 
mander, created Baron Gbrabd, of Brandon in 
1645, and Earl op Macclbspibld in 1670. (See 
Burke's Extinct Peerage.) 

Thomas, d. s. p. 

Ratclippb, of whom presently. 

Gerard (Sir), governor of Worcester, d, s. p. 

The third son, 

Ratclippe Gbrard, esq. married Jennet, daughter 
of Edward Barret, of Pembrokeshire, and was father 

I. Gilbert Gerard, esq. of Fiskerton,in Lincolnshire, 
was created a Baronet 17th Norember, 1666. He m. 
first, Mary, daughter of Sir John Brereton, knt. by 
whom he had no issue, and secondly, Mary, daughter 
and co-heir of Dr. John Cosins, bishop of Durham, by 
whom he left a daughter, Charlotte, m. to John Bar- 
croft, esq. and a son, 

If. Sir Gilbert Cosins Gerard, of Fiskerton, mar- 
ried first, Mary, daughter and heiress of Charles 
Berkeley, Earl of Falmouth, from whom he was di- 
Yorced in 16S4, and secondly. Lady Morland, but had 
no issue by either. The title became extinct at his 

Arm* — As Gerard op Harrow. 



25th Mar. 1G08. 

nth Dec. 1718. 


I. Sir John Gsrmainr, knt. of Westminster, in Mid- 
dlesex, who was created a Baronet in 1608, married 
first, Mary, daughter and heir of Henry, Earl of 
Peterborough, and relict of Henry, Duke of Norfolk, 
by whom he had no issue, and secondly, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Charles, Earl Berkeley, by whom he had 
three children, James, John, and Elizabeth, who all 
died in their infancy. Lady Mary Germaine, Sir 
John's first wife, inherited the barony of Mordaunt, 
of Turrey, and the manor of Drayton, in Northamp- 
tonshire. She died in 1705, and left her whole property 
to Sir John Germaine, who bequeathed it at his decease 
in 1718. to his second wife, Lady Elizabeth Germaine, 
and under that lady's will it deToWed on Lord George 
Sackrille, (second son of Lionel, first, Duke of Dorset,) 

who aasmiiad liy act of 
Gbbmainb. Hie lovdaUp, tte 
Germaine, was cjreated Id ITM* TiaoMn 
His son is Charles, pnamt Duci op Ik 

Arms— Am. a cross engr. or. 


21st May, 1750. 

Sampson Gidbon, esq. of Spalding, is 
a gentleman of large estate, pa trmal aoi 
Jane, daughter of Chaiiea BroMD, esf. ■ 
October, 1768, left issue, 

Sampson, his successor. 

Susanna, d. unm. 

Elisabeth, m. in 1757, to Wlllin- 

Viscount Gage, and had an ealy i 

an infant. 

His son and heir, 

I. Sampson Gideon, esq. of Spal^Bg, 
shire, and Belredere, in Kent, was crs 
net 3l8t May, 1759. He at. 0th Dee 
Maria-Marou, daughter of the Right B 
Eardly Wilmot, lord chief justioe of i 
Common Pleas, and by that lady, wfaoi 
1704, had issue, 

SAMPsoN.EARDLBT,\both in the BR 
WUliam, J predeceased tl 

Maria-Marou, b. tted Norenbcr, 
September, 1794, to George-Wilfisi 
and Sele, and d. 5th September, 18 
son and daughter. (See BoBKi'i 

Charlotte, b. in 1768, m. ttad Scpl 
to Culling Smith, esq. who sneceiA 
in 1812, and became Sir Colliflf 
Her ladyship died 15th Septoober, 
with two daughters, the prescat B 
Eardley Smith, hart. 

Sblina, b. in 1772, m. 25th Jobs, I 
Walbanke-ChUders, esq. of Csb< 
county of York, and had with jpsm 
the present John Walbanbe-Cbium 
ley. (Refer to Bcbee's Onbsmb* 

Sir Sampson Gideon was raised to ths pti 
land in October, 1780, as Baron Eabblit, 
He died at the age of eighty, 2Sth Dcei 
when, bis sons baring predeceased hiB,Ai 
Baronetcy became extinct. HisUiiiiAil 
sessions devoWed upon his daag^teis ■• o 
beautiful seat of BelTedere, in Kent, ft 
eldest, the late Viscountess Saye aod Sdi 
anil Sele assumed in March, 1825, by sipW 
half of himself and his issue, in c o m p H s a ci 
viso. in an indenture of aettlemeat nndsk 
in-law, the surname and arms of Eazdlsyi 
to, and before those which has tarAAir 


« CirmiD, Mq. ar Buriun, in Wiluhin, 

imi^at ttoAeokanl 
p« aan»t Johh, of Sorehmu. in Ewex, mm 
.WHaaiatDiTrRll.iaWUu. TheddEr. 
I OtmiBD, laq. of Bonkuii, muricd Miri 

(aans HUB) the cimiKy of Nnifolk. 
e m. FeneluiM. daugbur and co-heir of Sir Rdirard 
Etodnay. kni. of HodnB^ Stake, in IbE nnint; af 
Smutnrt, lal dyini about tbs ynu I'M, wu >. bj 

■«. •< okisi |inHBll|i. 

»u. It.p. vT Loiiduu. luHrrii^l CHtlmiou. 
>ka Lnnl. >ir HumrJiurcli, Id Kwi, b> 
mfa. iUii()<lrr «f TlKiiau H«<linc, vf 

I. iwicc. fini, I 

M !•■ ClinoitKrliiynii, liuliljriaEi.ii.waii.bjhiilinitlivi, 

at Uinlaibury. who ■>. 6i». • dHughtBi of I>a«Br 

I, and nf wbuai in. Mr. Bdgtcomb, oC SI. Cle- 
uf lit • Duo, MidiUwL Howcildcd.MiMBdlT.Mn. 
MuBfcr, but bud no nthcr Ihiu. Sir e«tu wu t. M 

i^ «( CnwBT n'rocAjbr. nq. of Hiinull. 
■iMni (dtaind atth her 

t,m-ta C — y Kv>Ut, Lnnl Aberii 

( »iliyuia ViKcbiD. H«, o( R. 

Mn. aad 4yta« nbwi loea. ten i 



J«»HK (?<iiN,>LPHiK, esq. nf Codolpbiii, wms phcrifT of 
rirnWMll i:i thr lOth nnd %3rd of Hekbt VII. and 
jiiiut ^trvnnl, with Sir Rnbort Willoaphby, Lord 
Hnioke, iif tbi' TDinrs in Cornwall and Dtv^n^bire. 
Hiii flt!er mhi an J siirr*»ns«ir, 

\Vt I.I.I «v (••iiMii.riii%. ^*^\. «»r ((Oilolpbin. m. Marpa- 
rt-t, dttUG:litfr and robiir uf Jtibn <ilin:ie. et^i. oi 
Mon<%Hl and I«owewator, und wa* x. by hi* rlirr poa. 

SiK Wiu.iAW GoiMiiPHi!^, Lnt. an emiiirct pcTwm 
in the time nf Hesbt \ 111. wbo received for bit per- 
viiv< the hommr uf kni.:btbotid. and wa» ronrtitnted 
warilrn of thf Mtannt-Tie*. Sir Wtlliani li«ed to an 
uJiAnroil net-, and wa» iwrral timen electrd Luipbt of 
the itbire tor Cornwall, in the reisn of HcxRl VIM. 
unti Vvw %Rii \ I. He wiu thrice fbehfTin the former 
7ri,;n, oui'e in the latter, and air^n in the rvirn of 
Ki If %Bi-TH : and he nttaimd beside .1 hizh niil:tar> re- 
Iiut.ititiu, partimlarlv at the riese of RuaWrae. Crew, 
in the >urtrv -^f CurTiWall. »a\ik, "He denieanel hin- 
•elf ^rr\ tahjntl> If^usd t<^9. af appe«rtd ^\ the 
».'ar!> he bnuicht home, no leM to the be^utifrini: cf 
hi« fame, thin thi< ili»li^ritij of hi* face." Sir Wi)- M. Rl.ti..h.J.j-.i^httr i*f Robert Laapdca.ev;. and 
h^d lhr«>e d .u jt.;* t^. 

War.-arex. ••:. t^ Sir RoSrt V<rney. 

llr.ioe. n. ivi >ir J.^.a S>iechai3. of Brirapt.ta. 

\n»i-. «!. t.t Str John Amaiel. of Tali era. is 
Ci»rxi» iV. 
S.r \\ illidim Kit no male iftrse.and the rrpr w entati^n 
»>l (hi- TAUu'.« Je« ^-!i t^. at h> 'eoeaje.nfva bif aepbew. 

> * r«i\*i» ii\ ■.\ .rf*.\. Vat. M.P. Ur C.-rawiIi. 
Ill i*ir J'.«i *'i FiKiTr-H. and ccK-^el ».■! a mr'.seaT ci 
t*iT!»^ *v;rt^»-. ti-*. *r=:e%l » .tb i.-riz b-aain%! ari 

!*-.» ba:u;*v\l iv.i :.■«% »-al:Tifr». Ke m. Vkrmrit. 
d.iv.,.; Mvr . I J . ^.u K :'." .jsrew . r»^. v 1 Irvvsjci.. la C :ra 
w iM. Ai«d \- A> ». b\ h.» eli?-*: ^ca. 
S « \^ . ; . : I n i\ ... -..•!* ■ \. tss. raeaVf r f.T C ;ra 

*» »'! .-.i :V.. r-v: -. t,- .i'z:-!-^'. :i Jiiii> 1. wS." •- ri:- 
f -■..■•...". j:^:.- .: 1" .•■■. ^« >.l-i-\ . <■*; :z W r^i'.. z. 
i.i N.s! i. A- . .A .^«-. . . 


!W l\ 

«i. 1 

* , 

« « . I"- 


N * ■ k I \ . ■» ■ 1 % \ i 1i •• . H - .t-^ ^- 

• .- « '. • *. ■ , . • : -• I i..» ;••'->!. I 1 1.? 

1 ■"■ ^\. ■.■■*».« I V \. . .'•■ ■t I •«.'• 'I"*. •. *"-.■ ' •.* 

^ « ■ k. I - ■ •■■.»'♦..;■.■.■."■. '.'.r ■ ■•; 

■ •■ "i • * ■■• . ■ : I ■■■'.■» f.""'i !■ " ■- .-■.;• 

"* < » - V- .V - I.* "•. I'.-i; I fc. ;.;:■.•" >■■ 

^- - ■" • I-. .■."■. I , ».»,."•« I ■* ' >. " • 7 ni'i.-« 

■ • . ^'.■ V I . •-»•.. .■.!•.' .1 ^ " ■. • l"-'.^ * - » ■ 1- ■■ 

i .-. ^ . ■ '..• .. ■. V ,■■ -^ I J,; 

. . . ■. ■• ' . . »■ ■ » .V 

I ■ ■ ' • " • >..-.•» • ■ . 1 ■■^. M.< .1.. 

*■ .»•"■. *!• *t^* II ••■ ^. 

■'■■■■••■• ■ • • • !.■ . I . . ". ' . k * ." 


S;th Sep. IMS. 


I. t;w fp UoLDixo, eitq. of CoUtoa Piin, t 
rruat> tif NoOintrbain, who wascreatrd a Biio« 
lt>;'J. m-urird Kleanor. dauirhtrr of John TVnd 
txr.i. t^;. i>f Couchton. in the connty of Vv 
aiit! h.i itoui-. nf which the e1i!r*t Mm. Jaha.^ 
(. ^^-u.-biu fh.^r at Roaen. Sir Edward aho a 
i..::.v.If a fnar of that hcdy rom^aBitr. aadA 
K' '•%. vhen the tiiK- deii'lved on hi* aecMda 

1:. S:a Cii%iiLu UuLDi^c. of Cobtoa Bumtt 
m.>. daarhter of James Ra«nt*cnifk.eif.d 
TT.-ai. ibz^ri . 1:. trr ^"unt^ cf H uatiaj^doa. aad < 
1= •'■'T, »A« t. iy bt* -'B, 

:.:. S.i E:«ta: (■•.•: 1 i»<:. who h. the daagMi 
b* :r . f J Ln U - j 'm.:.. e-^. of BnitoB. la las 
• :.:7v. bz: i:' n > i»»ar. He dieU aboat ITlf^vhi 


I X\ IT! 




• II ■.,!.* ! . J : ■.. . -. I 

'>• « ■ a. . I ■ ■ 

% ■ . 'ir -*.■ :i Birb -y*. in ihe ctm 
"• - -r: - .: r r'-4^."j» ••o*"!enf . e«^. «f Her 
I ; .-. : «. : r^ ■= v.* i^i.'-.-ieTe. e^. of Lr 

S- I »• - • - ■ ^.xz--* ' : r-. . t.Tc-: tciife t«a»# a> Ai 

. ...... . -■ ciT.! kr I »a» I:«inji» W*l. 

» : ■■ ...«:•.: 7 .. m .. z M . rr li . 'f krat. am 

K.I i_« ■ . r 
. ;- -u'- -* J-: ' -3 la t&e F.US InJiw. 

■ » . < T ■ "*.; f Bi-^'T*. H- 

■•.. I •! 1 . : I * —* i~> * ' 'je ■•'«ar* *'f Hii 

« I.-* -* I . . I ■ I I * I* 1 :"C He m. k-irtam 

. 1 1^ « - . : -1 '^ - i- !» irl l-iaeW. I 

I . . ■ ■ :- ■ *r -^ .7*. s\ >"-»aii.'*» I* 

. . ... [ .1 »■-■> v. I-2M.C L> rij KA'iaa^^M 

I *u ,• ... u Slnnf 

tumm Fomm, vha •unmnl lh> nrauM of 

DiHILI. H hflr H bH WKk. 

» tntt»LpogT» . tb<i ctlabniri dnnailG wrinr. 
Klauuir pBsw. 
«warl Ii4d MIk Mmb, ITW, lod *u i. l>i hii 

Sia Joiili.Otiill.T Gnrnnt. Df Bnrluip* kdi] 

■■ hU «inB.I uixxsn. Hi m. W(iy, d>u«li- 
■< hMrsfHr, t-ivf<vd.nfBli<vlrtini,nur Britiol. 

■4. Mr JehnbxlBcrg 
■J »m* with III* jmuiiw bnnbcr Sudoc 
■■ad M dMI<^>Ti■ Um In hTOSr i>r hb riiur 
^•ka rM*,' w|. of Tnin, ud ml olTtlic rnu 
I rnpotf k(a» bi^ »n'( 4«U>. Thi* drcuD 
■ Ml ■tar — * CapMia Goodcrt. ibii ha fonoi 
W*M (caBUtiBii of anrdarifla hu bncber, an 
Mi4 Ua dnadAil paifaH irih Janur;, IM 

M*, toriMd (b«n bodi u dinntr li> Iha bugv . 
rtMag Ovm, aad Uwy had yartal In U» «ediii 
Mb1*C anMi. Cipaln Gnadm had, hnmi 
m4 hdaafVDRaaitT.aadUkMi mraiuRa lu riuai 
m i m tti m ■< Iha hanii itaML Bcraral of hi 
. fflwa* kf UM captain'! ordan in ihv tmtt nti 
m Craas. mard Kir John a> hi pa«d. ao 
( !•«>■(■> (hat h* ■•• dwrdaiMl ID hii ainun 

CaptalB Raaual GiMdiir* him 

I Iha dpw while the crini i 

II U idd, IhU Ifae norder ' 

rbo of « 

II tw f and. CocniM, «h 

A nwB«4 «■ (ha IMh April. Tlia <r 
> wm afOlB gC rha Rnb) manol-var. i 
i—i^'l kimaaU IB hia (ilUat prvfcMlor 
n rf ftl. llflaMlan. feml. •»! Si. Anton 

»-Bi9«», ; 


Tloaaly Lnighud, when hlch ahcrUT of The coDDly ol 
NonioflhatD, ia liao. Bir awnai'l matrird Uiu Eli 
aibach Bndlonl, uin» ud liuima of Sir Uatlhca 
JenlMu, by vham be left, with a daoihier, ElcuDDr 

Harrin-I^Bcaa Charlstls. diagtalei of Ihs Hon. Bd> 
■anl Fim^-Hatlwi, and xranddauiihur of Daniel, 
Karl of WiiichelwB, by wlua Iwha If. lBini>ba had 
an iaioa. H> 4. Mfa Ma), lasi, vluu the ttiauKOTCi 
lerame itTiacr ; tba eatatca daialrlBa od Iba Earl ot 


f Bedfgrl 

id d*H>a (ha i 

Itd di Uoas», tlia dm of (he nuaa to ba ntl 
a'itb, la wiiBtm M ■ ehartar. inmy. Haaav 1. wbleh 
a>'a,ilaa(bierDf ilach LnpHa, Karl of CbMUa, nad* 

........_..« .. -_ .. mj o# dBrtanl. 

wilb hi 




ikLTU DM GoEOtt, who flovrUhed in tlie time of 

tNRY 111. He was governor of the castles of Sher- 

.me and Exeter, and had a military summons to 

.e war in Wales in the 54th of the same lung's 

iign. He attended PrHtce Edwabd to the Holy Land, 

nd died in two years after. His son, 

Ralph vm Gobois, was marshal of the king's army 
in Gasoony, SI Edward I. and the next year con- 
tanning in those parts, was made prisoner and carried 
to Paris. He does not appear, howerer, to hare heen 
detained lung in captivity, for we find him within a 
hrief period again engaged in active service both in 
France and Scotland; and, in consideration of his 
services, he was summoned to parliament as a Baron 
4th March, 1300. He died seised of the manor of 
Wraxhall, UUer alta, 17 Edward 11. and was «. by 
his son, 

Ralph dr Gorors, who <f. s. p. and was s, by his 

Elxanor dr GoRGis, who m. Sir Theobald Russel,* 
son of Sir William Russel, of Kingston Russel, in the 
county of Dorset, and had issue, 

Sir Theobald Rdbsrll, of whom presently. 
Sir Ralph Russell, of Kingston Russell, who left 

Sir Maurice Russell, of Kingston Russell. 

The elder son, 

Sir Theobald Russell, assumed his maternal sur- 
name Gorges, and also adopted the armorial bear- 
ings of the family, which occasioned a dispute, SI 
Edward III. between him and Warburton of Cheshire; 
and that gentleman establishing his right to the arms 
in the Court of the Earl Marshal, Henry, Earl of 
Lancaster, Gorges had assigned to him " a chevron 
gules on the loiengy or and axure," which his pos- 
terity bore for some time, until they assumed again 
their ancient and hereditary coat, vis. ** org. a gurges 
or whirlpool, ax.** Sir Theobald was sheriff of the 
counties of Dorset and Somerset 35 Edward III. and 
served in parliament with Maurice de Bruine as 
knight of the shire for the county of Southampton 
60 Edward III. having their writ of expenses for 
£15. Ms. for thirty-nine days' attendance. He died 
4 Richard II. seised of the manor of Wraxhall, leav- 
ing by Mary, his wife, daughter of Thomas Beau- 
champ, of Hatch, four sons ; three of whom died 
issueless, and the line was carried on by the fourth, 

Sir Thoxas Gorges, who d, 5 Henry IV. and was 
s, by his son, 

John Gorges, of Wraxhall, who d. 3 Henry V. and 
was s. by his brother. 

Sir Theobald Gorges, kni^^t banneret, who in the 
reign of Henry Vl. was lieutenant of Normandy 
under Richard, Duke of York, then Regent of France, 
and had a salary from the crown for his government 
and maintenance. He m. first, Joane, daughter of 
— Hanchford, and by her had issue, ^ 

Walter, who died in the lifetime of his father, 
leaving a son, 

Edward, heir to his grandfather. 

Elisabeth, m. to Thomas Grenvile. 
Jane, m. to John Hatch, of Dillon, in Devon- 

He m. secondly, Joane, daughter of John Beauchamp, 
of Lillesdon, and had another son, Richard, to whom 
he gave lands in Sturminster and Hasington. Sir 

Theobald d. Edward IV. 

Sir Edward Gorobs, wl 
knighthood at the creatioii ol 
son of Hrnrt VII. He 
daughter of John, Duke o! 
three daughters, five sons, \ 

I. Edward (Sir), his be 
II. Edmund, who oarr 
John Walsh, of GIo 
HI. William, m, Wlnifr 
Badock, and had im 
IV. Thomas. 
V. Nicholas. 

The eldest son. 

Sir Edward Gorors, kal 
of — Newton, by whom lie 1 
tor of the branch of die I 
He m. secondly, Mary, di 
Foynts, by his wife, the dam 
liam Hudfidd, and of that i 
ters, Elisabeth and Fraao 

William (Sir), who m. 

shud, and d, in IftlA. 

Arthur (Sir), who m, 

daughter of Henry, Bi 

Ferdinand (Sir), capCai 

mouth, died in ISBV, k 

John, who m. Lady' 

of Thomas, Bad « 

Thomas (Sir). 

The youngest son. 

Sir Thomas Gorors, knt 
the county of Wilts, m. Hi 
Wolgargus Swavenburg, a 
Farr, Marquess of Nortftff 
daughters, EUxabeth and I 

Edward (Sir), his bel 

Theobald (Sir), who 
Hole, of Saperton, f 

Tillot (Sir). 

Robert (Sir), of Rer 
merset, m. Mary, < 
Harding, of Swer 

Sir Thomas d. in 1010, t 

I. Sir Edward Gob 
of knighthood from i 
having met his m^jest 
land as he passed the 

a BARONrr by the sa' 
He was afterwards w 
Gorg^, of Dundalk, 
first, Katherine, dan 
of Kelmash, in Nor 
ward Haselwood, e 
a son, Thomas, wl 
secondly, Jane, dr 
of Sir John Levinf 

II. Sir Richart 
Dundalk, who m. 
mill, esq. of Sidnr' 
but died without i 
including the Ba 

ilrwM— Arg. a 


* Sir Theobald Russell m. a second wife, Eleanor, dauchttr of John 
Dorset, and from that marrisge sprang the noble hooftc of Russell. 

•■ IB kntmif Duinc, cm). 

Lua Onax:, till. <4 Banim, vbo tin n 
■ to IWi, br Abd(. bk wir*, liHthUf or 
f«^>. ■« H>r«> III MIddlan. ■ «». 
■T UfMiw, tat. or Hmmn. vbo >■ Kllaar, 
f Mr WIUiuii KinwniU. bI Huapdun, 

iBCDaiMi.H|.c4 Bnnon.whovaormird 
|Milt>T-><>l>- H>M. n«a«uBrU(.l, 
r tir HwHd rnudt, tnu and wx i. by 

Iti Uh mirldli of • chlpal U (he cbudl of WilllntHN 
ribc bsrrlnniiliu ef Ibc fbrnily). tb* Iviic* if ■ 
knlfbi in ■rmmiT in lutl prgpunMK 1t1b( tbmoa, 

I <.r WtillVctiio Inlki ink t.*Hi>iklVir»"irppnrrb> 

■q I by wkna he ball itnt kt« Eon. 
Dlhlcn. H<-, Willi ■ aoM ckriHIlB Re- 
t ixuiTd Huiw D( ■ Jiiytal ReHirfCilou, 
l> Lift iIk ism of {kHtmlKr, ia». In 
rat aC lii< At« : Ihs Lad)' June Roil' 

On the uvth lidc oT iha ■ 
Aik vliD lilt hiK. and 

He ii m>l clHil, be dirti 
TH1> aiony Rfduer li I 

Lnighthooil HI WhiUhill 

lOEbtFT or Juhn WentwDrtb, Hig. of GMftelil, in Uu 
miicy of Emu. and bad iiauc. 

KuniKU, bit beir, barn d(>r and dumb. 
Tbamu. lUrriFd BUaabetb, ilanflilfr ur MyDbm 
Uorialiiu, amtuuudur Crooi HoUiod to ULirti 
Chobwiix, aod d. i. p. 
Waium, of Csplo. in tha nnuityDr Bedford, bon 

tar of Mr. Anthony Wharton, of Sl.Sapnlchrc'a 

uid am daoghlcn. wunelT, Mary, vtao iiti 

young, and Anne. Iha vifB of Ur. Banwa, o\ 

NortbilLlD Bedfordihlre. 
ilUnlHIh. m. to Fmnda Raadini, of WilUngtoD. 
Hory. «. Srat. Id William Spaixcr. e»q. of Coplc 

in Bcdfordablre : and WKmidlyi lo Sir Clcmcul 

Annigar, knl. nf Copla. 

PraDui.m. I> 

flon. Prai 

b Lord Uordaiml. Dl 

Sir EdiranI d. HHb September. ION. and wai i. by his 
cldHI aoD, 

III. Sir Biiwain Goitwicil, bait. Thia itnllanian, 
na atsted aboie. waa born deaf and dumb. He •■. 
Mary. 'InnEbterofSIr Wjlluun Lylton. Iml. afKoeli- 

ir. Sia WiLum GoFrwiciL. M.P. (or the coaDty of 
Bedford trum the IMb of A^liig Willixh In the inhef 
4wTH Anna, who xi. Uary. daaebtet of Sir WUIlan 
Jlobler. of WalloD Woodball, in ilie niuity of Hen. 

JuHii. hia btir, who died in Iha UfetinM of Ua 

falber, learln^ by hie wife, Hanba, daufbtar 

nf Anthony HamnoDd. ctq- of L'ombHdr*. 

WiLLUH. anmeaaorlo hia frandfather- 

Jnhii. who held a place in rbe Ciutona at 

Boatcai. In Lincoloahirei in. Mary, eldetl 

d*it(bUr of Bobrn Bell, eeq, of fiedfdnl. 

ODUity of Backiaghanij but d. *• y, 
Anat. ■>. In EAward Nelllmrpe. cm|. ainnid aoD 
of SU Coddanl Neltborpe. ban. 
«lr H iniaM >aaUd hia ea 

in the Ptalda. London. In 


omeor in the amy. «d la. t^mtrnj, ^ 
ward Goalwlcke. and alaiOT UU h^T rf I 

wicbf. of North Tawini. nmmt. 

title, bol irbcDier ibt BaHDnnirT k«« 
TiacT i. not amrtainril. In U* wt» da 

Sir William bequeatbrd hia prop - -^ 

married, and Dame LornUy in tta will. 


a ail Cm 

CauTiD ISdi Jus*, la 

lied a BiBo.iiT In lOM, muriad B 

)f Sir John Uamrd. bart. nf Vaaar, ta ■ 

lier, who wedded, aicandly, TllMM Ha^ 


CaaiTiD lad Nor. lOM'^Ri 

I. WiLu.>i(lau>i. 
TaieJ • BiioHin I 
aiu. the Utla aipiB 


Tbe family of Raaia Md ftp—l>« 
wiiinalii the inaHly of XaaM. Itai 
for J waa ac<|iur>a by llM wirri^i at 

-,. by Xtnm. Ua w<fa.*4M«bnr rfMa 
of WilUlatlsBHanj.wilbHvvaw, ~ 

panou of UtUa S 

• Idxr m. ID nu^Caffny. an4 M 

Baaael, of BradwvU. Tl.r *Ue 



nd MeottAy, Margtret Canon. Hif eld- 
is flnt wife, 

uiiN m, aiq. of Sampfiird, nairlod EUanor, 
WUlicm ntch, esq. of Little Caafield 
■d by her four sons end eight dsnghten. 
April, I9n, and was «. by his eldest son, 
GaBBNR, esq. of Sampford, who m. Catha- 
ter of Nicholas Timperiey, esq. of Hintle- 
Soffolkt and had foar sons and four dangfa- 
Idest of the former, 

JDiB, esq. of Sampford, b, 14th September* 
d Frances, daughter of Sir John Russel, 
m, in Woecestershire, and had issue, Eo- 
cis, John, William, Rooke. and Catharine, 

D Gbbihi, esq. of Sampford, was created 
MMh July, lOOD. He married three wives, 
male issae at his decease in December, 
the title BXPiRBD. Sir Edward, by his 
7 and lore of gambling, entirely ruined 
Jid his large inheritance passed from his 
e aaanor of Sampford was alienated to Sir 
Iton, bait, and those of Grassals and Blois 
WOmer, esq. of Helmesley, in Yorkshire, 
danghters and ovheirs, the elder, Ann, 
lUam Gossip, esq. of Thorparch, who sold 
1 Blols to Richard Salwey, esq. of Wood- 
be yonnger. Mart, wedded Joshua Field, 

;rty per fees sa. and arg. a lion rampant 



in 18U. 


>B GakB*, esq. of t>if> county palatine of 
Miss Helen Smith, of Aberdeen, and bad 
rivind child, 

■ GiBix, esq. a general officer in the 
bief en gineer at (Gibraltar , who was cre- 
••■T tnk JuntfUM. Sir William m. Mth 
I7M, Miriam, daughter of Lieut.-Cotoncl 
■on, of the Engineers, and grandaughter 
snas Watson, who commanded the detarb- 
> Royal Artillery at the siege of Cartha- 
was killed thrre. By that lady (who d. 
7M.) he had issue. 

WsTSuM, his heir. 

nSauth, fr. 13th January. 1701 ; f/. 8th 

Briber, I7CB. 

.ss, to M»jor Olivrr Nicbolli, and had 
UsM- Jasper Nirholls. 
per Nicholls. 
tly-Wataon NicholU. 

iam NicboUs. 
en NichoUs. 
ry Nicbolls. 
irWite NichoUs. 

f BVT, m. to Charies Holloway, esq. 




Sir William was some time commander-in-chief of the 
forces in the Island of Malta. He d. in February, 
1811, and was s. by his son, 

II. Sir Justlt-Watson Grbbn, bait, bom at New- 
foundland 8th October, 1755, and died unmarried in 
1835, when the Baronktot became extinct. 

Xrw*— Party per chereron, in chief rert, two cas- 
tles arg. in base a castle surrounded by a fortification 
ppr. over all a cheveron or, charged with three tor- 


5th Dec 1805. 

Itth July, 1831. 

Curistophbr Grben, esq. an officer in the army, 
slain at the battle of Minden, m. Britannia, daughter 
of Charles Hamilton, esq. of Monaghan, in Ireland, 
and had issue, 

Nicholas, an officer in the 37th regiment, died in 

Charles, of whom presently. 
Christopher, who m. Miss Anne For tnum . 

Anne, m. to Thomas-DaTid Boswell, esq. of Au- 
chiuleck, N. B. and had issue. 

The second son, 

I. Sir Charlks GRSBN,knt. a general officer in the 
army and colonel of the 87th regiment, reccired tiie 
holkour of knighthood in 1803, and was created a 
Baronet 5th December, 1805. Sir (<har1es resided at 
Milnrow, in the county of York. He died unmarried 
12th July, 1831, when the Baronetcy became ex- 

Arms— Or, three leopards passant ppr. on a chief sa. 
a demi-griffin segreant erm. holding a key erect gold, 
between two cinquefoils of the fourth. 


3lit July. IMO. 


Mth Oct. 1801. 


Of this ancient family the first upon record is 
Edward Grkiham, father of 

John Greshan, of Gresham, in Norfolk, liring 
temp. Edwarii 111. and Richard II. whose son, 




JoRM GiURAX, of Holt, in thv name ooanty, m. 
Ant. Mary, danchter of William Rook. wood, by vhom 
he had tbive son!* and a daaphter, who »\\ died yinmfr. 
He M. Mfconilly, Margnrot, <laii(;hter of William Ril- 
llu^urd, of Blackford in Norfolk, and was s. by his 

ioHS Greshaw, of Holt, who m. Alice, daughter of 
Alexander Blyth, rnq. and heir of her brotben, John, 
and Kaliih Blyth, and bad three iions, vis. 

I. William. 
II. Richard f.Sir;. 

III. JuHN 'Sir), of Tit^ry, in Norfolk, of whom 
hereafter, an continuator of the family. 

The Mconil son, 

Sir Richard Gre.hhav, knt. was sheriiTof I^ndon, 
in 1531, and lord mayor in I53r. He was twice mar- 
ried, but appears to have had issue only by bis fintt 
wife, Audrey, daughter of William Lyne, of London. 

I. John ^.Sir), who m. Fraiices, daughter and heir 

of Sir H«rnry ThyiJuXtM* ^n** ^^ Lound on the 

Wolds, in the county of York, and left an 

, I > <lf tinly daughter his lutir, 

j/niAftf^ to Jjyfi* KuzAiiiCTH GRk^MAX, who M. Sir Henry 

^Jrjt tmjM fktl^ Nerille, knt. of Billingbere, in Berksliirv, 

Ir^^f^M *^^^m • brother of Edward, Lord Abergavenny, 

j^Xgf| ya^in» Y^ and from this marriage dewceuded the 

^ f > itftjMf^ Lords Braybrook. r Refer to Birke's 
Jr^L,^ WVrv>^^- p^ ^.^^^^^ ^^^^ narotutagt .) 

II. Thomas (Sir;. 
III. William. 

I. Christian, m. to Sir John Thynne, ancestor of 
the Marquesses of Bath, lliis lady inheritrd 
the estuii-s of her brother. Sir Thomas Gre- 

Sir Richard died 30th Fcbruar>', 154H, and was buried 
in St. Laurence Jury. His second son, 


Sib Troxas Ganiux, kat. tevinie bf 
the most npvlent mrrchaats and nataei 
London, immortalized himself by fouBdii 
mart. ftinc*f ^o c«>leVrai#^ all nvcr Che ■ 
Ro^hI Ksdianse. The pround upon wUi 
tiire is erected, was given by the city tai 
and on the 7th Jnne, IMG, he laid thi 
stone, accomp-ini»'d by s'*vera1 aldermei 
pat down a piece of gold, which the w 
up : the building was pursaed with • 
s:enc<*, that it was complfted in the Novi 
ncTit year, and (^ueem Eliiahith cavscd 
cUimed by herald and sound of trumpet 
F.xcKANGi. Beside hia pabUr endowne 
t^rprising citizen erected a mM^nitcet 
called O/terl ev House, iu the county o 

which aftrrwariis came into the family i 
is no«- the property of the Karl of Jersey 
entertained Quft^n Eliza b».tr in the ntoi 
st>l*;. The queen un her arnval happenii 
lypinion that the court wmild be impro 
sifparatifd iu the ciMitrv by a wall ; Sir Tk 
ui.;ht time, sent for workmen to London 
th<- ni'tmiiii; dawn, twocourta acknowled^ 
rinr judgTUfiit uf her majesty. ** It is 
fsjys an oM authoiity; whether the qo«i 
wai« more conteotpd with the cont'omity i 
or more pleased with the anrpri'te and 
farmance thrn'of, whilst luT martiem di«i 
sielvrs with th»ir sevnral exprvsaiions. «di 
it w.iM iiti wonJer ho should unrhanc^ a bn 
riiuld build a ch.uigr." Sir Thomas m. Aj 
ter oi WilliaiJi tVmley, esq. uf Cminr. 
iind relict of — ISead. «sq. by whom be 
Rirhar.l. who dif-1 U-fnre him, liAl, ind 
at St. Helen's. Bi.-*hopi(gaie.« Sir Thmaa 
it. '2l»t Nut*«*mber, ld7ti. and wa« bunMina 
HtHti'ly monument, iu the parish church si 
11 ohm's , Ijondnn.: Sir Thomas dying vil 

* Hi* loitl'>liip f/i. Liidy Sar.ili S>iphi.i Fiiiio, cMt ''t 
daiiuliicr <if JnliJi, (iiiih Marl uf Wr>(iiiiiil.tii<l, l>_\ Anm, 
ii:(ii'4htfr uiid Mill- of UnbiTi ('hiM, i-<«|. ••tO.-lt iK'. 

* Sir Tlioiiiii' f>ri •ii.iiM WU a •! lu^hti'i . Viuh . 
m. to Sir Niith^iiiii I l{ji<»ii, <>i StilWc>, in N^ii- 
folk, iiinl left liin-i- fiauuliti-M, vi/. 

Anm; Hh n>,wi. i<i Sii Uoji i T<>vtii>lii ml, oi K.nii- 
h.iin, aiM'ftiir u{ (hr l/tpi- 'r<i^%i>>lirii<l. 

Ki.i7. \HLiii |{i<.oN, m. (ti Sir Thi'iii.-i'> Kii.wii, i>f 
'\<i«fltli(»rr>. III Norfolk. 

WiMiKi.n BtcoN, m. lo Sir Kolu-it (!,i\%il\, oi' 
Claxtoii, III Norfolk. 

' Tin- \«ill of Sir Thoiiiat Gn-'haiii riiiit.iiii< liir uA 
io\%iii^ iii^lriirtioiit ri-u.inliiiL' tlio ili*p«>!>iiioii uf tiic iriit* 
III till- Ho>:il Kxchaiii:!' : 

" t'uiiri-iiiiii:: till' tuiilfliiiK* ill Iji>nilon,«'aUril tin Ko\al 
K«i'li.iii::i-, aiifl all |iawii.«, aiiit kliop^.crlLir^, \anlt>, ino- 
kiia::! *, |i-iii-iiii-iil«, ami nliiri \\hat<iM\i-r lii\iii- hrn-ilita- 
iiiiiii-, pari ill, or afiio\iiinL: !•• ihi -.liil Ko\al Kxcliaiii:*-; 
I »ill .iiiil ili^pi'T, liiat aiiiT rX|iiration. ami id tiruiiiia- 
lioii III ilii- (laiii-iilar iim «, rM.ilc^ ami iiitcrf«l fi>i liio, 
•iiiil iii|.i\li III! iriif, liiiiiiril in tlir ^aiil imlintiin-, hi-arin;: 
il.iii I III vmii ot Ma> : I will ami ilio|iiiM', thai one 
iii>'i>t\ tliiiitii kh.ill ii-ni lin. ami lii« ii«r lhirii>f •hall K 
iiiii-> (III iii.ii"! ainl ri<iiiiiiiinalt\ . ami cili/rn« of LoihIhii, 
!•% v« h ill V I I I •pi-i i-il n.MiH' <ii .I'tililiMii lilt- .laiiir ri>i |>>>i -i- 
lii-ii I* III nil I'l Lii'imi, ami (■• thru •m •• ''«i>i>, 1<i| ii im 
i-l li|l\ \i.ii till II III XI rn«iiliiL-. il|"ili (Mill fi i'i||||. 
ill III i , -ili-l III! Hilt III Ilia! t|-ir> ill- I rlloilti thi |>.l\ I'h llt> 
Jill •■III I mil III- III thi ■• |iii-iii:. ill ii iili-r liini'i'l, 

III I III !••■ l|i-l|l- Mill |ill|ii|llii I. \t|-| tin- lilhi I 

iiiiiiiiv I I III' • ii'l lMiililini,>«.i .i|!i i| ilii liii_\ il r.\i )i :ii-.>' . 
|i|iiii-, Ai •li.ill ii iii.iiii, ami ll.i I."! 'Ii ii-i-i <'!i.tll III I'l 
III* i«aiiltii> ami ■ iiiiilii--iMliri-> i-f llir ni\ >li'l ii- i| flu 
iiHiiti* III III! I'liv III |.«iml>iii : .%!/ , III ilii- till ,>ii|.ii, 
(fitly Mini I ••i|i>-iAli-iii of till- ('iiiiiiiaiiN i>l Miii-ii'-. ill 
|^ill*li<H, h> All il«'M \i i f«|MiiA| iiiiiit- iir aiiiinioii ihi- 

"-.iiiif oiiip-ii-ilii-ii i« rni!i" or kin-wn. in*' *■ 
I'l"" ■!», f r ?• rr: •( l!fl\ }i*ii» i n--tM:j. 'i.' ' 
r >iit.i!i tiri-, to it-i- iiili lit ihit K-«ii<-;* 
l>i>iiiiiit* ami i»lh»-f iiiTinr*. m i!i-« j-f.— :!-« 
Kinili'l. (luifiii li\ ii.iiii III I" li >M *'-'• ? 
Vii'l 1 Mill ami ili'>(i><r. that al'ti • i- ^ t-.t* t 
Mi-iiii) •■! Ihi •.;il K.\::I KxrI. i _i,j; ■■»' 
iVi. •hall luiiii ii> 111" -ml Mii'-r .■..! I I ••■;■■"' 
•anl rit_\ : ami lioiii llniifp . «■■ I-iti; i« ■ •» i 

• iirrt--i|« •iiHil b\ aii> liirjn* -I lilh . tl»'.** 
jo\ till- 'anil-. tiir\ iiuil ihf-ir Mirrt-MiTf, ft"? ! 
::ivi- aint ili«iiiliiitf, i>i auiI i<ii ihe *8>icsi*iu* 
iiant'f. ainl limliitL' fiair |M-i»iiiis. fpiint^Bfl' 
|if thii^t-ii, iioniiiiatut ifiiil jppii.n'M ht ik »■ 
anil roiiniionaliit-. aiul t-itif^ni> sui ibrir *■ 
inriii- til rrail iht h f luit«iif ili\ iDity,i?tri«i«* 
aiiil s:i-<iiiiati\ . uiiliin ni\ ••«\n itwillir: kfiv 
raii«h of St*. Ill 1. n'-. in" Bfh-|i<.:Atr Siff't.* 
r. tir'-., Ihf PiK.r. in ihi- C'iiv -i I^****- * 
will rt-iif ht iiaiui iu l^j• iii\ U*i Mill, l■^>* 
ami fli<p<iM-iI iiiito ihr -ii'l iiia|i>r siil <"«<■■*• 
rifi/in« of till- ^.li'l lilx.- llu *iiii.ri« •»<••" 
(M.iiiiil. of lawful niiiiii \ •■! Iln^lam!, m run*' 
tiilliiuiii^. I \i/.; Ill « \i i\ "f Iht *a\'. lU^ir'.M 
Iwiiii;. Iht- •mil I-f m"!> |» mis "I U*^«' ■ 
l-!n-jlaiii|, \iail\, li- ihi ir -.itriri ssl •ii?"' 
fi'i iiiiii 'iiilii'ii-iith li atiinl. ti i> i '. iK •!►'■"*' 
•aiil •iipiii'U ami •allafn*. 4ri| • \ii> if i^"-' 
at l\iii n* li I III* III till V' i>. \> iil>, <hil'*' 
III! fii-i-i'i ilii \i u 11 i' I ■:. i.f Si. M-n." 
.■Ill St. Ml. I. ail. Ill- \i.l..-iuil, |.\ tirap*^ 

•• A.I I I.-Ml'i i.ll. If ll.t -.1 ' i..i>.-c lliili-i If** 

• lll/i ii> > t tin -iiil • it> . II. I !!.< II -I.. i.»-4'.l" 
|ii|»!., an I '11 |iili_, dki . •!.. ." »i\'' .'ihl ili-oiM 
i-ll-|r\lhM< p.'lll I- . -:\ -' l'.,-J«. Jlrl I i:fc* P 
\ I ai ii . Ill I ■ II III I III I I- > :-.r ri .1 -win;, iil * 
al.iit-i l.-.i *i • III ti:i -ii-l pJ!1•^ «i >:.!'•'•'• 
til t vi r> oi till in ll:i- !>4i i sUai • hnu^*. it' 


k«r, BIr Jaho, larliif ■ daughter 
tioo nTortfld to thfl ^WHy of hii 
M. kntofTllHT, in tbtmutTD 

I, nk EliubMh, dnichtn uid heir 

, oC PBlkaiB, ud of AlboTj, ud 

berlutt diDfhter of >— SunpnoD 
rd I>onD«r, eiq. Sir Jofan d. ii 
iirei thq fbtlowing accoont of hU 
'Sir John Gmluin, knt. HU 

rmrtr, u hundred of 
o Sir Rowlud'Hill, 

■nu. The cburch, i 

I ftih diT. for (II thai cvne ; (or 
." Sir liJui •» buried ia St. 

e of the choii. He wu >. by hii 

I ■■ccerded hii brother. 

Lo wu heir 

B» JouH GiBiiiH, kni. lit TlMaT, who m. EUu- 
helh, dmighler of Sir Thomu Bishi^, but. gf Pw- 
hub, uid dyiiif «■ p- in lOU, vu j. by hli brocher, 

Sin Edwiid CuiBik. hat. of Tittey, in Buirey, 

Thii genUemui m, flnt, Ifarr CI>rk,uidb>d> hd, 

THOKii.whDH. > duBghtn of Lidy BiidgH.ud 

lef^ 4 dadfbt«r uid helTi 

ikHt GnuHiii, who ■. John, too of Chwlei 

Lloyd, an- of the coimCy of UonI(amary, 

and had ■ Hn, 

Sunnel UoyAt of Lincolti*! Inn, liTinf in 

Eliubeth. . 
I Edward'a aon by blj 

nay OldfleU, hart, of 

Eaal Gritutead, In that year, aod m. Alice, dau|h- 

Jf Dr. Richard Corbet, bijhop of Norwiti, by whom \^ 

Majmadil fc e,'! , 

John, \^'-r- 

Chihui, who inherited aa third baronet. 
WUiiam, d. i. jt. 
EUiabelh, 1 . 
Ali«, j-^o™- 
Uvy, ■•■ to Dr. Thorpe, and <(. >. p. 
Bir Mar m adttta d, at a great age, in IWB, and ' 

•yf CoDDcnba 

who barried Haitha, 
d, knt. Hijaant al-law. 

M, m. Hiaa Codlrey, and had ixne, 
Miamuuii, faia •n«eaM>r. 

to Mr. Nathaniel Edward*, of Lon 
II l«. andwaa r. by hia rldait aon. 

»r to hii brother- 

. at Bath, aged forty one, Ind f asu- 

r.-'&r. *c. 

Ut Tkunai, had hi Ibi (in 

I eouailM of NMMlk, Hac- 

rfby , Cattblidte, KcHbi rwt, 


le itiven laodi, tcii< niviiK, 


V. Sib CtftlLU tiiuHia, who d. uun. abool the 
ycir ITAI. *Dd wu '' by hit bivtbor, 

Ti. HIK loKK GnuHiI, «ho •. HaniictU Kirta, 
eld«*t dwishtet a( Sir Kenrtck ClayUn.ten. ind bad 
in Duly dufhlrr and bcinH, 

CiTHiaiM <;n>hain, who h. In IMI, William 
LentaB-r.aKtT, mq. iKond unii of Admiral the 
Hoo. John i^non (;i»r(r, and grasJaoii nf 
John, rmt Lari liuwcr, liy 

le Lnewn-Uoiv 

A. In I 

^rau— Argrnt, a chsiKni eradno betweui I] 
luUcW pwrc«d, (able. ^ *a^J.|^ A (tf ^ 


/.!■}.. IUmii V. In til 

of high mililarr rvpulaii 


lb the 1 


■ HHir AUA hTd-kIp 'if NDrthunbir 
lund, llxn l<iri-if il by Sir WilUim HaroHin, 
un iKliirn-iit «f till- kiiiE'o piinnini the n.'ii In ihr fri-nrh van, aud n-waidrd 

Id bnlil liy hnniaiic mid •Irlin-ry of a ha>i>iiu-l 

Ml. Uiinjir. jTMriy. TIil. RHllant pcnwn ■• 
trnitth frll at thr batik nf Haiuy ilriJ(p, in 

wHh tbr DilLr i>t C'liirrnrr and diTcn ottarn 
•<t tkr llnRliiUi nnbility. (Fur bia drbmd- 
■nthlhn lUrlasr TuikemUcin Nonuaiuly. 
and l,'>rdi;iTT,er Powii. Ul^lnulaiid. rvfur lo 
HiBktS fUttHfl uiH IfrrmiHt Prrmgrj 

.. U'llliau, lird 
I. Hmxl, n. t 
a iIh- •'r»nd 

nf KrltrinRliam. in SuffiUL. 


Oelr.kni. uf lielim.doccnrlrd 
, r<q. of ChiUiDiAam. who ••■ 
■iruf SirThinvwtinr.of llurti 

bcir d Sir JahB Wm 

Diiabrtb, di*d ib IW*. 

Xaibcriae, m. tra la Sir E4«d Noi 
llovib, is UncHhin. ud RsQn 
coanlT o( SnCxd. a>d m—Uy. 
eldHlioB<rfI>Bdlr;,LMd Nisih.Tl 


ly, ColaDtl RwhU. 

or Wcrke, who ■ ~ 

rorir, int. of Hutliaa, in Swm 


KiLTB, inecaaHT lo U* bnthn. 

Caihnine, m. to Aicbard N>nlto> <■! 
Cny Ntnllt, irha m. EUaanh, 


Sir John Botrlcr, 
Gny, I 

I, maiTiad Jgfan Wallq 

!■ Nil Fi'*t>t (iail. ban. third Lan 
Lr. Thin niMrnian wjm m rhlit iJbil 
« ft MmiDiiMtb, and nniiiiiDdcd A 
ini>«>r. H." i<, thvacli. ot » 
or a double traircir, and the luf^ rf i 

L-arsT, Lord Bcrfcclty, aad kJ 

bo ■ 
whom ib( EarUv <il< 
, and la vhaoadMofe 

II ii lordrhip rf. ii 



Mewing Hall, emoceeded to that baronetcy. He 
wa« great grandson of 
Ja xu-W A LTKR, fourth Visoonnt Grim0ton,and 

first Earl of Veralam. (See B ubkb's Peerage 

and Baronetage.) 

iimu— Argent, on a fesae sa. three mulleta of six 
points or, pierced galea. 



10th July, ItiGl. 

^^ /W^ j9^ 



Gth April, 1783. 



Sib William Gtsb, a yoanger brother of an illus- 
trious N'ormun family, following the fortunes of Duke 
William, came into England at the conquest, and ob- 
tained as his portion of the spoil, Aspley-Guise, with 
several other lordships, in the counties of Bedford and 
Buckingham. Sir William bore for arms, " ermine 
a chereronelf gules." From this gallant person de- 

Ansklmb db Gysb, who m. in Hexbt II.'s time, 
Magotta, daughter of Hubert de Burgh, the great Eabl 
or Kent, and thus acquired the manor and royalty of 
Rlmobb, in the county of Gloucester. He then as- 
sumed, (according to the custom of the age,) the arms 
of the said Earl, *' gules scren lozenges rary three, 
three and one," with the addition of a '* canton or, 
charged with a mullet pierced, sable ;" from Auielmc 
lineally descendcil. 

Sir <ii'iSE, of F.linnre, who Maa made a 
knight uf the Hath, Mh Hknky VII. wh*>n the prince 
himself received thf honour. He m. Mary', daughter 
of William Kutsi'v uf CoIi-more, and had a tton, 

John IiIIm:, ist[. >%-ho m. a daughter uf Uirhurd 
l*auucef<irt, e^i]. uf Ha-field, and u-an .«. by hii< sun. 

Sir Wii.iiam GrisE, knt. uf tlmun.-, hiph nherilfof 
(»IuuceHtt-r»hire, in the Gth of J auks I. uho m. Mi«.<t 
Ken, eldoiit daughter and co-heir* of Christopher Ken, 
esq. of Ken, in the county uf Somerset, and was «. by 
his only nm, 

Wii i.u>i (•risk. esq. of Elmore, sheriff, of Gloucen- 

ter»hire, in 1(V47. This gentleman m. Cecilia, daughter 

of John Dennis. e«q. of Pucklcchurch, and had issue, 

1. Chrisiophkr, his heir. 

11. John,ffi. tu Hester, daughter of Major Stratford. 

III. William, died unm. 

IV. Ileiir)-, fnmi whom descend the tit ant baro- 

nets, *' (!i isi: of IHmhntnn" in the i-i)unty of 
(.« luui-ester. \ Refer to B i k k »' 's Pn rax *' a**** 
HaroH* tugt. ) 

I. Kliiabeth.M.tu Thomas Hortun.eKq.of Cuomend. 
II. V.\\ 4ii«ir, m. tint. to Lawn'iu'e WaHhingtou, « •«ii. 
of tiaresdeii. \\ ilts, and had b> hiu, au unly 

Ei.r/ iBiTii W IKHINCTUK, vhiir ofher father. ■ 
whn «i. Kwbi rt. firxt Earl Fom»r». 
.'^he III. M-i-oniH>. .**ir William I'ar^it.-r, «>f 

G ra crw oith tin iIm oooBty tf Vtit 
whom she had % drnghtor, 
EuiAiroB GKBsrwosn, «te i 
H«orj Deeringyknt. Vy when 
issue, and tcondly, Charles 
and had by Urn a daofhlvr ai 
Lbonoba-M ABU Hows, wl 
Bathant asf. af ClHa 
III. Frances, M. to J<AnCoiringMB«Cif. 
ton, in the county of Glaaenfter. 

Mr. Guise was s. at Ua deceaae by Us cUi 

I. CHBisTorBBB Gi' of riiBif I , ia 
of Gloucester, who was crntad a Babobj 
Chablis II. loth July, 1601. SirChriilifl 
Etiiftfafitt), daughter of Sir LaofCMt WmU 
of Garsden, in Walta.lSrt by that lady hi 
He fli. seomdly, Rachel ConaDie, «f a ai 
family, and was s. at hia daoeaee ly Us sa 

II. SiB JoBN GirisB, barf. M.P. far At 
Gloucester, te$iif. Chablbs 11. and WilUa 
m. Eliiabeth, second dao^ter of Jeha Gfdb 
esq. of Lagnor,t Notta^ and had iasM, 

Jonn, his heir. 

Anne, m, to Edward BleaaCt «|. • 

Rachel, m. to Sir Roger BtadahaigK % 


He d. loth November, lOtt. and was s. by I 

III. SiB John Giisb, bart. M.P. Catrthi 
Gloucester, who m. first. EUiabeHi. daagi 
Nathaniel Napier, bart. of Critdicll, in Ih 
Dorset, and had by her a son, Jo«k. Ui 
wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter aad ea 
Francis Russell, bart. of Strensham, Wen 
and relict of Sir Henry Every, bait, bai bs 
issue. Sir John d. ICth November. 17B. 
by his son, 

IV. Sir Johk Giise, bart. M.P. for Aile 
col. in the guards. He m. a danghccr of — 
esq. of Buck in a hanisUin?, and dying abn 
17(iU, left, with a dau,:hter. Jauc. m. U ! 
riiigtnu, I(i>hup of Durham .la son, 

\. Sir William Gi i^k. b^. vborf.i. f- 
17HJ, uheii the Baru.nehy became ciiiv^ 

ArmA — Gu. scren lozenges vaiiy three. tar 

Ith Feb. liiiO. 



Tlie liiilJtfurd', rniinent alike fnrtbcf^ 
thi y ri iiJrnd tu thv ^rute, and tb« Mftil 
tl.<-> i'<.nri> d. ap|*ear to hAve hem srttkd ia i 

.ilur the ( i-ii-^uist. 

* r>u \iiiit<.««i •! iiuiiiii, Kiii\:.iiM KiN.M Jkiin. ' • I-, ii.lit "f hi» uiii , Anii«tMll4. aatanlte 
f-i-t L>ir. i> l'i>>iiiT..Y //in.'l'. S;. i.ix,t.j., w.s^.-i , •! ; •■ :.. !• - i Lin.iiuil .n«io|«, lUrl W Saadnia* 
il-.c Lail' -i 1' uUm. j L.|,t N, i..|« .1 liili,.ii. 

^tujia OvtoaettD. (dMrnlcdftm WilllHin do 

ISof K«ntilRir.utii» II.) 

of Jo>iB Uddcn.ul MaldSD, 

• Jobs r.iiutnmu. vha irai iwini>tmllirnr The 

id mtile > kniitlil 
CooiUh rtlwU .1 
. InllHBihorUK'faQWnicn.Sir Rirbvd 
nity IW Kcnl u his mm of HnUm.uid 
•IdM kaifbiliiHnl of lb* ginvr conroml 
HIta. Hi n> UHnanli sonpcndUr of Uw 
IteM. IUa.l*l«', l.jUiArMwifc.tebidJsuar' 

IkibauB ran). kM. ■Mnbii nr c>I2riw<i 

'|P Vl«<n tt Um ClBqw Port*. coniUMc nl Do. 
l|L ni Ovtfa, (nd lutui a< th* ordninee. ilx 

I ■. Dfuwr. dai(MCT sf nmnH. Lord Dtli- 

I *M(ud liad u«w, 
Mr K&uBlfiir), Lat. wb« d. In flpilB. >. p. 

lo WallcT HtTiuy, «q- or BI 
M WUllan Cnmer. <w ' " 

Sir TfaoBu WbIi 

idlf . MuT. duchtar of WiniHn Pltn 
illUm, of NortbuDptimtbJro, ond relict oT Jobii 
Sliilliiy. of SiuHci. br vbom bi b^ ■ Hn, Rkbird. 
wbo died in IMO. Sir John wu bio cIdcM nn, 
Sii Thoiiu GvLDinaD, knl. of HenMed, wbo hiil 
tha haaDnr of nlcrlwDini 9iMn Euuiiru at bis 
Hjii»io&, on ber aiMjeaty't pr u gr m into Krni, lOtb 
Auguu. Itti, He ■■■ EUabMb, dwighnr vl John 
SboUij. iw|. of Midwl Gtdto. uuI bid unc. 

I. Umry, n. lo John, 100 and bcir of Sir Ric 

Bikn, kul. «l SiilngLnnl. 
I. etinbetb, ■>. to Tbeniu Ua|B, »q. nf Pirli 


1. br lit' i™. 

•onnTJohii, finlLord 

Ctrr. ud lud i-u> 

Ennno. bi> hrtr. 

Jo«pb. U,bM( ).. 17 


EUirt.^. -. U. /.. 

» Brook, »q. of M 

■idltr. in 

CdbiriiK. n. u 

. <H. irf 



Ik. eUHl lOB. 

•I- or H«o.lod, 

-. Ahm, 

danfhUf or Sir Kobin 


ton, »d d,iu« In len. 


». «,. ^ H.«M.d 


omM > BioeoR 1 J 

■ H II. lU m. Clot*. dMcti- 

.y UottHD. «(• "* 



Um- HiuORvl b«w. 

nTian. Tlw nuno 

M Adalnl Sir Juba Nvrw, 

fiwo wbOH iniBdHI. 

<Ai> Nonl., (.4. U 

•nm par 

•. H.LUT Mo»B 


AcridrnlK.riltii I7M. 


tiDfnished aJike for bu conr^gt, 1of^t>. ind niflVr- 
inEi, mTcd (b* aOn or lord murta oT Landao in 

Ghibui I. 

" bM fbrgettiBi! xht entt offfon nmnuitipd ftpaiiiji 
thn bj Sir Riclwnl Curuei, tlw lord Binr. In 

claimrd in diTcn pajts of (b« city* prrfmrd flVTFrml 

wai, by tbp KntrncF of llir pvm, not only dffrmdrd 
from tb« offict of inayvnlily» bnt likvwuv for FTrr 
TTndFrtd ixir«p«ti]e of bvaribe tuy ofin uid nreitlDi 
mny fonbrr bonour, ind »1h to rvnuD % pruooeT in 

Hoiuo of Lonl>." Sir Ricbird did not Imp Hrriir 

tiM BiioKtTcr bfruw eitikft. He b«d bm twin 
lUTTicd, Gnt tn Kliubctb. dangblrr of Henry Sand- 
ford, rm. oC Bircbinirtini. id tbr lilc of Thaii<l. mid 
•wradly. » Mr>. KUi^brlb South. « wido>. daughter 
of KichnrJ tiuuoa. ••< l^iiiilon. nxUUniilb. 

H.\I.i:s. (»r MOODCUVRCEI. 

Nicaoui SI Hun, ml Bds Ftact. 

r Jcnpilna. ud idiunl of Aa >'■** i 

»4Kii:HiaDll."iii whkAjouha^fl 
a thf b«finiun^ tiAt uwoRiflctiaB «Bdi* 
> be dncced fns bit brtilillw. ml ■ 

II Hiui, ■< UalM PlMT, *bi 

Bumford. in Eh». 
Thr eldnt »d nsd heir, 
JuHH Hii.E*, of H*l«ni 

daiiEbIrr and brir of Ricbud Cifd. Ml. 
in Trnirrdrn, lod bad tro hu, tim. 


Thr town of H>lf<. in Norfolli. ii )>n-inmrd in I 

Hti-K, in tlir mib IlrviT II. (n"' •• li'iirnwnt wliirli I 
lie poiiuiHvd in Ibal |ilurr to the Abbey of Baancry : I 
knd nutbrr Kiki» ttn Hu» wa* ntunird. H Ki>. ! 
wtau I. by ilir ibrriir of Norfolk. » a kniiAt or i 
fneman. on th.- jury in a rau>r betwn-n the King, | 
the Biibup of Sar«i.-h. :ind H.ihrn Tate.hale.* 

]>.>lnnii. Luid IbiTdly. ■■ W 

Th.- K.-.'.ind Mn. 
J..ii> Mini, had a MB and bcir, 
J..H«llliu.sbDirua BtaoiOFTHbl 

<>i4ule hr i>u(rh;<>rJ froa Refer BtiBb * 
Hi:\aT VIII. aod vu irsidi^ tt«a ■!■ 

ina Ptrvanl'lhr Ibe Abbey of Si. >■ « ■<■ 
Irrban', juinily with Sir Henry RilU 
noiimulliT of the kinc'a bow*, asd alhrM 
Thoni^iK ll.mud. Date ef NaiMi. ■• ■ 
daughter and co^liHr at Sltj^ta Sniat 

nf raiiuriKv. •rijeaai-ai lav, urn 
\III. aadoBref tbrjaMitarf* 
mes* in the npijn of Kpoia*TI. I 

Kiat Kiwiau I. iM h< 



comnitted to prliOD,* and to Mrerely treoteU 
by hit keeper, that be made an attempt upon 
bio own life: he was released aoon after, 
bat in ao settled a melancboly • that he drowned 
bioMelf near hia hooae in Kent, anno 1555. 
Hie wile wa« the daughter and heir of Thomas 
Hnleo, esq. of Henley-npon-Thames, and by 
ber be left iMue two sons and a dao^ter.t 
Thomas, of Thanington, in Kent, from whom 
th« Halca of Beakaboome. 

Williaa, ef NaeUngton. 

JilMrid, m. to John Honywood, esq. of Seen, 
Ib Kent. 

Unl MB of Baron Hales. 
waBD Haus, esq. of Tenterden, m. Margaret, 
of John Honywood, esq. of Seen, and had 

. Jobs, who fli. Mary, daughter and ci^heir of 
Ms ber l Home, Bishop of Winchester, but d. 
a, p. 

• Edward of Chelham, m. first, Mary, daughter 
•Bd heir of Stephen Ford, of Tenterden, and 
•aoondly, Martha, daughter of Thomas Hales, 
bat 4. s, p. 

u Wiluav, heir to his father and brothers. 

I- Jaae, at. to Sir Thomas Honywood, knt. of Elm- 

«ed, in Kent. 
«. Uaabetb, m, to William Austen, esq. of Ten- 

I wmi SOB, and erentual heir of his father and 

'UiiAB Haus. esq. of Tentenlen, m. Elisabeth, 
^tfi^ef Paul Johnson, esq. of Fordwich, in Kent, 
tMrsao CSlr), his heir. 

Vlry, as. to Simon Smith, esq. of Boughton- 
r, in Kent. 
I. m. to Kobert Kenrick. esq. of King's 
I. in Northamptonshire. 

"v f. at his decease by his son, 
^a EbWABU Halba, knt. who m. first, Deborah, I 
ht»r and heir of Martin llsrIacLenden, enq. of I 
^'■cacH. in Kent, by which e^ent he acquired ' 
e»tate. Sir Edward was crvuted a 

Babonet, Wtb June, 1011. He served in sereral 
parliaments, and being scalously deroted to the liberty 
of the subject, took part in the rebellion against King 
Charlu I. He died in September, 1054, aged serenty- 
eight, and was buried at Tunstall, under a noUe 
monument, with the effigies cut in full proportion. 
He m. secondly, Martha, daughter of Sir Matthew 
Carew, knt. and relict of Sir John Cromer, knt. of 
Tunstall, in Kent, and by this marriage added another 
fine estate to his family, but by bis second wife had 
no issue : by the fint he had 

I. John (Sir), m. Christian, daughter and co-heir 
of Sir James Cromer, knt. of Tunstal, and 
dying in the lifetime of his father, left an 
only child, 
Edward, successor to his grandfather. 

II. Edward, of Chelston, in Kent, m. a daughter of 
John Erelyn, esq. of Deptford, and left a son, 

III. Samuel, m. Martha Horenden, and had a son 
and daughter. Christian, m. to J. Hugessen. 

IT. Thomas, d. s. p. 

Sir Edward was «. by his grandson, 

II. Sir Edward Halks, bait, of Woodchurch, who 
in his younger years, risked life and fortune, in en- 
dearouring to rescue King Charles I. from his im- 
prisonment in the Isle of Wight, of which enter- 
prise Clarendon gives the following details : — " Mr. 
L'Estrange [the famous Sir Roger] had a great friend- 
ship with a young gentleman, Mr. Hales, who lired 
in Kent, and was married to a lady of a noble birth 
and fortune, he being heir to one of the greatest for- 
tunes in that country, but was to expect the inherit- 
ance from an old serere grandfather, who, for the 
present, kept the young couple from running into 
any excess ; the mother of the lady being of as sour 
and strict a nature as the grandfather, and both of 
them so much of the parliament party, that they 
were not willing any part of their estates should be 
hazarded for the king. At the house of this Mr. 
Hales, Mr. L'ENtrange was, when, by the commuui- 
catioD which that part of Kent always hath with the 
ships which lie in the Downs, the report first did 
arise, that the fleet would presently declare for the 
king ; aud those seameu who caiue on shore, talked a«i 
if the city of Loudon would join with them. Tliis drew 

Ht^Trt, in hi* Sffmorials EeclttioMtical, uy^, 
laaMti Hal««, kul. v4 K*>Dt, a pioun sihI ijoimI nuii, 
Jwa and able jadee, andi-r King IIknry and King 
t%Va was madr a pri^nrr in ib«: Kiu^'« Bench, by 
^^ip*4 WiacheMer, Li»nl ChaorcUor; and tlit-iire 
^ 10 Ibc C»«iit<'r, in Rrrad Strevt, and from 
k •» Ibv Fb;ri : here, one K<«sler, a geniUinan uf 
lifttov, labiMired t«i iM-noade hini lo embrace the 
b AictriBr, by hu ari(auirnf: Thit the frntr tca§ 
r,kmitkf tmtk full ttf prril. When it 
ihst Hakii wail iiulinable to nivni. Day, 
Ik af Chacbriirr, ainl Ptfrtinan, a jiiri;;e, came lo 
[l| brtag tbra the mituth of April, 155-1,; and did 
f^Hlly 4raJ with him, that they overcaini- him at 
.%ir bW having lain three weekt in that |»ri«ou of 
lal the IriMible that aru«e in hii ctm^i-ience 
had duar, filltd him with t:n-at terror, and 
bim wilb tiirrow: n> that he attemplH, in 
of biff imrani, to kill himwlf miih hi* |m-ii- 
' Wmr btiaf ill. aifl l>iD]e «obbins and MLhini;, 
tt 4awa biff irrTaDt upon an eiraod, and in the 
Ihse wwaaded hlm«cif in diver* pUci<i *,( hii 
> %■ bb senraol ramc io on tbe sndden, and at that 
rraird his deaih. Bat afti-r hi* recantation, 
ktirac antit ht* i»wn rtmntr>' and habila- 
with grief auti di-«|>air, he droHneil him- 
w i ffbaUow dcmmI near hi* own hon*e, which is 
k fiilbi« di). -The famiU tif Reakj^bourne denle<i, 
*Off, thai be «* 4e*tr«>>t'«l biin«e1f. and Mid, "That 
^CS rxbiag In bi* seal at TbanlnKton, n"ar Canter- 


bury, amuiied himself with the plcasiirvt of a cuunlry 
life, and crouini; the rivet over a narrow bridKe, a)> he 
wa» walkiiiu in his nieadown, fell in accldentall>, aud 
was druwne<i, aj^ed eii;bty-fi\i'." 

t The elder son and heir of Sir JAME:i Halks, 
Hi.'MPHREY ilAM:s,eM|.of tlieDun|;ron,fft.thMlaiii:h(er 

and heir ot Uubi'rt Atwat«r, of Uoyloii, near Lenhani, 

and had i^fuc, 

James (Sir), hi« hrir. 

Humphrey, ulio wu* York hi-rald, left two son*, 
John, ot I^'nham, who m. Mar::air(, daii'^hler o| 
(ieorce Took,oi Bei-r, and wai father of Aiiihou^ 
and Humpliry. 
Kamiiel, m. Elizabeth, dani;hter of Il4l\vaid 
iiiond, eM|. of St. Alban* Court, kt>n(. 

Abi;;ail, m. to Anthony Sanip^on, of N<itli». 

T\if vUU'T Min, 

Sir jAVf:jt IIai.ks, knt. of Dun^i-oii, m. Alice, d.iu'jih 
ter ot Sir Thoma* Kemp, kni ^nd one oi the htir<> of Ik-i 
mother, ('ecilirf, i-l(li-«t dan^litn of Sn 'J'homa.t (.'hr>nev, 
km. and Wrf'^ «. U\ hi« Mm, 

('iih>.M.i IliLtis, < -]. of Diin^ron, who d. I8rh 
M.iM'h, I.V.Ni, liiivin^ h\ Mur\, hi* wife, (Irfiiuliter i,| 
Kirliunl HrfidreN, <if ||4iilre*(wlio outlivni him, anij m. 
in her willow IiimmI William A^hendvn, and a»<iiii Im-- 
comint! a wid'>\%, m. ihiidly, (mmhcc \Vall« i, e*«|.; a imn 
and htir. 

Sir Jawrs IIaum, knt. of DniiKron, living in KilU 



in.iiiy gentlemen of the country« wlio wished well, to 
vbit the ship*, and they returned more conflnned of 
the truth of what i\ir\ had hosird. Good fellowship 
was a vice spread «:Terywherc>; and this youuR great 
heir, who had b4--en always bred among his neigh- 
iK^ur*. atTected that which they were hest pleased 
with : and so his house was a rendexrous for tliose 
who delighted in the, and who every day 
brought him the news of the gootl inclinations of the 
fleet for the king; and all men's mouths were full 
of the gen« hatred the whole kingdom had against 
the parliuii>:at as w»-ll as the army. Id this pcwrure 
of uddin, Mr. L'Estraoze e:isil> induced Mr. Half:* 
to put himwlf at the hi-ad of bi<4 oun county, thut 
was willin,; to be led by him : and his Ud), wbo was 
f:ill of £«-:U for the kinj. jiiiniii,; with hioi, the young 
geutltrman n^olred tu dn something for his majf-sty's 
serviiY, at a juncture wlien the Scots were ready tn 
march inti» Kucland, and mi>?t parts of the kingdom 
read> to ris*^ : but boiiig not rni-'.izh couvenant in 
the aHVurs of the worlJ. he rcfr-rrvJ himself and tln- 
wlifil*- bi<..iiei«s to be govern* d by Mr. L'EsrringVt 
who W.I b«li«v«d by his discourse to be an able sol- 
dier. / rt'rjrdinsl%- kttfr* wrre sent M particular 
pent]en<f'n» hi> u warrants tu the con^taiirrsi of hun- 
dn>ds, rrtiuiri ig * In 1114 niajc!it>'s nam*-. A\ prr^jos 
to appf^ar at a timr and p].«ri> .ip]-jincri!. t:> iiht.'«e 
together, and Iny holrl on jtnrh op]M>rtuniS:«!s i* 9h<<ul<l 
be ottirTi"l for rdifvinK tiu' Linir. and <*e:;ffri.i4 huu 
uut of pri«f«M.' And iu*-*-Uuk wrunViuf.\y. th>;> usiui- 
mouHly <'|iTti"i| Ml. Ilali-^ f«*r th«'ir c^ner*! . i i'>*l 
lnNly iif hoMf and Ufit W4« in r<inM:<(Ue:.-v driwn 
t<i|{i-t>MT at MaitUt^fOt', Mr. Iliil»-s havinr t-^kin up. 
on liit own iM-<:uritv,n«*:irly i^i'.ifir thoi »«%: f«.>i.n:-« 
tn li'-friiy tlt«- <;\|M-nM' ; and thtry were »o >tn?u^. that 
till! romniJind*-! «»( iln- pariianifnt f«irr*ji, s^ns to »i!i- 
pri-.4i them, wn#ti- wonl tiiat lii* dur-t u>-t adranre. 
On Mi«: ii> wn tif tlim < iiinnKftiij n 'thr- hr»t iu the Viuz- 
doni), th<; l.'ul <<l S<irwi<h was dinpaTi.-h' d t>^ Kr-M. 
tu niifiniainl tim ^',t■ln■r■.t\. I pun ttir nrWii i-i diictlier iii-iiiK .•■■III, Mr. I(.il< 4 n-lin-d, with )iL* tn«-:j<l. 
Mr. I/I')*>tr<iiii'<', tu ll<ill.iiif|. Mini li\fil !•• \i<n.'. •>• %•. 

on un-iiiltir III llii- ^'fi-il ill l>ti li*- li.ii] ■'•j|iTi:ii-ii '. Ml tj.i 

kin^S ^iTvi'i." I lie^ aiimiiil tn in ti >• 

nariiidt* , :•.■« Sit l.-tuai-il't uifi-, \,:i^ rlii; lli-!i. A;.:.- 
^^ nttun, \oiilii'<-tl il:iii^'liti-r iiml rifli-ir* i-l J 1. Mi .•, 
<>ei'und I<<'ni Wntrun ot M.irl* v. I>\ h.!« u it*-. M.>r\. 


danehter and co-hrir of Sir Arthar Tkrack: 
I'aulers Perry, In NorthnmpCoiuhirt. !$i: 
had issue, 

Edw«rd, his s « c c <— or. 
John, of the Inner Temple. 1 
<'har1<*«. ^ all died ■ 

Thoii:as. J 

He died in France, and was «. by his eld«v 

III. SiK EuwABD H«LB«, bart. Tbts gm 

joyed thir faiour of A'lwg Javcs II. an 

jirinre he had a regiment of foot, was *H 

council, and one of the lords of the \dmin 

governor of the Cinqu«* Porta, and 1ieut<m-d 

of the Tower. Sir Kdward had an acti< 

; asainst him by .Vrthur Godden, hu ouacbn 

I penalty of £)II0. fur neglecting to lake iJ 

• supremacy and allegiance, within tkiee m 

he had his regiment, grounded npon tlM 

'. IJth ('HiKi.fcft II. and v^mt cuniicted at 

I us-iies for the suuh*; but moving it into 

' Bvnch. pleailed the king's dispensing pov< 

! judgmeut given for him,* eleven of the jn 

I of opinion that the king uiight dispense ii 

I At the Revoluti«m he wu confined for a 

■ half in the Tower : on hi<i release b«* went 

and in cuiinideratinn of his arnices wu 

the abdicated luunarch K^irl uf T«-nlerd^oJ 

t.ttioiis to his bnith«-nt, John and Cbarbi 

ward f/i. Pranres. dauphti'r uf >ir Fr.knris \ 

knt. (if OvfunUhire. and by her, who J. u 


Kdward, who fell at the Bo>ue. unm 
Jmhn'. successor to the barunetcy. 

Kobt-rt, I lived to man's estate, aiid al 
Janus, J 

.Vniir, d. unm. 

M.iry. M. to — Kauueii*. ••* ■- juilgt- of 

rolt\ at 0.-t*>nd. 
rr.inri's, «i. til Teter. Itli K.irl if ri:»;.' 
Jiitf. I 

MIi/.a(»< tti, -i/. uiiMi.irxird. 
4'.tri.>rinr. J 
tlin-. t/i. to Mr. Hu>M>.'i :;.■ L ^*- 

l.i:i 1. 

' L-iii \Vi>il>-n <lii>i in I7.'t0 uii-n iIh' li.iini.) iMi.iiiu- 
f\ini«'t , li-wivin^ iimt lUiiiiliiii-, iti- I'li-lK-n-. \i/. 

I. K tTIIFHINt.. \^li<> HI. IIi-iti\, I/mt Sl.!nli-|>r. mol 

u.i< iiintlKi I'l IMiiliji, •! I'liiiil Kiiil i-i { lii-*t>i- 
tirl<l, iind ■<-! iiiidiv , Jiihii I'l'liainli r Kiikl.<i\i ii, 
Ltinl iif Id iii|iMt-i-r, ill llnlUinl. \.\ uh*Mit •lit- 
h.i<l a v>n. Charli-* ll'-iii\ Knkliii\tn. iit.iicii 

iiAHi'> WiiTTiiN, 11/ II nttuH. Id I l.idviilli, 
;itli-r liK- ill- .till iif hi-r tii-r hii>i>:iii<l . w.i* i rtiiliii 
li\ CimkiinII. CniMra.t m < hmii i:i-i»i.lN 
|Mr lilt- . 
*i. Ill -»Tiii II, iM. tn Kipii'i. Nffiiiiit ('.ini(]«-n. 
J. MMii.tKi.i. I'l- !•• >M Jiiiiii |iiti'-ii, km 
■1. Asm:, Ml t>i Sir IvIm.ikI II.iI<-*. knl. 

• Thi* iiirmi>»ie f.i«i' v*j« .■iruiinl li> .**ir K'lwiinl 
Niitliii\, l<>r till |il.iiiiiilt. ami Sir rimniio I'->sm-, l<<i 
III!' ili-ii luljiii ; l>i«- Li>iil rhii-f Jiiiiin- Idiln-ii <li Iim n •! 
liii- iiiniiMii* I'l lilt I Hi I v«- J lulu* * 

; \li*li:irl tioni Ihr l*.ift lit iif Tn .iiinn ■ 

" J.iliir* tlir Svcon'i, hv the ;:i hi i-t (••>ii, iVc. 
" T'> "'HI .\irlllM>l.i>|l*, Dllkt «, Jki-. \\ III M •«• It M .1 

klir_'l> •III, Jiiil ,1 «iii„iil.ii li •iiiiii-ii\ I'l iiiii' l'iiir\i-l< iii'i', 
III iiii'lili llii'M- |iri*iiii!> M« tiliil U"ilii\ cf mil la\"iii, if 
««il thai iitliii* ni.iv -i-r hiiU«liil tin f.iiliiliil iliir> 
iif oui ^iitijrf'l* i> III ('«, ;i« tiii-v till iii«i l\i-« iM.i\ Im- 
rnrii«r4|ril to *-iKli-4\iiiii Jl L:ii'.-ii iii.iiiii«. \\ iM-ii-.i«, 
llieieiiHVt Ihe htleliu ni'inii will licln^nl nml inii*i Miih 
""'aellor, Sii Kilnsnl ll^lr-, ti llji-kiu-ii-ii. I'llm- 

wif*. M. >:i I'ln II". ill '-III • i-.iiU . I K- 
i',1 n I'k \.iri Hi* I iirfir^i • iiliiiii>t.ii.i:« l;*!-- 
hk'.-HiM- i'liiu til ••III iiiiiiil> Ihr ^iiKUCl ^^'^ 
l.iiiiil>. .i« vt-ll I'll till, l-iihri* 1* m 11'-'*' 
i<(i<> iIk ::i« rft iiMiit i>i R'Ikii M«''*' 
L- i:l Hi^li luiiouiii i.i ■Mir kin.">{-in •• f*» 
lilt i'ii>'i ft till- ld-.-|iiul. Willi ii(-in jiT'S*!' 
l-i-!iliiit ;iM\i««' whli'h iit t-ivr !«• «jr jifJrf" 
Hiili.11'1 llu Sicmii. Inil, i^n a (-'jiul*' »•••■*' 
iiii> 111 till iin'l». III* \\* A<\ •in!i k i.a . «o^ ^ 
:;rijl -jraiullwilliri. wlin in a i-ib«U:--ii. t> "•** 

tl'ltlll) lli\%Utld llli- il|il9l M It III- LlL-.«, "Vf (' 

l>it'ilii-r III li.i|ik<> imni "r* : N«i<i« «^•l "''* 

•iittiii'l i>> ilii l> r IiIniiI'* ai.ii U.W I** 

.iii'l lii!» 411 .ii-L'(.iiiili4ilit I. Sir ljl'«^ •• M'k* '< 
III l»ii i"i-illil\ I'l K»iii. hiii«m-!. •!.?•■ »•! •*' ■ 
■ llx'iiliii III III llii- T"»tl ••I |."i.<l- I' ifrS^*" 
'.ii\\.iiil H.ilr^. ■•! Thii-IjI. .ift'f -ii .■■■llii''^ 
-lii'l i->nli-f.iM"H I'l S""-*!*. Ill" III- lUr "i**** 
.iinn-iil K.iil-«'t IdiilKiii. i:.'l ir.r ■■••' 
\».ii'l llu- 4'iinir«>«r: ;inil i:..!il.i. :h« m»J >• 
M il" -. I»> III- wi*i- .idiiiii.i-ii.i:i>>ii ■■( n'.''i« * 
r-.<r III- ti<lilti> !•■ ii« .iimI ilii i *kU''\u >'i<'''* 
;:ii .11 i>'itiiiiil«- «:iiti ifM>\ III! pn^iiirtSu' 

•■ Ml* iliti»i -11. K.'IwahI, in till- inifi '■■" 
h\ il,i ltii::liiiM «<• ff hi:» uii. iftr j^li'r»«*» * 
nil-, tin- ^ii.itiii-«:> III III* imiKt. «•■»> Oetf ' 
kill. . I ill Iii-l,i!iil. dl III*' bjllli «»l l^r H-^^"*- 
t-,>iii.i:ii>ii«l> fiuliiiii,: Ju-«iu«t ilif •Drin>.** * 

" Klum \i- tliru-f'-rr." ic. Jkv 





Prance la IflBS, wm buried in the church 
e» in Park, and «. hy his eldeat earrlTing 

ORM Halu, bait, who m. firat, Helen, 

Sir Richard Bealinc,of Ireland, aecretary 

dowage r of Chabuh II. and bad iMue, 

lio tf . in infancy. 

, who M. Mrs. Bnletrode, widow of Cap- 
Bletrode.and grandaughter of Sir Richard 
ode, by whon, dying before hie father, he 

'ABO, who M. hie grandfather. 

leea. m. to George Henry Lee, second Earl 
Lkhfieid, of that fiunily. 

idly, Helen, daughter of Dudley Bagnel, 
y, and by diat lady (who d. in 1737) had 

A oOcer in the emperor's serrice, killed 

7, In 1735. 


in I7M, and was s. by his grandson. 
iiWABD Halbs, bart. who wedded, first, 
wUa, daughter and heir of John Webb, 
m of Sir John Webb, bart of Oldstock, 
that lady, who d. in 1770, surriring issue, 
', his heir. 

nan. • 

, M. to M. Joochere, a French officer, and 
ed his widow. 
L to M. Demorlainoourt. a French officer. 

idly, in 1790, Mrs. Palmer, but by her 

. Sir Edward d. in August, IWi, and was 


:f»WiBD Halbs, who m, in 1780. Lucy, 

hter of Henry Darell, esq. of Colehill, 

toelcss, 15th March, 1839, the Babonitcy 


lea, three arrows or, feathered and bearded 


th July. 1008.— Extinct 13th April, 1824. 


» branch frum the same stock as the Hales 

ALBS, one of tlie barons of thi> Kxthcquer, | 
Y \I1I. wan stated at Duiigcou, near 
and marrying Isabell, dau. anJ co-heir 
I arris, left issue, 

<Str;. bis lieir. 
AS. of ThAniogtnn. 

III. Edward, from whom the Hales of Woodchorch. 
lY. William, of Nackington. 

1. Mildred, m. to John Honywood, esq. of Seen, in 

The second son, 

Thomas Halbs, esq. of Thanington, «i. Jane, only 
daughter and heir of Clement HoUoway, esq. and 
was M. by his son, 

SiB Chablu Halbs, knt. of Thanington, who m. 
Anne, dau. of Robert Honywood, esq.* of Charing, in 
Kent, and was s. by bis eldest son, 

Thomas Halbs, esq. who m. Anne, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Payton, bart. of Knowlton, in Kent, and had 

RoiBBT, his heir. 

Samuel, of New Windsor, Berks, m. Frances, 

daughter of Sir Robert Bennet, knt of Windsor, 

and had issue. 

Mary, m, to Andrew Plumpton, esq. of New 

He was s. by his eldest son, 

I. Robert Halbs, esq. of Beaksboume, in Kent, 
who was created a Babonbt by King Chablbs II. 
I'ith July, 1000. Sir Robert m. Catherine, daughter 
and co-heir of Sir William Ashoomb, knt. of Allres- 
cot, in Oxfordshire, and had issue, 

I. Thomas, his heir, who m. Mary, daughter and 
heir of Richard Wood, esq. of Abbot's Lang- 
ley, Herts, and dying in the lifetime of his 
father, left 

1. Thomas, successor to his grandfather. 
3. Charles. 

3. Robert, one of the clerks of the priTy 

council, m. Sarah, daughter and heir 
of William Andrews, esq. and relict of 
Colonel Hallett, and had two daughters, 
Sarah, m. first, to the Rer. Mr. John- 
son, and secondly, to the Rer. Mr. 
Je«sica, m. first, to — Clerk, of Swaff- 
ham, and secondly, to — Hudson. 
She d. in 1708. 

4. William, m. Mary, daughter and co-heir 

of John Gillun, gent, of the Isle of 
Thanet, and bad isHue, 

5. Stephen, B.D. F.R.S.t vicar of Tedding- 

ton, Middlesex, and rector of Farring- 
ton, Hants, m. Mary, daughter and co- 
heir of Dr. Henry Newce, of Much 
Hudham, Herts. 

1. Mary, m. the Hon. Robert Booth, D.D. 

dean of Bristol, and archdeacon of 

'i. Ann**, m. to Samuel Milles, esq. of Heme, 

in Kent. 

• i4 ihii centlrman, Mary Hon^wiiod, ha<l 
r mn Irn than 307 |ierMui«, all liv in;;, dirrctiy 
sen her, via. 10 chiktrrn, 

114 Krand-rliildrrn. 
S8 Kreat graiKlcbildri'Q. 
9 greal-ereat frrandcbildren. 

• acqaircd high repotation b> hi* retearrhei 
I apoa astaraTaAd experimental philoMiphy. 

■ waa yoaa^eat mmi of Sir Georgr B<M»ih, 
am DbLamkbi, »f Danharo Ma**if, in ihc 
rslcr.iM IWI (see Bibb k's tjrtinct Prtrage). 
was hi* secotMl wife, and by her he had bve 
!W daaghlers, viz. 
t tsBlh, who d, num. in 1733. 

2. (i<or;(e BtKith. in holy ordera, d. nnm. in Ytti, 

3. Rd%«ard Kooth, d. nnm. 

4. Nailianirl Kuoth, succeeded a« foartb Lord Dela- 

nierr, and with him, in 1770, titc barony ex- 
!t. \\ illiam, <f. young. 

1. .Mary Bo<»lh, d. num. 

2. Eli/.abcth B«M>th, m. to Charles Tbropple, eiq. of 

the city of London. 

3. V(>re Booth, m. to George Tyndale, esq. of Bath- 

ford, in Somer»et»hire. 

Hit firxt wife wa« Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Booth, 
chief justice of the court of Common Pleas in Ireland, 
and by hrr he had a xm, Henry, who d. $. p. The deao 
4. in 1730, and hi* widow In 173S. 


HA I. 

n-. .U<' .'.-an Mrrcaife. 


• I. Htfnec 

- • IT- -xiatsr laa -n M-!r n ?5ir rbtmuu .i. iSch Orcobrr. I7iB». aai i 
1 "-:;-. -: I -«<ciit>n. n»f •! "hi» . 'ildiMtt *-n. 

= '. -iJi r -••»isioni-r«. 43.1 ud iv. S11 Tj. wi* Pt« Halts. b«jt. SI. 

lOil .if*i*nFtri« f;r Dov-uton. V^ ilt», a. 
- •.. r— . lATiia. uncater »i Hr. t;r md h-ir '-if G<rru Heyward. esq. of 
— .-=;. 'i-ziuisra. aerraant, -uid Kent, ind reUct of Ocorvre CoaMnukrr , 4 

m ?tie lanM cr«aiitT, Azid luhl &▼< dAoglil 

:. Jt^x. 6. in irctS, m. in July. 179S 
H 'nrr Brut;««. mia of Sir Bi 

.::. F.^;z.t9fT«i. 6. in I7tf9. «. to John 
■.: il-rr.»t.a. in I>or>><'bhiT«. 

■v. Hiii.tT. >. in irro. 

-•■ i.'ki _.«.'. >. in I77'2. M. in I79i 
'U" H -a. J-thn Williani Gott. ■ 
1.- jir >Aan lern. •eroiiil Earl o- 
ii.w :dfia-*. >«e Bi Kkr.'s Pttrajt 

Sir riira;u*-P-.:a. d. I*th M^rch, I77J, ■ 
^■"*^ ■■"••-:••"*. 'arr. filmed- "na mi- --u.-^vuij: brother, 

.-. *.i Pm -..p HcE*. bart. on*» ul ch 
*"••*" mnjr- :u.- niaiH-iTv « >•.* -b uub^r. «. in I7W 

iu'i::!iTt'r .in>i i:«-:r ^f Thom.i» Smith, t- 
-nir*!!. \>ffs». xL^i h-kd a daughter. 

'.h'. t. .-*th Arnl. l**4t. uaJ IcaTing im 

.^— '?»2 . :a<». 'VI. 
— — 1. 'ts .-:.•.■. .T!!. 

■ 1-: ^- — ^-.tacr -oil. Su w:\nl. 
■.- *—:.'« r» iir. inaf.''. ind 

J .^. -- .^ •■ ■.;a :T^niL?«'»n. 

LT- I ' :r 'lie iiuntv 

* - • A. "r — . ir*. •! SninorH. 
-• . - .. . - te .^«r ii" ."sir 
.-. .;-.u '.ii-r T*.-;r -vno .i. ... »». 

• .1. 

■uu:.'-, ••«i. 
■» ':.irtc» 

. . . . • *> ■ ^ •• ■• -. •■ . "•• .ii ; 

• i>k • -.11 "-• '» 'irri, Ll . 'ar- :i ' ir*"-- 
■•■.. ••* ■ >■'■ ..•- ••.••ir:»* ... .: ■ 1. f .r". 

., ... . ■•.. . i • ! ..-^uum. i:!!*. » ■::.- 1 -.- 

• . • • -. ' • . ''^' r J ■:;•• :r«t . -ri '\. ixlh^— v^. 

• . * ■:• :.:-i.'r. ""•■• . ,ju^ a-ur 

= .::i I.. . » 

I - 

.li HlLX4. OF WoObCHL-BlH. 


*>ti.»raD s^th .Vaz. I«"60.— Extiiict bflB 


.. - '".i Hii.r* «•» \\ •«■,- Hio ■' 

■ • ' -v » 1 ,*' • r I't" 

t * • - I I i , <..'ii .iiid hf ir. 
'.' I i«- «•. • ». li ".» rai lu • 1" Ciii!irV»ri. 
■:■■;- - : Ir-::'. -.-i ("••nii* all, iiiJ h*J • 

-.iv> ■:-. 
\* II-..ini. :r»? "ar m ^-..ra-r 

>' ii.>f I'iiER, liui hrir. 

; ' % ." J^rk "I' fhr h.iii:i|»rT timf. lU' 
r • • *«i. in hi« AHtUfVit*** ••' '**" 
::;.•:. 'ion* ih il *• .»»l. j^hil"* Hn^fit* 
T. r.'ry w i«. hy Irtt^r* p^ttnt ilatfi * 
j: HsNiir \ 111. with all tk- Uai» 
*»*-i-u* thrrvuiito brlcajEiD^i ff** 

T ■ • • • I %■ 

■\ 1 "1 •■ . : 

rit *».»- V ••! ■ ' ■ ■ • *■■ I- "•• r H ■ 
t« %»>MH««i . i»» ?•• •' : - '» • ■ ' ' 
,M ■«»• w*» '«:;•■ 1" '• '• '* •*'_ « '■■ 

, -sill. »^•» '•••-■« I ••••.■■•■ '■■.■•* •• ::•' • 

si, w •• *» «i • •■• u * ^ ■ I • : • • : « I . . ■ 
»»•!% uN"»»».M'' ••■ '» ' ■■•■■. 1- "^ ■j'•■"■•■ 
...... •..,! I. U •.■• =••■»:■ :. .1 -• I : !. .;.- 

. I.. 

»», MU.V i« • ••■ "^ .» • «' •'" ^ '^' '•• ;"• ' • -^ 

Ih. hM«M-« '•• ■ • '•" . V. , .. ,::. .•?.... • 

Ul. ,.MU mUM- **-■ • • ••• -r ';'■•• ■'■• 

.1: - ....-;.;..- .• .:.-V::'::'-;.;.::7; 

1 . -. • •:■• »r wii. 1.1 Hi«l bf\iiii'i •cia'^'J"'* 
» : -ivl;:i^ a: Ki jiiki>Tt. in Imi'Hjb*. •• •■ 
•• I. .• :i!.iii i-'i I'll iiiiiiinj i-i Ibt- c%i.'i ••*•*•* 
U :. s. y.»«a Kl./iNth *ui-rifi|oJ br rriw«""*» 
* -•: •; .1 ,: 'J. 1! ii.-i-li iniii ilun tu In ii»<r»1«i««' 
• «J •■!. r...* iIh:Ii .11 !•» riiiM (tiiiaiKY |.»h*« 
» ■« ■ : ^,■ Uiii, t'*.i ililivui-d in •iirwri*' 
u 'Imiii:. H« .iI-» « a liiilt Sii--k i« »••" 
I. ...I •! Siin-'i',. r*}<<i-| tlljk .•! X\'r cklWrti «• 
.*»! \ IS- If. K.lll ■ I Hi r!li»nll ild* •! •«« if t*!*'' 
•I Si r.iiMt, will u.«« ni.iiiiid I' thr \M} * 
<in-\ . •! tii.:!.r> I •■! ifiiin. l> ••f Siii>^k *" 

lllVi- III Ii|i"m1 1.. ill.- ijiHii:i , IJif rlliVt ••! •iKi 
■ fill*!- Ihr iillr ff flu ii'«»ri •■! KiishfMl, i« '•* 
Kli/4htili *h<iiill ilii- wiil.fiii i««i«i-. |o tk( b"** 
!■ IL. TIji" iiMin.t.:«-. ii>iiMi".-iiii«lin* tlw Aw*' 
r.iiiii tkiui V iliil h\ hi* Mnui.«-t |<niiii«n<i ^"^ 



Jofao Haln, gent, and his liein ; which John* 
Wias an active man in thoM days* and derk 
of tlw hamper (an offloe then of no amall 
bmeflt), and baring accumulated a great 
«»tnte in monaatery and chantry landa, re- 
•QlTed to erect a lasting monument to his me- 
BMry (for he had neither child nor wife), and 
thereapon designing the foundation of a free- 
•dMiol here, and that the king should have 
the honour there<tf (for which respect he had 
B* little fsTOur in his purchases as I hare 
cffwdibly heard;, obtained license for the anior- 
Ciniag of lands thereto of CC marks p. ann. 
▼aloe. This John Hales bought aUo the 
WUtefryers, in Coventry, of Sir Ralph Sad- 
IcTt kat. He d, 5th CaL January, 1573 ; and 
by wfll appointed Hales Place, alias White- 
fryers, in Coventry, to be sold. He was buried 
in the church of St. Peu>r'k the Poor, in Broad 
Street, London, as his epitaph, on a fair an- 
It plate in the wall, in Scow's Surrey im- 
But notwithstanding the before-spe- 
cited appointment, the estate was not sold, for 
John Hales, esq. descended from Christopher, 
hie eldest brother, enjoyed it." 
■• Bl nrlh o hi ew, of Snitterfteld, m. Mary, daugh- 
ter and heir of George llarpur, esq. and was 
fadMr of 
Sir Bartholomew Hales, knt. of Snitter- 
lield, who m. Katherine, dau{;hter of Sir 
Thomas Griesley, of Drakelow, in the 
county of Derby, relifrt of Francis De- 
thick, esq. of Newhall (she married for 
her third husband, Henry Gibbs, esq.) and 
by that lady had an only daughter, Elisa- 
beth, who died before her father. He d. 
in 1019. 
"• lie phi n, of Newland, in the county of Warwick , 
■I. Anne, daughter of Richard Morrison, of 
Backs, aad was father iA 
Sir Charles Hales, knt. of Newland, one of 
the king's oouucil at York, who d. 2nd 
February, 1018, leaving iMue by Elisa- 
beth, daughter of Walter Fish, of Lon- 

Stephen Hales, heir to his cousin, Sir 

Bartholomew, tm. Abigail, daughter of 

William Walter, fU{. of Wimbledon, 

in Surrey, and had a son, 

Sia SiirHKN Hiiits, k. B. who d, 

s, f>. in lOiM, and was buried at 

SnitterAeld, in Wurwickshire. 

mm and heir fuf Alderman Hales), 
HatAs, esq. was «. by his nou, 
esq. of Whitefricra, in CoT(>ntry, who 
tiUa aacle John Hales, clerk of the hanaper. 
kto large estates. His son and heir. 

Cnristopheb Halks, esq. of Whitefriers, had three 
sons; the second was a Turkey merchant in London, 
the third was of Lincoln, and the eldest, 

I. John Ha lbs, esq. of Coventry, having succeeded 
his father, was created a Baronkt by King Charles 
II. 28th August, KMW. Sir John m. Anne, daughter of 
Mr. Alderman Johnson, of London, and had issue, 

Christopher, his heir. 
Edward, successor to his brother. 

Dorothy, m. to Michael Rutter, esq. of Burton- 
on-the-Hill, in the county of Gloucester. 
■, m. to Mr. Eyre, of Lincoln. 

He d, in 1077, and was m, by his elder son, 

II. Sir Christopher Hales, M.P. for Corentry 
trmp. King WiLUAM and Queen Anke. He died un- 
married 19th January, 1717, and was t, by his brother, 

III. Sir Edward Hales. This gentleman, after the 
death of his brother, procured an act of parliament for 
the sale of the estate of the Whitefriers in Coventry 
to discharge Sir Christopher's debts. It was purchased 
by John, Duke of Montagu, who conveyed it in 1722 
to Samuel Hill, esq. of Sheuston Park, in Stafford* 
shire ; the mansion-house was sold to two tradesmen 
in Coventry. Sir Edward m. Elisabeth, daughter of 
— Thorpe, esq. of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Middle- 
sex, and died 7th September, 1720, leaving issue, 

Christopher, his heir. 

Edward, m. in January, 173541, Susannah, daugh- 
ter of Charles Bertie, esq. of Uffington, in the 
county of Lincoln. 





He was s. by his eldest son, 

IT. Sir Christopher Hales, who ai. in September, 
1730, Harrison, daughter of Benjamin Columbine, esq. 
of Moreley, in the county of Antrim, in Ireland, and 
had a son and heir, Johm, and a daughter, Elisabeth. 
He died at Hammersmith 8th May, 1770, and was «. 
by his son, 

V. Sir John Hales, who m. Anne, daughter and 
heir of John Scott, esq. of North End, and had three 
sons and five daughters. He died 15th March, ItMTi, 
and was s. by his son, 

VI. Sir John-Scott Hales, of the 00th regiment, 
who died at Lisbon 22nd February, 1803, and was *. 
by his brotlier, 

VII. Sir Sami'el H«les, who also died unmarried 
2ud January, 1805, and was «. by his brother, 

VIII. Sir Christopher Halls, who d. *. p, before 
lhl2, when the Baronetcy was extinct. 

Arms—ilu. three arrows or, feathered arg. 

■airi, who was rsiermefl a man very opinloi- 
%ery learnrd, did maintain in the 
' €9maenl did legitimate their con- 
Vhtrh pamphlet flytu^ abroad, ramc Mrai](ht- 
hereapfin the qoet-n an<] Uie nobl«ii 
, Ihr aatb«ir wa« quickly di*r<iv«ri'd 
ia tbeT»H<fr<»f L<>iMlon. SiMin 
• Ibea lord keruer, Ha5 prv»Qinrd 
• lafcr la It, f«ir which b«> had like to have 
t If Sir Aatboay Bn>wnv, wh<i hi>fo 
tJMOtm flf Ike C<4nBinn PlfS* in Qai^o Mar>'K 
m lave accepted ot it, which ber nisje«ty uf 
1 1hr Earl of Lricrftcr ramrMly i-xliurtrd 
■I be niatrtl It, fur 1h4t he wa« of n dif- 
tkum Ihv Mat*- : ainl mi Sir Nirh<»l4ii 
la hit pUrr, at thr v^nM iiisUnrr of Sir 
J Cecil (aftrrviaidr ii>nl irrai^UK-r), who though 
^-«*hi privy to the laid book, ycl was the matter 

I ■■ ■■«! 

«o wiM-ly laid upon Hales and Bacon, that Sir William 
wa« kept free, an<l tht'n-by hud iiion- atitli<*rity and i;racv 
to prociiri' lh« (•thcr» panlun, hs he did. Soon aftrr, 
John L«-!ilrv, Kihhop of Kiiihh, a ^n-at rivatare of Mary, 
Queen uf Scot", did nii^\\«r thai b<Nik, for which hr got 
thi- cixril-will of iiuiiy, uf othi-rs ni>t. An for our anilior 
Ilal(4, )k- uave Hwiv Io fate on the 5th "f the Kalends of 
JanuarVi in fittern hinidnil, M-vrnty and two. He di<rd 
without i««ii«-, po that liiit e«tiitf, which chieflv lay in 
Warwirkphirc, of which hi* |irin(ii>al houj^e in Coventr) , 
calltMt Hrtlvk Plate, tttliirwi.M* th«- \Vhite-frycr«, waii part, 
went t'l Ji»hn, «on of hi« brother Christopher Halei^soint* 
time aN* an v\\lv at Frankt'oit;, wli<iM; posterity doth 
remain theiv." 

* Onr of thi-M> ladies beeaine the wife of Mr. Ta>lor. 
of iiondon, but which in not known. 





ISth Dec. 1041. 


i\Bt July, 1780. 


KirHARD, e«q. of Clipftone« ia Northamp- 
tnuitliiir, wM father of 

KnwARD Halford, esq. of Langbam, in the county 
of Kutlund. and \Vclhani, in the county of Lekreater, 
who m. l>iunc»ia, daughter of — Bury, esq. of Rut- 
land, and va» s. by hi» mn, 

I. KicHARP HiLiHiRi),* esq. of Wistow, in Leicester- 
shire, high sherilTof that county 19 James I. who was 
i-reatr«l a RiRoMT 18th December, KVIl. .<ir Richanl 
m. tinit. Isabella, daughter of George Bowman, cm). 
of Mt'dbmime, in the same county « and had two sons 
and two daughters, viz. 

I. Akdrrw, his heir, of Kilby. This gentleman 

married thrice, and had by his first w^ifc,« 

Thovas, Hucceitsor to his grandfather. 

Kichnrd,\ . „^^ 
. , > u. nnm. 

Andrew, J 


Joan, m. to Andrew Freeman. 

Mr. Jlalfor.l (as well as his father) was a 
devoted adherent of Charlks I. in the civil 
war, and raised and maintained fur the ver- 
vict' of his majesty a body of men at his own 
charge in the county of I^ficcKter ; with those, 
aninn^nt other duties, he made a party of 
rrbi'U )>ri.<«(iiicr, anuiiigHt whom wan mu' Fludf, 
hi^h c<iiiHt.iblo (li (iiitlil.ixtoii huiuln'd, and 
carriiil thi-m to the kiiiK'f raiii}), whiTc ihey 
wrn* nil tried and hanged. Ho waH aftiT- 
wanln lliIll^olf rondomned by the Protector 
for the iiiurdcr of those men, and bin lift- 
him no Icms a num than thirty thuunaiid 
pounds. He died in the lifetime of his f.ither, 
ItiA?, aged fifty-fuur, and was buried at 
II. (ieorge, of Turlangtuu, in Leicestershire, ff.x./^. 
I. Joan, m. first, to — Bowman i and secondly, to 
Francis St. John. 

II. Mary, m. to Samuel Luddington, es4i. 

Kir Richard was so remarkable for his lo>»lty to tlin 
king, that his majesty made Wistow the place »f hin 
retirement when in Ijcicestcrshire, where the bamnot 
not only boairitably entertaiui'd his royal guesit, but 
Mqil^icd bim with large sums of money. Sir Hich.iid 
WM MTeral times plundered, and at last cAiuijiounded 
^ hb •■tatfl for £SO0O. He <i. in 1(UH, aged seventy- 
U and WM /. by his grandson, 
8lB Thohai HAi.riian, hart, who m. Selina, eld 
■Ufbtor of William Welby, esq. of Denton, in the 
ly af linouln, and had a numerous family. He- 
Ill ISIOi and WM m. by his eldest son. 

Ptttm ■ son iir brother « if Sir Richanl llalfoid, ihv 
iMfMiel uf WIslim.thi preNiit llifH«Bi> H ii.iukp. 
nT PaiMock lluHN', near Cantrrbnry, claim* lo bi- 

ill. 8iB Thohai HALroBD, baft. M.P. Ci 
of Leicester temp. CuAHLia II. wbo din 
in 1060, and wm /. by his brodwr. 

IT. Sir WiLuaa HALroao, but. wbi 
daughter of Tbomas Boothbj, «aq. of Toe 
the county of Leiceater, bat died witbi 
1005, was buried at Wiatcnr, and «. by U 
V. Sir Richard HALPoao, ban. ia hoi; 
M. Mary, daughter of the Rct. WiUiam C 
of Bronghton-Asley, ia the oonnty at L 
had issue, 

William, bis succcsaoT . 
Thomas, m. Klisabeth, dan^tcT of ' 
mer, esq. of Leicester, and had fc 
youngest of whom, 
Charlrs, sutrceded as seTentb h 
Charles, fellow of New CoUcfe, Oxf« 
Welby, d, unm. 
Mary, d. in 17-tt. 
Rebecca, d. in 172:1. 
Eliza BATH, who m. John SmalleT, ei 
of Leicester, and their daughter. 
Hester SatLLsr« narrrinff Jav 
M.D. had issue, 
IIexrt VAroHAN, wbo pukm 
Halford esUtes. asnamed cb 
and is the prevent Sia Hue 
JoH.N Val-oh^x (Sir), knl. eai 

rons of the Exchequer. 
Peter Vai'mmaw, D.D. draa 

d. in 18X0. 
CHARLF3 Vaighajh (Sir), kat 
traordinary to the luled Si 
EuwARi) Vtrcii«M. 
Almcnia- Selina Vaugbaa. 
Sir William enlarged the pnasessiuBS of tb 
purrhasing the manor of Kebwartb-HarDS 
; in 17:27, was buried at W intuw. and «. by hii 
Ti. Sir Wimjav Hai.furd, hart, whs ] 
claim to the nffire of ^eat pannati-r al ibr 
of (WoRCF. II. He died unmArried in I'd 
>. by but iieph«'w, 

VII. Sir ( Hiirnhii. b^rt. «bii 
daii);hter of Kilmard I'ltmham. i'»q. o( 
If MUM', in tliu county of l^icevter. but d>it 
July, 17NI, the U\ko\iti v became tir 
e!«tatc]t Sir Charles lieque.itheil. jfi.r tb< i» 
widow. Sarahi Lady Il.iifor.l whii m. la 
Biuiil, sixth Karl of Denbigh hi« com 
Vauuha.^, M.D. who was crrjtrd a Babusi 
teniber, IKOU. and assuming the suniABr ri 
nt the deceas«^ of the lady abnvr meatiM 
event ixTurrvd Snd October, I^U. m ■•• 
Henry H u.furu, bart. (See Bibei's A 
Uanm*tt/c*\ ) 

Arms - Arg. a grrybounJ passant sa. ea* 

three lleurs delis ur. 


racATkD 37th June, 1706. - Einsrr . 


The representative of the aurirat Csaily* 

of Wrlham, licicestershire. 

t Hin -1-rond wile w^* MAr>. (laii*M*f a> 
Hiiin|i>iii \ lli«k(-|.efii. uf t*rtT!i4i. id ilw e** 
rolii ; aiiit lh(> fhinl, Nar\ . •I^iirfalrr AWt n»J 
lirfin Nil bill -, t-M| til ll4lMr*1. R»<<»' A**! " 
rli^rd Orion , tw]. ff Ia* (*raast. 


»■ HllMMID, tut. k In isn (■« Uld 
OHu HiMOid, ksl. kr BlinteA, hii 
at Sir JotaD PntfinEn, bivt- tnd fnnd- 
I Halford. Hi4. by Hu7. hi* vifc, du|h- 
17 AttTiH, kat. of CUpbua). wu cra- 
n iB ITM. H« ■. Udy Vtxnat CrsU, 

i(.po«o or WuTow. 


ry Hwlniberd, «q. of Cunbyl 
PnTBCT UiHingberd, ancetlor cf Ihi 
■ - ■ - -jonth Omirty. (Sti 

4 had trt HU. Rofer, Tlmiiii. Wii^ 
■md John. Hb Hxonl wife vu Mn. 
v.kal hrtwrbid no iuuc. The Ibird 

tr (T Sir Rdwird Alihwo, kni. 

WiLuiH, h<> beir. 

Hliry, died UDmarrtid. 
Hs m. HDoadlj, UniiU, dinfhnr of Sir T 
Piibcr, bin. at liliniUn, ud b; i)u( lady (i 
Kcoudly, HiiabcirUFri»n,«q,CF(LaDdsii,miir 

Gsargt. who M. HiDDib, eldirt diofhter «t 
Mr. FoDwick UmbcR.of Londcm, ud dyini 
Ttb May, I7SI, wu bnriod in LoDdoD. He 
left Ihret taaw, 

Thobii, who f. u Sfth benoM. 

Wdlliln.l ^^^^^ 

Sir Williim died ibont Iho yur IMl, and vu <- by 

ir. Sin WiLLiAK HiLTOH, biH. who dyinu iiDmar 
ried 4lh Mtrcb, 1013. wu bnriad at Latton, in Eaaei. 
and -f . by hia half-bmher, 

III. Sm Thoiii HiLTOH, but. who ■■. Kliaabeih. 
danghter of John Crea«eaefi»q. of Londoni by wbom 
(who d. M(b AiifnR, 171*,) ha had aeieni ehildnm; 
of vblch all died unmarried except 
WiLLim, hi. heir. 

Mary, ■>. H Junu Nichell, eaq. dT the Coart 
Lodfe, in Suaaci. She d. tMh May, IIW, and 
wa> burird SI HanlMld. 



litirof SirflinrieDaljun, knt.iirlleath Mill.inlbi 
county of York, (ihe wu widow of John lamy.wi' 
al StirtoD Hall. In SuSblb,) bnt dying (. p. Iltta Fe- 
bruary, l>H, the Banaetcy reiened to hia caaain 
;refrr Id Richard, yonntaat aon of the Srwt banmal), 

r. Sin Thdvii Hii.TO>f,haR. who M. Harr Bnrton, 
of London, and dyiDg in 1700, waa j. bv hia son, 

m. Hu-y, daugblcr of Michafl Garner, esq. of Kini'a 
Ripon, Hundngdunihirc, but died without male iaau* 

Kcbruary, IS 


T. Hi. only 


Hl>T. -. Jo 




e... of H.n,h. 

D Ibe 


of Jamaica, and bad a 




leal HO, Phiuf 



tba HiLt.i 

■u-Pirty per pal 

ai. i 


a lion runpant 

CaUTtu lltb May, lftll.~EiTiacT befon n 


H A X 



8th Jaly, lOM. 

5th May, 1746. 



This family, genealogists deduced from a pcnon of 
great power, and of knightly degree, namely, 

Sia Thomas Mackfel, wbiiw* son, 

SiK John MAciwrKL, assumed the surname of Han- 
M«a in the time of Edn^-ard I. from the town of Han- 
mer, in the nniuty of Flint, where he resided, and 
which constituted part of liis great possessions. He 
was constable of Carnarvon castle in the same reign, 
and b said to have married II awes, daughter and heir 
of Bniiin ap Griffith, up Gwinwinwin, L»rd of Powis. 
a descendajit from BU'ddwyn ap Kynwyn, Prince of 
Wales. By this lady he had three sons, Owen, Rur- 
iiamed (!och, fhtw his being rrrf, who succeeded to the 
lordship of Haiimer in ttiid Eiiward 11., and dying 
issueless, dividi^l his l.mds between hisbrothcn, David 
and Philip. The latter at length bccuniiiig sole heir, 

Philip Hanmer, of lliuinier. He w. Aguos, daugh- 
ter and heir of David ap Kioe, up Evans, ap Junes, and 
had issue, 

Davip, his heir. 


Margaret, m. to Morgan («och ap Griffith. 

Mirannoy, m. to Grufic ap Howell, de Overton. 

The elder son iiii«l heir, 

Sir David Hanmlk, kiit. of Hannicr, N-in;; :i ]>i'n4iiii 
teamed in the hiws.inas cuii>titiittMl, for hU fi.U-lity 
to the EiiKlish nation, uiir of tho jimticert of tliu King'it 
Heiirh, *2('ith Februar)'* I'-i*^. '-tli Kuimki) II., when 
he liml tlu* honour of Liii»;:itlioiKl roiilV iTt-tl ui>oii liiiii. 
Sir David m. Angharad, dnughtrr of Lh>\i-lin Dhu 
ap Giithth, up Jurwurth \oi-ll, and hiid iMiue, 

Grippith, who M. Gwervill, daughter of Tudor 
ap Groiio, of Anglesey, and k'ft an only daugh- 
ANCHtRAU, m. to John Puleston. esq. of Em- 
Jrnkin or John. 

Margaret, si. the famous Owr.N, sumanied Gi.tN- 
nowRR, and had several sun* and daughters. 

The second sun, 

Sia Jbxein or John Hinvbr, or H^NNEUhKB las 
the name was then written), m. first, Marsarct, daugh- 
ter and heir of Dntid, son and heir of lUethwyn Vy> 
chon, of Ockenhnlt, lineally di-4Cended fnmi Kdwyn, 
l<ord fif Trvgangle, nli.ti Euglrlield. Ky this lady lie 
acquired land*, and a nianoion Iiou.-m* rallei! Llw>n 
Derwn. in Trrgaii^;Ie. and Iia.l u Him, GHiii'ini. He 
m. serundly. Eve, daughter of David ap liruuo. ap 
Jorwith, by whnm he had three other >4>uis vix. 

John, of Haltou, wliiiso grandMin, 
Sir Edward Hanmer, m. Margartt. daughter of 

Jane Hi 
Rogw FhIiHoi, fcafc W 
Buw AftD» of dM Warn, la tkm 

whon UaMlly dMrtads U 

Hanmu, hut. of Iti—rr 
Richard, of BettidWd, Craa 

of Bettisfleld aad Bvtoiiga 

This Sir Joikin or John Hi 
battle of Shrewshary, in th« tfeas af HoBfi 
had prerioaaly divided his piu|iulj bccwMi 
Grippitu, and Bdwakd of Che Pcan. Tha • 

Grippith Ha!^xbs, of Hanmer. sa. 
ter of Sir Peers Duttoa, knt. and had 

RicHAftD, his heir. 

Elisabeth, m. to EUia Byton. of Wpm. 

Alice, m. to David Lloyd. 

Margaret, si. to David Eyton. 

Janet, m. to William ap Rya, of Tofiocl 

.Uand, SI. to Lewes Yalhs. 

He was s. by his sob, 

Kkharii Hanvkr, eoq. of Hanmer, who i 
ret, daughter of Sir Roger Kynaston, knl. rf 
in the county of Sal'ip, and had tve was. 
his heir, John, Christopher, Uavid, and U 
and three daughters, vii. 

Ermine, m. to Sir Edwnrd Pnlestua. IM 
Dorothy, ai. to Edward Breretoa. cs^. 

Eleanor, ai. to Richard Wicberlcy. o^ 


His eldest son and heir.* 

Sir Thomas Ha^vli. of Hs nmrr , hot 
honour of knighthood at Hullngnc fioM Hbri 
and departed this life lOth Febraary, IMi> 
Jane, daughter of Sir Randolph BrmMa. 
Malpas, and had fi^e »ons. THunsk iSir). i 
Raudlc, John. Richard, and llamphry, with i 
daughters, vix. 

Kleauor. m. to William llwnmer. e«q- sf ll 
whu by hiH la-^t te»tamrut. bearinf! ii 
Januar>-. 1570. the probat whrrrvrf i«"« 
April following, bequeath* hi* bwd) C« h 
in ihr rhaiirvl on tbo north sadc U Ibi 
of llaiinier. 
EluuUth. m. to John Conway, esq. 
Margaret, m. to Dsvid Bird, rsf. 
Catherine, m. to Peter Pulcslua. esq. 
Mary, «i. to Roger KyuaslMi, ca|. 

He was s. by his eldest son. 

Sib Tiiuxas Hanvbr, who was made a U 
the king's royal mandate. «nd Febrmary, W * 
VI. He ai. Catherine, daughter and hs»i< 
son of Tlioiiiaa Salter, esq. of Oswertre, ia tbi 
of Salop, and had, i»ith a daughli r. MarfiiH* 
to Roger Puleston, esq. uf Kmtml. and. •»«• 
Juhn PulesUin, e^. oi Ueway knrfBef. •■ 
John, Thomas, M illiam, and Raadla. aM 

JoHM H«N«kR, esq. of Hanmer. wai Mr. 
borough of Flint in the ISth Eijbabbt«. ■•■ 
duuKbter of Sir Juhn Salnsbury.hat of U>* 
till' county of Denbigh, and was $. by hisfl* 

Sir Thoma!! H4MiBB.hnl. of Hanmer. absi 
thf Kari ul Denbigh intw Fraaoe. in the 9^ 
z«si:iH, when the nobleman was depaioi bj 
jesty to invest Hlnrt III. wilk Ike llsifcf- 
afterwardi, 3Ath EuBABBTH, ekctMl ka^ 

• Coufiu-grinun lu thi« llieh^iiil wrf« Sir l->1wanl M-inntei. knishiiii in Stuilaad ia the uigasi Hi*«' 
hu ^alMnl bcbAvioar in the army, under ili« euiuiuaiMt of ihf Earl «•! Surre> 


tht Bsuitj al Flint, uid wbtn Daf I 
ih« flmm*. b* th bmorrd with 
lilfhil], nrd JiIt. ISU, pnrliiu to 
■dam. In tka ISth til that nifn k> I 
■MBf Mtam, of dH coandl to Wil- 

TmlbM, imnghm of Jdhn, Earl of 
>haa Im had u aalj daoghter, Ci- 
im tnliiat. Sir Thomu m^ trcoDdly, 
Mr of «r 'noHM UoKyD, knt. 

)■ of CbHtffTi ind 
xnnty dT Plinl in 

M. Iha vUov of ~ ClurKoB. caf. of 
4. 1, f. 

1aaipbr*T DTnokc, Hq. of Winini- 

iD Racer Bilk, tan- of AInrj, in tba 

In ITSr, by tha amn'ty of Saffolk, and plaad li 
■peaker*! chair la M\%, In reftomco to that erai 
Ibe fonowing couplet of Dr. lahiuDn: 

lljD>trlD» iri I haw hrlfhl Iby rlnrin ihoiK, 
WhiD HinnKrlll'drhf chiir, aad AHRaihUhn 

d dutlDKubhed in tha litnarj ai 

arid, a 

, la th« annj, tlain In action, aal 

tir Edward Liilcr, knt. of Rowton, 
tn Edward Kynaaton, cm|. of Olt- 
d tntrMj HtFrmcd. illrd much la- 

lltKvti, bart who •■. Hrat, RIlu- 
r Air Thomu Hakn*. and «i*tcr an,1 
latrr, nq, nf Whiliinihani. in Nuf- 

«. hart, of Hlldcnhall in SuIToIIl. «> 
Sir Henry) (itc hi> whidf mate. 
r Hr. Willkam H>ni»T had an only 

. Iinbliihiidbylhii nnlnraltyof Oaftird, Iswhich 
iprcHnted tfaE MS., teilify to hii rafloed Jadcmmt 

and crilical acumen. He m. Bnl. in IMS, ■•ibella. 

Ihtwagrr HiicJieaa of GraitoD, widow of Henry, Artt 

~>nke of GraflDn. only dauihier and heir of Henry 
Icnnel, Earl of Arliniton ; ud, Hcandly, BliiahHh, 
nly dauifaicr and heir of Thatnaa Folkia, eaq. of 
lanon. In Suffolk, hni had no iaaue. Sir Thonia* 4. 
Ih Hay. lIM.wben the BiaoiiarcT betanii ajTucr. 

The Mtate or Hildruball, In Saflblk, derolTrd opon 
dratUw, Sir WiUiam eanlnry. 

N Hixaaa, 


10 Q DO 

\H1 0/ 

rm lltiDiB. but. vbs ■. PIhcIh-, 
'■• .. kf hi. Kn. 

Hr WillUn lUnt.. tni. ud drlot. igcd 
Mrd Pabnurjr, IKW, <ru j. b> hL> Hn, 
u.lta ll4IDat(, kittt. Tkli fiDtlBiniiii 
■wbKrfUtfdilnfar KnKii irm. He 
U III*. u«l for the rtty o( C»nlrrtiirj 

Ita |mIi1i ckunb at \lff*T H> 

LUIB Himnu, but. who « 
I aotair or 'oLd Corbel, >W|. 
f*( lamina ((td fgnT<>>. II 

Ma«r lludro. At. to bii widi 

,wha»r> liM Rcr. CiiiiLii 

•a of liir 

■Bar. {dnotinf thu unnn o( the e 
V kalfbr* HTTW, <rf the cMtle nT 
■t, Ika ■BiViit Minlary of Qlaui 

JouH Hau, etq. who m. Acdm, dasehDr of Sir 
Jshn Shirley, kol. nf Whlalmi, in SnHci, and lelt ■ 
WD end heir, 

JoiK Hill. ttn. who m. EHnbeUi, diocbler of 
- Portacoe, e>q- ibd had tva aona, namely, 

I. NicHoua (Sir), of Bnuyard, in SglTDlk. m. 
Calheripe, dtpflbter and r-o-hFir at Sir Joha 
BuainKbaum, tut. o( WoDdhoU, in Hirtford- 
ibir«, and had iuae, 
I. MicHiiL.a>.«nt.E11ubeth,daKh»rDr 
Henry Hoban, wj. of Hale* Hall, In 
Noriolli, and tKOiidly, Mary, fonrfh 
dan^ter of Sir Thsmu BmdeDell, of 
Dnn, In tbe coaoty of Northunpton- 
t. Robnt, derL of tbs PelKI w 
1. Williani, ja-i-p- 

I. ktmr. M. Id TbDmRa Rnnii eiq. of Hen- 

bun, in Enffalk. 
1. Aodrey, m. to Thomu Tymperloy, uq. 

of HiDtlabaDi in ilie lanis coanty. 
]. Thmnalinc, d. unm. 
Sir Nicholaa Hare vaa twice chuuD apeaker 



II. Ralph, mito « bencher of the Inner Temple, d. 
witboat iarae in 1001, and waa s, by hia nest 
111. RicHABO, of whom preaently. 
IT. Rowland, d. s. p. 
T. Bdmond, d. i. p. 

Ti. Hugh, a bencher of the Inner Templn, and 
master of the court of Wards, died without 
iMoe, and left by hia wiU, dated Utib De- 
cember, 1019, above £flOAO§, to be eq[nal]y 
diTided between his two nephews, John Hare, 
grandson of his brother Richard, and Hugh 
Hare, son of his brother John : he Irft beside 
several legacies to his other relafiona and 
vii. Thomaa, d. isaueleaa. 

▼Hi. Jt^n,* M. firat, Lucia, daughter of — Barlow, 
eaq. by whom he had no issue ; secondly, 
Margaret, daughter of John Crouch, esq. nf 
Combury, in Hertfordshire, and by that lady 
(who after his d ece aa e became the third Coun- 
tess of Henry, firat Earl of Manchcater), had 
two sons, NidMdas, who d. $. p. and 
UrcH Habb, created Lord Coleraine, Ird 
August, loss, IS. Lucia, dau^ter of Henry, 
firrt Earl of Mandieatcr. 
I. Elisabeth. 
II. Margaret. 

The third son, 

RicHABD Habk, esq. inherited the estates on the 
demise of his elder brothers, and became of Stow- 
Bardolph. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Barnes, esq. and by ber (who m. secondly, George 
Rotheram, esq. and thirdly. Sir George Perient, knt. 
and died tnd December, 1055), had two sons, Ralph 
(Sir), and Richard. The elder, 

Sib Ralph Habi, was created a knight of the Bath 
at the coronation of King J abbs \. 1003. He m. first. 
Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Holmden, knt. and 
by her bad one non, 

JuH.>, his heir. 

Sir Ralph m. Mvondly, Anne, daughter of John 
Cruuch, exq. of ('ornbur>'. hv uhoni wrhu m. M>ci)niil> , 
Edward, Lord Minitu(;:u of Bouehion ■ be huil no i»sue. 
Sir Ralph wuh vcr\ ruuiurkablu tor hi:* evtrnM\e 
charity to the p«Mir. In lfM>J he en-ctod \\ row of m\ 
houM*M at Stow*Bardiilph, for the recvption of ^ix poor 
prr*4ins. \ibo were Iwru in the pari»h, or hail re>ido«1 
I'onstantly there, for ten year» at lea»t, and endowed 
the said houjies with lands to a considerable value, tn 
be a maintenance for the poor inhabitunt^ thereof for 
ever. He gave in his lifetime bv deed. b«>ariug date 
30th April, \mz, to St. John's College, Cambridge, 
the gh-be, tithes. &c. of the impropriate rectory of 
Marham, in Norfolk, with the advowtions of the 
vic-arage, which his grandfather, John Hare, had pur- 
chased from Hf.NRY VI II. at the dissolution of the 
munaatcries. to tx* employed in i>rei-ting a RpaciouH 
library, and afterwards iu maintaining thirty po<ir 
scholars iu that college for e^rr. He died iu Augunt, 
10*23, and was s. by his only son. 

Sir Jumk H«rk, knt. who was distinguished in the 
lifetime of his father, having had the honour of 
knighthood conferred upon him at Newmarket, 4th 
December. Ifil7. ile m. Elii-ab«'th, only daughter of 
Thomas. Lord Coventry, lord keeper of the great seal, 
Ump. CHARLRk I. and had ii>sue, 

I. R«LPH, his ht'ir. 
II. John, of Brumathorp, in Norfolk, m. Susan, 

daughter aad rwhrtr of JbIu Wall 
Riiiiuallwip. Bad Itifl 
John Ubi«9 

Etisabeth Hare, m. to Philip BcA 

of Bransthovp* 
Anne Hare, 4. in 17M. 

III. Hugh, d. unm. 

IV. Nicholas, at. CatherisCi ^if^T- 

Gery, eaq. of BuahnMBfi, la ^ 
Bedford, and had n bos, 

Ralph Hare, of Harpkaa. at. ▲ 

ter of Sir John Willis,b«i. sf 

in Cambridguahiro, aad d] 

ber, 17M, left 

I. Thomas, of 

1736, IcBTiiic by Mary, 
Jos4pph Sharpe, ea^ n 
and a dancjhtcr, Aaac 
1. Ralph, of Benaet C inagi. 

3. John, LL.B. viciarorHa 

I. Mary. ■•. to Thamm U 

t. Anne, \. 
1. Soaan, / •* 

4. Elisabeth, m. to Ji 

of Wardiam, in N'< 

V. Thomaa, d. unos. 

1. Elisabeth, m. firat. to Woollcy Lai| 

Addington, in Surrey, aad, Bacaai 

John Lowther. of Ackwnrtk, in Yfl 

II. Anne, at. to Sir John SjilaabiM, 

Brimpton, in the county of SsflMm 

III. Mary, m. to Thomaa Savage, iii. I 

Caatle, in Woroestcnhire. 

IV. Susan, m. to Thomas Banow, oaq. 

V. Sarah, m. to John Earic, esq. af If 

VI. Margaret, m. tu John Conmaor. aa|. 
dlesham, in Sussex. iSce Bi'Bii'i 
tvf, ^ol. iii. p. 371. > 

Sir Jului w .14 \. by his eldest sno. 

I. KtLi'H 1I\KK. CM|. of ^tow BarJolph 
county (»f NurfolL. whi> was crx'Alcd a B»i 
kins, CiiARiLS 1. 1^T\\ July, ICkII. Sir Rslfk 
Mary, dauf.'hter and co heir nf ."^ir Kobntfni 
of Chiltun. in Surtolk. by whom he bad «* 
drcn, of whom THu«f«», his smvessar. shot ' 
infancy. He m. secimdiy, Verr. lUafbwr 
Roger Townaheud. bart.* of Raynhas. iB 
but by her had no issue. He eapimsei, ^^ 
xabeth. daughter of — Chapman, esq. af ^rf 
by that lady left a posthumous son. Jsba. « 
in infancy. Sir Ralph, who represeattd Ifei 
of Norfolk iu parliament, d, in Kcbraary. V 
was t. by his sun, 

II. Sia Thomas H ibk, hart, who ak I 
of Sir Robert Dashwood, hart, of 
county of Oxford, and had imuc, 

I. Ralph, his successor. 

II. Thomas, successor to his 

III. Gburuk, miyor of Dragaons. 


IV. Richard, d. in infancy. 

I. Klizabeth, m. to Sir Thomaa Rohti 

Worlingham, in Suffolk. 
II. to Thomaa Leigh, of I 
merchant, and had a 

* Fi'iiii thi* Juhn Hare rk^ceuded the Haris \>t D<K-kiiis Hall, Norfolk, an estate Bui 
JliH^ H «HA, r%<|. 

t B> .M«ry, sicood dau);htcr and co-hiir «'t Horatio, Luid Wre uf Tilbur}. 

posse M fd k* He 




Lai^v «tq. of lTer» in tfie county 
BmtkM, whoM ton and li«ir» 
'HOM4S LuoB* «tq. uMuned the name 

of Habs, and was ciieated a BAaoNir 

in WIS. 

Ud. wun. 

BO altar ka cama of age* was elected 
■kire ftr the county of Norfolk, and 
KTf, lOBi, waa iNiried in tke donnitory, 
le ckanoaly in Stow Bardol^ Chnrch, 
ifCion on a noMe monament, witk kit 

tory of 8r. Tboe. Hare, Bui. who 
Life tlie 1st day of J4nury, 1003, aged 
left a lady and 4 Sons and S Daoghtera. 
OM San wkicli seu at Nigbt, 
Mext Morn as clear and bright ; 
ly Deckings of the Esrth, 
Spring receive new Birth ; 
arhea fled has no retom, 
»e sigh, in Vain we Moom ; 
tke Tartie jastly grieve her fate, 
r is left behind witboal her Mate, 
Iocs she who raised this Toml>, 
es here to have a Room ; 
: dear He who andemeath does lye, 
Treasare of her Heart and pleasure of 

b eldest son, 

•H Hsaa, hart, who as. Snsan, daughter 

Walter Norbome, esq. of Calne, in 

dying ttnd September, 1732, aged 

nt isane, was *. by his brother, 

AS Habb, hart, who wvdded Rosamond, 

inrlaa Newby, esq. of Hooton, in tke 

t, and kad two daughters, Elisabetk 

d. 31st February, 17(W, aged seventy- 

. ky kis barotker, 

IB Habb, hart, who died num. aged 
Stk March, 1704, when theBAaoNEicr 
r, and kis sisters became his co-heirs. 
, tke secood, married, as stated above, 
esq. of Loudon, an J had a son, 
JOH, esq. of Iver, in the county of 
rho m. Anne, daughter of Dr. Robert 
(, Bifthop of Peterborough, and had 
» daughters, Anne, the wife of Robert 
, esq. and Mary, of Thomas Trewem, 
n and licir, 

Laiuu, esq. of Stow Hall, in Norfolk, 

■ssnweJ the surname of Habk, and 

created a B%auNrr, llth December, 

Sir Tkomas was father of the present 

THonss H*aa, bart. uf Stow Hall. 

, twi> bars and a chief indented or. 



SOth Feb. ISIO. 

esq. of Middleton St. Cirorge, in Dur- 
tSw regalia of England in the To%kcr 

of London, son of William Hoar, eaq. (who inkeritad 
an estate in tke county of Middlesex.) married, lat 
January, 1750, Frances, daugkter of William Slei|^» 
eaq. of Stockton-upou-Tees, and kad iasue, 

Willi AH, barrister-at-law, wko asanmed the aur- 

name of Harland. and died in December, 1S34. 

His only son and keir is tke present 

William Charlics Harland, esq. of Sutton 

Hall, in tke county of York. (See Burbb's 

Commoners, vol. iii. p. 194.) 

George, of Twyford Lodge, Hants. 

Charlks, of whom presently. 

Thomas, admiral royal navy, who m. in 1788, 

Katharine Dorothy, daughter of Peregrine 

Bertie, esq. of Low Layton. Essex, and assumed 

the surname of Bkbtib. 
Mary, m. to Richard Mark Dickena, eaq. ooloinel 

of tke 34tk regiment. 

The third son, 

1. Charlbs Hoab, esq. marrying at Kaaingwold, in 
1803, Anne, only daughter and heiress of Philip Har- 
land, esq. of Sutton Hall, in Yorkshire, and widow of 
the Rev. Henry Goodricke, aasumed tke surname and 
arms of Habland. He waa created a Babombt in 
1808, but left no issue at kis decease in 1810, wken 
tke Babonbtcy axriBBo. His widow, tke kairesa of 
Sutton Hall, survived until tke 34tk June, 1830, wken 
she waa succeeded by the nephew of her husband, 
the present William Cuablbs Hablamo, eaq. of Sut- 
ton Hall, M.P. for Durham. 

Jr«M— Arg. on a bend between two cottiaca fkreo 
stags' keada caboased as. 


13th April. 1023 



John Harribs, esq. of CrucLton, in Shropshire, de- 
scended from John Harries, of Cruckton, who waa 
living in 14C3, married, and had four sons, namely, 
Thomas, of whom presently. 
Rowland, of Ludlow. 

Arthur, of Prescot, near Baschurch, whose grand* 
Thomas Harribs, esq. of Weston Lixard, 
succeeded to Crucktoo, and served aa sheriff 
of Shropshire in 1730. His descendant, 

Thomas Harribs, esq. of Cruckton, she- 
riff of Shropshire in 1803, married Bar- 
bara Mary Anne, daughter and co-heir 
of John Smitheman, eaq. of Little Wen- 
Richard, of Cruckton. which, aa youngest son, he 
inherited, according to the custom of the manor 
of Pontesbury ; his descendants became extinct 
in the third generation. 
The eldest son. 

1. Sia Thomas Harbibs, knt. an eminent lawyer, 
made seijeaut-at law, 1580, purckaaed Tong Castle, in 


natEd a Biiiuiiin' Li lUU, Sir Tlinmas m- Eleiiii 
«ni|bWT of Rager GtflardtM.DT of LoDdivti, phytic 
I (jMtrit El.iiorrii, uiil had n daughter uid ev 

'dnru— Rflrrir of ci^bt n 

IB mle tana, Dh lillc 
ind u onr ill Ibne 


. TaoMt* Hiinii. nq. of Bortiiton, in Shmp- 
n, mMter tn Chaofflry, waa of Roger Harrin. 
ipcr.sf Shrtwibun-ind fnndiOD of W illiuu Hu- 
, ynmmi. at Wbealhill, in <1» pari ' ~ 

•cenl. and Captain Simnn Lecke impleaded Nir Thnniii 
MiTTia In the roun DfCbiTalry. u anTDRhT of Ibr 
diitinctiaii. NerertlieleH he trunuilted (he : 

of Hlmhill.tJ 
•i»ty, to app. 
1 waa Iben 

. eight or 

D day. DpoD Middle Hill. 

IV m mullitadc 
of DUD : and opon the hi«he(l bank of the hill 1 lav 

and three or four »1dien' pikM itnck npriflbt In the 
groiibd by him, and thert he Toade ^roclamaliaD, 
Ihal if any per«n would aerre the king u ■ ioldier 

brUapay. Sir PulKU a perHD," addaanrruitic 
hlaunaa, " nel well belnred by the ancient gentry of 
Ih« eoiinCT. for, being aa thoy termed hiv, hut a 

proi»d, impericrua parvan, he twih plaoe of tfaeec of 
urtrni knight'* deftw - netihn waa he bahiTad by 

IK- So Tiinao lliuaia. of BoreaBMi, who ■]» 
dnoud hMwtf l> Ik* royal eaue, and Mapoimded 
tar hia nl*U !■ Uh nun o( £IM«. In tha ynt IDU 


d Implicated bi tha graanl itetai i>a 

Shiewahory was (hat bruii* a( <to ti 
dlecreUiin of ado of Ikuaa eagased, Ral] 

■' puliltcUy enUMi 

with thair UBOiunilioii, wUtti (>Mi*aai 

liDii. It ii diOcuH to my haw SirlWi 
with U< life, but he aantrad w «>■ * 
Sir Thianaa «. Mary, daagdwa at TImb 
Fai|. of Halatan, in Bhn^hbw, bat dft^ 

I, by hii hrotlur. 

wall. byUauBcle, 
• •. SiaRu»aHiBaia.whad)ailB «■ 


and heiftH of Walt« Hayw. il HafW* 

JoBa Haaiit,*wyvrfll 

Eliubeth.n. WSi 

Willuu Boic 



d. *3rd Sepuuber 
• .. by hi! olde>l «D 

of Sir WlilUm ti». 

l«8. .Bed H 



Kobon Sfaiiu, 

Dunth;, «. la Timl Dalton, ftq- "' Pulbonic, ■ 

■d one of Ibi 

rr lud tlrn* 

H> «u t. by hi. Mat mb. 

>M couDty <rf 

ud iru .. by hi. brother. 


•ta>» ttaa biraa.^t<:y n.frtcd U b« aodi. 

>. Si« CniinoriKii Himiji. b.n. ni* (end 

lis a. Alks, 

ml sue davihlei, of vbam oil iircdmoMd him ei 

I. kknighlol 
J'ir»r. HI* 

mirricd. He d. in OtWbcr. I7»d. and vc .. by h 
ilder iDTTiting Kin. 

II. Sit Thuu.i Hattus. b.rt. «bo n. SiW. Bin 

Mi •:rTI>II)LI, ID y iljnEblir, 

AHi.iHiTTu>,<iltr>H. Dan)rlPlBrh,wc<iBd Birlut 
Nolllnehnin, .Dd iltlh Ktrl i^ WMcbdwa, ud 

TIUJIim:i,wailt Euwun FiHCR.ohuiwamnt 

LrliTnc'Mi^'o^lnrul li'l< anclt, ur l^•l^ 
b^..l, HiiiiiiH, i»i vi«.«ui U.iuMi. TIh 
,.»m1.,«,uyl|i.K.I««tl.^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

'imm'. Ihr BuldDD. u'r Winrhrlwa iwl 



1008, who m. Mary, daughter of Sir John Cook, knt. 
of Melbum, in the cminty of Derby, one of the prin- 
cipal aecretaries of the state to A^iii^ Chables I. and 
had i«tue, 

John, hi« heir. 

Mary, m. to Smith Fleetirood, eaq. of Stoke New- 
ington, in Middlesex. 

Sir Edward, who raised a n-giment for the serrioe of 
the Parliament, d. in 105R, and was s, by his son, 

III. SiB John Hartopp, hart. M.P. for the county 
of Leicestn:, in three parliaments, temp. II. 
This gentleman m. Elisabeth, daughter of Charles 
Fleetwood,* the celebrated parliamentary general, and 
son-in-law of Cromwell, and had sereral children, of 

John, the only snrriTing of four sous, succeeded 

Frances, m. to Sir Nathaniel Could, knt of Stoke 
Newiugton, and had a daughter, 
Mary (vould, m, to Sir Francis St. John,bart. 
of Thorp, in Northamptonshire. 

Ellxabeth, m. to Thomas Cook, esq. of Stoke New- 
ington, some time goTemor of the Bank. 

Sir John d. 1st April, I7S2, aged eighty-five, and was 
s. by his son, 

ir. SiB John Habtopp, hart, who m. first in 1710. 
Sarah, daughter of Sir Joseph Wolfe, knt. an alder- 
man of the city of London, and had two daughters, 
I. Annk Hartupp, whom. Joseph Hurlock, esq. of 
Fort Marlborough, governor of Bencooleu, and 
afterwards one of tho directors of the East In- 
dia Company, by whom she had an only child, 
Annk Huri^ck, eTentually heir and repre- 
sentative of the Hartopps. 
II. EuzABn-H IUrtopp, m. to Timothy Dallowc. 
M.D. but died without issue. 
Sir John married secondly, MiM Samh Marah, but 
had no other issue. He died ut Rath, 13th January, 
1702, aged eighty-two, whrii the Hironktcy N^caine 
RiTiNCT. The efttutCM eventually centred in hifi grand- 

Annr Hi'RixirK, who at the decoase of her kins- 
wninaii, Mw. Jane F'lf»'twoo*l, mircefdcd, by 
iK-qufSt, to the Fltftwood proporty, in tho 
county of Norfolk likewise. She m. in 1777, 
Kdmuml Bunney, rttq. i'noii of Joseph Bunncy, 
c«q. of Niwark, by Mary, dauphtcr of Kdminul 
Crodock, vsq.) who aHKunird by vign niHiiual, 
the surnames of Cat dock and IIartopp, and 
being created a BtROMhT in I7!Hi, became Sik 
EuvuKU Cr(1)ock Hartopp. (See Btrkk's 
Prvragt and Barom-lagc.) 

Armt—aA. a chevron ermine between three otter 
passant, argent. 


Creati I) 7th May. 1007 — Extinit about IO(M. 


I. Richard Hn^TiNns.cdq.of Kciilinch, in the county 
of SomerM-t, wan rreatnl a IUkomt in liw;7. He »/t. 
Margarvt. daughter of Sir Ilobert Poynts, of Iron 
Acton, in (Jlouceitershire, but by her, who wedded, 
secomlly, SaniueH;orgt».eB4i. of \Vrjxall,in the county 
of SoTni|HM-t, had no iH«ue. He d. aUut a year aftrr 
his crvatitin, and with him the BAKoNLTcr kxpiklu. 


5tb July, IMl. 


The family of H attoii was BDciently of |i 
in the county pBlatine of Cheater. 

WoLPBiD, or WoLPAira, brother of Nigel 
Halton, was Lord of Halton, in ChnUre, 
of HrcH Lupus. He waagraiidCatherof 

Sir Antv Hattdn, knt. of Hattoa, what 
ant, (ninth in the line from Wolftid) 

HroH Hatton, of Hatton, m. MBry,laB|l 
John Ardem, knt. and left two aons, via. 

I. John, his heir, who had aa miy da 

Mai-d HATTON, who a. Ralph Tc 
her son, 

RoBBBT VrExoji, inh ui nd Hi 
II. Hugh. 

The second son, 

llrcH Hatton, m, Margaret, daoghlcra 
Jeflcry de Brajrne, and we pans froB !■■ I 
scvndant, (fifteenth from Wolfrid; 

pRTFR HiTTON, esq. who m. MRrpfH. 
and co-heir of Sir George Ro«tock,kaL of I 
in the county of Chester, and had issue, 

I. Kkhird. hill heir, anccvtur of tbc B 

Aldi'rton. in Shrop«hirr. 
II. Potrr, from whom the Hatton v.nfRuW* 
in the same county. 

III. IIrnry, of whom pn-^^ntlv. 

IV. Kob«'rt, anci><ti>r of thr HattoB*, of N 

ChrNhire, and of l^mdnn- 
V. John, from whom the branche« of Vu 
VI. Kalph, founder of the Hatton*. of ^v 

VII. Adam, from whom the Haltew. ef ^ 

and .Sutton, in Snrrry. 

VIII. Simon, ancestor of tha hranrh of Smd 

in Chrshire. 
IX. Hugh, d. a. p. 

Tlie third son, 

HI..NKY H%TTON, ejtq. m. Elisabrth. imt 
heir of William llnldeiiby. eaq. of HoM 
county of Northampton, and had twa ■ 
Richard. Thi- elder, 

Joii.N H«TTOK,e«q. m. Joan.daaghtsrrfli 
by, esq. of Kent, and had iasne. 

I. WiM.uv, of Holdeoby, who*- ASM* 
of Laurence Saunders, esq. of Ham 
in Northamptonshire, aad had Aiw 

I. Frsncis, d. young. 
7. Thomas, d. m. p. 
a. CHRi^ntpHKR I Sir), whs MM 
emiiienrc in tba mga ^ ^ 


B) hii fii»l Hiff, FiaiKi<-,<l.iiichti-i- aiiit heir «if Tliomai Sinilh,rM|. t4 Win«ti«, ia 




He tebcrtted HoUoiVy, and ereetod a 
splendid feridence tliere.* Sir Chriato- 
fiber wu irvt notioed by the qoeen at a 
maak at ooart, for the oomelineas of bis 
penon, and his grace in dancing ; and 
he inbacqnently, altboagh not bred a 
lawyer, attaineid the high station of 
Lord Crancxlumi, was sworn of the 
priry cminril, and made a knight of the 
garter, his instahnent taking place i3rd 
May, lM8.t He 4. nnm. in \M\. 

II. ioBii, of whom hereafter. 
IL Christopher. 

I. DoaoTBT, SI. to John Newport, esq. of Har- 
rooffaam, in the county of Warwick, and had 
a son, 

Sm WiLUAM NswpotT, who changed bis 
name to HATTOMyon inheriting the property 
•f bis onde, the lord diancellor. He m. 
Elisabeth, daoghter and heir of Sir Frands 
Gawdy, knt. chief justice of the Common 
Pleas, and had an only daughter, 

Pbarcbs Hattoii, m. to Robert Rich, 
second Eari of Warwick. 

8ir William dying thus without male issue, 
the chancellor's estates passed, under his 
will, to John Hatton, esq. 

mtamA son, 

■a Uattow, esq. of Graresend, in Kent, m. 

III, danght^T of War, or Ware, esq. of Sussex, 
had two sons, William, of Graresend, and 

■a Hattok, esq. of Stanton, In Cambridgeshire, 
Ig im UI9, who SI. Jane, daughter of Robert Shnte, 
af Ao bairons of the exchequer, and one of the 
!■§ ef the Conmoo Pleas, and by her had three 

h CflBlflrorBBB (Sir), of Kirby, in the county of 
I, made knight of the Bath, at the 
of Jamu I. This gentleman inhe- 
fkai, OB the faflnre of the male issue in Sir 
WilUaa (Newport) Hatton, the great estates 
ef the Lord Chancellor Hatton. He m. Alice, 
daughter of Thomas Penshaw, esq. of Ware 
Psik, and dying in 1010, was t. by his son. 

Sib CaaiiTOPHBB Hatton, made a knight of 
the Bath at the eoronation of Charles I. 
and distinguished himself afterwards by 
his seal in the royal cause, was created, 
la 1M3, Barom Hatton, of Khrbjf. His 
elder son and heir, 

Cbristophrr, seomd Lord Hatton, of 
Kirby, was created in 1681, Viscount 
Haitom, of Gretton. His lordship d. 
in 1700, and was i. by his son, by Um 
third wife, Elisabeth, daughter and 

eo-heir of Sir William ITaslewood, of 
Maidwell, Northamptonshire, 
William, second Viscount Hatton, 
who d. unm. in 1702, when the 
honours became extinct, t (See 
BuRKx's Extinct Petrage.) 
II. Robert. 
III. Thomas. 

The youngest son, 

I. Thomas Hatton, esq. of Long Stanton, in the 
county of Cambridge, was created a Baronet by King 
Charles I. 6th July, 1041. Sir Thomas, m. Mary, 
daughter of Sir Giles Alington, knt. of Horseheath, in. 
tfia same county, and had issue, 

Thomas, his heir. 
John, </. s. p. 

Christopher, who succeeded as Afdi Baronet. 

Elisabeth, M. to Sir William Botcler, knt of Kin- 
ton, Bedfordshire. 

He d. S3rd September, 10SS, aged serenty-ftre, and 
was «. by his eldest son, 

II. Sir Thomas Hatton, hart, who m. Bridget,dangh- 
ter of Sir William Goring, bart. of Burton, in Sussex, 
and had issue, 

Christopher, his successor. 
Thomas, successor to his brother. 

Mary , SI. to John Pocklington, esq. of Huntingdon, 
Elisabeth, m. to Thomas Day, esq. of Qui, in 

Rebecca, m. to — Crayker, esq. of London. 
Dorothy, si. to Tirrel Dalton, esq. of Pulbome, in 


He was «. by his eldest son, 

III. Sir Christopher Hatton, hart, who tf. young 
and was $. by his brother, 

ir. Sir Thomas Hatton, bart. who also d, young, 
when Uie baronetcy roTerted to his uncle, 

▼. Sir Christopher Hatton, bart. This gentle- 
man m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Buck, esq. of 
Westwick, in Cambridgeshire, and had seTeral sons 
and one daughter, of whom all predeceased him ex- 
cept Thomas and John, his successors, and William, 
who m. Susanna, daughter of Mr. Hinton, and had a 
son Christopher, in holy orders, rector of Gorton, in 
Cambridgeshire, the daughter died noon after him un> 
married. He d. in October, ITtO, and was J. by his 
elder surriving son, 

VI. Sir Thomas Hatton, bart. who m. first, Elisa- 
beth, daughter and heir of Cooper Orlebar, esq. of 
Hinwick, in the county of Bedford, but that lady 
dying Mb May, 1732, aged forty-four, he married soon 
after, Henrietta, daughter of Sir James Astry, knt. of 
Woodend, in the parish of Arlington, in the county of 
Bedford, $ but leaving no issue, was s. by his brother. 

, ia the " Britsnnia," speaking of Hnldenby 

\y kt was a ftatily and truly niaKiiificcBt piece 

Y, rrrcicd by Sir Cbriftopher Hation, privy 

Ifr ffMmm Elisabeth, bird cbanr«Ik>r t4 Euk- 

4 balgbi cff the farter, upon the lands ami inhe- 

sf kit grrsl paadmolbrr, bcir of the aucicul 

tf tlir Hoblrnbiei ; fw tbc i;rvatc»t and la>t in«»- 

if bis >ou'b, as himself aflenkanls was wont to 

,ik CH«iflT»PHRB Hatton died a bacbelur, 90tb 

.1^1, having adopted Sir William Newport, 

rb.. chanced bis name to Hation, bat in de- 

hsav malr by him, the estates were then settled 

4mm, Chri«tuphbb Hatton, son and heir of 

rrua, bis next biasiuau lu ibr uiaie line. 


t Chri-sTophlk, the Mcoml banm and tirst viscount, 
had, by his first wiri-. Lady Crrilia Tufton, daui;bter uf the 
Earl «>r Thauvt, an only (tanghter, 

Anne Hattun, who m. Daniel Finch, second Earl of 
Nottin^huin, and vixth Earl uf Winchelsea, and 
had with other iM»u«*, 
The Hommrable Kdwaru Pinch, who assumed 
the additional surname of Hatton, upon in- 
heriting the vstaleH o( Win uucic, of the halt- 
bhiod, William, laM Viscount Haltun. The 
gruu<l.<>on of lhi5 Edwanl, 
Gkorre-Finch-IIatton, cm. inherited, in 
IH4W. the Karldous of Winchelsea and 

$ By Anne, \u< wirr, m-couiI daughter of Sir 1' 
PenyMon, bart. oi Oornwcll, in 0.\fonl.<hii(.. 

KcaaStr, ID Sir Jshs Bitftat. taK. 
Sir Kldord indd>d, tttanUi, ttnj. dufblv ■( 
HcBTT Cvdrick, kst. ud bad b; her B« Ha ud < 

Join Ri<n>», vq. «• ■< n. 
tad iL Lnedij. rtMUfktB tf Gum 
liYiBC ia ISra. ki ohoB k* tad la 



RoaiB HsALB, iieocmd son oC William de Heale, and 
heir male on the death of bis brother Nicholas> lired 
timp. King Hknry IV. baring lerred in the Scotch 
want, and been there taken priaoner. Hia aon and 

Wii.LiAii Healk, settled at Hele, called for distinc- 
tion South Helc, in the parish of Comwood. in the 
South of Devon, and had issue by hia wife, Joan, 
daughter of Simon Cole, esq. of Slade. in that county, 
Ave sons and one daughter, 

I. John, of South Heale, who left issne, 

Walter Heal, of South Heal, who m. Jane, 
daughter of Tbomus Fortescue, esq. of Wy- 
meston, in Devon, by whom be bad nume- 
rous sons and daughters, of whom, 

John Helk, esq. of Hele, eldest son and 
heir, m. Alice, daughter and heir of 
Richard Brooking, esq. of Holberton, in 
Dfvon, and was living s. p. at tlie time 
of t!>e viditation in 1020. 
u. Hugh, of Comwood, ancestor of the Heles of 
that place, and of Diptford, in Devon, whose 
rcpro-sentative, Jacob Bickpord Ublb, esq. of 
Stcrt, in the latter parish, great-great-grcat- 
grandsou through daughters of Upton of Lup- 
ton, Prowse of Moore, Powell of Black Hall, 
and Bartlett of Exeter, all in Devon, of John 
H ele , esq. of Diptford , at the time of tbe herald's 
visitation, died in July, 1S35, aged seventy- 
eight, unmarried ; and was presumed to have 
been tbe last male heir of this ancient family. 
Ho was interred on the Itth July, with his 
ancestors iu the churrli of Diptford ; and it is 
a remarkable fact, that tlicre was but just suf- 
flcient room left in tbe vault for his coffin. 

III. Nicholas, of whose line we have to treat. 

IV. Baldwin. 
V. William. 

I. Juan, m. to John Stert, esq. of Devon. 

The third son. 

NiLiiuLAS Helb, esq. alM of South Hele, m. ftnt, 
Dyuiiiitia, d:iu);liti'r uf W alti.T Wuodley, v^q. of Tiil- 
bouriii; St. Mury, in Duton, by wUoiu hu hail two 
sons and i>nc d:iiiKhtt;r, 

1. William, of BrMgc Rcrcll, or Bxi 

Cornwall, who d, m, p,* 
II. John, of HolbMtoa. iD DwoB, wki 
beth, daughter of Thonu PoUni 
Kitley. in that coonty.t mnA kid. 
daughters, one eon, 

Walter, of Onmton, in Holbnts 
Elisabeth, danglrter of Wim 
esq. of NewnhuBB Park* m De 
descendant nnd heir of WOB 
esq. <tf NewnhBm. who n. Ehi 
child and heir, by his wiCr, h 
ter of Richard Powell, of Powi 
Sir Philip Couitcnay, kM. oi 
in Devon,t great-graadaoB of 
Coartenay, of Powderhaa Ci 
son of Hugh Cooitenay, wmcm 
Devon, by his wife M argaivC 
daughter of Humphray, Earl c 
and Essex, and the Piiniuss 
daughter of Kkmg Bdwbbb 1. 
had issue, 

I. S\xpso5i, of GBBttia, hifl 
Devon, 19ch A'iMf Jaai 
He m. Joan, eldeat daa^ 
John GlanTille, knt. of I 
in Devon, lord chief jasi 
Common Pleas, (for accaa] 
and of hie aoiw, sco Pan 
thk's, and Fovi BUS or Bl 
in Bl'bbb's rWBwiMwn, i 
bis l e piee catativeej.BDdl 

1. Judith, m. to GUbcft Yah 

Bradley, in Devoa. 
9. Jane, d. unm. 

3. Joan, M. to ThooMB Ptfvad 


4. Kranres, m, to John Sacllii 

Chaddiewood. in Ue«iia. 

5. Isabt'l, 1 
«. Agn< s. > d. 

7. Kli/.:ilH'th. J 

SuiCiii. HI. ti> Thomsa Imv 
INi^tilliiw or Pobliiw, ir. (i 

' • HiiiiKtic» of till- laniily irmji otiur •'••ll^ Mllh«l »MiIy 
ill CoiiiH.ill, ;inil thill* rliMiii«lii-«{ In 1 liNi. Juliii Hi-aU-, 
ut St. Ivi-s, ill that (-oiiiit). uiaiitvil laii'U I'lr •■vi-r to Jnliii 
llirkr: and Ji»liii Ili.ilf wa" at iiii i-ailv ii-tiirih-d 
W.V. for St. Iv.i-. \%iiili- NiriioLi.. Mrli* wjr. M.l*. fur 
LiokiMid ill lii' itiv:!, .iml .i^aiii in Ki'ij. Aiiiitii^ the 
(Niriii«li br.inchr* i>r liif fiiiuiK, wa-> the uni' mmIviI at 
BfiincttS the ia!>l of ^hich, Ommi' Jnhii llrlr. <*m|. wua 
Miciiit ul Cnriiw.ill ill liI^H; liiir\ llrlt-, hi* h« in •'>, uur- 
ru-il, in li'iiO, Hi \\\7\, Fraiici!> lia-M-t, fj. ni Tihii|\, in 
Cornw.iii, the i;rrai \;iandt'aih(T oi the late Xm^uX !>«■ iMin- 
st.invillr, lalhi-i of Fi.iiin'!i, thi- |M'vi lit Baioiic^' lf.i*><>i-ll, 
(m'v BiKkK't PtiTUffe,) viho inlii'iiti-il, \tiih her,;;v 
|MHM-«'ioni inoiuilini; the iiuuor of IViilcdii. 

f Now the Ki-iit, by dr«rt'nt,of Kdiuonit Pollcxfiii B.i!>- 
tuni, r^i- foiiiifily M.P. lor the county of iK-von. i.Scv 
Bi'KKk'k ('vminunrrit.) 

I Hr wan !>iroiiii :iiid yoiin;'t';>t ron by Kli/.ibrlh, the 
dHiiL^htii .hkI htir ot llin;;t!>li>n, ot Sir I'hilip i'nuiK-riiiy, 
knt. Ill Molland, in l)r\oii. .inil Jiail two ki'tci". 

1. Kli/a^M'ih, Hhii m. lui kiii«nuii, KiImjhI (Nniite- 
nay, r..iil ul Diamii, hy wliniii «l,i- liad \\ illiain 
f'liiiiii ii.i\, K-iil III |)« von, will! m. \\w Prinrc^* 
K.ithi-iiiii , il.iii^hii-i ul Kiiii; FMwanl IV. ini'i 
h-ol iN-iir, Hi my ('oiiitiiiay . Maii|iii« ol K\cti-r, 
lalh* r of H^ivi.iiii, Ihr »^coiif| ami Jai-t iimpjiii-, 
will! ilii-d iiiiMi. at I'ailiia: aii<t 

II Mai :::iM I, ^^\l•^ m. a« •hmv ii ali<>\i-, Sir JkIiii C'haiii 
|M iiiiiwrii . knt. ••! MiMliiiiix ri-tli-,|i\ wlioiii .hi 
w.i< .iiiii lilt III Sir III ill > rh.iiii|M iiikuim . km 
««iiMM 'liit.-htti Uiiil^il, ^»J^ fill itih •§ I'ho 

nia^ IIiU, 

ll.ll'olll I. 

• »«j. f*! F!»»!. ii:!><i 

) Sampson Nili'< chil'livn Hiri'. 

Mathi-w, 111 IIoIhiH, m l>t\tin. ft. Ifflrt. ^; 
of that roiiiity .it ihe Kf*i>ir3iftD. |r^> * 
^aiil ihv braoihv!! of hi* t4iiiiU mrt* * ■ 
Jiinl ail of >iirh uinhI • MiU' wiihis 'li* (^* 
III- a«M-iiiM(-<l a tiraii*! luri, n |>rr<citiB; ' 
tiii'iiof, ami M'MulH UuiJf r twt nit.*.! t*^' 
and hloiht, ■^riitli-iiifn »•( r»latr jik! ■|t«Ii'i ' 
lliadi- thr |ild.;f •■l»«-r\i , «hrli Ik- fe'il^' 
W iMtoiii. r*ii. I ailr-it — a ];talill *ri'. ib *d 
of CornwiHul— * thai hv lh-.>ajh; 'hr* ■• 
dt'M'viiili-d from WikIiiiii, lb ihjl iki* ^ 
sHi'h t-on!>idvrablf furiuiH* " " Hr Ufl *• 
ami lirir. 

M4THI.W. ot Holwrll. nh-i .iiolc-r ' 
wjs «iu*ci>rilot by iiis uDck. S«ci|>« 
J<>hn. d. ». I'. 

Sami*-on, hi-ir to hi« n^phrw Vitiir*. > 
am! Iii^h ohnitl uf Drv.iu -lib \l iLLiii » 
UVM, whi'»»- *on, 
Sa«ii"»un, itiol r. fi. in Iih5. b hip. >^ 
i>tiii>liiy. (Uii^hli'i tif Sii K:rik.* Pi* 
lit Burkiind, *^**^ lU-x^ii.lo] !■■ F 
Fourll»roiiib, throu^k Sllt«W attll* 
a *'*\\ and mh ri-»«iti , 

HiM-.iH. of HoU«ll. wh-. «. Jtliti 
<i-| -il ThMlUilsi Pii rt«--«l.<~i ■ 1 1^ 
ill |li\iin, .uiil lia<l bi li't. «!- 
ii'inilv, -Sn- Viixiiii' IS".! •' 
■>••! .btir^. Ill* r...htil*. 

of HtKfjtnm, ia the cooBty of De- ' 

a. ftnt, to John Ckolwidi, «tq. of Row- 
D Devon; end eeoondly,to John Brown- 

, of Sooth Hole* m. eeoondly. Mercery, 
Lkfaerd I>ovae» ceq. of Holdsworthy, in 
ikh fhafly eee Pbimcb's Wtrtkks), end 

I, of whoB pieeently. 
of Newton PeiieiVs in Deron, who m, 
r. demktor end heir of NidioUe or WU- 
;ole,eeq. <tf Peinton, ia Deron, end hed 
a end tihree deo^ilen. 
, of Brixton, In Deron, who m. Joene, 
ter of Thenee M eynerd, ceq. of Brixton, 
ed leeee two eons, Eliee end Nicholee ; 
der of whom, heving lost his only son, 
Is estete to cheriteUe uses, perticuleni 
ieh ere reoocded in PeiMcs's WortkUt, 
ir)» knt. of Wembary , in Devon, seijeent- 
• of whom PeiMCs obserres " thet he 
most eminent person in his profession, 
' other in his deys, of his renh, belong- 
< Ae lonf robe ; en evident proof and 
lecntion whereof is the vest weelth end 
he ecqnired Cwith God's blessing) by his 
sdosCry, wlii^ in boildinfs, lends, end 
•t emonnted to ebove en hundred thou- 
ieande,e good port of which he bestowed 
rity to the poor. He pnrchased e fair 
in the perish of Wembary, about four 
net of Plymouth, where he built a most 
I, beyond eny other in those days 
oonntry, and equal to the best now ; 
tly seet for show, for reoeipt spacious. 
It ewnptaons, for situstion salubrious ; 
he see, upon en advanoed ground, hav- 
dcUfhtsome p roepect both of sea and 
round whidi ley a noble park, well 
d with Callow deer, whose reflection, as 
rcre greiing. might be seen in the mar- 
avels, dirough the ceaements, of the 
er chimneys." Sir John Hele m. Mar- 
deu^kter end co-heir of Ellis Warwick, 


esq. of Betsborow, end dying 4th June, 1000, 
left issue (beside three eons whod.i. jr. nemed 
Ellys, Benjemin, end Thomas,) six sons and 
one daughter, vis. 
1. Wabwick (Sir), knt. of Wembary, high 
sheriflT of Devon 17 Kimg Jambs I. who 
m, first, Mary, eldest daughter of John 
Helse, eeq. of Kenidon, in Devon, and 
relict of William Hawkins, esq.* of Ply- 
mouth, (for both of which temilies see 
also Pb I mob's Worthies i) and secondly, 
Maigeret, daughter of Sir William 
Cuurteney, knt. of Powderham Castle, 
but d. t. p. in January, 10S5. His lady 
afterwards married Sir John Chudleigh, 
end dying I7lh July, 1018, wes buried 
at Bichmond, in Surrey. 
9. John, d. t. p, 

3. Francis (Sir), knt. who m. Jane, dau^- 

ter of Rogers of Cannington, in Somer- 
setshire, end left, with one daughter, a 
John, whose only daughter and heir 
m. Sir Edward Hungerford, K. B. 
who sold the estate of Wembury to 
George, Duke of Albemarle ; from 
whose son, Christopher, Duke of 
Albemerle, it was purchased in 1060 
by John PollexfiBn, esq. of Plymouth, 
merchant ; his son, John Pollexfen, 
esq. bequeathed it, with other ee- 
utes, in 1744, to Dame Frencee 
Chudleigh, at whose demise they 
devolved on her daughters and co- 
heirs. (See CnuDLBioH Baronetcy.) 
The manor of Wembury was allotted, 
on partition, to Elisebeth Chud- 
leigh, who sold it in 1757 to Wil- 
liam Molesworth, esq. whose heiress 
brought it to Lord Camden; and 
from him Wembury was purchased 
in 1803 by Thomas Lockyer, esq. of 

4. Nicholas, m. Dorothy Stradling, of Bris- 

tol, and had two daughters. 

JouaMA, m. Ar»l, in 17^, Perecrine, 
tbird Daks uf Lvik1«, by whuiii she 
had BO i»«oc ; and »«roD<11y, 7th Oct. 
1 731, Chari«-a. M^oml Earl uf Purt- 
WHc, K.T. by whi»m ibe bad ifKa«. 
• See Bt-aBK'i Pefragt.) 
Chabitt, m. to tb« Kighi Hon. Ge»rK« 
Trcbv.of PUmptun, in Devon, ton of 
Sir Gr</rv;«' 'frvti), iuni rhirf Jiistire of 
ihr Cuminun Pli*«9, aud had ifsiio, a 
Htm, GfoTKr, who d. «. p. and thrvv 
djafbtrr*, vi/. 
Cmabitt Tbkbt, whi> inarrii'd Paul 
ll«nry Oorry, etfi. oinimiMioucr 
uf the Navy, iin<l had i»5Qr, 
pAtLTaisr (>i-RBY, who at- 
■uurd 10 17H2 the nauiv aud 
aniu of Tb£by. 

Charity Oanr>, m. to Moutai{a«- 
ISAtntrwX Parkt-r, e»q. of 
Whil««ay invxi brother tif 
John, lir>t l^inl Borin<£don. 
father of John, prcMrnt Karl 
Morkry, (mc Bl'BKX's Peer- 
a^,;by whom the wa» grand- 
mother uf MoNTiCI'E Eu- 
■ofti> PtBKKB.r^ti. of White- 
way, M.P. for South Dfvon. 
/K«e Bvrbc'a fVmmwNWTf, 
\*A. li i>ai!«- Xi'i.t 

Cjp'lini Ouir>, m- to Sir Wil- 
imni \l<^ej>«ufth,bArt. of Pen- 

carrow,in Cornwall, by whom 

she wa» grandmother of the 

pn>»eiit SiK William Molxs- 

WORTH, bart. 

DoRfrrHY Trkby, who m. Edward 

Drewf, VM\. feee Prince** Wor- 

thift), and had a son aud daagb- 

ler. viz. 

Edward Drcwe, deceased. 

Dontihca-Juliaua Drewe, m. to 

Arthur Kelly , omj. of Kelly, in 

Devon. (See Bi'RKB's Tofit- 


Anne Trkbt, who m. Benjamin 

Hayen, vm\. and hail a son and 


Trrby Hele Hayes, eM|. of Ikl- 
Inwore, in Devon. 

Alice, died In infancy. 
EJizabelb, born in 1014. 

* She had iiwae hy her first husband Hawkins, who was 
descendant and heir of the great admiral, dauuhters and et»- 
heireoses ; of whom Fraureit Hawkins m. John Newton, 
enq. of Crabalon Court, in 1)evi>n, wh<»«e deMrendant awl 
heir, John Newton, of Crabaton Couil, left an only i»r- 
viviii); child, Kii/ahi-th Newiou. who m. tlf\ October. 
I7'i!i, John Powill.tM|. of UUck Hall. fSet Bi'RBK't 
Cifrnmoficrt. vol. iv ) 

J. Walter, m. Honor, ilniiiliMr a1 Thorn 
Uijmird, tMH. of Sbnrfonl, In Devon, 
4nd nUct of Johu ForUKiu, cni ' 


r. PbUpju. n.u SlrRiglnild MohDo.knl. 
■Dd bin. or Hall BxllniuKk ODd Boivd- 

John MDbnD, Lord HsboB, of Oak- 
Bliubeih Mnhiin. 

Tnaa» Hita, «q. of EioMr tad of Fleet Dimuell, 
In the fmrlMb at Holbcnon, la the cauiicy of DcTon, 

high ■hsrurof the ablrc U Qunn Eliiiutu, 
Mil manied Jultin, ilaugbUr of Johu Smyth, t: 

wbon Kill, dited 19th Pebniiry. ">", 

ntaat, llU7,birii]g \uat two loiu inij 
1. Wuwiot. uf nibcombe, high tbtrill of 

d«Djh(n' of Thonaov Gilbert, esq, 
Babeomba, by whom iwho died Vtb 

in December. 1013, 
1. Leirli, UTJiig iu lUl. 

I. JonD. «. u Kobert Rolle. »q, <if HenDtmi, 
Deton. (ud d, in ISM, baling bod iuna. 

The eldsl ann and tailf , 

Tnoiiti IULl,a«|. of Flavt, bifh ilHrilT of Df 
IB Johu 1. lOIB, m. Bridget, danghteT (by Calhni 
•Ideal daugbla of Hir Rlcbnd Edgcomba, kAt. of 
■loniii edgmmbe, high aberilT of Dieen IS HlHIi 
VIII. and I Qatra ViiT, the builder of Moiuil Bdr 
coBba Huiue ud asceiUT of tbe earl* tbareof,) of Sir 
Henry Cliampemowna, knL of Modfanry Caelle oi 
CoiiTi,t in DeroD, and had ail iou* and foar dangb- 

I. Ricbard, named iBIkawaitf •KB 
ofFlaet. Iba awaod tamaat. aal 
luring i-« by M* vWn, M«T. 
RichaHl Nalatdaa. aa^. ^ Ma 
UnoB. who d- in FaknBy. UV, 

, after Am teatt it 

■be tbiid b>nno, la Mn. 

>. Peoelopy, m. la C br «a « i|bar Bta^ 

TotDBH, Ln UvTon, kla aaaiaaJ ^it 

I. DaldbeUa, m. bit. M &ir llBlll 

Hoa, of whan Bdwsrt. B 
lied Toiing, and Kotnt ■ 

■rllbimt iaaiw. tut am ttm 
of ifaeir tiBilj rraiB tkMr i 

whOH imty nblld. Mmty VMb, • 
UnoaaD, BIr Ulikaf4 T1< 1 
ban. tu whom iIm otRfcd ^ ■ 
•etata af Vltlu. Caewailh «i I 
Bnlling. bTber Baartaflb IW •*■■ 
Ike VlWu (amllr. nAKr a a^Hi 

aerondlT, Boak)'M«f Ctm^tmuf.m^ 

In tbal DoaDI)[. atUi tm^iy Oatti^ 
lu- and eolielr of Wlllkw RaArM 


I. KB- ef 

tuth— ■li-.alima 

•n ai <HIM«. ti J< 

St, Gcnwtu. in tk« nnDtr of ConimU. IMi JbIt. 
mtU. Siuu. dinehtn oT John EllM. caq. or Purl 
£liM,DftheC>nuIyaf tbc DuvBi EliotmBd EmiUof St. 
GpRDnni : but r<. in Apnl, teri, i. p. Then ifac Bnu- 

upna liiiDcphnr, tVillism pDvclLriq. of Bluk Hall, 
bnt F1«t uid iu (lUtfa pauFd, oudfi lh« will at Sir 
SuniiFl. to tbe hrir nmlr, 

RlcHiln HicLI, iKlhiE nuitd, in fanlj nnlen. and 
rector of Si. Hfl«i«. In Cornwiill. tIio rfiiiciTiBR to 
Fleet, died Itun, »tb JulT. imi. t»riDi! kHne by his 
wife, Jndilh, duKhlerafGearseCirey, U.U. of Clo 
rf. in Miy, i; 

if DcTon. Dean of Eul 

Th« »on, Richiird HeU, nq. of Fletl, N. P. for 1 

JiiM Vouiroiii HiLi, who d. % minor in 
in Anind. II IG, [he l»l af the male line i 
oben Pleet and itii eMilea puKd. u ■ mirl 
TUB friendaliip, under tbe will nf hu father, 

bhwdnftlie family, frum Ihe liBht kcinaf tbeoriKinal 

Black Hall.- u> Jamei Bultecl. uq. ot MemUaud. in 
the nmuty of III 

» Jobs Hull 

Jobn Crocker Hultei'l, rtq. of Lyueham, in Ucrnii, 
fonnerly M. P. for tbo aoulh of thai coeuly, m. Lady 
Eliubelb Ciny, third dauehler af Earl Gity, K. G. 

and baa uaua. (S« Bt'ixi'a />HrafiJ 


and hrir of Tbomaa Vadx, clerk c 
■he EiKhtb'a Kixpital, and h^ la 
THOiut, bla hair. 

Margery, ni 
Ha m. Mcondly, Mirf. duchin- af Wat 
eiq. af CiaawnburT, ud had by her On 
•OD and heir by tab firit wih, 

Sia THunii, kat. af Cou* 
•beriffarKeDI, waaliriBfiB laiB. He ■ 
dauRhler at Jidin Wllford. caq. of Eatrl 
with lennl danghlrra, nnc of whuM. 
Ling, Thnmaa Taylor, al UadiMnhan, f« 
Bowyer, aced twenty in I«I*l 


Thmnai Hudd, eaq. of Gore Caan.! 

ceitoralilw Hi:m;>ut> nrCvmCaa 

Sir Tbamaa Handley-. aon or KnndMD, 

I. WiLTai Hisui.ET. ca>|. of CMktell, 

Jraat-Paly, k«Ddy, go. aad M. d^i 



Tlir manor of Falijohn, in UinkliU. ( 

in IMl. lie ■. llurotby. daii|blet of Htv 
ford, r-n- iif I'aul-i W aldra. Hertt, lU It 

■ i.'sia llr%a( lU^i.nfWuiUrU.o'Mi 
daoiitairr .>■ Sir John C.tUii. hut. «( 1* 

o hrr bmbrr. aW 

l.ritl!ri^b"«i,l"ll„<l> Mi< 'kIkI-INU Foh'/i'n. Iu a<ldl- 
li<>al»ih<'l-i>'..| l-'l,*-!, „• kni •hri>B.iB'<nlrr Ih.t li 

hlr>ia''dl<',ii>-ii>hi,li">!i-iH,|nr!^lh><l <u ll-'iB Kialh i.r 

b) Kill h) ll., 11.1,. 1.-1 ,~O.I. ,1 il ,-t lh.|F ijiiiilt, 

•.•in:;l<> -im, iiii :ilii> -ill ■■ Sn J»liii P.iorli, 

IM i,<'iiiIIh', ,',f'l>AM'.'.4 ll."iii::ri<«, ' i,>l't'hJ>i|-cr-' 

i-anr. <ii naitiaEi.Hi, int., >blrh Uw •>«» ■ 
Mn.wl inariml. -Sir thai i.tlr.- »Ur. a 

4 tCdVli'.'.-.'lt'^.}, .IqT M IM HA ■ 

IkiB-r.d lli^.iu-ni.r.iaiiaifb'ocnrai; 
ih> lauily, ■•> ddi aurif vto •h.nit i*M< ■ 
riirrav la loll, rr„Bi tm •H-iAr* a»l kna 
tM Mm Ilifh} r..arrtl, «r SlMk-HiU. to 1 
(naaiirr FMrr, Himulia. Wk PiwiUt.* 
■on II ■■!• t'hii,|. I^ilii. [tvan^akr Fa»n*« > 
exi. .,r Hri.k inn yali,«. IB Ikr .»ari> ■• * 



iMtr to her toother, m, to Jmms Dew* 
4. who sold her moiety of the estate, in 
• to Lord Henry Beaucslerlc. 


■ABp Hbrb, of Winhfleld, died anmar- 
rty pert of the laet oentary, when the 



about 1740. 

fLST, eeq. of Henley, in the county of 
■heriff in 1013, was grandfather of 

HsMLKT, knt. bencher of the Temple. 

the King's Bench, who m. first, Mrs. 
her had a son, ancestor of the Hrnleys 

Hampiriiire. He m, secondly, Anne, 
r of John Eldred, esq. of Saxham, in 
ad by that lady three sons, Anuskw. 
ert. Sir Robert died in the possession 
orth £MM a-year. His eldest son by 

I IN LIT, esq. of Henley, was created a 
agCHABLKsII. Sir Andrew M. Mary, 
- John Gayer, knt. of London, and had 

s heir. 

accessor to his brother. 

OT. to Carleton Whitelocke, esq. 

1079, and was suooeeded by his elder 

BT Hbnlbt, MP. for Andorer in 1661. 
I died unmarried about 1090, leaving 
MO in debt, and was succeeded by his 

bbw Hbnlbt. who continuini? the ex- 
te of his brother, soon run out and sold 
I OT. a daofhter of Mr. Rail, of Veatly, 
and had (with two daughters) his sue- 

■T Hbnlbt, who appears to hare been 
ly hsmble drcnmstsncpn. It is stated 
mt with the qoeen's letter to sea, and 
I fstwn in th«! port of Ssndwich. 
wU», ef Camberwell, but died without 
» ytmr 1740, when the BABONrrrr be- 

10th Not. lOSl. 

8th March, 1748. 

lioa rampant arg. crowned or, a border 
of torteanxes. 

Thx Hon. Sib Edw abo Hibibrt, knt. of Red Castle, 
in the county of Montgomery (afterwards called 
Powis Castle), second son of William, first Earl of 
Pembroke, m. Mary, only daughter aud heir of Thomas 
Stanley, esq. of Stenden, in Hertfordshire, master of 
the Mint in 1570, and was s. by his eldest son. 

Sib William Hbbbxbt, K.B. so created at the coro- 
nation of King Jambs I. who was elevated to the peer- 
age in 10-20, as Baron Powis, of Powis Castle. He m. 
Eleanor, dauj^hter of Henry Percy, Earl of North- 
umberland, and had (with two daughters) a son and 

I. Pbbcy Hebbbbt, of Red Castle, who, in the life- 
time of his father, and before that gentleman was 
raised to the peerage, was created a Baronbt 10th 
Norember, 1083. Sir Percy m. Elisabeth, daughter of 
Sir William Craren, knt. alderman of London, and 
had issue, 

WiLUAM, his successor. 

Mary, m. to George, Lord Talbot, eldest son of 
John, Earl of Shrewsbury. 

He inherited the barony of Powis on the decease of 
his fsther in I0S5, and dying in 1000, wss s. by his 

II. Sib William Hebbbbt, third Lord Powis, who 
wss created, in 1074, Earl of Powis, and on the ac- 
cession of King Jambs II. Viscount Montgomery and 
Marquess of Powis. His lordship, foUowiug the for- 
tunes of his royal master, withdrew into France at 
the Revolution, and was subsequently created Mar- 
quess of Montgomery and Duke of Powis.* He was 
sfterwards outlawed for not returning within a limited 
time and Dubmitting to the new government. He m. 
Lady Elisabeth Somerset, dsughter of Edwsrd, Mar- 
quess of Somerset, and dying at St. Germains, 3nd 
June, 1000, was s. by his only son, 

III. Sir William Hebbbbt, who was restored to 
the honours enjoyed by his father prior te the Revo* 
lotion, and was thus fourth Lord Powis, an:l second 
Earl and .Marquess. His lordship m. Mary, daughter 
and co-heir of Sir Thomas Preston, bait, of Pumess, 
in Lancashire, snd had two sons, vis. 

WiLUAM, his heir. 

Edward, m. Henriette, daughter of James, first 
Earl Waldegrave, and dying in I7S4, left by 
that lady (who m. secondly, Mr. Beard, the 
comedian,) a posthumous child, 

Bariara Hebbbbt, whom. first, Henry-Arthur 
Herbert,created Baron Herbert.of Chirbury, 
in 1743. 

The marquess died in 1745, and was s. by his elder 

IV. Sib William Hebbbbt, third Marqoeas of Powis, 

Istlcr boDour* were of coarse never acknowledged in England. 
LL 197 



who died unmarried 8th Mardi, 1748, when all hia 
honoan, including the Baron etc r. became kxtinct; 
and hia eatatea derolred, under hia lordship's will, 
upon the husband of hia nieoe, Henry-Arthur, Lord 
Herbert of Chirbury.* 

Arms — Party per pale ax. and ga. three lions ram- 
pant arg. a crescent for difference. 


Created in 1600— Extinct in 1880. 


Fraxcis Hbrbirt, esq. of Dolgiog, in Montgomery- 
shire, son of Matthew Herbert, esq. (uncle to the cele- 
brated Lord Herbert of Chirbury), by Margaret, sister 
of Francis Foxe, of Bromfield, in Sulop.had two sons, 

1. Matthew, his heir. 
II. Francis, of Oakley Park, whose son, 

Richard, of Oakley Park, a mag^trate and 
deputy-lieutenant for Salop, married Flo- 
rentia, daughter of Richard, second Lord 
Herbert of Chirbury, and had 
Francis, whose son, 

Hbnry-Arthir Herbert, esq. was 
created Baron Herbert of Chirbury, 
21st December, 1743, and in tliree 
years after advanced to the Earl- 
dom OP Powis,huTing espoused Bar- 
bara, niece of William Herbert, last 
Marquess of Powis. His lordship's 
son and successor, the second Earl 
of Puwis, dying s. p. in 1801, the 
honours became rxtkmct^ while the 
estates passed to his sister, Lady 


of Kdward, I/Ord Clirn. 
(leorKe, who m. in UVQ'A, Martha, dauRbter 
of Juhn Newton, of Heiithtlfv, and re- 
lict of Richard Owen, and hud a sun. 
Franc Is, M.P. for MnntpouK'ry, who 
M. Mary, dauchter of Rowland 
Bau;:h, fdq. by Mary, Ium wife, 
datiglitrr and co heir of Thomait, 
I<ord Folliutt. and had (leurgo, 
Henry, and Marv. who m. (..uptain 
Fn'dfrick (-ornewall.uf Uiddlebury. 
and was mother of thi* late Bishop 
of Worcfutpr. 

The elder son of Francis Herbert of Dolgiog, 

1. Matthew Hlkbebt, esq. of Bromfield. in Shrop- 
shiri', high sheriff thereof in I(IM, was I'rrated a Ba- 
ROM.T in HiHO. He m. Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Lucy, of Cbarlr^ote. in Warwickshire, but d, s. p. in 
18(D, when the Baron CTcr became bxti.nct. 

Arm*- As Hckskbi ok Rkd Ct.sTLR. 


CREtTku ,1rd July, 1C80.— Kitinct 


I. Tno«a» H>.rhi:ri, «iq. of Tin te rue. in the wunty 
of Monmouth, created w BiRONAT at the Hmturatiun, 
m. fint, Lucy, daughter of Sir Walter Alexauder, Lnt . . 

and secondly, ElisRbeth, daoghitir cf Sir O 
ler, knt. and relict of Henry P<MHR*i, « 
shire. Sir Thomaa was t. at Ua AnriM ly 
II. Sir Hbnrt HsiiBfln'. wl»»fls«d hiai 
Yorkshire, and married Anme,imMi^ktuot 
Harrison, knt. of AHcrthorpe, in that a 
Henry appears to have died withoat iam 
Baronetcy is supposed to hmTe B&riBBD m 

ilriR-f— As Herbert or RcD Castlb. 


20th Not. lOOS. 


This family, anciently written HAiirs 
and Heiri K, was long of eminence in the 
Northumberland. One of its members, W 
ron, who had license to castellate bis hoai 
was summoned to parliament as a Varoe i 
of Kdw%rd III. and another. Sir Richard H 
ttimilarly diumified by Richard 11. fS« 
Extinct Ptrragf.) 

Sir John Hairin, one of the aoUicfs« 
QUEROR, pOBsensed Ford, with a Tery gasd 4 
acquired Chipchase by marriage with tti 
and heir of its Saxon lord. Sir Wilbam CI 
C'hii>ches Cantle. From Sir Juhn we pass « 

I. Ci'TMslrt Hrrdk, «*m{. of Cbipchasf 
the couiit> of NorthuniberlunJ. who wa* 
K%ilii\».T by Ai/i/i: i'H(Ri.F.» II. loth \tnra 
Sir (.'utlilxTt M. ti^^t, hliz ibfth. thiril «Ua|t 
Richard <>raliaiu, hart, of Neth>-rby. snii 
five diiughttr'*, time miu*. nanirl>, 

I. CiTiiHi-Kr, hio heir, wlio «. V.liit^ 

ter of Sir John Mallnry. kot. cf > 
the county of > ork. and d>iB2 lo d 
of hip> father, left an onl\ child, bis 
KiizisETH HkRo^, liviog in >« 
Ralph JeniiiiMin, rsq. of Wilwvi 
II. John, successor to the bamnetri. 
III. CHtRM:», heir to his bnrther. 
Sir Cuthbert m. s«i'nndly, Mim T h u m psna. 
of George llinmson, esq. of ^'orkahirr. sb 
lady had another son, 

IT. C( THRi-BT, whom.rathrrine,daaflM 
ard Myddletim, esq. of Offpfifln. ■ 
and d>ing in 17 A. left a soa, 
Thum as, who succeeded as ftfth b 

I. Dorothy. 

II. Mary. 

III. Henrietta. 

IV. Klixabeth. m. to — Penwick. cb|. if ' 

V. Catherine, m. to Mr. SmiA, if SioAi 

He wa4 .<. at his decease, in iaH« by hit c 
vising «on. 

II. Slit JuH.^ Hbro^, who a. kmm*^ 

Refer lo R« %%.k'> Ij-tinet and Uarmant Petragf" 



Ni, «tq. of ]li«MptOB> In HoBtiiigdoiisliire, 
I o«ly isnghttr and hdr, 

STTA HiBOW, Mr. Huxley, of London. 

who nrHTod him, died Wtk October, 1713, 
iriedintlieAbbeyChnrebof Bath. He was 
toeaee, ahoot the year 1693, by hia brother, 
Cbarlm Hsaoji.who m. Catherine, daugh- 
VilHain Ponltney, knt.<tf St. James's Street, 
, and had one son, Harry, and three daugh- 
MB two died yonng , and the third, Cathe- 
r. Paaton, of Banff, in Scotland. He was 
eoease by his son, 

UsuT HnoN,* an oAoer in Uie Guards, 
danbeth Corentry, bnt dying without imne 
•s 1. by (the only surriTing son of Cuthbert 
|. his unde by the half-blood), his cousin, 
raoMAS HsBOif, who inherited the esUtes 
led the surname of his maternal uncle, 
[yddleton, esq. of Offerton. He m. first, 
daughter of Ralph Pinlay, esq. of Carrick- 
id secondly, Elisabeth, daughter of Alex- 
ithnot, esq. of Portree, in Scotland. By the 
lo died in 17S3, he had an only daughter, 

who sold the estate of Crinkle Park to 
eowsin, Robert Wharton Myddleton, esq. 
■i. Captain Baron, of Alnwick, and had 
danghters, ria. 
isabedi Baron, who died in 1790, aged six- 

kRT BAROfi,si. to George Lynn, esq. of South- 
wiA House, in the county of Northampton. 

a dying thus without male issue, S7th May, 
Bstate of Bowlby, ice, passed to his ooujtin, 
MTton, esq.t of Old Park, in the county of 
who assumed the surname and arms of 
M. At the decease of Sir Thomas the 
r is said to hare become bxtinct, bat has 
sod by Cuthbert Heron, esq. of Newcastle- 

three herons arg. 



in 1012. 


-■oLi« llsRTBV. of the privy chamber to 
IT \ 111. and ambauMdor from th..t roonarrh 

to the emperor's court at Ghent, left by his second 
wife, Bridget, daughter and heir of Sir John Wiltshire, 
of Stone Castle, in Kent, and widow of Sir Richard 
Wingfield, two sons, the elder of whom, 

HiifRY Hbrtby, esq. was fither of 

I. Sir William Hbrvbt, of Ridbrooke, in Kent, 
who acquired high military reputation in the reigns 
of Blizabbtb, Jambs I. and Charlbs I. He first 
signalised himself against the Armada, baring boarded 
one of the galleons, and killed the captain, Hugh 
Mon$ade, with his own hand; he was afterwards 
knighted and employed in Ireland, where continuing 
his eminent career, he was created a Baron rr 31st 
May, 1019, and the next year raised to the peerage of 
that kingdom, as Baron Herrey of Ross, in the 
county of Wexford. He was subsequently made a 
peer of England, in the dignity of Baron Herrey, of 
Kidbrooke. He m: first, Mary, relict of Henry, Earl 
of Southampton, and daughter of Anthony, Viscount 
Montacute, and secondly, Cordelia, daughter and co- 
heir of Brian Anslow. esq. of Lewisham, in Kent. He 
had three sons, William, killed in Germany, John, 
died in Ireland, and Henry, who died young, beside 
an only daughter and erentual heir, 

Eliza BBTH Hbrvby, who m. John Herrey, esq. of 
Ickworth, and d. $. p. Mr. Herrey's estates 
derolred upon his brother. Sir Thomas Herrey, 
knt. whose eldest son, 
John Herrey, became Earl of Bristol. 

His lordship outliving his sons, died in 104S, when 
all his honours, including the Baron btct, became 


ilrsM— Gules, on a bend arg. three trefoils slipped 


nth Oct. lOttl. 

7th June, 18*22. 


Robbrt Hkwrr, esq. a gentleman of ancient ex- 
traction,; poflKessed a considerable estate at K ilia- 
march, in Derbyshire, temp. Hbnky V1II.$ and had 
two sons, Robert, who d. s. p. and his successor, 

William HkWkT, esq. who d. in 1509, aged serenty- 
seren, snd was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, Lon- 
don : he left four sons, John, his heir, Solomon, 
ThomaR, and William; from the three last sprung 
the families of Hewet, of Pishobury, Herts, the 

Ibr year 1737 Sir H«iTy Hrron l» ftated to 
sgr«l Cbipcbafe CA«lle and mtatr to Archibald 
rlliaBbsm, whi**r iinl> *oii, John, left the pn>- 
I daofbtrr, «tto m. Chri<itopher .SonUby, c^q. 
he Hirasme of R(«r(l. 

larloa ws« ima of Tbomai Wharton, e«q. M.D. 
fc, Ibr frirad an<t riirre«poodeBt uf (iniv the 
randton of Hubert W'lartnn, em. vf Old Park, 
Am wife, daagbier of Richard Myddleton, e»q. 
, sad aiatrr td Csiharine, the ni<»ther of Sir 
hart. (9ft BuBBB't Cammcnert, vol. i. 

: There was a Sir WtLxra Hewbt, who mads a 
diMingtiDthed flKiire in Euwaru lll.'i wan in Prance. 

> Of the »iiie family wa» Sir William Hbwbt, lord 
mayor (»f London, lAStt, hut whether brother to this 
Robert is not certain ; of him we find the following cir- 
cumiitanrp related in Stom 'b Survey of London : 

" Sir William Hcwrt, ciothworker, mayor, IMS, aon 
of Edmund Hrwrt. He d. 0th Pebin4ry. IMW. His wife 
was the d«a:(hter of Leveson, of Kent. This mayor was 
a merchsnt pussest ol s great estate ralaed at £0000 per 
annum, and was Mid to have had three sons, and one 
daujghter; to which daughter this miscbsnce happened 
(the father then livlnc o|N>n London bridge). The msid 


H K W 


Hewets, of Shire Oakec. Nott», and the Heweti, of 
StrvttOD, in Leicetterehire. The eldest con, 

John Hiwkt, esq. surrive.! hia father bat three 
Tear*, dyintr in 1002. He m. Eliiabeth, daughter of 
Sir Robert Hampcon, knt. aldennan of London, by 
whom (vho ■•. secondly. Sir Gilbert Wakering, and 
thirdly. Sir Robert BeTile, K. B.> he had 

JoHx, his heir. 

Cadierini*. m. in 1817, to George Byng, esq. of 

He vas s. by his son, 

I. JuHK Hewet. esq. of Headly Hall, in the oonnty 
uf York, who was rreated a Biaoxrr by King J axes 
I. nth October, 1621. Sir John ■•. Catherine, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Bevile, K. B. of Chesterton, in 
Huntingdonshire, and co-heir of her brother. Sir 
Robert Berile, jun. K. B. who 4. in 16M, and by that 
lady had issue, 

I. JoHx, his saccesaor. 
II. Robert. 

I. Elizabeth. 

II. Catherine, m. to Robert Cheek, esq. of Purge, 
in Kssex. 

III. Frances. 

IV. Anne. 

V. Grace, m. to Sir Thomas BrograTe, bart. of 
Hamrls, Herts. 

Sir John d. in 1667, aced fifty-nine, after he had 
seated his family at Waresby, in Huntingdonshire: 
and by his service* and sufferings in the troublesome 
times acquired high reputation for loyalty. He was 
s, by his elder sou. 

II. Sir JuH!s Hewkt, who m. Frances, daughter of 
Sir Toby Tyrrell, bart. of Ihomton, Bucks, by whom 
(who surTived him. and m. secondly. Philip Cotton, 
esq. of Cnnincton, in Cambridgeshire; he had a nume- 
Tvus fiimily, viz. 

I. JuHN, liis tiiii-ves<or. 

II. TyrriU, rei'tur of Scotter, in Lincolnshire, m. 

b\it (/. .«. ;i. 

III. Hobfit. (i. iiiini. 

IV. 1 li(iiu:t>. i/. \ouii.;. 
V. Beiijiiiiiin. d- uniu. 

>i. ('li>irlf«. 
>ii. \N iUi-iiii, i>i' Sr. NtMtM, w1i<> Iflt thrve flon!», 

1. ^^ II I i\M, who .*. .14 I'ourth bjmnet. 

2. 'Iykkiii.. who •iiiri'Vfdt'il \xi* nephfm-, 

iiiiil btvamtf ^i\th b.iruiit*t. 

3. TtiotiiiH. 

>iii. J;iiiit'!«, lieutenant of the CarlMe man of-war. 
Mown up at ^eii. 
i\. Thum:i!«. M.D. m. Mrs. I*iiikney, and left a 
lOii ami d.iiiphter. 

riioiiia.i. i}( CUre Hall, in huly ordvnt. 

V II lit'. 
\. Ii»!i\. 
\i. Kfiuiiiiin. 

I. Kl■^tl*^. ffi. to riy«jie4 Blount. r.Mj. Nt*>enth miu 

of Sir Heary BloBst. kaft. aff 1 


II* Pranoea, ■■. to Henry ScMfa. «%. 

Huntinfdniiahirt. bat had aa !■■ 

III. Theodora. 

IT. Edith, M. to WmiaM I>ava, co^ 

T. Catherine. 
VI. Arabella. 

vii. Elizabeth, ■■. to — Braka* aif. • 
Suffolk, M.P. for Ipovick. 

Sir John d. 30th September, laM, aad i 
eldest son, 

III. Siu JoR?i HBwrr.abcrifTof theeen: 
bridge and Huntingdon S Jaues II. aa. 
daughter of Francis StiAca. esq.* of Tid 
and had two son*, who both died iaaaci 
daughters, of which Anne, the elder, ai. 
esq. of Bourn, in Cambridgeshire, aad 
Hewet Hagar. Sir John wedded, a ecoai 
eltlest daughter of Sir John Osborne, hi 
sands, in the county of B«'dfiird. bat had 
that lady. Dying thus without male ian 
etcy devolved upon his nephew, 

IV. Sir William Hiwrr. captain R.N. 
Elis:ibeth, dauchter of Mr. Ltrvmon, wH 
had three sons, Williau, his heir. Lei 
Herbert, with a daughter, Eliaabeth. Hi 
and was ». by his eldest soa, 

V. Sia WiLiiAU Hew IT, captain K.S. 
Pondicherry in the Due d'Aquitaiae.ofvi 
was in command. 1st January, 1761 : wab : 
prrished his brother Levemorr. aad H<f1 
died some years before, the baroactcy ice 

VI. Siu Ttbekl HBwrT.wboBarrMlfii 
daughter of Mr. Robert (ieddiag. 9i the J 
and had two sons. BvNo and Tboba^ 1 
February. i;7A, and mas s. by the elder. 

\ii. Sir Bi.Nt: HE%%r.i, who wmi to la 
Company's nerticv iu the year 178^ sad 
tlivre .tY>out tho \var 1770. He wa* *■ d«u 
lii!i brtittit-r. 

\iii. >irTH')MiH Hlwiif. who m. Van. 
• f Mr. Teb^iitt. '-i >iij>>iir>. m tbv a«an 

.iiu}>ti'il. )i it i/. t. ;•. 7t!i Juni'. l>Ti. •tirB (I 
111 ^ Irr.iliu" f.\ll\. I. 

.4r«i%--<;i'lf». H iUf«nin eui: railed irt* 
owls iloi**- rtf;*. 


CKr«TE[t IMh July, ItlW.- E^TI!*''' S^ ^ 


SiaWiLiuu llp\» rrr. knt. whn di'd lat 
of .^1. Martin in the Field*. Londbn. la I<3 
irfbtrth. diughter of Richard Uuraua. f^ 

|tl.i\iii^ With hvr. tiiii III' iwiiii1ti\t o\«r iht- rixtr Thaiin*. 
h\ i-:i.iiit°«- ilii'iii lii-i 11). jlnii->t N\i-ii(l t-\(K«.':aii-u ■! 
ht III:; <.i\i il. A \<-'ili^ ^> iilli-iiijli, li.iiiiiti t^vtoiilir, tht ii 
4p|>|i'll'.i< I* !•• .S|| Willi nil, lllr l.l!li«.l 'Whlt'h (l<h<il|i 

%i .1* oiii- i-i ilif dii« « •Il It • I ihi- P'ikt- I I Lt-til* in 4 ilii • I : 
liui- .It ::ii.'> \ mI inii:>->i« .ut'iitfiii, ii-iiiit-«tuii l\ l«.-.i|i<l in 
r.i-i^t ilk . 4ii-l *.i\iit III! t-t--il-l lii iiii iii«ii\ ft'wtiiiti litli- 
V( r^iiri , iii'l III .• iii'>;-i(-. ti. I i.ii|ii I .irfi\«.|ii|« ht •(••\ttti 
bt'i III ii).iiiii.i' III itii «fit Ml 0<r><>irii-, wiih 4 \i-r\ 
giv-it -I >«»l \ . Mill i« i-l lli>- I ill- « •:jli- i>l S;i rti<-l!ii* Kill 
«hiw.iu iL« (<iii*h.>i till km. Ill K-mx. W4» 4 luit : .i« 
Ihr l«l« I>uL*- ut l.*t;4l<. i.iiiiM ll. It I'l thr H*\. Ml. Ji>hn 
He«i>t. lii'iii «»hi-ui 1 \\A\t t. i« rrljtinn ; aud |i>^i(hvr 

with th4i «*i4tr in K«»rx. M^rral hNt la 
(>4i loht < el ILtirht I. 4tiii U jUi* t.T W«lr*. a 

l)>>u HI l(>i p>i*»f»rli<u K>f Ihr Ml 1 iiuM a^ 
.il>i>. It, .It M\iij| ^ktmiu* i-i qoilii> ciaiii^ 
>■ 'I II J iji(> : 4iii1 panic III III J ikr K''! ** ^ 
Hii: Sn \\ ill 14111 wji pk4*«^t*iii *ji. tbtiitfv' 
.iii't (l<t>tiiii .h'.uSil rii|ii\ h«r. Tht liv Dsi' 

■tll'l ll-l- (•!••, Ill l4illlt>. (>lfWr\« Ifer pl.!B-*«4 

liiiii. Ill iii« h4btt i.i m4ki<r, •! ki*'** 
Vi>ilk«hirf. Ill ihi« i1i\. \4liiin( ii il l*lia" 

• .'iiii ■■! Cliii»liiphrr Sii<kcft. r»q i^ fi*** 
Hiir w I* %ifitr to ihe Lord CksareUsr Hj* 

. Tba I HtLTB Hit 

rd AierjB(iteartli*C«iiiB<iaPlcu.uid 
dtW tlM ■■]>, ion, bad ■ diucfater, 
, B. ta« AyrO, IMt, (a Sir WiUiiu B«- 
■, af Hottnek HaU, SaBUIk. 
B. MBiadtj, atnt lU*. Hananl. sldMt 
Sir WUIU_ LtRod, kiL gf Kukmrtb, 
Thoaai HUktalM, ca«. k; wIwb. who 

1. ta Sir Gkailaa Cnfti Reads, kot. i 
tU, ■■ SBflblk. 

ta Cbailaa SuplM, «4- of Wenmlnitai 
4. «fa lacBM, IMl. a(ad iftT-aaraD, an 

if FUbolnrT. who v 

aaHd la hia ttmUt, Lad) EUada, who aalr 
PHMaa, aa^p af HamcLi, fn™ wba* 
, Bart i< Nardvkkg, ii wu purcfauad ii 
■laad, of Marsld Houat. Bad 

PiTia HaiKin, aaq. Httlad apoD U* Mn Pater. 
IniheW Hmat VIII. Onarp^a, la Kant. «aa par- 
AmmiLi bj Peter Hayuaii, aaq, (rea Thsmaa Weob- 
■rail, UKf, of NonUleel. 

Soraerfteld aaule, in (he pariah of StUlnit. is Xant, 
brlangvd U) Willlain Tilda, eaq^ wbo died IcaTinf one 
daDlbur, Bliuirh Tildi, bia heir, «ha bacuH tba 

Pnia HiTviH, «q. abont tbe middle of HiHiT 
Vlll. inr. Bt ibia ladT be had lame, 
William, ID. ElUabatb. dancfater of Sir Refiuld 

Mary, ■>. to Paol Jobiuon, aiq. of Pardvkb. 

Margaret, ■■■ Arat, ta John Pojnet, ea^- and ae- 

■Budly, to JaLm Hill. 
Hildrad. *i. ta rbuin« Corbet, at London. 
Anne. •>■ Is Robert Cntta, of London. 
Emeline, d. unm. 
He ■■. aecoadly. Mary, daoghtar af WiUiam Tinmn, 
aaq. of Beeches, in Khax, and by bar left an amlj 

Jane, hair to her motbar. ■>. John HanTWoad, aaf. 
of mmaled, in Kanl, and bad an onlj dao^ter. 
Catherine Honjvood, wbo at. Sir lUward 
Scot. bnl. of Siiotia Hall, in that oonntjr. 

B Euwia 

UDaar^, of ClarertT, in Kent. He J. in Aafatt, 
IMO, and waa i. by fail rideal aon, 

RiLTH MtTJitN, esq. of Somgiileld.HTlBf in iurr, 
m. AuM, daoffater of William NaustoB, aaq. of Snf- 

William, who gare a perpetual exhibition for tbi 
educalion of yoiithi ai iha Klog'i School at Can 
tetbary, and at Trinity CoUegr. Cimbridfe. 


.■■.(o WiUiam Haled, eai). of Hepington. 

'""""' " a.. Ro- 

■ . Sir Peter 
in Ml J, and 


're>, kill, of Lyd. in Kent, lie i. ii 
•. by bit eldeal aon. 

■t, at Land 

It Selliuf, in Kent, Mlh 

sokf. eai|. u( Uonkuor. 

ipienow for Ibrlr nu-nti' 



three totu and three daaghten. On Peter, his Mcond 
!Miu, he settled Harcnge, in Kent. Sir Peter repre- 
Hented the bonmgh of Hythe in sereral parliaments, 
iliirinR the reigns of Jhnmt I. and Chablis I. His 
tfldest Hon and heir, 

I. HiMBY of Somerfield, in Kent, was 
created a BAaoNir by King Charles I. Itth Aninut. 
IMl. Sir Henry m. Mary, daughter and heir of 
Daniel HoUbrd, esq. of Westumck, in Essex, and 
hjd issue, 

PiTBK, hii successor, b. in Blackfriars, London, 

10th July, KU3. 
Henry, b. at Selling, tith May, 1(M0, 1 . 
Robert, b. at Selling, 0th July, 1M7, )"' """• 

Mary, 6. in Blackfriars, «Hth April, 1M3, m. to 
Sir Rirbard Sandys, of Northbome, in Kent, 
(who was killed by his own fowling-piece in 
going orer a hedge) and had a son, 

Richard Sandts, esq- who was created a Ba- 
KONfcT in 1084, but d. without male issue in 

Anne, b. in Blackfriars, lOth May, 1044, d. man. 

He d. at Somerfield in 1058, and was *. by hiH eldfst 

II. Sir Pktbr H by man, who m. Mary, daughter of 
Mr. Rich, of Glaphau, and had two surriring sons, 

RirthoijOHEW, his heir. 

Petrr, in holy orden. rector of Kent, 
and one of the ten vicars of the diocem* of Can- 
terbury, SI. Catherine, daughter of Mr. Thcmias 
Tildon of that city, a civilian, by whom he had 
several children. The eldest son and heir. 
Henr>, of Stroud, si. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Hatch I nderwooJ, and left a daughter and 
an only son, 
HrNRY-Pix, in holy orders, who 4. as fifth 

A d. I lighter, m. to — Baker, of Hawk> 


Sir Potor rf. .it l".iMtiTSury. 'ith Orioltr. WI3. lAri'i 
V .14 hiini'il III !)••' !*'•'*'' '-' "*'''> "' -*^*-", in 
t'\At i»i\. ^Iiirv III* *» itr ».i« jI-*-^ iiiTtrrnl. Hv « a» 
.» b\ 111* i-IiNt *i-ii. 

III. >!K IUki '•■•!. iKi \\ Hiivw. Thi« 74'ntl'ii. til 
li III lii« ^i^Iil iniV'>r<°'> Ki hi« %<'.'!li b> -III a'Tiili :it 
uith i:un)'«-««'<'r. vhiih n li.lir. .*. l:irn ui.f.t for t!:- 
.«nii\. fi> wliit'li It v-i* lutiu • l :•■ briiij; hixii up. .tnii 
fill- uiiiiU hjxiii.: mrtrrvvl in ihfir 'oriuiir ii". a pr*-,: 
I \i« lit 111 lh«- trk>uMt*».^nir time:* vf IHtair.s 1. aIjJ 
(°iikNii« II. hr « a* iii.iilt' vne of tht- )v"ir Lni^rhtj* 
I't \\ iiitUi'T ^iMiii" \rar« N'torc lii'« I'ecr-****. H^f w. 
riifabrth. tUushtiT of Ih.'iua* Nfl--n. ».t Saiiduich, 

in Kent. oMrdunt, aad dylaf Wk !■■•, I 
by his only chUd, 

lY. Sir Piter HRraaii, w%mwwm taiih* 
0. at the age of sr e atsea, 
sole heiress of — Kcmpc, CRf . of 
three children, who ■■ well ■• him wiii | 
him. He d. at the age of orrcBtj. !■ J«ly. I 
the Baronetcy derolrcd 
Peter, second son of the 

Y. Sir Hkxry-Piz Hbtkam, in holy on 
in 1707 of Pmsingfteld, Soflblk, M^s. p.M 
her, 1008, when the Babokbtcy 

Arm* — Arfent, on a chi 
cioquelbtls or, be t wee n three 



lOth N'OY. IM3. 


The firvt uf this family apoa rerord is 

RuBiRY KiTB Hic-R«A^. lori of the 
bam and \l ickham, in the coenty of Oitad. 
Rv 111. I37:e. He had two sobs, Jobr aai ^ 
JoHK, the elder was kniehted. and Boeadta 
cuatnm of those times, was sarBumed dc IWI 
' Sir John- nrrved in parliamml for OafHiih 
an.l nth of EuwiRu II. bat dying sillisiis 

W ii.LUV Hi< avm. inheritrd the fSMt: 
W illi.iiii 14 Till :iti<>nril in ile>-iU dated :! V.sw 
'fHHf I rjr. ^iiA «&.« fatlii-r of Sis K'kii is 
Nith «urit .TDf I i!<r KIii\lidni. Sir Knfrr «w 
•'iMiiiiMtiii^r 111 thr Krvni'h wan or F.rvkSl 
■li«-tl Wit in '.It i<*ur. «-h'-ii the rstate* ir^d^t 
thr \i-»iri;f r *■■:!. 

JmiN Hi. ^v%^. li>iii^ m I.V7, frvoi «k«ai 
ti- hi* Iinr tl il««»rf niiaut, 

U ( I T I R M i> ».« t ^ . r«q. of W'oodferd. i« b* 
Ti...!.- hi* will -iVtb (K-tobrr. IMO. and «m «> 

.\\VMii^i III- Knv^. rsq. of Weodfnfd.vftsa 
•'. tii.:h:> r ui' .'^ir W illiam Lork. knL* sad •ski' 

* Sii 1\ tt I Hi«".<i: Ma« i«>i.«'ii • :•■'■■ i. .: tiTi;.i'.- 

Miii. . . «» I. r-. ■ .. : ^ aj •■« •• • •*• '• ' ■ • : ' '• ''«■■ 

jli 1 III, I. .\. « . . . icili-1 :. 1 1 « « !• ." f • '■» Kj.r ;• 


•■ 1 M<l, 1 itt \ •■ ■ !'•«« • ' M \t • il :■ ^■, \mr* I. -.• • • 
111. ii»i .'..I I', i:. ■■ r ■ :I ' SmM- a.: K, .. .•: 1»4 
ii-mi, !■ I*"; ' • i.'i-: K-'.». 1 :t«i:i >:■■«'. 
I. .11.-?:' 1 I ■ 11 K .»...:. 1* ■*•=*::»•.•.! - ■ V . 

111*1 till, ti iiiS ii. M t>t « !• «:■ . i , . • ' • I * t. • ... 
Ill«liiiil«i i-l il \1 «,. 'i ■ I ■.;.•'.».■, I -. !*■ 

M nh ■« i.« •■ ■ I ■ :• I . fc. • ' it» It: « . ' 


It ' 

• >!• I'.', II. « 

!'• Ill I • ' . • I . i « : ^ . . • •. 1 «■..■<•■ ■ . i * ■ ■ • 

lilt II III I t: '.v . . ■ I , • M : ". ' I N 

t ■ llillll I ••■ I ■■ I 1^ I •. « . « 11 * . ' It , ° . . i . I ■ 

«ii.| hi 1 1 I ; . - *■ . .. ' . • -• 

|l-*liii«i*-i*ii.-'.° i ' > i ' ' 

• |i||ll«aii>iiii|iii,' 1*1 .^ V''** ' 

■ !«• « •■ ill- I'iii • ^% • » «' ■■< '• * * 

id -Ifl ti* lit -llvHil* a »- 1 all. . ..I * * £• '.l>4 .• ' 

• I. II ' Mi'l. jii> |-r>-^i»ilt, I* ibc US** br V* 

•• 1. '!•! 

•!rt •*. H ' trh I* irmlm^l iiii«r ptufsaii 

'> :i» 1.1 41. • iiiiiiiiiirir*. Ad'I ihir o«fvft. ■* 

I ,'«t t\ ••\iral «>t fhr iiril dHieASSi 

■. \ •^' II., I.I, in« ■•! rrHuiBC him isd i»^ 

■'.,. ; '■ M II! itirtri **. Hr I ai«r«il> iat»»<i» ?* 

• :>■ p •!• I'll n iia till* «• r\ uivfal «nas*' 

• -t . i\<! iiii>i ^ii!tiull« rtnciabrY. ^** 

-II) Tfi HI h\ J rrirofi oi Sir fViei' 

It •LihiriNt'*. aud ■►■« t*^**I 

• ^ 


-t.i I ■ ti»r It »uppin. SMk WiJ." 

i'-f. •' liiNRY VIM. IU4.«^s! 

•• • ^iiii*iittr Kiiu uf llacUaii 

-■i il iT ny Ml hiiikirk.lki*WlBual^ 

' • k II •tfWii : iiiff mbich sif H«an^ 

• •*>;•: -II ■>'!. I«iiil I'l inhrtilaatv. Msdr f ' 

.M * |ii I » % ( hamber . list hv •^ ' 

. : M I.' > ^ Liiii. 




•• dsMfktcr ef Sir TboMM Cook, knt. 


•LJ>. M. Abim Wollop, and had one 
two dMifhtcn. BUaboth. the elder 
lanry Pionee ; Anne, the yoanger, be- 
I wUii of Richard Dnkeeon, D.D. 
inm whon the Earls of Plymouth, 
tec's ^ssrsf « mmd Bmr9neimge.) 
LL.D. 4. mam. IJCh December, 1597. 

to RoWrt PhoUps. eoq. 


HicKHAN, of Gainsborough in the 
tn» reoiired the honour of knig hdiood 
IS I. at BelToir Castle, He m. first, 
of Sir Christopher Draper, but by her 
lo at. secondly. Elisabeth, daughter 
lo William Willoughby, eldest son of 
ftarsn Willoughby of Parham, and hod 
• daughters, of whom Prances m. Sir 
f , bait, of Skiers, in the county of 
r son and heir, 

Y HicKXAN, esq. of Gainsborough, in 
incoln, was, in consideration of his 
CviaLis I. created a Baronit 10th 
Sir Willooghby m. Bridget, eldest 
John Thomhagh, knt. of Penton, in 
•• and dying in 1<M0, was «. by his 

n HtCKMAM, wboM. Elisabeth, daugh- 
lohn Nerile, esq. of Mattersey, in the 
gitam, and had issue, 

o died at the age of twenty-three, be- 
ther, vam. 

o hclbrs his father, unm. 
r, successor to the baronetcy, 
u of Christchurcb. Oxford, IMS. This 
joined with Bishop Atterbory, in 
translatiosi of Dryden's Absalom and 

John of Drayton, Notts. 
to Robert Williamson, esq. of the 

and was s. by his son, 
»roHBT llicaMAN.If.P. for the county 
ri3. who SI. Anne, only daughter of 
lerson, bart. of Ey worth, and dying 
W, was s. by bis eldest snnriring son, 
HicauAH. This gentleman si. Fran- 
Edward Hall. esq. and by her (who 
Prancis Whichcote. bart.; left at bin 
sr. 17 Jl. an only surriTing son, 
Uaoaot HicKMAK. who m. Frances- 
tor of Christopher Tower, esq. of the 
I, and died without male issue in 
m the BaaoNBTCY became kxyinct. 

i«r pale indented, argent and asure. 



1st July, leM. 


The founder of this family was, 
RoBBUT Hicxs.a mercer of London, liring in Cheap- 
side, where by his trade he realised a considerable for- 
tune, m. Julian, daughter of William Arthur, esq. of 
Clapham, and had three sons. 

1. MicHABL (Sir), barrister-at-law, and secretary 
to the Lord Treasurer Burghley,* from whom 
directly deriTe the extant house of Hick as, of 
Bever$ton, in the county of Gloucester, now 
(1837) represented by Sia Michabl Bbach- 
HicKBs, bart. (See Bl'bkb's Peerage and Ba- 
II. Francis. 
111. BAmsT. 
The youngest son, 

I. Sia Baptist Hicks, being brought up in his fsther's 
business, and haring great dealings with the court, 
(through the influence of his elder brother, Sir Midliael) 
for hu rich silks imported from Italy, and other 
foreim parts, thereby amassed a large estate. Upon 
King J A UBS coming to the throne, he was sworn 
bis serrant, 1003, and soon after knighted. Sir Bap- 
tist was one of the first dtisens who kept shop after 
receiTing such an honour; and, in 1007, he had some 
dispute with the Court of Aldermen about it. He had 
subsequently a contest with the same body for pre- 
cedency, standing upon his knighthood, which matter 
came at last to be decided by the court marshal. Be- 
fore his death, howcYer, he arriYed at far higher h<v 
nours. On the 1st July, lOM, he was created a Ba- 
aoNBT, and King Chablbs I. in the fourth year of his 
reign, raised him to the peerage, as Babon Hicks, of 
llmington, in the county of Warwick, and Viscount 
Campden, of Campden, in Gloucestershire, with spe- 
cial remainder to his son-in-law, Edward Noel, Lord 
Noel, of Ridlin^ton. This eminent citizen erected 
Hicks's Hall, in the city of London, in 1013, and about 
the same time, built a market house and hospital at 
Campden, in the county of Gloucester, snd founded 
sn alms-house there. He ai. Elisabeth daugfatir of 
Richard May, esq. of London, and had two daughters 
his co-heirs, Yix. 

Juliana, ai. to Sir Edward Noel, bart. created in 
1010-17, Lord Noel, of Ridlington. 

ISBL Hicbs, who was the associsle of 
rilty of Us time, and regarded hlmsrlf 
pifsbed and fscetioos p«aoo, " a very 
man, whose e«Napaoy wan •oofhi after 
k, aad fMhton,** the foUowiag circom 

Amcra,belBf in her progress, took occa- 
wiih her secretary (who )>he knew wai 
id) coneeraiat certain witty verses of 
iag« (that bad come to her ean) bar- 
ihe graYC iMmber* of parliament : and 
■t it found with ber maje»ty, ibr tecrc- 
ipondeuce Inmartcd, vis. laat the cx- 
h as any ; aad that wbea he told her he 
t Mr. Michael said for himself, bat that 

what he had writ. wa», in bi^ fancv, at pretty and pithy 
ai ever he taw. Ay, marrv, (tald the qaeen) bat be 
wrote them not himaelf. To which the tecreUry tald 
(•wearing to her) he knew he did. Well, (talth the,) 
when I tec him next we thail have food tport. The 
accoont of thit matter the tecretery wrote to Master 
HIckt, who having beard with tome concern, that the 
queen had teen hit rhimet, detlred to know the troth of 
thit bntlnett ; and thereupon he wrote to him, asterting 
for hit tatiafaction, that he lied not, and that that was 
the truth, and the whole truth, at he attarcd bim fltirh- 
faily." The vertet are ebararterittic of the age in which 
they were written, exhibitinf more frossaest than wit. 
and adapted more to the times of Bubabbtb than of 




M%iiT, M. fint. to Sir Charlefi Morrison, knt. of 
I'lutaiobary, in the county of Hertford, and had 
an only daughter, 
KLiz^BirrH Moaaiso!!!, who m, Arthur Capel, 
Baron Capel, of Hadham, and vas mother 
of Arthlm, firit Earl OP Esski. Through 
thu lady Cashiohnry Hall, &.C. came to the 
Earlii of Rmcx. 
She m. •econdly. Sir John Cooper, hart, of Wim- 
home St. Cilv* ; and thirdly, Sir Edward Alford, 

Stow , in the Surrey of Lon 'on. says, it waa reported 
that thofe tm-o heirvuea had £tOO,MO each. 

Lord l*amp-le» </. in 1029, wh^n the peerage passed, 
accordinz to the limitation, to his son-in-Uw, Ixird 
Noel 'refer to BLUke'ft Extinct Pitrap ;. and the B* 
Ro.^CTrY became Ki.tixct. 

<1rau— 0ule8,a fesse wary between three flcnrs-de- 
li* or. 


8th Nuv. itni. 

IBth May. IOCS. 


I. Sir Nicholas Hide, knt- of Albury, (son of Ro 
bert Hide and great-gmnJson uf Thomas Hide, esq. of ■ 
.\lbury, who died in 1570. ■ ser^fd the office of Bhcritf 
of Herti>. 17th J%«iii 1. anil wa^creuted a Birumf 
8th NnvvnibtT, lit'il. He «». Britl(:et. d«uphteri<f Mi- 
chael. Sandys, isi]. of I.atimt■r^. Ruck.>. :ti)d «.ii> a. Ly 
hii* sun. 

II. Sir Tn'tv*- Hr.T. nf .\Piiir>-, !ili<>ritr «i" Il«rt-, 
3 Cll%Ki.r> I. who m. 11th Jun«', ItttM), Mary, liaiichti r 
of John Whitrliurrti, v*i{. of Waltou, m :ir .\\I«»bury. 
anil by hrr «lio wnhii-d. m'cdiuIIv, .*»ir Rob«'rt Vyner. I 
bart..' bad .iii uiily ii.iii(;bt'-r and heir, ; 

KRin(:i.T. in. to Fen-^int- Oi,N>mr, seciud Di m 
Of Lii:l>». 
Sir Thooiua dii-d IKth May. ItkU. aced srventy-onc, 
when tbf titli* bfcanie l\Ti.nlt. 

Arms — Or, a c'.e^ . iH-twrcn three loseui{Ofl ax. on a 
chief gu. an eagle dl^|lluyell or. 



»th June, urni. 

lith Nu>. Ihll 


Sir C'HRKTMfHiiR Hii.iM %kii. Lnt. of W>n'-iitrad. in j 
the county of lork (eldmi lam of IVti-r llildyard. 

lirinc iB tte tin* of Hc!kBV VII., ud 1 
spntative of mm aacwat amil cataBnt : 
wife Joaa» aeoond 4a«glitcr of Sir Mai 
Bamston), waa *. by kia aaa. 

Martir^. oCWyaaarad. 
daughter vi Sir John Ra^taa. kat. ai 
had four sons, nanely. 

1. CHRisTorHca. (Sir), hia heir. I 
who m. Pmaera, daafktrr of . 
■table, knt. of Barton, in Yari 
WUliam, wbo waa drowned \ 
a moat whidi ■Brraaoded 
ELUARirrH. eventnal 
William WiU.ia^br.eUest 
second Lord W illounhby. at 
was mother of Wiluaw. A 
II. Richard. 

111. John, father of Richard, who m. 

of Robert ConataUe, of Catfesa, 

John. tninytT of a regiment a 

service of Kimg, C nab lis 

Francis Hildyard, of Yori 

1731, leavini; John, and atb 

Mary, ai. to John Bethrll. n 

the county of York, ace I 

aN»Mer4, rol. i. pafr 4tt. 

IT. W illiam. d. s. p. 
The secnnd son, 

RiCHARU HiLi>YARD, esq. M. Jane, < 
sole heir of Marmadnke Thwenr* esq. a 
and heir, 

Sir Christoph»r Hiluyard, knt. wb 
i*ease of hiii uncle, became heir saale a 
Ho m. Kliiuibetb. duu|chter and sole hi 
Welby. esq. of (^xhill. and had. witb il 
ters, t}ire«> sou^, ^ii. 

I. Hk.nki, hii* heir, <if \Vtne»A'»J aa 
l«'\.iu Surrev. uho ma* amoafst 
Hiitrcr^rs 111 rhr ratine of Chisl 
L.tiiy Ann** I>>k«'. tld«-«t dau^falei 
tirot K.iH 111* ScaTboruu.:h. aimI i 
t-ldost ^on. 

11 AN K T . « ho uratf d hinip^U at 1 
Linrohijihir**, haviuK wdd the 
*ittn liuu^tr and nianur of U is 
uiiclf. Sir RobiTt HilJ>ar' 
gtntleinan embraced the I' alfe 
and raised and coBAaiaadrJ 
hnr<H* for Jamks II. 
II. (*hri!itit]iht'r. 
ill. RoHiiRT, of m-linni pre»rntly. 

Thi* >oiMif;r]tt min. 

I. Sir Riiatai Mii.iiTtRu. knt. ri P« 
thf county of ^ ork. f;*'iitlenian uf tk' pr 
ti AiMC (*H%Ri»H 1. colonel of font. And 
• ■f Sir Miirmaduwr Lanicdalr'sbripsdesf b 
Unl and Wah--. In Ihr timr of cbrnvil 
thi' Sciittish umiv canif* iiitn Kof laad, ts 
forces, under the I)uk» uf \r«ns:l«. i> 
n<-ar th>-ni, a prntlenian from the ra.ip 
r;i!n nnt as their rhampinn. and ««■> * 
a\\\ ;:iMitbniaii in thi' n>yjl who vouU 
which Sir Robi rt i'oura|;eoa»l« did. 4hiii 
his adtrr^arv. For that srrrire he vas m 
banneret : and soon after the rntof'tisB t 
ful »ervic»T», partirnlarl> at Marsnn M«* 
iuK* in th«* royal cause, he was rrrsied 
'i.tth June, ItJM. He ai. first. ABBe,da«l 
\ldemian Herris. nf Hall, and rtbft 
Mountford. knt. by whom he had t«« 
danghter, Tii. 




moniu, Ms hdr. who m. EMmr, dangh- 
of Mr. AldCTman WOUud DoImoii, of 

in. mi dyuif in the Hfetimo of his father, 

iuury, 1«M-A, left iMoe. 

. RoBurr, raoreMMV to his grandfather. 

. Christopher, d. $. p, 

. William, M.A. rector of Rowley, East 
Riding ooanty of York, m. a daughter 
of Mr. Crofts, of StilUngton, and had 
(widi fbor daoghters, who all d. unm.) 
an only son, 
RoBttT, who «. as third baronet. 

. Honry, ai. Miss Darison, daughter of Mr. 
DaTison, of Blakiston, in Durham, and 
had two sons, who both d. yoang. He 
d. ttnd September, 17t3. 

rt, m. Anne, dan^ter of — H amm er t on, 

. of 4nckborough, in Lincolnshire, and re- 
of Edmnnd Monckton, esq. and had one 

• who d, nnmarried, and a daughter, 

■no, ai. to John Legard, esq. of Anli^. 

,d. nnm. 

m. secondly, Jane, daughter and sole heir 

her Consuble, esq. of Hatfield, in the 

ork, relict of John Lister, esq. of Linton. 

other issae. He d. in March, 1089, and 

is grandson. 

»BKBT Hiu>TAau, of Winestcad. near Pat* 
the county of York, M.P. for Heydon, in 

tamp, Kimg William and Queen Anns. 

aan dying unmarried 30th Norerober, 1710, 

a nephew. 

OBMTHiLOYAaD, M.P. for Great Bed wyn, 

hin,tetmp. Gaoaci II., m. in 1738, Maria- 

«ly child of Henry D'Arcy, esq. of Sed- 

rki^ire, and had issue, 
D'AacT. his heir. 

Klharine, m. to James White, esq. 

ebmary, 1781. and was *. by his son, 

oaiBT-D'ABCT HiLDTAUD, high sheriff of 

if York in 17MJ, who m. Mary, daughter of 
leering, bart. of Surrendrn-Dering. but 

b Norrmbtrr. 1814, mheu the BARONrrcY 

are, three mullets or. 

iginally a rrin-decr ppr. but afterwards a 

Kaked. legxrd, and wattled, gules. 

i latter crest was granted to th(> family for 

s«r at the bottle of Towton. within nine 

k, between the bounes of York and Lan- 

cin Sir Robert Hildyard, father of Robert 

e, alias Hildyard, was slain, t-omnandiiig 

inner of Lancaster. 



^tb June, 17M. 



I two WiTI 

fson of Gwalter Hoby. of Rad- 
a, by the first he was father of (Sir), of Bisham, in the county of Berks, 
of the priTy council to King Hbmrt VIII., who 
m. Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Walter Stoner, 
knt. but d. $. p. in 155S, haring made his half- 

Thomas (Sir), his heir. 

By the second, Catherine, daughter and sole heir of 
John Forden, he had three other sons, William, Sia 
Thomas, and Richard. This William took Sir John 
Oldcastle, Lord Cobham, prisoner, snd for that serrice [ 
had a grant from the crown of the lordship of Bran- 
garth. The second son of the second marriage having | 
been adopted by his half-brother Sir Philip, became, 
at the decease of that gentleman, 

Sia Thomas Hoby, kut. of Bisham, in the county 
of Berks, and was afterwards, 1560, sent ambassador 
to the French court. He ai. Elisabeth, daughter of 
Sir Anthony Cook, knt. of Gidea Hall, in Essex, and 
had two sons, 

Edwabd, his heir. 

Thomas-Posthumous, m, the dan^ter of Arthur 

Dakens, esq. of Hackness, in the county of 


He died in his embassy st Paris, 15M, and was buried 
at Bisham, where in a chapel, built on the south side 
of the rhancel,and against the south wall, was erected 
from the ground a rery fair raised monument, whereon 
were two knights in complete armour, their heads 
resting upon their helmets. The inscription, a long 
Latin epitaph, was written by Lady Hoby, a lady dis- 
tinguished for learning. Sir Thomas was s. by his 
elder son. 

Sir Edwabo Hoby, knt. whom Camden calls *' that 
famous and worthy knight, a person to whom I owe 
▼ery particular respect, and whose more than ordinary 
obligations are, and always will be, so much the sub- 
ject of my thoughts, that I can nerer possibly forget 
them." He m. first, Margaret, dau. of Henry Cary, 
first Lord Hunsdon, K.G. but by her had no issue. 
Sir Kdward espoused, secondly, Anne — , and thirdly, 
a daughter of I'pton. By the last lady he had a son 
and heir. (j.uUHvx'^^ , (l%t^ -i ^i{t-K - -. ri 

Pkrecrikk Hoby, esq. who m. Catherine, daughter 
of Sir William Dodington, knt. of Brranior, Hants, 
and had issue, 

KuwiRD, his heir. 

Philip, who SI. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Timothy 
Tyrrell, knt. of Shotorer. 

Mary, m. to William Fleetwootl, esq. of (trrat 
Missenden, Bucks. 

He d. in May, 1078, and was /. by bis son, 

I. Edwabd Hoby, esq. of Bisham, in the county of 
Berks, who was created a Bahonilt by A'iag Charlbs 
II. Itth July, 1000. Sir Edward m. Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Francis Styles, esq. of Little Mis- 
senden, in the same county, and had two daughters, 
Elizabeth and Catherine. He d. I'ith September, 1075, 
and was s. under the limitation by his brother, 

II. Sir John Hoby, of Bisham, who m. Mary, 
daugh^•r and heir of Thomas Long, esq. of Wiltshire, 
and had tm-o sous, John, who predeceased him. and 
Thomas, his successor. He d. in May, 17M, and was 
ji. by his son. 

III. Sib Thomas Hosy, who m. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Sir John Mill, bart.* and dying S5th July, 1730, 
was s. by his eldest son. 

V Vm 



* By Margaret hi* wife, daiit^httr of Th<>fna< <*re>, e»q. of WnlbeAtiuf, SaiMrx. 
MM M5 



IV. SiK Tbomai Hobt, M.P. for Great Mariow, who 
d, unouirried 1st Janet 1744, and was ». by kis bto- 

V. Sir Paiur Hoar, in boly oHcn, deaa of Ard- 
Cert, who died anmanied 19th Jnae, 1786, whea the 
BAaoMiTCT becaaie ixtinct. Sir Philip derised his 
estates to his coosin. Sir John Miix, bart. who as- 
smoed in ooasequeiioe the samaaie of Hoar, and from 
that gentleflaan's widow Bisham Abbey was purchased 
by George Vansittart, esq. 

Alathea Ganwl, 
Sarah GairavA 

Arwu—kx%. three spindles in fesse gales, threaded 



CaBATXD 31st March. 1097.— Extinct 1st April, ITtt. 

1. SiK William Hodou, of Cadix, in Spain, and of 
Middlesex, wait created a BAROMrr in 1097. He m. 
Sarah, danghter and co-heir of Joseph Hall, of Lon- 
don, merchant, and djring 31st July, 1714, was s, by 
his son, 

II. Sir Joseph Hodois, F.R.S. who dissipated the 
whole of his estate ; resided for a period in Prance 
and Spain, and finally died in London, unm. 1st 
April, 17SS, when the title became ixtinct. 



15th June, 1029. 

17th Feb. 17S9. 


JuHN HuLiJiND, esq. of Harlenton, in the county 
of Norfolk, was eldent iion of Bryan Holland, ps<|. 
of Lea Hall, in Glosnop, Derbyshire, and father of 

BavAN H0LI.AND, esq. who married Catherine, 
daughter and co-heir of Peter Taine, esq. and left 
a son, 

John Holland, esq. of Wortwell,in Norfolk, father 

Sia Thomas Hoixand, kut. of Quiddenham, in the 
same county, who m. Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas 
KnyTet, and had two sous, John and Edward. He 
was M. by the elder, 

I. John Holij^nd, esq. of Quiddenham, who was 
created a Baronet by A'ing Charles I. 13th June, 
1099. Sir John m. Alathea, daughter and co-heir 
f>f John Panton, esq. of Bruinshop, in the county of 
Denbigh, and widow of William, Lord Siind>e, of the 
Vine, and h«d issue, 

Thomas, his heir, who dying in the lifetime of bis 
father, left a son, 

John, successor to his grandfather. 

Abigail. ■». to Jacob, eldest son of Sir Thomas 
(furrard, bart. of Norfolk, and had two dauRh- 

Sir John, who 
ninety-eight, d, 19& Job 

II. Sia John Hollamd, 
ton, yoangcr daofhlar and 
second and last Earl of Y 


flR. LadyRi 

had a son and two dani^rterB. Tfs. 
Wiluam, his soooaaMir. 


Sir John, who was oooBptroOer of Ibe 
of the priTy councfl to Queem Aknr, # 
17M, and was «. by hie son, 

III. Sia WiLUAM Holland, wh» 
daughter of Aithar Upton, 
out issue. 17th Febraary, 179, 


ilrau— Asare, 
guardant argent. 

of fleavs-de-lis, a Hi 

CaEATEDl7th Not. WiO.— Extimct IMh < 


Giles Dance, of Hozton, in the psi 
Leonard. Shoreditch, died 6Ch J«ly, I7S1. 

Georce Dance, esq. architect to the ritj < 
who m. Eliaabeth, daughter of Mr. GeeU, 
ney, and djing Uth Pebniary, ITOi, si 1 
terenty-fire. left issue, 

1. James, who m. Miss Hooper, and had 


II. Giles. 

III. Natha.meu 

IV. William. 

V. George, professor of architerture ia 
Academy, and architect to tbc or 
don, b. in March, 1749-1. si. yktn> 
of Thomas Gumell, of Ealing, Mitf 

Thomas, in holy orders, of SsM 
April, 1773. 

I. Hester, liring in IMO. widow W ! 
Smith, esq. of Bloomsbery, oat ^ 
tors of the East Indin Compaay. ^ 
4th December. 17M. 

The third son, 

1. Nathaniel Dance, esq. lord sf At 
Wiitenham, Berks. M.P. for EastGriaMie' 

additional surname of Holland, b; ■!■*' 
was cr«>ated a BAaitNiT 37th Ni 
Nathaniel Danoe-Holland m. Harriet, < 
Cecil Bissbopp. bart. and widow ol' 
esq. of Cranbury, Hants, aad off 
laine, esq. but d. t. p. ISth 
Baron LTCT ExriRED. 


il rNM— Per pale, aanre and 
regardant, ermine, bet 
nate. argent and or. 




^ JoIni Hollet, Duk« of Newcattto, triwie <m1y 






1 P 












11^ ^- 



J ^ 







liii htB W ,toclttdiBg the BASOMrrcv. 
His UHtkifn MCatw derolvcd «pra 

Bagot, knt. of Ba^oftmi. and wm «. by hla ddett 
John Holtk» ntylcdof Yurdley, wboM mb »b4 heir. 

he Dekc W Becki*KiM»t to wkom h* paki £l«,MO \m Ike first iavUBce, awl £9tM Mkie(|eeBtly for Ike 
I W tkit ki|fc fplrMcd aoMrmaK, tre Burks'i Extimct Peerage. 





'jLLU|f UOLUM* ■Ucraum of London, and 


JoIni llollea. Duke of Newcutlo, wbow only 
diiughter aud lieirewi> 

Lady HenrietU-CaTendish Holies, m. in I71S, 
Edward, Lord Harley, aon and heir of Ro- 
bert, Earl of Oxfotd, and bad an only rar- 
viTing cbild. 
Lady Margaret-Carendish Barley, who 
wedded WUliam Bentinck,aecondIhilLe 
of Portland. 

Arm»—Erm* two piles in point, sa. 


CaiATiD 1st June, 1063. — Eztimct abont I7M. 



nit t 

























had ■ p^Dt of uld ^ 
IV. TtabWllIUm.llHiHKTVt.wiuoncc 
penoDi in Warwfckihlrr, Dboun to mat 
fOfBTmrnnct otiiyen xnidtt cmoliidcd in 

Mmof Simtm Halu.pi 
I him, trilb bU Ihe n 

. ThiiJohnvaic 

■nd LeicMUt Id Hi 

«)Uinj of the body 10 
eoH of bit tielitj, a 

William BoLTI.ewi.ol Aitan. ■. Hirgtnt, dangl 
iFr of WillUm Cninberfard, eiq. of Caahrwloti, i 
tbc EnnntT oT SuBoid, ud «u j. by Ua (Mi. 

WiLLUii Holt*. e*q. vho m. ■ daagbtrr of Adfti 
KBlgbl, rni- of ShnwiboiT. mid «u i, br bi> hu. 

THOijit BoLit.rt^.nlAtaa.i lirncd lawjer an 
■In rcM^. H»at VIII. u a] 

Jui^ of Nonh 

■unvoder dT ntifiona boa# 
Uar^ery. eldnt dhughler ai 

nfihedueby of Luneuur, (mi;!. ELiuinu. Uia aon 

Eiiwiaii HouTi, stq. gf Aftsn, iheriffot W«nrtst- 
•hin 1) BuitarTH, «. Donilhy. daoghMr ar lokn 
Parnn. of Tamwarth Cutle, lod had ■ nuinnviu 
hiBily : of wliieli ilia aMut rion ud beir. 

I. Si* TKuiitt HaLii, of Amtaa, who wu of full 
*f 11 Uw dmh of Ilia hthar, «u ahariff of Wur- 
inrtablro 41 eutiaani. and nreind tbt bononr of 
(Lnitbthood. inh April, IBM, from Xing JiSM I. in 
hia maj^oiy'a prognaa from Scotland to Lvndna, and 
wB* crwtcd • BtaoNtT Uib NoTember. 1011. ttlr 

llaiB BradbiirM, (af.'of Hoofb, in Iba counlr sf 
I>iiTtiy, and liad b; tbal lady ■ numenua prognoT. 
By hia aKind wi(l>. Anno, dasebler of Sir Edvard 
Uulolon. of Ptllaton Hall, he bad no iHua. Ilia aid* 

Oii.aLia I. and in alUadaaaa on the kin( dnr- 
ln( iba itapr irf OtfDTd, died ibm nr ■ f>*Tr 
bafor* iho nrrandT. l«a<ini by b!> wife, Etlu- 
bnb, diii(bur of Dr. John King, Kiahnp nf 

F, lo Mr. Bichbcll. of Lon 

D Sir lOdvard Nr>ilc. krt. of 

out faUawIng the nuop, wlm* ha bi4 Ihi 
• Tiiii from ibf kinii, who daft aa Aj I— 
inincdislaly btfon the bMda of Uaa Hill 
jwailiaa To Ibf royal moaa Wiac iii«Biia 
aoD utually JD thf BrM, bi> t i in aa »■ 

of all Undi inflicted npun hlni ta Om Adl 
i'w.oat. He d. in tbt cichiy-ihiM pai 

II. Sin Roavit RaiTS, akfrttf af Wnl 
ym of (be mlonXion. 
rvpreaonlalive ill parliaii 


He «. Hoonmy. Mary, daachaxef Mr Tka 
of Hougb, in Cbcabim, and bad anndAI 
one only. Knben. TO anmta. Sir RahaM 
Onobar. lUTft, and na •. by MafUaaMfc 
111. Sia CHiaLa> lIuLia. Il.r. te •> 
Warwick in The Hm ynr sf J*an IL i 

Cmaua, atilh bamaat. 
He «. »U) Jaly. IT«>. and «« •. by M( 4* 
I. SiaLlarta HnL>a.*hBa.tMl.lBltH 
Lady Anno L<^ia, im^irr al mRaikM 
ia°nth : •eoendly. Mary.daiivMnafSaMi 
btrt. Af Calk, in (ha touiy *f Daabfi *■ 

KlTig-a Bnulry. la rlliiiniilWilia hM^W 
lliw, vaa 1. by hia bntber. 
Ti, Sia Cuiauia Batia, « P. (arWa^ 

ir Uiailj cUlu, ■• vail h ts In 
Ir. Ufft ud Ht. Difbr [botli bcim with- 
■■!■) tK Ik* iiidiinHiiii of Uwlr mpBctl'e 
t-Mv lU* Kt O* MMM k>T« Wen uld. 

\m. twa Ian, ud 1b chief ■ croH fomte 


nai Imlj, lan^EiTiiicT in July, int. 

I* Heoa, cat. hh of Tbaau Hook. oq. by 
«W), AnnhMT of Nlehalu Halo, »q. ic- 
MMi of PUKhliinl. in BnmT, mm Ibt 
nacnwdiBiioiiErlB lan. Hi dKd 
,n4>ui bym, 

ICLB Hooi, *ha midtd it Tui|i«- Park, 
• ■. Hour Indcrhal. bat bj Iut, «ba n. 
Dr. Rirtaud Lillj, hud no liiua lo mniia 
n in JbIv, lilt, vkiva tba 


ditciatbJalT. lOM), ■ 

uiai I. of Hownrd. ■. Eliubeth (wtuM 
1 !■ dated Inh Jul;. lOTI), dauihui of 
■MM fliMUll, of BaAiiland, and had 
A ttrra daocbtan, Kli»lw>b, ■•. to Wil- 
li Balto, ra^. nt Ukawall, in Yotkibirt -. 
rA, H. u Akxudrr Bultoraonh, of Kfl. 

UTaomi. of Barkialand Ha 
lb >ai ia daird wih lie 
dltd iBd Juaarr followi 
Cud 1 hr nitrida, bta i 
•( iahs TbonliiU, raq. I 

EuuICTH. HI. to Richard Boldi eai|. 

df Bald, Id Laacaahira- 
•aiu, B. IB Itkhard Uaaaiaanl, »f . 

■< WUtl*T, In Vorkahin. 
Aaaa, d. .. ,. 
WIKtam, o( Hiwrafd, d. Itlh Pcbniarr, 
UU-Ml H. Marj. foanh daefliwr of 
Mr Wliini MaaiUTe, ban. of Hajioa 


aaiu i Rirhard. thi yoaii(Cr. rf. um. l 
Ae alder. 
WmUia, of Colaj, Is Hallfos pariah, 
d. in 17«-Wi bT Marr, bii wife, 
daochler uf ~ Chmar, eaq. bo laft 
an enly dancbler, 
Mary, lirinf 

II. Thanai, ninchant at LiTeipeol, a. Fnncce, 
daufliter of Thnmai Tbnippe, an aldennan of 
Cheater, hat d. appaniDllj >■ p. Wth Manfa, 

JoiaiTa UoiTOH, Baq. of Soirprby, A. in iai9, jniT' 
^aaed the manor of Honan. near Bradtbrd, in York- 
ihire, and vaa • julice of the peaca. He m. Martha, 

vDith. in BJBgley, bjr ■ham (who d. Urd July, IdM. 
md waa buried at fioverby,) he bad iaaue, 
JrMiti'i, hii heir. 

Elkuata, barriilar-at-Uw, of Thornton HaD, near 
Bradfonl, in Toikahiie, i. tin Aaciut. IH*. 
d. 1. p, al Sowerby. when ba wu bnricd Mlb 

I. >sih » 

'. In 

Londen.and wuburiedinSt.Thaniaa'aCbnrch, 
SoBlfawark. In iaM-4. Ha m. a danfhMr of 
Dr. WatjnoQ^, of London, a phyildan, but 

to John Gill. eaq. of Car Honae, in 
wu t. by Ua 

lain, Mary, daughter of Rabert lirin, n^-of Bradley 
and Kapiaford, in Chrahin, by wtaoni (who died I7th 

b April. lOM, of London ; d Uiicaahire. 

flanh, ai. lo llioniai WilliamaDn. I (11 of Lirar- 
Kliubeth, «. lo William William' f pool. 

He d. IMh December, If M, >■• buried In faia chapel 
in OldbiD (.'huri'h, aud i. by hia aon. 

THuni> lluaTuH, raq. nt Chaddrrton, l>. 4th May, 
IBU.iDiEruarafihe lair of Man for I.Ard Eterb).(ud 

ai, Annt, dancbter and c» hvir of Richard Moalyn, af 

f Uswroyde. bapllied let June, ITM; 
, Anne, daughier of (loonie ClaAap aeq. 
ml goiiraur of New York, *bkh lady 



died $. p. Uth May, 1704; and he married 
Mecondly, Mary-Bathea, daughter of the Rev. 
John Woolin, rector of Emley. in Yorkshire, by 
whom he had four eons and four daag^tera. 
The eldest aon, 

Thomas, of Howroyde, m, in 1780, Lady Mary 
Gordon, daughter of George, third Earl of 
Aberdeen, and was father of two sons, the 
Rky. Joshua •Thomas Horton, of How- 
royde, and Colonel George-William Horton, 
and of one daughter, Mary, m. to P. B. 
Racket, esq. (See Bdrkb's Commoners, 
vol. i. p. SS3.) 


Anne, > died anmarried. 

Jane, J 

Susannah, m. 24th March, 1743, to George Lloyd, 
esq. of Hulme. near Manchester, and had issue. 
His grandson, William-Horton Lloyd, esq. was 
named after his grand-uncle, Sir William Hor* 
ton. (See Burke's Commoners, Toi. i. p. 344.) 


He d. 18th March, 1757, at Manchester, was buried at 
Oldham, and *. by his eldest son, 

I. William Horton, esq. of Chaderton, in the 
county of Lancaster, who was created a Baron it 
14th January, 1704, being at the time sherilT of Lan- 
cashire. Sir William m. in 1751, Susannah, daughter 
and heir of Francis Watts, esq. of Barnes Hall, in 
Yorkshire, and had three sons, Tis. 

Watts, his successor. 

Thomas, in holy orders, successor to his brother. 
William, b. list October, 1707, lieutenant-colonel 
ted Lancashire Militia ; d. 15th April, 1810. 

He died 25th February, 1774, and was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

II. Sir Watts Horton, b. 17th November, 1753 ; 
ffi. 3rd June, 1778, Harriet, daughter of James, Lord 
Stanley, eldest son of Edward, eleventh Earl of Derby, 
and by that lady, who died at Bath in 1830, had an 
only child, 

Harrist-Susanna-Annic, b. 4th January, 1700; 
M. in 1813, to Charles Rees, esq. younger bro- 
ther of John Rees, esq. of Killjrmaenllwyd, in 
Carmarthenshire ; and d. Wth December, 1827, 
leaving issue. 

He died 15th November. 1811, and having no male 
isMue, was s. by his next brother, 

III. Sir Thomas Horton, 6. 2Itft July, 1758, in holy 
orders, vicar of Badsworth; m. in 177P, Elixabeth, 
daughter of James, Lord Stenley, eldest non of Ed- 
ward, eleventh Earl of Derby, and had by her (who 
d. in 1790) an only child, 

Charlotte, m. to George Pollard, esq. of Stannery 
Hall, Halifax, York^ire, and had issue, 

George-Thomas Pollard, m. 3Ist August, 1835, 
Clara, eldest daughter of James Royds, esq. 
of Woodlands, Cheshire. 

Elizabeth Pollard. 

Henrietta Pollard, m. 30th October, 1830, to 

Robert Bell, esq. of Sculcoates, Hull. 
Fanny Pollard, d. unmarried 14th February, 


Sir Thomas died 2nd March, 1831, when the Baron- 
etcy became extinct. 

Arms — Gu. a lion rampant arg. charged on tlic breast 
with a boar's head couped close az. within a bordure 
engrailed arg. 


tOth June, 1080. 

Henrt Howe, liTing temtf. Hbhbt VIU. 

John Howe, esq. of Hwnspdl de la Hi 
county of Somerset, who rf. in ISr4t oai « 

John Howe, esq. who m. Jane, 
las Gmbham, esq. of Biahop^ Lydiaid. li 
shire, and the siflter of Sir Eicharl Oi 
Wishford, WUte, who had a pant, ia 14 J 
a part of the Sabpoeiia Oflhse. By this li 

John, from whom deaeendad iho Hovi 

ton, in GUmcestenhire. 
Georob (Sir). 

The second son, 

Sir George Howe, hat. fathcriledfWiftl 
considerable personal and real aacates IktB 
Sir Richard Grubham, and was ■# CoU I 
the county of Wilte. AttadMd willi ^m 
to the monarchy, he anpptied the Uig 
sums of money, during the troubles fflV^ * 
was knighted, and r ep r ese nted tte \mt^ 
don in parliament. He as. Dontty, I 
Humphrey Clarke, alias Wooddunch« m\ 
church, in Kent, and had iasne, 

George Grubham, his heir. 

John, m. a daughter of Strodt, «•! sil 
merton, in Somersetshire. 

Margaret-Grubham. m. to iehn Sti 
He was s. by his elder son, 

I. George-Grubham Howe, esq. of Csl 
M.P. for Hindon, who was created aBj 
June, 1000. Sir George ■•. in lOSO, E&ad 
ter of Sir Harbottle Grimeton, bart. ef Bn 
in Essex, speaker of the House of Coaa 
Restoration, and afterwards master el tta 
her he had many children, but all died fl 
five, namely. 

Jambs, his successor. 

Dorothy, m. to Henry Lee, csq.of D« 

Anne, m. to John Lisle, eaq. of ll« 

Elizabeth, m. to Robert HoTendn,eaf 
Margaret, m. to Sir George Rooka, i 

of England, temp. Qneem Anne. 
Sir George d. 20th September, 1070. and 
his son, 

II. Sir James Howe, who ■s.flrst.Eliaal 
ter of Edvrard Nutt, eaq. of NackiaM 
which lady dying 8th SepCanber, Ml, 
secondly, Elisabeth, daughter and 
ford, esq. of Hailing, in G1 
s. p. 10th January, 1735, aged rixty-sn. 
Barunbtct expired. 

Arms— Or, a fesse be t we en time we 
couped saUc langned i^. ; a 


)Wi- ll*i»( in <hx llmi n( Hhiii VIII 
i*lu WiU, Tlu rldrr «»., 

»■>•■. MP. f<irUva>UDtTa((i1 

rai«^ Id thf ftrr^t of Irflh'iJ irj 17 

Howe. Hit iDFdaliip K. Ani^ in Jtf 
Lid; Anns Uinncn. dm^Wr <rf Jul 
pieblb Duke of Rutlinil. by n-hniii 
hnJ two dau|fal«T«< 
AnulHlU. ■•. to - Cording, Hq. 

illiUD. Lard AllinpDD. ■ad had by 

w<lb tmn dmebuni, hli ■ 

id Vbieounl. who 

I. Cbirtu, of CrllwaRh. Noni. »b<w 
dau|b»r ud hsr h, Prtcr Bull 
e«|. of ClinQdoD Puk. Wllu. 

rvHVd Lord OioUtoO' 

D>beIU.<(. BDm. 

nbdb, n, M Sir /obd V.aiMr. but, 

mm. HI. biSir PROcuMolyneui.btn, 

Sif John w4« /, It hi* dvccaw by bis glda't 40b, 

II. Si* RicHiiD Howi. wba m. Ann*, daofbUr oC 
Dr, Joba Kiuf. Biifaop of London, ud nlict of Jofan 
Diinm, uq. of SbRboniF. in tho onintir of Glooceiur. 

III. Sii Ricii.iu Hcwi, K. P. for (Li cwuity of 
AufOBI, ima, U«ry, dhu^tor of 

Prederick TtajDne, hart, of Kcmpntonl, 

liDiEDt, H.P. for Not. 

i bii bmbrr Ricbird. 

■ ill • »•« Ui'in u Ika faollt if Strut" 
«M ■< Bwn, tiH4 IkniM ol BdIIob, olih 
ka ■( iW Ant dn)J>i>n •«! lo-hcin '•! 

Htnhi iiwn. of ohon tiii Miy »>. Jokii. dvlai gun. 

tiiar. m. Dni. lo HtDrr Can, aeii of ibc E»I or 
HoaioMlli. aiid Ktoallty, LoChailn, im boka »f 

AlxiKLLi. ■■ Id J.*> GruMun HnnF. tag. 

KuiaiETM.oa. 'oTbooiaiBaaact, Bail RKrn. 

I Br Ilia trrllT. SophU Chaibrilt, daufblit sf Coaul 

, .. »_.._ d ri-a»aao« LatMHi. IM 

far NUiingluni. from ir47 u irM, * biiguliEr- 

■t TicandflTDgii, in Nortb America, ith iuW, 

Dfisg m tedielor, b« wu i. by 

ri. Sm RicHOu Havri, [mrUi VlicDual <Ih<i nlc- 

bmred Adminl tiove>, vbo for his eminent profea- 

■lonal irrThce* wu crtHlei] ■ pttt of Cnat Brtulu in 

primoBenitiTFly- tJii fordihip vu ft^clvd a kuiphT 
oftbe Girtcr in IrsT. Re ■>, in I7M. Muy. danghler 
of ChJTerlon HirtDppt #iiq, of U'cLby, in Pioitui^un- 
•hire, and had tbni diiii(tiHni, lii. 


Huan Hiiaii.ii, bfid Ulid 
HHai ir. HIiisD, 

K>a Kiaat llii>ii,i> or H 
Lulfbl't (m in Iprie;. «• H 

U tlw UWff pllW!> fj^Bfp^ 

c reicn, and in the tutli wa* 

Sra Juki HvatLnaf IpaUr. a- ■■■■■• 
Hi Sir WiUiaa Lwii, kni. af Ckalw 
iHM, JoMa, «ha HmA to ** «■ I 
Waiian, id dwa or G*ac«4v ; TtaSMi, 
Geffn;. In IS EDvaui IL Br Mka 
mplSTel wUI. <l<<tB iiiiuBi •( ^mM 

liell T»r (19 I^DiriBti III.] ^ tel • a 
nioat to annil ibe Una to lb* Fmak* 
at imif (ar Wan 

. at AtTDir. «ai delta- af 
John Hiunu. en]. tinai tl Hi^tTll 

JaHK llcLND, a»). af IpatoT.tolteaMi 

. ,1.— lie ..^D. «,. or Itirfar. IM^ ii 

Hrt niMhe daugbtir of Si. Bnrr ffllB. «M 
K^ -In'V'lli., ...d .» .. bj Ua aa^ 

K.LMi Hi.i>[., H,. lari a< tpita*. «h 
diurbur sf ll<naaaTn«*T,aa(-MMM* 
• ud bad llirrc H», lona, Ta*«T. ^ I 

"— -^ ... ,^^ 1,1, g„o„,^ Bhidi, t 



of SteAvd, Mid hmd ianM. 

.. a. to Sir Tbomu DalTCs, but. or Doding • 
ia Choildiv. 

Jaao, 171^17, and wm «. by hit oon, 
Foaa Hound* wIio diod a minor and nnm. 
I. IMi No?«mber, 1730, whtn the Ba- 


tkroe leopard** faces jeaiaat flenrs^e- 


0th Feb. 1745. 

BvvBLB, 9i HvmMeton, in the ooonty of 
Cither of 

HcniLEtoC London* of the fraternity of 

BloaiLB* of London, stationer, m. Agnes, 
' Mr. Johnson, and left a son, 

ionsLB, of London, stationer, and deputy 
n Ward in 1033, m. Agnes, daughter of Mr. 
y, and had a numerous family. Hb eldest 

SB HrniLi, esq. of London, b. in 101S. in 
am of £njo$9 which he furnished to King 
I. In his majesty's exile, was created a Ba- 
inae, 1000. Sir WilUam tm. Elixa, daugh- 
ADaason, gent, and had issue, 

K* his heir, m, Mary, daughter of Sir John 
»« kat. of London, and dying in the life- 
ef his father, left 


MMB, > second, third, and fourth baronets. 
«■. J 

ry. m. to Chris^^ Tilaop, t^. 
at. Si. to Samuel Klog7 esq. 

k«, created a baronet, see Himblb, of Xt^n- 

■. to Basil Moor, esq. of Gubbins, in Hert- 
hire, r CLfM^^oj 

ib, a. to Dr. Brsdly, prebend of York, 
a. to Mr. Atkin*, non of John Atkins, of 


brr, lOHO, snd was m. by his grand- 

^lu it« Hrasut.who d. unm. aged twenty, 
y, imu, and was s. by his brotbrr, 

SaOBOl HovSLB.who was killed in a quar 
Posts Tavern, in March, I7M 3, and 

M N 

IT. Sia John Huvbli, who m. Sarah, dauf^ter and 
co-heir of Andrew Lant, esq. of Thorpe Underwood, in 
the county of Northampton, and had surriTing issue, 

WiLUAM, his heir. 

He if. 7th February, 17S3, and was s. by his son, 

T. Sia WiLUAM Humble, who m, the Hon. Elisa- 
beth Vane, daughter of Gilbert, second Lord Barnard, 
and dying in Norember, 174S, was s. by his son, 

Ti. SiE John Humblk, who d. at school, at Felstead, 
aged six, 0th February, 1745, when the Baeonrtct 

ilrsM^-Sa. a buck trippant or, a diief indented of 
the last. 


Cbbatbd 10th March, 10B7.— Extinct Itth Aug. 170S. 

1. William Humblb, esq. of Kensington, in the 
county of Middlesex, second son of Sir WUliam Hum- 
ble, hart, of London, was created a Babonbt 10th 
March, 10B7. He m. first, Frances, daughter of Sir 
Anthony Uasilrigge, hart.; and secondly, Mary. dau|^- 
ter of Fisher, of Isleworth, but dying s. p. ISth Au- 
gust, 1705* the Baeonbtct bxfibbd. 

A rm s S ee Humblk or London. 


30th Not. 1714. 

14th June, 1737. 


I. SiK William Humpbkbys, knt. an alderman of 
the city of London, serred the office of sherifTin 1701, 
when Queen Annk conferred upon him the honour of 
knighthood, and was lord mayor in the first year of 
GaoaoK 1. when hsTing had the honour of entertain- 
ing the king and queen at Guildhall, he was in con- 
sequence created a Bakunbt 30th NoTember, 1714. 
Sir WUliam m. first, Margaret, daughter of WUliam 
Wiatour, esq. of Dymock, in the county of Gloucester, 
and grandaughter uf Sir William Maxey, of BradweU 
Hall, Essex, and had by her an only sunriving child* 

Oblando, his heir. 

He M. secondly. KUen, relict of Robert Lancashire, of 
London, merchant, but had no other issue. Sir WU- 
liam who sate in parliament for Marlborough, d. in 
October, 1735, and was m. by his son, 

II. Sib Oblandm lli.'vrHBBYS, whom. Ellen, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of the above mentioned Robert Lanca- 
shire, by whom he left no male i«sue at his decease, 
14th June. 1737, when the Babonbtcy became b\- 


Sable, three nags' heads erased, argent. 





ISth Aug. 1M2, 

3rd Dec 1749. 


Drake, in hiB antiquities of York, staten that " the 
ancient family of the H ungates seem to derive their 
name from H ungate, in the city of York. They were 
possessed of North Dalton, Boniby, Hayton, Saxtoo, 
Sherbom, Cowick, &c* 

Wiij.iAM HcNOATi.of Bomby, (the first of the family 
in the visitation) was father of 

Willi A « H ungate, esq. of Bomby, who in. Margery, 
daughter of Sir Anthony Ugfatred, knt. of Kexby,and 
had two sons, William and Leonard. The elder, 

William Hl'Ngatb, esq. m. Oliva, daughter of Wil- 
liam Sally, or Sauley, of Saxton, in the county of 
York, and had three sons, William, Robert, and Ed- 
ward. The eldest son and heir, 

William Hukoati, esq. m. Alice, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Gower, knt. of Stitenham, in Yorkshire, and 
had eight sons,* and two daughters. Of the sons, 
William was the eldest, and succeeded his father; 
the daughters were Alice, who m. R. Angier, esq. and 
Anne, the wife of Oliver Rither, esq. 

William Huncatc, esq. ^the eldest son and heir) 
of North Dalton, m. Audrey, daughter of John Salt- 
marsh, oflq. of Saltmarffh, and was x. by his eldest 

William HrNCATE, chq. of Saxtoii, living; in 1653, 
who M. Anne, dauf^hterof Thomas Stillingtun, esq. ul 
Acanter, and had issue, 

Willum, hiK licir. 

Robert, barri:*terat-law, fonndrd a hcIiooI at Shore- 
burn, ill the county of York. He d. 2oth July, 


Edmund, tn. Jane, daughter of Richard Brll, qm\. 
barrinter-atlau', died in 1011, and was buried in 
St. Cuthbert'H Church. 

Aune, m. to John Aiilaby, esq. 

Margery, m. to W illiam Power, e^q. 

I Mabel, m. to Leon. Fonter, esq. 

Jane, m. to N icholas, second oon of Sir William 

Fairfax, knt. of Walton, 
Catherint*. m. to (!bri.Htopher Rabthorp, esq. 

The i>ldi>st son und heir, 

Wli.iiAM 111 Nt;*!!:, (••w|. of Saxton, m. Margaret^ 
daughter and t*o In-ir of Roger Sotln-by, eM). of l*<ick - 
liugton. in ^ urkshire, and graiidaughter luaternally, 
of Sir William Constable, knt. ol Hatfield, and hud 

Wii.LUM (Sir), of Saxton, who tn. Klixabeth, 

daoghter Of WiUlam Mmitt«n,Mt < 
and d. ». p. in 


The second son, 

I. Priup Hckgatb, ea%. of Saxton, wa 
Bakokkt by Xing CsAftun I. iMk Aagoii 
m, Dorothy, daughter of Roger Lflt|^« U .D 
in the county of York, and wido^ 
esq. of BromTiOt by whom he kad 

Francis, ooI. in the army, feaip. CMai 

at Chester, 1845, left by his wifc, Jes 

of Robert MiddleCon, caq. of Leightoi 

shire (co-heir of her hroCbrr FraDds 

Pkancis, raooeaeor to hia (nadftfl 

William, eot in Lord Dmahar'e r 

Mary, m. to John Fairfhx, m^. wt 

Col. Francis Hangate's widow, ieaa. 

Hammond, esq. of Scarthiagwril* ia 

of York. 
Elixabeth,;M. to Gilbert StaplelM,e^. I 

in the county of York. 
Mary, m. first to Sir Manaadakc Gib 

and secondly to Sir Heary Bfovi 

Catherine, m. first to Marmadafce Cba 

of Bransby, in the county of York, ai 

to Sir William Howard, knt. 
Sir Philip was s, by hia grandeen, 

II. Sia Fkakcis Hi'.\o«tk, who a. Marfi 
daughter of Charles Smith, Viacoaat Canb 
had issue, 

Philip, his heir. 
Francis, M.D. 


He was s. by bis eldest »on, 

III. Sir Philip Hi NOArr. who m. KhsaW 
tcr of William, Ixird Monsou. by whoai is 
condly, Lewis Smith. estq. of Wuctun, ia W ar 
he left three sons. 


Philip, ^successive baraoeta. 

• r 

Charles J 

The eldest son and heir, 

IT. Sir FR«Mt-i» lli'auATK, m. 
of William Weld. esq. of Lalwoith 
Nicholas Fairfax, esq. of Gilliag, 
ving daughter. 

Mart, who in. Sir Edward Gi 

He d. :t(Uh July, 1710. and was «. by bis km 

\. Sir Philip HiNG^TC.wbn m. Elnaftst 
ter of Mr. Cotton, but d>iiig«.^. WBa<.byki 

Ti. Sir Charles Hiwcatb, who tf . a lai 
unin. 3nl December. 17-10, when the B*aoi 

came i:\iinct. 

4rmjt- (!ulcs, a chevron eafraiM bscae 

talbots sejant, argent. 

* Fivin Riibt-it, tlie foiirlh Min, linciilly <leM*eiiile<l 

rhoM..,, H.ii..;.ie. ol \,nl, > 'A^i'^r l*:'"'^*';:; "' Hs.eihin. Mar^.bae* 

JuLu Hu«;i4le. ol London. J »'' "^ ^•' ^^ •^**^' **^ ^ •*'*' »" **"* '**■*>• 






lit April, 1734. 

I Hl'wit, knt lord chief justice of the 

ttwtp. Edward IV. m. Blisaheth, dangb- 

Berkeley, etq. of Wymondham, and 

ii« heir, •nmuioned to parliiunent by 
' VIII. aa Barun HuaMy, of Sleford, in 
mty of Lincoln. (See Buau's ExUnct 


t ancestor of the HuMeys of Yorkshire. 

h, m. to Richard Grey, Earl of Kent, 

I. to WiUiam, Lord WiUongfaby. 


HouBY, knt. waa of Halton, in Lin- 

■erred the oOce of sheriff in the aith 

Hia eon and heir, 

I HruBT, of Honington, received the 

Rhthood from Queen Elixabbtu, and 

incolnshire in the 33rd of her majesty's 

Ellen, daughter of Lord Chief Baron 

two sons, 

Sir), hb heir. 

ao HttsKY. knt. of Honington, in the 
oin, was crr4ted a Bako.nkt by King 
■ne, 1011. He was sheriff of Lincoln- 
h «if that reign, and again in the ISth 
id serred in parliament in I&40. Sir 
crest sufferer in the ciril wars, and so 
e usurped authorities, that in the pro- 
bridge, l&M, he was one of those to be 
bis majesty's councils. He m. Eliza- 
rf George Auton, and niece and heir of 
eai|. of Doddiugton Pigot, in Lincoln - 

his heir, SI. Rhoda, daughti'r and ro- 
rhomas Chapman, rsq. of I^ondon, and 
I the lifetime of his father, left 
oH*», successor to his grandfather. 
Uiam fSir;, ambassador from Klnn 
^ILLI4H III. to the Port, m. Mary, 
ittghter of Sir John Buckwortli, bart. 
mI d. J. f, 

oda, m. to John Amcoats, esq. of Am- 
op, in Lincolnshire. 

ry, at. to Thomas Rail, esq. of Mine- 

x. royal army, slain at Gainsborough. 
of Caythorp, in the county of Lin- 
»ated a BiauNirby King CH%aiJU II. 
f . 1601. His son, 

DWian HissBT inherited the Honiog- 
karoaetcy in I7M. 

IT. Edward, d. iasneleas. 

I. Jane, m. to Sir Thomas WilUamsoD, hart. 
II. Mary, m. to Sir Robert BoUea, hart. 
111. Rebaoca, m. to Sir Robert Markham, of Sedg- 

brook, in Lincolnshire. 
IT. Bridget, m. to Sir Thomas Clifton, bart. of Ly- 

▼. Anne, us. to Charles Pelham, esq. of Brock- 
lesby, in Lincolnshire. 

Sir Edward died about the year 1648, and was t. by 
his grandaon, 

II. Sia Thomas Hvsskt, M.P. for the county of 
Lincoln, temp, William III. who m. Sarah, daughter 
of Sir John Langham, bart. and left two surriTing 
daughters, his co-heirs, Yis. 

Elisabsth Hussby,«i. to Sir Richard Ellys, bart. 
and d. s. p. 

.Sarah Husssy, m, to Robert Apreece, esq. of 
Washingley, in the county of Huntingdon, and 
from this marriage lineally descends the present 
(1837) Sir Thomas Groror ArRRScR, bart. of 
Washingley. (Refer to Burkr's Peerage and 

He d, in December, 1706, when the baronetcy passed 
to his cousin, 

111. Sir Edward Uvssry. second baronet of Cay- 
thorp, in the county of Lincoln. Thb gentleman m. 
first, Charlotte, only child of Daniel BreTint, D.D. 
dean of Lincoln, by whom he had several children, but 
only two survived him, vix. 

Charlotte, m. Thomas Pochin, esq. of Barkby, in 
LeiceMershire, and their daughter, Charlotte 
Pochin, M. to Charlrs-Jamrs Packr, esq. of 
Prestwold Hall, eventually inherited the estates 
of her grandfather, Sir Edward Uussey, bart. 
and conveyed them to the Pacrr fianUy. (See 
BuRKfi's CoHMROMers, vol. i. p. 136.) 

He m. secondly, Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Da- 
vie, bart. and by her had two sons, 

u ' > fourth and fifth baronets. 

Edward, j •»«"••"»«»• »«»««»•. 

Sir Edward d. 16th February, 1735, and was s. by hb 
elder son, 

IV. Sir Hbnry Hvssby, third baronet of Caythorp, 
who d. s. p. 14th February, 1730, and was §. by hb 

V. Sir EIdward Husbrt, fourth baronet of Caythorp. 
This gentleman died issueless, 1st April, 1734, when 
the R%KONETCY of Houingtou, and the Barunrtcy of 
Caythorp, both xxfirxd. 

Arm* — Quarterly, first and fourth or, a cross vert, 
second and third harry of six, ermine and gules. 


CRBATBD21st July, 1001.— CXTINCT Ist April, 1731. 


I. Cmarlxs Hi'ftsBY,esq. of Caythorpe, in the county 
of Lincoln, second son of Sir Kdward Uussey, bart. of 
Honington. was created a KARONrr by King Charles 
II. 31st July, 1001. Sir Charles m. Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Kir WUliam Brownlowe, bart. of Humby, in 
Lincolnshire, and dying in 1064, was *. by hb elder 

II. Sib Hi'ssbt, who d, unm. about the 
year lAM, and was $. by his brother, 

III. Sir Edward Hissky, of Caythorpe, who at the 




deceue of hb oooim, Sir Tliomu HuMey, of Honing- 
ton, without male iarae, in 1706, suooeeded to the 
older baronetcy, and carried on the main branch of 
hia houae. (Refer to HuaiiY of IlotUngUm,) 

ilraif— Same aa Humby op Honinoton. 



I7th May, 1(MS. 

4th Aug. ins. 


Thia family, according to Camden, flooriahed with 
great antiquity and reputation at Ripley, a market 
town in the West Riding of the county of York. 

Sir Thomas iNCLKBr, knt. one of the justices of 
the court of Common Pleas, m. Catherine Ripley, and 
had issue, Thomas, his heir, Henry, prebend of South 
Care, IS Rich aid II. John, William, David, and 
Alice. The eldest son, 

Thomas Inclkbt, esq. who was knight of the shire 
of York, S3 Edward III. m. Eleanor, daughter and 
heir of William Mowbray, esq. of Kirtlington,* and 
had two aons, William, who died issueless, and 

John Inolibt, esq. living temp, Hbnrt IV. who 
continued the line. He was founder of the monas- 
tery of Mount Grace. He m. Ellen, daughter and 
heir of Sir Bryan RoclifTe, knt. of Rocliffe, and had 

Thomas, his heir. 

Catherine, m. to Walter Pedwardine, esq. of Lin- 
Jannet, m. to John Holme, esq. of HolderneMe. 
Isabel, m. to Thomas de la River, esi^. uf nr.msby. 

He was s. by his son, 

Thomas lNoi.BBr, esq. who m. Ellen, daughter of 
John Holme, esq. and left, with a daughter, Elizabeth, 
the wife of Thomaa Beckwith, esq. of Clint, a son aud 

Sir William Inglbby, knt. who wedded Joan, 
daughter of Sir Bryau Stapleton, knight of the Garter, 
and had (with two daugliters, Agnes, m. to John 
Sothil, esq. of Everingham, and Katberine, m. to 
William Arthington, esq. of Arthiugton,; a son and 

John Inglbby, esq. who m. Margery,^ daughter of 
Sir James Strangeways, knt. and was s. by Ida son. 

Sir William Inoi.eby, of Ripley, who m. Cathe- 
rine, daughter of Thomas Stillington, esq. and had 

John, his heir. 

Jane, m. to Sir Robert Constable, knt. 
Anne, m. fimt, to Richard Goldsborough, esq. se- 
condly, to Robert Warcnp, esq. and thirdly, to 
Thomas Wriothesley, Garter king of arms. 
The son and heir, 
John Inclkby, esq. of Ripley, m. Eleanor, daughter 

of Sir MarmadulM CooitaMe. kait. of Fl 
and dying in IMS, ww «. bj hia only mn 
Sir William IffOLnT* bH. of Bipli 
Cecily, daughter of Sir Owmgt TUbofa, 
(who wedded, secondly, John Tonwy* «% 
William (Sir), his heir. 
Jfriin, of Lawkland, ■iioMtor of Sir CI 
by, knt. one of the jodgw. taay. ia 
George, d. ». p. 

Frances, m. to i«m«o PuDoiiio, oaf. 
the Pulleinea of CarletoB and Crafc 
Elisabeth, m, to Mr. Racliard MrIIm^ 
He was s, by hia eldest aon, 

Sir William Inouibt, knt. of Wifiq 
treasurer of Berwick, and d, in isn9, 
iaauc, by Anne, daughter of Sir WilliaB 
Studley, in the county of York, ftro w 
dauglitera, via. 

1. William (Sir). higthahoriff of Yfliftil 
ELiRABiTH,fli. ftntfAnao, daaghlf 
T. Thwaitea, eaq. and aeomdly, Ai 
ter of Anthony 8inithy«o« oaf. o 
ham, but if. M, p. 

II. David, m. Lady Anno Norfll, ymm 

ter of Chaiiea, sixth Karl of Was 

and left three daag;hterB, Tia. 

Mary, la. to Sir Petor MiddlaM 

Frances, ai. to Sir Robert HodA 

Vrsula, M. to Robert Widdriaili 

III. Francia, tf. ymmg, 

IV. Sampson. 

V. John, SI. Catherine, dan^iter of S 

Babthrop, knt. of Babthrop, am 

George Vavasor, esq. of Spaidii 

left a daughter, 

Catharine, si. to Mamadaka 1 

of Knighton, in the ooonty ef 

I. Jane, si. to George Wintar, osf. d 

in Worcestershire. 

II. Grace, m. to William Blmard, esq. 


III. Isabel, M. to Thomaa Markinfeld, ca 

IV. Elizabeth, s*. to Peter Yorke, esq. 
V. Catharine, m. to Sir WiQiam Arthii 

of Artliiugton, and had a son, 
Cyril Arthington. 
The fifth son, 

Sampson Inglbby, esq. m. riiiabitb, 4 
Sir John Yorke, knt. and had iaaua, 
William, hia heir. 

Anne, in. to Francia Swale, ea^ 

Mary, m. to Francia Appleby, caq. ef L 

Elisabeth, a nun at Ghent. 
He was X. by his son, 

I. Sir William Ikolbby, knt of Rifby 
created a Baronit by King Charlo I. 
IMS. He Ml. Anne, daughter of Sir JaaM 
ham, knt. of Levens, in Weatmoriand, aai 
1057-H, aged seventy-one, was «. by his soa, 

II. Sir William Inglbby, 6. in IStl, wi 
garet, eldeiit daughter of John Savile, es|. « 
in the county of York, and had isaaa, 

I. John, his successor. 

I. Margaret, si. to Mark, eldest aan ef I 
Shaftoe, knt. recorder of Newcsstti 

II. Anne, si. to John, son of Sir Jehi 

knt. of Harden, iu ChcaUre. 

• By Margaret, daii(;hi«'i and hrir of John Chauinunt, esq. of Coltuii, io the ainrty of \otk. 

t She M. ^((indly, Kicliaiil l^oni WcUtf. 

I By Aimc, hir wife, <ldU|tbUr iA llcury Huwaiil, Earl of Surrey, aud ki>tcr of Thoma*, Dakc ef N< 




riaf «m. i» 1741. 
M, A in 1701. 

rixty-oiM. and was «. 

' Imolsbt, wbo flk Mary» dani^ter of 

id had nirfiTiDg knie, John, hia heir, 

H« 4, IftCh January, 174S, and was », 

M liiOLBBT. who tf. 14th July, 1771, 
ate iaam, irhma the Babomitcy became 

laet baronet* Sir John Ingleby, left 

R9ILBT, esq. who inheriting the estates, 
if Ripley, and was created a BAaoNir 
81. He «i. in 17M, Elisabeth, daofh- 
nd sole heir of Wharton Amcotts, esq. 
ectlettorpe, in Lincolnshire, and was 
r of the present (1837) 
I WiLLUM Ahcotts-Inoilsy, bart. of 
Lettlethorpe Park and Ripley Castle, 
refer to Bubki's Peerage and Baro- 

star of six ra^ arg. 


15th April, 1736. 

Ingoldsby was of ancient standing in 
.inooln. and derived in direct descent 
r Ingoldsby, Lord of Ingoldsby, in that 

Ikgoldsby, of Lethenbonragfa, in the 
tingham, knt. was found, by an inqui- 
it the demise of his father, Francis 
in lAM, to be hb eldest son and heir. 
!th, danghter of William Palmer, esq. 
Backs, and had issue, 

ept. Itch July, \ifn, m. first, 38th May, 
Sir Christopher Pigot, knt. of Dodder- 
A secondly, to Maximilian Petty, esq. 
to Richard Sergeant, e«q. of Dinton, 

. to John Pcasey, esq. 
who was sheriff of Bucks 3 Jambs I. 
nd was f. by his son, 
> laooLMBY, of LethmborouKli, knighted 
nd (Ictober, 1017, when that monarch 
iabrooke, the srst of Sir Kicliard's 
Sir Olircr CromwHI, K. B. He m. 
llrter of Sir Oliver, and by her, who d. 

, baptised Hth August, 1014, ». at Le- 
In the parliaments called by 

the Protector in lOM and 1856, he represanted 
the county of Buckingham, but at the Resto- 
ration, gaining the ro3ral faTonr, he was 
placed on the list of those on whom it was 
intended to hare conferred the knighthood of 
the Royal Oak. Subsequently, howeTer, by 
a course of extraragance, he dissipated his 
fortune, sold Lethenborough House to Mr. 
Robinson, his steward, and after mor^ging 
as far as he could his whole estates, went to 
London about the year 1673, and in 1679 was 
admitted a pensioner at the Charter House, 
where he died 1st October, 1681. By Lettice, 
his wife, daughter of Crawley Norton, esq. 
of Offleys, Herts, he had issue, 

I. Francis-Richard, bapt. SSrd April, 165S. 

S. Edward, d, young. 

1. EUen. 
t. Ann. 

3. Lettice* 

4. Martha. 

5. Elisabeth. 

II. RicuABD (Sir) K. B. the celebrated parliamen- 

tary generaL Thb distinguished person was 
one of the commissioners of the high court of 
justice for the trial of his sorereign, signed 
the warrant for his execution, was one of the 
chief confidants of Oliver Cromwell, governor 
of Oxford Castle, and one of the lords of the 
upper house. When he found the cause of 
his cousin Richard desperate, he strenuously 
exerted himself in promoting the restoration 
of the exiled monarch, and so effectually re- 
commended himself to his favour, that he not 
only procured his pardon, being the only one 
of tiie regicides who had a free one, but was 
made a knight of the Bath. He m. Anne, 
daughter of Sir George Croke, one of the 
judges of the court of King's Bendi, and 
widow of Thomas Lee, esq. of Hartwell, and 
dying in 1689, left, with a daughter, Jane, 
the wife of Thomas Marriot, esq. of Ascot, in 
Gloucestershire, a son and successor, 
RicHABD, who m. Mary, only daughter of 
William Colmore, esq. of Warwick, and 
died 14th April, 1703, leaving issue, 
Thomas, of Waldridge, h. in 1688, she- 
riff of Bucks 7 Gbobgb 1. and M.P. 
for Aylesbury, who had issue, 
RicHABD,* of Waldridge, M.P. for 
Aylesbury, who died m. p, 

Martha, ot. in 1702, to George, late 
Marquess of Winchester. 
Richard, living in 1713. 

Frances, unm. in 1713. 
Henrietta, living in 1713. 
Letitia, died in 1711. 

III. Olivbb (Sir), knt. 6. in 1610, a parliamentary 

officer, slain at Pendennis. 

IV. John, 6. in 1021, who is stated to have been 

also engaged on the parliamentary side, and 
to have died at sea. 
V. Hk^iRT, of whom we have to treat. 
VI. (;b«)Rcb (Sir), killed in the Dutch wars. 
VII. Thomas, a captain in his brother Richard's re- 
VIII. William, b. in 16S7. 

1. Elizabeth, died onm. 
II. Sarah, died unm. 
III. Aon, 6. in 1021, m. to Sir Edward Chaloner, knt. 

digrv'TS t4 Ike family, RirlMrd i* itiitrd to have had a brother Thomas, brigadicr-groeral in (be army, 
V, leavlag a dsaghtrr, m, (u Jambs Lbnux Naksb, esq. of Luai;bcrcw. 




IV. Mary, b. in lOiO, in. to Major Read, who was 
wounded at tha aiego of Bristol, in 1045. 

The fifth son, 

I. Sia HsNar Inogldsby, bom in lOlt, held at 
first a commission in the royal army, but suhsaqnently 
deserting his ill-fated master, became a colonel in the 
service of the parliament. He went afterwards to 
Ireland, and was there most useful to his party, but 
Lord Clarendon records that he performed acts of 
barbarity in that oppressed kingdom utterly rerolting 
to humanity. Sir Henry was returned to parliament 
by the counties of Kerry, Limerick, and Clare, in 
1654, lti56, and 1050. Like his brother Richard, he 
was equally zealous in paving the way for future 
favour with the exiled monarch, whose restoration 
he foresaw ; with this view he hastened from Ireland, 
where he had a command, took p<MMe8«ion of Windsor 
Castle, then in the hands of the republicans, and 
garrisoned it for the parliament, who appeared to be 
favourably disposed towards the restoration of the 
monarchy. For this service he was created a Baro- 
net by Charlcs II. 30th August, 1000, having already 
obtained a similar dignity from the Protector Crom- 
wjcLL, in low. He died in Ireland in 1701, one of the 
oldest officers in the army, and left by Anne, his wife, 
daughter of Sir Hardress Waller, a son and successor, 

II. SiK George Incoldsby, who m. Mary, daughter 
of Sir Peter Stanley, bart. and had, with a daughter, 
Ann, married to Sir Francis Blundel, bart. a son and 

111. Sir William Ingoldsby, who m, Theophila, 
daughter of Sir Kingswill Lucy, bart. of Broxboumc, 
Herts, and had a daughter, Anne. Sir William d. t5th 
April, 1726, when the Baronetcy became extinct. 

Arms— Krm, a saltire eugr. sa. 





Ckkiii I) 




2Stb April, IMJ1». 


llitll Aug. I.S31. 



TiiK ItLV. Kkruild I>ms (di>((crn<l«'d from the 
nt«M-k of tho dural iiouse of Kii\l»un;Iif) wan chanter 
of tlic <]i<H-cK<' of Moray, ami nlilli^t«>^ of the parinb of 
\I\CHN. ill that roiiiity. He ui. Ji'ati. daughter uf 
i'olin I'iili'oiii'r, Bi^hup of Moray, and h:ul i<i.HUP, 
Jwi.s, in holy nnlcfji, rhuirh uf Srotland. 
\\ illi.mi. M. and had iMnur. 
Mii^h, an fpincopal clert;yman. M. to John (<ilzean. of Coltficld. 

'llii' rlili-tt nun, 

I'm. Hkv. JAVih 1nm>, m. ('atliuriiic. daughter of 
ifiit:h Falronrr, v^*\. of Invi-rnrftit, and hud. with a 
tIauRhtiT, Jean, wifi* of C'nptain MacLrni^io, of the 
Sifiirh brifsaili', a >on and hrir. 

Tilt Ilrv. Hi i;h 1>>l«., A. .M)th July. 17*27, m. Jran. 
il.iii/liti r of 'I'lmnia?! Crahain, cs*i. and ilyint; in l«ii^, 
Ii-tt .III only Mill, 

I. Ill I. II 1>M'», I -11. of l.iH*lidl.4|i, ill tlio f'oiinty of 
](iiv«, and Cuxtou. in Moray. M.P. who wa» rrc.iti'd 

a Baronbt 18th April. 1819. Sir Bi«h 
August, 183 1, when the BaaoiincT ixr 

Araw— Quarterly, flnt aad fovtk, ai 
of six ra^ as. for Imrbs ; aecuad. «■ 
chief sa. thrac escallopa of the idd, ftr 


31ttt Dec. 1060. 

% %, 

Of this family, one of good not* im H 
York, was 

John Jacksom, of Edderthorp. near 
that county, who m. KUen, daogliler of J 
son, of Bolton, and dying ia Febnury 
sixty-four, left no less than sctcb sow 
daughters. The eldest son. 

Sir John Jackson, knt. of Nottiaclr 
shire, who was educated in the st«dy «f 
Lincoln's Inn, was attorney to tlw eeaacil 
in the North, in the commisaioa of the p 
West Hiding, 3t Kluabkth. Ib 4 JiRli 
constituted autumnal reader in that iaa si 
13th of the same reign trrasurvr. He f 
honour of knighthood, and married Rbasb 
ter of .^ir John Savile, of Methl^y. tat 
barons uf the Hxrhequer, and had i««c, 

John, hilt hfir. 

Hfnry, bamstir-at-law. rhrk of Ms 
i.orthi.'rn cirruit. m. a dAiichter sf 
.Snipg, unr of the barons i^f the Eirl 

Irft UO iiiiilli'. 

Franris, of Himton Pajnell, in Yoriil 
t«*r-at law. 

Jane, Ml. to .Sir Frauris Thumhaafb, I: 

tun, ill \urkMiire. 
Klizaheth, m. fint, to Robert WiBiaHa 

Walkingham, Notts, and >inmdl>. Mi 

Hutton, knt. of Hootim Pa>vcl, m I 

of Vurk. 
Lucy, Ml. to Henry Tindall, esq. «f BM 


He was t. by his eldest son. 

Sir John J«crm>n, knt. of llvklctn. 
(.'iiakll.s I. was trea^nnr fur the mtumt 
and MTvi'd sf vvral tinirs in pHriisiaeDf krik 
of Pontefract. He m. firrt, Kbaaicth. * 
John Thorn haugh, uf Fenton, Nona, byvlf 
no iMuc, and Mcoudly. Fiennes, daaghivr« 
mas Waller, governor of Dover Casd^ i 
'ind July, I(i37, was m. by his eldrr soa, 

I. JuHN Jackson, viiq. of Hickietoa, ia ri 
of York, whu was created a Btioan 
('HtRir.t II. 31st Dorember, lena. Sir Ml 
('iithcriii«*. (laufzhtiT uf George Booth, ca|- •( 
Ma!t»<>y, b> whuni, whu tf. in 1M7, hf bai 
and thrt>e daiichtiTu, via. 

John, hin siirresiior. 
Fii'iincs, M. to Mcholaa Maaltvtrcr.s^ 




•. to Joha AdaaaSt etq. ton of Sir WnUam 
■, of OwfllNI. 

M» liTiiif fai 1679. 

y, bis oosds, hmcj, daof^tsr of Henry 

. of Brotherton, and relict of Sir William 

leath Hall, and by ber bad a ton, 

iRDiNi, soooeuor to bia brotber. 

la «. at bis deoeaso by bis elder son, 

Hii Jackson, wbo died nnm. Otb February, 

tv«Bty-s«Ten, baring sold bis estates to 

B. He was s. by bis brotber, of tbe balf 

iBADwatoiNB Jackson, one of tbe com- 
4 tbe land tax, Anns. Tbis gentleman 
mai. in I7t7, but tbe period of bis decease 

KXTiNcriON of tbe Baronitct bas not 

was pvrdmsed from tbe Jacksons by Sir 
Btwortb, knt. of Woolley. 

u a leas between tbree sbeldrabes arg. 



4tb Not. 1700. 


Jacos, of Horsebeatb, in the county of 
lied tJrd Hkhrt VIII. leaTing a son, 
luros, of Honrheath aud Oamlingay, in 
■nty, wbo m. Winifrid, daughter of Wil' 
rrt, of Koyston, and was s. by bia sou, 
%cos, esq. of Hamlingay, who m. Cathe- 
er and heir of William Abraham, of Lon- 
nt, and left a son. 

Iaoob, esq. of UamliiiKay, who si. Mary, 
Francis Rogers, of Dartford, and had 

br>, bis beir. 

vbo by his second wife, Margaret, dauffh- 

4l«niandcr Packer, etq. of King's Cbarle- 

Gloarestershire, had 

aader, a Turkey merrhant in Iiondon, m. 
t Hon. Klixabeth Hrydices, daughter of 
niry, eigbcb Lord ChHiidos. She iiur^iTed 
r basband, aud m. serrondly, the ReT. 
•Mas Dawson, D.I). Ticar of Windsor. 

to Klisabetb llalliday, and had issue. 

. tD Henry Rott, esq. 

. tD George Bury. raq. 

h, at. to Tboaaas W iltnrr, esq. 

BS. to RoWrt Seytliard, rsq. 
ay, 10V, and was j. by bin eldest m>ii, 
M Jscoa, of Bromley, in Kuex, who was 

Mimf CMAaLBs 1. in 1033, being one of 
ti the Cnstoms in tbe port of fynidon. and 
Beat of a clear estate of £3000 per annum, 

•d tbe king, his lands were sequestered, 
mal f t op e rty considerably reduced by the 
I* at difftrent ti mes to his royal master. 
» vMMMftn of cmiacnt persons who suf- 

fered for their allegiance, tbas mentions bim : " We 
must not separate Sir Nicholas Crisp from the wor- 
sbipful Sir John Jacob, his partner, both in tbe fum- 
ing of tbe Custom House, and bis sufferings ; a man 
ever forward to assist his m^JMty, saying, Wbat t 
shall I keep my estate, and see the king want where- 
withal to protect itT If it please God to bless the king, 
though I gare bim all I had I can be no loser ; if not, 
though I keep all I can be no sarer ; and to relieve 
the clergy, raining more their prayers and God's 
blessing dian his own estate, employing under him 
only those honest caraliers that suffered with him." 

In consideration of his loyalty, so sealous and so 
generous. Sir John was created a Babonbt by JCi$tg 
Chablxs II. nth January, 1605. On the restoration 
his estate was restored to him, he was made a com- 
missioner of tbe Customs, and again became one of the 
farmers thereof. He mi. first, Elisabeth, daughter of 
John, grandson of Sir Leonard Halliday, knt. lord 
mayor of London, and by her had two sons, Abraham 
and Henry, wbo both died before him issueless, and a 
daughter, Susanna, the wife of Sir Richard Wing- 
field, hart, of Letheringbam, in Suffolk. Sir John in. 
secondly, Alice, daughter of Thomas Clowes, of Lon- 
don, and relict of John Baglesfield, also of London, 
merchant, by whom be bad 

John, his beir. 

Francis, d. s. p. 

Robert, killed in Scotland, d. s, p. 

Alice, m, to Henry West, esq. of Woobam Court, 

in Sussex. 
Mary, m. to Walter, son and beir of Sir Arnold 

Beams, knt. of Bridge Court, in Kent. 
Helen, m. to John, son of Sir John Hebdon. 

He wedded, thirdly, Elisabeth, eldest daughter and 
co-heir of Sir John Asbbnmam, knt. by whom be had 
a daughter, Margaret, m. to — Muichamp, esq. of 
Row Barnes, in Surrey. Sir John died in February 
or March, 1000, his funeral sermon was preached in 
the latter monUi. He left to the parish of (vamlingay 
£40 per annum for maintaining ten poor people in an 
almshouse which he had finished in his lifetime. His 
widow Ml. Sir William Wogan, knt. seijeant-at-law, 
and d. in 1097. He was m. by his eldest son, 

II. Sia John Jacob, who m. the Hon. Catherine 
Allington, daughter of WilUam, Lord Allington, and 
dying in 1075, was s. by his son, 

III. Sia John Jacob, who went early into the army 
(almost all his father's estate being seised upon by 
the creditors of his grandfather, for money he had 
borrowed for King Cbablss I. which was never re- 
paid by the crown), and served for seventeen years in 
the reigns of Janrs II. and Wiluam III. in the latter 
as colonel of an old regiment of foot, which commis- 
sion ho resigned in favour of his brother-in-law, 
James, Earl of fiarrymorv. Sir John was at the battle 
of the Boyne, sieges of Cork and Kingsale, and was 
severely wounded at Killicranky. King William, wbo 
had a high esteem for him, constituted him colonel of 
Hastings's regiment. He m. Lady Dorothy Barry, 
daughter of Richard, Earl of Barrymore, and had 

Hiluebba.^d, his heir, who m. Muriel, daughter 
of Kir John Bland, hart, of Kippax Tark, in 
Yorkshire, and dying 3rd June, I73tf, his father 
then living, left an only son, 

Hii.DBSRANO, successor to his grandfather. 

CATHiaiNB, b. in 1005, m. to Abraham Oakes, 
LL. D. rector of Long Melford, and was grand- 
mother of the present (1837) Sia HiNar-THo- 
«4» Oakks, bart. (see Braai's Peerage and 

EiJzAsKTN, U. in 1000. 




Dorothy, b, in 1703, m. to Captain Moriey, of 
Halstead, in Essex. 
Sir John d, 3Ut March, 1740, and was », \>j his grand- 

IV. Sia HiLDiBRAND Jacob, who d. s, p» 4th No- 
Tember, 1700, when the Baromktcy Bxriaen. 

ilmu— Arg. a dierron gu. between three tigers' 
heads erased ppr. 



2ud Sept. IGW, 

in 1050. 


I. Sir John Jacques, one of his majesty's gentlemen 
pensioners, was created a Barunkt by /Ling Charlxs I. 
but as he had no issue, the title rxpirkd ut his de- 
dease in 1090. 

ilrau— Arg. on a fesse sa. three escallops or. 


SSth June, 10H2. 

*i8th Sept. 1741. 


The Jamts's were oripnnlly, nays Philpot, called 
I/aistrtcht , from a lorilnhipnf tlmt name near I trecbt, 
of which they were proprioton*. 

llocKK, son of Jacob vin Hakhtrf.cht, came into 
England ttmy. Hrnky VII I. and bving known after 
the Dutch manner by the nitnie uf Kucbk J%cob, that 
name finally srttled in Jamrm, and he whh called 
Hoger Jamrit. He m. Sarah, duui;hter and heir of 
Henry Morskin, ituj. of Londoi*. and bad tttsup, 

I. ]{u4:i:r James, of I'pminster, in Kscox, father of 
Sir K(»ckr Jaxkh, of Rygate, who left a 

Klikabrth Jame^. 
II. Arnold Jamen, of London, m. Mar>, daughter 

of John V'auhultit, of tliat city. 
111. William JainvH, who purchatied ttuip. F^i.izt- 
BFFU the manor (»f Ik;hthaiii Court, and ua.t 
ancontor of the branch of thi' family sc.itcd 
there, now represented by l)EB»rrRii h (iKLVis 
Jami.<, esq. of Ightham Court, sheriff of Kent 
in lh3.1. (See Birke's Cummomrs^ %oI. i. 
p. 307.) 
■ ▼. llionias James. 

V. Rl( HARIi J%MK>. 

M. Jf»hn James, of <;nivi' Manor, who m. Susanna, 

daughter undc^hmkr ct 
Antwerp, and had 
Yii. George Jamea, ot M 
». Audrey, daa|^btar 
The fifth Bon, 

Richard Jaiiis, cb^-m 
Smyth, and had, witfi oCiwr 
John (Sir), faia heir. 
Emlik, m. to Mr. JnaM Ci 
ner of London, and bad a 
Jambs Cans, of wl 
He was $, by his eldest aon. 

Sir John Jamis, of Cvistkan» hi 
chased that esUte in May, IMP, ftwa M 
dock, esq. and was kniglkted in 1035. Ht 
hall Hall, and dying a bachelor IMk Fcki 
a stately monument was raised to k&s mm 
nephew James Cane, to wbfooi ha derised 
on the condition of taking kia aaow, who b 
plied with the injunction, inherited as 

I. Canr Jamrs, esq. of Criahall, and vai 
Baronet by Kimg GHaaLRS 11. SNk Jaaa 
Cane m. first, Snsan, daof^tcr of Sir Pci 
hart, of Haidon, in Essex, bat by that b 
issue. She died fire months alter her mat 
September, 1060, aged acTeatcan, aad « 
under a marble monument at B aides d 
m. secondly, Anne, daughter and ce bsir 
Philipps, esq. of the Inner TetapU, and el 
Park, Middlesex, by whom he bad iBsae, 

John, his heir. 

Philip, a Hamburgh mercbaat, died at 

in Holland, and waa buried there. 
Francis, d. s. p. 
George, d. young. 

Catherine,! . ,„,-,. 

Elisabeth, /*'-y~^- 
He d, 10th May, 1736, aged eighty, aad «ai 
eldest son, 

II. Sia John Jambs, who d. unmarnsd, i 
seven, *iHth September, 1741. and was ban 
shall, when the Baronlti r brrame BIT 
John left hin estateii by will to chariLiUr 
the bequest being contrary to the statats < 
II. Hakstrlit Jamk.i, the beir mule and b 
family, sftcr a long Chancery suit, obcaiBi 
sion. His only cbiM, Kliaabetb, wmnwi 
James, evq. of Ightham, and tbeir tsa. 
dying s. p. in lb07. left his estates to his • 
present Drxeirii s Grrtis Jaurs. esq. 

>4riiu— Quarterly, first and fourth, aif. 
crenelle or counter-embattled gu. : saoMi I 
arg. three ferdemolius bar>ways, aa. 


^tb Aug. 1778. 




I. Wii.iMv Jamrs, rsi|.of PaTkFRm 
Kent, was created a Baron rt in int. 



ter Mid oo-beir of Mioiinil Ooddurd, em). 
« in Wtttahira, eldest son of the Rer. Tho- 
rdf A.M. euioB of Wiadsor, and by her, 
tth Augiutf I7W» had one eon and one 

ikWiluam, hU heir. 

m- An HI, who ii». in 178S,Thomaa Boothby 
rnm, eeq. who waa created Baeon Ran- 
■ in 1796, and had iarae, 
MioB-AoautTua-HBNEY-ANME, present Lord 

labetib-Anne, «. to Sir Richard Levinge, 


irietta-Eliaabeth, «». to Sir William Rom. 


lia-Charlotte, m. first, to the Marquess de 

beiseal; and secondly, to the Prince de 

oUfsae, ex-minister of Cuarlu X. of 

I died in Docember, 1783, and was s. by his 

Idwasd-Wiluam Jambs, of Eltham, who 
liad ladi Norember, 1709, when the Ba- 
came bxtiiict. 

u OB a dMTTon, between three Uons pas* 
iBt or, dncally crowned of the last, three 
• Bred ppr* 




8th April, im. 

]y was originally of Gaelderland, and de- 

■ the 

I U BEX. who in the troubles of the Netber> 
•4 a party of those who opposed the Duke 
I was constituted by his associates (Sorer- 
■salt He was in umte years afterwanls 
ler by the Duke of Parma, and beheaded, 

■ esta t e was confiscated. II ij family being 
led, his youngest son, 

K Jahksbn db Hsrz, sought an asylum in 
1 living there to an adranced age, left a 
te and numerous issue. His eldest son, 
Ja^sscm. was father of 
kooobb J4HS«BN, wbo remoTing into Kng- 
K with a considerable estate, was natura- 

■ the reign of A'ing William received the 
aifhthood. Haring during that monarch 
pi of Qmtrn Anns giTrn ample proofii, on 
«ioBS, of his B^al for the inttrrnt of (ireat 
rtacalarly regarding its commrrrial rela- 
'ranee, when that subject wsv pending in 

alter the treaty of ( trecht.he was created 

at the especial requent of the KIrrtor of 

!lerwafds(;eorg«l.j.llth March, 1714. In 

car hm was elocted to parliament by the 

Y aiBMW i th . Sir Theodore m. WilliamM, 

r Sir Robert Henley, of the (>niuge, in 



Hampshire, and by that lady (who d. in September, 
1731) he had issue, 

1. Abeaham, 
II. Hbnby, ^ suocesiive Baronets. 


IT. William, mu a daughter of James Ganltier* esq. 

which lady d. in January, 1737-8. 
▼. Robert. 

I. Henrietta. 

II. Barbara, m. to Thomas Bladen, esq. M.P. 
III. Mary, m. SOth July, 1730, to Charles Calrert, 
sixth Lord Baltimore, and was mother of Fra- 
derick, serenth lord. 

Sir Theodore realized by forty years success in trade 
a Tery large fortune, but in the year 17tO, baring the 
misfortune of being a South Sea director, he was in- 
Tolved in the common calamity of his colleagues » 
although his innocence was deemed to hare been 
established by the fact of his being a loser, not a 
gainer, by their proceedings. He d. in September, 
1749, aged ninety years, and was s. by his eldest 

II. Sib Abbahab Janssbn, who d. 19th Vorember, 
1703, and was s, by his next brother, 

III. SiB Hbmby Jansibn, who tf. unmarried at Paris, 
21st February, 1760, and was #. by his brother, 

IT. Sib Stbfhbn-Tbbodobb JAitiSBif, lord mayor of 
London, and afterwards chamberlain of the same dty. 
He m. Catherine, daughter of Colonel Soulegre, of 
the island of Antigua, but d» 8th April, 1777, without 
male issue, when the Babonbtct bxpiebd. 

4 mts— Quarterly, first, arg. two bundles of reeds, 
▼ert ; second, party per fesse, or and as. two swans 
naiant, ppr. ; Uiird, per fesse, or and as. one swan 
naiant, as in the second quarter; fourth, arg. one 
bundle of reeds, as in the first quarter. 


5th Sept. 1001. 

5th May, 1738. 


I. RoBCBT Jason, enq. of Broad Somerford, in the 
county of Wilts, was created a Rarunbt ilth Sep- 
tember, 1001. Kir Robert m. Miss Howe, daughter of 
Sir — Rowe, knt. of Shacklewell, in Middlesex, by 
whom (who m. secondly, Sir Christopher Aires; and 
thirdly, Darid Warren, esq.) he had issue, 

Robibt, his heir. 
Henry, who had 

Robrbt, who succeeded as fourth baronet. 

Samuel, an ofHcer in the army, died unmar- 

Sarah, married to John Cox, of London, and had 

Sir Robert died about the year 1075, and was «. by hia 
elder son, 

II. SiB RoRBRT Jason, who m. Anne, daughter of 
George I)acre«,esq. of Cheshunt, Herts, snd had. with 
a daughter, Anne, the wife of Thomas Partington, of 
lAiudon, a son, and successor at his decease about 1087, 




III. Sir Gboroi Jason, who dy\ng unmarried about 
tho year 1007 « waa t. by hia cousin, 

IV. Sia Robert Jason, who m. Anne, daughter of 
Captain DuTid Warren (by the relict of the finit 
baronet), and had two sons and fire daughters, rix. 

Warrbn, his successor. 
RoBJCRT, sixth baronet. 






He d. in 1723, and was «. by his elder son, 
T. Sir Warrbn Jason, who died unmarried ISth 

November, 1728, and was «. by his brother, 

▼I. Sir Robbrt Jason, who m. Miss Collins, but 

dying issueless 5th May, 1738, the Baronbtct became 


Artfu—Az, a toison (or golden fleece) or, within a 
double tressure oounterflory of the second. 


4th Sept. 1778. 

4th July, 1787. 


Samubl Jbbb, M.D. a native of Nottingham, prac- 
tised as a physician with great success at Stratford, in 
EMex, and became eminent by several learned works ; 
amonf; others " The History of the Life and Keijn^ of 
Mary Queen of Scots." He married a relation of thi« 
celebrated apothecary, Mr. Dillingham, of Ked Lion 
Square, and dying 0th March, 1772, left, with other 
issue, a son, 

I. Richard Jerb, M.D. b. at Stratford in 1729, who 
followed his father's profession und became so esteemed 
a practitioner, that when the Duke of Gloucester fell 
dangerously ill in Italy, he was requested to go thither 
to attend the health of that prince, and his conduet 
on that occasion gave so much satisfaction that he was 
called abroad a second time In 1777. About the samo 
period he was made physician-extraordinary to the 
king ; and in 17H0 appointed physicianin ordinary 
to the Prince of Wales. He not only held those 
offices about the royal family, but wiis for several 
years one of the physicians chiefly employed by them. 
Upon the death of Sir Edward Wilmot in I78<i. he was 
constituted physician inordinary to his majesty, but 
did not survive the appointment many months ; for 
being in attendamx* on two of the princevses who were 
alTected with the measles, he was suddenly attacked 
with a fever in their npiirtmentH at Windsor, ti) which 
he fell a victim, after a few days' illness. Uh July, 
1787, in the fifty .eighth year of his age. He had been 
created a Baromtt in 177H; but. us he never married, 
the title bipirbd with him. 

Sir Richard Jebb'a fitlMr, 
Dr. Samvel Jhb, had thnt 
I. Richard, who MttMl m Dnh| 
came a merdunt Hktn. His 
John, mldermaa ct Dnflh 
his Meond wifi. AUcte 

1. RicaaBDd 

eoMia, Sir Bktev 

Mr. JcM 
nence at th« tar» ■ 
sCitBtod iB Ult«M 
9i the Cooit of KIh 
Ireland. H« m. . 
eldMt daaghttr of J 
esq. M.P. for tho Oil 
tin. and diod ia 1 
1. JOMN, D.D. 
Bishop of 
ScptoHaher, 177S; 4 

tho laa 

nod 0th 
II. Joshua, alderman of 

father of Joohda Jsbb, cs^ 

and of Rich aao Jrbb, oaf .of Tk 

both in Derbyshife*- 
III. John, D.D. dean of Cashd, h 

learned John Jrbb, li.D. F.R. 

Amu — Quarterly, rert and oi 
a falcon close arg. belled of the 
a hawk's lure of the third. 

in theft 



I. Crorgb Jbfprbt*,* so notorioas as ( 
bruUl, and sanguinary «* Judge JeAvy*.*** 
a Baronlt 17th November, IMI, and ns 
peerage in the dignity of Baron Jefheys* d 
the county of Salop, in IMS. He was a J« 
of John Jeffreys, esq. of Acton, ia Dcafe^ 
Margnret, daughter of Sir Thowas Ivftas 
Rewsey, in Lancashire. He m. first. Mary 
of Thomas Nesham, M.A. and had by h« 

John, his heir. 

Margaret, m. to Sir Thoaaas StriafV. d 

in Middlesex. 
Sarah, m. to Captain Hannaga. of te I 

He wedded, secondly, Anne, daaghtrr af S 
llloodworth. knt. and widow of Sir Jafca 
Furman, in Gloucestershire. On thi 

* Fi>r more ample detail* of lliit infanuiii!' pi-nu>n. refer 
to BuRBB's MSirtimet and IJormant Prerttgr. 

« A branch of thv family still cuatiaaet ia I 
r«-prfM'nt«-(l by William Euutum JBrraB 
Tilley Park, near Wem. 



^ Onmf*> JHtny •ttom|ifed to Imt* the 
ia diflgaiM, and for duit purpoM wa« on 

im ■iMtli colUnr» which was to eonrey him 
tr^, whon ho was diacorered and hitraght 
t lovdo of die eovndl* iHio committed bim to 
r, wkHTO ho diod in 1080. He wao m, by his 

Joan JcrrmiYs, second Lord Jefteys of 
lO m. Lady Charlotte Herbert, daaghter and 
"kiUpv Barl of Pembroke, and bad an only 

tisrra-LooUA, who m. Thomas, first Earl of 
■fert* aad was great-frandmother of the pre* 

May, 1791, when his honours, including the 
sr» heeaae sxtinct. 

Arg. a Hon rampant, a canton sa. 



. IMIS. 


»th June, 1730. 


D JavKiRioiii, merdiant, m, Frances, dangh- 
laas Bonnet, gent, of Derbyshire, and left a 

. JBAKiNtoN, esq. of Walton, in the county 
who was created a Babonit by KiitgiAUK* 
>cccmber, I0M. Sir Paul m. Barbara, third 
of John Cotes, esq. of Woodcote, in Sbrop- 
I had surriving issue, 

. his heir. 

niAB, successor to his brother. 

a I7M. and was «. by his elder son, 
FsCL JaiiKiSksoN, who Ml. Katberine.daugh- 
oe-heir of John Kerel, esq. of Ofpiton, in 
re, by whom ( who wedded, secondly, William 
ns,esq. of Crookhill, near Doncaster,) be left 
■rrlving daughter, 

iura, who became posse s sed of the estate of 
1MB, and gave it to her mother, who bestowed 
id husband, by whose heir, ichn 
it was sold in 1813 to Sia 
MISS Winbsoa Humlobb, bart. 

la wlthoiit nwle issue, Mtb January, 1721-3, 
by hie brother, 

JoiisTaAii JsMBifisoN. Tbis gentleman si. 
er of Sir Robert Clrrks, of Wat- 
ihire, but died without male 
i«BC, 1739, when the BABuivrrcr axriSED. 

Is. two boralets in frsse or, in chief three 


39th July, ie». 

15th Aug. 17U. 

In the Visitation for Essex, 1934, 

WiLUAM Jbnoubb, of Stouhsm Aspall, in Suffolk, 
is the first mentioned of this family, and lived about 
the time of Edwabd IV. He m. Catherine Whitnige, 
of Branham, in the same county, and was t. by his 
eldest surriTing son, 

John Jbnoorb, prothonotary of the Court of Com* 
mon Pleas, who m. the daughter of John Fincbam, 
esq. and died in 154S, aged seTenty.eix ; hb widow 
died in five years after, and both were buried in the 
church of Dunmow ; they had iasne, 

RiCHABD, who married the daughter of Anthony 
Catesby, esq. of Whiston, in Northamptonshire, 
and dying in the lifetime of his Cather, left by 
her (who m. secondly. Sir Ridiard Wiaton, knt. 
of Roxwell, in Essex,) 

Andrbw, heir to his grandfather. 

Anthony, m. Jane, dauf^ter of John Zonche.* 

Brathe, m. to William Aigent, gent. 
Jane, m. to John Walters, of Laventborpe. 
Mary, m. to William Tii&n, of Wakes. 

Dorothy, m. to — French, esq. of Shelford, in 

C ambridgeshire. 
Elisabeth, m. first, to Thomas Bokenham, esq. of 

Lerermore, in Suffolk ; and secondly, to Richard 

Mitchell, esq. of Codington. 

John Jenoure was s. by bis grandson, 

Andrbw Jbnourb, esq. who si. Grysogona, daughter 
and heir of Thomas Smith, esq. of Camden, in the 
county of Gloucester, and relict of Edward Smith, esq. 
by whom he had a daughter, Grysogona, wife of Wil- 
liam Glascock, of Dunmow, and a son and heir, 

I. Kbnblm Jbnuure, esq. of Much Dunmow, in the 
county of Essex, who was created a BARONBrby A'iiig 
Cmari.cs I. 30th July, 1928. Sir Kenelme m. Jane, 
daughter of Sir Robert Clarke, knt.t one of the barons 
of the Exchequer, and had issue. 

Andrbw, his successor. 


Robert, m. Rose Berrington, and left issue. 


Grysogona, m. to Sir John Prescot, knt. of Rad- 

Susan, Ml. to Christopher Gore, of London, mer- 

Anne, m. to Sir Richard ilatton, knt. of Thames 
Ditton, in .Surrey. 

He died about 1929, and was succeeded by his eldest 

II. Sib Andrbw Jbnol'RB, who m. first, Margaret, 
daughter uf Richard Smith, esq. of Strexton, in tho 

• AmI AIke, hi* wlfr, ilanKhtcr ^ml In ir of Rirhanl (;oriu^, etq. of Cranby, in Surrey, 
t By bis wife, Ibe ttiirr uf Henry .M4>aaril, tH\. 






county of NortbaTnpton,biit by that lady liad no imuo. 
He wed«led, secondly, Mury, daughter of Sir John 
Bramston, K.R. of Skeena, and had by her 

Andrew, who m. Sarah, daughter of Robert Mil- 
bom, e«q. of Markflhull, in Essex, and dying in 
the lifetime of his father, left a son, 
Maynard, successor to his grandfather. 

Willium, HI. Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Clark, 
knt. of Essex. 



Margaret, m. to Dr. Gurdon, a cirilian, who died 

7th December, 1075, and was buried in Great 

St. Helen's, London. 
Susan, m. first, to — Wall ; and secondly, to — 

Anne, m. to Robert Privian, esq. oi Homchiurh, 


Sir Andrew was succeeded at his decease by his grand- 

111. Sir Maynard Jenoirb, who m. Eliiabeth.only 
daughter of Sir John Marshall, knt. of Sculpeu«, 
Essex,* and had issue, 

John, \iia heir. 

Maynard, an officer in the army, d, s, p. 
Joseph, m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Sandford, 
esq. of Bishop's Stortford, in Essex. 

Mary, iw. to James, son of Lord Bellenden. 

He was s. by his son, 

lY. Sir John Jknourb. This gentleman m. Joan, 
only daughter and heir of Richard Day, gent, of 
Northweld, in Essex, and dying 17th April, 1739, was 
s. by his elder son, 

Y. Sir Richard-Day Jenoi:rb, who died without 
issue in March, 1744, and waa succeeded by hb bro- 

Yi. Sir John Jenourk, captain in tlic Guards, who 
died issueless 15th August, 1755, when the Bahunltcy 


Arms — Az. a cross patonce between four ilours-ilc- 
lis or. 


Creatbu *27th May, 1774.— Extinct 3rd May, 1701. 


William Jones, e^q. of Rumsbury Manor, in the 
county of Wilts, married the sister and eventual heir- 
ens of the Rev. tSir Edward Ernie, bnrt. of Brimslade, 
and had, with a son who died without isMue, two 
daughters, viz. 

ELiXAnKTH, who married William Langhaiii, esq. 
younger brother of Sir James Langhum,seYeuth 
baronet, of ('(ittcsbrouk. 
FjI.f.\nuk, who married Fraiiciii Burdctt, esq. and 
was mother of the preMont (1H37; 
Sir Francis BuKuirrr, hart, of Foremark, 
who eventually inherited Ranufbury .Ma- 

The husband of Mr. Jones 'tt «-lder daughter, assuming 
the name and anus of Jom:.s, l>o('ame 

I. William Jonks, cmj. of Hamiibury Manor, and 
was created a BARuNtr in 1774. He died, howevrr, 
without issue in I7UI, wlitii tin* title bt<-:iiiiL* kxtimt. 


25th July, lfM3. 


1. Henry Jonbs, esq. of Albenuuiisi n Ik 
of Caermarthen, was created m. Baronb 
Charles L in 1<M3. He m, Eliubetb,dsaeM 
John Salisbury, knt. and relict of John Salisl 
of Rugg, by whom he left no male issue at ba 
when the Baronetcy kxpirku. 

Arms— Arg. on m cross ragal«d as. five be 
twcen four pheons ga. 


28th Dec. IlitfO. 



William Juxon, the pious and loyal I 
London, tbe son of Richard Juxon, of Cbid 
Sussex, was bom in J 582, and edncsted. i 
foundation, at Merchant Taylor's School, Cm 
he was elected a fellow of St. John's CoUe|et 
in 1598. Entering into holy orders, he bca 
popular as a preacher ; and hRving risen U^ 
favour, was chosen to succeed Laud in tb 
Ijondon. In less than two years afkcr, his 
was appointed lord high treasurer of Bn^ 
he was not made for the times in which b« K 
when he saw the storm approachiag vUd 
overturn the whole ediAce of chuxdi aad ** 
signed his office Uth May, 1<M1. shoitiy aA« 
cution of Straflbrd. In the unhappy sceaM* 
lowed- -the trial and death of CHABLU^thef* 
attended his ill-fated master with the ma^ 
devotion. The words of exhortation whkh ^ ' 
to the royal martyr on the srafTold arcto© w*! 
to be more than alluded to here. It «« > 
by the regicides that the king, the tmtmtsX 1 
ntretched out his neck to the excaitioaer»i 
to Juxon, in a very earnest accent* the ■■ 
" Rkmrmbi.r." Great mysteries were oosi 
supposed to be concealed under that espresi 
the generals vehemently insisted that th 
should inform them of the king's netaitl 

By Utimthy, liis wife, (laughter and co-heii of Juhu Mead, cc^). *A Sculpiu^. 




maimty hmwiag freqneatly charged 
» on kis aon the IbffiTeneM of his 
t»k«B dib oypoit i m ity in the last 
Ife, when his oonunands he suppoeed 
d as sacred and iniiolable* to reiterate 

that his mild spirit thus terminated 
■e by an act of henerolence to his 
. Some months after, when the com- 

established* J axon was deprived of 
td retired to his private esUte, the 

Compton, in Glonoestershire, where 
til co n se cra ted Archbishop of Canter- 
oratioa. His grace did not long snr* 
event, bet died 4th Jane, 1803, in his 
, leeving his nephew, 

H JoxoM, his heir. This gentleman 
of sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1070, 
a Baronkt in 1000, being styled «« of 
■sex." He m^^ixabeth, daughter of 
'• hart, of Saiiesden, in Oxfordshire, 


iM JcxoM, who m. in I7S0, Susannah, 
I Marriott, esq. of Suffolk, but by her 
-oondly, Chariea, Viscount Fane,) bad 
ied 3rd February, 1740, aged Mventy- 
lim the tide ixriaxD. //^r'^Uoi 

go. between four blackamoors' 
n^Cn^ . It^fTH pi lie ,- • 


2dtli Dec. 1810. 

ri, knt. living at the time of the Con- 
the daughter and heiress of Sir John 

Woodcsham, in the county of York, 
iw, John (Sir), hb heir, sud Kicbard, 
jnrashire, and marrying the heiress 

CrsBiplon, was founder of the Keays 

The elder son, 

ra, knt. of Woodcsham, m. the da ugh- 
ai Sir John Copley, and was m, by his 

KisY, knt who Ml. the daughter and 
f t' f Oe n Mallet, and frum him we pass, 
it esaiaent persons,* tu his lineal de 

KxAT, knt. of Woodcsham, who m. 
Ca stsii of Sedboer, and was s. by his 

Sf. of Woodesham, who, by the daugh- 
' Harley, left a son and heir. 

tarried with the licire*««* o( nrndon of 
•ulethirc), of SmUthi, ui M4itiAuk, vt 
Garth, Ice. §i.c. 

RoBiXT KxAT, esq. who married the daughter of 
Plimiptou of Plumpton, and was succeeded by his 

AsTBDR Kkay, esq. living in the time of Hxnry 
VIII. who m. Beatrice, daughter of Matthew Went- 
worth, esq. of Bretton, in Yorkshire, and left a son 
and heir, 

John Kxsy, esq. living in 1585, who. by Dorothy, 
daughter of Robert Maleverer, esq. of Wothersome, 
in Yorkshire, had a son and successor, 

RoaxsT Kkayk, esq. living in lOIt, who married 
Anne, daughter of John Flower, esq. of Whitwell, 
in the county of Rutland, and was succeeded by his 

John Kayx, esq. of Woodsome, who si. Anne, 
daughter of Sir John Feme, knt. secretary to the 
council in the north temp. Charles I. and dying in 
1041, left a daughter, Elisabeth, the wife of Ralph 
Asheton, esq. of Middleton, in Lancashire, and a son 
and heir, 

I. John Kayb, esq. of Woodsome, in the county of 
York, who was created a Baron rr by A'ing Craruu I. 
4th February, 1041. He was colonel of horse in his 
majesty's service, and suffered during the troubles in 

[person and property, bat survived to witness the Re- 
storation. Sir John m. first, Margaret, daughter and 
co-heir of Thomas Moseley, esq. alderman and lord 
mayor of York,t by whom he had two sons and a 
daughter, vis. 

John, his heir. 
Robert, "I ^ 
Margaret, J 

He m. secondly, Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Ferdinando 
Leigh, of Middleton, and relict of Francis Burdett, esq. 
of Birthwaite, in Yorkshire, by whom he had four 
sons, who all died issueless, and five daughters, who 
all died unmarried. His third wife was Catharine, 
(laughter of Sir William St. Quintin, bart. of Harp- 
ham, and relict of Michael Wentworth, esq. of Wool- 
ley, but by her he had no issue. She survived him, 
snd married after his decease Henry Sandys, esq. of 
Downe, in Kent ; and after that gentleman's decease, 
she became the wife (her fourth husband) of Hugh, 
Earl of Egliaton. Sir John d. S5th July, 1002, and 
was M. by his son, 

II. Sia John Kays, M.P. for the county of York, 
who Ml. Anne, daughter of William Lister, esq. of 
I'homton, in Craven, sister and heir of Christopher 
Lister, esq. and by her had issue, 

Arthur, his successor. 

George, mi. Dorothy, daughter and heir of Robert 

Sarile, esq. of Bryan Royd, in Yorkshire, and 

had issue, 

John, who j. as fourth baronet. 
Robert, merchant at Leeds, d. unm. 
George, d. young. 

Catherine, m. to Nicholas Roberts, esq. of 

Anne, married to Sir Bryan Stapylton, hart, uf 

He d. in 1700, and was m. by his son, 

III. Sir Arthur Kate, M.P. for the county of 
York, m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir Samuel 

t Ky Kli/.alN-th, hit wife, daashtrr and co-heir of 
Tbvmaa Trigut, cx|. uf Soulb Kirby, in Yurkshirv. 




Marow, bart. of Berkswell. in the county of War- 
wick,* and left an only daughter, 

Elisabeth Katb, who m. ftrat, George, Visconnt 
Lewishani, eldest son of William, first Earl of 
Dartmouth (who died before his father), and 
was mother of William, second earl. She con- 
Teyed the estate of Woodesome to her husband's 
family. She m. secondly, Francis, Lord North 
and Guildford, and by him was grandmother of 
Francis, present (1837) Earl of Guildford. 

He died 10th July, 17S0, when the Baronetcy derolred 
upon his nephew, 

IV. Sir John Listkb Kayc, of Grange, M.P. for the 
city in 1734, elected alderman thereof in 1735, and 
senred the office of lord mayor in 1737. He m. first, 
Ellen, daughter of John Wilkinson, esq. of Green- 
head, near Huddersfield, and bad a son, John, his 
successor. Sir John m. secondly, in 1730, Dorothy, 
daughter of Richard Richardson, BI.D. of North Bier- 
ley, in tlie West Riding, by Dorothy, his wife, daugh- 
ter of Henry Currer, esq. of Kildwick, and had four 
sons; of whom one only, Richard, in holy orders, 
who eventnally succeeded his half-brother, surrived ; 
and two daughters, Dorothy, the wife of Robert Cba- 
loner, esq. of Bishop Auckland ; and Lister, of Chris- 
topher Miles, esq. He died t7th December, 1789, and 
was succeeded by his son, 

T. Sir John Lister-Kayk, bart. who senred the 
office of sheriff for Yorkshire in 1761, and died un* 
married 27th December, 1780, leaving his estates to 
John Lister-Kayk, of whom hereafter; while the Ba- 
ronetcy devolved upon his brother, 

VI. The Vert Rev. Sir Richard Rati, Dean of 
Lincoln, who m. Mrs. Mainwaring, relict of Thomas 
Mainwaring, esq. of Goltho, in Lincolnshire, and 
daui;hter of William Fenton, esq. of Glassho, near 
Leeds, but died \v-ithout issue S5th December, 1810, 
when the Hakunetcy expikku. 

Tlie estates, at the demise of the fifth baronet, 
puHscd, a:) stated above, under bis will, to 

John Listi'.k Kaye, esq. who tlius became of 
Dciiby (.iraiige, in the ruunty of ^ork, and 
as such was created a H*RON»n' IStb O.rtobor, 
IROO. Hill son i-H the prc^fiit ', \HA7) 

Sir Juhn Li>ti:r-Kayk, bart. of Denby 

ilrmf— Quarterly ; first and fourth, arg. two bend- 
Ictn sa. for Kaye ; second and third, crm. on a fesse 
sa. three mullets or, fur Listen. 


• IJy Marv, danghtvr and co-hrir iif Sir Arthur Cay- 
It'y, kut. of SewUnd, in the cuuuty of Wurwick. 

* Doctor Kidder, afterwanh hi^hop of Bath and Wtlh, 
«|M-ak» thii^ uf thi* la<ly, in the sernnin he nrcachvd at 
hiT fiuKTal, imh Jnuf, Ui73, at Kvinpton : " tier exliac- 
timi Han honourable*, in a dii^'ct lini' iroin the Lml Ha-'t- 
ingt and Him>. uf Hhu<><* family ?hc \*a.* heir i^cncral, and 
the aolc inheritrix of thi>:«c ancient po^-r.H^iou* that ic- 
inaini-it to thi- barony ; thr h>id, hi-i Mncr-titr, luini: :i 
IKVMin of that icno\«ii, in thov fatal (]uarr«l« tn-- 
iwcrn the Hoti^i;^ m Yolk and LaucaMcr, and when th<»M- 
quarn-N Mm* at thi- height, hi- was" pitchtd upon lo 
an«l inediatr hi-tvtrcn the tHu partiej.." 

: III- wh* ihi >..iiim,.,| .on of, of Har- 
" „ " "';■ '■""•«"> "f Hnlfoid. .Set IllKkls Com- 

13th June, lOM. 

6m^ /iff^ 

of Hagborae. ia Bei 

WiLUAx Kbatb, 
five sons, vis. 

I. John, of Chetington, Berts. 
II. Ralph. 

ill. Edward, of ftorking, BeriU. 
IV. George. 

V. Hugh, of Hagbome. 

The second son, 

Ralph Kkatb, of muiddon, in WitoUr 
daughter of John Clark«, esq. of ArdiBgu 
shire, and had with other isaoe. 

GiLiERT Rbate, eeq. of London who m. 
daughter of Nicholas Tarberrile. aiq. of < 
Devon, and secondly, Elisabeth, daagbtw 
Armstrong, esq. of Remtwi, Nans, aad 
another son, 

I. Jonathan Ksats, esq. of Ike Has, fai 
of Hertford, which estate iM aoqniied wit 
wife, 8nsannah,t daughter of WilliuB, mt 
heir of Thomas Hoo, of the Hoo, amk Kta 
in Hertfordshire. Mr. Keate was cmard 
by Khtu Charles II. itch June, 1688. Si 
was Hheriff of the county of Hertfwd, 17 C 
and knight of the same nhire in parliaa 
30th of th<* same rci|;ii. By his firvt mife b 

(! hi« heir. 


Su^an, Villi d. *. p. 


He tn. fiecoiidly, Susanna, dauphter nf Jul 
citizen of London,; but by hrr had do is* 
17th September. 1700, and was j. by his ■■ 

II. Sir 1;ilbert-H<*u Ke\te,wIio 
his wife, 

He.nryHoo, hb successor. 
Jonathan, an ensign in the guards, d. 

$ He wa« bnried io Kim|rtiia Cbnrcli, ia 8( 
where, on the cha|N*l •4>aih wall, i« a wiss— r 
arms of Keate and Hm>» anil this iaKrifH* 

Here lie interred the Remaiat itf S« J 
Keate, of the Hou. Bart. «k.» baihlbiH 
of the Famil} : he ilie<l Sept. 17. Um, ^ 

Of Dame SuNinna Krale. h» *ni «i 
\%a9 the oniv dancbtrr and Hurvsi •" 
William II. Ml. Em. Shv dini IfllS. SL » 

Of Sir Gilbert Hoo Keaic. Bart: S«s 
of Sir Jonathan, and the Mid Dane Ss*** 
diid April JJ. 170.1, avtil 44. 

()| Mt*. Mary Ki a»c. M«rf irf Sir 1»* 
She diid unmarried, J^n. A, ITU. ac*^^ 

Of Daiue Susanna. Pvriiwl »ifc- aai ■ 
Sii Jiinathan, brr only Hn«baail. Mkr"!* 
ter ot Mr. John Orli bar .aa nnivrat if 
l.<iiidiin. of a :.i>imI Piniily, in Ike C^sii} ' 
f >id) iih. Jan. 13, i7l'.>.> 



, D.D. Tiear of Kimpton, snoeeflsor to hia 

^, 17t9, and was s. hj his eldest son, 

Rar-Hoo Ksate, who d. unmarried, and 

ixtAM Kkatb, D.D. who tf. <tth March, 
rcatj-twOf widaont iasve, when the Ba* 
IRBD. Hia predecessor, Sir Henry-Hoo 
yed in 17S1 the whole of his estates to 
I; Brand, flnom whom they hare descended 

entf three ea^a•noantains passant in pale 

:ys, of kevanmabley. 



90th Jan. 1735. 


if Khbts, originally tU CamoUt Camoe*, 
s of Norman extraction, and its founder 
appears on the Battle Abbey roll. The 
rsd larfe possessions in the counties of 
muasx, and so early as ISM. Ralph de 
i t e ntori al baron. His son of the same 
■MOBS to parliament in the 40th Hsnar 
deseendants sate as barons until the de- 
Bs, 5 HmT VI. of Hugh de Camob, who 
a Us co-heirs.* 

sf the fsmily which had located in Pern- 
njoyed large possessions there, and as 
■aes and St. Dogmaels, exercised autho- 
ort of regal. In the conquest of Moo- 
Uftd Glamorganshire, the Camays were 
rewarded with grants of " Kemey's 
** Kemey's Inferior." 

ITS, son of Edwsrd Kemeys. who was 

Mt of Upper Gwent, married Nest, daugh- 

of Andrew de Began, and thus acquired 

of Began, which for oenturirs after was 

sent of fals desoendanu. II b great-great- 


miTS, of Began, si. Crisley, daughter of 
Jewellen, and had issue, 

lis sacreasor. 

U ai. to leran sp Morgan. Her grand- 
put Williams, liring in the time of Hen- 

VI 11. fli. the sister of Thomas Cromwell. 
ri of Bssex, and had a son, 
Kr Rkhard Williams, who assumed the 

asraaaaa of CaoMWKLL, and was great- 

graBdIathcr of 
OuvKB CaoMWBLL, the protector. 

He was «. by hia son, 

Ibvan Kbmiys, of Began, from whom lineally 

Datiu Kbmbys, esq. of Keranmably, in the county of 
Glamorgan, who m. Katherine, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Bawdripp, and was «. by his son, 

Rbts Kbmbts, esq. of Llanrary, who married a 
daughter of die Rot. William Aubrey, D. D. and left 
a son, 

I. Nicholas Kbmbts, esq. of Keranmably, in the 
county of Glamorgan, who was created a Baron rr by 
Cuablbs I. 13th May, 1042. He was colonel of a regi- 
ment of horse, and on the outbreaking of the rebellion, 
was constituted by the king, governor of Chepstow 
Casde, and defended that fortress, soon after, gal- 
landy and successfully against a superior force under 
the command of Cromwell in person; who was re- 
placed in the siege by Colonel Ewer, against whom 
Sir Nicholas and his son continued to hold out, and to 
make frequent and brilliant sortees, till at length, 
worn down with fatigue, the garrison suffered a breach 
to be effected, when the governor and forty of his 
men died sword in hand, defending the casde to the 
last. Sir Nicholas m. Jane, daughter of Sir Rowland 
Williams, knt. of Llangibby,and was i. by his son and 
heir, his brave companion in arms, 

II. Sir Charlxs Kbmbys, M.P. for Glamorganshire, 
who m. first, Blanch, daughter of Sir Lewis Mansel, 
hart, but by her had no issue. He wedded, secondly, 
Margaret, daughter of Sir George Whitmore, lord 
mayor of London in 1031-S, and dying about the year 
1658, was M. by his son, 

III. Sib Cbablbs Kbmbys, M.P. for Monmouth. 
This gendeman m. Mary, daughter of Philip Wharton, 
fourth Baron Wharton, and widow of Edward Thomas, 
esq. of Wenvoe, in the county of Glamorgan, and had 

Chablbs, his heir. 

Jane, m. to Sir John Tynte, bart. of Halsewell, in 
the county of Somerset, and had issue, 

Sia Chablbs Kbmbys-Ttntb, bart. of Halse- 
well, d. s. p. 

Jane Tynte, who m. Mi^or Hassell, and had 
an only daughter and heir, 

Jane Ha&sell, who wedded Colonel John- 
stone, and was mother of the present 
Colonel Kemeys-Tynte. 

He died in December, 1703, and was succeeded by his 

IV. Sia Chablbs Kemeys. knight of the shire for 
Monmouth in the last parliament of Queen Anne, and 
for Glamorgan in the two succeeding parliaments. Sir 
Charles experienced on his travels much attention 
from Geosoe I. and frequently joined the private 
circle of the elector. On hia highness subsequently 
ascending the throne of England, be was pleased to ask, 
why his old acquaintance, Sir Charles Kemeys, had 
not paid his reiipects at court, and commanding him 
tu repair to St. James's, sent him a mesnage, to the 
purport, that the King of England hoped Sir Charles 
Kemeys recollected the number of pip«s he had imoked 
with the Elector of Hanover in Germany. Sir Charles 
who had retired from parliament, and was a stanch 
Jacobite, replied, that he should be proud to pay his 
duty at St. James's to the Elector of Hanover, but that 

m Camois, m. to Ralph Radcmihle. 
, as. to Roger Lewknur. 

Between the descendants of whom the Babony ok Ca- 
vols continnes in Aar.YSNCE. Bubke's Kxtimet and 
Dormant Pttraye. 



he had never hnd UiP honour of mnokins a pipe with 
the Ring of England. Sir Cbarlea d. unin.SOth June. 
1735, when the BtRONrrrr e\pirku, and hi« exten- 
sive estatefi devolved uiion hi« nephew. Sir Ch%rlic& 
Kbmkys-Ttntb, bart. and are now enjoyed by Sir 
Charles's grandnephew, the present Colonel Kkxbys- 
Tynte, of Kevanmably and Hulsewell. 

i4rfiit->VeTt on a cherron argent, three barbed arrow 
heads sa. 


5th Feb. WHi7, 

about l(34i7. 


GiORGK Kkmpr, esq. of Pentlow, in Essex, sixth 
son of William Kenipe, esq. of Spains Hall, in the 
same county, d. 2tod March, lOOG, leaving, by Mar- 
garet Appulderfield, his wife, fire sons, 

John, his heir. 

Charles, of Walthamstow. 



Christopher, whose eldest son. Thomas, was of 
Spains Hall, in Finchingfield, and that estate 
continued with his male descendants until the 
decease of John Kempr, esq. who bequeathed it 
to his siKt(*r, MARY,m. in 1737, to SirSHiiinerton 
Dyer, bart. und by the Dyer family it was sold, 
in J7(iO, to Samuel Uugglcs, esq. 

'Hie eldest son, 

John KKMrn, esq. of Pentlow, >/i. F.loanor, daup^htor 
of John Drewo. esq. of Devonshire, one of the exipi'ii- 
0108 of the Court of Common Pleas, and hud, iiittr 

iltUh%, two HOI15, 

Georg*', his heir. 

Jolin, l>upt. 13th May, lCO-1, who m. a sister of Sir 
Robert Brooke, and hud a son, 
John, successor to his uncle. 

Mr. Kenipe. died 7th January, KiOO, aged forty-eight, 
;ind WHS a, by his »on, 

I. (;i:nR<ii: Ki.Mi'i:, vru\. of Prntlow, bnpt. 12th No- 
T<Tiibor, \iHY2, who was created h Barmm.t 5th I'rbru 
ary, Il!'.^(i. He m. MinM Krtxike, and liad by her two 
daughters, one of whom married Sir John W inter. 
He died about the year UW7, and as he hail no son, 
the title bi'rnme F\TiM;r. His estate at Pcntlow he 
settled on his nephew, 

John Kkmi'K, esq. who in. Catherine, daughter of 
Robert riower, ^ent. of Koreley, and widow of 
Ralph Redman, gent, and had by her thne 

Luev, \, ., ,. , 

., > both died unm. 

Mary, J 

Bariiara, m. to FraMeit Dan>eII, esq. of Hulnier. 

ArMj—-\r.'. a cMev. en^rr. pu. between tliivr ^t.^r•' 


%Oth March.iero. 


I. William Kenbice, caq.of 
who was created a B*BONn' in IflTV, m, Gra 
ter and heir of Peter Kibblewkitcca^. of Si 
Wiltshire, and dying about dM year IMS, i 
three, was j. by his aon. 

II. Sir William KEiVBicK.of lli*Utley. ^ 
Mary House, of Reading, and kad no Mki 
died about the year 10OD, and tbc Baboxhc 


ilriiu— Erm. a lion rampant aa. 



2Snd Dec. lt'.AO. 


WlI.ll^M Ki:YT,rMi. of Fhnn.tan. ia tkcM 
Glone'ster, with whom tin* |»«,'t'.igrp< feefiMi' 
Kplantine, tlau^hur of K^luiund Kilry,M4 rfC* 
in the jtamv CDUUty, and by her h^J rvsMBll 
dauRhtert, viz. 

John, his successor. 
William.!/, unm. 3Stb Mafvh. l«ll,ap" 
ven, and was buried at KbriniUa- 

Anne, m. t«i Mr. John Andrrm-s.W A^*^' 

county of Oxford. 
KliKulx'tli, w. to Mr. Glover. 

He wedih'd, secondly, Kle^inor. dasglMrai' 
of John Salmon, tTi'Ut.oi Nnttingban.u''*"' 
TIlonla^ Fortvr, of Mickletnn. b«t bMls*'^' 
Mr. Keyt was high sheriff nf the cnmcv rf " 
and " rich in good works, as well asia***^ 
U'in); not only charitable to the fomn^^ 
. but also at his death ; he orilerrd ibeBA^"* 
' to 1m« Ki\eii erery >ear. from the IKk Hlft*" 
j of November, unto the poor of 

He died on the Ides. that is, ob the I 
I aivonliitK to hi." epitaph, bat by ibr . 
\i a^ buried on the I'itb of that asia^.i*^ 
eiphth year of hm age. He was f. bf 

John Kr.\T, estq. who m. first, Ji 
Thomas Porter, of Mirkli-tmi. aai 
daughter of Mr. \\ illiaia Ha f r i wa. << ^ 
the niiinty of \\ urri'atrr. and widow af Vr. I* 



, la WsrwiekiUre. By tiie Ut|er he 
tbe Ibnoer be bad 


IKce, daoffater of Sir WOIiam Spen- 
4 Yamton, in ttie ooimty of Oxford* 
o dani^teri, ris. 

t, «». to Capt. TbeophQiu Nichols, 
to Richard Difhton, esq. of Clifford 
ert, in the eoonty of Gloncetter. 

d bis wifs were buried at MicUeton. 

ptiaed Stb April, 1011. This gentle- 
erred aa a captain in the royal army 
'acob AMley, fell at Stow, Sltt March, 


tiaed t7th October, I0», m. Mary, 
f Walter Dayrell, esq. of Abingdon, 
if John Morris, Hebrew profeMor and 
Cbristcbvrdi, Oxford, bat had no 
imas and bis wifis were both buried at 
He il. Mb January , 17VI , aged eighty. 
iTcauer, 1081. 

4tb May. 1600, m. to Capt. Thomas 

died in Ireland. 

Mtb May, 1030, to George Hyde. esq. 
*, Berks. 

John Hobday, esq. of Thornton, in 
of Warwick, and bad issue. 
aptiaed I8tb December, 1614, m. to 
ypCon, esq. of Clopton, in the county 
k, by whom she had two sons, 

Clopton, knt. 
Clopton, who d. unm. 

ys bis biographer) was in the worst 
on of the Church of England, and a 
bis prince ; he was a justice of the 
sheriff, first of Worcestershire, and 
oueestersbire ; a lorer of hospitality, 
inte m perance ; very just in paying 
rorkmen, aod|Tery charitable to his 
It pleased <>od to translate him to 
m the 35th April, in the year of our 
o the serenty sixth year of bin age, 
i in the chancel of Ebringtun." He 
pat B(m, 

esq. of Ebrington. who hsTing rsiited 

own expense fiir the serrice of Kinx 

created a BAanwrr by Chabi.kji II. 

loot. Sir John m. Manraret, daugh- 

H'illiam Tayler, r«q. of Bricksworth, 

hire, and had issue, 

WiLUAM, bis heir, bom atRagley, in the county 

of Warwick. 
Thomas, bapt. Snd May, 1041, d, 91st July, 1000. 
Francis, d. 10th July, 1008. 
Eliaabetb, m. to Sir John Talbot, knt. 
Margaret, m. 17th December, 1008, to Sir John 

Packington, hart. 

Sir John d. Mth August, lOOS ; Lady Keyt, tSth June, 
1009. He was s. by his son, 

II. Sib WILU4M Kkyt, who m, Elisabeth, daughter 
and erentually sole heir of the Honourable Francis 
Corentry, second son, by his second wife, of the Loan- 
KaaraR CoTBirraY, and had issue, 

William, his heir, who m. 10th September, 1087, 
his cousin, Agnes, daughter of Sir John Clopton. 
knt. of Clopton, by Barbara, only daughter and 
heir of Sir Edward Walker, knt. garter king of 
arms, and had a numerous family, of m'bom 

WiLUAM, successor to his grandfather. 

John, 6. i4th September, 1005. 

Hastings, b. 0th May, 1700. 

Elisabeth, m. S7th December, 1711, to Thomas- 
Charles, Viscount Tracey. 

Margaret, at. to James Huggeford, esq. of 
Dicson, in the county of Gloucester. 

Agnes, b. thirty-fire weeks after the death of 
her father. 
Mr. Keyt d. 31st October, I70S,« 

Margaret, m. 13th October, 1701, to Thomaa Noble, 
esq. of Leicester, andtf.7tb March, 1710, learing 
a son, William Noble. 
Dorothy, at. to Gilbert, fourth Earl of Corentry, 
and had an only daughter. 
Lady Anns Covkntrt, who m. Sir William 
Carew, hart, of Anthony. 

Sir William d, 30th Norember, 1701, and waa s. by 
bis grandson, 

III. Sia William Kbtt, who m. 13rd Norember, 
1710, the Hon. Anne Tracy, daughter of William, 
fourth Viscount Tracy, (by his second wife, Jane, sister 
of Thomas, Lord Leigh) and bad issue, 

TH0MAS-CiiAaLB5, his successor. 

John, d' unm. 

RosBBT, successor to his elder brother. 



Sir William, who served in the last parliament of kin^ 
Gkubgb 1. and in the first of Gkubue II. fur the town 
of Warwick, died at Norton, iii the county of (Glou- 
cester, in Septrmber. 1741,1 and was s. by hb eldest 

stb having urcorrfd b<>f<»r«; hi* fatber**, 
TTed tbr dimity of a baronrt'i wife and 
widow and cbildrvn, by the fulk>wiog 

Iraee of Gud, Qoeen of Rnelsod, Scot- 
Iraland. defcDdrr tii tbr Fsiih, ice. To 
mI rfgbt wrU-betovrd cooiiin and cooncrl- 
of Carlisle, Karl Marvhal of Kneland, 
Hy of oor right truMy, and richt entirely 
rbomaa, Dake of Norfolk,) grrriioit. 
bambly Informed, tbat William Kryi, 
llkr HUliam Kryi. latr of Kbrin^ion. 
llMWCsler, Bart, dying a few week* br- 
ie widow and yonngrr rhildrrn of ibr 
yl, cannot, by the ordinary mlm of 
■ tide, place, and precrdrncy. wbicb 
isTe been jasdy do« to her and ihrin, 
ymiaai Keyt, bad iarvivrd his father : 
r dkvers good caa»e<i and ron^idrration*, 

a» ctpvcially moving, are graciously plrasrd to ordain, 
tbat Agnes Keyt, John keyt, Hastings Kryt, Klixabrth 
Kryt, Margaret Kryt, and Acnm Kryt, tbr rrlict and 
yoangrr childrrn of the paid V^ illiam Kryt, shall Iruiu 
lirncefurward bavr, hold, and riijuy, ibr same title, pn*- 
rminrnce, place, and precedence, retprrtively, as il tbr 
said William Keyt had sarvivi-<l his father, and brrn 
actaally possessed of the dignity of a Barunrl. And our 
will and pleasare is, tbat you, onr Karl Marshal, to wbuin 
the coguiuince of matters of ibis nature pro|>rrly belooB)*, 
do see ibis our ordrr obsrrvrd and krpt, by our teveral 
oOicrrs of arms, and caase these prrarnis to br registered 
in tbr College of Arms ; and for so doing, this shall be 
yoai warrant. <«iven at onr Castle, at Windsor, the 5ih 
day of June, 1701, In the Iblrd year of our reign. By her 
Majesty's command. C. Hbimbs. 

t " I'bis Sir William Keyt, who was bnrned to death, \» 
»npp<wrd to have been a lunatic, and to have set his hoii«f 
on fire hiniM-lf ; for Thoma* Whitstone, a servant, hrM 
him in hi* arms, and would have saved hlm,lMit he would 
n<K permit it." Fcmbboobb's Glaueeaterdtire. 




IT. SiB Thomas-Cuarlbs Kitt, who d. ianueleiw, 
Mth July, 1755, and wm t. by hia only gnrTiTing bro- 

T. Sir Robert Krtt, of Middleham, in the county 
of York, who d. s. p. (Ith July, 17M, when the Baro- 
hKTCY became kxtinct. The estate at Ebrington, in 
Gloaceatershire, had been sold soon alter the third 
baronet's decease, to Sir Dudley Rider. 

Arms—Axaxe^ a cherron between three kites' heads 
erased, or. 


Knd I>ec. 1000. 

8th Jan. 1704. 



Sir Henry Riluorbw, knt. (descended from a 
Tery ancient family settled in Cornwall from a rery 
remote period, for so early as the time of Richard II. 
Kii.LiRRBW of Killigrew acquired the estate of Ar- 
wenick in marriage with the heiress thereof) followed 
thtr court for advancement in the time of Elizabeth, 
** according," nays Hale, ** to the constant genius of 
his family." He m. Catherine, daughter of Sir An- 
thony Cooke, knt. of Giddy Hall, in Essex, and had 
by her two daughters ; of whom one m. Sir Nicholas 
Lower, knt. of Clifton, in Cornwall, and d. s. p. oth 
June, KioS ; and t)i<: othrr wedded, finit. Sir Jonathan 
Trclawney, knt. ; and secondly, Sir Thomas Reynell, 
Lnt. of Of^wcII. The inak* line of the family was con- 
tiiiut-il >iy 

I. \Vii.ii\M kiLi.iGR^w, esq. of Arwonick, in Corn- 
wall, who was created a UAKo.Ski in likiO, with rv- 
iiiaiiiilcr to his hrother. Sir William died unmarried 
in WttiTi, after haviiii; wasted the whole of hiM 
«'*tt<it<*, .uid alieiiateil the barton and manor of .\rwen- 
i«'k to hiH hmtlu'r, 

SiK I'fc-TKK KiLi.icRRW,knt. This gentleman WHrt 
roninionly known as Sir Peter the Po!«t, from 
hi* Kreat diligence in conveying niftfjiages to 
<!ii%Ri.r.<( I. during the civil war. He had an 
only iH)ii, 

II. Sir PfcTRK KiLLiGRKW, of Arwenick, who suc- 
ceeded his uncle uh second baronet, and m. Prances, 
daughter of Sir Roger TiA-inden, of East Peckham, 
Kent, by whom he had one son and two daughters, 

(UoituK. who was killed by a Captain Walter 
Vincent at a tivem in Penryn. His antagonist 
did not long survive, though acquitted at the 
trial At Launreston ; he took the affair so much 
ti» heart that he nunk under the affliction. Mr. 
Killigrew m. Anm-, daiiKhter of Sir J<ihn St. 
Aubyn, hart, and left an only dnuKhter, who tn. 
Mr. Dunbar, an Irish genth-nian. 

, m. to Richard Krimry, oin\. of Erisey, 

in ('oriiHall, and had a daughter and evt-n- 
tiial heiresN, who vKrdiled John West. es<|. and 
their onl> rhihl, 

Fn%srr» W>-fcT, bi-rame nitimately the n'pre- 

M-ntative of tin' families of Went, Kri.-e\ . 

;nid killiL'n'W. Shr jn. the Hon. Charles 

Berketoy, hncWr oTltelMt Lai 

of Btratton, and had m only cki 

SorHu, tm. to Lord Wodakow 

Anne, ». to Martia Lyater, ca^. of Si 

who assumed the suniaac of kilUgi 

Sir Peter, at the antimely decease of Us 

his estates on Martin Lyatar, esq. and Aai 

on condition that they aboald aaaome Hm 

arms of Killigrew, with remainder to il 

Erisey, and died, shortly after mating 

8th Janiury, 17M, when the title 

Arms— Arg. an eagle diaplayed am. a hi 

second besantte. 


S4th Not. 1800. 


John KiNOkXii.L, one of the jndges of A 
Common Pleas, son of Richard KiagiMll 
ham, Berks, m. Joan, daughter of Sir Joh 
knt. of Ishill, and dying in IM4. left a 

Sir John Kisgshill, knt. of 
who m. Constance, daughter of John G«n 
Burton, in Sussex, and had foor sons, vis. 
I. WiLLiiM (Sir), his heir. 
II. CeorKe f Sir n one of the juscire* of ik 
Pleas, m. Sarah, L:tdy llasbng*,^ 
Sir James llarington. 

III. Richard . .Sir., »ur«e\ur of ihr i'vuri 
^ 1^ d. in ItMNi ; m. first, Aliria, «i«rrr at 
2y^ of Kichard r auit* n«'r. i-*^. of H« 

Hants, rt'liri ot 'Ibouuis \\ n^afbtoa 
ton; anil fii>t*f>nill\. KliiaSetb- Ai David W iimlnilT, i-f 1^ 
relirt ot the Rev. (George StouehiMis 

IV. Thomiu*. 

The eliie<«t son, 

Sir Kisoviii.l, knt. m. Bndcst 
of (;corge Raltigh, and was «. by his *an. 

Sir \\ it.i.i v« K iMii^vii i., knt. who 4. la 
m. Anne, daughter i>f W illian Wilkea, esq. ' 
ton Cheney, in the county of NorthaaiplKa. 
son and heir, 

.Sir Hzjvry Ki%«:s]|ili., knt. who wu Bnl| 
ter and co-heir oi' John White, esq. of S 
Hants, and dying in ICU, was i. by bis ssn 
SiK WiLi.uM K.i^c»iiiLi , knt. whu BkAai 
ter of Sir Anthony llaslcwoud, km. ef Hn 
the county of Northampton, and h«J tspae, 
W ^Sirj, his heir. 

Anne, m. to Heneage, fourth Earl sf Vi 
This lady attained i«nie celebrity as a 
She </. 3. p. 

Sir William was f. by his Aun, 

Sill Wii.i.iAvi KiNCkviii.i., knt. wiwa-AiA 
(laughter nf Mr. Alderman Colwel. of 
her had three son* and a dau^trr, tiR- 

William, died unmarried la I7t0. 

Henry, died unmarried in 1710 



■Ml; M. Hofti Cditt, wq. > 

Bcoibd KbMt uid bkd two othtr dsDib- 
iko died imnf , and Peaelope, wife sf 
1. xs- of BukhDn, B>rki. Sir WU- 
uid bl« agoj mU dyinH ■Bnurrifd, UiB 
•f Ibc tinil; nantaalljr dCTOlTtd upon 
V, Buuins. dk* >ib «( Admlnl 
ilnl. Id cgut^Bcius, unntd, kr ut 

iHcimu^ »tn. at Sidmamton, tn Ihc 
lunpUm. He «■• M.P. for TrefDnT, 

: bein iiult of hii body, ud dyini 

Uiy.nil^BiriHiT IMi <lct.ltli. 

■t Kkilu*. Ihc nicbnted punln-, 
beck iboul 10411. vtu-n bu fitbcr vu 

Sir Gadfr*y m. Samanab. dMer of Willbm Cnwlsr 
••q. apliln H.N. tmt left iw legidiuu* iaa* » hi 
d««H IKh October, llt3, *ced Hnotr-eiffal, vh« 


Mth Am- IM*. 





Edoiid Kkiohtlit. at- T«ui(cr l>ntha of Sir 
Ricbud Kuigfatley, of Pawilcy, in the eooiity of 

W«witl. («-).. Kiju.rra. He -. thrw wiyi.. md 
tiid by the MCODd. BtiBtel)l,diQchlar of Sir WUUm 

Ricy ilD KHionut.aei. of OOUinrch, who m. Aon. 
diufbter of Sir John PsHoe, ud vu i. by Ui Km, 

I. loan KHiayTKT, vq. tf (MrcfaDrch, created ■ 
Btioiinanh Angiut, l«t. Hetii. Biidsei,daiicbtfr 
of Sir Lewi* Lewluur, of Sum. Hii ion ud luc- 

II. Sia Jam Kmon-UTiOlOaUiareh, imitiamta 
and daputy-liculeiiaDt of tbe coimtT of Wanrick, in 
wbich (hire ha pmiemd ireat InaucnM, d. $. p. and 
beqoealbed tba nuser nod «Mau of Offehmch to bia 
kiuBou, John Wiohtwice, am. vho aaaunwd the 
sarname of KniffaUar. and marryinR Mary. daii|faler 



H<1L>1 III K 

erby, rf. «) 

;u*.ac'lll. Iniini 
iiODD, of Underwood 





. llp.ltbl, .^ ClCKk 
.ho ii.hc.lled Uk B»o 
■1. t.. Cllaad Hklaor 






Thomas ni KniYcntjf.of MercMtoa, liTing 14 Rich- 
iKD II. who m. Margaret, danxhtor of — Canon, and 
widow of — Okeorer, and dying 15 Hxmbt VI. was 
t. by his son, 

John Kxitktok, of Mercaston. living SSHbkbt VI. 
who d. s. p. : hia brother, 

Nicholas Kkiteton, became hia heir; whidi Ni- 
rholaa wa« aheriif of the coanties of Nottingham and 
Derby 5 Hkxry VII. and by Joan, hia wife, he left a 
son and heir, 

Nicholas Knitcton. who was one of the esquires 
of the body to King Henry VII. He was twice mar- 
ried ; by his first wifr, Joan Malirerer, he left a son, 
JuHN Knititon. esq. of Mercaston, who m. Joan, 
daughter of Sir Nicholas Montgomery, knt. of Cabley, 
and had two sons, 

John, who was denominated of Harteshome and 
Underwood, and dying in the lifetime of his 
father, left by Anne, his wife, daughter of Tho- 
mas Dethick, esq. of Newball, in the county of 
Thomas, heir to his grandfather. 
He was s. by his grandson, 

Thomas KwiTrroN, esq. of Mercaston, who ai. Joan, 
eldest daughter of Ralph Leech, esq. of Chatsworth, 
in the county of Derby, and had issue, 
WiLUAM, his heir. 

Ceorge. died in his passage to Ireland. 
Saintlow, a relebnitfd antiquary. 
Elisabeth, m. to William Kniveton, esq. of Brad- 
Margaret, m. to Gabriel Armstrong, esq. of Not- 

Jane, m. to Criffin Harmead, esq. of Northumber- 
Anne, m. to Ceorge Sutton, esq. of Orer Haddon, 

in the county of Derby. 
Mary, m. to Sir George Chawcnth, knt. of Annes- 
ley, Notts. 
He was m. by bis eldest son, 

I. WiLi.UM Knivetok, etiq. of Mercaston, high she- 
rifl* for DerbyshiFe 2!) Ki.i7.4Bftii. aiid knight of th<> 
shire 1 Jamim 1. who wan rroati'd a R«ronet 21>th 
June, 1611, and scTred again ;•»< HhfrifTfor the itmnty 
M Drrby in the I'ith year of King Jamf.s's reign. He 
m. Matilda, dau^Iitrr und hole heir uf John Rollesly. 
esq. of Rollesly. and had issue. 

Gilbert ^Sir;. Iii.n heir, vho was knighted at 

Greenwich 'Unh May, liio.'i. 
Klizubeth, m. to Thomas Kni>eton, esq. of Mogin- 

Margurett'jn. to — Da\cnport, esq. of Heubury. 
Joau, m. to the Rev. Mr. Greves, rector of Krailes- 
Sir William died about the year 1031-3, and was s. by 
hi-* eldest son, 

If. Sir (;ilbert K.<«iVRTtiN, sheriff* of Derbyshire 21 
James 1. JN. first, .Mary, daughter and co-heir of Andrew 
Grey, esq. of the county of Hertford, and had issue, 

AM)Rkw.1 . 

.-.. > successive baronets. 

Thomas, J 

He M. sertindly. Frances, daughter of Sir Robert 

|)iidlr>,burt. Sir (lilN'rt was t. at his decease by his 

elder son, 

III. Sir Andrew Kmvi.ton, who rf. jr. p. about the 
year li>70, and was .t. by his brother. 

IV. Sir Thomas Km*et«»», one of the gentlemen 
l<*'n«i('ner« to Aim: Chahii'* 11. and kiitf: Jamia 11. 
ih< i1 uithont itsiii* iihutit I7mi, when the Mikmnitct 
f Xfllll D. 

\r I -fill. II rhetniii vaii nr^. and sa. 


Cbbatkd 6th May 1641.— Estibct ia M 


I. Hrmrt Kmollts. esq. of Gi««« Placv, 
was created a Baron n- in 1641. hat died «aau 
six yean after, when the title bxpibbb. 


1st April, 17M. 

This family was founded by 

Sib Robert Knoi.lys, K.U. the vek'brBlid i 
in the martial times of Euwabd III. dw cbh 
ill arms of the Black Prince, and the mmmi ici 
warrior of his day. In 1 RicB4BD II. Sir 
was gOTemor of the castle of Breat, aad ia ihi 
the same reign he went with Tliiiaias Piaabfi 
Woodstock), Karl of Buckingham, id mmm ihi 
of Brittany against the Pnrnch, whca iWy ■ 
quite through France withcmt remataaos. Tl 
year, on the outbreak of Jack: Straw's iasan 
he led the citiaens of London agaiaaC the itkf 
thus terminated, at an advmnced are. his a 
career. Independently of those high deris 
rendered his name fiuaous all over fhr «« 
Kob4>rt left other noble memon^ls behind fc.i 
erected a stately bridge oT<r the riTrr V*^»i« 
KtH'Iiester. kiiDwn as K(N-he!>ter Bridge. H* »i 
the house of Frien Camielire-. r-.-wimnn.^ 
White Friirs, in the city of London, sad hr r 
a college at Pontefrart. in YorL>hirr. »he-» v 
the Lady CoiiMance. wa« hi>rn. enJ-'>m-i9( r t 
estate of flHii. per annum. He dird st tb* 
uf Sronethorp, in .Norfolk, full ii htfB.«ar sai 
being at least ninety years t»f age, llih AafVl 
and was buried with his ladv in tW cbaR* • 
White Friers. He left issue, a danghtrr. Faa 
wife of Anthony Babington. and a sen aaJ kiir 

Thomas s, who m as seated at N'tftt V) 
in Hertfordshire, and had two son«, 

Robert, whose daughter married HsBffv 
wick, of Weley. and her dauglMr nawjs 
estate in marriage to John CoaiBgrtv. 
From the younger son. 

TiiOMA<i, descended 

HoBKKr Knoli.ys, «ho m. Margant DOvlffi 
wn< father of 

R(iH»Kr Knoilv!«, gentleman nf the fntj^ 
to A'inc Hi.NR^ VIII. who had frtm that ■«* 
|e:ifie for a certain number nf yeus af ihp V* 
Kntherlield Grey, called Gr^>s. in the caaalT^ 
ford. He m. Ii*>ttice, danghfer of SirTVMi*'^ 
ton, Lnril of llanrage and Wanhal. ia Bacii-*^ 
her ixilio Ml. secondly. Sir Robert Lee. af W^M* 
Kiickh, and thinlly. Sir Th« mas Treshaa. ^ ' 
• if St. John.) had a daughter. Jane, ak la fir^ 
U ingfifld, of Kimhaltoii Casflc, and a isa •■'^ 



> J 

Fbancm Knoixts, oyon whom Hbhbt VIII. 

Um loHship or RothoTJold Gray, in fee, 

e«e of the gontlomeii peneionen. He 

Ufh iB faToarwith Qmetm BLixAirrR, 

of her OMJcoty'f privy coancU* oonatituted 

of die boiuehold, and employed on 

t negodatioiie ohroad. In the tOth 

he wnt appointed one of the jodfee to 

it OB the unhappy Qneen of Scotland, 

oniMqneatty BMide treaeurer of the hoiue- 

Bolalled a knight of the Garter. He m. 

daaghter of Wiltiam Carey, esquire of 

» HaicBT VIII. by his wife. Lady Mary 

of ^^Mcr« Anns BounrNi, and had 

IT, Member in the lint parliament of 

QmMm BuBAimi, for the borough of Reading, 

" daughter and heiress of Sir 

Cave, dmnecllo^ of the duchy of 

and dying in the lifetime of his 

r, left two daughters, 

BusAinrB, m. to Sir John Willoughby, of 

Risley, in the county of Derby. 
LcmcB. «. to William, Lord Paget. 

I. William (Sir), treasurer of the household to 
Jaaas I. and raised to the peerage by that 
BMiBarrh as Baron Knollys and Viscount Wal- 
Haclbrd, and made by Chabiju I. Babl op 
BanBiruT. (Refer to Bibbb's Extinci nnd 
If Pttrmgtt ivt details of this noble- 
and the litigation chat ensued rrgarding 
BOceeeicn to his honours.) 
(Sir), K.B. Ipft by his wife, Joan High- 
Sir Robert Knollys, ». Joanna, daughter of 
Bir John Wolstrnholme, and had (with a 
youBger son. William, and three daugh- 
ters; the eldest m. to Sir John Corbet, of 
Stoke, in Shropshire ; the vecond, to Eger- 
tOB, of Staflordshirr ; the third, to Holm- 
by, of Yorkshire,) a son and heir, 

Roh c r t Knollys, who si. Mary Sauii- 
drrs, of Menogwell, in Oifordsbire, 
and left a son, 

Robert. M. P. for the county of Ox- 
ford, with whom this branch ex- 

|i. Rkhard, whose son. 

I, m. first the daughter of Sir Cbarle* 
Wiseman, and secondly, Alice, daughter 
of Sir William Beechrr, of Middli-ntx. by 
whom he left one daughter and tw<i sons. 
He 4, 4th August, 1040. 

V. Ntaru (Sir>, of whom presently. 

H Thomas (Sir;, cnmmandrr in the I<ow Conn- 

triOB. under Maurice, Priurc of OmuRe, si. 

Oielia de Uorada. daughtrr of John de Mo- 

rada, Mat^ueas of BerK^n. and left a daughter, 

P e nelope, oi. to Willi^ui !««■ Hunt. 

*• Lcoiee, ai. Arst. to Walter DrTfreux, Karl of 
Caaem, and was mother of 

Bobbbt, £ierl t^ K%s*x^ the ill fated f^vou- 
nte of i^utm Ki ia^sltm. 

Wbm m. serondly. Il»bert Dudley, Karl of 

r.and thirdly. Sir Clirintopher Blount. 

lady lived to see the grandctiildren of 

hor gfuodchildrrn. 

*^ Aaae, m. to Thomas, I^ord de la War. 

** CocOia, aaald of honour to iiurm Klixabkth. 

Sir Thomas Leightou. of Peckenham, 

IT. Catherine, «•. first, to Gorard Fitagerald, Lord 
Ophaly, son and heir of the Eari of KUdare, 
and secondly, to Sir Philip Boteler, of Wa^ 
ton Woodhall. 

The fifth SOB, 

Sia Pbancis Knollys, knt. inherited under his 
father's will the manor of Battel, and other estatm in 
the Ticinity of Reading, and was styled of Reading 
Abbey. He represented the dty of Oxford in parlia- 
ment, and afterwards the county of Berks. He m.^ 
Lettice, daughter of John Barret, esq. of Hanham, in' 
GUmoestershtre, and was ». by his son, ^. ^ •*' / i^' 

Sib PBAHCia Knollts, knt. who m. Ellen, dao^- 
ter and heir of Richard Milles, esq. of Lower Win* 
chendtm, Bucks, and left a son and heir, 

RicHABD Kmollts, osq. who m. Mary BeUin^mm, 
of BTeringham, in Sussex, sister and heir of Henry 
Bellingham, and was t, by his son, 

Pbamcis KNOLJ.TS, osq. who ». Anne, daughter and 
co-heir of — Bateman, osq. of Berkshire, and had, 
with a daughter, Elisabeth, wife of Sir Francis Cur- 
son, of Waterferry, in Oxfordshire, a son and heir, 

Pbancis Knollys, esq. M.P. for Reading, who m. 
Elisabeth, youngest daughter and c<vheir of John 
StriblehiU, esq. of Thame, in the county of Oxford, 
and dying, of the small-pox, in 1701, was t, by his 

Pbancis Knollts, esq. of Thame, M.P. fbr tho 
city of Oxford, died a bachelor, Mth June, 17M, and 
was *. by his brother, 

RiCHABD Knollts, esq. who ». first, Elisaheth, 
daughter and co-heir of Humphrey Thayor, esq. oo- 
condly, Hannah, daughter of llieophilus SaliToy, esq. 
of Woodford, and thirdly, Anno, daughter of Jcdin 
Taylor, esq. By the two last ho had no imue, by tho 
first, an only son, 

I. Pbancis Knollys, esq. of Thame, In tho county 
of Oxford, who was created a Babonvt 1st April, 
17S4. Sir Prands was sherifT of Oxfhrdshiro in I7ft7, 
and was elected to parliament for Reading in 1701. 
He m. in 1750, Mary, daughter and heiress of Sir 
Robert Kendall Carter, of Kempston, in the county 
of Bedford, third son of John Kendall, esq. of Ba- 
singboum Hall, iu Essex, but dying without issue 
39th June, 1773, the Babonetcy sxriBsu. 

irsur— Quarterly, first and fourth, ax. emsuly of 
rrosslets, a croM moline Toided or ; second and third, 
gules a cherron arg. charged with three roam of tho 



nnd .May, lOII. 


about 1090. 



Caudbn makra this name a corruption of Dunteit, 
and LsLAMU derives it from pKHiuril, a town iu 
Cornwall, on the river 1'amar. The family cUimed 
Danish extraction. 

<lTHoMARL-A iJR K.N t VAT, lonl of the rastle and bo- 
rough of Lannn-iiton, is stated to have been oustod of 
hid posscMiuns *t the Couqueat, fur having tiken up 


«■ t 



V. ki >•€ 

r- 1 


annfl against the Conqueror, but intermarrying with 
Eiiinic. daughter of William Dammartin, a Norman, 
obtxincd restoration. From Othomamt, after four 
descents, sprang 

Sir John de Kfievit, Lord of Soutbwick, who was 
great-grandfather of another 

Sir John Knevit, whose son and heir, 

RioH%KU Kmvit, m. Joan, daughter and co-heir of 
Sir Hichard Wourch, knt. and was father of 

Sir JuiiN KifKTiT, knt. barrister-at-law, who at- 
tained the coif in 31 Edward 111. ; was made one of 
the justices of the King's Bench in two years after; 
chief justice, 30th of the same reign ; and was consti- 
tuted IX>RD CHANCELLOR OP ENGLAND in the 49th of 

the same king. He m. Eleanor, elder daughter of 
Ralph Basset, second Lord Basset of Welledon,* and 
his eldest son and heir, 

John Knetit, was found by inquisition, 10 Henry 
IV. to be co-heir with Sir John de Aylesbury to the 
family of Basset, on the extinction of the heirs male, 
(refer to Burke's Extinct and Dormant Peerage.) 
He served as one of the knights in parliament for 
Huntingdonshire 21 Richard II. and by Joan, his 
wife, daughter of Sir John Botetort, of Mendlesham, 
in Suffolk, left, with two daughters, an only son. 

Sir John Knevit, knt. who m. Elisabeth, daughter 
of Sir Constantine de Clifton, second Baron Clifton, 
and eventually co-heir of her noble family. By this 
marriage he acquired a fair inheritance, including 
the castle of Buckenham, in Norfolk. Sir John 
served the olAce of sheriff for that county and 'Suffolk, 
13 RiCH%RD II. and it is presumed was buried at 
Buckenham, where were many ancient monuments 
of the Knevits, recognized by their armorial ensigns, 
the inscriptions being entirely worn out. His only 
son and heir. 
If *r Sir J m i n Knevit, knt. in whom or his representa- 
tivr;s the BARONY OP Clifton became vested, on the 
demise of hit* uncle. Sir John de Clifton, third baron. 
Sir Je hu Knevit m. first, Alice, daughter of Reginald, 
Lord (trey of Ruthyn, and had a son, 

Edmi'NU, his heir. 

He m. secondly, Joan, daughter of Humphrey Stafford, 
Duke of Buckingham, and m i4mm of William, Viscount 
Beaumont, and by her had another son, 

Edward (Sir), who was slicriff for the counties of 
Norfolk and Suffolk, 31 Hknry VIII. 

H&ff. 7 Henry VII. and was s. by his elder son, 

»>IR Kdmund Knevit, knt. of Buckenham, who «i. 
Eiranor, sL«ter of Sir James Tyrell, knt. and had a 
daughter, Anne, wife of Sir George St. Leger, and 
five sons, of whom 

Tho\i\s, (the eldest) succeeded to the estate. 

EitMr.M), who was serjeant porter to A'ing Henry 
VIII. M.J AN f.Bourlhier, only surviving daugh* 
ter uf Sir John Bourchier, second Baron Bkr- 
NKKs, and acquired tliereby the manor of Ash- 
WL'llthnrpe, in Norfolk. By thin great heiress t 
he had three sons, and three daughters, viz. 

1. John Knyvet, of Plumstead, in Norfolk, 
who it. before his mother, leaving a son 
and huir, 

SiaTBoaaa KiiTTiT,tlm 

grandfadier, Hesb 
of DidlincCon* 


moned to poli 
m» LoBD Bbbmi 

S. William, ancestor of tbm Kbi 
denhaU, in Norfolk, wko e 
side there. One of thab 
marrying against dM consca 
removed to London, and i 
to the day of his death, 
stranger to his fanuly and 
Norfolk. He was fatfwr c 
Kny vett, organist and i 
111. who porchased an 
near Reading, in BerfcsUn 
dence of his eldest son, Ciu 

3. Edmund. 

1. Rose, wife of Olirer Rejna 
*2. Alice, wife of Olirer Spiers. 
3. Christian, wife of Thonas F< 

The eldest son. 

Sir Thomas Knttbt, of Bockcnhai 
knight of the Bath at the coronation of 
23rd June, 1509, and subsequently oonsi 
of the horse to the saake monarch. B 
widow of John Grey, Viscount Lisle« aa 
Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, and had 

I. Kdmund (Sir), hb heir. 

II. Ferdinando. 

III. Henry (Sir), knighted by Qmrm 
137-4. He M. Anne, daughter ai 
Christopher Pickering, and thci 
the brothers, 

1. Sir Hen ry Kny^ err, knt^o 
\\ ilt»hire, who left two < 
co-heirM, viz. 

Kathkrink Knt vett, 
the Hon. Richard Hi 
^he had no issue, a 
lliotuas Howard, first 
folk , and the eKtate oi 
Charleton, passed to hi 
the Hon. Thomas How 
created Karl of Berki 
to Bt-RKE's Pnrage i 


third Lord lanadn. an 
(extant) Dukt-s of Ne^ 

2. Sir Thomas Knyvett, wh 
iH^dchauiber to Qm*f» Eu 
aftiTwards of rounril to ' 
consort of J a mis I. to v 
bi><uiue one of the gentlfmr 
council, and was entmstei 
the gunpowder plot, whid 
cffcctod. Sir Thomas was 


• Hi? \oiin<_'rr il<ini;lit(.-r, 

JoA.NK BA»»hT, Ml. Sir John dc Aylesbury, aud had 
a MMi, 

.SiK John UK Aylksbihy. who was dcclarrd 
f^ft* CM-licir Willi John Knevit tu the Bu?.-<ct 

^ Slif \v.i> iiihrird ill tli«' chinch of Ash\\ilitli«ir|), 
i:iiiJrr lilt- iiilli)\>iiig iiiM ii|itiuu : 

Ja.nk Knyvkt ri-sitth hens thr only Hi>ir 
Or the LoKLi UtKSFRS, that Sir Juha Bu«i 
Twi-niy \»:ar> and thni* a \Vydo»>*» Lih.' ^h 
Al\v.iyc!> K«Mr[Mni; Iltiw^f, « hi'ic Rich JodPi 
<>fntill. ino.<t tiiiycf, \uyd nf Drbatr and Si 
Kvrr do>iiig (timkI. I,ii .' ihnr yhr Inld hri 
Kvrii to lh<> (!ravi-, when* Kith **n Ertli di 
On uho:- Soul. (!tH| '^lanl of hi» abuiuUhi ! 
Tlio xviii uf Ffhrnaiy. auLii. 



pwHwiiirnt in imr, u Babon KwTTKrr, 
of BMiick, tat d. «. p. in 10n, when 
the title became sxtijict; his fortune 
ilcTolTed «pon hie niece, Rathbrinb, 
whoee son, by the Sari of Suffolk, Sir 
Bdward Howard, was created Baron 
Howard, of 

crine, si. first to Sir William Farmer, knt. 
Barkam, in Norfolk, and secondly to Nicho- 
Mynae* esq. 
I, at. to ~ Thercsby, esq. 

SOB aad heir of Sir Thomas Knyrctt and 

mo KirTYSTT, knt. of Bockenham, repre- 
oooBty of Norfolk in parliament, with 
Bstranfe, in the 1st of Edward VI. He 
laughter of Sir Thomas Sbellon, knt. and 
b eldest son, 

IAS Kn TTRT, of Bnckeaham, who receired 
oi knighthood, at the Charter House, from 
I I. 11th May, MM»3. He was i. by his son, 
Knitctt, esq. of Buckcnham, in the 
lorfolk, who was created a Baronbt at the 
of the order, Sted May, 1811. Sir PhUip 
BOidao^ter and heir of Charles Ford, esq. 
hbey, in Suffolk, and dying about the year 
s. by his son, 

4>BBBT Kmvvctt, who M. ilxst, Elisabeth. 
r William Ludley, esq. of Middleham, in 
ef York; seeondly, Dorothy, daughter of 
onboroogh, esq. of Westmore- 
hirdly, Philippa. daughter of Thomas Rus- 
ribam, in Norfolk, gent, but died issueless 
Bsir 1609, when the Baronetcy became kx- 
» castle and estate of Buckenham were 
r Sir PhiUp KnjTett. 

ngent a bend sable, a bordure engrailed of 



4th June, 1 070-80. 


writings rrlative to the Kyri.i.s, the 
riously written fYul, ("rutt, and CrttlU ; 
iYgil and somrtimeii Curl, until it was at 
iveraally Kyri.b. 
Itbls, of the Hill, living in l-IHO. married 

ma, of the Hill, whose only daughter and 

ms, Alice, wedded Christopher ('Isrke, 

and was represented by the latr Mrs. 

t Clarke^ whose hi-irb the prrs«ut KiNr:»- 

MiLL Eyavs, esq. of the HOI. (See Borbb's 
Commontrtt toL iL p. S4S). 
II. Jambs, of whose descendants we are about to 

James Kyrlb* inherited Walford Court,t and was 
father of 

Thomas Kyrlb, living about the year 1500, who m. 
Johan, daughter and heir of Hugh Abrahall, esq. by 
Alice, his wife, daughter of John Rudhall, esq. of 
RudhaU, and had, with four daughters (one of whom, 
Bridget, m, Roger Pye, esq. of Mynde, see Burkb's 
Commtonert, vol. i. p. 330), nine sons, 

I. Walter, of Walford Court, who m. Joan, daugh- 
ter of Richard Wamcombe, esq. and had with 
several other sons, who d, s. p. a son and suc- 

RoBBRT Kyrlb. esq. of Walford Court, 
high sheriff of Herefordshire, who m. Jane, 
daughter of E. Evans, alias Bithell, esq. 
and had with four daughters, (oue of 
whom, Penelope, married Roger Hereford, 
esq. of Priors Court,) two sons, namely, 
1. Jambs, his heir. 

*. Walter, of Ross, barristerat-law and 
justice of the peace, ». Alice, daugh- 
ter and sole heir of John Mallet, of 
Berkeley, in the county of Glouces- 
ter, and dying in February, lOSO, 
left two sons, vis. 

bomatthe Whitehouse Dymock, 
in May, 1637, d. at Ross, s. p. 
7th November, 1794. 
Walter, living in 1063. 

Robert Kyrle was s. by his elder son. 
Jambs Kyri.b, esq. of Walford Court, justice 
of the peace and high sheriff for Hereford- 
shire. He m. Anne, daughter of Robert 
Waller, esq. of Beaconsfield, iu Bucks, 
by Anne, his wife, sister of John Hamp- 
den, the patriot, and by her. who d, Itfth 
September, 1643, had, with four daugh- 
ters, seven sons, vis. 

1. Robert, his heir. 

9. James, "l 

3. John, > 

4. William, J 

all d. s. p. 

5. Richard (Sir), knt. of the kingdom of 

Ireland, living in ieB3,married two 
wives, and had issue by both. 

6. Edward, d. unm. 

7. Thomas, m. in Ireland, and had a 

son. Vsndervort, who was devisee 
of*' The Mak of Ross." 

James Kyrle died Ist February, 1046, aud 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 
RoBBRTKYBLB,esq.of Walford Court. Inhe- 
riting the republican principles of his mo- 
ther's connections, he was a distinguished 
military officer under C bom well, holding 
the commission of captain of troop* nt. and 
is styled " s stony hearted Kebell." in the 
narrative of the plundering of Master 
Swift's house at Goodrich. He married. 

re mmmy families in «arioa»i parts of England. 
' i4 the kistcenth criitury. possenting names 
ch nearl) approschiB]( thut4- of Kyrle, «bo 
y co«aected « Itb (bi< faniitv. 
Coart, or Manitr Hvu«r, Mill ex 1*1 ». Pruiu 
c Cs|4aia Kyrle it rep«'rted by tradition to 

have bombarded Goodrich Castle, which, fhrni the rela- 
tive position of the two places, is not improbable. Tlie 
fMiate pa.M«*d, as hereafter shewn, from the Kyrles to the 
<> will) mil, an«l was sold by tbem to John Clarke, esq. of 
the Hill, ahiiat the year I7!t7. It is now. under the will 
of the late Mrs. Claike, the property of K. Evans, esq. 




first, Mildred, danchter of Sir WilKun 
Maxey, of Bradwell Hall, Enex, and m- 
oondly, Elisabeth, daughter of John Brayn. 
gent, of Little Dean, in GUraceatershire. 
By the latter, who d. 5th September, lOflS, 
he had iMue, 

1. James, aged sixteen in 1083, <f. before 

June, 1080. 
1.* Mary, m. to — Yates, of Bristol. 
S. Elisabeth, m. to WUliam Gwillym, 

esq. of Langston, in Herefordshire, 

and died 12th December, 1714, lear- 

ing a son, Robert. 

Robert Kyrle d. in 1800, aged fifty-one, 
and was buried in the family chapel in 
Walford Church, on the 2nd October, in 
that year. 

II. William, of Blayson, whose only daughter and 
heiress, Joan, m. John Aylway. 

III. Charles, who m. Joane, daughter of William 
Pigot, esq. and had issue. 

IT. Thomas, ancestor of the Kyrlks, of Much Mar- 

v. Hugh, d. in London, num. 

Ti. John, d, t. p. 
Til. James, who m. a daughter of — Morgan of 

Tin. Richard, in holy orders, afterwards Sir Richard, 
ricar of Walford ; upon the resignation of 
which, he became Ticar of Much Marde and 
Foy. This Sir Richard drew up a pedigree of 
his family from its earliest establishment in 
Herefordshire to the year 1802, on which do- 
cument the present account is founded. 

IX. Anthony, a justice of the peace, whose daughter 
Sarah, became the wife of William Scudaroore, 
esq. of Bellingham. 

The fourth son, 

Thomas Kyrlx, esq. Lord of the manor of Much 
Marrle, in the county of Ilercfonl, in the cuinininiiioii 
of the pt-ace for tliat shire, and fur Worccsteriibire, mi. 
Fniiu*e8, (laughter and heir of John Kuotsford, ettq.of 
Malvern, and left a son niul HucrcAsor, 

John Kykle, esq. of Much Murcle, justice of th«^ 
peace, and twice high sheriff for Hen*ford»h ire, who 
WHS created a Baronkt 17th May, HM7. He tii. Sy> 
bill, daughter and heir of Philip Scudamore, esq. and 
had issue, 

I. FuANcis, high sheriflTof HerefonlMhire, who m. 
Hester, daughter of Sir Paul Tracy, hart, of 
Stunway, in the county of Gloucester, and 
dying r. ;/. in lft4U, left 

1. John, successor to his grandfather. 

2. Richard, d. s. p. 

3. Giles, d. a. ft. 

1. Elisabeth, m. to Robert Hnlmrs, esq. of 

Ncthcrton, in Gloucei»ten«hire. 

2. Dorothy, m. first, to John Abrahall. esq. 

and sernndly, to Sir Bciiuet |{i»^kyiis. 

3. Anno, m. to — Lechmere, of Fowiiho)H;. 

4. H«-ter, m. to — Prior, of Pillith. in lUd 


II. Thomas, of Gray's Inn, d. s. p. 

I. Joane, w. to John Nnurse, esq. 
II. Sibill. in. to Thoui.if: Capell, of How (-api-ll, in 

Sir John Kyrle, d. in UMii), and x. at Win (lcr<MH> 
by hill i>raiidsf>n. 

Sir John Kyri.r, hart, of Murh Marrle, whi> tn. 
Iitth I>eci-nil>er, l*W, HebiMva \ iiii'i-nt. »nd by h<>r. 
who wrd'lrtl, serimdiy, John Huoth. r!ti|. uf Ix-tfon. 
hud issue. 

ViMciirrtAi hn tai ^ t.wi, •«•.• 
cember, 1014, Sir John Btala* kaL a 
in WUtibira, na cf Sir loka bah 
ccllor oT the excheq— r, saA bai ki 

John Ktbls EaaLs, caq. of W 
Much Marde, wlw ». ComI 
daughter oi Sir Tlwaiaa Role, 
comb. HertSv aadl dylag la C 
left an only d ainMer aad heir, 

CoNtTAima EauLB, wto sa. 
mas, Visoooat D app Ua, afti 
of Kinawd, aad had aa 
Thomas Joha Brala Hay .Aw 
1742, who d. i«b O rt ohsi 
countess herself died ia II 
interred at Caina oa the 74 
ing no iaeee. She ictded 
upon the next heir aad sell 
tiTOof her aac e e tt aa (thrsa 
cousin, Elisabeth;, 

James Momit. ca^. ef Fife 

Hester Erhla. ^ nth Fehraary. 
William Waabboorae, ca^ . eea i 
parent of Wm. Waahboarar.ce^. 
in Northamptoa Aire, aad lHk«bi 
other children who all died wM 

Eliza sitTH WaeaaorBiiB.whi 
Francis Money, caq. of Wril 
and died Sad March, ini, 
only son, 

Jaurs Momet. csf. ef 1 

N ortbampton Aire, 

army, who m. 

and heir of GeorRe Si« 

of St. John's. Wi 

grandfather ef the 

JiMKS KYaLE-Muxit, 

jor-gvn. in tbr Mrm] 

Miinrlp, in Herr*«r 

Whi'tham. in W iltstk 

Pititfiinl, i.'i Ni-rrhii 

;.<i'v Hi ka.a'» /Vmh 

ill. p. til5.- 

HKSTri;. ifi. to Willi.iiu Wiiitour. e*^ • 
Ki.i/\).i I M. M tit Jiihn Midli-brnukc. r. 
SiKii I., w. to (tilrs Wintour. r<iq. 

Sir John Kyrle, who was M.P. fnr lifr*i<i 
the period ot his dec<-uae, died 4th Jsassr 
aped sixty, when the BARUJkm y htramr » 

Arm\- -\vTt, a rhcT. between tbrer i*«n 


<'ki «iii> 
llth 1730. 


'I HoM«> l.«ni', nf krat 
Willi, le.nini: by his wife. Ktiaabrch, 
Thi'iit. H Mnnibray,of Sutlna.a 




oT WflHam NethnBola, of Wimingwonld, in the 

t eamrnty, • mb and heir, 

acBKT Ladb, of Barham, gent who m, in 1A75, a 

htcT of Vlneent Denne, esq. of DenhiU, in Kent. 

iyiBf Vth Aofuat, lOSS, left four aona, ris. 

. BosuT, hia heir of Cray's Inn, barriater and 
reoatdrr of Canterbary, to whom Sir William 
Scgar, garter, amfirued die anna of the family 
▼im. <* arfent, a Cmm wary, between three es- 
caOopa aable." Caxsr, <* on a wreath a pan- 
tker'a head guardant ;" quartering Mombray, 
■* Gvlea, a lion rampant, argent, collared and 
dMlMd, aable." He married in 1810, Mary, 
davghtPT of WiOiam Lovelace, of the Prian, 
la CaBtcrba7, and was vgoeator of the Ladca 
•f Gantarbvy and Barham. 

Jolui, \ . 


i>aaa Ladb, died fire yeara before hia father, bat 
10 Mi. Margaret, daughter of William Denwood, 
in Kent, left three eons and four dangh- 

'inemtn, tm. Klixabeth, daughter of Mr. Knowler, 
mt Caaliertnry, and left iaaue. 

■ka, of Adaaa, in Kent, m. Hannah, daughter of 
Walter Cloak, of Wincbop, near Canterbury, 
•ad left fiDor danghtere, vis. 

MaBT, fli. to — Denne, of Canterbury. 
Santa, m. to William Cullen. 
Ahmb, m. to John Roberta, gent, of Warbleton. 
MABoaatT, tf. unm. 

Bfaabelk, A anm. 
Maifaivc, tf. anm. 

m. to John Roberta, esq. of Warbleton. 

L4DB, of Warbleton. in Suanex. m. Mary. 
mi John Nutt, of Mayers, in Sumci, pent, by 

L VinrBHT. of WarblMon. married and bad one 
•m and four daughtera, vis. 

VlMf-KAT, d, s. f. 

Ann a. a. flnt tu TUomaa Wandrll, of South- 
wark. drujrgist, and •ecoitflly to William 
N'ott, (;>-nt. of Maraballn, Sujwiex. 
BlJxaaKTH. M. to John Whithome, of Ja- 
aaaica. and had three aonii. 
Lade \\ hithomr, d. m. p. 
rbarl4 « U bithomc. 
JuHM WHiTHoaMB. of whom hereafter. 

M4BY, m. to John J'rice. of Richmond, in 

Sum y. 
I'Hii.iiiRiritu. m. to John ln<ikippt enq. of 
I rkftrld, in Sussex, and had a aon, 
JoN^ !^«KirP. whorventually inhorited 
ibr 4 «t.i:t » of tin* family. 
'« TlMMas. d. unm. 
*• JoNM, af whnm presently. 

^ Ahbp. 

'- f'athrnne, ai. to Mr. Hugh Ofllry. of Po^ing- 
wovth, Sussex. 

^as Ladr. d. in December , I Am. His yonnK<'«t 

iu LauK, esq. was an eminent bre«er in the 
mi South wark. and amH^urd a routidrrable 
^e. He represented thr bfiroush in parliament, 
*• Vstw A^^t and K'imifiitoiHit. Land wasrrea- 
h BiBi.%1.1 by (;Bt*a«:B II. 1 1th Marrb, 1730, with 

remainder, in default of male issue, to his nephew, 
John Whithobmb, who had prerioualy assumed the 
name of Laob. Sir John d. a bachelor, 30th July, 
1740, and was *. by his nephew aforesaid, 

II. Sir John Laos, who died num. ISth February, 
1747, when the Babonitct kxpirbd; but the greater 
part of hia fortiine deroWed, under his will, upon his 

John Inskipp, esq. who aasumed the surname of 
Laos, and was created a Babonbt in 1756. Hia 
only son and heir is the present (1837) 

SiB John Ladb, hart. Refer to Burbb'b 
Peerage and Baronetage. ^ ^ktULt^ 

ilrais— Argent a fessa wary between three escallopa 


nth Feb. IMOl. 

Snd Aug. 17)4. 


I. RicHASD Lakb, esq. of Tnlake, in the county of 
Roscommon, was created a Baronbt in 1000-1. He 
m. first, Mabell, daughter and heir of Gerald Fitsge- 
raid, esq. of Clonbolg and Rathaman; and secondly, 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Leicester, esq. By the 
former, he left at his decease, Ath October, 1008, a son 
and successor, 

II. Sir Gborgb Lank, an eminent politician, who 
filled the office of secretary of state for Ireland, and 
was nused to the peerage of that kingdom by the 
title of Viscount Lanesborough, of the county of Long- 
ford. His lordship married, first, Dorcas, daughter of 
Sir Anthony Brabaxon. knt. and secondly, Frances, 
daughter of Richard, Earl of Dorset. His son and 

III. Sib jAurs ftiNE,second Viscount Lanesborough, 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Charles Comptou. knt. 
but died without issue, Snd August. 1724, when all his 
honours, including the Baronatcy. became ixtinct, 
and the estates devolved on his sister and hein'.os, 

TiibHon. Frakcbji Lank, fdaughterof George, Lord 
l<anesborough , by I«ady Frances Sack villf, daugh- 
ter of Hicbartl, fifth Karl of Dorset,) who m. in 
IflPl. Henry Fox, esq. and had. with several 
dsughtera. three sons, 

GaoacE Fox. M.P. for the city of York, wlio 
asKumrd thr additional surname of Lank, and 
was creati-il IUkon Bi.sclit, of Bingley. 
Ilf ili«d with«>ut nurvivinB issue in I77S. 

J«Mfrji Fox, who inhcriti'd the Surrey estates 
of his grandmother. Lady Lanesborough, 
and died .f. p. in 1753. 

Sacilvillb Fox, grandfather of the present 

Gkorgr Lane Fo\, esq. of Bramham Park, 
Vorkshirf. M.l*. for Beverley. (See 
Braaa's CtHiimonrrM, %oI. ii. p. 403.) 

ilrNM— Arg. a lion rampt. gu. within a border sa. 
on a canton of the first, a harp and crown or. 




I. WlLLim LmoBDBKi, vn- of LandsD, an Etmt 

thmtti (ram ths executor* of Lord Dowst, the manor 
ud eiUlc of CharltoD, In Kent, ud «u crtited ■ 
BinaxiTin isn. He>Laiirt,Gr>ce,dHiEhtcrorjDlia, 
Earl of Rutland, and relict of Patrick, Viicount Cha- 
*onb, Thich Ud; died i. p. In ITM Sir William 

alter hii deceaaa/ceoTKa Jcin»', eaq. of Twickenham, 
bad so child. He died Mth Fcbniar>', iri4, when the 

heriud bj (the iiin of hii liitei Bliiabatb, Ladj Con- 
yera,} hii nephew, 

SiajDKn CoRTni.bart.afHorden.and remained 

q. ofHomerhurcl 

^jpiHCEB WiuoH, ban. of Eaatbnume. Th 
luly wainrandmotberofthepreKnt <I«3I) Ni 
THOHt) Mtavox WiisoH, who [hnmeb hrr ei 
Juyi Ibe manor and ntaie of Cbsrlton. 

bngle bonu aa. itringe^ gu. 


WiLutD LaHCUT, of Lanfley, ii 
Unrbain, had two hdb, Tii. 

{ -ACi^' TbomM, lord chancellor of Kngland, hi.hop ol 

mu bMtDwed Ae BBB of £«•-••. tt 
ing of that tilierj In tb* mat *■! «l 
whlcb vu Gut boOl br HM^ >'■'■ 
deceaMTi he alto taamltt tw* ad 
Place Gtc«, eat tor (nmaaar. ima» 
^k. : thirty-one yean h* emitlwJ I 
and dyini i43T, wai buied, wm I aa 
in the (allay, and lieth fiaaibai 
altar there, nsder the lahla of Ika M 
The elder aon, 
HsNar LiHOLiT, oq. of DallDB.ui thai 

of WoodKme, in the laua OBntT, by vh 
two nmi, namely. Thnnai, of Rathgir Hal 
of Ibe Langleyi of that place, and 
KoxsT LiRCUT, Hq. of Lauflay, bAfl 

RoiaaT, vho had an only dauchter an 

WiLUiK LiHDLll, eai|. left a aoB a^li 

Ciuaaa LinoLir, eaq. of GtaintoB. i» 
whoM. Jane, daaihtar of John Hall,a(ni 
the aame connly and had, (with a daaiMi 
of William Famer, of Erdawick,) Ihnr m 


Matthew, muried bat left bb iaaae. 

John, cf. (.f>. 
The elden Hn, 

I. Wtium LinoLiT.eaf.ef Staiatan.lB 
of York, and of Higham GobioD, intha coa 
ford, waicreatrda Biiaan byAnjufCiul 
May.KUl. Heiw. EliiabethdaB(hlCTa(B 
ley, eeq. and ■liter of Richard, ViHSnal la 
had iuue, 

Wiiliun,if. nnm. in hia father** Klttte 

Roc EB, heir lo hia father. 

Doralhy, »i. to William Brittow.eaq.rf 

onntyofVoTk. Tbia gentleaiaB. who < 
;year> of age in liau. a>. flnt, Mary.d 
ouKeigbley, ex). ofHen ' ~ 

ohn GiiBith, km. of Eiith, ia 
I in ttaelifelimForhlartthCT.i 
y her, (who ■>. aecandly. Tba* 
if Kail Winch, in VorMk.) 
HucEE, aucc«v«r to hii ftaadA 

of _ SuitoD. nq.'ot Bartadai 
Jow of Abraham Jaaiard, k| 

l>iiELu,a<. iniTM,'n>1i 
trick, eH|. of Ht(h Bam 
bam. (SMBcaal'iCkM 

lii. p. 1S.J 

rHonit, who 1. la (onrth ban 
Uildanby, ■•. Mary,dan|btK 
Feck, rm- of Gilderaley, in E 
and dyint Mlh M», irM, 



Jl dtod iMOAleM. 

Ir. Prucott oC 

>ter PrUnc, of London, merchant. 

f. anm. 

artenif dnughter and co-heir of 
lan, of Foiton, in Leiceetenhire, 
•mie. Hie third wife waa Sarah, 
^fea]e, eeq. of Maiden Aahe, in 

. young. 

i»e army* m. a daughter of — De 

' Weetmineter. 

n an engagement in the West 

lan of the jury on the tiial of the 
was a oommiMioner of the priae 
i King WiLUAM. He 4. in lOM, 
lor of Hii^iam Gobion to A.rabel1a» 
nd waa s. by his grandaon, 
NOLBY, who m. Mary» daughtei^of 
!aq. of Baatbonme, in Soasex, and 
>harlea» who died an infant. Sir 
d waa s. by hia brother, 
lANOiJiT. Thie gentleman m. the 

Captain Robert Edgeworth, of 
runty of M eath, and had two eons, 
who predeceased him, unm. and 
ie d. 1st December, I7<tt, aged 
IS «. by his nephew, 

Lamui^by, who is stated to hare 

ftNOLiY, at whose decease, if such 
ightly, the BAaoNKTCY axriaiD. 

;, argent and irert. 


in, or about 180A. 


B, of the pnrrince of Bordeaux, 
in the train of Gborub, Pbimcc or 
be desire of his master, a«sumed 
iK-HB.* He bad three sons and a 

his heir. 

alderman and merchant of Bris- 
e— will dated 8th Fitbniary, 1770, 
orember following, m, Cleroentia, 
Louis Cassamajor, of Bristol, but 

who d. young. 

Eleanor Larochc, 4. at Briatol, nam. about 179B, 
aged ninety-eiz» will dated Od& August, 1797, 
codSc D , 8th NoTunber following, prored 10d& 
NoTember, 17M. 

The eldest son, 

John Larochb, esq. b. in 1700, M.P. for Bodmin, 
from his maturity to his decease ; m. Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter of Isaac Gamier, of Westminster, an eminent 
apothecary, and had issue, 

John, of Halebnrton, b. May, 173S, mi^ East 

Deron militia, m. a French lady, but d. s. p. 
Henry, of Totness, in Deron, d. in 1801. 

Elisabeth, m. to John Fulford, esq. of Great Ful- 
ford, in Deronshire, d. s, p, in 1701. 

Catherine, m, to Charles Bemers, esq. of Wolrer* 
ston Park, in Suffolk., d. 1800, and left issue, 

Charles Bemers. 

James Bemers, banker in London. 

Henry Bemers, m. a daughter of J<An Jarratt, 

esq. of Jamaica. 
William Bemers, who m. another daughter of 

John Jarratt, esq. 
Maria Bemers, m, Herbert Jarratt, esq. 


Mr. Laroche ofBdated as esquire to John, Lord Dela- 
war, on his lordship's installation as a knight of the 
bath, in 1725. His third son, 

I. Jauks Larocbb, esq. of Over, in Almondsbury, in 
the county of Gloucester, b. in 1794, M.P. for Bodmin, 
was created a Babonbt 17th August, 1770. Sir James 
m. in December, 1704, Elisabeth-Rachel-Anne, daugh- 
ter and heiress of William Yeamans, esq. of Antigua, 
and widow of Mr. Archibald, by whom, who d. 97th 
January, 1781, he had no issue. He d. about the year 
1805, when the Babonbtcy became bxtinct. 

i4nN#— Quarterly ; first and fourth or, a raren ppr. 
second and third argent, on a mount rert, an eagle 
close looking at the sun in his glory in the canton. 


9th Nov. IMS. 

about 1048. 


1. Sia Richard Lawday, of Exeter, who was cre- 
ated a Babonkt in 104S, lost his life in the king's ser- 
Tice during the dvil wars. Mr. William Lawday, 
sometime of Bath, in Somersetshire, Uring in IHtt, 
riaimed to be the immediate male representatiTe of the 
baronet, but the title has lain dormant (if it did not 
then become extinct; since the decease of Sir Richard. 

i4nN#— Party per saltier 
greant or. 

gu. and sa. a grittn se- 

* He b»l a bruther wbo assomed likewite the name t>f Labocnb. 




Oik Oct. 1038. 

April, 1714. 


Sir Robrrt LAWRKNCR,knt. wbommrried MargRret 
Ilolden, of Lancashire, bad fotir aooa, of whom the 
«ide«t, Sir Robert, waa ancestor of the Lawrences of 
Stan<li«b, Crick Grange, and SeTenhampton ; * and 
the s«coD(] 

Thomas Lawrence, was father of 

Arthur Lawrence, esq. who was seated at Priors 
Court, in (»loiice«tershire. He was ancestor of 

I. JuHN Lawrence, esq. of Delaford in Wer, Bucks, 
and of Cheliiea, Middlesex, who was created a Baro- 
net in low. He m. Grisel, daughter and co-heir of 
Jarvis Gibbon, esq. of Benenden, in Kent, and dying 
in NoTember, 1038, was *. by his son, 

II. Sir John Lawrence, of Chelsea, father of 

III. Sir Thovas Lawrence, who m. a daughter of 
Mr. Inglish, but bad no issue. Sir Thomas spent all 
his estate, and about the year 1700, emigrated to 
Maryland. '* Sir Thomas Lawrence, hart." who was 
buried at Chelsea, in April, 1714, is presumed to be 
tliis gentleman. 

itrifu— Arg. a cross raguly gn. on a chief of the se- 
cond a lion passant guardant or. 


Created I7tli January, 1748.— Extinct in 1750. 


I. Sir Kdwari) L\wrk.m.'E, knt. of St. Ives, in tbo 
county of IIuntiii);doii, wus ciratt-d a Kakonf.t in 
17 IH. with r<>niiiiii(1t'r to hi;* m-phrw, l^aur WuIIa^ton, 
I'jiq. of l<«)H«^b\, iiiiJ (lying s. y. in 1719, was ifurcct'dcd 
by that gentleman. (See \V(»tu.n uf I^slbi.i 

Arms -An La>%rkn(-i: uv Iyer. 


flth July. irrf*i5. I 



Tin* l.:iWMiii4, fmni whom thiK fMnily ^))^ung, wt re 
tor M'«eral Kt'iierutimis nented at Burwell, and after- 
wnnU at Alindell. in N orthumbrrlniid. 

Wiluam Lawmii, esq. of Cranlaff 
count J, was father of 

James Lawsoh, eaq. of CrwmSSmifiam* 
time of Hrnrt VIU. wu aa caiiBatt 
Newcastle-upoB'T|nc. Ho Ok Alieo. dai 
Bertram, of Bcntley, and wao «. Vy kk a 

Edmchd Lawson, ooq. who at. Maiv 
and heir of Ralph Swiiuiov, coq. of Bs 
Northumberland, aad left a aon aadl hri 

Sir Ralph Lawsoii, who reoeivodt 
knighthood from Kii^ laKaa I. Ho i 
daughter and sole heir of Rofor Broai^, < 
Hall, near Catterick, in the amaXf m 
living to a great age, left (vidi two 4aa 
wife of Thomas Rokeby, caq . of Mortba 
of Thomas Ingteby, oaq. of Lawklaad) 1 
whom the eldest, 

Roger Lawson, esq. waa seated at 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which plaec wa 
sold, and died in London, in the lifitimi 
He m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Beai 
knt. of Burton Constable, in the county 
had a numerous issue. His wife died ii 
Anthony's, near Newcastle, which thci 
the family, and was subsequently aoM i 
questration. His eldest surriTing son. 

Henry Lawson, esq. of Brongh Ha 
daughter of Robert Hodgson* esq. of Hcl 
county of Durham, and bad* with odMr i 

Roger, who d. young. 
Henrt, m. Catherine, eldest daoghtc 
of Sir William Fenwick, of Melds 
umberland, and falling at the ban 
Mowbray. 1M4, fighting for the I 
only daughter, 
IsAHELi.A. m. to Sir John Swirt 

His widow m. Sir Francis Ratrlifi 
Karl of Derwentwater. 


The third «on, 

I. John LA>\suN,esq. rapt.i in nf horse i 
of tlu- king -('HARi.t^ 1.^, inherirrtl Brpo 
(lid not long «*iijoy tli<> )tOfi9C!*iiinn, until tl 
under iieque-itration.aud uftt>rw^rd», in t 
was, pursuant to two art* uf (larliAmrB 
the oale of forfeitetl f!>tate!4. jtoUl. and i'sf 
him»rlf coiidennittl to baiiisihnient. la « 
of thi'-He his great -(uflV-ring!!, he was rrc: 
MT by KiHC (.'hari.f» II. 4ith Jnl>, IM 
IN. Catbrriuf , third daughter of Sir U ilH 
uf Nu worth Castle, in Cumberiand, sisM 
first Karl of Carlisle, and had iasur, 

John, d. at Calitis. rrtuming from Ui 

Hknrt, heir to his father. 

Charles, ruptain uf hursr in the EN 
mouth's regiment, killed in Ctcrmsa 

William, a prieat. 

I'hilip. M. Lady Anna Maria Knollv 
of Nicholas, Earl uf Banbury, tf 
Walter Littleton, esq. but d. i. p . ia 
widow m. Colonel Harvey, of Leva 

Thtmia*, a priest. 







These Indies 
lif«: at (ihcnt. 

* Ihr male liiif of the Sevfnhain[tttiii liraiirli, ri>iitiini<il for nian> i;eniMation*i 
\y alter l<««irrnrr, eMi. Hi* oiil> child, Mari, iiiainnl. I?!r7. \\ ii.i mmMorri^, eM|. 
Wai.Iar LAWRtMBLAWREhiR, tH|. of ,Sdiid« \«ill I'dik, nt'jr Chtlttuham. 

il for nian> i;<-niMation*, uaiii ibr dcniir 

7. Will I 4 vMiiKKi%- PHI- »t%A ir^a iBfltllrr 'rf 



IB WM J. by hi* cUbit rarriTinc aon, 
»|R Huiav Lawson, of Brough Hall, who m. 
eck, davfhttr of Robert Knightley, ooq. of Off- 
• in the eoaaty of Warwick, and had iaane, 
■K, Uo bHr. 

I, M, to William Witham, esq. of CUffe, in 

■• m, to Stephen Tempest, esq. of Bough* 

is the flame ooonty. 

d. ia ITtS, and was «. by his son, 
Sib Hsxar Lawson, who m. Mary, eldest 
■r •r Sir John Shtfley, hart, of MichelgroTe, 
nm «■ MRtssne, 

tmtm, a priest, liTing in 1800. 
km, OT. EUaabeth, daughter of Thomas William 
Mky, eaq. of Biddleston, in Northumberland, 

», a priest. 
I, of York, M. D. m. Clarinda, eldest 
danghter of John Fallen, esq. of Cloona, in 
€he county of Roscommon, and widow of 
William Bermingham, esq. 
Heiiry, a priest. 

BUaabeth, m. to John Webbe Weston, esq. of 
Sutton Place, Surrey, and d. in 1701, lear- 
big a large family. 
Mr. John Lawson d. in London in 1701, aged 

1 nuns at Bruges, where they died, the 
J former in 17H3, the latter in 1787. 

d. lOth October, 1730, aged fifty, and was «. 

rnr Law80.<«. This gentleman m. Anas- 
daughter of Thomas Maire, esq. of 
Han, ia Yorkshire, and of Hardwick, near 
m, la Durham,* and by her, who d. Sth No- 
»• HM. had issue, 

MM, his successor. 

Inar, *. tath December, 1750. This gentleman 
under the will of his uncle, John 
r, esq. the estates of that family, to enjoy 
MHue so long as the title and property of his 
Csmily remain^ in bis elder brother, but 
he succeed to those, the estates of the 
Ibiiv fiuaily were then to dcToWe upon his 
Catherine. In consequence of this be- 
he assumed, in 1771, by sign manual, the 
of Maibb. 

Ivy, k. 90th July, 17-tS, a nun at Bruges. 

», b, 0th August, 1747, m. in 1773, to 
SilTcrtop, esq. of Minster-acres, in North- 
id, and had issue, 
Silvertop, heir to his father, and 
praprictor of Minster-acres. (See 
IruBi's Cammomtrst ▼ol. iii. p. 301.) 
Silvertop, d. young. 

las- Maire Silrertop, who inherited 

ercatually the Maire estates. He m. Eliza, 

daughter of Thomas Witham, esq. and niece 

•ad heiress of William Witham, esq. of 

(, aad assumed, in conseqaeiire, the 

of Witham. He is the prrsent 

(10S7> Henry Witham, enq. of Lartingtou 

Han. (Refer to Bt aai's Commtonfrs.) 

Charles Silvertop, colonel in the Spanish ser- 

was interred in the family aisle of the church at Cat- 
terick, where a handsome monigjaent was erected to 
his memory by his son and successor, 

T. SiB JoBM Lawson, who m. first, 1st August, 
1768, Elisabeth, youngest daughter of William Scans- 
brick, esq. of Scarisbrick, in Lancashire, and by that 
lady, who d. 10th June, 1801, had two surviring chil- 
dren, ris. 

An ASTASIA, m. in 1780, to Thomas Strickland, esq. 

of Sisergh, in Westmoreland, and had issue. 

(See Bu BBS's Cawutonert.) 
Elixabbth, ». Sth June, 1780, to John Wright, 

esq. of Kelredon Hall, in Essex, and had issue. 

He m. secondly, Monica, daughter of Miles Stapleton, 
esq. of Dreux, in the county of York, and died S7th 
June, 1811, aged sixty-seven : leaTing thus no male 
issue, the title and estate deToWed upon his brother, 
Hbnbt Maibb, esq. who, according to the stipulations 
of hif uncle, John Maire's will, was obliged to transfer 
the Maire estate to his sister, Mrs. SilTertop. He 
therefore resumed his own name, and inherited his 
paternal title and estates as 

Ti. Sir Hinrt Lawson, of Brough Hall. He m. 
in 1773, Monica, youngest daughter of Nicholas Sta- 
pleton, esq. of Carlton, in Yorkshire, and became a 
widower without issue, 8th January, 1800. Sir Henry 
m. secondly, Catherine, only daughter of Henry For- 
mer, esq. of Worcester, but died «. p. in 1834, when 
the Baronbtct becaaie bxtinct. His estates were in- 
herited by his nephew, William Wright, esq. who 
assumed the surname of Lawson. 

Arm$^kx%. a cherron between tiiree martlets, sa. 


3lst Mar. 1088. 

14th June, 1806. 

Mary AilTrrtnp. 

d. ia C>ctcA>er, 1781, ajred sixty-nine, and 


The patriarch of this family, 

Jou.^ Lawson, lired in the time of Henby III. and 
was then Lord of FawlesgrsTe, in the county of York. 
He was father of another 

John Lawson, living in the 13th of the same reign, 
who m. Julian, daughter of — Covell, and was *. by 
his son, 

Thomas Lawson, who flourished temp. Edward I. 
and by the daughter of — Chancie, left a son and 

Roblrt Lawso?;, a liege subject of Edward II. 
whfMie wife, the daughter of Harbet, was mother of 
his successor, 

Richard Lawson, who m. Anne Conyers, was living 
in the 8th of Edward III. and was «. in his estate by 
his son, 

Thomas Lawson, living in the 14th of the same 
reign, who by Jane, daughter of Sir William Boynton, 
knt. was father of 

RouiR Lawson, who m. Anne Etton. He was 

* By Mary, bit wife, daughter of Richard Fcnnor, e»q. <>f Taimore, in Oxf»rd»hire. 


L A W 


altvc 9th Hknrt IV. und was s, at bis decease by his 

JuHN Lawson, liring 4th Hknbt VI. biuband of 
Jacquina Northrop, and father of 

Thomas Larson, living in the SSnd of the same 
reign, who took to wife the daughter of Threlkcldp 
and left a son and heir, 

John Lawson, who flourished temp. Edward IV. 
and marrying the daughter of Hilton, was father of 

>ViLLiAM Lawsun, liTing 30th Hunky Vll. m. the 
daughter of George Hedworth, and was *. by bis 

Thomas Lawson, who was alive S7th Henry VIII. 
and baring married the daughter of Sir — Dorrell, 
knt. had issue, 

I. Ckorgb, of Little Uswortb, in the coonty of 
Durham, who m. Mahella, daughter and beir 
of Sir Reginald Camaby, knt. and bad, with 
three daughters, Dorothea, Eliiabeth, and 
Mabella, four sons, vis. 

I. Thomas, who sold Little Uswortb to Sir 

Wilfrid Lawson, and <f. nnm. 
3. Edward, who m. Mary, daughter of John 
Copley, esq. of Skelbrooke, and had 
Wifrid, who m. Mary, daughter of 
JoMph Watkinson,and bad a daugh- 
Elizabeth, m. to Richard Wilton, 
esij. of Wakefield. 

John, a merchant in Denmark. 
Godfrey, mayor of Leeds in l<M0 : be 
m. Elixabeth, daughter of Joseph 
Watkinson, and d. in 1709, leaving 
a son, <fCorgG, who d. s. p. and two 
daughters, Mary, m. to Ralph Low- 
ther, exq. and HUzabeth. m. to John 
Trotter, esq. of Skelton Castle. 

3. Robert, fit. and d. s. p. 

1. Ralph. 

11. Wilfrid (Sir.), m. tint, the dauf^hter of — Rcd- 
mailc. or Krdinan, and Kecnndly, a daughtf-r 
of I^'iph, of I<^fI,* biit d. .\. ;•. lictiutMthiiiK hit 
cift.tft' to liin nephew William, sou of liis 
>ounpiT brother. 
III. (iii.ruiD. 
I. liarb.iru. w. to ThoinHs Wliitchead. 
II. KlizaWtL, m. to William Ltr<*. 
III. I ruiila. 

Th»» youn^ost son, 

Gii.FRif L^^NON,esq. livinf; temp., m. 
the dauf*htor of SeamiT, and had u t^on, 

W 11.1.1 AM Lawso.V, esq. livinf; in the 4Utli of the 
K.une reign, and heir to hid uncle. Sir Wilfrid Law- 
Hou, knt. He m. the daughter of Bewley, and was s. 
by his son, 

I. Wu.iRiD Lawson, esq. of Iscll, in (Cumberland, 
who m-as created a Harunet by hhii; Jamls II. 3Ist 

Manb. laSB. Sir WOfiM m. liM, dm 
Edward Moagruw; of Uaytoa Caade, Bar 
ScotiR, and bad Imw, 

I. William, bis beir, m. MOdia, dai 
WUHam StncUand, bart. of Bo; 
county of York, and had 
WiLFBiD, RBooeMor to Ua gm 


Frances, rf. mUD. ia li^L 

II. Wilfrid, of Brayton, in GaaabtriaR 
daughter and oobeir of — i« 
Washington, and left iaaacw 
GiLraiD, Bf. P. for Cmmhe 
Quftn AxKR, Gsoacs 1. mai 
who s. as aiztb BAaoacr. 
Altrro, iiirceaior to bis knibc 

III. Edward, m. Mary, danglbler of — 

of Grenlioc, in CaaaibcilaDdf mad 

IV. George, d. t. p. 

V. Henry, m. Mary, daogbtcr of — 
and had a sod, 

WUfrid. aged sixteen ia imL 
Jane, William Brnwin, «i% 

ton. in Cumbertand. 

I. Elixabeth, m. to John feitapletan, caf 

in Yorkshire. 
II. Jndith, m. to Milea Peoniagtan. «s| 
in Cumberland. 

III. Katherine. m, to Andrew Ifadlwl 

Hntton-John, in Cumberbad. 

IV. Jane, m. tu Robert Coostabk. sf • 

V. Frances, m. to Henry Tolsoa, asf-sf 

in Cumberland. 
Ti. Mary, m. tu Christiipber Ridusoa^' 

>ii. iMbel, m. to D'Arry Carven, t^ 
Till. Winifrid, m. to John Swinborat. * 

Sir Wilfrid repn'*ented the county of Conl 
parliament at the Restoration, and thf ;rsr 
ser>(.-d for Cockenuouth, And dying in IM> 
his graudiM)n, 

II. Sir Wilfrid Lawsox. M.P. for Cid 
Vnd Wii.LiAH and Mart, si. EUsaWck.«lr 
And h*'ir of George Preaton, eaq. ef Hdlkif>i 
»hire.» and had i»sue, 

Wilfrid, his successor, h. ia 10^ 

William, d. uum. 

John, an officer in the araiyoa tkcirak* 
ment, lost his life at a review la IM 
ball aimed at another oflirer, aad i- *-i 

* TliuRK'RY inarrif* Sir Wilfrid Law«on to the daii^hU'r uf Riihnan. Aod Lc Neve *a}» be manwdiii 
Lfiv;b, «•!' ImII, the ni«l<«w of Thoinak Lt-icH, ot Im^II. Tb** fdct i«, pn>bjbly, tbat be had two wives, i^ ** 
assumed. He wa« buried in ImtU ihuich, under the tullowint: inKTi^-rinn t 

Hie jam ilU- oiiii«, qni miMio*on erat. 
Kvrn knrli i« Tinii', which take* in trii»l 
Our youth ainl j<»y«< ^nd all wr ba%c ; 
And pay* us biil \iiih ac** ami du*!, 
}//i>^ Within the dark and «iU'ut );rave. 

Whrn we have waudvrM all mir way*, 
Shnt« lip the >ti«ry ••fHui day*: 
tik^^ AjhI fi«>ni which I'arth. ^jifj "rave, 2]tfl du*t, ^k^ 
The I^>nl wiTTraire nie up I tru!>t. 

WilfiKlii* Law'nn inilr.* obiit Hi dir .\pr anno ctatis fiue 87, aua. «qii» salatu ISL 

« B} Mai> I^owtber, t>nly ripter of Jubn, ViKuunt Loutilale. 



, killed by tt lUl firom her borae wbile 
in Caade Howard Park, Yorkabire, d, 

4. WUB. 

tf. in I7M, Icftirinf a cbaracter of tbe 
ty bebind bim. Amongat otbor remark- 
nice oonadentioua feelinf * waa bia relin- 
i aap ropriate titbea of laell to tbe liTing 
kA bo did witb ao mncb exacCneaa* tbat 
Iti bo bad reoetTod bimaelf to tbat time, 
piece of land, wbicb be aettlod likewiae 
. He acted aomewbat aimilarly towarda 
egarding bia eatate, wbicb findinf under- 
ipnied tbe difference, and left £000 to be 
! op tbe loaa to tbe atate. Queen Amni 
ey back,bowe7er,to bia family. He waa 
It aon, 

LraiD Lawson, P.R.S. one of tbe grooma 
mber to King Gioaoi I. and M. P. for 
tewip. GtoaoB I. and Gboboi II. He m. 
ry, daagbter of Lientenant-general Harry 
id niece of Cbarlea. tbird Earl of Peter- 
vbom be left two aona and two daugh- 


foortb and ftftb baroneta. 

ly. 1737, and waa #. by bia elder aon, 
LTBID Lawson, who d. 2nd May, 1739, 
•ara, and waa s. by bia brother, 
DACftT LtWftON. wbod.Stb August, 1743, 
, waa i. by bia couain, (refer to second 
( boxtmet,} 

jr%\ti Lawsoh , wbo d. 33rd August, 1740, 
i. by bia brotber, 

LVUKu Lawhon, who d, 14tb February, 
f. by bia aon, 

iLFBiu Lawson. This gentleman serred 
lieriir of Cumberland in 1750, and waa 
t of thr »hire in 1701. He d. Ist Decem- 
jllovibg year, and was $. by his bro- 

.mio Laws JN, who ai. Emilia, daoghter 
t, eaq. by whom (who d. :t9th May, I7tl0) 
[hter, Emilia, who d. unmarried in 1708, 
I ancneaaor, in 1704, 

raiD Lawsom, who m. Anne, daughter 
Icy. eaq. of Wbitebareu. but died issue- 
t, liM, wben tbe BAROkaTcr expired. 
eqneatbcd bia estates to tbe nephew of 

XTtsiboh, eaq. (second aon of Thomas 
%, eaq. of Clifton Hall, Westmoreland. 
ibella Hartley, Lady I^wson's sister) 
nmed in consequence tbe surname and 
Lawsow. He d. t. p. in 181S, and was 
I brocber, who. baring taken tbe name 
M Ukewiae of Lawsou, on inheriting be- 

Lt«<io!«, esq. of Rrayton House, and 

Cambrrland, and baring been created 

irr in IMl, ia now (IH37) Sir Wilpriu 

. f Refer to HrajLa's Peerage and Bm- 


pale, arg . and aa. a cberron counter- 


First Patent ( ?,"""^ *?^ ^'?'\*^' 
\ LxTiNCT about 1084. 

Second Patent (?,"""^Sf ^".?^?' ^^' 
\ Extinct before 1740. 

I. Pktkr Liar, eaq. wbo acquired a conaiderable 
fortune in Barbadoes, waa on bia return from tbe 
island created a Baronrt, Snd July, 1000, but dying 
isaueh ss about tbe year 1084, tbe title under tbat 
patent became rxtinct, but be bad preriooaly ob- 
tained another patent, dated ted Auguat, 1083, with 
special remainder to bia nepbewa, and waa anoceeded 
accordingly by the elder, aa 

II. .Sir Thouas Lkar, of Lindridge, in the county 
of Deron. He represented Aabburton in parliament 
13 William III. and Ist of Queen Anmx, and m. Isa- 
bella, daughter of Sir William Courtenay, knt. of 
Powderham Caatle, but djring s. p, in December, 1705, 
WAS s. by bis brother, 

III. Sir Juhn Lear, wbo m. tbe daughter of Chria- 
topher Wolston, gent. of Deron, and had an only child. 

Mart Lear, wbo m. Sir Thomaa Tipping, hart. 

Sir John d. sometime before 1740, wben tbe Baro- 
netcy EXPIRED. 

i4rMU— Ax. a fesae ragule, between three unicoma' 
heads erased or. 



29th June, ION, 



BKNrDKT Lee. esq. >uuuger hoii of John I^r,* em}, 
of fxre Hall, in Chesliire, acqairi'd the estate of Qua- 
rendoii, in Bucks, and changed his arms to " Argent, 
a fessc bet wren three crescents sa." He ai. Elixa- 
betb, daughter and co hrir of William Sandera, esq. 
of Oxfor.lshire. and bad issue, 

BM, tbe ektest son of this Johu Lee, dr)kri-n(ir<l (hr fainily of Lee of L«*e, snd DariihHll, now reprr- 
u TowiiaBRNn, tui of Hem ami Tre\iill>n, in DeubiKhatiire. (See UuRkK'i CommonerB, vol. iii. 









I. Rdhkrt (Sir), of Bunton, Ruckinghamahirc, 
whone graiidiion. 
Sir Hknrt Lei, K.C. tem^p. Elizabkth, 
died 5. p. Riid his coasini Henrt Lkk, 
bvcaiiie his heir. 


III. Roger, of Pickthom. 

IT. John, ancestor of the Lees, of Binfield, Bocks. 

The second son, 

BuiKDiCT Lib, esq. of Hulcote, married Elizabeth, 
daofffater of Robert Cheney, esq. of Chesham Boyes, 
in Bucks, and was s. by his son, 

Sir Robrrt Lex, father of 

I. Sir Hknry Lke, who was declared heir to his 
cousin, Sir Henry Lee, K. G. and thus became '* of 
Quarendon." He receired the honour of knighthood 
from King ik^u I. and was created a Baru.slt 2Mh 
June, 1011. Sir Henry m. Eloanor, daughter of Sir 
Richard Wortley, of Wortley, in the county of York, 
and dying about the year 1031, was m. by his son, 

II. Sir Francis Henry Lee, of Quurendon, Berks, 
and Ditrhley, in Oxfordshire, m. Anne, daughter of 
Sir John St. John, of Lidiard Tregoxe, in the county 
of Wilts, hart, and dying about the year 1041, wa» 
t. by his son, 

III. Sir Hknrt Lee, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir 
John Danvcrs, of Combury, in the county of Oxford, 
and sister and heir of John Danrers, esq. but having 
daughters only was s. at his decease by his brother, 

IT. Sir Francis Henry Lee, of Ditchley, who m. 
Lady Elizabeth Pope, daughter and h«'ir of Thomas, 
Earl of Downe, in Ireland, by whom (who married, 
secondly. Robert, third Earl of Lindsey), he had a son 
and successor, 

T. Sir Edw%rd Henry Lfe, who was rained to the 
peerage in 1074, as Baron of Spellesbury, Vbtcount 
Quarendon.and Earl of Lichfield. He m. Lady Char- 
lotte Fitxroy, natural daughter of King Ciiarlfa II. 
by Barbara Villiers, Uuchuss of Cleveland, and had 

Edward, d. unm. 

Jiimes, w. Sarah, daughter of John Bagtthaw, and 
d. in 1711. 

Chnrlt!«, (t. unm. 

GEdRcK-IlKNKY, succejifor to his father. 

Fitzn)y-Hcnry, rf. *. 71. in 17tO. 

KouF.KT, who .f. his ui'phew. 

Charlotte, m. to Benedict Calvert, Lord Baltimore. 


Jiarlmra, r/i. first, to Colonel Loe, and secondly, 

to Sir (leorgu Browne, bart. ; by the latter she 

had a daughter, 

Baruara Browne, hfir of her father, who m. 
Sir Hdward Mostyn, bart. of Tal.icr*;. 
IliM lunUhi]), who refiivod to swear allegisinco to the 
new governiiieiit at the Uevolutiuu, 1/. Mth July, 1710, 
and wajii x. by his son, 

VI. Sir Crohce-Henry Lte, second Earl uf Lich- 
field, who in. Fninees, daughter uf Sir John H:ik-H, of 
•St. Stephens, Tunstall, and Wuodchurch, in Kint, 
and had i.syue, 

(.i.dRi.'K Hi MtY. bis successor, 
Jaineii, t/. ill 17)*^. 
Charleti Henry, d. in 1710. 

Cii4Ki.uTT£, m. to H«.iivy, eleventh Viscount Dil- 

Mar>, «i. to Co.imo Neville, 01*4. 

Friinces, d. unm. 

Harriot, m. to John, Lord Hellcw. 

Anne, m. to Hugh, fifth L^irJ Clifford of Chud- 

Iliii l«r ship #/. lith February, 17 12 3, and was ». by 
lii.s Aiiu, 

Til. Sir Geoeor HciniT Lu, thirl Eari 
field, chancellor of the uniTrrritj of Oxfor 
of the band of gentlemea pensioneiv, Rnd < 
vium of the court of Common Pleai. He 
only daughter and heir of Sir Thoma* F 
bart. but dying s. p, in 1773, was «. by his ■ 

Till. Sir Robert Lri, fourth Eari of 
previously M.P. for the city of Oxford. W 
therine, daughter of Sir John Stonehoasci c 
Berks, but died ismieleaa, in 1776, when 1 
nours, including the Baronbtct, cxriRBO. 1 
devolved upon his niece, Charlottb, V. 
Dillon. Her grandson, Henry AufaaCoB, - 
Viscount Dillon, assumed the additional 
arms of Lee, which are bckme by his 
cessor, Charlcs-Henrt Dillox-Lbr, presi 
Viscount Diluin. 

Tike manor of Quarendon was sold by Oe 
DiUon, in 1802, to James Duprfr. esq. at \klt 

Arms— Arg. a fcase between three cretocni 


1 0th Aug. 1000. 


This family, supposed to haTr been a 
branch of the I^phs of Cheshire, settled ia 1 
the beginning of Henry IV. 's rt^ign. 

WiLLiAtf LkB, of Morcton, in the parish « 
died in 14H0 : fourth in dencent from him. 

Sir Thom4S Lee, knt. of Mure ton, married 
daughter and eventually heiress of 
den, esq. of Hartwell, and had no less 
four children. His eldest sou and beir» 

Thom\s LrR, enq. pos<«eNied Mon-ton and I 
He was sheritf of BurkH, 4 Chirlu 1. aodi 
Jane, daughter of Sir George ThrockaoRan 
Fnlbrook , was s. at his decease, in 1611, by h 

Thomas Lee, esq. of Moretnn and Hartv 
married about 103*2, Elizabeth, daughier of Sn 
('roke, knt. one of the justices of the Kiag'i 
by whom (who m. secondly. Sir Ridiard li 
k.B.) he had three sons, Thoxis, Willi 
<iOorge. and a daughter, Mary, the wife ef 
liam Morlvy, knt. of Barecourt. He was < 
eldest son, 

I. Thomaa Lke. esti- of Hartwell. in the o 
Bucks, who was created a BiRoNET Mtt 
HUA. "He was (says Rnmiiv \\ illis. wiv 1 
the pediffree uf the family) a fentlcmaa if | 
conipIistunentK, and ai the Restoration, aad fa 
years afterwurds. as long as he lived, was : 
to serve in parliament, and waa much all 
his elegant spei^ches in the House of Cmhmr 
he was a leader in the debates." He mairii 
daughter and heir of Sir John DaTis, kat. « 
borne, Berks, and by her Cwho d, in 17M;-, li 

Tho«ak, his surceuor. 
John, a captain in the anny. 





t m. flnt, to Richard Winkworth, eM|. of 
Ibu, in Ireland, and Moondly, to Captain 

■nrtha* m. to John Padmnre. esq. 
DinkcCli. flk to Colooel Richard B«ck. 

tfL la Fcbraary. 10M, and wa s. hy hi« eldest 

SimTnowts Lii« M.P. who m. Alice, daughter 
hair af Thomaa Hopkins, esq. of London, mer- 
tm amA bad iaeae, 

. TaoMAt, hie encceeeor. 

I. WiixiAV (Sir), lord diief jaetice of England, 
ami a priry cooncillor, m. first, Anne, daugh- 
ter of Mr. Coudwin, of Bary, and had a son, 
William, who si. Philadelphia, daughter of 
Sir John Dyke. bart. and dying in 1778, 
left (with four daughters, Philadelphia; 
Harrirt. wifn of John Fiott, esq. merchant 
of London ; fxiuina, and Sophia), a son, 
Willi 4 «, who, in pursuance of the 
will of Mr. Antonie, of Col worth, in 
Bedfordshire, took the name of An- 
ton ir. 
Sir William Lee married secondly, Margaret, 
relict of Mr. Melmoth, and daughter of Rog(>r 
Dmke, esq. but by that lady ha4l no issue. 
I. John, colonel in the (Guards, m. first, a daugh- 
t- r of Kir Thomas Hsrdy, knt. and secondly, 
Mary, danghter of - - Browne, esq. of Arlsey, 
in B^Hlfordshire ; by the Istter (who wedded 
scnmdiy. Colonel Schutz), he had 
Thomas, of Hampton Court, equerry to the 

l>nke of Gloucester. 
John, an ensign in the Foot Guards. 
ColoBel Ijee tt. in 1700. 
0. Ctfg> (Sir), LL. I>. a priry councillor, one of 
the lords of the Admiralty, nnd treasurer to 
her niyal highness the Princess Dowager of 
Wales, M. Judith, daughter of Humphrey 
esq. but dying without ismie, IHth 
>r, I7M, left his fortune to his nephew, 
Sir William Lee. bart. 

knh. tf. in 10B3. 

f. St his decease by his oldest son, 
Tik>««s Laa. M.P. for thr county or Burku, 
I. daughter and heir of Thomas Sandys, 

created, in 1709, 

itn, his heir. 

■H. SI. to George Vernon, e«q. 
kid Vernon, of Kinderton. 

>h Deeemher. 17 ID, and was s. by his son, 
tlnWiLUav Laa. This gentleman dcToted him- 
ha iapnnrement of his seat at llartwell, dis- 
gnat taste in his manner of planting and 
I Ml the grounds, and his additions to the man- 
It the cast and south fronts of which he re- 
■lia r^uilt the p%rish church, to which his 
▼is. the Chief Justice £1000, and 
£M0. He was distinguished by his 
itions to the poor, and having studied 
sras their gratuitous physician, 
■k in I70i, Lady F.liiabeth H arcourU 
•f SioMn, Earl of Harcourt, and had issue. 

Aflk Jnly, 1719, and was t. by his elder son, 
>Im WilU4« Laa, who adopting a military life, 
of the lOth Light Dragoons, in 

which he serred several campaigns in Germany. 
Exchanging into the 95th Light Dragoons, he went 
in May, 1800, to join that regiment in Madras, and 
died there, 7th February, 1801 : dying unm. he was 
t. by his brother, 

vi. Sia GaoaoB Lbk, in holy orders, rector of Hart- 
well, and vicar of Stowe, who d, unm. in 1817, when 
the BAaoNKTCT kxpibbd. 

Arms — Ax. t^-o bars or, a bend cheque or, and 

LEE, OF LANGLEY. I 1^^ ^ /fx 

D Q D a 


3rd May, 10*20. 

April, 1080. 


I. Ht'MPHaRY Lkk, esq. of Langley and Acton Bur- 
nell, in Shropshire, son of Richard Lee, esq. of Lang- 
ley, by Elranor, his wife, daughter of Walter Wrot- 
tesley, esq. of Wrottesley, was fourth in descent from 
Richard Lee, esq. sheriff of the county in 1479, and 
representative of one of the oldest families in England. 
In 1020 he was created a Babonkt, being the first 
Shropshire gentleman who received that honour. He 
m. Margaret, daughter of Richard Corbett, esq. of 
Stoke, one of the judges of the court of King's Bendi, 
and had issue, 

Richard, his heir. 

Margaret, m. to Sir Frauds Kynaston, knt. of 

Oteley, in Salop. 

Sir Humphrey was succeeded by his son, 

II. Sia RicHAKn Lrb, of Langley and Acton Bur- 
nell, M.P. for Salop, who suffered much in the royal 
cause, and had to compound for his estate in the sum 
of £371tf. He SI. Elisabeth, daughter of Sir F^lward 
Allen, knt. alderman of London, and left at his decease, 
in April, 1600. issue, to survive him, two daughters, 
his coheirs, viz. 

Rachabl, m. to Ralph Cleaton, esq. second son 
of Ralph Cleaton, of Oneley, in Salop; she ob- 
tained for her inheritance Lea Hall and the 
other estates of her anceNton in that neighbour- 
hood, and transmitted them to her descendant 
in the third generation, 
Richard Clr4TON, who had two daughters, 
Al«thb«, si. to James Apperley, M.D. 
J4NK, m. to Watkin Williams Wynne, esq. 
of Voclas. in Denbighshire, whose daugh- 
ters married, the one the Hon. Charles 
Finch, and the other, Thomas Assheton 
Smith, esq. of Tedworth, Hants. Lea Hall 
and the other estates were sold to Sir 
Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones, bart. 

M «aY. m. to Edward Smythe, esq. who was created 
a BiRUNBT, ancestor of the present 
Sir Edwabd Smyth, bart. of Acton BurutU 
and Langley. 




At the death of Sir Richard Lee the Baboxckt be- 
came EITINCT. 

Arm* — Ga. a few componfte or and as. between 
eight billet*, fonr in chief and fonr in be«e, aif . 

*«* A branch of this ancient famOy, that of Lee of 
Coton Hall, in Shropshire, which separated at a very 
early period from the parent stock, still pies e n e s a 
male snoceasion. (Sec BiRks't Commoiurs.) 


IMh Aug. IMSO. 

5th Aug. 174S. 

- I 

d luglitf r ft Sir Jnhii Hulfuni. ■>! 
l*kiLK. hi.'* hrir; \i<t,« : W iIltj,L-i 

The Leicutirs, (or Letcestrrs , as formerly writ- 
ten,) are of great antiquity in the county of Che»ter, 
and enjoyed lands there so early as the time of AlMg 


Sir Nicholas uk Lkickrtcr, knt. who d. in li9~, 
m. Margaret, daughter of Geffery Dntton,* and ac 
quired thrrrby the village, manors, and mansion of 
Neth«r Tabley, Wethall, &c. His son and heir, 

HijocR LrioE>TFR, resided at Wethall, and had a 
grant from Sir John «le Grey, son of Reginald iW 
Grey, jui»tic*.- i)f Chester, nf a third part of Over 
Tabley, cum Ludlow, which placeH were piven to the 
i«aid Sir John b\ William do Tabloy, Ijord of Table > 
auJ KuuL»foril. Thin Roger died about the year l.H'J, 
and wRK <. b\ lii^ •«on, 

Ni< HOI ts I.i'i« I ■>! IK. who died in th** A:ime \ 
li>a\iii>: h\ hi* wit'c M.irv. dauiihtiT uf William Mob- 
berK' Molih- rley, !'•» hi ir ni' hermother, Maud, and 
h.iir -i-ttT of Sir Ralph Mi'blHTley, 

John, his hrir. 

H.t1]ih, \iho in. J<i:\ti, danKhtrr and heir of Robi^rt 

liift, of loft, in Chr«hire, an«l diid fn»y. HiCH- I'itlr Lkii »hiih. i-.«q. of TaMii- I:i" 

AKi) II. He was anre.4tor of the Leiik>tlk^ of ; ,^, F.Uzabeth. ii.iu.'bter and i»..l«" hnr i.! W 
Toft Hall, n<»w repn'Stntod by R^irn LLYric*. | wicb, ewj. of ('olwioh. in Stalfordrfiirp, «< 
TiK, esq. of Toft Hall; of the L>.Yi kntkrn of j j„iy, ijm, Iraving three daughbrs. Alief. 
roole.whoxe heires!*. Mary, married Sir Henry (,r>i>rgi* l^f vi-eHtt-r. nf Toft : Kliubrth. 
l>«l\cii. hurt.; and of the present (iKUKiiK Ham- 
mer Li:y(.kstlr, e^q. of White Place, near 
Maidenhead, BerkHhire. 

Tile rlilrr non and heir. 

JoH.N Li:u iMLK, Herrrd in the Frenrh wart in 1373 
and l.tSO. under John ofdauut, and errcted the manor 
hall nf Nither Tabli>v, 4 KiriURD 11. He married 
the iir\t >ear, Joan, da-i^hter of HoN>n Tnuehet. «if 
Nitlu-r W hetlry. and dyuiK in I3**S, was ji. by his 

Wiii.UM Liii-BsTKR, who iti the fipit of the runiiU 
ntvli-d "lie lahlev." bni thin may be in ri>iiiri(Ufiii-e 
of thf Mat lite of adilitions, piLssv^l in | \ . : 

for, prrrioualytotte enn clim p n t of that l«« 
written of any plare or wi^ thie chl? i 
Certain it is, that Ibis WilliBB lived aft 
house of Netber TaUey. whkh c— tiaaef \ 
sent time the aeat of hia dcaoeBdaiiU. I 
wires, but left iasiM only hy one, A^bcs, ■ 
Piers Dntton, Tia. Joan* Lawraacct bM Ji 
d, in l-tiS. and was «. hy the dteat. 

Juax LRiCBrriR, esq. of Ndhcr TaUay, 
im. Eliiabeth, danghter of HaauMB Maa 
Rixton, in Lancaahlre* and had wk%, aaaa 
heir; Hammon, paiaoa off Mobkerty ; Baai 
las; Henry; and WUUam. He d. m 1MB, 
by his eldest son, 

JouM LsiCRSTUi, esq. of Tahlcy, wte i 
Margery, daughter of John Legh. eoq. of . 
in Westhall. and dying in 1406, was a. V 

Thovas Leicbstkr, esq. of Nether Tahli 
Margaret, sixth danghter and oo-heir of B 
Tenor, esq. of Hoolme, near Pcorera and i 
a moiety of Nether and Little Pcover. an< 
of Over Alderley. with lands in Alloaiaek 
by this lady he h^d a son, Johb, his heir 
decease, he married three other wirea, hy 
whom he had two other sons. He d. is 
was f . by his eldest ion, 

JoHK Leice!»tbr, esi|. of Tabley. This 
m. lint, in I47U, Lucy, danghter uf John I 
Ratclifle. in Lancashire, and bad a eoa 
who wedded Anne, daughter of Rkbard 
Kradwell, in Staflbrlsbin'. hot died isM 
(Johu; m. secondly, in 1-I99. Alice, daaghte 
Hemihaw, esq. of Milue Hooac, 1^ CbcUb 
that lady had issue, 

Peter, his heir. 


James, ancestor of the Leicester* of Ha 


lsalM-1. wi. t" John Oglr. t-*«|. nf fl'**'* 

H" rf. in \^A^, ami w.n .». hy hi* r'-'* -^ «b. 
1*1.1 » It I.I i« OTKK, I »i|. i»f ^able^ . w.ii' nur 

H ir n! 
. ir M ' 
l.^•ie♦•^teM of Li'(:h, in StatTuriNiiiP ; W 
<^e«it!er\ Bren-ton ; and Maru-rrt. *i t- K;i 
k>*nhiMd. He »/. Mh \i'nl. J j*r. «a« » «;n« 
worth on the Iltli. and ». by hii eldeni r*a. 

Lrtih. vt*\. of Ka»t H ill. in High Lrgb: s»J ^ 
m. to John Ireland. ef4|. of Hutt; whra kr 
hill brother, 

Ai«4M [.EiciiTBR, esq. of Tabley, wb* •■ 
.lauKhter of Peter Shakrrly. esq. t* H-* 
willow of Thomas Hulfurd. and d>iBg I7AJi 
was s. by hiii i^on, 

Pt.TiR Lkii-i.'iiir, esq. of Tabley. wfcs * '^ 

|tll7. .iged fift> -nine. and was bnried si ■•*• 

! m. Klizabeth. daughter nf Sir Raadlr M« 

of (>«er i*eo%er. and had isrue, 

Pkiir. hi^ heir. 

Philip, fellow of Bras* nioc CoUeff.d.* 

" Ji>itrr\ |>iill«>u !wiii<-« Sii Pi-it-i l^-ii-i>Mii. till- rn- 
liiii:ili Mt i'lifliin- >, Mill III \il.iiii ill' DuUtiii, '^Aw .NitI'M 
I'jilih \ !•• he* ilaiiL^hh I M.(it:.ii«l, ainl hi-i Inn*. alH.m 
ihi' • ml «>i ibi ■•rjii i-t Hi>K\ III- riii-> M.ii;:rfrri in <>i 
iii.niMil l(<>lwit 'Iv I>«-iihii:h. .iiitl hjil ii>i i*«iii- Vlh r 
M-inl* •hr maiili'tf NuhnU* iff 1.4-ii-e<>t«-i . hy wlii>iii >h< 
liaii i<'-iM , and lu wbuM: •luieeiliui; |'>'<''4eu> llo uianm 

:rtk. Mr •■» • 
•l}k4 IS 

iif N*(hei Tjhlt-> «li!l b« lnosi 
Sii Nirhi>tA« l.«irt>ii r, knt. vn uywn i«i«^ 
M-m>ehal ii> Henry Lar\, Kail •«!.'■'-'«•• *** 
I ('h<<biii-. Hi» vHi Ri>serV *»■ iB«lk«ir. ^*" 
I in l.ll'i, .luil hi* n-n, John I^irnzn. •fc"^'^ 
' wji* «•< Fr.iiirr. umli I Jolin t«l (••■B<.» W 
j huill the 4>ld maiioff hall iif Nclbrf Ti*h« 



»• k in IMt ; d. num. in 1091. 
obtain in tiM army. 

■OB and heir* 

LiicBSTBB, esq. at TaMay* 6. Ifth Aagaat, 
rlekr.«trd antiqaary, and hiatorian of Che- 
waa credited a Babonkt IHh Aagast, 1000. 
m. mh Norember, IMt, Kliaabeth, third 
f OilberC. aeeond Lord Gerard, of Gerard's 
in ScafltedahSre, and dyiof 11th October, 
r. hy Ua eon, 

Umnr Laicama, 6. 11th September, 1043, 
h Jane, 1007, Meriel, daufhter and heir of 
ama, aaq. of Chnrdi Aaton, in Salop, and 
ing iaioe, 

rs, Ua 

, m. to John Danren, esq. who after her 
fear, raoceediaf hia father, became Sir John 

Inly, 1004, and was «. by liis son, 
PaANcis Lkiccstui, 6. JOth July, 1074, 
Newton, in the county of Lancaster, who 
I, daaghter and sole heir of Joshua Wilson, 
toon, in Yorlishire, and widow of firyan 
aaq. by whom he liad one daufhter. He 
^■sc, 174t, when the BARonrrcy became 
His only child and heiress, 

u LticuTBa, 6. SAth NoTembrr, 1705, m. 
in 1711, FleKwood Legh, esq. of Bank, and 
tm. wlio d. in I7U, had a daughter, 

nc-Meriel Legh, who m. Peter Brooke, esq. 
i Mere, and d. s. p. 

veddad, secondly. Sir John Byrne, hart, of 

R«e, in the Queen's County, and was t. by 


t Prrsa Btbri, who assumed the name of 

«BUBftiKa, and was father of 
Sir John Fijemino Lbicmtkr, created 
BiRoR vm Taslxt in ISM. (Refer to 
Bcas.B't Pterage and Barotutagr.) 

a. a fesst ga^ between three fieurs^e-Iis or. 





MCh May, 17(M}. 

I a branch of the great Cheahire family 

AS LRioM.knt. lord mayor of Ixmdon in 1558. 
grandson of Sir Peter Leigh, knight-ban* 
fen at Aginconrt in 1415. Sir Thomas was 
by Sir Rowland Hill, an opulent merrhant 
■n of the same city, and obtained the hand 
■rite niaoe, Alice Barker, othi-rwise Core- 
niaga, and widi her the greater part of bis 
r Thowas received the honour of knight- 
; hia awyorAlty,and dying 15th Norember, 
■I lad km Mereers' Chapel, London. His 
ivad hia two-anddiirty years ; she resided 
h« -nd Uvad to see her children's children 
k iMratfcin. She waa interred in 1003 at 

that place, where she had founded an hoapital for five 
poor men and fin- poor women, all to be unmarried, 
and to be uoiuinated after her decease by her third 
son, Sir Thomas Leigh, of Stoneleigh, and his hdrs 
for erer. She had issue by Sir Thomas Leigh, 

I. Rowland, who was largely provided for at 
Longborough, in Gloucestershire, by Sir Row- 
land Hill. From him descended the Leighs of 
Longborough and Adlestrop, now represented 
by Chakdos LiiOH, esq. of Stoneleigh. 

II. Richard, d. in 1570 #. p, 

III. Thomas. 

IT. William, of Ncwnham Regis, in the county of 
Warwick. (See LxioB op Nxwnham.) 

1. Mary, m. first, to Richard Cobbe, esq. ; and se* 

oondly, to Robert Andrews, esq. of London. 
II. AHce, m, to Thomas Connye, esq. of Baaing- 
thorpe, in Lincolnshire. 

III. Katharine, m. to Edward Barber, seijeant-at- 


IV. Winifred, m. to Sir George Bond, knt. of Lon- 


Sir Thomas's third son, 

I. Sir Thomas Lbioh, of Stoneleigh, in the county 
of Warwick, received the honour of knightiiood fttmi 
Qut'tn EuzABrrH, and was made a Babonbt on the 
institution of the order, Wth June, 1011. He m. Ca-* 
thfrine, fourth daughter of Sir John Spencer, knt. of 
Wormleighton, in Warwi^ahire, and had issue, 

John (Sir), m. first, Ursula, daughter of Sir Chria- 
topher Hoddesdon, knt. lord of the manor of 
Leigh ton, in Bedfordshire, and had a son, 
Thomas, heir to his grandfather. 

Sir John Leigh at. secondly, Anne, eldest daugh- 
ter of Sir John Cope, hart, of Hanwell, in Ox> 
fordshire, but by her had no issue. He d. before 
his father. 

Thomas (Sir), \ ^ ^ 

Fernando, J * * "* 

Alice, m. to Sir Robert Dudley, knt. She waa 
creati'd Ducheas of Dudley for life. 

He died 1st February, 1035, and was s. by his grand- 

II. SiB Thumas Lbioh, M.P. for the county of War- 
wick temp. Chablbs I. who, for his seal in the royal 
cause, waa created in 1043 Baron L«igh,of Stoneleigh. 
He m. Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas 
Egerton, eldest son of the Lord Chancellor Egerton, 
and had issue, 

1. Thomas (Sir), his heir, who m. first, Anne, 
daughter and sole heir of Richard Bingham, 
esq. of Lambeth, in Surrey, and had a daugh- 
ter, Anne, who died young. He m. secondly, 
Jane, daughter of Patrick Fitxmaurice, Lord 
Kerry, an J dying before his father, left 
Thomas, successor to his grandfather. 

Honora, m. first, to Sir William Egerton ; 

and secondly, to Hugh, Lord Willoaghby, 

of Parhara. 
Mary, m. to Arden Bagot, esq. of Pipe Hall, 

in the rounty of Warwick. 
Jane, m. to William. Viscount Tracy. 

11. Charles, of Leighton, who surviving his own 
children, left his estate to his grandnephew, 
the Hon. Charles Leigh. 

1. Elisabeth, m. to John, Lord Tracy. 
II. Vere, m. to Sir Justinian Isham, bart. 

III. I'rsula, m. to Sir William Bromley, K.B. 

His lordship d. 32nd February, 1071, and was s. by hb 
III. Sib Thoma« Lbioh. second liord Leigh, who m. 




Unt, Elisabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Richard 
Brown, knt. 6f Shingleton, in Kent, but by her had 
no iuue. He wedded, secondly, the Hon. Kicanor 
Wat«on, eldest daughter of Edward, second Lord 
Rockingham, and grandanghter, maternally, of the 
unfortunate Earl of Strafford, and by her had 

Edwabu, his successor. 

Charles, who inherited the estates of his great- 
uncle, the Hon. Charles Leigh, of Leighton. He 
m. Lady Barbara Lnmley, bat d. #. p, in 1749. 

Anne, d. unm. in 1734. 

Eleanor* m. to Thomas Vemey, esq. and d. in 

He d. in 1710, and was s. by his elder son, 

IT. Sib Edward Lkigu, third Lord Leigh, who m. 
Mary, daughter and heir of Thomas Hulbech, esq. of 
Fillongley, in the county of Warwick, and heir, through 
her mother, of Bernard Paulet, esq. by whom he had 

Edward, who d. in the lifetime of his father, anno 

Thomas, successor to his father. 

Mary, "| 
Eleanor, > <f. unm. 
Anne, J 

His lordship d. in March, 1737, and was s. by his son, 
r. Sir Thomas Lxioh, fourth Lord Leigh, who m. 
first, Maria- Rebecca, daughter of the Hon. John Cra- 
ven, and sister of William, fifth Lord Craven, by whom 
he had 

Edward, his successor. 

He m. secondly, Catherine, daughter of Rowland 
Berkeley, esq. of Cotheridge, in Worcestershire, and 
had another daughter, 

Annb, m. to Andrew Hacket, esq. and died of the 

His lordship d. 30th Norember, 1749, and was s. by 
his son, 

VI. Sir Edward Leigh, fifth Lord Leigh, who died 
unmarried !Mth May, 1780, when all his honours, in- 
cluding the B a RON FTC Y, are presumed to have become 
KX.TINCT. Stoneleigh, at the decease of his lordship, 
devolved upon his only surviving sister, 

Thk Hon. Mary Leigh ; and at her death, 2nd 
July, I80<), it came to the Rev. Thomas Leigh; 
and from himpas»ed to his nephew, James- Henry 
Leigh, esq. of Addlestrop, father of the present 
Chan DOS Leigh, esq. of Stoneleigh. (Refer 
to Bi'rkk's Commoners t vol. iii. p. 223.; 

Arms—Gu.. a cross ingrailed arg. a lozenge in the 
dexter chief of the second. 


Cbeatbd 24th Dec. I0I8.— Extinct 21st Dec. 1053. 


William Lkiuii, esq. of Newnham Regis, in the 
county of Warwick, fourth son of Sir I'hnmas Leigh. 
lord mayor of London at the decease of Quetn Mary, 

• This luaiior was .n-quiruU by the marriage of Richard 
de Grey (sun of Willidiii de iirey, of Sandford and Sandi- 
acre, a yuun^vr dun uf Henry de Gn«y, of Tharrock,; 
with Lucy, daii>;h(vr and heir of Robort dc Harv9t»n, 
Lord of Suttui) in the Dale : wbiih, wiih divers other 

m. Frances, daughter of Sir Jbomb Harrii 
Exton, in the county of Rmlaiidt and was 

Sib Francis Leigh, K. B. who w. the He 
daughter of Sir Thomaa E^pBiton, Vlsooant 
Lord Chancellor of England, and left a san 

I. Francis Lkior, ew|. of NewBkam, whi 
ated a Barunkt 34th Dcoemher, 1618, and 
the peerage ten years after as Banm Duaaa 
lordship having subsequently diaftiagaiBhed 1 
the cause of royalty during tlie avil war, w; 
Earl of Chichester in 1544. He ak fln 
daughter and heir of Richard NoTthBB,eBq.I 
had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Andrvy 
and co-heir of Sir John Butler, Baron 1 
Bram6eld, and widow of Sir FnnciB Ande 
by that lady had 

Eukabkth, m. to Thomas Wzioc]iesley,lb 

of Southampton. 
Maby, m. to George ViUiecs,Viaoo«Bt G 
in the peerage of Ireland. 
His lordship d. Slst December. 1053. when Ai 
of Chichester devolved, according to a ape 
tation in the patent, upon his son-la*bw, 
fourth Earl of Southampton, and the banmy 
more, with the Babonktct, became kxtibct. 

Arms — As Lkigh or SxcikBLBicH. 


22nd May, IGII. 




I. Sir Francis Lcxe, knt. of Sutton,* in tki 
of Derby, being a f^entleman of ancient Urn 
ample fortune, was created a Babonbt ob tb 
tution of the order, 22nd May. 1611. In thirtse 
after he was raised to the peerage, as Bun 
court, of Sutton ; and taking an active psn ia 
of the king during the ciril war. was aais 
Scarsdale in 1(M5. He m. Anne, daughiortf i 
ward Carey, knt. of Berkhampstead, in tte cs 
Hertford, and had issue, 

Francis, slain in France. 

Nicholas, his heir. 

Edward, 1 ^^ij fighting ^njer the royal « 
Charles, J 

Anne, m. to Henry Hildyard, esq. of W 

and East Horsley, in Surrey. 
Catherine, m. to Cnthbert Morley,cif* 
Elizabeth,! . 
Muriel, / *'• '*°"- 
Frances, m. to Viscount GormanstoD' 
Penelope, m. to Charles, Lord Lucas. 

H is lordship felt the execution of Us i«9*l < 
Charlks 1. so det'ply. that he clothed UmmV ' 

l(»rdiihip». by iMue male failing, came b% ai 
to the Hilarvii, who took the name oT CvKf : ^* 
heir of which liiw, married toSir Jtiha Leuii** 
ut Hknry IV. the same came to this fkail)* i 
Kxtinct Petrage. 




caosiiif Us grave to be dog aome years 
death, laid lumself tiierein erery Friday for 
Htauioii and prayer. He d. in 1055, and wa» 

S'icHOLAf Laaa, aeoond Earl of Scamdale, 
ed Ludy Frances Rkh, daaghter of Robert, 
i of Warwick, and had iaaue, 

T. Ua aaoceesor. 

d, Hi. Mary, danibter of Sir John Molyneux , 
and had 

CBOLAS, soooeasor to hia uncle, 
ibcit, if. yonng. 


ip tf. in low, and waa t, by hia elder von, 
RoBBET LxEB, third Earl of Scaradale, who 
iry, dani^ter and co-heir of Sir John Lewis, 
m, in the ooonty of York, but had no sor- 
e. Hb lordship, tewtp. Javes II. was lord- 
of Derbyshire, colonel of horse, and groom 
r to Primce Gbobok of Denmark, He died 
d waa t. by hia nephew, 
NiCBOLAs LxEi, fourth Earl of Scarsdale, 
amarried in 1730, when all his honours, in- 
t Babonbtcv, became bxtimct. 

rg. on a saltier engrailed sa. nine annulets 

D 15th Dec. 1003.— Extinct about 1092. 


lAMCii Lbeb, of Newark-upon-Trent, in the 
Nottingham, goremor of the Block Houne 
id, was created a BAaoNrr 15th December, 
aarritrd Frances, daughter of Sir William 
It. bat died without male issue about 108'/, 
(AaoxaTCT became extinct. 

• LxEB OP SirrroM. 


in 170». 


apoB record of this family. 

.■AN, of GilUngfaam, in Norfolk, and of 

Svflblk, left two sons and two daughters, 

«, his heir. 

Sir), sheriff of Ix>ndon in 1000 and lord 
r la 1010. Sir John I^man acquired an 
of £4000 per annum. He bought the nivnor 
irbo%a,in Huntingdonshire, from Sir Oliver 
wall. He also purchased lands in Fram- 
m aad other parts of Suffolk, and left a 
portion of hia property to his nephew, 
la LouhB, eaf. He 4. aoth March, 1032, 

and was buried in St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, 
London, on the Honth side of the chancel. 

Margaret, m. to — Collin. 

Anne. m. to Richard Barber, of Shadbrooke, Suf- 

The elder son, 

William Lxac.4N,esq. of Beccles, m. Alice, daughter 
of — Bourne, of Norwich, and had i&Te sons, 

1. John, of fiecclea and Otley, ancestor of the 
Lemana of Charsfield, Winhaaton,Weaton, and 
II. Robert, of Ipawich, buried in St. Steplien'a 
Church there, left two daughters, hia co-heirs, 
Mabt, m. to Richard Bennet, esq. of Kew, 
in Surrey, brother of Sir Richard Bennet, 
hart, of Babraham, in Cambridgeshire, 
and had a daughter, 
Mary Bbnnkt, m. to Sir Henry Capel, 
K.B. created Babon Capel, of Tewkes- 
bury, and d. m. p. 
Alice, m. first, to Thomas Barker, esq. of 
Fresingfield, in Suffolk ; and secondly, to 
Charles Goring, second Earl of Norwich, 
but d. issueless. 
III. Thomas, of Gillingham, who m. Margaret, dan. 
of John Smith, esq. of Laxfield, in Suffolk, 
and had a son and two daughters, 
John, of Bruens Hall, in Suffolk, who m. 
Anne, daughter of Thomaa Weld, esq. of 
Windham, in Norfolk, and left issue. 

Margaret, m. to Thomas Smith, gent, of Wal- 

soken, in Norfolk. 
Alice, m. to John Parker, of Wickham Mar- 
ket, in Suffolk. 
IT. William, of whom presently. 
T. Philip, of Thames Ditton, in Surrey. 
The fourth son, 

William Leman, of London, woollen draper, and 
heir to the chief part of his uncle. Alderman Sir John 
Leman's wealth, purchased the manor of 
Hertfordshire, from William Sidley, esq. In 1034 he 
serred the office of sheriff for that county, and was 
elected to parliament by the borough of Hertford in 
1045. He m. Rebecca, daughter and co-heir of Edward 
Prescot, of Thoby, in Essex, and of London, Salter, 
by whom he had issue, 

I. William, bis hfir. 

11. John, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Haley, of 
Edgeworthbury, in Middlesex, and had two 

III. Thomas, of London, draper, m. Mary, daughter 

of Mr. Hickford, of Loudon, and had 
Hickfurd, aged nineteen in KWS. 
Robert, aged eighteen in 101)5, a student at 

Trinity College, Cambridge. 

IV. Edward, of Fenchurch Street, London, mer- 

chant, in 1005, m. Mary, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Holt, knt. s«'rjeant-at-law, and had 
Edward, aged nine in 1005. 
Susanna- Maria. 
▼ . James, d. unm. 

Ti. Philip, in holy orders, rector of Warboys, in 
Huntingdonshire, m. Catherine, daughter of 
Richard Carter, gent, of Colne, in the same 
county, and had issue. 
VII. Tanfeild, barrister-at-law, died lOth January, 

1. Rebecca , m. to Tanfeild Vachel, esq. of Coley, 

in Berkshire. 
II. Ellen, M. to James Wainwright, of Loudor 

I. EN 


III. Martha, m. to Richanl Harrium, gent, of Had- 

ley, in Hcrtfordiihire. 
i\ . Mar)-, m. to Thomas OTerman, fent. of South- 

V. Priiicilla, d. unm. 

VI. Klixabeth, m. to James Winstan1ey« of London. 
% II. Alice, m. to John Jenningi, gent, of London. 
VII 1. Anne, d. unm. 

The oldest son and heir, 

I. William Lrman, esq. of Northaw, was created a 
Baronit by A ing Charlbs II. 3rd March, 1804-5. Sir 
William was high sheriff of Hertfordshire 48 Chablu 
II. and representative in parliament for Hertford 
2 William and Mart, 1090. He m. in 1655, Mary, 
daughter of Sir Lewis Mansell, hart, of Margam, in 
(Glamorganshire,* and had issue, 

Manskll, who died in his father's lifetime, 13th 
March, 1667, leaving by Lucy, daughter of Rich- 
ard Aley, esq. alderman of London, 
William, heir to his grandfather. 
Lucy, died in 1745. 

Mary, m. to Peter Pheasant, esq. of L'pwood, in 

H untingdonshire. 
Rebecca, d. in 1095. 

Klixabeth, m. to Henry, son of Alderman Aley. 
Lucy, m. to John Wolf, of London, merchant. 
TheiMlosia, m. to Lewis Newnham, esq. of London 

and SuMM.*x. 
Surah, m. in I(i07, to Sir (>eorge Hutchins, who 

had been one of the commissioners of the great 

M'ul, ami died in 1700. 

He died at his hnu»c at Northaw 18th July, 1701, and .«. by hiii gniiulson, 

II. Sir William Leman, who in. Anna-Margart>tta, 
one of tlie daughters of Colonel Brett by the Countvss 
(if M;uTlesfi(>ld,t and d. s. p. tlnd December, 1741. 
lie WHS J. by his cousin, 

III. SirTamkild LF.MAN,wliorf. in Southwarkfr/iwi) 
17IM, when the BaromtiY ih presumed to have i:\- 
iMKi 1 1. The cAt.ite of Nurthaw pa>*'*ed. on the death 
of Liii'V, HiHter of thr 5ei'ond biiruiu-t. to Iier rousin. 
Hirh.ird .Me>, esq.; :iiid after Wine enjoyed by Jdiii 
iir.iiiKiT. iMi- uiid \\ illimn Stnide, e!«i|. was soil to 
I'atruk 'l'«i. of rnriih.itn fireeii. MiddleM-v. 

\rm<- Vi. u tV.'<»e K-tweon thr e dnli<hin!( naiaiit 
eiiil>oM ed arg. 


t'lil MH* 
1 tflt Vkl- Kit.' 

Mh Oct. 17"i; 


itiiiHi-i I i>n«rp. fiM). wai lather of 

John I.i>>%rc. imj. oi ChepnteJ. who w. Vniie. 
dau;:hti-r and hiirof John Bird.uf MiddleMTX. and had 
■I 4t>n .ind heir. 

John Lixhaed, ea^ of Ckevcmaf. in H 
by Catherine, daughter of TIumbm WMtos. 
sted, had issue, 

JoHx Lrnnard, esq. of KLboI mad Cbr««i 
was custos breviuin in the rrign of Clua 
purchased Irom Sir IVilliam Hcy4on, kac 1 
of West W^ickhRm. Kent. He m. Elnaftrth 
of William Uarman, of CrftyiMd, aad had i 

I. Sampson, who m, MfaaosBn' Fiivis. 

heir of George Firaco, tenth Lord I 

thus acquired the eeteto' of Heisb 

in Sussex. On tlie death of far 

Mrs. Lennard claimed the hoieay 

and her claim beiny admitted ia 

became Babokbs Dacbb. They hs 

Hbnbt Lbmnabo, twelfth Laid Di 

great •graBdaon, 

Thomas LixiraBD, AlfeecMh Li 

waa created fa 194 EaH i 

bat dying: witboot male iaa 

that digaity expired, aad ti 

of Dacre devotved cvcana 

hie daogbter. 

Laut Aknr Babbbt Lbbb* 

Bi Rkx's Pnrmgt.) 

II. Timothy, whose liae faUed. 
111. Sami'BL (Sir). 

The youngest son. 

Sir Samuel Lexnard, knt. of West Wiri 
Kent, b. in 1553; m. Klixabeth, daughtfrof !!« 
Slany, knt. alderman of Loadoa; and w«f> 
by his son, 

I. Stcphl.\ Lb^inabd, esq. of West Wirtfc 
was created a Baru.nct 15th Aogust.lMl Mr 
m. fiist, Catherine, daughter of Rkhaid Hah 
Clatry, in Essex, aud by her had a daaffeaVi 

Elisabeth, m. to John Hobadea, cef- if * 

He m. secondly, Anne, daughter of Sir !!«• 
bert, of lireeuwich, by whfna he ha«t a tm. -' 
who d. youiif;. He wtdded, thirdly, Aaaf- * 
of Sir John Oclandrr. knt. and b> thai Uij ^ 

I Sii:eioN, hi* >ui'Cr?«>.or. 

I Fra;ici«, «/. umn. 

(.'hriHti.m. wi. to Sir Thoui«s M»aJ*5i * 
Alderley, ill Che»biri . 

Sir Stephen >«.i« s. at hut JceeA»e by kisvm. 

II. Sir STkriiLN l.k^^ARD, M.P. ferkat> 
Annk, who m. Illixabi^th, daughter nf Uvlslial 
esq. of ThomMu, in Dorseijhire, aad b** "^ 

S««i EL, his ikUixessor. 

A>Nr.M. tn Nicholas**' *^ 

in Surrey. 
Ki.iriBirrH, ■■. to Sir John Lrigh, ksLrfi 

ton, in Surrey. 
DuRuTHT. d. unm. 

Uc d. 13th DeiHrmbi.r. 17« 


III. Sir Sauvkl L>.%%tRi>. lieaTenaai< 
?nd inx'p of Hon* iiuar>i» and ¥. P. I«* ^f* 
dird unni.irriedMh lK:lober,inJ.»kra*tM 
ixfiRri-. West Wirkham is now Ih* ^"^ 
resiideui-e of Sir i'H«aLA»KBi»CU FARasn.! 

Arm.* -Or. t>n a fewe g«. diret 

fir«t. a rrvm.'. ul for diflervace. 

* H\ III* tliii-l will, l^ily Kli/.4l.xiii Msn.U.:*!* . tia».:ti- 
it I > i Hiii-«. Kjrt ••! Mdiuhv^iti. 

• Kii«i v» iir iif ChiH- * (it-nr*!. 
fielii, ti>«ni «h> ill hi- MpiiaCtfd. •he 
Kicbant Mam*u, kui. •■( SLr\^hirr. 






*ind Sept. 17dO. 

lentkm we find of this family is by Sir 
dale, thus : <* At a great jnat or toma- 

Caatle Pererel, in the Peak of Derby- 

aaMtng diren odier perMms of note, 
I of Wales, and a son of the King of 
rcMnt ; there were also two sons of the 
tcaifn. and that the youngest of them, 
led Guy L' Estrange, from whom the se- 

of the L' Estranges do descend." 
^sraiNoi. who obtained, temp. Edward 
on,* in Norfolk, by gift of his brother, 
Dge, sixth Baron Strange, of Knockyu, 

dangfater of Ralph Vernon, and was s. 

ImAHOi, of Hunstanton, who m. Catha- 
r and heir of John, Lord Camols, and 

f'EsTBAXCt, knt. who m. Eleanor, dangh- 
4 Sir Richard Walkefare, kut. and dying 
§. by his son, 

rBAXioE, esq. who espoused Alice, daugh- 
sf Nicholas Btfaumont, and was «. by his 

IsrmAKOK, esq. who m. Catherine, daugh- 
Drary. esq^of lUlsted, iu Suffolk, and 
, was s. by his son, 

L'RftraAMCA, of Hunstanton, esquire of 
laaaY VII. who m. Anne, daughter of Sir 
leydoo, knt. and dying i. p. in 1906, wum 

T L'EsraAKCK, of Hunstanton, who m. 
T and co-heir of Thomas, son of Sir Tho- 
ige, of WeQisbom, in Warwickshire, and 
m, secondly. Sir Edward Knyvet,) leit 
t in 1311 a son and successor, 
a L'EsTmAKOK, high sherilT of Norfolk in 
Anne, daoghter of Nicholas, Lord Vaux, 
lacB children; of whom Nichuijis, the 
rd«d at Honstanton ; and Richard, sct- 
tod, was ancestor of the L'Estrakgu of 
I the Ring's County, now represented by 
LAV L'EsTRAJiox. esq. of Moystown, lien- 
d of the King's County militia. Sir Tho- 
aft died temp. Hkhry VIII. and was i. 

SiB Nicholas L'Estranox, of Hunstanton, knighted 
in Ireland, m. Ellen, daughter of Sir William Fits- 
william, of Milton, in Northamptonshire, and dying 
in 1579, was #. by his son, 

Hamon L'Estranoi, esq. who left by his wife. Elisa- 
beth, daughter and heir of Sir Hugh Hastings, knt. of 
Gresstnhallt and Elaing, in Norfolk, a son and heir, 

Sir NicHOLAf L'Estranox, knt. M.P. for Norfolk 1 
Edward VI. who married two wires : by the second, 
Anne, daughter of Sir William Paston, of Paston, 
relict of Sir George Chaworth, he bad no issue ; but 
by the first, Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Bell, knt. 
of Beaupre Hall, in Norfolk, lord chief baron of the 
Exchequer, was father of 

Sir Hamon L'Estranoi, knt. of Hunstanton, who 
m. Alice, daughter and co-heir of Richard Stubbe,esq.| 
of Sedgeford, in Norfcdk, and had (with a daughter, 
Elisabeth, the wife of Sir William Spring, of Paken- 
ham,) three sons, Tis. 

I. Nicholas, his successor, 
u. Hamon, of Pakenham, in Suffolk, left issue. 
III. RooBR (Sir), who became so celebrated. He was 
bom about the year 1617, and baring in 1044 
obtained a commission from A'iiig Charlxs I. 
for reducing Lynn, in Norfolk, then in pos- 
session of the parliament ; the design was 
discovered to Colonel Walton, the gorernor, 
and L' Estrange made prisoner. He was im* 
mediately after tried by a court martial at 
Guildhall, in London, and condemned to death 
as a spy, but was reprieved, and continued in 
Newgate for sereral years. At length, with 
his keeper's pririty, he made his escape, and 
got beyond sea with much difficulty. In 1053 
he returned to England upon the dissolution 
of the Long Pariiaraeut, and advertised the 
council, then sitting at Whitehall, " that find* 
ing himself within the act of indemnity, he 
thought it conrenient to gire them notice 
thereof." He was subsequently, after a good 
deal of trouble, fully discharged on giving two 
thousand pounds bail. Lord Clarendon calls 
him " a man of good wit, and a fancy very 
luxuriant, and of an enterprising nature." 
After the Restoration he wrote many books, 
pamphlets, and papers, and his observations 
made a considerable improssion. He was 
afterwards knighted, and served in the par- 
liament called by A'iiig Jamis II. in 1085, for 
Winchester. He was continued licenser of 
the press until King William's accession, 
when he experienced some annoyance, being 
considered a disaffected person. He went to 
his grave, however, in peace, although he had 
survived his intellect. Of his works Mr.Win- 
stanley says, " those who shall consider die 
number and pnreatneas of his books, will ad- 
miae he should ever write so many ; and those 
who have read them, considering the style 
and method they are written in, will more 
admire he should write so well." He d. 1 Ith 
December, 1704,$ in the eighty-eighth year of 

, speaking of Hanttsotun, uyt : " It in the 
Kmg Bdmcnd rrtideil near n whole year, 
Ingri by heart David't Paalms in the Sakon 
IT very book was rcli^ioutly urttervc<i by 
r St. Edmaod'sbarv till ih« diMioiation of 
Bet neither It the place to be omitted 
oaial, that it has been the teat of the faniuim 
Cstrashtr, knlghls. ever since John, Barttn 
4 Knock) n, bcsl««wirfl it a|x>n hit younger 
j«, which wat in the rei^n of Edw«rd II." 

bcth, daaghter an«l co-heir of Hogh HaM- 
lo Hamon VEHrutgt ; and by 

Anne, the other dao^hter and co-heir, Eitlnc tu William 
Bruwn, brother of Anthony, flrtt Vitcuuoi Montaga, her 

: The other daawhter and co-heir of Richard Stnbbe, 
Dio.M'iA, m. Sir William Yclvertoo, baru of Roofham, 
in Norfolk. 

$ Stow, in hit Sarvey, tays: " Upon the middle pil> 
lar on the north tide of St. Gilet't in the Pleldt, Middle- 
sex, i.« this io'cription: 

Sir Roger L'Ettrange, knt. bom the 17 Dec. 1016, 
Dyed 1 1 Dec. 1704." 



his age, leaving no imue by Anne, his wife, 
daughter of Sir Thomaa Doleman, knt. 

Sir Ilamon d. in 1654 ; Alice, hb wife, in 1050. Ho 
was s. by his eldest son, 

I. Nicholas L'Estranck, esq. of Hunstanton, who 
was created a Baronet by King Charms 1. 1st June, 
Ki'iO. Sir Nicholas married Anne, daughter of Sir 
Kdward Lewkenor, knt. of Denham, in Suffolk, and 
had issue, 

I. Nicholas, his heir. 

II. John, of GresKinhall, m. Dorothy, daughter of 
Hainon L'Rstrnnge, esq. of Barton Mere, in 
Suffolk, and left issue. 

III. Roger, of Hoo, in Norfolk, who had three wives. 

He d. in October, 1706, aged sixty-three, and 
was buried at Hoo, leaving issue only by his 
second wife, Susan, daughter and co-heir of 
Francis Laud, gent, of Thuxton, vis. 





IV. Edward, of Horsted, in Suffolk, left issue. 
V. William, of Mileham, in the same county. 

VI. Thomas, rector of Brisley, in Norfolk. 
VII. Charles. 

Ho </. in 1056, his widow in 1003, and was s. by his 
eldest son, 

II. Sir Nicholas L'Rstramgb, who mi. first, Mary, 
daughter of John (-oke, esq. of Hulkhuni, in Norfolk, 
and had one surviving son, 

NicHOLis, his successor. 

He m. secondly, Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Justinian 
Isham, hart, of Lamport, in Nortliamptonshire, and 
by that lady had 

(Charles, d. unm. 

TlioninH, m. a daughter of — Dunwell, esq. 

r.Iiznboth, m. to Robert Tn(«h, cpq. 
J:inr, w. to Williiini B;iruesly, «s<i. of the Inner 
Temple, ;iiul d. *2*in(l November, I7.'tl. 

Sir Nicholaii died in liUVJ, and was succeeded by hi.t 
eldest xon, 

III. SiK \ii-Hoi.\s li'KiiTR t NCI., who f;i. Anne, dan. | 
of Sir Tli(iin:i<« \Vo«li'hoii«e, knt. of Kimberley Hall, 
ill Norfolk, and had three sons and two dauglitfn*, 


fourth and fifth baronets. 

Hamon, who d. unm. on his travels. 


Henky, J 

Armine, m. to Nirholas Styleman, esq. of Snettis- 
ham, in Norfolk. 

Lucy, tn. in 17*il, to Sir Jacob Asthy, bart. of 
Melton (-oiiAtable, and was mother of Sir Kd- 
war ! Astley, bart. She d. 'IM\ July, I73l>. 

Sir Nirhol.iA d. in I7'i3, hi<t widow in ir27 ; he wait .<. 
by his son, 

IV. SiK 1'iioM.\s L'lsTin.Nor. Thl* gentleman tn. ' 
Anne, dauKliter and at length Hole htir of Sir ChriK- | 
tophrr ('althor])c, K.B. of KaMt Bantham, in Norfolk, | 
but died >»ithoiit iiMiue in 1751, and was s. by hi;* bro- 

V. Sir IIkvry I.'Kstringr, who w. Mary, daughter 
of thi- Right Mnn. Rojji'r North, of Rougham.but died 
iifii*'Ic«4 Villi St ptember, I7«j0, when the IUronmi^ 

Armx CIii. two lionceU p.msant guardant arg. An- 
ciently, t>\er all a bend ax. for dillereiicr- 

30th May, lOiS. 



I. Sir John Lbvivthorpb, knt. of Sawing 
HertN (son of Edward Levrntharpe, cs^. ti 
Hall, in the aame county, by Mary, his wifi 
daughter of Sir Henry Parker, and IhwaDy A 
from John Lerenthorpe, esq. who.coauBf trm 
thorpe Hall, in Yorkshirs, settk^ ia tW a 
Hertford and represented that shiiv in part 
served as sheriff of Herta in 1007, aad was a 
B4RO.VET 30th May, lon. He m. Jeaa, eldrtf 
ter of Sir John Brograrr, knt. of HaatOs, a 
general of the dw:hy of Lancaster, umi. by h 
died in 10S8, had iasne six sons and ■i'vea im 
Of the latter, the eldest. Joan. mi. Sir Edward i 
of Mark Hall, Essex ; and the second, BridctLl 
the wife of Sir John Fowle, of Kent. Of lbs i 
the eldest surviving, 

II. Sir Thomas LRVKKTHoari. wncctt M m i 
baronet upon the dfOiise of his father tMi Sry* 
1625. This gentleman m. Dorothy, iMn^kmr ' 
(iiles Atington, knt. of Honeheath. la CmI 
shire, and by her (who mi. secondly. HsMr>ni if 
shire, ^ had issue. 

John, "1 

succrnsive baronets. 

Dorctthy, d. in UTHK 
Hriilpet, />. in liW7. 

Joan. m. 2r»tli June, iHil. tn ('h.-irV« ( -rMf 
I if Much lladliani. 

Sir Tliomas died aoth .Xpril. liiJT. anJ «v i. ^ 

III. Sir John LEVKKTHORrK.baptiMdJlU Illy* 
at whose decease, unmarried, of ^c iasBf* 
Novi-mbfr, ItUtf, the Baronetry devolved « Ui 

IV. SirThuv%b LrvtXTHiiRPR.boralM 
UiXi. who M. *iud January. ia5M, Mary. 
Sir Capt'1 Bedell, bart. of Haap« H 
Hhire, and by h4>r (who died in LimAm 9^h 
liiH.I) had an only daughter and heir. 

M«RY. m. 15th June. 1071. to John CtU.« 
Melbourne, in Derbjiditw, aad hali^* 

Sir Thomas was killed by a kick frai * ^ 
Khn^ton, in Derbyshire, S7tb Jaly. Id, mi ■< 
by hi» uncle. 

\. THh Ri.v. Sir Cn« LivKKTavari. l^* 
White RiKiing, in Kntex. baptised tSA 
ICiUl, at whon** derea«e unmarried JMh -%i 
the BiRo.MTcT became iLXTi\rT. TW a^ 
Shing y Hall wa^ sold by Sir Thmaw'i P^ 
Thomas ('tiki>, esq. to Ral|4i Frvmaii.f«<-if* 
fnmi whom it was purchased by Edvaid C^ 

Arms- Arg. a bend gobonte ga. aaJ »• 






» 14tb September, 1<K7.— Extinct in 107S. 


:k Lbw», descended from Lewi* of Ffrwd- 
une, in riffat of bit wife, one of tbe dangh- 
o-bein of William Watkina, e«q. poaieseed 
igoTM estate, in the county of Brecon. His 

UM Lewis, esq. of Uangorse, M.P.for Bre- 
tt 1600, was created a Babonkt 14th Sep- 
t7, and resided principally at Borden, in 
le d. in 1072 (when the Baronbtcy became 
baTing bad an only son, 

riCK, who d. V. p. leaving three daughters, 
I one of whom, Elixabkth, sprang 

iwis Pbtsb, esq. who inherited the Goger- 
idan esute, and was father of 

Maboabbt Pbtsb, the wife of Edward 
Loreden Loreden, esq. of Buscot Park, 
Berks, who, in conjunction with his son , 
the present Pbtsb Pbtsb, esq. of Go- 
grrddan, sold in IHOO the greatest part 
of the Llangorse property. 





in l(i7l. 


Kwvi, esq. of Marre, barrister atlaw, re- 
Doncaster, Stc. son of Robert Lewys, of 
r descendant of an ancient WtUh family, 
Isry, daughter of Lionel Keresby, esq. of 
tmnd dying I7th October, 31 EuztBrru, left 

•, of Marre, treasurer for lame soldiers in 
West Riding of Yorkshire, m. Jane, daugh- 
4 Bdaond Mnndsy, esq. and left at hu de- 
iM Jambs I. 

lOMAS, d. s. p. His widow, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Thomas 7'albot, esq. of 
Bashall, m. secondly, Theobald, Viscount 
Boorke, of Mayo. 

«BCIS, d. i. p. 

try, Mk Co Thomas, son of Sir William Chay- 

■D, of whoa presently. 

ifvtv M. to J. MauleTerer, esq. 
m, to John Ramadan, esq. 
m. to Timothy Bright, esq. 
m. to Richard Horsfall, est}. 

Richard LBWTs,esq. married Jane, eldest daughter 
and co-heir of Gervase Brinsley, esq. of Brinsley, and 
dying in 1601, left, with other issue, a son, 

I. Sir John Lewts, of Ledston, who was created a 
Babonbt in 1060. He m. Sarah, third daughter and 
co-heir of Sir Thomas Foot, lord mayor of London in 
1040, and by her, who wedded, secondly, Densil On- 
slow, esq. had two daughters, his co-heirs, tIz. 

Elikabrtr, m. to Theophilus, Earl of Huntingdon. 
Mart, m. to Robert, Lord Deincourt, son and heir 
of Nicholas, Earl of Scarsdale. 

Sir John died in 1671, when the BABONrrcr became 

i4rMw— Sa. a cheT. between three trefoils or. 


20th July, iOlO. 

in 1679. 


I. SiB Jambs LBT,knt. a younger son of Henry Ley, 
esq. of Treflbnt Ewias, in the county of Wilts, baring 
attained great eminence at the bar, was made seijeant- 
at-law, 1 J AXES 1. and the next year constituted chief 
justice of the Court of King's Bendi in Ireland. In 
fifteen years afterwards, residing then at Westbury, 
in Wiltshire, he was created a Baronet 20th July, 
IOI0, having some time previously received the honour 
of knighthood. In 1022 he was appointed lord trea* 
f urer, and the same year created Baron Ley. On the 
accession of Charles 1. his lordship was made Earl of 
Marlborough, and soon after appointed president of 
the council. He m. first, Mary, daughter of John 
Pettey, esq. of Stoke Talmage, in the county of Ox- 
ford, and had issue, 

Henbt, his heir. 

James, d. in 1018 unm. 

WiLUAM , successor to his nephew. 

Elisabeth, m. to Morice Carant, esq. of Tooner, in 

Anup, m. to Sir Walter Long, of Draycot, Wilts, 
M.P. for Wilts. 

Mary, m. to Richard Erisey, esq. of Erisey, in 

Dionysia, m. to John Harington, esq. of Somerset- 

Margaret, m. to — Hobson. esq. of Hertfordshire. 

Enther, m. to Arthur Fuller, esq. of Bradfield, in 
the county of Hertford. 

Martha, d. unm. 

Phorbc, m. to — Biggs, esq. of Sturst, Berks. 

His lordship m. secondly, Mary, widow of Sir William 
Bower, knt. ; and thirdly, June, daughter of John, 
Lord Butler, of Bramfield, but had no other issue. 
He* died iu 1028, and waa s. by bis eldest son, 

II. MB HfiNBT Let, second Earl of Marlborough, 
who m. .Mary, daughter of Sir Arthur Capel, knt. of 

rMiip wa« eMermed a person uf great talents and inti-srity, and left behind him teveral learned work* la 
S S 31S 



Hadham, in IfertfonlBhire. by whom he had a daugh- 
ter, Elixab«th, who d. unmarried, and a aon, hia rac> 
cpsaor at hin decease about the year ld38, 

III. Sis James Ley, third Earl of Marlborough. 
Thia nobleman, a naral officer and eminent mathe- 
matician and navigator, waa constituted lord admiral 
of all his majesty's ships at Dartmouth and parts ad- 
jacent. In ion he was employed in the American 
plantations ; but in 1605, commanding " that huge 
ship, called the Old James, in that great fight at sea 
witfi the Dutch upon the 23rd June, was there slain 
by a cannon-bullet." He died unmarried, and the ho- 
nours rererteil on his lordiihip's decease to his uncle, 

IT. Sir WiLUAii Lky, fourth Karl of Marlborough, 
who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir William Hewyt, 
Int. of Beccles, in Norfolk, but died issueless in IG79, 
when all his honours, including the Baronitct, kx- 


AnNs—Xrg. a cheTrou between three seals* heads 
couped sa. 


7th Sept. 1778. 



23rd Aug. 1820. 


Georoe of Sydbury,in Devonshire, 
wax father of 

Thumas LiPPiNCorr, esq. bapt. Ist February, 1572. 
of Pyiihill, in the parish of Sydbury aforcjiaid, who m. 
15th July, 1605, Elizabeth , aud had iiwuc, 

Th()V48, of Culm8tock,in Devon, who m. Dorothy 
Kaker, and had a numerous family. 

Henry, of whom presently. 

John, m. Mary Bartlett. 

Walter, bapt. at Sydbury, 2-2nil August, 1019, bu- 
ried May, 1682. He left isiiue. 

The second hou, 

Henry Lippincutt, esq. of AlmAhayne, in the 
county of Devon, bapt. at Sydbury, 7tb January, 1613, 
m. about the year 1670, Rebecca, daughter of — Mills, 
of l.'ffculni, and was s. by his only surviving son, 

Henry Lippincott, esq. who m. Mary, ilauf^htcr of 
Timothy Pepert'Il. of Culuistock, and by her, who d. in 
1752, had issue, 

Hrnry, his heir. 

Rebercn, bapt. 13th September, 1733, 
Elizabeth, bapt. 6th June, 17.15, d. in 17C2. 

He d. in 174.'), and wan .t. by his son, 

I. Henry Lippincott, esq. of Stoke Bishop, in the 
county of (jluucester, a merchant at Bristol, and she- 
riff of that city in 1769. who was created .i B\RONr.T 
7th September, 1778. Sir Henry m. (-atherinc. daugb- 
tcr and heir of Charles Jeffcries, esq. (by Anue his 

• Srlden was possi'MiKl of two u;rants of lundst to the 
iiionaMtfi-y nf Evesham, in 7 Hknry II. 1161, to both of 
whirh John de Lyttletim was witiii-«.«. Thin ii« the ino>t 
ancient that the name of Lytteltuu U to be met wiih, and 
as the laud bo given, wax at Lench, near South-LvltcltoD, 

wife, only daughter of Sir WflUaai Ca 
eventually heiress of her tomli e t Sir Ri 
and had an only child, 

II. Sir Hxnrt Cann LirriRCorr, who 
23rd August, 1829, wh«B the BaemiBrcY 


A rms Q uarteriy ; flnt end 
ter embattled, gtalea end aeUe. 
guardant argent, two end one; 
a chevron argent, between three 
and combed or. 


28th June, 1027. 



By an ancient pedigree in the College 
appears that the family of Littlruh, or 
was settled at Frankley, in Woroartni 
1235,* when it is recorded that 

Thomas db LYrrLSTUN, m. Emma de F^ 
heiress, lady of the manor of FranUej, I 
he was a stranger in the connty, or m 
town of South Lyttleton. in the Vale of B 
there is reason to think, he did, it e maiti 
they had an only daughter, Emha, wboak it 
de Tatlington, of Tredington, in tlie niN < 
secondly, Nicholas Whetamstede. Shewn 
tress to the Abbey of Halesowen, io Anj 
d. in 1208. Thomas Lyttleton m. aecaodl 
daughter and heir of William Pits War 
Upton, one of the justices itinerant andji 
Common Pleas, 12 Henry II. and nestyei 
Worccster>hire, by that lady he had tkm 
Mi'Nu, Thomak, and John. The eldest, 

EuMi'ND i)K Lyttleton, m. Luda de Bey 
ing no issue, was .«. by his brother, 

Thomas uk L\tti.rton. who resided at ki 
Coulesdon, in I pper Snodsbury, and hai 
Newenton, (volgo Naunton Beaochaa^) ia 
of Worcester. In the l»th Edward II. ht i 
knight of the shire for Woroeater. He ■ 
Bois, or Atwood. of a considerable faailji 
ley. in that county, and waa s. bjhia isb, 

Thomas di: Lytti.btun, who m, JnliaB,^ 
Robert de Somery, and had two toes, 
younger, was appointed commiaaioocr af ■ 
other, the chief gentlemen of the county if 
1 Hrnry IV. on a rumour of foreign Invi 
m. Keatrhx. Freschevel, of a noble family ie 
of Warwick, by whom he had an only dai 
wife of Jeffery Frere, esq. The elder pee. 

Thoma.h ue LriTFLTUN.t recovered, by 
right, the manor of Frankley, on failarc * 
hi.s coiiHin, Thomas de Tatlington. He vai 
the body to Henry IV. and Hi^rt V. aadi 

it !!• probable, thi« John was ancestor to L 

t Thoma5 thus spelled tlK> name, and feili 
chevron between three escalltip*, u ascdbyh 


Uf .Xn'f/f LIT 

■■ (noM Ub kj hath kioft ant or the tte 
rtaU tf WottailieT, frt bnuil gr^inUa terrlria, 
proHd is the (nati. He ueh to wife. Miiul, 
m aad huT ■( Rlchud gurteTBiiD, of > lufv 
■t BIti ■■! Nsnh Watun, is OKfordibin, 
■■ hi* vib, Jtofbur and bdr ■>( Crcy, of Ro- 
M, a&l had AB aaty daufhtar uiil hFiiw, 

UBlIn, wfaB B, THOmi^HTCOTI. «q. hUt 

p M i lM ly u htr BivTiiift, Inalnii Oit her 
haatu4 •booM uh« tb* bu« ar Litttlituh. 
ba_HJ «. ahHl tha year 1411. M nd, hii wift, 
tag U_, hoMiDi FrauUey Id dnar or join- 
Danied Hcudly, JohD HaHey, eiq. Hia «m in- 

ail Wdtccttb, iJIai LTTTLnoii, vaiaachealot gl 
r«enbin,»ttaHii>iTVI.aiid lied In thai ni(n, 
f ky the helniH of Unleton, who wedded, «■ 
r. ThotwH Henilrr, e«|. if UcfaficM. |vllh fnor 
■en. or vhoB Anne, ■>. Thomai Porter, aq. af 

lichalaa.l who hMhTrluncd thrir palemal tur 

na. danctaur aad heir of Ednio 
af ittaflbrdabire. and wu anre 
Wnt»tH of thai conaly. G 


bU ccUbnte.1 


.nade Ua Uat wiU 

ttnd A 

181. and dird 

the nut day, at hia lea 

al Fran 

■ ereat aod 


old »%». Hll widow «lr 

m twenty fo 

e, lean 

IKK a grwt eaUte 


her rather u 

am. The uxt 

iK^ty of the manor of Baxtarlay, in Wanrkkahir^ 
I. Alice, daiigbtcr and hair of William Wineabnry, 
•q. of I'illatou Hall, in the county of StaOhn]. and 

wmu (Sir), hla beir. 

CQ, H- Aral to John Calni eaq. of Woodcote, 

n Sbni|>ab>rt. and aecoudly to WIUUu Bac 

rK»r«, m. tint 'lo WiJllam Humphry PJgot, 
■q. d( Galop, and Mcaiidly to ^ Cllflou, eH|. 

Tb>bi<Lttti.cio!i, K B. beeaMCOT 

■talaK. hUalebnled- Ta i tTn a » 

fcrvard appoiAled atewB 
iW> bauebold ; tbe ar 
U^l arrjeant. and rodr 

^ aaad a feneral pardon 

rd of the Manhalwa o 


Wvof L 
^. 11^. f<n-a rohe 

* lB«hl of the Uaih, witli the Prince of » ai», 

■ m. tamm. daa«hur and coheir of WJIItam 
fm oaf. of BrmniK-Tvfl Caatle, In .Shropabire, 
•hrl af Sir Philip (;betwynd, knt. of Inxrairy, 
*niiihlre, fwlih wbon he acquired 1ar(e poi- 

k>ra4Bn. of whom prr>eiilly. 
(^■BH, af Kpecblry, near Woi 
•f the Lard Ke^prr I.jttelton, 

■tabic aud keeper of the ra 

the county of Stafford, fc 
Suffordahire 13 and 31 H 

Middlemore. esq. of Ed|- 

y of Warwick. 

I VIII. and waai. by bia 

knt. of PillalDD Hall, who 
Vlll. of tbe office of CDD- 
itle of Slaffbrd, and keep'T 

aT VIII. a 

daqffater of h 

4 EUW4I 

Henry Gower, eaq. of Worcealera 
of John Polliot, e«|. of Pirton : . 
ofSirJameaFulJamhe. knt. Sir 
lubrl. nlii^t of — Wood, and d 

Kuffbrd. lahf ar. aecon'tly. Ralph 
Wrinrhill) boi by iha- lady bad no 
Hh October, 1U8, and waa i. by b» 

ITTLCTOii. knt. ihcriff of Stallbrd' 

anihler of Thoma 

a. Uercy. dauKhlerof J 

kHh wai toaiMairri apun by Sir P/lwird (^>ke. 
Thr nWbctly aad aKfularo kI Ibi w<>ck have 



II. Constance, m. to Tbomfta Holt, taq. of Gristle- 
hurst, in Lancashire. 

III. Mary, m. to Walter Vernon, esq. of Hounhill, 

in StafTordshire. 

IV. Grace, m. first to Francis Hamage,esq. of Bel- 

sardine, in the county of Salop, and secondly, 
to Silranus Lacon, esq. of the same county. 
r. Margaret, m. to Sir John Repington, knt. of 
Amington, in the county of Warwick. 

Sir Edward d. 10th July, 1574, and was s. by his eldest 

Sir Edward LiTrLiTON,1cnt. sheriff of Staffordshire 
S5th and 35th of Elizasrth, M.P. for the county of 
Stafford, in the 39th of the same reign, m. Margaret, 
daughter and co-heir of Sir William Uerereux, knt. 
youngest son of Walter, ViKcount Hereford, and had 

I. Edward (Sir), his successor. 

II. Thomas, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of 

Adam Morton, esq. of Wilbrighton, in the 
county of Stafford. 

I. Mary, m. to Richard Fowler, esq. of King's 

Haninge, Salop. 
II. Anne, m. to Humphrey Salwey, esq. of Stanford, 
in Worcestershire. 

III. Jane, m. to Richard Knightley, esq. of Fawes- 

ley, in the county of Northampton, 
iv. Ellen, m. to William Babington, esq. of Cur- 
borough, in the county of Stafford. 
V. Margaret, m. to John Skinner, esq. of Cofton, 

in Worcestershire. 
VI. I^ettice, m. to John Fulnethy, archdeacon of 

▼II. Constance, m. to Richard' Hill, gent, of London. 

Sir Edward was #. at his decease by his son. 

Sir Edward Littlkton, M.P. for Staffordshire, 31 
Jahks I. and sheriff Mth of the same reign, m. Mary, 
daughter of Sir Clement Fisher, knt. of Packington, 
in the county of Warwick, and had Issue, 

Edward, his heir. 

Fisher, m. Anne, daughter of John Baynton, esiq. 
of Wiltshire. 

Walter (Sir), chancellor of the dioceRR of Lichfield 
and Coventry, m. Priscilla, daughter of Sir 
Lewis Pembertnn, knt. of Rii»hden, in North- 
amptonshire, and had four sons, viz. 

Walter, of Lichfield, m. a daughter of William 

Talbot, esq. of Sturton Castle, Staffordshire, 

and left issue. 
Edward, m. a daughter of — Mullins, but 

d. X. p. 
Fisher, LL.D. tn. Elizubeth, daughter of Pinrc- 

beck, of London, and widow of Skegms, and 

d. in March, 1(100-7. 
Henry, merchant of Loudon, d. s. p. 

William, m. the daughter and heir of John Web- 
ster, of Amsterdam, merchant. 

Lettice, m. first, to William Washbournc, esq. of 
Washboume, and secondly, to John Clent, et>q. 
of Knightwick, both in Worcestershire. 

Mary, m. to Euscby Shuckburgh, esq. of Nasicby, 
in Northamptonshire. 

* In the chancel of Pcnkrirli Chinch, Hsrain<t the 
north wall, i» a very nobli* iiionnnirnt «»f Vfirietjaied iii.u- 
blf, whert-on are (he t-tli^ics of two kniuhty and ilirir 
ladie}>, uiidfir two arrhoH, one nlxiM- the oi her, the arms 
in great meaMire broken off; (he names of the children, 
with their etli^ieit. were alHuit (he (uuib; but the latter 
are entirely defaced, rnderneath is a Latin epitaph, anrl 
over one of the kniiiht." it, (he followint; in!icriptii>n. in 
letters of gold : 

Margaret, m. firatf to Siir Gco^pt Bfm 
Radford, in W>wrick>bire» mdA nos 
Robert, Pialier. but of PwOamgltam. 

Anne, m. to Sir Thomas Hate, barC • 

Sir Edward d. in July, ltt9,* anawM «. I 

I. Edward LiTrurroif , eaq. of PillattB 
county of Stafford, who was cnatod a 1 
King Charlks I. 18tb Jane, MV. Sir 
Hester, daughter of Sir William ContaVB. 
don, and by her (who «•. i ii opdly. Thus 
esq. of ShelTOck, in Shropohire*) had iam 

William, who <f. r. f, 
Edward, his heir. 
James, d, s. p. 

Anne, m. to — Cole, eaq. of Shicwibai 
Margaret, m. to Robert Napier, eaq. c 

Sir Robert Napier, of Liitan Hoo, ia 

of Bedford. 

Sir Edward was a leaUms royaliat, aod 
£'1347 for composition for his estate. Hi 
his son, 

II. Sir Edward LurucroN. who m, I 
daughter of Sir Walter Wrotealey.bart. of 
and had 

1. Edward, who died in the lifetime d 
24th January, 1704, leaTing by U 
sannah, daughter of SirTheopbORi 
hart, (whiith lady d, 29th Angast. 1 

1. Edward, suoceaaorto his 

2. Theophilus, d. unm. 

3. Fisher, barriater*at-I«w, 

He had m. Prances, elder dn 
co-heir of James Whitehall,< 
Ridware, in Staffordshire, n 
sons and a daughter, tis. 

Edward, fourth banmct 
Fisher, harrister-at-law. n. 

daughter and heirofTha 

esq. of Northrrps, in N' 

had no issue. 
Frances, m. to MoRnoy ^ 

esq. of Hatheiton, in tin 


1. Susan, m. to Sir John Corytoi 

2. Mary, m. to Edward Arfalasl 

I^ngdon, in Staffordshiie. 

3. Elizabeth, m. to Humphry Ho 

4. Catherine, jn. to John Floyer, 

Sir John Floyer. M.l). of La 

5. Jane, m. to John EgKingtoa. c 

baston, in Staffordshire. 

II. Walter, migor in the amy, si. I 
Knollytt, daughter of Nkrholss. Ei 
bury. He fell in a duel and left ni 

1. Elizabeth, m. to Wnltrr Chetwyad. 

gestrce. in Staffordshire, sad had t 

II. Hester, m. to Humphrey Persehea 

Reynolds Hall, in Staffordihiie. 

Sir Edward m. secondly, Joyce, daughter of 

Littleton, of Teddealey Hay, and by that l» 

Reader. 'twa» thought enoa^b, apua tbc 1 
or (he Cirvil Captain, lb* Enemy of R«)< 
To write no inorok bat (Here lies Hasail 
I>:t thi« sutbce tbee then, in»ie4d of sD 
Here Lve two Knighfs, the Father sad d 
Sir Edvtard, and Sir Ed want UilleceR- 

i The other dancht^r and ci» hrir marmd 
Parker of the Court of Comni<ia Pica*. 




[, who d, mam. at hit teat at Tamworth, 
nh imae, 1747. 
Walter, d. mamu 

H«BV7, ^cpatj 90T«mor of Cork, left no iiuae. 
F IAor, honiicer-at-law, soocetded to the estate of 

hia cUoot hrochcr. 
WiDtaai, ca^ ILN. left a eon, 

MwaHi» who inherited Uie pr op e r ty of hie uncle 
Fbhor. He m. hie ooaein, Joyce, eldest 
<a«ghteT of Stanford Wollentan, esq. of Stat- 
Ml. and d, «. p, 

I, kiUod in a dual, d. mun. 

m. — IHXk; eeq. of Maztoke Castle, in 

■ A 

I. to Stanlbid Wolfentan, esq. of Statfold. 

aho«t 1710, and was «. by his grandson, 
Sia EowABU LiTTLSTON. This gentleman m. 
V «Bly daaghter of Sir Richard Hoare. knt. lord 
of the city of London, and ohm of its represen- 
fm parliament, iemp. Queem Anni, but died 
toi Jaaaary, 1712, and was *. by his nephew, 
Sib Eowabd LiTTi.rroN, who m. Frances, eldest 
•f Christopher Horton,* esq. of Catton, in the 
ef Derby, but d. issu*'1ess I8th May, 1913, when 
laaoMcrcT BxriaiD. Sir Edward had removed 
MMoT the family from Pillaton HalI,toTeddesley. 
eonnty. His estates derolred upon his 

Jomn Walhocik, esq. who assumed 
and arms of Littliton. He was 
to the peerage in 1835, and is now (1837) 
UsTHBBTOM, o/ HoikertoH, in the county 

•Arpeat, a cherron between three escallops 

14Ch Oct. I(MS.~EXT1MCT in Jan. 1710. 

iTaovAB LrrrBLTOH, K.B. of Prankley, the reic- 

> of the *' Treatise on Tenures," m. Joan, 

Philip Chetwynd, of luRestrie, in Staf- 

r« aad danj^htrr and co-heir of Sir William 

roBMCToft Castle, in the county of Salop, 

> ^Ttag nrd Aagust, IWI, left issue. 

FiixjAM, aareator of the Ixirds L\ttijeton, of 

lABD. ancestor of the LirrLrroNM, of Pillaton 

las, of whose line we have to treat. 

* ^B^i^at aoo, 

^ftMtf LiTTLiTOH, was seated at Spetchley, in 
^^Hiinklrt. He m. Aunr, daughter and heir of 
V^ Balf«an» eaq. of Bocreaux Castle, in Cornwall. 
^ Abb ikia miarriage descended Sir Edmhnu Lyt- 
i MoBBslow, lord keeper of the great seal, 
LfttfelOD of Mounslow ; and 
m LrrrLBToH, eiiq. of Stoke Milburgh, in 

Shropshire, created a Babonbt I4th October, 161*2. 
He m. Awdrey, daughter and erentual heir of Thomas 
Foyntz, esq. of North Skynden, in Essex, and dying 
about the year 1047, left a son, 

II. Sib Thomas LirrLrroN.who m. his cousin, Anne, 
daughter and heir of Edmund Lord Littleton, of Moun- 
slow, lord keeper of the great seal, and dying in April, 
1861, was #. by his son. 

III. Sia Tboiias LiTTLBTON,speaker of the House of 
Commons, femp. William III. who m. Ann, daughter 
of Benjamin Baun, esq. of Westcoate, in Gloucester- 
shire, but died without issue in January, 1710, when 
the Babonbtct became bxtinct. 

iaaiBTorMBB Hobtom.cmi. m. Fraiirf«.only <l»iiuh 
~ heir at Sir Rotebia* Hj«Mell. hart, of Cadehy, ' 
of Lcirrttrr, and had iftiic, 

IBB, at. Lady Anne Lattrrll.Mfcond daogli- 
IV of SlmoB, Earl tft Carharoptoo. ami had ont* 
■m. who died aa infant. Ill* widow m. H. K. H. 


y saa am um of /CimgCEOkci II. but had no i«.-nt- 
■f Hi* Rojal HighnvM. 

ilrau— Arg. a cherron between three escallop shells 



nth July, 1027. 

in 1860. 


The family of Liresey was originally of LiTesey, in 
the county of Lancaster, a scion of which 

Edmunu LirasBY, of Parra Markham, in Notting- 
hamshire, left by his wife, a daughter of NcTil. two 
sons, Henry, whose only daughter and heir, «i. — 
lioken ; and 

Albxandbb LivESBr, who m. Anne, Fleshwell, of 
Slaby, in Derbyshire, and was father of 

RoBRBT LivRSBY, csq. of Streatham, in Surrey, who 
serred as sheriflf of Sussex and Surrey in 1502, and 
1802. He Ml. ftrst. Amy, daughter of John Brooke, of 
Loudon, and had by her, an only dau^thter, Martha, 
m. to Sir Edward Peyton, bart. He wedded, secondly, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Maurice Berkeley, esq. of Wy- 
moudham, in Leicestershire, and by her, who m. aft* r 
Mr. Livesey's decease, Robert Pakenham, had three 
souN. viz. 

Edward, whose son Robert was liring abroad in 

William, tt. n. p. 
GABBi£L,of whom we have to treat. 

Tlie third son, 

Uabrirl Livbsay, esq. of Hollinffbourne, in Kent, 
inherited, by bequest, from Henry Richards, the manor 
and estate of Minster, in the same county, and served 
the offlt-e of sherilT in ItflA. By Anne, his second 
wife, daughter of Sir .Mtchacl Sondes, knt. of Throw* 
ley. he left at his decease, iMth March, 1823, an only 

1. Sir .MicHiiL Liveskv. of East Church, in Kent, 

Ei'sEBio, m. PlKrbe, danehtiT of Daviei Davenport. 
rM|. ot (■4pcBih(>ine, in vli«*»hir<': hi* eldest dau|;h- 
irr Annk. m. Robcrt-Jubn. ehlvst b4»u of liir laic 
Sir RolNTt Wiliiiot, hart who having t<ken thr 
n.iiiii- of llt>rton, is tbt* f»rpf«ut /f/. Horn. Sir Rii« 


Fianrc*. m. to .Sir Edward LittletiW, an above. 
Elizabeth, m. lo Ceoree, third Lord Carbrriy. 


b tbc parliuDeat In 

II IM7. Rit Hlclucl, 
tlu troaMi J tim« Id 
tlwUiv'ijadan, ud 

\iaxtlj After tbtc «v«d1, kd fed of pirliAsiciit irfenril. 
iiT tiim uaundcr fend Ibc fgrfciton of fell hk Unda, 
Thieh wen gruud u iuio, Dnkr dT York. Tha 
liiosncl wfei ofcmne iiTiiiciiiiRfeD. 

Jnu— Arg. 1 lion runpt. pi. bctwccB IhrMtnfDiU 


IIMlmu, IM7. 


Enit Lum). «*!■ of Vm1«, in 


I. 8» E>ur Llotd, 1 Ynln, «te ■. 

Wynn, D. D. r 
ltd fe IfeiiiUn', 
Hi«Bi>n Wm. Mr W 1 

UfeB Vu|lu., Hf. TU 

Hour MsrtTB, kut.a(M< 
Sir Enn Uo^ died aft April, ITN, wl 
Jmu— QnarttrlT; fast and fOutk, 



n Dtrnbicb^hirep ■ 

LD-fflDFrml in the ferri 
hu niv»1y itittg ua^nLEM, in Ireluid, bod and 
of Sir John LlDyd, knifhl bfeoneret, and ^randaDo of 
Sir Etu LIo)^, koilbl bamKrct. tlie tvelfth of bli 
race lineal]} deKcodcd fmn Ynyr of Vale, and Um 
t^nth of Ilia houac of tiie name of UoydfJ married 

Ho(rr, ». Miu Ni|:1>tinp.lF. and hyd ia-u.^. 


t'lltaarine. n. lo iohn Uoii, ea«. of Preuddfrd. 
Mary, n>. U Williani Parr), eaq. of l-onl>f:at. 
Mandalen, a>. u Kobert Humpbreyt. caq. of BoJlr- 
Kvan Unyd, in IlK woi^a of Iht monuirenul inacrip 

April, imbeyrarof our Lnrd, IH3f , al Preaaddfyd, in 
Ihe lale of Atielnra, and tail body, by onlrr o( Mary, 
tail wife, waa hioaifal away Ihenn,Bnd intrmd in 
Ihe aepuichre of tail falbera at Llanarnun, in Vale." 

Ilrntriianl for the nranCy of ilriiMeb, narrird. tiiM, 
Margaret, daiichfrr of Sir Beria Thelwali. int. and 
arrendly, Kli'anor, daii(htrr of Kir UilUam Joiiri. 
tnl. of CaalellHiarrh, one of Iht Jiid^i^a nf llir Kini:'a 
Unrb.and viJowafiobn Prirr, laq. of Rbivlaa. By 
bia Aral wife, Jolm Lhiyd bad a tan and taeir, 

B4a'>!iir llal June, lOIT. Ite wedded Anne, dauch 
i>T of Sir Charlea U'iliiani>, kni. of l.laDglbby, and 
dyincinOrtuber, ISM. •!.>. Ii) 1i>> aon, 

Uimu Lu>TD, eaq. of Meyle y Ca 
ner^abire, wba •■ Eiiaabetb, tUtll t» 
^'■nehanipaq. of Llwydyara, and vii 

Edward, in. a dauchirt of Jaba I 
I>)iliur. in MnntCDiBerjibire. 

daujcbler of John llnaley, ea^. ( 

rab, Anne, and Eliiabetb. an mlyaafct* 
at Ilia den-aw, abaul Ibe jear tm. 

Ill, Sia CHiai.o I.LOTii, who K liA 
iL><i|hIer of Nir Kirhard rorbn. ban- K X 

wedded, inandly, Jane, daacbtrr •! >* 

llo It. in Nomiber. Irdi, wbea ite » 
Irui-Sable, itarc* Dap>' bMdt «Md«l 






% Llwto» m. L«nky, daaghter 

Darid, and had a mo, 
esq. of Caatlehowell, who m. 
liomaa ap WatkioSyOf Noyadd, 
r. hy his «m, 

LWTD» eaq. of Lhanlhyr, high 
e, Oth Elixabkth. This gentle- 
r and oo-b^ of Griffith Henry, 


). D. principal of Je«na College, 
dk he waa a benefactor. 

pnecentor and treasurer of St. 
xh he waa a considerable bene- 
ughter of Marmaduke Middle- 
dleton, Bishop of St. David's,) 

•to, knt. of Maes y Vellin, or 
of Cardigan, an eminent law- 
ted chief jostice of the great 
U coanties of Radnor, Brecon, 
le of the judges before the pre- 
's council in the marches of 
Sautter of John Stedman, esq. 
lOm he had a daughter, Anne, 
'ilUams, esq. of Kdwinsford, in 
sen, and a son and heir, 
knt. comptroller of the house* 
1. who endured much in the 
Iter during the civil war. He 
lughan, daughter of John, Earl 
r had no sunriving issue. He 
get.dauj^ter of Richard Leigh, 
id had 

also one of the gentlemen of 
Cmarlxs II. was s. at his de- 
iring too, 

rn, of MiMeld, in the county of 
lighted by King Wiluam III. 
KT by Queen Amnk 1st April, 
ftrst, Jane, daughter and heir 
. of Greengrove, in the name 
■d two dau^ters, 

a Glorer, esq. of Carmarthen. 

Francis, daughter of Sir Fmn- 
f Abermartes, in Carmarthen- 

.iM, his successor. 

Lucius-CHBifTi4Ni7ft, heir to his brother. 

Emma, m. to Doctor Foy, a physician at Carmar- 

Sir Charles d, S8th December. 1733, and was s. by his 

II. Sir CH4RLBs-CoRifWALLis Lloyo, who Ml. Mrs. 
Jennings, of Somersetshire, but d, i. p, S5th Febmary, 
17S0, and was i. by his brother, 

III. Si> Lucios Christianus Lloto, who m, Anne, 
daughter of Walter Lloyd, esq. of Peterwell, in the 
county of Cardigan, the king's attorney-general for 
Wales, and M. P. for Cardigan, bat died issueless in 
1750, when the Baronktct became rxtinct. 

iirmj— Sable, a spear's head (its point imbrued 
with blood) between three scaling ladders arg. 


!l8th Feb. iaoi-3. 

in 1074. 


I. John Lloto, esq. of Woking, in Surrey, the 
descendant of an ancient Welsh family, seated at The 
Forest, in Caermarthenshire, was created a Baronkt 
in 1061-2. He m. Beatrix, daughter of Francis, Vis- 
count Valentia, and widow of James Zouch, esq. of 
Woking, and dying 1st January, 1003, was i. by his 

II. Sir John Lloyd, who resided at The Forest. 
He m. Mary, daughter of Matthew Smallwood, LL. D. 
Dean of Lichfteld, d. in 1074, when the Baronktct 
became rxtinct. Hb sister and heir, 

Beatrice, married Sir John Barlow, hart, of Sle* 
betch, and had two daughters, 

Beatrice, m. first, to Sir Anthony Rudd, 

hart, and secondly, to Griffith Lloyd, esq. 
A.^iN. died unm. 

Arm-f — Gu. a lion rampant within a bordore dan- 
c<'ttc Jirg. 


Created 2Gth Jan. 1703. — Extinct lOth Aug. 1700. 

I. HERBERT Lloyd, esq. of Peterwell, in the county 
of (/urdigau, son of Walter Lloyd, esq. of Voelallt, 
by liiN wife, daughter and heir of Daniel Erans, esq. 
of Teterwell, was created a Baronet in 1703. He m. 
Beatrix, sister of Dr. Powell, of Nanteos, but died 
without issue, lOth August, 1700, when the Baro- 
NLTCY became rxti.hct. Sir Herbert's nephew, John 
Adams, esq. of Whitland, spent the whole property, 
and the estate was consequently sold to Albany Wal- 
lis, es4i. 





26th Mar. 1061. 

2lBt May, 1710. 


Hrnhy Longs, eaq. of Whaddon,* in the county 
of Wilts, fourth son of Henry Long, of Trowbridge, 
who died in 153A. m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Hor- 
ton, esq. of Iford, grandson of Sir Roger Horton, of 
Catton, in Derbyshir», and dying in 15M, was t, at 
Whaddon, by his second son, 

Hbnrt Longb, esq. of Whaddon, who married 
Mary, daughter of Robert May, esq. of Broughton 
GifTord, and dying in 161 1, was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

Hbnry I^ngk, esq. of Whaddon, who m. Rebecca, 
daughter of Christopher Bailey, esq. and (by her, 
who m. secondly, Henry Sherfield, esq. M.P. for 
Sarum, in 1023 and 1628,) had issue, 

I. Henry, d. young. 
11. Walter, his heir. 

III. Robert, of Stanton Prior, in Somersetshire, 

married Alice, daughter of Thomas Coward, 
esq. of Witton, Wilts, and relict of John Har- 
rington, esq. uf Kelirton, in the same county. 
He died in 1698, aged ninety-one, haying had 

Henry, admitted of Lincoln's Inn, in 1057. 

Mary, married to George Stedman, eitq. of 
Midsome Norton, in Somersetshire ; and 
secondly, to Thomas Bere, esq. of Hunt- 
sham, in Devon, and died in 1702, leaving 

IV. Thomas, colonel in the array. 

I. Bfary. 
II. Rebecca. 

III. Mary, m. to Timothy Wade, of London, mer- 


IV. Martha, m. to Roger Knight, esq. of Greenham, 


Mr. I^nge d. in 1612, and was s. by his eldest survi- 
ving son, 

I. Walter Long, esq. of Whaddon. This gentleman, 
who was sheriff of Wilu, and member for Bath, 1027, 
being closely connected in politics with the Puritan 
party, became a zealous parliamentarian, and was 
ono of the seven members sent to the Tower by 
Charles in 102S. On the outbreak, of the civil war, 
he railed a troop of horse, Hnd leading it in a charge 
nt Kdgcliill, hnd his horse shot under him. In 10^17 
he incurred the displeasure of the army and its chief, 
and fled with Holies and others into France, " ho- 
cause," says Holies, " the princes of the Philistines 

* Supposed to descend from the parent stock of the 
Lo!<(OEs of Wraxall, (refer to Burke's Commonert, vol. 
iv. page 03.) 

loved them not." He tken jened Gbi 
on the Restoration was cre at tA. a Banom 
ItfOl. Sir Walter as. int. Vary, dMgl 
Cocks, Bnd by her had yaoe* 

Waltbb, his heir, baptised in ItV, i 
Henry, baptised in die aaate year»ai 

place, d. t. p. 
Robert, of Linooln'a Inn, d. ». jp. 

Mary, d. t. p. 

Rebecca, married to Sir Khilqp Pi 
Erwaston, in the ooonty af Svi 


Sir Philip PAaaBa.bart. whoa 
daughter of Samnel Portray. < 
Fen, in Cambridgeshire, and I 

Philip Parksr, his aucctew 

Catherine, married to Sir 
val, created Viscooat Pero 
of the Earl of EcBsoBt. ( 

Mart, married to Daniel 
grandson of Sir Edward ] 
of Kent. 

Walter Parker, d. mna. 
Calthorpb, heir to his nncle, Sii 

Walter Parker Long, tf 
Rebecca-Parker, "I . 
Mary-Parker, j 

Sir Walter m. secondly, EUiabetk, dao^ 
Cotes, esq. of Woodoote, in Shropshiie, 
other issue. He d. in 1671, and wae t. b 

II. Sir W^altrr Long, who died aaa 
1711. aged eighty-four, when the Baaoan 
Sir Walter bequeathed his eaUtee to hii i 
thorpe Parker, who assumed the ranai 
and thus became 

Calthorpk Long, esq. of Whaddoe. 
nysia, daughter of John Harrisf 
Kelston, in Somersetshire, bat die 
seventy two, in 1720, and was saeo 

Sir Philip Parker a MoRLBT,bs 
the surname of Long, bat d 
male ixsue in 17 tl, when tt 
Whaddon passed to Thonu I 

Armi—Sa. sem^e of cross 



Creatkd 1st Sept. 1662. — ExTiacr I4lh 


This family was of good note and aati 
county of Wilts, where they acquired t 
Draycot Ceme, by the intermarriage ef 

John Long (younger son of Rob er t Loi 
M.P. for Wilts in 1433. by Alice, daagkl 
of Reginald Popham) with Margaret, daa 

t Descended from Edward I^mfc, of I 
third 6on of Henry Longe, of Whaddon, by ! 
teruf Thomas Hortou,csq. (refer to BcRKl** 

vol. iv. page 07.) 




», kat. ** Vy the teyrt of Cerne, lord 
r Dnyooc" • Thoy had taooo. 

ir). hii heir. 

Loiio, of Dnycot-Ceme, inherited 
le Mine county, from hi* unde» Henry 

Sfar Thomu m. Mary, daughter of Sir 
of Utdeoot* in Che aame county, and 

Sir), hie heir. 

(Sir), of Shengay *^ Hardwi^, in the 
of Camhridge, m. Margaret, daughter 
ir of John Donniugton, e«q. and relict 
Thomaa Kitaon, of Hengrare, in Suf- 
r whom (who m. secondly, John Bour- 
Barl of Bath) he had 
y, b. in 1534. 

nine, m. to Edward Fuiher, eeq. of Ick- 
too, in Warwickshire. 

hard d. in 1545, and was i. by his son, 
y Long, esq. of Shengay, who d. in 
73, and left an only daughter, 

EuzABiTH, m. to William Lord Rus- 
sell of Thomhaugh. 

a priest. , 

»f Mawditt, Wilts. 

to Edward Mylle, esq. 

Iio was sheriff of Wilts in 1501, and 
prrat oompaignye of noblemen" who 
4ward, Duke of Kuckingham, against 
k, d. in 1510, and was s. by his eldest 

lOKC, of Wraxhall and Drayrot, sheriff 
t W 37 and 4tt, and for Somersetshire 
vr Wilts in 1551-3. Sir Henry was one 
f HsNar VIII. at the field of the cloth 
• knishted for makiug a gallant charge 
ill si^-ht uf He.nry, when he receired 
new crest, V\%. a lion's head with a 
nuth. He married, first, Frideswide, 
ir John Hungfrford, knt. of Down 
ilts, and by her had two daughters to 

narried to Michael Qninton,of Bubton, 

d had issue. 

) Thomas T^eTemedge, of Prome Sel- 


*rondly, Eleanor. dauRhter of Richard 
Wrott^ey, in the county of .Stafford, 
Imond LeTcrsedge, esq. of Frome Sel- 
uU lady had 

■ heir. 

f Kelwayes, in Wiltshire, m. Susan, 
of Nicholas Snell. c>m|. M. P. for Wilts. 
Henry, Cecily, and Alice. 
f Ashley, in Wilts, m. Alice, daughter 

of William Butler, esq. of Badmiagton* in Gloa- 
oesterahire, and dsriug in 1578, was i. by his son, 

Henry Long, esq. of Ashley, whose son, 

Anthony Long, esq. of Waloot, near Batht 
was father of 

Nathaniel, of London, merchant^ who d. 
in 1714, learing issue. 
Richard, of Lineham (for his iMue, see Bubkb's 
Commumtrtt toI. iii. page 914.) 

Margery, m, to Robert Hungerford, esq. of Caden- 

Cicely, m. to Francis Stradling, esq. 

Sir Henry d* in 1550, and was $. by his eldest son, 

Sir Robert Lono, of Wraxhall and Drayoot, 6. in 
1517, sheriff of Wilts in 1575, esquire of the body to 
King Hbnrt VIII. and gentleman pensioner to the 
same prince, whom he serred at the winning of Bul- 
loigne. He married Barbara, daughter of Sir Edward 
Came, knt. of Wenny, in Glamorganshire, and dying 
in 1581, was i. by his son. 

Sir Walter Lono, of Wraxhall and Draycot, she- 
riff in 1002. M.P. for Wilts in 150t, m. first, Mary, 
eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Packington, of West- 
wood, Worcestershire, and had by her a son, John, 
ancestor of the Longs of Wraxhall. (See Burke's 
Commoners, toI. iii. page 914). Sir Walter wedded, 
secondly, Catherine, dauj^ter of Sir John Thynne, 
knt. of Longleat, Wilts, and had by that lady, with 
sereral daughters, four sons, ris. 

1. Walter (Sir), of Draycot Ceme, m, Ihrst, Lady 
Anne Ley, second daughter of James, Earl of 
Marlborough, and had a son. 

Jambs, heir to his uncle Robert. 

Sir Walter m. secondly, Elisabeth, daughter 
of George Master, esq. of Cirencester, and by 
her had a son, Walter, of Marlborough, cap- 
tain in the service of Charles 1. d, s. p. in 

II. Thomas, who had a son slain at Tangiers. 
III. Henry, slain at the Isle of Rhi, in 1079. 

IT. Robert. 

The youngest son, 

I. RusERT Lono. esq. of Westminster, haring been 
secretary to King Charles II. in his majesty's exile, 
was sworn of the priry council at the Restoration, 
and made auditor of the exchequer. He was created 
a Babonkt by his royal master, 1st September, lOOX, 
with remainder to his nephew, James, and the heirs 
male of his body. Sir Robert died a bachelor, 13th 
July, 1A73, and the baronetcy dcTolred, according to 
the limitation, upon his nephew, 

II. Sir James Long, of DraycotCeme, who com- 
manded a troop of horse, in the ciril war, for King 
Charles I. He m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Edward 
Leech, of Shipley, in Derbyshire, and had issue, 

James, his heir, who died in his father's lifetime. 
He m. first, Susan, daughter of Colonel Giles 
Ktntngwayes, of Mrlbury, in Dorsetshire, one 
of the priTy council temp. Chableb 11. and had 
tkretr sons, 

Robert, *| 

Giles, SsuccessiTo baronets. 

J*TIE«. J 

I o# Sir Robebt liONo. hy Alicia de 
M (if North Bradley, nitre and heir of 
Brsflley, (the (rsnt t*f Bradley wa* fnHn 
naaa, by the name of ReKin4M de Hr^d 
\U tMSfre.) Sir R(>bert wa^ »on of Ko- 

ORRi s DE L%no, by (he daaichtrr and heir of St. Maar, 
b} %%hoiii he ohlriinrd many great luanon and extensive 
e!iiaie«. Hi* mother wa» ZoiM'H, also a great heire«». 
Hio RoKemn) father inarric«l Brrrrlby of Bevcrttuo, 
311 heire»t too. 




He M. secondly, Mn. Mary Kightley, and by her 
had a daughtert 

Mary, m. to Colonel Butler, of Ireland. 

Margaret, m. to Sir Richard Mason, knt. 
Dorothy, m. to Sir Henry Heron, K. B. of Creasy 
Hall, in the county of Lincoln. 

Sir James d, in February, 1001-t, and was s, by his 

III. Sir RotBBT Long, who d. of the smallpox, 
four days after his grandfather, and was «. by his 

IV. Sir Gilbs Long, who d. unm. about the year 
1098, and was s, by his brother, 

V. Sir Jambs Long, M.P. for the county of Wilts, 
femp. Queen Anns, m. the Hon. Henrietta Greyille, 
daughter of Fulke, Lord Brooke, and dying 16th 
March, 1729, was s, by his elder son, 

Ti. Sir Robbrt Long, M.P. for Wotton Basset, m. 
May, 1735, Lady Emma Child, daughter of Richard, 
Earl of Tilney,* of Wanstead, in Essex, and Tilney 
Hall, Hants, and heir of her brother, John, second 
earl. By her ladyship, who d. 8th March, 1758, Sir 
Robert had issue. 

Jambs, his heir, who aaramed the additional sur- 
name of TiLNBT. 

Robert, d. in 1730. 

Richard, d. young. 

Charles, of Grittleton, Wilts, m. Hannah, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Phipps, esq. of Heywood, in the 
same county, by whom (who m. secondly, James 
Dawkins, esq.) he had a daughter, 

Emma, m. to William Scrope, esq. of Castle 
Combe, and her only child, Emma Scropr, 
m. George Poulett Thomson, esq. who as- 
sumed the name of Scrope. 


Sir Robert d. 10th February, 1767, and was s. by his 
eldest son. 

Til. Sir James Tilnby-Lono, 6. in 1736, M.P. for 
Wilts, married first, Harriett, fourth daughter of Jacob 
Bourerie, Viscount Folkestone, but by that lady, who 
d. I3th November, 1777, had no issue. He m. se- 
condly. Lady Catherine Sidney Windsor, daughter of 
Other Lewis, fourth Earl of Plymouth, and by her 
ladyship, who d. in 1823, had 

Jamrs, his heir. 

Catharine, heir to her brotiier. 



He d. 28th November, 1794, and was s. by his son, 

viii. Sir James Tilnbt-Lono, who d. 14th September, 
1800, aged eleven, the last known male descendant of 
the Longs of Wraxall and Draycot, when the Baro- 
NBTCY EXPIRED, while the immense estates, real and 
personal, amounting to £2d,000 a-3rear, and nearly 
£300,000 devolved upon his eldest sister, 

Catherine Tilnby-Lono, b. in 1789, who m. the 
Hon. William Wellesley-Pole, only son of Wil- 

liam, Lord Marytaravgh. aad iyii 

left two aoBB sad a ihiightfT, tIs. 

Wiluam-Ricbako-Abtbvk Til 

Wblusut, 6. in ISU, wnr af I 

the county of WiHik 

James-FUsroy-Henry TOBoy-LoBf 

6. in 1815. 
Victoria-CatkttliM-Mary TOney-i 

A rnu Sable, 
pant arg. 

■emte of 


15th July, 166S. 


I. Roger Lort, esq. of StadEpodtCa 
county of Pembroke, who was omMi i 
15th July, 1662, m. first. Heater, liater rfi 
nesley. Earl of Ani^esea ; and 8eeoadly,Aa 
ter of Humphrey Wyndluun,oaq. of Dow 
in the county of Glamorgan. Sir B«|V < 
the year 1664 (his widow wadded sac— ilyl 
Mansel), and was i. by his son, 

II. Sir John Lort, of Stackpoeb Cmf 
Lady Susan Holies, fourth daughter rfJ4 
Earl of Clare, by Elisabeth his wife, dsi 
co-heir of the celebrated Genera] Sir Bsi 
Lord Vere of Tilbury, and had issae, 

Gilbert, his heir. 

Elizabeth, m. to Sir Alexander Cnnfi 

Sir Hugh Campbell, of Cawdor Cn 

county of Nairn, and had a son, 

John Campbeli., esq. of Cawdor, 

rited the esUtes of his materasl 

the Lorts of Stackpoole Covit. H> 

eldest daughter and co-heir of U 

esq. of Gogerddan, and his grc« 

is the present 

John-Frederick Campbiu, I 

DUR. (See BcRKB's Avmvi 

Sir John died about 1673, and was i. by U 

III. Sir Gilbert Lort, who died mum 
September, 1698, aged twenty-eight, whsa 
NETCY became extinct. Tlw ertalsi pe 
Campbells of Cawdor, and are now njn 

Arms— Gu. a cross, or. 

* Sir Richard Child, bart. of Wanstead, iu Elssex, 
was created by George I. Baron Newton and Viscoont 
Castlemain, in the peerage of Ireland, and by George II. 
Earl of Tilney. His lordship m. Dorothy, only surviviug 
daughter and heir of John Glynne, esq. of Henley Park, 
in Borrey, by his wife, Dorothy, daughter of Francis 
Tilney, cs4i. of Rotherwick, in the county of Southamp- 
ton. In 1734 an act of parliament passed, enabling his 
lordship's eldest son, John, and his heirs to bear the 
surname of Tilney, in consequence of an estate of £'7000 
a year, which devolved upon the Countess of Tiloey, as 
heir of Anne, Lady Craven. The earl had issue, 

John, Viscount Castlemain. 

Jo^iah, m, in 1754, Henrietta, daafhle 

Kuighi, Lord Luxboroagh, aftenraiA 

Iherton, d. «. p. 
Emma, m in 1735, to Sir Robert Lom 
His lordship was «. by bis elder warn, 

John, second Earl of Tilney, who d. «. f> ' 
honours expired, and hi* great floftwsc p 
nephew. Sir James Tilne>-LMig» eMetf tea < 
Lady Emma Long. 

|t,Iba *U»mt aun. hsid cnnildni 

karp. n«r P. 
tola ftmm ll» BUbsp M Linaiti 

'VktobBllf. Thb John imreluKd 

Id (h« Tetnplc fiully. by Ihc iBlin 
JocD». dufhur and co-htir oT Wiujii Lo- 
af, cf Tinple Hull, in Che county ol LekoUr. 
u bii fitbcT the lorddiip at 
e nMCT sod cn-heir of lUrb- 

Hc «■• 4. by bie eld««t »(m. 

WiLU4B LovrtT, Df Lueombe, wfao preeented to 
Srnilbury is tns and IMl. In lUtf. he hut inherited 
(faruutee of hii smut nnete, Jehu LoieR. of NrvtuD, 

thoee. wllh ■ gr^tx perl ef hifl paterniJ properly' Id 
■MB, be eaniteyed the uuiar or OiFrhnry to hie liiter. 
Miud de Arche*; lod in IMS, he »lit ta WiUum 
Purrfoy and hi> bein (after the d«th of bi> mnCher 
CUmentia. thra the vife ol Jobe Paroaull, hia landj 

p«>ple, he dJ 

o leTenl other 

LiacoinbA. who prevented to Sofll- 

f nanor of Helaeden, vUcb be aetlled opao hii 
JoHM.Tho «, Maiianl da tnflelsn. John died 

preaenlad Co Ehmlbory il 

. TU* Siown left ttana 

BilUiiac, ■>!. aon and 
inie, Ijit. chief jaacioe 

r Bed'r»rd, end kZl li'o^' 
Dlubeili, aL <<> Aldmun Hlr WIUIun CbeWr. bat. 
1,of Hanplua Puyli, la 
Kamtatt m- lo Tbomat Potley^ ea^. of Bleheelcy, 
Cdiuuih>. m. IS Joba MaUbaw, «q. of HimMh, la 
Abm. at. fttat, to JebB BaH|t, oq. uf Pisdeiioa. 



William Lotett, esq- of Liacombe, who wm i. by 
hb oon, 

RooKR Lovnr, esq. liring in U9I, and i. at his de- 
cease by his brother* 

Thomas Lovnr, et^. of Liscombe, who m. a dauf^h- 
ter of Nerille of Gothurst (son and heir of Sir Robert 
Neville, by Joan, daughter and heir of Sir John 
Nowers, of Gothurst), and sister of Michael Neville, 
whose daughter and heiress, Mary, m. Thomas Mul- 
shoe, and was grandmother of Mary Mulshoe, who m. 
Sir Everard Digby. and thus conveyed the Gothurst 
estate to that family. They had issue, 

John, d. s. p. 

Ri'^HARD, the heir. 

William, m. Anne, daughter and heir of Edward 

Cope, esq. of Spraton. 
Robert, alderman of Nottingham, m. Miss Bonner 

of the same place, and had issue. 

The second son, 

Richard Luvrtt, esq. of Liitconibe.m. Alice, daugh- 
ter of Thomas IVfartin, of London, ajid had a daughter 
Alice, wife of John Taylor, of the same city, with a 
son said heir, 

Laurence Lovett, esq. of Liscombe, who m. Eliza- 
beth, daughter, and fon the death of her niece, Rawson 
Williams (only child of her only surviving brother, 
Nicholas Williams, of Burfield), without issue), co- 
heiress of Sir Reginald Williams, of Burfield, in tlie 
county of Berka (elder brother of John, Lord Williams 
of Thame, and) son of Sir John Williams, of Thame 
Park, (the maternal representative of the ancient 
family of Perceval, Lords of Corevill, in Somerset- 
sliire, a branch of th(? baronial house of Lovel and 
Holland), by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and co- 
heiress of Richard More, esq. of Burfield, by Eliza- 
beth, daughter and heiress of William Brocas. esq. of 
Southampton, and was s. at his decease by his only 
surviving child, 

Francis Lovktt, esq. of Liscombe, who m. Anne, 
daughter of Augustine Crispo, esq. of Boughtou, in 
Northamptonshire, and left a son and heir, 

Sir Robert Lovett, of Liscombe, sheriflT of Bucks 
in 1608. and d. in 1043. He m. first, Susan, daughter 
of Richard Brookes, esq. and sole heir of her maternal 
grundfather, Richard Pate, of Matson, in (iloucester- 
shire ; she was the widow of Sir Aiubrose \V illoughby. 
By this lady he had two daughters, 

I. Frances, m. to John Gareaway, nephew and 

heir of Sir William Gareaway, knt. 
II. Susan, m. to Francis Saunders, esq. of Dinton, 

He tn. secondly, Anne, daughter of Richard Saunders, 
esq. of Dinton, by Elizabetli, his wife, daughter of 

in Lincolnshire; aud M;rondly, to William Palmer, 
et(r{. of Carlton. 
Bri(li;i't, «n. to Gabriel Dormer, c^q. of I^e Grange. 

He m. st'Con<ll>, Jane, daaKhter and co-heir of John 
Pinchpole, eM\. of Limdon, ami by her had n son Geonie, 
who d. nnmarried. He was Aheriff of Northamptonshire 
in Mion, and dyini; in IM3, was «. by his wn, 

Thomas litJvKrr, es'ij. of Astwell, who m. Anne, 
daughter of Sir John Dauvers, of Dantesey, in Wilt5, 
and had ishiic, 

Thomas, his heir. 

John. d. nnm. 

Anne, m. to Robert Leeson, e«q. 

Elizabeth, m. tint, to Anthony Cave, esq. of Chirhley, 

Burks ; secondly, John Newde^ate, esq. of Haro- 

fleld, M. P. for Middlesex in 1571; and thirdly, 

Mr. Ju.ttice Weston. 
, m. first, to Thomas Barker, esq. and, sec<indly, 

to Thomas Duncuuibe, esq. of Whitechurcb, 



Blount, of Blonntalial], in tke coaaty of 
and by her had itsne* 

I. Robert, his beir. 

II. Edwamd, snoceasor to hia bradMr* 
111. Christophbm, who, at tlw time of tft 

tion, was settled in Tsf^ey as a : 
but removed, in 1000, to I>aUuit of ' 
he became sheriff and lord maja 
Frances O'Mora,* and had imm, 

1. GhristopHkm, who inhsnied 
combe and other eatatas of I 
frinn his ooosin RoBBar. 
%. John (Colonel), heir to Us hro 
3. Edward, m. Miss Caffe, ot th 
County, and had a daimhtWi 
who d. unm. and a son, 
John, who M. Amelia, da 
Jonas Wheeler, esq. «ad 1 
John, captain of horse, 

Amelia, m. to Sir COM 
I. Anne, m. first, to William Tifl 
Rutland, in the county of Car 
secondly, to Thomas Cooie, si 
judges of the court of Kiofli I 
3. Frances, m. to Maior>ceaenl F 

3. Mary, m. to Medhop Ueyd. ss 

magh, in the King's Cooaiyt 
of the Lloyds of Gloster. ia I 
county. (See Bdbbb's Cmmm 
ii. p. 550.) 

4. Rebecca, m. to JonaAas A^ 

Ashe Grove, in Tipperary- 
IV. Laurence, of Eythurp, left two 

Sab ah, m. to the Rev. Wflliam BbM 
Si'sannah, m. firvt, to — Hottoo.e 
secondly, to Colonel Joux Imtut 
the latter had issue. 
Robert Loveti-. 
Christopher Lovett. of Dnblia, 
Mrs. Wellington, daughter of - 
aud had issue. 

I. Elizabeth, m. to John Combe*, esq. 

II. Anue, m. first. Edward Bourchier. foi 

of Bath, but by his lordship tshe vi 
cond wife) had no issue. She vt 
condly. Baptist Noel, third Visoom 
den, and had by him one otiU-hi 

III. Dorothy, m. to John Heme, 

He S4'rv<-d the offire of sberilf in IU3, aad 1 
was «. at hit decease by his sun, 

Thomas Lovtrr, evj. of Astwell, who «. 1 
daughter of Richard Fennor. t-flq. uf Easloa >'< 
b> her (who m, secondly, WilliMm Grey. r«4. 
land, in Essex) left a daa;thter, his lieir, «il. 

Jane, m to John Shirley, esq. of Staaloa I 
the county of Leicester, ancestor of the 1 
rers, and conveyed tu ber hatbaad Asiwci 
greater portion of the eslales in Oxfcnl,C 
and Northampton. 

.Vo/e— There was formerly in the g;real hili a 
a table thirty-three feet long, three feet broad, 
inches deep, all of one plank of oak. 

* Frances O'More was dani^ter aad beinii 
O'More, the descendant and representidvc (tf 
family of the O'Moies, Priaces of Lcia. *k 
estates had been forfeited in the reiga of Bubj 




f, flk tothe Her. John Downe, D.D. 

h, m. to Robert Heme, eeq. 



telU, M, to Charles PlaydeU, eeq. 

Mm and heir, 

LovLTT, eeq. of Liacombe, was sheriff of 
niahire in KMM, and died in 1000, aged 
ur. He m. first» Penelope* daughter and 
omaa Aylet, esq. of HoweUs, in Essex, and 

r, who ». Theodoeia, daughter of Sir John 
cy* kat. hot d, s. p. in the lifetime of his 


B, ». to Thomas PigoU. esq. of Doddeshall, 
im, bat d, issueless. 

yru, m. to Edward Bate , esq. of Maid's 
J2p, Bocks, and had a daughter, who m. 
diAon Packe, esq. of Prestwould« in Lei- 
ruhire, and had a daughter, Penelope 
«,* Ml. to Richard Vemey, afterwards Lord 
raghby de Broke. Mrs. Packe m. secondly, 
Del James Pentlebury, of the artillery. 

■g without surriring male issue, was s. by 

LoTcrr, esq. of Corfe, in the county of 
lo m. Joan, daughter and heir of James 
{. oi Tostock, and had two daughters, Pene- 
tt Sir Henry Northcote, bart. and Joan, of 
•q. with a son and heir, 
LoTKTT, esq. of Liscombe and Corfe, who d. 
ras 1. by his first cousin, 
pnaa eldest son of Christopher 
1 mayor of Dublin, but this gentleman dy- 
ras ». by his brother, 

tkTt, esq. of Liscombe and Corfe, who m. 
aah, widow of — Horton, esq. and daughter 
ess of Laurent Lovett, esq. of Ey thorp, and 

tST, his heir. 

■topher, of Dublin, who m. Mrs. Welling- 

t and had issue. 

ly d»«<J io b4'r cishlecnth vcar, Slut August, 
ic fulUfwinK line* cuiiipoM her epitaph : 

ferarath this Mone doth lie 
■ttcli virluf »% cuoM (lie ; 
licb wbrn alive did vii;<Mir t:>vc 
as mach beauty at roahi live. 

ckrt book of thi« U<iv'* the f<»llim-iiii{ inonio- 
» ftMod M>U)e >e«r* «iure. " S«>«)ii after my 
rude over to fee LiM-orobe, the anrient M>iit 
■ad's family, belnie <>nly ab<»ut twelve mile* 
thcf't. Mr. I^u^ett, t<» whutti it belun);*, not 
it, albnaed Mr. Sandbv, » \ery r«-«[>ectable 
rrgymaa <>f tbe (Mii^h, to live iu the hoUM*, 
nS ■• with great p<ilitene%4. The h<'U»4> in 
si very tiJLfomy, Barronndetl with hiuh walls 
r«* ba< it bs« a venerable appearance. You 
(h a great gateway Into a court, round vihirh 
ind chapel are built. The window*, all of 
il mum Ibe look of a monastery than a man- 
If. Sandby, lo whom I made the remark, as- 
■«fl mu* jadce from appearances, for though 
vr a gloomy outside, there were moie joyful 
tea la aav house iu the cotinty,ior there were 
■fes ia Liaeumbe ch^prl than in any three 
Ihr aeichboarboofl. From the court you enter 
aU, which If a large rtNun, and ii* entirely 
k old a n ao u r. The gentleman assured me they 
■Isfiy rarluu*, and endeavoored to explain to 
>; bat I begged to be excused, as I 
men. •* Well, madam," tays 
,** I will ihew yoo somethiog more io yoor 
." From theace we proceede<l through 
aad little rooms, for except the 

Colonel LoTett m. seotmdly, the Hon. Mary Vemey,t 
daughter of Ralph Vemey, Viscount Fermanagh, of 
Middle Claydon, Bucks, and had further issue, 

lit. Vemey, M.P. for Wendover. This gentleman 
was major in the 39th Foot, when that regi- 
ment went to India, the first of his majesty's 
regiments which served there. He d. unm. 
and was buried at Soulbury. 
IT. John, captain R.N. a distinguished officer, d. 

I. Mary, d. young. 
It. Elizabeth, d. unm. 

Colonel John Lorett died in 1710, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son by his first wife (Susannah, widow 
of Horton, iwd daughter of Laurence Lovett, of £y- 

RoBBRT LoTKTT, csq. of Liscombc, in Bucks, and 
of Kingswell, in the county of Tipperary, who served 
the office of sheriff of the King's County, and married 
Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Ashe, esq. of Ashe Grove, 
in Tipperary, by whom he had surviving issue, 

Robert, who d. unm. 
Jonathan, heir to his father. 
William, captain 1st regiment of horse, d. un- 

Susannah, m. to Jonathan Darby, esq. of Leap 
Castle, in the King's County. 

Mary, d. young. 

Lettice, m. to Darner Darby, esq. younger brother 
of Jonathan, and died, leaving an only daugh- 

He was s. by his son, 

Jonathan Loveit, esq. of Liscombe, in Bucks, and 
Kingswell, in the county of Tipperary, of whiirh latter 
he served the offlce of sheriff. He m. Eleanor, 
daughter of Daniel Munsergh, esq. of Macrony, in the 
county of Cork, and had issue, 
1. Ju.vATtiAN, his heir. 
II. Robert, </. young. 

111. Verney, inherited the Irish property, and was 
of Kingswell. He was in holy orders, D. D. 
and chaplain to the Prince of Wales. He m. 

hall and the drawing room over it, which is a large and 
very handaoiue room, they are all •mall, hot from their 
numb«*ni must have held a very large family ; as Mr. Sand- 
by a^tured me, of all sizes, there were more than fifty. But 
what with the old tapestry, and the dark gilt leather far- 
niture. and black oak, (for I believe this family consl- 
derefl paint as great an ab<miination in their house as they 
wouUl on the faces of their wives and daughters,) I never 
saw any place more calculate<l to induce one to change 
this wurhl for another. We came at last to the nursery, 
and Mr. Sandby directed my attention to a something in 
a great old frame over the chimnev, but which, being in 
the old bUck letter, like a church liible, I could not read 
a word «if. " That, madam," sayn he, " is the nursery 
song of ihis family, ftMinded on the two characters of the 
warrior and the lover, which tradition represents as emi- 
nently united in William Lovett, the founder of this 

The »ong is a^ follows : 

May iity child he as ^lout. 

May my child be an Mrong, 

And my biave boy live alxo as long. 

As Willy of Normandy. 

From the nurserv we proceeded to a little closet with a 
thousand h*cks. .Sir. Sandby shewed u« a chest full of 
papers and parchments, which, be said, wcie the different 
grants and appointments for some centuries of this fa- 
mily ; and iu my lifetime I never saw anything more 
beantifnlly illumined than some of them were. He said 
the chest contained as curious a collection of letters as 
were in the possession <»f any private family in the king- 
dom. He Raid tbe letter* were in general ftnirn some of 
the first people in the court of Jamks I. aud Charlks 1. 




Pranou-Mary, datoghter and co-hcireu of 
Henry Gerraia,* of Lismore, D. D. archdeacon 
of Ca«hel, and had three aona and three daugh- 
teri» Tiz. 
Jonathan-Hbnry, who went to India, a 
writer in the Company** aerrice, and was 
ambassador and resident, at one time, at 
the court of Persia. He died unmarried. 
William, R. N. d. unm. 
Hbnrt-Wiluam, who inherited Kingswell, 
on the death of his father ; and Soulbury 
and the estates in Ireland (devised in 
1770, by Vemey Lorett, to the late baro- 
net), on the death of Sir Jonathan. 

Elimbeth, m, to Colonel Cameron. 
Melesina-Henrietta, m. to the Rev. Mr. 
Woodward, son of the Bishop of Cloyne. 
Franoes-Mary, m. to John Ashton Yates, 
esq. of Dingle Head, Lancashire, and 
Bryanstone Square, M. P. for the county 
of Carlow. 
I. Mary, m. to Richard Weekes, esq. of Limerick, 

and survived his widow, without issue. 
II. Eleanor, m. to Jonathan Darby, esq. of Leap 
Castle, in the King^s County. 

III. Jane, m. to John Bennet, one of the judges of 

the King's Bench, in Ireland, and d. leaving 

IV. Elisabeth, d. young. 

V. Susanna, m. to William Henn, esq. master in 
chancery in Ireland, son of William Henn, 
one of tbe judges of the King's Bench. 

IT. EUaabeth, a. to John Pigott, asq. o 
the Queen's Connty. 

The eldest son and heir, 

I. Sir JoMATHAH LoTRT, <rfUiODBibe,i 
of B uckingham, was created a Baeoxit * *. 
1781. Upon the death of his nnde Verm 
succeeded to the Irish cstatea, so that in 
the remnant of ttut estates of the Lovctt fi 
kingdoms. In die year 177t he endoaei 
field of Soulbury and Honinfdm, tad ei 
sums of money in the reperatioo of the 
Liscombe, which, from tlie non-rcaidcBoe 
for nearly a century, hed ftHcn iolo di 
Sarah, dan^ter of Jonathan l>ai%y, ( 
Castle, in the King's County, and had in 




Arabella, died unnuaiicd. 

He died ISth January, 181ft, 
KXPiRBD, and the paternal 
vol red upon his daughter as co-hdis»wlll 
at Soulbury and in Ireland, devised by T 
in 1770, passed to his nephew, Hm 
LovsT, esq. now heir male ef this tatdm 

Arsii—Quarterly ; first and £o«rlh,fa.1 
heads or, for Lovnr of Normsady; sms 
arg. three wolves passant, in pek at. i 

to Sir Robert Lovett ; who, from them, appears to have 
been a man or distingnivhed abilities, as tbe letters are 
Dpon very iinportaat subjects, and those of Charlks I. 
allude pxrticolarly to the times. One, the contents of 
which I wished my father to be infonned (»r (I begged to 
take an account in writing) : it was from the secretary of 
state, Sir Edward Nicholas, in the year 104*2. He writes 
tu Sir Robert Lovett as his old friend, wishing him to 
come to London, as he can assare him be will not have 
any ditficalty to obtain what he lone ago should have been 
in iioK^ession of. " I asked," said Mr. Sandby, " the late 
Mr. liovett, my patron, what that alluded to. He said, 
his father had told him, that upon the first creation of 
baroui'tit, he had been pn)ini.<ied to have been one. Why 
he had been omitted he could never learn, but that he 
attributes it to a disagreement he once had with Lord 
Sali-^bury upon some militia business; but of thi:( he was 
not certain. However, thinking himself very ill used, he 
retired into the country, and never went to court again. 
That npon hearing from Sir Edward Nicholas, he wrote 
tu thank him, but declined the honour on account of the 
largeness of his family, and that from the declining; state 
of his II >alth, he was unequal to undertake the journey, 
and which was really the ca^, for he died soon after. 
My patron, one of the best of men, never made anv ap- 
plication for what I told him, many times, I thoueht he 
had »uch gwxl pretensions. But his answer was always, 
I do nut luve oblieations, and a refiisal I should consider 
an iuMiIt ; let things remain therefore as they are." Mrs. 
Ijovett, in continuation, proceeds; " My father was 9o 
please<l with the account I gave him, that in a few days 
after, he \veu( to Liscombe himself. Upon his return, he 
said he was hichiy entertained ; that they were some of 
the most interesting letters he had ever read, and put 
many things in a different point of view from what he 
had before seen them In; that he had not time to go 
through the tenth part of them, but that he had promised 
to spend twu or three days with Mr. Sandby to look over 
them all. I do not remember his ever mentioning whe- 
ther he did so or not. Happening by accident, many 
years after, to find the above memorandum, and Mr. 
Ijovett, to whom Liscombe then behmged, being in 
England, (for the family have long resided in Ireland,) 
I t<M>k the first opportunity of inquiring after my old 
friends the arms and papers at Liscombe, but sorry am I 
to record tt^ir fate. He said upon the death of his elder 
brother, who died a few months before he was of age, his 

mother had ordered some new farallafe^ «l 
put into the house (as he istcndcd ksUhm 
sold ; but that by some nnfMrtaaate aiiia 
had sold the whole, old and new, and thit i 
remaining. That a blacksmith, who had ■ 
of tlie old armour, declared be believed h ti 
by the devil, for that he could maketo aie 
an equal degree of inattention, the papcn 
that the che!>t was left open, and that Ihraa 
could ever receive of them wai, that the 
made kite* of the letters, and that tbe taOs 
told him he had cut up many of tbepareha 
sures, and he believed others had doec ll 
there were very pretty pictures at the t 
(alluding to the illumined lettersj whkh 
his child. To the public probably the ka 
teresting, but to the family it is irrepanbb 

* This gentleman's grandmother, Madaa 
on the revocation of the edict of NstMS I 
with her youthful son. afterwards the e^ 
Gervais, who, on accoont of his gretl wl 
Dean Swift used to My was the only penoa 
of in company. 

i The origin of the creation of the title k 
— In the summer of the year 17B1, the li 
field having been some time absent fraai eoi 
by King Georor III. where be had beets 
a visit to Mr. Lovett, of BnckiaghaBihlre,* 
" Ah !" said the king, " ii that Levctt • 
they are of the genuine oM Nonuan breid; 
it that they are not baronets i woeM he ae 
Go tell him,'* continued tbe king. *« that If I 
it's much at his service ; tbey have ever ta 
the crown at a pinch." The coauaaakattM 
ingly made, and the baronebqtc aeccpusd; 
than, on going to court, was aol leas gndi 
nished at the cordial reception he aMC will 
not onl v shewing a perfect kaowlsdge af k 
of the loyaltv of tbe family, bat likewise i 
cular inquiries as to tbe content* of the • 
mentioned in the note below, as havfasg beri 
At a later period Sir Jonathan, who puMC 
fluence in the coenty of Bucks, was ofci 
but having lost his only survivlag ssa, hi 

le frval barony of Appleby^ 
> hiU it In Fornnci! (« »rt of uuliurj 
If TTyODU Jna CUBorflu .'^ Hi. I 
■IV* Bl Ldunn. km. tired ' 

J U U» pirliUHDi hdd xi Lin 

Ik* lUM nttB. Ha a. ■ dia(hUr nl 

M. <« CoBtarUDd. Mil hid t>a uu, 

^ Tkeau. OIK e( Uu juntitm of Iha 

Laaalot Thirkeld. kol. 

(ml affun belwna BugUsd irnd HcatUnd. When 
Uir;, Qutrn of Scot*, kii(1u uf«T in GngUud, uid 
•TTiTod ■■ CambcrUnd ITIh M>y. law. «wn BiJii. 
■nn HDl nrdm lo Kir Rlcburd Uiwtbir uceaicy 
her mijulv to Carliilo : but b* ■ubuqwiaili inciirivd 
i4*irTH'o dUplehODta by partaittuj^ llio Dnkfl of 
rUl tba ratal «ptiT(. Ee a. igti mtrentf 

•nnrx; bi> wtln. daofbtcr of Jobn BiiddliUu. 



111. Richard. 
IT. Chriftopher. 
T. William. 

VI. Launcelot (Sir), of Yonngston, in Kildare, one 
of the barons of the Exchequer, and a priry 
councillor in Ireland. 
VII. Robert, from whom descended the branch of 

Mamke, in Yorkshire, 
viii. Oeoriire. 

Sir Christopher m. secondly* Mary» daughter of Tho- 
lUHM Wilson, dean of Durham (secretary of state to 
Qtuen Eliza bkth), and relict of Burdett of Bram- 
cote, in the county of Warwick. He was /. at his 
decease by his eldest son. 

Sir John Lowthkr, knt. M.P. for Westmoreland 
tfuip. Jamfs I. and Charles I. He was knif^hted by 
the latter king, and was of his majesty's council for 
the goTcmment of the northern parta. He d. 15th 
•September, 1037, leaving by his wile, Eleanor, daugh* 
tor of William Fleming, esti. of Rydale, three sons 
and two daughters, viz. 

1. John, created a Baronet of Nova Sootiain 1G40, 
and was s. in 1A75 by his grandson, 

Sir John Lowthir, who was raised to the 
peerage in 1000 as Viscoukt Lonspalk, 
which dignity expired with He.nry, the 
third viscount, in 1750, when the estates 
devolved upon 

Sir Jamks Lowthkr, who was created 
Karl of Lonsdale, in 17A4, to himself 
and the heirs of his body; but having 
no issue, his lordship obtained a new 
patent in 1797, creating him Viscoi-nt 
Lowthir, with special remainder, 
which conferred the inheritance upon 

Sir William Lowther, of Swil- 
lington, present Clrt37) Earl of 
LoNSDAi.R. (Refer to Blrel's 
Parage and Jiarotutagi.) 
II. ('iiRisTorHr.K. 

III. WiLLUM, of Swilliiifttoii, unceatnr of the pre 
sent H\KL OK Lo.nsdam.. 

I. AgnoM, M. to Hdger Kirkhy, esq. 
II. Fraiire.t, m. to John DoiLhWorth. em]. 

TT)»? fccoiiil non, 

I. CiiRDsrui'HtK liOWTHra, ouq. of Whitt-havon. in 
CunihtTland, wan crratet a B^kdn^.t liy hina C'iiaklks 
I. 1 1th June, 1012. Sir Christcipiior m. Franrr.H, ilati^h- 
ter and heir of C'hristoplier LuncaMtcr, enq. of StiK'k- 
brii1g»r, in Wrfttnioreland, and had by hrr (who m. 
BtHTOiidly, John Lumplu):h, esq. of Lamplu^h, in Cum- 
berland,; a daughter, Francos, married to Richard 
Laiiiplugh, esii. of Hibtnn. and a son, his successor in 

II. Sir John Loutiiek, M.P. for Cumberland from 
3'i Chaki.k.s II. to 1*2 William III. and was one of the 
rommifiMioiiurs ot' t)ie Admiralty in the latter reign. Ilr 
m. Jam', daughti r of \\ Oulley Leigh, om}. of Adding; 
ton, in Surrey, and had i^sue, 

Cmhimui'IILK,') ^ • w 

, ' V succoMive baron rti*. 

J^MI..>, J 

Jane, d. unmarried 'i'th February, 17.10- 1. 

He d. in January, 1705-4), and wan .v. by his ehier hoii. 

III. SiK ClinisTiiPlll.R LonTlll.K, who died i!4Ktii>|e!>- 
2nd October, I7:{1, and wan «. by hit brother, 

IV. .SiK Jiwi:!» Lowiiii.K, F.R.S. M.P. lor Cuinher 
land /im//. (^uhh Anni:. <;m>K(;e I. Hud Ckorcp II 
\Wd. unmarried 'inil January. I7j5, when the IUkmn 

I. MY l.\ril(K|i. 

Arms Or, six annulets, thn-e, two, and one, i«a. 


Crpatid 8th Jan. 1714-15^— KSTmcT S3 

Sir Wiluam LowTRsa.knt. cT LetA^ 
of Sir John Lowther, kat. of LiiwAui 
Fleming, his wife (refer to LotiTHB or 1 
purchased the mmoor of Swflliactaa* ia 
York, of George. Lord Daroej and Cw 
possessed of Great Preattm and Uarfartl 
county. He was one of the oobboI ia t 
M.P. for Pontcfract from IMl to ISTtL 
daughter of Willimm Bnsfeild, of Lea 
and had Issue, 

WiLUAV, his heir. 

Richard, in holy ordem, ivctar of S 
in 170S, leaving by Margaret, kia i 
of John Adams, esq. of Rowdife. 
t^'O sons, 


Richard, rector of 
Prince of Orange, and miaisit 
lish church at Rotterdam, who 
cember, 1750, left 


Mary, m. to Mr. Vevera. 
Elizabeth, m. to Mr. Rohann. 
Jane, m. to Sir Francis Bland, bait 

Eleanor, m. to Richard Harrisao, es^ 

.Mary, m. to William Ellis, esq. «f i 

Frances, m. to Richard Beaamaot.f 

of Whitley. 
Agncrt, wr. to William Dawson, ^. 
Dnrothv, wi. to Robert Ka%iie«, f*| 


Sir Willi. till, uh" w.i» a iNininii**!-'''^ ^^ ' 
and bur}:!-— t in ],.tr1i.imi-nt i-.r I*-in 
CH\KL».!i 11. diei, aptl cishty. in Frhriir 
was s, by hist »t«iii, 

SiK W ii.i.i\H Lu\miii.r. int. •It (^nat r 
ritr of ^orkitliirt> in lii«i. .ind M I' (' 
He wa.- born in Aut:u»t, Kli!'. and dird'th 
170A, having had iMue, by Catkemiie> ^ 
ThtnuHs HarriHon, ernj. of I)anrrr'« HdL 
Cave, in ^ i»rk!«hire. five sons and iw» dai 
Wii.LiAV. hi4 heir. 
Kichard, of Leeds, mercbant. sk fa* 
daughter of Sir Christopher Uaais 
of Kirklington, in the county •( Y* 
condl>. Mitry, daughter uf Sir IsWf 
and had by the latter thxvc dM|M 
Catherine, und Kliiabtfth. 
ltob«rt, of Cdlverle}. 
CuKisTorHiR, sole cRecutor Is hit i 
left him an e»tate at Little PrrsMo.ia 
of York. Hem.|M« 
Maude, esq. of Ahrrnthurp. Wslifci 
croft, (."tee Ki RkiV i\*mmmirt, isl 
lie died in 17IN. leaving 
\\ 1 1 LI % « . of fjttle P mtu a. w* 
lingtiin and prebendary sf T«i 
here,ifter as heir to SirWJMn 
the second baroatt. 

Manila, OT. to George 
and had issue a son. (ksf|i * 




•tken]ic» a. to Henry, aon and heir of Henry 

Sliaciby, eiq. mMter of the Mint, 
lary, ■». to John Stanhope, esq. of Honforth* in 

the oMinty of York. 
Meet oon, 

HTiLLUM LowTBiB, esq. of Hwillinirton, high 
r of Yorkahire in 1097 and M . P. for Pontefract 
• reigna of William Hi. Queen Annk, and 
SB I. waa created a BAaoNir 6th January, 1714-15. 
QUbbb at. inabena, daoghter of Banaater, third 
Mayawrd, and had iaaue, 
TiLuaB, hie aoooeaaor. 

r» of Newcastle opon-Tyne, M.D. d. in 1743. 
ip (ovciuor of Snrat, d* Sm j9. 


d. omn. 

fllh Marrh. 1010, and waa s. by hia eldeat son, 
Sib Wiixub Lowtbbb, M.P. for Pontefract, 
■tt ia 1710, Diana, daughter of Thnmaa Condon, 
€ tkm coonty of York, which lady died iaaueleaa 
Sir William m. aecondly, Catherine, eld- 
of Sir William Ramaden, hart, but died 
Ucoenber. 1703, when the BAaoMTCY be- 
BXTI3ICT. Sir William bequeathed the eatate of 
bigtDB to hia oouain, 

!bb Rbt. William Lowthkr, of Little Preaton, 
Mctor of Swillington and prebendary of York, 
who, being created a 39nd Anguat, 
17AI, became Sir William Ixiwruaa, of Swil- 
Kngtoo. He m. Anne, daughter of the Rct. 
Charira Zoach, vicar of Sandal, in the county 
of York, and had two aona, 
William, who inherited the barony and via- 
coMBtyof Lowther on the decease of J amea, 
Earl of Lonadale, in 1801, and waa after- 
warda himaelf created Earl ok LoNaoALi. 
(See Bumac'a Peerage.) 
John, ot Swillington, created a Barokbt in 

M — Or. aix annnleta, three, two, and one, sa. 


AtBl> IMh June, 10117.— ExTi XT 3rd Feb. 1753. 


LowTMRR, r«q. aerentli aun of Sir Chriato- 
, knt. and Eleanor MuHi^ave, his wife 

IBB or Whitknatk.n), m. fint, a daughter 
llrr; and aecundly, Rlizabrth, daughter of Wil- 
Haicroft,eaq. of Laocaabire, by whom he had two 

Jehn, th« yuungrr, waa a mrrchant at Dantsic, 
■rryiag Mary , daughtrr of Colonri John Loarther, 
MM. The elder aon and heir, 
raOMT Lowthkr, eaq. of Marake, in the county 
ivfc, M.P. for Appleby in I07b 9. m. Margaret, 
MCT of Sir William Penu, knt. adroiriil to King 
l«a II. and waa s. by hia eldeat aurviving aou, 
VtLUAM Lowtmrr. eaq. of Manke, who waa 
Ri B Babomit by A'iag Wii.Lua III. ISth June, 

Sir William m. Catherine, daughter and heir 
•Mao Prvoton, eaq. of Holker, in l^ncaahire, (are 
IB'a Ctmmmitri, vol. i. p. 479, > and had iaaue, 
toMU. hia — cc e aaor. 

. la April, I7M, and waa $. by hia elder aon, 
SiB TiMMAa Lowthkr, M.P. for Lancaater, who 
Jaly. 1713, Lady Elisabeth Cavendiah, daughter 
aacond Duke of Deronahire, and dying 
M, 1749, waa t. by hia aon, 

u r 

III. SiB William Lowtbbb, who d, unmarried in 
17S3, when the Baronbtcy became bxtingt. He de< 
▼iaed Holker and the reat of the eatatea he had inhe- 
rited from the Preatona to liia cooain, Lord George 

Arms — Or, aix annuleta, three, two, and one, aa. 


•0th May, 1044. 

about 1088. 


In 1044 a Baronrtcy waa conferred on 
I. Sir Cbrvas LtCAa, of Fenton, in Linoolnahire^ 
deacended from an ancient family in that county. 
During the civil conflicta of the unhappy timee in 
which he lired, Sir Gerraa adhered with deroted at- 
tachment to the royal cauae, and waa gOTernor of 
BflToir Castle for A'iii; Charum. He died unmarried 
about 1008, and with him the Baronbtcy RxriRBo. 

iftrm.v— Arg. r chevron gu. between three ogreaaea, 
on a chief ax. a moor cock of the field between two 
croaa croaaleta fitchfte or. 


llthMar. ltfl7-8. 

10th Nov. 175». 


For the early dcacent of the LtCYS refer to BuBBB'ft 
History of the Commoners, vol iii. p. 97. 

Sia THuvAa LttY, knt. of Charlecotr, in the connty 
of Warwick, only aon and heir of Sir Thomaa Lucy, 
immortalized by Shakapean^ aa Ju»ticr Shallow, 
M. ftnit, DoroUiy, daughter of Nicholaa Arnold, eaq. 
and by her had a aon, Thomaa, who d. young, and a 
daughter, Joyce, wife of Sir William Cook, knt. of 
Highnam. Sir Thomaa m. aecdndly, Conatance, daugh- 
ter and heir of Sir Richard Kingamill, knt. of High 
Clece, HanU, and had a large family ; of whom, 
TiiOMAA, the eldeat aon, inherited Charlecote and car- 
ried on the principal line of the family; while the 
aacond m>u, 

I. Sir Richard Li'cy, acquiring, by intennarriafo 
with Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Henry 
Cock, of Broxbume, Hcrta, and relict of the Hon. 
Robert Weat. the eaUla af Broxburne, aettled tbeie. 
He rt^reived the honour of knighthood in 1017, and 
waa created a Baronkt 11th March, 1017-18. Sir 
Richard m. aecondly, Rebecca, daughter and co heir 
of Thomaa Chapman, eaq. of Wormley , Herta. By hia 




first wife he had a daughter, Conatantia, m. to Henrjr* 
Lord Colerain, and an only eont his suocessor at his 
decease ath April, 1087, 

II. Sir KiNOBXiLL LrcT, F.R.S. of Facombe, Hants, 
m. Lady Theophila Berkeley, daughter of George, 
Earl of Berkeley, and by her ladyship (who m. se- 
condly, Robert Nelson, esq. of London,) had a son and 
two daughters, rix. 

Bbrkblkt, his heir. 

Theophila, m. to Sir William Ingoldsby, bart. 
Mary, d. unm. 
He died about the year 1878, and was s. by his son, 

III. Sir Berkblby Lucy, F.R.S. who m. Catherine, 
daughter of Charles Cotton, esq. of BeresforJ, in the 
county of Stafford, and by her (who d. in June, 1740,) 
had an only surriTing daughter and heiress, 

Mary Lucy, m. to the Hon. Charles Compton, 
youngest son of George, fourth Earl of North- 
ampton, and had issue, 
Charlbs Compton,'! seTenth and eighth Earls 
Spbncbr CoxPTON.j of Northampton. 
Mary Compton, m. first, to Richard Haddock, 
esq. R.N.; and secondly, to Arthur Scott, 
esq. R.N. 
Jane Compton, m. to George, first Lord Rod- 
Catherine Compton, m. to John, Earl of Eg- 

mont ; she was created Baroness Arden. 
Elisabeth Compton, m. to the Hon. Henry 
Drummond, son of William, fourth Viscount 
Strathallan, and d. in IS 10. 
Sir Berkeley d. 10th November, 1730, when the Ba- 


Arm»—Ou. three luces (or pikes) hanriant arg. 


8th Jan. 1640-1. 

nth Dec. 1771. 


DoMiNiao Lovely, an Italian by birth, and of the 
bedchamber to Hbnry VIII. commanded a troop of 
horse and maintained them at his own expense at 
Boulogne for the use of the king. His son. 

Jambs Lomklin or Li'Mlby, was a merchant of Lon- 
don, and died at the advanced age of eighty-eight in 
1502, when ho was s. by his son. 

Sir Martyn, knt. sheriff of London in 1614, 
and lord mayor in 1823. He dipd in 1634, and was 
magnificently interred at Great St. Helens; the fu- 
neral directed by Sir Henry St. Gforgo, Sir William 
Le Neve, and others of the heralds. By his will, dated 
1st September, 1031, he gave to the churchwardens of 
St. Helens and their sncc4>S8ors for ever an annuity or 
rent-charge of £20, to b« issuing out of his messuage 
or tenement in the parish of St. John the Evangelist, 
London, upon trust, lor establishing a lecture or ser- 
mon for ever to be preached in that parish church on 
Thursday evening weekly from Michaelmas to Lady- 
Day, and the said churchwardens to pay the same to 
a goodly dirlne for preaching the said lecture; he be- 
queathed also £4 per annum for the use of the poor 
of the said parish. He m. Mary Witham, and was *. 
by his son. 

I. Martyh LoiLir, esq. of Bniftdd Mi 
county of Esaex, knight of that ihin fa 
Parliament, who wm ereatad a BaMuisr ) 
I. 8th January, lOM-I. Sir Martyn ■. 
daughter and heir of John Moredith, eaq. 
shire, and by her had an only dan^ter 
wife of Sir Roger Mortyn, bnt. of Urn 
county of Flint. He m* aeeoadly, Mary, 
Alderman Edward Anoyn* of London* i 
lady had a son, IdM simeiaoi in 16SI, 

II. Sir Martyn LuMrLiT»who as. Ann 
of Sir John Langham , bnrt. of Cottesihi u o lu 
in August, 170S (his wife tf. In lOM), wi 
only son, 

III. Sir Marttn Lohliy, who wedded* 
beth, dau^ter of Sir Jonathan Dnwea, ka 
of London, and had an only anrrivlnc c 
wife of Sir Stephen Andenon. He ■ 
Elisabeth, daughter of Richard Chambari 
Gray's Inn. and by her had 

Jame.s, his successor. 
Elizabeth, m. to the Right Rer. Dr. Ci 
of Bangor, and snrrived hie widow. 

Sir Martyn m. thirdly, EUiabeCfa.daaghlv 
Rawlinson, gent, of Sanacate, in LinmA 
12th January, 1710, and waa s. by his son* 

IV. Sir Jambs Ldmlbt, who died aaa 
December, 1771, when the BaaovircT I 


iiraif^Or, a chief go. (aane aa tbm dty 

Crratbd 0th Aug. ISSI.— EZTIJCCT Ulh : 


In 1821 a Baronbtcy was oonfemd en 
I. Sir Harry Nivi^n Lumsdbm, of Anc 
Aberdeenshire, but he survived the creatf 
months. He d. s. p. and the title of coon 


13th Oct. 1772. 


CoRNBLius Lydb, esq. of Stanton Wkk 

setshire, h. 2nd March, 1840-1 (son of Wi 

of Week, and grandson of another Wflfiai 

was bom in 1576), m. 16th May. 1681, I 

and by her, who d. 8th June. 17 lA, had isi 

Jambs, of Stanton Wick and of ttMOt 

merchant, baptised 8th June. 1871 ; 

daughter of MiAad Pope» alao if I 

d. 12th March, I73I. 

John, baptised 20th Jannary, 18734: 

Samuel, of London, M.D. as. Anna-Rei 
ter of the bniyomaater of Lryde o , 
and d. t. p. 




I l«M, laBl^cohnal of Bilitia 
m Tbglaift, aad wuftmnMdm in Um Hoom of 
JMliMM Itt that Mloay for King Willimm 
C— i t ty . H« A «. ^ iMTiag a widow, who m. 
^ Tiflof t oif • 
!MUL. of wboM pf to a a tly. 

ksyliiod Mch Jonnory, 1686-7, who 
tiM ostate of Ayot St. Lawrenoe, in 
ity of Hortnra. no m* finti in 17 lO* 
r. Jaaglrtor of John Poek, which lady d, 
u p, bB 1716; and Moondly, 36ch NoTomber, 
inr, Bichil, daachtar of Comalaiu Witteaom, 
■^ of Lndon. by whoaa, who d, in 178S, agad 
ll^ty-fMr, ho left at hia deceaae, lith July, 
ir4J» two danghttn, hia oo-hdn ; the elder of 

Earaux samod her ooualn, Sir Lyonel Lyde, 

pie d. tsch Joly. 1717, and was hoiiod at Chew 
k* fca SoBMvaetthire. Hla fifth eon, 
■BL Ltm, oiq. hapdaod Mth Fehraary, 10M, 
■lyor of the dty of Brirtol. He married two 
i hy Iko iraC whan ha married in Virginia, ho 

fiw King WUliam 
1 of a regiment in Virginia. 

Mown op in an engageaaent at 
oaa Ib hia piaeege to England in 1747. 

I OieBBd wifc. who waa an heireaa and died Mth 
Vf, infrJtf Mr. Lyde had iMoe, 

ni wham preeently. 
i, mm,,, at Briatol 3th Fehraary, 17t9-36p 
arh* m> Abbo« danghter of John Lewie, gent, of 
Uch^MBd, and left an only sanriring child, 
BacBKLt m. to the Rer. Jame* Wiggett, of 
Cradwkk, in Wiltahire. 

aan'Maria, ft. in 17tl, who ai. Chaancy Poole, 
«■%. af Brielol, and had iMue, 
HkholM Poole, who m. Martha, daughter of 
Coraelioa Denne, of Cheapeide, London, 
aad d, «. p. 
IfTORBi. PooLa, of Shirehamptou . in the connty 
of GfcMoeater, who aanuaaed the eurnaine 
aad anue of Ltdr, aa heir to his uncle Sir 
Lyancl. He d. : p. 

Aaaa'MAau Poolc, «. to Levy Amee, eaq. 
mayor of Brietol in 1780, who amunned the 
a«mama of Lti>i. and had iiaae MTcral 
aaaa and daughters. 

Lyde died in 1744, and wan buried at Brietol. His 
■■ by hia arcond marrtafe, 
LrmiiL Lroa, eeq. of Ayot St. Lawrence, born 
hml fth May, 1714, was created a BAaoNir 13th 
iir, 1771. He Ml. in 1747, Rachel, daughter and 
^ ef hie uicle Cornelias Lyde, esq. of Ayot, but 
p. ttad inly, 1701, when the title beranie bx- 
of Ayot St. Lawrence passed by 
r, Lyonel Poole, esq. of Shtrehamp- 
him to the family of Ames. 

8e 4a •■ eagle displayed doaUa-headed erm. 

i ■maher of the family was amongst the Ticlon at 
Wldm eC Poimaas, as vac of the eiqalret la imme- 
M^nilsBii apoB James, Lord Aadley, K.O. John 
off Usnl Aadley. son-la-law, and eTeatnally heir 
f said James, graatcd, ia coaiidcratloa thai John 
Maes Mackwufth were Taliaat men, and for the 
« n nil fill by Ibem ead their ancestors to the 
9 tenily, e part of the arms of Aadley, vii. |iaity 




Mth Dec. 1812. 

Slat Jan. I8S0. 


The family of Mackintosh, of that ilk, lineally de- 
scends from Shaw, second son of Duncan M^Doff, 
third Earl of Fife, and great-grandchild to Duncan 
M'Duff who slew Macbktb. This Shaw, being sent 
by MaijCOiji IV. in the year 1 103, to repress a rebellion 
in Morayland, which he effected in a most signal 
manner, was rewarded with the constabulary of the 
castle of InTornese ; and from hia reaidence among 
the people of the country who spoke the Gaelic only, 
was called Mac-in-toah-ick, that is to say, Thomaa, son 
or the principal and first man in dignity in the shire. 
He thus became the first of the name, and the pro- 
genitor of a loitg line of chiefs. 

I. iENKAS Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, the twenty- 
third laird, was created a BAaoNcr in 181t. He m. 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Ludorick Grant, hart, of 
Dalrey, in the county of Moray ; but d, s. p. Slat Ja- 
nuary, I8S0, when the title bocaBsa ■xtimct. The 
present chief of this ancient and diatinguished elan ia 
Ai^BXANoaa Mackintosh, twanty-aixth laird of Mack- 
intoeh. (See Bcbkb's Cnmmoufrs, toL iv.) 

A rm* Quarterly : firat or, a lion rampant gu. ; 
second arg. a dexter arm cooped feaeewaya, holding 
up a heart gu. ; third as. a boar's head or ; fourth or, 
a galley, her sails furled and oan in saltier sa. flags 


4th June, 1810. 

in 1803. 


Mackwobtr. in the county of Derby, gave naasa to 
this ancient family, which had been seated there lor 
sereral generations.* The chief of the line, who first 
settled in Rutlandshire, was 

Thomas Mackwohth, of Mackworth, in Derhyahlre, 
who by intermarriage with Alice Hasings, sister and 

per pale iodeatcd, tabic and ermine, a ebevroa, gales, 
ftrtte or, to be borne by the Mackworths and their de- 
•ccnUaats. Ia witness to which grant he pot bis wal of 
arnii, riz. Qmmrterlp ; /ir§t and /vmih, frttte, amd te- 
etnd and third, ermine, a cheyroa, circamicribed, JIJpU- 
lum JohamUa J/Jwdlejft iThis tfaaor of Marfcetoo, 1st 
August, 1404. 





heir of Sir John de Bsuiinga,* acquired a fair inheri- 
tance in that county, hat principally the town* and 
manors of Nonnanton, Empinghara, and Hard wick, 
which first place, thence forward, became the seat of 
the family. This Thomas was s, by his son, 

Henry Mack worth, of Normanton, who was sheriff 
of Rutland 18 Edward IV. and had two sons, 

JoHN,his heir, who predeceased him, leaving a son, 

GfiOROK, who inherited. 
Thomas, ancestor of the M ackworths of Betton, now 
represented by Sir Dig by MACi.woRTH,bart. and 
of the Mackworths who took the name of Praed. 
He was t. by his grandson, 

Georgk Mack worth, sheriff of Rutland 12 Henry 
VII. and 14, 93, and 20 Henry VIII. He m. Anne, 
daughter of Geffrey Sherard, esq. of Stapleford, and 
had a son, his successor in 1530, 

Francis Mackworth, esq. of Normanton, who m. 
Ellen, one of the eight daughters of Humphry Uercy, 
esq. of Grore, in Nottinghamshire,t and co-heir of her 
brother Sir John Hercy, knt. (who /I. s, p. 12 Eliza- 
RBTR). This Francis was sheriff of Rutlandshire in 
the 30th and 3Sth of Henry VIII. and 3rd of Queen 
Mart. He d. in 1557, and was s. by his son, 

George Mackworth, esq. who was thrice sheriff of 
RutlRml temp. Elizabeth. He m. first, Grace, daugh- 
ter of Ralph Rokeby, esq. seijcant-at-law ; and se- 
condly, Anne, daughter of Edmund Hall, esq. of 
Gretford : and was .v. by bis sun, 

I. Thomas Mackworth, esq. of Normanton, in the 
county of Rutland, sheriff in the 41 Elizabeth and 
7 James I. who was created a Baronet 4th June, 1610. 
Sir Thomas m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Henry 
Hall, esq. of Gretford, in Lincolnshire, and sole heir 
of her mother, one of the daughters and co-heirs of 
Francis Neale, esq. of Tugby, in the same county, and 
had four sons, viz. Henry, his heir; Francis (Sir), d. 
nnm. ; Peregrine, m. the widow of Alexander Moor, 
esq. of Grantham, barrister-at-law, but had no issue ; 
Neale, d. unra. Sir Thomas d. in March, 1025 0, and 
was s. by his eldest son, 

II. Sir Hrnky Mackworth, who rebuilt the manor 
house at Normanton, and huvinR uiarriod Mary.duugh* 
ter of Robert Hopton, esq. of Withani, and sbter and 
co-heir of Ralph, Lord Hopton,; had issue, 

I. Thomas, his successor. 

If. Robert, m. tinit in 1025, Elizabeth, daughtpr of 
John Hatcher, e!«q. of Einpingham, and had, 
Robert, of Huntingdon, m. Mary, daughter 
of William Dowse, uf the same place, mer- 
chant, and dying in 1733, left 
Thomas, who inherited as fifth baronet. 
Elizabeth, tn. to Lewis Smith, esq. of 
Great Gedding. 
He f Robert sen.) //i. secondly, Margaret, eldest 
daughter of Edward Corbet, esq. and had 
by her, a son whodf. youug, and a daughter 
Mary, the wife of Piercy Butler, esq. 
ill. Henry, m. Dorothy Hall, of Gretford, in Lincoln- 
shire, and hud two sons, viz. 

1. Henry, w. KathwiiM m fc uto .rf 
ham, and had Hsmry, rixth bai 
S. Thomaa, killed in a d«d. 
IT. Rdward, a merchaat, d. s. p. 
V. Gustams, m. Dorothy, vidow of TkoH 
Grey , of Groby, mother of Thonas, MC 
of Stamford, and dftnf^hter aad co4e 
ward Boardiier, fourth Eail Bath, I 
he had iasne. 
I. Margaret, m. to Philip Yoonf . caq. of 

in Shropshira. 
II. Jane, as. to Hugh Underwood, esq. of 11 
in the Isle of Wight. 
Sir Henry d. in Aug. IMO, and was «. by hisci 

III. Sir Thomas Mackwokth.M.P. for thee 
Rutland, from the 31st of Cbarlrs II. lo th 
his death. He m. first. Dorothy, daughter of 
George Darell, of Cale Hill, in Kent, and by 

Thomas, who died in hia father's lifetiae 
Dorothy, m. to John Wingfield.caq. of Tii 
in the county of Rutland, (refer to 
C4)mmimer»t toI. IL p. 470.) 
Utrechia, d. nnm. 
Sir Thomas wedded, secondly, Anne, d a a gh tef 
phrey Mackworth, esq. of Betton, in Salop, ai 
had to survive, 

Thomas, successor to his father. 
Jane, m. tn Abraham Rys, gent, of line 
and surrived his widow, israelfso 
He d. in November, lOM, and was t. by Us i 

IV. Sir Thomas Mackworth. If .P. for Ih 
of Rutland, in the room of his father, and r»« 
th«; 1st and 4th of Qurm Akkr. and two In 
roentsof George I. He d. unm. in Mar^ D 
his grandnephew (the grandson of his hatful 
rothy) the Rev. John Wingfield. of TrickcneMi 
his heir in blood, and the Baroitrtct defile 
his cousin and heir-at-law (refier to llobcrt.Be 
of the second baronet), 

V. Sir Thomas .Mace. worth, an apothecary 
ingilon, and alderman of that borough. Bs 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Maole, esq. ani 
her four daughters, 

Mary, m. to the Rev. Charles Nailoar. 

Ross, in Ireland, and had issoe. 

Elizabeth, m. to James Robinwn, of EI 

Sally, m. to Leonard Fausett, of Linooh 

ScKKY, m. to John Wilkinson, of Wisbei 

Sir Thomas m. secondly, Mary, relict of the 1 

Waller, uf Great Stoughton, in Huntingdoaii 

daughter of the Rev. Leonard Reresby, of 1 

in tlie county of York, but by her had no iss 

d. 17th October, 1709, and was «. by his nnd 

to Henry, third son of the second baronet.} 

VI. Sir Henry Mackworth, who m. E 
daughter of the Rev. Edward Lamb, rector ti 
Norfolk, and dying 1 tth Jan. 1774. was «. by 

VII. Sir Hknry Mackworth, one of the : 
upon the poor knights' charity, in the Chartc 

* Sir Juhu dc Basings, son of John, ion of Thomas, 
bv Margaret, bis wile, ddiightiT and heir uf Thomas do 
Normanville, son of Ralnh, wm t»f Thoma5 de Norman- 
vjlle, who ilied trmp. Hknky III., whose ancestors, 
soon after the Conqnest, were lionls of Normanton, and 
were also sealed at Kenerton, in the hundred of Black- 
borne, in Kent, until their male issue fnilin^, both that 
estate and this in Rutland, went with an heiress to the 
Basings, a family of i;reat note and antiquity, descended 
from Adam de Basinc, lord mayor of London in 1251, 
whose habitation in the city, occupied the place where 
Blackwell-hall was erected; from him the street and 
ward adjoining were denominated Basine's-hall Street, 
and Basin'j's bail Ward. 

> By Elizabeth, daughter «ir Sir John Difb] 

; Sir Ralph Hopton, K.B. was creaird a 
consequence of a victory he had then achieved 
parliamentarians, at Stratton, in CnniwaB. Lo 
TON. qf StrattoH, with remainder, defiah of ■ 
upon his uncle. Sir Arthur Hopton, knt. who hi 
deceased his lordship, the barony expired, and I 
devolved upon his sisters, as co-heirs, m. 
I. Rachel, m. to — Moraan, esq. 

II. Mary, m. first to — Hartop, and tnam 

Henry Mackworth. 

III. Catherine, m. to John Windbanheiq. 

IV. Mars;aret, tit. to Sir Baynhin Thrapaar 

Bi Kkr's tatinct Pm-oge. 



r« he dMd faw d e M in 1M3, when the 

ty per pele, tadeated, Mble and ennine, 
leSf nrecn ov* 



inh Jan. 1811. 

icrnwrnaon, esq. younger son of Dr. John 
D.D. an eminent Sooctiah diTine, by a 
laclcodi of Bemire, haring been appointed 
the anpreme council of Bengal, in 1780, 
leaeral on the return of Warren Hutingi 
in 1781, reoeired, erentnally, the unani- 
•f the court of director*, for hie conduct 
I waa created a BAaoNBT S7th January, 
hn returned to Britain in 1787, and sate 
t afterwards for the borough of Horaham. 
fth January, IMl, when the Babonbtcy 


ad only brother, Thr Rev, 
MacrHBBaoK, m. Misa Mary Mackinnon, 
■ychatican. This gentleman is mentioned 
Dr. Johnson, in hiaTour to the Hebrides : 
house waa filled with company, among 
Mr. Macpheraon and his aister,* distin* 
I tbemseUes by their politeness and ac- 
ihawnts. By him we were incited to 

ty per fesse or and axure, a lymphad or 
dls furled, her oars in action, of the first, 
r chief point a hand couped. grasping a 
t upwards, gules; and in the sinister 
croaalet Atchbt of the last. 



nth I>cc. 1710. 


in M«bDOK, esq. of Wonnley, Herts, was 
laontT nth Mstrcb. 1075-0. He m. Doro 

thy, daughter of Sir William Glascock, knt. but had 
no aon. He d. 14th December, 1710, when the Babon- 


A rmi Per pale as. and gu. two lions paaaant in 
pale or. 


SSad Not. 1000. 

7th Not. 17M. 


Randlphus, a noble Norman in the train of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror t one of the soldiers of fortune, 
who acquired as their share of the spoil, the county of 
Chester, had, for his immediate diriaion, fifteen lord- 
ships there, amongst which was Pbubb (afterwards 
Over- Peover), His son and heir, 

RicHABD DK Masnilwabbn, was father of 

Roobb dk Masmilwabixo, who gaTe Plnmley, to the 
Abbey, of St. Werbnrge, in Chester, when he made 
his son, Wide, a monk there ; his other sons, William 
and Randle, being witnesses, which grant, with many 
others, Richard, Earl of Chester confirmed in 1110, 
19 Henby I. His great-grandson, (the descendant of 
his son W^illiam), 

Sib Ralfu db Masnilwabiko, knt. justice of Ches- 
ter, teutp. RicHABD I. m. Amicia, dau|^tert of Hugh 
Keveliok, Eabl op Crkstbb, and left a son and heir, 

RooKB Manwabino, of Warmincham, in Cheshire, 
who conferred by deed upon his younger son, Wiluam, 
temp. Hbnby III. the esUte of Over Peover, which 

Wiluam Manwabino, fixed in consequence, his 
habitation there. He had seTera] children, and waa s, 
by hia eldeat son, 

William Manwabino, of Orer PeoTer, living in 

William Manwabino, of Over PeoTer, (son of 
Roger Manwaring and Christian de Birtles,) living in 
19 Kdward II. m. Mary, daughter of Henry Daven- 
port, and was s. by his elder son, 

William Manwabino, of Over Peover, who m. 
first Joan, daughter and heir of William Praen, of 
Baddiley, near Nantwich, and had a son, William, 
his heir. He wedded, secondly, Elisabeth, daughter 
of Nicholaa Leyrestrr, and sister of John Leycester, 
of Netlier Table y, by whom he had 

,, ' \ both Lords of Orer Peover. 

Thomas, 1 

Alan, Miving in the 38th of Edward III. 

Richard, j 

Eiiioia, m. to Richard Winningtun, son and heir 
of Sir Richard Winnington. 

I cwM i d e n !klslad> to be a legitimate daagh- 
rl of Chceler, bat Sir Prtcr Leicester, in hit 
ocally desks the fact. " I cannot bat raii- 
) the boldnefs and Ignorance of that herald, 
Malawariag (Ule of Pecker) the elder, the 
the Earl of Cbeitei't arms; for if he oncht 
ancr that cuet, then ma»t be he desrended 
\t to the Earl of CbtMer, bet be was not ; 

for the cu-hein of Earl Hu^h married four of the greatest 
peem in the kinKdom." I'pon ihi^qiu-ktifm of legitimacy, 
a paper wan entacd between Sir Peter Leicester and Sir 
Tbomai Main waring, and the matter was finally referred 
to the jodges, of whose decision W'wd thos records: 
'* At an assise held at Chester in I07A, the controversy 
wa« drrided bv the lastices itinerant, who, as 1 have 
beard, adjadi>ed the right to Mainwariug." 





Ellen, M. to Ralph, gnndaon of Richard Vernon » 

of Shibmok in Chenhire. 
Joau, m. to William Legh, of Baggiley. 

This William, who waa styled. ** William Manwaring 
the elder," 33 Edward 111.* died in I3(H, (Elizabeth, 
his widow, waa liTingin 1405,) and was i. by his eldtst 

WiLLi.i^i MAKWARixG,of OrerPeoTer.who wedded, 
firtt. 'in 136G.': Catheriije. daughter of John Belgrave, 
of Cheshire, and secondly, Clementia Cot* 
ton. but had no issu*'. In the 17th nf Rich«rd II. his 
seal bore the arms of the family without distinction, 
lis. " arg. two barrs gu." inscribed about S. WiUuimi 
Mapttuarimc. For at that poriod, the eld«r house of 
Warmincham was extinct, and dwrilred to a daughter. 
He maitc his will in 1.1M, wherein, amongst other 
matters. he bequeaths hiji body to be buried in Aghton 
Church, and his picture in alabaster to rover his tomb 
in the said church : piling to the NtiJ church, a part 
of ChriKt'* cross, m-hich the wife of Handle Manwaring, 
his half-brother, had in her custody, shut up in wax : 
to the chapel of Over PeoTer, he gave I.' nam tt^am dt 
Mutto yt ,liat ind€ ttftimtmtum i'jidcm. He left also 
a competent salar\ for a chaplain to celebrate masses 
for his Mul in the chapel of St. Mary, in Aghton 
Church, for neven y^ars. He d. in 131<fl, auil was .%. by 
hb half brother. 

JoH> Mi>w«Ri^c., of Over Heover, who m. about 
13 Riin\RL> II. Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir 
John StaTord. of Wigharo, and widow of Sir John 
Warren, o: Pointcn. in Cheshire, but had no issue by 
h«.r.* Thr lung granted to this John, all the lands 
and gooiisi of Sir Hugh Browe, which the said Hugh 
had forfeited by his rebellion, dated IS Augusti, 4 
Hr^RT IV. He John waitrd on the prince, after- 
wards Hi.NRT V. and he was made sheriff of Cheshire 
,i^Mamdiu m»bi* placMtrit 18th September, -t HiXRY 
IV. and c-mtinucd in nftre 5th and 6th of the same 
kin?, in which writ, the Karl of Chester chills him. 
arm;£f*rM": >uur%. He had aUo .in annual pt-nj^iou frnm 
Hr\RY 1^. L'f twenty mark». and via* cou»titut*d, 
vk\\\i M..:*h'W Ucl Mff"'. aii'^ 'lii<iu)»s Mr\-li.twe. 
nul.:« » • ! :h- s..\A «':• ;;^-r\ .ii ( .i *t«T. h-w iirt. /it«wii 
•'.•« . I; ".."■•. r» HiNKY IN. H>r <^. Ill 1 1U>. iiiid wa.1 >. 

K »\- . r M *\u \r:>". f *.:- "f Hier I'l ••\fr. wh«> m. 
y\.iT^\T\. uii'.i--« i{ Kii'h.ird i>uck.l>\. nI rh*-dtll, in 


Cbeahire, uid daafbter of Hagk ^tmaM 
Kinderton, ftiid had iMtoe, 

JoBM 'Sir>, 

Ralph, frflfin whom cbc Xaai 

Cham, in Cheshire. 

dote of the 

Roger MsKWABisic, Kctb 
tiaed in 1673 : mu inc. EBahi 
of Joahua Raidifc. «q. of T«4 
had by her n son and heir, 
I. JsiiKS, who tf. r. ^ 
garct, his wif«, ( 
bam, esq. of Svencabi 
RucBB. who 4. *. fu 
He M. secondly. Fraaeea, da 
Potts, of Xoatoa, aad dyi^ ia 

u. JoBji. of Kermmcham. 
child. EKuWth. a. J«i 
esq. of Sandbacb. 
Francies. m. to Jnha I'ai 
Cottage, in YooghalLB 
of Cork, and had issof. 

I. JuMK - Ma.^waaiRfl 

who at. Vary, dm 
Rer. Dixie Bhodi 

"i. Catherioc Vaiadf. 
John Robert Piifti 
Greem Pari.iatti 
Cork, and tkeir i 
Roger Maaosnif i 
mmed. ia IMf . ifei 
and anm of Mm* 
desire of his fifiM 

.1. Francis I aiackt. •• 
Turner, rsq. «f k 
PU-r. Bitb 

Mwrv.m to l..r!*4-i J-*** 
.:. •. ;• II-. !**»•. 

i .ttl.«»Tiii«'. "I T.Tpt. .a '**»■ 
H>rrinj, ♦■»; •» P-»"« ** 
1\. Ill ir:* r.. Th-»»i» U" 

•ll»l> ■ I K ith 


" ■' H» '< .ill ; MiJh hi« n'Jl «<l arm*. iiii»-l ii^iwlh. 
t-.iK b.>-«, wi:^ 4 lioii p.i*«dii(. in rhiti. inociibtii aboui 
iht "c.*!. A ^ ■•'". It t'.!f!'ni lit l/i2v»iir«jriHj,v . whiih cuat 
• •I I'.::;* ■ • j.'.\t. i:s >i.«'u.c:i- :i fri m M4ii».*.ili>2. ut \\ At 

V »iiw I--,'.. . I I ii\« t r. ,\. . »«>!!i:i> II. I •»■• Piirr* •■rl_\ . 
in It-t u..i.>i Ku'HiK' II. i« !'• XI hvir iiMi* . lia^iii,: 
« I! Ill* » •: •;!:!:«» h -'r'. wr.i: • Ih-ii in i l.i« 1." 

•• n. r»\ M.«ri»i* W iniiiii;:!<»n. 

•irt»- ••iiii^ ;.■ ..••.» {[ , k.r^ .»:■ ; km.;'! iii hi I !• -Ii- 
iirn'x. 1. ; Mil!, i, . • '■ |». ii!.;-'i«< r.' •'., u !• r I.C.I •'IrtKl. 
.lit I ■ i-:> I* ■{ I .. : •> •.ihiti.««. 'I,, .ir 'i w t« iti^.iMtM I" 

t « • ■■i • (•! \ <'i\ ; ■• •• "II n!. ••» •" • • H>>vii *» r. "'I 
kii'; ••.■• r ii'f I « -I'-: • |.:ir. i*.- .■%» hw.i iU« r;- h 

. ■. In I4U. Ellm. dioibMr of 
■gkMt-af titwmtytia LancHbiro, 
la AOn'i liftUinc. ltd * hn. 

M- W U* (TIIDlUlllMr. 

t*m. u Plan Wtrbunon. mm 
ittgnj 4> *Hty. 
•OB ud tulr srjolm Aati- 

n lit^ AdIlDguni, anr] 

ed>r»d, fniia whom Awaiid Iba MliBwannga "< 
Whitmon. iu !lu(rord*Un: of Knmtweiitk , 
laChaihirc; and of Oulay. in ShnpahiH. (Set 

Rstwn. uicatoF of Ihe UanirariniEa of Ucnsn 
Sanda. in Chcahin. About iIk nliUla of (b* 

•aveBlnnlb etntaiy, Cbadci Hanwarini. am- 

aud rran iha FlEMwonda Ibc hum paaied 10 lb« 
ChalmnadFla^a of Vale Rot*I. 

ir. la. in tnl, u WltUau, aan oT Hum- 
Nnwtan, tw|. dT PowuII. 
II atirrilt sf PIlDUliin ia Ml*, lad died 
r. at ibe agn ol (ony Htc. He wa* >. b; 

>loD, Df Malpaa, and widow of Hlcbard Obalmoti' 
d«]pf > tm- oT ChalmoDdal#y> lu Ctaealun, ud bad 

, MtnuiaUT, a>. to Sir Anhui Mmwuuk, int. 

or IgbKcild.! in Sbropahin. 
. BuiiicTU, at. &nl, to Paler Sbderler, w). of 

Hoabu.iBAIloatDck.CIinblic; and xcntuU), 

V, in CbaJ 

eondl,. ii 

I. Blita) 

IB. CallirrilH Honford, alMar 
f.«f RaBford, in Chaabln. a 

t Sir Ralpb LcjoHlcr. of Toft 

'eild«l. aacondly. Sir Ediniiiid TnlTard. of TlsSbrd, 
ad DO Dtbtr laiar. Ha d. Otb SepUuber. lift, and 
1 deruilt of mala Ihiu. vaa t. lir hia bntbar, 

jinr, daBihlei al Sir Ralpb [«TCciIar. of Toft, and 

Rdou <Slrl. bia balr. 
>:dmiii>d, of RaamoTt. d»t Nantwleh. 
EllaabMh, d. i. p. 
Had. nib April. IIM, ud waa j. »y bia alder hh. 
" - Riaoui llaiiwiiiHa.knl.of Orar l>M*cr, wbo 
il, Uirgnral, diogblR of Sir Kdvatd fltlnD, al 
ewortb. Id Chcature, aametiBa Iraaaurtrof Irv- 
in Iha time of Bliaabrlh, anil bail [laac. 

i Ha(h Masirarlai, fnn 
, .. Jmwm, Mar HtddL-kb ; 
[ 1 Naflb Hud, oKikH bauard 
■I, (iM lima buanl dmuhlen. 
• CiaaUBbnacb.JaaBll'it- 

' ion, UalB- 

baildl it Chntaay, In avnr. wbn 

— wdtbtbf' lay. and ndiarr (bay had fbrmarly ai 
_id aaM. Sir Rkhaid Slaili ifedltalt4 to kiia t 
nlana of iKa Tailat. 


Koiar. .. KliHbtCh. d«cfcwr .M * 

ef Hough, in CbtibHt. 

dlirlaa. el Staipc«D, ia 

CitbniDB, M. tD Sit Edward Snalry, of Bicker- 

•off. la UHut><re. 

ilnory. I>. Snl *IIC«I. MM; ■» «n 

EUulKtb. ■>. In lolI. to Peur Lcycnirr. f>]. -1 

Uiini. <miy doacbMr ol waUw H 

NWl«r T»bl«», 

d«tw«. etdM ■■ at SUr »■«. 

bun. of Vevby. bM di^ taCm 1 

Sir Rindl* «. wcondl;, Cs(l]«r<i». nidoo of William 

Tboiau, t»Tui« hi> sWb wrirnli. w 

BTrnton, wq. of Honford, in Cbethir*. ud dumrhltr 

d»>h of hn b»cbf«t.4»». MrTkr 

Df Hoisr Hurlutoo. of Cli»ur. T1ii« g«iaem»ii re- 

bnUi Ihe bull. ■[ Ovor P«i'*i in IWe. Ha *•* iht- 

riff ot ChMlilr, in INJ. .nd dyii.) lltb Hit. 1b1». 

in E-«.uidb»hl»h^.-«, 

wu «b.riir of U-orick. )o irelud. iu IHM. tt. I«r 

Tbo»« Unm.«M, ». *ta tl»id 

bli fttbrr Hr»d (ha offlcc for Chnhin. ftir which 

tiraty li'Hb-nkni ibd niftiiit of «(bi hH 

Che>t« It Ihr •uh Udk. He m. Juc, diuihlcr sf 

Non»h>T. i;w. .nd «■• •. bf ht> -fc 

Sir ThamM Smith, tf Hunch, and had iMne, 

M>. H.I Ti...*" MtiH .■■>«. *« •> 

QtKwte. of Hinhall, llring in IIUKf. m, Elliibclb. 

daoghUi of RiAcTi Tattoo, nq. of WlUwoohiw, 
and rclioiof John Latbom, caf. of Winatnir, in 

AuguM. IMi. m. tMb Mm*. IIMI. MmK 
danfhur wd cnhalr of WiUlaH lJtJ.w< 
(on. in Pljnuhin, but by bvr fiab*^«^ 
ward Hainoanui. •■4. <>( W l lifJ II 

■r Mmmdk 1 Stgka Nijlud, la SufUt, 

Hub, of lb* Ibbct Temple, tulm of Ow 
> m. KliidMb, d»|lilcr of Williuo AlilOD, 
Is S*«blk, ud bid Bn miu ud 
Hi. gMM Hn, 

n, ta Ken, m. Kkuor, 

>• Bbwud-Uiviu, kb heir. 

>. HouiM (8tcj. heir u hi* braUw. 

L C»>fmin. of Eftma, in K«ii, H.P. fm Haid- 

■MB«, Hk Auih, dHufbter of Jobn CmfDrTi 

■•f. ■< A« dtj of LondOD. ud bid am tnr- 

vtviBf HB >ad fimr dauf htcn^ tia^ 

I. Umitid, wba t. Ill* ODde Sir Hondo. 


. Ali«, t. IIM May, ITIB; ■ 
. >UBh. t.lnlTW; d. gon. 

ud Kioii't Rit, iiiu'c 
Blibop of Lichlcid ud Co< 
■* tbfl dcccaad of biB appt 
>«r>wi fouitb Karl Cornwi 
Klaasw, ■. ta Tbrnnai Powi 
■w, ai. IS Sir John Toiiana. 

mu, tiukar in Lndan. ■■. RleaDor. 
■CT of Joa. Harlin, «q, uiil hid 

■I. ID the Her. Pnmria Hendtr 

■ /. In IIM, aod «a> i. by hi 

ilpocrtitiary al 

If Hon 

^•.vWt* h* had midFd IxTtjin )Fan, and 
t »7 hk arrb** 'th» only hh of Cllfridu.), 
*•■ Hmitw Mm, M.p. fnr Hasdoi. h. >bii 

*». tnt. b> adrd a> pmy at tha imlallalian 
■«Mfa Sir Monti* ai bnitbt of Ibc Haih. and 
^4 *■ Ihr oceulaa ih« bonour of toighlhuud 



Ml Jnu, tT»T. 

Gauiui Minnoci, eaq. who m. Catherioc, daaghter 
of Tbomaa WaldgnTC, mq. of J^mallhridfEC, and djinf 
Mid Auguil. IHI. vai J. by biacldait ami. 

and bad aeiml Muii. He d. dlh July, (I Philip and 
M*BT. The iBquialtioo, tatm th« (dUawinE Scptsm' 
bar, acta forth thai be died Sth IuIt poit, aclinl oftba 
manon of Holian Hall. Raymu, (iiOordi. and Cbaa- 
Fraud., Ua 

lu Fitcb. cw|. of Littia CanBr 
ool,'.^. '■ ' ""*' " 

y. daufbtsr of Wil- 
■D Eaan, and diad 

. wrar^ daughter*. 

bia falhrr'a death. Il« ai. Klbeldird, daaibtcr of 
Pardinaado l'arya,e«i.or Liiilon, in Cuubridxeabira, 
and a. tnh Hanb, II Jirni I. Me ira* t. by hii 
eldeat ton, 

I. FaiKirii MiHN(K?(,«i. arGiflhrd'a Hall. In Snl- 
folk, wbo wu cnaMd a Biaokn' by Afiif C'Hiiaua I. 
IM June, ion. Sir Francia m. DoTDiby, dauihter of 
Wnuam Saandera. oq. of Bloftrld, in Norfiilk. ud 
had Ibrte auna, FaiKcia, William, ud John, wllb ■ 

Hary,AauKbIrrof Si 

LI Biaibupp, bflFI. of 

Mary. ai. to Jobn Frlrr, eaq, of Fidlen, in Bh«, 
•on of tlie Hon. John Prlrr, foDRb aun of tba 
aenind Lord Prtrr, and I* now repraaentod hy 

Catherine, ai. to John Newpnn.eeq. of Pelham, 

o Rohan Rtricblaod. aaq. 



Audrey, m. to Peter Ljrnch, esq. 
Sir Fnnris d, Mth April, 1680, iind was «. by his eld- 
est son, 

111. Sim WiLUAM Mannock. who m. Ursula, daugh- 
ter of Hknrt Nktil alias Smith, e»q. of Holt, in the 
county of Leicester, and had issue, 

Francis, his successor. 





Etheldred, m. to Henry Timperley, esq. of Hinc- 
klesham Hall, in Suffolk. 


Sir William d. 36th January, 1713-14, and was s. by his 
eldeHt son, 

IT. Sir Francis Mannock. This gentleman marriotl 
Frances, daughter and heir of Gi-orge Yates, esq. of 
North Waltham, in the county of Soutliampton, and 
bad issue, 

William, his successor. 

Francis, inherited as serenth baronet. 

Thomas^ who «. his brother Francis, and was 
eighth baronet. 

George, ninth baronet. 

Ursula, m. to James Nihell, esq. 



He d. 27th Augiut, I7jS (his widow 18th May, 1761), 
and was i. by his eldest son, 

V. Sir William Mannock., who m. first, Teresa, 
daughter of Anthony Wright, esq. of Whaleside, in 
Essex (a banker in Coveiit Garden), but by that lady 
had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Robert AUwyn, esq. of Treford, in 
Sussex, by whom he had a daughter, Mary, m-ho died 
an infant, and a son, Willi am- Anthony, b. 28th May, 
1730. He d. 16th March, 1764, and was s. by his s^on, 
▼I. Sir W'illiam-Anthony MANNorx, uho rf. uiim. 
24th March, 1776, and wus s. by his uncle, 

▼II. Sir Francis Mannock, whom. Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Stonor, esq. of Watliug Park, iu the 
county of Oxford, but dying issuek-ss l/tli Septemlier, 
1778, was i. by his brother. 

Tin. Sir Thomas Mannock, who wedded, first. 
Mary, daughter of Georgc-Brownlow Doughty, esq. of 
Snarford Hall, in the county ot Lincoln ; and second- 
ly, Anastasia, daughter of Mark Brownr,eiiq. uf East- 
bourne, in Sussex, but d. $, p, 'iiid September, 1781, 
and was s. by his brother, 

IX. Sir George Mannock, who was killed by the 
orertuming of the Dover mail, 3rd June, 1787, and 
dying issueless, tlie Baronetcy rxpiiied. 

i4riN.\>-Sa. a cross flory arg. 


3-ind May, 1611. 

2fKh Nov. I7!^0. 


Philip ue Mansel, stated to have come into England 
with the Conqueror, m. h lad> named Mountsorrell, 

and had sevenl ciiildm. Ftaai Us t 


Henrt Mansil, dewmteA 

Sir John Mamsil, knt. who ftgnci 
dnguished manner in the icign of He 
was at one time dianodlor oC honSmm, i 
Beverley, afterwards treasurer of Yeri 
lord chancellor to tiie kluf. He was t 
ployed upon the moet fanpotlBBt flmi| 
the pope, to the King of CaatHe. aad < 
But one circumstance alone estaMishee 1 
ence ; in the 46th of HaiiaT III. there 1 
prehension of his stirring up strife beCi 
and his peers, Henrt wrote to the pofc 
that he was innocent. He m, Joan, daag! 
Beauchamp, of Bedlord, and had a son i 

Sir Thomah Mansil, knight banneiel; 
ing to Holltnshed, was taken prisoner, 4 
at N orthampton. His son, 

He>ry M«nsbl, settled, fcwp. Edws 
morganshire, and was father of 

Sir Walter Manskl, knt. who hdd 
WARD 1. in capUe, the manor of Mine 
county of Bucks. He was bvied it I 
Church, iu Lrf>ndon, and was great-gn 
great-great-grandfather of 

Richard Mansbl, esq. of Miasenden, i 
daughter and sole heir of Philip Scail 
Scurlage Castle, in the county of GlaBM 
s. by bis son. 

Sir Hugh Mansbl, knt. whose wife w 
daughter and heir of Sir John Pcarysi 
Ox wick and other large territories in 
shire, all of which accrued to Sir Hagi 
lady was father of 

Richard MANSLL,esq.of Oxwick,whe 
daiighter of Hamon Torberrile, of Pea 
morganshire, and was s. by his son, 

John Mansel, esq. of Oxwick, whose 

Philip Mansel, esq. fell in the war 
and was attainted. He si. Mary, dan^ 
ap Nicholas, esq. of Newton, in the o 
martheii, and had a son und heir, 

Jrnkin Mansel, esq. who procarrd a 
father's attainder and a restoration in bk 
He m. Edith, daughter and co-heir of Sir i 
knt. of Kent, and had issue, 

Rice, his hf ir. 

Hugh, M. J aue, daughter and co-he 
Owgan, of Kent, and left a sen, 
Robert, groom of the bedchaa 
Hlnry Mil. 
Philip, m. Anne, daughter of Willi: 

Alice, m. to John Drew, of Bristol. 
Anne, hi. to David ap Rees Wyna.c 
Jane, M. to John Wyun ap Jenkia > 
Elizabeth, m. to Christopher Flemjn 

The eldcHt son and heir. 

Sir Rick Mansel, received the hono 
hood U'fnre the 27th of Henrt VIII. i 
he wai) sent with a supply of soldien in 
»i8sist thn lord depnty in Kiippressing a n 
iu that kingdom by the Earl of Kildare. 
year he had a grant ftir life of the cham' 
Chester, and in u few years after a gra 
of the monastery of Margam, in the o 
morgan, and the royalty of the Avon i 
and his heirs. He m. first, Eleanor, i 
sole heir of James Basset, esq. of Beanpi 
left no hurt iving issui*. He wedded, set 
daughter of Sir Giles Bruges, knt. of Co 
county of Gloucester, and by her had th 




Ilia UfetiaM, and two davfhtert, wheraof 
rrired ; namely. Catherine, wife of Wil- 

CH. oT Beanpre ; and KUsabeth, of Wil- 
a, e»4. of LajBtamam, in the ooanty of 

Henu thirdly, Ciody, daughter of WU- 
{eoout, and had 

, hu mioccaeor. 

r, m. to Elisabeth, daughter of John Bat- 
4. of Lanthrithed. 

a. to Sir Thomaa Southwell, knt. of Up- 
in Norfolk. 

and teetaaent beara date lOth December, 
t probate thereof 10th May, 1589. Hewaa 

BO Mansbl. who had receired the honour 
id in 157% waa chamberlain of Cheater, 
of great honour, integrity, and courage, 
ig himaelf in nuiny aerrioea daring the 
iaABBTM. He M. Lady Jane Someraet, 
ighter of Henry, Earl of Woroeater, by 
d. Iflth October, 1597,) he had iaane, 

> who waa created a Babombt, and waa 
r of the brandi of Trimaaran. 
Sir), knighted by the Earl of Eaaez for 
OUT in the capture of the town of Calaia 
, and having aignaliaed himaelf in acveral 
itera, waa made Tioe-admiral of the fleet 
Ig Janaa 1. in which aution he waa con- 
by CiiaaLBa I. and lived to a very old 
■ch cateemed for hia great integrity, per. 
oarage, and experience in maritime af- 

ied, leaving a aon, 

I, m. to Sir Walter Rice. knt. of Newton, 
■arthenahire, and had iaane. 

to Rowland WUliama, eaq. of Llangiby, 
MNUty of Monmouth, and had iaaue. 
to Chriatopher Turberrille, eaq. of Penn- 
ed had iaaue. 

. to Edward Came. eaq. of Naahe, and 

raa $. by hia eldrat son, 
MAasBL. eaq. of Mergam, in Glamorgan- 
Ysted a BAHoikCT 22nd May, 101 i. Sir 
irst. Mary, daugbter of Lewiii, arcond 
int : and aecomily, Jane, daughter of 

eaq. By the Utirr be bad a dau^btrr, 
>f Edward Stnulling, e»q. and by the 
id thrre aona.* Sir Thomaa d. ttotb I)e- 
aud waa 1. by hia aon, 
wia Mansbi., who wedded, firat. Lady 
fdsey. daughter of Robert, firat Karl of 
I aunt of Auiwuffos Srvsk\,hui by that 
ooe. He m. aecondly, Katbenne. daugb- 
Iward Lewia. of Van, in tbe county of 
J whom he had two daugbtera, Jane, m. 

H'ogan, eaq. and Blanche, m. to 8ir 
ya, knt. He m. thirdly. Udy Kliubeth 
ighter of Henry. VatI of Mancbeater, by 
redded, aecondly, .Sir l-:dward Sebright.) 

hia heir. 

, m. to Sir William Wiaeman, hart, of 


to William Leman, eaq. of Northaw. 

he year IdJS. and waa s. by hia elder 

oaau MANaBL.whoOT. Martha, daugbter 

of Edward Came, eaq. of Wenny, in the county of 
Glamorgan, and had iaaue, tIs. 

Edward, d. unm. 
Tbomas, heir to hia father. 
Martha, m, to Thomaa Morgan, eaq. of Tredegar. 
Elisabeth, m. to Sir Edward Stradling, hart, of St. 

Sir Edward d. 17th Norember, 1700. aged aeventy.and 
waa s. by hia only aurriTing aon. 

IT. Sir Tbomab Manbel. who waa comptroller of 
the houaehold to Queen Annb, one of her miyeaty'a 
privy council, one of the commiaaionera of the Trea- 
aury, one of the tellera of the Exchequer, and raiaed 
to the peerage, in 1711, aa Baron Manaell, of Margam. 
He m, Martha, daughter and heir of Franda Milling* 
ton. eaq. of the city of London, merchant, by whom 
he had iaaue, 

I. Robbrt, hia heir, who «•. Anne, daughter and 
co-heir of the celebrated Admiral Sir Cloudea- 
ley Shovel, knt. and dying before hia father, 
30th April. 1723, left with a daughter, a aon, 
Thomas, succeaaor to hia grandfather. 
II. CHSiaT0PHBa,1 aixth and aeventh baroneta and 
III. Bussr. J third and fourth barona. 

I. Martha. 
II. Elixabeth. 

111. Mary, m. to John Ivory Talbot, eaq. of Laycock, 

in Wiltahire. and the deacendant of thia mar> 

riage ia the preaent Crristophkr Ricb Man- 

BBL Talbot, eaq. of Margam, M.P. 

Hia lordahip d. 10th December, 1723, and waa «. by hia 


V. Sir Tbom as Mansbll. aecond Lord Manaell. Thia 
nobleman d. unmarried in 1723. when hia honoura re- 
verted to hia uncle. 

VI. Sir Christophbr Mansell, third Lord Manaell, 
who d. unmarried 29th January. 1744, and waa a. by 
hia brother, 

VII. Sir Busby Mansbll, fourth Lord Manaell. who 
m. first. Lady Betty Hervey. daughter of John, Earl 
of Bristol, but by her ladyship had no issue. He m. 
secondly, Lady Barbara Blacket, widow of Sir Walter 
BlacLet. hart, and daughter of William, second Earl 
of Jersey, by whom he had an only daughter and 

Louisa-Barbara Mansbll, who ai. George, aeonnd 
Lord Vernon, by whom she had one daughter 
to survive infancy, 
Thb Hun. Louisa Vxrnon, who died in 1780 
Lady Vernon died in the same year. 
His lordship d. 29th November, 1750, when all hia 
honours, including the Baronbtcy. bxpirbu. 

ilrnu— Arg. a chevron between three manchea aa. 


Crbatbu 22nd Feb. 1090-7. -Extimct 0th April. 17M. 


Sir Francis Manskl, bart. »o rn-ated in 1021-2 
(second aon of Sir Edward M«.Nst.L, knt. of Margan* 
in (ilamorganahire). m. firat, Catherine, daughter and 
heir of Henry Morgan, eaq. of Muddleacome. in the 
county of Carmarthen, and thna acquiring that eatate, 
waa deaignated therefrom. By thia lady he had iaaue. 

elh.of Pla»y, In tbe coaotyof Limerick, claim to derive from the lecond of there toof. and if that • laim 
i*h«d la law, the Baronbtcy of Mai)H>l,of Margain.viould not be centre in (lie Irish braocb. 




Antmom^, who fell at Newby* under Uie royal 
•tandard, leaTing a aon, 
Sia EowAao M ansbl, leoond baronet, of Mud- 
Francis, principal of Jetna' College, Oxford, died 

in 1005. 
Richard, m. Catherine, daughter and heir of Ree« 
Morgan, esq. of lachoed, and left a son, 
Sia RiCHABD Makskl, third baronet, of Mud- 
dletfcombe, ancestor of the present (1837) 
Sir JoHN-BcLL-WiLLiAif Mansbl, ninth 
baronet, of Maddlescombe. (See Bubkb's 
Peerage and Baronetage.) 
Sir Francis ai. secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Alban 
Stepney, esq. of Prendergast, and by her had 


Edward, captain in the army, left a son, Raw- 
leigh, who married Frances, widow of Henry 
Mansel, and daughter and heir of Sir John 
Stepney, second baronet, of Prendergast, in 
Catherine, m. to Sir John Stepney, first baronet, 

of Prendergast. 
Cicely, m. to George Jones, esq. of Abercothy, in 
the county of Carmarthen. 
The eldest son of the second marriage, 

John Manbkl, esq. m. Mary, eldest daughter of Sir 
Henry Vaughan, knt. of Derwidd, (and relict of 
Charles Philips, esq. of Lewes Lodge, in Carmarthen- 
shire, at nine years of age; so that she was maid, 
wife, and widow the day her husband died), and left 
a son and heir, 

HENaY Mamsbl, esq. who m. Frances,* only daugh- 
ter and heir of Sir John Stepney, second baronet, of 
Prendergast, in the county of Pembroke, and was s. 
by his son, 

I. Edward Bf anskl, esq. This gentleman married 
Dorother, daughter of Philip, and sister of Edward 
Vaughan, esq. of Trimsaran, in Carmarthenshire, who 
at his death in 16H3, bequeathed to her his whole 
estate, ami Mr. Maiiscl, on being creatt'd a Baromtt, 
22nd February, 1090, was designated " Sir Edward 
Mansel, of Trinwaran." He had several children, and 
d>ing lOth February, 1720, was s. by his eldest son, 

II. Sir Euwaru Mansel, of Trinisarcn, who i». 
first, Anne, daughter of Thomas Price, esq. of (Jorth- 
Lloyn, in the county of Carmarthen, but by that 
lady (who d. Ist No\ ember, 1731) had no issue. He 
married, secondly, in 1740, Mrs. liayley, of the Vine- 
yard, near Hereford, and dying in 1754, was s. by his 

III. Sir EpwARD-VAUGniN Mansel, who m. Mar>', 
daughter of Joseph She wen, and dying about the year 
1789, was y. by his son, 

IV. Sir Euward-Josepii-Shewrn Mansel, who dind 
unmarried 0th April, 1798, when the Bakunltcy 


Arms— Arg. a chevron between three niaunches sa. 


Created 30th May, 1027 — Extinct in 1C34-6. 


In 1027, a Baronetcy was conferred on 

I. Thomas Maples, esq. of Stow, in the county of 
Huntingdon, but as he died without male issue in 
1034 5, tbf title became extinct. 


15th Aug. 10tt. 


Mabkham, a TiDagQ in T'nttiinhBBiiMri 
obsenres, gare name to the Maxthaaw, ** 
▼ery famous heretofore bodi in antiqaitjaii 
of which was 

Sir Alkxandbr db Mabkham, eoasliM 
Castle of Nottingham, in the time of Hobt 
was father of 

Alsxakdbb db Mabkham, whose gnadMB 

John db Markham, was an eminent lev] 
reigns of Edwabd II. and Edwabd IIL He 
daughter of Sir Nicholas BothoBMdl» kit 
father of 

UoBBBT DB Marbham, seijeBnt-Bt-law, «k 
a daughter of Sir John CauntOBt knt if < 
and had a son. 

Sir John Mabkhax, knt. one of the jeitfc 
Common Pleas from 90th Richabd 11. la d 
Henry IV. This learned penon a. fast, I 
daughter of Sir John de Cressy, kat. aad e 
her brother. Sir Hugh de Creasy, wke 4.t. 
Henry IV.; by this lady the judge ae|Bii 
posseflsions in Lincolnshire, and by the pa 
the property made at Retford, 10 Hkkbt 
manors of Risegate, Braytoft, and Extsa, 
county, fell to his ]KMterity. He had iMoe, 

Robert (Sir), who m. Elizabetii, daai 
heir of Sir N icholas Burdon, knt. aai 
cestor of the Markhams, of Coatham i 
ton, NottA, of which family was the I 
William Markham, Archbishop of Y 
Burke's Commoners t vol. ii. page lil. 

Sir John m. secondly, Millicent, daughter ai 
of Sir John Bekeriuge, knt. relict of Sir 
Burdon, knt. and had another son, 
John (Sir). 

The judge died in 1400, and was intemd ii 
Little Markham Church, Notts. His sob by I 

Sir John Markham, knt. an eminent Iv 
appointed lord chief justire of the King's 
Henry VI. and his patents renewed oo the 
of Euwaru IV. Of this learned and emb 
the following details are given by Fuller: 

" John Markham was bom at Markhaai 

tinghamshire, descended of an ancient aa 
family. He employed his youth in the sc 
the municipal law of this realm, wherein hi 
in such eininency. that King Edward IV. 
him, hiid made him lord chief justice of tl 
Bench, in the place of Sir John Fortescac, th> 
and upright judge, who fled away with tiit 
VI. '\ et Fortescue was not missed, 

• This lady m. secondly. Captain Edward Manuel. 

t Cressy, the other co-hvir, m. Sir Juhu Clifton, km. 


Ihicfa. tlunfh rioilo In iCKir, wu 


" A> for Sir Juhn Unrkhun. (be Ling'! dUplnuan 

and Sir Thomu RiUing put ia hii room, ihuufb ttai 
one liMl Ihil offln with nun bauour I)iu chs ntber 
gnl it ; and ularied li> tli», thnt tboufli Ihc ting could 

right Judge. Us llTtd priT>u1]r cbn rul of lila d*T(, 
hiiTiii|[ (twaidei tbe nuu pH by bia prmclia) Ur 
labdj by UAi-Eareii faiB wi/e» diugbBer and CD-kvir of 
Sit Jabn Lcke.or Cotbun. la KoRiiiBbuiiibin, wbow 
' Or ud btit of Sir Jobn 
t L«loHtfnbirT''* 

KtH. lard Df Sed^brote, is Nodiiic- 
•. Calbcrinr. daugbut and co-belr of 
WiUiun HartBhomn, uq. and wu i. by bis ami, 
loHs MjiaKHaH. 04. who a. KlEanor, dnn^ttF of 
ir Jubn Torbervilo. knl. and wu faUiM ot 
RicBiau lliaaBia, eaq. living in ina, wbo tj 
^nn«, djiugh1«r of Georgo Hetcni' ' ' 



Sir Robert was «. at his decease by his eldest son* 

II. Sir Robirt Maskham ,who wedded Mary,daagh- 
ter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Widdrington, knt. ser- 
{eant*at-lawt of Sherhum Grange, in Northumber- 
land, and had issue, 

GxoROK, his successor. 
Robert, if. young. 

Ursula, m. first, Altham Annesley, Lord Altham 
in the peerage of Ireland ; and secondly, Samuel 
Ogle, esq. By the latter she left 

George Ogle, m. Frances, eldest daughter of 

Sir Thomas Twisden, bart. 
Robert Ogle, captain of horse, in Ireland. 
Thomas Ogle. 

Sir Robert d. 11th August, 16110, and was *. by his 

III. Sir Gkorge Marrham, F.R.S. who d. unm. 
9th June, 1730, bequeathing his estate to the Rct. 
Doctor Bernard Wilson, prebendary of Worcester, 
and rector of Newark-upon Trent. The baronetcy de- 
TOlred upon his cousin (refer to Anthony, second son 
of the first baronet). 

IV. Sir JAMKs-JoHir Markhax, who m, 31st August, 
I7d5, Sarah, daughter of — Clive, esq. but died without 
issue, in 1779, when the Baronrtct became rxtinct. 

Artm—Ax, on a chief or, a demi-lion rampant issu- 
ing gu. 


10th July, 1679. 


before 1714. 


WiLUAX M AROW, son of Stephen Marowe, of St«>- 
venhithe, in Middlesex, was lord mayor of London 
35 Henry \i. He m. Catherine, daughter and co- 
heir of John Rich, citizen of l/ondon, and had, with 
two daughters, Johanna, wife of William Clopton, 
esq. and Catherine, of Sir Robert Throckmorton, knt. 
of Coughton, two sous, Thomaa, seijeant-atplaw, who 
died 21 Henry VII. and 

William Marow, Hying 22 Edward IV. who m. 
Joanna, daughter of William Chedworth, alderman of 
London, and had, beside two daughters, Elizabeth, m. 
to George Medley, and Catherine, to Ralph Daniel, a 
son and heir, 

Thomas Marow, esq. who m. first, a daughter of Bald- 
win Dowite, of Balflball ; and secondly, Catherine, 
daughter of Roger Wigstou, esq. of Wolston, in War- 
wickshire. By the former he left at his dcacase, in 
1536, two sons, Edward Marow, of Elmedon, and 

Tbomas Maruw. of Hoxton. in .Middlesex. To this 
gentleman and Alice, his wife, only daughter and 
heir of Richard Harrcgong, the manor of Berkswell, 
in the county of Warwick, which had reverted to the 
crown on the attainder of John, Duke of Northumbcr- 
land, was granted in 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. 
Thomas Marow rf. 3 Eli/abcth, and was *. by his 

Samuxl Marow, mq. of BeAflwd!, wk» ( 
ret, daughter of Sir John UtdeCQa» knt. of 
in Worcestershire, Uid dyinf ia 1619, was 
by his son, 

Sir Edward MAmow,kiit.of BerkswcD, wI 
Ursula, daughter of RicfaRid Reanes, tmi 
Scle, and dying in lOSl, left with other in 
and successor, 

Samuel Marow, esq. of BerksweD, vte 
daughter of Gerard Whorwood, esq. of Stan 
in Staffordshire, and had one son, Eowarb 
and two daughters, Anne and Uraola. B 
1035, and was *. by his son, 

Edward Marow, esq. of Berlwvell, «te 
daughter of Sir Thomas Grantham, of Getti 
colnshire, and was father of 

I. Samuel Marow, esq. of Bcftsvdl, 
created a Barokbt leth July, 1079. He 
daughter and heir of Sir Ar&nr Cayky, lal 
land, in Warwickshire, and l«ft, at hii dan 
the Baronetcy became xxTiifCT, ive dHi 
co-heirs, namely, 

Anne, m. to Sir Arthur Kaye, bat. efV 

in Yorksliire. 

Ur&cla, m. to Robert WHmot, etf. «f 
Mary, m. to John KnigbOey. caq. of 01 

Arm9—Xx. a fesse engr. b e tw e en 0am 
heads, couped at the shonlden aiy. liair dfaki 


31st Dec. laoo. 


Jam£<« Marwood, esq. of Nuntborp, in ' 
of '\ ork, the first of this family upon rten 
u daughter of James Cleasby, of Cleasby, ii 
county, and had two sons, William, who i 
his heir, 

Hfnry Marwood, esq. of Little Bnshl 
Yorkshire, who d. in 1039, leaYing by Ann 
the daughter of John Constable, esq. of 
in the same county, three sons and two 

George, his heir. 

William, of Stubby, iu the ooiuity at L 

Francis, citizen of London. 

Anne, m. to Giles Wetherell, eaq. «f I 

Barbara, m. to Josiaa Matthews, e^. | 

the Most ReT. Toby Matthews, D. D. 

of York. 

The eldest son, 

I. George Marwood, esq. of Little Bi 
created a Baro.nct by King Charlcs II. I 
ber, lOtfO. Sir George m. Fraaoes, dangl 
Walter Bethell, knt. of Alne, ia the 
and hud i»sue, 

IIknry, his success«»r. 




■ikflktNith mathant, had two mm. 


third and Icmitli taronets. 

to Sir Thomas Keblethayt, knt. of 


to Richard Weston, esq. of Gray's 

WiUiam Metcalf, esq. of AUetton, 

iary» 1870> aged seTenty-eight, and 

MAawooD, sheriff of Yorkshire, in 
:. Margaret, fourth daughter of Con- 
D'Arcy, and sister of Conyers, ftrat 
e«s, and had two daughters only. 
Dcwothy. second daughter of Allen 
of Lerens, in Westmoreland, and 

M. Constance, second daughter and 
»ir Thomas Spencer, bait, of Yam- 

connty of Yoi^, but d. s. p. in the 
&is &ther. 6xtfir\^ 

>d, thirdly, Martha, daughter of Sir 
th. knt. of Empsall. iu Yorkshire, 
Womhwell, esq. of Wombwell. He 
d age of ninety, Ist November, 17M, 
I fell to his daughters, as co-heirs, 
CT derolred upon his nephew, 

L Marwood, who OT. Miss Peirson, 
t d. issueless, aged sixty-seren, in 
1 was M, by his brother, 
« Mas WOOD. This gentleman died 
try, 1740, when the BAaoNrrcY ix- 

cherron erm. between three goats' 


nth June, 1770. 


km Masnam. of High- Lever, in the 
, rreated a Basonkt on tbe 'iOth De- 
. Wiai/red, danphter of Sir Francis 
t. of Harrington Hall, son of Sir 
too, by Winifred, bis wife, widow of 
tings, and second daughter and co- 
4r, liord Montagu, (attaintrd and be 
son and hrir of .Sir Kir hard I'ol**, 
fc, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, 
entnally co-heir of George IMantagc 
ireace, younger brother of k'litg Ki>- 
bis marriage the family of Mni^bam 
ths noblest blood in the realm. Sir 
i«t 16M, and was s. by his grandson, 

a« Masbam, of High Le?er, (eldest 

son of Winiam Masham, esq. by Elisabeth his wife, 
daui^ter of Sir John Treror, knt.) He died omn. 
about 1003, and was *. by his brother, 

111. Sia FsANcis Masham, who m. first, Mary, 
daughter of Sir William Scot, hart. Marquis de La 
Mesansene, in France, by whom he had ei^t sons 
and one daughter, one son of whom only surriTed 
him. He m. secondly, Damaris, daughter of Ralph 
Cudworth, D.D. and had by her a son, Francis Cud- 
worth, acoomptant general to the High Court of Chan- 
cery. Sir Francis died 7th February, 1723, and was m. 
by his son, 

IT. Sia Samubl Masham, who m. Abigail, daughter 
of Francis Hill, esq. a Turkey merchant, and sister of 
General John Hill. This Isdy was nearly related to 
the celebrated Sarah, Duchess of Marlbcrrongh, and 
was introduced by her grace, whom she eTentually 
supplanted, to the notice of Queen Anns. Sir Samuel, 
who was an eighth son, was originally a page to the 
queen, whilst Princess of Denmark, and also one of 
the equerries, and gentlemen of the bed-chamber to 
Prince George. Upon the discomfiture of the Marlbo- 
rough party, and tlie establishment of his wife as the 
reigning fsTourite, he was elevated to the peerage 31st 
December, 1711, as Baron Masham, of OteSt <n the 
countjf of Essex : and having had a grant in rerersion 
of the office of remembrancer of the exchequer, suc- 
ceeded to that post on the death of Lord Fanshaw in 
17IG. His lordship had issue, 

George, who died s. p. in the lifetime of his father. 
Samuxl, successor to the title. 

Francis, died s. p. in the lifetime of his father. 
Anne, m. to Henry Hoare, esq. and had issue, 

Susannah, m. first to Charles, Viscount Dun- 
garvon, and secondly to Thomas, first Earl of 

Anne, m. to Sir Richard Hoare, bart. 

Elisabeth, d. unmarried in 1714. 

Lord Masham died in 1768, and was «. by his only 
surviving son, 

SiML'KL Masham, second baron. This nobleman ■•. 
first, Harriet, daughter of Salway Winnington, esq. of 
Stanford Court, in the county of Worcester, by whom 
(who d. in 1761.) he had no issue. He espoused, 
secondly. Miss Dives, one of the maids of honour to 
tbe dowager Princess of Wales, but had no issue. 
His lordship, who filled several public employments, 
died iu 1776, when the Bason ktcy, together with the 
BisoNY or Masham, became extinct. 

Arms — Or, a fesse humette gu. between two lions 
passant sa. 


Creatkd I A A 

i'iud Aug. IM). \<Xi> <S:i> 

8th Dec. 1 713. 


This family, i^hose name has b*-en written Mas- 
iiynRb»rd. ^!-iMingbergb, sud Massingberd, i* traced 
to the time of Edwasd I. when its patriarch, 




y t tf. BBB. ia IMS, Aged twenty-flre. 
A wiiB. in 1071. 

m, ftrat to George Saonderton, esq. of 
treaky, and eeoondly to Timothy Hildjrard, 


bctb, M. to Sir Nicliolafl Stonghton, hart, of 
t*, in Sanrey. 

r wedded, eeoondly, Anne, relict of Nicholas 
1, eeq. of Stoke, and dan^ter and sole heir 
m Erana, eoq. of London, and by that lady 


rdiy. BllsabeCh Rayner, of Yorkshire. He 
outer, 1680, aged serenty-one, and was t, by 

WiLUAM Massimcbbsd, of Gonby, who m. 
. 1473, Elisabeth, daughter of Richard Wynne, 
•don, and had a son and daughter, rix. 
lAM, his socceasor. 

iSKTH, m. to Thomas Meux, esq. son of 
Bf7 If tax, esq. of Htoughton manor. 

imt dM year 1710, aged sereuty, and was t. 

. WiLUAM If ASSiNOBiaD, of Guuby, M.P. for 
dbre, b. in 1677. This gentleman died unm. 
taiber, irtt, when the BAaoNsrcT kxpibko. 
na derlscd his estates to his sister, 

kSETB Mbcx, who had by her husband, 
MBaa If c«x, esq. above mentioned, two sons ; 
■ tho yooBger, Hknby Mkux, descends the 
ant (ISJ7) Sir Henry Meux, bart. of Theo 
Aa: tke elder, 

JAM Mkux, esq. baring inherited the pro- 
ty of bis mother, became of Gnnby, and 
nacd the surname and arms of Ma»sino- 
WJ* He ^ in I7D0, and was s. by his grand- 

laiiBT M«ftiiRCBXBD, of Gunby, who m. MiM 
Elisabeth Hoare, and d. about the yi>ar 
1707, tearing an only daughter and heir, 

Abmb MASiixGBf.BD, who m. Peregrine 

Langton, esq. second son of Bvnnet 

Langton, esq. of Langton, in Liurohi- 

shire, which Peregrine iissuni(>d the 

name of MaMsingbrrd. Their son and 

heir is the present (1837) 

Rbt. Alahusos ' LkHdToH Massing- 

BKBb, of Guuby and Bratoft, in the 

county of Lincoln. (See Bukkb'i» 

CummoiuTS, vol. iii. p. 104.) 

'Axmrtf three quaterfoib, two and one, and in 
passant or charged on the shoulder with 


tATBD IMh June, 1062.— Extinct in I7U(). 


BL Mattmbwi, of (iobions. in K»^x, the fir^t 
asaQy there seated, was acrording to bin con- 
ry, Mr. Symoods, " living near limnford, and 
fsrwarJ lad, waiting for employment at the 
■C la be under clerk to Kir Thomas Mewtys, 

clerk of the privy council : in which employment he 
took to his wife the heiress of a dtiaen worth £4000, 
and that aet him up in the world. He was a parlia- 
mentary officer, and died in 1098." His son and heir, 

I. Philip Matthbwb, esq. of Gobiona, in Essex, 
was created a Babonbt ISth June, 1003. He m. Anne, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Wolstonholme, bart. of Forty 
HUl, in Enfield, and by her, who died SOth March, 
1735, aged eif^ty-nine, had issue, 

John, his heir. 

Dorothy, died unm. 

Elisabeth, m, to Thomaa Dawson, D. D. and had 
Sir Philip died in 1065, and was s, by hia son, 

II. SiB John Matthbwb, colonel in the Foot Guards, 
who was slain at the battle of Oudenarde, and as he 
died s. p. the Babonbtcy became bxtinct. The estate 
of Gobiona was sold by the Matthews family to WU- 
liam Carwen, and from his son, John Curwen, esq. it 
was purchased by Sir Philip Hall, of Upton, sheriff 
of Essex in 17S7. 


4th Aug. 1641. 

March, 1713. 


Sir Thomas Maulivbrer, knt. of Allerton Mau- 
Uverer, representative, at the commencement of the 
10th century, of that ancient family, married Elisa- 
beth, daughter of John de la River, esq. and hadiasue, 

I. Richard (Sir), knt. father, by Jane his wife, 
daughter of Sir Robert Plompton, of Sir 
Thumas Maituvbrbr, knighted at Flodden, 
who m. Klenor, daughter of Sir Henry Ough- 
tred, and had an only daughter and heir, 

Janr, m. first to Sir Henry Wharton ; se- 
condly to Robert, Lord Ogle ; and thirdly 
to Sir Richard Maulivercr. 
II. Thomas. 

III. Francis. 

IV. George. 

V. Gilbert, of whom presently. 

1. Mary, m. to Edward Copley, esq. 
II. Bridget, m. to John Vavasour, esq. 

The fifth son, 

Gilbert Mauuverer, esq. married Elisabeth Roy* 
den, of Deubiffhshirv, and left, with two daughters, 
Anne, m. to William Lusher, and Frances to Henry 
liattle, a non and surcessor, 

Sir RicHiRD MAt'LivERra, knt. high sheriff of 
Yorkshire, 31 Kliz«beth, who m. first, Jane, Lady 
Ogle, daughter and heir of his cousin. Sir Thomas 

WiLUAU Mauinobbri) did not by hi* wii r**qnire hi« nephew (o uke hit name, hut beqoeatbed a 
{ical HiMury i4 hi* fjinily, by Ri>bert D4le, enq. Saiiolk herald, to M* rootin, Riirrvll Maktingberd, eiq. «if 
aad heir of Sir Draocr MaAi'ingbenl. 

Y Y Mi 


oaJlT. KathnlDi, dBug1>(er o 

loghtrr of Sir lUch*rd Hullou, lord rbitf 
<■ Cmumno PIw, by vbotn he fan- 
condly. M>i7, dmgkler of Sir Tboi 



Tbr iMnt HD, 

III. Sm Tuoiii MiDutiiiu.iH. Katberise, dingh 
ter Bud heir ol Sir Mile* MaplHon, Lnt. but by ta>r, 
vbo «aitded, HCoi>d1y, John HupcoD, eaq- hul do 
Inse. H< d. abaul 1881, uid wu i. by hia brothrr, 

IT. Sin RicHiiu MmurHU, wbo n. Barbin. 

. iivifa einmn l«t 

Tba um# dT tblt family hu bm 
tn, MiuttH. MtVT»t, Hinaia, Miwai. ■ml 
HiwHT. 11» dHtgaalkn wu aaiunnl (rma Ibc 
Tillifa •( Uawtby. is Narfolk, of xhlcb Ibi rouiidtn 

IVEta of KKHiau I. wlin ba via («iaBt.and LUDbrn 
Pita ntbo ptuui. in ■ *na af aitUm aan a« Ijuul. 
He vai Bwtmt srandfATbrr of 

Hia W>i.TH It MiuraaT. vbs had ■ (ram in 
ISM, or fm warran In Mauiab|r, and wh kod iL'rMf 
lnl]»»4ifa>ud«IMyunarlIuiat 111. Kamamrd 
Chrfalian, dau^hwr and m bat of titr l^ara da H>t 

Siajou* uaMioTilT, La(4*(ltaa 
Spaiham, ID Norfolk, vMk *k** ha 

altvol St. Mary'*. M <^rf 
KdiBiliid. in gaOiilk. whan h 
as anly dKafbttr and b«toa 

Hicbard. ah Jua Bir«. »d4 ha4 m •■ 

lloliart. barclacd m XUvartL m Hal- ■ 

■ H •nan . (■« . at. ai &a« U*« 

■ni. h^. tn t*aM> I. kiM ai I 



Down, a Totuntoer in Sir Arthur 
drigfe's rafimeiit. 

baptiMd at KUworfh, ttnd March, 
nricd fEteanor Cartvright, and had a 

■, 6. in lflS5, inrogenitor of the Maw- 
of Soath Kilworth. 

rur, asq. 6. in lAM, ai. Elisabeth, 
ihackboivb, esq. of Naieby, in the 
laBpton* and wu $. by hit son, 

BBT, caq. baptised at Soath Kilworth, 
, M. flnt, Mary, daughter of Robert 
I he had aeren eons. Robert, Richard, 
iS, John, Francis, and Wiluam. He 
kbethSlee, of TidieDhaU, in theconDty 
>y her had fire other soni and two 
i. in 1004. The yoongest eon of the 

rssTt b, at Shenton, 3lBt January, 
at Raonaton, and buried there ISth 
He m. Anne, daughter of Mr. John 

mtngtonf in the county of Leicester, 


, who SI. firat, Martha, eldeat daugh- 
itt. of Rannston, and had by her, who 
ing iaaoe, 

, Mary, daughter of Mr. Jonathan Dar- 
onston, and aeoondly, Anue, daughter 
lliam Fielding ; by the former he had 
', Elisabeth, who annrived but two 
f the latter another daughter, Maria, 
ftcr Hghtb year of the anuill-pox. He 
tnerahip with hiii brother, Sir Joseph 
n an esteuaive malt distillery and 
nutfactory, at Vauxhall, and died 2nd 

Ifr. John Cooper, of Burbage, in the 
Mr. William Alcock, of Raunston, 

Icock, of the treasury. 


ack, of the Temple. 

Alcock, an officer in the East India 

ay 'a aenrice, at Bengal. 

Maria Alcock. 

He (John aen.) si. aecondly, Mrs. Shepherd of Rawn- 
aton, but had no other iaaue. He d. in 1754. The 
youngest aon, 

1. Joseph Mawbst, eaq. baring been taken into 
partnership by his uncle, Joseph Pratt, esq. of Vaux- 
hall, in an extensive malt distillery and rinepar 
manufactory, (which Joseph d. in 1754, leaving him a 
conaiderable fortune,) and baring at. Elisabeth, the 
only surriring daughter, and erentual heir of hia 
cousin, Richard Pratt, eaq. of Vauxhall, amassed 
great wealth, and rose to rank and distinction. In 
1757, he serrrd the office of sheriff for Surrey; in 
1701, he was returned to parliament by the borough of 
Sonthwark, and waa created a Bason rr 30th July, 
1705. as Sir Joseph Mawbey.of Botleys, in the county 
of Surrey. At the genera] election in 1774, Sir Joseph 
stood a contested election for the county of Surrey, 
but waa defeated ; the next year, however, one of hia 
Bucceasful opponents. Sir Frands Vincent, baring 
died, he was returned by a large migority against the 
son of his deceased rival and Mr. Norton. He waa 
aubseqnently twice returned for the same county in 
1780 and 1784. Amidat the occupation of extensive 
commercial pursuits,* and the duties of a legislator 
and a magistrate, Sir Joseph cultivated a love of study, 
and having, when a school-boy, written many poetical 
pieces, he afterwards relaxed at intervals in the same 
way, and was for several years a regular correapon- 
dent of the magazines. By his lady he had issue, 
JosKPH, his heir. 

Catherine, m. I4th August, 1702, to Thomas Lynch 

Goleborn, esq. of Jamaica. 

Sir Joseph d.f 10th Jvne, 1708, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

II. Sis Joseph Mawiky, who m. 0th August, I79*^» 
Charlotte Caroline-Maria, only daughter, by his firs^ 
wire, of Thomas Henchman, esq. of Littleton, in the 
county of Middlesex, and had two daughters. He d. 
'2Htb August, 1817, when having had no male issue, 
the Basonktcy kxpirkd. 

Arms — Or, a cross, gules, fretty, or, between four 
eagles displayed asure, each charged with a bezant on 
the breast. 

ricd oo by Sir JuM'ph and bis brutbcr, paid more than £'800,000. per anoom, to government in 

4. at Buflrvs lUth AntrnM, 1700. and was barird in (he family vault, in Cbertsey chancel, Mth of 
A roonamrnt to her memory is erected a|{aiust the wall of the chancel, on which is the following 
I by Sir JoMTph : 

Dsme Elizabeth Mawbey, 

Wife of Sir Joseph .Mawbey, Bart. 

or Botleyt, m this PsriBh. 

After •Qktaining a long and p^infol illnent, 

with ihr grtwiest fortitude and resiituatioo, 

Ditil on the lOth of AnguM, 1700, 

In the 4tfth yesr of her age. 

" Why wc«>p for me," the bUnivle^ii woman said, 

" We All moat die, snd I am uui AfiMid ; 

No gtiod tu me iitfurds or sigh, or (i-Mr, 

I hsve d<ine no viroug, and theiefoir cannot fear; 

GiMid works 4nd truth thall cheer liie's parting icene. 

For virtue only make* the mind itriene. * 

Ye», we mast part ! the conflict uuh i* o'er. 

And husband, children, friendn. in vain d<-plorc ! 

Hot ah I blest Saint ! to all mound impart 

Thy M-tile<l giMMlne**, thy unerring heart. 

Which bade tbee nhine, in ev'ry slate of life. 

As Daagblcr, Maiden, Parent, Friend, and Wife. 


Hari.ia 1M,mI 



I, aq. U Biddcodsa, in Kent (it- 
I Ttty ucicnt ramil) »ub1i>bn] it 
I which «• the «1(brit«l Sir Walur 
be trifa of EnwiiD III.) left, by Let- 
*a MRU, JoHH. bii heir, and Wilier, 
■benff of Kent 19 Euuem. The 

r> Of. wu oT BiddtDdia, and urTed 

Ird Ju. UN. 

■, u incieat fiiDilT ar tin pftneipdit J of WatM, 
traced in de««itrrDia Echtdd Ghukowi, a ehieT' 
of Hanh Walea, and bad of ma oT the Uteen 

ibetb, daughter of Edward Breraton, of Bnra- 
1, and wu J. bj bi> Mn, 

UN MaaaoiTU, o( AUnfUm, who m. CathrrtDe, 
ihler al John ap lalyn ap UidDC. and had two 

IT Edward Heodm. ana of Ih« bi 

kfT Irmp^ CHiaLCB 1. and fmTthaaad 

. UUnnandbeir, 

rancu Wiihrni. and It eien- 
nj al tbr Hanu. Sir Jobi 
ir Peter RluDliof Aylnroril 

Hngh, whoae deMtnduI, Hinar WtatUl-Hiai> 
niTK. etq, ia idll r«-Uent at Penlrebychan KdL 
(Refer to Bumta'i Commamtri, lot. iU. f. 4U.) 

iTH and Iamzi, ■■. Jane, daughter of iiir Tbomaa 
■Imer, ban. of Win||bBni. b; wbDm (vho wedded, 
omdly.Joba, Earl sf Carhar;) he had Uaae, 

Anoe, H. Int. to Sir Robert Bntt; and aecondly, 

u I'randa, Lord Cattia^Un. 
Jane. m. to iiir Feur Wycbe. 

Ha m. Kcuadly, Hra. Aynaconbe, relict al TbDmia 
AynacombF. e*^. and aiitar of Sir Henry Gering, barl. 
but by b, r had no other efaildien. He d. IMh AirtI, 



AatMoar VI Miaru, wai cnaled a 
w*. h«l of him. or l>i> deM-endanta, 
r M kamm. Thoae way poivibly atill 

danjEbter of Philip SkipftrD, eaq. o 

WiLi.iia, third twrooet. 
Hear), aralonelinlhea 
i;ilO. Mary, danghler i 



Rich AMD, foarfh baronet. 

Thomas, was knight of the shire for Kent, 12 

William III. and d. s. p. 
Philip, d. nnm. before hu father. 
Roor.R, s. as fifth baronet. 

He was «. by his eldest son* 

III. Sir WiLUAa Mxrkdith, who died unm. about 
1081, and was «. by his brother, 

IT. Sir Richarb Mbrbdith, who also died unm. in 
August, 1723, and was s. by his youngest brother, 

T. Sir Roger Mkrsditu, of Leeds Abbey, in Kent, 
M.P. for that county, 1717, who m. Mary, daughter 
of Francb Tyssen, esq. of ShacUewell, and widow of 
Samuel Gott. esq. but d. *. p. 3rd January, 1739, when 
the BARONrrcY bxpirbd. The estate of Leeds Abbey 
passed, under Sir Roger's will, to his niece, Susanna 
Meredith, and was erentnally sold in 1705, to John 
Calcraft, esq. of Ingress. 

Arms— Ax. a lion rampant or. 


11th Dec. 1041. 






eth Mar. 1705 0. 


Loi>oTicK Mkux, esq. m. Alice, daughter and heir 
of William Drew, esq. of Kingston, in the Isle of 
W igUt,* and had issue, 
Thomas, his heir. 

Henry, m. Elizabeth, sister of John Savage, esq. 
and left a daughter, 
Jane Meux, m. to Matthew Fulwer, esq. 
Ralph, m. and left a daughter. 

Agues Meux, m. to John Mole, esq. 
The eldest son and heir, 

Thomas Mbux, esq. of Kingston, left a son and 

Sir William Mrux, knt. of Kingston, who tn. Jane, 
daughter of Richard Cooke, esq. of Rustington, in 
SuMex, and had issue, 

William, who died in France. 

John, tn. Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Blenner- 
basset, knt. 
The second sou, and eventual heir, 

RirHARu Meux, esq. of Kingston, married Dorothy, 
daughter of Tliomas Cooke, esq. of Harbridge and 
Suuerley, in Hampshire, and had three sons and two 
daughters, viz. 

William, his heir. 

Thomas, of Bishopstown, Wilts, m. first, Eleanor, 
widow of — Young, e^q. ; secondly, Mrs. Hiles, 
second sister of Anthony Lisley; and thirdly, 
another (the third) sister of Anthony Lisley. 

John, M. in isn, a dRinhttrr of HOI 


Elisabeth, ai. to William BatkcQ, in 

near Wincfaeater. 
Jane, m. to John Wonky, ooq. 9t Apa 
The eldest son and heir, 

William MKUX,caq. of Kinfrtoa, rmit* 
daughter of Sir Henry Straagways, km 

John (Sir), his hmr. 

Anne, m. to Edward MTUte, eiq. of W; 
Eleanor, m. to William Okedkm, iR|. 
ham, in the county of SonthaafCMk 
He was s. by his son. 

Sir John Micx, knt. of RinsMon, who 
daughter of Sir William Button, knt. of Al 
and had issue, 

William (Sir), his heir. 
Bartholomew, of Lesland, in the Isle 
buried at Kingston, 19di December, 
in his will (proved t3rd June, 1811), • 
in the Isle of Wight, m. RadcUib, ^ 
WUliam Gerard, esq. of Harrow.en-ll 
firom this marriage descended 
Sir Hknry Mrux. bart. of Tbeeh 
Herts, the eminent London brew 
to Burke's Petrmge and 

Eleanor, m. to William Compton, co 
bury, in the county of Gloooester. 

Mary, m. to William Higford, esq. of 
the county of Gloucester. 

This Sir John Meux entered his pedigree i 
tation of Hants, in 10X2. He was i. at his 
his elder son. 

Sir William Mrdx, knt. of Kiagstoa, 
1641, who m. first, Winifred, daughter of I 
Barrington, bart. of Barrington Hall, ia ' 
of Essex, and bad issue, 

John, his heir. 

Cecilie, of Swaffham, in Cambridgeshii 

in 1697. 
Jane, m. to — Meade, esq. of Lolts, in 1 
Sir William was s. by his son, 

I. John Maux, esq. of Kingston, in t 
Wight, who was created a Baro.^ct llth 
1641. Sir John si. Elizabeth, daughter of S 
W'orsley, bart. of Apuldercombe, by whom 
1052) he had issue, 

William, his heir. 

Henry, d, unm. in 1701, buried 1st Jsa 

at iLingston. 
John, d. in 1640. 

Anne, of Westminster, d. nnm. in I7V 
Elizabeth, d. unm. before her sister. 
He d. in February, 1657, and was s. by hii 

II. Sir William MKux,wbo m. fixst. Ma! 
ter of Sir Robert DUlington, bart. of Ki 
the Isle of Wight, and by that lady had loo 
who all died young. He wedded, secondly, 
daughter of George Browne, eoq. of Ba 
Surrey, and by her had 

William, his suoceooor. 

Henry, aged three yean in 10M. d. am 

Elizabstu, m. Snd May, 1710, to Sir Js 

* Jordan uk Kingston, lord of KiogAton, in the Isle 
uf Wight, was father of 

Sir John K i.vgston, of Kingston, whose ouly daughter 
and eventual heireu. 

Eleanor Kingston, m. William Drew.aai 
and heir, 

John Drew, uf Kingston, graad^atbcr d 
mentioned sbuvr, 

Alic£ Drew, as marrying Loduvicfc Xeu 


ul iIh kM Sir ^mic.waili. 

a »( iinii oiUti., r. 

UiUtk, rw. ■Bd Irn 



aMistance, and the worka which bad been effected by 
four years* ardnoas labour, were on the point of being 
abandoned, when the enterprising projector applied to 
King James, who covenanted, in consideration that a 
moiety of the shares were made OTer to liim, to ad- 
vance money for the completion of the undertaking. 
It now went on without Interruption ; and on the 20th 
September, 1613. the water was let into the basin at 
the place now culled the New Riyer Head at Isling- 

The following account of the ceremony upon the 
occasion was published at the time : ** A troop of la- 
bourers, to the number of sixty and upwards, all in 
green caps alike, bearing in their hands the symbols 
of their several employments in so great a business, 
marching, with drums before them, twice or thrice 
round the cestem, orderly present themselves before 
the mount ; and after tiieir departure, the speech 
(being forty-eight lines in verse) was said, ending 

*' Now for the frnitn then ; flow forth pretious spring. 
So long and dearly sought for, and now bring 
Comfort to all that love thee, luadly aing. 
And with thy chrystal murmurs strucke together. 
Bid all thy true well-wishers welcome hither. 

*' At which words the flood-gate opens, and the stream 
is let into the cestem, drums and trumpets giving it 
triumphant welcome ; and for the close of this their 
honourable entertainment a peal of chambers." 

One of the most difficult parts of the work still re- 
mained to be accomplished — the conveyance of the 
water to the various quarters of the metropolis. The 
expense attending this was very great, and a con- 
siderable time elapsed before the water came into 
general use ; so that the shares became of small value, 
the annual dividends for many years being under £5. 
The general establishment of the plan, however, to- 
gether with the incalculable advantages deriveable 
from it, which were at length universally acknow- 
ledged, have, in the course of a century and a half, so 
raised the shares ns to increase the annual income 
nearly a hundred fold. The property of the New 
River was, by a partition made soon after the com- 
mencement of the undertaking;, divided into seventy- 
two shares. Thirty-six of these, called " the Adven- 
turer's Shares," wore oriuinully vested in Sir Hugh 
Middelton, and the remaining moiety were enjoyed 
by the crown until alionatrd. Like many other pub- 
lic benefactors, Sir Hugh derived himself no advan- 
tage from his enterprizin;? exertions ; on the contrary, 
the outlay so impoverished him that he was under 
the necessity of engaging in the business of a civil 
engineer. In 10*22 he was created a Baronet, and 
died in ItiSl. By his will, dated 21st November, 
1631, he bequeathed to each of his children by name, 
except John and Hugh, his two eldest sons (who died 
before the making of his will), and William, his third 
son, and Jane, the wife of Dr. Chamberlen (to whom 
he had before given their full portions), a pecuniary 
legacy, and also deviled to each of them, after the 
decease of his wife, one share in the New River 
water. He devised another share to tlie then Court 
of Assintiints of the Goldsmiths' Company, Liondou, 
and their successors, upon trust, to dispose of the 
profits every half-year, after the death of his wife, in 
weekly portions of twelve-pence a piece to the poor of 
the Company of (Goldsmiths, at the discretion of the 

wardens and uaistaiits, and " a^adal Id : 
men of my name, kindred, iv ooantry, •• a: 
be free of the said company." And Cor the 
claration of what parta were meant to be d 
added, that the one-half of the water was di 
thirty-six parts or aharea. '* thirteen of vhii 
shares are to myaelf belongingp and are in 
of myself, and other feoflhca in trust to m; 
the profits by me received, and tbereioR m* 
is, that the six sereral parts or shares heie' 
and given are six of tiie parts or shares < 
thirteen parts, and no other.^ He died in 
after the making of this will, and was inten 
ably to his desire, in the pariah diarck of St 
London. He m. Elisabeth, daughter and s 
John Olmstead, esq. of iDgateston, in Easa 
issue five sons and four danghten, via. 

'' ?5^'t' \ both rf. r. p. s. f. 
II. Hugh,/ '^ *^ 

III. William, ancceeeor to his father. 

IV. Henry, baptised in the parish cha: 

Matthew, London, 14th June, 1697, ai 
to have died before 1078, leaving ta 

William, aappoaed to have died ». 

Henry, 6. about the year I6BX, 
prentice to Robert Andrews, s 
Cmtched Friars, 17th Jaauarj, 
came an inhabitant of Ae pai 
Olave, Hart Street, ISth Deoea 
and died at an advanced age. 
been twice married, and left ifl 

Starkey, 6. 3rd April, IM, 
tised phyaic in Ltmdoa, i 
son, Henry, alao a media 
London, who d» s. p. tth £ 
17S0; and a daughter, who ' 
in 1702, the widow of Di 
Henry, baptized 30fli Jaly, 
died at West Ham, in Ei 
November, 1726, leaving a 
key,* and a daughter, Ai 
living in 1792, wife of Willii 
v. Simon, who had four sons, via. Si 
died at Constantinople in Jaaai 
Hugh, Benjamin, and Hezekiah: 
daughters, Sarah, Hannah, Anne, 
and Rebecca. By his will, dated 
1678, Simon, after reciting that he 
of eighteen 3Cth shares and a half < 
River water, vise, seventeen 39th ah 
king's moiety, und one 36th share 
venturer's moiety, devised to his 
one 36th share of the king's moiety 
with a proportionable part of th 
rent due and payable for the same t< 
majesty, and with one hundred ] 
annum to Henry .Middleton dereas 
heirs." He gives to his eldest sur 
HuoH, his house at Hackney, and 
younger children sevtrn 3Cth shj 
king's moiety. Of this HicH, t 
Simon, more hereafter. 

I. Jiine, m. to Peter Chamberlen, M.D. 
and was grandmother of 

• This St\rkey jMiddi.iiton wa:* bom at VV'e.«t Ham, 
7th June, 1711); whs iiiaiiiid m Si. Liikt'-«, Middle^ex, 
2iid March, 17-11; and died at Hoxtun in September, 
17Gi), leaving four children, viz. 

I. Joseph, who d. in 17J<7, Icyiving Su-iannali, Mary, 
Kli7Jtbeth, and J(».«eph. 

II. Elizabeih, \tho «m. a Mr. Smith, lad 
Henry Smith. 

III. Jaber, who had three rhiklren. Eliiat 

and Jane. 

IV. Martha, livinz nnmarricdiD t7n. 


fcB.»iM.H«y.dau(t>nrui.I uic 
If Nuhuiil ttaeoa, uq. ot Ftiituu I 

Ikucbla or Sti WlUguftLliy Aiun, 
< ttum. in Chfiliin. B j Ihi rormi 

-' HdiwcMin. hUce-).>ir>. 

UlBct, iH.tD JubnTiylor. u^. nf 
(h> Cinnui Dalb. *nd of ftr»i» 
■orpkn, Lotubn. ■nd «m xnnil' 

H.n. (Mh Hv*lt-t (iwH-nn-il 
«I. i.. p. t., 
• Ktkmri I'liH. t«|. 

k. •luU41'«r Nrwltirmlun*. She 
> Ortetu. *r Bb&iU, tlrtl Iv lb* New 
Caaip>iit ; utd df lt>i ID ehildbcd, lie 
'.IM»,lalMr fwiTlbirdicH.wi ' 


Smoi KlDDiLlvK, nf H«n> Hill. Edn^onton. Ujd- 
dlwi. TtningntHn aFSlrtlHgh Middelna, ban. tbe 
pn^rdtir nf (be New Rivnr, DurTl>^d taar trim ; by 
[hf fint be Iwd no iuu*. t^ tbe PKund, MsT>.dii<i(h 
ler ur JobD Swine, «q. of Biinibaw Mirkei. ID Nm- 

CbarlH Wu«l, («). of LaBdiia. 

't foBitli wife wu Mr*. Mir) BUii. 

or Sir Samuel LHkr,tnf.u(Btdrun|. 

■Rer li[i deceue Mr. BUckoby. Sinuln Mlitdflwa 
WKA «, by bii eldent ton, 

1. M>Ti.HMiPDJii.TDi<.w|.ar|].<:lLBe),lnM>ddleKi. 
wbo wuvnaudiBiioiirTiii JWI. Ittm. UorMhy. 
dantblrr of Hit WilliuD Ogliuidar. hxrt, uf Nunwell. 
in tba Itl* Bt Wfgbl. BV4 by ber, fnna wbon he w» 
divorced by ict of parliameDl^ bid aa ojoly duiebler, Henry Berkelrr.wi. of Ibc Mid- 

r I. M»t . and r.i.tttttiK. by In 

Dt Htuh Diybarei. »t. »•• ibntf ■!■< ■! 

CeBira»t- tHe-wtudbtlr. 

M I 1) 


I. Thomas, hin heir. ii. Robrrt. 
III. Richard, who bad two Mons, Rukut and John. 
Thn i.>lde»t son, 

I. Thovam MYDnKi.TON,eMi. of ChirK Castle, in Den- 
bighiihiTe, wus created a Babunkt in 1600. He w. 
first. Mary, daaght^r of Thomas Cholmondeley, esq. of 
Vnle Royal, in C.'heihire ; and secondly, Jane, daugh- 
ter of John TrcTor, esq. of Denbighshire. He died in 
July, lOfiS, ti7,vi tliirtyninc, and was s. by hi» son, 

II. Sir TiioMAf Myudi.lton, of Chirk Castle, who 
IN. firHt. Elisabeth, daughter nnJ co-heir of SirThomns 
Wilbmhaui, of Woodhvy ; and secontlly, Charlotta, 
daughter of Sir Orlando Bridgman, hart. He d. 5th 
February, 1083, leaving an only daughter and heir, 

Charlotte, m. first, to Kdward, Karl of Warwick ; 
and secondly, to the Right Hon. Juskph Audison. 
Sir Thomas was s. by his brother, 

III. Sir RirHARnMYODKLTOK.ofChirke Castle, who 
S. in June, 1710, leaving with a daughter, Mary, who 
it. unm. a son, 

IV. Sir Wii.i.iAV MYi)i)BLTON,at whose decease un- 
raarrird .'iih January, 1718, aged twenty-four, the 
Raronlti'y hceame r&tinct. Tlic estate of Chirk. 
Castle, ti)gether with the lordsliii>s of Chirk, Chirk- 
liinds, and Ruthen, followed the entail to 

RoBKRT of LlyKfiisi, son of Rich- 
ard, the third m>u of Sir Thomas Myddcltun, kiit. 
of Chirk Castle, who d. in liiOO. His brother, 

John Myuuelton, esq. died in 1747, and was s. 
by his son, 

RiiHARi) Myddklton, esq. of Chirk Castle, who 
diiMl in 1705, leaving a son and successor. 

Rich VR II Myduklion, esq. at whose decease unm. 
in iriKi, Chirk CaAtlo devolved on his eldest sis- 
ter. CiiAKU)n'K (the present jtoMiessor) who m. 
Roki:rt Hiuui'LrH, cs4i. and has issue. 

^TMU— Arg. on abend vert, three wolves' or griffins' 
heads erased of the field. 

*iith June, liA'i. 


27th Fob. 107.1. 


This is a junior brunrh of the ancient kiiiKhtly fa 
mily of Miildleton, of Midillcton Hall, in \S vstmoro- 
laiid : thr first fif wluini on n*cord is 

Thonan Miiiui.i.ToN.of Middleton Hall, in the rfi^-.n 
of Kdward ill. IIi» iinii und h<-ir, 

Joii.N MiDiii.inoN, of Middleton, m. a daughter o! 
John Mcdralf, and had issue, 

I. THnvts, jr. to Middli'ton Hall, and ancestor of 
John Mir>i)i.RTON, esq. of Middleton, frmp. 
CiiARLi.N II. who left two dauRht rit, his 
fo-heim: JMdgct. m. to Joshua lleblfth- 
wuite, of Dent; and Mni-y, m. to James 
('rapp, of Dfut. 
II. John. III. JkKrRhV, of wlium prrsently. 

1. Jacomia, or JaooUna» ■■. to B^chi 
esq. of Preston Patrick, a&d had 
Tlie third son. 

Sis JirrRET MiDDLKTON, knt. was fat! 
Sir Rorsrt Middlstok, of Leigktoa 
cjunty of I^ncaster, who in the rciga of I 
m. Ann, daughter and sole heir of Rogei 
of Betham, and thereby broafht a gnea 
fortune to his family. They had issnc, 

Thomas Miudlltox, esq. of Lei^ioa, ^ 
daughter of Sir Thomaa Striddand, and < 
RY VIII. left issue, 

Ckrvasb MiDDLKTOK, esq. who m. ~- 
Northaiuptonshire, and dyiug 1 Edwsri 
by his son, 

(SaiiRGE MiDM.ivTOX, esq. of Lei^ttm, 
who M. first, a daughter of Sir Marmadi 
of Thnrland Castle, and had two danghl 
condly, Margaret, danghtfrr.of Sir Chrit 
calf, knt. of Nappa, by Lady Elisabeth Cli 
ter of Henry, Karl of Conberlaiid, I 
daughter of Henry Algernon* fifth Eari 
berland, by whom he had three sons and 
tern. He was s. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Middueton, esq. of Leighton I 
Katharine, sister to Sir Richard Hogfat 
Hoghton Tower, and had, with eight dsa 
sous. viz. 

Gkorck, his heir. 
Thomas, who d. .«. p. 
Robert, who m. Jane, daughter aa 
Tliomas Kitson, gent, of Warton. w 
tvrity remained until very reiientl]; 
reduced circumstaures.* 
The eldest son, 

I. Georgr Miudlktok, esq. of Leighton 
brave and active partizan of CntaLES 
army, besides liberally contributing to 1 
of the war, be served as colonel ; for w 
decline ot the king's alTuirs. he was mnp 
pound for his estate. He was kni;:htrd 
Ht Durham, Wth June. KM'i. an I was civ 
NET by patent bearing date the day f«no« 
the Restoration he served the offiri- of hi 
Lancashirp two years successively, vii 
Charles II. He w. first, Frances, daofl 
of Richard Rigg, eM}. of Little Scncklani 
wm, (rcoffrey, who died young, and a dai 
Mary, who became sole heiresif : tk 
ford Oldfield. ei^q. of Somcrford, 
and had issue. 


the death of Ann, I^dy Middh 
at lx'i(;hton. He w. Liady Cla 
two surviving dauiihters, vi<. 

1. ,m. to Albert H(»df»<'n, 

Leighton a a his witV s pf 

geutl-niun unfurtunatcly 

the rebellion in i;i5, « 

Frcston, and long detuiui 

H is estatf being confiMTit 

in the hands of goveniia 

when it wa» put np to aiui 

chased by a confidential 

on ci-rtain cunditions. n 

Mr. Hodgson, who resided 

He left two daughters, hi 

Ann, fn. to Geoiige. yui 

Charles Townley. esq- 

who rebuilt Leighte 

• ()nr of hii> (:raiiil<mn«, Robert MiddletDii, wa* a | and wai' mother of R«>b«rt Booker, uf Br«n; 
maiintT, and iliid tn HMm, le^xhic a laryf family. He onlv riiiid. Mart:4ret,m. Robcn, mm irf KKb. 
had a tirtcr, Margaret, who m. Thumbs Booker, gem. • es.j. of Cockerhain. 

•bApfil, »W. The UKHnt hdl (t Lciitb 
1 critbnitd far iu bnpiuliCT. bu king 
■4; uid ip flw ptAce oT tbe old rtaldeDcfl 
UeMiu. >t^ar> Uw long line or > madctn 
Maf of ■ »nin lud nn wlogi. Tliii bu, 
>HB DHtid liy • r>Hag of polUbid lUne- 

A <^ P^vk. bare jUso long aincc diiap- 

Sir Humphrey HildmBy. km. of D*d- 
bnry PIk*. Ehh. •a. K*n. iltogblcr 
df UflDry Capfll, BBq. of Hadhun, Htria, 
and bul (vo huu, 

nalpd with hu cr«at'graadmfib(«r» 
LciiTii Hiu>iiiT, who ••. Unrn- 
pbrvy Alildiuay, coq. 
M. Id Chrialopber Prytinit eiq- 

Tho cIdHt «D ud hrir. 

TnoIIii HiiDaar. «q. of UooUum Udl lad B 
•boiH- HmU. in Bwi, one of ibe audiwn of Ui 

1. md dying ii 

Iddy Franres Rnrliflr, only diu(falcr. by hu Hmnd 
oirr. of Henry RueUffe. Luid Pitixltii ud E.rl 
9l Buwi, ud had. wllb Mtaor Imue. 

Thohis, hi> hair. 

HiKii (S[rj. of Wiudliaiu Waller, is Ehok, died 

Drihefaiuily. Hlagi 

Il»>i>phn>. M. Ullllji.diKihlc Hri hilcer HiUdij 
MlMniy. n<»l»ii ot Mil Mcni? MlMnix. luiirri 
M<UHj*iiclDac«lnv Ji"" t- • t 
■H* lull • •UnttXK. Abu, wiU- irf 8u WUIUu 

Aon, a. Id TbDnii Satilc, im. 

iklHt <l(U(lilrr inil lu-brti ••( kb ■•(*». 



lagliter of Sir ThomM Planing, lord 
Incland, mod had, with other children, 
'), of NewtoD Berry, in the ooanty of 
kptmi, made a knight banneret by A'iivg 
I I. slain at Oxford in the lifetime of 
er. He ■•. PhOadelpbia, daughter of 
try Knollya, of Grore Place, Hants, 
tier of the household to Charues I. 
her (who m. secondly, Christopher, 
ynham,) left au only son, 
soooessor to his grandfather, 
m. Catherine, daughter and sole heir 
«w Mondy, esq. of Nutshelling, and 
1 thereby that estate, 
of Oxford, d, unm. 
, of Partford, Wilts, d. unm. 
of Bling, in the county of Southamp- 
Jane, daughter of Thomas Burgess, 
iyson, in the same county, 
ented the borough of Soathampton in 
*nts, and was s. at hb decease by his 

Mill, who m. Margaret, daughter of 
Sandys, of Mottisfont, and sister and 
n, ei^th and last Lord Sandys, of the 
; in 1670, was s. by his only son. 
Mill, high sheriff of the county of 

10S3, who M. Margaret, daughter and 
Grey, esq. of Woolbeding, in Sussex, 

fourth and fifth baronets. 


s. te Robert Knollys, esq. of Grove 

H, to Sir Thomas Hoby, hart, of So- 

i the county of Southampton, and of 



nherited the estates of his uncle, Ed- 

tjs. Wits jr. at his decease by his elder 

Mill, who dying unmarried iu 1041, 

ID Mill, IukU sheritf of Southampton 
. F. for MiUliumt, m. tMargaret, eldest 
ertKnoUys,eM|. uf liruve Place, Huuta, 

all baronets iu surccssioii. 

to William Dodiiworth, e»i\. 

IflCh May. 17(jO, and was *. by hist old- 

.au Mii.L, M.l*. for Soutbainptoii, wbo 
mthy, daugbter and heir of Richard 
tledtlilT, in the rounty of SoiiM'n»et, 
i3 wife, d<iu^h(t:r oi Charles Yatc, ex}. 

Henrietta, d, unm. 

Sophia, who inherited from the Yate liunily the 

estate of Arlingham Court, in Gloucestershire. 

She m. the Cheralier Del Caina, a Neapolitan 


He d. 17th March, 1770, and the Baronetey derolTed 
upon his next brother. 

Til. Sir John Mill-Huby (having assumed the ad- 
ditional name in compliance with the will of his cousin. 
Sir PhiUp Hoby, hart.), b. in 1710, m. Miss £limbeth 
Comyn, but d. s, p. in 1700, when he was s. by his 

Till. Sir Hknry Mill, in holy orders, rector of 
Woolbeding and Kingston Bowsey, died without issue 
in NoTember, 1781, and was s. by his only surriviug 

IX. Sir Charlxs Mill, LL.B. in holy orders, b. in 
1722 ; d. 10th July, 1702, IcaTing by Mary, his wife, 
one son and one daughter, Tiz. 

Cuarlxs, his heir. 

Mary, m. first, to Captein Stephen L. Popham; 
and secondly, to John Barker, of Warehani, in 
Dorset. By the latter she left a son, 
TuK RxT. John Barkkr. 

Sir Charles was s. by his son, 

x. Sir Charles Mill, who m. in 1800, Selina, eld- 
est daughter of Sir John Morshead, hart, of Trenant 
Park, in Cornwall, but died without issue 3<5th Fe- 
bruary, 1833, when the Baronktcy expirkd, while the 
estates passed to (the son of his only sister, Mary, by 
her second husband, John Barker, esq. of Wareham, 
in Dorsetehire,) his nephew, 

Thk Rev. John B4RKKr, who assumed the sur- 
name and arms of Mill in 1835, and being subse- 
quently created a Baronet, is now (183S) 
Sir John Barxer-Mill, bart. of Mottisfont, 
in Hampshire. 

i4n»M— Party per fesse arg. and sa. a pale counter- 
changed, and three bears salient, two and one, of the 
second, muzzled and chained or. 


■ — > t 


13th Oct. luou. 




in 1714. 


NiciKMJio MiLLKK, CM}, ot' llorsnclls Crouch, in 
VVrothani, Kent, sheriff uf that county 8 (*hakij:<i I. 
punhanod from Sir (fcorge Chowne, knt. of Kairluue, 
the manor of Oxeuhoath, in the pari^h of Weht Peck- 
hum. He in. Jane, daughter of John PoUey, vm\. of 

ler and heir of Wiiliani dc l<<'U( lit*. .in<l 

ht died belurr hin father, Iratving iMiif, 

!<• $. ti> ilu' IUrony or CiHois. 

iM. to K.«l|di Kadi iiiildc. 

«. lo Ho];rr Limkuoi, I'luni ulioui di • 

IktMiitt Li.i'iKWoK, <'i ('anu>i:> ( oinr. 
•s€- ildu-^hXi.r 4ud bill. 

CAfHERiNR Lr.ii:k.>uK, t/4. as above, 
JuH.N Miu^ e»<|. 

lionl 1-aiuui* d. iu 14!ll, and was «. h> iii« f;r4nil«4>n, 

HiutI i>i: ('amuIA, Mtiiiid luid, <il hIiom: «h-r«-aiM- g. p. 
."> Hf.nkt \ I. thr ettatt'9 di-vuK<d ii|miii hi* •ii*t«r!< .is 
(i>lit-ir«, and tlir hjroiiy of C'ainoi* i«il iniii \MrY4N<E 
duiun:;»t tiii-ni, and h> coutiniu-.t wiili iluii di>ciudani.«. 

HiuxeS Extinct Peeraye. 

d by ber. wbu died Glli Jinuarjr, 



HsRIxw, III Bucllind, in SmTej. 

Blinbclb, w. lo Sir Ruben Koiapi!. of Fiochen. 

Aild. Euci, 
Margaret. HH. la Jnbn Boya» uw}. bpd of Sir Edwanl 

Boyt, et Monington. 
Juw, H. lo WlJIiuu JaniM, uq. of Igbllxm. 
Ilnry. ■. u Edmund AIIejii, oq. ug aod lu^ir of 

NkImIh Miller if . Sib Augual< IMO. aged KTeatr-rDnr, 

gin NKBOiJa UiLuii, LnC. or OicBlwatli in Kml. 
who M. Aaiu, daughler of Williui Siyli, aq. of|ley,jiiHeckaDhJuii,aiidhad,>ithfbarduigliWn, 

Wnxham, and odirrrMatei, U« m. Margaml, 
daughter of Joba PoUiill, gtnt. of OObrd, and H. 
Tib Prhnitry, IflU, leaTiug a niunnraiu fiimily. 
Tbc falaMs <if CroniTh and WlngKttd conlinDcd 
(or ■ODE ynn wilb tail deKendanu, ODtil ma- 

ViKSBDUai PalUand, kod from Ibal nablu {■- 
mily they panted to Pmncia Uattvy AiuIad, n^- 
nf WllDingUQ. 

Sir Nicbiilai if. lOUi February, ISM, aged ■ittjiix, 
Kthi in Itet. H« died inAugun, iroo. Iniing by 

HMt. his wire, daughur af Sir Joho Bnrlict, of 
SiT^Etan Aniy, Bncta, a daughter, Eluiiith, uf 

II. Bia fioiLt'ci UiLi^, DC Ounhinih, wba m 
liuiaiiDah.dausbUrofTliDinaaMedkiy.eiU.t^ Hulled, 

deanniltd to bb> 

mcl; tiu utaualOlanhoiilh 

Leouanl Bartiwlomi-vt, oq. af 


.. «e«.dly. Mary 



\leiander Tboiia.. m- oT Umb,. 


•bo.». wbo died in 

• li, be bad an 






■dminl R.N. and b 



sth Janiury, 


•taq. of Oiaa 


died wlihmi itm 





u( Robert Porreattr. of Q 

daughleranil heir of AnJnv ('aamy.a* 
■Ml! bad. wiib Mttnl dkufMva, iw h^ 

daugbler. Uriae I. tk> >U> W Jaite ■■ 
lilMntDU. H. a>. IrMllT. liit^ 
of Smelur Bf Umw, iBd »y k« M 
ler. EliubMk, -1. M Mifua lal 

rUartn. of PHtadinl. •«■ ■■4fcd. ■ 
Blaebwood. tiMt ot Mr EAn ■ 
Lnl. but by bat Iwd ■« ^w. mim.\ 
MargaiTl, daofbievirf Kla lltwy ■■< 

II Manay, ea^. and t»d Mnl*t4 bNHt 

r«m« In ScMlaM. U* k. k«,laihM 
CbartM KiHtafll. of nDr«n a< *^^ 
daafbtrr of Kit J*Ih> B|hla«B». 4 (« 
lyiBiBnblBM, l»H.«> •.b)*i4M« 

r. f. Hh April, I7N, whn tbc BtHOKRCT 


■ WIr a( Sir Ni 

il LonJoD tod Chbwkk, 
Ih. dlojihlFr uii 



Th« faB.ay ot MoHir 
Sm WiLUia DE Ml 

«. 1 K .J 1. . ■'"' ■"» n>»i»" '" Sommeuhi™, bends miny 

il wir Curw "'m»l« ^t °*" ''''**'l» ■'■ WUB, in D*»oiuhli«, (ad Wir- 

lhSlTjMW>->d>ii|)iur, ' 

I, la ■■niifa UPctrr Meiwood.eai. Tbcir I 

MoHun', of DuuUr, in the time of En- 
id VM f ■ ml liu dfc«a*fl by hie grmod^mtt 
>■ MaiiDH, sTcand Lord Mohnn of Danitrr, 
left at hii deceue thna dinthun, hit eo- 
, uuincM whom the barony of Usbun ot 
Iter Ml iniD ibejuDce. 
e yoangtT add of John, th« Grit boron, 

I. RuiAiLD HOHun.eo). of Boconnoc, in Cornmil, 

'foTfDiliar. leil. Sir Refiuald >■. PLiiip|i>, dencbur 
ir Sir Jobn Hele.* kot. of Wcmbury, in Deinn. by 

n* IM M*nh, lou-t.— Extiuct in IT«. 

T-oiix HoDTniu. brother of Sir )>io« 

iwtngc by UlUrn patent, daUd I^llh April. IBM, aa 

, tad Mha toomor of Jimiica, ku crealed 


n la tma-t. He h. Eliubnh. diuKhWr of 

TOn. During the war bia lord-hLji wai one of 

»t of England, and did good .erri™ to Ihe royal 

Taoait IlDDTmeD. who larTiTed bie falber 

•e. He m. Cordelia, dauihicr ot Sir John Slan. 

Fa than a Boolh. dying IWh Ociobor, m», 

hop., ot SbeKord, Notta. and widow ot Sir Rocer 

L by bb bmhcT. 


ton, by whom he had iaaue. 

1 HoDiroao, wha rerided al An- 

lauica. Ha ■. H.ry, daaihter aad co-heir 
^w Norm. hart, and dyinf in that Mtni 
•,«*(. by hlxoD, 
1 Noaioa MoDrroin. .bo m. NIai Cny, of 

Wi.wica, heir to bia brother, 
royal itandard. 

a,bM4rlac<. r abo^lKWI.wa... byhl. 

Cordelia, •- to John Harm, eaq. ot Hayne, in 

Tbobu MoDTroap, who reaided at St. Jago 

Theopblla, ID. to Jama Campbell, eai. aoa ot Mr. 

la. I> iaautea. He m. Am. a daogbUr of 

Aldeman C-ampbeU, of LoDdOD. 

■han.l*.a«chaal, of London: and Hcond- 


III. SiiL Jims Monuo, •kddA Lord Molinn, wha 4 

i>. Sii WiiiricK Udhdh, ihinl Lord UBbno.wh' 
n. CBIli«riDE, d>s(li((ir a) U'ellea ol tlie Rnqniy a 
fJouthamptoD, ud dying in IdM, vu i. by hii un. 

r. Sm CatKLn UoHtN, faurib Lord Hobtui, wbi 
m. Lady Pbilippa Animley. diuRhlcr of Arthor, On 
EnrI af Anglney. and bad wtlU a daugblcr, Bliabclh 

Tiolnitly, " Mn 
lino." HiTiDg 

iha nndc of Mi 
Maccleifidd, be 

It HuHl'H. fifth Urd Hohun- Tbi> 
to vebanEDI and violeni a Wmpeni- 
rrcd twice III? Impuladnn of marderr 

Hi! camr, bowncr, b-rminiteil 
ol bbjod ■ball uul live out hair their 
bad a dlipuu with Ihe D uku of H>- 
; the MUitM bequeillKd lu bim iy 
fint -wite, Cbarlca, iHiaiut Earl tt 
cbHllmged tbat noblEman. 

Mahou'i Hiwnil, Cenenl Haeannry, wbo 
id for the aOencF. ISIh Jane, iriO, iu Ibo 
KiDg'a Bench, and aafiuiti^ nt tlia narder, 
IclEd of muulaugbier. Lord Hohun *■ d»[b 

r of — Malfiwaring, aaq- by bia wUv, Lady 
< Gurard, ititer of Charla. aedond Earl of 
field; and KcDndly, Bliubech, duughlii 

Grtaih, but hnii 

!, and 1 



BI down and plaMd ■• ■ 
n 111 ni-arwM and atacidi 
■trr. To IbH WIlUn R 

'herrof he. Winiam. majW K^ta* U> 

Vki.h na Muuan^ vlxav •« ^ bdi 
AuiB u( HoLijiH, OtBtoM <■ Sta im . 

nit daughur and biir bI Boudict it C> 

1 Kpeke, in I 

■l»>with Uinat Vl.trlift ).,>*»«»■ 
npou him. bla aoaa, and ihcit balrsi ik> 
ihip of the royal forMa wad rttk* <■ 
•hire, the luvardanip of KaMWri. a^ 
coaaUhU ■>( Urrrpoal. KewuriateM 
with the Lord ABdlry. ^n IWt^ Mr fea 
Joan. daaeWrr and h>Hr a( Mr GOkan I 
■nil ralic:! of Sir ?r1ar t-ttk. III LmH 
had HTeral ~n>, of wb« Ritaasn, tt 
■BcntoT of lb* Etna o* :l<ma h< 
tba ainond of the fanOly kafcn IM. 
arnmdly. Helen, daufbtiT af k4ii4A 
Towar. and relici of Sir WilU^ llani 
■bat lady had Iwa daag'i'm, <»i. «( 

lUugbur of Sir Rehcrt MarkhaM. k» « 
NMIa. b? whom ha bad ■ «k HMial.M 
■ d.iuch(er. KIlHbrlh.wtoM. llniI.MtH 
and aacoDdly, ti1v|Aaii KiHi^L afl|. rf ^ 
Sir Tbomaa ■•. eeoaadlT. CHMaut^da^ 

Dinumiaa pMHraU, Mi.'a^ HailMbli >*< 
Derby, and bad hy bet 

t:n«i;an iSit). K.II- <w af lkr^> 
(nninon J-tea. Ui lUa. aaJ MM< 
Kdnund m. Int. daagtrtai af M« I 
eaf. al ('baahaBbajs. ■■rba.iadM' 
Jo«a. of IlB-p. .. tua.dNiM" 

ilylnl ■■ de Pnytlen," iKnaK hit ttlr wn ■ Prniln 
or oallve of tbe pruIlnM of Poyliefi: be wai xHi 
ttoter, {'sgnl Hoaalgonerie. Amixbil, amt Shnwibai 
byTlabel, aliler and ball »f Aniald, Cwai of Belli 
mayae. in NoraiHty, 

piiblat <it Lltpoli (I.I 

• I. Ht m. taiiBbnh, duDgh- 
M 8tTl>.«< Witcrlii(byry, ud h> her, 
IIM, hid tn diiclkun, tIx. 
I- tn I0T3. la PcrcgnD« B«Ti)<, ••cDitd rtn 
aupM. Eul of UndHT, ud left 

M. «( taMtori, ta WaraHinUrt. « 

Ml <airX u4 Ekliwd. Tlx aUer, 

the maniiT of GoDilitc 
PlBrpont, knt, ukd bj« 

nephew, Rif^b^rd, which 

phr«j. The e[der, hii heir. 
Tboh» Munoi, died ttb DKcnber, UNh Hi»i 
ippun by th« Inquiiritiini, daUd irth Octn- 



™, .1.- 


T SlocVbride'', 

i« BedfoTditiin 

■ Philip Mohxoi' 

II PniLir UoKNai' 
I, 3td Ptbrulry, if 

i. I7tb April, 1803, IT 
vho d. unm. Vth F 



Undi at GilTeyn, baa Rohiiit II, u thty hid pnii 
niuljf bllsn bf forfeltiin lo thg i:rawn of SgoiUdiI, 

Tmiili Adim, « 
SiK Adh H 

Adah Mdatdi 

' of AlexBDdei Miir 

in un lunaiH Jiiiii V. .nd Qiun M»I. wh>uc 
nrdcdtbera by hueldut MB.ADiH.iibllc tilatrcaDi] 

riiDit.i:> Marrcoanr, limine («ib<Ir ef tkc (k- 
nUj of M>rbMh,Dr MiiifaK Hill. Hn ■. Jantl, dimh- 
KrorSir Hufb MDnI|iim(rT,nr Briliiuu.iuul wm 

WiLMia HoHiaoKnT. Lalnl ol Misbinli Hm, in 
lh> tBUBty uf P«Ma, «ha died •. f. anil wu i. b> 

IT or Uolbnitli, of Ki to i Ufc . u4 ta( 
^■UT, Ua b^; Umm. killed M IWIM 
citir, in 163I-. u4 WUUaB. vta *« 
IDA died iHulo*. T1ie>ia««(H. 
RoulT MoiTKUiiKiT. Mi eeaiJ e J k* M 

(lit will <x ilM H«i. Samel Hinry OHhy. 

( " ll wBi. piDhiMi. 1h(I Orlfco, lomMllalrly pn 
v|uHU>l)i«(<,r II, by Ruuit tbe ud.ia lli>|k rir 

*ti had •cqaiml li, wlillr rt»»d, (mii hii i '•ndfttkii 

U hcdidillic Hi 


iJalT, MH-BtTlOC-T 


m^ to John JtlHbew, etq, 
h, H. to Sir John WUliuni, of Thtme, la 
Ihe amutj of Oiford, and kud uniB, 
Sir RegiDiU WiUiuu. who un m 
jUofhlflT and bFlr, 
EUutwIb. M. to Liannci Iiarirll, n 

Jnha WUIiuu, •rha «u craici] by q 

lubeUs.i^to Jobd D'Oylt ji. m- . ff ^ 

CKruliu, ■rCTfmry WiHim. «•!. ' 

W>ti1<l>, BL to Kobert LrcUsfluii, e^. or 

Wtuiia Hooii, Hi|. who m. ■ l«ii(liMi of BU- 
dealy. or HUdcfly. ud li-R > mi ud b*lr. 

Bpimiu noon*. «i. wbo dM in tl» flnl jw or 
BuixRM, Icaiiag hf Ellubcdi bia wite, daoihlcc 
■■dlHligf UlJl, Btrkl, 

I>BM a( Kij» m H, of wbon Ibi (oUqwinf drUiU on 
r'>B bT ADthony Wood. ■■ H« om bora ■! Eut 
HUdenlr- or lldlrlcy, uEU WuiUff, In Bcrki. edu 

IbambuaU, DonUaHd thin Oil uu kttchtlsr'a 
tiBndltit. ud HwD bs ntlnd Utbn Hlildle Tempi*. 

JKlU ur tl» BIU1lki)wl u 

■nd bdtrd for bU great pi 
ud lnl*(rtty In hU dfiT 

ben of whleh rosftmd h^b bUa Iht dtiiw of Mu 

««)<uit II lav, and in laid. Manfa It, nnirtid th* 
bmor «( Kuttblhwd *( TbHbkUt, fmn bU M«)My, 
KiDR Jamn I. Altai bla daalb aeow <K bla Worba 

Fnncb. that ihcn i.iaa) nnu 

id njvru6 rma Ihr nriilita) hi 

'0,foLpubliflhodby CirvrgE 
DuLe, or the Inner Temple, Bvg. 

nent, M li Henii, vlwrein ttan Sutun 
Choriuble Vtet «u mide, uiil wu. u 
added, thp pCDiiflr Uiereof' At IvnEtb payinc Lhfi Uft 

wu tiaried in > Violt under (be Ch'nrdb M Grut 
FnwIny.nEnrto WintagB, befDn nHinlianrd, in vhick 
Vault LIB friMtrntf Iwho ore BarDnetB, UriDB in thjit 
parUb) bave bben flinee, and dre bitberto uiterred, iw 
I tnre been iDBlructed by bb graaivm, Sir tfenry 
Koom, Ban." So hr Anthony Wood— (nrlher miy 
be ittlod IbKl Sir FnneU m. Anne, dingbler of Wil- 
liuu Twilty, e>4. or Boreliam, Id Ehsi, indbad iuue, 
I. Prueia, d. at Ltodi, nnni. 

III. WiUiam, Ki.ti>Mrm.Bloual,>Dd]eft>Hin, 

Pnmdi, who n. Miry, dKugfaUr at Bdwird 
I. Harenrcl, i". to Sir ItSrty Pidmer, kni. Ulor- 
Dsy-generallD A'fHf CBtlLU II. 

6lr Henry leminfhun, Bnt'bu^uiEt of Couy 
Hill, in NorTDlk, ud wu mMber ol Sit 
Henrj Jemintbun, tha Kcond hvonet. 
III. Eliubeih, m. to Sir Richard BlminC, of Uaple 
I>nrhani, in the cnunty of OifOH. 

I"^ m. Eliubeih,. daoghler oC William Bererley. uq. ol 

jJ, , Kenoe, In (be county ot Bed^rd, and had bane, 

KHubMh, m. U Sir Seynonr Pile, 
Fruni, m. a Gabriel Pile, esq- ^^ 

III Hkhk Mouai, who uredded. finrt, Judith, 
ter of Mr. Aldrnnan Campbell, of London, and 
' had one daughur, Jaditfa. who d. yoang. He 
ondly. (Jari^JanghOir of WllliuBi Hl Uhmc h, 
' Knllely, in the county of Bucki, by whom he 

Livm, vho ■■. Franc«a, daiicbter and vole heir 
of Alexander Jemln, r^- ol Cordinntimp in 

b hia elder brother, 4 

July al lb* t 

<b* pminea sf Now York, « 

d<a(h. gli Haary •. CaWiaH— Wnta ^ 

etr, ak Charia Uovanl, mw gl It 

a«an>a, iea» Bake of NnrMk. . 

•^>^Jir£^ a.. 

|, of tdBcrlUr. Id i1i< lilud o 


mlUf. Hum >liM,.t,n>«r>rar M.I- 
tmn. (f MnvkHU HMrh. in K>nl, and 

jOcvgi XmU, rieBalninl at EuoUnd. 



.,b, *..«». 

Hcnai Uoum. whe dtnl witboHt Ih«, 


17M, irlKD «!« BiuxnoT beomi «i 




3 ,r^— ,,.... 

Mih ar)H. Idea. 



V '-vvy 






cbul. and wai enklca ■ BiIoRiT in imt. Ha n. 

\ y 

Sman, diiMllittt of Joaoph Brand, nf. of Reward- 

«onc<. Id aultblk, but dM : p. In IrM, oben the UUo 

ririitD. Sonnl !«» pRvioiu tp hii dcalb, be 

srrcwd, at BlaekhMIH. a rollaga, n« far rrom b.. 


o-n n^dsBoc, for lb* auppatt of deayrd nercbanu. 
for wboM rolitf lb.r« bad pnrloualT eilafrf lu) In. 

il biL u> IXooMUt. who ■>. in IST9, 

■r ar Mir loho Col*, bin. •>( NrwUnd. 

an »nu to U» taluo of £IIno a yaa. Tbc pen 

lani Mam, wbo dtad >. t>. lb 1714, 

prundrd lir (tain, and • *niU annuilr aHoviid. 
AFur Lady Mordni'i dawaK in IIVI, (be lauot ol 

t.faBrfb EArt at Dn«hid>. vbo tf. >. p. 

(iwDwich. and from bU frrntual hoir. Sir Gn-gnry 

•P. «R1. K.rl of I>wfl*U, .nmior of 

Tuma I'acc, bart. il »u puctuacd by John Ciur. 

tTMMll p«r. 


*rmt—kTK- • flrur-dt'K* (b. 

• MM. 

K Haw H>ll. In ih. ..unif of Ui.ii.. 




Tlw family of Hoti. oi ni i^ Hdh. vw in poa- 

f Pntetliqi, 

H irf F.ui 

r, «. M Sir Vhulw Warvlck 

II. and KuviiD III. ohicb ia utd by n 
nthir hkatorUua J tboH partoda. 

Sia Jnio ca LI Ko». waa nrmbtr for CiiBliRbmd 
Miof H»>i IV. Hiadtanndanl. 

loan Moat. oh). of Bank Hall. aa. Etaanar, 
VouD«Hi daiiihirr of Mr llubapd Molintu. kai. of 
Hcpbim. in Laucaabln, ud fron tUa Bwrtnat 

[Jrcrpocil niBiiiit CniKLM I, ll« Biarilfd ■ d*B(l>I(r 
>r Hliby. aail Irfl ■ HO and htir. 

ot Sir Thomu HlDodwai^. and hti i diofbter Hi 
cildi, Ibe wire of nuHnu Wbil1«, gEOt. of Bootlc, i 
Lwitwkiru, Hg wu i. by ba ion. 

CuHitwrlow, in Hcnfordihln, (nil d^( Unl'lljircfa 

, »q. or l^rolii'i Inn K 

Kari al LetDmcr. Is l/tt* LtB(ala-*au1 
IbeQunn being prnFiil. IU_.tM.Vi 
Irr uul cn4i«ir >( lUljili Di^cL ca^. rf 

I. *lMM d(ii|)i(n PriD 

m(. knl. of LoMlry, M.P. for 
' KmlUtaii. Htm wo cniud ■ 
I. Hiw. Bluitocb. danghiu- 
■. kni. of CuStId HUI and 
I Bun. and k)[ her, vbn 
k ChnXspbrr Rau, 04. at SnlTalk, 
^- ' ~. U kil dtCHH, lliti April, 

^rty^m fpar of fau nge, «ht 

--■ITUCT. TbB «atB Tn<n 

F. Uw Rir. NisHOLii Mdii, 

rsM ari. It* martlMt b. 

Tin IilDiiaiii. Ika £iH:c«iRr>. vu i 

Jamaica- Sir Thomaa Mortau i* inrDtioDfd at grair 

IniCth bj Fills, in the innvdaetiDii to hii Wutory at 


mat \ nf. leH of EltHt. wlio i 
tana for Ui am, ■- Arg. Ihr-. 

m of Grysyj tf CTdrkh. and 
Moriaaa •( Tndtcar, ibiI Llao 
It Hmbik, «•(. of UangaRoek, 

Im™ eoicloTtd in 




tb Caitla, which w 

carrii^d on 

a inipectjcm. Tbo 



ell nol 

■a Hill lo hare dia 


belltT atau 0/ dcf 




bcrorr." Sir Thotnu ■■. Da ta Rlriare. daochter and 
ETFDInal helreaa of Richard CholmundlEy. axg. of 

■. Haaur, daagbiar and o 

f Pillalh. in Iho connly a< 

Tuoaii, bii heir. 

■.ban. or Knill Court. 

A.m. to Tbomaa Clutton, eai|. o( Pan 

nlj child of John RoydhouH, nq. of St. Man 
n Iba Fialdi. Middlaai. and d;iii| UEh D«xd 
Tin. Hu 1. br hit onlji child, 
ir. Hia Joan Hoaaia, K.P. rnr the cilr of F 

ird, »I>D m. Miai JaoihHD, dauibtet of Sir J 

luEiiDRtTcrilruiD. The ehtrf eitale. (hat or 
I roloual Ctutl^a, of Pantai, by wbon it wat •> 


II.LSIU MunGiN, w). ibniir ror lloDiiuni<h>1iin 
M7iitiid 1571, who wu the Arsr propritnr 
■DUnam. Hem. EILubelb,d>usbtiirarGiT>l«n 
•e!, kdC of MjirgUD, and w» i. by hU xm, 
miiQ Hgncin. uq, sf LUnnrnim and l>iTirke. 
', ror MannKiiitluhin in tim, whs m. BliulHtli. 
;htcraTkd bcirof HvghSmith.Biq.of LonEAtfaloD, 

LsAy 1'nincu Namncl, rlnucbtcr at Edward, Ball of 
WoKHtn-, (iKl wu Catbtr of 

I. Sia Edh^kd MoiiDiH, of LlintaTBam. wIid wh 
cmud a niaoKCT In IMl. Hs n. Mary, duigtatM- 
or Sir Pranci* En(1«GeId, ban. of Woudu Banst. in 

r. 9tlb Ji 


II. 9ia Edwiio MoKoiH, of Llwiumnn. Ilrinf In 
IIUI, whu hl Praocn. diiiEli'e'' «f Tbomu Morgan. 
r«). of Mannham, and «ai .. by hi. hid, 

ford, and b^ tlial lady, wbo *eddf^, H«udly, Jubii 
GnibbaiD Hova, eaq. fattan of the Rnl Lord Cbid- 

kltnw, vtid died nnrn. fafqnoathing Iwr moioly of 
the inbnritance to John Rowe, c*q. who had 

RaoiKiLuMonaii. BaiT 

difd unmarried oifa 


.1, whowadde 

d John Blewiti, t-i. 

of Lob 

Oh, ».d dying 



m;y, .nd by 1, 

er. ohD nedded H- 

Illy, John Mac 

""""■ «M- ''n " 

d«..« In IT 

M. (wo »»■., Joux, 

D d. .. J., nnd 

Euw.aD Blrw 

rr. »q. «h<. * in 

I7IM, Amelia, 

■U|).i«r and ro-Unr 

orjamea Dube 

rley. «q. of Knahan, 



MUBUWlTT.eM. of 

Prun Blcwf It. la. M >— 1> Wi 
and hwl ■ AnwMn, lUn. ■ 
Caihann* HUvlB, _. • in 

Pxivia Ba.i. «b« a. I^^M 
vq. and bad Mw.FAwH.'aai 
linnu. ««. tt (k* Cffc Hot 

drw— Aig. a (liBa Mgn— I a 


pariah of St. Narttk. ia Oh cilT ■! 


Ml tuttei. Dr. Uoiica, d>ini nn. 
•». Hsl tull four T*"* >)•>' ><><1 • 
Vbo bcnsH Ihc thtrJ «iti of Bi' 
,W XhU*ii, in th* puruh of Uulil*' 

■lln dlndkB of bti MTuIm. 

•f kWMi|>r*tlnr. la v»i 

■Ilsa on Ilia pan, bal did nol 
II. k( **• tppgllitrd (hfrfir (oi 
l» }«r bafUn •Mtltd ■■ Wcr 
J. vliicli k* taxi puRbimt (nir 

•ttUpuqatfltly tbplo)^ in ilia 

CuHrtary wn* awarn nu of tha 
^ Dl aiMi*, afld of 111* iiiiJ4PiT~t 
t ktM llM aaila or alki aiilU IMH. 
rrdml Iota jirltxli lilt. Hr 

KllBbtih. 4*11. bT lluB|>1iraT Fri- 

Fobrunr. irwd. lln had on* 

' ' tl wUich til »(n 

inihl-r, llu wif* of 

I** dmclj 

•. u lilr WdWr Hoik, kM. of na> 
. M tic Usbatt CoOiHi, knl. i>l IIilUi 


«f foMSHII*, 

Ua in. iccDudlii. ■ dimiburDf Rklimrd Rernall, oq. 
d/ 0(wf]1. la Unoiiililn. by vboni (*Iid d. brlUn 
her huibiBd) he Imil mn only wn. kU locuuor U bl> 

II. Sir Kionaij>Maliit.i,'M.r. for Mawpan.t(Hp. 
Qua AnHt, A'Mf Ctoaaa I. and A~j*f Uiuaei 11- 
m. Udy rallifrliia llerbirt, ilAtit dautbur of Tku. 
nu, EuJ of PmibnK, and by li<^r lidyahip, ilia J. 

U. u Sic loliB Si, Aiib^a. 

:>rb>n Si. Aubrn. m. b> Sir Jaha Mali 
worth, btct. N.P. rO( Cnmnll. 
»t, w. in in». (o Sir Jobn Uo1«<tor 
t. of Penorro*, ud diid lllh Miy, II. 

UartKn Si. AubyD. 
Ill il. »Ui Jinuvy. i:«.Mi. and ■•• >■ hy bu h». 

aritmrdi far Uap«.iMii.' H. Gnl in S>.iKi-»b(r. 
Jill, Ludy Liirt WU>nnn,diiu|bni<if Tlioiiiii. Mar 
i|ana of Wharlou. llfC ladyiUip dlod tnd Ptbruiry. 
I7M4. Sir Wllllira *. •vcandly. Ann*, daughter of 
TbDBUw Buc]i. em), at BuO'turbac, In Dt'oiHhirr, 


Cautiii ihI Jul), inxi.—Kiii 

.'iiUria, Canbndt*. 1b lau. ka w*ni to SiFFdHi. In 
h> taiwmi «><b>Hy ol Ralmoda Wtalul^b. (ad b» 
ame *uW«i|iwB(ly aitlaUDt to aivntary TbHilaL la 

llalia munutrata aiainfltbi poMulhui 
rf Our Wdden***. and rv^tahad on hi* Mom, ■ 
■ Uiitarr ar the KtanirtUsal Chuivlu* o( lb* Villiy 
Pladnsnt." A* an ln(uii«iuiB«b*nic. luveiar. ih* 

•>f WHilinnigh H«iH. 

Sir Samael nurrird four with: the «nt wu > 
Frruch lulT. Hiuiinm in Milloillir. d>n(hlrr of 

CdtoIii, dinghur of Sir Roger Htnoel.kni.; mni the 
■bird, Anuii, dingbter of George Foililiiif. ew). ARer 

wilh t woDitD who prfttDiled to Iw U hflnni at 
I' Th». hFbimHir>UUd.Fn)Tedlii*niin. Of 
nbenilinied chknu-ier, ihe probftbly iEdpainsd hlA pn>- 
^Kwiy by extreVHgHau, tnd rhough be abuined a 

a neUbeboJy deUil of dijiLpiK^DCiDenu and dlatrr**- 

Ihfl archbiebop'a " b«lp(ng band to have bis eondlUoi 
tmlT repRHnwd lo bii niajeaty." He died in J> 

murk. Poland. Knf Uvd. ft 
■liiidrd intotbrM put>-~ 
The elder >on. 

Si< nicH>iiDM.»t>»K,arM< 

fCoieb'd BDOU 
In an, ha w 
4, in Ihe d»n 
awndad M Huiat Vltl.'a 

the Kiupenr Ctaarla V. aa ha waa •■ 
VI. He rcPElTod (be hanwiTa* kMl 
and died at SnubBrgta. Ulh UwA. I« 

WhiieabatT. or Wbiebbwf. I» WiUa wt ■ 

BUBor Cubiobury, vbira ha k^ M^ 
eraci»fi of a n.nawB b<m*a. Ma a. Kail 
daughltr of ieha. Laed tt«m|. •< MArt 
ud thirdly. Prasda. Earl ol B 



cooBt^ of Doraet» who tm. Lucy* daughter of Thomas 
UuMey. Mq. and had iasoe, 
Thomas, his heir. 

Isabel, M. to George Anketil, of Aimer. 

Elisabeth, a nun. 

Lacy, M. first to Thomas Hody, of Stawel, and 
secondly to Thomas Franctn, of Cranborue. 

Frances, mt, to William Hody, of Hamson. 

Edith, M. first to — Smith, and secondly to Tho- 
mas Chimney. 

He died in ISSl, and was s. by his son, 

Thomas Morton, esq. of Milboume St. Andrew, who 
married Warbrugh, third daughter and co-heir of Sir 
G«orge Delalind, and left, 

I. Gkokgk, his heir. 
II. Thomas, ancestor of the Henbury line. 

I. Lucy, M. to Thomas Mompessou, esq. of Little 

II. Cicely, m. to John Champneys, esq. of Orchard- 
leigh, in Somersetshirf . 

III. Mary, m. to Augustin Laurence, of Sherford. 

IV. Bridget, m. to Thomas Basket, of Divelisk. 
V. Margaret, m. to George Lovell. 

He d. in 1&9I, and was s. by hin son, 

GKoaoB MoKTi>N, esq. who, by his wife, daughter of 
Francis, of Combe Flory, was father of 

Sir Georgk Morton, of Milboume, St. Andrew, 
who, with several others, received the honour of 
knighthood, at the Tower, 1603, preceding the corona- 
tion of King James I. He m. Joan, daughter of — 
HoUoway, of Walton, (some accounts make her wife 
to his father,) in Somersetshire, and had three sons, 
Gioroe, William, and John, with a daughter, Elena, 
M. to Thomas Hussey. Sir George was s. by his 
eldest son, 

I. Gborob Morton, esq. of Melbourne St. Andrew, 
in the county of Dorset, who was created a Baron kt 
1st March, 1618-19, and represented the county in 
parliament 1 Charles I. during the trouble of who»e 
reign he was a faithful royalist. Sir George m. Catha- 
rine, daughter of Sir Arthur Hopton, of Witham, in 
Somersetshire, and dying in ItiOl, was ». by his son, 

II. Sir John Morton, of Milboume St. Andrew, 
who married thret* wives. By the first, Eleanor, who 
died in 1671, he had an only daughter, 

Anns, who jm. Edmund Pleydel, esq. uf Midgehall, 
Wilts, M. P. for Woottun Bassett, and d3ring in 
1726, left surviving issue, 

Epmi'nd Morton Pleydell, whom. Deborah. 
daii:;hter of \\ illiam Kuffen, esq. and died 
in March, 17.Vt, leaving issue. 

Nevile Morton Pleydell, of Shitterton, who m. 
Betty. daui;liter uf Charles Brune, of Plum- 
ber, and bad with other issue, a daughter, 
Jane, m. to Huniphrvy Prideaux, esq. 

l*homas .Morton Pleydell, d. s. p. 1773. 

Henrietta, m. to Walter Hardiman, esq. of 

\rethusa. m. to G. R>-«'es, e^q. of Rani^ton. 
Cornelit, ut. to the Rev. Timothy Collins, 

canon of WelU. 

Sir John Moiton's »• cond wife, was Anne, daughter 
of Sir Francis \\ urtley. of Wortley. and the thin', 
Elisabeth, daughter o( Benjamin Culm, D.D. by De- 
borah, daughter of Sir Charles Pleydel, but by neither 
had he any i»«ue to survive him. He died in lC0«t, 
aged seveuty-oue. when the Baronltcy expired. 
The estates wen> inherited by the Pleydells. 

Arms- (Quarterly; gu. and erm. in the first and 
h>urth a goat's head erased, org. attired or. 



20th July, 1640. 


The family of Moslry was foaa^ed by 
JcNEiN Mosley, of Hough End, whose i 
James Mosley, was father of 
Edward Moslry, of Hoagh End, who si 
daughter of Alexander Elcock, of Hilfale, u 
and had three sons, 

I. Nicholas (Sir), hia heir. 
11. Anthony, of Ancoats, who m. Alio 
of Richard Webster, esq. of Mand 
dying in 1670, was *. by his soo, 
Oswald, of Ancoats, m. Anna 
and CO heir of Ralph Lowe, « 
End, in the county of Chestar, 
in 1630, left 
N icHoias, of Ancoats. 
Edward (Sir), of Halme, a 
of Lancaster, who inbcriled 
of Sir Edward Mosley.btt< 
III. Oswald, of Garret. 
The eldest son. 

Sir Nicholas Moslby, knt. was lorl 
London in 1509. He m. Margaret, daaghu 
Whitbroke, of Bridgcnorth, in Salop, am 

Rowland, his heir. 
£Uiward (Sir), attorney-general for tk 
Lancaster, d. s. p. 
Sir Nicholas d. at the advanced age of 
12th December. 1612, and was «. by his eM« 
Rowland Mosley, esq. who m. first, .\i 
tor of Humphry Hoghton, of Manchester, 

Margaret, m. to William 
in Shropshire, and left a daughter, 
Annk Whitmore, heir to her faA 
Sir Richard Sawyer, knt. 

He wedded, secondly, Anne, daughter a»i 
Richard Sutton, esq. of Sutton, in Cheshii 
with another daughter Anne, a son and b 
I. Edward Mosley, esq. of Hoo^, in 
of Stafford , who was created a Baronei 
1640. He m. Mary, daughter of Sir Gm 
knt. (and heir of her mother, Elisabeth, oi 
and h< ir of Sir John Bentley, knt. of Bi 
in Derbyshire), by whom he had issue. 
Edward, his successor. 

Mary, m. to Jtiseph Maynard. esq. ( 
bury, in Middlesex, son and heir « 
Maynard, knt. seijeant at-law, one 
missioners uf the great seal, /rsij 
III. and had two daughters (co-he 
Elieaheth Maynard, m. to Sir He 
hart, and had with other issue. 

Sir John Hobart, bart. crrati 
hart, and Earl of Bnckinghi 



KT Matnaip, ot. to Henry Grey» Earl of 

I d, in 1657» and wm s, by hio ion, 
DWAao MosLBT, who married Katherine, 
laghtrr of William Grey, first Lord Grey 
but died witfaont iaeue in I<MI5» when the 

became kxtiiict, and the ettatea deToiTod 
^WAiD MoeuTt knt. of Hnlme, in Lanca- 
Deeton paesed in jointure to Sir Edward'i 
oee Mooiid hnaband, Charles, eldest son of 
ord North, was summoned to parliament 
forth and Grey of RoDeston. Her ladyship 

Colonel Russell. 

•uarterly ; first and fourth, sa. a cherron 
rec battle-axes arg. ; second and third, or 
reen three eaglets displayed sa. 


Itk June, 17M Extinct tlnd Sept. in9. 


r MosLBT, esq. of Anooats, in the county 
er, brother of Sir Nicholas Mosley, kut. 
r of London, in 1509, m. Alice, daughter of 
r, of Mandiester, gent, and left a son 

MosLBT, esq. of Ancoats, who tn, Anne, 
ad c»-bcir of Ralph Lowe, esq. of Mile End, 
e, and had issue, 

■uubs, his heir. 

rard (Sir;, of Hulme, in the county of Lan- 
Iter, who inherited the estates of Sir Bd> 
md Mooley, bart. in 1M5, with the exception 
Ballesf n, which deroWed in jointure upon 
I baronet's widow. Sir Edward llosley, 
iC of Hnlase, married Bf nriei, daughter of 
dMrd Sahingstal, esq. of Huntroyd, in the 
ssry of York, and left an only daughter, 

4nua MosLBT, who m. Sir John Bland, knt. 
a# Rippax Park. ((See Buaxx's Common- 
«rs, Tcd. iii. page 320.) 


fellow of the collegiate church of Man- 
r, and rector of Wimslow, in Chesliire, 

. Cadierltte Davenport, and had 

1. Francis, in holy orders, rector of Relies- 

1. AmnOt m. to Richard Whitworth, esq. of 
Adbasten, and was mother of Lord 
Whitworth, a peer of Ireland, who d. 
la 1719, when the dignity expired ; from 
her sec on d son descended Charles, Lord 
Whitworth, a peer of England, who di^d 
hi ins* when the dignity likewise be- 
came extinct. 

t. Catherine, m. to Joseph Hooper, uf Man- 
chester, fent. and was mother of 
FruMiis Hooper, D. D. 

M» ss. to Hamphry Booth, esq. of Salford, 

Mr Robert Booth, knt. lord chief justice of 

the Csmmiwi Pleas in Ireland. 
rgarct, m. to John Anger, esq. 
rj. m. to John Crowther, citixcn of London ; 

the wife of Thomas But- 
of Manchester, and left two 

daughters: Susan Bvtterworth, married to 
Sir Henry Hoghton, bart. of Hoghton Tower, 
and Anoe Butterworth, the wife of Daniel 
Bayley. of Mandkestsr, gent. 

Mr. Mosley was s. by his eldest son, 

Nicholas Mosliy, esq. of Ancoats, who m. Jane, 
daughter of John Lerer, esq. of Alkrington, in Lan- 
cashire, and was s. by his son, 

Oswald Moslet, esq. of Ancoats, in Lancashire, 
and RoUeston, in the county of Stafford, who married 
Mary, daughter of Joseph Yates, esq. of Stanley 
House, near Blackburn, and dying at an advanced 
age, in 1736, left issue, of whom, 

Oswald, inherited the estates. 

Nicholas, of St. Paul's, ShadweU, Middlesex, 

who d. in 1607, m. Elisabeth, daughter of Mr. 

Cooke, and left a son, 

NicHoiJis MosLBY, esq. of Manchester, who 

m. Elisabifth, daughter of WUliam Parker, 

esq. of Derby, and dying in 1733, was s. by 

his son, 

JoBN-pAaKBR MosLBY, who inherited the 

estates of his cousin, the Rbt. Sia John 

MosLBY, bart. of RoUeston. 

Mr. Mosley d. in 1796, and was s. by his son, 

I. Oswald Moslby, esq. who possessed the estate 
and manor of RoUeston, in Staffordshire, with the 
perpetual advowson of the rectory of RoUeston, and 
the estate of Ancoats, with the manor of Manchester. 
He was sheriff of Staffordshire in 1715, and created a 
Baronct by GBoaoB I. 18th June, 1790. Sir Oswald 
m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Thomhaugh, esq. of 
Fenton, Notts, and had issue, 

Oswald, his heir. 

John, successor to his brodier. 

Elisabeth, m. to Humphrey Traffbrd, esq. of Traf- 
ford, and d. s. p. 

Sir Oswald d. 9th June, 1751, and was s. by his elder 

II. Sir Oswald Moslby, who d. unm. SOdi Febru- 
ary, 1757, and was s. by his brother, 

III. Sir John Mosley, in holy orders, who d. unm. 
2%nd September, 1779, when the Baruxbtcy bxpirbd, 
and the estates deroired upon his cousin, 

John-Parxkr Moslby, who then became of Rol- 
lesion, and was created a Baronet 21th March, 
1781. He il. tHHh September, 1798, and was s. 
by his grandson, the present (1837) 

Sir Oswald Mosley, bart. of Ancoats and 

ArmJt—\» preceding article. 


3rd Aug. lOtiO. 

17th April, 1831. 


The Mostons, as the name was originally urritten, 
of Flintshire, sprang from Tudor Treror, Lord of 


B Vyclun, 
uhfrine. daugliur of Kir Thoniu Suliibni;. > 

TBUvit,\ whoamnwdthciiinoeDf MDiTi)H,rr 
Piiitci, /tlw>nlaffl»if>inil;.by[b<i>iltl«i 

r Rlcbi 

Ill TDuniEir Km. Plen 
cod. The c 


H MlWTOW, «q- ofMotton,* 

anb tlinT bii anc'iton bmd tha right to beflCow 
lilTBr harp on Ibc |Kaftaa judged tbp mott wi>nliT 

He m. Vnvln, duDshUr i 


BilhDD of St. A> 

ittocaiei the NMyni, 

ol RhyJ, in 

. Uariunt, 

■1. tu Pirfeo Orinu>.i!««. of Ft 

. C«h.riB» 

m. u Sir-n.™ 

■• H»»>r. 

hit mvtMi; m 

■ Hqitih, knt. who marrlEd Uir 

I. Julin, M.P. for AmkIcm9 sr Ji« 
wanli hr tbe WiiiiBgli ^riw 

1. fiydnrir. ■. to Sir Irtart ObM 

EiMD. In ChtaUi*. 
I. CalhariDt. ■>. b> CbIimI ttl ■ 

Bolkflny. aas uh( kalr if IlM 

r Alof CnaliA I- 1 
n^i h< took iWcMh 

u brad lb* rMi (t CM 
ioBraUrUna. O* B 
int at hia ns tkBK. 
i,..c.u_, ^TiToT. la tu* «■— - — ~ 

DUE ai«ce» cndorlni ttui frvatail ^^^^ 

irid >poU.d. thai ha •» «*ll|liJ»Jf* 

nam. luanlKt In Ok ralin <>( Richiku II Antharad, 
di«tiirr 111 lKlr«tKdii>dltpTwl.»>plilu'IVycb>i), 
of Maun, and llw. thai enate bccamf p.n af the pw- 
• B> Uamnl- >>>• "»*■ '*«>C)>1« of Sir WIIIIjibi 

: Bv kia wlh, HldM>, duthlir of Sir WlUlan C.n- 
nrd. urd chaiKellorotf JnlaH, In l3T0v 

t PiNHiin.labliRMorratWhiKferdiulH^djwill, 
(!•« a plaia of the nianaiDcBt of Iba wlh of tbl> WlUlaiB 

" The Bni (ar Ibf BHHiaiMBU) kit Iha R(aR af a ifiu> 

•m in bihlHi ihe ■ 

'^Zm l"a*.« 
Ibtir brhrW '*' 

' Mt*rr M Ihil IWh tka »ody 

D daafhtan behind Ih 
TbH an iomi iiaiil 

rnni. Tha iBKrlptlnn 

, M«iy>. 

_ of Rlthud JUdimv. o* tht 

:IIV of ChMar, (nt. wlfc of WIUiuB Muij'b. Ank, 
■ '-' — — of ChiTHllM. Bjr irhmn he had 

la. .hnlV •< *• aiM •■ 
L>-> 4M a i »«^ rfc f 
tha wipart^ .f *W W— »*^ 



ritonmeBt. On Um rMtontion of the 
r Rofcr wm created a Baronit 3rd 
le HI. ftnt, Pnuleiice, daughter of Sir 

hart, of Barfleld, in Eieex, by whom 

and two daai^tcre, 

(. youDg. 

He, ftnt, of Roger Paleston, esq. of 
i FliBtehire, and afterwarda of Sir 
>r, hnt. maater of the Rolls. 
I. William Salisbury, esq. of Rug, in 
of MouMmth. 

ondly, Mary, eldest daughter of Tho- 
olkeley, and by that lady had, with 
all died young, 


to manhood, and died unm. 
Penbeddw, M.A. of Christ Church, 
trried Cliarlotu-Theophila, daughter 
r of John Digby, esq. of Gothurst, 
and beir of Sir Kenelm Digby), and 

m. to Lytton Lytton, esq. of Kneb- 
Herte, and died without issue in 

ra, married to Richard Williams, 
angest son of Sir WUliam WilUams, 

irdly, Lumley, daughter of Coetmor, 
Camarronsbire, but had no other 
in 17t6, and was succeeded by bin 

MorrYM, M.P. for Camarron, who 
daughter and heir of Darcy Sarage, 

in the county of Chester, f aud ac- 
be manors of Bee«tou, Peckforton, 
Neaton, and Thornton, all in Che- 
sue seren sons and fotir daughters, 
ig, e&cept 


Margartt, elJrst daughter and heir 

Mostyu, e«q. uf Rhyd, in the county 

It died without issue SIst December, 

erred in parliament for the borough 

Bf Christ Church, Oxford, d. unm. 
ber, 1790. 

. by his eldest son, 
I llosTTM, M.P. for the county of 
rwards for Flintnhire, from 1701 to 
pointed by QuetH Aknb paymaster 

of the Marines, and by Kimg Oaoaai I. one of the 
tollers of the Exchequer. Sir Roger m. Lady Essex 
Pinch, daughter of Daniel, second Earl of Notting- 
ham, and had iasue, 

Thomas, his successor. 



Essex, m. to Robert, second Duke of Roxburghe. 





Sir Roger d, 9th May, 1739, and was s. by his eldest 

IV. Sia Thomas Mosttn. M. P. for the county of 
Plint This gentleman m. Sarah, daughter and co- 
heir of Robert Western, esq. of London,; by whom 
(who d. SSth May, 1740), he had sunriTing issue, 

Rooxa, his successor. 

Ann, m. 1777, to Thomas Pennant, esq. of Down- 
ing and Bychton, in the county of Flint, the 
celebrated naturalist and trareller. 


He died S4th March, 1758, and was succeeded by his 

V. Sia RoGKR Mosttn, who m. Itth May, 1770, 
Margaret, daughter aud heir of the Rer. Hugh Wynne, 
LL. D. prebendary of Salisbury,) and by her (who d. 
Mth October, 1792), he had issue, 

Thomas, his heir. 

Essex, d. unm. 

Ctiarlotte, m. to Sir ThomasSwymmer Mostyn- 
Champneys, hart, but has no issue. 

Eux4BrrH, married to Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd, 
hart, now Lord Moatyn, and has a son and 

Thomas-Eoward Llotd, who assumed the 
name and arms of Mosttn. 
Anna-Maria, m. to Sir Robert Williames Vaughan, 
hart, and has issue, 

Robert Williames Vaughan, esq. 
Mary -Bridget. 

Sir Roger, who was member for Flintehire In eight 
parliamente, d, 20th July, 1700, and was *, by his 

▼I. SiaTnoMis Mosttn, M.P. for the county of 
Flint, sheriff for Camanronshire in 170-1, died un- 
married 7th April, 1831, aged forty-four, when the 

Pyen Prnoant, of B>chtun, seem to 
lioof, frum the P. S. tu the followiu^ 


" MoM>n, 17tfl. 

Jl rxcnur me fi»r aiking for ih«; fuar 
e fur the pair uf oxcu ; tor 1 want ilif 
> Iwealy puand«, to teutl my wn to 

** I am, dear Pyrrn, >oai>, &r. 

" Ruusa .Mo!>iYN. 
>» yoar bead do thi* triorniii;' f mine 

ory wan ao scarer, that fuar pound* 
lea, and Ibe barou«-t mas thought very 
Is hrir apparmt to the ani\er>ity with 
bl* par«e. 

fiMer was Sir Roger'* moihrr, vprak* 
lowiac tenna, notwithstandinK ih'-ir 

wldefy different : "Then ihr p4iha- 


mrnt forces (in 1043) took in Mottyn Honae, belonging 
to Coluuel Mottyn, the governor of Flint ; and in Mot* 
tyn fuar pieces of ordnance and some arms, lliii Colonel 
Moystyn i» my sifter's son, a gfullcman of good parts 
aud mrtlU', of a vrry ancient family, large possessions, 
and great iulereM in the coauir>, so that in twelve hours 
he raised fifteen hundred men for the kini;, and was well 
beloved there, living very nobi}." 

t Only »»n of T/u litm. Thomas Satave fserond Mm 
of Thomas, Vl^ount Savage), by Elizabeth, his tiife, 
dau^hler and ci>-heir of William Whilmore, e*<j. of Leigb- 
ti»n, by .%lMii;ar(i, dauKbUr t,( Sir Hugh, and sister and 
heir oi Sir George Beestou, of HeeMon, in the same 

I By Anne, his wife, eldest daughter and co-heir of 
Sir Richard Shirle>, bart. «»f Preston, in Susses. 

$ By Catharine, bis wife, sister of Willi-ini Vaughan, 
esq. of (7ors>grd«>l, in Merionethshire, and belreM a| 
Robert Wynne, esq. of Bodvgallen, in rarnarvnnshire 

>d hy Liid^ HntvTi-ChKmpDiys, '1dc« i 

ig Auagbttr at the lUf Kir Roger MoMyn. 



. of Liege, in Plandm, vu en 


Murtb*.' ilaagbter of Wllliim BoMhby, < 
ToaWnkun Hlgli Cnm. uid kud iHiu, 
B»iiaiH. or Pney HiU, heir Ui bia HI 
Jnfan, who M. Pnncei, diugbur of Ei 

Lydia, ■>. to PeI«T Hulflfi, «q. 

The eltlir «in, 

>. 8i> SiHiiii. Hotu. of PeIht H*1I. Rwi. uii 
opnlenl TBrkey mnrhant. ub o( Sunnsl Msyor. (Its 

■nd 'u cnitei] ■ Biioxit In ITSJ. He m. Hebeei:!, 
d>ii«liur or Aldemxin Six WiUluu JollllTe. iiid luul 

■> lUKiaal flcotiuh Kuu or Laaa«i^ M 
dignity by MiifULH til. ateai Uh VHTta 

md, »d of the prlry b 

nroUfd in Ifao colkco of hw by Mr WM 

na of Sir AlnindeT Kspiv. u4 toad 

i>^«l m Elder. He m. Abb*, * 

BiKhley, o( ItirKsrd^ln, «^ bad 

1. Inmi.vbii a. Jmb, da^M 

bill H only aaa(bM- •■< I 

(I (Sir) 

■ LcNin 

i^Ari. IWB ebnTBBit* (B. 

•r NorthueiMiiii' 

RuiuTftllr), blebw. 
Rlch.rd(Bir),<if tinfaiJ. m. ini.iiW 

in Buekk •&« hU 

Hob<!n.U.t>. 1 ■ ^ - 

Hidufd. > tUKhoM. / "^"^ 

Heiiunied. eicnaay . Mvy. Am^IV 

Mery. >■. u> Sir TImm* MtU 
C»ll*. in (he OBUIIy U DV 


n tf . In kfrlX. iw. *ai v 

Itaw nromlnnl. knL tf AiUomn, in KanlJ and 


KoMH, ku bnr, *)» n. Margnnt. daaghwr or 
Sit BdnnI Liulruw. tan. of )>UljtUD Hill, in 
•MTafdakln. uJ dfinf in iba Ublliui of bin 


AfM, u Btr Kdiriiri llnlliuii. b>n. 
ia NortilL; ibl iRvndly.laldKl 

B«t«a of Cnusnnd, In floMluiJ. 
|i»M« Mdrt U> WOM OH JOMH and *LIi tIDIl, 

m •( lilT. » dir iBtnt Ihit Uhi vUd dignity 
M b yU J B UbhII. with muindtr Id ilt 
M^m mmt JUnuJtr; but dyln| In tOM, biriin 

I, ■» JwBB Si arm. wko hii kamcmied ■ Hi 


!%■ of CdoUM II. bal lH<iB« 
. IIt><rUk<fuEllubatl..dHah- 

Km. M l^m Hifhlud. i-i. of H>r 

I (. bl Ml aUol •«■ 
>, *Wi ■>. ntHtea 

•nBodlT.ThoBiu.LotdHnwiriof EOBcbuBi mi<I 
rrlTlDC him. m. tturdly. Sir Canyvn tlAny, K.D. 
r Thiophilu* wh i. bj hii Bopli(ir, 

UB lh( DuDiitTCT became nTlKcT. Sir JahB bi- 
.■■■hed LuniR-Hoo to bm aunt. 
Mai. Piikco Niriia.wliodeTiHd U to Praucii 


JuHN NtFita.ayouaioruDofSirAkiaudo N>- 
P'tr, tut. ur KnrbuluuD. cww inu Kuclaud Irmf. 
Hmtai VII. and xolid at Swyn, in the couoty o( 
linnet. Iti H. AniK, daintaler of Jobo KhihI. of 
Uciwlok. aud had 

I. Kuwtaii.or Svyn.iuDonM.andor Ud1t«tU> ;7 
it, llxIgnUbin. wbo m. ■ Atuf^irr-^~liir -/^ 
Jdbnl'tytD.ol WaTObam.iniliclaltetoguiity, ' 

II. Nicbolaa. bI Tinlinliull. 1 
Ml. JtMU. 

Tbe jDunisal toB, 

Sia RoiiaT N*ri», an niuDBnl lawyor, *a< «ii|. 
•llWUd.ln lin.lorlchiff baron of UiE F.>rl>c<iiiar in 
Inland. wh«n b> rsniiud tbt honaur nf kjufhUiaad 
rrooi (/4mm K-i.tatlaTH : tu Ilia Iblny (uurth )Tar of 
whkh HienlfH'a itigu ha pnrsbaHd Ihe caUlc or 
HliUU Hiinh, lanwcoaniygf Ilanxi.andHnrdH 
bi«li ■barUr in lOM. Sir Roben aa. Hni, Caitaarinr. 
daiifbleraf JnbnWarcbats.<H|. andby thutlwlybad 

Uamory <:<Hin. Ha w. iccaBdly, Ma(daltii,dau(hNr 
of Sir Aniboi.f UnUn. of Oifrmbblrc. by whuin 

■Mb Sirrwmbcr, 1013. 

Sia Nitaimai. NtriH.vboi>iHliiI|hiadby«^Mf 
Jinai 1. al Nn»Biait*l la IBIt. and nbMqiuBlly 
•arad aa aberUr anil Bmber of parllawni tor Ibe 
oouny of Dtnuat. Kit Naibanlal wa> iorfaded In an 
■nalniBmil nratdad lu ibi UrrmUn- CoUtgt. aa of lb* 
blood of tha Napara or NapUr* oC Nrrctililnaii. Ha 
m. KHnbelh. daHghur and bair of John Uarard. aaf. 
gf Hyda. In (ha lita of rvrtfck. aod bad lanu. 
r.aaaau. bta halt. 

Jamil, oT UtKhcm. In tha eowily of MMtb, 
aannifr «( (ba pn—nl Jtau Liaoi Wilijih 
Narta.ea^. of t^Hifbrrrw, tKta Bi/aaa'i Omh 

r Ma«Mr.Ana,4auM« lad t 
a t«l> HovomC aaly •■■ ><( 
V b( Ma —md vHt, CaiUadr 
m WW. ■> ■■ ■ ■■fcn. )l«rn«i 



Natlianiel, left iasue. 

Magdalen, m. to — Clarke, esq. of Hampshire. 
Elisabeth, m. to Hamphrey Walrond, esq. of 

Sir Nathaniel erected the mansion at More Critchell, 
which was destroyed by fire. His wife d. 7th October, 
1024 ; himself 6th September, 1835, when he was s. by 
his eldest son, 

I. Gkrard Napier, esq. of Middle Marsh Hall, in 
the county of Dorset, who was created a Baron lt 
9Ath June, 1641. Sir Gerard distinguished himself in 
arms for the royal cause during the civil war, and lost 
more than £'10,000 by his loyalty. His estates in the 
counties of Dorset and Kent were sequestered in 164S, 
and he was disqualified from representing Melcombe. 
During the exile of fCing Charles II. he transmitted 
to his ms^esty 900 broad pieces by Sir Gilbert Taylor, 
who detained the money, and was arrested for it by 
Sir Gerard after the Restoration ; but Sir Gilbert ac- 
knowledging the receipt, was, through the king's 
mediation, forgiven; and Sir Gerard was ordered a 
number of deer annually from the New Forest with- 
out fee. Notwithstanding the persecution and heavy 
losses he endured. Sir Gerard still augmented his pa- 
ternal property. He had the honour of entertaining 
the king and queen at More Critchell, when the court 
remoyed to Salisbury from the plague in 1665. He 
«M. Margaret, daughter and co-heir of John Colles, 
esq.* of Barton, in the county of Somenet, and had 
one surviring son, Nathaniel, and two daughters, 
Elizabeth and Mary. He d. 14th May, 1073, and was 
s. by his son, 

II. Sir Natbanirl Napirr, who m. first, in 1656, 
Blanch, daughter of Sir Hugh Wyndbam, knt. of 
Sylton, in the county of Dorset, and by that lady 
(who d. in 1605) he had issue, 

Wyndbam, d. unmarried at the age of twenty. 
Gerard, m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Jacob 

Lucy, eHq. an alderman of the city of London, 

with whom he had a large fortune. Both died 

in 168tf, leaving no issue. 
Lenox, d. in 1680 unmarried, in the twenty-fourth 

yrar of his age. 
Nathaniel, who .t. to the estate and title. 

Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Guise, hart, of Rend- 
comb, in the county of Gloucester. 

He m. secondly, in 1697, Miss Susanna Guise, but had 
no other iiMue. Sir Nathaniel sat in parliament for 
several years, representing at different times the 
county of Dorset and the borouphs of Poole and Corfe 
Castle. " He was (6ays an old author) a gay, inge- 
nious gentleman, well yeraed iu several languages, 
and understood very well architecture und painting; 
he has left behind him several pieces of his own draw- 
ing, besides many others of good value, which he had 
collected on his travels." He d. iu January, 1708, and 
was s. by his only surviving son, 

III. Sir Nathaniel Nafi£R, M.P. for the county of 
Dorchester temp. King William and Quim Xssr. 
He m. first, Jane, daughter of Sir Robert Worseley, 
hart, of Appuldercombe, in the Isle of Wight, but by 
that lady had no issue. He wedded, secondly, Catlie- 
rine, younger daughter of William, second Lord AI- 
lington, and co-heir of her brother Giles, third lord, 
aud by her had 

WiLUAM, hb beir. 

Gerard, sacoeMor to Us Vrotber. 


Diana, m. to Humphry Start, esq. of H 
Dorsetshire, and d. lat FebrmRry, 1731 
ing. with other iRrae, 
HcMPHRT Stcrt, who iBherited tl 
of the Napien at tlM dccosM of Si 
the sixth baronet. 
Catherine, d. nnm. 
Blanch, d. young. 

He d. 84th February, 17», and was «. by 

IV. Sir William Napibk, who if. wnaai 
January, 1753, and was s. by his brotbcrp 

V. Sir Gerard Napier, who ai. Bridget, 
of Edward Phelips. esq. of Montacnte, in the 
Somerset, and dying 15th October, 1759, wai 

VI. Sir Gerard Napier, who ai. EliabHk, 
of Sir John Oglander, hart, of Nunwall, ia t 
Wight, but dying S5th January. 176>5,a^ tt 
the Baronetcy expired. His widow ai.iaai 
esq. and d. I6th October, 1814. The estalci 
upon his cousin, 

Humphry STURT,esq. of HoTton,X.P.fD 

ilraw— As Napier op Llton-Hoo. 


Created 25th Feb. lOdl.— Exrixci ia U 

Robert Napier, esq. of Puncknoll, seooa^ 
Sir Nathaniel Napier, of More Critchell, by C 
his wife, daughter and heir of John Gerard. < 
master of tlie Hanaper Office in the reigns of < 
I. and Charlrs II. aud had many employi 
court after the Rc8tr»ration. He si. first, Anas 
ter of Allan Corrance, esq. of Wykin, ia 
secomlly, Catherine, sister of Lord Hawh 
thirdly, Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Evel: 
of Long Ditton, and relict of Edmond lioas 
By the first he left, at his decease in I6M, a i 
Anne, m. to John Fry, of Yarty, iu Devoid 
of the regiciJe John Fry, anil a son, 

I. Sir Robkrt Napier, knt. of PanckBoD 
of the Hanaper Office, who served in the m 
and other succeeding parliaments for the l« 
Weymouth, Melcombe Regis, and Doiihcrter, 
created a Barumt *25th February. 16H1. H 
phin, daughter of Charles Evelyn, esq. of C 
in Surrey, and d>ing 31st October, 1760, WM 

II. Sir Charles N\riKR, of PuaekaaU, 
.Melony, danghter of Arthur Alibone, esq. 
Lssue. Sir Charles sold the esute at Pan 
William Clutterbuck, esq. and from the Cla 
it has descended to the Fromes, by whose n 
tive, the Rsv. GEoRCK-CLiTTERBrcK Paoai 
is nuw possessed. He died in 1743, but wh 
Baronetcy then expired, or a son of Sir Ch 
Ti\ed to inherit, we have not ascertained. 

Arms—A% Napier op More CRrrcREU.. 

• John Cullks left three daughterit, hi;* co-heir^, 

Margarlt, m. to Sir (!eranl Napier, bait. 
Elizabeth, m. tirM, tu Hcrbeit Dudiugtuii, isfi. ; 

aud secondly, to the Hon. Juha C«(%eflt 
*<»n of the L»»n1 Keeper Covealry. 
A.%NE, M. tu Sir William Ponniaa, hart. 





Not. lOM^—EzTiHCT ISod Oct. 1707. 

AKBOBouoM, luit. of Koowltoii, in tiie 
It, an admSnl in the royl nary, m. 
ihUr of John Hin, eaq. a coouniasioner 
id hy that lady (who m, aocondly. Rear- 
loodcaloy Shorel, who waa cast away 
' Scflly Itnd October, 1707.) had iarae, 

, Hi. aboat 1714, to Sir Thomaa D'Aeth, 
S'orth Cray, and had, with other iaaoe, 
t, ntarned Joaiah Hardy, esq. oonsol at 
K, and had flTO danghters, of whom the 
t, Harriet, became the second wife of 
iam Hughes, esq. and was mother of the 
tnt GaoKca-WiLUAM Uuohis-D'Actb, 
»f Knowlton Court. 
. by his elder son, 

BOROcoH, esq. of Knowlton, who was 
OMBT lAth Norember, 1688, with re- 
brother, default his own male line ; 
ost with their step-father. Sir Cloudes- 
the rocks of Scilly, ttnd October, 1707, 
OMCTCT became ixtikct; the esutes 
ir sister EuxAarrH, who hi. as stated 



in tOM. 


rfTshoot from the once great and potent 
LK, Lords of Raby, who becMuie sulMe- 
of Westmorland, luid whose line may 
B Kaxon time*. 

ysTiu. was summoned to parliament 
om Oth June, l'i»l, to t4tb February, 
latter year be died, and was jr. by his 

IV ILL, second baron, summoned to par- 
!Oth Novrmber, 1330, to 20tb January, 
ship m. Alice, daughter and co heir of 
ey, and had Juhn (Sir), bin beir. the 
I fire yonnger sons. The fourth son, 
N'aviLS, of Kldon, was lineal ancestor 
gaediate links refer to Bcaas's Cvm- 

iLS, esq. who ai. Barbara, sister and co- 
in Hercy, of Grove, iu the cuunty of 
nd ifth daughter of Sir Humphrry 

Hercy, by Elisabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir John 
Dighy, of Ketelby, and had iaaoe, 

JoBH, his heir. 

GBoam, of Thomey, in the county of Nottinghain, 
ancestor of the preaent 
CBRirropHES NiTiLK, esq. of Thomey. (See 
ficRKi's Commoners, toI. ii. p. 8.) 
Dionyaius, ancestor of the Neviles of fiadsworth. 

The eldest son, 

JoBN Nbtili, esq. of Grore, m, Gertrude, dau^iter 
of Richard Whalley, esq. and was s. by his son, 

HaacT NiTiLi, esq. of Groye, who married Bridget, 
daughter of — Sarille, esq. of Lnpset, and had (with 
a daughter, Barbara, at. first, to Thomas Pate, eaq. ; 
secondly, to John Babington, esq. of Rampton ; and 
thirdly, to Anthony Eyre, esq. of Loughton, in Yorii- 
shire,) a son and successor, 

GiLBKBT Nbtils, of GroTS, who m. Margaret, dmn|^- 
ter of Sir Thomas Bland, of Kippax Park, Yorkshirei 
and had two aons, Edward, his heir ; and Anthony, 
a m^or in the royal army during the civil wars, who 
died 34th February, 1688, aged sixty-nine. The elder 

Edward Nbvilb, esq. of Grore, m. Maria Scott, of 
Camberwell, and had, with two daughters, Catherine, 
who died unmarried in 1683, and Anne, m, to John 
Millington, esq. barrister-at-law, a son and heir, 

I. Edward NBvii.i,esq. of Grore, who was created 
a Baronbt in 1674. This gentleman, who represented 
Retford in parliament, hi. Elisabeth, sister of Robert 
Holt, esq. of Warvrickshire, and widow of — Kidderw 
minster, esq. but d, s. p. in 1686, when the title ix- 


A r m s Cn. a saltire aig. 


24th July, 1677. 

Sud Dec. 1806. 


Thb family, variously written in old charters and 
upon ancient monuments, Niwudcate, Niwodecatb, 
dec* sssum<*d their surname from, or gave the name 
to, Newdigate, a town in the hundred of Keigate and 
county of Surrey, of which, with the manors and landf 
thereunto pertaining, they were lords and proprietors 
from time immemorial until the reign of Charlbs I. 

JuHN DK Niwouboatb, living trmp. king JoMW, 
left, by bis wife Agnes, three sons, Ricbard, William 
and Robert. To the eldest, 

Kiciiard DC Niwi'DStiATC, it appears, by an old 
de«d, one William Young granted, for homage and 
service, half a yard of land ; and by another dateless 
charter. of William Tessardus, he held the same lands 
iu the parish of Niudigate as his father did. He a*. 
Alicia, daughter of Walter de Horley, as is evident by 
a deed of William de Longo Poute, whereby the said 
William grants to him all that land which Walter de 

came, in all prwbabilUy, at firit frvm Saxony, aod waf derived from the cily of Nicaweidc, apoa 


ID fmiuniaea. Ha hid ehne ■niu.JaHK.WilUun, 
■nd pFler, uid nu i. by Ibe rUnt, 

WiLuiD Di NTHDiotTi. who added u the nuxt 

lltnry KTmer ind WiUiun EglolT. He wu lining IT 
Edwihd I- fur in that ycur ThamM do U Vjait »- 
HigDDd nhin h1< witod In Lyiadr; alter which, Gllbra-l 
W y terra Ae, of the perish of Cfaerlewode. gnnled to 
hiv ell hie lend called thr BerUnd, in the parieb ot 

JDH H N Ik Deuii, a.^ I«4 of Ba 
HI. and at Crawler. ••• IhMft- 
dauBhlEr of Tlaanaa Yoii««, •«• rf 
ComiBOB ricaa, a»l beir <rf har 
Ydude, eaq. gf Brutal. aM tna t. k 
John NiwDteiTI. «^. W H« 
king'i (erjeaua. leaniMl ia fh* In 
a. daugtatcr and beir of JiDib V 
UDColnahire, aud bad, vilh aa 

rected by hU will, dated in ISEID 

Tho«1> Nhw-.i. at PlTuilrt. 1 
fllbn of (DottMr 

Rlehinl Maya, et^-'ind dyini lui 

Hi n. HCAiuUsr, Ellulwlb, .1 
Chrt«Di>bcr Perry, wq. nf K' 
■nd diFil inta July, IMi. vhcE 

(. by bit H 

Piancii-KDllU, of Nonh Cadtniry, id Smqnvt- 
■hln, A. in 1871, m. BUianr, daiiEhur of Tho- 

Elinlwtli, H. to Thomai W4itc, aq. ol Swc 

c It. 300, Or 

,1. Si* am 

Shf dl«d iinmarriinl Urfc <•#•«. n 
qu»Uwd m tHuMmkk iirW aT 
la Sir JUD« I^nitMB. tan. if Cii 

CHiDtu Tun. ol I 

AAUBbt«r and co-hoii 

id wu flilcc«edEd by hla 

EnsrcnMb Part, in 
m H. in tati. linn.-. 

dry Bdmnbda, cvq. nf 
NorlbiuDplBDiibin, uil bid i*«i, 

IP. n. Id Aabbumbin TdU. awj. of Grmywe 

■Ob Hhd two dHd^blin, vii. 

.Viry Toll. ■>. lo lohn Bailey, of Rwd- 

ing, HUrgttui. 
luK Toll, •>. to Jobn Aldt^dEC of Lin- 

7. AubbDrnbam Toll, at Fnaton Dni 

bury lt« inn^l 
p. 111.) 

erownad ar, bris* *i 


» Kimwi. *«^- of 1t*Ttw Voutu ttta» vu 
lli>Mnb)F KtaiCiiiaui U. l«Ui Aofuiil. 
k HiiljiJiT. difliall bia own niali Ihiw. tn 
■ afnouu Mrwnu. 
Mr. la Jokn m. ( 

■■Inn' a< lllr liimpr F-Tn', km. nf Ranp- 
■■ - 

I B. Wnilan Sirherm 

J,n^. of M«rl*y.iii 

I ItiTf MM. •C*' nontr-tK 

, who ■■. Kdw»4 

ua. (Bte). U* toil. <u4> • tnhlUI ur (h 
b ■■ tm. H* tabifUrd ■ Un> »»» ■ 
SmA <d U> ndr. Sit UkhHl Whtnun, 
i rii*«y4i*, IMh Ptknuf, ITU. >uri w> 

IUnBtHH*l<c1i|. ll>rliitT 
> lUMtoi of bcr (ukCT (If IS) 
^oalDBOtrr. df Humploii 
UkrrMiv kta iDMbblp-i 
'■ b«HV pMrvfi), to. 
IBT. Bt ■»• IWi air 
itr AM. -*•»> ate I'd ■>■ iBtUi. 



I (Ua Ufa, DUi JaauiT! 

HiLFOT. In hli Vatorji fanllariiim 

inuliKbu, kDt. ud ton. Uu cm 

iiiiLU. Ht. Nowun, bi. lirnbirr, ».j Mr, ?<ut 

tnin. gcntlnniHi B.lm to A'/nj- Cii>aui. who 

kTO mail UDply AiMhtrfcd Uic tmal, and Ln a vati- 

BAw rtbf of toll*, decontinfl llie taM chnn:b witkiHt 
•ad wIthiD, Ihal it niipuHs tnait in Iht •hirt." Sir 
Aduu m. Damhy. daaghlrt a( Sir Jobu Pockniai, 
kat. Icvnl kt«pvr of Iba grHt aal. f<wfi. BLiaaarTH, 
and wax i. kr kli chUr mb. 

II, Sia Wru.liii Niwriia, of Ckarllon. »ho 4inl 
aon. and wa. i. by Iila knttor. 

III. Sib Hiaat Nawnii. irhn inhmbM hy dwl of 
MtnlxDinit Uu »UC< Df hia and*. Sia Tnumi Pnia. 

artfTlne ohlM, JiK* Pvcaaaito. and aaananl !■ 
gti.r<,a*n» Ui. lumanit of Puckrrta*. lakinc ap Ua 
boda al lb* PrlarT, in Warvlckahir*. Ike aaat of Ua 
M nnrlt. Sir Hmr; Hpnua>4 ito HTal nnaa Id 
iia nnl wan. aaA wai al Um tollla af KSft Hin. 
la vai cknam kf tb* UnD »( Warwick . nnutor In 

1.; and waa aftflrwarda npmantatifa tar On aab« 
lata in tb* larnf ParllamaDI. Ht »a> dapalj itao- 
BiiaDi tar Wamletoklra. and vaa a|>palnBd tf paiaBt, 
J JtlfvCHiaiJiall. twioaawrtcnanl srihaforMa. 
Ilia (uad lioua*kBr|>iB( asd Utonlitr w Uh poor. 


CiiiLaa II. " Ha d. tmi Jamurr. Irw, al tba ad- 
rannd ac* af tlfbtv-ilH*>> laarlaa bs aatrtrlBi haiva 
ky hia w>(a, EUaafcMh. dufklar af Tbonaa Momy. 
f^. mhtn lb* Hiauiiarnt ki r i m i irtiarr. Kir Hn- 
- catai- teralinl. ky bl* 


iKW. JiRidnuBblcrandco-brir i 
J. pToom «f the b«dduiiLb«T Id 


riDUth Jan. lero-I EiTiHPribsDt 

'D the tillF btaiai 


Tb> nUM a( thii fimilj' *u iticll at diffrml pr- 

risdi, Nycol. Nlcoll. FJicoIti, NiidioUi, and Nicbsll. 

WUUuo Nicoll, or H>rd«ick. NortbmmpUDiibire. who 
«H burn ID Oh Riia of EDWimD IV. and died al the 
■dTiactd ate of nit»Iy-iii. Hii (n>Dd«n. Fraucii 

met luKcoai ■rmoar wu >il» nted bi the KkhoUi. 

of Mantwitt U«ior.* lo GUmer|aiuhir«. and by ttie 

Tnami JiicoLUi nq. •ETjeani-at-law, (»d of Wil- 

trmo Wilton Brcmn a third pan of ik 

tar of JobB Pell. Htq, of RIlinpoD, and had iwu 
PktICII, of Hardn-iika, ». in isn. r"ei 
Tilbury I'nn. in ISM. vbo ■>. Auie, da 
of Daiid SpyDoaT. aq. and >ai falbcr o 

jj. knt. or PutOB. rhkk h* 


n AntboB} llaifwi. • 

ijjeary'i reice be sbnii 
I. waa made Ubf 'a acfin 
me of the judfta oTIIh « 

Ft arc- 


I, PitlKCU NICOLU. ■>«. ■# 
anptDDibin-, H. P. foe- rba) « 
therUTin 1431, ttbo ..____ 

He m. Mary, d>ii«bI>T of Uwd 
bad vitt a dauKbttr, Marr. a tarn 

ii.Sia Eovr 
who n. nrat, Judilh, diin(bt>T 
John, knl. bj >hoD ha hkl ■ 
•econdlir. Janf, ilauahtiiT of Bii 
HayduD, in tim-x. by •!«» h 
daq^htera, namely. 


te fnaiar pan at Galnal _ . 
Warwick. InibaniiBof Bmai iLtaM 
riory of XanahiB. or mairtaa. ■«• t^* 
Kief a*al, for uium* iflu tf In. ti^ 

(«m B«».-iI V^^,T '"'"'' '* ■'^"'"^'' ' "*^ 

iihI ibe Nleholh M MeM, al D 


«, timf. HiHiiT II. 
I. at. HaifETBI, «U«I dinihur or 
[t. Lord of Knock ya. uid co-heir 
'. Bdpb la Stnii(e, by whcnn bt 

Hlliotii. who wu aT/fiAMti by 
If And CQtl«ctiiif Uu pol4 

of Rullnnd. wlig wu cruMd ■ Bar 

DodRDf idialliii 
nuurln. b> hi 

IT Vlll. K 

I of Mm. 
iMa^tm and htir of John 
. in Bbnpahln, and iridow ot 
Vl vbom be k>d Ahdbiw. hU 
iMna. U* weddtd Nciuidlir, Da. 
Bfehard Coayon, «q. of W«lur* 
«f lt«nb«r<«> oida* or Rugtr 
"^•al lady bid a wn. JuMit.rnm 
X-Mf MtUarf. Ha >•• >. » hi. 

la Hirb B>(niann« a> U ill- Kill 

> aliflMU DaJky, oa shicb )■ 


tmmm irbo will ■.»( iw Uiriilj." 

uf Sir Bapiut Hicli.bin. 

May, lOS, cnaud Bamn 
I Viaraoni Camden, with 
t. Lord Noel, and dyinf iq 

VbcouDt Chawonb. 

KJ> Inrdiliip d. laih Man 

d waa .. hy bla 

II. Sir BimiT Notu, aKond Lord Koil, and (bird 
VlicouDI Campden. Thia nsblaman foUo«lD( hia ra- 
Ihrr. niHd IroDpi Tor (he royal caoac. and (ook an 
anix pan in lbs war. Ke waa in conaeqiieaco rank 
pclled to pay to the le^ueainitnn £BOH compoallioB 
for hii eauu, and an annuity of £JM. Hit princely 
residence, at Campden, waa humt down hy Ihe niyal 

menunant. On the leRonitioa, faii lord^ip waa 
conalilnud lardlimitenanl of Ihe oniaty or Rutland. 
He ■>. fini, Lady Anne Fielding, dioghtir or the 
Barl ol Deobifh. bulby hsrladyihiphailDOiurrtTioK 
iaiDs. Hd ai.iecDndly, Atma.daagblerarSir Robert 
LoTCtt, or Livmnbe, Kucka, Counteaa Uowacer or 

Hanry, of Norib Luflcnhra. In tbc oounty uf 
Rnlland. ■•. BUaabcth, daothler and heir or 
Sir WUliam Wale, and left Ui ooly daushm 
and hair. 
JuLUKi NuEL. who ■>. Cbarlca Boyle, Earl 
uf BiirUuftDn. 
Mary, H. u Jamea. Earl or NonhamploB. 
Juliana, m. to WilUain. Lord AlllnflDB. 
Elliabelb. h. U> Charlei, Eari Berkeley. 
rd Caraden «. rounhly. Lady Kliubalh Bertie, 
dauililef uT MonUiu, Mcaad Karl of LiudHy.and had 
four otbf r chitdran. via. 

>ni>i,o< LsreDbam. M. f. fnr Ibc (ountl of 

John. ai. Kllaibelh. dauabtat of Bnuel, Lord 
themni, and had liaue, 

itath. wHb'w of Bapttal Koal, 

Hii lardihip m. raeaaaiy, Vtrf. dsnghtir nr Ji 
■on of fhilip, liarl of l-cnbrokf, and «ldi» of Sit 
Ral»n Worul'y, bmrU H« d. In lOMI, mil *■• >. by 

IT. s'll WilimitiLIT BiFiln Kon. fourth ) 
ttoti. fifth VlKuiml Cuupdcn, uid Kund K« 
Gudalwraugh- Hia Jnrdfhlp h. C«th<riiit, dftofl 
of Fulk* Gmllli. nftli Lord Biwt, nod Itlt 
dHi(ht>n. Iili a> bcin, lii. 

U 10 Henry, Ant Dul 


Ckuriu 4lh J.lT, l*M_lttTUMT trtt 

Auminr Nd>l. wi- ■ t<»uc« h. .< . 
«l|. «f UUmr, ■c^uiivd by (imBl fi^ 
(•wr>. HinKi VIII. I)u iHor-T urn* «te 
(iptory of Udb; BpoB IVoM. in Uh <mm 


ti*t>H«fail baronet, aiid third 
I. Hm Bintai Noil, of L 
of Rolluid. third E^rl of Cii 
Donxby Hinnen, daujbtct 
Und. ud hwl Unit. 

S>l«r, ODil nUM o< Kir Juki 

' id • Hu, Sia AHUM* Ndu. <( 1Mb 
la Barli of OUBabDIwih : urf ■*• 
Laev, •>. to WltUaB Lord Ei-n. ud TWa 
C«Til VlKout Wninrfb. Hu «•■*( 
DurothT.diiifhmaf KfifiuU CWlm,^ 
le;. in NofthiHiiptaubiK. mmi vWov if K 
■|. bj bet be bft aaatfcn w, 
UH Nnii.. ««. of Wh«U I I iitf u »*» 
.bter and hiir X Jobs Trrnkw, M«. ■ 
bargh, by Barhan, daa^htapt a*i vtM < 
«y. »f . of KlDHilurf*, m4 av iAa 
II.I.I1B NaiL, ea^.sf KlrUt 

■- Pnnai. ridert' ttag 

r>, SiiBiFTin Nail., frninb Girl of Caiiuhor' 
Hia lunUblp ■>. Eluabrib,<Uiiahter ofHilbunChap- 
Bun, nq. by whoa (vko m. Hwoadty, Tbomu Noel. 

lliHni.beir tobiabrulber. 
Cbuta, tf. ymini. 

lilt. m. ID Cenrd.Anne EdwaMi, eaq. of Wei- 
bam Grove, and bad a aoji. 
Uiaiau BlnoaiH.of wbBnpKHBIIy.aihe 
ID ibe eataiea of hi* unisle, lliKar. eltbih 
baronet. and alitb Kul of Oaiuborguf 
JuUbou. h. (o CtBTta Etaua, Lord Carbcry> 

m. Eliubxh, daa«hur •ttUKttt.M 
■rail, r«iDr«rBiaiMeMHiA«l*>, tail 
Henry, of ridUDinc Cnowt. >a»T»1i 

>. *b> be •• an 

... .... _»«»li 

t Cbailaa AU-aUy. kia. M M^l 

•Mmdly.ialUlrb VUja.t^ rfMM 

Anue, It. u TVhw Urn. a^ rf Ui*l>Hari k*>^Wlq 

■n IMrbyiMrr. 



«f Jolni» Lord AmnIi Baionbss 
roBTB, and had iMnit, 
Thomas, bis tuooeMor. 
JoHJi, keir to hi« InroCbcr. 
r William ai. oaoondlyt Franoeo* Hiird daughter of 
I, Lord Ward, and had b]f her a danghter, 

aged about nine in 1681, m, tnt, to Sir 

Clwrica Skymher, hot. of Norbury Manor; 

and a eco n dly, to Sir John Cheoter, hart, of 


r WOlioBi d. 11th April, lOSS, aged thirty-three, and 

to «. by his ooo, 

ui. Sut Thomas Nou., of Rirbb