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Full text of "A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland"

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.^ ■!. 






§xt'sd Britain an)) |relanb. 




In Two Parts. — Part II. 

Jfourl)) ®iiim. 



SooItstUtr to W^t 9\um, mi U.f . S^c f rinu of Units. 


K A V 



Kayakaoii, ARTHXTR-MAcHoRBOiraH, Esq. of Bor- 
lis Hoase, co. Carlow, J.P., high sheriff of oo. Kil- 
kenny in 1856, b. 25 March, 1831 ; m, 15 March, 
1855, Frauces-Mary, only suryiying dau. of the BeT. 
Joeeph-Forde Leathley, and has iasue, 

I. WA.LTBa>MjicMuBBOUOH, 1. 14 Jan. 1854. 

II. Walter-Thomas MacMorrouc^ b. 21 Aug. 1867. 
I. Bya-Fisnoea-HacMoiTOUgh. 

Mfittttifilt* — • In andent times the anoestors of this 
eminent house were monarchs of all Ireland, and at the 
period of the inTasion of thai country by Hxnht II, were 
Kings of Leinster. The family bore the name of MaoHur- 
Bouoa ; in 1171, that of Caomhamach or Kavanaoh; was 
given to Donell, son of Dermot MacUorrough, and from 
him was continued to his descendants. Deimot MaoMor- 
lough^ dau., Eva, m. Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke. In 
the reign of Philip and Maut, Cahir Mac Abt Kavanaoh, 
was created Baron of Ballyane for life. He m. AHoe, dau. 
of the Karl of Kildare, lord-lieutenant of Ireland, by Eliacb- 
beth Orey, his wife, dau. of the Marquess of Dorset, and d. 
before 1555, liaviog had three sons, Murrough, d, ». p.; 
I>ermot^ also d. <. p. ; and Bbsak Kayanaoh, who d. before 
1572, leaying, by EUinor, his wife, dau. of Qeoige Qyme, of 
Boscrea, a son, Moboan Kayanagh, of Borris, who d. in 
1036, leaving a son. Bay an KAVAHAOtf , of Bonis, who vl 
Elinor, dau. of Sir Thomas Coldough, Knt. of Tintem 
Abbey, and d. in 1662, leaving a son, Mobqah Kavahaoh, 
of Borris, who m. Maiy, dau. of John Walsh, Esq. of PiU- 
town, and was father of Morgan Kavanaoh, of Borris, 
who m. Frances, daiL of Sir Laurence Esmonde, Bart., and 
had issue, Bbyam, his heir ; Henry, d. in 1741 ; and Charles, 
general in the Austrian service, an govonor of Prague ; 
and Mary. The eldest son, 

BnYAH Kavanaoh, Esq. of Borris, m. Mary, dau. of 
Thomas Butler, Esq. of Kilcash, and dying in 1741, left, 
with six daus., of whom the eldest, Msrgaret^ m. Bidiard 
Galway, Esq., a aon, 

TROKAfl Kavanaoh, Esq. of Borris, who m. in 1755, Lady 
Susanna Butler, dster of the Earl of Ormonde, and d. in 
1790, having had issue^ 

Walter, vrtio & a jx in 1818. 
Brian, d. $. p. 

Morgan, m. in 1792, AUda, only child of Ifiohael Qraoe, 
B^ of Oracefield, in the Queen's County, and (Lap. 

Thomas, of whom presently. 

Helena, «k to James ArohoMd, Esq. of Davidstown. 

Mary, si. to Oeorge Butler, Esq. of Ballyxagget. 


The 4th son, and eventual inheritor, 

THoXAfl Kavanaoh, Esq. of Borris House, b. 10 March, 
1707, M.P. for the dty of Kilkenny, in the last Irish par- 
liament, and subsequently representative for the co. of 
Carlow in the last two pariiaments of Qeorgb IV, and Ist 
of WuxiAii IV, IS. 1st, 24 March, 1799, Lady Elisabeth 
Butler, dau. of John, Eaf 1 of Ormonde, and by her, who d. 
In 182a, had issue, a son, Walter, who d. 1886, and nine 
dans., of whom six d. «Mun., the other three were, Anne, 
who m. Henry Bmen, Esq. of Oak Park, co. Carlow, and d. 
18S0 ; Susanna, m. to M(\}or Doyne ; and Grace, who m. 
John-St. Geoige Deane, Esq. of Berkeley Forest, oo. Wex- 
ford, and d. «. p. Mr. Kavanagh m. 2ndly, 28 Feb. 1825, 
lady Haniet-Mazgarat Le Poer Trench, dan. of Richard, 
Xari of Clanoarty, and left at his decease. 20 Jan. 1837, 

Thoxcas, of Borris, d. unm. in Australia, March, 185S. 
Chablss, of Borris, b. 28 Jan. 1829 ; d. tmm, Veh. 1858. 
Akthuh. now of Borris. 
Barrlet-Maigaret, sk to CoL W.-A. Middleton, C.B., B.A. 

if rats— Axg., a lion, passuit» gu., in base two eresoents, of 
0«e— Between the horns of a crescent, gu., a garb, or. 
Smt B onis House, oo. Carlow. 





LmrsB-KAT. JoHR-CmruFnc, Esq. of Farfield 
Hall, oo. York, J.P., b. 17 Deo. 1810; «. his father 
24 Nov. 1868; m. 8 Deo. 1846, Anne, only dau. of 
the late Jamea Fenton, Em. of Bamf ord Uall, near 
Roohdaloy Lanoaahize^ and naa iasue, 

L Bun-CoHurra, b. 18 Deo. 1847. 
n. James-CunUfte, ft. IS March, 1849. 
m. Thomss-Cunlifib^ b. 10 Deo. 1860. 
rv. Foster-CunlilTe, ft. 80 Jone^ 1862. 
L Anne. 

This gentleman aisumed the aamame of Lisxro- 
Kat on aueoeeding to the family eatatei. 

ILintKfllt, — ^This ihmfly and that of Sia RoacRT-Hainir 
CvNUVFB, Bart, of Liverpool, derive fn>m a common an- 

John Cux^trrm, Esq. of Farfield Hall. Addingbam, ft. in 
1742, was eldest son of Ellis Cunliffo, Esq. of Ilkley and 
High House, Addingbam (by Elisabeth, his wife, dau. of 
the Rev. Thomas Lister, uncle of Bamuel Lister, Esq. of 
ManninghamX and grandson of Nicholas Cunliflb, Esq. of 
Whjrcollar, co Lancaster, who went to reside at Ilkloy in 
1695. He m. 22 Nov. 1772, Mary, only dau. of the Rev. 
William Thompson, Rector of Addingham, and d. In 1818, 
having had by her, who d. IS June, 1884, 

Eujs, of Manningham and Farfield HalL 

William, of Farfield Hall, J.P. and D.L., d. a p. 

John, d. young. 


Mary, m. to the Rev. John Coates, Rector of Addiogham. 

Elisa^ m. to Richard Parr, of Algarkirk. 

Harriott, m. to John Ellis, Esq. of High Bouse, Adding. 

Phoebe, la. to John Outhwait, of London. 

Sophia, m. to John PickengUl, Esq. of Tavistock Square. 

The eldest Bdn, 

Hlus Cuhutfb-Listxr-Kat, Esq. of Manninghiun and 
Farfield Hall, co. York, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Bradford, 
ft. 12 May, 1774 ; ni. 1st, in April, 1796. his cousin, Ruth 
Myers, nleoe and heiress of Samuel Lister, Esq. of Mon- 
idngham, and by her (who d. 4 June, 1797) he had no 
issue. Upon coming into possession of the Manningham 
estates under the will of Samuel Lister, he assumed the 
name of Lister. He m. 2nd]y, in Feb. 1809, Mary Ewbank, 
only child of William Kay, Esq. of Haram Orange and 
Cottingham, near HuU, and by her (who d. 8 March, 1844), 

William, bartister-at-law, late M.P. for Bradford, fti. 

18 Dec. 1809 ; d. 12 Aug. 1841. 
Jomr, now of Farfield Hall. 
Ellis, ft. in 1813 ; d. 20 May, 1838. 
Samuel, J.P. of Manningham, ft. in Jan. 1816; la. Anne, 

dau. of the late John Dearden, Esq. 
Thomas-Tbompson, J.P. of Manningham, ft. in 1821 ; ei. 

Margaret, dau. of the late John Deaxden, Esq. of Hollins 

Hall, Halifax. 

Muy. m. to Joshua Ingham, Esq. of Blake Hall, J.P. 
Harriotte, m. to William-Clement-Drake Esdaile, Esq., J.P. 
Azme, m. 12 Oct 1847, to the Hon. Richard-Gilbert-Talbot, 

Srd son of Lord Talbot de Malahide. 
Elizabeth-Emily, m. 1st, William-Vavasour Carter, Esq. 

of Weston HaU, who d. a p. ; 2ndly, CoL Lee, of the lOiQx 


Mr. ConlifflB-Iister-Kay m. Srdly, 11 Nov. 1844, Hon. Elisa- 
beth, widow of George Mellifont, Esq., and dau. of the late 
Baroness Talbot de Malshide, and d. 24 Nov. 1868. 

.^nn*--Quarterly : Kat, Listeb, and CuNLZin. 
Oreat—A griflhi's head, collared, with a key in its mouth. 
Motto— Fidem parit integritas. 
geot— Farfield Hall, Addingbam. 

keane of beech park. 

Keanb, Marcus, Esq. of Beech Park, oo. Clare, 
J.P., b, 7 Feb. 1815 ; m. 9 Noy. 1847, Louisa-Isabella, 
dau. of Nicholas Westby, Esq. and the Honoarable 



Kn. Westby, of York Gate^ Begait's Fkrk, London, 
«nd baa iasae, 

I. PnoivAirWiLUAir, h. IS Sept. 1848. 
n. RobttiirCbaries43«oiiSO, b, 6 Nor. 1851. 
III. If aroos-Thonuw-Fnoidfl, ft. 80 July, 1854. 
I. Jaae-Maiy. 
u. Louisa-Caroline. 

ILilltXfff •— Ownr KaAHi, Btq. the head of thte hiaach 
of the Keane fftmily, oame firom the oo. of Londondeny, 
and settled at BallTToe, near Snnis, about the ndddle of 
the 17th oentuiy. He m. Judith, a dau. of Sir Robert 
Bbaw, of Galway, and had oo» son, Robbbt Ksaks, 6. I6M. 
This Robert m. circa 1790, Mary, dau. of Robin Keane, of 
Roas, in the oo. Clare, and had three sons, Robert, whose 
sons d. «. j». ; Crablbs, of whom we treat ; and Patrick, 
who m. Anne, dau. of Robert Crowe, Esq. of Bnnis. The 
2nd son, 

Cbablsb KxAn, Esq. of Corbally, ool Clare, m. 1768» 
Anne, dau. ot Robert Harding, Eeq. of Limerick, and, 
dying in 1802, left (with two daus., Mary, m. to Robert 
Ckeagh, Bsq. of Dangan and Anne, m. to William Power, 
Esq.) two sons, Crablb Kbanb, m^for royal art., who d. 
In the West Indies, in 1818, without issue, and 

RoBBBT Kbakb, Esq. of Beeoh Park, J.P., 6. 1774 ; m. Dec 
1709, Jane, eldest dau. and oo-heiress of Thomas Delahunty, 
Esq. of Crusheen, and by her (who d. Feb. 1842) had issue, 

I. CharlesL M.D.,m. 183S, Sarah, dau. of Andrew-James 
Watson, Bsq. , and d. vifd paCrif, «. p. 16 Aug. after. His, 
widow m. 2ndly, George Ellis, Esq., M.D., of Dublin. 

II. Fbavcis-Nathahibl, of Hermitage, near Bnnis, J.P., 
6. Oct. 1803 ; m. July, 1837, Hannah-Maria, dau. of Sir 
Christopher Marrett, Knt. of limerick, and has issue, 
1 dhristopher-Marrett ; 8 Charles; 8 Fxancis-Burton ; 4 
William-Henry; 1 Hannah-Maria; 2 Jane; 8 Sarah; 
4 Susannah. 

m. ThoroaA, of Kilbsllyowen, oo. Clare, J.P.,m. Anne, 
dau. of Thomas Crowe, Esq. of The Abbey, Ennis. 

IT. Giles, mMor 80Ui regt. 

T. Robert of Dublin, m. Maiy-Anne, dau. of John Code^ 
Esq., and has three daus. 

▼I. mabous, now of Beech Park. 

Tn. William, in holy orders, rector of Whitby, Torkshire, 
m. Elisabeth, dau. of the Hon. John Fiyer Thomas, 
member of ooandl at Madras, and has issue, 

1 John-Thomas. 
S Robert-Heane-Charlea. 
1 Hilda-Elissbeth. 
S Jsne-Maria-Colpoys. 

Tin. Henry. 

I. Anne, m. to Thomas PilUagton, Esq. of Waterpark, 


ir. Susanna, m. Armaud Dubourdleu, Esq. 
ni. Maria, m. to the Rer. Charles Ward, vloar of Kitanalsv. 
IT. Jane, m. to John Rutherfbrd, Esq. of Kingsborougn, 

T. Charlotte. 

^rm*— <)uarterly : gu. and or, in the ilrBt and fourth quar- 
ters, a salmon naumt, arg. ; in the second and third quartern 

CWie— A wild cat, rampt. ffuardant, ppr.. gorged with an 
antique Irish crown, or, ana charged on uie ahoolder with 
a trwoil, Tert. 

jreOfr— Felis demukta mitlL 

Atai— Beech Paxk, Ennis. 


Kkarkit, Tboius-Cuthbbrt, Ksq. of Garretts- 
town, oa Cork, 6. 8 May, 1844 ; «. to the estatea on 
tha death of hia &ther. 

Kinf XffC.'-JAJfM Kbabbvt. Esq. (whose family was of 
Irish origin, and seated in the county of Limerick for 
sereral generations) early in the 17th century, settled at 
Garrattstown, in the oounty of Cork. He m. Juliana, dau. 
and heir of John Gslway, Bsq. of Cork, and had issue, 
Patrick Kearney, Esq. of Garrettstown, son and heir, d. t. p. 
Bdmond Ksaniey, Esq. of Garrettstown, heir to his brother 
Patrick, claimed as an innocent papist, and was restored to 
kis estates in the eounties of Limerick and Cork, in 1700. 
He m. Elinor, dau. of Frands Roche, Esq. of Trabolgan, 
and had issue, 


K E A 

I. JAin8,ofwhompresentty. 

L Mary, wifb of WilUam tkmagme, Bsq. of Ronayiia'a 
GroTe, ca Cork. 

II. Alice, wife of Bdmond Hodnett 

III. Catharine, wife of James Galway, Bsq. of Caatla 

Jamb Kbabmbt, Bsq. of Qarrettatowm only son and hfeir, 
m. Mary, dau. of Dominiek Sarsfield, Esq. of Sarsfield^ 
Court, CO. Cork. His will bears date 18 Sept. 1731, proTod 
6 May. 1788, and had issue, 

I. FBAVOi8.ofwhompiteently. 

n. Richard, who d. $. p. 16 Feb. 1759. 

in. Michael, of Kilmore, who d. a p. ; will dated 10 A^k 
1780, proved 6 Not. 1780. 

I. Anne, wife of Daniel O'Donovan, Bsq. of Banlahan, 
d. ». p. 

n. Lucy. m. Patrick Roehfort, Esq. of Cork. He d. in- 
testate (administration granted 10 May, 1769} haTing had 

David Roehfort, who m. Mary Royayne, and d. a p. 

Thomas Roohtobt (heir-at-law to his cousin, James 

Kearney, Esq.) m. Anne, dau. of John Cuthbert, Bsq. 

of Cork, and of whom hereafter. 

Fbabck Kbabmbt, Esq. of Garrettstown, «. to the estate* 
on the death of his tether, m. Maiy, dau. and heir of 
Maurice Roche, Esq. of Downderrow ; he d. 7 April, 1770, 
haTing had issue, with two dans., Mary, who d. imm. and 
Anne^ who m. Sir James-Lawrence Cotter, Bart, and d. s.p., 
a son and heir, 

Jamvs Kbabmet, Esq. of Garrettstown, s. to the estates 
on the death of his father in 1776, who haTing d. unm. 
1 June, 1812, his estates devolved on his first cousin, 
Thomas Roehfort, Esq., as his heir-at-law, who by hia 
wiU dated 21 July, 1881, devised the said estates to his 
brother-in-law, Thomas Cuthbert, Esq., on condition of 
his taking the additional name of Keabmbt. The Cuthbert 
family have been resident in the dty of Cork since the 
commencement of tiiie 18tii century. 

Thomas Cuthbert, Esq. of Cork, m. EUnor, dau. of 
^ SofUaw ; he made his will 27 April, 1760 (proved 176Q 
having had issue, Ato sons and two daus., 

I. Thomas, d. a p. 

II. JoHB, of whom presently. 

iiL William, m. 26 June, 1774, Roasi dan. of WQUaaa 
Beamish, Esq., br Rose, dau. of Ludlow Barnard, Esq.. 
sFsndfather of Francis, 1st Eari of Bandon, and had 

1 Rlchard-Tonson. d. «. p. 

2 William-Beamish CuUibert, m. Maiy, eldest dau. of 
William Allen, Esq. of Greenfield, co. Cork, and relict 
of John CoUins, iuq. ; she d. In 1810, not having had 
issue by him. 

8 John, d. wani. 

1 Alice, wife of Thomas Wise, Esq. 

2 Rose, wifb of Frands Sealy, Bsq. 

IT. Robert 
T. Henry. 

I. Anne, wifbofPhiHpBtubbeman, Bm|. 

II. Mary, wife of Robert Ferguson, Bsq. 

The 2nd son, 

JoHV CuTHBBBT, Bsq. of Cork, «t. Maxy, dan. of William 
Hare, Esq., and aunt of William, 1st Earl of Llstowel ; ha 
d. in 1817, having had issue, 

I. Thomas, of whom presently, 
n. John, d, unm. 

I. Margaret, wife of Jones Steveley, Esq. 

II. Anue, wlfB of Thomas Roehfort, Esq. , above rsltorsd tow 
IIT. Jano, wifb of Arthur Gibbings, Esq., a ooL in the 


The eldest son, 

Thomas Cuthbbbt, Esq. of Garrettstown, who, pursuant 
to the will of his brother-in-law, Thomas Rochiobt, Esq., 
by sign-manual dated 81 May, 1882, assumed the additional 
name of Kbabhbt, m. 1791, Jane, dan. of Thomaa Franks, 
Esq., and had issue^ 

I. John, of Garrettstown, who d. unm, 
Ti. Thomas, of whom presently. 

I. Margaret, wife of Clement Fonter, flliq. ciBaUymaloe^ 
CO. Cork. 

II. Anne. 

ui. Catherine. 

IT. Mary, wife of Thomas Vnak, Bsq. 



TsoMAa CunnuutT, Bsq. of Oarrettatown, m, Agnes, dan. 
of Bev. Thomas Gibbings, and left issue, at hia dBooaae, by 
bor, three aoos, vis., 

TwoEAS, now off Garrettato^na. 
Jofan,ft.lSA«ig. 18i». 
Azthnr, ft. 10 Axig. 1851. 

^nB»--Qaarteri7: 1st and 4th, arg., three Uoneelfl, ram- 
pant* two and one, galea, and on a chief, aa., an armed arm. 
In liHB, eoaped betweoi the wrist and elbow, the hand 

e grsaping a dagger, erect, ppr., between two pheons of 
tka ftret, for KKABarxT ; 2nd and Srd, Tert, a liasa, engrailed. 

four mullets, or, aormounting an arrow, mpale^ 
the point downwards, ppr., for CuTHBEmT. 

CVttt»— let, for Kkakmkt, a dexter armed ann, eoaped, 
between the wxiit and elbow, in feea, the hand bare, giasp- 
ing- a dagger, ereot, all ppr. ; Ind, for Cothbekt, a demi- 
UoD, rui^anl^ or, dehmJaea by an arrow, point downwards^ 

JtfeCto-" Semper fideliaL" 


KiARVBT, Jamss-Charlbs, Esq. of Blanchville, 
oo. KilkeDoy, b. 1 Jan. 1814. Thia gentleman was 
formerly an ofiScer in the 2nd regt. of dragoon 
guardfl (Queen'a bays), and served as high sheriff of 
tfa« 00. Kilkenny m 1855-6. 

%tlltSJ|C« — ^Thirty-first in lineal descent from MUesins, 
aoeoiding to a pedigree entered in that remarkable and 
azMient record *' Ihe Psaltor of Cashel," was 

Damisl CyKKARNST, Baq. of Cashel and Ballydiiagh, oo^ 
npperary ; he had issue an only son, Mauriob O'Kbar- 
Hvr, of Ballyduagh, Esq., who, by his wife Margaret, dau. 
of WiUiam Hennia, Esq. of Garristodowney, co. Tipperary, 
bad iasue^ Brtah O'KsAitirBT, Esq. of Knockanglass 
or Ballyknockane, oo. Tipperaxy, b. 1634; d. S Jan. 1628; 
m. Eleanor, dau. of William Butler (FitiThomas) of 
lumtiaHiiM^^ or Ballywadley, oo. Tipperary, grandson to Sir 
Edoumd Butler, Lord Dunboyne, and, with five daos., 
Margaret, Onor, Jane, Ellis, and Catherine, all of whom 
ware married, had three sons, i. Patrick ; ii. John, killed 
at Holycrosa, and ni. Maurice, d. «. p. The eldest son, 

Patrick CKRARirBT, Bsq. of Knockanglaas, b. 16 March, 
1561 ; (2. 2S April, 1641 ; m. Eleanor, dau. of Teige Fita- 
conncr Cuxrane, of Moheamain, oo. Tipperary, Gent, (by his 
wife, Jane, dan. of Eustaohe Oomyn, Esq.) and by her had 
five aona and one dau., vis., 

X. Brien, of BaUinknockane, vl twice, and had eight 


n. Miohakl, of whom presently. 
XXI. James, of Paris, M.D., ta. Ellen Mahony, and had issue, 

two children. 
XT. John, D.D. 

T. Nicholas, a Friar of the Order of St. Augustine. 
I. Giles, m. Bdmond, 2nd son of Blehard Butler, Esq. of 

Clonbrogaae, co. Tipperary. 

MxoHARL O'Kbabnkt, the 2nd son, ft. 80 Sept. 1588 ; he 
waa a burgess, and frequently sovereign of the borough of 
Fetiiard, oo. T^perary ; m. let, Jane, dau. of Hairy Fita- 
gfbbona, Eaq. of LLsftmchion, co. Limerick, brother of the 
" White Knight," and by her (who d, 2 Dec. 1627) had issue, 
eight sons and two dans., viz., 

I. Philip, derk of the supreme council of confederated 
eathoocs : he was b. 16 Jan. 1614; and d. at Slainstown, 
near Fetnard, 21 Sept. 1651, having m. 28 Aug. 1634, 
Eleanor, dau. of John Butler (FitzTbomasX ofDerry- 
doney, oo. Tipperary, Gent, by whom he nad a large 

n. David, of whom presently. 

xxx. Bichard, b. 26 Oct 1617, captain of foot at the siege of 
Arraa, in Flanders, and having returned to Ireland, was 
killed at the battle ofKilbruish, about Easter, 1643. 

vr. Daniel, M.D., 6. 7 March, 1618, and cL in 1691, having 
had issue by his wife. Miss Everard. 

▼. Brien, of Coolmore, b. 2 Sept 1622; m. Miss Eeatinge, 
of Gamanstown, by whom he had on only dau. 

Ti. Maurice, b. 7 March, 1623, was a burgess of Fethard, 
purchased the estate of Cappaghmore, and d. 21 May, 
1681, having m. Ellis, dau. of Henry Shea, of Cloneshea, 
oo. Tipperary, Esq., by whom he was ancestor of the 
Csppognmore O'Keameys. 

Tn. James, ft. 84 July, 1625. of Bathoool, near Fethard ; 
d. 8 Feb. 1709, having m. 26 Nov. 1648, Eleanor, dau. of 
John Magrath, Esq. of MonaquiU, and by her (who d. 
14 May. 1690) had issue, 1 John, Secretary of State to 
King James il, whom he accompanied to Franco, and hy 
Ua wife Ann Blake, had, with taree daus., a son, James 

de Kearney, Knfgfat of 8t Loal% who«. md lafl taae; 
8 Michael, of Fethard, ft, 1668, d. 1716, leavtog laraes 
and two dana., 1 Jane, «. Sir Biefaard Nagb, ohfef 
aeeretary to Jamcb II ; and 8 Maiy, m. Pierce MagK 
brother to Sir Bichard. 
vin. Andrew, «. j». 

The aeoand son, 

Ths Rbv. David KsABinR-, ft. 18 Get 1616, having eoo- 
formed to the p r ot e at aat ftdth, waa ordained a d ei gyma a 
of that ehnroh, and settled in ttie oo. Kilkenny ; be ei. fla 
Waterford, and left at his deosaae a son, 

Thb Brv. Jomr Kxarhxt, D.D., Vicar Genenl of the 
Diooeee of Ossory, whose will ie dated S Feb 1666, proved 
87 Feb. 1666 ; he wl Jndith Sellements^ and by her ted 
two sona and two daus., of the latter, Mary d. 
her sister waa wifii of Hugh Dryadele. The 

I. BtOBARD, his heir; and XL John, who by his wifis Oraee 
Cooper, left at his deosaae. In 160S, a son, Hugh, and three 
dana. Mary, SUesbeth, and Anne. The elder aon. 

Tax Brv. BiCHARn Krarvct, of Pariotown, eo. Kil- 
kenny, was Beetor of Ballyneale and Boeborooo; d in Sept. 
1600, havhighad iamieby hia wife, Eliiaheth Stewart (with 
a dau. EliaahethX tixree aona, l Jamo, his heir; xi. John ; 
XXX. Biehard. The ddeat eon, 

Jaiobs Krarhrt, Esq. of Kearney Bay, eo. Kilkenny, 
m. Katharine, dau. of Bei^amin Aloock, and by her had 
issue, I. BKHJAMnr, his sucoesaor ; ii. Bichard, settled in 
Waterford, and by hia wife, Misa Fleming, niece of Bote 
Fleming, Eari of Wigton, had issue, Jamcd Kearney, Esq. 
of Waterford, who m. Anne, dau. of William Aloock, Baq. 
of Wilton, 00. Wexford, and had issue, William Reamey, 
fesq. of Waterford, who m. Martha, dau. of Charlea Raokas 
Esq., M.D., of Waterford, and had issue, two eons, 1 Wil- 
liam - Bichard, ft. 1806 ; and 8 Bichard-James, both oC 
whom d, wnm ; 1 Martha, wife of Captain William Moon, 
B.N. ; and 8 Axme, now the widow of Ci^ti^ Heoiy 
Bolton, B.N. ; iii. Michael. The eldest son, 

Brnjaxik Krarhrt, Esq. oi BlandiviUe, d. In 1784^ 
having had issue by his wife, Anne, dau. and heir of — 
Fitsgerald, Esq. oi Bramhlestown, oo. Kilkenny, l Jaios ; 

II. John, t. p. ; in. Mldiael, m. Gertrude, dau. of Thooaae 
Hickman, Esq., and had issue, eight children ; rr. Walter ; 
I. Mary, m. 14 July, 1766, Nicholas Aylward, Esq. oC 
Hhankhill Castle, oo. Kilkenny. The eldest eon. 

Jambs Kxarnw, Esq. of DuUin, and of BlanehviUe, «■. 
Susannah, dau. of Henry Hunt, Esq., state apotheearya and 
had issue, 

X. Bex^jamin^ames, ft. 1774; d.t.p, 

n. James, ft. 1777. 

XII. John, m. Axme Waller, dau. of the Bev. Gbdogaa 
Keatinge, and with three daus., WaUer, Anne, andBusan, 
he left one son, John-Cadogan, mi^or in the army, killed 
in China. 

XV. Charles, 6. 1789, lieut -colonel of the Queen's Bays, «. 
— dau. of the Hon. Eyre Massy. 

X. Elizabeth, m. in 1805, Nicholas Aylward, Esq. of Shank- 
hill Castle. 

xx. Anne, m. in 1816, the Bev. Theobald Butler. 

The 2nd, but eldest surviving son, 

James Kearmbt, Esq. having entered the army, beesme 
lieut. -colonel of the 2nd regt of dragoon-guards, and even- 
tually a lieut -general tn the aimy and colonel of the 7th 
hussars ; ft. 1777 ; d. 23 Feb. 1846, having had issue by his 
wife, Margaret, dau. of Clayton Bayly, Esq. of Oowran, oo. 
Kilkenny, who predeceased him (with five daus., Mary, 
Susan, and Catherine, all of whom d. unm, ; Marg^uiet, m. 
to Charles Tottenham, Esq., and d. 27 Feb. 1862 ; and Anne- 
Waller, m. 2 June, 1842, the Bev. Hans Atkinson, by whom 
at her decease, 14 Aug. 1844, she left an only dau. Alice) 
21 Mar. 1884, an only son, Jameb-Charles, now of Blaooh- 

Seat— BlanohviUe, co. Kilkenny. 


Leoh-Keok, Gbobge- Anthony, Esq. of Staughton 
Grange, co. Leicester, and Bank HaU, co. Iiancaster, 
J.P. and D.L., fonnerly M.P. for Leicestershire, and 
lieut.-coL coxnm. of the Leicestershire regiment of 
yeomanry ; m. 1802, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. <S Bobert- 
Yemon Atherton, Esq. of Atherton, co. Lancaster, 
but by her (who d. in 1837) had no issue. He <L 
in 1861, when his property devolved on the noble 
family of Powrs, Lobd Lilfobd. 

8 F 2 

K E K 


ILttlfAfff. — AjnBOMY Kacx, Bsq^ nephew of Sir 
Anthony Keck, and cousin and devisee of Francis Keck, d, 
23 Nov. 1780, leaving a dau^ Martha, who m. David James, 
Esq., and by him, who d. 8 Jan. 1740, left at her decease, 
a son, 

ANTaomr James (devisee of his finrandfather), who 
assumed the surname and arms of Kvck in 1787. By Ann 
Biuby his Ist wife, who became eventually an heiress in 
right of her mother, one of the daus. of Sir Henry Beau- 
mont, Bart., and was buried at Staughton, 17 Feb. 1765, he 
left at his decease, SO April, 1780, a son, 

Avtromt-Jaiies Kbok, Esq. of Staughton Orange, oo. 
Leicester, sometime M.P. for Newton, who m. 18 July, 
1705, Blisabeth, 2nd dau. and co-heir of Pstbr Leor, Bsq. 
of Lyme, in Cheshire, by Martha his wife, only dau. and 
heir of Thomas Bennett, Esq. of Salthrop, Wilts, and by 
her, who m. 2ndly, William-Bathumt Pye, Esq., had a dau., 
Elisabeth-Ann, w. to Thomas Calley, Esq. of Burderop, oo. 
Wilts, and two sons, Pssbs-Amthont andOBOROB-AirTHOinr 
Laoa. The former, 

Pbbbs-Anthokt Kbok, Esq. of Staughton Orange aad 
Bank Hall, d. umn. 12 March, 1797, and was «. by his 
brother, Ovorok-Anthomt Lboh-Kiok, Esq. 

if rms— 8a., a bend, erm., between two oottises, floiy, 
oounterflory, or. 

Crat—Oxkt of a mural crown, a maiden's head, erm., 
purfled, or. her hair dishevelled, of the same, and flutant, 
adorned with a chaplet, vert, and garnished with roses, ppr. 

Jfoito— En Dieu est ma foy. 

Aeois— Staughton Orange and Bank HalL 


Small-Keir, Patrick, of Kindrogan, co. Perth, 
h, 9 May, 1810; m. 26 April, 1886, Emelia-Frances- 
Balfuur, 2Qd dau. of Sir Kiel Meuzies, of Menzies, 
Bart, and haa issue, 

t. WlLUAM-AUOUBTUa, 5. 1842. 

I. Cathar&e-Mensles. 
n. Jane-EmeUa. 

%intK%t* — ^William Small, Esq. of Kindrogan (son of 
William SmaU, of Kindrogan, by A'^es his wife, dau. of 
James Stewart, Esq. of Urrard, and grandson of William 
SmaU, of Kindrogan, by Isabel Farquharson his wife), m. 
in 1770, Maigaret, dau. of Waltbr Keir, Eoq. of Balcaim, 
00. Perth, and by her had a son, Patrick Small-Kbib, 
Esq. of Kindrogan, oo. Perth, J.P. and D.L., an advocate at 
the Scotch bar, 6. 31 Dec. 1782 ; who m. 7 Aug. 1807. Jane, 
dau. of John Stewart, Esq. of East Craigs, oo. Linlithgow, 
2nd son of Robert Stewart, of Binny, aud had issue, one 
son, PATRICK Small-Kcir, Esq. of Kindrogan. Mr. Patridc 
SmaU-Keir, senior, d. in 1800. 

if rm*— Per fesse, wavy, gu. and arg., a lion, passant, sa., 

E*eroed with a dagger, in bend, ppr. , entering at toe shoulder, 
llt«d, or, for Small: axg., across^ eng., sa., between four 
rosea, gu., for Kbib. 

CretU^jL branch of palm, ppr , erect, for Small ; a hand, 
holding a sword, in pale, ppr., for Ksib. 

A/o<to«*— Baiione non irft, for Small ; Alterum non Isedere, 
for Kkib. 

^Se(U->KiiArogaii, oo. Perth. 


Kekrwioh, SAHUEirTRBHAWKB, Esq. of Peamore, 
CO. Devon, J.P. and D.L., high sherifi' 1834, and M.P. 
for Exeter from 1826 to 1830, and now M.P. for 
South Devonshire; 6. 31 Oct. 1796; m. Isi, 3 April, 
1820, Agatha-Maria-Sophia, 4th dau. of the late 
John Langston, Esq. of Sursden, co. Oxford, aud 
sister of James- Haughton Langston, Esq , M.P. for 
Oxford city, and by her had issue, 

I. Trehawkb, 6. 22 Jan. 1S23 ; m. Charlotte, dau. of the 
late Captain Peard, R.N., and has issue. 

If. Arthur, fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, b. 20 July, 
1832 : m. Marianne, dau. of the late W. Froshfield, Esq. 

III. Lewis, 20th regt, 6. 3 Sept. 183(}, lieut. 20th regt., 
was at Alma, Balaclava, and Inkerman ; was wounded 
at Inkerman, and died at Corfu, 10 Feb. 1855. 

I. Henrietta, m, to Henry Ley, Esq.Jun., Clei'k Asslftant 
of the House of Gommoas. 

n. Agatha, m. to Henry-Hall Dare, Esq., Sdrd fusQIers. 
liL Elisabeth, m. to Ralph-Ludlow liopes, Esq , 2nd soa 

of Sir Ralph Lopes, Bart, late M.P. for South Devon, 
nr. Julia-Frances, m. to James-Thomas Edge, Esq. of 

Strally HaU, Notts. 

He m. 2ndly, 9 June, 1840, Louisa, only dau. of 
Lewis- William Buck, Esq. of Moreton, co. Devon, 
M.P., and by her has, 

L Geotge- William, 6. 1 April, 1841. 
L Emma. 

II. Louisa. 

III. Anna-Maude, 

M,intKflt* — ^This family, originally of Lancashire, settled 
about the middle of the 10th century in Cornwall, in con- 
sequence of a marriage with the heiress of Talvarne. 

Gborqb Kekbwich, resident at CatchAreuoh, at the time 
of Carew, rebuilt the mansion in the castellated style ; the 
stately embattled entrance, and some other parts of which 
are still standing, and bear the words, " Oeoxge Rekewich, 
1680,** cut in stone. The manor of Catchfrench continued 
in the Kekewich family until the time of Charles II., 
when it was sold by John Kekewich, Esq., to Hugh Bos- 
cawen, Esq. of Tregothnan. In the same reign Peter 
Kekewich, Esq., possessed the manor of Trehawke ; and 
Samuel Kekewich, Esq., was seated at Polmartin ; sub- 
sequently the representatives of the family were resident 
at Hall, near Fowey. The great-grandfather of the present 
head of the house, 

PxiTDABVES KsxrwiCR, Esq., m. Maty HiUs, and had 
(besides two daus.) one son, 

William Kekewich, Esq., who m. Susanna Johnstone, 
and had thirteen chilcben ; of whom, the eldest, Samuel, 
was his heir ; of the others, Charles, in holy orders, was of 
I^ymmouth, co. Devon ; and George, for many years Judge 
at the Cape of Good Hopa The eldest son, 

Samuel Kekewich, Esq. of Peamore, m. Salome, dau. of 
Geoige Sweet, Esq. of Tiverton, oa Devon, and by her (who 
d. 20 March, 1844) had a son, Samuel-Trehawkb, now of 
Peamore ; and one sister, Salome, m. to Sir Thomas-William 
Blomefield, Bart, deceased. Mr. Kekewich d. 30 Aug 

if rm*— Arg., two lions, jMMsant, in bend, aa., between two 
oottises, gu. 
Crett— A leopard's head and neck, afiVontd. 
Afotto— Fructus virtutis. 
£ea^— Peamore House, near Exeter. 


KCLHAM, Robert-Krlhah, Esq. of Bleasby Hall, 
CO. Notts, and Oreat Qonerby, Billingborough, and 
Allington, oo. Lincoln, J.P., b. 26 Sept. 1787 ; m. 
1st, Oct. 1812, Dorothea, only child and heir of 
John Phillips, Esq. of The Homewood and Wellands, 
00. Surrey, and has issue, 

I. HoBEBT, b. 12 July, 1818. 

II. Marmaduke, b. 27 July, 1814 ; m. 17 Doc. 1845, Julia- 
Ann, dau. of Robert Christie, Esq. of Liverpool, and 
d. 28 Feb. 1852, leaving issue, 

1 Marmaduke-Langdale, 6. 12 Oct 1847. 
S Robert-Mauusell, b. 24 Oct 1849. 
8 Henry-Phillips. 6. 21 July, 1861. 

ni. Augustus, b. 14 Nov. 1819 ; m. 4 June. 1850, Susan- 
Mary, eldest dau. of Samuel Aldersey, Esq. of Aldersey 
Hall, Cheshire, and has issue, 

1 Hugh-Aldersey-LaDgdole, 6. 24 Aug. 1852. 

8 Ooofrey-Marmaduke-Langdale. b. 80 Nov. 1857. 

1 Luc>*Avice-Maud. d. 8 March, 1859. 

IT. Phillips, b. 21 Oct. 1824 ; m. 11 Aug. 1852, Anne, eldest 
dau. of E.-Y. Griffiths, Esq. of Bangor, aud has issue, 

1 Richurd-PhUUps, b. 80 March, 1857. 

T. Henry, b. 24 Sept. 1828, a liout B.N., served in the 
China War iu 1842, on board H. M. ship *' Endermlon ;** 
m. 7 Sept. 1852, Fauny-Qoldio, youngest dau. of James 
Hall. EiM]., M.D., R.N., and d. onboard H.M.'sship 
« Scorpion," at Turk Island, West Indies, 28 Oct 1852, 
and had issue, 

Henry-Robert (posthimious), b. 21 June, 1853. 

1. Avice, m. 9 Sept 1852, the Bev. William Morgan, 



X.A., Beetor of Lland^gai, oo. Camarvon, and has 

n. Dorothea, d. 24 Sept. 1815. 
m. Jane, m. 19 Jime, 1846, T.-B. Sands, Esq. of Liyerpool, 

and haa issue. 
IT. Arabella. 
▼. Louiaa-Maiy, d. in 1834. 

This gentleman, whose paternal name is LanoDalb, 
assumed by act of parliament, in 1812, the surname 
of ygT.wAM only, and the aims of Kelham, in oom- 
pliaDoe with the will of his maternal uncle, liobert 
kelham, Esq., dated 29 Aug. 1808. 

S>itl(S00. — ^Tbe Kelhazns desoendfirom a younger branch 
of on aneient family which was very early seated at Kelham, 
near Newark-upon-Trent, oo. Nottingham, and bore for 
arms, *' Aa. , three covered cups, or," allusive to the office 
they fiUed, of cup-bearer to Allan, lat Earl of Richmond, 
son-fn-law of William the Conqueror. 

Thomas Kklhau, Esq. of Great Gonerby, son and heir 
of Boben Kelham, Esq. of Great Gonerby, and the lineal 
descendant of Ridiard Kelum, of AUington, oo. Lincoln, 
living 1428. b. IS Sept 1638 ; m. Mary Lee, of Woodborongh, 
Notts, and was $. at his decease, April, 1699, by his only son, 

Ths Rkv. Roukrt Kslham, of Great Gonerby, b. 88 Jan. 
1978, Ticar of Billingborough, Threddngham, and Waloot, 
00. Lincoln, m. his cousin, 5 Feb. 1709, Nary, dau. and 
co-heir of John Kelham, Esq. of Gonerby, and had issue. 
The Srd btit eldest surviving son, 

RomsRT Kblham, Esq. of Hatton-garden, London, Great 
Qonerby and Billingborough, co. Lincoln, and Bush Bill, 
Bdmantofn, co. Middlesex, b. 9 Nov. 1717 ; m. %l Dec. 1762. 
Sarah, youngest dau. of Peter and Joanna Geiy, descended 
fbom an ancient family long seated at Bilston, co. Leicester, 
who <L 88 Sept. 1774, aged 53 ; he d 29 March, 1808, hi his 
9lst year. They had issue, 

X. BoBBBT, of Great Gonerby, Billingborough, and Bush 
Hill, b. 8 Jan. 1765» who d. wim. 11 Nov. 1811. His wiU 
was dated 89 Aug. 1808, and by it he devised his estates 
to bia nephew, Bobebt-Kjelham Langdai.b, of whom 

I. Sonih-Augusta, «. 80 Dee. 1778, Marmaduke Lang- 
dale, Esq., New Ormond-street, Loudon; traditionaUy 
descended fh>m a younger branch of the L^zdales of 
Houghton, oo. York, from whom also derived the famed 
oavaUer commaoder. Sir Marmaduke Longdnle, created 
In 1668, Baron Laugdale, of Holme. Mrs. Langdale d, 
i Aug 1838, having had, with yoimger issue, 

1 Mabmadukx-Bobbrt-Lakudalb, Esq. of Garston 
House, Surrey, and Pix Hall, Kent. 

8 Robbbt-Kelham Lakodalb, Esq. (heir to his uncle, 
Robert Kelham, Esq. of Bush HillX the present 
Bobxbt-Kelham Kblham, E.sq , of Bleiwby HaU. 

u. A vice, of Enfield, b, 8 April, 1763, d. taan. 27 July, 

^mu— Quarterly ; 1st and 4th, per pale, gu. and as. , three 
covered oips, two and one, or, on a chief, engrailed, arg., 
three cstoues. sa., Kelhak; 2nd, az., three covered cups, 
or. Kelham, ancient; Srd, sa., a chevix)n, between tlm)e 
astoiles, arg., L<amodalb. 

Crt»tr--On a wrecith of colours, a demi-eagle, with two 
heads, displayed, as., sem£e of ermine spots, and charged 
on each wmg with a covered cup, or. 

Jlf»(lo— Beneficiorum memor. 

Seal— Bleasby HaU, Notts. 

See O'Kbllt. 


KxLLT, Arthur, Esq. of Kelly, co. Devon, J.P., 
high sheriff 1836, b. 11 Sept. 1804; m. 27 Oct. 1829, 
S<)i>hia, dau. of the late Kobert Maitland, Esq. of 
Thaxted, Essex, formerly a merchant of the city of 
Loudun, and has issue, 

I. AKTHTm, ft. in 1830; d. in 1846. 

u. Btviuald, b. 10 Jan. 1884; m. in 1868, Janet. 6th dau. of 

Hennr Wilson, Bsq., of Btowlangtoft Hall, oo. Suffolk. 
m. Uaitland, ft. 21 Aug. 1842. 
IV. John, ft. in 1844 ; d. hi 1844. 
T. Theodore, ft. in 1845. 
L Juliana, m. 14 July, 1858, to Harry- Reginald Salusbury, 

Snd son of the late bir William Trelawny, Bart 
n. Miuy.A&ne, m. in 1860^ to Lieut Jo8eph-B.-M. Wilson, 



in. Edith. 

tv. Blanche. 

V. Sophy-Maitland. 

S.tnf age. — " TUs ikmny,** we quote from their mu 
thenticated pedigree, " may look back beyond the Co nq uss t , 
and derive themselves from the ancient Britons.** 

Nicholas db Kbllt, living Ump, Hkhbt II, was father ef 
William ds Kxllt, who was a by his son, Waebbi db 
Kellt, father of Bib William Kbllt, of Kelly, Ump, 
Hbnbv III, whose son, Riobabd Kkllt, of Kdly, living in 
1230, was a by his son. Sib Johx Kkllv, of Ksliy. Knt, 
living temp. Eowabd I. He was father of John Kbllt, of 
Kelly, temp. Eowabo II, who loft by Haigaiet, his wife, a 

Sib John Kbllt, Knt of Kelly, living 44 KimABD III, 
who m. Elinor, dau. and co-heiress of John Crowes^ of 
Bradstone, and was father of John Kbllt, of Kelly, whose 
son, Matthkw Kcllt. of Kelly, was a by his son, John 
Kxllt, of Kelly, Ikther of 

Thomas Kellt, of Kelly, m. temp. Hbnbt TI, Elisabeth, 
dau. and heir of William Talbot, Esq. of Talbotswyks^ oo. 
Devon, and had a son, 

RiOHARD Kkllt, of Kelly, which estate he inherited at 
the decease of his elder brother, Niohohka He m. Jane, 
dau. of Thomas Bratton, of Bratton, co. Somerset, and was 
direct ancestor of 

William Kbllt, Bsq. of Kelly, living at the Herald'e 
Visitation hi 1620, then aged 32. His 8nd son, 

John Kbllt. Esq. of Kelly, d. unm, in 1689, and devised 
his estates to his oousin-germsn, 

Framois Kbllt, Bsq. of Tiedown, In Bradstone, who 
then became of Kelly. He m. Elisabeth, dau. of — Tucker, 
Esq. of Holdsworthy, in Devon, and dying in Dee. 1000, 
was buried at KeUy, and left (with two daus., Joan, m. 
14 Sept 1093, to John TUlam ; and PhilUppa) an only son 
and successor, 

Abthub Kellt, Esq. of Kelly, who m. Susanna, only 
dau. and heir of William Handoock, Esq. of Hendra St 
Qermains, in Cornwall, and by that lady had issue. Mr. 
Kelly d. 18 Oct 1712, and was a by his only son, 

Abthur Kellt, Esq. of Kelly, bapt 88 Oct 1712, who 
m. Mary, eldest dau. of William Tucker, Esq. of Coryton, 
ca Devon, and had by her (who d. in 1781) siz sons and 
two daus., via., 

I. Abthxtb, his heir. 

II. Pnmds^ohn, a oapt in the 18th, or royal Irish regt., 
bapt 12 May, 1740, m. in 1783, Elisabeth, dau. of Thomaa 
Oakeley, Esq. of Deal, in Kent, and had issue, Henry, 
capt royal African corps, d. unm. ; Elisabeth ; Catharine ; 
Mary; and Agnes, m. to Samuel Laing, Bsq. of Orkney, 
N B 

III.' William-Handoock. vice-admiral of the Blue, baptised 
6 April, 1751, m. Hally, dau. of Magnus Morton, Eciq., 
Judge of the Isle of Nevis, and d. 2 May, 1811, leaving a 
son, Magnus-Morton, lieut RN., d. a p., and a dau., 
Mary- Anne, wife of Theophllus CUve, Esq. 

IV. Beuedicttis-Marwood, of Holsworthy, Devon, bapt 
12 Aug. 1752, 0.8^ m. SO April, 1780, Mary, dau. of 
Arsoott Coham, of Holsworthy, and dyi^ in Feb. 1836^ 
left issue, 

1 William, comm. RN., fti 87 Feb. 1782; m. in 1821, 
Sarah Cole 

2 Benedictus-Marwood, rear-admiral RN., ft. in 1790; 
vi. 81 Aug. 1837, Mary-Ann, eldest dau. and co-heir of 
Richard Price, Esq. of Hijerhfields Park, oo. Sussex, 
which lady d. 14 July. 183& 

8 John-Tucker, lieut horse artilleiy at Madras, d. hmr. 
in 1818. 
4 Francis-Coham. 

1 Mary. 

2 Juliana, m. in 1823, to Geoxge Braund, Esq. of Exeter. 
8 Sai-ah. 

4 Elizabeth. 

V. Thomas, of Biurington. in Devonshire, bapt 8 Sept 
1760, m. in 1783, Miss Yhiing, of Stoke, in Comwall^and 
d. $. p. 

I. Susannah, bnpt 3 Juno, 1746 ; d. in 1769. 

u. Mary, nu to Lewis Robertson, Esq., capt RN« 

Mr. Kelly <f. in March, 1762. and was a by his eldest son, 

Arthur Kelly, Bsq. of Kelly, coL of the South Devon 
militia, bapt. 16 July, 1742. He i», Dorothea-Juliana, dau. 
of Edward Drewe, Esq. of Exeter, by Dorothea-Juliana, his 
wife, dau. and eventual co-heiress of the Rt Hon. George 
Treby, of Plympton, co. Devon, and had issue, 

Arthur, bapt 16 June, 1778 ; ra. 16 June, 1808. Mary, 
only child of John Godwin, Esq. of Portsea, Hants, 
banker, and dying 23 March, 1822, in tlie lifetime of his 
father, 1^ an only child, Arthur, now of Kelly. 

Edward* capt 61st refft, bant 26 Jan. 1770; m. Sarah, 
dau. of Edward Braddon, Esq. of Skisdon, St Kow, 


Oomwan, and dyioff 84 Vay, 1881, left an only chfld, 

Bd^axd-Henry, ft. in 182L 
Xaiy. m. to the Bev. Edward Moraheadi rector of Gal- 

■tocK, in Cornwall, and of Kelly, co. Devon. 
Soaanna, d . num. 
Juliana, d. tmiM> 
Fhillippa. m. 1st, to Thomas SowdoD, Baq. of Whitstone, 

and Sndly, 28 March, 1889, to Thonuia, son of the late 

John Tarda, Bsq. of Trowbridge Houae^ Devon. 

OoL Kelly (Lin 1828. 

ifnN«-<)uarter1y: Ist and 4tb. ax«., a chevron between 
three bllleta, gu., for Kkllt; Snd and Srd, arg., a obevron, 
between three talbota, aa. , for Talbot. 

CV««t— Out of a ducal coronet, gu., an oatrich'a head, hold- 
ing in the beak ahoraeahoe^ or. 

Seal— Kelly, Devon. 


Kellt, Jauxs, Esq. of Newtown, co. Qalway, m. 
Kaiy-Franoes, only daa. of Augustine Fallon, Esq., 
and left surviving issue, 

I. Jomr. 

IT. Charles, <)neen'a ConnseL 

III. Joseph, m. Harlanne, 5th dan. of the late Sir Michael- 
Dillon Bdlew, Bart, of Moont Bellew, oo. Oalway, and 
by her (who d. 1802) has iasttSb 

I. Ifary-ThereBa, 

II. Ellen-Mary* 
lu. Anne-Mary. 
IT. Mary<8abina. 
T. HatildarMaxy. 

Mr. Kelly was a magistrate for the eo. of Galway. 

HitKftS^— -The Kellya of Newtown are derived from 
the ancient family of O'Kelly, of Aughrim Castle^ co. 
Oalway. About the close of the 17th century, there were 
two brothers of the family, Bbvan and John. The younger 
was anoeetor of the Kblltb qf Newtown / the elder, Brtan, 
had two sons, General O'Kelly, of the Austrian service, 
who d. unm. ; and John O'Kelly, father, by Miss Donelan, 
his wife, of an only dau., m. to Count Maroolini Reverting 
to the younger brother, 

JoHV Kbllt : he m. and had (with a dau., mother of 
Capt. William Kelly, of the Irish brigade) two sons, 

John, ftiher of Fatbick O'KsuiV, oolonelL in the Anstrian 
service, who d. imm. 

The younger sod, 

Jamss Kbllt, Esq., m. Miss Kelly, and had two sons and 
a dau., John, of Oreencaatle, Jamaica, who d. unm. ; Jambs ; 
and Bridget, who m. J. Kelly, Esq., and had one dau., m. 
to John Calianan, M.D. of Cork. The Snd son, 

Jakes Kbllt, Esq. of Cork, m. Mary, dau. of Bobort 
Frsnch, Esq. of French Grove, oo. Mayo, and had issue, 

John, of Newtown, eo. Ckilway. Crescent Park, and 
Greencastle, Island of Jamaica, d. uwn. 

Bobert, d. unm. 

Jaxbs, of Newtown. 

Mary, m. to Patrick Taafe, Esq. of Fozborough, eo. Bos- 

ifrtiu— Ou., on » mount, ppr., two lions, rampant, sup- 
porting a tower, ai^. 
0»t«e>-A griiBn. passant 
ilbUo— Turris fortis, mihi Deus. 
SMt— Newtown, co. Galway. 


Kbuk), EDWABD-BABBmoTON-PiTRyiB, Esq., R.N., 
of Kelsoland, of Horkesley Park, oo. Essex. 

Hillf HSf • — ^The Kelsos, one of the most ancient families 
of Ayrsl^re, came originally, it is stated, from Normandy, 
and that traditionary origin is oorroboratod by the fbct that 
Tudaoe is a surname still preserved in that province. 

Hooo DB Kbuo, the firat of the name mentioned in the 
pubUo record! of Scotland, appears in the Bsgman BoU, 
mnno 1290, and is called by the continuator of Nisbet 
" ancestor of the Kblsos qf KeUoland." From him derived 
ti^e eminent Bcottiah family of Kbxjbo or Kblsoland, whose 
male representative, about the middle of the 18th century, 
was Capt. John Kklso, of the 82nd regiment, son of (Tapt. 

K E M 

Robert Kelso, whose father, John Kbuo, of Kelaoland, 
sold the old family estates, in 1071, to James Brisbane, of 
Biahopton, who altered the name to Bbisbanb. Capt John 
Kelsu m. 18 June, 1768, Margaret, dau. of William Mowatt, 
Esq., Provost of Aberdeen in 17M, and had issue, 

I. WiLLiAX, his heir, of Dankeith, msjor of the 28rd light- 
dragoons, subsequently colonel of tb» Ayrshire miUtia, 
J.P. and D.L., who ^. 80 Aug., 1784, Susanna, dau. of 
William Fergusson, Esq. of Doonholm, and had issno, 

1 John, d. UKM 

a WiLUAX. of Dankeith, 1Ieut.-coL H.B.I.C.8., d.«. p. 

8 Fleming, lieut 13th light-dragoons, d. imm. 

1 Elixabeth, fn. to John-H. Marttn, Eaq. of Olenorae, co. 
Wigton, son of Samuel Martin, Esq. of Antlgoa, and 
has issue. 

2 Margaret 

8 Marv-Suaanna, m. to the Bev. AltnA-Q. Utterson (son 
of John Uttorson, Esq. of Mile End House, Sussex, and 
Marwell Hall, Hants), rector of Layer Mazney, co. 

Colonel Kelso d. 22 AprO, 1886. 

n. Bobert, major -gen. in the army, who m. In 1708, 
Marianne-Susan, dau. of Nelson Burtsull, Esq. of Suffolk, 
and by her (who d. in April, 1882} had issue, 

1 Edwabd-Jorn-Franois, of whom presently. 

1 Maigaret-Augusta, m. to the Bev. Courtenay-Boyle 

Bruce, Bector of St. Cross, Homersfleld, and St James, 

00. Suffolk. 
9 Lotdsa-Marianne-Susan-Fvances, i». to the Bev. Wm. 

(TolviU, Bector of Bytham, St Peter*!^ and Brome, cot 


(Sen. Kelso d. at his residence at Bungay, in Suffolk, 
88 Oct 1828. 

III. John, an ensign in the ftlst regt, deceased. 
ly. Millar, &N., drowned in the river Gaugea, near Cal- 
V. Ate^wjder-Stuarii^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^^ j^^^ 

TIL Archibald, J. P. and D.L., b. 18 Feb. 1771; who pur- 
chased the estate of Sauchrie, in Carrick, Ayrshire; m. 
Feb. 1805, Miss Machaig, dau. of— Macharg of Kiers, an 
ancient Ayrshire femily, and had issue, Arohibald ; An- 
drew-John ; John ; Cecflia-Maigaret ; Margaret-Georgianap 
deceased; Jane, deceased ; and EUsabeth. deceased. 

Tin. George^ csptain of an Indiaman, who m. Miss Plumb, 
but d. s. p. 

IX. Andrew, d. imm. 

I. Jane. 

II. France^ d. unm 

III. Mary, m. to the late Patrick Ballentyne, Esq. of Castle 
HiU, in Ayrshire. 

rv. Margaret, d. tmia. 
y. Charlotte-Christina. 

Capt Kelso d. in 1781, and was ». by his grandson, 
Edwabd-Johh-FranoisKblso, Esq.of Kelsoland, Horkesley 
Park, CO. Essex, late a captain in the 72nd highlanders, m. 
10 June, 1841, Frances-Lntitia-Philippa, only child and 
heiress of the late Baxrington Purvis, Esq. of Becdes, ca 
Suffolk, and Purvis Hall, Essex, by Amy-L»titia, his wife, 
eldest daa of the Bev. NathanielCtolville, D.D., of LawshaD, 
Bury St Edmunds, and had issue, 

I. EnwABn-BABBTXOTOv-PuBTis, now of Horkesley Park. 

II. Edward-Arehibald-Bobert, b. 21 May, 1844. 
in. Edward-Henry-Geoige, 6. 21 July, 1880. 

L PhUippa-Charlotte-Maury. 
u. Maxy-Amy-Adelaide. 

Mr. Kelso d. 8 Oct 1867. 

^mu— Sa., a fesse, engrailed, between three gaibs, or. 
Creit~-A garb. or. 

SuojaorUn— Two li(ms, rampant, gu., each diarged on the 
shoulders with a garb, or. 
AfoCto— OUum cum dignitate. 
jjM<— Horkesley Park, Enex. 


KEUxn, Thomas, Esq. of Shaen and Straboe^ 
Queen*s County, patron of Rosenallis, 6. 14 May, 
1837 ; m. 1 June, 1858, Victoria- Alezandrina, eldest 
dau. of H.-H. Hamilton, Esq., Q.C., of 26, fltaWil- 
liam Place, Dublin, and has issue^ 

I. TttOMAS-HxiTBT, 6. 11 July, 1880. 
I. Augusta-Maiy. 

Htlttafff* — ^This family dalms descent from thesneient 
family of Kemeys, of Keven Mabley. 

Thomas Kbmmis, Esq. of Shaen Castle, Killeen, Straboe, 
and Clonin, Queen's Co., who was b, 1710, and d. 1774, left. 

e: E M 


I^BoHB, liifl wilb, daiL of George Long, Bni. of BenTiia- 
f, five wii8| vis.. 

Jobs; of Stxaboe^ TxesBurer of the oounty, &. 6 July, 1747 ; 
». Mtfsarelk dau. of Chaiies White, Esq[. of GharleviUe, 
and by her {^irho d. 1820) left at his decease, 1806^ three 
daoa asd two sons^ Charles, of Derzynaseery, and 
Thrnnaw, in holy orden, of Btmboe, both of whom d. «. p. 

Tsmaa, mejor^aieral in the army» d. 8 April, 1890. 

*«—*^«, of whose descendants we treat 

Joshua^ of KnightBtown, 6. 6 Feb. 1765, J.P., h!gb sheriif 
1795; M. Gatherino, dao. of the Yen. Archdeacon Smyth, 
D.D., and «L 1818, leaving issue, Joshua, of Knights- 
towne, J. P., d. 18AS ; Alida, m. to the Bev. €histavua 
Warner, and Catherine, ». to the Bev. William Betty. 

Wmiam, of Killeen, GUmin, Ac., Tleasurer of the Qoeenli 
Ool, d. t. ]». 1848. 


TbomabKsmiiis, Sm}. of Shaen Castle, Killeen, fto.. Crown 
Sollellor for Ireland and Solicitor to the Treasury, patron of 
BiiewialUB, ft. 4 Hay, 1758 ; m. 11 Sept 1773, AmM^, dau. of 
Heniy Wldte, Esq. of Dublin, and d. 15 Jan. I88S, having 
bid fiMoe^ 

I. Trcmab, his heir. 

n. Hemy, ILA., Q,C.,flarfslant banister and Chairmaaef 
•he Qnarter aeaslona of ITibnalnham, M.P. for Tndee 
1800, & 19 Sept 1770; m. 1604. Uaiia, dau. of Arthur 
DawiMii, Esa. of Castle Dawson, oo. Londonderry, M.P., 
and d. 1867, naving had issue, 

1 Ibomas-Arthur, of Croham Hurst, Cn»don, Suixey, 
J.P., late oaqit gren. •guards, M.P. for East Looe, ft. 
10 Ifaich, 1806 ; m. 14 Sept 1833, Henrietta-Anne, dau. 
of GoL Charles Kemeys Kemeys-Tynte. of Haiswell 
House, oo. Somerset, and d. 25 Dec. 1858, leaving an 
only aaa, Arthur-Heniy-Nicholas, now of Croham 
Kmt^ C^Srdon, Surrey capt Ist Somerset MiUtia, 
X.P. for Surrey and King's oo.', high sheriff of King^ 
eow 1862. ft. 1884. 

9 Henry-Biehard, bMrister-at-law, ft. 1811; m. XisB 
LsRum Hale, and has issue. 

m. WnxiAM, now of BaBinaoor. (See that family. ) 

rv. James, of Deny and Meelick, Queen's Co., ft. 9 March, 

1791 ; m. Mary, dan. of Q. Loch, Esq. ; d. «. j». 1841. 
L Anne, m. 1800, to Bichard Warburton, Esq. of Gany- 

liindi, Qoeai's Co., J.P. and D.L. 
n. Soaan, m. 21 De& 1808, to William Talbot, Esq. of 

Xount Talbot, oo. Bosoommon, who d. 9. p. 1851. 
HI. Mazy, m. 1st, to Sir Arthur Garden, "Baat. : end 2ndly, 

to Josepb Smi^ Esq. of Mount Butler, co. Tlpperary. 

Tbe eldest son, 

Trs Bav. Thoicas Eehxis, of Shaen Castle and BrocUey 
Park, Queen'a Co., patron of Bosenallis, ft. 6 Aug. 1775 ; m. 
Mary, dan. and heir of Arthur Biky, Esq. of Airfield, co. 
Dul^, and d. 4 Oct 1827, leaving fiasue, 

Tbohab, bis bedr. 

Arthur, of Sidney, Australia, m. Miss BeduKmd, ci lime- 

ri^ and has ismie. 
Henry, of TankerviUe, near Melbourne, Australia, ta. 

twice, and had issue. 
Mary, m. to Charles Hogan, Esq. of Dublin. 

Tbe eldest son, 

TBOMAa KsMMis, Esq. of Shaen Castle and Straboe, patron 
of 1V^^«»*"^», J.P., high sherifiF 1832, m. 18 Aug. 1834, Mary- 
Henrietta, eldest dau. of the Bev. Bnbert Jelly, of Por« 
tarllngton, and by her (who m. 2ndly, 1866, Sfa* Henry 
Mtfrsh, Bart., ILD.) had issue, i. Thomas, now of Shaen 
Castle and Straboe, patron of Bosenallis ; ii. Bobert, B.N., 
ft. 1889 ; nc. William, 84th regt ; rv. Arthur ; and l Jane, 
who d. UHM. 1857. Mr. Kemmis d 1844. 

Satf— Shaen, near Maryborough, Queen's Co. 

{See preceding memoir,) 


Kkhmis^ Wiujah, Esq. of Ballinacor, co. Wick- 
low, J.P. and D.L., crown solicitor and solicitor to 
the tnoBury, b. 23 Oct 1777 ; m. 11 May, 1805, 
EUan, 2nd dau. of Nichxdas-Souihoote Mansei^ 
Esq. of Greenane, oo. Tipperary, andliaB issue, 

L WtLUAK-OiLBEBT, b. 11 Juno, 1806 ; J.P. and D.L., 
high sheriflfof Wicklow 1838, and of Queen's Co. 1852. 

n. Thomas, barristei^at-law, crown solicitcHr of L^uster, 
6. 10 April, 1807; m. 17 June, 1839, EUaabeth-Aqne, 

onl^ dao. of ttA Bev. Ciiaiile»>LaaBbePidmar, of Bahai^ 

CO. KUdar^ andhaaiMnfl^ 

1 William-FUmer, ». 1 April, 1840; d. 15 Nov. IMT. 

5 Thomas, 6. 29 Jan. 1842. 

8 Gharies, 6. 18 Get 1844 : d 81 Get 18Q. 

4 Oustavus-Biohai4» fti 8 kny, 18i& 

6 William. 

5 Ran o ea- O e iU ' u da. 

4 Fknrence^aiw. 

m. Oeoige, in holy orders, Vlaae of RoeenaHi, h, 4 Jium^ 
1808 ; «». 28 Get 1885, Caroline, daa. of the Bev. Jete 
Glphert, of Ballyeaimell, oo. Donegal, and baa iMoa^ 

1 WQUmb, &A., i. 8 Avig. 1888. 

5 JofaB-G4>hari. b. 9 Nov. 1887, eiBt Ulhngt 
8Thoflsaa»5.SlGetUS& ^^ 

4 OeoiKe, ISth regt, 8l 1 Get 1849. 

5 Heniy-Marooa, ft. June^ 1848. 
8 Arthur. 

7 Bdward. 
1 AnniOL 

IV. Bichard, k SOVAl Iglt. 

L SUaabetfa, m, 18 Jan. 18S8b to IHHiam/Tharles <hifai« 

Esq., an ecdealastioal oommiasloner, aon of the Bev. 

niomas Quin, of Burielgfa, oo. Wozfoid, and baa 

Mr. Kemmis of BaUinaoor ia Srd aoik of Thomas 
Kemmis, Esq. of Shaen Castle^ by Amis White, his 

Asi— BaDinaeor, Batfadrom, ea Wieklow. 


Kemp, Thomas-Read, Esq. of Lewes, oo. Subsct, 
fonnerly M.P. for Lewes, 6. 88 Dee. 1782; m, Ist^ 
Franoes, dau. of the late Sir F^aneis Baring, Bart. ; 
and 2ndly, 26 Nov. 1882, Franoes-Margaretta, dau. 
of the late Charles-Watkin-John Shakerley, Esq. of 
Somerford Park, co. Chester, and widow of Vigora 
Hervey, Esq. of Killiane Castle. By the Ist wife^ 
he had four sons and six daus. ; and by his 2nd, 
one son, 

Fsxdxbick-Sraksblxt, d 8(^ Deo. 1884. 

Mr. T.-R. Kemp, who sat in parliament for Lewei^ 
d, 21 Deo. 1844. 

%illCI(ff0* — Gboros Kkmp, of Lewes, desoendant of a 
branch of the ancient fiunily of Kemp of Glanteigfa, m. in 
the earlier portion of the 18th oentuiy, Grace, dan, of 
Thomas Stonestreet, Esq. of Lewes, who d. in 1749, and 
had issue, 

Thohas, his heir. 

Nathaniel, of Bottingdean. 



Grace, m. to John Faine^ of FStdiam Plaos. 

Elizabeth, b. in 1780. 

The elder son, 

Thomas Kemp, Esq. of Lewes Gastle and Hurttmonoeaux 
Park, oo. Sussex, M.P., m. Anne Read, of Brooklsnd, an 
heiress, and left at his decease, with a dau., Anne, m. Ist, 
to the Rev. Geoxge Bjrthesea, rector of Ightham, Kent, and 
2ndly, to Gapt A.-G. Sober, of the dragoon-guards, a scm 
and successor, Thomas-Bkad Kkmp, Esq. 

if rm*— Ou. , three garbs, within a bordure, engrailed, or. 
Cmt^A. hawk. 


KsNDALL, Edward, Esq. of Austrey, oo. Warwich, 
J.P. CO. Gloucester, high sheriff of Breoonshire 1818, 
b. 8 Sept. 1789; f». Irt, 20 Nov. 1810, Anna-Maria, 
eldest dau. of Christopher Darling, Esq. of the 46th 
regt, and by her (who d. April, 1Q31) has surviving 

X. GeoTgiana, m. to Count John-Sobieski Stuart 
II. Rosa-JuUana-Harriet, m. to William Nurse, Esq. ol 


K £K 

lu. Aiig«ttii% m. to JeUingw^XiokBOii SyuofM, Esq., 

He m. Sndly, 8 Sapi. 1846, Eliza-Lee, dau. of 
Thomas>Lane ThompiBOii, £aq. of Blackheath, and 
widow of Watkin Homfray, £aq. 

KlKBJ^C* — ^The ancient family of Kendall was seated at 
a Tery early period at 8mythosbye, in Derbyshire, and is 
recorded in the Visitation of that county, made in the year 
1611. By an original deed, dated 10 May, 1495, it appoani 
that JouK KcRDALL, of Smythesbye, became enUtlod, in 
right of Hargaret his wife, to n third share of the estate 
(which share was Austrey. co. Warwick) of Hemy Alstrie, 
Gent, and Edyth his wife, one of the three dans, of Henry 
Alstre the younger. Among the earUer alliances of the 
Kendalls of Smythesbye, may bo mentioned Fitiherbert, 
Bhe})cy, and SachoTerell 

Henby Kendall, Esq. of Austix)y, a lineal descendant of 
Kondall of Bmythesbye, as shown in the Visitation of 1011, 
n». in 1573, Maigaret, dau. of Qeorgo Kendall, Esq. and by 
her (who m. Sndly, — Orton, Esq.) had twelve chlldixm, 
vis , Nathaniel, 6. 1574, d. in the following year ; Henbt, of 
whom presently ; William, 5. 1560 ; George, 6. 1584 ; Robert 
b. 1586; Christopher, 6. 1590; Mary; Margaret; Ruth; 
EJiiabeth ; Joan ; and Dorothy. The 2nd but eldest sur- 
viving son, 

HsNav Keitdall, Esq. of Austrey ; 5. in 1578 ; m. about 
1600, Lucy, dau. of Robert Brooke, Esq. of Hasleover, co. 
Stafford, and sister of William Brooke, Esq. of the same 
place, the lineage of whose family (intermarried with the 
Huddlestones of Elford, and related through them to Sir 
William Smith and Sh: John Stanley, of Elford) is set forth 
in Shaw's StafforcUkire. He d. about 1658, leaving a son 
Hknbt, his heir, and four daus., vis., Hester, Rebecca, 
Lucy, and Blanehe, m. to Thomas Austrey, of London, Esq. 
The son, 

Hrarar Kbtdall, Esq. of Austrey, 6. In Sept. 1608 ; m. in 
1646, Elisabeth, dau. of the Rev. Robert Dowl^, of Elford, 
and by her had, 

JoHATHAv, his heir. 

Rebecca, m. to WilUam Brian, Esq. of Shardlow, eo. 

Elisabeth, m. to the Bev. Mr. Potter, of Feckenham, oo. 

I.ucy, m. to — Orawshaw, Esq. of London. 
Mary, to — Bromley, £sq. of London. 

Mr. Kendall m. Sndly, Mary, dau. of the Rev. Mr. Hucksop, 
of Yorkshire, and by her had a dau., Sarah, m. to — Whyte, 
Esq. of oo. Stafford. Mr. Kendall d. in 1678, his son and 

JoNATHAX Kbudall, Bsq. of Austroy, m. in 1675, Jane, 
dau. of — Dyson, Esq. of Hollow Fields, parish of Ink- 
berrow, co. Woreester, and d. about 1717, having had issue, 

Jonathan, b. 1676, d. itntu.. aged 83. 
Nathaniel and Heniy, both a. in infimcy. 
Edwabo, of whom presently. 
Eliisabeth, m. to Samuel BaUard, of Austrey. 
Mary, m. to William Wrlgh^ Esq. of DoddlespooL 

The eldest surviving son, 

Edward Kendall, Esq. of Austrey, b. in 1684 ; m. in 
1712, Anna, dau. of William Cotton, Esq. of Haigh, oo. 
York, and had issue, 

I. Jonathan, b. 1714; m. in 1741, Elicabeth, dau. of Joseph 
Smith, Esq. of Birmingham, which lady d. 6 March, 1764. 
He d. ».p. 7 March, 1791. 

IX. Edward, b. 19 Sept. 1714 ; d. «.p. in his 26th year. 

III. William, 6. 1717 ; d, an infant 

IV. Hbhby, of whom we treat. 

V. John, b. 14 Feb. 1728 ; d. an infont. 

Tt. Gooive, b. 10 Feb. 1734 ; in. about 1756, Martha Hyde 
and hod issue, 

1 Edword-Junathan, m. Lucy Oill, and d. t . p, 

2 Henry, m. Ann Belton, and d. leaving issue, 


William, m. Miss QreenhiU, and has issue. 

Thomas, d. anm. 

8 Qoorge, m. Sarah Hill, and d. leaving iBSue, 


Ooorge, m. Theresa Gloss, and d. leaving throe sons, 
Ooorgo, Henry, Edmund, and Charles, and one dau., 

Sarah, dsceasod. 

William, m. Elisa Clayton, and has a son, Percy. 

Henry, m. EUsa-Anne Jackson, and has issue, Henry, 
John-Brouffhtnn, Edward, Arthur -Oeoige, Eliaa- 
Maigaret, Lucy, Ciuvline« Jane -Boss, AUoe-Mary, 
Agnes, and Eudly-Blyth. 

4 WilUom^ones, la. Jane-Campbell KetUe, and d, 
leaving issue, 


JohiL m. the widow of Hsnop, and has lafu% 

Martha, m. to John-T. Smith, Esq. 


1 Mary, in. 1st, to — Judgson, Esq., and Sad, to^ Atoibl- 
son, Eaq. 

5 Lucy, m. to Thomas Lumb, Bsq. of S llcoates, oo 
York, and d. $. p. 

viL Thomas, b. 18 May, 1730 ; d. «. p. aged 8S. 
L Anna, d. an infant 

II. Jiine, m. to William Jones, Esq. of London. 
iiL Elisabeth, in. to Bamuol Notou, Esq. of London, and 
d. at Nottingham, leaving issue. 
IV. Mary, d. on infant 

The 4th son, 

HsNBY Kendall, Esq., b. 25 Dec 1718 ; m. Ellen Jacques, 
and d. in 1787, having hod issue, 

Edward, his heir. 

Jonathan, tn. Mercy West, and d. in 1810, a p, 

Henry, d. in Londuu, vnia. 

George, drowned at Lancaster, aged 18. 

Azuus in. to Edword-Keudall Jones, Eso. son of William 
Jones, Esq. of London, and has issue, Ellen-Jane, m. to 
Charles Manby, Eaq.| and dap.; Edword-Hcniy, iw. 
Mary Collier; and William-West 

The eldest son, 

EowABD Kbkdalx^ Bsq. of Austrey, ft. in 1750 ; m. 1788, 
Elisabeth, 2nd dau. of Samuel Irton, Esq. of Irton Hall, 
Cumberland, by Frances his wife, dau. and heiress of 
Robert Tubman, Esq. of Cockexmouth, and had Issue, an 
only son, the present Edward Kendali^ Esq. of Austrey. 

ifrnM— ^u., fosse, cheqiiy, or and as., between three 
eagles displayed of the second. 
Crett—Ajx eagle disidayed, as in the arms. 
Jtfbtto— Aquua pdtit solem. 
iteiideNce— 1, Curenoe-terrsee, Leamington Priors. 


Ebndali^ NionoLAS, Esq. of Pelyn, oo. Cornwall 
M.P. for East Cornwall, J.P. and D.L., oapt. in the 
Duke of Cornwall's Rangers, a special deputy-warden 
of the Stannaries, and high sheriff of the county in 
1847, b. 1800; m. 1828, Marianne, dau. of William 
Wymond, Esq., and has issue, 

I. Nicholas, ft. in 1825. 

Mr. Kendall (who is descended from ihe family of 
Kendall, of Treworgy, in Dunloe) is eldest son of 
the Bev. Charles Kendall, of Pelyn, by Ann, his 
wife, dau. of F. Hext, Esq. of Tredithy, oo. Com- 

iImM— Argent, a chevron between three dolphins, nalant, 
embowed, sable. 
Crut— A Uon passant, gules. 
Jfotto— Yirtus depressa resurset 
JtoMfeii«e— Pelyn, near Lostwithiel, oo. ComwaU. 


Kbnkedt, Hew-Feroussonb, Esq. of Bennane and 
Finnarts, oo. Ayr, h. 26 Noy. 1801 ; m. 10 Sept. 
1857, Mariano, 2ud dau. of John Bell, Esq. of luter- 
kine, co. Ayr, and has issue, 

I. ROLAND-FBRGCSSONa, ft. io Oot 1859. 
I. Kathriene-Jane-Colquhoun. 

ILitKXjJf • — ^Nisbet, author of the excellent work on 
Heraldry, whose authority must be considered good, is of 
opiidon that the Kennedys sprung from the fkmlly of the 
old Earls of Carrick, before the Maedonalls or the Bnioos 
had that title. In confirmation of this, 8ir David Lindsay, 
of the Mount, Lyon King-at-Arms in the reign of James V, 
has given in his blaaons, in 1540, the arms of the *' Erie of 
Carrik of aid" thus—*' Aigent, a cheveron, gules." Those 
borne by the name of Kennedy are the very same, with the 
addition of three crosslets. 

The first of the family mentioned in any charter, Nisbot 
informs us, is Ddnoait de Cakriok, and, from the docu- 
ment, it i4>pears that ho lived in the reign of Maiooui IV, 
which began about 1150. The grandson of Duncan, Roland, 
of Caniok, had a giant of the ommtty of Canick, from Neil, 

Eiri of Carriclt, snd was dedarod chief of Mb name. This 
gtvat waa confirmed by Alexahdeb IIL 

The dzth in lineal descent firom this Boland-was Sib 
JoHV KxnsnEDT, of Denure. He m. the heiress of Sir Neil 
V^ntgomerie, of GassiliB^ and had two sons, Siu Gilbkbt, 
who snooeaded him ; and Sir Bjsw, oi Aidstinchar, whom 
the King^ of Frsnoe distlngruished for his gallant conduct 
At the battles of Bango and TemeuiL Sir Hew d. unm. 
Sir Gilbert, the elder son, was twice married. By his 1st 
wife, Marion, dan. of Sir James Sandilands, of Calder. ho 
had two SODA, Gilberti who d. in the French service, with- 
oat issae ; and Thomas, of Baigany, who «. also to the 
estates and honours of his uncle. Sir Hew, of Ardstinchar. 
We find the arms of Kennedy of Bargany emblasoned, in 
IStt, by Sir David Lindsay, as quartered with the Royal 
anas of France. From Nisbet, it appears that Sir Gilbert 
again had, by his 2nd nuuriage, one son, James, who was 
prefenred to his father's inheritance in conaequenoe of his 
makhfng with the Boyal Family. By the Princess Mary, 
daa. of RoBBRT III, and widow of the Eazl of Angus, he 
had issue, and his eldest son was created Lord Kennkdt. 

The ninth in descent from Thomas of Bargany, was 

Hsw KnwcDT, of Bennane, who m. his cousin-german, 
.Agne^ dao. of Bavid Feignasone, of Finnart^ and had 

David Ksxvwsdt, of Bennane, who m. 1799, his cousin- 
gavsn, Mary, dau. of John Forsythe, of BeUiston, co. 
Antrim, sad d. Nov. 1806, having had (with a dau. Agnes- 
Feiguasona, who d. Sept. 1807) a son and sooceaBor, 

Hsw-FnuavsaovB Kktnsdt, of Bennane and FInnarta, 
13rd in descent from Duncan de G8ni<^ 

Jrais— <)aarterly ; 1st and 4th, KKmrnyT, axg., a eher., 
IHL, between three crosslets, fitch^ sa. ; Snd and Srd, 
PlAXcs, as. , tluee fleurs-de-lis, or. The shield supported on 
the derterside by a female, and on the sinister by a wyvem. 

CnU—A fleur-de-lis^ or, issuing out of two oak leaven^ ppr. 

IfoMo— Fvimvs. 

fto^— Finiiarts, Glen-App, District of Carrick, AyiBhira 


ExvKSDT, Right Hon. Thomas-Fbakcis, of 
Dalquharran Castle, and Dunare, co. Ayr, P.O., 
J.P., and D.L., b, 11 Not. 1788; m. July, 1820, 
Sophia, only dao. of Sir Samuel Bomilly, and has 

a BOD, 

FE4saia-Tm>MAa-BoiciLLY, ft. 6 Hay, 1843. 

Mr. Kennedy, M.P. for the Ayr District of Bargbs 
from 1818 to 1884, was Clerk of the Ordnance in 
1832, and a Lord of the Treasury in 1838 and 1834. 
In 1837, lie waa appointed Paymaster of Civil Ser- 
Tices in Ireland, and was a Commissioner of the 
Woods and Forests from 1850 to 1854. 

Mr. Kennedy is son of the late Thomas Kennedy, 
Esq. (who d. in 181S^)^ by Jane Adam, of Blair 
Adam, oo. Kinross, his wife, and grand-nephew of 
Thomas Kennedy, of Dunure, who was Loid Adyo- 
eate of Scotland in the reign of Queen Amrs. 

He descends from Gilbert Kennedy, Snd son of 
Alexander Kennedy, of Bargeny and Ardstinchar, 
by Mariot^ bis wife, dau. of Sir John Dunbar, of 


armt I 

Crai >Ssme as KnonEDT ({^ JfaiuKme. 

Motto I 


''mf«— Dalquhanan Castle, and Dunnre, near Ifaybole, 


KorvEDT, John, Esq. of KnocknaUing, co. Ayr, 
J.P. for Lancaster, (. 4 July, 1769 ; m. Mary, dau. 
of — Stuarty Esq. ol Manchester, and left issue, 

L JoBX, of Lincoln's Inn, banister-at-law, m. Elisa, dau. 

of Oeoige Munay, Esq. of oo. Wigton, and has issue, 
L^ Maigarst, si. to Hemy McConneU, Esq. 
It. Elinbeth, m. to John^reg, Esq. 
m. Maty, M. to Samuel Robinson, Esq., and d. at PoU- 

aasa, Piedmont, 1858. 
IT. ^^Tinrni" 


T. Radiad, «. to Edward Chadwiek, Esq. of Loudon. 
▼L Anne, m. to Albert Esther, Esq. of Zurich. 

Uttieaffr. — ^From tiUe-deeds in poasessloD of the ihnlly 
beginning with the precept by Kennedy of Bargeny, for 
infefting Thomas Kennedy in the lands of KnocknaUing 
and Knockreooh, dated 20 July, 1476, it appears that the 
Kennedys have been proprieton of Knoeimalling for up- 
wards of four hundred years. 

Robert KsiniKnT, Esq. of KnocknaUing (son of David 
Kennedy, Esq. of KnocknaUing, and gnmdson of John 
Kennedy, Esq. of DumfriesX who m. 11 Oct 17<B, Margaret 
Alexander, and by her (who d. 17 Dee. 1801, aged 78) had 

DATm, his heir. 

Jonir, suooessor to his brother, and present repres en tathre. 
Alexander, m. Isabella, dau. of Robert Hope, Esq. 
Bobstt, m. the dau. of Robert Henderson, Esq. of 


James, m. Jane, dau. of Matthew Brown, Esq. of Croaifkt. 
Elisabeth, m. to Robert Whigham, Esq. of Halldsy Hill, 

Provost of Sanquhar. 
Barbara, m. to John Griehton, Esq. of Sanquhar. 

The eldest son snd heir, 

DAvm KsNHSDT, Esq. of KnoeknalWng, m. Mary, dan. of 
James M'MiUan, Esq. of Oorlae snd Dalshsngar ; Irat dying 
<. p. in Not. 1886, was t. by his brother, Jonv Knmny, 
Esq. of SLnocknalling. 

ilrms— Azg.. a cher., gn., b e t wee n three u i o ssa s ci o s Meti, 
fitchte, SSL, aU within a douUe tressure, flory-oounierflory, 
of the second, two crescents in flank and one in bass, for 

CruC— A dolphin, naiant, or. 

Ifotto— Aviso la fin. 


KBifNSDT, Hdtrt, Esq. of Cultra, oa Down. 

ILttltafft. — ^This branch of the noble house of AUsa, 
left Ayrshire in 1668, and settled in the ca of Down, at 
Cultra, where they have since remained. 

Hugh KcNNxnT, Esq. of Cultra (son of John Kennedy 
and Martha Stewart his wife) m. Mabel Curteis, of the co. 
Meath, and was fiither of 

John KmxnsnsDY, Esq. of Cultra, who m. Elisabeth, dan. of 
Henry Cole, Esq. (brother of the 1st Lord Mount Florsnee) 
by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir Arthur Brooks^ Bart ; and iL 
in 1802, leaving a son and heir, 

Hugh Kekkhdt, Esq. of Cultrn, b. 17T5; who si. 1st, 
1800, Grace-Dorothea, only child of Thomas Hughes, snd 
grsnddau. of Sir Edward Newenham, M.P., and by her 
(who d. in 1819) had issue, 

John, d. imin. 1889. 

Robbbt-Stxwabt, of whom presently. 

Heitbt, successor to his nephew, and now of Cultra. 

Arthur-Edward, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of 
West Australia, m. 1889, Geoxgiana, dan. of J. Macartney, 
Esq. and has issue, Arthur, Misabeth, snd Geoxgina. 

William-Hugh, captain RN., deputy comptroUer-franoral 
of coast-guard, m. 8 April, 1841, Georgiana, dau. of Vice- 
Admiral the Hon. Sir Charles Paget, G.C.H., son of Ist 
Earl of Uxbridge, snd has issue, Fredarica^GeonginaL 

Dorothea, m. 1881, to Capt Price, R.N. 

Elisabeth-SeUna, m. 1838, to the Rev. Herbert Kynaston, 
D.D., high master of St Paul's, snd prebendary of St. 
Paul's CathednO. 

Frances-Matilda, fa. 1888, to the Rev. Frederick Panter. 

Emily^ane, m. 1847, to Donald Mackensie Douglas, Esq., 
son of General Sir Kenneth Mackensie TkmglaB. Bart 

Grace, m. 1844. to Arthur Woodgate, Esq., son of the BpT. 
Stephen Woodgate, of Pembury, Kent 

Mr. Kennedy to. 2ndly, 1824, Sophia, dau. of Wm. Low, 
Esq., by Sophia his wife, dau. of Richard, 4th Viscount 
Boyne, and had issue by her. He d. in 1852, and was «. by 
his only surviving son, 

Robbbt-Btewart Kennedy, Esq. of Cultm, ft. 1804 ; who 
m. Sept 1849, Anne-Catherine, only dau. of Edward Ward, 
Esq. of Bangor Castle, oo. Down, by the Lady Matilda his 
wife, dau. of Robert, 1st Marquess of Londonderry ; and d. 
July, 1854, leaving issue, 

RoBEBT-Jonir, his heir. 
Edward-Henry, ft. Sept 18M. 

RoBBBTsJoHK Kkxhsiedy, Esq. of (Xdtra, 6. in Dee. 1851 ; 
d. in 1854 ; and was t. by his undo, the present Hesbt 
Kennedy, Esq. 



if nM— Am., AohaT., betwoenthrao orom-oroMlftts, fltehisb 
ML, all withm A double treasure, floiy, countertioiy of the 

C««<— A dolphin, neiant, ppr. 

Jlfo(fe->ATiM U fin. 

SmU— Cultxa, 00. Down. 


ClabK'Kxsvvdy, Albzandir-Kennxdt, Esq. of 
Knookgray, co. Kirkcudbright, a migor-general in the 
army, «ide<le-camp to the Queen, G.B., and Knight 
of the UanoTerian Qoelphic Order, 6. 1782 ; m, 
21 Deo. 1816, Harriet-Rebekah, dau. and co-heir 
(with ICargaret-Eleaoor, who m. her oooatn, Lteut.- 
Crolouel PuTTia, of Dardiam) of John Bandall, Esq., 
and has iasue^ 

I. JoBir, b. SI Sept 1817; Ueut-ool. 18th Royal Iriah 


ti. Alexandei>Kennedy, b. IS Jmh. 16S1, Hon. B.I.O.& ; 
m, 184S, Harriet, Snd dan. of the Ute Arehlbald Bifwt» 
Baq., of the Hod. B.I. Ca'a aervioe, and has toeue. 

L Harriet-Sarah. 

IL Maty-Jane. 

ui. Chariotte-Anne. 

Kajor-Oeneral Clark-Kennedy is eldest son of the 
late John Clark, Esq. of Nunland, D.L. for Kixkoud- 
hrightshire, by Anne, his wifb, dau. and eventual 
oo-heir of Alexander Kennedy, Esq. of Knookgray, 
aon of John Kennedy, of Knookgray, 6. 1689, and 
grandson of Alexander Kennedy, minister of Strai- 
ton, and chaplain to the Earl of Cassilis, who ac- 
quired the propertT of Knookgray. Major-Qeneral 
dark-Kennedy had two brothers and two sisters, 
iris., John Clark, M.D. of Speddoch, oo. Dumfries, 
deputy inspeetor-general of army hospitals ; Walter 
Clark, H.RI.C.S., lost in the <* Hindostan," 11 Jan. 
1803 ; Jane dark, who n». lieut-CoL George Max- 
well, of Camichan, and d. 1889 s and Christiana 

if rmt— Axv., a dhoTroD, gu. , b e t ween three eroM-erosaleti, 
fitchte, aa., m ehiof, a fleur-de-Ua. Honourable augmenta- 
tion grunted to Colonel Clark-Kennedy, in commemoration 
of hia having, when in oommand of the o«itre aquadron of 
the royal dngoona at the battle of Waterloo, oaptured the 
eagle and ooloura of the 100th n^ of French iniuitay, with 
hia own hand,(v<eb SiBoava'a Bmmy qf Uu BaUU qf Waterioo, 
rot it p. SS.) On a canton of honourable augmentation, 
erm^ the eagle and eoloura of the 105th regt, inaoribed, 
<*L*Empereur Napoleon, au lOSme rMfiment d*infiuitrie de 
liffne,*' and a awora, crowed, ppr., and above them the word 
''Waterloo.'* Cre$t — A demi-<u«goon, of the royal dragoona, 
holding, dexter, a aword, and, wiiater, an eagle, all ppr. 

Crat-^A d<dphin. 

Jtfdlto— Ariae la fin. 

Beat—isuKikgnj, oo. Kiikoudbrlghl 



of Kildogher, co. Qalway, and Merrion Square, 
Dublin, J.P., A.a, BLR LA., oalled to the bar 1848 ; s. 
1862; is of Founders*-Kin to William of Wykeham, 
has a royal descent from Edward I and Ed- 
ward III {See BaRiuc*8 Royal DeecenU) and repre- 
■ents the ancient houses of FitaQerald of Ticrognan 
and Rathrone, Hope of Hopestoun, Ledwiui of 
Carrick and Grange, Daly of Dalybrook, a branch of 
Taylor of Swords, &&, as well as the Milesian line 
of 0*KeIly of Kildogher, seated there since about 

&(tlf Xffr* — The firat patent of landa to thia family, In 
the 00. Oalway, ia dated 29 Jim., SS JAanca I. being a grant 
of the abbey of Athenry, chapol of Killcorban, landa of 
Liaaanaird, Qlovoa. kc The early deaoanta begin with 

JoBV ra Ksinra, who, IS HaNBT IT., held two knlghta' 
faea at Kenne,* oo. Bomeraet He waa father of Richard 

* Spelled dm in Domeaday Book, and the name Chen 
appeara In Stowe'a Chronicle, p. 107, aa among the compan- 
iona of William the Conqueror. CkUkt, in unoaahire^ is 

and Wmiam de Xenne or Kenei, who, S4 June, IIM, had a 
lawsuit with William, aon of Richard de Kainea, and ta 
the year 1200 waa given by King John aa a hoatage to tha 
King of France. Richard waa father of Sir Ridiard da 
Kenne, one of the barona minor, father of Sir John, Uvlnf 
80 Edward III., and M.P. for Lancaater in 1327 ; and 
probably of Henry Komy, aent Into Scotland under aafa 
conduct by the King, 10 Aug. 8 Edwabd II. Sir John'a 
aon waa John, father of John, who d. Hbhbt IV., and 
bore anna, arg., three crescenta, gu. Hia aon waa anoUiw 
John, father of Robert, father of John, living IS Edw. I V.» 
and bearing arma, erm., three creaceuta, gu. He bad 
aeveral aoua ; John, the eldest, waa grandfother of Ghria- 
topher, the laat of the aenior branch, whoae heirBaa brought 
the manor of Kenne and other eatatea into the faoally of 
the Harquaaaea of Wincheater : and among the deeoaodanta 
(if any remain) of Chrlaiopher'a three brothera, Thomaa, John, 
and Edmund, mentiooed in the MBS. VisUatioru tn the Bri- 
tiah Muaeum, aa founden of the houaea of Iiondon, Gievodoo 
(who added a mullet to their arma), and Hutton, llee the r»> 
preeentation of the eldeat Unea of the Aunily. We rarart to 
HiOBOLAB KairirB ««i Kammr,* 0th aon of the John 
Kenne living IS Edward IV., 1472. He added the fleui^ 
de^ia, an heraldio mark ot Jvniorltj, te the arm% aa ainoe 
bome^ and marahalled with aome qoarteilnge hy Rlobolaa 
Varbon, Ulater, March, ISth Elul, 16X1. He went over to 
Ireland, where he m. Anne Nevlll, of Weidford, of an old 
Anglo-Norman family, and had iaaue by her, 

John Kenney, who had iaaue two aona, Robert, lalhar of 
Robert who aaema to have been enanged in rebellloua 
prooeedlnga in Wexford, 20 May, 10 Butrt Vill, and to 
have returned to England : and Kicholaa, father, appa- 
rently, of a dau. (wife of John Toung, and buried In 
0<Mrey, oo. Wexford, 6 June, 1600), and of mchoUa, who, 
it appeara. had only one dau., Anne Kennrar, wife of 
Edmund, Snd eon of Robert Bamewall, Esq., of DunbrocL 
She d. hi Dec. lOSO. having iasue, Marie/Matthew, and 
Jamea Bamewall. and another aon, aald tn the funeral 
entiy in the Britiah Muaeum, to have d yonng. 

Rlctbard Kenney, father of one only ehild, Anne^ bellaved 
to have m. Francis Baldwyn, Baq. of Southampton, aa 
l^ven in Gamdbn'b Viaitationt. ue placed her araaa Jba 
the trat quarter of hia ahleld, f oamoriy oeeaal cma l l y ptao- 
tiaed, aa by Sir Wm. Strickland, of Biaergh, on marrying 
the heireaa of D'Bynoourt, Meynell, who temp, Edward III 
took the arma of De la Ward, Shoe, and Richard de Haa- 
buman, who took the Maltravera* (hia mother'a) anna.t 

KTiCHOLAa KawNRT, who foUowa. 

KiOBOLAS KsmrvY, Baq. of Kenney*a Hal], Wexfbid, wu 
Anne Synott, of an ancient Wexford family, and had laaoe^ 

NiOHouia KxHKST, of Konuey*a Hall and Dublin, who rf. in 
or about 1608. father, by his wife, an heireaa of the fkmQy 
of Haaaan (which had m. hu heireaa of the Haya), of 

NioaoLAB KamrsT, Eaq. of Kenney'a Hall and Edennine^ 
eo. Wexford, aevenl tlmee a Royal Gommiarioner, and 
Eacheator and Feodary General of, and laat who held that 
office for, all Ireland, to Quesn Eluabeth (in 1606X ^>^d 
jAMca I. He received Edermine Manor, co. Wexford, and 
large granta of landa by patents dated 18 Feb. 1610, and 
10 Jan. 1610. Hia arma, exactly aa alnce borne by hia 
deaoenohmta, are atill pr o a e rv e d under hia algnatura, on the 
aeala of aeveral inquiaiti<ma taken before him, and ou 
reoord in the Exchequer OiBoe, Dublin. He d. 1081, having 
had iaaue by hia wife, a dau. of the old famUy of Kettle- 
weU, originally of KettleweU, eo. York, 

Edward Kennay, Eaq. of Kewoaatle, near Lsrona, eo. 
Dublin, deputy eec hoat or, 1610, m. Margaret, dau. of — 
Neale, Esq., aunt, aiater, or couain of Conatantine Neale, 

now KdUt. "Ch" waa pronounced K (aa it atill la in 
Italian) among the Anglo-normana, and vice vertd, of which 
ViOLLBT LB Duo in hia beautiiUl work the J>ietionnaire da 
VArekUteturt, givea an example relating to aecounta of the 
town of Volencienuea, a.d. 1414, "Deniera payee pour \m 
ooutenoedca JTaiMiei" (Chalnea) "que on a fait en aucunea 
niea." Kentington in Domeeday Book ia ChmitUun, and 
KtnningUm ia spelled Chenintune. 

* The addition of the final y to namea waa very f^quent : 
thua we find in Stowe'a and the Battle-Abbey liats, the 
namea Akein and Akeny ; in the " Calendar of Inqu' litiona 
post mortem** (pp. 4'i6-442} Pynkene and Finkeny, and in 
the Battle-Abbev RoU, Pinkenie, and elsewhere Fmcheney ; 
Cokayn and Cokeney (pp. 67-16S), and numeroua other 
examplee. An andont Mb. tn Ulster's Office, givea another 
variaaon of the name, vis., ** Kening, of Kenn, co. Somer- 
aet^** and bearing the Kenne arma, Erm. three cree. gu. 
Thia probably waa intended for '* Kenney,** and before the 
fleur-de-Ua waa added. The final a waa also frequently pro- 
nounced aa a y, or the accented i in French, thua Ooventrc^ 
now long apelled Coventry. 

t Set SuiRLBY'a IfobU a^l G4titU Mm o/ England, 



Bb. of 00. Wexibxd, oometiiiM high ih«riffUMrtoL mmI 
^13 Juno, 1617, havlag hMd iasuo, MiefaaeL Wimam, 
Ckely, and Jane, who m. her oousin, Capt miham 
Kerniey, of Ko&neyswood. 
Hssrsr. of whom presently. 

The Sad son, 

HnrBT KKxnrKt, Bk}. of Kenney** Hall and Bdanalne^ 
i»fTantad the eatataa by a patent mentioning his BngUah 
blood, oonfeired by Jaxcb I. He was M.P. for Newcastle, 
near Lyooa, and d. at his mansion house in Dublin, 10 July, 
IttO, sui T l ve d by his wifb and administratriz, Franoes 
Barry, sister of Lord Bantry, by whom (d. July, 1008) he 

BiOHABD (ooLX of whom presently. 

Bdwabd, of Cullen, of whom herMlber. 

WnUAM (oaptX of Kennoyswood, of vdkom latsr. 

Bridget, cc. ftnm. 

Mary, m. Thomas Herbert, Esq. of Muerass. 

Unbeth, ia. Hon. Kaymond ntsniaurioe, son of Lord 

Ibe eldsst son, 

Oou BiOHABO KjBinnir, of Kennsy's HaU and Edemine, 
higfa-shecifr for Wexford, and ILP., m. Judith, dau. of 
William Hawking Bsq. (grsnd-aunt to Sir William Hawkins^ 
Ulster King of arms, and sister to the Visoountess LoftusX 
who rMM. Oideon Jaoque, Esq., and d. before 26 Not. 1718, 
when her will, dated 11 ApiH, 1709, was proved. CoL 
Kson^ «L 1 Oot lOSa, leavii^ issue one dau. and h ah ess, 
TVanoesi, required by his will, dated 18 Aug. 1682, to many 
her cousin, Edward Kenney, of Cuxerrow or Caxrow, '* so 
that his estate may be preserred in the name and blood of 
the Kenuoys, aa it is in this place and ooun^, by many 
desoents." This she did, thus uniting the lines of Edermine, 
sod CuDen. We revert to this Edwud's grondfother, vis., 

BowABD Kbnnet, Esq. of Ballymartle and CuUen, oo. 
Ooric, Snd son of Henry and Franoes Barry, m. to Hary, dau. 
of^ Meniell, Esq. His will is dated 24 Aug. 1688, leavfaig 
Isgaeiss to his oouains, Jenkin Ck>nway, Robert Saunders, 
ind others, with, after his own issue, his heirs, the Ken- 
B^js, desoendanta of his brother William. He had issue, 

EowABD, of Cullen, of whom presently. 

WUUam, of Cork, m. Catharine, dau. of Sir Fefer Court- 
hope, of Courtstown and LitUe Island, oo. Cork, 
goTemor of Munster (by his Snd wife, Elisabeth Oiffard), 
and sistor qf the Viscountess Middleiton. He had issue, 
with otta«r children, William Kenney, J.P., of Cool- 
ksarosifte, ocOork. 

Jane, m. Ifartin Supple, Esq. of Dromada, co. Cork. 

Maiy, m. Capt. Biohard Meade, of Taaazon, oo. Cork. 

Sdwjlbd Kvmmr, Esq. of Cullen, m. Sarah, dau. or 
sistsr of Oapi. Bwithin Walton, of Dromore Castle, oo. 
Cork, and had issue (with Jane, William, Richard, and 
Thomas, B.N., c^t of the " Falmouth,** killed in action off 
Brest, in 170A) an eldest son. 

Col. EnwABO KmHcr, of Garrow, which he disposed of 
to the Herberts, subsequently of Cullen, which he sold to 
the Meeds family, and finally of Newford House or Ballinra, 
€0. Wexford, idiich he built after obtaining the Kenney's 
Ball and Bdennine property by his nutfriage with his 
eoQsin, Fiances, heiress of Col. Richard Kenney, of Eder- 
mine, was high-sheriff of Wexford about 1696, and J.P. 
Be snrrlTod his wife and m. a second time, sxid d. about 
1730. By Trances his wife he had issue, 

Richard, d. i. p. v. p. 
BmiHT, of whom pres en tly. 

Thomsa, who d. about 1782, had issue, CoL. Edwabd 
KsniBT, of Newford, of whom hereafter. 

Oaft. WiuiIam Ksvnr, of K< 
his cousi n g et m an, Jaas^ dn. of Bdwaid 
castle, and had issue, 

X of wbon pressniSy. 

KsBnsy, olHsfV- 

Bisabeth, m. John Gtoodisson, Esq. of Bollialand, oo. 

CsUierine, m. Charles Morton, of Ballynescar, oo. Wex- 
ford, Bsq. 

The eldest surdving son, 

BsrnT KsHVBT, Bsq. of Newford, Edermine, Kenney's 
Hall, *&, b. 1690: d. U Deo. 1761 ; m. Elisabeth, dau. and 
fifi hell ciea of Henry Dodwell, Esq. of Manor Dodwell, oo. 
Roseommon, aunt of Lord Sidney, and sister of Lady 
Browne, of tiie Neale. She re-remuried Thomas Morgan, 
Bsq. Recorder of Dublin (elected 8 Aug. 1749, and deceased 
In 1756X »od 8rdly, the Rot. James Edkins. Mr. Kenney 
d a p., and was «. hy the son of his brother Thomas, viz.. 

Col. Edward Kkxhst, of Newford, Kenney*s Hall, Eder- 
vbie, *o., killed in a duel by — Coleough, Esq., d. «.p., 
believed the last male representatiyo of the Cullen branch. 
WersTtrt to the 3rd son of Henry and Frances Bany, 

(osptX o 

Car. Jamm Kamrr, of Orsage, oo. Waxlerd, h. 1658 ; 
d. 9 Jsn. 1679 ; sk AUoe, only chiM of Robert Taylor, Biq. 
of DubUbi (mh of Robert, eon of Frsada, son of Botoert 
Taylor, 1^ BBaabeth Ooldlng, granddan. of Lord Howth, 
and through hfan Inheriting, Vf two Muse, the PioBtageBei 
blood, son of Jamee Taylor, Bsq. of Swords, oo. Dublin), 
andby hsr,whod. 6 May, 1606, had Issm, with sons. Tbonas, 
Nicholas, and Edward, who d. a p., a dan., Catharine, «•• 
to Patrick Daly, Bsq. The eldset sod, 

Jaios Kamnr, Esq. of Wexford, who d. 14 Jan. 1764 ; 
M. BneD, dan. of Bdward Whttaors, Esq. of BaOytslgDle, 
00. Wexford, had Issue (with Thomas and HIsholaa, both 
d. iMai.X SDd was a by his SCO, 

Jamis KxnrxT, Esq. of Wexford, h, 1710 ; JL 1771 : wt» 
Catherine (d. 178SX dan. of CM. Thomas O'Keily, of Wbig 
JAKxs'fe army (by his wtfs. OOherine Masterston, of the 
Fsmes* family), grandBsphew of CoL Bkhard O'KeRy, of 
Kildogher, oo. Oalway, who f crfslted that estete> purchased 
baek^ Wmiam Esnnsy, Esq., of whoa later. Mr. Ksnnsy 

Thomas, of Wexford snd Dublin, d. «iisi. 14 Jan. 1806. 
WnuAM, of whom presently. 
James, d, 1796 ; «. Margaret, dan. of 
Esq., andhad Vbomas, Jaaftss, snd 



The Snd eon, 

WiLUAM KsmnT, Esq. of Kilologher and Kedognee, te., 
CO. Galway, Ballytamaney, oo. Wexford, Lcngwood, oo. 
Meath, and Gardlner'a Flaoe, Dublin, b. 1756; ei. 1780, 
Bridget Fitzgerald, dan. and heireea of John Daly, Beq. of 
Dalybrook, tc, ca Kildare, by JuUa Fitzgerald his wife, 
dau. of Gerald Fltsgerald, Esq. of Rathrone, co. Meath, and 
Clare, dau. of Sir John Bellew, Bart. Mr. Kenney d 8S Jan., 
1830, leaving issue, by his wife, who d. S8 Aug. 1842, 

Jamxs FiTsOsnALD, ot whom prssenkly. 
William, d. wm, 16 Amii, 1860: 
THOMAa-HKinKT. Set KaniST tfBaUgforan, 
Anthony, in holy orders, ft. 18 June, 1802: d. fl July. 
1846, in India. 

Julia, ft. 1794; d. 81 Oct. 183S, a nun at Spetisbury, Dor- 

Clare, m. 16 Juhr, 1828, the Hon. OoDTille Ff^eneh, of 
Claremont^ co. Roscommon, but hss no issue. 

The eldest son, 

JAxn-FiTzonuLD Kxvitbt, Esq. of KUologfaer and 
Keelogues, 4c., oo. Oalway, Loogwood, oo. Meath, aiid 
Merrion-square, Dublin, J.P. for the eo. Oalway, Ueut 8th 
or King's sogt., war medal for servioee In West Indies, 
Ueul-ooL in foreign senrioe. Or: In: Gen:, and 8Srd in 
Ireland, and cd the Grand Orient of Franoe, ft. 81 April, 
1790 ; m. 84 Jan. 1814, Jane-OUvia, only dan. of WUUam- 
Thomas Nugent, of Pallas, oaUed Lord RIverstoB («i 
Burke's Petraoe, tUU Wbbtmxatb), and by her, who d. 
87 Dec. 1849, had. 

William-Nugent, oapt lltb regt ft. SS March, 1816 ; d. ^„^ 
18 Dea 1860. and buried at Skefaanagh, oo. Oalway, wh<ire 
a chapel has been erected to his memoiy by his brother, 
the present proprietor. 

James-Christophrb-Fits-Oebald, DOW omlldogher. 

NuoBXT-TBOif AS («w Kkxwey otCctTtndoo), 

Fnracis, ft. 1 Dec. 1829; d. 81 March, 1880. 

Mary-Jane, 6. 8 July. 1816 ; d. 11 Dee. 1817. 

Olivia-EmOy, ft. ISJune, 1817 ; d. 20 Not 188t. 

Jane-OIiTia, ft. 14 July, 1826; d. 88 SepL 18881 


Lieut-Col KenDoy d. 99 Feb. 186i, 

if rms— (Registered Id Dlstei^s offloe, 6 March, 1871.) For 
pale, or and as., a fleur-de-lis between three orsseents, all 
counterdhanged, quartering Kenne. Hassnn, Hay, Taylor, 
O'Kelly, O'Oaly, FitsGerald of Ticroghan. FitsOorald of 
Rathrone, and many others. (See AvUkoriaed Amu). 

Ci^ t$ Out of an earl's coronet, or, a demi-arm erect, 
sleeked, gu. , with a white ruli; holding in tho hand a roll of 

Snhment, ppr., for Kwannv ; a deoMtound, courant, ars., 
▼ersing a tree, ppr. . for Dalt ; a monkey at gase, ppr. , the 
tail extended, chinnea about the middle, or, for FitsGbrald. 
Mottoet— 'In 1C77, over the crest, " Teneat, luceat. floreat"; 
and beneath the shield '*Vi Tirtute et galore ;*^ now in 

Seneral the former alone. Some of the fiunily bore *'Del 
extra dabit" 

iSeot— Kilologher, MonlveiL oo. Oalway. 
Town M€mdm e $ ■ Mo rrion Square, South, Dublin. 




Kbnnbt, Kuoent-Thomab, Esq. of Correndoo, oo. 
Galway, and Merrion Square, DubliD, 2nd suryiviDg 
Bon of the late Lieut.-Col. Kenney, of Kilclogher, 
CO. Qalway, and his wife, Jane-Olivia, only dau. of 
William-Thomas Nugent, Lord Riverston, of Pallas, 
in same county, only sister of Anthony, now heir- 
presumptiye to the Karldom of Westmeath. 

Srtn08£e, Arm»t Crest, Motto— At Kxswn ot KXidof^er. 
AecU'Correndoo, Monivea, co. Qalway. 


* Kenvbt, Thomas-Heitrt, Es(|. of BaUyforan, co. 
Roscommon, and Derrymore, King's County, A.B., 
called to the bar 1825, m. 2 May, 1827, Sophie- 
Aim^Armande-Guyon de Montlivault, youngest 
dau. of Jacques - Marie • Cecile, Comte de Mont- 
livault, chevalier de St. Louis, &o. (and of Cathe- 
rine de la Charmoise, dau. of the Marquis de la 
Charmoise, his wife), one of the representatives, by 
the decision of the Parliament of Paris, of the Lusig- 
nans, Kings of Jerusalem, and kin of H. I. M. 
Kapoleon III, Jacqnette de Montlivault having m. 
15 Nov. 1425, Guillaume de Beauhamais, seigneur 
de Miramion. Mr. Kenney has issue, 

I. JAMSs-Loais-Lioinnik Ueut in the imperial navy of 
Franoe, Knight of the Legion of Honour and of St Stanis- 
laua of RuBflm, with the British Crimean war medal, com- 
manded and led the French at the capture of Niaig-Po, 
Ifav 10, and d. umn. of bis wounds 28 May, 1808. 

I. Marie-Claire, a nun in the Sicvb Coeiur, Paris. 

II. Adele. 

&f|irXS(. Amu, Crut, Motto-^At KiSHaT qfKiUktfher. 
ffiwt— BsByfonm House, Bollyfonn, Ballinasloe. 


KsNNT, CouBTHBT, Esq. of Ballinrobe, oa Mayo, 
J.P., 6. 26 Sept. 1781 ; m. 16 Dea 1816, Louisa, dau. 
of William Fenton, Esq. of Spring Qrove^ Yarkahira^ 
and by her (who d, 15 Aug. 1841) has iasae, 

I. Courisey, 6. March, 1818 ; d. 1824. 

IL George-IVederiok, b. June, 1821 ; d 18S6. 

III. BTANBOPa-WiixiAM-Fcmoir, b. I July, 18S7. 

IV. Lewls-Fenton, QB. ; 6. 18 June, 1881. 

I. Sarah-Louisa. 

II. Susan-Anne. 
ni. Emma-Sophia. 

IV. Marii^ 

V. Oaroline. 

M»inttifl[t» — The ancestor of this Ikmlly Is stated to have 
eome to England on the expulsion of the Huguenots from 
France. Thajfrst who settled in Ireland eirca ▲.n. 1660, 
m. a dau. of John Gray, an Englishman, and was fltther of 

Thomas Kcnkv, Esq., who m. 20 Oct 1698* Anne, dan. of 
David Courtney, and granddau. of the Rev. John Courtney, 
H.A, rector of Ballinrobe, and by her (who d. 25 Feb. 
1766) he left at his decease, 11 Dea 1725, a eon, 

CouRTH KT Kbitnt, Esq. of Roxborough, Ballinrobe, capt 
In Colonel CulTs regiment of militia dragoons ; b. 14 April, 
1702 ; who m. let, Elisa Thompson, who <L $. p.; and 
Sndly, Anne, dau. of the Rev. John Rogen, oo. Down, and 
by her (who d. 5 Deo., 1782) had issue, 

I. Thomas, 5. 11 Oct 1784 ; m. 12 Jan. 1767, Eliaa, dan. of 
the Very Rev. William Crowe^ D.D., dean of Clonfert, by 
Emilia his wife, Rister of George, Lord Garbexy. He d. 
38 Oct 1812. aged 78, and his wifs, 29 July, 1814, aged 78, 
having had issue, 

1 William, lleut-coL 11th Madras Native Infutry, fa. 
Martha, raliet of Oeoige (Turning, Esq. , chief at Cuddle- 
dore, and d. in 1808, of wounds received leading the 
storming party at Qawllghur, having had issue, 
William, late major 78ra rQgiment» m. Mtss Inge of 
Byre^ lieut-coL 80tfa rsgt., miatt 

S Thomas, m. a dau. of the Rev. Vesian Pick, rootor of 
Johnstown, and had issue, 

Edward, of Ballyomon, oo. WIdklow, major 8Mh 
retired fall pay; m, Mary-Anno, dau. of Oapt«ia 
Courtney Kenny, and has issue, Edward, Ueut. 84tli 
regt, Henry and Mary-Jessie. 

8 David-Crowe, Ueut -gen. E.I.C.S., d. 20 Aug. 1S47, 

8Bt 65, leaving WUliam and Maria. 
4 Courtney, cai^t 9th regt, m. a dan. of Gen. CM»ila . 

He was shot acting as engineer at the siege of BurgiM* 

leaving issue, 

Henry, who m. and had two daus., Eupiiemla iumI 

Thomas, Ueut. -colonel and assistant a4Jntant-gen«ral 

2nd Madras European InCeuitry, has issue, Courtaex* 

8Sih regiment, and othen. 
William, major 13th Madras Native Infantry. 
Mary-Anne, m, to Major Edward Kenny. 
Jessie, tn. to Capt Oeils, d. a p. 

It. CouanrsY, of whom presently. 

III. John, M. Frances, dau. of Lemuel Shuldham, Esq. 

L Frances, m. Arthur Stanhope, Esq. 

n. Anne, m. Gregory Cuff, Esq., J. P., Oroagh, oo. M^yo. 

III. Hannah, m. to John Garnet, Esq. 

Mr. Courtney Kenny d. 17 Sept 1779. His 2nd son, 

CouRTNST Kenny, Esq., J. P. of Roxborough, BaUlnrobe^ 
b. 21 April, 1736 ; m. 23 April, 1775, Susanna, dau. of Stan* 
hope Mason, Esq. of Moira, co. Down, and by her (who d. 
10 March, 1809, ait 78) had issue, 

I. CouBTVBT, now of BslUnrobe. 

II. Mason-Stanhope, M.D., J. P. of Halifax, Torksbtre; 
b. 29 Nov. 1786; m. Aug. 1812, Sophia, dau. of WiUiam 
Fenton, Esq. of Spring Grove, Torkshin, and has iasue, 

1 WiUiam-Fenton, h. 18 Sept. 1815 ; m. Agnes-Ramsden, 
dau. of John Riuph, Esq., J. P. of Hafifiuc, and has 
issue, Courtney-Stanhope, b. 18 Mardi, 1847. 

2 Lewis - Stanhope, M. A., in holy orders, Rector of 
Kirkby Knowles, 6. 8 Jan. 1827. 

1 Emily- Anne, m. to the Rev. Godfrey-R Fenis, M.A.y 

III. John, m. Miss Lovelock, and d. 27 Oct 1819, leavini^ 
a son, Gourtney Bermingham. 

L Anne, m. to Maior MaxweU, Northampton Fracfbles. 
n. Susan, m. to Thomas Gildea, Esq., clerk of the peace. 

ui. Mari*i m. to John Clarke, Esq* 
XV. BrilUanna, m. William Griffith, J.P. of oo. BUgo. 

Mr. Gourtnsy Kenny dL 10 March, 1809, aged 7S. 
JUiicknce— Ballinrobe, oo. Mayo. 


Kbnbiok, Qeoroi^ Esq. of Woore Manor, co. 
Salop, m, in 1829, Louisa, youngest dau. of W. 
Postlethwalte, Esq. of Demerara^ and has issue^ 


II. Henry-Watkin. 

III. Richard-James. 

IV. Frands-Allan-Edward. 

I. Adelaide-Louisa. 

II. Sybella-Mary-Georglna. 

ILintafff • — ^David Kbnbiox, temp. EnwAan III, was 
companion to the Black Prince hi the battles of Crecy and 
Poictors. He founded the church of Ashley, oo. BtaSbrd, 
and firom him descended 

JoHV KxMaicx, of Woore, co. Salop, who d, 9 May, 1628, 
having m. Elisabeth, dau. and heir of Jaspar Lodge, alias 
Littleton, of Woore, Esq., by EUenor, dau. of Nicholas 
Orosvenor, of Wothen. This John left ten sons and two 
daus. The four eldest sons d, without issue, and the pro- 
perty devolved upon 

Avnarw Kenbiok, of Woore, the 5th son, who m. Mary, 
dau. of WilUam Whiteway» Esq. of Dorchestor, and left 
(along with two dau& , Mary, the wife of Ralph Triplet, Esq., 
and Elisabeth, wile of Anthony Whitwell, Esq.) two sons, 
Andrew, 2ud son, who m. Sarah, dau. of Joseph Perry, of 
London, Esq. ; and 

Richard Kckrtok, Esq., elder son and heir, who m. 1001, 
Rebecca, dau. and hedr of Maurice Gethin, of Kenioge, Esq., 
and left six sons and six daus. 

Andrkw KxvaiOK, the 2nd son and heir, d. 12 Nov. 1747, 
aged 80, leaving, l^ his 1st wife, Dorothy Baker, of Birth- 
din, 00. Sussex, a dau, Dorothy, wife to Handle Wilbraham, 
of Rode Hall, Esq., M.P., and deputy high steward of 
Oxfmxl, grandfather of Edward, Lord Skelmersdale, and a 

Ahdbkw Kknbick, Esq. of Woore, who la. Martha, dau. 
and heir ot Bubals Ibdindl, of Nantolwy'd, oo. Denbigh, 

K E O 

E E B 

Ebq., and left, xriQx four dai]&, Martha, ICaiy, Dorotliy, and 
Ann, a son and heir, 

RiCQAKD Kekbicx, Egq. of Woore and Nantdwy'd. He m. 
Biaabeth, dam. of J. Ftodell, Esq., and left issue, 

L Richard-Harrir, ot Nantdwy'd, m. Ermine, dan. and 
eo-heir of Sir Thomas KyfBn, of Haenan and Belmont, 
and left issue, 

1 Richard-Kyffin, of Nantdwy'd. 
9 Thomas, who d. unm. 1856. 
8 Heniy-KyfBn, of Belmont, d. unm. 
1 Margaret, d. 1851. 

S Klixab^h, now Kyffin of Belmont, co. Denbigh. 
3 Harris m. to Henry-Hawarden Fasakerley, Esq. of 
Gillibrand, oo. Lancaster. 

n. Osorob-Watkin, of whom presently. 

m. Charle»-Oethin, of Cefin y Qadda, who m. Elixa, dan. 

of Butler dough, Esq., but d. $. p. 
L Elisabeth, m. to Richard Price, Esq. of Rhnilas. 
n. Harriett, m. to Thomas Ikin, Esq. 
UL Sophia, m. to Sir Geoi^e Farmar, Bart. 
IT. Mvia, m. lat, Frice Jones, Esq. ; and Sndly, J. 

NichoUa, Esq. 
T. Tionita, d. ttMm. 


Gbobob-Watkin Kxn&iok, Esq. of Woore Manor, m. Ist, 
Mary, dau. and heir of J. ffoulkes, Esq. of Llanrydd, co. 
DenUgh, and of Mertin, oo. Flint, by whom he left a dau., 
Hary-Klixabetb, m. 2 May, 1820, to Sir William-Henry 
Gierke, Bart, of Hitcham, co. Bucks. He m. 2ndly, in 
I8M, Mary-Isabella, dau. of James fikrxington, of Worden, 
eix Timcastw, by whom (who d. 1829) he left two a(ms and 

L GcQBOB, now of Woore Manor, 
u. William-Lloyd. 

L Isabdla-Harriet, m. Holroyd-FitEwilliam Way, Esq. 
n. Sophia-Mazgaret-Ford. 

m. Charlotte-LouisarAlexandrina, m. to William Glad- 
stone, Esq. of London. 

IT. Maiy-Hannah-Albina, m. to the Bct. H.-W. BeUairs. 
T. Ennine-Eliaabeth, m. to Allan Edward, Esq. 
TL Fanny-CtoorginarGatherine, m. to James Saward, Esq, 

Mr. Kenxiek d. in 1888. 

if na»— Brm., a lion, rampant, sable. 

Ome— A 8pam)w-hawk, with five arrows in his daws. 

Seoi— Nantdwy'd, oo. Denbigh. 


KiOGR, John-Henbt, Esq. of Kilbride, co. Carlow, 
J.P., lieut.-col. of the co. of Carlow militia, and late 
capt. 30th foot, 6. 10 June, 1820; m, 19 Feb. 1857, 
LouiBa-Catherine, dau. of Cai>t. Edwin Richards, 
R.N., axi4 has issue, 

L GBOBOB-Bous-CLOFroxr, b. 8 Jime, 1869. 
L Rooe-Kathleen. 

ItnCXJJf • — ^The fiunily of Eeogh, or more properly 
MaeBoehaid, derives its descent from Fei^gus, Kixig of 
Ulster, grandson of Roderick the Great, monarch of all 
Ireland, and Mea, dau. of Eochaid Feidliodi, King of Con- 
naught, A.K. 3850. 

A branch of this family were chiefs of Owney Tire, now 
the taanmies of Owney and Arra, in Tipperary, and Owney- 
bog, in Limerick, thus mentioned by O'Heerin, 

•' OTor Owney Tire, of rich produce. 
Rules MacKeogh, as his chosen place.'** 

M^HOVT MaoKxoqh, Esq. of GlooDdieve, co. of Limerick, 

ras father of 

Joav MaoKsoob, Esq. of Castle Troy, oo. of Limerick, 

Dnru MacKeooh, Esq. of GasUe Troy, who m. Mrs. Eyre, 
by whom he had. 

The Bet. Jobn Kxooh, D.D. of Strokestown, oo. of Bos- 
eofbmon, author of several sdoitific works ; he m. Miss 
Clopton, dau. of the Bev. Bous Clopton, D.D. of Clopton 
Ball, Warwickshire, and had issue, i. The Bev. Michael 
Keogh, of Strokestown, co. Roscommon ; and ii. The Rev. 
John Reogb, D.D., of Mitehelstowu, co. of Cork, author of 
tho AntiquUieM of Irelandy &c., m. Miss Jennings, cousin- 
gennan uf Sarah, the great Duchess of Marlborough. The 

The Rkv. Michaei. Keooh, m. Miss Dodd, of Clearly Hall, 
Hampshire, and had, 

* &« Dean Koogh's Antiquitiei of Inland, Annals qf the 
/•vr MoMtert, Ae. 


Jomr Kboqh, Esq. of Loughlinstown, oo. of Kfldara, by 
whose exertions tho right of xvnewal for ever was obtained 
for the tenantry of Ireland ; he la. Eliaabcth, dau. of Chris* 
tophilus Clinch, Esq. of Peamount House, oo. of DubUiK 
and dying in 180S, left 

Geobob-Rovs, his sucoeasor. 

Henry-Cloptoo, in holy orders, m. Elieabeth, dau. of 

Nicholas Aylward, Esq. of Rhankhfll CasUe, oo. of KU- 

kenny, and has issue. 
Annie, m. to Lieut -Colonel Hamlet Obfna, and hasiiaw. 

The ddest son, 

Geobgb-Roos Kbooh, Esq. of Kilbride, oo. Garlow, m. 
ISIS, Marianne, dau. of General Sir Thomas Molyneuz, 
Bart of Castledillon, oo. Armagh, and dying 8 Aug. 1860, 

Johh-Hbt&t, now of Kilbride, co. Carlow. 

Geoige-King, d. 1830. 

Thomas-Molyneuz, capt 78th Highlanders, m. Henrietta, 

dau. of Charles Butler, Esq. 
Elisabeth-Margaret, deceased. 
Ctoorgina-Mary, m. Q^t Hhiqpland Bwfn^y, of Glohamoa 

House, Wexford, and is deceased. 
Adelaide-Maria, m. to James-J. Butler, Esq., R.M., 8rd 

son of James Butler, Esq. of Bromville, oo. Qulow. 

^rm«— Arg., a lion, rampant, gu., between a dexter hand 
apaumee in the ainister, and a orescent in the dexter chief 
point, both of the seound— for Kjbooh, quarterly with Clop- 
ton and Clynch. 

Crest— A boor, passant 

Jfo(<»— ReslBtite usque ad sanguinom. 

&a<->Kilbride, near TuUow, oo. Carlow. 


Eer, WiLtiAH, Esq. of Qateshaw, oo. Roxburgh, 
J.P., b, in 1775 ; m. his couain-german, Jane^ daiL of 
Ellis Martin^ Esq., and had issue^ 

L Gilbebt. 

II. Ellis-Martin. 

L Elizabeth. 

II. Maigaret-Cedlia. 

in. Jane-Mary-Soott 

iv. Essex. 

V. Wilhelmina-EUott, d. young. 

Ti. Anna-Maria. 

▼II. Georgiana-Augusta-WiUdnaon. 

U^intHQt* — Lancelot Keb, of Gateshaw and Crooked- 
shaws, living in 1595 (youuger son of Gilbebt Keb, of 
Primside, son of Andrew Keb, of Prlmside, whose father, 
Ralph Eer, of Primside, living in 1502, was 2nd son of 
Andrew Ker, of Cessford, living in 1474, from whom the 
noble houses of Roxburgh and Lothian derive), was father 
of Gilbert Ker, of Gateshaw and Crookedshaws, whoso son 
and heir, Andrew Keb, of Crookedshaws, living in 1648, left 
a son, Gilbert Ker, of the same place, father of Andrew 
Ker, of Kdso, Uvingin 1698, who left a son, 

William Ker, Esq. of Gateshaw, b. in 1707, who m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Gilbert Eliott, Esq. of Btonedge, and had 
issue, I. Gilbert, his heir; ii. Charles (Sir) ; iii. William, of 
Edinburgh; iv. Robert, lieut-ooL E.LC.S. ; i. Mary; ii. 
Elizabeth, m. to Ellis Martin, Esq. ; iii. Essex, in. to Capt 
Turner, £.1. Co.'s service. The eldest son and heir, 

Gilbert Ker, Esq. of Gateshaw, b. in 1749 ; n». Margaret, 
dau. of John Hood, Esq. of Stoneridge, by whom he had, 
I. William, of (Gateshaw ; ii. John, licut 19th regt, d. in 
Ceylon ; in. Gilbert, B.N., deceased ; rv. Thomas, merchant, 
d. in Jamaica ; i. Jane ; ii. Eliza ; iil Cecilia ; rv. Mar- 
garet, m. to Francis Brodie, Esq. ; and v. Agnes. 

Arm$ — ^Vert, on a chev., between three unicorns* head% 
erased, arg., armed and maned, or, as many mullets, sa. 

Crest — ^An unicorn's bead, erased, arg., armed and mano<]» 
Jiiotia— "Pro Christo et patriA. 
iStfo^—Gateabaw, co. Roxburgh. 

See MuRRAT. 


K I L 


Kerr, Dayid-Stkwabt, Em. of Montalto, oa 
Down, H.P. for that county anoe 1852, J.P. and 
D.L., m. 1 March, 1842, Hon. Anna-Dorothea Black- 
wood, youngest dau. of Hans, 8rd Lord Dufferin, 
and has issue. 

ILitltftfft. — Datxd Km, Esq. of PortaTO and Montalto, 
00. Down, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Downpatrick., detoended 
fh>m a branch of the Scottish Ken. He m. 22 Feb. 1814, 
Lady Selina-Sarah Stewart, sister of the late Marquess of 
Londonderry, and d. SO Dec. 1844, leaving an only son, the 
present Davib-Stswabt Kerr, Esq., M.P. of Montalto, and 
daus., of whom the eldest dau., Frances- Anne, was m. 
6 Feb. 1840, to Matthew-John Anketell, Esq., eldest son of 
William Anketell, Esq. of Anketell Grove. 

Aa<— Montalto, Ballynahineh, oo. Down. 


Soott-Kerb, WnuAM, Esq. of Chatto and Sun- 
laws, 00. Roxburgh, J.P. and D.L., 6. 3 Oct 1807 ; 
m. Ist, 19 Dec. 1887, Hannah-Charlotte, only child 
and heiress of Heniy Scott, Esq. of Horsleyhill and 
Belford, and relict of Sir John-James Douglas, Bart, 
of Springwood Park, and has issue, EHizabeth-Maiy- 
Charlotte. He m. 2ndly, 11 Jan. 1855, Frances- 
Louisa, 2nd dau. of the late Robert Fennesy, Esq., 
of Wilton Place, London, and by her has issue, 

1. BosBRT, b. Nov. 1859. 

I. Frances-Edith. 

II. Jesse-Louisa. 

Hineafft.— This family, that of Soott« cf TkirUiiavM, in 
Roxburghshire (distinct from Soott c/ Thiriutaine, in Sel- 
kirkshire, represented by Lord Napier), is a branch of the 
great Scottish family of Scott of Sinton, from which spring 
in the female line the Ducal house of Buocleugh, and in the 
male the Scotts of Harden (represented by Lord Polwarth) 
and the Sootts of Abbotsford. 

Albxavdxr Soott, of Thirlestafaie, son of Wiluam Soott, 
of Thirlestaine, and Christian Don, his wife, and grandson 
of Jamss Soon (brother-german of Sir William Scott, of 
HardenX by Agnes Kiddel, his wife (and whidi James ac- 
quired the lands of Thirlestaine, Hieton, and others, from 
Sir Andrew Ker, of Oreenhead, in the year 1601), m. 88 Jan. 
1729, Barbara Kerr, of Frogdean, and had issue five sons 
and six daus. The eldest son and heir, 

WiLUAM Soott, Esq. of Thirlestaine, m. 24 June, 1762, 
Elizabeth Gnsme, of Balgowan, co. Perth, and had issue, 
Alexander, d. unm. in 1790 ; Borert, of whom presently ; 
Elizabeth, m. to Dr. Maclourin, and d. in 1846 ; Barbara- 
Christian, d. imm. in 1845 ; Jessy-Murray, m. to Sir Patrick- 
Murray Thriepland, Bart This gentleman assumed, by 
royal licence, the name and arms of Kerr, on succeeding 
to tiie entailed estates of Sunlaws and Chatto, on the decease 
of Christian Kerr, commonly cslled Lady Chatto, who d. f . jp., 
and who was lineally descended from a brother of Sir 
William Kerr, of Oreenhead, brother-german of the Bail (^ 
Anorum. He d. 4 May, 1788, and was c. by his eldest sim, 

AuexANDBR Scott-Kerr, of Sunlaws and Chatto, lieut. in 
the 62nd rsgt., who d, unm. in Philadelphia, in 1790, and 
was t. by his brother, 

Robert Scott-Kerr, Esq. of Sunlaws, who m. 17 Dec 
1806, Elisabeth BeU, younger dau. of David Fyffe, Esq. of 
Drumgeith, oo. For&r, and had issue, 

L William, his heir and present representattTe. 
L Anne. 

II. Elizabeth-Oneme. 
lu. Margaret 

nr. Rebecca- Agnes, ». May, 1856, to John-Lewis Bayley, 
Esq., and has issue, a dan. 
V. Madeline. 

He d. 6 Dec 1881, and was «. by his only surviving son, the 
prssent William Sooit-Kerr, Esq. of Chatto, representative 
of the Kens of Oreenhead, and of the Scotts of Thirlestaine, 
in Boxbuxghshlrc 

ilrm«— Quarterly : Ist snd 4th, Kerr ; 2nd and 8rd, Scott. 
Cr etti 1 st, Kerr; 2nd, Scott. 

JfoMoo— 1st, over the Kerr crest, "Rsgulier et vigou- 
rsux ;*' 2iid, over the Soott crest, *' Faoem amo.** 
Sfsi— Chatto and Sunlaws, near Kelio» oc Roxburgh. 



KxRBioB, John, Esq. of (Mdaston Hall, oow Nor- 
folk, J.P. and D.L., 6. 21 Dec 1708 ; m. 26 Deo. 
1826, Mary-Eleanor, eldest survmng dan. of John 
Fitzgerald, Esq. of Naseby, op. Northampton^ and 
Little Island, oo. Waterfoid, and has issne^ 

I. Walter-Fiteqerald, h. 10 Dee. 1880. 
n. Edmund, b. 26 April, 18S8. 
ui. Charles- Augustus, 6. 6 Aug. 18S6. 
IV. John, b. 8 Feb. 1841. 

I. Eleanor-Frances. 

II. Elisabetii. 

III. Amelia-Jane. 

IV. Mary. 

V. Andalusia. 

▼I. Anna-Maxia-Theresa. 

ftCneafft.— This ftoiily was settled at Dimwioh, In 
Suffolk, as early as 1899, as appears from the records of that 
borough, which was represoitod in Pariiament by Johannee 
Kerriche, 8 Edward II, a.d. 1S08. 

JoHH KsRRiOB, H.D. of Bury St. Edmunds (elder son of 
Walter Kerrich, Esq. ci Harleeton, by Ann, his wifs, dan. 
and co-heir of John Dove, Esq. of Harleeton, and gmndsoa 
of John Kerrich, Gent, of Mendham), m, Mary, 4th dau. 
and co-heir of Symon Patrick, of Camtnldge, and hadfssae^ 
I. John, of whom we treat; ii. Walter, Guion of Salisbury ; 
III. Thomas, in holy orders, Rector of Horinger, oo. SnflfoUc ; 
and IV. Mary-Catherine, m. to Richard Reynolds, of Faxt(», 
Hants. Mr. Kerrich d. 9 Oct. 1768. His eldest surviving 

John Kerriob, Esq. of Harleeton, 5. 18 Aug. 1733 ; in. his 
cousin, AmoUa, dau. of Simon Keirich, Esq. of Ocldeeton, 
and d. in 1795, leaving (with a dau., Amelia, in. to Qeorgp 
€k>och, Esq. of Brunswick Square, capt. in theE.I. Oo.^ 
service, snd an elder brother of the Trinity House, and d, 
in 1807 ; and a son, Edward, of Southampton Buildings, 
London, d,a.p.6 Jan. 1881) an elder son and heir, 

John Kerrich, Esq. of Harleeton, J.P. snd D.L., who m. 
81 Feb. 1798, EUaabeth, dau. of John Walker, Esq. of WsU% 
End, 00. Northumberland, and by her (who d, 19 Not. 18tS} 
hadiisue, ^ 

John, his heir. 

Thomas, b. 80 Deo. 1804; m. 10 March, 1887, Eanrlet- 

Franoes, dau. of Oeoige Baring, Esq., sad has issue. 

Leonard, and Walter-D'Oyly 
EdwaM, b. 14 Jan. 1807; m. 17 Sept 1889, Mary-Evelyn- 

Susan, Snd dau. of Richard Fuller, Esq. of the Rookeiy, 

00. Surrey, and has issue, Henry-Walker, d. 86 Apn!, 

1888, and six daus. 
AmeUa, deceased. 

Adeline, m. to the Rev. Edmund-Hector Hopper. 
Jane, d iinm. 
Anne, d. unm, 

Mr. Kerrich d. 85 April, 1818, and was t. by his eldest son, 
John Kerrich, Esq. of Qeldcwton HalL 

^rm«— Sa., on a pile, arg., a ealthrap, of the first 
€fr€tt-^A ealthrap on a hill, ppr. 
Jfotto— Nunquam non paratus. 
Seat— Oeldeston HaU, co. Norfolk. 


EiLLiOK, HsNBT, Esq. of Walton HaU, oo. Staf- 
ford, J.P., high sheriff for 1862 ; in. 28 Oot 1832, 
Anne, dau. of John Webb, Esq. of Cowley, and has 

I. John-Hbhrt, in holy orders, 6. 88 Jsa. 18SA. 

II. Charles, 6. in 1886. 

in. WUlIam-Geoigs, b. In 1841. 
rv. Edward-Wehb, b. in 1847. 
▼. Thomas- Alexander, 6. 1808. 
I. Mary-Harriet 
n. Ann-Isabella, 
ni. JuUa-Ellen. 
nr. Laura. 

Mr. Killiok is son of the late John-Shephard Eilliok, 
by Isabella, his wife, dau. of Charlea Hamerton, 
Esq., an alderman of London. 

AMrf— Walton HaU, near Roeteahall, oo. Stafbrd. 




Kihcbabt; Riohasd-Hehbt, of Park HaJI, oo, 
Salop, J.P. and D.L., high aheriff 1846, b. 6 Jan. 
1804; late an officer in the 69th regt.; m. 2 Deo. 
3881, Elua-Maria» only dau. of the Key. Richard- 
Bewley Caton, M.A. of Binhrook, co. Lincoln, and 
has iwoe, 

I. Chabuxon-John, b. S7 May, 1834 ; accidentally drowned 

May. 1850. 
IL JOB-HXRBT, b. SO Aug. 18S5. 
in. Bioihard-Oatan, lieut. B.M. Madras army, 6. 4 April, 

L XUaa-Power, m. 28 April, 1851, Edward Vanablea, Eaq., 

■on of Ii.-J. VeoaUes, Baq. of Woodhill, oo. Salop, 
u. llyxa-GMlierine-Ann. 

Srinf 90^. — John Quikobakt, a native of France, be- 
came a oaptaln in Gen. Harry Poltoney's regiment of foot, 
and faU at the battle of Fontenoy, 11 May, 1Y45. He m. 
Kliaabeth, Srd dau. of Bex^amin Soott, Esq. of Eltham, eo. 
Kent, and had a son, 

JoHV QuiNOHAXT, who altered the ipeUing of his paternal 
name to Kikcbaxt, and was a captaia in the 82nd regiment 
of inilKntry. He resided first at Stone House, near Ludlow, 
and afterwards at Park Hall, near Oswestry, which estate 
he acquired in right of his wife, Emma, dau. of Sir Franda 
Chariton, Bart, of Ludford, relict of Richard Jenkins, Esq. 
of Bicton Hall, oo. Salop,* and co-heiress of her brothw. 
Job Charlton, of Park HaU, sheriff of Shiopehire hi 1748. 
Capt John Kinohant <f. 9 June, 1789, aged 68, leaving iBSue, 
by the above lady (with two dans., Emma, m. to John 
Gardner, Eeq. of Sansau, co. Salop; and Eliaa, m. to 
Bidiard Bo^ Eaq. of Shrewsbury and TrefhannyX three 
sons^ vis., 

L Jobv-Cbablton, his successor. 

n. Frandst in hol^ orders, of Baston, near Middleton-on- 
HIIL ea Hereford, m. Mary, only child of Siunuei Pat- 
ahulL Baq. of Baston, by whom he had iasue, Frands- 
Cbarlton, a oomet in the Soots Greys, killed at the battle 
of Waterioo, 18 June, 1815 ; and Mary-Emma, m. 1st, to 
OSptain Hepry Andrews, of the 4th, or King's Own, regi- 
ment; and 2ndly to the Bev. John Lani^^, curate of 
6t Chad's, Salop, and afterwards Beotor of wallingford, 

lu. Blehard, of the dvil service, EI.Oo., m. 1802, Myra* 
Catherine-Anna dau. of John Wilkinaon, Esq., Beoorder 
of Bombay, and d. in 1809, leaving issue, 

I BiOHAmn-HcarBT, present representative. 

S John -Robert -Nathaniel, 5. 28 June, 1805, in holy 
orders. Incumbent of Llanvairwaterdine, and Bettws; 
m. May, 1835, Maria, dau. of Richard Phayre, Esq., 
HE.I.C.8., and has issue, Robert, Frands, Charlton, 
Catherine-Emma, tn. to Capt. Bobert-P. Dod, of Kant 
Issa Hall, Oswestry ; Maiia, m. to Capt. John-Bamsey 
Saden, Bengal H. Art ; and Boss. 

1 MyrsrCatherine-Anne, m. to Charles^. Ellis, Esq. of 
the B.I.Co.*s dvil service. 

The eldest son, 

JoBV-CRABLTOir KxHOHANT, Esq. of Park Hall, high- 
sheriff of Salop in 1775 ; m. Jane Stukdey, dau. of — Fowler, 
Esq., 00. Berks, and dying «. p. in 1882, was «. by his 
nephew, the present Biohabd-Hxnbt Kimosaht, Eaq. of 
Park HaU. 

., three lions* heads, two and one, eraaed, arg., 
dueally crowned, or. 
0«it— Issuant; from a ducal coronet, or, a demi-lion, arg. 
jro<l»— VlTtua pyramidis. 
6m»— Park HaU, Oawestry, co. Salop. 


Knro, Edwabd-Bolton, Esq. of Chadshunt^ co. 
Warwick, J.P., high sheriff 1830, and formerly M.P. 
for Warwick, 6. 1801 ; m. 1st, in 1828, Oeorgiana, 
Snd dan. of Robert Knight, Esq. of Barrella, M.P., 
and by her has had isBue, 

L BowABn-BALKiGH, Isto oapt. 13th light-dragoons, 

b. in 18S3. 
L Geoiglana, m. to Capt. H.-C. Cotton, 
a Frances-Dorothea, m. to Hon. T. Stapleton. 
m. Jane, m. to Capt. C. Garden. 

* fteviooaly rellet of John Uoyd, Esq. of Aston, oo. 


nr. Catherine. 
▼. laabeUa. 
Ti. Henrietta. 

He WL 2ndly, in 1850, Loaiaa, dan. of the Bev. C 
Palmer, by the htdj Charlotte, hie wife. 

ILftIf Xfft* — ^Thia la preeumed to have been orlginaUy a 
Westmoreland flunily, and la atated to deeoend from Sir 
Ralph King, who fought at Aaineoort The flrei of ita 
membera out of that county. 

THOKAa Kma, whose father garrisoned the diureh of 
Malhamdale for the parliament, erected Church End In 
Kirby. He had two aons and a dan. Bia Ind aon, 

Thquas Knro, settled at Hkellanda, in the parish oi 
Kirby, Malhamdale; m. Miss Wflcock, and bad a son, 
JAMsa KxHO, of SkeUand, who «. Anne, dan. and hdr of 
— Carr, d Langdiffe^ near Settle, and had a aon and soo- 
cessor, Thomas King, of Skellanda, who m, 24 Feb. 1714 or 
1715, AHoe, dau. of William Seargeantson, Baq. of Baaleth, 
and left at his deoesse, 1727, a son and soccessor, 

Thb Vxbt Bar. Jajob Koto, Dean of Baphoe^ who «». 
Anne, dau. and co-heir of John Walker, of HungerhlU, and 
had issue, itUer aliot, Edwabd, his 4th aon, of whom pre- 
sently, snd John, a 5th son, under secretary of atate. (8m 
Knro or Pbbston Candovbb). 

EnwABO Kivo, Esq. of HungerhlU, oo. York, vlce-«faa&- 
ceUor of the duchy of Lancaster, and beneher of Gray's Inn, 
(4th son of the Very Bev. James King of Skellands, eo. 
York, dean of Bai^oe, l^ Anne his wife, dau. and co-heir 
of John Walker, Esq. of HungerhiU ; and brother of Cap- 
tain James King, the circumnavigator, of Walter King, 
D.D., bishop of Bochester, whose son was the late Areh* 
deacon King, and of John King, Eeq., under secretary of 
stateX m. 1st, Miss Lang, by whom he had three daus., 

Hmrietta, m. to the Hon. George Carlston, oolonel in the 
army, kUled at Bergom-op-Zoom, and had, frith three 
daus., a son, Guy, Lord Dorchester. 

Ann, m. to — Sunderland, Eaq. 

Mary, m. to — Badoliffe, Esq. 

He m. 2ndly, Misa Dorothy Myera, and had issue, 

Edwabd-Bolton, now of Chadshunt 

John Myers, in holy orders, vicar of Catoombe, oo. Somer- 
set, m. his first cousin. Miss Francis King, dau. of the 
bishqp of Bochester, and has one aon and a dau., John 

Susan-Alice, in. to the Bev. Jamee Fonnby, vicar of 
Fiindsbury, Kent. 

Dorothea, m. 12 July, 1820, to Bdward-WIlliama Hasell, 
Esq. of Dalemain, in Cumberland, and haa issue. 

Mr. King d. in 1824. 

if niw— fia., a lion, rampant, between throe crosa-erosaleta, 
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet, a demi-lion, rampant, 
gtot— Chadshunt, near Warwick. 


KiNQ, Johk-Jambs, Eaq. of Preaton Candorer, oo. 
Hants, J.P. and D.L., one time high aheriflf for 
Sussex, h. IS Dec. 1794 ; m, in July, 1828, Miss 
Charlotte Wyndham, dau. of Geoxge - Wyndham 
O'Brien, Earl of I^gremont, and haa iasue, 

I. John-Henbt-Wtkdbak, h. Aprfl, 1825 ; m. Dee. 1852, 
Emily Dawson, dau. of the late Hon. Lionel and Lady 
Elisabeth Dawson. 

X. Charlotte, m. July, 1856, to Philip de Gilibert, attach^ 
to the mbiistry of foreign afbirs in France. 

XI. Harriett-Elisabeth, m. in April, 1860, the Comte de 
Labrosse, of Chateau de Varennes, Brittany, capt of 
the royal engineers. 

lu. Lnia, m. Ist, in Sept 1854, to George-Frederlok 
Dawson, son of the Hon. Lionel and Lady B. Dawson, 
and 2ndly, in Jan. 1859, Boddam-Spencer Stanhope, 
2nd son of John-Spencer Stanhope, Esq. of Cannon 
Hall, 00. York. 

Mr. King ia eldest aon of the late John King, Esq., 
under secretaiy of state, under Lord Granville, the 
Duke of Portland, and Lord Pelham, by Huriet, 
his wife, dau. of ^e Rt. Rer. Charles Moss, Bishop 
of Bath and Wells, and grandson of the Very Rer. 
James King, Dean of Raphoe, by Anne, his wife, 
dau. and co-heir of John Walker, Esq. of Hnnger 


Hill, la tiM W«it RkUoK ct ToiUiiw. (Set jm- 


Arwu^ Jc, Mr t^mg vf CkadAmml, 


* Meads -Knro, Ricbabd, Eaq. of The Rectory. 
Korth Peihertoo, eo. Somenei, J.P. and D.U, high 
•herifr \%i6, 6. 2 llerch, 1776; m. 28 May, 1804, 
Kli«the11a» ooly daa. of John Warren, MD. of Taun- 
ton, by Betty, bia wife, 8rd and youngest dan. and 
eo-heir of James Wooloott^ Eaq. of Sheanton, in the 
parish of Korth Petherton, co. Somerset, and by 
this lady (who d. 6 Jan. 1825) haa iarae, 

I. Biffsasffc. of Walfotd, near Taimtaii, J.P. and D.L. ; 
b. n April, 180e; ». 2 Fab. 1831, Cathexine, Snd daa. 
and eo-heir of the late William Oliver, Esq,, of Hope 
TumtoD, and haa ietue. 

1 Rieliavd MeMle. 6. S7 Oct 18SL 

5 William^ttvar, 6. 17 March, 183S ; m. 18 June. 1857, 
Mary-MaamTe, dan. of William Baadow, tmq. of 
OtberlieMCnear Honiton, Devon, J.P., and haainoe, 
WOljam-OUver-ETelyn, 6. 14 Dec 1858. 

8 Frederidc-Meade, & holy orders; b. SI Not. 18S5. 
4 Henry-Herbert, 6. 16 Feb. 1837. 

6 Walter, 6. 1 April, 184S. 
1 EKaa-Catherine. 

n. Frederick, 6. 28 Harch, 1818 ; d. imm. 8 Oct 1834. 

Of. Henry- Warren, merdumt of Liverpool, b. 1 April, 
1817 ; m. 28 Sept 1847, Mary-Anne, 2nd dan. of Joeeph 
Higgin, merchant of Mandbeater, and haa iasae, 

1 Bichard-Robert, ft. 8 Feb. 1852L 

IT. Charlea-Jamea, merchant at Liverpool 6. 9 Aug. 1822 ; 
m. 1 May, 1856, Catherine-Hall, eldest dan. of WilUam 
Mewton, merchant of Birkenhead, and haa issue. 

1 Agnea-Oertrade. 

T. WilUam-Thomaa-Pearae, Beotor of Norton, near Twy- 
eroes, co. Leicester; ft. 24 Nov. 1824; la. 14 April, 
1852, EUen-Catherine, dau. of Isaac Lovell, Eaq. of 
West Haddon, eo. Northampton. 

L Eliaabella-Warren. 

II. Olara-Therosa. 

lu. Ellen, m. 29 Bept 1836, to the Bev. George Bodley 
Warren, of Dulverton, co. Somerset, and has issue. 

IV. Jeasie-Txmlaa, m. 8 Nov. 1835, John-GUtaome Warren, 
Esq. of Taunton, and d. 8 May, 1845, having had iasoe. 

%ixltK%t* — JoHir MsADB, of Lyng, co. Somerset, m. 
8 June, 1697, Mary Morae, of North Petherton, and with a 
dau., Mary, had three sons, John, baptised 2 April, 1700 ; 
BioHAUD, of whom presently ; and WilUam, bapt Nov. 1703. 
The 2ndaon, 

BiORAkD Mkadb, Oent of North Petherton, bapt 11 Nov. 
1701 ; m. Joan Hydon, of the aame place, and by her, who 
d. in 1754, had (with two daua., Hannah, m. 15 Nov. 1774, to 
her cousin, John Meade of I^g, and d.9.p. 2 Feb. 1781 ; 
and Mary, m. to Francis Coombe, Oent of North Petherton, 
and d,i.p.f and three aona who d. young) an only surviving 
son and heir, 

WiLUAM MsAns, Oent. of North Petherton, bapt 19 May, 
1751, who m. 21 June, 1775, Elizabeth, younger dau. and 
oo'hdr of John Ling, Oent of North Petherton, and by her, 
who d. in May, 1786, left, at hia decease in March, 1789, an 
only son and successor, the present Richard MsAnx-KiNO, 
Eaq. of the Rectory of North Petherton, who assumed, by 
royal lioenoe, 5 Oct. 1880, the additional aumame and arma 
of King, in compliance with the will of the late Richard 
King, Eaq. of the Reotory, North Petherton. 

i<rm»— Quarterly: Ist and 4th, a Hon, rampant, between 
three crossos-croMlet, sa., and as many escallops, gu., for 
KiHo : 2nd and 8rd, gu., on a cbev., arg-, between three leo- 
nards* faces, or, two arrows, in saltier, aa., barbed and 
flighted, ppr., between two bowa, chevron wiae, of the fourth 
for MtAbc. 

CraU^A motmt, vort, thereon an arm, in bond, dozter, 

oouped at the elbow, the hand aupportiiig a tilting-ape;ir, 

erect, the head broken, the arm surmounting a branch of 

oak, ihiotod, in l)cud sinister, all ppr., for KxNo; a demi- 


gilAD, as., wfn0 elsfi fad , enn., in Oe dezfeer dsv a Hear- 
de^la, or, far M^AnK. 

Jfette— Cadenti ponigo dextram. 

Han, near Tanntan, eo. Someiaet. 


Knro, Jomr-GiLBEET, Esq. <3i Ballylin, King's 
County, J.P., D.L., and hig^ sheriff in 1852, 6. 
19 Dec 1822. 

• — TUa £unily and that of Sir OQbert King, 
Bart of Cha tkaUi wn, ia one and the aame. 

GCLBCBT Knra, Eaq., who m. Sarah, dan. of John Frondi, 
01 Frandi Park, eo. Roaoommon, bad a eon, 

GonaBT Kiva, Baq., mi^or 6th dragoon-gnarda, ai. Be- 
beoea, hia ooarin, dan. of Jcbm King, Esq. of Ballylin, and 
aiater of John King, Eaq. at the aame place, MJB. for Jamee- 
town, and left, with a dan., Harriett a^ to the Rev. Jotkn 
Eagles, a aoo and heir, 

Rkv. Havar Kiso, of BaUylin, King's Ooonty, ft. 1779 ; 
who a to Ballylin, at the decease of hia matwma? undo ; 
m. 6 June, 1821, Harriett, jroongeet dau. of John Uoyd. 
Esq. of Oloeter, King'a County, for many years, M.P. for 
that county, and aster of the Countess of Roase^ and had 

L JoHK-OiLBSBT, now of BaOylhi. 
I. Harriett, m. to Rosa Mahon, Esq. of LadywelL 
n. Jane, m. to Sir William-R Mahon, Bart of Goatlesar. 
m. Mary, m. to Hon. Capt Hoiry-C. Ward, aon of the 
late Viscount Bangor. 

The Rev. Henry E^ing d. in 1857. 

^naa 8 a., a lion, rampant, double queued, or. 

Crest — An escallop, gu. 

JTotto— l^»ea tutiaaima ooatia. 

fi^a<— Ballylin, Fetbane, lUng'a County. 


Kino, James-Kino, Bsq. of Staunton P^k, oo. 
Hereford, M.P. for that shire, J.P., D.I1., and high 
sheriff in 1845, ft. 6 Noy. 1806 ; m. 17 Mazch, 1835, 
Mary-Cochrane, 4th dau. of Kenneth-Francis Mac- 
kenzie, Esq. (a younger branch of the Mackensies 
of Bedcastle, 00. Ross, N.B.), and has issue, 

I. Fbakcib-Jaices, I8th Ught-dragoons, b. IS Oct 1838. 
IL William-Edward. 

ni. Eustace. 

X. Emma-Anne, «». 11 June, 1856, to Thomas-PHklngton 
Dawson, Esq. of Oroton House, Suffolk. 

II. Eleanor-Mary. 

III. Adeline, m. 15 May, 1860, to Oeorge-Pilkington Blake, 
£m|. only son of Jamea Blake, Eaq. of Thurston House, 

IT. Katherine-Julia. 
▼. Oeraldine. 
▼I. Eliza-Marsaret 
vu. Mary-Cochrane. 

fttntase*— Thx Rkv. Jaios SncnumoK, M.A., Rector 
of St Peter-le-Poor, Old Broad Street, London, aon of 
Roger Simpkinson, Esq. of London, by Eliaabeth his wife, 
dau. of William King, Esq. of Staunton Park, assumed, by 
royal licence, April, 1887, his maternal siuname and arms 
of KiKO only. He m. 1st July, 1802, Emma, 4th dau. of 
Edward Vaux, Esq. of the dty of London, and had issue, 

I. Jambs-Kino, now of Staunton Park. 

II. Thomas, J.P., in holy ordera, M.A. of Baliol College, 
Oxon, Rector of Pencombe, co. Hereford : m. 12 Oct 
1838, Amelia -Francea, 6th dau. of Kenneth - Franda 
Mackensis, Eaq., and naa issue, one aon, Theodore, and 
four daugntera. 

t. Margaret. 

XI. Mary. 

III. Elizabeth. 

iv. Froncoa, m. to the Rev. Jamea Oarbett, M.A, Rector 
of Cbyton, CO. Sussex, and professor of poetry in the 
Unlveraity of Oxford. 

T. Louiaa-Bedma. 

The Rev. James Kinff d. 18 July, 1841 

^rma— Quarterly: arg. and az., in the 2nd and 8rd quar* 
ters, a mullet of six pomt«^ or, piei*ced, of the field, over all 



•btnd bsnyof six, of tiie Moond, chained with a dnqiiaf ofl, 
of the third and gu* 

Orett—A. Hon, rampant, b^idy, or and as., supporting two 
brandhes composed of two roses, go., and three dnquwoQs, 
vert, slipped imd leaved, of the last. 

Jf o«a— Floreo in ungue leonis. 

Sea t BUw mton Park, near Leominster, oo. Hereford. 

Jrmt— Qnarterly: Istandith, wtg. , a chevron, m. , httt 
three magpies, ppr., for KnroDOH ; Snd and 9rd, wil, thMM 
oresoents, or, for Bouohtov. 

Crat^An eagle displayed, vrith two Bscka and beads, aa. 
fiSeoei— LannceUs House, near Stratton, Cornwall; and 
Oompton Hall, near Flynumth, Devon. 


KiNGSON, Thb Latb Gbobgjb-Bouqhton, Esq. of 
Lanncella, co. Cornwall, and Complon Hall, co. 
DeTon, J.P. and D.L., b, 10 March, 1775 ; m. 29 
Jnnii, 1837, Clunstiaiia, dan. of the late Bev. 
WiUiam-Holland Coham, of Coham, Dunaland, and 
Upcott Ayenell, all in oo. Devon. Mr. Elingdon is 
one of the gentlemen of her Majesty's most honour- 
able privy chamber. 

HCnCAfff • — The Eingdona are an old and respectable 
Cuaily of the counties of C!omwall and Devon* Their most 
ancient residence, of which there is now any authentic 
aoootmt, waa at Trehunsev, in the {Muish of Quithiock, 
CoiBwall, where they ilonriahed in the 12th, ISth, 14th, 
and 15th centuries. 

The eldest branch of the Kingdon fikmily became extinct 
at Trehonsay, about the middle of the 16th century, when 
the two oorbeiress^ manled Chiverfcon and Vivian. 

BooEB Kufonair (son of Roger Kingdon, Esq., descended 
from one of the sons of the Trehunsey femily), settled at 
Holsworthy, oo. Devon, about the ^year 17S0, and engaged 
In commerce. He m. 18 June, 1733, Judith, dau. of John 
Coiy, Esq. and had issue, 

z. JoBV, in holy orders, J. P., b. 4 Nov. 1735 ; m. in 1766, 
Jane, dan. of the Rev. John Hotkin, i>atron and vicar of 
Okehampton, and had imue, 

1 JoBH, in holy orders, rector of the parishes of Mar- 
hamchurch and Whitstone, Com wall, J. P., m. Miss 
Marsh, sister-in-law to RichardPreston, Esq., barrister- 
at-law, the late eminent conveynncer, and 1ms several 
children, one of whom, the Rev. William Kingdon, 
rector of Whitstone, m. Hiss Hawker, dau. of the Rev. 
Jacob Hawker, vicar of Btratton. 

S Roger, in holy orders, patron and rector of Hols- 
woraiy, Devon, m. the widow of the Rev. Leonard 
Herriug, and has several children, of whom one, the 
Rev. Jonn Kingdon, is rector of Hiehaelstow, Cornwall. 

S Richard, «a. aia Ist cousin, Mary, dau. of the tate 
Richard Kingdon, Esq., and has a son, the Rev. Roger- 
George Kingdon. 

4 Thomas-Hockin, in holy orders, J. P., rector of Py- 
worthy, Devon. He m. Miss Nicholson, dau. of Uamuel 
NicholBon, Esq., late of Ham, and sistor of Geoige 
Nicholson, Esq. of Waverley Abbey, and has issue, the 
Rev. Samuel Kingdon, fik Miss Napier, dau. of the late 
Oen. Napier, H.E.I.C.8. ; the Rev. Qe«>Tge-Thomas 
Kingdon, m. Miss Badcock; and Paul Kingdon, Esq., 
bsrnster^t-law, late fellow of Exeter Collie, Oxfoid, 
m. Miss Foulkes, dau. of the Rev. Peter-D. Foulkes. 

5 Franda, m. Miss Palmer, dau. of the lite Very Rev, 
Dr. Palmer, dean of Cashell, and has several children. 

Dennis, late major in the 80th regt. , m. Miss Herring, 
ooly child of the late Rev. Leonard Herring. 

1 EUsabeth-Dennis, m. to C^pt. Usherwood, RN. 

n. RiOHABO, of whom pr^ntly. 

nL Rogvr, who d. young. 

I. Mary, n. Judith, both deceased. 

The Snd son, 

RiOBAED KwonoH, Esq? of Holsworthy, eo. Devon, was 
for many years an active magistrate for that shire. He m. 
In 1770, Rebecca, only dau. of the Rev. George Houghton, 
•f the aneient family of Boughton, of Lawf ord Hall, in 
Varwickahire, and had issoe, 

Roger, fn holy orders, d. unmi 

Gkobos-Bouobtoh, of Launcells. 

Biehard, M. D., m. Jane, d«i. of the late Dr. Parson, M.D., 
and sister of Dr. Faison, LL.D, and has, Broughtou, and 
other issue. 

Cory. M.D., m, 18S3, Elisabeth, dau. of the Rev. James 
Buekinghain, Vicar of Burrington, and Rector of Dodes- 
eombsleigfa, Devon, one cS the andont fiamfly of Buck- 
inham, <k Robus, in Cornwall, and d. 14 April, 1856, 
fanving bad i«nio, Alfred-Cory, in holy orders, 6. in May, 
1828; m. Mary- Anne Qooch, aud has issue, Ernest-Cory, 
snd Gathcrinc-Agnes ; Cleroent-Broughton, J.P. of Stan- 
ford Hill, Stratton, CO. Cornwall, b. March, 1833; God- 
frsy, 5. April, 1837 ; Maiy-Blixabeth, m. to the Rev. J.- 
C.-liltcbfield Layton; Anna; Catharine-Ellen. 

Jodith, la. to John Biaddon, Esq., J.P. aud D.L. 

M^ry, m. to her oousin, Richard Kingdon, Esq. 



KingBcote, oo. Glouoester) lietit.-ool., C.B., ILP. for 
West Gloucestershire, 6. 28 Feb. 1830; m. let, 
March, 1851, CaroUne-Sophia, dau. of Col. Wynd- 
ham, of Petworth (now Ijord Leconfield), and by 
her (who d. 19 March, 1852) had no Lwue. He m. 
2ndly, Feb. 1856, Lady Emily-Marie-Curson, dau. 
of Earl Howe, and has by her a son, NiGBL-RiOHAaD, 
b. Feb. 1857 ; and a dau., Hairiett-Maude-IsAbelliL 

S.{tt£XSf« — NiQXLL Fm-ARTHTm, grandson of Am»- 
OBRUS, the Saxon, living in 085, m. Adeva, dau. of Robert 
Fitz-Hardinge, grandson of Busmo, the Srd King of Den- 
mark, by Eva, niece of William the Conqueror. With this 
lady he received as dower tbe manor of Kingscote (called 
in Domesday Book, Chingeseote). 

ADA.M na KnrosooTS, of Kingscote (son of Nlgell Flta- 
Arthur, by Adeva his wife), had a confirmation of that 
manor in 1188, from his uncle. Lord Maurice Fitahardinge. 
He was buried in Bristol Cathedral, aud from him de- 
scended the KuiGSOoras qf KingteoU, whose ehief in the 
time of Hknbt V. shared in the gkny of AaiNoouax. The 
eventual representative, 

William Kimoscotb, Esq. of Kingscote, son of William, 
who d. in 1706, and great-grandson of Anthony, who d. in 
1645, and lies interred in the church of Kingscote, under a 
monument bearing an interesting inscription referential to 
the family history.* He m, Oathezine Bamal^, and had 

1. NioSLL, his heir. 

IL Robert-Fitshardlnge, of London, who m. Mary Ham- 
mond, a co-heiress, and dying in 1774, left, with two 
daus. (Hannah, m. to Robert Ladbroke, Esq., M.P. ; and 
Catherine, nt. to Edwuxi Jenner, Esq., M.D., F.RS.) 
and a son, Nigell, who d. t. p., two elder sons, viz., 

1 RoBSBT, who inherited the estates flrom his undo. 
S Thomas, who m. Oct. 1794, Harriet, 4th dau. of the 

late Sir H. Peyton, Bart., of Doddington, and dying in 

1911, left issue, 

Thomas-Henbt, late proprietor. 

Henry-Thomas, 6. in 1802 ; in. 11 July, 1883, Harriett. 

eldest dau. of Christopher-T. Tower, Esq. of Weald 

Hall. CO. Essex, and has issue, five sons and four 

Robert-Arthur-Fitshardinge, b. 1811 ; m. Rosamimd, 

dau. of — Daniell, Esq., and has one son and two 


Emily* Frances, m. to Sir John Kennaway, Bart. 
Caroune-Marianne, m, in 1828, to the Rev. Alan 

Oiurdner Cornwall, A.M., 2nd son of the late John 

Cornwall, Esq. of Hendon, Middlesex. 

I. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas, Eazi of Uuliblk, and d. in 1769. 

Mr. Kingscote d. in 1731, aged fony-one, and was «. by his 
elder scxi, 

NiOBLL KiNOSOoTB, Esq. of Kingscote, b. in 1720, mi^or 
of the Gloucester militia, who d. mmi. iii 1778, and waa $. 
by his nephew, 

Robert Kinosootb, Esq. of Kingscote, col of the North 
Gloucester militia, who, never having married, entaiJed his 
estates upon the children of his brother Thomas. He d. in 
Feb. 1840, and was t. in Kingsoote by his nephew, 

TROMAS-HEyRT KiNOSooTB, Esq. of Kingsoote, oo. Glou- 
cester, J.P., high sheriff 1841, 6. 1ft Jan. 1790; m. 1st, 
8 April, 1828, Isabella-Frauces-Anue, 6th dau. of Hezu-y, 
6ch Duke of Beaufort, and by l^r (who d. 4 Feb. 1881) had 

L RoBERT-NiOBL-FiTZHARDnrox, now of Kingsoote. 

1. l8abeUa<;harlotte-Lou sa, m. 29 Nov. 1854, to Capt. 

Martin, of Bloomfiel<^ co. tSUgo, late of the Srd light 


He m. 2ndly, 5 June, 1833, Harriott-Mary-Anne, eldest dau. 
of Bei^jamin, 1st Lord Bloomfield, and by her also had 

* In the same church a tombstone records the death o 
Troylus Kihosootb, '* who did service as a commander foi 
the Prince of Orange forty years, and being eighty years 
old, ended this life upon the 10th of December, laSft." 




m. llMiiHiiwiiH.ft »f«fe IMa 
n. Vtulm flarrti.4t. 

Mr KiBgw*tt/,l»Pi<.M<i. 

.4ini»-Wa„ »wi ■■■lliiji filing, toplH < 
Cr^m^kM Mill B wtoO, 




Ki99nM.T, EovABO^ bo, ef BiiiAeld lUaor, 
Bttrrkif, terHsteT'St'Uw, RCX., Uohr, Omb^ Mid 
aU eo. tItaBoid, h, 1 July, 17S8; m. 27 April, 
1M7, OmciMMkConSiia, on!/ ebild of the kte 
O«0r|e» CorMo, Eiki« of OacmMT (wluMe uioetton 
w«r« loof Mttlad to that MUod, where the mdiot 
hrMidMs sr» still rMideni la the psriih of St 
dtt Boi«), tad hM iMoe, 

f, Wf LUAif'TBoVAi^ k. M Oet Mi& 

ElnfJIfr*— WiLUAM KimraMbT, bq. «f 
^ Slirfftid, b. W March, ITM ; m, at Leigh, Maty, dan. of 
Wm. Fofd, Biq. of Foid OfMO, in the mum aowity, the 
ia | Wte< uU i U v# of ^ jfmrj matHmA SCaftidihin flunilj (m« 
p^fft Mt9); 4. I Majr , 17$8, and bjr taor (who 4. 11 Fab^ 
J7il> bad an ontj aon, 

TmmjM EfVvnwLr, Eiq. oriTaweMtla and Cloi^^ Han, 
D,L,, 6. S Dae. 1761; who ». 10 Aug. 1778, Maiy, only 
4hfl4 of Bdwafd Bbopbaid, Eiq. of Bhafiald, aad bj bar 
4wbo d. SO Jona, lSSft> bad iifua, 

c WlUfam-flbapbard, M.P. for ITawcaitfanindirr-Lyma, b 

17M>; d.«.y,S July, 1S». 
SI, TboouM^ of ClimgB Ball, big^ iborHr for ttnflbrdahiia, 

6, If Aug, 1708; m. lat. Anno, Toungeat dau. of CoL 

Dixon, of AUarton Oraiiga, by woom ne bad no IsMia. 

Ba m. Sndly, Maty, dan. of Roger Btfneton, Eeq. of 

Cbaetar, and d. $. p. 4 Feb. ISftft. 
in. Bdwabd, now of Binfleld Manor. 
I. Maiy, m. to Oaorga Attwood, Eeq. of BJnningham, and 

d. IS A|n11, 1028, and left a dau., Oeorgtana. 
If, Anno. m. to Robert WilUamaon, lEeq. of RamedoU 

Hatl, OMehlre, and d. IB Aug. 1842, laaring leeue. 
III. KUcabetb. 

nr. Jane, m. to Llaui'CoL Habden, and left Imoo. 
V. Samb, 4. unm, 
ri. Catbarine, d. Mnm, 
vti. Burriet, d. vmm. 
Till. FVanoee, d. tmin. 

Mr. Kinnerely d. 8 Nor. 1810. 

^rm*— Per pale, as. and la., a lion, rampant, arm., bold' 
Ing between the pawe a orooe-paMe, lltcn4a, or, witnin ao 
orie of el|Ait orote-oroeelete of tbe laet 

OrulrJyn a wreath, of the oolours, a mount Tmrt, thereon 
before an oak, fruited, ppr., a greyhound, iiojant, ermine, 
oollared, or, the dexter forepaw eupportlng a oroee-croeelet, 
ae In the arms. 

Aforro— TInior omnia abeeto. 

l^al^Binflsld Manor, near Brtoknall, Berke. 


KiiiKI, JOHV-HiHRT, Esq. of Meifleld Hall, 
Votta, J.P, and D.L.» and oapt. 19th r^, served 
in the Orlmoa 1864.0» 6. 16 Dee. 1883. 

Hint Hfff •— VioBOLAi KiMU, of Anetaa, in the pariah 
of LMigbton-ao-la-Morthen, Torkabire, had his eetate 
•equeetered " Ibr his dellnquenoy to the Commonwealth," 
but restored to him on payment of a fine of £169 lU. 5d., 
to the pariiMneht of Biigland ; the release and receipt for 
whieh is dated 2 Deo. 1888. He d. 14 April, 1880 ; his son, 

JoNM RiMm, Qent of Anstan, purohased an estate and 
settled at Markham In 1688. Ho d. 8 Deo. 1710, and wm 
burled at Markham. By Sarah hts wife (who d. 1724X ho 
lafki with a younger son, William, 8. in 1688, another son, 

JoMM KiaKB, Oont. of Markham, 6. in lOTO, who, by 

Eleanor his wife, had issue, William, of whom presently ; 

Bdmund, J.P. fbr Notts, who d. 4 Deo. 1788, and waa 

buried at Markham« t. p. ; Anne^ m. to John Bright, Gent 


J.P. lor Motta, bapt. 
May, 1711, ^ged 58, 
Ha bad two 


at Markham. Bia wifa 

of Joa^h Bright, Baq. of 

DartT, by Dmothy, daa. of 

of bar brother. Thomaa Tya. 

RflMbid, *. to 1777, 
aiad aAer^ 
d. SS Fish. 1836L 
Ba ai. 1st, ABB-Menrya, dsa. of Sir WflUsm Bhiisidaiin. 
Barl of Ai«her, eo. T^voao. e>id bj that lady (who d. 
21 Dee. 1815) bKl 

L WUXLAM, his I 

n. John, Uoot. nth ligfafrdn«ooiM^ h. to April, 1800; d. at 

IfAflmfc- !■ infa M^^^ 

m. James, ttant. R.9.. h. to 1805; ± at Jersey, wiai. 

IT. Banry, eoL ISth Bengsl nstHe faiftntry, b. in 1808; m. 

1820, Margaret, duL of CoL Blair, and had iMoe, 1 Bemy; 

t St.-OMiSB: 1 rasn-Marfyn, ai. to R Fsithftil. Bsq., 

try: S AaumlLt^ wk, to Mssk ThotahUl, 

_ , B.LC. CtTil Serriee ; 8 Nonh-LeCitte, sk to P. 

Harris, Esq., Belial to&ntiT, d. 1858; and 4 Maigarai- 

T. 8t.-Ooorga, to holy oidsra, loetor of Marten, oo. 

linooln, m. 1848, Mary, eldeat dan. of the Bot. Joaeph 

Oooka, D.D., and baa isaos^ 8t-€toaiga-MerTyn ; Mary- 

EUna; snl Oora-BUasbath. 
L Dorothea-Letitia, «. 1828, tha Bar. Taylor White, BA., 

Vicar of Cuckney, Kotti, and d. 1840. 
IL E!is% d. tntia. 
m. Diana-Maria, m. 1881, Bar. Choinss-W.-Wrench, M. A., 

rsctor of St. Miehaal'a, ^^o^^^ii^ 
IT. flarriet, m. 1832, Thomaa-Bigsby Cbamberlln, Esq., 

J.P. of Bc^^fatoB. 
T. Ann. SI. to tiia Rer. Chaties-Tere Hodgo, M.A., of 

St Bdmond BUI, Oxford, Tiear of Clarbonmgii, near 

TL Charlotte, m. to tba lato Ber. Fiaaets-Arthur Jadnon, 

BA.,TiosrofRieeaU,oo. York. 
▼IL Bllsa, d. wiun. in 18S7. 

The 2nd wifa of CoL Kirke was Maria, alster of the Rot. 
Richard Almond, riear of St. Peter's, Nottii^faam ; by her 
ha had, 

L Robert-Plerey, d. Toong, 18S5. 
n. John, barrister-at-biw, 6. 27 May, 1828. 
L Mary-Qoorgtoa-Bettina, m. 1 Vay, 1844» to Charlca 
Thorold, Esq. of Welham, near Retfora. 

The eldest son, 

WiLUAM KiBXX, Esq. of Markham Hsll, J.P., 8. 20 Mar., 
1700 ; m. let, 1820, Mlas Harriet Bowmer, and by her (who 
d. to 1826) he had John-Montague, who d. an tofant. 
Mr. Kirke m. Sndly, Dee. 1827, Anne, dau of Sir Thomas- 
Woollaaton White, Bart, of WallingweUs, Notte, and by 
her, who surviTea her husband, he left at his de e eai o , 
16 March, 184S, 

L JoHM-HcKBT, now of Msrftold HaU. 

I. Anne-Blisa. 

II. Harriott. 

iimw— Axg., a chevron, between three boaia' heads, 
oouped, sa. 
Crtat—k boar's head, ereot^ oouped, sa. 
i8«a^-Merfield HaU, Bast Markham, Notts. 


KiRKWOOD, Thoiias-Tadkn-Llot]>, Esq. of Wood- 
brooke, oo. Roscommon^ and of CitrFamabla^ oo. 
Sligo, 6. 19 Sept. 1848. 

&itlf ftB^* — ^^^ family, one of oonslderable antiquity, 
has been eeated in Roscommon for oenturles. 

Jambs Kirxwood, Bsq. of Woodbrooke, J. P., 8. 1781 (son 
of Thomas Kirkwood, Esq. of Woodbrooke, by Eleanor his 
wife, dau. of the first Arohdeaoon Carey, and grandson of 
Miobael Khrkwood, Esq. of Killukto, by his wife Bliaa- 
beth Jaokson, of Ennlsooe, oo. Mayo), m. Catharine, only 
dau. of Samuel Kirkwood, Esq. of Moyne Abbey, eo. Mayo, 
and d. to 1701, leavtog a son and suooessor, 

Tbomas Kiexwood, Esq. of Woodbrooke, J.P., high- 
sheriff oa Roeoommon, 1808, who m. 16 Feb. 1708. Anna, 
dau. of James Knott, Esq. of Battlefteld, oo. Sligo^ and by 
her (who d. 1886, aged 68) had issus^ 



L Jammb, hUsoooeawr. 

II. Thonuu, m. Jiide, eldest dau. of John Klrkwood, Esq. 

of Bathfarnan House, co. Dublin, and cL % May, 186^ 

laaTing two aons and four daiia. 
ni. Harloe, «L imm. July, 1860. 
L Joanna, m. to Charlea Galnffher Moore, Biq., Snd eon of 

tbe late Qwxr^e Moore, Ibq., banister^t-law, of Moon^oy 

Square, Dublin. 
L Mary, m. to Bdward Fraier, Esq. of Annagfa, oo. Sligo. 

Tba eldest SOB, 

JaMsa KiBXWooD, Esq., of Woodbrooke, ool Boe- 
oommon, h. 1806, J.P., liigh sheriff 1848 ; m. 7 Oet 1889; 
Barah-Maiy-Dodd, eldest dan. of the late Gapt Jamea- 
N te h o ls o n Soden, S4th regt, J.P. and D.L., only son of 
Thomas SodsD, Bsq.. J.P., of Money Ctold, oo^ BUgo^ for 
fifty yeara provost of SUgo, and had Issue, 

L TaoKAS-TADsir-IiLOTD, & 19 Bept 1848. 

n. Jamea-Micholson-Soden, b. 4 Jan. 1640. 

m. Kingson-Dodd-Lloyd, b. SO July, 1851. 

I. IsabeOa-Matilda-Emily. 

n. Annina-Mary. 

m. Sarsh-CareyLydia-Adebdde. 

IT. ~ 

Mr. Kiikwood d. 85 June, 185T. 

., on a ehoT., or, between three Ibtterloeka, meg., 
fewe ■w Bet^ piaroed, sa. 
C^«tf— A pheon, sa. 
JTotto— Spes mea in Deo. 

8 m1 § W oodhrooke, Garriek-on-Bhannon, oo. Boaoommon; 
and Cumonabla, co. Sligo. 


KiBflOPP, Jakk, Ssq. of Tbe Spital, co. Northum- 
berland, J.P., h. 6 Mareh, 1814; m. 24 May, 1848, 
Elisa Daan, of Bath House, Nowcastle-on-Tyne, and 
faaa a ton, 

, 6. 18 May, 1862. 

HitUaSf • — Jaxsb Gibson, Bsq. (son of John Gibson, 
bq., and EUaabeth Leadbitter his wife), assumed the sur- 
name of KiBsoFP, in oompUanoe irith the will of William 
Kiisopp, Ksq. of Hexham. He m. 26 July, 1809, Eliaa, 
9tdj dau., by his 2nd wife, of Sir Alexander Livixigstone, 
BarL, of Westquarter, oo. Stirling, and had surriving issue. 

nowof TheSpltaL 

Vrank. ft. 24 June, 1822. 


CUaabeth-Janet, m. 30 May, 1842, to Edward, 2nd sun of 
William-John Chariton, Bsq. of Hesleysfde, co. Nor- 

^nns— On., a saltier, erm., between two cranes, in pale, 
., and two garbs, in fesse, or. 

Owe— A mount, vert, thereon a crane, ss in the arms, the 
dexter elaw reposing on an saeutohaon, arg., eharsed with 
the letter K..sar^ 

JToMo— Credo. 

a wl -' T he Spital, near Hexham, oo. Northumberland. 


KiBWAN, HABTnr-STArirTON, Esq. of Blindwell, 
eo. Galway, J.P. and D.L., 6. May, 1802 ; 8. hia 
father in 1828. 

IrttUaffr. — The Klrwans of BlindweU of Milesian 
origin, bore the aumame of O'Quirivane until the time of 
Queen Elisabbth. They have been settled at Tubber- 
Keegli, literally BUndwdl, time immemorial, and in the 
eottfinnatory grant of CHABixa II, reference is made to 
their reeognition by Hkhbt YII and King John. 

Mjativ KxBWAjr, Esq. of BUndwell (son of Martin 
KIrwan, of BlindweU, by his wife Anne I(ynch, of Drim- 
eong, grsndaon of Martin ELirwan, Esq. of BlindweU, by 
his wife, a dau. of Sir John Browne of the Neale, great- 
grandson of Martin Kirwan, Esq. of BUndweU, by his wife, 
a dan. of Geoiige Bingham, Esq. of Castlebar, great-great- 
gnoMlaon of Martin Kirwan, Esq. of BlindweU, by his 
wile, dau. of Lynch, of Lydeeon, and great-great-great- 
graadaon of Martfai Kirwan, Esq. of BlindweU, by his wife, 
a daa of Barker of DerKy-Madogfany Castle), m. AUoe, dau. 
•f Charles Blake, Esq. of Merlin Park, co. Galwiyr. and had, 
with a dau., Mary (who m. Gootge Shoe, Esq., and d. in 
l7<|gX aevcral aona, of whom one of the younger, John 
KInnn, became ealnant oa a Juriseonsult in Spain, and 

anoihtf aelfiad in the tttand el Potto Bleo, whsie Ua only 

dan. a uf flved nntO lately, poMSSssd of a laige property. 
The eUeat son, 

Mabxxv KnwAir, Bsq. of BUndweU, high iherlir of tha 
eounty of Galway, wi. Maiy, eldest dan. and eo>helr of 
Thomaa Oolaman, Biq. of ttie Grove House, oo. Galwsy, Uk$ 
had, with a dan., who m, M. Blaka, Bsq. of BalWnaflMl, oo. 
Mayo, a aon and snooessor, 

Maamr Kixwav, Esq. of BUndweU, also high sherllT ol 
the ooonty of GaUray, who «». Mary, eldest dan. and oo-heir 
of James Staun to n, Esq. of Watardale, oo Galway, and had 
lasue three sons, Mabtiv, his heir ; Jamea, who d. in India, 
where he heU a high oItII appolntaiei&t ; and Thomas lost 
in the '* Centurion,** of vriildi Teeesl he was flrst-Ueatenant ; 
and two dans., Harriet, ai. to John Bodktn, Bsq. of Annogh; 
and Maiy, ai. to D.-J. WOaon, Bsq. of BelToir Castle Tha 
eldest son, 

Mabtiv Kibwab, Bsq. of BUndweU, n in 1801, Mary, 
8rd dan. of IHlliam Bnrke,^Esq. of Olinsk, oo. Boaoommon, 
8rd son of Bichard Burke, 4th son of Sir John Buffca, 
4th Bart, of GUnak^ and by her had Israa^ 

I. MABTnr-ScAmnar, now of BUndweU. 

II. Jamea. 
iiL Thomaa. 
IT. WUUam. 

I. Catharine. 

II. Charlotte. 

m. Margaret, a nnn. 

Mr. Kirwan d. In Dee. 1828. 

iinaa— Aig., a ohav., sa.» betwoai thiee eooti, ppr., qoar- 

tering STATnrroH. 
Ci^t—A coot, ss in the anna. 
Seat— BlindweU, Foxhall, near Tnam, oo. Galway. 



Bawnmore, oo. Qalway, J.P., repreeentative of the 
Kirwana of Ciegg, 6. 80 Hay, 1813 ; ». 29 April, 
1839, Agnea-Jane^ 8rd dan. of John Thompson, £aq. 
of Laurenoe Town, co. Down, and has iatoi^ 

1. Mabtih-Obakmobb, b. 20 April, 1847. 

n. John-Denis, b, 22 Oct 1862. 

I. Louiaa-Helen-Eliaabeth, m. 12 Sept IMO, to Thomaa 
Donaldaon, Esq., Srd Ught-dragoons, and eldest son of 
the late John Donaldson, Esq. of Cheswardlne, Shrop- 

n. Agnea-Jane-Johanna. 

III. Henrietta-Tranoea. 

%iVLtEfit* — ^William Kirwav, who went to Galway In 
1488, d. there in 1499, leaving two sons, THOMAa-BBAaB, of 
whom presently, and Patrick, warden oi Galwsy. The 
Thomas-Bsagh Kibwav, d. In 1545, end waa aneeator of 
Mabtin Kibwan, Esq. of Cregg, eldest son of Patrick 
Kirwan, Esq. of Cregg. and grandson of Martin Kirwan, 
Esq. of Cregg (f^m whose youngest son, Thomaa, descend 
the KiBWAHB of SUUbrook), m. Mary Fronoh, and had four 
sons, via., 1 Patrick, who d. in 1754 ; 2 Richard, LL.D., of 
Cregg, Pros. Boy. Ixish Society, a distinguiahed writer on 
chemistxy, geology, and the Idbadred sdenoes, and one of 
the first natural phfloaophers of his time, m. In 1757, Anne, 
dau. of Sir Thomas Blake, Bart of Menlo ; an# d. in 1812, 
leaving two daus., Maria-Thereaa, m. In 1793, to John> 
Thomas, flfbeenth Lord Trimlestown, and Elisabeth, m. to 
Mr. HiU ; 8 Andrew, miOor in the army, d, in 1813 ; 

4 HTAOiifTH. The youngest son, 

Hyacinth Kibwah, ^aq., nt. EUsabeth-Franoes, dau. of 
Patrick Blake, Esq., a yoxmger son of the famUy of Blake, 
of Tower HiU, co. Mayo, and d. in 1800, having had 
issue, 1 Martin, R.N., lost in H.M.S. Torke ; 2 Patbiok; 
8 Bichard, capt. half-pay 94th regt., m. EUen, dau. of the 
late — Bond, Esq., barri8ter-at4aw ; 4 Andrew-Hyadnth, 
lieut-col. in the army, m. Charlotte, 2nd dau. of Pranda 
Eld, Esq. of Seighford HaU, oo. Stafford, and hsa issue, 
Charlotte-Hyacinth, m. to Brigade Mijor Cooeh ; Camllne' 
Helen, m. to Capt Berkeley Bloxsome ; and BmUy-Mary ; 

5 John, RN., d. in 1826 ; and 1 EUsabeth-Franoes, m. in 
1818, to T. Maoquoid, Esq. The 2nd son, 

PATmiOK KiBWAB, Esq. of Crogg, oo. Gslway, b. 19 Dee. 
1787 ; m. 9 Aug. 1811, Louisa-Maigaret, 4th dau. of Dominiok 
Geoffrey Browne, Esq. of Castle Maegarratt, oo. Mayo, iwui 
sister of Dominiok, 1st Lord Onnmoie^ and by her, «iMf a. 
in 1820^ had Issus^ 



E I B 

BiaHASi>-A.-H. , pfeaent representative of ihe fttmfty. 1 

Edward, in holy orders. Vicar of Wooton Wawen, oo. 

Warwick, b. Aug^iut, 1814; m. Louiaa, only dau. of 

Thomas Maequoid, Esq. 
John-Henry, in holy orders, 6. 25 Dec. 1816; m. Fanny, 

Srd dau. of the late Rear- Admiral James Dacres. 
Hyacinth, in holy orders, chaplain with field force under 

General Sir Coliu Campbell before Lucknow ; b. 28 July, 

1820; d. tmm April, 1858. 
Henrietta-Theresa, m. in Feb. 1838, to the Rey. Geotige- 

Dacres- Alexander Tyler, and has iraue. 
Louisa-Margaret, m. in April, 18:i8, to H.-B. Brownlow, 

Esq., Bengal oiyil service, youngest brother of Lord 

Lurmn, d. in 1840. 
ElixaDethFranoes-Charlotte, m. to the Rev. T.-A. Voules, 

and has issue. 
Uarv-Anne-Georgiana, ni. to Geoi^-A. Lawrence, Esq., 

and has issue. 

Mr. Kirwan d. 81 Dec. 1847. 

Arms — Arg., a chevron, go., between three Cornish 
ehcnigha, sa. 
Ci'ttl — A Cornish chough, as in the arms. 
AfoUo— Mon Dieu, mon roi, et ma patrie.. 
iSM(— Bawnmore, ca Qalway. 


Kirwan, Denis, Esq. of Castle Hacket, oo. Qalway, 
J.P. and D.L., high sherifiF 1844, 6. 4 Sept. 1808; m. 
11 April, 1844, Anne-Margaret, only child of Major 
Q'homas Maoau, of Qreenmounty co. Louth, and has 

JoHH-THOMAfl-MACULN, b. 28 Feb. 1861. 

ILtngggg»— : ^ ' i ' M > UH« Kirwan, Esq., 2nd son of Thomas 
Oge Kirwan, Esq. {tee Kirwan of Cregg)^ had, with other 
issue, a son, Riohard Kirwak, father of Strphen Kirwan, 
Esq., whose son. Sir John Kirwan, Knt, left a son, Simon 
Kirwan, Esq., whose son, John Kirwan, Esq. of Castle 
Hacket, d. in 1781, leaving by his wife, a Miss Daly of 
Dalystown, co. Gkilway, three sons, John, Denis, and James, 
of whom the ddest, 

John Kirwan, Esq. of Castle Hacket, m. Mary, dau. of 
Henry-Boyle Cuter, Esq. of Castle Martin, oo. Kildare, by 
Bus.'uina, his wife («». in 17&0), dau. and co-heir of Sir 
Arthur Shnen, Bnrt of Kilmore, and dying in June, 1821, 
left, wil^ a dau., two sons, John, his heir, and Henry, who 
m. Miss Bingham, and hod issue. The elder son, 

John Kirwan, Esq. of Castle Hacket, 6. 1780 ; m. 1806, 
Penelope, eldest dau. of John-Hardlman Burke, Esq. of 
8fc. Clerans, and by her (who d. 19 Nov. 1842) had issue, 

Denis, of Castle Hacket 
John, d. aged 20, 10 June, 1827. 

Elizabeth, m. in 1839, Hun. Edward Lawless, now Lord 

Mr. Kirwan d. 22 June, 1842. 

AraUf Ac. — Bee Kirwan (/ Oregg. 

Motto— J*altaxe mon Dieu, mon roi, et mon pays. 

Aeot— Castle Hacket, near Tuam, oo. Galway. 


KntWAV, John-Jobeph-Andrew, Esq. of CasUe- 
eoraer, oo. Kilkenny, and Hillsbrook, co. Galway, 
borrister-at-law, resident magistrate of that oounty, 
J.P. and D.L. co. Oalway, b. 81 Oct. 1811 ; m. 11 
June, 1832, Kary-Iaabella, only dau. of Major 
William Burke, of Quansborough, by the Lady 
Matilda, his wife, dau. of William, 2nd Earl of 
Howti^, and co-heireaa of her mother, Lady Eliza- 
beth Bermingham, dau. and co-heir of Thomas, Earl 
of Louth. By this lady he has, 

I. liAWtiiK'Tm-JoiiV, oapt. dty of Dublin militia, b, 
Sfi 8opt 1835. 

II. William -Joseph, lieut. in the Qalway militia, b. 
18 Nov. 1B37. 

III. Andrew-FItaJohn, an ofBoorln Australia, b. 13 July, 

IV Hemy, b. 18 Mareh, 1841. 

▼. Thomas, 6. 80 Nov. 1845. « 

I. MatOda-Haniet-Josephine, m. to her oouslu, Joseph- 
Blake Burke, Esq. of Roscommon. 

ILinf Xff?. — ^Thomas Kibwan, Bsq., Snd son of Martin 

Kirwan, Bsq. of Cregg, by Eliza Bodkin, his wife, m. his 
cousin, a daiL of John Kirwan, Esq. of Knock, and Imd 
three sons, Martin-Fits-Thomas, who d. in 1771 ; Ambrose ; 
and John. The youngest, 

John Kirwan, Esq. of Hillsbrook, m. Mary Mabon, and 
had two sons, i. Joseph, who d. without male issue. In 
1827: of his daus. and co-heiresses, Mary, m. Capt. John 
Kh-wan; Julia, m. Edward Browne, Esq. ; and Eliaa, m. James, 
Viscount Netterville ; and xi. Mabtin, of whom presently ; 
and three daus., Matilda, m. to Walter Blake, Esq. of Menlo ; 
Theresa, m. in 1776, to William Burke, Esq. of Ower ; and 
Harriet, m. to Oeorge-William Lyster. Bsq. The 2nd aon, 

Martin-John Kirwan, Bsq. of Knockdromadough and 
Stowe, CO. Galway, m. 18 July, 1800, Maria, dan. of Mylea 
Burke, Esq. of the island of St. BustaUa, l^ Catherine, 
his wife, dau. of Sir Walter Blake, Bart of Menlo Oastlew 
and had issue, 

John-Jobcpb-Andbbw, his heir. 

Myles, barrister-at-law, of Olenrock, m. in 1888. Maria» 

his cousin, only dau. of John Kirwan, Esq., ana d. §. p. 

in 1840. 

Martin, an officer in PortugaL 
Henry, of Knock Lodge, oo. Oalway, m. Miss Martyn, and 

Mary. m. in 1888, to the late James Blakenej, Bsq., and 

has issue. 
Barbara, m, to the late Hemy MDonell, Bsq. of Streama- 

fort, aEul has issue. 

Arme, Oreit, «fte.— As Kibwan qf Cregg. 
Seato-<]aBtleoomer, oa Kilkenny; and Hfllabrook, oo. 




The late Charles -Lionel Maitland- Kirwak, 
Esq. of Qelston Castle, Castle Douglas, N.B., and 
late of Dalgin Park, oo. Mayo, J.P. and D.L., at 
one time high sheriff, oo. Mayo, h. July, 1811; m. 
25 Oct. 1842, Matilda-Elizabeth, dau. of WiUinm 
Maitland, Esq. of Auchlane and Qelston, and d. 
1862, having had issue, 

X. Charlbs-Ltonel. 

II. Wllliam-Frands. 

III. Liond. 

iv. James-Maitland. 
X. Mary-Agnes. 

II. Dora-Fit^erald. 

III. Matilda-Douglas. 
IT. Eva. 

IfnfSflf* — The KiRWAKS </ DdXgin descend frtmi 
EsMUNn-ARiGiD KiRWAK, Bsq., tod son of Patrick Kirwan, 
Esq. of Gregg, who d. in 1608. He m. Anastaida Blake, 
and had a son and suooessor, Alszakder Kirwaw, Esq., 
father of Eduond Kirwan, Esq., whose son, Martin 
Kirwan, Esq. of Dalgin, oo. Mayo, m. and had six sons, 
Edmund, Valentine, Patrick, Alexander, Andrew, and 
Martin. The Srd of whom, 

Patrick Ktrwan, Bsq. of Dalgin, m. and had three sons, 
Martin, who d. In 1826 ; Pai'Riok ; and Geoiige. The 2nd 

Patrick Ktrwan, Esq. of Dalgin, m. 1808, Dorothea- 
Mary, dau. of CoL Charles-Lionel Fitzgerald, of Tnrlough 
Park, CO. Mayo (by Dorothea, his wife, dau. of Lady BuUer, 
and granddau. of Lady Mary Fitigerald, sister of the 
Marquess of BristolX and had issue, 

I. Charlis-Lionkl, his heir, late of Dalgin, and Oelston 

II. Martin-Frands. 

I. Caroline. 

II. Dorothea-Fitagerald, m. to her oourin, Cbaiias-Lionel- 
William Fitzgerald, Esq., who d, 9 Nov. 1834. 

III. Mary. 

IV. Julia-Emma. 

Mr. Kirwan d, in 1864. 

Arm», Ac-^Kb Kirwan o/* CreM. 

&a(— Qelston Castle, Castle Douglas, N.B. 


Kirwan, JoHN-STRATFom>, Esq. of Moyne, oo. 
Qalway, J.P., high sheriff for the ooimty of Ijong- 
ford 1860, m. 81 Oct. 1859, Lady VictoriA-Mary 


K N A 

Hustings, Zrd. dau. of George, Snd Marquess of 
HastiogB^ by bis wife, Barbara^ Baroness Grey de 
Rathyo, and bas issue^ 


ILfntX^t. — ^This is another branoh of the old Gelway 

JoHv KiBWAK, Esq., who m. the daa. and heireaa ot 
Wench, of Muddon, had teue, Martin Kirwan, who d, 
«»«.; end 

Jenr Kxrwan, Bsq., who m. in 1784, Anne, only ohUd of 
Boael^ Stratford, Esq. (nephew of John, let Earl of Aid- 
boroQg^), and d. in 182S, having had iaeue, 

t. John, d. young, 
n. EUBEBT, hia heir, 
in. Edward, ci^t 72nd regt, d. in 1832. 
IT. Henry. 

L Jane, m. in Gaaaar Colclougfa, Esq., M.P. of Tinteme 
Abbey, eo. Wexford. 

II. Aimie. 

m. Lonhnt, m. to Warner Nellie, Esq. 

IT. Bmity, m. to Bichard. 2nd son of Richard Martin, of 

BaOinahinch, oo. Qalway, M.P., and has issue. 
T. Charlotte, m. to the Rev^. Augustus Crofton. Srd son of 

Sir Hugh Crofton, Bart, and d. 1860, leaving issue. 

The 2nd son, 

BuBBBT-SnuTiORD KisWAV, Esq., m. let, Emelia, only 
dau. of Rev. Robert Birans (by Bmelia Forbes, his wife), 
Vy ^rtiioh marriage he acquired a portion of the Harman 
property. He m. 2nd]y, in 1826, Mary, eldest dau. and oo- 
heireaa of the late Joae|Ai Kirwan, of HiUsbrook,-oo. Galway, 
and d. in 1852, laavipg issue, 

L Jobv-Stbattob», now of Moyne. 

L Mary. 

u. Bnmy, d. unm. In 1850L 

III. Harriet, d. In infiuioy. 
rr. Henrietta, d. in injatney. 

Arm* — ^Axg., a d&OT., between free ooots, aa. : quartering 
Tbmbcb. ana BTBATtOBDL 

Crat — ^Aooot,ea. 

Jfotto— ^'aime mon Dieu, men rol, et ma patrteb 

Seat — Moyne, Ballyglomin, oo. Qalwajf. 


KiTTEBitAfiTCR, James, E8(|. of Meridei^ eo. War- 
iriok (eldest and only surriving son of James Ktt- 
tennaater, of Merideu, and Margaret, bis wife), b. 
6 Maroh, 17B9 ; entered the 49tb regt as ensign, in 
18o7, was made lieutenant 1810, and retired firom 
the army 1818. He afterwards graduated in medi- 
eine, taking, in 1826, the degree of M.D. He inhe- 
rited, in 1888 (on the death of Ann Marshall, who 
bad a life intercMst in the property), the estate of the 
Rer. Anthony Bliss, Vicar of Meriden, and incum- 
bent of Castle Bromwicb, both in the eo. of War- 
wick, who d, 1815. He inherited also, at tbe same 
time, the estate of Mary Marshall, who d. 1828, dau. 
and co-beiress of tbe Rev. Francis Marsball, of 
AUeeley, oo. Warwick. He m. 6 Jan. 181 S, Mary, 
dan. of William and Mary Zacbary, of Meriden, and 
bas issue, 

I. Hemy-Fits James, (. 81 Dec. 1818 ; d «. p. 1868. 

IL Fbedkriok-Wxuon, M.A., Pemb. CoU. Oxford, b. 

18 May, 1820, in holy orders. 
m. Anthony-Bliss, C. B. Moore, Canada West, 6. 17 Jan. 

!▼. Albert-Reuben, Moore, Canada West, ft. 8 March, 

1. Anna-Maria, m. Charles Marshall, Esq. of London. 
IL Edith-Harriet. 

Itnt ftflC* — Thomas Kydsbmistcb was prior of Kenil- 
worth in 1402. Dngdale lias preserved a singular inscription 
which was upon the great bell of Kenilwortb, the gift of this 
Thomas Kydermister. 

RiCHABD KTDEaMiSTCS, a native of Bomsley, near Kid- 
derminster, was educated at Oxford (Gloucester Hall, now 
Woroaater CoUoge) and afterwards elected Abbot of Wineh- 
eumbe, 1487. He became a celebrated preacher, and, in 
IMO, travelled to Rome. In 1610 he received, by royal 
' grtnt, the manor of Sudeley, co. Gloucester. In 1516 he 
pnaached a remarkable sermon at St. Paul's Gross, in defence 
819 ' 

of the privileges of the deigy, which aroused the eager of 
the King and parliament He wrote a history of the Abbots 
of WiDohoombe, and other worlca. among whidi wae a Truti 
•ganut tkt AmCHm ^ M. ImUut. He d, 1681. and was 
buried in the Abbey at WInohoombe. 

JoHM KmasMisrsa, a nephew of the above-named 
Richard, settled In London, and became a member of the 
Dmpeza' Company. He m. Annya Wenthame, and had issue 
one son, Johv. He d. 1643. 

JoBw KYDsamsTKa, his son, 5. 1620, purehai^ aa estate 
at Langley Marsh, oa Boeksi to which he retired. He at. 
EUaabeth Welfted, of Bnfleld, and had lasne, BninnrD^ 
Thomas, and three daus. He built seveial almshooaae at 
limgley, and d. 1668. His son, 

Edhuvd KTDxaiiiSRB, 6. 1648, wae one of the six devks 
\xx Chanoery. He m. 1674^ Ann, sister of Sir OUph Leigh, of 
Addington, and d. 1007, leaving issue, Johw, Robert, and 
several daus. 

Sir Jobk KTDaBMisrsa. his son, b. 1678 ; ». Mary. dan. 
of Sir William Garrard, of Docney. He was knighted at 
Hampton Court, 8 Get 1809. and received fh>m King 
,CBAaLB8 1 the manor and park of Langley Manh. Be re- 
stored the church there, and built, at the weet end, a room 
for a library, in which, afterwards, the Royalists were ac- 
customed to meet. He had issue only one dan , EUaabeth, 
who m. Sir John Parsons, of Boveney, the heiress of which 
fiunily m. Thomas Lambarde, anoeatorof the present William 
Lambarde. Esq., Beechmout, co. Kent. Another nephew of 
Richard, Abbot of Winchcombe, remaining at Rcmaley, left 
a son, 

WiixiAM KTDBaMisnm, who. In a suit with Star John Lyt- 
tleton, obtained an order from the Court of Chaneery " to 
maintain quiet possession of his lands at Romsley." After- 
wards becomixig poeseesed of property at ColoshUl, he 
removed thither about 1660. He left issae, by his wife, 
Isabella, Thomas, Richard, and three daus. 

Thomas KYDEBMASxaa, his sou, 6. 1606, had, by his wife, 
Elnor, one son, Thomas Kittermaster, 6. 1600, who left 
several children, one of whom m. Catherine, dau. of Sir 
Edward Holt, of Aston. 

RiOHARD KTDsaiiASTXB (brother of Thomas), b. 1676, had 
also one son, Thomas, 6. 1607, who, by his wife, Kliatbeth,. 
left issue, Thomas, John, Richabd, and William. 

Richard Kittxricastxb, his son, 6. 1649, left four sons 
and two daus., of whom, 

Richard Kitterma8txr, his. son, 6. 1679, had issue, by 
Susannah, his wife, John, Thomas, Richanl, and William. 

Thomas Kittbbmastbr, his son, 6. 1709, had, by his wife, 
Sarah, three sons and two daus., of whokn, 

Richard KirrERMAsraa, his son, 6. 1742, left issue, by 
Elizabeth, his wife, James, Henry, Richard, and Geoige. 

Jamks Kittxrmaster, his son, 6. at Coleahill, 1763 ; si. 
Margaret, dau. of William Harper, of Meiiden, and was the 
fhther of Jamsb KrrrsBMASTSR, the present representative. 
He d. 1814. 

ufrm«— Aa, two chevs., erminols, between three besants. 

Crut — On a chap., aaure, tinned up, erm., an eagle, rising, 
ermino's— Oonflrmed by Sir WilUam Segar, Ckurter, to 
Thomas Kydermaster, of Coleshlll, oo. Wamick, and by a 
stibsequent Herald in a visitation of Warwickshire, to bis 
son, Thomas Kittermaster. Also to Kydermister of Langky, 
in tiie visitation of Bucks, 1684. 

Seat— Meiiden, near Coventry, co. Warwick. 


Knatchbull, Williau-Fbakois, Esq. of Babing- 
ton, CO. Somerset, J.P. and D.L., high sberitf 1841, 
M.P. for East Somerset, 6. 30 July, 1804 ; m. April, 
1829, Emma-Louisa, dau. of tbe late CbarleS'-Gk>rdon 
Qray, Esq. of Virgin Valley, Jamaica. 

ILtntS0t* — The Rev. Wadham Knatohbull, Chancellor 
and Prebendary of Durham, 8rd son (by Alice, his wife, 
dau. of John Wyndham, Esq. of Nonlngton) at Sir Edward 
Knatchbull, 4th Bart, and M.P. for co. Kent, m. Harriet, 
daa of Charles Parry, Esq., and d. in 1760, leaving (with a 
dau., Catherine, m. to Thomas Knight, Esq. of (Jodmersham, 
and a son, Charles, of the royal navy, who m. his eousin, 
Frances, dau. and heir of Ms^or Norton Knatchbull; an eldier 

Wtndham Knatchbull, who m. 18 June, 1790, his cousin, 
Catheriue-Maria, dau. of Sir Edward KnatchbuB, Bart , and 
by her (who d. SO Jan. 1807) left at hia decease, 80 Juae, 
1S83, two sons, 



IfAOKAiLin holy orden. Frebandtty of WaOa, m. In 1815, 
Iiouiia-BUnbeth, Srd dau. of William Wyodbam, Em. of 
IMnton, and by hsr (who d. 1845) oaa aix tons and four 

Wyndham, cnalgii giwi.-goaxda. d. 1818. 

Korton-Charlea, lleut. 1st Royab, d. 1828. 

WlLUAM-FKAXGla, IM>W of Bali<iiigtuii. 

ifriM— Aa., three croeaoa croaalet, fitchtfe, between two 
bendlflts, or. 

Cml—Oa a ohapean, aa., turned up^ erm., a leopard, 
■tatant, aiv., spotted, aa. * 

MUto—ux oruclflxa gloria maai 

<8tel— Babington, near Frone, oo. Bomaraet 


Kkiqht, Edwabjd^ Esq. of Chawton House, co. 
Hants, and of Qodmersham Park, co. Eent^ J.P. and 
P.L., high sheriff for Hants 1822, 6. 1794 ; m. 1st, 
May, 1826, Mary-Dorothea, dau. of the Bight Hon. 
Sir Edward KnatohboU, Bart, and by her (who d 
1838) has had issue, 

z. Edward-Lewkenor, b. 1888 ; d. 1888. 

II. Wtvdbaie-Wiujam, late a lieut rlfle4>rlgade, and 
now oapt Royal Beat Kent Mounted Rifleat and J. P., 
b, 1828; m. 1849, Henrletta-Franoea, dau. of lieut- 
CoL Armatrong, and haa laaoe, Sdward, and Mary- 

iiL PhiUp-Henry, lieut R. W. ftiaiUera, b. 1886. 

IT. Gharlea-Bmeat, b. 1886; d. before Sebaatopol, Oct. 

▼. Broadnaz-WilUam, 6. 1888. 

I. Annabella-Chiiatiana, d. 1844. 

II. Georgfaia-Iliaabeth, m. 81 Aug. 1858, to the Rev. F. 
Pretyman, Vioar of Great Gailton, oo. Lincoln. 

Mr. Knight m. 2ndly, March, 1840, Adela, dau. of 
John Portal, Esq. of Layeratoke House, Hants^ and 
by her has issue, 

I. Edward-Brook, b, 1848 ; d, 1844. 
u. Montague-Creoi^, ft. 1844. 

III. Charlea-Edward, 6. 1846. 

IV. Henry-John, 6. 1848. 

I. Elizabeth-Adela. 

II. Adela-Louiaa-Casaandra. 

III. Adela-Uory-Margaretta. 

IV. Helen-Adela. 
▼. Ethel-Adela. 

%itltSSt*^The ftunfly of Kuight la of high reapect- 
ability in Hampahire. William Kkioht, of Chawton, living 
about the middle of the 16th century, was great-grand- 
father of KioBOLAa Knioht, Esq., who left iaaue by his 
wife, Eliaaheth, three eons, of whom the youngest, 

Bnraav Kkioht, of Chawton, Esq., cL in 1628, leaving, 
by Judith, his wife, one son and a dau., viz., Richard, 
and Dorothy, who m. Richard Martin, Eaq. of Ensham, in 
Oxfordshire. Stephen Knight's aon, 

RiOHABn Knigbt, Esq. of Chawton, in. Eliaaheth, dau. of 
J. Fielder, Esq. of Banow Court in Berks, and was a. at 
his deceaae, in 1642, by his son. 

Bib Riohabd Knioht, Knt, who m. PrisoilUw only dan. of 
Sir Robert Rejrnolds, of Elvetham, in Hants, but dying t-p. 
in 1670. he devised his estates to his kinsman, 

RiCHABn Mabtim, Eaq. This gentleman, upon inheriting, 
aajumed the aumame of Knioht. He d. unni. in 1687, and 
was «. by hia brother, 

Chbistopbkb Martin, Esq., whoHkewiae took the name 
of Knioht. He alao d. wnm. in 1702, and bequeathed hia 
estatea to hia aiater, 

Eluabbth Knioht. Thia lady m. lat WilUam Wood- 
ward, Esq., son of Edward Woodward, Esq. of Foatera, in 
Surrey, by Eliaaheth, dau. of Sir Christopher Lewkenor and 
his wife, Maiy May. She m. 2ndly, Bulstrode Feaohey, 
Esq., unde of the 1st Lord Selaey, but dying «. p. in 1737, 
devised her eai«tea to 

Tbomas Bboadnax, Eaq. of Godmeraham, who had rolin- 
quiabed hia patronymic and assumed the stuname of Mat. 
In 1729, this genUoman kept his shrievalty fur the county 
of Kent and rebuilt three years after, the mansion of Ood- 
meraham. In 1738, Mr. May again changed hia name to 
that of KviOBT, in conformity with the teatamentaiy in- 
JunottoD of Mra. EUaabeth Knight widow of Dulatrode 
Feaohey Katght Eaq. He «%. in 1729, Jane, eldeat dan. 
and co-hair of William Monk, Eaq. of BticVingham, in 

Suaaex (by Hannah, dan. and co-heir ol Stephen Stringer* 
Eaq. of Ooudhurat and Jane Auaten,* hia wife), and had, 
with younger children, a aon and heir, TnoMAa Mr. Knight 
d. in 1781, at the advanced age of 80, and waa «. by hia 
eldeat aon, 

Thomas Knioht, Eaq. of Chawton and Godmeraham, ft. 
in 1788, who m. Catherine, datu of Dr. Wadham KnatehboIl« 
Dean of Canterbury, but dying isaueleaa in 1794, deviaed hie 
lauda to Ua cousin, 

BnwABD Austbn, Esq., who changed hia name to that of 
Knioht, and became of Godmeraham. He m. 1T91, EliBa> 
beth, 8rd dau. of Sir Brook Bridgea, Bart, by whoaa (who 
d. in 1808) he had iaaue, 

BnwABn, now of Chawton Houae and Godmeraham. 

Geoige-Thomaa, m. 7 Feb. 1887, the Counteaa Nelaon, 
relict of William, lat Earl Nelaon. 

Henry, a major in the army, m. lat Sophia, dan. and co- 
heir of Lewla Cage, Esq., by whom he has a son, Lewis- 
Bdward; and 2ndlv, 18 Jan. 1886, Charlotte, eldeat dau. 
ot the late Rev. Edward Northey, canon of Windsor, 
and by her (who d. 28 June, 1889) haa a dau., Charlotte. 

William, in holy ordera. of Bteventon, Hanta, m. lat 
Caroline, eldeat dau. of John Portal, Eaq. of Freefolk 
HouacL in Hanta, and by her haa issue four aona and 
three oaua. He m. Ifaidly, Mazy, dan. of the Rev. Edward 
Northey, by whom he had three daus., d. in infancy ; and 
Srdly, Hester. reUct of General Sir John Hope. 


Brook-John, m. Margaret dau. of Charlea Pearaon. Esq. 

Fumy-Catherine, m. in 1820, to Sir Edward KnatchbulL 
Bart, M.P. 

Elizabeth, m. to Edward Rice, Baq. of Dane Oeurt Kent 


Louiaa, m. 11 June, 1847, to Lord Gecrge-Auguatua HilL 

CaasandrarJane, m. SI Oct 1884, to Lord George- Augustua 
Hill, and d March, 1848. 

Mr. Knight d. 19 Nov. 1888. 

A mi V ert a bend, fViaiUy, or, in bane a einqnefoil, avg., 
a canton, gu., quartering the Aobten arma, yla.. Or, a chev., 
gu., between three liona* gambo, erect aa. 

Cmte— lat a friar, habited ppr., holding in the dexter 
hand a oinquefoil, alipped, ai^<, and in the ainiater, a croaa, 
sa., suspended from the wrist the broast chazged with a 
rose, gu., for Knioht ; 2nd, on a mural crown, or, a stag, 
sejant a^-, attired, gold, for Ausraif. 

^a(«— Ciodmersham Park, Kent; Chawton Houae, Hanta. 


KiriQBT, Joseph, Eaq. of Manor Houae, Glen 
Parva, co. Leioeater, capt HJf . 26th Leioesterahire 
regt. of militia, 6. 8 Feb. 1803; m. 11 Karoh, 1830, 
Mary, dau. of the late John Gregory, Eaq. of Ayle- 
stone Hall, oo. Leicester, and has issue, 

I. GaxooBV, b. 80 Aug. 1832. 

• Thia Janb Anaraa waa eldest dau. of John Austen. Eaq. 
ct Orov^urat in Kent ; which John Austeh, Eaq., had a 

John Aobtsn, Eaq., who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomaa 
Waller, Eaq. of TonbridgOb and d. v. p. in 1704, leaving, with 
other iasue, 

William Austkn, Eaq., who m. Miaa Rebecca Hampeon, 
and had a aon, 

Thb Rxt. Obobqi AnarnN, who «». Mlaa Caaaandra licigh, 
and by her (who d. in 1837) had issue, at hia deceaae, in 
jAXts, who m. lat Anne, dau. of Gen. Mathew, by Lady 
Jane Pertie. dau. of Peregrine, Duke of Ancaster, and had 
an only child, Jane-Anna-Elizaheth, m. to the Rev. R. 
Jjottoj. He PL Sndly, Mary Lloyd, end left at his de> 
cease, a dau., CaroliiM, and an only aon, the Rev. James- 
Edward Austen, of Tring Park, Uerta, who wk. Emma, 
dau. of Charles Smith. Esq. of Snttona, and bad iasue. 
Edwabd, aucceaaor to nis couain, Thomas Knioht, aa In 
tiie text. 

Henry-Thomaa, in holy ordera, who m. Eleanor, dau. of 
Heniy Jackson, Esq. of London, by Sazah, dau. of David 
Papilfon, Esq. of Acrise. 

Francis-William (Sir), admiral of the Red, and K.C.R., b, 
in 1774, who m. lat Mary, oiUy child of Jolm Qibaoo, 
Eaq. of Ramsgate, by whom, who d. in 1823, he haa iaaue. 
Admiral Austen m. 2ndly, Martha, dau. and oo-heir of 
the Rev. N. Uoyd, Rector of Hinton. 
Charles-John, a captain RN., t». twice, and haa Iaaue, 

Jane. 6. 16 Dec. 1775, and d. nam. 18 July, 1817. Thia lady 
acquired high reputation aa a novelist, and haa left 
behind her aome of the beat modem productions in that 
walk of literature. We need only name Sente md 5nwi- 
ftiliijr, Ptidt and Pr^¥dice, and £mma. 

K N I 

K N I 

a. JoMpMHij, Bout 9tHh or Lekertmhirt Biilltfa» ii 
8 8ept.I8Sr. 


fttnextr.— TwniAa KVWB. of tiMcitFof BMk,iBd 
•rWaslan, noir Bttlh, m. at Iteuworth. SS Hot. 191, BUm- 
belb Battrye, and wu «L ligr hfti eldart MB, 

TmoMAB Kvic^, 8l IS Aqg. IMNi, wlio inlMrifeed leol pio> 
paity in Um oovmtlM of Warifli^ and SteAwd, M iMJr both 
tobtofrtharaBdUimoUMr. Hehadaaon, 

Btchakd KnoKT, mha d. in 1T08, kavtio^ an only aon, 

Bamuk. Khioht, ft. 18 JtBM, IMIl Ho «. 1 Jidy. 1714^ 
Jadtth, tmij ehUd of niomaa TooghtoM, of THmracth, h^ 
bit Iflt wife, laabol; jQdith waa tbo gianddan. of John 
▼oq|b(fean, Gont. of Wlggtagton, «o. StaAatd, who wm Um 
motwnial nnda of Tbonaa Ony, Saq., M.P., tha foundor of 

Ike foandar baeama Toatod (at tha daaonn of Un. daricaX 
ia IMS, te «hoir ilaanonilinti {m BoanTs Jdwirftr^j Xm.) 

L Jo«m, ft. in 171C; a». in 17SV, Katharine Bhy^ an only 
chOd, and had iHoe, 

IJoavB, *. In ITfiO; ak^lVeh^ins, Manr, only ohild 
and hair of John Boga»a, M^ of Manwanfh ; tiwy had 
kaaa an OB^ ohild and h(ri>^ 

Abu, fti 1 Nor. 1775; ak in UM, to hor ktnaoan^ 
teMBl g'*^^ Bi^ of Xdnonton, ea. Mldillaoai 

n. John. ft. te 17M; dL te HM^ «Mn. 
m. fhrniial, ftu teinT. 
iT.ThaaBaa.ftc in 17181 
▼. Charloa, ft. in 1791, d. immil 

TL Hanry, ft. in 1783; d. at Ialfa«ton, aoi ¥WdlBaax, in 
I8O0» laaTing iaona by hia wife Anno, 

Henry, ft. 4 May, 1748, who ai. in 1T77, If aiy Falter, of 
Gnat Bedwha, oa mUo, and by her (who d. in 1780} 

Bdward, ft. in 1780; dL fai 1810, 
Ann, ft. in 1778; d. hi 1815» 

Boofy Knifi^t ai. Sndly, in 1781, EUahoih,* only dan. 
of Tbomaa Jrarry, of St. RBthaiina's HaU, co. Bomarae^ 
who din 1888; tbo iaaua by this narziaiawaa^ Haury* 
Fany. ft. in 178S : d. in 1810, waa. ; John, b. in 1787; 
OL in 1811, Ann, aau. of Rafa>h and Johanna Hodfl^dn> 
aon, of Wolringtnin, ea I>exhy; hy wfa<Hn he haa left 
ivQo, one only ddld, Aaaie-EHnbath, ftiln 1817; ak to 
Heaiy Bot^U, &q. of Darflold, oo. Toik; and Bliaa- 
beth, fti in 1788, d in 178S. 

▼n. Bdwaxd, h. in 1785; d in 1787, 
Tin. Blehaid, ft. in 17S0; d. in 1748, 
OL William, of Tamworth, ft. in 1788; m, SS Dae. 1754» 
HaryThoipe, of Leloeater, and had ' 

Bamub^ of Edmonton, oa IBddkaez, ft. in 1770; ai. 
8 Oet. 1800, Anno, dau. and heir of Joaaph Knigfat, by 
hia wife Maiy, dan. and heireas of John Bagm, Baq. 
(who waa a deaeendant of tha Bev. John Ro^aa^ 
Baetor of St. Sepolohia, and iHrotoBaaK^, in tha 
Marian peraacntlon, A.n. 1555^ and d. Hot. 1883, 

1 Joaqph, now of Olen Fwva, only aon, tha laat male 
lafttaaantatlvo of the femily of Kuu^t, heir of hia 
mother, the only child of Anne, dau. of Joasph 
Knight, whoae mottier waa Bary, ttie onlr child ot 
John Bogen, of Charter Houaa Bqiiara, London, a 
deaeendant of John Bogeia theprnifwaartorhainad 
In RmithiWiM, 1556. Obtain lUigfat ia iJao aenfar 
deaocttdant of tha Yooi^taD femily in tha eldaat Bor- 
▼iving blanch. 

1 Marian. 

9 Maria^ m, 1897, Blehanl-W. Webb, Baq. of Hamp- 

iddleaez, and d. 1839, leaving one dan. 
8 Betsy, «•. 1833, John-Walker Wood, GenJL of Both- 
ley Onnge, ca Leieaafeer, and haa ' 

f. Anne, ft. in 1797, d. 

ilnea— Faly. aig. and go., within a boidvra^ 
on a eenton of the first, a apur, or. 

Ctttt Bat ween two wing% a apur, or, fowal downwarda, 
leathered and hoeklad. 

R-a dtfiee— The Manor Hooae, Glen Farva, 

The estate of St Katherine*8 Ball, near Bath, became the 
i>peTty of filiaahoth Farry, after her marriage with Henzy 
ught, aa the hoireaa of bu* mother, who was ttia onJy child 
of— Blanohard, who died there, on the day following a viait 
paid to him on hia death>bed hf King CHABum I, when the 
m<aiareh pi eaautad to him a sflver token, taken frosn hfe 
«wn neck, bearing the eflBlgiaa of his Mi^eo^and the <|aeen. 
The medal la in perfect pteeenration, retaining the hkeneaue 
la a very striking manner, and ia oovered wfih the remaina 
ef very rich gOdfi^. It ia in tha possesdon of Mza. Bevell. 
o whom it has deaoanded aa an hflirieom. 



KsiQBi; FkiUBiO'Wiini^ Baq. ol Woliwligr, eou 
Woroastar, ILP.Ibr Wart Woraertanhin, rinoe 1841, 
Secretarf to Uie Poor-Law Board under hatd 
Dartiy'a CkivenuiMnt, aad » frmOj tinolaa of tho 
British Mnaeiim m roproaaBtntivo of It-Phyao 
Koifffat; h. 9 Maj, 181S; «. 18 Jvij, 1850, Marift- 
LouM^oQliBft dM. of tbo late B. Oibli^ £a^ Md 
o aon ondliair, 

k 11 May. 1851. 

HCllCSSf. — BicsABD KnoKT, ^.. fenndar of thii 
feaafly (eon of Bl^atd Knight, of Madaky. coi Salap^ 
who waa aiwagad In tha iron trade at tha time of tha 
monwealth, and who fe h a tt afa d to have 
of Tboaaaa Knight da Salop, who 
fe the let ParUamant of HnsT TUI)i 
by the bon weika of Shropahiia^ wdaaHfedat 
oo. Bereford. He ai. BBaabaUi, dan. of Andrew Pl^jmac «f 
Shawbmy. ea Salop^ and by her (who wm baptiaad 7 Mmw. 
Itn, and d. 18 Oet. 17ft^ had : 

L Blehaid, of Craft Caatle, who sl KBaabeth, dan. of 
Busnel FowaH, Baq of Stanadga, eoc Badoor, and had 
an only dan. and hiiiiaa, Busaani. arho m. Thoaaaa 
Johnea, Baq. of LiaBfaMydoga. M.P. fer Badnetahita, 
and had (with two dana, EUaabeth, ai. ta John Hanhoiy 
inOfema, Baq ; aaid Aana) tw« eona, 

I Thomaa, of Bsfod. MP.. lard-ltsalanant of Ghidtgan- 
ahftm, who d. withaoi anrririiv feane. fa IOMl 

9 Samoel, in ho^onfera, who manmad tha wiinama «f 
Kmonr, ai. Ann-Maria, dau. of Sir Ootnettna Cnyiar, 
Bart., and d. 1659, laaring a dan., Lonim BUaahetii. 
wife of Sir John Shellay, Bart.. M.F. 

1 BUaabeth, a^ IHO. to Hanburr WiUaaM, Baq. 

9 Ann, of Fortman aqnara and Torq u a y , d. vnai. 

n. Thomaai in hotyordma, Baetor of Bewdlay and mhhaa 
ford, at. UxaofeNMh; and d. 1764, ^ad 87, feaffa^twa 

1 BKBABD-FATire, M.F., an eminant patron of 
and the fine art% dlidingiiiahed Ukewiae aa a 
writer and poet. He d. IB Aptfl, 189ft, ^ad 78. 

9 Tbunaa-Andrew. F.&S , of Downton Cbatie, ea. Hera- 
ford, ibat Freaident of the Horticnltunl Society el 
London, ftu 10 Oct 1758 ; sl Fmncaa, dan. of H. 
Fetton, B>q., and had iasDe an only eon, V 
Andrew, who d. a. pi 99 Kov. 1897 ; umI three 
Fkaneea^ ai. to Thomaa Fendarrae staAhoaae 
Bbq. ; Eliaabeth, au fai 1898, Francfe Wal^ola. 

and Charlotte, «k hi 1894, Sir William-Bdward 
Boqghton, Bart, of Lawfead Hall, aoiWarwl^ Mr. 
Knight d. 11 May. 1888. 

m. E0WAnn,ofwhom 
IT. Balph. of Brix 
andd 97 FebL 1754. i«ed 50, leariiv* 

Thomaa Kni|^^ Esq. of Henley Hall, who d. 
Aog. 1808. 

L Anne, ai. to Abraham 

Anne, ai. to Abraham feaoanar, Bm. of Bina'ngb 
n. Hiaabath. sk to Edwud Baindi, bq. of LodWw. 

in. A dan., at. to — 
IT. A dan., a^ 
grandmother of 

1^ of Birmi _ 
of Shutt End, ea Staflbrd, and waa 
Boaaoi^ ttie poet. 

BnwAmD Knoffr, Baq. of Wdvariey, ea 

BUaabeth Jamaa, of Ctttoift Bnd. neer Salihnll, CO. Warwiek, 
and had. 

L Bdward, of WoHarlay. who d. wua. 18I9L 
II. Jaaaea, of Ludlow, who d. n p. 1815. 
m. JoHM, of ^rinan pseaently. 

L BHmheth. ak Ut, to — FSdaaer, Baq. ; and ZttHy, ta 
Chariea Baldwyn, Em. of Aqualata. 
n. Mary, m. to Colonel BamplVlde, of Heateroomba. 
m. Saiah, ak to Sir John Select, Bart. 

JoBH KmoHT, Baq. of Lea CmtK «^ Woreeater, ft. 1740; 
aL Henrietta^ dan. of Daniel Cunyngham. Baq^ and had 

n. Thomai^ of Fap Caatia, Cnmhariand, who oi. IsabaOa 
Walker, and left bane, 

1 Thomas, barrieter«t-1aw. ft. 1796; m, Miaa Hdblar; 

andd I860. leaTfaur two dana. 
9 John, of HenleyHall, A 1808: wu Catlwrfaie Leryaeo. 

and haa laana, John; Jamea Thomaa; Chariea; mm 

8 Bobart, 

4 Edward, hi the army, ft. 1808; m. Osth^-rfne Pember- 
ton, and haa Edward-Fiodarie, ft. 18^, and Uhai uuaei 


K N O 

5 Junes, In the anny, &. 1807; killed 184-% 

6 Humphrey. 

7 Oharles, deceased. 
1 lasbella. 

5 Henrietta. 

8 Marianne. 
4 Gatherine. 

6 EUsabeth. 

Hr. Knight was f. by his elder son« 

John Knioht, Esq. of Wolyeriey and Bxmoor Forest, who 
9. to the representation of the Knight family at the decease 
of his cousin, Thomas-Andrew Knight, Esq. of Downton 
Castle in 1838. He m. Ist, Helen-Cbarlotte, sister of Adm. 
Sir Oeoige Hope, which lady d,».p.; and 2ndly, the Hon. 
Jane-Elisabeth Winn, dau. of the first Lord Headley, by 
whom (who d. at Borne 1841) he had issue, 

I. FBBDBftto-WiBnr, nowofWolverlfty. 

XI. Charltts-Allanson, 6. 1814. 

ni. Edward-Lewis, late capt 30th foot, ft. 1817; m. 1851, 
EUsabeth Harris, of Canada, and by her (who was acci- 
dentally drowned. 1854} had two sons, both drowned with 
their mother. He m. Sndly, in 1856, Henrietta, dau. of 
E.-A. Sanford, Esq. of Ninehead Couit, oo. Somerset. 

I. MMjaret, m. Michelangelo Castario, Prince of Teaao, 
and Duke of Sermoneta. 

II. Isabella^ane. 

lu. Helen- Geoigiana. 

Hr. Knight d. at Rome, 24 Jan. 18S0. 

iirm*— Arg., three pales, gn., within a bordure. engr., as., 
on a canton, of the second, a spur, or. 

CriMf— On a spur, lying fesseways, or, an eagle, per fesse, 
arg. and ai., wings expanded, of the first, beaked and legged, 

fieats— Slmonsbath, Ezmoor Forest, oo. DoTon, and 
WoWerley, oo. Worcester. 


Roitbe-Bouqhton-Kkioht, Andrew-Johnes, Esq. 
of Downton Castle, co. Hereford, J.P. and D.L., 
high sheriff in 1860, 6. 26 May, 1826; m. 28 Sept. 
1858, Eliza, youngest dau. of the late J.-M. Sevwne, 
Esq. of Theuford House, Notts, and of Wallop Hall, 
GO. Salop, and has issue, 

I. Chablss-Ahdbkw, 6. 17 Not. 1859. 
I. Anna-Frances. 

Mr. Knight, who is 2nd son of the late Sir Wm.- 
iklward Rouse Boughton, Bart., of Lawford Hall, co. 
Warwick, and late of Downton Hall {tee Burks's 
Peerage and Baronetage), by Charlotte, his wife, 
youngest of the three dans, and co-heirs of Thomas- 
Andrew Knight, Esq., late of Downton Castle afore- 
said, assumed, by ruyal liceuce, 28 Jan. 1857, the 
surname of KinoHT, in compliance with a direction 
contained in the will of his maternal grandfather, 
the said Thomas-Andrew Knight^ Esq. {See Kniqht 
of WolverUy.) 

^nn«— Quarterly, Int and 4th, arg., three p-\Ies, gulos, 
within a bordure, eugniiled, asure, on a chief of the last 
three spura, or, for Km ioht ; 2nd, aig. , on a chevron, between 
three cross-crosslets, fitchde, sa. as many bucks* heads, 
raboAsed, or, on a chief, gules, a gait, passant of the field, 
for BouoBTOM, qf LoupkUm ; 8rd, sable, three crescents, or ; 
4th, sa., two bars, engrailed, arg. 

Cmt — On a spur, lying fussewavs, or, an etgle, wings ex- 
panded, ppr., supporting in the beak a spear, erec^ gold, 
resting on the spur. 

AfoMo— Ek]ues sit semper sequus. 

fiM^— Downton Castle, near Ludlow. 


Knollss, Thomas- Walton, Esq. of Oatlands, co. 
Cork, J. P., s. his father, the late Tbomab Knolles, 
Esq., in 1840. 

fLintRQt. — Thomas Kmollks, Esq. of Killelghy and 
Kuockabowlea, co. Cork (traditionally claiming desoeut 
from the family of Lord Knollys in England), m. eircUer 
1667. Dorothy, eldest dau. of Giles Busteed, Esq. of Mount 
Long, iu the same county, by whom he had (with four 
daus., Elisabeth, m. in 1664, Wallis Warren, Eiiq ; Doiothy, 

m. in 1693, to Geoige Daunt, Esq. of Knookatowr, eo. Coik ; 
Badhel, m. in 1607, to WilUam Daunt, Esq. of Kilcasoan; 
and Leah, wife of — Snow, Esq. of Kinsale> 

Thomas Knollbb, Esq. of Killeighy, son and heir, who 
was 6. on 6 Deo. 1660 ; and m. 1st (cireit*r 1689X Maigaret^ 
dau. of Thomas Hungerford, Esq. of Inohidony Island, oo. 
Coik, and had issue three daus., "via., Mary, m. in 170S, to 
Michael Shuler, of Kinsale, merdiant ; Anne, m. hi& 1706, to 
Henry Daunt. Esq. of Knooknamana, oo. Cork ; Maigaiei. 
Mr. Knolles m. Sndly, in 1602, Rachael, dau. (by Anno 
Cooke) of Frands Shuler, of Kinsale, merdumt, by whom 
he had issue two sons and three daus. Mr. KnoUes was 
attainted by King James II's Irish Parliament of 1680, far 
his adherence to King William. Dying in 1707, he was s. 
by his eldest son, 

Thomas Knollss, "BBq. of Killeighy, b. 1603; m. in 
1715, Cktherine, dau. of Colonel Bichard Hungerford^ of 
Inchidony, and dying 1766, was «. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Knollbb, Esq. of Killeighy, 6. 1710; m. 1740, 
Joanna, dau. of Robert CCallaghan, Esq. of Clonmeen, oou 
Cork, by Mary Towgood, dau. ct Sampscm Towgocid, Esq., 
by Melian, dau. of Sir Matthew Deane, Bart, ancestor of 
Lord Muskerry. By her he had issue two sons and seven 
daus. Dying in 1770, Mr. Knolles was <. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Knolles, Esq. of Killeighy, who m. in 1781, 
Miss Sarah Meade ; and dying in 1807, was s. by hia eldest 

Thomas Knollss, Esq. of Killeighy and Oatlands, 6. in 
1784 ; m. in 1807, Frances-Susanna, dau. of Thomas Walton, 
Esq. of Walton Court, oo. Cwk, and eo-heir with her sister 
Anne, 2nd wife of Sir Thomas Boberts, nl Britfieldstown, 
Bart By this lady he had issue, 

TBOMAft- Walton, now of Oatlands. 

Bobert- William, who emigrated to Australia, In 1836. 

Elisabeth, wife of Bobert Nettles, Esq. of Nettleville, 

Mr. Knolles d. 1840. 
5<at~0atlands, near Kinsale. 


Knox, Aitnesley, Esq. of Rappa Castle, co. Mayo, 
J.P. and D.L., high sheri£f 1829 ; m. Oct. ISSd, 
Miss Elizabeth Knox. 

UntKfit* — ^This family Is of very ancient and illas- 
trious descent, and daims to derive from Uohtxiw the 
Saxon prince, who founded the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of 
Northumberland, and who was brother of Hengist and 
Horsa, through '* Cospatric," who waa the Boyal Earl of 
Northumberland at the time of the Norman Co nq u e st, and 
afterwards Earl of Dunbar and March in Scotland. This 
Cospatric was son of "Maldred," Prince of the Ides, and 
Algitha, the heiress of Northumberland. 

In 1810 Andrew Knox, being then Bishop of the Isles, 
A IS translated to the see of Baphoe ; and since that time 
others of the same family have settled in Ireland, and ac- 
quired lai^e estates and high position. 

William Knox, Esq. of Lifford, oo. Donegal, of SootUsh 
parentage, m. a lady named Campbell, and by her, le't at his 
decease, in 1650 (with three daus.}, two sons, John (Sir) 
sheriff <^ Dublin in 107ft. and lord-mayor in 1085-6, knighted 
6 Feb. 1685 ; he d. «. p. 1687 ; Wiluam, of whose descendants 
we have to treat. The 2nd son, 

Wiluam Knox, Esq. i4 Castlerea, oo. Hajro, b. In 1080, 
whose name appears to the loyal addresses fhnn that 
county to Charlrs II, in 1682 and 1683 ; m. 1st, Mary, 
only dau. of Boger Palmer, Esq. of Castle Lacken, ca. 
Msyo, and had by her, 

Francis, of Moyne Abbey, in Hayo, his heir. 

Arthur, see Knox, of Costierea. 

Bichard, of Liesadrone, co. Mayo, m. Mary, 8nd dau. and 
co>heir of Boger Palmer, Esq. of Pahncrstown oo Mayo, 
by Charity ms 2nd wite, dau. and co-heir of Mauriue 
Annesley, Esq. of Little Bath, but d. » p. 1754. 

Mary. m. in 1705, to Thomas Bell, Esq., alderman of 
Dublin, and lord-mayor in 1702. 

He M. 2ndly, the dau. and heir of Crcrfton, <^ Bappa Outle, 
and had issue, 

William, of Dublin, elerk of the Crown, of the 
of Assises, for the proTlnoe wf Connaught 

Peaoe and 



WnBim Knoz^ eldctt son, 

Ttumn Kvox, Ifaq. of Moyna iibb^, eoi Kayo, sheriff 
€f that oa in 1718, m. Dorothy, 4th daa. and oo-heir of 
Iburioe- A nnmky, Esq. of little Rath, In Kildara, nephew 
of Arthur, 1st Earl of Angleses» and had by her, 

L Thomas, d. mw- v. jk 

a JAxas, of Hoyne Abbey, K SS July, 1784, htgh^eriff 
of Msyo ; sk Dorothea, 2nd dau. of Peter RatirafiB, Es^ 
of Conifield, in that county, and d. in 1800, havuig had 

1 FsAVon^ of Moyne Abbey, 5. in 1764, assisfeant- 
barriater fbr the county of Sliso, and ktoff'a oounaeL 
In 1797, he repreeented miillipetown in Parliament. 
He d. trnm. IS AprU» 18S1, and was buried in Moyne 

S John, of Sonimer Hill. Dublin, «i. Sarah, dau. of 
Daniel Ozaham, Baq. of the county of Mayo^ and had 

8 William, in the K I. Oo-'s serrioe, d. aged 10. 

4 James, capt. Slat foot, d. at Armagh. 

1 BUabeth, m. to DoweU CBemyrSBqt. of The Heath, 
Queen's County. 

5 Dorotby, d. tmm. in Aug. 1807. 
t Mary-Anne. 

4 Charity. 

UL FEAjioia, of whom presently. 
L aarah, wife of Francis Blake, Esq. 
iL Dorothy, b. IS Not. 1729 ; ta. to Thomas Butledge, 

HL Ellinor, b. 23 Nor. 1730, d. unm. 
IT. Mary-Anne, b. 8 May, 1788 ; d. inwa. in 1800. 

Fkands Knox, whooe will, dated 28 Feb. 1789, was proved 
It Feb 1781, d. in ITSO, and lies buried at KiUala. His 

Feasois KiK>x, Esq., b. 16 July, 1726, settled at Bappa 
CuOe, in Mayo, of which oo., as well as of Sligo, he served 
u hifl^ sherifC He m. 25 March, 1761. Mary, dan. and 
eoMr of Annesley Goro, Esq. of Belleeli^ M.P., oo. Mayo, 
(brotherof Arthur, 1st Earl of ArranX and by her, who d. 
« Oct 1818, had issue, 

AmnsLST-OoBK, of Bappa Castle, his heir. 

Frands, J. P., d. tmm, in 1803. 

Jausb. (See Khox-Gobx.) 

HnBT-WiujAK, of Netley Park. (Ski Ksox qf StOey 

Arthur, of Bushfield, in Mayo, 6. in 1786 ; m, Barbara, 

only dau. of Joseph Lambert, Esq. of BrookhiU, and had 

John, of Greenwood Park, in Mayo, b. 8 Nov. 1786; m. 

Jane, dau. of Samuel Handy, Esq. 
Eleanor- Anne, m. 24 Dec. 1786, to John Knox, Esq., major 

Sligo militia, and had issue. 
DoKithoa-Henrietta, m. 16 Cot 1787, to Hemy Braen, 

En. of Oak Park, co. Carlow, lieut.-coL in the army, 

ana M.P. for that county. 
Elis.U)eth, m. 28 Aug. 1787, to Bobert Butledge, Esq. of 

Bloomiield, in Mayo, M.P. for Duleck, in 1797. 
Mary, si. to William Handy, Esq. of Braoca Castle. 
Anne, ai. 14 Not. 1803, to Anthony Gildea, Esq. of Port 

Boyal, in Mayo. 
Charity, si. 28 May, 1816, to William Orme, Esq. of 


Mr. Knox d. tn 181S, snd was », by his eldest son, 

AniBLsr-GoBX E^ox, Esq. of Bappa Castle, m. 28 July, 
1793, Harrlette, sister of Sir Boss Mahon, Bart., and d. 
4 July, 1839, having had issue, 

L Fruieis, d, in Maroh, 1810, aged 16. 

n. AjmnLCT, now of Bappa Castle. 

Ill St Geozge-Henry, in holy orders, m. in Dec. 1836, 

Hiss Ann-C. 8t George. 
VI. James- Annesley, J. P., m. 28 Maroh, 1833, Mary-Mina, 

dau. of Henry- William Knox, Esq. of Netley Par^ and 

Ivfl issue. 

V. John. 

VI. HennT'Augnstus, m. Eleanor, dan. of Heniy-Willlam 
Knox, Esq. , and has issue. 

vti. Francis-William. 

L Anne-Elizabeth. 

u. Maria, 

iiL Harriette, m. in April, 1888, to James-Knox Gore, Esq. 

IV. Jane. 

v. Emily. 

^riN«— Gu., a fiUoon, wings expanded, within a bordiwe, 
engrailed, or, on a canton of the same, a fosse, chequy, ai^g. 

Cml—k falcon, close, on a pereh, all ppr. 

8eal-*>Bappa Castle, near Ballina. 

OO. SUgOb oolonel of iha Sligo nfl«i» hlg^ iheriff ol 
the oo. of Mayo in 1840, 6. 23 Juno, 1803 ; «. 4 Ai^ 
1829, Sarah, dau. of Charlea-Neabitt Knox, Eaq. of 
Castle Laoken, in the wun» wbm, and has iMoe^ 

I. Chabubb^am as, (. SO Sept 1881. 

n. Arfhnx^WilUam, b. 28 Get 188& 

L Jane-Louisa. 

n. Matada, SI. 27 Maroh, 1854, to Gaplalii WQUam-Boyd 

Sanndera, roy. horse ait. 
UL Sarah-Jane. 
IV. BliaBbeth-LoulM, «. 19 Dwx I860, to XdmuadH. 

Pery, Ebq. 
T. Aqgusta^ertmde. 
▼L Agnsa-Fruiess-Nina* 
VII. Ootavia^aatherine. 

Colonel Knox-Qore $, to the estates of bis great- 
grandfaUier, Annesley Qore, Es^., brother to the Ist 
Earl of Axnn, on the demise, m Feb. 1821, of the 
Bight Hon. Heniy King, who had a life-interest in 
the property. 

ftrintXHf*— James Knox, Esq., M.P. for IVighmon, ft. 
85 Mardi, 1774, third son of Francis Knox, Esq. of Bappa 
Castle, CO. Mayo, was called to the bsr in 1797. He settled 
at Broadlands Park, in Mayo, and became a magistrate in 
1803, and deputy-governor of that oo. In 1813, he assumed, 
by sign-manual, in compliance with the will of Us maternal 
grandfather, Annesley Gore, Esq., the surname and arms of 
GoBB, hx addition to those of Knox. He m. 10 Jan. 1800, 
Lady Maria-Louisa Gore, eldest dan. of Arthur Saunders, 
second Bari <rf Anwn, by Anna, his second wife, dan. of the 
Bev. Boleyn Knight, of Ottley, in Yorkshire, snd by her 
(who d. 6 March, 1887) had issuer 

Fbakgis-Abthub, his heir. 

James, who m. in April, 1833, Bnrriette, dan. of Annesley 

Gore Knox, Esq. oi B^>pa Castle. 
Henry- William, major in the army, d, tttisi. 88 Jan. 1846. 
Annesley, E. I. C. M. S. 
George-Edward, comm. RN. 
Anna-Maria, m. to John-Frsderio Knox, Esq. of Mount 

Falcon, co. Mayo. 
Louisa-Maria, m. to Lieut. -CoL Cufl^ of Deal Castle, co. 

Mayo, North Mayo milit a. 
Eleanor-Adelaide^ m. to M^}or Gardiner, of Farm Hill, co. 

Charlotte-Catharine, m. 13 July, 1861, to Ernest Knox, 

Esq. ctf Castlerea, mi^or North Mayo militia. 

Mr. Knox-Gore, Who waa ranger of the Cturagh of Kildare, 
d. 81 Oct 1818, and was «. by his eldest son, the present 
Frahois-Abthub Knox-Gobs, Esq. of BeUeek Manor. 

Jrm«— let and 4th, gu., a fesse between three crosses- 
crosslet, or, for Gobb; 8nd and 8rd, gu., a fiJcon, wings 
expanded, within a bordure, engr., or, on a canton of the 
same, a fesse, chequy, arg. and as., for Khqx. 

Cre«(«— 1st, a wolf, salient, arg., collared, gu., for Gobb; 
2nd, a fiEilc^>n, close, on a perch, ppr. fbr Kxox. 

jtfotto— In hoc slgno vinces. 

&at— BeUeek Manor, co. Mayo. 


Ksoz-QoRB, Fbanci8-Arthur, Esq. of Belleek 
Hanur, oo. Mayo^ lord.-lieut. and costos-rotulorum 


Knox, AmntsLST-OoRE, Esq. of Netley Park, ca 
Mayo, a his brother, 24 Sept. 1859. 

iLXXltK^t, — ^Hbkbt-Wiluaw Khox, Esq. of Netley Park, 
00. of Mayo (fourth son of Francis Knox, Esq. of Bappa 
Castle) capt. 6th dragoon guards, served as high-sheriflf fur 
Mayo in 1810. He m. Jane, eldest dau. of the Bev. William 
Bogers, D.D., of Kells, in Meath, and by her, who d. 
13 Feb. 1835, had issue, 

HxMBT-WiLLiAX, hls heir. 

William-Henry, d. 1847. 


Maty-Mma, m. to James-A. Knox, Esq. (deoeasedX and has 

Harriette, m. to Charles Kirkwood, Esq. of Bartra House, 

CO. Mayo, rapt B.N. 
Eleanor, m. U.-A. Knox, Esq., and has Issne. 

Mr. Knox d. 6 Oct 1816, and was «. by his eldest son, 

Henby-Wiluam Kkox, Esq. of Netley Park, J. P. and 
D.L., high-sherifr 1845, b. Dea 1809 ; m. Ist, 7 Dea 1835, 
iBabella-Antoinette, youngest dau. of John Peel, Esq. of 
Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, which lady-d. 19 Dec 1838 ; 
and Sndly, -in 1842, Elisa, eldest daiL of the CGrady of 
KUbaUyowen. Mr. Knox d. 24 Sept 1859, and was «. by 



bit tmij WQgHflDg trathar, the prtMOt 

^rnu, Orett, <ft«.— As Knox nfRappa OeuUt. 
fiM<— NeUqy Purk, Ifayo. 


The late John Kkox, Eaq. of Gastlerea, oo. 
Mrjo, J.P. and D.L., h. 18 liay, 1788; m. 12 March, 
1808, lCaria>Aime» only dau. of Major John ^oz, 
and by her (who d. 1 Jane, 1861) has had inue, 

L ABXHUBrBDWABD. lato ui ofBeoT in the Snd Ufe-guards, 
m. 12 Dea 1836, Lady Jane Fanons, dderdan. of Lau- 
reaoe, Bari of Boaee, azKl has iasue, 

1 JLiwaioroB-EDWABD, capt in the army, h. 7 Koy. 
18S0; fli. 13 Autf. 1868, Clu»<n>ariotto, Snd dau. of 
Hajor Ernert Knox, of Killala, oa Mayo. 

2 ArthmvUeniy. 
1 Maria-Jane. 

S Aiioe. 
8 Helen. 

IL Ernest, m. Chariotte-Gatherina, dau. of James Knox- 
Oore, Esq. 

III. Bobert-Augustus, in holy orden, m. in 1842, Ootavia- 
Oertrada, youngest dau. of the late Rev. R.-J. HalUfaz, 
only son of Samuel Hallifax, Bishop of St Asaph. 

lY. Edward-WiUiam-John. 

▼. Alftad-Charles. 

Mr. Knox, who «. his &ther 28 Oct 1798, served 
the office of sheriff for Wicklow in 1809, and for 
Mayo in 1821. He d, 81 Dea 1861. 

ILiSIf Xfft«— Abtrub Knox, Esq. (2nd son of WilUam 
Knox, Esq. of Castle Bea, by Maty Fahner, his wife) served 
as high sheriff oo. Mayo, 1782-8. He m. 8 May. 1724, Hannah, 
8rd dan. and oo-heir of Roger Palmer, Esq. of Palmerstown, 
oo. Mayo, by Charity, his 2nd wife, 2nd dau. and co-heir of 
Maurice Aanedey, Esq. of Little Rath, co. Kildare, and d. 
16 May, 1743, leaving a dau., Sydney, m. to Matthew 
Vaoghon, Esq. of Canamore, and a son, 

JOKH Kwox, Esq. of Castlereo, b. 1728, J.P., MP. for 
Donegal, from 1761 to 1769, and Castlebar, from 1769 
to 1774 ; served as high sheriff for SUgo in 1752, and for 
Mayo in 1763. He m. 26 May, 1750, Anne, fourth dau. of 
the Rt Hon. Sir Henry King, Bart, by Isabella, bis wife, 
aister of Richard, Yisoount Powersoourt, and had by her, 
who d. 29 Mardi, 1808, two aons and three daus., nam^, 

Abthvb, his heir. 

John, of Castlerea, eo. Mayo, and allerwardsof Dublin. 

(See Knox <if Mnwu Faieon, ) 
Isabella, m. to Xaveriua Blake, Esq. of Orsnmore, eo. 

Hannah , m. 29 July, 1776, to James Wilson, Esq. of Pttt- 

sonstown, co. Meath. 
Anne, d. unm. 14 Sept. 1788. 

Mr. Knox d. 24 Feb. 1774, and was a by his son, 

Abtrub Knox, Esq., b. IS Sept 1759, who settled at 
Woodstock, in Wioklow (an estate he purchased from Lord 
St. Oeoxge) and served the of&ce of high-sheriff for that oo. 
Id 1791. He was also high sheriff for Mayo, and a magistrate 
for both counties. He m. 28 June, 1781, Lady Mary Braba- 
aon, eldest dau. of Anthony, eif^th Earl of Meath, and 
had issue, 

John, his heir. 

Edward, 6. 2 Nov. 1786, a field oiBcer in the army. 

Arthur, 6. 22 Nov. 1798, in holy orders, m. in Nov. 1820, 

Maiy, dau. of the R.ght Hon. Denis Daly, of Dunsandla, 

00. Galwi^. 

Mary. d. unm. at Bristol, in July, 1798. 
Anno, m. to Edward- William Soott, Esq.. barristerat-htw. 

Mr. Knox d. at Bristol, 23 Oct 1708, was buried at New 
Caatle, oo. Wicklow. in a vault which he had built for the 
use of his family, and was «. by Us eldest son, the late 
John Knox, Esq. of Castlerea. 

ifriaa— Ou.,afhloon, wings expanded, within a bordure. 
engr., or, on a oanton, of the last, a lessei oheqvy, arg. and 


CWi<— A ftdoon, deoe, iMrdhed, ppr. 
89af Ositlerea, oo. Mayo. 


Khoz, Jobv-Fbxdbbio, Esq. of Mount Falcon, ea 
Mayo, Ueut-coL of the Sligo mlliUa, J.P. and D.L. 
counties of Mayo and Sligo, high sheriff of Mayo 
1828, and of Sli^o 1824, b. 28 Feb. 1789 ; m. 28 Jan. 
1819, Anna-Mana, eldest dau. of James Knox-Qore, 
Esq. of Broadhinds Park, oow Mayo, by his wife. 
Lady Maria-Lourisa, dau. of Arthur-Saunders^ 2nd 
Earl of Arran, and by this lady has isaae, 

X. FaxDSBto-EDOAB, b. 20 April, 1822. 
fi. Utred-Augustus, b. 19 April, 1826. 
II. Albert-Henxy, 6. 10 Febw 1827. 

IV. Alfred-WUUam, 6. 6 May, 1829. 

V. Alberio-Edward, 6. 17 Sept 1831. 
▼r. Ernest- Adolphus, 6: 16 April, 18 '4. 
VII. John-Ethelrad, ft. 7 Match, 1886. 
I. Eleanor-Louisa. 

Elttf X8e.--JoBV Kmx, Esq., ». 10 Marah, 178< aaalor 
in the SUgo regt of militia, second son of John Kbob* Esq. 
of Castlerea, M.F., by Anns, his wife, dan. of tha B4. Boa. 
Sir Henry King, Bart., M.P. co. Bosoemmon, i«. Isl^ 
24 Dee. 1786, Bleanoi>Anne, eldest dau. of FranelB Knax» 
Esq. of Bappa Castle, co. Mayo, by Mary, his wife, foorth 
dau. and oo-heir of Annesley Oore, Esq., M.P. for co. Mayo 
(brother to Arthur, first Eari of Arran), and by this lady, 
who d. 90 Mareh, 1790, had (with a dau., Maxia*Anne, w. 
12 March, 1808, to John Knox, Eaq. of Woodstock, oo. 
Wicklow, and Castlerea, oo. Mayo) two sons, J<Niir-Fax&MUCV 
now of Mount Faleon ; and Fiaaeia, ft. in 1790, d. young 
(in 1793). Major Knox m. 2ndly, 14 April, 1811, Catharine, 
second dau. of Richard Chaloner, Esq. of Kiagafdrt, eo. 
Meath, and by her had further iasue^ Bichard, Edward^ 
Chaloner, and BobertJohn; Frances-Maria; Etiaabeth, 
m. to Sir John Blimden, Bart ; and Catherine, deeesswd. 
Major John Knox d, 11 July, 1821. His eldest son ia tha 
present John-Frxdcbic Knox, Esq. of Mount Faioon. 

AriM—Qn.t a falcon, wings expanded, within a bordur^ 
engr., or, on a eanton, of the last, a fesse, chequy, azg. and 

Ore»t — A falcon, clone, on a perch, all ppt. 

Mottth^Moveo et proficio. 

<$ta<— Mount Falcon, near BaUina, eo. Mayo. 

See Supplement. 



KmnrroN, Thomas -Tuttov, Esq. of Uj^iill, oo. 
Somerset, J.P. and D.L., high shOTiflf 1851 ; m. let, 
15 Deo. 1886, Elisa-Maria, eldest dau. of Major 
General Sir Love Jones-Parry, of Madryn, co. Car* 
narvon, by whom (who d, 29 Sept 1888) he had m 

Thomas-Parry, ft. S8 Sept 1888 ; d. 18 Oct in the sama 
year. ' 

He m. 2ndly, 12 July, 1855, Gkoigiana-Sophia, only 
surviving ohild of William • Hnngerford Colston^ 
D.D., Rector of West Lydford, oo. Somerset 

HitltXfft* — ^Thomas KmwroH, of MugginUm, oa Dahy, 
descended from a Junior brsneh of the Knivetons of Mer- 
caston, m. his kinswoman, Elisabeth, ^dau. of Sir William 
Kniveton, Bart of Meroaston, co. Derby. M.P. fur the 
county in the 1st of Jambs I., created a Baronet in 1611. 
They had, with other Ibsuc, a son, 

Thomas Kkiveton or Rkyfton, of Mnggintom, who m. 
twice. By his 1st marriage he had no issue. He m. 2ndly, 
about 1661, Anne Pegge, and had (with three daua) two 
sons, I. Thomas, who d, at Derby about 1705, leaving two 
daus. ; and Gaoaoa. The younger son, 

GaoaoB Kntitok, Esq. m. 1098, Mary, only child <^ 
Thomas Hobbs, of Uphill, co. Somerset, and settled there. 
He d. in March, 1774, having bad a numerous family, all of 
whom d, young or nam., except one dau., Ann, m. to the 
Bev* Benjamin Hancock, rector of Uphill, and d. 11 July„ 
1705 and two aons, Thomas, of whom presently; and 
Oeeige, bapt .16 Nov. 1728, in holy orders, vftear of St 

K Y A 

ftwmnaiHi, oo. Somenet, d. In Nov. 1797, luvliig had 13ix«e 
•ooa, Geot^B, ChftrlM, and ThomaB, who all d. tiiMM. ki his 
UfoCime. The aldor son, 

Thomas KirmoN, Esq. of TJphUl, bapt S4 Jan. 1710 ; m. 
28 AxMg. 1705, Xifls Tutton, and d. in June, 1776, having 
had, with a dan., Mazy, a son, t 

TeoMAS-TDTTGir KmrvTOH, Esq. of Uphill, hapt S7 Jan. 
17T0 ; at. S5 May, 1797, Miaa ChappeU, and d. at Wells, 
13 Jan. 1810, having had, 

TBQXAS-TirrTov, now of Uphill. 

Maty, wt, 14 Feb. 18S7, to Robert Grayea, Baq. of Chariton 

House, in the parish of Donhead St litty, in ^e ooonty 

of WittB» and has issue. 



.i a chevron, yalre, as. and ea. 

C iut A n eagie'a head, erased, or, between two wings, 
diqilayed, sa. 

JTotto— In te Domine oonfido. 

aBsl-47phill, Weston-saper-Mare. 


Ktah, Ths Rbv. Williah-Edwabd, of Ballymar- 
tugfa, eo. Wicklow, b. in 1814 ; f. his father an 1850. 

litlfS9V«^nie 0*CahanS| prfaioes of Deny, a younger 
braneh of the illustrious house of O'Neill, of Tyrone, 
deeeand e d, through Feigal, monaroh of all Ireland A.n. 
709-718, flrom Nlall of the Nine Hostages. Their genealogy 
is to be found in MacFerbiBh and other Irish authoritiea, 
and their history down to the 17th century is minutely 
cfarooieled by the national annalists. Donal (yCahan, the 
bat ehieftnin of Berry, waa appointed a.d. 1598, and dis- 
poBweaaed of his territory in 1607. 

Ths Rbt. Jam as Ktan, of Raihbeggan, oo. Heath, whom 
mivatying traditiiA reoordB to have been eon of the dia- 
imnHnaaed dtiiefbain, and to have been placed (aooording to 
the poUey at tiiat time pursued by the Bnglish govern- 
ment) at Trinity College, Dublin, to be educated as a 
Ptoteatant, entered holT orders of the church of England, 
and was eettled at Rathbeggan, in 1828. He m. Jane, dan. 
of Christopher Flunkett, Esq., and had two eons, Adah, of 
whose descendants we treat ; and Christopher, whose line 
is extinct. The elder son, 

Ths Rkv. Adaji Ktan, of Rathbeggan, m. Joyce, dau. of 
W. Flood, Esq., and by her (who m. 2ndly, Dr. Thomaa 
Seele, Dean of St. Patrick'a, inovost of Trinity Collage) left, 
with a dan., Jane, an only son, 

Tbs Rst. Jakss Kyan, of Cushinatown, oo. Heath, b. in 
1848, who entered Trinity COU^pe in 16jB8, and became 
aaiihr fellow in 1671, and afterwards 1680, prebendary of 
atsgonil, in the cathedral of St. Patrick. He m. Elisabeth, 
dso. of R. Nelson, Esq., and d. in 1680, leaving issue, 
AnAM , his heir ; John, in holy orders, h. in 1680, Vicar of 
lUcer, and Rector of Lncan 1714, his descendanta are 
extiACt ; Joyce ; and Ann. The elder son, 

AiiAM Ktah, Esq. of Cushinstown, oo. Heath, Hount 
Howard, co. Wexford, and Ballyrauxtagh, ca Wicklow, 
a c quii e d the two last-muned estates in marriage with Mary, 
dan. and heir of John Howard, Esq. By her he loft, at his 
decease in 1738, two sons ; the yoimger son, John, d. unm. 
17SA. The elder, 

HowASD KTA.X, Esq. of Mount Howard and Bally- 
mortagh, 6. 1711 ; m. in 178^ Frances, dau. of Laurence 
Esmoode, Esq. of Ballynastray, ca Wexford, and by her, 
who d. in 1785, had issue, 

L JoBir*HowABD, his heir. 

JL James, of Carlow, b. 1748 ; who tn. 1777, Ellen, dau. of 

Thomaa HacCarthy, Esq., and by her (who d. tn 1824) 


1 Dennia, Ueut H.B.I.C.S., b. 1778; d. in India, unm. 

S John-Howard, eapt. 2nd rqgt. Bengal cavalry, b. 1770, 

who m. Hary, sister of Lieut -CoL Baldock, H. E.I.C.S., 

and left at his decease, 1844, an only child, Ellen. 
8 Jamea-Esmonde, 6. 1798 ; ut. Julia, dau. of — Dunn, 

Esq. ; and d. 1850, leaving issue, 


4 Ftands-Danlel, b. 1799. 

1 Fanny, m. 1802, to Matthew Redmond, Esq. 

2 Ellen, m. 1604, to John-Howard Kyan, Esq. of Bally- 

8 Ja ne. ^ 
4 Maiuwet* 

m. Bnnends, b. 1T60, who waa engaged In tlia nbdllw 
of 1798. and was executed with Oolelou|^ Oromua, sad 
Wagenai Harvey, at Wexford, half<an-boar balora thf 
arrival of the ezpreaa sent from Dublin Castle with his 
pardon, obtained 1^ his brother, Franda. He waa twiot 
m. ; by his 1st wifo, Maiy-Ann, dau. of — Byrne. Baq., 
he had five daus., Mai7, m. to — PuxesU, Esq. ; Fanny. 
Si. to Richard Bdgworth, Eaq. ; Blisa : IbersM : and 
Mary- Ann; and bv his 2nd, two sons, Joon-Howara. and 
Bsmonde^ who both d. young, and one dau., MantarsL 
This unfortunate gentleman was not leaa dlatingniabed 
fbr humanity than nravery and miUturv adenee : and Sir 
Richard Musgrave haa recorded a ww of the many 
Instancea in^v^ieh hia intsrf flcenee saved As Itvis of his 

zv. Frsnols, ms|orgenaral, H.E.I.G.%. b. 178t, who m, 
1798, Jane, dan. of Jamea Bhtfkney, Aq., and djing in 
1814, left issue, 

1 Franda, ft. hi 1799, who si. CatbariniL dan. of Richard 
Oalwey. Esol, and haa Iwue, Franda. o. 18S0, d. 

Gertrude: Mary, m. 1868, to Wm.-H.-F. Cogan, Eaq., 

M.P., of Tinode, 00. Wicklow; and Maigaret^ sk 185lt 

Thomaa Hayea, Esq. 
2 Jamea. 
8 Adam'Howard. 
4 Alexander, in holy ordera. 
ft John-Walter, 6. 1813 ; m. 1832, Mlsa Mnrphy. 
1 Gertrude, la. to Midiael-D. Keating, Eaq., C.B., of 

Tinny Park, oo. Kilkenny. 

L Mary, m. Richard Doyle, Esq., and d. «. a. 1808. 

XI. Elisabeth. 

in. Ann. 

IT. Joye9, m. Redmond Lanlgan, Esq., RK., snd d. 1794. 

Mr. Kyan d. 1766, and was ». by his ddsst son, 

JouN-HowARD Ktan, Esq. of Mount Howanl and Bally- 
murtagh, b. 1743, who m. 1768, PhilUs, dsn. of Thomas 
Button, Comte de donard, and by her, who d. 1808, had 

JoBH-HowABD^ his hdr. 

Thomas-Sutton, lieut H.E.I.O.&, ft. 1786; d, tmm. in 

India, 1818. 

FhiUis, m. 1809, John Broome, Esq., and d. 1810. 

Mary, m. 1798. Capt. Henry-Miehsd Onosby, «Bd d. 1849. 
Ellen, m. 1797, Charlea Baggat Emq,^ haRister^t4aw, and 


Mr. Kyan d. 1801, and waa a by his aon, 

JoHN-HowARn Ktan, Eaq. of Ballymurtagh, b. 1774, who 
m. 1804, his cousin, Ellen, dan. of Jamas Kjaa, Eaq. of 
Carlow, and had issue, 

I. Wiluaji-Edwabd, present representative of the thmily. 

II. Howaid. b. 1819; d. 1826. 

ni. John-Howard, 6. 1829 ; m. 1858, Mary, dau. of John 
CantweU, Esq. of Dublin, and lias lasue, John-Howard, 
b. 17 Jan. 1864. 

I. Borah. 

II. Mary-Ann. 
ui. EUza. 

IV. Fanny. 

V. Cecilia. 

VI. Pbillis. 

VII. Helen. 

Mr. Kyan d. 1850, and was i. by his eldest son, the prassnt 
Rev. Williak-Edward Kyan, of Ballymurtagh. 

.<f nNS— Gu., an antique Irish crown, ppr., betw re i three 

fishes, hauriant, arg. 

Crett — A wild cat, salient, ppr., gorged with an antique 
Irish crown. 

Jtfotto— Inclytus vlrtute. 


SNETS-KYinrBBSLBT, CuDixnT- Thomab, Esq. of 
Loxley Park, oo. Stafford, 6. 21 Oct. 1839. 

ftineage.— According to an old pedigree, "the ftenily 
of the Kynnersleys is very ancient, being seated long befiwe 
the Conquest in com. Hereford, in a castle soe called at pre- 
sent In Doomesday Booke it is recorded, that when the 
Conqueror was possessed of his newe kingdo&e of England, 
bee sent his Comissn throughout y« remote parts thereof, 
to know howe every man held his lands. In which tyme 
there was an oold gentleman that lived and was owner of 
Kynnardsley Caatlo, in com. Hereford : by name John de 
Kynnardsley, and by title a knight (if any knighta were be- 
fore the Conquest ) This oqld gentleman was blind, he had 
then liveing with him twelve sonnea. whom with himself he 
armed, and stood in his castle gate, his halberd in his hand, 
attending the coming of sheriiBi and other comiss'* fhnn f 


K Y R 

k&V, ifbo tMhg iRiyad, demuided of bfm by wbaft tentift 
1m hold bb OMilo and landi ; y* old knt roplyed by his 
urtDM, showing to them his halberd." 

Hooo DC KnrirAiuxiiJETB is mentioned In several charters, 
In the time of Hmmy III, apd was seised of the manor of 
Newland and other estates in the ooe. of Olouoester and 
Hereford. This Hugh, a soldier of the Cross, aooompanied 
Frinoe Bdward to the Holy Land, and received the honour 
of knighthood, upon which oocasion he added the Jerusalem 
M 'os Des to his arms, which were before " A&, a lion ram- 
pant, arg." 

For oenturies after the Kynnersleys of Lozley preserved 
a male sucoessi<ni, and still continue to be one of the leading 
fltmUies of Leioestershire. The last male representative, 

CiXMXKT KvimEBSLST, Bsq. of Loxley (son of Thomas 
Kynnendey* Esq. of Loxley, an officer RN., by Penelope, 
his wife, only dan. of John Wheeler, Esq. of Wootton, and 
grandson of Thomas Kynnersley, Esq. of Loxley, by Bar- 
bara, his wife, dau. of Sir Gilbert Clarke, of Chilcote) m. 
Bosamond, dau. of Sir Wolstan Dixie, Bart of Bosworth 
Park, CO. Leicester, but dying Issueless, In 1816, willed his 
property to his nephew, Thomas Smkyd (youngest son of 
John Saeyd, Esq. of Bi^ton, bo. Stafford, by Penelope, his 
wife, eldest dau. of Thomas Kynnersley, Esq. of Loxley 
Park, CO. Stafford). Mr. Thomas Sneyd, J. P. and D.L., 
who was bora May, 1774, assumed by royal licence, 1816, 
the additional surname and arms of Ktnhkrslcy. He m 
1st, Miss Maria Stokes Kynnersley, and by her (who d, 
16 Man^ 1821) had two sons and two dans. He m. 2ndly, 
Miss Harriet Potts, and by her had issue, three sons and 
five daus. The eldest son of the 1st marriage, 

CLumiT-Joinr, m. 4 Jan. 1880, Mary, dau. of William 
Snoyd, Bsq. of Ashcombe, and d. 3 March, 1840, leaving 

CLExmr-THOiCAS, now of Loxley Park. 


Maty-Jane, m. to the Bev. W. Fraser. 

' Mr. Bneyd-Kjnneniley d. 6 Sept 1841 

.imw-^Qoartttly : 1st and 4th, for KTmnsBSLxv, at., 
aemde of orosses-croaslet, a Uon rampant, arg. ; 2nd and 8rd 
for Svbyd, arg., a scythe, the blade in chief, the snod, or 
handle in bend sinister, sable ; in the fesse point, a fleur- 
de-lis, of the 2nd. 

Cre$U— For KTxmBBfiLKY, a mount, vert, thereon a grey- 
hound, s^ant arg., collared, or, under a hawthom-ti-oe, ppr.; 
for Shbyd, a Uon, statant, guardant, the tail extended, sa. 

Motto — Neo oppiimere nee opprimL 

£eat— Lozley Fftrk, in the oo. of Stafford. 


Honet-Ktblb, Wiluam, Esq. of Homme House, 
Much Marcle, co. Hereford, of Whetham, co. Wilta, 
and of Pitsford, co. Northampton, 6. 1 May, 1808; 
high sheriff of Herefordshire 1853, M.A«, J.P. 

ILCtltftfft* — In the oldest writings relative to the Kybucs 
the name is variously written, Crul^ Crull^ and Orulle; after- 
wards Orpllf and sometimes Curl/ uutil at last it was uni- 
versally spelt Ktrle. The first of the family on record, 

BoBBBT Ceul, of Altone, or Old Town, near Ross, resided. 
In 1295, at Homme now Hom Green, in the same neigh- 
bourhood. From him descended Waltkr Ktrle, who was 
seated at *' the HuUe,** or Hill, near Roes, in the year 14S9. 
Dying at the close of the same century this gentleman be* 
queathed the Hill to his eldest son, Walter, who left an 
only dau. and heir, Alice, m. to Ghrbtopher Clarke, Esq., 
and to his 2nd son, James, the estate of Walford, near Ross. 
Jamsb thus became founder of the Walford branch of the 
Kyhle family. 

Thomas Ktrle, of Walford Court, son and heir of the 
«bove mentioned James, Uved temp, Hehry VII, and by his 
marriage with Johan, dau. and heir of Hugh Abrahall (by 
Alice, his wife. dau. of John Rudhall, of Rudball) had, with 
four daus., nine sons. From the eldest of these sons, via., 
Walter, of Walford (who m. Joan, dau. of Richard Warn- 
combe, Esq.) descended John Ktrle, the celebrated *' Mah 
or Ross " (who was bom at the White House, Dymock, in 
May, 1637, and cL «. p. at Ross, 7 Nov. 1724), and from the 
fourth of them, vis., TneMAS Ktrle, who seated himself at 
Much Marde early m the reign of Elisabeth, the line, 
which, through the female representative, still retains pos- 
session of that ancient seat. 

Sir John Kyrlk, of Much Marde, Snd Bart, grandson of 
Thomas K^le, the first of Much Mardo, m. 16 Deo. 16i7, 

Bebeoea, dan. of Daniel Vincent, Esq., and by her («lu>«. 
2ndly, John Booth, Esq. of Letton) had four daus. Sir 
John Kyrle, who was M.P. for Herefordshire, at the period 
of his decease, <L 4 Jan. 1671^80, and was «. by his eldest 
dau. and co-heir, 

Vinoentia Ktrlb, ^. 2 Oct. 1651, who m. 6 Doe. 1674, 8lr 
John Emle, Knt. of Bury Town, Wilts (son of Sir John 
Ernie, of Whetham, Knt, Chancellor of the BndieqiMr, 
t€iMp. Charles II and JAifis I IX and had {asoe, 

John-Ktbia Ebvle. the heir. 

Heeter Ernie, b. 8 Feb. 1676-6 ; m. to WiUlam WaahboumeL 

Esq. .son and hefar of William Washboume, of WydMnford 

and Pytdiley, Esq. , and was mother of 

EusABETR Washbourhb, who tit. 1 Oct. 1728, Fbakois 
MoHET, Esq. of WeUingborough, and d. 8 Mareh, 1726^ 
leaving an only son, 

James Mohet, Esq., oi whom presently. 

Vinoentia Lady Emle was t. by her son, 

John Ktrle Ernle, Esq. of Whetham and Much Marde, 
bapt. 10 May, 1688, who ifi. 1704, Constantia, only dau. of 
Sir Thomas Rolt, Knt. of Saecombe, Herts, and dying Oct 
1725, left an only dau. and heir, 

CoNBTANTiA Ernlb, who m. 1741, Thomas, Visooimt Dup- 
plin, afterwards 8th Earl of Kinnoul, and had an only child, 
Thomas-John-Emle Hay, b. 12 Aug. 1742, who d. 14 Oct. 
1748. The countess herself d. In 1758, and waa interred at 
Calne on the 7th July. Leaving no issue, die settled her 
estates upon the next heir, and sole representative of ber 
ancestors, as diown above (the eon of her first eousin, 

James Mohet, Esq. of Pitsford, NortbamptonstalFS^ 
Ueiit.«coL in tiixe army, bapt. 25 Sept. 1724, who m. Eugenia, 
eldest dau. and co-heir of Geonrs Stoughton, Esq of 8tw 
John's, Warwick, and dying 14 June, 1785, left an only sur^ 
vivlng son, 

William Monet, Esq. of Mudi Marde, 6. 18 Flob. 1748, 
who tit. Mary, dau. of William Webster. Esq. of Stoekton-on- 
Tees (by Mary, his wife, dau. of Bdand Burdon, Bsq.)^ and 
by her (who et. 20 June, 1818, aged 60) had iaaue^ 

1 James, his heir. 

II. William, successor to his brother. 

lit. Qeorge, late mcister in eqtiity, accountant-general, and 
keeper of the records in the Supreme (iJourt of Judicature, 
Cidcutta, ttt. 21 Jan. 1817, Pulcherie, dau. of Heurie, Mar- 
quis de Bourbel, and has issue, 

1 William-Bayley. 

2 Oeorge-Hemi. 
8 Alonzo. 

4 Edward-Mortimer. 
6 AiuelLan. 

nr. Kyrle E -nle, M. A., Vicarof Much Marcle, and prelector 
and prebendary of Hereford Cathedral, m. 16 Jan. 1S06, 
M iry-Thomadna, dau. of Ffrenoh, Esq., and 
hud surviving issue, 

1 K^le Ernie Aubrey, m in 1841, Emma-Kemp MItfoid, 
rehct of the Rev. John-Revdey Mitford. 

2 BowIand-WiUiam-Taylor, m. tn 1840, Katherlne, dan. 
of M%}or Peyton, of the Indian army, and has Issue. 

1 Mary Emle, m. in 1830, to Oswald, son of Thumas 
Orimston, Esq. of Qrimston Garth, oo. York. 

2 Ellenor, m. in 1827, to the late Rev. Richard-Coke 
Wilmot, son of Sir RMbei-t Wilmot, Bart of Chaddesdtm, 
oo. Derby. 

8 Eugenia-Jane, m. in 1840, to the Rev. Henry Hunting- 
ford, M.A., Rector of Hampton Bishop, oa Hereford, 
Canon of Hereford, and Fellow of Winchester CoUege. 

4 Vinccntia-SybiUa. 

y. Rowland, rear-admiral R.N., C.B., «a. IS Sept. 1805, 
Maria, dau. of William Money, Esq. of WalthamstOw* 
Essex, and has issue, 

1 Rowland. 

2 Emle Kyrle. 

8 William-Taylor. 

4 David-Inglis, d. in 1843. 

1 Maria-Rowlanda, m. in 1830, to the Rev. Samuel- James 
Qambier, nephew to the Ute Lord Gambler. 

2 Amelia-MarjT, m. in 1841, to the Hon. H.-F. Pery, son 
of the late viscount Glentworth, and grandson to the 
Earl of Limerick. 

8 Angelica-Mary. 
4 Emma-Martha. 

6 Eva-Maria, ta. in 1843, to H.-E.-M. Palmer, Bsq. of the 
Indian army. 

▼I. John, eommander in the Ea.<^ India Company's mari- 
time service, d. imm. 6 Aug. 1825. 

I. Hester. 

n. Mary, d. In childhood. 

IIL Eugenia* m. 8 June, ITVf, to Willlam-Tnvlor Money, 
Bsq. of Walthamstow, Essex, knight of too Ouelphw 


L A L 

r, KP.» «kd nbwqtiaitl^H. R X. oomol-gaiflnl 

■* Venice and Milan, and had issue. 
!▼. Susannah, m. 17 JtOy, 1800, to the Boy. Robert Ghat- 

fleld, B.C.I4., Vicar of Chattenji, CambridgeahiraL 
T. Dorothea. 

▼X. Alioe, d, vmm. 87 Oct 1803. 
rzL Vinoentia, d. wim. 1 April, 181& 

Mr. Money d. 6 Not. 1808, and was «. by his eldest son, 

8a Jajos Monkt, of Much Marde, a nuOor-geneial in the 
anny, 6. 15 Aug. 1775, and m. 27 Dee. 1811, to Anne-Caro- 
line, eldest dau. of Robert Taylor, Esq. of Gloucester Place, 
Portman Square, Ijondon. He assumed by royal licence, 
dated 26 April, 1809, the additional surname and arms of 
Ktblb, and was created a baronet at the coronation of Her 
Majesty Queen Victoria, in 1838. Mi^or-General Sir James 
Kyile-Mcmey ci. 20 June, 1843, without issue, and was a by 
Us next brother, 

B>T. WiLUAJC Monxt-Ktrijs, M.A., J. P., 6. 18 Oct 1770; 
m. 10 July, 1805, Emma, dau. of Richard Down, Esq. of Halli- 
wick Manor House, 00. Middlesex (by Rose, his wife, dau. 
and heir of Henry Neale, Esq. of Ixmdon, lineally descended, 
tnm the ancient house of Nkau, of Dean, in Bedfordshire), 
and had issue, 

WiuJAM|now of Homme House. 

Edward Kyrle, It. 2nd regt. Bengal It -cavalry, 5. 29 Jan. 

1810: & tMin. at Loodianha, Eaat Indies, 17 Not. 1841. 
John Mmle, cwt 82nd regt, b. 1 March, 1813 ; m. 10 July, 

1842, Harriet-iiouisa, eldest dau. of William Sutton, Esq., 

of Hattiagfordbury, 00. Herts, and has issue. 
James Stotighton, of Emmanuel CollMpe, Cambridge, in 

hdlj orders, fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and 

Rector of Yatoebur7,oo. Wilts, 6. 31 Oct. 1813 ; m. 17 Jan. 

1839, Bose-EliBabeth, dau. of John-Drake Pridham, &q. 

of Plymouth, co. Devon ; and d.$.p. 1852. His widow 

M. Sndly. — PhilUps, Esq. 
George Waahboume, M.A., fellow of King's College, Cam- 

bri<&e, b. 28 Oct 1816. 

Bichaid-Walter, 6. 16 Nov. 1825 ; tn the 82nd regt 
Charles-Septimus, b. 26 Sept 1827. 
Emma, at. 1841, to the Rev. Geoige Frothero. 

Mr. Money-Kyrle d. 18 Jan. 1848. 

Jrou— 4)uarter1y : 1st and 4th, vert, a chev. between three 
isui»de>]is^ or, for Kyble; 2nd and 8rd, chequy, aig^. aud 
g«., on a chief, aav, three engles, displayed, or, Tor Monkt. 

CiTs/a—lsi, on a moont^ vert, a hedgehog, or, for Kyblb ; 
2nd. an eagle's head, sa., erased, ai^., collared, gomeile, 
holding in Uie beak a fleiur-de-lis, or, for Mohbt. 

JfoMo-^Kil moror ictus. 

finlc-Hom House, Herefordshire; Whetham, Wiltshire; 
and PItaford, Northamptonshire. 


Labouohxbs, John, Esq., J.P. aud D.L., of 
Broome Hall, Surrey, &. 1799 ; m. 1830, Mary, dau. 
of James Du Pr^, Esq. of 'Wilton Park, 00. Bucks 
<Me that fiuniljf), and has, Henry, 6. 1831 ; Arthur, 
b. 1842 ; and six daus., of whom the 3rd, Fanny- 
Adalaide, m. 1860, Herbert, youngest son of the late 
Lord James Stuart 

Xitnf SffC* — ^The family of Labouohere left France at 
the period of the revocation of the edict of Nantes, aud 
becuae establiehed in Holland. The first who settled in 
England waa the late 

PBrsa-C^SAR LABOUCHntB, Esq., a partner in the groat 
meitsntile house of Hope, who purchased the estates of 
Uylaads, in Essex, and Over Stowey, co. Somerset. He 
■i. 20 Nov. 1706, Dorothy-Elisabeth, 4th dau. of tho Into 
Sir Frsncia Baring, Bnrt. of Stratton Park, Hants, and 
dying 18 Jan. 18S9, left two sons, Hgkrt, created Baron 
Taumtov, 1859 ; and John, now of Broome HolL 

Sm(— Broome Ball, Doiklng. 


Laos, John-Pbtcb, Esq. of Boughton House, 00. 
Keoty J.P. and D.L., and late major in the Eaat 
Kent regiment of militia. 

M,intH^t* — ^BoBRRT Ladir, Esq. of Bnrham, recoMer 
of Quiterbuxy iu 166.1 (oldest son of Vincent Ladd, Esq. of 
Bsiham, by Agnes Deniio his wffo, mid brother of Thomas 
of Bsrham, gmndfathor of Sir Juhu Lado, Bart, M.P.X «m. 
iaiuly, 1010, Hmy, dau. of William Luvohico, uf Tho 

Mary, CSintnbaiy ; and d. in 1600, laavfiw, with 
issue, a son, 

Lavoslot Ladb, Esq., hantotex^t-law, who d. in 10^, 
leaving, by XUasbeth Buiett hte wife, with other Imie, a 
son and heir, 

VofOSMT Lads, of the Archbishop's Palace, and after- 
wards of Borgate, who m. Ann Kite, of Hoed Uoiiae, la 
Bleane, and by her (who d. in 1720) left at hie decease, fai 
1730, with other tssue^ a younger son, 

MiOHAK. Labb, Esq., 6. in lOM, father, by SUsdnth 
Dadd, his wife, of 

Jomr Labs, Esq. of Boughton, 5. 18 April, 1734 ; who m, 
IS June, 1757, Heater, dau. of Hills Hobday, of Faversham, 
and had (with one dan., Hester, m. to WUL Staoey Coast, 
of Chaitham Deansty) three sona, Johjt-Hobdat, of whom 
presently; William, of Jsaus College, Cambridge; and 
Charles, an olBoer in the army. The eldeat, 

JoHX-HoBDAT Lade, Esq. of Bou^^ton, an oflloer in the 
army, m. S Jan. 1791, Eliaa, dau. of David Evon, Esq., and 
niece of Sir John-Powell Pryoe, Bart of Newton Hall, co. 
Montgomery, and by her had (with a dau., Maria, m. to 
Wastel Briaco, Esq. of Bohemia, 00. Sussex) an only son, 
the present JoHH-PavcB Ladb, Esq. of Boughton House. 

.^ngw— Azg., a fesse, wavy, between thrse sscsllops, sa. 
Cmt — ^A leopard's hcAd, ppr. 
fiMt>-Boughton Hall, nsar Favershamt Kent. 


Lalob, Thomas, Esq. of Gregg, 00. Tipperary, 
J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1860, formerly genUeman- 
at-lai^ge to H.E. the late Earl of Beesborouc^ when 
Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 

Srtruaffe.— The CLslom or Lalors, are of Ifilesian 
origin. At an early period they migrated with the CMoree 
item Ulster to the extenaive district of Leiz, in the Queen's 
County, of which country the O'Moree became powerful 
Princes, and, under them, the O'Lalors were influential 
ehieftains, possessing considerable landed property batween 
Stradbally and Maryborough. Their principid seat was at 
Disert, near the rock of Dunamase. Thence a branch 
sprung, which settled iu the county of Tipperary. In the 
*' Four Masters," the O'Lalors are enumerated with the 
O'Morea, the O'Dempeeya, fta, amongst the leading Irish 
Gentry basely murdered at the Hill of MuUaghmoestan, 00. 
Kildare, in 1677 ; and by virtue of an Act passed at Dublin 
Srd and 4th Philip and Maby, the possessions of OXalor, 
along with those of O'Mors and others, were eonflscated. In 
1690, the O'Lalors took part, along with Anthony O'Mors, 
against the forces of Queen Elizabeth, and fought with 
groat gallantry at the Pass of Plumes. In 1600, the 
O'Lalors were received into the royal protection by the 

DiOMTSins Lalor, of Ballywoney, was a member of this 
family. His name was signed to tho new form of oath 
aud declaration of the Confederate Catholics of Ireland, 
dated 10 Jan. 1046, o.s., amongst the signattires of several 
other xiersonages, who are styled by historians, '* veluti 
comitiales in Domo Communium." 

Tho first member of the O'Lalor family who bocame a 
resident of the county Tipperaiy, was JERsaiiAH Lalor, 6. 
in 1626. He came from Disert, in the Queen's County, about 
the year 1666, after having taken a prominent part in 
defending the fortress of Dunamase sgainst tho Parliamen- 
tarians during the war of 1641. He hold the rank of roi^r 
in the Irish forces, and his (hther was nephew to WinefVed, 
dau. of O'Lalor, of the Queen's County, and wife of John 
CrosUe, Lord Bishop of Ardfert (ancestor of the Earls of 
Glondore, and of the Crosbies, Baronets), who d. in lOatl. 
The lands of Farran-g-cahill, near Templemore, and also 
several other denominations In that nelgfabouihood, were 
M^jor Jeremiah Lalor*s estatos. Farrenagahill at the present 
day pays a chief-rent to his descendant Capt. Edmund 
PoVpr-Lalor, of Longorchard after-mentionod. Mi^or Jcra- 
miaS Lalor, although then fkr advanced in years, fought as 
a volunteer under the banner of King James at the battle 
of the Boyne. After he had become resident in the county 
TipiMrary, he m. Judith, dau. of Kedmgh O'Meagher, Esq. 
of Bouloboue Castle, same county, and had issue, 

Jbbemxar, of Bamngrotty, of whom hereafter. 
John, ancestor of Mrs. Laffim. 
P.itrick, who d. 8. p. 

Miithew of Klllough. Hd m. tho dan. of — Kioly, Esq. of 
the CO. Coi'k, ana had issue^ 1 John, of Oldcostle ; S EUsa- 




Lalor Cook*, b^ «r 

Joasr tiAum, Wmq. of 

, Bni. oTOatnlli, 

^•If^^UIS. ^itd 

n, gJfhnJM^ «il DonoMm and 
». CMiite, 4ml of UUdc Borici^ 
€Mw»y, sad A S9 4aao, 17W, & p. 

tfi. Jolm, «tCnaam^wDd haagar 
dopotjr g wi riiui aod Jortieo of tko qi 
ooonly. itfiePoin»-LAL0K4^I«ivar«ftarl) 

IT. JmrnaiOk, of OIioAoom. m. lot, Lyd^ ^a. ctmOhm 
flMfUi. Ito, of PuiilttootkL Qoood'o Coimtj, Vf wbom 
bo wao flitbor of Jobn, of Onrtoen, oo. Tippeniy, wbo 
m. Bonh, doo. of EdwndKoanodj, En. Thio Jonmlah 
«i. tedly, Aaao, don. of John Dobevl^, Ifaq, of Outeath, 
ooi.Tippowry,ofwfakfa iiM i Tl o g onoliwo «m w t fOo. 

T. Jamm, of BHontown, m. IBm Bnj, • niooo to tbo 
ktoMooiBoT. Dr. Tlii»MBr»7,]kiaMn GMlMiieAxcb. 
bhhop, and boo a dan., Alida. 

Ti. Joaeph, a law student, who d. jcaog and tmm. 

1. Bridget, wife of Koblo Luke Uaber, Jbq. of Oviieen, 
00, ttuu m mj, 8ho d. c •> 

n, AUflo,wtfiof Wil]lomKoatfBV,bii.,of Btookl^^oo. 
TlfMporafjr. 8bo d. *.p, 

m. Baaaa. wfaod. 

Tiioitaa Lauvb, Baq. of Ct^k; oa Tlppmry, J.P., and a 
dopotj'fofonor of tbo ooontiaa of T^ipannr and KlUnnny, 
ai. Bridfot, dan. of Bdmimd Poww, Baq. of OanaviUa, and 
dL 17 Magr, ItlS, laaffaif teaa^ 

TBOMAa-Eniuvii, bla boir. 

Maiia, m. to B'Arcr Mahon, Em. 

ASim, m. to Jobn Powar, laq. oi C huf t bt own. 

Tbo aon and bolr, 

TflOMAa-BoMVin) Lalob, Bsq. of Cregg, J.F. and D.L., 
aanrod aabigb dwriff of the oo. Tlpperary, 1840-1. Ho m. 
Anno, dao. of BkbaM Power, Baq. of Canrldb-on-Stilr, and 

TuoMJtM, now of Oragg. 

Jubn. 12tb in&ntry, d. 11 Vow. 1850, agod SO. 

Nlcholaa. d. 18 Oct 1848, aged S3. 


Bllaa, m. 1860, Wflliam OHeagber, Eiq. of Kilmoyler, oo. 

Loaiaa, wife of Clement fladUor, Biq. of Oaatlo Bkke, oo. 


Mr. Lalor d. Sf Pab. 1847, aged OS ; bla widow aorvlved 
ttntU 81 Jan. 1848. 

Arm$—iPolf ngistOMd.) V«t, a lion ram^, or, armed 
aodlangued, gu. 

OnMt— An arm embowel, Teoted, go., eoffed, yart^ the 
band, ppr., graaping a abort aword, alio ppr. 

ifofto^Fortia at fldeUa. 

fM^-<7regg, Caniok-on-Sulr, oo. Tipperaiy. 


PowiB-LALORy Edmuvd-Jaiiis, Eflq. of Long 

Orchard, oo. Tipperaiy, J.P. and D.L., nigh sheriff 

1867» formerly capt. Itt dragoon-guarda, 6. 18 Oct. 

Hli; m. 1858» Maiy-FfMioeiy eldest daiL of Qeoige 



1 John Power. Baq. of O iii l ei i ii. D.I.., ok 

of 8h' Jobn P»war, Bart, of Kflbna, oo, KinDeoay. and 

d. IS M^, itf 1, iaafteg liBDe, Bmre iip na mjl Foen» 

■■1^ now of Ovitaen. and other iiMie. 
S BmfUHD Vomwrn-'Ludm. Biq., now of Long Orehara. 
t llii ibai drPianda-Iialor Pciwer, Eaq., ak Mka Jane 

Hntton, of the United atatai. 
1 Mary, ak to Ifa agy Petn^ b^. of Donkenbalg^ Lan- 

ok to Pifaiek Power, Baq. of ft ai uure, ool 

P»wer, wu tediy, thoBigbk Hon. Bfabard- 
P., and d. 4 Aug. 1851 
,aL'l8S8, to Biebaad-ManteBfiakn BeOew, Bvi., 

M.P., deoeaaed, bnitber of Lord BeUew, and d. a jk 
John laloi; of OBBniH«b and Lot^OnlMffd, d. 78fliit 18S8L 

:lafcaad4tb,or,allani«mpt,ga.; tod, 
aebief, indented, aa. ; Sid, aiy., on a cfaioC; gu., tbrao 

ibowed, ^raatod, gvL, onflbd, vert, tbo 
aahoKtawoid, alee ppr. : Sad, a atac^a 
the borne a cmoiflz, ppr. 
Motion PorUa et flddia, and per cincam ad ooronaia. 
5ial— >Long OrdMrd, Templetiioby, oo. Vppumj. 


Jjmmb, Riohabd • WsaiBROOK, Esq. of West 
Denton, ca Northumberland, D.L. for oo. Durham, 
b. 11 Aug. 1828 ; m. 6 Feb. 18<5, Oeoiigiana-Elian- 
beth, youngest dao. of Stephen Eaton, Eaq. of 
Ketton Hall, Rutland, and hna issue, 

L JoespR-JoHH-TAiBor, 6. S7 Sept 1857. 
II. Stcpben-Eaton, 6. S8 July, 18G0. 
I. Maxy-Oeoigiana. 

ILCnfAfff • — ^Tbls ftmlly ia a younger bimncb oT tbe 
Lambs of Seat HUl, Cumberland, In wbieb oounj^y th^j 
baye bald land for oenturiea. 

BicH^BD Laicb, Eaq. of Seat Hill, Cumberland, h. lOm ; 
m. Alloa Orabam, of Edmond Castle, Cumberland, and bad 
issue a numerous famfly, of wbicb the youngest son, 

JoasPB Lamb, Esq. of Ryton Hall, Durbam, h. 17SS, 
J.P., m. 1st, tbe beiress of tbe Humble family, of Ryton, 
Durbam, and bad iasue two daus., wbo d. in infancy ; and 
2ndly, Sarab, dau. of Warren Maude, Esq. of Sunnyalde, 
00. Durbam, and bad isane, 

I. HuMBLS, J.P., 8. 1774, was 0tb wrangler, and B.A. of 
Emmanuel College, Cambridge ; m. Jane, dau. of AIex> 
ander Cbatto, Esq. of Main Mouae, Bozbuivbabire, and 
bad iasue, 

1 Joaepb-Cbatio, m. Eleanor, dan. of WilUam Oliver 
Btttherford, Esq. of Edgerstone^ Bozburgbsbire, loid 

S Alexander. 

8 Cbarlea, m. Franoea Ongley, daq. of Capt Frederick 
Burgoyne, &N . and baa iasue. 

1 EliMbetb, m. William Maude, Baq. of Beiaby Park, 



8 Jaaa, «. Joba StMvaDaon, 1&m|. of Bjton, Darham, 
«nd h«8 lagoe. 
4 li>l)<l!ifc, M. Bewick BiMkbum, Ejr|., and bM Issue. 

IL Wannsn, 6. 1778 ; m. 1811, Sarah, dan. of Robert Hunter, 
bq. of Busker Hill, Durbazn, and has issue, 

1 Warrsn-ltaadek d. 1840. 

t FTBdaxiek, m. liUarLouisa, dau. of Adam-WaUaoe 

Sbnalle, Eaq. of London, and has issue. 
8 Thomas. 
I Barah-lfaude. 
t Louisa, m. Colonel St Aubyn, of BelTedere Hoose, 

Jensy, and has issue. 
8 Hanrltt» n^ George Falle, fisq. 
4 GaroUne-Laun, si. Colonel St Aubyn, Jub., and has 

UL J wRH, of whose line we treat. 
L Haniet^ m. Bnbert Scott, Esq. of Shlnelifib HaU, 
Xhuham, and had issue, 

1 William, b. 1804; m. Geoigfaia, dan. of CM. Henries, 
and has issue, 
t Dudlev, 6. 19 May, 18S1. 
1 Geov^BTUia, d. 

n. Sarah, «. Oeoige Broadziok, Esq. of Hamphatl Park, 
m. Helen, m. Capt Fead, RN., and has issue. 

Mr. Laaab waa «. by his third son, 

JoBSPH Lamb, Bsq. of West Denton, Northumberiand, 
and Temmon, Cumberland, J. P. and D.U, h, 11 Not. 1781 ; 
». 4 May, 1824, Amelia-Mary, dau. of Joseph Michael, Bsq. 
of Stamfoxd, Lincolnshire, and d. 8 Oct 1859, having had 

I. JoOTph, 8. IS Msy, 18B5 ; d. 81 July, 1848. 

n. RioBaxD • WasiBftooK, hfts sincswor, new of West 

DL Willi Mn-W entworth, ft. 14 July, 1880; » e4>t ta the 

7tli dnflOOB'-ffussda. 
IT. Jobn-Henry, b. 81 July, 1894 ; d. 19 Ang. 1804. 
T. Bobert-Onnstcm, b. 6 Nov. 1888. 
L AmeUa-Mary, m. 18 AprO, 1888, Oapt Nugent Chfdhes- 

ter, eldest son of Joseph CUchesfeer-Kiigle, Vaq, of 

Calrsvlalgh Ooort, Devon. 
It. Joeephlne-Mary-Agnes. 
UL MaiT-Bnuna-AUce-IUanche. 

(as engraved in Bubxs*8 JutkorUtd ArnuyStL., on a 
feiiM. erm., bwween three einquefoils, aig., two mullets, of 
the field. 

OiB«t— The holy or peeehti] lamb. 

Jf o<to— P^ma non aine pulvere. 

JbMbnes— Axwell Park, Gateshead, Durham. 


Lambabdb, William, Esq. of Beechmont, Seven- 
oakt, CO. Kent) J.P. and D.L., d. 18 Not. 1796; m. 
1 Oet 1818, Harriet -EliEabeth, 5th dau. of Sir 
James NMBmyth^ Bait^ of Poeao, oo. PeeUes, and 
hu iasue^ 

I. MU1.T0H, h. in 18S1 ; m. Maroh, 1848, Marianne-Terasa- 

livesey, dau. of isdmund Turton, Esq. of Brasted 

Plaoe, Kent, and has inue, John-Bell-WiBiam-Bdmund ; 

Multon-Thomas-Geotge ; Mary-Terasa-LoulBa ; BUen- 

Gkaoe ; Maude-Eleanor. 
IL John, b. in 18S3 ; m. 1847, Maty-Anne, dau. of Capt 

Haalam, and d. 1848, leavteg a dan., Harriet-Chatlotte. 
m. WttlSaiB, Beut RN., 8. in 1824 ; d. 1868. 
IT. Thfloaaa, b. 1888 ; d. an infant 
V. ChiHea, ft. 18S7 ; d. an Infint 
TL FmelB, 6. in 1880, 1st Stafford milida. 
vn. Ghafto»JaDiies, ft. in 18SS ; in holyorden. 
vm. Thomas-Murray, ft. in 1888 ; Indian navy. 
UL Henry, ft. March, 1840 ; 54th regt. 
L Beanora, m. 1854, to Bobert-W.-P. Battisoombe, eldest 

son of the Rev. R Bsttisoombo, Rector of Barkway, 

Hefta, and has tasne. 
n. JttUa^ m. in 1857, James^Oiriatle, eldest son of James 

Traill, Esq., and has issue, 
m. Jane, d an infant. 
IT. Harriet 
T. Jana-Aorea. 
TL ^lioe-Maiy. 
TIL Charlotte, d. an infant 

Mr. LftmlMurde t. his father in April, 1836. 

SrCllMSf*-~JoBH Lambaadi; Ksq., sheriff of London 
In 1551, aoa of WiLUAM LaMBAaDs, of Lodbuiy, co. Here- 
ftMd. and grandson of Twntas- L^MBSBPa, of the same 

^bee^ fltnl, m. JiiUHBa,tei. and belr ef WnBu Hi 
of London ; and d. in 1854, leaving (with a yoniigsr mt^ 
Qilea, of Lendeo, who m. Maigatet, dao. and oo4iiir of 
John Btevenaon, Hsq. ef London^ an elder eon, 

WiujAM LamAnnn, Ssq. of O iee n w fch , who «. lsl» 
Jans, dan. of George MuHnn, Ssi|. ; and tadly, Bllisstiia» 
dan. and hair of Bobsvt Deane, of Halilnge, ea. Kent, and 
widow of William Daliaon, Esq. ; and by tha latter had 
(with a dan.,MairiBnt» ai. to Tbonas^ Snd aen «f Thonaa 
aodfray« of Idd> ano^ aon. 

Sat Mvurov TiAwnanna^ Knt» of W sa t oom b iv In Oi 'ssn 
wioh, who m. Ann, dan. of Sir Thomaa Lowe^ Knt, alder- 
man of London ; aiul d. in 1884, Isaving a son, 

TaoxAS laMwaKM^ Es^., who sold hia eetate at Oreen- 
wioh. He m. in 1688, laabella, dau. of Sir John Oanmid, 
Bart of Lamer, by whom he had (with two daiia., Isabella, 
m. to Aflngton Fi^ynter, Esq. of GJHin^am, Kent ; and 
Mazy, «». to Thomaa Hatton, of London) two sons, Thomaa 
Lambarde, ft. in 1849, who d. a pi. ; and 

WiixiAX XiAMBAaDC, Esq. of Sevenoeks, who d. In 1711, 
leaving, by Magdalen Homphreyi, of Leieeetenhire, hia 
wife (with a younger son. Sir Multon Lambarde, Knt, 
who m. Jone, sole heir of Fowler, of Ash, nsar Bidley, 
Kent ; and d. «. p. In 1758) an elder son, 

Thomas LAXBAana, Esq. of Bevenoaka, wlie «. Mary, 
youngest dau. and co-heir of Sir John Beala, Bait, of Fam- 
ingham, in Kent ; and d. In 1745, having had, with other 
issue, who d. yoong or ««ei., a son, 

Thohas Lambabdb, Esq. of Sevenoaka, who m. In 1747* 
Grace, dau. of Sir William Panons, Bart of Stanton, 
NottSi and had (with lour daua., Grace; Maiy, si. to the 
Bev. John Hallward; Amie, ei. to the Bar. Badkvitta 
Austen; and Jane, «. to Jehn Bandolph, bisliep ef London) 
two sons, MuLTov, of whom p r es en tly; and Thoaua, In 
holy orders. Rector of Ash, near Wrotham, who m. 8 June, 
1783, Miaa Otway. Mr. Lambarde d. In 1788, and waa «. hy 
his elder son, 

MuLTON Lambabdb, Esq. of Sevenoaka ft. In lYSQT; who 
m. in 1778, Aurea, dau. and co-heir of Franda Otway, Esq. 
of Ashgrove, Sevenoaka, and had Issue, i. Wouaw, hia 
heir; ir. Thomas, ft. 1708, In holy orden; iii. Multon, 
ft. 1800, d. 1808 ; I. Sophia, d. 18S8 ; it. Fanny, d. 1831 ; 
III. Bridget-Aurea, m. John Gurdon, Eaq. of Aaslngton 
HaU, Buflblk, and d. 1829, leaving isaue ; tv. Juliana, m. In 
1829 to Admiral C.'G. Randolph, RN. ; v. Jtae,d. 1810 ; and 
VI. Mary, m. 1832, to the Rev. Richard Salway, Rector of 
Fawkham, Kent, and d. 1 848, leaving issue. Mr. Lambarde 
d. in April, 1886, and waa «. by hia eldest son, the pic se nt 
WiLUAM Lambabdb, Esq. of Beechmont 

A rmi On., a eherran, vairey b e tween 
C^es^— A reindeer's head, erased, arg* 
Motto— Deo patri» tibl 
Seat— Beechmont, Sevenoaka, oo. Kent 

three lambsb arg* 


Laubart, Qustavus-Williau, Saq. of Beau Pare, 
CO. Meath, J.P., late major of the royal Meatb 
militia, BwA. of Trin. OolL Dublin, eUte steward to 
the lord-lteutenant of Ireland, 1858-9, 6. 7 Auff. 1813 ; 
JB. 5 Jnne^ 1847, Lady FranceB-M.-C. Conyngfaam, 
2nd dau. of the 1st MLetrqueaa Ck>Dyngham, and has 

I. OuBrAvu8-FBAirci8-Wn.UAM, 6. 85 Maroh» 1848L 

I. AmyOwendaline. 

n. Oedi-Jana 

UL Gouatance-Una-Elisabetli. 

IV. Geoxgiana-Boea. 

ftttieKffe*— CSABLBS Lambabt, Esq. of Painstown, 
M.P. for Knbeggan, son (by Eleanor hia Snd wife, only 
child of Simon Cxeame^ Esq.) of the Hon. Oliver Lambort, 
of Fainstown, M.P., Srd aon of Charles, 1st Earl of Cavan, 
m. EUaabeth, only dau. of Gnstavus-Hamilton, Viacoimt 
Boyne, and had issue, Charlea, M.P., d. unm, in 1740; 
OusTAVUs, heir to his (lather ; Hamilton, zm^or-general in 
the anny ; Elisabeth, m. in 17M, to Nichohw Ogle, Esq. ; 
Eleanor, m. to Thomaa Blrington, Esq.; Maxy, m, to 
Christopher Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath ; and Sophia, m. to 
the Bev. Bobert Oregoiy. Mr. Lambert d. in 1788, and 
was «. by his son, 

GusTAVus Lambabt, Esq. of Bean Pare, co. Meath, M.P. 
for KUbeggan, who n. Thomasine, dan. of Geoxge Boohe* 




Ml HcawMi, c«. Hmfipffd, J.P^ 6. 18 Jul j, 1797 ; 
flL iB 18»4, AM«fi% Sua MirnTnig dso. oC the Ber. 
0«me FextoMy Tkar of Tvjiiaifl^ cou Oloaentcr, 

L J4 

M Ittfwy J — TV fmOy «f loaibig 


litolMiUjr a branch of 
i Lambe wta Wfahwt at aa eartj poiod 
Ihc CMUMlcr of tba flmily appean to 
lor UMba Uae, Bovtlia H%h StraeC, 
• took Mia naaaa finom an old houaa, fonnarly the 
propat^af —a la«iMii,» Flaarfag> and fa tha 20th year of 
tha f«||^ of Bcvsv III, UM, wa find Lanbto da Laogfaam 
bald tha MHMraf UhbMb, to tha pariah of Botrmdan, near 
, KmA; mod a John Laaabyn waa diariir of 
ISU, In the aarly part of ^tmAMD Ufa xeign tha 
af UaibfB waa aoid to tha Iknlly of BiMen ; and fa 
1470, William Lnaba, of the pavteh of CbMi, fa the aame 
MawflL Of thiaCMBflywaaWiuiAvLAiOK, 
of tha dtepal of Kfaff HnniT VUX, and a 
graat tevootfta of that prfnot. William I^mba, out of fala 
gnat lore of laarwtng, Ofoetad fa U78, a free gnumnar 
adbool at flotton Talanee, tha place of hia birth, fa the oo. 
of Kant; ha aim feoadad almihonma, and many other 
oztioaiva diarftiea. Hia London rmidenoe fa CripfJegate 
and tha chapel of St. Jamm, which bad been granted him 
by Hnmr VIII, he gave to the Clothworlcera of London. 
1t>ia worthy bene&etor d. fa 1577, and waa boiiod fa 8t 
Faith'a Ctmieh, midar St. PaoFa ; ahortly before hia death 
ha finiahad hia eonduit for bringing water to the city of 
, whieb waa called Lamba'a Conduit, and gave the 
to the atreet ao called. On the front of hia alma- 
bonae are eanred the foundcr'a ama, which are the aame aa 
thoae boma by the Lambea of Herefordaliire, aa well aa the 
Lambea of the eo. of Builblk, who were living there fa IftM ; 
the late Viaoount Melboitme, who waa deoended from Pen- 
iaton Lambe, of Lincoln'a Inn, bore aimilar enaigna ; thus 
roakfag tlie Kent family the Mmroe from whldi the dlflo- 
rent brauchea took tlieir orfgfa 

WifXiAM Lamve, Eaq., eurKitor of Torlcahire and North- 
uroberlaud, who rtaided nt Acworth, oo. York, and had 
a reeidanee alao fa London, m. Anne, dou. of Clement 
Stmor, Ek| , by bia wife Habo*, and aiater of Franeia 
Btonor, Esq. of Knoloahlll and Stapleford, oo. Essex, and 
loft ftwiie a ton, WiLLfAM Lambe, Eiiq.. who Iiad (with two 
danii., Ann, wife of Mr. Mott, of London, and Mabell, wife 
of Mr. Field), a waw and heir, 

William Lamuk, Eaq. of Lincoln'a Inn, London, and of 
mdnay, pariah of Dllwyn, oo. Horefoitl, which he purcbaaed 
fa 1601. He m. Margaret, oldoatdau. of Sir William ChOde, 
Xnt., LL,D., a maator fa obnnoery, by hia wife, Anne 
Laoon. dan. and holreai of Rowland Lacon, Esq. of Klnlot, 
00 haloft, aon and heir of Sir Fnmcia liwon, Rut of WiUey 

Mr. Lam^^. 

«. by hiinatth«^, 

T, 0. •» April, 17» ; ak fBl^ 

bq., who d. a jft. ; 

r John Beringtoa» 

CO. Hareftard, by 

of John Boavjold, Eaq. of BfaMdc- 

Bty ^, who d. 90 e^L 18S3, 







dan. of •— 

India Ox 'a na^. K 
10 Flab. 1808. agad OS. baTioff 
Eaq., by vdiom be leil 

David, fbrmecty of Tha Moor, 
qua uUy of Urilc. ea Monmootfa, Al 90 Jan. 1777 ; w. 
98 Maidi, 1818, Sanh, 9nd dan. of Jamea Hereford, Eaq. 
of SnftoB Oonit, eo. Hacfioid, by hia wife Mary, dan. of 
John SeoduDore^ Esq., M.P^ of Kentdmrefa Gburt* fa the 
COL («w HcBBTOBD ^ 8^tnk\ tnld. 28 Dee. 1856, 
78, baring lud iame, 

1 Jamea,& 11 Sept. 1819 ; d.«aau 13 An^. 1848, aged 98. 
9 Dftrid, fa holy otdeia, b. 31 Aug. IftO. 
8 Henry, h. 8 June, 1837; d. ama. at Sydney, Auatralia, 
1 July, 18S4. ^ed 97. 
4 Wmiam-Ricbard, d. yomg. 

8 John, of Hereford, V O^ne, 1889; ai. 97 Sept 1858, 
Catherfae-lBiiahKh, only dan. of George Dnmuit» 
Eeq. of CrayCnd, eo. Kent, and baa had lame, iniliam 
udt Awaid, 8. 18 Oct 1850, d. inlantiu 

1 Sarah, dLimaL 

9 AnnarOarolfaaL 

8 Lncy, m. 14 Jan. 1851, Hemy-lfontonnler Hawfcfaa. 
Eaq. (Me HAWxna pftkt Garr). 
I. Blicabeth, b. 1 Feb. 1788 ; d. at Ohent, 1880^ aged 87. 
n. Wmifred, d. yoong. 
m. Franoea, d. young. 

IT. Mary, h. 90 Jau. 1771 ; aL at Dilwyn Chorch, 4 Nor. 
1789, William Bkmnt, fiw.. M.D. of Orietoo, oo. Hero- 
fiord, and had iaaoc (are porfv'w ^ HuKwr ^ OrictoiO. 
T. Fianeea, d. ama. 28 Jane, 1778. 

Mr. Lambe a to the Sidney ertate, at the death of hia vnolo, 
John I^mibe^ Kaq., fa 1751, and buiU Henwood Honae, on 
the Sidney estate. He d. fa OistleStroet, Hereford, 7 Sept 
1807, aged 78, and waa t. by hia eldest aon, 

Laoov Lambs, Esq. of Bidney and Henwood, fr. 2 Mareh, 
1764; d. aam. 95 Jane, 1898, aged 64, at Worthing. Snsaex, 
waa buried at Broadwater, and waa «. by hia next brother, 

William Lambb, Eaq. M.D., ci Bidney and Henwood, 
6. 26 Feb. 1765 ; m. let, fa 17»4, Harriet-Mary, eldeat dau. 
of John Weldi, Eaq. of Warwick, and afterwarda of Flym- 
stock, oo. Devon, and by her (who d. fa 1804} had iaaoe two 
sons and flye daua, 

Lacov-Willtam, hia heir, nofw of Bidney and Henwood. 

Darid, b, 1803; d. in AustraIL% fa 184iS, tearing by bia 
wife, Harriet, youngeat dan. of — Bannister. Esq. of 
Steyning, Suaaez, an only dau., Eliaabeth-Harritrt 

Harriet, la. to Johu-Alfred-Chaatel do BofariUe, and baa 

Mary, m. Baza Banniater, Eaq., and haa a dau., Marian. 

EUaabetb, d. young. 

Anne, m. M. Aim6 Aymard, and haa issue a aon and dan. 

Augusta, m Frodorlck Foerster, and haa imue. 

CaUiarfao-Saunders, d. hhjm. 

He m. 9ndly. in 1810, Sophia-Ann, dau. of Dr. Satmdora, of 
Upper Berkeley Streot^ London, and had tsauc by her ono 


Dr. Lambe d. at Honwood, S Jano, 1647, aged 81 



., on a fespe^ or, between three dnmittfcdla. erm., 
ft Hon, p"— n^gnardant, gu., between two mullets, piaroed, 
of tlie field. 

ft w t A demi-Uon, ramiMmt, gu., collared, or, boldiDg In 
the darter pow, a mullet, sa. 

gi rt H o n wood, near Weobly, co. Hereford. 


Ijlubkrt, Henrt-Patbick, Esq. of Carnagb, co. 
Wexford, J.P., 6. 2 Dec. 1836. 

Itll^aQt* — Thia family was established in Ireland by 
Vfio de Lamberte, temp. HsmtY II. Hla descendant, Philip 
de L«mberte, of Ballyhire, in the barony of Forth, m. Marian, 
duL of John Synnott^ Esq., and ftom him the fonrth in 

James Laubkbt, Esq. of Ballyhire, who cL in 1031, leaving, 
by Hazy, hia wife, eldest dan. of Robert Esmonde, Esq. of 
Johnstown, oo. Wexford, a son and heir, Patkiok Lambbrt, 
Esq., father, by Xaxy his wife, dan. and heir of Peter 
Baniewall, Esq. of Drimnagh, of Nioholah Lambert, Esq. 
of Gamagh, who m. Marian, dau. and eventual co-heir of 
Bichard Stafford, Eaq., and left a son, J amis Lambert, 
Ek}. of Camagh, who m. Anrtaoe, dau. and heir of NioholaB 
Satton, Eoq. and was father of 

Patbmjx Lambert, Esq. of Garnagh, who «. Catherine 
White, acquired with her estates in the oo. Kilkenny, and 
had two sons and a dau. . The elder aon, 

James Lambert, Eaq. of Camagh, dying at Bath without 
tane, in 1757, was a. by his brother, 

Hehrt Lambert, Esq. of Camagh, who m. Maigaret 
FltaSimon, of the houae of GlancuUen, oo. Dublin, and 
had three sons an.d two daus. The eldest son, 

Patrick Lambert, Esq. of Carnagh,. m. in 1781, Maiy- 
Anne, eldeflt dau. of Geoige Lattin, Esq. of Morriatown 
lAttln, CO. Kildare, repreaentatlve of the vexy anoient 
iunily of Lattin, and had iasue, 

Hknrt, his heir. 

Ambrose, of Kewgrove, co. Kilkenny, 6. -1780; in. 1828, 

EUaa, dan. of John Snow, Esq., and cousin-german of 

Tbotnas Wyae, Esq., M.P., and d. 6 July, ^850, leaving 

Cathertne, «. in 1811, to Gerald Aylmer, Esq., head of the 

ancient house of Lyons, in Kildare, and brother to the 

late Coontess of Kenmare. 

Letitia, a nim, d. 1854. 

Jane, m.. to A. Banon, Eaq., M.D., of Iriahtown,oo. West- 

Mr. Lambert d. In July, 1808, and was «. by his son, 

Hekrt Lambert, Esq. of Camagh, J.P. and D.L., M.P. 
for the 00. of Wexford, h. 1 Sept 1786 ; m. 11 June, 1885, 
Cathenne, youngest dau. of William Talbot, Esq. of Castle 
Talbot, in the same oounty, and aister of the late Countess 
«f ShrewEboxy, and d. 90 Oct 1861, leaving issue^ 

L HEirMT-PATBXCK, now of Camagh> 
n. George-Thomaa, h. 9 Nov. 18S7. 
L Mtty-Jane, m. P. Lynch, Eaq. 
VL Anne. 

DL Oatherine, d. «am. 8 March, 1857- 
IT. Jnliana-Mazgaret; 
T. Letitia. 
TL Danny. 

if naa— (Engraved with the quarterings in Sir B. BcBKS^a 
Jit/Aoriaad Armt) Quarterly : let and 4th, vert, a lamb, axg. ; 
Sad and Srd, erm., an eagle, displayed, gu. 

Crwe— A aagitta^, gu. and aig., chaurged with a trofoil, 
virt, the bow and arrow, or. 

ifotio— Deus inrovidebit 

£0a»— Canagn, New Bq«8» oow Wexford. 


Lambert, ALBXAHDEB-CiiiENDiNiKO, Eaq. of Brook- 
hiU,co. Mayo, J.P. and D.L., treasurer of the oounty 
nnce 1836, 6. 7 Nov. 1808; m. 12 Sept. 1848, 
Emma-Maria, dau. of Guy-Lenox Prendeigast^ Esq., 
formerly member of council, Bombay, and M.Pf for 
Lymingion, and has issue, 

L JoaEra-AucxAsnsB, ft. 7 April, 185& 
IT. Guy-Lenox, h. 80 Dea 1857. 
I. Emma-Mary-Iiouiaa. 
XL Flora'Marion. 

III. Louisa-Matilda. 

IV. Floreuoe-Amy, 


KllfXSf • — ^Thia ftunOy descends ftom that of Oi 
JoHH Lambebt, ao distinguiahed tai the dvU warn of 
land and Soothmd during the Protectorate. Hia nephew, 

JoBV Lambert, Eaq., aettled in the west of Ireland. He 
was father of two sons, of whom the younger, 

Joseph Lajcbbbt, Esq. kA Toher and Thomaatown, eatab* 
lished himself in the oa of Mayo, in the year 1000. He 
f». Anne, dau. of Peter Butledge, Esq. of Comfleld, Mid 

Frakois Lambebt, Eaq. of Toher and Thomaatown, who 
m. lati Rebecca, dau. of Th<Hnaa Llndaey, Esq. of Turin 
Castle, CO. Mayo, and aiater of Thomas Llndaey, Eaq. of 
HoUymoun^ and had by her a aon, Jooeph, his heir, and 
two daua : the elder, Letitia, «. to Thomaa Elwood, Eaq. 
of Aahford, co. Qalway ; and the younger, to FnuMiis 
Goodwin, Eaq. Mr. I4unbert m, 2ndly, Miaa Ormsby, of 
the oo. Mayo, and had by her a aon, Francia,an oiBoor lu 
the Boyal navy, who d. leaving iaaue. The only aon of the 
first marriage, 

Joseph Lambebt, ISsq. of Brookhill, who served aa high 
aheriff of the oo. Mayo, 17M ; m, Ist Baibara, dau. of the 
late Thomaa Ruttledge, Eaq. tA Bloomfield, and aiater and 
heir of Robert Ruttledge, Eaq. of the aame place, and by 
her had issue, ■ 

Thomas, who d. nasi. 

Fbancis, of Bloomfield, CO. Mayo, J.P., In holy orden^ 

who assumed the name and arms of RorriiEnGB. ( JiM 

Ruttledge <{^ BhoomjUUL.) 
Barbara, «». to Arthur Knox, Eaq. of Buahfleld, oo. Majro. 

Mr. Lambert m. 2ndly, Mary, eldeat dau. of the Rev. Alex- 
ander Glendining, D.D., Prebendary of Laokan and Rector 
of Weatport, and by her had iaaue, 

Joseph, late of Brookhill, J.P.. d. loim. in 1855u 
Alexahdeb-Clbndinino, now of BrookhilL 
Eleanor, m. to David-Ruttledge Courtenay, Eaq., barrister* 
at-law, deceased. 
Robecca, d. loim. 

Letitia, ui. to John Yeevers, Esq., RM. 
Georgaina, ta. to Charles Bowen, Es^. of Mllford. 

Mr. Lambert d. in 1818. 

An m Gu., a cross-orosalet* or, between three dnqnefoHi^ 
pierced, axg. 

Crui^K centaur, ppr., charged on the Shoulder with a 
crosB-crusslet, or. 

Ifoeto—Ut quocunque paratus. 

Sea^^Brookhill, CJaremurris, oo. Mayo; Beafleld House, 
Monkatown, co. Dublin. 



Lambert, James-Staunton, Esq. of Waterdale, oo. 
Galway, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1818, and M.P. 
for the CO. of Galway from 1826 to 188S ; 6. 5 March, 
1789; m, 25 Sept. 1832, the Hon. Camden-Elizabeth 
Macclellaii, only dau. of Camden-Gray, last Lord 
Kirkoiidbright, and by her has issue, 

I. Walter-Maoolellan, capt. 41st regt, 6. 81 Aug. 16SS. 

II. Charles-James, 6. 11 Oct. 1837 ; d. Feb. 1865. 

iiL Thomas-Camden, h. 6 Oct. 1841, an officer 29th regt 

IV. Robert, h. 4 Feb. 1844. 

T. James-Henry, 6. Sept. 1851. 

I. Barah-Eliaabetii, m. 8 Oct. 1858, to Charles-Edward 
Lewis, Esq. of St. Pierre, Monmouthahiro {wt LewibX 

II. Harriette, m. 2 Oct. 1850, Somerset-Molyneux Clarkft 
Esq., capt 98rd highlandera. 

III. Katheiine-Isabella, h. 21 Sept 1839 ; d. 4 Deo. 1854* 

Htn^afie. — ^Thls family, which trace their descent from 
John Lambert, 2nd son of Lambert of Galton, co. York, 
settled in the ooimty of Oalway, in 1030, on a leaae they 
held of the Deer Park, at Portumna, from the Earl of Clan 
ricarde, with which nobleman the first of the name, John 
Lambebt, went over from England. This John Lambert's 
son, who »». Janet, dau. of Walter Taylor, Esq., was killed 
at the siege of Derry, loaying a son, 

Waltee Lambert, Esq. of Creg Clare, who m, Ist, Mias 
Hamilton, and by her had one son, Charles, of whom 
presently. He vti, 2ndly, Miss Martyn, of TuUyra, by whom 
he had (with several daus., of whom one m. Francis Butler, 
Esq. of Cregg ; and another »». — Morgan, Esq. of MonVafldd) 
sflveral sons, ancestora respectiTcly of the L^MftRam of 
CdsOe Lambert (see thai famUy), Lambbri-s o/ Z»/tfuoif», 
Lambbbtb ttf CAHilt JBlfen, Ac The eldest ■(»>» 



Bvf. 4#Clnqf CSve. a. te 1HS, 
^ D ■hilt i>»— «v Bf. <»< 

; Eif. «r Grqr CIm; m lat, Ib 17:9, 
totke Ut L«vd Cknfcraclc, by 
; In 17M, 

Wm^ «f Wnlcffdde Hook; 
in dlnet tiae fron tibe SrAryion 

d, WA^ «n». ; and Bniiljr, ^ 

tw» MM^ JAMMfrArACMiw, Ml hcfr. aad 
A tr Ui cUcr M^ the Biiinif /j 


• Pf'* lww# gILf 


LAMnsT, Walteb, Eaq. of GuUe Lunbeci^ oo. 
OalwAj, J.P, and D.L., fai^ theriff 1828, 6. 10 Sept. 
17»5; M. 21 Oct. 1817, Ado, eldoi dan. of Colonel 
Oi Im Ejr^ of Ejra Court CmUo (mt iAoX iunm), and 

L TucmjM'EnM, ». IffO; «. UM^ Bmh, dsa. of John 

TraufldeO, Eiq. of Unari^ 
f L OflM-Efre, ». Mmy, lUO, the only dhlld of Vnacfa 

Rm, Eaq, of UUMtiw, flaiidjniioaiit, eo. DabUn. 
ifL WaU«r,«i.andaattladfnAiiiarfea. 
IT. lUdiaH. 

I. Atiiila49oplila. m. Inly, 1897, to John-Bdmimd, ind 
aon of Cha lata (Tlfoora, of Cloughaa Gutla, King'a 

II. Aiiefaoratt*>lfaiia, ai. P. flavage, Eaq., yoongaat aon of 
Jmmm flavaga, Eaq. of Fhiglaaa Wood, co. Dublin. 

III. Ada, m. tfaa aldaat aon of Dr. Prioa, of DabUn. 

HlllMgf*— Thomas Lammoit, Eiq., aon of Waltar Lam- 
bort, Eaq. of Crtg Olan (»a precedimg tnrticU), m. Him E. 
World, dotL of — Wood, of Chappel Fkdd, oo. SUgo, and 
had (with two daua., Margaret, m. to — Boat, Eaq. of 
Dock'a Pool, 00. Watar&rd ; and Anna, m. to Haniy Lam- 
bart, Etq. of tha oo. OalwayX a aon and aaooaHor, 

Waitbb Lamahit, Eaq. of Caatla lAmbert. who m. In 
1791, EUaaboth, 8id dan. of Barton PenM, Eaq. of Penta 
Lodga, now Moyoda Caatla, oo. Oalway (m PnaaiX and d. 
Dae. 1834, lasrlng iaam, 

Waltvb, now of Caatla Lambert 

John, m. Jane, only dan. of CoL Peyton, of Saheen, eo. 

Laltrim (jm Pbvtoii), and haa laaue elx aona and two 


RroHABD (Me LAMBsn oflytton BaV). 
Pareona, deoeaaad. 

j^!^;;^}' M. andaetUed in Amerlea. 

BaiAh, m. lat, to Charlea Barry. 2nd Baron Clanmorrla : 
and Sodly, in 1830, to Edward-k Hlokman. Eisq. 

BoMv, in. to Matthew Bt. George, Eaq. of KUoolgan Caatle, 
eo. Oalway. 

Anna-Maria, m. B. Bathborae, Eaq. of Ballyniore, oo. 

^niu— Ou., throe dnqnefolla, pferocd, arg. 
Cnit-^A ooiitoiir, ppr., >>ow, gu., amiw, or. 
Afo«o— Ut quoctuiquu iMiratua. 
tfM^— Caatle iMmbert, Athenry, oo. Qolway. 


Lambbrt, Richard, Esq. of Lyaton HaII, oo. Essex, 
OApt 0th roval LAncoHmre militia, aod formerly 
surgeon in the roval artlUerr, 6. 7 April, 1807; m. 
27 June. 1828, Kli8abetli.Charlott«.Louisa, eldest 
dau. and heir of tho Uto John Campbell, Eaq. of 
Lvston Hall, aooountant-general of tha Court of 
Cbanoery, and by her has issue, 

ak n Mqr. 1851, *• 

4th dragoen. 

WjnM WBUaini^ 

Ifr. Lambert^ ^lo is V*d of tfca 
of tbe Irnn^ of Lyitoii, fa 4tli 
WaKcr Lnnbert^ Esq. of 

or and pairrm 
of tho late 



Lambbbt, JoHV-WAUia-HEvmT, Esq. of Aggudf 
oo. Galmy, J J., Ii«9i sheriff 1850,6. 5 Oet 1811; 
«. FdK 183S, Anii^ dan. of WiUiam Fettierstmi 
Haopifa, Esq. of DsRa]iiii& co. Oalway, by whom ha 
has iasna. 

L Twm AS-WAUn, h. 94 KaRii, Utt. 

n. Jofan-Hanry, *. 16 Dee. 1844. 

m. Wllliam-Pethentflii, b. 18 Nor. 186S. 

t, Anne-Caniline. 

n. ChailottB. 

m. AnOy. 

IT. EUaebeth-Jane. 

▼. Marian. 

n. Adfilaide. 

TEL Penny. 

Tm, AUeei 

Knt88f.— Thomas Lambkit, Eaq. of Aggard, aon ol 
John Lambert, Esq., 1^ Mary Buike, hia wife, au 6 Sept 
1805, Lydia, dan. of — Fethcnton-Hangh, Esq. ; and d. 
1822, lesTing laaoe, 

JoHH-WALTBR-HcniT, now of Aggard. 


Lydia, m. to Cn>t Cathbort Bailow. 

Cecilta, ai. to W. Nixon, Bmi. 

Charlotte, ai. to Capt Heaiy Marahall. 

Seal—Aggaad, CraoghweD, oo. Gslway. * 


LaMoht, AbohibaldJamxb^ Esq. of Lament^ co. 
Aigyle, and Robroyston, Lanarkshire, J.P. and D.L., 
formerly an officer in the army, h^ 1818; m. Ist, 
Sept 1880, Adelaide, dan. of JaB.-Hewitt Massy- 
Dawson, Esq. of Ballynaoourt^ co. Tipperaiy, only 
son of tha Hon. Jas. Massy-Dawson, 2nd son of the 
1st Lord Kassy, and by her (who d. 24 June, 1841) 
had an only ohUd, 

X. Adelaide-Augusta. 

He m. 2ndly, Maroh, 1844, Harriet, dau. of Colonel 
Alexander Campbell, of Possil, and haa issue^ 

X. John-Hbhat, b. 10 Maroh, 1854. 

n. Coleatino-Norman. 

I. Adolaide-Agusta, d. 25 Feb. 185S. 

IX. Evelyn. 

III. Amelia-Oeorglua-Adelidde. 

IT. Marion-Alioe. 

fLClIfafft* — ^The &inily of Lamoht e/ Xamonl dates 
flrom the eleyenth century. Interesting detaila are given 
of them in Bkbkb'b Highland Clana, The grandfather of 
the present reproeentatiTe of this long deecehded line, 

John Lamont, Esq. of Lament, m. 1773, Helen, dan. of 
D. Campbell, of South Hall, and by her (who d. in 1840) 
had a aon, 

Majou-Gbh. Jobm Lamont, of Lomont, who si. In 180f, 


BebeooB, dan. of Ooonrge Hobte, Esq. of Barnaboy, Irdand, 
aiwl li I8S7, hATiiig had lasae, 

AicoiBAXjyJAicES, now of Lamont. 

John, d. in infiEUicy. 

Amelia-Helen, m. James-G. Davidson, Esq. : and d, in 


Aiigusta^Chadotto-lIatilda, d. 1830. 
Oeoi]g;ina, d, in 1847. 

Arm^—Az., a lion, rampant, arg., within a bordur^ of the 

Cna^Aa open hand, couped, ppr* 

AtpjwrfcrK- Two wild men. 

Jf aKo— Ne paroaa nee spemas. 

Seat— Lamont, near Greenock, N.B. 


Laxokt, Albxandeb, Esq. of Knookdow, oo. 
AiJSyle, D.L. and J.P. for the oo. Bute, and formerly 
fieot-eoL of the Buteahire militia, b, 1785 ; m. in 
1828, Jane, dau. of T. Ghrystie, Esq. of Balchrystie, 
00. fife, and (with two daus., both deceased) had 
issue an only son, 

L Jaiob, b. 1889, D.L. for Buteshire. 

Mr. Lamont who was educated at the uniyermty of 
Edinburgh, ia eldest son of the late Jamea Lamont^ 
Esq., and Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of John Bobert- 
lon, Esq. of Edinburgh. He $, his father in 1880. 

Jrau— Ai., a lion, rampant. Big. 

Crut—k naked hand, coapod, holding a dagggsr, ereot^ ppr. 

Motto^ffe parcas nee spetnaa. 

8ea»-Knuckdow, Argyleshire. 


Lahpluqh - Bapsb, John - Lamfluoh, Esq. of 
Lsmplugb Hall, oo. Cumberland, and of Lotherton, 
in Ywkahire, h, 19 July, 1790; m. 26 Oct. 1818, 
Jane, 2nd dau. of Benjamin Brooksbank, Esq. of 
Healaugh HaU, W. R. of York. 

liltf XJ|E« — ^Adak db Lampldob, son of Sir Bobert de 
Umplugh, Lord of I^mplagh, in Cumberland, and of Hail- 
kofd, In Laneashire, temp. HnrnT II and Biohard I, had a 
MtfinnatioD, with many privileges, from Bichaid de Lucy, 
Lord of Coopland. From him lineally desoended 

Thomas Laxpluoh, D.D., Archbishop of York, who m. 
Ctthflrine, dan. of Edward Davenant, D.D., nephew of John 
D»T«Duit, Hahop of Salisbury, and had a son andsuooessor, 
Thomas Lamfluoh, D J>., Archdeaoon of Bicfamond, b. in 
1661, who was father, by Margaret, his wife, of 

Th Rbt. Thomas Lamplvgh, Beetor of Boltcm Percy and 
Canon-Residentiary of York Minster, to whom his oousin, 
TbotDM Lamplugh, Esq. of Lamplugh, oo. Cumberland 
(gnodaon of GoL Lamplugh the royalist, so gallantly dis- 
tbguiahed at Hanton Moor, whose dau., Elisabeth, wife 
of Hemy Brougham, Esq. of Scales, oo. of Cumberland, is 
B0W represented "by her eldest male descendant Henry, 
Ix>ai> Bbouobam and Vaux), bequeathed by wHI, dated 
1784, Umplugh HaU and demeane. This gentleman m. 
17 April, 17S1, Honor, dau. of WiUiom Chaloner, Esq. of 
OoifboroQgh, eo. York, and was «. by his only son. 

Tax Rsv. Thomas Lamplugh, of Lamplugh, Beetor of 
Ooppvte and Goldesborough, and Prebendary of Wistow, 
vbo M. Mary, dau. of James Collins, Gent, of Knaresbo- 
nogh and Foleyfote, but, dying without issue, in 1788, was 
<• by (the son of his sister Anne, and her husband, John 
B*per. Bmi. of AbbeHord) his nephew, 

JoBv RATia. Bsq. of Abberford and Lotherton, who then 
beaune alao *• of Lamplugh.*' He m. at Pulford, 16 Oct 
17», Katherine, 8rd dau. of the Bev. Godfrey Wolley, by 
Aitheiine, bis wife, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Lamplugh, of 
lamplugh, and had two sons and one dau., via., 

{ohkLampluoh Bapek, his heir. 

uniry Riipor, of Unooln's Inn, barrister-at-law, 6. 12 Feb. 

l«W; m. 16 Dec. 1824, Geoigiana, 8rd dau. of John Moore, 

wq. C!H>t in the 6th regiment of dragoon-guards. 
Ann BHper, w. to James Brooksbank, merchant of Lon- 

*'!}. 2nd son of Benjamin Brooksbank. Esq. of Healauirh 

Hall, In the West Biding of lork. 



^mif-Or, a erooi-fleuiy, aa. 
Oe«t— A goat*s head, arg., attired and beaidsd, or. 
aMte-.£amplagh HaU, Cookennoath, CunlMriandl 
Iiotberton» in Yoricshire. 


L'Amt, John-Rambat, Eaq. of Dunkenny, eo. 
Forlar and Netherbyrea, oo. Berwick, J.P. and I).L.» 
6. 9 April, 1818 ; m. 10 June, 1845, Mary-Riohe- 
Madeod, only dan. of WUliam-Mitohell Innee, Etq. 
of Ayton CaaUe, Berwickahiro, and has iMoe^ 

L Jamb, ft. 10 Aug. 1847. 

IL WBIiam, ft. 11 Aug. 1850. 

in. J6hn-Alezander>BamsBj, 1. 10 June. 1851 

IV. Norman, ft. S Sept 18M ; d. 9 Feb. 1856. 

▼. Eustaoe-George, ft. 27 Jan. 1857. 

▼I. Bimpsom Madeod, ft. 9 July, 1800. 

z. Christina, d. 1869. 

u. Moxy-Williamina. 

Srtof X0t. — ^The fkmHy ot L'Amy, of Dnhkemiy, Is one 
of oonatderable antiquity. The writings, or land rights, by 
which the present possessor holds the lands of Dunkenny, 
and in which occur the names of his anoeaton who sue- 
oeeded to the inheritanoe, go back as far aa l&SO ; and in 
the Lord Lyon's patent of arms it la mentioned, that a 
** Lamy, of Dunkenny,** waa one of the wi tn esses to a 
Boyal Charter in 1401. The surname appears at a mneh 
eariier period (1880) in the ChamberlalnVi BoU, In the 
Sootdi Exchequer Becorda. The late 

Johk-Bambat L*Amt, Eaq. of Dunkenny, «. In ITW^ 
Agnes, dau. of Bobert Hamilton, Eaq. of KUhnokmont, ctK 
Fife, and by her (who d. in 1782) bad iisue, 

Jaxss, his heir. 

Agnes, m. to the Bey. Dr. Lyon. D.D. 
Margaret, m. to Qeoxga Kenr, Esq., younger, of Dumber- 
row, CO. Fife. 

Hamilton, m. to Qors Daly, Baq. 
Helen, d. unn. 

Mr. L'Amy d. in 1814, and was t. by his son, 

James L'Amt, Esq. of Dunkenny, D.L., an advooate aft 
the Scotch bar, and sherilT of Forfarshire, ft. 8 July, 1772 ; 
who m. 6 Nov. 1811, Maiy, dau. of Joseph Carson, Esq., 
M.D., of Philadelphia, and by her (who d. 188(0 IumI iMoe^ 

John-Bamsat, now of Dunkenny. 
^Ivester, H.E.I.O.&, ft. 1820. 
Mary-Geoigina, d, 1848. 

Mr. L'Amy d. 15 Jan. 1854. 

.^mu— Ax., three oroaiers, paleways, in faaae, or, and in 
base, a saltier, coui>ed, arg. 

Crett—K dexter hand, erect, ppr., holding a crosier, or. 

Ifof to— Per varioa casus. 

iSti2>por<«r*— Two naked savages, wreathed about the head 
and middle with laurel, and holding duba over their 
shoulders, aU ppr. 

&af«— Dunkenny, near Forfiu-; Netherbyres, Ayton, Ber- 


Landob, Wautsb-Sayaoi, Eaq. late of Ipsley 
Courts CO. Warwick, 6. 30 Jan. 1775; m. May, 1811, 
Julia, dau. of Jean Thuillier, Baron NeuveviUe^ of 
Bath, a lady of Swiss extraction, and had, 

T. Abnold-Savaoil 
n. Walter-Savage. 
III. Charlea-SaYaga 
I. Julia-Eliaabeth-Savage. 

This gentleman, the dietinguiahed poet, is known in 
the world of letters as the author of Imaginarff 
Oonvaraettiona of Literary Men and Staieamen, and 
several other productions. He was formerly a 
colonel in the Spanish army. He resides chiefly in 
It ly. 

&tn(80(. — ^This family, designated indifferently Laukdc 
and Launder, claim to derive from the De la Laundes. In 
the time of Charles I, John Laonder, of Bugeley, was a 
captain in the royal army ; and In the following reign the 
name began to be spelt as it now appears ; under William 

8 H 2 

I. AN 


and SfART, Waltri Lavbor, Eaq. of Bugeky, wm high 
iberifffor StaAmliUre. 

Walts* Lavdor, Bgq. of Ipslcy Oonrt, eo. Warwick (aon 
And cucoeanr of Bobbbt Laitdor, Esq. of Rugeloy, by 
Mary, bis wife, dan. and oo-heir of Walter Noble, Esq. 
of Ltmgdon, and giandaon of Bobebt Ijlkvok, Eaq. of 
Rugcloy, 6. 5 June, 1680, by Elicabefh, hie wife, dau. and 
heir of the B«t. John Taylor^ m. lat, in May, 1760, Mary, 
only child of Richard Wright, Eaq. of Warwick, and had 
by her an only dau., Maria, nt. to her oooffin, Hnmphrey 
ilrden, Enq. He n. ?ndly, in 1774, Elisabeth, eldest dau. 
and ofv-heir of Charles SaTage, Esq. of Tachbrook, eo. 
Warwick, and had by her, 

Waltkb Sataob, late of Ipdey Ooorl 

Charles-Saniffe, 6. 7 May, 1777, in holyordexs. Rector of 
Cotton, in HtoiSmiBhire : m. in 181 S, Cathetine, 
only child of Joseph Willaon, Enq. of Maratnn Mont- 
gomery, De]1>yshlrB; and d. July* 1849. leaTinflr, with 
three daua., one son, Charles Wilson, M.A., Vicsr of 
Undridge^ Tenbury, Woroeateiahire, fwme r iy Rector of 

llenrv-Ejrres, of Tachbrooke, near Leamington, Lord of 
the tfanor o( Whitnash (which was purchased temp. Eo- 
WARD I, by Thomas SaTsge), b. Jan. 1780. 

Robort-Eyres, b. May, 1781, Rector and Patron of Birling- 
hani, Penhore, Woroeatershire, and formerly Chaplam 
In Ordinary to the Prince Begenl 

Elizabeth-tiAvage, cL unm, 

Mary-Anne, d. Mfua. 

EUea, d. imik. 

Mr. Landor d. in Not. 1805. 

■ ifrma— Arg., two bcnda, gu., each sunnounted with a 
oottiso, dauoettfe, or. 

Creitt — A dexter arm, gu., banded with twocottisei, or* 
holdincf In the hand a fleur-de-USk ai|f. 

&a/«— Ipsley Coust^ Warwickahire ; Llanthony Abbey, 

i{e<iu'<4ee— Fiesole, Florence, Italy. 


Lane, John-Newtok, Esq. of KiAg'a Bromley 
Kanur, oo. Sufford, J.P. and D.L., &. 4 Dec. 1800 ; 
f». 8 Jan. 1828, the Hon. Agnes Bagot, 2nd dau. of 
lYHliam, 2nd Lord Bagot^ by the Lady Louisa 
Legge, his wife, dau. of Qeorge, 3rd Earl of Dart- 
mouth, K.(}., and has had issue, 

J. John-Henbt-Baoot, 6. 24 Feb. 1829, capt Coldstream- 

II. Albcrt>William. b. IS April, 1^0 ; and d. 7 Jan. 1831. 

III. Sidney-Loveson, 6. IS Anifl, 1881, capt. 1st StafTord- 
shire militia, 

IT. William, b. 14 Feb. ; and d. 15 April, 1882. 

V. Cecii-Newtun, 6. 27 May, 1833, capt 1st Stairoidshire 
militia. H.M.'s resident In the island of Cephalonia. 

▼I. Greville-Charles, b. 4 Mot. 18:A, capt in the rifle- 

▼II. Sruald, 6. 3 March, 1830. ha holy ore ers. 

viiL Arthur-Lottia, 6. 18 July, 1840; and d. 8 March, 

IX. Edward- Alfred-Reginald, b, IS Aug. 1S41 ; d. SO Sept 

z. Honald-Beriram, b. 10 Feb. 1847. 

I. Agues-Tx>ui8a, d. 15 June, 1842. 

II. Alice-Frsncea-Jano, d. 17 Feb. 184$. 

III. Edith-EmmeUne-Mary. 

IV. Isabel- Emma-Beatrice. 

Mr. Lane «. his father 21 Deo. 1824. 

S>U1f n0f •— The ancient famOy of Lane came into Eng- 
land, according to HolUnahed, with thb Comqucbob. Its 
Iivdigree commences with 

SzB IlEOiNALD DB LoNB, grandfather of 

Adam db Loka, of West Hampton, oo. Stafford, whose 

RicHABD DB LA LoNB, 9 Edwabd II, Uving at Hampton, 
was direct ancestor of 

John Lawb, Esq. of Beniley, who m. Margaret, dau. and 
hohrefis of Thomas Partrioh, of King's Bromley, and dying 
19 Euzabkth, was a by hia aon, 

TuoMAB Lamb, Em}. of Bentley and Hyde, who in. Cathe- 
rine, dau. of Richard Trentham, Esq. of Rocester, and aunt 
of Elisabeth de Vere, Countess of Oxford, and had issue, 
Joay, his suoocasor ; Thomas ; Richard, of Reams, in Mon- 
QWttthahire ; and Cassandra, m. to Thomas Littleton, 8rd 

son of Sir Bdwaxd UttleioD, of FfUaton. Ho d. 31 Elix 
BSTH, and was a by his eldest son, 

JoHK Lahb, Esq. of Bentley and Hyde, who si. Jane, 
dau. of Sir Edward Littleton, of PIBaton, and had issme, 
Thomas, his auooeasor; and Alice, m. to Alexander Wight- 
wick, Esq. He d. S Jambs I, and was «. by his son, 

Thomas Lahv, Esq. of Bentley and Hyde. This gentle- 
man SI. Anne, ddest dan. of Walter Bagot, Esq. of Blith- 
fteld, oo. Staffml, andsister of Sir Henrey Bagot, Bart. Ha 
assiffted in the preservation of King Chablbs II, after the 
battle of Worcester, and suffered severely for his attadi- 
moot to the royal cause. He had several childnm, l Jobx, 
hissnocessor ; u. William, of Shetton, from whom the Irish 
fiunily spring ; in. Richard, a groom of the bed-chanabor ; 
L Jane, celebrated for her heroic conduct in aaving ttie life 
of King Cbables II, after the battle of Worcester, «. enb- 
aequently. Sir Clement Fisher, of Paddngton, In Warwick- 
shire, Bart. ; n. WUhy, ««. to — Petre, Esq. ; in. Aniie, «. 
to Edward Bbeh, Esq. of Leacroft ; nr. Maxy, m. to Edward, 
son of Sir Oliver Nicholas (cupbearer to Jambs I, and carver 
to King Chablbs I), Mr. Lane d. in 1600, and was «. by 
his eldest son, 

Cou>NBL Jomr Lanb, who waa so Instrumental in aaving 
King Chablbs II, attar the battle of Worcester, and re- 
ceived him at his seat at Bentley, from which place he waa 
omveyed in disguise by Miss Lane, to Mrs. Noirttm's, at 
Abbot's Leigh, near Bristtd. For these signal services the 
fiimily was'dignified with an eepeeiai badge of honour, vis:, 
the arms of England in a csnton, in augmentation of its 
paternal coati and a crest, a strawberxy roan horse, bearing 
between his fore legs the royal crown. There is a tradition, 
that OoL Lane waa Ukewise ofiered a peerage, but declined 
it. He m. Athaliah Anaon, and had, with othor issue, 8i« 
Thomas^ his sucoeesor; Lettioe^ who d, 23 Nov. 1700; 
Frances, m. to William OflBey, of Madeley Manor, oo. Staf- 
ford ; Mary, in. to Sir Humphrey Jervis, lord-mayor of 
Dublin. CoL lAne d. in 1007, and vras «. by his eldest aon. 

Sib Thomas Lahb, Knl of Benfley, who m. Abigail, Laidty 
Williams, widow of Sir Henry Williams, Bart of Owemevet, 
and dau. of Samuel Wightwick, prothonotary of the Kingls 
Bendi, and dying 26 Jan. 1715, waa «. by hia only aorvivlng 

John Lanb, Esq. of Bentley, 5. 19 Dec 1009; who wu 
SO April, 1702, Mary, dau. and co-heiress, with her sister, 
Sybill (wife of the Rev. Dr. Bixoh), of Humfrey Wyrley, 
Esq. of Haunpstead, ca Stafford, by Hary, his wife, eldest 
dau. and, in her issue, co-heir (with her si&ter, Jane, m. to 
William de Zulstein, Earl of Rochfoid) of Sir Henry Wroth, 
Knt. of Durance, co. Middlesex, and had issue. Mr. Lane 
d. 25 Oct 1748, and was a by his son, 

Thomas Lakb, Esq. of Bentley, fr. 28 April, 1703, who m. 
1st, Miss Anne Austen, and had issue, John, his successor; 
Thomas, d. young; Mary, m. to John Taylor, Eaq. of 
Walsal; Ann, d. young; Elisabeth-SybiU% la. to Roger 
Holmes, Esq. Mr. Lane m. £ndly, Misr Anne Sayer, and 
had issue, i. Tliomas,in holyorden. Rector ol fiandsworth, 
m. in 1779, E8thei>Barban, dau. of Sir Thomas Birch, 
Judge of the Common Pleaa ; ii. Charles, d. young ; in. 
William, of Lanesville, ooL in the army, and for some time 
governor of St. Helena, m. in 1787, Margaret, dau. of John 
Camao, Esq. of Lurgan, co. Armagh, and sister of CoL 
Jacob Camao, B.LC.S., of Oreenmount Lodge, co. Louth, 
and by her had issue, 1 Turner, d. «tam. ; 2 Thomas, d.». p.i 
8 Edward, d. a p. at Smyrna ; 1 A dau. m. — Cotton ; 
2 EUza, m. — Milligan ; 8 Jane, m. Samuol McClintock, 
Esq., and d. s.p. ; 4 Margaret, m. 1st, Charles Cambie, Em]., 
and by him had issue ; and 2ndly, — Berry ; iv. Eowaro, 
d. in 1784 ; i. Jane, m. to John Freer, of Birmingham ; 
II. Anne, m. in 1778, to Qeoxge Birch, Esq. of Harbome 
and Hampstead, co. Stafford. Mr. Lane d. in 1775, and 
was ». by his eldest son, 

John Lane, Esq., 6. in 1723, who m. 1750, Snrah, dau. 
and co-heiress of Richard Fowler, Esq. of Ponlbrd (M$ 
FoWLBR of Ptnd^ord^ oo. Stafford^ and had issue, 

I. J OHM, his successor. 

n. Thomas, of Leyton Grange, in Essex, derk of the 
Goldsmith's Company, b. 80 Sept 1754 ; w. 4 Sept 1784, 
Barbarti, dau. of Ihomaa Fowler, of Pendeford, Esq. by 
whom ho had issue, 

1 Thomas - Goldsmith - Fowler, ft. 6 Nov. 1780; m. 
Rebcca'v, relict of Capt Napier; and d. 10 April, 
1819, 8. p. 

2 John, 6. 8 June, 1788. who «. his father as derk of the 
Guldsmiths' Company, and in tho estSnto of Leyton 
Grange, Essex ; in. Ist, 19 Aug. 1817, Jane, 2nd dau. of 
the Rev. John Williams, M.A., Vicar of Maraton Mn^fna, 
CO. Somerset, and Prebendary of Wells; she d. 7 Ji4jt 


181& He m. findiT, 17 Jan. 1825, EHsabeih, only mr- 
▼ivimgdao. and heir of Williau Carter, Esq. ; d. 17 Juna, 
1852. Mr. John Lane d. 16 Jan. 1852, leaving iaeue by 

Maiy-Jane, m. 12 June, 1839, John Salt, Esq. 

9y the 2nd marriage, 

Kewton-John, €i BImhursi Hall, oo. Stallbrd, ft. 
26 Not. 1828 ; m. 20 Oct 1854, MaiTanne-Bmily, only 
dan. of Henxy-Martin Blair, Esq., and haa iasoe, 

Arfhur-Lister^Newton, 6. 28 Sept. 18o8. 



mmam-Goldsmith-Liater, ft. 7 Deo. 1836. 
Charlea-Leveaon, ft. 21 Moidi, I8S9. 
Haity-Thoinaa-Fowler, ft. 8 July, 1842. 
Kary, m. Jan. 1860, WilUam-Fowler-Hoontford 

Copeland, Eaq., eldeit son of William-Taylor Oope- 

laud. Esq., M.F., ft. 4 Nov. 1828. 
Adelaide-Lucy, d. 21 July, 1831. 
Floreuce, d. 81 Dec 1861. 


8 Charies, ft. S Feb. 1708, of Queen's College. Oxford, 
M.A. (1817X Hector of Wrotiiam, and Bural Dean of 
Shomam, eo. Kent, Ac: m. 1 July, 1816, Francea- 
Oatherine, 2nd dau. of the Bight Ber. Daniel Sandford, 
D.D., BSflhop of Edinburgh (tee 8jan>voBD (yT Saindfofd), 
and haa ieaue, 

Thomaa-Sandford, ft. 28 Bept 1818; d. 10 July, 1830. 

Chariee-Edward, ft. 2S JuW, 1820 ; d. 20 Aug. 1822. 

Biehard - Doug^ - Hay, late cM>t. 17th &3oer8, ft. 
9 Dec 1828 ; in. SO April, 1861, Eltcabeth-Mldaieton, 
only dau. and heir of the late Thomas Ward, Esq. of 
Heath House, oo. Middlasex, and has issue, 

Beglnald'Chariea-Doofflas, ft. 6 April, 1862. 
Beaufort-Coemo-Douglaa, ft. 6 July, 1854. 
Oeoil-Thomaa-Edward-Douglas, ft. 29 Nov. 1866. 

Charlea-Henxy, & 16 Jan. 18S9 ; d. 29 May. 1832. 

Tbomae Bruce, Hon. E.I.C. civfl service, Bengal Pre- 
sident, ft. 29 Aprfl, 1831 ; m. 20 July, 1853, Addaide- 
Fhnny-^ring, 4th dau. of William-Hallowa Belli, 
£sq. of tne Hon. E.LC. civQ service, and haa Jasue, 

Cecn-Bruee, ft. 11 Dec 1857. 
Arthur-Bruce, ft. 3 Dec. 1858. 
Frsderick-Charles-Bruce, ft. 6 Jan. 1860. 
Eva-Fkancsa-Bruce, d. 80 Dec 1866. 

Hemry-Monay, Bluemantle PursuivantKif-Arma, ft. 
S March, 1883. 

Franeia-Charles De Lena, in holy orders, ft. 21 June, 

Jane, m. 24 Ang. 1848, Col. Edward-Charles Waide, 
C B., B.H.A., eldest surviving son of the late Gen. 
Sir Henry Warde, O.C.B., and haa issue («ee Wjjcdk 

jf SqturrietX 

Seanor - Sarah, m. 22 June, 1864, John-Bourryan 
Bivodley, Esq., late capt. 17th lancers. 

Vranoes-Lennox-Heneiige, m. 23 Nov. 1858, Arthur^ 
Vend'gaad Daviea-Berrington, Esq., only surviving 
■on ai»d heir of J. Daviea-Berrington, Esq. of Wood- 
land Caatle, ca Glamorgan. She d. 27 May, 18&9. 


Alice-Howley, d. 1 Jan. 1850. 

Blaucho-Emma, d. 2S Sept 1860. 

4 Richard, ft. 2 Oct 1794; m^ 24 April, 1827, Sarah Pink, 
8rd dan. of George-Thomas Tracy, Eaq. of Liskeard, 
CO. Cornwall, and has issue, 

Bichard-Stuart, ft. 14 July, 1829; m. 81 Aug. 1852, 
Rmily-Elisa, eldest dau. of Samuel Levlson, Eaq. 

Chrurles-Stnait, capt. in the army, ft. 9 Feb. 1831 ; m. 
til Sept 1852, Anne-Joflephlne, 8rd dau. of the Rev. 
Ridbard-Bethuel Boyea, and has issue (with a son, 
d. an infant), 1 LiUy-Alioe; 2 Annie; 8 Marion; 
4 Florence; 6 Mary- Ada. 

Thomaa-Blomefleld, late Hon. RLC. dvil aervloe, 
Bengal Fresideney, ft. 9 June, 1832. 

Wilmot, Hon. KLC. civil service, Bengal President, 
ft. 19 Sept. 1833 ; m. 17 Oct 1854, Louisa-Anne, eldest 
dan. and co-heir of Charles-Fatten Tale, Esq., and 
by her (who d. 26 Sept 1865) has issue, Louiaa-Annc 

Henry, ft. 26 May, 1836, who assumed tiiemvname 
and arms of Lucas, in addition to and before those 
of Lane, by royal licence, dated 4 March, 1866. Mr. 
Lucaa-LMae d. 17 Feb. 1860. 

Francee-Bain. d. 26 Oct 1836. 
ftwah-Magdalone, m. 22 July, 1857, Capt Vrederlek 

Helbert-Helbert, 5th Madras ligfatH»vaIry. 


1 Sarah, m. 4 Feb. 1812, Wllliara Cotton, Esq. of 
Walwood ITottse, co. Essex, one of the directors of the 
Bonk of England, and governor in the years 1842-8-4^ 
ft. 12 Stmt. 1786. 

2 Jane, ft. 21 May, 1791 ; d. 21 July, 1791. 

Mr. Thomas Lone d. 10 Jan. 1821 

LA it 

m. Bic^uffd, capt. R.N., K 6 June, 1761 ; d. 28 FbK 

1799, an. 
IT. Newton-Charlea, in holy crdets, ft^ 16 Febi 1768, Baelor 

of Ingoldsby. oo. Lincoln; d. 6 Match, 1846, a. jp. 
L Sarah, ft. 2 Kov. 1761 ; d. young. 
XI. Maria, ft. 29 Jan. 1757; m.^ April. 1788, the Rev. 

John Lucy, of Charleocto Fttk, oo. Warwick, aud had 

issue (eee Lvcr of Charkeott). 
ni. aarah, ft. 80 March, 1769; dL yooBf. 

Mr. Lane d. 28 June, 1782, and wu «. by hii eldest sen, 

JoHir Lavk, Ibq., ft. 26 Dec 1762, iaUow of Qoen'a 
College, Cambridge, banister-at-law, depoty-Ueut of tb« 
ooun^ of Stafford, high steward of the town of Burton* 
upon-Trent, ftc Ac, who wi. 20 Jan. 1800, Sarah, only sur- 
viving dau. of Thomas Uoyd, Esq. of Wyla Cop, Shrews- 
bury, and widow of John Amler, Esq. of Foid HaU, eo. 
Salop, and by her (who d. 1 AprSl, 1866) had i«ae, 

Johk-Nkwtoh, his suooeasor. 

Thomas-Leveson, ft. 28 Sept 1802, of St John'k Colkge, 

Cambridge, M.A., ordained 1827, Vicar of Baswick, co. 

Stafford 71886), and of Wasperton, eo. Warwick (1834); 

and Rural Dean. 

Mr. Xane d. 21 Dec 1824, and waa«. by his eUbst Mm, the 
present Johh-Nswtdh Lan^ Esq. 

^rnM— Per fesse, or and as., a chevron, gn., between thfee 
mnlleta, counterehanged ; on a canton of the third, the 
royal lions of England (the latter added for the rsason men- 
tioned above) ; quartering Dx La Htds, Wtklst, Fowub, 
and many ouera. 

.C<nw<— A strawberrj roan horse, salient, oonped at the 
flanks, bridled, sa., bitted and garnished, or, supporting 
between the feet an imperial crown, ppr. 

Ifolto— Garde le Roy. 

Sso^— Xing'a Bromley Manor, near Lichfield, StaliardahSrc 


Lavb, Chables, Esq. of Badgemore, oo. Oxfortpl, 
J.P. and D.L., barrister-st-law, M.A. of Queen's Ck>lL 
Oxon, and a captain unattached, b, 27 Oct 1793 ; 
m. 3 Jan. 1824, Emily-Maria, 2nd dau^ of tiie late 
John Thomhill, Esq., an East India Director^ and 
has issue, 

I. CHAiiLn-PowueTT, ft. 8 Febi 1820 ; su 2 Sept 1857, 
Caroline, youngest dau. of the late George Lu^, Esq. 
of Charlecote Park, co. Warwick (eee lAJin.qf CharUcoU^p 
and has issue, 

1 Aymer^Powlett, ft 10 July, 1860L 

IL Thomas-Thomhin, ft. 17 Kov. 1838. 

III. John-Reynolds, ft. 14 Nov. 1836. 

jv. Cudbert-WilllamnJones, ft. 10 March, 1S42. 

I. Frandna-Maria. 

II. HeimettarCatharine, m. 28 April, 1856, to Valentine- 
Dudley-Henty-Cary Elwea, Eeq., late of the 12th 
lancers, only son and heir of Cary«Cliariea Elwes, Esq. 
of Great Billing, co. Northampton (eee Elwes qf Great 

ni. Emily -Rose, m. Rev. Henry-Geofye Eland, M.A., 

Vicar of Bedminster, near JMstoL 
rv. Anna-Maiia, d. 16 May, 1886. 
T. Helena-Uisula. 

XrCtlf A9[0« — ^Thomas Lanb, of Hitchenden, eo. Bucks, 
deewrided frmn the Lavas t^ HMibar, eou Northampton, 
was grandfather of 

RoBKRT Lakk, who m. AUoe, dan. of Robert Sannden, of 
Harobledon, oo. Bucks, and had issue. The 4th son, 

Fbakois Lanb, of London, merchant, bapt. 6 Nov. 1587 ; 
m. twice, and had issue by both wives. His 2nd sun, by 
the first, JoHH Lans, also of the city of London, ft. about 
1621, fined for sheriff and alderman, m. 1st, Elisabeth 
Taylor, of StaffcMdshire ; and 2ndly, Aime, eldest dan. of 
Sir John Trevor, Knt of Trevalyn, and widow of Alderman 
Weldon. By the former (who cL 22 Nov. 1677) Mr. Lane 
left (with a dau., Mary, m. to Paul Foley of Stoke Edith, 
CO. Hereford, Speaker of tho House of Commons) a son and 

Bib Thoiias Lavs, Knt, alderman of London, sheriflT^f 
that dty in 1693, and lord mayor in 1605. He m. 1st, Mnry, 
sister of Sir Henry Ashhurst, Bart ; and 2ndly, ElizaKth, 
relict of Sir Thomas Cudden, Knt, diamberlaiu of London. 
By the former, who d. 29 Nov. 1608| he had (with several 
daus., one of whom, Eliaabetb, m. Sir David liamilion, 
M.D.) four sons, of whom the eldest, 

JoBV Lavb^ Esq., ft. in 1677; m. EUabelh, dau. o( 



Henxy Horenor, merehant of London, and by her (who 
d. 21 Dee. 1732) had, with other issue, Thomas, a master in 
Chanoeiy ; and a ith son, 

WiLUAM Lavs, Biq., b. in 1700 ; m. EUsabeth Pynaent, 
of the family of Sir William Pynaent, Bart of Burton 
l^sent, CO. Devon, and by her (who had been previously 
«. to Mr. Andenon, and d. in 1807) had issue, 

1. WxLUAM, who m. twice : by his 1st wife he had. William; 
Thomas ; Mary ; and Elisa, m. to Bonjamin Whitelock, 
Esq. ; and by his 2nd (Susan, dau. of the Ber. Dr. 
PoUook) he had, Charlton, of Jesus College. Cambridge, 
M.A., Inoombent of Bt. Mark's, Kennington, London 
(1832), and Bural Dean of Bouthwark; Charles-Thomas, 
iMUTister-fl^law, deoeased ; and Susan. 

XL Thomas, of whom presently. 

XXI. John, Rector of Sawbridgeworth, Herts, and High 
Roadings, Essex, m. MoUt Impey, niece of Sir El^ah 
Impey, end d. in 1817, loaVing iuue. 

Mr. Lane d. in 178ff. His 2nd son, 

Thomas Limt, Esq., 5. 2 Jan. 1750 ; m. 28 May, 1788, 
Sarah-Charlotte, only dau. of John Williams, Esq. of Dor- 
setshire, and of Wimpole Street, by Charlotte ThomhUl, 
his wife ; and d. 15 Not. 1822, leaving an only surviving 
diild, the present Cba&lxs Lanv, Esq. of Badgemore. 

A mi P er pale, as. and gu., three saltiers, eouped, arg. 

Oftd—Two grifBn^ hm^B, one gu., the other as., issuing 
oat of a crescent. 
Ifotto— Neo degenero. 
Seat— Badgemore, near Henley-on-Thames, Oxford. 


Lane, tbb Rev. Richard, of Coffleet and Bradley, 
CO. DeyoD, b. 18 Feb. 1772; m. 18 Feb. 1800, Lucy, 
dau. of Nioholaa Dennys, Eisq. of Aahley, near Tiver- 
toD, and had issue, 

X. Thomab-Ybalb. 

n. Richard. 

XTX. Dennys. 

XT. Tisscelles. 

▼. Reginald. 

X. lAiej, m. 18 May, 1826, to Sambome-Studey Palmer, 

Esq. of Timsbury House, oo. Somerset. 
n. Penelope. 
XII. Emily. 
' XT. Jacqueta. 
y. Frances. 

ftitlCSSt* — ^Early in the last century, the estate of 
Coffleet was puitshased by Thomas Yeale, Esq. of Bradley, 
who d. in 1780, and was $. by (the son of his sister, Charity, 
who m. Richard Lane, Esq.) his nephew, 

Thomas Lake, Esq. of Bradley and Coffleet, a maglBtrate 
for Devonshire for upwards of thirty-seven years, and high 
sheriff in 1784. He m. Penelope, only dau. and heir of 
Thomas TothiU, Esq. of Bagtor, and loft at his decease 
surviving issue, a dau., Penelope, and a sou, Rsv. Biobard 
Lake, of Coffleet and Bradley. 

i4mt»— Quarterly : Ist and 4th, per i>ale, gu. and as., three 
saltiers, arg., for Lakk ; 2nd, arg., on a bend, sa., three 
calves, passant, of the ftrst, for Ye alb ; Srd, %rg., on a bend, 
sa., cottised, of the some, a lion, passant-guaraaut, of the 
first, for ToTHiUi. 

Cmt—lxi a crescent, or, two griffins' heads, dexter, gu., 
sinister, as., oox^oined and eouped, beaked, or. 

S tat t Coffleet and Bradley, Devon. 

Lane of ryelands. 

Lake, Robert, Esq. of Ryelands, co. Hereford, 
J.P., high bheriff 1841, 6. March, 1785 ; fit. Oct. 1818, 
Ann, dau. of John Livesey, Esq. of Coppul Hall, co. 
Lancaater, by Mary, his wife, dau. of Samuel Clowes, 
Esq. of Broughton Uall, and has had issue, 

X. Robert, 6. 1815; d. unm. 1836. 

II. TiiBOPiiiLUS-WiLUAM, of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
U. A., J.P. and D.L. for co. Hereford, 6. 1817 ; m. 1848, 
Emily, dau. of Charles Bowen, Esq. of KUna-oom-t, 
Quoeu'a Co. 

X. Juliana, m. in 1855, to Capt Oodfroy-Colpoys Bloom- 
field, son of John Bloomfield, Esq. of Castle Caldwell, 
CO. Fermanagh. 

ML Mary-Harriet, m. to the Rev. Ycznon-Geoiige Ouiso, 

Rector of Longhope, oo. Olonoester, 4th son of Ctoa. 
Sh: John Guise, Bart., K.aB. 

Ettteagr*— This branch of the family of Lane baa heen 
settled for many generationB in the oo. of Hereford, and 
represents the very ancient house of Bonn q^ Ue Eodd. 

Theophilus Laxb, Esq. (elder son, by Anno, his wife, 
of Theophilus Lane, Esq.), m. Juliana, dau. and oo-heir of 
Bampf ylde Rodd, Esq. of the Rodd, In Herefordahlra, and 
of Stoke Canon, oo. Devon, by his wife, the only diux. of 
Mr. Justice Price, of the Common Pleas, of Foxley, oo. 
Hereford, and had, with two dans, and a son, another 0cn« 

RoBBBT Lahb, Esq. of Ryelands, who m. 1777, Anne, 
dau. of Peter Symona, Esq. of Plymouth (Me Stxoks <^ 
ChaddUwood\ and dying hi 1817, was t. by his only sorviving 
son, the present Robert Laits, Esq. of Ryelands. 

.^mu— Per pale, as. and gu. , three saltiers^ eouped, aiqg, 
Cnett— Out of a crescent, or, two griffins' heads, one gu., 
the other as. 
JI#o<Co— Cderiter. 
£tot— Ryelands, near Leominster, oa Hereford. 



The late Marmaduks-Robebt Lanqdalb, Esq. of 
Garston House, Godstone, Surrey, and of Pis Hall, 
Hawkhurst, Kent, an officer 9th regt. from June to 
July, 1802, 6. 6 April, 1785, FJI.A.S., F.R.B.S. ; m. 
1 Oct. 1812, Louisa, dau. and co-heir of George 
Jourdan, Esq. of Guilford Street, London, and had 

I. Mabmadukb, Ueut. 41st foot, b. 11 Aug. 1813 ; in. 
rietta, eldest dau. of George Chapman, Esq. ol 
and d. 1 Oct. 1842, leaving, 

1 Habkadukb-Robbbt, ft. S March, 1889. 
8 Albert, 6. 8 Sept 1842. 
1 Louisa. 

n. Alfred, b, 20 Sept 1816 ; m. Charlotte, eldest dan. of 
WilUam Keene, Esq., barristeivat-law, and has issue. 

UL George- Augustus, H.A., in holy orders, Vioar of 
Compton, near Petersfleld, b. 16 Jan. 1817; ta. and 
has issue. 

nr. William-Atkinson, ft. 6 Kov. 1818. 

Sritt(IC8t«^-GEOitOB Lahodalb, Esq. of March, Isle of 
Ely, dssoended from the Lanqdalbb t^ Hoviglaont oo. York, 
d. 1074, leaving, by Margaret, his wife (who m. 2ndly, Isaac 
St Gens, Esq., youngest lnx>ther of Sir Francis Bt. Gens, 
Knt. of Thorp House, near Peterborough, co. KorthamptonX 
his 2nd, but only surviving son, 

GonraEY Lanodale, Esq. of Longthorpe, ft. In 1074^ 
who was always addressed by Marmaduke, the Srd Lord 
Langdale (who d. 12 Deo. I7l8), as eoiuin. He m. Haigsunet, 
dau. of George Sayer, Esq. of Himtlngdon, snd by her 
(who d. 20 Oct 1744) had issue. Mr. Langdale dying 1 Jan. 
1737, was «. by his Srd but only surviving son, 

MARMAnuKB Lahodalb, Esq. of Southampton Row, 
Bloomsbury, ft. 12 Oct 1719 ; who d. 26 Aug. 1782, leaving, 
by his wife, Mary, only child and heir of John Lighthasel, 
Esq., a son and successor, 

Marmaduki Lakodaub, Esq. of New Ormond Stx«et, 
Queen Square, Holbom, ft. 6 May, 1766 ; who m. 20 Boo. 
1778, Sarah-Augusta, eldest dau. of Robert Kelham, Ksq. 
of Great Gonerby and Billingborough, oo. Lincoln, and of 
Bush HUl, Edmonton, oo. Middlesex, senior member of 
the Hon. Society of linoohi's Inn ; and d. 2 Aug. 1832, 
leaving issue, 

I. Mabmaduke-Robert, late of Qiurston House. 

II. Bobert-Kolham, who assumed the name and arms of 
Kelhak only («ee Kslham qfBUasby). 

III. George, ft. 24 Aug. 1701 : m. Elisa, dau. of — Cooper, 
Esq., and has issue, EUsa-Langdole, ft. in July, 1700. 

rv. William-John, in holy orders, ft. 9 May, 1796; sn. 
Marian, dau. of — Jackson, Esq. of Lewes, co. Busses, 
and has issue, 

1 William-Augustus, ft. 12 Feb. 1834. 

2 Marmaduke- Albert, ft. 4 Nov. 1889. 

1 Maigaretta CharlotUy ^ 26 April, 1836. 



L ftmh, m. lot, the Ray. Bdward Smitlii of FoDdngliaiii ; 

SDdly, the Bev. Charles Day. 
n. Arioe, m. William-James May, Esq. of SoiithtrelL 
m. Blisaboth, m. IS Aug. 1816, wilUam Belt, Esq. of the 

Grown Office, Temple. 

Jm*— Psrty, per chevron, as. and sa., a dhevron, ermine^ 
between three Mtoiles, arg. 

fteK— An estolle, arg., between two oak-bninches, ppr. 

JMlo— Poet tenebras lucem. 

SaU-^larBton House, Qodstone, Surrey. 


liAvasfON, James - Hauohtoit, Esq. of Sarsden 
House, eo. Oxford, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1851, 
U.P. for the city of Oxford from 1826 to 1835, and 
abo BDoelSil, Hon. D.C.L. Oxon (Oh. Ch.), 1849, i. 
1797; «. 6 Jolj, 1834, Lady Julia Moreton, dan. 
of Tlioinai^ Ui Earl of Duci% and has iasoa. Mr. 
Lngrton is wan of Hie late J<dui Lanpfam^ 9tq. <rf 
Susden Houae. 

Jrm*— Or, on a chevron, between two roses. In chief, gu., 
and a dolphin. In base,, ppr., three cross-crosslets, or. 
fieot— SaiMlen House, near Chipping Norton, Oxford. 



Vewton Park and Hatch Beauchamp, co. Somerset, 
J.P. and D.L., M.P. for West Somerset, from 1851 
to 1869, ILA. of Ch. Oh. Oxon, 1848, patron of four 
Hvinga, 6. 25 July, 1824 ; t. his grandfather in 1854; 
■. 9 June^ 1846, Lady Anne-Eliza-Mary Grenville, 
edy dan. of the present Duke of Buckmgham and 
ChandoSy and has issue, 

L WiuiAM-drBPHW, b. 11 Hay, 1847. 
XL Hsmy-Powall, b. 14 Deo. 1854. 
m. A son, b, 10 May, 18(0. 

I. Mazy-Jane. 

n. nwuses-AniM. 

EintXJlt.— StR John Oobc, Ent, lord- mayor of 
ItfOdoo In 1024, 4th son of Mr. Alderman Gemrd Gore, 
of London, and brother of Panl Gore, anoeetor of the Eabls 
Of Aaaav, ai. Hester, dan. of Sir Thomas CampbeU ; and 
djlng in 1^ left^ inter aliot, a son, 

8ia JoHV GoHB, Knt. of Gilstone, ca Herts, who «. 
Bridget, dan. of Sir Bdward Harington. Bart. ; and d. in 
ltt9. His brother, 

Wauuf GoB^ of M orden, eo. Buzrey, afterwards of 
Binow Court, tn Somersetahire, m. Jano, dan. of Thomas 
fimith, £w|. of Tedworth, Wilts, by whom he left at his 
dtooass, in lOOS, a eon, his suooessor, 

Bia TaoMAS Goaa, Knt., who m. Fhilippa, sister and 
•o-beir of Sir Qilae Tooker of Maddhigton, In Wiltahlre; 
and (|yfa« In 1075, left Issue, William, d. In 1718, leaving 
iine; Thomas, cL before 17*Z6, leaving tssne; BnwABn, 
of whom prassntly ; Jane^ m. to Richard Baskerville, Esq. 
of BIchaidston ; and Anne, m. to •- Stear. Sir Thomas's 

EawABO GoBB, Esq., m. Arabella, sister and oo-heir of 
Sir John Smyth, Bart, of Long Ashton, oo. Somerset ; and 
d. in 174S. His 8nd son and eyentual heir, 

Kdwabd Gobb, Esq., m. Barbara, widow of Sir Edward 
lloitTn, Bart., and dau. and sole heiress of Sir George 
BrawDo, of KIddlngton Park, Oxfordshire (by the Lady 
Bsibara Lee, daa. of Edward, 1st Earl of lichfleld), by 
wham he left at his decease, In 1801, 

L Wtluam, his successor. 

II. Charles, In holy orders, m. in 1798, Harriet, dau. of 
Richard Little, Esq. of Grosvenor Place, and had sar- 
tiring Issue, 

1 MoBTAOU, of Barrow Court, late M.P. for Barnstaple. 
« WiUiam-Charles. 
8 Oeoige. 

Mr. Gore d. in 1801, and was t. by his eldest son, 

WiuiAM Gobb-Lanotob. Esq. of Newton Park, oo. 
Bomcmt, colonel of the Oxford militia, 6. in Dea 1760 ; 
«. 1st, fai 1783, Bridget, only child and heiress of Joseph 
Uagtoo, Esq. of |iewton Park (upon which occae^on he 
■iramod, by royal permission, the additioril siuname and 
•OBsof Lahoton), aud had issuo 

Wiuiait, of Combe Hay, Uto M.P. for 
tcom 1831 to 1847, fr. in 1787: m. In 18SS» Jaeintha* 
Prances-Dorothea, only ohild of Henry-Powell OoUlBa. 
Esq. of Hatch Beauchamp, and had one aon, the p r sse nt 
WiLUAX-HxzrBT-PowELL Gobx-Laxotov, Ssq. 

Edward, 6. in 1789, an ofBcer In the army. 

John, an offieer in the army, d, at Ceylon. 

Colonel Gore-Langton m. tndly, Mary, only dan. of John 
Browne, Biq. of BalpeKton, eo. Okmoestsr, and bad by 

that lady, 

WiUiam-Henry. of York Creeeent, Clifton. J.P. and D.L. 

force. Somerset, H.P. for Bristol since 1853, mayor of 

that city in that year. ft. 1808 : m. 1824« Maria, dau. of 

John Lewis. Esq. 

John-Frederick, oapt grenadier-guards, d. i7 Oet 1884. 
Kary-Henrietta, «. In 1831, to Sir J.-M. Buigoyne, Bart 

<tf Sutton Park. 
Caroline-Maria, m. July, 1880, to CoL D*Oyiy, of the 


CbL Gore-Langton d. hi 1847, and was a by his grandson, 
the pMsent Mr. Gobb-Labotob, M.P. 

i(rm»— Quarterly : Lavotov and Goaa. 
AfoCto— In hoc surno Tlnces. 

5ca(«— Newton mk, near Bath, and Hateh Pean ch smp, 
near Taunton, oa SomerBOt 


Lablett, William, Esq. of Abberton Hd], oo. 
Worceeter. barrister-at-law, M.P. for the city of 
Worcester since 1852, 6. 9 Oct. 1801 ; m. 8 Feb. 
1842, Maria, eldest dau. of the late Right Rer. 
Dr. Carr, Bishop of Worcester, 

%iVltKflt* — Thomas Lasi^ett, Esq., who m. SO July, 
1760, Jane, only child of Ralph Bmmerson, Esq., d, 8 Aug. 
1788, leaving a son and heir, 

Tbomas-Emxbrson Laslett, Esq. of Woroeeter, who m. 
22 Dea 1708, Sophia Jenkins ; and d. 10 Dec. 1810 (his 
widow survived until SO July, 1880), leaving issue, 

WiLUAM, now of Abberton HaU. 
Thomas-Emmerson, d. unm, 
Sophia, d, unm. 4 Dea 185L 

Scot— Abberton Hall, near Pershore, WoroMtonhlre. 


Latham, GhEOBOs-WiLLiAM, Esq. of Bradwall Hall, 
CO. Chester, J.P., M.A. of Brasenose ColL Oxon, 
1852, of the loner Temple, barrister-at-law, J.P., 
h, 4 May, 1827; m. 21 Aug. 1850, EUzabeth-Sarah, 
eldest dau. of the Rev. H. Luttman-Johnson, of 
Binderton House, Suosez, and had issue, 

John-Done-Orkatel, b. 1868 ; d. 1859. 

ILttlf SffC*—- This Is a Junior brsnoh of the andent 
Cheshire house of Lathom, of Lathom and Knowaley, which 
terminated In an heiress, Isabblla Latham, who tn. Sir 
John Stanley, Knt., ancestor of the Earls of Derby, In the 
reign of Hbbbt VIII, Aubxahdbb db Latham occurs in 
existing deeds, as selaed of lands In Astbuiy, and using tbo 
same arms ; and from him property descend e d lineally to 
the Lathams of BradwalL 

Thb Rjbt. John Latham, reotor of Lawton in Cheshire, 
b. in 1030 (son of John T/atham, of Gongleton, whoee father, 
John Latham, of the same place, was grandson of Alexander 
Latham, also of Congleton, living temp. Henbv VIIIX M' 
31 March, 1692, Maria Moreton, and d. 5 June, 1705, leaving 
(with a dau. Hester, m. to the Bev. William Hall, rector of 
Qawsworth, and d. «. p.) an only son and hoir, 

Thb Rev. John Latham, minister of Bunuey, co. NottH, 
and of Woolstrop, oo. Leicester, b. 11 Nov. 1694 ; m. Mar- 
garet, dau. of William Knott, Esq. of Oi-eat Gonerby, in 
Lincolnshiro, and had two sons, John, his successor; and 
Charles, of Waltham, in Leicestershire, m. and had issua 
The elder son. 

The Rbv. John Latham, B.A., minister of Siddington^ 
in Cheshire, 5. 28 Nov. 1725 ; m. 9 June, 1753, Sarah, dau. of 
Richard Podmore, Esq. of Sondbach, and had iasue^ 

John, M.D., his heir. 

Kichard, of Sandbach, m. Sanih, dau. of Charles Lathamt. 
] Esq. of Waltham, oo. Leioester, and had issue four sonsi, 

JMr. Latham d. 21 June, 1783, and was «. by Us soq» 



John LAtBAV , Es^., M.D., at lo&ie time President of the 
Boyal College of Phyaidans, London, F.R8., L.8., 6c., 
b. 29 Dea 1761, who purohaBed Bndwall in 1803. He ih. 
18 April, 1784, Mary, eldest dau. and oo-heiress of the Bev. 
Peter Meyer, Vicar of Freetbury (descended from Mere of 
Mere, 00. Chester), by Martha, his wife (seoond dau. and co- 
heir of John Ardeme, Esq. of Sutton, sprang from a scion 
ol Ardeme of AlTsnley), and had Issue, 

JoHV, D.CU, sometime fellow of All Souls* College, Oxr 
fonl, his heir. 

Peter-Mere, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physi- 
cians, b. 1 Jul7, 1789 ; m. 1st, in Sept. 18S4, Diana-Cla- 
rissa, dau. of Major-Gen. the Hon. Oranville- Anson Chet- 
wynd-Stapylton ; and that lady dying «. p. S8 Sept. 1825, 
he m. Sndly, 14 Feb. 1838, Grace-Maxv, third dau. of 
David Chambers, Esq., com. R K., and by her has issue. 

Henry, M. A., in holy orders, b. 4 Nor. 1794 ; m. 27 July, 
1824, Maria, third dau. and OD-heir of James HalliweU, 
^aa. of Broomfield, in Lancashire, and has issue. 

Sarah, ta. 8 Aug. 1808, to Qeorge Ormerod, Esq., D.C.L.. 
F.RS.. Ac., of Sedbury Park, co. Gloucester, and 
Tyldesiey, oo. Lancaster. {See Obiobod of T^ldeaUjf). 

Frances, d. umm. in 1829. 

Doctor Latham d. 1848, and was a by his son, 

John Latham, Esq. of Bradwall Hall, D.C.L., of All 
Soiils' College, Oitford, b. 18 March, 1787 ; who m. 84 May, 
1821, EUsabeUi-Anne, eldest dau. of Sir Henry Dampier, 
Kut, late one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench, 
and by her (who d 81 May, 1889) had« 

John-Henry, 6. 14 Feb. 1883 ; d. 4 July, 1843. 
GaoRCB-WiixiAif, now of Bradwall SmL 
Thomas-Dampier, d. yoong, 1837. 
Francis-Law, of Braaenose College, Oxford, B.A., b, 
6 Aug. 1887. , 

Mary-Francee, m. to the Rev. A. Jones. 

Mr. Latham d. 80 Jan. 1853. 

^rm«— Erminois, on a chief, indented, as., three bezants, 
over all, a bend, gules. 

Crett--On a rock, ppr.. an eagle with wings elevated, 
orminois, preying on a child, ppr., swaddled, aa., banded, 

ITotto— Secundt elite. 

0sat— BradwaU Hall, Sandbaoh, Cheshlro. 


La Toughs, David-Chables, Esq. of Harlay, ca 
Dublin, oolond of the county Dublin militia, J.P. 
and D.L., h. 18 April, 1800; high sheriff of Wicklow 
in 1888, and of the county of tiie city of Dublin in 

ICnf Xfff • — ^The family of La Touche was established in 
Ireland by 

Datib DfOVKS na la Touohx, a Huguenot, who settled in 
that kingdom after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 
having served first as volunteer, and afterwards as lieutenant 
and captain, in the Princess Axme's regiment of infantry. 
He was the fourth son of a noble Protestant family of the 
Blesols, which possessed considerable estatea between Blois 
and Orleans, and in other parts of France. He first fled to 
Holland, where a branch of his family had for some time 
been established, and shortly afterwards embarking with 
the Prince of Orange, served the Irish campaign under him. 
At the oondusion of the war, Mr. La Touche, with many of 
his countrymen, settled in Dublin. He m. twice ; by his 
second wife he had no issue ; but by the first, whom he m. 
6 July, 1890, Judith Biard, dau. of Notf Biard, and Judith 
Chevalier, his wife, he had issue, 

I. David, of whom presently. 

II. James Digges-La Touche, Esq. of Dublin, m. 1st, 1738, 
Elisabeth, (Uiu. of David Ghaigneau, Esq., and had issue 
by her an only child, 

Elinvbcth-Wilholmina, wife of Robert Barry, Esq., Srd 
son of Sir Edward Barry, Bart 

He m Sndly, 1743, Matilda, dau. of William Thwaitea, 
&q. (will dated 17 Nov. 1763, and proved 89 Sept 1703), 
And had issue by her, 

1 WiUiam Digsys-La Touche, Esq. of Dublin, m. Oraoe, 
dau. of John Pugott, of London, Esq , and had issue, 

James Digges-La Touche, Esq. of Sans Souci, co. 
Dublin, m. Isabella, dau. of Sir James-Lawrence 
Cottor, Bart., and by her had issue at his decease in 

WillLim Diggos La Touche. 
JamcR DIggvs La Touche. 

John-Geoiige Digses-La Toaehe. 
Edmond-RobertDigirBs-LaTouclie, hutUbet^/^hm, 
Isabella Diggos-La Touche. 
Oxaoe DIgges-La Touohe. 
EUsabeth Digges-La Touohei 

William-Digges, d. tmm. 

Thomas-Dlgges, m. Anne, dan. of — Needham, Esq* 

Esther, wife of Rev. Benjamin Waller. 


Grace, wife of Bey. Oeoige-Bdmond Cotter. 

8 Peter Digges-La Touohe, Esq. of Belfleld, oo. Dublin, 
m. 1789, Charlotte, dau. of George Thwaitea, Esq., and 
had issue, 

Peter Digges, m. Mazy-Anne, dau. of Dodwall Browns^ 
Esq. of Rublno^ oo. Mayo, and had, 


John James-Dfgges (Rov)l 
George Digges. 
Theophilus Digges. 
William Digges, d. «. p. 

Emily, wife of John Brennan, Esq., a alx deik in 

8 Theophilus Digges, of Dublin, d. nam. 1777. 
4 David Digges, of Dublin, d. «nm. 1778. 

I. Jane D: 
u. Judith 


Mr. La Touche d. 17 Oct. 1746, and was ». in th« Bank 
which he had established in Dublin, by his son, 

DATiD-Dioun La Tocohs, Esq., b. 31 Deo. 1703, who had 
been educated in Holland with his relation. Digues de la 
Motto, at Rotterdam. He m. 8 Feb. 1724-5, Mary-Anne, 
dau. of Gabriel Canasilhes, and had issue, Gabriel-David, 6. 
in 1728, who d.w.p.; David, of whom presently ; James, b. 
1780, d. V. p. ; John (tee La Tovohk <if BdrriUown) ; Pvtkb 
(tee La Touchb etf SelUvue) ; Gabriel, 6. 26 Dec. 1734 ; Mat* 
thew, 6. in 1738 ; Maiy-Anne, b. in 1726 ; Martha, b. in 1736 ; 
Elisabeth, twin with Martha ; and Judith, ft. in 174i. Mr. 
La Touche d. in Feb. 1786. The eldest son, 

Ths Right Hok. David La Touohv, of Marlay, eo. Dublin, 
many years M.P. for his own borough of Newcastle and 
other places, m. in 1762, Elisabeth, dau. of the Bight Rev. 
Geoige Marlay, D.D., Bishop of Dromore, son of Chief 
Justice Marlay, and by her (who was firstHX>usln to the 
Right Hon. Henry Grattan) he had issue, 1 Davib, his 
heir ; 8 George, d. «»w. in 1823 ; 8 John-David, ft. 8 Jam. 
1773; 4 Peter, ft. in 1777 (eee La Toucbs o/ AlUvme); 
6 Robert, lieut-ool. of the Carlow militia, and for aome 
years M.P. for Carlow, ft. in 1788 ; 6 WUliam, d. young; 

1 Elisabeth, m. in 1781, to the Earl of Lanesborougfa ; 
8 Harriet, m. to Sir Nicholas Colthurst, Bart of Ardnim, 
CO. Cork ; 3 Emily, m. in Nov. 1700, to Col. George Veoey, 
of Lucan House, co. Dublin ; 4 Anne, m. to Geoige Jefltvys, 
Esq. of Blarney Castle, co. Cork ; 6 Maria, m. to the Knight 
of Kerry. Mr. La Touche d. June, 1806. The eldest son, 

David La Touchv, Esq. of Marlay, ool. of the Carlow 
militia, and, for many years, M.P. for that county, m. 
24 Dee. 1789, Lady Oedlia Leeson, dau. of the Eaii of Mill- 
town, and left issue, 1 David, d. wnm. in 1830 ; 8 Jomr, in 
holy orders, vicar of Monntrath, m. and has issue; S 
George, ft. hi 1708, m. and has children ; 4 Peter, ool. 
B I.C.S., m. a dau. of General Maxwell, and has issue; 6 
William, d. nam. ; 6 Robert, oapt. in the army, «». and hss 
issue ; 7 Cecil, <L vnm. ; 1 Elisabeth, m. to Lord Brandon ; 

2 Han-iot m. to Villiers Hatton, Esq., rear-adml. R.N. ; S 
Frances, d. itam. ; 4 Emily ; and 6 Mary. CoL La Touche 
sold Marlay to his brother, 

Johm-David La Touciik, Esq., who m, in March, 1700, 
Anne-Caroline, dau. of Charles Tottenham, Esq. ot New 
Ross, CO. Wexford («ee TotrkhamX and d. Aug. 1838, 
leaving issue, 

I. David-Chables, now of Marlay. 

II. Charles-John, ft. 81 March, 1811; w. June, 1850, 
Mademoiselle Marie de Fouchier, and has a son, John« 
David, ft. May, 1861. 

X. Franccs-Caroline-Sarah. 

II. Elisabeth-Louiaa. 

III. Anne-Caroline, d, wnm. 1814. 

Armt — (Duly registered) Arg., a pomegranate, ppr., 
couped, gu., on a chief, of the last, two mullets, of the field. 
Ci'est — ^A mullet of five points, pierood, arg. 
Afotto — Quid verum at que docens euro et rogo. 
£ea(— Marlay, Hathfarnham, oa Dublin. 




La Toughs, Williah-Hobsbt, Esq. of Bellevue, 
00. Wicklow, D.L. for oo. Leitrim, J.P. for Wioklow, 
liigh sheriff for Wioklow 1860. 

ILtnCXSf*— PvrxB La Tovchjb, Esq. of BeUevu^ Srd 
mrviTJBg son oi Bavid-Digaes La Touche, Esq. of Marlay 
{tee preceding artieU), sat for many years in parliament as 
kolgfat of the shirs for Leitrim. He m. Ist, in 1766, Rebeoca. 
only dsn. of Robert Vicars, Esq. of Grsntstown, Queen's 
Ooonty, which lady d «. jpi in 1786 ; and Sndly, Eliaabeili, 
dan. of Rlehaid Viosrs, Esq. of Lavall^, which lady, who 
had XK> children, survived her husband a ocmsiderable time. 
Having no issne, Mr. La Touche adopted (the 4th son of 
his brother, the Bight Hon. David La Toodhe, of Mariaj) 

Fim La Touohjb, Esq. This gentleman, who was 6. 
in 1777 ; m. in 1806, the Hon. Chsrlotte Maude, dau. of 
CorawaUis, Viscount Hawarden, and has issue, 

I. PmB, his hirir. 
u. Oorawallia. d, in India. 
tiL WiLUAM-RoBBBT, DOW of Bellevuo. 
IT. Ashloy, m. S M^, 1861, Sarah-Julia, dau. of CoL 8tr 
W. Cuz, of Cooldiffo. 
V. Cluuies-Henry. 

VL Francis, late high sbcriff of the oo. of Leitrim. 
vn Jaokea. viii. Octavius. si. Cooilia La Toucho. 

iz John-Alexander. 

I. Isabella. 

II. Chariotteu 
in. Msiy. 

rr. Ellas. 

T. Elisabeth, d. young. 

Hr. La Touche dL 11 Feb. 1830, and was a by his son, 
PRE£ La Touohb, Esq. of Bellevue, M.P., whose brother 
and hefar Ib Ihe present William-Bobkbt La Touom^ Esq. 
€f BeUevua. 

Armtf Sc—Ab La Toucrs qfJIiarlap, 
SecU— Bellevue, Delgany, co. Wicklow. 


La Touchb, Jobs, Esq. of Harristown, co. Eil- 
dare^ J.P. and D.L., at one time high 8heri£^ oo. Kil- 
dsre, (. 16 Sept. 1814 ; m. 16 May, 1848, Maria, only 
ohild of Bose-Lambart Price, Esq. of Trengwainton, 
00. Cornwall (by his wife, Catherine, Countess 
Dowager of Deeart), and has issae, 

L BoBBv-PKBcnr-O'CtoNNOB, ft. 12 July, 1846 
L Bmily-Maiia. 
n. Bose-Luqr. 

Knf ftfft. — JoHx La Touohe, Esq. of Hanistowii, oo. 
Kfldare, H.P., 2nd surviving son of David-Digues La Touche, 
Eiq., of Ifarlay (ass La Touohs </ Marlay), m. in 1763, Ger- 
tnide-Fitigerald, dau. of Robert Uniacke, Esq., of the oo. 
Cork, who took the name and arms of Fit^;erald, and had 

BoBEBT, his heir. 

John, many yean M.P. for the coun^ of Leitrim, d. unm. 
Oarbrude, m. to Frands Mathew, 2nd Earl of Iilandsff. 
Httiaone, w. to Balph-Poter Dundas, Esq. 

The elder son, 

RoBBHT La TOoohs, Esq. of Harristown, M.P. for the oo. 
Kildare, m. 17 April, 1810, Lady Emily Le Poer Trenoh, 
rrangest dau. of WUliam Power Keating, 1st Earl of Clan- 
evty, and by her, who d. 8 ApxU, 1816, has issue. 

Jobs, now of Harristown. 

Bobert, twin with John, d. 8 Sept 1846. 

VSUiam, 6. in 1816. 

Anne, d. yoimg. 

Oartmde, m. 1841, to her conedn, Stanley McCUntock, 
EiQ., son of Jcdm McGlintock, Esq. of Drumcar, by bis 
wile, the Lady EUiabeth Le Poer Trtaoh. {eee MgC^tock 


Emily, d. young. 

Er. UToQohe d. May, 1844. 

Anu, Ac— As La TorcHB qf ISarla^ 
£mx— Harristown, Kilcullen. 



Thb latb Josbph-Akdrew Lautoub, Esq. ol 
Hezton House, Herts, oo. J.P. and D.L., scimetiina 
an officer let foot-guards, high sheridT of Herts 1827, 
h, 1785 ; m, 1809, Caroline, only sunriving dan. and 
heir (her sister and co-heir, Jaue, wife of Sir Georg* 
Shoe, Bart, having d. «. pX of William Toung, Esq. 
(natural son of Patrick, 5tli Lord Elibank), and bj 
this lady, with whom he acquired the Hertfordshfare 
and other estates, had issue (he is deoeasedX 

L WiixiAM-pRAXCis-JosEPH, formsriy eapt grenad.-gda., 
m. Eliia, dau. of William Turton, Esq. of East Bheeu, 
and has issue. 

n. Edward, H.B.LOo.'s dril servlos, m. Gatherina, dan. 
of Archibald Soonoe, Esq. of Stiriingshire, and has 

m. Edgar-Frederio^ H.B.LCo.*s dTil ssrrioe^ m. Loulsi^ 
dau. of William Baridson, Esq. 

IT. Albert, an officer in the rifle brigads. 

L Jane, m. to CoL Louis de TsTarea Osorio of the king- 
dom of Portugal, and has issua 

n. Caroline-Georgisna, m. to ThsophOus-John, eldest son 
€i Sir Richard St George, Bart., and d. leaving issue. 

ni. Barbara-Maria. 

lY. Maria-Douglas. 

▼. Gertmde-Ehmily, m. SI Juns^ 19B9, to B.-W. JOtdMily 
of Barton Msnor, Beds. 

%iXitKttt* — The De Lantours came originally Ihnn 
Alsaoe, and were of highly distinguiBhed ancestry. They 
took their rise from the Comptd de Oominges; snd so 
early as the time of Asnarius, 1st Coimt of Cominges, iriiQ 
lived about the jeax 900, the name of the " Sire de Ia Tottr» 
ChoTalier,** ooours. 

Raymond, called Gausseraud, Seigneur ds la Tour, living 
1180, i». and had two sons, i. Bsbnabo ns Latovb, ftom 
whom descended the Ds Laotoubs, Seigneurs de Cayriech* 
of whom the Snolish Lautoubs are a brsnch ; and u. 
BsBTRAND^ ancestor of Heniy de la Tour d'Auvefgns^ 
Yioomte de Tuzenne, marshal of France. 

JosBPR Francois Louis db Lautoub, ft. 1780 (grandson of 
Andre Louis de la Lautor, who was in llie service of the Duo 
de Lorraine, and lot cousin of Pierre Jacques de Lautour, 
lieut-gen. des Eaux et Fordts at RouenX come in early Ufe 
to England, and thence proceeded to the East Indies, where, 
at Madras, he established himsdf as a banker and merchant 
He subsequently retunied to England, and wished to revisit 
his native country, but the war prevented him. He m. 
1779, Anne Hordle, and had three sons, i. Joseph-Andrbw, 
of Hexton House; il Peter- Augustus, C.B., K.H., colonel 
h.'p. of the 20th light-dragoons, who saved with distinction 
at Waterloo, m. Cameron, dau. of John Innes, Esq. of 
Cowie, and had a dau. ; iii. James-Oliver, an officer of the 
1st guards, killed in aeticoi at Bayonne, 24 Deo. 1818 ; and 
four daus., vis., i. Amelia, m. to Lieut -General Sir W. 
Cumming ; il Barbara, la. to G. Teesdale, Esq. of Bognor, 
Sussex ; in. Georgiana, m. to Edward M^foribanks, Esq. of 
the firm of Coutts and Ck>. ; iv. Maria, m. 1st, to Sir Bobert 
Farquhar, Bart. ; and 2ndly, to the late Thomas Hamilton, 
Esq., author of Cyril ThomUm, brother of Sir W. Hamilt.<w\ 

Jmu— Brmfnois, a fesse crenelI6e cottfsed, go. In chief, a 
tower tripled towered, ppr., masoned, axg. 

C^eif— A dexter arm, embowed, in armour, ai^., holding 
in the hsmd, gauntletted, the ancient escutcheon of La Tour, 
vis., as., a tower, as in the arms. 

Supportera— Two angels, ppr. 

Motto— Four Dieu et mon pays. 

£tat— Hexton House, Herts. 


La WES, John-Bennet, Esq. of Rothamsted Manor 
House, CO. Herts, J.P., b. 28 Deo. 1815; m. 28 Dec. 
1842, Caroline, dau. of the late Andrew Fountains^ 
Esq. of Narford Hall, Norfolk, and has issue, 

I. Chablbs-Bbnvbt, 6. Oct 18I9L 
L Caroline. 

ILtlff2l0^» — JoHH Beknet, Esq., J.P. (grandson of 
Thomas Benneti Esq., by EUiabeth his wife^ dau. of James 

1. A W 


Wms w imi g, Bsq. of BoUuuntted, nootdflr of St. Albaiia, I 
■on ofSir JohnWrnowrong^, Bail^bjBiBBbethMiddletoii 
his wifaX dsrived Bothamsted from his ooarin, Ihomss 
ir itt sw ro ng, Esq., the Utffc of the Wittewrongs, who ± unm, 
b 170S, end dying c p., was «. in the estates by his naphew 
(son of liis sister llsiy, by Thomas Lawes» Esq., her husbandX 
JoHV-BssmBT Lawks, Esq. of Botlisinsted Manor Honae, 
D.L., who m. Aug. ISIS, Marianne, dan. of J. Bheroian, 
Bmi. of Drayton, oo. Oxford, and reliet of the Bar. Dttwid- 
George Knox, and had iasos^ 

Jomr-Bmnr, his heir. 

Marianne, m. 80 Oct. 1884, to Cliarles-Thomaa Warde, Esq. 

of Weleombe House, oo. Warwick. 
BmUy-Calharine, m. to Lewis Mathias, Esq. of Lamphey 

Coint» 00. Fttnbruke. 

Mr. Lawea cL SS Oct 18SS. and was il 1^ his only soil, the 
Jom-Bavnr Lawo^ Esq. <lf Bothamsted. 

^ms— Or, en a ehlef; as , three estoiles, of the field. 
CnU On a dneal ooronat, ot. an ermine, jpassant, ppr. 
gwrt— Bothamsted Manor House, saar fit Albana, ea 


Shihs-Lawu)]!, DkniB) Esq. of CastleloaEli and 
Oronagh Hoiue, KiUamey, oo. Kerry, J.P.» (. 80 
March, 1808 ; f. on attaining hia minority ; m* 
4 Jmie, 1840, Jaabella, eldest dan. of Edward 
Hnddleston, Esq. of Sawaton Hall, eo. Cambridge 
(fee thai %atM), and has iaaue, 

L DxvTS-ALxxAHnii^ ft. 8 July, IMS. 
I. Isabella-EUen. 
n. Mary-Jane. 
m. Fnaioea>Maiy. 

Mr. Lawlor served aa high sheriff in 1840. 

fLintaSf • — Dama Suinb, Esq. of Killaniey (son of 
Dans Saun, Esq. of Mtnmt In&nt, co. Cork, by Eliaa 
Barrett* Ua wifeX m. SI Jan. 1807, Ellen, only dan. of 
MAamr Lawiab, Esq. of KiBamey, and by her (who d 
1867) left 

Dehis, now of CastJelongh and Qxenagh House. 


Mary-Anne, a nun. 

Mr. Shine was killed hy a fall from his horse, IV June, 1812. 
Ant— Oienac^ Hoose, KUlamey, oo. Kerry. 


Lawbihox, Wai/tkb-Lawrkncb. Esq. of Sandy- 
well Fark, co. Qlouoeeter, J.P. and D.L., b. 21 May, 
1799 ; m. 24 July, 1824, Mary, only dau. of Chris- 
tian Speldt^ Esq. of Stratford, in Essex, and has 

I. Walter, b. SI Oct 18S4; d. S4 Deo. 18S8. 
IL CnaisTiAir-WiLUAic, b. 7 April, 1880, attach^ to the 
British embassy at Madrid. 
• m. Anthony-Cooks, 6. 16 March, 1848. 

I. Maiy-Elicabeth. 

II. Alioe. 

III. AgLtha. 

This gentleman, whose patronymic is HoRBiSy 
assumed in its stead the surname and arms of 
Lawrenos, by the de8ir0 of his maternal grand- 
father, Walter Lawrence, Esq. 

%intKSt» — ^From Sia Robert Lawrxnov, Knt, great- 
grandson of James Lawronce, of Ashton Hall, oo. Lancaster, 
living 87 HUTBT III, by Matilda, his wife, dau; and heir of 
John Washington, of Washington, oo. Lancaster, lineally 

WALTca LAwmofOc, Bsq. of flerenhampton, eo. Oloucee- 
ter, who m. Mary, dau. of Jolm Cocks, Esq. of Woodman- 
oote, 00. Olouoester, grandson of the Roy. Peter Cocka^ 
Rootor of BLshop's Cleeve, oo. Olouoester, 1503 to 1612, who 
m. Catherine, dau. of the Hon. Charles Brydges, son of 
John, let Lord Chandos, and of EUaabetb, dau. of Edmund 
Lord Grey de Wilton, through whom this laroUy derives a 
foyal deeoent from Edward I, King of England (mc 
Boaxsli Moital Duemit}. Mr. Peter Cooks was hnvlhcr of 

RldiardCbflks, Esq. of Osstledlteh, aneestor of the 
Loid Somets. Mra Lawrenoe d. in ITfS. Hei 
sunriTod her two yean^ and waa «. at his deoeew by his 
elder snrvivhig son, 

Waltxr LAWBBiioi; Beq. of Serenhamptoo, ?^io m. his 
ooosin Maiy, only s urvi v in g oldld of thomaa Hayvrard, 
Esq. by Dorothy his vrif^ another dau. and oo-heir of the 
said John Cooka, Esq. of Woodmanoote, and left, at his 
decease, in 1810 (by her, vHio predeoeased hfan in 1804), an 
only surviving child, 

Mabt Lawbestoii; of Setssnhanipton, i epi esentaii ve, 
throQgh her two grandmothen, of the family of Cocks of 
Woodmanoote, and her deaoeDdanta inherit a portioti of 
their original estate. She m. in IW, WlUiam Monis, JBsq., 
brother of Robert Moiris, Esq., M.P. f6r Oloucealer, and 
l^ hhn, who d. 18S4, left at her death in 1830 an only mm- 
viving diild, WAian-IcAWSBfoa LAWBBBei^ Beq. of Bandy- 

^rsu— (Duly rsgistered.) Aig., a eross, isgnly, go., tat 
Lawbskob; and aevend quarteringiy among othors that of 
WASHnromnt. In Harieian MSw, 801, 1 00, a eoiioua Sadgt 
is recorded aa belonging to this fiunUy. 

CVvit— The tail and lower part of a fish, cteetedandconped, 

Seat— Ssndywell Fsrk, AndOTSxeford, <31oQeestenhlre. 


Lawbbhos, Walter, Esq. of Lisreaghan, eo. 
Qalway, JJ>., high sheriff 1820-1, h. lH Deo. 1793; 
m. 1 March, 1818, Qeoigianat 8rd dau. of the late 
C!hailee Blake, Esq. of Jf oyne^ oo. liayo« and of 
Merlin Park, co. Qalway, and by her (who A 1869) 
has had i^sue, 

L Waltkr, late oapt 41st regt, m. in 1848, Olivia, eldest 
dau. of tho late Sir MIchael-D. Bellew, Bart, and d. 
1863, leaving a drtu., Honora-Mary. 

n. Cbarles, d. 1810. in. John. 

IT. Peter, d. in 1943. 

▼. Charlea. 

Ti. Peter. 

VII. Denis-Joseph. • • 

Tin. OeoTge-Edward. 

IX. Henzy-Williaro. 

I. Geoiglana. 

IL Catherine-Elisabeth, m. John Clarke, Esq. 

ni. Maiy-Dorotby. 

IT. Matilda, d. in 1S85. 

T. Margaret-Habella. 

Ti. Franoes-Cicely. 

Tii. Anne-Helena'Christian. 

viii. Adelaide-Bridget-Octaviiu- 

IX. Julia, d. in 1887. 

X. Elisabeth, d. in 1888. 

Srttl^AS^. — ^This family claims to be a younger branek 
of the very ancient and distinguished family of tho Law- 
BXMCKS (/ Ldne<ifhire, descended from Sir Richard Law- 
rence, of Ashton Hall, in that ooun^, and was established 
In Ireland temp. Queen Euzabeth. 

John Lawbknck settled at Ballymore, oo. Oalway, and 
had issue, Wai«txb, his heir; John; Edward; Peter; 

Waltcr Lawrbkob, of Ballymore, «. his father, for 
whose diBtingulahed services he was rewarded with large 
grants of lands, under patent from James 1, dated 18171 
He m. in 1603, Cicely, dau. of Oarrett Moore, Eieq. of Brioso, 
00. Mayo ; and d. in 1686, when he was s. by his only son, 

JoHH Lawbsnos, of Ballymore and lisreaghan, who m. 
1st, in 1640, a dan. of John 0*Donelan, Esq. of Battydono- 
lan, 00. Galway, by whom he had no issue ; and Sndly, 
Mabdla, dau. of Killagh O'Kelly, Esq. of Aughrlm, ca. 
Galway, eldest son and heir of Feartonah O'Kelly, last 
chief of his name, and had (with a dau, Mabella, m. to 
J: Kelly, Esq. of Ballagh, oo. Galway) a son, Waltkb, of 
whom presently. He d. in 1676 (his vridow m. 2ndly, 
Jamee Deane, Esq.), and was t. by his son, 

Walter LAwacKOS, Esq. of Lisreoghiux, who m. in 1673, 
Cidly, dau. of Colond Garrett Moore, of Clogban Castle, 
King's County, by his wife, the Lady Maigarot, 2nd dau. 
of Richard, 6th Earl of Clanrioarde, and by her (who m. 
2ndly, John Kelly, Esq.) left at his decease, in 1677 (with 
a dau., Honoria, m. to H. Pelly, Esq. of Kill, oo. Qalwey), 
two sons, minors, John, d. «. j)-, under age ; and 

Waltcb Lawmhoi^ E»q[. of Liareaghan* who w. in 1C98 

i;. A w 

9XJ, dim of Nkholaa Arohdekene, Esq. of Qortnamflna, 
eo. Gahray ; and dying in 1706» was t. by his eldest son, 

Jo«ai Lawrsscs, Esq. of Lisrnaghan, who m. 20 April, 
1T37, Mary, only dau. and heixess of John Soott, Esq. of 
Oreonish sod Cappavaniaj^, oo. Galway, and of Mont 
Serat, West Indies, by his wife, Anastasia, dau. of Bobert 
Ffrench, Esq. of Bahasane, oo. Galway ; and dying in 1780, 
was $. by his only son, 

Waltkr Lawbknok, Bsq. of Usreaghan, 6. 1720; who 
m. lat. In May, 1760, Margery, only dan. of Edmond 
NeltaiTillo, Esq. of Iiongford, co. Galway, and had issue, 
Peter, b. Aug. 1762 ; d. g. p. July, 1790 ; and MaxiE^ d. imM. 
In 18SS. Mr. Lawrenoe m. Sndly, in Aug. 1791, Catherine, 
dan. of John D*Arey, Esq. of Ballykine, oo. Mayo (by Mar- 
garet his wife, youngest dan. of Dtniis Daly, Esq. of Raf ord, 
oo. Galway, and granddau. of Micbael, tenth Earl of Clan- 
lickarde), and by her had issue, 

Walteb^ now of Usreaghan. 

Mstilda-Maxgaret, m. in 1822, to Thomas Seymour, Esq. of 

Ballymore Castle, co. Galway, and has issue (<ee Bbt- 

MOUBy qfBaUyvMTt). 

Mr. Lawrance d. in Oct 1796, itnd wass. by his only son. 

Arm» — (Duly registered) Quarterly: let and 4th, sig., a 
•ross-nguly, gu. , for Lawrsnob ; 2na and 8rd, sa , a Cathe- 
rine- wheel, between two crescents, in diief, and a trefoil in 
baae, or, fbr Soott. 

Crtat — ^A demi-turbot, tail erect, ppr. 

Motto— ^Pro rege, et pro patriA, semper. 

&a«— liisreaghan (or Bellevue), Lawrencetown, Ballina- 
aloe, oo, Oalway. 


Latvbon, Ain)BEW-SHEBLOCK, Esq. of Aldborougli 
Manor and Boroughbridge Hall, both in the county 
of Toik, J.P. and D.L., h, 1 Nov. 1824; m. 1 July, 
1852, Isabella, younger dau. of the late John Grants 
Esq. df NuttaJl Hall, oo. Lancaster, and has issue^ 

L AmxBxw-SHKRLOOK, h. 22 Fclx 1865, 
n. John-Grant, 6. 28 July, 1856. 
L Jan^Gnnt. 
n. leabella-Grace. 

SritUSJIf • — Sm Gsoaos Lawbov, Ent., treasurer of 
Bsrwidc, was mayor of the city of York in 1580. He left 
a dan., Anne, m. to William Lawson, and a son, his successor, 

TtaoMAS liAWBOV, of Tork, mayor of that dty in 1562. 
Ha 1*. Christian, dan. of Hugh Atkinson, of Castleford, 
in Yorkshire, and had, with two daus., three sons, of 
whom the eldest, 

Pbtkr Lawbon, of-Poppleton, living in 1584 ; m. Elisa- 
beth, dan. of Ambrose Beckwith, of Stillingfleet, and had 
two sons and two daus. The eldor son, - 

Gbosob Lawbon, h. in 1575, of Poppleton, and sub- 
sequently of Moreby ; m. Anne, dau. of George Twialeton, 
of Barley, near Selby, and had issue three Bons aud eight 
dans. The ddest qon, 

Thb Rbv. Gborqs Lawbon, of Moreby, bapt. 13 Nov. 
1606, Rector of Eakiing, Notts ; m. in 1656, Eleanor More, 
of JETormantcm, oo. Lincoln, by whom (who was buried in 
1686) he had a son and heu:, 

Qbobgb Lawbon, Esq. of Moreby, who m. in 1680, Eliza- 
beth, only dau. and heir of Marmaduke BosyUle, Esq. of 
Beaton Roese, In the East Biding, and by her (who d. in 
1698) had two S(ms, vis.. 

L Mabmaduks, his hebr. 

II. BiCHABn, h. in 1697; mayor of York in 1741 and 1754. 
He m. Barbara, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Burton, M. A., 
Yicar of Halifax, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Francis 
Jessop, Esq. of Broom Hall, great-great-grandson of 
Blthard Jessop, Esq. by Anne his wife, eldest dau. and 
oo-heir of Bobert B^ifyft, Esq. of Broom Hall, descended 
from Bobert Bwyft, " the rich mercer of Rotherham," 
and had issue, 

1 Mabmaduxb, of whom pres«itly. 

1 Dorothy, m. to her cousin, Andrew Wilkinson, Esq. 
of Boroughbridge, capt RN., eldest surviving son of 
Andrew Wilkinson, Esq., member for Aldbro' in many 
parliaments, by Barbara, sister to the last Lord D'Arcy, 
of Navan, being dau. and co-heir of William Jessop, 
Ssq. of Broom Hall, M ^. , and the Hon. Mary Jessop. 

Mr. Lawson d. in 1699, and was «. by his elder son, 
Mabmavoxb LAWtoify Esq. of Moreby, bapt. in 


who had, Iqr Sussnnsh his 1st wlfs(iHio d. in mi)tw* 
sons, who both d. «. jk Mr. Lawson*s nephew, 

Ths Rst. MABMAOinw Lawson, M.A., Rector of Bproat- 
ley and Prebendary of Ripon, fr. in 1749; wl. Baibsm- 
IsabeUa, dan. of John Wilkinson, Esq. of the Middle Templs, 
brother of the Rev. J.-unes Wilkinson, Vksar of SbeflMd, of 
Broom Hall, near thsit plsos, and of fioroughbridgs UsQ, 
Yorkshire, and had issue, 

MAmcADen, his heir. 

AHnasw, heir to his brothOT. 

James, vlear of Bnckminster, Co. Leicester. 

John, incumbent of Beaton Carew, oo. Durham. 


Dorothy, m. in 1881, to the Bsr. Edward Bird, Rector of 
Tattenhall, Cheshire. 

Mary, m. in 188S, to the Bsr. Alotsnder Stewart, M.A., 
Rector of Burford, Worcestershire, eldestson of the Hon. 
Montgomerie Stewart, and nephew to the Eari of Gallo- 
way. He d: in 1836. 

Mr. Lawson d. in 1814 (Mis. Lawson d. in 1888X and was 
«. by his eldest son, 

Mabmapuxb Lawbon, Esq. of Baroughbrfdge H&H, J.P., 
M.P., a gentleman distinguished by his litsraiy pre-emi- 
nence at Cambridge. He d. yuan. 10 March, 1828, whoi the 
Wilkinson eststes derolvsd upon his next brother, 

ANnnsw Lawson, Bsq. of Aldboruugh Lodge end 
Boroughbridge Hall, M.P. for Knaresborongh, ft. in 1800 ; 
m. 1 Feb. 1828, Marianne-AnnsrMsda, eldest dan. of Sir 
Thomas-Sheriock Goodi, Bart of Benacre Hall, oo. BolRilky 
M.P., and had issue, 

I. ANnnsw-SHSBLOOK, present head of the flonlly. 
n. Edward^ohn, lieut. B.N., b. 8 April. 1826. ^ 

m. Marmaduke - Charles, capt Madras horse^ortiueiy, 

ft. 16 Oct. 1827. 

lY. James-Geozge, ft. 14 Nor. 1828. 
▼. Thomas-WiUiun, capt. 74th hJgUsadeis, ft. 1 MsMb» 


▼L Richard, ft. 11 April, 18SS. 
■ TIL Septimus, 6. 1 July, 1886. , , ^ ^ 

Tin. Octavius-Ridley, an ofltoer 18th royal Irish rogt., 

ft. 28 March, 1840. 

I. Marianne-Barbara-Isabelle, d. Aoril, 1821 

II. Maiy, m. Deo. 1847, to John-Dunn Gardner, Esq. or 
Chatteris, ca Cambridge; and d. April, 1861, lea;«ing a 
son and a dau. 

HI. Anne-MatUda, m. 8 Feb. 1858, Rev. William-Henry 
^Diompeon, Incumbent of BoeclifGB, near Boroughbridge. 

Mr. Lawson d, 28 Feb. 1858, and waaa by his eldest son. 

^rms— Paly of four, gu. andvert^ (m a ohevron, or,a grey- 
hound'a head, erased, sa., between two cinquefoila, as., a 
chief, gold, charged with an ogi'css, thereon a domilion, 
rampant, arg., between two crescents, sa., on each three 

Crt9tr—K wolfs head, erased, ppr., charged on the neck 
with three bezants, a collar, vert 

Af otto— Loyal secret 

£ea<«— Aldborough Ifanor, near Boroaghbridge, snd 
Boroughbridge Hall, Yorkshira. 



'' Lawson, Bbv. Edward, of Longhirst Hall, oo. 
Northumberlaod, h, 10 Sept. 1824 ; m, 20 Oct 1868, 
ICary-Eliaa, dau. of the late Qeoxge Maule, Esq. 
solicitor to the Treasury, and has issue^ 

I. Williax-Edwabd, 5. 4 April, 1855ii 

II. Edward-Maule, 5. 8 Oct 1859. 
I. Mary-Louisa. 

n. Bleanor-Evelyn. 

HtntAJI^* — ^WiLUAM Lawsos, Esq. of Longhirst, living 
in 1652, son of Robert Lawson, of Longhirst, whose will 
beara date in 1832, and grandson of Robert Lawson, of 
.Longhirst, had, by Margaret his wife (who m. 2ndly, 
Anthony Mitford, Esq.), a 2nd son, 

John Lawsok, Esq. of Longhirst, who m. 4 Dec. 1679, 
Barbara, dau. of Edward Cook, Esq. of Amble New Hall, 
and had issue, William, kis heir ; Edward, h. in 1686 ; 
John, whose son, John, sold Old Moor, in 1828 ; Margaret, 
ft. in 1682, wife of Mr. Henry Atkinson, and mother of 
Jane Atkinson, who to. William Scott, merchant, of New- 
castle, and had, with other issue, the Lords StoweU and 
Eldon ; Jane, to. to Ralph Watson, Bsq. of North Beaton ; 
Mary, m. to Mr. Qeorge Barker ; and Sarah, m. in 1741, to 
the Rev. Jolm Walton. The eldest son, 

WiLUAM Lawson, Esq. of Longhirst, 5. 21 May, 1684; 
|N. 29 Deo. 1722, Azm, dau. of Bobert Camaby, Bsq. of 

I. A"V^ 


Fnnwell, In Durham, and bad inrae. Hr. Lawaon d 
1 March, 1709, and waa «. by bia eldeat son, 

JoRH I«AW80V, Eaq. of Longbirat, b. 81 Deo. 1731 ; wbo 
d. vnm. 17 fSept. 182S, and was t. by bia nepbow, 

William hAWaov, Eaq. of Longbirst, J. P. and D.L. (son 
of William Lawson, and bia wife, Jane Smitb, of Togston). 
Ho waa 6. 21 Jan. 1776 ; m. 24 Feb. 1821, Jane-Hester, dan. 
of tbe late Mr. Jobn Clark, of Haddington, and bad iasu^ 

I. William-John, bis sncoessor. 

II. Bdwabd^ now of I«ongbirrt. 
in. Henry. 

I Suaaxmab. 

II. Jane-Hester. 

III. Louisa-Caroline. 

Mr. lAwaon d. SO Oct. 1856, and waa «. by bis eldeat son, 

William-Jobn liAwaoH, Eaq. of Longbirst, J.P. and 
D.L., ft. 6 Marcb, 1S22. He d, 6 Not. 1859, and waa «. by 
bta brotber, tbe present Rxy. Eowabd LAwaoir. 

Arm* — ^Arg., a cbevron, between three martlets, sa. 

CVetfr— Two arma, embowed, couped at tbe elbow, vested, 
erm., ou£^ axg.. aupporfcing In tbe banda, ppr., tbe aun in 
splendour, gmo. 

£ta^-Longbint, Mocpetb, eo^ Northumberland. 


Lawtok, John, Esq. of Lawton Hall, co. Chester, 
J.P., s. his uncle in 1860. 

Idltafff • — ^Tbla family have poesesaed tbe manor of 
Lawton ainoe tbe reign of Hsnbt VI, and by a well- 
founded tradition, trom a much earlier period. The pedi- 
giee, bowoTer, prior to that date cannot be peifectly 
traced ; we aball, thwefore, begin with the earliest member 
of tbe family from whom there ia a dear deduction, -via., 

Hugh Lawtov, of Lawton, wbo m, Isabella, dau. of 
John Madoc, and widow of Bekyn Bemya. 

JOBH Lawton, Esq. of Lawton, b. in 1606 (eldest son 
and heir of William Lawton, Esq. of Lawton, and grandson 
of Jobn Lawton, Eaq. of Lawton, living in 1580) ; m. dare, 
dan. of Ralph Sneyd, Esq. of Keel, oo. Stafford, by whom 
he bad an eldeat aon and snoeeaaor, 

William Lawton, Esq. of Lawton, ft. in 1680 ; sheriff of 
Cheshire in 1672 ; who m. Heater, 2nd dau. of &ttr Edward 
Ixmgueville, Bart., by Maigaret, dau. of Sir Thomaa Temple, 
of Stowe, and by her bad taane. Mr. Lawton d Sept. 1698, 
and waa «. by bia eldest son, 

Jobn Lawton, Eaq. of Lawton, ft. 7 May, 1656 ; wbo m. 
1st, Anne^ dan. of Geoige, younger aon of Henry, 1st Earl 
of Manchester, and aiater of Charlea, Earl o| Hali£uc By 
thia lady Mr. Lawton had issoe^ 

WtUiam, who d. a. p. In 1714. 

Edward, m. Charlotte, dau. of William Trafibrd, Eaq. of 

Swithamley, and d. in 1780. 

John, M.P. for Newcastle-imder-Lyme, d. 18 June, 1740. 
Anne, m. in 1735, to Jchn Lawton, Esq. of Wybunbury. 
Mary. m. to Balpb Traffird, Esq. ; with several other 

children, who d. wnm. 

Mr. Lawton m. 2ndly, Mary, relict of Sir Edward Longae* 
vUle, Bart, by whom be bad an only aon, bis successor, 

• BoBCBT Lawton, Esq. of Lawton, bapt. • May, 1728 ; 
aberiff of Cheshire in 1754 ; wbo m. Sarah, dau. of John 
Oflloy, Eaq. of Madeley, M.P. for the co. of Chester, who 
assumed aftervinuda the aumame of Cbbwb. By thia lady 
Mr. Lawton had an eldest son and suoooaaor, 

John Lawton, Eaq. of Lawton, ft. in Sept 1746. He m. 
Anne, dau. and oo-beiresa of Charlea Crewe, Esq., M.P. for 
Cheshire ; and d. 25 March, 1804, leaving issue, 

SiSSBouBN^} -^c^wJ^^y 0* I*wton. 
John. in. Elisabeth, dau. of John Carter, Eaq., and d, 
leaving, with other issue, a son, 

John, now of Lawton HaU. 

FhiliPk a lieut in tbe 8Srd light-infontiy, d. on bia paiaage 
to the Weat Indiea. 

Ihe eldeat aon, 

WiLUAM Lawton, Eaq. of Lawton, anooeeded, on the 
doAth of bis father, in 1804, to tbe family estatea ; but, 
dying issueless, was therein a by his next brother, 

CBARiaa-BouRNS Lawton, Eaq. of Lawton HtUl, J.P. ; 
m. let, Anne, dau. of Henry Featberstonbaugh, Esq. of 
Tooting, 00. Surrey ; and 2ndly, Marianne-Percy, da\L of 
William Boloombe, M.D., of York, but d. 1860, and 
vraa f. by hia nephew, the proaent Jouv Lawton, Esq. 


Latton, Willzah, Esq. late of Chettiahain Hall, 
Isle of Ely, J.P. and D.L., hi|^ sheriff 1888, b. 
6 Oct. 1797; m. 18 Oct 1820, Anne, dau. of John 
Tilden, Esq. of Ifteld Court, Kent. Mr. Layton is 
son of William Layton, Esq., by Mary Tomson, hia 
wife. He has one brother, Edward, who m. in May, 
1821, Amelia, dau. of Charlea Miller, Esq., lata 
consul of Benooolen, and one sister, Mary, m. to the 
Rer. Wflliam Tilden, Rector of Downhsm, near Ely, 
f ormerfy of Ifield Court. 

ftof— Chettisbam Hall, Bly. 

iffma— Arg., on a liasae, between throe oroaa-eroaaleliL 
fitcb^e, sa., a oinquefoil, of the first. 

Cre$t—A deml-wolf, rampant, aig., Uddng a wound fn tb# 
right ahoulder. 

Seaf—lemtan fiall. Church lawton, Cheshire; and 
Prestbuxy, Manoheater. 


Lba, Thomas-Siucioz, Esq. of Astley HaU, oo. 
Worcester, J.P. for cos. Worcester, Stafford, and 
Salop, D.L. for the first, and high sheriff of it in 
1845, 6. 17 June, 1788; m. lst» 12 Aug. 1818, 
Elizabeth-Pratt^ eldest dau. of George Simcoz, 
Esq., J.P., of Harbome, co. Stafford, and by her 
(who d. IS Feb. 1884) had issue, 

X. FBKnKRio-SiifOox, of Wadham ColL, Oxon, M.A., soma 
time Fellow of Braaenoee, Incumbont ci Trinity Cburdi, 
Stepney, b. S4 Doc 1823 ; m. 11 Deo. 1865, BUaabetli- 
Catherine, 2nd dan. of the Rev. Henry Clark, Vicar of 
Hannaton, oo. Lincoln, and baa iasne, 

1 Thoka843iicoox, b. 21 April, 1857. 
S Qeoige-Henry-Clark, b. U July, 1858L 
8 Arthui^Auguatua, 6. 8 Nov. 1859. 

I. Harriet-Eliaa, m. 8 Jan. 1846, to the Bev. Stephen- 
Biohard Waller, M. A., Incumbent of Lower Mitton, oo. 

XL Maigaret. 
UL Anne-Maria. 
IV. LaviikiiL 

Mr. Lea m. 2ndly, 21 April, 1835, Lavinxa^Anne, 
dau. of William - Brackstone Tarbutt> Esq. of 
London, and by her has, 

X. Beglnald-Stephen, b. 21 Jan. 1840. 
X. Caroline. 

II. Laura-Sophia. 

III. Augusta. 

IV. Charlotte. 

V. Clara-Jane. 

Iritlf S0t* ^ John Lba, of the Lakea, near Kidder- 
minster (eldest aon of Francis Lba, of Kidderminster, by 
Hannah, hia wife, dau. of John Broom, and grandson of 
John Lka, whoae grandfather, Stepbbn Lea, of Kiddei^ 
minater, clothier, purcbaaed a Aneehold, in 1686, fix>m 
Abraham Chamberlain), b. 7 Nov. 1757; m. 14 March. 1786, 
Ann, dau. of Thomaa Simcox, Esq. of West Bromwich and 
Birmingham ; and d. 21 Sept. 1843, having bad by ber» 
who d. 6 Feb. 1855 (beaidea the preaent Thomab-Simoox 
Lba, Beq. of Astley HallX 

John, d, an infant. 
George, d. an infant. 

John, 6. 28 Aug. 1790; at. Ann-Maria, 2nd dau. of George 
Blmoox, Ksq. ; and d. SO April, 1828, leaving 

Artbur-Auguatua, of Wadham College, Oxford, d. 9.p, 

18Mfl^, 1848. 
John-Walter, alao of Wadham College, m. 1851, Lntitla- 

Neale, dau. of the Bev. William Ruasell, Rector of 

Shepperton, and Bural Dean of Hampton, Middlesex, 


Ouy-Arobibdld-ArtbQr, b. 1857. 

Augustus, b. S7 April, 1802 ; d. t. p. 2 May, 1827. 

Geoige, b. 22 Oct 1804, in holy orders^ Canon of Lichfield, 
and incumbent of Christ Chiuvh, Birraingbnm; m. in 
1836, Sophii^ dau. of Sir John Oumuy, Btuvn of the 


Hamich-Iluh, s. to ni«oaa-OnMB Bimenx, Eaq. of Bar- 
borna HevH, OB. BUHbnL 

L K A 

^nu— Km., annas, ducetU, „, 

or. betwmi. In ctalaT. two Uona, paaaant. n., and In heat, > 
Mu, lodrtd, ppr. , ool]iij«d, tmd chain nflexfidoirertJiebAck, 

CWK— A biBTe^ pir., ■emfe-ls-U^ or, haldinf in Om 
amtt^ « brvich of wIDoi*, aim* ppr, 

WXU— &M TlCie nb " - 

rtnf— Aaflay Hall. 

Lbasrb, Nicholu-Philpot, Esq. of Dromigh 
Ciutle, DO. Cork,' J.P., H.P. far the co. Cork; i. hia 
f>ther in 1836. 

Ifnrxgf .— ^baiit tbs middle of U» ITtL aatnry, two 
bnthsn. HinHr and Jrmn Lusra, hUImI Id U» oo. Cork. 
The jtKmgnw broOiQr. JcRit, waa aneaator of tiio LaAmva, 
of Kaale. oo. Cork : tha aldar, 

HcniT Ij x mtx , Esq-, pnTchaaadTaryoonrfdarablea rt ataa 
In the 00. Cork, amongrt othen, th* fiimllr reridance of 
Mcmnt I^Ader, He h. IOSV, UarB^rvt. dan. of nwraaa 
lUrUer, Eaq., by HamUa OUudciit, lila vita, and d. etna 

JOHV, of Uount Leader, b. imS; n. ITIS. HaTgaret, Srd 
dao. ol Edminl Harbert, of Klleow, co, Karrr. and 
A cin mx Ua wlfa Cwtio il lodlT, Rw. 
CiBT^ gtada;). iriHi rix daua., of irtkom (tie eldiwt, 
Hair, »• Rickaid-Zdvard Hall. bg. of LeanHm, three 
*nn^ nnriss, lAoaa mly aon. Jobi Leader, Eh., aold 
MaaBt I«ader. to hla ooudn, WUUam Leader (Hi ULOiEB 
tf Mommt Lndtr): Thomaa; BldiaTd, QmL tntheuior, 

t)H(Da<h ft. In ITOO : d. In ITIT, bdnc mnrdend by hla 
. BanT, of TnlUg, oo. Coik. of vhom preaantlT. 
l Ur^. m. 1711, to J(4m Pomtll, Baq. of OuTtoenard. co. 

'MHtnnt, who n. CbariM O'Kteft, Xaq. of Cullgn. oa 
Marralla, wlio a. John leader, of Kaala. 
da Srd ton of Henr; Leader, b; Uftjwet ltad>*7, bla wife, 
B0KT LuDB, ^. of TuUlg. CD. Cork, i. ITOfi ; n. 1T41, 
Chrittaballa, dan. of William Fhilpott, of Scomagh, id. 
Cork, and b7 bar (who d. In ITM) left bsue, 
t Jobs, h. In 1143; d. In ISOl. 
Deborah^ eldeat dan. of Emanuel ___„_^ 

Laffer, Enq. of Hayward^J 
rab. ie2a)1utd last^ 

t daiL vidc»-h . , _. 

. CO. Cork, and d. 183S, leailjig 

VUUam. J.P. of RoanalH, Eviturk, oo. Cork, 
Dorottaaa, Ind dau. of Tbe Hao Oniyouddy, of 
Ba«ka^HAa6iu.TCunDT); andcL Um.lia-'--' 
laaoa, wmiam; Fiaoeii; Dora; c^"-"- 

Benrr, who m. ICargan^ dan. of 
Miner, Eaq., Q.O., and ha* iaaoa. 

Margantit*. JohnNewnun,EBt., eldeataooof Adam 
Hewnun, Eaq. of Dromon, 00. Cork. (5w Hcwiuv 

EUnbath, m. 14 April, ISia, O.-R. GiUBth, Bhi., ouIv 

-- niohanT Orifflib, Bart 


I Warbam. 

J Orifflib, Bart 
•ctar of Bb. Anne'a BbaDoon, vote, i 
D. or Robert Atkiiu, Eaq. of FlTriUe, e 

'ala of'et PeCer^ Cork. d. > 

Burton, Ccak. lartVi 
1 Banlett, m. to "-' 
Rlian, so. Cork, i 

_ Handler, bq, <f Maart 

In ISIO, la tabu-On Oopplnav, bq. of 

Cork (« iKal/amUA and JL 1. p. IB INt 

Biobud Barrla Punell, laq. of An— *^ -"- 

(Sa Pdbcxu. tfJUamin-i 
tL Benry. of TuIBb. m. Mart Kaamerr, and d. bl 
IbhtIii V iiiaiie an only child, Henry, wha <£ jl p. 

. BUiabsUi, H. Jwpb BanTi Eaq.. M.D. of Mallow. 

L ChrtatabaUa,<i IninS; H-lntn*.' ' ' ~ 

n. CatfaarfaH, il J. p. In mX 
t. Manila, d.<.r.tulTTS. 

bordun. engrailed, ai. 
Onr— An arm. habltad, paly of ilx. n 

Icayed, pw. 
«Bt— Dromagh CaiUa, EaotoA^ Bo. Cork. 

id go. , boldlnr 
la, lartiad and 


LiADEB, HnrsT, Eaq. of UoqdI Laodor, co. Cork, 
J.P., b. i Juoi^ 17S3 ; aa. Au^. IfiSO, EUtabath- 
Aniia, 3nd dan. of the Ute Rer. Chailea Eiutac«, of 
Robertatown, co. Kfldnre, claimant of the Baltinglaaa 
Peerage (aac Euraci of Baitimf^an), Mid bj Iwr 
(who d. in 185S) had an only oUld, 

BDiBT-Euaiioc, o^L lOtb lanoeiB, i. Id 18St. 

tff tau, ^.— Elama aa Lxaxsa of Unrnfte/L 
eB«— Moont Leader, Kill Btiaat, oo. Uck. 

Lkaht, Fbahcib - Robirt, Eiq. of EDuiiakisl 
HoKM, CO. Cork, J.P, b. SI Hs^, 1825; m. 17 Jan. 
ISfiO, Hut, ^"^ ^i- °^ *^" l>t" Edmond Scnily, 
Eaq. of Bloomfleld HonM, 00. Upperarj. Mr. 
Iteahj wu high sheriff of CoA id ISflO. 

ol limarlak, and baa laaoa. 
Kia eldeat sop, 

Dahiu. Liahi, Eaq. of BhanaMcl HoDas. J.P, and O.L., 

b. ITBS ; m. Irt, Oatberlne, dau. of the lata Robert-Wamm 

aumblelon, Eeq. ol Caatla-Tlew, oo. Watorfard, wbicb lady 

d. '- p. ; and Sndly, MargHret-Jaoo, dau. ol the lata Pranda 

Arthur, Eaq. of Llmnlolf, b; whom he had iaaoe at bla 

death tnl86S, 

David, of Arthuralawn, Dear Llmerlok, 1. It Oct 18!«b 

whoaaniniedtheauniaiDeaiidaniuof ABTHin, In com- 

pllanoe with tha will of hla maternal grandfather, to 

wtaoaeealataaheBuaeaaded. Be w. BNor. IMS, Anwlln, 

' '^ Joeeph RadoliOih Bart, of Budding Park, CO. 

.^k... I.. T D *.T the oo. OmS, and baa 

J.m«.Edmuad, 1 
a &U from hia b< 

r of BbanaUel Home. 

larrSle, near CoA, J.P., i. SIOeL 

1833; fa. MFeb. 18M, Uniy, only dao. ol Wllilam-InDt 
Faoan, Eaq,, M,P. 

BdmundJotm, b. 1 Usioh, ISMj «, InI8eo,MlaaMliiii'i,r 
Allca-Kary, •>. Bent. ItSS, to /oho-IT. Mniphy, Baq. of 
Cllftoa, Cork, J.P. and O.I^, high aheilff ol the olty of 

in tha aboulder witb a 1 

1, ppr., a damlOlon, 




Mabtin-Lsakb, John, Esq. of Thorp Hall, co. 
Essex, J.P. and D.L., M.A. St. John's College, Cam., 
barriater-at-law, 6. 5 Deo. 1773 ; m. 29 March, 1810, 
Helen, dau. of James Ore, Esq., and relict of Capt. 
Thomas Lacy, RE., and has issue, 

, 1. Mary. 

* II. Hrlev, m. to the Itev. Frederic Pyndar Lowe, son of 
the Rev. Bohert Lowe, rector of Bingham, Notts. 

Mr. Martin-Leake is a bencher of the Middle Tem- 
ple, and chairman of the Quarter Sessions of Essex. 

9.flIfaSf« — Stephw MAR-mr, Esq., oapt R.N., who d. 
In 1730, aged 70, took by royal licence in 17*21 the additional 
stimame and aims of Lcakk, in honour of his brother-in- 
law, Admiral Sir John Leake. He m. Cattierine HiU, and 
was father of 

Stephem MARTnr-LBAKx, Esq. of Thorp Hall, oa Basex, 
6. 1702, Garter King-of-Arms, who m. in 1734, Anne, dau. 
of Fletcher Powell, Esq. of New Radnor, and by hw, who 
(tin 1S03, aged 88, had six sous and three daus. Mr. Martin- 
Leake was the author of some works on Heraldry and Nu- 
niismatics. He d. in 1773, age 72, and was t. by his son, 

John Martik-Lbakx, Esq. of Ilioip Hall, who m. In 
Sept 1761, Mary, dau. of Peter Calvert, Esq. of Hadham, 
Herts, and by her, who d. 27 Oct 1821, had issue, 

John, of Thorp Hall. 

William, retired licut-ooL roy. art., F.R8. and honorary 

LL.D., Oxford, 6. 1776, who m. Charlotte-Eliatibeth, dau. 

of Sir Charles Wilkins, and relict of W. Marsdon, Esq., 

F.R 8., but d. «. p. 6 Jan. 1860. 
Stephen-Ralph, 6. 1782; m. Georgiona, dau. of George 

Stevens, and has issue three sons and two daus. 
Mary, d. wim. in her 02iid jrear. 
Susanna-Maria, m. to Admiral B.-G. Mlddleton, and d. 

1831, leaving issue. 

Mr. Martin-Leake d, in April, 1836, aged 07. 

^rm«— Quarterly: Ist and 4th, or, on a ohev., engr., as., 
eight annulets, axg., on a canton, gu., a castle, triple- 
towered, of the third, for Lbaks; 2nd and 8rd, palv of six, 
or and as., on a ehief, gu., three merlins, of the first, for 

eyed— A ship gim-caniage, on It a piece of ordnance, 
mounted, all ppr. 

Jf otto— Pari anlmo. 

/Seat— Thoip Hall, near Colchester, oo. Essex. 


LSABMONTH, Albxandkb, Esq. of Dean, co. Edin- 
burgh, J.P., late lieut.-coL 17th lanoers, b, 26 Aug. 
1829 ; m. 2 April, 1859, Charlotte-Salter, eldest dau. 
of CoL Lyons, Bengal army, and niece of the let 
Lord Lyons^ and hM issue^ 

Jokv-Hevkt, 6. 11 March, 1800. 

Xr{ttM0f •— JoHv Lkarxontr, Esq. of Edinburgh, son 
of John Learmonth and Jessy Cleland, his wife, m. Grace 
Toung, and by her (who d. 1848) lefl^ at his decease, in 
1812, a son and three daus., vis., 

JoHH, his heir. 

Jessy, m. to Charles Fttrker, Esq., ItV. 
Marsraret, m. 1821, to Sir John Sinclair, Bart, of Dun- 

His only son, 

JoHX LxABMOMTH, Esq. of Dosn and Murieston, oo. Edln- 
bur^h, D.L., Lord Provost of Edinburgh, h. 26 May, 1789 ; 
m. Feb. 1824, Margaret, dau. of tl^ late James Cleghom, 
M.D., stats i^yaldan in DabUn, and d. in 1868, having had 

*^ I. Alolakdeb, his successor. 

1. Agnes, m. 16 June, 1869, Ci^t George Sinclair, Bengal 

if rsi*— Or, on a ehev., sa., three mascles, of the ilrst. 

Cre«(— A dove and olive branch, ppr. 

if otto— Dum spiro spero. 

£ta<— Murieston House, Midcalder, oo. Edixibaxgh. 


Leatham, WHiUAU-HsNRT, Esq. of Hemsworth 
Hall, 00. York, J.P. and D.L., elected M.P. for 
Wakefield in 1859, but unseated on petition, 6. 
6 July, 1815 ; in. 21 Feb. 1839, Prisoilla, 4ih dan. 
of the late Samuel Gumey, Esq. of Ham Honae^ 
West Ham, Essex, and has surviving issue^ 

I. Samuel-Gumey, b. 13 Dec 1840, deceased. 

II. William-Henbt, 6. 30 Dec. 1844. 
in. Frands'Albert, 6. 1846 ; d. 1849. 

IV. Edmund-Ernest, b, 8 Deo. 1847. 

V. Charles- Alfred, b. 11 Sept. 1849. 

VI. Gerald-Arthur-Buxton, 6. 80 April, 1851. 
viL Herbert-Barclay, b. 16 Nov. 186S. 

VIII. Octavius, b. 17 April, 1864. 

IX. Claude, 6. 18 April, 1856. 

I. Margaret-Elisabeth, b. 1842; d. 1842. 
u. Priadlla-Maiy, 6. 1848 ; d, 1861. 

V^intKflt* — ^The late William Lsatrax, Esq. of Heath, 
near Wakefield, banker at Wakefield, Pontefract, and Don* 
caster, m. 1813, Margaret, dau. and heir of Joshua Walker, 
M.D. (by his wife, Mary Arthington, of IieedsX ana d, 
9 Oct 1842, leaving, 

I. JoHV-ABTBnrOTOir, 5. 1814 ; d. tmrn. 1867. 

II. WiLUAM-HsNaY, now of Hemsworth HaU. 

iiL Charles-Albert, 6. 1826; m. Bachel, dau. of Joeeph 

Pease, Esq. of Southend, Darlington, and d. 1868, leaving 

issue five daus. 
IV. Edward-Aldam, of Heath House, Wakefield, M.A., 

6. 1828, M.P. for Huddersfield, m. 1861, Marv-Jane, only 

dau. of John Fowler, Esq., of SSm Qrove, Melkaham, and 

has issue, three sons and two daus. 
L Margaret-Elisabeth, 6. 1819; m. to John Bright, Esq., 

M.P., of One Ash, Rochdale, and has issue, three scras 

and three daus. 
IL Mary- Walker, b. 1821; m. JosephGumey Barclay, Esq. 

of Lombard Street, London, ana <i. 10 Feb. 1848, leaving 


if mw— Per saltire, eim. and or, on a chief, engrailed, 
three bezants, each charged with a saltire, gu. 

Cru<— A nest, thereon an eagle, wings elevated, or, the 
nest and wings fketty, vert. 

Jfotto— -Virtute vinces. 

fieot— Hemsworth Hall, Pontefract, W. B. Yorkshire. 




Leather, John-Towlerton, Esq. of LeventhorM 
Hall, CO. York, and of Middleton HaU, co. Nortk- 
nxnberland, J.P. West Hiding co. York, ^latron of 
Manston, co. Dorset, and capt. of the 2nd Dorset 
artillery volunteers, nu Ist, 2 Aug. 1832, Maria, dau. 
of George Leather, Esq. of Leeds, and by her (who 
d. 22 Jan. 1849) had issue, 

I. FBEnsRiCK-JoHN, b. SI Nov. 1835. 

II. Arthur-Hugo, b. 80 March, 18M. 

I. Emily, d. an infant. 

II. Ellen-Elisa, m. 87 Bept 1858, to the Bev. WQUam 
Medcalf, M.A., Curate of Chaoombe, oo. Northampton. 

III. Annie-Maria. 

IV. Gatherine-Rosai d. Feb. 18i9. 

Mr. Leather m. 2ndly, 19 May, 18(^2, Harriet-Spenoer, 
dau. and co-heir of Isaao-Spencar Page, Esq. of 
Shirland, co. Derby, and by ner (who d. 18 May, 
1869), he had, 

I. Bpencer-Towlerton, b, 87 Sept. 1853, and d. 8 Feb. 

L Bdith'Haniet, only surviving child of the and marriage^ 

lL(tieaj|[C*— JAms liBiLTHBB, of Bs o ston Park, Leeds, 
Esq., b. 81 Jan. 1770 (eldest son of Oeorge Leather, of 
Beeston, an extensive coal proprietor in the West Riding 
of the CO. of York), m. 15 June, 1803, Mnry, eldest child of 
John Towlerton, of Klrkham Gate, in the parish of Wake- 
field, Esq., and by her, who d, 10 June, 1850, be had the 
following issue, 

I. JoHX-TowLBBTOH, uow of Lsventhorite and Mlddleton 

II. James, d. aged months. 

ui. Geoige, of Sheffield, co. York, m. 14 Feb. 1888, Mariai 



«td«t 'd^O. of the Rev. Joseph WarcRe, Ineambent of 

Beesion, and d, 1800. 
XT. WiUiam-Heniy, of Bradford, co. York, tn. 9 Hareh, 

185S, Sarah- Anna, dau. of Qeorge Leather, Esq. of Leed., 

and has issue. 
T. CharleB-Jomea. of Wisbeach. oo. Cambridge, m. 11 Not. 

1847, Charlotte- Anna, daa. of the BeT. Joseph Waidle^ 

incumbeut uf Beeston, kad has issue. 
L Mary-ADne, d. 28 Oct 1S19. 
II. Anne-EUsa, m. 21 Dec. 1831, Charles-WethsreU Wardk^ 

£mi. of Leeds, and has issue. 

Mr. James Leather d, 17 Oct. 1849. 

^nn*— Arg., on a bend, sa, cottlsed, compony, or, and of 
the last, a foantain between two mullets of six points, also 

Crt$t—A deini-Uan« rampant, sa., cbaiged on the shoulder 
with three mullets of six points, two and one, or, holding 
between the paws a foimtain. 

ifofto —NU nisi quod honestam. 

&Qi:»— LoTenthorpe Hall, Leeds, W. B. of Torkshire, and 
Xiddleton Hall, in the parish of Belford,oo. Northumberland. 


LsATHBB^ HSNBY - MnssBKDEN, Esq. of Herring- 
fleet Hall, eo. Safiblk, b. 13 Aug. 1789 ; s. his bro- 
ther, John-Franois, in 1848 ; was formerly in the 
royiJ horse-artillery, and has received honorary 
medals for .the Peninsolar War and Waterloo; m. 
1S27, Chariotte. dau. of the late Thomas Fowler, 
Esq. of Oonton Hall, co. Suffolk, and has issue, 

L HiLLrMuasKHDEV, ft. 1820, ci^t. Suffolk militia artUlecy, 
m. 1856, Mary-Louisa, dau. of the late J. -D. Thompeon, 
Esq. of Stinny Bank. oo. Pembroke. 

n. Carteret-Henry, b. 1832. 

L Henrictta-Katherine^ m. 1860, to Biehard-Drooght 
QrsTes, Esq. 

n. Jaae-Gharlotte. - - 

fLitttU^t* — ^The fiunily of De Musaenden came otst 
with WxLUAV the Ck>nqueror, and became possessed of the 
lordship and lands of Hussenden, or as it is now written, 
Missaiden, oa Bneks, about that period. The Bet. Fbanoib 
Muwuiuui of Leak .and LoTorton, co. Lincoln, a descendant 
of the Buokinghamshire family, passed oTer into Ireland, 
and on 10 Jan. 1670-1 was collated to the prebend of Duns- 
port, in the eaibedral of Down, and settled at Hillsborough. 
He had two sons, Johk, of whom presently ; and Francis, 
registrar of the diocese of Down and Comior, ancestor of 
William Mvssbkden, Esq. of Larchfield, co. Down. The 

Jumr M uasBimBN, Tioar-general of Down and Connor, m. 
Penelope Hill, of HiUsbro', and had a son, 

JoHX Mu88KHi>EV, Esq., who m. Jane,, dau. of Adam 
Leatbes, Esq., and sister dE William Loathes, Esq., minister 
at the Hague (descended from a Teiy ancient fcuuily, origin- 
sllj settled at Leatheswater, CumberlsQdX and d, in 1700, 
leaTing issue, 

CAxnMKT, his heir. 

HOI, 6. in 1609, ILP. for Harwich, dv c p. in 1772, haTing 

bequeathed Heningfleet to his brother, CABTEasr. 

Jane, who m. William Johnstone, Esq. of the county of 


The eldest son, 

CAKTsaun HnaSKKDKN, Esq., H.F. for Harwich and Bud- 
bgxy, b. in 1608, took the aunuune and arms of Lsathes. 
He <L in 1787. By his marriage with Loveday^ dau. of 8. 
Ganod, Esq. of the oa of Lincoln, who d. in 1758, he had, 
with otut dau., three sons, Tia., 

JomXf his heir. 

Gsoaos, successor to his brother. 

Edward, rector of Beedham, oo. Norfolk, m. Elizabeth, 
datt. of the Bst. James Beading, of Woodstock, oo. Ox- 
ford, and dying 1786, left issue, 

Bdw AMD, in holy orders, reetor of Beedham, d. 9. p. 1847. 
• Oeorge-Beading, in holy orders, m. in 1821, Sarah, eldest 
dan. of Lieut -Gen. Hetheraett, of Shropham Hall, 
Moxfolk, but d. «. j>. in 1836. 

Kliffabetn. m. to the Bev. James Tompson, of Norwich, 
and has had issue, James, in holy orders, d, in 1810; 
Edward, d. in India ; Elizabeth, m. to the BeT. Frede- 
rick Loathes ; Hannah, «». to J. Kitson, Esa., seeretaiy 
to the Bishop of Norwich and registrar of tnat diocese ; 
Karia ; and Amelia, ni. 1862, to Lt-CoL Prior, H. E.L C. B. 

Xarr, m. 1st, to Horatio, son of James Beevor, Esq., 
and nephew of Sir Thomas BecTor, Bart ; and Sndly, to 
air John Mortloek, one of the eommisskmen of exoisa 

By her flnt mairiage, ahe had one son, Boiatie, eqit 
B.L Co.*s Serrioe ; Mary, who d. in 1837; and Harriet: 
and by her second, aix daas., Tla, BUsabsth, «». Mi^or 
Prior, and d. 1880; Agnes; EIkumw, m. to the Bst. J. 
Donaldson, D.D., andd. 1860; Louisa, m. to William 
Haroourt Banklx«, BBq.,M.D., and d. 1848; MatUda, 
IS. 1846, to D. Haitland, ISsq. ; and Gertrude. 

The eldest son, 

John I^eatbzs, Esq. of Beedham, oo. Norfolk, and of 
Heningfleet, co. Suffolk, m. Misa Death, and d. a j». in 
1788. His widow re-married Anthony Merry, Esq., many 
yeara minister plenipotentiaiy at the courts of France, Swe- 
den Denmark, and the United Statea. Mr. Loathes was «. 
by his next brother, 

OvoRGx Leathes, Esq. of Bury St Edmunds, b. in 174% 
many years a m^or of dragoons, who serred in the Gemian 
war from 1760 to 1763. He m. Mary, dau. of J. Moore, Esq. 
of the CO. of Worcester, and d. in 1817, baring had isaoe, 

t. Geoige-Augustos, Uent-ooL in the 06th vegt of in- 
fimtiy, who d. uiua. at the island of Antigna, in 1808. 

n; Jomr-FaAvcis, late of Herringfleet HaU and Beedham, 
d. fjo. 1848. 

m. HKNaT-MuassimuT, present Lord of Herringlleet 

IT. Frederick, of St John's Coa, Cambridge, RX, Beotor 
of Beedham, 1844, and of Wickhampton, 18S6, m. in 1821, 
his cousin, BUsabeth, dan. of the hot. James Tompson, 
bT Elisabeth, his wife, dau. of the Hot. Edward Le^thea, 
of Beedham, and by her (who d. in 1842) he has itfusb 

1 George Ceinat 

5 Frederick de MqQMndeii. 
8 John-Thurlow« 

4 Jamea. 
8 William. 

1 Eliuibeth. 

2 Georgina. 
8 Ellen. 

4 Louisa. 

6 Augfusta. 
6 Jane. 

Y. Edward, of Normanstons^ eo. Suflblk, a uagistmte of 
that county, m. Slisa, dau. of G. Galloway, Esq., by 
whom he has, 

1 George^ an oflieer HB.I.C.S. 

a Edward. 

8 Josq[)h. 

4 Frauds, d. 1848. 

6 William. 

1 Harriett 

2 Fanny. 

8 Milliuent, m. 1850, to Thomas, eldest son of Thomas 
Grisell, Esq. of Norbu^ Park, co. Surrey. 

4 Katheriue, m, to the Bot. Daniel Wilson, grandson ol 
Daniel Wilson, Bishop of Calcutta. 

6 Jane. 

6 Mary. 

I, LouisarMarr, d. 1856. 

XL Harriet-Elisabeth, d. 1862. 

^mi»— As., on a bend, between three fleurs-de-lis, or, as 
many mullets, pierced, gu., quartering MuBSSHDBr. 

CreiC»— 1st, a demi-gri&n, rampant, armed and lapgued, 
gu., for LsATHXs; 2nd, a doTc, with an oliTO-branch in its 
beak, all ppr., for Mussskdkn. 

Mottoet— In ardua Tirtus, for Lkatrbs ; Toiding to peace, 
for MussBirDKM. 

lijea^— Hexringfleet Hall, Lowestoft, Suflolk, 


Leche, John-Hublsston, Esq. of Garden, ea 
i Chester, J.P., senior captain Ist royal Cheshire 
; militia^ b, 25 Feb. 1827 ; s, on attaming hia ma- 
jority; m. Ist, 18 July, 1850, Caroline, yoimgeafc 
dau. of Edwin Corbett, Esq., younger brother of 
William Corbeti-Thompson, Esq. of Damhall, oo. 
Chester {aee Corbstt), and by her has two dau8.| 

; I. Caroline-Maude. 
' n. Florence-Anna. 


I He m. 2ndly, 18 June, 1855, Eleanor-iVances-Stan- 
hope, 2nd dau. of the late Charlea-Stanhope Jones, 
'Esq. olAnglesey,. and has issue by her. 

fLtn^ag^* — John Lsohb, liring in the reign of Hev. 
IV., a scion of the family of Leche, of Chatsworth, oo. 
Derby, «a. Lucy, dau. and co-heir of William ds Gawas- 
DEV, of Garden, oo. Chester, and was father of 

John db l'Leohb, living temp. Hcn. IV., father, by Maud, 
bis wife, of John Leoub, Esq. of Garden, whose name, with 
.that of his wife, Isabel, dau. and heir of William Johnson, 



of nundoiitMonnlntdaadtnlBDWABDlV. Rlaaoiiand 

John Lbohs, Bsq. of Cuden, m. 14 Bdwabd IY., Mar- 
garet dAu. and sola heir of OooTigo Mainwarlng, Esq. of 
Ightfleld, and had iaaue, i. John, his heir ; ti. Henry, who 
w. M aiy, daiL of Andrew Wilson, and was father of John, 
who «. his uncle at Garden ; iii. Qeorge, alderman of Chestor, 
nnoMioiTotth9hJBOHn<ifMoUingUm: it. WiUlamjy. Robert; 
I. Anne; and ii. Moigaret, m. to Hugh Catherall. The 
eldest son and heir, 

John Lhohc, Bsq. of Carden« surviTed until 6 Edward 
V2., as appears by his will dated in that year, and dying 
without issue, was «. by his nephew, 

John Liobb, Esq. of Garden, who m, before S7 Hen. VIII., 
Jane, dau. of Robert ntton, Esq., and was «. by his son, 

John Lbors, Bsq. of Garden, bapt. In 1658, who m. Ur- 
sula, dau. of the Rot. John Mainwaring, of Drayton, and 
had (with two daus., Mary, the elder, «. to Thomas Be- 
blngton, of Choriey ; and the younger m. to John Hinde, 
of Btanney) a son and heir, 

John Lsohh, Esq. of Garden, who m. In 1618, Alloe^ dau. 
of William Aldersey, aldennan of Ghester, and, dying in 
1997, was $. by his son, 

JoBH LvoHE, Esq. of Garden, aged 60, 89 July, 1984, 
who m, let, Elisabeth, dau. of John Newton, of Highley, in 
fslop, and by her, who d In 1664, had four sons and four 
daus., Tia., i. John, his heir ; ii. Frands, deputy-regirtrar of 
the diooese of St. Asaph ; iii. Thomas, a minister in Gam- 
bridge ; IT. Gharles, of Ghester, m. Frances, dau. of Geoxge 
Bu4»k]ey, Esq., and had a son, Samuel; i. Maiy ; ii. Sarah, 
m. 10 l>eo. 1682, to Humphry WaUey, of Ghester ; iit. Ellm- 
beth ; and iv. Alice. Mr. Leohe m. Sndly, 80 AprU, 1666, 
SliiAbeth, dau. of — Best, Esq., and relict of Richard Al- 
port, Esq. of Overton, by whom he had Richard and 
Bridget He was ». by his eldest son, 

John Lbohb, Esq. of Garden, m. 88 Sept 1674, Grace, 
dau. of Hugh Currer, E^q. of Kildwiok, in Yorkshire, and 
had issuer i. John, his heir ; ii. Thomas, bapt in 1670, Rector 
of Tilston ; in. Hsnry ; and l Eliiabeth, m. to the Re^. 
Thomas Uoyd, of Plas Power, in Denbighshire, and d. in 
1746. The eldest son, 

John Lbohs, Esq. of Garden, high sheriff of Cheshire In 
1718, ts. Sarah, dau. and heiress of Thomas Haigrave, Esq. 
of HeUby, and was t. by his eldest son, 

JoHK Lschx, Esq. of Garden, high sheriff 1768, who m. 
T May, 1788, Mary, 8nd dau. of John Hurleston, Esq. of 
Newton, and oo-hcir of her uncle, Gharles Hurleston, Esq., 
and by her (who d. 80 Dec 1768) left at his deoease (with 
three daus., 1 Penelope, m. to Thomas Puleston, Esq. of 
Emral, but d. $, p. ;'S Sarah; and 8 Mary, m. to Thomas 
Roberts, Esq. of MoUington) seyeral sons, all of whom 
d. t, p,, except 

WiLUAK Lbchs, Esq. of (harden, high aherltf for Gheshbe 
In 1774, m. 86 April, 1606, Hannah, dau. of James Kewell, 
by whom he left, at his decease, 8 May, 1817, aged 88, a son, 

JoHN-HOBLBsroN LsOHi, Bsq. of Garden, 6. 88 May, 1805, 
high sheriff of Gheshlre 1888, who m. 85 May, 1886, Eli»- 
beth-Antonla, eldest dau. of Anthony-Innys Stokes, Esq. of 
8t Botolph's, In Pembrokeshire, and had issue, 

JonN-HDnLnroN, now of Garden. 

WiUiam-Randol]^, 5. 10 Feb. 1888, and d. 7 Jan. 1880. 

William-Edward, b. 4 Aug. 1830; m. Mary, dau. of Samuel 
Harrison, Era. of theco. Gork, and has issue, John-Hur- 
leston, 6. 84 March, 1864: and EUaabeth-Antonia. 

Hugh-Riohard'Anthony-Eveigreen, 6. 6 AprlL 188SL 

ChArie«0enry, 6. 80 May, 1888. 

RandaL6. 88 Jan. 1886. 

James-Thomss, 6. 80 May, 1887. 



^rm«— Srm., en a ohlef, indented, go., three duoal ooto* 
nets. or. 

C«vM— On a duoal coronet or, a cubit arm, ppr., the hand 
granping a snake, vert 

if o<fo--AUa corona fldlslma 

SccU— Garden Pkrk, near Cheater. 


LcoBVBiti, JoBKi Esq. of Hill House, co. Oxford, 
ft&d Ludford Park, eo. Hereford, J.P. for both those 
coe. ftnd D.L. for the former, a retired eomxn*nder 
R.N. (Trafulgar medal), (. 9 Jan. 1798; fli. 8 Mareh, 
182& Anoa-Mariai youngest dau. of th« Hon. 

Andrew Foley, M.P. of Newport Honie, eo. Here* 
ford, Srd son of the 1st Loitl Foley. Mr. Lech* 
mere t. to the Ludford eiitates, in the ooe. Hereford 
and Salop, in 1857, on the death of his eousio, 
FranoiB Lechmere-Charlton, Esq., when that branch 
of the family became extinct 

SrCnf Xff0.— This is a branch of the andent Worcester* 
shire family now represented by Sir E.-A.-H. Leohmers^ 
Bart. (For preTlous genealogy refer to Baronutapt.) 

WxxxiAM LiOHMiRB, Bsq. of Steeple Aston, oo. Oxford, 
▼ice-admiral RN. (nephew of Nicholas Lebhmere, orBated 
in 1781, Baron Lsohxxrs, qf£imKanit who d. s. ji. In 17S7X 
m. Eliaabeth, younger dau. of Sir John Dashwood-King, 
Bart of West Wycombe, oo. Buoki, and by her (who ci. la 
April 1820} had iseu^ 

I. Charles, b. 4 Dec. 1780, eomm. B.N., d. vmm. on bosrd 
H.M.'s ship LsTen, on the East Ooeet of Africa, 9 Mo?, 

II. JoRK, now of Hill House, and Ludford Park. 

III. Richard, b. 1 Aug. 1799; m. and has issue. 

I. Lucy, tH. to Richard Parkinson, Esq. of Kinnerdey 
Castle, CO. Hereford, and d. in 1884, leaving issue. 

II. Mary, m. 6 Oct 1814, James, Lord de Saumares, and 
d. IS May, 1849. 

III. Elisabeth, m. 1st, in 1828. Major Edward Watklns, of 
Alveston, CO. Gloucester, who d. in 1888, and Sndly, ia 
1848, to Gharles Monro, Esq. 

IT. Oeoiviana-Sarah, deceased. 

T. Caroluie-AmeUa, m. in 1844, to Major Arthur Ogle, 

and has issue. 
▼I. Augusta, m. in 1838, to James MonorieflT-Melrille, Keq* 

and d. in April, 1880, leating issue. 

AnM—Qn., a fesse, or, in chief, two peHcans^ Tulnlng 
themselvea, of the last 

Crest— A pelican, as., Tulning herself^ ppr. 

Motto— Ducit amor patrias. 

&ate— Hill House, Steeple Aston. Oxfordshire, and Lad* 
ford Park (Herefordshire), near Ludlow. 


LsoHMSRS, Thomab, Esq. of Fownhope Court, oo. 
Hereford, J.P., h. 21 Deo. 1818; m. 7 May, 1846, 
Elisabeth, only dau. of the Key. John Eckley, of 
Credenhill Courts near Hereford, by Elinbeth, his 
wife, eldest dau. of John Williams, Esq. of Velin 
Newydd House, oo. Breoon, and has issue, 

I. JoBN-BomAMoas, b. 8 Sept 1850. 

II. Edmund-Sandys, ft. 18 March, 1858. 

III. Capel-Thomas, ft. 4 April, 18ft4i 
tv. Arthur, ft. 6 June, 1857. 

I. Mary-Jane. 
IL Eliaabeth. 

III. Annie-Maria. 

IV. Edith-Bridget 

Hitlf Sfft.— Sakdts Lsomnoii, Bsq. of Powshopo, on. 
Hereford (Stnd son of Sir Nicholas Lechmere, Knt, baron of 
the Exchequer, by Penelope, his wife, dau. of Sir Edwin 
Sandys, of Norttxborae}, m. Joanna, widow of John Hdines, 
Esq., and only dau. of Robert Clarke, Esq., by whom be 
left At his deoease in 1694, an only son, 

Nicholas LsoBMnue, Esq. of Fownhope, who m, Martha, 
dau. and co-heir of John Scudamore^ Esq. of Trewoigan; 
and dying In 1711, was «. by his son, 

SovDAMORS LscHMBBK, Esq. of Fownhopo, who m. Jum, 
Snd dau. of Edmund Pateshall, Esq. of Allensmore, oo, 
Hereford, and had with two daus., five sons, tis., 

JoRV-SouDAXOBB, hii holr. 

Bdxuko, of Allensmore, assumed the stmuone andannt 

of Patisball. (Sm thcUfamihf), 
Bdwyn-Sandys, m. Elisabeth, dau. of the Ber. Mr. JoneL 

of Foy, 00. Hereford; and by her, who d. In 1889, had 


Nicholas, d. at sea. 
Thomas-AUen, m. Jane, younoest dau. of John Whitmon, 

Esq. of the Haywood, and left issue. 

The eldest son, 

JoHN-SouDAMOM LiOHmRi, Esq. of Fownhope, «* 
Catherine, Snd dau. of John Whitmors^ Esq. of the 
Haywood ; and d. 8 Jan. 1801. Hii son, 

Capkl Lbchmsbh, Bsq. of Fownhope Court 'who «. 
88 May, 1817, Mary Walker, of Mordiford, oo. Hereford, 
and d. 88 July, 1841, leaving by her (who ii deceased) 
three sons, TaoMAi^ now of Fownhope; Capel*Thoma% 

L B C 


«^ It «.; and G6oii«e49oadaxttora, «. 1846, SoiAla Drew 
Dnmion, co. Bomenet, and has iaiae. 

Anm§ Go., a fteae, or, and in ddef, two pelicans, azy. 
CiwU A peUean, as., -vulning herad^ ppr. 
Jfoflb— Dadt amor paferie. 
Smt — ^Fownhopa Court, near HerefordL 


LiOKT, JoHV-JAms, Esq. of Ballykealey, oo. 
Ctriow, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1828, 6. 2 Oct 
1799; m. 25 July, 1825, Sarah-Lucia, only dau. of 
John Smyth, Esq. of Balby, Yorkshire, and of 
Marlborough Place, Surrey, and has issue, 

I. JohV'Fbkdkbiox, of Sherwood Park, Tullow, eo. Oar- 
low, J.P.. b. 25 Hay, 1826; m. 28 Joly, 1853, Fnncaa- 
Mai^garet-Fetherston-Ha^gh, only dau. of J.-Beauchamp 
Brady, Esq. of Kyahall Lodge, oo. Carlow (jue BradtX 
and haa iasae, John -Rupert- Robert, 6. 1855, and 
another aon. 

n. FEanda-Smyth, b. 21 April, 1828 ; d. young. 

I. Ifaiy-Elisabeth-Adelaide, la. 21 Jane, 1868, to the Rev. 
-Hetealf Wataon. 

%intXflt* — ^This ia an anoient and influential ftunily 
dwlvlng eiiginally from Stirlingshire, N.B. The estate of 
KOnock, CO. Carlow, has been in their possession for nearly 
800 yean. 

BonnKT LacKT, Esq. of Kilnook, oo. Carlow, son of 
Jamea Leoky, Esq. of the same place, d. hi 1780, leaving 

JoBV liSCKT, Esq. of Ballykealey, who m. 1780, Elisabeth, 
dan. of Jacob Oofl^ Baq. of Horetown, oo. Wexford (m« 
flonrX and by her (who d. Jan. 1841) had issue, 

Bobert, d. young. 

Jomr-Jjjas, now of Ballykeal^. 

Biaa, m. June, 1800, to John Watson, Esq. of KUconner 

Houae^ co. Carlow, and d. leaving issue. 
Mary, m James-Forbes Russell, Biq. , and d. leaving issue. 
Anne, m. J. Phelps, Esq., and d. leaving issue. 
Jane-Sophia, d. unm, 
tlarah-Maria, «. J. Christy, Esq. of Stramora HDUse, oo. 

Down, and d. leaving issue. 
Hannah -MatUda, d. imm. 
l^rdia-MatOda, widow of Richard Gofl; Esq. of Tottenham 

Qreen, oo. Wexford. 

Mr. Jobn Leeky, of Ballykealey, d, Deo. 1799. 
Seat — Ballykealey, TuUow, oo. Carlow. 


IjEOKT, Habcus-Dalt, Esq. of Castle Lecky, co. 
Derryy and La Valini^re, Tourraine, France, m, 
11 April, 1853, Honoria, 2nd dau. of the late 
Thomas Cottello, Esq. of Galway. 

Ifsmfff • — ^This family, which has been settled in the 
north of Ireland for nearly two centuries, and members of 
whioh took part, as military officers, in the memoroble 
siege of Derry, is of Scotch extraction. Duxing the popular 
tumnlta of Scotland, two brothers of the name, passed over 
into Ireland ; one settled in co. Londonderry, and the other 
In CO. Cariow. From the former derives HoLLAwn Leoky, 
Esq. of Castle Lecky; and from the latter John-Jaxes 
Lbcxt, Esq. of BaUykealey. 

A hundred and fifty years dnce, the name of Lecky is 
aasficiated with the high oflRoial appointments of Derry, for 
whidi dty the late Alderman William Lsckt (cousin of 
Averell Lecky, Esq. of Castle Lecky) was twice returned in 
1790. CowwoLLT-M'CAlTaLAiin Lbokt, Esq. the inheritor of 
his property, m. in 1885, Anne, dan. of John Harvey, Esq. 
cf Baxgy Castle, oo. Wexford. (8u that name.) 

HoM.AWB Lbokt, Esq. of Castle Lecky, ca Londonderry, 
and BallyhoUand House, oo. Down, ci^t 2nd drag. -guards 
(whose mother was dau. of John Averell, bishop of Lime- 
rick); m. Eli&abeth, dan. of the Rev. Thomas Daniel, of 
eo. Deny, an heiress, and had Issue, Avesbll, hia heir ; 
HoOand ; William ; and Catherine. The eldest son, 

AvaaiLL Leoky, Esq. of Castle Lecky and BallyhoUand 
Boose, eapt. 14th light-drags. ; m. circa 1790, JSne, widow 
ef Mr. Aylward, of BaUfnagar, oo. Oalway, and dau. of the 
lata HyaeiBth Daly; Esq. of KflUmur CMrtle, in the same 
OB^ He d. S9 Jan. 1884. and was a by his only ehUd by her, 


Houahd Lmkt, Esq. of Oastle Leeky and BaQirhdOsnd 
Hoose; b. tl Fab. 1794; m. » Sept 1818, Diana, dan. of 
John MoMnnin. Esq., banker, and alater of John MellnlUa, 
Esq., deputy inspeefeorg«Dflnl of the fotoes^andd. UOol» 
18M, leaving issue, 

L Mabous-Dalt, hisheb. 

n. Averell-Willlam. m. 16 Deo. 1846, Sovhla, yovngeat 

dan. of the late Baehard Whitsb Esq. of White HaU, and 

had issue, 

1 Hollsnd. 

1 AvereU^WeDfogton. 

8 llarwis- lff*H?a^it lan il , d. an ^^^''^ 

m. Bobert-Daniel-David, hifte of the 80th and 81si ragts. 
IT. Alexander^}ooolly, m, June, 1866, Frances, only dan. 
of John Goddard, Esq., oa Wilts, and had ims^ 

1 Ratoh-Alexander. 

% Squlra-Thomton, cq^ RH.LV. 

T. Squire-Thornton, deesaied. 

▼L Stratford, deceased. 

I. Jane-Blisaoeth. 

n. Diana-Maria. 

lu. Louisa-Victoria-AIbertin^ 

i5Ml-~Ca8tle Ledcy, eo. LoBdoadflVfy. 


Lkokt, Hugh, Esq. of BeardiTille, BushmiUs, co« 
Antrim, J.P., high sheriff 1886, h, 29 Aug. 1804 ; m. 
Aug. 1837, Matilda, dau. of Oeoige Hutohinaon, 
Esq. of Ballymoney, co. Antrim (by Elisabeth, his 
wife, dftu. of Thomas Lecky, Esq, of BsUymoneyX 
and has issue, 

I. Hvon, 6. SI Oet. 1830. 
IL George, 6. 1841. 
UL John-Ctase, 6. 1844. 
rv. Harry, 6. 1846. 
L Bliaaheih. 

ft{n^a0r«^ThiB Ikmily is of Sooteh ertrantion, and 
settled in the county of Derry, towards the latter end of 
the 16th century. 

Capt. Alixandeb LaoKT, who served at the siege of 
Londonderry, was father of 

Habbt Lxokt, of Agivy, co. Deny, who ta. I7f4, Mary, 
dau. of John MeCoUum, Esq. of Umnalavy Glenarm, co. 
Antrim, and had a son, 

Hugh Lsoky, Esq. of Agivy, who m. 1765, Elisabeth, 
dau. of the Bev. John Ckige, of Bathlin, co. Antrim, and 
had issue, 

John-Gaox, of whom presently. 

Hugh, 6. 1773; m. 1808, Elisabefli. dau. of James Orr. 

Esq. of Keely, co. LondondeRy, and d. 1817, having had 


HuOR, now of Beardiville. 

Jamea-Orr, m. 1866, Harriet, dau. of John Kpox, Esq. of 

John-Gage, lieut.-coL, late of the 88th regt ; in. 1846, 

Tumaiina, dau. of William Edie, of Thornhill, co. 



Mary, m. John Caldwell, Esq., M.D., Londonderry. 
Anne, m. John Boll, Esq. of DubUn, barrlster*«t-Uw. 

The eldest son, 

John-Gagb Lbokt, Esq. of Agivy and Bushmills, h. 1773 ; 
ia. 1818, Elixabeth, dau. of the Bev. Oliver McCausland, and 
d. «. p. in 1819, when he was 1. 1^ hia nephew, the presont 
Hugh Leokt, Esq. 

fieo^— Beardiville, Bushmills^ eo. Antrim. 


Lim aAif, Josepb-Fbeoebiok, Esq. of Chad Hill, 
CO. Warwick, and of Northfield, co. Worcester, J.P. 
for the COB. of Worcester, Stafford, and Warwick, 
D.L. for the last, and high sheriff for Worcester- 
shire 1848, 6. 16 April, 1791 ; m, 4 Dec 1817, 
Elisabetii-Ann-ABhton, only dau. and heir of James 
Qoddington, Esq. of Camp Hill, near Birmingham* 
banker, and by her (who d, 17 July, 1856} has hi4 


L E B 

t. JoKOn, ft. 84 Doo. 18S3; m. S7 Oct. 185S, Franoea-Bir- 
ban Jackaon, of Horbome, on. Stoffurd, and by heat 
(who (t IS Sept 18&9) had i«ue, 

JOSKPB-PRBDKRrCK, ft. 10 DeC. 1864. 

Oeoiige-Moretou, 6. U Sept 1856. 

II. Fraderiok-Oeoiso,- ]iA«, in holy orders, ft. 28 R6t. 

AZ. Thomat-lforette, ft. 10 Ifay, 1830; d. «»i». 9 April, 

nr. William, ft. 27 Oct 1882 ; m. 6 Ang. 1858. Merelina- 

Viotorii^ dau. of Col. AlazAnder Gordon, R.B., and has 


Monilina-Fk«der!lca-A]me, ft. 8 Kot. 1850. 

y. Jamea-Qoddington, ft. Aug. 1836. 
L Mary-Eliaabeeh,.iR,..14 Jtdy, 1846, to William, 2nd son 
of William Chance^ Esq. of Spring Orove, Birxningham. 
II. Emlly-Agnaa. 

%i\XtK^* — ^TMb &mily ia of very ocmsidemble anti- 
quity in the countiea of Chester and Flint. Ormerod, in >ii8 
history of the former diire, mentions that ** Richard, son 
of Letitia de Ledaham, oceura in a grant of landa in Moston, 
in the time of Thomaa, abbot of Chester, in the 18th 
century ; " and Willet, in hia memoirs of Hawarden states 
that " the eaiiiest documents the pariah possesses, aave the 
Bogister is a copy of the Will of Georob Ledsham, late of 
the inner Temple, London, bearing date 24 Feb. 1606. By 
thla will,** oantinuea Mr. Willet, " Geoxge Ledsham, left 
£;>00 to eroot and maintain a grammar-school for ever, in 
the weat oomer of the cftmrohyard of Hawarden. Mr. Led- 
sham was a freeholder of this parish, and the proprietor of 
tl!ai- estate in Ewloe known by the name of Farm-Stile, the 
which he gaTC to hia sister, Ann LeSaham, who m. a 
Mr. Robert Jones, of Farm-Btild." ^Ihong the names of . 
the ancient families of the city of Chesjber, in 1646, when it 
surrendered to the parliamentary forces, ia menti(med 
Thomaa Ledaham. 

Qeobub Lai>SHAif, of the Inner Temple, of Hawarden, eo. 
Flint, and of the Farm-Stile estate, in Ewloe, d. about 1606, 
loaviag a SOB, 

Damibl Lbmbam, ft. at Weppera, oo. Flint, who went 
to Ireland about 1655, aa secretary to Col. Harrison, in 
•Chom wsLL*s army. He d. in that kingdom, leaving three 
eons, Dakivl; Johk, of Hawarden; and Thomas. Tbo 
eldest son, 

• Dahikl Lssshax, Esq. of Clogl^Jordan, oo. Tipperary, 
served aa high aherifiT of that county. He subsequently 
removed to Flinuhire, and finally settled at Birmingham, 
where he d. in HSS, aged 08. He m. 23 May, 1727, Ann, 
diuu of John Moreton, Esq. of Northop, co. Rint, and 
had issue. The 4th son, 

. Thomas IiSMAif, Esq., ft. at Hawarden, oo. Flint, 12 Feb. 
1740 ; m. Charhytte, eldest dau. of William Ward, Esq. of 
Allestree Hall, oo. Derby,' by Mary hia wife, dau. of Richard 
Smith, Esq. of Enderby Hall, co. Leicester, and had issue, 

1 John-Moreton, ft. 10 Oct 1762, of Farringdon, oo. Berks, 
and Leohlade, oo. Olouoetter ; m. Mary-Barbara, dau. uf > 
Ooflin, of Blackladies, oo. Stafford, and d. 6 Nov. 1882, 
leaving isaue^ 

1 John-Joseph, ft. 14 Nov. 1708: m. July, 1828, Selina 
Jones, of Packington, eo. Warwick. 

1 Barbara-Maria, m. 27 Deo. 1823, to Oabriel-Jean-Marie 
De I^a, M.D.i only son of the Marquis De Lya, of La 
Vilder, Brittany, and had issue. 

2 Prancoa-Anne, m. to George-ElweQ Jackson, Esq. 

n. JosKVB, of whom presently. 

in. Daniel, of the Moors ana Nonsuch, co. Worcester, ft. 
29 March, 1772: m. Sar th-Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas 
Boden, Bsq. of Allesley, oo. Warwick, and d. 18 Deo. 1857, 
leavinff issue, Daniel, M. A. of St John's Coll. Cambridge, 
Ineumoentof St Mark'a, Birmingham. 1841 ; and Sar^ 
m. in 1882, to. Charles Hopkins, Em., lieut B.N. 

nr. WilUam, ft. 10 March, 1778; d atlJabon, 18 July, 1814. 

Mr. Ledsam d. II April, 1880. Hia 2nd son, 

JoBKPB LnwAX, Esq. of Edgbaaton, Birmingham, ft. 
^ March, 1767 ; ia. Mary, eldest dau. of John Bullock, Esq., 
by his wife, Mary Blsrthe. of Baltley, eo. Warwick, and dying 
- • Nov. 1816, left (with a dau., Mary-Anne-Moreton, who 
m. 28 Jan. 181 8| Joseph Hodgson, Esq. of Birmingham, 
F.R.8., and haa one dan., Marianne, m. 12 May, 185S. to 
Lieut -CoL Shakespeare) an only surviving son, the present 
JoflSPH-FABDBUOK LcpsAii, Esq. of Chad HilL 

^mu— Ouarterly : sa. and axg., four leopards* Csoes, ooun- 
Ciw^-A Cornish chov^ 

Jfelto^Fae et qpera. 

Sfa<*— Chad HOI, Edgbaston, Birmingham; and North* 
field, Worcester. 


Leb, Jobn, Esq., LL.D., of Hartwell, oo. Buck- 
iDgham, J.P. and D.L., b. 28 April, 1788; «. hia 
maternal undo, William-Lea Antoniey Esq., in 1816, 
and assuihed, under that gentleman's will, hia 
present Bumame of Lee^ in lieu of hie patronymio, 
FiOTT. To the Hartwell property be auooeeded, by 
the bequest of his kinsman, the Rev. Sir Qeorge 
Lee^ 6th baronet Mr. Lee has several times been 
a candidate for the r^resentation of the county. 

SritlfSS^*— This family, supposed to have been a 
younger branch of the Leghs of Cheshire, settled in Bucks 
in the beginning of HKmtY IVs reign. 

Thomas Lbk, Esq. of Hartwell, co. Bucks (eldest son of 
Thomas Lee, Eaq. of Moreton and Hartwell, by HUsabcth 
his wife, dau. of Sir Geoxge Croke), was created a Baronet 
16 Aug. 1660. His direct male descendant (for wtermeiu.U 
pedigree^ mc Bubkk*s Bxtind Pwrage\ 

Thb Rw. Sib Qaoiioa Lax, Bart , Rector of Hartwdl, and 
Vicar of Stowe, b. in 1767 ;d. vaym. in 1827, when the Baro- 
netcy expired, and the estates devolved, by Shr Oeoigo'a 
will, on their present possessor, John Lkb, Esq., LL.D., the 
next heir in blood. He is son of the late John Fiott, Esq., 
by Harriet his wife, 2nd dau. of Willum Lbb, Esq. of Tot- 
teridge, who was son of the Right Hon. Sib Wiluah Lei^ 
Chief Jnstioe of England, 2nd son of Sn Thoxas Lbs, 2ud 
Bart ofHartweU. 

.^rms— As., two bars, or, a bend, chequv, or and go. 
Crut—A, bear, passant sa., mnaaled» ecMlared and chained* 
Jtfbtto— Verum atque decena. 
8tot— -Hartwell House, near Aylesbuzy, Bucks. 


Leb, JoHK-HoTOHiiTBON, Esq. of Balsdon Lodge, 
Torquay, Devon, J.P. for Middlesex and W««t- 
minster, h, 27 Aug. 1810; m. 2 Feb. 1847, Caroline, 
youngest dau. of the late John Hivesy Esq. of 
Qledhow Grove^ Xteeds, and has issue, 

I. JoHN-TneoPRaus, h. 8 May, 1850. 
n. Henry-Hives, '6. 19 Feb. 1866. 

I. Alice-Jane. 

II. Margaret-Carolina 

ill. Helen-Margaretta-Hay. 

Mr. Lee was for some years aide-de-camp to the late 
Sultan Mahmoudy who conferred on him the Order 
of the Crescent 

ILin(aS[{*-^JoHN Lbb, Esq., an officer in R.N., de- 
scended from the Lees of Dumbole, co. Cheshire, d. in 1780, 
leaving issue, 

John, of whom presently. 
Richflund, colonel in the army. 
Esther, m. Gen. Theophilus Lewla 

The elder son, 

John LfcB, Esq., capt R.N., m. 12 Jan. 1786, Margaret 
Hay, granddau. of Dr. John Hay, physician to Qkoboe I., 
and dau. of James Maclellan, of Annan, of the Kircud- 
bright fltmily* and d. 28 March, 1800, having had, by thla 
lady, who d. 24 June, 1810,, ft. 28 Aug. 1786. 
Henrietta-Maria, d, young. 

His only SCO, 

Sib John-Tbxophiu7b Lbs, of Lanriston Hall, m. 84 Bee; 
1807, Sophia-Reed, dau. of Mc^or Lawler, of Greenwich, 
and had issue, 

I. Horatio-Wmiam-Pitt 6. Sept 1808 ; d. in active service 
RN., on board H.M. Tartar, Capt Sir Thomaa Hardy, in 
1828. , ^ 

II. JoRN-HiTTORiNBON, now of Balsdou u>dge. 

in. Molville-Lanriston, ft. 27 April, 1821, of Magdalene 
College, Cambridge, in holy oroers ; rector of Bridport^ 
Dorset i». 14 Ai^ 1862, Emily, dau. of J. Dkdun, Esq.* 
of Lewssb and has issuer 


1 Alieb-Harion. 

t Bmily-TbereflanTomphioa 

IT. Alfred-TheophfluB, in holy orders sdiolar of Christ*! 
OoUcige, Cambridge, Beotor of Ahoghill, near BalWmena. 
Ireland, 1858 ; tn. 4 Aug. 1858, Euphemia, only dauT^ 
Maniott Dolway, Bella HOI, Canriokfergus, and haa 

1 Vaxriott-Dahray, 6. 17 May, 1864. 

S Bobert-Manlftllan-LaoriBton, 6. 11 Deo. 185S. 

1. Henrietta-Maigaretta-Hav, m. 27 AprlL 1848, the Rev. 

Ony Bryan, eldest son of the Rev. Quy Bryan, rector of 

Woodham Walter, Ssaez, by Selina-Elisabeth his wii^ 

dan. of John-Bardley Wilznot, Esq. 
n. Sophia-Townshend, m. 19 ApriL 1842, Rev. Geoive- 

WilUam-Burrow Wills, M.A, ofWadham College, Ozfonl: 

RectorofSt. Leonard, Exeter. 
m. Emma-Looisa-Berry, m. 88 June, 1842, the Rev. 

Tboma»JohB Main, MA, fellow of St. John»8 College, 

GambridgBL and professor at the Royal Naval CoU^ 

tv. Auguata-Gharlotte. 
T. Euphemia-Maiia, m. 2 Feb. 1847, Donald Sinclair, MD., 

brother of Sir John Sinclair, Bart., of Barrook House. 


Sir John-Theophilus Lee entered the royal navy under 
Lord St. Vincent, in 1795, and vras present atthe battles of 
Cape St. Vincent and the Nile, and in eighteen other actions 
with frigates, forts and boata. He was knighted in 1827, 
and waa presented by the SuAan Mahmoud with the order 
of the Creaoont, in diamonda ; and had also conferred on 
him the ardera of Christ of Portugal, St Louis of France^ 
Bt Andrew of Russia, and Waldimir of Prussia. He was a 
magistrate for Middlesex, Hants, and Devon, and deputy- 
Boutenant for the two former counties. He d. at Lauiiaton 
Bail, Toiqaay, 25 Oct 184S. 

^nas— Arg., m ehev., engr., between three leqpardif head^ 

CVw^— A leopard^B head, sa., surmoun^ig a ducal coronet 

Motto— Ihitn spiro spero. 

Ssof— Baladou Lodge,' Torquay, Devonshire. 

See Supplement, 


Lib, Chablbs-Bknjauik, Esq. of The Abbey, 
KiuuneBboTOugh, 6. 16 Feb. 17^7 ; m. 28 Aug. 1839, 
the Hon. Iflary-Stuart Forbes, dan. ol JameB^ 17Ui 
liord Forbes, and has issue, 

L Chabubs-Walisb, 6. 18 Seg^ 1840. 
z. Isabella-Ann. 

linfftg^.^-JoRv Lbb, Esq., of The Abbey, Kaares- 
fcorough, D.Ii. (son of Thomas Lms, Esq. ef Leeds, of the 
same family aa Ln qf Chrovf Bait, Iqt Ann Foster his wife, 
A 6 Sept. 170«X who m. 4 Feb. 1794, Maria Mainwaring, of 
Goltho' Hall, CO. Lineoln, and had issue, 

Jonr, b. 1796 ; d. unrn. 

CHABLsa-BBf/AMiH, now of the Abbey. 

Frederioic, ft. in 1800 ; m. in Jan. 1882, Elixabeth Cole, and 

George. 6. 18 Feb. 1803; m. in Get 18S1, Mny Stark, and 
BouttA-Maria, d. 

., three crowns, cv. 
Cnat^An arm in armour, holding a battle-axe. 
if oMo— Dum spiro t^em, 
&tU— Old Palace^ Bidunond, Surrqy, 


Ln, JoHN-LxB, Esq. of Dillington House, oo. 
Bomeraet, and Orieigii Court, eo. Devon, J.P. and 
D.L., hig^ sherifT 1845, h. 11 Dec. 1802 ; m, Ist, 
18 Feb. 1834, Jessy, dau.^of John-Edwards VaugUan, 
Esq. of Bheola, oo. Qlamoi^gao, late M.P., and by 
her (who cL 1836) has one son, 

I VAJooBAJihBAinnxn-'Ltat, Slst AadUen, 5. S5 Feb. 1896. 

He m. 2ndly, 17 Aug. 1841, the Hon. Mary-Sophia 
Hood, eldest dau. of Lord Bfidport, and has by her, 

L E B 

L Bdward'Haaning, ft. M Aug. 1841 
n. WUliam-Hanning, ft. 9 Dea 18M. 

I. Bmily-Mazy. 

II. AUoe-Geoi^{liia. 

Mr. Lee^ whose patronymio la HAinnmii ■— iim i1 
the Buniame of Lii, by si^manual, in 1822. He 
is only son of WiUiam Hanning, Esq. of DilUngton 
House, by his wife, Harriet Lki, of Orleigh Courts 
00. Deron, dau. of Edward Lee, Esq. of Pinhoe^ near 
Exeter {m, in 1800), and gruidson of John Han- 
ning, Esq. of Dillington, by Susan, his wife^ dAU. of 
T. Harraod, Esq. of Whitelaokington, oo. Somereet 
He has two sisters, Gei>igin»-Eliaabeth, m. Nov. 
1824, to William Speke, Esq. of Jordans ; and 
SophiapHamet^ m. June, 1828, to John-R Fuller, 
Esq. ot Neston Park, Wilts. Mr. Le&-Lee was MJ". 
for Wells from 1881 to 1887. 

i<rms-4)iiarterly: 1st and 4th, Ln: Sod and Sid, Hav* 

£N<(»--l8t, for Ln; ind, for HAnmra. 
^^^P^^'^'^'^^ House, near Ihninster, Bomenwtshljet 
and Orleigh Court, near Bidefoid, Devon. 


Lei, Willum, Esq. of Holborougfa, oo. Kent^ 
J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Maidstone, ft. 23 Aug. 1801 ; 
m. 2 April, 1820, Christiana, 2nd dau. of & Reynoldi^ 
Esq. of Thoydon Hall, Essex, and haa issue, 

I. Anne, m. June, 1845, W.-H. Roberta, Esq., capt B.M9 

who is deceased. 
IL 8anh,m.Oetl8fa,toAUMd8mith,lBB«.ofBQohflater. 

Mr. Lee, of Holborough, a merehant in London and 
Rochester, is Srd son of Henry and Susannah Lee, 
of Camps Hill, Lewisham, Kent. He has been 
M.P. for Maidstone from 1868 to 18J(79 wd alio 
smoe 1859. 

^rm«— Aa., two bars, erminola. 

CM—A beax^ statan^ ppr., musded, gu., oeOared and 
chained, arg. 

Motto — Verum at^ue decens. 

8e(U— Holborough Court, Snedland, near Boehester« 


LsB, Edward-Hbrbert; Esq. of Dynas Powtt, 
00. Glamorgan, J.P. and D.L, ft. Oct. 1786; m. 
June, 1810, Mary-Anne, 2nd dau. of Thomas 
Thompson, Esa. of London, and by her (who d. 
26 April, 1811) had an only son, 

HnratT-TROMAfl, M.A., Mn. CoH. Gamb., Vicar of Bek 
houghton, 'With SeaiOi Baynham, diocese of Norwich, 
1846, b. 21 April, 1811 ; m. in Aug. 1887, Gathering 
Frances, 6th dau. of James Broadwood, Esq. of Lyne 
House, Surrey, and has issue^ 

1 HixTBT-Hsunux. 

S John-Robert. 

d Frands-Ashmore, d. 1848. 

4 Edward-Broadwood, d. 186L 
ft Augustua-CShsrles. 

1 Mary-Anne-Eliaahetb, d. 184t 

5 Barbara^tewart 
8 Gharlotte-Maiy. 
4 Sophia. 

6 Katharine-Maigarst 

, lLitltXSt«-^HsirBT Ln, mercihflait of Hull, and at ene 
time mayor of that town, m. Catherine Freeman, great- 
grand-aunt <tf Lord Brougham, and had issue, Hsbrt ; 
Thomas, capt B.N., lost at aea in 1770, while in command 
of the Aurora fdgate ; Gatherine, at. to Sir Arthur Gierke^ 
Bart, of SnailweU. The elder son, 

Taa Biv. Henry Lss, viear of Wi]loQghby>with-Wolf> 
hamoote, 00. Warwick, b. in 1737 ; m. Margaret, dau. of 
Edward Hurst, Esq. of Upton, Buolm, and sister of William 
Hurst, Esq., high sheiiif of Glamoigansfaire in 1776, and 
had two sons, HszntT, his heir ; and Thomas, in the nayy, 
lost ataeain 1770. Mr. Lee d. in 1768, and was i; by his 

Hbnrt Lsb^ Esq., b, in 1758, J.F. and D.L. who sk i» 

d X 2 


L'E E 

irAy» Vtf9t Sanh, only dau. of ihe Rev. Samuel Roberta, of 
BaUabuiy, and dying in Dea 188*2, left (with tLree dans., 
Barah-Maigaretta, m. in Deo. 1798, to Tbomioi^Lane Tbomp- 
eon, Eaq. cf Blackheath ; Arthuretta-Clarke ; and Anna- 
Horia) an only son, Edwasd-Hcbbebt Lais, Esq. of Dynas 

A rms A ig., on a cheT.i engr., between three leopardB* 
-beads, sa., a creaoent. 

Crest— A. leopard's head, ea., surmounting a dueal coronet. 

Afo((o— Fortiter, sed suaviter. 

ite«i({eNe«— The Mount, Dynas Fowls, Cardiff, Olamoi^gfan- 


Lee, Rav. Harbt, of Eingsgate House, Hants, 
J.P., B.D., of New College, Oxford, Vicar of North 
Bi'adley, near Trowbridge, 1832, a Prebendary of 
Hereford, and fellow of Winobester College; m. 
Julia, eldest dau. of Gorges Lowther, Esq., late 
of Kilrue, oo. Meath (see Lowtbbr). The Rev. 
JTarry Lee is eldest son of the Rev. Harry Lee, of 
Kingegate House, Hants (by Pbillppa his wife, dau. 
of Sir William Blackstone, Knt., of The Priory, 
Wallingford), who d. in 1838, leaving also another 
son, William, 6. 1796 ; m. 1836, Miss Elisabeth 
•Thomson, of Awbry, Sussex. Mr. Lee represents 
the very ancient family of Lee of Coton Hall, oo. 
.Salop, which has continued, in a direct line, from 
father to son, from the reign of Edward I to the 
present time, and in which the same property re- 
iiiained until conveyed by ah heiress to the Wing- 
fields of TiokenootOi co. Rutlaad. 


« Lib, Albbbt-Hbnbt, Esq. of Bama, co. Tip- 
peraiy, h. 27 April, 1868 ; «. his father 10 Jan. 

' CftttSfft*— This family has been seated for nine gene- 
riitioua in direct descent from father to son at Bama, oo. 
Tipperary. The first of the family to whom we can trace 
with bertainty, 

Hehht Lex, of Cndg Castle, oo. Tipperary, is sup- 
posed to have been grandson of Cbouwbll Lse (brother 
of Sir Henry Lee, K.O., temp. Queen Buzabeth, and 
sen ef Sib Akthont Lbb, of Quarendon), who m. Hary, 
'dau. of Sir John Harcourt, by whom, at his diMith in 1601, 
he loft issue, settled in Ireland. This Henry Lee pur- 
chased, in r678, the lands of Bama or Rossacully, Barony 
of Owny and Arra, co. Tipperary (fh>m Richard Dingle and 
Bobert Child, to whom they had been granted by letters 
jiotent of Chabibs II, 20 Dea 1666). In the same year 
Henry Lee, Esq., had a grant tmder the Act of Settlement 
of Moyfadda, in the barony of Clonderlaw. /;p. Clare (now 
the property of Col. Yandeleur). His 8(>i^« ItiOHABD, of 
''donderla^ (wliose will, dated 8 May, iVu7, was proved 
19 July, 1708), m. Agnes, ^sister of Henry and George Rose. 
Another son was father of John Lkb, of whom presently ; 
and his dau., Christian, m. Thomas Crofton, Esq. of In- 
ohirourke, oo. Limerick, and had two daus. eo-heiresses, 
Busan, w. her cousin, John Lee, and Elisabeth, m. the 
Bat. John Vandeleur, of Cragg,eo. Clare, Rector of KUrush 
4n 1687, and had, with other issue (ns Vaiidblxub of KU- 
ruth\ a dau., Busan, m. Thomas Lee, probably the son of 
Richard. Hie relationship of these two Henry Lees to each 
other has not been ascertained. 

Henry Lee, of Bama, d. Hrea 1698, leaidng a son, of 
^rhom presently, and a dau., Mary (whose wiU whs proved 
at Dublin, 17 June, 1788) ; she m. Jason Whiterowe, Esq. 
of Ballynerlogh, eo. limerick, and Cronan, eo. Tipperary, 
h. at Enfield, in Middlesex (wiU dated 1 Sept. 1681, proved 
1 Feb. 1682), and had a dau.,. Mary, m. John Otway, of 
Choghonaa (Castle Otway), oo. Tipperaiy, whose only son, 
John, d. unm. «st. 81 (ut (>twat of C<uUt Ofway) Henry 
Lee's son and heir, 

Hknrt Lbb, Esq. of Bamarosaoully, according to the 
ibmily tradition, was disinherited by his father, in oon- 
«equ«nce of his marriage, part of the property, induding 
Craig Castle, having been bequeathed to his sisters. He 
•I. Mary, daiL of Benjamin Lane, Esq. of the oo. Tipperary, 

and d. in 1702 (will proved at CashelX having by her, who 
was still living 27 June, 1715, a son, 

Bbmjamim Lkb, Esq. of Bamarosacully, oo. Tipperary, 
who in his will dated 27 June, 171fi, proved at Gaahel 
names his daughters (by Martha, his wife), Elisabeth, m 
John Spunner, of the King's Co^ and M.iry, m. Jamos 
McCarrol, of Cnol, co. Tipperary, and an only son, 

EnwAnn Lex, Eaq. of Bamarosacully, m. Elisabeth, dau. 
of George Ryan, Esq. of Silver Stream, and widow of 
William Keating, of Cranagh, oo. Tipperary. His will In 
dated 89 March, 1724, proved 1726. By his wife who snr> 
vived him he left, with another son, Edward, an elder 

Hbnbt Lbb, Esq. of Bamarosacully, under age at his 
Cither's death, m. (settlement dated 10 Feb. 1747) Mary, 
dau. of Evan Phillips, Esq. of Killeen (Mount Rivers^ co. 
Tipperary. He d. in 1808, leaving Issue, 

I. Gkobob, his heir. 

IL Evan, of Lodge, co. Tipperary, m. Alice, dan. of 

Saunders Toung, EiBq. of Ballykelly, co. Clare^ by whom 

he had issue, 

1 Henry, of Lodga 
8 Bobert 
1 Maria. 
8 AUoe. 

m. Henry, Ueui-coL R.M., d. at Portsmouth, Icavii^ 


IV. William, deceased. 
T. Alexander, m. Miss Howard, snd had an only son, 


I. Susan, m. Humble Phillips, Esq., barrister-at-law, of 
douncumnor, co. Tipperary. 

II. EUsabeth, m. Geoige Cornwall, Esq. of Bandon. oo. 
Cork, and had Issue, George, Henry, mlllam, and Mary, 
who m. Lieut -CoL Gilman, 66th rest, of Glonooole, co. 
Cork, and had issue, Henxy, in holy orders, deceased ; 
and Elisabeth, m. Lieut.-CoL tiie Hon. W.-8. Bernard, 
late 4th dragoon-guards, of the Fann. Bandon, 4th son of 
the 1st Earl of Bandon. 

III. Mary, m. — Ware, Esq. of Bandon, oo. Cork. 

His eldest son, 

Gboroe Lbb, Esq. of Bama, m. (settlement dated 11 Feb. 
1778) Alice, dau. of John Norris, Esq. of limerick, and left 
at his decease, in June, 1815, 

I. Hbbbt, his successor. 

II. John, m. 1st, Emma, dau. of Henry Bevan, Esq. of 
Camus, CO. Limerick, by whom he had issue, 

1 WiUiam-Norrls, of Bettyville, co. limerick, m. his 
ooiuin, AUcia, dau. of James-Thomas Dickson, Esq., 
and has issue, John-Theodore, William, Anne, Emma, 
Alice, Elizabeth. 

1 Elisabeth, m. 1st, George-Henry Heard, Esq., one of 
the six-clerks in the court of chancery, and had issue. 
She m. 2ndly, Hamilton Geale, Esq., barrister-at-law, 
of Damurb, co. Cork, brother of the Countess Fortesoue. 

8 Alice, deceased. 

8 Anna, m. lieut-Col. Franois Russell, H.E.LC.a, who 
d, 1861, leaving issue. 

He m. Sndly, Ellen, dau. of Edmund Morony, Esq. of 
Ballyolough, co. Glare, by whom he had a dau., ElW 
He d. 1835. 

ni. William, in holy orders, scholar of Trinity College, 
Dublin (1799), appointed in 1826 to the Rectory of Hore 
Abbey, oiocese of Cashel ; became successively Rector of 
Mo^fre|_yicar of Emly, and, in 1829, a Vicar-Choral of 
Cashel. He m. in 18l;i, Jane, dau. of Richard White, 
Esq. of Greenhall, oo. Tipperaiy, and d. 1885, having hod 

1 Willlsm, in holy orders, D.D., Profosaor of Eoeleslas- 
tical History in the University of Dublin, 18 April, 
1867, and Fellow of Trinity College, 1839. He m. 
AnnOf dau. of WiUiam En^sh, Esq. of Farmlev, on. 
Dublin, and has issue, William, Thomss-Bicbanl, 
Henry, Alice, Anne, and Jane. 

8 Gteorge, m. Agnes, dau. of John Brown, Eso. of Lon- 
don, by whom he has issue, Geoige, Alfred, Agses, 
and Rosalie. 

8 Richard, m. Jane, dau. of Robert-H. levers. Esq. of 
Castle levers, co. Limerick, and d. 1850, leaving issue, 
Richard, William, Jane, and Maria. 

4 Henry, m. Maria, dau. of Robert-H. levers, Esq., by 
whom he hss issue, William-Heniy, Robert, Henry, 
Miuria, and Jane-Henrietta. 

1 Aime-Lntltla. 

5 AUoe, d. young, wam. 

lY. Richard, d. unm. 1848. 

Y. Edward, of Dublin, m, Elisabeth, dau. of X. Ryan, 

Esq., and d. 1860, leaving by her, wl&o predeceased him, 

an only ehOd, Elisabeth. 
L Anne, ta. James-Thomas Dickson. Esq., barrister-ai- 

lav, and Iqr^ilni, wbo is deoeased, has issuo^ 

L E B 

L B B 

His ddesl Mm, 

Hkvbt JjMM, Etq. of Banu^ J.P., oornet 5tll dx«gooiM, 
h. S Xardk, 1779 ; m. S Jan. 1808, Maiy, 2d4 dwi. of Chzu- 
toidter Gtofti, Esq. of Stream Hill, Donenile, oo. Ciork (m 
Cmam ^ rcCvcMoimX and d. 18 Jan. 1848, leaviDg iwiM^ 

X. HxvBT-AiACBT, hia hair. 
D. Charies-Bdwwd. 
m. GoQts^Augustoa. 
X. Anna 

m. GatbArine-Lonin. 
IT. Ghariotto, daccaaad. 
T. Emili 

HsirnT-ALBBRT Lbs, Eaq. of Barna, b. S Aug. 1818 ; ai. 
SI July, 185S. Bnaan-Kate, eldeat dan. of John Bonn, Eaq. 
of Dramore House, near Newport, oo. Ttpperaiy, and «L 
10 Jan. 1861, laaTing iasua, 

L Ai3KBT-HmrBT, nowof Barna. 
n. WiUixim-Alexander, h. 13 Aug. 1854. 
m. Oeoi^g»John-FranciB, h. IS Apxll, 1858. 
XT. H«ni7-Sw«r, 6. 11 Feb. 1858. 

A\mt Afg., a fesae, between three orasoenta, ea. 
Ova*— On a oolunui, arg., endroled with a ducal coronet, 
or, a fiilooai, doae, ppr., standing on a bird's leg, aa., eraaed, 

IfoMo— Fide at oonatantlA. 

Newport^ oo. Tlpperaiy. 


Lesoh, Rby. John, M.A. of Cloonconray oo. Mayo, 
Ghaplatxx of the Kiiigston College at Mitchelstown, 
CO. Corky 6. 80 Aug. 1808 ; was a fellow-commoner, 
and hiMiorman, and science gold medallist of 
Trinity College, Dublin. He m. 9 May, 1839, Mary, 
2nd dan. of William Darley, Esq. of St John's, co. 
Dubliiiy and by her has iasue, 

L WiujAM-AjranxLL, h. 80 Bept 184S. 

II. Heniy-Brougham, 6. 15 Dea 18411 
nx. Jooeph-Farran, 6. S5 July, 1845. 
IT. John-Frederick, h. 80 Jan. 1847. 
T. OraTeo-Atkinaon, 5. IS Nov. 1850. 
L Axine-Dazley. 

II. Mary-WaUer-Barbara-FarnuL 
in. EUaabeth-Cslhezine. 
IT. Bioharda-King. 

KsiCSffC* — OaoBoa Lxboh, Esq., traditionally the dea- 
eeiMlant of an ancient fkmUy of that name in the co. of 
Cheater, came into Ireland circa 1 667, and settled at Rosserk, 
oo. Mayo. He m. Eliaabeth, eldest dau. of Samuel Nichol- 
son, Baq. of Castle Connor, co. Sligo, and by her left issue 
an only aon, 

JoBV Lesch, Eaq. of Frankfort, co. Sligo, 6. 1604. He m. 
Mary, eldest dau. of Robert Orme, Esq. of Came, oo. Mayo, 
(MS Obxs of ^&6ey<oi0n), and by her, who d. 10 Dea 1706, 
aged 80, had Issue, besides several daus., of whom Mary, 
the eldest, m. 1759, James Wood, Esq. («e« Wood o/ Ifood- 
TilltfX three aona, 

L Joan, hia eldest son and heir. 

IL BoBEBT (see Leech 0/ Jta<AJbea2« if &6<y). 

III. James, 6. 1746; d. at Stoke Newington, 91 Feb., 1826, 
aged 80. He waa for many years J.r. for the oo. Sligo ; 
m. 1st, Miss Phibbs. by whom he bad no issue, and 
Sndly, Jane^ dau. of — Knott, Esq., and by her had 

1 John, d 99 May, 1708, aged 7. 

1 M via, b. 1789 ; m. 23 Aug. 1888, Robert Alexander, 

Esq.. H.E.).C.S. 
S Calberine, who d. 28 April, 1816, nam., and is buried 

at St Andrew's, Dublin. 

Mr. Leech d. 2 June, 1770, aged 76, leaving his eldest son, 

JoHV Lkbch, Esq. of RarhroBB, co. Mayo, and of the dty 
of DabUn, ft. 174S; fa. 1760, Elizabeth, eldest dau. and co- 
heir of Samue^ Ansdell, Esq., and by her (who was h. 
9 June, 1748, and d. 4 February, 1834, in her 92nd year) 

L fhTT'MJ, d. young, before. 1779. 

It. John, 6. 1768 ; d. youuff, before 1779. 

nu WiiAiAM'AvaniELL, his neir. 

1. Mn r^""** , h. 1775; m. 1808, Richard Perwral Moulson, 

Esq., whose sister, Mamaret, was wife of The Most Rev. 

Wm. Magee, D.D., Ardhblshop of Dublin. She d. Marcn, 



n.-Lydia, «. 1776; d. ipuh. about 1800, buried at St. 
Andrew'a, Dublin. 

Mr. Leech waa for many yeara a maglatrate for the eo. of 
Mayo, and a deputy-governor of the oo. of SUgo. Re waa 
grand seoretaiy to the Freemason Society in Ireland, and 
d. at Wigan in Lancashire, where he resided some years 
previous to his deoeaae, 8 Aug. 1882, aged 80. He waa 
interred in the Abb^ of Howtli, oo. Dublin, and waa «. by 
his only surviving son and heir, 

WnuAM-AxansLL Lbeob, Esq. of Rathroan, ea Mi^ 
aooI]aotarofH.M. (histoms in Ireland, 6. 11 July, 1777; 
SI. 15 May, 1806, Maiy, 8nd dan. of Charles Atkinson, Esq. 
of Rehins, co. Mayo {tm AnLiirsoxr q^ Edli<a«), by whom he 
had issue, six sons snd Ave dans. He was a member of 
the Lawyen' corps of yeomanry, and aerved with it in 17M. 
He d. at Newiy on the 19th Oet 1887, In the 61st year of 
his age, leaving, 

I. Jonv (Rav.1, his heir. 

n. (niarles, of Hermitsgs^ oa SUgo, and Upper Temple 
Street, Dublin, barrister -at- Uw, 6. 16 Dea 1810; si. 
19 Aug. 1840, Anna-Maria, Snd dau. of Hunt- Walsh 
Chambx%, Esq. of Hawthoni Hill, oo. Armagh («t 
Cbambbc, qf ifiwOoTM iNttX and tqr her hasissusb 

1 WiUiam-Ansdell, 5. 11 June, 1841. 

8 Hunt- Walsh, ft. 4 Dea 1848. 

8 Charles, ft. 88 June, 1844. 

4 Thomas-Ardiibald, ft. ApxiL 1868L 

6 John, ft. 88 May, 1857. 

1 Rebecca-Olivia. 

8 Anna-Maria. 

8 Emily-Edith. 

m. Wimam^AnsdeU, ft. 88 Dea 1818, educated at Trin. 
Coll. Dnblhi ; m. 7 Nov. 1854, Eleanor, 8nd dau. of Qoorge 
Oiboon, Esq. of Lower Pembroke St, Dublin, by Eliza* 
both, eidest dau. of John Gibson, Esq., and by her has 

1 Wffllam-AnsdelL ft. 81 Ang. 1857. 

8 George Gibson, ft. 7 Nov. 1860. 

8 Arthur-Henry- WiUiam, ft. 18 July, 180. 

1 Elizabeth-Marian-Susanna. 

8 Florenoa-CSatheKine-SincIalr. 
IV. Edward, ft. Oct. 1814, A.B., T.C.D. ; a». 8 Oct. 1855, 

Wilhehnina-Fkedarika, dau. of Biehard Hammeraley, &q. 

of Corrolanty, in the King's ca J. P. 
T. The Rev. Arthur-Henry, of Ballydouslidufi; in the 

00. Westmeath, Ticar of Emly, ft. 88 March, 1817: m. 

18 Dec. 1845, EUen, 8nd dan. of Thomaa-Maunaell Wilson, 

Esq. of Cahiroonlish House, oa limerick, by Isabella bio 

wife, younger dau. of Charles-Stanley, 1st Viscount 

Monck, and sister to the late Earl of Bathdowne, and by 

her has issue, 

1 William-Thomas-Atkinson, ft. 8April, 1860: d. 87 April. 

1 Isabella-Monck. 
8 Mary-Wilhelmina-Monck. 
8 Eleanor-Elizabeth. 

4 Henrietta-Maria* 

5 Edith. 

Ti. James-Ansdell, ft. 87 Not. 1818; dL at Vigo in Spain, 
6 May, 1855. 
L Mary. 

II. Elizabeth, m. Aug. 1846, William-C^wford Poole, Esq., 
M.D., of Ardmore, ca Waterford. 

iiL Catherioe-Anne. 

IV. Marianne-Charlotte, m. 11 Dea 1844, Henry-Connor 
White, Esq. of Golden Hills, oo. Tipperaiy, Registrar of 
the Royal Dublin Society. 

T. Maria-Isabella, m. 1st, 27 Feb. 1845, Willi im-Thomaa 
Lloyd, Esq. of Upper Moimt Street Gresceut, Dublin, 
A.M., T.CTD., barristor-at-law (who d. 13 Doc. 1857), 
and 2ndly, 9 Oct 1860, at Emly Cathedral, Ricbard- 
Augu«ftine-FitsGerald Studdert, &k|., KM. A. (aee Stuu- 
DKBT, t^Buwroity duties co. Clan.) 

Jmu— Erm., a trefoil, vert> on a chief, indented, gu., 
throe ducal coronets, or. 

C)^<— Out of a dural coronet, or, charge with a trefoil, 
vert, an arm, erect, ppr., grasping a knake enviruned 
abou*' the nim, also vert. 

3fo<fo—yirtute et valore. 

iSoaf-— Kingston College, Mitc;hel8town, co. Cork. 


Leeoh, Gbobos - Wiluams, Esq. of Kathkeale 
Abbey, co. Limerick, barrister -at -law, J.P., b, 
30 Aug. 1810; m, Ist, 12 Nov. 1834, Anna-Maria,, 
dau. of Qencoral Qeorge Bellaais, and b> her has a 


R0BBBT-8..B., 94th regt., ft. 21 May, 1886. 
He m. 2ndly, 28 Sept 1846, Catherine, dau. cf 


Hont-Walahe Ghambr^, Esq. of Hawtborne Bill, 
00. Annagh {tee that name), by whom he has iBBue, 

L Hunt-Ohambrt. h. SO Deo. 1847. 

IX. John-Bourke-MaMy, 6. 81 July, 1864. 
L Helen*-B.-8uBaima. 

n. Gatherine-Rebeooa. 
in. XUia-G«ot)Kina. 

fLintUflt* — RoBVBT Lbbob, Esq., tod ton of Jomr 
Xmum, Esq. of Frankfort, oo. SUgo (m preceding artitUX 
d. In 18S8, and ia barled at Kiloummin churchyard, near 
KllUda, 00. Xayow He left, by Julie Boorke his wife, with 
other laaiM^ an eldeat eon, 

Jom«BooaKa-LxaoH, Beq., 6. 19 Dea 1708, who left, by 
Helena-B.-8uaannah hie wife, aix aona and one dau., via., 

X. WtLUAM, 6. 1798 ; m. B.-0. Maedoogall, and had one 
aon. WflUam, deoeaaed. 

XI. Oaoaoa-WiLLXAMB, now of Rathkeale Abbo7* 
ni. James, of Bomeraet Bouae. London. 

XT. John, d. 18fi0. ▼. Bobert. 

n. Arthur-B., J.P. for ooi SUgo. 
X. Jullei 

A(tf— Bathkeale Abbey, Bathkeale, oo. Limerick. 


Leeki^ Ralfh-Mbrriok, Esq. of Longford Hall, 
00. Salop, J.P. and D.L., high sheniBP 1850, a captain 
Soath Salop yeomanry cavalry, b, 4 Sept. 1818 ; m. 
26 Oct. 1847, Ladv Heater-Urania, daa. of Newton- 
Fellowes, 4th Earl of Portsmouth, by Catharine, his 
wife, dam of Hugh, Ist Earl Fortescue, and has 

t Balfb, b, 1840. 

IX. Thomas-Newton, b. 1864. 
xn. Walter-Harvey, 6. 1866. 
rv. Honzy, 6. 1866. 

X. Heater-Catherine, 
n. Chailotte-Uranla. 
And two other dans. 

ftitl^ftS^*— Thla famHiy has, for several centuries, been 
of importanoe in the coimty of Salop. For an account of it 
see Blakcwat'b Skeriffit <^f BkropeMre. The immediate 
anoeator of the preaent line, 

Ralpe Lsxkb, of Ludlow, was living in 1334. Hia aeal 
la represented in a pedigree of the family, which ia attested 
by Sir William Segar, aa bearing hia ahield of arms, the 
same aa now used with the legend, " SigiU. Bad! Leeke 
Armlgezi" From him desoendod 

Ralvh Lbxxb, Baq., 2nd aon of Thomas Leeke, Esq. of 
Ihtt Tineyard, near Wellington, and 0th in descent from 
Balph Leeke, whose eldest son, Thomas, was one of the 
barona of the Exchequer, aoquirad a large fortune in the 
civil servloe of the E. I. Company. Returning to En^^and 
in 1786, he purohased, the following year, from the Earl of 
Bhrewabiuy, the manors and estates of Longford and 
Ghuvofa Asten, tn Shropshire, and was high sheriff orthat 
eoun^ 1700. He la. 13 Dea 1787, Honoiia-Frances, only 
daa. of Walter Harvey-Thursby, 1^., and by her (who d. 
1848) had Issue, Thomas, his heir ; Ralph-Harvey, Reetor of 
Longford, 6. 4 Oct 1704 ; Augusta ; Caroline, m. 7 Sept. 
1884, to the Hon. and Rev. William Nevill ; Emily-Frances- 
Anne, m. 20 Oct 1886, to the Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, 
Bart He d. 80 Sept 1820, and waa i. by hie elder aon, 

Thomas Lsxkb, Eaq. of Longford Hall, barrister-at-Iaw, 
J. P., b. 21 Nov. 1788, who m. lat, 13 Nov. 1812, Louiaa, 
youngest dau. of the late Brig.-Oen. Robert Shawe, and by 
her, who d, 16 April, 1816, had issue, 

BaxiIH-Mbbkick, present representative, 
^gertcn, 6. 28 March, 1816. 

Charlotte, m. to the Rev. Wyndham Madden, H. A., Can- 
tab, Reetor of Beiigh-Apton, near Norwich. 

Mr. Laeke ta. 2ndly, 21 Jan. 1822, Aniuk, only dau. of the 
late Hon. Matthew Plunkett, brother to the 10th Lord 
Loath, and d. la 1886. 

.^rma— Axg., on a ohie^ go., a fleor-do-Us, or, over all, a 
bend, engr., aa. 

Orul^A leg, oonped at theflilgfa, charged ^th two flours- 

if o((o— Agendo gnavlter. 

CaU— Longford Ball, nesr Newport, Shiopshiie. 




Lbfbot, Thb Riobt Hon. Thomas - Lavoloii^ 
LL.D. of Carriokglafls, oo. Longford, Lord Chief 
Justice of Ireland, b, 1776 ; m, 1799, Maiy, only 
dau. and heir of Je£fry Paul, Esq. of Silver Springs 
CO. Wexford, member of a younger branch of th6 
family of Sir Robert Paul, Bart, and has iBBue, 

I. Ahthoitt, D.L., M.A. of the University of DubHn, by 
which he wss elected in 1868 as representative in par- 
liament. He had been previously, .from 1880 to 1887, 
and ftxmi 1841 to 1847, M.P. for the oounty of Long- 

. ford, for whitdi he SMved as high aherifi; in 1860 ; m. 
1824, Hon. Jane King, eldest dau. of the late "^^soounft 
Lorton, and granddau. of Robert^ Earl of Kingston, 
and has issue, 

1 Frances, si. 22 March, 1840. to CoL Davld-OBrrick 
Buchanan, D.L. of Drumpelller, oo. Lanark. {/Set 

2 Mary-Louisa, m. June. 1869, Hon. Wi]liam-L.-P. 
Talbot, major unatt on half-pay, son ef Lord Talbct 
do Malahide. 

II. Thomas-Paul, Q.C., m. 1 July, 1886, Hon. EUttbeth 
Massy, dau. d Hugh, Srd Lord Massy, and has lasuoy 
Thomaa-Langlois, and several other children. 

III. Joftry, M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin ; Rector OS86) 
of Aghaderg, Loughbrickland, oo. Down ; m. Helena, 
eldeat dau. of the Rev. Frederick Trench, by Lady 
Helena,, hia wife, sister of OeorgetJamea, 6th Earl of 
Bgmont, and has issue, Charlos, and other children. 

IT. Oeorge/Thomaon, treasurer to the ecdesiaatial oom- 
mlaaionerst aerved aa high sheriff of Longford, In the 
year 1846. 

L Jane. 

XI. Anne. 

UT. Mary. 

Lord Chief Justice Lefroy, one of the most dIatiiH 
guished lawyers of his time, was called to the bar 
1797, and appoinjbed a bencher of the King^s Inn in 
1819. He sat in parliament as member for the 
University oi Dublin from 1831 till his elevation to 
the bench, which took place in 1841, when he was 
appointed a baron of the exchequer. He became 
chief-justioe in 1852. 

V»iVLtKflit» — ^The Lefroys are of Flemish extraction, and 
emigrated to England in the time of the Duke of Alvn'a 
perseoutiona. The first who aettled in thia country, a.Si. 
1569, waa Anthony Letsot. His deaoendant, 

Thomas Lefrot, of Canterbury,* m. Phoebe, 6. in 1670, 
dau. of Thomas Thomson, Esq. of Kenfidd, by Phoobe^ hii 
wife, dau. of William Hammond, Esq. of St Alban's Court» 
Kent, and by her (who d. in 1761) had a son, 

Anthony LsantoY, of Leghorn, who m. Elisabeth LangloU, 
sister of Benjamin Langlois, Esq., M.P., many years tmder- 
secretary of state, and had (with one dau.^ Phcebe, fi». to an 
Italian nobleman, Stafifettt Del Medico, Count di Carrara, 
whose family still retain their rank and large possesslous 
at Carrara) two aons, 

I. Anthony, lleut-col. 0th dragoons, m. 16 Nov. 1766^ 
Anne Qardiner, and d. 8 Sept 1819, having had iasiie, 

1 Right Hon. Thomas Lbvbov, the present chlef-Jtiatiee 

of Ireland. 
8 Anthony, late capt. 66th regt, m. and haa Issue. Hia 

Srd dau., Lucy, m. 11 Sept 1868, Robert-Exham Tuibett^ 

Eaq. of Owenstown Hoxiae, oo. Dublin. 
8 Benjamin, capt. roy. art, m, and had issue. 
4 Henry, M. A., Vicar of Bantry, near Dublin, m. Doro> 

thea, 2nd dau. of The (/Qndy, of KilbaUyowen {m 

that name), and haa issue, 

Anthony-O'Orady, m. Maxr. dau. of CoL Bruce. 
Gerald -De Courey, m, BUsabeth, dau. of William 
Brockman, Esq., and is settled in Australia. 

* Monument to this Thomas Lefroy, in the psxish chorch 
of Potham, Kent >- 


to Thos LeAt>y, of Canterbury, 

who died S Nov. 1788, aged 48; 

of a Cambreaian Family 

that preferred 

Religion and Liberty 

To their Country and Property, 

Uk the time of Duko Alva*a PeraeoutloD. 


Htniy-1ff«inw1l, m. SUoi, dsu. of James BhlM, Biq. 

of BtSijmmarm^ oo, Tippeantj, and has » son, 

Henry, & 186L 
▲nn-LaDglo{fl» m. James Stoin, Esq. of Gharrlngton, 

Donatamrs, and Kennekpsns, N.B.J and has issue. 

1 Tmbj, m. to Hugfa-Byres Baker, Bsq, 

5 PhcMM, flk to (>ipt. Butler. 

9 Ssrah, m. to Capl Ooortensy. 
4 Anne, ». to Midor Power. 

6 Blias» Si. to Biebard Sadleir, Baq. 

n. laaso-Peter-Oeoige, feUow of AH Sonla', Oxford, Beotor 
of Ash and Gompton, oa Sunray. «». Anne, eldest dau. of 
■dwsrd Brydges, Esq. of Wootton Court, oo. Kent, by 
Jemima, his wife, dau. and oo-heir of WilUam Bgerton. 
XiL.D., grandson of John, Snd Barl of Bridgewater, ana 
by her ^hod. in 18M)]effcat his deoeaae, Jan. 18M, 

1 John-Heary-<3eorge, of Ewshot House, Hants, Sector 
ef AA and Ooaopton, h, 178S; si. Scmhia, youngeat 
dau. of the Bey. ChaEtos-Jelfireys Ck>ttreu, and d. 18SS, 
Isayiiig teoAj. Geoga, d. wisi. in 18S4 ; Cbabias- 
Bdwaxd^ of Swahott uouse, Famham, Surrey, J. P., 
ILA., of Gh. Gh., Ozon, banister-at-Iaw, aearetisuty to 
tiie late epeaker of the House of Commons, taxing 
oAeer of that house, 186#, 6. 1810; «. his brother 
ige in 1894; m. 1846, Janek dan. of James Walker, 
., LKD., r.B.a, C.B., andbyharC^hoisdeeeased) 
Alts a son, CharlesJames-MaxweU, and other issue; 
Anthony-Cottrell, of Christ Chureh, Oxford, H.A, 
Incumbent of CrooUiam, near Famham, Suirey. m. 
Anne« dau. of John Biokman, Esq., and has three 
dans. ; John-Henry, m. Emily-Kary, dau. of Ghief- 
Juetioe BobinscwL of Toronto, Oauada, and has one son 
and one dan.; Henry-Haxwell* Frederick, deceaaed; 
Ann, m. to John McGUntock, Esq.; Franoea-Phceb^ 
». to Oeorge-K. Bieharda. Bra., banister-at-law, and 
d, S9 8m>t 1869, haying had laaue, a eon and three 
dans. ; Anna-Sophia; laabella-Elisabeth; and Lucy, 

S Christopher-Edward, 6. 1786. 

8 Bei^anun, in holy orders, Bector of Ash, m. Jane- 
Anna-Blisabeth, eldest dau. of the late Bev. Jamea 
Austen, Bector of Steventon, Hanta, and dying 1829, 
left issue, George-Bex^amin-Austen, and aix daua 

1 tioay, SI. to the Bey. Henxy Bioe, of Norton Court, 
near llWyershsm. 

^rwi QnaTJoriy; lstand4th,yert,fretty,arg.,onaehiefl 
ef the seoofMl, a hood or oap (allusiye to the badge aaaomea 
by the party oppoaed to the Duke of Alya^ between two 
w y f ern s, gu., for Lbtbot; 2nd and 3rd, as., a eheyron, or, 
between three crescents, aig., on a diiei, gu., three mullets, 
of the third, for LANOuns. 

CVvit— A demi-wyyexn, gu., gorged witha ooDar, danoett^ 
arg., firetty, yert. 

Jfotto-— Mutare spemo (adopted at the pexiod of the 
Hugoenot perseei rt t o ns). 

8mi CanJekylaws, near Longford. 


LnoBy Wiluam-Waliacb, Esq. of ICalone House, 
Belfast, of Sidney Coll. Cambridge, LL.B. 1812, 
D.L. mad J.P. for co. Antrim, high sherifp 1823 ; 6. 
1789; s. his uncle, William Legge, in 1821, and 
adopted the surname of Lbgob ; m. 27 Sept. 1838, 
Eleanor-Wilkie, 3rd dau. and oo-heiress of Thomas 
Forster, of Adderstoue, Korthumberland, and has 

L 'WiLLUU-'WALLAat, h. 18 Ifarcfa, 1841. 
L Florence-WaUaoe. 

ILtnf Xfff • — ^Ihe LnxoB were a patrician fkmily of 
Bayemut, in Italy, and settled in England temp. Hbnbt II. 
In 1878, William Lcggs, an officer in the army, with reoom- 
mendaUons flrom Jamss II, then Duke of York, served 
under the Duke Schomberg in Flanders, and accompanied 
him to Ireland in 1680. His aon, 

WiLUAM Lmos, aettled at ICalone, eo. Antrim^ and d. 
7 Noy. 1783, leaving, with other aooa, 

WiLUAM LsQOS, who d. in Nov. 17S0. 

Alkxaxtocr li£0<» (his eldest aon) tiien t., and aeryed as 
high sheriiT for the oo. Antrim in ITTOl He d. in 1777, 
leayiqg isBue^ 

WiLLiAjf, his heir, who aeryed as Ugh aheriff for co. An- 
trim, and d. 20 Sept 1881. 

SLmon, who m. HxllWallact, Baq., an officer in the 
army, riaiming dsaoent from tiie Wallaoea of EUeislie, 
sad had issue, 



Wnxuji, nrasent pnasawor. 

Hill, SI. Maria, younger dau. of ICi^ov Tophau» off 8le^ 
merSi Toikshinu 
Louisa, A 

HsroeUa, who si. Anthony Semplo^ ■§«. of MatshMih ■■' 
d. without iaaoe. 

fiMtf—Hslone Houses Bellkat 


Lboh, JoHH-PKNimroTOH, Esa. of Norimiy Booths 
Hal], 00. Chester, and of Westfield, Ida of WIgbt, 
J.P. of Wadham College^ Ozfbid, BJL ; b. 20 Not. 
1827 ; s. his undo in 1867; m. 12 Aug. 1858, Emily- 
Jane, 2nd dau. of the Est. Bobert Oiant, Vicar 
of Bradford Abbas, Donetshbe, a Ptebendarr of 
SalisbuTT, and late fellow of THnohoftcr Oellege» 
and has nad a eon, 

Bdmund-John-WUloaghbj, & 8 Jaly, 1800; d. 18 Aug. 

Srtof XS(.— Aons na Laos (only dao. and hefar of 
Richard do Legh, great-gmndson of Bamoi^ Lord of the 
Mediety of Hi^^ Legh, <eaijp. Bmhbt II) si. 1st, Ricbabo 
Ds LTMitB, and had by him a son, Thomas, who took the 
name of LiOB, and half the mediety of High Leigh ; his 
son, Thomas Lboh, was progenitor of the Lkiobs of the 
West HaU, High Leigh. Agnes si. 9ndly, William de 
Hawardyn, and had another son, IUu« na Hawabdtit, 
who had the other half of the mediety of High Legh, and 
sold it to Sir Richard Masaey, of Tatton, in 1208. Agnessi. 
Srdly, Sir Willism Yensbles, Knt., Snd aon of Star William 
Yemihles, Baron of Kinderton, and t^ him had a 8rd soOr 
John, who took the name of liSgh, and purchased Knuts- 
foxd Booth before 88 Bdward L By his 1st wife he had a 
aon, JoHK (Sir). He si. Sndly, Ellen, dau. of Thomaa de 
Oorona, of Adllngtrm, and 1^ her had, Robbrt, progenitor 
of the Legfas of Adlington, Annealey, Lyme, Ridge, Stone- 
leigh, Btockwell. Ac. ; William (Sh->, anoeator of the Leghs of 
laall ; Peter, founder of the Leghaof Beohton ; and Qilbert^ 
whose aon, John, si. Cedlia de Towneley, and was snoestor 
of the TowmoKTs of Townsley. 

Bib John ns Lsob, Hyfng Ump. Bbwabb III, eldest son 
of John Legh, the let of Kmrtsford Booth, waa direct 
OTffftntAT of the fiunily of Laee, of Booths, whoss eyeatual 

Ruth Lboh, of Booths, only dau. of Peter Legh, Esq. of 
Booths, SI. Thomss Pennington, Esq. of Chester, snd was 
«. at her deceaae, in 1715-16, by her only auryiying aon, 

Thomas PamnKOTOH, Eaq. of Bootha, who aasumed the 
aumame and anna of Lsgh. He m. Helena, dan. of ffir 
Willougbby Aston, Bart of Aston, snd was «. bj his only 


Peter Leoh, Esq. of Booths, (. 4 Msrch, 1798<8, idio, in 
1745, completed the erection of N<Hrbory Booths HaU. He 
fli. 20 Jime, 1744, Anne, dau. and co-heir of Fster Wade^ 
Eaq., by whom (who d. in 1794) he had, with other iaaue, 
who d. A p., Wiuavohbt and Jobs, and Anne-Helena, 
who is. in 1788, John Matthews, Esq., capL RJf., and d. 
next year «. p. Had. 18 Aug. 1804,aadwas«. byhisddeat 
suryiying son, 

Wu^LonoHiir Lsoh, Eaq. of Norbuzy Bootha Hall, b. 
25 May, 1749, who, dying unm., waa «. by hia brother, 

John Lbom, Eaq. of Bedford Square, Lond o n, and Torking^ 
ton, in Gheahire, barristet^at-law, who si. 29 March, 1798, 
laabella, dan. and co-heir of Edmund Dawson, Eisq. of 
Wharton, in Lancashire, and by her {who d. 19 Feb. 1849) 

I. Pbteb, hia aiicoeasor. . ^ , 

n. Edmimd-Dawaon, M.A, 8. In 1801, In holy orders, of 

Bt. Botolph^a, London; m. in 1828, Cathailne, eldest dau. 

of the ^ght Hon. Sir Christopher Bobinaon, judge ef the 

Court of Admiralty, and d. 9 March, 1845, loayiug issue, 

1 Jomr-P icMsm oTOH, now of Norbury Bootha HalL 
8 Edmund, fr. 1881 ; d. 1840. 

3 WUliam-Dawaon, in holy orders, 6. 1884; d. 1858. 

4 Ghristo^er, b. 1838. 

6 Henry-Edmund, b. 1840. 

1 Catherine-Jjouiaa, m. to Bdwacd-Fenrose Hathaway 
fisi. ofLtnodn'alnn. . 


S IflabelTa-Heleii. 
8 FranOM-Aim. 

I. Ann, m. to WilUam Clowes, Esq., and d. 21 April, 1855. 
n. Isabel, m. to the ilcv. Bertie Johnaon, Rector of Lvmme. 
Cheshire, and d. 26 May, 1855. 

Vr. Legh d. in April, 1826, and was t. by his eldest son, 

Peter Lboh, Esq. of Norbury Booths Hall, D.L. and 
J. P., 6. 11 June, 1794, who served as high sheriff for 
Cheshire, 1827. He d. unm. 29 Aug. 1857, and was «. by 
his nephew, the present J.P. Leoh, J:8q. of Korbuiy 

Arm»^Az^ two bars, or, over all abend, galea. 

Crett—An arm, embowed, oouped at the shoulder, vested; 
gules, hand ppr., holding a sword erect, also ppr., a snake 
twisting round the same, arg. 

Jtfbeto— Prudons, fidelis, et audax. 

£to<»— Norbury Booths HalL near Knutsford. Cheshire: 
and Weatileld, Isle of Wight 


Lbob, Charlxs - Riohabd - Banastre, Esq. of 
Adlington Hall, co. Chester, J.P., 6. 4 March, 1821 ; 
m. and has iesue. 

%{ntflg[0.— KoBERT DE Legh, 2nd son of John Legh, 
of BooUis, by Ellen, his wife, daiL and heir of Thomas de 
Corona, of Adlington, living femp. £i>ward II, m. Matilda, 
dau. and heir of Adam de Nurley, and was father of 

Robert Lbor, of Adlington, who m. Matilda, dau. and 
co-heir of Sir John dc Azdeme, Knt. of Aldford and 
Alvanley, and had two sons, via., Robert (Sir), his heir ; 
Piers (Sir), ancestor of the LsoHa qf Lyme. From t^e elder 

Sir Robert Leoh, Knt of Adlington, sheriff of Cheshire 
17 and 22 Richard II, the 8th in descent was 

Sir Urijot Leoh, Knt. of Adlington, aged thlrty-flve 
44 Elizabeth, who was knighted by the Earl of Essex at 
the siege of Cadiz, and, during that expedition, is tradi- 
tionally said to have been engnged in an adventure which 
gave rise to the well-known ballad of *' The Spanish Lady's 
Love." Another gallant knight, Sir John BoUe, however, 
disputes the fact of being the hero of that romantic affair. 
Sir Urian was sheriff of Cheshire in the year of Sir Richard 
St. George's Visitation of the county, in 1613, and survived 
mitH 8 Charles I, when his inquisition was taken. His 
direct male descendant, 

Charles Leoh, Esq. of Adlington (only son of John 
Leigh, Esq. of Adlington, by Lady Isabella Robarts, his wife, 
sister of the Earl of Radnor, and grandson of Thomas Leigh, 
Esq. of Adlington, high sheriff of Cheshire 14 Charles II), 
m. Hester, dau. and co-heir of Robert Lee, Esq. of Windiam, 
in Cheshire, and had an only child, 

Thomas, of Wincbam, who ta. Mnry, dau. of Francis Rey- 
nolds, Efiq. of Strangeways, in lAncashire; and d. v. p. 
in 1775, aged 40, without surviving issue. 

Mr. Legh d. at Buxton, in July, 1781, and was «. under 
settlement by his niece, 

Elizabeth Datekpobt, who m. in 1762, John Rowlls, 
Esq. of Kingston, receiver-general for Sucroy, and by him 
(who d. in 1779) had issue, 

I. John Rowlls, who m. Harriet, sister and co-heir of Sir 
Peter Warbiuton, Bart, of Arley, and, predeo«ising his 
mother, left an only dau. and heir, 

EUzabeth-Hester Rowlls, m. to Thomas-Delves Brough- 
ton, Esq., 4th son of Sir Thomas Broughton, Bart 

II. William-Peter Rowlls, slain in a duel at Cranford 

III. Charies-Edward Rowlls, d. without iasuei 

I. Elisabeth Rowlls, m. 1st in 1778, to Thomas-Browne 
Calley, Esq. of Burdorop^ Wilts ; and 2ndly, to Thomas 
Haverfleld, Esq. 

Mrs. RowUs, who assumed the surname of Leoh, d. in 
1806, leaving no surviving male issue, when the Adlington 
estates devolved, in accordance with the settlement of her 
predecessor, on her kinsman, 

Richard Cbobsk, Esq. of Shaw Hill, near Preston, in 
Lancashire (only son of Thomas Crosse, Esq., by Samh 
his wife, and grandson of Richard Crosse, Esq. of Crosse 
Hall, CO. Lancaster, by Ann, his wife, oldest dau. of Robert 
Leigh, of Chorley, 2nd son of Thomas Leigh, Esq. of 
Adlington, the high sheriff of Cheshire, 14 Charles II). 
Mr. Crosse assumed, in consequence, the surname and 
arms of Leoh. I(b m. in 1787, Anne, only surviving dau. 


of Robert Parker, Esq. of Cuerden Hall, bt Anne, bis 
wife, dau. and heir of ThoBias Townley, Esq. of Roylsb 
and by her (who d. in 1807) had issue (wiUi a younger mm^ 
Riohard-Townley, who d. unm. in 1825, and three daua.) « 
son and successor, 

Thomas Leoh, Esq. of Adlington, 5. Sept 1792 ; who ik 
Louisa, dau. of Gkorge Newnham, Esq. of New Timber 
Place, Sussex, and by her (who m. 2ud]y, 18 May, 1830^ 
Lord Erskine) had issue, 

Charlbs-Ricbabd-Banastre, now of AdUngton. 
Mary-Anne, m. 6 Deo. 18S0, to the Hon. and Rev. Aogustoa 
Cavendish, 4th son of the late Lord Waterpark. 
MarcclUr Louisa. 

Mr. Legh d. 25 April, 1829. 

Arms^Ax. , two ban, axg., debruised by a bend, oompoii4^ 

or and gu., for difference. 

Crest — A unicorn's head, oouped, arg., armed and manod, 
or, on the neck across patonce, gu. 

/8eat~Adlington HaU, Maodesfleld, Cheshire. 


Lbgh, William-John, Esq. of Lyme Park, oo. 
Chester, and Haydock Lodge and Qolbom& Paik, 
CO. Lancaster, D.L. and J.P., captain Lancashira 
huBsars, and late captain 2l8t fusiliers, elected in 
1859 M.P. for South Lancashire, 6. 1829; m. 
29 May, 1856, EmUy-Jane, dau. of the Venerable 
Charles Wodehouse, Archdeacon of Norwich, and 
has, with other issue, a son and heir, 

I. Thomas, 5. 1857. 

%itUS,fit* — Sir Piers Leoh, Knt, younger son of 
Robert L^h, of Adlington, who d. tem/>. Riohaud II, and 
of Matilda, his wife, dau. and oo-heiress of Sir John de 
Ardeme, Knt., m. in Nov. 1888, Margaret, only dan. and 
heiress of Sir Thomas Danyers, Knt of Bradley, and left 
two sons, Peter (SirX of Lyme ; and John, of Ridge. The 
eldur son of Sir Piers, 

Sir Peter Leoh, of Lyme, knight-banneret, accompany- 
ing King Henrt to France, distinguished himself in tbe 
wars of that valiant prince, and met his death wound on 
the field of Agincourt, of which he died soon after aft 
Paris. His remains were brought over to England, and 
interred with his father, at Macclesfield. Sir Peter ». 
Joan, dau. and heiress of Sir Gilbert Haydock, of Haydock, 
a Lancashire knight of ancient deeoent and extensive p(i#* 
sessions, by whom he left a son and successor, 

Sir Peter Lroh, Knt. of Lyme and Haydock, wbo^ 
enrolling himself under the banner of York, in the wars of 
the Roses, received the honour of knighthood, at the battle 
of Wakefield. His descendants were the Leohs qf lyme, one 
of the most eminent and distinguished of the Choehire 

Tromas-Peter Leoh, Esq. of Qolbome (son of the Rot* 
Ashbumham Legh, of Oolbome Park, co. Lancaster), inhe- 
rited the estates, and became representative of this very 
ancient family. He represented the borough of Newton in 
parliament, and was colonel of the Lancashire fendble 
cavalry. He d. 7 Aug. 1797, leaving issue, 

Thomas, his successor. 

William, of Brymbo, co. Denbigh, m. the dao. and holresa 
of John Wilkinson, Esq. of Castlehead, the celebrated 
iron-master; and d. leaving Wiluam-Jobn, now ot 
Lyme, and other issue. 

Peter (Rev.) of Whitbarrow Lodge, near Kendal, West- 

moreland, J.P., M.A of Trir. CoU. Camb., 5. 1800, pr 

sented to the family Uving of St Peters, Newtou-ie-Wll- 

lows, CO. Lancaster, 182^. 

Maria, m. Thomas Glaughton, Esq. , and has issue. 
Maigarat, m, 8 Jan. 1828, Robert DalaoU, Esq., barrister- 


Thomas Leoh, Esq., LL.D. and F.A.B. of Lyme Paiit, 
CO. Chester, and of Haydock Lodge and Golboru« Park, ca 
Lancaster, J.P., m. 14 Jan. 1829, Ellen, dau. of WOUaaa 
Tiimer, Esq. of Shrigley Park, oo. Chester, M.P. for Black- 
bume, and by her (who d. in 1831) had an only child, 

Ellen- Jane, m. 1847, to Brabason Lowther, Esq., 4th son 
of the late Gorges Lowther, Esq. (see that/anulp). 

I Mr. Legh represented the family horough of Newton In 


puriluBeat from 1810 to 1881. He d. 8 May, 1857, and wu 
t,hyhlM nei^ew, the present Wiluam-Jorn Lboh, Esq. 

., a oroas, engrailed, BTg.^ in the chief point, on 
an Ines cu tc ho o n , sa., semte of estoilea, arg., an arm in 
anoocn; emlxmed, of the second, the hand ppr., holding a 
pennmi, silver, the whole within a bordure, wavy, aig. 

CWsf— Isauant out of a ducal ooronet. or, a rani*s head, 
ais., armed, or, in the mouth a laurel slip^ vert» over all a 
poUet, wavy, gu. 

Saoli*— Lyme Hall, Stodkport^ Cheshire; Golbome Park, 
WairiQgton, Lancashire. 


Lbob, Oxobgb- Cornwall, Esq. of High Legb, 
Chester, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1888, M.P. 
for the Dorthem diTifdon of that county from 1841 
to 1847, and amoe 1848, B.A. of Ch. Ch. Ozon, 1826, 
major 2nd Cheshire militia, 6. 1804; m. in 1828, 
Louisa-Charlotte, 2nd dau. of Edward Taylor, Esq. 
of Bifroos, oo. Kent» and nieoe of Lieut.-Gen. Sir 
Herbert Taylor, Q.CB., G.C.H. 

fLintUgf* — ^Thomas ds Leo;^, of Kasthftll, in the parish 
of Boatheme, oo. Chester, son of Hugh de Lega, son of 
Oswald de Le^ de WawthaM, was father of Thomas de Lega, 
of Kas^hall, whose son, Adam Lbok, of the Kasthall, was 
fiftther of Hugh ds Lboh, of the Kasthalls, who had a son, 

JoHH ns Leoh, of Basthall, in flighlegh. who m. Jane, 
dan. and oo4ieir of Matthew, Lord of Alpraham, co. Chester, 
and had three s<ma. The 2nd son, 

JoHV DS Leob, of Alpraham, had a son and heir, John 
DC Lbqb, who was father of Thomas ds Legh, of North- 
wood, father of Thomas Lbgh, of Northwood, SO Henry VI, 
1451, whose son, Thomas Lbqh, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Godfrey 
Mtilington, and was father of another Thomas Lbgh, living 4 
HsN ST Vill, who m. Margaret, dau. of Richard Charlton, 
and by her had a son, Bobsbt Legh, who, by Alice his 
wife, dau. of Hugh Starkey, of Olton, left a son and heir, 

Thomas Lboh, of Bigii hof^ who m. Isabel, dau. and 
heir of Bsfe Trafford, of Lancashire, and was «. by his son 
and heir, 

BoBSRT Lboh, of High Legh, who ta. Eleanor, dau. of 
RanduH Sporstow, of Spuratow, and by her had an elder 
son and heir, 

Gsosos Lboh, of High Legh, who m. 1st, a dau. of 
Leyoeatsr, of TUdey; and Sndly, Anne, dau. of John 
Booth, of Barton, and left a son and successor, 

TaoKAS Lboh, of High Legh, Esq., who m. Barbara, 
dan. of Tbomaa Brooke, Esq. of Norton, oo. Chester, and 
by bar had (with three daus.) three sons, Hehbt, his heir ; 
Thomas, cL mum, ; and George, a cavalier, slain in the civil 
war. nie eldest son, 

Hbvkt Lbgh, Esq. of High Legh, fifty-two years old 
osino IMS, SI. Dorothy, dau. and sole heir of tlie Rev. 
Gregory Turner, of Manley, rector of Sephton, oo. Lan- 
caster ; and d. in 1684, leaving an eldeat son and heir, 

RtcBABD Legh, Esq., of High Legh, thirty-one years old 
In less, who m. tn 1076^ Mary, dau. of Thomas Legh, Esq. 
of AdMngton, oo. Chester ; and dying in 1705, was «. by 

Hbnbt Lboh, Esq. of High Legh, b. in 1679 ; who m, 
Lstitia, dau. of Sir Richard Brooke, of Norton, Bart ; and 
d. in 1767, having had two sons and a dau., via., George, 
his heir : Henry^ d. untn. in July, 1752, aged about 71 ; and 
Mary, wife of the Rev. Legh Richmond, rector of Stock- 
port, CO. Chester, who d. in 1789. The son and successor 

Qbobob Lboh. Esq. of High Legh, b. 10 July, 1708 ; m. 
Anne-Maria, dau. and heir of Franda Cornwall, Baron of 
Bnrford, and by her (who d. in 1741) had (with two daus. 
Letitia, la. to the Rev. Egerton Leigh, archdeacon of Salop; 
aitd Anna-Maria) two sons, Hsimv-CoRNWALL, his heir ; and 
Ocorge-I^uigton, fr. 21 May, 1789 ; d. an infant. Mr. Legh 
d. in 1790, and was «. by his son and heir, 

HsimT-<;oR]rwALL Lbgh, Esq. of High Legh, b. 24 May, 
1734 : high shetiif in 1791 ; who m. in 1761, BUsabeth, dau. 
and eo>belr of Robert Hopkinson, Esq. of Heath, co. York, 
and ^ fasr (who d, in April, 1808) had (with two daua 
Eltssbeth-Dorothea, d. nam. in 1777 ; and Anna-Maria, m. 
8 Jan. 1788, to Thomaa Pitt, Esq. of St James's West- 
mfanter) two sons, Gboroe^ohv, his heir; Henry-Com- 
waU, who d. unm. in the West Indies in 1708. Mr. Legh d. 
in 1791, and was «. by his elder son, 

OaoHOB- JoBH Lbgh, Esq. of High Legh, b. in 1768 ; high 
ahortff in 1805 ; who m. 14 July, 1603, Ma^, dau. of John 


BhekbmiM^ Baq. of Bals^ oo. LaaoMtar, M.P., sad bad 


OBOBos-CoBirwAix, his heir and ptesent I 's pi ese ntati va 
HenTy-ComwaU, in holy orders, wu Miss Williams, of 

Bryngwyn, and haa issue. 
Anna-Elisabeth, m. 8 Mareh, 1889, to Bbr FhlUp de MalpM 

Grey-£;gerton, Bart 
Frances, m. to the Rev. BeUby-FOrteona Hodgson, son of 

the dean of Carlisle. 
Harriet, «i. to Herbert Taylor. Bm]., captain Sftth Ugfat- 

infiuitry, eldest son of Edward Tag^or, Esq. of BtflronsL 

Mr. Legh d. hi 1831. 

^raw— Anr., a lion, rampant, gn., langned, a», qoart«ing 
CoBirwALL, MoRTTim, Lbhthall, Gbbt. and Basbbt. 

Crestt—ltt, a demi-Uon, rampant, go., laagoed, as., eol- 
lared, or, for Lbgh ; Snd, a Cornish ohough, sa., beaked 
and membered, go. 

Supporttn^Two lions, rampant, gu.,beaant6s and dueaUy 
crowned, or. 

lfo<lo— La vie durante. 

Seat^Bigh Legh, near Knntdbrd, o& Chastar. 


Lb Huntb, Obobos, Esq. of Artramont, oo. Wax- 
ford, and Llanrian, co. Pembroke, J.P. for oo. Wex- 
ford, high sheriff of that oo. in 1886, of Trinity 
Coll. Cambridge, M.A. ; b, 15 June, 1814 ; si. 5 Aug. 
1845, Mary, 5th dan. of the Right Hon. Edward 
Pennefather, lord chief justice of Ireland (tes Pbn- 
KEFATBBB of New Path), and has issue^ 

I. Gbobob-Ruthvbn, 6. SO Aug. 185^ 
n. Richard, 6. 8 Sept. 1854. 

L Mary-Harriet 

II. Ellen. 

XII. Maigaret. 

S»tllCft0f • — Sir WABBEir Lb Huirr, of Bayton, co. Suf- 
folk (son and heir of John Le Hunt, of the same co. by the 
dau. and heir of John UpweU, of Upwell, oo. NorfolkX was 
great grandfather of 

John Hubt, of Springfield, near Chelmaford, eo. Essex, 
who d. in 1349, leaving his son and heir, 

Abbl Lb Hukt, who «». Mary, dau. of William ClopUm, of 
Kentwell, SufTolk, Esq. and by her (who waa buried at 
Milford hi 1418) was lineal ancestor of 

John Lb Hunt, Esq. of Little Bradlay, in Suffolk, b. 1637 ; 
m. Jane, dau. of Henry Colte, Eaq. of Ooltshall, in OaTcn- 
dish, CO. BufEblk, and d, 1605, leaving two duus. and a son, 

Sia GsoaoB La Hunts, Knt. of Little Bradley, 6. 18 Jan. 
1641, high sheriff of Suffolk, 1610. By his Snd wife, EUaa- 
both, dau. of Sir John Peyton, of Isleham, Bart., and widow 
of Sir Anthony Irby, he left at his death, in 1641, with other 
issue a son, 

RicHABD Lb Huhtb, bapt. at Little Bradley, 10 Aug. 1620^ 
went to Ireland as a colonel in the army of Gromwbll, and 
captain of his body guard. This last ccnnmission dated 
1049, is still extant. He settled at Cashell, oo. Tipperaiy, 
and waa M.P. for that city in 1661. He m. Mary, dao, of 
Thomas Lloyd, of Kilkyfiyth, oo. Pembroke (who d. 1688) 
and had issue, Georob, his heir ; Charles (who d. before 
1702, learing George and Richard, of Kilmacan, co. Kil- 
kenny, d. 1700) ; Anne, executrix to her mother, d. before 
1702 ; Elisabeth, «». John Buckworth, of Cashel ; Jane, m, 
Samuel Hughes, Esq. of Cashel, both liring in 1687 ; Mary, 
vk. Francis Bolton, Esq. of Clonedaney, eo. Tipperary. 
Cd. Le Hunte's nimcupative wUl, dated at Cashel, 
29 March, 1668, was proved in Dublin, 28 April following. 
His elder son, 

Geobob Lb Hunts, Esq., m. (article dated 4 Oct. 1683) 
AUce, dau. and heir of Col. Wmiam Legge, of Cappogh, co. 
Tlpporary, uncle to the first Earl of Dartmouth (she re- 
married, in Sept. 1698, Robert Stuart, Esq. of Castle 
Rothary, co. Wicklow). Mr. Le Hunte d. at Hayerfordwest,^ 
CO. Pembroke, 27 May, 1697, and his monument is in the 
ohaiioel of St. Martin's Church there. He left issue, 

X. lUchard, of Llanryan, co. Pembroke, Esq., M.P. for 
EnniiioorUiy, co. Wexford, d. $. p. in June, 1747. 

II. Thomas, of Brenanstown. oo. Dublin, M.D., d. 1 Dee. 
1760, leaving an only son ana heir, 

Richard, of Artramont, oo. Wexford, M.P. for Wexford. 
Will dated 1779, proved 1783. 

ni. wmiam, B.D., Rector of Kiddenninster, dL 174flL 
IV. Gbobob, of whom presently. 

LE £t 

T. ThomaB, iMnUtor^i-Iaw, M.P. finr WaicfiSrd; «i^ liti, 
6 Jan. 1785. Alioe, dan. and heir of the Very Rev. Jerome 
Byves, D.D., Dean of 8t Pa^bl^'a, Dublin, and by her 
had at his death, in 177fi, three dans, and oo-hdrs, 

1 Anne, m. in May, 1769, the Rev. Abraham l^mes, 
D.D., Of HillbrookLoo. Wicklow, and d fi Maxxsh, 1817. 

S AUoe, m. Samuel Hayes, Eeq. of Ayondale, oo. Wick- 
low, and da. !». 7 OoL 1816. 

8 Jane, m. cirea 1777, John Lloyd, Sbo. of Gloater, 
King% 00., H.P. {m Llotd <^ GUaUr). Bhe cL Uarch, 

I. Anne, m. Humphrey French, Esq., Lord Mayor of 


n. Elizabeth, m. Bey. Mr. Browne. 
in. Jane, m. George Warburton, Bsq. of Ganyhinch, 

(we that family). 

The 4th son, 

Gborob Ls Huivra, Esq. of Ballymartin, oo. Wexford; 
m. Editha Jones, an heiress and dying 1741 4efb issue, 
I. Bichard, Fellow of Trinity College (or Christ Church f), 
Oxford, d. 1766 ; u. Geobos, of whom presently; in. Fran- 
ds ; IV. WiUiam ; i. Alice, m. G. Jones, Esq. ; u. Mary, 
M. Benjamin Cole, Esq. ; in. Editha, m. William Peroeyal, 
Esq. of Ballytramon ; IT. Jaife ; v Sarah ; ti. Flemy. 
The Snd son, 

Gxokgb'Lc Httvts, Esq. of Artramont, oo. Wexford, had 
issue by Alicia-Maria Cony his wife, 

1. BiOBABO, his heir. 
IL WiLUAM-AuousTOB, «. his brotiior. 
m. Charles, b, S June, 1788. 

IT. (Sir) Fianois, Knt, J.F., twin with Charles, d. vnm. 

I. Attoia-Marliu h. 18 Aug. 1769 ; d. yomur. 

II. Anne, ni.,,8unon Furoum, Esq. of a couateral branch of 
the Purdons of Tinerana (nfer to that name). 

xu. Editha, m. Sii: Heniy Heredyth, 8rd Bart, of Carlands- 

Mr. Le Hunte d, at Clifton, in 1799, and was f. by his eldest 

BiOHA&D Lb Hvxtb, Esq. of Artramont,' 6. 26 Feb. 1769, 
SB. Miss Morgan, of Pembrokeshire, and had, 

I. Bichard, b. 8 March^ ^^^A ^ young. 

X. Maria, m. Samuel-M^eade Hobson, Esq., Q.C. 

XL Sophia, m. Capt. William Doyle, son of General Doyle. 

Ill Louiaa-Editha, m. 8 Feb. 18S1, William-H.-B.-J. Wilaon, 

Esq. of Knowle Hall, co. Warwick. (See Wilson qf 

Knotde HaU). 

Mr. Le Hunte was t. at his decease by his brother, 

WiLUAii-AuousTUB Lk Huntb, Esq. of Artramont, b. 
26 Oct. 1774 ; who m. Ist, Martha (or Fitty) only dau. of 
John Warburton, Esq. of Garryhinch, King's co., M.P. (see 
that/amityX but by her had no Issue ; he m. 2ndly, Isabella- 
Maria, eldest dau. of Lieut. -Col. Huson, Wexford miUtia, 
by whom, who d. 1809, he had a dau., Alicia (commonly 
called IsabeUaX m« the Bey. Bobert Cooper, Bector of 
Aghade. He m. Srdly, Henrietta-Eliza, dau. of the Bey. 
Joseph Miller, and had issue by her, 

I. Gbobob, now of Artramont 

IL William-Augustus, J.P., 6. 28 Jan. 1819, of Knocknalior, 
in. FrandSj b. 8 Jan. 1820. 

I. Harriet-Josephine, d. young. 

II. Patty-Warburton, d. young. 

III. Maria. 
xv. Mariannei 

▼. Editha -Christian, m. the Bey. Tarburi^-QaaBaliel 
Lloyd, {eee Lloyd qf Acombe}. 

Mr. Le Himte d. in 1820, and was f. by his ddest son. 

if rms— Yert, a saltier, arg. 

Creet — A lion, sejant 

Jfotto'-'Paroere prostratis. 

iSfot— Artramont, Castlebridge, co. Wexford. 


Bainbbiqo»-LiS Hunt, Petbb, Esq. of Burgh, oo. 
Lincoln, J.P. and D.L., 6. 1798; aBsumed the 
■umame of Le Hunt in 1882 by royal licence ; and 
«. to the oBtatea of his kinswoman, Florence-Matilda 
Fallows, n6e Lb Hunt. 

HCttf Xfft. — ^Tboxab Baiubbioob, Esq. of Derby (2nd 
son of WiUiam Bainbrigge, Esq. of Lockington, by his wife, 
Barbara Wilmot), m. Catherine Parker, of Derby (stated to 
bayabeen of the noble family of Macdesfteld), and had 
issue The oldest son, 

L E I 

Tbokab BAnv&BTGOB, Eeq. of Woodseat, eo. Stallbnl, sk 
Anne, dau. of Isaac Borrow or Boroo|^, Esq. of CastLifleld% 
00. Derby, and had issue, 

Thomas, d. tenm. 

Joseph, m. 1st Honor Gell ; and Sndly, Hannah HaztiBOOa 
but by the latter only had issue. 
Jdtm, d, unm, 
Pbilip, of whom we treat 

The youngest son, 

Pbiup Baimbrioob, Esq. of Adibomnie, lieot-ooL Mth 
foot, m. 19 March, 1781, Badiel, 2nd dan. of Peter Dol)resh 
Esq. of Guernsey, and by her (who d. 4 May, 1842) had, 

Philin, lieut-gen. in the amy, C.B; b. 1780; m. 1810, 

Sarah-Mary Fletcher, of liyerpool, and has iseusk 
John-Hankey, C.B., ooL in the army. fOrt-m%}or of Gaern- 

sey, m. his cousin, Sophia, youngeet dau. of Bonamy 

Dobree, Esq., and has issue. 

Pbtxb, the present Pbteb Bainbbioob-Lb Hitht, Esq. 
Thomas, late capt 67th regt, m. Miss Sarah Bats* and d. 

at sea. in April, 1834, leaying issne. 
Harriet, m. to Lieut-CoL Bobert Dale, who was killed at 

New Orleans in 1816 ; she d. ». o. in April, 1899. 
Honor-Elizabeth, d. umm. in 1888. 
Anne, m. 81 Oct 1816. to Samuel Dolaee, laq., Jun., of 

Walthamstow, and d. in 1816. 

CoL Bainbrigge was killed at the battle of Segment op Earn 
in Holland, 6 Oct 1799, aged 48. 

i^rffu— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, as., a bend, b et w ee n six 
leopards* fsMses, or, on a canton of the field, a gauntlet of the 
second, for difforence, for Lb Hitbtb ; 2nd and 8ni, arg., a 
oheyron, embattled, between three battle-axei^ aa^, for 

CVefto— 1st, a leopard's &oe, between two wings displayed, 
for Lb Huntb ; 2nd, a goat sa., homed and hoofed, arg., a 
collar about his nedc, standing on a hUl, yert for Baih- 


Motto— Dwa mihi proyfdeblt. 
£enclence— Ashboum, oo. Derby. 


LviOH, Egbbton, Eeq. of the West Hall, High 
Leigh, and of Jodrell Hall, co. Chester, J.P. and 
D.L., high sheriiF 1836, formerly capt 8rd dragooos, 
6. 23 Aug. 1779; m. 26 Deo. 1809, Wilhelmina- 
Sarah, dau. of the late George Stratton, Esq. of 
Tew Park, co. Oxford, and had issue, 

L EoERTOir, J.P. and D.L., b. 1816, late a capt. Snd drag • 
guards, and now maior let royal Cheshire mUitia, «. 
20 Sept. 1842, Lydia-Radiel, dau. and co-heir of John* 
Smith Wright, Eeq. of Bempstone Hall, Notts^ andhee 

1 Ekrerton, b. 18 July, 1848. 

2 John-Jodrell, 6. 21 April, 1846. 
8 Edward-Egerton. 

4 Neyille-Egerton. 
6 Arthur-.^;erton. 
1 Blesnor-lJrerton-Sophia. 

7. Eleanor*Agnes, d. wim. SO Noy. 1837. 

II. Anna-Elisabeth. 

III. Beatrice- Julia, m. 1845, to the Bey. John-Oliver 
Hopkins, of Uffington, co. Salop. 

ry. Caroline, m. 14 Sept. 1868, to the Bey. Bichard Moiriii, 

Vicar of Eatington, Warwickshire, 
y. Augusta, m. to COiarles Gredey, Esq. of The Close^ 


9Lf tt0R0f • — Old and honourable as Is the doaoent of the 
Leghs of the West Hall, the Ljnnmes, from whom they 
originally sprang, were eyen still more ancient Ormerod 
conjectures Lymme to haye been a collateral branch of the 
B(ux)ns of Halton. Aonbb sb Lbqh, heiress of the West 
Hall, in High Leigh, m. Ump. Bxskt III, Biohakd i>b 
Lyhmb, and was mother of 

Thomas db Lbob, named from the place of his reaidonce, 
fh>m wh(»n descended the eminent and highly allied famUy 
of Lbioh, of West Hall, High Leigh; the male repre- 
sentatlye of which, towards the close of the ITth century 

Thb Bry. Pbtbb Lbioh, M.A., Yicar of Oreat Budworth, 
Bector of Lymme and of Whittd^nrcb, oo. Salop. Ho m, 
Elisabeth (in direct descent from Hbnbt VII, by his dan., 
Maiy, Queen-Dowager of France, and Duchess of SufTolk, 
and her posterityX dau. of the Hon. Thomas Egeriou, of 
Tatton Park (8rd son of John, 2iid Earl of Bddgewater^ Vjr 



Mb wife* Etteibelh, dan. «f WOUaui Ctfuidiah, Duke ni 
KewoMtieX and had issue, Egbbto^t, heir to bis unds 
AQstbM ; John ; Thomas, ancestor of the Lelghs of Leather- 
like Hotne (mc ntxt orfiele) ; Prsr, anoestor of Sir Bgerton 
Leigh, Barl ; Jane ; Hester; and Mary, m. to the Bey. Sir 
John Head, Bart, andideaoon and prebendary of Canter- 
biny. Pistar Leigh d. in 1719. His eldest son, 

ToB Bbv. BasBTOH LuGH, LL.D., of the West Hall, 
Baetor of Lynune and Middle, oa Salop, canon-raaidentiary 
of Hereford, and master of the hospital of St. Kathetine, at 
Ledbuiy, hapt. SO Hareh, 1702, m. 1st, Ann^ dan. and 
oo-hetreas of Handet Tates, Esq. of Crowley, and had issae^ 
L PKTSBy his heir; n. Thgmaa; ^i. Hamlet; it. Bgerton, 
M.A., forty years Rector of Lymme, oanon-reddentlary of 
TiirMaW, and arehdaaccto of 8ali»p, n. 1st; Ledtia, dau. of 
Qmjrgb Legb, Bsq. d the Bast 9^^ ^7 whom he had no 
issae, and Sndly, Theodosia, dau. of BiQph Leyoester, Bsq. 
of Toft («« thatfamU^), and d. in Sept 1798, aged 66, leaTfai^ 
two daoa., Susanna, m. to Ralph Leyoester, Jun., Esq., 
M.P., and Theodoaia ; l Mazy; ii. Anne, m. 1st, to the 
Ber. Mr. Falton, and Sndly, to ttie Rev. Mr. Cockayne ; and 
nt. Elisabeth. Dr. Barton Leigh in. Sndly, Elisabeth 
Drinkwater, and had by her, i. John ; ii. William ; in. Aus- 
tine ; nr. Samuel ; t. George, d. unm. In 1816 ; yi. William ; 
I. Heater ; and n. Jane. He m. Srdly, Cassandra Phelps, 
and had Issue, Henry, Cassandra, Ariana, and Catherine. 
He*«i. at Bath, in 1760. His son and successor, 

Itax RsT. PcTBR Lkiqh, LL.B., rector of Lymme and 
Middle, m Mary, dau. and co-heiress of Henry Doughty, 
Bsq. of Broadwell, co. Gloucester. He d. before his father, 
In 1758, leaTing issue, l EGxaroir, his heir; ii. Thomas- 
Hodges; m. Peter-Neve ; it. Timothy, d. unm. in the East 
Indies in 1814 ; i. Mary, m. to Robert Lancaster, vicar of 
Arisey, oo. Bedford ; ii. Anne, m. to John Frodsham, capt. 
B.K. ; and iii. Elisabeth, who d. itma. The son and heir, 

BosBToir Lboh, Esq. of the West HaU, High Leigh, and 
of Twemlow, b. 26 Oct 1752 ; m. 21 Sept 1778, Elisabeth, 
dan. and oo-heiress of Francis Jodrell, Esq. of Teardsley 
and TwemloMT, eo. Chester, and l^ her (who d. 12 March, 
1807) liad Issue, l Eoxbton, now of the West Hall, Hligh 
heSffii I n. Peter, M. A., Bector of Lynmie, b. 20 Aug. 1782, 
«iL 10 Hot. 1812, Mary, dau. of Thomas Blackbume, dark, 
LLJ>., warden of Manchester CoUege ; she d 19 July, 1819 ; 
aged 80, and Peter Leigh m. 2ndly, 18 March, 1828, Jane, 
dao. of Harriot Steward, Esq. of Watford, Herts ; ni. Jod- 
TtSi, eapt RN. of BroadweU, oo. Gloucester, b. 16 Jan. 1790; 
1. Mary- Anne, m. 14 June, 1802, the Right Hon. James Aber- 
eromby. Lord Dunfermline ; ii. Charlotte, m. Joseph Jelliooe, 
Bsq. ci Finohley, co. Middlesex, she d. at Rome, in 1823 ; 
m. «-*-» m. 1 May, 1811, John Smith, Esq., M.P., of 
Dale Park, oo. Sussex (brother of Lord Carrington); 
IT. Aagusts, m. in 1821, to Thomas Dumbloton, Esq. of 
Hall Grore, oo. Surrey; Y. OaroUne; and vi. Harriet, 
d. man. in 1800. Mr. Leigh d. 22 June, 1883. 

At wu Or, a lion rampant gu. 

CrtU — ^A cubit arm, vested, paly of five pieces, or and sa., 
euflfed, arg., hand, ppi*., graspmg the upper and lower frag- 
ments of a broken mtixkg<spear, the point upwards. 

Afollo— Force avec vertu. 

Swift West Hall, High Leigh, near Knutsfoid, and Jod- 
drell Hally Congleton, co. Chester. 


Leigh, James- Allxtt, Esq. of Leatherlake House, 
CO. Surrey, b. 27 Feb. 1799; m. 1831, Susanua- 
Franoes-Lurania, eldest dau. of John Birch, Esq., 
and Susanna, his wife, (me of the last descendants 
of the poet Milton, and by her (who d, 10 March, 
1854) has issue, 

I. Eoerton-Pixrs-Allbtt, bapt. 21 Sept. 1832^ 
n. Walter-Bdward-Egertoo, 6. 10 April, 1848. 

L Augusta-8usanna-£gerton« 

II. Ada-Egerton. 

III. Alice-£^rton. 

IT. Laorett^Bgerton. ' 

HiatK^t* — 'Oiia is a branch of the Lstoes of West HaU, 
in High Leigh. 

Tbs Rbt. Thomas Lsxoh, MJL, b. 1708, Rector and Patron 
of M orston, in Kent, and rector of St. Maxgaret's, in Can- 
terbury (third son of the Rev. Peter Leigh, M.A. of the 
Wtft HaU. ^igh Loigh, r^tr to ike preceding artieU); nt. 
Jansip dan. of J. Barnes, Bm|., and widow of Thomas AUett, 

Esq., braUier of John AUett, Bsq. of Lnftheilska Bonss^ 

Runnymeade^ high sharilf of Berks in 17M. Byherhehad 

BoxRTOV, in holy oirders, his hefr 
EUaabeth, d. 1MMN. 

Charlotte^ m. 1762; to the Ber. Johnson Lawson, UM^ 
Yioar of Throwlef , in Kent, and Dean of Battle. 

TheBev. Thomas Lei|^ d. 19 April, 17T4» and was a by his 

Tea Rav. Baaanur Lnoaa LL.&, xeofeor and patron oi 
Mniston, in Kent^ and VifOar of TilmisosUme, bapt 25 Jan. 
1784 ; IN. 1768, Smh, youngest dau« of John Btens^ Isq.of 
Lanfflev. In Bnoka ^n^i had isansL 

Jaius-Aujbtt, his h^. 

Egerton-Fieen, of Langley Flaos, Boeks, tnd Oba it ss y 

Abbey, Bnney, ft. SS Apifl, VHA; d. wmn. SO May, 1882. 
EUaabeth-Jane. «». 20 Snyt 1702, Anthony-Harvest Isaao* 

son, Esq.. and d. 24 July, 1880. leaving issue. 
Charlotte-PrisdUa, m. to Solomon Hudson, of Chertsay^ In 

Surrey, and d. 10 April, 1887, leaving an only dan. 

The Bev. bgerton Leigh d. in 1788. His only son, 

Thc Bay. JAms-ALLRT Lbxoh, of Tisatherlalre House, 
Runnymeade^ Surrey, M.A., Yiear d Tolloabury, Essex, 
ft. 21 Sept. 1770; la. 26 Deo. 1706, Sarah, eldest dau. of 
Robert Smith, Esq. of Butt's Lodge, Bishop's Waltham, by 
Sarah, his wife, dau. of Robert Friend, Esq. of WeUow, 
and first oousin of Dr. Newoome, Archbishop of Armagh. 
By this lady (who d. 29 Sept. 1824) he had Issue at his 
death in 1857, 

L jAMas-AuxTY, now of Leattierlake House, 
n. Frederiek-Augusttts, ft. 8 Nov. 1800 ; d. in 1806i 
I. ArabeUa-Diana, m. 26 Deo. 1847, John-Heniy Nelsoi^ 
Esq. of Dublin^ and d. a widow, 18 Sept 186X 
XL ueorgisna-Caroline, d. S JaxL 1811. 

Arm»j de,^8ee Lbioh <^ WeH HaU. 
fita*— Leatherlake House, Egham, Surxsy. 


Habbubt-Leigh, Jobk-Cafbl, Esq. of Ponty* 
Pool Park, co. Monmouth, b. H May, 1868. 

ItLiXttKSt* — ^This family derives* in the male Une, fh>m 
the Hanbuiys of Hanbury, an old Woroestershire house, 
which had been ^ere seated from a remote period. In the 
female line the present John-Capel Hanbury-Leigh, Esq., 
descends firom an heiress of the Lords Leigh, of Stoneleigh, 
the representatives of a distinguished branch of the great 
Cheshire house of Leigh. 

Hknbt ds Havbuby, son of Geolft«y de Hanbury, of 
Hanbury, and grandson of Geoffrey de Hanbury, living at 
Hanbury, temp. John, was lord cbief-Justioe of the Common 
Pleas in Ireland, temp. EnwAan II, and d. about the year 
1353. His son and heir, 

RsonrAU) DB Hanbury, M.P. for Woroestershire, 87 Edw. 
Ill, was father of 

RoosB DB Habbttby, M.F. for Woroestershire, living at 
Hanbury, temp. Richarb II, whose son and successor, 

John db Hanbury, of Hanbuxy, A.n. 1400, m. and had 

I. William, of Hanbury HaM, father, ^Maiigervhis wife, 
of John Habbubt, Esq. of Hanbui^ HaU, ca Worcester^ 
ancestor of the Hanburts of that place. 

II. John, of Beanhall, manor of Feekenhom, co. Woroea- 
ter, whose son. Edward Hanbury, Esq. of Bean Hall, 
was ancestor of the Hanbury's <^ KHmanh, now repre* 
sented by Lord Batsman. 

in. Richard, of whose descendants we treat* 

The 8rd son, 

Richard Hanbury, Esq., m. and was father of 

Richard Hanbury, Esq., who m. 1st, Catharine Smyth, 
by whom he had a son, Richard, of Elmley Lovett ; and 
2ndly, Margery Tynter, by whom he had a son, Henry, an- 
oestor of the Hanburys qf Hampekire. The eldest son, 

Richard Hanbury, Esq. of Elmley Lovett, oo. Wor- 
oester, m. a lady named Basset, and had issue three sons^ 
John, Thomas, and William. The eldest, 

John Hanbury, Esq., was of Elmley Lovett. He m. Ist, 
Edith, dau. of John Broade, of Elmley Lovett, and by her 
had issue, 

BiCBABD^ of Riding Court. Datchet, Bucks, » AUse, dau. 

of Jasper Fisher, Eisq., and d. 1608, having had two daus. . 

his co-heirs, Alice, who m. William Combes. Esq., but 

d.e p.; and Elisabeth, m. to Sir Edmund Wheler, Ent 

of London. 
Alioe, flk to Frands Baniaid» of London. 



)ffr. Hanbory m. a Moond time, and had further iasttd, 

RicRABD, of whom preoently. 
Philip, d.*.p. 
Joyce, m. and had laauft 
Fortune, m. and had iaaoe. 

The eldest son of the 2nd mairiage, 

RrcHABD Hanbubt, Baq. of Ehnley Lovett, m. Kai^gery, 
dan. of Francis Bradley, Esq., and left issue, i. Johk, his 
hair ; ii. Philip, m. and had iMue ; iil Rose, m. to Biohard 
budd, Esq., auditor to Jamss I and Charles I; and a 
dan.,m to Rev. John Cole, B.A., Vicar of BUnley Lovett. 
Tho son and heir, 

John Hakburt, Esq. of Fakenham, oo. Worcester, M.P. 
for the city of Gloucester, In 1626, was a stanch parliament- 
arian, high in the confidence of Ouvxr Cromwbll, by 
whom he was appointed sheriff of Worcester, in 164^50. 
In 1623 he recorded his pedigree in the Visitatian of Olou- 
oestershiro, and obtained the crest of Hanbiuy from Cam- 
den, being described as of Purcell's Oreen, co. Worcester. 
He m. Anne, daiL of Christopher Capel, Esq. of Capel 
House, in Herefordshire, alderman and M.P. of Gloucester ; 
and dying in 1669, left issue, i. John, d, v. p.; ii. Ridhard, 
d. i. p. 1661 ; III. Cluistopher, d, v.p; iv. Capsl, of whom 
we trent ; ▼. John, living 1657, and a dau., m. to Gregory 
Wiltshire. The 4th son, 

Capel Haitburt, Esq. of Gloucester and of Whorestone, 
in Worcestershire, purchased Pontypool, 1665. He m. let, 
Elisabeth Capel; 2ndly, Honor, dau. of Edward Salwey, 
Esq. of Stanford, M.P. ; and 8rdly, Elizabeth, dan. of Sir ~ 
Smith, Knt of Kent, widow 1st, of WilUJam Ackworth, 
Esq., and 2ndly, of Robert Foley, Esq. of Stourbridge. His 
second and third wives d. ». p. By the first wife he left a 
dau., Mary, m. to Mr. Setjeant John Hoo, and a son and 

John Hanbcbt, Esq. of Fonty-Pool Park, in Monmouth- 
shire, M.P. for that co., and a major in the army ; who in. 
in 1708, Bridget, eldest dau. and co-heir of Sir Edward Ays- 
cough, of Stallinborough, co. Lincoln, and d. 18 June, 1734, 
leaving (with other children, who d. «. j>.}, 

I. Capbl, of whom presently. 

II. Charles (Sir>, K.B. of Coldbrook Park, oo. Monmouth, 
ft. 8 Dec 1709 ; M.P. for Monmouth; m. in 1732, Frances, 
2nd dau. and co-heir of Thomas, Earl of Coningsby, and 
luui two daus., his co-helis, 

1 Frances, m. in 1764, to William, 4th Earl of Essex. 

2 Charlottb, m. in 1769, to the Hon. Robert Boyle. 

Sir Charles, who assumed the surname of Williams^ d, 
17 Nov. 1769. 

IIL George, of Coldbrook, b. 28 Sept 1716, who asisumed 
the surname of Williams at the decease of his brother, 
Sir Charles Hanbury-WiUiams. He m. Miss Chambri, 
dau. of John Chamoi^, Esq. of Lanfoist, and d. in 1764, 
leaving issue. 

IT. Thomss, d. in 1778, leaving issue. 

The eldest son (to leave issue), 

Capbl H anbury, Esq. of Ponty-Pool Pai-k, M.P. for Mon- 
mouth, 6. 2 Dec. 1707 ; m. 7 Oct. 1743, Jane, dau. of Thomas- 
Charles, 5th Visoount Tracy, and great-grmddau. of John, 
3rd Viscount Tracy, by Elisabeth, his wife, eldest dau. of 
Thomas Leigh, 1st Lord Leioh, of Stoneleigh, and dying 
7 Dea 1765, left, with two daus., Henrietta and Frances 
(who both d. unm.), one son, 

John H anbury, Esq. of Ponty-Pool Park, M.P. for the 
00. Monmouth, 6. Aug. 1744, who m. 12 Feb. 1774, Jane, 
dau. of Morgan Lewis, Esq. of St Pierre, in that shire (««i 
that name) and by her (who m. 2ndly, Thom<ks Stoughton, 
Esq. of Ballyborgan, oo. Kerry) left at his decease, 4 April, 

I. John-Capol, (. 27 Jan. 1776; d. «nm., aged 21, in Dea 

II. Capbl, his succotisor. 

IIL Charles, cruated Babov Sudbley. (See Burke's 

Capbl Hanbury-Lcioh, Esq. of Pouty-Pool Park, loid- 
lictit of Monmouthshire, b. 6 Oct. 1776 ; -m. Ist IS April, 
1797, MoUy-Aime, only dau. of Nathaniel Myers, Esq. of 
Keath, ca GUmoig:m, and relict of Sir R-H. Mackworth, 
Bart ; and 2ndly, 20 Aug. 1847, Bmma-Eliaabeth, 4th dau. 
of the late ThomsA-Bates Rous, Esq. of Courlyrala, oo. 
Olamoigan, and by her had issusb 

X. Johv-Capbl, his heir, now of Punty-Pool Park, 
I. Bmma-Cbarlotte. 
IL Fiances-Elisabeth. 

This gentlemau a8Sumed the ndditionnl surname and arms 
of Luoa in 1797, in li^ht of his dososnt through the Tracys, 


ftom niomas, 1st Lord Leigh of Stoneleigfa* Mr. Hanbaiy*^ 
Lsigh d. 28 Sept 1861. 

Amu (as engraved In Buxkb's Aufkoriwei ifrm«)— Oust* 
terly : 1st and 4th, or, a bend, engr., vert, plain, eotuied, 
sa., for Hanbury ; ind and Srd, gu., a cross, engr., arg., in 
the first qiuuter a losenge, of the second, for Lstcn. 

Oetto— 1st, out of a miiral crown, sa., a demi-llon, raro* 
pant or, holdiiur in the paws a battle-axe, sa.. nelved, gold, 
for uanbuby ; Smd, an unioom's head, erased, aiy., aimed, 
andcrlned, or, for Lbxqh. 

Motto— "Seo pvsoe uec pretlo. 

fitfcrt— Ponty-Pool Park, Mosiinoutfaahir«. 


ILtntXfff • — This is a bnmeh of sa andent Devonshire 
family, Walter db Lboa having, as appears by Sir W iDism 
Pole's collections towards a description of Devon, held lands 
therein in the reign of Henry IL Lysons, In the 6th vol 
of his *' Msgna Britannia," in his account of families eztinot 
since 1620, or removed out of the country, states that " Lei^ 
of Ridge, in Bishop's Morehard, married the heireai of 
Ridge. Ten descents are described in the Visitation of lOSO, 
when there was male issue.** 

Robert Leioh, a scion of the Letghs of Ridge, remote d 
out of Devonshire, and settled at Baxdon, in Bomenetafaire^ 
anno 1696. His great-grandson, 

Robert Lbioh, of Bardon, ta. 1674, Margaret, dan. of John 
CoUard of Spaxton, co. Somerset, a gentleman of good estate, 
to whom, after the Restoration, arms were granted for his 
loyalty. Their eldest son, 

Robert Leioh, succeeded on his father's death in 170S, 
He m. EUaabeth Treble, of Tannton, and was fiathsr of 

WiLUAM Leioh, of Bardon, b. 1700, who m. Rebeeos 
Sanders, of Yeovil, whose mother was Sussnna Dam]^, 
of the Bruton family, and a relative of the celebrated navi* 
gator ; by her he left issue at his death in 1767» 

I. WnxiAx, lieut. 00th regt of Ibot, d. wmn, 

II. Robert, of whom presently. 

I. Rebecca, m. to George Beaden, of Oakford, Devon. 

brother to the late Biahop of Bath and Wells, and bsd 

n. Elisabeth, m. to Peter Gaie, Esq. of Nawton^Bushs^ 

Devon, and had issue. 

III. Susannah, d. uwnt. 

IV. Ann, m. to William Marshall, of London, merehant, 
and d. $. p. 

The second but eldest surviving son, 

Robert Leioh, 6. at Bardon, 6 July, 1784 ; ai. 1770, at 
St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London, Maria, the natnnd dan. 
of the Right Hon. Hensy Bilson Legge and the Countess 
Posaduvsky, a Lady of the Prussisn Court Mr. Logge (a 
younger son of William, Ist Earl of Dartmouth) was Co- 
Minister with the elder Pitt, and filled, amoi^(st other 
ofBces, that of ChanceUor of the Exchequer. In 1748, be wis 
Diplomatic Minister at Berlin. Mr. Leigh d. at Bardon 
12 July, 1708, and his widow, b. at Berlin 11 Aug. 1749 ; d 
28 Sept. 1828. There was issue of this nuurisge eight 
children, vis., 

L Robert, of Taunton, a captain 1 st Somerset mllitis, sad 
D.L. for Somerset, b. 2 Feb. 1774 ; «. on the death of bfa 
father, and d. vnm. 29 Oct. 1848. 

TL William, of Bardon, 6. 9 Feb. 1776 ; d. 8 June, 1844 : a. 
Frances Wilson, eldest dau. of Thomas Oliver, of London 
and by her who pre-deceased him, hadJssue, two sons and 
five daus. ; vis., 

1 RoBXBT, b. 14 March, 1804 : m. Charlotte, third dao. 
of the late, and sister of the present Samuel Cox, 
Esq., of Beauminster, Dorset, andci 23 May, 1862. leav- 
ing his widow and six sons and six daus. surviving. 

2 William, d. 26 Feb. 1860, Knm. 

8 Frances- Wilson, m. to the Rev. William-Frnnels ChO- 
oott rector of MouksUver, Somerset, and d 14 Oct 
1842, leaving one dau. 

4 Mary. 

6 Ann, m. to Peter Cox, Esq. of Beauminster, and has 
issue two daus. sturviving. 

6 Elizabeth, m. to her cousin William Upton Tripp, and 
has issue one son and five dans. 

7 Margaret 

ni. Henry, 6. 11 April, 1779; d at two months old 
rv. Henry-James, of Taunton, 6. 22 Sept 1781;d.atCori^ 
Somerset, 14 June, 1862; m. Anne Whitanash Watei^ 
youngest dau. of Thomas Waters, Esq. of Blandford 
Forum, Dorset, and great-arand-dau. of William Salkeld, 
Esq., seijeantat-law, a celebrated lawyer and reporter. 
Ump. William III. : by her, who d. 11 Jan. 1848, he hod 
tenohildrsn; via.. 

1 Hehbt, barrister^it-law, of the Middle Temple. 


f Walter, of Pembroke CdUege, Oxford. 
- 8 Henriotttti '\ 

4 Barbaniy [ni Cortb, Somenet 
6 8u«m, ) 

five othen, Mary-Anne, Catherine. John-Frederidc, 
Muj-Anne, and Riohard-Salkeld, d, in early infan^. 

▼. Frederick, of OoUompton, b. 5 June, 1787; d S8 March, 
18SS ; m. Anna Kenuaway. of Exeter, nieoe of the late, 
and eottflin of the present, Sir John Kennaway, Bart, of 
SMot, Devon, by whom, who surrivee, he had ten chil- 
dren; ria., 

1 Robert-Thomaa, a oapt. in the H.E.I C.'a 7th Bengal 
N.I. and aeniorHtasiataut to the Commissioner of Chota 
Nagpore, m. Fanny-Caroline, dau. of Mi^or McMullin, 
H.E.LC.S. and has issue. 

5 Frederick, in Australia. 

3 Arthur-William, of Collompton. 

4 and 5 Henry-John and anower son (twina) d. InfluitB. 
1 Augusta-Marii^ 

5 Aana-Roae. 

S Adelaide, d. mm. 

4 Mary-BUaabeth. 

TL Joba, in holy oitlers, b. at Baxdon, SO Feb. 1789 ; d. 

««m. aft St. John's, Newfoundland, where he was British 

Chaplain, 17 Aug. 1828. 
I. Mary, m. to ^e Hey. Robert Tripp, rector of Bewe, 

Devon, and d, baring had issue, 

1 WUliam-Upton Tripp, m. hia cousin, Elisabeth Leigh, 
and has issue. 

5 Robert-Henry Tripp, rector of Altemon, ComwaU. 
8 John Tripp, d. unm. 

4 Charles Tnpp, an officer in H.B.I.C.M.S. d. umm. 
I Mary- Ann Tripp. 

5 Anne Tripp. 

3 Elisabeth Tripp. 

n. Anne, f». first to Montague-Bere Baker-Bere, Esq. of 
Morebath, Devon ; secondly, to John Burgeaa Karslitke, 
Haq. of the aame ootmty, by whom ahe had one dau. Mary 
(who m. her cousin, the Rev. William Karslake, imd has 
issue); and, thirdly, to Ricluurd Grudge Oiunpion, Esq. 
of Exeter, by whom, dying in 18S8, ahe left one sou, who 
has stnoe d. umm., and one dau. 

On the death of the last-mentioned Robert Letgh^ in 1852, 
bis eldest son, 

RoBS&T LxiOH, b, at Bardon, 16 April, 1885, became 
bead of the family. 

-Arg., two bars asure, a bend oompon6, or and gu. 
Oval — A cwml-lion rampant, arg., armed and langued, gu. 
Motto— ho§fibaa antiquis. 






LnoH, Joseph, Esq. of Belmont, co. Chester, 
capt. in the Chester yeomanry cavalry, b. 7 May, 
18^; m. 6 Oct. 1852, Fannv-Penelope, eldest (Uu. 
of the Rev. James-Streynsham Master, Rector of 
Choriey, and Canon of Manchester. 

Itn^SSt* — ^This family olaima to be a branch of the 
ancient family of Leigh of High Leigh. 

JoscFH Lkiob, Esq. of Belmont, b. 25 Oct. 1768; m. 
'SI Oct 17M, Maigaret Sherlock, and had issue, 

I James-Heath, of Belmont and Grappenhall Lodge. J. P. 
and D.L.. high aheriff in 18S5, m. 9 Oct 1827, Fnmces, 
Srd dau. of mr Oswald Moaley, Bart, of RoUeston Halt, 
oa 8ts£Rird, and d. 5 Aug. 1848, leaving issue, 

1 JoesPK, now of Belmont. 

a James-Mosley, 6. 16 Maxch. 1832 ; m. 28 Jime, 1855, 
Susan-Mary, Snd dau. of Captain Wynynrd, RN., and 
nieoe of the late Edward Lloyd, K>q. of Oldfield Hall, 
00. Cheshire^ and d. t. p. 14 Jan. 1858. 

5 Oswald-Peter. 6. 80 Sept 1S33, late Ifeut 22nd regt. 
4 John, b, 6 July, 1886. 

6 Albert, b. 26 Aug. 1841. 

€ Hemy- Alfred, 6. 14 March. 1846. 
1 Fkanoes, ». 14 Jan. 18M, to the Rev. Frauds-Edward 
Beloombe, of the Brooms, near Stafford, Incumbent of 

S Amy* 

II. John, in holy orders. Rector of Egginton, co. Derby, 
b. 8 Febi 1798; d. S3 Oct 1856. 

Mr. Ldgfa d. 5 Aug. 1848, and was «. by his nephew. 

S59 ■ - 


Jfm*— Gu., a enws, engr., am. ; In the Isiqiwrter, a Boi^ 
rampant, or, and in the Snd, a losenge, of the sooond. 

Oreitr-A kMenge, gu., charged with an anieoca*s fcesd, 
eouped, aig., orined, or. 

ifolio— Leges Juraque servo. 

0Mit— Belmont, Northwioh, oa CSMsler. 


WARD-BouQHT02r*LKiOB, JoHN, Esq. ol Brown- 
sover Hall, oo. Warwick, J.P. and D.L. ,' ta. in 1811, 
Theodoaia de Malmsbuii^ ®^X ^^ ^'^ ^^ ^ 
Sir Egerton Leigh, Bart, by Theodoeia, hia wife, 
dau. of Sir Edwanl Bougfatou, Bart, and has had, 

L John, late 1st dragoon-guaid% d so s ssed. 

iL Bdwakd- a i.htb gT-BocoaaoM. 

I. Theodosia. 

n. Oracei 

xn. Jemima 

And other iasosL 

This gentleman, who is 4ih son of the late WilliAni* 
Zouoh Lucas- Ward, Esq. of Guilsborough Park, co. 
Northampton, assumed, by sign-manual, in 1831, 
the additional Bomames and arms of Bouobtom 
and Lkqh. 

Etnrxgr.— sm WAan. 

Jrma— Quarterly, LaiOH, BouoRTOTf, and Wamxk 

Cr«< — Leiob, Boughtov, and Waad. 

Aea<— >Brownsover Hall, near Rugby, co. Warwick. 


Lbigbton, Thr Rev. Franois-Knyvrt, D.D. of 
Bauseley, or Ballsley, co. Moutgt>mery, Warden of 
All Soul's College, Oxford, and Rector of Harpa- 
den, CO. Oxon, 1841, Rural Dean and Proctor to 
Convocation, 6. 2 July, 1806; m. 28 Feb. 1848, 
Catherine, 2nd dau. of the Hon. and Rev. James 
St. Leger, Srd son of the 1st Viscount Doueraile, 
and has had issue, 

L Frands-St Leger-Ki^vett, b. 27 Aug. 1850 ; d. 28 Aug. 

zi. CHAKLss-AaTHua-BALDwiH-KHTVxrr, 6. 9 Nov. 1854. 
I. Louisa-Cathexine-Clare. 
TL Caroline-Alioe-Jane. 

%iXitKflt» — ^The Ikmily of Letorton waa in England 
long before the Norman Conquest, and Camden, in his 
*' Britannia,*' atylea it NobiUm, H JBipiie»tt^m FamUiam. 

Dakixl Lkiohton, Esq., a lieut-coL in Gcu. Evans's 
horse, Snd son of Sir Edward Lelghtun, Ist Dart of 
Watlesborough, m. Jane, dau. of Nathaniel Thorold, Enq. 
of the city of London, and had (with two daua., Jane, t#i. 
Ist, to Capt Cathcart, and 2ndly, to Jonathan, oldest son 
of Sir John Cope, Bart ; aud the younger, m. to Captain 
Sabine) two sona, Herbbrt, his heir; and Edward, lieut 
R.N., d. nam. CoL Leighton waa «. at his decease by his 
elder son, 

Hbrbebt Leighton, Esq., a capt. in the army, gentle- 
man-usher "to Frederick, Prince of Wales (father of King 
GsoKGE III), and page to the Frinoeaa Dowager of Wales. 
Ho m. Harriet, eldest dau. of Henry Wilson, Esq. of Ash- 
wolthorpe, co. Norfolk, by Elizabeth, eldest daiL and co- 
heir of John Knyvett, and had a son and sucooeaor. 

The Rkv. Fhancis LsioirroN, who im. Clare, sister and 
co-heir of John-Boynton Adams, Esq. of Cambleaforth, ca 
York, by whom he had a son and heir, 

Coi* Prahcis-Knyvett Leiohton, 6. 1772 ; who m. July, 
1805, Hon. Louisa-Anne St. L^er, dau. of St Legor Aid- 
worth, 1st Yiscount Doneraile, and by her (who d. 1819) had 

FRANCTS-KjrrvETT, present representatlTe. 
]>>uifia-Charlotte, m. 2S Apri^ 1833, to Thomas-H. Hope- 

Edwardea, Esq. of Netley, high sheriff of the co. of 

Gloucester in 1837. 

CoL Leighton d. 19 Nov. 18S4. 

^niM-^Quarterly, per fesse, indented, or and gu. 

Crett — ^A wyyem, with wings expanded, sa. 

liof to— Dread shame. 

JKesttfefice—Harpsden Rectory, Henley-on-Thames, Oxford. 




laoB, Thomas-Maoib, Esq. of Jaggard's House, 
00. Wilis, of Exeter College, Oxford, 6. 19 Koy. 
1796 ; m, Anne, dau. of J. CoUard, Esq. of Swansea^ 
and has issue, 

I. THOMAS-MAiir, ft. 18S8; m. 184T, Ifaria-Louisa, only 
dau. of Rear-Admiral WilUam-JgnM L^e^ of Bath. 

II. Charlaa. 
nx. Henxy. 
I. Anne. 
IX. Jane. 

III. Maria. 
lY. Isabella. 

ILitUaSe.— This family, originally of German doseent,* 
deriytog, it la aaid, its patronymic from the town of Leer, 
<m the Ihna, in Westphalia, has been seated many oenturles 
In the CO. of Devon. Sir Peter Lear, its chief, was created 
a Bart, in the year 1600, and possessed very extensive 
property and manors. The first that settled in Somerset* 
Bhire was the Rev. Richard Leir, Rector of Charlton Mua- 
grove, great-great-grandfather of 

Ths Rsv. Thomas Lxib, 6. 14 April, 1738 (son of the 
Rev. Thomas Leir, Inomnbent of Ditdieat and Charlton 
MuBgrove, by Eliiabeth his wife, dau. of Paul Mothuen, 
Bsq.X who «. his father in the livings of Ditoheat and 
Charlton, In 1781. He m. Mary, dau. of John Shore, Esq., 
by Mary his Yrife, dan. of John Kington, Esq. of Jaggard's 
Hooae, Wilts, and had issae six sons and three dans., 
several of wikom <i.«. p. ; the others were, 

Thomas, his heir. 

William, 6. 10 Sept. 1768, t. his fkther in the Uving of 
Ditoheat, in 1812 ; m. Harriott, dau. of Randolph Marnbtt, 
Bsq. of Leases Hall, Torkshire, by BUaabmh his wife, 
dau. of Christopher WUaon, lonl bishop odT Bristol, and 
had two sons and seven daus., viz., William-Marriott, 
M.A. ; m. Mary-Anne, dau. of Edward Langford, Esq. of 
Tmngle; Charles-Marriott^ B.A. ; Hazriett-Mary, wiia of 
George-Augustus Woodford, Esq.; EUsabeth; Charlotte; 
Marianne; Sophia, m. to Capt. Charles Dawe; Emma; 
Frances; and Hester, m. to William-Frederick Robinson, 

l^uu, ft. June, 1770 ; «. his fkther in the living of Charlton 
Musgrove, in 1812 ; m. Fanny, widow of WiUiam-Morton 
Pleydell, Esq. of Whatcombe, Dorset, and dau. of William 
Freke, Esq. of Hannington House, Wilts. 

Richard, ft. 17 Jan. 1778, barri8ter«t-law. 

The eldest son, 

Thomas Lxib, Esq. of Weston, J.P., ft. 17 Oct 1765; 
m. Jane, dau. of the Rev. John Jekyll, D.D., Vicar of Ever- 
creech, and precentor of St. David's Cathedral, and left 
Issue, Thomas-Maois^ his heir; John-Macie; Jane-Elisa- 
beth ; Mary, wife of the Rev. Edward Wilkins ; Anne ; and 
Helen. Mr. Leir d, 9 May, 1886. 

.^rm«~-As., a fesse, raguly, between three unicorns* heads, 
erased, or. 

CVm<— A demi-unicom, rampant, having between his legs 
a staff, raguly. 

S0at«-^aj^ard's House, Chippenham, Wilts, and Uphill, 
near Weston-supw-Mare, oo. Somerset. 

(Set Fobbsb-Leith.) 


Lbith-Hat, Sib Andbbw, Knt. of Rannes and 
Leith Hall, oo. Aberdeen, K.H., knight commander 
of Chablbb III of Spain, and memmr of the legion 
of honour, J.P. and D.L., lieut.-ool. in the army, 
M.P. for the Elghi distriot of burghs 18S3-8 and 
1841-7, clerk of ordoance 1884-8, governor of 
Bennuda 1838-41, served throughout the Peninsular 
"War, of which he has written a history, knighted 
1834, ft. 17 Feb. 1785; m. 1816, Mary-Mai^aret, 
dau. of William Clark, Esq. of Buckland House, 
Deyonshire, and by her (who d, 1859) had issue^ 

L AiXKAVonirSBBAsnAV, 6. 18 FeK 1818, ooL oommand- 

Ing the 08nl highlanders, C.B., K.L.H, Ac. 
II. William, 6. 81 July, 1810 ; m. and has two daus. 
til. James^ 6. i6 Nov. 1820; m. and has a son and two 


IT. Konnan, 5. 19 Aug. 1889, lost on the ooaitef Ant* 

tralia, in 1857. 
T. Charles, 6. 18 Oct 1881. 
X. Caroline-Bliaabelih, 

ILCtUSfff • — ^The surname of Lbitb Is of grssl uAkpSkj 
in Scotland, and those who bore it held. In a remote en, 
▼ast possessions, including the Barony of Bestalrig, and 
others in the shire of Mid-Lothian and tenltoiy of Leith, 
whence, it is presumed, the name waa assumed. The im* 
mediate ancestor of the family before us, 

WiLLiAic LuTH, of Bamls, living in the time of Datid 
Bboob, and said to have been the male represePtatJTe of 
the LiEiTHS, nf Biinffarroek, was provost of Aberdoen in 
1S60, and proprietor of the lands of Oaprington, in Ab•^ 
deenshire. He m. a dau. of Donald, 18th Earl of Marr, 
and had two sons, Laubsitcs, his heir; and John, aalias. 
aador to the court of England in 1418. WHBam Leith 
4. some time in the reign of Robbbt II, and was i. by his 
elder son, 

Laobbnoi Lbitr, of Bamis, oo. Aberdeen, Pixmwt 
of Aberdeen In 1401, 1408, and 1411, from whom descended 

Jamks Lxitb, of New Leslie, who m. Margaret, dan. of 
Alexander Btrachan, of OlenUndy, and had issue, Jon, 
his heir ; Alexander, ancestor of the Lkiths tf GUnkMf 
and Frt^fldd: ^HlUam, d.$.p,\ Margaret, m. to Gordon, 
of Beldomie ; and Jean, in. to John Oraat, of TomavUlion. 
He was «. at his decease by his eldest son, 

JoBor LaiTH, Esq. of Leith Hidl, who m. Janet Ogflvie, 
dau. of Qeorge, 8nd Lord Banff, by Agnee Falconer hit 
wife, dau. of Alexander, 1st Lord Halkerton, and had 
issue, Jomr, his successor; Patrick; George, of BlackhtM; 
Laurence ; Anthony ; and Elisabeth, m. to Blchard Guidott, 
Esq. of Graigmile. Mr. Leith, acquiring the whole estate 
of Leslie, in the Oarrock, regained possession of the lands 
of Bdingarroek, his ancient patrimonisl Inheritance. He 
d. In 1787, and was t. by his eldest eon, 

Sows LxiTH, Esq. of Leith Hall, who m. Mary, dan. of 
Charles Hay, Esq. of Bsnnes; and dying In 1788, left 
(with a dau., Janet, m. to James Gordon, of Ardmilie}a 
son and heiK 

John Lioth, Esq. of Leith Hall, who augmented hh 
estate by the lands of Lair and Ardlair. He fa. Harriot, 
dau. and heiress of Alexander Bteuart, of Auohlnncart, and 
had three sons, yis., 

iSJAirosR, } J^eirs in suoeesslon. 

James (girX a lieui*fren. in the army, G.G.B., K.T.&, 
Grand Coraon of the Order of Merit ox France, goTemor 
of Barbadoes, and commander of the fbrces in the Wind- 
ward and Leeward Islands. Sir James Leith d. 18 Oct 

John Leith d. In 1768, and was s. by his ddest son, 

John Lsith, Esq. of Leith Hall, at whose decease^ with> 
out issue, in 1778, the estates devolved on his brother, 

Alczandsr Lsith, who, having «. Andrew Hay, of 
Bannes, was the late Gsn. Auxanoib Lsith-Hat, of 
Bannes and Leith Hall. This gentleman, who was 6. in 
17S8 ; m. in 1784, Mary, dau. of CAiarles Forbes^ Esq. of 
Ballogle, and by her (who d. 1884) had issue, 

Andbkw, his heir. 

John-James, rear^mirsl R.N. ; m. the dau. of Alexander 

Forbes, Esq. of Blackford, and d. Oot 1854, leaving twe 

sons and two daus. 
Harriet-Christian, «». to Sir Hanry-N. Taimsdiw, Bait ; 

and d, in 1820. 

Mary, m. to Major Mitchell, of Aahgrove, and is d e ce ae ed. 
EUaabeth, fa. to Alexander Forbes, fisq. of BIaokford,aBd 

is deceased. 

Gen, Hay d. 10 May, 1888. 

ilrma— Quarterly; 1st and 4th, or, a « x)s s e rosdet, fltahfe^ 
sa., between three crescents, in chief^ and as neany fusila, 
in base, barwaya, gu. ; Snd and Srd, quarterly, 1st and 4th, 
arg., three iuescutoheons, gu. ; 8zA and wtl, gu., three 
oinquefoils, arg. 

Crut—K croas^oroBslet, fltchfe, sa., and a goat, trippent, 

Supportert— Two naked men, wreathed about the loina, 
each holding in his exterior hand a dub. 

ilfof<oe«— Trustie to the end ; spare nought. 

Seat*— Leith Hall, near Kinne&moni and Ledie Bouee, 


Oroill-Lbman, Rev. Qeobqe, of Brampton Hall, 
CO. Suffolk, M.A., Incumbent and Patron of Stovea, 
near Wangford^ b, i June, 1789. 

SfneSS^.— Tn' lisT. ISfkxnswif-^BCiftAB OamtL, of 
Brampfcan Hall, fr. 11 Dm. 1769 (son of WlUiam Oigill, Esq. 
of Baedeo, and Busan Lbcaji his wile, Srd dau. azid oo-hdr 
of William Tjeman, Bsq.^by Sarah, his wife, daa. of Thomas 
j^tmmn^ Bsq. of BnuDptoii Hsll, grandson of Thomas Leman, 
bq. of Brampton, nephew of Sib Johh Lxman, sm Bubki's 
JWineC B mrv mt a g t) assumed the surname of his maternal 
aneesfedim in addition to his patronymic, in 1807, on sue- 
etinding to a property left by Mn. Mary Lemaa, of Buy 
8t Bdmund'k He m. 8 Dea .1788, HenziettsnJane, 4th dan. 
of Sir wmiam Andesson, Bart cf Lea, oo. Lbiooln ; and 
i, 1887, hftfing bad issue by her, who d. in March, 1848j 

1. Qwomam, now of Brampton HalL 

n. LemaDF-OrgUl, d. an inAuit. 

m. Kaunton, 6. 179S; d. unm. 1818. 

rr. Bfibect, ft. 17»9: in holy ordBrfl; m. U Marah, 1884, 
IsabaHa-Camilla, dau. of the late Sir William-Jerria 
Twysden, Bart, and by her (who d. 7 March, 1850) has 
issae, Naunton-Bobert^ John, d. aged 21, Twysden- 
Oeorge, d. 1889, an infant, and Frances. He m. 2ndly, 
19 Marah, 18A0, Ellen-Maria, youngest dau. of the Bev. 
J.-A. Boos, Tiear of Westwell, Kent 

▼. Charles, 6. 1801 ; d. unm. 1845. 

▼L Waiiam, h. 1809: d. uitm. 1848. 

▼II. Thomas, in holy orders, M.A.,Reetor of Brampton, 
6. 1804 ; m. 1838, Emily, dau. of the Bey. Joseph Oiierin. 

I. Bliaabeth-Maiy, d vnm. 184^ 

n. Scnan-IiSinan, d imm. 1850. 

iiL Harriet, d imm. 1884. 

tr. Maria, d. 1700. 

▼. Charlotte-Catharine* d 1700w 

▼T. Franoea, m. 18M, to Molyneoz Bhuldham, Esq., capt 

Tu, Anne, in. 1822, to Thomas Gee, Esq. 

▼in. Charlotte, m. 1821, to George Barlee, Esq. 

, a fees, between three dolphins, naiant^ aig. 
CirMf— Ais. , on a lemon'tree, a pelican in her jdety, ppr. 
JToCto— Yolans semjMrciue juvare paratus. 
Sca<— Brampton Hall, Waiigford, Suffolk. 


LkxfrixrBi Gsobob - OuBT, Esq. of Felham, 
HftDta, J.P., yio&^miral R.K., has a ine4al for 
Copeahagen and Quadaloupe, 6. 11 March, 1787; 
m. 8 Aug. 1883, Frances, dau. of WiUiam Duxnareaq, 
Esq. of Pallism (of a Norfnan family who settled in 
Jersey in the early part of the 13th century) and 
has lubd issue, 

I. Andiey, capt 77th rogt., 6. 18 July, 1834, killed before 
Bebastopol, 19 April, 1855, Alma and Inkennan 

u. AiaBuniM-THOicis, M.A., b, 17 Deo. 1885. 
I. filen. 
n. Harriet. 

SrilirSfl^.<»Mr. Bertnnd Payne, in his Armorial (nf 
Jtn^, derotes considerable space to the history of the 
aadent and eminent Jersey family of Lbmpriebs, and 
states that it *' possessed in the Duchy of Kormandy the 
extensile selgneuxies and lands of Lempriere, Fontrilly, 
OoorbesviUe, Rauville, Quierqueville, la Carpenterle, Cro- 
▼me, BeUe-Fontaiue, Cauqui^y, 8. Bef aire, Bois-Gixigant, 
Durrelle, Coorseville, DuitevUle, la Granditoe, and others." 
In Jerssy, besides other estates which Baonl Lempriere and 
\i!iB brother-in-law GuiUe Payn purchased of the De Baren- 
Une fiunBy, ▼arious branches of the name have held the 
fiefs of Qodeauz, Hdrupe, Ecoucqueville, Bouteville, Buisson, 
SundUe, Houguette, Lempriere, Covey, Haufant Chesnel, 
de«Fk^ In Bt John's parish. Petit Rosel in St Saviour's 
parish, with MorviUe Bobllllaid and de Lteq in St. Ouen's 

From SvsBAXD M Lracpftims or L'BifnsBKUR, bom 
€irem 970, the thirteenth in descent was 

Jomr LsMPaiEBS, seigneur of Kosel in Jersey, receiver 
of the king's revenues in that island, a.d. 1430, and baiUy 
thereof 1434 : he n, and had three sons, 

t. BavAVD, seigneur of Rosel, killed at the siege of Mont 
(higueil Castle^ 1487 : his onqr dau. Catherine (heiress to 
her brother, John Lempriere, govenuxr of Jersey), w. 
Dominic Ferrin. of Guernsey. 

n. GaOBOB, of whose Une we treat 

ni. RauUn, seigneur of St. Johu, La Hague Botte, whose 
great granddau. and co-heirt)8s Thomasse Lempriere m, 
Ouof car JoiTRiraAuuc 

Gbdbov LncraisaB, seigneur of Di^Iament, Jersey, jurat 


of Om ivysl eovri* ■»• nMnaase^ sister and heir of WOBam 
De St Martin, selgnenr of St Trinity, and was f^her of 

Daoun Lsmpbisbi^ seigneur of Mnity, Jurat of the 
royal court who si. Mabel, dau. of Philip De Oartaret» 
seigneur of Bt Ooen, and left with two daus., Mary, wife 
of James Le Gros, and Mabel, wifb of Bdwud Psyn, of 
St. Ouen, two sons, 

I. Jour, aelgnoiir ef TMnity, aaosstor of the Tiempriere^ 
of Trinity. 
iL Thoxab, of whom we treat 


Thoiias LiMFBim; ssigneor of DiOamoDt Jurat ef the 
royal ooort for 50 years ; he m. a dau. ol — De la fiooqn^ 
and was father of 

MioHAKL LsKFEXKai, selgneoT of DlOament, attomqr- 
general of Jersey, 1570^ who «. Mabel, dan. of Richard 
Dumaresq, seigneur of VineiheliB de Has, and rettot of 
John Messervy, and had, with two dans., Sarah, wife of 
Martin Romeril, constable of St Trinity, and Esther, wife 
of Francis Amy, two sons, 

I. HvoH, of whom m es uutl y. 

n. TlKnnaa, juist of royal ooort, poxehased the seigneofie 
of Lea Augrta. m. Rachel, only dao. of Edward Baoe, of 
St John, and had issosb 

The elder son, 

HuoH LmpaiKBS, seigneur of DiOament, advocate royal 
oourt, 1575, solicitor-general 1590, Jurat 1593, Ueut-baHly 
1801, and Judge delegate of Jersey 1614 and 1621, capt of 
the trainband of St Trinity. He ai. lst» EUisbeth, dan. 
of Edward Dumaresq, and had issue, 

L Philip, seigneur of Di61ament, Jurat royal oourt 1684 ; 
m. Mi^, d«a. of Helier Ijc Montais, and had issue two 
sons,-lAilip, seigneur of Didament, d mmi., and Hugli» 
heir to his orother, seigneur of Di61ament m. Margaret, 
dan. of La Cloche, and d «. p. 1698, when the seigneuxie 
devolved on his cousin, Michael Lempriere. 

II. MiOHAU^ of whom presently. 

III. Joshua, settled at St. John. 

IV. Nicholas, M.D., d 1661. 

I. MabeL m. to John Heranlt 

a. WHsaneth, m. to Aaron StooaU, aolidtor-general of 

He m. 2ndly, Jane, daxL of — Hdrault, and sister of the 
bailly. The 8nd son, 

Michael Lempbibrs, seigneur of Manfant, the famous 
bailly of Jersey under Chablxs L, and under Cromwkll, 
styled by the local historians *' The Hampden of Jersey." 
Of this distinguished man Mr. Bertrand Payne gives an 
interesting and flattering character. He m. Sarah, dau. of 
Frauds De Carteret of La Hague, and had, with a younger 
son, Philip, who d a p., and two daus., an elder son, 
MicaASL LxMPBiEBZ, ssigueur of Diflament Jurat royal 
ooiu^ colonel East regiment, B. J. M., m. Frances, dau. of 
Frands De Carteret, of La Hsgue, and had with a dau., 
Mary, wife of John Le Hardy, constable of Grouville, an 
only son, 

MiOHAXL LsMPBTXBa, soIgnouT of DiAament and Saval, 
Jurat royal oourt, colonel East regt & J. M. ; m. Jane, dau. 
of James Corbet end had issue, 

I. Chablbb, ofwhompreeently. 

II. Philip, sdgneur of Chesnel, commissary-general of 
Jersey and Guernsey, recdver of the king's revenues, 
1749, attorney-general of Jersey, colond North regt 
B. J.M. ; m. 1st, Julia De Yarignon, elder dau. of Briga- 
dier-General D'Apremont, and Sndly, Mary, dan. of 
— Weeks, and d ».p. 

I. Jane, m. to Edward Ricard, Jurat royal court 
u. Anne, «. to Thomas Pipon. 

The elder son, 

Crablbb LsMFRiKaa, seigneur of DiAament, solldtor* 
general 1741 ; jurat royal oourt, 1750 ; lieut -bailly of Jersey, 
1755; Judge ddegate, 1768 and 1766; colond N. regt 
R. J.M. ; m. 1788» Elisabeth, dau. and heir of James Corbet, 
sdgneur of Rosel, and co-representative of De Carteret of 
St. Ouen, in right of her grandmother, Anne, dau. of Frn^ds 
De Carteret, and who upon the death of Robert, '£^.1 
Granville «. p., became entitled to one quarter of the St 
Ouen estates, and had issue, 

I. Charles, Univerdty of Oxford, oommisssry-gen. of 
Jersey and Guernsey, capt RJ.M.. d unm, 

II. WiUiam-Charles, seigneur of Didlament advocate and 
Jurat royal court, and ooL N. regt RJ.M., commissary- 
general of Jersey and Guernsey ; m. Elisabeth, dau. of 
Slatthew Gosset, and d. in the lifetime of his father, 
leaving issue, 

1 Philip-Raoul LsMPBTsaa, Esq. seigneur of Rosel, 
* Jurat royal court ; m. Elisabeth, dao. of John Foing- 
destre, and lefk issue. 



4 WQUam, oapt B.H.A. of Xwdlt Sumy, d 1888^ 
leaying iasoe. 

1 Ifiliwbeth. 

5 Henry. 

ni. Thomab, of whom presently. 
IT. PhiUp. 
L BophUu 


Thomas LmPRnem, seigneur of Ohesnel, oommisBaiy- 
goneral of Jeney and Guernsey in saooession to bis brother, 
advucate royal oourt, ooL N*. regt R J.M., wounded in the 
bottle of Jersey, 1781 ; m. 1783, Elisabeth-Charity, dau. and 
heir of the Rot. Samuel Beoserille, heir of Admiral O. 
Ooiy, and had issue, 

I. OiOBoi-OuBT, now of Pelham. 

II. Chailes, served in the Peninsula, and is deceased. 
HL Tbomas, lieut R.E., d. at AUoant. 

rv. BamueL R.N., deoeaiMd. 
L Elisabeth-aophia. 
n. Mary-Julia. 
iiL Anne-Our^. 
IT. Caroline-Cnarity. 
T. Amelia, m to Charles Plpon, Esq. 
Tf . Marianne, «». to the Hon. Algernon Herbert, son of 
the Eari of Caernarvon. 
TO. Jane, m. to Major Lewis, R.A. 

Thomas £empxiere d. 80 June, 1823. 

^rm»— Oules, three eagles, displayed, or. 
Cntt^Axx eagle risinflr, ppr. 
Ifotto— Timor Dei nobilitas. 
&a»— Pelham, Hampshire^ 


Lkndbum, Jambs, Esq. of MagheraorosB, oo. Fer- 
managh, J.P. and D.U for cos. Fermanagh and 
Tyrone, high sheriff for oa Fermanagh 1835, and 
for oo. Tyrone 1837, B.A. Cantab 1880 (Trinity 
College), 6. 12 Jan. 1806 ; m. 2 Not. 1843, Anne, 
eldest dau. of Samuel Vesey, Esq. of Derrabord, co. 
Tyrone (see thai name), and has issue, 

I. OsoBOS-CosBT, 6. 9 April, 1848. 

II. James-Yesey, twin with George, 
ni. William-Trevor, 6. 4 July, 1854. 

IT. Samuel-Edward-Latham, 6. 10 Sept 185S. 

I. Rosabelle-Franoea. 

II. Maxy-Jane-Waller. 
IIL Eliaabeth-AIioe. 

ILintKflt* — OsoROK LcNDRUM, Bsq. of Moorfiold, oo. 
Tjnvne (son and heir of Jaxxb Lehobcm, Esq. of Corlea, 
eo. Tyrone), tn. Mary, dau. of John Btoiy, Esq. of Coriclc^ 
Hoar dogher, oo. Tyrone, elder brother of Joseph Story, 
Bishop of Kilmore, fte. (mc Stort), and had issue, Jaiixs, 
his heir ; Thomas, in holy orders ; Joseph, in holy orders, 
"a Prebendary of Ferns; John, a mi\)or R.I.C.8. ; Mary, m. 
to John Richards, Esq. of co. Wexford ; Anue, d. unm. ; 
and Rebeooa, m. to the Rev. Dr. Nevin, Rector of Derry- 
volan, CO. Fermanagh. (Probably the Rev. Hugh Nevin, 
B.A., who ttom 1784 to 1801 held four prebends successively 
in the Cathedral of Clogher. Cotton't FaHi, Bee. Hib.) 
They d. «. p. The eldest aon and heir, 

Jamgs Ljotdrum, Esq. fixed bis residence at Maghera- 
eross, 00. Fermanagh (which was his mitthor's patrimony) 
and changed its luune to ** Jamestown.'* He m. 1st, Nov. 
1770, Ann, dau. of William Young, Esq. of Coolkeiragh 
House. 00. Derry, by Lotitia Hamilton, his wife ; and 2ndly, 
in July, 1812, Margaret Toung, of Loughesk, co. DoncgaL 
By the former lady, Mr. Lendrum had (with a dau., IjoUtia* 
who d, umu.) an only son, 

Groitoc LENnauM, Bsq. of Jamestown, b. 34 Aug. 1776 ; 
1H. 98 April, 1805, Mary^aue, 8rd dau. of Henry Codding- 
ton, Esq. of Oldbridgo, eo. Meath {m that nanU) and had 

Jambs, his succcRsor. 

KUsabeCh, m. in Aug. 1831, to the Rev. Cosby-Stopford 
Mangan, incumbent of the parish of Derryuoose, oo. 



Mr. Lendrum was a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for 
00. Fermanac^ but resigned in 1841. He served as high 
sheriflTaf oa Fermanagh 1800, and of Tyrone in 1819. He 
d. «S Oct 18&5. 

Arm*-^\\ , three gaibs, or, on a ohlcf, aiTf 
Wool-packB, §A, 

as niny 

€te$t--On a moont, vert, a do«% holding aaeUfehmacb 
in its beak, all ppr. 

Afotto— La piuz. 

Seat— MM[heraeross (the andsnt name lestoiied)^ Buds, 
killon, 00. Fermanagh. 


Lbniqah, Jambs, Esq. of Castle Ffogerty, ea 
Tipperaiy, J.P. and D.L, M.B.LA., M.A. of Trio. 
Coll. DubUa, 6. 28 June, 1797, m. 80 April, 1825, 
Eleanor-Frances, dau. of John Eyana, Esq., aod 
sister of William Evans, Esq., late H.P. for Lao- 
minster, by whom he has had two daus., Til., 

I. Sarah - Ellen - Henrietta, d. at Munich, in Bavaria, 
80 March, 184S. 


litUASt*— The ancient iamUy of Ffogerty, now rspre- 
sented by the Lenigans of Castle Ffogerty, was of hnpoc^ 
tanoe in Ireland antecedently to the descent of the EngUah 
in the reign of Hxkbt II. The chief of the Sept, hi 1683, 

CoNOHBB MA. SusT O'Ffoobbtt, of Muuro, oa Tippersry, 
was father of 

DoNonoH O'FrooEBTT, who was skin in battle at lAte* 
mgh. Us father then living, 26 Kov. 1888, and was the 
Donough who m. Ellen Puroell, of the aadent baronisl 
&mi]y of Loghmoe, and lies buried in the Abbey of Holy 
Cross, to which he was a oonsidexable benefaetor. He wm 
9. by his son, 

DoHALD OTrooEBTT, of Munroo, somamed fframy, or the 
ill-favoured, whose son and heir, 

DovocoH O'FiooiBTr, of Incfay O'Flbgeity, TUhmoyns^ 
and Bally Ffogerty (now Castle Ffogerty^ left two sons, 

BooiB, his successor. 

William, of Fishmoyne, physician to his majesty Klog 
Chables II, who, under the charge of being oonoemed 
in the Meal-l'ub Plot, was imprisoned in the Tower, aud 
d. there s. p. in 1666. This is the gentleman described in 
the Act of Settlement as Ensign William Ffogerty, and 
who under that act is included amongst those exempted 
ftom confiscation. His will bears date in lOOA. 

The elder son and heir, 

Rooan O'Fvoobbtv, of Inohy O'Ffogeity, m. a dan. of 
Cashuy, and was «. by his son* 

Tbios, or TiMOTBT O'FroontTT, of Bally Ffogerty, Ae., 
who m. Margaret, dau. of Burke, of Banyouny (of the 
family of Loni BrittasX aud had issue, 

CoBNRUus, his heir. 

Thomas, m. Anne, dau. of James Magrath, Esq. of Deny- 
more, and had a son, Magrath Ffoger^, who was fatlier 
of Thomas Ffogerty, and grand&ther of Magrath Ffogerty, 
Esq. of BaUimonty, and of Philip Ffoger^, Esq., baiw 


Dyonisius, a priest. 

Malaohy, doctor of the Sorbonne, and Frefeet of the 
College of Lomburd, in Paris, antio 1706. 

The eldest son and heir, 

CoRNKLius FrooBBTT, Esq. of Castle Ffogerty, 6. 14 May, 
1601, captain in the army of King Jamcs II, n». In ICM, 
Mary, dau. of Miohad, Keamoy, Esq. of Milestown, ea 
Tippei'ary, and dying in 1780, was s. by his son, 

Tb:gk, or Timothy FrooERTT, Esq. of Castle Ffogerty, 
who d. 9. p. at the age of fifty, in 1747, and was «. by his 

Thomas Fvooxbtt, Esq. of Caatle Ffogerty, who n. 
Christian, dau. and eventual heir of James Moyler, Bsq. of 
Sallymount, oo. Kildai'o, and had issuer 

Jamss, his heir. 

niumas, oapt. in the r^t of Uttonia, in the Spanish ser- 
vice, d. unm. in 1781. 

Elisabeth, »i. to William Laxioah, E^q. of 2k)ar, co. 
Kilkenny, and by him (who d. 88 Nov. 1768) left an only 
son, Thomas LuMiOAii. 

Mr. Ffogerty d. in 1768, and was f. by his elder son. 
Jambs FfooEBTV, Esq. of Castle Ffogerty, who having 

conformed to the established church, served the oiBoe of 

high sheriflF for the county of Tipperaiy in 1788. He rf. 

unui, in 1788, when bis sister, Elisabeth Lanioak, became 

his heir, and the estates passed through her to her only 

Thomas (JBAif-BAPTisTE)LBiriOAV, Esq., who thus became 

"of Castle Ffogerty," This gentleman m. Ist, in April. 

17M, Peniel, dm. of Edmund Armstrong, Koq. of Luu- 

L B K 

fln^gy, 00. dare (by IOb wUo, Hsnnah, sister of Bobert- 
Heniy Wostropp, Esq.), and by her (whod. April, 1804>bad 

I. Jaxss, now of CasUe Ffogerty. 

IL Bdmund, b. 8 Aug. 1796 ; d. unm. 6 Jane, 1880. 

I. Anna-EUcabeth, m. in 1824. to John-Dennla Ryan, Esq. 
lieat ISth dragoone, 8nd surviving son of the late George 
9sran, Bsq. of Inch, oo. Tipperary, and has issue. {8te 

u. Suaabeth. 

in. Henrietta. 

Mr. Lenlgan m. Sndly, Clarmda, dau. of John OlteiUy, 
Seq. of Mount Street, Dublin, and had by her two other 

IT. Hary, awm. 
T. Boeetta. 

He cL S Aqg. 1825. 

dTHtndp of Eetitgatu 

The naoM of TA^tgan, oit Lenigan, formerly Langadeen, 
or TJm«ag>iAti iB WoLsh, the family having been originally 
of T.i^Tiagh^w oo. Brecon, to which place it gave its desig- 
nation. It has been settled, however, from an early period 
In Ireland. 

WiLUAM liAHiGAif , the first upon record, was father of 
JoHH liAinoAN, whose son, 

WnxiAK IiAKioAK, n. Ist, Miss Grace, of Kilkenny, by 
whom he had issue, and 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Charles Gore, 
Beq. of Gcreyhiggen, sixth son of Sir Paul Gore, Bart, by 
whom he had two sons and a dau., namely, 

YASMKvtMM, who oonformod to the established religl<m, 
and waa a by his eldest son, 

WuLLUM, who m. Bebeooa, dan. of Henry Briscoe, Esq., 
and was «. by his eldest son, 

JoHir, who assumed the surname ct STAUxrAitD, in 
consequence of inheriting a property under the wHl 
of an JBngl^ gentleman of that name, not a rela- 
tion. He was t. by his son, 

John Stauhabd, Esq. of Grange, whose son is 
JoBV Staxtnabd, Esq., now of Grtmge. 

GiOBOB, of whom presently. 
Catharine, m. to John Maher, Esq. 

Theseoomd son, 

GaoBOB Lanioak, Esq. of Zoar, oo. Kilkenny, m. Mabell, 
third dau. of Edmond Shee, Esq. of Cloran, in Tlpperary 
(by his wife, Catherine, dau. of O'Dwyer, of Dundrum;^ 
and had issue, 

WnuAX, his successor. 


Catherine, m. to Edward Kavanagh, Esq. of Boss. 

Mr. Lanigan was «. by his eldest son, 

WiLUAK Lanioak, Esq. of Zoar, who, as above stated, m. 
BusABBTH FrooBBTT, Only dau. of Thomas Fvoobbtt, Esq., 
and heiress of her brother, James Ffogerty, Esq. of Castle 

A t ' wu Quarterly : 1st, as., on a pellet, arg., three trefoilii. 
In pale, rert, between two lions, rampant, or, each between 
thi^ fleurs-de-lis, two and one, arg. , for LEinoAn ; 2nd, as. , 
In chief, two lions, rampant, supnortin^ a garb, all or, in 
the dexter base a crescent, and in the sinister an Irish harp, 
gold, stringed, arg. , for FrooBBTT {cmdent) ; Srd, Tcrt, a f esse, 
srg., between tm^ garbs, two and one, or, for Ffookbtt 
(modem); 4th, arg., a duef, vert, for Mtucb. Also quarter- 
ing Bbkb. 

Crvttf— 1st, a lion« rampant, or, leaning on a sword, arg., 
hSted, gold; 2nd, an arm, embowed in armour, ppr., gar- 
nishea, or, holdioig a dagger, arg., hilted, gold. 

iStaC—CasUe Ffogerty, Thurles, oo. Tipperary. 



tou>, «. her father in the estates of Woodhead and 
^neaid, oo. Stirling, in 1859 ; she m. let, 9 Nov. 
1857, the Bight Hon. George-AugustuB-Frederick- 
Percy Sydney, Viscount Strangfoid, who d. in the 
Mine month. She m. 2ndly, Oct. 1861, the Hon. 
Chablbs-Spbnces Haitburt, 2nd life-guards, late 
H.P., A.D.G. to the . lord-lieutenant of Ireland 
(brother of Lord Bateman), who has taken the 
•umame of Kinoaid-Lbnnox. 

9«illCAj|(>— John Kincaxd Leknox, Esq. of Woodh/jad 

L £N 

and Vfatrtdii, was reprssentatiTe of the snoient Stirlingshire 
families of Lennox of Woodhead, and Klneald of Klnoaid. 
The Lennoxes of Woodhead were the desoendanta of the 
ancient Scottish family of Lennox, Eari of Lennox, who, at 
an early period of hisUny, held immense estates in those 
distrieta now csUed the counties of Dumbarton and Stirling. 
The Earls of Lennox ware among the most illustrious and 
powerful of the original magnates of Scotland d native 
descent, and the Lennoxes of Woodhead have long dalmed 

to be their male repreaentatiTes. 

Mr. Lennox of Woodhead m. the dan. of Wmiam Cunlng- 
bam, Esq., of Craigends, cadet of the Earls of Oleneaim, 
and sister of the Dudhess of Argyll, by whom he had three 
daus., of whom Maboarr, ViEOoniiTBBSTBABQVOBP, is the 
eldest, and the heir of his estates. 

.^na*— The same with those of the anelent Barb of Len- 
nox, Tic, aig., a saltier, engrailed, between Ibur rosei^ 

£;eat«— Lennox Castle^ Lonnoxtown, and Kinosid, Stirtiiig. 


LxNTAioini, Johk-Fbanois-O'Nkill, Esq. of Tat 
laght, CO. Dublin, J.P. for coa. DobUn and Mon»> 
ghan, and High Sheriff of the latter oo. in 1844, 
B.A. Trin. GolL, Dublin, m. 1841, Mary, dau. and 
co-heir (with her sisters, Margaret, wife of Michael 
Cahill, Esq. of Ballyconra, J.P. oo. Kilkenny, and 
Anna-Maria, widow of Michael CorooFUi, Esq., 
banister«t-law) of Frands Magan, Esq., J.P. of 
Emoe^ 00. Westmeath, by Mar^ret-Mary hie wif e» 
sister of Anthony Strong - Huass^, Esq., D.L. of 
Westown (see p. 754), and has sumidng issni^ 

I. FBAXois^OHN-JAiraa-BAGOT, b. 27 Mareh, 18M. 
n. Joeeph-Hussey-Nugent, b. 80 May, 1847. 
in. Victor-Walter, b. 27 Oct 1848. 

IV. Gerald-Fitsgerald, b. 21 June, 1850. 

V. John- Vincent O'Neill, b. 19 July, 1855. 
▼I. Henry-JBngua-Westenra, 5. 19 Aug. 1857. 

I. Mary-Theresa, b. 7 Msreh, 1844. 

II. Margaret>Mary, ft. 4 Dec. 1851. 
in. Victoria, ft. 14 Oct 1858. 

IV. Josephine-Ida-Columba, ft. 25 Sept. 1860l 

M r.Lentaigne is an Inspector-General of Prisons in 
Ireland and a commissioner of National Education. 
He contested the representation of the co. of Dublin 
in 1852. 

XfilUSfft* — This family is of andent descent in Nor- 
msndy. Miohbi. Lbhtaione, who d. in 1695, left (by 
Magdalene Brendt his wife) two sons, Richard and Michel, 
the younger was Sieur des Moulins, and the elder, BiOHAan 
LsNTAKna, was Sieur do la Croix ; he m. Jeanne, dao. 
of Pierre Haye> Sieur de la Loritee, and d. 1720, having 
had issue, 

I. Oabriel, a eapudn. 

n. PiEBXE, ft. 1687; appointed, 1780, "A^ndicataire de la 
charge de Conseiller du Boi, reoeveurdes taUes de lelection** 
at Mortain— an (^oe held by hlB son and grandson up to the 
time of the French Bevolution in 1789 ; he m. Marie le Boy, 
and had (with a dau., Jeanne, m. to M. Ouzouf de Beaumont) 
two ions, Frangois-Jean and Bichard Sieur de la Lande. 
who m. Mdlle. Marie de Bois Adam ; their posterity is settled 
at Ayranches. The elder son, Francois-Jean Lentaigne, ft. 
1711, m. 1734, 6illette-B6nde-GeneTieve-Jo8eph-Marthe, dau. 
of Guy de Fleury, '^ 6cayer, GOnseiUer Secretaire du Boi,** 
by his wife, Bente-Frangoise Douard de Fleurance et delogi- 
▼i%re, and thus acquired the fief of LOffivi^re, with all 
its rights and prlvilegos oonflrmed by Louis XVI. 
By this marriage Franks-Jean was &ther of Pixaaa-JjcAa- 
FaAMQOis Lbntaionb, Seigneur de Logivibre, ft. 1738, 
Conseiller du Boi, who m. 1762, Marie-Anne-Angelique* 
Tbbrese, dau. of Pierre-Joseph-Lehot Dnfgrage, by Tberese 
Gaerin Du Mesnil his wife, and had issue (with four daus., 
Marie, d, unm.; Marie-Francois, m. to M. de Molsson de 
Pr^oorfoin ; Bento-Perrine, m. to M. Le Fenm de Longcamp ; 
and Genevieve- Augustine, m. to M. Le Vannlerdes Vaavjers) 
two sons, of whom the elder was Jaoqubs-Gut Lbhtaioni 
ns Logivixbs, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, ft. 28 Feb. 
1769, mayor of Caen fiom 1806 to 1816, to whose energy 
and public spirit the learned city of Caen owes the founda- 
tion of its museum and public library; he m. Marle-EIizabeth- 
Felicit6 du Bouisson, and d. 1839, having had (with a dau., 
Marie-Melanie, m. 1st, to I^e Jolis de Villiers, and 2ndly, 
to the Marquis de Monteoot) a son, Frangois-CyriUe Len- 
ta! gne de Logivibre, who m. 1827, Mdlle. FeUdt^-Desiree de 
Chaumontel, and was father of the present Gustave- 
jAC<)OJBi-MAaa Ijuhaiowe,' Coont de Logivibre, who r>* 



Xferie-CBroliae, dao. of Amed^Fettx, Count de Chan- 
monteU Chemlier of the Legion of Hononc, and Jim iasne, 
oneaon, Guy-BIarie-Adrien, and two dans., MArie-Marguerite 
and Marie-Felidt^-Oabrielle. 

ni. Robert, whose only dau., Jeanne, d, unnu 

IV. Jean-Richard, m. Anno-Hagdelehie, dan. of Jaoqiiet 
Lehot Dnfirage, and had iasoe, with two daus., one im. to 
M. Harescot, and the other, to H. de Queens, an only son, 
the Bey. Jacques Lcntaigne, D.D., cure de St Sauveur, 
and rector of the University of Caen, who d. at the resi- 
dence, in Dublin, (tf his lelatiTe, Dr. BeiUamin Lentaigne, 
25 Jan. 1802. 

y. JBAV-F&Aifvon, whose descendants are settled in Ireland. 

I. Ambroise, m. 172a, to Baullln Le Montier, Sieur de la 

n. Catherine, m. to U. Jullien Brenet 

III. Marie, m. to M. Jean Laisni. 


Jbav-Fiun«otb LKNTAiam, m. S7 Mardh, 1724, Marie- 
Anne-Lehot Dufdrage, and left a dao., Haile-Catherine- 
Klisabeth, who d. wtm., and one eon, 

PiBRBB-FiULNQOM Lbntaionb, ** Uoutenant de dragons,** 
and afterwards '* offider de la Miliee Gauloiae de Caen, et Juge 
oouaul,*' ft. in 1788, 'whe m. 1766, Anne>Marguerite Paiaant- 
Ducloa, dan. of Oufllaume-Fran^oia Paiaant-Duoloa, and 
€lth In deaeent from Guillaume Paiaant* de BeuyiUe and 
▲nne Ouedeville, and bad iaaue, 

I. JBAH-FsANvoia, guillotined 1798^ 

II. Joseph, guillotined 1793. 

III. BsMJAiiur, of whom we treat. 

IV. Simeon, 6. 1776 ; tn. 1807, Rose, dan. of Jean-Edooard 
Blancher, by Harie-Anne-MicheUe Delaunay his wile, and d. 
1845, leaving two sons, 

Abel-Edouard-SCarle, Judge of the CivQ Tribunal of Caen. 

▼. Zadiarie, cf. in tnihncy. 

I. Jeanne, m. 1791, NIcholas-Herviea Dudoa, and left issue, 
Victor-Hervieu, M.D., d. s. p. in Dublin, 1881 ; Charles-Ben- 
Jamin-Uervieu ; Beqjamin ; Nathalie-Ludle- Alexandrine, 
who m. 1818, Alexandre-Pierre Leoesne, and has issue, 
Jules-Nioolas-Alexandre, Charles-Alexandre, Victor-Loois, 
Louise-Alexandrine, and Nathalie-Agathe. 

The 3rd aon, 

Bbkjamim LsNTAiom, and hla two brothers, wera at 
the period of the Freneh Revolution, firm adherents of 
the ill-fated Louis ZVI. Hie younger of these two brothers, 
Joaeph Lentaigne, then but 23 yeara of age, an officer in the 
gardea dn oorpa, took a diatinguiahed part tn the eventa of 
1789, and, together with hla elder brother, Joan-Fraupoia 
Lentaigne, waa guillotined 26 meaaidor, an S. Tks Sid 
brother, Bskjamin, being under age, eacaped to F.^Mdera, 
where he entered Tamida de la nobloaae Frati^'se. Even- 
tually, be emigrated in 1792, in the auite of the French 
Princes, to England, and not wishing to be a burden on 
them, atudied medicine, and entered the Bxttlah aervioe aa 
•aaiat-suzg. 6th drsgoon^guarda. Finally, in. 1799, be retired 
from the ai-my, and aettled aa a pbysioian in the city of 
Dublin, where he was granted by Trinity Coll. , the honorary 
dogroe of M.D., and was elected a member of the Royal 
College of Physicians. He acquired very considerable 
practioe, and purchased landed property in the oo. of 
Konaghan. Dr, Lentaigne m. Maxy-Tbereaa, dan. and 
eventually heiress of John CNeiU, Esq., descendant of the 
great and royal house of O'Neill, by Msry Pluukett his 
wife, of the Rathmore family of Plunkett, and by her 
<who d. 24 Maj, 1820} had three sons and one dan., 

I. Joan now of TallaghtL 

u. Joseph (Veiy Bev.), SLA. Trin Coll., Dnbltai, formerly a 
barrister, and now in holy orders of the Church of Borne. 
IIL BeiOamin Plunkett d, in infimcy. 
I. Maiy-Anne. 

Dr. Lentaigne d. 19 Oct. 1818. 

Arm$ (as duly refflstered in Ulster's oiBce>— Or, on adiev., 
as., between three bald ooota, a fleurde-lia of the lat.a chief 
of the 2nd, charged with three mtUleta, arg., oiuirterinir 
O'Neill and Flvnutt. ^ 

Ortti^A dove, ppr., charged on the breast with a muIlsL 
arg., and holding in the beak afleur<ie-lia, or. 

jifotto— Dieu ayde. 

Town Re9idene€—l, Great Denmark 8treot» Dublin. 

6«««-TaUaght, co. Dublin. 

* The Paissanta, an ancient fcmfly in Normsady, ftom Ben- 
ville, in Uiat province, were amongst the eariieat Huguenots in 
Nonnandy, and were allied by marriage with many andent 
fluniliea, amongst others with those of De Hascarine, Count de 
Biviere, De Ouillay, Count de Buaijniy, De Januic, De Cussy, 
Beaulour, Ac A very interesting and valuable history of the 
Paissant family, by 6opboloD}-me Beaukmr, Avocat. has been 
pttbliabed at Caen. 


Thia family of O'Neill ia a branch of the great house of 
Lower Clanaboy, which is fully given in another page of 
this work, under O'Nsill «/ Shanes OtuiU. A '^im^^iint 
of the old stock, 

John CNbll, Esq. (of the line of Coo Oga MseOwen 
NacGon MacBryan O'NeUl, of If ullaghgrnne, in the Fieevagh, 
ca Antrim), a lieut. in the Earl of Antrim's regiment, 
fought at the Boyne, Athlone, and AuRhrim. Be went 
from Limerick to France with " tlie brigaide," bat returned, 
and aettled at Newtown, oo. Heath, near his relatives la 
Meath, Sir Bryan O'Neill, Bart of Johnstown, Ex-Judge 
Hugh O'Neill, of Gastlejordan, the Oeala^h O'Neills, of 
Athboy, CoL John O'Neill, of Fiardromone, the O'BeiUy^ 
A& ; dying, he left four sons, 

I. PATBioK-FaANoia, of whom hereafter. 

II. John, of Johnstown, oo. Carlow, d. t. p. 

m. Coir O'Nbill, Esq. of Bathcarron, par. of Athbc^, oe. 
Heathr He possessed the lands of BaUicairon, Crackeas- 
town, Blackwater, and " Hill of Ward,** or afltient famous 
Hill of Flactga over Athboy ; dying 1779, he left by his wifii 
Elisabeth Hart (who d. 1786) two sons and three dans. The 

1 jAKxa O'NsiLL, Esq. of CrackenstowB and Mesdstowa, 
m. Mat^ret, dau. of Edward Cheeveia, Esq., nephew of 
Edward Gheevers, Lord Viscount Mount Leinster and Bsron 
of Bannow, who m Anne, sister of Patrick Sarsfleld, Ead of 
Lscan, whose aunt, Catherine, dan. of Sir Christopher 
Cheevers, of ICaoetown, m. Patrick Talbot, Esq, of Kalahide. 
Mrs. O'Neill was niece to the Bight Bev. Dr. Angnsdn 
Cheevers, B.C. Bishou of Meath. and to Col. MathJss 
Cheevers, Chevalier of St. Jago, Knight of St Fernandez 
and commandant of Fuentorabia for Hla MiOesty the King 
of Spain, who d. 1771, and sho was also niece to MaiKS- 
rst Lady Burke, of GHynske, wife of Sir John Bu!te. Bart 
Her only sister. Ellen, m. John, son of Philip O'BeOIy, 
Esq. of Ballykilchrist aitaiAnnevitle, oo. Longford. Even- 
tually she became heir to her only brother, Capt WiUiam 
Cheevers, of the regt of Hibemia in Spain, who by 
Toyal licence, attested at Cadis, 24 July, 1762, was dedaied 
«itiOed to the **privilegea of nobility in Spain.** He ob- 
tained'a pardon, 1774, firom Gboeob III, fbr serving in the 
Spanish army, upon the application of his brother-in-law, 
Mr. James O'Noiirs relative, Teresa, Duchess of Wbaiton, 
granddau. of Sarah, only dau. of Col. Gon-MacBryan O'Neill, 
of Carlyan, in the Feeva, co. Antrim, and returning to Ire- 
land, d. 1777, «. p. His sister, Mra. O'NeUl, inherited his 
estate in the co. of Oalway, and d. 1806, having sorrired 
her husband, who d. 18 April, 1796. 

2 Com O'Nbill, Esq. of Bobinstown, and Meadstown, and 
Carmeen, co. Cavan, who m. Bridget, dan. of Thomas 
O'Beilly, Esq.of Carrick in "Brefhy O'Beilly,** co. Cavaa, 
and dying April, 1783, left four sons and three dans., 
Jamea, John, Con, Thomas, who d. in New Torl^ 1848, 
Bridget Maiy, and Elisabeth O'NeU). 

1 Elisabeth O'Neill, who m. John Nugent Esq^ sad had tao 
eons and a dau., 1 Thomas Nugent, d. at Santa Croix, «. p.; 
2 Constantine-John Nugent, Esq., whom, his cousin, HsIt- 
Jane, the dan. of James and Bose Fagan, and after his death 
ahe became a nun in Naiareth Presentation Convent, May- 
nooth; 1 Eliaa Nugent m. to William Skelly, Esq., who 
had an only child, the late WiUiam-Nugeat Skelly, Esq., 
barrister-at-law, who d. 1862, «^ 

2 Mary O'Neill, wife of Francis Flood, Esq. 

8 Bose, wifiB of James Fagan, whose dan., Mary-Jane, 
m. her cousin, Constantine-John Nugent Bsq., nephew of 
Capt Nugent 

IV. Danul, h, 1712, m, Elisabeth Ward (ft. 1727, d, 177S)» 
dying 1788, be left three sons, 

1 Bev. John O'Nbux, P.P. of Stapleton, oo. Cartow, b. 
174A, trastee in the marriage settlement of Dr. Beqjamin 
Lentaigne and Maiy O'NeiU ; dying 21 April, 1799, «. Pn 
his pamhioners erected a monument to his memory in the 
churchyard of Bennekerry, adjoining the catholic charch 
which he built in 1780, and placed on it an elaborate in- 
acription, **that poaterity aaigbt know where rirtue ttei 

2 Bbtam, ft. 1762, d. 1798. 

8 Patbioe, had two aooa, Hugh, ft. 1778^ d. 1796» «. p-, uA 

The elder brother, to whom we now revert, 

pATttiOK-FitANors O'Nsill, Baq., of Athboy, ft. 1<K>^ 
who tn. Catherine, dau. of Hugh Magulra, Eaq. of Chureb* 
town, of the line of Hu^^, fhther ol Cuoonadi-Mor Maguire, 
of Tempo, chief of his noe, who was killed at Anghrtm I09L 
Mr. O'Neill d. 18 Sept 1741, and was interred in KUdalkqy 
ehurehyard, oa MeiUh, leaving two sons and two daus.. 

L Patrick.d. young. 

I. Mary O'Neill, d. v»m. 

u. Catherine O'Neill, d. wnw. 


. The son 

I John O'Nsili, Esq., ft. 27 Jan. 1740 ih. 24 Fob 1768, 



Uarfdb. SSlaiLmr$dl819X onlydaiLof Walter Flun- 
Icettt Biq. of Bathmore, oo. Heath, and Gathorino Plunkett 
bis wife, aiaiar of the Rev. Christopher Plunkett, P.P. of 
Athboj. and Reir. Joseph Plunkett P.P., of Slane, of the 
bouM of Plunkett of Killeen. Mr. O'Nefll waa <* delegate ** 
fur Athbc^ 179S, on the petition to the King from the 
**GatlioUc noblemen and gentlraMn of Irelaud" (Puow- 
DB»^ Bitl&rie Av.X swl d. 1808, leaving him aorviTing m 
•DO, and two dana., 

L JctnhUixmAXL 0*Kxill, Esq., capt ia the OlaoorgaiUblre 
MffL, d. ]822» a.p. 

I. Anne-Catherine OTJein, d.i848. loiin. 

n. Mary'Tbereia O'Neill, erencuallv heiress to her brother and 
father, m. 24 July. 1799, by the Most Bev. Dr. Troy, B.C 
aichUsbop of Dublin, to Da. Bbmjaiun Lbhtaioitb, (see 
LnrrAXON*— " Lineagt "), and d. 1820, haTin? surrived her 
hosbaad seven years, and was interred in the cemeteiy of 
Ftee tat Chaiaa, Paria. (For her iaiae, see ljanAio«»— 

TIm PLvmcsm of Bathmore, In the oo. of Meatfa, ware 
« distlngnished branch of the noble house of Killeen, and 
at one time poaaesaed of oonaiderable estatea* which 
long ainoe paaaed from thdr deseendanta. There 
however, many memoxials of th«r former great* 
The churchyards of Meath are literally strewed with 
the boiMa of the Plunketta, and there ia scarcely ana which 
doea Bok contain aome monument to their memory. 

The fknt Plukkkit of Bathmore waa the Lord Chief 
Juatiee 8ni Thoma8 Pldnkvtt (8rd aon of Christopher, 
lat Lord KUleeq) (see BvBXsfa Pxe&aor— .irt. Fikgau^, 
who became Lord of Bathmore In right of his 2nd vdfe, 
Marian, dan. of Sir Christopher Cruise. By that lady Sir 
Thomas left at hia decease, in 1471, three dana., lamay, m, 
to Winiam Weal^, Baq. of Dangan ; Margaret, m, to Bar- 
naby BamewaH, Judge of the Queen*8 Bench ; and Bliza- 
beth, at, to Christopher, Iiord Ttimleston ; and two aona, 
Edmund, of Bathmore, who d, 9. jp^, and Sir Alexander 
Plunkett, of Bathmore^ lord chancellor of Ireland, atyled 
by Wars, *' a person of great account" fie d. in 1508, and 
wsa Intervad at Bathmore, under a monument erected to 
hia memory. Ptom hia 4th son, Jobn, derived the Plua- 
kfltta oi Gibstown, a descendant of wbich line, Catherine 
Plunkett, the doo. of Luke Plunkett, of Poaaeoctown, and 
Catherine TeUon hia wife, great grand-dau. of Alexander 
Plonkfltt» of Gilatovm, and BUsabeth Hill hia wife, m. her 
Viwwwiw, Walter Phwkett, of the Bathmore family, and 
tbuB united the two branchoa, aa will be ahown hereafter. 
Sir Alexander^ eldest surviving son, Edward Putnkett, 
of Bathmore, d. in 1556. Hia grandson. Sir Oliver Plun- 
kett, Knt. of Bathmore, ia. E'eanor, dau. of James Cuaaok, 
of Batbalnm, and d, S7 J>ec. 1580, leaving a son and heir, 

BiCHABD Plohkett, of Bathmore and Girly, 21 yeara 
old at hia fkther'B death, 4 May, 15S4, who had special liens 
of hia lands. He m. Anne, youngest dan. of Sir Lucas 
DUka, of Moymet, chief boron of the Exchequer, and was 

AUDKAHDEE PuTHXKrT, Esq. of Bathmore and Girly, 
mho ai. Genet, dau. of Chriatopher, 4th Viacount Qormans 
ton. The eldeat aon, 

Chbistofbxr Pltoxxr, of Bathmore, vraa there buried : 
he m. Catherine, dan. of Oliver Plunkett, of Clonabrany, 
and was father of four aona and throe daus. Of the latter, 
Catherine m, Hugh O'Beilly, Esq. of BalUnlough. The 
eldest son, 

Tbomas PumcBTT, who m. his cousin, Mary Cruise, and 
dyfi^, vras buried at Trim, ca Meath. He left five eona and 
fnor dans., of the latter, the youngest, Elisabeth, m. Major> 
Gea» Dillon, of the French army : <rf the former, the eldeat 
sorvivinir, Waltbb Pluvxbtt, Esq., m. 1680, his cousin, 
lamsy Flankett» oi Axdpatrii^ sister of Catherine, who 
m. James, aon of Geoige, 4th son of Lucas More, Ist Earl 
of Flngall, and niece of most Bev. Oliver Plunkott, pri- 
mate, beheaded at Tyburn in the following year. Ihey 
had (with three daus.) four sons, vis. : 

I. Tbomm, m. to Fmaoe, iB 1717. bis cousin, EUzabeth Kangf e, 
by whom be bad three lom and four daus. The eldest son, 
Christopher Plunkett. Esq^ m. in J<'ranoe, in 1740, Catherine 
Kugca^ and bad five sons and four daus. ; the sons were 
1 James, who d. unm. at BaUyfallen, and wan buried at Kil- 
dalkey ; 2 John, shot at Trim ; 3 Thomas, of Newtown, Bally 
Csllen, near Athboy, who m. 1775, Mar({aret,dan. of John 
Maittey, and d. 1780, leaving one son, John, who m. Mary. 
dan. d Henry Bantogton, Esq. of Johnstown House, oo. 
Wealoid (and had five sons, James, Thomas, lUcbord, 
Ottver, Bandall, John, and several daiis , Isabella, who d. at 
Alexandria; Ibry, wife of PFsncis White, lilsq. of Dublin; 
Ismay. wifb of Dennis O'Connor, Esq., J.P. of Bellofrh, co. 
■osoooimon). and a dao., Margarot, who d. ttais. ; 4 Walter, 


of theAostriaa lerTloa; and 6 Idwnd, who vwt to iMw 


n. Waltd, of whom we treat m. Ottrw. 

The ted aon, 

Waltir Px^mniT, Saq., m. CatheriiM; dsn. (by (Mhe* 
rine TaBon his wile) of Lake Plunkett (eldest son of 
Thomss Plunkett, of Posseztown, and Anne, sister of Law- 
rance Cruise, of C^ruiaetown, his wife, grandson of Bobert 
Plunkett and KUe Lynham, of Adam^own, hia wife, great- 
grandson of Thomss Plunkett and Magdalen, dan. of Baroa 
Cosack, of Bathhaldnm, his wife, greatgreati{mndson of 
George, aon of Patrick Plunkett^ of Killeen, son of Sir John 
Plunlcstt, 5th Lord Killeen, by Jsnet his Snd wifeX and 
thus reunited the two branches. By Catherine his wife, ho 
had an only child, Mabt Plovxrt, & 83 Jan. 1747, whosk 
JoHjiOVuxx, Esq., as already, shown, and was mother of 
Mary O^eiU, eventoal hfllRNH, who sk Db. Bouamim 


LiNTHALL, KTrmr-JoHN-WiLUAM, Esq. of B6»* 
•bLb Leigh MDadof, oo. Berks, and Maynan Hall, co, 
Qaemarvon, J.P. for cos. Caemarron and Denbigh, 
and D.L. for the former co., high sheriff of Caemar- 
^n)D8hire 1828, formerly capt. royal Denbighahiro 
militia, patron of two livings^ ft. 12 Oct 1789 ; m* 
IS April, 1818, Mary-Anne^ aldeei dau. of John 
Aahton, Esq. of The QraQgOy oo. Ghflstor, and has 

I. Bsinnn>-KTiTnr, b. 80 Aog. 18S1, J.P. for Berkshirs. 

n. Wllliam-fyifin, b. in 188S. 

m. Frands-Kyffin, ft. in 1884, called to the bar at Lia- 

eolA's-Inn, 18M. 
I. Mary-Anne. 

SrCsif Afff •— Sia BowLAm LnrrBAXx., of Tiftnthall snd 
Hampton Oonrt, eo. Hereford (whoes family had been 
seated at Tinathall, from the reign of Bdwabo IX was 
Master of the Bobes to King Hkubt IV. Be was a lord- 
marcher, and waa aaaodated with Thomss Chancer (the 
poetla son) as one of the smbssaadors to the Pariaisa 
Qoorti to negotiate the manlage of Queen Kathabhts with 
HsMBT Y. Sir Bowland accompanied Hchby Y to France 
and hsring a command at the battle of Aafanoourt, made 
so many prisoners in that celebrated conflict, that he 
completed, with the produce of their ransom, the new 
buildings at Hampton Court. In that mansion was pre- 
served a picture (stiU extant), engraTSd by Yertue, snd asid 
by Walpole to be an undoubted original, of Hshbt IY. 
Bnidant £rom the neokia a chain with medallion, on wbkh 
ase depicted the arma of the Fits-Alans, Earls of Arundel, 
and underneath the following inscription: "Hbmbt IY, 
King of England, who laid the first stone of this house, snd 
left this pioture in it when he gsTc it to LanthaU.** Sir 
Bowland, who was slso deputy-goyemor of Alen^on under 
the Duke of Oloucester, and constable of Wigmore and 
Bolsorer Csstles, m. Margaret, dan. and CTentually co- 
heiress, of Biehard Fits-Ahui, Earl of Arundel ; upon whldi 
nartisge. Lady Margaret being related to the king, Shr 
Rowland, '* being a gallant fellow" (vidg Lila«d*s Itvu.}, 
had given to him '* a thonaand by the year," for the nudn- 
tenaneo ci them and their hsirB, of which grant, aays 
Leland, the town of Ludlow forms a part By Lady Mar* 
gsret, who d. 148S, Sir Bowland had issue, 

Edmund, who having m. Maigaret, dau. of WllUam, 6th 
Lord Zouch, of Harringworth, d.9,p. 1447; and 

Henry, who alao d. i,p. in the same year ; both being 
buried in the Orey Friars, London. 

tStr Bowland m. Sndly, Lucy, dau. and co-hetr of Bioihard, 
^ Lord Grey de Codnor, by whom he had iasuo, 

Bowland, m. to laabella, dau. of Sir Walter Devsreuz, and 

d. 1488. 
John, m. Anne, dau. of Humphrey Beaaels, of Bessels 

Leigh, oo. Berks. 

Katharine, m. to William, Lord Zouch, of Harringworth. 
Eliaabeth, ia. to Sir Thomas Cornwall, of Burford, by 

which last alliance Hampton Court eventually vested m 

the Cornwall family. 

(Kr Bowkmd waa high ahexiif of Hereford in 1488, and d. 
Moy. 1460. 

A few yeara later, the Lenthalfai, retaining a portion only 
of their possessions in Herafordridre, a«tt)id at Latchford 

* S K 



and Chwl Hwrnllay, In Oxfoiddilre, whleh maaon and 
wtates they acquired in the reign of Edwabd- IV» by the 
maniage of WUllaifi Leutball (described In bis will as 
**of Lenthall*'), who cC. June, 1497. with the heiress of the 
Pipards. ' Thomas Lenthall, the eldest son of William last- 
mentioned, m. Elizabeth, daiL and heir of John Willie, of 
Beau Trade, and had issue, William, living, says Fronds 
Thin, "of reverent age," in 1684, and several daus., of 
whom one m. Sir John Tempest, of Bollinghall, oa York. 
In 15S0, these estates were possessed by John Lenthall, Esq., 
whose sun (by Elinor, dau. of Ed. Lee, of Fitston, co. Bucks, 

Sir Edmttkd Lbntralx^ was one of those fined, imder an 
act of parliament passed in the reign of James I, for restrain- 
ing persons of quality fvom residing so much of the year in 
Ijoudon. Sir Edmund m. Eliaabeth, dau. of Sir Francis 
Stonor, of Stonor. oo. Oxford, but d. ». p. and the line of 
the family was continued through his unde, 

William Lkntrall, Esq., who m. Frances, dau. of Sir 
Richard Southwell, of St Faith*s, in Norfolk, and who, at 
his decease, 8 Dea 1600, aged 44, left issue, 

I. JoHH (Sir), who Inherited the family estates upon the 
demise of his cousin. Sir Edmund. This gentleman, who 
held the office of marshal of che King's Bench Prison, nu 
Bridget, dau. of Sir Thomas Temide, Bart of Stow, and 
had (with eight daus., of whom (jatherine. m. to Lord 
Fa:sley, and Frances, m. to Edward, eldest son of Sir 
Edward Mooi«, of Odiham, Hants) s.z sous, of whom the 

Edmukd, m. Elisabeth^ daa of Sir William Wade, lieu- 
tenant of the Tower of London, and had issue throe 
sons and a dau. : William lisnthall (M.P. for Walling- 
ford, 1679, and for (Mcklade, 1081), the elder son, m. 
twice, 1st Stephanie, dau. of AdminAl Sir S. Harvey, 
K.G.B,; and 2ndly, Lucy, dau. of Ed. Dunch, first- 
cousin to Oliver, Lord Protector, but had no isstie by 
either maiTioffe, and selling the old family estates at 
Latchford and Great Haaeley, terminated this branch 
of the family ; Edmund, the second son, d. 1644 ; John, 
the Srd son, d. 14 May, 1(541, without issue; and 
Bridget, the only dan., d. unau 1641. 

II. William, of whom hereafter. 

III. Thomaa. 
IT. Francis. 

And four daus., one of whom m. into the family of 
Warcup, and was mother of Sir Edmund Warcup, the 
historian of Italy. 

The 2nd son, 

Thb Right Hon. Witx.iAM Lbmtrall, b. June, 1591, was 
In 1633, admitted a bencher of Lincoln's-Inn, made recorder 
of Glouoe8ter, Woodstock, and London, and Master of the 
Rolls. In 1689, he was returned member for Woodstock ; 
and when the Long Parliament met, 8 Nov. 1640, he was 
cboson Speaker, which important office he continued to 
hold after the Icing's death, and until the dissolution of assembly. In the first parliament called by Cbomwell, 
as Protector, he had no seat ; but in the second, he was 
returned for two places, the city of Gloucester and the co. 
of Oxford, and was again elected Speaker. He subsequently 
was appointed chamberhdu of Chester, chancellor of the 
duchy of Laucoster, and keeper of the Great SeaL He 
recdved a patent of peerage from Oliver, Lord Protector, 
1656, and in the single parliament assembled by Bichabd 
Cromwell, he sat in the upper house by the title of 
WiULim, Lord Lsnthall, and so great was his influence and 
weight at the Restoration, that General Monck assured 
King Charlis, that he could not have brought about that 
desirable event without Mr. Lenthall*s concurrence. This 
eminent lawyer and statesman m. Elisabeth, dan. of 
Ambrose Evans, Esq. of Lodington, co. Northampton, by 
whom (who was first ooosin of Ludus Gory, Lord Falkland) 
ha had issue, 

JoHV , his successor. 

Blinbeth, m. to Sir Rowland Laoey, of Puddleoots and 
Bhipton, in Ozfbrdshire. 

Mr. Speaker Lenthall d. at his seat, the Priory, Burford, 
1 Sept 1662, and was privately buried at Burford, the 
advuwson of which ohiuch, with the manor and estate,* he 
bad purdhassd from the great Lord Falkland. His only 
surviving son and successor. 

Sir JoHiv Lkktball, was member for Gloxicester in the 
Long Parliament, and also for the same place in the 
parliament called by Richard CmoMWinx.. Sir John, who 
was colond in the army, governor of Windsor (3astle, and 
one of the six dorks In Chanoery, was orsated • Baronet by 
OuTM Cbomw vx. Hs m. 1st, Mary, dan. of Sir William 

Aydicombe, of Alveroot, Ozon, but htiA by her no 
'He m« Sndly, Mary Blewet, rdict of Sir John Stooehouse, 
Bart., by whom he had one son, William, and a dao. 
Elisabeth, m. to Sir Sandys Fortescue, of Bnddand Filleigfa. 
CO. Devon. Sir John m. Srdly, Catherine, dan. of Colond 
Eusebius Andrews, of Edmonton, Middlesex, but had no 
further issue. He served the offioe of sheriff fbr the oo. of 
Oxford in 167S, and dying 9 Nov. 1681, was buried in the 
chanod of Bessels Leigh Churoh, and was «. by his only 

William Lbmtball, Esq., to whom Gensial Monde 
stood sponsor, who m. his first cousin, the Hon. Oatharine 
Hamilton, only cLild of James, Lord Paidey, son and heir 
of James, 2nd Earl of Abercom, by whom (who m. after hli 
decease, the Earl oi Abercom) he left issue at his demise, 
6 Sept 1686, at the early age of 37, two sons, Jons, his 
heir; and James, so named after his grandfather. Lord 
Paidey. The elder, 

John LsirraALL, Esq., who served the office of sheriff 
for Oxfordshire, and m. Jane, dau. of Sir W. Hill, had two 
sons and two daus., 

WiLUAM, his successor. 
JoHK, successor to his brother. 

The elder son, 

William Lemtrall, Esq. of Burford, sheriff of Oxford- 
shire, dying unm. in 1781, the fiEunily represen t ation devdvsd 
upon his brother. 

JoHK Lenthali^, Esq., bapt. 29 Jan. 1728, who si. Anne, 
dau. of the Rev. Christopher Shute, and had two sons, 

I. John, of Biuford, sheriff for Oxfordshire, in 1787, who 
m. Sarah, dau. of the Rev. John CasvvBll, rector of 
Bwadifb, by whom (who d. 2 March, 1887) he left at his 
decease, in 1820, with three daus, two sons, vis., 

1 WiLLiAM-JoHK, m. Frances-Mary, eldest dau. of T. 
Terry, Esq of Beverley, and has one surviving son, 
Edmund-Henry, of Lincoln's inn. 

2 Rowland-Henry, of Kemsey, in Wovoestorshl.s, who 
has been twice married. 


The 2nd son, 

Wtlliam-John Lenthall, Esq. of Bessels Ldgh, in Berk- 
shire, b. in Jan. 1764, was high sheriff for the counties of 
Caernarvon and Merioneth. Ho m. in Jan. 1789, Elisabeth, 
dau. and co-heiress (with Anne, wife of the Rev. Johu 
Nanney, of Maes-y-neuadd, oo. Merioneth and Ermine. wiTa 
of Richard-Hughes Kenrick, of Nautdwyd, oo. DenUgti, 
Esq) of S'r Thomas Kyffin, of Maynan, co. Caernarvon 
(descended from Einion Effel, youngest son of Madoc, hst 
Prince of Powis), by whom (who d. in June, 1791) he 
two children, 

Kyitin-John-William, now of Bessels Leigh. 
Ann-Margaret, d, in 1810, in her 10th year. 

Mr. Lenthall d. in March, 1855. 

^rm«— Arg., on a bend, oottised, sa., three mullets, or. 
Cif*t — A gfreyhound, salient^ sa., coUared, or. 
Afofto — Asiucourt. 

5<a<«— Bessels Leigh, near Abingdon, Berkshire ; Maynan 
Hidl, Caemarvonsliire. 


Lbslib, Charles, Esq. of Balquhain, Fettemear, 
and Inch, all in the co. Aberdeen, J.P. and D.L. for 
the oos. Aberdeen and Derby, colonel in the army, 
K.H., late of the grenadier-guards, 6. 17S8 ; w. 1st, 
Nov. 1826, Mary, dau. of Major-General Sir Charles 
Holloway, and had by her (who d. 1882) one sur- 
yiving son, 

1. Charles-Stephen, b, 1832, who married in 1854 

Colonel Leslie m. 2ndly, 21 July, 1886, Dorothr, 
sister and heiress of Francis, 8th Earl of Newburgb, 
on whose death in 1852 she assumed the title of 
Countess of Newburgh (aee Burke's Peerage). By 
her (who d. 22 Nov. 1853) Col. Leslie had no issue. 
CoL Leslie, 26th Baron of Balquhain, served in the 
Peninsular war, and was severely wounded at 

ILfntSfft* — ^Baktholokew, the founder of the family, 
was a noble Hungarian, who oame to Sootland with Queen 



. 1<M7. Ho wa mwAk esteemed by King Mait 
OOLM CAMsntomMf who oonf erred upon him grante of lands of 
twfafQs parts of Sootland, but paxttoolarly in the dlstriet in 
the Garioch, oa Aberdeen, where the ruins of the old oastle 
of Leslie still remain, in the parish of Leslie. Bartholo- 
mew's son,, was father of NoutAzr, Wose grand- 
son Sib Nobmav nn Lbblbt, Dominus de Lesl^, m, 
Wlssheth Leith, heiress of SdengBniodh, and had an ottij 

8w AmmKW ds Lblct, styled eth Domitim ^^u»dtm, or 
Lesley, who «». Ist, about 1S18, Mary, dau. and eo-hslr of 
Sir Alexander, Lord Abonethy of Abemethy, and by her 
had issue, fkom which the noble house of Rothw springs. 
Sir Andrew m. Sndly, Bliaabeth Douglas, dau. of Lord 
DoQglas, by whom he had a son, GaoBox, fioundsr of the 
Balqufaain family ; and a dau. ICaigaret, m. to David Aber- 
cromby. This son, 

GwBOB Lbsub, Baron of Balqiihain, tm. EUsabeth Keith, 
dan. of the Baron of luTenigie, and d. about 1861, having 
had ason and snooessor, 

Hambuh Lblib, 8nd Baron of ft^lgwii^ifT^ who had a 
pssi pmt to travel abroad, in 18M. He m. a dau. of Max- 
well, Banm of CarlBverock, and d. about 1878, leaving a 

6n Abdbxw Lbub, Srd Baron of Balquhaln, who «». 
Isabel Mortimer, dan. of ^ba Baron of Cralglevar, and had 
WnjUAX (Sb), his heir, and four daus. Sir Andrew^ 
and heir, 

SiB William Lbblib, 4th Baron of Balquhain, distin- 
guished at the batUe of Breehin, in 1452. He m. 1st, the 
Hon. EBsB Fraaer, of Lovat, by whom he had two sons, 
Alkxabdbb, his heir, and William, of Kincraigie. He m. 
InOy, Agues Irvine of Drum, by whom he had Alexakdbb, 
1st of Wardes, aneestor of the Lbslib of WarthiU, Olaas- 
luogh, fte. The great-great-grandson of the eldest son, 
Alcxaudbb Lbsub, 5th Baron of Balquhain, was 

WiLUAM LasLiB, 9th Baron of Balquhain, who m. 1st, 
Janet, dau. of John, 6th Lord Fcnbes, *nd widow of John, 
Eart of Atlioll; and 2ndly, Maxgarot Leslie; and d, in 
1571, having had issue. Queen Mabt, in her progress from 
Aberdeen to the north, honoured Leslie at Balquhain CasUe 
wiUi B visit, and passed the night there, 9 Sept 1583. His 
eldest eon, 

JoHV LBBLne, 10th Baron of Balquhain, m. Ist, in 1564, 
HIiaa Grant, of Grant, by whom he had, JoRV, his heir ; 
WiujAM, suoeessor to his nephew. He si. 2ndly, 1587, 
EHb^ dan. of the Earl of ErroU ; and Srdly, 1598, Johanna 
Enkine. sister to the 1st Earl of Kelly : by the latter had 
two aona, Albxabdbb, suoeessor to his half-brother, William ; 
end Walter, who served with great distinction in the 
Austrian army, and was created a Count of the Holy 
Roman Empire. He m. the Prineess Aun-Franoiaoa de 
Dietrichsteln. Wslter d, 9. p. In 1667. John Leslie d. in 
1683, and was t. by his eldest son, 

JoHB Lbbub, 11th Baron of Bslqubain, who m. Isfc, the 
widow of Duguid of Auchinhove, and dau. of Gordon : and 
Indly, Jean Innes ; and by the latter had a son and heir, 

JoHB Lbsub, 18th Baron of Balquhain, who entered the 
Muscovite service, became a colonel, and fell at the siege of 
Igolwits, in 1655. leaving no male issue by his wife, a dau. 
•f Crawford. He was a by his uncle, 

WuxXAM Lbblii^ as 13th Baron of Balquhain, who was in 
the service of Chablbs II. whom he aecompanied to Hol- 
Und. He m. Margery Bernard, by whom he had a dAii., 
Mary, si. to Sir BUas Lechton, a colonel in the army. 
Having had no male issue, he was a about 1660, by his half- 

ALBSAirDBB Lbsub, a^l4th Baron of Balquhain, who was 
ersated a Count of the Boman Empire. He m. Jean Elphin- 
stoo, of Glack, and d. in 1677, having had issue, 

James, field-marshal in the Austrian aervioe, who a his 
node, Cotmt Walter, as seoond count : he m. the Prinoess 
Maria-Theresa de Leisfatenstein, and d. a p. in 1694. 

PAimrcK, of whom mvaently, as 15th Baron of Balqiihain. 

Alexander, Count Leslie^ colonel in the Austrian army, 
killed at the siM;e of Vienna, in 1688, leavvtu^ by his wil^ 
tlie Counteas Heberstein, a son, Francis-Jacob, Cotmt 
Leslie, who d. 4. p. in 1700. 

WiiUam, in holy orders, author of ** Laurus Lesbaaaa,*' 
puhliahed in 1698. 


PATBfCK Lbbub, 15tfa Baron of Balquhain, m. 1st, Eiiaa 
Dou^aa, by whom he had, 

I. Jsmes-Bmest, 8rd Count Leslie, in Germany. He m. 

the PrinoeflS Berne de Leiclitensteln ; and a. in 1788, 

having had issue, Charlee-Cajetan, 4th' Count Leslie, who 

la. 88 Juue. 1719, the Pr.ueoss Maria-Theresa d*&gmn- 


baig, and dL In 1780^ having had, with otitsr issuer 
Anthobt, of whom hersaften ss 19th Baron of Balquhain. 

I. Margery, m. to Alexander LesUe, of Pitcaple. 

IL Ann-FrtttMrfsca, «i to John Grant of Bolundalloeh, and 
had issue, John Grant (cspt) taxoM of Pbtbb LMnjK' 
Gbabt, of whom hereafter, as aoth Baron of BslqnliaJn, 
and of Eiiaa Grant ai. to Patrick Leslie Duguid. 

m. Theress, s». tolU)twrtDugiiid,of Auohixihova,andhad 
issue, Patbiok Lbslib-Duouid, who a as Slst Baron of 
Balnnhain, and of iriiom hersallsr. 

rr. Bistty, abbeas of the UrMiUnaCoovsntat Uda 

The 15th Baron m. Sndly, Mary Irvine, of Drum, andby hpr 
had Gbobob, who a his father as 16th Baron, and fow 
dans. Count Patrick LasUe finding the andant castle of 
Balquhain innommodlons, rsmoved to Fettsmear, beauti- 
fully situated on the banks of the Don. Thus Fettemear 
became the family residence, and the old castle of Balqu- 
hain fell to decay. He d. In 1710, and was a by his Snd 

Gbobob Libu^ 16th Baron of Balquhain, and Count 
Leslie, who sa in 1706, the Hon. Msigaret Elphmston, dau. 
of Lord Blphinston, snd dying 17 June, 1715, was a by his 
elder eon. 

Jambs Lbsub, Count Leslie, 17th Baron of Balquhain, 
who dying num., at Paris, In 1781, was s. by his brother, 

Ebvsst Lbsub, Count LesUe, 18th Baron of Balquhain, 
vdio d, KttSA In 1789. The estate was daimed by Sir Jamee 
LesUe, of Pitcaple, in right of his mother, Margery, eldest 
dau. of Count Patrick Leslie the 15th Baron ; and by Count 
Anthony Leslie, as Snd son of Count Chariee O^ietan Leslie. 
But the House of Peers decided in fkvoor of the latter, and 
aooordix^^, in 1748, 

Anthokt Lbblib, Count Leslie, Snd son of Count Charles 
Ci^jetsn LesUe, a as heir msle, ss 19th Baron of Balquhain ; 
but his father dying in 1760, he «. to the German estatee, 
and the entail made by Count Patrick Leslie precluding him 
from.holding both the Gemoan and Scottish estates, the 
Balquhain lands went, according to the entaU, to 

Pbtbb LBSLiB^lRAirr (son of Captain John Grant, and 
grandsor of Anne Frandsoa, Ind dan. of Count Patrick 
LeslieX who then became SOth Baron of "*'q"*»*<" He d, 
umn, in 1775, and was a by 

Patbksk LBBUB-Dooum, ef Aoehinhove, as Slst Bsimi 
of Balquhain, in right of his mother, Theresa, Srd dan. of 
Count Patrick Leslie, 15th Baron of Balquhain, the entailer. 
He waa 6. in 1700, and sa in 1740, Amelia, dan. of J. Irvine^ 
Esq. of Kingeausey, and had issue. He took a very active 
part in the cause of the Btewarta, and was engaged in the 
struggles of 1715 and 1745. He d. in April, 1777, and was a 
by his scm, 

JosM Lblib, SSnd Baron of Balquhain, A in 1751. Ha 
m. 17 Nov. 1774, Violet, dau. of John DalaeU, Esq., by his 
wife the Hon. Harriet Gordon, dau. of William, Lord 
Kenmure, and by her, who d. 88 Sept 1886, he had 

I. Bbhbst, his eucoessor. 

IL John, of the Austrian service ; lost at sea. 

III. James-Michabl, who $ as 85th Banm of Balquhain. 

IV. Chablbs, now of Balquhain 

v. Anthony, now an officer in the army ; m. Jan. 1840^ 

Ann Mona^ian. 

VI. Edward, an officer in the army, d. a p. in 1813. 
viL Francis, also in the array; served in Spain and 

France; was present at Waterloo; d. t. p. 17 Jmy, 18J1. 
VIII. Louia-Zavier (twin with FisnciaX likewise In the 

L AmeUa, sa in 1801, to Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Stri- 

chen, and has a son, Thomas-Alexander, Lord Lovat 
If. Violet 

Mr. Leslie d. in Feb. 1828, sged 77, and was a by his son, 
Ebvbsv Lbslib, 83rd Baron of Balquhain, 6. In 1775, who 
entered the Austrian srmy, and served in the various oam- 
paigns fmn 1796 to 1813, and was present at most of the 
great battles, from HohenUnden t> the battle of Dreeden, in 
Oct 1813, where he was severely wounded. This flr^ntle- 
man m. 89 Jaxu 1818, the Baroness Faimy Stilfried, dau. of 
Emanuel, Baron StUfried, chamberlain to the Emperor of 
Austria, and Knight of Malta, and by her had issus^ 

Johb-Sdwabo, his successor. 

Augusta, d. WMi, at Prague, in 1837. 

Mary, sa in 1839, to her cousin, Edward, Baron Stilfried. 

Count Ernest Leslie d. at Frankfort, 15 March, 1886, and 
was s. by his son, 

Johv-Edwabd Lbbub, Count Leslie, S4th Baron of Bal- 
quhain, 5. 83 June, 1820, an officer in the Austrian sorvicu, 
who d. BHia., at Fettemear, 19 Aug. 1844, and was a by 
his undo, 

Jambb-Mighabl Lbbub, Esq., 86th Baranof Balquhain^ 

3 K 2 

L E S 

L E8 

J. P. and D.L., who d. wim., and waa i. by hia brother, the 
preaont Colosel Lbslib, of Balquhain. 

ifmu— A]^., on a fease, aa., three buckles, ov, 
Cmf— A demi-grifBn, erased, ppr. 
Supporter*— Two griffina, ppr. 
Jf o^to— Grip fost 

<S(ttt»— Fettemear House, oo. Ab ei daa u , and Hasaop Hall, 
Bakewell, Derbyahire. 


Lbslii, William, Esq., J.P. and D.L., lltb 
possessor of Warthill, oo. Aberdeen, and 23rd 
lineal male descendant of the original progenitor of 
the ancient family of Leslie, A.D. 1067, M.A. of 
Aberdeen, formerly a member of the house of Dent 
and Co., in Chini^ b. 16 March, 1814 ; m, 16 Noy. 
1848, Matilda^Roae, 2nd dau. of the late William- 
Rose Robinaon, Esq. of Clermiston, Midlothian, 
sheriff of Lanarkshire, and has isaue^ 

X. WnxiAM-DououLS, b. 18 Aug. 1849. 

XI. Geoige-Farquhar, 6. 17 Aug. 18M ; d. SO April, 1800. 
I. Mary-Boee. 

XI. Jane-Amy-Matilda. 
III. Matilda-Florenoe. 
XT. Katherine-Eyelyn. 

Mr. Leslie was elected, in Feb. 1861, M.P. for the oo. 
in succession to Lord Haddo (now Earl of Aberdeen) 
after a seyere contest, in which he was opposed, in 
the .first instance by Sir Alexander Bannerman, 
Bart, and afterwards by the Hoil Arthur-Hamilton 

%itttti^t» — Aocordlng to the best authorities, the ori- 
gloal progenitor of the fazuiliea of the suiname of Lealle, 
waa an Hungarian knight, named Bartholomew, who ap- 
peared in Sootland in 1067, during the reign of Maloohn 
Oaenmore, and, among other distinguiahed marks of royal 
favour, obtained ftom that monarch a grant of the lands of 
Fitchle, now called Lealie, in Fifeahire, Innerlepad, in An- 
g\i8 Cuahnle, ia Hair, and those now called Leslie in the 
Oarioeh. He had also the good fortune to reeoue from im- 
minent danger Haloolm'a Queen, Margaret, sister to Edgar 
Athaling, and granddau., maternally, of Solomon, King of 
Hungary, when carried away by the stream in crossing a 
river on horseback, dragging her to land by her belt or 
girdle. Hence, a belt and tiiree buckles were assigned to 
him for a ocat of arms, with Orip Fast as the motto, from. 
the queen calling out hi these words when in danger, and 
two grilBna rampant, for supporters. 

Albxandbb Lsaua, Ist of Wardea, eldest son of William 
Leslie, 4th Daron of Balquhain, by Agnes Irvine, bis 2nd 
wife, got two holly-leaves added to his armorial bcaringa as 
a distinctiye mark of his family. He m. the heretrix of 
Baleomle, in Fife, and had a aon and heir, 

John Lkslis, of Wardes, who m. 1st, Stuart, dau. of the 
Bishop of Moray, who d. $. p. ; 2ndly, Margaret Crichton, 
dau. of the Baron of Frendraught, by whom he had only 
one son, who «. him, named Alexander, whose deseendanta 
continued the Wardes* auocession, and hia great-grandson, 
John, sixth Banm, was included among the firat creation 
of Nova Scotia baroneta, 1625 ,* 8rdly, Foribea, dau. of the 
Laird of Echt, by whom he hod two sons, William and 
Alexander. The elder, 

WiLUAM LsBua^who got from his father the Kemmels of 
Dumo, fte. ; m. Isi^ a dau. of William Bowon, burgess in 
Aberdeen, hj whom he had only ane aon, J(jin, slain at 
the Ciital battle of Phikle, in 1647. He m. 2ndly, in the year 
1518, Janet Cruiokshank, heirsas of Warthill, ahe being oi4y 
aurviring child of John, son of Andrew Cruiokshank, of 
Tillymorgan. By this lady he ia reported to have had 
twenty-one children. T9ie youngest daa, BUiabeth, waa 
m. to Andrew Lyall, of MiddlehiU, and at her wedding all 
the children danced together in the " Ha* of Warthill,** 
along with both parenta^ who were then hale and strong. 
This 1st Laird of Warthill d. in 1561, and waa «. by hia aon, 
- BTEmN Lkblib, aeeond Laird of Warthill, who n. 1st, 
Majgaret Leith, of Lickloyhead, and 2udly, Bessie Spens, 
duu. to the Laird of Boddam. By hia firat lady he had two 
sons, William, hia heir ; and Alexander, who m. laabel 
Buuclman, dau. to Sir Jolm Prieat, of Oyne ; alao two daua., 
Jiilia, m, to John Anderson, son to WilUam, of Bonnyton, 
•ud MarffUfVi. m. to Andxew-Edwaxd, son of WllUam, in 

old Bayne. Thla Stephen dying in his 90th year, was i ty 
his son, 

William Liblis, third Laird of WarthiU, who ai. Mar- 
garet, dau. to Gilbert Gray, of Tullo, by whom he had two 
sons, Jamcs, his heir, and Wiluam of FoUa, of whose line 
hereafter ; alao two daughtera, Maigarat, the eldeat» at. to 
her cousin-gennan, John Gray, and Beatrix, «. Gordon, 
Laird of TUUehoudie. He d. in hia 80th year. The eldsr 

Jamu Lnua, fcnnrth lAird of Warthill, «. Beatrix Aber- 
erombie, dau. of Walter, Archdeaoon of Aberdeen, aon of 
Birkenbog, by vribom he had xnany chfUtren — aome aay 
twenty-one. Jamea Lealie d. In 1679, after attaining the 
great age of 105. Hia eldest son, 

William Lbslub, fifth lAird of Warthill, who m. Ana 
Elphinstone, dau. of the laird of Glaok, and grandniees to 
the celebrated Bishop Elphinstone, of Aberdeen, and had 
by her four aona, via., x. ALVXAimzii, hia heir; n. William, 
professor of Theology in the Unlveraity of Padua, bishop of 
Laybaoh, metropolitan of Gamiola, and a prinee of the em- 
pire, and privy oouncUlor to hia Imperial Majesty; ul 
Jamea, merchant in Aberdeen, who d. «.i>. ; and it. Jclui, 
a writer in Bdinbtixgh. The eldest son, 

Alsxanpsb Lcsxjx, sixth Laird of WarthIB, m. 1st, KIIb- 
beth Gordon, dau. of the Laird of Badenaooth, by whom he 
had three sons, George, who d. a youth at ooUege ; Joan, 
his Bucoessor; and William, who d. unm. He wl Sndly, 
Janet Gordon, dau. of the Laird of Oocklaraohiek and alaUr 
of Gordon, of Auohintoul, made general In the Musoorits 
army by the Oaar, Peter the Great ; but ahe predeeeased 
her huaband without leaving any issue. I>yiiig in 1721, 
aged 66, he was «. by his only surviving son, 

John Lsaua, seventh laird of Warthill, who m. 1st, Mary^ 
Gordon, dau. of Geoige, Laird of Rothney, who d, $. jp., and 
2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Patrick Dun, Laird of Tuty, }jj 
whom he had an only son, AitEXAirosB, hia auooessor. Bo 
d. 15 May, 1747, aged 64. 

AlexaUdkr Lxslix, eighth Laird of Warthill. Ha a. 
(1780) at the age of 19, Helen, only dau. of George Baton, of 
Mounie, by hia first wife, Ann Gibscm, dau. of Sir Aleiandcr 
Gibaon, of Addiston, in Mid-Lothian, and had by her dx 
sons and five daua. This Alexander d. in 1764, and his two 
eldest sons having predeceaaed him, he waa c. by bis third 

Alsxandeb Lxslib, ninth Laird of WarthlU, who m. 
Isabel Milne, dau. of Milne, in Fnserbuiigb. He tf. a pu 
16 Jan. 1709, when the succeesicm devolved on his nephew, 

William Lsslis, eldest surviving son of Qeoige Leslie, of 
Folia (tee the pedigrm vkidi foUov*), and In right of his 
mother, Mary (eldest married dau. of Alexander, eighth of 
Warthill), tenth Labd of WarthilL 

fumdp ot %Mit of JfoHs. 

Wiluam Lbbub of Folia, aeoond son of William, third of 
Warthill, was father, by hia 1st wife, Maijory, dan. of Wil- 
liam Crichton, brother of the Yiaoount of Frendraught, of 
an only aon, 

Jamxs Leslxi, II. of FoUa, whose eldest son, by his lit 
wife, Isabel, dau. of William Mttne, of Monkahlll, 

Thb Rev. Wiluam Lxslik, iil of Folia, $. his fiUher In 
1698, who having been provided in the church liviiig of 
Aquoreigh, co. Fermanagh, in Ireland, resided there till 
1714. He d. wmh. Sept. 1722, aged 71, and waa «. by Ui 
next brother, 

GaoROK Leslib, iv. of Folia. He m. Isabel, dau. <jf Wil- 
liam Cheyne, of Kaithen, and d. 81 June, 1730, aged 79, 
leaving a son and successor, 

Tub Rbt. William Lesub, v.* of FoUa, who rf. van. 
81 July, 1748, in his 64th year, and was $. by his onlj 

JoBH Lbslxb, ti. of FoUa. He m. Eliaabeth Gordon, dan. 
of Hugh, Laird of Culto, by whom he had tan chUdren. Of 
this numerous famUy, Gbdbob, the eldeat son, alone left 
any deacendanta, and he 9. to the property on his fiUhei'f 
death, 25 April, 1783, aged 86. 

Georob Lesub, vil of FoUa, having had the laadii made 
over to him in hia father's lifetime, m. IS June, 1768. Huy* 
third dau. of Alexander LeaUe, eighth of WarthOl {nfir 19 
prtviout pidigrtt\ by whom he had two aona and one dao., 

William, hia heir. 

George, who d. in 1798, aged S0, vmm. 

Helen, m. in 1818, to the Rev. James Innea, Episoc^pd 

minister of MeicklefoUa, by whom ahe had one eoa, 

Jamea, who d. in infanoy. 

The elder son, 
William Lbbub, Bs^ J.P. and B.L^ lOCh I^dxd of 

L E S 

L E8 

WarOiiD, ft. SO Jn&Q, 1770 ; m. 10 Jan. 1813, Jane, 8rd and 
yougMt dan. of tlia late Ber. Patrick Davidaon, D.D. of 
Bagme^ and nieoe of CUr Walter Fazqufaar, Bart, and by tUa 

L WixxiAM, hla heir. 

n. Fktilok, in New South Walea. ft. 35 Sept 1816; m. 1840. 
Katherine, Srd dan. of Hannit>al-H. Macarthur, Esq. of 
Vineyard, and has iasoe a aon, William-Norman, in the 
anny, ft. 11 June^ 1841. 

m. Walter-Stevenaon-Davidaon, ft. 11 Deo. 1818 ; m. 1800^ 
OHoUne-Anna, dan. of WUUam-Boee Robinson, Esq. 

IT. Oeorge-Farquhar, ft. 19 Aiig. 1820, a member of the 
LwialatiTe Council of New South Wales; tii. 1848, Bm- 
memM^ ftth dan. of Hannibal-H. Macarthnr, Esq., and 
d. 1800. 

▼. Jamee, ft. 5 Dec. 1824 : d. 8 Oct 1829. 

Th Thomaa-Ceats. ft. 23 Sept 1826. in China; m. 29 April, 
1857, Henrietta-Marion, 6th ana youngest dau. of^ Sir 
Bobwt Daliymple-Blphinstone, Bart ot Logie, Elphin- 

r-Ann^ m. 1886, to FatricSk Daridson, of Inehmarlo, 
~ ~ .D., and has issue^ Duncan, ft. 1843, and three 

yonnfler eons and five daus. 
n. Catherine, m. 1864, to Christopher Bolleston, Esq. son 

of the Rev. John Bolleston, of Biurton Joyce and Bhol- 

foid, Notts, and has issue a eon, ft. 1868. 

Kr. IieaUe t. to the Warthill estate, in right of his mother 
after the death of her brother Alexander, in 1790, and in 
him the lines of Warthill and FoUa were again united, he 
bein^ both heir to his maternal unde and gprandfather, and 
also lineal male representatiTe of the &mily through his 
fsther. William LeaUe, 10th of Warthill, d. 15 March, 1857, 
and WHS «. by his eldest son, the present Wiluam Lasus, 
Esq. M.P., 11th of Warthill. 

if r sM A fg., on a bend, as., three buckles, or; and Qn 
•Dneequenoe of descent ttom Wabdbs) two holly-leayes. 
Cre$t — ^A grif&n's head, erased, ppr. 
Ifotto— Orip fast 
tetf— WarthilL Aberdeenshire. 


Lbub, Emilt-Eleakora-Wilhelmina, of Balli- 
bay, 00. Monaghan, only surviving dau. and heiress 
of the late Charles-Albert LesUe, Esq. of Ballibay, 
«L 1838; M. 1827, Ist^ Arthur French, Esq. of 
Saekville Street^ Dublin, and by him (who d, March, 
1843) had issue, 

t. RobibT'Orabub Lssub Fbvkoh, Esq. of Ballibay 
Hooss^ J. P. and D.I1., Ugh sheriff for 00. Monaghan, 
1857; b. 1885; «.1888. 

n. Charies-Albeit Leslie French. 

L Btf en-Charlotte, m. James Blake, Esq. of Cregg Castle. 
• iL Albertina-GaioUne, m. to James Byan, Esq. 

The heiress of Ballibay m. 2ndly, 1844, the Rev. 
John • Charles - William Leslie^ 4th son of James 
Leslie^ Esq. of Leslie HiU, co. Antrim {tec Lesub cf 
LuUe BiU), and had issue, 

L Ferdinand-Seymour, ft. Oct. 1841 
X. Mailon-Adelaide. 

KtUSffr. — ^The Irish Lbsuvs descend fhnn the noble 
funHy of Bothes, and are allied by blood to many of the 
nobQlty of Scotland. Their first settlement in Ireland took 
piaoe in the reign of James I ; and different members of the 
fiunily now possess considerable estates in the counties of 
Monsgfaan, Antrim, Down, Don^;al, and Meath. 

TsB BiOHT Bbv. Hcnry LxsLiE (or Lesley), D.D., ft. in 
1580, removing from Scotland, settled in Irelsmd, in 1814, 
when he was ordained Priest, 8 April, 1017. He was 
Chaplain to King Chables I. He had a younger brother, 
Oenge, a Prebendaxy of Lismore, and Hector of AhoghUl, 
00. Duwn. In 1019 the crown presented him to the Prebend 
of Coonor, which in 1627 he resigned for the Deanery of 
t>amn. He was also made Treasurer of St. Patrick's, 
Imfalin, and in 1635 was advanced to the Bishopric of Down 
asd Connor, from whence at the Bestoration he was trans- 
lated to Meath. He d. in the following year, 7 April, 1661, 
leaving issue, with two daus., 

L Robert, who became sucoesstvely Bishop of Dromore, 
in Jan. 1661, Baphoe, in June following, and Baphoe, 
ICl. Hed. lOAuff. 1672. 

n. Jamss, of whose line we treat 

lu. WiUiam. 



Jaxbb Lbslo; of Ledle House, e& Antrim, ft. fl 9ov* 
1684 ; m. Jane, dan. of John Behlin, Bsq. of Ardqoln, 00. 
Down (me that/amUjf% and was suooeeded by his eldest son. 

The Vev. Hbvbv Lbbu^ D.D., Archdespon of Down. 
This gentleman who was ft. 4 Nov. 1661, was ordained 
Deacon, 18 Dee. 1676, Priest, 16 Aug. 1676. He was Chap- 
lain to the Duke of Ormond, lordlieut of Ireland. In 1680 
he obtained a Prebend in the Cathedral of Down, whidi he 
resigned in 1605, for tiie Axchdeaoonry. He m. Margaret 
Beabhan, of an Snglish fkmily, and had, with other issue, 
a son and a dau., 

Peteb, his sucoessor. 

Penelope, m. Edmund-Franels Staflbrd, Msq. of Browns- 
town, Comeath, and had a dau., Anne, m. the 1st Vii- 

Arehdeaeon Leslie d. In 178S, and was a by his son. 

The Bev. Peter Leslie, ft. in 1686, Beetor of AhoghiU, 
00. Antrim, who ta. Jane, dan. of the Bij^t Bev. Dr. Dop- 
idng. Bishop of Meath, and had isaue, 

Heubt, LL.D., his heir. 

James, of Leslie Bill, 00. Antrim, ft. in 17S8; «. Ist^ 

Mrs. Hamilton; and 2ndly, Sarah Fleming; but d. a p. 

in 1706. 

Samuel, mijor in the 14th regt, d. unm. 
BoMONn. Arehdeaeon of Down («e« Leslie, <(f LeHU HiO). 
Margaret, m. to the Very Bev. Hill Benson, appointed 

Dean of Connor, in 1758, who d. in 1775. 
Jane, m. to the Bev. Mr. Stewart 

The eldest son. 

The Bev. Hehrt Leuje, of Ballybay, ea Monaghan, 
LL.D., ft. in Oct 1710, was appointed in 1751 to the Pre- 
bend of TuUyoorbet, in the diocese of Clogher, but resigned 
it in 1759, and be<»une Prebendary of Tandragee, in the 
Cathedral of Armagh, which he held 44 years ; wl in 1753, 
Catherine, dau. of the Very Bev. Charles Mexedyth, Dean 
of Ardfert, and d. 1808, leaving issue, 

L Peter-Henry, ft. in 1756 ; killed in action in Amariea. 

II. Chables-Albebt, his heir. 

L Catherine-Letitia, m. to the Bight Bev. WilUam Foster, 
Bishop of Clogher, brother of ^e Speaker of the Iriifh 
House of Commonis, who was created Lord OrieL 

The only surviving son, 

Chaeles-Albert Lbbue, Esq. of Ballibay, 00. Monaghan, 
b. 38 May, 1765 ; m. July, 1700, Ellen, youngest dau. of 
Bichard Magenis, Esq. of Warixigstown, co. Down (Me that 
famUjf\ and left at his decease, in 1888, an only surviving 
dau., EMiLT-EuEAKOBA-WiLBELifiVA, uow of Ballibay. 

^rnM— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., on a bend, aa., three 
buckles, or, for Leslie; 8nd and 8ra, or, a Uon, rampant, 
gii., debruised by a riband, sa., for Abbbitbtbt. 

Orat — ^An AngeL 

AroMo--Orip fast 

<8ea^— Ballibay House, 00. Monaghan. 


Lbslib, JaiUB^EoHTTirD, Esq. of Leslie HtU, co. 
Antrim, eduoated at the University of Edinburgh, 
J.P. and D.L., high shert£f co. Antrim, 1854^55, ft. 
3 April, 1800; m. 14 April, 1823, Sarah, youngest 
dau. of the Right Rev. Daniel Sandford, IXD., 
Bishop of Edinburgh (sm BiLSDVoaxx qf Sandford), 
and has issue, 

I. James-Sandford, ft. 10 Aug. 1894 ; d. 26 Jan. 1820. 

II. Henry-Erskine^ ft. 15 I7ov. 1825 ; d. 10 Feb. 1820. 

III. Edmund • DoxTQUu^ capt. royal Antrim rifles, ft. 
22 Sept. 1828. 

IV. Daniel-Sandford, ft. 5 March, 18^0 ; d. 28 Dee. 1830. 

V. Seymour-Montague, in the dvH service, ft. 14 Nov. 

Ti. Francis -Macnaghten, lieut. 53rd Bengal N.I., and 

capt royal Perth rifles, b. 7 Feb. 1837. 
VII. Erskine-Douglas, ft. and d. June, 1880. 
z. Fttmces-Mary. 
II. Mary-Wilhelmina. 
m. Sarah-Agnea 
IV. Jane-Elisabeth. 

fLdteaS^*— Thb Yen. EnHUim Lesub, D.C.L., ap- 
pointed Archdeacon of Down, in 1782, and also a Prebeiidaiy 
of Connor; b. in Nov. 1785, 4th son of the Bov. Peter 
Leslie (tee Leslie <^f BaUihay) ; m. 1st, Jane, dau. of John 
Maonaughten, Bsq. of Benvarden, 00. Antrim, and had Y-j 



Peter, d in London. 
Bartholom«w; d. In India. 
jAxn, of whom preaentiy* 
Edmund, d. in India, 
llaiy, m. Bot. Mr. Boraaton. 

Arohdeooon Leslie m. 2ndly, Eleanor, dan. of George Portis» 
Esq. of London, and had by her, 

I. Geoxge, who m. Elisabeth, dau. and heir of Franolfl 
Hutoheeun. D.D. of Donaghadee, oa Down, by whom he 
left at hlB decease^ in 18S1, 

1 Edmnnd-Franda, of Donaghadee, eo. Down, J. P., 
B.A., of Trinity College. Dublin, and formerly capt 
North Down riflee : b. 1817 ; «. 1858 ; m. 1855, Florinda. 
dan. of B.-B. Bagley, Esq., and widow of Nathaniel 
Alncander, Esq. m Portglenone, formerly M.P. for the 
oa Antrim, and has a dau., Elisabeth-Florinda. 

S George, eapt royal artillery. 

1 M ary-Ellinor. m. William-ThomaB Poe, Eaq. of Souls- 
b(Mx>' : and <L leaylng iaaue. 

9 Elisabeth, d. young. 

8 Mien, m. to Daniel De la Cherols, Esq. of I><maghadee, 
oft Down. (See thtU name.) 

IL Heniy, Dean of Connor from 1825 to 1888, when he 
resignea for preferment in England. He m. Harriett, 
widow of — IngliA, Esq., and d. «. o. 1848. 

in. Samuel, rear-adminu B.N., m. Sfartha, dan. of George 
Vaughan, Eaq. ; and d. i. p. Sept 1851. 

I. Ellen, m. to the Rev. Stephen Dickson, younoest son of 
Dr. Williun Dickson, lord-bifihop of Down ana Connor; 
and d. in giving birth to her dau., Ellen, m. to Dr. 

Arehdeaoon Leslie's eldest surviving son, 

Jambs Lbslik, Esq., J. P. and D.L., «. to the estates of 
Leslie Hill upon the demise of his uncle, James Leslie, Esq., 
1796. In 1799 he was high-sheritr for the co. Antrim. 
He was b. 17 July, 1768, and d. 17 April, 1847, having m. 
28 Feb. 1795, Mary, dau. of Adam Cuppage, Esq. of Doni- 
ooney, oo. Down, by whom, who d. 1 Feb. 1847, he had 

L Jambs-Edmond, now of Leslie HilL 

II. Henry, of Seaport Lodge, BusbmiUs, A.M., Trin. CblL 
Dublin, J. P. foroo. Antrim; m. SO Aug. 1849, Harriet- 
Ann, eldest dau. of Captain Thomas-Job-Seyer Hanmer, 
R.N., of Holbrook HaA, Suffolk, and has issue, Henry- 
Banmer, b. 1 Dec. 1858, Mary-Emily, Helen-Maria, and 

III. Franoes-Seymour, of the Home Office ; married. 

IV. John-Chablk8 William, in holy orders, m. Emily- 
Eleanor- Wilhelmina, widow of A. French, Esq., and dau. 
and heiress of Charles-Albert Leslie, Esq. of BctUibay (<ee 
LflULia qf BaiUbay), 

Arm; kc—Se* Lsblis <tfBalUbay. 

-Leslio fliU, Ballymoney, oo. Antrim. 


LlBLii, Charles-Powbll^ Eaq. of Castlelesley, 
Glaaslough, oo. Monaghao, lord-lieutenant of the 
«K Honaghan, honorary colonel of the Monagban 
militiay and M.P. for that co. since 1842, 5. 18 Sept 
1821 ; f. his father 15 Nov. 1831. 

IL{t10JCS(* — ^Bishop John Lebub, or Lisley, the foun- 
der of the Glasslough branch of the Leslie family, in Ireland, 
a descendant of the house of Balquhain, in Aberdeoushire, 
was 5. in the north of Scotland, and educated first at Aber- 
deen, and then at Oxford, of which he was D.D. Of this 
distinguished divine, there is an interesting account in Sir 
James Ware's HUtory qf Ireland^ edited by Harris. He was 
oonaeerated in 1028, Bishop of the Isles, in Scotland, whence 
he was translated to Raphoo, in 1633, and thence translated 
to the see of Clogher, 17 June, 1661. He d. at his seat at 
Castle Lesley, alioM Glasslough, in Sept 1671. His lord- 
ship's 2nd son and successor, 

TbbRxv. Charues LcBLiB, M.A., chancellor of the cathe- 
dral of Connor, 1686, d. March, 1722, at his seat, Glasslough. 
(fist a memoir of this eminent divine and writer in Cottom's 
Fatti BecUtia BibemiecB,) His son and successor, 

RoBBBT Lasus, Esq. of Glasslough, m. Frances, dau. of 
John Bogerson, chief-Justice of the Court of King's Bench, 
in Ireland, and had (with a dan., Annabella, m. to the late 
Robert Ldgh, Esq. of Ruse Garland, oo. Wexford) a son 
and suooessor, 

CHABLBs-PowaLL Lbslib, Bsq. of Glasslough, M.P. for 
the 00. of Monagban, who m. 1st, 22 May, 1765, Prudenoe- 
Penelope, dau. of Arthur-Hill Trevor, 1st Yisoount Dun- 
gaaaon, and had two sons, 

I Ckabl»-Fow8IA, his heir. 

II. John, D.D., 5. 1774, oonseerated Bishop of Dromors, 
in 1812, and translated to the see of Blphin, In 1820. In 
1841, the sees of Kilmore and Ardagh were united to 
Elphin. His lordship m. 1 Aug. 1808, Isabella, tnd dan. 
of the Hon. and Right Rev. Thomas 81 Lawrence. Bishiip 
of Cork and Boss, and. d. 22 Feb. 1854, leaving issue by 
her (who d. 80 Nov. 1880X 

1 Charles, in holy orders, m. 8 April, I8S4. the Hon. 
Frances King, 8rd dau. of Viscount Lorton, but became 
a widower 28 July, 1835. He m. 2ndly, 82 Aug. 1837, 
Louisa-Mary. 2nd dau. of Ma)or-Gon. the Hon. Sir 
Heniy King, K.C.B.. brother of the Earl of Kingston. 
S John, barrister-at-Iaw, m. 1854) Maria, dau. of the 

Rev. J. Peek. 
8 Thomas, m. 4 June, 1856, Anne, eldest dan. of Sir 
Edward Hoare, Bart. 
4 Arthur, Ueut-coL 40th foot 

1 Franoes-Anne-Prudentla, m. the Bev. J. PaplBon, and 
d. April, 1858. 

2 Emma, m. 4 July, 1887, to the Bev. Nlflholae-R. Toke, 
M.A., of Goddenton, Kent 

8 Charlotte. 
4 Isabella. 

HaiTiet» m. 1840, J.-B. Vernon, Bsq. , and d in Mareh, 

Mr. Leslie m. 2ndly, Mary- Anne, dan. of the Rev. Joshua 
Tench, <tf Bryanstown, oo. Wexford, and by that lady had, 

Edward, in holy orders, B.D. of Ch. Ch., Ozon. He was 
treasurer of Diromore Cathedral flrom 1817 till 1847, when 
he exchanged that dignity for the rectory of Aunohllt, 
Hillsborouffh, oo. Down. He m. Margaret, dau. of the 
Bev. Mr. lugginson, of Lisbume. in the co. of Antrim. 

Emily-Jane, m. to the Bev. John Hallward, Vicar of 
Assmgton, in Suffolk. 

Harriet, m. to the Uev. William Hallward, Rector of 
Minden, in Suffolk. 

Mary-Anne, d. vnm, 

IsabiBlIa-Frances, m, 28 June, 1821, to Anthony CUHb, 
Esq. of Bdlevue, oo. Wexford (tee that name), 

Mr. Leslie d. in 1800, and was «. by his eldest son, 

OoL. Cbarlbb-Powbll Leblib, of Glasslough, J P., wiio 
was high sherifTin 1788, ipd M.P. for the oo. of Mona^^ 
1802-26, and col. of the Monaghan militia. He m. Ist, 
Anne, dau. of the Rev. Dudley-Charles Ryder, of Merrion 
Square, Dublin, and had by hw, 


Charlotto, d. nam. 

Anne, m. to John Gurdon, Esq. of Assington, in SuflSoUc 

He m. 2ndly, 24 May, 1810, Christiana, youngest dau. of 
George Fosbeny, Bsq. of donme, oob Tiimeriek («m that 
name), and by that lady had, 

X. Chabuss-Powbui, now of Glasslough. 

II. John, of Ch. Ch., Oxford, B.A., b. 1828; m. Constanee, 
dau. of CoL Lionel Dawson-Damer, of tiie Porlarlingtua 
family, and hns issue, John and Mary. 

III. Thomas, eapt. royal horse-guards, m. 10 July, 1800, 
Emma -Louisa -Catherine, on^ sister of Sir CbarlsB 
Slingsby, Bart. 

I. Christiana, m. 20 Feb. 1848, the Rev. the Maiqae« of 

II. Prudentia-Penelope, m. 14 Aug. 1850, Georae-Atwusttu- 
Cavendish Bentinck, only son of Major-Oenerai Lord 
Frederick-Cavendish BenUnok, 4th son of the 8rd Duka 
of Portland. 

ni. Julia. 

IV. BmUy. 

CoL Leslie d. 15 Nov. 1881. 

Arm$ (duly registered)— Quarteriv: 1st and 4th, ug., in 
base, three uiisUe-leaves, conjoined, vert, on a fbsse. gu., 
three oval buckles, or : 2nd and Srd, quarterly, 1st ana ith, 
atg., on a bend, as., three oval buckles, or; 2ndandSrd, 
or, a lioo, nmpant, gu., over all a bendlet, sa. 

Crete— A griffin's head, erased, gu. 

ATotto— Grip fast. 

fiea^—Casttelesley, Glasslough, Monaghan. 

See Sttlbman-Lb SiBANOBi 

See Carlbton. 


Leyett, Richabd-Btbd, Esq. of MUford Hall, oo. 
Stafford, J.P. and D.L., of Christ Ghurohi Oxioro 



(&A. 18S0>, lieut-col commanding the 8rd regt, 
Staffordshire rifle militia, and formerly an officer 
60th royal rifles, b, 24 Nov. 1810 ; m. 1 Aug. 1848, 
Eiisabeih-Mary, dau. of John Jiiirehouse, Esq. of 
Brownalade, eo. Pembroke, late common serjeant of 
London, by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Dr. Fisher, 
Bishop of Salisbuxy, and has issue^ 

I. Bi0SAn>-WAi.TSit-B7iu>, b. 5 May, 1840. 
n. WiUiam-SwiiuMrton'-Bynl, b. Jan. 1SS6. 
m. Eigertcm-BagolrByrd, b. Feb. 1867. 
IT. Waltar-LeveMa-Byrd, b. Aug. 1850L 
I. LoviiaBplfaiy. 
n. STdyn-HononL 

lUlUXJIf • — ^This family were fbnnefly Lords of Fiile, 
in fkmmx, ajx 1S1& William Lsmr, Baq. of SaTemake, 
OD. inita, page to King Ghablsb I at tiae time of thafc 
OMMianh's death, wm ftither of Snt BiOKiatD Idnrnr, Knt. 
lofd-major of London in 1700, ^nHo had, «pith ether iasoe^ 
adaa., BUMbeth, m, ftt ms, t» Sir Bd^ravd Hnise^ Bart., 
ILD., and a son, Rwwaim Jatnut, Baq., a Uetinaa of 
hmadan, who m. Anne SW6etq)i% and had aacm and aiio- 
oeaMHr, the Bvr. Riohabd Lktcr; Beotor of BHtbfield and 
Ladigh, oo. Stafford, irtm ». Oatherine Waloot, of Waioofv eo. 
Bri^p, and WM father of 

Est. BiQHAan IiBVCtt, Vioar of West Wyoombe, 
who ». Lucy. dan. and hdr of Bdward Byrd, Esq. 
of Field and Brooton, eo. Stafford and of SmaUwood, oo. 
Obeeter, and by her (through whom eame the Mitford 
estate) left at his deoeaee, in 1806, a son and aacoeasor, 

Tan Bw. Biohabd Letkit, of Milford Hall, b. 17 Not. 
177S, who m. 16 Jan. 1804, LouisarFrances, 4th dau. of the 
Her. Walter Bagot, of Blithfield, eo. Stafford (brother of 
the let Lord Bagot), by Anne, his wife, dau. of William 
Bwtnneitoii, Esq. of Bntterton Hall, oo. Stafford, and had 

BtOBARD-BTSD, uow of Milford HalL 

Xr. Lerett d. In Aug. 1843. 

A r m* A rg.f a Uon. rampant, aa., murally crowned, or, 
and two c ro a e e a fl tchee, in pale, between two piles, iaauing 
from ttie dexter and ainistor chiefb, aa., eadi pile charged 
with three croaa oa croealet, fitch^ of the third. 

Cra t A demi-lion, or, entwined with a aprjg of laurel, 
vert, and supporting a cross-crosalet, fttohte, aa. 
-Milford aHL near Stafford. 


Letbtt, Thsophilub-John, Esq. of Wichnor Park, 
CO. Stafford, J.P. and D.L., lieut. Stafifordshire 
yeomanry, and formerly capt. 1st life-guards, b.ll 
Deo. 1829; m. 10 Jan. 1856, Lady Jane-Lissey- 
Harriet Feilding, dan. of the present Earl of Den- 
bigh, and has issue, 

I. TaaoFHiLUS-BASiL-PBacY, b. Deo. 1858. 

r* — THaopHiLUS LxvcTT, Esq. of Wichnor 
Park, oo. Staflbrd, deriyed from a common ancestor with 
the liBTEm qf Milford Hall, m. Mary, Snd dau. and co-heir 
of John BaUngton, Esq. of Packingtan, co. Warwick, and 
dying in 1748, left issue, Thomas ; John, who purc^iased 
Wichnor, in 1705 ; Richard, in holy orders ; and Anne, m. 
to the BoT. Blchard Levett, of West Wyoomb. The eldest 

- Tvovas liVTSTr, Esq. -of Widmor Park, m. in 1783, 
Oatherlne, dau. and eyeutually co-heir of Charles Floyer, 
£eq. of Hints, oo. Stafibrd, by Susanna, his wife, dan. and 
oo-heir of Waldyre Willington, Esq. of Hurley, oo. War- 
wlek, and had issue, 

TBBoraiLua, his heir. 

Thomas, in holy orders, of Faokington, m. Wilmot-Haria, : 

dan. of Sir N.-B. OrBsley, Bart ; but d. «. p. in 1843. 
Aiine^ cC. unm. 
Ctfkhuina, m. in 17M, to her cousin, WUliam-Humberstone 

CanHey-Floyer, Eaq. of Hints HaU, oo. Stafibrd. 

The aon and heir, 

THSOPRiLire LxvsTT, Esq. of Wichnor Park, high sheriff 
of StafRndahire 50 Oboboe III, and recorder of the city of 
lidiftdd, m. Frances, dau. of Thomaa Frinsep, Esq. of' 
Crozall Hall, oo. Dert^, and had issue, x. Jorw, his heir ; 
ft. Theophilaa, m. Henrietta, dan. of the Rev. John Templer, 
ef Demabire; ui. Thomas^ who took the sumamo of Pbin- 

8«p : he m. Ist, Margaret, dau. of David Monroe Esq., by 
whom he had one sturvlving dau.; and 2ndly, Caroline, 
dau. of the Bev. John Templer; it. Arthur, married; 
I. Frances, m. to William Oist, Esq. ; il Mery, m. to the 
BoT. John Muokkatoae ; and m. Anne. Mr. Lerefet A 
S Dec. 1839, and was t. by his son, 

JoBN LvTBTT, Eaq. of Wichnor Faik and Paekington 
Hall, who m. 19 Feb. 1889, Bophla-EUn, niece of the Mar- 
quess of Ailsa, and dau. (tf the Hon. Bobert Kennedy, by 
Jane, his wife, sister oi Gen. Alexander Macomb, oom- 
mander-in-ohief of the armies of the United States la 
Americsi and d. in 1858, leaving issue, 

Thsophxli7b-Joh», now of Widmor Park. 

Bobert-Thomaa-Kennedy, 6. 89 April, 18S1; «i.l8dO,his 
couidxL Maxgaret Leyett-Prinoen. 

Bdward, b. 18 Dec. 1838, major 10th hussan. 

Gharlea-Biohard, b. 14 June. 1884, lieut lat King*s dragoon- 
guards; m. 1869, Katharine, eldest dau. of Cap^ WU- 

Hemy-Qoidon, b. 90 July, 1841. 

Bophhk-FnuMea-Maisaret, m. 9 Oct I860, the Hon. and 
Bev. 0.-B. Legge, brother of the Earl of Dartmouftu 

Jrm»— Arg., a lion, rampant, between three eroeses-croes- 
let fltch^, sa., a bordura, engrailed, aa., charged with four 
croasea -croealet, fltdh6e^ and four ileuxB-de>lis, altemately, 

CreH-^A demi-llnn, aig., ducally crowned, or, gorged with 
a collar, as., in the dexter paw a croes-crosslet, fitcnte. so., 
the siiiister paw resting on an escutcheon, of the third, 
charged with a fleur-de-lis, or. 

iSeot— Wichnor Park, Lichfield, oo. Stsllbrd. 

Lewin, Fredebiok • Mobtimeb, Esq. of 


Hollies, Kent, J.P. for Kent and Hants, 6. 30 
Aug. 1798 ; m. 9 April, 1839, Augusta-Diana, elder 
dau. of Thomas-Qisbome BabingMx>n, Esq. of 
Rothley Temple, co. Leicester (ms that family), by 
Augusta-Julia, his wife, sister of the Earl of Qains- 
borough and 4th dau. of Sir Gerard Noel, Bart., by 
his wife, Diana, Baroness Barham in her own rights 
By this lady (who is deceased) Mr. Lewin had issuer 

I. FRBDaaics-ChiALOMBB, b. 5 June, 1842. 

xi. Lionel-Henry, b. 25 June, 1840. 

III. Mortimer, 6. IS Oct 1847. 

X. MMy-Hale. 

IX. Augusta-Noel, b. 10 April, 1841 ; d. 18 June, 1850. 

III. Diana-Spencer. 

IV. Julia-Babington. 

y. Charlotte Octavia, b. 15 June, 1850 ; d. 8 Dee. 1850. 

V^intKQt* — ^This family, one of the most ancient seated 
in Kent, claims, by tradition, to be descended from Leolfwin, 
King Harold's brother, who fell at the battle of Hastings. 
In recent times, Bichabd Lswin, Esq. of the Hollies, 
Bexley, Kent, m. in 1752, Mary Brown, of an andeut family 
seated at Hampstead, and d. in 1810, leaving by her (who 
d. 1760), 

X Thomas, his heir 

li. Richard, of Eltham, Kent, whose 2nd son, SirOregory- 

AUnutt Lewin, RN., afterwards a b.'urister-at-law, »i. 

1824, Eliaabeth-Caroline, dAU. of William Buller, Eitq. of 

Haidwell Hall, Northamptonshire, and had lasue, two 

sons and three doua. 

III. John. 

IV. Gregory. 

V. Frederick. 

VI. Edward. 
viL John. 

I. Mary. 

II. Mary. 

The eldest son, 

Thomas Lkwin, Esq. of The Hollies, b. 18 April, 175.'^ ; 
m. in 1784, Mary, dau. of Major-Gen. John Hale, of Plan- 
tation, near Gisborough, Yorkshire (4th son of Sir Bernard 
Hale, chief baron of th^ Exchequer in Ireland see Hals of 
Kvnffe WaUien), by Mary Chaloner, his wife (aee lbalonkr 
of Guitborough), and d. in 1837, having had issue by her, 
who survived to 1843, 

I. Thomas. 

u. Biohard-John, m. Jane;, widow of T. Flumer, Esq., 

III. Frederick, deceased. 

IV. Fbedbrick-Mobtimxb, now of The Hollies. 

V. Wimam-Gharles-JameB, m. in 1827, Jane Laprixnandaye^ 
and has four soxia and a dau. 



▼I. Geofflo-Herbert, m. 18S6, Mary Friend, and has tiiMO 

80110 and two daua. 
Tu. Edward-Bernard-Hale^ m. Matilda Biyaa, and haa 

two sons and a dau. 
▼II U Bmiliua. 
I. Mary-Hale, m. 1808^ Charles Marsh, Baq., and has aeon 

and three daoB. 
u. Ann, deooAsed. 
in. Harriet, m. 1820, Geoxge Grote, Esq., the historian of 


IT. Charlotte, m. 1884, Thomas Lewln, Esq. 
▼. Franoes-Eiiza, m. Trill von Kooh, JElsq. of Stockholm, 
' and has issue four sons and a dau. 

^rma— Per pale, ffu. and or, three bucks* heads. 
C^t— A buck, tnppant, quarterly, or and 
Motto— THen sait tout. 
Seat—ThB Hollies, Bezley, Kent 


Lv^nr, Fredebig-Thomas, Esq. of Clogbans, co. 
Hayo, J.P., b, 1828. 

ILintXS^* — Mr. Lewln Is only son of Thomas Lewin, 
Esq., by Anna, 4th dan. ol Westropp Boss-Lewin, Esq. of 
Cornfield, oo. Clare («ee Bobs-Lbwin). 

Javb-Ann Lswin, eldest dau. and oo-heiress (with her 
sister, Barbara, m. to Balph Benson, Esq. of Lutwyche 
HaU, oo. Salop, M.P.) of Thouas Lxwin, Esq. of Cloghan's 
House, CO. Mayo, and of the oo. Galway, m. in 1792, Capt. 
Henry- Warner Horsfall, 39th regt., son of CoL Horsfall, of 
Blackheath, Kent, and by him (who d, at Lisbon, in 1802) 
had an only son, of whom presently. She m. 2ndly, CoL 
John-Scoop Colquitt, of the gren. -guards, by whom she 
had, Ernest-Augustus, and Georgina-Maiy. The only son 
of the first marriage, 

Chbistophcr-Tuomas-Hxnrt- Warner Hobsvall-Lbwin, 
b. 6 Jan. 1793, assumed the name and arms of Lxwnr by 
desire of his maternal g^randf ather, and became of Cloghans, 
CO. Mayo, under that gentleman's will of 1797. Mr.HorsfaU- 
Lewin having sold the Cloghan's estate, it was purchased 
8 Oct. 1851, by his cousin, the present Fbbdbbio-Thoii as 
Lbwik, Esq. of Cloghans, with whom Mr. O.-T.-H. Hors- 
fall'Lewin resides. 

.^mu— Arg., a bend, engr., sa., between two trefoils, 
slipped, yert. 
Cre$t—A demi-Uon, holding between his paws a trefoH 
Motto— SpeB mea in Deo. 
SMt— Cloghans, Foxhall, oo. Mayo. 

See Rosb-Lewin. 


Lewin, Samuel, Esq. of Womaston House, co. 
Radnor, J.P., 5. 4 Deo. 1799 ; m. 27 July, 1837, 
Sarah, eldest dau. of John Smart, Esq. of Manor 
House, ChigwoU, Essex, and has issue, 

X. Bamubl, b. May, 1838. 

zi. Perdyal-John, 6. 1 Noy. 1840. 

L Sophia. 

%ivitli^t» — Samubl Lewot, son of Samuel Lewin, m. 
Mary Millar, dau. of Mr. Pollard, consul at Aleppo, and had 
two sons, Samubl and Charles-De^ereux, and three daus., 
Elizabeth, Henrietta, and Sophia. The elder son, 

Bamdbl Lbwik, Esq. of Womaston, m. in 1796, Mary 
Furmage, and had issue, i. Samuel, now of Womaston ; 
XL Alezander-Percival ; iii. James-Davies ; x. EUsabeth ; 
XL Maxy ; xii. Sophia; and it. Hannah-Puget. 

.^rm*— Or, a chey., engr., as., between three escallops, in 
chief; gu. . and a buck's head, erased, in base, of the last 

Orut~~A sea-Uon, ppr.. the tail no wed, holdUig in the paws 
a shield, gu., chargeawlth an escallop, or. 

Ste^— womaston House, co. Badnor. 


Lewib, Hbnbt, E8<|. of Qreenmeadow, co. Glamor- 
gan, J.P. and D.L., high sherifif for co. Glamorgan 
1868, 6. 11 March, 1815; m. 1st. in 1844, Anne, dau. 

of Walter Morgan, Esq. of Merthyr, and hy hm (who 
d. in 1857) had issue, 

X. Hbitbt, b. 1847. 

IL Thomas- Wyndham, 6. 1848. 

I. Mary-Price. 

n. Blsnche-Bllsa. 

in. Dorothy-Axme. 

Bfr. Lewis m. 2ndly, in 1858, Sophia^ dan. of the 
late CoL Gwynne of Glanbrane. 

%in$K^* — Gwabthvoid, son of Qwlydden, byMoifjdc^ 
his wife, dau. and sole hdr of Owain ap Teithwaleh, Lord of 
Cardigan, and the 12th in descent from leon, of the lineage 
of the Princes of Britain, was contemporary with Edgab, 
King of the Saxons, and on being ordered by the Saxoo 
King EooAB to row Usbaige upon the Dee, reftued, saying, 
" Fear Mm wfto feart not decUA"— <Ofher na otno angao.) 
Owaethyoed m. Morfydd, dan. and oo-hetr of Ivor, Lixd of 
Qwent, by whom he was father of 

KiKDBYUB, who m. Nest, dau. of Tangno ap Cadwael, 
Lord of Ardudwy, in North Wales, and was father of 

Cbditob, Lord of liancayaoh, in Moiganwg (Glamotgan- 
shire), who m. Owanllian, dau. and heir of Madoo ap 
Caradoe^ heiress of Senghenydd. His son, 

Mbubxo ap Cbdtoir, was father of 

Ivor ap Mbubig, known in Welsh histoxy as Itob Baob 
(that is, iTor Petit or Little Ivor), who, though a man of 
low stature, was of high mind and courage ; he m. Eleanor, 
dau. of Bys ap Griffith ap Bys ap Tudor, Lord of SouUi 
Wales, and had issue, G&irriTH ap Iyob, Lord of Seng- 
henydd, living 1174, father by Mabel, his wife, dau. of the 
Earl of Gloucester, of Bhts ap Griffith, Lord of Seng- 
henydd, who m. a dau. of Torath, Lord of Caerieon, and 
had a son, 

Griffith ap Bhts, of Senghenydd, was taken in OmIcI 
Coch, by De Clare, who put out his eyes, probably abook 
1257, and seized upon the landa of Senghenydd. He was 
father of 

HowBL Vblyn ap Griffith, who m. Sarah, dau. of 8k 
Mayo le Soer, Elnt., Lord of St. Pagan's, and was father of 

Madoo ap Howbl Vbltk, Lord of St. Faganls and 
Emrych, who m. Everydd, dau. and co-heir of Lewis ap 
Bhys ap Bosser, descended trom Bledden ap Maenarch, sad 
had a son, 

Llewbltn ap Maxxxj, of Merthyr, father, by Joan, bis 
wife, dau. of Llewelyn ap Bys ap Grono, Lord of Olyn 

Llbwblyh Vtohab ap Llbwblth, who m. Anne, dan. of 
Evan ap Einion, of Pryscedwyn, and was direct ancestox' of 

Edward Lbwis, of the Van, sheriff 1548, 1555, and 1559, 
who first adopted the family surname. He m. Anno, dao. 
of Sir WiUiam Morgan, of Pencoed, and was «. by his ion, 

Thomas Lbwis, of the Van, sheriisr 15(59, who m. 1st, Ma^ 
garet, dau. of Bobert Gamage, Esq. of Coyi^ ; and 2ndly, 
Catherine, dau. of Sir George Mathew, Knt. of Badir, U^ 
sheriff for Glamoiiganshire in 1546. By his first wife be 
left an eldest son and successor, 

Sir Edward Lbwis, Knl of the Van, Penmark, 8t 
Pagan's, Comtown, and Llantrithyd, 6. 1560 ; sheriff IdOl 
and 1612, knighted at Theobald, 1603, who m. Blanch, sister 
of Sir William Moxgan, of Tredegar, and had foui* sooa^ 

L Edward (Sirl of the Van, who m. Anne, dau. of Robert 
Earl of Doxse^ and widow of Lord Beauchamp, and was 
ancestor of Lewis of Borestal, Bucks, of Edington, Wilts, 
and of Van, oo. Glamoxgan, now represented by Babovibs 


* The intervening descent follows >- 

Llbwbltx Vtohakst Axme, dau. of Evan ap SIniaa 

Bys ap Llbweltn VroHAnrsMaiigaret, dau. of Tbomsi 

Bassett, of St Hilary. 

Llbwbltn Axiwyl ap BYSssJanet, dau. of Griffith ap Ho* 

wel Gam, of lianvrynaeh. 

BiCRABD GwTN AP LLBW-asCccil, dau. of Evau Trahaem 
BLYK, of Merthyr I ap Meyiick, of Merthyr. 

1. Dau. of Levds: 
ap Bosser ap 


eLbwis APaaS. Gwlsdys, dau. and heir of 
BiOHARD levan-JohnapIevanapPhUla 
GwYN of Merthyr. and widow of 

Morgan Tnomaa. 

BiCHARD, ancestor of the 
Pritohards of Llaucayach. 

Edward LBWii^ 
of the Van. 



n. WOUam (Sir, Xnt) 

in. NieholM. 

IT. TnncAB (SirX of whom prcMnQj. 

Ibe 7o<mgaflt aon, 

Bn Tbomas Lswn^ of Pannurk FUmb, knighted «t White- 
ban, ICS8, m. the dso. of Edmund Thomas, Esq. of Wenvoe, 
and djiag 19 IXw. 1060, left issue, 

Thomaa, of Fsnmaik Flaoe, aherifriOTi, d «. s. 1989, 


Ka t h a ri n e, m. to Edward Kem^ya^ Esq. 

Vie Snd son, 

Oabrixl Idnm, Esq. of Llanishen, sheriiTin 1614, 1C.P. 
fcr Cardiff, «•. BUaOieth, dan. of William Qwne, Esq. of 
Ned^ and left a dan., EUaabeth, m. to Edward Heihert, 
Esq. of Oogan, and a son and suooessor, 

Tbokab Lbwxb, Esq. of Uaniahen, sheriiTin 1629, who m. 
Beaaor, dan. of KHlliam Jones, of Abeis^TBnny, and was 
«. byldsaon, 

Oabbisl Ijswib, Esq. of LUnishen, sheriff in 1662, who 
ai. Ctraoe, d«n. of Humphrey Wyndham, Esq. of DnnnTen 
GmUo, 00. Glamorgan, and was fiither of 

TmoMAB IjBwia. Esq. of Tilanishen, high iheriff in 1688. 
He at. let, EUaabeth Van, by whom he had vaon, 

TaouAM, aheriff in 1746, who left one son, Wyndham, &. in 
1751; and two deus., EUsabeth and Blanche, who all 

Jane, m. WiUiam Bruoe, Esq. of Llanblethian. 
Qraoe, ai. to Dr. Bates, of Cowbridge. 

UKanaa Lewis m. Sndly, Elixabeth, dau. of Heniy Moigan, 
Esq. ai PenUwyn, oo. Monmouth, and had, with a dau., 
Grace, e son, 

Thomas Lewis, Esq. of Newhouse, high sheriff of Gla- 
moiganahire in 1757, who m. Eliaabeth, dau. of Morgan 
Thomas, Esq. of Bubina, and left at his deoeaae, 1764, sged 
■izty-five^ two sons, Wtndham, his heir ; and William, of 
The Forge and Greenmeadow ; sheriff 1790, d. «. p. The 
elder son. 

Tax Bxv. Wtxdham Lewis, of Newhouse, m. Mai^garet, 
don. and OTentnal heir of Samuel Price, Esq. of Park, oo. 
GUmoigaa, by Katharine, his wife, dsu. and heir of John 
Williams, Esq. of LUn^air, and had issue, 

L Thokas, of Newhouse, m. 7 April, 1802, Dorothy- 
Augusta, dau. of John (Goodrich, Esq. of Energlyn, oa 
Giamomm, and left (with twodaus., Dorothy-Price, wife 
of J.'S. Luigley, Esq., and Marv-Shedden, deoeaaed) 
one aon, Johh Lswis, Esq. of Newhouse, who d. m. p. 

n. HivsT, of whom presently. 

IXL Wyndham, of Greenmeadow, oo. Glamoigan, 6. 7 Oet 
1780. M.P. for Cardiff in 1820, for Aldburgh in 1827, and 
for Maidstone in 1835 ; tn. in 1815, Mary- Anne, only dau. 
of John Evans, Eaq. of Brampford Speke, Deyonshire, 
and 4. 4. jp. 14 Marcn, 1838. His widow M. 2ndly, the 
Bf^t Hon. B. D'Israeli, M.P. 

IT. WiUiam-Prioe, in holy ordexa^ vicar of Llanishen ; d. 
1M9, leaving issue. 

L Maxy-Anne, m. to Biohard-Rice Williams, Esq. 

u. Kaiherine, at. Ist, to Thomas Williams, Elsq. ; and 
Sndly, to James BracQey, Esq. of BristoL 

The 2nd son, 

HssmT Lswis, Esq., of Park and Greenmeadow, an 
oOoer in the army ; b. 26 May, 1774 ; d. 26 Sept. 1838. He 
m. Mary, dau. of George, and sister to the Bev. Charles 
Emeraoo, and by her (who d. at Greenmeadow, 10 Aug., 
1641) bad issue, 

HsmiT, now of Greenmeadow. 

WyndhMtt, d. young. 

H^yndham-WiUiam, of The Heath, and Newhouse. oo. 
Glamorgan, J. P. and D.L, B.A. of Worcester CoU., 
OzoOy 6. 10 Aug. 1827 ; 9. to the estates of his uncle in 
1849 ; sheriflC 1356 6 ; m. Annie, dau. of George Overton, 
of Merthvr, and has issue, Annie-Mary Price. 

rhariea, a. young. 

Mary-Jane, m. Henry-Andrew Yaugban, Esq., and has 

Anne-Frioe, m. Georae-Thomas Clark, Esq. of Frimhurst, 

oo. Surrey, and baa Imue. 
Catherine Price, m. George Collins Jackson, Esq., major 

in the Tih, huaaara, and has issue. 

J r ms Quarterly t 1st, sa., a lion, rampant, arg. ; 2nd, sa., 
• ehev.. b e twe e n three spear heada, aa., embowed, gu. ; 3rd, 
sa., a ohev., between three fleura-de-Us, or; 4th, or, on a 
quarter, gu., two lions, piasant-guardant. 

CV«4-— Lbwis — ^A Uon, scjjant, aig. Pbiob— A paschal lamb 

l^r f&ed, or, bearing a pennon of St. George. 
Albllofa— '* Patriae fldus ;" and ** Ofnor na ^.. 
Sioi Oreenmeadgw, Cardiff, co. Glamorgan. 



Lewis, The Rit. Datid-Pbio% ai GKUmIi, oo^ 
CSMrmarthen, J.P., h. 10 Jan. 1805. 

Xrinf XSe.— Datid Howsu^ uf Penyrhia, UanddanfldBl, 
00. Caeimartfaen (descended from Owsm Gethin, grandson of 
Cradoo ap GwlUym, at Glyntawe, to whom King Jorm gavs 
for anna. *'As., a buck, trlppbig, arg., bearing a royal 
crown, betweenhis horns "X was fattter of 

Idwis Datd, of Panthowel, in Llanddsnsaint, who wl 
EUaabeth, dan. of Bees Priee, of Biynwhyth Owlnfb, est 
Oaermarthen, derived, tn the female Une^ flrom aVranch ef 
the Aubreys of Coedmawr. and dying 16 Feb. 1745, left, 
with s dau., Jane, ei. to John-Beea Morris, two aoos, 
Datis^ his heir; sikd Beei^ seddentaUy klUed. The elder 

Datid T^Bwii^ of Panthowel, m. 15 Jan. 17t8, Anne, dan. 
of Bees Llewellyn, of LUewel, Breeon, and l^ her, who dL 
fai 1785, had iasoe^ Lswn ; Biee, a dergyman, d. at Uak, 
t. p, ; John, of Peneryg, whoei. Elinor, dan. of John Jonea, 
Esq. ; Thomas, of Festti, d. wun. 9 Got 1701 ; Mi«dslen, 
m, to Owen Bowen,of Cwmydw, Mothvey, oo. Canmarthen ; 
EUaabeth, wl to David Evans, of Llansadum, oo. Caermar- 
then ; Anne, m. to Griffith Morgan, of Clynhir, TJandJlo 
Talybont ; Gwladis, «». to Bichard Priohard, of Uanwrda. 
The eldest aon, 

Lkwis Lxwis, Esq. of Panthowel, m. SO Dee. 1772, Mary, 
dau. of Henry Jonas, Eaq. of Bmnant CayO| and by her 
(who d. 15 April, 1834, aged 84) had issoe, 

David-Jovss, of Gilfboh. 

Thomas, of Llanddansaint, and has issue, Lewis, Morgan, 

David, Martha, Mary, and Louisa. 
Bioe, cmT Merthvr Tydvil, m. Magdalen, dan. of Thomas 

Llewellyn, of Lliewel, oo. Brooon, and haa issue, Thranaa, 

David, Lewis, Bice, William, Henry, Mary-Anneb Mar- 

garet, Elisabeth, Ssirah, and Catherine. 
Margaret, m. to William-David Jeffrey, Esq., and d. 4 JaiL 

1796, aged 21, leaving issue. 
Anne, m. 1st, to William Williams, Esq. of TJanddsnaaJnt, 

and 2ndly, to WiUiam Howell, Esq. 
Mary, m. to Evan Evans, of Llansaaum. 

Mr. Lewis d. 20 Sept 1706, aged 54, and was «. by his son, 
DAvii>>ro]nES Lewis, Esq. of Gilfiieh, J.P., 6. 16 Oct. 
1778, who m. 8 July, 1798, Mary, only chQd of David Prioe, 
Esq. of Blaenycwm, oo. Caeimaxthen, and by her (who d. 
2 Deo. 1828, aged 50) had issue, 

DAvm-Pnios, now of Gilfach. 

Lewis, of Wymondham, Norfolk. 

Frederick, resident at liwynclyn, m. Anna-TieHtfa, on|y 
dau. of Bobert Middleton WilUams, Esq. of Caermarthen, 
and has issue, David-Jones, b. 17 July, 1848; Frederick- 
Williams. 6. 8 May, 1851 ; Charles Prytherch, b. 20 Aug. 
1858; Arthur-Middleton, 6. 20 July, 1S55; Anna-Letitia- 
Prioe; Mary- Agnes. 

Margaret, d. unin. 

Mr. Lewis d. 28 Nov. 1848. 

if mw— <)uarterly : 1st and 4th, as., a buck, trippant, arg., 
bearing a royal crown between Ida horns ; 2ud and 8rd, aa. 
a chevron, between three eagles* heads, erased, or. 

CrtiU-~A buck, trippant, and an eagle's head, as in the 

Afotto— Byddwch gyflswn ae nag oftiwch (Be just and 
fear not> 

i5M^-Gilf!Adl, Caermarthenshire. 


Lewis, John- Lennox -Qriftith-Potsb, Esq. of 
Henllan, co. Pembroke, J.P. for cos. Caermarthen 
and Pembroke, and D.L. for the latter co., of 
St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A., barrister-at- 
law, b, 22 Oct. 1819; m. 8 Feb. 1857, Katherine- 
Callen, youngest dau. of Daniel-Poyer Gallen, Esq. 
of MoUeston. 

]LtneaS0. — The early pedigree of the ftuoiily of Lewis 
is given in the Book of Golden Grove, penei the Earl of 

BiOHARD Lkwis, Esq. of Henllan (son of Roger Lewis, 
who was son of Lodwich, and grandson of Roger, the last 
named in the Golden Grove MS.), m. in 1744, Mary, dau. of 
John Griffiths, Esq. of Glan-y-rhydd, and had issue, John, 
David, Catherine, Margaret, and Mary. The 2nd, but only 
surviving son, 

David Lbwib, Esq., m. in 1786, Elisabeth, dau. of Morgan 
Lewis, of Caermarthen, and had, John, Owen-Evan, Mary, 
Margaret, Elizabeth, and Elinor. The eldest son. 



Jomr Lswia, Esq. of Henllan, m. Ist, in 1818, EUsa, dan. 
^■CbtrlOKhP. OaUeiii Esq. of GroTe, «o. Pembrokfl^ and by 
her had, 

JoHV-LENNOZ-QairFiTH-PoTER, now of Henllan. 

Bicharcl, 6. 1820, M.A. 1840, late scholar of Woroeflter Coll., 
Oxford, Rector of Lampeter Vestiy, co. Pembroke, 1851, 
M. in 1848, Georgiana, dau. of Gapt Lewis, H«£.1.C.S., 
and baa ood son, AsaBjatQajwnwL'FoYMB, 6. 29 Feb. 

He m. Sndly, in 18Si, Elizabeth, datt. of William Hum- 
phreys, of Pembroke, and by her had» 

Frederick, deceased. 
Charles, deceased. 
- llllaaheth»M.totheB«7.Hr.Garbett 

Mr. Lewis d. 14 Maroh, 1834, and was $. by his eldest son. 

JfeMo— Be wise aa serpents. 
£ta(— Hanllan, near Narberth, 

ilrsM— Quarterly : Ist and 4th, gu., a niflin, segreant, br, 
for Lbwis; 2nd and 3rd, sa., three nags^ heads, erased, or, 
for Lloyd. 

Crest — ▲ demi^griffin, segreant, couped, or. 

Motto — Facta non yerba. 

<8«at— Owinfe, near Qlangadock, oo. CaermartlieB. 


Lewis, David, Esq. of Stradey, co. Caennarthen, 
J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1833, of Brazonose Coll. 
Oxford, B. A., barrisier-at-law, M.P. for the Caermar- 
then boroughs 1835-7> m. 9 June, 1836, Lsetitia, 
youngest dau. of the late Benjamin Way, Esq. of 
Denham Place, Bucks, and has issue, 

I, CHABLBS-WiiJjAM-MAir8Bi» b. 2 Dco. 1846. 

I. Fanny-Louisa. 

II. Bowena*Hanlet-Hansel, d. 2 Oct 1844. 

Hr. Lewis is only son and heir, by Catherine, his 
wife^ Qnd dau. of William Lloyd, Esq. of Laques, 
CO. Caermarthen (see that name), of Thomas Lewis, 
Esq. of Stradey, who «. to that estate in 1807, under 
the will of Mrs. Mansel, dau. and eventual sole heir 
of Sir Edward- Vaughan Mansel, Bart. 

£Sea^-8tradey, near UaneQy, oa Caermarthen. 


Lewis, Charles -Bassett, Esq. of Gwinfe, co. 
Caermarthen, J.P., of Jesus ColL, Oxford, lieut. 44 th 
regt., b, 18 Deo. 1831. 

^IVLtKQt, — ^Tbs Rxv. Thomas Lewis, J.P. for oo. 
Brecon, and D.L for co. Caennarthen, rector of Pemboyr, 
CO. Brecon, son of Lewis Lewis, Esq., a deputy-lieut. for 
Caermarthenshire, and his wife, Barbara Lloyd, of Llan-' 
camthou, co. Glamorgan, m. 11 Aug. 176^ Elisabeth Studley, 
. of Shrop^ire, and had (besides two daus., Elisabeth and 
Susanna) a son. 

The Bkv. Lewis Lewis of Owinfe, co. Caermarthen, J.P. 
and D.L., rector of Clovelly, co. Devon, who m. 22 Sept. 
. 1802, Eleanora, eldest dau. of the late John Davie, Esq. of 
Orleigh, oo. Devon, and had issue, 

I. Lewis, his heir. 

u. Thomas, m, 19 April, 1886, Victoire-Harie, 4th dau. of 

Andrew Houston, Esq. of the island of Grenada, and 

has issue, 

1 Audrew-Courtenay, 6. 81 Jan. 1887. 

S Oeoive-May, b. 28 Aug., and d. in Oct* 1840. 

8 Charles Houston, b. 17 Feb. 1844. 

l Eleonora-Harriette. 

I. Bleonora- Elizabeth, m. In Oct 1827, to Charles Bishop, 
Esq., eldest son of John-Bees Bishop, £«q. of Dalcaney, 
CO. Caennarthen. 

Hr. Lewis d. in 1826, and was «. by his son, 

. Lswis Lewis, Esq. of Owinfe, J.P. and D.L, b. 28 Dea 
1805 ; m. 9 March, 1880, Miss Barah-Simmons Barnes Col- 
borne, dau. of William Colbome, Esq. of Clifton, oo. 
Gloucester, and niece of the late William Barnes, Esq. of 
■ Rodland Court, co. Gloucester, and d 1859, leaving issue, 

I. Charlbs-Bassbtt, now of Owinfe. 

IL Lewis-Gwyn, lieut. Indian navy, b. 21 Sept 1884. 
ni. Edward-Studley, an officer in the army, b. 21 Nov. 

IV. Frank-Davle, 6. 81 May, 1838. 
▼. George-Septimus, b. 21 Sept 18i& 
L Eleanora- Jane. 

II. Bustatia-Harrietta 

III. Augusta-Blancho. 



Hampton-Lbwis, John-Lswib, Esq. of Henllys 
and Bodior, co. Anglesey, J.P. and D.L., late oapt 
5th dragoon-guards, high sheriff of Anglesey 1846, 
b, 18 Oct. 1798 ; m. 2 Sept. 1838, Frances-Blissbeth, 
only child and heiress of 'Riomas I'Ansou, Esq. of 
Harnby, co. York, and has issue, 

L Tboxas-Lbwis Haxftom, eapt ftth «hsgoon-gaanis. 
b. 9 Aug. 1834 (the elder son will take the name of 
Lewis at his father's death, the other children bear and 
will continue to bear the surname of Hampfan^ 

n. John-Vivian Hampton, 6i. 18 Juns^ 188fiL 

L, Fanny-Mary HamptML 

n. Maxy-Freeman Greoe-Hamptoo. 

IBLitltKQt, — ^WiLUAM Hampton, descended fhmi an 
ancient Lancashire family, formed one of the ganrison oi 
Beaumaris Castle in 1460, and^ held there the rank of 
deputy-governor, as appears fh>m a dociunent bearing his 
name, giving orders to the inhabitants of the town to 
extinguish their fires at an appointed hour. He received s 
grant of Henllys, co. Anglesey, anciently the seat of 
Gweixydd ap Rhys Gkxdi, chief of one of the Fifteen Tribes 
of North Wales. The eventual heiress of the Hamptons of 

Mart Hamptom, of Henllys (only child of Robert 
Hampton, Esq., high sheriff of Anglesey, 1782), m. II April, 
1746, John Jones, £sq. of Trefollwyn, son oi Hugh Joxtea^ 
Esq. of the same place, by Ann his wife, dau. of William 
Lloyd, of Llansadwm, and had (with a dau., Mary, w. to 
William Lloyd, Esq. of Bockville, ca Bosoommon) a son 
and successor, 

John Hampton-Jones, Esq. of Henllys, b. 24 Feb. 17M; 
high sheriff of Ang^osey in 1770, who m. 85 June, 1770, 
Emma, only dau. of the Rev. John Lewis^ A.M., of PUs 
Llanfihangel, rector of Llandegftuu, by Elisabeth his wife, 
dau. of Thomas Roberts, Esq. of Bodior, and had issue, 
I. John-Hakpton, his heir; ii. Robort- Edward, in holjr 
orders, b. in April, 1779, B.A. Wadham College, Oxford, 
chaplain to H.M. foi-ces at the Mauritius, m, in 1811, 
Susanna-Dorothea, 2ud dau. of John Williams, Esq. of 
Peniarth Uchaf, co. Merioneth, and has issue, Henry 
Berkeley; and Maria-Dorothea- Wilhelmina Sidney, m. to 
Robert Webster, Esq. of the 9&th regt. ; i. £liaabeth-Miu> 
garet, d. vnm. ; u. Jane-Lewis. The elder son, 

John-Hampton Hampton-Lkwis, Esq. of Henllys, b, 
21 Nov. 1776 ; «. his father 12 Sept. 1806. He m. 19 Dec 
1796, Mary, dau. of Richard Chambers, Esq. of Wbitboum 
Court and Cradley Hall, oo. Hereford, and had issue by her 
(who d. 1848), 

John-Lewis, the present John-Lewzb Hamptok-Lew:^ 

Esq. of Henllys and Bodior. 
Joseph, 6. 2 Feb. 1800, coL 60th regt of native infoiitry, 

H. E. I. C. 8., «a. Ellen, dau. of Mi^jor H<ill. EI. Ca's 

service, and has issue, John Lewis, 0. 27 Maich, 182r. 
Emma, d. m Aug. 1810. 
MaryMatvarot, m. 22 Nov. 1825, to Alexander Anderson, 

Esq. of Kingask, co. Fife, mi^or B.I. Co.'s engineers, aud 

has issi^e. 
Atma-Maria-Sumam, m. 16 June, 183A, to Charies-Loog- 

man, Esq., 2nd son of Thomas-Norton Longman, Esq. of 

Moimt Grove, Hampstead, Middlesex, and has iMua 

Mr. Hampton-Lewis d. 23 Jan. 1843. 


.^rm*--Quarterly : Ist and 4th, quarterly, 1st and 4th. nrg., 

chevron, sa., between three Cornish choughs, ppr., m tbe 
bei^ of each an ermine spot, for Lewis, 2nd and Srd, gu-i 
on a chevron, between three bucks' heads, cabossed, arg.. a 
crescent, of the field, for difference, for Robebts of Btxiior: 
2nd and Srd, gu., on a fesse, or, between a mnllet, in ebief, 
and an escallop, in base, arg., three martlets, sa., for 

Cteati — 1st, a Cornish chough, ppr., in the dexter daws 
fleur-de-lis, as., for Lewis; 2ud, a wyTCm amidst bulrushes 
ppr., for Hampton. 

Motto—lL Deo et rege. 

iSeeUi— Henllya, near Beaumaris, and Bodior, oo. Anglesey 

li B W 



Liwn^ John-Habvet, Esq. of Kiloullen, oo. 
Kndare, and of 21, Grosvenor Street, Qrosvenor 
Square, London, W., J.P. for the co. Middlesex, 
high aberiff of the oo. of Kildare in 1857, MJL 
of Trinity CoUege, Dablin, 1888, h. 1814; «i. 
H 87 Aug. 1840, Emily-Owen, only child of 
Oeoige Ball, Esq. of Biohmond, Surrey, which lady 
d.i,p.n Not. 1850. He m, 2ndly, Jane-Isabella, 
dau. of the late William Brown, Esq. Mr. Harvey 
Lewis was eleoted M.P. for Maiylebone in 1861. 

lUlUSfff . — ^The ibmfly of Lewis or LlewyB Is one of 
great antlqaity In Wales. A descendant of the ancient 

FkAKCiB Lewis, of Gaidigsn, who m, EUaabeth Budurda, 
•cttled in Ireland aboat the middle of the I7th century, 
■nd acquired property in the county of khdara, Meoth, and 
the Queen's County. He was father of 

WiLUAM Lewis, Bsq. of ToUygory, oo. Kildare, who m. 
Haigaret, dso. of Francis Roberii, fiiiq., by Jean (XKelly, 
hit wife, and was ». by his son, 

MfCHAUi Lewis, Esq. of TuUygory, who m. Snsanna, dau. 
of Edmund Jones, Esq., M.F. for Duleek, A.D. 1695, by Re- 
becca, his wife, 'dau. of WilUaro Crutohl^, Esq. of Grutchley 
Ball, 00. Stafibrd,.and had a aon and soooessor, 

BossBT Lbwis, Esq. of the City of Dublin, and of the 
Qoeen's County, who m. Anne, dau. of Arthur Gambell, 
Eaq. of Washford, oa Westmeath, M.P. for Ballyahannon, 
by Hiabeth, his wife, dau. of M^Jor John D' Alton, of 
Ooneel Castle, oo. Westmeath. By Anne Qambell, his 
wife, Bobert Lewis had a son and heir, 

MiCBASL Lkwis, Bsq. of Spring Hill, oo. Dublin, who m, 
1T86, Anne, only dau. of B. Frisell, Esq. of Beaufort House, 
00. Dublin, deeoended from the Fraaers of Lovat, and had 
fane (by her, who <£. In 1886), 

WnxiAM, his heir, of whom presently. 

AsTHvn-OAMBBLX. (m« Lxwis o/ Seatotm). 

Biefaard, m. 1st, Emily, dau. of — Osborne, Esq. of Lon- 
don ; ibdly, a dau. of Thomas Ts^lor, Esq. of Polygon 
House, Southampton ; and Srdlv, Frances Tyler, nieoe of 
Admiral Bir Charles Tyler, and left issue. 

Bobert, R.N., m. Elisabeth, Srd dau. of Bir Richard 
Onsbw, Bart, K.B., Vice- Admiral of England and 
ganeral of marines, and d. in 1840, leaving issue (by her 
who d. at Brighton. 2o Nov. 1861X 

Bdward. m. his oousin, Henrietta, doo. and oo-hefar of H. 
IxrfUis Friaell, Ebo., and has issue. 

Udmond-JonoflL in noly orders, m. Elisabeth, dau. of the 
Rev. WilUam T^yster, and niece of James, Lord Bishop of 
Bromore, and has issue. 

Anne, m. to Major J. Fielding Sweeny, and has Issuer 

Eleanor, m. to F. Bernard Sweeny, Esq. 

Chariotte, m. to Captain Stuart 

Midiael Lewis d. in 1824. His eldest son, 

WtixiAM Lbwts, Esq. of Harlech, oo. Dublin, and of Kil- 
eollen, co. Kildare, m. Dora, dau. of tbe late John Caasidy, 
Eaq. of Monaaterevan, and d. in 1850, leaving issue, 

Jobm-Hartbt, now of KUculIen. 

William, of Haddington House, Kingstown, b. 1818 ; m. 
1845, Jane, dau. of Michael Hackett, Esq. of Elm Grove, 
King's County, and has issue, William and Harvey. 


lUrv-Anne, m. in 1832, to Bobert Morellet Alloway, Esq., 
Jr., of the Denies, Queen's County. 

^fMU— As duly registered in Ulster's office — Sa., a chev., 
•rm., between three spear heads, arg. 

(7/eaC— Out of a ducal ccnronet, a plume of feathers, charged 

Motto-.'* BiAd. Liu Hebb Llidd." 

itrtideao^— M, Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Square, Lon- 
don, W. 


Lkwis, Arthub-Gambbll,. Esq. of Seatown, co. 
Dublin, and Glanamully Scottstown, co. Monaghan, 
J.P. and D.L. lor ooe. Dublin and Monaghan, late 
lieQt*coL Monaghan militia, high sheriff for oo. 
Mooaghan, 1847, and for co. Longford 1864, h. 
1790 ; fli. 1st, Heater, 2nd dau. of Rl<£ard Westenra, 
Eiq. of Rutland Square, Dublin (uncle to Lord 
Rossmore), by Bridget, his wife, sister and co- 
heiress of Maurice-Peppard Warren, Esq. of Lara, 
00. Cvlow, and granddau. of Lady Hester Westenra, 
who was dau. to Ford, Earl of Cavan. Col. Lewift 

ffi.'iDdly, Henrietta, reliet of ttie Hon. Riebard 
Westenns 2nd son to Wamer-WtUiam, Lord Roes- 
mo]%, and sole heiresB of Henry-Owen Boott, Esq. 
of Clanamulla Soottstown, oo. Monaghan (a younger 
branch of Scott, Lord Polwarth), granddau. and co- 
heiress of John Owen, Esq. ot Newgroye^ oo* 
Monaghan. By his Ist marriage Colonel Lewis baa 
an only child, Tis., Maxtbicb-Pippabd-Warbsh, 
LL.D. of Trinity College, Dnblm, harrister«t-law» 
and derfc of the peace for the oo. Monaghan, who, 
by his mother, is descended from the great £^1 de 
Warren (whose arms he bears), as alao from the 
ancient baronial fkmily of Peppard, co. Louth, and 
from Ford, Earl of tJavan. By his 2nd marnage, 
CoL Lewis has an only child, Henry-Owen, whole, 
through his mother, descended by a common descent 
from the Scotta^ Lord Polworth, and in a direct 
line from Edward, lat Lord Blayney, Baron of 
Monaghan, and Qarrett^ Viscount Drogheda. 

ftilUXSe*— &( pnetdhig artieU. 

Arma and Cruf- -dame as Lrwis o/KHeuUm. 
Seat»--8eatown, ca Dublin, and Clauamully, oo. Mona* 
Jt9gidenct—i3, Fit2wUUam Sq., West, Dublin. 


Lewis, the Bey. Fbanois, of St. Pierre, co. 
Monmouth, D.L. and J. P. of University College, 
Oxford, B.D. (1826), Rector of Uanvair Kilgiddin, 
CO. Monmouth 1831, and Vicar of Holme Laoy, 
Herefordshire, 1826, 6. 4 July, 1782; ordained 
1805; m. Ist, 25 March, 1828, his cousin, Mary, 
dau. of the Rev. Edward Lewis^ Rector of Port- 
skewett, ca Monmouth («es lineage)^ and by her 
(who d 81 May, 1846) had issue, 

L Cvables-Bdwabd, now resident at St. Pierre, J.P. 
and D.L., b. 26 April, 1830 ; m. 2 Oct. 1858, Sarah- 
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of James Staunton Lambert, 
Bsq. of Waterdale House, oo. Galway. (See that namt.) 

IL Thomas-Preke, of Doreeourt, oo. Hereford, late lieut. 
2Srd R. W. fusiliere, b. 16 May, 1831. 

III. Francis-Higford, b. 24 Sept 1832 ; d. 10 April, 1865. 

rv. Henry-Leeoe, 6. 6 Sept 1834 ; d. 15 Feb. 1685. 

T. George- William, b. 23 June, 1840, lieut. 23rd regt 

I. Kary-Fanny-Susannai 

The Rer. Francis Lewis, who resides at Dennel 
Hill, near Chepstow, m. 2ndly, 7 Jan. 1853, Jane, 
only dau. of Vice- Admiral Charles Gordon and 
widow of the Rey. James-Henry-Scudamore Burr. 

M^itltKfit* — This fiimily derlyes, in a direct male line, 
ftom CADiroB, prince or chieftain of Divet, a portion of 
country which comprised Pembrokeshire and part of Caer* 
marcheDBhire. Cadivor flourished about the period of the 
Norman Conquest, and was burled in the priory of Caer- 
marthen. He in. EUen, dau. and heiress of Llwehlawen, 
the great Lord of Kilsaut, and had a son, Bledbi, Lord of 
Biaencuch, who fa. Clydwen, dau. and heir of Griffith ap 
Cydrick ap Owaithvoed; and their great-great-grandson, 
Ivor ap Llewblyk, m. Taoglwrst, dau. and heir of Howel 
Sais ap Rhys ap Oiiffith ap Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr, and 
was great-grandfiftther of 

LuEWELTH AP IvoB, Lord of St. Glare, oo. Caermarthen, 
and Tredegar, oo. Monmouth, who m. Angharad, dau. and 
heir of Sir Morgan Meredith, descended fh>m Rhys, King of 
Sonth Wales. Angharad was called the beauteous maid of 
Caerleon upon Usk, and was the representative of the old 
Welsh Lords of Caerleon. They had issue three sons, viz.. 

MoBOAN, Lord of St Clare and Tredegar, living 1874, 48 
Edw. Ill, from whom the Moboanb qf Tredeffor, Fen-y- 
Cotdf Xtoatomofn, <£v., <iv. 

Ivob Habl, of Gwem-y-deppa, who d. of tbe plague, 

Philip ap Uewelyn ap Ivor. 

The third son, 

Phiup ap Llewbltk, m. Nest, dau. of Owlllym Sais ap 
Madoc, and had issue, Gwillym Philip Llewelyn, John-Philip 
Llewelyn, GwenUian, «». David Gwillym-Jenkin, and an 
elder son, 



Bim David a» Philip, who m. Christy, dau. of David ap 
levan ap Rhys Voel, and their giaodBon, 

Thomas Lswia, Boq. of Chepstoir, oo. of Monmouth, killed 
at Banbury, 1469 ; m. Elisabeth, dau. of MoTgan-Jenldli- 
Phllip, of Laogston, oo. Monmoutii, and his great-grandson, 

HmBT Lkwis, Esq. of St. Pierre, living 1636, high sheriff 
in 1544, d. 1647, having m. Bridget, dau. and heir of Thomas 
Kemeys, and widow of Thomas Herbert, of Caldloot, by 
vHhom he was ikther of 

William Lswis, Esq. of St. Pierre, living in 16S8, who m. 
Maigaret, dau. of Robert Oamage, of Coity, oo. Qlamorgan, 
and was «. by his son, 

HcKRT Lewis, Esq. of St Pierre, high sheriff 1609, d. 
7 Feb. 1637, 12 Cbas. I, having m. Joan, dau. and co-heir of 
Henry Herbert, Esq. of Wonastow, by whom he had a son 
and heir, 

Qboroi Lswis, Esq. of St. Pierre, who m. Mary, dau. of 
Bbr WiUiam Morgan, of Tredegar, and d, «. p. 17 Nov. 1634, 
leaving issue, WiUlAm, who d. a minor ; Elisabeth, who m. 
Boger Oates, of Celh Tilla, oo. of Monmouth, and a son and 

Thomas Lvwib, Esq. of St Pierre, a stanch and devoted 
royalist, 11 years old in 1639, living 1673. He m. Johanna, 
dau. of Joseph Langton, Esq. of Newton Park, oo. Somerset, 
and was «. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Lewis, Esq. of St. Pierre, who m. De la Riviere 
or De la Rivers, dau. of General Sir Thomas Morgan, Knt 
and Bart of liangattook, oo. of Monmouth, whioh lady m. 
Sndly, Thomas Williams, Esq., 4th son of Sir Trevor Williams, 
Bart, of Llangibby Castie, co. of Monmouth, ancestor of the 
present William-A. Willia^ Esq. of Llangibby Castle. Mr. 
Lewis left issue a son, 

Thomas Lewis, Esq. of St Pierre, who m. 1st Frances, 
dau. of Sir Richard Levett, Knt of Eew, who d. in 1707 ; 
Sadly, Katharine, only dau. and heir of Hugh Calveley Cot- 
ton, eldest son of Sir Robert Cotton, Bart of Combermere, 
ea Chester ; and Srdly, Jane-Radhel, only dau. and heir of 
William Bedier, Esq. of Howberry, oo. Bedford. Mr. Lewis 
d, 89 May, 1732; aged 47, having had issue, by his 8rd wife, 
Craven, who m. and d,i.p. before 1764; Mary, d, 1734; 
Fanny, d. 9 May, 1767, having m. Thomas Lewis, Esq. of 
Crick, who d. Feb. 1808, aged 68 ; and an elder son, 

MOROAH Lewis, Esq. of St. Pierre, who d. 17 August, 
1779, aged 67, having m. Rachel, only dau. of Charles Van, 
Esq. of Llanwem, oo. Moxmiouth, and by her, who d. 28 Jan. 
1797, aged 70, had seven sons and three daus., 

L Thomas, his heir. 

IL Chablbs; who A his iMvther. 

IXL John-Cntvrai, of Henbury, oo. Oloucester, whom, and 
left a dau., who m. Capt Cxx>wdy, and left issue a datu 

vr. George, drowned in the Severn, 6 Nov. 1774, set 16. 

V. Edward, in holy orders. Rector of Portskewet and St 
Pierre, d. 1 March, 1839, aged 79, having m. Mary, eldest 
dan. and co-heir of WUUam Freke, Esq. of Hanning^n, 
oa Wilts, who d. 29 Dec 1840, aged 76, and had issue one 
son and three daus., vis., 

1 Edward Freke, in holy orden, M.A., Rector of Port- 
skewet and St Pierre, 1839 ; m. 81 August, 1853, Caro- 
line-Mary, 2nd dau. of Thomas Bat^ Rous, Esq. of 
Coiurt>y-rala, 00. Glamorgan. (See that family.) 

1 Mary, m. her cousin. Rev. Francis Lewis, now of St. 

S Frances. 

8 Anne, WL Capt. John King, R.N. 

TL Francis, in holy orders, LL.B., d. 17 Sept 1794, 
aged 32 ; m. Fanny, younger dau. and co heir or William 
rreke, Esq. of Hannington, oo. Wilts, who survived her 
husband, and m. 2ndly, William Morton Pleydell, Esq. of 
Whitoomb, co. Dorset ; and Srdly, Rev. Paul Loir. 

TIL James, d. 4 June, 1787, aoed 22. 

L Jane, m. Ist 12 Feb. 1774, John Hanbury, Esq. of Pont- 
j'Foolf 00. Moumouth, father of the first Lord Sudeley, 
Infer to Hahbdby-Leioh). She m. 2ndly, Thomas 
Btoughton, Esq. of Ballyhoigan, co. Kerry, and had 

IL Ellen, who in. Rev. Thomas Leyson, M. A. of Jesus Col- 
lege, Oxford, Vicar of Bassaleg, and Rector of Panteague 
and Tredunnock, co. of Monmouth. 

UL Frances, d. 80 March, 1796. 

Morgan Lewis d. 17 August^ 1779, aged 67, and was §, by 
liis eldeat son, 

Thomas Lewie, Esq. of St Pierre, who m. 1st Margaret 
dau. of John Cope, Esq. of Petherton, in tiie pariah of West- 
moreland, Jamaica, which lady was aocideutally burnt to 
death at St Pierre, 26 January, 1788. aged 19. He m. 
Sndly, Anne, dau. of Rev. Thomas Leyson, who survived 
her husband, and m, 2ndly, 26 April, 1798, Charles-Kemeys 
Komeya-Tynte, Esq. (fee that name), and d. April, 1886. 
Mr. Lewis d. 17 Juno, 1796, a p., aged 46, when the family 
Mtatas devolved upon his next Inpother, 

Chablbs Lewis, Esq. of St Plene, whots. 16 lima, 17T7, 
Susanna, dau. of Francis Davis, Ibq. of Chepstow, and 
Anne, his wife, dau. and co-heir of James Hlgfovd, Esq. of 
Dixtcm, CO. Gloucester, and had issue, 

n. <^rl»Jame8,/ ■'****^^ proprietors of 8t Piem. 

iiL Fbanois^ow of St Pierre. 

IV. Edward Higford, 6. 27 July, 1788 ;dL onboaidH.Ma 

Neptune, off Barfoadoes, 27 April, 1810, aged SS. 
y. Henry, 6. 1 Nov. 1794 ; d. 80 June, 1814. 
L Frances-Susanna, 6. 22 Jan. 1791 ; ai. John Baldwyi^ 

Esq. of The Moimt, Chepstow, and d. 26 Sept 182S. 

Mr. Lewis d. 16 Deo. 1840, aged 86, and was «. by hia i 

Thomas Lewis, Esq. of St Pierre, colonel of the Mon- 
mouth mUitia, b. 12 May, 1770 ; m. 1st, Maria- Anne, dau. of 
Thomas Dani^ Esq. of Henbury, co. Gloucester; and 2iuily, 
Caroline, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Dyot Skip-BoeknaO, 
Esq. of Hampton Court, oo. Middlesex. She d. 29 March, 
1850, aged 62, and Colonel Lewis d. «. p. at GUfton, 21 April, 
1847, aged 67, and was a by his brother, 

Charles-James Lewis, Esq. of St Pierre^ D.L. and J.P., 
6. 26 Jan. 1781. He d. «. p. 16 Aug. 1869, and waa s. by his 
next brother, the Rev. Fbangib Lkwib, 

Jrm*— Or, a lion rampant sa., with many qoaitaxiagiL 

Greet — ^A griffin, segreant, sa. 

Motto— Ba persa la fide, ha perso I'honoreb 

Seat — St Pierre Park, near Chepstow 

Jtef idencfr— DenneU Hill, near Chepstow. 


Lewthwaitb, John, Esq. of Broadgate, oo. Com* 
berland, J.P. and D.L., 6. 24 March, 1792; m. 
18 May, 1820, Anne, dau. of William Kirkbank, 
Esq., D.L., of Beckside, and has issue, 

I. William, 6. 1886; m. Mary, dau. of IHQiam Gballnor, 
Esq. and has issue, Wxxuam, Anne, and ICaiy. 

II. Joseph. 

III. Oeorge. 

I. Mary, m. to Walter Buchanan, Esq. of livexpooL 

II. Elizabeth, d. unm. 

III. Eleanor, m. to Robert-Francis Calrow, Esq. 

IV. Ann. 
y. Agnes. 

9,iUtKQt* — This name seems to import Anglo-Sszea 
derivaiion ; Thwaite, signifying a piooe of ground cleared of 
wood, and the prefix, Lowe, a hill, give the ancient ortho- 
graphy of the name. The family appears from ancient 
documents, to have held lands in various parts of Cumber 
land troxa an early period. 

WiLUAM Lewthwaite, Esq. of Broad Gate and of White* 
haven, J. P., 2nd son of William Lewthwaite, of Broad Gate^ 
by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Towers, Esq. of Heckler 
Hall, 00. Lancaster, and grandson (by Eleanor his wife, dao. 
of George Wingfield, Esq. of Woodland) of John Lewth- 
waite, Esq., whose grandfather, Thomas Lewthwaite, ptv* 
chased Broad Gate, and d. 1667, m. Mary, dau. and co-heir 
of Joseph Nicholson, Esq. of Milholme, and had issue^ 

William, who succeeded his father at Broad Gateu 
John, tn. Margaret eldest dau. of Roger Taylor, Esq. d 

Stott Park, in the co. Lancaster, and nad issue, WillMm ; 

Gilfrid ; Marianne ; and Frances-Jane. 
George, rector of Adel, co. York, J. P., m. Martha, dau. of 

Thomas Birley, Eeq. of Kirkham, oo. Lancaster, and had 

issue, William-Henry : George ; and Margaret 
Joseph, a merchant in the West Indies, d. in 1816, kvim. 
Agnes, m. to the Rev. R. Armitstead, rector of Moresby. 
Mary, m. Milham Hartley, Esq. of Rose HiU, Cumberland. 
Ann, tn. to Peter Dixon, Esq. of Newington, Burr^; and 

d. in 1803, «. p. 
Margaret, m. to Peter Taylor, Esq. of Belfleld, Westmoie- 

land, n^jor in the Royal Westmoreland niiliUa; and d 

in 1836, M. p. 
Frances, d. young. 
Betsy, of Hazel Mount 

The eldest son, 

William Lewthwaite, Esq. of Broad Gate, J.P.* «• 
Eleanor, dau. of Thomas Ciagg, Esq. of Loskells, and by her 
(who d. 1880) had issue, 

JoRir, of Broad Gate. 

Mary, m. to WiUiam Fostlethwaite, merchant of Ulver* 

Agnes, m. to Robert Postlethwaite, Es^ of ^Btoof^tao, 

and has issue. Rev. John and William. 
Eleanor, d. unm, 


Mr. UmOnntfd. Wlbn^ 1845, ig^ t». 

ifnu— Sm.. ft crcMS-flory, as., ftvttjy or* 
CV«i<— A gizo, bound by a 8erpent» nowed, jffft,, halfling 
In Uw mooui a orosa-cromlet, fitchfe, go. 
Mott»—ToadeiDa ad SBthera virtus. 
Sooi— Broad Gate, near Brooghtooi-in-Funieflfl, Oumber- 


LzTCBBTiBy Rafe-Obwald, Esq. of Toft HaUy co* 
Chatter, i. 5 July, 1844. 

SinCSSf • — Tbia family daimB descent from a oommon 
neeiter of Wiujam ths C!onqukbob, through Oumora, 
DocbeM of Ntmnan^y, and Bobert da Bellamont, Barl of 
LiioHterp ▲.n. 1118. 

Baltb LvroBTKB, jonnger brother of John Layoeater» of 
lUiley, «. Joan, dan. and beirees of Bobert Tofti of Toft» 
•ad d]ing temp. Rxcbabi> II, waa «. by hi| eon, 

BoBiftT Lbtobbtkb, father of 

Boanx Lstgbtkb, whoae great-great-gnmdaon. 

Bib Raltb Lxtovrsb, of Toft, "waa knighted at Iieltti, In 
SeothDd, 11 May, 1644, at which time the Eart of Hertford, 
being then general, knighted eeTeral Gheehlre gentlemen. 
Br Balph'i grandson, 

8ia GaoBOB Lkyosbter, Knt, of Toft, m. Alice, eldest 
dML of Peter Leyoeeter, E^. of Tabley, and had issue. Sir 
George was made sheriff of Cheshire by patent, dated 
19 Dec, 45 ExiBABBTH. He d. in 1612, and was «. by his 
only luiTlTing son, 

Balph Lbtoxbzkr, Esq. of Toft, father, by his wife, Maiy, 
dsu. of Anthony Woodholl, Esq. of HoUlngton, oo^ Oxford, 
of a ton and heir, 

OaoBGB Lbtobstkb, Esq. of Toft, who m. Dorothy, dau. 
ot John Clayton, Esq., and sister and co-heir of Richard 
Chyton, Esq. of Crooke, in Lancashire^ and had aeveral 
children, the eldest of whom, 

Ralph Lctobbtbb, Esq. of Toft, si. Eleancnr, dau. of Sir 
Peter Leyoeeter, Bart of Tabley, the well-known historian 
of Cheshire^ and dying in March, 1685, was $. by his elder 

Gsorob Lbtubbtkr, Esq. of Toft, who m. Jane, dau. of 
Oswald Mosley. Esq. of Ancoats, by whom he had three 
•ons, Ralph Ub saooessor ; George, a merchant in London, 
iDoestor oi the family of Lktoebteb, of White Place, Berkis 
{wkiek tee) ; and Oswald. The eldest son and successor, 

Ralph LsroESTBii, Esq. of Toft, b, in 1099 ; m. Eatherine, 
dso. and co-heiresa of Edward Korrls, Esq. of 8peke, co. 
Lancaiter, by Anne, dau. and heiress of Peter Gerard, Esq. 
of Crewood, and by her (who <L in 1799, at the advanced 
ege of ninety) he bad issue, 

OaoBoa, hia suooassor. 

Ralph, heir to tala brother. 

Edward, d. wnm. In 175«. 

Hugh, b. in 1748, King's counsel, sod ona of the Judges of 

Noctii Wales, d. 8 Jan. 1836. 
Oswald, 6. in 175S ; in holy orders, M. A. , Beetor of Stoke- 

apon-Tem; who m. 1st, Maiy, dau. of P. Johnson, Esq. 

01 Semnerley; and 2ndly, EUsa. dau. of Charles White, 

Eeq. of Msnchester. 
Aniie. a». to the Bev. Dr. Norbmy. 
Theodosla, m. to the Ber. Egerton Leigh, Archdeacon of 

Salop, and Beetor of Lymme. 
Hoaaansh, m. in 1773, the Hon. John Grey, 8rd son of the 

Bail of Stamfofd, and had issue (eee Fhbraob). 

Er. Layeeater d. in 1777, and was «. by his eldest son, 
GaoaoB LsTOBarnBi, Esq. of Toft, at whose decease, unsk 

ia 1809, the family estates deTolyed upon his brother, 
Ralph LiYCBar B B, Esq. of Toft, who m. in 1762, Ghariotte, 

M dso. of the Bar, Dr. Luahington, of Eastbourne^ Sussex, 

•ad bad issue, ' 

Ralph, his hair. 

Beniy, a eapt in theaavy, d at Pisa. 
Ooorge, fellow of King's College, Cambridge. 
William, m. in the East Indies, — , dau. of — Friel, Esq., 
and has issue. 

Charlotte, vn. tu Charles Dumbleton, Esq. of Bath. 
Hvriet, m. to the Bot. Bobert Cox, Yicar of Bridgenorth. 

Er. Leyeester waa a. at hia deceaae by his etdeat aon, 

Ralph Lbtobstch, Esq. of Toft, 6. in 1764, M.P. for 
Bh aftesbury, who m, Susanna, eldest dau. of the Bev. 
Ksarlon Leigh, of the family of the West Hall, High Leigh 
(«e« that famHjf\ and left at his decease (with three daus., 
Charlotte, Exnma-Theodosia, and Laura-Susanna, which 
lost d. 6 Jan. 1835) an only son and heir, 
RM^iiiGBnABD LrroaaTXii, Esq. of Toft Hall, 5. II Oct., 


1817, who «. 9 June, 1840, Bmfly-Blaabaih, datt. of Chai. 
^rrwhittJones, Esq*, son of Sir T. l^n^hittJooet, Bart., 
and dying 18 April, 1861, left issue, i. BA.Lra-OawAU>, no«r 
of Toft ; n. Charlea-Hugh, h. April, 1848 ; nx. Emoai-Gerar^ 
ft. Oct., 1849 ; I. Geoigina4uaanna ; and xl Amy-Thaodoala. 

if mw— As., between two flaunnleJia, or, a fbaaa^ of th« 
aecond, fretty, gu. 

A-eit— A roebuck, per pale, or and gu., atltrad, of th# 
second, holding in nis mouth an aeom-bnnch, ppr. 

8ta^-T0<t Hall, Knutaf ord, ChaaUrab 


LiTGBBTaB, Edmuhd-Mobtimxr, Baq. of White 
Place, oo. Berks, oommander R.N., m. 1842, Hen- 
riettarSuflennay dau. of Capt Neville, B.N.9 aod hae 



fLintJiflit* — Ghoboh LxTonfiBft, Baq. , ted aon of Geoige 
Leyoeeter, Esq. of Toft Hall (jmpnetiii^ wrtUUl, si. Martha, 
dau. of John Dodson, Esq.. high aherilf of 00. Basks, and 
by her had an only son and heir, 

Thh Bar. Balph LBToasnR, of White Place, who m. in 
1761, Susanna, sister of Sir Walden Hanmer, Bart., M.P. 
for Sudbury, and d. in 1808, leaving with a dan. Martha- 
Elisabeth, in. to John Adoljihus, Esq., bairlater-at-law, an 
only son and successor, 

GHOBoa-HAHUHR LxTOHRCB, Bsq. of White Plaoe, h. 
12 Jtily, 1768, who m. 1796, Charlotte-Jemima, youngest 
dau. of Hana-Wintrop Mortimer, Esq. of Caldwell, cow 
Derby, M.P. for Shaftesbury, by Anne, his wife, only dau. 
of Lord Anne Hamilton, 8id son of Jameiv Duke of Hamllr 
tun, and had issue, 

I. Ghobob-Balph, late of White Place, 
n. Henry-Hanmer, deceased. 

ni. EDMUHD-MoBTiMXB,comm.B.N.a now of White Plaeau 
lY. Oswald- Walden, deceaaed. 
T. Augnstus-Adolphus. 

I. Henrietta-Maria, m. toWm. Ward, Esq., andia dao e aa od . 
n. Louisa-GeneyieTC. m. to Francis Lvne, Esq. 
ni. Susanna, m. to Capt Poulton, Madras anny, and ia 

Mr. Leyeester d. 6 Oct 1838, and was «. by his ddeat son* 

Gbobos-Balph Lhtgbstcb, Esq. of White Place^ d. 4 
March, 1808; in. 28 April, 1852, Clara-Prisdlla, dan. of 
Francis-John Nonis, Esq., only son of John Norris, Bsq. of 
Hemstead, in Kent, M.P., and grandson of Sir John Nonis, 
admiral of the fleet and Tioe-admiral of England, taap. 
Gao&os II., and had ieaue, 

X. ABTRUS-HAVMieB, 5. 18 Jan. 1868. 

u. Lionel-de-Walden-Henr/, b. 18 Oct 1856. 

Mr. Leyeester d. 22 Jsn. 1862, when the estates derolTed 
for life on his brother, the present BmnTHD-MoBTiifSB 
Lbtoebtxb, Eaq. of White Place. 

^mu— Ax., a feese, or, fretty, gu., between two fleoia-de- 
lis, of the second. 

Creet-^A, roebuck, statant, per pale, or and gu., attired, of 
the second, holding in his mouth an aoom branch, ppr. 

Afoeto— Dominus illuminatlo mea. 

iSeat— White Place, Cookham, near Maidenhead, Berka, 

{8u Natlob.) 




LiND, Jambs - Plater, Eaq. of Corsiorpliine 
Lodge, Ryde, Isle of Wight, J.P., of Wadham Cua, 
Oxford, M.A. 1816, M.D. 1819, ft. 16 Sept. 1790; m. 
17 Oct. 1822, Maiy-Anne^ dau. of William Reeka, 
Eb^. of Bourne, Sussex. 

S.ilf (aS0* — ^The surname of Lynne was assumed by the 
proprietoi-8 of the lands and barony of Lynne, in Ayrahiro^ 
assoon as surnames became hereditary in Scotland. Wa.x.tbr 
DB Lynns obtained a grant of the lands of Pitmadle, in 
Perthshire, from iCing Albzandsb II, a.D. 1244. From 
tho Lynnos of Ayrshh-e descended. 



JTamfb Lind, H.D., 6. In Edlnbargh, In 1716, ao well 
knovm for Us mediosJ works, especially his treatise on the 
scun7, and his di(*coTery of the mode of procuring fresh 
water at sea by distillation. He m. Isabel, dan. of John 
Dickie, Esq. of Corstorphine Hill, aocountant-genenil of 
ezoiM in Scotland* and d, in 1794, leaving two sons and one 

JoHV, of whom we treat. 
James (Sir), K.C.B., captain R.N. 
Margaret^ who m. Dr« Thomas Meek. 

^e elder son, 

John Likd, Esq., M.D., h, 1761; m. 1789, Elisabeth-Lydia, 
dau. of William Player, Esq. of Ryde, Isle of Wight, and 
sister and co-heiress of George Flayer, Esq. of Byde, and 
had surviving issue, 

Jambs-Platbb, of Corstorphine Lodge. 
Elizabeth, m. 1820, to Jean-Beat- Albert du Thon, lieut.- 
oolond, Lausanne, Switserland ; since deceased. 

Arv»—QvL., two lances or speari, in saltier, betwixt a 
mullet^ in chief, and a crescentk in base, arg., all within a 
border of the last, charged with four fleurs-de-lis, and as 
many annnlets, alternately, as. 

Creti-^Two laurel-branches, in saltier, ppr. 

Jfotto— .Semper virescit virtus. 

i8ea<M?orst«i;>hine Lodge, Byde, Isle of Wight. 

LiNDBSAT, Frederick, Esq. of Loughry, oo. 
Tyrone, J.P. and D.L., M.A., barrister-at-Iaw, has 
served as hi^h sheriff; b. 1792 ; m, let, 23 Sept. 1828, 
Agnes-Comish-Bayntun, eldest dau. and co-heiress 
of Sir Edwin-Bayntun Sandys, Bart, of Miserden 
Park, CO. Gloucester, and Ghadlington HaD, Oxford- 
shire, and by her had issue, 

I. BoBBRT, late 80th regt., capt. royal Tyrone fusiliers 

II. Edwin, d, an Infant. 

in. Frederick-John-Sandys, capt. 4th hussars. 

IT. Thomas-Edward, lieut. 27th Bengal native infantry, 

killed in India, 10 June, 1857. 
T. Joflhua-Eklward-Charles-Cooper, lieut. 80th regt. 
L Jane Mauleverer- Agnes, d. uwn. 20 July, 1840. 

II. Elizabeth- Adelaide, d. an infant, 20 March, 1884. 

III. Philippa- Allen, m. to Capt. Robert-John Knox, J. P., 
late of the Carabineers, and of Cahirleske, co. Kil- 
kenny, and has issue. 

IT. Agnes-Sarah, m. to John Bagwell, Esq. of Cambray 
Terrace, Cheltenham. 

He m. 2ndly, in Not. 1856, Charlotte, 4th surviTing 
dau. of Henry-Charles-Boyle-MacMurrough Murphy, 
Esq. late of Hume Street, Dublin, by Susan, his 
wife, dau. of John Jacob, Esq., M.D., of Mary- 
borough, Queen's County, and has issue, 

L William-Frederick. 
I. Flora-Charlotte-Helena. 
n. EmmeUne-Stuart. 

ft{n(ll0f • — ^This family is descended fW>m the ancient 
lio.tse of the Lords lindesay, of the Byres, in Haddington- 
shii-e, N.a 

The first who settled in Ireland upon the confiscation 
of the O'Neills in Ulster, were two brothers, Bernard 
LixmssAT of Lough-hill, oo. of Haddington, Gentleman of 
the Bedchamber to King James VI, and Robbrt Likdk- 
SAT, Esq., Chief Harbinger to that monarch, sons of Thomas 
Likdbsat, of Kingswork, in Lelth, whiidi Thomas held 
several offices of high honour and tnist, as well as emolu- 
ment, under Mary, Queen of Scotland, and her son, King 
James YI, such as searcher-general of Leith, in 1662, 
which he resigned in favoiur of his son, Bemuxi, on the 
15th Oct 1504. In Oct. 15S0, he held the office of Suowdon 
Herald, and is also described as Snowden Herald on the 
16th Oct 1694. King James provided, not only for him, 
bnt hlB family, by pensions, Ac, to his daughters, Agnes 
and Elisabeth, out of the rente and tithes of the Abbey of 
North Berwick ; also to his sons, Bernard, Thomas, and 
Bobert, from other lands belongiug to the Friars of Lin- 
lithgow. Thomas Lindesay, the Snowden Herald, was 
living 16 Oct. 1694. His son, 

Robbrt LivncsAT, Esq. of Leith, in Scotland, chief har- 
binger and comptroller of the artillery to King James I, 
obtained from that monarch a grant of the manor and 
ands of TiUlahoge, Loughty, ftc, oo. l^rrone, in the 8th 

year of that soTerd^'k leign. .He «. Janet Aehmtm, and 
by her (who survived him, and was living in 1619) he had a 
son and successor, 

BoBBRT LrNDBSAT, Esq. of Loughiy and ToHahoge, who 
obtained a second patent of the said manor and lands of 
Loughry and Tullahoge, described therein as Xsnor 
Lindesay, in the 14th year of the reign of Oharleb I, 
and who built the mansion-house of Loughry. in 
1082, which was burnt by the rebels in 1041. and rebuilt 
by him in 1671. He was an officer in the royal army, at 
the battle of Worcester. He m. Maxgaret, dan. of James 
Richardson, of Castle Hill, co. Tyrone, and tf. 18 Xay, 1074. 
aged 70, having had issue, three sons and three daughters^ 

I. Robert, of whom presently. 

II. Alexander, of Cahoo, present with his brotberBobort 
at the siege of Deny, in defenee of which iAtj bo loei 
his life in 1689. From this Alexander are deaccoided the 
Lindesay of Glenview, co. Wicklow, and OxeenTiUe, eo. 

III. William, described in deed of 1667 as haTing "gone 
to parts beyond sea.'* 

The elder son, 

Robert Liitdbbat, Esq. of Loughry and Tullahoge, a 
refugee and defender in Derry, during the siege, m. Anne, 
dau. of John Morris, Esq. of Bellville, co. Tyrone, and 
d. 1601, leaving issue^ 

I. Robert, of Loughry and Tullahoge, IC.P., eo. Tjraoie^ 
1729, Judge of the Common Pleas, 1788, b. 1079. This 
genUeman was the intimate ftiend of Dean SwtfL He 
i». 1707, Elisabeth, dau. of Edward Singleton, Esq. of 
Dik>gheda, and sister of Henry Singlet<m, Esq., Liord 
Chief Justice of the Common Bench, Ireland, and after- 
wards Master of the Rolls in that coimtry, and hud issue, 
one son and one daughter, 

1 Robert, d. an infant 
1 Anne, d, unm. 

II. JoHir, of whose line we treat. 

Judge Lindesay having d. «. p. 1742, was t. byhia bn>thsr, 
John LiNnESAT, Esq. of Loughry and Tullahoge, 6. 1686, 
who m. 1744, Eiicaboth, dau. of the Rev. Belllngfaam Mau« 
leverer. Rector of Maghera, co. Derry, cmd granddau. of 
Wmu Nicolson, ^Archbishop of Cashel, and d. 1761, leaving a 
son and successor, 

Robert Likbebat, Esq. of Loughiy and Tullahoge, M.P. 
for Dundalk 1781, assistant barrister oo. Tyrone, 6. 11 April, 
1747 I'm. 1777, his second-oousin, Jane, eldest dau. and co- 
heir of Thomas Mauleverer, Esq. of Amclifie Hall. co. 
Tork, and by her (who was b. 24 July, 1753» and d. 18 April, 
1824) had issue, 

I. John, lieut. in the 86th regt, and afterwards lieut oi^ 
royal Tyrone militia, mayor of Cashel 1826, 5. 39 Feb. 
1780 ; m. Maryanne, dau. of Richard Pennefather, Esq. 
of New Park, co. Tipperary, M.P. for Cashel, and d. in 
the lifetime of his fittner, Nov. 1826, leaving an only 
son, John Lutdbsat, Esq., D.L., lieut. SSrd, and after- 
wards lieut in the 7Ui roTal fttsiliers, high sherUT 1840, 
6. 16 March, 1808; ». to the family estate on the death of 
his grandfather, in 1832. He m. Harriott-Hester, dau. of 
the Right Hon. Charles-Watkin Williams-Wynn. M.P., 
of Langedwin, brother to Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 
Bart, M. P., of Wynnstay, Denbighshire, butd. «. p. 7 Aug. 
1848, and was ». by his uncle, Fredbbick Lwdbbat, Esq. 
now of Loughry. 

II. Robert, d. an infant 

III. Frederick, now of Loughry. 

IT. Thomas, in holy orders. Elector of Upper Cumber, «. 
1st, 1 Dec. 1836, Harriet-Catherine, dan. of the hon. and 
right rev. Richard Ponsonby, Lord Bishop of Deny, 
which lady d. 1886 ; and2ndly, Elisabeth, dau. of Heniy 
Coddington, Esq. of Rutland Square, Dublin, by hb 
wife, Eleanor Hunilton, of Brown Hall. 

I. Jane, of 28, Imperial- square, Chdtenham. 

u. Sarah, m. to Jame»-Cranboume Strode, Esq., cousin 
both by father and mother to the 2nd Marquess of Sails* 

III. Elisa, m. to Col. Joshua Coox>er, of Maikree. 

IT. Mary, m. Bellingham Mauleverer, Esq. 

T. Fanny, m. to Colouol O'Neill. 

Tl. Anne, d. uuvi. 

Mr. Lindesay d. 6 Jan. 1832, and was i. in the fkmUy estate 
by his grandson, John Linobsat, who, having d. without 
issue in 1848, was a. by his tmcle, the present Frbdbr!CS 
Lindesay, Esq., who is a claimant for the earldom and 
ancient barony of the Lord Lindesay of the Byres, both 
now dormant 

.^}*ms— Gules, a fesse, chequy, axg. and as., three muUeti 
in chief, of the second, and a crescent, ppr., ki base. 

(?rMt— A swan, ppr., standing, his wmgs closed. 

Seat*— Loughrr, JDungannon, oo. Tyronej and 67, Mount* 
joy Square, Dublin, 



LnnmAT, Waltir, Esq. of Glen View, oo. 
Wicklow, J.P. for ooe. Wicklow ao^ Dublin, bar- 
mtar-at-Uw, h. 10 April, 1808; m. 28 March, 1838, 
Harriet-Cole, 2nd dau. of 'William Comiah, Esq. of 
HaniioD, Cornwall, D.L. and J.P. (mc that family), 
and has iasue, 

L Waltsb-Bbooas, b. 25 Dee. 1848. 

a Haniei>M«i7-Axiiie-Foeta!. 
m. Rapesi H onora. 

ItUfSSf •*— Albzahbxb LiKDBSAT, ]f.D., stated tohaTe 
been killed at the siege of Derry, SDd son of Robert 
Undassy, Ksq., the dilef harbinger (jm LiMDnsAT ^ 
Itufluj), «. Miss Cheevers, of Desertcrete, and had a son, 

WALTm Lixn>XBAT, Bsq. of Gahoo, oo. Tyrone, J.P.,. who 
sk MisB Stewart, and d. l7iS, leaving two sons, AixzAKiMa, 
of whom presently ; and Jolm, in holy orders, ancestor of 
Hm Ber. John Unlesay, -vicar of Stamford in Aron. The 
elder eon. 

Tax Bar. Alkzaivbbb LnmaaAY, rector of Kihnore, oo. 
MoDflgbaa, m. Miss B. Richardson, dau. of ^e Rot. Mr. 
lUdiSidson, of Somerset, oo. Derry, and had a dan., 
Bumsh, wife of John Richardson, Esq., J. P., of Farlough 
Hooae, eo. Tyrone, and two sons, Waltbr, his heir ; and 
Robert, grandfather of the late Qen. BffiDgham lindesay, 
of Oonfftaooe, Switaerland. The elder, 

Thz Rkt. WALTsa liiNDBSAT, roctor of BeOaghy, oo. Derry, 
V 1733 ; m. 1757, Bliaabeth, dan. of Sir Nicholas* Forster. 
Bart, and dying in l775,lefttwo sons, i. Aiaxahdkr, in holy 
orien. rector of Rathdmmmin, ca Louth, b. in 1757, father 
of aa only dau., Louisa, d. num. ; andii. Roscrt, b. fai 1700, 
vbo M. l^M, Qeoigina, dan. and hdr of the Very Rot. John 
Bnicaa, dean of KillaJa (the representatlye of the noble 
French family of Brocas), and dying in 18S9, 1^ (with 
Jane, d. Mua., and Eloanor-Maiia, d. vnai. 1845), a son, 
Waltu LnmoAT, Esq. 

ilmt— As LunuEBAT {^Lomghry. 

Xtnitmt% QgeenTJlle, eo. Dublin, and Glen Yiew, Bzay , oo. 



LiVDOW, Samukl, Esq. of Ingwell, WhitehaTon, 
eo. Cumberland, J.P., high sheriff, 1862. 

linfXjQff • — Samuvl Linsow (son of Jonas Lindow, by 
Agaee Mstson, of Tytap Hall, oo. LancasterX m. Elisabeth 
Annstrong, of Kendal, oa Westmoreland, and had a son, 

JovAS LUDOW, Esq., who m. 80 Msy, 1797, Ruth Broek- 
bink, and by bar, who d. 20 Jan. 1881, left issue, at hia 
deoeaae, SI Feb. 1846. 

L Samuxl, now of IngweU. 

n. John, of Rhon Hall, oo. (Mmberland, m. Ann-Eliaa, 

dan. of John Jackson, Esq. of Whitehaven, and has issue, 

Jonas, 5. 17 May, 1847, and Eliaa-Maxy. 
L Ruth. 

n. Msry, m. OeongO'William Lindow, a «. 
m. Agnes, m. Isa.'us Bums, Esq., of Whitehaven, now 

reaident at Ingwell, and has issue, Jonas-Lindow, 6. 

» April, 1888, Unao-WiUiam, 5. S May, 1841. 

i(n»«— Ermfaie, on a chevron, dovetsiled, between three 
ainifter hands, oocq>ed at the wrist, gu. , as many fountains. 

Ot«(— A Hon rampant, gu. , semb m buckles, or, and hold- 
iOK between the paws a fountain. 

MotUh-^i et virtute. 

fret— IngweU, Whitehaven, oo. Oumberlaad. 

oonntlea of Perth and Votftr, got firam King ReMit lit 
Bruce a dhaiter of the offloe of King% FOwlar, the giautee 
and his sncoessora being *' obliged to aervs the klng'ehoQse 
with wild foi^ when the king and hia ■neeessora shidl 
oome to Forfiar, where Fnllerton shall be entertained, with 
a servant and two bonee.** From htm dseoended 

WiLLiAir FuuARtov, of FoUerton, who si. aboitt 1860, 
Margaret Undssj, eldest dan. of the Snd Lord Bpynle, and 
sister to Geoige^ Uie8rd end last LovdSpynie. Their only 

WiLiiAM FuiUBXoir, of Fnllerton^ by Snasn hia wlf< was 

Jobs Fuua»o«, of FaUertoo, who m. Margaret Car- 
negie, and had (besldaa a dan., Jean, ai. to Mr John 
Wedderbom, Bart of Blsoknees) a aon, 

WxLUAM Fuubntiear, of FnUerton, who m. Hussnna 
OgUvy, and was fMher of a son, WnJUAx, and a dan., 
Margaret, la. to Walter, commonly called Earl of Airtte, and 
d. a p. The son, 

WzuiAM FuLLCBSOir, cf FuUertoii and Oleoqukh, who 
assumed the surname of LiimeAT, dsimed the title of Lord 
Spynie, but waa nnsneesssAil, under the supposition that 
the original grant had been made only to ttie 1st Lord 
Spynie's issue male ; this baa at last been dearly proved 
to have been wrooft by Mr. Biddall. the dlatlngiitshed 
writer on Scotdi peerage law. Mr. FuBerton-Ilndsay m. 
1st, Stewart, only dan. and hsir of James Carnegie, of 
Boysack,- rep re sentative of the Hon. Sir John O aiu sgle, 
2nd son oi the 1st Bsri of Northesk, and by her had an 
only son, Jaiob, his heir. He m. Sndly, Margaret, only 
dau. and heir of James Blair, Esq. of Ardblair,- oo. Perth, 
but by her had no iaaue. Mr. Fullerton-Iindsay, who waa 
a lleirt.-ooL in the Spaniah service, was «. by his only son, 

jAjna-FoLLSBTOH'LiMna^T-OABxaoi]^ Bsq. of Boysack, 
FuUerton, Glenquicb, Spynie, and Klnblethmont, who m, 
in 1780, Maiy-EliaslMtfa, only dan. and hair of Janea 
Strachan, Esq. of Lower Tooting, Surrey, id the Tbomton 
family, snd d. 1815, having by her had issue, 

WxLXJAjc, his heir. 

Alexander, who m. 81 Oei 1880, Amv, only dan. of Alex- 
ander Cruikshank, Esq. of Strackauuow, oo. ForCur, and 
had an only son, Alezander-Cruikshank, 5. 1 Nov. 1821. 
Mr. Lindsay, who was captain of the ** Kelly (Tastle,** 
Indiaman, d. 26 July, 1822. 

John-Maokensiek a writer to the siniet in Edinbuigh, m, 
Florence^ dau. of the Bev. Chanea Browi^ and has a 
dau., Emily. 

Donald, b. 1794. 

Sosan, m. at Edinburgh, 15 Marcih, 1814, to Thomas Tod, 
Esq., advocate. 

Margarot^Nortfaeak, d. mmn. 28 Feb. 1818. 


LmDSAT-CABNBant, Henbt-Alisxander, Esq. of 
Spynie, and of Kimblethmont, N.B., lieut. Bengal 
eogineera, h. 6 July, 1836, 1. 1860. Mr. Carnegie, 
hereditary fowler to i^e Kings of Scotland, is repre- 
sentative of Lady Catherine, sister of King Robert 
IIL, wife of David Lindsay, 11th Earl of Crauford, 
of the Fullertooa of that ilk, and of the Caroegies 
of Boysack, is the oldest cadet of the noble house 
of Northesk, patron of the parish of Spynie, oo. 
Moray, and heir to the Barony of Spynie. 

luitlfff«~GonrBii>U8 Fuixerton, of Fullcxton, in the 

Eiis son, 

• WiLUAx-FuLLsaTOK LiKnsAT-CARVBaix, Esq. of Spynie 
and Boysack, J.P. and D.Li, vice-Uout. for the oo. Forfar, 
sometime capt. royal-artillery, 5. IS May, 1788 ; m. 27 Deo. 
1820, Lady Jane-Christian Carnegie, dau. of William, 7th 
Earl of Northesk, G.C.B., snd d. in 1880, leaving issue by 
her (who d. 1 Oct 1840), 

X. John, b. 14 Feb. 1833, deceased, 
u. Henbt-Albxakdbr, his successor. 

III. Donald-Christian-Strachsn, 6. July, 1840. 

I. Mary-EUsabeth, m. in Jan. 1845, to Major-Ctooige Oor* 
don, 50th regt, Bengal native-infantry, son of Gordon of 
Halmyre, oo. PeebleB. 

u. Jane, w. 1850, to AlsTander Lindsay, Esq.* fomeriy 
capt 8th hussars. 

HL Susan, ffi. 1855, to Bobert Bamssy, Esq. 

IV. Helen. 

.^mu--Qnaitarly: 1st, GABnois; Snd, LimaaT; Srd 


CVe»<«~lst, CABxnanB ; Snd, Likdsat ; Srd, Fulliston. 
fieo^Kinblethmantk near Arbroath, eo. Forfiur. 


LiNDSET, Thohas-Sfxnceb, Esq. of Hollymount 
House, 00. Kayo» J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1822, of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A., 6. 81 July, 1790; 
i». 11 May, 1818, HargaretpHerter, only dau. of the 
late Richard-Alexander Oswald, Esq. of Aucheu- 
cruive, oo. Ayr, and has issue, 

L BioHAan-AixxAimBR, late an officer in the anny, 5. 

15 March, 1823, deceased. 
II. Thomas-Spekcer, D.L. for co. Mayo, b. 7 May, 1828. ■ 
I. Anne-Eleanor-Matilda-Nina, m. 4 Nov. 1841, to the 

Barun Godefroy de Blony, of Bloray and Veney» in tho 

Canton de Yaud, SwiUerliu^ 



It. Xnfl^. 

in. BUasbeih-Fkttioas. 
IT. LOUaa-MaigareWuMi 
T. Catheilne-Maiy. 

ILftltafff* — ^Thokas LiHoeiT, Esq., « yoanger son of 
7H0if AB LiNDSKT, Esq. of Turin Oastlo, eo. Hayo, and a 
deioeiidaat of the great Soottieh houae of Undny, «. in 
1757, Franoes-liaaohamp Vesey, granddau. of Dr. John 
Yeaey, ArchlnBhop of Tuam, and had an only eon, 

Thomas LnrosaT, Bsq. of HoUymoant, who m. in 1784, 
Lady Maigaret-Eleanor Bingham, dau. of Charles, 1st Earl 
of Locan, and by her (who d. In 1889) had issue, 

TKOKAS-SrarcsB, now of HoUymoont 

Charles-RidLard, in the royal navy, went down in the old 

Blenheim, in 1807, with Sir Thomas Trowbridge. 
WiUiam-Henry-Bingham, lieut. in the 10th hussars, at 

Waterloo, cL in India, in 18S2. 
Xaivaret-Loulsa, m! to the Bev. J.-G. Porter, eldest son 

of tne late Bishop of Clogher. 
Anne, m. to the Hon. and Ber. J.-O. Browne, brottisr of 

Lord Oranmore. 

Eleanor, m. to James Reed, Eso. , and d. in 18401 
Emily, flk to the Bey. SdmundlXowdney. 

^rm*— Gu., afesse, ohequy, arg. and ai., between tiiree 
mullets, of the second. 
Oei^— An eagle, displayed, with two necks. 
i6M«— HoQymottnt House, Hollymount, oo. Maya 



See Lisli-Phillifps or QABmsoir Park avd Qbaci 
DnuMAiroBy cxx LnanriB. 


LnrasN, Hxnbt, Esq. of Penlanolen, oo. Radnor, 
J.P. and D.L., high BherifF 1889-40, bairister^t-lftw, 
6. 16 Aug. 1808 ; m. 7 May, 1837, Priscilla^ dau. of 
Joseph Jonefly Esq. ol Aberystwith, oo. Oardigati, 
and nas issue. 

r. HamiT^oinB, h. 8 Oct 1880. 
II. Oharlas-Nelson, of St. John's GolL, Cambridge, b. 
Oct 1848. 


ftf Iff XSf •-— The Penlanolen &mily is descended from Bib 
JoHir LuroBH, of Stoke Edith, in the county of Hereford, 
who was owner of great possesions in Herefordshire. 
In the struggle between Gbarlb I and his Parliament, Sir 
Henry Lingen eqpoused the royal cause, and for some i^me 
maintained a troop of horse for the king's service. By this 
and oonaeqnent fines and confiscations EUr Henry's estates 
were much reduced. At one time he was fined £5,000, the 
highest sum levied on a oommonor. These losses were 
never remembered by Chabubs II. 

Jamsb Lxkokv, Esq. of Thinghill Court, oo. Hereford, m. 
Ifiss Birt, of London and had (with three daus. Margaret, m. 
to Mr. QodshaU; Eleanor, m. to F. Lane, Esq. of Hampton; 
and Esnny, m* to W.«A. Adams, Beq. of Ptnhault, co. 
Hereford) an only son, 

WnxiAX Loronr, Esq. of Button, oo. Hereford, who m. 
Jane, second dau. of lUchard Homing, Bsq. of the Duffields, 
in the same shire, and by her had a son, Wiixi ax, of whom 
presently, and three daus., via. , Jane, m. to Henry Unett, 
Beq. of Frenes Courtt oo. Herefcnd ; Maigaret, m, to John 
Griffiths, Esq., twice mayor of Herefbrd ; and Nancy, m. to 
William Coolc, Esq. of Munderfield, oo. Hereford. The only 

WiLUAX LxBtmr, Esq. of Bmghill Lodge, oo. Hereford, 
«. 1706, Anne, only dau. and heir of John Barrett, Esq. of 
Hollins HIU, eo. Worcester, and d. 1816, leaving issue, 

L Hbtbt, of Penlanolen, 2nd son. 
n. Charies, M.D., fellow of the Bml College of Suiigeons, 
and senior sui^geon to the Hereford County Infirmary, 
m. in 1841, Ellen, 8rd dau. of the late Bev. Charles Taylor, 
D.D., chancellor of the diocese of Hereford, and has 

1 Charlss-Jamea. S John Taylor. 

1 Glisa^ane. S Ellon-Mary. 

8 AUoe-Margarel 4 Blanche-bophia. 
6 Florence-Anna. 

1. Mary-Anne, d. 17 May, 1887. 

IL Sophia. 

m. EUaa. 

IT. Maigaret 

▼. Jane, vl to the Bev. Joseph-Henry Barker, M.A. 

ifnii»— Bany of six, or and as., on a bend, go., three 
Ofil—Ont ot a dueal ooronet, or, a garb, vert. 
iB(— Ponlanolen, near Rhayader, oo. Badnor. 



LiSTKR, Matthew-Hbnbt, Esq. of Burwell Fkik, 
CO. Linooln, 5. 1801 ; m. 1828, Arabella, yonngest 
dau. of the late John Cracroft, Esq. of Hackthora 
Hall, 00. Lincoln, and has issuey 

I. Matthkw-Hxnbt. 

I. Emfly-Sophia, m. to the Ber. WBUam-D. Marsdsn. 

n. Lucy. 

m. Florence-Arabella. 

IV. Augusta-Penelope-Anne. 

Mr. Lister is one of the oo-httrs of the Baitm j of 

mitltKfit* — ^This is the senior line of the ancient funily 
of Listw, of which the noble house of Bibbeedale is a Jmiifur 

Sib William Lister, Knt. of Thornton (son of Lanrenee 
Lister, Esq. of Midhope, by Evereld, his wife, dan. of Sir 
John Sayer, and grandson of William Lister, Eaq. who pur- 
chased Thornton, in Craven, and who waa elder brother of 
Thomas Lister, ancestor of the Listsbs of Gisbuine Pai^ 
oo. York), m. Mazy, dau. of Sir Henry Bellasys, Bart of 
Newborough, and lett at his decease, in 1660, with ether 
issue, L William Listsb, Esq. of Thornton ; and u. 8ia 
Maktik Listeb, Knt., the well-known physloian. His sue* 
oessor at Burwell, 

Matthbw Listbb, Esq. of Burwell Park, m, 1688^ 
Eleanor, dau. and eventual heir of Sir Charles Dymoke^ 
Knt of Scrivelsby, champion to Jambs II, great-great- 
grandson of Sir Edward Dymoke, Knt, champion to Queen 
Eltzabbth, by Anne Talboys, his wife, sister azid co-heir of 
GiLBBBT Talboys, Babov Talbots ov Ktmb^ and wts 
father of 

Matthbw LiSTBBy Esq. of Burwell Park, who d. 1744, and 
was «. by }^ son, 

Matthsw Listkb, Esq. of BurweU Park, m. Grace, widow 
of Sir Edward Boughton, Bart , and dau. of Sir John Shnek- 
buxigh, Bart., and d. in Jan. 1786, having had a son, 

Matthew-Dtmokb Listbb, Esq. of Burwell Park, who m. 
Lydia, only child and heiress of Joseph Banoroft, Esq., snd 
by her (who m. 2ndly, Joseph Livesey, Esq.) left, at his 
decease, in 1772, a son, 

Matthbw-Bakoboft Listbb, Esq. of BurweU Park, ^^lo 
daimed the barony of Kyme. He ia. 1799, lOas Sophia 
Brunton, and by her (who d. 1861) had issuer 

Matthew-Hbhbt, now of BurwelL 

John-Samuel, of Saleby Orange, Alford, LInoolnshire, 
a A., J.P., b. 26 Jan. 1812; m. 4 May, 1842, BUaabeth, 
eldest dau. of WiUiam WUcock, Esq. of Savile Hill, HaU- 
fiuc and has Matthew- WiUiam, 6. 20 Jan. 1846; Haonah- 
Frances; Mazy; Elisabeth-Sophia; and Katherine-EUen- 


Oeorge-Arthur, barrister-at-law. 


Lydia-Boughton, m. to the Bev. O. Jaokaoo. 

Sophia, mTto the Bev. Francis Pickford. 

Mfury, M. to George Marmaduke AHngton, Esq. of Swia* 
hope, oa Lincoln. 


Mr. Lister d. 14 Oct. 1842. 

^rme— Erm., on afesse^ sa., tiiree mullets, or« 

OiMt— A stag's head, erased, ppr. 

Jtfotto— Est modus. 

Aflot— Burwell Park, near Louth, Linootnshira. 


Listbb, Robbrt-Coritelius, Esq. of Otuefleet 
Orange, co. York, J.P., 6. 17 April, 1818; m. 26 April, 
1842, Elizabeth-Corn well, dau. of Jairia Empson, 
Esq. of Ooole Hall, co. York, and has issue^ 

L jAKBSrBMPsoN, 6. 7 July, 1851. 
I. EUsabeth-Simpson. 
n. AUcA 


Eillf X8f •— ^BOBQC Stotix, Esq. Btm of Oaosoc 9iotin, 
1«|. of Tetlflj House, CO. lincoln, took the somame and 
aniift <d LiBTWRy under the will of Thomas Lister, Esq. of 
OInfaj House, oo. Linooln. By Elizabeth his wife, he was 
Cither of 

Jaxmb Lebtsr, Esq., who nt. in 1800. Alice, dan. of 
Bobait Spofforth, Esq. of Howden, E.R., co. York, and by 
her had issue, Bobkbt-Gobnbuus, of Ousefleet Orange ; 
Oeoise-Spofforth, of Hurst Priory, Bawtry, m. Miss Mostyn 
Owen, of Woodhouae, near Oswestry; and Bev. Thomaa- 
Hemy, Ticar of Luddington, Lincolnshire, m. Miss Swan* 
cfHimftUioipe, and has issue a son and two daoa. 

Jm»— Brm., on a fesse, sa., three mullets, or. 
Crat—k stag's head, issuing from a ducal coronet. 
Jf o<(o— Betinena vestigia f amse. 
fin(— Ousefleet Orange, near Ooola^ eo. Toxk. 


UBeoB, John, of Shibden Hall, oo. Tork, J.P., 
I. Anne, dan. of Capt^ Jeremy Lister, of Shibden 
Hall; M. in 1844, Louisa- Ann, only dan. of M^jor 
Charles Grant, of the island of St. Vincent^ and 

L Jomr, h. 8 March, 1847. 

IL Chailes-Edmond, b. 15 June, 1849u 

L Anne, b. SO Feb. 1852. 

ICflCSfff • — The family is one of ancient date, tracing 
iti descent finom Biohaad Listbr, who in the year 1439 
(17HainiT VI. X purobaaed lands in Hipperholme, in the 
pwiifa of Halifax, and in the vicinity of Shibden Hall, 
wfaidk bss been in the possession of the fkmily for the last 
thne hundred years. 

One of their anoediors, Johk Listkb, b. in 1002, was fined 
ibr not sttending to reoeiTo the honour of kaij^thood at 
theooronstion of King Gharlvs I ; the receipt for this fine 
is riijned by ** Wentworthe,*' Earl of Strafford. 

nie fun pedigree is in the College of Arms. 

^nu-fon flie roof of Halifax church) — ^Brm., on a Ibsie, 
M., three mnlletf!, or, a dexter canton, gu. 

CVMt— A stages head, erased, ppr., charged on the 
with A trefoil, slipped, gu. Afotto— Propositi tenaz* 

&a(-^ibden ILUL ca Tork. 


LiTTLS, Jameb, Esq. of Bovennet House, Lough- 
VricUatid!, CO. Down, and of Rosall, co. Wicklow, J.P. 
for both ooa, and capt. royal Downshire militia. Capt. 
Little is eldest son of the late Rev. Joseph Little, D.D. 

Town Maidene^—T, Albemnrle Street, Piccadilly, London, 
fitttte— Boveimet House^ Loughbrickland ; and Bosall, co. 


LiTTLi, William- HuNTSR, Esq. of Llanvait 
Grange, co. Monmouth, J.P. and D.L., high sherifi 
1652, 6. Oct 1790; m. Ist^ Aug. 1831, Mary-Katha- 
rine-Kewman, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Rogers, of Rains- 
eombe Hoaae, co. Wilts; and 2ndly, May, 1836, 
Oeorgiana, dau. of Winchcombe-Henry Hartley, Esq. 
of Ashford, Kent. By his Ist wife he had one dau., 
Loutaa-EHzabeth'Eatharine, m, 1854, to Frederick- 
Townley Ptoker, Esq. {»ee that family) ; by his 2nd 
wife he has, l Georoe-Savile-Luhlet, in holy 
orders, b. 1837 ; n. James-Law-Charles-Hunter, 6. 
1844; m. William-Hunter-Buller, 6. 1847 ; L Emma- 
Qeoigiaoa-Cbarlotte ; n. Henrietta-Hannah-Louisa ; 
m. Barbara-Elizabeth-Maria. 

UxtUf^. — Oaoaoa Lirrue, Esq., who m. Benrietta- 
Vsria, dan. of Samuel Forth, Esq., barrister-at-law, had 
two toiia, Simon, and Samuel, D.D., who m. Oeoi^giana- 
Augusta, dan. of Augustus, 4th Earl of Berkeley, and teUct 
of tbe Earl of Oranard. The elder son, 

SnoH Lrrrut, Esq., m. Letitia, sister of Sir James.Bond, 
But of CooUunber House, co. Longford, and had issue, 
GioMi, of whom presently ; James; and Elizabeth. The 

OaoaoB LirruB, Esq. of Llanvair Orange, m. in 178d« 


Louisa, youngest ^dao. of WlUlam Honby, bq. ef Tlie 
Hook, eo. Hants, many years go?emor of Bombay, while 
Warren Hastings was gormxat of Bengal, and by her (who 
d. 1834) had issue, 

WiLLiAM-HuBTBB, of Llanvalr Orange. 

John-Hornby, B. L C. civil servioe^ dL mtm. in 18S9L 

James, barmter-at-law. 

Bmma, m. in 1842, to Gharles-Bog'nald Duller, Esq. of the 

dTil serrioe, Ceylon, son of the late James BaUor, Esq., 

elerk of the Privy CoundL 

Mr. Little d 1828. 

^rms'Sa., a cher.. engr. , arg: 

Cml—A leopard's nead. x:^. 

Jfotto— Magnum In panro. 

/Seat— Uanvair Oiaoge, A beiga fmmy, e& IConmoalk. 



Bolton Hall, co. Tork, h. 6 Sept. 1849. 

ftCtteSfff .- Of the family of Littledale, which appesxe 
to have resided at Bnnerdale, In Cumberland, at the date 
of the Beformation, was Josbph Littlboaui, who removed 
to Whitehaven. His eldest son, Joespa Littlxdalc, wl, 
Mary, eldest dau. and co-heir of Isaac Laagton, Esq. of 
The How, in Ennerdale, by Frances, his wife, ddest den. 
and oo-heir of Anthony Patxickson, Esq. of The How and 
Linethwaite, and had issue, 

I. IsAAOv who M. Maiy, dau. of — Hartley, Xaq^, and had 

1 Isaac, d. in 1848. 

S Thomas, of Br^rstones, oo. Cumberland, and High* 

field Hoxise, oo. Lancaster ; m. Sarah, daiL of Thomaa 

Molyneux, Esq., and haa issue, Thomaa, who m. a dau. 

of Clement Boyds, Esq. ; Alfred, who d. In 1842; John- 

Bolton; and Annie. 

1 Elueabeth, lo. to — Wordsworth, Esq. 

2 Maiy, m. to — Atkinson, Esq. 

XL Henrt, originally of Whitehaven, became a merchant 
of LiveraKtoL He m. Sarah, dau. of John Wilkinson* 
Esq. of Whitehaven, and had lasue^ 

1 JosEPn (Sir), Knt, one of the Judges of the eonrt of 
Queen's Itenoh, and a privy councillor. 6 26 May 1767; 
m. Misa Hannah Timberlake, and d. 26 June, 1842, 
leaving a daa, Elizabeth, wiife of Thomas Coventry, 

2 John, m. 1st, Miss Whiteley, and had by her two sons^ 
Harold, whom. Margaret, dan. of Sir JohnTobin, Knt, 
and has issue; and Edward. He m. 2ndly, Trft«»«A^ 
dau. of — Moore, Enq. 

8 Johnson-Wilkinson, m. and had iasua 

4 Isaac, d. 31 May. 1828. 

Henry, d. uwn, 

Thomas, d. unm, 

7 ANTHomr, of whom preeently. 

8 Alfired, d, «nm. 

Edward, d in 1837. 

10 Oeorge-Decimus, m. Harriet, dau. of T.-H. France, 
Esq., and d. in 1826, leaving issue, Oeorge, 6. In 1824; 
Harriet ; and Emily, m. to — French, Esq. 

1 Elisabeth, m. to John Bolton. Esq. of Stones HalL 

2 Mary, m. to Samuel Stainiforth, Esq. 
8 Axmabella, m. to J.-D. Case, Esq. 

ni. Thomas, m. Susannah, dau. and co-heir of Charies 
Allen, Esq. of Rotterdam, and d. in 1809, leaving issue, 

1 Charies, of Portland Place, b. 1778 ; m. 6 May, 1803, 
Louisa, dau. of & Castell, Esq., and d. 18 April, 1849, 
leaving issue, 

Cfaarles-Bichard, of Scarlets, near Maidenhead, ft. 1807 ; 

in. 1835, Emily, dau. of Charles Hammersley, Esq. 
Edward, major 1st royal-dragoons. 
Arthur, ft. 1815; m. 1st, 1835, Henrietta, dau. of 

George Law, Esq., HE.I.CS., and by her (whodL 

1847) has, Arthur, ft. 1842, and other issue; be m. 

2ndly, 1853, Miss Emily Barnes, by whom he has 

Louisa-Sophia, m. 10 April, 1832, to John-Uoyd, son 

of the late Sir William Clayton, Bart, and brother of 

Sir GUbert East, Bart. 

2 Joseph, of Norfolk Street, Park Lane. 
8 Henry, of Kempston Grange, Beds. 

1 Mary, m. to Godfrey Thornton, Esq. of Muggerhanger. 

2 Julia, m. to the Rev. Richard Dawklns. 
8 Susan, m. to John Dixon, Esq. 

Anthony LrrrLEDALB, Esq. of Liverpool (7th son of 
Henry, 2nd sou of Joseph), ft. 2 Oct 1777 ; m. in 1809, 
Mary, eldest dau. of Pudsey Dawson, Esq. of Bolton Hall 
and Langdiffe Hall («m Dawson, o/ Langcliffe and BomJbjf 
CaaU)t ft. 16 Nov. 1779. This lady inherited In 1816 the 

3 L 



iBtate of Bottoo BaSt ttcm her fkiher, who deilTed It from 
the "PvnsEm, who had held it firom temp. Bdwabd III, By 
her huBband, who d, 20 Jan. 1820, she had isaae^ 

I. Hbnbt-Anthort, who succeeded. 

II. William-Dawaon, 6. 27 June, 1811 : m. 26 Feb. 1886, 
Frances -Florinda-Matilda-Murray, dau. <^ Hajor-CKm. 
Charles Gobbe, B.H. A. , and has issue* 

1 Avbrose-Dawson, b. in 1840. 

2 Harold-Dawson, b. 1849. 
1 FIorinda-Mary-Gobbo. 

S Georgina-Bereaford. 

L Elisabeth-Anne, m. to the Bev. Robert-Wfllfam Good- 
enough, M. A., Vicar of Whittingham, diocese of Durham. 
II. Mar^-Jane, m. to Gwalter-Boranskill-CoogrcYe Lons- 

in. CaroUne^ m. to the Bev. Willoughby-John-Bdward 

Hknrt-Amthont Lxttlxsalx, Esq. of Bolton Hall, J.P. 
and D.L., M.A. Oxon ; b. 19 March, 1810, banister at-law ; 
«. 1865; m. 4 Sept 1845, Maiy-EUzabeth, eldest dau. of 
John Armytage, Ebq. (eldest son of Sir Geoi^ Axmytage, 
Bart), by Mary, his wife, dau. of William Assheton, Esq. of 
Bownham Hall, oo. Lancaster, and d. 6 July, 1869, haying 

I. HsHBY-WiixiAxAsBHBTON, his heir. 
IL Oodfrey-Axmytage, 6. 16 Sept 1864. 

I. Edith. 

II. Maxy.-Oeoiglana. 

ilmu— For Littledalv— Quarterly : Ist and 4th, axg., a 
lion, xmssant, gu., on a chief, as., three cross-crosslets, of 
the field. Litti<edax<e; 2nd, per pale, arg. and or, three 
ebevronels, gu., Lakoton ; Sra, or, a fesse, between three 

Sreyhounds, oourant, sa., Patricxson. For Dawbok— 
uarterly of eiffht eclats; i. Dawson, ac., on a bend, 
engrailed, arg., three daws, sa.; il Pxtdsky, vert, a chev., 
between three spur rowels^ or; iii. Bolton, gu., a chev., 
between three mullets, ai^., in chief, two bird bolts, pale- 
wise, feathered upwards, or: it. Laton, arg., a lesse, 
between six cross-crosslets, fitchde, sa. ; v. Straboloi, 
paly of six, or and. sa., on a canton, in chief, quarterly, or 
ana gu., a bend, sa. (for Eubx); ti. Pilunoton, ai^g., a 
cross-patonce, voided, g\i. ; vii. Sorope, as., a bend, or; 
TUL HAXDVOBD, per ohov. , sa. and erm., in chief, two boan' 
beads, aiv. 

Creyt—Ot Littledaud— A demi-Uon, gu., goiiged with a 
collar, gemelle, arg., holding in the dexter paw a croee- 
crosslet, of the second. 

JIfoMo— Fac et jroera. 

£eat— Bolton ELaU, near Skipton in Craven. For the his- 
tory of this place and its ancient proprietors, refer to the 
Dawson pedigree. 


Litton, Edward, Esq., of Altmore, oo. Tyrone, 
J.P., M.A. of Trin. ColL Dub., called to the Irish 
bar I81I, Q.C. 183Q, a very able and diatin- 
guiahed lawyer, wa« M.P. for Ooleraine from 
1837 to 1842, when he was appointed a Master of 
the Court of Chanoery in Ireland ; he m. Sept. 1812, 
Sophia, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Stewart, rector of 
Loughgilly, and niece of the Right Hon. Sir John 
Stewart, Bart., M.P., co. Tyrone, and by her, who is 
deceased, has issue, 

I. Edward-Abthub, In holy orders, b. 1813, M.A. of 
Balliol Coa Oxford (double 1st d. 1835X Bector of St 
Clements, Oxford, 1868, and examining Chaplain to 
the late Bishop of Olouoeater and Bristol, formerly 
fellow of Ortel Coll. Oxon, and Yice-Prinolpal of St. 
Edmunds Hall, and Bampton Lecturer for 1860 ; m. in 
1848, Anne, dau. of the Bev. Cams Wilson. 

II. Letablare-John. 

III. Bichard-Weld, «». in 1860, Maxy, dau. of Sir Hugh 
Stewart, Bart. 

I. Charlotte, m. to John Tunly, Esq. of Drumnaaole, oo. 

II. Harriet, m. to M^or Kenneth Xackensie. of Balma- 
duthy, 00. Bosa 

ni. Mary, m. to WUliam-WlIson Carus-Wilson, Esq. of 

Caaterton Hall, oo. Westmoreland. 
IT. Emily, m. to Major St Geonge^M. Nugent, quarter* 

master-general at Halifax. 

SrUtfSflf • — ^This family claima descent fVom the an- 
dent house of Litton of Knebworth, now represented by 
Bir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart., a younger son of wfaioh" 
settled in Ireland late in the 17th century. 

TaoKAS Lnvoir, Baq. of the eity of Dublin, «. Oertradi^ 
dau. of — Yerdon. He made his will the 10th Dea 1741, 
which was proved 19 Jan. 1741, and at his death kfi a 

Thomas Litton, Esq. of Oldtown, oo. Klldare, caUed to 
the bar 174S ; he m. 174S, Hannah, dan. of Ralph Leland, 
Esq. and niece of the learned and Bey. John Leiand. He 
d, 1764, having made his will S8 June, 1783, whidi was 
proved 14 June, 1784, and left issue, with a dan. Haniaih, 
wife of Richaixi Weld, Esq. of Lodge, oo. Caiiow, a yoimgsr 
but ultimately the only surviving son, 

Edwabd Lirrov, Esq., an officer in the anuy, who served 
with considerable crodit in the American war. He «. 1784, 
Charlotte^ dau. of the Very Rev. Daniel Letablare, Dean uf 
Tuam, a descendant of the old Huguenot famfly of De la 
Douespe, Seigneurs of L'Establtee, and dying in 180S, IsA 
by his said wife, Charlotte (who d. 1840), with a daoi 
Mary, wife of Joseph Gabbett, Esq., four sons, via., 

I. Thomaa, m. Anne Izod, dau. of Lorenio NixoA, Esq. of 

Chapel l£od, co. KiUcenuy, and had issue, 

1 Edward-Thomas-Litton, who is m. and kaa issoe. 
8 Lorenzo. 

1 Elizabeth, wife of liorenao Weld, Ssq. 

2 Mairy-Anne. 

IL Daniel, m. Jane, dau. of Falkneg Mfnchf n, Esq. and has 

1 Edward-Falkner. 
1 Helena. 
8 Charlotte. 
8 Maria. 

III. Edwabd, now of Altmore Lodge. 

IV. John, m. Vescina, dau. of Bev. William Ibuniltoo. 

£fea^— Altmore Lodge, Dungannon, oo. Tj^rone. 


FBirroN-LiYiNGSTONE, Thomas-Liyinostoks, Esq, 
of Westquarter, co. Stirling, and Bedlermie, oe, 
Linlithgow, J.P., m. 10 April, 1855, Christiaii* 
Margaret, only dau. of Wm. Waddell, Esq., D.L, 
of Easter Moffal, oo. Lanark, and has issue^ 

I* Thomas, 6. 13 May, 1861. 

II. William, b. 80 March, 1868. 

III. John-Nigel-Endenaon, 6. 11 Aug. 1869. 

IV. Geoige-Frederick-James, b. 1 Oct 1860. 

ftCtl^Sfft* — Sib Jaxss LivnrosTON, of Galendar, ths 
elder son of Sir Alexander Livingston, of Calendar, Josd- 
dary of Scotland, had the appointment of captain of the 
castle of Stirling, with the tuition of the yoxmg King Jaxcs 
II. committed to him by his father, and waa afterwards 
created a Peer of Scotland as Lord livingston. He cf, about 
1467. Marian, widow of James, Lord Livingston, oecun in 
the records of parliament, 4 July 1478. He had Issue, 

Jambs, 3nd Lord Livingston. 
Alexander, father of John, Srd Lord Livinsnton. 
Elizabeth, m. to John, Earl of Boss, Lord of the IsIssl 
Supheme, m. Ist, to Malcolm, sou and heir of Robert, Lord 
Fleming; and 8ndly to William Fleming, of The Bord. 

The elder son, 

John Livinoston, 2nd Lord Livingston, m. Ist, a dau of 
Sir John Erskine, of Kinnoul ; 2ndly, a dau. of Bir Kobert 
Criohton ; and Srdly, Agnes Houstoun ; but dying withont 
issue, was «. by his nephew, 

John* Livinoston, Srd Lord Livingston, who «. 1st, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Robert, Lord Fleming, by whom he bsd 
a son, William, 4th Lord Livingston. He m. Sndly, a dao. 
of Sir John Houstoun, of Houstoun, by whom he had another 
son, Alexander, ancestor of the Livinostoms t^ OUniirra*^ 
whose male line is extinct. Lord Livingston d. before 1510. 
and was ». by his son, 

William Livingston, 4th Lord livingsUm ; m. Agnss, 
2nd dau. of Adam Hepburn, younger, of Hales, by whom 
he had a son and two daus., 

Alezakdsb, 6th Lord Livingston. 

Maiigaret, m. to John, 4th Lord Hay, of Taster. 

Isabel, m. to Kiod BamsayH^f Bslhooste. 

The son and heir, 

Alcxandka LrviNosTON, 6th Lord Livingston, was ap- 
pointed an extraordinary lord of Session in 1648, and aoooei* 
panying Queen Mart to France, in 1648, d. there In 15(8. 
He m. 1st, Janet Stewart, who d, without issue ; and tndly, 
Lady Agnes Douglas, dau. of John, 2nd Earl of Motion, hf 
whom he had seven ohttdren, 



/owr, mtifiirof livlngBton, dafn «fcPitikte> Bod 1.91 

Wrixux, tfOi heard Livingston. 

niumas, ancestor of the Liyinostomb <^ ffaininff. 

Biaabeth, m. to John Buchanan, of Buchanan. 

J«net» «. to Sir Alexander Bruce, of Airth. 

lUgdalen, m. 1st, to Sir Alexander Enkine» of Gogar; 

Sndly, to J<dui Serymgeour, of Glaster. 
Ihiy, maid of honour to Queen Mart; m. In 1M7, to 

John Semple, of Beltrees. 

The eldest sorriTing son, 

WiLUAM LiYiNOSTON, 0Ch Lord livingston, fought for 
Queen Mart at Langaide. He m. Agnes Flemhag, 2nd dao. 
of Maloohn, Srd Lord Floming, and had issuer 

I. ALSXAVnnt, his hoir, created in 1600, Baiu. of LuiRH- 
oow. (SeeBxmKM^BJBxHnetPteragt.) 

u. John, d. young. 

iiL Henry, d. young. 

IT. Gdorge(Sir), of Oglefaoe. 

T. WUIiani, of Westquarter. 

L Jean, m. to Alexander, 4th Lord Elphinstoo. 

II. Margaret, m. 1st, to Sir Lewis BcUenden, of Auchinofule, 
Juatice-derlc; and 2ndly, to Patrick, Earl of Orkney. 

Loid liTingston d. in 1592. His 4th son, 
I. Tn Hon. Gsorox Livinostov, of Oglefeoe, 00. Lin- 

liUigDw, was created a Baronet aS JfovaSootia, 80 May, 1826, 

nd was I. hy his eldest son, 
n. Bib WiixiAit, who was «. by his son, 
III Bin Alsxandkr, who was a. by his only son, 

IV. Sin Alxxahdbr, designated of Bedlermie, who m. Su- 
■anah Walker, heir of Bedlermie, and was ». by his only son, 

V. Bn Alsxakdsr. This gentleman m. Henrietta, dau. 
of Alexander Scott, Esq., by whom he had seven sons and 
tbree dans., and was a. by his eldest son, 

n. Bib Obobo^ at 'whose decease., without iBsae, in 1199, 
the baronetcy dcTolved upon hia brother, 

TIL Sib Alexakdeb, who d. unm. in 1766, and was i: by 
his brother, 

niL Bib Wiluam, designated of Westquarter and Bed- 
krmie. This gentleman dying without issue, in 1769, was 
A by his nephew, 

IX. Bib Alexander of Westquarter and Bedlermie, who 
«. lat, Anne, dau. of John Atkinson, Esq. of London, by 
whom he bad seven sons and one dau., vIb, 

L Alexander-Smally d. unm, 
IL WiiUam, d. unm. 
IIL Thomas, his heir. 
IT. John>Bobert, d. unm. 

▼. ThurstaniiB, d. without legitimate issue in 1839. 
TL James, d. an infant 
▼u. George-Aftguatus, killed in battle. 
L AVK, who m. the Rev. John Fenton, rector of Ousby 
and Totpenhow, Cumberland, and had issue, 


S Alexander Fenton. 
8 Robert Ftonton. 

4 Oeoige-LiviugBtone Fenton, in holy orders. Chaplain 
of Pooma, Bombay. 

1 Anne, m. William-Henry Clarke, Esq. of Hexham 
House, Hortbumberland, and has two sons, Clement- 
Henrr and Livingston. 

5 Caroline, m. to her oouBin, Bobert Fenton, Esq. 
3 Mary. 

The eldest son, John-Thomas Fknton, Esq., m. Selina 
Heatfaooto, and has an only son, the present Thomas- 
Li vixostonx Fbnton-Livinobtonb, Esq. of Westquarter. 

ftr Alexander m. Sndly, Jane, dau. of the Hon. Capt. 
Ctaoston, son of Lord Cxanston, by whom he had two sons 
aula dan., 

FruMds, an officer in the army, d. ». p. 

David, killed in battle, «. p. 

BUaa, m. to J. Kirsopp, Esq., of BpitaL 

8tr Alexander d. in 1795, and was «. by the Srd, but eldest 
iur?iving son of his 1st marriage, 

X. Sib Tuomab. admiral of the White ; m. in 1809, Janet, 
only Borviving dau. of the late Sir James Stirling, Bart, of 
Manafteld, by whom (who d. in 1831) he had no issue. Sir 
Thomaa d. 1 April, 1858, and was <. at Westquarter, under 
a deed which he executed, by his grand-nephow, the pre- 
•ent Tbomab-Livibobtonb f^TOH-LrviNOSTONB, Esq. of 

CV«a(ioii.-80 Hay, 1685. 

ilnatfoQuarterty : Ist and 4th, arg., three cinquefoUs, gu., 
within a double tressure, flory and oounterflory, vert ; 2nd 
*ad Srd. sa., a bend, between six billeta, or ; in surtout, an 
ticutchson, aa., diarged with an oak tree, growing out of 
tha base, gold, within a bordure, arg., chaiged with eight 
fiUyflowera, gu. 

CrM(— Adomi-aavaML wreathed round Iholmtd and middle 

iilihkiiivllattVBi^lMUlnginlilidnftffluiMl Ate«M\ mi 
and in his ainiBfcera aeipen^ entwined found the arm, all ppr 

JIfotto— SiJepniB 

Seah ' Weatquarter, Sfciriing ; and Bedlermie, Titnlithfour 


liLiWKLLDr, BiOHABD, Em. of Tr^gwynt, 00. Pern* 
broke, J.P. nod DJi., htghaheriff 1840, BJL, 
Oxford ; 6. 29 Kacoh, 1802. 

M,intKfft* — ^Bichaud LuwsLLnr, Eaq. of Hofan Wood, 
00. Gloucester, (. 1 Nov. 1759, son and heir (by Maty hia 
wife, dau. of John WQUams, Esq. of Trearohid, 00 Fern- 
broke) <d Bkhard LlewelUn, Eaq. of Hohn Wood, who 
migrated from Fembrokeahire to Bristol ; m. U Jan. 1800, 
Anna-Maria Amea, alater of Lionel Lyde, Esq. of Ayoti 
St Lawrence, Herts, and Levi Ames, Esq. of the Bfd% 
Beda (jm that noMe), and by her had taroe^ 

BicsABB, of Tragwynt. 

Thomas, ft. 8 Dee. 1805, of Olveaton Court, eo. Oloueeateb 
Anna-Maria, m. 80 May, 1839. to the Rev. WiUIam PuroeU. 
Sliaabeth, m. 1884, to Captain Thomaa-Digby Bobeit% 
Fhoebe, and Emma, both d, wMk 

Mr. LlewelUn d. 17 Deo. 18S& 

CVvif^^A gttffln. 
Jtfotto— Fuimus. 
fiiol— Trcgwynt, Haverfordwest, cOl FBrnbroke. 


Llotd, Thomas-Dayies, Eaq. of Bronwjdd, 00. 
Cardigan, J.P. and D.L. for the oountiea of Cfardlgaa, 
Caennarth«n, and Pembroke, high sheriff for Cu^* 
gan, 1850, b, 19 May, 1820; educated at Chrlol 
Church, Oxford; formerly an officer of the 18th 
light-dngoone, m. Dec. 1846, Henrietta-Mary, dau. 
of the late George Reid, Esq. of Watlington Hall, 
Norfolk, by Louisa, his wife, dau of Sir Charles Oake- 
ley, Bart, and has a son and heir, 

MABTBUTB-OwBii-MowanAT, ft. 8 Feb. 1851. 

Mr. Llovd is 28rd Lord of the Barony of Kexneo, oo. 
Pembroke, in hereditary descent from Martin be 
Tours, one of the comiMmions in arms of William 
THB Conqueror. The Barony of Kemes is the only 
" Lordship Marcher ** now in ezistonce in the king- 
dom ; and the lords thereof still exercise a portion 
of their rights, and annually appoint, imder their 
hands and seals, the mayors of Newport, co. Pem- 

%itltZflt» — HkKTiv DB TouBs, a Korman, who aeoom- 
panied the Conqueror to England having as one of the 
Lords-Marohers, acquired, by oonquest, a laige district in 
Pembrokeshire, oalled Cbmabs or Kembb, became Palatihb 
Babov thereof. He made Newport the head of his Pala* 
tinate, and there erected his castle (the ruins of which still 
exist). He was «. by his son, Robbbt Mabtin, Lord Fala* 
tine of Komea, who m. Maud Feverel, and had a son and 

Wiluam Mabtin, Lord Palatine of Kemes, 16 Hbnbt IL 
He m. the dau. of Rhys ap Griffith, and was $. by hia son, 

William Mabtin, Lord Palatine of Kemes, who d. 17th 
King John, leaving his son and heir, 

Nicholas Mabtin, Lord Palatine of Kemes, who m. Maud, 
daa of Ouy de Brien, by Eve, his wife, dau. and heir of 
Henry de Tracy, and in her right, booame possessed of the 
lordship of Berstaple, Devon. In 29 Hsnby III, Nioholaa 
received command to assist the Earl of Glouoester, and 
other the Barons-Maicher, against the Welsh. He waa «. 
by his grandson, 

Wiluam Mabtin, Lord Palatine of Kemes (son of 
Nicholas, who d. v. p.) He waa summoned to Parliament 
from 23 Eowabd I to ISEdwabd II, and dying in the latter 
year, was $. by his son, 

Wiluam Mabtin, Lord Palatine of Kemes, at whose 
decease the ba»6ny of Martin fell into abeyance between 
his heirs, .Eleg<iAr, bis sister, wife of William de Golumbera, 
and James de Audley, his nephew, son of Joane, hiaaistory 
by Nicholas de Audley, Lord Audley. 

8 L 2 



In the famOy of* Andley, the barony of Kemes eontbraed 
Tested for several suooeetive genorations, until it passed, 
br right of inheritance, to the Owens o/ J7<n//y«, descondbd 
fxV>m the Martins, ancient Lords-Marcher of Komcs. 

With the OWKSB u^f HenlljfM the lordship of Kemes 
remained, until eonveyed by the daughter and heiress of 
WiLUAM Lu>TD, Esq. of Pen)^v««8t, Lord of Kemes, who 
was heir-general of the Owens, in marriage to Thohas 
Lloyd, Esq. of Bronwydd, oo. Cardigan. This gentleman 
was son of Thomas Ijlotd, Esq. of Bronwydd (living in 
1700), by Ann, his wife, dau. of Lewis Morgan, Esq. of 
Wis! on, oo. Pembroke, grandson of Thomas Llovd, Esq. of 
Bronwydd, by Magdalen, his wife, dau. of Col. JohuKobin- 
son, of Gwersylt, oo. Denbigh, and great-grandson, by his 
wife, a dau. of John Parry, of Blaenpant, of Rhtb Llotd, 
Esq. of Bronwydd, who was son of the Rbv. Thomas Llotd, 
Rector of Llangunllo, by a dau. of Brwyn, of Pant David, 
which Rev. Thomas Llovd was 2nd son (by Margaret, his 
wife, heiress of Bronwydd, dan. of Thomas ap Owain), of 
David ap Rhtb, of Crynfryn, a descendant of the andent 
TK»rds of Dyfed. By his wife, the heiress of Kemes, Mr. 
li' yd had issue, 

Thomas, of whom presently. 
' Owen, colonel In the army, who m. Mary, dau. and heir 
of Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Abertdiumt, oo. Cardigaa, by 
Elizabeth, his wife, sister to the Earl of LiiA>ume. 



Jnan, m. to William Lewes, Egq. of Llysnewldd, oo. Gaer- 
mtifthen, and had issue. 


Tlio elder son and heir, 

Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Bronwydd, capt. in the 10th foot, 
and subsequently colonel commanding the Fishgufuxl and 
Newport regiment, m. Mary, dau. and heiress of John 
Jones, Esq., M.D., of Haverfordwest, and by her (wko d. 
18.S0) left at his decease, 13 July. 1807, a son and heir, 

Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Bronwydd, b, Jan. 1788, J. P. 
imd D.L., high sheriff of Cardiganshire 1814, who m. 
S3 July, 1819, Ann-Davies, daiL of John Thomas, Esq. of 
Uwydooed and Llstty Mawr, co. Caermaithen, and d, 1845, 
leaving issue, 

. Thomas-Dafixs, now of Bronwydd. 
James-John, late 1st regt. of foot, m. a dau. of David- 
, Arthur Saunders Davies, Esq. of Pentre, co. Pembroke, 

M.P., and has issue, Oweu-Ctoorge- James, and Alice. 
Rhyv-Jones, in holy orders, m. Anna, dau. of Lewis Lloyd, 

Esq. of Nant^r"^t, oo. Radnor, and has issue, Geoxge- 

Bvan, and Edith-Anno. 

ifrm*— As., a wolf, salient; tme. 

Ci'ett — ^A boar chained to a h<Hly-bush. ppr. 

Motto— 1 Dduw B'or DIolch— in English, To God be thanks. 

Seo^— Bronwydd, co. Cardigan, near Oaermarthen. 

flbnigl, In DenMghland. derived, 4th in deweni, Vimi* ar 
Nathan, Lord of Brynfifonigl, who had, with otbtr : 



Llotd, Johw-Huohes, Esq., representative of the 
Houses of Plymog, Gwerclas, Coldooates, and 
Bashall, a lieut. RN., 5. 7 July, 1803 ; m. at the 
Ptilace Chapel, Malta, 16 Feb. 1843, Mary, dau. and 
heir of Lucas Word, Esq., and had issue, 

X. Hugh-Luoas-Walmsley, b. 27 Sept 1844 ; d. 17 Jan. 

n. Richard-Sdword-Hughes, b. 16 Aug. 1840 ; d. 23 June, 

I. Dorothea»Maigie-Tale, b. IS and d. 28 Nov. 1862. 

Hindis^. — ^Among the eminent families illustrating 
the rolls of Osmbrian genealogy, few are of higher oon- 
tlduration than the Lloyds of Piymog, who, in point of 
antiquity, both male and female, vie with the most ancient 
houses in the kingdom. Paternally they derive tram 
MARoauDO AP Cynan, Lord of Brynfrenigl, in Denbigh- 
land, who flourished in the middle of the ninth century ; 
while, through heiresses, they represent several eminent 
houses, including the Hughes's of Gwerclas, Barons of 
Kymmeryn-Edeimion, scions of the Sovereign Princes of 
Puwys ; the Coldooates' line of the Lancashire Walmesleys ; 
a younger branch of the Ferrers's, Earls of Derby ; and also 
the chivalrous and Knightly Talbots de Bashall, senior line 
<f the great Qoiise of Shrewsbury. 

From ilABiOHODD AP CYVAir, whose ohlef seat was Biyo- 

I. InvsBTH AP EonvD, of whom presently. 

II. Bleddyn ap Edryd, ancestor of Wyims of Bettws 
Abeigelleu ; ii. Wj^ns of Llanelian. 

iiL Rhys ap Edryd, ancestor of i. Conways of Btynenrian . 
II. Conways, of Nant; nL WiUiam-Hugfaea, Bishop nt 
8t Asaph, A.D. 1573; rv. Wynns of Dyirryn-Aled; 
V. Lloyds of Forest; vi. Lloyd, Lord Moatyn. 

The eldest son of Edryd ap Nathan, via., 
iDNiBRTH AP EoRTD, Lord of Brynffenlgl, had iasue. 


II. Bradwen ap Idnerth, father of Edkowaih ap BnADwcjt. 
fotmder of uie xv. Noble Tribe of North Wales ioid 
Powys, progenitor of i. Lewis's of AbemAnt-Vychan, en. 
Cardigan ; ii. Lloyds of Peni:trth, co. Morionoth ; lu. 
Grono Llwdt ap Pkkwyn, ancestor of Wynns of llcki 
audMaenan; rv. Ffoulkes's of Briviatt 

From the eldest son, 

GwoAN AP Idnbuth, Lord of Brynlfenigl, derived 8rd hi 

Edntfed Vtchak ap Kbndrio, Lord of BrynfliBnIgl, fa 
Denbighland, snd Krigeth in Eflnoydd, chief counsellor, 
chief Justice, and general of Llewelyn ap lorwerth, Kim; 
of North Wales, who was one of the moat prominent 
historical characters of the period. Commanding in the 
wars between Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales, and Joesr, 
King of England, he attacked the army of Ranulph, Esri 
of Chester, and achieving a signal victoiy, killed three 
chief captains and commanders of the enemy, whose heads 
he laid at the feet of his sovereign. For this exploit be 
had conferred on him new armorial ensigns emblemstio 
of the occasion, which continue to be borne by the Lloyds 
€f Plymog, and other families derived from him. He «. 
twice, 1st, Tangwystyl, dau. of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of 
Menai, in Anglesey, cutemporary with Owen Qwyuedd, 
Prince of North Wales, and by her had issue, 

I. Tudor (Sir) ap Ednyfed Yychan, of Nant and Uangyn* 
hafal, one of the commissioners for the ooncluaion of peaor 

• between EowAitn I, King of Bii^land, and Llewslyic ap 
loRWOBTH, King of Nortu Wales. He ». Adlaia, dau. of 
Bichard, son or Cadwallader, 2nd son of OnimTB ap 
CvKAxr, King of North Wales, and was ancestor of 
I. Morgans of Golden Grove ; n. Williamses of Coob- 
wiUau ; ill. WiUiames of Meillionydd and Tstymcoll- 
wyn; iv. Williams-Bulkeleys of Penrhyn, Barts.; v. 
WillLamses ofVaenol, Barts. ; Yi. Owens of Femnynydb; 
VII. Griffiths, Lordfl of Penrhyn ; vui. Bughes^s of Prts* 
tatvu and F«uior ; ix. Lloyds of Nant. 

II. Llewelyn ap Ednyfed Yyehan, who had a m<rfety of 
Creuthyn, in xale. 

ui. KsNnBia ap EnirmD Ytobas, of whose line we have 

to treat 

rv. Rhys ap Ednyfed Vychan, of Garth Garmon. 
V. Howd ap Ednyfed vychan, consecrated Bishop ol St 

Asaph 26 Mkhry III. 
▼I. Khys ap Ednyfed Yychan, of Gartii Gamum, ancestor 

of the Llotdb <^ Ojfdroi, 
Yii. lorwerth ap Ednyfed Yychan, Lord of Abennaxlais, 

in Glandowi, co. Caermarthen. 

I. Augharad, m. Einion Yychan ap Einion, of Plas-yn-nsnt^ 
in Llauganhafel, co. Anglesey. 

II. Gwemlian, m. Llewelyn, the great Prince of North 

Ednyfed Yychan m. 2ndly, Owenllian, dan. of Rhys t^ 
Griffith, Lord of South Wales, representative of the Sore* 
reign Princes of South Wales, by whom he had issue, 

I. Grono ap Ednyfed Yychan, Lord of Tref-Oastell, in 
Anglesey, chief counsellor of Llewelyn ap Griffith, Prinos 
of North WaJes, who m, Morfydd, dau. of Meuric ap Itbel, 
Lord of Gwent, and bad, with Junior issue, 

Tudor ap Grono, of Penmynedd, who built the prionrof 
Bangor, and did homage for his lands to Edward I at 
Chester. His great-great-grandson, Sir Owsit ToDOi, 
Knt., m. Catherine of Yalob, youngest dau. of Cbavles 
YI, King of France, widow of Hknbt Y, King of Kn^f- 
land, and by him mother of HaKar YI, King of £ng- 
laud. By this illustrious alliance, fcfir Owen Tudor, 
who was beheaded in 1461, left, with other issue, an 
elder son, 

Edmund Tudob, created by Hembt YI, 28 Nov. 1453; 
Earl of Richmond, who »k the Lady Margaret Beau- 
fort, dau. and heir of John, Duke of Somerset spd of John of Gaunt, by Catherine Swyn* 
ford ; and dying in 1546, kit an only son, 

lienrs 1S||, fing oi €n^hta^, fbttster of Ifci 
§oD»l 31XU of Cnbor. 

Ti. Griffith ap Ednyfed Yychan, of HengUwdd, father of 
Sir Rhys Griffith, Knt, whose son, SiBORirriTB Llwtd, 
received fi-om Edward I the honour of knighthood oo 
bringing him inteUigenGe of the birth of his sod, Edward 


li LO 

of OMnarvon, «id was anoostor of t. Bavlcs^B of CSae 
Bhun : n. Oiiffiths of Barton Agnes, Balis. ; ni. Uoyds 
of K vmmel ; xr. Geoige Llwyd, oonaeorated Bishop of 

Tram the Sxd son of Ednyfed Vydum, by his first marriage. 

KsffDBio AP Bdntvcd Vtohait, wbo had a moiety of 
Ckvathyn, in Tale, derived 6tb in deaoent; 

TVDOK AP GRinrrH, of Flymog, in the Loidshlp of Tale, 
parish of lilanferres, and co. of Denbigh, Uying 22 Hsh. VII, 
150S-7. He m. Ellen, widow of David ap Rhys, of Pentre- 
bobyn, oo. Flint, of the lineage of Edwin, Lord of Tegaingl, 
and dao. of Gxiflith Vaughan, of Gors-y-Gedol, oo. Merio- 
neth, Baq. 9y thia lady Tudor ap Griffith had issue, 

X. JoBV. 

IL Diavid, who m. Gwenhwyl^, dan. of Griffith ap David 
Ddu, of Tale, co. Denbigh, descended from LleweWn ap 
Tnyr, Ijord of Gclligvnan, and was ancestor of the 
Llewis'a of Glanrafon, in LJanf erres, ca Denbigh, from 
tridch fkmily Glanrafon has, by alienation, heaa trans- 
mitted to HeniT Potts, Esq., the present proprietor. 
I. Margaret^ fa. Griffii^ Lloyd ap John ap Daiod. 

The elder aon, 

JOHsr LiOYD, Esq. of Plymog (the first of the ISunily 
wbo aaaomed that patronymic), t». Gwenhwyfar, dao. of 
Uewelyn ap Griffith ap Howel, of Llanarmon, in Tale^ oo. 
D«nb|^, and had issue. The eldest son, 

RoBsaKT Iji/>Tn, Esq. of Plymog, m. Gwenhwyfar, dan. of 
Edward ap Bell Lloyd, of Treflownydd, eo. Flint, and had 
iasoe an eldest son, 

HuoB Lu>yn, Esq. of Plymog, who m. Catherine, dan. 
ef Kendiig i^ David, of Golstyn-Argoed, oo. Flint, and by 
bar, who was buried at Llanferres, 1 May, 1619, loft at his 
deoeaae (he waa buried at Llandwrnog, iu Tale, 8 April, 

Nicholas Tojotd, Eaq. of Plymog, who m. Jane, dan. (by 
Mary, dan. of Edward Thelwall, Esq. of Plas-y-Ward, co. 
DaBblgfa>of Sdwaxd Piyoe, Esq. of Ffynogion, in Llaafair- 
Dul&yitOwyd, co. Denbigh, and had an elder son and 

AxDRBW LttOTD, Esq. of Plymog, living in 1676, who 
left, by EUxabeth, his wife, who was buried at Uanfenea, 
18 Sept. 1674, three sons and a dau., vis., x. Nicholas; 
n. RoBSBT, suooeasor to his brother; ui. Edward, seated 
at llymog during the minority of his nephew, of ^e same 
name. He d. prior to 26 Nov. 1695 ; i. Dorothy, m. S Nov. 
1693, John Hughes, Esq , seated at Kymmer-yn-Edeimion, 
euL Merioneth, only surviving younger child of Thomas 
Bnghee, Esq. of Gwerdas and Kymmer, in his issue repre- 
sentative in the male line of the Hughes's of Gwerclas and 
Kymmer, Barons of Kymmer-yn-Bdebnion. Andrew 
lioyd's eldest son, 

KicHoxjLS Lloys^ Esq. of Plymog. bapt. at Llanferres, 
10 May, 1648 ; had iasue, by Gaynor, his wife, who d. in 
childbirth, 18 June, 1676, two sons, i. John, bapt. 21 July, 
1672, burled S3 April, 1674 ; xi. Simon, 6. 18 and buried 
15 June, 1675. NIoholaa Lloyd d. 28 and was buried at 
Uanferrea, S7 March, 1678, and leaving no surviving iaaue, 
was A by his brother and heir, 

BoasaT Llotx», Esq. of Pl3rmog, who m. 26 May, 1684, 
Ann, dau. and oo-heir of Edward Davies, Esq. of Denbigh, 
a cadet of the ancient Denbighshire House of Wygfair. 
This lady d. 21 May, 1686, and was buried at Whitchurch, 
the pariah church of Denbigh, where there is a moniuneut 
to bar memory. By her, Bobert Lloyd, who was buried at 
lisafenea, 4 Feb. 1689, had an only son and successor, 

Edwaso Llotd, Esq. of Flymog, high sheri£f of Meri- 
ooethahire in 1782, and of Denbighshire in 1736, who m. 
(■tittlonent dated 9 Deo., 11 Georob I) Dorothy, dau. and 
eventually aole heiress of Hugh Hughes, Esq. of Gwerclas 
and Kymmfr, oo. Merioneth, xii. Lord of Kymmer-yn- 
EdeimioD, and a Baron of Edeimion, of the lineage of the 
niyal dyuas^ of Fowjb, and co-representative of the three 
dynasties of North Wales, South Wales, and Powya Mr. 
Uoyd, who d. 16 May, 1742, had issue by the heiress of 
Owvrdas^ who predeoeaaed him, 27 Aug. 1732, an elder 

Bvnn-HcoBEB Lu>yd, Esq. of Plymog and Gwerolos, 
ft 22 Oct 1725, high sheriff of Merionethshire in 1747. He 
m. 18 April, 1766, Maigaret, dau. and heiress of Richard 
WjJmsley, of Coldooates Hall, co. Lancaster, and of Bashall, 
eo. Tork, Esq., son and hoir of Richard Walmsley, Esq. of 
Ci>klooatea Hall, by Dorothy, bis wife, sister and co-heir of 
William Forrera, Esq. of Bashall, grandson and represen* 
tstive of Edward Ferrers, Esq. (derived f t-om William de 
Ferren, 7th Eari of DerbyX and of Jane, his wife, heiress 
of Bashall, dau. and heir of WiliLuu White, Esq. of Duffield, 


oa Derby, colonel in tits aenrics of ths LoogFKUtfBtM* 
by Maigeiy, his wife, oo-heireaa of Baaball, dan. and so* 
heir of Thomas Talbot, Esq. of Baaball, last male reprs* 
sentative of the knii^tly and historio family of Talbct ds 
Bashall, senior line of the Great House of Shrawaboiy. By 
thehehfesBof Baaball, who d. 18 May, 1800, Mr. Lloyd had 

X. RioHABD-HuoBss, Us heir. 

XX. Edward, 6i 10 Get 1760; d. 28 Feb. 17T1 

XXI. Robert, b. 16 Oct 1770; d. 16 July, 1784. 

XV. John Lloyd, Bra. of Bashall L 4g^ 00. Toik, aa 
officer in the army, h. 16 Oct 1771 ; m. 4 Feb. 1796. Jtifm, 
8rd dau. <tf WUnam Wynn, Esq., by change of xmms 
Nanney of Maes-y-Neuaod, eo. Merioneth (am NAinnrr pf 
MoM-fNtMuldX and d. A p. 24 l>e& 1825. 

X. Sarah-Maxgaretta, 6. 8 Jime, 1767; d. aaaA 6 Fek 1886. 

XI. Catherine-Dorothea, b. 17 and d. 18 April, 1777. 

Mr. Hughes Lloyd, who d. 81 March, 1788, was «. by his 
eldest son, 

RioBABi>-Hvoan Llotd, Esq. of Plymcgt Gwerdas, and 
Bashall, mijor of the royal Merioneth militia, b. 4 Nor. 
1768, who m. 9 Oct 1796, Garoline, dan. of Beary Thssap- 
aon, Esq., and by her (who d. 26 Nov. 1816) bad lasoa^ 

L Riorabd-Walmslst, his auooeasor. 

XL JoBM-HuoHsa, anoceasor of his brother. 

xn. Edward-Salcsbury, coL B. I.C.& , b. 26 March, 1800 ; ai* 
16 April, 1844^ Oathenne-Aime Wynell, dan. of the Rev* 
iUibu. L- \Vyn<»ll Mayow, aiid d. 26 Jan. 1861, liMviug by iior 

(who m. 2ndly, 8 Jan. 1S60. Rev. JS. Girdleatouo) twoauiiBy 

1 Edward-WyneU Mayow, b, 19 Match, 184& 

2 Edward, 6. 24 Sept 1848. 

IV. Hugh-Hughes, colonel E.I.G.8., b. 6 Nor. 180T; ta. 

13 April, 185i>, hui oousin, Caroline, 2nd dau. and eo-hcir 

of the late Heniy-Barham Harris, Esq. of BryanatMi 

Square, London. 
▼. William-Heaton, b. 14 June, 1811; d. laua. 90 Sept. 


L Caroline-Margaret, d. wiai. 8 May, 1827. 
XL Sarah-Margaretta, d. young 25 Nov. 1815. 
m. Dorothea, m. 6 July, 1832, herXinsn an, John Hnghe^ 

Esq. of the Inner Tcroi^e, barristor-at-law (tee HvoBSi 

^ QwnAoM), and d. 27 Jan. 1848. 
rv. Frances- Yale, d. aaia. 29 Sept. 1829. 
y. Jane. 
Ti. Saroh-Margaretta, d. aam. 17 July, 104& 

Mr. Hughes Lloyd d. 24 Jan. 1828, and waa a by hia aon, 

Richard- Walmsxjbt Llotd, Eaq. of Gwerelaa, b. 8 Aug. 
1801 ; m. 14 Aug. 1828, Emma, dau. of William Tbomaon, 
Esq. of Linacre House, eo. Lancaster, and by her (who d. 
24 May, 1848) had isaue, Edward- Walmaley, 6. 7 July, 1829 ; 
d. im«M. 25 Feb. 1848 ; and Emma-Maigaretta, b. 17 Oct 
1832; d. aam. 22 May, 1848. Mr. Lloyd d. a p. 18 Mardi, 
1858, and was a by his next brother, Jomr Huoan Llotxv 
Esq., the present representative. 

Arm» — Gu., on a chevron, erm., between three Fngllsh* 
men's beads, cuuped at the neck, in profile, ppr., bearded 
and crined, sa. 

Crut — An Englishman's head, as in the aima. 

AfoMo— Ueb Dduw heb ddim a Dduw a ddigun— With Qod« 
everytlilnir : without God. nothing. 

J!cfiden«e— Woolaton, Southampton, Hants. 


Lloyd, Edward-Prtbb, Esq. of OlanseTio, co. 
CJaermarthen, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff ot Cardi- 
ganshire 1825, 6. 12 Oct. 1786; m. 80 Not. 1818, 
Anoe, dau. of William Hughes, Esq. of Tregib, and 
Eliza hia wife, dau. of Richard dwynuo, Esq. of 
Tuliaris, co. Caermarthen, and has had Ibsuo^ 

X. Morgan-Pbtsb, ft. 2 July, 1820 ; i». 28 Sept 1849, 
Georgiana-Caroline, 8th dau. of the lata CoU Sac^viHe 
Gwynne. of Glanbrane Park. 

XL Edward Prj-se, 6. SO Oct 1822, 

X. Catherino-EIiaabeth-Florentia* 

II. Caroline-Frances, deceased. 

III. Anna-Maria-Charlotte. 

ILuifaS0«— The Llotps of Glansevin are stated- to 
derive ftx>m Idxo Wtllt, son of Suthrle, Lord of Desmond, 
in Ireland, by Nest, his wife, dau. of Tiidwr Mawr, King of 
South Wales. The latei Ma oav-Physe Lix)yd, Esq. of 
Glansevin, only sou of Edwnrd-Pryso Lloyd, Esq. of Glan- 
sevin, and the lineal descendant of David Lluyd, Esq. of 
Gliuuaevin, in 1596; i4. 10 Nov. 1783, Catherine, dau. of 
Price Jone», Esq. of Gluuhafren, oo. Montgomery, by Bridget 
his wife« eldeat dau. of Edward Devereuz, llUi Viacouut' 
Hereford, and had issue. 



' Catherine-Maitba. 

AriM-^Axg., a lion, ninwait, aa., tho tail introrertod, fhe 
boad, pawB, and brush of tne taU, of the first 
Crut — A lioxi, rampant. 
JfoCIo— Fiat jnstiua, mat coalum. 
j$C(U— Glansevin, near Llaogadook, oo. CacvmarlhMi, 


Llotd, John-Arthub, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, oo. 
Salop, J.P. and D.L., b. 2 Feb. 1787. 

fttlt(a00* — ^Thia family Is a branch of the distinguished 
Une of Tudor Trkvob, Lord o^ Hereford. 

Randlb LLotd, of Croesmere, oo. Salop, living in 1604 
(2nd son of Robert ap John, of Bangor, by Matilda, his 
wife, dan. and heir of David Lloyd, Bsq. of Penley, oo. 
Flint), was father of 

Bakdlb LLom, Esq. of Croesmere, who m. In 1608, his 
cousin Matilda, dau. of William Lloyd, of Penley, and had 
a son, 

Fbancis LLotd, Bsq. of Croesmere, who m. in 1638, 
Sarah, dau. of Edward Muckleston, Esq. of Penylan, oo. 
Salop, recorder of Oswestry, and was <. by bis son, 

Edward LLotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, near Shrewsbury, 
who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac Cleaton, Esq., and by her, 
who d. In 1721, left at his decease. In 1693, a son, 

Edward LLotd, Esq. of Leaton KnoUs, b, in 1689, high 
Aeriif of Shropshire in 1727 ; who m. Susan, dau. of Peter 
Scarlett, Esq. of Hogstowe, and dying 1764, was «. by his 

. Edward LLotd, Esq. of LA^ton Knolls, b. 1714, who m. 
Jane, eldest dau. and heir of Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Dom- 
gay, 00. Montgomexy, and was fkther of 

Francis LLotd, Esq. of Leaton KnoUs, who m. Eliubeth, 
4au. of Arthur Graham, Esq. of Hockly Lodge, oo. Armagh, 
and co-heiress of her maternal grandfather, John, Viscount 
LIgonier. By this lady, Mr. LLoyd had lasue^ 

Fbanoxb, his heir. 

John-Arthttr, present representative. 

Oharles-Spenoer, b. 1790. 

Henry-James, in holy orders, m. Elixabeth, dau. of Philip 

Miles, Esq. of Leigh Coiurt, co. Somerset^ and has isaue, 

Arthui^Philip, Eliaabeth, and Qraham. 

Elisabeth, d. 1 Aug. 1843. 

The eldest son, 

Francis LLotd, Esq. of Leaton Knolls, d. «. p. 14 July, 
1814, and was a by his brother, the present John>Artbvb 
LLotd, Esq. 

^rm*— Per bend, sinister, erm. and ermines, a lion, ram- 
pant, or, and a bomure, go. 
Cre»t—A demi-lion, rampant, or. 
JUToMo— Retinens vestigia flunaa 
Swt— L eaton Knolls, near Bhrewsbuiy. 


The late Lloyd, William, Esq. of Aston, co. 
Salop, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1810, h. 1780; m. 
1805, Louisa, eldest dau. and oo-heir of the bite 
Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey, O.C.B. of Rolls Park, in 
Essex, and by her (who is now of Aston Hall, and 
of Rolls Park) left at his decease, 1843, 

I. Edward-Harvsy. 

Ik Richard-Thomas, J.P. and D.L., capt.gronadier-giuuds, 

and capt. North Salop yeomanry, b. 1820 ; m. 19 Aug. 

1852, Lady Frances Hay, 8rd dau. of the Earl of 

KinnouU, and has a son and a dau. ; also a son b. 16 

Aug. 1859, and probably other Issue, 
a Louisa-EUsa. 
iL Charlotte, m. 80 Got. 1838, to George GrenvUle Pigott, 

of DoddenhalL 

%itltSLQt* — ^The Lloyds of Aston have been seated at 
Aston from an early period, and derive from the royal 
house of Powys, through thoir immediate progenitor, 
EunoN Efeu^ Lord of Cynllaeth, son of Madoc, last Prince 
of Powys. 

AvDRKW Lloyd, Esq. of Aston, like bis neighbour, I 
684 ' 

Mytton, ef Habton, adopted fhe cause of the FkUsiimb^ 
against King Charles I, and held a oaptain's coomiirion 
In the army. Capt. Lloyd ». Margaret, daa. of TbooMs 
Powell, Esq. of Whittington Puk, and had, with other 
issue, Thomas, his heir, and Biohard (SirX Chancellor of 
Durham, and Judge of the Admiralty Court, father of Sir 
Nathaniel Uovd, Knt., a liberal benefnetor to the ouUeges 
of Trinity Hall and All Souls, Gxford. The elder son, 

Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Aston, acquired, by marrisse 
with Sarah, dau. and co-heir of Frances Albany, Esq , the 
lordship and estate of Whittington, in Shropahire, and bad 
inter alios, Robbrt, his heir. Elizabbth, m. to Poulk 
Lloyd, Esq. of Foxhall, co. Denbigh (desoendad. in the 
male line, from William Rosindale, grandaon of Boaiy 
Bosindale, of Rosindale, co. Lancaster, who adopted the 
surname. Gf the Henllan and FoxbaiU family, Humphrey 
Lloyd, the celebrated antiquary, was a deacflndant) KUn- 
both and Fouik Lloyd had three sons, via., 

ThwaVlISyd, } wccewi^ely of Aston. 

Rosindale Uoyd, who m. Jane, dau. of Robert Daviet, 

Esq. of Llannerch. and d. in 1784. He had« Wiluaii, 

(the Rev.X who «. his undo at Aston. 

Mr. Lloyd <t in 1092, and was $. by his son, 

Robert Llotd, Esq. of Aston, M.P., ca Salopi who n^ 
Mary, eldest dau. of ffir John Bridgeman, Bart. , and left a 
son and heir, 

ROBKBT Lloyd, Esq. of Aston, M.P. oo. Balopu He d. 
vnm. 7 June, 1784, when the Aston and other estates 
devolved upon (the eldest son of his aunt) his cousin, 

JoHK Lloyd, Esq. of FozhaU, who dying without issue, 
in 1741, was ». by his brother, 

Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Aston, at whose deoeaee, ttaai., 
in 1754, the eetates passed to his nephew, 

Thb Rev. Wiluam Lloyd, of Aston. This gentleman a. 
Eliaabeth, dau. of William Sneyd, Esq. of Blahton, oo. 
Stafford, and had an only son and heir, 

Thb Rbv. Jobh-Robbbt Lloyd, of Aaton, who m. 
Martha, 4th dau. of John Bbakespeare, Esq. of Landon, and 
had issue, 

Willtam, his heir. 

Charles-Arthur- Albany, rector of Whittington* co. Salop, 

b. 1786 ; m. Mrs. Haxmah-Simpson Cowan ; and d. 1861, 

leaving three children. 
George-Mewton-Kynaston, Rector of Selattyn, eo. Salop, i^ 

1786 ; tn. Mias Corrie ; and d. 1848, leaving three children. 
Elizabeth, tn. to Robert Curtis, Esq. of Ireland ; and d. 

leaving issue. 
Charlotte, m. in 180\ to ihe Hon. Thomas Kenyan, brother 

of Lord Kenyon, and has issue. 

Mr. Lloyd d. in 1808, and was s, by his eldest son, 

William Lloyd, Esq., late of Aston, whose widow now 
holds that estate. 

ArTM^Ter fesse, sa. and aig., a lion, rampant, counter- 
changed, of the field. 

Jtfbtto— Hwy pery clM na golud. (In English, Longer wiU 
fame last than wealth). 

iSeot— Aaton Hall, Gswestiy, in ffliropshirei 


Llotd, John-Williau, Esq., of Dan-yr-allt, co. 
Caermarthen, J.P., 6. 8 Sept. 1781 ; m. 29 Jan. 1807, 
Anna-Maria, 5th dau. of John Longley, Esq., 
formerly recorder of Bodiester, late resident 
magistrate, Thames Police, and sister of his Qrace 
the Archbishop of York, and has had issue, 

I. John-PhiUpps, b, 27 April, 1808; d, 17 Sept 1819, 

n. Hekry>Robert, M. A., in holy orders, vicar of Gwersby, 
oa Lincoln, Chaplain to the Archbidiop of York, b. 9 
Aug. 1809 ; m. 17 Get 1848, Harriet, 4th dau. of the Hon. 
and Rt Rev. Edward Groy, bishop of Hereford, and 
granddau. of Charles, 1st Earl Grey, and had issue, 

1 Jorwerth-Grey, b. 22 Get 1844. 

S Cadwgan, b. 5 Aug. 184fi; d. 29 Sept 1858. 

8 Arthur, 6. 81 Deo. 1861. 

1 Maxy, 6. 20 Sept. 1849. 

ni. St. Vhiceut, H.B.M*a Consul at Senlina, b. SS Dee. 

IV. Joeeph-Howard-Fnmcis, stipendiary magistrate at 

Dominica, b. 29 May, 1812 ; m. 2 June, 1887, Brameline 

Rogers, dau. of Charlea Sarle, Esq. of Dominica, and 

had issue. 



1 WmmMu^WrmB&B, m. IfS Dae. IS». hflr wM^ 
GbMlM» nn of Major John Loaglay, Ueut.-gov<enior 
of I>QDimioa, and brother of tbo ArcbbiBhop of York. 

S SOen-MaraliaU. 

S Horond-Xouiicle. 

T. WilUam-Chriatopher, Uout 53rd regt Bengal natiTa 
ittfkatiy, fr. 26 Aug. 1815 ; d. vnm. li June, 1841. 

TL Herbert, b. 26 Dec. 1821, oapt 2l8t regl MadraH 
Bati^ infantiy, m. 8 Nov. 1 857, Mary-Hill, youngest dau. 
of Raohard-Hill Miers, Esq. of Tnyspenllwoh, co. Gl»- 
mcvgan, and d. 2 May, 1859, on board the Louisiana, on 
his paaaage fh>m Bangoon, lea^ving issue, GwaKLUAxr, 6. 
1 Sept 1859. 

1. Anna-Maria, m. 6 SepL 1836, to WiUiam, only son of 
Bobert Peel, Esq. of Taliaris, in Gaermarthens^ire. 

n. Charlotte-Louisa-Francea, m. 14 March, 1848, to John 
Feel, Esq., 7th son of Bobert Peel. Esq. of Accrington 
House and Hyndbum, go. Lancaster. — (See UuU family). 

in. Sophia-Catherine-Martha. . 

IT. Boaamond-EUaabeth, m. It Aug. 1854, to Frederick 
Lsjrard, Esq., of Ceylon, CS. 

Htllfajlt. — Oadivob at DmrwAZ., Lord of CasUe 
Bowd, Bintih in ds s o e nt ttom. BBoniti Mawik, or the Great, 
Bfav ^ Walea, took by escalade, 11th Henry H., the castle 
«( Oardlgaa from tlie Bail of Clare and tfae Flemings, for 
wUA aervioe hia H^mmi^^ the great Lord Bhys, of Bottth 
Walea» gave him considerable lands and a new shield of 
Set., thxee scaling-laddeni, and between the 
a spear's head, atg., its point iinbnied, oft a 
efais^ go., a tower ttipple-tarrotted, of theseoood." By hia 
wlft^ Kafthecine, dan. d his prince and klntman, the Lotd 
Bhya, ha had, witti other isaae, a son, 

AP Gaditob, Lord of Castle Ho^rel, who m. 
dan. of Sir Aron ap Bhys ap Bladri, Lord of Kil- 
safait, and Kndg^t of theSe|)u]elire, who went withBiohard 
OoKir-da-Lian to Palestine i^ainst the InfidelB. Bhyddenh's 

Bmvs ap Bhthpsbob, of Bodyr TchanandCaatle Howd, 
aL GBthaalna, dan. of Sir Elydyr DdA, Knt., and hadisBae. 

Caovaav Fawb af Bhtb, waa father of 

Cadwoah Vtohav, of Carrog, oo. Cardigan, whose son, 

Cabwoav Qbach, of Carrogv la. Bra, dan. of Meredydd 
Tyuhan ap Meredydd ap Biohard Bhydderch i^ Bledri, and 

lojgwvLUX AT Caowojlk Oraoh, ifbo m, Gwtadys, dau. 
sf Meredydd Fawr ap Meradydd ap Biehard, of iMeaau* in 
raminaitliiiiifiliiin, and waa dlreot ancestor of 

JoHV L1.0TD, Esq. of Foes-y-Bleiddied, who m. Elisabeth, 
dao. and 00-helr of Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Wemvylyg and 
LianUyr* and had (with two daus., Lettioe, ei. to Thomas 
Edwards, Esq. of Bhydd-y-Gora ; and Cathuine, fN. to Jen- 
kin Lloyd of UanTSUfi^um) a son and suooessor. 

Dated Lu>Tn, Esq. of Foes*y-Bleiddied, who was a 
faniaiite of Jaios II, and attended that king in all hia 
tnuUeo. He m. Sage, dan. of John Lloyd, of Gilgwynne, 
col Cardigan, and left (with a dau., Margaeret, wife of 
Charles Lloyd) a son and auooassor, 

JoHJi LtoTD, Esq. of Foe»>y-Bleiddied, b, in 170<^ who m, 
Mary, dan. of Jamea Phillips, Esq. of Peuty Park, in Pem- 
brokeshire, and had issue, 

Jamcs, of Foes-7'Bleiddied, who m. Anna Maria, dan. and 
hsir of Bicbard Lloyd, Esq. of Ystnsd Telle, and Mabws. 
In Cardiganahira, and dying 6 JunO) 1800, left a son and 

JoBK, of Mabwa, who m. BUnor, dau. and hdr of John 
Allen, Esq. of Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire, and was 
PRILIFP8, Esq. of Dale Castle. 

Jom, of whom presently. 

Yaughan, geneml of artillerr, who commenced his mili- 
tary career at Mlnden, and alstinguished himself at the 
memoralrfe defence of Gibraltar by Gen. Elliott. He m. 
Mrs. Sarah Beaumes, a widow, and ct. «. p. in 1817. 

Thomas, d. «. p. 

Briana,d. wwa. 

Mr. Lloyd d. in 1781. Hts Snd son, 

JoBir Lu>TO, Esq. elerk of the check of Plymouth Dock- 
yard ; SI. Jan0 Atkins, and by her (who d. S Sept. 1784) 

WUIIam, d. unm. 13 JuIt, 1778, aged 22. 
Jonr, of whom presently. 

Louiaa-Maria, m. 7 July, 1793, to Admiral Sir Herbert 
sawyer, K.C.B., and d. 80 December, 1828, having had 

flHftip to 8b^ BEnujp Olhifaw duitng tte MUKtAoUk w^ te 
which he reeeiTsd three woundi, ttia nltiiBate caoM of hll 
death. Ha ai. 80 July, 1777, Corbetta, dan. ef tha Vea. 
Qemge Hdoombe, archdeaoon of Cbermarthen, and Beekor 
of Pwlleroehon, In PsmbrokeddM, and had issuer 

I. WiuJAM-Jomr, m^orfn the royal artillery, ft. S Dee. 
1778, d. «»m. at Brusaela^ 29 July, 1816, of a woinid ra- 
eeiTed at Waterloo. 

II. JoHN-WiLLiA]i,nowofDan-Tr-aIlt. 

iiL George, rearmdmL B.N., ft. IS Oct 1T98; «. Ul^ 
1 May, 1817, Eliaabeth, dau. of John Morgan, Esq. of 
Burfleld Houae, 00. Qlouoeater, and by her (who d. i8i8) 
had issue 

1 John-Sawyer, ft. 6 Feb 181& midshipman H.M.8. 

Thunder, drowned in the West Indies, by the miastMug 

of one of her boats, Jan. 1884. 
S Charles, ft. 18 June, 18S4, It. Indian navy. 
1 Ellen, ft. 11 April, 1821 ; d. 80 Jan. 1848. 
8 Eliaabeth, 6. tf July, 1886; d. 88 June, 1865. 

AdmL Uoyd s»..8ndly, 13 Mareh. 1888, Maiiami*, dan. of 
Jacob Bichards, Esq. of Tenby, J.P. and D.L., andbylMr 
(who d, Dea 1S49) had Issue, 

1 Jaoob-Bicharda, It roy. marinaa, ft. 7 Jan. 1888. 
1 Snaaonah-Mimdar. 
8 Harriette-Bicharda. 

He m. Srdly, 8 Jan. 1851. Catherine, dan. of John Rtokaa, 
Esq. of Cuifom, co. Pembroke, J.P. and D.L., and by her 
had issue, 

1 Martha-Sophia. 
8 Louisa-Corbetta. 

it; Yaughan, lieut, B.N., ft. 90 June, 1796; «. 6 Feih 1897, 
Augusta, only dau. of John Adams, Ebq. of Psmbroke^ 
and by her (who d. 1828} had issue, Franoea. 

L Louisa-Jane, 6. 18 Oet. 1790; m. 88 April, 1688, to 
George Bowling, Esq. of Pembroke, and haa two dMS., 
both married. 

Mr. Lloyd d, 24 Nor. 1801, and was a by hie ion, 

WixxiAM-JoHN LiATD, Eaq. of Dan-yr^allt, maior royal- 
artillery, ft. 2 Dec 1778 ; d. nam. at Brussels, 29 July. 1815, 
of a wound received at Waterloo, and waa «. by hia brother^ 
the present JoBV-WiiXTikM Llotd, Esq. 

J rm e 8a ., a spear^ head. Imbrued, ppr., between three 
seaJing Iadders» eag., and on a chief, gu., a eaatle, triple* 
towered, ppr., f<Mr L^yd <^ UanUspr. 

Crate — J at, a wolf, rampant, arg., holding between ita 
paws a fipear*s head, point downwuds, imbrued, and three 
drops of blood under the sinister paw ; 2nd, a Hon, rampant, 
reguardantk sa^ 

Motte—** Heb dduw heb ddim a Dnw a digon.** 

A0s(— Dan-yr«llt, Llangadock, Caermarthenahire. 

Mr. Uoyd d. 18 Dee. 1806, aged 82, and waa a by hia son, 
JoHB LLOTn, Esq., m^or in the 40th regt^ aod •id»de- 


Llotd, Thomas>Edwa&d, Esq. of Qoedmore, 00. 
Cnrdigan, lord-lioutenant for uat oonnty, of the 
Middle Temple, barrister-at-law ; ft. 12 April, 1820 ; 
m. 1851), Clemena-Franoes-Phillott, 2iid dau. of the 
late Bev. David Daniel, and has issue. 

ilLin^Xfff • — GRITTITH ap GROHO ap BLTDflt AP GWROB* 

NBY AP IninntTH ap Cabwoait ap Elystak, Prince of 
Ferlys, m. Margaret, dau. of Cadwgan ap Idnerth, and was 
father of Datio Gbifftd, who m. Joan, dau. and heir of 
Morgan Winter, of Caerma^en, and had a son, Thomas ap 
Datid, who m. Gwenllian, dau. and heir of Gryiyd ap Jen- 
kin, and was father of Bhys ap Thomas, who m. the dan. 
and co-heir of Jenkin ap Bbya David, of Gilvacbwer, and 
was father of a 4th son, Howsl Yvohah, who n». a dau. of 
Jenkin ap Bhydderch, and had a son, David ap Howkl, 
whose wife was Nest, dau. and heir of David ap Jenkin 
Lloyd Grufif^dd, and whose son was David Lijoyd, who m. 
a dau. of Thomas ap Howel Yawr, of GflvaehweriiMa, and 
was fattier of Jbnkiit Lloyd, who m. Elisabeth, dau. of 
David ap Jenkin Lloyd Tchan, of Llanvair Clydogau, and 
had a son, David Llotd, who m, EUiior, dau. of Thomas 
Lloyd ; the second son, Thomas Lloyd, high sheriff of Car* 
diganshire, Hmp. Queen Elizabsth, «m. Mary, dau. and co* 
heir of Bhya Llo3rd, of Cylgwyn, and had John Lloyd, who 
m. Dorothy, dau of Walter Yaughan, of Llauelly, and had 
a son, Capt. Thomas Lloyd, living in 1698, who m. Jane, 
dau. of John Lewis, Esq. of Coedmawr, and had a aon, 
John Lloyd^ who m. Elinor, dau. of John Lloyd, i>f Llan« 
genyth« and was ftitber of 

John Lloyd, Esq. of l?ueumore, who m. Miss Lloyd, of 
Mabws, and was father of 

Waltsr Lloyd, Esq. of Coedmore, who m.. Aiina-Poa- 
thuma Thomas, of the co. of Caermarthen, and by her left, 
at his decease, drea 1786, with two daua., a son and hetr. 


^HOMAB Llots^ of Ooadmtoe, who m. eirca 1700, Elisa- 
Iwth, 4th dau. of th^ late Edmund Probyn, Esq. of New- 
laad, 00. Glouooster, and by her (who d. 1851) had issue, 

Thoicas, his heir. 

OUver, 6. 16 July, 1801 ; m. Ist, 1828, Anna-Maria, only 
ohild of Capt James-Richard-Iiewes Lloyd, of Dolhaidd, 
CO. Caermarthen, by whom he had two oaus., Maria, m, 
to Thomas Elliott, Esq. ; and Emeline, m. to William 
Brigstocke, Esq. 
• Sophia. 

Anna, nu to John Frobyn, Esq. of Manor House, oa Glou- 

Hr. Lloyd d, 1810, and was «. by his elder son, 

Thomas Llotd, Esq. of Ooedmore, lord-lleut and cus- 
ioe-rotulorum of co. Cardigan, and its high sheriir 1817, 
b. 1 Nov. 1793 ; m. 28 March, 1819. Charlotte, 2nd dau. of 
the late Gnptain Edward Lougcroft, B.N. of Havant, co. 
Hants, and d. in 1859, leaving issue, 

* I. T&omas-Edwabd, nowof Coodmore. 
IL Edmund, 6. 29 Jan. 1822. 

III. Walter, 6. 7 Dec. 1828. 

IV. Charles- Oliver, 6. 9 June, 1825. 

if rm*— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, aa., a spear-head, axig., 
erect, embrued, ppr., between three scaling-ladders, in bend 
of the second ; 2nd and Srd, quarterly, Ist and 4Ui, arg., a 
Hon, rampant, gii. ; 2nd and Srd, az., a lion, rampant, 
within an orle of quatrefoils, arg. 

Ci-ett — ^A lion, rampant, ai^. 

Afo^to— Fide et fortitudine. 
■ £lecU— Ooedmore, near Cardigan. 

i2e«tdriio»-Aahley Place, Pimlico, B.W. 


Julia, elder dau. of the late Rev. Thomas Youde, 
liy Sarah, his wife, only dan. and heir of Jenkyn 
Lloyd, Esq. of Clochfaen, is the present possessor of 
Glochfaen and Plas Madog, co. Denbigh. 

iL{tira00« — ^Tntr ap Cadvaboh, Lord of Cldrk, Whit- 
tington, Oswestry, and both the Maelors, by his wife 
Bhiengar, dau. and heiress of Lluddoccaf ap Caradog, Earl 
of Hereford, had, besides a youngur son, Ynyr Frych, abbot 
of Abbey d'Or, an elder son, 

TnnoB Tbefob, Earl of Hereford, Lord of Chirk, Ac, and 
the Tribe of March. He d. a.d. 948, and by his wife 
Angharad, dau. of Howel Dha, King of Wales, had one dau. 
and three sons ; the Srd of whom, Dyngad, m. Cicilia, dau. 
of Sovorus ap Cadifor Wynwyn, Lord of Buallt, and had 
issue, Bhiwallon, who, by Lsetitla his wife, dau. of Cad- 
waladr ap Perydyr Ooch, was father of 

Cyhwbxo ap Rhiwajllon, who was slain a.d. 1074, and is 
buried at Wrexham. He bore *' Erm., a lion rampant, sa." 
By Agnes his wife, dau. of Idnerth Benfras, Lord of Maes- 
brook, he had a 6th son, David, father of Madog, whose 
grandson leuan ap Meredydd, was father of 

Madoo Dakwb, of Llangurig, which parish, together 
with an augmentation to his arms of a border, gu., semte 
of annixlets, aiig., was given him for his services in battle 
by Gwenwynwn, Prince of Powys, a.d. 1197. By his wife, 
a dau. of the house of Elystan Olodrudd, he had a son, 
Mbrkotdd, who m. Dyddgu, dau. of Llewelyn ap Einiou ap 
Llewelyn, Esq., descended from Brochwel, King of Powys, 
by whom he had a son, Howel Llotd, of Llangurig, whose 
grandson, Ieuan ap GRurFYDD, of Llangurig, by his Ist 
wife, Qwenllian, dau. and heiress of Jenkyn ap Oruffyd 
Ooch, of the line of Madog Danwr, had one son, 

Jenktn Oooh, of Clochfaen, in Llangurig, Esq., who m. 
Catherine, dan. and heiress of Maurice Fychan ap Maurice 
ap Madog, of Kerry, Esq., descended fbom Elystan Olod- 
rudd, Prince of Fferlis, Founder of the Fifth Royal Tribe of 
Wales, by whom he had a son, 

Maubigx ap Jrnxyn, of Clochfaen, Esq., who, by Mar- 
garet his wire, d^iu. of Llewellyn ap Rhys Lloyd, of 
Crouddyn, Esq., descended ftom Gwaethfoed, Lord of 
Cardigan, had issue, Jenkyn ap Maubzob, who m. Catherine, 
dau. of MoiigHn ap Rhys ap Howel, by whom he had a son, 
David, who, by Catheriue his wife, dau. of Evan ap David 
ad Outo, of Rbaiadr, descended from Llowdden, Lord of 
Uwoh-Aeron, was father of 

Evan ap David, of Clochfaen, Esq., who m. Mai^piret, 
dau. of David Lloyd-Blaeney, of Orugynog, Esq., by whom 
ho had issue, 

Rbvb Lloyd, of Clochfaen, Esq., who m. Margaret, dau. 
of Jenkyn Lloyd, Df BorthJloyd, Esq., and had a son, 
JjurKYM Lloyd, of G]oou£Ben» Eaq., who, by l^UOlt his wife, 


* dan. of KdTgan David, of LhuibiyDmair, ww fkther «( 
Rhys Lloyd, of Clochfaen, Esq., who d, 1099, aud hy Miry 
his wife, dau. of John Thomas, of LlanUoddfaui, Bk^., 
descended firom Brochwel, King of Powys, was father of 

Jenkyn Lloyd, of CloohliaeD, Esq., who, byRadiael bit 
wife, sister and heir of Edward, and dan. of John Fowler, 
of Abbey Cwmhir, Esq., in oo. Radnor («• BubxiTs Jtojel 
IkicentB, art. Toude Lloyd), had issue, 

Rhys Lloyd, of Clochfaen, Esq., who m. Samh, onlf 
dau. and heir of William Piatt, of Rhydonen, in the poridi 
of Llanynys, and oo. of Denbigh, Esq. (by Maxy his wife, 
eldest dau. and co-heir of Thomas Hiighes, of Pen-y-nsat, 
in the parish of .Rhiwabon, Esq.X by whom he had thna 
daus. and one son, 

Jenkyn Lloyd, of Cloch£ien, Esq. He m. BUnbeth, 
dau. and heir of Edward Lloyd, of Plas Madog, ea Denbigh, 
Esq., by whom he had one only dau. and heiress, Bakas, 
6. 1746, and d. 1837 ; she m. 1st, John Edwards, of Cragn 
Iddon and Tspytty, co. Denbigh, Esq., by whom she bad no 
issue ; and 2ndly, she m. the Rsv. Thoxab Tocdk, of 
Ruthin, by whom she had three sons and two dans. Jvua, 
the present possessor of Clochfaon and Madog; and Hab* 
biet, m. to Jaoob-Willlax Htndb, Esq., D.L. for Middle- 
sez, by whom she has two sons, Jacob-Toude-WUliam, ud 
Charles-Thomas-Edward, an officer in the Bengal serfioa, 
and two daus. Harriett-Esther-Julia, and Mary-Chariotie. 

This funily descends likewise from Tudob Tbbr», 
through Awr, ap leuaf ap Cyhelyn, Srd son of Todor a^ 
Rhys Sais, Lord of Chirk. 

AwB, of Tref-awr, ie. Tbbfob, had two sonii 1 Adiia, 
ancestor of the Tbevobs tf Trevor ; and S Iobwebtr ap 
AwB, who, by Margaret his wife, dau. of Ednyfed sp 
lorwerth ap Meiljrr Eyton, had one' sen, loRwnn* 
Fyohan, living A.D. 1832, who m. 1st, Agnes, dan. of Hwfs 
ap lorwerth, of Hafod-y-Wem, by whom he had two loai^ 
Howel and leuan; and 2ndly, he m. Mai^aret, dsa. of 
Madog ap Llewdjm, Lord of Eyton, by whom he bad a 
dau. Lucy, wife of Madog Lloyd, of Isooed, and one soo, 
Ednyfed Lloyd, Esq., who m. the sister and heir of 
Ednyfed ap lorwerth ap Madog. of Horslley, in the pariib 
of Oresford, Esq., by whom he had a son, Llcwbltv, 
living A.i>. 1398, who, by Owenllian his wife, dan. of Adda 
ap Howel ap leuaf, of Trevor, was father of 

David ap Llewelyn, of Plas Madog, who m. Maigsret, 
dau. and heir of Dio ap Hwfift ap leuaf ap Hwfa ap Madog 
yr Athro, of Plas Madog, descended trom Cynwrig ap 
Rhiwallon, and had issue, 

lOHN AP David, of Plas Madog, Esq., who m. Angharad, 
dau. of Howel ap leuan ap GrufFydd, of Beraham, Esq., and 
Philippa his 1st wife, dau. of Sir Randle Brereton, of 
Malpas, Knt., by whom he had one dan., Angharad, and 
one son, Randle, who m. Angharad, dau. of lohn ap leuan 
ap Deicws, of Llanerch-Rugog, Esq., and was fiither of 
John Lloyd, of Plas Madog, Esq., who by Jannette Us 
wife, dau. of Geoffrey Bromfield, of Bxyn-y-Wiwair, Eaq., 
in the pariah of Rhiwabon, had a son, 

William Llotd, of Plas Madog, Esq., who m. Gatherina^ 
dau. of Owain Brereton, of Borasham, Esq., and Elisabeth 
his Ist wife, dau. of lohn Salusbuzy, Esq. of Ueweny, and 
by her had two daus. and five sons, the eldest of whom, 

Edwabd Lloyd, of Plas Madog, Esq., m. Anne, dan. of 
John Eyton, of Leeswood, Esq. (and Jane his wife, dau. of 
lohn Lloyd, of Bodidris, Esq.^ and had an elder son, 
Edwabd Lloyd, of Plas Madog, Esq., who, by Bebeooa 
his wife, dan. of the Rev. Mostyn Piers, oif Cambridge^ 
was father of Edwabd Lloyd, of Plas Madog, Esq., who 
m. his cousin Elisabeth, grand-dau. of Williun Lloyd, of 
Plas Madog, Esq., aud dau. of Owain Lloyd, Esq. (and 
Jane his wife, dau. and heir of John Brereton, Esq., and 
relict of John Faohnallt, of Faohnallt, Esq.X hy whom he 
had issue three sons, 1 Capt. John Lloyd, of Plas Madcg, 
killed in London with Sir Evan Lloyd, of Bodidrh; 
3 William Lloyd, of Plas Madog, who, as well as bis brothor 
John, left no children. The Srd son, 

Samuel Lloyd, of Plas Madog, Esq., m, Sarah, daa. and 
coheir of Luke Lloyd, Jun. of The Biyn, in the parish of 
Hanmer, Esq., by whom he had a son, Edwabd Llotd, oC 
Plas Madog, Esq., who by Anne his wife, dau. and co-heir 
of William Lloydi, of Plas Benion, Esq., had a dau., EUsa- 
both, heiress of Plas Madog, who m. Jenkyn Lloyd, of 
Clochfaen, Esq. 

.<4rm«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, erm., a lion rampant, aa^ 
armed and langued. gu., in a border of the second, temi of 
annuleti^ aig., for Madoo Danwr; Sudand Srd, party, p«r 



Wnd alniBter, «rm. and anna., a Hon rampant^ <vt, for Tosom 
C nU O n a -wreath, arg. and gu., a lion rampant of the 

Af«(to— 'In te Domioe sperayi 


Lloto, Joh»-£lli8, Esq^ of TraUwyn, oa Cmt- 
nanron, 6. 10 May, 1819 ; m. 21 Aug. 1845, Eleanor, 
daa. of John Sotiieni, Esq. of Liverpool, and has 

I. Johh-Blus, b. 12 July, 1846. 

II. Chariea-Henry, b. 6 Aug. 1847. 
I. Bdith-Kary. 

n. Annie>EUaabeth. 

III. Haniei-Jane. 
IT. Maxy-Ellen. 

HlMJIIBft*— John Sllis, Eaq., h. 1 Not. 1786 (son of 
Hugh BUia, Esq. oi CaeniarTon, by Anne hia wife, dau. of 
Somael Wright, Esq. of Knutalord, and grandson of the 
Venerable John-Ellis, archdeacon of Merioneth, by Ann his 
wife, dan. and heir of Hugh Lloyd, Esq, of Tratlwyn), 
asBumed by royal licence, 1811, the sumame and arms of 
Llotd, in oompUanoe with the testamentary injunction of 
hisgrmnd-nnclethe Rot. William Lloyd, son of Hugh Lloyd, 
Esq. of TraUwyn. He was a magistrate and deputy-Ueut 
for Caamammshire, and served as high sheriff 1817. He m. 
^Dee. 1815, Jane, dau. of the Rev. Griffith Jones, and had 

Jonr-ELLTS, now of Trallwyn. 

Hugh, h. 7 Dec 1825. 

Robert. 5. 16 April, 18SS. 

Biehard, 6. & Bept 1834. 


Eary-Catherine, m. 1854, to Alfred Jones, Esq. 



Arm§ Am, on a ehevron, or, between three spear heads, 
arg., a tmteau, between two bulls' henda, caboshed, sa. 

VrtU-^A. lion, rampant, arg., gutt6 de sang, surmountiDg 
two spears, in aaUaie, ppr. 

ifdifa—liistanta pernlctua. 

4J0a<— Trallwyn, oo. CaeniarTon. 

Lu>Ti>, Elizabbth, of Laques^ oo. Caermaxihen, 9. 
her Inrother, Aug. 1854. 

ltStfX||f •— This is a younger branch of the TOiy aneioit 
OunMan fwmily of Lloyd, of PUls Llanstephan, who traced 
a direct lineal descent from Tndwal Olof, and of which the 
ewntual heiresa, Euzabexh, dau. of FranciB Lloyd, Esq. of 
Uanstepban, m. Hugh Mvabk, Esq. 

DAinxL Llotd, Esq. of Laques (2nd son of Rees Lloyd, 
Esq. of Plte Llanstephan, who d. 4 Jan. 1622), m. Sarah 
BTans, of Petterwell, and was father of 

Tbk Bit. Wiixiav Llotd, €i Laques, M.A., rector of 
Iluiaadwnifln; and Yicar of Laugham, oo. Caermarthen, 
who dL 84 Jan. 1706, leaTing. by Susanna, hia wife, dau. of 
John DaTlea, Esq., a son and heir, 

WriuAM Llotb, Esq. of Laques, barrister-at-Iaw, who d. 
in May, 1747, leaTing, by Jane, his wife, dau. of John 
Davies, Esq., of Dolegwynddon, a son and successor, 

DAjnvL libOTD, Esq. of Laques, barrister-at-law, J.P., 
high aheriir of co. Cardigan in 1760, who m. March, 1760, 
Katharine, dan. of Francis Meare, Esq. of Corston, co. 
Pembroke, and had (with six dans., of whom Katherine 
WL Thomas Lewis, Esq. of Stradey [Me that nafne] ; Jane, m. 
Jeremiah Price, Esq. of OlangwUly ; and Anne, «». John 
Gonway Hughes, Esq.) six sons. Mr. Lloyd d. in 1798, and 
was $. by his eldest son, 

Wn.UAX LuoTD, Esq. of Laques, J. P. and D.L., high 
sheriff in 1807, who m. in 1702, Maria-Elenora, only child of 
John Colbome, Esq. of Swindon, co. Stafford, and by her 
fwbo d, fu Sept. 1829) left at his^lecease, 1840, a son, 
WtLUAM Lxx>YD, Esq. of Laques, who d. «. p. Aug. 1854, 
and a dau., Blueabkth, now of Laques. 

ilrmf— <2uarterly : Ist, Gu., on a bend between three 
d^Ke'^ *t1?> ^ ^^^* jxissant, sa ; 2nd, arg., on a chov., gu., 
thiviegaibe. or ; Srd, arg., two lions, reguardant, sa. ; 4th, sa. 
an cATle with two heads displayed, or. 

Crs$l — An eflgle preying on a bird. 

SWi<-— Loqties, in the parish of Llanstephan, eos Caor- 



Llotd, Rkv. Datid-Mprrib, of Fal^, oo. Meri* 
oneth, J.P., 5. 1777 ; m. II May, 1814, Martha, dan. 
of James T^rlor, Eaq. of Church Hill Houae^ Dod« 
ington, CO. Kent^ and has isau*^ 


II. John. 

UL James-LusUngtoii. 

L Jane-Martha, m. to WQliam-George Dunoao, Esq. of 
Oreat Houghton House, oo. Northampton. 

%(tlt80f ••^The present Llotss of Pal^ deriTe paior- 
ni^ ftom Held Molwthog, Lord of Uweh Aled, a thief* 
tain of Denbighland, founder of ix Nuble Tribe of North 
Wales and Powys. Fnm this noble deseended 

IiTiiH Llotd, son of Jeflrsy Uoyd, a distinguished 
Bard, of Dyflbyn Erethlyn, in Eglwys PMh, co. Denbigh, 
who m. Margaret, dau. and heir of Maurice Lloyd, of PaB^ 
in Edeimion, co. Merioneth, who d. in 1614, son of John 
Lloyd, of PaBb deriTcd ftom OriiBth ap Rhys, of Crogen 
and Branas, oo. Merioneth, younger sim of Rhys ap leran, 
IT. Baron of Kymmeivyn-Edeifnion, under age 15-16 
RiCHABD II, 1891-2, repreaentatlTO of Owen Brogynton, 
Lord of Edeixnion, Dinmael, and Abertanat, son of Madoo 
ap Meredith, last Prince of Powys. By the heiress of PaB^ 
who was buxied at Llandderfel, 18 April, 1664, leTan Lloyd, 
who was buxied at the same place, 8 July, 1689, had issae, 
with an elder 8(«, Jeffrey, who d. t. p., another son, 

Maubioi Llotd, Esq. of PaB^ & 10 Jan. 1618, grand- 
lather of 

Mauaigb Llotd^ Esq. of P^ whoae eldest son, 

Jomr Lu)Ti>, Eaq[. of Pal^ who ± 7 Nor. 1748, aged 4t, 
m. Maigaret, dau. of William Vaugfaan, Esq. of Caynog, snd 
had issue, i. John ; n. Maurios ; x. Javb ; ii. Maigaret ; 
iiL Catherine. The 2nd son and eTsntnal heir, 

Maubiob Llotb, Esq. of PaB^ si. Jane, dau. of DaTld 
Moxris, of T^-ucha Giltalgarth, oo. Merioneth, and had 

Datii>-Mobrx8 of FaAi 

John, la. the dau. of Admiral Boddam. 

Maurice, in holy orders. Vicar of Lenham, si. ^Mamiw^h^ 

youngest dau. of the late Jamea Beat, Esq. of Park House, 

oo. Kent. 
Maigaret, m. to William Badley, Esq. of Highfleld House, 

00. Middlesex. 

ilrnu— Sa., a stag, trippant, arg., attired, or. 
Cfre»l—A lion, rampant, sa., armed and langued, gtt. 


Llotd, Gborok-Whitblocke, Eaq. of Strancally 
Castle, 00. Waterford, and Calton, oo. York, J.P. 
for the former co. and high aherifif thereof 1859 ; h, 
30 May, 1880, educated at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, m. let, 14 Sept. 1854, Selina-Jane, dan. of the 
late Arthur Henry, Esq. of Lodge Park, oo. Kildara 
(and Eliza hia wife, dau. of G^ige Qnnn, Esq. of 
Mount Kennedy, co. Wicklow), and by her, who d. 
11 Jan. 1860, has issue, 

I. Wiluax-Whitelocub, b» 6 May, 18M. 

I. ETeline'43e]ina. 

XI. Augusta-Frances-Jane. 

III. Selina-Mary. 

Mr. Lloyd m. 2ndIy,.Feb. 1861, Lady AAne-Mar- 
garet Butler, 2nd dau. of Somerset-Richard, Srd Earl 
of Carriok. 

%i\ltKQt* — ^This fkmily is supposed to descend ftom 
the Lloyds of llanynys, co. Denbigh. 

Gamauei. Lloyd, of Mattersey, co. Nottingham, d. 1 Not. 
1861, leaTing issue by his wife, Aime Biiggs, of Wigan in 
Lancashire, Oxorob, his heir ; Gamaliel ; William, whose 
representatiTes are now the Booths of Glendon, Notts ; 
John ; Aime, m. Joseph Smethurst, and had a numeroua 
posterity. The eldest son, 

Oeorob Lloyd, b. 1650, settled at Manchester, and d. 
1728, leaTing by his wife, Martha Whittaker, of Newton 
Heath, oo. Lancaster, as only surriTing son, 



Oamatja Llotd, of MuiolMfltart nMrdhant and manufM- 
turor, d. 1749, leaving by EUaabeth hla wife, dan. and oo- 
batr of John Carte^ ILB. of Manoboater, who <f. 80 Sept 
1768, an only child, 

Gbobob Llotd, Esq., M.B., Cantab, F.B.8., D.L. for 
W. B. of Torksbire, purohaaed Hulroe Hall, near Man- 
diester, and resided Utterly at Barrowby, near Leeda, 
where he d. 4 Dec. 1783. He m. l8t, Bleanor, dan. of 
ReoTy Wright, Eaq. of Offerton in Cheshire (by Porefoy hia 
wife, dau. of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart.X and by her had 
an only child, 

I. John, F.R S., of Snitterton, m. Anne, dan. and hsSx of 
James Hllibins, M.D., and had issue, 

1 Geobob, of Welcombo House, eo. Warwick, high 
sheriff in 1806; b. 7 March, 1708; d. vnm. 11 July, 

S JoHH-OAKAuai.. bencher of the Middle Temple, t. hia 
brother in Weloorobe House, and having been high 
aheriff of Warwickshire in 188i. d. unm. in 1887. 

8 Charlotte, m. 4 May, 1808, the Bev. Thomas Warde 
(rt^ to Wabdb (if Clapton Howe). 

Mr. Lloyd m. 2ndly, Susannah, dau. of Thomaa Horton, 
Ssq of Chadderton, in Lancashire, sometime goyemw of 
the Isle of Man under the Earl of Derby, and father of Sir 
WilUam Hort(m, Bart, and had iasae, 

I. Oamaubl, his heir. 

u. Ojmbob, from whom deaeend the LtoTss of SfeeUsn 
Sull. {E^er to thatfcmi^. 

m. Thomas, of Hosforth Hall, Ueut<col. oommaadaat of 
the Leeds Toluntews, d. at Kingthovp House, near 
Pickering, 7 April, 182& He m. Anne, dau. of Walter 
Warde, Eaq. of New Grange, co. York, and had issue, 

1 GaoBaK, of Coatham, Torkshire, b, 16 May. 1780. He 
m. let, in 18S0, Marian -ChristlBa, 6th dan. ox Alexander 
Madean, Isq., of Cd, In Ai^gyleahlre, by whom (who 
d. in 1821) he had no isaue. He m. 2ndly, 7 Juae^ 
1886, EUaabeth, 2nd dau. of WilUam-BoolceB-Leeds 
Beijeantson, Esq. of Camp Hill, near Bipon» and d, 
1844, leaving issue, 

1 Thomas-William, of Cowaby HalL KorthaUertoa, 
J.P. and D.L. ; b. 1826, educated at Trin. ColL, Cam- 
bridge ; m. 1849, Elizabeth-Ann, 8rd dau. of Franda- 
Beynon Hackett» Esq. of Moor Hall, oo. Warwiek. 

S George-Walter. 

S John-Qeorgeu 

1 Caroline- Anne. 

S Marianne-Jane. 

I. Anne. 

n, Susannah, m. to the Rev. Henzy Wray, and has two 

sons and a dau. 
ni. Elisabeth, m. In 1780, Thomas Bateson, Esq., and had 

an only son Thomas^ created a Babonkt. 

The eldest son of the second marriage, 

Gakaubl Llotx>. Esq., aldennan of Leeds, and mayor in 
1799, resided at Bury St Edmund's, and afterwards in 
Great Ormond Street, London, when he d. 81 Aug. 1817. By 
his wife, Elisabeth, dau. of James Attwood, Esq., he had 
issue (with two daus. ; 1 Mary-Hortou, m. to Stepben<John 
Wintluop, M.D., and 2 Anne-Susannah, m. to Leonard 
Homer, Esq., F.B.S.X an only son, 

WiLUAM-HoRTov LLOvn, Esq., F.L.Sw« possessor of 
estates in the counties of Tork, Lancaster, and Derby, 6. 
10 Feb. 1784 ; m. 18 April, 1826, Maiy, 4th and yonngcA 
dau. of George Whitelocke, Esq. of Seymour Place, Bryanston 
'SquarSi London (a great-grandson of Sir Bulstrode White- 
locke [by Mary his wifis, dan. of David "Rookie, Esq., aldet^ 
nan of Limerick^ lord-keeper and ambassador) and d. 
.18 FeU 1849, having issue (besides Gamaliel, b, 12 June, 
1827 ; d. 6 Nov. 1830) an only son surviving, tiie present 
Gborob-Whitelookx Llotd, Esq. of Strancall^ Castle. 

A rms A iy., three lions, dormant, in pale, sa. 
Cre»t—'A deml-arm in acale armour, the hand naked, ppr., 
the cuff aiig. , grasping a lixard.'vert 
iSeoi— Strancally CkstL^ ViUierstovm, oo. Waterford. 


Llotd, Oeorob, Esq. of Stockton Hall, near York, 
J.P., Bometime a capt in the 2nd Lancashire militia, 
A.B. of Trinity College^ Cambridge, h. 21 May, 
1787; m. 17 May. 1810, Alicia-Maria^ dau. and 
eTentoal heireaH of John Oreame, Eaq. of Sewerby 
House, oa York (by Sarah his first wife, dan. of 
Charles Yarburgh, Eeq. of Heslington Hall, oo. 
York, He thtUfamUj/)^ and has issne^ 

. I. QsoBOB^OHK, ft. 28 July, 1811 ; who has assumed the 
name of Tasbuiob Uiom his nalsoal anoiitca% •. 

83 July, 1840, llary-AntonIa, dan. of 
Hnton, B8<^ of Fennington Hall, 

1 Maiy-Ellaabeth. 
S Susan-Anne. 

IL Tarbttxgh-Gamaliel, in holy orders, of B e w trby Hoosi^ 
Bridlington, Toikshire, J.F., formerty Vioar of Dnas- 
ton, diocese of Lincoln, M.A. Cambridge, ft. 18 Jufy, 
1818 ; 1H. 7 May, 1839, IdithapChristlan, Mh din. of 
William-Augustus Le Hunte, Esq. of Artnunont, eo. 
Wexford (sm thatfamUg), and has issue^ 

1 Tarburgh-Geoxge, ft. IS June, 1840. 
1 Pattie-Warburton. 
S Editha-Henrielta, deceased. 
8 Maria. 

in. Henry, ft. 80 Deo. 1816, in holy orden, ». 80 Bepi 
1867, Anne-Elixa, dau. of the Ber. WHUam Baj, D.O., 
Sector of Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, sad has a dsa., 
A^ ioia-Margaret. 

IT. Edward, ft. 97 May, 1833 ;m. SI 8ept 1854, Rosabdla- 
Susan, dau. of Geocge Uoyd, Esq. of Oowesby HsO, 
00. York. 

L Alida-Marla, d. an infant. 

n. Alida-Maiia. 

%intUflt* — ^The 2nd son, by the tnd manfige of 
Gamidiel Lloyd, Esq., F.B.8., D.Ll, M.B. (r^sr to Liotd 
tff ShranedUjf CcutU), 

6>OBOK Llotd, Esq., bsRisfesr-at-law, long xesideot st 
Manchester, and afterwards at York, m. in 1788, Eliibnth, 
dan. of Jeremiah Naylor, of Wakefield, merdiant, aad*<. 
12 Oct 1804, leaving issue by her, who surrlTed to 80 Oei 

GsoBOS, now of Stockton HalL 

Edward-Jeremiah, of Oldfleld HaD, oo. Ohestor, banistsr> 
atrhftw, ft. 22 June, 1790 ^m. 17 Not. 1822, RHiahsth. Ind 
dau. and oo-hebrasa of William Bigby, Esq. cf OUAaU 
Hall, and had two sons d. in infanqy, and adan. lariisUs, 
d. young. 

EUaabeth, m. 1st, in 1808, to William Butler Laird. En. 
of Btxath Martin, near Dnndee, a captain In the ITth 
dngoona, by whom (who d. in 1810) she bad a son and a 
den. She m. todly, Bobert Alison, Eaq. of l^lnde^ by 
whom she had three sons, lost with ber in the Porfu- 
shire steam iMckst wrecked off the Fern Islands, 7 8spt 


Mary- Anne, m. 4 Aug. XSSI, ts her cousin, the Ber. Ceefl- 
Daniel Wray, Csnoa of the GoUegiate Chureb at Man- 

Jmu and Cfrat—AM LloYd of StraneaUy CasUe. 
«eat— Stockton Hall, near York. 

{See Lloto ov Sibangallt Castle.) 


Lloto, Gut, Esq. of Croghan House, oo. Itos- 
ooBU&on, JJP. Ik 18 April, 1888. 

UlIMSf • — Capt. Owes Luim^ the first posssssor of 
the Boaoommon estates, waa eldest son of Thmnaa Lloyd, 
Esq. of the co. of Leitrim, who migrated from Wales to 
Irelanda under the auspices of hia kJiuwnan, Sir Balph 
Bingley. He f». EUaabeth Fitsgevald, granddan. of Sir 
Lake Fitsgerald, of Tyoroghan, oo. Kildare, and left at hii 
decease, 1664, three aons^ of whom Owen, a senior fellov 
of Trinity College, Dublin, and profeowr of divinity, 
beoame Dean of Connor in 1700-10, and d. in 1748, and net 
buried April 4, at St. James's^ Fiooadilly, London; and 
three daus ; the eldest son, 

Thomas Llotd, coL in tiie army, chosen oonunander in 
the field by the Tnnjakillen foroea, in the war against Jambi 
II., d in 1689. He m. Margaret, dan. of Sir John Oota^ 
Bart., ancestor of the Viscounts Cole, Earls of Tnniakfflen, 
but left no issue. GoL Thomas Lloyd was «. by hia brother, 

BioHABD Llotd, Esq., Speaker of the Upper Boose of 
Assembly in Jamada, and Lord Chief Justice of that island 
vdievo he m. Mary Guy, an hebess, and had two eons and 
two daus. Chief Justloe Lloyd was t. by his 2ttd, but sidssi 
surviving son. 

Out Llotd, Esq., who m, Maxy Copping, of Fsesr, and 

BiOBABD^ soooeasor to his father. 



Homy, to Iiolv ordan, in. DUuUi dau. of ThaniM Bol l oek, 
I6h|. of Himrbain, in Norfolk. 
Mary, m. to ThomM St. John, Xsq. 

Mr. UoQfd WM 9. by hla aoo, 

BicHASD Llots, Siq., oTBylaugfa, o(k Nocfolk, oabnrt ol 
tto Baat Norfblk mmUa» m. BliMbeth, dan. and Ml0 bdreM 
ofTboniM Jedk% Esq. of BawdotfrbU Hall, andtaadlMiM, 

Out, his mooeswnr. 

Bicbard, ft. in 1773 ; m. Snub-Harriot, dan. of Fofcer Uvin, 

Bn. ofTfaumingHaQ.lfaEfoIk.andiiad^'vifthothoriwae, 


Booiy, at. Snxah, eldost dan. of J. Stepboowm Oaan, Baq. 
llanri«^ R N. killod on board H.lLa tiie ** Sixina," undar 

NelaoD, in 1806, before Malts a p, 
Aride^at. to fha Bsr. Or. Buhrer, xeetor of Camton, ea. 



Bawdeewatl Hall, and demesne landa 
thereto annexed. 

Maxipuret, m. to Bobert Bircham, Esq. 

Blana» m. to the Rev. Jamee Stonghton, A.M., reotor of 

Jano, m. to the Rot. Thomai Dade^ rector of Broadway 

and Binooaiibe, DotBetshire. 

Colonel Lloyd d. 1811, and was t. by his ddeet aoo, 

OvT LiOTD, Baq., J.P., of Gzoghan Hooae, eo. Boo- 
eommon, 6. 19 Aug. 1766, who m. 17 Dec. 1799, Martha, dan. 
of William Bireham, Esq., of the OUanda, ooi Noxlolk, and 
4. 164S,]aaTinffiaaae, 

of JaMoa Wallar, Saq. of GaiyetowB, ooi IliiMrfek, 
M.P. {r^ fa WAtxat fT OMCMoim), and had, with other 

QuT, hia auooeeaor. 

Barah-Bireham, m. U Deo. 18S5, the Ber. WOUam AtthOl, 

of Brandiaton Hall, oa Norfolk; and d. 1837. 
Mliabeih, «». 10 Dec. 1835, to the Rev. PhiUp Franda, 

A.B.. of Stibbard Lodge, oa Norfolk. 

The aon and heir. 

Our Lu>TD, Baq., J. P. and D.L.. of Crog^ian Houae, 
high aberiff for oo. Boaoommon 1883, and for Leltrim, 1847 ; 
ft. 80 De& 1803 ; m. 86 May, 1827, Suaanna-Martha, youngest 
dan. of John-Stephenaon Gann, Biq., of Wramllnghanii 
Norfolk, and d. IS Nov. I860, leaving iaraa. 

Out, bow of Croghan. 
Joha-Merriek, ft. 1846. 
WQliam-Blchard, 5l 1848. 

Bliaabeth^Bertfaa. m. 1868, Joecuph-Folton Maade, Bsq. of 
Baatwood, eo. Wleklow. 





Jrma— Ou., a chevron, or, and on a chief, em., a capton, 
aig., thereon an eagle with two heada, displayed, aa. 

OwCa— A atag^frhead, cooped, ppr. , with a neck, anrDharsed 
with a laurel uiai^et ; and on a dneal coronet, or, a double 
aac^e^ displasrad, aa. 

ifoftoea— Over the atag'a head, " Speotemur agendo;" and 
over the ea^, ** BA altiua qu6 prof^diua." 

SmI — Croghaa House, Boyle, oo. Boaoommon. 


The lata Habdsess Llotd, Esq. of Gloster, in 
the King's County, J.P. for King's County and 
Tipperary, and D.L. for the former co., h, about the 
year 1782 ; for some years lieui.-col. of the South 
Down militia, M.P. for the King's County from 
1807 to 1816, d. wun,, having devised his property 
to Mr. Lloyd, the present possesses of Gloster. 

Itnf ft0f •— TasvoB Llotd (youngeat aon of Evan 
Lloyd, Eaq. of Bodidzia-yn-Tale, co. Denbigh, by Maiy, his 
wife, dan. and co-heir of Sir Bichard Trevor, Ent. of AlUng- 
ioD, and brother of John Lloyd, Baq. of Bodidria, whose 
aoo. Sir Evan Uoyd, of Bodidria, was created a Babonxt, 
16M)^ a oaptaia In the army of Ghablbb I ; m. in 1639, 
m— Madhop^ an heireaa, by whom he acquired eatatea in 
the King'a County, and in the county of Tipperaiy, and 
bad a aon and anooeaaor, 

Mb>bop Llovd, Eaq. of tiie King'a Ckmnty, who m. Maiy, 
ltd dan. (by Fraaoea O'Mora, hia wife, dosoended from the 
Priaoea ^ Leix) of Chriatopher Lovett, Esq., lord mayor 
of Dublin i$et Lovcrr qf Xueomte), and had fourteen obil- 
dren, aU of whom cL t. p. , with the exception of 

Tasvoa Lloto, Eaq., who, inheriting the family eatatea, 
ofOketer^intheKlng'aOoun^. Be «». HenrietK^ 

Jen, hia 
fiacdraai^ irfM A a|^ 

Waller, ai. to Lovat AAe, Eaq. of Aahgrova,oo. TIpperary. 
Boae, m. to AlaxanderBaonderaon, Eaq. of Oaatla oaundar- 
, 00. Cavaa. (Set that/amiiif,) 

Mr. Lloyd waa & by hia eldeat aon, 

JoHW Llovd, Esq. of Oloater, M.P. for the Klng'a Couaty 
from 1768 until 1790, and aubaequently fur the buroogfa of 
Iniatiogue. Mr. Lloyd m, cirea 1777, Jane, youngeat dau. 
and co-heir of Tbomaa La Hunte, Eaq., 5th a<m of Ooofge 
La Hnnia, of Artramont, oo. Wexford, Eaq. (ae« (Aal/aiai(|FX 
and hadiaaue, 

HAaDKBaa, now of Oloater. 

Trevor, who d. at Cambridga In 17ML 

Thomaa, liout-oolooal in ue army, killed at the paasMe 
of the Nlvette, 10 Nov. 1813, at the head of hla nfment. 
the 94th. 


John, of Paraonatown, Klng'a Ca, who wl Miaa yangliaa, 
dau. ci William-Peisley Vaughan, Eaq. of Ooldea Grove, 
in the King*a Cknmty, and left one dan., MAar, la. 1848, 
Bamuel-Dawson Hutehinaon, Eaq. of Mount Beaton, 
King*a County, who aamimen, in oonaaquenoe, the anr- 
name of LLOTD-VAUOHAa. 

AHoa. VL 6 April, 1797, to Launnoa, Snd Earl of Boaae. 

Baxriet, ai. to the Bev. Benry King, of Ballylln. 

Mr. Lloyd waaa at hia daoeaao by hia aldeat aon, the late 
OoLOHK. Llotd, of Oloater. 

Lloyd or Ouwrsa : Faly of eight, aig. and go., 
the enalgaa of LunraLva ap Tvra OUAJU—tL Lloyd ov 
OLoamt (ancient enaigna of CUaniM BAann, Lord of Mor- 
ton) : Yen, aemte of nrooouUpa, or, over all, a lion, ram- 
pant, or. 

OvtC-^A Ibnu rampant, arg., holding a anake In hla paw. 

Jf oito— Beapioe proapioe. 

fiait— Gloatar, near SUnroBe, Klng'a County. 


Llotd, Thomas, Esq. of Pallas Beg, FlaUae Oreen, 
00. Limerick, and formerly of Caatle Lloyd, co. 
Limerick, J.P., h, Aug. 1814 ; m. June, 1838, Mary, 
eldeat dau. of the Bev. Charlea-Philip Coote, rector 
of Doon, CO. Limerick, and niece of the late Chid* 
ley Coote, Eeq. of Mount Coote^ and has iasue^ 

I. WiLUAX-THOKA8-LLSWCLYir, b. S7 May, 1839. 
zi. Charlea-Thomaa-Cadwalader, 6. i9 Jan. 1841. 

%intK^t* — ^Thom&b Lloyd, Eaq. of Tower HIH, eou 
Limeiidc, of ancient Welah deaoent, m Eleanor, dau. of the 
Bev. Bickard Burgh, D.D., and waa father of 

WiLUAM Llotd, Eaq., who ai. Jane, dau. of Thomas 
Flt^rerald, Eaq., and had a aon, 

Bbv. Thohab Lloyd, who m. let, hla couahi, Maiy, dan. 
of the Bev. Bickard Burgh, of Dromkeen, Frebendaiy of 
Kilbragh (See Buboh cif Jhnort), and had by her three aoaa» 
Bickard, of whom preaently; William, of Tower Hill; 
and Edvrard. He m. 2ndly, Miaa Bateman, of Altavilla 
(See Batik AN qf Oak Paii), and by her waa faUier of Colonel 
Lloyd, who m. the dau. and helrasa of Lloyd of Dromaalla, 
and had a aon, Thomab Llovd, Baq. of Beechmont, oo. 
Limerick, M.P. for that ahira in 1826, and K.O., who m. in 
1798, Katharine, dau. of Eyre Evana, Esq. of Milton Caatle, 
and had laaue. The eldeat aon of the lat marriage of the 
Bev. Thomaa Uoyd, waa 

Tax Bev. Bigkabd Lloyd, of Caatia Lloyd, who m, HMry 
dau. of William Armatrong, Eaq. of Mealliflb (tet that 
fawUjf\ and had iaaue, 

L Thomab, in holy ordera, who la. Ellaabeth, dau. of 
Thomaa FitageraKl, Knight of Glin (tee that aaiae), and 
had wiUi two elder aona, who d. wnm., another aon, 

Bjbv. WiLUAK-EDWAan Lloyd, M.A., prebendary of 
Fenore, diocese of Caahel, 18S8, m. 1818, Anne, dau. of 
Thomaa Peacocke, Eaq. of Fort Etna, oo, Limerioky 
and d. % Dec 1868, leaving isaue, 

1 Thomab, now of Caade Lloyd. 

f Bickard. 

8 John. 

4 Edward-WUUam-Cadwallader, 7th Aiailieiai 

1 Mary, m. to the Bev. Henry &nyth. 

2 Elizabeth, ta. to Henry Ck)oper Beide, Eaq. 
8 Louisa, m. to the Bev. Peter Marah. 

4 Anna, m. to John Pieroe. 

6 Wilhehnina, deoeaaed. 

6 Geraldine^ m. to Biohard Dawieii» Ba^ 


11. Edward, rectdr of Fetbard. 

ui. William. iKirrtster^it-law, d. In 1X88. 

IT. John,8oijeant-at-law, d. in 1836. 

I. Alice. 

11 EliKu 

"-'• ^ #**fe,?h *** i^?^ Gabbett, Esq. »f High Park, 2nd 
^n of William Chtbbott, Esq. of CahirUne, co. Limirick 
(>X/er to thatjamtli/), 

fitat— Pallas Beg. Pallas Green, eo. Limerick. 

Lloyd, John, Esq. of Lloydsboro' and Cranagh, 
CO. lipperary, ex-scholar and B.A. of Trinity Coa, 
Bubhn, 6. 16 March, 1790; m. 21 July, 1810, 
Debby-Ann, dau. of John Lloyd, Esq. of Cranagh, 
(^ee lineage below) and has issue, 

I. JoHK-JrasB, J. p., m. Mary, youngest dan. of Bdmund- 
N.-W. Porteacue, Esq. of Pallapit, co. Devon (tee that 
family), and has issue, three sons and one dau. 

K. Richard-Jess^ Ueut. 69th regiment, rf. unm. 14 Oct 

. 1. Eliaabeth-Anti, m. 16 Dec. 1840, to John-Dawson Hut- 
chinson, Esq. of Timoney Park, co. Tipperaiy. and d. 
8 March, 1843, «. p. «-*-*» 

II. Ellen-Bliai, »i. John-Stratford CoUfaa, Esq., barrlster- 
at-law, and d, 17 Nov. 1852, leaving issue. 

X.tneffg:e.--JoHN Llotd, Esq. of Lloydsboro*, co. Tlppe- 
rary, son of Joseph Lloyd, Esq., by Mary-Otway his wife 
daSmed to derive his descent from the great Welsh family 
of Lloyd of Bodidria. He m, Elisabeth, dau. of Sir John 
Blunden, Bart., and was father of 

JoHK Lloyd, Esq. of Cranagh, who w. Deborah Clutter- 
buck, and had issue, 

Ki.A^h'^ Cranagh and Lloydsboro', in. Amy Brader, 
Mid left an only dau.. Debby-Anne, ta. to her oouain. 
John LLdvs, Esq of Lloydsboro'. ««««i, 

"«.^*?5"» i». Judith Meager, and had issue, Georae- 
Rlchaid. w. ; Horatio, m. , and rf. leaving issue. 

1^ «wi^- ? m ' w* ,f™C"'^ <»«• of the Rev. John 
Lord, rector of Clonkelly ; and d. 8 Jan. 1880. leaving 
W (by her who was 6. 17 Oct 1760, and d. 4 Pel? 


^5®*^^'S^"^V"®'■' ^•^- »na|or-gen. H.E.LC.a, 
coL 28th Bengal N.I. commanded the Bengal volun- 
teers m the China war 1841-2: 6. 4 July 1789* m. 
I March, 1824, Caroline, 2nd dau. of the 'late Capt 
William Bruce. H.B.LC.8.. resident at Bushiro. *^ 

S John, Ueut R.N., and J.P. of Gowaka, and Panbida. 

?2^'"^tS,^K^^^ Bay. New South Wales, w. 19 Ja? 
18i4, Sarah Robinson, and had issue, 

^^r?l ?^?***t***°V ^oyjm, Bideford. North Devon. 
Md Adelaide, South Australia, b. 80 Oct 1824- w 
SO Oct- 1868, his cousin Elizabeth-Lucy, eldwt dau 
of the Rev. Charles Lloyd (son of Frederick Lloyd. 
Esq. of whom presentl^n. 
WUham, civil engineerTEost Indies, fc. 24 May. 1826 
IMsctlla-Emilia, m. 28 Sept 184rto ll^\ov\mL- 
Elhson Warden, 23rdBengalN.L eldesteanof Lieut- 
Col. George Warden, Bengal army, and by him who 
d. 12 June, 1867, has one dau. Priscilla-Emilia-Jane. 

\t^^^^i **-4' ^^^ o' Instow, Devon, m, 
1826, Harriet dau. of Thomaa-Purley Porster, Esq. of 

£4 toST ^^^^^ »» BuaKiB'ico»jTOo«^*)/and 

^*I?,"';^®"'®'''°'^??*^^™"*» *• 182«; m. 30 Dec. 
1861, Jean, youngest dau of James^ordon Morgan, 

??'JS*ij«^' Barnstaple, and has issue Arthur, 6. 

Richard, of Morphett Vale, South Austmlia. b 1827 • 
«. 19 June, 1866, Marcella-Adelaide-Come^. dau. of 
James Elt^n, Km. of Nortli 8toke, co. Oxlord, and 
has a son, lUchard-Elton, b. 26 March, 1867 

Benjamin-Fumey, of Morphett Vale, South Australia. 
6. 1836. ' 

Gooige-Ayhooer, of Morphett Valo, South AuitEalia, 

Thomas-Putney, 6. Feb. 1846. 


Harriet-Maiy, m. 6 March, 1866, to Charles-Constan- 
tine Bruce. Esq. of Adelaide, South Australia, only 
d^^A^XlssS! ^^^ W"li«n B™». B.LaS/ She 






Marion, d. 7 April, 1861, an fiofioiU 
S90 • • • ^ 


1 Prfadlla-Emma, 6. 20 July. 1790. of Kortbaa Cottei, 
a. at Seorole, Benares, 13 Sept 1846. 

2 Isabella-Anne, of Northam House, Ncrfh DevoA. 
ly. HEantT-jEssB, of whom presently. 
T- l^'i^erick, of Ballymacrease. m. Julia, dau. of Thomas 

Vereker, of Roxborough, Esq. (Me BuBUc's PtemtK^ Ooarl 
and by her who d. 1847, had issue, 

1 JoBW. late of Llsheen Castle, co. Ttppenuy. and now 
of Madoo Hastings, Canada West; m. let, Catherine, 
dau. of John Rottou, Esq. of Bath, and has issue, 

Chablks-Henrv, of Lisheen Castle, Templemcie, 
J.P., B.A. of Trinity CoUege, Dublin, 6. 18SlT«7l856i 
m. 1st, 1846, Aiuia, dau. of Mtgor Oeoi^ Jadcaoo; 
2ndly, 1849, Anne, dau. of Fergus lAogley. Esq., and 
has a son by hor, ChablbsEdwabq, & 1864. 
Frederick in Canada. 

Catherine, «». ~ Butter, Esq. 00. Kflkenny. 
9 Frederick, Ueut RN., deceased. 
8 Henry-Vereker, formerly Bengal cavalry ; m. in«t 
JOPPV.* p. 

4 Charies, Rev., formeriy ehaplain at Prineo BdwaiTi*s 
Island, now curate of St John the Evangelist DoM- 
bwn Down; TO, 17 Sept 1726, EUsabetli, dau. of 
William Tyeth. Esq. of PUlihead, near BidefonL 
Devonshire, and has issue, 

Charles-Frederick, lieut 8id West India leglment, m. 
^ Sept 1868, Jessica-Mary, eldest dau. of Alexander 
Dunscombe, Esq., M.D. of the Grange. Antique. 
West Indies andClifton. ^ ^^ 

William, residing in New York, m. 1 Nov. 1868, Caith 
line Tupper. 

John- Vereker, in Australia. 

Misabeth-Lucy, m. 80 Oct 1868, her kinsman, Arthur 
Lloyd, Esq. of Northam House, Bideford. Devon- 
shire, and Australia f mentioned above). 


1 Julia, m. George Duncan, Esq. 

8 Haxi'iet, d. icnm. 

L Elisabeth, m. to the Rev. Charles Tuekey. and bas four 
sons, and four dau& 

u. Deborah, in. to Qoi|^ Hely, Esq. and haa six sooil 
and seven daus. ^^ 

The 4th son, 

Hknby-Jbsss Llotd. Esq. of C!astle Iney, co. Tli^ieraiy. 
who TO. Ellen, dau. of Thomas Garde, Esq. of Ballina Corra, 
00. Cork (Me that family), and, dying 1816, left issue, 

I. J0B8, of Lloydsboro*. 

II. Thomas, d. icnm. 

"i 5f '?y'^~?®» ^ Farrinrory, eo. Tlnperaiy, «. 1822. 
Harriet-Amelia, youngest dau. of Sir John-Craven Car- 
den, Bart , and has issue, 

1 Jesse, of Ballyleck House. 00. Monaghan. J. P., capt 
and adjut Monaghan miUtia. kite oapt 47th regiment 
6. 23 Feb. 1824 ; to. 14 Deo. 1863, Ellen, eldestdau. of 
Geoi^ Vmcent Esq. of Erinagh, co. Clare, and hss a 

Henry-Craven-Jesse, 6. 8 Feb. 1866. 
1 Frauces-Maria, to. 26 March, 1840, to Andrew Wau* 

chone, Esq. of Niddrie MarischaU, Midlothian, and d. 

25 June, 1868. leaving issue (r^tr to that fatHUy). 
a JorogiineJulia-Helen, to. 19 May, 1846, to Henry, 

*^*^}f,"^"^"***^^^«'*<»» *»• 1^ J«n«. 18*8» to Wm.- 
FitzWiUiam Burton, Esq. of Burton Ball. co. Cailow 
(«M that family). 

lY. William, to. Kate, only dau. of John Harris. IfiMi . of 
Wateriord, and had issue. ^^ 

I. Manr-Anne, m. to the Rev. Thomas Hoare. younnst 
son of the late Sir Edward Hoare, Bart 

II. Eliaa-Lucy, »». Mr. Morris, and both an ^f^y^^iftiritd. 

^rTO#— Paly of eight or and arg. 

Crat—A lion, rampant, holding in the dexter paw a snake. 

MotU^—Ynir o yale. 

iSeot— Lloydsboro', near Templemore, 00. Tipperaiy. 

(See preceding aHide.) 

(See Davies op Blaskdypibtk.) 


Loot, Georgb, Esq. of Tittensop, StaffonlsMre, 
P,O.S., J.P. for COS. Lancaster and Sutherland, and 
D Ji. for the latter^ a bairlster-ftlrlaw^ and late capt. 

IrO C 


LmcnahiFB hnnan, ft. 1811 ; m. 1886, Catbmile, 
ddefit dan. of Joseph-Pilkington Brandrath, Esq. of 
liTerpoo], M.D. 

lilffag^f. — Jambs Loch, merchant and Barsrws of 
Bdinliuffa, at. 11 Cot. 1910, UaxgKtf^ Bard^y, of the sai»e 
titj, and was «. by his eldest son, 

Javes Loch, Bm]. of DryUkw, Treasurer of Edinbui^, 
II S7 Aug. 1012, who was «. by bis son, 

Jamu Loch, Esq. of Drylaw, 6. 2 May, 1650, who m. 
Ivbel, dau. of Sir Geoiige Foulis, of RayalstoD, snd had 
itme (with three daus., the eldest of whom Jauet, m. In 
1710, Edward Manjoifbanlca, Bsq. of Hallyards), Oborgb, 
hit heir ; John, of fidinboi^h, merchant, who m. Margaret, 
daa of Sir William ICensies, of Gladstone, and left at his 
deeesse, in 1756, an only son, William, jbther of John, of 
Rariiam, and James, Joint King's Remembranoer for Boot- 
land. He d. 12 Not. 1090, and was «. by his eldest son, 

Obobor Loch, Esq. of Drylaw, 6. 28 March, 1678, who m. 
Jean, dan. of Qeotge Fonlis, Esq. of Bavelston, and was «. 
by his elder son, 

Jamss Loor, Esq. of DiyUw, b. 16 Aug. 109S, who m. 
U Jan. 1748, Frances, dau. of the Hon. William Erskine, 
son of David, 4th Earl of Buehan, and dying 14 Noy. 1759, 
left a dau., Margaret, m. to her cousin, James Loch, Esq., 
•ad s KID and suooessor, 

QcoBos Loor, Esq. of Diylaw, who m. Mary, dan. of 
John Adam, Esq. of Blair, oo. Kinross, and rister of the 
Loid Chief Commissioner Adam, by whom he had issue, 

Jakbs. his suooessor. 

John, fonnerly M.P. for Hythe, a director of the East 

India Company, of the Australian Sode^, &c, who m. 

Marion, dau. of Arehibnid CuUen, Esq., &.C.. and has a 

sou, Ge(Hge-John, and a dau., Marion. 
WillLun, in the Ben^ civil service, who left issue, Geoige- William, Charles, Mary, Elisa, and Charlotte. 
Fraacia-Erskine^ capt. &N., who m. Miss Jesse Robertson, 

and has issue. 

Mr. Lech d. in 1788, and was «. by his son, 

Jahu Loch, Esq. of Drylaw, 6. 7 May, 1780, an advo- 
cate, and M.P. fbr Kirkwall, 4k& ; m. 10 Aug. 1810, Ann, 
jouqgeat dau. of Patrick Orr, Esq. of Kincardineshire^ and 
d. 18&5, leaving issue, 

I. Ok»qb, of Tittensor. 

iL Oranville-Gower, 6. in 1818. 

m. William-Adam, b. in 1814. 

IV. Thomas, 6. in 181& 

V. James-F^Ktrick, 6 in 1819, and d. in 1824. 
VL John-Charles, b. in 1825. 

viL Hennr-Brouffbam, ft. in 1827. 

L Aone-Marjory. 

n. Mary-ClementlDa>Marion. 

drtu-'Arg., a saltier, engrailed, sa., betw e en two iwans, 
nasant, in locks, ppr., in the flanks. 
Cmt'-A. swan devouring a perch, ppr. 
Jretto—Aasiduitate non desidiA. 

-littensor, iMsr Stone, Staflbrdshire. 


LockhArt, Thb Rev. Lawbsnoe, D.D., of Wicket- 
thaw, and Milton Lockhart, oo. Lanark, and Ger- 
nutton, near Qla^gow, J.P., Incumbent of Inchin- 
nao, CO. Renfrew, 1822 ; 6. 1796 ; m. 1st, 1825, 
Louisa, dau. of iJie late David Blair, Esq.; and 
2Ddly, in 1849, Marion, eldest dau. of the late Wil- 
fiam SCaxwell, E^. of Dargavel, oo. Renfrew, and 
has surriTing iasne, 

I. Davd-Blaib, ft. 1820; oapt. 1st royal Lanarkshire 

militia, and of 8ih Bengal Europeans. 
iL Lswrenoo-William-Maxwoll, oapt 92nd hlghlandem^ 
m. 18M, Katharine, younger dau. of the late General 
81r James Bussell, K.C.B., of Ashestiel, Selkirkshire, 
ni. William-Stephen-Alezander, H.M.'a Indian army, 
IT. James-SomerviUe. 
▼. AlezaDder^Fzands-MaxwelL 
▼1- Walter^merville. 
L EUaMbeth-Catheiine. 
a Lottiaa-Matilda. 

m. Tio1«t-8o|diia, m. I860, to Thomas Maxwell, Esq., 
M.D., Bengalarmy, 6th son of the late miham Maxwell, 
Kiiq. of DargaveL 

Br. Lockhart repreficnts in the male line the eldest 
innch of the Lockharts of Lee^ settled in Lr uark- 

shire alaee the 12th eentaty; and throngh hia 
materoal gmodmother, and the Somenrilles of Core* 
house, the Someryillbs of Cambusnbtbav, de- 
Rcendauta of John, Srd Lord Somerville, by his 
second wife, Mary, dau. of Sir William Baillie of 

XrineaC^^—The llrst Loekhart of IHokefcriisw, was 
second son ci Sir Stcpbcn Lookhart of Cleghom. in 
Lanarkshire, armour bearer to King James III. of Scotland. 
The male Una of the elder son of Sir Stephen failed at the 
death of Allen Loekhart, Esq. of Cleghom, in 1805. (Fur 
the fem'de line ref^ to SixioT-LocKHAar of Borthwick- 
brae> The elder line of Wlcketshaw faUed in 1779, at the 
death of Sir WUliam LookharM>eBham, Bart, of Westshiel. 

Stephen Lookhart, of Wioketshaw, Lanarkshire, m. 
(contract dated 27 August, 1000) Oriael Carmiehael, of 
Hyndford, sister of the first Lord Carmiehael, ancestor of 
the Earls of Hyndford, and had a second sun, 

Robert Lookhabt, of Blrkbfll, Lanarkshire, who was 

WiLUAM LocKBABT, of lUikbiU, wbo «. Ylolet Inglis, 
niece and heiress of James Somerville, of Corehouse, and 
had a younger son. 

Bit. Johh Lockhart, D.D., who by his flrrt wifb had a 
scm, WiLLiAir, his heir, of whom preeently, and two other 
sons, died young. He m. Sndly, EUaabeth, dau. of the Bev. 
J<dm Oibeon, and by her, who d. 18S4, left at his decease in 

JoRN-OiBsov, D.C.L., Oxon; m. 1880, Chariotte-Sophia, 
eldest dau. and heiress of the illus^ous Sm Waltu 
Scott, Bart of Abbotsford, and d. 1864, having had 
issue, several sons, d. unnut and a dau. Charlotte, m. 
10 Aug. 1847, to James-Robert Hope, Esq., Q.C. (Snd 
son of Oeueral the Hon. Sir Alexander Hope, O.C.B., 
M.P., fta, 2nd. son of the Snd Karl of Hopetuun), 
who assumed the additional name of Soorr, and became 
of Abbotsford. She d. 90 Oct 1868, leaving an only sur- 
viving child, Mary-Monioa. 

Lawbkmcb, D.D., now of Wioketshaw. 

Robert, ia. 1854, Marion, dau. of John-O. Kinnlar, Esq., 
d. $. p. 1860. 

Riohwd. lieul in the army, drowned in India, I8S8. 

Archibald-Inglis, colonel in the army, C.B., It-coL 
commanding the 02nd highlandera. 

Yiolet, d. itR/A. 1849. 

The eldest son, 

WiLUAx LocKHABT, Es(|., D.L, of Milton Lookhart, Beat- 
coL commandant of the Lanarkshire yeomaniy cavalry, 
formerly in the E.I.Co.'s Bengal army. Dean of Faculties in 
the University of Olaegow, elected M.P. for Lanarkshire, 
1841. He m. 16 April, 1822, Mary-Jane, dan. of Sir Hugh 
PalUser, Bart Mr. Lockhart, who was repreeentative of 
Sir William Lockhart-Denham, Bart, mentioned above^ 
having re-acquired part of the old fiimily estate, adjoin- 
ing the Barony of Milton Lockhart, directed, by deed of 
entail, that his heirs and successors should alwasrs bear the 
name and arms of Lockhart of Wioketshaw. Dying in 186<l 
without issue, he was «. by his half-brother the present Rsv. 
Db. Lookhart <tf Wlcketshaw. 

^mu— Arg. , on a bend dexter, between three bean* heada 
erased, az., a man's heart, ppr., within a fetter-look, or. 
CVeii^— A dexter hand holding a boar's head, erased, ppr. 
Motto — ^Feroci f ortior, and Gorda serata pando. 
iStat— Milton Lockhartk GarlukCb T^uwrkshira. 

Eliott-Lockhart, Allan, Esq. of Borthwickbraa, 
CO. Selkirk, and Cleghom, co. Lanark, J.P.and D.L. 
for tho counties Selkirk, Lanark, and Roxburgh; 
educated at Edinburgh University, called to the 
Scotch bar in 1824, late M.P. for Selkirkshire since 
1846, 6. 1803 ; m. 1880, Charlotte, 5th dau. of the 
late Sir Robert Dundas, Bart, of Beechwoodi and 
has issue, 

I. Wiluax, oapt. 9Cth Cameronlans, 5. 1838. 
IL David, 6. 1834. 

ni. Allan, oapt. roy.-eog. b. 1837. 

IV. Robert-Dundas, roy.^art b. 18il« 

V. Charles-Walter, b. 1850. 
L Matilda. 

II. Marianne-Elisabeth. 

III. Robina. 

IV. Catherine-Henrietta. 

V. Maiy-Dora. 

VI. Jane-Maxgarpt 

Lo a 

Hltf8fi!t*'^TBiincA8 SuoTT, of Bewlid (desoendod from 
a branch of the family of Eliott of Stobhe), m. Margaret, dau. 
of Wm. Scotty of Chamerlan Newton, and was «. by his 
eldest son, 

William Euott, b. 165S, who in. Isabel, dan. of William 
Soott, of Sinton, and had a son and successor, 

William Euorr, Esq., b. 1689, who m. Margaret, dau. of 
John Scott, of Sinton, and was father of a son and heir, 

John Euot, Esq., who m. 1st, 1753, Margaret, dau. of 
Alexander Murray, EiSq. of Cringletie, which lady d, t. p. ; 
and Sudly, 1764, Maxgaret, dau. of Walter Laing, Esq., by 
whom he had, 

William, his heir. 

Walter, lleut -colonel H.M.a, d. 1808. 

Maigaret, m. David Simpson, Esq. of Know, and was 
mother, inter alio*, of Oen. Sir James Simpson, O.C.B., 
who succeeded Lord Baglan as commander-in-chief in 
the Crimea. 

The eldest son, 

William Eliott, Esq., M.P. for Selkirkshire* for twenty- 
four yeara, 1806-30, m. 1792, Marianne, only child of Allan 
Lockhart, Esq. of Gleghom (representative of the LocK- 
HARTB of Cleghom, whoso ancestry can be authentically 
traced back to 1441, see preceding article), and assumed the 
surname of Lockhart. By her he had issue, 

John, 18th light-dragoons, killed at Waterloo. 
Allajt, now of Berth wickbrae and Cleghom. 
Walter, H.E.LC. civil service, m. Mary, dau. of — Proctor, 

Esq. ; and d. a. p. in India in 1850. 
William, m%)or Stadras native in&ntry, m. Dora, dau. of 

(}eorge-Clerk Craif^ie, Esq. of Dumbamie ; and d. in 

India, 1855, leaving issue, wilUam, 6. 1840, Queen's Art. 

in India; George, 6. 1841, B.N. ; Walter, b. 1847 ; Mary; 

and Dora. 

Gilbert, RK., d. on board H.M.S. *< Diamond," 1824. 

Mr Lockhart d. 1832. 

J,riM — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, ga, three boars* heads, 
erased, arg. ; 2nd and Srd vert, on a bend, engr., arg., a 
baton, az., within a bordure, of the last, chaigod with four 
mullets and as manv crescents, alternately, of the 2nd. 

Cre«to— 1st, a boars head, erased, arg. ; 2nd, a dexter hand 
holding a spear, ppr. 

Mottoe»-^ine labe fides ; and Hoc mc^jorum opus. 

8eaU — Borthwickbrae, 

Selkirkshire ; and Cleghom, 


LooKTBB, The Rev. Edmund-Leopold, K.A. of 
Flymouth, co. Devon, rector of Westcote Barton, 
CO. Oxen, 1852, h. 17 May, 1816 ; m. 28 May, 1889, 
Julia-Mary, dau. of ihe Rev. ThomaB Woodford, 
M.A., Rector of Ansford and Pointington, oo. 
Somerset, and has ifisue, 

I. EDmnm-STOuaHTON-BRAiTHWAJTB, lieut. B.-A., 6. 19 

April, 1842. 
il Arthur- Woodforde, 5. 18 June, 1844. 
iiL Harry-Fanrose, b. 10 March, 1840. 
IV. Walter-Nevlll, b. 4 April, 1849. 
L Boea-Maxy. 

VrfneSJir.'We tnd the Lookyvrs located at Mutih 
Wenlock, in Shropshire, a.d. 1498, and thence deduced in 
the Visitation of that county to the year 1622. From this 
fiimlly, the Lockyers of Devonshire claim presumptive 

Nicholas Lookteb, bapt. 29 May, 1711, eldest son of the 
Rev. Nicholas Lookier, vicar of Luppitt, Devon, and grand- 
son of Nicholas Lookyer, of Honiton, temp. Chablbs II., d. 
2 April, 1762, leaving by Joan, his wife (who was buried 
9 Dec. 1799), nine sons. The ninth of these, Thomas, who 
was father of a numerous family, settled at Wembuiy, co. 
Devon, and dying 9 Sept 1800, was «. by his eldest son, 
Thomas Lockykb, of Wembury House, Esq. The represen- 
tation of the fami^ eventually devolved on the 8th son, 

Edmumo Lockycb, Esq. of Plymouth, J.P. and D.L. oo. 
Devon, 6. 18 Sept 1750, who m. 17 March, 1782, Eleanor, 
dau. of Fnmois Penrose, of Durfan, co. Cornwall, Esq., d. 
21 Feb. 1896, having had Issue (with one dau., Eleanor- 
Margarot-Penrose, m. to Bear-Admiral Sir Samuel Pym, 
K.C.B.) a son, 

Ed¥ukd Looktbb, Esq., M.D., F.L8., Ac, b. 28 Oct 
1783 ; m. Elixa, dau. and co-heir of Ctift Thomas-Patriokson 
Braithwalte, RN. (of the family of Braithwaite of Brians 
00. Westmoreland), and d. in Doc. 181& leavlng« 


BoMuiA-liaopotD, imrrnnsnr tn htn flrmilihllinr 
Ellen-Mary, m. to Georae Balston, Esq., of ~ 

Dorset, who d.t.p. 1852. 
Bose-Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. T.-L. 

Wick, CO. Worcester; and d. in 1838, leaving 

Wheeler. M.A. cT 

AniM^Az. , on a chevron, arg., between tiiree Uons^ 
pant, or, as nuuiy ants, fessways. ppr. 

Orest— On the sea, a ship uuaer salL her three topeafle 
hoisted, ppr., the main topsail ohanmd with a lloii, ram> 
pant, gfu., the fore and mizen topouls ofaarged each with 
an ant, ppr., a red ensign flying, and a pendant, aig., at 
the nudn top-gallant-masthead, cnaiged with a ' 

Motto — Sedule et secundd. 

JSecicIenee— 'Westcote Barton, neerOzCnrd. 


Locke, Wadham, Esq. of Ashton Oiffoidy 
Wilts ; m.lBtf Caroline, dan. of Heniy ThompMm. 
Esq. of Skelton, Yorkshire; and 2ndly, Albtnia^ 
dau. of John Dalton, Esq., of Sleningford Castle, oo. 
York. Mr. Locke was formerly an officer in the lit 

%Cn0aS^* — ^For some account of this ftanfly, Ttttr to 
the Oentleman'a Magazine for 1792, p. 798. 

Wadham Locke, Esq., of Bowdeford Hoose, co. ^Hltsi, 
who m. Anne, dau. of James Sutton, Esq., and d. S8 Jiine» 
1799, was 9. by his only son, 

Wadham Locks, Esq., of Bowdeford House, ft. 26 Oct. 
1779, J.P. and D.L, high sheriff of oo. Wilts tn 180«» 
M.P. for Devises in 1882, who m. 23 Sept. 1808. 
Maria-Selina, dau. of Francis Powell, Esq. of Hurdooti 
House, Wilts, and by her, who d. 6 July, 1838, had iasoe. 

Wadham, now of Ashton Gifford. 

FranciB-Alezander>Sydenham, of Bowdeford, Wllta, flb 
81 July, 1804 ; m. 1 Dec. 1835, Katharine-Harriott, dan. 
of Admiral Sir Thomas Fellowes, C.B., by Catherine- 
Mary his wife, dau. of Sir William Abdy, Bart, and liae 
had issue, Wadham-Fellowes, b. 8 Feb. 1838, d. 30 July, 
1854 ; and Katharine-Selina. 

John, E.LC.S., Bengal, m. Frances-Augusta, dsn. of 
Thos. -Moore Wayne, Esq. of South Wanborougfa, Hants. 

Anna-Maria-Selina, m. to George-Purefoy Jervoise, Maq* ; 
and 2ndly, to Francis Marx, Esq. 


Anne, m. 4 Jan. 1838, to the Bev. Henry Paddon, cldssk 
son of J. Paddon, Esa. , of Fareham. 

Louisa, m. to WilUam-tiawrence Colquhoun, Esq. 

Katharine-Powell, m. to George Duberiy, Esq., cn^aatH 
77th regiment 

Frances-Isabella, m. to Henry Duberiy, Esq., eaptein 8di 

Mr. Locke d. 21 Oct 1885. 

Arma—'Per fesse, as. and or, a pale ooimterobanged, thrse 
hawks, with wings endorsed, of the last 

Creat—A. hawk, wings endorsed, holding In the beak a 
padlock, or. 

Seo^-Ashton Qifibrd, co. Wilts. 

(See Wood.) 


LOFTUS, Williah-Jambs, Esq., of BaUyoumin 
and Oldtown, co. Dublin, lieut.-ool. commanding 
the S8th regt., 6. 7 Jan. 1822. CoL Loftus daima 
to be heir xnale of the family of Yisoount LoltuA 

of Ely. 

V^iXltK^t* — ^The family of Loftus, or as it 
spelled LovTHouBE or Loorraus, is of tmdoubted 
origin, and appears firom the Archives of York Minster to 
have been of consideration in Yorkshire as early as the 
time of AiiTBCD, and the same records show that Chrlstoiiher 
Lof thouse was prior of Helsgh in that county in 1400. 

Before the advent of the Norman, it held the lands and 
town of Looftiius in Yorkshire, by thanage, and after the 
Conquest by military tenure. 

Edwabd Lovtds, of Swlneshead, in the parish of Cavsi^ 
sham, Yorkshire, had two sons, 

I. BoBEBT, who had three scms, and one daughter. Sarah 
Ldlus, wife of Henry Ascough, of Keplin, oo. York, two 
eons d, itnw. and hi» lia« was carried on by hia eoeoDd 



•01^ SIB Ajmm- hams, Kat, of UcaiMltBnn», no* 
etUad Uoon Abbey, co. KUdan^ he was Lobd Chjjt- 
ciLUHi of Ireland in 1619, and created in 16S8 ViwoirHT 
LoiTiiB oTElt, a tLUe according to the Privy Seal, which 
«M to continue in the fkmily **as long as there ahall 
ramain an heir male oihiB houae,** the patent confirms it 
to the ** heirs male (^ his body.*' His grandson, Arthur, 
tfae Srd viaeoont, died § Not. 17S6, without surviving 
isne male, when the Monasterevan estate passed to his 
onlvdau. Jane's son (by Charles. Loxxl Mo<Nre), Henry, ith 
Buiof Drogheda. 
n. AiuM, of whose line we treat. 

As tad 

AMLMhawrm, B.I>. (afterwards D.D.) of Trinity OoHege. 
(Susbridge^ fihmiilain to Queen Sus^anH, and to Thomas, 
KiriflfBiiawT, berTioecoy, whom he acoompanied to Ire- 
laad, was ounsecrated Abohbisuop or Abmaoh, 8 March, 
1j6j (patent, SO Jan.X being then only twenty-eij^t years 
of ^PSL Be was elected to the Deanery of 8t Patrick's, 
Dabiia, in 1564-6, and held that dignity m eommendam 
with the Prima<7 till 1667, when (Aug. 8) ha was translated 
tothe See of Dublin, He was twice keeper of the Great 
Seel, and In 1578 was appointed Loan ChargsujOB or 
lanjkan, whidi high ofBoe he held with his bishopiiek tfll 
Hm deatii. Having been mainly instrumental in the 
wf Wisbment of the Univerdty of DuUin, he was appointed 
tijrcharler the fizst Fxovoat, which ottiot he rasigued in 
ISM. He died *< worn out with tige,** 6 April, 1005, aged 
71; baring been am Arohbiahop Ibrty-two years. He built 
the OMtie of Rathfamham near Dublin, nowthe seat of 
tte Rt. Hov. Faahcib Blackbubhb^ Locd Justice of 
Appeal in Ireland. The ArchUahop m. Jane, eldest 
duL of Adam Purdcm, Baq. d Luxgan Baoe, co. Louth, 
and by her had twen^ children, of whom seven d. young ; 
the aorvtvQca were five aons and ei^t daos. Of the latter. 
Anno, the 5th dan., vras wife of Sir Henry Colley, and 
dinct anoeatreaa of the Duke of Wellington, Ac. ; of tbo 
krmet, two only left iaaue, namely, the eldest and the 
fooitk Hia eldest aora. Sib DuDLBr Lorrus'B line is re- 
praaented in the female line by the Mabquvss or Blt 
{r%ftr to BoBXBto Peerttge tat a full accoimt of this branch 
of the Loffeoa family) ; but the male line of thitf Sir Dudley 
became extinct in 1 788, on the death of Henry, 4th Viscount 
liiftna of By. The Archbishop's 4th son and eventual 

Sim Tbomab Ijorma^ Knt, td Killyon, oo. Heath, oon- 
•tahle of the Caatte of Wicklow, received in 1010 a grant of 
the Monastery of Ckmard, with other lands in Meath. He 
«. BQao, dan. of Robert Hartpole, of Shnile. in the Queen's 
eonnly, and widow of Francts Cosby, Bsq. of StradbaUy 
Abbey in the same oo., and having by her four sons and 
two daniL, was «. on his death, 14 Dee. 16S5, hj hia eldest 

8a DoiXiBY IioRua, of Kittyon, Lord of liie Manors of 
KiDyon sad donazd, who m. (Cecilia, dan. of Sir James 
Ware, Knt. Audiior-Oeneral of Irelaud, and d, in 1048, 
leariag an only son and heir, 

TooMAa Lovroa^ Baq. of KiUyon and (Honard, m. lot, 
BoMuau, dan. of Heauy Wlkenhtrnd, Bsq., and had an only 
son to leave iasiiOb Dbdubt Lottvs, Baq. of KUlyon, whose 
ttale line became extinct in 1807, when tiie eatatea passed 
to the Magan family, who nowreinesent this branch of the 
Uf tua *amSIy in tlM f$mdU Une. Kr. Loftus m. indly, 
Letitia, dao. of Ibsex Digby, D.D., Biahop of Dromore, 
iad by her had (with Adam, cL an infant) an only snr- 

Soioa LorrcB, liaq., lieul-coL of the 15th foot, d. (about 
1741 )at Jamaica, of the woundshe had received at the siege of 
Oarthagena. Hem. Hannah, dau. and oo-hebeas (rf Henry 
iohnaon, Bsq. of Clara (Sastle, oo. Kilkenny, by whom he had 
Imm, l AB9B0B, M.P., mi^or in the 82nd foot, d. a p. in 
1781 ; iL HvHBT, of whom presently ; in. Dudlbt, lieot. 
in the army, killed at Carthagena the same year as his 
father; and x. Mary, who m. the Bev. John Elrington, and 
«aa mother of the late M^j<» Ebingtfm, fort nuOor of the 
Towar of London. The Snd son, 

BnrBT LorruB, Esq., of SackviOe Street, Dublin, M.P. 
soeoeaslvely for Fethard, Bannow, and Oonmines, m. 
Diana, dan. of miUam Bullock, Esq. of Storston Hall, co. 
Koriialk, eldest mh of Thomaa Bullock, Esq., of Bhipdham, 
nd djlag In December, 1792, aged sizty-eevcn, left iasue^ 

•L TBOMiAk 1C.P., capt iatha let hone-guarda, d. •. p. ^a 


n. WiuxAM , of whom presently. 
III. Arthur, in holy ottlers, who m. Ellen, dan. of Duke 

OUEocd, Esq. of Castle Jordan(oanunonly called Sir Duke 

OUbrd, Bart.), and left issue, 

1 Huibt-Ddkb, a nu^r In tho anayt m, Maiy^Aim, 

eMsttdati. of theMe Genanl LoftMCMff MmiX %"i 

d. a. p. in 182S. 

8 Arlhur. of Rathangan, capt RN., m. Anne^AUgal^ 
onlv chUd and heir of John Grey, Esq. of Athy and 
Bathangan, oo. Ktldara, and d. May. 1861. leaving, 
ArthurJohn, b. 1 May. 1817, late capt 18th huaaara, wu 
1882. lAdy Oatharine Loftua, dau. of r le fatte Marqueaa 
of Ely ; and Jane^rey. ak 16 M^, 1856, to Jamea-Cnflb 
8t George, Eao., aon of the late Sir B.-B. St. Geoigi^ 
Bart, aud has issue. 

8 Wil]iam-Th<Hnaa, ac^pCin'the army, who si. Ellen, 
dan. of Captiln William Felix Brady, of the lOth loot, 
and left issue at hia d ec e a s e , in IttS, one boo and m 
dau., both d. young. 

The aaoond son, 

William Lovtus, Eiq. of Kilbridfl^ co. WloUow, and 
Wlmpole Street, London, a general oflioer In the anny, 
colonel of the Snd dragoon-guards, and lieutenant of tho 
Tower of London, M.P. both in the Iriah and lEngUah Par- 
liaments, 6. in 1758; sk 1st, 18 Feb. 1778, Margaret, dau. 
and oo-heiraaa of Macanol King, Baq. of Liaaon Hall, oou 
Dublin, and by her, who d. in 1789, ^^^ issue, 

Hkmbt, coL in the army and capt Cddstnam-gnaidi^ 

d. a. p. 18S8. 

Wiluax-Fbavcis-Bkhtivcx, of whom presently. 
Mary-Anne. m. to Major Henry-Duke Loftus, mentlcoad 

above, and d. a. p. in 1811. 
Harriet, m. 4 Aug. 1804, to Thomaa-Booike Bldketta, Bsq. 

of Combe Houae, Herefordshire, and had issue (mt 

MkkUU). She d. 8 Oct. 1857. 

General Loftus ai. 8ndly, 7 May, 1790, Lady BUaabetli 
Townahend, only surviving dau. of Oeoige, first Marquees 
Townahend, by his first wife, I^y Charlotte Compton, 
BABomas Fjebssbs of Cbabxlbt, and had further isMio 
by her, who d. 1811, 

I. Gbobob-Colbt, lateefWooIUmd, co. Dorset, J. P. and 
D.L.. UeutHML Dorset miUtia, 6. 15 Febi 1791; m. 1881, 
Catherine, dau. and sole hdreaa of John Feaver, 
Baq. ot WooUand, which lady d. a p. 13 Dee. 184^ 
Lt.-CoL Loftua, who waa formerlv in the Scota fkullier 
guards, and served throughout the Peninsular war, d. 
5 Nov. 1861, aged 71. 

n. Arthur, M.A. of Clare Hall, Cambridge, ft. 7 Juhr, 
1795 ; m. 10 Aug. 1836, Mary-Anne-Bay, only child of the 
Bev. William-Riy Clayton and by her, who d. 14 Sept. 
1856, has had iasue^ 

1 Geoige-William-Ferrera, of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 
ft. 25 Jan. 18S9. who inherited 85 Jan. 1860, by will, tiie 
property of his grandfathor the Bev. W.-Bay Cl^ytoa. 

8 Mary-Ann-Compton, d. 19 July, 1855. 

m. Charles, late a Ueut in the coldstraam^piarda, k. 
81 Sdpt 1796 ; m. in Feb. 1825, Jane. dau. of OoL John 
Dixon, of Gledhow, in Yorkahhre, and haa issue a dau., 

Chariotte-Lydia, m. 6 July, 1854, to William- B. Wyim, 
Esq., eldeat son of Capt Edmund Wynn. 

rr. Fierrers, late a capt and lieut-coL in the grenadier- 
guards, and now coL 3rd West York militia, b. 84 June, 
1798 ; m. 11 Oct 1838, Louisa, only child of the Bev. John 
Bastard, of West Lodge, in Donetshire, and has iwoe, 
two sons and one dau., via., 

1 Ferrers-Compton-Clarges, ft. 81 Dec. 1888. 
8 Douglas, ft. 11 Aug. 1837. 

1 Georgiana-Blisabeth, m. 6 July, 1860, to the Ber. 
Dixon Browne, of Unthank HaU, oo. Northumbeiland. 

Y. Frederick, a capt in the army, ft. 17 Nov. 1700; si. in 

1833, Frances, dau. of the late CoL Bibhard Phayre^ 

E.I.C.S., of Shrewsbury, a. p. 
I. Charlottflu m. in 1818, to Lord Charies-Yare-Ferrars 

Townahend, who d. 5 Nov. 1868. 
n. BUsabeth-GeoigianarAnn, m. in 1884, to Oeoige Beat, 

Bsq. of Eastbury House, Compton, Surray, and haa 


m. Ann-Harriet-Margaret, d. In 1885. 
rr. Jane-Feroeval-Compton, m. 7 Sept 1833, to H. Corbet 

Singleton, Bsq. of Adare, oo. Meath, and haa issoSL 

(aw SuoLBTOV (^ Adan). 

General Loftus became in 1884, representative in the male 
line of this family of Loftus, the issue of the 1st marriage of 
Thomaa Loftus, Esq. of Killyon, becoming extinct in nude 
hne. He d. 15 July, 1881, and waa a. by his eldest mxt- 

LixuT.-GaK. WiLUAM-FKAireis-BximiiOK Loftits, of Kil- 
bride, coL of .the 50th regt, ft. 17 Aug. 1784; m. OOct 
1819, Maigaret-HaSTiet, dau. of Archdeacon Langriahe, 
second son of the late Bight Hon. Sir Hercules Tagigrishs^ 
Bart, and had issue, 

I. Wiluam-Jamss, now of Kflbride. 

u. Henry, ft. 9 Mandi, 1888, midor 7l8t highlandera. 

I. Mary-Haniet^Anne, sk 11 July, 1848M>. -Augustus* 
Cranlev Onslow, Eaq., eldest son (by BUsa-Suaannah 
his wue, dau. and oo-heiressQf Nathaniel HUlier, Esq. of 
Stoke Avk) of OoL the Hon. Thomav-Cranley OiMt»w» 

) (tad Km of the 2nd Bui of Onalow),iind by him, lAo 
d. IS April, 1865, had an oi^ son, 

WiLUAM-HixxiBB Onslow, Baq., b. 7 Uaroh, 1B6S, who 
has inherited the estates of the Hilller fjamily of Stoke 
Park, Surrey. 

II. Elisabeth, m. 9 Jan. 1855, to Capt. Edward-Charles- 
Ralph Sheldon, son of the late B.-B.-C. Sheldon, Esq. of 
Brailes House, co. Warwick, H.P. for that county. (See 

Lieut-General Loftus was one of the Esquires to the Mar- 
quess of Ely, at the Installation of the Knights of St 
Patrick, in 1819. He d. IS Sept. 1852, and was «. by his 
elder son, 

WiLUAM^AMBS LoiTus, Bsq., as HxxB acALB of the Otonily 
of Loftus, Viscounts Ely. 

Arm$ (duly reqfistered}— Sa., a chev., engr., erm., between 
three trefoils, slipped, arg. 

Crulr—A boat's head, oouped and erects arg., langaed, gu. 

Mottoes— Ttead moi tel que Je suit. Around the orest, 
LoyaJ Amort 


LOMAX, James, Esq. of Clayton Hall, oo. Lancas- 
ter, D.L., m. Nov. 1845, Franoes-Cecilia, eldest dau. 
of Charles Walmesley, Esq. of Westwood. 

&Ut^Aff0*— BiCHABD LoVAX, Bsq. of Pilsworth was 
owner of a freehold estate at Bumshawe Tower, in the yale 
of Todmorden, which by deeds, some sans date, is prored 
to have been in the possession of the famOy trcnn a veiy 
early period. He m. Bebecca Heywood, of Urmston, sole 
heiress of the Grinishaws of Clayton, through her mother, 
Mary, dau. of John Grimshaw, Bsq. of Clayton. Their son 
and heir, 

James Loxaz, Esq. of Clayton Hall, m. Elisabeth Lord, 
and had (with a dau., Elisaboth, m. to Michael-Francis 
Trappes, Esq. of Nid Hall, oo. York) three sons, Biohard- 
Gbimshaw, of whom presently; James, captain in tide 
Boyal Lancashire volunteers ; and John, d. young. The 
eldest son, 

Bighabo-Gbimshaw Lokaz, Esq , of Clayton Hall, m. in 
July, 1797, Catharine, dau. and heiress of Thomas Greaves, 
Esq., banker, of Preston, and had issue, 

I. Biidiard, d. «. «.. aged 22. 

II. JoHX, heir to nis fathor. 

III. James, now of Clayton Hall. 

lY. William, in holy orders of the Church of Borne. 
▼. Edmund. 

▼u. ^iwtos,} ^*^ ^ ^^ °^®" **' *^« Churoh of Borne. 
Till. Thomas, m. 20 June, 18S7» Manr-Franoes, dau. of the 

Bev. Charles Sanders, vicar of Ketton with Tixover, eo. 

BuUand, son of Edward Sanders, Esq., by Christian 

Woolston, his wife, and has had Issue, 

1 Bichard-Grimshaw, d, 1852. 

2 John, d. 1847. 

1 Mary. 

2 Helen. 

3 Gwendalene-EUaabeth, d. 1844. 

I. BUxabeth, d. %mm. in Sept 1880. 

Mr. Lomax d. 20 Jan. 188T, and was «. by his eldest sur- 
viving son, 

John Lom^x, Esq. of Clayton Hall, 6. 9 Aug. 1801, J.P., 
who m. 29 Nov. 1880, Helen, 2nd dau. of John Aspinall, 
Esq. oi Standen Hall, oo. Laneaster, but d. t. p. 15 July, 
1849, and was «. by his brother, the present James Lokaz, 
Esq. of Glsyton Hall. 

jfrms— Quarterly: 1st and 4tb, per pale, or and sa., on a 
bend, ootosed, erm., three escallops, gu., for Lomax ; 2nd 
arg., a griffin, segreant, sa., armed, or, for Grimshaw ; 8rd, 
arg., a cross, sa., between four besants, for Clattok. 

C^««t— Out of a mural crown, a demi-Uon, gu., collared, 
and hokiiugan escallop. 

Afotto— Fato prudentia major. 

i$0U— Clayton Hall, Blaokbun, oo. Lanoaster. 


Long, Waltkb, Esq. of Rood Ashton, Wrazball, 
and Whaddon, all in co. Wilts, J.P. and D.L. for 
COS. Wilts, Somerset, and Montgomery, formerly 
m^or rogral Wiltshire yeomanry cavalry, M.A. of 
Christ Church, Oxford (1812), elected in 1835 HP. 
for North WUts, 6. 10 Oct. 1798 ; i». 1st, 8 Aug. 
181^, Hary-Anne. 2nd dau. of the iUght Hon. 


Archibald Colquhoun, of KilleraMmi» to, DmahM^ 
ton. Lord Register of Scotland, and by her (who d. 
15 March, 1856) had issue, 

I. Walter, b. 27 Sept 1823 ; m. Atarina-Bnmeita Heriicti, 
of Dolevoigan, oo. Montgomery, and d. at Roase, 
17 April, 1847. His wife predeceased bim M Jan. 

XI. RioiiARO-PBirRUDDOOKS, of Dolfoigsn Hall, Newtown, 
Montgomeiyshire, J.P. foroos. Wflts and Montgooiexy, 
and D.L. for the latter, high sheriff 185S, JI.A. td 

. Trinity College, Oambridge, 1852 ; elected in 18W M.P. 
for Chippez^am. ft. 19 Dee. 18S5 ; «. 4 Oet. 18H 
Charlotte- Anna, only child of W.-W.-F. Hmne, &q. 
of Bumewood, MP. for the eo. Widklow (sm Ihirt 
famUjf), and has issue, 

1 Waltkb-Huxs, b. IS July. 1864. 
3 Richard-Oodolphin-Walmesley. 
S Robert-Chaloner-Critchley. 
1 Florenoe-Frideswide. 
S Mnrgaiet-HenriettarQeorgisna. 
8 EtheL 

m. Henry-WiUiam, 5. 13 June, 1829, B.A. of Trinity 

College, Ozon, rector of Hnperton, Trowbridge^ Wilta^ 

presented by his father 1864. 
X. Mary-Anne-Catherine, m. to Biyan-BdwardDnppaySsq. 

(See Dvppa). 
XL Flora-Henrietta, m. 26 April, 1863, to Charies Feorad* 

dooke, Esq. of Compton Park, Wilts (tee tMat/amUw). 

XII. Jane- Agnes, m. 26 Aug. 1800, to Charles Forties, Ks^ 
of Moxiaek Castle, N.a 

Mr. Long m. 2ndly, 15 April, 1857, Mary-Biokerton, 
eldest dBXL, of Rear-Admiial Sir James Hillyar, 
K.C.B., K.C.H., and widow of the Rot. Sir Cecil- 
Augustus Bisshopp, Bart. 

fttnrxgr.—The famOy of the Longs of Wiltshire wee 
settled at a Tory early date at South WrazalL A fannefa of 
the name was anciently seated at Potteme and Little Cheve- 
rell, in the same county and vielnity ; and the tndltioos, 
as handed down for seTeral generations in this particular 
branch, and recorded on their monumental insoriptSooa* as 
well as the mutual mention made of persons of the aame 
name in wills,t and various documents at yery ranote 
periods, hj different contemporary members of the famUy 
of Wraxall and of that settled at Potteme, aflbrd pre- 
sumptive evidence that the ancestor of this Inranch derived* 
his descent from one of the early sons of the house of 
Wraxall, about the time of Hknbt Till. 

John Loho, Esq. of Marston In the parish of Potteme, 
Wilts (who made his will, and d. in 1597), »»• Anne, daix. of 
John Merewether, Esq. of Great Cheverell, and by her (who 
d, 162<l) had six sons and three dans. The Snd son, 

Thomas Loko, Esq. of Little Cheverell snd Melkeham, oo. 
Wilts, bapt 1679, served the office of high sherlfTfor Wilts, 
in 1662. His wiU was dated 1654, and he was tnurled at 
Little Cheverell, 8 May of the same year. He m. a dan. of 
— Floyer, of the andent family of that xuune ix^ Devoa- 
shire, and left issue, 

John, high sheriir for Wilts in 1668, d. without fasne. 
BiOHABD, ancestor of Walter Loho, Esq. qf Rood AAiont 

of whom presently. 
Thoicas, ancestor of Waltkb Long, Esq. ^ Pntkam, eo. 

Hants («ee next artieU)* 
WiLUAM, ancestor of the Lohos qf Bajfnttn, xiow extinct 

The 2nd son, 

BiOHARD LoKo, Esq. of Collinboume Kingston, Wflts, 
m. 9 April, 1667, Elisabeth, dau. of Edward Long, and 
sister and heir of Henry Long, Esq. of Bood Ashton, Wilts, 
snd d. 1676, Isaving issue, 

HsKBT, his heir, bapt 20 May, 1668, m. Axme, dau. of 
John Long, Esq., and sister of Hope Long, Bsq. of South 
Wraxall, and dying 81 Mardi, 16S6, left a son and heir, 
HxNRT, wbo m. EUen. dau. of William Trenchard, Ifisq. 
of Cutteridge, Wilts, and d. 1727, having had three sons, 
who all d. «. p., and four daus., vis., JsUlen, m> to John 
Thresher, Esq.; Elizabeth, m. to Bobert Colsbrooke, 
Esq. ; Dyonisla, d. unm. 1806 ; and Maiy, d. unm, 1816. 

* An inscription in the church at Steeple Ashton, eo. 
Wilts, commemorates Bichard Long, of Rood Ashton, the 
mndson of Thomas Long, of LilUe ChevereU, Esq., as 
being " of the andent ftunlly of the Longs of Wraxall, 

t Sir Thomas Long, of WraxaU, Knt, in his will, dated 
1608, makes a bequest to Joan Burley ; and llionias ' 
of Potteme, in 1667, also beqaeaths to Joan Boxle/. 



BKMAUsof wboeeUnewehaTetotrast 

Dotothy, wlio m. Bioiuud Kens, of Chtopenham, 1C.D., 

17 Oe*. 1685. and had taue. 
Dioovsia, bapt S8 Jan. IMl, w. to £dward Threahar, of 

BmoftHtl, and had iasoe. 

TLa Cnd aon of Blehard Long, of OoUingbourae, 

BiOKABD LoHO, of Bood Ashton, Esq., bapt. 7 AprO, 1M8, 
a. Itt, Bliaabetb, dau. of Thomas Long, of Monkton, after- 
winjb of Bowdoa, Wilta, and had issue, Riohaiid; Thomaa, 
who d. tmm, in 1711. He m. 2nd]y, Grac^ da«. of John 
flttleman, of Steeple Ashton, and relict of John Martiyn, of 
BIstMi, in the same pariah who d. without issue, in April, 
1741 Mr. Long d. 19 Jan. l78»-3e, and wm a bj his only 

BiOBARD IjOmo, Bsq. of Bood Ashton, who m. Anne, sole 
dan. and heir of John Marttyn, Esq., by whom, who d. i^ped 
71, he had iasoe, 

BicBABO^ his heir. 

John, D.D., fellow of All Soul's College, Oxford, rector of 
CbelsH el d, in Kent. He d. wum. 17 Oct. 1797, aged 66. 

Ann^ Snd wile of Oiffoxd Wairiner, Esq. of Gonock, eo. 
WUts. She d. without issue, in 1815. 

FHnheth, SI. In 1764, to the Ber. Bichaid Poooek, A.B., 
rsetor of MUdeohall, Wflts, great-grandson of Dr. Edward 
Poeoek, the Orientalist She d. 18 Sept 1805, aged 88. 

SUen, sk to Daniel Jones, Esq. of Bradford. She d. 
17 Hay, 1794, aged 68, leaving by him, who d. in 177S, 
aged 48, Daniel-JoBes Long, Esq., who, by the will of the 
late Walter Long, Esq. of Bath, took me name and arma 
of Long of Honkton, and d. without issue in 1827. 

Mr. Long of Bood Ashton^ d 6 Hsy, 1760, i«ed 68, and was 
a by ISfl son and heir, 

RiOBAaD LoNO, Esq. of Bood Ashton. He in. Xeliora, 
duL of Sir John LAmbe, and reliot of Joseph Ponldan, Bsq. 
ef bnber, Wilts, and had issue, 

Bt0BAB»42onox;PHiir, eldest son and heir. 
Jen. (Sm Xioaro qf Monkton FarUigk). 

Dlonyria. b. S» Oct 1766 : m. 81 March, 1799, to John- 
BodnUn Vince, Snd son of Henry-Chivers Yinoe. Esq. of 
Clift HaU. WUts. She d. 28 Ajnil, 1814. 

Mr. Long d. 8 Sept. 1787, aged 69, and was «. by his eldest 

RiCBABB-GoDOUPHiir LoHO, Eeq. of Bood Ashton, bapt 
It VoT. 1761, M.P. for WUts, 1806-18. He at. Florantina, 
dan. of Sir Boarchier Wrey, Bart tt Tawstodc Court, 
Deron, 1^ EUen his wife, dau. and oo-heir of John Threaher, 
bq., and EUen liong his wife, and by her (who d. in 1886, 
■nd was buried at Steeple Aahton) had issue, 

Waltoi, his hefar. 

Riefaard, late of BalUoI College, Oxford, d. wnm. 18S6. 

Ellen, who wu in 1612, John Walmesley, Esq, of Wigan 

and of Bath. 
Diouysia-Meliora, m. 6 Deo. 1888w to the Ber. J. Medlicott 

viear of Potfcerne, WUtSw 

■r. Ln«d. in 1885, aged 74. 

Ar mt S a, aemte of oross-crosslets, and a lion, lampant, 

OnU Oat of a dncal oorone^ or, a demi-Uon, xampant, 

if«tt»— Pieux quolque preuz. 

6Mt— Bood Aahton, near Trowbridge, WUta. 


I/>HO, Waltbb, Esq. of Preshaw, oo. Southamptoi), 
M.A^ J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1824, of Oriel 
CoU. Oxfbid* B.A. 1809, M.A. 1812; b. 24 Noy. 
1788; m. 12 Fab. 1810^ Lady Mary Carnegie, eldest 
dau. of WiDiaiB, 7th Earl of Northeal^ G.CB., 
admiral of the rod, and rear-admiral of Qreat 
Britain, and has iaeuo^ 

1. Waitbb^sbvis, of Balmore, Hants, J.P., h, 26 June, 
1816 ; m. 16 April, 1889, Emily^ane, eldest dau. of 
Bdward-Morant Gale, Esq. of Upham, oo. Hsnts, and 



Waltsb^^. 5 March, 1840, an officer 11th regt 
JenrisMorant. b. 80 Jan. 1848. 
Reginald-Gambler, 6. 1861. 
(Carnegie, 6. 1855. 



n. WnUam, of Bath, of BalUoI CoUege, Ozon, B.A. 1889. 
M. A. 1848, J.P. for oo. Somerset, 6. 15 Aug. 1817 ; ai. 
18 April, 1841, Sliaabeth-Hare, only efaihl of Jamea- 
Hare JoUlfc, Esq., and haa issoe^ 

1 Wniiam, 6. 22 Jan. 1848, an oOoer 41st iHt 

2 John-Neale-Henry, k 1840. 
1 Eliaabeth-Mary-DIana. 

m. Johi^ of Harwell Hall, late In the 10th hnsaan, lu 
18 Deo. 1818; si. 14 July, 1842, Geofgianft-nraneia, 
eldest dan. of Sir Simeon Btdiart» Butt, and haa 

1 John-Stuart -LfaidM^« 8l 16 Deo. 1847. 

2 Oharlee^amee, 5. 1840. 
8 Alfred, >. 1652. 

1 Ougni-Selina, d. an initot 

2 Ougni-Sellna, d. at Yenioe, 1687. 

IT. George, 5. 28 Dee. 1828 ; m. 8 VtHk 1848, 

garet, dan. of Gapt W. Strong, 44th ngt, and haa 

1 George-Bdward, 5. 11 May, 1861. 

2 Charles-Walter, 5. 10 Nov. UK, 

1 Maiy-Jane. 

2 Elisabeth. 
8 Geoigina. 

4 Jane. 

5 EUen. 

I. Mary, d. yoasag, 

II. Ellen. 

nx. Eliaabeth-Maiy, m. 26 Feb. 1888 to John-Elheringten- 

Weloh Bolls, Esq. of the Hendrd, oo. Monmoath, J.P. 

and D. L. , and has issue (m that famUf), 
XT. Alice, d. young. 
T. Mary-Hipidsley. 
Ti. GeoTKina-Bleanor, m. Aug. 1640, to Blehard Bowden 

Smith, Esq. of Vemalls, Hants. 
Tix. Lucy, SI. 2 July, 1840, WUUam Bumea, Esq., and d. 

TiiL Jane. 

&itira0e. — ^Thomas Loho, of Devlaes, 6. In 1617, third 
son of Thomaa Long, Esq. of Little Chererell, WUts (r^«r 
te the preceding artide). suooeeded, by the will of hia father, 
in 1654, to the lands in Potteme, called Wallena. He «•. 
let, Aliee, dau. of Thomas HawUns, of Chippenham, and 
relict of Richard Foreman, of the same place. She cL in 
1641, without issue. He «. 2ndly, Maigery, dan. of 
Richard Flower, of Devisee, Gent, and by her (who d. in 
1691) had (with seven dau.) six sons, 

RicBABD LoMO, the third son of Thomas Long, of Devises, 
b. 1 Aug. 1665, was alderman of New Sarum, and served the 
office of mayor of that dty. He m. 4 Jan. 1670, Alice Ivie, 
and d. 12 July, 1724, leaving (with eight dana) flvo sons. 

Waltcb Long, Esq. of New Samm, of Preshaw, Hsnts, 
and of Muohelney, co. Somerset, high sheriff of Wilts In 
1745, 5. 80 April, 1600 ; fa. 1st, 26 Deo. 1717, Mary, dau. of 
Robert Morley , Gent of Hursley, eo. Hants and by her, who 
d. 11 April, 1728, had (with three daua., who d. In infancy) 
one son, Walter, of Muohelney, oo. Somerset, and of Lin- 
coin's Inn, bencher of that Inn of Couxt, and Judge of the 
8hei*ifb' Court, d. wnm, in 1807. Mr. Loi^ m. 2ndly, 18 
Apxil, 1727, Philippe, dau. of John BhMkaU,* of London, 
mexohant, by Elisabeth, dau. of Chaxlea Michell, of Chlt- 
teme, Esq., and d. 15 Jan. 1760, aged 78, leaving issuer 

JoHH, of whom presently. 

Samuel ERq. of New Sarum, b. in 1785 ; d. in JaxL 1812; 

aged 76, v/nin. 
WuUam, of MarweU Hall, oo. Hants, and of Muohelney, 

00. Somerset, Esq., b. 16 June, 1747; la. Alice, dau. of 

Edmund Dawson, Esq. of Warton, oo. Lancasier ; and d. 

«. p. 24 March, 1818. 
Phtlippa, 6. in 1720; m. to John Grove, Esq. of Fern, eo. 

Wilte; and d. in 1805, aged 75, leaving issue. 
Elizabeth, b. in 1730 ; m. 10 July, 1750, to Edward Budge, 

Esq. of Abbey Manor, EVesham, oo. Worcester, and of 

the eity of Bath. She d. in 1820, sged 00. 
Anne, b. in 1732 ; m. to Mr. Kersley ; and d. without issue, 

at a great age. 
Luoy, d. 17 Nov. 1762. 
Eleanor, b. 7 Sept 17S6 ; d. tmm. aged 87, 15 March, 1824. 

* John Blackall, of London, merchant, had besides 
Phtlippa, the wife of Walter Long. Esq., and other children, 
who d. wnm.t a son, John Blackall, also of London, mer- 
chant who, tqK>n the death «. p. of Thomas BlaokaU. of 
Haaeley, co. Oxford, Esq., in 1786, the last desce n da n t of 
the elder branch of the family, suooeeded, by the will of the 
said Thomas Blackall, to the Oxfordshire estates, in whioh 
he was«. by his only sur^ving son, John Blackall, Esq., 
who cL 1.^1820, sged 86. 


L N 

L O N 

The eHcst son of the second marrlAge. 

John Iioro, Eeq, of Preshaw, co. Hants, b. in 1728 ; m. 
4 Oct. 1779, Ellen, dan. and eventual heiress of Robert Hip- 
pisley-Trenchard, Esq. of Stanton Fitzwiirren, co. Wilts, and 
of Abbott's Leigh, co. Somei-set, luid relict of John Ashford- 
by, Esq. of Cheshimt, in Hertfordshire. She d. in Nov. 
1788, aged 4S. H« d. 10 May, 1797, aged 69, and was t. by 
his only son, the present Waltkb Lono, Esq. of Preshaw. 

AmUt Ac. — ^Afl Long qf Rood AtMon. 

iStat— Preshaw House, near Bishop's Waltham, H nts. 


Long, John, Esq. of Monkton Farleigh, and of 
Bainton, co. Wilts, J.P. and D.L., h, 14 Aug. 1793; 
m. Mary, dau. of Edward Danitl, Esq., barri8tor*At- 
law, and has i8su«b 

I. John, 6. S8 April, 1822. 

II. Walter-Henry, 6. 6 Oct. 1828. 

III. Edward-Moreton, h. 18 Deo. 1868. 
J. Emma-Mary. 

ai. Katheiine-EUjsabeth. 

ILflKSSf • — John Long, Esq. of Monkton Farlslgh, h. 
in 176S, 2nd son of Richard Long, Esq. of Rood Ashton 
{Tffer to that famUy for previou$ lineaffe) ; m. Lucy-Anne, 
dau. of the Rev. John Wameford, of Corpus Christl GoUege 
Oxford, Camden professor of ancient history, and relict of 
— Einnear, Esq., by whom« who d. 11 Feb. 1812, aged 48, 
he had issue, 

John, his heir, the present possessor of Monkton Farlelgfa. 
Walter, in holy orders, h, in 1796 ; m, Anne, dau. of the 
Rev. R. Gunning. 
Lucy- Anne, d. in May, 1807. 
Sophia, d. 4 Nov. 1800. 

Mr. Long d. 20 Oct 1883. 

ArvUt <ke. — ^As Long qf Rood AtthUm, 
Sta<— Monkton Farleigh, in Wilts. 


Lotto, Hbnrt-Lawbs, Esq. of Hampton Lodge, co. 
Surrey, and of East Bamet, co. Herts, J. P., m. 25 
July, 1822, Lady Catharine Walpole, youngest dau. 
of the 3rd and sister of the late Earl of Onord, and 
has issue, 

I. HcNRY-CHABLSS-DimLBT, b. 1 Juns, 18S9. 

I. Charlotte-Carolino-Ctooxgiana, m. 6 Dee. 1849, Henry 
Howard, Esq. of Oreystoke Castle, Cumberland. 

II. Catharine-Beatrioe. 

HI. Emma-Sophia, m. 16 AprO, 1855, VnuioIs-¥^lliam 

.Hastings, oapt. R.A., 8rd son of the late CoL Sir 

Charlos-H. Hastings, O.C.H. 
nr. Mary-EUsabeth. 
T. Florenoe-Louisa^rane, m. IT July, 1855, Tamer*A. 

Macan, Esq. of CarifT, co. Armagh. 
TI. Sophla-Horatia-Churchill, m. SO Feb. 1855, Jervofse 

Ctarke-Jervoise, Esq., oapt. 88rd R. W. fusUiers, eldest 

son of Sir J. Clarkei-Jervoise, Bart, of Idswoith Park, 

Tii. Isabella-Henrietta-Theodora, m. 94 Feb. 1860, to 

Thomas Barnard, Esq., M.P. of Cople, Beds. 

Srtneaffr* — ^Thls family Is of Wiltshire oilgin, where 
various branches of that name have been established for 
several centuries. 

JouK LoNOB, of Netheravon, in that county, d, in 1630, 
leaving, by Catherine, his wife, a second son, 

TiMOTBT LoHOB, 6. in 1610, who m. Jane, only dau. of the 
Rev. Oliver Brunsell, viear of Wroughton, oo. Wilts (by Eli- 
sabeth, his wife, dau. of- Henry Martyn, Esq. of Upham, and 
Jane, his wife, dau. of Thomas Walrond, Esq. of Alboume, 
Ferester in fee of that ChaseX and, dying in 1601, had issue, 

Timothy, in holy orders, 6. in 16S6, rector of St Alphage, 
London, and prebend iry of Sfmthwell, Notts, d. utuh. 
14 Sept 1666, during the great plague, as stated in Peck's 


Bamobl Loko, seoond son, b. 1688, accompanied the expe- 
dition, under Penn and Venablea, which conquered Jamaica 
in 1656, as a lieutenant in Colonel D*Oyley's regiment, with 
#faom be was connected, and was (urtber appointed leore* 

tary to Cromwbll*B oommlsaionera. He i ^scs l fed IsifS; 
grants of land in that island, where he became a eolune] of 
horse, chief Justice, speaker of the Assembly, and one of the 
Council. He d. in 1683, and had by his wife, Ekixabsth (w!m 
remarried the Rev. John Towers, rector of Swaffham BuILee 
in the county of Cambridge, grandson of John Towen, 
Ushop of Peterborough, and d. in 1710), with three dans., of 
whom the eldest, Elisabeth, b. in 1670 ,* m. Iwt, Hemy Lowe 
Esq. of Gk>adby Marwood, co. Leicester ; and Sndly, Hemy 
Smallwood, Esq., three sonsb one of whom alone survived, 

Chablbs Loiro, of LongvUle, Jsmaiea, sad of Hmts HaD, 
Saxmondham, oo. Suflblk, b. in 1679, M.P. for Danwich fn 
1716, who d. in 1728. He m. let, in 1699, Amy. eldest dao. 
of Sir Nicholas Lawes, Knt. , governor ot Jamatoa, and bed 
issue by her (who d. in 1702) i. Samvbl, his heir, of whom 
hereafter ; and ii. Elizabeth, b. in 1701, m. John Hamertun, 
Esq., secretary to South Carolina, and d. «. p. in 1772. He 
«». 2ndly, in 1708, Jane, dau. and heir of Sir WOUam Bees- 
ton, Knt, governor of Jamaica, and reliet of Sir Thomas 
Modyford, Bart., by whom (who d. in 1724) he had issue, 

I. Chablbs, b. in 1705, of Hurts Hall ; m. Mary, dan. and 
heir of Dudley North, Esq. of Glenham Hall, oo. Bollblk, 
nephew of Franois, 1st Lord Qtdldlbrd, lord-keeper, to. 
He d. in 1778, leaving by this lady (who d. 20 Ang. 1834) 
two sons, 

1 Charles, h. in 1748, of Hurts Hall ; m. his oraniii, 
Jane, dau. of Beeston Lcmg, Esq.; and d. In 1813^ 
having had issue two sons, Chaxles and Dudley, both 
of whom d, young. 

2 Dudley, 5. in 1749, of Glemham Hall and Hurts BaSL 
member in several parliaments, assumed the name of 
Nobth; m. 1802, the Hon. Sophia-Andenon Felham, 
dau. of the 1st I«ord Yarborougn ; and d a p. In 18S9. 

u. William, a Ueut. in the Earl of Pemlnx>ke*s drsgoons, 
6. in 1706 ; d. mum. 

III. Beeston, of Gaishalton Farl^ Burrsy, h, in 1710 ; at in 
1745, Susanna, dau. and heir of Abraham Cropp, Esq. of 
Richmond, in Surrey ; and d. in 1785, having had issus. 

1 Samuel, of Carshalton, M.P. fbr Hehester, and sheriff 
for Surrey in 1790 : m. Lady Jane Maittand, 4th dau. 
of James, 7th Earl of Lauderdale^ K.T., and by her 
(who m. 2ndly, Lieut. -Gen. Sir William Boust<'im 
G.C.B.). he left at his decease in 1807, two sons and a 
dau., vis., 

Sakuel, formerly lieul-coL grenadier-guards, of 
Bromley Hill, Kent, J.P. and D.L. ; 6. 1799, who m. 
let, 18 April, 1827, Lady Louisa-Emily, 2nd dau. of 
Edwani, ISth Eail of Derby, K.G. (she d. 11 Dea 
following); 2ndly, 1827, Sydney, dau. of Arthur 
Atherley, Esq., M.P. for Southampton; andSrdly, 
1854, Emily, 2nd dau. of Charles- John Herbert^ Eaq. 
of Muckruss, KiUam^. {See thatfanMy). 

Charles-Blaitland, rector of Settrington, oo. York, and 
archdeacon of the East Riding, rector of Whitohurch, 
00. Salop, m, and has issue. 


2 Richard, d. untn. at Oxford. 

8 Beeston, of Combe House, Surrey, abankdireetor,wiio 
m. in 1786, Frances-Louisa, eldest dau. of Sir Riehaid 
Neave, Bart. ; and dying in 1820, left issue, 

William, of Hurts HaU, near Saxmundham, Suflblk, 
J P. and D.L., high sheriff 1843, 6. 1802 ; m. 90 Oct 
1830, Eleonora-Charlotte-Montflgu, sister of Sir 
Edward Poore, Bart of Rushall, oow Wilts, and has 
a son, 

WiLLiAM-BsBSToir, b. 1833 ; m. 11 May, 1859. Ara- 
thusa-Mariamme, 4th dau. of Sir Chjurles-Rvbert 
Rowley, Bart ; and other issue. 

Caroline-Jane, d. in 1824. 
Amelia-Ann, d. *. p. 

Maria, m. to Henry-Seymour Montague, Esq. ; and 4. 
in 1S32. leaving isistie. 

4 Chaklbs (Sir), G.C.B., P.G., Ac., created a pesrss 
Baron Fabnborouoh, in 18iM; m. 1793, Amelia, 
eldest dau. of Sir Abraham Hume, Bart. : but d. «. ^ 
17 Jan. 1838, when the title became extinct 

5 George, first lieutenant of the " Suporbe,'* killed at 
the storming of Trincomalee, in 1782, unm. 

6 William, in holy orders, canon of Windsor, rector of 
Pulham, in Noifolk, and of Stemfleld, in Suffolk, d.$.f. 

7 Richard, d. wim. 

I Sarah, m. 28 April, 1774, to SirOeoige-WDliamFnseotti 

Bart , and left issue. 
S Jane, m. to her cousin, Charles Long, Esq. of Burti 

Hall, d. «. p. 

8 Susoxmah, m. to the Rev. Gtoorge Chamberlayne. 

L Jane, b. in 1709 ; m. 1st, to Roger Drake, Eaq. of Shirley. 
Biurey ; and 2ndly, to the Marquess D'Aragons, of Mo- 

II. Anne. 6. 1713 ; la. to the Rev. Philip Carter, vicar of 
Tumstall, Suffolk. 

III. Susannah, d. imm. in 1820, ^ged 108. 


The only mq of Charios Long, of LongvSlle, by liis finfc wSfe^ 
Amy LawM» 

SAjnncjL Long. Saq^ 6. in 1700, a captain in Queen Garo- 
line'a dragoonB, and keepor of the king's palace at Xew- 
narket, m. H aiy, second dau. of Bartholomew Tate, Esq. of 
Delaprtf Abbey, ca Northampton (by Mary, dan. and co-heir 
of Edward Noel, Esq. of the Gainsborough fjamily) and co- 
heir, with her sister Catharine, to the andent baronies of 
Zooehe of Hantogworth, St. Maur, and Lovel of Caiy. He 
<(. in 1757, and had issue, 

L BoBXBT, b. in 1729, who m. Lucy, dan. of Oeoi|p»>Ann 
Cooke. Esq., gentleman-usher to Ubo. II. and Obo. IIL, 
and by that lady (who n. 2ndly, John Bagshall, Esq. ; 
and Srdly, Comte de la Salle) had three daus., 

1 Jane-Catharine-Sarah, m. to John OliTor, Eiq. of 

Hoole Hall, Cheshire, and has issue. 
% JCary-Charlotte, m. to her cousin, Samuel-Scudamore 

Hemmg, Esq., and left iasne. 
9 Lapy-Ann. m. in 1790, to Thomas-B^yley Howell, Esq. 

of Pxinknash Park) Gloucestershire, and left issue. 

n. Charles, lieutenant 49th foot, who d. «. p. in 1756. 

ta. Bdwabd, of whom hereafter. 

L Catherine-Maria, 6. in 1727; m. to Sir Henry Moore, 
Bart., lieut.-gOTemor of Jamaicai afterwards governor of 
New York. 

n. SoBannah-Chariotte, h. in 178S : tn. 1st, George EIUs, 
Esq., by whom she had the late George Ellis, &q., the 
looomipttBhed author of the Jfor^ Bnghah FoeU, Ice. : and 
ftidly. UouL-Gen. Sir David Lindsay, Bart, and left 

m. AmeUa-EUnbeth, h in 17iO ; m. Samuel Homing, Esq., 
and left iasqa. 

The fovrth sob, but only sorriiHiig male heir, 

Bdvabb Lohq, Esq., b. in 17S4, banister of Gray's Inn, 
aecompanied his brother-in-law, Sir Henry Moore, to Jar 
maiea, as seexetary, was afterwards appointed chief judge of 
the Viea-AdmtraUy Cevrt, Jamaica, and waa author of the 
history of that island. He m. Mary Ballard, dan. and heir 
«f Tbomas Beckfonl, Esq., and relict of John Pallmer, Esq., 
hj wbom (wbm d. in 1797) he had issue, 

I. Sdwabd-Bexstoit, his heir. 

n. Bobert^BaUard, a lieut-gen. in the army, aadUeut- 
colonel 16th hussars, who d. unm. in 1825. 

in. Charles-Beokford, who m. Frances-MoDro, dau. and 
heir of Lucius Tucker, Esc^. of Norfolk Street, Park Lane 
(by Frances, dau. and heir of William Jenkyns, Esq., 
ca^ royal horse grenadier-guards), and a. in 1836, 
laaving issue, 

1 Chaxies-Edward, d vnm. 1881. 
t Boberi-Beckford, d. in 1827. 
1 Mary-Henrietta. 
S Charlotte-Monro, b. and d. 1806. 
Z GkroUne-Elisabeth, im. to C.-H. Madean, Esq., who d. 
in 1839, leaving iasue. 

L Catharine, m. to Bichard Dawkins, Esq., 4th son of 

Haorr Dawkins, Esq. of Standlynch, ITilts ; and d. in 

1^0, leaving issue. 
n. Catariotte, m. 6 June, 1791, to Sir George Pooooke, 

Bart, and d. 4 Feb. 1846, leaving Issue, 
m. EUaabeth, m. to Lord Heniy-Molyneux Howard, 

deputy Eari-Marahal of England, and has issue. 

Mr. Long d. in 1818, and was ». by his eldest son, 

Bi>wari>-Bekston Lono, Esq. of Hampton, who m. Mary, 
dau. of John Thomlinson, Esq., M.P. for Steyning (by Mar- 
garet, dau. of Martin Blake, Esq.) and heir to her grand- 
father, John Thomlinson, Esq. of East Bam^t, and by her 
(who d. in 1818) he had issue, 

Edwaid-Noel, ensign Coldstream regt. of foot-guards, lost 
on his passage to SpaLu, in 1809. 

Heimv-LAVXS, now of Hampton Lodge. 

Fredeiick-Backf ord, late inspector-general of prisons in 
Ireland, m. Maria-Elizabeth, 6th dau. of James Daniell, 
Esq. , and left issue. 

Mary. m. to Cluurles Devon, Esq. of Backenford, in Devon- 
shire, and has issue. 

Charlotte, m. to George-Gren^iUe Piggott, Esq. of Doder- 
shall Parle, Bucks; and d. «. i>. in 1823. 

Mr. L(mgd.inl825. 

Jmi*— Quarterly : let; sa., a lion, passant, arg., holding in 
the dexter paw a oross-crosslet, fitcnde, or, on a chief of the 
seoond, three eross-erosslets, of the field, for Loko ; 2nd, 
per fesse, or and gu., a pale, coimterchanged, three Cornish 
cfaoogfas, ppr, for Tate; 3rd, gu., ten bezants, a canton, 
cno., forZoucH; 4th arg., two chevronels, gu., incdxief a 
label of five pulnts, aa., for St. Maub. 

Oneit— Out of a ducal coronet, or, a lion's head, aig., gutt^ 

JfoCto— Pieux ouolone nreuz. 

Sent Hampton Lodge, Famham, Surrey. 


L N 

(See Loko of Hamztov Looob.) 

{S» Long of Hampton Loikul) 


Ksllett-Lono, Robkbt, Esq. of Dimsfeoii Hall, eo. 
Norfolk, J.P., high sheriff 1856, of Trin ColL Camb., 
B.A. 1825, M.A. 1832, oapt. oMt Norfolk iiiilHia» 
h. 4 May, 1804 ; m. 16 March, 1848, Maria-Loaifla, 
eldest dau. of William Fortescue, Eiq. of Writtle 
Lodge, Essex, and by her (who d 1846) has l«ae^ 

X. Fobtebous-Wax.tkb-Kxe.uett, b. 11 Dea 1848. 
11. Charlee-Hamilton, b. 19 April, 1840, 
XXL Bmest^Henry, 6. 7 Oct 1840. 

Mr. Long is Patron of Newton and Donston. 

ILftf tAgf • — ^In the person of the present posseesor of 
Dunston are merged the Norfolk families of Lono, Cauaoii- 
XAK, and Davt ; and a branch of the family of Kjellbtt. 
In right of his mother, Jane Walter, direct desoendant of 
Geozge, 0th Lord Abergayenny, he represents a bnndi of 
the great House of N btill. The late 

Ret. Bobxrt-Chubohmah Kkixbtt, eon of Bobert- 
Cowan Kellett, and hie wife, Miss Churohxnan, adopted 
the additional surname and arms of Loho. He m, Jane, 
only child of the Rer. JS&vUl Walter, Hector of Beighapton, 
Norfolk, and d. 1841, leaving by her, who d. 1848, 

BoBBBT, now of Dunston. 

Henxy-Ohurdhman, rector of Newton Flotman, 1830, and 
incumbent of Dunston, 1841, m. 18 Sept 18S8» Charlotte- 
Emma, dau. of M^or-OeiL Sir R Harvey and has issuer 
Henry-Walter, b. 12 July, 1840; Edwin-Cowan, b. U 
April, 1863; Emma-Julia; Beatrke^ane-Kyzrha; Alice; 


Jane, m. Oot 1890, Charles Dormer, Bag. ; and d. a widow 
Feb. 1855. 

ifrm*— Quarterly, Long; Keller, Walteb, and Netillc. 
Orett—A greyhound, ooUared and chained. 
Jlfo<to-^Feret ad astra virtus. 
iSeat— Dunston Hall, near Norwich. 


LONOB, John, Esq. of Spizworth Park, co. Nor- 
folk, J.P. and D.L., h. 14 July, 1799 ; m. 10 June, 
1829, Caroline - Elizabeth, eldest dau. and co-heir 
(with her sister. Lady Wetherell-Warneford) of the 
late Lieut-Colonel Wameford, of Wameford Plaoe^ 
Wilts, and nieoe of Henry, 4Ui Visooont Ashbiook, 
which lady d. 29 Aug. 1846, aged 6L 

ILItlf age* — ^The parish register of Aswelthorpe mentions 
one Thoxas Lonoe going to the king's host at NottiDgham, 
in the year 1485. The 5th in descent from William Lovq^ 
of Hingham, who d. in 1557, 

Fbajwis Lonob, Esq., recorder of Yarmouth (only ehild 
of Robert Longe, Esq. of Reymerston, co. Norfolk, by 
Elizabeth his 2nd wife, dau. of Sir Francis Racon, one of 
the judges of the Coixrt of King's Bench), parehased the 
estate of Spixworth. He m. Susanna, dau. and heir of 
Tobias Frere, Esq., and by her (who d. in 1081) had issue 
to survive youth, 

Robert, b. in April, 1688 ; m. but d. issuelesflL at Felton 

Hill, in StafEbrdshire, in 17B8. 
Elizabeth, b. in 1686 ; m. to Thomas Dalton, B^[. <rf Bt 

Ellen, b. in April, 1687 ; m. to Nicholas Larwood, Esq. of 

Susan. 5. in Oct 1790; ta. to John Reeve, of Norwich, 

merchant ; and d. «. p. 

Mr. Longe d. in Dee. 1784. His Snd son, 

Frajtcis Lovos, Esq. of Spixworth and Reymerston, I. 
Aug. 1689 ; m. Elisabeth, dau. of Edward Godfrey, Esq. of 
Bisby, 00. Suffolk, and by her (who d, in 1767) had iaselL 

8 M 2 


L N 

I. Fbanois, hfshefr. 

II. JoHH, iu holy orders, rector of Spixworth, and chaplain 
to OisoBOB III., b. in July, 1731 ; m. Dorothy, dau. of 
Peter Elwin, Eeq. of Booton and Thiming, ou. Norfolk, 
by whom <who d. in 1810) he left at his decease, in Sept. 
1806, John, his heir; and Bobert, of Catton Lodge, 
Norfolk, D.H, 6. 1706, d. ». p. The elder son, 

JoHK, -vicar of Ooddenham, Ipswich, Suffolk, b. April. 
1705 ; m. lot, 6 Not. 1790, Charlotte, dau. and oo-heir (^ 
the late John Browne, Esq. of Ipswich, and by her 
(who d 21 May. 1812. aged 00) had, 

1 Francis-Bacon, b. in 1798 ; d. in Jan. 1819. 

2 JoHir, now of Spixworth Park. 

8 Robert^ vicar of Coddenham, b. 6 Nov. 1800; m. 
Margaret-Douglass, dau. of the lato Bev. Charles 
Davy, rector of Barking, Suffolk, and has issue, 
Robert-Bacon, lieut Norfolk artillery militia, 6. 80 
March. 1880, m. 20 Jan. 1863, Caroline-ElirAbeth. daiu 
of the late Rev. Mr. Orman, and has issue ; Francis- 
Davy, b. 26 Sept 1831 ; John, 6. 20 Aug. 1832. m. 12 
June, 1866, liaria-E., only dau. of the late Bichard- 
B. Martin, Bsq. of Hemingstone Hall, Suffolk; Mar- 

4 Henry-Browne, in holy orders, b. 17 March, 1803 ; m. 
81 Aug. 1836, Anne-Maigaret. eldest dau. of Lt-Col. 
Alexander Nicholson, of East Court, co. Gloucester, 
andofUfford, Suffolk, and had ason, Henry-Coclmme, 
d. an infant, 1849, and four daus., Cedlia-Jane ; Mar- 
garet-Frances; Ijouisa; Rosa. 

1 Charlotte-Dorothy, m. 6 Deo. 1822, to Major-Gen. 
Robert-Martin Leake, andd. «. p. 9 March, 1868, net. 61. 

The Rev. John Long m. 2ndly, Frances, dau. of CoL 

Warde, of Salhouse in Norfolk, but had no other issue. 

He tf. 3 March, 1834. 

Francis Longe d. in Oet. 1786, and was t. by his eldest son, 
Fraitois LoiroB, Esq. of Spixworth and Reymerston, 
h. June, 1726, high sheriff for Norfolk in 1752. He m. 
Tabitim, dau. of John Howes, Esq , of Momingthorpe, and 
by her (who d. in Nov. 1760) left at his decease, in Feb. 
1776, an oaly son and heir, 

Francis Lonok, Esq. of Spixworth, b. April, 1748, high 
sheriff 1786, who m. Katherine, 2ud dan. of Sir George 
J.-vcksou, Bart, but had no issue. He d. in July, 1812, and 
was ». (at the decease of his widow in 1828) by his cousin, 
the present Johm Lonob, Esq. of Spixwortli Park. 

Arm»—Qu. . a saltier, engrailed, or, and on a chief, of tiie 
last, three eroas-croRslets, of the first, 
OreBt—A lion, sejant, gu., holding a saltier, engrailed, or. 
SmU— Spixworth Park, near Norwich. 


LoNGfiKLD, Richard, Esq. of Longueville, oo. 
Cork, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 1838, and member 
for the CO. of Cork in the last parliament of Wil- 
liam lY. 1835-7, b. 7 May, 1802; m. 1st, m 1832, 
Harnet-EIisaheth, dau. of John M*CUntock, Esq., 
M.F. of Drumcar, co. Louth, by the Lady Elizabeth 
his wife {tee M'Cuntook of Drwncar), and by her 
(who d, at Florence, 27 April, 1834) had an only 

#«inr, 80th regt., b, 29 Nor. 183S, d. returning from the 
Crimea, 20 Oct. 1866. 

He m. 2ndly, 1841, Jemima-Lucy, dau. of Wyrley 
Birch, Esq. of Wretham Hall, Norfolk, and by her 
has issue, 

J. BiCHARD-EDMUim, 6. 4 Jme, 1848. 
' II. Angrustus-Henry, 6. 5 Hay, 184$. 
III. Lewis-Pryor, b. 4 Haieh, 1848 ; d. 27 Sept. 1856. 
J. Oathariue-Elinor. 
ill. jDhanna-Jemima. 

M.iatii^t0 — JoHK L0HOFIST.D, Esq., Uylng In Denbigh 
iu Wales in 1662, aftfowaxds of the city of Dublin, d. in- 
testate, administration granted 8 March, 1069-70 to Henry 
Granger of Dublin, and Benjamin Pratt of GamBdise, co. 
Veath, Gent, who were prime ereditors of the deceased, 
and by order of same date appointed guantfans of his 
minor sons, 

J. Robert, of whose line we shall ilrst treat, 
n. JoBV, to whom we shall presently reyert » anpestor 
of the Longueville and Castle Hary families. 

The elder «on, 

BoBBR? LowormLn, Esq., 6. in Denbigh, 1662, obtained 
a flprant of ^^tep^ye lands in the cos. Wc^tmeath, Heath, 
fiM Clare, under tite oommia^on of grace, by patent dated 

16 April, 1685. He resided at Kilbride, eo. Meath. He m. 
(licence dated 6 March, 1672-3) Catherine, dau. of — White, 
and d, 10 Not. 1711 (will dated 10 Dec. 1710, prored 7 De& 
following), leaving by her who sunriTed btu (will 
dated 11 March, 1722-8, proved 9 Nov. foUowtn«X ^^ 
sides a son, James, ft. 1687, d. v. p. and «. p. ; and 
four daus., vis. : — 1. Katharine, wife of — Wentworth; 
II. Bridget, m. in 1712, Edward Bustaoe, Esq. of Castlemors^ 
CO. Gailow (tee that famUf) ; in. Editha, m. Oleenoe dated 
6 July, 1716), Arthur Baldwin, Esq., son of Charles Bald* 
win, Ilsq., Master of the Bolls ; and tv. Hellen, m. (settle- 
ment dated July 1717) Christian Bor, Esq. ; a yoangrer son, 
WnxiAM LoKGFiELD, Esq. of Kilbride, and aim of 
Dublin, barrister-at-Iaw. He m. (l^c^i^ce dated 11 Jan. 
1713-4) Eliaabeth, dau. of Charles Baldwin, Esq., Master of 
the Bolls, and d, in Sept 1766, leaving issue, 

1. BoBKBT, of Kilbride and Dublin, bapt 20 Jtily, 1715, 
called to the bar in 1741'; m. in 1744, Ellsabotlij eldest 
dau. and co-heir of Dominick Quin. Esq. (by Ebaabeth, 
eldaet dau. of Thomas, 25th Baron of Howth>. ^ her 
(to whom administeation was granted 11 Feb. 1747) be 
left at his decease (will dated 96 Jan. 1779, proved 19 
Jan. 1 784) two sons, 

1 William, d. 9. p. 

2 Bobertk of Dublin. Esq., who d. ««»»., will dated 20 
Nov. and proved 10 Deo. 1790. 

n. Charles, bnpt. 9 May, 1720. 

I. Alice, bapt. 12 Nov. 1717. 

u. Catherine, bapt. 6 Nov. 1718. 

m. Sarah, m. (Ucence 10 Oct 1764) Joseph Ouflb, Eaq. 

IV. Elisabeth, m 12 Oct. 1755, William Swift. Esq 

▼. Editha, m. (licence 26 July, 1760) Jonathan Svnft. Esq. 

Reverting to the younger son of John Longfleld first above- 

John LoManiEU>, Esq., ft. 165S, who settled at Castle 
Mary, near Cloyne, in the 00. Cork, for which he was a J. P. 
He d. 22 April, 1730, aged 77 (will dated 3 April, 17A0, proved 
2 July followtog). By Mary, his wife, dau. and 00-helr f*f 
William Hawnby, Esq. of Mallow, who survived him (will 
dated 5 March, 1761, proved 10 Sept. foliowingX ^ ^^^^d 

I. Robert, of Castle Mary, J. P.. ft. 1688: i». (licence dairi 
11 March, 1731-2), Mnrg^ret, dau. and co-heir of R.cLard 
Oeering, Esq. of DubOn, M.P., and d. 11 March, 1765, 
aged 77, having had issue, 

1 John, of Castle Mary, Esq.. ft. 8 July. 1788 ; «n. 0<«w<^ 
dated 10 March. 1755} Alice, dau. of Thos. Tilaon, Esq.. 
and left at his decease an only son, 

RoBiST of Castle Mary, M.P. for the Boroogfa of 
Donegal, m. April, 1778, Elisabeth, sister of the flt-at 
Lord Lismore, and dau. of Thomas O'Callaghan, Esq. 
of Shanbolly, 00. Tipperaiy, by his second wife^ 
Hannah, dau. of John Ro^crson, Lord Cixief Jusiios 
of the King's Bench, and a. ». p. 

8 Richard, of LongueviUe, 00. Cork. J.P.. high sheriff 
for the CO. Cork in 1758; M.P. for Chaiieville in 1761, 
and afterwards fur the 00. Cork, b. 1734. He was 
created in iru6. Babon Longvbvillx <^f LtmgutwiUi, 
and iu 1800 advanced to the Visoodhtot of Lohgok- 
YI1.LB. His lordship, who was governor of the eo. 
Cork and a representative peer for Ireland, to. In 1756, 
Margaret, dau. of Richard White, Esq., and aunt to 
Richard, let Earl of Bantry, but d.».p.SS May, 1811, 
when the honours expired. 

1 Anne, m. Roger Conner, Esq. of Connorville. (Set 
CoNKSR qf Maixh.) 

n. John, of whom presently, as of Lo7>gnev{I1e. 

III. Hawnby, of Cork, Esq. , m. 29 June, 1738, Mary. dau. 

of Christopher Vowell, Esq. of BiUlyorane, 00. Cork. 

and d. 31 July, 1741, leaving by her, wholuid predeceased 

him in Sept 1788, an only child, 

Susanna, ft. 19 Feb 1784-5, who m. Richard Parker, Bfq. 

iv. William, of Cork, Esq.. ft. 1710, who by Mary Good- 
man, his wife (5. 23 Nov. 1719 ; d. 6 Aug. 1789), had at his 
death in 1777, an only child, 

John Longfleld, Esq. M.D. of Cork, who «. In 1775, 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Conroy, Esq., and atmt to the 
1st baronet of that name, and had with other children, 
d. ». p.. a third son, Robert* m. in April, 1815, Marv. 
2nd dau. of John Martin, Esq. of C<»-k, and had an only 
child and heir, Mary-Elizabeth, who m. her 1st cousin, 
David Beatty, Esq., of Borodale, 00. Wexford. 

I. Helena, m. rsettloment SI April. 1708) Theodore Yan- 
sevenhoven, of Cork. 

II. Elizabeth, m. (before 1712} John Tooker, Bsq. of Bal- 
lindinii^, co. Cork. 

ni Anite, m. Richard Uniacke, Bsq. of Mount Unlacke^ 

00. Cork (see that fcauiUf). 
TV. Mary, m. (settlement 80 July, 17ao) Walter Lavitt» Esq. 

of Cork. 
▼. Henrietta, m. to the Bev. Ibomaa Squire. 

L N 


VI Debonlv *> in Kot. 1781, to Jame* Pefro^, Bk|. qt 

▼n. Brytam, m. to the Bev. millam Buoknor, at Groom, 
OOl " '^ 


Jomr LoHonstn, Ek}. of Longaeville, J. P., ft. S4 Juno, 
IflW; ai. IS Sept 17S8, Sasanna, dan. of Mountifort West* 
ioi>p, Eaq., (r^er to Westbopp ef AUnfUnX and left at his 
deoeaM^ 5 ApM, 1705. (wiU dated 15 Oct 17M, proved 
Aug. following) two sons, 

I. JoHV, his aucoessor, oi whoee line we treat 

n. MouiTTXYOBT, anoestur of the fiunily now of Casilb 

Mabt [r(fer to cAe next ar^cle.) 

Hie elder son, 

Jomr LoNonxLD, Eaq. of Longneville, J.P., high-aheriff 
fin- the oa Cork, 1775. M.P. for Mallow, ft. 5 July, 1741; 
a. 91 June, 1704, Elisabeth, dan. of William Foster, Esq., 
•nd firat oousln of the Bt. Hon. John Foster, created Lord 
Odd, by whom (who d.) he had issue, 

L JoBV, his an coeas o r . 

n. Bev. Mountifort, Ticar of Deaertseisea, oo. Cork, and 
mtiiy vaars J. P. for that oo., m. 1st, in xTov. 1796, Grace, 
dau. of William Lysaght, Esq., by whom he had issue, 

1 John, m. Mias Cotter, and had issue. 

S Hon. Mountiford, Q.C., LL.D. of Trinity College, 
DobUn, 1831, (fi. A. 1883), became tn 1825 a feUow of 
that unirerBity, and professor of political economy, 
SI Oct 1832. He resigned his feUowship for the pro- 
fesaorship of feudal and English law, 29 Nov. 18.34. 
TUs eminent Jurist was appomted in 1847, a Commis- 
dooer of tho Encumberea Estates Court, and in 1658 
Judge of the Landed Estates Couit He m. Miss Arm- 

i Boboi, of ICerrion Square, Dublin, ft. 1810, M.A. of 
Trin. CoL Dublin, called to the Irish bar in 18S4, 
wpointed <|.C. in 185S, electedM.P. for Mallowinl859. 
He m. in 1840. Charlotte, dau. of Geoige Stawell, Esq. 
<rfCrobeg, co. Cork. 

1 BBaabeth, «. Daniel Conner, Esq. of Manch, and baa 

5 Mary, «. M'Carthy, Esq. 

8 Qiaoe, m. John BeMley, Eaq. 

The Bev. Mountifort Longfleld m. Sndly, Mary-Amie, 
din. of G6L William Conner, and had further issue, 

1 Bev. Georse, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, 
1842* m. 88 July, 1859, Maxy-Wobb, eldest dau. of Na- 
thaniel-Webb Ware, Esq., [tee Wasx qf Woo^fort, co. 
Cork.) and haa, 1 SUiaabeth-Florenoe-Cattxerine, and 2 
Geovgianft-liaiy, d. an infimt. 

2 Bonry. 3 Bichard. 
4 WiDiam. 5 Thomas. 

6 Foster. 1 Mary. 

2 Franees-Fatienoe, m. Mi^or-Gen. John Longfleld. 

III. William, oaUed to the Irish bar 1794, d. » p. 

IV. HcHKY of Waterloo, oo. Cork, (oee thatfamUv). 

L Patienoe, the 1st wife of John Wallis, EJsq. of Driahane 
Castle, 00. Cork, (tee that family). 
n. niaabeth, m. George Stawell, Esq. of Cfobeg, co. Cork. 

Mr. Longfleld d. in 1815 and was i. by his eldest son, 

JoRH LoNoriELD, Esq. of Longueville, lieut-coL in the 
army. J.P. and high-sherifl; 1829, ft. in May, 1707 ; m. 
1& October, 1797, Eleanor, dau. of John Lucas, Esq. of 
Mooat Looas, King's County, (Me thatfamUp) and had issue, 

t. BxcKAKD, nowofLongueville. 

n. John, major-gen. C.B., It-ooL commanding the 8th 

rsgt ; m. April, 1801, Franoes-Patience, dau. of Bev. 

Monntifart Longfleld. 
h Maigarat-Eleanor, m. 21 Aug. 1820, Thomas Wood- 

Cxaster, Esq. of Czaater Tower, oo. Nortiiiuuberland, D.L. 

(See Cbastkb.) 
n. Elizabeth, m. in 1830, to the Bey. Edmund Lombard. 

CoL Longfleld d, 18 Oct 1842. 

Arm (duly regietered)— Ou., a chevron, erm., between 
•even eross-erosueta fltchte. 
Cred— Out of a ducal coronet» a deml-Uon, rampant, 
IfoCte— Pazoera aubjectis. 
tec— LoogueviUe, near Mallow, eo, Coik* 


LovoFiKLO, JoHv-PowsLL, Eflq. of Waterloo 
House, oo. Coik, J.P., B.A. of Trin. Coll. Dublin, 
ea{yL royal Cork artillery militia, 6. 1817; m. in 
1848, Lonifla, 6th dau. o| the late Bev. Matthew 
ParoeU of Barton, co. Cork {see that famdly), 

lint fttf «— For earlier lineage r^fitr to LoNoraLD </ 
iMguoUk, The 4th son of John Longfleld, Esq. of Longuo- 



HiHBY L0H09IBLD, Esq. of Waterloo, eo. Cork, J.P., 
ffk Maiy, only dau, and beir of John Powell, Esq. of Lea 
Court, CO. Cork, and d. 1861, leaving iasna^ 

I. JoRir-PowELL, now of Waterloa 

n. Henry, ft. 18S8 ; m. 18S7, EUaa-Augusta, only ehild 

and heir of WOUam Puroeil, Esq. of Attamira, oo. C04k, 

(tee thatfamiljf), 
JXL Bobert. 
L Blinbeth, m. John Power, Eaq. of BosVeeii, co. Cork, 

IL Baohel, m. to the Bev. William Neligan, LL.1X nctor 

of St. Mary's, Shandon, Coik. 
m. Mary, m. 1st, Ueut. Bobert Longfleld. of the Castle 

Mary branch, (isJkidk sm). and Sndly in 1B45, George, 2iid 

son of Thomaa Lucas, Esq. of Biohfordstown, oa Cork, 

(we that family). 

IV. Patience, m. Jan. 1848, Daniel Conner, SSq. of 
Manch, oo. Cork, J.P. («m thatfam.ilv). 

V. Dora, «a. Edward-Frands Boaohe, JBiq. 

Armo, 4ie.— Same aa LaoronsLB ^ iMtffugviXU, 
fitcrt— Waterloo Houas^ near Mallow, eo. Cork. 


LoNGFiBLD, MommFOBT, Esq. of Castle Mafj, 
CO. Cork, J.P. and D.L., high-sheriff 1855 ; m. 1840, 
Caroline-Augusta, sole aurviving child of Qeotge 
Courtenay, Esq. of BaUy Edmond, oo. Cork, and 
has had issue, 

L MouirmoBT^OHV-CouBnvAT, ftc ItOst 186t. 

L Nanrissa-Caroline. 
IL Cheny-Eliaabeth. 
m. Louiaa-Macgaret. 

IV. Anne^atherine, deeeassdi 

V. Margaret-Eleanor. 

VI. Emily-Blanche-Maxy. 

VII. Letitia-Geraldtne. 

VIII. Caroline- Auguflta-Bose^ dsoeaaed. 
TX. AdeUne-Maude-Fdicia. 

X. Fi'ances- Amy-Georgina, I 

XI. Alice-Clara. 


twins deosased. 

Sffnf ajB[0. — For the earlier portion of this pedtgree 

refer to Lokovield of LonffuepiUe, 
The younger son of John Longfleld, Bbq., of Longuevflle, 
MoDNTiroBT LoMOFiELDi Esq., who inherited the estates 
of Castle Mary from his cousin Lord Longueville, ft. 2S An^ 
1746 ; m. (license 22 June, 1778) Frances, dau. of John- 
Geoige Bateman, Esq. He was ooL of the dty of Cork 
militia, and was M.P. for Enniscorthy, and many years for 
Cork. He d. 8 Jime, 1819, having had issue, two dnua. 
Margaret and Letitia, and three sons, i. Bichard, who m. 
Maria, dau. of Henry Bruen, Esq. of Oak Park, and d. 1819, 
leaving two sons, who both d. unni. 1838 ; ii. John, d. ».p.; 
and iir. Bobxrt, of whom we treat The third son, 

Bav. BoBsar Lo»OFinu>, of Castle Mary, m. Cbeny, 
dau. of Thomas Hugo, Esq. of Drumeen, oo^ Wicklow, and 
had issue, 

I. MouMTiroRT, now of Castle Mary. 

n. Bobert, a Ueut. in the army, m. Mary, dau. of Heniy 

Longfleld, Esq. of Waterloo, co. Cork, and by her (whota. 

2ndlv, George Lucas, Esq.) iett at his decease, in 184^, 

one dau., Mary-Jane. 

III. William-Henry, m. EUsabeth-Mary, dau. of Mathew 
Brinkley, Esq. of Farsonstuwn, co. Meath, and haa issue, 
one son and two daus., 

1 William-Mountifort. 

1 Florence-Letitia. 

2 Edith-Caroline. 

IV. Thomas-Hugo, in holy orders. 

I. Frances- Anne, m. Biuhard-Beare Tooker, Esq., J. P., 
oapt. royal Cork city artillery militia, and has Ismio. 

u. Cherry, m. 1851, William-Oliver Jackson, Esq. of 
Ahanesk and Castleview, co. Cork, and d. 1868, leaving 

ni. Maroaret, d. wnm. 

IV. Emily, d. uam. 1854. 

V. Elizabeth, m. 1863. Maziere-John Brady, Esq. , barrister^ 
at-law, 2nd son of toe Bight Hon. Mazfere Brady, Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland, and has issue. 

The Bev. B. Longfleld d. in 1843, and was «. by his eldetit 
son the present MouHxiroBT LoKonsLD, Esq. of Castla 

Armt, die. — Same as Longfleld of Longuovllls, 
SMt--CasUe Mary, near Cloyne^ ca Cork. 




LoHauxviLLB, Thomas - Longuevillb, Esq. of 
Penylan, co. Salop, 6. 7 July, 1803 ; m. 9 Oct. 1838, 
bis cousin Anne, 2nd dau. of Charles-ThomAa Jones, 
Esq. of Oswestry, and has issue two daus., 

I. OoNWAT. II. Anna-Maria. 

ISLintSlQt* — ^The LonguevUlos were formerly lords of 
Overton Longueyille, oo. Huntingdon, and of Wolverton, 
CO. Bucks, and their pedigree shows a direct descent from 
the time of Benbt I. During the civil wars of the reign of 
CHABI.K8, they arrayed themselves under the royal banner, 
and suffered, in consequence, loss and confiscation. 

Thomas JoNSS, Esq. of Wrexham, cspt. In the Merioneth- 
shire militia, b. in 1740 (eldest son of Thomas Jones, and 
Mabia-Haroaritta, his wife, eldest dau. and co-heir of Sir 
Thomas LoNOUEvnxE, Bart of Prestatyn, co. Flint) had by 
his first wife, Jane, an only son, i. Thomas-Lomousyixxe, 
of whom hereafter. By his second wife, Anne Lloyd, he 
bad (with a son, Richard, and a dau. , Elisabeth, both d. ». p.) 
other children, viz., ii. Edward, who m. Charlotte Ste- 
vens, and was father of the Rev. Harry-LongueviUe Jones, 
M.A. ; ni. Huon, of Larkhill, co. Lancaster, (m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Bei\JaDkin Heywood, Esq., and had several children, 
SM JoiTSS of LarUiUl) ; rv. Charles-Thomas, of Oswestry, m. 
Maria Welchf and had, with other issue, a son, Charles- 
Wilding Jones, who m. Mary, eldest dau. of William Pres- 
ton, Esq. of Fairview, near Liverpool, youngest son of 
Robert, 2nd son of Richard Preston, Esq. of Hilhom 
House, and EUel, in Gockerham, oo. Lancaster ; i. Anne, m. 
to James Boydell, Esq. ; ii. Harriett, m. to Francis-Edge 
Barker, Esq. ; and in. Maria, m. to Thomas Lowndes, Esq. 
The only son of the first marriage, 

Thomas-Lonouevilub Jobes, Esq. t. to the estate of 
Prestatyn, under the wHl Of Mi cousin, Richard Wilding, 
Esq., and assumed, accordingly, the surname and arms of 
Longokvillx. He m. Anne, dau. of John Qibbons, Esq. 
of Oswestry, and had issue^ 

Charles-Henry, d. t. p. 
Thomas-Lonousville, of Fenylan. 
John-Oibbons, m. AgnSs, dau. of Bwalnson, Esq. of Liver- 
pool, and has issue, Edith and Cecile. 
Bara-Harriette, m. to Peter Heywood, Esq. of Wakefield. 
Anne. Helen-Maria-Elisabeth. 

AnM—QvL, a fesse, daneett6e, erm., between six crosses- 
erosslet, aig. 

Crest— A talbot's head, gu., eared, arg., gorged with a 
collar, danoettte, of the second. 

Motto 'Tin then thus. 

tea— Penylan, oa Salop. 


LovGWORTH, JoHir, Esq. of Glynwood, oo. Weet- 
meath, J.P. and D.L., high-Bheriff, 1869. 

%ttI0Xfl0* — FiiAirois LoNOWOBTB, EjBq., of Crsggan 
Castle, was «. by his son, 

Fraitois Lohoworth, Esq. of Creggan Castle, who d, in 
1742, leaving issue, John, George, FRANCia The Sid son, 

Francis Lonoworth, Esq. of Creggan Castle, m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. and oo.-heir of Thomas J>ameB, Esq., of Bath- 
moyle. King's Co., and had issue, 

John, m. 1787, Alida, dau. of John, Lord KJlmafne. 
Framois, of whom presently. 

Thomas, who assumed the name of Daxss (tee Dakss qf 

George, m. Anno PhiUlps. 
William, d. 1866. 
Eliza, m. Rev. Samuel Liicss. 
Catherine, m. J. Bailey. 
Mary, m. John Wakeley, of Bslibuzley, King's Co, 

The 2nd son, 

Frakois Lohoworth, Esq. of Glynwood, m. 8 Jan. 1795, 
Sarah, dau. of John, 1st Lord Kilmaine ; and 2ndly, Anne, 
dau. of James Whitsker, of Spark Brook, Wsrwioksbire, 
and had issuer 

Francis, d. in 1866. 

JoBV, now of Glynwood. 

Thomas, vicar of Bromfield, Shrswsbuij, m. Emma. dau. 

of Thomas-Charles Bridges, of the Lodge, Shropshire. 
Geofge, (i. in 1847. 
Alicia-Harriot, m. Henry-Norwood Tyre, of Leokhampton 

Court, Gloucestershire. 
Anne, m. Col. 'Soung, of Berton End, Glouoestenhire. 

SMito-^Hynwood, Athlone; Oatflold, BalUnasloe, oa 
Ctolway. _...^ 



LopDiLi, John, Esq. of Baheen Park, eo. Galwaj 
J.P., RA., called to the Irish bar 1818, 6. 25 Feb. 
1792 ; m, 9 Jan. 1828, Jane, eldest dao. of Peter 
Blake, Esq. of Corbally Castle, oo. Galway, by Maty 
his wife, dau. of the Hon. John Browne^ 6th son 
of the Ist Earl of Altamont, and has inae, 

I. John-Joseph, 6. 18 Jan. 1820, J.P., ospt Oelwsy 


II. Henry-Bobert, b. IS April, ISSi. 
ni. James, 6. 27 May, 183d. 

IV. Frands-Blake, b. 22 Dec. 1846. 

I. Maria. ii. Elisabeth. 

III. Louisa. !▼. Emily, 
y. Matilda. ti. Jane. 

9Li\ltKQt» — ^The Lopdelis of Athamy spring from a 
younger branch of the family oi Johv Lopobll, Esq. of 
Mulpit, near Athenry, who d. in 1707, leaving two daus., 
Elisabeth and Deborah, his co-heiresses. The elder m. John 
Whaley, Esq. (known as Jerusalem WhaleyX and the 2nd 
m. Alderman Evans, of Kilkenny. 

John Lopdbll, Esq. of Athenry House, who d. SI May, 
1796, left, by EUsabeth Ffalrdoth, his wife^ who cL 8 June, 
1809, a son, 

Joseph Lopdbll, Esq. of Athenry House, who m. in 
May, 1791, Matilda, dau. of Robert Ormsby, Esq., and A 
March, 1822, leaving by her, who survived till 184$^ 

John, of Baheen Fluk. 

Robert-Ormsby, d. unm, Deo. 1880. 

James, m. Nov. 1828, Harriet, dau. of Lt.-Col. Flesaynf, 

and is deceased. 
Martha, m. Bept 1828, to William B<^gers, Esq. tt Osria- 

mima, oo. Galway, and has iMue. 

fi^ea^— Raheen Park, Athenry, oo. Galway. 


LorsADA, John-Baruh, Esq. of Peak Home^ Sid- 
mouth, CO. Devon, and Great Paxton, oo. Hnnting- 
don, J.P., late capt. Hampshire regt., m. 85 Aug. 
1832, Tryphenay dau. of S. Barrow, £sq.» and has 

I. MoBTunn-JoHH, 6. 29 Dea 1841. 

II. Harry-Bumingham, 6. 19 Feb. 1844. 

III. Bt-IiOger, b. 6 Aug. 1846. 

IV. Howel- Arthur, b. 29 Dea 1848. 

V. Reginald-Robert, b. SO Jan. 1860. 

VI. Edward-Charles, &. 19 May, 1854. 
X. Louisa-Tryphena. 

II. Mary-Jane. 

III. Agnes-Henrietta, 
rv. Eleanoi'-Pien^. 
V. Oonstanoe-Mary. 

)LCneXfl(.— The family of Lousada, which has held for 
many generations large possessions in Jamaica, is of noble 
Spanish origin. Isaac Lousada, Esq. (younger brother of 
Emanuel do Lousada, who lived in great tufAoDdovr, on bis 
West India estates; tee Bubke's Peerage^ p. 1178X m. Judith 
D'Aguilar, dau. of Baron D'Aguilsr, and by hm> (who was 
b. 8 May, 1747, and d. Nov. 1821X loft at his deoeas^ 80 May, 
18SI, with other issue, a son, 

Moses-Babuh Lousada, Esq., who m. in 1800, BcUi^ 
dau. of J. Barrow, Esq. of Jamaica, and left at his ditenaim, 
84 Feb. 1820, lour sons and three daus., via., 

X. Johk-Babub, who t. his undo In 1864, and is now of 
Peak House. 

II. Isaac, m. Sarah, daa of theDukedeLosaday Lousads, 
and has a son, Arthur. 

III. George, m. Juliana Ooldsxnid, and has issua 

IV. Char&s, late capt. 9th regl 
X. Bella, m. to Major Wills. 

n. Mary, m. to the Rev. John Bacon, 
ni. Fanny. 

ArtM^km. , on a chevron, between three doves, lesardaa^ 
aiig., wings expanded, or, two sugar oanes of tiie ht^ 
sprigged, vert. 

Crut—On a mount, vert, a dove, as in the arms, oharged 
on the neck with a bar gemelle, at, aspriginits beikyn"* 

Jtfbtto— Honneur me guide. 

S«a<»— Peak House, Sidinouth, Devon ; and Qrsst Ftattoo^ 

L O 7 





liOTKDAT, John, Esq. of WiUiamsooto, co. Oxford, 
J.P. ud D.L., high-sheriff 1841, of Brasenose GolL, 
Ozfdfd D.CX. 1841, M.A. 1808, 6. 8 Jan. 1785. 

linntff^* — Thomas Lovsday, Isq. of CaveiBham, 
OxflB, 6. 1«19, who d. 1681, m. lot, 1670, Letitia, dau. of 
G3flaMiit Throckmuton, Baq. of Haseley, oo. Warwick, and 
by bar (who d. 1674) had a dau., Lefcitia, d, yooog. He m. 
ftidly, 1679, Mary, dau. of Michael North, Eeq. of Ghrist- 
chiirch, Surrey, and by her (who d. 1724) had a son, 

Tbohab Lovbdat, Esq., who m. in 1703, Sarah, dan. of 
WQUam LethtonUier, Esq. of Olaphara, co. Surr^, and had 
hy her (with a dau., Martha, m. in 1774, to Williun, son of 
I^. Bdmund Qifaeon, biahop of London) one son, 

JoBOf LoTKDAT, Bsq. of Caversham, Oxon, who m. Ist, in 
1799, Anna-Maria, dao. of William Qoodwin, Esq. of Arlea- 
oote. oa Warwick, and hy her (who d. 1748) had one son, 
JoBV, of whom presoitly. He m. 2ndly, in 1746, Dorothy, 
dao. of Harrington Bagshaw, Bsq. of Brmnley, Kent, which 
lady d, 1765 ; and Srdly, in 1756, Penelope, dau. of Arthur 
Forrest, Esq. of the island of Jamaioa, and by her (who d. 
1801) had iflBue, 

Arthur, in faoty orders, who d. 18f7. 

Fsnelope, «. Ist, 1796, to the Rev. WflUam BenweU, rector 

of OUlUm; and Sndly, 1808, to the Bey. John Hind, 

▼iesr of Findon. She «L 1846. 
6snh,d. 18SS. 
Maxy, d. 1840. 

The only son of his finfc manrii^, 

JoRV LoYSDAY, Bsq., D.C.L., m. in 1777, Anne, dau. and 
heiress of William-Taylor Loder, Esq. of Williamsoote, and 
by her (who d. 20 Jan. 1887) had four sons and one dan., 

L Jon, now of WnHamscote. 

n. William-Taylor, in holy orders, b. 15 July. 1787. 

m. Thomas, in holy orders, of Magdalen CoU. Oxon. RD. 
formerly a fellow of that College, 1818, rector of East 
Haley, Newbury, Berks; b. 11 Feb. 1789; m. 1831, Mary, 
dau. of the Veuble. Ralph Ghurton, archdeacon of Bt. 
Davids, and by her (who cE. 17 July, 1845) has issue, 

1 John-Bdward-Taylor, 6. 12 March, 1846. 
1 MariannoL 

8 A2m»4aarah, m. \BS6, to the Beiv. Bd^rfsml Nonpaa 
Poehin, vicar of Bileby« oo. LeioeBter. 
8 Emma-Fenelope. 

4 Augusta. 

5 EUon-Jane. 

6 lAey-EUxabefth. 

IT. Arthur, of Doctors' Ctommons, b. 8 July, 1701 ; m. 1625, 
g»«^iw>th^ dau. of the Boy. George Well^ rector of Wis* 
ton, oo. BuHsex, and has issue two sons, 

1 Arthur, in holy orders, M.A., BaUiol Ck>IL Oxford, 
Curate of Monk Sherborne, Baslngstoko, b. 24 ^pt. 

2 Gtoorge, of Doctors* Commonsi, b. 18 April, 1888. 

L Anne, d. 20 Jan. 1856. 

ilrms— Quarterly : Ist and 4th, per pale, arg. and sa., an 
esgie, disj^yed, with two heads, cotmterchanged, armed, 
memberad, and ducally gorged, or; 2nd and 8rd, arm., on a 
diief, indented, sa., three escallops, aiig. 

CreiC— An osglfl^ disputed, with two heads, m in the 

jr«(lo— Cum primA luce. 

&o(— Williamsoote^ nearBanbuiy, Oxon. 


Lotblavd, Johv-Pbbbt, ESaq. of Great Halling- 
bury and JSTeUleswel], Hertfordshire, and of Pem- 
bridge Yillaa, Kensing^n, 6. 17 Hay, 1805 ; m, 
9 April, 1835, Harriet-Hannah, only child and heir 
of Richard Brrington, Esq. of Errington, co. North- 
umbarlaod, by Harriott LoYeland Ms wife, and has 
iwiUi a soil and three dans, died young) an only 
torviving childy 

RtCHABD-LoTBLASD, ft. 18 Jidy, 1841, of Pembroke Col- 
lege, Oxford. 

Xr. Lovaland, whose patronymic was OtDBRSHAW, 
«M authorised by royal licence, dated 28 March, 

1861, to take the name of Loveland insteai) ttt 
01denhaw» and to bear the arms of Luvehmd 
qnarteriy with those of Oldershaw, in complianoe 
with the will of his wife's annt. Hiss Mary-Ana 

ftUlf Xtff.— Tboxas LovKLAim, Bsq. of Park Place, 
Liverpool Road, Isllngtoii, m. S June, 1770, Susannah, daiL 
of John Fxy of Netherby, oo. Dorset, and d. 16 April, 1834, 
tsL 83, leaving (by his wife, who d. 17 Aug. 1888, at 82X 
seven daus. co-heiresses, 

I. Sussanah, of Park Plaoe, ft. IS Haroh, 1771 ; d unm, 

90 May, 1839. 
IL Maiy-Anne, of Paik Place, ft. SS July, 17?9; d. tmrn. 

IS Jan. 1861, under whose will Mr. (Oldershaw) Loveland 
has a to the property. 
ui, Eleanor, ft. 18 Jan. 1774; m. in 1841, Heniy Banner, 

and d. 1 Nov. 1861 (her husband 7 Jan. 1854> 
XT. Sarah-Anne, of Faik Plaoe, ft. SO July, 177ft: d. %am. 

n Nov. 1857. 
T. Charlotte, of Park Plaee, ft. 90 Deo. 1778; d. %mm, 9 Jan. 


VI. Harriet, ft. Jan. 1789 ; d. an Infknt 
Yii. HABaion, ft. 10 Sept. 1780, of whom prssentJy. 

RiORABD BRRivoTOxr, Bsq. of St John's Bristol, ^f'mHfil 
from the Erringtons, of Errington, oo. Northumberland ; 
m. in 1788, Mary, widow of Qeorge Holmes, Bsq. of Derby, 
and dau. of — Watkins, and by her (who was ft. 6 June, 
1751, and d. 11 Sept 181SX left issue (he was burled 9 July, 
1796, 8Bt 60) with three daus., Mary, who d. young, and 
Ann and Hannah, now of Bath, an only son, 

Richard Ebbington, Bsq. of Errington, o& Northum- 
berland, b. 14 Feb. 1791 ; m. 80 Oct. 1814, HABBiorr Lots- 
laud above-named, and d. 96 Jan. 1816, having by her who 
d. 6 Aug. 18S8, an only ohild, Habrort-Havkab, the pre- 
sent Mas. LoVKLAXn. 

.^rai*— ^Ist and 4th. Lotblajid^ sa., 8em4 of aeoms, three 
boars' heads, ooupeo, or: 2nd and Srd, Oldkbsbaw, as., a 
stag's head caboshed, or, between three beaants. 

CV«at«— LoTKLAVD, a dexter cubit arm, in armour, graqiing 
a scymitar and entwined with a wreath of oak, all ppr. , the 
arm charged with a fh»t, sa. Oldkbsbaw, a stagiodgod, 
guardant, ppr. , gutt6-de-larmeB, resting the dexter foot on a 

MoUo--OjpeB industrla parit 

&faer»>-Oreat Hallingbury, and NettlflsweiD, near Bishop 
Stortford, Herts. 


iiqirf iTfiititic fUfirn ot KstUitQii. 

The late SiB Lovell-Benjaion Lovely K.C.B., 
K.H., ft. 1708 ; a major-gen. in the army, ool. of the 
12th lancers, assumed, by sign-manual, with his 
brother, in 1840, the surname of Lotbll only, in 
lieu of his patronymic, Badcock. He senred with 
distinction in the 14th dragoons, In France, Spain, 
and Portugal. 

fLintKQt* — SiB Balathdbl Lotbll, a seijeant-at-Iaw, 
knighted in 1692 (s(m of the Rev. Benjamin Lovell, pre- 
sumed to have been a descendant of the Lovkllls o/ Tieh- 
mersh\ was appointed recorder of London, deputy-rocordfr 
of Northampton, and eventually, in 1708, one of the barons 
of the Exchequer. By Mary his wife (who d. 9 Dee. 1710) 
Sir Salathiel had, with other issue, 

Saxusi^ his heir. 

Henry, who m. Mary, dau. and oo-heir of Thomas Cole, 
Esq. of London, and left at his decease in 17*24, on only 
dau., Mary, who m. 1st, the Hon. Samuel Orimston ; and 
2ndly, in 1740^ William- Wildman, 8nd Viscount Barring- 

Maria, m. to Joseph Townshend, Esq. of London, and d, 
in London, 8 Auff. 1743. aged 83. 

Penelope, bapt m Sept. 1697; m. to the Bev. Michael 
Stanhopie, D.D., canon of Windsor, and d, 8 July, 1738, 
leaving, with other issue, a son, Abthub-Charlbs Stan- 
hope, Bsq., &ther of Philip Stanhope, who succeeding to 
the honours of his family in 1778, became 6th Earl or 

Jane, bapt 6 June, 1687, who m. about the year 1713, 
Richard Badcock, of London, merchant^ and by him, 
who d. 12 Aug. 1782, left a son, 

Bichard-Lovell Badoock, Esq. of Twickenham, of 
whom presently. 

Sir Salathiel d. 8 May, 1713, sged 81, and was a. by his son^ 

Samucl LovELit Esq., a Welsh Judge, bapt. 18 Sept. 

1665, who m. 1692, Miss Seigeant, and by hipr» who d, April* 

L O V 

17M, had (with one dan., Baohel-Juie, m. in ITSS, to 
Biohard Bdgeworth» Esq. of Bdgewoithstown, oo. hta^ord, 
tee that familjf) an <nily son, 

SAinnL LoTSbL, Esq. of Kensington, b. in 16iM>, a oapt 
In the guards, who d. 24 April, 1761, leaving an only dau. 
and heiress. 

Hart LovslXi^ who m. in 1742, her cousin, Bxosabd- 
LovELL Badoook, Esq. of Twickenham, in Middlesex, and 
of Maplethorpe HaU, oo. Lincoln, and dying 7 Bept. 1749, 
was «. by his elder son, 

LoYSLL Badoook, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Little Hissenden 
Abbey, CO. Bucks, and Maplethorpe HaU, in Lincolnshire, 
h. 1744, lieut-coL of the Bnckinghamshire militia, and at 
one time high-sheriir. He d. vmm. in 1797, aged 68, and 
was «. by his brother, 

Thomas-Stanhopb Badoook, Esq. of Little Hissenden 
Hall and Maplethorpe Hall, J. P. and D.L., high-sheriff 
1808. He m. 17 Feb. 1782, Anne, dau. of William Buckle, 
Esq. of the Mythe House, and Chasely, in Gloucestershire, 
and had issue, 

I. Loysll-Bbvjaiok, his heir, the present Hajos-Gsk. 
Sib LoTELL-BcNJAicor Loykll, K.d.B. 

n. William-Btanhope, K.H., adm. RN., who served under 
Lord Nelson, at Trafalgar, in 1806, and was present at 
the capture of Washington iu 1814. He m. 8 Jan. 1828, 
Belina, youngest dau. ox Sir Henry Harpur-Crewe, Bart 
of Calke Abbey, by whom (who d. HO March, 1838) ne had 

1 LoveU-Stanhope-Bichard, ft. 4 Dec. 1896, capt 13th 


1 SeUna-Franoes-Nanoette-Louisa. 
S Oeorgiona'Jane-Henrietta-EIisa, m. 80 Nov. 1845, her 

cousin Sir John-Harpur Grewe^ Bart 
8 Matilda-Sophia. 

Bear-adm. Badcock assumed, with his elder brother, in 
1840, the surname and arms of LovsuLb by royal licence. 
He d. 20 May, 1859. 

I. Anne, m. 81 Sept 1809, to Major-Gen. Sir Jasper NicoUs, 

n. Sophia, m. 9 June, 1814, to the Bev. James-Duke 

Coleridge, D.D. , eldest son of GoL Goleridge, of Heatha 

Court, Otteiv St Mary's, Devon, and by him, who d. 

26 Deo. 1867, had issue. 

Mr. Badcock d. IS April, 182L 

if mu— Barry, nebuly, of six, or and go, 
Oreet—A talbot, passant, aiig. 
AfoMo— Tempus omnia monstrat 




%intKfit* — The flunily of Lovett is of Norman ex- 
traction, ancl can be authentically deduced from Biohabd 
Ds LouBT, living at the time of the Conquest (For detailed 
particulars, tee Burke's Sxtinct Baronetage). 

Sin RoBEBT LovBTT, of Llscombc, high-sheriff of Bucks 
In 1608, d. in 1643, leaving by Anne his 2nd wife, dau. of 
Bichard Saunders, Esq. of Dinton, eight daua. and four 
sons, BoBBBT, of LlBoombe, sheriff of Bucks in 1664; 
EowABD, of Gorfe (whose son, Robert, of LLscombe, d. 
unm.) ; Christophem, of whose line we treat; and Laurence 
of Eythorp. The 8xti son, 

Chribtopheb Lovett, was first settled as a merchant in 
Turkey, but subsequently, in 1660, removed to Dublin, of 
which city he became lord mayor. He m. Frances O'More, 
dau. and heir of Roger O'More, and had (with tovur daus., 
Anne, m. 1st, to William Tighe, Esq. of Rutland, and 
Sndly, to Judge Ooote; Frances, wife of MaOor-Gen. Pearce ; 
Mary, m. to Medhop Lloyd, Esq., ancestor of the Lloyds 
ef OloOer, XiMf^s Co. ($ee that family) ; and Rebecca, m. to 
Jonathan Ashe, Esq.^of Ashe Grove, co. Tipi)erary) three 
eons, Chr'Btopbeb, Jobk, and Edward. The eldest, 

Chribtophbr Lovbtt, Eisq. , inherited Liscombe, co. Bucks, 
at the decease of his first cousin, Robert Lovett, Esq., but 
dying unm., he was «. by his brother. 

Col. Jobb Lovett, of Liscombe, who m. Ist, Susannah 
Horton. widow, dau. and co-heir of Laurence Lovetti Esq. 
of Bythorp, and had two sons, 

1. BOBttT. 

u. CnBisTOPHXB, who m. Hra. WilUngton, widow, dau. 
of Cosby, of Stradbally, Quoen'iGa (sc* thatfmUy\ and 


L O V 

BoBEBT, who m. Hiss Howel» and had iaae^ 

ewishi, Hsiy, 

1 John, d. tmm. 

8 Sacxvillb-Hator. J. P., m. 1st, his 
dau. of John Lovett, and by her had 

JovATVAB-VAvaHAN. m. Htii Daunt* and has a son 

Sackville, and sevenl daue. 
Fanny, m. to Ludovick-J. Grants Esq., Sad son of 

the fate Sir A. Grant, Bart 

Hr. Sackville Lovett m. Sndly, Bridget, youngest 
dau. of Jonathan Seaver, Esq., J.P., of Heath Usll, 
who served the office of hifh-sheriff of oca Amisgh 
and Honaghan, and by her nad issoe^ 


Bobert, rector of Trinity, Bath, who m. Fnncei, 

dau. and heiress of WiUiam-Aldwin 8oames» 1^ 

and has a dau. 

Hau7, in Ladia, m. Hiss Rogers. 
Catherine, m. to W.-W. Henxy, Bsq., eldest son of 

Hr. and Lady Emily Henry, and nephew of tbo 

Duke of Leinster. 
Jane, m. to Bichard Swift, Esq., J.P., of Lym* en, 

Westmeath, cousin of Lord limstoa. 
Susan, m. to the Bev. L.-F. Thomas, lan of M4o^ 

Gen. Lewia Thomas, C.B. 
Anne, d. unm. 

8 Vemey, capt. in the 60th fbot, who m. Jane, dao. of 
— Gore, Esq., and had issue» Geoige-W.-M., cspt in 
the 60th. 

4 Cosby-Philips, who m. a dau. of — Gubbins, Bai. 
of Limerick. 

6 John-Bexesford, who m. a dau. ol — Knips, Bn , 
and waa father of the Rev. Bobert Lovett* ohapUn 
to the Bight Hon. Earl of Boden, and minisisr o( 
HarbcBuf Chapel, Pariai, and several dans. 

He m. Sndly, Hary, dau. of Balph Yemey, Yiacoimt Vet- 
managh, and had two sons, Veniey, H.P., and John, oipt 
B.N., who both d, unm. Col. Lovett d, ki 1710| and was x. 
by his son, 

BoBBRT Lower, Esq. of Liseombe, oe. Bucks, and Kfaigt- 
well, CO. Tlpperaxy, who served the office of hii|(h-Bb«riflof 
the King's Co. He m. Sarah, dau. of Jonathan Ashe, I14. 
of Ashe Grove, and Ivid (with three dans., Susannah, a to 
Jonathan Darby, Esq. of Leap Castle, King's Co. (mtktt 
family) ; Mary, who d. unm. ; and Letdoe, wife of Oamor 
Darby, Esq.) three sons, of whom the eldest surrlvoir, 

Jonathan Lovbtt, Esq. of Liscombe and Kfaigswdl, 
served as high-sheriff of the co. Tipperary. He m. Eleanor, 
dau. of Daniel Manseigh, Esq. of Maorony, 00. Go^ and 
bad issue, 

Jonatrah (Sir), of Liscombe. created a hart in 1781, m. 
Sarah, davL of Jonathan Darby, Bsq. of Leap Outls, and 
had (me son, Bobebt-Tvbvillb-Jokathan, who d In 
1807, and three daus., Elixabeth, Letitia, and Anbella, 
who all d, unm. Sir Jonathan d. 18 Jan. 1818^ wh«& tbo 
baronetcy expired. 

Bobert, d. voung. 

Vebnby, of whom presently. 

Hazy, m. to Richara Weeks, Esq. of LimeriolL 

Eleanor, m. to Jonathan Darby, Esq. of Lei^ Castla. 

Jane, m. to John Bennett one of the judges of the Kiog^ 
Bench in Ireland. 

Eliaabeth, d. young. 

Susanna^, to William Henn, Esq., master In chinoeiy, 
son of William Henn, Esq., one of the Judges of the 
Kind's Bench in Ireland (tee Hbmn). 

Elixabeth, m. to John Pigott, Esq. of Cappard, Qttoe&% 

The 8rd son, 

Trb Yen. Vernbt Lovbtt, D.D. of Trinity Coll. Camh 
a vicar choral and sometime a prebendaiy of Lismore, and 
afterwards treasurer of St. Fhibarrs, Cork, and chi^dain 
to the Prince of Walea, inherited the Irish property, aud 
was of KingsweU. He in. Frances-Haiy, dau. and oo-h«ir 
of Henry Gervais, D.D., of Lismore, archdeacon of Caahel, 
and had issue, 

Jonathan-Hbhbt, ambassador and naklent attbeoouit 

of Peraia, d. %mm, 
William, RN., d. imm. 
Hekbt-Wiluam, of Kingswell, d. unm, 1841. 
Elizabeth, m. to Col. Cameron. 
HeUsina-Henrietta, m. to the Bev. Henry Woodward^ 

rector of Fethard, son of the bishop of Cioyns^ and la 

Frances-Mary, m. to John>Ashton Tates» Esq. of Dlagii 

Head, Lancashire. 

Dr. Lovett d. in Feb. 1885, and was buried at lianwie. 

^rm»— Quarterly: Ist and 4th, aa.» three wolves^ headi, 
or; 8ndand 8rd, ai^g., three wolves^ passant^ in pale, n> 
Cifft— A wolfs head, eraaed, sa. 


L O V 



LofTiR, JosBPH-YsNABLBS, Esq., of Belmont, oo. 
8do|s JJP, and D.L., high-sheriff 1847, formorly a 
h&at in tlia army, b. 1 Aug. 1787 ; m. 24 April, 
1815. Haigaret^ Snd dan. of Richard Heaton, of Plfis 
HeatuB, oo. Denbigh, Esq. (ses that family), and by 
her (who d. 1861) had issue, 

I. TaoKAB-HsATOir, J. P., ooL of the North Shropahire 
Tolnnteers, and formerly mi^or 08th rogt., b. 1 May, 
1817 ; ». SS Not. 1851, CecU-EUaabeth, eldest dau. ol 
Wllflon Jones, Btq. of Hartaheath Park, oo. Flint, and 

1 Hubert-Rlohard, 6. 80 Ifaroh, 1864. 
8 Henry-Wilaon, b. 81 July, 1868. 
1 Maisaret-Jooenhine. 
S OaeU-Helan. 
8 Looy. 

n. Joaeph'Venables, h. 18 AprQ, 1885, formerly in the 

B.N., now oapt. in the Shropshire militia. 
m. Jobn-BlohanI, 6. 81 Aug. 1896, capt 48th regt. 
L flarah-Anne. 

n. Henxietta-Mazy, c2. in 1888. 
OL Caroline. 
IT. Kmily, d. In 1848. 
T. iMbeUa-Maigazet. 

UUMfif* — JosBPH LOTRT, Esq. (whose fiunOy is con- 
Mered to ha^e been a branch of the great house of LoTcrr 
of lipsoombe), m. 17 June, 1704, Mary, 8nd dau. and oo- 
hdr of Thomas Dale, Esq. of Greenhead House, oo. SUflbrd, 
nd d. In 1754, having bad (with two daus., Sarah and 
Aana^ both d. unm.) three sons, Richard, b. 16 Jan. 1706, 
i, wea. 7 June, 1787 ; Josbph, ol whom presently ; and 
rale, b. in 1731, who m. EUsabethBelford, and d. «. p. The 

JcsirB LoTcn, Esq., b. 18 Sept. 1714 ; m. II July, 1748, 
Aane, dan. of William Sherman, Esq. of Neweastle, oo 
BtaiRnrd, and had (with two daus., Margaret, d. young in 
1746 ; and Maiy, m., but d. t. p.) three sons, i. William, 
h. 7 Aug. 1747, d. vnm. ; n. Thomas, b. 18 Aug. 1749, m. 
10 May, 1780, Mary, dau. of Thomas Jones, Esq., and d. 
19 Ju^, 1801, leaving one son, Ridfaard, b. 19 Aug. 1781, 
who d. WMM. 98 Sept. 1814 ; in. Johk. The youngest son, 

JoBV Lovan, Esq. of Belmont, b. 11 May, 1764; m. 
9 June, 1789, Anne, dau. ci Edward Venables, Esq. of 
liTsipool, and d. in May, 1796, having had, with several 
wlio d. In Infanpy, four sons, 

L John, b. 26 May, 1786 ; d. unm. in 1814. 

IL Jossm-VsvAauBB, now ot Belmonl 

DL William, 6. 97 Aug. 1791 ; d. tmm. in 1807. 

IV. Thomas, of Femhill, co. Salop, b. 97 Aug. 1799 : m. 10 

Feb. 18S5, the Hon. Emily Henimker, 8rd datL of John- 

Minet, 8rd Lord Henniker, and has issue, 

1 John-Henniker, 6. 1886; m. 1859, Laura, youngest 
dau. of — Morier, Esq., and has issue, Constanoe- 

t WilUaai, b. 1848. 1 Emily-Anne. 

9 Mary. 8 Louisa-Eliaabeth. 

4 AnnarSophla. 

J r m$ A rg.. fhree wolves, passant, in pale, sa. 
Crut-^A. wolf, passant, ppr. 

-Belmont, (oo. Salop), near Chirk, Denbighshire. 


LoYiBOVD, Giobos-Brupenell-Miohelsxn, Ei»q. 
of Hatfield Peverell, oo. Essex, 6. 6 March, 1796 ; m. 
15 Joly, 1826, Frances, 2nd dau. of Alexander Hat- 
field, Eaq. of TwiokCTiham, and granddau. of Sir 
lUchard Farryn. 

ILitttUflt* — ^Edwabd Lovibond, Esq. of Hampton, a 
poet of aome celebrity, son of Mr. Lovibond, a merchant 
and Bant India director; m. in 1744, Caroline, youngest 
dan. of the Hon. Oustavus Hamilton, of Bedwood, King's 
Ceunty, M.P. for Donegal, (9nd son of Oustavus, 1st Vis- 
eoont Boyne,) by Dorothea his wife, only dau. of Richard, 
Lord P a l l s w , and d. 97 Sept. 1775, leaving a son and suo- 

a by Us son, Gaoi 
BOVD^ B^[., now representative at the family. 

ilrsM— Aiv., a boar'a head, eouped andenet, go., 
three roundlea, per fease, or and gu. 
Ciretf— A boar'a head, as in the arms. 


QsoaoB LovnovD, Esq., who inherited, from his uncle, 

Anthony Lovibond CoHins, Esq., the estates of Hatfield, 

PevareU, and Sandon, oo. Essex. He m. 99 Maroh, 1798, 

Martha, eldest dau. of Sir smah Impey, and dying in 1817, 



Low, John, Esq., of Sonvale, oo. Limerlok, J.P* 
and D.L., high-sheriff in 1852, M.A. of Trin. ColL, 
Dablin, 1838, Urriater-at-kw ; b. 8 Jan. 1818; sk 
2 Deo. 1841, SophiapOeorgiaDa, only dan. of Oeorg* 
MahoD, Eiq. of Mount Pleasant, oo. Mayo (by Sophia 
his wife, eldest dau. of David Ker, £sq., M.P. of 
PortaTo and Montalto^ oo. Down, D.L), by whom 
he has isaue^ 

I. OnoRGB-ParKB, b. 90 July, 1848. 
n. John-Maxwell, b. SO Nov. 1844. 
I. Sophia-Oeorgiana, d, 1 Maioh, 1848. 
u. Henrietta-Oatherine. 

Irfnexgg •— SiMov Low, settled In belaud, shout the 

year 1760. 

PxTKR Low, Esq. of Lowtown, co. Limerick, J.P. and 
D.L. (son of Simon Low, by EUaabeth Blaekmore, his wife, 
who d. 1800) m. 1811, Louisa, eldest dan. of Sir Blchard 
Bntler, Bart of Ganyhundon and BallintempK eo. Gariow, 
and djdng 1849, left iasne, 

JoHH, now of Sunvale. 

Bichord-Butler, late capt 68rd rest., m. 1849. Anna, dan. 

of Montifort Westropp, Esq. of Mellon, eo. Limerick, and 

by her, who d. 1868^ nad isaue, two sons and three dans. 
Henry, 6. 1896; d. 1860. 
Sarah, m. 18 Aug. 1881, to William Mussenden, Esq. cf 

Larcbfieid, oo. Down, D.L. («ee that nameV 
EUaabeth, m. 19 July, 1836, to Frederick-Thomas Jewop, 

Esq. of Doory Hall, eo. Longford, D.L («m that immmX 
Lou£n, m. to Thomas Wariuff, Esq. ef Waringfield, co. 

Down (§ee Wabivo of Warina$town%. and is deceased. 
Kate, m. to Robert Buttledge, Esc. of Bloomfield, oo. 

Mayo («M that imim}, and ia deoeasea. 
Henrietta, m. to Chariea-Ooorge Mahon, Esq. of Mount 

Pleasant, co. Mayo. 

8iM^-8ttnvale^ Kilmallock, co. limerl^ 


Lom, Wiluam-Dbxtbt, Esq. of Locko Park, co. 
Derby, J.P. and D.L., high-sheriff 1854, 5. 6 Oct. 
1802 ; m. 18 Feb. 1827, Hon. Caroliue-Rsther Curzon, 
youngest dau. of Nathaniel, 2nd Lord Soaradale, 
and has issue, 

I. Wiluam-Dbubt-Nathaxtisl, late capt 11th hussars, 
6. 13 July, 1828. 
n. Drury-Curzon, capt. 17th lancers, b. 8 Jan. 1880. 

III. Bobert-Henry, capt and brevet-m^or grenadier- 
guards, b. 7 Oct. 1831. 

IV. Yinoent-Frands-Keppel, b. 1 July, 1847. 

V. Bichard-Curson-Sherwin, 6. 98 July, 1849. 
I. Felida. 

u. Caroline-Mary. 

III. Florenoe-Oatiierine. 

Mr. Lowe, whose patronymic la Holden, assumed 
the name of Lows in 1849, on sucoeeding to tha 
estates of his maternal grandmother in 1848. 

ILtntAflt* — ^The family of Lowe, of Denby and Locko, 
originally from Cbeahire, are derived from the marri:<ge, 
temp. Hbhbt VI., of Lawrence Lowe, serJeant-at-law, with 
the heiress of Bose&, of Denby. The last male heir, Richard 
Lowe, of Locko, Esq., d. 1785, having bequeathed Ida 
estates to his kinsman, WilUam Drury, Esq., who assumed 
in consequence, 1791, the additional name and arms of 

fAmHn at SoQren. 

The family of Holden is a younger l»aiMh of the Hdldena 
of Aston, formerly one of the most jnflnential families in 
the county of Derby, (gw oM<rt under HoLonr). 

Saiiubl Holobm, Esq. of Aston, co. Derby, by his 9iid 
wife, left issus at his death, in Aug. 1609, 



Alftondsr, whose ran, Robert, of Dailey Abbey, d. 1808» 


Hannah, m. to Christopher BoUeston, Esq. of WatnalL 

Vie sooond son, 

Tbs Rbv. Robert Holdbn, rector of Aston, b. In 1680, 
tn. Elisabeth, eldest dau. and co-heir of Gilbert llillington, 
Esq. of Felly Priory, Notts, and d. 26 June, 1726, lea-ving, 

MiLLiMOTON, his heir. 

Borah, m. to Henry Thornhill, Esq. of Mansfield Wood- 
house, Notts, and d, ».p. 

The son and heir, 
MiLUNOTOM HoLDBN, Esq. of Felly Priory, vas father of 
RoBKRT HoLDBK, Esq. of Nuttall Temple, Notts, who m, 
in 1765, Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Francis BentuifTe, vicar 
of Skidbrooke, co. Lincoln, and d. in 1780, leaving a son and 

Robert Holdbn, Esq. of Darley Abbey, oo. Derby, and 
Nuttcai Temple, Notts, J. P. and D.L., who m. 1800, Mary- 
Anne, only child and heiress of William Drury-Lowe, Esq. 
of Locko Park, oo. Derby, grandson of William Drury, Esq. 
of Nottingham, by Ann, his wife, dau. of John Lowe, Esq. 
of Deuby, and dying S Jan. 1844, left issue, 

I. Wiluam-Dbxtbt, who took the name of Lowb in 1840, 
and is now of Looko. 

II. Robert, 6. 1805, lieut.-col. South Notts yeomanry 
cavalry, who «. in 1844, to the estate of Nuttall Temple, 
J. P. andD.L., high-sheriff 1848; B.A. of Christ Church 

III. Atkinson-Alexander, M.A., vicar of Spondon, b. 1808, 
m. Emma» dan. of William Leigh Clowes, Esq. of 
Broughton Hall, and has issue. 

IV. Charles, staffoflBoer of pensioners, b. 1810. 
T. Henry, b. 1823, m. 

I. Mary-Ann, m. to Fftmcis Bradshaw, Esq. of Barton 

D. Sophia, m. 1885, to the Hon. and Rev. Alfired Curson, 

and d. 1850. 

III. Catherine, m. to John Sherwin Shexwin, Esq. of 
Braracote Hill, Notts. 

IV. Fnuioes-Mana, m. to I.-B. Story, Esq. of Lookington 

▼. Augusta, 1H. to Qeorge Yandeleur, Esq. of Limerick. 

VI. Caroline, m. to Rev. George Hutton, vicar of Gate 

VII. Emily. 

Armi — Sa., a fesse, engr., enninois between two chevs., 
Crest— On a mount, vert, a heath oo<^ ppr.» winged, or. 
lijeat— Locko Park, near Derby. 


Lowb, Qborob, Esq., b, 4 Feb. 1813; m. 1842, 
Louisa, dau. of Thomas Crookendeii; Esq. of Buah- 
ford Hall, Suffolk. 

%intHQt» — ^The family of Lowe was established in Eng- 
land by one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror, 
and has preserved a male succession since that remote era. 
The family ocmtinued for a long series of years resident at 
The Lowe, oo. Worcester ; and among the eminent persons 
t produeed in early times, we may mention John Lowb, 
an Augustine monk, at Woroester, consecrated bishop of 
8t Asaph, in 143S ; Bumphxsy Lowe, high sheriff of Shrop- 
shire, in 1430 ; and Riosard Lowe, who was retained to 
serve in France with one man at arms and three archers, 
temp. Edward IV. 

Thomas Lowb, of The Lowe, in the parish of Landridge, 
Worossteiahlre, head of this andent house towards the 
dose of the 16th century, m, Anne Foster, and was fiAther 

Hbnrt Lowb, of The Lowe, living In 1S94, but dead 
before 1002, who m. at Knighton Chapel, 8 Feb. 1666, 
Dorothy, dau. of WHliam Baylies, of the Bower, in the 
parish of Rock, and had (with four daus.), five sons, vis., 
I. Thomas, of the Lowe, whose male Une is extinct ; the 
eventual heiress, Elizabeth Lowe, m. 1725, Rev. William 
Cleveland ; ii. Arthur, of London, living in 1637, having 
then three sons; iii. Anthony, of the Inner Temple, an 
eminent lawyer, who m. Mary, dau. of Richard Hammond, 
Esq. of Debden, In Essex, and had issue ; iv. Henry ; v. 
Humfhrbv, of whom presently. The youngest son, 

nuMPHRET Lowe, Esq., d. before the year 1637, leaving 
two sons, Thomas, who d. unm., and 

HuMfHRBT Lowb, Esq. of Bromsgrove, in Worcester- 
shire, who m. Rebeooa, eldest dau. of Bex^amin JoUiffe, 
Esq., of Gofton Hall, and had issue, i. Humphert, who 
d. «. p. ; II. Thomas^ of whom presently ; i. Mary ; u. Be- 

beooa, of Oofhm HsU, cf . iimm. ; m. Anna, «». to Hsuy 
Jeffireys, Esq. ; and rv. Franoes, «. to tha Rev. Thraoss 
Fhilpott The Snd son, 

Trb Rev. Thomas Lowb, rsotor of fhalWMW ai. S&b^ 
both, dau. and oo-heir of Colonel Fury* of Fsrnhsn, 
in Berkshire, and of Norbiton Hooae^ Bjim^f and had sa 
only child, 

Thomas-Humphrbt Lowb, Esq. of Bromsgrove, wfae 
m. 2 April, 1780, Lucy, elder dau. and oo-heir of Tbooss 
Hill, Esq. of Court of Hill, oa Salop, M.P. far Leominster, 
and by her, who m. 2ndly, in 1808, Thomas Fowlbr, Esq. sf 
Abbey-cwm-hir, in Radnorshire^ had at his death in ITM^ 
two sons and two daus., vis., 

Thomas-Hiui-Pbrborikb-Fubtb, his heir. 
Arthttr-Crablss, now or Court of BLxll (sm next art'^) 
Louisa-Elisabeth, m. 12 May, 1827, to Sir Thooias Bast- 

ings, Knt., captain R.N., and a magistrate for Hersfurd- 

Harriet, m. to Charles Bullock, Esq., of F^ulkboun, in 


The elder son, 

Thb Vkrt Rev. TB0iCA8-HiLL-l*BREaBnnB-FvRTB Lows, 
D.D., dean of Exeter, J.P., 6. 21 Dec 1781 ; m. 24 Feb. 
1808, Ellen-Lucy, eldest dau. of George Pardoe, Esq. of 
Nash Coiurt^ oo. Salop, and d. 1801, leaving iasue^ 

T. Thomas, 6. 28 Jan. 1811, deceased* 

II. Geqrob, his heir. 

III. Arthur, b. 27 July, 1814. 
rv. Noel, b. 23 Get. 1817. 

I. Lucy, m. to her cousin, the Rev. TTirmiBn Tamst Boake, 
and has issue, 

II. Helen. m. Anna. 

IV. Bmma. t. Harriet 

Jrm»— Quarterhr : 1st and 4th, axvent, on a bend, rfnister, 
cottised, sable, three wolves* headis, erased, for Lows, of 
Bromsgrove; Snd and 8rd, erm., on a fos se, sa., a cartk^ 
triple towered, arg., for Hill of Court of WL 

Crest — ^A demi-griffin, rampant, or. 

Jf ot4o— Spero meUoia. 


Lowe, Arthub-Cbarlbs, Eaq. of Court of HUl, 
oo. Salop, J^. and D.L,, retired ool. her majesty's 
service, and late major 16th lanoera, 6. 80 Aug. 
1796; m. 1st, 16 Feb. 1841, Mary, dan. of Benjamin 
Flounders, Esq. of Cahnington, oa Salop ; and 2nd)y, 
8 Sept. 1846, Caroline-EIioabeth, dau. of Thomat 
Baker, Esq. of Ashhurst Lodge, Tunbrid^ WeOs; 
by the latter he has issue, 

I. Abithvb-Hill, b, 18 Deo. 1847. 
I. Mary. n. Caroline. 

UL Agnes-Gonstanee. 

Col. Lowe is 2nd son of the laie Thomaa-Homphrey 
Lowe, Esq. of Brom^groye. {Prf^ to the prtmmg 

Ams^ &a— Beejpreoeding Artide. 

^SmI— Court of Hil^ near Tenbury, co. Sslopw 


SvLBT-LowNDSB, WiLUAH, Esq. of Whaddon Hall 
and Winslow, oo. Bucks, J.P. and D Ji., 6. 5 Nov. 
1807 ; m. Ist, 28 June, 1882, Lucy, eldeat dau. of 
Isaao-RawlingB Hartman, Esq., Coldstream-guards, 
and by her (who d. 21 Oct. 1852) has issue, 

I. WiLLiioi, b. IS Nov. 1836. 

n. John- William-Fleetwood, 6. 24 Nov. 1838. 

III. Charles- William-Beresford, b. ?4 Oct 1843. 

IV. Octavius-WilUam-Cotton, b. 11 Sept. 1846. 
I. Clara-Essex. 

IT. Lucy-Isabella. 

III. Cressida-Elizabeth. 

IV. Florence- Wynn, 

He m, 2ndly, 20 May, 1854, Clan, 2nd dau. of I.-B. 
Hartman, Esq. Mr. Seiby-Lowndea has served ss 
high sheriff for Bucks. He ia one of the oo-heirs of 
the Barony of Grandison, and also a co-heir of the 
Barony of Montacutb. He has petitioned Her 
Majesty to determine the abeyance of the latter in 
his favour, and the dAim ia now before iht Houit 
of Lorda. 



SdltXfft. — ^WiLLiAU tiOWNBKs, a sclon of the anei«tit 
fudlj of LowndM of Leigh Hall, co. Gheetet, settled at 
Wiaalow, in Bucks, early in the 16th century. He m. 1676, 
Jime Croke^ and had a son and saooeesor, 

WnxiAM JjofWKvn, Esq. b. in 1585, who m. Franoes 
WeDdoTer, and was «. at his decease in 1654, by his son, 

RoasBT Lowin>B8, Esq. b. in 1619, who, dying in 1688, 
kft, fay Maxgaret hia wife^ a sou and heir, 

WnMAM liOWHDBB, £sq., the well known financier, who 
«as sBsiBisgy to the Tveasary. He m. Ist, Elisabeth, dau. 
of 8ir Bogsar Hanneit, Knt., and by her (who d. in 1680) 
had a son, Bobxbt, his heir. He m. 9ndly, in 1688, Jane 
H<^yper, by whom (who d. in 1685) he had a dau., Anne, 
h. In 1684, who married: and Srdly, Elisabeth, dan. of 
BUbard Martyn, D.D., by whom (who d. in 1689) he had 
and one dan., namely. 

William, of Astwood Buiy {tee JjoynmMa-t^TGSMqf Bright' 

BUtabb^th, A. in 1688; m. to Thomas Duneombe, Esq*, end 
d. in mSL 

■r. Lowftdes m. 4thly, in 1691, Bebeooa, dau. of John 
Shales, Bsq., and had (with six other sons and seven daus.), 

CBASLa% ancestor of the fimiily of Lgwhdss of Ckeshem, 
{m mext artkU.) 

Qaeen Aanra, in consideration of his eminent services, con- 
tnnrad upon Mr. Lowndes, who was many years a member 
of the House of Commons, and Chairman of Ways and 
Xestts, and to whom the nation is indebted for originating 
the funding system, the office of auditor of the land revenue, 
for life, In vsTenion to his sons, with an augmentation to 
his ooat of arms. His eldeet son, 

BoBXBT LowHDSS, Esq., of Winalow, Bucks, bapt there 
in 1678* d. in 1787, leaving by Margaret his wife, a son and 

BiOHABD LowNDSB, Bsq. of Winslow, high sheriff of Bucks 
in 174S, and M.P. for that county in 1742. He m. Essex, 
yaongest daxi. and co-heir of Charles Shales, of London, by 
Anne his wifSe, ioA dan. and co-heir of Thomas Barrington, 
Esq., son of Sir John Barrington, Bart of Bairington Hall, 
who was 8rd in descent from the marriage of Sir Thomas 
Bsnington, of Banington Hall, with the Hon. Winift:«d 
Pole, granddau. and co-heir of Maxgaret Plantagenet, 
Countess of Salisbuxy, dau. and sole heir of George, Duke 
of Clarenoe, brother of King Edward IV. («m Bvbkx'b Royal 
FamUiei, Pedigree lt.) By this lady Mr. Bidiard Lowndes 
kft a son and soecessor, 

Wtluam Lowndcb, Bsq. of Winslow and Whaddon, 
Bocks, who took the name of Belbt ; he m. 1766, Mary, 
dan. and co-heir of Thomas Goostrey, Esq. of London, by 
Mary his wife, eldest dau. and co-heir of Thomas Ansell, 
Bsq. of Hitffhfw^^n, and Mary his wife, sister and heir of 
John Fleetwood, Esq. of Missenden Abbey, Bucks, and by 
her (who d. in 178Q had iasiM, 

L WuxjAM , his heir. 
II. Bobertk 

m. Bicfaa(d,A.M., vicar of Swanboume. 
IV. Thomas, LL.B., in holy orders, x«ctor of North 

L Mary, m. to the Bev. Thomas Howard, A.M. 
iL Anne. ni. Klisaheth. 

IV. Vm»£, ▼. LydlfL 

▼I. Clara. 

Mr. Selby-Lowndes d. in 1818, and was s. by his son, 

Wouam-Sblbt LowBDn, Esq. of Whaddon Hall, M.P. 
fer Budca» 1807-20, who m. 25 Aug. 1806, Ann-Eleonora- 
IsAbeOa, dim. of the Rev. Graham Hanmer, vicar of Ban- 
ner, Flintshire, and by her (who d. 80 April, 1852} had issue, 

I. Wiluam-Sklbt, now of Winslow and Whaddon. 
a Thomas-William, b. 8 Oct 1810. 
iiL Biehard-William, 6. 2 Oct 1811 ; m. 82 Feb. 1842, 
Mary-Buaaa, dau. of the Bev. William Fletcher, and has* 

1 Richard. 

1 Mary-Isabella-Maria. 2 Eleonora-Anna. 

8 Bophia-Bdith. 4 Emily-Haixiette. 

IV. H«irry-Wil1iam, b. SOBept 1812. 

V. Bdward-William, 6. 9 Sept 1813 ; m. 23 Sept 18S4, 
Mary-EUasbeth, daaa. of Isaao^B. Haxtinsin» Esq., and has 

1 William-Seymour, b. 81 July, 1888. 

2 Owen-Cbarlos, b. 10 Dea 1848. 
8 Meyrick-Edward, 5. 1848. 

1 Mary-IaabellA. 2 Mary-Meyriek. 

8 Lucy. 4 Clara-EUsabeth. 

VI. Charles- William, In holy orders, b. 10 Nov. 1815 ; m^ 
t Nov. 1844, Laiira-Anne, dau. of Thomas Delves 
Btattghtun, Eiq., and has issuer 

1 Cbai1e»>WtIUaB. 

1 Henrietta^ane. 1 

8 Cdara-Elisabeth. 

Mr. Bdhy-LowndM d. 18 May, 1840. 

ifrms— Arg., fretty, ax, the Interlaefoff eaeh dhargvd wftfa 
a bezant, on a canton, gu., a leopard's heady erased at the 
neck, or. 

On$t-^A leopard's held, as In th« ania, gorged with • 
laurel braneh. ppr. 

g— I Whaddon Hall, Winslow, Bucks. 


Lowndes, William, Bsq. of Chesham, oo. BnolUi 
J.P. for BuckB and Herts, D.L. for ihb former oo., 
and high-sheriff 1848, of Trin. HaU, Camb., B.C.L. 
1832, 6. 24 Nov. 1807 ; m. Ist, 12 Aug. 1830, Mary- 
Harriet, 3rd dau. of Kender Mason, Esq. of Bell 
House, Amersham, and bj her (who d. 18 April, 
1836) has two sona^ 

I. WiLUAx, b. 28 May, 1884. 

n. Joseph, b. 2 July, 188ft, lieiit 20th regt 

He m. 2ndl7, 10 June, 1887, Martha, 8id dau. of 
Robert Sutton, Esq. of Bossway, Herts, and bj her 
has issue, 

I. James, ft. 8S AprQ, 1888. 

n. Geoiige, ft. 18 Aug. 1848. 

L Katherine-MartSy, deceased. 

n. Clara. m. Mazy. 

IT. Hune. 

Mr. Lowndes* petition for the ancient Baronj of 
Monthermer is before the conunittee of privilegea 
of the House of Lords. 

ILttUa0t« — Charlbs Lowkdu, Esq. of Chesham, eo. 
Bucks, secretary of the Treasury, son of Wiluam Lowndw, 
Esq., also secretary of the Treasury in 1662 (by Bet)ecca 
his 4th wife, r^er to the preceding article), m. Anne, eldest 
dau. and co-heir of Charlee Shales, Esq. of London, l^ Anne 
his wife, dau. of Thomas Barrington, 4th in descent fmn 
the marriage of Sir Thomas Barrington, of Barrington Hall, 
Essex, with the Hon. Winifk«d Pole, granddau. and co-heir 
of Margaret Fkmtagenet, Countess of Salisbury, dau. and 
sole heir of George, Buke of Clarence, brother of King 
Edwabd IY. (u4 Bujuce'S Mayal Familie»t Pedigree xxti). 
By this lady Mr. Secretary Lowndes was father of 

WiLUAM Lowndes, Esq. of Chesham, a commissioner of 
excise, who m. Lydia-Mary, dau. of Robert Osborne, Esq., 
commissioner of the navy, and had a son and successor, 

William Lowkdes, Esq. of Chesham, who m. Harriet- 
Wilson, dau. of John Kingston, Esq. of Biokmanswortb, 
Hert§, and left issue, 

I. William, his heir, now of Cheeham. 

II. Bev. Charles, of Trin. ColL Camb , M.A., rector of 
Hartwell and Little Hampden, Aylesbury, B\icks, m. 
Jane, dau. of the Bev. Thomas Walker, rector of Stan- 
don, Stafford. 

III. William-Hwuy. 

IV. Joseph. 

I. Mary, m. to Oapt Charles Eaton, 
n. Elisabeth, m. to Rev. Charles-Henry lV]er,M.A., rector 
of Chelwood, near Bristol. 
III. Harriett, n, to Capt Thomas Roberts. 
IY. Geoigiana. 

Mr. Lowndes d. in 1848. 

ArvM—{A9 engraved In Burkb's Att^korited Armt). Quar* 
terly : Ist and 6th, Lowitobs, as in last article ; !ind, Sualbs^ 
gu., six escallops, ai^g., three, two and one ; 8rd, Barring- 
ton, arg., three dievTons gu., a label of as many points, as ; 
4th, Pols, per pale or, sa., a saltlre, engr., countercbangod; 
6th, Plantagenet, gu. three Uons passant guardant) or. 

CV8<^— As Lowndes of Whaddon. 

Motto— Wajs and Means. 

Seat— The Bury, Chesham, Bucks. 


LowNDBB, James, Esq. of Arthurhe, co. Renfrew, 
J.P., 6. 1822 ; capt. in the Prince of Wales* royal 
regiment of Renfrewshire militia, appointed in 1868 
to the hon. corps of gentlemen-at-arms ; m. 1859y 
Eleanor-Jane, dau. of John Marston, Esq. 



ft{SK80t* — ^Thfii femOy to of ancient origin, and of 
Norman extraction, and appears to have Mttledat an early 
period in the oo. of York, the name of Lowndea (Lownde 
or Lounde, aa it was formerly written), of Cave, of Holder- 
neaae, of Thometon in the Benes, and of Harewood, con- 
tinually nocuning in the commisisiona of Array for that 
county in the ISth and 14th centuries. We find this family 
also settled at a very early period in the county of Chester, 
and from a younger branch of this family descended 

James Lowndes, Esq. of Arthtirlie (youngest son of 
Matthew Lowndes, Esq.), who purchased Arthurliefrom his 
nephew, John Lowndes, Esq., son of his elder brother John. 
He m. Katharine, eldest dau. of Joseph Taylor, Esq. of 
Dorsetshire, whose grandfather was for n^ny years mem- 
ber for that county. Mr. Lowndes d. 27 July, 1818, leaving 

WiuuAif , hto heir. 



John, in holy orders, M.A. of Queen's Coll. Oxford, m. 
Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. J. Bartholomew, of North- 
amptonshire, by whom he had issue two sons, John, an 
ensign in the 47th foot, and James-Bartholomew. 


The eldest son, 

William Lowndes, Esq. of Arthurlie, J.P. and D.L., m. 
1817, Janet, dau. of Adam Keir, Esq., banker, of Paisley, 
and d. Nov. 1849, leaving issue. Jambs, now of Arthurlie ; 
Adam-Keir, d. 81 Jan. 1856 ; Isabella ; and Katharine. 

.^riM— Arg., fretty, aa., on a canton, gu., a lion's head, 
erased, or. 

Oreit^—A lion's head, erased, or, with a wreath of laurel, 

i8«a(— Arthurlie, near Benfrew, N.B. 

{See Lowndbs-Stohb.) 


LowNDBS, Geo ROB- Alan, Esq. of Barrington Hall, 
00. Essex, D.L. for Essex, and J.P. for that co. and 
Herts, high-sheriff of Essex 1861, b, 28 May, 1829 ; 
m. 13 Nov. 185G, Helen-Emma, 2Dd dau. of Uie late 
Rev. Arthur- Johnson Danyellof Rampisham Manor, 
CO. Dorset (by Elizabeth his wife, only child and 
heiress of John Daniell, Esq. of Hendford House, 
Somersetshire), and has issue, 

T. ALAK-OABDinEB, b. 21 Aug. 1857. 

n. Alan-Herbert- Watlington, 6. 4 July, 1859. 

Mr. G.-A. Lowndes, whose patronymic is Clatton, 
assumed the name and arms of Lowndbs on succeed- 
ing to the estates of the late Thomas Lowndes, 
Esq. of Barrington Hall. 

Uttlf Sflt* — Gbobgx Clayton, Esq. of Lostock Hall, co. 
Lancaster, by Dolly his wife, youngest sister of the 1st 
Lord Gaxdner, and widow of Robert Barrie, Esq., was 
father of 

William Clayton, Esq. of Lostook Hall, b. 18 June, lYOO ; 
who m. in 1828, Mary, dau. of Bdwabd-Chadwick Oorst, 
Esq. of Preston (of whom hereafter), and by her who d. 
18 Jan. 1842, had issue, 

I. Osobos-Alan, the mvsent Mb. Lowhdvs, of Barrinarton 

II. Edward-fiarington, in holy oixiers, M.A. 

III. William-Barrfe. 

IT. Valentine-Oardner, lleut. royal engineers. 
▼. Francis-Stai-kie. lieut. B.N. 

L EUsa-Dolly, m. SO April, 1846, to Capt Charles-Edward 

II. Mary-Caroline. 
iiL Frances-Hildred. 

dTamils at EofDiitreir. 

RoBBBT LowKDBs, of O^orton (grandson of John 
LowNBis, of Overton, and Alice his wife, dau. of Bandle 
Bode, of Bode, and only son of John LowNnss, of the same 
plaoe, by AUoe, dau. of Robert Stephenson, of Balby, eo. 
LincoInX m. Eleanora Ravon, and had a son and heir, 

WiLLL^M Lowndes, of Overton and Lea, who m. Elisa- 
beth, dan. and oo4ieir of Ralph lA>wndes, of Hadley and 
Lea, and had iastie, 

I. Jmdt, of Orerton and Lea, who hv Aim his wife, had 
an <m]y child Sarah, who m. Awusnam OmrehiU. ind 
had issue. She sold Lea and Overton to her vaxdm, 

IL Samuel, drowned 1707. 

in. BoBKBT, of whom presently. 

lY. Thomas, who purchased Overton. He founded the 
professorship of astronomy at Cambridge. 

The Srdson, 

BoBSBT LowNBSs, Esq., purchased Lea, from bisidMs 
Sarah. By Buth Oraves, his ikret wife, he bad an only 
child, Elisabeth, who d. ». p. He m. Sndly, Vary, dao. of 
— Kenyon, and widow of the Bev. W. Tvurton, and h«l 

Edward, of CJharleston. 

BoBCBT, of Lea and Paltexton, m. Eliiabeth, dan. sad e./- 
heir of Bichard Milnes, of Chesterfield, and by her wIm 
d. in 1769, had with a son, Mihiee, d. «. p., «t M, 
another son the late Thomas Lowhdsb, Esq. of Barring- 

Maby, m. Cbabwiok Oobst, Esq. <tf Preston, and d 1804, 
having had issue, by him (who d. 1707). 

1 EnwABn GoBST, Esq. of PrsBtoD, who by EUssbsih Us 
wife, dau. oi James wiggleeworth, Esq., had issue, 

1 Thomas, of Falterton, who took the name of 

2 Edwabd-Chaddook, who assained the name of 
Lowndes, and by Eliza his wife has issue. 

1 Elisabeth. 

S Barbara-Jane. 

8 Maby, who m. William Clattor, Esq. of Loetod 

Hall, and was mother of the present Mb. Lowvdsi 

of Barrington HalL 
4 Dorothy-Anne, m. William-Adam Hnlton, Iiq., 

bam'ster-at-law, and had issue. {Sm Huuox tf 


^rm*— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, Lowndks, aiv-t tnAltv, la, 
on a canton sa , a lion's head, erased, or ; nid and Srd, 
C!layton, arg., a cross, engrailed, aa., between four tn^ 

0««to— LowNnss, a lion's head erased, or; Clattos. a 
dexter arm, embowed, the hand graspinsr a dagger, the poiok 
to the dexter, all anN 

£to(— Barrington Hall, Halfleld» Broad Oak^ Bvez. 


LowRT, Robert- William, of Pomeroy House, oo. 
Tyrone, J.P. and D.L., high-sheriff co. Tyrone, 1812, 
b. 1787 ; m. 6 Feb. 1815, Anna, only dan. of Admiral 
Samuel Graves, the elder brother of Sir Thomas 
Graves, E.B., and has had issue, 

I. BoBKBT-WiLLiAM, B.A., J. P., barrister-at-Uw, Ugh 
sheriff eo. Tyrone, 18.')2; m. 7 July, 186S. Fnmctt, 
youngest dau. and oo-heir of Benjamin Oeole-findy, 
Esq. of Mount Oeale, co. Kilkenny, and has had issue, 

1 Bobert-Oeale, 6. 81 Oet 1853 : d, 1 A|nfl, 1851 
8 Bobert-Thomas-OraYes, 6. 17 Jan. 1867. 
1 Mary-Anne-Catherine. 
8 Another dau. 

IT. John-Fetherstonhaugh, B.A., barrister-at Uw, m. 
18 Sept. 1854, Dorothea-Elisa, dau. of W.-J. Moon, 
Esq., and relict of Oeoxge Folliott, Esq. of YicsnCroM, 
CheiOiire, and has issue a dau., Anna-Graves. 

XII. Thomaa-Oraves, an officer in the B.B., killed tt 
Sebastopol, 7 Jime, 1855. 

L Hester, m. 27 May, 1868, the Bev. Richard Johnston, 
inciunbent of Omoathe, co. Armagh (his 2nd wife). 

n. Eliaa-Catherine, tn. 9 Jan. 1858, Capt J.-Herbert 
Armstrong, of Elildare, King's Go. 

III. Anna^ane. 

ftincaffe.— This is a junior branch of the Earl of Bel- 
more's family, and claims to be descended from a commoo 
ancestor with the family of Laubis o/ Maxtedton^ BsrtA, 
now extinct in the male line. The name is met with 
written yariously Laiuie, Laurey, Laury, Lowry, Lovnj* 
and Lowray. 

Btkphcw Laukis, purchased the estate of Marwelton, 
near Dumfries, from the Earl of Glenoaime ; he had thn* 

I. John, of MaxweUon, whose son was created a bsroMi 
in 1685. 

II. Bobert^ who settled in Cumb«rland, and was tb« pr»- 

Snitor of the Lowrys of that county, one of whom wm 
rs. Chantoy, whoee dau. m. in the early part of tbo 
present century a brother of the then Earl of Ej^iuUA. 

III. James, settled in li-eland. 




Jaibb liAummw, Laubt, or Lowbt (hii name appean 
ipait in e«di of theae wajjrs). aetttod at BaUiiuigony, oo. 
lynma, and dying Intestate in the year 1065, letters d 
adminifltnitioD to him were granted, 18 Dea 1668, to hia 
mm and heir, 

Jon Lavekt or Lowbt, who being the aaalftnee of the 
m sa i a of pay doe to one of the royalists' (or 1649> officers, 
nedvad oompeDsation after the Restoration. He settled 
«l Ahenla, oo. T^rxone. He m. Ist, Mary, dau. of James 
Bnfihanan, Ssq., a Soottiah lady, and by her he had issue, 

L BoBSBT, of whom presently. 

n. John (oaptX of Ardee, oo Louth, he la. Mary, dau. of 
Heniy Townley, Rsq. of Aclare^ co. Louth, and widow of 
~ Foolkea, Saiq., and d. «. p. in 1698. His widow remar- 
ried Jsmea Bomerville, Esq. 

I. GMherina^ ai. Samuel Peny, Esq. of Hoyloughmore, oo. 

n Rabeoca, av WilUam Moore, Esq. of Drumond, oo. 

m. Anna, m. Bobert MoGlintook, Esq. of Castmes, oo. 

rr. Jaas, «i. John McCUntoek, Esq. of Trintagfa, oo. 

Mr. Lowiy m, Sndly, Jane, dau. of Sir Hugh Hamilton, of 
Bdlyfattoo, 00. Tyrone, Knt, but by her had no Issue. 
Mr. Lowry and hia wife were in Londonderry during the 
imona oeiga in 1689, and he d. there, having on 84 June, 
1689. aaade a nuncupatiYe will, which was proved 28 June, 
1893, by his elder son, ^ 

RoBBRT LowBT, Esq. of Ahenis, one of the Commis- 
ihmorB for the ooa. Armagh and Tyrone, appointed to raise 
tt» anoimt of the sums charged on those counties under 
the statute 10 William III, cap. 3. He m. Aune, dau. of 
tte Rer. James Sinclair, of Hollyhill, co. Tyrone, by his 
wife, Anne, dan. of Jamea Galbraitb, of Magevelin, Esq., 
M.P., for 81 Johnstown, 1671 to 1698, and had issue, 

L John, b. 169& d. anU 1784, tmm. 

n. Robert^ of Melbury, oo. Donegal, M.P. for Strabane, 

1761, d. $. p. 
111. Oalbraith, ft. 1706; m. in 1783, Sarah, Snd dau. of 

John Cony, Esq., and eo-heir to her farotiier Edward- 

hfflie Corry, Esq., H.P., and by her was &ther of Armar, 

let Lord Behnore {§ee Bubkk's Pterufe). 
IT. Jamss, in iuAy orders, of whom presently. 
I. laabella, m. Henry Crawford, Esq. of Carnally, near 

n. Maiy, «». Gharlea Eocles, Esq. of Pintona. 

Th* Rbv. Jamx8 Lowst, of TuUyhog, b, in 1707, rector 
cf Clo^emy, and afterwards of Desertcreight, oo. Tyrone, 
I. there in 1787. He la. Hester, elder dau. at John 
Biebardaoo, Eaq. of Rich HUl, co. Armagh, and sister of 
Mary, Lady Goaford, and by her (who d. in 1771) had 

L RoBBBT, of Pomeroy, of whom presently. 

n. John, in h<^ orders, rector of Cloghemy. m. in 1773, 
ifcissnnah, only child and heiress of the Kev. George 
Underwood, rector of Kencott, Oxfordshire, and had 

1 The Rev. James Lowry, rector of Cloghemy, b. 
3 April. 1778 ; d. 4 Not. 1852. He m. Harriet, daiL- of 
Jamea Duberley, Eso. of Ensham Hall, Oxfordshire, 
by whom (who d. 6 Jan. 1843) he had isaue^ an only 

Hairiet-Martha, m. Owen Jackson, Esq., barrister«t- 
law, now deceased. 

S Jane Lowry, m. in 1805, Charles-Prederiok Barnwell, 

in. jAjns, l^tnn whom the Rookbalb branch. 
L Hester, m. Thomas Dickson, of Woodville, Esq., M.P. 
tor CO. Leitiim. 

The eldest eon, 

RoBBBT Lowbt, Esq. of Pomeroy, 5. S Oct 1748 ; cf. in 
1808, haTtng m. In 1777, BUaa, dau. of M^jor William Tighe, 
at BsUyahannon, and lay her (who d. in 1822) had issue, 

1. Jamea, an oflloer in 14th Ught-draguona, b. in May, 
in8: d. vnia. in 1807. 

n. RoBBBT-WnxiAM. now of Pomeroy. 

m. John, of Hardwicke Place, Dublin, formerly an 
ofieei in the Sth regt^ 

IF. Armar, of Hardwicke Plaoe^ formerly an ofBoer in the 
46th n«t. 

▼. William, of Drumreaah, near Dungannon, oo. Tyrone, 
formerly an officer in the royal navy; served as'lieut 
en board the yseht of hia M4eaty King Gbobob IV. ; m. 
lasbella, dan. of the Rev. Jolm Graham, rector of Pome- 
roy and Mollinagore, ea Tyrone, and has had issue, 

1 Boberi-WnUam, lieut-col. 47ih regt, m. Emily, dau. 
of the liKte Sir Heniy-G. Ward, lord high commis- 
iloner of the Ionian Isles, and afterwards governor of 
Ceylon, and haa had Issue, 


Robert-SwInbomiM, ft. 4 Mnvh, 18M» 

William-Henry, 6. 1866u 
Heniy, 6. 86 Jan. 1859. 
Another son, ft. 88 May, 188S. 

Another daiL 

9 William. 

8 John-Henry. 

4 James- Armar, late oapi 47th regt, d. 94 April, 186L 

6 AmuuvGraham, an oSoer in the army. 

1 Anne, d. yonng. 

2 KUiabeth. 
8 Isabella. 

4 Maxy-Qraoe, d. 90 Feb. 1897. 

Jrm»— 8a., a enp argent, with a garland of lanrel be h ree a 
two branchea of toe same, all iasolng thereout, ppr. 

Crt9t — ^Two laurel branchea interfrotted, ppr. 

Motion — Virtus semper viridls, uid over the ereet, 
Floreant LaurL 

£ea<«— Pomeroy House, Pmneroy, oo. Tyrone; and Bel- 
more, oo. Westmeath. 


Lowbt, Jamb-Corbt, Esq., A.B., barrirter^it-law, 
ft. 1 Not. 1809 ; m. Ist^ Dorinda, 2nd dau. of the 
late James Jones, Eaq. of Mount Edward, oo. Sligo, 
captain co. Sligo militia^ and by her (who d. 8 Feb. 
1845) had issue. 

T. jAms-OoBRT-JoHvs, ft. 96 Juno, 1885, Ueut. RA., 

with which he serred against the mutineers in India, 
n. Edward-LesUe-Bamwell, 6. 87 May, 1887, oapt 41st 

regt. served at the siege of Sebastopol, including the 

storming of the Redan, 
m. Thomas-Pepper, 6. 18 July, 1889 ; d. Jan. 1847. 
IT. Geoige-Pepper, 6. 29 July. 1843. 
T. John-Bobert-ColTill, 6. 19 Deo. 1844. 
I. Harriett, m. 80 Jan. 1868^ Michaet-Obina-Seeley Jones* 

Esq. (his 8nd wife). He d. 5 April, 186a 
xu Eliaa. 

Mr. Lowry m. 2udly, Ellen, widow of George Gamble, 
Esq., which lady d. 8 Sept. 1849 ; and SrdJy, in 1850, 
Jaue, elder dau. of Booth Jones, Esq. of Sligo, by 
whom he has a son, 

Somerset-Thomas-Oony, ft. SI March, 1866. 

Sr{lStX0t* — Jamsb Lowbt, Bsq. of Rockdale, oo. Tyrone 
(3rd son of the Bot. Jamee Lowry, of Deeertoreight, am 
Lowar df Fomenjf), m. in 1785, Martha, dan. of the Right 
Rev. James Leslie, D.D., Bishop of Limerick, by his wife 
Joice, dau. of Anthony, and sister and OTentual heir of 
Thomaa Lyster, Bsq. of I^^terfleld, co. Roeoommon (Mrs. 
Lowry was sistar of Sir Edward Leslie, Bart., to whom, by 
the decease, without isaue, of his only child. Lady Douglas 
Gordon Hallyburtun, she became in her descendants co- 
heirX By this lady (who d. in Dea 1881) Mr. Lowxy had 

I. jAxn, of whom presently. 

I. Hester, «i. WUliam-Chaigneau Ck>MIl, Esq., an eminent 
merchant tn Dublin, and a director of the Bank of Ire- 

Mr. Lowry d. 7 Jan. 1790, and was suooeeded by his only 

Jamku Lowbt, of Rockdale, Esq., ft. in 1787 ; m. 1st, 
Harriet, youngest dau. of Thomas Pepper, Esq. of BaUy- 
garth Castle, oo. Meath, and by her (who d. 18 April, 1834) 
had issue, 

I. Jambs-Cobbt, now of Rockdale. 

u. Thomas, d. youug. 

ui. Edward-Leslie, ft. 1811 ; d. unm. 9 Not. 1838. 

IT. Thomas-William, ft. 1814; d. unm. 81 July, 1869. 

T. Robert, d. young. 

Ti. Hercules, ft. 1817 ; d. wtm. S7 July, 1861. 

TU. Armar, ft. 8 May, 1821, adjutant 8nd Tower Hamleta 
volunteers, formerly a capt. in 80th regt ; m, Jane, 8nd 
dau. of Joseph Oreer, Esq. of Tlie Grange, mi^or in tuo 
Tyrone artillery militia, and has had issue, 

1 Mary-Jane, d. 80 Jan. 1801. 

8 Haniet-Pepper. 

8 Bmily-Loulsa, d. 19 April, 1866, an infant. 

Tin. OctaTius, ft. 86 Dec 1884, adjutant in the Oalway 
militia, late a capt in 96th regt., and aide-de-camp to the 
late IJeut-Gen. iSir Richard Arm8ti*ouff, commander-in- 
chief at Madras ; m. 84 Nov. 1861, Arabella, 6th dau. of 
the late James Jones, Esq. of Mount Edward, co. Sligo, 
oapt Sligo militia, and has issuer 



1 ThoniM-PtMMisBnMit, 6. 8 Oet MM. 
S WiUiam-Hay-Talbot, b. S D«o. 1864. 
1 Julia-Bdith-ViTlan. 

n. Robert, b. 6 Not. 18S6 : m. 17 June, 1859; Louiia, dau. 
of the late Thomas Braddell, Esq. 

I. Henrietta-Martha, m. S8 Aug. 1852, her cousin, Heniy- 
Lowry Barnwell, Esq., who d. 80 March, 1858.' 

II. Charlotte, d. unm. in July, 1834. 

ni. Joioe, m. 1st, her cousin, Edward-Leslie ColviU, Esq., 
and 2ndly, Benry-Loltus TottenbAoi, Esq. 

IT. Qeorgina, m. 16 Jan. 1858, William Aeton, Esq., 
nephew of the late Lieut -Ck)L Acton, of West AsUm, 
M.P. for the co. Wicklow. 

V. Mary-LouisBrPepper, d wim, 11 Aqgr. 1850. 

Mr. Lowry m. 2ndly, 15 June, 1835, Emily, eldest dau. of 
Joseph Qreer, Esq., and by her (who d, 88 April, 1851) hftd 

I. Heniy-MacOregor, ft. 17 Dea 1888, lieut. in ISth rcgt 
of foot. 

L Emily. 

II. Martha-Leslie, d. 8 July, 1808. 

Mr. Lowry d. 14 June, 1847. 

.^nn*— The same as Lowbt<i^ Pomeroy, quartering Lislis, 
Abbbmxtht, Lystkb, Boltqv, Bahutcb, Clavtqv, Cbjokd- 
hMB, and Wabbcn. 

Crtat and Mottoe§ — Same as Lowbt cf Pomerof. 

Jettid«n«c«— Rockdale, Sandholes, oo. Tyrone; and No. 48, 
Mountjoy Square, DubUn. 


LowTEN, Thomab-Lowten, Esq. of Hanlej, oo. 
Chester, J.P., 6. 15 July, 1808; m. 2 Deo. 1880, 
Anna-Maria, dau. of Thoxuaa Brasseyi Esq. of Liver- 
pool, and has issuer 


IL Thomas-Wainwright. 

in. Harry. 

L Maria-BUcabeth. 

Mr. Lowten assumed by royal liceno^, in 1880| the 
aurname of Lowten. 

ItitKICSf* — ^The late Thomab-Huuck Robinbok, Esq., 
son of John Robinson and Rebeoea Gkiskell his wife. m. in 
1807, Elisabeth, dau. of Thomas Wainwright, Esq. of Dim- 
ham Massey, co. Chester, by his wife Betty Lowten, sister 
and, in her issue, heir of Thomas Lowten, Esq. of the 
Inner Temple, and by her had issue, 

Thoxas-Lowtkv, who has assumed the surname of Low- 
TVN, and is the present proprietor of Mimley. 
James. Edward. 

Charles, of liveipooL 

Ifefto— Amicis prodesse nemlni nocere. 
S(WC— Manley, co. Chester. 


LowTHER, St. Qeoboe, Esq. of Brading, Isle of 
Wight, representative of the family of Salrue, oo. 
Meath, late of her Majesty's 69th regiment ; m, 1st, 
Mrs. Amos ; and 2ndiy, Mina, dau. of A. Qolding, 
Esq., and has, 

BsRESPOBD-LAKoeLOT, and another son. 

ILiXlttiSit* — '^^^ ^ ^ younger bnmch of the very 
andcnt foraUy ennobled in 1695 under the title of LoNs- 


8iA Chbistopheb Lowtheb, of Lowther, oo. Westmore- 
land (whose eldest son Sir John was great-grandfather of 
the let Lord Lonsdale), had a Sth son William, whose 
great-gztmdson, Willum Lowtubr, Esq., was grandfather 

Obobos Lowthsr, Esq. of Skrine Abbey, ea Meath, who 
m. Frances, dau. of Heniy Piers, Esq. of Tristeniagh, and 
was father of 

BowABD LowTHsa, Esq. <rf Skrine, oo. Meatti, who m. 
Mary, dau. of FalridL Gusack, of Qorardstown, and was 
father of, 

GaoBoa Lowthxb, Esq. of Kilrue, M.P. ; m. Itll, Jaae, 
dau. of Sir Tristram Beresford and sister of the 1st Earl of 
Tyrone («m Pbxragb — WATBaroanX ^nd had, with two 
daus., of whom the younger Sophia m. Rowley Hill, Esq., 
li.P., two sons, 



X. GoBOB^ of whom presently. 

II. Maboub, M.P.. who m. in 1749, Catherlaa, 
heir of Sir Edward Crofton, Bart, assumed the nama 
and arms of Crofton, and was created a Babovbt. 
{8h Pexbagb— Lord CaoiTOir.) 

The elder son, 

GoROBS Lowther, Esq. of Kilrue, for il^ jeais M.P. 
for Meath ; m. Judith Usher, only sister of Loid 8t. G«oig» 
(whose only dau. m. the 2nd Duke of Leinsfeer), by whoa 
he had, with a dau., Sophia, m. to Col. Willian Irrlaa, of 
Castle Irvine, co. Fermansgh, a son and suooesKur, 

Gborob Lowthbr, Esq. of Kilrue, and of Lowther 
Lodge, 00. Dublin ; m. Frances, dau. of Chamhi^- 
Ponsonby, Esq. of Ash Grove, and grandnieoe of 
Ist Earl of Bessborough, by whom he had issuey 

L Gk>BOBB, his heir, of whom presently. 

II. Cbambr^Brabazon-Ponsonby, in holy orden 
Oroheston, Wilts, who m. Miss GoflSn, and d. In 188S» 
having had an only sun, Beresford, who d, young. 

in. William, d. young. 

I. Frances. 

n. Sophia-Jane, Mrs. Alooek. 

ni. Juliana, n». 180S, Capt Thomas Penmddoeke of ttie* 
foot-guards, 8rd eon of Oharlee Penruddoeke. E^, 
M.P., of Compton Ghamberlayna, oa WiUa. (Am that 

Mr! Lowther d. in 178& His eldest son, 

GoROBS Lowthbr, Esq. of Hampton Hall, oo. 
and formeriy of Kilrue, wfaioh he add, M.P. for 
1790-1800, an officer of the 6th dragoon^guards, &. 1740 ; m. 
1st, in Jidy, 1794, Julia, dau. of the Bev. Thomas Hvntfng^ 
ford, and nieoe of Dr. Huntingford. Bishop of Benfbrd, hf 
whom (who d. in 1889) he had Issue, 

I. Ponsonby, in hohr orders, d. wim. in Canada, 19 /oly, 

n. St. Gbobqb, pire s ent rep r e e o ntatlvte. 

m. Btv. Bmmmmtokd, 6. 1818, J. P., B.A. of Bxetsr OoU. 
Oxon, vicar of Vowohurch, near Hereford, 1838, and 
domestic chaplain to the Earl of Lonsdale, «». IStfL 
Laura- Alice, 8rd dau. of Liei^ -Gen. Horsford. 

IV. Brabazon, of Shrigley Park. Maoclesfleld. ChesAifra, 
J. P., B.A. of MertonColl. Oxon, 6. April, 1811, m. Jan. 
1847, Ellen-Jane, only child of the late Thomas Lctfh, 
Esq. of Lyme Park, oo. Chester (SMlAol/am^jf), and has 

1 BaABAZOv, (. 7 Sept. 1847. 

2 William-Gorges, 6. 11 Feb. 1860. 

8 Henry-Crofton, b. 20 March, 1868. 

1 EUen-Bosalie, d. young. 

2 Sophia, d. young. 

8 Bleanor-Constanoe. 

▼. Marcus, of Thornton, Byde, Isleof Wlf^t^ Haul R.H., 

m. Emily, Coimtess of LerdienfiBldt. 
VI. WlUiam-Ponson^, d, in New Zealand in 1848, aged It. 
I. Julia, m. to the Rev. Harry Lee. {Sm Lbb qf 0»tam 

n. Rosalie, ) j ^taim. 

III. Frances-Juliana, j ^^ 

IV. Maud, m. 1st, to Thomas Legh, Esq. of Lyme^ oa. 
CheBter,and 2ndly, to A.-J.-DesohampB urn la Tour, Hsq. 
of Milford, Hants. 

V. Blanche, m. to Allen Dent, Esq. 

VI. Sophia, m. to W.-M. Bridger, Esq. of The Chantry, 
Stratt'ord-on-Avon, and has issue four sooa and aight 

Mr. Lowther afterwards m. 2 April, 1834, Julia, tnd daa. 
of the Rev. Waltor Trevellyan, 2nd son of Sir John Tra- 
vellyan, Bart., and by her, who survives him, had no f 
He d. 23 Feb. 1854, aged 85. 

Arm»— Or, six annulets, sa., three, two, and 
Crest— A dragon, passant, arg. 
if otto— -Magistratus indicat virum. 

See LowTHSB of Kilbub. 


LuARD, Georqe-Augustus, Esq. of Blyborongh 
HaU, CO. Lincoln, J.P., b. 25 Sept. 1824; m. 28 Aqg. 
1855, Maria-Lonisa-Elizabeth, 4th dan. of the Rev. 
Joseph Story of Bingfield, co. Ca?aiL {See tkai 

X^fntSSt* — ^The Luards descend of a Norman funily, 
which came to England at the revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes. The first of the family In England was 

L U A 


Bobot-Abrabam Lvaxd^ from Cam, in Vonumdj, ^o 
settled in London, and m. a Miss Verbeok, by whom he left 

PETRa-ABB&HAM LuABi>, Biq., h. 1b 170S, who became a 
great HambuiiG^ merchants Hewasoneof tiieleadii^men 
<i TiOndon, who signed an addreas to his H^esty Gaoiins II., 
oAring their ae i vlc e e to defend hhn against the Pretender 
is lUk. This gentleman m. lat, Mlos Myra, by whom he 
had a son, Pbtkr-Rgbbrt, of whom presently. He m. 
Sndly, Hanxietta-Gabriella, dan. of the Rev. James-Abraham 
Gilbert* rhaplain to Wh^uam III, by Catherine his wife, 
dan. of Jcdm Pierre Boultier, Esq., and had, beaidQe two 
dans., ese «l to Mr. Davis, and the other to Mr. Gaselet, 

I. ViLLiAic, m. 27 Sept. 1764, Anne, only dan. of John 
Wright, Esq. of Hatfield Fiiory, Essex, and by her ^who 
d. S March, 1799) left at his decease, 29 Jan. 1892, 

1 John. 6. 1 June, 1766 ; m. 17 Aug. 1795, Lucy-Chaxlotte 
Kynaaton. and had issue, 


Peter, d. unin. 

John, C.B., colonel In the Bengal army, m. Iiouisa 

Mitdiett, and has issue. 
Bobort, a judge in India, m. Mariamie, 2nd dan. ot 

liauk-Oen. »ir Idoiua Smith, Bart, 6.^0.8., Q.C.H., 


EUen. Gharlotta. 

Cliiistine. Mary-Aune. 

Florence. Amy-August 

Oiarlotte, tM. to the Bev. Bicihard Downes, who il «. l>. 
ElisM, m, to the Bev. Charles Shuckbux^h. 

3 ret«r, who assiimwd tteadiditiowal surname and aims 
of Wbxo ht on inheriting the estate of Hatficid. He la. 
llazy-Axme Bennett, and had isanie five sona and four 

3 WiLUAM. {See lAiAXDitf The Lodge.) 

1 Maiy-Anne, m. Oct. 1796* to Ctowge-Hyde Wollaston, 

2 Haoiietta, m. to Charlea Brown, Baq^ who chaagod 
hianame to Hunt. 

Mr. Loard d. in 1768. His son, by his fiiat wife, 

Pcnm-BoBKBT Luasd, Bsq., (. 26 Dee. 1727 ; at. Jane, 
daa. ai 7* inhariah Bouiyan, Bsq., a wealthy West Indian 
profnietor, who possessed estates in Granada and St. Kitts, 
sad who, in 174T, parehased the estate of Blyborough, co. 
Uasoln, from the fam&y of Southeote. By this lady Mr. 
Lord bad issae, Petbe^ohh, of whom we treat : Francis, 
n. MIfls Shawe, and had issue ; and Harriet, m. to Hunger- 
ford Spooner, Esq., and d. in 1833. Mr. Luard d. in 1802. 
Bis eldeat sun, 

PBTKa-J<^w LtJABD, Esq. of Blyborough, «. in 1768-4, 
Louisa, dau. <^ Charles Dalbiac, Bsq. of Hungefrord Park, 
Ij his 1st wife, Miss Be Visme, and by her had issue, 

1. Chablcs-Boitrtah, his successor. 
n. Peter, M.D., b. 16 Sept. 1786: m. in 1816, Mary-Magda- 
kme, dsn. of William Morgan, Bsq., and has issue, 

1 Peter>WiUiam, b. in 1817; m. 1st, Emma- Anne, dan 
of C^>t J. Hodson, B.I.C.S., which lady died In 1841. 
He m. 2ndly. Emilia- Virederica, dau. of Major Cromeliu, 
S.I.C.8., and has issue, two sons, and a dau., viz., 
Nevil, 6. in 1S43 ; Peter, b. in 1847 ; and Emilia-Louisa. 

2 Geoiige-Francis. 6. in 1821 ; m. in 1843, Jane, dau. of 
lieut O. Hamilton, and has issue a dau. 

2 Henry-Reynolds, b. in 1828, capt. royal «igineers. 
4 PMIip-Bdwani, 6. in 1881, UeuL &S. 

1 Anne-Louisa, d. unm. in 1819. 

2 Lucy. 

t Maiy. m. In 1849, to Joseph Stilling, Esq. capt. R.N. 

m. Qeovge, 6. ii^ 1788, was nuOor (half-pay) served in the 
Peninnua and at Waterloo, d. unm. iu Dec. 1847. 

IV. John, late licut-eolonel, 10th regt, b. b Mav, 1790; m. 
in 1836, Elisabeth, dau. of — Scott, Esq., and had issue, 

1 Bidiard-George-Amheiakk ^- 89 July, 1827, lient-colouel 

(half pay). 
' -DalUac, 

6. 81 Oct 1831, late of the 82nd regi- 

2 John 

8 Froderio-Peter, b. in 1896. 
4 Chariea-Uenry, b. in 1887. 

1 ElizAbcth-Louisa. 

2 Susan-Anne-Morla. 

▼. Henry, b. 4 Deo. 1792; m. 1&'1825, Jane, dau. of — 
BicharOB, Esq., and has issiie, 

1 Henry-Richard. 2 Charles-William. 

8 William-Richard. 
1 Louisa. 

n. Edward^ holy orders, M.A., St. John's CoU. Oamb., 
rector of Wintoralow, Salisbury, 1840, b. in 1796 ; tn. 
in July, 1821, Julia-Daranda, dau. of Edward Coxe, Esq. 
of Hxunpetead, and has liisuo, 

1 Edward-Charles, k U AprU. 1826. 
1 Euima-Amolia. 2 Julio-Iiouisa. 


yn. Bobert, hte major rojal artlBery. ft. HOck. 1800; 
m. 16 March, 18S77Mai7, dan. of Got Elnhtat, andba* 

1 Robert-Rflginald, n ottoartathcvniy, ft. KMwolv 


2 Charlfls-Bdwanl, ft. 18 Oct 1889. 

Yin. Octavius, M.A. of St John's ColL Oambi, in holy 
orders, b. 21 June. 1804, raotor of Auost^, Linoolnahirei. 
L Louisa. 

Mr. Luard d. 28 May, 1830, and was «. by his eldest son, 

Chablbs-Boubrtav Luabo, Esq. of Blyborough, ft. 16 
April, 1786; m. 28 Ang. 1821, Henrietta, eldest dau. of 
John Armytage, Esq. of Northampton (brother of the late 
Sir Gtooxge Armytage, BartX and had iasue^ 

L OaoBos-AnousTUB, now of Blyboroos^ 
n. John-Qodf^y, 6. 21 Oct. 1829. 

iiL Frederic, ft. 8 Feb. 1881, capt royal vtQIanr, dL 97 
April. 1868. 

IV. Alfred, b. 80 Jan. 1882. 

V. Arthur-Charles, ft. 80 Jan. 1832, B. A. Duxiiam, hi holy 
orders, curate of Witton-le-Wear, Durham. 

I. Henriotte-Louisa, m. April, 1846, to the Rev. Thomas 
Booth Wright, M.A., rector of Brongfaton, Lincolnshire, 
2nd son of the Bev. Godfrey Wright, of Bilham House. 

n. Louisa, d. iinm. 18 April, 1846, aged 19. 

in. Maria-Jane, d. linui. 27 April, IMa, aged 16. 

Mr. Luard d. 26 May, 1866. 

^mw— 8a., a Uon, rampant, srg., holding bq t w w m thA 
fore paws a cinquefoil of the last 
Cfrwe— A heart, gu. , charged with a roae, j>pr. 
Afotto— Prosploe. 
^Mt—Blyborough HaU, lUrtoa-in-Liiid««y, co. UbooIil 


Lfabd^ William-Oabitham, Esq. of The Lodge, 
Witham, co. Essex, J. P., po^-captain KN^ lieut. 
Essex nfle voluDteers, ft. 1820; m. 7 April, 1868, 
Charlotte, Srd dau. <^ the B»y. Bjmry I>u Ohi6^ of 

Hineaflf.— William-Wrioht Luabd, Esq. of The 
Lodge, Witham, co. Essox, J. P. and D.L. (Srd son of 
William Luard, Esq., half-brother of Pate]^Robert Luard, 
Esq. of Blyborough, co. Lincoln, refer to that /ttmilpX ft. 
31 Aug. 1786 ; m. 10 Oct 1816, Charlotte, only child of 
Thomas Gamham, Esq. of Felsham HaU, Sufblk, and dL 
13 Aug. 1857, having issue, 

I. WnxiAM-GABNHAii, uow of The Lodge. 

n. Thomas-Qamham, ft. 24 May, 1821 : m. 10 May, 1847, 

Jane-Anne, dau. of James Inglis, Eeq. of Norwood, 

Surrey, and has a son, Thomas-Iuglia. 
III. Alexander-Ganaham, b. 22 June, 1829 ; d, 2 Aug. fol- 


nr. Frederick -Oamham, d. 4 Feb. 1857. 
V. Bixby-Gamham, 6. 20 Jan. 18S6; m. 01ai»>Iaabena- 

Bandford, dau. of the Bev. John Bramston, vicar of 

Witham, and has a son, Frederick-Bramston. 
I. Charlotte-Gamham, ta. 28 June, 1886, to Jaoob-H. Pat- 

tison, Esq. 
u. HenriettarGamham, m. 25 June, 1844, to Bev. Begl- 

nald-Guy Bryan, and d. 8 Jan. 1849. 

III. Jane-Gamham. 

IV. Elisabeth-Gamham, m. 2 July, 1845, to Bev. Frederiek- 
John-Ross Laurence, of Exeter ColL Oxen, S.O.L. 

V. Mary-Anue-Gamham. 

VI. Helen-Gamham, m. the Bev. William Baynea. 

Armtj ^ —Same as the preceding. 
Seat—Tbid Lodge, Witham, Essex. 


Lucas, The Rev. TnoMAS-BuBTON, M.A. of Has- 
land, CO. Derby, 6. 26 June, 1790; i». 7 June, 1834, 
Anne, dau. of John Cranii Esq. of Kewoastle-on- 
Tyne, and has an only son| 

Bjebnard, b. 4 Aug. 1885. 

%itltH^t» — ^Thoxas Luoas, b. 24 April, 1667, son of 
Bernard Lucas, who d. 11 Sept. 1660, bought Hasland. 
He lu. Miss Elisabeth Ttiomas, prot>rietor, in her own 
right, of several manors and estates in Lincolnshire, once 
the property of the family of Molyneux, and had a son, 

BeaNARD Luoas, Esq., b. at Hasland, 26 Aug. 1708, who 
m. Anno, dau. of Bobert Wood, Esq. of Swanwitjc, oo. 
Derby, and had one dau., Margaret, who d. unm.^ and two 
sons, Thomas, his heir, and Bernard, of Chesterfield, who 
d. unm. He d. 25 July, 1771, and was i. by his elder son, 


L XT'O? 

Tboka* IiVOa% 3a^ «l CbettoHteld mad BtHAaad, J.9. 

and D.L., who in. EUsabeth, dau. of John Baiion, ftq. of 
CheaterfieUU by Aim bis wife, dMl iiiA helrof Bdwaid 
Hatdam, Esq. of Nawbold, and dyin^ S9 Hay, 1818, waa «. 
by hia eldest ion, 

BsBHABD lAJQMB, Isq. «f HfteJimd, b» i4 Avv* 1^97 ; m. 16 
April, 1789, Eaiher-lCaynard, dau. of the late John Lax, 
Bsq. of Bryhobne, oo. York, andhtd iasito, 

Tbomab^Bubtov, no«r of Haabtnd. 

Bornard-lfayaard, of Hifl^fi«kl» eo. Deilm m. U June, 

1825, Eliza, only dau. of tho lata Cafft. John Wood, B-N. 

of Bramling Houae, Kent. 
Esther, m. to William Brodhnnt, Esq. of Newark. 

Mr. Lucas d. 11 Deo. 1840. 

Arm»—Arg.f a obey., ffu., between three ogressesi on a 
ehief, as., amoor-oock of the field, between two croea-croaa- 
tols, or. 

CVett— An arm, ombowed, Tested, sa.. bssautte, sttif atg., 
holding In the head, ppr., a crosSHRosslst» go^ 

Jfott»— Virtuta ardua TlcL 

^(MK^HaalaDd, near Chesterfield. 


LnoAfl^ JoHN-NiOHOLAS, Eaq, of Stout Hall, co. 
Glnaore^, J.P. and D.L., lieat.-ooL royal Qla- 
morgan militia, b. 1781 ; m, Ist, in 1816, Mary, dan. 
of Edward Kiobaida, fiaq.; and 2ndly, in 1824, 
Letitia, 8rd dan. of Niobolaa-Loftaa Tottenham, 
Esq., M.P. of Olenfam Hall, oo. Lsitrim {aee Tor- 
TXNHAM of BaUyewnry). By the former lady (who d, 
in 1822) he had an only child, 

MABT-CATBzanra, m. 10 Deo. 1848, Bdward*Rsb«rt Wood, 
Esq. of Bryn-HsTody Caermarthenshivs, Uaat-oolvnal 

UlntftBt.— Thia fsmily dalms deseMil from tibai of 
Lord Lneaa, Baron of Sbsafteld, in Bsssx, temp. I, 
and has been seated In Olamoi^gfanshire for two oentories. 
Hknbt Lucas, Esq. of Cheriton, high aheriif of the co. In 
1744, was father of John LtroAs, Esq. oL Stout Ball, hij^ 
sheriff in 1778, whom. Miss Nioholaa of ^trth, and left an 
only suryiving woax and heir, 

John Luoas, Esq. of Stout Hsll, high shexiff in 1798. He 
m. in 1779, Catherine, dau. of WilUam Powell, Esq. of Olsn- 
neth, 00. Cssnnarthen, by whom he left issue, at hia death 
In 1881, 

I. Jomr-NiOHc^Af^j)OOT.of8kMi^HaIl. - 

n. HsHBT, of tTpisndS, to. dnamot^|an,J'. P., high sheriff 
184% sk lst».15 Jto; 1819, PaavUnotiUh d«u,ef Ponsonbr 
Totfenhom. Esq., M.P.'(Me;ToTTSHKAii>, andbyher^ «ho 
d. 188^ had Issue^ 

1 HeBTy-Loftus-Tbfttenham', d. in 1840. 

S Bev Jomr-PoHsovBT, B/'A. 0;kxm, reotST'Of • llhAssOl, 

near Swansea, and vioar of LlaDgennith, 1866, b. 1823; 

Sk 1868. Bebseea, dao. of the late Bs«{ T..MMilMwl{ 

and hasiCharlea-Oardnei^Tottenham, W 1869^ and other 

1 Caroline-Catherine, m. Sir John-Oardner WillKUtaon. 

D.C.L., F.R.8t 
a Maria^Elisabelh. 
8 liOUiaa^Mary, m. P. Cardew, EiK|, 
4 Harriet-Sussnaah. 

Ha sw Sadly, S6 April, 1887, Caroline, dan. of Bobert 
James. Esq. of Wyks House, eo. J>9rBeW sad has further 
issue, Edword-^icholsa and Hepriatta. • 

I. Harriet-Anna. 

II. Caroline, m. in ISiS, to B. Jones, Esq. , 
in. Matllda-Jaue. 

ifirHts«>-Ax9., a fessa, batwesBiix annnlsis, gtk • 
Crtft^-'K vi^enk. wiiii0iierectL / 

Jlo<(o— Bespiee finem. 
Astti— Stout Hall, near S^^ansea, Olamoi^ganshl^ 


LvoAK, Tbb Bioht Host. Edward, of Castle Shan^ 
00. Monagban, J.P., high sheriff 1617, M*P. lotr Ui* 
oo. llooaghan, 1834-41, and Under Seoratary of Statft 
for XreUod 18!41-6; awom of the PriTy Council 
thore 1S46» h. 87 Sept 1787 ; ei. 1813, Anne, find 
dan. of William Rnxton, Ebq. of Ardee House, co. 
Louth, M.P. for Ai^ee (see RorroM), and hto ianie, 

I. Frands, formerly es^ Mlh rsgi., <k wmh. In 18411 

Ueot. S8t^regt . •• 

in. Fitaherbert-Daore, mi^Jor in ftho anay, m. M Mqr* 
1852, Laura-Adelaide, ouly child of lieut-Col. Joha- 
Luoy Soudamore, of Kentchuroh Coost, oo. Htrtfori 
(see that famUy\ and had issue (by her, who »« Sadly, 
J. Ponagai^ Xa^ erOeikX ■d^aKd-fleadsinsre, k iiBl 
Major Luoaa d. 80 flqit. 18iVi of a >iNrabd rss«iTs4 si 

!▼. Charles-Piampont, oai>t« Bengal K.L« h. 1886. 

T. Oould-Arthur, late oapt 78rd regt, nov RM. tf 
Lower Ucomanzi, Natal, b, 1889 ; m. in 18»7. CbristaOMUak 
dau. of William Allen, Esq. of LiscoDgill, oo. Cork. 

L Catherine- Anne, m. 185S, to Samuel Fitsherbert PUffas, 
Esq., J.P. of HiUsborougb, oo. Down. 

n. Anna-IsabeUa. 

m. Issbella-Flotinda. 

iLttl^ag;0« — ^In the early part of the 17th entuij^ 
several members of the Luoaa family migrated fioia 
^England, and settled In the sister island, wbers their 
descendants still remain, in the eqvmti|s of €Umi OoriE, 
Xing*a County, and Monwghan, In the laat they aoqufared, 
iMTtly by purdiase and partly by toyal grant, ocnsidenlib 
estates, which wese spsetad inta f manpr by patent of 
Charlbs n., in 1888, ** to be called the manor of Caitls 
Bhane,^ and the prtneipel .past edf vdiieh has knat ritis* 
continued in the tunlly^ . 

FiUMcis LuQAS, Esq., the first df CeNtle Shsa^ wbosi 
will, dated 16 Oct 1651, was proved 8 Dee. 186r, si. Msiy 
joints, and by her, who si. Sndly, Bobert Moore, Eiq., 
had a dan., Lu^, the wift e< Oherles^ wmotnt^ 
Points, and five sonsi Faanois* Beberti WiHtaaB, fiiflfaaid, 
andChaxlea. Theeldestk 

F&Airois LvoAS, Esq. of Castle Bhanei, h, in 1644; dL sboot 
1706, and waa t. by hia eldest son, 
■ FaAHois LuoAS^ Esq. oC Castle Shane^ HP. frr the 
borough of Monsghan from 1718 to 1T47«^ He d, «smi. ia 
the latter year, and was «. by hia bre4tfisr« 

Edwaxp Luoa^ Esq. of i^lasUe Bhanei who au Isi 
kUsabeth, dau. of Thomaa Bmyth, Eaq. of Dnmmm, tai 
Westme«fch; snd 2iid]y, Abi0sil Hanooek, .widow of Bsoohii 
6y the former he had (with, three danai) two aoe% i. 
t^HOMAS, who d. «. ji., leaving by AUoe* hie wife, dau, «i 
William, 6th Lord Blayney, several ohtidren, of whoa 
IfiowARO, the eldest, inherited;- simI Fmndi^ of Oubm. 
S». If ary, dau. of Hugh Savage, Hpq. of Ard^efn, In Does* 
Ihire. Mr. Lucaa d. in 1766, and wee ; by his gragsdeDe, 

Edwakd Luoab, Esq. of Castle Shane, M.P. for co. of 
Monsghan, fa. EUaabeth, dan. of JPraipeis Savage, Eiq. of 
' rdkeen, and had, vhXix other issue, 

Fbahois, of Castlefihaae, d. s. p. 1789. 
. C w * ygtSB, of whom peeeently. 
, Bdwaody in hdly oideni, wno rn. BUaid>elih-Ami, dsa. of 
, Theophilus Clements, Esq. of Bathkeni^, and wai fMkir 
; of Theophilus-Edwanl Lucss^ who Wok the iiams of Cu- 
I xnrTS. 

The 2nd son, . 

Charues Luoas, Esq. of Oastte Shans^ berrister-at^av, 
la. 1st, 1786, Sarah, eldest dau. of Shr Jamaa UamiltoD, Kni 
of Konaghan ; and 2nd\y, Louisa, dau. of Evat^ £sq.of Muoat 
Louise. By the former he left at his deoeaae, in 1796, aa 
only child and successor, the present Right Hon. Edwabd 
Luoas, of Castle Shane. 

wf nas (duly registered)-^Axg. , a Tesse, between six tmn* 


Crut — Issuant firom a ducal coronet, a demi-grifBn. 
/ IfoMo— Stat religione parentum. . . 

' Scat— Castle Shi^e, near Monsghan. 



i LuOA% JoBir, Esq. of'Md'iitft' Luea^'l^gff 
County, Sr.P., 6. 28 Dec.' \9l^\ m. Ayrtl, 1W5, 
^lizftMih, vbungesi dan, qf JamM yfakiA^f, Esq. of 
publin, ana has a dati.^ ' " 

SritirSge.— 'BiiriAMtv Luoa^ Bsq., Bent^^coL la ihi 
4rmy, received eoeoetimein the seveatsfntheeDtur^ext«n* 
dve gne^ oAiland in tba oOhnties of Clan^ Limsvtok. 
Tippeilayv and XJng^s -Cou*^. He waa lather ef 

Kathavixl Luoas, Esq., who ia. -Mleahor Owke, ef 
Oookeaborough, ca Westmeath. spdhad, with several dsa&» 
ix sons, Samuel, d: unm. ; UOhic, of whom preaenUy ; 
Samuel { Bobeit ; CoOke ; and Bkhaed... The Sut eon, 


L U 

JovB iMfOkMt Maq, of Mmmt iMota, «. 19 Xaieh, VtTk, 
■try, (mSy dan, of Bobert Montgomery, Bsq. of tibo city 
of DidiBBi, Mkd had iHoo, 

flBmnd-Hobert^ ft. S5 Haroh, 1778; d. wtm. 
BnOAitnr, of Mount Loom. 
Hannah, d. mmm. 

Bouor, flk U Oei. 1797, to John Longfleld, Aiq. of Lon- 
gnsfflle^ oo. Coik (Mt that/amU^). 


BwsuAMVK LooAB, E«q. of Motmt Lucas, ft. 1 April, 1774, 
J.P. and D.L., high aheriff 1835 ; m. 4 Nov. 1809, Eliaa, 
ddcat dan. of Gapt. Hemy Ormaby, and by her, who d, 
U April, 1828, had iasne, 

JoRV, now of Mount Lucaa. 

Houy-WiUlam, ft. 11 Aug. 1810, formerly capt Ceylon 


fti SI Oct 1817. 

n. in ia?4, to W.-F. Dennis, M.D. 
«n«, flk to Joa^h CHoTer, Esq., M.D. 

d. SS July, 1847. 

aPBl— Mount lAcaa, Fhilipstown, King^ County. 


LuoAB^ Abxhob-Htdi^ Esq. of Batbealy, oo. Cork, 
J.P., lata oftptain in her Majesty's 46ih regiment^ 
lad now major South Cork light inlantry militia, 
ft. S8 Ooi. 1812. 

Srtn^Sllf ••— The Lneaa fhmily has extended its branches 
ia the conntiaa of Cork and Monaghan, and in other districts 
of Irelnnd ; but originally ia Knglish, and was jyrobably 
dariTod fnnaa flarham, in Suffolk. From the visitation of 
timt CO. in IMl, it appears that JASPza Lucas (who was 
Mtt and heir ot Thomas Lucas of Saxham) had a son and 
heir TvoMAB LooAa, whose arma were then recorded, being 
the same as those now borne by the Rathealy famOy. The 
teaaeh wliieh is now before ns, settJod at Toughal about 

J^arsa Litoas, a merchant of Toughal, ft. eire. 1830, m. 
Jaaa, dan. of John AtUn, Esq. of Ifinehead, oo. Somerset 
{am ATKUf V leadtayftrnX <^<1 ^"^ father of 

jAaraa Luoab, who m. 11 May*^ 1685, Jane, eldest dau. of 
oat Hayman, Bsq. of Toughal (tte that famify), and 
of John Yaugfaan, Esq. of the same town, and by 
ker (whodL 18 Dec 1718) had issue, 

JoKX, hia heir. 

J ABPxa, aaceator of the JtU^fordttotm branch {whick <ee). 

BMnuel, buried at Toughal, S7 Dec. 1694. 

AtUn, bapi. 1 Jan. 1897 ; d. in Feb. 1700. 

EUaabeth, wi. S» Dec 1708. to Henry Bugee, Esq. of 

Bal^ydaniel, recorder of TougluJ, and MP. for that 

town, 1721—1731. 

He d. • Sept. 1710, and was ». by his eldest son, 

Joaa LOGAa, an alderman of Toughal, who m. 10 Oct 
1714, KHaalwith, eldeet dau. of Arthur Hyde, Esq. of CasUe 
Byda {am that famil^X and had issue, AaTHua-HTDB, his 
hair, three ether sons, who d. wun., and two daua., vis., 
Jane, at, to Alderman Jamea Uniacke of Toughal, and 

■Hmbeth, «. to Hull Attfleld, Esq. He d. 12 June, 1782, 

sad wai «. by his eldest son, 
AaiBua-HTPB Luoas, of Grange, near Fermc^, ft. 6 March, 

1715-18. He m. 4 June, 1750, Jane, dau. of Jamea Smyth, 

laq. of Batheooxsey, and by her (who <2. in 1805) had issue. 

fkiaa a ducal ooroM^ er, 

•Batfaealy, near Feimoy, oo. Cork. 

Jsapar, ft. In 1751^ d. fn youth. 

Henrietta, «». let, in 1774, to Thomas Bernard, Esq. of 

Maee Anne; sad «k Sndly, Blchard Perry, Esq. of Cork, 

WsriMih, ft. fa 17B8 ; d. aaei. hi 1888. 

Bed. 18 May, 17^ and was «. by his surviving son, 

Aaiava-Hma Luoas, Esq. of Bathealy, ft. 3 Oct. 1757, 
viho m. 8 Sept. 1808, Francea, dau. of Henry Adams, Esq. 
ef Crafg Fermoy, and d. 4 Sept 1830, leaving issue, 

L AsTHua-HTna, now of Bathealy. 

n. John, ftw SO Aug. 1816 ; m. Mary, dau. of Laurence Cor- 

ban, Eaq. of Kilworth, co. Coric, and d. 1 Dec 1857 

kavlag ArtfaurJohn, and Mary. 
m. Heniy, eapt. 45th regt. , ft. 28 July, 18S7. 
L Aaae, d. «a«. il Harriet m. Frances. 

Vf. KmmaiJane. si. 10 Feb. 1855, Samuel Smith, Esq., 

M.D.,aadd 11 Oet 1855. 
?. Barah-Maria. 
▼L Catherine, d. unm. 90 Sept 1859. 

Arm (reeorded as above-mentioned)— Or, a fease, between 
iht annnleta, gn. 


LuoAB, Thoxab, Esq. <rf Riohfordstown, oo. Coik, 
JJP., 5. KoY. 1788 ; ta. Jane, 1814, his ooasm,Dora, 
daa. and oo-heir of John Rsshlwigh, £s^ of Clon- 
coose (deaoended fh>ni the Cornish family of this 
name, whidi 9ee), and has issue, 

L Johm-Bashixioh. 

n. George, si. 18A5, Mary, dan. of Henry Longfleld, Eaq. 
of Waterloo, oo. Goric, and widow of Bobert Longfleld, 
Esq. of the Castle Mazy flEunily (aet tkoae famUiea), and 
haa issue, 1 Geocgo, and 2 ThomaO'Baahliiigh 

HL Fatriek-Browne, capt 10th regt, m. Mias Gumbleton. 

IT. Jasper, eapt 47th regt, si. Anne, dau. of the late 
William Crooke Bonayne, Eaq., and has issue, Cathe- 
rine and Dpra-Bashleig^ 

▼. Bobert, late of the 7M regt 

ILtntX00. — ^This is a younger branch of the Bathealy 
fiunily, (ixfer to the prteedtng article.) 

Jaspeb Lucas of the Bathealy family waa father of 

Thomas Lucas, Eaq. of Bichfordstown, oo. Cork, m. 
Dorothy, younger dau. of Thomas Evana, Esq., M.P., of 
Miltown CasUe, oo. Cork (mc thai/amUp), and had, with 
three daua., an only son, 

Jaspeb-Eyans Luoas, Esq. of Bichfordstown, who si. 
1787, Hester Bashleigh, of Cloncooee (of a family originally 
from Fowey, in Cornwall), d. in 1822, leaving issue, by her 
(who d. 1855X 

I. Thomas, now of Bichfordstown. 

II. John-Evans, im. 15 Aug. 1829, EIisabeth,tdan. of Jame« 
D'Arcy-Evans, Esq. of Kn<jckaderzV, co. Limerick (<£« 
thBUfamUp), and, by her who d. 28 Dec 1845, had issue, 
of whom a dau., Arabella, survives. 

m. Jasper-Evans, ai. Arabella Cuz, of the Manor House, 

I. Dora, m. 1st, to Patrick Brown, Esq., and Sndly, to 

Jamea-Nelson Crofts, Esq. 
IL Hester, m. to Edward-Houy Herrick, Bm}. 
in. Catherine, widow of James Boyle^ Eaq. 

Amu, 0«- — ^As Luoas of Ra/heafy. 

<8m»— Bichfcrdstown, Clonakilty, oa Cork. 


LuoT, Henbt-Spbvceb, Eaq. of C^arlecote Paik, 
oo. Warwick, 6. 28 Not. 1830 ; «. on attaining his 
majority; high ahen£f of Warwickshire 1857, of 
Christ Church, Oxford, B.A. 

Srttl(A0C« — ^Thobstanx ns CHAauDOors, supposed to 
have been a younger son of Thurstane de Moutfort, of 
Beldeaert, co. Warwick, temp. Bichard I., was father of 

Sir Walter db Charlbcotb, upon whom Henry de 
Montfort, conferred the village of Charleoote, and the 
grant was confirmed by Bichard I. Sir Walter left a son. 

Sir William de Luot, the first of the Charleootes who 
bore that surname, and Sir William Dugdale auimls e s that 
he did so because his mother miffht have been the heir of 
some Inranch of the great baronial family of Luor, so 
named from a place in Normandy. From Sir WUUam 
deaccoded the great and distinguished family of Lucy, so 
prominent in the records and annala of England. 

Edmund Loot, Esq. of Charleoote, b. in 1484 (aon and 
heir of Sir William Lucy. K.B. of Charleoote, grandson of 
William Lucy, Eaq. of Charleoote, and great-grandson of 
Sir Thomas Lucy, of Charleoote, M.P. for Warwiokshira, 
one of the retinue of John of Gaunt), a soldier of high repu te 
in the roign of Hekrt VII, commanded a division of tho 
royal army at the battle of Stoke. His great-grandaon. 

Sir Thomas Luct, of Charleoote, M.P. for Warwickshire, 
who rebuilt, 1 Queen Elizabeth, the manor-house with 
brick, as it now stands, was knighted a few years after- 
wards, and is commemorated as the prosecutor of William 
Shakspbarb for deer-stealing in his park of Fulbroke. 
The poet has satirixed the knight under the character of 
Jwiiet ShaUavB. Sir Thomas Lucy, m. Joice, dau. and heir 
of Thomas Acton, Esq. of Sutton, in Woroestershiro, and 
had a dau., Anne, m. to Sir Edward Aston, Knt of Tixhall, 
with an only son, his successor, in 1800, 

Sia Thomas Lucy, of Charleoote, who m. 1st Dorothy, 

3 V 

I tueeessiyely of Cbarleoote, whose male 
I issue Is extinot. 

I.V c 

dan, of NkbolM 4^noU^- Ea^, by wham h» had one sur- 
viving chiid, Joff-OB, the wife of Sir William Cook, Kut of 
Highnam. Sir Thomas m. 2udly, Constance, dau. and heir 
of 8ir Richard Kingsmill, of High Clere, Hants, and had 
by that lady, with several daus., six sons, viz., i. Thomas, 
his heir ; n. Biohard, knighted in Jan. 1617, and crested 
a baronet the March following ; his male line and title 
expired with hia grandson, Sir Berkeley Luey of Faoombe, 
Hants, whose only daa and hair, M aut Luot, m. the Hon. 
Charles Compton ; iii. Oeoige, slain in France ; iv. William, 
the eminent Doctor Lncy, Bishop of Si David's, grand- 
father of William liiicy, Esq. of Castle Carey, in Somerset- 
shir^ and of Geoxige liucy, fisq. of Pembroke ; v. Robert, 
d. in France, in 1615, f . p. ; vi. Franeia^ of Westminster, 
living in 1683, fattasrof fiiduud Lucy, who m. Rebecca, 
dau. and heir of Tliemaa Chapman, ESsq. of Wormley, and 
widow of Sir Thomas Flajrters. Sir ^ooiaa Iincy d. in 
1605, and lies buried in a chapel on the north side of the 
church of Charlecote, where a splendid monument was 
erected to his memory by Dame Constance, hia widow. He 
waa «. by his ekbest aon, 

8ta Tbokas Lvot, of Charleeote, member for Warwick- 
shire in six successive parliaments, wlio m. Alice, dao. and 
heir of Thomas Spencer, Esq. of Claverden, in the same eo., 
knd had iBBiiek 

I. Spbhosb, 


IV. FoDLK (Sir), m. Isabella, dau. and sole heir of John 
Davenport, Esq. of Henbtuy, in Cheshire, and had, with 

1 Davenport, who eventually Inherited Charleeote^ 
d. unm. 1690. 

2 Oeoroe, > who both became of Charleeote, and 
8 WiLUAM,) both d. f. p. 

4 Fulke, m, Sliiabeth Mason, of London, and was fiither 
of Thomas Luor, who <. his uncle the Rev. William 
Lucy, D.D., at Charleeote, In Feb. 172S-4, and of 
Gbobob Luot, who inherited from, his brother, and 
d. unm. 1 Dec. 1786. 

1 Lucy, m. to the Rev. John Hammond. The grandaon 
of this lady, 

Trx Rky. Jo&k Hahmowd, ooenrs In the sequel aa 
eventual inheritor of Chabixootb and the estates of 
the Lucy fami^. 

I. Constance, m. Ist, to Sir William Spencer, Bart. : and 
2ndly, to gir Edward Smith. 

II. Bridget, m. to Sir Bryan Broughton. 

III. Alice, m. to Kir William UndeiiiilL 

IV. Mary, m. to Sir Matthew Herbert 
▼. BUiabeth, m. to Sir John Walcot 

Sir Thomas Lucy, of whom it was said, that "his tables 
were ever open to the learned, and his gates never fast to 
the poor,*' d, in Dec 1640. From him derived, 4th in descent, 
The Rkv. Johb Hammond, betng described, in Oeoige 
)Lucy, his predecessor's will, as the next person in ra* 
maiuder, to whom stood limited after his decease, without 
male issue» the family estates, and grandson of the Rev. 
John Hammond, and Alice Lucy, 2nd dau. of Sir Fulke 
Lucy and Isabella Davenport ifr. Hammond assumed 
'the surname and arms of Lucy only, by sign-manual, 
9 Feb. 1787. He m. in May, 1788, Maria, dau. of John Lane, 
Esq. of Bentley Hall, oo. Stafford (m» Lane of King't 
BnnnUy), and d. 12 Jan. 1823, leaving Issue two sons, 

I. Gbobob, his successor, of whom presently. 

II. Rev. John, of Trin. CoL Gamb. M.A., rector of Hamp- 
ton-Luoy, 1815, and vicar of Charleeote, 1823, both m 
Warwickshire, J. P. for that county, b. 1700. 

The eld^ son, 

Gbobob Luct, Esq. of Charleeote, 6. 8 Jime, 1708, M.P. 
Ikom 1820 to I860, for Fowey, and high sheriff of Warwiok- 
•hire,. 1881; w. 2 Dea 1823, Mary-^Bliaabeth, dau. of Sir 
iMxa WilU»ms, Bart, of Bodelwyddon, oo. Flint, and d. 
80 June^ 1845, having had issue, 

I. William- FuLKB, of Charleeote, b. 10 Sept 1884 id. imm. 
1 July, 184& 

II. HBNBY-SPBiroBB, now of Charleeote. 

III. Horbert-Almoric, d, 3 Aug. 1840. 

IV. Reginald- Aymer, deceased. 

V. Edmund-Berkeley, b. 1842. 

I. Mary-Emily, m. 21 Oct 1847. to Thomas-Lloyd Fits- 
Hugh, Esq. of Plas Power, co. Denbigh. 

II. Caroline, m. 2 Sept 1857, Charles-Powlott Lone, Esq., 
of Badgemore, co. Oxford. (<8ee Lake ttf Bcufgemmt.) 

Jrm m QvikBt^ thvaa liaeas or ptkea, hawiant, between nine 

, Crutr^lu a ducal ooionet, gulaa, a boar's boadi» Qoup«d| 


ennine, between two wiiig% dSqpiayed, tuakcd and nbm^ 

or, tongue of the first 
if oMo— With tnilih and dillgenoe. 
;Sea<— Charleeote Park, near Warwick. 


Ludlow, Henbt-Gaisfobd-Gibbs, Eaq. of Hey* 
wood House, co. WUts^ J.P^ b. 11 Aog. 1809; im, 
27 Aug. 1883, Fanny, youngest dao. of ttie lata 
Robert Glerl^ Esq. of Padworth House^ Beriw. 

HitUase*— ThiB family daims datfoent from ftk« 
source as the famous repablioaagaiiefal* Soinna> Lomow, 
govemer>geiieBal of Xrfdaad, wbo tf. at Yvm^, in OnllHi 
land, in 1698. 

The grandihther of the pfoaent Mr. Lvdlaw, Avbajiah 
LuDuow, Esq., m. SUcabeth-Oaisford QOAm, and by ha 
waa Ikther of 

Abraham Lvdix>w, Esq., who m. in March, 1791>» Bnaamia, 
only cihild and hdresa of Gaislioid Qlbba, Esq. o# Bearwood 
House, descended from im old Wiltshire fatufly. and 4, 
8 July, 1822, having had by this lady, who d. 8 Jan. 1811, 
one son, the praaent Hxh&t-Gaisio&x>-GibB8 Luplow. Eiiq. 
of Heywood House, and two daus., Sasannah-Gibba, ». 
8 May, 1817, to Bhr Ralph Lopea^ Bart, M J., D.U« of 
Maristow, oo. Devon; and Eliaabeth-Gibba, m, to WitBaa 
Porter, Esq., of Hembury Foit, oo. Devon. 

AnM—Arg., a chev., sa., between three beaxB* licnd% 
erased, ppr. 

Crettt^A lion, rampant ; and a dexter arm, emlxnred in 
armour, holding In the hand a battle*axe^ ppr. 

lfo<to— Neo temere^ neo timide. 

iSaiU^Heywood House, Weatbury, ca WUt& 


LvMB, William, Esq. of Brigham Hall, oo. Cum- 
berland, J.P.; m, 20 Sept. 1815, Harriet, dao. of 
William Wilkin, Esq. of Appleby, co. Westmorelaod, 
by Priacilla his wife, dau. of Rev. William Preston^ 
of Warcop Hall, and by her he has issue, 

I. William, b. 11 Oci 1810 ; m, 1 July, 1848, Klfar>hf!th. 

dau. of Ajithony Madders, Esq. 
IL Preston, b. 9 Oct. 1821 ; m. 24 Deo. 1U6, Isabella, dao. 

of Allison Crosthwaite, Esq. 
in. Robert, 6. 22 Feb. 1828 ; m. 19 July, 1848, KW»abf:th, 

dau. of Wm. -Styles Roe, Esq. 
IV. James, &. 1 March, 1826 ; m. 16 June, I8S8^ JaEaaft- 

Georgina, dau. of Joseph Harrison, Esq. of LiiMthwaitA. 
I. Harriet, m. 20 Nov. 1839, to the Rev. Samuel K^, uf 

Fulford Hall, oo. York. 

Hin^afir*— WiLLiAV Lvmb, Esq., 5. 1736; m. In 1780^ 
Maiy Dawson of Smeaton Houaa, ao. York, and by her 
(who was b. in 1738) he left, at his deeeaaob 180L m aon, 

Robert LuiiB, Esq. of Lowther, oo. Weatmorehuid, J. P. 
fbr that oa, who m. in 1787, Mary, dao. of Henry Rolidn* 
son of Ledsham, co. York, and by her (who d. S7 Jan. 
1809) had issue, Wiluam, jiow of Brigham Hall. Mr. Lumb 
d. 22Deal819. 

.^rmf—Or, €hree esoooheons, aable, each duvged with a 
mullet, pierced, of the fli-at 

Crest — A blackamoor's head in profile, coupad at ibm 
shoulders, ppr., wreathed about ^e templea. or, and aabK:, 
and charg^ on the neck with a nuiUot, of aUL poteia* gol^ 
within a wreath, in arch, or, and sable. 

Motto — Respioe finem. 

iZendfiMf-^iCeadow Hooae^ aaar Whltohavtm- a9« Our> 

See Sakdts-Luusdainb. 


Lt^uspAiNE Stamford-Bobbbt, Esq. of Lat1iat1aD» 
00. Fife, 5. i Sept. 1831; Ueut. Fife arUUety 

%illtKllt» — John LuicaDAmk,. Eaq.., m%|or fn tha 
S.LC.8., 3r^ Aon ol Robert L<imadalne, Esq. of tiiow^ 



gellie» ool Fife, purclnsed Ch* estate of TjathaUim, from 
Lieut. Thomas Spons, in 1788, and dying 4 Oct 1828, was 
«. by his son, 

James LuMSDAiirB, Esq. of Lathallan, J.F., who m. 
S7 Oct 1824, Miss Sophia Lindesay, of Balmanda^ oo. Fife, 

X. James, dooeased. 




Mr. LniiwWTw, whb was from an earlty period np to the 
year 1824, on the medical staff of the Bengal establiahment, 
A fS Dea 1853, and was «. by his eldest suorrlTiAg son, 

WlLUAir-IinmfeaAT LtmsoAiMS, Esq. of Lathaliaa, 6. 4 
Sspt ISiSL He d. tmiM. in 1859, and wto s. by Us next 

J<aDH-9uA%L JjtnaHAtmy Esq. of Latballon, J. P. and 
D.L^ b. 1929 ; d. nnnu 4 Oct tSW^ and was t. by his only 
surrivxng brother, the present Mr. Luxbdaikx of Tiftthallan, 

I as those of Hie InneneUiefiunily, see Sandys- 
Lomsdaine, vis., Aa.» st^ev., or, oetween a buckle and a 
wolTa bead, oouped, hi ohief, and an escaUop in base, aig., 
wUhin a boxtlure, of the second. 

Crat — A hawk, wings expanded, perched on, and feeding 
tttx, a fish. 
Jiotto— Beware in tixne. 

-LafthaUaa, by Oolinsbuigh, oo. Fifa 


LnifSDB^r, The Rev. Hbnbt-Thomas, of Cashnie, 
eo. Aberdeen, B.A. of St. John's Coll., Cstmb., incum- 
bent of St. Thomas's, Portman Square, London; 
(. 21 Dec. 1808; s. on attaining his majority; m. 
80 April, 1832, Susanna, 3rd dau. of Neil-Benjamia 
Edmonstone, Esq. and nieoe of Sir Charlea Edmon- 
stone, Bart. 

ILtntajl^. — The family of Luhsdek o/Cwhnie is one of 
the oldest in Aberdeenshire haying possessed that and 
ether estates as far back as any records of that county 
eactend. Some of their charters, stUl extanti bear date 
S4 Maroh, 1471 ; others have ceased to be l^ble. 

JoHK Ldxsdcn, Esq. of Cashnie, co. Aberdeen, a director 
H.E.I.C., (f. Nov. 1818, leaving by Magdalen, his wife, dau. 
of P. Friell, Esq., an only son, Kkviry-Tuouab, now of 
Cushzue* and four daus., i. Eliza-Henrietta, m. 1st, Capt. 
John Wilson, H.E.I.C.8., and 2ndly, 26 Nov. 1834, Sir 
WUliam Seton, Bart., of Pitmedden„ co. Aberdeen; ii. 
Sojihiiv-Sfary ; iii. Lydia, m. to the llev. Bobert-Samuel 
Battlscombe, tf.A., vicar of Barkway, Herts ; iv. Harriette, 
«u to Qeoi^e Cheape, Esq. of Wellfield, co. Fife. 

Amu— Am., a buckle, or, between two wolvfts' headii, in 
cfaSef, and an eacaUo|>m base, arg.' 
Creat — ^A naked ann, grasping a sword, ppr. 
M tto Dei dono sum qnod sum. 
9emt Cashnie, Alford, eo. Aberdeen. 

i. Lower Por^nan Street, Berkeley Square, W. 


LvMBDKV, HsKBT, Esq. of Pitoaple Caatle, co. 
Aberdeen, 5. 14 March, 1825; m. 5 July, 1860, 
Edith-Jane, youngest dau. of the Rev.' Robert- 
Samael Baitieeombe, M. A., vicar of Barkway, Hert- 

ftttif ftJCk — ^In 1^3, JoHH Lutf SDlBN, of Cushnie, sold 
the lands of Clova and Auchindoir to Ms cousin, Harry 
LvHsocv, Esq., from Jamaieai who entailed them and 
other estates in the counties of Aberdeen, BanfT, and 
Kincardine, on a Series of heirs, including i^e family of 
Hasrt laVMSDVf, Esq.. of Belhelvie,^ whose father -was 
Us coosin*gennan. The present proprietor of those 
estates is Harby LsrrH-LuiisnEir, Esq. of Auchindoir, 
who soooeedod at the deoeasaof Sir Harry-Niven Lumsden, 

ALSXAvnn LoMSDCK, Esq., whose father, William 
Lumsden, was 6th son of Robert Xkumsden, of Cushnie, 
VyUs nanriags, in 1M4| with Agnes, dau. of John Leith, 
9S Bneham, 1^ a son, 

Jatm ItuvapsN, Spq., fi^ther of » .^ . . .< 

BABaT tj\9ttDt»f Esq. of Betbe\v{e and nteri|)fls, oo. 
ibsrdssB, wlio sk i Jan. Vf90r his oeusin, Giiktherine, dau. 

of Hugh X<V6i^ Esq., by Mstgisel Ui wih, dab. of 

Hsrry Lmnsden, Esq. of Cushnie, viho m. Cafhertee, daa.ef 
Geoxge Oozdon, of Buokie. By her, the late Mr. Lumsden 
had issue, 

L HooB, his heir. 

II. Henry, ofTilwhiOy, D.It., si. 1st, Catherine, dau. of 
John Tower, ESq., and has by her three sons, HAnar, 
John, and Hugh, and five daus. He si. Indly, Mary, dau. 
of Sfa: !th0mas Kirkpatrlok, Bark of Closs bum , and has 
by her two daua 

m. Thomas, of Belhelvio Iiodge, ooL In the Bengal horse 
artillery, and C.B., for dininguished services in the 
field, m. Hi^, dau. of John Burnett, Esq. of Ellrick, and 
has issue, ELabby, John, Thomas, Peter, William, Bfugh* 
David, and five daus. 

IV. William-James, of Bahnedie, Esq., lateof tlie Boasbey 
civil service, vu Isi, Maxgaret, Sod oao. of John, Viscount 
Arbathnott. which lady d. 1846 ; and 2nd]y, IMS, Vary- 
Elisabeth, dau. of Matthew Thompson, ^q. of Uanlng- 
ham Lodge, co. York, by whom he has issue, WiUiiun- 
Hany, Oeorge-Ckxrdon, Agnes-Feile, Catharine-KUsabethy 

V. Clements, advocate in Aberdeen, wa, Ja&e^ dan. of 
James Foroes, Esq. of Eoht, and has iasus^ Heuy- 
William, and James, and four daus. 

The ekiest son, 

HcQH LuxsDBK, Esq. of Pitcaple, J. P. and D.L., aherilT 
of Sutherland, b. S2 AprU, 1788 ; m. 1st, 30 April» 1818, 
Frances, 2nd dau. of Alexander Brsbnor, E^. of Laimey, 
and had by her an only dau., 

Chbistxha, m. to Bev. Oeoige Bain. 

He m. 2ndly, 8 July, 1824, Isabella, 4th dan. ol Walter 
Fergus, Esq. of Strathore^ by whom he had, 

I. Hbnby, now of Pitcaple. 

II. Walter, H.B.I.G.&, 6. 27 June, 1834. 

I. Charlotte-Fergus. n. Catherine-Bdlth. 

m. Isabella. tv. Elisabeth. 

Mr. Lumsden d. 27 Jan. 1850. 
fitot 'Pitcaple Castle, Aberdeenshire. 


Leith-Lumsden, Harbt, Esq. of Clova, co. Aber- 
deen, J.P. and D.L., b. June, 1776 ; m, Maroh, 1820, 
Janet, dau. of Dr. James Toung, R.N. 

lLitltKfit»—Se« Lumsden cf PUoapU. 

WiLUAM Ldmsdbn, Esq. of Harlaw, who m. Bachel, 
eldest dau. of Charles Lumsden, Esq., 2nd son of John 
Lumsden, of Auchindoir, by Agnes his wife, dau. of 
Gordon of AucLliue, had a Sad dau., 

Catherine Lumsden, who m. in 1754, John Leith, Esq., 
sou of William Lcith, Esq., by Mary Reid his wife, and 
grandson of Alexander Leitb, who m. Misis Anderson, and 
had (with three daus., Bachael, wife of William Booth* 
Esq. ; Mary, wife of John Kefd, Esq. ; and Margaret, who 
d. unm.) throe sons, of whom the only survivor is the 
present Habry Lsith-Lumsden, Esq. of Clova. The other 
two Jahks and Johh, are both deceased, the latter, with* 
out issue ; the former, leaving issue. 

Xmis— Quarterly, Lumsdkn and LaitH. 
Crett — LuxsnisN and Lbith. 

3fof to— Trusty to the end, for Leith: and, Del dono sudi 
quod sum, for tiuxsniar. 
iSfOt— Clova, Aberdeenshire. 


LuNDiN, Elizabeth, of Auchtermairnie, oo. File, 
8, her sister in 1855; m. in 1827, the Rev. Robert 
Brown, minister of Largo (son of the Rev. James- 
Brown), who has taken the surname of Lundht, and 
by whom she haa issue, ^ 

I. James-Lundut, b. 4 April, 1828. 

II. Richard-Lundin, 6. 7 Nov. 1829. 

in. Robert-Christopher, 6. 17 Nov. 1883. 
jv. William-Clephane, 6. 29 Aug. 1838. 
V. Arthur, b. 1 June, 1840. 
I. Helen. u. Emma-Elisabeth. 

ILitltKfit* — livtnyjit ef Lundiih one of the oldest, and 
formerly one of the most influential funilies in Scotiand^ 
is new represented by Clbxbntina, BAaovasB WiLLouCMtST 
DS Ebcsby : a younger branch of this lottg desMndid line 

d N a 


^n^JjjfjsrDtS o/Auelktermaimie, The following U the earliest 
notiOQ of this bnmch tihat occiirft, in t<AMoNT*s Chronicle </ \ 
Fift (1 64»-l«n) :— •• 1650, Jan. IS. Jhone timdy (Lundin), " 
th6 Laird -of Auchtennainile, In tyte, dyed at Brunton, hii9 
fatbex^in-law his house, and from theuce was carried to 
Anchtermaii'nie, and was Inteimd (she 18 day ftt£ Kcttmochey 
(Keimow^y), his parid^' church.*' Be loft (besides two 
dans. ; QUe, Belei), m. to the Rev. Hfr. linnnah, one' of the 
ministers of £dmhiti::gh) two .eons, /oqn, his hoir, who 
cL um«). ; bhA. Jamcs, who su^xsoeded hia elder brother, «nd 
m. AgnM-, only dau. Of €eoi|(e Law, of Bnmtob, from whom 
was defeoended; 

DAirii> IflnspiHt of Avidbttermiiimie, whose dan. and 
heiress, A^kb,' m. James tiiTKnm, son of hor uncle Bobcrt, 
and had an on^y dau., Elizabeth* who d. unm, 

Tlie eldest dau. of Itobert Lnndin aforesaid, named 
Aknk, m. Richttd anittaf, Esq., and had (with two- d^s., 
TiB,» Hargarott i»» to. Tjwhiftn. Kacl^ani of Torloi^l^i f»' 
Argyll ; ao4 Anne, «U unm.) an only son, ^ 

CBBt£(TQPH£B SviTB, who> On Succeeding his motih^r's 
eouain, Anne (dau. of David Lundin), in the estate of 
Auchtermaimie, assumed the surname of Lvndim. He m. 
Bachel, dao. of Aadrew Johnston, of Bennyhill, oo. Fife, 
and had issue, 

Bioiusas eapt. In the TSrd ngt, who * his father, and 
d. %iniH. in 1832. 
Andrew, wiM> d. yonng. 
Christopher, drowned at aeft, in 1818, ««m. 
Anne, a. unoi. 

E.UPHKXIA, of Auchtermaimie, d. unm, 3855. 
Margaret, d. unm. 

KLizABETdi nowof Avehtermainie. 

.^}««fasflgngnpVed in Sib B.BoBxm'AAuiharlMaiJrmty^ 
Paly of six, aig. and ^., on a bend, ax., three cushions, or, 
all within A bisdure, indented, of the third. 

CnU — A hand, ppr., holcUng a oushioo^ in pike, arg. 

Afo^o-^Tam genus quam virtus. 

£ea(— Auchtermairme, oa lilfe. 

Jrma^Arg.f on a. pOo, as.* a |!oiv nunptj gMidvit 
crowned. ' ' 

Cri^t^A deo&Mfim, rampt., gnaMattt, and crowned, or, 
iSeot— Combe Royal, near Kingsbridge, oo. Devon. 


LusooMBE,. ScnVf Esq. of Combe Royal, co. 
0CIVQD, J,P, imd D.L.^ 6. 11 Oct. 1806. 

%ixUilZf»-^ThiB family is of long standmg in Devon- 
shtoe, and we find Hugh doLuscombe, 9 Edw. I.» was im- 1 
pannolled tho seeond man on a {ttry between the king and 
the Coontess of Devon, Isabella de Fortibus. The Combe 
Royal family is a branch of the Luscombes of Luscombe, 
where they were seated in the njlgn of Bskry V. 

J^VHK XfiiSDonBR, of l^usflOmbe, 19% the dau. of Stone of 
Hnliitii, Wl waa fatiter of Hevat Luscombk^ who m. Maria, 
dkQ. of John Forfascne, of l^sllaptt (tee thai family), and 
had "a son', Jomr Litsoovbb, who, hy Johanna, his wife, 
d4u, of John Qiles, Esq. of Bowden, was father of Hsnbt 
lAJBooMWi who n^ Al^ce,. dau. of Ifioholas Fryt Esq. of 

JoBM LoacQUBE, Esq., high sheriff of Devonshire in 1740, 
purchased the estate of Combe Royal. He m. 1st, Mar- 
garet, dau. of Hemy Martin, Esq. of Totnas, by whom he 
had • sen and a dau. He m. tedly, Blisabeth, dau. of 
George Prestwood, Esq. of Botenford, end was «. at his 
dacoasa by his son, 

John Lusoombe, Esq. of Combe Royal, who m. Juliana, 
dau. of Geoxge Prestwood, £^., but d. «. p., when the 
estates dsrolvod.i^xm the grandson of hia sister Elis'ibeth, 

JoHiT LuscoMBR Mannu? o (Only son of Richard Manning, 
XeqiXwho aasomed, «nder the will of his unole, the sur- 
name of LvscoMBB, by royal licence. He m. Bmnth, dau. of 
Jamee Hawker, Esq., «ipt B.K., of Plymoath, and by her 
had issue, 

I. John, his heir, now of Combo BoyaL 

u. Edward-Kniguton, b. 1616 ; m. Anna, eldest dau. of 
CM>t William M'OuUoch, RK., of Barholm, 00. Kh-kcud- 
brii^t. and haa issue, John and Bdward-Qodfrey- 

Ill James. 

L Sarah. 

II. Elixaboth, m. to WUUam Fletcher, Esq.* oapL R.N. 

III. Jane, m. to Charles Whvto, Esq. 

IV. Dora, m. to Rev. Charies Elgexton Duklnfield, son of 
Sir Benry Dukinfteld. Bart 

T. Mary, m. to Johu Elliot, Esq. of KingBbridgo. 

10 Jan. 18S1. 


XUSHUTQTON, EdUITXD-Law, Esq. of P*rk Hoiim, 
CO. Kent, B.A. Trin.- Coll., Camh., 6. 1811; m. 
1842, Cecilia, dwi. of thfe .Rev, Dr. Tennysun of 

Ht Itta^C* — Stephen Lushinoton, Esq. of SlttinglxMini 
(sbn Skid heir of Thomas Liishington, Esq. of flitting b..nni, 
and graiidScm of Augustus Lusbington, of SItUng', 
living k.ti. 1633) purcimaed the &e simple of Uia nunivr oi 
Rodmersham. He m. 1st, Qathorinew only sister end belrof 
John Godfrey, Esq. of Ndrton Guort, by wliom (who d. at 
the age of 27, 28 Aug. 1700) he had an only child. Tbomak- 
OoDFRKT, his hoir. He ?»i:'^dly, Jane-Petley, relict J 
Edmond Fowler, EfW,.af Ash, oi^dvVjF ^cr ,M(w^ two 
daus.) 1. Stephen, whO rf. «. p. ; It. m^lyn, cftpt RX. 
kUlod OB beard the Bncford^ tnanMJf'Wti; st the ai^ nf 
Guyra, 19 Vo\x.l^B.;MuMmHT>, ;EUK<.<«i, Maiy. dsa. of 
Arohdoaoon Altham, and was lkt|ter ol ^ivjp8e^, of ijostjl* 
hill Parle, ohairman of thp E.j[.Co,,.areated a.^woiin to 
1791 ; of WlUiam, of Marks Ball, Esse*. M.P., aod alder- 
man of London ; and of Henry, vrho was assassiDatcd ia 
the East Indies ; iv. Wilham^ eoL in tlkq tamf, mimt, 
dau. of CuL Southwell. Mr. Luahingte« d* In )7t8, mi 
buriad in Chillou Church, and was s< by hia ektaat soa* 

THOMAS-QonrnEY Lusbington, Esq. of Sittingtauin» wbo 
m. 1st, Dorothy, dau. of John Gisboume, Saq^ and had bj 
her, Thomas, who </. v. p. in 1748 ; Williamt ospt in tbs 
army, d. uum. in 1763^ Jamss^tsrhbi, eventoaUy heir; 
and Catherine, wife of John Gookta Sole. Ssq. Jlr. Lwie 
ington m. 2ndly, in 1732, Hiss Barbara Sloetrs, of Doddifigw 
ton. He (^ 3 Aug. 17^7, agod^7. Biayow^iestaoa, 

Thk Rev. Jamss-Stephkn LnsHXNOTQM, of Bodmenbta^ 
in Kent, prebendary of Carlisle, viosr of Neweostle*«p» 
Tyne, and of Lattoii, in Esae^. m. }st, 1Im7» daa oftht 
Right Rev. Edmund Law. J).D., bieliop of CarMsK md bad 
by her, Thomas Godfrey , who d. 1819, Bnif«Mi>*H(i(BT, Ui 
heir; and Maria^latberitts,. wifO of nthe Rev. Thonu 
Edwards, LIi.D. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of tke Ben 
Humphrey Christian, of Doelung, 4n Norfolk* and hud ioor 
other sons and 2 daus., vis , 

X. Wiixc&M 'JoBN, of Rodmersham, one of the ooimnis- 

sionera of Barliameatary luquliy, who m. BarVira, dsa. 

. and eo-taojr of Jspnas Wilmn, Jiaq. o# Keadal, and i 

1845, leaving iasue, one son. Chorles-Hi^cfa, sod four ivm. 

It. (R)OHTHoy.)BTEPHEN-|tlJLMB9U>,ofi9<HWOoiirt,Ilflar 

Faversbam, Kent, J.I*., tLon. V.C.u patou, H« w»s pri- 
vate secretary to Lord Ho£rris 17»5-'9, TIP. for Hy« 1S0M2, 
for Canterbuty 1812>80 and 1885*7, was chairman of nm- 
mitteas of the House of CSomnOMH) joint seoreMry of tlM 
Tseasury 182i-7, g^varaorof M«idc«iI8S7-6fl^P.G.iatT; 
b Hay, 1776; m. ODea 1797. Ann^EUaahetb^fldsiiidsB. 
of the 1st Lord Harris^ and by nor (who d, 2(Msiob, 
1856) had issue, 

1 Stephen-Geoxge, commissioner of Custons. 

2 James-Stephen, formerly private sacrshMj to tlM 
governor of Kadras. 

8 Geoige-Thomsa. # Ifmiam-Hordis. 

5 Richard. 

e Charlea-Mannera, ft. 1819, espL Esst Eeat Htm, 
and late M.P. for Canterbury. M.A. Oaoa, after 
wards a fellow of All Souls' ColL; m. 6 May, IM, 
Henrietta, older shitorof 3ir StaJfoid Nurtbcote^ Burt, 

1 Mary- Anne, ta. to J. Beckford WUdman, Esq. of CfaQ- 
ham Castle, Kent. 

S Anne-Elisabeth. 

iti. James-Law (Sfr)G.C.B., ft. 1779, general intlieMrmy, 
and chairman of the East India Company, M.P. for 
Petenifleld 18S6, for Hastings 1686, and lOr CarHale frots 
1827 ta 1833. H« w. in 1888, Miss RgaaOa-eophia Oatso, 
and d. in 1869, without issue. 

IV. Charles-May, one of the circuit Judges on tlielUdru 
estibllshmant, m. Miss AnselL 

I. Paulina. 

iL XXnfothy-Obristlaii, m. to Oviy-Lenoz Prehdeigant, bq- 

Tho Rev. Mr. Lusbington d. in 1801, 4aid was i. bf Um 
son of his first marriage, 

EnMUND-HevuY Lushinotoh, Esq. of Parh House, btf* 
risternit-law, one of the puisne Judges at Ceylon, Mb- 
scquently chief commissioner of the Colonial Board ot 
Audit, and raaster of the Crown Office, ta. Ist, Louis*. d<iu. 
of Fnulkuor Philips, Esq. of .MAUi;hc»tor, by whom he bud 

M ehil^ Lotristt, 'wbo d.l8ld ; and "Sndly. Sophia, dan. of 
Ikooas Philips Ea^ ql 8edgley» neM Mancbestar* hj 
Kom ha iMMi iaaue, 

L Siannn>>LAW, now of IVirk Hooiie. 
u. Rmrj, chief secretary to the Oovommont of Malta, 

DL Thdmaa^Iliviaa, llaklraa civil servlte, d IS68. 
I. Sophia, ft 1S23. . ii. Maria-Catherine. 

m. txidif. XV. tf arrianne-Hfarriet, c£. 1823 

T. Ba«^ d, 1833. vi. Bllen-Elica. 

TO. FraaUin. viii. JjoulaatSopbia, d, 1851. 

IX. Wfifred-Clark, d. 1825. 

Mr. Lndihigtcm d. 1839, 

Armt—Or, on a feeae, wavy* betwaea thrae Uona' heads, 
cnaed, vert, laogued^ gu., as many ermine spota. 

Crtfi— A Uod'r head, erased, vert, charged on the exasora 
with Ibree ermine «pot^ or, dueally gon^kL oig. 


fits<»BaikHoiUQ, Maiiatona, K«nt. 


Fomos-LnvnaSLL, Hbnbt, Esq. of Dunster 
OtfUa^ 00; 6cMiieiS0t» imd NethWay Housd, Devoti- 
lUre, J.P., 5. f Feb. ITW); B.A. of BrasenoBe Coll 
Oxon ; -II:P, for Mfnehead, 1 81(^-22, and a commia- 
nmerof tiie boa^ of audlt^ 1822-19. 


John l^owsngsXtrrrBSLL, Es^. of DuDster CasOe, U.V. for 
Minehead^ who m. 8 Aug. 1782, Mary, eldest dau. of Fxanda 
Brewe, Esq. of Grange, in J>evux^ and by her (who dU M 
March, 1830) had issue, 

r*—- Itt tha re^pia of Herby I. and Khig Ste- 
8ir John LiiHx«ll held, in captit^ the manor of fioton 
figadt fa TorkaMre, wUdl eitpnttially devolved upon an 
heiwMi, wto m, Jolm flcot^' feadal lord ofCaXverley, and 
ttmaid of thft hoasehcdd to the Empress Maud. 

8ut Ifiwa Iii»«iiBi.i.(son of Sir Andrew Inittrell, of Chfl- 
toD^DciMn, byLa^SHaalMslli Courtney, his wife, dan. of 
Boffh, Birl of t^eren&y resided at Dmister Castle, which his 
•oUmt, Lady M^MbtlOi, had purchased-fiom the flunily of 
Hohim^ ba wm metnbar for Bomersetshira in the reign of 
Biesjao 1I«, and'0crooessively for that ootibty and Devbn, 
Ib^Hbiby IV, Sir Hugh gttteed a soil at law against Ed- 
ipitd TtmAagmUt, .Bake of Toflc, and the Other heirs of 
Mm, iioffd Mohttn <»r Ikinstar,* by which be obtMned pos- 
Mhdsttof the bMitfiurIi and Qurtle of Bufister, lordship of 
Owhaslptfm, ftc Be was aftetwards ranger of Blackmore 
Rmst-fa Borseftahiifd, a privy-conndilor to King Henry 
V, SMisba of the eenamandelto undettfaat martial monarch, 
at the redaction of Harfleur, in Normandy, anno 1415, and 
sttha m em o r abl e sdgg^of Bonen. Sic Uugh m. Gatherine, 
diui of iiif ^obn Beawnoatr Exit, (Fmni a youager son of 
tbeiia»RoaBaT'LvTT9KU^ whod. 15HkirRYTf, seised of 
the cjutle and 'lands of Lattirllstown, co. Dubltn, de- 
wcfftded the well known Irish ftanUy of iuttrell, of which 
«cn) the extiuct SIablsov CAAVumrtoii). Sir Hugh was 
I. in U3i, by his eldest laon. Sib Jqhm hvrtBXiu a Knight 
aflho liaik at tho oeroaatica of Hbsby IV. father of Sir 
J AMU LimftBLL, wbo win made a knight-banneret at the 
bsttlt) of Walieft^, iB-146a, and fell fighl^g under the 
•baiAirdorLto6MBtor/ii*l4n. Hid son, 

Bia HcoH LuTTBELX. is mentioned by ITolIinshed and 
other bistoifAii tuhen^ tbe persqfns of note in the west, 
wbu joined iho "EajA bf Riehmond at htd lAndiog, and Were 
ifkrwords inatrus^outal i9 quelliug the BevpnsUlre insur- 
VBctiun. When the successful issue of Boswoithpliyted the 
cruva apea Biobmond'a hosd,'as Hckbt VII^ tbe estates of 
HirHaghlmttrdU^'WerB'iwmedlsitely^estored, and he was 
wbwquerifty crtoted a Knight of the ftath, at the corona- 
tina of the Queen, ia. 1487. His son and heir, 

SiaAvDBfw luVTTBffU^ ^t. ef Dnnster Castle, m^ Mar^ 
gvct, datL cf Sir Thomas Wyndham. miA bad aaveml sons ; 
trom the third, Richard, sprang the LottreUB of Haltlaud, 
Uoiminbcre^ Sandou Court, andCholf^ea.. U9 was #» by 1^ 
«l4c«teQli, .\-' '/ ' [. 

&a 4im» LoTi BBUkknightedattho'taldnjy of Bdtnbicygh 
utdUkh, 9«rUsnrv VUi( and treated 4 ikntght-bhnii^et 
at the taking of Tester, I'EOwi^R© Vt. ' Jfrom luip do- 
•audei tbe cmliienft fainil^^ of X-trrrjU-u* ofi^wuler C^a^le, 
of which the eventual heir, 

liAttOAJmr huvrva^X^vilg ehUd o£ iSkWiutador tuttrall, 
£►1. of Dunst'sr Castle, by Margaret, bis wife, dau. of Six. 
MinTre^lyan, Bart), who to.' Fib. l74Cf, rfhLVilt td^sts,^ 
^ of Nethway House, Devon, and ^e ancl her husbaii[d' 
AMmned tha additional name and arms of LutVu£ll. She 
1"*I hwie, JoBif, her heir ; Francis, commissioner of Cus- 
t«aii who IK. Chaxlotte, youngest dau. of Fitmois Drcwe, 
Es). of Orange ; and Alexander, in holy orders, who d. ia 
lUt. Mr. and lira. Lttttroll wore I. by Uieir oldest son, 

T. JfoMon, Us heir and 

IL Hkkby, now oi Dunster Caatlet 

m. Franc's, capt. ia the army. ai. Feb. 1824, Emma* 
Louisa, dan. of Samuol Drewe, Esq. of KonsIngton» and 
baa had nino children, six of whom survive. 

IT. Alexander (Rev.), of Bzcter CoU Oxon, B.C.L., 
factor of East Quantocktbcad. Bridgewater, Bo«Mraei> 
shire; m. May, 1824. Jane, dau. of William Laadar, 
Esq. of Putney, and nas Issue thrso sons and ooo dau., 
Caruline-Lucy Fowner-, m. 15 June, 18H6, &•/. Yeatman, 
Esq. of the Benoal army. 

y. Thomas (Rev >, vicar of Catbampton, oo. Somaraet, 

L Mary- Anne, deceased. 

n. Margaret, deoeaead. in. Harriet 

Mr. Lnttrell d. Id Feb. 1810, and was a by bis eldeit aon, 
John FowMES-LUTTBau^ Esq. of Dnnster Castle, J.P. 
and D.L., 6. 85 Aug. 1787. He d. uhsl 1K»7, and was <. by 
bis next brother, the present Mr. FowvB-LTrrrRnx. 

Arm»—Qaax\»iv*. let and 4ifa, or, a band, botwaon alx 
martlets, sa., for Luttbkll; 2nd and 3rd, aa., two englea 
displayed, in fesse. and a mullet, in base, arg., for Fownjeb. 

«re«(— Oat of a duaal ooronet, or, a plume of fl va feafchsa, 

Sea/«— Dunster Castle, MInehead, near Taiwton, Bomsr- 
setshu-e; and Netbwaiy Houses DayOBshira. 


LuTwiDQE, Chables-Kobebt-Flstcheb, "Esq. of 
Hiolmrook Hall, oa CamlMrhind, b. 2 Aug. 18S6. 

ILtlT(<t0P. — ^THOHAa LuTWiooe, Esq. of Whit^havoB, 
J.P,, ik in 1670 : an extensive merehnnt and ship-owner ; 
served as high sherilT of the co. Cumberland, 12 Qeorgb I. 
He m. Ist, Hannah Rumbold, and had by her a son. 
Palmer, 6. 19 Jan. 1700 or 1703, and d. 10 April, 1704. Ha 
m, 2ndly, 6 Feb. 1721, Lucy, youngeat dau. of Sir Chariea 
Hoghton, Bart, of Hoghton Tower, <^. Lancaster (by Mary 
his wife, eldest dan. of J. Skefflngt^, '^^B<x>imtMassereene), 
and by her (who d. 17 Sept 1780) he hod issue, 

X. Chables. b. 29 Jan. 1722, jIp. and DtU of the ca of 
Cumberland, receivelf and surve;^6r-^eneml, Ac. , of the 
lede of Man, and surveyor and comptrollcr-goneml of the 
coasts of Cumberland ahd Westmoretand, and'tbo p6rt 
of Lancaster, 4fco., he poaaessed amiddetiA>le landed pro* 
party near Whitehairen, and «laowhere, in the o*»k of 
Cumberiaud, and purchased, in 1759, as a summer raai<* 

dence, Holraroo^c, near Bavengluss, with the manor of 

idns in 
wm. in Oct 1784. 

Bolton, which estate still renu 

the ibmily. He d. 

II. Hanry, formerly of Coopeir^ Hill, WaUwB-le-dale, n^ 
Preston, b. 17 June, 1724; i*. 8 BapL 17«2, Jane^ 2nd 
dau. and co-heiress of Bt^y MoUneux, of Preston, oapt 
of in&ntry (eldest son of Thomas, Sxd son of Sir J. Moli- 
neux, 8rd Bart of TeversaU Notts, by Mai^, daa of 
Oliver Marton, Esq. of Lancaster, for many years M.P, 
f6r that town), b. in 1746, d, in 1791. He d. 1 Aug. 1798^ 
having had issue, 

1 Charles, ft. 15 June, 1788, malor in the 1st i^gfrni^tit of 
rojml LanociBhire mHitia, aad afterwards 'c(dleot(>r of 
Gostontf at tbe ■ port oi Kingsfnu^iipeiltHnll. 'He a to 
Bolmfook,and ultimately aald the estaWI^ bia \inala»; 
. Adqiiral Lutwidge. Mr. Chariea Lutwito rn^lft Jan. > 
1798, Elisabeth- Anne, dau. of the Bt Bev. .C(havlc« 
Dodgson, lord bishop of Elphin, and d. 7 Sept. 1848, 
having had issue, " • ^• 

'(?harlo9-Henry (Rev.), vlcJarof K-xst Farleigh, Co. Kent, 

b. 21 Maroh, 1800 ,« d. %h Hastings. 15 JtoL \ms. He 

. ■ vU 2. HcfT. 18S1, AjKb<4iouiaa; oMy dan^ of B«ibort 

. Baikes^ .Esq. 'of Weltoa Houbs, Yodoafaiire, and b«4 


j; ^ . CiftiiB&f»-9o»i9tTrFuBTaHjn,B0^0f HfibnrMk^ . 

Robcrt-WilfVed-Skeffington Lutwidge, barrist^-ai-. 

law, & 17 Jan. laOSk. . < •. 

Bliaahei^-FiianGcav m. 17 Feb. 182$, l^ii^asy oldast 

SOU of Bobect Baikes, Esq. of Wuttoa Hoitte,; V^k-' 
. iAil!e».andha»i0sufi,,i ' ^ j : ■ < 

Charles, 6. 17 Nov. 1828. officer of artillei^;B.LC6. 'a 

Frederick, b. 13 Aug. ISStt; d^,27 March, 1881. ' ' 
• ElKKftbeth Lucy. , ' . 

Francea-Jone, m. 5 April, 1827, her wusin, the Ven.^■ 
Archdeacon Dodg^on, reetor of Croft, Toxicsidre 
(eldest son of Chariea Dodg8<»i. oaptain of dragoons ' 
(eldest son of Charles, Bishop of Klphin), by Lu<7, 
dan. of James Hume, Esq., chairman of the Boardof ' 
Customs, and d. 20. ^ao. 1851, leaving is^ue. 



Lucy. Ohaflotte-lfeiienA. 

Ifaiigaret-Axmei Henriette-Mary. 

S SkefBngton, D.Im b. 33 May, 1770, of Hobnrook, late 
maior 11th native-infiiDtrv, E.I.Ca.'saervlce, and deputy 
itidge-advocate-gen. of the Hadras anny, m. 19 Miirch, 
1811, Mary-Margaret, dau. of Gexi. Ixx^hart^ of eo. 
Lanark, and d. «. p. 8 Feb. 1854. 

I Hkhbt-Thomas, of HoUnrook. ft. 14 Oct, 1780; oafft. 
RN., was present at Lord Bridport*s action, in June, 
1795, and at Admiral Sir J. Jervis's action^ off Cape 
St. Vincent, 14 Feb. 1797, shipwrecked on the French 
coast, in the "Hussar** frigate, in Feb. 1804, taken 
prisoner, and detained in Fnxnae till the end of the 
war; m. 22 June, 1824, Mary, youngest dau. of John 
Taylor, Esq. of Townhead, co. Lancaster, by Dorothy, 
dau. of Sir Thomas Bumbold, Bart., governor of 
Madras. Be d. SO Jan. 1801, and was s. by his grand- 
nephew, the present Mb. Lutwioob, of Holmrook 

1 Charlotte-Jane. d. 6 Jan. 1851 • m. 1st, 29 May, 1788, 
William Benn. Esq. of Hensingnam, near Whitehaven 
(who d, in 1790); and Sndly, Thomas Cope, Esq. of 
Obaston Hall, eo. Leicester, who d. 10 May, 1837. 

5 Lucy, d. 20 April, 1831 ; m. in 1812, the Rev. William 
Grice, vicar of Irton, co. Cumberland, and loft a dau. 

8 Maigaret. m. to J.-E. Carter, Esq. of Leicester; and 
d. $.p. 6 June, 1809. 
4 Cordelia, d. in 1777. 

6 Henrietta-Octavia, d 18 Sept. 1818 ; m. 5 Jan. 1801, 
Charles Poole, Esq. of The Grove, Stanmore, Middle- 
sex (who d. 17 May, 1838X and had issue. 

III. Thomas, b. 6 Oct 1725 ; d. ttnm, Maruh, 1746. 

IV. John, b. 23 Joly, 1728 ; d. unm. 1 July, 1749. 

T. Samuel, ft. 15 Nov. 1730; lieut. R.N., served under 
Admiral Watson in the East Indies, one of the volunteers 
firom the squadron who joined Loxd (then Colonel) Clive 
in his attack upon Calcutta, in which he was severely 
woondsd. He d. of his wounds, and unm., 10 March, 

Ti. Walter, 6. 17 Dec. 1733 ; d. young and unm. 

VII. SkeflSngton, ft. 18 March, 1737; admiral of tbe red, 
oommanded the *' Carcass " bombship, in Comm. Phipps's 
vovago of discovery to the North Pole, in 1773. This 
gallant seaman, the friend of Nelson, commanded the 
3Vrri6I«, 74, in Lord Hood*s ileet, and was eventually ap- 
pointed Command er-in-Chief at the Downs. He m. Cathe- 
rine, sister of the late Sir Robert-Batoson Harvey, Bart, 
of limgley Park, Bucks, and d. «. p. at Holmrook, 15 Aug. 

I. Margaret, ft. in 1726 ; d. unm. at Whitehaven, in 1801. 

II. Cordelia, ft. 5 Maich, 1732 ; d. 2 Dec. 1732. 

III. Luuy, ft. 80 April, 1785; d. 12 Aug. 1736. 

ifnii»— Ac, three ehapeaux, or cBps of maintenanoe or 
turned up, emu 
Cre$t — A lion, rampant, go. 
Motto—Deo, patriK^ amicis. 
Seat— Holmrook, near Baveuglass, co. Cumberland. 


LuxxooRB, Rbv. JoHir, M.A. of Kerabke, co 
Devon, Rector of Llanypiynech, eo. Salop, (. 18 
Jan. 1802; $. bis miole Cbarlee Lnxmoore, Esq., in 
the ye&r 1834^ to the manors of Halstock and Mel- 
don and the several e<!tatca attached thereto, in- 
cluding the ancient park of Okehampton ; m. Ut, ia 
1828, Isabella, 2nd dau. of Wlliam Scott, Esq. of 
Clifton, and Broadgate, co. Devon, by whom he had 

I. Isabella, d. May, 1844. 

XL Marion. 

in. EUzaboth-Cunningham. 

He w. 2ndly, in 1850. Aane, 2ad dau. of Jonatbui 
Steele, Esq. of Poole, co. Donefe, by whom he had 

an only child, 


Ho m. 8rdly, in 1857, Elisaheth-Hamett, Srd dao. 
of Felix Boylan, Esq. of Dublin* 

Xrineaffe.— This famHy is of great antiquity in tbi 
ca Devon, and was formerly seated at Okehampton, for 
which borough JoHir LuxMooas, Esq. of Witherdon, ms 
towards the dose of the last century returned to ptf* 
liament, but afterwords imaeated on petition. 

JoHH LnjJiOORS, Saq. of Geomb Paik, eo. Devon, «. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Jamos Cuuuingham, Bsq. a near rcUtivs 
of tiie last Earl of Glencaim, and left issue, five sons and 
two dans., of the former, the 2nd was CHARtsa^ of wfaou 
presently; and the 4th, Thomas>Biidgeman, mi^or ef 
volunteers during the French war, 1802 to 1815 ; he «. ITM, 
Miss Cartwright, and had three sons and two daua. , of w1k« 
the 2nd son is the present Rkv. Johv Luxwoobs, M. A. lati 
scholar of Pembroke Coll., Camb., and now of Keraiaka 
The 2ud son of John Luxmoore, of Coomb Park, was 

Chakles Luxmoobb, Esq., who possessed tbo manors d 
Halstock and Maldon, co. Devon, and the estates thereto 
attached, including the park of Okeh.'unttton, for nubj 
generations in the possoasion of the Coiutenays. He d. la 
1834» and was s. by his nophow, now of Keralake. 

^rm*— Arg., a ehev., sa., between three moorcocks, ppr. 
' 'Crttt — ^A battle-axe, erect, ppr. 
Mottty—BecMxia fecit securum. 
Sto^— KerEJake, co. Devon. 


lATXFORD, John-Odiarnx, Esq. of Higham, co. 
Sussex, formerly an officer royal-dragoon n, and now 
J.P., m. 1843, Marion, dau. of Bobert Wallas, Esq. 
of Madeira, and has issucj, 

I. JoaN-STEWAKT-OniARNS, b. 1861. 

L Barriott-Mazy, 
IX. Marion-Franees. 

%iTltUt[t* — ^The family of Luxford is of old standing In 
Sussex, in an account given of the nobility and gentiy 
who contributed to the defence of the coimtiy at the time 
of the Spanish Invasion in 1588, two Luxfords are men- 
tioned In connection with the co. Sussex, via., Luxford of 
Westmeston, and Luxfoi-d of Hurstpierpolnt, and from the 
former the Higham family is descended. The estates are in 
the parishes of HaUsham, Salehurst, Beckley, Icklesham, 
Guldeford and Playden, Sussex ; and in Stowe and Witer- 
sham, Kent The family hold the lay rectory of Hailsham, 
in wL'oh church is their burying place; as well as the 
I'oyiilty of tbe isl.iud of Oxney, in Rent. The late 

John LuxroRO, Esq. of Higham, J. P. and D.L., b. 1756; 
M. 1802, Catherino-Sanih, dau. of Jeremiah Curteis, Esq. 
of Bye, and left issue, 

JohH'Odiabmb, now of Higham. 

Oeorgtt-Curteis, in holy orders, m. Pauline-MatUda, dau. 
of Sir Josius Stracey, Bart., and has issue. 

jlrMU— Or, on a pile, as., three boars' heads, couped, of the 
CnM^A boar's head, erased at the neck, gu., holding in 

mouth a spear, or, headed, of the first 
9<i<— Higham, Hurst Green, near Lewes, Sussex. 


LuxHOOBB, Th£Rey. Ohablss-Thouas-Cobtndo5, 
of Witherdon, co. Devon, vicar of GuildsfielJ, 
Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, M.A. of St John's 
Coll. Camb., 1818 ; b. 14 March, 1793 ; wi. 22 Feb. 
1822, Frances, dau. of the late Thomas Brooke, Esq. 
of Church Minshull, co. Chester, and granddku. of 
Sir Richard Brooke, Bart, of Norton Priory, co. 
Chester, and has issue, 

I. Charles. 
X. Fanny. 
III. Margaret. 

II. Frederic. 
u. Smma. 

Arrast dte.— As LuxMOOBB qf KtnhUtt^ 
Sedt^Witherdon, ca De^^on. 

Su Amsb. 



Lydekkeik, Geharb-Wolfb^ Esq. of Harpetldea 
Lodge, St Albans, co. Herts, J.P. for that co. and 
Beds, and for the liberty of St. Albans, M.A, of 
Trinity Cull. Camb., and of the Inner Temple, 
barrister-at-law, 6. 10 July, 1811; m, 20 Joly, 
1848, Martha-Margaret, youngest d^u. of Thoniis 
Peake, Esq., serjeant^t^law, and has issue, 

I. BlCHAitn, b. 85 July, 1849. 

II. John, b. 21 Oct 1850. 

III. Arthur, b. S3 Apnl, l^a. 


ReoordBy Book HH, p. 88, that a grant of lands-— Long 
Iibnd» mm made to Riobard LvDEKtut, on tfa» lOth De- 
mnbor, hUH ( ho is befievod to bare been a captain in the 
lejBl nftfy of HoUand< and to have been sucoeeded by bia 


«. — Kennedy, the Umda being confinued 7 Sept 1763, to 
bis aon, the Bkv. Oebabd liYDEKXEB, B. A. of Ygde Oollog;e, 
Cbnne^icut. On the breaking out of the war this gentleman 
etrty fttkaebed himself to the Loyalist party, and distin- 
goi^ied Umedf by bis actlT'e exertion In opposition to the 
iwdntioDAry principles. Ho retired to Kew York ; bis 
pnpaity of Hackensack N.I., in Albany and Long Idand, 
kaiing been ooofiaeated. He arrived in England ▲.ix 1763, 
and, dying in 1793, left, by lOisabetb Coley, hia wife, three 
MBS, L BiCHARD, bis heir ; ii. William, d. 1840 ; m. John, 
k ms, the e m inwit Sonth 8ea ahip-oWn« and nunifleent 
tiwfMtiir of IJbB Seamen's Ho^Hal, d. iS 7nly, 1332. 

BiCBAXs LTmoDUB (fcfae eldest sonX b. 1772, lLI>i of BL 
FMfli'B, 8t Alban's, m. 10 Sept. 1808, Elisabeth, dan. and 
befressof Bobert Wolfe, of Roxwell, oo. Essex, Esq. fie 
tf. 19 Dea 184i, and his widow 7 ,JatL 1654, their issiw 
being one son, Oebabd- Wolt^ above-nvned, 9U2d one dan. 

Sm(— Harponden Xiodge, near St Albans, Herts. 


Ltku, Sib CfHABLBS, Knt., F.R.S., of Kinndrfy, 
Kerriemuir, co. Forfar, J.P. and D.L., 5. 14 Nov. 
1797; m. 12 July, 1832, Mary-Elizabetb, eldest dau. 
q! Leonard Horoer^ Esq. Sir Charles graduated 
witii honoiiTs, afe Exeter Coll. Oxford, B.A. 1819, 
UJl 1821, And was made an honorary D.C.L. 1855. 
He has been twice President of the Royal Geological 
Soeiety, and is Btithor of the Principles of Geo- 
logy, and several standard scie*itific works. He 
received the honour of knighthood in 1848. 

irtHfaffr.-^^BAlfcMS LvBtL, Esq. of Kinnordy, who m. 
Maiy Beale, of West Loo, OomwRll, had, with two dans., 
Mary, d. 184S, and Anne, wife of Capt. Gilbert Heathcote, 
R.N., son of Sir William Heathcote, Bart, of Hursley, a 


Chablbs Lykll, Esq. of Kinnordy, J.P., and vice-liout, 
ftv Aogus-shire, ft. 7 March, 1769 ; «. 11 Oct. 1796, Frances, 
cnlj dan. of Thomas Smith, Esq. of Maker Hall, Swaledale, 
ea Tork, and d. Not. 1849, leaving issue, 

I. CiuBLEB(8td. now Of Kincnordy. 

II. Thomas, RN. 

UL B«DTy, UMxt.H:oL 43Pd Bemgal Ught-lnfistntzy, «i. in 
IMS, Ktktherine-Uurmy, 4th (&u. of Leonard Homor, 
Esq., and has iamie, 1 Leonard; 2 Francis-Homer; 
S Arthmr-Henry; and one dan. Bosamund-Frances- 

L frapeea. 

H. Marianne. 

m. Caroline. 

rt. Eleanor. 

▼. Haria, m. to tbe Rev. Gilbert fioathfieta44B;iMiidse&' of 
air William Heathcote, Bart, of Hursley. 

▼I. Bophia-Oeox^giana. 

Tu. Elisabeth, daoeosed* 

if nu—Or. a eroBS, ax., between four crosses, pat^, gu., 
within a bordure, engrailed, of the last 

Crtd—L hand m armom*, holding a sword, ppr., hilt and 
pommel, or. 

JI<iCf(^~Forti non iffnavAf 

&«<— Kinnordy, KeiTiemuirj^orihrahJre. 

iteiMtcaotf^Sa^ JBUirley Stroet, w. 


Ltu, Aorksok, B«q. of The Oakfl, ttt tiio do. of 
Lmdoodarry, Lord Lieut, for that co., called to 
tbe Irish bu-, 18l<8, formerly Hemembrancer of the 
Court of Exchequer, and lately Master in the Court 
of Chancery, Ireland; m. 5 April, 1825, Eleanor, 
Sod dau. of James Warre, Esq.. by Eleanor, his wife, 
dan. of Thomas Oreg, of Belfast, Esq., and has issue, 

L JAvsa-AcRBSosr. ft. 4 Feb. 1827, called to the Irish bar 
1940 ; m. Aog. 1S51, Elisabeth, 2nd dau. of ths Boy. 
Francis Ruttledge, of Bloomfield, eo. Mayo. 

L Qeoigina-Acheson, m. CajpW James-Fonsonby Cox, R.E« 

n. 8leaaar^Augiiita*AdMmi, m. Fdtaii>Fredflrte*'Winlsm 
Henrey, fomeriy eapl. 38Uk Ught-dmgMBi^ snd afters 
wssdfl one of the inspeofcon-genBratof Fdaons ia Irchady 
who <L SI Mazoh, 1861. 

nt. Esther-Bmily-Acihesen. 

!▼. FlorenoO'Aohesofn. 

l^inease.— This funOy has bean settled in tiia nocfh 
of Ireland for a considerable time. 

Hugh Ltlb, Ksq. of Colecaine, was m, prsrionsly to ITIT 
to Eleanoc^ dau. of Hugh Benkhead, of Kiktin, la the eo* 
of Londonderry, and by her, who snrriTed him (and whose 
will bears date 28 Dec. 1766, and proTSd 10 June, 1766X 
had issue, with two dans., EUsabetti, wife of Hugh Om>- 
michael, Esq. of Dublin, and Maxthi^ wife of — Bijaa, an 
only son, 

HoGH Ltlc, Ssq. of Odaninet who m. Blaaiiory dao. of 
Samuel Hyde, of Lanoashire, in England, and of ^»**fkT^ 
in Ireland. Mr. Lyle*s will beam di^ ft Dec, 1777, prored 
86 Oct 1778. He d 1778. baring had issue t^ his sidd 
wife, who surviTed him, three sons and three daus., ria, 

L HuoB Ltue, of Jackson Hall, oo. Londonderry, who 
left at his decease in 1812, three sons and four daua, 

1 Hugh. S Thomaa 8 Samuel. 

1 Elisabeth. 8 Eleanor. 

S Mary. 4 Sarah. 

II. SAMnsL, of whom ^ treat, 
ni. James, of Philadelphia. 
L Mary. 
II. Elinor, 
in. Sarah. 

The 2nd son, 

Samuel Ltlv, Esq. of The Oaks, high shcrU! tw the co. 
Fermanagh in 1806, ta. in Sept. 1787, Esther, dan. of John 
Achoson, Esq. of Londonderry, and had Issue, 

X. HvoH LTUt, Enq., m. Catherine, dan. of — « Bateson, 
Esq., and had issuer a son, Hugh-Cbeatham Lyle^ Eiq » 
Ktpt, B.A. 

XI. AoHESoa, now of The Oaks. 

in. Samuel, nt. Margaret, dau. of — Sterenson. 
vr. James, d. unuu 

I. Eleanor, d, umn. 

II. Sarah, m. Thomas Batt, Esq. of Batbmullen, co. 

XII. Mary, m, Henry^CSole Sandys, Bsq. • 

S^e— The Oaks, near Londondony. 

Tmm Aridcncs— 19, Herrion Square flootii, Dublin. 


Lynch, Nicholas, Esq. of Bama, eo. Oalway, 
D.L., high sheriff of Galway town 1843, 6. 22 Feb. 
1804; m. 24 Nov. 1SS5, Eliza, 2ad dau. of Stephen 
Grehan, Esq. of Butland Square^ Dublin {^y Mar- 
garet bis wife, dau. of Guorge Byan, E«q. of Xnob, 
see that family), and haa issue, 

I. Marous-Nicholas, lieut. 88rd regt., 5. 12 Sept. 1830. 
I. Margaret. 

iLtlt^Sff^. — ^The family of Lynch, of which was ^amos 
Lynch, tbe inflexible mayor of Oalway in 1494, is of rSry 
ancient stAnding in the province of Gonnaught, and ranks 
amongst the original settlers known by the name of " The 
Tribes of Galway. " In an old manuscript in tJIator*s office, 
William Le p£Tix is stated to have been ancestor of the 
Lynch family in Ireland, of which many branches still 
exist in high respectabili^ in the counties of Galway and 

The greater portion of the Baiiia property came into the 
Lynch family by the marriage of the dircc^ ancoi^tor of the 
present proprietor with tlielieircsa of the O'Hallokans, the 
foundations of wnose castle ai*e still to be seen. 

Marcus Ly^oh, Esq. of Bama, (lesccnded from the 
marriage of William Lynch and the heiress of CHallocan, 
m. in 1684, Elisabeth, dau. of Oliver Browne, Esq. of Cool- 
arou, and was father of 

Nicholas Lynch, Esq. of Bama^ who m. in 1719, Mary, 
dau. and hclrass of NeptuaM Lyach, Esq. of Lettermullin, 
CO. Oalway. Their only son, 

Marcus Lynch, Esq. of Bama, m. In lV42, Anstaoe, dau. 
of Maurioe Blal^e^ Esq. of Ballinafad, co. Mayo, and had 
issue, with three dana, of whom Julia, aa. in 1784, Hyacinth 
D'Arcy, Ssq. of Kiltulla (tee that familp), two sons, the 
yotmgcr of whom d., leaving one dau. and heiress, m. to 
Manrloe Blake» Esq. ol Ballinafod, oo. Msyo. The elder 



g)fl)iy ,d9»u: and hmem «l BMvy Btek«; £a^ «C BalU&^ill, 
oo. Oalwaj, 2iid son oi Blake, of Lebincb, co. M»yo^ and by 
lief bad, tiftli five daiis., ake wm, '^ ' " 

MARcu8-BLAKK-I/tK0i}, l^sq. of Buma/ who m. Ist, in 
jfm^ 1792, Jan^^Marjr, dau. of M<u:k BjFi7ie« £a^,o£ 2CuUin- 
8h^(V I^ubUo ; and Sn^, 17M, Clannda,. tod dan. of J<^m 
Segmvei iBoq. of Ooljra, oa^ DiciblSD (iee that family), by 
'whom, at Ma doMh In Jan. 1829, >6 loft tend, Ave daua. 
flMliorinto, ?ane, Fitmects, 'Clifriniui and Henridi^), and au 
i^.W>9,,i^ ^>):^86|it]^ioBoi4BX^XK9H, T^sqp o< Bama. 

^rm«— Az., a chev., bat^een -thrafe tr6ft>Il8, silppad, of. 
Cres^— A Ijmx, passant gvutfdaut, ppr. 
3fofto— Semper fidelis. 


■ t ■■»> 

v : ., iLYKOH OF BUEAS. 

' IsnroB^ PATBitiK^SfAitou^ iBsq.'of Doras t'a'i'k, and 
Renmore Park, co. Qalwiay^ J'.P., bigh sberfff 184^, 
6, 178^ ; m. 1820, £llen» only dau. ot Jolm Wi^o, 
£!;iq^ of BelvQir, co. Clare, and has issae, 

I.* Jofri^-I^itsow, iT.!?'., cajJt. Galwiay militia^ high sbcrifT 

'<rf Co. Oalway 1888, 6. 1831. 
ik. Willbm-Joseplk, on officer 1^ regi, &. 18^5. 

X. Barbara, n». 1851, to Lt.-Col. Oeogb^;aii, B.B.I.C.8. 
It, %llcn,;n. 1855, to'Bdward-llibmas'Stapletoti, £b^. 
ijt Eliza. 

' rr.'^iary-Jaiie. 
V. Fanny. 

•ILClttSJBpK^/^MaBS Ximoiiv Seq. of Bcnmora Lodge, oo. 
QalWayr a. iiv 11884 ; oh, Jane, oidy datt.'Of Nidudaa B^g(gi, 
Bsql M JlMAatsa^ and haft tweaona, pATtutOK, Ida heir; and 
Nicholas, who d. t. p. Tlie elder ttcid heir, 

Patrick Lynch, Esq. of Renmore Lodge, &/ in 1714 x vL 
ii^ar47, Anhei alaterof SHx.OtmilbB Ffretjcbt Batt. o€ Cattle 
Fftanob, andaftmfi At Tbomaa, let Baron Fttenoh, and by 
her bad, with two dans., who both/i. «. p., tiroaofDa,MABa:, 
of 'wlioin .pteifenUy; aiid Afartii^y . banistei^aib^law. Xho 
elderaan, • •• " 

iWt:^K LttccB, Eaq. d Sittas FSavk, oo.JGahray, d. in lttft{ 
t». let». ia 1965, Anbbtt,. ittily«hfld of Btefkoi, Bodcev. B>q^ 
of Ower, 00. Galway, and by her had oneapn* the preaent 
PAT^CKrMA?i«ua JjiVLfm, Etq. of. Doras Park. Ha m. 
todly, in n99i YMnfrOk dim. of Bicbard-Wotolay Ckxnuick, 
Esq. of Wolsley Park, in the Island of Granada, by Lacy- 
Baarbanl hla k^, slater .of Sir Oeofge^-Laoaard -Bfaaimton, 
BartL^ and by- her MmI issue, at Ida death in 183S, 

• I.' QcoBO^STAUirvox, now of C^ydagh Hovisis, oo. dalway, 
(r^fer to Lynoh-Staunton). 

XI. HEim?-Oo9K«:ic< oaptJi JBXaS. Madras, b. 1B0% ; ta. 
.. ,.183S«>qiw»lotte, da^. of J.-Broek Wood, Esq. of Hunt- 
ingdon Hall,' CO. Chester, and bad a son GeorgQ-£U»unton, 
6. 1839, lieut. Hants artillery militia. Oapt. Lyniuht s. to 
the estate of Leigh Park, near -Havaut, Hants, in 1859, 
on the death «. ja^.of hisefpu^ia S'rG.-T. Staunton^ Bart. 
{tee &TAVHvmt% and 4» in tiiu same year, having aisumod 

- thead^tiooal name and anns of Sxawxom, 
, 4IL Biobanl-H. of Olonarde, co. Galway, J. P., ni. 
Geoargiana» dau. of.theBev. G. Vaiwme, B.D., reotorof 
Stapleburst, in Kent, and has a dau. Auna-Vorenne. 

IV. Charles-Firench. 
^ tj hudy^nu to RiohJud UJotyn, Baq. of'GUdway, dooeMed. 

<;^. -JeannetteYictoiro, m. to Abraham-F. Boyse» £ea» (jtod 
son of the late Thomas Boyaa» Bsq, of Kantenaut Hoiiae^ 

J co^ Um^rick), deceased. 

in. JUargar^t, d. unm. 

Atttt$i-^tt^A choY., betiteon fhree luelbila) ali|kped,.<or. 

Crest — A lynx, courant, ppr. 

Motto — Semper fidelis. 

fieat— Dui-as Park» near Kinvaaa, co. Oalway. ' - 




Ltkch, Hknbt-Blcbse, Esq. of Partry House, co. 
Mayo, retired iJ&Di. l^diail navy^ C.B., 6. 24 Nov. 
1807 im, ip.Aw 1838, C^Utte, dau. o| CoL Robert 
Taylor, jpi i\x& tomboy army* H. U. miaiateib f^ 
Baejd^d) aua lias iaaue, t . . 


I. ASOV^aiD* BB%f^^^ ; ^r ," 

I. Rose. 

Rii^CattiUoe. . • '. .• k- . 

?L{n£flSf*— Josxpii Lyvob, Eaq., deseended fhna 
4rtlmr, Srd aon of Sir Miert Lyaeha of j^vqpadttb 
Castle,; 00. Galwayi by hia> wife, Joaa Browae^ ef Ibt 
Neale, co. Mayo, m. Maigarot Blaksi of BalUoated^ au4 mm 
lath^ ofi '• 

HENax-BLOfsps LvvCH, ]Esq..of Fertiy* xatjer TSrd foc4^ 
who .91. £aiaabe^h, dau,. of Robert Finuiib Ss«. of B|th^ 
Kent, «pd had isaua. 

JoRW-FiNitia; IdHe^Piwtvy, C imm. t6A6. 
^jBttewn^hcastm, nMrof,Fartry. - 
Edward-Patrick, major Bombay AMay> , loUsfat of tbe 
.^ Persian o^er of the Lion and Sun, «i* Emuy, dsa. of 
C^pt. IStirtbn, of Eari8Wood''Hotoe, Reigato. 

Arms (dulv regls t et od) ■ " A jfg.-, t^ehev.t b e t irwu tfaree tn- 
foils, «Uppea» or.- 
Crestr^jL ^x, oourqpt, ppr. 
Jfotto— Semper constauH et fideUt, 
i8e<U— Partry Houae, BallinroDe, co. Hayo. 

LtircH <5P CLOOBEB. 

ORBAK-i/riiXJB, PaIRIOK, Esq. «l dogher Hoosa^ 
00, MayiH J.P. «ild DX.^ high iheriff 184^/tDajarii 
the local xnilitift, ft. 1814 ; m. 184^, Mareella, dao. of 
tlie late Sir ;M!iofaaelr-I]^Uoix B^lew, Bart^ And has 

X. Helena. ii. Olivia xii. EUMOieth. it. Jfny. 

&t|ICggg>'— The lfcm.i1yoCO'&ean,oneof great antjqaity, 
possessed extensive estates in the co. of SJJgv^ bi|t bet Umdi, 
as did most of their catholic fellow countrymen, in the timei 
of religious persecutibn. The hnest monument remainlcg 
in the Abbey of Sligo is an altar-tomb to a meml»r of tUi 

. The O'Crefma f onned idlianeea with i&aiyof the fint 
fhkiniliea in ttia eo. of 'Sllgo, and xneattbii of tfasm eeeonik 
documenta of an eariy pedod ; In the iHH of EImum*; 
Coimteas of KlTdare, who m. for her i^ budNMid OXJonaar 
Bligo, and d. in 1656, Andsew Cmau, ^^. of Anmgh, aod 
his son, are legatees. A descendant of this andent race, 

HsNav Creak, Esq., ht-ia^^MtO, eldest son of Stephen 
Crean, Esq. of Sligo, m. in 1703, Catiberine^ dau. of Tbomai 
Blake, Esq. of Botdybefir* co. Mnycs'aad Was fiitber of 

Ajvp&ew Ci&bak, Esq., of.Rofdyhegv. 5. in- 1705, vbo 
in. 6 Jan. 1751, Kart^ dau. and heiress of Bovufics 
Lynch, Esq. of ITewlMrougti, do. Oatway (derived frota 
tbe Lynches of Galway) and had, w^th^^ ^iSSi-^MflVufH^ 
tthoinas Billon, £aq. cIlAaian, oo. Eosconamonrtweibna^ 
Andrew, d. young ; and Bovinioic, of whom. preseoUj. 
Mr. Crefein assumed the additifonal siimame uid anna of 
]J4YN0H« and d. In Jitoy, 1786. His oxvly surviving aon, 

BoMiNiCK Cbean-Lymch, Bsq.,fr. in 1757^ ai» in 1784, 
Juiia, dau. of liCartin Browne, Baq, o^ Clonfadr ^ ^^ 
common, and d. in Doc. 1806* hiavixig had isau^ . 

Martin, maimer in the army, m. Chaxlott^ dao. of Cbitf' 
Justice Glanvill, of the iakindiof Domiiiic% 
. Edward'Patrick, an officer in the army. 

AHcia, Di. Ih 1810, to Frtrnda Hoffit, Bsq. di Baheeo, 
QueMi^ County, ati officer in the army. 


TiM eldest son,' 

Andrew C{»an-Ly^ch, Esq. of Hplybropk, apd Clog'Ur 
House, J.P. and D.L.'. high sJieritf 183?, 6. 10 6dL 17S7 ; m. 
in Jan. 1811, Elizabeth, eldeat dau of ]Patriek, t^chi isq. 
of Clogher House (by Mary his wile, eldest dau. of Edw:ud 
Blake, Esq. of Eiltulla, oo. GalwayX and by her, (who <2. 17 
July, 1858) had issue, 

Doaiiiilckid. Avg-1812;.d.yonBi0 ... 
Patrick, now of Clogher B juse. . - 

, Jer^pk^ b. in May; 18^, deeeased. . v 

Mr. tyndh d. 1858, ' ,' . . . , 

ifrwte (dtdyregiflterftd)— Qitarterly: Xst arfd'4^, •*., « 
chev., be'ween three tr^oils* sltoped. or, tbrhfvc^; lad 
aild Srd,'a wdf, sftHto^, between -oiree hearts, for CftXAV. 

(;rf8t9~r-lBt , a lynx, pns^anL gus^xlaot, PPr- fbr LyiiCv; 
2ttd, a dcfai'%Qli; 'hoidW between th« pavs.a hcark Ibr 

CtttAX. . •^ " 

iSeaf-^Clogher House, ^sUyglasd. co; M87<^ ' '" 




Lvna, Samuil-Parb, Esq. of Tool^ Baric, oo. 
LeioMier, lieot royal horsesutiUeiy, <*b* ^ June, 

W38. .'..,, 

•.^ «• i. 

lOlf Xfe* — Tbaa fiaAif elaim^ Bakon origin and to 1m 
dcMOKkif fiom Uefhrnffm, ^i^ho Hved at 9ftmftigl^, eo. 

Jomr Ltkgs, Esq. (tf Coiley and Kirkby UsiSory^ ^ 
19 Ifaa^, 194e-'(«nly si^ of Jofcn' lorn^ of Obiley, Mod 
fnadMi flf Ma li^Beo^ ^ ^e saioa plAee, iR^ho waa in 
direct desoont trova. THOMAa Ltmxs, li«f^'a<i CcHfley <cm]i. 
HxjntT Yin.) ; iic8«tali« dv}^«lid«c»Ji«^ of 7lio««»Wfl|>b, 
Gent of LiUiiigton, in tb.e<aaaoiyioPW9awkiL, andliadv' 

1. Joaar. LIaBL,' hia Wfr. 

u. Thomas, of Great Ch^nden^ <K>. Noriba|npto1^ b. 
14 May, 1794 ; m. PranoeA, third dad. of the Ber. Qeoxge 
AMittopf TCotor of (M^dap», and jM(diMtto» 

1 John. S Geoi^-Boulion. 

3 William. 4 Tt<A>ett>FrettCll. 

1 Hisabetli, d. fX Nty? 1842. .£ Francos. 
i Cuoline. - 4 lAtmL 

I. EUatbetfa, d. 8 Sept 1801» uum. 

Mr. LynoB d. 29 Dm* 1^83, a^ds^ff^a^t. bj bis eldest son. 

Tax Bxv. Jo&viiTNis, Lli.B., F.A.S.'of tooley Park, oo. 
Umtften K 84 7eli 1788 ;- vu 17 Stopti ><M<« CSBMlina-a^bi- 
odd» eUifstdaiv luuL oo-biairfef Ctvifh her younger atstei^ 
U^ MaishaU^ 9$ ^e late Jobn H^yime, Bi%. of Qartb- 
mflilio,.co. DeubiglviW ^an4l•An9fi, hia wifor only ma> 
Tivingdftu. andbeir oi {he Rkv. Samusl Parr, LL.D,, of 
HaUra, near Warwick, prebendary of St. Fanl's Cathedral), 
Mfd ly her, wlio slvrai^BSk bad issoer : r 

SAH9KXrPABB, bls boir. xT - • 

Ai^:n8ta-Sarah, m. inlS5S, Wollaston-I^raiik Fyih/l&Bq. 
lno»*KfithariBO. - 

Xr. L^ea, who was incumbent of Ration* oo. Warwick, 
Bad • magistrate, for Woroestexshire, d. 82 July^ 1843. 

Arm (Oxanted to John Lynes, Esq. of Kirkby Mallory, 
•AandAiilr^'JDtaiil^M*, QfHtJof'Oo^l^.>^AttM on a 
bead, aft ».hil!MSBO'tvo.UoMv nnnpanVgv-* A fl«u^dOr4is» 
bitvae* t^o gviybocan<iiA' beadA>. erased, or. - 

Crut>^9. fronts a£eu4-doai^;«i:|E., alleji^ r«anp«nt» gn. 

Jfotto— rM,Jftot l>rt)ii • 

Aod-^JlTodey'Piik^ eo. I|et(»8tef.; 


Lto!!^ Jork,* Eisq., Te{)teaentatiV0 of tlie family, t. 
Us father M\ 7utie, aB27, and <f. mm. $t Paris, 1858. 

lilKXJKf.''— JoRir-]piiroir, Ebq., <^ndng desoent from 
Dinle! I^yrod of Cousins, bvother of lord Glamis, settled at 
Brechin, lAnrtii' fhrlta^ He ff». Elisabeth Bum, slso of 
Itrodiln, and bad issuo: Tfie older son, 

JoBSr LvDir; Esq. of Castle lyon, In Perthshire, and Kin- 
Baitd, in fffeshire, m. Jane, dau. of Alexander Ochterlony, 
Eiq. cf P^forfhy, ilngos ", Ab was aunt and reprraentatiTO 
of the gaUant ttaJor-Oen. Bir David Ochterlony, Bart, 
O.C.B., who d. unm. in 1825. (See Buaxtte JUiiMt Jkerotut- 

Oatio Ltoit, Bsq. of Portland Place, London, and of 
Jamaica si. ljiabel}a» ^est ^au. of Joim B^id, £^. of 
Ckiniey, l^orfarsbizie, b^ Anne, only dau. of WiUiam Quthxie, 
bq. of CSeppingtoh, and had iBsue, 

Joey, his heir, lato representative, d. atv^Pwis in 1886^ 

Jnaes, ofWooiaviogton, Busscx, «n. Fxances-Hairiett, dau. 
ftfll^or^enetalTbewles, of Bookwood, oo. BoiBcommonA 
Ibid d hi 1856, having' had isttie, 

Jametf^arirtntwld. '■ 

IkTid, of Balintris Qartiflv «a Tbxftrf M» HP. for 

Beendston. .- • f^ ■• - " . '• 

Geurae, s». YlctorinO'Liiiilw^ dan. of KoBO^. Jbetoik Blanc, 

of Ibraeillea, by hia wife, Adaa'Antoinette-Cecile 4e Pbl- 

lenone, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Edwax4 Boobe, Esq,) 

left one dan. , Adde-Antonia-Desere-Loon^ 
WilUam. of JSrew^Lod»).jpbQ{jubircvjQant.8th^\u^aiaK.Wid 

Uto M,P. fbr Searor3C J • ' .' 

BUxabotK pu i Jan. I92z, to Lord KXhnjiInef and d. I Dec. 

1834, leavbig issue. CSm PkebaoeJ , 
lAibetaRDi. 1st,, to Jam^ Weddert)nm,sB!a3.; wbo.d. in 

ltA4; ftnd Sadly, 8 Obi 1836, fo Chartea-Ho#e FrS' 

MiKy, d. nam. in 1818, atrUdntaUban, in FnuBoe. 

• t 


Agin^ m. 17 Wtfb. 18S9, to CoL John T> w aa nU a , OlB.. 
OeldatRalB-gaatds, alie-da-oamp to her Mi^esty, and 

Im>^ iSffWD'- 

Bmily. m. 8 May, 1828, iba Hon. CoL Nathaalel-Heiiiy- 
Gharles Massey, brokhar of Lord Clarina. 

Jiw M • A fg*., a MOtt, nuMpant, aa, armed and lsnaaed« 
within a double iisssiiia, lowered and eoonterfloweioa, gu. 

CnH'^A lady, to «be girdle, holding in lier right band tba 
royal thistle, tacloaed in a elrcle of laurel, ppr., in allusion 
to the alUanee of Sir John I^un with Juan, dau. of MLing 
BoBxat It 

AfottDes^In te Dotoliw apenvl, for Lvov; PntdntiA ai 
a^mo, for OCHTxaLOiiT. 

M.D. of Waning- 


Lton, Thomas-Hbtbt, Esq. of Appleton HaO, oo. 
Cheater, J. P. and V,h,, sometime an offioer li.N., 6. 
28 Oct. 1825 ; M. 94 Jaly^, i860, Vanda, 8rd dau. of 
Col .Wilson-Aifclen of Bank flail* eo. Ijuioaater, 
D,L.aiMl]LP. .{See that family*) 

UneX]^.— The family of Lyon is of Scottish descent 
The ancestor of the brancAi before ns, Tboxas Ltoh, 6. about 
1626, served in the Soots Oreya, and having left his native 
country, settled at Warrington, in Lancashire, where he 
purchased proper^* an4 d. in lOM, leading iesoe, by Do- 
rothy) his wife, 

John Lton, of Warrington, who porebased estates in Ap- 
pleton. He was b. in 1688, and ■». Maigaret* dan. and oo> 
hetaeas of Tluunas Edwardson, of Peel Huose^ Tjmesshire, 
by whom he had issue, 

Thomas, his heir. 

MATfBSW, efwhonl hereifter as 

JSIkaK wktoBdwaadPelnbertoa, 

ton,iprandf>>tber of tiks Bight Hen. 

Leigh, created liord Kingsdowii« 

The eKter son, 

TnexAS Lyou, Baq. of WiRikiglttn, sooeee de d to tlie Ap- 
pfeton property, bnt di, mm. 99 De& 076^ wteti.theestetea 
dev)ol*ed on his brother, 

JlATTBSw Ibvoor, Bsq.«*. inl7My who m. MOm, dna« and 
oo-heiress of James Fairdough, Esq. of Wigan, awi left 
Jsade, athisdeeea^S^one, 17U, wlthadaii.vJBleB, 
tTeaeph Attr, Ssq, ol Fir6iove> West Derby, two aoa% 

Tbovas, liiH heir. 

James, in holy orders, rector of F^eatwich, Laneadhii^. im. 
liacy, on^ dan. of Edmund Badelifl; Baq., and had 

James-BadcUflb, In holy orders, reolor ef Polford, 

Chestaire, ft. 11 July. 1765; m. 18 Jlay^ 18M» Frauees» 

dau. of George Clayton, Esq. of Lostock. and had issue. 

Tbomast devuiee of his niicle, and law |poBSess6r of 

Appleton HaU. 

£chnund, HD. of if aneboster, b, 88 Jan. 1790. 
John, in the royal navy, b. 5 Feb. 1797; dL at the 0»pe 
of Good Hope, in 1821. 
M atbew, 5. 12 July, 1800. 
Geozge, b. 14 Oct. 1801. 
Ellen, m. to the Bfty. Edmund Corser. 
Sarah- Anne, la. to the Bev. Henry Fielding. 
Hacy. m. to the Bev. George Dogard, .y. A., Ineumbent 
oi Barnard Oastle, 1847, an Hon. canon of Durham, 
and master of Bt John's Hospital, Barnard Oastle. 

The elder son, 

Tnoacaa Lvoir, Bsq.i of ■ Appletflb« J.P.,lieut.*ooL.of the 
Warrmgtoa vx>tunteers, b. 16 Kov. 17661 ^- «iM"^ 18 Sept. 
1818, having devised his estates to Ids n^hew, 

Thomas Ltoh, Esq. of Appleton HaU, J. P. and p.L., b. 
8 Dea 1786 ; m. 28 Feb. 1880, Eliaa, youngest dau. of George 
Clayton, Esq. of LostoekHidl^ Lanoashire^ andA 17 Ahg. 
1859, leaving issue, 

Thomas, b. 89 Jone, 1828.. » •♦ u 
Thomas-Hxnrt, now of Appleton HaU. 

Charles, 6. 29 Nov. 1832. 

Francis, 5. 11 Jan. 1854. 

Agnes-Gardner. . . ' • ' EWaS'M'wyv 

Geoigiana. Adelaide. 

Jrms— Arg., a lion, ramjMnt, vertk 

Curst— A lion's head, erased, «rg. 

lfo<to— Pro rcge et patrii. 

iSeot— An>leton HaU» near Wiyr^i]|^;t^ Cl^eshire. 


* LY05S, Jbtti^^^BABLK^' Esq. of Ledeaiown, eo« 
Wesiiiixea^, J.P. ^d 'B.L., lugk' sheriir IBltf; fisr* 
merly capt. Westmeath inmtiB» b. 22 Atig. 1792; 9. 



Ins ffrartdfkther in' 1803; m^ Ist, 14 Marcb/lSSO, 
Penelope-Melesina, only dau. of Hugh. Tuite, Esq. of 
Sonna, co. Westmeath (see thai family), by whom 
(who (LIO Feb. 1855) he had issue, 

• X. Charles, 5. T Feb. 1821 ; d. unm, March, 1859. 

I. Mary-Auu-Molcaina, m. 184S, to Jamoa MaUey, Esq. of 

He m. 2ndly, 12 No^. 1856, Frances-Ellen-Y. dau. of 
Thomfis Walsh, Esq. of Belle vue, co. Westmeath 
(by Frances-Ellen his wife, 2nd dau. of Edmond 
I/Bstmnge, Eac^. of Turin, oo. Westmeath), by whom 
he has further issue, 

I. Joaii-OBARi.BS, h, 1 Febk 1801. 
t. CaroUne-Constance. 
n. Mai'y-Aim-Camilla. 

Hintnj^f. — ^In the reign of Jamk T., Captatk Wiluam 
Lyons purchased the estate of Clonarrow, afterwards caOed 
River Lyons, and other lands, King's County, and received 
a grant, Srd Charles I., of the townland of Tullynally, with 
pait of the great wood of Fercall, in the King's County. 
His son, Gboffrt Ltons, Esq. of Clonarrow, m. Marg;aret 
Hoore, of Crougban, gra&d-auut to the 1st Earl of Charle- 
ville, and had a son and successor, Collt Lyoks, whose 
son (by his wife) m. Busanna Lumm. 

HxMKT Lyoks, Esq. of Blver Lyons, m. Anne, 6th dau. 
of George Bochfort, Esq. of Qaulstown, by Lady Elisa- 
beth Moore his wife, youngest dau. of Henry, Srd Earl 
of Drogheda, and had three daua, one m. to John Nixon, 
Esq. ; Elisabeth, in. to Robert Barry, Esq. ; and Henrietta, 
m. 1780, to Robert Garden, Esq. Henry Lyons' brother, 

JbBN Lyows, Esq., msjor in the army, purchased 
Ledestowu, co. Westmeath, in 1715. He m. Elisabeth, relict 
of Lieut. -Colonel Bichard Ashe, and dau. of Henry Williams^ 
Saq.y deputy*govemor of Antigua^ and had issue, 

I. CfitARiiEB, his heir. 

II. John, of Drogheda, capt in the army, m. Dorothea, 
dau. of Sir Thomas Montgomery, and had tbree sons, of 
whom the 2nd, Hugh, took the additional name of Mont- 
gomery, and was ancestor of the Iieltrim family. (S€e 
Lyons-Moktoomxry of BelAavel.) 

xu. Henry, of Belmont, dcputy-^erk of the ooimcO, and 
deputy muster-master-genersJT, m. and had an only diild, 
Louisa, m. 1752, Chxunbre-Brabazon, only son of Major- 
Gen, the Hon. Henry Ponsonby, brother of the 1st Earl 

IV. Samuel, settled In Antigua, and is presumed to have 
been ancestor of the present LoBO Lyons. 

X. Maigaret, m. to Hans Widman, E^. of Banstoun, co. 

II. Mary, m. to Hugh Bowcn, Esq. of Mulllngar. 

HI. Anne, m. to Isaac Smith, Esq. of Annevule. 

XT. Elisabeth, m. to Glasgow Thompson, Esq. 

The eldest son, ' 

Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown, high sheriff 1731, 
m. 1723, Christiana, dau. of Robert Mason, Esq. of Mason 
Brook, eo. Galway, and had issue, 

John, his heir. 

Charles, major 60th r^t., d. unm. 1700. 
Margaret, wt. 17M, to Theophilus Bolton, Esq. 
Alicia, d. unm. 

The elder son, 

John Lyoks, Esq. of Ledestown, high sheriff 1778, m. 
1766, Caroline, Srd dau. of Lieut. -Colonel John Dcgennis, of 
Portarliiigton, and d. 1803, leaving issue, 

QHMKum-JoBV, k 1760, capt. 12th li^t di«fl«ow, m. 
1791, Mary-Anne, youngest dau. of Sir Richard Levinge, 
Bart, and by her ^who m. 2ndly, 1798. Anthony- Adams 
Be.lly, Esq. of Roebuck, co. Cavan), he left at his decease, 
V. p.. May, 1796, an only child, the present John-Chakles 
Lyons, Esq. of Ledestowu. 

Johu-Bobert capt 60th regt., d. unm. 1801. 

Tenlsou. atpt. 12th dragoons, 6. 1760; m. 181S, Eleanor, 
daui of David Fraser, ibsq., barrister-at-law, and d. 1682, 
laivtng issue. 

Henry, «l. young. 

Margaret'Ohristiana, nt. 1806, Rev. Samuel Auchmuty. 

Caroline, m. 1812, to Mark Anthony Levinge, Esq. 

Frances, d. wnm. 1703. 

ifrm»— 8a., a ohev., erm., between three lions, sejant* 
guardiAt aig. 
Cred — On a cap of maintenance a lion's head erased. 

• Jfol(e->Noli irritare Leones. 

• fieot— itfdesUywxi. MulUngar, oo. Westmestib 



LtOKB, WTLtJAM-TaOHAB-BlBtlOW, Esq. of Old 
Park, CO. Antrim, J.P. ud BX., aA. of Tria. ColL, 
Dublin, 1881, • barrister^t-law, b, 12 Jaly, UlS; 
m. 25 Feb. 1840, Jnlia-Haria, 2nd dan. of Capt«a 
Jones, of Mount Edward, co. Sligo, and has ina«^ 

I. WiLLiAM-HsintT-HoLifXB, fti 81 Joly, 1811 

II. Robert-ColvillJones, b, 26 Oot 1844. 
ni. Henry-Keneth-Thomas, 1^. 6 June, 1856L 
IT. James-Birstow, k. H Oot 1868. 

▼. Clarence-Edward, ft. 7 Feb. 1966. 

I. Eliss. n. JuUftJfaria, fcosissa. 

nx. Porinda^Anna-HenriStta. 

XV. Edith-Acabella-Louisa-Flotfeaoe. 

V. Constapce-Adala-TTastings. 

vx. Julie-Marie-Louise. 

SfintASt* — ^WlLLIAM-HSNaT-HOLMn LTOin» Esq. qI 
Old JPurk (son of Thokaa Lyons, Esq., by Saiah Am- 
strong, his wife, and grandson of Davw Ltoki, of Bel* 
fast, merchantX *>. 1810, Anne, dan. of Bev. W. Briatow of 
Belfast, and d. 1849, leaving a dan., Saxah, and a son, tbt 
present Wiluam-Thomas-Bbutow Ltohs, Esq. 

ulmw (duly registered In Ulster's Office, and as engraved is 
Bta B. Burke's Authorited ^rm«>— Per lease, or and gu., a 
Hon rampt, within a tressare, flory, eountendisoged, nolil- 
ing inhis paws an annulet, as. and in ohie^ two tnfoO^ 

Crtit — A demt-Iion, rampt, as., holdixtg in bis paws as 
annulet, or, therein a trefoil, vert 
Motto— \n te Domine sporavL 
£^o*-^ld Park, Belfiist 


Ltslet, William-John, Esq., F.S.A. of Uimwood, 
Herts, and Pewsham, co. Wilts, J.P. and D.U for 
Herts, and high sheriff of that co. in 1851, called to 
bar at the Inner Templo, 1825, and has been M.P. 
for Chippenham since 1859. He was ft. 12 Det. 
1791 ; nt 8 Deo. 1828, Caroline, dau. of John 
Marshall, Esq. of Ardwiok House, co. Lancaster, 
and has issue, 

X. WlLUAM-OXBABD, ft. 13 JunO, 1&31. 

II. Warine-Bayley-MamhaU, 6. \% Nov. ISSflL 
I. Sarah-Mary. 
. XI. Caroline-Gertrude. 

IL(n0AS0* — The family of Lysley, Lyley, or Lyale, ma, 
until A.D. 1774, seated for centuries, and held Undi at 
Harewood, Lyley, Mirfield, Kirkheaton, Bothwell, and 
Wai-mfield, in oo. York. It f^ a branch of the groat fiuBUr 
of Lisle, descended trom Badulphua de Lysle (do Insula), te 
the time of the Conquest Gerard, Warine, John, and 
Bobert de Lysle were barons of Bougemont, and of King- 
ston lisle, in the reigns of Jobn, Edward II, and Edwasd 
III One of them. Sir John I^le (whose seootcbsoo atiU 
remains orer his stall in St. George's Chapel at WindmrX 
was a knight-founder of the Order of the Qsrter, st it* 
Institution, a.n. 1842. Another branch of the funilj of 
Lysle wove Lords of the Isle of Wight in the reigns of 
Bdwabo I. and II. 

WiuoAM LYSLsy, Esq. of Warmfleld, eo. Toik, sob «f 
Thomas Lysley, and Dorothy his wife, of the liunlly of 
Armytage, m. 16 Oot 1706^ Anne, dau. of J. SampsTm, Kiq. 
of Pontefiact, and was father of 

Buaaan Lyslet, Esq. of Warmfield, who is. 8 Dec 174^ 
Axme, dau. and heir (rf James Pitt, Esq. of (loldhall, co. 
York, and relict of John Harrison, Esq. (wlioss andc 
J. Harviaon, Esq., was M.P. for LUiCplnshirsX and had two 

Biehard, some tfane eoUeotor of the Customs at Dominiei, 
m. Mary, dau. of James Perkins, Esq. of PenyitoiMb «•• 
Tork, and had an only qH^m, 
Bichard Perkins^ who d. unm. at DemsrarSi In 180L 

William, of whose descendants we treat 

The younger son, 

WxLUAM LYBLlET, Esq. of Warmfield, m. 14 AprO, 1774, 
Ann, dau. of William Barker, Esq. of Wakefield, and d. 
1792, leaving an only son, the present WtLuaM-JoHif Li> 
LEY, Esq. of Mlmwood. 

^rm«— Quarterly : 1st, gu. , a Uon, passant, gxiardsn^ ug-i 
dutiall^ fljcrvned, or ; and, or» a less, between two cheviooi 

A, both for L^W?! 3scL,or«|k bQa(^,.9i^Y between three 
hurts, for Pitf o#'(SoU>kall; 4tSi ad the let, with three' 
DuJI^, 4zs^t pierced, of the field, in chief, «1m) for I4TSI.KT. 

rrafj — la, on a chapcau, gii., turned up, erin., a mifl- 
«tDiM,arg., with miUrind, or ; 2nd, a cubit, arm in armour. 
Dm hand in a gauntlet giasping a war-mace, all p^., from 
the handle of the mace a chaiupendant, encircling the arm, 

JfoMo ^Forward. 

Srait — Uimwoo(lxiear Potter's Bar, Herts; Fewaham, 
nmr Chippenham, wilts. 


LTSOira, Thx Sev. Sajcujsl, of Hempsted Court, 
00. Gloucester, J.P., h, 17 Match, 1800; m. lat, 
1 Jan. 1834, EUza-SonMa'Theresa-Henrietta, eldest 
dan. of Miyor-G^. Sir Lorenzo Moore, K.C.H. and 
C^ and by her (who d, 1846) had * 

u Aithur-CHiarles, h. 1636 ; d. 1855. 

n. Lorbszo-Ohorov, b. 1889, lieut SSrdregt. royal Welsh 

m. Edmund-HIcks-Beach, b. 1842, Ueut. B.H. 
rr. Dani^-Oeotige, b. 1844. 
X. Alice-Elisabeth. 
iL Clementina-Agne& 

He m. Mildly, 11 March, 1847, Lucy, daxL of the 
BeT. JohxL'Aidey Curtis (by AlbiniA-Fj'ancea his wife, 
who, after the death of her husband, assumed lier 
family name of Hatwaiu) in addition to Curtis, in 
compliance with a request in her feither's wUI). 
Mr. Lysons graduated at Exeter ColL, Oxford, 
B.A. 1831, M.A. 1835. He is rector and patron of 
B(»dmarton, Gloucestershire, appointed 1833, and is 
also patron and perpetual ourate (1841) of St. 
Luke's^ Gloucester. 

KnniSC. — ^This family, which has been established 
for nearly three oenturies in the county of Gloucester, is 
traditionally aaid to have migrated thither from Wales. 
LauiMlk, in his itinerary, makes mention of the Lysans as 
inhabitfaig the town of Neath, in QUuno]::gan8hire, Ump, 
UwssvT YHL 

WiixiAM LcTBOK, LisoN, or Ltsons, bought an estate 
called Netheziay, or the Lower Lay, in the parish of 
Westboxy on Berem, in 1606. By Anne his wife he had 
iaaae, i. Jomr, his heir; 11. Arthnrt of Hempsted, co. 
Glomoester; ux. Thomas, of Worcester, mayor of that dty in 
1051 , who proclaimed C^ables II. IQng of Great Britain ; 
ST. DAjnKL, of whom presently. The 4th son, 

DAMm. LTB03V8, Esq., ft. in Kov. 1604 ; m. Sarah, dan. 
of Ctettet^oelc, Esq. of King^ Stanley, and d. in 1674, 
leaving a son and snooessor, 

Davibl Ltbohs, Bsq. b. in 1643, Who m. Axme, dan. 
of SUAuAmb Webb, Esq., and was «. at his decease, in 1681, 
by his son, 

D^vtKL hvaoasm, Bsq. of Hempsted, b. in 1672, who m. 
in lets, BUaabetii, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Ridler, Bsq. 
and left, with seven other ddlditm, who d. 9. p., Dahicl, 
his heir; and John, LL.D., fbUow of Magdalen College, 
Oxfordi The rtdbst son, 

Dajhsl LtsORB, Esq. of Hempsted, b. \ Deo. 1697 ; m. 
SO VMx. 17S5, BMsaibeth, dau. of Samuel Mee, Esq. of 
Gloucester, and had issue (with five daus., of whom Eliza- 
beth, m. John Beere, Esq., 9,1^ Mary, m. Stephen Wood!- 
€eld, Bsq.) two sons. The elder, 

Davtbl Ltsons, M.D., of Hempsted Court, fellow of 
AQ Boala* College, Oxford, b. 21 March, 1727 ; tn. 6 Dee. 
1766, Mary, dau. of Rldiard Bogers, Esq. of Dowdeswell, 
m. GloQoeater, but 4yiaff without issue, was «. by his 

Tbc Rmv, Bamvel LTaovs,' M.A., b. 28 Dec 1780, rector 
of Bodmarton and Cherington, who m. Mary, dau. of 
Samuel Peaoh, Esq. of Chalford, Gloucestershire, and had 

Dajtsix^ hia heir. 

Samuel, b. 17 May, 1763^ barrister-at-Iaw, keeper of the 
records in the Tower, the eminent writer on British 
topography and antiqttities. He d. unm. in 1819. 

Mary, & in 167A ; «s. to Charles BradonTyre, Esq., F.R.S., 
of Leckhamnt ju Court, co. Gloucester. 

En;ubotb, b, in 1772; in. to John Marshall CoUard, Esq. 

Hr. Lysona d. in 1804, and was «. by his son, 

Thi Bet. Davixl Lysons, M.A., F.II.S., F.A.S., H.S., 
Md UB., of Hempsted dftitt^ the eelebratod iepogcapher 

•ad antlqpiiw^, snthor of MagiM Sriiaimiot, 4c:, b. $$ 
April, 1762 ; m. 1st, in 1801, Sarah, eldest dau. of Ueai.- 
CoL Thomas<^rteret Hardy, of the Turk fusiliers, and by 
her, who d, in 1808, had issue, 

Daniel, d. in 1814, aged 10 years. 

Samoel, now of Hempeted. 

Sarah, b. 1802; m. 6 Oct ISSl, to Bot. John Haygarth. 

rector of TTpham, Hants, and tf. 18 May. 183S, havmg haa 

issue a dau., Josepha, d. uam. 1846. 
Charlotte, 6. 1807; m. at Naples, 14 Not. 1826. to Sir 

James Caraegfe, Bart, of Southesk, X.B., and </. April, 

1848, having with other issue a son, Jamas, now Kabl or 


He m. 2ndly, Josepha-Cathorfaie^Susanna, dau. of John 
Oilbert-Gooper, Esq. of Thurgarton Ftiory, Kotts, and had 
by her, 

Daniel, 6. 1 Aug. 1818. CLE., ooL in Hie army, on h.-p. 
unatt, officer of the French Legion of honour, and of 
the Turkish order of Medijie, assistant adjutant-general 
to the inspector-general of infantry ; m. Harriett-Sophin, 
dau. of Capt Bridges, of Overton Hall, Hants» aao has 
issue, four sons. 


Mr. Lysons d. 8 Jan. 1834. 

.^rm«— Gu., on a chief, as., a bend nebulfe, fh>m which 
issue the rays of the sun, pnr. 

Cre$t—TS[o crest is assigned to this funfly in the Herald^ 
Visitation in 1672, but tiiey have borne for nearly three 
oenturies. The sun rising out of a bank of doods, ppr. 

Afotto— Valebit 

;if«(iit— Hempsted Courts near Gloucester: 


Ltster, Henrt, Esq. of Rowton Castle, 00. Salop^ 
J.P., formerly lieut. 7th dragoons, retired on half- 
pay 1821, 6. 18 Oct. 1798; m. 18 Oct. 1824, the 
Lady Charlotte-Barbara Ashley Cooper, youngest 
dau. of Cropley, 5th Earl of Shaftesbury. 

%itltKQt* — ^The family of Ltbtxb c/ Jtowton is eon' 
sidered to have sprung from the same stock as the Ltstsrs 
qf OUbome, in Craven. 

William Ltster, of Shrewsbury, the first name In the 
Heraldic Visitation for Salop, is found to have purchased 
Rowton Castle, and to haTe been seated there in the year 
1451. From him deriTed, sixth in descent. 

Sib Thomas Lystea, of Rowton, who, aceording to the 
Visitation was 11 years of age in 1628. This geutieman, 
a dcToted adherent of Eing Chaikles I., held a high com- 
mand in the garrison established in Shrewsbury ; on the 
fall of the town he was taken prisoner, but his lady 
gallantly held out the castle of Rowton for nearly a 
fortnight against all the efforts of the republiean ofl&oer. 
Col. Mytton, nor did she surrender her poet till she had 
obtained good terms with that commander. Sir Thomas 
d. in 1655, leaving by Elisabeth his first wife, dau. of John 
Adye, of Kent, a son and heir, 

Richard Lystee, Esq. of Rowton Chstle, bl^h sheriflT 
for Shropshire in 1684. He m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. <tf Sir 
Thomas Eyton, of Eyton, and by her had one son and one 
dau., Thomas, his heir ; and Margaret, «t. to Wnilam Beaw, 
son of the bishop of Llandaff. He m. 2nd]y, Sarah, only 
child and sole heir of Thomas Hughes, Esq. of Moynes 
Court, CO. Monmouth, and had, with three daus, two suns : 
the younger, John, d. «. p. ; the elder, Richard, of Moynes 
Court, m. Elisabeth, eldest dau. and co-heir of Hugh Der- 
was, Esq. of Fenhrfts, in Montgomeryshire, and had a dau. 
and heiress, BuzABKra, who m. the Ret. Lewis Owen, D.D. 
Mr. Lyster d. in 1698, and was s. by his son, 

Thomas Lysteb, Esq. of Rowton Castle, who m. Elisa- 
beth, dau. of Dr. Beaw, blahop of Llaudaff, by Cecilia his 
wife, dau. of Charles, 8th Lord de la Warr, and had three 
sons and three daus. Mr. Lyster d. 7 March, 1701'-2, and 
vma ». by his eldest son, 

Richard LTstEii, Sbq. of Rowton Castle, M.P. for 
Shropshire, for thirty years. He m. Anne, dau. of Robert 
Pigott, Esq. of Chetwyad, and had three children, Thomas, 
Rioluml, and Anne, who all d. young. Mr. Lyster d. in 
1766, aged 75, and was <. in the Rowton estate by his 
vridow, Anne, at whose demise, in 1711, it passed to her 
husband's nephew, 

Richard Lyster, Esq. of Rowton Castle (son of the 
Rev. Thomas Lyster, rector of Westbury, by Anne his wife 
dau. of the Rot. Charles Fisher); he m* Mary, dau. of 
Moses Smith, liisq., and had two sona^ viz., Richard, his 

2i jC 8 


Mir s Mid tkoiam^oms; iWBtor 'i>f Olbmir, SiOoip.' ' Kr. 
tcr«tev'<l. 14 April, ITM, and ^mis «. by hU elder son, ' 

RiOHAHD Ltstkb, Esq. of Bowton Castle, wbo m. Ksury, 
d«v. uf t)>e Key, Joba Rodd, o( B0rt<m-on^th»THe»th, eo. 
Oxford, Olid dying 23 May, 1807, left a son and suoosBSor, 

Richard Ltsteb, Esq. of Jteiwt«n Catitle, MJP.for 
Shrewsbury, lleut.-cpL of dtagoofis^ bigb abetiff for Sbmp- 
ehlre in \S\sL He w. 10 Dec. 17M, Penelope-AAne, dau. of 
Henry Price, Esq. of Knigbton, go. Badnor, and by bei^ 
who d. in Jan. 1829, bad issue, 

HciWT, beir to bis father. 

Jbbn. ffeut.-coT. in tbe grenAdier-giiards, to whom tb^ 
late John Owen, Esq. of Fenhrfts, left the Moynes Court 
estate. He d. in Canada,' 30 April, 1840. 

Thomas-Price, b. 19 July, 1802, in tbe royal navy, d. in 
JhtL 1^. 

Hu>7, tM. 8 Julj, 18S0. to the Rev. Bicbftrd-Webster 
Huntley, A.M. aUd J. P. of Boxwell Court, 6o. Glouces- 
ter, rector of Boxwell-cmo-Leighterton, and vicar of 
Alberbniy, co. Salop, who d. 4 May, 1857, leaving by her 
(who "^'J^'^rjP^^^^'^^' (<S««;Hu9yMT ^JB^XifM Court.) 

Cbt Ly«ter d. 8 May,' 1819, iuxd was 9. by bla sou, tbe pre- 
■Alit Unntr Vttfnat, Mq. at Rowton CfaKtle. 

.4f?)»T~J^nBln«, pi» a^cMee^ tUL^ three muUfitiV ^kg. 

CVw^-A^stog'sbead. erased, ppr. 

JIforfo— Loytu au mork 

;8ea^-Bowton Castle, WetUngton,- Salop. 


LT0EIB, Thb Vbbt Bbv. James, of Lysterfield, 
00. BotcioQmion, SLA., kike Rector of the Union of 
TMhftiDy, 00. Lohgfohl, 1840; appointed, 14 Not. 
1854, Dean of Leighlin ; b. 7 Sept. 1810; m. 12 
Jab. 1897, Maria-Sa^h, Srd dau. of the Rev. Gdorge 
Keating, vicar of Bdgeworth^town, and has issue, 

I. iUTEaow. 

L J«M»Tietitiaf m. to IWl, t6 the Reiv. George-T.^tMton 
ButoD, B.Aj, ddMt aim «f tbe Bov. eeorge Barton, 
: vkavof KmbMw,«(x Meatii. 
-«. BUa^etH^baily^ ' > 

Miatait4^T}aaik a tetbdi d tke Torksfaite foufly of 
Lister or Lyster, ennoUed- n&dear.tiie title oi RiaautsDA&B. 
ThsAtttflf the itorily^ vbo aetUed in Ireland, 

Waunm liMntm. of Mflltown Faaa, eo. BoeeominoD, b. at 
Hertbr^ ba 'EoriDihixe, m. BebasiA, dan. of Chtof Justfee 
Oabaldeston, whom he aooompauied to Ireland in 1560, m 
his secretary. His will was witnessed by bis father^lnrlaw 
the Judge- «>f'CeBaMigbt^ Mud Ue tvto Mas, fidward and 
Talbot, who were also named overseers. He had eonatder- 
able fampttty fa Boeeonnnon. 'He tf. 38 Jan 1622 (leaving 
bis widow and twb sons surviving), and was burled in the 
dtiut«byard 6T Caxaxn, co. Roscommon, whore his monu- 
ment still remains. His only Bon, 

Anthomt Lister, is stated in a pedigree in tbe possession 
of tbefdfailly toiiave been murdered with five children In 
1612. From him descend tbe Lyeters of Lysterfleld, of 
drange, ConrAk)X>} Aocksavuge, &c, He was pix>bably 
father of 

0&aALf>iB¥oir-LY8rftR, Bsq., an adherent of CaOMWEtL, 
who acquired considerable estates in the 00. Roscommon. 
He left, it is stated, several sons, of whom were, 

p. JoHVr of CornOiip. 

' II, Anthopy, of LyBterfield, eoj BosoQmoion, whose will, 

.,d^t«d ai Auft- If^K ^m pruived U Jliueb. 1746; by 
Elizuboth, bis first wife, fdai). snd beii; <^ RMhard Tyorren, 
Esq , be had a dau. ^ Joyce, t^. to the Right Rev. James 

. liMMle,' 9.t>/, Sishop ef LhaerMk, and had d'Son; <' 

¥bcrA^as, of I^^tttehi, Ttr. Jbne, 11*4*2; lilary, datt. c^ 
Buleyn Whtttaey, Bs^.. K'C.y M.^«, Snd'left all en^ 
ehild,fintabeib,.w(iCs o{-Babeit'Bo1iitis«iv'M.D.,'aixl 
netbpr of pm .only obild* ^fsa(beth-<Robb»soQ Lyster, 
m. S^ May^.lfcSS, t4> Fredericic Tv^ufsb^ Ipt Lord, Ash- 

^^^ • • 1'. ,• . . . 

ui. William, of Orange, 00. Roscommon, father, by Chris- 

tliaiaiaMiHlb.of^^ .....?. ? ' T 

Xbomsa, of Qrange, and afterwards of AtSileogue, wbo 
m. twice ; his 2nd wife, Alice, was Wf doW of sir John 
Aylmer, Bart , By hie 1st vsifs, lie left st his deeeMs, 
ITiW, two sons, via., : 1 - 

1 William, of Athleagne, whose will dated ^6 Jtme, 
1722, was proved 4 Aug. 1772. He m. Margsret, dm 
of Bryan Gunning, Baq. and widow of John liklwards, 
Ksq., and by her (who m. trdly. Captain Franeis 
BouatoD, and 4th]y, Theobald, Yisoount Bourke of 

MinpA) huS a #SB,' (Tolnl, end tht^ CeMIl . vk ^ nln* 
betb, d, WW*.; Jaae, wife of CUrlSleiMiw Kfenraa^ 
Bsq.,' who took the name ef l^rmoat In 18M; soa 

Margaret, w. Ist, to WiUism 0*X>Wfer, Esq.. m^ 

Sodly, to BiohardRumbold, Ca^ 
S Thomas, of Orange, col. in the «rmy,dl lYdO, tearing 
(by his wifb wbo d. 1760) four sons, via., LieoL-Col 
Anthony Lyster, of Grange (Who m. Anna Clelaad, 
and left with esveral dausL, two sena, Tbonas-Ht 
George, who sold the estate, and Antboay, of SUtt* 
OTBau): John, fliUier of BeQJsiBink eapi RA.; 
Thomas ; George^William : and dsina. of whoa 
Sophia, m. in 1812, the Rev. Sir Harcouit Ucs, 

The eldest son, 

JoHir LTSTsa, Esq. of Covraldp, si, Elisabeth Bellsw, of 
Hount Bellew, and d. in 1748, leaving a eon and enoceoar, 

AstuovtY Lt8C£B, Bsq* of New ^Krk« 00. Weetacekh. 
whose will dated 14 Oct. 1761, waa proved 9 Nov. 17M ; hs 
m. 1783, Mary, dau. of Biyan Oeoghegan, of CastlstoiiB, 
Ge^gbegan, and bad issue, . . 

t. MAggggw, of New gark, eM»t>. 9th di' Sg o OM, high Asrilf 
1776^ la. im, Helen^ dau. of IgnsMne KeUy» Aq. ef 
CaKgins, and d. 1797, leaving JssuSg 

1 AxTHOirr, of New Park, eapt. 4th dxago «-feasd% 


1 Blisabel^ m. 18Q% to Bslpb Smythe^ Esq. of Bsrfas- 
villa, 00. Westmeath {aee that/baniljf). 

2 Helen-Jane, m, a I'rencb noblenoan, and d. a p. 

II. Jaxrs, of whom we treat 
UI. Christopber. 
nr. Michael. 

I. EHubeth, m, to lOles BowdaQ, Bm. ef dowas, co. 
n. ChristisB. 

The Snd son, 

JAMSB Lysycr, Esq. of Lysterfidd, co. Boeeewnpe n , J.P. 
and bfgb sheriff in 1799, m, Ist, Letitia, dan. of /. Woedi, 
Esq. of Rossmead, 00. Westmeath, and by her bad one soe. 
Amthosv, ci whom hereafter. He m. 2ndly, tbe dse. ef 
Jdhn Boike, ESq. of Tyaquin, eo. Galway, and by her had 

James, m. 1st, bis coudn, the Hon. Ktisabeth HaouUoo, 
relict of the Hon, Charles Hamilton, and 2ndly. Ann*, 
relict of Edward Mills, Esq. pf tVt u - ymauut, ea Ro«com« 
men, andd. A}>. inl8U0< -• 

John, lieut. in toe 2nd regt, killed in Egn>t. 

ThomsAt lieut Mthaafft., killed In ^oKt«iBa. 

Matthew-Walter, m. Lucy, dau. of CoL CanU«ild, U 
Beuown, 00. Westmeath. 

Bmfly, m. to Capt. ^obel, 6Sth r^igt ' 

Mary, m. to Edward (yBeime, Esq. Of 1>nblnL 

Moroella, la. toM. Trimble, Esq.,lleiit Hthngi 

Bli»H d. in lfi86. 


The only' son ol the first narriage, 

AKtHOMT Lisvm, Esq., Hhut^ooL fothe anny.aBdblgh 
sheriff for oa Roscommon in 1815 i m.* 1808, Jsns^ d%o. of 
George Fosbery, Esq. of'Adare Fsrm, to. Limerick («m 
FosBisav e/ dontas), and d. in May, 1841, havhig hat 

Jambs, present male rcprescntitive, 

Tbomas-Rice, lieui R.E.,d. at Bat^adfoes^^'Feb. l$l^ 
aged 28. 

Oearg»*Fosbery, C.R, eoffiaeer ef the USerpotl aed 
Mersey Docks, ei. 1B48, iflae !!.*& SsM adets s n , dss. (rf 
tbe ^on. T. Saundenraij of Antjinww and baa imne. John- 
Baunderson; Antbouy-ucorge ; T^ezBas-vBisf-SarocrTilJo; 
and Mory-Georglna-Jan^. 

Cbristiua, m. in 1841, to Henry Hoyle, Esq. orLfftlsHir 
wood Hall, Blackburn, oojbleausastor, aoq has isP^O' 

Letitia, d. unm. in 1837. 

^rm«^'Erm., on a feSse', eft., three nnyUete, or. 
Orest-^A stag's bead issuing from adu^ corone^ all, p{tf. 
Jfofto-^Ttcthiens vestigia fteiHsei 
Mttiidmcr-'Tht Deanery, Leighliift Bxtdi^, ^ CStflow. 

! I 

. r 

] M'Adam, Christophxr, Esq. of BaDochmorris, 66. 
jAju^ pii;eH9nt repra^nti^v^ ol th9 anoieptlMBMy ^ 
H'A<jiaiQ'of Waterhoad, andcbiaf of the name; si. 
3887, Eleanor, dau. of Edward-Stephens Trelawny> 
jBsqv nl Odldi«liiek^:GoniwaU,«nd haa iiacM, < 

. Agnes-Henrietta. 
Bttlly-D&reP-Loiflsa. ' " 

ftfneftSf •— The ]l*A4itts ef WatariMadi hi SMdmA' 

oMflf qC^9 cUm^rogcffi T^ltoM 2Ad jMM, Gregor, 
«f »i>niin> t(%ethorn7iliL- Us doiMlii (from whom 
•yrtoglh* QrincMB^' or^t^giirsc^ of L|ig|^)fl«d'to <&e south 
ftHtntiy, was talcon Atid executed In fidti^buiifb. TtSifi son. 

ii>\u M'GmsQOB, l;>elng coiapo|led to abange his name, 
ttikd himself AfUiH,.K*ia)A9i,.^e was, father of 
' Jon* ||*Aluii« who continued to Uirottt Watsrhesd, with- 
id|>(MM,iwliigit» tai'his«>n, 

AwftitsW M*Al>i&tr, oblained 31 July, 15«9, a dhftrter of 
the iKuds at IlBrth, from, Javs^' VI.^ by the hands of the 
tt^t MuiTay. This Andrew bad (with atlau., EUinor, 
ia«teraal ancestor of the Cunninghams of Capiiugton, iu 
Ayrshire) a son and heir, 

Qmirrm M*A1>aic, who was twlM summoned, tt> Parl^- 
went in T581, and was t. by his son,' 

OrussfiT U^ADAir. seirved lietr to Ms father in the lands 
or V&tatbatuA; S V«b. 1&91 . Tfafrty years afterwaifds we find 

WruxaM M*Adam served heir, fie Kalis' snmmoned As 
^ itettl •i,'* t<«irtbsr-With oti|M bMN»9 of the stsmttl^. to 
km a oomtalltiw fcr titf delbnbe of thti countly <n ease of 
war, ▲.». 1648. Mr. MtAdflsn nv.-Btossle FnUHrton, and was 

GiLBEKT M'Adam, served heir to his father 3 Aug. 1662. 

Rfr was a strefmtMis supporter of the reformed relifi^on in 

Sootland, and cjnsequently became involved in the political 

div:patc9ot that tiine. He was tried and banished the 

eonntry for harbouring the Ihmous John Welsh an4 other 

Inderv of the instirroction, who fled from BothweU field. 

Qaviag bsem V^iBeippd by IMrf<itlxei^in-|aw, James Du>i, of 

Benwhatt <who was afterwards shot by ClaverhotiseX he 

returned, and whilst at prayer in a oottsge, ftk tba village 

of Kirkmichaei, oo. Ayr, was surprised and shot by a pcurtiy 

of splilis^ under th^-command of the lairds of Colzean and 

Ballucslmvlay A.n. IGSOJ Gilbert H'Adam si. a dau. of 

Jamea Dun of ilenwhatt, and had a son and suoceasor, 

Jajhkb M'Auam, who was served heir ja 1686. Ha m. a 
kidj of tha CSunninglyim family, and afipearsto hav9 d* in 
1687. TbSB James was «. by his son, 

JaMXslf'APAif, "^ho iH«). Janet Cniufurd(of the Loudon 
fsmily), 1^ Wiotn he hW*. , , , 

JAMiQiM'Aiujtf, hia hf ir, who w. 1715, Hargftret, dau. 
and heiress of John Held of Hid fieUiar, oo. Ayr, and had 
imu.«L IlieeliiaBtAOBL . 

Javb M'A»jCii,:maf the fbunders-of thii first bank in 
ttns town tit Ajrr, -nil finssmna, dan. of John Cochrane of 
Wmterride, and his wif<\ H^nah De Witt, of the illustrious 
family of De Witt,-in HdUand. Misa Cochmne was niece to 
tbo heroic ^iMsel Coehmi«», and eoitsla-germain to the Sth 
Earl of Dundonald. They had issue two sons^ Aimesv a^lt. 
in the army, d. v»m, 1763, and Johm-Loddon, of whom 
preaently, and eight dans., <|C whom t^a eldest, Maivwet, 
m, WilUsm XiqgaBtf ^fSm-i ao^ the ^th, OxisseU, m. Adam 
SU-iiaiito fiaq. Ths<seeon4^n,,. 

JvnU'Lovp^zr M'Aaax* celeboated fur the teformaiion of 
t^ pubUc mada of t^ekiiigiiom, QiSept 17Mi. la. Qloriana- 
Haigaretta, dau. of William Niooll, of Islip, Suffolk couniiy. 
Long Island, America, lineally descended ft^)m Col. Nicoll, Pukei^t4>rk (JAiim 11,). at the taking of 
VttwTork. At the close of the American revolutionary 
wa^ Hr. MMudfcm weak early in life ta Aniertaw MmI on his 
ntnvn puNfaMBd flsAidaft^ eo. Ayti vCbsreha reriided many 
years, befn^ in the ^scnmisiliDn of the peace, shd a deputy' 
tteutcnani. Re d. 20 Nov. 18^, in the 81st ye$r of hla age. 

WitttAl^ Ida hcfr. 

Jamea, d. an infant. 

J«mes-Kk»a (Sirk knigl^tsd in 1884, d. SO June. 1852. 

John-London, i^. Itari^ume, dau. of ^oseph-QelUoar and 
HijnzitfCta Grealev, and d. 21 March, 1857. ««ed 58. having 
had IsfiM, Charfes-Loydon, d. June, iB\jX, Alioe-Mary, 
and Sellna-Henrietta. 

Anne, ai. to Ctpt. James SmdsJVi R-N. and C.B., and left 
iaiiia, John-Loudon-James, deceased, and Glorlana-Har- 
nretta. ■' j ''/■•• ' • * <»■ 

Oioriana-luitAfHta, d. lonii. 

Oi;oi;|iM.&sith. , . ,1 . 

Mr. H'AAun wte in. « ««cbhd '^»iy,\ttt tti adVan^M age, 
ta MissDisLawy, by mUita be had' ifo issue. Hii^ eldest 


Qwrmj v^oaa. Tterewi, dan, of WIlMiuet Ceile% mi$ %M 

issne,, . Aunio-Solina-Gan^beUy .WiUi^n-'Sdjvravda aa4 

sevex^ sdns anfl dans. 
flusan-Oeflirfaiie-Crauferd, m. toGeofgeH'aCkeain, aadjtaii 

Jane,». ^huTomieeB^ leq- 

' Wicuxk M'ADAtf, of BallocAnnorte, in the oo. Ayr, 
(Sanehrieh^^ngbedn %o]d>, r his grandfather in tdHA, and 
itas the ikte represetftatiYe of the family, lie d. ^ A\^. 
1861, aged 5S. 

A nn^-^Yert, three airows, paleways. t>arbed and ftathsred, 

Crat-^X st<&g^i head, erased, npr. ' 
SupportfTt^Tvfo saraoenA, naked, ppr. 
ilfb<tee«— Above the eiest *'Calm;'^ under the arms, 
" Crux, mihi grifta quies. '* 
3^at— ^ttocbmorrie, oo. Ay^ Seotland. 

WiLUAM lt*AiiAM diedtA fcsr.-|iymll\|ii beibre hie Iwthen 
Ba ■». Jane, dau. of Capt. Pickard, of the. 18tl) light- 

4nf(Mfis, and left issue, 

■ ' 

WiLUAM. late ropresenttetive of the UaXfy, fivrvsygt- 
Gi'oeral of Turnpike Roads in England. 
Qmaunummj .pneefii^eid <4.t^ iloo^^ -. 1 ^ r ; ri; *^ 


MaoAdam, Thomas STAznrABD^ E9<|. of BUck«r»t«r, 
(Spriug Hill), oa Ciare^ a major ia 3id W«0t Yetk 
militia, 6. 11 SepL 1827; m. 11 Jan. 1855, Eliza- 
Chi vers, dau. 44 tbe Idte Jofan^S^kNIoB BoWer, B^. 
of BroiJiolme House, Yoii^Bhir^ and by this lady 
(who d, 9 Oct. 1S^6> h«« mn9,' 

Pbiup-Boweb, 5. 6 Oct. 1850. 

JLiatK^twi-'ThUi family ^aqnaerigipaUy frsm Scotland : 
its immediate ancestor was a ITCallum, from Qalloway, 
who settled in iMlimd'temp. Jaus I, and whoae dee^end- 
ants ehanged the name to MaeAdUM She ps u pe r t ^ fa 
Clares now owned by the pnaent Mr. Maci/Ldam» ol Bteok* 
water, was purchased in. 1684, from James Craren, Csq^,, by 
Phiup IfAO^DAM, £sq. of Churcblaud House, oei. Clare* 
The family previously held properly adjoining, which passed 
out of their hands, and they lost. In 1750, a portion of that 
acquired in 1684, owing to Thomas MacAdam, flsq^ tbenof 
Chujrchiandy having AOgleebed to ewnlorna wMk a psoflsian 
of the penal laws. PhUiy IfaeAdsBv Bsq^ ef OMnelUand 
House, CO. Clare,, who d. in. IGlMi- ww sopowdedby hieson, 

Philip Mao Ad am, who d. u%m. S4 Joiw^lTttr^i'f'flVaa 
his successor, his only brother, 

' TiOMAB MAoAnAA, i^. of efannUhBd, i wfad gD. Ml Mt^y, 
1 750. ' Tb* aMeet son of tiiis Thomas, 

Phiup MAoAnAM, Esq., alea ol Ghanddand, la.'f Ang. 
1755^ Gatbariua, second dau. of tkb Ute BeMett IMefcsttn, 
Ssq. of KnockdnimnsseMi in the «o. of' Uaaerfck; a«d lelV^ 
issu^ . / .r * 

John, v^o n^ Miss Yincent, dan. ef Aldennari Yitttent, of 

eity oi Unisriek. 

EUsL m. James O'Belmm, Esq^, WB officer 9< 4£tb. fegt 
Sarah, m.-*ll'N^tt, Bsq,».sta£r-8Ui«eon,. . , 
Matilda, m. M^jor £dward Collis. formerly qf 5dth r^^ 

and afterwards biigade-uu^Jor oxyeomanry oox^ in West 

of Ireland. 

and four other daus., w^o never n^iarried. Be Fee eu<^ 
oeeded Diy his eldest son, 

Thomas iCAcAoAic, Esq. of iChiurchland, end afterwards of 
Spring HUl, 00. Clare, 6. 12 Jan. 1762 ; m, M Dec. 178SL Jane, 
only dau. of Peter Tyndall^ £>q» (who cf. 17^S)« and by her 
had issue, ^ . 

Philip, his heir. * ; 

Thomas-Hutchinson, b. 25 Dec. 1702 ,' m. 16 Aug. 1827, 
Charlotte, 4th dau. of the late Johd Lannigtdi Stanniud, 
£«q. of the Grange, eo. KBktonjf . He d. 8 Feb. 188^. ami 
left iBsne, Thomas-Stannafd. Robert>8eanuaM, Charlotte, 
Jme, and one dau. who ie aesd. 

Mr. MacAdam m. a cecond time (1796) Miss Pickson, hy 
iwhom he left Pavid-Hastings^ 5. 19 March, 1798. Mr. Mao- 
Adam d, 1% J[an4 1825, and wee «• by his sen, 

Phiup MaoAdajI, Ss<t. of Spring Hill, ea Clare, 5. 1789, 
iatettoaptt itt'WeetTot'kmiUua, in. 27 Oct; 1825, SUaabeth, 
datL of John^Lani^dgan Btexmard, Seq.- tyf the Otange, eo. 
Kilkenny. He d. 2 Sept. 1855, and left iifeue, 

TnoMAS^STAKNAftD, uow Of Blackwftter (Spxpsg BUI). . 
Philip-Henry. John-Stannard. 

Elisabeth-Matilda. Kate. . , Brartha^ttogeiik 

.lr«*:r**Yext, a oross Calvary, in the dexter chief a mallet, 
jand in tiie sinister a crescent, all or. 

Cy«#(^— On amonnty vert, acoGk»|ipr., Ia hUbUl a eroes, 
as in the arms. 

MoitQ^ln hoe signo vinces., 
'. <S«a<— Blapkwator, 9a Clare. m - 




In Ayrshire, J.P., ohief of the clan Alester, in Kin- 
tyre, 6. 16 Sept 1T99; m. Jan. 1828, Mary-Adeline- 
Brabamon, only child of the late BSdward Lyon^ Esq. 
of Publln, fbrmerly an officer in the royal navy, by 
Anna-Catlkerine bit wife, dau. and co-heiress of 
Qeorge-F^^ertck Wynstanley, Esq. of Philipsburgh, 
WK DuUin, and by her (who d. In 1861) has lud 

& CwAauEs, 6. IS March, IS30. 

II. EawMud« 6. 14 Juue, lS3i. 

in. Jamet, «i. in 1S37. 

I. AniA-i^therine, ft 18 Aug. 1855. 

IL Jwato, U. :) July, 18Mw iv. Maiy-AdeUne. 

%illtA0(. — ^M'Ausm, of the Loupe, is descended, in 
a direct Uue, Atom ALAsrsa, or Ax.exa>'D£r, eldest son of 
▲ssQva Moa, Lord of the Isles and Kentyre, ▲.ix 1234. 

AuxAsoaa acquired \»rgt additions to his territories, 
lyviaitiafamtbAwMwooeorthedMis. andoo-lMireaBeaor 
Switt de Krsadia, hut having es p ouaed the oauaa of Baliol, 
In oy|>oa&ti<>>n to the chdma of Robert Bruoe to tke SootUak 
thvv«ie« he was defeated by that monarch, who besieged him 
ta hb p«tnei|Md atreogbold of CwBtle Swan : being forced to 
simender he was inprteoned In DawdftnaTd Castle, where 
he died. His |MMaessious w«re bestowed on his younger 
brv^ther, Axtgu» O^. who asstuued the Liurdslup of the Isles, 
and lrv«a whom axe desceuded the Tarious ctiieftains of the 
)l*^m)«uJd tribes. But the M'Alesters possessing^ that ^iw 
*'«i)^*Mw of which no &>rfeiture could deprive tLeto, claim 
%» repriMent th< aixcieiit k>rds of the isl«s, as Uueal deseend- 
aut» aLii heirs male of Ale$ter. the eldi»t son of Angus Mor, 
who W-J3 the a>n of IX.>naUl, the sjn of Rir^inald, scm of 
a»s»srtcii> Lord of the Isles and thane of Ar^le, a.d. 1040. 
^he eootnioB aneestor uf the dan Doculi, cl:ua Dug^ and 
efean Aketer, known also as the dsua Eaa-Lhibh. The sons 
of AWefter, with their adherents., being driven from the isles, 
SMighft refuge o« the mainland and obt.vined po^ssessiAai of 
iBwa> ^ronghobin M ¥n«p i 1 ato and KintyrsL Ontfaeover- 
thnw «4 theijinwitj %.^ the tstos, hi the rogn of James IT, 
A.Sk HaJ; they became a sefNsrate and independent cian, 
nnder thetr chijeC EA>(-L>rsflu who fixed his resulenee aft 
Aldlpatnck. te Skvish Kno^pda^e, and for severa geaenftioBs 
has 'ifrwcOTiinnt'i rofiMned thn paferanrmic of Vie^San-Uvkk 
BtWMiiaBcasiikiibjhfeaflnw . 

CwumWfc igpiTijiinrl stuniiA oC Ki^cyrv, a. n. lii^L Ha 

Assat-^V.c^£.iX9cas» s^ylad also Aztecs M^Ajubstv*, ef 

t^ LkMi^vk He » abttOioaed in the regvcer of ih* petry 
aM^^Ka^Uix He wwemNNadni by hjs sso. 

^in>i»nan» msnSteMd ha ASBarm"* fikwMMi THah as 
hnvtag to auK f e d l the finaTlj iif fca fc tfag e. fcrtnasaBi^^ 
«2>aiti!ig ^oa the anay <ti duUpway, bcrt obCMted* 

4«~ tibt imtrmffl foe hiBM«i£ Mi ftAae* ^ 


H' Ju.Bnn^ whM ijd not kng sorviieL At 
by ^Jb»son, 

m^ Jkuans,. w^ te ur:t, obtoinsd a 
A2vhih«M2». IbH <it Azgyte. B» name appeaca 
Ik^ w one it thiMe wb»> br act of sne&moU wen 
npcnsu iHi&«erlbiec^sak.whMaeIimawwetebehsid 

*it she *iTieiinmiTw e< thuir ttuntt As his «isa^ hmsua 

<$uo««vi ItAtJBsnSk. maa yet a min>^ ta U9t ha .)6- 

m: hwhimt \)» lAwaw vsg 

eart>r ^p» he ^aeewss «h« hsne ei a 
^ -.iW Hbifa^nnab, ilkehd*h» %rf which tf« $$«en ta ^tc«i.-%*i 
(>v«.i«u» ?^^u^ Il<» aM;k an ictzve pejrt ^ »-.<«£ ot* tite 
fc.v4xj^ Mi«i ■.> u.iiccs .{ t^ Wi^^u.^! ^"^nuti in vb^rh ^^ l'«ed. 
IW <saiMiM. )«» '?ir>lnifcns laaser ajkwot Iha hegmutiKg jf die 
Iritis -xoauj^v. taxi. vtA V^^r««a «c l>.rt.a, iia ^ht v/Im.^ j^ hid 
aoctfiaOiKv. Ititi saacuei in ^wic*. 'i«j.,«^uik v^^, v Ni j«ea. 
%hecew wktXn tib< ^2k>s ^enzu^ h Ust was> »ujk.>.>K«iv.\l >y ^a» 

ttvnon VAwswi^ wh^ hud Slart«r«, ftvm the Bhrt of 
A''jivi«»^ Xft ^h«» !u».& ,»f toiipe aoxi .•co^wrs Vlt^g :h*tretn is^ 
aigii>MK.>i bbtNa.'T M'^>iTy.V>c <ifc'?^f>ft» Vli>Ai£»uvt^VKr Sao- 
Vnbh. «« «. U !lkMvh^ l«M» V.u^;m^ «ibtt. wf Chmpbea 
gf K^lNirr^. Wa ion anOt sncceiseef^. 

^^i»e«i«« ^" Wcsren, ^)f Ivupo. <•• a aiwi. of 9S^ Ibhecl 
Hfta^fiMnenfK ^^ 9k«lmott»JkK H;^ son a»d naxeesi^ 

AuMow«a )l*.Vi.iiKt«a^ a ^eod aiai Vfi^ «^^m^ «!»• 
aiaee oflKhi^ 4wa»\U %» thA 


engnged at the battles of KflllcraDkiB and the Boyne. Bs 
m. Jane, dau. of Sir James Campbell, Bart of Ancbcnbreek, 
by whom he bad a numerous family. (The third son. Don* 
can, settled in Holland, and was father of Qenenl Robot 
M^Alester, who commanded the Scots brigads.) The eldnt 
son of Alexander, 

HsoToa M'ALBnCE, d. without issue, and was soooesded 
by hii brother, 

CHABLte M'Aunma, who m. Christina, dau. of Lamoot, 
of Lament, by whom he had two sons. Axons, his heir, ind 
Arohibald, who for many years commanded the 85th ngt 
He d. a lieut -general, leaTing a huge family. BIm eldeit 
son, Charlea, was Ueul-eoL of the Ceylon rifles, and is itiU 

Avous II'Ajlebrb, who sueoseded his fsther, n. Ui 
cousin, Jane, dau. of McDonald, of Ardnacnriah, and coodn 
to the celebrated Flora M*DonaId, and was succeeded bj 
his only son, 

Charlxb M'ALBsrBa, J. P. and D.L., 6. 13 Jan. 17^. who 
m, 98 March, 1799, Jessie, dan. and heiress of WfHiam Somer- 
▼file, of Kennox, In Ayrahlre, by bis wife Ulias, dau. and 
cn4ieir of Oafarid Porterfteld. of Uapland, and in terms of 
the entail the M 'Alesters of the Loupe add ths name sad 
arms of Somerrille of Kennox to their own. They liad 

CcuBLcs-SoxxaTiixx M'AunrrxB, present repressiit iliT*. 
James, of Cbapeltown. 
Wilhelmina. Jane. 

CoL Somerrille M'Akalar, who was Bent -coL commaniitat 
of the let A jrahixe local militia, d. Oct. 1847. 

^rms— Or, an eagle, displayed, gu., armed, sable, vxr- 
me<mted on the breeat of a galley; of the Urst, within s bor- 
dma, of ths third, ehagad with t hr ee ci oas cro sii st a, fttebed. 

r— A dexter arm, in armour, erset, the hand holdtQC s 
dagger, in p^Ie, all ppr. Above the crsst the motto For 

Jfott^f Per mare per ten as. 

9ftipporttv D exter, a bear pieived in the baefc with n 
anow, and scnistav SB < 


XACALZSTiXy Kcna, Edq. of Glenbarr and Cour, 
o. Argyll, JJ". and D.L., & 13 Nor. 1808; ». 
3 Jane, IS^, Maiy-A^tha, onlj dan. of Bobert 
CampbeU, Edq. of Skij^Mss^ bj Bageaia, his i " 
dML of RkiiaKd Wynae, Ke^ of FolkiDgfaam, 



L lfLTTsrv-C5AKi.c-B£cnix, csft. 90Ch higfiland bor- 
derers^ J.P , h. C ^lUj, I^SSl 
I. Igichnr-CecGa-Cnnstance. 
a. Cai^&M-El3asfce&>TiIaets; «. to W. Green, B 



Anr. 1858, Aleza]idniia-Oeorgio&' 

of W. MflJar, Esq. 
Moakziddeii, eou Ayr, snd hat 

dhn. of Vae- 
•Up— i*-'«^ it ILsgBoor:ng!u had, witfi aswal dans., five soot, 
:. A:.szjCK:;sa x SCnshairl ; u. Keiths of Toitiadsik ud 


; UL John, a ooL in the smy ; 


T. K< 


IsC^XsmC^mphelU ef 

C^ar^irCh.*. Tf.mxgmC iso. of 
the LaI? Xtaqpuec Luf^ has 
«g«»i:X 'iwiiM.^ 

a coL in the 

in the snny. m. 

Mi tDdly, S3 Dec l»i, 

BKudia.of Brodie,a&d 

Ha d: S Dee. U^ 

am only son, the presnt 

«s4ww ih. Ikf > I:S3S^ 


ef ^wm nil, co. As- 




«Ctbe late Townlcy-Patten Filgate, Esq. of LowtW 
Lodge, CO. Dublin, and Dromgoolstoii,co. Jjouth, and 
by her (who <L in 1847) has hAd. issue, 

1. Obobob-Tbatebs, late qapt. 15th king's hussars, b, 

Feb. 18«0. 
u. TownleT-Fatten-Bumo, 6, Jan. 1840, Ueui 8ih hussars, 

who assumed, by royal licence, hearing date 4 June, 

1863, the mumaqae of Filo^tj^ under the will of his 

maternal grandfather, 
t Slartha Ellen, m. 1852, to Townley Filgatey Esq. of 

Arthuiston, co. Louth, 
n. Elixabeth-Jane. 
iu. Anna-Sophia. 

This gentleman, whose patronpaic was Hitme, as- 
nmed, in 181 4, the surname of Macartney, under 
the will of his granduncle, Karl Macartney. 

Itnrsgt* — Of the Audiinleck branch of the ancient 
Scottish family of Macartn^ was George Macabtnkt, Esq., 
who m. in 1522, Mai^^aret, dau. of Godfrey MacCuUogh, of 
Fleet Bank, Kirkcudbright. His great-groat-grandaon, 

Georqs H.xCARTirET, Esq., a captain of horse, removed to 
Irebad in 1649, and, settling in the co. of Antrim, repre> 
sented Belfast in parliament. In 167S he served as high 
tbcriff and, in 1688, pmclafmed King Wtlliam and Queen 
Uaky at Belfiist. By Jane, of Antrim, his first wife, dau. 
of SirQointin Calderwood, he had, inter alioij an eldest son, 
Jiirai, one of the judges of the Ootst of Ck>mmon Pleas in 
Irebnd, temp. Queen Anne, whose granddaus. were Frances 
Macartney, m. 1748, to Fulke Greville, Esq. of Wilbury" 
WQts ; and Maiy Macartney, m. 1761, to William-Henry 
Lyttolton, Lord Weatcote. By his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Sir Stephen Butler, Gteozge Macartney was father of 
Qieios MAOARnriinr, Esq., M.P. for Belfast, who d. 17 Oct 
1757, leaving, by Letitia, his first wife, dau. and co-heir of 
Sr Charles Porter, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, a son, 
GcoBOB MAOAJiTKErr, Esq., who la. 1732, Elisabeth, 
youngest dau. of the Rev. John Winder, and left one son, 
the Rt Hon. Sir Okobos Macabtney, K.B., of Lissanoure, 
the distinguished diplomatist, who was created Babon 
Hacabtket, 1776, and made Eabl, 1794, and d. «. p. 1806 ; 
wd two dans., LeUtia, who m. Godfrey Echlin, Esq., and 
d. t. p. ; and Elizabeth, m. to John Balaquier, Esq., nu^er 
ofdiagoons, and d. 1782, leaving an only dau., Elizabeth, 
wif« of the Rev. Travers Hume. 

TBI Rxv. Tbavbbs Home, b. in 1767, son of Oustavns 
Rune, Btq., state surgeon, of Dublin, *n., as already stated, 
I7CT, Elisabkh, dau. of Major John Balaquier (by Elizabeth 
his vife, dau. of G«oige Macartney, Esq.), and niece and 
hdrois of George, Earl Macartney, and died July, 1805, 
baring had issue, 

OaoBoi, now of Liissanoure. 

QQstavus•Ibomaa^ 6. 1794: served in the royal art. at 
the battle of Waterloo, and was afterwards in the 15th 
hassATS, and 6tb drag. -guards; d. unm. 1846. 
John, 6. Got 1795 ; m. 1st, Anna- Waller, dau. of John 
Parker, Esq., by whom he has one son, Arthur, 79th 
higfalanden, b. sn June, 1840, and twodaxts., Mary, nt. 
to Capt HlckeXf lot Bengal lansers ; and Elisabeth. He 
n. 2ndly, Eliaabeth, dau. of the late Msdor Stewart, of 
the rifles, by "whom he has one son, Jcmn-Stewart, b. 
Aug. 1856. He din 1869. 

Robert, in holy orders, fa. 2 June, 1823, Mary, 8rd daiu of 
Miohael HoMb, 'Esq., and by her (who d. 1862) h&A issue. 
1 Arthur, ft. 1824 ; m. 1854, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Robert 
Rynd, E)ki. of RyndviUe, oo. Meath, and has issue, 
Arthur-Robert^ ft. 21 Nov. 1856 ; and Mary; 2 Gustavus, 
muor S8th regt . Knight of the Legion of Honotu: ; 8 
Robert, major 55tn regt.. Knight of the Legion of Honour; 
4 John-Richard, capt. 55th regt.. Knight of the Legion of 
Booottr; b Walter, 88th regt ; and 1 Elisabeth, m. to 
OeoKO-D. Fakenham, Esq., late capt 4th Bengal Uglit- 

Arthur, it yoKOig, 

EMubeth, m. 1JS06, to Henry Brooke, Esq., and d 1823. 
Georgianna, m. 1808. to George-Richard Golding, Esq., 
capt 4th drag. -guards., and is deceased. 
Abcii, m. 1823, l£^or-Gen. Oldfield, K.H., and is deoeased. 
Aima^ai. in 1830, ta Fianoia-Longworth Dames, Esq., of 
Ozeenhill, JUi«'8 oo., and d. in 1836. 

Ar m Or, a book, trippant, go., within a bordure of the 

Crot— A eubit arm, erect, the hand grasping a rose-branch, 
h flower, all ppr. 

Jf o«o— Mens oonsela recti 
. 4m<«— Usaanoute^ Pirilynumey, aad liewtber Lodgegfial- 
^«»n,ott.Dubl|i^, . . , 




Ellibok-Haoabtihst, John*Wiluav, Esq. of Tha 
Palace, Clogher, oo. Tyrone, called to the bar at tha 
Middle Temple, liond., 1846, and afterwards to the 
Irish bar, 1848 ; a magistrate £or the eoa. of Tyrone 
and Fennana^h ; 6. 2 May, 1818; m. 27 May, 1851« 
Blisabeth-Phosbe, eldest surriyiog dau. ol toe Rejr. 
John-Grey Porter qf Kilskeer/, co. Tyrone, Belle- 
isle, CO, ' Fermanagh, And The Pakce, ca Tyrone 
(eldest son of the Right Key, John Porter, formerly 
Lord Bishop of Clogher), by his wife, Margnret- 
Lavinia, dau. of Thomas Lindsey, Esq. of Holly- 
mount House, CO. Mayo, and of Lady Margaret- 
Eleanor Lindsey, dau. of Charley let Earl of llucan, 
and has issue, 

I. Willtaw-Gbbt, ft. 7 June, 1853. 
IT. Thomas-Stewart, ft. 19 Aug. 1854. 
in. Arthur-Hubert, ft. 28 March, 1857. 
IV. Hemy-John, ft. 26 March, 1859. 

Mr. £UU8on assamed^ by royal lioenoe, 4 April, 1859, 

the additional surname and arms of Maoartxrt on 
the death of his matemsl undo, the Ker. W.-O. 

Towards the end of the reign of Jans I., TiroKAe 
Ellisoh, a younger son of an eminent merchant of New* 
castle-upon-Tyne, went over to Ireland and settled in the 
north-west part of that country. From him descended 
WiLUAK Ellison, Esq. of Roeklands and Soho, oo. 
Mayo, whose son. The Rev. Thomas Elusom, m. in 1731, 
Mildred, dau. of Nathaniel Cooper, Esq. of Cappagh and 
Old Grange, oo. Kilkenny, by whom he had issuer 

I. WUliam, i». Miss Fyvie. 

ti. John, of whom presently. 

xiL Thomati, in holy orders, LL.D. and rector of Castlcbir, 
rewarded by Govemmont with a pension for his die- 
tiuguishcd loysdty and bravery during the robollioa 
of 1798 : after the Undinff at Killala of the French, 
he was mHde prisoner; he m. Flotinda, dao. of — 
Norman, Esq.i and left Issue three sons, Thomas, William, 
and Frederick, who all d. umn. ; and three daus., Cathe- 
rine, Florinda, and Phoebe. 

TV. Bingham, m. Miss Orampton, and had issue one sen, 
Thomas, who served in the r^al art ; and a dan., 
Charlotte, who in. Pierce Goold, Esq. , and had iesvia. 

X. Anne, m. George Bingham, Esq. of the oo. of Ma^o, and 
had issue three daus , the eldest of whom m uried Or. 
Arbuthnott, bishop of KiUalo:i. The second m. 1st, CjL 
Vesey, and by him had an only dau. , who m. Sir Robert 
Arbuthnott ; and 2ndly, James Kirkland, Esq , by whom 
she had a dau. Anne. The third dau. of Mrs. Bingham 
m. John lindsey Bucknall, Esq. of Tiuin, oo. Mayo, and 
had. issue. 

The second son, 

The Rbv. Thomas Blltsok, D.D., Fellow of "Mnity Cell. 
Dublin, rector of Cleenish, diocese of Clogher, and after- 
wards rector ef Conwall, diocese of Raphoe, m. in 1776^ 
Anne, dau. of John Olphert, Esq. of BaUyconnel, oo. DoBa-> 
gal, by whom he had issue two sons and one dau., 

I. Thomas, in holy orders, prebendary of KiUamery, dio- 
cese of Ossory, who m. 1st, 1803, Elizabeth, widow of — 
Cox, lisq., by whom he had one dau., Martha; and. 
2ndly, in 1815, Catherine, 2nd dau. of Arthur-Chichester 
Macartney, Eaq., by whom he had, 

JoBK>WnjLiAM, now of the Fslaoek 

n. John, in holy orders, m. his ooaSin Amelia, Awl ef 
Wybrants Olphert, Esq. of Ballyoonnel, oo. Donegal, and 
had ii^ue, Johu-Wybnmta, Anna-Maria, and Anne. 

L Anne, m. Charles Colhoim, Esq., who left issue, one son 
and four daus. 

:famtl5 oC MutxrUiftn. 

SrinraSf .— The family of Macartney is stated by Flay- 
fair to have sprung from a younger son of the M'Carthy- 
More, of the oo. Cork, who went to Scotland to assist King 
Robbbt Bbuce in his wars, and was rewarded with a grant 
of land in Argyllshire, whereon are stUl to be seen the ruins 
of a caatle, the ancient possession of Macartney in that 
county. Subsequently driven from their original resting 
place, the Macartneys fixed themselves in Galloway, on lands 
still called Macartney, and eventually became divided into 
three branches : Macartney of Loathes, Macartney of Blacket* 
and Macartney of Auchinleck. The second^ that of Blacket, 
is the lino CrQm which the Macaitneyeef Murlough descend. 



OEOBnx Maoabtnkt, Esq. (aon of Qeorgp Macartney, the 
last of the Ifaoartneys of Blaioket, who redded in Scotland), 
aettted at BeUkst, in 1680. He m. Martha Daylea, of the 
fiuDily of Sir John Davlea, Knt., attorney-general for Ire- 
land, temp. Jamkb I, and had two aona, 

Oeobos, who entered the army, and aerved with mnch 
credit under the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene, 
had the miiifortuno to act as aeoond to Lord Mohun, when 
the latter fought the celebrated duel with the Duke of 
Hamilton, in which both the Duke and Lord Mohun lost 
their Uvea. CoL Macartney, who was a atanch Whig and 
Protestant, was accused by the Tory party of huTing 
stabbed the Duke while he and Lord Mohun were rolling 
on the ground mortally wounded, and a price being hud 
on his need, had to fly for his life. He proceeded to 
Hanover, where he reniained until the death of Queen 
Ankk, and returned to Baffland with Gsobob I, whose 
favour and confidence he oi\}oyed. Soon after his return 
he demanded to be tried for the oflfimce which had been 
laid to his charge, and on the evidence of the keepers of 
Hyde Park, who had witnessed the duel throughout all 
Its phases, was honourably acquitted. He was at the 
time of bis death a Ueut-gan. in the army, commander- 
in-chief of the forces in IrelancL governor of Portsmouth, 
and col. of the carbiniers. He m, the widow of Oen. 
IK>ug1as, and by her had itiaue, now extinct 


The second son, 

Isaac Maoabtkxt, Esq., possessed a large estate in the 
north of Ireland, and served as high sheriff of the co. of 
Antrim, in 1690. He m. Anne, sister and co-heiress (with her 
Bister, the wife of John Macdowal, of Freugh, and grand- 
mother of Patrick Macdowal, Sari of Duaofries) of John 
Haltridge, Esq. of Dromore, Downshire, M.P. for Killey- 
leagh, and had issue, 

Oeobob, high sheriff of Antrim, whooe refwesentative was 
the late Rev. Arthur Macartney. 
William, of whom hereafter. 
Oraco, who m. to Sir Robert Blackwood, Bart 

The second son, 

William Maoabtmvt, Esq., M.P. for Belfast, m. Catharine, 
dau. (by Elisabeth Montgomery, his wife) of Thomas Bonkes, 
Esq. of the family of Bankes of Corfe Castle, Dorsetshiro, 
and had issue, 

AavHom-GHiOBasraB, hfs heir. 

John, of Uah, oo. Down, created a baronet, 22 July, 1799. 

The elder son, 

ABTBUB-CuiOHnraa Maoawtkby, Esq. of Murlough, oo. 
Down, king's counsel, m. Anna, dan. of Bev. Samuel Lind- 
say, of Turin Castle, oo. Mayo, and by her (who d. in 1841) 
had issue, 

William-Oboboi, M.A.. vicar of Killead, oo. Antrim, d. 

a. p 12 Nov. 18A8, having devised his property to his 

nephew, the present John- William Eluson-Maoabtvit, 

Frances, m. W. Huband, Esq., and had, with other issue, 

a son and heir, the present Capt Osobox Hdbamd (sm 

paae 731). 
Catherine, widow of the Rev. Thomas Ellison, d. 

Oct 1856, leaving Issue, a son, John, the present Mr. 

BLLisov-MAOAKTineT ; and one dau., Annette. 
Ajme, d.«MM. 1866. Letitia, d. unm. 1856. Matilda. 

Mr. Macartney dL 29 Sept 1827. 

if mu— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or, a buck, trlppont, ga, 
within a bordure of the hist, for Macabtmet ; 2na and Srd, 
gn., on a chevron, between three eagles' heada, erased, arg., 
a trefoil, slipped, vert, for Ellison. 

CreKU—lBtj a cubit arm. erect, the hand grasping a rose- 
branoh, in flower, all ppr, Ibr Maoabtmkt; 2nd, a buck's 
head, erased, ppr., charged on the neck with a trefoil, 
slipped, vert, for Eluson ; over the 1st oreat» on an aaoroll, 
the motto, " BtirauUit sed oroat" 

Motto—$pd gaudeo. 



HaoBratbs, Jambb, Esq. of Tweedhill and Broad- 
meadows, 00. Berwicl^ b. 12 May, 1832. 

Srinrxge.— ^hice the middle of the last oentnry, the 
p r es ent family has rsprosented the Mac Biairs of Nether- 
wood, fluently alhided to In old looal histories, and 
described in books of heraldry, as *' an auoient family In 
Dumfrieashirs, who were supposed, originally, to have 
e tni g m ted to the south of Boothmd from the co. of Abet^ 
deen, a highland origin, whieh the name itself indicates." 

The Netherwood family settled and possessed eon- 
alderable landed property in Dumfiriesahire, prior to the 

year 1400, which appears by family deads and papsn, m 
well as by the earlier records of that coontiy ; md baridai 
tiieir original estate on the river Neth, In the tanmediafes 
vicinity of the town of Dumfries, different brandisi of tiis 
family were landowners In other parte of the coontry, sad 
in Galloway, and the stewartry of Klrkeudbclgbt Thay 
appear to have intermarried with the Mazwella, Johnstcas, 
and other familiea of distinction In the district, and to 
have long had great influence in the burgh of DnmhiM, 
of which the head of the fionily was provost from tlOM to 

The estate of Netherwood descended In regular surwsii no 
for many generations, down to the year 1740, when it wis 
in the possesaion of Archibald Mac Braire, the last pro- 
prietor of the name, whose aflUra becoming embanasMd, 
he was compelled to alienate the entire of the landed 
property which had been so long In his family, and dwitly 
after that period, the direct line of the Netherwood family 
became extinct 

The present family are the Immediate desceodsnti of 
Robert, son of Thomaa Mac Braire, of Newark, who wu 
a younger brother of the laird of Netherwood, In the eirly 
part of the 1 6th century. 

Robert Mao Bbairs settled in Edlnboigfa aa a merehaat, 
about the year 1600, and he and his suocessers forftior 
generations continued, to reside there. 

Robert Mao Brairb (great-grandson of the Avn 
RobertX eldest son of John Mao Braire, merdiant sad 
buigess in Edinburgh, settled In Glasgow, and m. SS Kor. 
1715, Margaret, eldeat dau. of the Rev. John Fsttigraw, 
minister of the parish of MeDde Govan, Renfrewahhs, s 
well known personage as an author and wit of the dsf, 
and left iasue, James ; Robert ; Thomas ; Johk, of wbom 
presently ; Charles ; Robina ; Miurion ; and GriaeU. 

JoBK Mac Braibs, Eaq., ^e eldest surviving mm, wu s 
captain in the Olst fbot, and was killed (28 May, 1798) at 
Eimisoorthy, during tho Irish rebellion. He left iamt^ 
with two daus., four sons, James^ Robert, Frederick, aad 
Arthur. The eldest son, 

Jamsb Mao Bbaibb, settled aa a merchant In tbe idaod 
of Newfoundland. In 1794-5, at the breakiiH{ out of the 
IVench revolutionary war, he quitted buainess, snd harfai^ 
raised, at his own expense, above one hundred mea for s 
fendble regiment then forming for the defence of tbe 
North American colonies. Joined it aa captain, and aerred 
for several years. On his regiment being disbanded, tt tiM 
peace of Amiens, he returned to Newfoundland, and aftar- 
wards was called upon to fill several Important puUJo 
situations in the town of St John's. He finally, in 1817, 
retired to his native country, and aoon aftennirda pa^ 
chased the estates of TweedhiU and BBsadmeadowi, both 
in Berwickshire, and was thus the means of restoring bit 
family and name to the place which they had held for 
centuriea amongst the landed proprietors in the south of 
Sootlsnd. He tn. 10 May, 1793, EUaabeth, only dan. of 
Joaeph Bower, Esq., a merchant and broker in Briitol, aoa 
of James Bower, Esq., borrister-at-law, of the same oity, 
and had an only surviving son, 

JoHN-JofiBPH Mac Bbairx, Esq. of TweedhiU and Broad- 
meadows, CO. Berwick, a magiatrate and a depoly-Ueot 
for that shire, 6. S Juno, 1801 ; m. 4 Aug. 18S1, Csrolioa- 
Abigail, dau. of Benjamin Gott, Esq. of Axmley Hoosb, 
Torkshire, and had issue, an only aon, Jambb, now of 
TweedhiU and Bi'oadmeadows. He t. his father In 1831 
Mr. Mac Braire d. in 1849, and waa «. by his onlj aoe, 
James Mac Braire, now of TweedhUl and Broadnwsdowa. 

JriM— Arg. t a fesse, gu., between three stars In chief, and 
a Uon rampant, in base, of the last 
Crest — ^A lion, rampant, gii. 
Motto — In defiance. 
Sfote— TweedhiU and Broadmeadowi^ Beiwickahirs. 


M'Gartht, Justin, Esq. of Carrignavar, oo. Ork, 
h. 19 March, 1786 ; m. 29 May, 1810, M«ia-IaabeU% 
dau. of Caleb Falklner, Esq., eldest son of Sir Riggs 
Falkiner, Bart., by whom he has BurriTing issue, 

I. RoBBRT, b. 14 April, 1811 ; m. Eli^beth, dan. cf Joha 
Hyde, Esq. of Castle Hyde, co. Cork, and has isms. 

II. Justin, barrister-at*law, m. 184ft, Frances-Anns, dsa. 
of John-Samuel Beamish, Esq. 

iiL Frederick-Caleb, M.D. 

rv. Joseph, in the E. I. Co.'s mUitary ssrvies. 

I. Lydia, m. to Ix>wther Forrest, Esq., B. I. Cc'ssBrriee. 

if iL"c 


u, JftQdy m. Ut, tlie late ue\. 'HoAtce Townaend; and. 
iudXy, In 1845» Wm. -Barton Xieslie, Esq. ^f Court Hac- 
•henj, 004 Cork. 

DL iMballa, ». to AloTfLndftr Bops, Baq.,,!}. I, Co.'s ser- 

IT. JSlinbeth. v 

T. Hu7-<3«ral4ino» m let^ the late ThomasrCharles 
Morton, ■6a<).« barcister-at-law ; and Sndly, WiUiam- 
iirownci^ flioi^ Sao., grandson of the lata Lord 
If lata - - . 

fL Bosa. 
TIL BUiaor. 

KlTtS^. — yew pedlgreesin the British empire, if any, 
can he traced to a more remote or a more exalted souixx) 
thu that of the Celtic house of M'Carty. On the arriTal 
of the fnghsh in the twelfth centnxy, they were styled the 
klogs of Desmond and Cork. No family clalma a higher 
ft&cestry than this. In all those civil contests and warlike 
e&comitCT^ wbi^h died ' so melandho^ a hue over the 
nuiab of their e^r-^fstracted country, t^e KacCarthys 
hc<re a distlngnlshed port. From Cormac More, who lived 
in the beginning of the twelfth centuiy, sprang two sons, 
Daniel, the elder, sitcoeoded his fUther as the M acCiarthy- 
Vote, and Diarmid, the younger, (bunded Uie powerful 
boose of Mufkeny. The descendimt of Daniel was created 
JM of Qlencare, lay Queen SLizABXTBr,'in 1505, but as he 
died without legfthnate inale issue, his honours died with 
him. IQs last collateral male representative vras Charles 
KacCartby-More, an officer in the guards, who died In 17T0. 
The dwinilied possessions of this branch of the family 
beeune vested ~ta his cousin, Hssbxrt, of tfncruss. 
(Brax^ VteisiUudeB of FamUies}. 

The IfCABTRY of Carrigiisyar, is the chief of Us name, 
lad representative of the eldest e^bsting branch of the once 
upver^p house of IfCartys. The first who bore the ap- 
|»elktiTe of It'CiitTHT, Or son of Cartaor, was the grand- i 
Criherof DraRifOD M^CAjCnrlfORfc, whom the Bs^Ilsh foimd' 
in possession of Cork, and ^ho swore fealty, gave hosti^ges, 
nrd sat^'eeted'liis kingdom to 'Hsifsr if. Btarmod t^as 
risin by Theobald 'Butlot*, fbtmder of the honse of Ormond, 
te IlSd. His successors were, Dokaijd, Cobicac Tiovv^ 
DoxAro Ho*. DoTTALD 06«, ahd<;o«k^<}, all of whom were 
dhdngtdshed ari^M'Ci&t^ Hoiia for' OttKAr) ; 4n adijunct 
eohUimed in this senior hranch itiitil 1556, when DoKAin 
H'CiitTT If one; ^e seventh la descent from the;^est son 
«f the hurt; mentioned C6rmac. was created 'Earl or QtcM- 
CARK, in Kerry, on ' res^gnii^ his estates to Queen BLtrA- 
BCTH. from whom he agafn received the inveetiture of 
ihsm. *'to hnld of tli«r^at>wn of £ngl9cnd lb the BngUsh 
manner." This stock of ihe H^ar^ More is extinct ibr 
ntnie than a cenittry ; but the above Oormae More had a 
feeomd SOB, OteBMop, first feudal lord of Muskerry, and 
fooader of ihiit potent housed who was kmed by the O^Mia- 
honjs, in 1967. From him sprung in snccessloh, as lords of 
Ifo^erry, ftiov; Corhao, who d. i» 1S74 * Tsrere,' in 1448 ; 
OoavAC liAiDHfR (the Stout) in M94 ; €oturAO Oob LaroBm, 
vho defeated the Earl of Desmond, at the battle of Home 
Ahbey, in 15SI, and tZ' in 1-636 ; TiSfOB, who d. fn 1665; as 
Demon <r. fn 15m His son, 

OoaiUQ^ Lord of Itfnskerxy, had hisresidenee at the castle 
el Bhuney, and i. in 1610, leaving two sons^ 

COBMAG Oox, Iiord of Muskerry, the rptsT visooitmt, as 
stated by some writers. He a. in Iiondon, anno 1640, 
lesving fvith a dau , Elena, wife Of John Power;' Esti., 
me es to r of Pnuaoes Power. Wife of Bfehsfd Trench, Enq. 
<•< Qvbally) a son, . Donaxj>, li^ Eari. or C{.akoartt, 
^ose nia&nne tt sx^inct. 
DoMALOt or Daxibu 

The second son of Cormao, 

Dovai» «r>4l!nMB6'W««M«r, lUK tbe-mrtto ofOavrig- 
BAvsr. His son, by Katharine his wife, a dau. of Stephen 

Oitherine, dau. of David koohe^ seventh Visooimt Fermoy, 
«Ml #M a a6Ms>deMta« hf (Piei'mm^of^bli aoa« Dtoii6i;iuid 
IU«bathMjifti&ew,hls.wiai$hiitfgHm4son,r . - 

Ourub M^GaBWi £a(&.<X0aRigtiB^4rv(Who«t/>l4iayt 
^^ otll«!gtnKl>T»nwh,;Wi<rfBow<s,>iMiridy||«,sfijihe 
Mit issue, in 1761, he was «. by his nephew, 

DAafm. M-CamaY, 1^. of >C4rrtg«4viif (km of tJarlel 
M'<3Hthy ami Oraee Fitagenld, his- wifo^ ^o >M;tl75I, 
WiRilWlt nwslilliifci, 4iih of fiNBMld/ t*fMAty-fiMlMlit Ltnrd 
KingMle and had issue, iJ«bTfW^'Wti6i(f.».>|p.i7W;'RliBERT, 
weeesMT to his brother; and 'SUkabeHh, iilt,iW MkaHto- 
tniseke AtUn, Ikq; of Cki oa Cork. Mt. il'Otfthy d, in 
im. BbaaoendsoB, ' 

IRdBCRT V'Cartbt, Esq,' of Carrignavar, m« 17^, Iao», 
dau. of Joseph Capal, Esq. of Cloghroe, and hi4 Issve^ 

• Jjtnm, Us heir, prawnt r ay n— ita ti f<w 
Joseph, who d. unm, in 1681. 

EliaMMth, m. in 1811, to Joseph Beane-Freeman, "Eaa, of 
Oltftleoor, eo. Obxk. 

Mr.H'Csrti)i7d.|nI883. . 

AmU-^Axg,, a stag, tr|ppaat» ga, attired and tmgttled, 

Cretf— A dozter am, OQupod below the «lb<yw, and sreei, 
cloaked with mail, aig., the hand ppr., holding a note of the 

Scac— CaXTignavar, in the vidnity of Cork. 


1851 ; «. hi& father^ 29 Jan. 18i{6. 

ILintZCffC. — A Soottfsb writer. Buchanan, of Aoghsiar, 
who puUi^Md a work at Glaagow, In 1723, atatea ti^t the 
fotmder of tke Mao AuslaqM iA ftuciUnd, was ona Bust 
Anbrlan, son of O'Ktak, king of Ulster, who (wfaea.tho 
Danes, to avenge the massacre of Limerick, persecilted and 
de^tioyed numbers of the Idsh) passed over to Scotland 
with a body of follow^ers in orabout the year IOI6, and that 
the said Anselan, having given great assistance to Halqouc 
II. in hia wars, was rewarded V that king with grants of 
land of considerable value, and a splendid oont of arms. 
Buchanan proceeds to observe, *' that the best acoount qi 
the name of Mac Auaelane are now settled in the counties 
of Tyrone and Deny in the north of Ireland," and that 
those sire deecafded from '* the, Baron Mao Aushme i^ho 
went out of the parish of Luss ftbout the tatter period of 
the reign of King Jamss VI.** From, thia barun ^e Ua^s 
before us claims descent. 

Baron M*Auslanr, of Gk^duglaa, came ortftr to trehmd 
In the latter end of King J'amw rdgn,. al)but the }*oar 
1666, and left two sons, Aimncw and Johk Of the youngqt 
-the lihe Is now ejttinet. l%e'iAdei*, 

AMonicw M'AnsLAHB had a son, 

AutxAimBR WAvsLAX^-fAifk aervidlnrtiia amy in Ire- 
land btfeire43ia'yMr I6id(.aBid^s«ttUtigia Cha-'oo* Tyrone, 
was at his death possessed of the manors of Ardstrath, 
Mountfleld, (and others, .fie la. ^^et| da»i., ci Bdward Hall, 
Eaq> of New Grange,^ iuttie co. . Meatb^ and. 4ying in 1674, 
waa «. by hia elder aon, 

OLrvKB M'AlTBLAKD, l!sq., M.P. for Strabane and Ugh 
sheriff for the 00. Tyrone in 1687. He m. Jaue, dau. of 
James Hamfilori, lEbq... and had issue^ OUtet M^'Cansland, 
who possossed large estatef in the Co, pOnegal,^d..lj9 1^22, 
and was «. by his eldest son, . , 

Jewr MA9i<i>JkV9,4if9*.^sQ, nfl Maban>,«nd< the Manors 
of 8tra— iriirniid><rVMt.lii(Bn» M>P.-iy«rtihasw, in tfa»7«ar8 
1725 and 17S6, who m. Amy-Jane, dau. of Thomas Nonls, 
Esq- of the CO. Down, and had issue, 

X. Olttea, his htf r. - ■ 

M. Alaxanderr of Bush, m. AsiAe, dau;' of James KasMtt, 
Esq. of Liilbrd, co. Donegal, and |xad (with two d*^« 
. Mrs. Shirlingand Mrs. BaQ]f three sons, ^ 

1 Joba (Bev.) of ,Li4R)rd, who m, IsttMa^.dan. of the 
Bev. fhonas Borgqyne, ofXiffiwd, ajidhao. wreedaua. 
He m. 2nd]y, Hannah, widow el Thomaa Gerard, Esq^ 
CO. Meath, by whom ha ha<l Johnaod four daus. . , 

2 Andr^v. a Benry> 

HL Bebecca, la. totheBUv. JohnHamilion^ of Newcsstte^ 
- oa limarick. 
IT. Msoypm. to Dr. Moot^, of Londonderry. 

He d. in 1728, and was «. by his elder son, • ^ ' 

Oliver Mao Causland, Esq. of Strabane, M.P. for Stra- 
bane, in 1729 and 1731, who m^'Anne-Jane, dau. of William 
Hamilt9n, Bsq. of Wa^rhousar cOn Tian<y«<^r, Afi^ bad twg 
sdns'aSad^h^edKuik., v)2,,i/Jo^k, \4» successor; xi. Ofiver, 
m. Jane, dau. of Willi^' MmVay, Esq. of Mount Murray, 
ao,.,Mfa% ^.had w4*|i 4kve da^.y »«pn. who d. «. pcf i. 
MaTgaret ; 11. Alioe,«n.. tO'Geu. Cbtarloa Eustace; aixi 111, 
Anne-Jane, m. to Eldward Shaw, Esq. Mr. Mao Caushmd 
*.|n VfMt andr wna* rby h*i fWer son» • ri •; r. •> 

^'JOHir UAoQAWUAJSPr Baq^ of Strabane, M.F. eo. Donegal, 
Who sk lEUsabetb, dau^ol ihe Rovl timiiasa Span, of BaU- 
maaovi», andhad.isfwe, . 

•OLiTitL (lUwr.*) hishelr.' ' 

-. WiIllBm*James, of 'Dublin, ia. 8ut|m,daiL of the Bnvi' J. 
Waievtitaf Tifpemxir,«Dd bad issue. 
CatherlDe«,sv to Willijun Conyngham, lat 1«ord ^xnufpft. 

B* d. Hot. 1804, and wtms* by- his mq, • 



Tm Bit. OLnrxR Maoauslano, rector of finlngan, oo. 
Londoiideny, ft. Not. 1757, who m. In 1785, Hminah, dau. 
of Redmond Conyngham, Esq. of Letterkexmy, co. Donegal, 
and bad iMue, 

John, oapt R-N., 6. 8 Aug. 1780 { d. at sea, in oommand of 
H.M.8. Cruiser, in the West Indies, in 1836. 

RkdmomD'Contnohaii , heir to his father. 

Elizabeth, m. to Robert Ogllby, Esq. of Woodbank, co. 

Mauy-Anue. Letitla. 

Hannah. Caroline. 

This gentleman claimed to be chief of the dan of the Mao* 
atulanes of Olenduglas, in Dumbartonshire. He ct 1 Sept 
1840, and was ». by his son, 

Tm Rbv. Rbdmonx>-Conynobam Maoausland, rector of 
Desartoghil, co. Derty, who m. July, 1848, Martha, eldest 
daiL of Samuel Babington, Esq., grandson of Thomas 
Babington, Esq. of Bothley Temple, oo. Leicester, and bad 

OuYBB-FLUirKBT, present reprvsentatiTe 
Redmond-Oonyngham-Samuel, 6. 80 Dee. 185S. 
John-Babington, b. 80 June^ 1854. 
Martha-Elijsabeth, d. 81 Noy. 1858. 
HaryHannah. Edith-Jane. 

Florence-Letitia. Elizabeth-Caroline. 


Mr. Macansland d, 88 Jan. 1858. 

Amu-^Or. within a double tressore flory, counterflory. 
With flcurs-de-lys, sa., a lion, rampant, of the second holding 
on taia doxter paw a sabre, or crooked sword, ppr. 

Crest — Ji band, couped, holding a duke's coronet, or cap of 
m-aintenance^ surrounded wim two laurel branches, 

jtfoCto^t— Over the crest "Audaoes Juyo; " beneath the 
shield, " Clarior hinc honos." 

Jtaidme&-^yfood Bank, Oarragh, co. Londonderry. 

The RcT. JouK-CoirTKOHAM Mo CAVstAUD, rector of 
Clonmore, oo. of Louth, is the present representative of a 
Junior branch of this family, descended from Alexander 
Mo Causland, a younger brother of the then head of the 
family, whose son, Alexander, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Archi- 
bald Stephenson, Esq. of the neighbourhood of London- 
derry, and by her had issue, 

L JoBH, who d. unm, 

II. Akdabw, who vi, Bebekah, dau. of the Rev. John 
O'Dounell, rector of Mevagh (and sister of John 0*l>on* 
nol, Ebo. of Summer Islano, co. Armagh, who was uncle, 
by mairiage. of Sir William Vemer, Bart, M.P. for that 
coimtyX and d. without issue. 

III. Abgbibald, in holy orders, m. Elizabeth, dan. of the 
RcT. John Mack!e, rector of Mevagh (by his wife, Mary), 
sister of the late Capt. Conyugham, 63rd rogt, of 
Craiiford, oo. Donegal, who was fbuier of Cnpt Juhn Co- 
nyngham, 48rd regt. , aide-de-camp to Oenenu Sir Charlos 
Grey, at the taking of the West India Islands (in which 
capacity he so distinguished himself as to receive the 
special thanks of the Commander-in-chief, and of the 
late Rev. Launcelot-King Convngham, bellow of New 
College, Oxford, and rector of Riitoath, whose son, the 
Rev. John Conyngham, is now rector of Weston Long- 
Tille, Bucks), and sister of William Mackie, Esq., M.D., 

J>resldent of the medical board, Bombay, and by her 
who d. a Sept 1885) had issue, 

1 Albxaitdsr, who d. in infancy. 

5 JoBV-CoHTiiaBAM, of Clonmore rsotoiy. 
8 Robert, d. younff. 

4 Ellziibeth, who a. unm. 

6 Mary-Bemingham, m. and d. t,p. 

6 Saran-Jane, m. to Samuel Rankin, Esq., J. P. of 
Tiemaleague, Camdonagh. 

Mr. Me Causland d. 87 Apzil, 1806. The Moond son. 

The RsT. JoBV-CoMYVOHAM Mo Causland, rector of 
the parish of Clonmnrs, co. Louth, is the present repre- 
sentative of this branch of the famllv. He m. Ist, 1 Sept 
1826, Sarah-Anne, only survivinff enild of Edward Els- 
mero, Esq. . by his wife, Samh Ue Renal, and by her 
^who d, 18 Mareb, 1868) has bad issoe^ 

Archlbald-BeBlnghsin, 6. 91 June, 1887. 
Bdward-Elsmere, b. 16 Feb. 1880 ; d. Feb. 1840. 
John-Conyngham, J. P. and manager of Daylesford 

bank, Australia, b. 14 Jan. 1881 ; m. 1868, Susan, dau. 

of — Browne, Esq. of Daylcsford. 
Charles-Marcus, manager of the Ballot bank, Navan, 

6. 8 Aug. 1888 ; m. 1861, Kebekah, eldest dau. of the late 

Rsv. Wm. Bond, rector of Bailee, oe^ Down. 
William De Renzi, b. 90 Nov. 1887. 
Samh-Maria, m. 10 June. 1856, to T.-M. M'CUntock, 

Esq. of Hampstead Hall, Londonderry (tee M'Cuv- 

TDOK <if BamotUad HdU)» 
Elisabeth, d. m inikuoy. 


Mr. MoOaniland m. 2nd1y. 1 July, 1857, JoHa-Marins mm 
dan. of the late Ueut-Oen. Robert Brereiom C.B., K.H., 
Ibrmerty governor of St Luda, and niece of the prcarai 
M%}or-Oen. Sir William Brereton, K.C.B^ KJl, rafalaittluy, 
by whom he has no issue. 


HaoGausland, Conollt-Tbomas, Eiq. of Dn> 
nagh, 00. Londonderry, J.P. and D.L., b, 1828. 

KiKJIfff •— The estate held by this bnuMh of the isinOy 
under the see of Derry lies in the barony of Keaanght. or 
*' country of the O'Cahans," and formed a part of the exten- 
sive grants made to the monastery of St Cohnnba by that 
sept from whom the Highland senaohiea thus dedooe the 
origin of the clan Macauslane. One of the petty kiagt of 
Ulster, a chief of the CCahans, had a son, AnMlaa 0X2d»ii, 
who was obliged to expatriate himself on acooont of the 
share he took In the memorable stratagem by whidi the 
Irish youths, disguised in women's attire, suiprised tnd 
slaughtered their Danish oppressors in the tnsolenoe of 
their triumph. This Anselan sought refuge in SootlsDd, ukI 
by his valour against the Danes, who Infested the sbont of 
that country, won the Uraat of King MAicai.M, sad ai&fjs 
rewarda. His son, 

JoHir Mao Anbclan (or the son of AnselanX •cqnlred tbs 
lauds of Buchanan, in the Lennox, which passed hj dlieol 
male succession (through a Une of Mao An— Um or Mio 
Auselans " Domini de Buchanan **) to 

Sir Waltxb Mao Avsklan, 11th laird, who Uved Impi 
RoBBUT II. His son and heir, 

JoBN Mao Ausblab. living lS63,was reputed ISth bird, 
although never actually seised of the lands of Bnebansn. 

StB Albxabdbr Mao Adsblab, his son and befr, who 
distinguished himself at the battle of Beangtf, wss the 
last of the senior branch of the Mac Auaelana of Bodttnan. 
The lands passed to lairds who bore tiie surname of Bu- 
chanan only, but who claimed, in the fsoe of an acknoir- 
ledged pedigree, ascending no higher than this period, uul 
having no mention of the Mac Auselans, to be desoeoded 
of the old lairds of th