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MILTON, ir, J. 


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FEB 10 1^04 




dauKbter of pioneer Martin Oberholtser; mother at the time of her 
death of 12 children, 109 grandchildren and 108 greatgrandchildren, 
and whose descendants [living and dead] now number more than 

To oar ancestors who bequeathed to us the glorious privilege of 
religious liberty, and set us examples of blameless exemplary livee. 

To our parents who taught us to prixe tills inheritance as a price- 
less boon direct from the hands of Ood. 

To our children, whom we adjure to cherish thehr inestimable 
privileges and keep unsullied the family name. 

To our posterity may they emulate the worthy example of the 
<*good and true^* who have preceded them, and "honor God and his 

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The study of genealogy is interesting and of great 
value. Its effects pught to be beneficial in main- 
taining the honor «Bd integrity of « family ex- 
tending through « long Uoe of progenitors whose 
mem or}' with loyal devotionj should be cherished, 
and whose virtues are worthy of emulation. It is 
commendable to be familiar with one's family history, 
and eminently proper to put it in convenient form for 
the benefit of future generations. 

Records which preserve from oblivion the history 
and traditions of the lives of the progenitors and their 
posterity, will be of incalculable value to generations 
yet uabora, and will be highly prized by them. 

These genealogical trees will beeome heirlooms 
in the lamily, aand volumes will be sought for and 
placed in public libraries. They will also wield a 
pQwerful influence in the family; as the lives of un- 
selfish devotion to God, conscience, and family, of 
the forefathers are recounted, to keep unsullied the 
family name. 

The work has been prepared at a great sacrifice 
of time and labor. Had all responded promptly to 
communications, the work would have been far 
easier, more complete, and less time and expense re- 

The author acknowledges himself indebted to 
many of the family for their kind favors received in 
the form of records and other data for the work, 
among whom we especially mention those who have 
very materially aided the author in the work with 


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valuable information, they are: Dr. M. P. Ovcr- 
bolser, of Harrisonville, Mo., Isaac F. Overholt, of 
Mount Pleasant, Pa., Miss Annie S. Overholt, of 
West Overton, Pa., W. W. Scott, of Canal Dover, 
Ohio., and Martin Overholt, of West Overton, Pa. 

Milton, N. J., May 20, 1901. 

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It will beobeerred that all deeoendants are recorded in order ot 
birth, from the oldest down to the yottngent thronghont the entire 
connectionft, each generation being marked consecatively from f hrst 
to last. 

The Roman numerals placed before each name designates the 
generation to which they belong, as: 

I. Martin Oberholtcer, [Firet Generation]. 

II. Barbara Oberholtzer [Frets], [Second Generation] . 

ni. John Frets, [Third Generation]. 

rV. Christian Frets, [Foarth Generation). 

Beginning with the first (I) ancestor Martin Oberholtaer, all his 
chndren are named Ir order of birth, then follows his daughter Bar- 
bara, (II. Generation), and her children (III. Generation) next, and 
so on down to the last of her descendants. Then the next child of 
MarUn Oberholtser, I. Generation, vis: Henry Oberholtser is carried 
down in like manner to the last of his descendants, and soon through 
the entire connections. 

When marriages occur l>etween members of the connection the 
husband carries the record, and the family history will be found 
under his name. 

To find family records see Index of Branches, in which names of 
all that had issue of the first, second, and third generations are 

Abbreriations: B signifies bom; d died or deceased; s single; 
m married; eh church; c children; twp township; Ev Ass'n Evan- 
gelical Association; Presby Presbyterian; Luth Lutheran; Menn 
Mennonites; Ger Bap German Baptist; Ger Ref German Reformed; 
Gong Congregational; Meth £p Methodist Episcopal; U B ch United 
Brethren \n Christ; Meth Methodist; Westm*d Westmoreland. 

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7- ,L- ' vl^i^,.^^iS31-^^ 

Old Mennonite Church of Deep Run, Pa. 

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I. Martin Oberholtzer, the progenitor of a family 
numerously represented in Bucks, Montgomery and 
Westmoreland counties, Pa, Tuscarawas and Stark 
counties, O, and in other Western States, was bom 
in 1709 in Germany, ** thirty miles from Frankfort- 
on- the- Main," emigrated to America in the early part 
of the i8th century, and settled in Bucks county, 
Pa, probably somewhere in Bedminster township. He 
died April 5', 1744, in his 39th year. On November 

2, 1736, he married * Agnes (maiden name 

unknown). She was bom April 18, 1713; died 
February 15, 1786. Both are buried at the old 
Mennonite graveyard at Deep Run, Bucks county. Pa. 
Nothing is known of the life and characteristics of 
Martin Oberholtzer. He, in common with others of 
the Mennonite faith, no doubt left the fatherland on 
account of religious persecution to which they were 
subjected in their native land, and fled to America, 
which had then become an asylum for the oppressed 
of every nation, and where, under the bright sunlight 
of religious freedom, they could worship God with- 
out the least restraint. Thus early emigrating to 
America, while the country was yet principally a vast 
wilderness, infested with serpents, wild beasts, and 
treacherous savages, he, in common with his brethren 

* She married for her second husband pioneer William 
Nash, as his third wife. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


in the faith, endured all the trials and privations of 
pioneer settlers. 

It is not known where he lived. **He never 
owned land in fee in Bedminster township/' but may 
have been a tenant under William Allen, or resided 
in an adjoining township. It is not known* where he 
attended church services, as he died before the Deep 
Run and other contiguous churches were erected, but 
undoubtedly in that early day the services which he 
attended were held in private houses. Mennonites. 
Children : Barbara, Henry, Maria, John, Martin. 

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II. Barbara Oberholtzer, born in Bucks county, 
Pa, November lo, 1737 ; died May 8, 1823 ; married 
Christian Pretz in 1757. He was bom in 1734 ; died 
May I, 1803. She survived her husband twenty 
years, and it is a noteworthy fact that at the time of 
her death she was the mother of 12 children, and had 
109 grandchildren and 103 great-grandchildren. 

Christian Fretz was a son of John Fretz, who, 
with his brother Christian, together with a third 
brother (name unknown, and who died on the voy- 
age) emigrated from near the city of Manheim, in the 
Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany, formerly known 
as the Palatinate, or Rhenish Prussia, and were of 
German or Swiss origin. The time of their arrival in 
America is not known, but was probably about 1720, 
earlier or later. It is said that they came to this 
country during what was known as the **last perse- 
cution. ' * They were given the alternative of connect- 
ing themselves with the State Church or leaving the 
country, and they chose rather than to give up their 
religious liberty to leave the fatherland and found 
for themselves a home in a strange and far-off land, 
where they could worship God according to the dic- 
tates of their own consciences without fear or 

John Fretz probably at first settled somewhere in 
Montgomery county, Pa, where he married Barbara 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Meyer, daughter of pioneer Hans Meyer, of Upper 
Salford township. He afterwards settled with his 
family in what was then Phimstead but is now Bed- 
minster township, on what is known as the **old 
Fretz homestead," situated about one mile northeast 
of Bedminsterville, now occupied by Mahlon M Fretz. 
The homestead originally consisted of 230 acres of 
land, which John Fretz purchased of Bartholomew 
Longstreth in 1737 or 1738. After his death the 
homestead pas.sed into the possession of his son. 
Christian Fretz, who lived and died there. To the 
homestead Christian Fretz added by purchase the 
tract known as the **Poor Fields" in 1793, which 
consisted of about 30 acres. In those early days the 
Indians were yet quite numerous and often quite 
troublesome. It is related that Christian Fretz had 
a very fine horse to which the Indians took a particu- 
lar fancy and wanted to buy, but he would not sell it. 
The Indians, however, determining to get possession 
of the horse, came by night and stole it. Some time 
after he ascertained where the horse was and went to 
the Indian camp, arriving at evening, and seeing the 
horse turned out to pasture, he concealed himself 
until slumber had fallen upon the inhabitants of the 
wigwam. The Indians had a custom of going outside 
their wigwams and shouting and making a great 
noise just before retiring to frighten away the wild 
beasts. Knowing this to be the signal for retiring, 
he waited until he thought they were sound asleep 
and then entered the lot, secured the horse and 
returned home with it. 

A much treasured relic, in the form of a finely 
woven piece of linen tfousers material, woven by 
Christian Fretz and worn by him, is in the possession 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


of Miss Altia Rheua Austin, a great-great-great- 

Christian Fretz and wife were Mennonites and 
worshipped in the old stone church at Deep Run, 
the oldest Mennonite church in Bucks county. C : 
John, Agnes, Joseph, Henry, Martin, Jacob, Abra- 
ham, Isaac, Barbara, Christian, Mary, Elizabeth. 

III. John Fretz, born on the old homestead in Bed- 
minster twp, Bucks CO, Pa, May 24, 1758 ; d Dec 20, 
1804 ; m Anna, dau of Philip Kratz. She was born 
Nov 4, 1764 ; died Aug 4, 1813. In 1787 he bought 
what is called the *Toor Fields*' in Bedminster twp, 
which he sold to his brother, Christian Fretz, in 1793. 
In 1790 he purchased of John Thomas a tract of 130 
acres in New Britain twp, now known as the Curly 
mill property ; this he sold to Mark Fretz in 1792, 
He never lived on this property. In 1792 he bought 
299 J^ acres in Warwick twp of Richard and Willet 
Smith, for ;f 1200. In 1794 he built a bam on this 
property, and in 1795 a stone house, which is still 
standing. To this property he added by various pur- 
chases until he owned 800 acres — along the Ne- 
shaminy Creek, marked on old Pennsylvania map as 
•'Fretz Valley." Menu. C: Christian, Susan, 
Rachel, Barbara, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Anna, 
Philip (d young). 

IV. Christian Fretz, b in Bedminster twp. Pa, Nov 
17, 1782; died Jan 28, 1840; m Mary daughter of 
Ralph Stover, Apr 14, 1808. She was b Dec i, 1787 ; 
d in New York Nov 27, 1855. He was a farmer and 
hotelkeeper and resided in Warwick on the old home- 
stead. He was very successful in business and accu- 
mulated property to the extent of 13 farms. C : 
Ralph, John, Philip, Elizabeth, Christian, Mary. 

V. Ralph Stover Fretz, b Nov 13, 1809. He sailed 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


from the Isthmus of Panama in 1849 and landed at 
San Francisco, Cal, where he established a bank and 
amassed a fortune of about half a million dollars, 
which he bequeathed to relatives, except $20,000, 
which he willed to the United States to aid in 
liquidating the National debt caused by the Civil 
War. He was never married and died in California 
June 6, 1867. 

. V. John Fretz, b Oct 2, 181 1 ; d in California June 
26, 1863. He owned and operated a gold quartz mill 
in Calaveras co, Cal. 

. V. Philip K Fretz, b Sept 14, 1813 ; d on the steam- 
ship ** Henry Chauncy " March 13, 1867, while on a 
voyage to California, and was buried in the Atlantic 
oflF the coast of North Carolina ; m Annie Stover 

. Feb 18, 1 84 1. He lived on a part of the old home- 
stead in Warwick, was a farmer and one of the promi- 
nent men of the county. He was extensively engaged 
in contract work, and was one of the contractors to 
build the horse shoe curve of the Pennsylvania Rail- 
road over the Allegheny Mountains. 

He inherited from his forefathers a stern sense of 
duty, a loving jovial disposition, together with a keen 

. appreciation of a harmless joke, and an unswerving 
directness in following that which his conscience 
deemed right. To write of him as he was known is 
to write of the day by day life of the earnest, loving 
Christian, who had at heart — first, his township, then 
his county, next his State, and finally *'the best 
country that God Almighty ever gave to man.*' He 
was a man to feel for his neighbor in affliction, sick- 
ness and death, and to rejoice with him in prosperity. 
In January 1845 fire broke out in the county build- 
ings, and if it had not been for the prompt help of the 
neighbors, under the lead of Mr Fretz, no doubt lives 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 








'^ » 

^ w 
-^ s 



Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


would have been lost. About the Summer of 1 848-50, 
cholera being prevalent in many parts of the county, 
it broke out with great virulence at the Bucks County 
Almshouse, on which occasion Mr Fretz displayed 
heroic courage and brav,ery by laboring all Summer 
for the safety of the neighborhood until the scourge 
was abated. 

While Mr Fretz was proprietor of the ** Fretz 
Valley Inn** a memorable scene occurred there on 
January 9, 1846. On that day Mrs Fretz brought 
her baby Mary Catharine into the barroom, placed it 
in her husband's arms and said : *Tapa, the baby is 
one year old today,*' to which he replied, **just take 
her a minute;** he then got the axe and cut down 
the hotel sign, and that was the ending of the '* Fretz 
Valley Inn.*' Pres. C : Charles, Mary, Philip. 

VI. Charles Augustus Fretz, b May 31, 1843; 4ied 
Aug 12, 1900 ; m Susie Derby. Farmer, and owned 
a part of the old homestead of his father. No issue. 

VI. Mary Catharine Fretz, b Jan 9, 1845 ; married 
Theodore P Austin* Sept 8, 1868. P O North Han- 
cock, Me. Mr Austin employs his time looking after 
his woodlands and mining property. The Austin 
estate is situated in Hancock county, Me, and con- 
sists of several thousand acres of land, on which 
many improvements have been and are still being 
made. The property is mostly in one connected 
tract, and through it runs the Washington County 
Railroad for three and a half miles. It is called 
''Cuniculocus,** and derives its name from a quaint 
drawing by a very little girl of a hand-windlass over 
a hole in the ground, underneath which was written, 
•'There is millions in it,** qualifying the assertion 

*For sketch of Austin family see Stover History. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


with the statement that there are many holes in the 
ground in Hancock county called "mines," hence 
the name *'Cuniculocus," a place of mines. 

The property consists of woodlands, mining 
property, farm lands, interspersed with barns for 
storing of crops and housing of cattle, and camps for 
convenience of the workmen. There are looo acres 
enclosed with wire fence as pasturage, in which deer, 
moose and cariboo, in a wild state, yet tame to a 
degree, are free to come and go at their pleasure. To 
them this is verily a **city of refuge.** While all 
wild animals belong to the State, when in Cunicu- 
locus Park they are safe, as hunters are prohibited 
from trespassing therein. 

In the Fall of 1900 a terrible forest fire swept 
through the vicinity, destroying about 25,000 acres 
of timber land. It was the most terrific fire that has 
visited the place for 100 years. The area burned 
over in Cuniculocus Park and was between 2000 and 
3000 acres. The fire threatened camps, bams and 
dwellings, but fortunately no buildings of any import- 
ance on Austin property were burned, and no lives 
lost, except of some wild animals. 

In Egypt are located Cuniculocus Mills for saw- 
ing all kinds of lumber, in which is run a resaw for 
sgoolwood, a planer, shingle and lathe machine, 
threshing and winnowing machine, hay and straw 
cutter, and feed grinder. There is also a blacksmith- 
shop fully equipped with tools suitable for the finest 
iron work. On the other side of the State road from 
Cuniculocus Mills is Austin Cottage, with modem 
conveniences, built by Merrick Thread Company, for 
their superintendent, and across Egypt bridge is the 
Austin Mansion. 

Mrs Austin is a humble tiller of the soil, a law- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


abiding citizen, as were her progenitors, ai^d is an 
uncompromising believer and worker in the cause of 
temperance, and a loyal advocate of the ' ' Maine Law, ' ' 
as is attested by an earnest appeal sent by her to the 
Maine Legislature in its behalf. 

Mrs Austin is a member of the Presbyterian 
church and Mr Austin and one daughter of the 
Protestant Episcopal church, of which the family are 
regular attendants. C : (VII) Altia Rheua Austin, 
bom at 95 Fifth Ave, New York, Sept 15, 1869. S. 
(VII) Neva Ethel Austin, bom at country residence, 
Portland, Conn, Oct 18, 1876. S. 

VI. Philip Henry Fretz, b Nov 22, 1846 ; m Margaret 
Willa, dau of Robert and Willa (McHenry) Johnston, 
Sept 18, 1871. She was born June i, 1848. P O 
Doylestown, Pa. They reside on a farm near Doyles- 
town. known as the Hough property. Farmer ; Pres. 
C : John, Anna, Ralph, Marguerite, Edna. 

VII. Dr John Edgar Fretz, bora in Bucks co. Pa, 
Nov 29, 1872. P O Easton, Pa. Dr Fretz is a 
graduate with honors of Lafayette College and also of 
the Medical Department of the University of Penn- 
sylvania, and is a rising young physician who has had 
much success in his practice. He haS been honored 
by the offer of the position of physician and professor 
of hygiene, anatomy and physiology, in Williams' 
College, at Williamstown, Mass, to fill the vacancy 
caused by the death of Prof Luther Danna Wood- 
bridge, M D, an eminent professor whose work has 
attracted much attention. Dr Fretz, however, con- 
cluded not to accept the professorship, as he has a 
lucrative practice at Easton, Pa, to which he prefers 
to give his attention. 

VII. Anna Leola Fretz, b in Bucks co. Pa, Nov i, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Rajph Johnston Fretz, bora Feb 25, 1878 ; died 
Bee 24, 1900. He prepared for college under Dr 
John Gosmau, of Doylestown, Pa, and at the time of 
his death was a student of Lafayette College at 
Easton, Pa, class* of 1901. He went home to spend 
his Christmas vacation, after having successfully 
passed his examinations. He was taken seriously 
ill on December 20, with acute myelitis, which 
failed to yield to treatment. He was a sturdy, 
manly, popular boy, greatly beloved by his family, 
collegemates and all who knew him. He was 
studious, fond of athletics and exemplary in his 
habits. Many expressions of sorrow and regret at 
his sudden and early demise were heard when it 
became known on Christmas morning that his illness 
had resulted fatally. He was a member of Phi 
Gamma Delta Society of Lafayette College. Pres. 

¥11. Marguerite Wilhelmina Fretz, b July 21, 1888. 

VII. Edna McHenry Fretz, b Jan 13, 1892. 

VI. John S Frete, born Sept 22, 1850 ; m Mary W 
Long. P O Doylestown, Pa. Farmer and sawyer. 
C: (Vil) Harry A Fretz. Student at Lafayette 

V. Elizabeth Fretz (d), bora Feb 23, 1818; m John 
Farren, of Lancaster co. Pa, Jan i, 1844. He was 
b Mar i, 1809 ; d Dec 16, 1878. He was a contractor, 
and was one of the contractors who coastracted the 
Pennsylvania Railroad over the Allegheny Mountains. 
The last years of his life were spent at Warwick 
homestead. Roman Catholics, C : Mary, Frances, 
John, Mary. 

Vi. Mary Janetta Farren, b May 7, 1851 ; died in 

,VI. Frances Annetta Farren, b Apr i, 1853 ; ^^^d in 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. John Augustus Farren, born Apr 21, 1855 ; died 
Dec 12, 1884 ; m Alletta Bleiler Jan 25, 1882. Mr F, 
R Cath ; Mrs F, Prot Epis. No issue. 

VI. Mary Celicia Farren, b Feb 2r, 1858 ; m Samuel 
J Penrose June 16, 1881. P O Doylestown, Pa. 
Farmer. Mr P, member of Friends ch ; Mrs P and 
son, R Cath. C : (VII) Cyril Farren Penrose, bom 
May 5, 1882. 

V. Christian A Fretz, b Nov 25, 1824 ; died Dec i, 
1859. Merchant. S. 

V. Mary Catharine Fretz, b Jan 13, 1827 ; d Mar 4, 

IV. Susan Fretz, b Sept i, 1784 ; d Sept 9, 1829 ; m 
William Garges July 30, 1805. Merchant, and later 
farmer in Fairfax co, Va, where he died. Mrs G, 
Menu. C : Anna, Sarah, Margaret, John, William, 
Susan, Abraham, Mary. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, b March 30, 1787 ; d in 1870 ; m 
Abraham F Stover about 1808. He was b May 10, 
1786 ; d Feb 26, 1854. Farmer in Bedminster twp. 
He was a prominent and useful man. In 18 17 he 
was elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature and re- 
elected in 1820. He was appointed Justice of the 
Peace by the Governor and was also a surveyor. In 
1833 ^^ removed with his family to Fauquier co, Va, 
where he died. C : John (d young), Ralph, infant, 
Charles, Albert. 

V. Ralph Stover, b Sept 28, i8ri ; d Jan 26, 1896 ; 
m Eliza, dau of Henry S Stover, Oct 4, 1838. His 
early days were spent on the farm. He attended 
school at Deep Run, and in 1824 at Springtown, Pa, 

. and later at Red Hill, where he studied the higher 
branches. He finished his education at the Doyles- 
town Academy. In 1833 ^^^ whole family moved to 
Thoroughfare Gap, Va, where they purchased a mill 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


and farm. Ralph, taking charge of the mill, soon 
built up a large and prosperous business. 

In 1 84 1 he removed from Virginia to Point 
Pleasant, Pa, and engaged in the manufacture of 
lumber, flour and feed. He took much interest in 
school and church affairs, doing much to improve the 
school, and donated the ground for the Baptist church, 
of which the family are members. He also donated 
ground from his farm for a cemetery, in which he 
reserved a plot for a family burying ground. In the 
centre of this plot he erected a handsome granite 
monument as a memorial of the sleeping forms within 
its enclosure. After a successful business career, and 
rearing a virtuous family, he lived retired from busi- 
ness. C : Robert, Mary, John, Rachel, Emiline, 
Horace, Eliza, Ella, Adelaide, Chester, Annie, 

V. Charles Stover, b Sept 13, 1816 ; died March 30, 
1872. Miller and farmer in Virginia. S. 

¥.' Albert S Stover, born Aug 12, 1829 ; d Dec 17, 
1854. Merchant. Single. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, d in 1862 ; m John Smith. He 
died in 1844. Farmer. C : Richard, Elizabeth, 
Rachel, John. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b Feb 25, 1795 ; d Aug 8, 1872 ; 
m Thomas Z Smith Nov 18, 18 17. C: Mary and 
John, both died single. 

IV. Mary Kratz Fretz (d). b in 1798 ; m Henry Gill 
May 24, 1821. Farmer; D Ref ch. C: Abraham, 
Mary, Elizabeth, Henry, Susan, Samuel. 

IV. John Fretz, b Aug 10, 1802 ; died Dec 4, 1872 ; 
m Martha Carver. No issue. 

IV. Anna Fretz, b 1805 ; d 1875 ; m Samuel Dungan. 
Bap. C*. Charles, Emeline. 

*See Stover Family History for omitted records. 

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III. Agnes Fretz (d), b Sept 13, 1759 ; m Abraham 
Bewighouse. Farmer ; Menn. C : Daniel, Barbara, 
Christian, John, Mary. 

IV. Daniel Bewighouse (d), m Annie Licey. C: 
Betsey, Mary, Abraham, Annie, Susan, Leah, Peggy, 
Isaac, Barbara. 

IV. Barbara Bewighouse, b Jan 13, 1786 ; d July 3, 
1869; m Abraham Myers. He died May 28, 1851. 
Menn. C : Agnes, Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, EH, 

IV. Christian Bewighotise, bom 1795; d 1859; m 
Sarah Hunsberger. Menn. C : Esther, Mary, Abra- 
ham, John, Sarah. 

IV. John Bewighouse (d), b Dec 27, 1800 ; m Esther 
Leatherman. Menn. C : Maria, Isaac, Rachel, 
Fannie, Sarah, Catharine, Esther. 

IV. Mary Bewighouse (d), m Nelson Mclntyre (d). 
C : Charles, Maria, Sarah. 

III. Joseph Fretz, b May 9, 1761 ; d Mar 29, 1806 ; 
m Maria Kraut (d) Nov i, 178 1. She was b Feb 11, 
1762. He owned and operated a fulling mill near the 
Tohickon, in Haycock township, and was known as 
** Fuller Joe.** Menn. C: Elizabeth, Christian, 
Barbara, Anna, Maria, Susanna, Agnes, Rachel, 
Joseph, Sarah, John, Veronica. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born Sept 12, 1783 ; d Nov 26, 

IV. Christian Fretz, b Jan 9, 1785 ; d Nov 30, 1788. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, b Sept 12, 1786; d in 18 16; m 
Elias Rosenberger Apr 4, 1809. C : Joseph, Rebecca, 
Maria, Benjamin, Jacob. 

IV. Anna Fretz, b Feb 29, 1788 ; d about 1865 ; m 
Jacob Bischofsberger (now Bishop) Dec 8, 1808. He 
d in New Britain twp Dec 15, 1832. Farmer ; Menn. 
C : Mary, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Jacob, Sarah, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Anna, Susanna, Rachel, Abraham, Enos, Catharine. 

IV. Maria Fretz (d), b July 6, 1790. 

IV. Susanna Fretz (d), b Apr 6, 1792 ; m Abraham 
Schlotter. Fanner; Menn. C: John, Samuel. 
Susanna m second husband Daniel Schlotter (brother 
to deceased husband). C : Daniel. 

IV. Agnes Fretz, b Dec i, 1793 ; d single. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, b Aug 17, 1795 ; d about 1832 ; 
m Abraham Zetty about 1817. He was b Nov 10, 
1792 ; d Sept 12, 1867. Weaver and farmer ; Menn. 
C : John, Christian, Mary, Sarah, Elias. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, b Feb 3, 1797 ; d Dec 1798. 

IV. Sarah Fretz, bNov 5, 1798 ; died July 22, 1884; 
m Isaac Landis August 21, 1827. He was b Feb 13, 
1799 ; d June i, 1875. Farmer ; Menn. C : Infant, 
Elizabeth, Abner, Oliver. 

IV. John Fretz (d), b Jan 14, 1801 ; m Mary Clem- 
mer (d) about 1828. She was born Sept 4, 1800. 
Fanner ; Menn. C : Anna, Abraham, Joseph, 
William, Catharine, John, Mary, Elias, Elizabeth, 

III. Henry Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks co, Pa, 
Feb 17, 1763 ; d Oct 9, 1820 ; m Anna Krout May 13, 
1784. She was bSept 1764 ; died Jan 22, 1806. . C : 
Elizabeth, Barbara, Christian, Mary, Sarah, Agnes. 
Abraham, Joseph, Annie, Henry, John. Henry m 

second wife Beidler. No issue. Farmer in 

Bedminster ; Menn. He was called * 'Hurrying Hen** 
from his habit of hurrying or urging his men who 
were working for him. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b Feb 25, 1785 ; d April 1865 ; 
m Henry Myers March 24, 1807. He was b Feb 23, 
1780 ; d Oct 1847. Farmer ; Menn. C : Barbara, 
John, Joseph, Anna, Catharine, Henry, William, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Barbara Myers, b April 25, 1809 ; d Aug 1882 ; 
in Abraham Nash. Carpenter and farmer ; Menn. 
C : Elizabeth, Mary, Henry. 

V. John F Myers, b Sept 8, i8o8 ; m Rachel Myers 
Jan 26, 1836. Farmer ; Menn. C : Reuben, Catha- 
rine, Henry, Reed. 

V. Joseph F Myers, bom Mar 17, 181 1 ; d May 12, 
1882 ; m Barbara Fretz March 22, 1838. Mason and 

farmer ; Menn. C : Henry, Abraham, Enos, Aaron, 
Mary, Mahlon, infant, Susanna. 

VI. Henry F Myers, bom Feb 24, 1839 ; m Emma S 
Harpel Oct 3, 1863. She died April 4, 1886. P O 
Pipersville, Pa. Farmer ; I^utheran. C : Li vera, 
Erwin (d), Anna (d), Edgar, Nora. 

VI. Abraham F Myers, b Oct 12, 1842 ; m Susanna 
High Nov 18, 1872. She was b Sept 7, 1849 ; died 
Oct 13, 1883. P O Hagersville, Pa. Farmer ; Menn. 
C: (VII) Anna Belle Myers, b June 24, 1875 ; died 
August 28, 1875. (VII) Clara V B Myers, b Aug 6, 
1877. (VII) Josephine Myers, bom Sept 15, 1880. 
Abraham m second wife Caroline Micner (widow of 
A K Sine) Feb 8, 1880. 

VI. Aaron F Myers, b July 10, 1846 ; m Lydia M 
Moyer in 1869. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menn. C : Oscar, Joseph, Titus, Barbara, Susan, 
Pierson, Isaiah, Henry, Levinus, Abraham, Menno. 

VII. Oscar M Myers, bom Dec 12, 1869 ; m Ellen M 
Musselman in 1892. P O Steinsburg, Pa. Menn. 
C : (VIII) Anna M Myers, born Jan 31, 1893. (VIII) 
Lydia M Myers, b August 26, 1894. (VIII) Elmer M 
Myers, b Aug 28. 1896 ; died June 3, 1900. (VIII) 
Lizzie M Myers, b Dec 11, 1898. (VIII) Christian M 
Myers, b Dec 15, 1900. 

VII. Joseph M Myers, born Mar 17, 187 1 ; m Lizzie 
Michael. P O Steinsburg, Pa. Menn. Children : 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


(VIII) Aaron M Myers, b April 8, 1896 ; Dwight M, 
b Mar 5, 1900. 

VII. Titus Myers, b July 5, 1873. Farmer; Men. S. 

VII. Barbara Myers, b Aug 14, 1875 ; died Aug 21, 

VII. Susan Myers, b May 28, 1877 ; d June 4, 1877. 

VII. Pierson M Myers, b Jan 11, 1879. 

VII. Isaiah M Myers, b Oct 11, 188 1. 

VII. Henry Myers, b July 12, 1884 ; d Sept 28, 1884. 

VII. Levinus Myers, b Jan 9, 1886. 

VII. Abraham Myers, b Feb 22, 1888. 

VII. Menno M Myers, b July i, 1892. 

VI. Mary A Myers, b Feb 27. 1848 ; d Mar 29, 1848. 

VI. Mahlon F Myers, b May 31, 1849 ; d June 21, 

VI. Susanna Myers, b Mar 12, 1853 ; ^ F^b 26, 1863. 

V. Anna Myers, b June 13, 1813 ; d Nov 19, 1875 ; 
m William Fretz. 

V. Catharine Myers, b Dec 13, 1815 ; d 1874. S- 

V. Henry F Myers (d), b Aug 12, 1817 ; m Anna 
Krout Sept 19, 1844. P O Wismer, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menu. C : Oliver, Susanna, Amanda, John, Nathan, 
Lizzie, Leidy. 

V. William F Myers, b Nov 20, 1819 ; m Elizabeth 
Myers in 1849. Farmer ; Menu. C : Catharine, 

V. Reuben F Myers (d), b Dec 13, 182 1 ; m Hannah 
High. Farmer ; Menu. C : Mahlon, John, William, 
Henry, Lizzie, Amanda, Reuben. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, b July 8, 1786 ; d single. 

IV. Christian Fretz (d), b Septs, 1787 ; m Elizabeth 
Overholt (d) March 6, 18 17. Mason ; Menu. C : 
Christian, Enos. 

V. Christian Fretz (d), born Nov 5, 182 1 ; m Maria 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Moyer Mar 7, 1847. Farmer ; Menn. C : Elizabeth, 
Annie, Abraham, Sallie, Jacob, Henry, Isaiah. 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, b March 15. 1848 ; m Joseph D 
Bishop February 20, 1869. P O Blooming Glen, Pa." 
Farmer ; Menn. No living issue. 

VI. Annie Fretz, b Oct 24, 1850 ; m William Beidler 
June 4, 1870. C : Ella, Maria. 

VI. Abraham M Fretz, b May 15, 1853 ; m Sarah A 
Hendricks Nov 22, 1873. P O Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Creameryman ; Menn. C : Ulysses, Albertha, Mabel. 

VI. Sallie Fretz, b May 10, 1855 ; m A E Detweiler 
January 20, 1877. Tinsmith ; Menn. C : Minerva, 

VI. Jacob M Fretz, b Feb 6, i860; married Lizzie 
Geisinger. C : Emma, Allen. 

VI. Henry M Fretz, b Apr 8, 1863. 

VI. Isaiah M Fretz, b Jan 27, 1866. 

V. Enos Fretz, d aged 24 years. No issue. 

IV. Mary Fretz, b in 1789 ; died April 17, 1845 ; m 
Samuel Detweiler. Farmer ; Menn. C : Rebecca, 
Abraham,, Henry. 

IV. Sarah Fretz, b in 1791 ; died July 29, 1871 ; m 
Jacob Rittenhouse. They moved to Canada where 
they died. No issue. 

IV. Agnes Fretz (d), born June 20, 1792 ; m John 
Myers April 6, 1817. Tanner; Menn. C: Martin, 
Joseph, Leah, Barbara. 

IV. Abraham Fretz, b Jan 12, 1794 ; d July 19,1874 ; 
m Susanna Leatherman Jan 20, 1820. She d Sept 10, 
1853. C : Anna, Mary, Elizabeth, Levi. Susanna, 
David. Abraham m second wife Anna Krout (widow 
of Samuel Rosen berger) Nov 21, 1859., Farmer; 

IV. Joseph Fretz (d), b Sept 25, 1795 ; ni Margaret 
Rittenhouse in Canada in 18 17. She died 1832. C : 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Mary, Sarah, Barbara, Dina, Anna, Henry, Joseph. 
Joseph m second wife Catharine Moyer. No issue. 
Joseph m third wife Eliza Martin. No issue. 

IV. Annie Fretz, b Feb 28, 1797 ; d May 19, 1882 ; 
m Garret Benner about 182 1. Farmer ; Menu. C : 
Abraham, Catharine, Annie, Sarah, Henry. 

IV. Henry Fretz (d), b Feb 2, 1800; m Catharine 
Benner in 1824. Farmer ; Menn. C : Catharine, 
Joseph, Sarah. 

IV. John Fretz, b 1803 ; d May 5, 18 14. 

III. Martin Fretz, b Aug 9, 1764 ; d Sept 26, 1835. 
Farmer and linseed oil manufacturer. Lived in Hill- 
town township, near Yost's mill, on a farm occupied 
by Jacob Smith. He was an honest, upright man, 
and held in high esteem. As a christian he en- 
deavored faithfully to discharge his religious duties, 
in all of which he w*as conscientiously strict. He 
never allowed any member of his family to leave the 
church before the benediction was pronounced. An 
adage of his was : '*Wer naus geht vor dem segen» 
geht dem fluch entgegen." He was twice married. 
His first wife was Anna Kratz, b Sept 1 1» 1768 ; died 
June 24, 18 16. Menn. C : Barbara, Mary, Agnes, 
Betsey, Betsey, Nancy, Veronica, Martin, Martin, 
Susanna, Silas, Veronica, Catharine, Leah, Rachel. 
Martin m second wife Annie Licey. No issue. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, bom Sept 11, 1787 ; d June 23, 
1874 ; m Rudolph Moyer in 1807. He was b Apr 16, 
1785 ; d Nov 23, 1871. Farmer; Menn. C: Mary, 
Martin, Nancy, Catharine, Enos, Christian, Abraham. 

IV. Mary Fretz (d), b Feb 9, 1788 ; married Henry 
Anglemoyjer Oct 1807. Farmer ; Menn. C : Ann, 
Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, Leah, Martin, Rachel, 
Barbara, Catharine, Henry, Samuel. 

IV. Agnes Fretz, b Aug 10, 1790 ; d Sept 21, 1862 ; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

PHILIP K. rRKrZ(S«M- P}i^M-(i) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m Peter Loux Nov 28, 181 1. ' He died July 22, 1855. 
Farmer and oil manufacturer ; Menu. C ; Mary, 
Martin, Jacob, Enos, Silas, Aaron; Samuel. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b Aug 10, 1790 ; d in infancy. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b May 20, 1792 ; died Sept 17, 
1872 ; m Abraham Kratz Nov 2, 18 13. Farmer and 
weaver ; Menu. C : Mary, Martin, Abraham, Eliza- 

IV. Nancy Fretz, b Jan 8, 1794 ; d Sept 14, 1863 ; 
married Abraham Hunsberger. Farmer ; Menu. C : 
Esther, Anna, Martin, Susanna, Isaac, Elizabeth, 
John, Abraham, Enos. 

IV. Veronica Fretz, b about 1796 ; d young. 

IV. Martin Fretz, b about 1798 ; d young. 

IV. Martin Fretz, b about 1800 ; d young. 

IV. Susanna Fretz, b Mar 23, 1802 ; d Feb 4, 1890 ; 
m Jacob Funk Dec 9, 1830. He was b Dec 16, 1796 ; 
died Sept 4, 1875. Mason, bricklayer and farmer ; 
Menu. C: Margaret, Esther, John, Sarah, Abra- 
ham, Jacob, Susan. 

V. Margaret Funk, b Oct 15, 1831 ; dNov 22, 1857 ; 
m Benjamin Frick in 1853. He died April 30, 1898. 
Menu. C: Samuel. 

VI. Samuel F Frick, born July 27, 1856 ; m Lizzie 
Thierolf June 13, 1891 . P O Fricks, Pa. Bookbinder. 
Luth. C : (VII) Margaret Florence Frick, b Oct 26, 


V. Esther Funk, b July i. 1833 ; m John L Frick in 
1854. He d in 1880. R 10 19 W Lehigh ave, Phila. 
Merchant and builder ; Meth Epis. C : (VI) Eliza- 
beth Frick (d). (VI) Jacob Frick. d April 15, 1882, 
aged 26 years. Printer; Meth Epis. (VI) Joel Frick, 
d July 6, 188 r. Printer; Meth Epis. (VI) Edward 
Frick (d). (VI) Emma E Frick. Methodist Epis. 
(VI) Charles E Frick. Builder ; Meth Epis. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. John Fretz Funk, b in Hill town twp, Bucks co. 
Pa, Apr 6, 1835.- He worked on the farm as soon as 
old enough, going'to school in the Winter season 
until he was in his 19th year, when he commenced 
teaching in his native township and taught during 
the Winter of three successive years. He also 
attended school at Freeland Seminary three months 
during the Summer of 1855 and again in 1856. In 
the Spring of 1857, after closing his school at* Chest- 
nut Ridge schoolhouse, in Hilltown township, he 
went to Chicago, 111, and engaged in the lumber 
business, in which he continued nine years. In the 
Winter of 1859-60 he became .a member of the 
Mennonite church at Line Lexington, Bucks county, 
Pa. In January 1864 he commenced the publication, 
the *'Herald of Truth'* and '^Der Herold der Wahr- 
heit," and on the 19th of the same month married 
Salome, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Myers) Kratz, 
of Hilltown, Bucks county. On May 28, 1865, ^^ 
was ordained to the ministry in the Mennonite church 
near Gardner, Grundy county. In April 1867 he 
removed to Elkhart, Ind, and established there the 
business house now known as the Mennonite Publish- 
ing Company, first under his own name and after- 
wards under the firm name of John F Funk & Bro, 
after having associated with himself his brother, 
Abraham K Funk, and continued the business under 
this firm name until May 14, 1875, when the Menno- 
nite Publishing Company was organized. On June 6, 
1892, he was chosen and ordained to the office of 
bishop over six congregations, including Elkhart, 
Yellow Creek, Haldeman's, Olive, Salem and Nap- 
panee districts, in Elkhart county, Ind. C : Martha, 
Susan (d), Phoebe; Rebecca, Grace Anna, John 
Edwin, all deceased. 

Digitizesi by VjOOQ IC 


VI. Martha Funk, residing with her parents. S. 

VI. Phoebe Funk, m Abrsfm B Kolb, son of Deacon 
(Menu) Jacob Ziegler and Maria (Bowman) Kolb, of 
Berlin, Out, January 3, 1893. Editor of * 'Herald of 
Truth'' and *• Words of Cheer.'' P O Elkhart, Ind. 
Menu. C : (VII) Helen Litchfield Kolb ; Jacob and 
John (twins), b Jan 5, 190 1. 

V. Sarah Funk, b April 24, 1837 ; d Aug 20, 1839. 

V. Abraham Kratz Funk, b in Bucks co. Pa, Jan 20, 
1840. His early years were spent on his father's 
farm. He attended school about four months usually 
during the Winter, and a month or two during the 
Summer. He commenced teaching in the public 
schools of the county at the age of 18, under the 
county superin tendency of William H Johnson. He 
attended school at Freeland Seminary, now CoUege- 
ville, Montg co, in 1859, and Excelsior* Normal 
Institute at Carversville, Pa, in 1861. After spend- 
ing five years in farming during the Summer and 
teaching in Winter he went to Chicago, 111, in the 
Spring of 1863 and engaged in the lumber business. 
After a residence of five years in Chicago he went to 
Elkhart, Ind, and there entered into a copartnership 
with his brother, John F Funk, as publishers and 
booksellers. During the continuance of this co- 
partnership a number of religious works, the most 
important of which was the great book of Martyrs, in 
the German language, containing over iioo quarto 
pages, and the complete works of Menno Simons, 
which was translated from the Holland and printed 
in English. In 1875 he became one of the principal 
stockholders in the Mennonite Publishing Company, 
which was then organized, and has since held the 
position of secretary and treasurer of that institution. 
He married Annie M, dau of Joseph and Mary 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


(Geil) Laudis, of Bucks co, Pa, Mar ii, 1872. Menn. 
C: (VI) Mary Maude Funk. Presby. (VI) Edna 
Josephine Funk. (VI) Esther Winifred Funk. 
V. Jacob Silas Funk, born in Bucks co, Pa, Apr 13, 
1842. He spent his early days on his father's farm 
and received a fair common school education. In the 
early part of 1862 and Summer of 1863 he spent two 
terms at the Excelsior Normal Institute at Carvers- 
ville, Pa. He taught in the schools of his native 
county from 1862 to 1865. In the Spring of 1865 he 
went to Chicago and engaged in the lumber business. 
In September of this year he purchased a scholarship 
in the Eastman Business College of that city and took 
a commercial course, attending evenings only. In 
the Spring of 1869 he located at Chillicothe, Mo, 
where he engaged in the lumber business. On 
January .15, 1870, he was married to Annie K> 
daughter of Jonas Stover, of Bucks county, Pa. He 
afterward became connected with the Northwestern 
Lumber Company and continued with the firm eleven 
years, during which time he gained their highest 
esteem and respect. 

He took an active part in the various civil, social 
and religious movements of the day, and was always 
ready to assist in all enterprises of public interest, 
and held continuously positions of responsibility and 

In 1869 he was elected superintendent of the 
Presbyterian Sunday school of Chillicothe, Mo, which 
position he held until 1880. In 1871 or '72 he was 
elected elder of the Presbyterian church at Chillicothe. 
He was secretary of the School Board of that city, 
and through his influence the beautiful new school 
building, costing about $50,000, was built. In 1875 
he was also a member of the City Council. For three 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


years he was correspondent of the **Globe Democrat, * ' 
a Republican paper of St Louis. During the Summer 
of 1890 he became connected with the T B Scott 
Lumber Company, of Merrill, Wis. During a busi- 
ness trip for that company through Illinois and 
Indiana he was taken sick. He reached his home in 
Minneapolis, Minn, Sept 22, and died Oct 15, 1890. 
Presby. C: (VI) Emma Laura Funk, b Mar 30, 187 1 ; 
d Oct 16, 1872. (VI) Frederick Stover Funk, bom 
Jan 26, 1873 ; ^ Mar 20, 1877. (VI) Gertrude Eliza- 
beth Funk, bom Feb 25, 1877. Graduated from the 
University of Minnesota June 1899. Teacher of 
languages. S. (VI) Susan Anna Funk, bom Jan 29, 

V. Susan Elizabeth Funk, b May 4, 1846 ; m Henry 
W Gross. 

IV. Silas Fretz, b about 1804 ; d in infancy. 

IV. Veronica Fretz, b Aug 8, 1806 ; d Nov i, 1885 '» 
m Jonas Meyers Apr i, 1828. He was bom Feb 13, 
1802 ; d Apr 26. 1885. Famier ; Menu. C : Mary, 
Catharine, Leah. 

IV. Catharine Fretz (d), b Sept 9, 1808 ; m Abraham 
Kratz. Menu. No issue. 

IV. Leah Fretz, b Oct i, 1810 ; m Abraham Angeny 
Oct 21, 1828. In 1848 they moved to Milton, Pa, 
where Mr Angeny perished in the great fire of 1880, 
in his 78th year. Carpenter ; Menu. C : Anna, 
Barbara, Eva, Martin, Leah, Rachel, Abbie, Katha- 
rine, Minerva. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, b Jan i, 1814 ; died Dec 11, 1858 ; 
m Henry S Krout Nov 2, 1835. He was b April 10, 
1810; died May 30, 1888. Farmer; Menu. C: 
Jacob, Martin, Abraham, John. 

III. Jacob Fretz, b Jan i, 1767 ; d Jan 12, 1799 ; m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Elizabeth Kratz Nov 6, 1787. Fuller and dyer. C : 
Philip, Barbara, Christian, Elizabeth, Mary. 

IV. Philip Fretz, b Jan 8, 1789; died April 1851 ; m 
Elizabeth Stover. She was b Nov 8, 1790 ; d Jnne 8, 
1870. Fuller, dyer and farmer. Aunt Betsey was 
a great favorite with the birds, not canaries or caged 
birds, but wild birds, hundreds of them, free to come 
and go as they pleased. She could call them to her 
at any time in the day. She would crack nuts in the 
house and say to the girl '* get my bird sunbonnet,** 
then while the audience looked out of the window 
she would crack more nuts on the piazza. Such a 
flying from the woodlands and meadows, such an 
alighting of birds of all sizes and colors on Aunt 
Betsey's head was a beautiful sight, and the old 
tattered sunbonnet, torn by bird claws, was an insignia 
of office more honorable than the helmet of some 
gallant knight of old. C : Jacob, Catharine, Susan, 
Magdalena, Elizabeth, Violetta, Hannah, infant, 
Annie, Rachel, Cornelia, Sarah. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, b Apr 14, 179 1. No issue. 

IV. Christian Fretz, b Dec 28, 1792 ; d Mar 11, 1799. 

iV. Elizabeth Fretz, b May 6, 1795. No issue. 

iV. Mary Fretz (d), bom Sept 14, 1797 ; m William 
Rich. No issue. 

III. Abraham Fretz, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 
Pa, Mar 30, 1769 ; d March 7, 1844 ; m Magdalena, 
dau of John Kratz, of Hilltown, Apr 30, 1793. She 
was b Aug 30, 1776 ; d Jan 9, 1840. They lived on 
the old Fretz homestead in Bedminster. The farm, 
consisting of 255 acres, he inherited from his father. 
He was an honest, upright citizen, a conscientious 
christian, and much esteemed in the community in 
which he lived. 

It is related that while working in the field one 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 











Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


day a man rode up, and seeing his fine cows, wanted 
to buy one, but he did not want to sell. The man, 
however, insisted and asked him to set a price. He 
then thought that if he should ask double what the 
the cow was worth the man would leave without buy- 
ing. But contrary to his expectations the man laid 
down the money and drove the cow ofiE. After the 
man was gone he talked the matter over with his wife 
and they decided it was * * usury. * * He mounted a horse, 
rode after the man and gave him back half of the 
money, saying : '* I don't want to be damned for a 

He and wife were members of the Mennonite 
church at Deep Run, of which he was a deacon for 
many years. C : Anna, Rebecca, Jacob, Christian, 
John, Isaac, Martin, Elizabeth, Barbara, Abraham. 

IV. Anna Fretz, b Jan 22, 1795 ; d March 18, 1873 J 
m Henry Meyers Dec 23, 1830. He was b Sept 7, 
1795 ; died March 25, 1870. Farmer ; Menu. C : 
Abraham, John, Christian. 

V. Abraham F Meyers, b Oct 14, 1831 ; d Oct 21, 
1877 ; m Susanna Smith Nov 10. 1855. She d Feb 9, 
1877. Farmer ; Menu. C : (VI) Anna C Meyers, 
b Nov 12, 1856; died May 21. 1882. (VI) Joseph S 
Meyers, bom Oct 25, 1858 ; died Nov 15, 1877. (VI) 
Andrew L Meyers, b Oct 3, 1863; d May 21, 1881. 

V. John F Meyers, b Nov i, 1833 ; d Sept 11, 1855. 

V. Christian F Meyers, born Jan 4, 1841 ; m Sarah 
Baum January 18, 1883. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menn. No issue. 

IV. Rebecca Fretz, b Sept 1796 ; d Feb 1798. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, b Aug 1799 ; d Mar 11, 1800. 

IV. Christian Fretz, b Jan 13, 1801 ; d Sept 5, 1875 ; 
m Mary Leatherraari Oct 24, 1824. She died Apr 24, 
1864. C : Ely, Abraham, Eliza, Mary. Christian 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m second wife Elizabeth Nash (d) Oct 6, 1867. He 
was a farmer of large means, a man of thriving 
energy, a director of the Doylestown Bank, and an 
honored member of the Mennonite church at Deep 

V. Ely Fretz, born Sept 9, 1825 ; m Mary Meyers in 
1850. She wash Oct 18, 1830; died Mar 20, 1894. 
P O Bedminster, Pa. He is a prosperous farmer, a 
much respected citizen, is a director of the Sellersville 
Bank, and a prominent member of the Second Menno- 
nite church at Deep Run. C : Allen, Lucinda, 
Emeline, Mahlon, Francis, Barbara, Susan, Mary. 

VI. Rev Allen M Fretz, b in Tinicum twp Dec 12, 
1853 ; m Sarah, daughter of Abraham L Leatherman, 
Sept 18, 1880. She d Mar 21, 1882. An infant son 
died soon after birth. Allen m second wife Anna» 
dau of Jacob F Rittenhouse, of Campden, Ont, Mar 5, 
1884. P O Souderton, Pa. 

In 1856 his parents moved to Bedminster on the 
farm of his grandfather Christian, where his father 
was bom, and which, on the death of Christian, 
passed into the hands of Ely, but is now owned by 
Allen. When 16 years old Allen attended the 
Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth, O. He subse- 
quently attended one term at the Excelsior Normal 
Institute at Carversville, Pa, after which he taught 
eleven terms, working on his father's farm during 
the Summer months. 

In the Fall of 1882 he accepted the nomination 
of the Republican party as a candidate for the State 
Legislature, but his party being in the minority in 
that year's campaign, he was, with the rest of the 
ticket, defeated. 

In 1883 the Second Mennonite church at Deep 
Run called him to be their minister, and he was 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


accordingly ordained by Bishop Moses Gottshall 
October 13, 1883, and installed pastor of the same. 

Feeling the need of an English paper in the 
interest of his branch of the Mennonite Church, he, 
with the aid of Rev N B Grubb, of Philadelphia, 
succeeded in getting out the prospectus of *'The 
Mennonite/' which was laid before the conference and 
accepted as one of the periodicals of the Church, and 
of which he was assistant editor for many years. 

On November 24, 1892, he was ordained to the 
office of bishop by Rev William S Gottshall, assisted 
by Rev J S Moyer, at Deep Run, Pa, and has the 
spiritual oversight as bishop of the Deep Run and 
Souderton churches. At the latter place a neat and 
substantial edifice has been erected, of which he was 
elected pastor in full charge February 9, 1893. He 
has also organized and is conducting successful mis- 
sions at Perkasie and Leidytown. C : (VII) Jacob 
Rittenhouse Fretz, b July 22, 1886 ; Ely R, b Nov 27, 
1888 ; Viola, b Mar 22, 189 1 ; Allen R, born Oct 11, 
1893 f Agnes R, b Aug 18, 1896 ; Osmund Philemon, 
b Mar 22, 1899. 

VI. Luciuda Fretz, bom Aug 5, 1855 ; m Edward S 
Yost in 1874. P O Gardenville, Pa. Hamessmaker ; 
Menu. C : (VII) William F Yost, b Nov 15, 1874 ; 
m Martha, dau of Henry Fretz, of Lincoln co, Ont, 
June 1899. R Germantown, Pa. (VII) Stella Yost, 
b Apr 28, 1884. (VII) Emma Yost, b May 1890. 

VI. Emeline Fretz, born Dec 14, 1857 ; m Henry D 
Detweiler. P O Souderton, Pa. Carpenter ; Menu. 

VI. Mahlon M Fretz, b Aug 12, 1859 ; tu Amanda, 
dau of Joseph M Fretz, Dec 22, 1883. Farmer, and 
lives on the old * 'Weaver" John Fretz homestead in 
Bedminster ; Menn. No issue. 

VI. Francis M Fretz, b May 25, 1863 J ^ Maggie, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


dau of Henry Fretz, of Lincoln co, Ont, Mar 3, 1886. 
P O Bedmiuster, Pa. Farmer; Menn. C: (VII) 
Martha Fretz, b Aug 30, 1887. 

VI. Barbara Fretz, b May 20, 1866 ; m Irvin Wasser 
Apr 21, i888. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; Menn. 
C : (VII) Mary F Wasser. b Jan 26, 1889 ; Clarence 
F, b Dec 2, 1890; Susan F, b Apr 5, 1892 ; Mahlon 
F, b Feb i, 1894 ; Francis F, b Mar 16, 1896 ; Katie 
F, b Mar 2, 1898 ; Lillie May, b Apr 2, 1900. 

VI. Susan M Fretz, b Dec i, 1869 ; m Abraham S 
Mo3'er Dec i, 1894. P O Chalfont, Pa. Farmer; 
Menn, C : (VII) Alvin Moyer, b Oct 18, 1900. 

VI. Mary Etta Fretz, born Dec i, 1869 ; m Jacob M 
I/andis Feb 21, 189 1. P O Richland town. Pa. Far- 
mer and commission dealer ; Menn. C: (VII) Carrie 
Landis, b Dec 16, 1892 ; Harry. 

V. Abraham Fretz, b Dec 16, 1829 ; d Dec 13, 1876. 

V. Eliza Ann Fretz, bom AjmiI r, 1835 J ^ Reuben 
Stover in 1854. He d Mar 25, 1871. P O Bedmins- 
ter, Pa, Mrs S, Men. C : Louisa. 

VI. Louisa Stover, born in 1855 ; m John S Bissey 
August 26, 1873. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer; 
Luth. C : (VII) Clara S Bissey, b Feb 22, 1877 ; m 
Warren Fretz Sept 16, 1896. (VII) Alvin S Bissey, 
b Dec 22, 1879. (VII) Sadie S Bissey, bom Oct 30, 
1882. (VII) Alma Bertha Bissey, b Oct 23, 1888. 

V. Mary Fretz, born Oct 18, 1842 ; m John M Fretz 
Mar 2, 1871. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; Menn. 
C: (VI) Elmer Grant Fretz, b Jan 25, 1872; died 
Dec 12, 1876. 

VI. John Clarence Fretz, b Aug 15, 1878. 

IV. John Fretz, b April 21, 1803; d Nov 17, 1866; 
m Ann (d), daughter of Abraham and Rachel Fretz, 
May 4, 1830. Farmer ; Menn. C : Susan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Susan Fretz, b May 4, 1831 ; died Feb 25, 1873 ; 
m I^afayette Yost Dec 8, 1855. He d Jan 21, 1880. 
Farmer. C: Annetta, Rachel, John, I^inford, 
Ulysses, Lizzie. 

VI. Annetta F Yost, b Aug 27, 1857 ; m Samuel D 
High Dec 3, 1881. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menn. C : (VII) Gertrude High, bom July 5, 1883 ; 
Jacob Freeman, born Nov 13, 1884 ; Chester Arthur, 
b Oct 16, 1886 ; Elsie May, b Sept 11, 1890 ; Florence 
Augusta, b June 20, 1896 ; Lizzie Pearl, b Nov 13, 


VI. Rachel Yost, b Oct 8, i860 ; m Leidy F Harpel 
in 1883. P O Church Hill, Pa. Merchant ; Luth. 
C : (VII) Maggie Harpel, b Sept 28, 1883. 

VI. John Fretz Yost, bom Mar 28, 1863 ;* m Jennie 
Fulmer Oct 6, 1883. P O New Hope, Pa. Farmer. 
C : (VII) Fretz Yost, b Feb 15, 1884 ; dSept 4, 1884. 
(VII) Edgar Yost, b Feb 15, 1885. (VII) Harry Yost, 
b Sept 2, 1886. (VII) Raymond Yost, b Jan 17, 1888 ; 
d Sept 13, 1888. (VII) Lizzie Yost, born April 1890. 
(VII) Russell Yost. (VII) Earl Yost, b 1900. 

VI. Linford L Yost, b March 12, 1866 ; died July 9, 
1893 ; m Ella Koch. No issue. 

VI. Ulysses G Yost, b Nov 4, 1868 ; d Mar 24, 1869. 

VI. Lizzie F Yost, bora Nov 13, 1870 ; m William S 
Keller in 1890. P O Cressman, Pa. Merchant ; 
Luth. C : (VII) Marion Y Keller, b May 13, 1891 ; 
Blanche, b Nov 9, 1894 J Leroy, born July 16, 1897 ; 
John Paul, b Oct 9, 1899. 

IV. Isaac K Fretz, b Dec 16, 1805 ; d July 7, 1882 ; 
m Annie, dau of Christian and Annie Leatherman, 
Oct I, 1833. She was b Apr 15, 1809 ; died Oct 14, 
1883. Farmer; Menn. He led the singing in ^ the 
new church at Deep Run for nearly 20 years. C : 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Abraham, William, Magdalena, Sarah, John, Maria, 
Anuie, Isaac. 

V. Abraham ly Fretz, bom Sept 6, 1834 ; m Leanna 
Orr, of Rockhill, Pa, Jan 2, 1856. P O Bedminster, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menn. C : Adina, Samuel. 

VI. Adina Fretz, b Feb 11, 1861 ; d Feb 20, 1867. 
VI. Samuel O Fretz, bom Dec 7, 1862 ; m Minerva 

Stout Feb 13, 1886. P O Bedminster. Pa. Farmer ; 
Menu. C : (VII) Nero Stout Fretz, b May 27, 1888. 

V. William 1, Fretz, b May 13, 1837 ; died Aug 25, 

V. Magdalena Fretz, b July 19, 1839 ; died Aug 19, 

V. John I^ Fretz, b Jan 13, 1841 ; m Mary Ann S 
Kratz Dec 16, 1863. She d in 1870. C : (VI) Isaiah 
K Fretz, born Dec 26, 1864; d Sept 11, 1865. (VI) 
Emma Jane K Fretz, b Jan 27, 1866 ; d Mar 27, 1868. 
(VI) Isaac K Fretz, b Dec 14, 1867 ; d in 1869. John 

m second wife . C : John (d infant). John 

m third wife Sarah Ann Leicy June 12, 1875. P O 
Bedminster, Pa. Farmer. C : (VI) Horace L Fretz, 
b Nov 27, 1879. 

V. Sarah Fretz, b July 19, 1843 ; d Jan 25, 1847. 

V. Maria Fretz, b Mar 19, 1846 ; m Henry K Hock- 
man. P O Bedminster, Pa. Carpenter ; Menn. C : 
(VI) Lillie Hockman, b Mar i, 1867 ; d Jan 7, 1872. 
(VI) William Henry Hockman, bora Dec 17, 1869. 
(VI) Ella Hockman, b Jan 22, 1874 ; m Enos S Lewis 
May 25, 1898. P O Pipersville, Pa. Merchant ; 
I^uth. (VI) Clinton Hockman. 

V. Anna I^ Fretz, b Oct 19, 1848 ; m John B Kratz 
Sept 7, 1876. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer ; Menn. 
C : (VI) Isaac F Kratz, b Jan 31, 1881 ; Irene F, b 
Sept 6, 1884. 

V. Isaac I^ Fretz, b in Bedminster twp, Bucks co, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Pa, Jan 30, 1851 ; m Minerva, dau of John K and 
Maria Meyers, May i, 1875. P O Quakertown, Pa. 
Formerly farmer ; owns the homestead of his father. 
He resides in Quakertown, Pa, where he owns a fine 
residence and is engaged as teamster. Ger Ref . C : 
(VI) Mary Lizzie Fretz, b in Bedminster, Pa ; married 
Jacob S Moser April 4, 1900. P O Quakertown, Pa. 
Liveryman ; Luth. C : George Fretz Moser. (VI) 
Grace Alice Fretz. 

IV. Martin Fretz, b on the old Fretz homestead in 
Bedminster twp, Bucks co. Pa, Sept 12, 1808 ; died 
July 13, 1882 ; m Elizabeth, dau of John Kratz, of 
Skippack, Pa, Oct 6, 1831. She was b August 31, 
1813 ; died March 21, 1855. C: Mary, Magdalena, 
Catharine, Leah, Elizabeth, John, Anna, Theodore, 
Abraham, Martha, Edwin, Albert. Martin married 
for his second wife widow Margaret E Hill (nee 
Wintermute) Feb 14, 1857. She was b Apr 30, 1817. 
He was variously occupied as farmer, weaver, miller 
and merchant. He at first lived on a farm in Mont- 
gomery county, but later purchased 60 acres of the 
old Fretz homestead and some adjoining lands in 
Bedminster, where he built in 1838 a stone house, 
and subsequently a barn, tenant house and other 
buildings. The farm is now owned by Reuben Miller. 

Mr Fretz and wife early in life became members 
of the old Mennonite church at Deep Run. About 
1847 a division took place in that congregation and a 
new meetinghouse was built a short distance from the 
old one. At the time of the division he was a trustee 
in the old church, but cast his lot with the new 
church, and was subsequently chosen one of its first 
ministers, in which capacity he served about four 

In 1853 he purchased a mill property in Sussex 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


CO, N J, and moved thereon with his family in the 
Spring of 1854. In the Spring of 1857, having 
rented the mill property, he moved to his second 
wife's farm in Warren co, N J, where he engaged in 
farming until the Spring of 1862. Having disposed 
of his mill property he removed to Newton, Sussex 
CO, where he had built a l^ouse and engaged in the 
commission business. About 1866 he removed to 
Stillwater, same county, and engaged in the mer- 
chandise business. In the Spring of 1882 he again 
removed to the farm in Warren co, where he died. 
Some years prior to his death he was ordained a 
ruling elder in the Presbyterian church at Stillwater. 
Amid all the trials and turmoils of his long and event- 
ful life he maintained a strict integrity and died 
highly respected by the people of the community in 
which he lived, and was honored in the church. C : 
Alva, lyucilla, David. 
V. Mary Ann Fretz, b Nov 4, 1832 ; d Mar 8, 1842. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, b Aug 16, 1834 ; died May 18, 
1876 ; m Frank Strohme about 1853. Ger Ref. C : 
Lydia, Mary, Hannah, Elias, Henry, Sallie, John. 
Magdalena m second husband Samuel Lear in 1865. 
C : Martha, Abraham, infant. 

VI. Lydia Strohme, b in 1853 J ^ i° infancy. 

VI. Mary Fretz Strohme, b in Sussex co, N J, Oct 4, 
1854 ; m Alfred D Wilt in 1873. Mrs Wilt, Luth. 
C : Anna, James. 

VII. Anna Mabel Wilt, b in 1873 ; m Burton Shaffer 
in 1892. P O Coopersburg, Pa. Butcher ; Ref ch. 
C: (VIII) John Earle Shaffer, bom Jan 24. 1893; 
Edward Argus, b March 24, 1895 ; Paul Alfred, bom 
Nov 2, 1896 ; Roland Peter, b Oct 13, 1897 J Charles 
Burton, b Aug 24, 1899. 

VII. James Henry Wilt, born Oct 26, 1875 ; m Ella 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Heller in 1896. Cigarmaker. C: (VIII) Mary Esther 
Wilt, b Nov 18, 1896. 

VI. Hannah Strohme, b in Sussex co, N J, May 2, 
1856 ; m William Hillpot Jan 8, 1879. Ger Ref. C : 
Annie, William, Frank, Hannah, Mary. 

VI. Blias P Strohme, bom in Bucks co. Pa, Feb 19, 

VI. Henry F Strohme, b Aug 18, 1859 ; m Amanda 
Shelly Oct 8, 1887. P O Silverdale, Pa. Menn. C : 
(VII) Harvey S Strohme, b May 10, 1889 ; Mary S, 
b June 17, 1891 ; William, b Feb 22, 1893. 

VI. Sallie F Strohme, born in Bucks co. Pa, Feb 3, 
186 1 ; m John D Miller Jan 13, 1883. P O Dyers- 
town, Pa. Farmer. C: (VII) Mary Miller, b Jan 7, 
1885 ; Barty, b Feb 1889. 

VI. John F Strohme, born April 29, 1862 ; m . 

C: Henry, 

VI. Martha Fretz Lear, b Aug 5, 1866. S. 

VI. Abraham F Lear, b Nov 24, 1868. S. 

V. Catharine Fretz, b April 20, 1836 ; died Oct 20, 
1853. C: (VI) Lavina Fretz, b July 12, 1853. PO 
Creamery, Pa. Tailoress ; Menn. S. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, Apr 18, 1840 ; 
m Levi C Hefler. He d Mar 13. 1870. Miller, later 
merchant; Luth. C: Irwin, Ellsworth (d infant), 

VI. Irwin F Hefler, bom in Bucks co Mar 23, 1857 * 
m Mary Borger. R 3228 Sydenham st, Phila. Grocer. 
C : (VII) Emma Hefler, b Mar 23, 1887. 

VI. Elmer Hefler, b Mar 6. 1869 ; d Oct 5, 1876. 

V. Corporal John K Fretz, born in Bucks co, Pa, 
April 19, 1843. At the age of 14 he left home and 
served as farm laborer. In 1862 he enlisted in the 
15th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, for three 
years. In 1863 he was appointed corporal. He was 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


engaged in some of the severest battles of the war, 
among them Chancellorsville and the two battles of 
Fredericksburg. He was present at the battle of 
Gettysburg, and on May 12, 1864, "^ the great battle 
of Spottsylvauia, Company H, in which his regiment 
was nearly annihilated, he fell a martyr to his 
country's cause from a bayonet wound in the mouth 
and a rifle ball, which entered his right eye. A brave 
and gallant soldier and a true patriot. 

V. Anna Fretz, b May 17, 1845 ; died Mar 7, 1846. 

V. Theodore E Fretz, b Dec i, 1846. After leaving 
home he served as a farm laborer for a time, then 
engaged as clerk for several years until 1869, when 
he accepted a position with the Newark and Orange 
Railroad Company, which he very satisfactorily filled 
^until his death, which occurred in Orange, N J, 
Dec 14, 1872. He was a member of Lafayette Lodge, 
I O O F, of Orange. 

V. Rev Abraham J Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, Feb 7, 
1849 ; married Elizabeth C Headley,* of Milton, N J, 
Nov 4, 1877. She was b in Morris co, N J, Feb 21, 
1853. At the age of 13 years he left home and served 
as farm laborer, attending school in Winter. He was 
converted in 1865 during a great revival at Newton, 
N J, and united with the Presbyterian church. Feel- 
ing called to preach the Gospel he entered the Newton 
Collegiate Institute Jan 3, 1867, with the ministry in 
view. In the Winter of 1868 he taught school at 
Mt Benevolence, Sussex co, N J. 

Disagreeing with the doctrines of the Presbyterian 

* She is a descendant of Robert Headley, who settled at 
Milton during the Revolution. He was a native of England, 
and settled in the Wyoming Valley, Pa. Prior to the Wyom- 
ing massacre he received timely warning from a friendly 
squaw and made his escape. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Church he subsequently united with the Methodist 
Episcopal Church July 4, 1868. He was licensed an 
exhorter October 18, 1869; and a local preacher 
March 7, 1870. In September 1870 he went to Ohio 
and attended the Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth 
for one year. After visiting friends in Canada he 
returned East in the Fall of 1872. In the Spring of 
this year (1872) he was appointed pastor of Middle 
Smithfield charge, in Monroe and Pike counties, Pa, 
by Rev N Vansant, P E. His labors as pastor of this 
charge were attended with great success. He con- 
ducted several revival meetings and received into the 
churches under his care 121 converts. Since then he 
has served as pastor of the following charges : Stock- 
holm, N J, 1873 ; Liberty ville and Coleville, 1874 ; 
Union ville and Westtown, N Y, 1875. In the Fall 
of 1876 he attended Wyoming Seminary at Kingston, 
Pa. He was appointed to Hamburg and Ogdensburg 
in 1877 ; Hurdtown and Hopatcong in 1878-79. In 
1880 he built a house and engaged in farming, which 
he has since followed in connection with the ministry. 
He has since served as pastor at the following places : 
Longwood and Berkshire, 1881 ; Longwood, 1882-83 ; 
Dodge Mine, 1884-87 ; Dodge Mine and Longwood, 
1888 ; West Milford, 1889-90 ; Longwood and Dodge 
Mine, 1891. He was ordained deacon by Bishop John 
F Hurst April 2, 1882, and elder by Bishop Charles 
H Fowler April i, 1888. 

In August 1890 he was appointed Township 
Clerk and Assessor to fill vacancies. In the Spring 
of 1 89 1 he received the Republican nomination for 
Township Clerk, was elected and re-elected at subse- 
quent town meetings, serving in that office up to the 
present time (1901). In the Summer of 1888 he 
began compiling family histories, his first being a 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


history of the Fretz family, this was followed by other 
histories in their order, viz : Kratz, Wismer, Funk, 
Moyer, Stover, Rosenberger, Beidler. and the present 
work. C : (VI) Mary Headley Fretz, b in Morris 
CO, N J, Dec 13. 1878. P O Milton, N J. Music 
teacher ; Meth Epis. (VI) Joseph Martin Fretz, born 
Sept 27, 188 1 ; d May 10, 1883. (VI) Ervin Kratz 
Fretz, b Dec 19, 1883 ; d June 7, 1884. 

V. Martha Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, July 25. 1850 ; 
m Andrew E Newbaker, of Warren co, N J, Dec 25, 
1869. R Orleans st, Phila. Carpenter. Mrs N, 
Meth Epis. C : Mary, Florence. 

VI. Mary Bell Newbaker, b in Bucks co. Pa, Apr 20, 
1871 ; m John W Barandon Nov 16, 1892. R 2059 
Orleans street, Phila. Clerk for the John Hancock 
Mutual Life Insurance Company. Mr B, Epis ; Mrs 
B, Meth Epis. No issue. 

VI. Florence Ellen Newbaker, b in Bucks co Nov 26, 
1876; m Howard Thompson Feb 1896. R 2058 
Birch St, Phila. Employed in the Henry Altemus 
bookbindery. Mr T, Bap ; Mrs T, Meth Epis. C : 
(VII) Elsie Thompson, b Oct 8, 1896. 

V. Edwin Fretz, b Sept 15, 1853 ; d April 28, 1855. 

V. Albert Fretz, b Mar 15, 1855 ; d Apr 3, 1855. 

V. Alva Bennet Fretz, b in Warren co, N J, July 23, 
1858. He was educated in the academy and Col- 
legiate Institute at Newton, N J, and in the select 
school and the academy at Stillwater, N J. In 1876 
he began teaching and followed that profession suc- 
cessfully for 19 years. In the Spring of 1895 he was 
appointed to a position in the Invoice Bureau of the 
United States Custom House, port of New York. 
In 1881 he married Lillian Isabel Williams, of Hamp- 
ton, Sussex CO, N J. She was b Jan 15, 1862. P O 
Cedar Grove, N J. Cong church. C : (VI) Harold 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Nonnan Fretz, b Jan 2, 1882. (VI) Arthur Raymond 
Fretz, b Apr 25, 1885 ; d May 16, 1885. (VI) Ethel 
May Fretz, b Aug 2, 1888 ; d Feb 9, 1890. (VI) Leo 
Fretz, b June 11, 1891. (VI) Hazel Dorothy Fretz, 
b Mar 8, 1894. 

V. Lucilla Fretz, b June 9, i860; d March 12, 1861. 

V. David Elmer Fretz, born in Newton, N J, Dec 7, 
1862 ; m Harriet C Swisher July 26, 1890. P O 
Hardwick, N J. Farmer ; Meth Epis. No issue. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks co. Pa, Jan 12, 
181 2 ; died Apr 30, 1877 J ^ Benjamin D Hendricks 
Mar 16, 1839. He d in 1899. Farmer ; Menu. C : 
Mary, Abraham, Aaron, John, William, Sarah, Jacob. 

V. Mary Ann Hendricks, b Feb 22, 1840 ; d Sept 30, 
1887 ; m Jacob L Dimmick Sept 13. 1862. Carpen- 
ter ; Luth. C : Lydia, Emma, Mahlon, Isaac, Maria, 
lyavina, Benjamin, Laura, Morrison, Mabel. 

VI. Lydia Ann Dimmick, b Nov 28, 1863 ; d Apr 5, 
1888 ; m Darias Sine. C : (VII) Harry Sine, born 
Mar I, 1887. 

VI. Emma E Dimmick, b Feb 28, 1865 ; m Thomas 
R King (d). C : (VII) Mamie Susanna King, born 
1885. Emma m second husband H E Mull in 1891. 
POSilverdale, Pa. Painter; Luth. C: (VII) Emma 
Mull, bSept 4, 1892 ; d Mar 20, 1893. (VII) Hattie 
E Mull, b Feb 21, 1894. (VII) Luther A Mull, born 
Oct 4, 1896. 

VI. Mahlon H Dimmick, b May 13, 1866 ; m Katie 
S Grofif July 6, 1895. P O Silverdale, Pa. Barber ; 
Luth. C: (VII) Herman Dimmick, b Jan 31, 1897. 

VI. Isaac Dimmick, b July 13, 1867. 

VI. Maria C Dimmick, b May 13, 1870; m Michael 
A Renner. P O Silverdale, Pa. Luth. Children : 
(VII) Harry E Renner, bom May 16, 1891 ; Wallace, 
b July 21, 1893 ; Alberta M, b Mar 18, 1900. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Laviua Dimmick, b July 20, 1873. 

VI. Benjamin Dimmick, b Nov 11, 1874. 

VI. Laura Dimmick, b Aug 27, 1878. 
' VI. Morrison Dimmick, b and d in 1881. 

VI. Mabel Dimmick, b May 11, 1883. 

V. Abraham Hendricks, b and d in 1842. 

V. Aaron Hendricks, b 1844 ; d 1862. 

V. John Hendricks, b 1846 ; d 1862. 

V. William Hendricks, b 1848; d 1859. 

V. Sarah Hendricks, b 1851 ; d 1862. 

V. Dr J Freeman Hendricks, born May 15, 1854; 
m Annie Garner, of Doylestown, Pa, in 1894. He 
received his education in the district schools : Line 
Lexington Seminary, Excelsior Normal Institute at 
Carversvijle, and Millersville State Normal School, 
from which he was graduated in the class of '76 with 
the degree of B E. In the Fall of 1874 ^^ was 
granted a provisional certificate, was elected principal 
of the schools of Rittersville, Pa, where he taught 
several months, and was then granted a professional 
certificate. In the Fall of 1876 he took charge of a 
school at Breinigsville. Lehigh county, and the fol- 
lowing year in East Donegal township, Lancaster 
county. During this time he gave some attention to 
public lecturing, appearing among other audiences 
before the Page Literary Society of Millersville. At 
the commencement of '78 he received from his Alma 
Mater the degree of M E. In the Fall of that year 
he was elected teacher of the intermediate department 
of the Doylestown borough public schools, and before 
the close of the term was made principal and borough 

In the Summer of 1879 he left the schoolroom 
and turned his face in the direction of the legal pro- 
fession. He entered the oflSce of Alfred Fackenthall, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Esq, of Doylestown, and was duly registered as a 
student at law. In 1881 he was admitted to the 
Bucks County Bar, and at once entered upon the 
practice of law. In the Spring of 1885 the borough 
of Doylestown elected him Justice of the Peace 
by an overwhelming majority. The same year he 
was admitted to the Bryant Literary Union of New 
York, and again entered the lecture field. At the 
commencement of '86 Ursinus College conferred upon 
him the degree of M A. 

He has also been closely identified with politics, 
and has been on the stump for his party in every 
campaign. He has been for five years a Notary 
Public, and for four years clerk of Doylestown Town 
Council. For three years he was chairman of the 
Bucks County Republican Committee. He was one 
of the founders of the ** Republican *' Printing Com- 
pany and is secretary of the same. In the campaign 
of 1894 the Republicans of Bucks county overwhelm- 
ingly demanded his nomination for District Attorney ; 
with much reluctance he yielded to the popular wish 
and accepted the nomination, and, although a bitter 
fight was concentrated against him, he was triumph- 
antly elected. He has been an active worker in the 
Sunday school and Christian Endeavor Society. 
Presby. C : Grace, Robert. 

IV. Barbara Fretz-(d), b March 24, 1813 ; m Joseph 
F Myers. (See Joseph F Myers family.) 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born on the Fretz homestead in 
Bedminster twp Oct 9, 1815 ; d July 1892 ; m Sarah 
Detweiler in 1840. She was b Jan 5, 1818; d July 
18, 1850. C : Oliver, Titus, Lavina, Clayton, Clemen- 
tine, Sarah. Abraham m second wife Catharine Fry 
Mar 1859. She was b Jan 12, 1827 ; d July 5, 1886. 
C : Lewis, Sybilla, Laura, Alice, Abraham, Katie. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


He being the youngest of the children he remained 
at home with his parents to* be their comfort and stay 
in their declining years. He remained on the old 
homestead for the first 71 years of his life, carrying 
on the business of farming and during the Summer 
months that of droving. In his business transactions 
he was noted for his honesty and integrity. He was 
a member of the New Menuonite church at Deep Run. 
V. Oliver D Fretz, bom Nov 13. 1840; m Susanna 
Meyers Dec 3, 1870. She died May 3, 1889. P O 
Bethlehem, Pa. Retired shoemaker ; Menu. C : 

(VI) Abbie Fretz, b July 27, 1875 ; William James, 
b Aug 6, 1877. 

V. Titus Fretz, b April 9, 1842 ; d Oct 7, 1842. 

V. Lavina D Fretz, born May 2, 1843 ; m Jonas S 
Myers in 1864. P O Perkasie, Pa. Menu. C : 
Rosella, Annie, Clayton, lyamech, Sallie, Abraham, 
Henry, William, Lavina. 

VI. Rosella F Myers, b June 29, 1864; m Henry S 
Shelly November 27, 1884. Farmer ; Menu. C : 

(VII) Ervin F Shelly, b May 7, 1886 ; Charles, born 
Nov 29, 1888. 

VI. Annie Myers, b Nov 21, 1865; d Dec 7, 1868. 

VI. Clayton F Myers, bom Oct 26, 1867 ; m Mary 
Alice, dau of Levi L Fretz, Mar 5, 1892. P O Per- 
kasie, Pa. Carpenter ; Menn. 

VI. I^mech F Myers, born May 7, 1869 ; m Fannie 
Rosenberger February 17, 1894. P O Perkasie, Pa. 
Painter ; Menn. C : (VII) Roy R Myers, b Jan 4, 


VI. Sallie Myers, b Dec 16, 187 1 ; married Oliver H 
Albright Feb 17, 1894. R 2826 N nth st, Phila. 

VI. Abraham Myers, b July 7, 1874 ; d Aug 19, 1875. 

VI. Henry Myers, b June 8, 1877. 

VI. William Myers, b Mar 6, 1879. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. lyavina Myers, b Oct 20, 1881. 
V. Dr Clayton D Fretz, bora on the old John Fretz 
homestead in Bedminster Nov 16, 1844. At the age 
of 6 years his mother died of a lingering illness. He 
remained at home with his father until the Spring of 
1855, when he was hired on the farm of the late Jonas 
Meyers, of Bedminster, where he remained nearly 
two years. The following year he was employed 
with the late Reuben Stover, and the succeeding year 
with Aarbn Tyson, working on the farm during the 
Summer and attending school at Bedminster during 
the Winter terms. His father, having resumed farm- 
ing, he returned home in the Spring of 1859 and 
assisted on the farm, attending school during the 
Winter months at Fretz Valley. 

In the Spring of 1862 he attended a term at the 
North Wales Institute, under the principalship of 
A S Overholt. He also attended the Spring term of 
1863 at the same institution. In the Summer of 1864 
he took a course at Eastman Business College, Pough- 
keepsie, N Y, graduating July 12. In the Autumn 
of 1862 he secured a certificate of County Superin- 
tendent S S Overholt, and taught his first term of 
school in the **01d Octagon** schoolhouse, near Foun- 
tainville. He continued teaching for the next three 
years, teaching at the Monroe school, Durham, the 
Fretz Valley school at Bedminster, and closed his 
career as teacher at Crout*s school, Rockhill. 

During the last term he commenced reading 
medicine under his preceptor, Dr I S Moyer, then of 
Plumsteadville, Bucks county. After the close of the 
school he devoted all his time to medicine, and entered 
the oflBce of his preceptor as a regular student, and in 
the Autumn of 1866 matriculated at the medical 
department of the University of Pennsylvania. Dur- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


ing the succeeding two years he applied himself 
closely to study, attended the lectures, and graduated 
March 13, 1868. Ten days thereafter, on March 23, 
he located at Sellersville, Pa, and entered into part- 
nership with Dr Nelson Applebach for the practice of 
his profession. He met with success, and in a few 
years succeeded in acquiring a lucrative practice and 
establishing himself in the confidence and esteem of 
the community. In the Autumn of 1871 he dissolved 
business partnership with Dr Nelson Applebach to 
enter into a life partnership with Kate B, daughter of 
the late Dr Charles W Everhart, of Sellersville. 

The study of botany and the collection of speci- 
mens of wild plants and flowers has been one of his 
favorite pursuits. He has added many new and rare 
plants to the known flora of the county, besides hav- 
ing no less than 45 new to the State flora, and one 
new to science. In 1901 he revised the catalogue of 
the wild flowers of the county for General Davis* 
** History of Bucks County." His herbarium not 
only contains a complete set of the plants growing in 
the county, but a large majority of those growing 
east of the Mississippi, including not less than 10,000 
specimens, and about 4000 different varieties. 

Dr Fretz has been president of the Sellersville 
National Bank since November 1893, president of the 
Board of Health since its organization, and president 
of the Sellersville Building Company. He served as 
School Director for 15 years, and as deacon of the 
Reformed church 12 years. He is a past master of 
MacCalla Lodge, No 596, F and A M, of Sellersville, 
and also a past officer in the Odd Fellows lodge and 
the encampment, of the same place. He has been 
twice a delegate to the Republican State Convention 
at Harrisburg. He is a member of the Bucks County 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



. ii 

^^ ^ 



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% ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Medical Society, the Lehigh Valley Medical Associa- 
tion, the Bucks County Historical Society, and the 
Bucks county branch of the Pennsylvania Forestry 

He was married to Kate B Everhart November 
i6, 1871. Sh,e was born in Sellersville May 2, 1846. 
After a happy married life of more than ^quarter of a 
century she died September i, 1898. Ger Ref. C : 
Charles, Alfred, Samuel, Eva. Dr Fretz married 
second wife Annie, daughter of Aaron and Martha 
Meredith, and widow of Alfred Fackenthall, Esq, of 
Doylestown, Pa, August 14, 1900. 

VI. Charles Raymond Fretz, b July 19, 1873 ; died 
June 19, 1877. 

VI. Dr Alfred E Fretz, b in Sellersville, Pa, Aug 30, 
1874; m Frances E Rile, of Blue Bell, Pa, Oct 24, 
1900. Dr Fretz attended the borough schools of his 
native town, graduating from the High school thereof 
in 1889, at the age of 15. After taking a post- 
graduate course of one year to prepare for teaching, 
he taught public school for two terms. In the Fall 
of 1893 he entered the medical department of the 
University of Pennsylvania and took a four years' 
course. While at college he was an active member 
of the Hirst Obstetrical Society, being for one year its 
treasurer. He graduated in medicine in 1896, and 
was at once elected as one of the five resident 
physicians to Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg, upon com- 
petitive examination. After serving there for six 
months he was called home to assist his father in his 
extensive practice at Sellersville. Since that time he 
has continued there and has gained a lucrative and 
constantly increasing practice. 

Dr Fretz is a member of the Bucks County Medi- 
cal Society and Pennsylvania State Medical Society, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


being for one year vice president of the former. For 
two years he was president of the Sellersville Chau- 
tauqua Assembly, and for five years president of the 
Irving Chautauqua Circle, the pioneer Chautauqua 
movement in that section. He has served as a mem- 
ber of the Board of Managers of the Alumni Associa- 
tion of the Sellersville High School for six consecutive 
years, being one year president of the association. 
He is an active member of several secret orders, being 
past ofl&cer of the I O O F and also in the Sons of 
America. He is also a member of the Odd Fellows 
Encampment. Ger Ref. 

VI. Dr S Edward Fretz, b in Sellersville, Pa, Aug 30, 
1878. After graduating at the Sellersville High 
School in 1893 ^^ spent two years acting as clerk in 
his father's drug store. He then entered the Biologi- 
cal Department of the University of Pennsylvania, 
where he remained one year, taking up the course in 
medicine at the same institution the following year. 
He graduated in medicine in June 1900. He received 
the appointment to Cooper Hospital, Camden, N J, 
on competitive examination and went on duty there 
January i, 1901. Dr Fretz was a member of the 
University Glee Club for two years, as well as of the 
Barton Cooke Hirst Obstetrical Society. Ger Ref. S. 

VI. Eva Catharine Fretz, b Feb 17, 1885 ; died Nov 
25, 1885. 

V. Clementine Fretz, b June 14, 1846; m William J 
Myers. He died March 22, 1867. C : (VI) Susan 
Myers, d aged 9 days. Clementine m second husband 
William K Hockman Mar 5, 1876. P O Bedminster, 
Pa. Farmer ; Menu. C : Maggie, Clara, infant, 

VI. Maggie F Hockman, b Dec 4, 1871. 

VI. Clara F Hockman, b June 17, 1874 ; m Abraham 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


M Tyson. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer ; Menn. C : 
(VII) William H Tyson, b Sept 6, 1893. (VII) Ray- 
mond H Tyson, b May 10, 1898. 

VI. Infant daughter, died 1878. 

VI. Infant, stillborn 1884. 

V. Sarah E Fretz, b Oct 24, 1848 ; d Jan 3. 187 1 ; 
m Amos Myers. C : (VI) John F Myers, b Mar 29, 
1867 ; m Kate Neidig Nov 14, 1894. 

V. I<ewis F Fretz, b Jan 13, i860 ; m Sallie Stahr 
Nov 29, 1884. She d Dec 3, 1885. C : (VI) Nellie 
Victoria Fretz, bom June 30, 1885. Lewis m second 
wife Jeanetta S Buchanan June 6, 1888. She was 
bom March 16, 1868. R 6027 Morton st, Phila. C : 
(VI) Lewis B Fretz, b Apr 26, 1889. 

V. Sybilla F Fretz, b in Bedminster, Bucks co. Pa, 
Nov 18, 1 861 ; m William L Fen ton October 20, 1880. 
R Doylestowu, Pa. Mr Fenton was employed on the 
North Penn Railroad for about 15 years as fireman 
and engineer, and was one of the Reading's most 
valued employes. In all his experience as a railroader 
he had never met with an accident previous to that 
which caused his death on June 15, 1892. He was 
running the Doylestowu express with a large number 
of passengers at a high rate of speed, when he saw an 
engine on the track ahead where he had the right of 
way. He instantly saw that a collision was unavoid- 
able, but that he might save the lives of the passengers 
by sacrificing his own, he reversed his engine to 
slacken speed. The crash came. He was found dead 
at his post. He was a member of the Society of 
Friends.' C: (VI) Marion Alice Fenton, b Jan 31, 
1882 ; d Jan 6, 1886. (VI) Clarence L Fenton. bom 
Nov 30, 1883 ; d Jan 21. 1886. (VI) Clarion Myrtle 
Fenton, b Dec 15, 1886. (VI) Edith Peari Fenton, b 
July 5, 1889. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


¥. Laura Fretz, b Feb 22, 1863 ; d Jan 9, 1886. 

V. Alice Fretz, born in Bucks co, Pa, Sept 26, 1865 ; 
m Harvey B Lewis Nov 6, 1886. He was b July 4, 
1864. R 3502 N 15th St, Phila. Tailor ; Luth. C : 
(VI) Genella Lewis, born Dec 6, 1887. (VI) Laura 
Lugertia Lewis, b Nov 23, 1889 ; died April i, 1890. 
(VI) Claude F Lewis, b Aug 5. 1892, 

V. Abraham Fretz, b Oct 29, 1867 ; d Dec 19, i869» 

V. Katie F Fretz, bom Mar 18, 1870; m Richard R 
Hudson June 26, 1889. He died Apr 27, 1894. C : 
(VI) Miriam F Hudson, b July 3, 1890. (VI) Ruth 
S Hudson, b July 12, 1891. (VI) Raymond F Hudson, 
b March 6, 1893. (VI) Richard Leroy Hudson, bom 
July 8, 1894 ; died Aug 23, 1894. Katie m second 
husband William A Forrestall June 12, 1901. R Phila. 
Ger Ref . 

III. Isaac Fretz, b Feb 12, 1771 ; d Nov i, 1843 ; m 
Susanna Kratz May 23, 1793. She was born Sept 3, 
1775; died March 20, 1798. C: Abraham, Enos, 
Susanna. Isaac m second wife Veronica Kratz. She 
was bora Oct 28, 1778; d Jan 13, 1821. C: John, 
Elizabeth, Jacob, Isaac, William, Mahlon, Mary, 
Samuel. Isaac m third wife Betsey Landis in 1822. 
She wash Nov 16, 1799 ; d Feb 13, 1887. 

Mr Fretz was a farmer and lived in Tiuicum 
township. He also freighted goods by teams from 
Philadelphia to Easton, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and 
other points West. During his absence from home 
March 4, 1804, his bam was struck by lightning and 
burned, during which his wife Veronica displayed 
heroic energy in rescuing horses and cattle, and 
undoubtedly would have perished herself had she not 
at last been held back by the neighbors. One horse 
and 14 (some say 21) head of cattle perished. In 
18 15 he built what is now known as the Fretz Valley 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Mill, on the Tohickon Greek, and operated same. He 
succeeded in business and owned nearly 300 acres of 
land. Menus. 

IV. Abraham K Fretz, b Feb 13, 1794 ; died Nov 7, 
1875 ; m Hannah Groff, of Salford, Montg co, Pa, 
June 20, 1820. She was b Sept 3, 1803 ; d Mar 20, 
1873. At the age of 18 he learned the shoemaking 
trade, and, as was the custom, went from house to 
house carrying his '*kit** with him. At the age of 21 
he engaged in the milling business, which he followed 
many years. 

About 1 8 18 he, in company with Samuel, son of 
**lame** Anthony Fretz. and ** Velvet" Henry Fretz, 
made a trip to Canada to visit friends and relatives 
there. The entire trip was made on foot. He was a 
member of the old Mennonite Church before marriage, 
and after the division he and wife joined the second 
Mennonite church at Deep Run, of which he served 
as trustee for some time, and was the second sexton 
of the church, which position he held for 22 years. 
C : Susanna, Catharine, Josephus, Elizabeth, Reuben, 
Amanda, Henry. 

V. Susanna Fretz, b in Philadelphia co, Pa, April 7, 
1830; d Nov 22, 1873 ; m Enos Kulp May 20. 1853. 
Farmer ; Ger Ref. C : Martha, Andrew, George, 
Mary, Frank, Sarah, Hannah, Barbara. 

* VI. Martha Kulp. b and d May 6, 1855. 

VI. Andrew Kulp, b July 19, 1857 ; d July 26, 1873. 
VI. George Kulp. b Mar 26, i860. 

VI. Mary Etta Kulp, born Sept 23, 186 1 ; m Charles 
Swope in i88o. Ger Ref. C : Sophia. Sarah. Mary, 
George, Frank, Charlie, Albert. Willie. 

VII. Sophia M Swope, born Apr 15, 188 1 ; m Albert 
Buseman June 2, 1898. He was born Jan 21, 1880. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Ship carpenter. C : (VIII) Raymond Buseman, bom 
April 6, 1899. 

VII. Sarah ESwope, b Jan 26, 1884 ; ^ May 26, 1885. 

VII. Mary Bertha Swope, b June 26, 1886. 

VII. George Swope, b Jan 6, 1889. 

VII. Frank Swope, b Aug 28, 1892. 

VII. Charlie Swope, b June 17, 1895. 

VII. Albert Swope, b May 18, 1898. 

VII. Willie Swope, bjan 12, 1901. 

VI. Prank Kulp, b Jan 4, 1864. 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Kulp, b June 8, 1866 ; m Frank 
E Diehl, of Rockhill, Pa, in 1866. R 1236 Rush st, 
Phila. Train despatcher Reading Railway ; Ger Ref . 
C : (VII) William F Diehl, b Jan 9, 1887 ; Bertha 
Florence, b Jan 29, 1889; Carrie L, b Jan 21, 1892. 

VI. Hannah Kulp, b Dec 23, 1868; d Feb 17, 1873. 

VI. Barbara Kulp, born August 10, 1870 ; m Charles 
Shearer Dec 1889. R 2802 Park ave, Phila. Trolley 
motorman. Mrs S, German Ref. C : (VII) Oscar ■ 
Shearer, b July 1891 ; Ebert, b Jan 1894. 

V. Catharine Fretz, b June 5, 1833 ; d aged 3 years. 

V. Josephus Fretz, b Mar 23, 1835 ; d Sept 19, 1854. 

V. Elizabeth Ann Fretz, b in Bucks co. Pa, Nov 16, 
1837 ; m Harvey G Shaddinger. (See Harvey G 
Shaddinger Family). 

V. Reuben G Fretz, born in Bucks co July 16, 1841 ; 
m Henrietta B Carter July 14, 1866. She d July 18, 
1884. No issue. Reuben m second wife Ella Butter- 
worth, of Hatboro, Pa, Mar i, 1886. She was bom 
Sept 4, 1844. P O Hatboro, Pa. At the age of 16 
he apprenticed himself to the wheelwright trade and 
in Mar 1861 engaged in the milling trade with his 
father, which he followed for thirteen years. He has 
since followed the wheelwright trade and is dealer in 
ready-tired wheels and bicycle repairing. In 1863-4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


he enlisted to drive the invaders from the State and 
served two months in the 45th Reg Pa V M. Bap. 
No issue. 

V. Amanda Fretz, b Oct 6, 1844 ; m Joseph Holden 
Oct 1866. He was b May 13, 1841 ; d Mar 10, 1873. 
C : Edward, Bllwood, Ella. Amanda married second 
husband Daniel Nusbickel April 11, 1875. P O Per- 
kasie, Pa. Ev Ass'n. C : Anna, Thomas, Sallie, 

VI. Edward Holden, b Feb 24, 1870. 

VI. EUwood Holden, b July 29, 1872 ; d Sept 6, 1873. 

VI. Ella Nora Opdyke, born Apr 8, 1874 ; m Jesse S 
Nace July 30, 1892. R 2262 Cadwallader st, Phila. 
C: (VII) Harry Robert Nace, born Feb 13. 1893. 
(VII) Freddie Nace, b June 28, 1894 ; died June 30, 
1894. (VII) Marvin Stanley Nace, b Dec 27, 1896 ; 
d Mar 11, 1900. (VII) Franklin Nace, bom Feb 21, 

1897 ; d May 16, 1897. (VII) William Nace, b June 
13, 1898. (VII) Jesse Nace, b Aug 23, 1900. 

VI. Anna Laura Nusbickel, b July 7, 1876 ; m Aaron 
I<ehr October 1897. P O York, Pa. Ev Meth. C : 
(VII) Edna May Lehr (d), born Feb 4, 1898 ; Bessie 
Leola, b Aug 16, 1900. 

VI. Thomas Nusbickel, b Jan 9, 188 1. 

VI. Sallie Nusbickel, b Dec 23, 1884. 

VI. Milton H Nusbickel, b May 19, 1887. 
V. Henry Fretz, b and d 1848. 

IV. Enos Fretz, b Feb 14, 1796; d Aug 15, i860; 
m Mary Leatherman May 6, 182 1 . She was b Sept 8, 
1803 ; ^ ^t ^2, 1875. Farmer ; New Mennonites at 
Deep Run church, of which he was a trustee, and 
presented the church with a part of the new burying 
ground. No issue. 

IV. Susanna Fretz, b Jan i, 1798 ; d Jan 14, 1872 ; 
m Samuel G Myers Dec 27, 1825. He was b Nov 14, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1802 ; died Nov 8, 1877. Farmer, run a comtnissian 
wagon, and later miller. Menn. C : Catharine, 
Isaac, John. 

IV. John Fretz, b in Bucks co, Pa, Aug 12, 1801 ; 
died July i, 188 1 ; m Veronica Shelly Nov 15, 1824. 
She died April 18, 1850. In 1834 they emigrated to 
Wayne co, O, and in 1835 to Putnam co, O, then a 
dense wilderness. Here he had to go 30 miles to 
mill. For some years their bread stuff consisted 
mainly of com, and was ground on a hand mill. The 
shoes for the family were made of wood. In 1856 he 
emigrated to Lima co, Kan, and bought a farm, which 
he worked for three years, then sold it to his sons 
Jacob and John and returned to Putnam co, O, where 
he died. He and wife were members of the Menno- 
nite Church and assisted in building the first Menno- 
nite church in Putnam co. C : Fannie, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Lavina, Isaac, Barbara, Shelly, Susan, Jacob, 
Catharine, John, Hannah. 

V. Fannie Fretz, b in Bucks co. Pa, Aug 27, 1825 ; 
d Nov 3, 1886 ; m Jacob Ridenour Mar 2, 1847. He 
d Oct 14, 1888. Among the pioneers of his time he 
ranked high as a citizen for honesty and fair dealing, 
and was able to provide for his family the solid com- 
forts of a good home. Mr Ridenour was a ** Forty- 
niner," making the Isthmian trip to California, where 
he was quite successful, after which he returned to 
take up the home life begun in 1847 in Putnam co, O. 

Fannie Fretz Ridenour passed through trials and 
sorrows, yet she and her husband were among the 
foremost of the pioneers of that time in acts of charity 
and benevolence. Mrs Ridenour was a woman of a 
meek and quiet spirit and much given to doing good. 

•*She fed the hungry, clothed the poor ; 
The needy seldom passed her door." 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


One of her descendants has said : ''She had not 
an enemy in the world." U B ch. C: William, 
Jane, John, Albert, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Emma, 
Orlando, Clara. 

VI. William Ridenour, b Apr 21, 1848 ; died Oct 11, 

VI. Jane E Ridenour, bom Jan 19, 1850 ; m Samuel 
Wollam April 19, 1868. P O Warren, Ind. Served 
as a soldier in Union Army, Farmer ; Presby. C : 
(VII) Frank D Wollam, m Daisy Groves. P O Bos- 
worth, Mo. Manufacturer. (VII) Alfred L Wollam, 
b Oct 16, 1870 ; m Cora Yamell in 1897. P O Bluff- 
ton, Ind. Farmer ; U B ch. C : Gerald Z, Ora E. 
(VII) Waldo O Wollam, b Jan 17, 1874. (VII) Iden 
Wollam, b Sept 16, 1879. (VII) Leo J Wollam, born 
Feb 3, 1885, (VII) Mabel Wollam, b Nov 29, 1890. 

VI. John F Ridenour, bom Sept 21, 1851 ; m Julia 
Wollam Jan II, 1879. C : (VII) Lloyd W Ridenour, 

married . C : Theressa, Charles. (VII) Eva P 

Ridenour, b Jan 7, 1884. (VII) Orlando B Ridenour, 
b Aug 17. 1887. (VII) Samuel R Ridenour, b May 11, 
1889. (VII) Carl W Ridenour, born Dec 8, 1891. 
(VII) Otis D Ridenour. b May 16, 1895. 

VI. Albert E Ridenour, b 1854; d 1898. S. 

VI. Mary A Ridenour, b Jan 30, 1856 ; m Samuel M 
Bibler Sept 5, 1872. He d Jan 31, 1887. U Br ch. 
C : (VII) Iva A Bibler, bom November 20, 1876. 
(VII) Blanche M Bibler, b Aug 6, 1878 ; m William 
Troyer. C : Lowell, Dale. (VII) Claud C Bibler, 
b May 6, 1880. (VII) Fannie Bibler, b Dec 31. 1881. 
(VII) Charles Bibler, b Dec 20, 1883. (VII) Clara 
Bibler, b Jan 6, 1886 ; d Apr 27, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth L Ridenour, b July 26. 1858 ; died 
Jan 26, 1889 ; married GeoL Marriott Aug 21, 1883. 
P O Duport, O. Farmer ; U Br ch. C : (VII) Ran- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


dolpb J Marriott, b Dec 20, 1884 I Roscoe C, born 
January 16, 1887. 

VI. George W Ridenour, b Oct 27, i860 ; m Reona 
Simons Dec i, 1887. C : Lewis J. 

VI. Emma P Ridenour, b Jan 16, 1863 ; m Nathan 
C Shirley August 12. 1888. P O Continental, O. 
Farmer and teacher ; U Br ch. C : (Vll) Ashley R 
Shirley, b June 22, 1889; Hazel Idell, b Nov 21, 
1890 ; Ross R, b Oct 16, 1892 ; Mary E, b Oct 19, 
1894 J Leo Lynn, b Nov 18, 1898. 

VI. Orlando E Ridenour, bom April 15, 1865 ; died 
February 6, 1889. 

VI. Clara E Ridenour, b Feb 9, 1869 ; d July 2, 1886. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, b July 16, 1828 ; m Stephen 
Crow in 1847. Farmer in Putman co, O. C : Mary, 
William, Sarah, James, Isaac, Elias, Thomas. 

V. Mary Fretz (d), born July 26, 1831 ; m Henry 
Eyer (d) 1849. Farmer in Ohio. C : John, George, 
Sarah, Wesley, Lavina. 

V. Lavina Fretr, m Reuben Adams. No issue. 

V. Isaac Fretz, bom 1834 ; died 1865 ; m Rosanna 
Sylvester. Served during War of Rebellion. C : 
Rose, Lavina. 

V. Barbara Fretz, bora 1835 ; died 1855. 

V. Shelly Fretz, bom 1837 ; died 1855. 

V. Susan Fretz, b March 17, 1840 ; m Francis M 
Sylvester in 1864. C : Andrew, Fannie (d), Wesley, 
Maggie, Joseph, Mary. 

V. Jacob Fretz, b June 9, 1841 ; m Susan Fleming 
in 1 86 1. Served during War of Rebellion. C : 
Sarah, William, Elmer (d), Stephen, Almon, Cora, 
Ida, Ervy (d), Frank, Fannie, Charles, Delraer, 

V. Catharine Fretz, bora 1844 J ^^^^ 1855. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. John Fretz (d), b 1848 ; m I^ucy Round in 1887. 
C : Warden, Harry, John. 

V. Hannah Fretz, bom 1849 ; died 1855. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, b Dec 18, 1803 ; d Feb 25, 1884 ; 
m George Leffler (d). No issue. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, b Aug 18, 1805 ; d Dec 29, 1848 ; 
m Rebecca Walters Dec 24, 1829. She d June 2, 1834. 
C : Caroline, Catharine, Mahlon. Jacob m second 
wife Mary Swartz Jan 24. 1836. She d June 8, 1884. 
C : Elizabeth, Rebecca, Isaac, Sarah, Jacob. 

V. Caroline Fretz, b 1830 ; m Andrew PSchlichter. 
C : Enos, Mary (d). 

V. Catharine Fretz, b 1832 ; m Jacob Fluck. C : 
Mary, Susan, Hiram, Carrie, Samuel, Emma. 

V. Mahlon Fretz, born 1833 ; died 1834. 

V, Elizabeth Fretz, bom and died in 1837. 

V. Rebecca Fretz, born 1838 ; died 1840. 

V. Hon Isaac S Fretz, bom in Bucks co. Pa, Oct 23, 
1839 ; m Mary J Smith, of Venango co. Pa, Sept 28, 
1865. His earliest occupation was blacksmith. In 
1875 he went to Venango county, where he engaged 
as engineer and tool dresser. In March 1883 he 
moved to Valley, Neb, and engaged in farming. In 
1 89 1 he was elected County Treasurer and re-elected 
the following term. In 1898 he was elected a member 
of the 26th session of the Nebraska Legislature. 
P O Comstock, Neb. Mrs F, Ch of God. C : Mary, 
Edwin, Annetta, Austin, Mildred, George. 

Vi. Mary Fretz, b Aug 28, 1866 ; m John E Guthrie 
Dec 27, 1885. P O Comstock, Neb. Christian ch. 
C : (Vii) William Edwin Guthrie, bom Oct 5, 1886 ; 
Roland, b May 6, 1888 ; Archie Leland, b Sept 18, 
1890 ; Omer Hern, b Oct 12, 1892 ; Jesse Vemon, 
bom Aug 23, 1895 ; Mildred Alma, b Feb 24, 1898 ; 
Flossie Viola, b Mar 9, 1900. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Edwin S Fretz, b Apr 26, 1870 ; m Annie Hof- 
nian September 8, 1893. P O Comstock, Neb. C : 
Beruice Elvira. 

VI. Annetta Fretz, b Nov i, 1872 ; d Aug 31, 1873. 

VI. Austin C Fretz, born July 22, 1874. P O Com- 
stock, Neb. S. 

VI. Mildred Fretz, b Feb i, 1877. P O Comstock, 
Neb. S. 

VI. George Fretz, b June i, 1879; m Lorah Clark 
April 7, 1900. P O Comstock, Neb. 

V. Sarah Fretz, b June i, 1843 ; m Levi Longacre. 

V. Jacob S Fretz, b April 5, 1847 ; m Emma Brown. 

IV. Isaac Fretz, b Aug 22, 1807 ; d June 5, 1874 J 
m Catharine Stover (d). C : Elizabeth, Jemioia, 
Annie, John, Mary, Catharine, Violetta, Hannah, 
Salome, Caroline. 

IV. William Fretz, b Jan i, 1810 ; d Feb 20. 1883 ; 
mAnua Myers Mar 12, 1838. Farmer; Menu. C: 
Mahlon, Albert, Elizabeth (d), Henry (d), Amos, 
Lavina, Sarah, Reed (d), EH, Catharine, William. 

IV. Mahlon Fretz (d), b June 12, 181 3 ; m Mary 
Grubb. C: Jeremiah, Fenton, Susan, Sylvester, 
Mary, Hannah, Harvey. 

IV. Mary Fretz (d), born April 12, 18 15 ; m Henry 
Fretz (d). Farmer; Menn. C: John (d), Isaac, 
Amos (d), Enos, Ann, Lavina, George. 

IV. Samuel Fretz, b Feb 12, 1819 ; d Dec 25, 1884. 
He was a printer by trade and at one time was pro- 
prietor of the ** Bucks County Intelligencer,** at 
Doylestown, Pa. Single. ^ 

III. Barbara Fretz, b 1773 ; d about 1821 ; m Henry 
Fretz. He was b about 1770 or *7i ; da few years 
after marriage. Farmer ; Menn. C : Catharine, 
Anna. Barbara m second husband Henry Hockman. 
C : Mary, Christian, Barbara, Abraham, Veronica. 

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(^^■^^£ ^ .t^^^^^^g 3 

(See Page 11) 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC / 


IV. Catharine Fretz, died young. 

IV. Anna Fretz, b Aug 12, 1795 ; d April 10, 1875 ; 
m Jacob C Moyer. Farmer ; Menn. C ; Jacob, 
Maria, Henry. 

IV. Mary Hockman, b Feb 22, 1800 ; d Oct 11, 1845 ; 
m John Rosenberger Jan 22, 1826. He was b Apr 12, 
1790; died Sept 12, 1873. Farmer; Menn. C: 
Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, John, Henry, Samuel, 
Abraham, Sarah, Nancy, William. 

v. Elizabeth Rosenberger (d), bom Jan 13, 1827; 
m John Anders (d). C : Henry, Josiah, Catharine, 

V. Catharine Rosenberger, b July 28, 1828 ; married 
Ephraim R Landis Nov 5, 1854. Farmer ; Menn. 
C : George, William, Mary, John, Reuben, Katie, 

V. Mary Rosenberger, b Oct 7, 1830 ; d Mar 1895 ; 
m David H Anders Dec 3, 1859. R 1850 N 8th st, 
Phila. Professor of music. C : Horace. 

V. Rev John H Rosenberger, b Jan 7, 1832 ; married 
Annie Clemmer Nov 20, 1856. P O Hatfield, Pa. 
Farmer. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Mennonite ch at Line Lexington Oct 28, 1884. C : 
Mary, Lizzie, Susan, Harry, Emma, Kate, Ella, Levi, 
John, Annie. 

VI. Mary C Rosenberger, b Sept 12, 1857 J ™ William 
K Godshall Oct 13. 1877. C : (VII) Henry R God- 
shall, b Jan 22, 1878. (VII) Annie E Godshall, born 
Dec 22, 1879. (VII) John F Godshall, b August 23, 
1881. (VII) Wellington R Godshall, b July 23, 1883. 
(VII) Edwin M Godshall, b June 14, 1885 ; ^ Aug 27, 
1886. (VII) Mamie R Godshall (d), b Dec 7, 1886. 
(VII) Lavina R Godshall. b Aug i, 1888. (VII) Lillie 

VI. Lizzie C Rosenberger, b July 3, 1859 ; m Henry 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


F Hendricks October 13, 1883. P O Axtell, Kan. 
Farmer ; Mrs H, Ger Bap. C : Mamie, Elmer, 
Raymond, John. 

Vli. Mamie R Hendricks, b May 8, 1878 ; m Arthur 
Wolf. Reside in Oklahoma. Two children. 

VII. Elmer R Hendricks, b Dec 10, 1884. 

VII. Raymond R Hendricks, b Mar 11, 1887. 

VI. Snsan C Rosenberger, b Mar 15, 1862 ; m John 
M Myers Dec 1 1, 1886. P OSilverdale, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menn. C : (VII) Ottomar R Myers (d), b Feb 28, 
1888 ; Tittrs, b Jan 9, 1891 ; Edna, b Sept 13, 1893 ; 
Mabel, b July 8, 1896 ; Ella, b Dec 12, 1898 ; Annie, 
bom in 1901. 

VI. Harry C Rosenberger. b Aug 8, 1864 ; m Ellen 
Lapp May 8, 1887. P O Hilltown, Pa. Farmer ; 
Menn. C : Clarence (d), Linford, Harvey. 

VI. Emma C Rosenberger, born Oct 16, 1866 ; died 
Dec 23, 1866. 

VI. Kate C Rosenberger, b Dec 8, 1867 ; d Sept 22, 
1895 ; m Isaiah R Haldeman Oct 5, 1890. Mr Halde- 
man attended the public schools until 14 years of age, 
when he entered the Lansdale (Pa) ** Reporter ** ofl&ce 
to learn the art of printing. Four years later, or after 
serving an apprenticeship, he was employed on the 
Harleysville ** News'* (then in its infancy) and later 
became editor. After being employed on that paper 
for over three years he took a position as foreman on 
the Ambler ( Pa) * * Gazette. * * Later he was employed 
on the Philadelphia ** Press." but lost his position by 
a strike of the Typographical Union in that office one 
year later. He was again employed in the Harleys- 
ville *' News ** office as foreman, the paper then being 
owned by the A E Dambly Estate, and about one year 
later, on May 8, 1892, purchased the establishment 
from the estate, which he now successfully conducts. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


He was also the founder of the Harleysville and Hat- 
field Beneficial Societies, and was elected treasure of 
the former in 1894. 

Mr. Haldeman is a self-made man in every sense 
that the word applies. He started in life with nothing 
but good health and plenty of ambition, and he work- 
ed himself up by careful attention to every detail of 
business, both as an employee and an employer. He 
saved his money which he invested in a loan associ- 
ation until he possessed $300. This formed the 
nucleus of his capital with which he started in the 
newspaper business. 

After entering the newspaper business he took 
an active part in local politics, and his paper was the 
only one in Montgomery county that came out for 
Quay in his memorable fight in 1895 for control of 
tlie State Republican organization at a time when the 
Senator's fight was a seemingly hopeless one. 

Mr. Haldeman was elected an Alternate Delegate 
from the Seventh Congressional District, to the Re- 
publican National Convention held at St. Louis 
in 1896, and was elected a member of the County 
Committee and appointed on the Executive Committee 
during the same campaign. He is still, (1899) a 
member of the Executive Committee. In 1900, he was 
nominated by the Republicans, of Montgomery county, 
as their candiate for a member of the state Legislature, 
and was triumphantly elected. The following year he 
was nominated for sheriff, receiving the highest vote in 
the County, but was defeated by a Fusion ticket. C: 

VII. Ella R. Haldeman, b Aug 8, 1892. (VII) 
Eva Haldeman, b July 22, 1895. 

V|. Ella C. Rosenberger, b June 24, 1869; tfi 
Harry M. Heckler. P O Harleysville, Pa. 

VI. Levi C. Rosenberger, b Apr 30, 1873; m 

Digifeed by LjOOQ IC 


Martha I^pp. P O Lansdale, Pa. C: Claud and 

¥|. John C. Rosenberger, b Feb 21, 1876; m 
Lizzie, daughter of Samuel Moyer, of Blooming Glen. 
P O Lansdale, Pa. Cr Earl . 

V|. Annie C. Rosenberger, b Nov 30, 1878; m 
Isaiah R. Haldeman Oct 28, 1897. PO Harleysville, 
Pa. Editor and Proprietor of the Harleysville News 
C: (VII) James Holland Haldeman, b May 2, 1900. 

Vl. Rev. Henry H. Rosenberger, (d), b Feb 23, 
1834; m Mary Frick Oct 31, 1857. Farmer: He 
was ordained to the ministry of the Brethem Church 
at Silverdale April 1877, and ordained Bishop in May 
1886. C: John, Abraham, Franey, Kate, Sarah, 
William and Henry. 

VI. John F. Rosenberger, b Aug 28, 1861; d Feb 
26, 1863. 

VI. Abraham F. Rosenberger, b Nov 28, 1863; d 
July 22, 1865. 

V|. Franey Rosenberger, b Jan 3, 1866; mjohn R. 
Kindig. C; (VII) Harvey R.Kindig, b June 4, 1886; 
d Aug II, 1886. 

V|. Kate Rosenberger, b Sept 18, 1868; d July 

I9» 1873. 

Vl. Sarah Rosenberger, b Mar 3, 1871. S. 

Vl. William F. Rosenberger, b June 6, 1874; m 
Sallie Henning. P O Kulpsville, Pa. 

Vl. Henry F. Rosenberger, b June 15, 1877. 

V. Rev.Samuel H. Rosenberger, b Feb 11, 1836; 
m Elizabeth D. Stover Nov 12, 1859. She was b 
Jan 7, 1841; d Sept 21, 1877. P O Hatfield, Pa. 
Farmer; He was a minister, of the River Brethem 
Church. C: Mary, Milton, James, John, Henry, 
Rachel, Catharine and Samuel. 

VI . Mary Rosenberger, b Jan 4, 1861; d 1862. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


¥|. Milton Rosenberger, b Feb 8, 1863; m Clara 
McKennedy Apr 20, 1886. P O White Cloud, Kan. 

VI. James Rosenberger, b Oct i8^ 1864; d Feb 27, 

VI. John Rosenberger, b Aug 20, 1867; m Susan 
Eckert. R. 5523-Bauvier St. Phila, Pa. C: Stella, 
Edna and Harry. 

Vi. Henry Rosenberger, bNov 14. 1869. R. Phila.S. 

VI. Rachel Rosenberger, b Dec 10, 187 1; m John 
Ziegenfuss in 1892. P O Perkasie, Pa. Luth. C. 
Irvin, Howard, both dead: OKver. 

Vi. Catharine Rosenberger, b Mar 3, 1874; dSept 

19. 1857. 

Vf. Samuel Rosenberger, b May 14, 1875; m Mary 
Landis. P O Telford, Pa. 

V. Abraham H. Rosenberger, b May 29, 1838; m 
Anna S. Kulp Nov 29, 1868. P O Hatfield, Pa. C: 

Vf. John K, Rosenberger, bNov 29, 1872; djuly 
29, 1873. 

Vf. Ervin K. Rosenberger, (twin), bNov29, 1872; 
d July 25, 1873. 

Vi. Sallie K. Rosenberger, b June 18, 1874; m 
Harvey Cope, of Hatfield, Pa. 

Vf. Katie K. Rosenberger, b Mar 17, 1879; m 
Andrew Henning. 

VI. Anna M. K. Rosenberger, b May 28, 1882. 
V|. Carrie K. Rosenberger, b Dec 29, I884. 

V. Sarah Ann Rosenberger, b June 23, I840; m 
Enos Landis Aug 30, I876. P O Reserve, Elan. 
Farmer; Ger. Bap, C: (VI) William H I^andis, b 
June 25, I878; Ellen Jane, b Dec 20, I880; Mary 
Edna, b May 7, I884. 

V. Nancy Rosenberger, b Apr 7, I842; d Feb 27, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. William Rosenberger, b Aug 3, 1844; d 1845. 

IV. Christian Hockman, died, single. 

IV. Barbara Hockman, (d), b Apr2, 1809; Her sen, 
Hiram Drake, bMay 28, 1831; m. — He resides in 
the West. Barbara m Daniel Fretz Apr 1837. C.- 
Maria, Aaron. Barbara m again; Moses Wismer 
Oct 28, 1847. Farmer and Weaver; Menns. C: 
Israll and Eliza. 

IV. Abraham Hockman, d single. 

IV. Veronica Hockman, d single. 

III. Christian Fretz, b in 1775; d Apr 5, 1799. S. 

III. Mary Fretz, bMay 15, 1777; d Nov 9, 1822; m 
Henry Tyson. Farmer; Menns. C: Elizabeth, 
Cornelius, Joseph, Martin, Mary, Barbara, and 

IV* Elizabeth Tyson, b Jan 18, 1803; d Sept 30, 
1868. S. 

IV. Cornelius Tyson, b Dec 27, 1806; d Mar 3, 
1832, S. 

IV. Joseph F. Tyson, b Sept 3, 1808; d Dec 23, 1869; 
m Catharine Clemens Oct 13, 1831. She was b Dec 
23, 1 810. Blacksmith and Farmer; Menns. C: 
Fourd infants, and Henry, Enos, Anna, Daniel. 

IV. Martin Tyson, b Apr 18, 1811; d Jan 2, 1885; m 
Magdalena OverholtFeb 27, 1834. Blacksmith, later 
Miller; Menns. C: Susanna, Isaac, William, Martin, 
Abraham, Annie, Hannah. 

IV. Mary Tyson, b Mar 11, IS13; d Mar 4, 1870; m 
Abraham Haldcman Feb 24, 1835. Farmer; Menns. 
C: Eliza, Mary, Sallie, Cornelius, Christiana, John, 
Abraham, Catharine. 

IV. Barbara T>'son, b May 10, I815; d Jan 6, 
1832. S. 

IV. Henry Tyson, b in Bucks Co., Pa. July 7, 1819; 
djune 12, I858; m Sarah Ann Smith. She was b 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






























TjQiflil- ^^^^Kt^^bS 


»3 '-• 


^ .^' -f^^ 

. i 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Apr 26, 1826. P O Campden, Ont. C: David, 
WiUiam, Walter. 

y. David Tyson, b Mar 19, I846; d May 24, 1894; 
m Jane Gulp. C: Sarah, Melvin, Calvin, Lettie, 
Albert, Wallace, Charles. 

V. William Tyson, b Feb 18, 1849; d Dec 10, 

V. Walter Tyson, b Mar 4, 1852; m-. P O St. 
Catharines, Ont. Carpenter. C: Orben (d), Clarence, 
Nettie, James, Jessie, (d), Flossie, Kenneth. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, b Oct 20, 1780; d Feb 29, 
1828; m Abraham Meyer, d Nov 21. 1809. He was 
b Apr 21, 1784. Mason, afterwards farmer; Menns. 
C: Mary, Isaac, Christian, Anna, Elizabeth, Bar- 
bara, Abraham. 

IV. Mary Meyer, (d), b Sept 28, 1810; m Enos 
Hunsberger about 1829. Farmer; Menns. C: John, 
Elizabeth, Mahlon, Abraham, Reuben, Edmund, 
Isaac, Enos. 

IV. Isaac Meyer, bSept i, 1812; d 1896; m Elizabeth 
Kratz Oct6, 1833. Shed Dec 25, 1882; Isaac m 
second wife Susanna, widow of Jacob Leatherman, 
Dec 20, 1885. In early life he was a blacksmith, 
later a farmer. He was ordained to the ministry of 
the Old Mennonite Church at Deep Run June 12, 1843, 
and faithfully preached the Gospel there and else- 
where for 46 years. C: Enos, (d infant), Abraham, 
Mahlon, Mary, Anna, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, 
Isaac, Dilman, Christian, Hannah. 

IV. Christian Meyer, b Mar 15, 1814; din 1867; m 
Barbara Godshalk Apr 10, 1836. Farmer and Miller, 
and later Merchant; Menns. C: Lydia, Enos, Isaac, 
Mary, Allen, Amanda, Mahlon, Isaiah. 

IV. Anna Meyer, b Apr 6, 1816; m Isaac Kulp (d), 
Farmer; Menns. C: Henry, Elizabeth. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Elizabeth Meyer, b 1818; d young. 

IV. Barbara Meyer, b and d in 1821. 

tV. Rev. Abraham F. Moyer, d 1902; b Sept 19, 
1822; m Hester Hunsberger. Shed Feb 28, 1873. 
Abraham m second wife Anna Moyer, (widow Henry 
M. Hunsberger). P O Blooming Glen, Pa. He was 
ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite Church at 
Blooming Glen Nov 6, 1855, where he has since 
served as a faithful minister of the Gospel. C: Mary, 
Henry, Allen, Jacob, Reuben, Isaac, Aaron, Abra- 
filam, Lizzie, Emma, Anna. 

For omitted records of Christian and Barbara 
.(Oberholtzer)Fretz, see Fretz History. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


i|. Henry Oberholtzer, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb 5, 
1739; din Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1813; m * Anna 
Beitler Jan 3, 1765. She wasb Mar 24, 1745; d Apr 
5, 1835. The homestead of Henry **Overhold," in 
Bucks Co. , was a tract of 1 75 acres and 44 perches at 
Deep Run in Bedminister township, adjoining the 
Mennonite Church property, which WiUiam Allen 
conveyed to Abraham Black (Swartz) May 10, 1762. 
Abraham Black assigned all his rights to above deed 
Sept 20. 1762, to AngesNash (d), widow of William 
Nash, of Bedminister, and mother of Henry Oberholt- 
zer by her first husband, Martin Oberholtzer. OnNov 
7, 1774, Anges Nash conveyed the homestead to her 
son, Henry **Overhold," for jCy 357» ^7 shillings and 
2 pense. On Apr 25, I800, Henry "Overbold" and 
wife Anna sold the homestead to Andrew Loux for 
the sum of jCt 1500, gold and silver money. 

The old homestead is now owned and occupied by 
Samuel Leatherman. 

After disposing of his property in Bucks County, 
Henry Overholt with his family, emigrated to West- 

* Daughter of pioneer Jacob and Anna (Meyer) Beidler, 
of * 'Lower** Milford twp., Bucks Co., Pa., and grand- 
daughter of Hans Meyer, pioneer, of Upper Salford, twp., 
Montg., Co., Pa., (See Moyer and Beidler histories). 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


moreland Co., Pa., and settled on a tract of then wild 
land, since known as the Overholt homestead, in 
West Overton, in East Huntington twp., Farmer; 
Menns. C: Anges Maria, Jacob, Annie, Martin, 
Barbara, Elizabeth, Henry, Sarah, Abraham, Chris- 
tian, Susanna. 

III. Anges Overholt, bin Bucks Co., Pa., Oct 15, 
1765, d June 15, 1850; m *Christian Fretz. He was 
bin Bucks Co., Pa., about 1761; d Apr 5, 1849. He 
emigrated to Westmoreland Co., in 1800. Farmer; 
Menns. C: John, Henry, Daniel, Mary, Anna, 

IV. John Fretz, b Dec 25, 1786; d in Westnd' Co., 
Pa., Jam, I867; ^ Frances Shellenberger; She d 
Dec 4, I877. Tailor; Menns. C; John, Martin, 
Flizabeth, Henry, Abraham, Daniel, Frances. 

IV. Henry Fretz, b May 12, 1791; d Dec 22, I845; 
m Susan Sherrick, she d Mar 5, I874. Farmer; 
Menns. C: John, Christian, Nancy, Henry, Abra- 
ham, Daniel, Joseph, Elizabeth, Catharine, and 

IV. Daniel Fretz, b Dec i, 1792; d July 13, I873; 
m Hannah Fox. ( No issue.) 

IV. Mary Fretz, b June i, 1795; d Feb i, 1824. S. 

IV. Anna Fretz, b Feb 24, 1799; d Feb 2, 1878; 
m Samuel Stauffer. He d June 17, 18 19. Farmer; 
Menns. One child John. 

IV. Christian Fretz, b Dec 17, I802, dDec24, I828; 
m Catharine Smith, Farmer: He Menu. She Luth. 
One child John. 

♦ Son of Daniel Fretz, and grand-son of pioneer Chris- ' 
tian Fretz, of Tinicum twp, Bucks Co., Pa. 

For omitted records of Christian and Anges 
( Overholt ) Fretz, see Fretz and Beidler Histories. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


III. Maria Overholt, bin Bucks Co., Pa., Dec 22, 
1766; d — m John Myers-. No issue. 

III. Jacob Overholt, bin Bucks Co., Pa., Oct 15, 
1768; d in Westmoreland Co., Pa., May 10, 1847; m 
Elizabeth Detweiler: She wash in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Mar 8, 1775; d Sept 20 I849. Farmer, Veterinary 
Surgeon. Menus. C: John, Henry, Annie, Jacob, 
Susan, Martin. 

IV. Rev. John D. Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr 19, 1795; d Aug 28, 1878; m Elizabeth Stauffer. 
C: Agnes, Jacob, Anne, Elizabeth, Christian, John, 
Aaron. John m second wife Mary Bixler. He was 
a minister of the Mennonite Church for 48 years, of 
which time he was Bishop 40 years. He preached at 
two brick churches every alternate Sabbath. 

V. Agnes Overholt, b in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Dec 27, 1822; m Abraham Bac)itel Aug 2, 1841. He 
d Nov 24, 1877. P O Newcomer, Mo. Farmer; 
Menus. C: Anna, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, 
Aaron, Abraham, Emma. 

VI. Anna Bachtel, b Oct 24, 1843; dOct4, 1848. 
V|. John Bachtel, b Apr 24, 1846; m Caroline Plory. 

P O Indian Grove, Mo. Farmer; U. B. ch. C: infant 
Ola, (d); Ida, John, Lonnie, Logan, Christian. 

VI. Elizabeth Bachtel, b Oct 17, 1848; dDec 8, I880; 
m George W. Armstrong. Farmer; Meth Ep. C: 
(VII) William Lester, (VII) Addie Blanch, (d), (VII) 
Emma Agnes. 

VI. Mary Bachtel, b Oct 12, I85I; m Washington 
Redding. P O Newcomer, Mo. Meth Ep. C: (VII) 
Charles, Wilbur, Alice, Bettie, Aaron, Mary, d; 
Infant, Henry, Lulu. 

VI. Sarah Bachtel, b in Hancock Co., Ohio., Feb 2, 
1854; m James M. Bernard May 17, I874. PO Pagosa 
J*ct, Colo. Sawyer. Christian ch. C: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Lillian Bernard, bOct 5, I875; m W. B. Cumm- 
ings Feb 20, 1901. P O Pagosa J'ct, Colo. Railroader. 
Christian ch. 

VII. Myrtle Belle Bernard, b Feb 5, 1878; d Feb 
3, 1881. 

VII. John W.Bernard, b Aug 9, 1881. 

Vir Lena Bernard, b Apr 5, 1886. 

VII. Oma Bernard, b June 2, 1891. 

Vll. Marie Bernard, bOct 12, 1894. 

VI. Aaron Bachtel, b July 15, 1856; m Louisa Flory. 
P O Newcomer, Mo. Farmer. Christian ch, C: 

VII. Ada, Addie, Lona, Harry, Virgil, Mary. 

VI. Abraham Bachtel, b Sept 23, 1859; m Sadie 
Rehlin. P O Brunswick, Mo. Farmer. Christian 
ch. C: James Wilbert, Odas McKinley, Elmer 

V|. Emma Bachtel. b Sept 26, 1865; m William 
Syler. P O Brunswick, Mo. Farmer. Meth Ep. C: 

VII. Frank WelUngton, (VII) Cora Myrtle, (VII) 
Emma Florence, (VII) Clarence Martin, (VII) Earl 
WiUiam, (VII) Zola Mary, (VII) Susie Golden, (VII) 
Johnny B. 

V. Jacob S. R. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co., Pa., 
Apr 26, I826; d Oct 10, 1901; m Susan K. HugusDec 

II, 1849. She wash Apr 14, I828. P O Streator, 

III. Farmer. In 1855 they came to Illinois, and 
settled on the farm on which he died. In 1861 he 
went to Ottawa, where he kept a hotel until 1865, 
when he returned to the farm on which he remained 
until death. In December 1899, he and his wife cele- 
brated the fiftieth anniversary of their married life 
on which occasion all his brothers and sisters were 
present. Mr. Overholt was admired for his genial 
good nature, and his strong character as a truthful 
and upright man hi all his dealings. He was loved 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 





{See page$ 2U ts ami 23 ) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


and admired by his neighbors, and his death mourn- 
ed by them as though he were a near relative. C: 
Samuel, Alice, Charles, iErank, Byron, Edward, 
VI. Samuel H. Overholt, b Oct 4, 1850; m Eliza 
King. R: St. Louis, Mo. Railroad Official. No issue. 

VI. Alice H. Overholt, b Oct 7, 1852; m William 
H. Sparling. P O Casey, la. Farmer: Methodist. C: 

VII. Carl Sparling, (VII) Lee O. Sparling, (VII) 
Susan N. Sparling, (VII) Edward V. Sparling. 

VI. Charles H. Overholt, b at Streator, 111., Dec 
22, 1855; m Jennie M. Sparling, of Putnam, 111., 
Sept 30, 1884. P O Greenfield, la. They came to 
Iowa in the Spring of 188 1, and settled on a quarter 
section three miles north of Greenfield, where he has 
built up one of the most beautiful homes in Adair Co. 
Farmer: Presby. C: (VII) Ralph S. Overholt, b 
June 26, 1885. (VII) Jennie S. Overholt. b Apr 10, 


VI. Frank H. Overholt, bat Reading. 111., Apr 23, 
1857; m Korahuena Grove Feb 8, 1887. P O Green- 
field, la. Blacksmith. Mrs. O. Presby. C: (VII) 
Ward Grove Overholt, b Apr 29, 1888. (VII) Madge 
M. Overholt, b Mar 29, 1890. (VII) Vera S. Over- 
holt, bNov 12, 1891. (VII) Jacobs. R. Overholt. 
b Mar 13. 1893. (VII) Florette Lord Overholt, b 
Sept 5, I894. (VII) Inez Myrtas Overholt, b Dec 
12, I895. (VII) Orval Otis Overholt, b Apr 12, 
I898. (VII) Cecil Lawrence Overholt, b Jan 25, 

VI. Bjrron H. Overholt, b at Reading, 111., Apr 10, 
i860; m Margaret Berry Feb 10, 1887. PO Green- 
field, la. Farmer: Presby. C: (VII) Mattie B. 
Overholt, b Nov 20, 1888. (VII) Sadie B. Overholt, 
b Apr 22, 1891. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Vl. Edward H. Overholt, b near Streator, 111., Jan 
19, 1866; m Blanche Kline. P O Streator, 111. 
Manufacturer: Presby. No issue. 

VI. ThirzaH. Overholt, b Mar 31, 1869. P O 
Streator, 111. Presby. S. 

V. Anne Overholt, b Apr 11, 1829; d May 18, 
1894; m Alexander H. Boyd in 1847. PO Munster, 
111. Fanner: Presby. C: Elizabeth, Isabelle, 
Mary, Nancy, Christian, Margaret, Prances. 

VI. Elizabeth Boyd, b Sept 6, 1847; d Sept 3. 1884; 
m George McPadden. C: Flora. Anna, Cephas, 
Boyd, John, Clark, Ray. 

VI- Isabelle Boyd, b in Hancock Co. , O., Sept 24, 
1849; m Nicholas Weaver. P O Simpson, Kan. 
Farmer: Baptist. C: David, Fannie, Reno, Chris- 
topher, Ralph. 

VII. David B. Weaver, b Mar 21, 1872; d in a Hos- 
pital at Lancaster, Pa., Dec 25, 1897. Christian ch. S. 

VII. Fannie* Weaver, b Jan 30, 1874; m Andrew 
Franks Apr 5, 1898. P O Glasco, Kan. Farmer: 
Presby. (VIII- ) Andrew B. Franks, b Apr 16, 1901. 

VII. Reno J. Weaver, bjuly 19, 1876. P O Simp- 
son, Kan. Farmer. S. 

VII. Christopher C. Weaver, b July 4, 1879; m 
Sadie Darrow Jan 22, 1902. P O Simpson, Kan. 

VII. Ralph R. Weaver, b Oct 30, 1881. 

Vl. Mary A. Boyd,' b Dec 30, 1851; m Alexander 
H. Patterson Oct 13, 1880. P O Streator, 111. 
Farmer: Presby. C: (VII) Isa D. Patterson, b Sept 
26, 1881. (VII) Edna V. Patterson, b Aug 5, 1884. 
(VII) Robert J. Patterson, b Feb 12, 1887 (VII) 
Paul H. Patterson, b July 5, 1888. 

V|. Nancy Boyd, b Feb 9, 1859; d Feb 23, i860. 

Vl. Christian C. Boyd, bjan 17, 1862; m Lorinda 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Meritt Mar 14, 1894. P O Fremont, la. Farmer: 
Presby. C: (VII) AnnaM. Boyd, b June 18, 1895. 
Jonathan B6yd, b May 30, 1896. William M. Boyd," 
b May 8, 1898. Lorinda M. Boyd, b Aug 6, 1899. 

V|. Margaret G. Boyd, b June 19, 1864; m W. B. 
Swift Jan 22, 1895. P O Streator, 111. Fanner: 
Presby. C: (VII) Gertrude. 

VI. Frances A. Boyd, b May i, 1867. PO Streator, 
111. Presby. S. 

V. Elizabeth S. Overholt, b Sept 29, 1831. P O 
Wooster, O. S. 

V. Christian S. R. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa., 
Oct 27, 1834. P O Wooster, Ohio. S. 

V. John S. R. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa., Dec 
i3» 1S37; ^ Maria Frick in 1872. P O Wooster, O. 
Merchant and Miller. Luths. C: (VI) Jay Over- 
holt, d infant. Lucy Overholt. d infant. Grace Over- 
holt, d 1894; aged 21 years. S. Karl Overholt, b 
1877. S. John D, Overholt, b 1886. 

V. Aaron S. R. Overholt, b at West Overton, Pa., 
Dec 13, 1837; (twin to John) m Sarah Ann Over- 
holt Jan 6, 1869. P O West Overton, Pa. Retired. 
He was for many years book-keeper for the firm of 
A. & H. S. Overholt. After their ^eath he became 
a partner in building and opperating a large Coke 
plant of the firm of A. S. R. Overholt & Co., After- 
wards A. C. Overholt & Co. He is at present a stock 
holder in the United States Cast Iron & Pipe Foimdry 
Co., one plant being at Scottdale, Pa. He also has 
interests in Silver mines in CcAorado. He is an 
accurate business man, there are few better. In 
some business matter a lawyer was heard to say, ' 'if 
A. S. R. Overholt has counted it we need not look it 
over." He was universally liked by his employees, 
one of whom remarked that he would rather work for 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


him than any one he had ever known, as he always 
knows what he wants to do before he gives his orders 
to his men. He is kind hearted and generous to all. 
He with his twin brother John served for three years 
in the Civil War, enlisted Aug 1862, in Co. A. 15th, 
P. V. C. mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., as first 
Sergeant June 1865. He is the present occupant of 
the old Homestead, where his great grandfather 
Henry Overholt lived. C: Ralph, Clyde. 

VI. Ralph Overholt, b June 23, 1871; m Mary E. 
Husband Oct 26, 1899. Manager of the United 
States Iron Pipe & Foundry Co. Office at Pittsburg, 
Pa. Baptist. One child. (VII) Margaret Overholt, 
b Mar 17, 1901. 

V|. Clyde Overholt, b June 25. 1876. S. 

IV. Henry D. Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa., 1797; d 
in Fayette Co, Pa., m Elizabeth Sherrick in 1824. 
She was b in Fayette Co, Pa., 1803; d in 1864. 
Fanner: Menus. C: Anna, Jacob, John, Elizabeth, 
Susan, Henry. 

V. Anna Overholt, b 1825; d in Iowa City, la.. Sept 
28, 1897. S. 

V. Jacob Overholt, b in Fayette Co, Pa.. Oct 22, 
1827; d Sept 18, 1885; m Amelia Lyon. She was b 
in Germany; d Sept 1865. C: Carrie, John, Charles. 
Jacob m second wife Elizabeth Stull Oct 18, 1886. 
She was b Jan 20, 1841. Farmer: Baptist. C: Isaac, 
Rice, Jacob, Warren. 

VI. Carrie B. Overholt, b May 21, i860. P O 
Bissell, Pa. S. 

VI. John Overholt, b Oct 16, 1863; m Ida M. Haw- 
kins Nov 10, 1887. PO Zollarsville, Pa. Farmer: 
Baptist. C: Thomas, Clarence, Samuel. 

VI. Charles C. Overholt, b in Washington Co, Pa., 
Apr 10, 1865; m George Etta Reed June 4, 1894. P 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


O McKeesport, Pa. Shoe Merchant. Baptist. C: 
(VII) J. Reed Overholt, b May 14, 1895. 

VI. Isaacs. Overholt, bMar 25, 1868; m Etta Nys- 
wamer Dec 29, 1893. P O Bissell, Pa. Farmer: Bap. 
No issue. 

VI. Rice B. Overholt. b Mar 10, 1870. P O Louis- 
ville, Ky. Collector. Baptist. S. 

VI. Jacob S. Overholt, b Sept 8, 1873. dAug8, 1893. 

VI. Warren R. Overholt, b July 19, 1879. P O 
Bissell, Pa. School teacher. Baptist. S. 

V. John Overholt He enlisted in the 5th, Pa., 

Cavalry Aug 1862; d in Nashville, Tenn., Mar i, 
1 863. He was brought home and buried. S. 

V. Elizabeth Overholt m Rice Boyd . P 

O Irongmont, Colo. No issue. 

V. Susan Overholt, b in Fayette Co, Pa., Jan 28, 
1836; d Mar 20, 1895; m Jacob Myers Sept 2^, 1855. 
He d May 27, 1890. Farmer: Baptist. C: Newton, 
Ella, Laura, Harry, Lizzie, Dora. 

V|. Newton Myers, b Mar 28, 1857; m Margie 
Mathews Feb 22, 1884. P O New Britain, Pa. C: 
(VII) Bessie, Carl. 

V|. Ella Myers, b Sept 7, i860; m Frank Raile Feb 
15, 1 88 1. He d Feb 1890. Farmer: Baptist. C: 
Harry, Walter. Ella m second husband Otto Rein- 
bold Dec 1897. 

VI. Laura Myers, bMay 24, 1862; mjohn Van Tour 
Oct 10, 1885. P O New Britain, Pa. Farmer: Bap. 
C: (VII) Elsie, Leroy, Dora, 

VI. Harry Myers, b Apr 29. 1864; m Mamie L. 
Maynes Feb 15, 1887. Boot and Shoe Merchant. 
C: (VII) Clarence, Howard. 

VI. Lizzie Myers, b June 13, 1867; m Harvey O. 
Magargal Dec i, 1886. C: (VII) Russel, Harvey. 

V. Henry D. Overholt, b in Fayette Co, Pa., 1840; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m B, Newmyer Oct 7, 1867. Shed May 1883. C: 
John, Mary, Harry, Jessie, Frederick, Mabel, 
Helen. Henry m second wife C. Pergeson Dec 27, 
1888. He enlisted in the 15th, Pa,, Cav., and served 
three years in the late civil war. In 1867 he located 
in Iowa City, la., and engaged in the Hides & Tallow 
business etc for 30 years. He was then appointed 
Postmaster of Iowa City, la., which position he still 
holds, (1901). 

VI. John Franklin Overholt, b July 15, 1869. S. 

V|. Mary E. Overholt, b Jan 22, 187 1; d May 16, 
1898; m E. L. Golley Sept 1895. C: (VII) Belle, 

V|. Harry D. Overholt, b Aug 22, 1873; d 1874. 

V|. Jessie May Overholt, b Jan 6, 1875. P O 
Iowa City, la.. S. 

VI. Frederick E. Overholt, b Jan 13, 1878. P O 
Alden, la. Dentist. S. 

VI. Mabel E. Overholt, b Nov 16, 1880. P O 
Iowa City, la. S. 

VI. Helen Belle Overholt, b Apr 18; 1883. 

IV. Annie Overholt, b Feb 8, 1804; d Aug 22, 1855; 
m Abraham Sherrick. C: Susan, Martin. 

IV. Jacob D. Overholt, b Aug 27, 1806; d Aug 22, 
1872; m Mary Freed. Farmer: Menns. C: Elizabeth, 
Martin, John, Anna (d), Joseph, Abraham. 

V. Elizabeth Overholt; m William H.Landenberger. 
He was b in Germany; d Jan 2, 1883. Stone cutter. 
Methodist. C: Jacob, John, Mary, Sadie, Albert. 

V. Martin F. Overholt; m— C: (VI) Samuel, 

V. John F. Overholt—. 

V. Anna Overholt; (d); m Joseph Laughery — . 
V. Joseph Overholt — . 
V. Abraham Overholt; d in the civil war. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

REV. A. M. FRETZ (See Pa^e ! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Susan Overholt, binWestm'd Co, Pa, Jan 7, 
1808; d Dec 24, 1863; m Christian Stauffer. (See 
Christian Stauffer Family). 

IV. Martin D. Overholt, b at West Overton, Pa, 
Aug 8, 1816; d Mar 18, 1859; m Mary Shallenber- 
gerDec22, 1843. She was bat* Mt. Pleasant, Pa, 
Sept 14. 1822; d Feb 5, 1855. Farmer: Menns. C: 
Joseph, Christian, Elizabeth, James. 

V. Joseph S. Overholt, b near West Overton, Pa, 
Oct 20. 1845; m Annie M. Smith Dec 4, 1867. PO 
Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Cigar M'f'g. MethEp. C; Clara, 
Avery, Mary, Edwin, Jennie. 

VI. Clara E. Overholt, b Jan 13, 1869; m F. A. 
PlotnerDec7, 1887. P O— . MethEp. C: (VII) 
AnnaR. Plotner, bFebi6, 1889. (Vl|) EvaPlotner, 
bApr 27, 1 891. 

V|. Avery S. Overholt, b Aug 16, 1871. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. Meth Ep. 

V|. MaryM. Overholt, b Sept 27, 1874; m George 
St. Clair Oct 25, 1899. P O Scottdale, Pa. MethEp. 

VI. Edwin M. Overheat, b Sept 9, 1881. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. MethEp. 

VI. Jennie S. Overholt, bMar 1885; d Apr i, 1892. 

V. Christian Overholt, b Oct 18, 1847; dMar 1849. 

V. Elizabeth Overholt, b Feb 5, 1850; m Reuben 
B. Overholt. (See Reuben B. Overholt Family). 

V. James M. Overholt, b Aug 10, 1852; d Aug 
28, 1871. S. 

III. Anna Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Nov 25, 
1770; d Mar 15, 1845; m Peter Loucks. He was b 
in Bucks Co, Pa, Dec 19, 1760. Emigrated to Fay- 
ette Co, Pa, in 1800, and later to Westm'd Co, 
where he d July 10, 1825. Farmer: Menns. C: 
Catharine, Henry, Jacob, Mary, Martin, Nancy, 
John, Peter, Sarah. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Catharine l/)ucks, b about 1793; d 1871; aged 
78 years; m John W. Stauffer. Farmer; Miller. 
Menns. C: Five d young, and Sarah. 

V. Sarah Stauffer, b 1820; d 1858; m Solomon 
Keisterin 1843. P O Scottdale, Pa, Merchant, 
miller and farmer. Methodist. C: John, George, 
Albert, B-, A-, Mary, Fenton, lyawrence. (Vl)John 
Keister,— d. (Vl) George Keister— ; d in 1880. 

VI. Albert Keister; m Agnes Fraser. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. 

VI. B. F. Keister, b 1850. PO Scottdale, Pa, S. 

V|. A. L. Keister, b 1852. PO Scottdale, Pa. S. 

V|. Mary Keister, b 1853; m Rev. J. S. Mills in 1876. 
C: (VII) Alfred Mills, b 1876. (VII) Alice Mills, b 1880. 
(VII) Ellen Mills, bi882. (VII) Lucilla Mills, b 1885. 

V|. Fenton Keister, b 1855; m Eliza Campbell. PO 
Scottdale, Pa. 

V|. Lawrence Keister, b 1856; m Cora Cormany. 
P O Scottdale, Pa. C: (VII) Laveme Keister, b 
1888. Donald Keister, b 1890. 

IV. Henry Loucks, b in Bucks Co, Pa, about 1794; 
dinWestm'd Co, Pa, Dec 1854; m Mary Myers. 
C: John, Peter. Henry m second wife Barbara, 
daughter of Henry and Betty (Rosenberry) Stauffer 
about 1825-6. She wash about 1807; d Mar 1840. 
Laborer and Teamster. Menns. C: Joseph, Henry, 
Mary, Betsey, Anna, Susie. 

V. John Loucks, b — ; ra — . C: William . 

V. Peter Meyer Loucks, b in Westm'dCo, Pa, Nov 
19, 1820; din Holt Co, Mo, Jan 19, 1898; m Anna 
Forney Oct 29, 1843. She was b in Harrison Co, O, 
Nov 20, 1 821; d Nov 4, 1894, Carpenter and 
farmer: U. B. ch. C: Kate, John, Abraham, 
Henry, William, Harriet, Martha, James, Joseph, 
Mary, George. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Vi. Kate l/)ucks, b in Holmes Co, O., Aug 
1844; m Daniel W. Tliuma Dec 25, 1867. P 
O Oregon, Mo. Meth. C: Julia, Anna, Charles, 
Harry, James. 

VII. Julia E. Thuma, bDec 24, 1868; m A. W. King 
Dec 29, 1887. Meth. C: (VIII) I/)rraine Kuig, 
Gerald King, Katharine King, George King. 

VII. Anna W. Thuma, bApr 25, 1870. In Telegraph 
office. Meth. S. 

VII. Charles H. Thuma, b Dec 18, 1873; d Mar 1874. 

Vl|. Harry M. Tliuma, b June 17, 1875. Harness- 
maker. Meth. S. 

VII. James E. Thuma, b July 11, 1884. 

V|. John F. Loucks, b Apr 1846; m Mary C. Kunkel. 
P O Mound City, Mo. 

VI. Abraham Loucks, b in Holmes Co, O., Jan 26, 
1848; mMrs. MaryE. Forney (nee Iddings) Feb 9, 
1879. P O Maitland, Mo. Farmer. C: 

VII. RosaK. Loucks. b Feb 4, 1880; m Charles M. 
Jackson Oct 31, 1900. 

VII. Peter I. Loucks, b July 31, 1881. 

VII. Marco T. Loucks, bApr 12, 1886. 

VII. Esther E. Loucks, b Nov 21, 1888. 

V|. Henry Loucks, b 1850; d June 1851. 

V|. William Zook Loucks, b 1850; d Mar 10, 1861. 

V|. Martha Loucks, b Aug i, 1854; d Feb 10, 1890; 
m John H. Lucas. P O Tonka wa, Okla. 

VI. James D. Loucks, b Oct 16, 1856; d Nov 4, 
1899; m Sarah Millerman Apr 9, 1890. P O Canton- 
ment, Okla. Farmer: Ger Bap. C: (VII) Muriel 
M. Loucks, b Feb 18, 1891. Nora Loucks, b Mar 
II, 1893. James R. Loucks, b May 11, 1894. 
Clark Loucks, b Oct 22, 1895; d Oct 26, 1895. 
Theron W. Loucks, b Dec 9, 1896 Ora Pearl Loucks, 
b Feb 2, 1899. Joseph E. Loucks b Aug 29, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Vl. Joseph I/)Ucks,bAug29, 1 859. R Frankfort, Kan. 

Vl. Mary F. Loucks, b Aug 29, 1859; d Oct i860. 

VI. George S. Loucks, b Dec 21, 1868. PO Mound 
City, Mo. 

V. Joseph Loucks, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Apr 5. 
1828. P O Blue Springs, Nebr. In early life Shoe- 
maker; Bachelor. 

V. Henry S. Loucks, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Nov 28, 
1831; m Caroline Wible Nov 5, 1863. P O Clayton, 

III. Merchant, Presby. C: Anna, Charles, Edwin, 

VI. Anna Winnifred Loucks, b Feb i, 1869; m 
Alonzo A. Smallwood Sept 4, 1890. P O Clayton, 
111, C: (VII) Chester H. Smallwood, b Sept 1891. 

Vl. Charles Bennett Loucks, b June 26, 1873; d Sept 
6, 1873. 
Vl. Edwin Arthur Loucks, b Oct 6, 1 874; d Nov 1 874. 

V. Mary Loucks, b in Fayette Co, Pa, July 18, 
1834; m Isaac N. Yother Dec 15, 1870. P O Liberty, 
Nebr. Farmer; Christian ch. C: Henry, Carrie, 

V|. Henry L. Yother, b in Livingston Co, 111, Nov 
6, 1871; m Lida Gibson July 16, 1896. PO Liberty, 
Nebr. School teacher, graduated from Fremont 
Nebr, Normal School, in 1894. Member and Sec, of 
Masonic Lodge, 152 A. F. A. M. Christian ch. C: 
(VII) Paul Yother. b Mar 25, 1898. 

V|. Carrie E. Yother, b Dec 22, 1873; m William 
K. Curry Nov 7, 1894. P O Armour, Nebr. Hard- 
"ware Merchant. Christian ch. 

VI. Minnie A. Yother, b Oct i, 1880. P O Liberty, 
Nebr. S. 

V. Betsey Loucks, (d), aged 5 or 6 years 

V. Anna Loucks, (d), aged 3 years. 

V. Susie Loucks, d, 1845; aged 6>4 years. 

IV. Jacob Loucks, bjan6. 1795; d near Scottdale, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Pa, Sept I o, 1880; m Catharine Smith (widow 
Christian Fretz) Oct 1830. Weaver. Mr.-L. Menn. 
Mrs. If. Luth. C: Martin, Anna, Elizabeth, Jacob, 
Samuel. Maria, Catharine. 

V. Martin Loucks, b June 16, 1832; m — Cope. P 
O North Baltimore, O, C: (VI) John, Frank, 
Jacob, Albert, Minnie. 

V. Anna Loucks, b Nov 23, 1S34; m Jacob Horner. 
P O Bloomdale, O. C: (VI) Catharine, Elizabeth. 
Maria, Mary, Alice, Samuel, John, Albert. Infant d. 

V. Elizabeth I/)ucks, b July 2, 1837. P. O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Menn. S. 

V. Jacob M. Loucks, b near Scottdale, Pa, Dec 29, 
1839; m Mary M. Howard Nov 2, 1865. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Retired. Farmer; Luth. C: William, 

VI. William S. Loucks, b Feb 28, 1867. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Book-keeper; Luth. S. 

VI. C. Abbie Loucks, b Jan 16, 1873. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Luth. S. 

V. Samuel Loucks, b Nov 14, 1843; m Susan Fretts 
in 1865. P O Bloomdale, O. Farmer; U. B. ch. C: 
Ada, Alvin, John, Cora, Lizzie, Gertrude, Rosa. 

Vf. AdaO. Loucks, b Mar 20, 1866; m Walter C. 
Smith June 15, 1882. PO Bloomdale, O. Farmer; 
U. B. ch. C: (VII) Sylvia May Smith, b Apr 1890. 

VI. Alvin Grant Loucks, b Apr 25. 1869; m Sarah 
Anne Stillwell Sept 27, 1891. P O Bloomdale, O. 
Laborer. C: (VII) Eva May Loucks, b May 19, 
1892. Roy Edman Loucks, b Nov 27, 1895. 

V|. John F. Loucks, b Nov 27, 1872; m Eva E. 
Perrine June 5, 1894. PO Bloomdale, O. Farmer; 
U. B. ch. C: (VII) Leota Loucks, bSept 5, 1900. 

VI. CoraE. Loucks, b Jan 28. 1874; m Robert H. 
Smith in 1892. P O Bloomdale, O, Clerk; U. B. ch 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


C: (VII) Charley Smith, b Nov 21, 1892. (VII) 
Neva Smith, b Nov 28, 1893. 

V|. Lizzie l/)ucks, b Feb 22, 1881; dMar 11, 1882. 

VI. Gertrude M. I/)Ucks, bMar 11, 1884. 

VI. Rosa Ethel I/)ucks, b Jfan 22, 1889. 

V. Maria l/)ucks, b Aug 17, 1846; m Isaac O. F. 
StonerNovy, 1865. P O. Scottdale, Pa. Farmer: 
U. B. ch. C: Elmer, Annetta, Katie, Walter. 

VI. Elmer E. Stoner, b Aug 14^ 1868. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Farmer; U. B. ch. S. 

VI. Annetta M. Stoner, b Apr 27, 187 1. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. U. B. ch. S. 

Vl. Katie O. Stoner, b Jan 18, 1875; m R. G. Hixon 
Dec 24, 1895. PO Scottdale, Pa. U. B. ch.C: (VII) 
Arthur Glen Hixon, Graden Stoner Hixon. 

VI. Walter F. Stoner, b Sept 14, 1879. P O Scott- 
dale. Pa. U B ch. S. 

V. Catharine Loucks, b Apr 6, 1849; m William 
Sloan. P O Pitcaini, Pa. C: Cora, Samuel, Rilie. 

IV. Mary Loucks, bMar 19, 1797; d Apr 14, 1880; 
m Jacob Shupe. He was b Mar 15, 1789; d June 4, 
1870. Farmer; ch of God. C: Abraham, Daniel, 
Peter, John, Anna. 

V. Abraham Shupe, m Amanda Hoover. C: 
Manda, ect. P O White, Pa. 

V. Daniel Shupe, (d); m— . C: (VI) Marcellus,— . 
P O Appollo, Pa. 

V. Peter L. Shupe, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, June 11, 
1829; m Annie Byers. She d Mar 18, 1854. C: Jacob, 
Marcellus. Peter m second wife Rebecca Aukerman. 
P O Alverton, Pa. Farmer; ch of God. C: John, 
William, Clark, Mary, Charley. 

V|. Dr. Jacob B. Shupe, bjans, 1850; m— . P O 
Western Port, Md. C: (VII) Frank, Braden. 

VI. Dr. M. B. Shupe, b June 17, 1853; m Electa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

€y^c^AyUAt. y^ 

(Set' l*a^t' ;n.) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Skiff Jmie 5, 1884. P O Counellsville, Pa. No issue. 

Vl. John Shupe, b Jan 9, 1866. R 802 Publication 
Building Pittsburg, Pa, Short-hand writer for Pul- 
man Palace Car Co. S. 

VI. William A. Shupe, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, May 
9, 1868; m Gertrude Mauk Dec 31. 1889. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Stationary engineer and machinist; ch of 
God. C: (VII) Ralph Shupe, b Nov 14, 1890. Eva 
Shupe, bjuly 13, 1892. 

V|. Clark Shupe, b Oct 10, 1870. P O Alverton, 
Pa. Weighs iron. S. 

V|. Mary Alice Shupe. bSept 26, 1873; d Aug 1874. 

VI. Charley Elmer Shupe, b May 16, 1878. P O 
Alverton, Pa. Inspector of iron. S. 

V. John Shupe, killed at battle of Gettysburg. 

V. Anna Shupe was burned to death when young. 

IV. Rev. Martin Loucks, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Dec 9, 
1798; d in Westm*d Co, Pa, Nov 7, 1869; m Nancy 
Staufferjune 15, 1826. She was b in Fayette Co, 
Pa, Feb 9, 1808; d June 19, 1900. Farmer and 
minister. Emigrated with his parents in 1800, settled 
at first in Fayette, and later in Westmoreland Co, 
Pa. He was ordained to the ministry at Stoners- 
ville Church m May 1833, preached there and at 
the Pennsville Church. Menus. C: Elizabeth, 
Jacob, Anne, Catharine, Abraham, Peter, Martin, 

V. Elizabeth lyoucks, b Apr 9, 1827; d Sept 14, 
1877; m David F. Stoner. No issue. 

V. Jacob S. Loucks, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Oct 10, 
1829; m Mary Saylor May 1853. P O Scottdale, Pa. 
Farmer; Menus. C: Joseph, Martin, David, 
Abram, Aaron, John, George, Norman, Infant, 
Ada, Cora. 

VI. Joseph R. I^oucks, b July 10. 1855; m Martha 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Stoner Oct lo, 1878. P O Scottdale, Pa. Baker 
and grocer; Menns. C: 

VII. Homer S. Loucks, b July 20, 1879; m Mollie 
Provance Nov 28, 1899, P O Scottdale, Pa. 

VII. Minnie E. Loucks, b Aug 7, 1881, 

VII. Mary A. l/)ucks, b July 8, 1883. 

VII . Maggie C. I<oucks (twin), b July 8, 1883. 

Vl|. Florence M. Loucks, b July 22, 1885. 

Vil- Lawrence Loucks, b May 31, 1887; d Sept 1887. 

Vil- C. J. Loucks. b Aug 23, 1888. 

Vl|. Etta E. Loucks, bNov 18, 1890. 

yii. Cecil P. Loucks, b May i, 1893. 

Vil* Pauline Loucks, b Mar 17, 1895. 

VII. May Loucks, bMay 19, 1898. 

VI. Martin R. Loucks, b Mar 29, 1857. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Farmer. S. 

V|. David S. Loucks, b Feb 15, 1859; m Nellie 
Newcomer Dec 20, 1883. P O Scottdale, Pa. Fanner; 
Menns. C: (VII) Jacob Lyman Loucks, b Dec 20, 
1885. (VII) Viola Olive Loucks, b Feb 16, 1888; d 
Aug 21, 1889. (VII) Laoma Lillian Loucks, b Feb 
27, 1890. (VII) Ada Willis Loucks, b Jan 19, 1892. 
(VII) Jennie Grace Loucks, b Aug 17, 1893. (VII) 
Celesta Modest Loucks, b Oct 9, 1898. 

V|. Abram R. Loucks, b Jan 8, 1862; m Nettie 
Brown Aug 20, 1885. PO Scottdale, Pa. Farmer; 
U B ch. C: (VII) Lydia Pearl Loucks, b June 4, 
1892. Edwin Earl Loucks, b Sept 15, 1893. Mary 
Blanch Loucks, b Apr 13, 1895. 

V|. Rev. Aaron Loucks, b Nov 20, 1864; m Amelia 
C. Medsger Oct 28, 1886. PO Scottdale, Pa. Minister 
and Bishop of the Mennonite Church. C: (VII) 
Walter Medsger Loucks, b Sept 22, 1888. William 
Jacob Loucks, b Oct 7, 1891. Anna Loucks, b 
Sept 9, 1895. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. John R. Loucks, b Apr 14, 1867; m Annie 
Rittenhouse Aug24, 1893. P O Scottdale, Pa. Ice 
salesman; Menns. C: (VII) Margaret Irene Loucks, 
b Jan 17, 1896. Ethel Jane Lpucks, b Apr 27, 1899. 

V|. George S. Loucks, b July 10, 1869; m Malinda 
E.Davis—. P O Scottdale, Pa. Farmer. 

V|. Nonnan Loucks, b Sept 28, 187 1. He was 
drowned in a spring May 19, 1874. 

VI Infant son stillborn, May 2, 1874 

V|. Ada Loucks, b Apr 3, 1875. Menn. S. 

VI. Cora Loucks, b Oct 24, 1879. Menn. S. 

V. Anna Loucks. bNov 29, 1831. P O Scottdale, 
Pa. S. 

V. Catharine Loucks, b Oct 23, 1834; d Nov 19, 
1887. S. 

V. Abraham S. Loucks, b in 1838; m Charlotte Ager 
in 1 86 1. P O Scottdale, Pa. Retired farmer ; 
Presby. C: Amanda, Dartha, Meade, Charles, 
Albert, John, Nancy, Petrina, Royden, Ruth, 

V|. Amanda M. Loucks, b Jan 27, 1862. P O 
Scottdale, Pa. Schoolteacher; Presby. S. 

VI. Dartha May Loucks, bMay7, 1864; d Aug 19, 
1897; m W. L. Kelley. P O Scottdale, Pa. Editor; 
Presby. C: (VII) Charlotte Loucks KeUey, b Nov 
8, 1896. 

V|. Dr. Meade Martin Loucks, b Oct 12, 1866. R 
Wilkinsbury, Pa. 

VI. Charles Hunter Loucks, b Oct 18, 1868. P O 
Scottdale, Pa. Cashier in bank. 

VI. Albert H. Loucks, b Dec 17, 1870. PO Scott- 
dale, Pa. .Engineer. 

VI. John S. Loucks, b May 26, 1873. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Hardware merchant; Presby. 

V|. Nancy Winnifred Loucks, bSept i , 1875. Presby. 

VI. Petrina Pearl Loucks, b May 30, 1878; d 1888. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Royden Keith Loucks, b Nov 25, 1880. Student 
at college. 
VI. Ruth Loucks, b May 28, 1885. Presby. 

V. Peter S. Loucks, b May 3, 1841; d at Scottdale, 
Pa, Nov 6, 1897; m Mary A. Boyd May 29, 1878. 
Banker, iron and steel M'f 'gr; Meth Ep. C: Arthur, 
Edwin. Martha, Nancy, Preston. 

VI. Arthur Boyd Loucks, b June 8, 1880. PO Scott- 
dale, Pa. Student at college, Meth Ep. S. 

V|. Edwin Ralph Loucks, b Sept 19, 1882. 

V|. Martha Grace Loucks, b Aug 17, 1888. 

Vl. Nancy Irene Loucks, b Aug 10, 1890. 

VI. Preston S. Loucks, b Aug 13, 1894. 

V. Martin Loucks, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, July 2, 
1843. PO Scottdale, Pa. S. 

V. John Loucks, b Sept 14. 1848. R Philadelphia, 
Pa. ^. 

IV. Nancy Loucks, d- young. S. 

IV. John Loucks, bApr8, 1802; d 1885; m Sarah 
Bassler 1827. She was b Oct 19, 1805; d 1880. 
Farmer; Menus. C: Peter, John, Catharine, Nancy, 
Susan, Joseph, Solomon. 

V. Rev. Peter Loucks, b Mar i, 1828; d 1881; m 
Anna Fox in 1855. P O Alverton, Pa. C: Erastus, 
Lyman, William, Etta. 

VI. Erastus F. Loucks, b Feb i, 1857; m Henriett 
Hunsberger Aug 19, 1887. P O Jeannette, Pa. 
Teacher and Principal of Barkeyrille Academy 8 
years; Prof, in Greek Dep't Findlay, (Ohio) College 
5 years, now teacher in High School at Jeannette, 
Pa. Chof God. C: (VII) Linna Loucks, b May 6, 

V|. J. Lyman Loucks. P O Alverton, Pa. 
V|. Rev. William Elmer Loucks, b Jan 29, 1863; m 
Grace Louisa Brown July 30. 189 1. P O Toledo, O. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Minister; Baptist ch. C: (VII) Eleanor May Loucks, 
b Nov 25, 1892. Chester Hammond Loucks, bjuly 

25. i%9- 

Vl. Etta Loucks,— d 1898. 
V. John Loucks, b Jan 10, 1830; di83i. 
V. Catharine Loucks, b Oct 21, 1832; d 1833. 

V. Sarah Loucks, b Dec 11, 1834; m Daniel B. 
Stoner in 1855. He wash Oct i, 1829; d at Scottdale, 
Pa, Apr 10, 1896. Farmer and Coke operator; ch 
of God. C; Franklin, Alice, Amelia, Sarah, 
Loucks, Erastus, Edwin, Clarence. Carrie, Myrtle. 

V|. Franklin L. Stoner, b Aug 22, 1856; d Sept 12, 


VI. Alice Susan Stoner, b Mar 3, 1858; m Ljnnan 
R. Fretts. 

VI. Amelia Ann Stoner. b Nov 11, 1859; m Isaac 
Bowser Feb 14, 1893. C: . 

V|. Sarah Ida Stoner, b Mar 18, 1862; m William R. 
Covert Jan i, 1899. C: (VII) Ross Covert. 

VI. Loucks Stoner, bMay 30, 1865; d Jan 22, 1898; 
m Abbie Chapman June 29, 1892. No issue. 

V|. Erastus L. Stoner, b Oct 9. 1868; m Katharine 
Hannajuly2i, 1896. She d Feb 28, 1897. P O 
Scottdale, Pa. Principal of public schools; Presby. 
No issue. 

Vl. Edwin D. Stoner, b Apr 8, 1871; d July 1883. 

VI. Clarence E. Stoner, bSept 13, 1874; d Apr 1875. 

Vl. Carrie May Stoner, b Sept 23, 1876. 

VI. Myrtle Gail Stoner, b Mar 6, 18 81 . 

V. Nancy Loucks,b Sept 1839; d 1841. 

V. Mary Loucks, b 1841; d 1841. 

V. Susan Loucks, b Feb 13, 1843; m Thomas Ray- 
gor. P O Alverton, Pa. C: John, Lizzie, (d), 
Hazen, (d). 

V. Joseph Loucks, b 1847; d 1852. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Solomon Loucks, b in 1849; d in 1852. 

IV. Peter Loucks, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Sept 21, 
1805; d in Elkhart, Ind, Apr 1895; m Anna Barkey 
Feb I, 1827. She was b Sept I, 1808; d Apr 1890. 
Farmer and shoemaker; Menns. C: Susan, Anna, 
Jacob, William, John, Sarah, Martin, Isaac, Catha- 
rine, Peter, Mary, Jonas. 

V. Susan Loucks, b Apr 4, 1828; d 1830. 

V. Anna Loucks, b Aug 23, 1829; d 1890; m David 
Swope. C: John, Nancy, Mary, Thomas, William. 
Anna m second husband John Buzzard. No issue. 

V. Jacob Loucks, b Sept 9. 1831 d 1893; m Catha- 
rine Freed. C: (VI) William, Samantha, Mary, 
Jacob, Anna. Jonas. 

V. William Loucks, b Aug 20, 1833; m Martha Ann 
Rinebolt. P O Wakarusa, Ind. 

V. John Loucks. b Sept 18, 1835; m Barbara Myers. 

V. Sarah Loucks, bNov 29, 1837; m Tobias Myers. 

V' Martin Loucks, b 1840; m Hannah Kilmer. 

V. Isaac Loucks, b in Ashland Co, O, June 19, 
1842; m Rebecca Culp Feb i, 1863. P O Falls City, 
Nebr. Farmer; Brethem ch. C: Aaron, Mary. 

V|. Aaron W. Loucks, bNov 19, 1864; m Ida Jones. 
P O Falls City, Nebr. Agriculturist. C: (VII) Ida 
May Loucks, b June 22, 1897. Alma Fay Loucks, b 
June 16, 1899. 

V|. Mary J. Loucks, b Feb 10, 1867; d Apr 16, 1886; 
m Frank Canada Dec 31, 1885. 

V. Catharine Loucks, b July 4, 1844; d 1872; m 
Henry Culp. P O Wakarusa, Ind. C: Ephraim. 
Salome, Anna, Ida. 

V. Peter B. Loucks, bin Ashland Co, O, Jan 22, 
1847; m Mary E. Holdeman Sept 20, 1868. P O 
Schley, Kan. Farmer; ch of God. C: 

Vr Anna Catharine Loucks, b Sep 4, 1869; m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


RoUin Geisinger; (d) . Carpenter. No issue. Anna 
m second husband Bert Wade July 3, 1899. R 214 
Washington street, Chicago, 111. Printer; Baptist. 
No issue, (1901). 

VI. Helena Loucks, b Mar 21, 1871; d Mar 28, 1875. 

VI. Martin Loucks, b Oct 24, 1874; d Feb 9, 1882. 

V|. Martha Loucks, b Nov 28, 1877; d Jan 31, 1882. 

V|. Sarah Loucks, b June 22, 1880; d Feb 3, 1882. 

Vl. Laura Loucks, b Mar 25, 1883. 

VI. Jesse Loucks, bSept 23, 1884. 

Vl. Dora Loucks, b Apr 5, 1886. 

V|. Jonas Loucks, b Feb 7, 1888. 

VI . Samantha Loucks, b Aug 2, 1890. 

V|. David Loucks, b June 9, 1892; d Dec 16, 1894. 

V. Mary Loucks, b Apr 24, 1850; m Wm. Holdeman. 

V. Jonas Loucks, b Jan 3, 1853; m Anna Raymer. 

IV. Sarah Loucks, b Nov 30, 1808; d Oct 19, 1898; 
m Samuel Dillinger. He wash Oct 28, 1810; d Aug 
1889. Farmer and distiller; Menus. C: Annie, 
Mary, Catharine, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Eliza, 
Daniel, Samuel. 

V. Annie Dillinger, (d); m Joseph Hecksor. 
V. Mary Dillinger, m Abraham Sherrick. 

V. Catharine Dillinger, m Moses Hickson. 

V. Sarah Dillinger, (d); m J. C. Fox. 

V. John L. Dillinger, m Mary Mclntyre. 

V. Elizabeth Dillinger, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, — ; m 
Cyrus T. Hanna. R 4262 Parkside ave, Phila., Pa. 
Miller and distiller; Presby. 

V. Eliza Dillinger, m A. A. Hasson. 

V. Daniel L. Dillinger. 

V. Samuel Dillinger, m Katie Hutchinson. 

III. Martin Overholt, b in Bedminster Twp, Bucks 
Co, Pa, Nov 1772; d in Sangamon, (now Logan) Co, 
111, June 18, 1835; m Catharine Overholt, daughter of 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Abraham Overholt, of Bucks Co, Pa. She was b in 
Plumstead Twp, Bucks Co, Pa, Nov i, 1781; d in 
Westm'd Co, Pa, Dec 21, 1866. Farmer, weaver; 
Menns. C: Susanna, Esther, Anne, Abraham, 
Henry, John, Martin. 

IV. Susanna Overholt, b Sept 27, 1803; d Sept i, 
1885; m Henry Shupe Sept 7, 1823. He was bin 
Westm'dCo, Pa, Feb 11, 1799. Farmer; Luths. C: 
John, Catharine, Jacob, Samuel, Anna. 

V. John Shupe, b Oct 23, 1824; d Apr 12, 1894; m 
Julia Anne Rhoades in 1852. She was b Feb 18, 
1830. Farmer; Luths. C: Oliver, Polly, Lafay- 
ette, Alice. 

VI. Oliver P. Shupe. b Sept 1852; d 1888; m Mabel 
Sloan June 25, 1874. Merchant; United Presby. C: 
(VII) Walter Shupe, b Sept 14, 1875; d Sept 28, 
1878. Grace Shupe, b Jan 3, 1878. Edgar S, Shupe, 
b Feb 17, 1880. P O McKeesport, Pa. S. Huston 
Shupe, b Sept II, 1882. 

VI. Polly Ann Shupe, bNov9, 1853; m William G. 
Pore Dec 12, 1872. PO Jacobs Creek, Pa. Laborer. 
C: (VII) Henry E. Pore, b Jan 9, 1874. Stone 
mason. S. (VII) Alice S. Pore, b Aug 13, 1876; d 
Oct 12— . (VII) John J. A. Pore, b Sept 4, 1879. 
Laborer. S. (VII) Oliver P. Pore, b Aug 10, 1881. 
Book-keeper. S. (VII) Florence Pore, b June 13, 

VI. Lafayette Shupe, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Oct 22, 
1858; m Mary E. Pore May 21, 1885. P O Jacobs 
Creek, Pa. Farmer; Luths. C: (VII) Ruth Alma 
Shupe, b Mar i, 1886. George P. Shupe, b July 18, 
1888. Sarah A E. Shupe, b June 7, 1893. 

VI Alice M. Shupe. b Apr 20, 1864; m Wm. Elliott 
in 1885, P O Jacobs Creek, Pa. Mason; Baptist. C: 
(VII) Josephine Vera Elliott, b Aug 21, 1889. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Catharine Sbupe, (twin) b Oct 23, 1824; d Aug 
1887; m Josephs. Hough in 1845. He was b Sept 
24, 1822; d June 1866. Parmer and cabinet maker. 
Mr. H. Luth, Mrs. H. U B ch. C: Susan, Eliza- 
beth, Charlott, William, Lawrence, Lindlay, Sarah, 

V|. Susan Hough, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Dec 30, 
1846; m J. R. Hough in 1864. P O Smithton, Pa. 
Universalist. C: Mary, Elmer, Elizabeth, Char- 
lott, Lucy, Minnie, Alvin, Lawrence, Josie, Ethel. 

VII. Mary Catharine Hough, b Oct 9, 1864; m W. 
H. Wright July 4, 1883. P O West Newton, Pa. 
Merchant. C: (if|||) OctaMae Wright, b May 13, 
1S85. Harry Curtis Wright, b Sept 12, 1886. 

Vi|. Elmer Hough, b Jan 15, 1866; m Florence Bol- 
tin Aug 30, 1890. P O Homestead, Pa. Civil engi- 
neer. C: (VIII) Victor Boltin Hough, b June 19, 
1 89 1. Elmer Byron Hough, b Aug 21, 1893. 
Roscoe Rhoades Hough, b Jan 29, 1895, Scott 
Hough, b Nov 21, 1898. 

VII. Elizabeth L. Hough, bSept 22, 1867; m Frank 
T. Alter Oct 20, 1887. PO Homestead, Pa. Tailor; 
Meth Ep. C: (VIII) Herbert FrankUn Alter, b 
Sept 19, 1888. Ethel Clare Alter, b Sept 23, 1891. 
Ralph Jacob Alter, b Aug 20, 1895; d Nov 26, 1896. 
Russell C. Alter, bSept 13, 1899; djune 24, 1900. 

Vl|. Charlott Ann Hough, b Aug 27, 1869; m David 
H. Smith Oct 24, 1894. PO Smithton, Pa. Miller; 
Spiritualist. C: (VIII) Weimer Smith, b Aug xx, 
1895. (VIII) Mildred Smith, b June 26, X900. 

VII. Lucy M. Hough, b Sept 12, 1871; m Robert F. 
Smith Oct 25, 1894. P O Smithton, Pa. Book- 
keeper; Mrs. S. Music teacher; Universalist. C: 
(VIII) Sue F. Smith, b Dec 13, 1895. (VIII) Ora 
D. Smith, b Sept 4, X897. Robert H. Smith, b X899. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Minnie F. Hough, b Jan 29, 1874; m Ralph 
Theophilus. P O Knoxville, Pa. Book-keeper, 
Mrs. T. Music teacher; Christian ch. C: (VIII) 
Donald Theophilus, b — . 

Vl|. AlvinC. Hough, b Jan 7, 1876; m Lula Cumm- 
ings Sept 25, 1900. P O Homestead, Pa. Civil 
engineer; MethEp. 

Vil. Lawrence Edison Hough, b May 13, 1879. P 
OSmithton, Pa. Car Inspector. S. 

Vil. Josie Pearl Hough, b Jan 27, 1881. P O Smith- 
ton, Pa. Music teacher. S. 

Vil. Ethel J. Hough, b Sept 10, 1882. P O Smith- 
ton, Pa. S. 

V|. Elizabeth Hough, b 1848; d 1854. 

Vl. Charlott Hough, bMay i, 1851; d Aug 1883; m 
Joseph Smith. C: Edgar, Maud. 

VI. William H. Hough, b Dec 15, 1853; d Nov 1882; 
m Elizabeth Neel. C: Thomas, Matilda. 

V|. Lawrence S. Hough, b Apr 13, 1856; d Aug 17, 
1900; m Honora L. Craig Dec 18, 1884. She was b 
atHazelwood, Pa, Jan 25, 1863. P O Homestead, 
Pa. Jeweler; Meth Ep. C: (Vil) Olive May Hough, 
bjuly 2, 1893. 

V|. Lindlay L. Hough, b Jan 16, 1859; m Maria L. 
Snyder Oct 25, 1883. P O Ruffsdale, Pa. Farmer; 
U B ch. C: (VII) Harry E. Hough, b Nov 22, 1884. 
Catharine Hough, b Sept 15, 1887. Honora Hough, 
b Oct 25, 1891. George S. Hough, b Oct 18, 1896. 

VI. Sarah E. Hough, b Sept 22, i86i; d Mar 1884; 
m D. B. Hough Oct 25, 1882. 

V|. Josephine Hough, b Mar 17, 1864; m G. S.j,Sutt- 
en Jan 17, 1884. P O Jeannette, Pa. Druggist; 
Baptist. No issue. 

V. Jacob Shupe . 

V. Samuel Shupe, (d); m— . C: (VI) Josephine — . 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Anna Shupe, m Noah Zimmerman. C: (Vl) 
David H. Zimmerman. P O Ruffscjale, Pa. 

IV. Esther Overholt, bin Westm'd Co, Pa, Oct ii, 
1804; d July II, 1880; m Jacob Lane- Aug 5, 1823. 
He was b in Fayette Co, Pa, May 15, 1801; d Apr 
23, 1878. Farmer; Menns. C: Anna, Catharine, 
Susan, Martin, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth. 

V. Anna Lane, b July 11, 1825; d about 1863; mjos. 
Stoner Feb 1845. He was b Apr 26, 1816; d at Scott- 
dale, Pa, Mar 11, 1891. Miller, carpenter, black- 
smith, farmer; U B ch. C: Maria, William, Jacob, 
James, Abraham, Jordan, Martin. 

VI . Maria L. Stoner, b Jan 17, 1846; m Samuel D. 
AultmanNov 11, 1868. P O Scottdale, Pa. U B 
ch. C: 

Vi|. Luella S. Aultman,bDec30, 1870; d June 1887, 

VII. EttieMae Aultman, b May 26, 1873; ^ William 
A. Greene Nov 12, 1895. Mrs. G. is a musician, and 
resides in New York City. C: (VIII) Allen DeLane 
Greene, b Sept i, 1896. 

VI. William Stoner, (d). 
VI. Jacob Stoner, (d). 

VI. James Stoner, (d). 

V|. Abraham Stoner, b Jan 13, 1854; m Hester A. 
Jones June 14, 1877. P O Scottdale, Pa. Manager 
Cold Rollers of American Sheet Steel Company, U B 
ch. C: Birdie, Russell, Blaine, Franklin, William, 

Vl|. Birdie Mae Stoner, b Apr 18, 1878; m Herbert 
B.James Nov 9, 1898. P O Scottdale, Pa. U B 
ch. C: (VIII) Vernon Clarke S.James. * 

VII. Russell J. Stoner, bDec 7, 1881. 
Vl|. Blaine Stoner, b Sept 28, 1883. 
VII. Franklin Stoner, b Nov 3, 1886. 
Vl|. William Stoner, b June 15, 1888. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Eva Stoner, b Nov 7, 1890; d Nov 6, 1894. 

Vf. Jordan N. Stoner, b Nov 3, 1858; m Catharine 
StaufferMar 10, 1881. P O Scottdale, Pa. Carpen- 
ter; U B ch. C: (Vli) Homer S. Stoner, bjuly 17, 

Vl. Martin L. Stoner, b July i, 1861; m Mary A. 
Keefer Nov 30, 1882. P O Scottdale, Pa. U Bch. 
C: (VII) Anna May Stoner, b Mar 15, 1885. U B 
ch. (VII) Helen Stoner, b Nov 26, 1897. 

V. Catharine Lane, b Mar 4, 1827; m John McGiffin 
Apr 20, 1851. P O United, Pa. Farmer, U B ch. 
C: Martin, Abraham, Esther, Jacob, Henry, John, 

VI. Martin L. McGiffin, b Feb 4, 1852; m Mary 
Riley Oct 30, 1879. P O 711 Somerset St., Johns- 
town, Pa. Clerk, U B ch. C: (VII) Franklin 
Garfield McGiffin, b Jan 18, 1882. P O Johnstown, 
Pa. Clerk. (VII) Catharine McGiffin, b July 28, 
1883. Clerk. 

VI. Abraham!/. McGiffin, b Oct 21, 1853; d Jan 
•24, 1868. 

VI. Esther L. McGiffin, b June 27, 1855. P O 
United, Pa. U B ch. S. 

V|. Jacob L. McGiffin, b July 10, 1857; m Sarah 
Killgore. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Laborer. Presby. 
C: (VII) Homer, Otto. 

Vl. Henry L. McGiffin, b Aug 5, 1859; m Emma 
Stauffer. P O Hecla, Pa. Farmer, U B ch. C: 
(VII) John, Abraham. 

VI. JohnL. McGiffin, b July 8, 1861; d July 19, 
1898; m Margaret Stauffer Sept 9, 1886. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Engineer, U B ch. C: (VII) James A. 
McGiffin, b Mar 16, 1888. Alice S. McGiffin, b Nov 
19,1889. Nora Olive McGiffin, b Aug 13, 1891. 
Harry S. McGiffin, bMar 2, 1893; d Oct 22, 1893. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

MARY H. FKETZ (Soe Pn^fe ; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Robert R. McGiffin, b July 13, 1895. Etta Naomi 
McGiffin, b June 6, 1897. 

VI. Elmina L. McGiffin, b Mar 28, 1863; m William 
Momeyer. P O United, Pa. Loborer, chofGod. 
C: (VII) Maud, Okie, Catharine, Anna, Homer, 
Frank, Infant. 

V. Susan Lane, b Feb 27, 1830; d June 30, 1882; m 
Joseph Stoner. C: (VI) Bettie Stoner, b Sept 23, 
1866. P O Scottdale, Pa. U B ch. S. 

V. Rev. Martin O. Lane, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Jan 
20, 1832; m Jane Shallenberger June 7, 1853. She d 
Nov 15, 1893. P O Altoona, Pa. Minister, U B ch. 
C: Mary, Emily, John, Daniel, Hannah, Hattie, 

VI. Mary Ann Lane, b Apr 7, 1854; dOct 4, 1856. 
V|. Emily Lane, bNov 19, 1855; d Oct 25, 1856. 
V|. John Wesley Lane, b Sept 21, 1857; m Emma 

Fink. P O Altoona, Pa. Traveling salesman. 

VI. Daniel F. Lane, b July 22, i860; d Jan 18, 1899; 
m Nellie Rankin. She d July 17, 1892. Pharmacist. 
C: James, Daniel. Daniel m second wife, Ella Christ. 
C: (VII) FaryUneLane. 

V|. Hannah M. Lane,* bNov 3, 1867; d Jan 1875. 

VI. Hattie Lane, b May 19, 1870; d Feb 24. 1898. 

V|. Jacob F. Lane, b Oct 8, 1874; m Grace Good- 
man. P O Altoona, Pa. Clerk. 

V. Mary Lane, b May 30, 1837; d Nov 1856. 

V. Hannah Lane, b Apr 20, 1842; (d); m Jonas 
Mumaw. No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Lane, b Sept 30, 1845; d about 1870; 
m Joseph W. Stoner. C: Cora. 

VI. Cora Stoner, b ; m Dr. E. C. Leighty . 

She graduated in medicine and is practicing with her 

IV. Anna Overholt, bMay 25, 1807; d Oct 24, 1893; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m Adam Tinstman Mar 1828. He was b near Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa, Nov 20, 1804; d June 7, 1863. Farmer, 
Menns. C: Catharine, Jacob, Martin, Hattie, 

V. Catharine O. Tinstman» b Feb 18, 1829; ^ Josiah 
Mechling Mar 16, 1854. P O Greensburg, Pa. 
Farmer, Luth. C: George, Annie, Adam, May, 
Hattie, Orange, Allen. 

V|. George W. Mechling, bDec4, 1854. 

V|. Annie E. Mechling, b Sept 27, 1856; d Dec 16, 
1895; m Robert F. Welty. C: Catharine, Rissie, 

VI. Adam Q. Mechling, b Feb 7, 1859. S. 
V|. May Mechling, b June 29, 1861. S. 
VI. Hattie C. Mechling, b Aug 2, 1863. 

VI. Orange Judd Mechling, b Sept 12, 1865; m Jennie 
Monroe. P O Greensburg, Pa. Farmer. C . 

V|. Allen W. Mechling, b Apr 22, 1868; m Gertrude 
E. Fisher. P O Youngwood, Pa. Farmer. 

y. Jacob F. Tinstman, b Sept 30, 1831; d Nov 24, 
1869; m Nancy Wineland May 15, i860. Carpenter, 
farmer, U B ch. C: Elwin. 

V|. Elwin D. Tinstman, b Feb 22, 1863; m Mary E. 
Williams. P O Madison, Pa. Surveyor, farmer, 
U B ch. C: (VII) Perry Denton Tinstman, b Jan 
12, 1896; d Jan 30, 1896. 

V. Martin O. Tinstman, b Oct 23, 1835; d Feb 15, 
1873. s. 

V. Hattie ly. Tinstman, b Mar 21, 1840; d June 24, 
1893; m Furry Newcomer. No issue. 

V. Aaron O. D. Tinstman, b Mar 22, 1842; d Nov 
15, 1887; m Mary Mellinger July 4, 1871. Farmer, 
U B ch. C: Harry, Martin, Kathryn, Alma, Ralph, 
Lizzie, Maria, Edna. 

V|. Harry Tinstman, b May 1872. P O Hermiiiie, Pa. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Martin O. Tinstman, b June 29, 1873; m Emma 
Fox Oct 28, 1897. PO Herminie, Pa. Clerk, U 
B ch. C: (VII) Mary Tinstman. b Sept 2, 1898. 

VI. Kathryn A. Tinstman, b Nov 13, 1874. 

V|. Alma M. Tinstman, b Feb 26, 1876. 

Vl. Ralph A. Tinstman, b Jan 21, 1879. 

Vl. Lizzie L. Tinstman, b Feb 2, 1880. 

Vl. Maria O. Tinstman, b Nov 13, 1883. 

V|. Edna M. Tinstman, b Feb 22, 1885. 

IV. Abraham O. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
July 12, 1811; d Apr 24, 1893; m Mary Stoner Mar 25, 
1847. She was b in Westm'd Co, Pa; d Sept 5, 1891. 
Farmer. He lived and d on the homestead of his 
father, near West Overton. The farm adjoins the 
old Henry Overholt homestead, and is still in the 
Overholt name. Menus. C: Susanna, Annie, Jacob. 

V. Susannas. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Jan 
20, 1849; m David Longsdorff Mar 2, 1869. P O 
Indian Grove, Mo. Farmer, Christian ch. C: Frank, 
Edna, John. ^ 

VI. Frank O. Longsdorff, b Feb 21, 1871; d Dec 20, 

V|. Edna O. Longsdorff, b Dec 29, 1874; m Abram 
W. Smith Sept 27, 1894. P O Indian Grove, Mo. 
Farmer, Christian ch. No issue. 

VI. JohnO. Longsdorff, b Aug 29, 1880. 

V. Annie S. Overholt, b near West Overton, West- 
m'd Co, Pa, July I, 1 85 1. P O West Overton, Pa. 
Menu. S. 

V. Johns. Overholt, b July 7, 1856. P O West 
Overton, Pa. Farmer. S. 

IV. Henry Overholt, b June 11, 1813; d July 20, 
1880; m Ehzabeth Bachtel. She was b Apr 10, 1819; 
d Nov 26, 1887. Farmer. In early life Menu, later 
Meth Ep. C: Catharine, Maria, Reuben, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Isaiah, Esther, Martin, Lindlay, aud Jessie. 

V. Catharine Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Jan i, 
1840; m John Stewart Nov 12, 1857. He was bin 

Fayette Co, Pa, Oct 22, 1828. P O . Meth Kp. 

C: Mary, Elizabeth, Christian, Maria, Flora, 
Henry, Hattie, Sonora, Mattie, John. 

V|. Mary Ellen Stewart, b Oct 13, 1858; d Nov 3, 

V|. Elizabeth Stewart, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Oct 13, 
i860; m Clarence Goodyear Nov 24, i386. He wasb 
£^t Carlisle, Pa, Augi, 1856. P O Newcomer, Mo. 
Meth Ep. C: (VII) John E. Goodyear, b Sept 6, 
1887. Pearl Esther Goodyear, b Nov 7, 1892. Harry 
A. Goodyear, b Feb 13, 1899. 

VI. Christian Stewart, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Oct i, 
1862; m Lizzie E. Swain Dec 24, 1891. She was b 
Oct 13, 1870. P O New.Hall, Mo. Meth Ep. C; 
(Vii) Warner W.Stewart, b Nov 7, 1892. John E. 
Stewart,'bMar 26, 1895. Winnie May Stewart, b 
Sept I, 1897. Clarence Irvin Stewart, b Feb 22, 1900. 

V|. Maria Stewart, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Oct i, 1864. 

V|. Flora Stewart, b Feb 21, 1866; m Joseph L. 
Howard Jan 4, 1893. He was b in Adams Co, lil, 
Nov 18, 1867. P O Newcomer, Mo. Meth Ep. C; 
(Vii) Jessie B. Howard, bjan 17, 1894. Ray T. 
Howard, b Aug 6, 1895. Flossie Howard, b Dec 8, 
1897. Peter Howard, bMar 11, 1900. 

VI. Henry Stewart, b Sept 21. 1868; m Kate Wilson 
Sept 20, 1896. Mrs. S. Christian ch. (VII) Beatrice 
Stewart, b Aug 22, 1898. 

VI. Hattie Stewart, b Aug 26, 1870; d Aug 29, 


VI. Senora Stewart, b May 12, 1873; d May 22, 1890. 
V|. Mattie Stewart, b Mar 25, i877;djune27, 1878. 
VI. John I. Stewart, b Oct 1 882. PO Newcomer, Mo. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Maria B. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Dec 27, 
1841; m George Young in 1884. He was b Jan 9, 
1842. P O Brunswick, Mo. Meth Ep. No issue. 

V. Reuben B. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Nov 
17, 1844; m Elizabeth S. Overholt Sept 10, 187 1. P O 
Craig, Colo. C: Albert, Edith, John, Alice. 

VI. Alberto. Overholt, b June 17, 1872. 

VI. Edith May Overholt, b May 1, 1875; m P. H. 
Howard Dec 25, 1895. P O Craig, Colo. 

VI. John O. Overholt, b Dec 18, 1878; d June 19, 

VI. Alice J. Overholt, b Oct 30, i88i;djan 10, 1883. 

V. Esther Overholt, b— ; d Feb 1847. 

V. Isaiah B. Overholt, b in Pa, Feb 7, 1849; d in 
Cal,Jan28, 1899; m Mary Phillips Oct 16, 1872. 
She was b in N. Y. C: Ralph, AUenia, Willie, 
Miles, Reuben, Claude. 

VI. Ralph T. Overholt, b Oct 7, 1873; dOct 30, 1873. 
V|. AUenia T. Overholt, bNov 8, 1874;' m Albert 

Clair Oct 25, 1891. P O Indian Grove, Mo. Meth 
Ep. C: (VII) Reuben Clair, b Oct i, 1892. Ralph 
Clair, b Aug 29, 1894. Lucilla Clair, b Nov 17, 
1896. elide Clair, b Mar 21, 1899. 

VI. Willie H. Overholt, b Apr 29, 1877. 

VI. Miles H. Overholt, b in Brunswick, Charitan Co, 
Mo., Jan 16, 1879. P O CoUbran, Colo. Editor of 
the **Collbran Oracle." 

V|. Reuben Overholt, bApr 3, 1882. 

VI. Claude Overholt, b July 16, 1885. 

V. Martin Overholt, b — ; d Apr 20, 1859. 

V. D. lyindlay Overholt, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Oct 
24, 1859; m lyizzieD. KreiderSept 21, 1884. P O 
Mendon, Mo. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: (VI) Elmer 
C. Overholt, b Jan 2, 1888. John K. Overholt, b 
Jan 28, 1890. Raymond Overholt, b Jan 24, 1892. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Anna Belle Overholt, b June 24, 1895. 

V. Jessie F. Overholt, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Jan i , 
1862; m J. W. Likens May 6, 1885. He was b near 
Davenport, la, Dec 2, 1857. P O Truro, la. Meth 
Ep. C: (VI) Verdie Belle Likens, b Dec 6, 1887. 
(VI) Nola Blanche Likens, b Apr 23, 1889. 

IV. JohnO. Overholt, b Feb 10, 1816; d Feb 28, 
1877. Farmer. S. 

IV. Martin O. Overholt, b in East Huntington twp, 
Westm'd Co, Pa, Aug 17, 1824. P O West Over- 
ton, Pa. Farmer. He, with the heirs of his brother 
Abraham O. Overholt, still own and occupy the 
farm purchased by his father 90 years ago. It joins 
the old original Overholt homestead. Mr. Overholt 
is a model man although he has never connected 
him-self with any church, but has lived an up-right 
and conscientious life. He has always taken great 
pleasure in hunting, and during his life time has 
killed nineteen wild turkeys; although old in years, 
he has never grown so in disposition. He has a good 
memory, andean give dates and occurances from 
childhood, and in his day was one of the best spellers 
in his township. In politics, he is an ardent Republi- 
can. S. 

III. Barbara Overholt, (d); b in Bucks Co, Pa, Apr 
1775; m Jacob Durstine (d). He was bin Bucks Co, 
Pa, Apr 3, 1773. Moved to Westm'd Co, Pa, in 
1800, C: Anna, Abraham, John, Henry, Jacob, 
Martin, Catharine, Christian, Samuel. 

IV. Anna Durstine, b Sept 20, 1798; d Feb 28, 
1875; m John Long Sept 22, 1825. He wash May 
12, 1794; d June 21, 1877. No issue. 

IV. Abraham Durstine, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Feb 
18, 1800; d in Wayne Co, O, Mar 9, 1898; m Catha- 
rine Sherrick. She was b in Fayette Co, Pa, Aug 5, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



a\ I 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1802; din Wayne Co, O, Sept 14, 1865. Farmer; 
Ch of God. C: Jacob, John, Abraham, Anna, 
Barbara, Mary. 

V. Rev. Jacob Durstine, b in Westm'dCo, Pa, Oct 
22, 1823; m Mary Hartman Feb 25, 1847. Res 137 
Bealle ave, Wooster, O. Minister of the church of 
God, (Winebrennerian) until about 1876, afterward 
to the Baptist church. He was always very active 
in all matters pertaining to church, school and good 
citizenship. C: Frank, Lee, Alice, Harvey, Claribel. 

V|. Dr. Frank H. Durstine, b at Mt. Eaton, Wayne 
Co, O, Feb 5, 1848; m Mary, daughter of George 
M. Henion, of Ann Arbor, Mich, Sept 4, 1872. 
Res 757 Wilson ave, Cleveland, O. Dr. F. H. 
Durstine taught school for several years, beginning 
at 16 years of age. He graduated as Bachelor of 
Science in college in 1871, then served as Supt., 
of schools for several years; graduated as Bachelor 
of Arts in 1878; graduated in the regular college of 
Physicians and Surgeons of the University of Mich., 
at Ann Arbor Mich, in 1875. Collegiate Degree -M. 
S., A. M., M. D. Has practiced medicine for 25 
years; Cong. C: Nina, Miriam, Lillian. 

VII. Nina Laveme Durstine, b Oct 26, 1877. Res 
Cleveland, O. Teacher of piano, organ voice; Cong.S. 

Vl|. Miriam Eola Durstine, b Sept 3, 1880. Res 
Cleveland, O. Student in music and art; Cong. S. 

VII. Lillian Winona Durstine, b Feb 14, 1884. Res 
Cleveland, O. Student in high school and music; 

V|. Lee B. Durstine, b Sept 7, 1851; mKate Sarles 
Dec 25, 1878. Res 389 Richmond ave, Buffalo, N. 
Y. Supt, of Agencies, New York Life Ins Co; Cong. 
C: (VII) Florence, Roy. 

V|. Alice E. Durstine, b Apr 6, i860; m Rev. Frank 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


N. RialeDec 28, 1887. Res 757 Wilson ave Cleve- 
land, O. Presby. No issue. 

VI. Harvey W. Dursliue, bSept 26, 1863; d Aug 
3. 186-. 

VI. Claribel Durstine, }) Jan 22, 1875. Res 
Wooster, O. Principal Art Dept, of Wooster Uni- 
versity, Wooster, O. S. 

V. John Durstine, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Nov 2, 
1825; d in Ashland Co, O. Apr 25, 1897; m Elizabeth 
Freed Feb 28, 1847. She was bin Fayette Co, Pa, 
Aug 17, 1825; d in Wayne Co, O, Jan 17, 1898. 
Farmer; U B ch. C: Mary, Infant, Adaline, Cj^rus, 
Lyman, Ella, Clark, Kittie. 

VI. Mary Durstine, b Oct 29, 1848; d Nov 7, 1848. 
VI. Infant daughter, b Oct 26, 1849. 

VI. Adaline Durstine, bOct i, 1850; dDec 14, 1852. 

VI. Cyrus Durstine, bSept 26, 1852; m Mary Fagg- 
art. P O Mt. Eaton, O. 

Vl. Lyman Durstine, b Mar 7, 1855; m Martha M. 
Crise (d), June 18, 1885. C: Clytie, Walter. 
Lyman m second wife, Sarah A. Hively Jan 27, 
1898. P O Madisonburg, O. Farmer; U B ch. 
No issue. (VII) Clytie Amanda Durstine, b Nov 20, 
1886; d May 10, 1891. (VII) Walter Clarence 
Durstine, b May 26, 1888. 

VI Ella Durstine, b Nov 9, 1857; m Neal McCoy 
Feb 23, 1879. P O Wooster, O. Farmer; Luths. 
C: (VII) Dick L. McCoy, b Nov 24, 1879. Artie 
McCoy, b June 18. 1884. 

V|. Clark Durstine, b June i, i860; d Mar 14 18S9; 
m Adda Swineheart. Farmer; U B ch. No issue. 

V|. Kittie Durstine, b Mar 24, 1865; m Charles L. 
Alleshouse. P O Wooster, O. 

V. Abraham Durstine, b in Holmes Co, O, July 2, 
1828; d May 2, iSSS; m . C: Albert, etc. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Anna Durstine, b Apr 29, 1831; d Aug 9, 1834. 
V. Barbara Durstine, bDec 14, 1835; d Jan 19,1841. 
V. Mary Durstine, b Sept 7, 1840; d Jan 19, 1841. 
IV. John Durstine. Single. 

IV. Henry Durstine, b Oct 26, 1803; d Nov 25, 
1887; m Sarah Fletcher in 1836. She was b Mar 16, 
1816; dDec 23, 1893. Farmer. Mr. D. Menn, Mrs. 
D. Ger Bap. C: Jacob, John, Catharine, Barbara, 
Anna, Henry, David, Abraham, Joseph. 

V. Jacob Durstine, bin Westm*d Co, Fa, June 10, 
1837; m Christian Echard Jan 15, i860. She d Oct 
12,1887. P O Scottdale, Pa. Farmer. C: Sallie, 
Nehemiah, Franklin, Emily, Henry, Mary. 

VI. Sallie Durstine, bOct 25, i860. S. 

VI . Nehemiah E. Durstine, b July 25, 1863; m 
Amanda A.. Hough Apr 4, 1893. P O Scottdale, Fa. 
Foundryman» U B ch. C: (VII) Earl H. Durstine, 
b Apr 29, 1894. Clarence H. Durstine, b Sept 10, 
1896. Hazel Durstine, b June 10, 1898. Ruby 
Durstine, b June 15, 1900; d Aug 31, 1900. Edgar 
Durstine (twin), bjune 15, 1900; d Aug 11, 1900. 

V|. Franklin Durstine, b Jan 29, 1865; m Mary 

V|. Emily Durstine, b Jan 21, 1869; m George L. 

V|. Henry Durstine, b Oct 23, 1872; m Minerva 

V|. Mary Durstine, b Sept 22, 1876; m W. I. 

V. John Durstine, b 1839. He was killed in the 
battle of Petersburg Apr 2, 1865. S. 

V. Catharine Durstine, b 1 841 ;m James M. Bennett. 
P O Beatty, Fa. C: John, Edward, Abraham, 
Marion, Emerson, Etta, Emma, Joseph. 

V. Barbara S. Durstine, bjuly 19, 1843; d Dec 29, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1894; m Cyrus T. Long July 8, 1872. He was b Nov 
22, 1840. P O Greensburg, Pa. Presby. C: John, 
Henry, Edwin. 

V|. Dr. John D. Long, b Feb 12. 1874. Res 336 
W. 14th, St., New York. Member of U. S. Medical 
Service at Port of New York. Presby. 

V|. Dr. Henry D. Long, b . At John Hopkins 

University, Baltimore, Md, (1901). Presby. 

V|. Lieut. Edward C. Long, b Apr 13, 1878. A 
Lieutenant in Co., I. 54th, Regt., U. S. Inf., Vol., 
in service in the Philippine Islands. Presby. 

V. Anna Durstine, b Dec 22, 1845; d — ; m James 
Leighty. No issue. 

V. Henry H. Durstine, bin Westm*d Co, Pa, June 
24, 1848; d Dec 22, 1894; m Anna B. Brugh , of Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa, Oct 16, 1873. P O Wilmerding, Pa. 
Farmer, ch of God, later U B ch. C: (VI) Ada 
Durstine, b Feb 22, 1875; d Dec 30, 1875. (VI) 
Jesse Durstine, b at Mt. Pleasant, Pa, Sept i, 1876. 
Professional nurse in Washington, Pa. S. (VI) Sara 
Durstine, b in Westm'dCo, Pa, July 5, 1879. P O 
Wilmerding, Pa. Milliner. S. (VI) Mary Durstine, 
bSept 21, 1 88 1. Teacher in the public schools. S. 
(VI) Ella Durstine, (twin), b Sept 21, 1881. P O 
Wilmerding, Pa. Book-keeper. S. (VI) Richard 
Durstine, bjuly 19, 1885. (VI) Alice Durstine, b 
Apr 24, 1887. 

V. David P. Durstine, b in Westm*d Co, Pa, Mar 9, 
1851; m Annie Leichliter Apr 15, 1880. P O Sabetha, 
Kans. Methodist. C: (VI) Jennie Maud Durstine, 
binWestm'd Co, Pa, Jan 8, 1882. (VI) W. H. 
Durstine, b July 2, 1883. (VI) Hannah G. Durstine, 
b in Kans, July 31, 1891. (VI) Lillie Olive Durstine, 
bJuly 2, 1894. (VI) J. Ralph Durstine, b July 1898. 

V. Abraham H. Durstine, b Sept 15, 1853; m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Phoebe Ann SillimanOct i, 1878. She was b Apr 21, 
1854. P O New Stanton, Pa. C: Mazzie, Maggie, 
Arthur, Jennie. 

VI. Mazzie S. Durstine, b July 24, 1879; m Morris 
Seig£riedNov24, 1898. 

V|. Maggie M. Durstine, b Feb 15, 1881. 

VI. Arthur C. Durstine, b Jan 28, 1884. 

V|. Jennie H. Durstine, b Dec 19, 1887. 

V. Joseph P. Durstine, b Jan 17, 1856; m Minerva 
Strohm Feb 18, 1899. P O Lycippus, Pa, Farmer. 

IV. Jacob Durstine, (d). S. 

IV. Martin Durstine, b-; m Harvey. Lived in 111, 

IV. Catharine Durstine, — ; m Rev. Jacob Bower's. 

IV. Christian Durstine, b Mar 29, 1812; d July 28, 
1887; m Catharine Fletcher July 1835. She was b 
May 1 81 2; d Aug 9, 1882. Blacksmith. Mrs. D. 
Baptist. C: Barbara, Henry, Infant, Anna. 

V. Barbara Durstine, b Apr 29, 1836; m James 
Larimer — . P O Donegal, Pa. 

V. Henry C. Durstine, b Apr 11, 1838; m Elizabeth 
Blystone Nov i, i860. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Served in the late civil war, lost his left arm in battle 
July 20, 1864. Mrs. D. Luth. C: (VI) John Durs- 
tine, b Aug 17, 1861; djuly 13, 1873. (VI) Henry 
B, Durstine, b Apr 20, 1864; d May 18, 1883. (VI) 
Infant b Jan 21, 1867; d Mar 13, 1867. (VI) Mary 
Durstine, b Jan 28, 1868. Luth. S. (VI) Sarah Ann 
Durstine, bMar 18, 1871; d June 12, 1871. (VI) 
Christian B. Durstine, b June 19, 1872. Luth. 
S. (VI) William Durstme, bjuly 13. 1875. Luth. S. 
(VI) Catharine V. Durstine, b June 28, 1878. Luth. 
S. (VI) Ira Durstine, b Sept 2, x88x. (VI) Sherman 
Durstine, b Nov 23, 1885. 

V. Infant Still-bom. 

V. Anna Durstine, b 1845^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Samuel Durstine, b— ; m— . C: (V) George-. 

III. Elizabeth Overholt. b in Bucks Co. Pa. June 
12. 1777; d in 1833; m Martin Stauffer. He was b 
in Lancaster Co, Pa, Aug 31, 1780; d in Fayette Co, 
Pa, Mar 8, 1869. Farmer. Menns. C: Abraham, 
Henry. Anna, Sarah. John. 

IV. Abraham D. Stauffer, b Oct 31, 1802; d in 
Fayette Co. Pa, May 13, 1849; m Mary Newcomer 
Mar 13, 1827. She was b in Fayette Co, Pa, Apr 12, 
1805; d Apr 10, 1845. Fanner, Menns. C: Martin, 
Maria, Isaac. Benjamin. Ann, Aaron, Uriah. 

V. Martin N. SUuffer. b in Fayette Co, Pa, Oct 23, 
1828; d Aug 15, 1892; m Frances F.etts Nov 14, 
1850. In 1864 he enlisted in the army; on his return 
moved to Mt. Pleasant, Pa, where he served as Justice 
of the Peace for 25 years. U B ch. C: Mary, John, 
Uriah, Aaron, Sherman, Harry, Infant, Nellie, 

VI . Mary Frances Stauffer, b Nov 12, 1851; m John 
Landisin 1872. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Engineer, 
U Bch. C: Oakie. Estella. Jennie, Frances. 

VII. Oakie S. Landis, b Nov 23. 1873; m Robert 
Cook. P O Broad Ford, Pa. Book-keeper, U B 
ch. C: (VIII) Hazel Frances Cook, b Jan 22, 1893; 
d Aug 31, 1893; (weighed 2% lbs). (VIII) Uarda 
Cook, b May 9. 1896. 

VII. Estella C. Landis, bSept 16, 1876. 

VII. Jennie F. Landis, b June 16, 1878. 

VII. Frances M. Landis, b May 18. 1880. 

VI. John A. D. Stauffer, b Apr6, 1865. P O Alle- 
gheny City, Pa. 

VI. Uriah H. Stauffer. b May 3, 1857. P O AUe- 
gheny. Pa. Merchant. 

VI. Aaron C. Stauffer, bDec i, 1859. Res. Denver, 
Colo. Salesman. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

ABRAHAM FRETZ (See Page 89) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Sherman M. Stauffer, b Sept 12, 1864. P O 
Allegheny, Pa. Dentist. 

VI. Henry A. Stauffer, b Nov 9, 1866. P O Alle- 
gheny, Pa. Clerk. 

VI. Nellie F. Stauffer, b Mar 25, 1871. 

V|. Lena Stauffer, b June 9, 1878; d July 11, 1879. 

V. Maria Stauffer, b Apr 23, 1830; m Dr. Jamea 
LoarMay i, 1851. He d June 12, 1894. Physician, 
Christian ch. C: Sadie, Abraham, Hester, George, 
Enna. Lucy. 

VI. Sadie A. Loar, b June 29, 1852; m Dr. George 
D. Sitherwood— ; d Apr 16, 1885. P O Blooming- 
ton, 111. Dentist, Christian ch. C: (VII) Pearl 
Sitherwood, d 1876. (VII) Grace Sither^'ood, -. (VII) 
Doane L. Sitherwood. 

Vl. Abraham D. Loar, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Jan 30, 
1855; m Belle Bonnett May 24. 1881. PC Blooming- 
ton, 111. Druggist, Christian ch. No issue. 

VI. Hester M. Loar, b Feb 9, 1857; m John W. 
Bonnett. P O Leroy, 111. Farmer, Christian ch. 
C: (VII) James L. Bonnett. (VII) Yontz Bonnett. 

V|. George A. Loar, bDec 22, 1862; d in 1863. 

V|. Bnna Loar, b June 2, 1868; d Mar 14, 1895; m 
Delmore D. Darrah. P O Bloomington, 111. Editor, 
Christian ch. C: (VII) Enna, Lorraine, Darrah. 

V|. Lucy Mae Loar, b Aug 29, 1873. Christian 
ch. S. 

V. Isaac N. Stauffer, b Nov 6, 1831; m Lavina 
Johnston. P O Gladbrook, la. 

V* Benjamin Stauffer, bjan 8, 1834J dFeb 13, 1835. 

V. Ann Stauffer, b Oct 2, 1835. P O Blooming- 
ton. 111. S. 

V. Aaron N. Stauffer, b Apr 15, 1838; (d). 

V. Uriah Stauffer, bMay7, 184'; d May 9, 1856. 

IV. Henry Stauffer, bFebs, 1804; d Jan 26, 1849; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m Catharine Hough. No issue. M second wife 
Susanna Newmyer Aug 19, 1829. She was b Oct 22, 
1809; d Apr 5, 1888. Miller and distiller, Christian 
ch. C: Smith, Catharine, Mason, Henry, Josiah, 
Jacob, James. 
V. Smith Stauffer, (d), b Nov 29, 1830; m— ; (d). 
C: Two daughters, 

V. Catharine Stauffer, b June 21, 1832; d Feb 13, 


y. Mason Stauffer, bin Fayette Co, Pa, Dec 18, 
1833; d Feb 19, 1896; m Candace D. Stone Oct 25, 
1858. He was a soldier in the Civil War, was en- 
gaged carrying mail and express nearly all his life, 
and drove stage over the Cumberland Mountains be^ 
fore removing to 111. Mrs. Stauffer was b Apr 29, 
1840, in Litchfield Co, Ct; grand-daughter of a 
Revolutionary soldier. Mrs. S. Christian ch. C: 
Charles, Susan, William, Sadie. 

VI. Charles A.. Stauffer, b Nov 3, 1859; m Mary 
Prisbie. Res. 553 Bast Brooks St., Galesburg, 111. 
R. R. Engineer, Christian ch. C: (Vii) Wildefred 
E. Lola M. and Percey, 

V|. Susan M. Stauffer, b May 5, 1862; m Frank 
Bradley. P O Davenport, Nebr, Farmer, Meth. 
No issue. 

V|. William Josiah Stauffer, b July 20, 1864. Res. 
620 7th, St., S. Minneapolis, Minn. Merchant, 
Cong. S. 

VI. Sadie F. Stauffer, b Jan 12, 1873; m Ira E. 
Adkins. P O Toulon, 111. C: (VII) Leroy W. 

V. Henry Stauffer, b Dec 17, 1836; m — . P O 
Pawnee City, Nebr. Farmer. 

V. Josiah Stauffer, b Sept 5. 1840; d Apr 22, 1868. 

V. Jacob Stauffer, b in Westm*d Co, Pa, Apr 26, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1842; m Mary McCance Apr 11, 1866. P O Over, 
Nebr. Farmer. Enlisted Aug 14, 1862 in Co., F. 
112 Reg't., III. Vol., Inf. He served in 22 regular 
engagements, among the principal ones were Camp- 
bells Sta., Knoxville, Bean Sta., Kelley's Ford, 
Resaca, Atlanta, Utoy Creek, Columbia, Franklin, 
Nashville, and Fort Anderson. He was never wound- 
ed or captured. He was present at the surrender of 
Johnston's army. Discharged from the U. S. service 
June 20, 1865. Farmer, Christian ch. C: Margaret, 
Susan, Cora, James, Harold, Mabel. 

V|. Margaret Stauffer, b Sept 25, 1867; d Mar 27, 

V|. Susan Stauffer, b Nov 30, 1868; m Henry 
MiUer Mar 14, 1894. P O Over, Nebr. C: (VII) 
Chester Miller, b Sept 24, 1896. (VII) Lloyd Miller, 
b May 3, 1898; d July 13, 1899. 

VI. Cora Stauffer, b May3i, 1870; m Henry Stine- 
hagcn Mar 5. 1896. P O Garden City, Mo. C: (VII) 
Una Stinehageu, b Dec 17, 1896. (VII) Lewis Stine- 
hagen, bMar 11, 1900. 

Vl. James Stauffer, bNovi, 1871; m Mattie Rowan, 
P O Over, Nebr. C: (VII) Cora Stauffer, b Sept 
21, 1898. 

V|. Harold Stauffer, bjune 18, 1881. 

V|. Mabel Stauffer, b Oct 20, 1883; m Joseph Stine- 
hageu Feb 15, 1899. P O Garden City, Mo. C: 
(Vil) Hazel Slinehagen, b June 9, 1900. 

V. James Stauffer, b Aug 26, 1844; m — . P O 610 
Kansas ave Topeka, Kans. Was drummer in the 
Civil war 4 years. 

IV. Anna Stauffer, b Nov 21, 1806; d Oct 6, 1875; 
m Henry Sherrick. He was b in Pa, 1804; d in Mo, 
Oct 6, 1875. Farmer, ch of God. Mr. Sherrick died 
at 5 o'clock in the morning, and Mrs. Sherrick at 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


lo,' just five hours apart. Of the children, Daniel 
and Abraham died on the same day, and Mary and 
Anna were buried in one grave; thus there were three 
double funerals in the family. C: Martin, Daniel, 
Abraham, Elizabeth, Sarah, Joseph, Anna, Mary, 

V. Martin Sherrick, b Dec 8, 1827; d May 15, 1828. 

V. Daniel Sherrick, b Mar 28, 1829; d Oct 21, 1836. 

V. Abraham Sherrick, b Mar 22, 1831; d Oct 1836. 

V. Elizabeth Sherrick, bSept 3, 1833; d Oct 1836. 

V. Sarah Sherrick, bMars, 1836; d Feb 9, 1852. 

V. Joseph Sherrick, b in Pa, Mar 28, 1838; m Mary 
Morris in 1861. P O Fort Madison, la. Farmer, 
Meth. C: Henry, Anna, John, Elmer. 

V|. Henry J. Sherrick, b Oct 27, 1862; d Dec 25, 

V|. Anna R. Sherrick, b July 27, 1864; m James H. 
Boyd Apr 1890. P O Hamilton, Mont. Farmer, 
Meth. No issue. 

VI. JohnM. Sherrick, bFeb 13, 1867; d Mar 1867. 
VI. Elmer G. Sherrick, b Oct 26, 1880. 

V. Anna Sherrick, b July 31 1840; d Feb 23, 1852. 

V. Mary Sherrick, bDec 11, 1842; d Feb 20, 1852. 

V. Catharine Sherrick, b Feb 28, 1845; m William 
Strickler. P O Medil, Mo. 

iV. Sarah Stauffer, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Jan 14, 
181 1; m Samuel Heath in 1830. He was b in Mary- 
land, in 1807; d in Fayette Co, Pa, in 1864. Farmer; 
(Cabinet maker by trade). Mr. H. Meth Ep. Mrs. 
H. U B ch. C: John, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, 
Martin, Abraham, Maria. 

V. John R. Heath, b Feb 2, 1833; d Dec 10, 1899; m 
Emma Burns. Res. 824 Vermont St., Quincy, 111. 
C: (VI) Mrs. J. J. Williams. (VI) George Heath, d 
in 1895. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Elizabeth A. Heath, b in Fayette Co, Pa, 1835. 
P O Piedmont, Kans. S. 

V. Mary Heath, b 1837; d 1840. 

V. Joseph I. Heath, b in 1839; d in Calif, in 1871.S. 

V. Dr. Martin D. Heath, b in Fayette Co. Pa, Oct 6, 
1841; m Margaret Woods July 28, 1880. P O Pied- 
mont, Kans. Physician. C: (VI) Robert Lee 
Heath, b at Mt. Pleasant, Pa, June 28, t88i. (VI) 
Cleveland Heath, bin Howard, Elk Co, Kans, Oct 
10,1883. (VI) Sara Heath, b in Elk Co, Kans, Apr 
I, 1887. 

V. Abraham Heath, b 1843; d infant. 

V. Maria Heath, b 1845; d 1872; m J. F. Matchett. 
C: (VI) Roberta Matchett; (d). S. 

IV. John T. Stauffer,(d) b in Fayette Co, Pa, Mar 7, 
1815, m Susan Strickler Feb 2, 1837. Farmer, 
Meth. C: Henry, David, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Martha, Abram, Catharine, James, Frank, Belle, 
George, Meade. 

V. Henry W. Stauffer, b Dec 22, 1838; m Catharine 
Booher Jan 22, 1861. P O Scottdale, Pa. Laborer, 
Meth. C: Alice, Martin, Charles, Susan, Elizabeth, 
Albert, Lucy, Laura, Rebecca, Emma, John, 

VI. Alice D. vStauffer, b Nov 8, 1861; m A. H. 
Herbert. P O Jeannette, Pa. 

V|. Martin E. Stauffer, b Mar 30, 1863; m Emma 

V|. Charles W. Stauffer, b Jan 16, 1865; m Mary 

VI. Susan Stauffer, b Jan 18, 1867; m James Murphy. 

V|. Elizabeth E. Stauffer, b June 2, 1869; m Hays 

VI. Albert Stauffer, b Nov 4, 1871; m Cora Pretts. 

VI. Lucy Stauffer, b Aug 6, 1873. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Vr Laura Stauffer, b Mar 26, 1875; m John Beswick, 
VI. Rebecca Stauffer, b Oct 10, 1877. S. 
VI. Emma Stauffer, b Aug 8, 1879. S. 
Vl. John T. Stauffer, b Aug 24, 1881; m DasieMay. 
Vl. Mary M. Stauffer, b Jan 29, 1883; d July 1883. 
V. David R. Stauffer, b Aug 15, 1840. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Joseph S. Stauffer, b in Fayette Co, Pa, July 24, 
1842; m Florinda Ebersole Oct 24, 1870. P O Le- 
compton, Kans. Farmer, U B ch. C: Lester, 
Jesse, Clara, Edward, Willie. 

VI. Lester E. Stauffer, bNov 19, 1871; m Eva M. 
Brown Jan i. 1892. P O Pomona^ Kans, Ag*t for 
Santa Fee, R. R. Co., U B ch. C: (VII) Walter B. 
Stauffer. (VII) Laurite F. Stauffer. 

V|. Jesse E. Stauffer, bjune 11, 1873. P O Gunni- 
son, Colo. Pharmacist, U B ch. 

VI. Clara Lillian Stauffer, b Feb 23, 1882. P O 
Lecompton, Kans. U B ch. S. 

VI. Edward E. Stauffer, bMay 13, 1888. U B ch. 

VI. Willie E. Stauffer, b May 13, 1888; d May 26, 

V. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Jan 17, 1844; m Jonas 
Yothers. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Mary Stauffer, b Apr 9. 1846; m John Swain. P 
O. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Martha J. Stauffer, b Apr 18. 1848. S. 

V. AbramD. Stauffer, b June 26, 1850. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Catharine Stauffer, b July 27, 1852; m B. F. 
Cou^henour July I, 1875. Res. 2304 N. loth, St., 
Kansas City, Kans. U B ch. C: (VI) Albert F. 
b June 20. 1876; d Dec 3, 1883. (VI) John S. b Aug 
17, 1878. (VI) Ernest D. b Dec 13, 1882; d May 10, 
1885. Ralph S. bJune, 17, 1887. HazelbMar 21, 1890. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

l)H. ('. I). FKKTZ. 
(Soo Pa^iv 41.) 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. James L. Stauffer, b Apr 15, 1854. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Frank P. Stauffer, b Apr 8, 1856. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Belle Stauffer. b Apr i, 1858. 

V. George W. Stauffer, b Dec 17, i860; m Lucinda 
Hesalrood 1883. P O Greene, la. Farmer, U B 
ch. C: (VI) May Stauffer, b Jan 25, 1885. Roy 
Stauffer, bNov4, 1886; d Nov 27, 1886. Albert 
E. Stauffer, b Oct 26, 1887. Edith Stauffer, b Jan 
5, 1889. Edna Stauffer, b Oct 27, 1890. John T. 
Stauffer, b Sept 29, 1893. Ruth Stauffer, b Mar 14, 
1897. George V. Stauffer, bDec 31, 1899. 

V. Meade Stauffer, b Apr 6, 1863. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. 

III. Henry Oberholtzer, bin Bucks Co, Pa, July 10, 
1779. Moved to Westm'dCo. Pa, with his parents. 
In 1809 he returned to Bucks Co. to be married to a 
Miss Myers, but before the day set for the marriage 
he was kicked by a horse, from the effects of which 
he died Apr 10, 1809. His funeral services were 
held at the house of his uncle Martin Oberholtzer, 
(husband of his aunt Elizabeth Nash), where he 
died. ♦ Jacob Oberholtzer preached at the house and 
Jacob Gross at the Deep Run meeting house where he 
was hurried. 

III. Sarah Overholt. (d), b Feb 11, 1781-2. S. 

III. Abraham Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Apr 19, 
1784; d Jan 15, 1870; m Maria Stauffer, daughter of 
Rev. John and Elizabeth Stauffer Apr 20, 1809. She 

* It is possible that the name is wrong, and shonld be Abra- 
ham, not Jacob, as no Jacob Oberholtzer is known to have 
been a minister at Deep Run. However, in a letter written 
in German at the time by Joseph Nash, to Mr. Oberholtzer's 
father in Westm'd Oo,. tiie name was written Jacob Ober- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


was b in Fayette Co, Pa, July 13, 1791; d at West 
Overton,' Pa,[Nov 1 874. Abraham Overholt learned 
the weaving trade in Bucks Co, Pa. and while his 
brothers cleared the land he wrought at the loom for 
the family, and the wide about neighborhood. In 
iSiohe and his brother Christian, purchased the 
homestead farm, and a couple of years later he 
bought his brother's interest in the farm. The 
purchase included a log distillery having the capacity 
of 3 or 4 bushels of grain per day. 

About T834hebuilt a brick flouring mill, in order 
to do his own chopping for the distillery. This 
distillery and mill were kept running until 1859, 
when both were taken down, and on their site was 
erected a large structure comprising mill and distillery, 
the dimensions of which were 63 x 100 feet and six 
stories in hight. The capacity of the di.stillery 200 
bushels per day, that of the mill 50 barrels of flour. 
A short time before rebuilding, his son, Henry S. 
Overholt purchased a half interest in the farm, 
distillery and mill. 

Abraham Overholt was the first discoverer of coal 
in that portion of Westmoreland Co., and was the 
first to use it. Prior to its discovery coal was brought 
from the other side of the mountain to the black- 
smith shops, and which it was found stood over the 
finest strata of coal. Mr. Overholt used to exhibit 
his coal mines in an early day as a curiosity to visit- 
ing strangers from the east. He was a business man 
as distinguished for the order with which he conduct- 
ed his affairs, for his firmness in decissions, his 
promptness, great energy and punctuality. He was 
never known to disappoint a creditor seeking payment. 
He was gentle to employees and straight forward in 
all his dealings. He was a public spirited man, and 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


one of the earliest and most ardent to advocate the 
present school system of the State. 

He was very successful in business, and his estate 
paid out to the heirs about $350,000. Menu. C: 
Henry, Anna, Jacob, Abraham, Elizabeth, Martin, 
Christian, John. 

IV. Henry S. Overholt, b Aug 10, 1810; d June 18, 
1870; m Abigail Carpenter Feb 10, 1846. She was 
b Mar 13, 1824; d Aug 29, 1898. Farmer, distiller, 
miller. Mrs. O. Baptist. C: Sarah, Benjamin, 
Maria, Abigail, Abraham, Henry, Jennie. 

V. Sarah A. Overholt, b Dec 12, 1846; m Aaron 
S. R. Overholt. (See Aaron S. R. Overholt family). 

V. Benjamin F. Overholt, b July 19, 1848; m 
Florence M. Osterhoute July 16, 1884. She d Sept 
27, 1900, at the home of her parents, while there on 
a visit. She was deeply spiritual in her religious life. 
Her presence in the church was a benediction to all, 
and her fervent prayers and heart to heart talks in 
the prayer meetings will long be treasured in the 
memories of her friends in the church. At her 
funeral the singers, with sorrowing tearful voices 
sang the songs she had loved, and her pastor paid de- 
served tribute, while flowers in abundance covered 
the casket. P O Scottdale, Pa. M'f'g of Coke; 
Director of U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co. C: 
(VI) W. H. Overholt, b Apr 9, 1886; d Mar 23, 1893. 
Helen A. Overholt, b Aug 26, 1890. Raymond D. 
Overholt, b Ap. 17, 1893. MildredJ. Overholt, b 
Feb 10, 1896. 

V. Maria C. Overholt, b Apr 3, 1853; d June 3, 

V. Abigail C. Overholt, bAug8, 1855; m Dr. John 
R. Smith Oct 28, 1886. Res. 396 Jennings ave Cleve- 
land, O. Physician. Cong. C: (VI) Helen S. b Sept 18S7. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Abraham C. Overholt, b at West Overton, 
Westm'd Co, Pa, Jan 19, 1858; m Gertrude Torrence 
Jan 16, 1890. P O Scottdale, Pa. President of 
United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co. C: 
(VI) George Torrence Overholt, b Aug 2, 1891. 
Henry Vinton Overholt, b Dec 12, 1898. 

¥• Henry C. Overholt, b 1861; d Dec 3, 1894; m 
Blanch Douglass. C: — . 

¥• Jennie C. Overholt, b Oct 10, 1862; m Nathaniel 
Miles Aug 9, 1881. Res. 250 West 82, St.. New 
York City. Baptist. C: (VI) Roy Overholt Miles, b 
Nov 23, 1882. Edwin Miles, b Sept 10, 1884. Eugene 
Carpenter Miles, b Sept 20, 1886. 

IV. Anna Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, July 4, 
1812; din Fayette Co, Pa, Mar 29, 1866; m John 
Tinstman Mar 18, 1830. He was b in Westm'd Co, 
Pa, Jan 29, 1807; d Apr 16, 1877. Farmer, U B 
ch. C: Maria, Jacob, Abraham, Henry, Anna, 
John, Elizabeth Abigail, Emma, Christian. 

V. Maria Tinstman, b Feb 11, 1831; d May 30, 

V. Jacob O. Tinstman, b Nov 23, 1832; m Annie 
Leighty in 1859. P O Scottdale, Pa. C: 

VI. Abraham Tinstman, m — . 
V|. Maria May Tinstman, S. 
VI . James E. Tinstman, m — . 

V. Abraham O. Tinstman, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
Sept 13, 1834; m Harriet Cornelia Markle, daughter 
of Gen., C. P. Markleof Westm'd Co, Pa, July i, 
1875. P O Turtle Creek, Pa. Mr. Tinstman was 
reared on the farm where the Emma Mine Coke 
Works are now located. He received a common 
school education and remained on the farm until 25 
years of age, when he went to Broad Ford, Pa, to 
take charge of the mill, distillery and land of his 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


maternal grandfather, Abraham Overholt. In 1864 
he became a partner with his grandfather in the firm 
A. Overholt & Co., and continued to manage this 
Company's affairs until the death of the latter. Five 
years previousto this event, Mr. Tinstman and Joseph 
Rist had bought 600 acres of coal land near Broad 
Ford, and in 1868, in partnership with Col, A.S.M. 
Morgan they opened what is now called the Morgan 
Mines and engaged exclusively in making Coke. 
Morgan & Co, then controlled almost the entire Coke 
business of this region and built a mile of railroad to 
secure an outlet for their product. In 1870 Mr. 
Tinstman organized and built the Mt. Pleasant and 
Broad Ford Railroad connecting with the Pittsburg 
and Connellsville R. R. at Broad Ford. He continued 
its President until he sold the entire road to the B. & 
O., R. R. six years later. This the beginning of the 
development of the Coke business in Westm'd Co. 
In 1 87 1 he formed another Coke Company 
and associated with him Messers Joseph Rist and H. 
C. Frick, under the firm name of H. C. Frick and 
Co., thus establishing the great H. C. Frick Coke 
Co., and this firm built 200 Coke ovens now known 
as the "Novelty** and Henry Clay Works. In 1872 
Morgan & Co., bought 400 acres of coal land at 
Latrobe, and Mr. Tinstman also made extensive pur- 
chases of other coal tracts which led to the loss of his 
entire possessions in the panic of 1873. He set brave- 
ly to work to retrieve his losses, and in 1878 and 1880 
was enabled to purchase options on coal lands in the 
Connellsville region. In 1880 he sold 3,500 acres at 
a good profit and soon bought a half interest in the 
Rising Sun Coke Works. About this time he estab- 
lished the firm of A. O. Tinstman & Co., in Pittsburg 
and was highly successful in his operations. In i8di 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


he acquired Mt. Braddock and Ptansville Coke 
works, and three years later^soldall his coke interests. 
For the last lo years he has been engs^^ed in the 
purchase of coal lands in Western Pennsylvania and 
West Virginia. In 1S79 was built the fine mansion 
which Mr. Tinstman and family now €xx:upy. The 
grounds include the site where once stood a pioneer^s 
log cabin which gave shelter to George Washingtotti 
after his raft had capsized in the Allegheny on one 6f 
his exploring expeditions. Presby. C: (Vl) Cynis 
Painter Markle Tinstman, b Dec 3, 1878. P O 
Turtle Creek, Pa. He is at present (1900), a cadet 
' at the Penna MiUtary College at Chester, Pa. Presby .S. 

V. Henry O. Tinstman, b Sept 27, 1836; m Lydia 
K. ArmellOct.15, 1S63. PO Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Clerk, Baptist. Served in the Civil war as Captain 
of Co., I. 15, Pa.,Cav. C: Charles, George, James, 

V|. Charles A. Tinstman, b Apr 15, 1866; d Mar 
15, 1890. Baptist. S. 

V|. George B. Tinstman, b Nov 17, 1868. Electridan, 
Baptist. S. 

V|. James B. Tinstman, b Apr 10, 1871; d Jan 5, 
1899; m Prances H. De Witt Apr 2 1 , 1890. Baptist. 
No issue. 

V. Benjamin E. Tinstman, bFeb4, 1875; m Nellie 
G. Lusk Oct 18, 1900. P O Pittsburg, Pa. Cashier 
EquitaUe Life Assurance Co. Baptist. 

V. Anna O. Tinstman, b Dec 29,1838; m Rev. Loren 
B. Leasure Nov 20, 1855. He d Nov 9, 1882. 
Minister, U Bch, and later of the Ger. Ref. ch. C: 
Maria, Israel, Ida, Minnie, Anna, Loren, £dna,JohD. 

VI. Maria E. Leasure, b May 28, r857;'m James C. 
Cribbs Sept 22, 1878. P O Jeannette, Pa. Ref. ch. 
C: (VII) JameS'L. Cribbs, b Nov 29, 1879. Charles 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Isaiah R. Haldeman. 

(«2ee pige 56 ) 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


C. CriBbs, b Aug 28,i9Si. Anna Cribbs, b^an i6, 

1884. Olive CribbB, Jl> Apr 6, 18B8. iQiaabef}! 
Cribbs, bjiily2j6,a%i. 

V|. Israel Painter Leasure, bOct 11, 1859; m Emma 
J. ^arkvFeb 20,1883. P O Greeusburg, Pa. Cletk. 
C: (VII) Mary T.'Xeasure, b Dec rB, t^S^ Hmma 
K. Leasure, b July 8, 1^893. 

VI. Ida Leasure, b Nov.34, iSei;-!!! Alfred Smith 
Dec 22, 1880. P O Jeannette, Pa, 

Vl. Minnie S. ^Masure» bjan2i, 1M4; m Archibald 
B. Mc Grew Oct ^i, i8a3. P O Grecmsbarg, Pa. 

Vi AnuaO.Iieasure, b Maris, 1866; d 6^13, tSSS. 

V|. Loren.B.'LeaMire, bOet 8, 1870. S. 

V|. Edna Leasure, b Jan 2, 1874. S. 

"Vl- Ji>fan P. Leasure, bjune 13, 1877. S. 

V. John O. Tindtman, b Mar 22, 1841; d Oct 3, 
1862, in the army. He, of the Anderson troops, was 
in the battle of Antietan and died socm after. 

V. Elizabeth Tinstman, b July t6, 1843; d June 15, 

V. AbigailTinstman, b Feb 17, 1846; d Nov 1865. 

V. Emma Tinstman, bAug9, 1849; m Dr. W. J. 
K. Kline in 1867. P O Gteensbnrg, Pa. Physician. 
No issue. 

•V. Christian S. O. Tinstman, b in Sewickley twp, 
Westm'dCo, Pa, Dec 17, 18^51; m Anna S. Miller 
Apr z8, 1893. Res. 425 Fourth ave Pittoburg, Pa. 
General Ag't Real Estate Mortgages & Insurance, 
Farms, Coal and hamber lands. Presby. No issue. 

IV. Jacob S. Ovexiiolt, b at West Overton, Pa, Oct 
18, 18 14; d Apr 20, 1859; ^ Mary F<» Dec 29, 1836. 
She was b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Dec i, 1816; d Aug 
20,1895. Gmeralbuinness. Baptist. C: Maria, Btiaa- 
beth, Abraham, Isaac, Mary, Penton, Christian, 
Jacob, Emma. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Maria F. Overholt. binWestm'd Co, Pa, Dec 
6, 1837. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Baptist. 

V. Elizabeth F. Overholt, bNov 15, 1839; d Apr 
20, 1859. 

V. Abraham F. Overholt. b in Westm/d Co, Pa, 
Sept 15, 1841; m Martha Rist Oct 2, 1866. She d in 
Denver, Colo., in 1882. P O Fort Collins, Colo. 
Civil Engineer. C: Edwin, George, Mary, Gertrude, 

V|. Edwin Stanton Overholt, binConnellsville, Pa, 
Aug 29, 1867; m Maud Hamilton Jan 26, 1898. Res. 
1829 Tenth St., Boulder, Colo. Prospector and 
miner. C: (Vl|) Elsie Gail Overholt, b Sept 7, 

VI. George W. Overholt, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Apr 
24, 1869; mHattie Shultisjan I, 1894. She was b 
at Olive, New York, July 17, 1873. P O Jefferson, 
Colo. Teamster. C: (VII) Charlotte Overholt, b 
Sept 30, 1894. Mattie Catharine Overholt, b Aug 
23, 1896. Helen Gertrude Overholt. b Jan 23, 1899; 
d Sept 4, 1899. Keitha Litmer Overholt, b Jan 13, 

V|. MaryM. Overholt, bApr 2, 1872; d Nov 23, 

V|. Gertrude R. Overholt, b at Denver, Colo, Sept 
17, 1874; m A. Woodward Stephens Nov 16, 1898. P 
O Ithaca, N. Y. Stove manager. Baptist. C: (VII) 
Woodward Overholt Stephens, b Sept 4, 1899. d Oct 
I, 1899. Mary Overholt Stephens, bjan6, 1901. 

V|. Max Clark Overholt, b at Denver, Colo, Apr 
19, 1877. P O Masonville, Colo. 

V. Isaac F. Overholt, b Nov 4. 1843. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. Coke Manufacturer. Served 3 years 
and two months in the Civil war. S. 

V. Mary Anne Overholt, bjuly i, 1846; m Capt. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Cassius Clay Markle Feb 21, 1865. P O West 
Newton, Pa. Mr. Markle enlisted Aug 25, 1861, 
as Second Lieutenant in Co., E. 105th, Reg*t., P. 
V.I. He was promoted to First Lieut., and at the 
second battle of Bull Run was promoted Captain of 
his Co. He was appointed and served as Provost 
Marshal under Gen. Bimey, and subsequently was 
appointed Inspector General of Fort North of the 
Potomac, first under Gen. Hoskin and later under 
Gen. Harden, and occupied that position at the ex- 
piration of his three years term of enlistment. 

He was honorably discharged Sept 3. 1864. Upon 
his return from the army he became actively engaged 
in the paper and coke manufactory; now retired. 
C: Cyrus, Thomas, Mary, Sarah, Jessie, Margaret. 

VI. Cyrus Painter Markle, b Feb 12, 1866; m 
Margaret C. Rholand Oct 10, 1899. P O Greens- 
burg, Pa. Clerk in Register and Recorders office. 
He served through the campaign in Manilla, on the 
firing line 70 days with the loth, Penna, Reg't. Mr. 
M. Presby. Mrs. M. Baptist. C: (VII) Mary 
Jane Markle, b May 24, 1900. 

V|. Thomas M. Markle, b Feb 25. 1868; m Ida 
Landsperger Sept 6, 1899. P O West Newton, Pa. 
Lumberman. Mr. M. Presby. Mrs. M. Luth. C: 
(VII) J. Webster O. Markle, b May 10, 1900. 

V|. Mary O. Markle, b Sept 13, 1870; m James W. 
ShupeOct25. 1892. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Supt. 
Electric Light, Heat & Power Co. Presby. No issue. 

VI. Sarah B. Markle, b Feb 2, 1873. 

V|. Jessie B. Markle, b May 25, 1875; m Theodore 
Hawley Oct 19, 1893. Supt. Continental Paper bag 
Co., Rumford Falls, Maine. Mr. H. Catholic. Mrs. 
H. Presby. C: (VII) Eleanor Hawley, b Aug 25, 
1894. Dorothy F. Hawley, b Aug 28, 1900. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Margaret Z. Markle, b Mar 8, 1878; m Frank 
Watterson Jackson Aug 16, 1898. P O Mt. Pleasant » 
Pa. He was born in Fayette Co, Pa., in 1874. He 
received his education in the Mt. Pleasant, Pa, 
Classical and Scientific Institute, from which he 
graduated in 1891 with honors, besides winning the 
H. K. Porter prize of $300. offered for the one best 
prepared for College. He then went to Bucknell 
University, from which he graduated with the degjee 
of A. B., in 1895. and then went to Chicago Uni- 
versity for some time. He has for the past five 
years been Professor of Greek in the Western Penna, 
Institute, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. In the spring of 1901, 
he was appointed by the President, consul to patron 
Greece. Mr. J. Baptist. Mrs. J. Presby. C: (VII) 
Marian M. Jackson, b Aug 15, 1899. 

V. Fenton C. Overholt, bat West Overton. Westm'd 
Co, Pa, Sept 15, 1848; m Ida A. Wright Jan 29, 
1874. P O King River, Calif . Farmer. C: Harry, 
Mary, Annie, Omera, Oscar, George, Lucy, Emma, 
Norma, Baby. 

V|. Harry Webster Overholt, b Sept 29, 1875; d 
Oct 15, 1875. 

VI . Mary Virginia Overholt, b Oct 16, 1876; m 
John M. McHaley Apr 29, 1896. P O King River, 
Calif. Farmer. C: (VII) Harold Ray McHaley, b 
Dec 18, 1897; d June 10, 1898. Mary Virginia Mc- 
Haley, bMar6, 1899. 

V|. Annie Maria Overholt, b July 22, 1879. 
V|. Omera W. Overholt, b Nov 24, 1881; d Jan 27, 

VI. Oscar F. Overholt (twin), b Nov 24, 1881; d 
Feb 14, 1882. 
V|. George Jacob Overholt, bOct 23. 1883. 
V|. Lucy Overholt, b May 14, 18S6. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI . Emma Louis Overholt, b Apr 21, 1890. 

VI. Norma Overholt, b Jan 2, 1893. 

Vl. Baby Overholt, b Feb 28, 1900; d Mar 9, 1900. 

V. Christian F. Overholt, b Nov 13, 1850; m Susan 
E. McClellan Sept 29, 1885. P O Scottdale, Pa. 
Supt. Farm and Coke Works. Baptist. C: (VI) 
Ernest McClellan Overholt, bjuue i, 1889. 

V. Jacob Webster Overholt, b Aug 30, 1853. P O 
Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Coke Manufacturer. 

V. Emma F. Overholt, b Jan 5, 1856; m George A. 
Markle Apr 4, 1878. P O New Haven, Pa. C: 
(VI) Gertrude A. Markle, b Jan 15, 1879. Howard 
O. Markle, b Dec 18, 188 1. 

IV. Abraham S. Overholt, b Jan 23, 1817; d May 
1863; m Mary A. Newmyer. C: George, John, 
Norman, May. 

V. George W. Overholt, — ; m Agnes Ripple. P O 
Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

V. John S. Overholt, . 

V. Norman Overholt, (d). 
V. Mary Overholt, (d). 

IV. Elizabeth S. Overholt, b at West Overton, Pa, 
June 2, 1819; m John W. Frick Oct 19, 1847. He 
was b in Adamsburg. Westm'd Co, Pa, Feb 23, 
1822; d at Wooster, O, Aug 31, 1889. P O Wooster, 
O. Farmer, Luth. C: Maria, Henry, Annie, 
Aaron, Edgar. Sallie. 

V. Maria O. Frick, bat West Overton, Pa. Feb 9, 
1848; m John S. R. Overholt—. (SeeJ. S. R. O. 

V. Henry Clay Frick, b at West Overton, Westm'd 
Co, Pa, Dec 19, 1849; m Adalaide Childs Dec 15, 
1881. Res. Pittsburg, Pa, **Coal King.'' C: (VI) 
Martha, (d); Helen, a son (d). 

V. Annie O. Frick, bin Mt. Pleasant twp, Westm'd 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Co, Pa, Aug 21, 1852; m James S. Braddock Oct 12, 
1 881. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Baptist. C: (VI) 
Homer F. Braddock, b Nov 18, 1883. Ferae F. 
Braddock, b Oct 5, 1885. Howard Clay Braddock, b 
Jan 23, 1889. Elizabeth M. Braddock, bMay i, 1892. 

V. Aaron O. Frick, b at West Overton, Pa, Apr 7, 
1855- s. 

V. J. Edgar Frick, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, May 16, 
1859; mAlmaMilburn at Wooster, O, Febi, 1882. 
P Wooster, O. C: (Vl) Charles Frick, b May 
26,1883. Gail Frick, b Mar 2, 1886. Hazel Frick. b 
Feb 5. 1889. Jay Edgar Frick, b May 16, 1893. 
John W. Frick, b Apr 17, 1896. 

V. Sallie 0. Frick, b in Westm'd Co. Pa, Mar 21. 
1862; m William A. Lott Sept 26, 1894. P 
Wooster, O. C: (VI) Elizabeth IvOtt. b June 15, 

IV. Martin S. Overholt; b Mar 31, 1822; m Maria 
Wakefield. C: 

V. Hudson W. Overholt, b 1849; m — Mullen. 
V. James C. Overholt, b 1851. 

V. Mary E. Overholt, b 1854; m Wm. Ritchie. 

V. J. Franklin Overholt, b 1856. 

V. Harry E. Overholt. b i860. 

V. Ida M. Overholt, b 1862; m Wm. Caton. 

IV. Christian S. Overholt, b at West Overton, 
Westm'd Co, Pa, Oct 18, 1824; m Katharine L. 
Newmyer June 28, 1853. Res. 4008 Pine St, Phila, 
Pa. A business man of long and wide experience, 
his prominent connection with financial and indus- 
trial affairs make Christian S. Overholt an admirable 
and valuable member of the Pennsylvania Board of 
Commissioners. He is a retired banker, merchant 
and manufacturer. For many years he was the 
manager of the firm of Overholt & Co., of Broad- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

:? 2: 

r: ^ 






Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Ford, Pa, a well known firm of distillers. Nearly a 
third of a centur^^ ago he retired from the firm and 
became president of the First National Bank of Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa, After ably performing the functions 
of this responsible post for a long time, he retired 
from active business life, and has been a resident of 
Philadelphia for some years. Baptist. C: Alice, 
Charles, Mary, Elmer, Anna, William, 
V. Alice Carey Overholt, b Apr lo, 1854. Res. 
Pittsburg, Pa. Baptist. S. 

V. Charles Overholt, b Apr i, 1856; d Dec 15, 1881; 
m Eliza Lippencott Newmyer Mar 13, 1876. Baptist. 
C: Lu, Elmer, Ruth. 

V|.. Lu Newmyer Overholt, b Feb 22. 1877; m Claud 
Scott Aug 10, 1898. Baptist. C: (VII) Katharine 
O. Scott, bjune 1899. 

VI. Elmer E. Overholt, b Feb 23, 1878. Baptist. S. 
VI. Ruth Overholt, bi88i; d young. 

V. Mary Virginia Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
Nov 28, 1858; m Col. George Nox McCain Jan 21, 
1879. Res. 4008 Pine St, Phila, Pa. C; (VI) Edith 
Overholt McCain, b July 13, 1880. Mills Marie 
McCain, bDec 21, 1882. Donald Rockefeller Mc- 
Cain, bjuly 12, 1885. Helen Katharine McCain, b 
June 22, 1888. Mary Virginia Lock wood McCain, b 
Oct 17, 1891. 

V. Elmer E. Overholt, b Aug 23. 1861; d Oct 22, 

V. Anna May Overholt, b Aug i, 1864; m Carl 
ClaytonLawOct 17, 1889. Baptist. C: (VI) Kath- 
arine O. Law, b Mar 21, 1892. Stanley O. Law, b 
June 21, 1894. 

V. William Shadrack Overhoh, b Feb 8, 1867; m 
Helen Hollister Nov 12, 1889. Presby. No issue. 

IV. JohnS. Overholt, bJune i, i826;dSept 28, 1846. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


III. Christian Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, July i8, 
1786; d in Hancock Co, Ohio, Jan 11, 1868; m Eliza- 
beth Stauffer Nov 181 1. She was b Jan 19, 1794; d 
Nov 21, 1887. He followed at different times the 
occupation of farming and distilling. In the autumn 
of 1858, he in company with his son, Abraham, left 
Westm*d Co, Pa, and located at Fostoria, Seneca Co, 
Ohio, where the latter had previously purchased a 
farm, and with whom he made his home during the 
remaining years of his life. In disposition he was 
impulsive and quick to speak, but kind hearted and 
generous to a fault. His wife survived him nearly 
twenty years. She was a sister to his brother Abraham 
Overholt's wife, and a daughter of Rev. John and 
Elizabeth Stauffer. 

Christian Overholt and his wife were faithful 
members of the Mennonite church, and after moving 
to the State of Ohio, they drove a distance of twelve 
miles to attend worship in a church of their denomi- 
nation. To the grandchildren, one of the most precious 
memories were of their grandmother. Her son and 
his wife were untiring in their devotion to her, while 
her presence in their home was ever like a gracious 
benediction. It was often said of her, '*I have never 
seen mother out of patience, nor heard her utter one 
unkind word." She retained full possession of her 
mental faculties until her death at the age of nearly 
ninety four years. C: Abraham, Sarah, Henry, 
Anna, Elizabeth, Christian. 

IV. Abraham S. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
Feb 9, 1813; d near Fostoria, O, Jan 23, 1896; m 
Barbara SherrickDec 4, 1836. She was b in Fayette 
Co, Pa, Nov 12, 1813; d Dec 5, 1891. Farmer and 
sawyer. In early life Menu; later U B ch. C: 
Anna, Christian, Elizabeth, Jacob, Joseph, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC J 


Abraham, Sarah, Maria, Barbara, Martin. 

¥• Anna Overholt, b July 24, 1838; mWm. Harned 
Jans, i860. P O Jerry City, O. Meth. C: Ida, 
Abraham, Charles, Alta, Mamie, Lettie, Nellie. 

V|. Ida Harned, b Dec 27, i860; m James McLaugh- 
lin Apr 10, 1884. P O Jerry City, O. Meth. C: 
(VII) Floyd McLaughlin, b Feb 15, 1885. Frank 
McLaughlin, bAug3, i888. Fern McLaughlin, b 
Aug 27, 1893. Grace McLaughlin, b Feb 10, 1895. 

VI* Abraham O. Harned, b Aug 4, 1862; m Eva 
Sherman Feb 27, 1885. P O Bowling Green, O. 
Teacher, Meth. C: (Vii) Alta Hained, b Jan 14. 
1886. Don Harned, b June 6, 1889. 

Vi- Charles C. Harned, b Sept 13, 1865; m Alice 
Hampshire Apr 14, 1889. P O Jerry City, O. Oil 
pumper: U B ch. C: (VII) Sidney Harned. b Mar 
i6, 1890. Blanch Harned. b Jan 5, 1892. Doice 
Harned, b Oct 24, 1893. Olive Harned, b Aug 5, 

V|. Alta E. Harned, b Aug 15, 1867; m Emma 
BrubakerOct 24, 1887. PO Jerry City, O. Oil 
pumper: Meth. C: (VII) Glenna Harned, b May 11, 
1889. Lyla E. Harned, b Nov 16, 1890. Zoa M. 
Harned, b Apr 21, 1894. Anna M. Harned, b Jan 
18, 1896. ZeldaG. Harned, b Oct 4. 1898. 

V|. Mamie Harned, b Jan 11, 1870; m Fred Haight 
Feb 19, 1891. P O Jerry City, O. Meth. C: (VII) 
Foyl Haight, b Mar 22, 1892. Lettie Haight, b Mar 
7, 1896. 

V|. Lettie Harned, b Apr3, 1872; mj. B. Morrison 
July 12, 1897. P O Buckland, O. Meth. C: (VII) 
William L. Morrison, b May 25, 1899. 

V|. Nellie Harned, b May 18, 1876; m Artemus 
Rice Mar 18, 1892. Res. 611 South Piatt St., East 
Toledo, O. U B ch. C: (VII) William Rice, bDec 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


23, 1894. Anna R. Rice, b Oct 7, 1896. 

V. Christian M. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
July 27, 1840; m Emily J. Bernard Aug 20, 1863. P 
O Mark Center, O. Farmer: Metli Ep. C: Cora, 
Oscar, EfHe, Curtis, Jesse, Anna. 

V|. Cora Overholt, b June 20, 1864. Res. 2814 
Groveland ave, Chicago, 111. Superintendent of 
Nurses Training School: Meth Ep. S. 

V|. Oscar A. Overholt. b Nov 30, 1865; m S. Irene 
Solenberger Jan 8,1888. P O Hicksville, O. Fanner: 
MethEp. C: (VII) Howard Overholt, b May 1889. 
Bruce C. Overholt, b Aug 27, 1 891. Mary B. Over- 
holt, b Feb 21, 1S97. 

VI. Effie Overholt, b Feb 17, 1868; m Howard W. 
Jarmer D.D. S., in 1889. Hed 1895. P O Hicks- 
ville, O. Dentist: Meth Ep. C: (Wll) Troil O. 
Jarmer, bi890. E. Blanch Jarmer, b 1893. Howard 
W. Jarmer, b 1894. 

V|. Curtis A. Overholt, M. D., b Jan 19, 1872; m 
Lizzie Huston Sept 17, 1896. P O Plymouth, 0. 
Physician: MethEp. No issue. 

V|. Jesse B. Overholt, b July 26, 18S1. P Mark 
Center, 0. School teacher; farmer, Meth Ep. S. 

VI. Anna B. Overholt, b Aug 15, 1883. Meth Ep.S. 

V. Elizabeth Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Aug 
5, 1842; m Dr. Jacob A. Shesler Mar 15, 1865. P O 
San Jose, Calif. 

Dr. Jacob A. Shesler, was b in Fairfield Co, 0, Aug 
30, 1836. In 1852 he left home with a company of 
young men for California, accross the ** Plains." 
Many incidents of his journey for want of space 
must be passed over, such as cremation of an 
Indian Chief, war dance by 2000 Indians, murder, 
capture, trial and execution of murderers, a narrow 
escape from a pack of wolves, etc. , etc. He arrived 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


safe in Butte Co, in Sept, without a dime in his 
pocket. Here he hired out to a mining company, at 
$4.00 per day, and subsequently became one of the 
owners of the mine 

His life struggle now began with its alternation of 
successes and failures. At one time his mining 
property in Sierra Co, was estimated to he worth 
from $80,000 to $100,000, but by trusting to the 
honesty of a **friend," he became involved in a law 
suit, which cost him over $3000 and the loss of all 
his mining property. 

In 1856 he took an active part in the formation of 
the republican party in Sierra Co. , and became its 
first candidate for the Legif^lature from the 17th, 
Judicial Dist. , the following year. He w^as one of 
the delegates from Sierra Co. , to the First Republi- 
can State Convention ever held in California, at 
Sacramento, Feb 16, i860, to elect delegates to the 
National Republican Convention, which nominated 
Abraham Lincoln for President. 

On Aug II, i860, he started for his old Ohio home, 
arriving there in Sept. In 1863 he enlisted in the 
49th,, O. V. V. I., served till after the close ^of the 

In 1874 he began the study of Medicine, graduated 
from Physio-Med,, College, Cincinatti, O, Mar 
1877. After marriage they moved to Fostoria, O, 
and in 1881, to San Jose, Cal., where they still 
reside practicing his profession as a * 'Specialist." 
Mrs. S. Christian ch. C: Ada, Minnie, Walter. 
¥|. AdaShesler, b Jan 21, 1867; m Edward C. R. 
Reene. Res. 1307 Mission St, San Francisco, Cal. 
Merchant. No issue. 

V|. Minnie Shesler, b Dec 4, 1867. She fell a 
victim to one of the most atrocious crimes of the 19th, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


century, in which the McGlincy family near Camp- 
belle Station, Santa Clara Co, Cal., with his step-son 
James Wells, Robert Briscoe, an employee, and 
Minnie Shesler, six in all, were murdered in cold 
blood by James C. Dunham, the son-in-law of Mr. 

During the absence of the male members of the 
family at night, James C. Dunham murdered Mrs. 
McGlincy, and his wife, the latter sick in bed from 
confinement. He mxirdered his wife by breaking her 
neck across the side-board of her bed. Miss Minnie 
Shesler (who was employed to superintend in the 
cooking department of the family), occupied an ad- 
joining room, and no doubt heard the struggle and 
came into the room to see what was wrong, and was 
stricken down with an ax, the sharp edge stricking 
cross-ways just back of her forehead, from which 
death must have been instantaneous. There were 
four other wounds made, each penetrating the brain, 
either of which would have proved fatal. She was 
found lying in a large pool of blood beside the bed 
of Mrs. Dunham. The murderer then waited the 
return of the other members of the family when he 
finished his bloody work. 

Minnie Shesler was a meml)er of the Christian ch, 
of the Daughters of Veterans, and other societies. 

V|. Walter H. Shesler, b Dec 19, 1876. P O San 
Jose, Cal. Christian ch. S. 

V. Joseph Overholt, b May 19, 1844; d Sept 14, 
1867. S. 

V. Joseph S. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Apr 
10, 1846; m Maria Bucher in 1870. She d 1874. C: 
J. B., Amolda. Joseph m second wife Laura Sher- 
man Sept 21, 1876. P O Bloomdale, D. Farmer: 
U B ch. C: Blanche, Sherman. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Abraham Ovkrholt. 
See Paj:^e n^o. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. J. B. Overholt, bjan 24, 187 1; m Lizzie Dun- 
lap Mar 17, 1897. P O Van Wert, O. Farmer: 
MethEp. C: (VII) Maria Rae Overholt, bFeb 21. 

¥|. Aniolda M. Overholt, b Dec 27, 1872; m Jacob 
A. Linhart Aug 17, 1893. P O Bloomdale, O. 
Farmer: Luth. C: (VII) LeRoy O'Neal Linhart, b 
Aug 26, 1894. JohnS. Linhart, bMay 14, 1896. 

V|. Blanche May Overholt, b Oct 17, 1877. 

V|. Sherman Overholt, b Aug 7, 1880. 

V. Abraham J. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
Jan 24, 1848; m Almira Marietta Jan 14, 1869. She 
was b in Stark Co, O, Sept 22, 185 1. P O Fostoria, 
O. Farmer: U B ch. C: Earl, Mabel. 

V|. Dr. Earl L. Overholt, b Mar 2, 1870. P O 
Fostoria, O. Physician and Surgeon: U B ch. S. 

V|. Mabel Overholt, bMar6, 1874. P O Fostoria, 
O. Teacher in Fostoria Public School: U B ch. S. 

V. Sarah Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Apr 15, 
1849; mjohn W. Shoe Sept 9, 1869. P O Fostoria, 
Ohio. U B ch. No issue. 

V. Maria Overholt, b Mar 26, 1851; m Henry More- 
lock Jan 3, 1872. P O Fostoria, O. Fruitgrower: 
U B ch. C: (VI) Bertha M. Morelock, b Jan 20, 
1878; d Aug 28, 1878. Charles H. Morelock, b July 
8, 1881. Anna M. Morelock, bFeb 4, 1889. 

V. Barbara Overholt, bMay 28, 1853; m Charles 
Culbertson Nov.26, 1876. He d Oct 18, 1896. P O 
Fostoria, O. U B ch. No issue. 

V. Martin B. Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Aug 
i8, 1856; m Samantha Biles Dec 25, 1878. She d 
June 27, 1893. No issue. He m second wife Anna 
Sherman Dec 9, 1897. P O Fostoria, O. Fruit 
grower; U B ch. No issue. 

IV. Sarah Overholt, bjan9, 1815; d June 30, 1837; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m Christian Stoner (d), May 7, 1835. Cabinet 

maker and undertaker: Menn. C: Martin, Lizzie. 

V. Martin Stoner. P O Brunswick, Mo. 

V. Lizzie Stoner, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, June 11, 
1837; m John Haen Sept 6, i860. P O North Balti- 
more, O. Farmer. C: George, Alice, Irvin. 

V|. George S. Haen, b Aug 7, 1861; m Ada 

VI. Alices. Haen, b Dec 25, 1864; m Charles A. 

Vl. Irvin S. Haen, bMay 13, 1867; d Feb 10, 1890. 

IV. Henry Overholt, b in Westm*dCo, Pa, Feb 3, 
1 81 7; din Hancock Co, O, Sept 13. 1863; m Sarah 
Frick Apr 2, 1840. She wash Apr 17, 1820. P O 
VanBuren, O. Farmer; Luth. C: Martin, David, 
Mary, John, Henry, William, Joseph. 

V. Martin Overholt, bMay 20, 1841. Enlisted in 
the Civil war in 1862, serv^ed one year, when on 
account of sickness was discharged, came home and 
died Sept 16, 1863. 

V. David F. Overholt, b at West Overton, Pa, Sept 
7, 1843; m Laura J. Hale Aug 9, 1868. She d Feb 
14, 1877. C: Gertrude, Ada, Jennie. David m 
second wife Jennie V. McClellan Sept 28, 1882. P O 
Van Buren, O. Enlisted in the late Civil war in 
1864, served three months. Carpenter: U B ch. 
C: Martin. 

VI. Gertrude A. Overholt, b Feb 14, 1869; m George 
F. Kuhlman Feb 9, 1890. P O McComb, O. Farmer; 
Presby. C: (VII) Gail Malora Kuhlman, b Feb 11, 
1 89 1. Ress Edward Kuhlman, b Dec 18, 1894. 

V|. Ada May Overholt, b May 7, 1S71; m Charles 
A. Moorhead Oct i, 1896. P O Findlay, O. Oil 
pumper; Presby, C: (VII) Ross 0. Moorhead, b 
July 25, 1897. Wm. H. Moorhead, b Oct 22, 1899. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Jennie Blanch Overholt, b Aug ii, 1875; m 
John W. Probert. Res. 219-221, E.' Market St., 
Akron, O. Grocery merchant; Meth Ep. C: (Vli) 
Stanley Probert. 

Vr Martin R. Overholt, b June 13. 1886. 

¥. Mary Overholt, b June 23, 1846; d June 10, 

V. John C. Overholt, b Jan 10, 1849; m Melissa 
Baker May 18, 1876. P O Findlay, O. Carpenter; 
U B ch. C: (¥1) Sylvester C. Overholt, b Jan 29, 
1878; d Aug3, 1879. CloyceE. Overholt, bOct 8, 

y. Henry Overholt, bin Hancock Co, O, Mar 27. 
1854; m Nancy May Sept 17, 1882. P O Van Buren, 
O. Carpenter; U B ch. C: (VI) Clarence Over- 
holt, b Oct 10, 1883. Stella Overholt, b June 25, 
1885. Forest Overholt, b Mar 31, 18S7. Lenne 
Overholt, b Nov 24, 1889. Leota Oveiholt, b May 
7, 1892. Willie Overholt, bOct 16,1894. 

¥. William Overholt, b in Ohio June 4, 1857; m 
Gertie Redfem Dec 3, 1885. P O Humboldt, Kan. 
Farmer; U B ch. C: (Vl) Lloyd Lee OA^rholt, b 
June 16, 1886. Alma E. Overholt, bjune i, 1887. 
William E. Overholt, b Oct 23, 1889. Merle R. 
Overholt, b Sept 24, 1893. Orpha Helen Ionia 
Overholt. b Aug 30, 1895. 

V. Joseph Overholt, bjan 22, i86o; d Mar 13, 1863. 

IV. Anna Overholt bMay4, 1819; m James Irvin 
(d). Mar 25, 1858. Anna m second husband, John 
Bolton Mar 22, 1883. P O Findlay, O. ChofGod. 
No issue. 

IV. Elizabeth Overholt, b Jan 1821; d Mar 3. 1898; 
mjohn Stoner. U B ch. C: Abraham, Sarah, 
Alcinus, Anna. 

V. Abraham, Sarah and Alcinus, no report. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Anna E. Stoner, b June 24, 1852; m Ambrose 
Purkeyjan i, 1874. P O Bloomdale, O. Farmer; 
Meth Ep. C: (¥1) Jesse E. Purkey, b Oct 2. 1878. 
Meth Ep. Mabel S. Purkey, b Apr 30, 1881. Meth 

IV. Christian Overholt, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Mar 
4, 1827; dinHancockCo, O, Jan 9, 1898; m Catha- 
rine Leighty in 1852. She wash in Pa, Sept i, 1831; 
d in O, 1894. Moved to Hancock Co, O, i860, where 
they purchased a farm of 240 acres, which they im- 
proved and made one of the finest farms in the 
country. Uncle Christ, as he was familiarly called, 
was highly respected by all who knew him. Convert- 
ed in early life, he and Jiis wife united with the Meth 
Ep ch, of which they were consistant members. C: 
Lizzie, Alsinus, Ella, Charles, Clarence, Frank, 
Sherman. Edgar, Bertha. 

V. Lizzie Overholt, b at West Overton, Pa, Mar 
10, 1854; m G. W. Urie Sept 3, 1893. P O Bloom- 
dale, O. Farmer; Meth Ep. 

V. Alsinus Overholt, b Dec 6, 1855; m Minerva 
Morehead. P O Portage Center, O. C: Lizzie, 
Zella, Hazel, Ralph, Hugh. 

V. Ella Overholt, bjan22, 1858; d May 25, 1900; 
mL. Monroe Taylor Nov 17, 1887. PO Fin<Uay, 
O. Meth Ep. C: (¥1) Anna Taylor, b Dec 25, 
1889. Floyd Taylor, b Feb 13, 1890. Clarence 
Taylor, b Feb i, 1895. 

V. Charles Overholt, b Apr 22, i860; m Clara Lin- 
hart, P O Bloomdale, O. C: Gail, Virgil, Dean, 
Zoa, Charles. 

y. Clarence Overholt, bMay 10, 1862; d Oct 20, 

y. Frank Overholt, bMar 3, 1865; d May 25, 1900; 
m Sarah B. Campbell (d). C: Edith, Mearl: He m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


second wife Laura Borders in 1893. Meth Ep. 

V. Sherman Overholt, b Nov i, 1861; m Nettie 
Berger. P O Bloomdale, O. C: Edna, Carl. 

¥. Edgar Overholt, b Feb 11, 1870. P O Bloom- 
dale, O. 

y. Bertha Overholt, b Aug 31, 1872; d July 16, 

III. Susanna Overholt, bjan 13. 1789; d single. 


II. Maria Oberholtzer, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Dec 
19, 1740. 


||. John Oberholtzer, b Aug8, 1742; d Dec 7, 1742. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


||. Martin Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Dec 20, 
1743; din Westm'd Co, Pa. Mar 181 1; m ♦ Esther 
Fretz. She was b in Bucks Co, Pa, about 1 748; d in 
Tuscarawas Co, Ohio Feb 181 3. 

They lived in early life in Bucks Co, Pa, within 
half a mile of the Delaware River. It is said that in 
the time of the Revolution, not being friendly to the 
war, and being loyal to the King, that he with 
others of the family went to Canada, but not liking 
the climate he returned, and emigrated to Western 
Pennsylvania, settling at Alverton in Westm'd Co, 
on the farm now owned and occupied by Mrs. Agnes 
(Stauffer) Fox, a great grand-daughter. 

About 1810 Martin Overholt made a trip to Ohio 
and selected land in Coshocton and Tuscarawas 
Counties, intending to move there, but six weeks be- 
fore he and his family were ready to start, ** Kings 
evil" (cancer), came on his neck from which he bled 
three days and nights, causing his death. He made 
hiswill Jan 14, 1811, recorded Mar 2, 181 1. Gives 
his wife 1200 lbs; bequests to children: Martin, 
Christian, Henry, Isaac, Abraham, Elizabeth Wei- 
dy, Joseph, Agnes Stauffer, Barbara Burchfield, 
Mary Noffzinger, Magdalena Mumaw, Esther, 
Sarah and Anna. 

♦ Daughter of (Pioneer) Christian Fretz cf Tinicuin twp, 
Bucks Cot P^M who came to America with his brother 
John Fretz. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


After his death his widow Esther Fretz Overholt 
removed to Ohio, settled in Dover twp, Tuscarawas 
Co, where she died during an epidemic of * 'spotted 
fever," and was buried in al ttle rural cemetery on 
the place where she lived. Fanner; Menn. C: 
Elizabeth, Agnes, Christian, Earbara, Henry, Mary, 
Magdalena, Martin, Isaac, Abraham, Esther. Sarah, 
Joseph, Anna. 

III. Elizabeth Overholt, (d), b in Bucks Co, Pa, 
about 1770; m Rev. Abraham Welty. He was b in 
Penna; d near Canal Dover, Ohio, about 183 1, aged 
66 yrs, 11 months. Parmer and minister of the 
Meunonite church. C: Martin, John, Abraham, 
Christian, Jacob, Elizabeth, Esther, Anna, Sarah. 

IV. Sarah Welty, b Aug 18 12; (still living 1901) m 
John Robart, (d). P O Canal Dover, Ohio. No 
issue. (Have no report from the rest of the children 
of Rev. Abraham and Elizabeth (Overholt) Welty. 

III. Agnes Overholt, bin Bucks Co, Pa, 1773; d in 
Westm'd Co. Pa, June 14, 1845; m Christian Stauffer. 
He was b in Lancaster Co, Pa, 1778; d in Fayette Co, 
Pa, July 6, 1852. They remained in Westm'd Co, 
and lived on the Old Martin Overholt Farm at Alver- 
ton. Menn. C: Annie, Esther, Elizabeth, Chris- 
tian, Abraham, Mary, Sarah. 

IV. Annie Stauffer, b 1798; d Oct 8, 1865; m 
Christian Stoner. C: Christian, Abraham, Mary, 
Agnes and Sarah (twins), John, Rebecca, Cyrus, 
Elizabeth, Levi, Isaac, Annie. 

IV. Esther Stauffer, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Jan 11, 
1800; d Dec II, i860; m Joseph Fulkreth Apr 21, 
1817. He was b in Maryland, in 1792; din Westm'd 
Co, Pa, Jan 20, 1852. Farmer; Ger Bap. C: Susanna, 
Sarah, Agnes, Elizabeth, Christian, Abraham, 
Anna, Esther, Joseph, Catharine, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Rachel, David, Hannah, and Henry. 

V. Susanna Fulkreth (d), b Apr6, i8i8; m Samuel 
Myers. C: Anna, Esther, Maria, Michael, David. 

V. Sarah Fulkreth (d), b Jan 5, 1820; m Christian 
Stoner. C: (VI) Mary, Isaac, Aaron. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. 

V. Agnes Fulkreth, b Oct 31, 1821; m Samuel 
Murray Aug 29, 1843. He was b in Fayette Co, Pa, 
Jan 28, 1822. P O Jefferson, Pa. Farmer; Ger 
Bap. C: Cyrus, Susan, Rachel, Jacob, Da\4d, 
Eisther, Jennie, Elias, Heniy, Isaac. 

V|. Cyrus Murray, bNov2, 1844; m Jane Hughs. 
P O AUeppo, Pa. Farmer; Brethren ch. C: (VII) 
Minnie Murray, (d); m — Hughs. C: (VIII) Myrtle 

VII. Mary Murray, m Snyder. C; (VIII) 

Warren, Ingram, Homer, Cyrus. 

VII. Virginia Murray, m Snyder. C: (VIII) 

Pearl, . 

VII. David Murray, m Laura Danley. C: (VIII) 
Flora Murray. 

V|. Susan Murray, bAprg, 1846; d Apr 12, 1884; 
m Jacob Fisher. P O Brink, W. Va. Farmer; Br 
ch. C: (VII) Samuel (d), Anna(d), Lindsey (d), 
Jennie (d), Ellen (d), Henry, Franklin, Jackson, 

V|. Rachel Murray, b Apr 22, 1848; d Sept 26, 1876; 
m Mathew Stewart. P O Jefferson, Pa. Stone 
mason; Brch. C; Sally Stewart, m Milton Klyne. 
C: Ernest, May, Donald, Freddie. 

V|. Jacob Murray, b 1850; d 1851. 

V|. David Murray, b Aug 21, 1852; m Elizabeth 
Fletcher. P O Scottdale, Pa. Blacksmith; Br ch. 
C: Samuel, Clara, Harry, Oliver, Ettie, Isaac, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Esther A. Murray, b in Greene Co, Pa, Apr 1 1, 
1855; m I. S. Chamber* Dec 4, 1871. P O Jefferson. 
Pa. Farmer; Br ch. C: Charles, Lenetta, Jesse, 
Delia, Joseph, Emma, Orval. 

Vil. Charles O. Chambers, bSept i, 1873; m Mary 
Davis. P O Battle Creek, Iowa. Farmer; Br- ch. 

Vil. Lenetta Chambers, b Oct 27, 1875; m George 
Galentine. P O. AUeppo, Pa. . Farmer; Br ch. C: 
(Will) ViUa C. Galentine. Carl Day Galentine. 

Vl|. Jesse Chambers, b Dec 31, 1S77. Rail-road 
employee Br ch. 

Vli. Delia E. Chambers, bMay 23, 1880; m Martin 
T. Stewart. Res. 4 Hall ave, Washington, Pa. Rail- 
road employ; Br ch. C; (VIII) Mary Glenne 

VII. Joseph H. Chambers, b Sept 8. 1882. 

Vil. Emma A. Chambers, b Dec 22, 1884. Brch. 

VII. Orval S. Chambers, bjan 28, 1889. 

Vl. Jennie Murray, bOct 7, 1857; m Benjamin Huff- 
man. P O Jefferson, Pa. Laborer; Br ch. C: 
(VII) Stella Huffman, m Clyde Waycpff. (VII) 
Henry, Bessie, Cora, Franklin, Samuel, Ella, 

V|. Elias Murray, bjune 30, i860; m Mary Yewel. 
P O Battle Creek, la. Carpenter. C: (VII) Uz, 
Scottie, Bonnie, etc. 

V|. Henry Murray, b in Greene Co, Pa, Feb 20, 
1863; m Sadie Hupp Mar 9, 1892. P O Jefferson, 
Pa. Farmer; GerBap. 

V|. Isaac G. Murray, b July i, 1867; m May Bur- 
son Aug 11, 1892. P O Clarksville, Pa. Principal 
of Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, Pa; Br ch. 
C: (VII) Mildred A. Murray, b Sept 25, 1896. W. 
Ralph Murray, b Sept 4, 1 898. 

V. Elizabeth Fulkreth, b Aug 20, 1823; d in Green 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Co, Pa, June i860; m John A Murry. He was b in 
Westm*dCo, Pa: dFeb 14, 1884. Farmer; Brethren 
ch. C: Esther, Levi, Catharine, Joseph, Susan, 
James, Hulda, Henry. 

VI. Esther Murry, b— ; d i860. 

VI. Rev. Levi F. Murry, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Sept 
27, 1845; m Rebecca A. Morris (d), of Greene Co, 
Pa. P O Westminster, Md. Minister of the 
church of God. C: Lizzie. Samuel, Thomas, John, 
Eddie, Henry, Rebecca. Levi m second wife Arrilla 
M. Vangorder Oct 30, 1885. C: Sherman, Ross, 
Arminfa, Elmer, CarroUton. 

Vi|. Lizzie Leota Murry, b Jan 10, 1868; m George 
E. Vangorder. P O Butler, Pa. Farmer; Presby. 
C: (VIII) Elsie Grace Vangorder, b Jan 8, 1889. 
Mabel Rebecca Vangorder, b Sept 4, 1890. Effie 
Blanche Vangorder, b Apr 7, 1893. Carl Murry 
Vangorder, b June 7, 1897. John A. Vangorder, b 
July 27, 1899. 

Vl|. Samuel H. Murry, b July 9, 1869; m Sumanda 
Piersall May 11, 1890. P O Hereford, W. Va. 
Farmer; ch of God. C; (VIII) Elsie Catharine 
Murry, bNov 23, 1891. Theodore Floyd Murr3^ b 
Aug9, 1893. Oda Dela Murry, b Oct 25, 1895. Roy 
Murry, b Aug 4, 1898. Frosty May Murry, b Nov 
5, 1900. 

Vl|. Thomas J. Murry, b Sept 2, 1870; m Delia 
Lyon of W. Va, in i860. PC Marshall, W. Va. 
Farmer; ch of God. C: (VIII) Goldie Leota Murry 
bMar 2, 1891. HsLvry L. Murry, b July 14, 1893. 
Eddie M. Murry, b May 25, 1895. Baby (twin), 
b May 25. 1895; d June 25. 1895. Nora A.da Murry, 
bNov 13, 1897. Howard F. Murry, b Mar 4, 1900. 

Vl|. John A Murry, b Apr 4, 1874; m Sarah J. 
Archer May 6, 1894. P O Marshall, W. Va. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Farmer, ch of God. C: (VIII) William H. Murry. 
bMar2, 1895. Amy Freda Murry, b Mar 12, 1897. 
Edna Pearl Murry , b Oct 30, 1898. Jason B. Murry, 
b Jan 30, 1900. 

Vi|. Eddie Murry, b Feb 9, 1877; m Mattie E. Wil- 
kerson. P O Tipton. Iowa. Farmer, ch of God. 
C: (VIII) Ernest Ralph Murry, b Oct 26, 1900. 

VII. Henry L. Murry. b Oct 15, 1879; d Oct 1887. 

VII. Rebecca Murry, b Juneo, 1881; d June 30.1881. 

VII. Sherman E. Murry, b Aug 28, 1888. 

VII. Ross C. Murry, b July 27. 1891, 

Vl|. Arminta M. Murry. b Apr. i, 1893. 

VII. Elmer Lee Murry, bAug6, 1896. 

VH. CarroUton M. Murry, b Sept 15. 1899. 

V|. Catharine Murry, b Aug i, 1847; m — Wagner. 
P O Lime Stone, W. Va. 

VI. Joseph Murry, b in Fayette Co, Pa, June 17, 
1849; m Margaret I. Ullom Sept 26, 1869. P O 
Hereford. W. Va. Farmer, ch of God. C: Albert, 
Henry, * Charles, Daniel, Joanna, Delia, Jessie, 
Thomas, Elizabeth. 

VII. Albert Murry, b in Greene Co, Pa, June 17, 
1870; m Elizabeth A. Burch Oct 31, 1893. P O 
Hereford. W. Va. Farmer. C: (VIII) Vera Leon 
Murry, bjuly 17, 1894; d June 8, 1896. Infant son 
b and d Dec 25. 1896. Mary Velma Murry, b Dec 
25, 1897. Francis Neva Murry, b Feb 11, 1900. 

VII. Henry Franklin Murry, b Sept 23, 1872; d 
Aug 29. 1873. 

VII. Charles Murry, b June 9, 1874; djune3, 1896. 
Carpenter, ch of God, 

Vl|. Daniel Tompson Murry, b in Greene Co, Pa, 
Nov 18, 1876. Farmer, ch of God. 

VII. Joanna Murry, b in Greene Co, Pa, June 20, 
1879; m Thomas F. Parsons Apr 10, 1897. P O 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Frozen Camp, W. Va. Farmer, ch of God. C: 
(Will) Okey Owens Parsons, b Feb 6, 1898. Ofa 
Myrtle Parsons, b Mar 22, 1901. 

Vil. DeUa May Murry, b in Marshall Co, W. Va. 
Nov II, 1 88 1. School teacher, ch of God. 

VII. Jessie Askin Murry, b May 19, 1884. Ch of 

Vl|. Thomas Murry, b Jan 2, 1887. 

Vi|. Elizabeth Myrtle Murry, b Aug 10. 1890. 

VI. Susanna Murry, bin Greene Co, Pa, Sept 12, 
1850; m Samuel Gay Nov 24, 1868. P O Chase, 
Kan. Farmer. C: Charles, Alma, Katie, George, 
Allen, Joseph, Clarence, John, David. 

VII. Charles D. Gay, b Nov 24, 1869; d Sept 13, 


VII. Alma Gay, bSept 2, 1872; d Oct 14. 1874. 

VII. Katie B. Gay, bOct9. 1874. Teacher, Chris- 
tian ch. 

VII* George C. Gay, bjan 11, 1877; m Anna Win- 
ters Dec 6, 1900. P O Chase, Kan. Farmer, 
Christian ch. 

VII. Allen Gay, bMar 3, 1879; d Jan 14, 1881. 

vil. Joseph W. Gay, b Aug 28, i88i. 

VII. Clarence S. Gay, b Aug 17, 1884. 

VII. JohnL. Gay, b Nov 23, 1888. 

VII. David M. Gay, bjuly 28, 1890. 

V|. James Murry, bi853. P O Eldora, Marion Co, 
W. Va. 

V|. Huldah A. Murry, b in Greene Co, Pa, Feb 16, 
1858; m Alexander K. De Good May 23. 1875. P O 
Millsboro, Pa. Weaver, Meth Ep. C; (VII) Laura 
F. De Good, b Sept 5, 1876. Dressmaker, MethEp. 

V|. Henry Murry, b i860; d i860. 

V. Christian Fulkreth, b Aug 2, 1825; d Sept 19, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

CHIUSTIAN S. ()Vi:K!l()I/r. 
(See raiAC 12i>. ) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Abraham Fulkreth, b Nov 19, 1826; d Apr 
9, 1827. 

V. Anna Fulkreth, b Apr 3, 1828,- d — ; m Wra. 

V. Esther Fulkreth. b Feb 3, 1830; m Jacob Fisher, 
(d). P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. C: Anna, Maggie. 

V|. Annie Fisher, m — Trout. P O Mt. Pleasant, 

VI. Maggie Fisher, m — Bartley. P O Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. 

V. Joseph Fulkreth, bjune 13, 1832; d 1863; m — . 
C; Francis, Lebbeus, Alpheus. 

V|. Francis Fulkreth. b— . P O Lebanon, O. 

V|. Lebbeus Fulkreth, b in Westm^d Co, Pa, Apr 
II, 1858; m Lizzie Docker Mar 5. 1884. P O Co- 
burg, la. Farmer. C: (VII) William Joseph Ful- 
kreth, b Dec 18, 1884. Daisy Belle Fulkreth, b Apr 
18, 1887; d Dec 24, 1891. Guy Russell Fulkreth, b 
Oct I, 1899. 

V|. Alpheus J. Fulkreth, bApr4, 1859; m Lizzie 
Baird July 12, 1884. P O Lebanon, O. Farmer, 
Meth. C: (VII) Verna Belle Fulkreth, b Mar 31. 
i8S6;dApr24, 1886. Thomas J. Fulkreth, b Oct 
25, 1887. Irvin McFulkreth, b Aug 30, 1889. 
Anna M. Fulkreth, b Oct 2, 1891. Frank D. Ful- 
kreth, b Mar 13, 1895. 

V. Catharine Fulkreth, b Jan 17, 1837; d Apr 22, 

V. Rachel Fulkreth. b in Westm'd Co, Pa. Apr 20, 
1837; d Dec 25, 1900; m Rev. Abraham Summy Aug 
20,1862. He was bin Garrett Co, Md, Apr 20, 
1829. Carpenter and minister of the German Baptist 
ch. C: J., Ezra, David, Anna, Amos, Maria, Ida. 

VI. Jm W. Summy, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Aug 14, 
1863; m Sarah Weaver Aug 23, 1885. She d Dec 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


II, 1899. P O Mammoth, Pa. Carpenter, Ger 
Bap. C: (VII) Simon A. Summy, b Dec i, 1886. 
Alfred J. Summy, b July 24, 1888; d Aug 28, 1898. 
Rachel H. Summy, b Mar 17, 1890. Elizabeth G. 
Summy, b Mar 20, 1892. Jesse C. Summy, b Nov 

20, 1893. Mertle E. Summy, b June 16, 1895. Etta 
I. Summy, bFeb9. 1897; d Oct 20, 1898. Orin A. 
Summy, bFeb 10, 1899. 

V|. Ezra Summy, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Sept 12, 
1866; m Mary B. Miller Apr 16, 1889. P O Mount 
Pleasant, Pa. Carpenter, Ger Bap. C; (VII) Geo. 
Clyde Summy, b Oct 22, 1890. Abraham Percy 
Summy, b July 7. 1892. Violet May Summy, b Dec 
31, 1894. Anna Zella Summy, b July 2, 1898. 

VI. David F. Summy. b July 3. 1869; d Oct 6, 1878. 

V|. Anna Summy, bjan 31, 187 1. PO Kecksburg, 

V|. Amos Summy, bJan 25, 1873; m Etta V. Miller 
Feb 16, 1898. P O Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Farmer, 
Ger Bap. No issue. 

VI. Maria Summy, b April, 1875; m Levi Stoner 
Oct 13, 1896. P O Alice, Pa. Ger Bap. C: (VII) 
Edna K. Stoner, b Nov 9, 1897. Cannon C. Stoner, 
bSept 26, 1899; d Dec 14, 1900. 

V|. Ida Summy, b Dec 3, 1878. S. 

V. David S. Fulkreth, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Mar 

21, 1839; m Martha A. Worley, in Wirt Co, W. Va. 
Res 924 Morris St, Cincinnati, O. Candy and cigar 
merchant, Meth Ep. C: Jennie, Arthur. 

V|. Jennie Centennial Fulkreth, b July 17, 1876, 
at Newark, W. Va. MethEp. S. Res Cincinnati, 

VI. Arthur H. Fulkreth, bat Newark, W. Va, Sept 
25, 1878. Shipping clerk, in Cincinnati, O. S. 

V. Hannah Fulkreth, b Jan i, 1842; m Eli M. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Homer Mar 12, 1863. P O Fredonia, Kan. 
Butcher, Ger Bap. C: Alpheus, Edwin, Anna, 
Charles, Andrew, Frank. 

VI. Alpheus H. Homer, b Aug 17, 1864. 

V|. Edwin Homer (twin), b Aug 17, 1864; d Sept 
28, 1864. 

Vi. Anna Elizabeth Horner, b Oct 24, 1865; m Sam- 
uel H. Heryford. P O Fredonia, Kan. Fanner, 
Ger Bap. C: (VII) Ethel Heryford. Omer Hery- 
ford. Nora Heryford. Myrtle Heryford. 

V|. Charles Homer, b July 16, 1867; m Minnie E. 
Brandt. P O Girard. Kan. Farmer, Ger Bap. C: 
(VII) Ralph H. Horner, Bertha M. Homer, Ver- 
da R. Homer. 

Vl. Andrew J. Homer, b — ; m Chrissie E. Dame- 
wood. P O Girard. Kan. Farmer. C: (VII) 
Alphia Homer, Beatrice Homer, Byron Horner, 
Maxey Horner, Ray Homer. 

V|. Frank Homer, b June 28, 1876; d Sept 29, 

V. Henry Fulkreth, b Nov 12, 1844. Res 2005 N. 
St, Des Moines, la. 

IV. Elizabeth Stauffer, b Aug 30, 1804; d Mov 4, 
1842; m Rev. John D. Overholt. (See Rev. John D. 
Overholt Family). 

IV. Christian Stauffer. b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Dec 
15, 1809; d Mar 12, 1886; m Susan Overholt in 1828. 
She wash in Westm'd Co, Pa, Jan 7, 1808; d Dec 

24, 1863. Farmer, and inherited the Old Martin 
Ovexholt homestead. They were formerly Menno- 
nites, but later became members of the church of 
God. C: Elizabeth, Henry, Agnes, Annie, Abra- 
ham, Sarah, Emma. 

V. Elizabeth Stauffer, b in Westm'd Co, Pa. Mar 

25, 1829; d Sept 28, 1899; m George R. Mumaw 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1849. P O Scottdale, Pa. Farmer, United Breth- 
ren. C: Martha, James, Martin, Elizabeth, John, 
Wesley, Sallie, Alice. 

V|. Martha Mumaw, b near Scottdale, Pa, Dec 2, 

1849; m John W. Ruth Jan 22, 1873. P O Scottdale, 
Pa. Lumber business, United Brethren. C: 
Maude, Bessie, Homer, Alice, Eleanor, Ralph. 

VII. Maude L. Ruth, b Nov 3. 1873. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Teacher, graduated from Otterbein Uni- 
versity, Westerville, O, June 16, 1875, U B ch. S. 

VII. Bessie V. Ruth, b Oct 16, 1875; d Mar 13, 

1896. Graduated from Poughkeepsie, N Y, Business 
College, U B ch. S. 

VII. Homer M.Ruth, bOct 5, 1880. P O Scott- 
dale, Pa. Lumber business, U B ch. S. 

VII. Alice B. Ruth, b Feb 17, 1883. U B ch. S. 

VII. Eleanor M. Ruth, b Apr 9, 1885. U B ch. S. 

VII. Ralph Ruth, b Dec 23, 1887; d Nov 18, 1893. 

V|. James Mumaw, b— ; d aged six weeks. 

V|. Martin S. Mumaw, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Mar 
7,1852; m Minnie Jane Parke Dec 20, 1877. P O 
Scottdale. Pa. He remained on the homestead farm 
where he was bom until 1881, when he removed to 
Scottdale, Pa, where he still resides, and is in the 
employ of the Penna Railroad. Mrs. Mumaw is of 
Scotch lineage, and a great grand-daughter of John 
Parke, a soldier in the Revolutionary war. U B ch. 
C: Laura, Grace, Glenn, Joseph, George, Martha, 

Vl|. Laura Parke Mumaw, b Feb 7, 1879. Gradu- 
ated from Scottdale High School in 1897, and since 
then has been a student in the Otterbein University of 
Ohio. U B. ch. 

Vl|. Grace Mumaw, b Feb 22, 1881. Graduated 
from Scottdale High School in 1899. U B ch. 

Digitized by 



Vl|. Glenn Hooker Mumaw, b September 30, 1884. 

VII. Joseph Parke Mumaw, b Feb i, 1886. 

Vl|. George Edwin Mumaw, b Dec 23, 1891. 

VII. Martha Ruth Mumaw, bNov 13, 1896. 

Vl|. Martin John Mumaw, b May 30, 1899. 

V|. Elizabeth Mumaw, b at West Overton, Pa, Dec 
6, 1853; m Austin F. Stoner Feb 19, 1874. P O 
Pickreall, Oreg. Meth Ep. C: Grace, Jessie. 

Vi|. Grace Stoner, bOct 30. 1874; d Oct 15, 1875. 

VII. C. Jessie Stoner, b Dec 14, 1876 at Scottdale, 
Pa. P O Pickreall, Oreg. Meth Ep. S. 

V|. John Mumaw — . P O Scottdale. Pa. 

V|. Wesley S. Mumaw, b near Scottdale, Pa; m 
Mary May Stickel June 5. 1890. P O Scottdale, 
Pa. Teamster, U B ch. C: (VII) John Clayton 
Mumaw, bMar 10, 1893; dDec 16, 1895. Roy S. 
Mumaw, bjan 15, 1897. Melizene Stickel Mumaw, 
b Apr 20, 1898. 

VI. Sallie O Mumaw, b near Scottdale, Pa, Mar 22, 
1864; m William Furgeson Dec 11, 1890. P O 
Scottdale, Pa. United Brethren. C: (VII) Maude 
Ruth Furgeson, b Aug 20, 1891. George Mumaw 
Furgeson, b Feb 4. 1894. John Mumaw Furgeson, 
b Sept 2, 1897. 

VI. Alice Mumaw, b in Westm'd Co, Pa; m Samuel 
B. Reed Sept 18, 1890. P O Scottdale, Pa. Meth 
Ep. C: (VII) Jessie Reed, b Jan 3, 1892. Elizabeth 
Reed, b Sept 9, 1893. Nellie B. Reed, b Jan 14, 

V. Henry Overholt Stauffer, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
Oct 26, 1832; d May 24, 1898; m Eliza J. Culler Dec 
i» 1853. She was b at Connelsville, Pa, June i, 1837. 
In 1867 he sold his farm in Westmoreland Co, 
Pa, and settled on a large farm in Nemaha Co, Kan. 
Here he was for two terms chairman of the Board of 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


county Commissioners, and during the ravages of the 
"grasshoppers'" when many poor people were try- 
ing to support their families and keep their home- 
steads—Mr. Stauffer fought the R R Bonds in that 
county and saved it from paying $125,000 of bonds 
' enabling it to get out of debt, and become one of the 
wealthiest counties in the State. In 1885 he moved 
to Pottawatowie Co, where he remained until his 

He died at Manhattan, Kan, where he had gone 
to receive medical treatment for one of his eyes. 
Shortly after retiring for the night he was taken 
suddenly with heart trouble and died in a short time. 
His daughter, Miss Ella, was the only one of the 
family with him when he died. 

**Mr. Stauffer, all through life, exhibited traits 
of character and a spirit of social deportment which 
attracted scores of men women and children to him as 
earnest confiding friends, whom no doubt will deck 
his eternal brow with wreaths of undying love. ' ' He 
was firm and confiding in his belief of divine power 
in Almighty God, and all through the many adver- 
sities he encountered through life, he never lost 
sight of his obligations to God. This fact was clear* 
ly shown only a few moments before he closed his 
eyes in death, when he knelt beside his bed in the 
presence of his daughter and there offered prayer to 
God, and there committed himself to His care. He 
was a devoted husband, a kind father, loved and 
respected by all. In his death his devoted wife and 
children realize that a vacancy in the family circle 
has been made that no es^rthly friend can fill. Farmer, 
later traveling salesman, chofGod. C: Ella, Susan, 
Emma, Ida, Christian, John, Bettie, Harry, Addie 
George, Hallie. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

(See Pa^ci* V22.) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

(SiH» Pnjrt' V22.) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Ella C. Stauffer, b Mar 14, 1855. P O Ols- 
burg, Kan. Book-keeper, Baptist. S. 

¥|. Susan Stauffer. b at Alverton, Pa, Apr 22, 
1856; m Lyman S. Stoner Nov 10, 1881. He was 
accidently killed Aug 31, 1900. P O Alverton, Pa, 
ChofGod. C: Frank. 

VII. Frank Stauffer Stoner, b Nov 13, 1882. Stu- 
dent in business college (1900), ch of God. S. 

VI. Emma Stauffer, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, June 30, 
1857; mOtto KlappDec 13, 1879. P O Fostoria, 
Kan. Farmer, U B ch. C: (VII) Lida M. Klapp, 
bSept 4, 1881. Henry O. Klapp, b Feb 24, 1882; d 
Nov 19, 1883. Julia E. Klapp, b Oct 16, 1887. Lu- 
lu B. Klapp, b Aug 27, 1890. Otto A. Klapp, b 
Dec 25, 1892. 

VI. Ida May Stauffer. b Nov 8, 1858; d Jan2, 1864. 

VI. Christian C. Stauffer, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, 
Apr 27, i860; m Addte M. Vroman, of Pottawato- 
mie Co, Kan, Dec 28, 1892. P O Fostoria, Kan. 
Farmer. C: (VII) Harry D. Stauffer, b Apr 29, 
1893. Christian C. Stauffer, b Sept 10, 1894. Ella 
M. Stauffer, b Aug 26, 1896. Maud V. Stauffer, b 
Sept 3, 1898. John G. Stauffer, b Aug 30, 1900. 

V|. John Stauffer, b Nov 18, 1861. P O Fostoria, 

VI. Bettie Stauffer, b Aug 20, 1863; d Jan 20,1867. 

VI. Harry Stauffer, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Aug 18, 
1865. P O Olsburg, Kan. Farmer, Baptist. S. 

V|. Addie E. Stauffer, b in Nemaha Co, Kan, May 
31, 1867; m John T. Bartley Dec i, 1898. They 
were married on the 45 wedding anniversary of Mrs. 
Bartley's parents. P O Olsburg, Kan. Dealer in 
cattle and general stock. No issue (1901). 

Vl. George Domer Stauffer, b in Nemaha Co, Kan, 
Jan 27, 1869; m Jennie Mills Aug 28, 1896. P O 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Fostoria, Kan. Clerk in general merchandise store. 
V|. Hallie Stauffer, b in Nemaha Co, Kan, Sept 5, 

1872; m N. W. Price Oct 8, 1891. P O Fostoria, 

Kan. General merchandise in town of Fostoria,Kan. 

C: (VII) Bessie A. Price, b Aug 30, 1894. Emma 

Blanche Price, b May 3, 1899. 

¥. Agnes Stauffer, bin Westm'd Co, Pa, July 3. 

1834; d 1902; m Issac C. Fox in 1856. He was b in 

1896. He was bin 1829; d Feb 15, 1865. Farmer, 
ch of God. C: Christian, Emma, Alice, Sarah, 
Burton. Agnes m second husband. Christian Fox 
Aug 13, 1868. P O Alverton, Pa. Farmer, ch of 
God. C: Minnie, Nora. 

¥|. Christian S. Fox, b Feb 25, 1857; d Sept 12, 

¥l. Emma Ida Fox, b Dec 17, 1858; d Mar 29, 

¥|. Alice S. Fox. b Mar 15, i860; d Sept 14, 1863. 

¥|. Sarah Stauffer Fox, b Apr 20, 1863. P O 
Alverton, Pa. 

¥|. Burton Stauffer Fox, b Aug 9, 1865; m Maud 
Madison June 8, 1898. P O Scottdaile. Pa. Teach- 
er. C: (¥11) Mabel Agnes Fox, b Mar 4, 1899. 

¥|. Minnie Fox, b Apr 16, 1870; m Jesse H. 
Matthews Dec 27, 1893. Res Jackson, Mich. Busi- 
ness man. C: (¥11) — Matthews, b May 14, 1900. 

¥|. Nora Agnes Fox, b June 24, 1873. P O Al- 
verton, Pa. 

¥• Annie O. Stauffer, b Jan 27, 1837; d Jan 13. 

¥• Abraham O. Stauffer, b May 15, 1841; d Jan 18, 
1864; m Carrie Zimmerman in 186 1. Minister of ch 
of God. 

¥• Sarah O. Stauffer, b Mar 29, 1843; d Apr 18, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Emma Stauffer, b June 2S, 1847; d Mar 12, 

IV. Abraham Stauffer, b 18 10; d July 9, 1851; m 
Frances Tinstman. C: Christian, William, Eliza, 
Mary, Agues, Annie, Adeline, Lucinda, Abraham. 

¥. Christian Stauffer — . 

¥. William Stauffer. P O New Haven, Pa. 

¥. Eliza Stauffer, m — Patterson. P O Connells- 
villc, Pa. 

¥• Mary Stauffer, m — Colston. P O New Haven, 

y. Agnes Stauffer (d), m — Smith. 

¥. Annie Stauffer, m — Oglevee. P O New Hav- 
en, Pa. 

¥• Adeline Stauffer, m — Smith. 

y. Lucinda Stauffer, m — At wood. 

V. Abraham Stauffer. P O New Haven Pa. 

Hf. Sarah Stauffer, b Feb 18, 1816; d Oct 11, 1891; 
m Isaac Smutz Dec 6, 1832. He was b May 16, 
1810; d Sept 7, 1867. Farmer, Freewill Baptist. C: 
Christian, Mary, David, Samuel, Agnes, Martha, 
Susanna, Isaac, Caleb, Joshua, Isaiah, Abram. 

¥. Christian Smutz, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Aug 25, 
1833; ^ Eliza Hutchinson. P O New Haven, Pa. 
Merchant, Baptist. Seven children. 

V. Mary Smutz, b Feb 14, 1836; m Wm. Smith. 
Meth. Eight children . 

V. David Smutz. b Dec 25, 1837; d 1890; m . 

Meth Ep. Six children. 

y. Samuel Smutz, b Feb 26, 1840; d 1896. Meth 
Ep. C: BertC» LUlie B, Adda. 

V. Agnes Smutz, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Feb 19, 
1843; m Joseph Woodward Feb 18, 1864. P O 
Newcomer, Mo. Farmer, Presby. C: Sallie, 
Mary, Emma, Davis, Isaac, William, Jennie, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Arthur, Walter, John, Thompson, Winnona, Ed- 

V|. Sallie Woodward, b Jan lo, 1865; m John 
ShieldsofMt. Pleasant, Pa, Oct 7, 1890. P O — . 
Presby. C: (VII) Infant son, b Sept 24, 1894; d 
Sept 26, 1894. 

¥|. Mary Woodward, b Aug 7, 1866. P O Al- 
hambra, Cal. Teacher, Presby. S. 

¥|. Emma Woodward, b Feb 23, 1868; m E. G. 
Sinclair Oct 10, 1892. P O Kansas City, Mo. Book- 
keeper, Cong. 

¥|. Davis Woodward, bDec 31, 1869. P O Men- 
don, Mo. Grocery and Hardware Merchant, Pres- 
by. S. 

V|. Isaac Smutz Woodward, b Aug 6, 1871; m 
Lucy Sanders Dec i, 1898. P O Wichita, Kan. 
Manager for Nichols & Shepherd Threshing Ma- 
chine Co. C: (VII) John Joseph Woodward, b July 
31, 1899. 

VI. J. William Woodward, b July 14, 1873; d Feb 
10, 1877. 

V|. Jennie Woodward, b Oct 27, 1875; d Mar 5, 

VI. Arthur Woodward, b Aug 24, 1877. P O 
Newcomer, Mo. Farmer. 

V|. C. Walter Woodward, b Aug 7, 1879. 

V|. John G. Woodward, b Feb 12, 1882. 

Vl. Thompson E. Woodward, bjan 10, 1884. 

V|. Winnona Woodward, b Nov 22, 1886. 

¥|. Edwin G. Woodward, b Apr 7, 1890. 

¥. Martha Smutz, b Aug 12, 1845; m Henry Nick- 
elson. Farmer, Meth Ep. Six children. 

V. Susanna Smutz, b Nov 7, 1847; d Aug 8, 1854. 

V. Isaac Smutz, b July 16, 1850; d Aug 14, 1854. 

V. Caleb Smutz, b Nov 16, 1852; d Aug 26, 1854. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Joshua Smutz, bin Fayette Co, Pa, Nov 21, 
1855; mJennetteS. Herbert Feb 26, 1878. P O 
Indian Grove, Mo. C: (VI) Maggie Maud Smutz, 
b Mar 20, 1879. Eva Sallie Smutz, bjune 7, 1881. 
Earl Herbert Smutz. b Jan 5, 1887. Ora Ada 
Smutz, b Nov 29, 1891. Delia Beryl Smutz, bjan 
13, 1895. Laytou Roy Smutz, b Jan 10, 1897. 

y. Isaiah C. Smutz, b in Fayette Co, Pa, Oct 24, 
1857; ra Mary R. Johnston June 3. 1886. P O New 
Haven, Pa. Merchant, Presby. C: (¥1) Edgar J. 
Smutz, bMar 22, 1887. Byron S. Smutz, b Oct 7, 

¥. Abram Smutz, b Nov 26, i860; d May 2, 1868. 

Hf. Mary Stauffer, d in 1892; m John Bear. 

III. Christian Overholser, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Aug 
1774; d in Harrison Co, Ohio about 1840; m Rebecca 
Grundy (Von Grundy). She was b June 2, 1775; d 
in Stark Co, Ohio Feb 7. 1857; aged 8i yrs 7 months 
17 days. They moved to Harrison Co, Ohio, from 
Westm'd Co, Pa, about 181 8. Menu. C: Joseph, 
Martin, John, Esther, Fannie, Rebecca, Anna. 

Hf. Joseph Overholser (d), b June 20, 1801; m 
Fannie Forney, daughter of Peter Forney. She was 
bJune 12, 1803; dNov3, 1864. C: Joseph, Chris- 
tian, Anne, Peter, Fanny. Joseph m second wife, 
(d). No issue. 

V. Joseph Overholt, b in Harrison Co, Ohio, Feb 
24, 1827; m Sarah Anne Masters. No issue. Joseph 
m second wife, Mary Scott. C: Norman, Celia. 

V. Christian Overholt, b Apr 12, 1828; m Rev. M. 
V. Gundy. C: Catharine, Martin, Jacob, James, 
Anne, Peter, Fannie. 

¥. Anne Overholt, b Mar 21, 1829; d June 23, 
1893; m Isaac Masters in 1849. C: Ida, Caroline, 
Olive, William, Ross. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Peter Overholt, m Lottie Shambaugh. C: 
Waiiam, — . 

¥. Fannie Overholt (d), mHenry Weimer (d). 

Hf. Martin Overholser, d — ; m Barbara Ar- 
ford. C: John, I — , Rachel, Anna, Rebecca, Su- 
san, Sarah, Catharine, Christian, Betty, Mary, 
Ellen, Henry, William. 

V. John M. Overholser, b 1834; m — — . C: 
Elizabeth, Martin, Clara, Rebecca, James. 

¥. I. P. Overholser. 

y. Rachel Overholser, m — Bushman. 

y. Anna Overholser, m — Beers. 

y. Rebecca Overholser, m — Crum. 

y. Susan Overholser, m — Howe. 

y. Sarah Overholser, m — Howe 

y. Catharine Overholser, m — Wetzel. 

ly. John Overholser, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Oct 8, 
181 1 ; d 1899; m Julia Ann Weimer. She d Dec 28, 
1884. Farmer, U B ch. C: Catharine, Rebecca, 
Isaac, Joseph, Martin, Amanda, David, John, 
Sarah, Sulivan, Alice. 

y. Catharine Overholser, b Apr 15, 1838; m Wm. 
Deets. C: Alice, John, William, Charles, Frank, 
Lizzie, Joseph, Nellie, Irene, Arthur, Harry. 

y. Rebecca Overholser, m — Kingery. 

y. Isaac Overholser, d young. 

y. Joseph B. Overholser, b in Connotton, Harrison 
Co, Ohio, Aug 13. 1843; m Lizzie A. Neidig Oct 3, 
1869. P O Lincoln, Nebr. Stock-raising, U B ch. 
C: Dessie, LeRoy, Clara. 

y|. Dessie Blanch Overholser, b in Linn Co, Iowa, 
Mar 6, 1871; m Charles E. Wilson Aug 30, 1896. 
Res 871 N 27, St, Lincoln, Nebr. Barber, Meth Ep. 
No issue. 

V|. LeRoy N. Overholser, b at Vinton, Benton Co, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

■l II 

( S»*e Pii^e 125. ) 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Iowa, Jan 22, 1873; m Kitty B. Hayes Jan 13; 
1897. P O Woodlawu, Nebr. Farmer and stock- 
raising; attends Meth Ep ch. C: (VII) Willard R. 
Overholser, b Oct 18, 1897. 

Vl. Clara May Overholser, b Nov 21, 1881. P O 
Lincoln, Nebr. S. 

V. Martin H. Overholser. b July 9, 1851 ; ra — . P 
O Perry, la. C: (¥1) Ida J; S, May; Grace M; 
Lela, Frank. 

¥. Amanda M. Overholser, b Oct 27, 1853; m — 
Cobb. C: (VI) Lloyd B. (d); Ernest W. (d); Faith 
W. (twin to Ernest); Emery O. (d); Francis E; 
Raymond O. (d); Lucy J; Cecil F. 

y. David C. Overholser, m Lizzie Bowersox. C: 
(¥1) Waldo A; James E. (d); Maggie, m-McCray; 
(¥1) John D; Julia S; Ralph E; Freddie R. 

y. John W. Overholser, b Mari9, 1856; m Emma 
Whittenjune 3, 1886. P O Toledo, la. C: (¥11) 
RusselB. (d); Lester W. 

¥. Sarah Overholser, d 1881; m — Wolf. C; (¥1) 
Minnie Wolf, m- Emerson; (¥1) Floyd Wolf; Susan 
Wolf (d). 

¥. Sulivan Overholser. 

¥• Alice Overholser, d infant. 

I¥. Esther Overholser, d aged 18 years. 

I¥. Fannie Overholser, d aged 37 yrs; m Wm. 

I¥. Rebecca Overholser, b Jan 7, 1815; d — ; m 
James Robinson. C: Letitia, Fannie, Rebecca, 
Anna, William. 

ly. Anna Overholser (d); m Jacob Crum (d). 

III. Barbara Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, about 
1775-6; d in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, Jan 16, 1813; 
aged 37 yrs; m Rev. Mathias Burchfield. He 
d in Tuscarawas Co, 0. Mar 16, 1822. They 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


were married in Westmoreland Co, Pa, and re- 
moved to Ohio about the time her mother came. He 
was a farmer, but became an United Brethren prea- 
cher, preaching in German, and had a "meeting 
house" on his own farm, which remained until a few 
years ago. His only living daughter by marriage 
with Barbara Overholt, is widow Sarah Adams, now 
past 90 years old. She is in good health and active, 
going 150 miles by rail in the winter of 1900 
to visit a daughter. 

The following inscriptions are upon the tomb 
stone in the same rural cemetery (on the Burchfield 
farm), where widow Esther Fretz Overholt was 
buried — viz: 


Mathias Burchfield, Barbara Burchfield, 

Died Mar 16, 1822; Died Jan 16. 1813; 

aged 52 years. aged 38 years. 

Go preach my Gospel saith 
the Lord. Bid the whole 
world my grace receive. 
It is said that Mathias Burchfield preached in the 
German language, but that he was of Scotch descent, 
his father and a brother having come over from Scot- 
land and settled in Pennsylvania. C: Esther, Eliza- 
beth, John, Martin, Barbara, Anna, Sarah, Mary. 

IV. Esther Burchfield, b Dec 28, 1798; d June 5, 
1876; m David AUeshouse in 1820. He was b Jan 
II, 1798; d Oct II, 1853. Farmer near Canal 
Dover, O. C; Barbara, John, Jacob, Anna, Mary, 
Isaac, Rachel, Joseph, David, Elizabeth. 

V. Barbara AUeshouse, b Feb 22, 1821; d in 
DaNness Co, Ind, Oct 28, 1896; mjohn Resler Aug4, 
1840. He was bin Fayette Co, Pa, Nov 5. 1819; d 
in Daviess Co, Ind, Nov 8, 1894. Farmer and 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Stock-raiser, U B ch. C: David, Phebe, Isaac, 
Anna, Jacob, Daniel, John, Mary, Harvey. 

V|. David Resler, d in the army in 1862. 

¥|. Phebe Resler, b Feb 23. 1842; d Jan 11, 1895. 

V|. Isaac J. Resler, b Mar 26, 1844; m Susan 
Shanower Mar 27. 1865. P O Elnora, lud. Far- 
mer, U B ch. C: David, Jacob, Cora, Frank, 
Ellen, Jennie, Thomas, Isaac, Ida, Sudie, Jessie, 
Roy, Lula. 

VII. David A. Resler, b Apr 14. 1866; d Au^ 16, 
1 891. 

Vl|. Jacob A. Resler, b Jan 6, 1868; m Clara Bech- 
tel May 15, 1892. P O Elnora, Ind. Farmer. C: 
(VIII) Robert Resler, Ada Resler (d); Noah Resler. 

VII- Cora M. Resler, b May i, 1870; m Abraham 
Fielder Nov 27, 1891. P O Elnora, Ind. Farmer. 
C: (VIII) Ola, Allie, Harley. Nellie, Isaiah. ^ 

Vl|. FrankJ. Resler. b Feb 25, 1872; m Martha 
Fielder Aug 1890. P O Elnora, Ind. Farmer. C; 
(VIII) Mary, Susie, Hobart, Edgar. 

VII. Ellen B. Resler, b Apr 17, 1873; m Frank 
Bechtel Apr 17, 1890. P O Elnora, Ind. Farmer. 
C: (VIII) Elmer, Millie, Laura, Walter, Roy. 

VII. Jennie Resler, b Dec 2, 1874; dApr 14, 1890. 

Vl|. Thomas E. Resler, b Apr 2, 1876. Res 633 E 
Louisana St, Indianapolis, Ind. Shipping clerk. S. 

VII. Isaac S. Resler. bFeb 24, 1878; m Aria Rob- 
erts Aug 23, 1900. P O Elnora, Ind. Farmer. C: 
(VIII) May Resler. 

VII. IdaE. Resler, bjan 8, 1883; m Victor Bray 
Dec 31, 1900. P O Elnora, Ind. Farmer. 

VII. Sudie V. Resler, b Oct 22, 1885; d Feb 19, 

VII. Jessie C. Resler, b Feb 21, 1886. 

Vl|. RoyB. Resler, bMays, i889;d July 12, 1890. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VH' Lola C. Resler, b October 9, 1891. 

Vr Asma Rcsler (d), m Joseph Kretsmger. C: 
Clara, Jerome, John. 

Vll« Clara Kretsinger, m William Graves. P O 
Loogootee, Ind. 

VII' Jerome B. Kretsinger. P O Taylorville, Ind. 

VII. John E. Kretsinger. P O RaglesviUe, Ind. 

Vr Jacob A. Resler, m Lydia Hyder. P O Odon, 

VI' Daniel W. Resler, m Josephine Mock. P O 
Odon, Ind. 

Vl. John H. Resler, m Sarah A. Seneff. P O 
Washington, Ind. 

Vl' Mary Resler, m — Rosenbery. Res 633 Lonis- 
ana St, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Vl* Harvey Rcsler, bin Tus, Co, O, June 13, 1862; 
m Mary Hayes Apr 28, 1891. P O Raglesville,Ind. 
Farmer and huckster, U B cb. C: (VII) Leamon 
H. Resler, b July i, 1892. Ray M. Resler, b Aug 
18, 1896. Ernest D. Resler, b Feb 4, 1899. Leslie 
J. Resler, b Apr 28, 1900. 

V. John Alleshouse (d), b Sept 30, 1823; m Sarah 
Monroe. C: James (d); Mary (d); Elizabeth (d); 
John, George (d); Esther, David, Joseph, Sarah, 

V. Jacob Alleshouse (d), b Dec 7, 1825; m Susan 
Resler. C: John, Phoebe, Mary, Grant, Hester. 

V. Anna Alleshouse (d), bDec 22, 1827; m James 
Keplinger. C: Ellen, George, Clarence, Monroe. 

V. Mary Alleshouse, b Jan 23, 1831; m Daniel 
Seneff. P O Odon. Ind. C: Martin, Jacob, Bar- 
bara, Cora. 

V. Isaac Alleshouse, b Dec 23, 1833; m Barbara 
McCain. P O Golden Comers, O. C: Margaret,David, 
Ellen, Samuel, Lizzete, Isaac, Adelia, Charles, Mil a. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


¥• Rachel AUeshouse (d), b Dec 25, 1835. 

¥• Joseph Alleshouse, b June i, 1837; m Rachel 
Fisher Feb 3, 1859. P O Canal Dover, O. Farmer, 
U B ch. C: Edward. Clara, Albert, Frederick, 
Bert, George, Delia. 

¥l. Edward F. Alleshouse, b Apr 8, 1865; m Cora 
M. Andreas Feb 19, 1891. P O Canal Dover, O. 

V|. Clara Alleshouse, b June 3« 1867; m Adison 
Burgess Oct 8. 1893. P O Canal Dover, O. C: 
(VII) Chancy R. 

V|. Allbert C. Alleshouse, b Mar 11, 1870. 

¥|. Frederick A. Alleshouse* bAug6, 1872. 

V|. Bert Alleshouse, b June 12, 1875; m Minnie 
BairMar 23, 1898. P O Canal Dover, O. Farmer, 
U B ch. 

¥|. George E. Alleshouse, b July 12, 1877; m 
JennieStocksdaleOct 6, 1899. P O Canal Dover, 

¥|. Delia Alleshouse, bDec 24, 1880; m Franklin 
O. Smutz Apr 15, 1900. P O Canal Dover, O. 

V. David H. Alleshouse Jr, b Nov 24, 1839; d in 
Tuscarawas Co, O, June 14, 1876; m Elizabeth 
MummaMayii, 1862. U B ch, C; Lydia, Mar- 
tin, Mary, Perry, Jeremiah, Alice, Elizabeth. 

¥|. Lydia E. Alleshouse, b in Tuscarawas Co. O, 
Jan 22, 1863; m Albert Lewis Jan 13, 1880, P O 
Strasburg, O. Farmer, U B ch. C: Lula, Vada, 
Hazel, Edward. (VII) Lula Lewis, b 1880. Vada 
B.Lewis, b June 1882. Hazel Lewis, b May 1884. 
Edward L. Lewis, b Sept 1896. 

¥|. Rev. Martin L. Alleshouse, b in Tuscarawas 
Co, O, Jan 10, 1865; m Maggie Turner in 1886. P 
O Rockport, Mo. Minister Meth Ep., South. C: 
(VII) Arthur A. Alleshouse, b May 1887. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Mary E. AUeshouse, b Sept 15. 1866; m WU- 
ford Bridges Oct 23, 1888. P O Ridgeway, Mo. 
Implement dealer. C: (Vl|) Beulah B. Bridges, 
b June 1889* Gladys Bridges, b Oct 1890. Leslie 
Bridges, bOct 1892. Marie Bridges, b 1895. Alma 
Bridges, b 1899. 

VI. Perry O. AUeshouse, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, 
Aug I, 1869; m Emma Armstrong Sept 1896. She 
d Mar 10, 1897. P O Council Bluffs, Iowa. He 
was in the Drug bitsiness for some years, now 
traveling salesman. 

V|. Jeremiah A. AUeshouse, b Sept 23, 1871. P O 
Trenton, Mo. Photographer, UBch. S. 

V|. Alice J. AUeshouse, b Sept 27, 1873-; m Ira L. 
McMuUen Aug 30, 1891. P O Eagleville, Mo. 
Barber, U B ch. C: (Vli) Leland I. McMuUen, b 
Sept 4, 1892. Cecil O. McMuUen, b Sept 15, 1894. 
Ruby G. McMuUen, b Mar 9, 1897. Russel M. 
McMuUen, b Aug 21, 1900. 

VI. EUzabeth A. AUeshouse, b Jan 26, 1876. P O 
Trenton, Mo. U B ch. S. 

V. EHzabeth AUeshouse, (d), b July 21, 1844. 

iV. EUzabeth Burchfield, b Dec 21, 1800; d July 14, 
1854; m — Donat. 

IV. John Burchfield, bOct 28, 1802; dMay 16,1848; 
m Mary Cunnicum. 

He was one of the early settlers of Springfield 
twp, Lucas Co, O, where he bought 40 acres of 
government land, and an additional 40 acres from a 
Mr. Spalding, all uncleared land. ** Pioneer life at 
best is a hard one. and this family must early have 
learned the meaning of 'want,* for the husband found 
more pleasure in shouldering his gun and going iti 
search of game in which the country abounded than 
in reclaiming his farm and bringing it under his 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Christian Ov.':rholt. 

(S.c Pri^c 130) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


mastery; the wife seems to have been of the same 
roving, loving disposition, and delighted in going 
into the woods to gather wild-flowers. These two 
lived close to nature's heart and took little thought 
for the morrow.*' U B ch. C: Sarah, Joshua, 
Mary Jacob. Frederick, Barbara, Eli, Elizabeth, Hetty, 
Anna, Aaron, Charlotte, Martha, Lafayette. 

V. Sarah Burchfield, b June 26, 1825; m John 
Shetler June 20. 1845. P O Navarre, O. Farmer, 
U B ch. C: Emmanias, David, Eli, Sally, 

V|. Emmanias Shetler. P O Long Creek, South 

VI. David Shetler. P O Navarre, O. 

¥|. Eli Shetler, b near Navarre, Ohio, Aug 23, 
1856; m Katie Ann Kutscher Oct 3, 1878. She d Oct 
25, 1894. No issue. Eli m second wife, Ida M. 
Stansberger, Aug 25, 1895. P O Navarre, O. 
Farmer, U B ch. No issue. 

V|. Sallie Shetler, m — Lutz. P O Navarre, O. 

VI . Naomi Shetler, m — Heintzleman. P O Nav. 
arre, O. 

V. Joshua Burchfield, b Mar 20, 1829; d June 13, 
1870; m Mary J. Brindle Apr 17, 1862. Farmer and 
breeder of ffne wooled sheep. In 1852 he walked to 
California with a party driving a herd of cattle. He 
spent five years there prospecting and mining and 
was fairly successful. He returned to Ohio and for 
five years devoted his time to clearing up the land of 
the homestead, which he soon afterward bought from 
the heirs. C: Adah. Arietta, Hattie, Clarence. 

VI. Adah Clarinda Burchfield. P O Monclova, O. 
Teacher in the Public Schools of Toledo, O. She 
received her education in the country school at Mau- 
mee, and the Normal at Ada, O. She has spent 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


much time in New York City, in study, and four 
months in Europe. S. 

V|. Arietta Burchfield, b May 13, 1865; m Ulysses 
James Ulery June 3, 1891. Res 25 Coddington St, 
Caryl Yonkers, N. Y. Engaged in cutlery business. 
C: (VII) Clauss Burchfield Ulery, b July 14, 1896. 
Ulysses James Ulery. b Sept 28, 1898. 

VI. Hattie Edith Burchfield, m George Elmer Hab- 
beler. P O Lake Ann, Mich. Farmer. C: (Vil) 
William Burchfield Habbeler, Mary Lucilla Habbe- 
ler. , 

Vl. Clarence Joshua Burchfield, m Alyda Wood. 
Farmer on old homestead. C: (VII) Adah Laverne 
Burchfield, Clarence Donovan Burchfield. 

V. Mary Burchfield, m — Rodd, (d); m second 
husband, Isaac Foreman. 

V. Jacob Burchfield, d Aug 10, 1870. 

V. Frederick Burchfield, (d). Served in the late 
civil war. 

V. Barbara Burchfield, m — Smith. 

V. Eli Burchfield, (d). Served in the war, was 
taken prisoner and confined in Andersonville prison 
pen, where he died. 

V. Elizabeth Burchfield, b Dec 25, 1833; m G. W. 
Cummins July 3. 1855. He d in 1899. ' He served 
in the late civil war, in Co H 67 Reg*t, O V I. Meth 
Ep. C: Anna, Elizabeth. 

V. Hetty Burchfield, m John Keer. Served in the 
war of the Union as captain. 

V. Ann Burchfield, m — Roof. 

V. Aaron Burchfield was a soldier and died on his 
way home. 

V. Charlotte Burchfield, (d); aged 8 years. 

V. Martha Burchfield, d infant. 

V. Lafayette Burchfield. 

IV. Martin Burchfield, (d), b Mar 3, 1805; m Lydia 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Stouseller. He and five of his sons sensed in the 
civil war. C: Reuben, Martin, Sarah, Emma, 
John, Samuel, etc. 

IV. Anna Burchfield, b Nov 30, 1808; d Mar 15, 
18S3; m Samuel Slusser Dec 27, 1832. He was b in 
Stark Co, Ohio, in 1810; d Jan 26, 1863. Hewasthe 
first male child born in Tuscarawas twp. Farmer, 
Meth Ep. C. Mary, James, Peter, Naomi. Charles. 
George, Albert, Leonard. 

y. Mary Jane Slusser, b in Stark Co, O, Nov 5, 
1833; m James Shaffer Oct 2, 1898. P O Beach 
City, Ohio. F'armer, Meth Ep. No issue. 

V. James B. Slusser, b June 8, 1835; d in Denver, 
Colo, Jan 30, 1900; m MaryShepler. C: (VI) Harry. 
Bert. Dessie, Charles. 

V. Peter A. Slusser, b Dec 19, 1836; d Dec 9, 1863; 
ra Alice Stansbery. C: (Vi) Charles, Ida. 

V. Naomi A. Slusser, b in Stark Co, O. April 10, 
1839; m Benjamin F. Maxhmier Feb 5, 1S60. He d 
Feb I, 1865. Farmer. C: Leonird, Harvey, Nancy. 
Naomi m second husband, Daniel J. Augstadt, Dec 
24, 1867. He d Dec 9, 1871. He served during the 
war of the Rebellion in Co 1 76 Reg't O Vol Inf. He 
was a Normal school teacher, and a local preacher in 
the M E church. One child, Robert. Naomi m 
third husband, John Poorman, in 1875. He died 
Mar 27, 1898. P O Beach City, O. Farmer, Meth 
Ep. C: 

¥1. Leonard L. Maxhimer, m Viola C. Swan Apr 16, 
1879. Machinist. C: Melissa, Christian and Na- 
omi twins; Burchfield, Robert, Jennie, Harry 
and Carrie, twins; Mark, Champ. 

Vii- Melissa Maxhimer m George Sprankle in 1896. 
C: (VIII) Callen Sprankle. 

V|. Harvey H. Maxhimer, m OUie Rapp June 30, 
1887. P O Beach City, O. Machinist. Meth Ep. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Nancy A. Maxhimer, m J. D. Wetsel of Va. Feb 
28, 1887. P O North Lawrence, O. Farmer. C: 
(VII) Ivy I. Wetsel, Clyde Wetsel. 

Vi. Robert R. Angstadt, m Ida M. Stansbury Feb 
26, 1896. P O Pigeon Run, O. Farmer. C: (Vil) 
Grace, Perry. 

V. Charles Slusser, d infant. 

¥. George Slusser, bMar 28, 1841; d 1855. 

V. Albert C. Slusser, b Apr 20, 1844; d June 21, 
1878; m Mary J. Burchfield. He served in the 
civil war. No issue. 

y. Leonard Slusser, m Clarinda Maxhimer. P O 
Massillon, O. C: (VI) RoUin, Will. 

IV. Barbara Burchfield, b Mar 4, 1807; d Feb 15, 
1856; m Isaac Deardorff. C: All (d). 

IV. Sarah Burchfield. bOct 25, 1810; mWm.Harri- 
son Adams May 24, 1837. He d Oct 13, 1877. PO 
Canal Dover, O. C: Mary, Laura, Alice, Jessie^ 
Rose, Henry, Sylvenus, Edward, William, Albert. 

V. Mary R. Adams, m Capt Van Haskins, (d). 
V. Laura T. Adams, m Wm. S. Hodge. 

V. Alice A. Adams, m Albert Sheeler. 

V. Jessie May Adams, m John W. Carr. 

V. Rose Virginia Adams. P O Canal Dover, O. S. 

V. Henry W. Adams, m Susan Her. 

V. Slyvenus B. Adams, m Josephine Wilson. 

V. Edward C. Adams, m Cora Heminway. 

V. Wm. H. Adams, m Laura Timmons. 

V. Albert Kellam Adams, b in Canal Dover, 0,Aug 
30, 1853; m Josephine C. Hofmann June 28, 1874. 
Res 156,4, ave. East Liverpool, O. Traveling Sales- 
man, Meth Ep. C: 

V|. Clara Bell Adams, bMay 19, 1875; d Feb 14, 

V|. Sarah Alice Adams, (twin) b May 19, 1875; ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Elmer E. Flomers Jan i, 1901. P O East 
Liverpool, O. Presser in Pottery, Meth Ep. 

IV. Mary Rebecca Burchfield, b Jan 26, 181 2; d 
Mar II, 1877; m Samuel Scott July 23, 1854. He 
was b at Oneida, N. Y., July 28. 1807, came to 
Ohio in 1832, and after marrying lived the remainder 
of his life at Canal Dover, O, where he died Dec 28, 
1 89 1. He was boat captain on the Ohio Canal 40 
years. Meth. C: Sarah, William, John. Samuel. 

V. Sarah F. Scott, b Aug 26, 1836; d Dec 30, 1864. 
V. William Warham Scott. bMar7. 1838; m Dar- 
ky BristerOct i, 1868. P O Canal Dover, O. 

The subject of this sketch, up to the age of 16 
years received a common school education. At that 
date he began clerking in a drug store, getting only 
a few months more of schooling at odd times. Two 
years were spent in the drug business and two at 
learning the printing trade; and in the winter of 1859 
he taught a country school and continued the follow- 
ing summer and the next winter at the same place. 
Although he had an enrollment of over 60 scholars, 
he taught there the three terms without ever strik- 
ing a scholar. He was employed for the school for 
the winter of 1861, but after teaching through the 
first ten days of October, resigned and enlisted as a 
private of Co G 16. O V I. He marched with his 
regiment through eastern Kentuckey to Cumberland 
Gap. Tenn, where they were beseiged by an over- 
whelming force under Bragg, and finally had to re- 
treat to the Ohio river, and were sent into West 
Virginia, and from there to the Vicksburg strong- 
hold. At that point he was discharged for a heart 
ailment contracted on the march. During these 17 
months he was much of the time on detail as druggist 
of the regiment or brigade. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Arriving at home Apr i , 1863, he remained till June, 
when he accepted the position of contract druggist at 
Dennison U S Hospital, which at that time con- 
tained nearly 3000 sick and wounded soldiers. 

In November of that year he was again mustered 
into the service, as Hospital Steward 12, U S Inf 
and was put in charge of the entire drug commissary 
and other departments of the Hospital, and so re- 
mained till the close of the war, being mustered out 
upon his own application Dec 19, 1865. 

During the summer of 1866, he was captain of a 
canal boat plying between his native town and 
Cleveland, some 90 miles on the Ohio Canal. In 
1867 he purchased a drug store, and continued at 
that business for several years. In 1868 he was ap- 
pointed local agent for the Union Express Co. which 
was succeeded by the American Express. He ran 
this in connection with the drug business; but having 
been made Route Agent for the Company, sold out 
his drug interest. After ten years with the Express 
Companies, in 1879 ^^ bought a half interest in the 
Iron Valley Reporter, located in his home town, and 
the following spring purchased the remainder, and 
has been continuously editor and proprietor up to the 
date of this writing, August 30, 1901. 

In June 1898 he received from President McKin- 
ley the appointment of Postmaster, and during his 3 
years of service the office has been advanced from 
third to second class, and the salary increased from 
$1800 to $2200, and the office this year has reached 
the point of free delivery. C: William, Mary, 
Edith, Walter, Mildred. 

VI . William Scott, b June 7, 1869; m Mary Weaver 
of Cincinnati, O, Nov 27, 1897. One child, (d). 

V|. Mary Scott, bMar 14, 1871; djuly 11, 1871. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Catharine Overholt. 
(See Page 130) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Edith Scott, b at Canal Dover. O, Mar lo, 
1876; mjohn E. Joss June 20, 1899. Mrs. Joss re- 
ceived a thorough common school education, grad- 
uating at the age of 16 years. Six months later she 
was chosen to fill a vacancy, and besides completing 
that, taught five successive years, resigning her 
trust to become the wife of John E. Joss, a prominent 
optician 'knd jeweler of New Philadelphia, O. 

After a wedding tour to Switzerland to visit an- 
cestors of the groom, and a jaunt through France, 
England, and Scottland, they returned; The princi- 
pal incident of the voyage having been that their 
steamship crashed into an ice berg during a dense fog 
of f the coast of Newfoundland, and they were two 
days adrift upon the ocean. 

During the trip Mrs. Joss wrote a series of very 
interesting letters to the home paper, descriptive of 
incidents and scenery, which were highly appreci 

VI. Walter Scott, b May 23, 1884. 

VI. Mildred Scott, bOct 19, 1890. 

V. John M. Scott, b Sept 6, 1840; d Nov 3, 1854. 

V. Samuel S. Scott, b Oct 14, 1853; m Clara Crites 
about 1884. Res 272 LaSalle ave, Chicago. 111. C: 
(VI) Dorothy Scott. 

ill. Henry Overholt, (d). S. 

III. Mary Overholt, (d), m Christian JN'offzinger. 
C: Martha. Christiana, John, Robert, Mary, Hetty. 

III. Magdalena Overholt, (d). b in Bucks Co, Pa; 
m John Mumma. He was b in Westm'd Co, Pa. 
They moved first to Ohio in 1809, and afterward in 
1853, to Adams Co, Ind, where they died. Farmer, 
U B ch. C: Martin, Barbara, George, Isaac, John, 
Christian, Catharine, Abraham, David, Esther. 

IV. Martin Mumma, b in Westm'd Co, Pa, Oct 15, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1803; d in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, Apr 24, 1872; in 
Lydia Baker. She was bat Little York, Pa, July 
28, 1806; d in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, Feb 25, 1874. 
Fanner and merchant. In early life they were re- 
spected members of the Lutheran church, in which 
Mr. Mumma was a leader in the choir for about 20 
years. In Mrs. Mumma's religious experience, it is 
related when she was invited to anxious seat, she 
was much affected, and wept — aloud and cried for 
mercy. The minister came to her and said, **hush 
sister, not so loud," but her cries for mercy were 
soon renewed and the minister came to her again and 
said, '*hush sister, not so loud, arise the Lord has 
blest you." She, however, was never satisfied with 
her conversion. About 20 years later, at a Union 
meeting of several denominations, she and her hus- 
band were brought under deep conviction, and at 
about twelve o'clock at night Mrs. Mumma got up out 
of bed, and said to her husband, ''get up and get on 
your knees, for if we don't repent we will both go to 
hell." She was soon converted, and the praising 
Gody aroused all in the house out of bed. Prior to 
this they only had time to have family prayers once a 
week on Sunday evening, but ever thereafter they 
found time twice a day to meet at the family altar. 
U B ch. C; Catharine, Mary, Anna, John, Jere- 
miah, Elizabeth. 

V. Catharine Mumma, (d); m Mathias Fisher, (d). 
C: (VI) Benjamin Fisher. Isaac Fisher. P O New 
Philadelphia, Ohio. Martm Fisher, (d). 

V. Mary Mumaw, m Perry Stocksdale, (d). C: 
(VI) John W., Lydia, Charles, George, Martin, (d), 
Anna, Jennie. P O Canal Dover, O. 

V. John B. Mumma, m Catharine Ault. (d). C: (VI) 
Mary. John m second wife, Magdalena Fair. P O 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Blue Ridge, Mo. C: (VI) William, Charles, Ida, 
Ciss, Joseph. 
y. Anna Mumaw, (d); m — Stocksdale. C: (VI) 
Martin, Susan. P O Canal Dover, Ohio. 

V. Jeremiah Mumma, b in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, 
June 13, 1837; m Catharine Ann Fair Jan 14, 1858. 
She was b Apr 25, 1839; d Feb 6, 1898. P O Eagle- 
ville, Mo. Fanner, U B ch. C: Martin, Charles, 
Ida, Aaron, Mary, John, Maggie, Clara. 

V|. Martin Mumma, b Oct 29, 1858; m Josephine 
Hobbs Dec 25, 1880. She was b July 20, 1863. P 
O Eagleville, Mo. Farmer. U B ch. C: 

V|. Iva Elizabeth Mumma, b Mar 19, i882;mlx>vie 
Bradders Mar 26, 1900. P O Washington Center, 
Mo. Farmer, Meth Ep. 

VII. Mary Ethel Mumma. b Nov 5, 1883. 

VII. Clarence Melvin Mumma, b Sept 4, 1885. 

VII. Ethel May Mumma, b Mar 6, 1887. 

VII. Nellie Jane Mumma, b Jan 2, 1889. 

VII. Roy Birdine Mumma, b Dec 17, 1890. 

VII. Charles Aaron Mumma, b Nov 10, 1892. 

Vl|. George Leslin Mumma, b Mar 29, 1895. 

VII. Delmer Glen Mumma, b Feb 3, 1897. 

Vl|. Louie Preston Mumma, b Sept 16, 1899. 

V|. Charles Fremont Mumma, b June 6, 1862, in 
Ohio; m Jennie Niller Mar 16. 1884. She d Jan 28, 
1890. C: (VII) John Benjamin Mumma, b Dec 26, 
1884. Leu Ella Mumma, b Sept 16, 1886. Bessie 
A. Mumma, b Mar 25, 1888. Jeremiah Mumma, b 
July 28, 1890. Charles m second wife, Hattie Huff- 
man, May I, 1890. P O Eagleville, Mo. General 
merchant, hardware, etc; U B in Christ. C: (VII) 
Arthur F. Mumma, b Aug 2, 1891. Rebecca E. 
Mumma, b Dec 9, 1895. 

VI. Ida Catharine Mumma, b in Ohio Aug 26, 1865; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


d Mar 2, 1894; m Orlando Dorrel Sept 16, 1883. U 
B ch. C: (VII) OlaMayDorrel, bjuly 28, 1884; d 
May 22, 1892. Katie Jane Dorrel. b Sept 25,. 1885. 
Lura Bell Dorrel, b July f6, 1887. Jerry Elbert Dor- 
rel, b Jan 9, 1889. Elizabeth Delores Dorrel, b Sept 
21, 1890. Clauda Onita Dorrel, b Apr 15, 1892. 
John Leo Dorrel, b Jan 29, 1894. 

VI . Aaron Grant Mumma, b in Harrison Co, Mo, 
Jan II, 1868; ffl Amy Elizabeth Spurrier Oct 11, 
1893. P O Lamoni, la. Mr. Mumma remained 
with his parents on the farm until 18 years of age, 
then taught school for two years, after which he at- 
tended and graduated from the Iowa Business Col- 
lege, at DesMoines, la. After completing his busi- 
ness education he was emploj'ed for three years as 
cashier in the Aurora Co, bank at White Lake, S. 
Dakota. Not being entirely satisfied with a subord- 
inate position he desired to enter upon a business of 
his own, so in Jan 1893, he returned to Eagleville, 
Mo, and bought out the furniture business of U. S. 
Kaufman. After conducting the furniture business 
two and a half years, he sold out and opened a gen- 
eral merchandise business in Lamonia, Iowa, where 
he is still conducting one of the most business like 
and enterprising concerns of the city; employing five 
clerks, and having all the business that can be attend- 
ed to. U B ch. C: (VH) Octavia Gertrude Mum- 
ma, b Feb II, 1896. 

V|. Mary Lydia Mumma, b in Mo, Dec 10, 1871; m 
John Beaver Dec i, 1900. P O Thomas, Mo. Far- 
mer, U B ch. 

V|. John Phineas Mumma, b in Harrison Co, Mo» 
Nov 18, 1873; m Myrtle Copperthwait Nov 11,1900. 
P O Eagleville, Mo. Fanner and school teacher^ 
V B ch. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Maggie Susan Mumma, b in Mo, May 2, 1877; 
m James E. Wiley Oct 26, 1898. P O Eagleville, 
Mo. Farmer. Mrs. W. U B ch. C: (VII) William 
Leo Wiley, b Aug 25, 1899. 

V|. Clara Frances Mumma, b Aug 7, 1881. P O 
Eagleville. Mo. S. 

V. Elizabeth Jane Mumma, b at Canal Dover, Tus- 
carawas Co, Ohio, June 28, 1841; m David H. Alles- 
house. (See Alleshouse Family). Elizabeth m se- 
cond husband, Alexander Rusie, in 1884. He wash 
in Prince William Co, Va. Nov 8, 1822. P O Tren- 
ton, Mo., Ruskin College boarding house. U B ch. 
C: (VI) Chalmers A. Rusie, bNov8, 1886. 

IV. Barbara Mumma, b in Pa, 1805; d in Adams Co, 
Ind, 1873; m Michael Weltz about 1825. He was b 
in Pa May 3, 1796; din Adams Co, Ind, about 1861. 
Farmer, U B ch. C: Magdalena, Catharine, 
Esther, John, Christian, Abraham, Mary, Sarah. 

V. Magdalena Weltz. b in 1826; S. 

V. Catharine Weltz, b Oct 13, 1829; m George 
Raver. P O Decatur, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. C.. 
Lavina, Christian, Sarah, Esther, Margaret, Celley, 
John, Melissa, Isaac, Abraham. 

V|. Lavina Raver, bDec 1847; d Mar 1848. 

V|. Christian Raver, b in Adams Co, Ind, Jan 27, 
1849; m Charlotte Carpenter July 15, 1888. She d 
Aug 14, 1898. P O Hines, Ind. Carpenter, U B 
ch. C: (VII) Ltilu Raver, b May 13. 1889. Anna 
Raver, b Nov 8, 1891. 

V|. Sarah Jane Raver, b Apr 4, 1851; d 1896; m 
Daniel Hines 1878. P O Decatur, Ind. 

V|. Esther Ann Raver, b 1853; m Valentine Hort- 
man 1868. P O Baroda, Mich. 

V|. Margaret Raver, m Mathew Brown. P O De- 
catur, Ind. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Celley Raver, (d). 

V|. John Raver, b 1862; d 186s. 

V|. Melissa Raver, b 1864; m Nathaniel May. P 
O Decatur, Ind. 

Vl. Isaac Raver^ b Apr 29, 1867; m in 1891. P O 
Decatur, Ind. 

VI . Abraham Raver, b 1871; m Bell Carpenter. P 
O Decatur, Ind. 

V. Esther Welty, b 1831; d 1851. 

V. John Welty, b 1833; d 1894. S. 

V. Christian Welty, b 1835; d 1835. 

V. Abraham Welty, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, 1836; 
mEsther Ann Lower Aug 31, 1857. She was b in 
Tuscarawas Co, O, Oct 25. 1834. P O Decatur ,Ind. 
Farmer, U B ch. C: William, Lizzie. 

V|. Williams. Welty, b i860; m Rose Anna Ul- 
rey Sept 15, 1887. She d Oct 22, 1898 P O Deca- 
tur, Ind. Farmer. Mrs. W. Baptist. C: (Vli) 
Bertha Ann Welty, b Sept 11, 1890. Edna Ther- 
essa Welty, bjan 30, 1894. Golda Maree Welty » 
b Jan 25, 1896. 

VI. Lizzie M. Welty, b 1864; m John G. Bittner. 
P O Decatur, Ind. Farmer. Cr (Vil) William 
Henry Abraham Bittner; John Wesley Hiram Bitt- 
ner; Benjamin Harmon Bittner, (d); Charles Ho- 
mer Bittner; Christena Esther Louise Bittner; Ka- 
tie Irene Bittner; Frederick Clarence Augustus 

V. Mary Welty, b 1840. S. 

V. Sarah Welty, b 1843; d J873. 

IV. George Mumma, d near Butler, Ind, 1887; m 
Christine Thomas. She d in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio. 
Tailor, Luth. C: Sarah, John, Celinda, Anna, 
Salome. George m second wife. C: Levi, Louisa, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Christian Fretz Homestead Tinicum Twp, Bucks Co. Pa. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Sarah Mumma, b in Holmes Co, Ohio, Mar 21, 
1 831; d Feb 15, 1899; m Andrew Spohn in 1850. 
He died Mar i860. Moved to Howard Co, Ind. C: 
John, Philip, Daniel. Sarah m second husband, 
Andrew Strauss. Apr 1 861. He was bom in Bav- 
aria. Germany, came to the United States in 1858. 
Res 117 S. Rural St, Emporia. Kan. Railroad 
employee. Ref ch. C: Lewis, Louisa, Caroline, 
Charles, George, William, Ella. 

VI. JohnSphon. b July 3, 1851. PONewkirk.Okla. 
C: (VII) Retta Spohn, b Mar 5, 1876. Tense A. 
Spohn, b Feb 8, 1878. 

VI Philip D. Spohn, b in Howard Co, Ind, Apr 19, 

1853; m Zora Stranfield, of Kokomo, Ind, Sept 20, 

1877. Shed Feb 20, 1879. C: Dallis. Philip m 
second wife, Frankie L. Dikeman, Nov 21, 1887. P 
O Inman, Kan. In 1881, he went to Emporia, Kan, 
and engaged in the locomotive dept, of the A. F. & 
S. F. R. R. Co, and served 3 years as fireman and 
engineer, then removed to McPherson Co. C: (VII) 
Dallis Spohn, b Sept 8, 1878. Ralph E. Spohn, b 
Apr 20, 1890. Charles A. Spohn, b Mar 5, 1892. 
Myrtle Spohn, b June 27, 1894; d Sept 13, 1897. 
Sarah Frances Spohn, b Oct 23, 1896. Lula May 
Spohn, bScpt 16, 1898. 

V|. Daniel Spohn, b June 1858; d aged 5 years. 

Vl. Lewis Strauss, b Dec 10, 1861; d June 1863. 

Vl. Louisa J. Strauss, bDec4, 1863; m James Bruce 
of Denison, Tex. Res 530 W Morgan Street, Deni- 
son, Tex. 

V|. Caroline E. Strauss, b Feb 14, 1865; d Sept 7, 

V|. Charles M. Strauss, b July 16, 1868. P O EI- 
Paso, Tex. Engineer. 

V|. George H.Strauss, bjuly 13, 1870; d Mar 11,1878. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Vl. William F. Strauss, b Apr 5, 1872; d Apr 7, 

VI EllaN. Strauss, b Dec 4, 1875; m J. N. Hughey 
of Kansas City, Kan. Ref ch. C: (VII) Annie L. 
Hughey, b Mar 21, 1897. William N. Hughey, b 
Nov 7, 1899. Charles L. Hughey, bMay 30, 1900. 

V- John Wesley Murama, b at Berlin, Ohio, Nov 30, 
1833; dSept 8, 1896; m Hannah Berkey Apr 16, 
1855. P O Kimmell, Ind. Farmer. C: I<ee, 
Lillian, Maud. 

V|. Lee Mumma, b May 5, 1859; d May 6, i860. 

V|. Lillian Mumma, b Oct 12, i860; m Melvin A. 
Belts, (d). P O Kimmell, Ind. Furniture worker, 
Christian Catholic ch. C: (VII) Euda Belts. 

V|. Maud Mumma, b Nov 24, 187 1; m James L. 
Smith. P O Albion, Ind. Farmer, Christian ch. 
C: (VII) Nona. Guy, Lee, Tay, Frank, Welty. 

V. Celinda Mumma, d Dec 1891; m . C; (VII) 

InezPeachey, Elsie Klock. 

V. Anna Mary Mumma, (d). 

V. Salome Mumma, d 1872; m . C: (VI) 

Carrie Fisher. P O Hicksville, O. 

V. Levi D. Mumma. P O Boise City, Idaho. 

V. Lousia Mumma, m — Walleck. P O Stras- 
burg, O. 

V. George Mumma. 

IV. Isaac Mumma, m Bettie Wible, (d). C: (V) 
Simon, (d); John. He m second wife . Black- 

IV. John Mumma, m Catharine Snyder. C: (V) 
Solomon, Eliza, Nancy, Emily. 

V. Solomon Mumma, d S. 

V. Eliza, m Robt Kline. P O Decatur, Ind. 

V. Nancy, m Wm. Kline. P O Monroeville, Ind. 

V. Emily, m Daniel K. Shackley. P O Decatur,Ind. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Christian Mumma, b in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, 
May 12, i8i2;d Feb 20, 1865; m Rebecca Snyder 
Nov 5, 1835. She was bin Washington Co, Mary- 
land, Oct 13, 1S15. Weaver, later fanner, U B ch. 
C: John, George, Malissa, Rezin, Permelia, Char- 
les, Rebecca, Lydia, Eliza. 

V. John H. Mumma, b in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, 
Nov 26, 1837; m Catharine Lower Feb 20, 1859. P 
O Decatur, Ind. Teacher and afterwards farmer, U 
B ch. C: Wesley, Marietta, John, Katie, Charles, 

V|. Wesley W. Mumma, b in Adams Co, Ind, Aug 
2, 1861; m Mary A. Shaffer Mar 24, 1887. P O De- 
catur, Ind. Farmer, and runs a picket mill, U B 
ch. C: (VII) Charles W. Mumma, b Mar 27, 1888; 
djuly 26, 1888. Ethel J. Mumma, b May 3, 1891. 
Harry T. Mumma, b Mar 6, 1898. 

VI. .Marietta Mumma, b Sept 12, 1864; d Dec 31, 
1893; m William H. Harden Mar 16, 1893. Farmer, 
U B ch. No issue. 

Vi. John Logan Mumma, b Aug 17, 1867; d July 4, 

V|. Katie Mumma, b May 10, 1869; d Sept 17, 1869. 

V|. Charles Sumner Mumma, b May 24, 1871; m 
Clara Hannah Tabler Jan 13, 1894. P O Decatur, 
Ind. Farmer and school teacher, U B ch. No 

V|. Milton F. Mumma, b Dec 15, 1873. U Bch. S. 

V. George W. Mumma, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, Aug 
6, 1839; m Nancy J. Friedline Oct 17, 1870. P O 
Monroeville, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. Mr. Mumma 
enlisted in Co. H. 89 Reg't. Ind. Vol. Aug 1862 and 
served three years, was taken prisoner by Buckner 
and Bragg— parolled — exchanged. His regiment 
was in 13 battles. He received a shell wound in the 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


battle of Tupelo, Miss. C: (VI) William Dennis 
Mumma, b July 21, 1874; d Feb 16, 1875. Clara R. 
Muiuma, bin 1882. S. 

V. Melissa A. Mumma> bin Tuscarawas Co, O, May 
13, 1841. S. 

V. Rezin F. Mumma, b at Canal Dover, Ohio, July 
9, .1843,- m Ellen S. Stelle Mar 28, 1867. P O Odon, 
Ind. Farmer, U B ch. 

He enlisted in 1862 in the 89, Ind. Vol. for three 
j'^ears. He was in the following engagements, viz; 
Munfordsville, Ky., taken prisoner and parolled, the 
capture of Fort Derussa, La; battle of Pleas- 
ant Hill, La; engagement near Marksville; 
Yellow Bayou; battle of Nashville, Tenn; 
capture of Fort Blakely, La; and several other en- 
gagements. C: Idella, Curtis, Lockey, Levi, In- 
fant, Sarah, Permilla, Elsie, Nellie, George, Re- 
zin, Mary. 

V|. Idella Belle Mumma, b Apr 24, 1898; m I. L. 
Harden Sept 2. 1886. P O Odon, Ind. Farmer, 
U B ch. C: (VI) Clarence Leroy Harden. 

V|. Curtis Lawrence Mumma, b Oct 3c, i£C'9; m 
EffieShackleyMay 13, 1897. P O Indiana Springs, 
Ind. Miner. C: (VII) Morrison Dewey Mumma. 
V|. Lockey Luella Mumma, b Jan 23, 1871; d July 
17, 1899; m James N. Hert Apr 28, 1892. P O Cale, 
Ind. Stockman, Christian ch. C: (V||) Harley E- 
Hert, b Dec 25, 1892. LottyHert, b May 10, 1894. 
Marlin J. Hert, b Dec 26, 1896. Maynard F. Hert, 
b June 23, 1897; d Aug 3, 1898. Charlotte Ann 

V|. Levi Franklin Mumma, b Feb 26, 1873. P O 
Decatur, Ind. Well-driller. 

VI. Sarah Rebecca Mumma, b July 5, 1875; m 
Joseph G. AUeshouse. P O Sargent, Ind. Far- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


mer. He is the tallest man yet known in the state — 
measuring 6 feet 9 inches in his stocking feet, weigh- 
ing 240 lbs; U B ch. C: (VII) EzraF. Alleshoiise, 
b Dec 23, 1894. Cletus M. Alleshouse, b Feb 7, 
1896. John H. Alleshouse, b Apr 27, . 

V|. Permilia Ann Mumma, b July 16, 1877; m 
Philip Auth Oct 10, 1900. P O Decatur, Ind. Far- 
mer, U B ch, 

Vi. Elsie Ellen Mumma, b Dec- 16, 1879; m Harvey 
Ferguson July 3, 1900. P O Montpelier, Ind. Far- 
mer, U B ch. 

VI. Nellie Emma Dean Mumma, b Mar 15, 1882. 
U B ch. 

V|. George Calvin Mumma, b May 28, 1884. Bap- 

VI. Rezin Elroy Mumma, b Nov i, 1886. U B ch. 

Vf. Mary Elizabeth Mumma, b Nov 22, 1889. U B 

V. Pamelia Mumma, b July 5, 1845. S. 

V. Charles Mumma, b Apr 27, 1848; d Feb 12, 

V. Rebecca J. Mumma, bAug 15, 1850; m Benja- 
min P. Harkless Apr 7, 1872. P O Decatur, Ind. 
Farmer, U B ch. C: Nancy, James, Mary. 

VI. Nancy Jennettie Harkless, b Oct 25, 1872; m 
Ross Harden. P O Decatue, Ind. Farmer, U B 
ch. C: (Vli). Clyde Harden. 

V|. James Clifford Harkless, b Feb 4, 1879. P O 
Decatur, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. S. 

V|. Mary Malissa Harkless, b June 3, 1882; m Ed- 
win Ahr. P O Decatur, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. 

V. Lydia A. Mumma, b May i, 1854; d Aug 25, 

V. Eliza C. Mumma, bNovi3, i856;dSept3, 1861. 

iV. Catharine Mumma, bin Penna, July 20, 1814; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


d in Adams Co, Ind, Jan 28, 1895; m Rev. William 
Lower Mar 1833. He was b in Brook Co, W. Va., 
Nov 1812; din AdamsCo, Ind, Sept 10, 1877. Far- 
mer and minister of the United Brethren ch. C: 
Esther, Catharine, Sarah, Martha, Joseph, William, 
Margaret, Joshua, John, Sylvester. 

V. Esther Ann Lower, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, Oct 
25, 1834; m Abraham Welty. (See Abraham Welty, 

V. Catharine Lower, b Mar 25, 1837; d June 12, 
1895; m John H. Mumma. (See John H. Mumma, 

V. Sarah Lower, b Aug 14, 1839; d Oct 14, 1844. 

V. Martha Lower, b Aug 22, 1841; m J. Friedline. 
P O Monroeville, Ind. 

V. Joseph S. Lower, b in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, Oct 
2, 1843; m Rebecca J. Congleton Oct 1867. P O Da- 
catur, Ind, Farmer, U Bch. C: Maggie, William, 

V|. Maggie Anora Lower, b 1869; m Henry F. 
Linn June 6, 1894. PO Decatur, Ind. Contractor 
and builder. 

V|. William A. Lower, b in Adams Co, Ind, Jan 26, 
1872. P O Indianapolis, Ind. He was reared on a 
farm, and after completing the common school 
course he entered the High school at Decatur, Ind, 
where he spent some time, then entered the teaching 
profession at the age of 17, and has been connected 
with school work ever since. On Mar 15, 1899, he 
received the position of Deputy State Superintend- 
ent of schools which position he still holds ( 1901 ). U 
B ch. S. 

VI. Homer D. Lower, b in Adams Co, Ind, Apr 
1880. P O Decatur, Ind. School teacher. 

V. William S. Lower, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, Mar 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


8. 1845; mAddieM. Moulton 1872. P O Whiting. 
Kan. Wagon-maker, U B ch. No issue. 

V. Margaret Lower, b July 25, 1847; d Apr 25, 
1893; m G. W. Miller. P O Monroeville, Ind. 

V. JoshuaLower, b July 8, 1851; djuly 12, 1851. 

V. Rev. John W. Lower, b in Tuscarawas Co. O, 
Aug 2, 1852; m Maggie A. Congleton Sept 12, i876. 
Res 54 Di\dsion St, F't. Wayne, Ind. Minister of 
the United Brethren ch. C: Mayme, Edna, Allen, 

VI. Mayme A. Lower, b in Allen Co, Ind, Sept 2, 
1877; m Guston P. Roberts. P O F't. Wayne, Ind. 
Stenographer and typewriter, U B ch. 

V|. EdnaZ. Lower, b Dec i, 1885. 

V|. Allen Virgil Lower, b Apr 18, 1889. 

V. Sylvester Lower, b Sept 27, 1855; d May 4, 
1 891. S. 

IV. Abraham Mumma, m Elizabeth Wible. C: (V) 
Rudolphus, Sheldon, John. P O Williamstown, 

IV. David Mumma, m . C: (V) George, John, 

William, Martin, Henry, Dennis, (d); Esther, (d); 
Magdalena, (d); Katie, Jane, Malisse, Emma, (d). 
P O Decatur, Ind. 

IV. Esther Mumma, b near Canal Dover, Tuscara- 
was Co, Ohio, Apr 8, 1821; d at Indian Village, Nob- 
le Co, Ind, July 15, 1900; m Christian M. Koher 
Dec 7, 1837. He wasbinBonesborough, Maryland, 
June 20, 1 810; d at Indian Village, Ind, July 18, 
1895. Farmer, U B ch. C: Elizabeth, Mary, 
Hiram, Sarah, Christian, Martin, Lydia, John, 
William, Uriah, Jacob. 

V. Elizabeth Koher, d in infancy. 

V. Mary Magdalena Koher, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, 
Jan 6, 1 841; m Rev. Jacob W. Hooper Feb 10, 1863. 
P O Cromwell, Ind. He has been a member of the 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


United Brethren church since i860, and as an ex- 
horter and preacher. In 1889 he joined the Saint 
Joseph annual conference, and has remained a local 
preacher ever since. C; Esther, David, George, 

V|. Esther C. Hooper, bjune 19, 1865; m L. F. 
Secrist, of Cromwell, Ind, Mar 19, 1893. P O 
Cromwell, Ind. Fanner. C: (VII) Dane D. Hoop- 
er, Keith K. Hooper, Paul H. Hooper. 

Vi. David C. Hooper, bMar 27, 1869. 

Vi. George W. Hooper, b May 12, 1872. 

V|. Jacob E. Hooper, b Apr 7, 1880. 

V. Hiram T. Koher. S. 

y. Sarah Koher, d infant. 

V. Christian N. Koher, m Elizabeth Phipps. P O 
Cromwell, Ind. 

V. Martin M. Koher, m Mary M. McClintic. 

V. Lydia A. Koher, b Mar 19, 1849; m John Mc- 
Clintic Sept 20. 1874. He d Feb 8. 1892. C: (Iff) 
EstonE, Charles F, Martin V, John D. (d). 

V. John D. Koher, m Eva G. Boyce. P O Crom- 
well, Ind. 

V. William O. Koher, b near Decatur. Adams Co, 
Ind, April 26, 1854; m Maggie McFarren Dec 7, 
1878. P O Cromwell, Ind. Formerly fanner, now 
merchant, U B ch. C: (VI) Frank L. Koher, b 
July 19, 1880. Brent M. Koher, b Aug 23, 1882. 

y. Uriah F. Koher, b in Adams Co, Ind, Feb 28, 
1858; m Leah McFerren Dec 24, 1885. She d Apr 
2, 1895. No issue. He m second wife, Cora Filz- 
hugh Mar 15, 1900. P O Cromwell, Ind. Farmer, 
U B ch. No issue. 

V. Jacob M. Koher, b in Adams Co, Ind, Feb 28, 
1872, P O Crumwell, Ind. Variously occupied, 
U B ch. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


III. Martin Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa. about 
1784; d Feb 14, 1814; m Barbara Conrad Oct 1806. 
She was b 1885, (d). Fanner, Lutb. C: Jacob, 
Abraham, Elizabeth, Esther, Martin. 

IV. Jacob Overholt, b in Westm'd Co. Pa, Dec 9, 
1807; d in 111, Aug I, 1886; m Mary Ann Lisk June 
26, 1834. She was b Mar 9, 1815; d May 14, 1853. 
Merchant and grain dealer, Luth. C: (V) James L. 
Overholt, b Sept 5, 1835; d July 25, 1836. Anselia 
Overholt, b Mar 13, 1837; d July 13, 1859. Althea 
B. Overholt, b Aug 20, 1839; d July 23. 1840. Esth- 
er A. Overholt, b Oct 5, 1851; d Dec4, 1845. Mary 
J. Overholt, b May i. 1844; d Oct 16, 1846. Ellen 
Overholt, b near New Philadelphia, O, Oct 12, 1846. 
P O Assumption, 111. Milliner. S. Rolland Over- 
holt, b Jan I, 1850; d Mar 13, 1876. 

IV. Abraham Overholt, (d); m . C: 

V. John Overholt, (d). 
V. James Overholt. 

V. Lizzie Overholt, m McConnell. 

V. Martin Overholt. P O Keene, O. 
V. Kate Overholt, m — Hamilton. 
IV. Elizabeth Overholt, m — Riggles. 
IV. Esther Overholt, d young. 

IV. Martin Overholt, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, Mar 
28, 1814; d at Pana, 111, May 15, 1S88; m Hannah 
McFarland, She was b Aug 3. 1814; d July 11, 
1887. Farmer, Meth. C: James, David, Corwin, 

V. James Clay Overholt, b Nov 24, 1842; d Oct 29, 
1875; m Elizabeth Lewis Dec 25, 1868. She was b 
in London, England, Aug 17, 1843. C; Lewis, 
Charlie, Shirely. 

V|. Lewis Overholt, b at Pana, 111, Aug 24, 1870; m 
Margaret Amberson June i, 1899. Coal operator. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


¥l. Carlie May Overholt, b Jan 24, 1872; d Sept 28. 
. 1872. 

¥l. Shirely James Overholt, b Aug 22, 1874. P O 
Pana, 111. 

¥• David Jacob Overholt, b at New Philadelphia, 
Ohio, July 12. 1844. Res 84 Adams St, Chicago, III. 
Coal operator. S. 

¥. Corwin Atkins Overholt, b in New Phila. 0» 
Sept 24, 1847; d Apr 1882; m Laura L. Sanders, 
Grain Merchant. Attended Meth ch. C; Corwm, 
Lydia. Bryson. 

¥l. Corwin Lee Overholt, b Aug 10, 1873. 

¥l. Lydia June Overholt, b in Pana. Ill, June 24, 
1875; m Frank E. Munger June 23, 1898. P O At- 
wood, Kan. Merchant, Presby. C: (VII) Marian 
Overholt Munger, b July 4. 1899. 

¥|. Bryson Jacob Overholt, b Oct 5, 1880. P O 
Assumption, 111. 

¥. Orvilla Overholt, b in Ohio Nov 3, 1850. P O 
50 Board of Trade Building, Chicago, 111. Grain 
dealer. S. 

III. Abraham Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa; d in 
Tuscarawas Co. Ohio; m Susan Crites. Farmer, ch 
of God. C: John, Catharine, Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Esther, Anna, Martin, Isaac, Jacob, Christian. 

IV. John Overholt, d Mar 11, 1894; m Nancy Stev- 
enson. She d Feb 13. 1900. Farmer, U B ch. C: 
Sarah, Esther, Isaiah, Levi, Albert, Mary, Leo- 

¥. Sarah Overholt, bFeb 7, 1844; m — Rosenbery. 
¥. Esther Overholt, b May 25, 1846; m — Rosen 
¥. Isaiah Overholt. b Dec 17, 1848. 
¥. Levi Overholt, b June 21, 1851. 
¥• Albert Overholt, bin Ohio, Apr i, 1855; m Anna 
R. Stockdale. P O New Phila, O. Farmer, U B 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


ch. C: (¥1) Abbie Overholt, b Jan 30. 1885. Edna 
A. Overholt, b June 16, 1887. Hazel V. Overholt, b 
Sept 28, 1892. Donald R. Overholt, b Sept 13,1899. 

¥. Mary Overholt. b Sept 6, 1857. 

¥• Leonard Overholt, b Feb 29, i860. 

IV. Catharine Overholt, m — Humrichouse. 

¥. George. P Raghsville, Ind. 

IV. Abraham Overholt, d at Akron, O; m — . C: 
(V) Harvey, Oliver, William. P Inland, 0. 

IV. Elizabeth Overholt. d at Akron, O; m — Bauch- 
man. C: (V) Levi, etc. 

IV. Esther Overholt, (d); m Jacob Myers. One 
child. . 

IV. Anna Overholt, m Daniel Keiser. 

IV. Martin Overholt, b in Tuscarawas Co, Ohio, Jan 
1817; d in Christian Co. Illinois, Aug 29, 1856; m 
Rebecca Thomas Oct 18, 1838. She was b in Tus- 
carawas Co, Ohio, Jan 14, 1818. Farmer, ch of God. 
C: Abraham, Sarah, Anna, Emily, Albert, Aman- 
da, John. 

V. Dr. Abraham J. Overholt, b in Tuscarawas Co, 
Ohio, Aug 16. 1839; m Mary T. Franklin Aug 17, 
1865. P O Salida. Colo. In 1852 his parents re- 
moved to Christian Co, 111, near Taylorsville. Here 
he remained until i860, working od the farm. On 
the 31, of May, i860, he arrived in Denver, having 
walked across the plains from Fort Leavenworth, 
Kan. From Denver he walked to Mt. Vernon, Co- 
lo, and secured employment from a Mr. Morrison, 
whom he helped to erect a stone house. Later he 
wandered over to. Idaho Springs, where he engaged 
in placer mining. In July he started for California 
Gulch, got lost on the way, but finally reached bis 
destination and went to work mining. In Sept he 
returned to Idaho Springs, and two weeks later for 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


his eastern home, remaining there until Aug 1861. 
The doctor endeavored to enlist first in the infantry 
regiment and then in the cavalry, but was rejected. 
He finally secured employment as steward with the 
Third Illinois Cavalry and accompanied them to Ben- 
ton Barracks, St. Louis. Here he tried to enlist in 
the artillery and navy, but again failed. He was 
with the regiment at Jefferson City, Springfield, and 
Rolla, Mo. In March 1862, they were in the battle 
of Pea Ridge, Ark. The doctor was never mustered 
in, but performed the duties of a private soldier just 
the same. He was also private dispatch carrier for 
the colonel of his regiment. After the battle of Pea- 
Ridge he returned home, taught school the next 
winter and then went to Bloomington, 111., and 
attended the State Normal University for six months. 
He worked on a farm and taught school in the winter 
until 1872, when he entered Rush Medical college, 
Chicago, and at the close of the term he located in 
lyoami. 111. , where he was engaged in the active prac- 
tice of medicine until 1880. In that year he removed 
with his family to Maysville, Colo, and has been an 
active and successful practitioner ever since. 

Dr. Overholt was a presidential elector from 
Colorado on the People's party ticket in 1892. C: 
Flora, Minnie, Jessie, Ermie. 

V|. Flora Belle Overholt, b Aug 30, 1867; m John 
W. Hallock Mar 6, 1889. P O Salida, Colo. Civil 
Engineer, ch of Christ. C: (VII) Claude Wiles 
Hallock, bAug 26, 1890. Vallie Mae Hallock, b 
May 30, 1894. 

V|. Minnie May Overholt, b Feb 19, 1870. 

V|. Jessie Leigh Overholt, b Apr 17, 1872. 

V|. Ermie Leona E. Overholt, b May 4, 1880; m 
Ralph Hosmer Rice Sept 18, 1900. P O Salida, Colo. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

William W. Scott. 
See Page 161. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Sarah Overholt, b June 19, 1841; d Nov 15, 

V. Anna Overholt, b Aug 19. 1843; m William 
Williams, (d). C: Ollie, etc. Anna m second hus- 
band — Meyers. P O Rosebery, Oregon. 

¥. Ollie Williams, m — Blodgett. P O Rosebery, 

¥. Emily Overholt. b Dec 24, 1846; d Jan 17, 1883; 
mJosephM. Cochran July 4, 1867. C: (¥1) Harry 
Cochran. P O Buena Vista, Colo. Glen Cochran, 
P O Puebla, Colo. Josie Cochran. P O Owaneco, 

¥• Albert Overholt, b Nov 30, 1849; m Phoebe 
Beatty. P O Taylorsville, 111. 

¥. Amanda Ellen Oveiholt, b in Tuscarawas Co, O, 
Nov 18, 1852; m Rev. David W. Hamilton, of Ohio, 
July 21, 1 87 1. P O Owaneco. 111. Minister in the 
Radical United Brethren in Christ ch. C: Grace, 
Joseph, Mary, Robert, Vera. 

¥|. Grace L. Hamilton, b Sept 4, 1874; m Norman 
Stephens. P O Owaneco, 111. Farmer, U B ch. 
C: (VII) Opal Stephens. 

¥l. Joseph Hamilton, b Aug 2, 1876; m Daisy 
Roberts. P O Owaneco, 111. Telegrapher. C: 
(VII) Harrie G. Hamilton. 

¥|. Mary L. Hamilton, b Dec 15, 1878; m P. E. 
Klar. P O Yantisville. 111. Farmer, Baptist. C: 
(VII) Gladys L. Klar; Odett Klar. 

VI. Robert R. R, Hamilton, b Aug 13, 1886. 
Vl. Vera G. Hamilton, b Jan 10, 1891. 

V. John Overholt, b Sept 7, 1855; m Mary Bartholo- 
mew. P O Bloomfield, Neb. 

IV. Isaac Overholt. b in O; m Susan Putt. (d). C.- 
Harvey, Albert. Isaac m second wife — . C; George, 
Artha, Esther, Jesse, (d). M third wife . P O 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Centropolis, Kan. Farmer. C: Otis, OUie, Ralph, 
Mary, (d); Laura, (d). 

IV. Jacob Overholt, d single. 

IV. Christian Overholt, d single. 

III. Isaac Overholt, d single. 

III. Esther Overholt, d single. 

III. Sarah Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Apr 17, 
1791; din Ohio, Dec 3, 1857; m Philip Welty Jan 9, 
1816. He was b in Pa. May 2, 1789; d near Wilmot, 
O, Sept II, 1848. Farmer, U B ch. Mrs. Welty 
was a noble woman, very sociable, enjoyed company 
and was fond of playing jokes. She was much es- 
teemed by all that knew her. During her husband's 
absence at night when off on a journey — bears and 
wolves would be her nightly visitors, and with only a 
shawl for a door, they would push it aside and walk 
to her bed which would waken her, and then came 
the battle for the right of property. She had fre- 
quently been treed by wolves. She was an expert 
climber. C: Esther, John, Isaac, Eliza, Mary. 

IV. Esther Welty, b in Stark Co, O, Apr 5. 1S17; d 
Apr 29, 1884; m David Alter about 1837. He was b 
Nov 7, 1810; d at Fairfield, la, Apr 23, 1887. Far- 
mer and deacon in the Baptist ch. C: Sarah, Isaac, 
Hadassah, Mary, David. 

V. Sarah M. Alter, b in Wayne Co, O, in 1838; m 
Morgan R. Kurtz Apr 14, 1857. P O Chariton. la. 
Bap. C: Alsadors, Harland, Nellie, Richard 
Daisy, Lambert, Lillian. 

V|. Alsadore Isaac Kurtz, b May 29, 1862; m Bertha 
L. Arns in 1887. P O Aberdeen, S. Dak. C: (VII) 
James, Mabel. 

VI. Harland D. Kurtz, b June 9, 1866; d Oct 13, 

V|. Nellie May Kurtz, b Apr 15, 1869; m Silas S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Baxter. P O Norwood, la. Farmer, Meth. C: 
(VII) Helen. Oral. 

VI. Richard M. Kurtz, b June 28, 1871; d July 26, 

V|. Daisy Jane Kurtz, b Feb 12, 1874; m Harper D. 
Royce Oct 5. 1892. Res 804 W. Jefferson St. Cres- 
ton, la. Manager of W. U. Telegraph Company, 
Meth Ep. C: (Vil) Mildrd Eleanor Royce, b Oct 8, 
1896. Paul Gwen Royce, b Oct 26. 1900. 

VJ. Lambert D. Kurtz, b Oct 12, 1876; d Apr 15, 

Vi. Lillian H. Kurtz, b Oct 23. 1878. P O Chari- 
ton, la. Bap. Sec. of Young People's Society. S. 

V. Cyrus Alter, b Apr 19, 1840, in Wayne Co, O; 
m Amanda Keller Dec 25, 1840. P O New Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Farmer, Baptist. C: Eva, Mary, 
Bertha, Sadie, Jessie, Daisy, David, Cyrus; and 
3 d infants. 

V|. Eva Alter, b Mar 3. 1868; ra William Evans 
Feb 10, 1889. P O New Philadelphia, O. City 
Marshall, Presby. C: (Vli) Glenwood Evans, 
Virginia Evans, Reginald Evans. 

VI. Mary Alter, b Feb 7. 1870. P O New Phila- 
delphia, O. Seamstress, Baptist. S. 

V|. Bertha Alter, b Mar 6, 1874; m Dennis Craw- 
shaw Feb 25. 1900. P O New Philadelphia, O. 
Blacksmith, Baptist. C: (VII) Donald Crawshaw. 

VI Sadie Alter, b Jan 23, 1877. P New Phila- 
delphia. 0. Milliner, Baptist. S. 

VI. Jessie Alter, b Jan 18, 1880. P New Phila- 
delphia, O. Seamstress, Baptist. S. 

VI. Daisy Alter, bjuly 5, 1882. Baptist. 

VI. David Alter, (twin), b July 5, 1882. 

VI. Cyrus Alter Jr, b Feb 4, 1888. 

V. Isaac R. Alter, b at Mt. Eaton, Stark Co, O, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Feb 13. 1842; m Anna Read June 20, 1866. P 
Grand Island, Neb. Live stock dealer. C: (VI) 
Charles Read Alter, b Ma}' 30, 1867; d June 22, 

¥|. Isaac R. Alter, b Aug 24, 1881. S. 

¥• Hadassah Alter, bAug 15, 1844; d about 1858. 

¥. Mary Alter, b July 23. 1848; m A. C. Ricketts 
Dec 19, 1866. P O Fairfield. la. Mrs. R. has been 
blind for the past five years. Baptist. C: 

V|. Thomas B. Ricketts, b Feb 6, 1870; d Sept 22, 

V|. David Alter Ricketts, b May 25, 1873; m Maud 
McClain Feb 6, 1900. P O Fairfield, la. Mail 

V. David M. Alter, b Aug 5. 1851; m D. Wells June 
9, 1872. P Grand Island, Neb. Farmer. C: 
(VI) Mary Alter, b July 28, 1876; d July 20, 1898. 

IV. John Welty. b about 1817; d 1896; aged about 
77; m Adaline Books. C: Alice, Carrie, Lydia, 
Ida, Priscilla. 

V. Alice Welty. 

V. Lydia Welty, m Marchant. P O Navarre, 


V. Ida Welty, m Ott. P Navarre, 0. 

V. Priscilla Welty, m Wilhelm. P O Justus, 

Stark Co, O. 

V. Carrie Welty, m McQuincy. P Justus, 


IV. Isaac Welty, b Jan 22, 1820; d Feb 26, 1893; m 
Susan Poyoer Mar 14, 1850. C: George, Orin, 
Breuard, Mary. 

V. George Welty, bjan i, 1851; m Alice Camp. P 
O Wilmot, 0. C: (VI) Beulah Welty; Isaac 
Ford Welty. 

V. Dr. Orin S. Welty, b Oct 5, 1852; m Etta 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Hardesty 1889. P O Canal Dover. O. Physician. 

¥. Brenard Welty, b July 3, 1856; d Nov 3. 1896. 

¥. Mary Welty, b July 19, 1858; m Otto Oberlin 
Dec 27, 1881. P O Stanwood. O. C: (¥|) Susan 
May, Edwin Welty, Jessie Florence, Helen Ober- 

IV. Eliza Ann Welty. b Nov 16, 1824; m Dr. John 
D. Otis in 1844. He d in 1894. P O Bridgeport, 
O. C: Samantha. Mary, Ida. 

¥. Samantha Otis, b Apr 28, 1846; m James Yant 
Apr 15. 1869. P O Fostoria, O. 

V. Mary Otis, m John Ward Mar 20, 1895. P O 
Bridgeport. O. 

¥. Ida Otis, b Nov 22, i860; m Rev. Frank M. 
Korl Oct 1 1, 1883. He d Nov 3, 1896. P O West- 
erville, O. 

IV. Mary Welty, m Daniel Foreman, (d). C: Ada, 

V. Ada Foreman, m Charles Spidel. P O Massi- 
lon, O. 

¥. Jennie Foreman. P O Wilmot, O. S. 

III. Joseph Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa. June 19, 
1793; d at Huntington, Ind, Feb 1873; m Barbara 
Kline Apr 13, 1817. She was b at Glades, Pa, May 
16. 1797; d at Huntington, Ind, in 1870. 

A somewhat amusing incident is related of Mr. 
Overholt, that on a certain occasion he took a grist 
to the mill and wished it ground at once, so he could 
take it home with him, but the millers did not want 
to do it, and on their declining, Mr. Overholt said: 
**If you don't grind it right away, I will put some- 
thing in the mill that has eyes as big as pewter 
plates.*' Suffice it to say his grist was ground at 
once. Farmer, EvAss'n. C: Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Jonas, Joseph, John, Jacob, Margaret, Mary, Isaac. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Abraham Overholt, b in Holmes Co, Ohio, Feb 
4, 1819; m Magdalena Shank Feb 9, 1843. P O 
Huntington, Ind. Farmer and Carpenter, Ev Ass*n. 
C: Joseph, Sarah, John. Rachel, Mary, Isaiah, 
Jeremiah, Alfred. 

¥• Joseph Overholt, b Jan 4, 1845; d at Nashville, 
Tenn, Aug 2, 1864. 

¥• Sarah Overholt, bNov 16, 1846; m David Pressel. 
P O Huntington, Ind. Carpenter. 

¥• John Overholt, b Mar 12, 1848; m Abbie Canna- 
day. P O Huntington, Pa. Farmer. 

¥. Rachel A. Overholt, b Nov 1850; d May 1852. 

¥• Mary Jane Overholt, b in Stark Co, Ohio, June 
25. 1852; mjohn Hughes Oct 2, 1873. Res 13 Mar- 
shall St., Huntington, Ind. U B ch. C: 

VI. Clara Rose Hughes, b Oct 2, 1874. Dress- 
maker. S. 

V|. Howard Webster Hughes, b May 27, 1876. 
Spanish American soldier. 

¥l. Bessie Liona Hughes, b Nov 5, 1 878. Musician, 
U B ch. S. 

¥l. Bertha Leota Hughes, (twin) b Nov 5, 1878. 
Musician, U B ch, S. 

V|. Cyrus Allen Hughes, b Feb 22. 1883. Painter. 

V|. Leroy Harrison Hughes, b July 28, 1888. 

V|. Donald Hughes, b Jan 10, 1894. 

¥• Isaiah Overholt, b Feb 12, 1854; m Ida Swank. 
P O Goblesville, Ind. 

V. Jeremiah Overholt, b June 25, 1856. P O 
Huntington, Ind. 

¥. Alfred Overholt, b in Stark Co, O, Nov 25, 
1859; m Caroline E. Knecht Feb 12, 1S82. Laborer, 
U B ch. C: (VI) Zelotes V. Overholt, b Dec 10, 
1882. William E. Overholt, b Sept 10,1884. Mil- 
ward Overholt, b Mar 30, i888, Nora B. Overholt, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mrs. Edith Joss. 
See Page 163. 

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Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


bjuly 15, 1891. ReyS. Overholt, b Feb 15, 1894. 
Alvin J. Overholt. b Oct 11, 1898. 
IV. Elizabeth Overholt, b in Holmes Co, O, Feb 19, 
i82i;m David Schwarzlose July 3. 1855. P O Na- 
varre, O. Retired farmer. Meth Ep. C: (V) Son d 
infant. Mary L. Schwarzlose. P O Navarre, O. 
Teacher, Meth Ep. S. Son d infant. 

IV. Jonas Overholt, b Mar 12, 1823; m Mary Kreid- 
er. P Huntington, Ind. Farmer, Evangelical. 
C: Catharine. Elizabeth. Jacob. 

V. Catharine Overholt, (d). 
V. Elizabeth Overholt. (d). 

V. Jacob Overholt, m — . P O Huntington, Ind. 

IV. Joseph Overholt. b in Holmes Co, 0, May it, 
1825; m Mary Young. She was bin Stark Co. 0. 
July 1833; d Aug 16, 1897. P Bolivar. O. Far- 
mer. Mrs. O. U B ch. C: Isaac, David. William, 
John, Mary, Joseph, Christopher, Oliver, Moses. 

V. Isaac Overholt, b in Stark Co, Ohio. July 16, 
1855. P O Bolivar, 0. Miner, farmer, etc. S. 

V. David F. Overholt. b Mar 15, 1857; m Caroline 
H, Lienhart in 1884. P Wilmot, O. Farmer, U 
B ch. C; (VI) Bertha O. Overholt, b 1888. 

V. William W. Overholt, b Sept 5. 1859. P O Na- 
varre, O. Farmer. S. 

John I. Overholt, bNov 18, 1861. P O Farmes- 
town, O. Farmer. S. 

V. Mary E. Overholt, b in Huntington, Co, Ind, 
July 2, 1864; m Frank Moeny Sept 27, 1889. P O 
Brush, Colo. Ranching and stockraising. Disciple 
ch. C: (VI) Elnora Moeny. b Sept 25. 1890. Char- 
les F. Moeny, b June 18, 1892. Mary E* Moeny, b 
Sept 10, 1897. 

V- Joseph Overholt, b Aug 12, 1867. Farmer. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


¥. Christopher C. Overholt, b Oct 2, 1873. P O 
Bolivar, O. Farmer, Christian ch. S. 

¥• Oliver Overholt, b May 1877. 

¥. MosesD. Overholt, bFeb6, i83i. P O Boli- 
var. O. Teacher, Christian ch. S. 

IV. John Overholt, b Sept 26, 1827; d Aug 18, 
1888; m Theresa Younkman. C: 

¥. Dr. J. Overholt. P O Huntington, Ind. 

¥• Ella Overholt, m — Barcus. P O Huntington, 

¥. Emma Overholt, m — Stutts. P O Hunting- 

¥• Addie Overholt, m — Slusser.PO Monticellojnd. 

IV. Jacob T. Overholt, b in Holmes Co, O, Jan 14, 
1830; m Martha Yant Oct 2, 1856. Res 222 Larra- 
bee St, Chicago, 111. 

At the age of 20 he engaged in teaching in the 
public schools during the winter, and in the summer 
seasons attended school at Mt. Union College, O. 
In 1 863 he moved to Polk Co, Iowa, where he en- 
gaged in farming and stockraising. He also served 
in the different offices of the township in which he 
lived, and was Twp Treasurer of the School Fund 
for twelve years. In 1 886 he went to Little Rock, 
Ark, and served as Postmaster for twelve years. In 
the spring of 1901 he removed to Chicago, 111, where 
he lives retired. U Evangelical ch. C: Cyrus, 
Eliza, Philip, Charles, Haryey, Martha, Rosa. 

¥. Cyrus E. Overholt, b in Stark Co, O, Feb it, 
1858; m Lizzie Holehan in 1988. Res 2312 Elm St, 
Omaha, Neb. City Express. Evangelical. C: 
(¥1) Mabel Alice Overholt, b Jan 2, 1889. Frank 
Elmer Overholt, b June 21, 1892. Roy Russell 
Overholt, b in 1898. 

¥. Eliza A. Overholt, b Apr 28, i860. Res. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Chicago, Illinois. Methodist Episcopal. Single. 

V. Philip T. Overholt, d small. 

V. Charles R. Overholt. P O Venango, Neb. 
Charge of a Sheep Ranch. 

V. Harvey E. Overholt, m Lottie Krantz. P O 
Tatumville, Ark. Practical Engineer. 

V. Martha M. Overholt, b Oct 20, 1873. Res 
Chicago, 111. Dressmaker, Meth Ep. S. 

V. Rosa A. Overholt, b Mar 21, 1876. Res Chica- 
go, 111. Milliner, Meth Ep. S. 

IV. Margaret Overholt, b in Holmes Co, Ohio, Nov 
12, 1832; m David Stults in 1854. P O Hunting- 
ton, Ind. Farmer, Meth Ep. C: Joseph, Uriah, 
Charles, Cyrus, Jemima, Elmer, Ida, Laura, AUie. 

V. Joseph O. Stults, b 1855; d 1859. 

V. Uriah H. Stults. b 1856; m Mary E. Shutt. 
Fanner, Meth Ep. C: (VI) Lodema, Ervin, Mar- 
shall, Mildred. 

V. Charles F. Stults, b 1857; m Maggie Wagoner. 
P O Huntington, Ind. Farmer. C: (VI) Juniata, 

V. Cyrus D. Stults. b Sept 21, 1858; m Lizzie E. 
Brown Apr 8, 1884. P O Huntington, Ind. Flour 
milling. C: (VI) Mabel E. Stults. Ralph W. 

V. Jemima B. Stults, b i860; d 1873. 

V. Elmer E. Stults, b at Huntington. Ind, Nov 5, 
1862; m Laura Margaret Dannhaver July 20. 1892. 
P O Huntington, Ind. Farmer. C: (VI) Vera 
Margaret Stults, b Aug 26, 1894. David Elmer 
Stults, b Mar 28, 1901. 

V. Ida M. Stults, b 1866; m Thomas Morford. 
Farmer, Meth Ep. C: (VI) Dale Morford; May 

V. Laura L. Stults, b 1870; d 1900; m J. W. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Howenstine. C; (VI) Paul Howenstine. 
V. AllieJ. Stults, b 1872; m Malvin Howenstine. 
P O Huntington, Ind. Fanner, Meth Ep. C: (VI) 
Imo Howenstine. 

IV. Mary Overholt . b May i , 1 835; m Samuel Thurs- 
by. P O Inland, O. C: Louisa, William, Joseph, 
Diana, Samuel, Newton, Daniel, Floyd, Bertha, 

V. Louisa Thursby, b 1858; m Elkana Bender. P 
O Inland, O. Disciple. C: Kenneth, Ray, Roy. 

V. Wm. Thursby, b i860. P O Inland, O. 

V. Joseph O. Thursby, b 1862; m Hattie Rhodes. 
P O Inland, O. Farmer. Disciple ch. 

V. Diana Thursby, b 1864. P O Inland, O. Gen- 
eral manager in Samuel S. Thursby's store. S. 

V. Samuel S. Thursby, b 1866. P O Inland, O. 
Merchant. S. 

V. Newton Thursby, b 1868. Teacher. 

V. Daniel Thursby, b 1870. Student and Book 

V. Floyd Thursby, b 1872; m — Harting. P O 
Inland, O. Clerk. 

V. Bertha Thursby (twin), b 1872; m . P O 

Akron, O. Merchant. 

V. Delia Thursby, b 1875. P O Inland, O. Clerk. 

IV. Isaac Overholt, b May 14, 1841; M Eliza Yant. 
P O Huntington, Ind. Farmer. C: Oliver, (d); 
Philip, Charles. P O Huntington, Ind. S. 

III. Anna Overholt, b Apr 8, 1802; d Jan 15, 1839; 
aged 36 years. She was the youngest and her mother 
was 55 years old when Anna was bom. M Gabriel 
Weimerin 1822. He was b in Somerset Co, Pa, 
May 13, 1 801 ; d near Wilmot, Stark Co, Ohio, Feb 
12, 1876. In 181 2 his father was found dead in the 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


field behind the plow. In the spring of 1 815 the 
family removed to Stark Co, Ohio, and in the fall he 
entered as an apprentice to the Saddler trade in Steu- 
banville, O, where he remained two years,: and fin- 
ished his trade at New Philadelphia. After marriage 
he settled in Canal Dover, casting his first vote for 
Jackson. He held various township offices for over 
20 years. In 1854 he was elected County Infirmary 
Director on the Free Social ticket by 1300 majority — 
was urged to be a candidate for the Legislature, but 
refused, having great aversion to public office. He 
was a firm opposer of slavery, and lived to rejoice 
over its downfall. He was a great friend of Educa- 
tion, giving his children a liberal course of instruct^ 
ion. He was one of the three trustees of Musking- 
um Conference of Otterbein University. 

He joined the United Brethren church and re- 
mained a faithful member for over 50 years up to the 
time of his death. His house was a welcome home 
for the weary itinerant for many years. He had re- 
sided on the farm where he died for 5 1 years. He 
was a kind husband, father, and neighbor, and a 
most liberal patron of the church, having assisted in 
the building of many churches, and gave largely to 
church benevolences. His religious views were firm 
and clear, his personal enjoyments were fresh and 
vigerous; having a clear evidence of his acceptance 
with Christ, in his long experience, and held tenac- 
iously to this hope to the end. * * Peace to his ashes. ' ' 
C: Sarah, Elias, Susan, Louisa, Josiah, Orlando, 
Caroline, Sybilla. 

IV. Sarah Ann Weimer, b at Canal Dover, Ohio, 
Dec 13, 1822; m Jacob Crise Dec i, 1842. He was b 
in Pa; d Mar 6, 1884 from the effects of a kick on 
his head by a horse. Mrs. Crise was three months 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


old when her parents moved to Stark Co, Ohio, on a 
farm in the woods, where she lived until her marri- 
age. In 1849 they moved to Indiana, DeKalb Co, 
where Mrs. Crise lived on the same farm for 51 years. 
Mr. Crise was a school teacher and farmer. P O 
Butler, Ind. U B ch. C: Anna, Walter, Sybilla, 
Orlando, Salome, Chester, Mary, Sarah, Eva, 
Martha, Louisa. 

V. Anna Crise, b Feb i, 1844; d Dec 3, 1869; m 
Samuel Kanage. Farmer, U B ch. C: Ida, 

VI. Ida Kanage. m Lee Wardell. P O Wilmot. 

0. Farmer, U B ch. 

VI. Maud Kanage,* m James E. Weimer. P O 
Beach City, O. Farmer. U B ch. C: (VI) Ray 
Weimer, Huber Weimer. 

V. Walter W. Crise, b Nov 28, 1845; m Elizabeth 
Wilsey. P O Hudson, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. 
C: John, Clara, Ettie, Luella, Martha, Nettie, 

VI. John Crise. 

VI . Clara Crise, m — Shook. 

VI. Ettie Crise, b Apr 18, 1876; m Clayton S. Ben- 
jamin Dec 24, 1895. PO Ashley. Ind. Christian 
ch. C: (VII) Edna Alice Benjamin, bAug4, 1S97. 
Cecil Paul Benjamin, bjune i, 1901. 

V|. Luella Crise, bMar 26, 1878; m Irvin Bair Sept 

1, 1900. P O Fairfield Centre, Ind. Evangelical 
ch. C: (VII) Nina Ovida Bair. 

VI. Martha Sybilla Crise, b Nov 22, 1882. P O 
Hudson, Ind. 

VI. Nettie Crise. 

VI. Albert Crise. 

V. Sybilla Crise, b Nov 9,1847; m Rev. I. B. 
Shatto Dec 24, 1870. He d Apr 12, 1882. Minister 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

A. (;. MrMMA. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


of the United Brethren in Christ ch. C: Georgie, 
Ellsworth, Ralph, Ruhamah, Jessie, Ora. Sybilla 
m second husband, Robert Arford, Nov 9, 1892. P 
O Butler, Ind. U B ch. C: (VI) Georgie Estello 
Shatto, b Jan 18, 1872; d Mar 18, 1875. Ellsworth 
Shatto,bSept 17, 1873; d Nov 13, 1873. Ralph 
Dixon Shatto, b Oct 9, 1874; d June 5, 1879. Ru- 
hamah Shatto, b Jan 10. 1876; d same day. Jessie 
May Shatto, b Nov 3. 1877; d Feb 20, 1879. Ora 
Fay Shatto, b Dec 28, 1878. Graduated from Otter- 
bein University June 14, 1899. Teacher, U B ch. 
P O Butler, Ind. S. 

V. Orlando Crise, b Nov 24, 1849; d Sept 22, 1850. 

V. Salome Crise, b July 24, 1851; m Lewis Pepper. 
P O Butler, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. C: (VI) 
Jasper, Byron. 

V. Chester B. Crise, b Nov 28, 1853; m Amanda 
Gonter. P O Butler, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. C: 
(VI) MinaE, J. Clyde, S. Fa ye, Pansey, Vernal B. 

V. Mary E. Crise, b Feb 14, 1856; m Melville Ko- 
der. P O Pueblo, Colo. Druggist. Mrs. K. U B 
ch. C: (VI) Grace E. Koder. 

V. Sarah J. Crise, b Aug 5, 1858; d Dec 8, 1861. 

V. Eva J. Crise, bNov 14^ i860; d Feb 9, 1862. 

V. Martha Mayville Crise, b Mar 14, 1863; d June 
9, 1888; m Lytnan Durstine. (See Lyman Durstine 

V. Louisa W. Crise, b Dec 3, 1866. P O Butler, 
Ind. Music teacher, U B ch. S. 

IV. Elias W. Weimer, bSept 15, 1824; d Sept 5, 
1898; m Margaret Kettering. Farmer, U B ch. 
C: Cora, Emma, Angeline (d). 

IV. Susan Weimer, d 1 898; m Henry Bash. P O 
Port Townsend, Washington. C: (V) A. W. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Louisa Weimer, b in Stark Co, Ohio, Jan 24, 
1829; m Hon. John Stall Nov 21, 1850. He was b 
in Franklin Co, Pa, July 31. 1829; d Aug 24, 1889. 
P O Thayer, Kan. Mr. Stall emigrated with his 
parents to near Beach City, Stark Co, Ohio, in 1833. 
In 1852 they moved to Indian Village, Noble Co, 
Ind, where he and his wife took an active part in 
building up a United Brethren Society in that village. 
In 1870 they emigrated to Kansas and settled upon 
the the farm where he died. In 1875 the people of 
the 37tli district honored him by choosing him as 
their representative in the State Legislature as a 
republican, where he made such a prominest record 
that he was returned to serve a second term. 

On his death bed he gave strong evidence that he 
was prepared to die, and had no fear of death. His 
last words were: **Higher, higher, higher." His 
name by which he was familiarly known — Honest 
John Stall, was fairly earned. As a citizen he was 
a patriot, as a neighbor hospitable, and as a father, 
husband and friend, he was always kind and gentle. 
He was an honored member of the A. F. A. M. 
under whose auspices his funeral services were con- 
ducted. The funeral procession was long and im- 
posing, 122 vehicles being in line. 

After moving to Kansas the family united with 
the Presbyterian ch. C: Myra, David, Mattie, Lo- 
rin, Ida, Charles. 

V. Myra Stall, b in Stark Co, O, Sept 8. 1851; m 
George Boardraan Cole Jan 25, 1877. Res 2139 Ward 
St, Berkeley, Cal. Passenger Brakemanon Southern 
Pacific R.R., Presby. C: William. 

On the 6 of June, 1S78, the family passed 
through a very exciting experience. They were 
then living on a farm in Neosho Co, Kan. About 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


three o'clock on that June afternoon they saw a 
storm cloud coming up, but did not see that it par- 
took of the nature of a cyclone. Mr. Cole was work- 
ing in the field at the time, but came to the house. 
The doors and windows were closed when the wind 
began to blow pretty hard and Mrs. Cole becoming 
alarmed took her sleeping baby off the bed in her 
arms and suggested to her husband that they go into 
the cellar, to which he replied: ** Don't fear, we are 
all right;*' when at that moment the house began to 
break away from its foundation and was lifted in the 
air and deposited upside down on the ground about 
40 feet distant as a mass of ruins. Mr. and Mrs, 
Cole crawled from the reck, badly bruised and cut 
by the broken timbers, but no bones broken. After 
crawling from the wreck, Mrs. Cole heard her baby 
crying and found it near where the house had stood. 
The baby (then six months old) was in its mother's 
arms when the house began to go, but how or when 
they became seperated is a mystery. The baby es- 
caped with only a scratch across the instep of its foot. 
They rebuilt the house on the same spot, where it 
still stands. 

VI. William Orison Cole, b in Neosho Co, Kan, 
Dec 7, 1877. P O Niles, Cal. Telegraph Opera- 
tor, Presby. S. 

V. David W. Stall, b in Noble Co, Ind. Feb 23, 
1853; m Avis Butterf ield Dec 25, 1884. She was b 
at Ottawa, 111, where she lived until she was 18 yrs 
of age, when she came to Kansas and engaged in 
teaching school for about six years. She died Jan 
18,1 892, a faithful wife and mother gone to the better 
land in the 32 year of her life. P O Thayer, Kan. 
Farmer. C: (VI) Iva Louisa Stall, b Oct 21, 1885. 
Arthur Stall, b September 25, 1887. Harry Stall, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


b Aug 23, 1899. John Stall, b Dec 31, 1891. 

V. Mattie A. Stall, bin Noble Co, Ind, Aug 22, 
1855; m Nicholas Hardy July 28, 1880. PO Harris, 
Oregon. Engineer for a quick silver mine, Presby. 
C: (VI) Clarence W. Hardy, b July 14, 1881; d Mar 
8, 1897. He was a bright promising j'outh, loved by 
all who knew him; the idol of his parents. 

V. Loren Albertus Stall, b in Noble Co, Ind. Oct 
16, 1857; m Carrie F. Moore May 2. 1895. P ^ 
Thayer, Kan. Hardware merchant, Presby. No 

V. Ida May Stall, b June 20, i860; d next day. 

V. Charles W. Stall, b in Noble Co, Ind, July 28, 
1868; m Katie Amelia Morgan June 19, 1895. Res 
2636 Pico St, Los Angeles, Cal. Baker business, 
Presby. C: (VI) Frances Louisa Stall, b Jan 2, 

IV. Josiah Weimer, b 1831; d 1842. 

IV. Orlando B. Weimer, bnear Wilmot, O, Sept 23. 
1833; d Jan 22, 1901; m Rebecca Walter (d) Oct 6, 
1859. C: Dwight. Orlando m second wife, Aman- 
da Ward. Feb 25, 1864. C: Artie, Winona. Or- 
lando m third wife, Lucy Rider, Mar 10, 1870. She 
d June 25, 1869. Schoolteacher and farmer, U B 
ch. C: Ora. 

V. Dwight Lawrence Weimer, b in Stark Co, O, 
May 3, 1 861; m Florida B. Arbuckle Oct 12, 1887. 
P O Montgomery, Ind. Postmaster, U B ch. C: 
(VI) Walter Weimer, bFeb i, 1891. Leora Wei- 
mer, b Jan 29, 1900. 

V. Artie Weimer, b near Beach City, Stark Co, 
O, Sept 17, 1865; m John C. Bell Oct 16, 1884. P 
O 39 Elgin St, Glenville, O. Mrs. S. belongs to 
the great church that holds the world within its 
starlit aisles; that claims the great and good of every 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


race and clime; that finds with joy the grain of gold 
in every creed, and floods with light and love the 
germs of good in every soul. C: (VI) Waller D. 
Bell, bDec 4. 1885; d Nov 24. 1895. Edith F. 
Bell, b Oct 10. 1887. Myrtle F. Bell, b Oct 29, 
1888. Florence M. Bell, b May 19, 1890. Arthur 
Weimer Bell, b Feb 19, 1892. Leola Bell, b Nov 
26, 1899. 

V. Winona Weimer, b in Stark Co, O, June 21, 
1868; m George Pfouts Sept 13, 1888. P O Beach 
City, O. Farmer, U B ch. C: (VI) Mildred 
Pfouts, bDec II. 1890. 

V. Ora Weimer, b Dec 15, 1871; d Apr 15. 1899; 
m Calvin Conkle. No issue. 

IV. Caroline Weimer, bi836; d 1900; m ♦Frank M. 
Horton. C: Frank, Orison. P O Spokane Falls, 

IV. Sybilla Weimer. b in Stark Co, O, Jan 10, 
1839; ni Baltis C. Grant J Jan 5, i860. P O Wil- 
mot, Ohio. Retired farmer. He enlisted in Com- 
pany K. 163 O V I army of the Potomac, and 
served in the Civil war four months; engaging in a 
number of lijrht skirmishes during his short stay in 
the army. U B ch. C: Cora, Will, Myrtle, Ivy, 
Harvey, Mary, Lida, Dessa, Cullin. 

V. CoraF. Grant, b Oct 14, i860; m Charles H. 
Grabill. P O Wilmot. O. Tailor, U B ch, C; 
(VI) Glenn G. Ralph B, Norris. 

V. Will Orr Grant, b May 2, 1862; m Almeda 
Delphene Fair Nov 19, 1884. P O Wilmot, O. 
Farmer, U B ch. C: (VI) Toinette S. Grant, b 
Sept 17, 1885. Mildred S. Grant, b Feb 10, 1890. 
V|. LucillaC. Grant, bApr4, 1891. 

*Hi8 father cousin to Wm. H. Seward. 
^Second cousin to Gen. Ulyssos S. Grant. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V- Myrtle Grant, b July 17, 1864; m — Barkey. P 
O Wilmot, O. Ag't Agricultural Imp,. U B ch. C: 
(VI) Guy Fulton Barkey. 

V. Ivy Grant, b June 22, 1867; m Daniel Brown. 
P O Wilmot, O. Greenhouse, U B ch. No 

V. Harvey U. Grant, b Jan 19, 1869; d Feb 13, 

V. Mary L. Grant, bjuly 6, 1870; m J. M. Fisher 
Sept 16, 1896. Res 215 W. 12th St., Anderson, 
Ind. Music Store, U B ch. C: (VI) Helen Grant 
Fisher, b June 8, 1900. 

V. Lida V. Grant, bJuly 13, 1872. P O Wilmot, 
O. Tailoress. S. 

V. Dessa S. Grant, b Aug 13, 1874; m Edwin 
Wentling. 550 Quincy St, Cleveland, O. Machin- 
ist, U B ch. C: (VI) Lee G. Wentling. Louis C. 

V. CulHn W. Grant, b Nov 25, 1877; m Effie 
Jones. P O Gates Mill, O. Farmer, U B ch. C: 
(VI) Harold Grant. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

I)K. A. J. OVKRHOI/r (Sim- P.ijro 170) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


|. Jacob Oberholtzer, (d); m Barbara — . He was 
a pioneer settler of Bucks Co, Pa» having emigrated 
from Germany in the early part of the i8th centnry. 
His land consisting of 185 acres in Bedminster and 
Plum stead townships he purchased from Rebecca 
and Thos. Leech, the deed bearing date May 17, 
1749. After the death of Jacob Oberholtzer the 
homestead passed into the hands of his son Abra- 
ham, by deed from the heirs bearing date Mar 4, 
1763. The homestead later was divided into two 
equal parts, and continued in the Overholt name 
until the death of the late Abraham Overholt, who 
died in Aug 1899 at the advanced age of over 95 
years, and lived on the old homestead property, 
which after his death was sold to Amos Pretz, who 
again sold it to Urias Smell the present owner. The 
other part was devised to Isaac Overholt, who erect- 
ed the buildings thereon, and is still owned and 
occupied by his son Abraham S. Overholt. 

The pioneer Jacob Oberholtzer made his will in 
writing June 28, 1760. Farmer, Menu; buried at 
Deep Run. C: Jacob, Abrahan, Ann, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Barbara, Hester, Magdalena, Sarah. 

||. Jacob Overholt, (d); m Esther Leatherman. 
Farmer in Bedminster near the village of Bedminster- 
ville, where he purchased his land from William 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Allen in 1763, consisting of 152 acres 95 perches. In 
1779 he built a log house, which is still standing 
though it has since been weather boarded over and 
two additions built to it. 

Jacob Overholt made his will in writing June 8, 
1805. Menn. C: Elizabeth, Barbara, Jacob, Mag- 
dalena, Esther. 

III. Elizabeth Overholt, (d); m Christian Hock- 
man. C: (IV) Susanna Hockman, (d). S. Esther 
Hockman, (d). S. Was a cripple. Jacob Hock- 
man, (d). S. Was also a cripple. Elizabeth Hock- 
man, (d). S. Was not of sound mind. 

III. Barbara Oberholtzer, b Oct 10, 1757; d Aug 
10, 1834; m Henry Fretz, (son of ''Weaver" John 
Fretz). He was bin Bucks Co, Pa, Nov 11, 1755; d 
May 30, 1 83 1. Farmer in Bedminster twp. , Menn. 
C; Mary, Jacob, John, Mark, Esther, Henry, Jonas, 
Saiah, Abraham, David. (See Fretz Family 
History pages 340-364). 

III. Jacob Overholt, b Mar 19. 1760; d Oct 28, 
1837. He hired the homestead farm of his father in 
Bedminster where he lived and died. He was never 

III. Magdalena Overholt, b Aug 14, 1762; d Jan 27, 
1846; m Isaac Meyer. He was b Dec 31, 1759; d 
Dec 31, 1832. Farmer, Menn. C: Jacob, Henry, 
Isaac, John, Esther, Barbara. (See Moyer 

History, page 374). 

III. Esther Overholt, m Jacob Leatherman. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


||. Abraham Overholt, (d); m Magdalena Detwei- 
ler. She was b July 4, 1739. Farmer in Plum- 
stead Twp. Made his will Oct 23, 1802. Menu. 
C: Jacob, Abraham, Mary, Henry, Isaac. 

III. Jacob Overholt, d Dec 1839; m Elizabeth 
Leatherman. She was b about 1749; d Mar 15, 
1 83 1. Farmer, Menn. C: Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Esther, John, Joseph, Isaac, Magdalena, Mary. 

IV. Abraham Overholt, b Mar 1792, (d); m Anna 
Landis. She was b July 7, 1796, (d). Farmer, 
Menn. C: Jacob. 

V* Jacob Overholt, m Amelia Roth. C: Edward, 

Vr Edward Overholt, d single. 

VI. Anna Overholt, m Henry Beck. P O Dublin, 

IV. Elizabeth Overholt, b July 21, 1793; d single. 

IV. Esther Overholt, b Jan 28, 1795; d Jan 5, 
1359; m Ralph Landis Dec 2, 1817. He was b 
Aug 17, 1789; d Mar 4, 1852. Farmer, Menn. C: 
Elizabeth, Jacob, Abraham, Sarah, Mary, Hannah. 

V. Elizabeth Landis, bFeb i, 1819; dFeb 19, 1883; 
m Henry B. FretzOct 23, 1844. He was b 1820; d 
1859. C: Ralph, Henry, John, Mary. 

V. Jacob Landis, bFeb 28, 1821; d June 5, 1881; m 
Mary Eckhart. Farmer. C: Ralph, Anna, John, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Joseph, Hannah, Abraham, Jacob, Daniel, William, 
Edward, Henry, Lizzie, BUa, Emma. 

V. Abraham Landis, bjuly 13, 1823; d June 4, 
1885; m Mary Ott. Shed Aug 13, 1865. No issue. 
He m second wife, Elizabeth M. Moyer. She d 
Dec 19, 1889. C: John, Edward, Reuben, Emma. 

V. Sarah Landis, b Mar 4, 1827; d Feb 7, 1895; m 
Christian B. Moyer Oct 8, 1848. He died 1901. 
Miller. Menu. C: Mary, Clementine, William, 
Abraham , Christian. 

V. Mary Landis, b May 23, 1830; d Sept 3, 1886; 
m Mark B. Fretz Sept 13, 1849. Miller, Menn. 

V. Hannah Landis, b July 26, 1836; m Enos 
Leatherman Mar 12, 1854. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. C: Henry, Hulda, Philip, Har- 

IV. John M. Overholt, b Mar 5, 1797; d Feb 25, 
1877; m Mary Gross. She wash Oct 18, 1803; d 
Dec 16, 1868. Farmer, Menn. C: Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, William, Mary. 

y. Elizabeth Overholt, d aged about 23 years. 

V. Hannah Overholt, b May 4, 1830; d Jan 7, 
1865; m Abraham S. Overholt. (See his Family). 

V. William G. Overholt, bMay4, 1^32; ^ Mary 
Lapp Feb 4. i860. She d Oct 26, 1899, P O Silver- 
dale, Pa. Farmer, Menn. No issue. 

V. Mary Overholt, b Feb i, 1841; d Oct 18, 1899; 
m David L. Fretz Dec jo, 1857. P O Blooming 
Glen, Pa. Farmer, Menuonite deacon. C: Abra- 
ham, John, Amanda. 

V|. Abraham O. Fretz, b July i, 1862; m Lizzie N. 
Freed in 1883. C: Mary Fretz, b July 12, 1889. 

V|. John O. Fretz, bMar4, 1865; m Hannah E. 
Funk. No issue. 

V|. Amanda Fretz, b Mar 25, 1868. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Joseph Overholt, b Apr 3, 1799; d small. 

IV. Isaac Overholt, b Feb 3, 1802; d Nov 1870; m 
Hannah Bryan. She was b about 181 1; d in 1888. 
Farmer, Menn. C: Jacob. 

V. Jacob B. Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Feb 19, 
1834; m Catharine W. Hunsberger in 1856. She d 
Sept 10, 1864. C: Isaac, Hannah. He m second 
wife, Hannah Lea therman in 1868. P O Rittman, 
O. Farmer, Menn. C: Daniel, Mary. 

V|. Isaac H. Overholt, b Sept 6, 1857; m Alice S. 
Ziegler Aug 7, 1881. P O Rittman, O. Farmer. 
C: (VII) Charles Franklin Overholt, bJune3o, 1882; 
d June 29, 1883. William Henry Overholt, b Feb 
20, 1884. Effie Elizabeth Overholt, b Aug 13, 
1885. John Clifflord Overholt, b Sept 4, 1887. 

V|. Hannah E. Overholt, b July 24, 1859; m Eras- 
mus E. Pratt. P O Dalton, O. C: (VII) Ira, 
Ramon, Isa. 

V|. Daniel F. Overholt, b Sept 10, 1870; m Hattie 
Jones Apr 23, 1900. P O Leroy, O. Carpenter. 

VI. Mary Overholt, b in Guilford Twp Medina Co, 
O, Oct 23. 1872; m Sylvester A. Wohlford Nov i, 
1900. P O Wadsworth, O. Carpenter. 

V. John B. Overholt. (twin), b Feb 19, 1834; d Nov 
1869; m Martha Cadwallader. P OTradesville, Pa. 
C: Hannah. 

VI. Hannah Overholt, m Abraham Landis. 

V. Samuel Overholt, b June 12, 1835; m Angeline 
Magill Apr 22, 1873. P Edgewood, Pa. Far- 
mer. C: Wilmer. 

VI. Wilmer B. Overholt, b Mar 27, 1876; m Mattie 

V. Charles B. Overholt, b Apr 28, 1835; m Martha 
C. Horn Sept 16, 1862. P Newton, Pa. Far- 
mer, Baptist. C: Emily, John. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. EmUy B. Overbolt, bSept 14,1864; m Charles 
T. Bryan. (See Charles T. Bryan Family) 

Vl. John D. Overholt, b Sept 19, 1870; m Lizzie 
Wile}' May 7, 1901. P Woodbourne, Pa. 

V. William B. Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Nov 
21,1840; m Mary A. Shelly July 14, 1868. P 
Wadsworth, Ohio. Brick-layer, Menn. C: Su- 
sanna, Agnes, Frank, Charles, Emma, William, 
Anna, Cora, Harry, John. 

V|. Susanna Overholt, b at Wadsworth, O, Apr 
26, 1869; m Rev. Harvey L. Weltmer. Presby. 
No issue. P O Wadsworth, O. 

VI. Agnes Overholt, b in Wadsworth, Ohio, Jan 
28, 1871. 

Vl. Frank Overholt, b in Wadsworth, O, Jan 1, 
1873; m Nettie Galehouse. P Wadsworth, 0. 
Butcher. C: (VII) Ruth Overholt, b May 1896. 
Ralph Overholt, bJune 1898. George Overholt, b 
June 1900. 

VI. Charles H. Overholt, b in Medina Co O, Mar 16, 


VI. Emma F. Overholt, b in Wadsworth, O, Mar 
18, 1877; m Edmund Morgan. P O Hametown, 
O. Menn. C: (VII) Charles Donald Morgan, b 
Aug I, 1901. 

VI. William H. Overholt. b May 28, 1879. 

VI . Anna M. Overholt, b Sept 19, 1881. 

V|. Gertrude Overholt, b July 21, 1884. 

V|. Cora Overholt, b Mar 31, 1887. 

VI. Harry L. Overholt, b June 5, 1889. 

V|. John S. Overholt, b Nov 24, 1893. 

V. Enos Overholt, b Mar 7, 1842; m Emma Mag- 
ill in 1869. P O Bristol, Pa. Teamster. C: (VI) 
Annie J. b May 4, 1871. Harry M. b June 8, 1873. 
Edwin, b Aug 27, 1876. Jesse, b Aug 27, 1879; ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mrs. Sarah Overholt Welty. 
See Page 182. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


May 1881. Emma, b June 13, 1885; d June 15. 
1885. Sarah (twin) b June 13, 1885. William b 
May I, 1888. 

V. Eli Overholt, b Mar 21, 1845; m Sallie 
Balderson Nov 26, 1868. P O Dolington, Pa. Far- 
mer. C: Rebecca, David. 

V|. Rebeccas. Overholt, b Feb 3. 1871; m Chester 
H.Watson Dec 18, 1901. P O Dolington, Pa. 

VI. David B. Overholt, b Sept 8, 1872; m Delia 
Caffey Nov 28, 1895. P O Taylorsville, Pa. Fire- 
man on railroad. C: (VII) Earl, Walter, Russel. 

IV. Magdalena Overholt, b Oct 11, 1804; (d). S. 

IV. Mary Overholt, b Jan 20, 1812; d Apr 19, 1879; 
m Charles Bryan Apr 22, 1834. He was b May 14, 
1809; d Aug 24, 1892. Menu. C: John, Elizabeth, 
Benjamin, Infant, Mary. 

V. John Bryan, b on the old Bryan Homestead 
near Fountainville, Pa, Dec 5, 1835; d 1902; m 
Annie C, daughter of Joseph F. and Catharine Ty-* 
son Oct 26, 1858. She wash Apr 13, 1840. Res 
2409 Germantown Ave, Phila. He has been in the 
grocery business for 25 years; now retired. Meth 
Ep. C: Henry, William, Charles, Roseanna. 

VI. Henry C. Bryan, b Sept 29, 1859; d Nov 8, 

V|. William Franklin Bryan, b Nov 12, i860. 
Grocer on Germantown Ave, and York St., Phila. 
Meth Ep. S. 

VI. Charles T. Bryan, b Oct 5, 1862; m Emily 
Overholt. Grocer on York St, and Park Ave, Phil- 
adelphia. Meth Ep. C: (VII) Walter Stanley Bryan, b 
Sept 29, 1890; d Dec 7, 1890. Elva Bryan, b Feb 
13, 1894. John Russel Bryan, b Oct 30, 1895. 

VI. Roseanna Bryan, b Feb 4, 1865; d Feb i, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Klizabeth Bryan, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Aug 5, 
1838; m Ephraim Detweiler May 14, 1864. He was 
bNov II, 1839. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer, Mexin. 
C: Joseph, Mary, Charles, John, Elizabeth. 

VI. Joseph Detweiler, b July 13, 1865; d Sept i, 

V|. Mary Ann Detweiler, b Jan 20, 1868; m Daniel 
L. Gehman 1887. P O Souderton, Pa. Harness- 
maker, Menu. C: (VII) Phares, Ephraim, Abra- 

V|. Charles Detweiler, b Apr 28, 1870; m Mary 
Ellen Moyer 1892. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer, 
Menu. C: (VII) Stella, Ephraim. 

VI. John B. Detweiler, b Aug 24, 1875; m Ella 
Myers Dec 25, 1897. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer, 
Menu. C: (VII) Howard M. Detweiler, b Dec 30, 

VI. Elizabeth Detweiler, b Oct 12, 1878; d Oct 28, 

V. Benjamin Franklin Bryan, b in Bucks Co, Pa, 
Apr 24, 1842; m Eliza, daughter of Aaron and 
Catharine Clemens, of Monl'gCo, Pa, June 3, 1869. 
Res 1930 N Sixth St, PhUa, Pa. M'fg'r of fruit 
preserves and apple-butter; Moravians. C: Katha- 
rine, Mary, Ida, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Henrietta, 
Maggie, Josephine, John, Monroe, Edna. 

V|. Katharine Bryan, b in Philadelphia Apr 23, 
1870; m Manuel Edel June i, 1898. Res 1903 N 6th 
St, Phila, Pa. Salesman, Moravians. 

V|. Mary Ann Bryan, b June 22, 1871; d Sept 3, 

V|. Ida Bryan, bin Phila, Pa, July 17, 1873; m 
Rev. Walter H. Johnstone Dec 6,1899. R^s 1607 
Ave, Phila, Pa: Clergyman, graduated of Prince- 
ton Seminary. Presby. C: (VII) Franklin 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Bryan Johnstone, born May 4, 1901. 

V|. Benjamin Franklin Bryan, b Mar 31, 1875; d 
July 16, 1875. 

VI. Elizabeth Bryan, b in Phila, Pa, Apr 8, 1876. 
Res 1930 N 6th St, Phila, Pa. Book-keeper, Mora- 

V|. Henrietta Bryan, b July 6, 1877; d Mar 23, 

VI. Maggie Bryan, b Feb 13, 1880; d June 27, 

V|. Josephine Bryan, b Sept 2, 1882; d July i, 

VI. John H. Bryan, b Jan 3, 1884; d May 26, 

VI. Monroe C. Bryan, b May 18, 1886; d June 3, 

VI. Edna Bryan, b in Phila, Pa, Mar 13, 1889, 

V. Infant, b and d July 8, 1848, unnamed. 

V. Mary Ann Bryan, b July 5, 1854; m I)aniel 
Gehman. She and her two children, a daughter and 
son, died Apr 1886, and were buried in one grave. 

ill. Abraham Overholt, m Margaret Wismer. Far- 
mer, Menu. C: Jacob, John, Abraham, Isaac, 

IV. Jacob Overholt, b Sept 17, 1794; m Barbara 
Gross. C: Maria. 

V. Maria Overholt, m David K. Landis. P O 
Plumsteadville, Pa. No issue. 

IV. John Overholt, b May 20, 1797. No issue. 

IV. Abraham Overholt, b Feb 8, 1804; d Aug 14, 
1899; m Magdalena GrossApr 7, 1831. She was b 
Feb 27, 1810; (d). Farmer, Menu. C: Joseph, 
Mary, Rebecca, Henry, Susanna, Isaac, Abraham. 

V. Joseph G. Overholt, b Jan 20, 1832; m Eliza- 
beth Leatherman. P O Bedminster, Pennsylvania. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Farmer, later carpenter, Menn. C: Barbara, Abra- 

V|. Barbara L. Overholt, b Dec 3, 1867; m Harvey 
K. Smith Apr 16, 1896. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. 

VI. Abraham L. Overholt, b May 13, 1882. 

V. Mary Overholt, b Sept i, 1833; m William 
Markley Apr 25, 1857. He d June 12, 1870. Black- 
smith, Menn. C: Lanah, Rebecca, Jacob, Joseph, 
Susanna, Isaac, Lizzie. Mary m second husband, 
Rev. Daniel Royer, Jan 18, 1877. P O Clay City, 
Ind. Farmer, Menn. 

VI. Lanah Markley, b in Medina Co, Ohio, Feb 

26, 1858; m R. J. Schiel June 8, 1880. P O Clay 
City, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. C: (VII) Ida B. 
Schiel, b Sept 19. 1881. Edith M. Schiel, b Feb 

27, 1883. Oliver L. Schiel, b Oct 24, 1885. Will- 
iam J. Schiel, b June 22, 1888. 

Vl. Rebecca Markley, b Oct 31, 1859; d Aug 27, 
1882; m Weatherwax. 

Vl. Jacob H. Markley, b in Medina Co, O, Mar 
30, 1 86 1. P O Clay City, Ind. Farmer. S. 

V|. Joseph Markley, b Jan 23, 1863; d Sept 22, 

VI. Susanna Markley, b in Medina Co, O, Dec 5, 
1865; m John Need Aug 4, 1889. P O Clay City, 
Ind. Farmer, Menn. One child — band d June 7, 

V|. Isaac Markley, b Aug 18, 1867; m Cora J. 
Gelvin Dec 17, 1893. She was b Apr 3, 1875. P O 
Clay City, Ind. Farmer, U B ch. C: (VII) Mary 
W. Markley, b Sept 25, 1894. Bemice M. Mark- 
ley, b Jan 29, 1901. 

V|. Lizzie Markley, b in Clay Co, Ind, Apr 8, 
18.70. P O Clay City, Ind. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Rebecca Overholt, bAug i8, 1836; m Joseph 
Moyer. He (d). No issue. For second husband 
Rebecca m Samuel Histand Dec 17, 1864. He was b 
in Northampton Co, Pa, Dec 20, 1828; d Aug 29, 
1892. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. Farmer, Menu. 
C: Susanna, Anna, Abraham, Samuel, Lydia, Liz- 
zie. Maggie. 

¥|. Susanna Histand, b Oct 21, 1865; d next day. 

V|. Anna L. Histand, b Mar 8, 1867; m Christian 
K. Meyer Sept 4, 1897. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. 

¥|. Rev. Abraham O. Histand, b in Bucks Co, Pa, 
Feb 10, 1869; m Emma B. Wismer Oct 3, 1891. P 
O Doylestown, Pa. Farmer and minister of the 
Mennonite church; ordained Nov 11, 1896 by Bis- 
hop Andrew Mack, at the Doylestown Mennonite 
ch. C: (VII) Katie W. Histand, b June 29, 1893. 
Mamie W. Histand, b Oct 5, 1894. Harvey W. 
Histand, b Feb 11, 1898. Lizzie W. Histand, bjuly 
II, 1899. 

¥|. Samuel S. Histand, b Apr 9, 1871; m Susie 
Landis Oct 26, 1895. P O Doylestown, Pa. Far- 
mer, Menu. C: (VII) Samuel Histand, b June 11, 
1897. Isaac Histand, b Aug 9, 1898. Abraham 
Histand, b Oct 15, 1899. Lizzie Histand, b Nov 

3. 1900. 

V|. Lydia S. Histand, b Dec 2, 1873. P O Chal- 
font. Pa. S. 

V|. Lizzie S. Histand, b Dec 10, 1876. S. 

V|. Maggie O. Histand, b Sept 11, 1879. S. 

V. Henry G. Overholt, b Nov 3, 1838; m Mar- 
garet Moyer. P O Harleysville, Pa. C: Henry, 
Abram; a son d single, and a daughter (d). 

V. Susanna Overholt, b Feb 20, 1842. S. 

V. Isaac G. Overholt, b May 18, 1844; m Elizabeth 
Proctor. P O Doylestown, Pa. C: Mary, Hannah, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Annie, John. Isaac m second wife, Mary (Huns- 
berger) Detweiler. 

V|. Mary Overholt, b Dec 21, 1868; m Enos B. 
Wismer Jan 12, 1889. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. No issue. 

¥|. Hannah Overholt, m William Gross. P O 
Plumsteadville, Pa. 

¥|. Annie Overholt. 

VI. John Overholt, (d). 

V. Abraham G. Overholt, b July 20, 1849, (d); m 
Mary Wismer Feb 13, 1875, (d). C: Katie, Mag- 
dalena, Emma, Mary, Carrie. He m second wife, 
Annie Rittenhouse. Carpenter, Menn. 

VI. Katie Overholt, b Apr 21, 1876; m William 
Gehman. . P O Doy lest own. Pa. No issue. 

VI. Maggie Overholt, b Nov 11, 1879. 
VI. Emma Overholt, b July 15, 1881. 
V|. Mary Overholt, b June 21, 1884. 
V|. Carrie Overholt, b Aug 16, 1887. 
IV. Isaac Overholt, b Sept 12, 1805; ro Susan Mill- 
er. Resides in Ohio. No issue. 

IV. Henry Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Jan 25, 
18 1 7, (d); m Elizabeth Markley Nov 11, 1847. P O 
Blake, O. Blacksmith, Menn. C: Margaret, Sa- 
lome, Susan, Maria, Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Abra- 
ham, John, Samuel, Henry, Elizabeth. 

V. Margaret Overholt, b 1848; m Lewis Loahr. C: 
(VI) Amanda, Kietta, Ellen, Emery. Charles. 

V. Salome Overholt, b 1849; d i860. 

V. Susan M. Overholt, b 1851; m Noah N. Yoder. 
C: Isaac, Harvey, Enos, Mary, Henry. 

V. Maria Overholt, b 1852; m Levi H. Kindy. C: 
Myrtle, (d); Henry, Infant, Floidy, (d); Wardie. 

V. Jacob M. Overholt, b 1854; m Emaline Shelly. 
C: (Vl) Frank, Elty, Rollie, Bessie. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Isaac T. Overholt. 
(See Page 187) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Isaac M. Overholt, b 1856; m Jessie A. Darsey. 
C: (VI) George, John, Fred, Isaac. 
V. Joseph Overholt, b 1858; d 1858. 
V. Abraham Overholt, b 1858; d 1858; (twin). 
V. John Overholt, b 1859. 
V. Samuel Overholt, b 1861. 
V. Henry Overholt, b 1864. 
V. Elizabeth Overholt, b 1866; m Charles D. Reed. 

III. Mary Overholt, b Dec 27, 1767; d Sept i, 1850; 
m William Meyer. He wash June 17, 1764; d Feb 
12, 1848. Farmer, Menn. C: Magdalena, Nancy, 
Hannah, Katie, Mary, Abraham. 

IV. Magdalena, m Henry Baum. 

IV. Nancy, m Rev. Abraham Moyer. 
IV. Hannah, m Jacob Moyer. 
IV. Katie, mJohnYoder. 
IV. Mary, m Joseph Detweiler. 
(For above see Moyer History, pages 556-558). 

IV. Abraham D. Moyer, b on the old Peter Meyer 
Homestead at Pleasant Valley, Pa, June 6. 1798; d 
Sept 15, 1 871; m Mary Geisinger of Lehigh Co, Pa, 
in 1832. She was b Sept 18, 181 1. Farmer, Menn. 
C: William, Fannie, Mary, Abraham. 

V. William G. Moyer, b in Springfield Twp, Bucks 
Co, Pa, Feb 14, 1834; m Mary Swartley Dec i860. 
She was b 1835; djan2, 1888. C: Emma, Levi, 
Abraham, William, Menno, Harvey. William m 
second wife, Hannah (Sliffer) Weiss. No issue. P 
O Chalfont, Pa. Mr. Moyer taught school nine 
terms in his native Twp, from 1855-65, and after- 
ward engaged in farming. In 1872 he moved to 
New Britian Twp, where he was elected Township 
Auditor six years, and later, School Director and 
secretary of the Board six years in succession. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V|. Emma Moyer, bDec 17, 1861; d Jane 9, 1881. 

V|. Levi S. Moyer, b May 22, 1864; m Anna Det- 
weiler. P O Chalfont, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: 
(VII) William D. Moyer, b Dec 25, 1887. Sarah 
Amelia Moyer, b July 27, 1889. Hannah Theresa 
Moyer, b Oct 23, 1891. Mary May Moyer, b Apr 
17, 1894. Anna Irene Moyer, b Feb 2, 1897. Enos 
D. Moyer, b July 5, 1898. Eva D. Moyer, b Feb 9, 

Vl. Abraham S. Moyer, b Nov 7, 1866; m Susie 
M. daughter of Ely Fretz of Bedminster, Pa, Dec i, 
1894. P O Chalfont, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: 
(VII) Alvin Moyer, b Oct 18, 1900. 

VI. William Moyer, b Nov 29, 1868. Farmer. S. 

Vl. Menno S. Moyer, b Nov 18, 1870; m Annie, 
daughter of Edwin H. Souder, Feb 20, 1896. He 
received his education in the common schools, the 
West Chester State Normal, from which he 
graduated with class of 93 and Haverford College. 
C: (VII) Evely Moyer, b Aug 9, 1896. 

V|. Harvey S. Moyer, bMar 16, 1877. P O Lans- 
dale, Pa. Clerk. 

V. Fannie G. Moyer, b Dec 9, 1835; d Feb 4, 
1 871; m Nathaniel Bechtel. P O Clayton, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. C: Amanda, Mary, Henry. 

VI. Amanda M. Bechtel, b Mar 12, 1863; m Dr. 
S. S. Bomaman. Dentist at Norristown, Pa. C.- 
Warren B, b 1892. 

VI. Mary Ann Bechtel, b Jan 13, 1867. 
VI. Henry M. Bechtel, bjan 27, 1871. 

V. Mary Moyer, b Feb 15, 1838; m David B. Bean. 
P O Perkasie, Pa. Retired, Menn. C: Abra- 
ham, Alice. 

VI. Abraham M. Bean, b 1868; m Miller. 

V|. Mary Alice Bean, b 1875. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Abraham G. Moyer, b Apr 23, 1841; m Catha- 
rine Geisinger, (d). C: Mary. Abraham m second 
wife, Man* Schuler. P O Pleasant Valley, Pa. 
Farmer, Menn. 

V|. Mary G. Moyer, b Apr 25, 1877; m Charles 
Geisinger July 4, 1898. 

III. Henry Overholt, (d); m Mary Nash. Farmer, 
turner, spinning wheel maker and distiller; Menn. 
C: Magdalena, Elizabeth, Anna, Mary. 

IV. Magdalena Overholt, b Mar 1796; d Apr 1862; 
m Christian Mej'ers. He wash 1793; d 1847. Far- 
mer and German school teacher, Menn. C: Mary, 
Salome, Eliza, Elias, Susanna, Sarah, Emeline, 
Alfred. (See Wismer History, page 30). 

IV. Elizabeth Overholt, m Daniel Gross. He was 
b Mar 24, 1784; d Mar 15, 1875. C: Salome. 

V. Salome Gross. mRey. Isaac Rickert. Minister 
of the Mennonite ch. C: Irizzie, Isaiah. 

IV. Anna Overholt, b June 14, 1805; d Apr 13, 
1864; m Christian Gross May 18, 1828. He d Sept 
21, 1832. Menn. C: Mary, Magdalena, Henry. 
Anna m second husband, Abraham Shaddinger, in 
1835. Hed May 2, 1877, Farmer, Menn. C: 
Lewis, Sarah, Hulda, Harvey, Isaac, William, 

V. Mary Gross, b 1829; d 1880; m Abraham Ber- 
gey. No issue. 

V. Magdalena Gross, b Dec 24, 1830; m Henry 
Fly in 1850. He d 1888. Farmer, Menn. C: Sam- 
uel, Mary, Anna. 

V|. Samuel G. Fly, b Jan 5, 1852; m Sarah Gross. 
P O Fountainville, Pa. C: Laura, Henry, Joseph, 

VI. Mary Fly, b Feb 9, 1853; d Feb 17, 1875; m 
Abraham M. Moyer. C: (VII) Janetta, Mary. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Anna Fly, b May 17, 1858; m Abraham M. 
Moyer. P O Chalfont, Pa. C: (VII) Maggie, 
Henry, Theodore. 

V. Henry Gross, b May 5, 1832; m Mary Funk 
Dec 2, 1854. P O Doylestown, Pa. Harness-mak- 
er, Presby. C: Milton, Samuel, Ida, Anna, Lin- 
coln, Emma, Ella, Asher. 

V|. Milton H. Gross, b Aug 25, 1855; d Mar 16, 

VI. Samuel H. Gross, b Aug 14, 1857; d Sept 4, 

V|. M. Ida Gross, b Jan 27, 1859. P O Doyles- 
town, Pa. 

V|. Anna M. Gross, b Mars, 1861; m Isaiah Gods- 
halk Jan 13, 1885. Res 407 Diamond St, Phila, Pa. 
Salesman, Presby. C: (VII) Blanche Godshalk, b 
Mar 26, 1889. Russel Godshalk, b Oct 8, 1896; d 
Feb 16, 1899. Henry W. Godshalk, b Sept 12, 

V|. Abraham L. Gross, b June 15, 1862; d Apr 25, 

VI. Emma L. Gross, bMars, 1864; m Jacob Bis- 
sey. P O Fountainville, Pa. 

VI. Ella Elizabeth Gross, b Dec 16, 1965. P O 
Doylestown, Pa. 

VI. J. Asher Gross, b Feb 26, 1878; m Dora M. 
Shaddinger in 1897. P O Doylestown, Pa. Mr. G. 
Presby; Mrs. G. Menu. C: (VII) Lawrence S. 
Gross, b May 19, 1898. Mary Elizabeth Gross, b 
Aug 24, 1900. 

V. Lewis Shaddinger, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Mar 2, 
1836; mCharlotta McKay May 1881. P O Maple- 
ton, la. In early life carpenter; now retired farmer; 
Presby Elder. C: (VI) Annabell Shaddinger, bjan 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


y. Sarah Ann Shaddinger, b June 12, 1838; d Oct 
11,1868. S. 

V. HuldabJ. Shaddinger, b Sept 26, 1840; m John 
F. Landis Aug 29, 1872. PO Dublin, Pa. Far- 
mer, Menn. C: (VI) Ada M. Landis, b Jan 31, 
1874. S. Fannie E. Landis, b Oct 23, 1875, Wil- 
mer Landis, b June 30, 1878; d Jan 14, i886. 
George W. Landis, b Feb 22, 1881. Eugene S. 
Landis, b Aug 30, 1886. 

V. Harvey G. Shaddinger, bjan7, 1843; m Eliza- 
beth Ann Fretz Mar 18, 1866. P O Dublin, Pa. 
He enlisted in Co A. 104 Pa Vol. Sept 6, 1861, for 
three years, and served in the following engagements: 
Lee's Mills, Williamsburg, Chickahominy, Seven 
Pines, Fair Oaks, Bottom Bridge, White Oak 
Swamp, Carter's Hill, James* Island, Sieges of Fort 
Wagner and Charlestown. He was appointed cor- 
poral Apr I, 1863. He was discharged Sept 30, 1864, 
and re-inlisted as sergeant in Co I. 213 Pa Vol. Feb 
16, 1865, for one year. P O Dublin, Pa. Farmer, 
Menn. C: Wesley, Anna, Jonas, Magdalena, Dora. 

V|. A Wesley Shaddinger, b Aug 5, 1866; m Katie 
Gross Apr 9, 1892. P O Fountainville, Pa. Menn. C: 
(VII) Arthur Shaddinger, b Apr 28, 1894. Walter H. 
Shaddinger, b Apr 30, 1896. Ruth E. Shaddinger, 
b June 25, 1898. 

V|. BImer F. Shaddinger, b Apr 12, 1869; d Aug 
24, 1869. 

V|. Anna Charlotta Shaddinger, b Sept 6, 1870; m 
George Wesner of Hunterdon Co, N. J., Feb 1893. 
Res 1229 William St, Phila, Pa. Trolley conductor; 
Mrs. W. Menn. C: (VII) Norman F. Wesner, b 
Sept 13, 1894. Howard A. Wesner, b Feb 15, 1898. 

V|. Jonas M. Shaddinger, b Apr 21, 1873. P O 
Mapleton, la. Carpenter, Menn. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. M. Magdalena Shaddinger, b Oct 4, 1875. P 
O Doylestown, Pa. Menu. S. 

VI- DoraM. Shaddinger, b May 3, 1878; m J. Ash- 
er Gross. (See Asher Gross Records). 

V. Wesley Clymer Shaddinger, b in Plumstead twp 
Bucks Co, Pa, June 3, 1850; mKate H. Moyer Oct 
14, 1 87 1. Shed Apr 15, 1874. No issue. He m 
second wife, Maggie R. Mininger, Oct 16, 1875. P 
O Quakertown, Pa. Harness-maker, Luth. C: 
Annie, Elmer, Edwin, Lizzie, Mary, Charles, Ella, 

V|. Annie Minerva Shaddinger, b Nov 14, 1876; d 
Apr. II, 1879. 

VI. Elmer M. Shaddinger, b Febi, 1878; m Lillian 
Dirk. Res 413 N loth St, Allentown, Pa. Plaster- 
er, Luth. 

V|. Edwin M. Shaddinger, b Mar 17, 1880; d Jan 
II, 1881. 

VI. Lizzie Mae Shaddinger, bjune 13, 1881. Luth. 
Vl. Mary Alice Shaddinger, b Mar 31, 1884. Luth. 
V|. Charles M. Shaddinger, bFeb 25, 1889. 
VI. Ella Nora Shaddinger, b Aug 16, 189 1. 
V|. Viola Grace Shaddinger, b Aug 4, 1897. 

IV. Mary Overholt (d), b Dec 25, 1807; m Jacob 
Gross. He was b Jan 29, 1807. Farmer, weaver 
and school teacher; Menn. C: Margaret, Christian, 

V. Margaret Gross, d single. 

V. Christian A. Gross, b July 8, 1835; m Anna N. 
Moyer Feb 7, 1867. P O Landisville, N. J. Far- 
mer and teacher; Meth Ep. C: Lizzie, Mary, Jacob, 

V|. Lizzie R. Gross, b Sept 12, 1872; m Rev. A. 
Jaggers Jan 7, 1899. P O Clearmont, N J. Minister, 
Meth Ep. C: (V||) Francis A. Jaggers, b Apr 12, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 





Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


nineteen hundred and one. 

V|. Mary J. Gross, b Dec 9, 1874. Teacher, Meth 
Ep. S. 

V|. Jacob W. Gross, b June 26, 1879. Ass*t Station 
Ag't at Oak Lane, Phila. Meth. Ep. 

VI. David B. Gross, b Mar 2. 1883. Meth Ep. 

V. Isaac M. Gross, b Oct 28, 1837; m Jane A. Car- 
roll. Teacher, Presby, C: (Jfl) Mary C. Gross, b 
Feb 9, 1870. 

III. Isaac Overholt, b Feb 1774; d Apr 25, 1858; m 
Anna Fretz Apr 5, 1804. She was b Dec 19, 1781; d 
Apr 24, 1807. C: William, Joseph. Isaac m second 
wife, Mary Sbaddinger, Oct 18, 1810. Farmer, 
Menn. C: Magdalena, Susan, Isaac, Mary, Han- 
nah, Abraham. 

IV. William Overholt, b Feb 24, 1805; d in Ind, in 
1880; m Rachel Godshalk. C: Mary, wife of John 
Lichter; Amy (d); Magdalena, wife of Henry Kulp; 
Rachel, wife of Solomon Kulp; Isaac, Jonas, Will- 
iam, Samuel, 

IV. Joseph Overholt, b Mar 29, 1897; d Dec 31, 
1885; mCatharineHaldemanDec I, 1831. She was 
b Aug 20, 1808; dSept 13, 1R84. Farmer, Menn. 
C: Isaac, Mary, John, Tobias, Abraham, Lizzie, 

V. Isaac Overholt, b June 8, 1833; d Aug 30, 

V. Mary Overholt, b Oct 14, 1835; m Levi A. 
Fretz. C: Joseph, Lizzie, Abraham, Mary. 

V. John Overholt, bFeb i, 1838; d Mar 26, 1885; 
m Sarah Fretz 1869. Farmer, Menn. C: (VI) 
Lizzie Fretz Overholt, b Mar 5, 1870. 

V. Tobias Overholt, b Apr 27, 1841; m Catharine 
F. Meyers 1865. P O Bedminster, Pa. Farmer. 
C: Fannie, Joseph, Erwin, Mary, Lucinda. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Abraham Overholt, bjuly 30, 1840; m Lizzie 
Larnce (d). C: Charles, Lizzie. 

V. Lizzie Overholt, bjan 16, 1849; m Joseph Hoi- 
combe in 1870. He d 1883. C: Harvey, Hannah, 
Alice. Lizzie m second husband, Jacob W. Treffin- 
ger, in 1887. 

V. Hannah Overholt, b June 30, 1851; m Michael 
Smith. C: Amos (d); Harry, Albert. 

IV. Magdalena Overholt, m Martin Tyson Feb 27, 
1834. (See Tyson Family). 

IV. Susanna Overholt, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Feb 4, 
1813; dOct 9, 1848; m Isaac Yothers Oct 8, 1840. 
He was b Mar 14, 1815; d May 5, 1899. Carpenter , 
later farmer, Menu. C: Isaiah, Mary, Barbara, 
Sarah, William, Isaac, Jacob, Susanna. 

V. Isaiah O. Yothers, bAug2, 1841; d Dec 26, 
1877; m Sarah Ann Garis Nov 16, 1867. C: Mary, 
Sophia, William. 

VI. Mary Ann Yothers, b Apr 16, 1869; m Frank- 
lin C. Smith Sept 9, 1 89 1. Res 1934 Susquehanna 
Ave, Phila, Pa. Baptist. C: (VII) Clara May 
Smith, b May 10, 1893. Klsie Smith, b Aug 
12, 1894; d June 20, 1895. Horace Y. Smith, b 
Dec 17, 1899. 

VI. Sophia Yothers, b Nov 11, 1870; m Howard 

Rush Mar 12, . Res Phila, Pa. Luth. C: 

(VII) Walter Y. Rush, bOct 7. 1899. 

VI. William Yothers. P O Dublin, Pa. 

V. Mary Yothers, b Nov 10, 1843; m Jacob H. 
Moyer S. S. Feb 18, 1877. P O Dublin, Pa. Far- 
mer, Menn. C: (VI) Isaac Y. Moyer, b Apr 16, 
1879. P O Dublin, Pa. 

V. Barbara Ann Yothers, b May 21, 1846, P O 
Dublin, Pa. S. 

V. Sarah Yothers, b Aug 7, 1848; d Oct 2, 1862. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. William Yothers, b May 21, 1850; d Oet 9, 

V. Isaac O. Yothers. b in Plumstead twp, Bucks 
Co, Pa, Jan 28, 1854; m Annie S. Kulpin 1875. P 
O Dublin, Pa. Farmer, Menn. C: Edwin, 
Abram, Erwin, Harvej', Henry, John, Anna. 

V|. Edwin K. Yothers, b in 1876; m Lizzie O. 
Swartley. P O Dublin. Pa. C: (VII) Three boys, 

V|. Abram K. Yothers, b 1881. 

V|. I. Erwin Yothers, b 1884. 

VI. Harvey K. Yothers, b 1886. 
VI. H. Harrison Yothers, b 1889. 
VI. John Wallace Yothers, b 1891. 
V|. Anna May Yothers, b 1893. 

V. Jacob Yothers, b Jan 11, 1856; d Dec 21, 

V. Susanna Yothers (twin), b Jan 11, 1856; m 
Charles George. P O Dublin, Pa. C: (VI) Liz- 
zie, Alice, Monroe, Roy. 

IV. Isaac Overholt (d); m Elizabeth Moyer. No 

IV. Mary Overholt, d Apr 1892; m Tobias W. 
Myers in 1841. He d Mar 1893. Menn. C: Mah- 
lon (d); Isaac (d); Lizzie (d); Mary, Hannah, 

IV. Hannah Overholt, bjan i, 1819; m Samuel B. 
Moyer in 1841. He d 1852. Fanner, Menn. C: 
Abraham, Isaac, Henry, Samuel, Mary, Enos. 

IV. Abraham S. Overholt, b June 10, 1820; m 
Hannah Overholt. P O Plumsteadville, Pa. Far- 
mer; Lives on part of old homestead; Menn. C: 
John, Mary, Susan, Hannah, Lizzie. 

V. John Overholt, b Apr 25, 1862; m Lizzie Myers 
(d). P O Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania^ Children: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Christian, Abraham (d); Wilson, Samuel, Howard, 

V. Mary Overholt, b Oct ii, 1863; m Charles 
Brunner. P O Hatfield, Pa. C: Hannah, Lizzie, 
Charles, Berty, Edwin. 

V. Susan Overholt, b Feb 21, 1866. S. 

V. Hannah Overholt, b Apr 3, 1868; m Harvey S. 
Brunner Oct 9, 1886. PO Doylestown, Pa. Far- 
mer, Menu. C: (VI) Wallace, b May 6, 1888; d 
Mar 19, 1898. Benjamin F, b June 8, 1893. Harvey 
L. bAug5, 1897. 

V. Lizzie Overholt, b Feb 27, 1871; m George Rin- 
inger. P O Mechanics Valley, Pa. C: Walter, 


||. Anna Overholt, m David Kulp. C: Abraham. 

III. Abraham Kulp, m . C: David. 

IV. David Kulp, m . No issue. 


||. Elizabeth Overholt, m Tilman Kulp. 


II. Mary Overholt, m Daniel Bewighouse. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




||. Barbara Oberholtzer, bin 1726; dFeb 3, 1765; 
m Rev. Henry Rosenberger in 1745. He was b Dec 
2, 1725; d about 1809. Farmer and minister of the 
Mennonite church. He became the owner of the old 
homestead of his father's, Henry Rosenberger, in 
Pranconia twp, Mont'g Co, in 1745. He also owned 
property in New Britian twp, Bucks Co, and for a 
time lived in that township. He was a minister of 
the Mennonite church, audit is said "he was the 
preacher during the time of the Revolution at the 
Franconia meeting house. C: Gertrude, Anna, 
Abraham, Elizabeth, Barbara, Maria, Magdalena, 

III. Gertrude Rosenberger, b May 4, 1746; d 

ill. Anna Rosenberger, (d), b Feb 5, 1748; m 
Michael Leatherman. Menu. C: Henry, Jacob, 
Anna. Anna m second husband, John Loux. He 
was b in Bucks Co Pa, Dec 23, 1756; d May 1820. 
Farmer. Mr. L. Ref ch; Mrs. L. Menu. C: John, 
Catharine, Peter, Abraham. 

IV. Henry Leatherman, d Apr 18, 1815; m Eliza- 
beth, daughter of MarkFretz, of Tinicum twp. Sept 
6, 1797. She was b June 20, 1776; d 1867. Farmer, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Menn. C: Abraham, John, Jacob, Henry, Catha- 
rine, Samuel. 

V. Abraham Leatherman, b Sept 13, 1798; mMary 
Dinstman. C: Jacob, Annie. 

V. John Leatherman, b Oct 11, 1800; m Mary 
Overholt. Menn. C: Elizabeth, Mary, Katie, 
Nancy, Hannah. (See Fretz History, page 419). 

V. Jacob F. Leatherman, b in Bucks Co, Pa, June 
I5i 1803; djuly 24, 1892; m Margaret Overholt 
Mar 25, 1827. He emigrated to Medina Co, Ohio, 
in 1 831 and settled near River Styx, where he died. 
In early life he was a carpenter, later farmer; Menn. 
C: Henry,, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Sam- 
uel, Catharine, Anna, David, Fannie, John, Mar- 
garet, Jacob, Manasseh. 

VI. Henry O. Leatherman, b in Bucks Co, Pa, Feb 
ID, 1828; d Apr 14, 1900; m Elizabeth Overholt Sept 
26, 1858. P O River Styx, O. Carpenter, farmer 
and minister of the ch of God. C: Sabilla, Martin, 
Maria, Margaret, Jacob, Minnie, Elizabeth, Anna. 

Vl|. Sabilla Leatherman, bjuly i, i860; m Philip 
C. Ahl Jan 18, 1879. P O River Styx, O. Butcher, 
Menn. C: (VIII) Bertha E. Ahl, b Nov 19, 1894; 
d June 20, 1896. Merle Manasseh Ahl, b July 7, 

Vl|. Martin Leatherman, bMar 18, 1863; m Bar- 
bara East Nov I, 1888. P O River Styx, O. Mer- 
chant and Postmaster. C: (VIII) Clayton Henry 
Leatherman, b Oct 29, 1889. Earl Wilbert Leather- 
man, b Oct 29, 1 89 1. Floyd Blaine Leatherman, b 
June 21, 1895. Dessie Elizabeth Leatherman, b Apr 
10, 1897. 

Vl|. Maria Leatherman, bjan 6, 1865. P O River 
Styx. O. S. 

Vl|. Margaret Leatherman, b June 10, 1866; m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

WILLIAM G. MOVER (Soo Pajre 211) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

WILLIAM G. MOYEK (Soo Pa^e 211) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Martin Leatteraan. (See Martin Leatherman 

VII. Jacob Leatherman, b Feb 15, 1869. P O River 
Styx, O. Schoolteacher. S. 

Vil- Minnie Leatherman, bOct 27, 1871. School 
teacher. S. 

VII. Elizabeth Leatherman, b Sept 21, 1873. Menn. 

Vl|. Anna Leatherman, b in Medina Co, O, Mar 7, 
1876. P O River Styx, O. S. 

VI. Joseph Leatherman (twin), b Feb 18, 1828; d 
Mar 26, 1848. 

VI* Sarah Leatherman, b Oct 22, 1829; m Tobias 
KreiderMar 18, 1875. Farmer, Menn. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Leatherman, b 1831; m Henry 
KehrNov3o, 1856. Farmer, Menn. C: Margaret, 
Mary, Martin, John, Laura, David. 

VII. Margaret Kehr, b Aug 25, 1857; m Chancey 
ClausApr25, 1877. ^ O Milford Junction, Ind. 
Farmer, Menn. C: (VIII) Rosa, Clayton, Maud. 

Vl|. Mary M. Kehr, b Jan 9. 1849; m Granville 
Landis Sept 28, 1884. P O Wakarusa, Ind. Menn 
Br in Christ. C: (VIII) Anna, Henry. 

Vl|. Martin Kehr, bMay6, i860; m Martha Eyer 
Dec 27, 1884. P O Elkhart, Ind. Farmer, Menn 
Br in Christ. C: (VIII) Nellie. 

VII. John Kehr, b Aug 14, 1864; m Louisa Bechtel 
July 26, 1885. P O Grass Lake, N. Dak. Menn 
Br in Christ. C: (Vlli) Ross, Roy. 

VII. Laura Kehr, b Mar 11, 1862; d next day. 

VII. David F. Kehr, b Sept 25, 1870. 

VI. Mary Leatherman, b in Ohio Oct 20, 1832; m 
Abraham Means Feb 2, 1851. Farmer. Mrs. M. 
Menn; Mr. M. River Brethren. C: Mclinda, David, 
Franklin, Anna. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Mai in da Means, b 1852; d 1853. 

Vl|. David Means, b May 2, 1854; m Malinda 
Berkey Dec 27, 1877. P O Arkansas City, Kan. 
Stone business, Meth. C: (Vl||) Malinda, Orville, 
Frank, Wilbur, Mary. 

Vl|. Franklin Means, b Apr 5, 1857; m Ellen 
Garberich Jan 22, 1880. P O Kan. Farmer, U B 
cb. C: (VIII) Willie H. Means, b 1880; d 1882. 
Infant band d 1883. Bertba J. Means, Boyd J. 

Vir Anna Means, b Dec 22, 1859; m J. S. Gar- 
berich Mar 6, 1879. P O Kan. Farmer. C: (VIII) 
John, David, Mary. 

Vl. Samuel Leatherman, b Oct 20, 1834; m Maria 
Bishel Apr 26, 1862. Farmer, ch of God. C; (VII) 
Eli Leatherman, b Nov 16, 1864. P O Wadsworth, 
O. Ida Leatherman, b June 29, 1869. Franklin 
Leatherman, b Feb 17, 1873. P O Grand Rapids, 

VI. Catharine Leatherman, b Junes, 1836; m Abra- 
ham Capp Jan 10, 1857. Ch of God. C: 

VII. James Capp, bNov 24, 1857; m . 

VII. Mary Capp, b Oct 31, 1858. 

Vl|. Lizzie Capp, b Mar 18, i860; m Abel Dinta- 
man in 1879. P O Ithaca, Mich. C: (VIII) Ira 
Dintaman, Ivan C. Dintaman (d); Lydia Dintaman, 
EarlDintaman (d). 

VII. Sarah Capp, b Aug 25, 1861; m Alpha Holde- 
man Mar 4, 1883. P O Castleton, Kan. C: (VIII) 
James, Sarah, Alpha, John. 

VII. Franklin Capp, b Feb 10, 1866. P O Camp- 
bell, Cal. 

VII. Allen B. Capp, b Dec 25, 1870; m Zora Mc- 
Coy. P O Barberton, O. 

V|. Anna Leatherman, b Feb 7, 1838; m Abraham 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


J. Moyer Dec 28, 1862. P O Goshen, Ind. Car- 
penter and farmer; Br in Christ. C: Fannie, Sa- 
lome, Minerva, John, James, Manasseh, Anna. 

\fl|. Fannie Moyer, b Nov 10, 1863; m Samuel Sin- 
ger May 9, 1895. P O Elkhart, Ind. Farmer and 
dealer in milk; Menn. C: (VIII) Son b 1895; d 
1895. Winnie Singer, b Aug 7, 1896. Orpha Sin- 
ger, b Feb 15, 1898. 

Vi|. Salome Moyer, b Mar 25, 1865; m David K. 
Buzzard Mar 10, 1887. P O Goshen, Ind. Vet. 
Surgeon. C: (VIII) Edith Buzzard, b Jan 30, 1888. 
Mertie Buzzard, b Mar 21, 1890. Mabel Buzzard, b 
Feb 24, 1898. 

Vl|. Minerva Moyer, b Aug 31, 1866; m Jacob 
Breniser Jan i, 1898. P O River Styx, O. Far- 
mer, Menn; Br in Christ. C: (VIII) Ellis Breniser, 
b Apr 16, 1899. Wesley Breniser, b June 1900. 

VII. John W. Moyer. b Aug 19. 1868; m Delilah 
UmmelSept5, 1896. P O Goshen, Ind. Teacher; 
now farmer and share holder in— and overseer of 
plaining factory in Elkhart, Ind. Menn Br in 
Christ. No issue. 

Vii. James F. Moyer, b Jan 23, 1871; d Mar 24, 

VII. Manasseh Moyer, b Oct 18, 1874; m Olive D. 
Shanour May 14, 1899. PO Goshen, Ind. Teacher. 
No issue (1901). 

VII. Anna Moyer, b Mar 10, 1880. P O Goshen, 
Ind. Menn Br in Christ. S. 

VI. David Leatherman, bin Medina Co, O, 1839. 
Res Toronto, Ont. S. 

VI. Fannie Leatherman, b Apr 7i 1841; m John O. 
Smith Jan 7, 1871. P O Bronson, Mich. He was 
b in Friesland, Holland, in 1839. P O Bronson, 
Mich. Farmer; formerly Mennonite, later he 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


he became a **Comeouter." He is the author of two 
booklets entitled, * 'Cause and cure of Church Divis- 
ion," and **Errorsof Rome." C: Manasseh, Jacob, 
Maggie, Mary, Samuel, William, Sarah. 

VII. Manasseh Smith, biniSyi; m Aurie Warner 
in 1875. P O Bronson, Mich. Farmer, Menu Br 
in Christ. C: (VIII) Gladis Smith, b 1896. Viva 
Smith, b 1900. 

Vlh Jacob Smith, b 1873; m Emma Meyers. P O 
Allegan, Mich. C: (VIII) Harold Smith, b 1901. 

VII. Maggie Smith, b 1874. Teacher. 

VII. Mary Smith, b 1876; m Ernest Snook. P O 
Bronson, Mich. C: Infant, Homer, Earl, Jesse. 

VII. Samuel Smith, b 1878. Teacher. S. 

VII. William Smith, b 1880. S. 

Vl|. Sarah Smith, b i88i;d 1893. About two years 
before her death she had a wonderful experience. 
She saw as it were in a vision, the glory of Heaven 
for the space of about six hours, during which most 
of the time she walked the floor and told what she 
saw and heard. Her life thence forth was as pure as 
an angel. One week before she died she had a desire 
to depart and be with Christ, and requested prayer 
to be offered that she might go. Her request was 
granted, and a week later she entered into rest. 

V|. John Leatherman, b Dec 11, 1842; d June 19, 
1865; m Anna Leatherman. Carpenter, Menn. 
No issue. 

Vi. Margaret Leatherman, b Sept 2, 1844. P O 
Wadsworth, O. S. 

VI. Jacob O. Leatherman, b Mar 19, 1846; m Christ- 
ian Hounstein Jan 10, 1875. Farmer, ch of God. C: 
Catharine, Joel, Martha, Alpha, Franklin, Mary, 
Noah, Uriah, Ida, Naomi. 

VII. Catharine H. Leatherman, b at River Styx, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Medina Co, O, Nov 25, 1875; m Samuel K. Holde- 
man Nov 27, 1898. P O Schley, Kan. Carpenter, 
ch of God. No issue. 

VII. JoelI<eatherman, bat River Styx, O, Aug 8, 
1877. P O Schley, Kan. Postmaster. S. 

VII. Martha Leatherman, b at River Styx, O, Sept 
12, 1880; m John H. Kleinfelt June 20, 1899. P O 
Hesston, Kan. C: (VIII) John Wilbur Kleinfelt, b 
Apr 16, 1891; djuly 21, 1901. 

Vli. Alpha I<eatherman, b Sept 25, 1881. 

Vli. Franklin Leatherman, b Apr 19, 1883; d Aug 

9» 1883. 

Vli. Mary Leatherman, b Aug 8, 1884. 

Vl|. Noah I<eatherman, b Apr 11, 1887. 

VII. Uriah Leatherman, b Feb 21, 1890. 

Vl|. Ida Leatherman, b Oct 19, 1892. 

VII. Naomi Leatherman, bOct 25, 1896. 

Vl. Manasseh Leatherman, b at River Styx, Me- 
dina Co, O, Aug 14, 1848; m Catharine B. Long, 
daughter of David Long, June 13, 1891. She was b 
in Wadsworth twp, Medina Co, O, Mar 9, 1853; d 
May 5, 1891. P O Wadsworth', O. He owns the 
old homestead of his father's, on which he resided 
until May 1900, when he retired from farming, and 
now resides in Wadsworth engaged in teaming and 
dealing in stock. C: (Vli) Theressa Leatherman, b 
in 1891. 

V. Henry Leatherman, bjune 17, 1806; d Dec 21, 
1856; m Catharine Moyer in 1829. She d 1879. 
Parmer, Menu. C: (Vi) Elizabeth, m Issac Wis- 
mcr; Abraham, Sarah, m Peter Bean; Henry 

V. Catharine Leatherman, b May 7, 1811; m Joseph 
M. Detweiler. Parmer, Mena. C: Bphraim. SUza 
m Benjamin Landis; Margaret (d); Reuben (d). 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Rev. Samuel Leatherman, b May i, 1815; m 
Sarah Overliolt Apr 12, 1836. F O Line Lexington, 
Pa. Farmer and minister of the Mennonite church, 
ordained 1843 at Line Lexington meeting house. C: 
Jacob, Elizabeth, Henry. 

VI . Jacob Leatherman, b Apr 30, 1837; m Sarah 
Musselman. Butcher, Menu. C: Samuel, John. 

V|. Elizabeth Leatherman, b Jan 5, 1840; m Charles 
Taylor (d). No issue. 

V|. Henry Leatherman, b Jan 13, 1845; m Catha- 
rine Lapp. Farmer, Menn. C: Emma, Abraham, 
Sallie, William, Henry (d); Franklin. 

IV. Jacob Leatherman, b about 1778; m Elizabeth 
Overholt. Farmer, Menn. C: John, Anna, Abra- 
ham, Elizabeth, Jacob, Barbara, Joseph, Mary, 

V. John Leatherman, bin Bucks Co, Pa, 1800; d 
in Wadsworth, O, Feb 6, 1876; m Sarah Weidman 
1 83 1. She wash in Canada in 1808; d 1878. Far- 
mer, Menn. C: Jacob, Jonas, Elizabeth, John, 
Leah, Mary, Sarah, Barbara, Alvin, Emaline, 
Noah, George. 

V|. Jacob W. Leatherman, b Apr 12, 1834; m Mary 
Baker. P O Wadsworth, O. Hardware and Lum- 
ber merchant; Menn. C: Milton, Benjamin, John. 

Vl|. Milton H. Leatherman, b Aug 9, 1861; m 
Laura Warner. P O Wadsworth, O. Merchant. 
C: (VIII) William Leatherman, b Oct 3, 1883. 
Carrie Leatherman, b Feb 9, 1885. Irene Leather- 
man, (d). Mary Leatherman, b Oct 11, 1891. 
Frank Leatherman, b July 13, 1899. Infant, (d). 

VII. Benjamin P. Leatherman, b Dec 2, 1868; m 
Ise Everhard. P O Wadsworth, O. Merchant, 
Refch. C: (VIH) Ray Leatherman, b Oct 8, 1892. 
Glen Leatherman, b April 5, 1898. Infant, (d). 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

JOEL J. LEATHEKMAX (Sro Pn;r«« 227) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Harry Leatherman, b March 1901. 

VII- John N. Leatherman, bNov 19, 1869; m Sadie 
Moncrief. P O Wadsworth, O. Merchant, Menn. 
C: (VIII) Marjorie Leatherman, b Apr i, 1898. 

VI. Elizabeth Leatherman, b Sept 16, 1835; d Mar 
8, 1875; ^ George Landis (d). 

VI. Jonas Leatherman, b Apr 3, 1837; d June 7, 

V|. John leatherman, b Feb 28, 1842; d Sept 8, 

V|. Leah Leatherman, d July 11, 1846; aged 6 yrs 
2 months 22 days. 

Vl. Mary Leatherman, m Daniel Rohr. P O 
Wadsworth, 'O. Farmer, Luth. C: Ella, Sarah, 
Emma, Charles, Lizzie. 

V|. Sarah Leatherman, m Isaac Gable. P O Men- 
don, Mich. 

VI. Barbara Leatherman, bSept 8, 1847; m Milton 
S. Miller Nov 6, 1871. PC Wadsworth, O. Menn. 
C: (VII) Daisy Miller, b Apr 18, 1875. Lamen F. 
Miller, b Jan 10, 1881. Golda Mae Miller, b May 
i3t 1883. DewardN. Miller, bApr2, 1889. 

VI. Alvin Leatherman, m Jane Albers. P O Wads- 
worth, O. 

VI. Bmaline Leatherman, b Nov 4, 1853; m Samuel 
Gable Nov 7, 1874. P O Medina, O. Congch. C: 
Metta, Laura. 

VII. Metta M. Gable, b Aug 23, 1878; m Homer J. 
Hale. P O Medina, O. 

VII. Laura E. Gable, b July 27, 1881. S. 

VI. Noah Leatherman, b Sept 8, 1856; d Nov 16, 

VI. George Leatherman, b Apr 30, 1845; d Oct 30, 

V|. Anna Leatherman, d single. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Abraham Leatherman, b Aug 15, 1808; d Sept 
12, 1871; m Hannah Landis Dec 6, 1831. She was 
b Sept 6, 1810; d Mar 25. 1849. C: Jacob, Henry, 
Mar}\ Daniel, Hannah, Anna, Susanna, Abraham. 
Hem second wife, Mary Gross, m 1853. She d 
1897. Farmer, Menn. 

V|. Jacob Leatherman, b Mar 7, 1834; m BHzabeth 
Swartz (d). P O Pipersville, Pa. 

VI- Henry leatherman, b Jan 31, 1837; m Ange- 
line Benner. P O Freeport, Mich. 

V|. Daniel leatherman, bjan 21, 1840; m Esther 
Zimmerman. P O Seville, O. 

Vi. Hannah Leatherman, b Mar 19, 1841; d Sept 
17, 1900; m Jacob B. Overholt. (See Jacob Over- 
holt Family). 

VI. Susanna Leatherman, b Mar 9, 1844; m Tobias 
S. Eby May i, 1870. He wash Oct 30, 1841. P O 
Columbus Grove, O. Teacher and farmer. After 
marriage they were on a farm near Creston, O, 16 
years, then purchased a farm in Alien Co, O, where 
they now reside. Menn. C: Henry, Clara, Harvey, 
Mary, Emma, Samuel, Ida, 

VH. Henry Wilson Eby, b Mar 28. 1872. P O 
Elida, O. Taught school several years, then began 
the study of medicine; graduated from Pulla Med- 
ical college Cincinnati, O, Mar. 1897; now practicing 
his profession at Elida, O. 

Vli. Clara Daisy Bby, b May 9, 1873; Taught in 
Allen and Putnam Co's Public schools; m Menno S. 
SteinerApr8, 1894. Mennonite Evangelist; en- 
gaged in mission work for some time in Chicago, lU., 
and afterwards in pastoral work in Canton, O. P O 
Columbus Grove, O. C: (VIII) Charity Evangeline 
Steiner, b May 25, 1895. Esther Agnes Steiner, b 
July 25, 1898. Luke Eby Steiner, b Dec 11, 1900. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Harvey Eby. b Oct 4, 1874. Supt of Miller 
City Ohio schools. 

Vl|. Mary Amanda Eby, b Jan lOi, 1^76. Teadfaer 
in Allen Co O schools several years, afterwards en- 
gaged in mission work in Chicago* HI., for some 

VII. Emma L. Eby, b Dec 22, 1876. 

VII. Samuel L. Eby, b Apr 23, 187S. Snpt of 
schools at Beaver Dam, O. 

VII. IdaL. Eby, b May 31, 1881. 

VI. Abraham Leatherman, b Mar 19, 1849; d Mar 
30, 1849. 

VI. Anna Leatherman, b July 5, 1852; d May 13, 
1882; m Peter D. Stdner Jan 8, 1870. P O Bluffton, 
O. Fanner, Metm. C: Leah, Menno, Samuel, 
John,. Bnos, Peter, Mary, Noah, Anna. 

VII. Leah L. Steiner, b in Medina Co, O, Nov 4, 
1870. Mbnn. S. 

VII. Menno L. Steiner, b in Kent Co, Mich, Jan 8, 
1872; m Barbara Blosser Jan 8, 1901. P O Clarks- 
ville, Mich. Clerk, Menn. 

Vli. Samuel L. Steiner, b Apr 5, 1873. Book Agt, 
Menn. S. 

VII* John L. Steiner, b Apr 29, 1874; ^ Lydia Met- 
cler. Teacher, Menn. 

VII. Enos P. Steiner, b Oct 23, 1875. Menn. S. 

Vl|. Peter Steiner, b May I4,;i877; dPeb 27, 1878. 

VII. MaryE. Sterner, b Feb 3, 1878. Menn. S. 

Vi|. Noah N. Steiner, b Dec 31, 1879. S. 

VII. Anna Steiner. 

V. Elizabeth Leatherman, d single. 

V. Jacob Leatherman, (d), m Hotel-keeper. 

C: Elizabeth, Lavina, Samuel, Amanda, Caroline, 
EmeUne, Levi. 

VI. Elizabeth Leatherman, mHufus Hide. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Lavina Leatberman, m Benjamin Tinsman. C: 
Eugene, George. 

VI. Samuel I<eatliennan, m . 

Vi. Amanda Leatherman, mjohn Dinteman. 

V|. Caroline I^eatherman, (d); m Henry Kindig, 
(d). C: Etta, Pearl. 

¥l. Emeline Weatherman, m . 

VI. Levi Leatberman, m Martha Gates. 

V. Barbara Leatberman, m George Shaum. C: 
Elizabetb» Samuel. 

V. Joseph Leatberman, m EUzabetb Eby. Farmer, 
Menn. C: Samuel, (single); Joseph, (d); John, 
(single); Tobias, (d); Jacob, Christian, (d). 

V. Mary Leatberman, b 1821; d 1876; m Abraham 
Overbolt. (See Abraham Overholt Family). Mary 
m second husband, Abraham Koppes. C: Aaron, 
Mary, Amelia, Sarah. 

VI. Aaron Koppes, m Amanda Long. P O Blake, 

VI. Mary Koppes, b Nov 28, 1858; m William H. 
Baker. (See Wm. H. Baker Family). 

VI. Amelia Koppes, b July 15, 1861; d June 18, 
1 891 ; m Charles Kendall. Meth Bp. No issue. 

Vl. Sarah Koppes, bin Medina Co, 0,Jan 4, 1863. 
P O Acme, O. S. 

V. Samuel Leatherman. 

IV. Anna Leatherman, (d); m John Delp. No 

IV. JohnLoux, (d); b Oct 12, 1782; m Susanna 
Delp Apr 21, 1808. She was b Mar 7, 1787; (d). 
Carpenter, Menn. C: George, Charles, EUza, Mag- 
dalena, Sarah. 

IV. Catharine Loux, (d); m Issac Delp. C: John, 

IV. Peter Loux, b June 27, 1786; d July 24, 1871; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


m Redecca Atherholt Mar 6, 1814. She d Sept 28, 
1834. C: John, Christian, Samuel, Anna. Peter 
m second wife, Anna Overholt, May 12, 1836. She 
wash May 15, 1801; d Sept 15, 1888. Farmer, 
Menn. C: Mary. (See Rev. Wm. Overholt Br.). 

IV. Abraham Loux, b Apr 12, 1789; d Apr 11, 
1867; m Mary Hofford. She was b Jan 30, 1796; d 
Nov 24, 1864. Farmer and carpenter. C: Rachel, 
Abraham, Charles, John, Olive. 

III. Abraham Rosenberger, b 1750; d young. 

III. Elizabeth Rosenberger, b Dec 19, 1752; d Jan 
10, 1847; m MarkFretz, son of John Fretz of Bed- 
minster, May II, 1773. He was b Dec 1750; d Feb 
24, 1840. Farmer and Miller in New Britain twp 
Bucks Co, Pa. Deacon of Mennonite church at Line 
Lexington. C: Barbara, Maria, Elizabeth, Infant, 
Henry, Infant, Mark. (See Fretz Family History). 

III. Barbara Rosenberger, bjan6, 1755; d 1832; m 
Daniel Rickert. Farmer, Menn. C: Henry, Dan- 
iel, Abraham, Isaac, Leanna, Anna. 

III. Maria Rosenberger, b Aug 6, 1757; d Jan 14, 


III. Magdalena Rosenberger, bDec 18, 1759; d 1808; 
m John Swartley. He was b in Germany in 1754; d 
1 81 7. Farmer, Menn. C: John, Jacob, Samuel, 
Abraham, Joseph, Henry, Philip, Elizabeth, 

III. Sarah Rosenberger, b Jan 24, 1765; d Apr 6, 
1849; m Philip Swartley, (brother to John). He 
was bin Baden, Germany, Oct 28, 1764; d Sept 23, 
1840. Farmer, Menn. C: Elizabeth, Henry, John , 
Jacob, Mary, Philip, Abraham, Samuel, Sarah. 
(For complete records see Rosenberger History). 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



||. Hester Overbolt, m George Pachman, (Bach- 


II. Magdaleaa Overholt, m Abraham Lftndis. 


||. Sarah Overholt, m Rudolph I<andis. 

Digitized by LaOOQ IC 

(St»i* Pii^v 11.) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

«.Goo,e -- 


Dbar Friends: — As we reach the close of 
this volume, and ere we lay down our pen^ we wish 
to add a few parting words commendatory of our 
progenitors, whose names and deeds are written in 
this book. To them we owe a debt of gratitude, for 
their unflinching courage in the performance of duty, 
and devotion to God. Nearly two centuries ago, de- 
prived of the blessings of religious liberty to worship 
God in a manner acceptable to themselves in the 
"fatherland, ' ' they fled across the ocean to the shores 
of our own beloved America, then a vast wilderness. 
Here they carved out their homes, subdued the land, 
and lived modest unassuming lives, as humble tillers 
of the soil. In their new homes they remembered 
the God of their f athers^ and from their humble fire- 
sides went up grateful songs of praise to the God of 
every blessing, while from the family altars ascend- 
ed thanksgivings from truly grateful hearts in recog- 
nition of God's beautiful mercies and kindly leadings. 
Here they erected their shrines and altars, and 
worshiped unmolested the God of all the earth. 
Within these templed walls erected in the long ago, 
their voices were heard in the preached word, in 
testimony, in hearty soul inspiring songs of praise, 
and faithful to the last, these servants of God heard 
the higher summons and their voices hushed in the 
silence of death, they went up to their crowns of glory 
and are now waiting for you and me. Blessed be 
their memory. 

Dear reader, let us take counsel of the fathers. 
Consider the motives that led them to leave their 
beloved homes in the far-off fatherland, to brave the 
storms and perils of the ocean for a wilderness home 
on these shores, that it was not simply to better their 
conditions in temporal affairs of this life, but as 
followers of Jesus, the Salvation of their souls, and 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


freedom from religious oppression for themselves find 
their off-spring were the paramount motives. 

Mark their unselfish devotion to duty amid the 
persecutions in the old world and the trials and 
privations of pioneer life in this new world that made 
it possible for us to enjoy the freedom, blessings and 
comforts of the greatest country God ever gave to 
man. May we ever bless their memory for their 
simple, childlike, unyielding faith in God, and the 
world's Redeemer. They laid deep and firm the 
foundations of their faith in the Crucified One. They 
fought well the battles of life, and lived in peace with 
all mankind. And thus they have passed on to their 
rewards. May their self-denying. Godly lives and 
examples rest, with benediction power upon us, while 
we bide our time, and follow in their footsteps, pre- 
serving unsullied the family name. 

Dear reader, are you a follower of Jesus? If 
not, let me remind you of the saintly, godly an- 
cestors whose forms have so long slept in their quiet 
graves; of the suffering for the faith; their victory 
in death; their crowning in the Father's House, 
whence they await the home-coming of the faithful 
loved ones. IM me point you to the Saviour they 
loved, and to the God they served. Let me entreat 
you to do likewise. 

Oh, come surrender to the King of Slings, 

The Sovereign Lord of all. 
Before whose throne the fathers fall, 

'*And crown Him Lord of all.'* 

Come join the pilgrim band. 

Whose eyes are upward turned, 
Behold the hills the fathers gained, 

And boldly forward go. 

Come, the fathers bid you come. 
And Jesus stands with outstretched hands 

And pleads, poor dying one. 
Here's food, shelter, rest and Home, Oh come. 

Milton, N. J., Sept. 22, 1903. A. J. Fretz. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



MuBlc-There'll be a Hot Time In the old Town To-Nlght. 

We mustered In our Army from the East and from the 

From the North nnd frcmi the Southland, O, the truest 

and the l>e8t ; 
And we bid our wives and sweethearts a f(md but sad 

To do battle for the helpless ; or to die as soldiers die. 

('harge, soldiers charge 1 Oh, do not l)e delayed, 
Charge, oh, charge ! to victory or the grave ; 
Charge, soldiers charge ! and never be dismayed, 
(•harge fiercely; yes fiercely; ye brave — for Cuba. 


Where'ere the fliig waves, and you It see. 
Sing songs of Peace— and Chl-val-ry — 
Ring out "Wild Bells*'— to Llb-er-ty, 
Cheer stoutly ; yes, stoutly ; ye Free ;— 1-2-;^. 

Cheer. Hurrah I Hurrah I! Hurrahl!! 

Since we bid our wives and sweethearts a fond and 

sad good-night, 
We have crushed the yoke of bondage, set up banners 

to the right ; 
And our starry' flag waves proudly over land and 

over sea, 
But the Star of Bethlehem's manger is the freedom of 

the fret». 

Pray, soldiers pray ! 'tis Christ who makes you 

Pray, (), pray, for all hu-man-lty : 
l*ray, soldiers pray! 'tis Heaven you can see, 
l*ray strongly; yes, str<mgly ; for thet*, (), Cuba. 



Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Page 5, ISth line from top of page read Bold to his father 
CShrifltian Fretz — not brother. 

" 88, read V. J. Freeman Hendricks— not Dr. 

" 58, " V. Rev. Henry H. Rosenberger— not VI. 

«* 59, " VI Catharine Rosenberger died 1875— not 1857. 

" 68, " Agnes Nash— not Anges. 

" 64, " Agnes Overholt — not Anges. 

" Va, *• Howard W. Farmer— not Jarmer. 

" 126, 7th line from bottom read V. Jacob Overholt b May 

19, 1844— not Joseph. 

" 149, near bottom ^ELge Christiana Overholt m Rev. M. U, 

Oundy— not Christian. 

«« 165, " LovieBadders— notBradders. 

" 167, " Michael Welty— not Weltz. 

" " " Magdalena Welty— notWeltz. 

" *« " Catharine Welty— not Weltjs. 

«« 173, " ryil] Clarence Leroy Harden— not VI. 

" 177, " Barbara Conrad b 1785— not 1885. 

" 181, " VI. Ollie WiUUms— not V. 

«« 187, " V. John I. Overholt b Nov. 18, 1861. 

«* 191, •' Jacob Crise d Mar 6. 18-4. 

** 200, " he heired the homestead— not hired . 


Mrs. Agnes Stauffer Fox, of Alvertou, Pa., died in 1903. 
William W. Scott, of Canal Dover, Ohio., died Nov. 6, 1902. 

Dec. 9, 1903. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






Martin Oberholtzer, 

, mrd Aenes 



Barbara Oberboltzer, " Christian Fretz 



John Fretz, 

" Anna Kratz 



Agnes Fretz, 

" Abraham Bewighouse 13 


Joseph Fretz, 

*' Maria Kraut 



Henry Fretz, 

" Anna Krout 



Martin Fretz, 

" (Anna Kratz 
( Anna Licey 



Jacob Fretz, 

''Elizabeth Kratz 



Abraham Fretz, 

" Magdalena Kratz 
C Susanna Kratz 



Isaac Fretz, 

" -I Veronica Kratz 
( Betsey Landis 



Barbara Fretz, 

'* i Henry Fretz 
( Henry Hockman 



Christian Fretz, died single. 



Mary Fretz, 

mrd Henry Tyson 



Elizabeth Fretz. 

" Abraham Meyer 



Henry Oberholtzer, 

" Anna Beitler 



Agnes Overholt. 

*• Christian Fretz 



Maria Overholt, 

"John Myers 



Jacob Overholt, 

" Elizabeth Detweiler 



Anna Overholt, 

" Peter Loucks 



Martin Overholt, 

" Catharine Overholt 



Barbara Overholt, 

" Jacob Durstine 



Elizabeth Overholt, 

" Martin Stauffer 



Henry Oberholtzer, 

died single. 



Sarah Overholt, 

») M 



Abraham Overholt, 

mrd Maria Stauffer 



Christian Overholt, 

" Elir^abeth Stauffer 



Susanna Overholt, died single. 



Maria Oberholtzer, 



John Oberholtzer, died Infant. 



Digitized by LaOOQ IC 


il Martin Overholt, mrd Esther Fretz 132 

III Elizabeth Overholt, ' ' Rev. Abraham Welty 1 33 

III Agnes Overholt, " Christian Stauffer 133 

III Christian Overholser, '* Rebecca Grundy 149 

III Barbara Overholt, '' Mathias Burchfield 151 

III Henry Overholt, died single. 163 

III Mary Overholt, mrd Christian Noffzinger 163 

III Magdalena Overholt, "JohnMumma 163 

III Martin Overholt, ** Barbara Conrad 177 

III Abraham Overholt, " Susan Crites 178 

III Isaac Overholt, died single. 182 

III Esther Overholt, " *' 182 

III Sarah Overholt, mrd Philip Welty 182 

111 Joseph Overholt, " Barbara Kline 185 

III Anna Overholt, " Gabriel Weimer 190 

I Jacob Oberholtzer, " Barbara 199 

II Jacob Overholt, " Esther Leatherman 199 

III Elizabeth Overholt, " Christian Hackman 200 

III Barbara Oberholtzer, " Henry Fretz 200 

111 Jacob Overholt, died single. 200 

III Magdalena Overholt, mrd Isaac Meyer 200 

III Esther Overholt. " Jacob Leatherman? 200 

II Abraham Overholt, * * Magdalena Det weiler 20 1 

III Jacob Overholt, ** Elizabeth Leatherman 201 

III Abraham Overholt, ' ' Margaret Wismer 207 

III Mary Overholt, " William Meyer 211 

III Henry Overholt, " Mary Nash 213 

III Isaac Overholt, " Anna Fretz 217 

II Anna Overholt, ** David Kulp 220 

III Abraham Kulp, ** 220 

II Elizabeth Overholt, *' Tilman Kulp 220 

II Mary Overholt, ** Daniel Bewighouse 220 

II Barbara Oberholtzer , * * Hen ry Rosenberger 221 

III Anna Rosenberger, '* Michael Leatherman 221 

111 Elizabeth Rosenberger, * * Mark Fretz 233 

III Barbara Rosenberger, ** Daniel Rickert 233 

III Magdalena Rosenberger, '' John Swartley 233 

III Sarah Rosenberger, ** Philip Swartley 233 

II Hester Overholt, ** George Pachman 233 

11 Magdalena Overholt, '* Abraham Landis 234 

II Sarah Overholt, ** Rudolph Landis 234 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

4 Bewigbouse Barbara 13 
4 Cbristiau 13 

4 Daniel 13 

4 John 13 

4 Mary 13 

6 Dimmick Benjamin 38 
6 Emma E. 37 

6 Isaac 37 

6 Laura 38 

6 Laviua 38 

6 Lydia 37 

6 Mablon H. 37 

6 Maria C. 37 

6 Farren John A, 11 

6 Mary C. 11 

6 Fretz Abraham 17 

4 Abraham 17, 39, 47 
3 Abraham 24 

5 Abraham 28 
5 Abraham L. 30 

5 Rev. Abraham J. 33 

6 Fretz Abbie 40 

3 Agnes 13 

4 Agnes 17, 18, 24 

5 Dr. Alfred E. 43 

5 Alice 46 

6 Rev. Allen M. 26 
5 Alva B. 36 

5 Amanda 49 
4 Anna 12, 13, 25, 55 

6 Annie 17 
4 Annie 18 

Gen. Page. 

6 Austin C. 54 

4 Barbara 12,13,18,39 

3 Barbara 54 
6 Barbara 28 

4 Catharine 23 

5 Catharine 33, 53 

5 Caroline 53 

6 Charles A. 7 

4 Christian 5, 16, 25 

5 Christian A. 11 
5 Christian 16 
5 Dr. Clayton D. 41 
5 Fretz Clementine 44 

5 David E. 37 

6 Edwin S. 54 
5 Elizabeth 10, 33, 52 

5 Eliza A. 28 

4 Elizabeth 12, 14, 

i9» 37. 53- 

6 Elizabeth 17 

5 Elizabeth A. 48 

5 Ely 26 

6 Emeline 27 
5 Enos 17 

4 Enos 49 

5 Fannie 50 

6 Francis M. 27 
6 George 54 
6 Grace A. 31 

3 Henry 14 
6 Henry*!. 17 

4 Henry 18 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

6 Horace 1,. 30 

4 Isaac K. 29 

5 Isaac L. 30 

3 Isaac 46 
5 Isaac 52 

5 Pretz Isaac S. 53 

4 Isaac 54 

6 Isaiah M. 17 
6 Jacob M. 17 

3 Jacob 23 

5 Jacob 52 

4 Jacob 53 

3 John 5 

5 John 6, 53 

6 John S. 10 

4 John 12, 14, 28, 50 
6 John C. 28 

5 John L. 30 
5 John K. 33 

3 Joseph 13 

4 Joseph 17 

5 Katie F. 46 

6 lyavina 33 
5 Lavina D. 40 
5 Lavina 52 

4 Leah 23 

5 Lewis F. 45 

6 Lucinda 27 
6 Fretz Mahlon M. 27 

4 Mahlon 54 

5 Magdalena 32 

6 Mary C. 7 
4 Mary K. 12 

4 Mary 17, 18 
6 Mary E. 28 

5 Mary 28,52 

6 Mary 53 
6 Mary L. 31 
3 Mary 60 
6 Mary H. 36 
3 Martin 18 


4 Martin 

5 Martha 

6 Mildred 

4 Nancy 

5 Oliver D. 

5 Philip K. 

6 Philip H. 

4 Philip 

5 Ralph 



4 Rachel 11, 14, 23 

5 Reuben G. 48 

4 Sarah I4> 17 

5 Sarah E. 45 

6 Sarah 17 
6 Fretz Samuel O. 30 
4 Samuel 54 
6 Dr. S. Edward 44 

4 Susan 1 1 
6 Susan M. 28 

5 Susan 29, 52 

4 Susanna 14, 19,49 

5 Susanna 47 
5 Sybilla F. 45 

5 Theodore E. 33 
4 Veronica 23 

6 William J. 40 

4 William 54 
6 Frick Charles 19 
6 Emma 19 
6 Jacob 19 
6 Samuel F. 19 

5 Funk Abraham K. 21 

6 Edna J. 22 

5 Esther 19 

6 Gertrude E. 23 
5 Jacob S. 22 
5 John F. 20 

5 Margaret 19 

6 Martha 21 
6 Mary M. 22 
6 Phoebe 21 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

5 Funk Susan E. 23 

6 Hefkr Irwin F. 33 
5 Hendricks Jacob F. 38 

5 Mary A. 37 
4 Hdckman Barbara 60 

6 Clara F. 44 
6 Ella 30 
6 Maggie F. 44 
4 Mary • 55 
6 William H. 30 
6 Holdeil Edwatd 49 
6 Kulp Barbara -48 
6 George 47 
6 Martha 47 
6 Mary E. 47 
6 Sarah E. 48 
6 I^ar Abraham F. 33 
6 Martha F. 33 
4 M6yerReV.Abraham6i 
4 Anna 6 1 
4 Christian -61- 
4 'Rev: Isaac 61 

4 Mary 61 
6 Meyers Aaf on F. .15 
6 Abraham F. 15 

5 * Abraham F. 25 
5 ' Anna: 16 
5 . .Barbara .15 

5 Christian F. * 25"^ 

6 Clayton F. 40 
6 Henry F. 15 

5 Henry F. 16 

6 Henry 40 

5 JohnF. 15 

6 John F. 45 

5 Joseph F. 15 

6 Lamech F. 40 
6 Lavina 41 

5 Reuben F. 16 

6 Rosella F. 40 
6 Sallie 40 

Gen; Page. 

5 Meyers William F. 16 

6 William . 40 
6 Nusbickel.Anna L. 49 
6 Thomas 49 
6 Newbaker Florence 36 
6 Mary B. ' 36 
6 Opdyke Ella N. 49 
6 Ridenour Elizabeth 51 
6 Emma P. 52 
6 George W- 52 
6 Jane E. 5 i 
6 John 51 
6 Mary A. 51 
5 Rosenberger Abraham 

H. 59 

5 Catharine 55 

5 Elizabeth 55 

5 Rev. Henry H. 58 

5 Rev. John H. 55 

5 • Nancy 59 

5 Rev. Samuel H. 58 

5 Sarah A. 59 

5 Stover Albert S. 12 

5 Charles .12 

6 Louisa .28 

5 ' Ralph .11 

6 Strohuue Elias P\ 33 
6 ^ Hanujah .^33 
6 John F. 33 
6 Mary F. 32 
6 Sallie F. 33 
4 Tyson Barbara 60 

4 Cornelius 60 

5 David 61 
4 Elizabeth 60 
4 Henry 60 
4 Joseph F. 60 
4 Martin 60 

4 Mary 60 

5 Walter 61 
5 William 61 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 



6 Yost Annetta F. 


6 Yost Lizzie F. 


6 John F. 



Rachel F. 


6 Linford L. 



Gen. Page. 



6 Bachtel Aaron 



Durstine Rev.Henry 97 

6 Abraham 





6 Elizabeth 



Henry H. 


6 Emma 





6 John 





6 Mary 





6 Sarah 




98» 99 

6 Boyd Christian C. 





6 Elizabeth 





6 Francis A. 





6 Isabelle 



Fretz Anna 


6 Margaret G. 





6 Mary A. 





5 Dillinger Annie 





5 * Catharine 





5 Daniel L. 





5 Elizabeth 



Frick Aaron O. 


5 Eliza 



Annie 0. 


5 John I^. 



Henry C. 


5 Mary 



J. Edgar 


5 Samuel 



Maria 0. 


5 Sarah 



Sallie 0. 


4 Durstine Abraham 


6 Hamed Abraham 123 

5 Abraham 





5 Abraham H. 



Charles C. 


6 Alice E. 





4 Anna 





5 Anna 





5 . Barbara 99, 





5 Catharine 



Heath Elizabeth A. 107 

4 Catharine 



John R. 


4 Christian 



Joseph I. 


6 Claribel 



Martin D. 


5 David P. 





6 Dr. Frank H. 



T<ane Anna 


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Gen. Page. 

5 Lane Catharine 90 

6 Daniel F. 91 
5 Elizabeth 91 

5 Hannah 91 

6 Jacob F. 91 
6 John W, 91 
5 Rev. Martin O. 91 

5 Susan 91 
6Leasure£dna 115 

6 Ida 115 
6 Israel P. 115 
6 JohnF. 115 
6 Loren 6. 115 
6 Maria B. 114 
6 Minnie 115 
6 I«ongsdorff EdnaO. 93 
6 Frank O. 93 
6 John O. 93 
6 Lottcks Rev. Aaron 80 
6 Aaron W. 84 
6 Abraham 75, 80 

5 Abraham S. 81 

6 Ada 77, 81 
6 Alvin G. 77 
6 Albert 81 
6 Amanda 81 

5 Anna 77, 84 

6 Anna C. 84 

4 Catharine 74 

5 Catharine 78, 84 

6 C. Abbie 77 
6 Charles 81 
6 Cora 77, 81 
6 Dartha 81 
6 David S- 80 
6 Edwin 82 

5 Elizabeth 77, 79 

6 Erastus F. 82 
6 George S. 81 

4 Henry 74 

5 Henry S. 76 

Gen. Page. 

5 I«oucks Isaac 84 

4 Jacob 76 

6 Arthur 84 

5 Jacob 77, 79 84 

6 James D. 75 

5 John 74, 82, 84 

6 John 75, 77, 81 

4 John 82 

5 Jonas 85 

6 Joseph 76, 79 

5 Joseph 76 

6 Kate 75 
6 Martha 75, 82 

5 Martin 77, 82, 84 

6 Martin R. 80 

4 Rev. Martin 79 

5 Mary 76, 85 

4 Mary 74 

6 Mary J. 84 

5 Maria 78 

6 Dr. Meade 81 
6 Norman 81 
5 Peter 74, 82, 84 

4 Peter 84 

5 Samuel 77 
5 Sarah 83, 84 

4 Sarah 85 

5 Susan 83 

6 William 77, 82 

5 William 84 

6 Markle Cyrus P. 117 
6 Jessie B. 117 
6 Margaret Z. 118 
6 MaryO. 117 
6 Sarah B. 117 
6 Thomas M. 1^7 
6 McGriffin Blmina L. 91 
6 Esther L. 90 
6 Henry 1,. 90 
6 Jacob L. 90 
6 John L. 90 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 
6 McGrif f in Martin L. 90 

1 Oberholtzer Martin i 

2 Barbara 3 

2 Henry 63 
5 Overholt Aaron S.R.69 
5 Abraham 72, 112, 

116, 127 

4 Abraham93,ii9,i22 

3 Abraham 109 

5 Abigail C. in 

6 AdaM. 128 

3 Agnes 64 

5 Agnes 65 

6 Alice 67, 121 
5 Alsinus 1 30 
5 Anne 68 
5 Annie S. 93 

4 Annie 72 

5 Anna 70,72,121122 

3 Anna 73 

4 Anna 91, 112, 129 

6 Amolda 127 

3 Barbara 96 

5 Barbara 127 

5 Benjamin F. 1 1 1 

6 Blanche M. 1 27 
6 Byron H. 67 
6 Carrie B. 70 

5 Catharine 94 

6 Charles 67,70 
5 Charles 121, 130 
5 Christian S. R. 69 

5 Christian F. 119 

4 Christian S. 120 

3 Christian 122 

5 Christian M. 124 

4 Christian 130 

6 Clyde 70 

6 Cora 124 
6 Curtis A. 124 

5 David F. 128 

Gen. Page. 

5 Overholt D.Lindlay 95 

6 Dr. EarlL. 127 

5 Edgar 131 

6 Edward H. 68 
6 Edwin S. 116 
6 Effie 124 
5 Ella 130 
5 Elizabeth 69, 71, 

72, 73» 124 

3 Elizabeth 102 

4 Elizabeth 119, 129 

5 Emma F. 119 

4 Esther 89 

5 FentonC. 118 

6 Frank H. 67 

5 Frank 130 

6 Frederick 72 
6 Gertrude 116, 128 
6 George W. 116 

5 George W. 119 

6 Helen 72 

4 Henry 70, 93, 

III, 128. 

5 Henry 112, 129 

6 Isaac S. 71 
5 Isaac F. 116 
5 Isaiah B. 95 

3 Jacob 65 
5 Jacob 70, 119 

5 Jacob S. R. 66 

4 Jacob 72, 115 

5 Jennie C. 112 

6 Jennie B. 1 29 

6 Jessie 72 

5 Jessie F. 96 

6 Jesse B. 124 

4 Rev. John 65 

5 John S. R. 69 

6 John 70, 72 
6 John 71, 72,93, "9 
4 John 96, 121 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

5 Overholt John C. 129 

5 Joseph 72, 73, 126 

5 Lizzie 130 

6 Mabel 72, 127 
3 Maria 65 
5 Maria B. 95 

2 Maria 131 

3 Martin 85 

5 Martin 72,128,127 

4 Martin 73. 95 

4 Martin S. 120 

6 MaxC. 116 
6 Mary 72, 118 

5 Mary 116, 121, 129 

6 Oscar A. 124 
6 Ralph 70 

5 Reuben B. 95 

6 Samuel H. 67 

3 Sarah 109 
5 Sarah 127 

4 Sarah 127 

5 Susan 71 

4 Susanna 86 

5 Susanna S. 93 

3 Susanna 131 

6 Sherman 1 27 

5 Sherman 131 

6 Thirza H. 68 

5 William 129 

6 Shesler Ada 125 
6 Minnie 125 
6 Walter H. 126 
5 Shupe Abraham 78 

4 Abraham D. 102 

5 Anna 89 
5 Ann 103 

4 Anna 105 

5 Catharine 87 
5 David R. 108 
5 Daniel 78 
4 Henry 103 

Gen. Page. 

5 Shupe Henry 104, 107 

5 Isaac N. 103 

5 Jacob 88,104 

5 James 105 

5 John 79, 86 

4 John T. 107 

5 Joseph S. 108 
5 Maria 103 
5 Mason 104 
5 Martin N. 102 
5 Peter L. 78 
5 Samuel 88 

4 Sarah 106 

5 Smith 104 
5 Stauffer Abram D. 108 
5 Belle 109 
5 Catharine 108 
5 Elizabeth 108 
5 Frank P. 109 
5 George W. 109 
5 James L. 109 
5 Martha J. 108 
5 Mary 108 
5 Mead 109 
5 Sarah 74 

5 Stoner Abraham 129 

6 Abraham 89 
6 Amelia A. 83 
6 Alice S. 83 

5 Alcinus 129 

6 Annetta 78 

5 Anna E. 130 

6 Carrie 83 
6 Elmer E. 78 
6 Erastus L. 83 
6 Jordan N. 90 
6 Katie O. 78 
5 Lizzie 128 

5 Martin 128 

6 Martin L- 90 
6 Maria L. 89 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

5 Stoner Sarah 129 

6 Sarah I. 83 
6 Walter F. 78 
5 Sherrick Catharine 106 
5 Joseph 106 
5 Tinstman Aaron O. 92 
5 Abraham O. 112 
5 Anna O. 1 14 
5 Benjamin B. 1 14 
5 Catharine O. 92 

Gen. Page. 

5 Tinstman Christian 115 

6 Blwin D. 92 

5 Emma 115 

6 George B. 114 

5 Henry O. 114 

6 Harry 92 
5 Jacob F. 92 

5 Jacob O. 112 

6 James 6. 1 14 
5 JohnO. 115 


Gen. Page 

5 Adams Albert K. 160 

5 Alice A. 160 

5 Bdward C. 160 

5 Henry W. 160 

5 Jessie M. 160 

5 Laura TI 160 

5 Mary R. 160 

5 Rosa V. 160 

5 Sylvanus B. 160 

6 Alleshouse Albert 155 
6 Alice J. 156 
5 Anna 154 

5 Barbara 152 

6 Bert 155 
6 Clara 155 

5 David 155 

6 Delia 155 
6 • Edward F. 155 
6 Elizabeth A. 156 
6 Frederick A. 155 
6 George E. 155 
5 Isaac 154 

5 Jacob 154 

6 Jeremiah A. 156 
5 John 154 

5 Joseph 155 

6 LydiaE. 155 
6 Rev. Martin L. 155 

Gen. Page 

5 Alleshouse Mary 154 

6 Mary E. 156 
6 Perry O. 156 
6 Alter Bertha 183 

5 Cyrus 183 

6 Cyrus 183 
6 Daisy 183 
6 David 183 

5 David M. 184 

6 Eva 183 

5 Isaac R. 183 

6 Jessie 183 

5 Mary 184 

6 Mary -^ 183 
6 Sadie 183 
5 Sarah M. 182 

5 Burchfield Aaron 1^8 
^ Ann 138 
4 Anna 139 
^ Barbara 138 
4 Barbara 160 
4 Elizabeth 1^6 
J Elizabeth 148 

6 Eli 148 
4 Esther 132 
4 Frederick i,<8 
^ Hetty 148 
^ Jacob 138 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

4 Burcbf ield John 156 

5 Joshua 157 
5 Lafayette 158 
5 Mary 158 

4 Mary R. 161 

5 Sarah 157 

4 Sarah 160 

5 Crise Anna 192 
5 Chester B. 193 
5 Louisa W. 193 
5 Martha M. 193 
5 Mary E. 193 
5 Salome 193 
5 Sybilla 192 
5 Walter W. 192 
5 Foreman Ada 185 

5 Jennie 185 

6 Fox Alice S. 146 
6 Burton S. 146 
6 Dora 146 
6 Minnie 146 
6 Sarah 146 
6 Fulkreth Alpheus 139 

5 Anna 139 

6 Arthur H. 140 
5 David S. 140 
5 Elizabeth 135 

5 Esther 139 

6 Francis 139 
5 Hannah 140 

5 Henry 141 

6 Jennie S. 140 

5 Joseph 139 

6 Lebbus 139 
5 Rachel 139 
5 Sarah 134 
5 Susanna 134 
5 Grant Cora F. 197 
5 CuUin W. 198 
5 Dessie S, 198 
5 Ivy 198 

Gen. Page. 

5 Lydia V. 198 

5 Mary L. 198 

5 Myrtle 198 

5 WillO. 197 

6 Hamilton Grace L. 181 
6 Joseph 181 
6 Mary L. 181 
6 Harkless James 173 
6 Nancy 173 
6 Hooper David C. 176 
6 Esther C. 176 
6 George W. 176 
6 Jacob E. 176 
5 Horton Frank 197 

5 Orison 197 

6 Hughes Bessie L. 186 
6 Clara R. 186 
6 Cyrus A. 186 
6 Howard W. 186 
6 LeroyH. 186 
5 Koher Christian W. 1 76 
5 Hiram T. 176 
5 Jacob M. 176 
5 John D. 176 
5 Lydia A, 176 
5 Martin M. 176 
5 Mary M. 175 
5 Uriah F. 176 

5 William O. 176 

6 Kurtz Alsadore I. 183 
6 Daisy J. 183 
6 Lillian H. 183 
6 Nellie M. 182 

5 Lower Catharine 174 

6 Edna Z. 175 

5 Esther A. 174 

6 Homer D. 174 
5 Rev. John W. 175 

5 Joseph 174 

6 Maggie A. 174 
5 Martha 174 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






Gen. Page. 

5 Kurtz Margaret 



Mumma Maggie S. 

, 167 


Mayme A. 












William A. 






William S. 





6 Mumaw Alice 









Melissa A. 






Milton F. 



Martin S. 



Nellie E. D. 












Permelia A. 



Wesley S. 



Rebecca J. 


6 Mumma Aaron G. i66 


Rezin P. 






Sarah R. 












Wesley W. 






Murray Cyrus 









Charles P. 






Charles S. 















Isaac G. 









Elsie E. 















Murry Huldah A. 



George W. 












Idella B. 



Rev. Levi P. 












Overholser Amanda 154 








John 6. 






John P. 






John W. 









Clara M. 






David C. 



I<evi D. 



Dessie B. 












John M. 






• John 


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Gen. Page. 

5 Overholaer John W. 151 

4 Joseph 149 

5 Joseph B. 150 

6 LeRoy N. 150 

4 Martin 150 

5 Martin H. 151 
5 Rachel 150 
S Rebecca 150 

4 Rebecca 151 

5 Sarah 150, 151 
5 Susan 150 

4 Overholt Abiaham 

177, 179, 186 

3 Abraham 178 

5 Dr. Abraham J. 179 
5 Addie 168 

3 Agnes 133 
5 Albert 178, 181 
5 Alfred 196 
5 Amanda 181 
5 Anne 149 

4 Anna 179 

5 Anna 181 
3 Anna 190 

3 Barbara 151 

6 BrysonJ. 178 

4 Catbctrine 179 

5 Charles R. 189 
5 Christian 149 

4 Christian 182 

5 Christopher C. 188 

5 CorwinA. 178 

6 CorwinL. 178 
5 Cyrus E. 188 
5 David F. 187 
5 David J. 178 
5 Eliza A. 188 

4 Elizabeth 177,179, 


3 Elizabeth 133 

5 Ellen 177 

Gen. Page. 

5 Overholt Ella 188 

5 Emily 181 

5 Emma 188 

6 Ermie L. S. 180 
5 Esther 178 

4 Esther 182 

5 Fannie 150 

6 Flora B. iSo 
5 Harvey E. 189 

3 Henry 163 

4 Isaac i8i, 190 

3 Isaac 182 

5 Isaac 187 
5 Isaiah 178, 186 

4 Jacob 177, 182,188 

5 Jacob 187 
5 James C. 177 

5 Jeremiah 186 

6 Jessie ly. 180 

4 John 178, 188 

5 John 181, 186, 187 
5 Joseph 149 

3 Joseph 185 
5 Joseph 186, 187 

4 Joseph 187 

4 Jonas 187 

5 Dr. J. 188 
5 Leonard 179 

5 Levi iy8 

6 Lydia J. 178 
3 Magdalena 163 

2 Martin 132 

3 Martiu^ 177 

4 Martin 177, 179 

4 Margaret 189 

5 Martha M. 189 

5 Mary 179,. 186, 1*7 

4 Mary 190 

6 Minnie 180 

5 Moaes D. 188 
5 Oliver i«8 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Gen. Page. 

5 Overholt Orvilla 178 

5 Peter 150 

5 Rose A. 189 
5 Sarah 181, 186 

3 Sarah 182 

5 William W. 187 

5 Otis Ida 185 

5 Mary 185 

5 Samantha 185 

6 Raver Abraham 168 
6 Christian 167 
6 Esther A. 167 
6 Isaac 168 
6 Margaret 167 
6 Melissa 168 
6 Sarah J, 167 
6 ReslerAnna 154 
6 Clara 154 
6 Daniel W. 154 
6 David 153 
6 Harvey 154 
6 Isaac J. 153 

. 6 Jacob A. 154 

6 JohnH. 154 

6 Mary 154 
6 Ricketts David A. 184 

6 Scott Dorothy 163 

6 Edith 163 

5 Samuel S. 163 

5 Sarah P. 161 

6 Walter 163 

5 William W. 16 1 

6 William 162 
5 Slusser Albert C. 160 
S James B, 159 
5 Leonard 160 
5 Mary 159 
5 Naomi A. 159 
5 Peter A, 159 
5 Smutz Agnes 147 
5 Christian 147 


5 Smutz David 
5 Isaiah C. 
5 Joshua 
5 Mary 
5 Martha 

5 Samuel 

6 Spohn John 
6 Philip 





5 Stall Charles W. 196 

5 David W. 195 

5 Loren A. 196 

5 Mattie A. 196 

5 Myra 194 

6 Strauss Charles M. 169 
6 Ella N. 169 
6 Louisa J. 169 
5 Stults AUieJ. 190 
5 Charles P. 189 
5 Cyrus D. 189 
5 Elmer E. 189 
5 Ida M. 189 
5 Laura L. 189 

4 Stauffer Abraham 147 

5 Abraham O. 146 

6 Abraham 147 
6 Addie B. 145 
5 Adeline 147 
5 Agnes 146, 147 

5 Annie 147 
4 Annie 133 

4 Christian 141 

6 Christian 145 

5 Christian 147 

4 Elizabeth 141 

5 Elizabeth 141 

5 Eliza 147 

6 Ella O. 145 
6 Emma 145 
4 Esther 133 
6 George D, 145 
6 Hallie 146 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 







6 Stsuffer Henry 



Weimer Oriando B.196 

5 Henry O. 



Sarah A. 


6 John 





5 Lucinda 





5 Mary 





4 Mary 



Wdty Abraham 


5 Sarah O. 





4 Sarah 





6 Susan 





5 William 





6 Suminy Amos 





6 Anna 





6 Bzra 





6 Ida 





6 J. W. 





6 Maria 





5 Thttrsby Bertha 



Lizzie M. 


5 David 





5 Ddla 





5 Diana 



Mary 168 185 

5 Moyd 



Dr. Orin S. 


5 Joseph O. 





5 I<ottisa 





5 Newton 



William S. 


5 Samuels. 


6 Woodward Arthur 148 

5 WiUiam 



C. Walter 


5 Weimer Artie 





4 Caroline 





5 Dwight I,. 





4 KliaiW. 





4 Louisa 





5 Ora 










5 Bryan Benjamin ] 

P. 206 

6 Fretz Amanda 


5 Blizabeth 



John 0. 


5 John 





5 Mary A. 





6 Fretz Abraham 0. 202 




6 Abraham 



Gross Christian A. 216 

Digitized by 





5 Gross Henry 

5 Isaac M. 

5 Magdalena 

5 Margaret 

5 Mary 

5 Salome 

6 Koppes Aaron 
6 Amelia 

6 Mary 

Page. Gen. Page. 

214 6 Leatherman Elizabeth 

217 228, 229, 231 

213 6 Bmeline 229, 232 

216 6 Fannie 
213 6 Hannah 

213 4 
232 6 
232 5 

Henry O. 



232 6 Henry 228, 230 

6 Sarah 232 5 Jacob F. 222 
5 Landis Abraham 202 6 Jacob O. 226 





















Jacob W. 













222, 228 


Leatherman Abraham 






















Anna 224, 
















223, 229 












224, 232 





Rev. Samuel 228 






223, 229 











Loux Abraham 232 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




Page Gen. 


4 Loux Catharine 232 

4 John 232 

4 Peter 232 

4 Moyer Abraham D. 21 1 

5 Abraham G. 213 
5 Fannie G. 212 
5 Mary 212 
5 William G. 211 
2 Oberholtzer Barbara 22 1 
,1 Jacob 199 

2 Overholt Abraham 201 

4 Abraham 201, 207 

3 Abraham 207 

5 Abraham G. 210 
5 Abraham 211, 218 

4 Abraham S. 219 
4 Anna 213 

2 Anna 220 

4 Barbara 200 
^, Charles B. 203 

3 Blizabeth 200 

4 Elizabeth 201, 213 

5 Elizabeth 202, 211 

2 Blizabeth 220 

5 Eli 205 
5 Enos 204 

3 Esther 200 

4 Esther 201 

4 Hannah 219 

5 Hannah 218, 220 
5 Henry G. 209 

4 Henry 210 

5 Henry 211 

3 Henry 213 

4 Isaac 203, 2iOy 219 

5 Isaac G. 209 
5 Isaac M. 211 
3 Isaac 2I7 

2 Jacob 199 

3 Jacob 200, 20J 
5 Jacob 201 

5 Overholt Jacob B. 203 

4 ' Jacob 207 

4 John M. 202 

5 John B. 203 

4 John 207 

5 John 211, 219 
5 Joseph G. 207 

4 Joseph 217 

5 ' Lizzie 218, 220 

3 Magdalena 200 

4 Magdalena 213, 218 

2 Magdalena 234 

5 Margaret 210 
5 Mary 217, 202, 208 

4 Mary 205, 216, 219 

3 Marj' 211 

5 Mary 220 

2 Mary 220 
5 Maria 207, 210 
5 Rebecca 209 
5 Samuel 203, 211 
5 Susanna 209 

4 Susanna 218 

5 Susan M. 210 
5 Susan 220 
5 Tobias 217 
5 William G. 202 
5 William B. 204 

4 William 217 

3 Rosenberger Anna 221 
3 Barbara 233 
3 Elizabeth 233 
3 Magdalena 233 
3 Sarah 233 

5 Shaddinger Harvey 215 
5 HuldahJ. 215 
5 Lewis 214 
5 Sarah A. 215 
5 Wesley C. 216 
5 Yothers Barbara A.218 
5 Isaiah 218 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






5 Yothers Isaac O. 


5 Yothers Sarah 


5 Jacob 


5 Susanna 


5 Mary 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Genealogical Record 


William Nash 








\ OF 

nUTLER. N. J. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


I. William Nash, b Nov. 24, 1696; d in 1760. Emi- 
grated to America in the early part of the eighteenth 
century, and settled in BedmiuHter township, Bucks 
Co., Pa. By some he is said to have l)een a native of 
England, but by others it is thought he was a ( jernian. 
He was three times married, but the maiden names of 
none of his wives are known. His third and la^^t wife 
was Agnes, widow of Martin Oberholtzer. By his first 
wife the children were Elise, Ann, and Katharine ; by 
the second wife, Magdalena and William; by the third 
wife, Elizabeth, Joseph, Benjamin, and Abraham. He 
made his will in 176<), which was probated Dec. 23, 
1760, recorded in Philadelphia, and reads as follows, 


In the name of God, Amen. I, William Nash, of 
Bucks County, and Township of Bedminster, l)eing 
weak in body but of sound memory, blessed be (jod, 
Do this eighteenth day of Noveml)er, in the year of 
our Lord 1760, make and order this my last Will and 
Testament, in manner following, that is to say: First, 
I give and bequeath to Angnis, my wife, the stone end 
of my dwelling house for her to live in, as also 2 cows 
and a young horse, with a sufficiency of hay yearly to 
fodder said creatures, with four sheep and sufficiency 
of hay yearly to fodder said sheep, as also my Sd 
wife's saddle she is to possess and enjoy. And next, I 
give and bequeath to this my Sd wife's daughter, 
Barbara Frets, seven pounds, the remainder of ten 
pounds, which I have engaged to pay her. I also allow 
and l)equeath to my son, Martin Overbold, the sum of 
ten pounds, to be levied of my estate. 1 give and l)e- 
queath to my daughter, Mary, a new suit of cloaths 
in full, a bed and bedding of cloaths with a l)edstead, 
a cow, a tub, a pail, a churn, pewter, an iron pot and 
frying pan. I also give and iMxiueath to my first wife's 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


throe (lauffhterB, Ellse, wife of Wm. Tyson, Ann, wife 
of JoKeph Tyson, Katharine, wife of Benjamin Hend- 
riclvH, and William, son of my second wife, and my 
daiifi:hter, Madaline, wife of Jacob Frets, and daugh- 
ter of my second wife: as also I bequeath to Elizabeth, 
Josej)h and Abraham, children of my now present 
wife, with my first wife's children, an equal part of the 
i*eraainder of my estate, after the first above mention- 
ed and Iwqnenthed parts is first paid; and I make and 
(»rdain her, my Sd wife, and my trusty friend, William 
Tyson, sole executrix and executor of this my last 
AVill, in trust for the intent and purpose in this my 
last Will contained ; and I make my loving friend, Til- 
mnn Culp, overseer of this my last Will — ^to take care 
*\nd see the same performed iiccording to my true in- 
tent and meaning. And 1 also allow and l)equeathto 
my i)reKent wife a bed and bedstead and l)edding of 
cloaths for her own use and proper right, apote and 
necessaries suitable for a citchen, aw *ilso the wool, 
flax, &;c., for the the use of children now in my house. 
In Witness Whereof, I, the s'd Wm. Nash, have to this 
my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal the 
day and year above written. His - — " — . 

Mark. ' — • — 

Signed, sealed and delivered by the s'd Wm. Nash, ajB 
and for his last Will and Testament in the presents of 
Abraham Schwartz, Joseph Nash. And it is further 
ordered me, the afsM Wm. Nash, that my afs*d Ax'rx 
and Executor shall have full power and authority to 
get a draught for this my plantation, so as they may 
get a DtHMl or Title for the same ifs*dEx*rx and Ex'or, 
with afMOversetn- tliiuks fit, as witnessed on the other 
side. His .-^— ^ 

Mark. w^— 

rhihid'a, 2i\(\ Dec'r, 1760. 

Then personally ap])eared Abraham Schwartz and 
Joseph Nash, the witnesses to the foregoing Will, Cod- 
icil thereto made and subjoined, and on their solemn 
attinnation according to law, did declare they saw 
and heard William Nash, the testator therein named, 
sign, seal, publish and declare the same Will for and as 
his last AVill and Testament, and also saw and heard 
him sign, seal, publish and declare the s'd ( -odicil to 
the s'd AAMll made for a part and addition to his s'd 
AAlll, and that ye. doing of each he was(3f sound mind, 
niemorv and understanding, to ye best of their knowl- 
edge. CORAM AA^M. PLUMSTEAD, Reg'r Gen'l. 

Be it Remembered, that on the 2:5 day of Dec'r, 17G0, 
the last AVill and Testament of AVilliam Nash, dec'd, 
in due fcn-m of Law was I'roved and Probate. L*rs 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


TeHtamoii'ry were grt^nted to Aiift-nis NnHh (Wllllain 
Tyson renounced), Execn'rw In said Will named liein^ 
solemnly atfirmed well and tru\y to Administer the 
Decedt's Estate and brin^ an Inven'ry thereof into 
the Reg'r Genl's office at Phllada. at or before the 2:5 
«lay of Jan'ary next and I'ender a true acco'd when 
required. Given under the seal of the s'd offls. 

Ilei»:r. Oenl. 


II. Elise Nash, m William Tyson. Descendants 
not traced. 


II. Ann Nash, m Joseph Tyson. Descendants not 


if. Katharine Nash, m Benjamin Hendricks. De- 
scendants not traced. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


II. Maj^dalena NnHh, b , d ; m Jacob Fretz 

about 1755, He wafl b about 1782, d . They at first 

lived In Tlnicum towiiHliip, near Erwlnna, on a farm 
later known as the Ervine place, he having sold It to 
a man by the name of Ervine. 

After selllnj^: his farm near Erwlnna he purchased 
a farm in Bedminster township, where he died, and 
where his son Joseph (known as Big Joe) also lived 
and died, after which it wiw sold to l8€Lac Detweiler, 
and wa« later owned by Aaron Yerger. The farm 
originally extended back to the Tohiekon. Jacob and 
his wife were in all probablity members of the Men- 
nonite church at Deep Run, where they were burled. 
Children: Elizabeth, Abraham, John, Hannah, Bar- 
bara, Magdalena, Jacob, William, Joseph, Isaac. 

III. Elizal)eth Fretz, b in Bucks (^o., Pa., July 1, 
175«, d Feb. 18, 18:11; m Rev. John Kephart. He was 
born Feb. 10, 1751, d Aug. 81, 1822. Farmer and minis- 
ter. Oidained to the ministry of the Mennonite 
church, and preached at the Doylestown meeting- 
house. (•: Magdalena, Susan, Elizalieth, J*icob, John ' 
Catharine, Hannah, Abraham, Anna. 

III. Abraham Fretz, b Jan.l, 1758, d Feb. 14, 1889; 
m Elizabeth Harman Mar. 14, 1786. She died Nov. 11, 
184:$. Farmer and Aveaver. Served as teamster three 
months in the American army during the Revolution- 
ary war and carted powder from Ti-enton, N. J., to 
Boston, Mass., and wa« ])resent at the battle of 
Bunker Hill. Menus. C: Jacob, Susan, John, Catherine, 

III. John Fretz, b Aug. 28, 17fi:{; d Feb. 24, 1842; 
m Mary Kratz Apr. 15, 17J)2. Slie was b March 7, 1770; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


(1 July 9, 1^9. Farmer. MonnK. C: Mag:(laleiia, 
Rachel, Elizabeth, Abraham, Barbara, John, Mary, 
Susanna, Lydia. 

HI. Hannah Fretz, d Hlnj^le 

III. Barbara Fretz, d single. 

ill. Magdalene Fretz, d single. 

III. Jacob Fretz, b in Bucks Co., Pa.; m Elizabeth 
Heistand. Farmer. Menus. C: Henry, Eli, Noali 

III. William Fretz, b Oct. 22, 1768, d , m Mary 

Stover. C: Joseph, Barbara, Jacob, Magdalena, 
Catharine. He m second wife Margaret Garges. 
Farmer. Means. C: Eliza. 

III. Joseph Fretz, b 1771, d 182;J; ra Mary Souder. 
He was called **Big Joe'* to distinguish him from sev- 
eral other Joseph Fretz 's. Farmer. Menus. C: Eliza- 
beth, Abraham, Catherine, William. 

III. Isaac Fretz, b June 11, 1781, d Dec. 27, 1855; m 
Mary Moyer. She d Mar. 27, lvS54. P^armer. C: Will- 
iam, Magdalena.* 


II. William Nash. Descendants, if any not traced. 

•For omitted records of descendants of .Jacob 
and Magdalena (Nash) Fretz, see Fretz Famllj- His- 
torj, pages 89-1^:3. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Rev. Adam Schwimley. 
(See Page 17) 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


II. Elizabeth Na«h, b in Bedminster township, 
Bucks Co., Pa., Aug:. •^, 1751; d; m *Martin Overholt. 
He waH b about 1745-6, d after 1815. Farmer in Plum- 
Htead township, Bucks Co., Pa. Menus. C: Jacob, 
William, Agnes, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Magdalena, 
d s; Abraham, d s; Barbara, Anna, Sarah. 

III. Jacob Oberholtzer, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
12, 1767, d Oct. 1, 1849; m Mary Angeny May 17, 1791. 

She was b Mar 12, 1765, d . Farmer. Menns. C: 

Jacob, Elizabeth, Martin, Barbara, Infant, Anna, 
Maiia, Sarah. 

IV. Jacob Overholt, b Apr. 6, 1792; m AnnaShutt. 
No issue. 

IV. Elizabeth Overholt, b Dec. 5, 1793; m Christian 

IV. Martin Overholt, b Oct. 1.S, 1796; m Anna 
Kulp: one c, .Tacob. 

IV. Barbara Oberholtzer, b Aug. 17, 1798; m John 
Leatherman, (Thick John). C: Jacob, Martin, Mary, 
Elizal)eth, Barbara, Nancy. 

IV. Anna Ol^erholtzer, b May 15, 1801, d Sept. 15, 
1SS8; m Peter Loux in 18:56. He was b June 27, 1776, d 
July 24, 1871. Farmer. Menns. One c, Mary. 

IV. Maria Oberholtzer, b Sept. 17, 1803; m John 
Leatherman, (Little John). C: Elizabeth, Anna,Mary, 
Catheiine, Hannah. 

IV. Sarah Overholt, b Aug. 25, 1808; m Rev.Samuel 
Leathenuan. (See Rev. Samuel I-ieatherman Family). 

*S(m of Oberholtzer, who emigrated to Amer- 
ica before the Revoluti(m, or as early as about 1700. 

For (miitted records of descendants of 111. Jacob 
and Mary (Angeny) Oberholtzer, w»e Wisner Family 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


III. Rev. William Oberholtzer, b in Biick.s Co., 
Pa., Auft-. 27, 1768, (1 Sept. 18, 18:i8; in Gertrude Kulp, 
(laughter of Michael Kulp. She wa« b Dee. 28, 1769, d 
July 27, 1827. They at first lived in Bucks Co. and later 
in Northampton Co., Pa. From there they moved to 
Medina Co., Ohio, locatin^i: in Guilford township, 
where thej' died. He was a fanner and minister of 
the Mennonite church, having: been chosen to the min- 
istry prior to his removal to Ohio, and served as min- 
ister In Northampton Co., Pa., and Medina Co., Ohio. 
C: Anna, Martin, Elizabeth, Barbara, Mary, William* 
Joseph. Sarah, John, Susanna, Lydia. 

iV. Anna Oberholtzer, b in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
12, 1792, d in Wadsworth township, Medina Co., O., 
Dee. 19, 18&3; m Jacob Hendricks Baker Sept. 14, 1820. 
He wae b In Montg. Co., Pa., June 29,1794, d in Medina 
Co., O., June 11, 1890. Shoemaker. Menus. C: Georfi;e, 
Susanna, William. 

V. George Baker, b July 13, 1821, d Dec. 24, 1890; m 
Sarah Gelsinger Sept. 9, 1^52. She wa« b June 18,1821. 
Farmer. River Brethren. C: Susan, Eli, Jcmas, Will- 
lam, Jacob, Joseph, Infant, Alice, Infant. 

VI. Susan Baker, b at Shinersburg, O., Jan 8,1854; 
m Irvin Stauffer Sept. 23, 1880. P. O., Easton, Ohio. 
Farmer. U. B. ch. 

VII. Nina Stauffer, dc, b May tl 1882. George B. 
Stauffer, b Sept. 29, 1883. Earl Stauffer, b Nov. 24, 1886. 
Myrtle E. Stauffer, b Apr. 15, 1891. AVilliam O.Stiiuffer. 
b Dec. 25, 1897. 

VI. Eli Baker, b Mar. 20, 1855, d May 2JJ, 18>^. 

VII. Jonas Baker, b July 1, 1856: m (■atharine 
Amstutz. P. O., Barbertim, O. C: VII. Clai-ence Baker. 

VI. William H. Baker, b in Wayne (^o., O., Feb.ll, 
1858; ra Mary Koppes Sept. 23, 1880. P. O., Acme, O. 
Stone and brick nmson. Meth. Ep. C: (-hloe Belle 
Baker, b Dec. 3, 1881, d Feb. 20, 1897. Meth Ep. 

VI. Jacob Baker, b July 6, 1860, d Dec. 8. 18(50. 

VI. Joseph Baker, (twin) b July 6, 1S60. P.O., 
Barberton, O.; s. 

VI. Infant son, b Sept. 3. 1862. 

VI. Alice Baker, b May 31, 1864, d June 10, 1864. 

VI. Infant son, b Oct. 7, 1866. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Susanna Baker, b Nov. 23, 1823, d July 3, l^Od. S. 

V. Dr. William Overholt Baker, b in Lower Mt. 
Bethel township, Northampton Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 1827; 
ra Rel)ecca Utt May 10, 1856. P. O. Louisville, O. Dr. 
Baker was born about three miles from the loot 
of the Blue mountains, near the banks of Martins 
Creek, where his early childhood days were spent. 
This was l>efore the days of public schools, and the 
schools he attended were known as ^^Subscription" 
schools, which were held in the winter in the Mennon- 
ite church, which was fitted up for the purpose. After 
removing to Ohio he attended the common schools for 
several years, and later Wadsworth Academy several 
terms. However, he received the bulk of his knowl- 
edge and mental discipline by incessant and close 
study by himself. At the age of 20 years he began to 
teach school, which he followed through his student 
life. After arriving at the age of 21 years he began 
the study of medicine at Wooster, Ohio, in the office 
of his uncle, Dr. John Overholt, in connection with 
teaching. In 18r)2 and 1853 he took a course of lectures 
at the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia, Pa. 
Later he went tn Cleveland, O., where he also took 
lectures. In 1S.55 he coninieuced the practice of medi- 
cine at Louisville, O., where he still resides, and is en- 
gaged in the practice of his professicm. About 1860 he 
was chosen to the ministry of the Brethren in Christ 
church, and has served the church by preaching the 
gospel as much as his ciivumstances wcmld permit for 
the last forty years. C: Infant, Alfred, Anna, Amanda, 
John, Mary, Ada, Charles, Minnie. 

VI, Infant son, stillborn, 1S,")7. 

VI. Alfred Jacob Baker, b 1S59, d Sept. 21, 1860. 

VI. Anna Elizal)eth Baker, b at Louisville, Stark 
Co., O., Aug. 20, 18G1; m Hiram Franklin Hixson Sept. 
1, 1S.S1. He d . Res. 198 W. Brookline 

St., Mass. Prof, of mathematics and bookkeeping. 
Baptist. C; (Vll.) Methyl Julia Hixson, b at Louis 
ville,0., Oct. 2, 1S82. Student at Latin school. Bap- 
tist.(VII.) Infant scni, b Mar. 20, 1886. (Vll.) Raymond 
Baker Hixson, b at Parsons, Kans., June 6, 18S7, d 
Feb. 12, 1891. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Amanda Catharine Baker, b Apr. 2, 18&4. 

VI. John Wesley Baker, b Nov. 3, 1866, d Oct. 8, 

VI. Mary Ellen Baker, b Dec. 28, 1868. School 
teacher. Baptist. S. 

VI. Ada Baker, b May 10, ISH, d Aug. 21. 1871. 

VI. Charies William Baker, b Auff. ;i, 1873. P. O. 
Louisville, O. Painter and paper-hanger. 

VI. Minnie Baker, b Sept, 31, 1874, d April 19, 1875. 

IV. Martin Overholt, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
in 1794, d in Ohio in 1879; m Elizabeth Shaun. She 
was bom in Northampton Co., Pa., 1792, d in Medina 
Co., O., 1856. Farmer. Menns. C: Mollie, William, 
Abraham, Anna Leah, Sallie, Eliz^ibeth. 

V. Mollie Overholt, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
1818; dl866; m Jonas Kindig. 

VI. Martin, Abraham, Alpha. 

V. William Overholt, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 

1820; m Elizabeth Leatherman Nov. 18,1841. 

Farmer. Menn. Br. in Christ. C: Amos, Martin, 

John, Aaron, Abraham, William, Jonas, Levi, Sarah, 

Jacob, Leah, Marj', Elizabeth, Kufus. 

VI . Amos Overholt, b Jan. 6, 184:}; m El!zal)eth 
Moyer. Farmer. U. B. ch. C : Alice, John, Fannie, 
Edna, Clarence, Claude. 

VI. Martin Overholt, b Feb. 22, 1844; m Catharine 
Nnsbaum, Jan. 9, 1870. P. O., Bliss, Mich. Carpenter 
and farmer. Menn. Br. in Christ. C : Lester, Orpha, 
Cora, Lawrence, Florence, Oscar. 

VII. Lester Overholt, b in Elkhart Co., Ind., May 
20, 1872; m Nettie Bowles Oct. 8, 1897. P. O., Petoskey, 
Mich. Baker. Meth Ep. C : VIII. Melville Sherwln 
Overholt, b July 12, 1898. Stanley B. Overholt, b Mar. 
21, 1901. Twin to Stanley, stillborn. 

VII. Orpha Overholt, b July 20,1875; m Asa Kelser. 
P. O., Harber Springs, Mich. Teacher. U. B. ch. C : 
(VIII.) Florence. 

VII. Cora Overholt, b May 1, 1879. 
VII. Lawrence Overholt, b Mar. 7, 1881. 
VII. Florence Overholt (twin), b Mar. 1881. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Oscar Overholt, b Mar. 10, 1888. 

VI. John Overholt, b Aug. 22, 1845 ; m Lydia A. 
Brown, Feb. 22, 1880. P. O. Goshen, Ind. Carpenter. 
C : Ellen, John, Bertha, Rufus. 

VI. Aaron Overholt, b Dec. 5, 1846 ; d 1865. 

VI. Abraham Overholt, b Jan. 27, 1848; m Linda 
N. MUler, Sept. 6, 1888. P. O. Grand Rapids, Mich. C: 
(VII.) Zoe Elnora Overholt. 

VI. William Overholt, Jr., b Mar. 20, 1849; d May 
21 , 1878 ; m Sarah Wismer in 1870. C : Clara, d ; Mary, 
Elmer, d. 

VI. Jonas Overholt, b Aug. 12, 1850 ; m Catharine 
Nusbaum. P. O. Dutton, Mich. Farmer ; Ger. Bap. 
C: Alpha, Arthur, Rose, John, Charles, Walter, 
Lloyd, Nelson. 

VI. Levi Overholt, b Jan. 18, ia52 ; d 1852. 

VI. Sarah Overholt, b May 2, 1853 ; d 1861. 

VI. Jacob Overholt, b July 4, 1854; m Ettie I. 
Hammond in 1879. Farmer. C : .Clara, d ; Clyde^ 

VI. Leah Overholt, b Nov. 9, 1856 ; d 1885. 

VI. Mary A. Overhcjlt, b May 7, 1858, d 1888. 

Vi. Elizabeth Overholt, b Mar. 16, 1860, d 1882. 

VI. Rufus Overholt, b Jan. 25, 1863; m Ida Ham- * 
mond in 1888. P. O., Dutton, Mich. Farmer. C: 
(VII.) Blanch E. Overholt. 

V. AbrahamOverholt,b in NorthamptonCo.,Pa., 
in 1822 ; d in Medina Co., O., 1853 ; m Mollie Leatherman. 
She was b in 1821 ; d in 1876. Blacksmith ; Menu's. C: 
Elizabeth, Enos, Manasseh, Joseph, Samuel, John, 

VI. Elizal)eth Overholt, b in 1844 ; d infant. 

VI. Enos Overholt, b in Medina Co., 0.,in 1846; m 
Matilda Fox, of Mahoning Co., O., in 1876. P. O. 
Trousdale, Kan. Blacksmith ; Menus. Br. in Christ. C: 
VII. Priscilla May Overholt, b at Wakarusa, Ind.. 
in 1876. Menu. Br. in Christ. Matron of Rescue Home, 
Pueblo, Colo. S. 

VII. Timothy James Overholt, b in 1878. P. O. 
Trousdale, Kan. Farmer ; Menu's. Br. in Christ. S. 
VII. Charity Ann Overholt, b 1879. 
VII. Phel)e Estella Overholt, b in Harvey Co., 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Kans., 1882. Misalon worker. Menu. Br. in ChrlBt. 

VII. Amelia Sarah Over holt, b In lc584. Student 
at High School. Menu. Br. In Christ. 

VII. Charles Ellas Overholt, b in 1886; is a promis- 
ing- musician. Menu. Br. in Christ. 
VII. Mary Kossetta Overholt^ b 1889, 
VII. Herby Hermon Overholt, b 1892. 
VII. Savilla Ruth Overholt, b 1894. 
VI. Manasseh L. Overholt, b in Medina Co., O.,, 
June 4,1847; d in Kans. Nov. 5, J 884; m Mary Berkey 
June 28, 1868. She was born in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 
26, 1847. P. O., Hesston, Kans. Cabinet maker and 
inventor of "Honest washing machines.*' Menus. C : 
Samuel, Sarah, John, Anna, Caroline, William, Emma. 
Mary, Fannie, Lucinda, Eli. 

VII. Samuel B. Overholt, b in Medina Co., 0.,Apr. 
27,. 1869; m Mary M. Rogers Dec. 3. 1891. P. O. Hess- 
ton, Kans. Creameryman and engineer. Menus. C i 
(VII.) Walter H. Overholt, b July 2, 1892. Lottie M. 
Overholt, b May 2, 1894. Clayton S. Overholt, b July 
23, 1896. Goldle E. Overholt, b Sept. 29, 1898. Mary 
.M. Overholt, b Sept. 10, 1900. 

VII* Sarah Overholt, b in Medina Co., O., Aug. 19, 
1870: She d Nov. 17, 1890 ; m Jonah Holdeman Oct. 14, 
1887. P. O. Schley, Kans. Farmer. Menus. C: (VII.) 
Ida Holdeman, b Maj' 15, 1889. Isaiali Holdeman, b 
Oct. 31, 1890, d Mar. 16, 1892. 

VII. John A. Overholt, b Apr. 28, 1872 ; m Rebecca 
Culp, May 20, 1897. P. O. Homestead, Kans. C ; Alta 
May Overholt, b Nov. 18, 1900. 

VII. Infant. 

VII. Infant. 

VII. Anna Overholt, b July 25, 1873; d in 1880. 

VII. Caroline Overholt, b Nov. 22, 1874. P. O., 
Hutchinson, Kans. S. 

VII. William Overholt, b Sept. 10, 1876; d 18 50. 

VII. Emma Overholt, b May 18, 1878. P. O., 
Schley, Kans. S. 

VII. Mary Overholt, b Sept. 10, ls79; d ()ct.l6,18T9. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Fannie Overholt, b July 22, 1880. P. O. Hesa- 
ton, Kans. S. 

VII. Lucinda Overholt, b March 19, 1882. P. O. 
HeRSton, Kana. S. 

VII. Eli Overholt, b Mar. 16, 1884. 

VI. Joseph Overholt, b in 1848. P. O. Schley, 
Kansas. S. 

VI. Samuel Overholt, b 1850 ; d 1867. 

VI. John Overholt, b ia51 ; d small. 

VI. Jacob Overholt. b 1853 ; d small. 

V. Anna Overholt, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
1824; married Jacob Kreider, Dec. 2, 1841. He wan b 
. Farmer. Menus. C: John, Daniel, Martin, Wil- 
liam, Jacob, Sarah, Lizzie, Jonas, Joseph. 

VI. John Kreider, b Feb. 28, 1843, in Wayne Co., 
O. ; married Mary S. Kindy, June 8, 1868. She d May 
1, 1877. C : Milo, William, Nora, John married 2nd 
wife, Mary Y. Yoder, Mar. 2, 1878. P. O. Wadsworth, 
O. Hotel-keeper. Menns. 

VII. Milo Kreider, b Nov. 24, 1869: d Dec. 2, 1878. 

VII. William Kreider, b May 12, 1872; married 
Carrie Hostettler, Oct. 1, 1896. P. O. Wadsworth, O. 
Veterinary. C: VIII. Son, stillborn; Sybil Catharine 
Kreider, b June 26, 1898. 

VII. Nora Kreider, b April 1, 1874. 

VI. Daniel Kreider, b Mar. 10, 1845 ; d Jan. 3,1867, 
in St. Louis. Teacher. 

VI. Dr. Martin K. Kreider, b in Wayne Co., O., 
Jan. 18, 1847; married Saloma Hoover, Sept. 26, 1S69. 
P. O. Goshen, Ind. Physician and surgeon. Presby. 
C : Alice, Nettie, Dora, Beulah. 

VII. Alice Kreider, b Sept. 27, 1870 ; married Haines 
Ejcbert, Sept. 15, 1892. P. O. (ioshen, Ind. C: VIII. 
Lillian Egbert. 

VII. Nettie Kreider, b Sept. 25, 1872 ; married Rob- 
ert F. Miller, Feb. 12, 1895. P. O. (Joshen, Ind. C: 
VIII. Helen Miller. 

VII. Dora B. Kreider, b Aug. 2, 1874. P. O. Go- 
shen, Ind. S. 

VII. Beulah Kreider. b Sept. 4, 1876. P. O. Go- 
shen, Ind. S. 

VI. Dr. William B. Kreider, b in Wayne Co., O., 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Feb. :J. 1849; uianied Nettie C. Wlekhani.Sept. 16,187.?- 
P. O. GoslMJii, 1 11(1. Physician and surgeon. Presby- 
V: VII. Noble Wlckham Krelder. b Sept. 24,1874. P. 
O. GoBhen, Ind. Musician (pianist). Presby. S. 

VI. Jacob Kreideiv b Aug. 2K, 1850 ; d Sept. 1852. 

VI. Sarah A. Kreider, b Mar. 6, ia5:{ ; m Noah S. 
H()over,Mar. 19, 1882. P.O. Goshen, Ind. Farmer.Menns. 
C : VII. Anna Hoover, b Nov. 17, 1884. Vil. J. Wil- 
liam Hoover, b June 22, ISSO. Vil. Ada May Hoover,, 
b May 27, 1890. 

VI. Lizzie Kreider, b Mny 2;^. 1855; ni Joseph Li'nd. 
Res. 606 S. Broadway^ Akron, O. Slate roofer. 
Menu. C: VII. Jonas, Willie, Noble, dec'd, Mel\in. 

VI. Rev. Jonns Kreider,. b in Medina County, 
Ohio., June 8, 1857; m (^atharine Stine Nov. 29. 
tS^I. P. O., River Styx, O. Farmer and minister. 
Menu. ch. C: VII. Llyod S. Kreider, b Sept. 25, 1884, 
VII. Mllo G. Kreider, b Au^. 20, 1886. Vil. Laura A. 
Kreider, b July V\, 18aS. VIK Bertha A. Kreider, U 
Nov. l:J, 1890. VII. Ida B. Kreider, b Sept. «, 1893. 

VK Joseph Kreider, b in Medina (■<)., O., July 15,. 
1859; m Anna M. Anthony Dec, 10, 1S86. P. ()., Victor, 
CnU). Assistant cashier in bank of Victor, Colo- 
Presby. C: VIK Boyd B. Kreider, b May 30, 1.S88. 

VI. Amanda Kreider, b Sept. 2, 18(w); m Geor/Li^ 
Martin Feb. 24. 1891. P. O., Orville, O. Farmer. 
Menu's. C : VII. Nellie Martin, b Dec. 6, 1S91. Edith 
Martin, b Jan. H. 1S9:1. Clara Martin, b May 18, 1S94. 
Mabel Martin, b Sept. 11, 1896, 

VI. Anna Kreider, b July 26, 18(59; m Daniel 
Hoover Dec. 15, 1898. P. ()., Wadsworth, O. Farmer. 
Menu's. C: VII. Paul Hoover, b Sept. 23, 19(K). 

V. Leah Overholt, b 1826: m Michael Kapp. P. 
O., Blake, O. 

V. Sallie Overholt, b in Medina Co., O., Sept. 
10,1829; m William D. KindijLi: Jan. 21, 1.S51. P. O., 
Poe, Ohio. Farmer. Meim's. C: Reuben, Levi, 
Maria, E , W , 

VI. Reuben O. Kindi^, b in Medina (^)., O., Jan- 
31, 1855; m Fannie R. Kulp Nov. 27, 1879. She was b 
Feb. 17, 1858. P. O. Medina, O. ('urpenter, school 
teacher, mnnap:er of a lumber yard, clerk and book- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


keeper, cashier in bank 8 yeare, real estate and Insur- 
ance, and now foreman In one department of the A. J. 
Root Manufactory, Medina, O., Presby. C: VII. 
Claude Arthur Kindig, b Mar. 27, 1882. Lela May 
Kindiff, b July 29, 1884. Mary Olive Klndig, b Nov. 4, 
1886. Ray Kindig, b Sept. 19, 1888. 

VI. Dr. Levi E. Kindig, b June 20, 1857; m Dr. 
Flora May Taylor June 20, 1888. Res 2814 Champa - 
St„ Denver, Colo. Phj'slcian. Presby. C: VII, Zoe 
Zlda Klndig, b Mar. 1, 1891. 

VI. Maria O. Klndig, b Oct. 18. 1859; m Levi K. 
StoverOct. 6, 1881. P. O., Poe, O. Dealer in horses. C: 
VII. Willie K. Stover, b Dec. 20, 1884. Adella May 
Stover. 1) Dec. 2, 1887. (^arl Noble Stover, b Dec.a, 1891. 
Myrta Olive Stover, b June 20, 1898. 

VL E. D. Kindig, b In Medina Co., O., Sept. ;i, 
1805; m Frances Minnetta Witter Apr. 12, 1888. Res., 
5:52 W. River St., Elyria, O. Watchmaker and Jeweler. 
CongM. C: VII. CV>rwin Witter Klndig, b July 7, 
189:{. Morwin Monroe Klndig, b Dec. 5, 1895. Lagrand 
Huntley Kindig, b Feb. 10, 1901. 

VI. W\0. Klndig, b in Medina Co., O., June 27, 
1870; m Lydia May Overdorf Feb. 20, 1892. P. O., Poe, 
(). Farmer and breeder of Shropshire sheep, Poland 
China swine and A. J. V. C. Jerseys, etc. L.uth's. C : 
VII. Reulah D. Fern Klndig, b June 14, 189:J, d 
Aug. l:i, isim. (ilen Leo Klndig.b Jan. 4, 1895. ^ ayoni 
Kathleen Kindig, b May 12, 1.S9S. 

V. Elizabeth Overliolt, b in Medina (^o., Ohio, 
Nov. 11, 18:{2: m Henry O. Leatherman. (See Henry 
<). Jjeatherman family.) 

IV. Eli'/abeth Overholt, b 1790, died In infancy. 
IV. Barbara Overholt, bin Uucks ('o., Pa., Jan. 

179S, d at Spring Run, la., Jan. 2."), 1K7;J: m MIchm*l 
BuKsard. He was b at Fountain In, Bucks ('o.. Pa., 
Dec. 12, 179;5, died at Si)ring Run, la., Dec. S, 1877. 
Blacksmith. Mrs. B. Menu. C: Josei)h, Samuel, 
Sarah, Mary, Lydia, William, Anna. 

V. Rev. Joseph Bnssard, b in Northamptcm Co., 
Pa., July 8. 1819, died in Linn Co., Iowa, Dec. 2(5, 1897; 
m (Catharine Oodshall Feb. 12. 1842. Slie was bin 
Northampton Co., Pa., Dec. 2."), 1S22. died in Lcmisa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Co., Iowa, Feb, 4, 1878. Minister of the Gospel of the 
Evangelical Association. C: Mary, Wesley, Carrie^ 
Nellie, Barbara, Willfara. 

VI. Mary Ann Bussard, b in Northampton Co., 
Pa., Sept. 26, 1842; m W. Klingaraan at Lisbon, Linn 
Co., la., in 1863. P. O. Pauline, Nebr. Farmer. Meth. 
Ep. C : Oliver, Laura,. Joseph, Charles, George^ Bert^ 
Frank, Loyd, Raymond, Fred. 

VII. Oliver C. Klingaman^ l> at Iowa City, la.,. 
1864; m Maud Wilson 1891. P. O. Statesville, N. C. 
Commercial traveler. C: (VIII.) Edwin C. Wilson, 
Catharine Wilson. 

VII. Laura C. Klingaman b at Spring Run, la.,. 
1867: m A. D. McNear 1886. P. O., Blue Hill, Neb. 
Commercial traveler. No issue. 

VII. Joseph M. Klingaman, b Spring Run, Ia,> 
1869; m Clara Moore 1893. P.O., Pauline, Nebr. C: 
(VIII.) Allen M. Klingaman, Helen C. Klingaman, 
Pauline Klingaman. 

VII. Charles W. Klingaman, b at Clifton, la., 18n- 
P. O., S. Omaha, Nebr. S. 

VIK George W. Klingaman, b at Clifton, la., 1873. 
P. O., Pauline, Nebr. S. 

VII. Bert R. Klingaman, b at Spring Run, la., 
1875. P. O. Pauline, Nebr. S. 

VII. Frank W. Klingaman, b 1879, d la^. 

VII. Lloyd G. Klingaman, b at Ayr, Nebr., 1881. 
P. O. Pauline, Nebr. S. 

VII. Raymond B. Klingaman, b 188J5, d 18JW. 

VII. Fred D. Klingaman, b at Pauline, Nebraska, 

VI. Rev. Wesley R. Bostird,* b in Northampton 
Co., Pa., May 25, 185:]; m Rofw Beidelman June 27, 
1875. P. O., Dodge Centre, Minn. In 1857 he came 
with his parents to Iowa, settling at Spring Run. In 
the summer of 1873 he l)egan teaching school at Colo., 
Story Co., and in the winter of that year and the fol- 
lowing year he taught in Louisa Co. In the spring of 
1874 he went to Nebraska, and was married in Omaha 
in 1875. He worked, clerked and engaged in business 
until 1884, when he removed to Atlanta, Georgia^ 
*He chang-od the Hi>elli ng of his name when a bo^". 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


where he held the position of Railway Secretary* Y.M. 
C. A., until 1892. He was in business in Chicago from 
1892 to 1898, when he removed to Minnesota and was 
ordained to the ministry of the Congregational church 
April 24, 1899, and has since served the Dodge Centre 
and Claremont St. Congregational churches as pastor 
(1901). C: VII. Burdette Victor Bosard, b April 9, 
1876. P. O., Station L., Chicago, 111. Electrical en- 
gineer. Cong. S. Archie Lloyd Bosard, b July 19, 
1879, d Nov. 1, 1880. Edna Theodora Bosard, b Jan. 
2, 188:^. Cong. Maurice Rex Bosard, b June 3, 1889, 
d Nov. 3, 1891. 

VI. Carrie BuHsard, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
Sept. 5, 1846; m Rev. Adam Schwimley, Dec. 12, 1867. 
Res. 342 S. Dodge St., Iowa City, la. Rev. Adam 
Schwimley is one of the prominent ministers of the 
U. Brethren in Christ denoniinatlon. He has served his 
church for 17 years as Presiding Elder, and 173'ears as 
pastor. Twelve years were spent as P. E. in the 
South Eastern Iowa, five years in Colorado, and six 
years as pastor in Denver, Colo. He has also repre- 
sented his church in the General Conference for six 
quadrenials. He has been an earnest and faithful 
minister of the gospel, and has been very successful in 
winning multitudes for Christ. His noble wife ever 
standing by his side and nobly bearing part in the 
work, ixjssesses a peculiar faculty of working with 
the children of the church, in which she has had great 
succcKs. She is also a lender in the various societies of 
the church work. C: William, Joseph, Nellie. 

VII. Rev. William A. Schwimley, b June 28, 1869; 
m Nora L C'arr of near Wei I man, la., Sept. 11, 1891. 
P. O., Kangley, III. He was licensed by the Quar. 
Conf. of the IT. B. ch. of Denver, Colo., Dec. 1889; liegan 
active ministry for the Congregational body inOgden, 
Utah. March, 1892. C4raduate<l from Oberlin Theo- 
logical Seminary May 2, 18i)5, and wtm ordained to the 
ministry of the Congregational church at Penfield, 
Ohio, May 7, 1895. He has served churches in Ogden, 
Utah: Penfield, Ohio; David City, Nebr.; Ashkum, III., 
and Kangley, III. C: (VIII.) Max Alvin Sehwimjey, 
b June 5, 1893. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. Joseph Frederick Sehwiinley, b July 8, 1877, a 
\uff. 28, 1881. 

VII. Nellie E. Sohwimley, b June 15, 1883. Student 
In the High School of Iowa City, la. 

VI. Nellie J. Bussard, b in 1857; m Frank L. Car- 
penter In ISS:^. ReH. 8124 Reynolds ave., Chiea.«:o, 111. 
Conff. C; VII. Guy E. Carpenter, b Apr. 8, 1885. 
JeBHie M. Cariienter, b Auj?. 19, 1801. 

VI. William BuHHard, b June 4, 18(53; m Edith L. 
Moore June ;M), 1891. P.O., Wescott, Nebr. Fanner 
and Ht(K»kman. C: VII. William Franklin Bunsard, 
b Jan. 20, 1893. Russell Winston Bussard, b Mar. 2:^, 

VI. Barbara Bussard, ni Jiieob Rowe. P. O., 
Letts, Iowa. 

V. Samuel Bussard, b Sept. 30, 1821, d Noveml)er 
1856. S. 

V. Sarah Bussard, b in Northamjiton Co., Pa., 
Apr. 17, 1824, d at Columbus City, la., Apr. 17, 1896; m 
M. Robert Utt. He was b at Dills Ferry, Northampton 
Co., Pa. Farmer. Formerly Evan'l Ass'n; later 
United Evan*l. C : Stephen, Eli^is, Joseph, .lohn. 

VI. Stephen Utt, h , d in infancy. 

VI. Rev. Elia« B. Utt, b at Bangor, Pa.. Mar. 13, 
1846. In the sprlnft'- of 1856 his parents moved from 
Northamptcm (vO., Pa., to a farm near Columbus City, 
Iowa. He lived with his parents and worked on the 
farm during the summer and attended school In the 
winter, as opportunity afforded until in Feb. 18(54, 
when he enlisted as a soldier in (-o. F., 2.*)th Rc»gt., 
Iowa Vol. Inf. He joined the regiment at W^oodville, 
Ala., In the latter part of Mar.. 1864, and was all 
through the Atlanta campaign, and Sherman's march 
to the sea. He wa« in the grand review at Wa«hing^ 
Ington, D. C, and was then transferred to the 4th 
Iowa Veteran Vol. Inf. and served In that until July 
24, 1865, when he was mustered out of the service at 
Louisville, Ky. 

After returning home he took a i)artial course In the 
Normal department of the State University, Iowa 
City. After this he taught for about four years in the 
public schools of Louisa Co., Iowa, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


He was converted when 10 years of age and united 
with the Evangelical Association. Believing himself 
called to the ministry, he was licensed to preach, and 
was received into the Iowa conference of the Evangel- 
ical Association in April, 1872. 

When the DesMoines conference wa« formed in 
1876 he liecame a member of that body, and remained 
such until the division occurred in the Evangelical 
Association, when he l)ecame a member of the Des- 
Moines conference of the United Evangelical church, 
with which he still remains connected. During his 
ministry of 29 years he has served the following 
charges in order: La Porte, Creston, DesMoines, 
Monroe, Vinton, DesX oines District, Blairstown, Mar- 
Hhalltown, Cedar Rapids District, Trinity Church, 
DesMoines; * arshalltown, Cedar Rapids, Lisbon. 

He was twice elected Presiding Elder, and served 
iu that capacity for six years. He represented his 
conference at four different sessions of the General 
Conference and was a number of times a delegate to 
the Hoard of Missions of his church. He was elected 
to the chairmanship of his conference at its session in 
1S90. He has served as Hecretary of his conference for 
10 years, and has for a numl>er of years been editor of 
the ('onference Journal. He has been prominently 
connected with the recent establishment of Western 
Union College at Le Mars, Iowa, of which he is now 
secretary of ths Board of TrusttH»M and Executive ( -om- 
mittee. He is at pn»sent, Feb. 4, 1901, p«istor of the 
United Evaiigt»licnl church of Lisbon, Iowa. 

He was married Mar. 80, 187B. to Miss Emma 
Elizabeth Brehnier of Humboldt, la., in whom he has 
found a most estimable c<mipan!<m and heli>er in all 
his labors. P. (). Lislxm, la. ( ■ : Rol>ert. Arthur. 

Vll. Robert Henry Utt, b July 80, 1S77, d July 22, 
1891. United Eva ng'l. 

Vll. (\ A. Arthur Utt, b at DeMoines, la., Nov. 13, 
1879. A sophomore in Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, 


VI. Joseph H. Utt. b in Northampton Co,, Pa., 
May 7, 18.")2; m Artie M. Gregory Sept. 8, 1.S73. P. C)., 
Columbus Junction, la. Traveling saleHUian. C: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Yll. Daughter, h Mar. 8, 1876, d. Zola M. Utt, b Apr. 
19, 18S5. Dale 1>. Utt, b Apr. 27, 1889. 

VL John E. Utt, b at Sprinff Iliiii, Elm Grove 
townflhip, LouiHa(:o.,Ia., Oct. 1, lsr>8: m Mary El va 
Eddy, daughter of FrankUn S. Eddy, SeiJt. 3, 1884. P. 
O., ColumbiiH Olt.y, la. General merchant. Meth. Ep. 
C : VII. Grac«Utt, b Dec. 4, 1885. Clyde Eddy Utt, b 
July 23, 1888, d Oct. W, 1892. BenRie M. Utt, b Jan. 25, 
1891. Ruth A. Utt, b Dec. 16, 1897. 

V. Mary BiiSHard, b In Northampt(m Co., Pa., 
Dec. 15, 1828; ra John ChrlHtian Anraeher Feb. 15, 1849. 
He waH b In Wurte.mber^, Germany, Jan. 1, 1815, d at 
Spring Run, LouiRa Co., Iowa, Sept. 2:i, 1879. Farmer. 
Mr. A. an adherent of Mennonlte ch. Mrs. A. United 
EvanM. C : Jacob, Sarah, Elizalieth, Barbara, JoHeph, 

VI. Rev. Jacob Aurcher, b In Northampton Co., 
Pa., Dec. 13, 1851; m CheBtie A. Barl)er April 17, 1879, 
daughter of J. K. Barlier and fcranddauKhter of Rev. 
James Barl)er. He worked on the farm until 22 years 
of age, and had l)ut little schooling: up to that time, 
althou^b he had an ardent desire for an education, 
and eagerly read all books within reach. When about 
17 years of apre his fftther sold his farm and moved to 
Louisa ('o., Iowa, near ('olumbus City. Here, when 
about 18, Jacob lieeame converted and united with 
the Evan^relical Association. He was soon afterwards 
elected Sunday school sui>erinteiident and class leader. 
ReallsKin^ a divine call to the ministry, at the apre of 
22 he entered Northwestern College, Naperville, 111. 
In 1877 he was UceuKed as preacher by the Des Moines 
Conference Evanfielical Association, and stationed at 
Anita Mission, and t)ie following year at Newton Mis- 
sion. At the conference flession of 1879 held at Afton, 
la., he was ordained deacon, and was ai^ain stationed 
at Anita Circuit. At the end of the conference year 
and while on his way to conference he w*is taken very 
sick at his father's home with pleuro-pneumonia and 
was attended by Dr. John Overholt, under whose 
skill and faithfulness, and the blessing of God, he owes 
his recovery. His next field of labor was Cedar 
Rapids, la., where he remained four years. Durinff 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


this time a new church and parsonage was built. 
From there he was sent to Lisbon, la., serving two 
years and was then transferred to Des Moines, la., 
where during his ministry of three years a new church 
and parsonage was built. 

He was then elected presiding elder of DesMoines 
district, serving five years, after which he was elected 
for a second term, but owing to not being in a con- 
dition to move he declined, and went Into business. 
In March, 1898, he was elected a member of the Board 
of Education of East DesMoines Public Schools, and 
at this time, (1901) President of the Board; and is 
again in the active work of the ministry as pastor of 
the First United Evangelical church of DesMoines, la. 
In 1891, when the Evangelical church divided he went 
with the "Minority faction," now the United Evan- 
gelical church. Children : 

VII. Lulu Irene Auracher, b Sept. 6, 1881. Res. Des 
Moines, la. Teacher in the public school. United 
Evan'l. S. 

VII. Emily Blain Auracher, b Aug. 1884. Student. 
United Evan'l. 

VII. Elva Chester Auracher, b April 18, 1893. United 

VI. Sarah Auracher, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
Oct. 26, 185:); m Rev. Mathlas Knoll, Apr. 25, 1872. 
P. O., Corning, la. Minister of the Ev. Ass'n ch. C : 

VII. Ellen M. Knoll, b Apr. 13, 1873. P. O., Manila, 
Philippine Islands. Teacher. 

VII. Jacob Victor Knoll, b Oct. 26, 1874; m Wlnne- 
fred Eiler, Minister of the Gosi)el. 

VII. Elizal)eth Barbara Knoll, b May 8, 1877. P. 
O., Corning, la. Teacher. 

VII. Calvin Christian Knoll, b May 16, 1880. Prin- 
cipal of schools, R(X5k Falls, la. 

VII. Martin V. Knoll, b Nov. 9, 1884; d 1888. 

VII. Gertrude T. Caroline Knoll, b May 19, 1889. 

VII. Paul Xenophon Knoll, b Sept. 23, 1895. 

VI. Ellzalieth Auracher, b In Northampton Co., 
Pa., June 21, 1856; m Thomas J. Gipple Apr. 24, 1884. 
P. O., Columbus Junction, la. Farmer. Evan'l ch. C: 

VII. Frank V. Gipple, b Apr. 2, 1885. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII, Joseph H.GIpple.b Mar. 14. 1887. VII. Winnie 
L. GIpple, b May 30, 1890. 

VII. Taylor J. Gipple. b Dec. 22. 1892. 

Vi. Barbara Auracher, b in Nortliampton Co., 
Pa., Mar. 17, 1859; m Rev. Lewis A. Jones Apr. 4, 1889. 
P. O., Delphos, la. He was a student at Naperville 
College, taking a three years' course in preparation 
for the gospel ministry. In 1887 he became a member 
of the DesMoines Conference, United Evan*l church. C : 

Vil. Esther Lucille Jones, b June 11, 1890; d June 1, 

VII. Aaron M. Jones, b Dec. 1, 1891. 

VII. Bessie M. Jones, b Nov. 13, 1893. 

VII. Lucius Lee Jones, b July 20, 1896. 

VII. Lulu Muree Jones, (twin) b July 20, 1896. 

VI. Joseph Auracher, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
Mar. 9, 1862. In 1868 he came west with his parents 
to Colnmbus City, Louisa Co., Iowa, and located on a 
farm in Elm Grove township, where he assisted on 
the farm until Nov., 1885, when he left home and went 
to Shenandoah, Page Co., la., where he engaged in 
the grain business at Shenandoah and Bingham, la. 
In 1895 he added in connection with his business the 
elevator at Summit, Iowa. He now operates three 
grain elevators on the Omaha & St. Louis R. R. On 
Mar. 8, 1893, he was married to Miss C. May Scholl of 
Shenandoah, Iowa. She was born in Macomb, III., 
Sept. 10, 1869, and came with her parents to Shenan- 
doah, la,, in March. 1875. P. O., Shenandoah, la. 
No issue. 

VI. Aaron Auracher, b Oct. 6, 1866; d Dec. 11,1887. 
He was a young man of sterling w^orth; honest, in- 
dustrious and kind. He won universal esteem by im- 
proving his school privileges and spare moments by 
which he laid well the foundation for a thorough 

At the age of 21 he entered Northwestern College 
at Naperville, 111., but about two weeks after enter- 
ing he was taken with scarlet fever and soon returned 
home, where loving hands and hearts attended him, 
but were powerless against disease and death. On 
Friday previous to his death his brother, Rev. Jacob 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Auracher, believing death to be near, asked him, "how 
it would be should he not get well," to which he re- 
plied, "It is well with my soul," but he regretted . 
being called away so young, and lifting up his hands 
he exclaimed, **It seems as though I was going empty 

As he was Just entering upon a regular college 
course full of hope and zeal in the Master's cause, what 
wonder that the thought of death was at first an un- 
welcome one ? In early youth he gave his heart to 
Jesus, and though death came at a time unexpected, 
it did not find him unprepared. At 11 a. m. Sabbath 
morning, his usual time for entering the earthly sanc- 
tuary, he raised his hands signaling all is well, and 
entered the heavenly sanctuary "where congregations 
ne*er break up and Sabbaths have no end. . 

V. Lydia Bussard, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
Feb., 1831, d Apr., 1893; m George C. Shook in 1^48. He 
was b in Northampton Co., Pa., Sept. 21, 1822; d at 
Columbus City, Iowa, March, 1892. Blacksmith. Evan- 
gelical ch. C : Benjamin, Catharine, Barbara, Sarah, 
Lydia, Ella. 

VI. Benjamin H. Shook, b in Northampton Co., 
Pa., Sept. 6, 1849; m Mary T. Brown Oct. 18, 1870. 
P. O. Tunkhannock, Pa. Plumber and tinsmith. 
Presbyterian. C. Mary, George, Fred. 

VII. Mary A. Shook, b Mar. 17, 1872; m Frank M. 
Herrick Sept. 5, 1900. P. O. Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Vii. GeorgeLjmdeShook, b Aug. 28, 1874; d May 
9, 1877. 

Vli. Fred Camerson Shook, b Dec. 3, 1880. Photo- 
grapher. Presby. 

Vi. Kate M. Shook, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
Mar. 15, 1851; m Joseph K. Buffington Aug. 14, 1868. 
He died. One child, Lois. Kate m second husband, 
Andrew Phillips Jan. 1, 1875. P. O., McCook, Nebr. 
Boarding house. C : George, Nellie, Ida. 

Vii. Lois Lauretta Buffington, b Jan. 10, 1870; d 
Feb. 21, 1877. 

Vii. George Washington Phillips, born Jan. 31, 
1878. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VII. NeUle Irene PhlllipB, b June 16, 1882; m Charles 
R. McKilUp. P. O. McCook, Nebr. 

VII. Ida Pearl Phillips, b July 14, 1886. 

VI. Barbara Ellen Shook, b 1853, d in infancy. 

VI. Sarah R. Shook, b May 15, 1857; m Rev. 
George W. Knight, Dec. 29, 1878. P. O., St. Francis, 
Kans. Minister of the Christian ch. C : VII. Clifton 
Knight, d in infancy. Wave Knight, b Sept. 18, 1880; 
d Nov. 16, 1883. Infant, b and d August 18, 1883. Leal 
C. Knight, b Sept. 24. 1884. Sprag S. Knight, b Aug. 
17,1887. True Nicol Knight, b Dec. 12, 1892; d May 30, 
1893. Nellie Aurille Knight, b Dec. 18, 1894. Gale G. 
Knight, b Oct. 20, 1899. 

VI. Lydia Frances Shook, b in Northampton Co., 
Pa., Oct. 4, 1861; m Thomas H. Bufflington Feb. 24, 
1881. P. O., Columbus Junction, la. Farmer. One 
child. Vtl. Glenard Buffi ngton, b Nov. 22, 1881. 

VI. Ella Shook, b at Spring Run, Louisa Co., 
la., July 8,1867; m Charles Aringdale Feb. 3.1886. P.O., 
Columbus City, la. Farmer and stock-raising. Attend 
U. Ev'l ch. C : VII. Roy Aringdale, b Dec. 20, 1886. 
Elsie Mae Aringdale, b May 20, 1890. Bessie Rozelle 
Aringdale, b Aug. 8, 1863. Ruby Bryan Aringdale, b 
Dec. 29, 1899. 

V. William H. Bussard, b in Northampton Co., 
Pa., April 6, 1833; d at Salina, Kans., May 14, 1890; m 
Sarah Histand Sept. 20, 1853. She was born in Bucks 
Co., Pa., Oct. 18, 1836. Slater and farmer. Menn's. 
C : Barbara, Sylvester, Samuel, Mary, Jacob, Emma. 

VI. Barbara Ellen Bussard b at Bangor, Pa., 
June 20, 1858; m E. H. Snyder April 19. 1883. P. O., 
Gypsum, Kans. Attend Baptist ch. C : VII. Sarah 
Maria Snyder, b Feb. 21, 1884. Cora Amanda Snyder, 
b Aug. 4, 1886. Laura Bessie Snyder, b Dec. 15. 1888. 
Infant, b July 24, 1891; d same day. Angle Estella 
Snyder, b July 28, 1892. Francis Jonas Snyder, b Feb. 
24, 1895. Joseph Edward Snyder, b Feb. 19, 1898. All 
born in Saline Co., Kans. 

VI. Sylvester W. Buzzard, b Feb. 12, 1861; m 
Carrie Godfrey June 7, 1883. P. O., Salina, Kans. 
Railroader. Meth's. C: VII. Eudocia Carter Buz- 
zard, b Dec: 7, 1884. William Sanford Bussard, b Dec. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Samuel H. Bussard, b at Bangor, Pa., May 
20, 1863; in Laura Stewart July 30, 1889. P. O., Blue 
Hill, Nebr. Farmer. C: VII. Oliver S. Buseard, b 
Sept. 38, 1891. Mabel Fay Bussard, b May 11, 1899. 
Mary E. Bussard, b Sept. 15, 1870; d June 2, 1872. 

VI. Rev. Jacob M. Bussard, b Mar. 22, 1874; m 
Callie Herelstlne April 11, 1897. P.O., Mosca, Colo. 

VI. Emma T. Bussard, b Dec. 2, 1880; d Feb. 5, 

V. Anna Bussard, deceased. 

V. Rev. Aaron Bussard, b Mar. 12, 1839; m Lydla 
Andre Sept. 8, 1860. P. 0„ Hiawatha, Kans. 

Rev. Aaron Bussard was born in Lower Mt.Bethel 
township, Northampton Co., Pa., where Bangor now 
stands. He was converted Jan. 7, 1857, and united 
with the Evangelical Association church. He enlisted 
Feb. 14, 1865, in the 28th Regt. Pa., Vol. Inf.; belonged 
to the 20th Corps, Sherman's army. He was discharged 
July 18, 1865. In the fall of 1867 he emigrated to Iowa 
and lived on a farm near Columbus City until the 
the spring of 1871. He was licensed to preach April, 
1871, and was elected Presiding Elder April. 1881. He 
was a delegate to the General Conferences of 1883 and 
1887, three times a delegate to the Board of Missions, 
and ten years missionarj'- treasurer of DesMoines Con- 
ference. On the occasion of the division of his church 
he remained with the United Evangelical. In 1895, 
owing to failing health, he was obliged to quit the 
active ministry. In March, 1808, he removed to Hia- 
watha, Kan., where he still resides. One child, Viola. 

VI. Viola S. Bussard. b June 29, 1862; m E. W. 
Keeney Nov. 17, 1880. Res. 806 Maple St., Atlantic. 
Iowa. C: Arthur B., Myrtle, Lulu, Lewis, Eflfle M., 
Daisy, Ida, Burton, Opel. 

IV. Mary Overholt, b 1801; m Samuel Narragang. 
C: Joseph, Nancy, Ellzalieth, Polly. 

V. Joseph Narragang. 

V. Nancy Narragang m Wm. Smith, and her 
second husband was William Lehman. 

V. Elizal)eth Narragang m a Mr. Hamilton. 

V. Polly Narragang m Reul)en Kratzer. 

IV. William Overholt, d aged about 50 years. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Joseph K. Overholt, b In Northampton Co., 
Pa., Feb. 3, 1804; d in Mich. Jan. 28, 1887; m Margaret 
Ang:lemoyer Oct. 15, 1829. She was b in Bucks Co., 
Pa., Sept. 11, 1808; d in Medina Co., O., Mar. 18, 1883. 
They moved by wagon over the mountains in Penn- 
sylvania, the tedious distance of 600 miles to Ohio, 
settling in Medina Co. Nov. 12, 1834. At that time 
Medina county was a comparative wilderness. They 
lived to see the great march of improvements reduce 
the wild forests and in their stead flourishing farms 
and comfortable buildings take the place of the log 
hut. In May, 1851, they moved from Guilford to Mont- 
ville Twp., where Mrs. Overholt died. With sagacity 
and good Judgment they emerged from poverty to 
comfortable circumstances, reared a large and intelli- 
gent family, and with untiring zeal for their welfare 
labored that they should grow up honest and re- 
pected. Farmer. Menus. C : Anna, Hannah, Mary, 
William, Margaret, Susan, Joseph, John, Amelia, 

V. Anna Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 2, 
1830. S. 

V. Hannah Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
12, 1832 ; m Samuel R. Culp in 1850. P. O. Athens,Mich. 
Ref. ch. C : Jerome, Augusta, Rosette, Willis. 

VI. Jerome F. Culp, b Aug. 21, 1851 ; m Jennie M. 
Goodrich. P. O. Athens, Mich. 

VI. Augusta J. Culp, b May 2, 1853 ; d June 12, 

VI. Rosette Margaret Culp, b June 10, 1856; d 
Feb. 7, 1863. 

VI. Willis F. Culp, b Aug. 1, 1861^ ; d . 

V. Mary Overholt, b in Medina Co., O., Dec. 5, 
1835; m Solomon H. Swartz Apr. 20, 1864; he d about 
two and ahalf years after marriage. One child, 
Melinda. Mary married second husband, Moses Hls- 
tand, of Doylestown, Pa., Nov. 8, 1859; he d Aug. 30, 
1899. P. O. Athens, Mich They resided eight years in 
the East, and in 1867 moved to Athens, Mich. In 1871 
they moved to a farm of 160 acres four miles from 
Athens, where they still reside. Formerly Menus., 
nowCong'l. C: Maggie, Clara, William, Clementine, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Melinda O. Swartz, b In MontviUe, Medina 
Co., O., Feb. 4, 1&55: m Aug^uBtus E. Underwood, Nov. 
9,1876. P. O. Athene, Mich. Merchant. Cong'l. 
C: VII. Frederick E. Underwood, b Sept. 3, 1877. 
P. O. Belding, Mich. Grocer. He graduated from the 
Athens High School, also from the Cleary Business 
College of Tpsilanti, made a brilliant record there; S. 
Lela Clementine Underwood, b Nov. 20, 1878. P. O. 
Athens, Mich. Graduate of Athens High School ; S. 
Lloyd Leigh Underwood, b June 6, 1880. Partner in 
the grocery business with his brother Frederic. Grad- 
uate of Athens High School ; S. Helen R. Underwood, 
bAug. 9, 1881. P. O. Athens, Mich.; S. Mary Jane 
Underwood, b Dec. 19, 1894. 

VI. Maggie O. Histand, b at Doylestown, Pa., 
Aug. 4, 1860 ; m Aaron H. Harrison, of Burlington* 
Mich., Dec. 31, 1882. P. O. Athens, Mich. Grocery and 
crockery merchant. Cong'l. C: VII. Howard His- 
tand Harrison, b July 6, 1885. 

VI. Clara Olivia Histand, b Feb. 2. 1862; d May 
27, 1871. 

VI. William Overhalt Histand, b Feb. 29, 1864; d 
May 25, 1871. 

VI. Clementine Amelia Histand, b Dec. 1, 1867; d 
June 3, 1871. 

VI. Hannah May Histand, b at Athens, Mich., 
May 4, 1873; m Ljmn Ervin Doty June 20, 1894. P. 0.» 
Athens, Mich. Hardware merchant — firm of Wisner 
Bros. & Doty. Cong'l. C: VII. Mark Histand Doty, 
b June 28, 1895. Maggie Alberta Doty, b Mar. 20, 1898. 
Mary Permelia Doty, h July 26, 1900. 

V. William H. Overholt, b in Medina Co., Ohio. 
Dec. 9, 1837, d March 4, 1897; m Maria Schwartz. She 
was b near Harmony, Pa., Dec, 1837. In the early 
sixties he moved to Kalamazoo Co., Mich., being one 
of the sturdy pioneers in that region. He was com- 
paratively well off as a farmer, was much respected In 
his home, town and county. He was actively engaged 
politically and in the church. Ger. Ref. C ; Lester, 
Elmer, Forest, Edwin, Austin, Curtis, Margaret, 

VI. Elmer E. Overholt, m Agnes N. Harrison. No 

Digitized by LjOOQ.IC 


i8mie. Married second wife, Lillian B. Flanders. P.O., 
Fulton, Mich. Retired School Superintendent and 
farmer. C; VII. Arthur G. Lewellyn. 

VI. Forest Joseph Overholt, m . P. O., 

Athens, Mich. Dentist. No issue. 

VI. Lester S. Overholt, b in Kalamazoo county, 
Mich., June 5, 1867; m Nettie I.Gates, Medina Co., O., 
Aug. 22, 1894. P. O , Rochester, Minn. He graduated 
at the Michigan State Normal College of Ypsilanti, 
Mich., and at the University of Michiganat Ann Arbor, 
holding the degree of L. L. B. He practiced law a 
short time and held a position in banls as cashier two 
years. He has for some time l)een engaged in teach- 
ing and superintending. He is now (1901) city Super- 
intendent of Schools for Rochester, Minn. His early 
life was spent on a farm until 17 years of age. Dutch 
Ref. ch. C : Vii. Pauline Elizabeth Overholt, b Aug. 
15, 1«95. aara Maria Overholt, b Sept. 11, 1899. 

VI. Edwin C. Overholt, b Sept. 14, 1869; m Minnie 
A. Nichols Oct. 15. 18^3. P. O., South Bend,Ind. Book- 
keeper and office clerk. Ref. ch. No issue. 

Vi. Curtis Overholt, d young. 

VI. Margaret Olive Overholt ; m S. P. Reese. Res- 
idence, 1225 Michigan ave., Chicago, 111. No issue. 

VI. Charlottee Overholt. P. O. Fulton, Mich. 
School and music teacher. 

VI. Austin William Overholt, b Sept. 27, 1879; 
m Ellena D. Crotser, Jan. 21, 1901. P. O. South Bend, 
Ind. Traveling salesman. 

V. Susan A. Overholt, b in Medina Co., O., Mar. 
28; 1840; m Reuben Hyde Sept. 30, 1857. P. O., Chip- 
pewa Lake, O. Farmer; Meth. Ep. C : Edith, Flor- 
ence, Mabel, Fannie, Reuben. 

VI. Edith Cornelia Hyde, b May 22, 1859; d Feb. 4. 

VI. Florence Adele Hyde, b in Montville, O., Mar. 
8,1861. S. 

VI. Mabel Hyde, b Sept. 4, 186J^; d July 31, 1897. 

VI. Fannie Winnifred Hyde, b Mar. 18, 1868; d 
Sept. 18, 1871. 

VI. Reuben John Hyde, b in Montville, Ohio, Dec. 
27, 1869; m Bertha Strennahen. She was b in Medina 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

(See Paji'e :5:i. ) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Co., O., Feb. 24, 1872. P. O. MontvlUe, O. C: VII. 
Theadore Hyde, b Jan. 22, 1894; d In Infancy. Gladys 
Marji^aret Hyde, b Oct. 28, 1895. Wayland Anthony 
Hyde, b Feb. 1, 1900. 

V. Margaret A. Overholt, b in GuDford twp., 
Medina Co., O., Aug. 14, 1842; m William Miller Oct. 15, 
1863. He d June 18, 1897. P. O., Wads worth, O. 
Farmer. Luths. C: Melville, Amanda, Harvey. 

VI. Dr. Melville Francis Miller, b in Medina Co., 
O., Nov. 13, 1865; m Bertha Maude Smith, daughter of 
Rev. J. H. Smith, May 24, 1804. P. O., Wad8worth,0. 

Dr. Miller graduated from the Western Reserve 
Medical College, Cleveland, O.; locate<l in Wadsworth, 
O., where he has practiced medicine and surgery suc- 
cessfully since the spring of 1892. Luths. One child. 
VII. Margaret Aminda Miller, b Apr. 6, 1897. 

VI. Amanda Pearl Miller, b Feb. 18, 1870; d Oct. 
25, 1871. 

VI. Harvey App Miller, b May 17, 1874. Gradu- 
ated at Wittenberg College, Springfield, ()., in 1901. 
Luth. S. 

V. Joseph A. Overholt, b in Medina Co., Feb. 18, 
1845; d May 27, 1890; m Florence Hicks. P. O.; Spencer, 
O. Farmer. One child. 

VI. Joseph Arthur Overholt, b in Medina (Jo., O., 
Feb. 17, 1883. 

V. John M. Overholt, b in GulUord twp., Medina 
Co.,0., Oct.lO, 1847,m Sarah Margaret KoslHm,Junel3, 
1872. P.O. Medina, O. Moulder. Meth Ep. C: Mah- 
lon, Edith, Ford, William. Claude. (VI) Mahlon L. 
Overholt, b Dec. 18, 1873; d Aug. 21, 1892. (VI) Edith 
Aden Overholt, b Dec.7, 1875; m Oscar Williams. Sept. 
IH, 1889. P. O. Akron, O. 

VI. Ford Ellis Overholt, b July 31, 1877. P.O., 
Lorain, O. S. 

VI. William H. Overholt, b Aug. 14, 1882. P.O., 
Akrcm, O. 

VI. Claud Lowell Overholt, born Oct. 4, 1877. 

V. Amelia Overholt, b June 3, 1851 ; m John Gei- 
slnger. P O Wadsworth, O. 

V. Anmnda Overholt, b Sept. 19, 185:J: m John 
Kapp. P O Akron, O. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Sarah Overholt, b in Northampton Co., Pa., 
1806 ; d in Mich. 1868 ; m Joweph Kulp In 1833. He wa» 
b 18;31; d at Wadsworth, O., Aug. 1884; farmer, and 
later music dealer. Menu's. Children : Mary, Lydiii,. 
'William, Sarah, Joseph, Margaret, I^ah, John. 

V. Mary Kulp, b in Medina Co, 0„ 1»53; d at 
Wakeslima, Mich., Apr. 25, 1872; m Reul>en D. Bauer in 
1850. He was b near Easton,. Pa., July 4, 1828. P. O. 
David City, Neb. Mason. Menn's. C : three infants,. 
Mary, William ; three infants, Melvin, Minnie, Joseph. 

VI. Three d infants. 

VI. Mary Margaret Bauer, b at Hametown, Sum- 
mit Co,0., Aug 9, 1858. P.O.,David City, Neb.: teacher, 
Cong. S. 

VI. William Edwin Bauer, b Sept 2, 1860; d Aug. 
30, 1898; m Harriet Hoag, Dec. 31, 1890; she d Aug 27,. 
1898. C : Vli. William Edwin Bauer jr., b Oct. 9, 1891. 

VI. Three died in infancy. 

Vk Melvin Ernest Bauer, b Nov 27, 1867; m Blanche 
Murphey, May6,1895;shed Mar.14,1896. (VII) One child,. 
Bauer, d Mar 5, 1896; m 2d wife, Daisy B.Taylor, Sept 
5,1899. P.O. C; (VII) Ikuier, b Aug. 26, 1900. (Vi) 
Minnie Leah Bauer, b Apr 6, 1870 ; m Chas W. Berry; 
Oct. 26, 1900. P. O., Akron, O. 

VI. Joseph Jerome Bauer, b April 16, 1872; m 
Leila Bisl)ee, Feb. 21, 1895. P. O. C : 

VII. RayL Bauer, b Dw. 9, 1895. (VII) Roy F. 
Bauer, (twin) b Dec 9, 1895. (VII) Rex Bauer, b Nov. 
10, 1899. 

V. Lydia Kulp, b in MedinaCo., 0.,Apr. 17, ia*55 ; 
m Elias H.Holben, May 7, 185;^. P. 0.,Wadsworth, O. 
C: Mary,Lydia,Sarah,George,.CharleH Joseph, William. 

VI. Mary E. Holben. b Apr 24, 1854 ; d Mar. 7, lb56. 

VI. Lydia R. Holl>en, b Aug. 21, ia56 ; m Rev.G. W. 
Remagen, Nov 1, 1882. P O Bangor, Pa. Minister of 
Reformed church. No issue. 

VI. Sarah May Holben, b Sept. 17, 18(51 ; d Feb 10,. 

VI. George E. Holben. h in Medina Co.,0., Aug. 6,. 
1864; m Mary Riedinger, Oct.29, 1890. P.0.,Manl8tigue,. 
Mich. Editor and State oil inspector, Presby. C:. 
VII. Grace Holben, b May 26, 189a 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Charles E. Holben, b May 6, 1866 ; m Bertha 
CurtiH. P O Wad8worth,0.; foreman In planing mill. 
Ref. ch. No IsBiie. 

VI. Joseph E. Holben, b Oct. 14, 1867: m Lena 
Mlekley. P O Evans city, Pa., turner in planing mill. 
Kefch. C: (VII) Delmont. 

VI. William E. Holben, b July 23, 1872: m. P O 
Munlsing, Mich., editor, C : (VII) Kieth and 

V. Dr. William O.Kulp, b In 1836 ; d 1895 : m Mary 
Jones. Physician. C : 

VI. Kate Kulp : m Hall. 
VI. Lill Kulp. 

VI. Zill Kulp ; m Lewis. 
VI. Jean Kulp. 

VI. Dr.W.Robt. Kulp. P. O., Da%'enport, la. 

V. Sarah Kulp, b in Medina Co., O., 1839; m Rev. 
Joseph A. Keller in 1873. Res., 704 S. Freedom ave. 
Alliance, O. Minister Ref. ch. No issue. 

V. Dr. Joseph 8. Kulp, born in Medina Co., O., 
Jan 5, 1841 ;m Addie R.Stenner in Summit Co.,0., Sept. 
25,1867. P.O., Muscatine, Iowa. Dentist. Cong. ch. C: 
Nellie, Bertha, Margaret, Charles. 

VI. Nellie Kulp, b Sept 20, 1868 ; m S. B. Lafferty ; 
Res. 1(55 Locust St, Davenport, I a. Manufacturer; Cong, 
ch. C: 

VII. Herbert Marion I^afferty, b 

VII. Dorothy. 

VI. Bertha Kulp, b June H. 1872: m William Mc- 
Question. I*. ()., Muscatine, la., hnrdware dealer. 
VI. Margaret Kulp, b Jan 28, 1874. 
VI. (^harles Kulp, b Sept 12, 1882. 
V. Margaret Kulp, b in Medina Co., ()., 1842; m 
Isaax' E. Wells. P. O., Athens, Mich., druggist. C: 

VI. .losephJ. Wells, pharmacist. P. ()., Athens, 

V. Susanna Kulp. 

V. Leah Kulp, b in Medina Co.,()., June 1, 1846; 
m Rinehart Waltz, July 2, 18(v{. P. ()., Wadsworth,0. 
Gardener. C: Clement, Charles, Earl, Claud. 

VI. dement (). Wiiltz, b June 7, 18(U; m Ruth 
Jennetta Boyd, May 2, 1S8S. P.O., Alliance, ()., shoe 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


merchant. 0: (VI) Ira Boyd Waltz, b Oct. 6,1881^. 
(VI) Charles O. Waltz, b Jan. 19, 1867; m Jennie May 
Smlth, Oct. 2, 1889. P.O.,Akron, O. Hardware clerk. 
C: (VII) Howard Orlow Waltz, b Apr. 1, 18d4. 

VI. Earl E. Waltz, bom May 19, 1868: m Elmira 
Brown, Aug.1894. P.O.,Akron,0., hardware clerk. C: 

VII. Leland Ellsworth Waltz, b Nov. 28, 1898. 

VII. Ruth Leah Waltz, b Mar. 15, 1899. 

VI. I. Claud Waltz, b May 6, 1877 ; m Annie Over- 
holt, Dec 26, 1900. P.O.,WadBworth,0., brass worker. 

V. Dr. JohnH. Kulp, b in Norton twp., Summit 
CO, O., 1849; m Mary Emma Kauffman, Sept. 24, 1873. 
P O Davenport, la., physician and surgeon. C : Oliver, 

VI. Dr. Oliver W. Kulp, b July 4, 1874. P. O., Da- 
venport, la., physician. S. 

VI. Ray R.Kulp, b Mar. 2, 1876. P O Davenport, 
la., medical student. * 

IV. Dr. John Overholt, b in Northampton Co,Pa., 
Aug 8, 1808; d at Columbus City, Iowa, Oct. 9, 1888; 
m Esther Kreider, Jan. 19, 1835. She was b Sept. 5, 
1816 ; d in Columbus aty, la., Oct.21, 1884. About 1842 
Dr. Overholt moved to Wooster, O., where he l)egan 
the practice of medicine, graduating from the Bottini- 
co Medical College of Cincinnati, O., July 8, 1848. 
Prompted by an entei*prising spirit, and working to 
better his condition and widen his field of usefulness^ 
in the fall of 1852 the family' moved to DesMoines 
county and in the spring to Ltouisa county, Iowa, and 
settled upon a farm near Columbus City. In March, 
1865, the family took up their abode in Columbus City. 
From this time Dr. Overholt devoted his entire time 
to the practice of medicine. For this calling he was 
qualified as many in the profession are not — strictly 
temperate in all things — a man of sound Judgment, a 
good nurse, kind, gentle and patient ; pre-eminently 
a reformer, his whole nature tempered by a Christian 
spirit, he grew in favor with the people, which soon 
gave him an extensive practice. By hard study and 
patient application Dr. Overholt won a reputation 
that did not pass unnoticed. He was often referred 
to as authority by the leading practitioners of his 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


«chool, viz.: the Physio-Medical. In Prof^sor 
KoBt's work on " Materia Medico," and Dr. 
W. H. Cook's "Dispensatory" he is often quoted as 
authority. Dr.Overholt was a Christian gentleman 
of the highest order, and was a pillar in the church of 
Christ. He took his Christianity with him Into every 
walk of life where he was called to go. In business, 
In the sick room, in the chamber of death, and in all 
matters of religion, the Word of God was his guide. 
With an unswerving faith he looked forward, with a 
hope that served as an anchor of his soul. He has 
passed to the realization of his brightest hopes. He 
has been gathered into the gamer like a ripe shock of 

Society has lost one of its tried and true members. 
The children have l»een liereft of a devoted Christian 
father, whose example falls upon them as the choicest 
legacy, more precious than the richest earthly treas- 
ure, and the church has lost a brother whose counsel 
will be sorely missed. C: Mollie, Daniel, Elizal)eth, 
Jennie, Emma, Ella, John, Charles. 

V. Mollie A. Overholt, b in Medina co, Ohio, Ju'y 
17, laST; m Robert Foster, Sept 19, 1866. PO Odebolt. 
la., farmer, Christian ch. C: Katie. Bessie. (VI) 
Katie Foster, b Dec 4, 1867; died Nov 17, 1877. (VI) 
Bessie E. Foster, b at Port Allen, la., Sept. 21, 1881. 
P O Odebolt, la., school teacher. Christian ch. S. 

V. Dr Daniel William Overholt, b in Medina co, 
Ohio, Sept 11, 1K\H; m lsal)el1a Latta, daughter of 
Judge S N I^attn, of I^avenworth, Kan., Apr 21, 1861. 
P O Columbus Junction, la. 

Dr.Daniel W. Overholt removed with hisparentiito 
Wooster, ()., when he was four years of f\f!:L\ He was 
a pupil in the SeU»ct schools of that city until the fall 
of 1852, when they removed to Columbus City, Iowa, 
where he attended school until 1857, when he entered 
Grand View Academy, then a school of note. In 
1860-1 he attended medical college at (Cincinnati, Oh^o, 
winter of 1860-1. In 1S66-7 he attended the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, Klo Kuk, graduating at 
the head of his class in the si)rlng of 1K67. He took 
full course at Bellevue Hospitnl Medical College, N. Y., 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1872-3, ^adnating from that school in 1873. Dr. 
Overholt has been in continuon^ practice of his pro- 
fession since the spring sf 1861 in his present home 
county, excepting two years that he practiced in 
Leavenworth, Kan. He is a member of the Louisa 
Co. Medical Society, of which he has been the president 
many times ; also of the Eastern Ohio District and the 
Iowa State Medical Societies, the American Medical 
Association. He is the author of papers read before 
the State and Eastern Iowa Medical Societies upon 
"The Etiology and Treatment of Diphtheria, with a 
Report of three-track-aeotomies and the use of Antl- 
toxine in Diphtheria and Membraneous Croup ; also 
Report upon Scarlatina. He is a meml)er of Columbus 
City Lodge, A. F. & A. M., of which he is the presiding 
officer; also of Composite Chapter, R. A. M., in which 
he has lieen the presiding officer for twenty years 
past; Is a member of Bethlehem CommanderyKnlght» 
Templar, and of Ka«iba Temple Mystic Shrine. He 
was married to Isabella Latta, daughter of Judge S. 
M. Latta of Leavenworth City. Kan., a prominent 
pro-slavery leader in the early settlement of Kansas. 
C: John, Rorrena, Samuel, Rol)ert, Frank, Nellie,. 

VI* John Latta Overholt, b In Washington, la., 
July 12, 1862; m Marion V. McFarland, Oct. 6, 1887. 
P. O. Columbus Junction, la. Physician and surgeon, 
Mrs. O. Presby. C : VII. Daniel McFarland Overholt, 
b Nov. 7, 1880. Grace Isal)ella Overholt, b April 2, 
1891. Jack Lewis Overholt, b Oct. 18, 1892. Edith 
Overholt. b Dec. 21, 1898. James Clinton Overholt, b 
Sept. 15, 1900. 

VI. Rorrena Belle Overholt, b Aug. 31, 1864; m 
Karl C. Latta, Oct. 6, 1891. P. O. Paton, la. Drug- 
gist ; Christian ch. C : VII. Isalielle Overholt Latta, 
b Aug. 1893. 

VI. Samuel Milton Overholt, b Aug. 20, 1866; m 
Kate M. Latta, June 7, 1894. P. O. Columbus City, la. 
Farmer and stock breeder; Christian ch. C: VII. 
Frank W. Overholt, b Mar. 23, 1896; d Aug. 25, 1897. 
Everette L. Overholt, b July 13, 1898 ; d Aug. 26, 1899. 
Maria Overholt, b May 24, 1900. . 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Robert Willie Overholt, b Aug. 24, 1868; d 
Mar. 7, 1869. 

VI. Frank Warren Overholt, b July 15, 1870; d 
Nov. 15, 1872. 

VI. Nellie Esther Overholt, b June 21, 1875. P. O. 
Columbus Junction, la. Assistant Principal of Colum- 
bus Junction High School ; Christian ch. 

VI. Roscoe Earle Overholt, b June 22, 1879. Stu- 
dent in the medical department of Iowa State Univer- 

V. Elizabeth Overholt, b April 2, 1841; d May 3, 

V. Anna Jane Overholt, b Mar. 3, 184^3; m Dr. 
Irwin M. Smith in 1866. Res. 1166 26th St., Des Moines, 
la. Physician. C : VI. Ettle, Ernest, d ; Charles, d ; 
Chester, d ; Robert, Channing. 

V. Emma T. Overholt, b Mar. 6, 1846; d Dec. 30, 

V. Ella M. Overholt, b May 28, 1849. Res. 305 
Lincoln Ave., Alexandria. Ind. Teacher for some 
years. S. 

V. John Edward Overholt, b in Louisa Co., la., 
July 24, 1853 ; m Lucy J. Cohille, Mar. 31, 1881. P. O. 
Columbus City, Iowa. Farmer; Mrs. O. Church of 
Christ. C: VI. Hellen Vernon Overholt, b Sept. 21, 
1882. Glen Colville Overholt, b Dec 14, 1888. 

V. Charles Alvvyn Overholt, b May 28, 1855; m 
Ella J. EiHenhart. July 25, 1877. Res. JXM) Star Ave., 
Burlington, Iowa: Piano tuner. Charles A. Overholt 
was born on the farm situated five miles southwest of 
Columbus City, la. At the age of 10 years the family 
moved to the village of Columbus City, where his 
father practiced medicine and owned a drug and hard- 
ware store in partnership with his son-in-law. Dr. I. 
M. Smith. Charles attended the public school there 
until 1873, when he went to Oskaloosa College part of 
that and the two succeeding years, teaching school 
during the winter terms of 1873-4, and attended college 
spring and fall terms. After his marriage in 1877 he 
located at Letts, Iowa, where he w«is engaged in sell- 
ing pianos and organs until the following winter, 
when they moved to Bremer (-o., la. He taught mu- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Ric in that vicinity for eigliteen monthi), then move<1 to 
South Enf^linh, and a few luonthH later to Webster, la., 
teachini? muHic and one term of Rchool. In the Bum- 
mer of 1S81 he moved to Sanborn, la., to engage in 
the piano and or^^an buBiness. In the following fall 
he moved to Sheldon, la., continuing: In the same 
buBinesB. In 1885 he came to Burlin|;ton, la., to take 
charge of the agency department of Jamen A. Guest's 
music Btore and waB on the road for two and one-half 
years, then went back to Sheldon and engaged in 
tuning pianos until the spring of 1889 when he again 
moved to Burlington, continuing to the present time 
in his business of piano tuning, &c. Mr. Overholt is a 
genial even-tempered man of firm character and moral 
principles, and always proves **a friend indeed," lielng- 
kind hearted and generous to a fault. Bj' con- 
scientious work he has attaineil a wide reputation 
and a lucrative practice, and is nec^essarily foremost 
in the ranks of his profession. C : VI. Fnnldie Alwj-n 
Overholt, b Nov. 25, 1880 ; d Mar. 7. 1881. Ethel Ida 
Overholt, b July 18, 188Ji; d Aug. 22, 1891. Gertrude 
May Overholt, b Feb. 14, 1886; Christian ch. VK 
Charles Edward Overholt, b Jan. 18, 1880: Christian 
ch. Bessie Marguerite Overholt, b Sept. 10, 1891. 

IV. Susanna Overholt, b 1811 ; d aged 8 years. 
iV. Lydia Overholt, b in Northampton Co.. Pa., 

Nov. 17, 18ia; d at Unionville, Mo., Jan. 26, 1899; m 
John Geisinger, Oct. 30, 1831. He was b in Canada, 
June 22, 1812 ; d at Unionville, Mo., Oct. 27, 1894. Nur- 
seryman. Formerly Menu's, later to the Christian ch. 
for 40 3'ears. C : Lizzie, Mary, Anna, John, Abraham, 
Emaline. Sarah, Joseph^ William. 

V. Lizzie Geisinger, b in Medina Co., O., Nov. 8, 
1832. P. O. Unionville, Mo. S. 

V, Mary Geisinger, b Jan. 1,1834; m John Freed. 
P. O. Unionville, Mo. 

V. Anna Geisinger, b in Medina Co., O., Oct. 29, 
1836: m William H. Watts, Sept. 24, 1861. He died 
Sept. 24, 1891. P. O. Unionville, Mo. Nurseryman; 
Christian ch. No issue. 

V. John Geisinger ; d young. 

V. Abraham Geisinger ; d aged 15 years. 

V. Emeline Geisinger; d infant. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Sarah S. Geisinger, b in Medina Co., Ohix^ 
May 30, 1S44; m Dr. Wright WiUiams, Aug. 26, 1860. 
P. O. Harris, Mo. 

Dr. Wright WIlliamB was bom July 25, 1839, near 
Columbus City, Louisa Co., Iowa, then a howling' 
wilderness, among the Indians and wolves of the 
prairie. It was his lot to grow up to manhood on 
the frontier. He enjoyed the best adyantages a 
country school of the times afforded. He was taught 
music by the best teachers, both east and west, viz.: 
I. B. Woodbury, William B. Bradbury, Lowel Maaon, 
George F. Root and A. D. Felmore. He read medicine 
from 1854 to 1859 with Dr. John Overholt, (formerly of 
Wooster, Ohio.) He taught school several terms in 
1859-60, and has also taught vocal and instrumental 
music for many years, and is now director and man- 
ager of the choir of the Christian church of Harris, 
Mo. He has been engaged in the practice of medicine 
very successfully for 41 years. In March, 1867, the 
family moved to the then new country of Putnam Co., 
Mo., where they resided for 33 years and raised a 
family of five sons and one daughter, all honored and 
well respected. Dr. Williams has seen both the shady 
and sunny side of life, financially, but his greatest Joy 
is that his sons and daughter have been brought up 
to be the honorable and religious persons that they 
are. Christian ch. C: William, Lydia, Ernest, Harry, 
Harlan, ClinrleH. 

VI. Dr. William Warren WlllianiH, b in Colurabuw 
City, Louisa Co., Iowa, July 4, 1S($1 ; m Anna May 
Tatman, April 10, 18R4. She was born In Adams Co., 
111., Sept. 20, 1864. Res. 1250 Maine St., Quincy, 111. 

Dr. Williams graduated from the medical depart- 
ment of the State Universitj' of Iowa, at Iowa City, 
in 1S84. He was appointed local surgeon of Chicago, 
Rock Island and Pacific R. R. at Wichita, Kan., in 
1890. He attended the New York Polyclinic in 1892, 
and the Chicago Post Graduate School and Hospital 
in 1893. In May, 1900, he was appointed Surgeon to 
Bleuing Hospital, Quincy, 111. He was appointed 
SecretHiy of the Adams Co., 111., Medical Society in 
1899 and FirHt Vlce-Presidont in 1900. He Is also 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Librarian of the Quincy Musical and Llterarjr Ah- 
Bociation, to which he was appointed in 1900. He 
resides in Quincy, III., where he is enga^d in the 
practice of medicine and surgery. Christian ch. C: 
VII. Nita Lucille Williams, b Dec. 28, 1884. James 
Russel WilHams, b Jtdy 31, 1891. Laura Williams, b 
Oct. 22, 1893 ; d same day. 

VII. Robert Tatman WilUanis, b Sept. 24. 1895. 

VI. Lydia Ann Williams, b Oct. 10, 1862 ; m Wm. 
H. Stephenson, Aug. 26, 1879. P. O. Eldon, Iowa. 
Farmer ; Cong. ch. C ; VII. Claude Arthur Stephen- 
son, b Sept. 18, 1880. Irwin W. Stephenson, b Jan. 1,. 
1883. aarence Stephenson, b Jan. 24, 18&5. Willie H. 
Stephenson, b May 27, 1887. Maude Stephenson, . b 
Dec. 15, 1889. Eva Stephenson, b Oct. 29, 1892. Laura 
Stephenson, b July 14, 1895. Lee Stephenson, b Dec^ 
12, 1897. Harold Stephenson, b May 5, 1900. 

VI. Ernest T. Williams, b. Aug. 22, 1864; m Effle 
M. Weathertord, Jan. 1, 1891. P. O. Harris, Mo. Mil- 
ler; Christian ch. C: VIU Ecel J. Williams, b Nov. 
10, 1891. Paul Weatherford Williams, b Dec. 10, 1898. 

VI. Harry W. Williams, b Mar. 8, 1866. P. O^ 
Newtown, Mo. Dentist ; Christian ch. S. 

VI. Harlan O. Williams, (twin) b Mar. 8, 1866; m 
Rebecca Angellne Shirley, April 14, 1885. P. O. New- 
town, Mo. Farmer ; Christian ch. C ; VII. Hugh El- 
mer Williams,^ b Jan. 28, 1886. Myrtle A. Williams, b 
July 18, 1888. Bert S. Williams, b Nov. 17, 1891. Ma- 
bel Vida Williams, b May 31, 1894; d April 25, 1896. 

VI. Cliarles Jos. Williams, b July 29, 1868; m 
Winnlfred Olive Wood, June 6, 1894. P. O. Harris, 
Mo. Farmer and stock breeder ; Christian ch. 

V. Dr. E. Joseph Geisinger. b in Medina Co., 
Ohio, Oct. 19, 1849 ; m Anna Stanley, Dec. 29, 1883. 
P. O. Unionville, Mo. Physician; Christian ch. C: 
VI. Virgil Neal Geisinger, b Dec. 11, 1884. Anna Stan- 
ley Geisinger, b July 13, 1890. Emma Jean Geisinger, 
b Sept. 3, 1892. Robert Brown Geisinger, b Feb. 10„ 
1897. Joe Stanley Geisinger, b Mar. 7,. 1887; d Aug. 
15, 1888. 

V. William Henry Geisinger ; d aged 4 years. 

UK Agnes Overholt, b Mar. 3, 1771 ; d June 5, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


1846; m Abraham Meyer. Blacksmith; Menn'a. C: 
John, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary. 

IV. John Myers, m — Stover. C : Aaron, Henry, 
Abraham, Annie. 

IV. Abraham Meyer, m Ruth ; one child, a 

daughter, . 

IV. Elizabeth Meyer ; d single. 

IV. Mary Meyer, m Myers. 

III. Joseph Overholt, b about 1773 ; d Feb 28, 1816; 
m Elizabeth Wismer. Farmer; Menu's. C: Martin, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Margajret. 

IV. Martin Overholt, b in 1798 ; d in 1844 ; m Eliza- 
beth Dinstman, July 1, 1820. She was bom in West- 
moreland Co., Pa.. Oct. 17, 1802. Carpenter and cabinet 
maker ; Menu's. C : Sarah, Abraham, Elizabeth, Ju- 
dith, Anthony, Joseph, Simeon, Eli, Jacob. 

V. Sarah Overholt, b Feb. 10, 1822; d May 6, 
1884; m D. S. Waterman, Dec. 25, 1846. P. O. Wads- 
worth, Ohio. Farmer and carpenter. C : Abraham, 
infant, infant, Noah, All)ert, Harvey, Elizabeth, Caro- 
line, Louisa, Sarah. 

VI. Abraham Waterman, b July 22, 1846 ; d Aug. 
28, 1846. Infant son, (stillborn) May 21, 1847. Infant 
daughter, b Aug. 13, 1848, d next day. 

VI. Noah Waterman, b Dec. 10, 1849; m Fyetta 
Miller, June 8, 1871. P.O. Presby. C: VII. William 
B. Waterman, b Sept. 2:^, 1872; d April 20, 1874. Sarah 
J. Waterman, b Feb. 28, 1875. Milton H. Waterman, 
b Jan. 28, 1881. Arthur G. Waterman, b Feb. 2, 1883; 
d July 10, imi. 

VI. Albert Waterman, b Mar. 185;J; d July 18, 

VI. Harvey Waterman, b in Wadsworth, Ohio* 
Sept. 13, 1854; m Lucy Y. Foster, Jan. 8, 1873. P. O. 
Barberton, O. Contractor and builder; U. Br. ch. 
C: An)ert, Harley, Emma, Jessie, Myrtle, Arthur. 

VII. All)ert E. Waterman, b at Wadsworth, Ohio, 
Nov. 6, 1873. Harley A. Waterman, b Oct. 24, 1875. 
Emma M. Waterman, b Mar. 19, 1878; d June 1, 1879. 
Jessie A. Waterman, b in W^adsworth, Ohio, Sept. 26, 
1881 ; m Ri>y Davis, Sept. 5, 1900. Myrtle B. Water- 
man, b Sept. 30, 188:{; d May 20, 1887. Arthur L. 
Waterman, b Nov. 27, 1886. 

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VI. Elizabeth Watecman, b Sept. 16» 1856.; m Rev. 
J. S. Kendall, Sept. 16> 1880. Minister U. B. ch. One 
chOd; VH« Alta Luorotia KemlaJl, b Jan. 18, 1882 ; d 
Jan. 7. 1887. 

Vk Caroline Watennaa^ b Oct. 15, 1859; m Jack- 
Bon S. Bnrgner, Oct. 19, 1876. P. O. Clinton, Ohio. 
Farmer : Ger. Ref ^ ch. C : VII. Clarence L. Burgner, 
b May 11, 1878; Res. Clfeveland, O. ; Stenographer. 
Clemence J. Burgner,. b July 15, 1879; d Sept. 1, 1881. 
Clyde S. Burgner, b Dec. 4, 1882; Res. Ueveland, O.; 
Stenographer. Lloyd S. Burgner, b Jan. 29, 1885. 
Raymond J. Burgner, b. Feb. 21, 1896. 

VL Liouiaa Waterman, b Oct. 19, 1861. 

VU Sarah Waterman, b Oct. 1,1864; d infant. 
V. Abraham Overholt, b Nov. 19, 1826; m Cath- 
arine Ault, Feb. 24, 1853. She d April 29, 1879. C: 
Mary, Cynthia, Elizabeth. Married second wife, Ame* 
lia M. Fuller, Aug. 7, 1882. P. O. Medina, O. Retired. 
Free Meth. 

VU Mary J. Overholt, b Feb. 1, 1854; m James 
Keagle, Oct. 7, 1875 ; Wcb. Meth. C : VII. Arthur C. 
Keagle, b Aug. 13, 1876. John A. Keagle, b Aug. 17, 
1877. Walter C. Keagle, b April 13, 1879. Carrie E. 
Keagle, b Nov. 7, 1880. George L. Keagle, b Aug. 31, 
1887; d Jan. 21, 1895. Elmer E. Keagle, b Jxl]^ 5, 1894. 
Yema B. Keagle, b Sept. 27, 1896. 

VK Cynthia E. Overholt, b Dec. 25, 1857 ; m Ste- 
phen C. Crooks, Sept. 11, 1879. P. O. Pomona, Mich. 
Sawyer; Free Meth. C: VII. Mary A. Crooks, b 
July 5, 1881; School teacher. Frances C. Crooks, b 
Nov. 23, 1887. Stephen A. Crooks, b Aug. 23, 1889. 

VI. Elizabeth Ann Overholt, b Nov. 23, 1864. 

V. EUzabeth Overholt, b Nov. 12, 1828; d Sept. 
20, 1899 ; m Rev. Ephraim Hunsberger, Mar. 13, 1862. 
P. O. Wadsworth, Ohio. Farmer. Ordained minister 
of Hereford, Pa., Menu. ch. In 1849, and bishop at 
Wadsworth, O., in 1852, where he has since served as 
minister and bishop. C : Matilda, Franklin, Augusta, 

VI. Matilda Hunsberger, b Mar. 1863 ; d Oct. 1863. 

VI. Franklin Hunsberger, b Mar. 31, 1864 ; m Ethel 
M. Daykin, Nov. 16, 1899. P. O. Wadsworth, O. Mer- 
chant; Menu. C: VII. Willard D. Hunsberger, b Feb 
14, 1901. 

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Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Augusta HuDBberger, b April 22, 1867 ; m Rev. 
N. C. Hirschy, Sept. 5, 18»5. P. O. Bluffton, Ohio. 
Minister; Menus. C: VII. Hermon Delos Hirschy, 
b Jan. 11, 1898. 

V. Judith Overholt, b In Columbiana Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 22, 1832; m Abraham Fry, Oct. 27, 1867, In Wads- 
worth, Ohio. P. O. Hastings, Mich. Farmer ; Menus. 
C : Charles, Anna. 

VI. Charles Fry, b Jan. 3, 1871 ; d May 26, 1873. 

VI. Anna EHzal)eth Fry, b Nov. 14, 1875; m Sher- 
man Ensley, Nov. 14, 1894. P. O. C: VII. Ford 
Sherman Ensley, b Aug. 23, 1895. Ralph OrvlUe Ens- 
ley, b May 14, 1897. 

V. Anthony M. Overholt, b in Ohio, Mar. 4, 1834; 
m Hannah Naah in 1^57. P. O, Wadsworth, Ohio. 
Farmer; Menu's. C: Elmlna, (twins) Ida, Minerva, 
Reul>en, Alverna. VI. Elmlna Overholt, b May 16, 
1858; d Mar. ia59. Twin boys, b and d Dec. 26, 1859. 
Ida Overholt, b June 21, 1863. P. O. Wadsworth, O. 
Teacher. S. Minerva Overholt, b Jan. 1, 1865. P. O. 
Wadsworth, O. S. Reuben Overholt, b April 4, 1868. 
P. (). Wadsworth, O. Teiu*her and farmer. S. Al- 
verna Overholt, b in Medina Co., Ohio, Mar. 2, 1872; 
m E. F. Harter, June, 1894. P. O. Belvldere, III. R.R. 
Engineer; Cong. C: VII. Helen Pauline Harter, b 
Aug. 15, 1895 ; d Sept. 15, 185>5. Francis Harter, b 1897. 

V. Joseph Overholt, b Nov. 30, 1836; d in 1838. 

V. Simeon ()vprh(»lt, b Oct. 25, 1838; m Almlra 
F. Miller, ar. 27, 18(i2. She d Oct. 1875. P. O. Nash- 
ville, Mifh. Meth. Ep. C: I^ucy, John, Francis, 

VI. Lucy Ellen Overholt, b Mnr. 13,1864; m Jacob 
H. Heekathorne, June 27, 1S88. P. O. Marshall, Mich. 
Meth. John Wesley Overholt, b Sept. 28, 1865. P. O. 
Battle Creek, Mich ; Meth. Francis Asbury Overholt, 
b Aug. 27, 1S7(). Elizala-th Overholt, b 1873 ; d infant. 

V. Eli Overholt, b Jan. 2:J, 1S41 ; m Catharine 
Baughman, Oct. 6, 1869. She d Nov. 2JJ. 1877. C: 
Olive, All)ert. Eli m second wife, Mary E. Miller, 
(widow) Sept. 11, 1881. P.O. C: Arthur, Flossy. 

Mr. OlH^rholt enlisted in (<ompnny H, 29th Reg't 
O. V. V. 1., Oct. 2:J, 1X61 ; fought in the battles of Win- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Chester, Port RepiibHc and Chancellorsville, Va. He 
was captured by the enein^' at Port Republic and im- 
priBoned at Belle Isle about three months. He was 
wounded at Chancellorsville and was discharged 
Dee. 3, 1863. He has served as postmaster at Wads- 
worth, O., under Grants Hayes, Garfield and Harrison. 
VU Olive Belle Overholt, b Au«. 19. 1870. Albert Over- 
holt, b Sept. 6. 1872. Arthur B. Overholt, b Mar. 11,. 
188:^; 6 Au«. 26, 1883. Flossy M. Overholt, b May 2, 
1889. ' 

V. Jacob L. Overholt, b Mar. 23, 1844; m Ellen 
Showalter in 1868. P. O. Akron, O. C : Mary, Emma. 

IV. Sarah Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1800; 
d 1886 ; m John Leatherman in 1819 Farmer ; Menu's. 
C : Elizal)eth, Martin, Jacob, Margaret, Joseph, Mar5% 
Sarah, John. 

V. Elizal)eth Leatherman, b Sept. 28, 1822 ; d June 
21,1864; m William Overholt, (see William Overholt 

V. Rev. Martin Leatherman, b in Bucks Co., Pa.,. 
Dec. 9, 1823 ; d Dec. 20, 1901 ; m Susanna Meyers. Feb. 
8, 1848. P. O. Wadsworth, O. Retired farmer. He 
was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church 
in Medina Co., Ohio, Oct. 2, 1880, and serves the Guil- 
ford and Wadsworth churches. C : Alfred, Elias, Ma- 
linda, Levi, Sarah, Elmer, Mary. 

VU Alfred Leatherman, b April .29, 1849. P. O. 
Bell Plain, Kan. Salesman. S. 

VI. Elias M. Leatherman, b Nov. 5, 1850 ; m Ella 
L. Pelton, Nov. 6, 1W3. P. O. Miller. C: Perry, d; 
Eva, Jerry, Roy, Harley. 

VI. Malinda Leatherman, b in Guilford twp., Me- 
dina Co., Ohio, July 31, 1853 ; m Luther Keagle, Jan.l, 
1878. P. O. Pomona, Mich. Farmer ; Free Meth. C : 
VII. Alfred Keagle, b Oct. 20, 1878. Susanna Keagle, 
b Sept. 19, 1882. Infant, b June 16 ; d June 19, 1884. 
Floyd Keagle, b Oct. 4, 1891. 

VI. Levi Leatherman, b Dec. 7, 1855 ; m Carrie E. 
Pelton, Nov. 18, 1880. P. O. Wadsworth, O. Farmer. 
C : Kleber, Wallace. 

Vi. Sarah Leatherman, b Nov. 18, 1861 ; d July 
20, 1891 ; m Richard Stephens, April 10, 1890. 

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VI. Elmer Leatherman, b July 6, 1865; m Sue 
Weisz, July 18, 1891. 

VI. Mary Leatherman, b. Nov. 11, 18^. 
V. Jacob Leatherman, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
28, 1825 ; m Elizabeth Landis, Sept. 21, 1853. She was 
b in Northampton Co., Pa., Jan. 2, 1831. 

Soon after his father's death Mr. Leatherman 
emigrated with the rest of the family to Medina Co., 
Ohio. In 1847 he went to Elkhart Co., Ind., which 
was then but sparsely settled and covered with heavy 
timber, where he purchased a tract of land, paying 
for it with a team of horses, a wagon, a rifle and a 
small sum of money, and soon after returned to Me- 
dina Co., O. In the spring of 1854 he settled per- 
manently in Elkhart Co., Ind. P. O. Goshen, Ind. 
Wheelwright and farmer; Menu's. C: Alvin, Levi, 
Susan, Samuel, Martin, Daniel » William. 

VI. Alvin Leatherman, b May 22, 1855 ; m Maggie 
Link, Oct. 1880. P. O. Sycamore, 111. Carpenter. C : 
Vil. Irvin ITlysses Leatherman, b June 15, 1882. Chas. 
Edward Leatherman, b May 3, 1886. Florence Edith 
Leatherman, b April 6, 1888. Grace Ellen Leather- 
man, b June 3, 1891. Gladys Susan Leatherman, b 
Nov. 5, 1898. 

Vi. Levi Leatherman, b June 4, 1857; m Mary 
Kreider, Sept. 30, 1877. She died June 18, 1893. C: 
David, Alit-e, Kllen, Maud. Jacob, John, Salome, 
William, Orplia, Mervin, Anna, HiifuH. Levi m second 
wMfe, Fianna Burkliart, (widow) Sept. 30, 1894. No 
issue. P. (). Napaiiee, Ind. Farmer; Menu's. 

VII. David Elmer Leathennan, b Dec. 26, 1878. 

VII. Alice Leatliorman, b Nov. 24, 1879 ; m Charles 
V. Houston in 1899. P. O. Elkhart, Ind. Farmer. 
One child. VIII. Carter Keuston, b Dec. 7, 1899. 

VII. Ellen Leatherman, (twin) b Nov. 24, 1879; m 
Wesley C. Stouder in 1897. P. O. Elkhart, Ind. Far- 
mer. C : VIII. Orlando Benjamin Stouder, b Jan. 10, 
1898, Minnie Stouder, b Dec. 9, 1900. 

VII. Maud Elizabeth Leatherman, b April 9, 1882. 
Jacob Irvin Leatlierinan, b Feb. 1, 1884. John Arthur 
I^atiierman, b Sept. 12, 1885. Salome Leatherman, 
b Oct. 14, 18S6; d Mar. 12, 1S92. William Leathernmn, 

Digitized by 



b Jan. 29, 1888 ; d Mar. 1888. Orpha Amanda Leather- 
man, b April 12, 1889. Mervin Alpheus Leatherman, 
b Aug. 12, 1890. Anna Mary Weatherman, b Oct. 16, 
1891. RufuB Levi Leatherman, b Mar. 21, 1893. 

VI. Susan Leatherman. b Jan. 26, 1859 ; m Henry 
Hygema, Feb. 4, 1883. P. O. Wakarusa, Ind. Farmer. 
Mln. ch. of God. No issue. 

VI. Samuel Leatherman, b Jan. 30, 1862 ; m Emma 
Ganger, of Girard, 111., Dec. 28, 1892. P. O. Goshen, 
Ind. Carpenter ; Menu's. No issue. 

VI. Martin Leatherman, b Feb. 14, 1864 ; m Mag- 
gie M Leatherman, of River Styx, O., Dec. 25, 1888. 
P. O. Goshen, Ind. Farmer. C : VII. Beulah Eliza- 
beth Leatherman, b April 7, 1892. Flossie Leona 
Leatherman, b April 12, 1894. 

VI. Daniel Leatherman, b Mar. 11, 1868. P. O. 
Goshen, Ind. Farmer. S. 

VI, William Leatherman, b Jan, 24,1871 : m Annie 
Herr in 1894. P. O. Goshen, Ind. Farmer. C : VII. 
Goldie Ellen Leatherman, b April 30, 18a5. Bertha 
May Leatherman, b May 30, 1897. Vernon Dewey 
Leatherman. b May 8, 1899. 

V. Margaret Leatherman, b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jan. 29, 1827 ; m William Moser, 1846. P. O. Nappanee, 
Ind. C : Minerva, Sybilla, Sarah, Rufus, Myron, Or- 
pha, Gladius. 

VI. Minerva Moser, b 1848; d 1878. S. 

VI. Sybilla Moser, b Mar. 29, 1849; m William 

VI. Sarah Moser, b Feb. 3. 1851 ; m F. Price. : 
DeEtta, Eunice. 

VI. Rufus Moser, b Nov. 20, 1853 ; m Bertha An- 
derson. C : Daltie, Reba. 

VI. Myron Moser, b July 10, 1859; m Alice Walk- 
er. C : Carrie, George, Irwin, Lottie, Walker. 

VI. Orpha Moser, b Aug. 20; 1863 ; m Chauncey 

VI. Gladius Moser, b 18n ; d 1873. 

V. John Leatherman, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
8, 1828; m Mary Moyer, Nov. 25, 1849. She d in Kent 
Co., Mich., July 7, 1899. Res. Elkhart, Ind. Retired 
farmer ; Menu's. C : Sarah, Susanna, Christian, Aaron* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Abraham, Elizal)eth, John, Amos, Mary, Nelson. 

VI. Sarah Leatherman, b in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
July 30, 1850; m Henry C. Garber, Jan. 11, 1870. P. O. 
BHbb. Mich. In 1876 they moved to Emmet Co., Mich., 
and for four months lived in the same house with 
Indians in CrossviUage, then an Indian viUage with 
less than a dozen white people In It. The Indians 
were very peaceable, but few of them could speak the 
English language. In 1877 they moved on their home- 
stead 16 miles distant from Fort Mackinaw, and were 
among the first settlers. Menu's. C: Salina, Delia, 
Olin, Maude, Donald, Ellis. 

VU. Salina L. Garl)er, b Dec. 1, 1870; m Charles 
L. Kelaerin 1887. P. O. Bliss, Mich. Farmer; Twp. 
Clerk and Justice of the Peace. U. B. ch. C : VIII. 
Lottie Viola Keiser, b April 9, 1889. Elsie Pearl Keiser, 
b May 14, 1390. Olive Lenora Keiser, b Feb. 25, 1893. 
Vera Irene Keiser; b June 18, 1901. 

VII. Delia Garl)er, b April 16. 1874. She received a 
common school education and taught in the Public 
Schools for seven years; m Charles B. Allison, Sept. 
15, 1897. P. O. Mancelona, Mich. Farmer; Menu's. 
C: VIII. Harold Clare Allison, b July 27, 1898. Ruth 
Allison, b Sept. 12, 1899. 

Vil. Olln L. Garljer, b Mar. 21, 1879. P. O. Bliss, 
Mich. S. 

Vil. Maude Garber, h Sept. 14. 1881, S. 

Vil. Donald Garber, b Doc. 21, 1887. S. 

VII. Ellis (inrlKM-, b Sept. 10, IsDO. 

VI. SnSHiina Leatherman, b July 17, 1852 ; d July 
31. 1S.52. 

VI. ChriHtlan leatherman. b Aug. 30, 1853 : d June 
11, 1884; mMalindn Nogle. C: VII. Alvin, Oliver, d; 
Revilo, d. 

VI. Aaron Leatherman, b Aug. 27, 1856; m Catha> 
Tine Benaway. P. O. (-aledonla, Mich. Farmer. C : 
VII. Otto, Gilliert, d ; Forest. 

VI. Abraham leatherman, b April 17, 1859; m 
Lydia Beery. P. O. Muskegon, Mich. Farmer ; Meth. 
C: VII. Orr. 

VI. Ellzalieth leatherman. b June 9, 1861 ; d May 
4, 186:j. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. John Leatherman^ b Oct. 15, 18(J3; m Sarab 
Mervan. P. O. Button, Mich. Farmer. C; VII. 
Andie, Bert. 

VI. Amoa Leatherman, b Aug. 14, 1867; m Carrie 
Wells. Farmer. C: VII, Rosamond, Clarence, Mel- 
burn. P. O. Grand Rapids, (Rural Route, No. 1). 

VI. Mary Leatherman, b April 16, 1870 ; m Albert 
M. Brubaker, Dec. 16, 1891. P. O. Mackinac Island,. 
Mich. Laundryman. U. B. ch. C: Vii. Walter 
Scott Brubaker. Florence Lucille Brubaker. 

Vi. Nelson Leatherman, b Sept. 21, 1873. P. O. 
Muskegon, Mich; m August Arnt. Grocer. 

V. Joseph Leatherman, b In Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
26, 1830; m Elizabeth Moyer, June 20, 1850. P. O. 
Grand Rapids, Neb. Farmer; vieth. C: Abraham,. 
Rosanna, Franklin, Martin, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lorinda,. 
Mary,. Joseph, Nellie, Jessie, Orpha, 

VI. Abraham Leatherman,. b Mar. 20, 1850; m 
Christiana Pegley, Oct. 18, 1879. Farmer; Meth. C: 
Nellie, Nettie, Clarence. 

VI. Rosanna Leatherman, b Sept. 3, 1851 . m G- 
W. Swifts Farmer; Meth. C: Cora, lone. 

VI. Franklin Leatherman, b April 17, 1856; m 
Belle Swift, 1882. P. O. Butte, Neb. Farmer; Meth. 
Ep. C : Charley, Alfred, Mary, Ada, Burnie, Willie. 

VI. Martin Leatherman, b Dec. 29, 1858; m Cora 
Kendal in 1883. Farmer and teacher. Adventlst. 
C : Charles,. Elizabeth, Spurr. 

VI. Sarah Leatherman, b Aug. 23, 1862; m W. E. 
Leonard In 1887. Farmer; .\'eth. C: Leo, Sylva. 

VI. Elizabeth Leatherman, b Feb. 1, 1864; m 
Samuel M. Marston in 1884. Farmer; Meth. C: Ethel, 

VI. Lorinda J. Leatherman, b April 10, 1866; m 
E. M. Cram in 1885. C: Addle, Ralph, Mary, Roy. 

VI. Mary Leatherman, b July 22, 1869; m R. W, 
Springer in 1887. Farmer; Meth. C: Nellie. 

VI. Joseph Leatherman, b Feb. 1, 1871. 

VI. Nellie Leatherman, b July 27, 1873. 

VI. Jessie Leatherman, b Aug. 8, 1876. 

VI. Orpha Leatlierman, b Oct. 24, 1880. 

V. Mary Leatherman, b-d 1852. S. 

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ABRAHAM N. MOVER (See Pajre 60) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



V, Sarah Leatherman, b-d 1856. S. 
IV. EUzabeth Overholt, d. S. 

IV. Mary Overholt, b 1804, d 1889; m Abraham 
Beam. No issue. Second husband Abraham Wlsmer, 
in 1847. Farmer. C : Sarah. 

V. Sarah Wlsmer, b Mar. 15, 1840; m Wm. Over- 
holt, Jr. (See Wm. Overholt, Jr. family). Sarah m 
second husband, Ellas F. Hunsberger. C: Harvey, 

IV. Joseph Overholt, b — , d — ; m Anna Dlnst- 
man, Nov. 8, 1827. Shoemaker and farmer ; Oer. Bap. 
C: Jonas, Margaret, Fannie, Benjamin, Henry. 

V. Jonas Overholt, b Oct. 2, 1828, d Mar. 9, 1889; 
m Sarah Ann Means, d 1850. Farmer. C : Benjamin, 
Nettle, Henry, Ira, Joseph, Ell. 

VI. Benjamin F. Overholt, b Dec. 3, 1851 ; m Mary 
A. Morgan. C : Grace, Eldora, Olive. 

VI. Antoinetta Overholt, b Dec. 11, 1853 ; m Bryan 
McClure. C : Sarah, Harry, Elsie. 

VI. Henry Overholt, b 1855 ; d 1859. 

VI. Ira M. Overholt, b 1857 ; d 1882. 

VI. Joseph O. Overholt, b July 19, 1860; m Ursula 
Qoodchlld. C : JonaA, Anna, George. 

VI. Ell S. Overholt, b May 5, 1862; m Phoebe Mit- 
chell; C: Joseph, George. 

V. Margaret Overholt, b July 16, 1&30; d Nov. 1, 
1865; m Wm. H. Ruby, Oct. 17, 1852. Farmer. Died 
In service U. S. in 18G4. C : Etta, (ieorge, Horatio. 

VI. Etta Ruby, b Dec. 29; ia'>:{ ; m L. W. Hubbard 
in 1875. Meth. C: Jenmie. Pearl, Ira. 

VI. George W. Ruby, b Jan. 12, 1857; m Llnnie. 
Johnmm. C: Irene, Cynthia, Owen. 

VI. Horatio N. Ruby, b Mar. 26, 1859. 

V. Fannie Overholt, b Nov. 2, 1833; m Joseph 
Hudson In 1850. P. O. Tama City, la. Photographer. 
Disciples. C : Edgar, Almond. 

Vi. Edgar A. Hudson, b Jan. 9. 1852; m M. F. 
George, Mar. 6, 1878. P. O. Tama City, la. Photo. 
gra])her. No Issue. 

VI. Almond H. Hudson, b 1859; d aged 3 years. 

V. Benjamin F. Overholt, b 1841 ; d 184;J. 

V. Henry Overholt, b Jan. 11, 1846; m. C: Fan. 
nie, David, Jennie, Sadie. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


III. Mary Overholt, b Nov, 24, 1777; d Nov. 1.. 
1857; m John Schragger, (hie second wife). No issue. 

III. Elizabeth Overholt, b Mar. 12,1779; d Feb. 
18, 1855; m Jacob Leathernian. (See Jacob Leather- 
man family. ) 

III. Barbara Overholt. b al)out 1780 ; d Sept. 11, 
1851. Single. 

Hi. Magdalena Overholt, b about 1781 : d April, 
1847. Single. 

ill. Abraham Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
18, 1784 ; d Feb. 19, 1859 ; m Hannah Shutt. She was 
b Feb. 26, 1792 ; d Feb. 22, 1873. Farmer in Plumstead 
twp. Mrs. Overholt, Menu. C : Margaret, Elizabeth, 
Samuel, Jacob, John, Anna, Sarah, Hannah, Simeon, 
Mary, Abraham. 

IV. Margaret Overholt, b In Bucks Co., Pa., April 
3, 1811 ; d in Medina Co., Ohio, May 5, 1891 ; m Henry 
Nash. (See Henry Nash family). 

IV. Elizabeth Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., >ov. 
23, 1812; d Dec. 23, 1876; m Tobias Fretz. 

IV. Samuel Overholt, b Jan. 12, 1815; d in Lan- 
caster Co., Pa., Aug. 30, 1889; m Mary Pickering. C: 
William, &c. 

IV. Jacob Overholt, b In Bedmlnster twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Feb. 13, 1818; d In Hilltown twp., July 8, 
1865 ; m Barbara Moyer. She was b In Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 8, 1821 ; d Nov. 21, 1901. Farmer ; Menu's. C : 
Tobias, Ell, Christiana, Ephralm, Isaiah « Hannah, 
Saloma, Aaron, John, Barbara, Mahlon. 

V. Tobias Overholt. b Dec. 6, 1843; d in 1902; m 
Lena Thiel, June 15, 1887. C : VI. Annie, Gertrude, 
Viola, John. 

V, Ell Overholt, b June 6, 1845 ; m Amanda Roth. 
P. O. Barberton, O. C: John, d; Charles, Bessie, 
Olive, d. 

V. Christiana Overholt, d., b Mar. 26, 1847; m 
Harry Meghthay. C : VI, Frank, Oliver, d. 

V. Ephralm Overholt, b Mar. 24, 1849; d about 

V. Isaiah Overholt, b Feb. 13, 1851; m Lena 
Cropp. No issue. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


y. Hannah E. Overholt, b Dec. 21, 1852; m Chas. 
Cherker. P. O. Qnnnison, Colo. 

V. Saloma Overholt, b Jan. 10, 1854; m Thomas 
Hughy. P. O. Lake Co., Colo. No issue. 

V. Aaron Overholt, b Sept. 8, 1856; d 1867. 
V. John M. Overholt, b Sept, 12, 1857; m Mary 
High In 1879. She d In 1881. C: Rachel. John m 
second wife, Rachel Atkinson, In 1873. She d 1886. C : 
Mary, Fannie. John m third wife, Eliza Dirstine, in 
1887. Farmer ; Menn's. No issue. 

VI. Rachael Overholt, b Nov. 20, 1881 ; m Clayton 
Detweiler, 1901. P. O. Telford, Pa. Rural free mail 
deliverer, Menu's. C: Vll. Mabel Detweiler. 

VI. Mary Emma Overholt, b Dec. 31, 1883; m 
Warren Gotshall in 1892. P. O. Telford, Pa. Farmer. 
C: Vll. Wellington Gotshall. 

VI. Fannie May Overholt, b 

V. Barbara Overholt, b April 15, 1859; m Richard 
Leopole. P. O. Barren Hill, Pa. No issue. 

V. Mahlon Overholt, b Apr. 15, 1861 ; d about 1867. 

IV. John Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., April 13, 
1820; d in Daviess Co., Ind., April 16, 1890; m Anna 
Drissel. She was b in Tlnlcum twp., Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jan. 21, 1827: d May 4, 1871, Farmer; Menu's. C: 
Sarah, E1izal)eth, Hannah, John, Abraham, Anna, 
and six boys d infants. John m second wife, Veron- 
Ique Stuckey. She was b In Elsass, Germany. Sept. 
12, 1S42. C: Joseph, Simeon, Henry. Mr. Overholt 
was a farmer. in Bedminster twp., near Deep-run^ 
where he resided until 1872, when he moved to Daviess 
Co., Ind. Menu's. 

• V. Sarah Overholt, b Oct. 16, 1846; m John 
Swartz. P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer. C: Abraham, 
John, Annie, Hannah, Lizzie, Ephraim, Sallie, Amanda, 
Vahlon, Irwin. 

VI. Abraham Swartz, b ; m Mary Beidler. 

P. O. Dublin, Pa. Farmer. C : VII. Bertha Swartz. 
Norman Swartz. Raymond Swartz. 

VI. John Swartz, m Annie Crouthamel. P. O. 
Dublin, Pa. Farmer. 

VI. Annie Swartz, b ; d 1S86; m Frank 

Snovel. Issue two chil<lron : d infants. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Hannah Swartz, b ; m Harvey Alderfer. 

P. O. Dublin. Pa, 

V. Elizabeth Overholt, b In Bedminster twp., Pa., 
July 1, 1851 ; m Isaac M. Landis, Jan. 6, 1872. He was 
b in Springfield twp., Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 13, 1844: 
P. O. New Britain, Pa. Farmer; Menn's. C: Milton, 
SuBie, Sallle,Saloma, Hannah, Samuel, Anna, Harvey, 

VL Milton Landls, b Mar. 22, 1873; m Susanna 
Kreibel, Nov. 1, 18»4. P. O. Worcester, Pa. Farmer; 
Schwenkfelder. C: VII. Lizzie Landis, b April 15, 

VK Susie Landis, b Feb. 27, 1875 ; m Samuel His- 
tand, Oct. 26, 1895. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Farmer. 
Menu's. C: VII. Samuel Hlstand. Isaac Histand. 
Abram Histand. Lizzie Histand. 

VI. Sallie Landis, b Nov. 2G, 1876; m Allen R. 
Ruth, Jan. 18, 1896. P. O. Line Lexington, Pa, Far- 
mer. Menu's. C: VII. Isaac Ruth. John Ruth. 
Mary Ann Ruth. 

VI. Salome Landis, b Dec. 21, 1878; d July 31, 

VI. Hannah Landis, b Nov. 26, 1880. 

VI. Samuel Landis, b May 12, 188:^. 

VI. Anna Landis, b April 10, 1885. 

VI. Harvey Landis, b Aug. 7, 1887. 

VI. Eugene Landis, b Jan 17, 1890 ; d Oct. 11, 1890. 
V. Hannah D. Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 11, 1854; m Jacob Grablll, VI ar. 12, 1874. P. O. 
Trainor, Ind. In Sept. 1873, she went on a visit to her 
father in Daviess Co., Ind., and in 1874 went with some 
of the family to Allen Co., Ind., where she was 
married. They lived in Daviess Co., Ind., until Feb. 
1887, when they removed to Dickson Co., Tenn. In 
Nov. 1899, they returned to Daviess Co., Ind., where 
they now reside. Farmer; Menu's. C: Lydia, Sarah, 
Magdalena, John, Abraham, Joseph, Anna. 

VI. Lydia Grabill, b Dec. 8, 1875;; d Feb. 1, 1895. S. 

VI. Sarah Grabill, b Oct. 14, 1877 ; m Abraham 
Kaufman, Dec. 22, 1895. P. O. Fair Banks, III. Car- 
penter; Menn's. C: VII. Meuno Kaufman. Henry 
Kaufman. Hannah Kaufman, d infant. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. MagdaJena GrabUl, b Jan. 6, 1880. P. O. 
Amish, la. Menn. S. 

VI. John Henry Grablll, b April 20, 1882. 

VI. Abraham Grablll, b Nov. 29, 1886. 

VI. Joseph Nicholas Grablll, b ; d July 17, 


VI. Anna Barbara Grabill, b May 7, 1893, 
V. John D. Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan 8, 
ia57; m Annie Grabill, of Tenn., Dec. 7, 1890. He was 
a farmer in Dickson Co., Tenn., where he d Nov. 23, 
1899. Menu's. 

VI. Hannah Eva Overholt, b May 15, 1892. 
- VI. John Daniel Overholt, b Aug. 4, 1896. 

V. Abraham D. Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 30, 1861 ; m Barbara D. Otto, Dec. 25, 1890. She 
was b in Moultrie Co., 111., April 12, 1872. P. O. Arthur, 
111. Farmer; Menu's. 

VI. Daniel A. Overholt. b Oct, 19, 1891 ; d Feb 10, 

VI. Katie Ann Overholt, b Aug. 10, 1893. 

VI. John A. Overholt, b Feb. 18, 1895. 

VI. Elizal>eth A. Overholt, b Oct. 17, 1896. 

VI. Sarah A. Overholt, b Aug. 6, 1898. 

VI. Lydia A. Overholt, b Jan. 20, 1900. 

V. Anna Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., April 7, 
1868 ; m George H. Plank, of Iowa, Dec. 4, 1880. P. O. 
Sharon Centre, Iowa. Farmer; Menu's. 

VI. Lydia Plank, b Feb. 14, ls90. 

VI. Infant H(m, b June 29, 1892 ; d July 1, 1892. 

VI. Luvina Plank, b May 80, 1894. 

VI. Lewis Plank, b Sept. 10, 1896; d Oct. 15, 1896. 

V. Joseph S. Overholt, b in Allen Co., Ind., Oct. 

27,1876; m Hannah C. Wagler, of Daviess Co., Ind„ 

Feb. 24, 1898. She was b Jan. 7, 1879. P. O. Loogootee, 

Ind. Farmer ; Menu's. 

VI. Fanny Overholt, b May, 13, 1899. 

VI. Mary Overiiolt, b July 29, 1900. 

V. Simecm A. Overholt, b In Allen Co., Ind., Feb. 
13, 1879 ; m Lena Stoll, Mar. 1900. P. O. Tralnor, Ind. 
Farmer; Menu's. 

VI. Jerome Overholt, b Dee. 20, 1900. 

V. Henry S. Overholt, b in Daviess Co., Ind., 
Mar. 19, 1884. P. O. Loogootee, Ind. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Anna Overholt, b in Bedminster, Pa., July 18, 
1822; d April 8, 1900; m Samuel S. Myers in 1846. He 
was b June 29, 1823; d Sept. 30; 1882. Carpenter. 
Menu's. C: Hannah, pilzal>eth, Barbara, Mary* 
Abraham, William. 

V. Hannah Myers, b Aug. 7, 1846; d Oct. 12, 1^56. 

V. Elizabeth O. Myers, b Jan. 27, 1848; m Wat- 
son S. Mlchener, May 23, 1868. P. O. Gardenville, Pa. 
Farmer; Menu's. C: Thomas, Edward, Eugene, 
Theodore, Anna. 

VI. Thomas Watson Michener, b Aug. 22, 1869. S. 
VI. Edward Henry Mlchener, b Nov. 11, 1872. S. 
VI. Eugene K. Michener, b June 16, 1876; m Ellen 
Ott, April 3, 1901. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. 

VI. Theodore M. Michener, b Jan. 20, 1878. S. 
VI. Anna Mary Michener, b Nov. II, 1880; m 
Frank Shaffer, May 18, 1901. 

V. Barbara Myers, b Sept. 1 4, 1 851 ; d Sept. 23, 1 85 1 . 
V. Mary Ann Myers, b in Plumstead twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Feb. 24, 1854; m Isaac S. Johnson in iSlH. 
P. O. Mechanics Valley, Pa. Farmer ; Menu's. C : 

VI. E. Laura Johnson, b June 26, 1876. Teacher; 
m E. Clarence Buckman, Jan. 10, 1900. P. O. Bucking- 
ham, Pa. Farmer. C : Earl Roscoe Buckman, b and 
d Sept. 9, 1900. VII. Ernest Leroy Buckman, b Sept. 
8, 1901. 

VI. Rosa M. Johnson, b May 8, 1879. P. O. Me- 
chanics Valley, Pa. Teacher. 

VI. Monroe M. Johnson, b Jan. 11, 1881. Teacher; 

VI. J. Franklin John8<m, b Nov. 11, 18S3. Presby. 
V. Abraham O. Mj^ers, b June 8, 1857 ; m Char- 
lotte Beerley. P. O. Philipsburg, N. J. 

V. William Henry Myers, b Jan. 19, 1863; d Dec. 
20, 1875. 

IV. Sarah Overholt, b Nov. 28, 1824; d April 14, 
1850 ; m Henry Musselman. C : Hugh. 

IV. Hannah Overholt, b Jime 8, 1827; d Jan. 25, 
1890 ; m John Fluck. No issue. 

IV. Simeon Shutt Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa,, 
Mar. 1, 1830 ; d Jan. 25, 1898 ; m Martha C. Smith, Sept. 
11,1862. P. O. Delhi, Ohio. Teacher; Meth. Ep. C: 
Gertrude, Francis, Hasseltine. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

(See PaRe 62) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digi^ed by LjOOQ IC 


V. Gertrude D. Overholt, b Oct. 18, 1867 ; d Sept. 

V. Francis S. Overholt, b Mar. 11, 1870: d Aug, 
10, 1870. 

V. Haseeltlne C. Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
April 9, 1872. P. O. Rising Sun, Ind. Teacher. Meth. 
Ep. S. 

IV. Mary Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa.,Oct., 6, 1883 ; 
ra Joseph W. Swope, July 5, 1857. He was b in Tin- 
cum twp., Bucks Co., Aug. 6, 1831. P. O. Wisraer, Pa. 
Farmer. Mr. S. Luth., Mrs. S. Menu. C: Hannah, 
Sarah, Melinda, Reuben, Abraham, Clara. 

V. Hannah Elizaheth Swope, b Jan. 2(», 1858; m 
Aaron G. Kramer, Dec. 25, 1880. P. O. Silverdale, Pa. 
Farmer; Luth. 

VI. Leidy S. Kramer, b June 15, 1883, 

VI. Lizzie S. Kramer, b Jan. 15, 1885. 

VI. J . Howard Kramer, b Jan. 29, 1887 ; d May 
29, 1890. 

VI. Mary E. Kramer, b Mar. 24, 1889; d Mar. 10, 

Vi. Anna L. Kramer, b Dec. 3, 1891; d Mar. 9, 

VI. Warren S. Kramer, b April 14, 1894. 

VI. Reul)en E. Kramer, b Nov. 30, 1895. 
V. Sarah Ellen Swope, b June 18, 1861. P. O. 
Wismer, Pa. Luth. S. 

V. Mellnfla Swope, b Aug. 27, 1864. P. O. Wis- 
mer, Pa. Luth. S. 

V. Reuben O. Swoi)e, b Nov. 17, 1868, in Bed- 
minster twp., Bucks Co., Pa. P. O. Wismer, Pa. 
Teacher. Luth. S. 

V. Abraham Francis Swope, b May 11, 1870; 
m Lizzie Myers, Mar. 10, 1894. P. O. Wismer, Pa. 
Farmer. C : 

VI. Joseph Swoi)e, b Dec. 25, 1894. 

VI. Mary Ellen Swope, b Mar. 8, 1897. 

VI. Isaac Swoi>e, b Aug. 11, 1898. 

V. Clara Swoi)e, b April 30, 1872 ; d Sept. 14, 1876. 

IV. Abraham S. Overholt, b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Sept. 13, IWIO; d in St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 5, 1867. He 
wtis Principal of the Madiscm Grammar School of St. 
Louis, Mo. Christian ch. No issue. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


III. Anna Overholt, b about 1787, (1 Au^?. 1848; m 
Valentine Kratz. He wa« b April 22, 1773 ; d Sept. 18, 
1 8iW. P^arnier ; Menn'8. C : Simeon, Elizabeth, Jacob, 
Abraham, Barbara, Mary. 

IV. Simeon Kratz, b Feb. 22, 1807 ; d Mar. 5, 1S65 ; 
m Catharine Moyer, Nov. 23, 1834. She was b Dec. 3, 
1813. Farmer; Menn's. C: EnoH, William, Mary, 
Barbara, Ephraim, Mahlon,Cathaiine, Aaron, Emma. 

IV. Elizabeth Kratz, b May 4, 1S09; d June 26, 
1836. S. 

IV. Jacob Kratz, b in BuckR Co., Pa., June 3. 

1814 ; d 19()3 ; m Marj' Myers, Nov. 28, 1838. P. O. 

Dublin, Pa. Farmer; Menu's. C: Salome, Henry, 
Annie, Isaiah. 

V. Salome Kratz, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 30, 
18391 m John F. Funk. (Set^ John F. Funk family). 

V. Henry M. Kratz, b July 23, 1845; m Sophia 
L. Shaddinger, Jan. 4, 1868. She was b AprU 12, 1844. 
P. O. Dul)lin, Pa. Farmer ; Menu's. C : Mary. 

VI. Mary Emma Kratz, b Sept. 23, 1868. 
V. Anna Kratz, b in Buckn (^o.. Pa., July 22,1850. 
V. Isaiah Kratz, b May 7, 1856; d Aug. 31, 1856. 

IV. Abraham Kratz, b Mar. 25, 1817; d May 9, 
1889; m Sarah Swartley, Nov. 25, 1839. Farmer; 
Menu's. C: John, William, Mary, Henry, Levi, 
Abraham, Oliver, Jacob. 

iV. Barbara Kratz, b July 1; 1818; d April 1891; 
m William Clymer. C : Isaiah, Ephraim. 

IV. Mary Kratz, b Sept. 1826; m Charles Halde- 
man. C : Sarah, Daniel, Emma, Edwin. 

III. Sarah Overholt, b ; d Jan. 7, 1836. 

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II. Joseph Naah, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 18, 
1753; d May 31, 1830; m Elizabeth WIsmer. She was 
bSept. 1, 1753; d Sept. 9, 1837. Farmer and weaver; 
lived in Tinicura. He was a Mennonite deacon for 
many years. C: Mary, Abraham, Jacob, Henry, 

III. Mary Nash, b May 5, 1776; d Mar. 8. 1833; m 
Henry Overholt. (See Henry Overholt family.) 

III. Abraham Nash, b in Bucks Co., Pa., July 1, 
1778; d July 22, 1823; m Mary Gross. Farmer. Menns. 
C: Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Kebecca, Abraham, 
Jacob, Anna. 

♦Between the years 1823 and 1830 the widow, Mary 
(Gross) Nash, left the old Pennsylvania home with 
her four daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca and 
Anna, for the prosperous colony in Lincoln county, 
Canada. These hearty young maidens were soon 
married, the fortunate husbands in each case being 
industritms young farmers. "Betty's" husband was 
Jacob Fry. Mary married Abraham B. Moyer. 
"Becky" was won by David B. Moyer, and "Nennie" 
married Samuel Fry. 

After many years of Huccessful home building in 
the 50'h and BO'h, including the families of the brothers, 
Joseph, Jacob and Abraham Nash, there were seven 
large families of cousins whose greatest delight was 
probably found in visiting each other. The four 
sisters all outlived their hnsbands, "Betty," after 
her family was grown, having married John Hippie. 
At this date (February, 1902), Anna and Abraham are 
still living. Abraham and Rel)ecca were twins. These 

•Sketch by A. N. Moyer of Kansas City, Kans. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


fleveu grroupe named, with seconfl, third and fourth 
generations, are now scattered far and wide. This 
large numl)er of sons and daughters, nephews and 
nieces, friends and neighbors and succeeding genera- 
tions cannot look upon these four earnest faces with- 
out blessing the memory of sucli noble pioneer home 
builders. Those of us who knew them will ever hold 
in honored remembrance those "Mothers in Israel." 

IV, Elizal)eth Nash, b Feb. 18, I805;d May 25, l880; 
m Jacob Fry Mar. 2, 1830. He was b in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Sept. 15, 1804; d May 7, 1845. Farmer. Menns. 
C : Mary, Joseph, Abraham, £Iizal)eth, Anna,Sal(mie. 
Elizabeth m second husband, John Hippie. Farmer. 
Ev. Ass'n. ch. 

V. MaryFry, bNov. 30, 18:i0; d Feb. 21, 1899; m 
Henry Honsberger Oct. 29, 185'. P. O., Jordan, Ont. 
Farmer. Ev. Ass'n. ch. 0: Mary, Jacob, Salome, 

VI. Mary Honsberger, b in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 6, 1852; m Freeman M. Moyer Dec. 4, 1875. He d 
Nov. 22, 1887. P. O., Jordan, Ont. Butcher. Ev. 
Ass'n. C: VII. Milton Leslie M oyer, b Jan. 29, 1879. 
William Arden Moyer, b Sept. 15, i887. 

VI. Jacob Honsberger, b July 25. 1855; d Aug. 28, 
18W; m Saphrona C. Gulp Feb. 18, 1880. P. O., Jordan, 
Ont. Farmer. Ev. Ass*n. One child, Eva. Vn. Eva 
Dell Honsberger, b Dec. 9, 1882; m Emery North June 
7, 1900. P. O., Jordan, Ont. Farmer. 

VK Salome Honsberger, b Apr. 14, 1859: m William 
H. Crowe Dec. 21, 1887. P.O., Campden, Ont. Ev. 
Ass'n. C: VII. Effle Myrtle Crowe, b Dec, 16, 1888. 
Ethel Crowe, b Dec. 24, 1889; d Jan. 28, 1890. Percy 
Crowe. Earl Crowe. Annie Crowe. 

VK William Honsberger, b in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 30, 1862; m Minnie A. Haist Jan. 25, 1888. P. O., 
Jordan, Ont. Farmer. Ev. Ass'n. C : VII. Her- 
l)ert Wray Honsberger, b Aug. 11, 1891; Wm. Claude 
Honsberger, b Aug. 13, 1894. 

V. Joseph N. Fry, b Nov. 27, 1832; m Nancy Al- 
bright Dec. 3, 1861. P. O., Campden, Ont. Farmer. 
Ev. Ass'n. C : John, Daniel, Jacob, Henry. 

VI. John E. Fry, b Sept. 15, 1862. Res. Chicago. 
111. Carpenter. 

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VI. Daniel W. Fry, b June 2, 1865; m Magg^le Hed- 
den Sept. 1886. P. O., Campden, Ont. Ev. AsB'n. C: 

VII. Harold Stanley Fry, b Aug. 1, 18«2. 

VI. Jacob O. Fry, b July 1, 1867; d Sept. 2, 1869. 
VI. Henry E. Fry, b Mar. 5, 1871. P. O., Atlanta, 

V. Abraham Fry, b In Louth Twp., Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Aug. 5, 1835; m Martha Jane Pysher Jan. 30,1861. 
She wflB b Dec. 22, 1837, P. O., Jordan, Ont. Retired 
fanner. Ev. Ass'n. C: N^llford, Edward, David, 
Sylvester, Abraham. 

VI. Wllford Ruby Fry, b Oct. 29, 1862, in Lincoln 
Co., Ont.; m Je»Ble Olway Zimmerman Dec. 17,1890. 
P. O., Jordan, Ont. Farmer. Ev. Ase'n. No Issue. 

VI. Edward Wilson Fry, b In Welland Co., Ont., 
Aug. 5, 1864; m Cinderella Rlttenhouse Jan. 14, 1890. 
She d Feb. 6, 1896. One child. VII. Gordon Rltten- 
house Fry, b Feb. 22, 1894. Edward m 2nd wife, Ser- 
vllla Launsberry. P. O., Vlneland, Ont. Farmer. 
Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. David Pysher Fry, b In Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 23, 1866; m Caroline Dohn Sept. 29, 1886. P. O., 
Campden, Ont. Farmer. Evangelist. C: VII. 
Abram Dell)ert Fry. Harold Stanley Fry. 

VI. Sylvester Melvln Fry, b In Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Apr. 25, 1871. Res. Chicago, 111. Stenographer and 
bookkeei)er. S. 

VI. Abram I)ell)ert Fry, b June 5, 1872; d Sept. 19, 

V. EllsBal)eth Fry, b Nov. 3, 18:J7; m Rev. Robt. A. 
Clark May 18, 1871. He was b In Cumlwrland, Eng^ 
land; d May 1, 1897. V blister of the United Brethren 
In Christ ch. He served In the ministry until 1882. 
then followed farming until 1890, when he resumed 
preaching, his last appointment was Port Elgin, Ont., 
Missions, where he labored four years up to the time 
t>f his death. C : John, All)erta, Annie, Rol)ert. 

VI. John B. Clark, b Feb. 23, 1872. Res. 542 Cor. 
Main and Fcmrth streets, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Press- 
man. Baptist. 

VI. Allierta V. Clark, b Feb. 16, 1874; m Rev. J. 
G. Conner Aug. 15, 1900. P. O., Port Elgin. Ont. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Minister of the Uniteil Brethren In Christ cbnreh. 

VI. Annie M. Clark, b Apr. 20, 1878. P.O., Port 
Elgin, Ont, School t-eaeher. U. B. church. 

VI. Robert F. Clark, b Feb. 10, 1880. Student at 
college. U. B. church. 

V. Anna Fry, b Apr. 8, 1840; m Andrew Bilger 
Feb. 8, 1870. P. O., South Cayuga. Out. Shoemaker 
Ev. Ass'n. C: 

VI. William F. Bilger, b Dec. 6, 1870. Res. 146 
Shuter street, Toronto, Ont. ^^anager. T. Eaton. 
Co. Meth. 

VI. John E. Bilger, b June 9, 1872. P. O., Berlin, 
Ont. Secretary and treasurer of Berlin Gas. Co. Ev. 
Asft'n. S. 

VI. Jacob A. Bilger, b Jan. 11, 1874; d Dec. 18, 

VK Charies R. Bilger, T) July 12, 1876. P. O., 
Tronto, Out., with T. Eaton Comp. Meth. 

VI. Gertrude Bilger, b Nov. 4. 1880. Ev. Ass^n. 

VI. Anna Bilger, b Dec. 19, 1882; d Dec. 24, 1884. 
V. Salome Fry. b Aug. 16. 1842; m William H. 
Mlchener Dec. 27, 1864. P. O., Dunnville, Ont. Car- 
riage-maker. Meth. C: Allierta, Jennie, Harold, 

VI. Alberta May Mlchener, b May 18, 1888; m 
John Dohn Jan. 15, 1888. Ren, 14Pooley street, Buffalo, 
N. Y. Commission merchant. Meth 'B. C: VII. Stella 

May Dohn, b . Charles AVllllam Dohn, b . 

Edison Stanley Dohn, b . Carlton Herbert 

Dohn, b . 

VI. Jennie Ann Michener, b Jan. 5, 1872. 

VI. Harold Herljert Mlchener, b May 6, 1878; d 
Apr. 12, 1899. 

VI. Ethel Winnif red Mlchener, b June 10, 1883. 

IV. Mary Nash, b In Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 2, 1808; 
d Nov. 8, 1885 ; m Abraham B. Moyer, Mar. 23, 1830. 
He was b In Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan.i29, 1809; d April 
21, 1865. After six years residence on a farm on the 
"Fly Road,** he sold out there and settled with his 
family In what was termed the "Indian Bush," In 
Haldlmand Co. Here he cleared a farm and erected 
good buildings. In 1844 he ngain sold his farm and 
leased Cross & Fisher's mills and farm in Norfolk Co., 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Rev. Joseph Nash. 
(See Page 63) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


and engaged in the manufacture and sale of flour, 
plaster, walnut lumber, and in agriculture, until 1847, 
when he returned to Lincoln Co. and purchased a 
farm near Beanisville where he remained until the fall 
of 1850. From ia50 to 1860 he resided in Welland Co.. 
and from 1860 to 1863 in the town of Brantford, where 
he occupied the historic home of Capt. Brant, Chief 
of the Six Nations. In the spring of this year, as the 
family were ready to sit down to an evening meal, 
the house wan discovered to l)e on fire and with nearly 
all of the contents was consumed. He now once more 
returned to the old homestead, where a house was 
temporized until arrangement* could he made for 
building anew, which was accomplished in 1864, and 
here his eventful life wan ended, April 21, of the follow- 
ing year. He waa noted for his integrity, cheerfulness, 
enterprise and courage. He was liberally endowed 
with skill in the construction of buildings, utensils, 
implements, or shoes for the family, including the 
lasts. He lived for his family, forgetful of self, and by 
constant over-exertion shortened his life. In early life 
he and wife were Mennonites, in which faith they con- 
tinued until 1850, when they Joined the Evangelical 
Association ch. C : Anna, Tobias, Samuel, Abraham, 
Mary, Jacob, Levi, Sophia, Jesse. 

V. Anna Moj'er, b Jan. 9, 1831 ; m John Wlsmer, 
April 11, 1852; d Oct. 25, 1858. Farmer; Ev. Ass'n. 
C: Mary, Martha, Sophia, Solomon, John. She m 
second husband, Wm. W. Moyer, Nov. 19, 1866. C: 
Curtis, Gilbert, Edward, EUn, Burness. 

VI. Mary \^ Ismer, b Feb. 5. 185S. 

VL Martha Winner, b Sept. 5, 1854; d Sept. 22, 

VI. Sophia Wlsmer, b In South Cayuga, Out., 
Oct. 9, 1855; m John Philip Filer, Dec. 19, 1889. He d 
Sept. 1 1900. Farmer. P. O. Cedar Falls, la. Meth. 
Ep. C : VII. BurnesH AVIsmer Filer, b April 1, 1891. 
Charles Edward Eiler, b Feb. 11, Ifm. William Earl 
Eller, b Aug. 14, 1895. Joseph Otis Filer, b Aug. 20, 

VI. Solomon G. Wlsmer, b In South Cayuga, Hal- 
dimand Co., Out., Sept. 25, 1857. P. O. Ce<lar Falls, la. 
Laborer. Meth Ep. S 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. John E. Wl«mer, b March 26, 1»)9; m Pris- 

clUa Mdyer, Dec. ai, 1887. P. O. . Wheelwright. 

Meth. C: VII. Howard W. WiRiner, b Aug 28, 1889. 
Harver R. WlHmer, b Sept. 11, 1801. 

VI. Curtis H. Moyer, b Aug. 14,1866; m Amelia 
B. RelB, Nov. 22, 1882. ReR. Hartford, Conn. Art 
dealer. C : VII. Magdaline Rels Moyer, b July 30, 

VI. Gilbert L. Moyer, b Nov. 15, 1867; m Maud 
Fisher. P. O. Allegheny, Pa. Electrician. Ev. Ass'n. 
VI. Edward A. Moyer. b Nov. 18,1869; m Elissa 
Dean. Res. 251 Putnam St., Hartford, Conn. Draughts- 
man. Meth. 

VI. Ella Moyer, b Dee. 31, 1871. Rea 160 Clara 
St., Hartford, Conn. S. 

VI. Bumesfl Moyer, b July 29,1885. Res. 160 Qara 
St., Hartford, Conn. S. 

V. Tobias Moyer, b . S. 

V. Samuel G. Moyer, b in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 
19,1835; m Emma Bliss, May 22, 1867. P. O. Cedar 
Falls, la. Sec. and Trea^. of the Cedar Falls Mill Co. 
Presby. C : Ella, Robert, lAHilKa. 

VI. Ella Bliss Moyer, b Feb. 11. 1869. Steno- 
grapher; Presby. 

VI. Rol)ert B. Moyer, b Aug. 29, 1870; m Flora M. 
Bartlett, June 15, 18M. P. O. Jersey City, N. J. As- 
sociate editor of the "Insurance Advocate" of New 
York and Philadelphia. Presby. 

VI. Louisa Moyer, b Feb. 24, 1880. 
V. Abraham N. Moyer, b in Haldimand Co.. Ont., 
Aug. 10, 1837; m Nannie Entrt»kiu, of Kingston, O.. 
Sept. 7, 1870. P. O. Kansas City. Kan. The first 19 
years of his life were spent on the farm in Canada. 
At the age of 20 he began teaching school, which he 
followed for 18 years, excepting a few terms in Clark 
Seminary at Aurora, III., and vacation in the harvest 
fields of III. Three years in the school house at Fry's 
Comer, South Cayuga, followed by three years at 
Campden, Ont., he regards as the most satisfactory 
as to material public interests and results of his school 
life. From 1868 to 1S70 he taught at Independence, 
Mo. A professorship at Lincoln College, Greenwood, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Mo., 1870-71, waa given up for want of college funds. 
On account of his knowledge of German he was offered 
a position in the Central School of Wyandotte, now 
Kansas City, Kan., which he held until 1875. Next he 
engaged in the business of real estate and loans. In 
1879 himself and partner purchased the "Wyandotte 
Qaaette," which was published and edited by them 
(Armstrong & Moyer) until 1887, when Mr. Moyer sold 
his interest. He was one of the original directors of 
the Wyandotte National Bank, of which he has been 
for a number of years vice-president, holding an active 
position. He is also treasurer of the Kansas City 
Savings Bank ; Presby. C : 

VI. Metta Sophia Moyer, b May 9, 1873. 

VI. Clyde Entrekin Moyer, b Mar. 18, 1879. 

V. Mary Moyer. b July 1, 1840 ; m Tobias Schants, 
Aug. 6, 1863. P. O. Berlin, Ont. Book agent; IT. B. 
ch. C: Orpheus, Etta, Sophia, Austin, Franklin, 
Arthur, Florence, Herbert. 

VI. Orpheus M. Schantz, b May 1864 ; m Cornelia 
Flager in 1899. Res. Chicago, 111. With the Weare 
Commission Co. VII. Ruth Moyer Schantz, b. Oct. 

VI. EttaM. Schantz, b Oct. 9, 1866 ; d May 5, 1900 ; 
m Ward M. White. Carpenter; Meth. C: VII. Wil- 
fred H. White, b Feb. 20, 1899; d June, 1899. Dorothy 
E. White, b April 26, 1900. 

VI. Sophia E. Schantz, b in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
May 4, 1869. 

VI. Austin T. Schantz, b Oct. 5, 1871. P. O. Dids- 
bury, Alberta, N. W. T. 

VI. Franklin A. Schantz, b Jan. 1874. P. O. Ber- 
lln, Ont. Clerk. 

VI. Arthur B. Schantz, b Nov. 22, 1876. P. O. 
Didsbur3% Alberta, N. W. T. 

VI. Florence A. Schantz, b Dec. 28, 1879. P. O. 
Berlin, Ont. 

VI. Herbert C. Schantz, b May, 3 1883. 

V. Jacob N. VI oyer, b Oct. 2:}, 1842; m Mary J. 
Miller, April 20, 1886. Res. 1268 State St., Harrisburg, 
Pa. Merchant; Meth. Ep. C: 

VI. Willard W. Vloyer, b April 12, 1887. 

VI. Frnncen Moyer, b July 18, 1889. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Richard Moyer, b Sept. 9, 1891. 

VI. Eveline Moyer, b Nov. 12, 1894. 

Vi. Winifred Moyer, b July 13, 1896. 

. V. Rev. Levi N. Moyer, b in Canada, June 19, 
1845; m Mary E. Raymond, June 20, 1871. P. O. Wil- 
mette, 111. His early days were spent on the farm. 
His education was received in the dintrlct and gram- 
mar schools. At the age of 19 he was employed in 
mercantile business, which he has followed up to the 
present time. When a mere boy he became a Christian 
and united with the church. In 1871 he was licensed 
to preach, which he did as opportunity presented. 
In 1884 he was ordained deacon. He never entered the 
regular pastorate. As an evangelistic gospel singer 
and chorister he wa« very successful. For more than 
ten years he preached in turn with other ministers to 
the students of the Iowa State Normal School. As a 
speaker he is fluent, clear and practical. Meth. Ep. C : 

VI. Charles R. Moyer, b June 20, 1872; d Nov, 25, 

VI. Harry R. Moyer, b Jan. 6, 1875 ; m Charlotte 
Belle Hays. P. O. Lagrange. 111. Meth. Ep. C: VII. 
Robert R. Moyer. Elizabeth. 

VI. Eva M. Moyer, b June 24, 1876 ; d Dec. 11, 1878. 

VI. Mary E. Moj-er, b Nov. 1, 187a 

VI. Edmond W. Moj^er, b Mar. 15, 1880. 

VI. Jennie Moyer, b Feb. 4, 1885. 

V. Sophia Moyer, b Oct. 10, 1847; m Rev. John 
H. Book in 1869; d Nov. 13, 1^70, in Mo. She was a 
sweet singer, aad using this talent was very helpful to 
her husband in his gospel work. 

V. Jesse G. Moyer, b in Ont., Feb. 28, 1850; m 
Anna E. Tomlins, Oct. 15, 1874. Res. Kansas City, 
Kan. Real estate and rentals ; Notary public. C : 

VI. Lillian M. Moyer, b Feb. 26, 1876; m Rice 
Roberts, July 1895. P. O. St. Mary's, Iowa. 

VI. Maurice Moyer, b July 7, 1877. 
VI. Herbert Moyer, b Oct. 12, 1879. 

VI. Mabel Moyer, b Feb. 3, 1881. 

VI. Edna Moyer, b Feb. 25, 1885. 

VI. Etta Moyer, b Feb. 5 1887. 

VI. Bertha M. Moyer, b Jan. 24, 1890. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


IV. Rev. Joseph Naah, b in Bucks Co., Pa., April 
1, 1810; d Mar. 9, 1898 ; m Mary Shelly, Sept. 8, 1833. 

She was b Jan. 1, 1814 in ; d Sept. 23, 1886. Father 

Nash spent his boyhood days In Bucks Co., Pa. When 
19 years of age he emi^ated to Canada, settling near 
Campden, Lincoln Co. In 1836 he moved with his fami- 
ly to South Cayuga, Haldimand Co., where the family 
resided about 26 years. In 1841 he was ordained a 
minister of the Gospel in the Old Mennonite Church, 
where he served eight years. In 1849, under the labors 
of Rev. F. Scharffe, he was gloriously converted and 
soon afterward Joined the Evangelical Association. 
In 1860 he was licensed as preacher by the Conference 
at Lockport, N. Y. For a number of years Father 
Nash served as local preacher, filling appointments all 
the way from Beach Creek to Middleton. In 1863 he 
moved with his family back to Campden, where he 
lived the rest of his days. Father Nash was a con- 
scientious, consistent Christian, and had the welfare 
of the Church and the glory of God much at heart. 
He believed in practical piety and everyday religion. 
Thus he died as he had lived, full of comfort and trust 
in the Lord Jesus. C: Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca, 
Abraham, Sophia, Jacob, Samuel, Anna, Saloma. 

V. Elizabeth Nash, b in Lincoln Co., Ont., Aug. 
54, 1834; m Amos A. Albright, June 17, 1849. P.O. 
Faulkton, S. Dak. Cari)enter. Meth. Ep. C: Ange- 
iine, Jemima, Mary, John, Rel)ecca, Joseph. 

VI. Angeline Albright, b Jan: 15, 1651 ; m Henry 
Livens in 1868. P. O. Stmforth, Ont. Merchant ; Melh. 
Ep. C : Delia, Mae, Harry. 

VII. Delia Livens, b in Aylmer, Ont., in 1869; m 
Charles W. Larimore, of Jacksonville, 111., in 1897. 
Live on a cotton plantation in Sunflower, Miss. Pub- 
lisher ; Meth. One child. VIII. Delia May Larimore, 
b Sept. 5, 1889. 

VII. Mae Livens, b at Beachvllle, Ont., in 1876. 
School teacher. S. 

VII. Harry Livens, b at St. Thomas, Ont., in 1886. 

VI. Jemima Albright, b Aug. 9, 1852; d May, 1883; 
m Lorenzo Herrick, Mar. 14, 1H72. P. O. Tilsonburg, 
Ont. Farmer; Mc^th ; Ep. (■: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VIK Olive Gertrude Herrick, b 8ept. 16, 1873; m 
Charles J. Pearce, Mar. 28, 1894. P. O. Ostrander, 
Ont. Farmer. Meth. C: (VIII.) Vera I. Pearce, 
b Dec. 16, 1896. Jemima G. Pearce, b Aug. 1, 1900. 

VIK Muriel M. E. Herrick, b July 1 1 , 1877. 

VII. Ira A. Herrick, b April 4, 1879 ; d Oct. 25, 1884. 

Vil. Emerson E . Herrick, b Nov. 24, 1883 ; d July 3, 

VI. Mary Margaret Albright, b May 30, 1854. P. 
O. Bowdle, So. Dakota. S. 

VI. John Henry Albright, b in South Cayuga^ 
Haldimand Co., Ont., April 26, 1856; m Janett McLeod, 
of London, Ont.. April 24, 1884. She d Sept. 1886. C: 
, May. He m second wife, Nellie Shields, at Huron, So. 
Dakota, Aug. 23, 18W. P. O. Fort Dodge, la. Archi- 
tect ; Meth. Ep. C : Homer. 

VIK May Belle Albright, b May, 1885. 

Vil. Homer Albright, b June 15, 1895. 

VI. Rebecca Albright, b in South Cayuga, Ont., 
Mar. 29, 1858; m James Perry Norton, June 24, 1882. 
P. O. Jacksonville, III. Electrician. No issue. 

VK Joseph Albright, b Aug. 30, 1860 ; m . C : 

VII. Joseph Albright. 

V. Mary Nash, b Dec. 3, 1836; m Daniel Albright, 
Jan. 2, 1855. P. O. Campden, Ont. Boot and shoe 
merchant; Ev. Ass'n. C: Mary, Joseph, John, Jacob. 

VI. Mary Marganrt Albright, b Nov. 24, 1865; m 
Lewis A. Moyerln 1874. P. O. North Hamflton, Ont. 
Bookkeeper; Meth. C: VII. Clayton H. Moyer, b 
Dec. 27, 1874 ;d Aug. 11, 1893. Gertrude H. Moyer, b 
Mar. 24, 1880. Thomas s. Moyer, b April 11, 1885. 
Winifred Moyer, b Mar. 28, 1888. 

VI. Joseph W. Albright, b Oct. 2, 1857; d Oct. 16, 

VI. John Arthur Albright, b Feb. 3, 1859; d in 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sept. 11, 1887. 

VI. Jacob High Albright, b Oct. 16, 1861; m Pris- 
cilla Culp, Aug. 1884. Res. 2217 Gaskin Court, Niagara 
Falls, N. Y. Painter and paper hanger ; Ev. Ass'n. 
C: VII. Myrtle Albright, b Sept. 28, 1885. Lillian 
Albright, b May 11, 1887. Violet Albright, b April 2, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

REV. SAMUEL N. MOYER, (See Page 67) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Rebecca Naeh, b Jan. 15, 1839 ; d Sept. 24, 1862. 
She attended the common schools of her section until 
her 18th year. But desiring: to pursue a more com- 
plete course preparatory thereto she attended a Gram- 
mar school, but on account of 111 health she dis- 
continued her school attendance. When about 17 
years of age she began teaching school and taught* 
except when attending school, until within three 
months of her death. When in her 18th year she was 
converted and soon after Joined the Ev. Ass'n ch., 
and though often in darkness with conflicts, doubts 
and fears, yet bright hope a* often Intervened to cheer 
and light her path until the end came, and the crown 
won. Among her writings were many pieces of her 
own composition, mostly of a religious character, 
that si)eak well of her poetical talents. We make 
room for one written for an intimate friend and 
schoolmate : 


You smooth the tangles from my hair 
With gentle touch and tend'rest care, 
And count the years ere you shall mark 
Bright silvery threads among the dark- 
Smiling the while to hear me say, 
"You'll think of this again some day! 

" Some day !" 

I do not Kcorn the power of time, 
Nor count on years of fadeless prime ; 
But no white gleams will ever shine 
Among these heavy kwks of mine. 
Ah, laugh as gayly as you may, 
You'll think of this agafn some day, 

Some day ! 

Some day 1 shall not feel as now 

Your soft hands move about my brow ; 

I shall not slight your light commands. 

And draw the Umfi; braids through my hands ; 

I shall Ik» silent and obey,— 

And you— you will not laugh that day, 

That day I 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


I know how long yonr loving hands 
Will linger with theHe glossy bands, 
When you shall weave my latest crown 
Of these thick braidings long and brown ; 
But you shall see no touch of gray 
Adorn their shining lengths that day, 

That day ! 

And while your tears are falling hot 
Upon the lips which answer not. 
You'll take from these one treasured tress, 
And leave the rest to silentness, 
Renieml)ering that I used to say, 
** You'll think of Uivt again some day^ 

*' Some day r 

V. \braham Nash, b Mar. 28, 1841 ; m 8arah A. 
Logan in 1876, P. O. Perry Station, Ont. Meth. C : 

VK Richard Nelson Nash, b Jan. 28, 1877. 
V. Sophia Nash, b May 1, 1843 ; d Aug. 22, 1844. 
V. Jacob Nash, b Oct. 3,1845; m Mary Snyder. 
P. O. St. Ann's, Ont. C : 

VI. Chester Allen Nash. P. O. Princes, Man. 

VI. Nellie Josephine Nash. 

VI. Zoey Nash. 

VI. George Nash. 

VI. Amy Ed wine Na«h. 

V. Samuel S. Nash, b in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
June 5, 1848; m Sarah A. Moyer, Dec. 4, 1871. P. O. 
Chesley, Ont. Teacher; later grocery and provision 
merchant. Ev. Ass'n. C : 

VI. Florence Beatrice Nash, b Feb. 28, 1876. 

VI. Aubrey DeWltt Nash, b May 26, 1881. 

VI. Justus Hugh Nash, b Dec. 28, 1885. 

VI. Samuel Leland Nash, b Aug. 26, 1888. 

V. Anna Nash, b Jan. 12, 1851; m David F. 
Houser, Sept. 12, 1873. P. O. Campden, Ont. Butcher ; 
Ev. Ass'n. C : 

VI. Maynard Houser, b , 1874. 

VI. Qeorge A, Houser, b , 1879. 

VI. Judson Stanley Houser, b June 22, 1886; d 
Sept. 7, 1886. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Joseph Henry Houser, b Jan. 1, 1888. 

V. Salome Nash, b May 19, 1856 ; m Judson An- 
derson. P. O. Campden, Ont. C : 

VI. Clarence Elmer Anderson, b Mar. 16, 1885. 
VI, Roland Emery Anderson, b Mar. 12, 1888. 
VI. Mary Viola Anderson, b Sept. 23, 1893. 
VI. Grace Evelyn Anderson, b Au«. 9, 1896. 

IV. Rebecca Nash, b Nov. 26, 1812; d Aug. 16, 
iaS4; ni David B. Moyer, Mar. 4, 1833. He was b Oct. 
4, 1811; d June 18, 1871. Farmer; Ev. Ass'n. Mr. 
Moyer nt an early a^ began clearing operations on 
the KM) acres of forest land purchased for him by his 
father in Clinton twp., Lincoln Co., Ont., upon which 
he settled and occupied until the time of his death. 
He also learned the shoemaker's trade, and during the 
early years of his married life made and mended the 
"footwear" for the family. His educational advan- 
tages were very limited, having enjoyed the privileges 
of but one term at a German school taught b}' his 
father, and by his own further efforts he ultimately 
Jicquired Hufficient education to meet the exigencies of 
the times. He was alwayn interested in the educa- 
ticmal matters of the community, and served his own 
school section at various times as trustee. He kept 
his home Hupi)lied with good books and i>ai>ers in 
both languages. Mr. Moyer was a man of extremely 
mild and g-enial disposition, quiet and unassuming, 
and given to hospitality. He was domestic in his 
tastes, and det»i)ly devoted to his family and home 
life. Of Mennonite ancestry, he was an adherent of 
that faith until i849, when he united with the Ev. 
AsH'n., in which he lived an earnest Christian life. 
During »a visit to Bucks Co., Pa., he was stricken 
with apoplexy and died at the home of Rev. Isaac 
Uickert. His remains were removed to his home and 
buried in the Evangelical church yard. C: Samuel, 
Mary, Anna, Barbara, Eli, Elixal>eth, David, Simeon. 

V. Rev. Samuel N. Moyer, b Aug. 10, 18:J4; m 
Martha J. Brown, Sept. 1858. She d without issue. 
May 21, 1871. He m seccmd wife, Mary Anna, widow 
of Conrad Selbert, and (laughter of William Lingel- 
bach, June 4, 1872. His early life was siHMit on the 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


homeeteacl farm, attending the common aehool during 
tlie winter montliH. In Jan., 1854» lie bef^^an teacliing 
school; taught three months. The following year^ 
after teaching three months, he decided to make 
teaching his life work and took a course in the Nor- 
mal School and followed teaching until 1868. In early 
youth he was converted and united with the Ev. 
Ass'n ch. In 1857 he began to exercise his talents for 
the Lord in Church and Sunday school work. Feeling 
impressed that he should go forth as a herald of 
the cross of Christ, he Anally yielded to the call and 
was given work as a local preacher in 1867. At the 
next Annual Conf. he was licensed as probationer and 
sent as Junior preacher to Upper Woolwich Circuit. 
In 1869 he was sent to Blenheim Circuit; Hamburg 
Circuit, 1871-2 ; Lincoln and Gamsboro M ission, l87;i-7B, 
and Campden Station one year; Hesi)eler Mission* 
1877; Crediton Station, lh80; Hespeler Mission, 188;i. 
In 1884 he was elected Presiding Elder and sent to 
Ottawa District, and also as pastor of Golden Lake 
Mission. In 1867 he was stationed on the North Dis- 
trict; 1888, on the South District ; and, in 1889, on the 
West District, remaining until 1892, when he was re-, 
elected and returned to the former district. On Sab- 
bath morning. Mar. 11, 1893, while serving an appoint- 
ment at Norriston, Ont., he was taken sick and sank 
helpless in the pulpit. He was taken to the house of 
a friend where he remained until he recovered sufficient- 
ly to return to his home. His condition was such 
that by his physician's advice he spent the summer in 
Manitoba; but all in vain. He died Oct. 3, 1893. His 
remains were brought home and buried in the Lln- 
gelbach cemetery. His funeral was attended by an 
immense gathering of friends, among them 26 ministers 
of the Ev. Ass'n. His main forte as a preacher lay in 
his ability as an evangelist. His sermons were of nn 
awakening kind, sending conviction to the heart of 
the sinner, and by his pathos and tender sympathy 
leading him to accept salvation through the Lord 
Jesus Christ; and thus the Lord gave him many seals 
to his ministry on every i)astoral charge he has 
served. C : 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Ida Moyer, b Mar. 23. 1873 ; d April 16, 1876. 

VI. Ell S. Moyer, b Feb. 28, 1876. P. O. Berlin. 
Ont. S. 

VI. Anna Margaret Ada Moyer, b Aug. 2, 1878. 

VI. Samuel N. Moyer, b Aug. 1, 1881. 

VI. Mary Rosle Etta Adallna Moyer, b Nov. 6, 

V. Mary Voyer, b Sept. 30, 1836; d May 11, 1837. 
V. Anna N. Moyer, b Aug. 26, 1838; m Christian 
A. GroBH. (See Christian A. Gross family.) 

V. Barbara N. Moyer, b May 8, 1841 ; d April 11, 
1885; m Gllglan Trachsell, Feb. 27, 1873. He- was b 
In Berne, Switzerland ; d Nov. 16, 1821. Emigrated to 
Canada In 1847. P. O. Shakespeare, Ont. Farmer; 
Ev. Ass'n. C : Edwin, Lizzie, John, Samuel, Sarah. 

VI. Edwin Trachsell, b Feb. 28, 1874. Traveling 
salesman for an implement firm in Manitoba. 

VI. Lizzie Trachsell, b Aug. 2, 1876; m Levi Sle- 
l)ert. P. O. Collet own, Ont. Telegraph Operator. 
C: VII. Ivan, (Gladys. 

VI. John G. Trachsell, b Jan. 5, 1877. P. O. Shake- 
si)eare, Ont. 

VI. Samuel Trachsell, b Oct. 30, 1878. P. O. Shake- 
speare, Ont. 

VI. Sarah R. Trachsell, b Feb. 28, 1884. 
V. Ell N. Moyer, b July 14, 1843 ; m Sarah Hippie, 
Feb. 4, 1866. Dealer in school supplies. Meth. C: 
Rebecca. Maggie, Martha, Harry. 

VI. Rebecca A. Moyer, b Dec. 22, 1866; m E. W. 
Albright, Dec. 28, 1887. Mjichinlst; Meth. C: VII. 
Ethel Edna May Albright, b Dec. 15, 1890. I^eeland 
Sanford Albright, b 

VI. Maggie May Moyer, b Sept. 25, 1869; m H. A. 
Harwood. Bookkeei)er; Meth. C: VII. Carlotta 
Maud Harwood. Gertrude May Harwood. 

VI. Martha Dell Moyer, b Jan. 12, 1873 m Rev. 
J. J. Reeve. P. O. Paisley, Ont. Minister ; Baptist. 
C: VII. Lillian DellReeve. 

VI. Harry R. A. Moyer, b Jan. 17, 1878. Book- 
keeping, &c ; Meth. S. 

V. Elizal)eth Moyer, b Dec. 1, 1845. Meth. S. 

V. David N. Moyer, b .June 12, 1K49; m Margaret 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Tweddell, Aug. 12, 1875. Res. 1152 Jackson Bnvd, 
Chicago, 111. Gen'l Agt. C: Eruest^ David, Leland, 
Reginald, Margaret. 

VI. Ernest J. T. Moyer, b July 3i, 1876; m Alfe 
Givler, Dec. 2S, 1898. Res. 1060 Wilcox Ave., Chicago. 
Bookkeeper; Meth. C: VII. Mildred Moyer, b Dec. 
30, 1900. 

VI. David B. Mo^-er, b Jan. 4, 187a Res. Chicago, 
111. Salesman. 

VI. Leland P. Moyer, b Aug. 21, 1879. Res. Chi- 
cago. Clerk. 

VI# Reginald W. Moyer, b Jan. 29, 1882. Ins. 
Clerk In Chicago. Meth. 

VI. Margaret M. Moyer, b Feb. 21, 1892. 

V. Simeon N. Moyer, b Aug. 13,1852; m Rhoda 
Moyer, July 28, 1874. P. O. Duunvllle, Out. Carriage 
maker. Meth. C: 

VI. Luella Moyer, b July 7, 1876. 
VI. Ernest S. Moyer, b Dec. 9, 1881. 
VI. F. Mal)el Moyer, b May 6, 1884. 
VI. John C. Moyer, b Nov. 2, 1886. 
VI. Mary E. Moyer, b April 27, 1893. 

IV. Abraham Nash, b Nov. 26, 1812; m Frances 
Wismer, Oct. 10, 1843. She was b in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 2, 1815; d May 7, 1854. C: Susanna, Mary. 
Daniel, Frances, Samuel. Abraham m second wife, 
Agnes Houser, Nov. 10, 1857, She d Nov. 15, 1869. C : 
Sarah, Priscilla, Annie, Sarah, Henry, Agnes. 

Abraham Nash was born in Bucks Co., Pa., and at 
the age of 14 years he emigrated to Canada with his 
uncle, Jacob Gross, in a wagon, with whom he lived 
until he was 20 years old. He received a good educa- 
tion and taught singing school for a time, and for 
several years taught in the public schools. He pur- 
chased a farm ol 100 acres in South Cayuga, Out., 
which was heavily timbered, which he cleared and 
Improved. He waj8 one of the pioneer settlers in that 
section of the county. In 1844 he was appointed to 
the office of Magistrate, which he 8ucce8sfull3' filled 
until declining years compelled him to retire. In 1854 
he was appointed to the responsible position of Local 
Superintendent of Public Schools for the township of 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

DAVID N. MOVER, (See Page 69) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


South Cayuga, and was annually re-appointed until 
1871 when the government made a change to County 
Inspectors. He ran a private dairy for several years, 
converting the milk of from 18 to 22 cows into cheese. 
He was also land surveyor and conveyancer. In 1873 
he sold his fine farm and in 1875 purchased another, 
which he worked for several years and then retired 
from active life. He was converted in 1841 and united 
with the Evangelical Association, he being the first 
member of the South Cayuga Society, to which he 
donated the land for the church and burying ground. 
He is still living (1901) and has his home with his son, 

V. Susanna Nash, b May 24, 1846 ; m Abraham 
G. Wismer, May 21, 1870. P. O. DunnviUe,Ont. Black- 
smith; Meth. C: Abraham, Harvey, Wilford, Flor- 
ence, Delos, Fannie. 

VI. Abraham N. Wismer, b Mar. 13, 1871. P. O. 
South Cayuga, Ont. Farmer. S. 

VI. Harvey N. Wismer, b July 24, 1873. P. O. 
DunnvlUe, Ont. Farmer ; Meth. S. 

VI. Wilford N. Wismer. b Sept. 19, 1875. P. O. 
Grand View, Manitoba. Tinsmith. S. 

VI. Florence W^ismer, b Dec. 23,1877. P. O. Dunn- 
ville, Ont. Methodist. S. 

VI. DeloH Wismer. b May 4, 1880. Res. 135 James 
St., E. Winnipeg, Manitoba. S. 

VI. Fannie Wismer, b June 24. 1882; d Feb. 17, 

V. Mary Nnsfi, b in Haldlmand Co., Ont., Jan. 2, 
1848; m Isaac Hoover. Mar. 27, 1878. P. O. Rodney, 
Ont. Meth. C : 

VI. Lome Hoover, b Nov. 26, 1879. Farmer. 

VI. Fannie Hoover, b May 20, 1881. School 

VI. Velma Hoover, b April 6, 1885. Learning the 
printing trade. 

V. Daniel Wismer Nash, b at South ('ayuga, Ont., 
Jan. 5, 1850; m Annie M. Wiwmer, Jan. 29, 1879. P. O. 
South Cayuga, Ont. Farmer; Ev. Ass*n. C; 

Vi. William W. Nash, b Jan. 4, 18S0. School 
teacher; Ev. Ass'n. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Ardle T. Nash, b Nov. 12, 1881. Ev. Afls'n. 

VI. Lottie M. Nash, b Dec. 4, 1883. Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. Isaac P. Nash, b Au|^. 15, 1885. Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. Lulu C. Nash, b Sept. 3, 1886. Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. Abrain L. S. Nash, b July 6, 1894. 

V. Frances Deborah Nash, b in South Cayuga, 
Haldlmand Co., Ont., Canada, Feb. 27, 1852; m Jona- 
than Carter, Mar. 22, 1888. P. O. Petrolia, Ont. 
Meth. C : 

VI. Abraham Nash Carter, b July 27, 1800. 

VI. Victoria Beatrice Carter, b April 29, 1894. 

V. Samuel Abraham Nash, b May 7, 1854; d Sept. 

V. Sarah iViag:dalena Nash, b Aug. 2, 1858; d Aug. 
9, 1858. 

V. Priscllla Victoria Nash, b in Haldlmand Co.. 
Ont., Nov. 24, 1859. Deaconess In German Deaconess 
Home, Buffalo, N. Y. Ev. Ass'n. S. 

V. Anna Rebecca Nash, b July 26, 1861; m Wm. 
W. Schweitzer, Dec. 2, 189<). P. O. New Hamburg, 
Ont. Ev. Ass'n. C. 

VI. Ethel Rebecca Schweitzer, b Nov. 3, 1891 ; d 
Nov. 6. 1891. 

VI. Rose Dell Schweitzer, b April 14. 1893. 

VI. Barbara Elfelda Schweitzer, b July 3, 1896. 
V. Sarah Elizabeth Nash, b in South Cayuga, 
Ont., April 30, lm^ ; m Jacob Laschinger in 1881. P. O . 
New Hamburg, Ont. Painter, mfr. of wagons, car- 
riages, &c., and postmaster. Ev. Ass'n. C: 

VI. All)erta Johanna Liischlnger, b June 3, 1882; 
m Lafayette M. Hostetler, June 5, 1901. P. O. New- 
Hamburg, Ont. Jeweler and optician. Ev. Ass'n. 

VI. Rebecca Viola Laschinger, b Jan. 6 1884. 

VI. Martha Beatrice Laschinger, b July 26, 1886. 

VI. Mildred Irene Laschinger, b Sept. 21, 1888. 

VI. Iraine Charles Laschinger, b Dec. 17. 18«9. 

VI. Mary Priscllla Laschinger, b Aug. 18, 1892. 

VI. Russell Howard Laschinger, b May 4, 1895. 

VI. Wilfred Cecil Laschinger, b War. 17, 1897. 

VI. Ewart Jacob Laschinger, b M&y 1, 1898. 

VI. Evelyn Elizal)eth Laschinger, b Aug. 3, 1900. 

V. Henry Abraham Nash, b in South Cayuga, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Haldimand Co., Ont.. Mar. 26, 1865; m Anna Eliza 
Schenk, Dec. 20, 18»3. P. O. Camilla, Ont. 

A few yearH after the death of hia mother, Mr. 
Naeh went to live with friends and later with hiB 
uncle, Joseph Naah, where he remained until 1875, 
when hlH father having!: purchased a farm he went 
home to live, remaining: about four years. He then 
lived with his sister, Mary Hoover, for two years, 
and on Dec. 21, 1881, apprenticed himself for three 
years to Wm. Merners & ('o., at New Hamburg, Ont., 
to learn the carriage and blacksmithlng trade. In 
1805 he engaged for nine mouths learning the art of 
horseshoeing. After being otherwise engaged for 
some time, he secured situations in Bolton, Ont., and 
other places. In 1896 he went to Wexford, Ont., but 
returned to New Hamburg In Oct. of that year and 
once more engaged withWm. Merner &Co., remaining 
nearly three years, after which he returned to Wex- 
ford, worked there as J(mrneyman for a time, and 
later at (-ampden and Cannlngton, Ont. He then en- 
gaged as Journeyman In Buffalo, N. Y., but returned 
to Canada in Mar. 189;^, and on Mar. 18th of that year 
went to Camilla, Ont., where he was a complete 
stranger and set up buHiness for himself, which he has 
successfully conducted at that place ever since. Pres- 
byterian. C : 

VI. HuHsel Victor Nash, b Sept. 25, 1894. 

VI. Harvey Abniham Na«h, b Oct. 26, 1896. 

VI. Infant, b and d July 6, 1899. 

VI. Infant, b Sept. 2:1, 1900; d next day. 
V. Agnes Etta Nash, b in South Cayuga twp., 
Haldimand Co., Out., Feb. LM, 1867. Res. 9;n Prospect 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. Ev. AHs'n. S. 

IV. Jacob Ntish, b ; d ; m Anna Albright, 

Jan. 26, 1841. She was b May 16, I8I9. P. O. VVelland. 
Ont. Blacksmith; Meth. (■: Levi, Mary, Magda- 
lena, William, Solomon, I^vina, Joseph, Anna, Jacob, 
John, infant, Salena. 

V. Levi Nash, b Oct. 7, 1H41 : d Jan. 25, 1888; m 
Anna Helsart. Farmer; Meth. C: Mary, William, 
Nellie, Infant daughter, Jacob. 

V. Mary Nash, b Fob. 11. 1S4.*?; ni Wm. Stewart. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


P. O. Grand Haven^ Mich. C : John, Mary, George, d. 
V. Magdalena Nash, b May 23, 1845; m Dilman 
Dohn, Jan. 16, 1866. P. O. Welland, Ont. Farmer; 
Meth. C: Mary, John, William, Clara, Amelia, Anna» 
Levlna, Maggie, Frank, Dilman. 

VK Mary Luella Dohn. b Nov. 7, 1866 ; m Nathan 
Johnson, Oct, 23, 1889. P. O. Welland, Ont. Ma*ion ; 
Meth. C: VII. Mabel R. Johnson, b Mar. 25, 1891. 
Mildred Johnson, b Sept. 18, 1893. 

VI. John Dohn, b Aug. 16, 1868; m Alberta M. 
Michener, Jan. 16, 1889. Res. Buffalo, N. Y. Commis- 
sion merchant; Meth £p. C: Stella, Charles, d; 
Edison, d ; Carlton. 

VI. William H. Dohn, b Jan. 26.1872; m Lillian 
M. Stoddard, 1693. Farmer; Meth. 

VI. Clara Belle Dohn, b Jan. Jan. 26. 1872; m 
Gabor Putnam, 1892. Printer; Meth. 

VI. Amelia M. Dohn, b July 30, J 874. 

VI. Anna L. Dohn, b Nov. 27, 1876. 

VI. Levina Dohn, b Feb. 7. 1879. 

VI. Maggie Dohn, b May 5. 1880. 

VI. Frank V. Dohn, b Oct. 6, ls83. 

VI. Dilman P. Dohn, b Feb. 27, 1889. 

V. William Henry Nash, b Mar. 8. 1847 ; m Susan 
Albright in 1873. General ag't; Meth. Ep. C: 

Vi. John Wesley Nash, b July 24, 1874. 

VI. Charles W. Nash, b Sept. 3, 1876. 

VI. Edith Maud Nash, b Aug. 6, 1878. 

VI. William Henry Nash, b Jan. 24, 1885; d Aug. 
28, 1885. 

VI. Stanley P. Nash, b Feb. 24, 1900. 

V. Solomon Nash, b Mar. 24, 1849; d Jan. 18. 
1877 ; m Amelia Amos. One child. 

VI. Maggie Amos Nash. 

V. Levina Nash, b June 12, 1851 ; d April 27, 1891 ; 
m Levi Albright. Blacksmith. C : 

VI. Annie, William, Mary, Clayton. 

V. Joseph A. Nash, b July 10, 1853; m Rose Se- 
crest. Shoemaker; Meth. C: 

VI. Lillian, NeUie, Helen. 

V. Anna E. Nash, b May 3, 1856 ; d Sept. 20, 1856. 

V. Jacob A. Nash, b May 17, 1857; m Matilda A. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Johnson !n 1881. Wagon mfr. C: Howard, Laura, 
Florence, Clarence. 

V. John Wesley Naah, b Mar. 28, 1859 ; d Aug. 21, 

V, Salena Na48h, b May 7, 1864; d July, 1864. 

IV. Anna Nash, b In Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 29, 
1819 ; m Samuel Fry, Jan. 2, 1838. He was b in Lin- 
coln Co., Out., May 15, 1812; d Nov. 28, 1881. P.O. 
Campden, Out. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. C : Jacob, Ellas, 
Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Anna. 

V. Jacob N. Fry, b June 10, 1839 ; d Aug. 26, 1850. 

V. Ellas N. Fry, b In Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 1, 
1841 ; m Catharine Houser, Sept. 26, 1866. Res. 1314 
West Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Carriage maker. C: Alice, 
Rose, Sandford, Charles, Edith, William, Lottie. 

VI. Alice Alberta Fiy, b Aug. 21, 1869; m G. C. 
Whitehead, June 17, 1896. Res. Buffalo, N. Y. Rail- 
road clerk; Brethren ch. One child. VII. Tracy 
Whitehead, b Mar. 26, 1897. 

VI. Rose E. Fry, b Aug. 4, 1872. Res. Buffalo, 
N. Y. School teacher; Presby. S. 

VI. Sandford L. F'ry, b Nov. 3, 1873; m Emma 
Herzog, Aug. 23, 1898. P. O. Smithport, Pa. Dry 
goods merchant ; Meth. No issue. 

VI. Charles W. Fry, b Oct. 15, 1875. Res. Buffalo, 
N. Y. Railroad clerk , Presby. 8. 

VI. Edith A. Fry. b Mar. 6, 1878 , d April 28, 1880. 

VI. William B. Fry, b June 22, 1882. Res. Buffalo, 
N. Y. Bank clerk ; Meth. S. 

VI. Lottie M. P>y, b Feb. 16, 1885. 

V. Samuel N. Fry, b in Clinton twp., Lincoln 
Co., Ont., Nov. 19, lH4:i; m Sarah C. Grobb, Oct. 1, 
1872. P. O. Jordan, Ont. Farmer; Ev. Ass'n. C: 

VI. Annie Rosetta Frjs b May 29, 1876. 

VI. Alpheus Leland Fry, b Mar. 22, 1883. 

V. Mary Fry, b in Clinton twp., Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Feb. 1, 1846; m Henry W. Moyer, Dec. 19, 1876. 
He was b April 6, 1828; d Jan. 21, 1900. P. O. Camp- 
den, Ont. Dealer in stoves, tinware, &c. Ev. Ass'n. 
C : Emerj', Sidney. 

VI. Emery F. Moyer, b in Lincoln ('<>., Out., May 
8, 1881. P. O. C^ampden, Ont. (Vmtinues in the busi- 
ness of his father. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI* Sidney Fry Moyer, b Dec. 9, 1884; with hiB 
brother in the stove and tinware business. 

y. Sarah Fry, b Aug. 12, 1848 ; d Sept. 15, 1886. 

V. Anna Fry, b Oct. JiO, 1850; d Jan. 30, 1876; m 
Samuel M. Houser, Oct. 31, 1872. P. O. Campden, 
Ont. Farmer ; Ev. Ass'n. C : Nellie, Sarah. 

VI. Nellie Belle Houser, b Oct. 7, 1873. Ev. Ass'n. 

VL Sarah Dell Houser, b Nov. 14, 1875 ; d Jan. 19, 
1897. Ev. Ass'n. S. 

III. Jacob Nash, b Jan. 25. 1781 ; d Nov. 25. 1851 ; 
m Elizabeth Meyer. She was b Auf?. 16, 1786; d Mar. 
13, 1851. Lived in Tinicum twp. Mason and farmer; 
Menu's. C: Samuel, Susan, Elizabeth, Joseph, Wil- 
liam, Henry, Tobias, Levi, Mary, Eli, Anna, Jacob. 

IV. Samuel Nash, b Jan. 10, 1810; d ; m Bar- 
bara Wismer, Mar. 27, 1832. Mr. Nash followed farm- 
ing for some years. He was also a well known auc- 
tioneer and general business agent. C : Sophia, Su- 
sanna, Reuben, Levi, Samuel, Huldah, Amanda, De- 
borah, Marietta, Lizzie. 

V. Sophia Nash, b Jan. 1, 1833 ; m David Kepler,. 
Jan. 1, 1885. P. O. Wismer, Pa. Farmer; Baptists. 
C : Elwood, Wilson, Joanna, Harvey. 

VI. S. Elwood Kepler, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
1, 1856: m Abbie F. Naylor, Feb. 28, 1884. P. O. Daw- 
son, N. Dakota. Merchant; Cong. C: VII. G.Don- 
ald Kepler, b Dec. 15, 1885. J. Faries Kepler, b Feb. 2, 

VI, Wilson Kepler, h June 8, 1860; d July 6, 1861. 

VI. Joanna Kepler, b April 3, 1863 ; m W. A. Reed. 
P. O. Jamestown, N. Y. C: VII. Harvey Roy Reed. 

VI. Harvey Kepler, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 8, 
1866 ; m Georgia S. Shepherd, Dec. 24, 1892. P. O. Daw- 
son, N. Dakota. Carpenter and miller ; Baptists. C : 
VU. David Alton Kepler, b July 3, 1898. Florence 
Elizabeth Kepler, b June 5, 1900. 

V. Susan W. Nash, b April 26, 1834; m John R. 
I^iear, in 1857. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Contractor; 
Presby. C : Rosa, Minnie. 

VI. Rosa Lear, b ; m Martin Hulshizer in 

1884, P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Druggist. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI, Minnie Lear, b ; d Mar. 8, 1872. 

V. Reuben W. Naah, b Jan. 6, 1836; d May 27, 
1892; m Catharine Myers In 1860. Farmer. C: An- 
derson, John, Huldah, Samuel, Annie, Reed, Mary. 

VI, Anderson Nash, b Nov. 11, 1860; m Emma 
SklUman, Feb. 25, 1888. P. O. Wlsmerr, Pa. Farmer. 

VI. John M. Nash, b In Plumstead twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., April 5. 1863 ; m Kate C. Smith in 1884. She 
was b Sept 1, 1865. P. O. Wlsmer Pa. Farmer ; Luth. 
C : VII. Sallie S. Nash, b Oct. 31, 1884. Luther How- 
ard Nash, b Sept. 16, 1890. 

VI. Huldah Nosh, b Sept. 3, 1864; d Dec. 15, 1864. 

VI. Samuel N. Nash, b July 11, 1866. 

VI. Annie Njish. b 1868 ; d Sept. 28, 1868. 

VI. Reed Nash, b in Bucks Co., Pa., July 28, 1869; 
m Irene Sassaman in 1897. P. O. Wlsmer, Pa. Far- 
mer. C : VII. Ruth S. Nash, b May 23, 1898. 

VI. Mary Ellen Nnsh, b Nov. 9, 1875. 

V. Levi W. Nash, b Mar. 26, 1838. P. O. Wlsmer, 
Pa. Farmer. S. 

V. Samuel Nash, b Jan. 20, 1841 ; d Oct. 3, 1841. 

V. Huldah J. Na«h, b July 28, 1842; m Theodore 
J. Kline, Oct. 4. 1865. He d Aug. 4, 1868. He served 
as Lieutenant of the 128th Pa. Reg't; was elected 
Justice of Peace of Whitehall twp., Lehigh Co., in 
1868. Baptist. C: Jeannetta, Theodore. 

VI. Jeannetta N. Kline, b Jan. 10, 1867 ; m U, S. 
Grant Myers, Jan. 1, 1890. 

VI. Theodore J. Kline, b April 6, 1869. P. O. 
Doylestown, Pa. Printer. 

V. Amanda Na«h, b May 11, 1844; d Feb 28, 1871. 

V. Debbie A. Nash, b May 11, 1846; m Philip Z. 
Jenkins, 1868. P. O. Plunisteadvllle, Pa., Presby. C: 

VI. Flora N. Jenkins, b Jan. 16, 1869 ; m Wm. E. 
McElderrj', 1891. P. O. Boonville, Ind. 

VI. S. Frank Jenkins, b April 9, 1882. 

VI. A. Lizzie Jenkins, b May 28. 1875. 

VI. Lilly M. Jenkins, b July 10. 1879. 

V. Marietta Nash, b Oct. 20, 1850 ; d Jan. 18n. 

V. Elizabeth Nash, b April 20, 1854; m George 
W. Mcintosh, April 22, 1880. P. O. Doylestown, Pa, 
Mr. Mcintosh learned the printing trade in the Bucks 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Co. Intelligeneer office, where he faerred as pressman 
and Job printer, and later as foreman. In 1879 he 
removed to Illinois, bought one-half interest in the 
Hepublican^ published at W atseka, but soon sold out 
and returned to his old position as foreman in the 
Bficks Go. Intelligencer office, where he is still serring 
1^ Sup't of the establishment. One child. 
. VI. Florence Nash Mcintosh, b Nov. 4,1887. 

IV. Susanna Nash, b Dec. 30, 1810; m Samuel 
Meyers, Dec. 24, 1835. He was b Dec. 27, 1805; d Feb. 
4, 1879. Farmer; Menu's. C: Hannah, Jacob, To- 
bias, Christian, Amos, Elizabeth, Anna, Charles. (See- 
Wismer History, page 48%) 

IV. Elizabeth Nash, b Aug. 17, 1812; d ; m 

Christian Fretz, Oct. 6, 1867. No issue. 

iV. Joseph Nash, b Aug. 20, 1814; d June 7, 1851. 

IV. WiUiam Nash, b Nov. 24, 181ft; d Dec. 15, 1851. 

IV. Hensry Nash, b Nov. 22, 1818; killed in sand 
pit at Jenkintown, Pa., Sept. 8> 1849. 

IV. Tobias Nash, b April 6, 1821 ; m Rebecca L. 
SoUiday. P. O. Point Pleasant, Pa. C: William 
Mary, Samuel, John. 

IV. Levi Nash, b Jan. 7, 1823 ; d Mar. 5, 1823. 

IV. Mary Nash, b Feb. 15, 1824 ; d Mar. 25, 1850. 

IV. Ell Nash, b July 8, 1826; d Dec. 1, 1851. 
Teacher. S. 

IV. Anna Nash, b Aug. 5, 1829; m Samuel H. 
Moyer, Aug. 30, 1855. He d Jan. Jan. 22, 1884. Or^ 
dained Menu, deacon at Blooming Glen in 1853. C: 
Tobias, Susanna, Levi, Amanda. Anna m second 
husband. Rev. Henry B. Moyer, Oct. 22, 1885. He d 
April, 1892. No issue. ( See Wismer History, page 50. ) 

IV. Jacob Nash, b Dec. 24, 1831 ; d 1841. 

III. Henry Nash, b Sept. 30, 1783; d Oct. 18, 1861; 
m Margaret Overholt. They moved to Ohio about 
1835. C r JuHa, Levi, Samuel, Hannah, Henry. 

IV. Julia Ann Nash, b Mar. 9, 1832; m Charles 
Schall, Oct. 24, 1852. He d in 1863. P. O. Wadsworth, 
Ohio. Menu. C : Meredith, Hannah, Sabina. 

Y. Meredith Seball, b Aug. 1853 ; d Nov. 1853. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


V. Hannah Schall, b Oct. 2, 1854; m John P. 
Overholt In 1878. P. O. Wadaworth, O. Farmer; 
Menn's. C : Julia, Mary, Merton. 

V. Sablna C. Schall. b Oct. 12, 1856; m Jacob B. 
Transue In 1880. P. O. Ravenna, O. C: Edwin, Julia. 

V. Levi Nash, b ; m Susanna Elchelberger. 

P. O. Western Star, O. Have issue. 

V. Samuel Nash; m Elizabeth Yoder. P. O. 
Clarksville, Mich. 

V. Hannah Nash, b 1838 ; m Anthony Overholt. 
(See Anthony Overholt family.) 

V. Henry Nash. P. O. Leavenworth, Kan. S. 

lU. Elizabeth Nash, b June 25, 1788 ; d Nov. 9, 
1823; m Daniel Gross, June 20, 1809. Farmer and 
weaver; was deacon of the Doylestown Menu. ch. for 
about 30 years. C : Mary, Joseph, Eliza, Sophia. 

IV. Mary Gross, b May 20, 1812 ; d in infancy. 

IV. Joseph N. Gross, b Aug. 8, 1816; m Sarah 
Wlsmer, Mar. 16, 1841. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. Re- 
tired farmer; Menn's. C: Henry, Susanna, Daniel, 
Levi, Isaiah. 

V. Henry W. Gross, b Feb. 4, 1842 ; m Susan E. 
Funk, June 17, 1875. P. O. Doylestown, Pa. In early 
life taught school. In 1875 he graduated from the 
Mlllersville State Normal School, with degree of 
Master of the Elements. He continued to teach for 
five consecutive years, then engaged in farming and 
in the creamery business. Member of Presbyterian 
ch., of which he was ordained elder in Jan. 1890. C : 

Vi. Sarah Ella. 

Vi. Emma Laura. 

Vi. Esther. 

Vi. Walter Gross, d 1890, aged 8 mo. 
V. Susanna Gross, b June 4, 1843; d Dec. 11, 1873; 
m William J. Leatherman. C : 

VI. Harvey K., d Mar. 10, 1870. 

VI. Daniel G. Leatherman, b Mar. 4, 1871; m Ida 
L. Algard Aug. 30, 1892. Res. 2309 Ge'rmantown ave., 
Phlla., Pa. Shirt cutter, etc. Baptist. 

VI. Abraham G. Leatherman, M. D. P. O., Clin- 
ton, N. J. 

VI. A. Edwin G. leatherman, b Mar. 1,1873. Res. 
2309 8th ave., Phlla., Pa. Salesman. S. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Y. Daniel W. Gross, b June 3^ 1846; d aged 33yr8., 
8 moB. and 9 days. Graduate ot Millersville, Pa., Stat& 
Normal school and taught In the public schools until 
his death. Presby. S. 

V. Levi N. Gross^ b Oct. 24, 1854; m Anna Worth- 
ington Apr. 5, 1881. P. O., Oakland, Cal. Supt, of 
Syrup Mfg. Meth. Ep. C : 

VL Mary Lucretia. 

VI. Joseph Watson. 

VK Levi Worthington. 

V. Isaiah W. Gross, b Jan. 10, 1861; m Mary Ann 
Fretz, Oct. 14, 1884. Res. 2014 N. 7th St., Phila., Pa. 
Menus. C : 

VI. Anna Elizabeth Gross,, b Jan. 11,1887. 

VI. Russell F. Gross, b May 26, 1893; d June 24,. 

IV. Eliza Gross, b Sept. 18, 1819, d. S; 

IV. Sophia Gross^ b Sept. 20, 1821; d July 12, 1848. 

U. Benjamin Nash, b April 16, 1755; died In 1758, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



II. Abraham Na«h, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 2, 
1757; died before 1821; m Mary Hockman. It I0 said he 
supplied the British army with forage, or served as 
t-eamster. Farmer. Menus. C: Barbara, Agnes, 
William, Jose])h. Abraham. 

Hi. Barbara Nash, m (xeorge (leddes. C: John, 

IV. John (xeddes. d ; m . C : (xeorge, 

Jonas, William, d ; John, Hannah, Annie. 

IV. Jonas Geddes, m Lukens. C: George, etc. 

III. Agnes Nfish, m Adam Bryan. Stone Mason. 
C: William, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Abraham, Rachel, 
Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, Agnes. 

iV. William Bryan, m . (': Lewis, etc. 

IV. Elizalwth Bryan, 1> in Bucks Co., Pa., May 18. 
1808; d Sept. 16, 1891; m John Loux Oct. 8, 1829. He 
was b July 1, 18(W, in Bucks Co., Pa.; d Jan. 12, 1893. 
Farmer. C: Enos, Coruelluy, Andrew, Jacob, John, 
Mahlon, Mary, Rachel, Levi, Sarah, Hillary', Eliza. 

V. EnoH B. Loux, b Oct. 25, 1829; d 1899; m Sarah 
Lapp. C: John, Jacob, William, Rachel, Susan, Min- 
nie. P. ()., Havana, Ma^tm ('o.. 111. 

V. Cornelius Lcmx, b in Bucks (-o., Pa., July H, 
1831; m Mary Ann Moyer May 24, 1856. She d Apr. 23, 
1871. (-: Anna, Mary. Honice. Cornelius m sec(md 
wife, Elizabeth Trumbauer, P>b. 12, 1876. P. O., Rlch- 
landtown. Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch. 

Vi. Anna Elizabeth Loux, b Oct. 5, IR'Se; m Milton 
H. Biehn. P. O., Richland ('^nter, Pa. ('arpenter and 
builder. Luth's. C: Vil. Horace, Alice, Milton, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


VI. Mary Amanda Loux, b Dec. 21, 1857. P. O.^ 
Rich I and town. Pa. S. 

VI. Horace M. Lonx, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 25,. 
1868; m Martha Lu Eichner. P. O., Richlandtown, Pa. 
Engineer and machinist. Ref. ch. C: Vli. CorneliuB 
Taylor Loux. Maliel E. Loux. 

V. Andrew J. Loux^ b in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar.31; 
1831 ; m Margaret Grubben. Res. 26 Rockaway ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

V. Jacob S. Loux, b Not. 13, 1834; d Nov. 10, 
1892; m Mary Wood, d. C: Mary. 

V. John B. Loux, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 12,. 
1836; d June 16, 1883; m Barbara Benner. She d Aug. 
13, 1882. Carpenter and undertaker. Mr. L. Ref., Mrs- 
L. Luth. C: Vertie, Sallie. 

VI. Vertie Lustella Loux, b Jan. 7, 1880; m Joseph 
W. Loux. P. O., Richlandtown, Pa, Ref. ch. Cr 
VII. Elsie May Loux, b June 10, 1900. 

VI. Sallie J. Loux, b ; m Richard Singmaa- 

ter. Res. 2550 Bouvier street, Phila., Pa. 

V. Mahlon B. Loux, b May 27, 1838; m Kate 
Sellers. Res., Leadville, Colo. 

V. Mary Loux, b Dec. 20, 1840; d Oct. 1, 1892; m 
Henry R. Rosenl)erger. 

V. Rachel Loux, b Dec. 13, 1843; d July 25, 1862. 

V. Levi Loux, b Oct. 26, 1845; d Aug. 8, 1862. 

V. Sarah Loux, b Sept. 24, 1^7; d July 24, 1862. 

V. Hillary Loux, b Nov. 10, 1850; d July 12, 1862. 

V. Reading Loux, b Nov. 10, 1850; d July 22; 1862: 

V. Eliza Loux, b Feb. 9, 1854; d July 19, 1862. 

IV. John Bryan. 

IV. Mary Bryan, died single. 

IV. Abraham Bryan. 

IV. Rachel Bryan. 

IV. Samuel Bryan. 

IV. Joseph Bryan. 

VI. Sarah Bi-yan. 

Records of the above not received. 
IV. Agnes Bryan, m Henry Kramer, d. Agnes m 
2d husband, Abraham D. Nash. No issue. 

III. Joseph Nash, b in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1792; d 
there in 1849; m Penninah Wood. She was b in Bucks 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

(See Paarf ^^'>) 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Co., Pa. In 17S7; d In Camden, N. J., In 1878. Weaver 
and laborer. Mrs. Nash, Baptist. C: Abraham, 
J.Stokes, Barbara, Mary, Agnes, Sophia, William. 

IV. Hon. Abraham W. Nash, b In Bucks Co., Pa., 
in 1824; m Emily Mench, d. Formerly a politician and 
legislator, now retired. He was a member of the 
Camden City Council for one term and was one of 
Douglass & Donnalson electors. He also served with 
distinction three terms in the New Jersey legislature. 
During this time he was actively engaged in politics; 
made stump speeches full of zeal and patriotism. No 

IV. J. Stokes Niish, b in Bucks Co., Pa., In 1825. 
Res. 307 Stephens St., Camden, N. J. Engaged in mer- 
cantile business in Philadelphia, Pa. Baptist. S. 

IV. Jacob S. Nash, b 1827; d 1892; m . 

C: Dr. A. C. Nash, Frenchtown, N. J. 

IV. Barbara A. Nash, b 1829; d 1896. Baptist. S. 
IV. Mary V. Nash, b 1832; d 1871 ; m John Booth. 

C: Anna, Sallle. 

V. Anna Booth, m Smith. Res. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

V. Sallie Booth, m Watt. 

IV. Agnes Nash, b 1834. Residence, Camden, N.J. 
Baptist. S. 

IV. Sophia B. Nash, b 1842: m J osiah Carter. P. 
O., Lynn, Mass. 

iV. William H. Nash, b 1844; d 1874; m Anna M. 
Cox. Merchant. Baptist. C: Virginia, Wilbur. 

V. Virginia Nash, ni Hartranft. 

V. Wilbur A. Nash. Res., Cooper st., above 5th, 
Camden, N. J. 

III. Abraham Ntish, b In Bucks Co., Pa., May 2, 
1799; d Aug. 1882; ni Barbara Detweller Dec. 5, 1824. 
She was b Oct. 14, 1800; d Sept. 21,1837. He was a 
well-to-do farmer, of firm decision, stern integrity, 
strict honesty, tenii>erate, frugal and industrious 
habits, strong religious convictions and an unassum- 
ing and undemonstrative character. In early life he 
had been a successful carpenter and Joiner, having a 
numlier of men under hlni as journeymen and appren- 
tices, making what In those days was called a 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


"Comany." At this he no doubt p:ot h!« (start In life, 
and ultimate prospeiity. MennB. ( ■: WJUiam, John, 
Abraham, Joseph, Mao*. 

IV* William Nash, b 182«; d 1887; m Susan Cowen. 
C; Elizabeth, Ida, Isadore. 

IV. John Na«h, b in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 8, 1828; 
d 1902; ra Priscilla Garner Oct. 30, 1851. P.O., Eureka, 
Pa. Farmer. Ger. lief. C : Sarah, William, Adeline, 
Clara. George, Edward, Abram, Frank, Florence. 

V. Sarah Ella Nash, b Nov. 3, 1852; m Michael 
Steever. P. O., Eureka, Pa. Carpenter. Ger. Ref. C: 
VI. Walter Miles Steever. 
VI. (Jlara Bell Steever. ' 
Vi. John Warren Steever. 
VI. Mary Ida Steever. 
VI. Norman Abram Steever. 
VI. Evelyn Adeline Steever. 
VI. Hunter Watts Steever. 

V. William Stokes Nash, b Feb. 21, 1856; ra Annie 
M. Insull. Res., Phila., Pa. Miller. Ger. Ref. C: 

VI. Hannah Insull Nash. 
VI. Clifford Stokes Na«h. 

V. Adeline Walter Nash, b June 29, 1857; m John 
A. Swartzlander. P. O., Eureka, Pa. Farmer. Ger. 
Ref. Children: 

VI. William Nash Swartzlander. 

VI. Alfred Purdy Swattzlander. 

VI. Florence Brand Swartzlander. 

V. Clara Nash, b Sept. 7, 1860; d Jan. 9, 1892; m 
Charles T. Creamer. P. O., Tradesvllle, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. C : 

VI. George Clinton Creamer. 
VI. Howard Charles Creamer. 
VI. Helen Percilla Creamer. 

V. George Gamer Nash, b July 20, ISBIi; m Emily 
P. Jamiscm. Res., 2559 N. .^Ist St.. Phila., Pa. Nurse. 
Ger. Ref. C : 

VI. Marion Taylor NjihIi. 

VI. Anna Jamison Nash. 

V. Edward Warren Nash, b Dec. 2S, 18(15; d April 
17, 1874. 

V. Abram Augustus Nash, b June (J, 1809: m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Bertha E. Hover. P. O., Eureka,Pa. Builder. Ger. Ref. 
V. Frank Clinton Nash, b Aug. 12,1872; m Almeda 
A. Brand. P. O. Roalyn, Pa. Carpenter. Ger. Ref. 
V. Florence Maud Naah, b July 15, 1876. 

IV. Abraham D. NaRh, b in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
18, 1834; m Agnes Bryan May, 1868. P. O., Doyles- 
town, Pa. Farmer. Presby. No issue. 

IV. Joseph D. Nanh, M. D., b on the old home- 
stead in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., July 15, 
1886; m Eliza Shaddinger Oct. 1861. She d Mar. 17, 
1868. One child, a daughter, died aged 8 months. 
Joseph m second wife, Florence E. Smiley of New Eng- 
land parentage, in 1867. Res. 1316 N. 11th St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Joseph grew up a diffident, backward boy, yet 
not without a fair amount of ambition. His school 
days, after he was he was ten years old, were limited 
to about three months in winter, wherein many days 
were "missed," fully one-third of the time. When he 
was nearly' 17 yeai*s ot age, a slim, pale, beardless 
young man from Vermont had charge of the school 
for the winter. His brother, the Rev. John C. Hyde, 
from New Britain had charge of the Baptist interest 
of the neighborhood, centered at Point Pleasant. This 
frail stranger, Damon Y. Hyde, wrought a revolution 
in the mode of teaching and in the spirit of the school. 
Every scholar loved and most of them idolized him. 
As he was bidding us good-bye he said, "Joseph, what 
do you intend to make of yourself?" adding immed- 
iately, "get a good schooling." Never had such a 
question come to the farm lad l)efore, but that advice, 
coming from one so much admired, made an indelible 
impression. The great object thereafter was to get 
more time for school. This could not l)ed<me at home. 
The work on the farm was exacting, admitting of not 
more than two holidays from January 1st to Decem- 
ber 30th, and there was but one older brother at home 
to help. 

Joseph's father had always strenously held that 
every boy should have a trade, and as a practical 
proof of his theory had given two of his thret* elder 
sons a trade, and was not getting an extra schooling 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


to take the place of a trade? But it would <^08t 
money. The boy'8 portion of a few hundred dollars 
from his mother, left by his grandfather^ Hecured th© 
means for a start at some higher school. But his 
father's consent must be had. How to secure this 
and meet every objection was the hourly study of 
many weeks and months. There was no one to open 
the way or intercede for him. With his father "no" 
was irrevocable, a blast of every hope. At length an 
opportunity occurred; they argued the case; objections 
were met* The time to go, when school opened, and 
the place was discussed, but the father never said 

The winter was advancing and time was growing 
more and more precious. An acquaintance was then 
at Beverley Institute, Beverley, N. J. The father of 
the Principal of the school was a distant neighbor of 
old acquaintance^ and the young man at school was 
an orphan boy raised by the old family physician. 
Here, then, "were points of contact" to disarm oppo- 
sition. When the fall work was done his father con- 
sented to allow him to accompany his brother to 
market. He was then far in his 19th year, and it was 
the third time he had ever been to Philadelphia. 
When here he went to a favorite nephew of his father 
to whom he stated his plans, and expressed a desire 
to visit Beverley and have an interview with the 
Principal, which they did. 

A few weeks afterward he told his father of the 
visit, the cost, the time to go, &c. As the time 
drew near the more tense became his anxiety, until 
within two weeks of the time to go, he said sternly : 
"Now, you tried to get yourself away ; are you get- 
ting ready to go, and what must you have as outfit?** 
Thus, he simply allowed him to go. Who can esti- 
mate the ecstacy of that moment? Thus he spent 
his first term at Beverley Institute; then teaching 
school, himself going to school; and with a final 
term at the Lancaster Co. Normal School, his school 
days were ended. Also during this time he had been 
west a few summers securing data for county maps. 
When the Civil war broke out the advance of labor 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


and material darkened the financial hopes which had 
been so bright, and apparently prosperous. 

In Oct., 1861, he was married to his old schoolmate, 
Eliza Shaddinger, and the next spring began to read 
medicine with Dr. A. M. Cooper, at Point Pleasant. 
In the excitement and bustle of the war he spent the 
fall and winter as attendant in a military hospital in 
Harrisburg. In the spring of 1863, seventeen months 
after their marriage, his wife died, leaving a little girl 
'six weeks old who, when about eight months old, 
Joined her mother, where there is no parting or sad 
farewells. He then resumed the study of medicine, 
attending a course of lectures at the University of 
Michigan, graduating at Jefferson Medical College, 
Mar. 11, 1865, and soon after located in Philadelphia, 
where he still continues. C : 

V. A daughter, died, aged 8 months. 

V. A son, b 1871 ; d aged 4 months. 

V. Edgar Smiley Nash, b in Philadelphia, July 
6, 1872 ; m Florence DeLiujy Beck, Oct. 30, 18d5. Res. 
Wyncote, Pa. He attended public schools in Quaker 
City until the fall of 1885. At this time his father 
entered him as pupil at Worcester Academy, Worces- 
ter, Mass. Then, as now, D. W. Abercrombie, LL. D., 
a cousin on the maternal side, was principal of this 
highest of high grade preparatory schools in New 
England. From this inntitution he graduated with 
honors in the spring of 1890, standing third in class, 
and delivering commenceuient oration on "Savona^ 
rola." Entered Brown University, at Providence, 
R. 1., in the fall of 1890. Within two months was 
elected meml)er of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, con- 
sidered the highest honor for a "freshman." He held 
various positions of honor in athletic and religious 
organizations. Delivered In Junior year a lecture on 
"Hypnosis" l)efoi'e the Philo80i>hlcal Socletj', which 
attracted wide attention among leading New England 
educators. Was awarded Walker Seholarship and 
won Carpenter Oratorical prize of JCiO at end of Junior 
year. He was chosen one of six speakers at Com- 
mencement and i-ecelved honorable mention for Ora- 
tion on "Georgi* Winiani Curtis and George* W. Chllds, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


a comparison." In the spring of 1895 he became a 
member of the editorial staff of the Philadelphia 
Record. Left this at the solicitation of Edward Bok» 
editor of the Ladies* Home Journal, to accept the 
position of associate editor of the Saturday Evening: 
Post in 1898. In 1899 he was appointed art manager 
of same. In March, 1901, he resigned to enter the 
field of advertising, furnishing high grade designs, but 
was taken ill with pneumonia and barely "pulled ^ 
through." About this time, Frank Leslie^s Popular 
Monthly, hearing that Mr. Nash had left the Saturday 
Evening Post, opened negotiations to secure his ser- 
vices. The advertising field, however, looked so prom- 
ising that he refused to abandon it. The matter was 
compromised, and now Mr. Nash is Advertising Man- 
ager of the Beck EngravingCompany,of Philadelphia,, 
one of the largest concerns of its kind in America, and 
is Art Manager of Frank Leslie^s Popular M onthly in 
New York. This necessitates spending every other 
day in New York. Mr. Nash's home is at Wyncote, 
Pa., a beautiful suburb about 10 miles out of Phila- 
delphia. C: 

VI. Helen DeLacy Nash, b April, 1897. 

VI. Edgar Smiley Nash, Jr., b Nov. 6, 1899 ; d Oct. 

IV. Mary Nash^ died young. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

i:i)<;ah s. nash. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

(Nash History) 



























WillUm Nftiih - - 


Elaie Kash, 


William Tyson 



Add Nasi! 


Joseph TyAon 


Katharine Naah, 
Magdalena Naah, 


Benjamin Heudrieks 4 


Jacob Frets 


EUaabeth Fretz, 


Rev. John Kephart 



Elizabeth Hannon 


John FreU, 


Mary Kratz 


Hannah Frets, 

d single 


Barbara Freti, 

d single 


Ma^rdalena Fretx, 

d single 
Elizabeth HeUUnd 


Jacob Frets, 



William Frets, 


(Mary Stover 
] Margaret Garges 
Mary Bonder 


Joaeph Frets, 



Isaac Frets, 


Mary Moyer 

No tfeice of famUy 


William Nash, 


Elisabeth Nash, 


Marthi OverhoU 


Jacob Oberholtser, 


Mary Agency 
Gertrude Kuip 


Rev. Wm. Oberholtsei 

. u 


Agnes Overholt, 


Abraham Meyer 
Elizabeth Wlsmer 


Joseph Overholt, 



Mary Overholt, 


John Schragger 


Elizabeth Overholt, 


Jacob Leatherman 


Barbara Overholt, 

d single 


Magdalena Overholt, 

d single 


Abraham Overholt, 


Hannah Shutt 


Anna Overholt, 


Valentine Kratz 


Sarah Overholt, 

d single 
Elizabeth Wismer 


Joseph Nash, 



Mary Nadu 


Henry Overholt 



Mary Gross 


Jacob Nash, 


Elizabeth Meyer 


Henry Nash, 
Elizabeth Nash, 


Margaret Overholt 
Daniel Gross 


Benjamin Nash, 



Abraham Nash, 



Barbara Nash, 


George Nash 


Agnes Nash, 
William Naah, 


Adam Bryan 


Joseph Nash, 


Penniah Wood 


Abraham Nash, 


Barbara Nash 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Nash Family History. 


Albriffht Anffeline 

" Jacob H. 

*' Jennina 

" JohnH. 

*• John A. 

" Joseph 

** Mary M. 

<< Rebecca 

*< Anderson Clarence 

•< RoUnd 

" Aaracher Aaron 

*< Barbara 

" EUsabeth 

" Rev. Jacob 

" Joaeph 

" Baker Amanda G. 

" Anna E. 

•* Charles W. 

" Eli 

5 Georfl^e 

6 Jonas 
" Joseph 
<< MaryE. 
*' Susan 

5 Susanna 

6 WUliam H. 

5 Dr. William O. 

6 Bliiier Joseoh J. 
" Mary M. 

« Melvlna E. 
*' William E. 
« BUger Charles R. 
" Oertmde 
" Jacob A. 
" John E. 
6 Salome 
6 William E. 

5 Booth Anna 
*< Sallie 

4 Bryan Abraham 
" Agnes 
" Elizabeth 
" John 
" Joseph 
" Mary 
" Rachel 
" Samuel 
« Sarah 
" WUlUm 

6 Carter Abraham N. 




























































6 Clark AlberU V. 
" Annie M. 
« John B. 
*< Robert F. 
" Cnlp AugusU J. 
«* Jerome F, 
" Rosetta 
'< Dohn Amelia 
« Clara B. 
*• John 
•* Mary L. 
« WUUam H. 
.3 Fretz Abraham 
« Barbara 
" EUzabeth 
*< Hannah 
" Isaac 
« Jacob 
" John 
** Joseoh 
<* Magaalena 
" Winiam 

5 Fit Abraham 

6 Alice A. 

5 Alpheus L. 

6 AnnaE. 

5 Anna 

6 Charles W. 
" Daniel W. 
" David P. 

" Edward W. 

5 Elias N. 

<« Elizabeth 

6 Henry £. 
<' John £. 
.5 Joseph 
" Mary 

Sanford L. 
Samuel N. 
Wilford R. 
Foster Bessie E. 

4 Geddes John 

5 GeisingerAnna 
Dr. E.Joseph 
Sarah S. 









































Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



6 Orabill John 

" Lydia 

** Magdalena 

•< Sarah 

5 Groas Daniel W. 

Henry W. 
Isaiah W. 


6 Histand Hannah M. 

«* Holben 

14 ~ 

»lben Uharies E. 

Joee& E. 

« WiUUm E. 
<* Hoover Fannie 
« Lome 
" VeUna 
" Honsberger Jacob 
" Mary 
** Salome 
" WlUlam 
" Honser George A. 
« Joseph H. 
« Haynard 
'* NeDie B. 
" Sarah D. 
« Hudson Edfpar A. 
*' Hansberger Angosta 
» FrankQn 
" Hyde- Florence A. 
«< Habel 
'* RenbenJ. 
" Jenkins Flora N. 
" S. Frank 
" A. Lizzie 
" LUly M. 
Kepler S. Elwood 









** Joanna 
" Kindlg E. D. 
" DrTLeviE. 
*< Maria O. 
<< Renben O. 
" W. O. 
« Kline JeanetU 
" Theodore J. 

4 Kratz Abraham 

5 Anna 

4 Barbara 

<« EUzabeth 

5 Henry M. 
4 Jacob 

6 Mary E. 


4 Kratz Mary 

5 Salome 
4 Simeon 

6 Kreider Amanda 
" Anna 

" Daniel 

** Rey Jonas 
•* Joseph 
<' Lizzie 
<« Dr. Marthi K. 
" Sarah A. 
" Dr WilUam B. 
«< Kolp Bertha 


Dr. John H. 

<* Dr. Joseph S. 

« Leah 

" LydU 

" Mary 

6 Margaret 

" 6 Margaret 

*' 6 Nellfe 

5« " Dr. OUver W. 

" " Ray R. 

" 5 Sanh 

" " Dr. William O. 
<W 6 Landis Hannah 

«7 " Milton 

66 « SaUie 

76 " Snsie 

<< « Lear Minnie 

47 « Rose 
41 « Leatherman Aaron 

fO « Abraham 46, 

28 « Alfred 

" " Alvin 

" " Amos 

77 « A. Bdwhi G. 
" *< ChrisUan 

" " Daniel 

" " Ellas M. 

76 5 Elizabeth 

;* 6 Elizabeth 

** " Ehner 

IS " Franklin 

5 Jacob 

" " John 

14 6 John 

15 5 Joseph 
TT 6 Joseph 

" " LevP 

54 " Lorinda J. 

'• " Mallnda 

" 5 Margaret 

" " Rev. Ifartln 

" 6 Martin 

•' " Mary 

" " Nellie 












. (I 






46, 70 

44, 79 






•44, 46 

48, 46 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






6 Leaiherman NeUon 


5 Moyer Mary 


" Roaanna 


Mary E. 


" Samuel 





'< Sarah 42, 

45, 4A 


Robert B. 


<< Susan 



Rebecca A. 


" William 



Samuel G. 


6 Lonx Andrew J. . 



Rev. Samuel N. 


6 Anna E. 



Samuel N. 


5 Gomelitu 



Simeon N. 


" Enoe B. 



Sidney F. 
Meyers Abraham 


6 Horace M. 




5 Jacobs. 



Abraham 0. 


" John B. 





'* Mahlon B. 



Elizabeth 0. 


6 Mary A. 





5 MaiT 





6 Sallfe J. 
" VerUe L. 







<« Michner AlberU M. 





« Ethel W. 





•« Harold H. 





<< Jennie A. 


3 Nash Al>raham 

65, 88 

<« Mcintosh Florence N. 





« MUler Harvey A. 
" Or. Melville F. 









& Moyer Abraham N. 



Abraham W. 


" Anna 



Abraham A. 


6 AnnaM. 



AdeUne W. 


6 Anna N. 



Agnes £. 


•• Barbara N. 





6 Bumess 





" Curtis H. 





" Clyde E. 





6 David N. 





6 David B. 





*< Edward A. 





" Edmond W. 





<< Edna 



Ardle T. 


" Ella 





.5 Ell N. 





« Eli 8. 



Barbara A. 


6 EUsabeth 


Charles W. 


6 Emery F. 



Chester A. 


<* Ernest S. 





" Ernest J. 



Daniel W. 


" Gilbert L. 



Debbie A. 


•« Harry R. 





" Herbirt 




5 Jacob N. 





6 Jennie 





5 Jesse G. 




55, 78 

" Rev. Levi N. 




68, 77 

6 Leland P. 





« Lillian M. 





" Louisa 



Florence B. 


« Maggie M. 



Florence M. 


" MarQiaD. 



Frances D. 


« Mabel 



Frank C. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Page Qen 

5 Nash George G. 








Henry A. 























Jacob A. 








Jacob 8. 




John W. 
















Rev. Joseph 




Joseph A. 








Joseph D. 
J. Stokes 







Julia A. 







TMtie M. 




Levi 78, 79 























Mary 58, 78, 88 



Mary 64, 

71, 78 







Mary V. 
Nellie J. 























Reaben W. 












Samnel 8. 







Samuel N. 









72, 84 















Susan W, 

















Wilbur A. 












William W. 



5 NashWUIiamH. 
William H. 
William S. 

4 Oberholtzer Anna 
Rev. William 

6 Overholt Aaron 
Abraham S. 
Anna J. 

Austin W. 
Benjamin F. 
Charles A. 
Claud L. 
Cynthia E. 
Dr. Daniel W. 
Edwin C. 

Elmer E. 
Forest J. 
Francis A. 
Henry S. 






•/ 8 




11, 40, 51 


18, 26, 

15, 4k, 

36, 40, 






Digitized by LjOOQ IC 






5 Overholt Jacob L. 


6 Oyerholt WOUam 





4 William 



JotanM. . 

20, 49 

William H. 


Dr. John 


5 Schall Hannah 


John L. 


*« Sabina C. 




6 Schants Arthur B. 




" Austin T. 




" EttoM. 


John B. 


" Florence A. 




" Franklin A. 




" Herbert C. 




" Orpheus M. 


Joseph K. 


«* Sophias. 


Joseph A. 


<< Shook Benjamin H. 


Joseph A. 


" Ella 




«< Kate M. 




" LydUF. 




« Sarah R. 

<* Swartz Malinda 0. 





5 Swqpe Abraham F. 
<« Hannah E. 



Lester 8. 


«« Malhida 


Lucy E. 




** Reuben 0. 



«< Sarah E. 



6 TrachseU Edwin 


Manasseh L. 


«< John O. 




« lizzie 


Margaret A. 


** Samuel 





« Sarah R. 



6 Utt Rey. Ellas B. 


7, 10, 89 

« JohnE. 


Mary A. 


«< Joseph H. 
"Waltz Clement 0. 



Mary 25, 

47, 68 

<« Earl E. 




« I. Claud 


Mary J. 


« Waterman Albert 





« Caroline 




«< Elizabeth 





" Haryey 





" Louisa 



Mollie A. 


" Noah 



NeUie E. 


" Williams Charles J. 





« Ernest T. 





« Harlan 0. 





" Harry W. 





«< Lydla A. 





" Dr.WiUiamW. 



Samuel M. 


'* Wismer Abraham N. 





" Delos 





" Florence 



Sarah 7, 

80, 48, 53 

" Haryey N. 
« John E. 








Simeon S. 

41, 51 

" Mary 
5 Sarah 




Susan A. 


6 Solomon 




10, 37 

« Sophia 
" Wfiford N. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

'<\^.>^. O